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The New Westminster News May 13, 1913

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Tha   New   WeBtmlnster  News  Is I
the   Otlly  morning   newspaper  pub   |
Uaked in the  City   of   s**. ���** .h~m'**,ri
minster and   th|��-s *',,!"" l... ��� -
Eraser Valley.
n       , r -Ttie Weaker.
���New  HwoJtmlnstel   and    lx)wer
Mainland: Light to Moderate winds;
, cool and cloudy; p^fbable showers;
'0->Tnot i:iuc!ir*l)at^e:"fn temperature.
VOLUME  8,   NUMBER   56.
mm mu unim *m***i w��0RD Of PROGRESS
UmHHM   I"-"���1"*1    C0UNCI1 BOARD
Council Decides to Buy Grease Sprinkler���Amateur Boxing in Horse Show Building���Harbor Lines to Be Kept
Intact���Ladies and  thc  Voters'  Lists
Meet Premier Today.
-Council  to
Four Killed and Seven Injured in Train Wreck
Near Tacoma.
Expreee Wai  Traveling    at    65-Mile
Rate When Accident Happened
��� Smokers Killed.
Sir William Mackenile Makes Definite
Announcement at TSronto���
Coast Work Important.
Burnaby Finally Decides to
Call for Tenders for Two
Classes of Material.
Toronto, May 12.���Sir William Mac
kenzie declared  emphatically  In    an j 	
interview today that as aoon as   the ] .       ���
C.   N.   R.   transcontinental   line   waa  "Farcical," "Fraud,     'Cut and  Dried
Are Few Simples From Lively
Mayor dray Intimated at last night's
beiwe-t* Seventh and Eighth avenues      Tacoma, May 12.    Four    are    dead
Edmonds,  May  12.���A  compromise
Hon. Mr. White's Statement Brought Down Early and
Shows Astonishing Strides in Canada's Development
���Immigrants at Rate of 1200 per Day���Surplus Tiife
Year- Reaches $55,000,000.
Ottawa. May
-The  members ot   to   Btart  construction   for the
of Beatrice M. Par
sons -hnd others, he  removed.
Th* report was adopted.
Maillardville Water.
Alderman Bryson. chairman of the
waterworks committee, reported thai
an agreement had been arrived at
��tth Coqultlam district council, to
furnish Maillardville with water ta
VI cents per 11)0 cubic feet, the mini-
-iiiuin charge to be JUG a mouth.
A recommendation   made   by   fhe
committee that   the  water  roato-H   on
Sixth   avenue,  from   Fourth  to  Sixth
streets, be laid before the pnvhtg was
put  down,  was  approved.    Tiie .estimated con Is %'&<> and    lie    charge
written up against the bylaw* of THUS.
Boxing  Bouts.
Alderman   Kellington   read the   fl-
nance committee's report.
The application ot the tioyul Order
city  council  meeting that the IruDorj��,*������
committee  would   meet   the  Premier,
Blr Richard McBrlde, and the railway
officials thia afternoon at 4 o'clock In
the mayor's office, to -discuss tariwr
matters, and, alao, the scheme of the
proposid new bridge, via AubucIb Island, lis invited the attendance of
all the aldermen if 'hey could find lt
A spi-cia! me-e-Ung of t>e councll
will nliio take pla-de lit 2 ifolook this
afternoon to discuss the draft agri-era.-nl with the B. C. K. R. company
wiih regard to the CoquKtcm dam, ��nf.
the draft BgHJUIUMll wfib the Wirst-
ern Canadian Lumber company, hi
MteNHH to the -ereplrs-iment, When
reqalBite, of -the firebom Senator Jmi-
The flniiTice oommtttee was graltted
further time to report mi the proposed
Vyla-w t��� rulee the tnmrest on 111.'
���elty's de"benTtin-B from 4 1-! to t lier
Alderman .lardlne -was appointed to
represent the city al fhe railway eoni-
���niisaimii-rs' sitting tn Vancouver In
conjunction with the delegates from
Itumaby, f'oiiultlani and l'ort "Moody
In connexion with the Q. R. ft company's proposals regarding the North
road In-idce, and roatl deviations
The mayor nmiarked that there
���were Other miirtiTB likely to crop UP,
nnd Burnab; and Coqultlam ihould
receive the city's Utmost support. The
crossing at tiie North road wus u
tiuniti roos one.
The council's deliberations were unusually l.rief and file meeting adjourned  ttl   9:Hti  p.m.
Road  Oiling.
Alileriiuui llcxlil. chairman of tlle
board of works. submitted Ita report,
which contained the Statement tlmt
the superintendent of workB had purchased from file Vulcan l.ron Works .availed himself of during 12 years of
un oil wrinkling mnelilii.' for the price
aad Beven Injured as Iho result of the
derailment of the Oregon-Washing-
tc;n local, No. 362, hound rrom Portland to Seattle, near the MontamKra
Pesto race track grandstand at I.ako-
vlew this ufternoon. The train was
ditched while speeding at C5 miles
an hour over a perfectly level stretch
of track.
The Dead.
P, A. Town, Tacoma. ago 40.
('. E. Reynovaan, Woodland, Cal.
Andrew  Nllssen,    2'Jl    Hawthorne
street, Portland
It.   m.   McMurray,   Seattle,   head
The Injured
Mm.   Maggie  Jordan.
Wash,,  serious.
Francis   C.   Hae,   Seattle,   ace   60;
: slightly.
Adolph Swnnson. 70S Kast -Simmons
treet, Portland, right arm and cheer.
completed, at tlie end of thlB year, a
fleet of steamiTB would be placed on
thc Pacific and tbat wharves for this
traffic would be constructed at Port
Mann, Vancouver and Victoria.
"We  consider  our  coast  work one
of the most Important parts of    the      ""*"""";. '""'/"���   ','.,'    Z'.rTm*'  **����� h��UB�� Ot cointrtotiB got a Burprise  dreadnoughts for Canada.    It wi
system," said Sir William.   "But lt is  on the paving   proposition    warfare,  ^       ^    ^    (mm   0Rf ���on   ^  T   big program   but not more. tttan
necessary  that    we  Bhould  complete 1 which   haB   been   raging   in   Burnaby \ white's annual  budget statement     It 	
connections with the coast before we|dur)ng lho paBt week waB reached by was not expected until Thursday, but
commence development branches very I ecssion held j owing  to  the  serious  illness of    hia
extensively.    At present all  energies  �����������r!L "   ,���,,   ,���   ',    0.    oulv ! mother, which necessitated bis depar-
are being directed towards connecting ; this afterncon and  Instead    ot    ouiv ,
up the main line.    After thia we will | bltulithic paving tenders being called j
give   special   attention   to   our    pro- , for
poBed  branch lines in British Colum
It  was  decided   to  advertise  for
tenders   on   two  diftereut   classeB  of
from   the  capital,   the  minister.
| with  the  concurrence  of  the  oppusi-
as    a
revenue and the credit of' Canada
warranted. The expenditure would be-
close to $200,000,000. according to
the estimates, but they must mako allowance for a considerable amount
which    would    not    be    spent.    The
Ile intimated that the coast opera-.street making material.
tlons  would   involve  the  employment!    The meeting wns perhaps the most
of thousands of men and the expendl-I stormy  one held  in council  chamber
of millions of dollars. Ithls   year  and  accusations     counter-
reference  to  the    ilnaneing    of   balanced hy accusations, were freely
at undertakings Sir William;aired   before   the   attendance     which
further    than |consisted  of  a large  body  of  paving
! these gr.
fra-lkm** ' would disclose nothing
| that he had secured sufficient money
to finance the Canadian Northern and
its subsidiary lines for the coming
year and to follow out the proposed
of Moose for the horse tfhow building I serioua. I
to stage an amateur boxing anil wrest- i    J. W, Warden, Sacriim-e-nto, Cal.. In-
llng   tournament     for    l*ae    iirmlteur   Jureil aboul head, body arid li gs, be-1
championship of the city, on the night jlteved to be hurt Internal!?;  serious,
of May 24, was grained and a charge ;    T.  J   -Qulnn, Sacramento.  Cal.,  leg
of PtO made, twisted and fact cot with fly-tns glass.
ll  was also resolved that a stand- j    Elmer   Johneon,     MatibeTl,    "Wash.,
ing charge of J60 per nigtli ahodld be!arm broken
made In the case ot till future ama- j    Charles    llennett.    Brynd,    'Wash.,
teur   exhibitions   In  fhe   arena:   1100 * scalp wound
twill   be   charged   for   Its   uae   for   all
other functions.
Mr A J. nowell, treiiHiireT's department, was appointed license inspector
st an additional salury dl 11" per
Th. parks committee was authorised to expend %*tn Inr the ptrrpose ol
Improving existia-g conditions in
FQtseen'o l'ark.
���ontractiirs and several citizens interested iu the trouble.
At the previous meeting a resolution moved by Councillor Coldicutt,
that all tenders be restricted to bltu-
jlithic paving met with opposition from
I Councillor Macpherson, who threaten
tlon. was permitted to make his state-   revenue last year was approximately
$165,000,000. lt waa tco much to expect lhat the increase of last year
v.Luld continue br.' he felt coufldent
that the revenue would prove equal
to meet, not only all current expenditure, but also all capital expenditure for the year.
Money Conditions.
Abroad, Mr. White continued, the
financial outlook had heen dark during the year. Mr. White stated that
he looked for improved conditions toward  the  end  of  the  calendar year.
merit today without giving notice.
The most striking feature of the
statement is a record surplus of $5.r,,-
000.000. This Immense surplus the
minister estimated will allowed the
government to pay $33,000,000 ot special expenditure chargeable to capital account, provide $1,300,000 for
sinking fund and leave $23,300,000
which could, If necessary, be applied
to the reduction of the national debt.
j The total revenue of the fiscal year
1 Juat closed Mr. White placed at $10s
'��� iiik   <
I'l.ctiinincmlatWni from the tlgtlt-
���iiinmlttci. to -ci-iiui l.'avi. or ah-
��� for one moneti on B.-il.iry fo -Tlty
Klei.-trlclau   HowIct,   was   granted.
Alderman l.yncti e.x;ilHlne'il* that this
was the first holMaw 'Sir. Howler had
All those killnd were Tiding ln the
smoking car in the forward three
seats, and were ���crushed heiieitth the
pieel baggage coach, -which Jammed
Its way 11 fe-rt Ibto th ��� smoker. The
remains were nm recovered by the
wrecking crew-a trtrfll after four hours
of  hard   work
Although officials of 'bolh'tlie Northern Pnclfir. which owns the track.
ami or t*h^ *Ori'-t**:tni--tVast-.liistnti Railroad  *   N'.ii it.-i. i....  oompany.  were on
Employers and Employees
Will Get Together on
2'A0O0, an increase of more than but that generally speaking a high
I $32,000,000 over the revenue of tbe rate of interest might be expected.
... ,��� t.llK ,,���- ,w��� ....ni*,. ... ������=" I previous year and a aum equal to the The money stringency, he held, had'
lonew if the friends of bitulithic pav- entire revenue of the Dominion 20 within it the germa of its own cure
ine -oeralsted In moving the resolu- years ago. The surplus laBt year was . Stringency, he aald, leads financial
Hob Thev adjourned the meeting i slightly under $38,000,000. For the houses to careful steps to strengthen
there and then following this threat, current fiBcal year, which will end their own position, but the records of
the thread being picked up this after- on Maich 31, 1914, Mr. White esti- the past have shown that out of sucB
BODn 1 mated  a  total   expenditure   of   about  action    there    generally    comes    in>-
With the original resolution Btiil oc i $179,000,000.    To  ibis must be added  proved conditions r-.nd lower rates of
���flie bookB. the discussion soon livened I the   supplementary  estimates,  yet  to  interest.
up, an amendment by Councillor Mac-i be   brought  down,  railway   subsidies, To Indemnity Hcrse Owners,
ph'erson being moved which would call: etc. Por
for three classes of paving, the ten- I Immigration.
ders being later submitted to the en- ;    Mr. White then turned to the ques-
glneers  of  Hurnaby.  New  Weatmina-   tion of immigration and quoted inter-
regard    to    the
ol $860, and hud also ordered oil for
dust laying purposes, so thut road
oiling can be commenced at u very
early date. It recommended also that
the superintendent of works be Instructed to Oil all streets and roads
carrying continuous truffle thut were
macadamizes bust year.
Aldsrman Dodd explained thnt the
purchase of tlie sprinkler would en-
able the roads to be oiled a month or
six weeks earlier than otherwise and
was economical in every way.
The  report   further recommended:
That the Sinclair Const ruction Co.
.enter into an agreement with the city,
subjoin to the approval of the ctt> Bolicitor. thai in consideration of llie
city now paying the $MHUi due on the
West Knd sewer, that Mr. Sinclair
undertake to make good any repairs
neoeBsnry. and let these repairs Btand
���as a dhitme Hgninst the contrast for
tin- Sapperton   sewer section.
That in reference to the application
of MchiO':*!. fiartliiier A.- Mercer, a concrete sidewalk be laid to the tu'v
grade on Sixth street opposite the Mc-
l.eod l.loc.k, and that the ow tiers of the
Mrl.iod block be requested to puy the
extra expense for reinforcing the Bide-
walk over the basement
Thai the request for the extension
Of a sidewalk on Princess stroet be
granted ;n an estimated cost of |8tj
and charged to the 1012 bylaw.
That the nidi-walks on Eighth street,
.1    C,   Dlgby   was   appointed
act  iii_Mr.  Bowler's alrsence.
Park   Concerts.
Alderman I.ynch was authorized to
tnai with Mr. T. J. Chambers, who
was organising concerts lu Queen's
Park during the Ktiiittner in the mutter of a reduced ran- for lighting, etc.
A letter from Mrs I.. T. Van l.iew.
secretary of the local W.l'.T.I'. was
read, suggesting n change in the
manner of publishing the voters' list
The W C  T  r. complained that the
lis!  only  furitiFhWI  the names  of  the
owners   of   lots   anil   the   description]
"assessed owner." followed up by the
number on the assessment roll.   The
names of the men nntl women were'
only distinguished by the Initials of
their Christian names, without regard
to their being married or single, or If
married, whether each couple of the
i.atu.. name "belonged to each other."
The last four words evoked considerable  merriment
The Improvement suggested was
that the list should be printed similarly tO the supplementary voters'
The clerk wns inst-mcted to write
Mrs. Van l.iew thai the procedure
was prescribed by tlie Municipal pet
antl the ci unci
the conditions.
Harbor   Line   Intact.
A litter from Mr  A. 0. To-well, har-
IContinued on Page Kour. t
Following tbe kutt oiow being taken
th,. acorn- nt Un. wroCk" Bhortly after I'-0 Vancouver and ricitorln, * atrous
II hapD-ornt*]. and marto an liivestlua- I movement Is on foot In New We��t-
tlon    thJU    toBf-ml    all    rffternoon.    thev I ���"'���"���ter   to   Ian   ���   --weekly   ItMOT   Hull
were unanl-e io definitely state the
cause. C.eiienil Superintend.-nt 1. I!,
liichnrds of Tiie "Norfhem Pacific, said
the probable cause was a spreading
The engine and eight cars left the
track. Hi*- eimine plowing lis way 2m'
fei t l*-ftin* it turned over on its side
and was lurried five feet in the earth.
ter.  Vancouver and  Victoria for approval.
This met with opposition. Reeve
McGregor objecting In calling in outside help in the way of eagineering
when they had a capafck- nian in Engineer   Macpherscm.
The a monument  fin-din* Bo second-
, er. Councillor *t*r*h*r*on alien moved
day  for retail  cleric     l.ietle Haa t��t,��n f that a  p���,.,n(t plant  whir*   would coat
heard of the movement on the outside., {20,000 be purchasod by the munlci-
but preparations were ronsmoueiHi a|paljtv and ^y io th<1 work tht.m.
short time aso ���-iiich -will come'to a'Si.ives.
head during the next tew days when i Tllj8 nlBO faiU,d to appeai to the
It Is expected tJiat  the msrdhattU of       , ()f th��� councillors, so that after
the city and  the business  houses iD , accusations had beet, thrown  across
general will be .asked for their sup-jthe table  Bugge-wing 'tbut the matter
esting figures in regard to
i growth of Immigration to Canada.
I The total immigration from the
', L'nited Kingdom, he said, had increased three-fold Bince 190S. In
; 1908 immigration was 52,000 and in
1918 this had grown to 150.000. From
the United States the immigration
ra 6S.OO0 In 190S, and 139,000 In
192.1. Prom other countries the Immigration had growo from 34,000 In
190S to 402,000 in 1913. The Immigration had been at the rate of 1200
a Jay. The amount of actual wealth
brought in by the immigrants was
enormous.    It was a splendid thing to
Heavy A-rg-tfincuta in Arbitration Case
Witt. Canadian T-iorttrer-n   Rail -
���way 'krurolvcti.
had no power* to alter  saml and grav
perty.    They ;
Out at Land tXaenit
Iiiif declared his Intention of becom-
ilr.g n citizen of Cunada.
Of the two men who huve taken up
Tlu'tr potltlon In the l>0Tiiliiiim building, one hallB from a point iu the
iFraser valley and the utho-r from Vancouver, Iloth have companions in
tlif.o!Ty who take a relief shirt at Alf-
Railway  Belt Homesteadera Camping  fervnt   times   during   the  -dm...   While
every periodical antl newnpajnir printed In this section of the cotmtry are
being stocked In order to pass away
ithe lin-H. Trom now until Mnndnj-.
  During  tthe   past   two   werl-s  from
, 200 to 300 people have called oti Wt.
Ocupylng chairs in Om- corridor of [ Ma-gee, asVi-ng for Information neptrtl
tlie  Dominion  building  adjoining  the ' lnK ibe lan-fl which wlll be open-nd tor
ofrice of Mr. W. D. Mage*. Dominion  ""ttlemmt and It Is probable that be-
, , fore   another   24   hours   bine   paMWid
land   agent,   Iwo  prospective    home- . K(,V(.ra, mnr��� purt*ri, wlll tlU(p llp tl,p,r
Steadera commenced a long vigil on position at the end of the line waillnr,
Saturday evening and Intend to be for the lists to he thrown open. "It's
first on Iho job when homestead land  "  c:v'i' '^   fi���'   come,  first  served
The filth 'Airy***- u-videnrv vwas taken j
yesterday forenoon  in  tlle arbitration
case, thi* Trustees tfftthe M-avis estate,'
Langley, a-fminsl tlie'C. N. H. company
In coiimtlkm wlfl, *u sund nsul gravel I
propoaition in l.angley.   Thettrustees |
rbiiin that the C,  N.  U. right of way
ruts away a puce ol  land from them.
nullifying i*te jiraHMHle working of a
1 deposit on tlr*tr pro- i
si-eft that au overhead |
hridge or tumie! over or under ths
C. N. lt. rlghl of way to connect the
property with the river is necess.ir.,'
for its Buccessfrfl a imaging,
The C. N. R. on the other hand,
contend that the sand und gravel on
the p-..pi ity tins no commercial value
ow account nt ihe laiw iiitermtxtu.e
of clay, and that there are far better
propositions In the neighborhood.
The arbiter* -present -were Judge
Molnnes, president; Mr. 3. H, Diaraoiul
of New Westminster, and Mr. McLean
of Vane liver.
Counsel reprewnliiig Tl��e railway
company were Mr. tlougla** ArmouT
KI1., Vancouver, and Mr J. H. Cram
New Westminster, and for the Mavis
i-ta'e Mr McDonald. K.C, und Mr
W. K. Hums, Van-roarer.
port lf this is fortlicomiu;-.. a vote
will be taken .t* to what day shall he |
set aside ea-r.i week when the em- j
ployees will be able to gn' a breath- ;
ing spell and mix in QUtBaor amuse- !
ments.    Al IV- 'iniesent time there are
hundreds ol paopta in this city who are |
tied up ever? .tluy of the week from I
morning to ntgl.t. with Hie exception ft Massed
of Sunday, wt icb is regarded In every
colony under the ffirHldbIHgg as a day
of rest.
The labor organl7ationa are perhaps the larR.-Kt body v orking in favor of the move anil It is possible
that the mallKtr will oonBBilH) for discussion at lihe regular meeting of the
TradcB and -l.iibor Council to be held
tomorrow evwiilng.
In Vl-toria some two iwciks ago a
large  mass Trueuting was 'tu i.i  in  the
Victoria th-r-avne antl. fiiliwving  some
interesting   aAdFesses  given   in  favor
of the weekly httK holBlay, a motion
was  passed usittursing  tin1  plan   and
pledging    support   to  the  movement
Sir Richard Mc��<-ide, the premier, the
Very Uev. Dean-of Coliintt.ia, and several' members r-j.a past mtembers of
| the  provincial legislature  gave  their
i views  on   the   sitiiiation   so   that   it   Is
expected that, tiugriintng this summer,
Ithe custom praotleod  in  many  parts
of the world ot Closing stores one half |
while before the budget
speech was delivered today there, was
a discussion on the part of the
western members cf Hon Mr. nurrell's
resolution, increasing the amount to
be paid to farmers for horses slaughtered on account of the glanders to
$20 I in tho case of grade horses and
$5(1.1 in the case of pure breds.
Mr. Burrell said that during the
year OJS horses suffering from glanders had been destroyed. During the
previous year 953 horses were-.
slaughtered, of which 722 were froni
The regulation wae reported and
the bill introduced aud read a first
Hon. W, T. White, on rising, was
received with applause.    He said lhat
was  all  cut and  dried,  "that  it  was
tarcical   and  a  fratiil,"  and   how  onei
councillor  hml   allowed   a   contractor I
to make a cop;  iff the engineer's pri- ]
vate report which had not  then been |
discussed by llie council, the original
resolution wss t'tutuged  to  read  that
Iwo  classes ttf jiavhtg   be  called  for.
secure immigrants with character, but  it was   usual    to give   a    feiv   days'
ning Trains Through This Point
*>y  Autumn.
it was better still when they got immigrants with both character and
working capital.
Mr. White stated that it was con
servalively estimated that the immigrants from the United States brought
capital of $10,000 per 100. Estimating
on a basis of 140 000 Immigrants, this
���neant a total of $140,000,000 last
year. In considering the excess of
imports over exports In the trade
with the Urdted Statea this large in- leader of th
| crease in capital must not be over- K. MacLean
I looked.
The expenditure on consolidated
i fund as shown by the main estimates
{ for the coming fiscul year was $145.-
  850.000 -and  on   capital     expenditure
I $53.1011.000.  a  total  ot  $179,000.
Northern Pacilic Expected to Be Run-j thif= must be added the supplementary
i-estrraateB which will shortly be
Ibrought down. They had In addition
I to meet railway BUDSl-JSee and must
provide for the purchase of Grand
Trunk 1'atifle bonds at the rate cf
$1.0"O.0fi0 a month. There was also
th-e further necessity of large amounts
along the railway belt In New Westminster district is thrown open next
Monday morning at * o'clock. These
lire the first of what probably will be
u largo number of Innd-seekers, all
walling their cliance to lay claim to
particular sections of government land.
Ni xt Monday morning the embargo
on homestead work, which won! Into
effect In .lune, 1910, will be liftc.l
While nothing definite was then given
out aa to the reason the land was
withheld hy the government. It Is believed that several changes In the then
existing regulations were planned
However, the change of government
caused  by  Ihe defeat of the  l.utirl
said  Mr.  Mngee to The News vestrr   I 	
"I hnve been bei.ieged with requests]Mr, Harrahan, of C
about lhi ee lnnda by scores ol people,
some writing from a long distance, nil
anxious to secure a slice. The m.v
Jorlty of the sections are of 4n acres.
but In the more distant points a few
nre laid out in 80 und even  160 acre
The railway belt or the New WeBtmlnster districts runs from thlB city
br far east as North llend.
N. R.. "Explains"
Higher  Freight Tariff in West
as  Usual.
Toronto, May 12.���"Freight rates
i".'st lm regulated in different sections of the oountry, nocordlng to the
density of the traffic. In the Canadian
West   tbe  business  Is  not  nearly    a"
great for the railways us In the Hasl | tretirt towards allowing the retail ami
New Orleans 1 ���.   Mav IS    u,--,,,.* iW , ,,B    "Vs ,mu" '"' PfW- ^wholesale employees a weekly breath
the   l���     i aieotlma  laws   f��T ?n  v "'   ��tM'��� ' "'" "fraU1 Uuii ��"-'  in* spell, other thnn Sundays, will cul-
'"���  '  '���"���'"" ���'������*'��� iii"   to|Winnipeg Board of Trade may createLinate successfully before the sum-
lay per week win he trie*, .out. In
Vancouver It is t��.ius started with
every prospect of Biicuesa and another
general meeting is to be held in the
very near future in order tto bring
llie facts rloser in the both employer
and employee.
In New Weafminrter The movement
hns yet tn take concrete form, but lt Ir
expected that n generaH meeting win
be crIIiiI in the opera house itt an
early date when both tbe employer nm!
employee will be given a Chance to
speak  either for or against  fhe vto-
It le Interesting to note that during
fhe progress of the royal commission
���n labor through the np-per country,
It was found that the weekly half holiday was In vogue In practically everyi
one of the small towne of the Interior,1
son*e having Wednesday ntU-rnooiis
off -while other towns appeared lo
prefer Thursday. In no case was any
evidence brought forward against thc
practice, the merchants apparently
working with one accord lo afford the
employees every consideration in the
matter, t'hllllwack tried it out last
summer with grc-it BUCOesS, so that
not only is the scheme being worked
again th's yenr tut the smaller places
Iii the vicinity of thc Vedder mountain city are falling Into line.
The movement hns been started; ll
has taken root and the residents of
the three large cities of this province
nerd not feel surprised that n general
Another    railway,     the     Northern
Pacific, is expected to be running its j
trains through t!hi�� city  Into Vancouver by nexl fall
Humors have been  floating around
ior  some   little   time   that   this   com-1 chapter  of   Minor   Accidents
pany would be   operating    over   the i About City.
notice of the budget. It had been hii=
intention to conform to this pracVce.
to give notice today and have the-
budget brought down on Thursday
next. He had learned, however, that
it was necessary for him to leave the
city for a few days owing to the
serious Illness of'a member of hia
family. It had been decided, there-
r . to bring down the budRot todav and he desired to thank the
opposition and Mr. A.
of Halifax, who would
follow and move the adjournment of
the debate, for their courtesy in not.
raising any objection to his proposal.
On this occasion Mr. White said }t
would again be his lot to extend bit?-
To congratulations to the country on account of the continuance of the prosperous condition which previousl-*
obtained. To make the situation cl'"*#-
It would be necessary to review������ the
fiscal years 1910-1911 and 1911-1S12;
on the whole, the estimate he bad
made of the probable revenue for the
iCoutinuod on Paga. ElrMj
B. C. E. r. trouble:
lireat   Northern    jiyatem     Into
: Westminster and VEsmoouver ami they '
' were    partially     confirmed    recently
When  a   party  of fiiio  road's officials
Visited Vancouver. it is believed |
| that the trains win hit the dreat]
i Northern tracks at Huntingdon, near i
��� Siiinus, on the international boundary
Uno,  following this twiile  northwards'
| until Cob-brook ls re-wMied.  when the '
i old branch line of the Brent Northern,
; known as the liuichon road, will    be
The  Northern  Paoitle  -company    Ib
spending    an  immeuae    amount    of
A  series of minor accidents occur-
UP C.N.R. um
nd on the II C. E. H. on Sunday and
yesterday which resulted in no injuries to any  person, with the excep-	
tion of the one which took place last
evening  on   Columbia    street     when | Distinguished  Party  Will   Inspect the
Motorman Peters was slightly hurt.
A car ran off the track at South
Somas early Sunday morning, tearing
down the high tension wires of tho
company and putting their private
telephone system out of business until the repair gang from this city arrived on the scene. Yesterday morning the flrst  car leaving for  Vancou-
Road  From Port Mann Eastward.
money in Hie vicinity of Everett and   V(,r Bilfferi,a a mi8hap near the depot
near the Canadian bo-un-gary line laying heavier rails and aJso new branch
The company's terminal* In Vancouver 'will probably be the False
creek property of the Great Northern,
tlie two American roads building a
joint union Btation in the Terminal
Two Sapperton cars Buffered derailment laBt evening, while one of the
Central Park cara went out of cotn-
mlaalon by the controller burr.in;;
Wlll Not Face Trial.
administration look   place  soon  after ImpoBa   UPOU  commissioners  Of  eleo-la wrong Impression by the resolution j ������ -months have paased.
tion  thu  duty  of making sworn    ro-1 which ll haa adopted and given pub
turns of  the  votes caBt on  proposed   liclty   to,  charging  the  railway  com
1��S  panics  with   Injustice   because    they
constitutional amendments,    the
the lands were withdrawn so that
nothing has been done and tlie sume
regulations ln effect ln 1910 will he
ln force, commencing next Monday
Any   person  over  18   years  of  age
may seek homestead land, whether a ments In the November election wlll of.tho Canadian
British  subject or not,  providing ho not have to face trial. [this mornlug.
Matter of Form
Livening up Cricket.
London, May 12. -A bomb operated
by clockwork, wub discovered today
under thc veranda of the pavilion of of the <
the Llmpsfleld Tennis club in Surrey.
Suffragette literature found nearby
Indicated that an explosion had been
planned by the militants.
Wll  Give  the  Peerless  One  an  Answer on Proposed Anti-Japanese
Legislation   Today.
Sacramento,  Cal,   May  12��� Cover-
Gives Himself Up.
New York. May 12.���Stale Senator Iw���
S ephen J. Stilwell, Indicted today for
bribery on charges preferred by
licorgo A. Kendall, president of the
New York Hank Note company, surrendered in the office of District Attorney Whitman late this afternoon.
Glmli  Election.
Winnipeg, May 12.���At a late hour
thla  evening  returns  from  tho    bye-
New York   May 12���At the annual mor Johnson will wait until tomorrow election held today In the provincial
impose  higher    tarlffB    In  the  Wesl I election today of tho New York stock! before replying to Secretary  Bryan's j riding of Olmll showed that  24  polls
Indicted  election  officials  of  the city
of New Orleans who    were    charged than In the KaBt," said Mr. Harraham I exchange'" JameB IV  Mabon  was "re-1 telegram asking him to withhold hlBiout of 33 gave the government candl-
with falsifying the returns on amend- vice president  and managing director'elected president    He wiib unopposed, signature from the alien land act, ac- |date, E. L. Taylor, a majority of 6R4,
 "" '"  ""'  v"v""���''""' ���'*"""""  "���*" "' " "--     Northern    railway, M, K. A. DeAugere wbb elected proBl-  cording to an announcement from the a total to which nearly    every    poll'tapped" by tho new"line".'?etuminie"to.
New Westminster will be !i,v*������?u-
by  a  distinguished  party  thia  eT��'u.
ing In preparation  for a visit to tba-
end of the steel    of    the    Canadian
Northern   railway   now     being    hulll
eastward  from  Port  Mann.
The party will include Lieutenant-
Governor Paterson, Premier Sir Richard McBride, Hon. Thomas Taylor.
minister of public worka: Mr. tt. C.
C.amble, provincial engineer; Vice-
Nil.; w. Ch Swan, divisional
president Hoult, chief Engineer White,
engineer) Mr. A. H. Mann und Mr
F. J. Coulthard.
The trip of liiRpectlon along the Une
was originally Intended to inclnd-e
uuiy of the prominent residents of
Westminster aud Vancouver, together with the government officials,
but it Is expected that a second trip
will b0 made during the latter part
of the month which will include the
heads of the varlouB publlc bodi�� of
this city and Vancouver.
Tho party will leavo here on Wed-
nesday morning by a special traia
consisting of a parlor car secured from
the Oreat Northern railway and ea*
passenger coach drawn by one of tkat
new locomotives which recet.tly arrived for the Canadian Northern.
They    will    visit    several
dent ot tho Consolidated exchange.       executive office tonight.
I heard from has contributed.
this city ln the evening. PACVfc'   1 WO
TUESDAY,   MAY   13,  1913.
A* independent morning paper devoted to thc inter-sls of New Westminster Otto
tthe Fratter VallC't. Putilishrtl everil moriit',117 rrcr.pt Sin,,1.1,11 by the National Printing
axtt r-shlithina Oompany, Limited, at .1*1 Meli-n-o' Street, N'eill ll'i .ifi.iiii.i*. i*. liritish
C'tiumhin. ROM: SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
All commvnioatians bKmH be addressed tn The New H'r-il.iiii..<(.'- New*, and itol
tn ie.dieidnoX members of the. staff. Che.ntos. drafts, and money orders should be made
rft-.  -!���   /,��  The  Xntinnal  Printing and   rubli-ihlng  Company,  Limited,
TtttxSPHOhtlSB���Busine** Ofii-.-c und Manager, tiyil,- Editorial Rooms loll depart-
���mlM   Ml.
HI list littPTION RATES- Ily carrier, '.I per year, %l for three montht, 40c per
rn.o '���-     11-1 mail, J3 |Mir pear, *ic per imitllh.
*\DYBRTIBJNQ RATES on application.
We are glad to know that Sir Richard McBride,
K.CiM.G., is to visit New Westminster today in order to
consult with the authorities here upon harbor development The Provincial Government, of course, have nothing to do in connection with the navigation of the river,
but they are intimately concerned with the building of
roads and bridges, and, as the New Westminster harbor
scheme includes very important bridges and roadways,
their interest in the scheme is very vital.
Being a native son of New Westminster and one who
has always expressed himself as willing at all times to do
everything in his power, within reason, to assist in the
development of New Westminster, we believe that Sir
Richard McBride will lend his assistance to a great work
���which is not local in its character but which is of material
importance to the lower portion of the province of British
Columbia in particular and to the Dominion at large.
Sir Richard is too big a man to be swayed by any local
t>r parochial sentiment, and, while New Westminster has
not the voting strength that is possessed by some of her
neighbors, we believe that Sir Richard will give credit
���where credit is due and will do the right thing by a community which has done more for itself than any other
community in the province.
The people of this city have voted $500,000 to improve
Iheir own harbor facilities besides making other expenditures for the preparation nf plans for tho river and for
the harbor. The minister and deputy minister of public
works have made very flattering reference.-, and reported
very favorably upon the enterprise of our city in doing
rdl she has done in preparation for this great development.
But, while we appreciate all these kind words, nothing
now will be of value except the actual assistance of the
���goverjiment behind us by making grants of money to assist in such a large national enterprise.
We expect to see begun in the very near future actual
operations upon the improvement of our waterfront.
There has been a necessary delay in starting, as it was
deemed best to have everything ready and all arrangements finished before touching the actual work. Contracts have been let for equipment and the organization is
now about completed and ready to make a start.
We trust that Sir Richard McBride will see his way
to recommend to his government that the fullest assist-.
ance he given to our harbor development projects, as'
bridges are absolutely necessary if the railways, that
wi-h to make their headquarters in New Westminster or I
Vancouver, are to be admitted.
Preparation spells development. We need nothing
less than a new double track railway and traffic bridge
.-spanning the Fraser and we are sure that with this kind
���of preparation we shall see, in a very short time, Lulu
Island and Annacis Island thronged with industries thai
will develop the natural products of this province and of
Western Canada.
ological differences tint have arisen
between the liberals and higher crltlci
rn. one si tit and the defenders of tht
"old time religion" on tin- other.
Already the three assemblies thai
will convene in Atlanta this week un
loosely boutiil together in the AUtanct
of Reformed ChurchcB, an organization representing nine Reformed and
Presbyterian churches in the United
States, with a constituency of 8,500,-
.000; the Presbyterian chureh in Canada, with a constituency of 60,000, and
tuin... than eighty different denominations  on   the   the  continents    other
��� than North Ameriea, with ft constituency  of some 25,000,000  persons.
'lhe Atlanta conventions inaugurate
n Berles of general assemblies and
synods to he held in May and June,
Including the session of the Presbyterian churches of Canada and Mexi-
���*.-..   .-..ud   Peformfcd   I'resbyterian,   the
'Christian Reformed Church, tho Oer-
!..,-,,, |<efor".ed Church and the Dutch
Reformed church.
Of tiie three bodies meeting In Atlanta, the Northern and Southern
churches have heen divided since the
.civil  wnr,  while  lhe  United   Presby-
rian church Is a descendant of the
j old Scottish "secession"    movement,
Lcprnmenccd two centuries ngo.
While all the purely secular assocl- |
atlons of the United States have long j
'since hurled the hatchet-who can
i imagine an American Association fori
Ithe Advancement of Science, South, j
: and an American Association for the
Advancement of Science, North?���
the Presbyterian and Methodist denominations have maintained sepa- J
rate organizations, and the Atlanta!
gathering will determine whether this
! spirit of sectional animosity has diedi
Doctrinal differences are liable to
crop up in the assembly as the result;
!of the recent ordination in New York I
I of four young ministers who had re-1
i fiiFcd to affirm their faith in "the
virgin hlrth of Christ as related in
the. gospel of Luke and Matthew, or
, in the raising of Lazarus from the
dead as related in the gospel of
! John."
The authenticity of the Pentateuch,
and  the doctrine of the resurrection,
win- also matters of doubt to these
| budding clergymen.
Among lh" liberal clement of the
denomination���that element was successful 'in years ago in its movemenl
i for a revision of the confession of
faith this attitude on the part of clt r-
Ical caudldates meets with approval.
l'".,i yen's ago tin* assembly was call-
iil upon to deal with a similar esse,
but tin. convention, afier reaffirming
ii: ��� Presbyti rian confesi lon, droi :> ii
���I.,* subject.
'lhe Presbyterian church Is nm
.1. ne in facing the possibility of
division as the resull of doctrinal
differences, aad tin. conflict between
liberalism and conservatism.
The American branch of the Anglican Church is divided between those
wlu. want to drop Protestant from the
official title of the Episcopal church,
and thOBO who desire to retain it.
baking Powder
Pure,   Healthful.   Dependable
Its active principle solely
grape acid and baking
soda. It makes the food
more delicious and wholesome.   	
The  low priced, low grade
powders put alum or ume
phosphates in the food.
Ask Your Doctor About That
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
coming rector of the Church of the
Ascension in New York twenty years
today, son of Francis and Ann Berry.
The   Roman   Catholic     diocese     of
Montreal   was   established     seventy-
seven years ago today.
'ft is not often tbat -one can record
���O strong a contrast in methods as
ik indicat-od in the case of the treat-
-i-ru-nt i.( lepers in the Chinese province of Kwang-si. A Catholic mission
inti oded building a hospital for the
���car and treatment of those afflicted
iMi.it I leprosy.
I rVrrnijSKion was, nowever, refused
(Iby the MthoritieB, who informed the
'ftLl.tii-r in charge that it was "Forbid-
elea li>.- Buropeans to do good here."
Wh.it follows Is recorded by an eye-
"wili.*i>s-R in the China Press. Shim glial
A iTtrgi- pit was dug on the parade
���fsro.md.   lhe   intended   use   Ol   which
we tv-ver suupocted.   One morning hit
**T iii  ���-���������!   were startled by the report:
The leper-village wua surrounded
tat da-jrt I'i.tk, and all the inhabitants
m* BKicred."
Tho details <f this atrocious deed
���an" mi foilOWSl More than n hundred
���ObtlOTl lii.rroinided the Tillage so
tin! none could escape. The lop-crs
state Hi."/- driven, at the -point nr the
Uuij. *-..<���. ��� ��� tin' parade ground to lhe
1*1 rttai hud tn op so can-fully propaT
rii \ thick iB-yer of wood covered
tbe bottom of the sand pit. Into which
5tH   were  obliged   to  descend.
One by one, tbe poor women, ear-
t-fitt* Ihei'- babies, descendtd lhe lad-
tin and to'ik Iheir seat on tin* fatal
-pile, thin Hie cry. "Cha" (killl burst
few-lb. rifle fire was opened on lhe
pooi victims, a copious mipp> of pa-
���tit.l was poured over them, nnd a
���tur 11 of name announced to the town
thi-  victory  of our lit-rrati!
Thi* la not all, however, "man-
tomting" Mb begun; $10 in the prico
laid on Hie head ot every leper %o
t*r JiccT-iwlion leading lo his cap-
Mm-. T.rd another $r> for arresting
��im. Recently a young man was ai
rented at his home amongBl Ills fain
i|y. concluded to tho parado ground,
Mimi aj>d burned.
linos whose ships are of British register, nnd which fly the British flag,
that are in reality under foreign control. The White Star Line in the
most prominent of these. It Is obvious thai if nny general plan of arming tho merchant marine with admiralty-loaned gulls were contemplated,
there wniild bave to be some definite
declaration of Uie status of the foreign controlled liritish ships.
ln tin. even! of a war threatening to
involve llritain, it might easily be
tli.it these ships might he transferred
to the nationality of their real owners, and thus the liabilities attaching
to the vessels of a belligerent nation
would lie avoid.'il.
lf such lines did not fall in with
the admiralty plan tint, it would
Beam paradoxical for the ships to continue to fly lhe liritish flag and work
under British conditions,
The new move I f the admiralty is
a consequence of the accumulating
risks of a groat war. Its thought for
tho mercantile marine ts altogether
Justified, for there are 21,000 Royal
Naval  Reservists  In   the  mercantile
service.   Klll.j. .'t   tO   Call   to   111"   colors
on the outbreak of hostilities,
Oul i f 180,000 si ati.eti In the merchant fleets only 110,000 are liritish,
ami the withdrawal of ihe Reservists
would li-avi* equal numbers of liritish and Swedes. Italians and Asiatics.
It is true cf course, that lhe large
lino��� upon which guns nrght he
mounted have predominantly liritish
crews, hut as a precautionary policy
now that International peace hangs
by a thread, Uie arming of the merchantmen is a warning to he heeded.
Toronto   Mail  and   Empire,
"f (By   O.   Terence.)
Gabriel   Faure,   Coir.poBer   of   "Birth
of Venus, 68 Today.
Gabriel Faure. known to music lovers tiie world over aB the composer of
"The   Birth  of  Venus,"   will   pass  his
sixty-eighth    milestone    today.    The]
i iged composer recently  took part  in
| one ef the most remarkable concerts
' ever given In I'aris. being one of live
masters who personally superintended
the performances   of    Iheir   mastcr-
I pieces.
M.   Faure,   of   course,   chose   "The
| Birth of Venus" as his offi ring, while
I Iho     venerable    Saint-Saens.     under
I whom Faure studied music and who is
ten years the Benlor of Faure, directed tii" performance of his "Phaeton."
Claude Debussy dlrceted his "Afternoon of a Faun," Dukas superintended   the  interpertation  of  his  "Srorer-
ler's   Apprentice,"  and   Vincent  Dindy
|conducted his "Camp of Wallenstoiii "
M   Faure was horn on May 13, IMfi,
in the little city of    Pamiers, France,
and from his boyhood was devoted to
music.     He  Btndied  at  the  School  of
Sacred Music directed hy N'iedermey-
er under Saint-Saens and Diotsch. For
many years he wae the organist of thc
[famous Church of Madeleine.
Prcstestant Episcopal Church
The first step toward the organization aa a collective body of the Protestant Episcopal church in the Unit
d States, the American branch of
���in. Church of England, waB taken
ai a meeting held In New Brunswick,
N.  J.,  129  years a ;o  t. I iv.
Clergymen were i resent from
New Ycrk, New Jersey and Pennsyl
vania, and a tt mi i rary i rganl il ��� it
was effected. The doctrines adopted
*.,*< re th" iici'lr-' and N'ic -ne cn eda
an 1 the Thirty-nine Article- of tin
Church of England, wllh a few
chang b. Of lato yi ars thero has
b en much agitation of the subject
cf a change In the name of the body.
Many leaders recommending the drop
Ding rf tho word "Protestant" in the
leg il title nf the church.
This matter will be brought up al
the general convention, ihe govern-
ing bodv uf the church, at its meeting next October. Th" Rev. Iir. Win
T Manning is the leader in Ui" move
in. nt which has fnr Its obicct the
elimination of "Protestant" from the
��� trae nt the church, declaring that
its use  puts  the  church  in  tb,,  light
j of a modern denomination inst"."d of
:n ifi tn." light as a par' of th,* ancient, historic Catholic church,
Others are as outspoken In thp>-
datermlnaUon   to   r-tln   "Protestant"
na  a  part  of tlie  offirln!   title  of the
Bank of Montreal1,
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
! RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches  throughout Cunada    and
I Newfoundland,  uud   in   London-,   Eng
| land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
t'.S.A., and  Mexico City.    A  genera)
banking business transacted.    Letters
.   f Credit  issued,  available  with  cor
| respondents lu all parts of tho world
Savings Bunk Department���Deposits
received  In buiiib of $1 and  upward
ind interest allowed at 3 per cent pel
innum (present rate).
Total AsBetB over $186,000,000.00,
G.  D.  IIRYMNEIl.  Manager.
Hale, I ii-cdH, business Lrf'tti'i-n, etc.; circular work specialist    AU work strictly
oonHdenUal.   II  Barry, room im West-"
.muster Trust Blk.    Phont) 702.
NKW    WKM.MINHTliit    LODOB   NO   ��,
li. & l". O. "f Kiku of the I), of 0., meet
tin. first and third Thursday ut s p. m.,
K. of  l>.  Hall, Eighth Btreet.  A  Walls
Exalted Ruler; p. n. Smith, Seo-
,.   o.   i'i.   M.,
n.-Kt.  seoond
Pfu-ll   Illl.lllll   i
ll. J. Loamy,
retary,    II.
NO. 164.���MEETS ON
ami tiiinl Wednesday In
ii K. iif 1'. hall at X p. in.
dictator, i-'. Q, Joh.-h. boo-
Iquartera nf lodge in Se��
oorner uf Pourtb and Carnarvon
Balkan   War   Haa   Shewn   That   Te
l.Mlicr, Slavs Arc  Fighting Men���
Yellow Peril  Obscured.
iplenuid  arrangements    made    this
O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO 17���The
miliar meeting of Amnv liniKi. Na
27. I. o. O. R, in held every Monday
night nt x oVIwk In Odd Fellow*1 Hall,
corner Carnarvon umi Eighth Btreeta,
visiting brethem oordlally Invited,
n A. Merrlthew, is', c.; J. Robertson,
V. o.; W. C. Coatham, P. Q., recording secretary; H. w. Sangster, rinan-
ciui Becretary,
William Bntler Ilornbloiver, who
was appointed to the United States
supreme court twenty yenrs ago by i
President Cleveland, hut who was not j
permitted to take a seat on the bench '
because of the opposition of N'ew York *
senators, is sixty-two today. Thedis-
tinguisbed New York barrister in thc
"baby" member of what is perhaps thc
mosl distinguished walking club in
Ihe world, whlrh includes former Ambassador Choate, Mayor Oaynor, John
Iv  Parsons an.l Andrew  Carnegie.
The ptirpofp of the bikers, who Irive
organized the PedeBtrlans' club, is to
encourage the One ,-irt of walking
among the elderly men of New York
Mr Hornblower nnd his colleagues
have no symo'ithy wluttcver for any
person less than a century old wh<
prefers automobile, carriage or rapid
transit to peripatetics.
Mr. Ilornhlowi r Is n unlive of Paterson, N. .1.. nnii is the Bon of n clergyman, For ninny yenrs he Ins been
..ne of the leaders of tho American
One of 'he moil Interesting f,w"rpii
I'n tho little colonv v-h'eh settl.-d i>t
I Port PoyM���or Annapolis, as it is
I now ���on the west coast of Nova Scotia wns Marc l.esrnrbot. who on May
13, 160G. snlled from France with the
I Ilnron do Poutrincotirt
The latter had obtained a grant of
| Port Royal, Cnd was taking out a
number of mechanics and othrr recruits for the settlement. Manv of
I these   were   rough   disonlerlv   fellow's
but i.escfirbot, who was a lawyer by
! profession, was d"stined tn prove a
1 great  acquisition  to  the colonv,
Havlne i..��i loit a h.wsult. he des-
icribed himself as wishing "tn flv from
!a corrupt world." nnd when hn met
'on board the crazy little "Jones" pro-
i ffssed himself muc himnressed with
! "having only a two-Inch plunk between himself and death." but nevertheless, he appears to have been the
life of the party during the two
1 months' voyage.
lie  had  a   gift  for  maMi":  ver"""*.
and "some classic lore, dashid with
a Utile harmless pedantry." t'".l '"'i-'
real, his rml  r    lb" vi.- - i ' i i'
wders'andlng -��� 'I 'he brpadth of his
,-*,.,. ��� ... .-,. ., . ,, c-Rrdcuni's an his
quick    *   '    '��� il   llv. '     tinev "
l.s.--:rbi.i v n t i'... rinrnlniou'a first
li'-.'. i ***." -'i'i:' :i vivacious "History of Now France."
New Yiirli. May 12. Europe has
practically rMovered from the fear of
tin. yellow peril. Nov. : he is coming
do��n with tlie Slav scourge.
I i,e-v are 166 000 000 Slavs in Europe, That multitude could produce
10,000,000 two-fisted lighting nun. 'nu*
thought of so manv hungry Slavs goose
stepping across the country has given
tin rest of ISurope the horrors. Austria is especially gifted In vislonlng
Hi-  danger.
She nis t'.u- car of Russia at  the i
head of the largest body oi  fighting
men    in proportion tn total population
Since   Qcnghls   Khan   pul   the   "for
nut" sign on China.    There wouldn't |
be a county line or a frying chicken
I. ft from Scutari    tn   tho    Faubourg
St. Germain.
���All nonsense," says l'rof. M. I. Pu-
pln. "ho i.n without doubt the foremost
Serb in the United Stiles, lln is nl
the head of the allied societies of
Sirhs here, and Is lu constant touch
with tlie leaders in th" Halkans. "It
is inconceivable that the Slavs of the
lialknn t-ta'es and the Austrian provinces should ever place themselves
under the political leadership of Hussia "
That the war in the Halkans will
result in upsetting tli" balance of
power In Kurope ami in Hie creation
of a new political entity is his con-
victlnn, however.
"There will he a South Slavonic federation," said he. "As a direct result of the wa, there will be a Ureal-
it Servia, a Greater Bulgaria and a
Greater Montenegro, Montenegro and
Si rvia may form a single state under |
two kings. The South Slavonic prov- j
hires of .Austria Dalmatla, Croatia '
Bosnia, Herzegovina, Carnlola an.I
Blavonla will ultimately he Included,
Greater Greece not Slavonic In blood
- will Join Ihe federation for reasons
of self-interest "
The  federation   would  numlier  fl2,- '<
000,000 Slavs.    The 8,000,000 Slavs of:
the  Balkan  slates alone  put    500,000
fl-L'lititig mi n    in    the    field,    It    isn't
much   wonder  that   Austria  Is  lying
awake   nights,  that   Germany   is   hysterically   adding   to   her  army,     that '
Italy   Is   growing   colder   towards   th" ;
triple alliance, that France is adding
to the term of enlistment or lhat John- !
ny Bull is lying awake nighiti Beelng
year  fer  cheap   round  trip  ti
all   points  east,  commencing
keta  to
;lng   May  23.
ek End tickets on Bale  to local I
;n.iiits at Single Fare for |{oi;..,l Trl] J
in   Fridays,  Saturdays and  Sundays |
Fur rates and reservation apply   to
BD. QODL.BT, Agent
N'ew Westtnl.nate
Q.p.A . Vancouvei
t.i   tit   Hi......
* id ��� mbalin
strei i.    Ni w
. Ltd.)���Funer
rs. Parlors 4'
Westmlnstt .*.
to i'i-;n-
.1 directors
5 Columbia
I'lu.nt-  iuil.
talks  -Ploi r Funeral
Embalmer,   81!-��18   Ague
site Carnegie Library.
I itreotOI
si rent
rl *��� .*- Solicitors, . tc 40
N,*\-.- Westminster. Q I*;.
C,    .1   it. Grant.    A. is
.  I.... 'i*   Slreet,
:. Corbould, K.
Mci ���..ll.
:>r  H    W,   Brodle,
i.i-nt-law. solicitor, elc. T.I. I'liobe
1*070. Calil.' aiiilress '���J..hiinlolu1*
.���-..I... "Wo8ti.ni Union." Offices, Kill*
lilock. :'..*.- Columbia strei��t. New Wo-st-
mtnster, Ii. C.
P.O. Box 34 Daily  News Bldg
f all  ktndH.
SitUBfaotlon guaranteed |
McKenzie  St
solicitor, etc.; cu
McKonsle Htn-#��tH,
H.  C   P.  O,   Box   11
v    Wast
ie   710.
IM. Coast Service
!-������;(* i's Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m.,
- p.  in. unci   11 :4[>.
Leaves Vancouver for BeatUe 10 a. tn
nnd U p. m
T^eavee Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 *i. m
I  jiv-f-H Vancouver   for   Prince   Ruperl
und  Northern  Polnta   io p.  m.   WednflS'
Chilliwack Service
Pollellor noil Notary. Ofricen ll-art
block. 2.1 Lorne Btreet. New WenlmlD-
8t,-r.   II. C.
MrQUARRIB.     MARTIN      ft    CAB8ADT,
Barristers  and   Solicitor*,    flito   to  61-9
\Vewtnil!i-il<-.r Trust Mock. II. K. Mitr-
tln, W, Q, Mc-Quarrle unit UeorKe L.
Leaves  Chllltwaok   7   i
; i humility and Saturday,
Leaves  Westminster  8
Wednesday ami P.liluy.
BD. flOn.RT,  AKet.t,  N��
H.  w.  BRODIB, a   P   A
a.   m    Monday
v Westminster
ly-ard Alexandnr
��� ��� ii,,  \, -, ��� ,i,,,  tir'i ;'i
til"    KCfle'l-,.- '     pf
\TalU8   le 'ir.l'irv   .1
five   veiirn   nun   li-.liy
'r.-nvo.l   In    .\nierlctin
ar'rq   ,i.it,-|:-Tt"-i
e*- nnilMilloni.r   t'i
S'.-v      II-I'I ill" o|<
���pule   died   sWt��
The  nnrt  lie
fn'ra   I'ns   nl
nlwavs  lu en  n  i
Canadian  v.-:t.*r
"���"no of a coli-h
nbjRot i f rr--;'-i*   by
-     lord    Ashburton
ut"'l  nicrciintile  fntn
London,   Mny  2.    Th"  Dally  Tela-
grapb'B Melbourne correspondent says
a provisional reciprocity trade .iRree-
...,..ii  h-iH l*oen concluded by Hon.  F\
M. Fisher, New Zealand's minister ofl
customs, and  Hon,  F. tl. Tudor, mln- j��
Me- nf cie--ini>'H f'-r Australia, subject'
to tlie approval of their respective ntr !
Ilamonts,  which  approval It  Ik fully
anticipated wlll be readily obtained
Re Lots 3 nnd 1. Block 5, of Section
35, Block 5 North, Range 3 West,
Map 529, in the District of New
Whereas proof of the lofta of Cer-
titlcate of Tide Number ic,-,7ip, |s
: titled ln the name of Alexander Allan,
haa been  flKd  In thin office.
Notice la hereby given tbat I shall.
;al lhe expiration of one month from
Ithe date of the flrat publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
the City of N'ew Westminster, issue
5 a duplicate of the aald Certificate, unless In ihn meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing
N. (iWYNN,
Histrict UcKlalrar of TIUor.
Land   Registry  Office,   New   Westminster,  B.C.,  April  30. 11113.       (1206)
suf.* - narrtaters und Solicitors, Westminster Trust Hlk.. Columbia slreet.
New Westminster. R. C Cable .-..l.lrriw
"Whiteside.'' Western l/nffin. P. O.
I Mu wer 200. Telephone r,�� w. J.
Whltoslde,  K. C.;  II.  L.  Edmonds,   D.
'll    J.   A.    BURNETT,    AUDITOR   AND
Accountant.    Tel.  H  12S.    Room  it
Hart block.
P   It   Smith. W   .1. Droves.
Work   undertaken    tn    cltv   an I    outside
points.   111-11   Westminster  Trust   Hldg.
I'll  ne   3G4.     P,   O,   Hox   507.
stcr Board of Trade meets in tho beard
room, <"lty I lull, us follows: Third Friday of ench month; Quarterly meeting
on ihe third Friday of Kehruary, May,
A.iKi.st nnd November ut S p.m. Anient nr-ctinioi on the third Frlduy ol
February, C. II. Hiuart Wade, secretary.
The nritish admiralty in r.atmtn
n�� i-unii. the larger liners ol Brl Ish
���K-rcMiUle marine cempanieu wllb
���run:,  lor  defence   In  wartime,    'ib'
I.,..    rchant steamer to ca.-r   guns
ms* ammunition undor present ai-
, u,;.,.,. ���t��� was Iho lloval Mall
Bu-am Packet company's Argonaut,
i��,u(it) tona. whloh left Southampton
ii f^w days ago for South America,
in tha orew are enough Boyal Nav-
. ,.,.-., iifficiru and mtui to work
i'r    urmainent lf required.   Uu' while
inch arming of lincm io a rational,
���j-dTi.tliT. way of Incraaalng their pro
tti  -i n o.i llie trade rvolesi, Oieiv an.'
It ;:��� ���::������ t a ������:  ll
Presbyterian    AB6cmbly   This    Week
Marks Epoch in Church's History,
Religious history will be made tlm
, .   li   in   Atlanta,   Oa.   where   three
greal division of tho Presbyterian system  will   hold  their annual  genertal
,.  . ;i I lit s, i * ginning I imorrow    The
Pn   i   ti rian ( hurch, North, with  1,*
80 058 communicant!;  thi   Prei byte
rian I ��� urc'i, Bt uth, with 211! 045 com
munli ii Ls, *   ii the United  Prcabytc
Irian  i hurch,  with   178,601  communl
cants, -.- iii bu   ri prosi nti<i    In   this
epochal gathering ol the Presbyterian
, llOHtfi.
j Old differences will be forgotten,
[while the points o( agreemenl will be
eiuphiisizeil. Meeting on common
ground and in a spirit ol Christian
unily,   the   leaders  hope  Unit   a   final
rapproachment may be reaphed, but
1his liojio may be blasted by the tln*-
Frnm the printer's case to the ownership of a great newspaper is tho iif.
record  of Thomas  Ret s,   publisher of
the Illinois stale Register of Spring
field Mr. Hoes was horn In Pittsburf
sixty-three years ngo today, and nt
the  age  Of tlirie   moved   tn  lrv.--i   with
his parents,    Beginning his journalistic career as n "devil," he worked
his way un until al twenty.six he \v i;
the proprietor of the K'okuk ''omul
| union.   In 1R81 ho went to the Illinoti
���lite   Capital    tO   lit! life   the   pilhllca-
iiin of the State ReglBter, one of he
!..*iilinir Democratic organs ot Illinois
Mr. Hces has found time to travel
aboul the world, and Is the author nf
"Sixty Days In Europe," and
"8p tin's Lost Jewels, Cuba and Me\
lco," lie is an enthurlast on tbe Btib-
lecl * I lilirhway Imor iveini nt, and
was iii.. ,������.iiii.ir o( tiie 'riv creating the
Illinois good  roads commission.
The Rev. Percy Stlckney Grant, who
lies become Internationally famous by
hi sociological work among the in-
habltants of the congested districts
Ir, New York, wan horn In Boston flfty-
threa years ago today.
IL* entered the Episcopal ministry
in 1880, and worked among the mill
operatives  Of   Pall   Hiver,  before  br-
ln his youth be v'flttcd Canada, and
ih" United Rtit"s to le-oatlgate the
commercial nlsMre" ef those -countries win. Oreat nrltaln, In 1832,
when a third war between tlreat llrl-
t;i n   and   U'o   United   States   seemed
Immlnont,  because  of  the boundary
case nntl other disputes, he wns appointed special minister to the United
K'aies, wllh full power to deal with
the difficulties,
ti, ���������., ���.|.,,.| a.ta'niti Daniel Web-
uti r snd the latter was the vlnti r
fur by the Webster-Asbbur'nn treniv
-,.',0   s..i...r-,   pilleq   (,f   the   mosl   vain-
able portion    of lhe    12, )    square
��� I ��� i f '��� --ti.-w In dispute went to
Ma'ne, while New Briinswlek had to
ho e-e'ent w'th tho smaller nml less
val table remainder
*i! * future Dnmlnlon losl i winter
p. ri on ths Atlantic bes'des much
rich territory rightfully belonging to
II. lord Ashburton defended him
self by saying that "the whole territory  waa worth  in th'tig,"
An explosion nnd fire occurred In
Hu* Orummond coal mine in Nova
Sen la. forty years ago today, and
sevi'tityfivi'   miners   lost  tlieir  Uvea.
Joseph Kllntoft Berry, eminent Moth .'list bishop and editor, was born
at Aylmer, Ont��� flfty-so.vtjn years ago
The schedule of articles covered by |
lhis agreement  Is much smalWr than
included   In   the   Ilrillsh   prefer
agreement but It follows the gen-
principle of the letter, providing
some of the articles shall he duly
some tiihject  to a tariff rodue-
Negotiations for reciprocity between
Canada and Australia are nov.* pro
needing between Hon. Geo. 1-3. Foster
nnd tho commonwealth government.
The general principles of such an
agreement hnve been accepted nnd the
c"nHiiititig ministers have authorized
the statement lhat the arrangement
will undoubtedly mature very shortly.
Dart Files From Animal's Neck Into
Hr-rt rt 0-iert.itor.
Valence. Prantfi, May 12. An in
r.""-it..l lighting linll In lhe hull ring
' I,..,)..,, rhnok i's head so violently In trying lo rid Itself of tin*
sl... I tin darts  wllh   which   the  band
erllleros had pierced its Bhottlders and
neck, that "lie of lh" darls was torn
otil of the flesh and hurled among tho
spectators In the amphitheatre. It
penetrated the hear' of a young man,
who was Instantly klll.il
A mnmenl later thn matador killed
the bull, and the body of the young
^inan was carried out al the sanio time
ns the carcass of the bull was dragged
! from the arena.
New Westminster District.
The   following  applies  only   to  the
N'ew   Westminster  Dominion    Lands
Squatters  on   Dominion   Lands    In
'hu   New   Westminster   Agency   who
ire not located In Timber Berths will
���ie given until Monday, the loth day
i 'f May, 1013. within which lo appear
mil make application for entry.
Squatters  whose claims  have been
. illowi-d.   who  have  not   yot  secured
' lomestead   entries,  wlll   be   notified
'iv the Dominion Land Agent nt their
ast known addr-ess,    In the event of
' iny such Bquatters failing in appear
md make application before the dan*
r-ientlonefl,   i.holi-   claims   will   lain"
uni the iiiidi wll] be otherwise d.s
liosed ' I on and aflcr that date. If,
however, good reason Is shown for
falling to appear and the Improvements on the land tire of substantial
value a further period of protection
i mny he allowed by the Agenl In cases
Of  merit.     Claims nol  yot dealt   with
must be filed Immediately.
Squatting on Dominion I anda without the authority of the Department
; will not henceforth be allowed and
will result In loss of claim nnd forfeiture of Improvements,
S,   MAIilCK.
Supt..  II. C,  Lands.
Ottawa, ath April, 1013. (1089)
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion
in  Manitoba, Saskatchewan  and  Alberta-
lne Yukon Territory, the NorthweBI Ter-
rllorlea and In n portion of the Province
of British Columbia, nmy be leased for *
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental or ii an acre. Not mora than .::,��'.*
acres will |���. leased to one applicant
Application for n leiun- musl be .untie
by the appiic-.nl lu person to the Agent
��� ���r Sub-Agent of the dlstrlot In whloh tho
rights upplled for ure situated
in surveyed territory the land must i��
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and In unsiirv, v...l territory the irnot applied for shall he
Mtnkoii oul hy thc applicant himself,
Kin-li upplicutlou must i.e accompanied
hy a fee or ir, which win i.e rufunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
imt not otherwise, A royalty siitiii be
paid on the tiierehiintiihli* output of the
mine at the rate of tlve cents per ton
Thc person .,i��*....l.ig lh-* mme shall
furnish thn Asuit with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ot merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not Mini Operated such ret urns should
he   furnished  ut   hsist   once a  yenr
Tlie loose wlll Include lhe tss:-t, minimi
rights nnly, hut the leasee will be pi.r.
niltteil lo purchase whatever avuUntile
surface rights may lie considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application should
he made to thp Secretary of in,, iapart,
ment of tha Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
W. W, t'OUY,
Deputy   Minister of  the  Interior..
N. It.���lInnuthorl7.ed publication of tide
advertisement  will  not  In, paid  fnr.
who do not receive
8 a.m. Bhould
The Newe befora
and make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained. TUE8DAY,  MAY  13,  1913
Cash or Credit
We like the cash best and to
make it worth your while all the
balance of '.his month we will allow a cash discount of
15 per cent.
on any furniture bill uf $50 and
"fine Furniture
Makes Fine Homes.
We Announce the Arrival of
New Stock of Carpets and Rugs
$15,000 worth of the newest Spring styles in Axminsters, Wiltons and Brussels.   Of sP^*j^
is the fact that notwithstanding the big advance on all Carpets and Floor Coverings, we are able to sell at old price*, as
our orders were all placed before the advance.
BnitaelS Carpets, with borders to mutch, $1,110 grades (made and laid), rpeclal
price  V.10
Tapestry Carpets, in 8!>e. values, special price     ���    70c
8*12 Axminster KugB, $45 values, -special price   $37.50
9110.8 IlrusBels Hugs, fid values, special price  $20.00
Dx'J Brussels Finish Hukb, value $11 r,t), special price    $7.75
Axminster and Wilton Remnants In grades at $2.25 and $2.75 per yard;  some
lengtbB up to twenty yard;*,;   iuicl: sale price, per yard ���*'���*
2000 yards $1.10 Inlaid Linoleum. Bpccial  price    JJ��
55c Scotch Linoleum, special jirlc"   ��� .,
Eighteen-Inch  Stair  Oilcloth    YT
Remnants of Oilcloth, per yard  	
People in New Westminster are taking keen interest ta the higher Brndw
of Furniture, and our Bales are constantly increasing in styles reaAe trom sniVI
Mahogany, Circassion Walnut. Satin Walnut, Fumed Oak aud Gum Woods. Oar
floors are covered with tbe very best specimens that Caaadian factories produce
Note our liberal offer spoken of elsewhere In this ad.
Suit  et  a
ce all
Don't   Buy   any Electrical
Goods   Until  You Get   Our
New   Cut   Price*. We   Can
Save You Money.
Protest Against G.N.R.
Proposals on North Road
N.   Rail
with delight
objecting    to
Arguments    Forwarded    to    Railway
Comrr.itticners on Eehalf of Eur-
naby and Coqultlam.
The fact that the railway commissioners at Ottawa, have signified their
intention to sit in Vancouver on the
19th Instant., and adjudicate upon the
sutijwt of the proposed deviations of
the North mad and bridge, under thu
V., V. & E. Rallwaj company's charter, but actually hy Ihe 0.
way company, Is hailed
by the municipalities
their operations.
The local Bitting dispenses with the
necessity of routing counsel at Ottawa ami the expense of despatching an
engineer    r  lawyer  or  any  withii.-ss
lo the capital,   Besides this tin* satisfaction and convenience of a local Inspection  may be restorted lo, If de
aired, without much delay
The  following  is  the  text     of    the
protest of the municipalities ot Burnaby ami Coqultlam. It has been Rent to
the railway commissioners:
I, These municipalities object to
the North road being Interfered with
in any way by the railway company
for the following reasons:
un Th. North road l�� an Important
artery leading rrom the City of New
Weatmlnster to the city of Port
Moody and accommodates much traffic between these two points and also
to different points In the municipalities.
obstructed until necesBary repairs
v,, re made.
Ib) lt would not accommodate a
Btreet car traffic and would haye no
provision for the carriage of katei
mains, gas mains, Hewers, polo llnea
and other necessary public utilities.
(el It would not be ��<fe for heavy
traffic Buch iib, for instance, heavy
Bteam rollers, auto truckB and Steam
wagons which are now In constant
operation  In  both  municipalities.
idi ii such a temporary structure
were built It would be extremely difficult to get the company to replacw it
with a permanent bridge and in this
connection It Is only necessary to refer to the experience of the Vancouver
council with the company in its endeavor to get permanent structures
btiill over the Crandview cuL
:i     The     inuiiiclpa_tics      therefore
Btrongly urge that a permanent Btruc-
tur*�� be erected at once and that this
permanent structure he In accordance
with the recommendations of the joint
engineers of New Westminster, Hurnaby and Coqultlam dated 8th December,  1H12, am!  heretofore  submitted
to the board.
���I. Provision should be made for
temporary rond diversions while permanent structure Is being built and
the company Bhould be required to
provide sueh diversions, to construct
proper roads and to light and maintain the same along such diversions to
the satisfaction of tlie municipal engineers previous lo the snld North '
road belnJWntertered with ln any respect. In'thifl connection the coin- I
pany Bhould furnish to the engineers
of the municipalities complete plans
(bl  The rond at the present time is , ^      fl  ^.^    f t
satisfactory  one  In   every   respect  i
a .
being graded, macadamised and other
wise perfected for municipal purposes
Including a sufficient width to provide for proposed electric railway extensions and for carriage of sewers,
water mains, gas mains, pole lines nnd
other  public utilities.
(c) The proposed Interference with
the said road will not benefit the mu-
nicitialltlca In any reBpect.
(d) That It is not necessary In the
public interest to make the proposed
diversion, but the works contemplated by the company are being carried
out for their own purposes, namely, to
provide material for filling In False
Creek at Vancouver nnd also to provide yardage facilities for the company, and the municipalities see no
reason why Ihelr road Bhould be taken away for these purposes when tliey
nre perfectly Well satisfied With II as
It  exists at the present time.
(el  The proopsed Works Wlll retard
thn development ln adjoining parts or
belli municipalities.
10. Provision should be made for
the protection of the existing tele-
phone, electric light and electric power lines uow on the said road so lhat
services will not be interfered with j
during the construction of the works, j
11. The  municipality of Coqultlam
further objects to the closing of any
subdivision roadB without an application being made to the council of Co- :
i|uillam aud provision made for com- ;
pinsatlon   to   the   adjoining   property
holders.    It also objects to the  pro- j
posed diversion of the Brunette road
unless  compensation  Ir  made  to  the
property holders affected    and    aska
that before any order iB made in connection with the whole work compensation  to property  holders be  ascertained and paid by the railway company.
12. The municipality of Burnaby
rays In reference to th" proposed diversion of the Cunn road:
ta) That the consent of the provincial authorities be obtained before this
road  Is diverted
(hi That tlie new road he cleared
full width and graded in tho best procurable grade to the satisfaction of
the municipal engineer.
(c) That the land immediately
south of the new road diversion be
either safely slop! il to Insure immunity from land fIIiIcb or cave-ins. or.
if necessary, a retaining wall he built
to retain the new roadway. If necessary, n substantial protection hand
rail should be constructed on the south
Bide of the new roadway.
(.11 Thnt the company be rn-uired
to move the water main on the present
road and place same on the read diversion to the satisfaction of the municipal  engineer.
(el That nil expenses connected
with the transference of road and construction work be borne by the rallwav Oompany.
13. Tho municipality of Burnaby In
rerferenee to the proposed cancellation of 68-fOOt rond allowance in the
southerly portion of block 7 and portion of block <!, D, L. 4, snys:
(a) The municipality should be paid
; reasonable compensation for the land
'. involved nnd which will be obtained
by the railway company nnd thc rallwuy oompany shall pay all expenses
1 In connection with the acquisition of
14. Qeberally in respect to the
compnny'S application If any order is
mnde by the board directing any work
to be done hy the company such order
should specify the time for commencement and the time for completion of
tin. same.
15. The municipalities reserve the
right to urge any additional grounds
' frr objections which they mny deem
.necessary and expedient nl the sitting
I of the board to he held at the city of
I Vancouver on the 19th Instant.
1(1. The cities of New Westminister and Porl Moody support the municipalities of llurnaby and Coqultlam
2.   if. however, ihe board is of the     ,��� ���   oompletlon ,������ th(, -permanent
opinion    that   the   railway company <
should be given any rights of Interference  with  lhe said  road,  the  said
municipalities make the following objections to tho propoBalB of the com-
tlon of such proposed diversions,
which plans, etc., should be approved
by the naid engineers before any work
Is done.
5. That the company he required
to pay the entire cost of all the workii
made necessary by their proposed
works and Ihe municipalities contend
thai it would be unfair to ask them to
contribute nny part of such cost. j
I!.    The company Is securing for Its I
purposes, according to Its own figures I
some 55,000 yards of earth, being part
r.r ill" paid North road, Which belongs ,
to  I'm mtoilclpnlltles  nnd    which    Is '
worth nt leaRt $1.00 per yard and the
rallwav  company  should   bo  required !
to pay this amount to the municipalities.
7. The railway company should be
required to Indemnify the municipalities against ail claims for damages lu
connection with the proposed works
or which may In any result from same
Including ihn proposed diversions.
���     ���,, ,.. i,.,iL.,.iutrn   ...    ...iiiiiiiij   .ii...   iv......	
*��� S��a���K~2S ^^"SSfJSSSSK Itn   ��H  the  above  objections  and  re-
structure so ns not to Interfere with |    "ntod thls 8th day of May'  A   D"
the wnier supply.   Tho present side-  1!',,i
(n) It wlll he Inflammable and If set
walk should be removed on to the |i
posed diversion.
9.   Satisfactory  protection    should
be afforded whore any cuts sre mltfle
���^trW#S^��W ,apr6Vent perBon8 or vehlc,e8
otherwise traffic would bo  Berlously going over.
solicitors for Burnaby  Municipality
and for tho City of New Westminster.
Solicitors for Cbqultlam Municipality.
Contract for $2,500,000 Taken Across
Channel���England's    Shipyards
Experience Biggest Boom.
London, May 12.���Three large British steamers costing together half a
million sterling are to be built iu
Prance. Such an event is uupreee-
dtnted In our recent industrial history.
'1 be announcement was made by ihe
Times and created the Utmost surprise. We build more ships than all
the rest of the world, and build for
many foreign nations, llut this is believed to be the first time that an import British contract has gone
A British firm requires four passenger and cargo steamers for trade between this country and the over-sea
dominions. They are to be of 10.000
tons. Three will be built at Dunkirk
by the Soriete dos Ateliers ot Chan-
tiers de Prance, and the fourth is to
be constructed on the portheaBLqpast,
Aa they are to he identical, we shall
get a further lesson hy the comparison of the French ships in speed and
economy as against the Enklitih-built
sister ship.
The vessels are all required In the
course of the next year, and the difficulty of securing delivery from British yards was one of the reasons for
placing thiB large order In Prance. As
report, d on April 10, British shipyards at present have f'till Vessels under Construction, amounting to 2.0t!3,-
6��4 tons, which exceeds by 377.000
tons tho vessels In hand a year ago,
anil Is more than twice as much as
was In hand In 1909. It Is the greatest "boom" which Lloyd's Register
has any record pt.
Cheaper Despite Dues.
Another aspect of the r-mnrkable
event ls stated by tho Times:
"Though tlie French firm is a builder of engines, rough castings of the
machinery for tho French ships wlll
be sent to Dunkirk from this country,
and on this.- Castings French Import
dutliR will have to he paid. Yet the
contract for the vessels has been given to the Dunkirk firm partly because
the total cost will he lent-, than if they
were to be built \n tli is country. British shipbuilding costs, owing to some
extent, to the general rise tn wages,
ore now on a very high level. . . .
The order Is a high compliment to
French builders, supported though
they are by government bounties.
One rearon why British shipyards
cannot do morn work at the present
lime Is that the men not only refuse to
work overtime, but also aro not accustomed to working full time. Sunderland, for instance, became practically empty laBt week, when the foot-
bnl lteam went to London to play tho
final cup tie.
John lllll, general secretary of the
bollermakcrB' society, in his monthly
report wltb reference to tho society's
efforts to obtain an advance fn wages,
"The employers complained that
members, by attending football matches and funerals lost 18.8 per cent, (almost a fifth) of their time and asserted that they could get 1S.8 per cent, on
their wages without an advance if they
would work full time. There were
scores of union members in many of
the yards averaging more than ��300
per annum, lost time included. The
employers declared: 'Kvery advance
we have given you has beeu abused
by your lll-oncduct aud bad timekeeping ' "
The same complaint is heard all
over Kngland. Men who are in steady-
work will not keep full time..
Czar of AU Russias
Most Modest ot Men
St. Catherines, Ont., May 13���"With
Great Britain and the United States
Standing together no attack from any-
other nation or combination in the
world is possible, aud Great Britain
and the United States can easily preserve the peace of the world if they
man of tlie great waterways eonimis-
wish," said Sir George Gibbons, ehair-
Slon of Canada and the United Stntes,
in a notable address on "Some Problems," before the SL Catherine* Canadian club last night.
"if." said Sir George, "the German
peril really turns out to be anything,
lind, as some few people think, the
l'nited tSates would rather take advantage of Britain's stress to pounce
upon Canada, nothing more horrible
than such an action could be Imagined, llut everyone who says that lies.
The United States and Groat Britain
nre better friends today than they
ever wero before and such a thing
could never happen."
Sir George expressed the view that
the trades Union men would never al-
law war between Germany and Great
Britain, or probably any other country,
Thrifty Irish Peasants Never Cause of
Worry to Any of the Banks.
Dublin,  May  12���Many  Bmall  Irish
farmers and peasants who dud a difficulty in making both ends meet during a had season are anxiously awaiting the decision of the British government in repard to Irish Co-operative
agricultural banks.
A public inquiry into the organization nnd the chances of success of
these institutions has Just been concluded, and one creditable conclusion
stands out clearly from the mass of
evidence. Whether the bank under
investigation was situated north or
south. In Tipperary, Donegal or Mayo,
the absolute honesty tan.l integrity ot
borrowers and dealers were demonstrated.
No other country. It may be confidently asserted, could produce a more
honorable record In this respect, and
none could produce a more reliable
or a more deserving class of thrltfy
peasant customers.
The co-operative banks have been
hampered and handicapped in various
way In Ireland, but none of their difficulties have arisen from want of
good faith and punctuality on the part
of the borrowers.
St. Petersburg, May 13.���At last
Rusia knows the truth Sbout Tsar
Nicholas. The truth appears in a
new book compiled by Major-General
Eltchaninoff, Instructor at tbe Nikolai military academy. Eltchaninoff
Is a great friend of Nicholas and the
book has been revised by Nicholas
himself, and ls, in a sense, his.
The truth I* a dull drab truth that
111 compares with the stirring yarns
of escaped terrorists, but is the real
truth or some of it.
And in this book Nicholas makes
himself out a meek. mild, and gentle individual, with great bodily skill
thrift, orderliness, and an attachment,
rare In the loose Romanoffs, to his,
domestic ties. .
"Tsarstvovanie Gosudarya Impert-
tora Nikaloya Alevandrovitcha"���j
"The Reign of the Lord Emperor
Nicholas, son of Alexander" is the title cf Nicholas II.'b book about himself, Like all Russian books, "Tsarstvovanie, etc.," haq caused trouble.
M, Murfttoff. governor of Kursk province, has forbidden it lo be sold on
the ground thnt 'it Is disloyal to reveal the Tsnr's private affairs,"
Highly   Diligent   Man.
According to himself, Nicholas II.
is a highly diligent man. Every other Russian Bleeps till ten, but Nicholas rises at seven, swallows quickly n
first breakfast "simple and modest
like all his life," * and Immcdialr'v,
sets to work. Here Nicholas mnkea
n    confession.      The    only    Rtiss'an
newspaper which he reads    is   tho
Novoye Vremya. a Violently  reactionary organ,  which  busies Itself,  maln-
, ly. In the butchery of Jews and Finns.
Nicholas'  schedule  for  the  day  provides  for n rest, with exercise,  from
j ten   to   eleven   unlock,   but   usually,
1 work  Is so hard,  that  the  first  part
I of   this  rest  hour   ls   never enjoyed
! and  only   when    It  Is    near    eleven
o'clock, does the Tsar issue from his
study.     The   exercise   consists   of   a
! walk   In   the  park.    When   tho  heir
Alexci was strong, he usually ncccm-
,panlcd Uls father,  but  now  Nicholas
j -sadly tramps nlcr.e.
At  eleven  Nicholas  is hack  ln  his
* room receiving ministers.    He also at
this time receives n specimen of the
'dinner of the lifeguards and the Cos i
sacks of the body known ns "his own
COnVOV."   The dinner is brought in a
i locked  vessel.    "The  lx>rd  Emperor,"
\ says  th" book, "always deigns to ex-,
press   his   opinion   of   Ihe   food,   and.
the  opinion   is .communicated  to  the;
corresponding     commander    of    the I
Baron Friedericts.
Only when hc takes his lunch Is
Nicholas able to see his familv.
Sometimes he Invites court officials
to this lunch, which is "abundant,
but simple and modcBt." Baron, mow
COUnt) Frlederlocs, minister of the
Imperial court, Ib the official whom |
Nicholas sees most often. Lunch lasts
an hour, and then at three o'clock
the audiences are resumed.
Nicholas stands when he fffreii audiences, and. on an average, allows
the visitor three or four minutes,
which Is a very short time Tor ICus-
slans to say anything in. On as>ocial
eccaaeas he takes the visitor iarto
-���--���[iVr room, and lets hlm sit Wbea
the audiences are over, any time re
mnfninjf before five o'clock is -devol-
ed to open air exercises. At live
Nicholas drinks tea with his famOr.
and dnrinff tea ho often reads aloud.
"He possesses surprising skill ia -reading nnd loves reading to an ertrjs-
crdinary extent." His favorite Kns-
sian authors are Gogul and Use humorist Gorbanoff. In torei**a languages his favorite wnks are those
of Mar-tc Twain. All i-oiin'fc, Nichola-s
likes humor and huiiurriitfc:.
Nicholas is a champioti open,.:: "
man. In this he is no Itussian. Hia
nrt-ern.<-.on exercises consist of tralfc-
Ing, ridinr, on horseback, or on aSrt*}.
e.le. or even, when he is at I'eterahot.;'
boating on tho Gulf of Finland
Being a sound Russian, Nicholas?
avoids the foreign word "velocipede"
which employs the native word **sa-
motat" which means, literally, "self-
rclirr." just aa "samoyed" means
"sc I renter." Nicholas Ib a powerful
self rollist. and also a skillful out;
man. "Tho monarch In Ihe.-n- buat
Irg eicciirsicna, often bears hia royaut
sen eu h'a hne**3."*
Winn Nicholas "plays with his ItuM-
they build earthworks and snow-
works, and play nt war." Th�� txaitt-
hits tl company of boy soliilerw whotri-
he drills and command-i. but be is
given "no playmate of his own tjer
Nicholas Is also sklllfuf at t-tnols.
Bklttba and  swimming.
"Hu is a particularly gou��l direr
and ti'inain i under wafer Or several
minutes." He Is also a i^Kt-it afcuc A
favorite way of spending an afternoon is to make an excursion to Sot>-
stvennaya Datcha. a small eiKbteenUr
century villa near the strand not au-
from Petershot palace.
Will   Be   Fed   Exclusively   an
Loudon, May 12. Bernard Shaw.
lecturin/r at the National Liberal clal*
last night on "The Case for Kquality.""
fore'hadowed tho superman of Un* tn-
ture as a "self-controlled ei��tle|*ic��
fetf  exclusively  on  proof spirit"
If.; maintained that "the world will
hive to l.i-eisl a new sort of Imiaau
being if the problems of social organization are ever going to be aotratt.
Ono way to breed the best men and
women is to make the entire cummun
ity* intermarriajceable. That caa *o**i
done only be securing to t**s*t*ts**hm
nu c<]ual income."
Shaw concluded, "equality cf Income ts an extremely practical mat
Immediate political subject," only tag
refrained from explaining hon It fa
to he brought about. PAQt   FOUR
TUESDAY,   MAY   13,   1913.
Coroner   Believes   Cigar   or   Cigarette   Pauline  Larson  Takes  First Prize for
Stub Origin of Fatal Blaze cn May  Day  Essay���Over  Forty
Port Arthur People Arc Walking and   Threatening   Letters  Followed  by   Re-! The   Prevailing   Rule  with   Regard  to
t<adn<T, Mny 12���"Charles Hendricks caino to his death by belnf! suffocated or burned on the steamer
Ophir at (he Brunswick cannery wharf
all'iinii.' 1'asB, Fraser river, some tlm*
between the hour of 12 o'clock midnight and 3:30 a.m. of .Mny 9, 1913.
"Fnrther It is the opinion of the
jury that every effort was made to
Teecun the crew and that no blame
can he attached to the company or
tlieir employees."
This waB tho simple verdict of the
inry called by Coroner A. A. King tills
afternoon, to inquire into tho cause
of the death ot a member of the Bex-
tette of victims of one of the Worst
tragedies enacted on the lower FraBer river.
More startling, however, was tbe
opinion expresTOl-Tiy the coroner following the Inquest that the blaze had
been caused by a cigar stub or cigarette cart'lcsb'ly thrown on the floor by-
one of the victims.
The mate, who gave evidence this
afternoon, stated that at 12 o'clock he
had mado the rounds of the boat and
had looked in the fo'castle, where the
men were sleeping and where the
fire originated. At that time there
was no pmoke nor sign of uny fire.
Neither did he know of any manner
in which the place could have caught
fire, as none of the pipes from the
boiler wcre located in the iin mediate
The captain, chief engineer and the
cook also gave evidence.
On Saturday Coroner King, Constable Morgan and Mr. Lincoln Rogers, manager of the Rogers Steamship
company, which operated the Ophir,
visited the wreck of the vessel and
recovered from the smoldering remains a few charred bones, all that rc-
irnini.l of the hapless victims.
The remains of the steamer are
hardly recognizable, a collection of
rwistod machinery lying in the bottom of the charred hull, being all that
was left   of  her.
Forty-seven children, including a
number from Fraser valley schools,
competed for the three prizes offered
for tho besl essay on "What I
Thought of May Hay." After careful
consideration the Judges yesterday
evening awarded Ihe first prize, $5, to
Miss Pauline Larson, of Annlevllle,
the second prize. $2.60, to Kllsworth
Henner. of Lord Kelvin school, and
the third (any two pictures nf the
May Day celebration), to Edward
Creams, of  223  Royal  avenue.
Miss O'Meara,    who,    with    P.  W.
, Luce and H. Savage, passed upon tho
merit of the submitted  compositions,
expressed her satisfaction at the num-
'her of entrants,  and  at  the  promise
i of future merit shown  by several  of
Ithe   younger   competitors.     Some   of
their    essayB were very amusing, an
extract   from   one   little   girl's   effort
"... the dance was lovely. I had
the most lovlest time I ever had before. Then I came home, I went to
hed. I had the most lovlest time
from when 1 got up to when I went to
Cincinna'.l Is in the Cimc
Pert Arthur, Ont., May 12.��� Preparations are being made by thc management of the street railway for an
attempt to resume, the car service tomorrow noon. Though the officials
refuse to conflrm. lt ls generally understood" a squad of professicnal
strikebreakers are due tomorrow
night. The manager promises a full
service, which has teen altogether
suspended since the disturbance In
Fort William last evening. The union
men today met and Issued a statement disclaiming all responsibility
for disturbances and saying they deplored violence. There aro no Indications whatever of the parties to
the struggle getting together In an
attempt  at compromise,
pe.itcd  Attempts to  Wreck
Paterson, N.J.. May 12.--Another
attempi to wreck a train on tho Brie
rnllrond was made tonight, similar to
that frustrated Saturday when the
Chicago express ran into u pile of
rocks, hut did not leave the rails.
Scrap Iron and rorks were placed on
the tracks eight miles north of the
city. Tho engineer of a local train
saw the obstruction In time to stop.
He was proceeding slowly In obedience to orders Issued as a result of
tho Incident Saturday.
A letter of the blackhand type was
received by the Krle board of directors a week ago, threatening accidents on the road If trains continued
to stop "for tho accommodation of
scabs of Paterson."
Officers Captured by Both Cldcs
In  Mexico.
Tied Up Again.
Cincinnati, 0��� May 12.���The
pension of the car strike, which
paralyzed transportation in this
since Saturday, was postponed
night when officers of the union of
the street car men refused to entertain a proposition by the traction
officials to arbitrate their difficulties.
The union officials say thnt they will
give out a definite statement at 10
0 clock tomorrow morning and in Ihe
Interim propose to continue the present tieup.
Nogales, Ariz.,  May  12,���Mors than
;50U dead are lying on the field above I
i Guayamas as  tbo    result    of    three
1 days'  desperate  fighting    last    week,
j Colonel Juan Cabral, who arrived today at Ilemioslllo from the front, re-j
'ported lhat ho had estimated the'kill- j
; cd to exceed 600.    A tralnload of oil
and fire wood was rushed south with
.which to cremate the bodies.
The official report of General Obregon, the Insurgent commander, stat
ed that the federal killed alone numbered 500, with 200 Huerta soldiers
taken prisoners, lint li sides bave
been executing all commissioned offi
cers captured.
Pinard, Marvin and Pinard
vOcmtinued trom page onei
bor engineer, dealt with the application of the Heaps Engineering Co.,
Qneeaflhoro, fnr permission to build
a wharf extending 50 feet beyond the
h**rbr.r lino, submitted to him for report.
Mr. Powell recommended thai  the
application bo refused, which was ac-
��� aordlngiy dom..
lie poinlt d out that the sole purpose
of a harbor line was to define a line
beyond which works shall nol be built.
Thi' lino was supposed to be establish-
���ed after due consideration Of conditions, uses and demands. Fn tlieir ef- I
forts lo maintain the navigability of'
the North Arm they had represented
fix the department ot marine and flsh-
���erii-n. thai it. was essential Its width
ahould bv 11)00 feet at its upper end
a-iul the balance 800 feel Their har-
���HJoj lini had been laid oul accordingly.
In connection with the relations of
ihe council with the Western Canada
. Power Company in the matter of
light, and as to the Infringement of
the city's rights by the power company supplying electric light to the
Vancouver-Prince Rupert Meat Com-
"ipany, the mayor and Alderman Lynch
���were appoint id to meet the power
���company's legal representatives on
Thursday at 3 o'clock to discuss the
Permission was granted to Mr T.
S. Chambers to gtve a concert In
Queen's Park on Ihe nighl of May 24.
The city hall was granted, on tho
application of Mr. .1. J. Mackay, city
���treasurer, for the holding of a meil-
���1n;r of accountants, assessors and rep-
iresentatlvee ol tbe clerical depart-
menu ol the municipalities of the
.lower mainland, on Saturday, duly 17.
The objects of the meeting are the
-dUecaesklta of a uniform system of
iiaiidling various lines In connection
with their business, the Interpretation
of the Mbnlclpal act and the formation
<>f acs ajv*��-ciation for the betterment
.'if   Conditions   generally.
' TOy, xrarkel clerk's report showed
ricelpt]  t .1  April or $209.40,
The i ity clerk uas granted B leave
of absence for one month t.. go to
Tormit-> is a representative of Rl
'-Stephen's church at the Presbyterian
gent ral at bi ml iy. nnxl month,
The mi, tanl * lei I. ���'. ill p rfoi m lh
-duties i>r clerk In Mr Duncan's al
:\n otter by Mr .lohn Dpncan ta
sell the city a sliiiin wagon for J200I1
on terms, was referred to tli.* board
if   norlu-.   I. r   I*. J.,.;*t
A l.-tt. r w:.s read trcm Mr. Tyson
Fifth street, aocnplalnlng of tho dan
gerafn cottdttlon of thai streel ...*���".
'���to a hole Into which, he wrote, he h id
���tumbled one night, considering
rt'lf fortunate in coming ofi  with a
very crinkly suit of clothes,
it   was   remitted to the board of
.���works with  power to aet
Permission  to  take  lo:;s  from   the
north    ���m1  of  Quoin's  Park  was  p**i*
emplorlly refused to Mr. Arthur Gibb
anil notification  will be issued threat
������ning, prosecution of those attempting
to do this.
A petition from L'I ratepay. rs of
'Nintb street requesting thai their por-
��ton of the Btreet be improved simil-
v.rly to the part lying between Third
mil Sixth avenue, was referred to the
imtirtl of works for report.
if the council declined this request
.hi> werejMkcd by lhe petitioner.- to
desist from laying down th" proposed
.-iilmalk, which was narrower by IS
Inclx s than the old one, and leave the
old sidewalk as it. is, until such time
us the council could get the street
properly improved.
An application by Mr. \V. J. Kerr for
leave to nil down three trees opposite
int.-    residence,   corner   of   Sixth   nnd I
Ag,.is   streets,   -was   referred   to   the,1
r * *    committee for report,
,\ number of applications for water,
sddewalks and to rei-. lve n deputation
**ere referred to thedr respective com-1
/jnjMw!.-, tor report.
iCnntinued from page onei
fiscal year which closed on March 31.
1912. was well borne out. The total
revenue exceeded 1136,000,000, or a
little more than $100,000 more than
estimated, This was an Increase of
over $18,000,000, as compared with
lhe previous year. II represented
16V4 per cent, of the total revenue
for the yenr. The increase was pretty
evenly distributed over several
The  Pay Out Account.
Tinning to tlie expenditures ae-
count, tl).- minister said that the
ordinary expenditure for the year
1911-1912 had amounted to $98,000,-
000, an Increase of $10,000,000 as compared with the previous llscal year.
\ portion of this increase, he said,
was more apparent than real, being
made up of necessary outlays on railways which had brought in some returns and of Increases In census
militia and public works vot.�� The
expenditure, the minister pointed out,
h "I slightly more than doubled it. 12
years. Ily deducting the ordinary ex-
pendlture from the revenue II was
found that the surplus of the year
amounted to $37,946,776.
Coming to the Item of expenditlure,
Mr. White said thai amounted in
1911-12 to $98,890,541, or $1,161,44 I
mere ihan estimated. Of this $2>.000.-
IIP'I had been spent on (he National
Transcontinental railway, 110,060.000
."- ether railways and canals; $8 10,-
000 on the railway subsidies; $6,000,.
ki . had been paid oul in connection
with the Implementing clause ol the
''��� T r contract, while the miscellaneous charges amount t.i approximately $1,000,000,
Mr. White remarked thai as the
day for heavy construction on the G.
T. P. is about over tho annual out-
lav under ihat lead will steadily continue to decline. The expenditure of
oilier railways and cognattd works
had amounted to $3,800,000, Including
over $1,0011,1100 on the Quebec bridge.
Public works capital expenditure
amounted to over $4,000,000, Including $1,100,000 spent on the St. Lawrence  ship canal.
Mr. White sai.l if. to the ordinary
surplus of $37,946,776 were added
$1,166,466 on account of tha sinking
fund the total surplus would be $->0,-
103,232, The reductli n on the national debt of the yar was $122,591 Mr.
Wblte then summarized the Bituation
as follows:
Reducing the  Debt.
"We were able out of revenue to
pay    all  current   expenditures    and
  nubile works had provided for
$38,1 .ono of capital and B| lal expenditures and hav,* a surplus of over
$1,000,0 io to applj to the reduction of
the national d. bt."
Turning to the fiscal :*..���;.r ��hli h
closed on March ::i . f this j ar, Mr,
White said thai ll was ��� ���*. i moi ��� r
bi iclorj  than thu pr i li us )  ar The
.... nue  .     $136    * I,     in     1911 12
would bIiow  ui.  li...;. ���   th i year of
over   I !2,0i    .. ���    I   wn    . tp       d
r. *. mi *   '!iiu    yi nr    w. uld    total
*   *    Thi   Incroa -��� lh -  j * ai
over lasl yi "*  .* b    ol H    If  , *i ml lo
��� ��������� -   whole  rfventu
_". *..*:.... ago     It    had    alsi     been
lead     !.*.'������* cl
    md, ��hll    ch
cn a .-   in   cus'oii        * '     liowed   m
ibln Increases li       * ol
-. vi nue as well.
The   ilng  expcnBi ��� ol   lht   g *
:, rnnu nl ' *. I, of i nirs *. In. r *..*-��� d
. asldi rably and there had been gen
erous appropriations for public workB
Jesuits Pay for Research Laboratory
to Test New Vaccine,
Wash ngton, Mav 12 In the bi lief
that a cure for tuberculosis has bei :i
discovered, aside from thai announc.
ed by Dr. Frederick; !���' I'r.. .Iiuaiiii. H
was announced here today thai t'i.
���lesnlls had decided  to cs tbl ish a  re
��� .. irch laboratory In Loyala Unlver
sity, Chicago, it.  which tests looking
'. o tie* esta  lishn eni i f iho claims of
"...   Ini   nlor would b.   made.
No  repi rt  as  lo  li. *  H tpposi d  . ffi*
,clencj  of the silt ������ tl cur.   ac ��� ���������*; in
* ied the announ * .* enl
Tho ser "     i Is i  inn  ���]   Is  thi
dlsoovi ry ..I I n i'������!. I* riuk. '. .. phj
slcian of Chicago, who claims thai he
has cured advanced * agi ��� . i consumption through its use Tho Jt <���
nits will Investigate these claims and
also will test other serums and supposed cures In the new laboratory.
Dr. Maxmllllan llcrzog, formerly a
pathologist in the United Slates Pub
lie Health Bervlce, will be In charge
of the tests.
Victim     of    Old-fashioned     Flim-flam
Enlightens Los Angeles Court���
Loses  $5000.
I.os Angeles, Cal., May 12. Thc
trial of I.ee Rial. all.'god head if a
"national bunco syndicate" charged
Bpeclilcally with having fleeced ii. P.
Frlesz, an Illinois farmer, out ..(
$5000 through a faked horse race,
was eulivened today by testimony
given for the prosecution by A. N.
Koehler, of Spokane, Wash.
Koehler, whose testimony was of-
fered as a corroboration of the alligation that they all had a system.
testified that through a chance meeting with an "agreeable stranger" who,
he said, uas liii.i he had gone to a
"pool room" a! itedondo Beach, a seaside resort a few miles from Los
Aug.lis. There, Koehler asserted, he
was flteced out of $1476 and sent on
a wild goose chase to Butte. Mont.,
before he realized he had been duped.
Rial, he declared, said he wanted
hlm Io work with him, promising to
make him a "rich man In 30 days."
To nCQUlre wealth In that short time,
Koehler stated, Rial bad Bald It was
necessary for them to go to itutt.*,
io which city Rial purchased a
ink.*i for bis Spokane victim. Rial.
however, according to Koehler. Baid
In* was to ko to Butte by way of
Seattle, so Koehler went alone to the
Montana city where Rial did not meet
Dublin, May ll���Great interest Is
being shown in various parts of Ireland In the fifth International I'an-
Celtlc congress which ia to he held
nt Ghent and Namur from July 22 to
26. In manv ways it is to be an epoch
making affair.
Lord Inchlquln, head of the O'llrlen
family and president nf the Union
Celtlque, will formally receive the
members, and the Honorable William
Gibson, Lord Ashbourne's heir, will
preside at the congress. lie Is famed for speaking many languages perfectly, and for always wearing the
kilt, which it has been recently discovered Is tlie only true and proper
wear for irishmen,
The lion. II. ErBklne and Ixird
l.ovat will brad the Scots delegates.
Mr. Ersklne calls himself Duke cf
Mar, thr.t, Jacrb!! ��� litis having been
"transferred" to him ly his cousin,
tlle Earl of Mar. The Marquis de
Estourbelllon will head the Britons,
and tliere wlll be a memorable visit
of Irish and American Irish to the
battlefield of Landen, where ihe great
Irish general, Patrick Sarstleld, was
mortally wounded, and to liny, where
he died.
Sarsfield is the most popular of
Irish heroes, and this visit to his
deathplace wlll doubtless attract
great attention In the United States.
for a scheme Is now on foot there
an din Ireland to put up a statue to
his memory.
French Archeologist Unearths Ruins
of Great Babylonian Tower.
Paris, May 12.- Archeologists here
have been stirred by the remarkable
report laid before the Academy of Inscriptions Hi lies-l.ettres this week
by the Abbe Henri de Genouillac, who
has Just returned from the excavation
at Babylcn|a and believes that he has
found the original of the Biblical
Tower of Babel.
The Abbe de Ginoulllas was rent
nut by the French Institute by a mission of research to El Ahymer, about
eighty miles Eguth ni Bagdad and a
short distance from Euphrates. Here
he laid hare the remains of the primeval City of Kiss, one of Ihe earliest
capitals of Babylonia itself, and uncovered an Immense palace, similar to
the early royal buildings discovered
i Isewhi re in that country.
In the middle of the greal courtyard
of the palace where the ruins of an
immi neely high tow. r, named "The
Temple of the Foundation of Heaven
and Earth," and sacred to the national god. Zainama.
This temple with its Btrange name
Is, thinks the Abbe de Genouillac, the
original of the Biblical legt nd of the
tower which should reach from earth
of heaven. Statuettes and vases were
found among the ruins, showing that
the latter were nol later than th ���
reign of Ham Mural.i, [2000 B. C.)
The abbe's discovery is thoughl very
Important by Biblical critics also.
A Double Subject Keystone
Not a Dull Second.
The Highest Priced One Man Act on the Circuit
Mr. Josh Dale
A Thanhouser Educational Comedy���A Great Reel
for the Kiddies.
We Will Be Pleased
Ui quote you rales and submit a tentative itinerary in connection with your
next trip to
Paints   It   Rosy.
.New   York.  May   12.    lhe    United
States Steel corporation was pictured
today by .lames A, Farrell, Its presl
dent, as a combination organized not
to suppress competitors, bul t.. .!������
vi lop tbe sale of steel In foreign
lands. He was testifying as the tlrst
witness for the defence In the government suit to dissolve the corporation.
Vienna. May 12 - Kemal Bey, the
representative of Albania, who i>
making a t..ur of European capitals,
has arrived here and declares that Al- ���
bania would wecolnie an Kngiish ruler,
"Ml my hopes nre centred nn King-J
land,"   he   explain*.     "Our   enme     Is,
bound  to succeed  ll ive are nlded   bv '
England,   whose   sympathies   are   always with a people who, after struggling  under  oppression,   strive   their
utmost to ngaln their Independence.
England Ib lhi only country thai wished Albania to i me Indopi ndi nt 30
years ago
"If England fails us In our presenl
mission then our cans., will be really
hopel. ss, and nothing wlll remain for
us but to return tn Albania and su1.-
mlt to our fate We are prepared t*.
act when the time Ib rip.- If �����* r*.il
in England, then justice does nol exist iii the world."
Kemal Bey added that ihe Albanians would prefer an English prince
for their ruler, especially if he was a
Protestant, as he would be equally impartial to ihe Musselman, the Catholic and the orthodox Albanians If a
sailor prince became iheir king that
would be even beii.*r.
Special Rates Commence May 28.  Variable routes���
go one way, return another.
li   ii   smith, c   l>   & t   a. W. E. DUPEROW, Q. A. P, I).
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To  Pert   Mann   and   Port  Coquitlam
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Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
As Per Following Schedule:
l,raves  New Westminster for Port
Mann  8 00 a.m.
Li avoa  Porl   Mann  for New  V,'.*s'
minster '��� 00 am.
Leaves N'ew  Westminster for Porl
Maun and Port Coqultlam 10:00 a.m
l..*:i'..*s    Pi r    Coqultlam   for    Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m,
Leaves N'ew  Westminster for Porl
Maun 5 30 p.m.
I eav. s   Pert   Mann   for  New   V.'. ,t.
minster 7.".. p m.
I.ellVeS    N'eW     Wl  St 0 I i U St��'T    f'T    I'lift
Mann and Port Coquitlam 4"i p.m,
I . avi s    Porl    Co lultlam   for   Porl
Mann and N'ew Westminster 6:30 p.m
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Any Horse
five Dp
These Engine;; sliown have all heen sdd antl installed in hoats in the last two weeks.
SCHAAKE MACHINE WORKS, New Westminster, B. C. TUESDAY,   MAY   13,   1911
page nvi
$6500 basin. This Is bis II rt li season
with tbi! Cubs, antl he has received
several salary raises in that Interval,
Jimmy was a youngster when he
emigrated to Canada, and be began
playing ball witb th.* amateur teams
of Toronto. Krom 1901 to 1903 he
played wllh a Toronto City league
team, and iu  the latter    year    broke
a base on balls and two bits.    Score:
It.   H.   E.
Seattle   4    9    1
Vancouver   1      7     2
Hatterles:      tilpe      and      ('adman;
Bchmutz and Konnlck.
Wild Throw Did It.
Tacoma, Muv 12.- Kurfess' wild
throw to first In the fifth inning today permitted Spokane to score two Into professional ball with Kargo,
runs after two were out and win the N.D., In the old Northern league, play-
first game of the series. It was a Ing the Initial bag.
pretty pitching duel between Cadreau I In 1904 he was Boone, la., alternat-
nnd Hoyce, the latter being taken out lug as backstop and outfielder, and at
In the seventh only to let a pinch |the close of the season was given a
bluer hat for hlm. The score: try-out by Pittsburg, which loaned him
it.   II.    I" to Atlanta, Ua. He was given another |
I Tacoma    ,,,..2     3     2 trial'by the Pirates in 1905, but was
Spok&Hfl   ,.....* 3     4      3 returned to the Southern league city,
llatteries:    lloyce, fllrot and Grin- where he remained through the 1906
dell;  Cadreau and Auer. season.
Bee8  Wort In  Tenth.      1 Detroit   got   hlm   In   1907,   but   hfl
Portland. May 12--For nine Innings |caught only 18 games for the Tigers,
today  both    Stanley    and    Narveson and  In  1908  waB  with  the Bisons in
Narveson kept the Eastern league.    While with Buf-
but falo he   attracted    the   attention   of
Signed   with   Con  Jones   Yetterday-
Green Shirts Will Hive 8corlng
A valuable addition to the ranks of
the tireen Shirts waB made yesterday
afternoon when Manager JoneB Signed
Nick Carter. The proposition of playing against the Salmon Bellies wfth
whom ho has been training during tin.
past three weeks did nol appeal to
���Carter very strong, but realizing that
his chances were slim of being released by Con Jones, which was necessary under the new order of things
caused by the acceptance by the
Coast league of the commission idea,
Nick thought it best to get Into tho
game whether for or against the Minto ;
cup-holders. His signature to a Van- 1
couver oentract will mean much to
Jones, who will now nave one of the
best home divisions playing the game
today and who should be a continual
source of trouble to the Iloyal defence. With Carter, Lalonde and Joe
���Gorman- the latter came second to
���Querrie with the Tecumsehs lam season Vancouver should bave a great
-scoring division, which will put Manager 1 lift..id i.f the Hoyals on his
mettle .luring the next two weeks get-
tlng the local boys In shape for the
Victoria .lay game,
lh.* ruin of last evening spoiled the
scheduled practice for both the pro-
',, 1    , . ;,;     ..nil   the   amateurs.    They
will 1 i! .... W.-.lnesday evening on
.|.   ,.,,:     Park oval.
The tirsl round of tl e   prlng tour-
nan.eni has pr .:;.. ��� d ������ 1 ��� good contests and bas reduced ti... number of
players now remaining ;���. tho lour-
i.an.en' t.. the number o( eight. W
���Clark, who gave F. II ll.pl,urn i.e.'
str..k.\ beal him by thr..- up and two
'" play, while .1   V   Milne wl... allowed
hla  "P!�� in.   A   s   C,   Noble,  three
Mr..i;.... was beaten l.y thr.*.. up and
i-i..* t,. plaj
Tl... tie between A C. Stewart and
A McAllister, both Bcratch players.
was a good game Mr. Stewart played Bplendtd g"ir and eventually won
l.y five an.l three The feeling was
that it would be a close game hut with
Mr. Stewart playing such good golf
and  Mr.  McAllister a trifle unsteady,
Ihe  gamo  firlshed   sooner  than   expected.
W. II. Mudnnes, who allowed I. N.
Bond five Btrokes, beat him by six nnd
five.    II. T. Gardner beat. C.  E.  Jefferson by three and one, after allowing  three  Strokes,    J.  A.  Motherwell I pitched splendid ball,
allowed K. Page one stroke and beat I the pace  up through the  tenth
him by twt) and one.   O. F. Hartley,. Stanley weakened.    A walk, an error  Krank Chance, and ln 1909 donned a
giving V. H, l-a.rliB nine strokes, beat and  an  Infleld  hit caused his depar-  Cub uniform.
him by four and three.   II. Hepburn, ture  In   the  direction   of  the  bench..  tr-
getting teur strokes from J. It. Smith,! Martlnoni.  who  succeeded   him,  was!    William    Lawrence    Gardner,    the
beat him by three and one. I touched up for a two-base hit almost second and    third    baseman of    the
The only tie In the second round tbe firBt thing, which gave the visi- . Red Sox, will also celebrate today.
played so far has been between II. Tutors three runs and the game. Score: this being the 27th anniversary of his
Gardner   and   J.   A.   Motherwell,   thej R.
latter player  received  seven  strokes,  Victoria   3
and   won   by   three   and    two.     Both! Portland    1
players had good scores, that of Mr. j Hatterles: Narveson and
Motherwell being 7, while his oppon-* Stanley, Martlnoni and Bliss,
ent was 74.
The draw for the first flight ln the
tournament was made by the match
committee and resulted aB follows:
F. H. Parks c. J. H. Smith, A. A.
Walcot v. F. II. Hepburn, J. H. Diamond v. J. T. Milne. II. MacGregor V.
C. E. Jefferson, J. A. YellowleeB v
A. McAlister, !���'. Page v. A. Stewart.
Byes J. Hontl and G. 1). Corbould.
The first mentioned In each tie Is
the challenger and has to give his opponent Ihe choice of two dates, one of
which must be a Saturday.
Standing of the Clubs.
W,    I.
Philadelphia 13     6
Chicago  .15
Hrooklyn    13
St.  Louis    12
New  York    12
Hoston       .....  9
Pittsburg    10
Cincinnati     6
H.    E.  birth at EnoBburg Falls, Vt.
4     1      Gardner played ball four years with
8     & the University of Vermont, and made
Shea;   hiB professional debut with Lynn, in
1 the New England league.    He Joined
the  Hed Sox  in  1909.
Main   Store    193-443
Sapperton   Store    373
West   End   Store       650
' grat * or 1   up I ilckenor,
.    ,...ii>. r er for i   Inrinr   Y..u
ii.e.I   ,1..  flour  ..r salt   when
tlr:   is i:..eil. 1.. r tin 23c.
I!... a',   tl. ll   Sauce,   ln.l.   25c.
K]   . Inlon   Salt.  I.< llle    25c.
Cell ry  Hall,   bottlo       .    23c.
Heinz   Prep ..'..I  Mustard
The magnates of the Vancouver and
In-strict  Scccir   li ague  appear  to  bei
winding up the schedule on the same'
principle as  an  International    chess'
match  by  cable.    It  develops  that   a
game   between   the   Hovers   and   the
Vancouver Thistles was scheduled for,
Saturday afternoon    at     Moody   Park
for the final  In  the Westminster cup
This  Is  the  first  season   that   the
Westminster  cup  has  been   competed;
for.    tin-    stipulation  being  th.it  the
final should be played lu Weetmlneter.
The Question might be asked "How
about the People's shield competition?" This was scheduled to hi- played In Vancouver the latter part of this
nn.nth between teams frum Vancouver, N.-w Westminster, Vancouver Island and Calgary. Little has been
heard about the affair during tha
pas I few w..ks and tt looks as if our
old friend Parker, known throughout
the Dominion as tin- bead mogul when
l1....pie's shield is mentioned, is a dead
Issue In soccer,
The passing out of the Maple Leafs
and the inelusion of the Canadians,
formerly known as the People's Trust
team, Is the latest news from the
loeal baseball camp. Witb the re- i
tirement of .1. B. Chockley, who has'
departed for Vancouver, the Maple
Leafs lost a leader who has stood by
tbem to the last dollar and It was
felt that with the unsettled situation-
n gar.ling lhe probable action cf the
It. C, A. A. I'. in baseball, couple.I
with the dearth of suitable material,
the Leafs would have a hard row to
The Canadians are a young hunch
and ran away with the pennant in the
lower mainland league last slimmer,
competing against teams from South
Vancouver am! Vancouver. Whether
they will he able to stand any show
against the older clubs remains to
be Eeoh.
The first game of the season Is
scheduled for Friday evening al
Queen's Park between tlle Canadians
and the Moose.
Anion.; the other clubs of the league
a feeling exists that the Moose manager ihould cut the strings on several
of the men signed up and thus give
the rest cf the teams ln the league a
chance to make a race for the Ch-im-
I erlin trophy. At the present time
Manager Graham has practically all
of last years championship team
signed up, together with new* material, which on paper makes the
league championship settled rlghl
from the first tap of tlie gong.
ills intesl capture Is it.liy Weln-
gartm r, late captain of tin* Maple
leafs. Welngartner Is bead and
shoulder., above any other man in
the fame in the city today His name
Ilea.I. .1 lhe batting II; t laat season,
while he has no equal as a third baseman.
Tin... for ih*. Moose manager to act
in this matter or perhaps tliere will
be little doing locally In the way of
the  American   game  this  season.
Yesterdays Games.
Brooklyn, May 12.--Brooklyn nosed
ont Cincinnati, 4-3 today in a closely
contested game
Score: P.    H.    E.
Cincinnati      3     7      1
Hrooklyn              4      8      1
Batteries: Johnson, Iirown and
Clarke, Kling; Pucker and Miller.
Defeat  Harvard and  Penna.  in  Stern
Chase���Aquatic Clastic of Eastern Colleges.
HARRY TIDY,  Manager.
Philadelphia, May 12.���The Pirates
suffered their sixth straight defeat
here today, losing to Philadelphia,
ii-5, after 11 InnlngB.
Score: it.    H
Pittsburg   ������   n
Philadelphia     6    li
Hatteries;      Adams,     O'Toole
Kelly;   Moore,   Meyer  and   Dooln,
Boston. May 12. Although away
out-hit, the Boston Nationals took the
measure of the Cardinals here today.
Sharp work on the bases and opportune stick work did the business.
Score: R.    H.    E.
St.  Louis      4    14      1
Boston    8
Hatteries:     Sallee.    Harmon
;and   McLean;   Gervais,   Rudolph   and
. Whaling.
N'ew York. May 12, Christy Ma-
thewsi.n was In rare form today und
the Giants easily defeated the Cubs,
Score: R,     II.     K.
Chicago       1      3      0
New   York       5    10      3
Batteries: Richie, Lelfleld and
Archer;   Mathiwson  and  Meyers.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
W.    I..
Philadelphia 17
Washington         .. .14
Cleveland    l'i
Chicago     10
St. I.ouis   11
Hoston             9
Detroit      8
N. w   York      6
Cambridge, MasB., May 12.���Prince-
ton showed aquatic strength and skill
today by out-rowing Harvard and the
University of Pennsylvania in a 1 7-8 j
'miles  dash  down  the  Charles    river j
It was a stern chase for the winners most of the way, for their start
was poor. Pennsylvania was over-
hauled at the half-way mark and liar- |
vard a mile down the course. Then
the Tigers gradually drew away and ;
had a length to the good at the fin-
Ish. Pennsylvania finished three
lengths behind  Harvard.
The times: Princeton, 10 minutes.
18 seconds; Harvard. 10 minutes. 22
'������ponds; Pennsylvania, 10 '.min/ites,
34  seconds.
Harvard  caught the  water  first  at
! the  start and  nad a  lead of ten feet
D      1   over  Pennsylvania  at the first; ouar-
Qeyer ter, while Princeton was half a length
astern.    It  was  a  pretty  race to the
mile  mark,  when   Princeton  went  to
the  fore  and  gradually  increased  ita
A Fine Finish.
A quarter mile from the finish Harvard spurt, d but Princeton met the
dash and even bettered Its'lead, although there wns not unite open water
between the shells ns they crossed thej
The victory was the first success
that has come to Princeton in a triangular contest since rowing was resumed  there  four years ago.
Vin Moore
Stock Co.
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10:45 p.m.
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Paid on the daily balance of je ayf Handsome metal home banks
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chequo   withdrawal. ��� posltorB.
Safe Deposit Boxes
For the safe keeping of deeds, insurance papers and other documents which you cannot afford to risk losing. You carry the key snd
no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our
vaults are fire and burglar proof.
Rentals $2.50 per annum and upwards.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia snd Begble 8treets, Nsw Westminster.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Yesterday's (lames.
Al St. Louis-The home team was
unable to solve Groom's shoots todav and  Washington  won, 2-0.
Score: H.    H.    E
Washington      2     S      0
St   LouIb            0      1      2
Batteries: Croome and Henry; Mitchell and  McAllister.
At Chicago-Two costly errors
coupled with timely hitting, gave tin
Athletics   today's  game,  3-0.
Score: R.    II     B
Philadelphia     3     3     I
Chlcafjb     0     6     2
Batteries: Pender and Thomas;
Russell, Smith and Schallc.
May   Thirteenth.
1905���Jim Jeffries announced
"final" retirement from
1910��� Bob Moha knocked out Jerry
Gaines iii second round at Milwaukee.
1910���Joe Rivers knocked out Ued
Corbett in 11 tli round at San
1911���BUI l.ang, Australian, defeated
Jack Lester in six rounds ifoul)
at Sydney.
-Sam Langford slopped Jim
Barry In Ilth round at Melbourne.
Seats are now on sale. Prices
$1.00. 75c. 50c and 25c.
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Close connections made at Portland with trains
for California.
to all Eastern points in effect daily May 28th to September 30th.
Final Return Limit, October 31st.
Choice of direct line returning.
For rates, reservation, and all information apply to F. C. Meyers,
Agt at Bridge. Passenger station
Phone 263.
Did Finish Job.
Seattle, May 12.���Herbert Ingalls,
of Lewis and Clark river. Clatsop
county. Ore., shot and probably fatally
wounded his .'inner wife. Mrs. Isaac
'.. Osgoode, shot and killed Mr Or-
goode, and then committed suicide at
the Osgoode home In the southeastern
part of Seattle tonight.
At Cleveland -Gilt-edged supporl
behind McConnell gave the Highlanders today's game from Cleveland. -1-3.1
Score: li     II.    E | tn FUnds Once Mcre.
New York   4     9     0      gan juan ,],,i gur, Nicaragua, M :>
Cleveland        3     7     2  j2,���The   Nlcaraguan   gov. mm. nt.   it
Batteries:   McConnell aud Sweeney; hg reportrd, will take .ver at an earl)
Qrelg and O'Nell. |(|au, the National raldroad, which waa
transferred to a group of American
The Ever  Popular
Prince of
Prices 1.50, $1.00, 75c and 50c.
Seats are now    on    sale    at
Tidy, the Florists.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic  15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
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S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
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Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.)  $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson. Agent C.M.dL St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St., or
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
por   hi ttlo
Koyal  I'ri pnred Mustard,
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Baseball Results.
Main   Store   081   Columbia.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St.
Wc3t   End   Store.  Sixth  Ave.
and  12th Street.
Standing  of the Clubs.
VV.    I.
Vancouver   15     7
Seattle  IT
Pacomn  12
Spokane  11
VlcUlria    11
Portland  8
Yesterday's Games.
Champs Take First Game.
Seattle,  May   12,    Seattle  nnd
couver   mel   for   Ihn   first   time
Reason and began the light  for lender-
ship in the race for the Northwestern
league  pennant,  Seattle  taking    flrst
boners four to one nnd coming within   two  polnls   of
cf ih.. percentage
At Detroit   Detroit defeated Boston
8-7 here today In a closely contested
Score: H.    II.    E.
Huston      7      7      '-
Detroit      8      9      1
Batteries: Leonard. Wood aud Car-
rlgan, Cady; House Kiawiu.i*. Lake
and stating...
(By  "Gravy.")
banker In t year to guarantee a loan
The .. vernmcnl has paid off nasi ot
the i .an and owes the bankers only
Jimmy Archer, Great Cub Catcher, Is
30 Today.
Ireland has supplied many stars for
.4441 America's national    game,    but    few
.423  more    brilliant   than Jimmy    Archer,
the Cub  backstop,  wbo  is considered
by  many  fans to bo the greatest of
Tho Vin Moore Stock company
played to a very fair audience Inst
evening at tlle opern house In one of
the best western comedies  that    has
er been put on nt the local theatre.
all catchers. Peter James Archer, to I -phis company wlll play Ihe same
give him his correct monaker, willp(mow this evening and on Friday nnd
pass his 80th milestone today, havingIsaturday, with a special children's
been born in Dublin on Ihe 13th of I matinee on Saturday afternoon, when
May,  lSSll. ! they  will  produce  ono  of  their  side
solltting  comedies  "Is    Marriage    a
Just   what  President   "Silent"  Murphy thinks of Jimmy Is shown by tho
fact lhat he carries $50,000 insurance
on   Archer's   life.     Murphy   considers
going  to   the  head  lhat  $50,000 would  be  too small    an
column, I .mouni   to   Cover  Archer's   loss,   and,
a cold-blooded financial
Ills  theory   is  probably
The locals look the lead 111 B hitler- even as
ly taught gain., when Killilay scored position
in   Hi.,   flftll   Inning,   having   reached  red.
first on a single, advanced on Olpe's Archer was recently quoted as say-
Inflold oul nnd reached home on i lug that he was the only player In
Shaw's drive. I tho  big  leagues  horn  outside of  tho
Vancouver evened the score In the: United States, overlooking bis coun-
n.vl Inning when Walsh walked and trymnn, Roger Itresnahan. who Is a
BOOred Oil MeMurdn's tWO-base hit. native of the Emerald Isle, not to
.but Seattle won the game In their mention Rubs Kord. (libson, and sov-
half of Ihe same Inning, t'ntlman hit eral other Canucits.
ling, stealing Second and scored on Archer was n holdout for Beveral
Strait's drive to centre. The locals weeks, demanding a boost in salary
added two mere runs In the eighth on to $7500, but finally capitulated on a
Failure ?"
Tbis week wlll be one of solid
comedy at the local opera house. The
Vin Moore stock company, which ure
playing an Indefinite engagement
here, arc pulling on two of iheir
famous comedies and on Wednesday
and Thursday evenings musical
comedy will be the rule. On the
former evening lhe famous "Juvenile
Hoslonlans" wfll put on their best
musical comedy "Princess Chic" and
lon the latter evening we will bo visit-
! cd, again, by that well known company "The  Prince of Tonight."
The scat sale for the above shows
opened yesterday at.the box office
and all day long there wnB a stream
I of people buying tickets.
i *mmmm**m*m.
Ladies, Misses' and Children's Hose, Barrettes, Side Combs, Hair Pins, Hat
Pins, Brooches, Lace Pins, Fancy Safety Pins, Silk Thread, Linen
and Cotton Thread, Crochet Balls, Silken Darning  Floss,  Hose
Supporters, Chain and Leather Purses, Men and Boy's Overalls and Hats, Canvass and Leather Gloves,   Etc.,  Etc.
We cannot enumerate here everything we have added to our new department, but we extend a cordial invitation to visit our store and see for yourself, and we feel sure that you will be satisfied with our goods, our prices and
our way of doing business.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Cor. 6th Ave. and 12th St.
Take 12th St. Car. PAGE   SIX
TUESDAY,  MAY  13,  1913.
��� RATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6.000 words, to be used as re-
uuired witttn one year from date of
contract, ��26.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 60c or with Funeral Notice J1.00., Card of Thanks 60c per
water mains 6 aud 8 Inch, also diggers. Apply Rockwood Sprinkler
job, Fraser Mills. (1238)
house on Sixth street, near Seventh
avenue. Price $2600, on easy terms.
Apply Owner, 2680 Eaton street,
Vancouver. (1295)
galow with pantries, porches, seven
foot basement, two lota, vegetables
planted in, $1600, $700 cash. A. Ash-
worth, Twelfth avenue, East
Hurnaby. (1294)
Flintshire Rector Takes Extraordinary
Steps for Sunday Evening���
Few Interruptions.
London, May 12.-���A copy of the
Welsh church bill pub publicly burnt
on Sunday night by the Rev. Sidney
Aurelius JcnoB, by the rector of Newmarket, Flintshire. He had been
warned by the police that he could
not make a fire on the publlc highway,
so he decided to do so on the rectory
Anticipating that the miners of the
district might cau9e some difficulty,
he aBked his parishioners at the morn
If you are let me show you a seven
roomed modern house and six lots
with a beautiful orchard and overlooking   llurnaby   lake   and   within
one block of car    Room ��9 West-,    - ,      and th   . d,d B0    H
minster Trust  building.    Rutledge I 8ajd h * ,he han(]8 of (Jod  and
WANTED - LOCAL     YOUTH     AS      Brokerage Co. 11286) j though  the colliers of  FfynnongrSew
ledgerkeeper; good handwriting and . nr,ITVTnv QVvntrxtf iq might wish to kill him,    Newmarket
indispensable.  AN OLD COUNTRY  SYNDlCAlt, Ia!lln��t>l��
In succession to Mr. Justice Sarg-
ant, W. H. Sheldon has been appointed  a member cf  the  bar council.
Attempting to stop a runaway
horse in Reigate, Police Constable
Forster was knocked down and ser-
io'.u sbrdl sbrdl hrdl hrd lrdl rdlurdlu
lously Injured, bis sluill being fractured.
Yarmouth corporation haa let n site
on the beach for. a concert ring on
a five years' lease at a rent of ��200
a vear for the first year, rising by
��50 to  ��400 the last year.
Mrs. F,. N. Bridges, widow of Colonel Bridges, bas been appointed for
Outing Shoes
election.    At the last meeting of thc
old   board  presentations   were   made
to each  separately.     Miss  Allen  has
been   a  guardian   seventeen  and   Mr.
Daft six years.
The   result of    the     ballot     taken
among  the  laborers  of  the  National
Amalgamated Union of Labor In the
i North-East coast district on the queR
Itlon whether the members should nc
jcept the offer of the Employers' Ship
Repairers' association of an advance
of 6d. per day when using pneumatic
tools, show a majority against of 425.
As an outcome of the disaster at     TENDERS addressed to the under-
Leysdown last. August, when nine boy 'signed   at  Ottawa,   and  endorsed   on,
ing service to meet him at six o'clock j the second year churchwarden at Kll
mlngton,  Devon,   where  her husband
also  waa churchwarden.
An improved signaling arrangement
quickness  at  figures
State experience If any to Box 1299
Daily Newa. (1299)
once Maple Leaf cafe, Begbie
street.     (1301)
wants live man as general agent
for Westminster and 1-augley districts. Splendid contract for right
man. AddresB Manager, 219 Winch
Building,  Vancouver,  B.C.      (1289)
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet in length,
7 inch to 9 inch tops. Can take in
water or on cars. Nestos Timber
Co., Ltd., Bellingham. Wash,  (1268)
ternity nurse open for engagements.
43 Albert Crescent, City. (126.1)
J1050 al 8 per cent, for ono or three
years, on house situated at 712
Sixth street, New WeBtminater. Apply Annie Hemphill, 2680 Eaton
street,   Vancouver,   B.C. (1247)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136   NewB  office. (1136)
ed complete, electric light, bath,
phone, etc., {14 and $18 per month;
also one partly furnished room IS
per month, with other accommodations, at 224 Seventh Btreet.    11296)
modern In all respects, from June 1
for summer months, 609 Queens
avenue, three doors from Sixth
street car line. I'hone 817 or 445.
Sutherland & Ardagh. (1292)
bungalow; oue or two bedrooms as
desired.    317 Fifth avenue.      (1291)
��� . ,  .       ,    ! people would not.   .
offering onaquarter  acre  lota    for unusual, the scene In the
sale  at  Burnaby  Lake  at  remark- |evenlnf? 6waa of an orderly  deBcrip.
ably low prices and easy terms.
For particulars call at Robert &
Co., 405 Westminster Truat building. (1278)
coay aud well built bungalow on a
large lot, just off Twelfth street
car line. $100 cash and the balance
monthly. Call and go with us to
see tills. It's worth investigating.
Eastman & Wnmsley, Phone 312,
Room 201 Weatmlnater Trust build
ing, City.
cash, $10 month. Price $675. Half
block from Twelfth street car. near
city limits. Apple, pear, plum and
cherry treeB in full bearing. Ap
ply Cr. Waterman, Stride avenue
and Twelfth Ureet (1256)
roomed houae and house to rent
Suitable for two families. Apply 410
ABh Btreet. (1:601
sewing machine, kitchen table, bed
and aeveral other articles of turn!-land not of flesh, us at Bmithfleld
turn.    Leaving    city.    417    Second
street, city. (1240)
Stove,   Canada's    Pride     Malleable
Rangea $1.08 down, $1 00 per week
Canada Range Co.,  Market Bqunre.
Vagi:.     Apply   607
Fifth  avenue.
(1273) !
rooms and housekeeping rooms. 42.)
St. George Btreet.    Phone 526 I..
rooms.    Apply 701 Agnes stroet.
and    housekeeping    rooms
Call  between 3:30 and
Columbia street.
p.m..  301
keeping  rooms.    S2S Royal  avenue
428 Elev.
nth stre.
loan at 9 per cent, (straight loam.
Interest payuble half yearly, Good
valuation wanted. Nat;.mal Finance
Company. Phono 515. (1308)
isl will give tree I. Bsons to lady
or gentleman, In return tor companionship on photographic exctir
elons.   Box 1 "J;'7 News office. .l-'.'T.
white Angora . at !(��� ward If returned I" W. E Fales Any person
harboring sat.*,.* after this notice
will be prosecuted (1302)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency. 336 Hastings atreet west. Vnn
couver,  B.C. 1199)
- ********** MtH...'-.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
An extra fine five roomed cottaqe.
nicely painted, plastered and finished, r"ment walk and lawn, planted;
lot 33x105 to lane, one block from
car. Price $2000; $100 caBh, $25
per month.    No. 47.
tlon. Motor cars and wagonettes
were run from Rhyl and other towns
in the county, for many people were
expecting trouble, na the village is
largely Liberal and Nonconformist.
The deputy fire constable of Flintshire
and five police ofilcerB were present.
Behaved  Reverently.
When the evening bells had finished
ringing, the rector, wearing his surplice, walked out of the rectory, accompanied by his wife. He carried
a copy of the Welsh bill fastened to
a pole, and this was lighted by an
attendant. The rector carried the
burning paper some few paces, and
then, wllh Mrs. Jones, knelt on the
ground In prayer. A large crowd looked ou  from outside the rectory gate.
He declared that he alone was responsible for what he did, and if it
Were a sin he asked forgiveness. He
also prayed, while the Are went out,
for the people that there might be
unity and love in Wales, and that all
enmity might cease.
The crowd behaved reverently, and
the only Interruptions were remarks
that no one blamed the rector, and
that the burning was only    of paper,
rector, rising from his knees, then
moved towards tbe gate, but as Ihe
crowd did not fall back, he asked to
be allowsd to go to his church for service. "Certainly," was the ready reply, and the crowd opened to make
way for him.
Religious Equality.
Ab the  rector    prcceeded    towards
the church singing was heard in Ihe
distance.   A  body  of  Nonconformists,
headed by the Rev. S. Thomaa, Congregational  minister,  marched    down
| the road and held a meeting, protest-
; Ing against such an act as that of the
rector, an.l  favoring a Welsh  disestablishment    The crowd quickly dis-
persed, being appealed to by Rev. S.
Thomas to go homo and not to cause
|a disturbance on a Sunday.
During the course of his evening
sermon the rector ploaded for Christian unity, and Haid the phrase "rell-
gloua equality" was die iatest snare
forged on th" anvil of the eternal p't
ti. entrap those devil-fight.-rs. the
Welsh Nonconformists. He urged
that by love alone could the religious
question in Wales be settled.
has been introduced on the tube rail
way    connecting    Waterloo    Station
I with  the  Bank,  which    admita    of a
; train being run every fifteen minutes.
A case of anthrax has boen diacov-
' erccl on the premises of the Co-opera-
\the  society  at  Beaton  Delaval,  Northumberland,    where    a    beast    was
.found dead and Infected with the dis-
[ease. I seat on the Buckingham  rural  covin-
F. Atterbury. C. B., has been np- cil. Nine votes were cast, all being
peintcd controller of the stationery I given for Mr. Ridge. The election
office,  in  Bticcesaion  to  Sir  Rowland; coat  over   ��6
Bailey, who has retired on the ground I    Many Nottinghamshire farmers are
The position carries a salary
scouts were drowned. Granvillo
Wheeler, the member for the division
hLS been pressing claims for telegraphic and telephonic communication with the Leysdown coastguard
station to be established. The postmaster-general has agreed to grant:
these facilities.
Memories of the time  when half a  the leading dimenalona of the boat re
dozen   faggot   voters   could   return   a,quired:
member to parliament are evoked by j    Extreme length 36 feet.
a  renort ot an  election  at  Thornton, |    Extreme  I "am outside of planking
Buckinghamshire.     Two   farmers,   F. ;8 feet 7��/4 Inches.
the envelope "Tender for Motor Llfo
Boat," will be received up to noon of j
TENTH  DAY  OF JUNE,   1913,
for the construction of    a    36    foot,.
Self-righting    and    Self-balling    Life
Boat,  with  gasoline  engine,    centreboard   and   sails.    The   following are
Notice Is hereby given thnt th.- Corporation of the Olty cf New Westminster proposea to (ill in and build certain works on the foreshore along
portiona of the main waterfront of
tho City of Now Westminster, and
has deposited the plans thereof and
a description of the proposed sites
with tbe Minister of Public Works
and a duplicate thereof In the office
of the Registrar ot Titles for the District of New Westminster in tho
Province of British. Columbia, being
the district In which Buch work Is
proposed to be constructed, and will
one month after the date hereof apply to the Oovernor-ln-Council for approval thereof.
Dated this 3rd day of May. 1913.
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
of age.
of ��1500 a year.
Lord Huntley, defending in the Peterborough court a claim for ��S2 for
coal supplied, aaid Lady Huntley bad
��7000 to��Si)U0 a year. He had only what sh" rave him. Judgment
was deferred.
Colonel T. P. Pitt, late of th" Royal
Artillery, who took part In the Crimean campaign, died ai Maidstone,
Colonel Pitt, who waa 81, was chairman for many yeara of thc Dover
Conservative association.
in the Derbyshire county court a
schoolboy recovered ��65 and costs
against the county council for the
loss of an eye, caused from a blackboard falling from an easel at Stone-
broom  school,  near Alfreton.
Frederick Burberry, a butcher, of
Abbey atreet. Rugby, was at Rugby
fined ��75 and costs for keeping a
house for betting, and sixteen other
men who were found on the premises were fined 2b. 6d. each for
Mr. Justice Warrington is (�� be
; the judge of the high court lo whom
an appeal shall be made or a petition
ri fi rriHl or presented under section
192 i.f the Patents and Design act, 1907
Mr, Juatic Warrington succeeds Lord
Mary Ann Clark,-of Walden, Maid-
sealed   tenders, superscribed
"Tender tor School Building, Second
Street," addressed to the undersigned, will be received up to the hour
of 12 noon, May 13, 1913, for the
erection and completion of a two
roomed frame school house on Second
Street, being Block 20. D. L. 27.
Plans and specifications can be
Been at the office or the Architect, 116
Crown Building, Ponder Street West.
Vancouver, or at tho office of the
Board, Klngawoy, West Burnaby, li.''.
Each tender must be accompanied
by a duly certified cheque tor a sum
equal to 5 per cent, of the tendor.
which  wlll shall  bo  forfeited If    the
  party  tendorlnlg    declines    to    outer
complaining about foxes making raids ottice of the Agent of the Marine and  |nto tho contract If called upon to do
Flaherles  Department. \ ictoria. B. C.  Ko
Mason and W. J. Ridge, stood for one.
Depth from Bkln to gunwale amidships 4  feet  2 Mi  Inches.
To be delivered at Victoria.  B.C.
Plans and specifications can be obtained at the Department of Marine
and  Fisheries.    Ottawa,    and    at the
on hen rooata and attacking young
lambs, nnd even carrying off the latter. It is contended that huntsmen
have left a record number of foxea
this season In the coverts, and that,
owing to game and rabbits being
scarce, the animals have visited farm
yards more frequently  than usual.
It was stated at a meeting of the
Middlesex insurance committee at
Caxton Hall that the total number ot
insured persons In Middlesex waa
313,SOO. but that 9R.65S of these hnd
nct yet selected their doctors. Thn
number of panel doctors was 520, of
whom 445 had signed renewed agree-
ments, and of 347 chemists on the ll3t
305 had renewed their agreements.
A two-year old child, named Stanley Bert Turner, who died from ptomaine poisoning, waa Btated at the
Inquest at Someraham, Hunts, to
havo had the following meala: For
breakfast,   fried   egg;    dinner.   York*
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque ou a chartered
Canadian bank in favor of the Deputy
Minister of Marine and Fisheries,
equal to ten per cent. (10 p.c.) of the
whole amount of the tender, which
cheque will be forfeited If the successful tenderer declines to sign the
contract prepared by the Department
or falls to complete the boat.
Cheques accompanying unsuccessful tenders will be returned.
Newspapers copying this advertisement without authority from this Department will not bo paid.
Deputy  Minister of Marine and
Department of  Marine and  Fisheries.
|      Ottawa,  26th  April.  1913.      (1293)
The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them on signing of contract.
The Board do not  bind themselves
to accept the lowest or any tender.
P. O. Box 207. McKay, B.C.       (1214)
Five roomed 1'/a 6torey house, corner  gea  versU8 t,\
lot 40x100.    Price $1800;  $100 cash.
$20 to $25 per month.    No. 34.
Utilization of Waste
Heat is Finally Solved by German Aviators.
On Sixth street, seven rooms, fully
modem, newly and tastefully finish-
Bd, lol 40x94. Price $3000; extra
good terms.    No. 106.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Furnished   three   room   suite,   with
bath.    Hot and cold  water,
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
All those having accounts against
the May Day committee are requested
to send them to I he undersigned not
later than Tuesday, May 13.
11257) Secretary,
For Sale���Bargain, cleared lot 50x120
feel to lane, Edinburgh and Tenth
streets    Only $800,    Easy terms.
For Sale���One fully modern five
roomed bouse,   ami   another   five
roo d house, both  well  built and
in good condition; large loi, Dublin
street, near Henley. Price $",2H0;
$900 cash, balance arranged. These
two houses are now rented and paying ll per cent, met) on Investment,
For Exchange���We exchange proper-
tiea and have a good listing for
you to aelect from. Call and let us
have particulars of what you now
have and whut you want for aame.
Phone 312. "����m 2��1
Westminster Trust Bullldlng.
Crockery, Silverware and Cutlery,
Furniture and Bedding, Kitchen
Equipment and Laundry Equipment.
Sealed tenders will bo received by
the undersigned up tc) 6 p.m. Tuesday,
Msy 20, 1913.
Tenders must be submitted on thn
forme of specification which may bo
obtained at the hospital. The lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted.
B. S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Hoyal Columbian  Hospital,
(124G) New Westminster, B.C.
Upon application at the collector's
department, City Hall, permlta wlll
be issued free of charge to householders who aro property consumers
Of water from the City Corporation's
water  system.
J. J   Mackay,
(1267) "   City Treasurer.
A general meeting for the purpos.
of forming a Scotch association will
be held ln Eagles' hall. 667 Columbia
slreet, on Monday, May 12, at 8 p.m.
���rii.. objects of tlm proposed assocla
tlon will bn to bind together, socially,
the Scotch residents of thlB city and
of llioao taking an interest In Scot
tlsh affairs. Membership will bo
open to both ladles and gentlemen.
W. J. C.llOVKS,
(1286) Secretary l'ro Tom.
enhead, died In a train on the
combe line while returning from Aylesbury, where Bhe had been giving
evidence In a fowl-stealing case. Her
body was removed from the train ot
Bourne   Knd.
A resolution that statutory powers
should be Bought tor whipping pit
hoys between the ages of fourteen
an.l Blxteen, who were found guilty
of gross cruelty to pit ponies, was.
defeated by a law majority at the:
Notts county quarter sessions.
Permission was given by the Thames Conservancy  board to  the Oxford
, irporatlon  t��    construct    a    ladies'
swimming  bath  above  the  Bluicoa at
: the  tumbling  bay   at  Oxford,  subject
I to the UBtial  conditions and the pay-
j ment of a rent of ��1 a year.
John   Durnnt,   of   Weybridge,   nged
;one hundred and three, was probably
.the oldest voter In the local elections
'throughout England.    Mr. Hurrant accepted u lift  by motor car to the polling booth,  but   he marked bis  paper
without resorting to the aid of glasses.
Owing tn a partial failure of the
; electric light at Surbiton, Surrey, thi-
Sunday evening service of Sl Matthew's church began In Beml-darkness,
JuBt as lhe collect, "Lighten our dark
ness," was being recited, light filled
ih.- church, th'. defect having been
li m. battle cruiser Princess Roysl
entered the ne* dock at Portsmouth
tloohyard lor testing purposes, tbis
being thi- first vessel which It has
tak.*..      lh.- dock lias COSl  about   tl.*
 *     ll   :��� 850 feel  long, UO feet
wide. -'..'I hs ��� a depth ni tin- entranc ���
of 33-Va ''   '
Thrush. i . *��� tl." Lllford eststn
Northamptonshire a famous bird
san ttuarj !.'. l' their nesl in a top
bool in i. railway in.v..I between Barn
v.. |. .*:>..! .'..*.- lhi rt..-. Now there are
tin*.... young thrushes in ilu- nest, al>
thom h ��� Intel tyers use the hovel al
meal limes,
Lord Belborne presided at n meeting al Alton, Hampshire, to inaugural.- a county und in connection with
the raisins ol B10.000 for a nurses'
hi.nn. al the !/>rd Mayor Trcloar
Cripples' HoBpltal at Alton as n national tribute to Queen Alexandra.
Hm* majesty has contributed ��100
to the fund.
"Thn abom'nable Imposition of the
land taxes of the laxea of the gov-
orhmant" Is tha reason given by O.
Manwarlng, s farmer, for his Intimation   to  the  Cr itree   Park  Cricket
Club, Ti.:.bridge, that he will be tin-
nhle t.. continue to allow ihem the
use of the "pitch" on hln land nt the
nominal rental of is. per seaaon.
James l>.,in. ironmonger's assistant,
was award, d  ��6 damages at Newark1
county courl  tor wrongful dismissal, j
li.. had  been  discharged  by  Messrs
lb wil  on lhe ground that  he smoked ���
on the premises where petroleum was
st..md.    ti... judge said  defendants
had exhibited no notloe forbidding It.
When an old elm tree In the fnm-1
oua chestnut avenue al nuahey pnrk .
was cul   down, ihe  Iron  framework *
of nn old  sir. rl  lamp waa found nn i
bedded In tho trunk to a depth of
several Inches nbout 23 feet from the |
ground.    It  Is believed thai the lamp
must   havi.   been   nailed   to   the  tree
many   y.-nra ago  and   gradually  surrounded by the wood.
��� Miss   Mnry   Allen, one  of  the.  Not-
tp i  mtTTTi ATTTHirci  'Ingham   guardians,  and   11.   A.   Daft,
It yOU read IHLNK.WS the rlo��ohalrman, are to be married.
x.       11    xX. iThis  In  tho  explanation   ot  the  fact
YOU   get    all    the    IieWS.   (bat neither ������ a candidate for re-
'rt"  shire pudding;  tea, bread, butter an.l
tea; supper, roast pork and beer. The | TenderB ftre |nvUM for ,,,,. Riming nf
Jurv expressed the opinion that the n ���,.����� Hospital at New Weatmlnster, B,
feeding had been  indiscreet. C,   r.<r   the   Board  of   Manager   of  thc
; Royal Columbian Hospital,
Fines and costs, including arrears, j Copies of plans an-? specincatl
ranging from two guineas to JJIi 5a.,
were impoaed at Mark Cross, Sussex,
police court, on three farmers who
declined to pav contributions under
the National Insurance acl In respect
W>'-ipf employees.    One defendant,  Alfred
oibb. of Wardhurst,  was aliened  by
an assistant inspector under the oot.
Albert James Langridge. to have
threatened him with violence If ho
made enquiries among the  men.
Owing to  an  unfortunate accident.!
it   is expected thai  four  years  muat:
elapse before trout fishing In the river Aim Northumberland, will be restored  to its former standard of ex* i
cellence.    <m Sunday  ii  goods train
was  wrecked   near   Alnmouth   station j
nnd a BOO-galon tank of creaBote waa'
damaged,   The creaaote evidently per
eolated to the river Aln, and along Ua
course for two inileB.
! I..-
c. nr at
11. Birds,
. West.   Vl
���       Sealed
New  W
Hon,  ll
Itect,  s.
ml.-r Street
Wednesday,  May
No allow.....-"   f'
est    ,.r   .-my    t.-tl.le
Odntraotora .no
required  ... enclose
Kit... equal   to  llv
f tt.
Hospital In
Hie��� i.f  the
I. IV A., 110 I
ncouvor, B, C
tendera i > I. ��� delivered t.. tie
nf tin- Hospital at Bapperton
itmlnstor,  B. 0.,  i�� fere .'. p,
��� ten.I.
n.i thc
The public nre hereby warned that
Section 19 of the Hurnaby Street
Traffic Bylaw No. 187, 1!H2, aB follows:
"It shall be unlawful for any peraon
to use, drive or propel In any public
place any vehicle uaed for tlle purpose of conveying passengers whether for hire or not, without having
attached thereto, near the front, two
white     HghtB     of     sufficient    candle
power to enable the person using
such vehicle to clearly see a distance
of at least 100 feet In front of such
vehicle  between  dusk and dawn."
On and after May 10th Inst, the
above section will be strictly enforced
within   the   limits  of   the Corporation
of Burnaby,
By order of the Police Committee
of llurnaby.
chief Constable,
low- Bdmonda,  B.C.,  May  3.  1918,      (123N)
forfeit. ..1
e.lt.-r  Int.
itiinff tenders  will  be
i nm.ke.l elt.-.nie for ii
mt cent  (r> per e.-nt i
.f the tender, which will bi
.uld   the   contractor   fall   to
contract wl..*.. called
I*:, s. WITHEW
ui*. ill.
London, May 12.���It is stated, writes
an expert correspondent of the Express, that flerman engineers have at
length solved the problem of how to
Utilize tho exhaust heat of an airship
'engine in raising the temperature of
the hydrogen employed for flotation.
lu the early daya of ballooning,
more than one hundred yeara ngo,
there waa no coal gas or hydrogen
available in practical quantities, and
resort was bad to heal for the purpose of expanding the air in the body
i.i the balloon, and thus rendering it.
lighter than the colder ulr outside
In the same way the hydrogen charge
of the presenl Zeppelins Is being expanded, and so rendered more efficient
ns a welglii-lil'liting agents.
It is found that an airship hltherl I
capable of sustaining B useful load of
five tons, lu addition to the weight ol
Ub own structural engines, fuel and
gas charge, can now- be mad.* to carr)
ten tons; while the handling of the
craft under the varying conditions ..f
(I..lation consequent on the combustion of fuel and tin- expenditure of explosives  Is  much  facilitated.
The striking force of Germany's existing aerial Meet ls therefore iii course
Of being doubled; and a single /.eppe-
lln   will  becomn  capable  of  carrying
ienough Incendiary material In a single voyage to set fire to all the prlncl-
! pal doeka and warehouses In either
London, Liver-pool, Manchester or any
other city selected tor attack,
Military authorities on the continent
jregard Ihls development of aerial power imt merely aa offsetting England's
!sea power, but as rendering ihe iirit-
I ish  Beet a negligible quantity bo far
Jas home waters are    concerned,    A
I force thai  can  be avoided  Is a force
that   dins not emitit   for fighting  pur-
1 poses, ami it is hehi that the command of the air will mean the ability
io destroy the Kngiish centres of
armament and commerce and to hinder lhe sale arrival and discharge of
j food ships.
Hence, il is argued, Oreat llritain,
in spite of ber formidable array of
dreadnoughts is virtually   prohibited
i from gning to war with Oermany, and
is compelled to acquiesce in whatever decision (hat state may come lo
respecting tho balance of power In
Pritish Government Will Honor Death
I    London, May 12.   Christian science
I haa  received  an  unexpected  and  Important endorsement from the liritish |
| government     A  question    waa asked
, In  the house ot commons the  other
I day  as to whether the  government
| would give insurance benefits from the j
' state funds to those medically attended  by  "herbalists and  Christian  Scientists,"   or   other   sueh   "unqualified'
To the general surpriae, the govern- I
m'-nt stated that the insurance com- .
missloners.  win.  pass  all  sueh   points
in   practice,  would  be  riven  a  free
band and would he permitted to ail
prove of christian Scientists in place
i.r   qualified   medical   practitioners   if
they thought in
'In lhat case," asked Sir John [tees,
"bow doth the govornmenl answer the
question as regards the death certlfl- j
cate?   Hew can -,: Christian Sclontlsl
give a certificate  lhal   would  be ac  ]
Tu this poser the answer was glvon j
thai   iceepianee ol lii'ii a certificate
would rest with the Insurance   com
missloners.    Until now ll  has never
been suggested hen-   thai   Christian
I Scientists could be recognized    The I
! law regarding the giving of death 01 r
; tlflcates and the red   tape   hedging
' around tin. in. .Ileal profession are so
Stringent as to make the death of any
| Christian Sciential the subject of a
coroner's Inquest,
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply to the Hoard of
License Commissioners at its next
regular sitting for an Hotel License
for the premises known as the "Hotel
Dominion." situate upon Lot 11. llh.ck
6, comer ot Sixth and Columbia
Streeta,  City    of    Nnw   Weatminster,  t|on by tho City Counoil at any lime
Notice re Irrigation.
All persons desirous of using Cltv
water for Irrigation purposes must
flrat obtain an Irrigation permit at
the City Hall, wlii.-h will be issunl
free of charge to householders using
City   water   for     domestic     purposes;
subject to tho Waterworks   Regulations.
The  liourB during   which   irrigation
Is permitted are:
7:30 a.m.  to  S 30 a.m.
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
on week day*H only.    No Irrigation being  permitted  on   Sundays.
Such hours being subject to altera-
this 9th   day   of May,   A.D.
Irrigation outside the slated bouis
renders the offender liable to prosecu
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk
City  Hull, May 6, 1913. (13.r.ai
*s**ssssss������������--���i l
By Nl-Dni-Co Dyspipsia Ttblits
We are cootinvuliy hearing front
I'latefui people who have hnd experiences like llut of M-Us Alice K. Cooper,
of Niiigura Pulls, Out., who writes:
"I wish to express my gratitude to
you lor the lienelit I reoe-ived from your
most woniletfnl DyspejiMa Tablets.
Having token other nierticinr-a without
having received the sltgWtest relit f, I
heard of your NaDr-n C�� Dysp-i psia
TaMetfl anil thought I w����ld give tUmi
s trial. I have been completely cured
of dyspepsia, I will We only teo plenwil
to advise any otietroulile-i with dyspepsia
to give thnn n fair (rial."
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets n��t only
give the immediate relief frc��i heartburn, flatulence, acidity of the stomach
and biliousness, which is su much needed,
but If taken regularly for a few dey�� or
weeks they completely oure the most
aggravated cate* of sto-ataril trouble,
when for 30c. you can g-et a has from
your drugxiat, why go on suffering?
National Drug aa4 Chemical Co. of
Cauad��, Limited, Montreal. 144
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of   British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits ot One Dollar and
upwards reoelved and Interest ut the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and  Travellers' Chtrjue3 sold, payable  In  all  palls of  the
CHAS.  C.  PENNOCK, General   Manager.
New    Westminkter   Branch: A.  W,   BLACK,  Manager.
t. 1-1. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
when you ran get ns good, or better, manufactured In 11. ('., viz.:    the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to   pass Standard
SpoolIIcations or  American and  Canadian  Engineers'  Association.
Wo would also cull attention to our Vltrllleil Hewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 2-1-ln. In diameter. This Ih also mado in this Province and we
consider superior to nny Imported article.
We also carry  a Htock of Crushed
Lime, I'lastcr. etc.
Hee us beforo ordering elsewhere.
Hock,  Washed tiravel, Sand,
Phones 15 and 18.
902 Columbia Street W. TUESDAY,   MAY   13,  1913.
City of New
Ci.i.iH-ii i.r iiie Corporation i.r tin- city or i.eniur.M the num <.r on-  lii.iusa.i.i   i -.���.*������ p.. *-. i, ..���     ���     ���     ������
New Westminster enacts as follows:���      Hundr.-d   uud   Fifty   Dollars   ($1,250.00)   I jfl/ At j\|i)U/ M/DCl fllf flCffir
1.  Il  sliall   he  lawful   fur  111.-  Mayor  of ; for   tl..*   |  .v.... ...   ..f   ii,terest   tier, on   :,...!   \j\{*j \}\ Hr, f7 TT lSIIHIU jll I
lh.   .... .1 City tu raise l.y May Of I.  from   tin* Bum of Five llutelf.t and Twi niy-live I /
By-Law  No..
Ily law
,11 of II.
West 11.i
of  One
I., enable tbe Municipal Coun-
��� Corporation of the city ot New
iBter lu raise hy loan tl..* sum
Hundred  ...ul  Bitty  Thousand
i$ir.o,ooo.oo)  for the purposa
,,r constructing spwers.
��l.iy of January,
made   betwi
District of Hul-'
or about   the Thirtieth
1018, an agreement waa
The  Corporation   of   the
..hv of llle llrst part anil
���in,. Corporation of ths City of New Westminster .,f ih.  s.r..mi part, whieh a*r	
in. nl Is In the woi.ls ami flgurts follow-
ing, 11.ni I" to "ay :���
this .miiikkmknt mads in duplicate
tin- Thirtieth .lay ot January One Thousand Ni.... Hundred and Thirteen.
of the KIHHT PART:
of the 8BCOND PABT:
any person or persons body or bodies corporatl who may be Willing to advanoe the
same on the credit of the debentures hereinafter ..: ntloned any mi... oi- sums of;
money .. .: - ���*.���������. .Iltu? In th.- whole tie- sum
of $160.1 DO.00 and I., .'...s.- I...* ������*..... ��� t.<
I..- paid I..io the Tr...se.y of lie* said City
r,,r tiie purposes mentioned herein.
2,   Il   sl  iM   I.e  h.wful   for  the   Mayor  to I
cause  any   number  of  debentures  to   be I
laa.lc not exceeding In the whole lhe mini '
of $ir,i',.,fili,oi. ror'SUeh ...u.n.i ol money ..H
may   I..*   required,   not  less  than   $100.00
eaoh or ...i equivalent expressed ... pounds
sterling of tbe united Kingdom of Great
Britain and  Inland at a v..he* of S4,s.:i;
to the pound  sterling; and  ab  such  de- .
hentures shall be seali-d with the B-aal-ofl
the Corporation Hltfned by  lhe  Mayor and
countersigned   by   the  Treasurer   thereof. ,
r hv sm-li other person
te.t   .
of  t!
WHEREAS   Hi.*   p.
>ti;ren!  upon a  Joint
he thereunto lawfully authorised
3. Ti..- said debenture shall be payable
on the tlrst day of July, 1048, at sueh
place or plac*.-a as tbe Couneil of tlie said
Corporation may from llrfte to time .-��t>-
point with the approval of the hohlers
thereof and shall hi nr Interest nl the rale
of Five per oentum per aninitn payable
half yearly on the first d.-ry of January
and the llrst day of July < In .eueli anil
.--.erv year ami the debentures sbalt have
atl.iehe.l lo them coupons for the payment
of interest which s.iiii ooupons shall be
signed hv lln- said Mayor.
4. A special rate on II." dollar shall
he levied anil raised In each year in addition lo ..II other ratea on all the rate,
able property In the city sufficient to pav
tli ���   interest   upon   the  debentures  and   to
reale a Sinking  fund  for the pav...  nl  of
" when dlie, subject to
���so.im.  Dollars   11-628.60)  to  provld
i*:.  t*.. aym. nt of the principal.
The  PL..- ��� .1-. ..I'  He*  aale of  lie- s.ii-l
ntures shall be applied ns follows and
otherwise,���Towards paying the cist
.. . using ..-' thla By-law and the . i-
mi.'I   sate   ot   th     ���'������ 1.. ntur. s   i.ier. I ���
referred   i.  and   ...!   expenses  connect d
..-.���ill.   i.e   issuance  of   the  said   loan  and
lie*  hnl.mc   shall  I.'-  paid .eer from time
| , ..   i,   ;,.; i*. .ml:   d  hv the Citv Treasurer
to  lie    several   persons   to   Whom  moneys
:,.*������ payable.
r,. This Hy-law shall take effect on til"
first da- of June, 1913. and may be cited
���is 1:..* 'Exhibition HuHdiniSM ami Fences
Debenture   IP-law   1813."
7   This Hv-law before ihe lln;.! passing
Hereof  shall   receive   th.-  assent  of   the-
. I. c-tors of I've raid cily  In the  manner
r persons an may j required t-y law.
HONK AND PASSBD in Open Councll
the MM day of Mny.  1013.
RECEIVED th.- assent of the Electors
on  the day of 1913.
TUPE   BY-LAV/.  1913."
By-Law  No. .. .
A By-law to enable tin- Municipal Council
of the ('orporatlon of tlle City of New
We-A-mlnster to raise hy way of loan
tie- sum of Two Hundred Thousand
Dollars ($200,000.00) for street purposes.
,     ,   j the principal  thereof
rtltis    hereto     ha\e||inv   an   or   ,.llaotm<-flt     respecUllB      the
sewerage schema to same
provide sewerage accommodation for both      r,  subject  as aforesaid there shall  be
Municipalities   for   the   area   shown   UPOnlra|8ed annuaHy hv ap.clal rale ns afore.
lhe plan hereto annexed. I snld during the currency of tin- said ile-
aND   WHKUKAS   the   Party   of   the bentures the sum of Boventy-five Hundred
Second   - 	
of th
Part has agreed to construct "'" | I>,>j\urs (5T.5O0.0O) for the payment of
said sewer from the Fraaer River tp Tenth I interest thereon and lln- sum of Three
Avenue ns shown upon lhe said plan and Thousand One Hundred and Fifty-three
to make lhe s.wer of a size sufficient to Dollars ($3,153 00) to provide for the
accommodate the sewerage requirements I repayment of the principal,
of the secllon of llurnaby shown on 11.e j c T|���. pro,.,.,.,[��� ���f the sale of the said
said plan. , dehentur.s shall he applied as follows and
AND WHBRBAS the acreage of Burn- n0, otnorwlse,���Towards paying ths cost
ably thnt will he benefitted l.y the said of the passing of this By-law and tbe Issue
sewer amounts to Mix Hundred and nn<j ���:,|n ���r u,,. debentures tlierein re-
Blghty-three (6S3. ..cres and the acre- r.-rred to and all expenses connected with
���.iKi- of llle Cltv i.f New Westminster lhat th��� |Muanoe ���f u���. aald |,���,,, and the bal-
wlll be benefitted l.y the sni.l sewer ttnce shall be paid hver from time to time
amounts to Five Hundred and Sixty-four M required hy the Cltv Treasurer to the
ll,sl)  acres. severul pi rsons to whom moneys are pay.
AND WHBRBA8 the party of tli' Bee- ablc
ond  Hart  has agreed  to pav the cost  of |     -   Ti,|a Bv-lnw bIui'I take effect on the
the construction or  the  said  sewer  from   Mrv,   day   of   June,   1913.    ....��]   mny    be
the   Fraser   River   to   Tenth   Avenue   as  (..,,,a   M   tn���   "sewers   Debenture   Hy-law
shown upon the sold plan which cost Is es- , in-\'."
Hm:.ted at Thre. Hundred onl Twenty- s This Ry-law before tlu- final passing
six Thousand Dollars ($826,000.00) leas thereof .* ,n receive th- assent of the
Fifty-five Thousand Hollars ($66,000.00) | Klectors .f t'-.* said City In lhe manner
the value of Oovernment labor. |ree..ir.,i bv inv
AND   WHEREAS   the   Party   of   .....        DONE   IV|) PtSSKD hi Open Council
First    Part   hns   agreed   t.
Pnrty  ..r the  Sec ...*!  Part
,. ni   ,:.-, per ���-..... of ii.ee
... i-   , the  sl ...*  le ���������' v< .*
lhe  Flrsl   Pat
,,:   . ':*.'���   M
Ini      '
pay   io   th.
Flftv-flve i*.r
ist  of the snld
of  ih.-   Partv
-1 tie.
-���..   o- IV ..I" Mnv.   nil.
RECEIVED lh.- assenl of the Electors
.... I'.-            dav of 1913.
RECONSIDERED and fiu.lly passed
.:,.-               day   of 1013,
City Clerk.
T I KB   NOT] !E   thai   the
trn ...*,   of   ih.*  proposed
wi Ich ���!..* vote ..f the Munlcl
Ink... . . the 20th day of M
tw. 'ii '1. * hours of Nine
3. *. ��� .. o'cl .'< p. m. al th
��� *.
.<���    is    :.
",v    upon
V will he
1813,   heel..ek a.   rn.  ...nl
following placea,
Tin- ( ouncil Chamber, City
No  i .-..*���   ii,n. sapperton
No   '���   Fire Hall, Thin., nth sir,- t.
And  ."...ue   Ih.ildlnK.  Queensboro.
W. A. DUNC \N.
City Clerk.
llv Hull. New Westminster. II. ('..
.May   Ml..   1!".3. I 1271
id Fiftv Thousand D .!-
In  thirty  yearly  pftv-
��� *, ,.    v-.il!   bl Ill.'l- nl    to   p.iv   the
inl |i Inking fund .... the share nf
,,f the Flrsl Part ..f the cost of
,1,1 :   ,   v i .1 ,1  upon  the I nsls
, .   . ns with  Interest  at  !iv
���l   .   If yearly
wi. IVHMRBAS the Party >.f the Flrsl
par,  , ��� .'.,...-   i,. the  ('.-1--  ..'
,   ,        . Part   I rty-flv.    i��t  c. nt     . :
,   f eost ol   malnti nan.
th ,i  th.   Purl    nf t'.e S I  Part <��� .ve-
,   ,   *. lie*   !'.u*!\*   of   lie*
-pirst Pari *    nnd assign    I
tl,.. part .nd Part will within
four i i .  i   ��� - and pros, cute
,��� eompli Hoi completed on or
before t' ���* firs J inuai v, 1816, (unless prevrnted '.*��� strikes <>r ...her causes.
.. r. u. . from nl ��� ���: the Fraser Klvcr
to n t...i.,t on Tenth Avenue or the location apprnxlmateh   *    Bhown .... the plan
hereto   * ...i.   Buch   sewer   to   be   cin-
Rtriicted <-r roncret. tip. s of .*. dlam i-r
of t...t I. - than nft�� r..ur . '���! . Inch. * ftl
T. - Ih   "���   ��� ���   ���    in l  Sixth   Btn ��� .
\ND   ihe   Partj   ..i   tho   Set l   I'*-*
v in .* minuet lateral eewere from lhe said
mn '. si ���'��� ��� . running from th.* main sewer
. . Tenth Avenue aforesaid as shown ...i
said plan
THB I'.ir.v of the First  Part  Its s... .**������-
���om .....I nafilgnx  shall  hnve  the  H-chi   to
(Connect   Its   dialn.i:**   -url   seweiage   over
th-* ���,,-,., ,,r s.v Hundred and Blghty-three
(r,-- i   neres   ns   shown   on   the   said   plan
fc-WI'h  lh>* said sewer and lo drain In'., the I
ife.id   sew.r  surface  water  nnd  ordinary
:pe\ieraK.   and  I*, us^  the ssld  sewer  holh
* as a sanitary and storm sewer
AND If II is found lhal lh'- said sewer;
will prov.de sufficient fnll to tike s��wer-
age from OUtSlde lhe boundaries of lhe,
sni.l six Hundnd ami Blghty-three I0S3I!
acres ns sluovn upon the said plan lhe
Party   of   ihe   First   Part   may   with   th" I
,-..ns.tit of .he Famine*r of lhe Partv of WHKUKAS it Is ni-c.ssary to provide
the Second pari extend Its sewerage works I for thu construction, removal unJ repairs
outside  the  snld  nrcrC I of   Exhibition   I'.uildings  al   guei h'h   Park
THF. Partv of the Becond Part cove- j in the civ of New weatmlntftur and the
tiatus will. II.. Party of lh�� First Part construction of fences at lh. said Park al
that tie said M it., s.-w.-r constructed by ,. cosi <��f Twenty-flve Thousand Dollars
the rv.ru of ii.>��� Second Pari nn.l Sewers   ($115,000.00)
constructed hv the Party of the Flrsl a,.d WHEREAS lt appears that If the
Part to connect with the said Main Bewer said sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dol-
���.hall  he constructed  under  the  Joint   su-1 lars   ($36,000.00)    ts-   appropriated   fi-bm
City of New Westminster
Bj Law  No   ...
A By-lav i" enable 'he Municipal Council of il,.- Corporation of the City of
N.w Westminster to raise b) loan tlie
sum of Twenty-live Thuusand Dollars
($86,000.00] ror the purpose of Improving the Exhibition Buildings ami Fences
at Queen's Park in the City of New
PASSED the day of 1911.
 city Clerk.                         Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE that the uls,ye Is a
true copy of the proposed Hv-law upon
which th.- vote or ti..- Municipality win
he taken on the 20th day of Mnv, 1913.
between .he hours of Nine o'clock a. m.
anil Sev< n o'clock p. m. at the following
places, viz,:
The   Council   Chamber.   City   Hall.
No. 4 Fire Hall, Bapperton.
No.   f,   Fire  Hall.  Thirteenth  Street.
And  Crane  Hulldlnit,  Queensboro,
W.  A.  HI'NCAV.
City Clerk.   .
city  Hall.  New  Westminster, B. C.
May  Hh,  1913. (12S9)
WHBREAS  It  Is riec-ssary  and expedl- j
ent that provision he aside for the follow- !
ing purposes:������
(..��  For clearing, grading and macadamizing str... ts generally,
(b)  For constructing culVertg, ditches, |
crossing, sidewalks,  aad  any oiher i
workH necessary in connection with]
le) For paying a proportion towards the ;
c ihi of permanent improvements i"
streets. Including paving, kerblng, 1
facilities for lighting, storm sewers
and any other works necessary in j
Connection with same under Local
improvement   By-laws.
(d)   For   paying   a   proportion   towards!
the   cost   of   constructing   sanitary |
under Local    Improvement
A Good Story.
Lleut-Gen. Sir Robert Baden-Powell, chief scout and founder ot the Boy
Scout movement, has just been telling a good story that will appeal to
Canadians, and to Boy Scouts in the
Dominion in particular. A feature of
the movement Is that the Boy Scouts
must do at least one good turn a
One night, says Sir Robert, a boy
in Toronto realized after going to bed
that he had forgotten his daily obligation. At that moment he heard the
noise of a mouse in a trap, so he got
up, opened the trap and���gave the
tnouBe to the cat."
By-laws. c,ever Ruu
(e)  lor commuting  the  CUjra propor-,     ...,,.,.,
tlon  of  the Assessment  for  Local j    After cleverly outwitting   a   patrol
Improvements    on    City   property | which ambuBhed and    captured them,
and    walking  170  mlleB  in six  days,
City of New Westminster!
LAW,  1913."
By-Law No....
A By-law to enable the Municipal Council
of iiu* Corporallon of the City of New
WeBtmlnster to raise by loan the sum
of Twenty-flVO Thousand Dollars ($.T,.-
000.00) for the purpose of erecting I'i.-..
Halls ai Sapperton nnd Queensborough
and purchasing apparatus therefor,
fo:- . rectlng i.r.
and Qu. ��� tisbornugi
Westminster   and
:.,: .... I*. for   :.t
re i* .very to pro*., le
hills al S.ippt n ,.*.
In tie* City of N- u
for purchasing appu-
f Tw, nty-U
i'i.om, ������.:���{  Dollars   . $25,900.00)
AND WHBRBAS .: appears thai If He
said huh ... Twenty-liv.  Thousand Dollars
($26,000.00)    I..*   appropriated   from   the
* i,     *1  .. venue nl  i ... city for (iie current.year th.* rale .>! taxation will I.-   .v
.   ssive and it  is expedient  that  s;..*:.
..*:���..*   taxation   should   i��*  avoided   and
lhe said sum should h.   raised on the credit of ih.- Corporal:.... and thnt debentures
Ihould .**   . -.:��� .1 for- that amount.
AND  WHKUKAS a  petition signed  by
the   OWIiefS   ol'    at    !.*;.SI    -.lie   t'lllll    of    the
value of real property In tin- said City
...s show., l.y the last revised Ass. ss-
.... at Roll. has I-. ,i pn s. rited to the
Councll, requesting them to Introduc* a
Hy-lnw for si,,*), purpos.
and WHBRBAS f..r tl... payment of
Ini.-r. st ou th ���! Im, ir. proposed to l��-
lfssucd und. r II,,s lU-ia.v an.l for creating
a sinking fund for tie* paymenl of the
s.i.l debentures wben due, it will be tec.
rssai tn rn I ��� spi .*i .1 rate In a ldltion
to all i.tie r tat s each year during the
currency ..f tl.. Bald debentures the sum
,.f (in.* Thouitnnd s ven Hundred and
Seventy-tlve   and   60-100     Hollars      ($1.-
:*,: *,. ,
AND WHBRBAS in ...der to raise Unsold yearly sum ..f One Thousand Seven
Hundred and Seventy-flve nnd 60-ld.)
Dollars ($1,778,601 i.n equal special rate
.... He .I..liar will 1..- required to In levied
on Hi.* wli .:- ra' able property of ih.* City
of N> \v \v< stmlnater.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
property ..f the said City according to the
hud revised Assessment Holl thereof is
Bevinl ... Million On. Hundred .....l Fifty-
seven Th.-iisand Nine Hundred and Forty
Dollars   ($17,167,840.00).
AND WHKUKAS the total amount of
il..* existing debenture d-ht of tne Kahl
''Hv Is lour Million Thlrly-elghl Thousand .Iv, Hundred Dollars ($4,038,-
..uiuiO) irrespective >.f i... Bums proposed
to he rulse.l under this By-luW and
"Sir.-, ts Improvement 1
1913." "Waterw
Hy-law U1S," "Exhibition Buildings and
Fences Debenture By-law 1913," "Public
Schools   Debenture   Hv-law   1914,"   "Light
fronting   on   streets   where   permanent improvements are mads under
ixjcui Improvement By-laws,
(f)  For   the   purchase   of   such   plant
und equipment as may he necessary
ifir  street   improvement   work  and
for malntenanoe, repair aad cleaning streets.
AND   WHBREAS   for   the   purposes
aforesaid  the sum of Two Hundred Thousand  Dollars     ($200,000.00)     will  be rc-
AND WHEREAS it appears that If the
said Hum of $200,000.00 he appropriated
from the general revenue of the city for
the current year the rate of taxation wilt
he excessive, and lt is expedient that such
exc-ssr..��� taxation should be avoided and
the said sum should he raised on the credit oi" the Corporation and that debentures
SlioUl'l   he   ISSU.d   fol*   tlUU   U.llOUllt.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
int.r-st on tie debentures proposed to be
issu. d under this Hy-law and for creating
;. sinking fond for the payment of t...
bald debentures when -lu.* it will he nee
essarv to raise l.y Bpeclal r.it<- in addition
to all oi'i.r rates each year during the
currency -.1 t:.-* s.i.l debentures the sum
of Kl.-v.-n Thousalnd Seven Hundred and
Seventy-three and 10-100 Dollars ($11,-
AND WHEREAS la ..rd.-r to raise th.
said yearly sum of $11.77340 an equal
special rat * .... the dollar will be required
io I..* lovled en lie whole laPahl- property "f  io-  City of  New   Westminster
AND WHEREAS iie- whole .*... able
prop. .. ��� of the -..id City according * . th.
last revised Assessment Roll thereof Is
.-. \. .:;������.. Mih.oil .in* II..mired and Fifty-
seven Thousand Nine Hundred ;*.;. 1 Forty
Dollars   . $17,167,940.00 ..
AND   WHEREAS  Hi,    total   am u   of
I*..* existing debentures debt of the said
City Is Four Mini.... Thirty-elghl Thousand    Five    I Inn.Ired       Dollar.--       . {4.1.:'.���..-
500.00) Irrespective of tin- sums proposed
t.�� he raised under thla Bv-law and the
"Waterworks Extension Debenture Bylaw 1913." "Fir.* Halls Debenture By-law
1913." "Exhibition Buildings and Fences
Debenture Bv-law 1913," "Public Schools
Debenture By-law 1913," "City Stables
Debenture By-law 1913," "Sowers Debenture By-law 1913" and "Light Bxtenslon
Debenture Bv-law 1913," ..f which noni
..f Hi-* principal or Interest is in arreara
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of th- Corporation of the (Tiy of
New  Westminster enacts as  follows:���
1.   Il    shall   he   lawful    for   He*    Mavor
lot the said citv to r.iis.* l.y way of loan
ti from   any   person   or   persons   body   or
holes  corporate win.  may  I"*  willing to
advn  th.   Bame .,.. He* credit of ihe de-
... mor. s hereinafter mentioned a.'.:.' sum
or sums ,,r money    not .*x.-.-.*.lin��r    In the
I whole   t.'.e   sun.   of   J-''..),1.........)      and      to
i cause   the   sa.-o-   to   I,.*   paid   Into   the   Tleas-
orv of th- s .i t City for the purposes mentioned I" I*. ia.
J It shall he lawful for the Mayor to
cause any number of debentures to be
made not exceeding in the whole il.,- sum
i of $300,000.00 for sueh sums of money as
mav  Is-  required,   not   less   Han   gioo.on
j each or an equivalent exor. ss.-.l In pounds
sterling of the Fnii-.l Kingdom ..r Oreat
I Britain and inland el a value of 11 n.;
to it:.- pound Bterllng; and .-ill such debentures shall P.- sealed With th" Seal of
:h>* Corporation signed by the Mayor an.l
Bugler Tottle and Staff-Sergeant
Trichey, of the Wellington (Somer- j
set) Boy ScoutB have arrived at the
Mansion House, bearing a despatch of
greeting from the port-reeve (Mr.
Howard Fox) to the lord mayor.
They had, they told the lord mayor,
terrible weather the whole time and j
they occupied a good many hours in
sheltering themselves from the wind |
and rain. They were ambushed and
captured by the Codford St. Mary
scouts, who seized a missive which
they thought was their despatch, but
which turned out to be a dummy
packet deliberately made up for capture.
The real despatch was concealed in
a Bible which was dropped in the general melee, but recovered without its
secret being disclosed. It had been
placi (I in the cover of the Bible and
Hi et past..1 over.
When treed from their captors, who
entertained them, they resun.-'d their
walk after a detour and brought their
mission to London to a successful
close. The lord mayor gave thetn n
reply message to take to the portreeve.
Military   Drill   Necessary.
Mr. E. ('. Bates, district scoutmaster Harpenden and district, writes to
Uie Headquarters Gazette aa follows;
"Wc all know that the Scout movement is not a military one, but most
scoutmasters also know what difference a little military drill and i.iBci-
plaine makes in the smartness and appearance of their troops; boyB obey
orders quicker and are more particular and obedient in small details.
Most of us have seen troops on parade, or at rallies, who knew nn military drill, and the "lost sheep" appearance and general careless and inattentive behavior of the Scouts has
been very noticeable.
lf all parades or combined moie-
inent of any kind wero forbidden, then
the need of military drill would disappear to some extant, but, whits
tliey are allowed (and they are practically essential), 1 know of no other
means of obtaining the necessary
smartness and quickness of movement.
"It ls said that military drill tends
to niHke a man part of a machine.
For certain purposes this Is so, and
rightly so. When a number of persons
t common
mind, and
The New Gurney-Oxford
Range Has Solved The
"Help Problem"
Everywhere women are coping with the same
difficulty   -the securing cf domestic help.
A Gurney-Oxford with its wonderful devices
for the saving of time and labor enables you to be
independent, if from necessity or choice you are
without a servant.
The Divided Flue distributes the heat evenly
throughout the oven, and by means of the Economizer the temperature is determined, kept constant,
or changed as desired. It is easily controlled by a
little lever working around six notches.
Dough and batter-mixtures will always be
light, thoroughly cooked, and nicely browned.
This stove saves you the dreaded black leading
process for it has an unchanging polished top.
If you must do your own work you owe it to
yourself and to your family to spend less time inthe
No woman need be a drudge with a Gurney-
Oxford range.
Trapp Block Columbia St.
New Westminster.
Pres. and 0*nl. Mgr.
W. r. H. BUCKUN.
See. and Treas
|j.|(��n   .....I   t<>   tb'
lie-   Engineers   *���
rati and "i U"
mutual   sntlsfartl ��n
'   the   Partv   of   the
Pftl ly of the See-,nil
in;--. Pnrty "f the l'lrM Part eavenanH
with tl." Partv nf the geoond Part it* auc-
,., ��Mi>r-j nnd assigns lhal the Party ef ihe
rirsl Pnrt ��*.!! pny to 0." Pnrty nf tv*
Second r.trt Its successors and assigns
after completion nf the sahl -.ewer from
I--.at.--r lllcr In Tenth Avenue fifty.live
fs-r cut    l F.5 per cent.)   of lhe cost nf lh'"
Kill sewer nl." nili flfty-flve per cent.
< '.:. per .-'-nt . however nnt ' ' ric-cl th-
e.i.n of (."" lintel-.-.I ami Fifty Thousand
Dollars ($150,000.00) nn.l fuel, pnytn. nt-.
tn ne m.T.ie in i.nlf yearly paymNito ���".
the Tl Irll'-th dftvs nt .tune anil December
In end. year ns will provide a el-.l'l-.t
fn-id fnr i.nve"nt nf snld Hum In thirtv
(.!... \..,..-.< Willi l.ileresl at Ave IS) per
i- nl   bail   v> -*rlv
AN'I > the Partv nf the Flr-.t Part five.
i.-ini" wli'. lhe Partv af tb" Second  Pari
.1   lhe Parte ,.f t'.e  n-i   Pn  I   "-"I  "..
the Part*, nf lh- S.ci,l P.-l Fl'tv-flv"
e-nl     (55   per   c-nt I   e*   tlv    coal   ot
mnlnt-rnanr *
.,. .,,.
11.-th dn    n' lhe-
IS   \v.   * , !>-.-���
hereto ". -.*,e c ���"��. .1
tn l��n lc i. up-     nfll.:
"U.   C
(:-'.���-a i.i
"V,.  A.
1 '   lhe   pn-tl*n
-nrt.nr.ite  foils
lhe  -.-tld   e   .In   '   wer
,.,, :,. -/early nti ihe Thl
I,,' , r  I ,
T| -��'\ c.
AUTIP'R   (I     M'lrm1*'. "
A   -V   ORAT,"
ANH   WHRRBAS   In   addition   to   tii-1
:.*i, ,.-.,.    wblch    II    In   prnpnaert   In   SSftess
ni n local l.ui....veii|. nt :ik.ii....i s.i.l. prop
<rtv   In   lhe  I'ltv  nr   New   \V-Mttnln-ler  ..-. .
will   I..*   Imtn��rtlaf��ly   i.enetnied   hy   inn
���H.nd wn.it li wlll he neoessary lo pr.....le
fnr lhe  ..I nf the sum nf (lne Hlltl
��in*.| .....I Fifty Thousand Dollars (HBO..
. ..n en i  to i .rrv nn.  (he work  nunii.... <l
tn   the   snld   hereinbefore   recited   aitree.
moot .  ,   I
AND WHKRBAR It unpen re that If lh"
���mid  .......  ���.(  1150,000.00  be anpronrlated
fmm  lie-  n..ier.*.l   r-vetine nf  lhe  City  f" * |
the rurr'nt  vir the rale nf taxation -nl" '
i... rrcnilvr, nnd it Is expedient ihni wucii
-excessive taxation nlmui-i I.e avoided end
ll-   s.il-l   mm   should   be   r-.m-d   nn    lhe
���credit nf tti* Rornornllnn and that deben
turen <*!ir.-l,' he l*.,.-,..! fnr !'*>���.! amount.
AND WltrcRHAS fnr thf
interest nn the d'hentlireM
i... inine,! under i'.|-�� nv-law
ntlng n  sinking fund fnr Hi
the   si "I   del,, nl.IP '
n-i*ef..,ir-   to rnlsr I
Hon   In   ..It   nil
paymenl  of * ..r sun.H
proposed   m; whnlo tl
and for ere- ; DnllnrH
pnyniefll  of   noni
when  Hue  ll   will  I.e
smcl'il rat" l'i '.'hll
..  e-,ch   venr  durlnt
the K-n.-r-.l revenue of the City for the
cur. nt >.,... tie- rale uf taxation will In-
excessive and it is expedient that sucn
excessive i ixattua Bhould be avoided, and
the M.ilrt sum should l��- rulsed .... i.e'
credit "i* the i orporatlon and that debentures sliiii;-..! he iH.Himl t..r lhat amount
AND WHBRBAS a petition signed by j
th- owners nf at least niic-i, in,, ... the
value ...' r. al property ln the Haid City
tas shown hy the last revised Assessment Uuli. has l.e,-u presented In the
Counoil r. fun stint* them t.�� introduce a
Uy-law fur such purpose.
AND  WHBRBAS  for  tin-  payment  .>f I
li...... .... the dobehtures proposed t<> I..*,
Issuul under this By-law and foi arcatlns
.. Blpklnrf fund for th.* payment nf the
suld debentures whw. due, it will be neces- '
sary p. raise by spiel..1 rate in addition
t, all nth..- rates each year dut-ltiK the
currency uf the said debentures the sum
nl One Thousand Seven Hundred und
> ... inv.i.vc an.l 50-100 Dollars (Hi-
7,.-, .-.ni.
AND WHBRBAS In order tn rals" the
said yearly sum of tin,* Thousand Seven
Hundred an.l Seventy.th,- and f.O-lOn
I'ollfirs (fl.775.50) an equal special rate
m. the dollar wlll be required in be levied
on the whole rateable property of the
i'ltv nf N'-w Westminster.
AND WHBRBAS th.- whole rateabl.
pruj.ciiy ut tn,* sml cii>* accordlnx In th'-'
last reused Assessment Hull thereof In
Brventeen Million une Hundred and Fifty-
seven Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty
Dollars . $i7.i.'.7H<(i.(io).
AND  WHBRBAS the total amount or1
ih,.  ex.siitu;  debenture  debl  .-(   tho  sold
civ  is  feur  Minimi Ti...iv.-i,,-'.!  Thousand nnd Five Hundred Dollara itl.nriK,-
   Irrespective of the Bums proposed
tn i.e misc.I under II.I.. Ily law and tl."
s.reets I ni.r.,ven...nl Debenture Hy-law:
1118, "Waterworks Bxtenslon D benturo
lie law IIU," "Fire Hulls Debenture li
law IB 18s" "Until Bxtenslon Debenture
in* la-v   IIU,"  "Puhllc Sch....Is   Debenture
By law   IIU, Uv   Stables   Debenture
Hv-law 111!" and "Sewers Debenture By
law IIU." "t which tmiie uf Uu- ptlneip.il
or Interest   Is  lu  nrr, ,*. ra.
NOW    Till'. UK l'i III K      lhe       Mu.lcli.il
Council ..r tiie Corporation nf Uje city
I.,- N'-w Westminster enacts ns follows:
1, I. shsll l��. lawful fur the Mavur of
ithe said City to raise by Way of lunn
I frnm nny person nr persons, bony nr bod-
les corporate, who may he wIlllnK to ad-
i vance the snme on tlie credll of lh. debentures  hereinafter mentioned,   nnv  sum
..inters.*-.,.'   bv   i'..-   l-r.-usu-, ,*   thereof, j arP  tvorkliiK  together  for
:        -"n  Dcbcn,'^;::;'^^ there must be one
::   Th.    Ba|d   debentures   shall   !������   pav-     '.'' "nnd "illy, that guides the opcra-
able mi  th..*  llrst day  nf  July,   lues,  at ! tions, otherwise there Ib chaos.
Plac-  ..r places as  the Council  of |    But to say that a person who is at
one time   "part of a machine"  Is in-
sald  Corporation  may   frnm   time
I tlm��   appoint   with   tin-   approval   nf   the
holders thereof and shsll hear li.tcr.-st ...
Bxtenslon   By-law   IIU,"  "City    Siai.l ..
Debenture Hy-law  UU" and "Sewers 1 '������ -''"
I*.nl...,-  By-law   UU,"  ..f which  none of
in.   principal ��>r Interest Is in arrears
Niv.v    TiiKUi-.ioiii:    ii..*    Municipal ��"��� "'"i'V1" ',"r '"'",,"'",i',"J,   VT'li
Councll   ..f   lie*   Corporation  uf   tin-   city   payable half  yearly on  the flrat  das   of
,,f N.w Westminster macis an follows:       January end tl'" llrst day of Iu yJin wch
1. It shall I..- h.wful for the Mayor ol ':,n'1 "'"ry ,v'-"' and the dcbenturM shall
. aald City to raise bv wav of lonai from  have  attached  to  th.in   .-.u|..ns   t..r  the
IMr    ��   hndy   o    ���''hu   i.'-'s   Ppvmel.l   of   Inleres,   which   sold   coupons
who may be wllllhg t.. advance ��ha" "" ��'��Md ''-'' tho Si"'1 M"ynr*
un th- credit of in.- debentures      �����   f   special   rut i   the   dollar   shall
���  m. ntlun.il  any   sum  or  sum..'be levied and raised in each  yenr In ad.
tint ex -ding In the whole th.*. dn Inn  I., all other rates nn all tli" rate-
rwenty-flve   Thousand    Dollars  able |.rup.ri> in He* Cltv Bufnctent t
the   Sill...
herein., ft
of   ....'.I'V
sum    nf
(136,000.00) r..r such sums of money ail the Interest upon the debentures and to
mav be required nol less than 1100.00 each [create a slnklnK fund i.r the payment of
or an equivalent expressed In pounds the principal thereof when due. aubjeot
sterling ..f the United KltiKdnni of Great  to any  nct  or  enactment   respecting   the
I   :.l  u   value  nf  ��1 v.'.C   san. ',
llritain  and   Ir,
io iiu* ininii,i sterling
l.eutiir.s shall  I.e seal
and   all   such   de
1  with  the  S...1  ..f I
S'**."      IS*
.1  In
the Mayor
Treasurer thereof
..r persons as may !>���
sh.-.ii be payabl
the corporation, sign
.*,.uni.>rstgned by the
by such other is-tsnn
thereunto lawfully a
3. The said debenti
nn  the  llrst  day   ..f
pin r places an th
Corporation  may   fr,i
point   with   the   approval  of   the
thereof, ...ul shall bear Interest at the rat.
f five per centum par annum payable half
flrsl  day
of  July  In
f January
each   an.)
I   shall   have   ;,
upniis f..r the payment   ,',.
yearly  on  tl:
lh.*   llrst   dav
Var   ...ul   th
Inched to tin
of  Interest  which  Snld
signed hy th" suld  Mav
I    A   dpi dul    rate   on
I.e I, *,l,-,| und   rals. d  In
.nu..ii tn i,ii other rati
able property   |n   t|,��� cil
lie*   mi, rest   upon   tlu-  d.h. ..tur.
.-na..��� a Hlnkini:  fund  fur (he p.
Un*   principal   there.r  wjien  d..
to   nny   act   or   ciuulniesl    nrrip.
li. Subject  us  aforesaid  there  shall  Is.
raised  annually   by  spi clal   rati, as  afnl-e-
s.ii.i during ti... currency of the nai.i ��ic-
Ixt.tur.s the sum ..r One Thousand Tw..
Hundred   .....1   Fifty   Dollars   (11,210 >nn I
fm* th.- payment ..r Interest  thereon nnd
tin-   sum   nf   |.-u���   Hundred   and   Twenty-
...ul (u.-ion Dollars (1121.10) to pro.
r..r ihe repayment of the principal
:'    Sublecl   :.s   af..resull   ther-
rals. d annually hv special rat.- ns nfm-e-
iald uurlng the currency of the suld debentures it..- sum of T.-.i Thousand ($l(��.-
000.00)   Dollars for II." pavm��nt ..r Interest thereon and the sum nf Ons Thuusand
Seven    lluiult-.sl   and    S.-v.sity-lhree   and
July,  1043,  nt  such 11o-io.i Dollars (11,778.10)  in provide for
......ell  nf the said   th,.  repayment  nf  Ihe  principal,
lime   tn   nine   ap- |     ,-,   .,,���. proceeds of  til" sal" of the said
holders | debentures shall he applied as follows .md
.mt otherwise,-  Towards paying ihe .-.st
..r the passing of u.'s By-law and tlie Is-
coupons sh.iii i.e
ir, ,
the dollar shall
each  year  In  u.l
un  nil   the  rate.
SUfllCil lit   tn  IM
s mill to
ivtn. nt ...
".   suhj.cl
cling   lhe
f ih" debentures therein ro.
���ud ill expenses connected with
,- ��� ... ti*..- ..aid loan .*....! ih" hub
h.   pot i over frntu  lime to tiin**
is requl -.1 l.y the Olty Treasurer to the
,sue and s
*>' 1 f.-rred to
eral i.ers mn .. whom moneys .il* pay.
7     Tl  1 .    ll.'l'W    Sl ..II    Like   iffeet    Oil    I lie
���|.s.  '!..*.   ���' J.  11* 13. and ...ay be cited
is  ii...  "streets  Improvement  Debenture
Hi    -a   tw13.'���
��. This Hv law before the ilnnl passing
tlnr. nf    Shsll    tie. lve    lhe    lissen:    nf    the
Blectora "f lhe m.i.1 Clt* l'i tb" manner
reqslred by l.ivt.
DONB and imssv'.D In Open council
oh the 5th day of Mny.  1111.
nil   lh.. dliv   ���
il... .i.r Of
callable at another time of individual
action is absurd, otherwise we should
not see so many ex-soldiers and nail-
orH such extremely bandy and useful
persons. If all military drill Is to be
forbidden, then let us declare honestly that the Scout movement is
purely educational and nothing more,
and let ub abandon such things as uniform, arms (or staves), shooting, and
all other things which have any military sound about them.
Otherwise let ub say our movement
is not a military one and our aim ls
not to train boys to be soldiers, but
that we recognize In military drill
and discipline a valuable meana of
training boys to be smart, quick and
"A very large number of scoutmasters are men who have been though,
or who are now engaged in military
I raining of some nature, and If these
men are to be retained hi the movement Borne latitude must .be allowed
them in this matter, beoause to the
majority it Ib most distasteful to command a body of Individuals, who bave
not been trained to lot quickly ami
smartly on llie word   if command."
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
s.sciit oi  the Blectora
,1 it'13.
nn.l   tin.illy   passed
Massaiiinm BHAVING
Special > Treatment of lhe sral|
hy Vihro-MaBBuge and (Hover's Fain
uus Stimulating Tonics
DAVID BOVLE. 35 Eighth St.
���mm   ,.������   T. n   TB
|-P.e   thl-.e     !>.'.!
>Mi   ���" 'II.i-l
.*Mii.l   yearly sum
. I .1  np*  ...*,   I*
|���    |.v|
r the n.iid debentures ilm
i,iunnM ' L'.-. itunilri.l and
Inn  c-n-MliJ.nn).
..-   ..,   ....le-  li   nh"   the
..* iin.nvi an n-i equal spe-
h.i.'i-- win h~ r. Ired In
whole rateable property
,,f tu.   ci|,- ,.*   \- tv  \^'.-slmlnnler.
AND   W "'���: P I-'. '"���       wl.nl"     r.lc.'.le
nropertv ..r lb" -.id citv onordlns to lh"
I ,mi   revised    '���"' '���"'    I'oll   II" i'   .'     I'
Miyeute.ii Mil.'-.I. One Hundred net ' "iv
ueyen TI.....H.....I N'lne Hundred ...id Forty
l,,,ii.,. ,  m - .- ..." nn,.
AND WHURIUAB lh'* '.'tni nm" in1 "'
p... existing debentures debt ..f tie* Mid
<-lp- |n Foil" Minion Thlrtv-elghl Thou-
,���-,.! i-ive Hundred Dollars (H.08I.;
'.nnnni Irrespective of Hi- sums pronoiietl
In be rallied under thin llv -law dud II. e
��� ���-.ife. is imi.ru\.'i.ieni Debenture By low
IIII," "Waterworks Extension D"henluro
nv-law UU," "Flee llnllH Debenture H.
p.w  nir* "FaIiii.i'V.ii    iiuiiding,.   .....i
IVn,.,,   luhentiii-e   |p..|nw   IIIPI."  "Public
H'-hooln   li. I., nl.ire   Ilv-law    lljl, Itv
���Hlnhl-n    Dehentule    Ilv-law       inU''       and
"���i.lirhi    Bxtenslon    Dehenture     By-law
1!llJ," of wblcb  none <if lhe  principal or
""NOW    THBRBpSiRffl    tho    Municipal *ald during the currenoy of the aald du-
of money nol exoeedlnj hi the
ie num ..r Tw.-uti -live Thousand
tlUU,010.10) fnr Much sums nf
n may be required nol Icnn than
lien fin inch nr an equivalent expressed
In pniuul-H sterling ..r the United Kingdom
i.r orest Hrltnln and Ireland nl a value
of . ..1(11 to the pound Bterllng; and all
such debentures shall bo sealed with tb"
s. .1 of ihn Corporation signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by the Treasurer
Ihereof "*. by such other person or persons .*.-. in-*.-, be thereunto lawfully au-
2, The h.iI.i debentures shall bo payable
mi lhe tirsl dav uf J"lv. IMS. al nuch
nluce iu places an the Councll uf Ibe m:.IiI
CorporaUon may from lime to time np-
..,.,,. with He* aoproval nf the holders
thereof, und nhall hear Interest nt the
rate of '*.<��� per oentum per nunuin puv-
���ll.le |���ilf y, u.h nil the llcl dny of Jllll-
u.i-v   antl   lhe   llrxl   day   of   July   III   each
ind every v>ni- and the debentures shall
have iiilnche.l in ihem coupons fur the
pavmenl of Interesl which said coupons
slu.ll In- signed hv tin- mild Mavor,
,1 A special rate on the dollar Hhall I.e
levied .ud raised In ench yonr hi uddllh.il
tn ull other rnl.n nt. nil lhe ralenbie prop
.���in* lu the city Hiilllclent lo pay the Interest upon tiie debentures and to create n
shilling fund fnr the paymenl of the principal   thereof   when   due,   subject    tn   nay
Act ..'��� enactment respecting tne same.
4. Subl. ct an aforesaid there snail be
raln-d niunially bv Hpcclnl  rale oh afore-
, J    I ���'��� hr ���-.!. of the Hale of the hi Id .
debentures hIu.ii i..* applied aa follows snd city Clerk                     Mayor
tint   otherwise.   -T.iwnr.ln  paving  tl,.. ,. .st
nr lie* panel..k vr ihls  |ly |:,w nml  lhe  Is- TAKU NOTICE! lhal 'he ubove In a true
sue  ami  Hah-  nf   th,.  debentutea   therein cops  of the proposed By-las  upon which
referred   tn  nnd   nil   expenses  connected the vote of the Municipality will bo taken
wnn ih,. issuance of the h.iI.i loan and the on tho  Doth day  of  May.   IIU,  between
*'".ll   he   paid  uyer   from   Hqp-  to the linurn uf NlneVclOoK a   .... and Seven
in... as required by il
it.,, several persons o
7 Thin By-law nhall lake effect on the
He t day ..r June. p..|;i, ,,,���| ���m>. |,��� ,.(,,.,,
'-'   'V.e   "I'll"   Halls   Debenture     By-law
v This By-law before tl... final passing
thereof    Hle.ll     r He    the    unnetlt    uf    the
l.l.ctui-i of  tlm said  City   In  the  manner
required he lew*
,, 'ViH,K ,AND. ''VSMI'" In Open Councll
lhe tl rt li d.r* of .May. IIU,
P.r.cKUKD the assenl of tho BJlectors
mi    lhe dny   nf . 19U.
RBCONSIDKRIHD and llnnllv passed
ti..- day   nf liin.
.- city Treasurer t.
Whom   tnnnevH  ar.
p.    m
IhlW'llIK    P
vir. *
e   I
1 .
���, 1
'Ily   Hall.
���nth  Slreel
d (
City  Cl.
II,   S
ter,  ll. C,
-  Ml
city Cl.-rk.
T VKi;
I I'Ue enpv
Which lh.
be taken
NOTICE   thnt   th.
of  ih.-  proposed
VOtO   nf   tlle   Mi .
...  the 10th day
' 'I
���h illty
May.  1
In   a
��rk -a.  tu.
between   the   linurs   nf   Nil.,    .
and Sev.n o'clock p. m, ut .
places,   vl/,.
The Council Chamber, citv
No,  .  Fire    i   I   Rappertoi.,
No.  ..hire  H    '      ..|.|.,.���it,  street.
Ami Crane's Building, yi unburn.
City   Clerk
cily iiaii   New Westminster, is. c
May 81b. 1913. (12;
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best I'oul Tables In the city. Kim
line of t'leant and Tobacco. Kpnrtltu
���vents bulletined.
A   O.  flf��TON    Prnorletor
WeSiin Ulster
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  185.      Barn Phone 13.
Begble Street.
Hagftage Dellveis4 Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
Established     Assets
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ...    1849 $   8,000,000
Cuaranteed by tho North British       Mercantile
Insuranco Co. of I-ondon      1809 105,000.000
Palatine Insurance Co. of London     1886 9,000,000
Guaranteed hy the Commercial Insurance Company of London     1861 90,000,000
NiaRara Klre Insurance Co. of New York       1S50 6.000,000
Bvea Klre and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden ..    1866 14,000,000
Westminster  Trust  Block Phone 52.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
in [Sitting with tho greatest favor wherever laid.
Light and Heavy Hauling
New Spring and Summer Suitings
now on display.    See them.    Perfect
fit ond -workmanship guaranteed.   701
Krout Street
Bltulithic on Second Street,
New Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre,
Illtullthlc Is uolseloss, non-slippery, practically dustless, eaay on
horses' leet, and, above all, particularly durable. Por these reasons
Illtullthlc Ib commended highly by owners of automobiles aud horses,
lioiutcholders, and city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
lu Canada, and over two hundred In the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vanoouver.
TUESDAY,  MAY 13, 1911
Remember  the  Place ���
33 Eighth Street.
And the Telephone
We will sell Smith's Grape
Juice for 20c! per bottle. Regular 25c. and No. 1 quality.
Imported Sardines, 4 tins 25c.
hlbby's  Tamales,  2 tins  25c.
Oysters, 2  tins 25c.
Herring and Haddock, 2 tins
25c.    Regular 20c.
Quart jars of Honey, pure
white clover, per Jar 75c.
3 pkgs, 16 oz. Raisins, 25c.
Royal City Tea, 3 lbs. $1.00.
Paragon Pickles, 4 oz. per
bottle, 25c.
Strawberries, large baskets,
2 for 45c.
Asparagus,  per bunch,  15c.
Green Peas, 15c. per Ib.
Grape Krult, 3 for 25c.
Oranges, per dozen, 50c, 45c,
40c, 35c,  30c
Westholm Butter, 3 lbs. $1.00
Public Supply Stores
L. L, ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
The Overseas Club will hold another of Ihelr whist drives in More-
ton ball, Kdmonds,, on Friday evening
of this week.
St. Peter's Altar society will hold
a card party in St. Patrick's hall on
Thursday evening, May 15. (1290)
The county court opens Its regular
monthly sitting today and will Bet
dates for trials and advance other
routine business.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1204)
��� Although there was a fair turnout..
it was decided by thoBe present to
postpone the annual meeting of th-^
Y. M. C. A. scheduled for last evening
until next Tuesday. It ts thought'-
that there will be an even better attendance on that date.
Raymond sewing machine for sale,
in flrst class order, only $15.00. C.
N. Edmondson & Co.. corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth street.        (1275)
The May Day general committee,
which was announced to meet tonight,
will not do so. The meeting has
been postponed until next Tuesday
evening on account of Mr. J. J. Cambridge's absence in Nanalmo on assize duty.
The musical recital which had becn
arranged to take place at the Colum
bian college next Friday has been
postponed indefinitely. This was decided on owing to the bereavement of
Miss Smith, one of the teachers,
whose siBter died recently in Toronto,
and also owing to the many interup-
tlons in the work this term.
A man named Peters was taken to
the Royal Columbian hospital early
this morning suffering from cuts and
bruises sustained when running away
from a constable who was going to
tirrost lum on a charge of being intoxicated. His Injuries were of a
minor character and he will probably
appear before the beak this morning.
Mrs. d'Kasum will not receive to
Mr. William Schanz, of Victoria,
a visitor In the city.
Mr. James C. Lee, of Lynn Creek,
is In the city for a few days.
. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wallace, of Nelson, are among the   guests   at   the
Mr. G. A. Buckley, of Aldergrove,
Vas a. visitor In the dry during the
week end.
Mr. Thomas Holland and wife, of
Chicago, paid a flying visit to the
city yeBterday.
Mr. Harry Bilodeau haa returned
from Portland where he was attending Columbian university.
Mr. P. O. Bilodeau has gone to
Montreal to pay a visit to his son
and two daughters, who are attending
college there.
Mayor Mars, of Coquitlam. came to
the city on business yesterday morning and returned to the Port City-
later in the day.
Plans Laid for Event to Come Off in
Plans for New Westminster's llrst
Cliauiaui|im were discussed at a
meeting of ministers and laymen cf
the various city churches, who gathered In the Y. M. C. A. last evening.
Tlie Chautauqua will be held some
time during July and an effort will be
made lo obtain the use of the horse
show building in Queens park for the
occasion, lf necessary a huge tent
will be brought by the Ellison-White
Chautauqua System pejrde, who will
provide the features of tlie gathering.
Each      church      and      temperance
society  in  the  city  will  be  asked to
appoint  four delegates  to  a commit- i
tee or which  Rev. W. W. Abbot will
be convener.
So  Singh  Says���But  He  Hat Got to
Prove It.
Chung Blng Gee. employed In one
of the Chinese storeB In the lower section of the city, was placed under arrest last evening following an information laid by a Hindu, Faty Singh,
who complains that Gee had robbed
him of $27. According to the latter's
story, told the police, he entered a
ChineBe store with $27.10 in his possession intending to spend the extra I
ten cents for vegetables. Gee served
Wm with the vegetables and not only
picked up the ten cents, but laid claim j
to the $27 in bills, which he gave,to
another oriental, who made off with
Gee's arrest followed, several of his ;
friends later showing up at the police
BtaOon  and  depositing  $100  bail   for
bis appearance before Magistrate Ed- I
raonds in court this morning.
luiIsi-W-m pijtoRiM- tmw B��r��(NS
vt-v.   :x    i
Pictorial Reviews and Pattern Sheets for May are in today. We are having
splendid sales of these patterns, they are so advanced in style and retail at popular prices, 10c. and 15c.
First Counter to left as you enter the store.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Try    the    15c   and    35c
lunches at the Nutshell, Room 3, Dominion Trust building. (124G)
The Progressive Association will
confer this week with the officials of
the B. C. E. lt. and S.S. Transfer companies and endeavor to make arrange,
ments for tourist excursions from
i Vancouver to New Westminster and
| points on the Fraser, Pitt river and
Pitt lake.
Mr.  R.  H.  McMillan  and  Mr.  Fred
Bummer I Robertson   were   among   yesterday's :Thist-e c,ub Formed Unde
arrivals from   Victoria und  are regis
tered nt the iiussell hotel
A large and representative meeting
Miss  Mabel  Lanning,  a  student at;of Scottish residents In the city  was
Columbian college, has left for her-1 held last night In tie Eagles' hall. Mr,
bome In Ladner to attend the funeral j David  lloyle presided.
of lier father/,  who died on Sunday. A    social    club    was    formed    and
Mr.  .Ii.lm  W.  Chamberlain, for  the,named the Thistle Club,
last two yeurs a member of the cleri- ,    The  principal  objects  of  the    new
cal staff   ef   the   Brunette   Sawmill institution are to promote social inter
company, left last night for Victoria, (course  among  Scottish  residents    ol
A   Hard-man,   the   cake   man.
GetI where he has received a lucrative ap-
Would You
Like To Know
how things will go with
those dependent on you
when you are gone ?
If so, why not now set
aside a portion of the
estate you will leave?
You may place it in
the care of this company to handle.
You can thus sec exactly how it Mill be handled. You can prove the
efficiency we Claim.
You can study the methods employed���the efficiency in actual operation.
Not only that, but you
may see just how the
beneficiary of such a
fund spends the income
Call in and let us tell
you more of this plan.
good   bread.    Eighth   Street
Telephone 231.
Mr. Dean Maxwell, of Fourth
avenue, hus returned from Toronto,
Rev. J. A. Petrie. the new pastor Uhere he finished his second year in
of St. Alden's Presbyterian church, U^g Bchool 0f applied science. He has
will preach the senium at iiie indue- acc,,,,t���d a position with the Canadian
.;..:. . : llev. A. McCauley as PW-jtorof | Northern  railway's engineering staff.
Mr.  H.  V. S. Muskett, of Victoria,
| secretary  to the lieutenant  governor,
has wired to the Russell  hotel  for a
suite of rooms for Lieutenant Gover-
the Dundus Street Presbyterian I
church, Vancouver, which will take 1
place this evening.
l.ow  round  trip  rate  to San  Fran-
Cisco, Cal.    On  May  Iti and   17    the
'Ireat    Northern    Railway    will    sell'
round  trip  tickets  to  San   Francisco,
al   $.'17.90,   good   for    return    passage
July  111,  WIS. (1271(1
ThiB has so far proved the wettest
I season in  New  Westminster of which
thu city  engineer's ofTice has record.
. L'p to noon yesterday the rainfall fori
I the year reached 23.89 inches, a pre-!
Iclpltatlon only  reached on August lj|
last year. For the corresponding]
period last year. May 18, tho rainfall J
was 15.4 inches. Within the last two/
-!nys S.lfl Inches of rain fell. I
Floridora for the bi\T is prepared
lln New WeBtmlustef. Patronize the
I products of llie Fraser valley, Tele-
: phone 339, Price 35c, Frank Jeal,
! 1127 Seventh avenue, city,        (12431
the city and district l.y gatherings
festive and literary. Ladies are
eligible for membership, and all ot
Scottish desceni or Interested In
Scottish affairs. The constitution and
rules submitted by the organizing
committee were considered and approved of.
The badge of the club will be of
Fraser tartan. The following ofTice
bearers were appointed: Honorary
president. T. Gifford, M.P.P.. honorary vice-president, Peter Peebles;
president, David lloyle; vice-presl
dent, David norland; secretary and
treasurer, W. .1. Groves, 211 Westmin
nor Paterson, who will be a visitor
In tin* city this evening and tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. John Graham returned stir Trust building,
last evening from their honeymoon : General committee: 1). S. Cameron
trip through Washington and Oregon J. L. Hogg, W. Wilson, D, Ferguson
and are staying at the homo of the'w. Allan and W. Watson,
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. i Ladles committee: Mrs. D. lloyle.
Sworder, Linden avenue. Kdmonds, I Mrs, Cameron, Mrs. Duncan. Mrs
until their new home on Eighth street , Watson    Miss  Groves  and   Miss  Qal
DISTRICT LOTS 171 and 172
Undeniably the best view property in or around the City, and as such will
command the highest prices for residential purposes. We can deliver a few lots
below the market price, for a few days, as the owners wish to realize some ready
Two lots close to Connaught Hill station, B. C. E. Ry., $600 for the two, half
cash, balance in six and twelve months.
Two choice lots on the top of the hill, overlooking everywhere outdoors,
$1000 for both, quarter cash, balance fi, 12 and 18 months.
Three (triple corner) very fine lots, very close to the top of the hill, with the
finest view of river, mountain and Delta, $1500 for the three, third cash, balance
in six and twelve months.
175 feet on the River road, running to full width open street in the rear and
on the beautiful Marine drive, $3500, $1000 cash, balance over 18 months.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street New Westminster, B.C.
Is completed.
The  committee    will    meet    ut an
early date in the Labor Temple.
hANSINO���The  funeral  ot  Mr.   W.
1. Lanning, of Ladner.    who    passed
away   on   Sunday   afternoon,   will   be
held this afternoon from the    family :
residence to the Boundary Day ceme- \
t> ry.
Dominion T!
Company, Ltd.  !
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid  up  Capital  and  Surplus
Assets       4,978,161.05
Trusts und ir Administration
Trusteeship: lor Bondholders
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New WoBtmlnster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, ltegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium.
A short session of the l-ocal Council of Women was held yesterday
afternoon in the st. Stephen's Presbyterian church, the chief item of business being the receiving of the
nominations from the various affiliated societies of candidates to nil the,
two positions on the board of management of the Uoyal Columbian bos-
pital. The election will be carried
on by mail and lhe results will be announced some time next month.
Floridora for the hair Is fragrant
and effective, it chases disease and
gives the Imir follicles the required
.'(.wishineiil to stimulau  growth.
Over 3B0 voting Blips have been
mailed to residents In New Westminster and district -by the BC"retary of-
the   Progressive   Association   f"r   the
purpose   of   taking   :\   vote   as   \Z.
whether  the  Progressive  Association
will turn 6ver to the publicity com-1
Wl��"^oni i- all publicity work niul Uku ,
up the question of appointing ��" Id-
duatrlal   commissioner,    TbM8   sl.ps
musl be returned to the officii of the I
lation on or   before   Saturday,.
Maj  17,
Building -material,   cement,   lime,
hard plaster, gravel,   Band,   crushed
ruck, fuel oil und all kinds of lowing
Apply ihe ii   C   Transport Co., Ltd.]
I'll..lie   H2i
Sapperton and Queen's Park Trams
Mix It Up.
Shortly nfter 6 o'clock yesterday
evening the Queen's l'ark car following close Ik hind the Sapperton car,
both outward bound, crashed Into It,
shivering the glass windows of both
to frag-ients and causing a momentary
ROSS- The funeral will take place
this afternoon at 2 o'clock of Miss
Catherine Uoss,    who   died    In    if.-
Royal Columbian hospital on Saturday {alarm to -^o passengers,
afternoon at the age of 70 years. Ser- j    No  one  was  injured    f-xrept    the
vies will be held at the family real- motorman  of the Queen's  I'.-irk  cur ,
dence and  interment  will take place.who was considerably shaken up.
In the city  cemetery. The   front   woodwork  and   glass  ot
 .                              .the  Queen's   l'urk   ear     were     badly
PHILLIPS���A    large    number   of smashed and tbe rear of the Sapperton
friends  attended  the  funeral  yester-'car slightly.
dav afternoon of the late Mrs. Serena 1    The bump occurred at the west end
Phillips    who  died  in  tho  Hoyal  Co-,of  Albert  Crescent  and  the  accident
lumbian   hospital  on  Thursday.    The  delayed  the  llurnaby  car  which
services were held 111 the undertaking j making for Vancouver.
parlors  of  Murchle  & Son,  Uev,    O. I          "
llorge, of  Vancouver, officiating.  The) COON  IN  WOOD  PILE.
remains were laid to rest In the city i 	
cemetery Mayor   <vtars   cf   C.^ultlam   Nails
Deceased was 21  years of age   fthd I Baseless Rumor,
leaves a baby and    her husband    to I
Ita mains laid and the majority of tbe
residences connected up within GO
days after the commencement of the
work. i
Old Mississippi Drops.
New (irleiins. May 12 The crest
of the 1913 flood has passed ...ii the
Mississippi river into the Quit of
Mexico, falling stages were recorded
today at all pi.nils along the Mississippi ....nili of St. Louis, except al
New Orleans,    where the gauge    was
J. H. Todd's Music House
419   Columbia   Street.   New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical   Goods  of  all   Kinds.  PHONE  694
Lumber Schooner Ashore.
San Francisco, May LJ. The
schooner Oakland went ashore today
on the north spit of the Siuslaw rivet
while in tow i.f the tug Elroacoe, Tho
Oakland's deckload of lumber has
been jettisoned and the vessel is resting in un easy position. She wnn
was  bound from the Siuslaw river for Han
, Francisco,
701  Columbia Street
PLone 57
mourn her loss.    She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Hoyal
Wharf phone 880-  11S0��) I driver    Of
A serious lire broke OUl yesterday
in,,ruing In the home of Mr. Thomas
llutt.-rlleld, ul the corner of Four-
leetitb slreet and Fifth avenue, and
I,.fore the boys from lire halls 2 and
". could extinguish the blazu upwards
Of J600 damage had been done. Th"
lire was the result of a defective flue
and   first   broke   out  In   the   wai'  ad
Driver  Fined  In  Police  Cour'.���Team-
I ster Also Gets Reminder.
Percy P Kinney, a machinist, N'ew
Westminster, was found guilty todj
of running into and smashing a    rig	
belonging to George Btrtch, Edmonds, \***r ������  -
on   Eighth   streel,   last   Friday,    lie
was lined |60 aim eOBtS,
Mr.     Kinney    had    mado    h  cross
change imputing the blam*   to   lha
the rig. Edward Swan
failed to convince Magls.
trate Kdmonds, and Bwantoun ��as
The case Involved the law of the
road, lights on th'i automobile and
the warning toot. Thorn was a greal
deal of cross Swearing lu the case.
John llrers. u teamster, was lined
JI and costs for driving over the side
���walk on Sixth street contrary to a hy
Mayor Mars has given an emphatic
denial to the reportB being circulated
in Port Coqultlam that th<> council Iris
nn Intention of introducing water far
domestic purposes to the residents nn
the north side of the city tor two
years. He ascribed the report to o
malignant desire lo defeat the water
works bylaw which will be voted on
tomorn w.
Tl... mayor declared that if the by-
.1 the city would have
Forty years in use, 20 yssrs the
Standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Women's Ailments, Dr. Martel's Female Pills, at
your drugglBt.
Call now and inspect our
complete   line   of   Spring
High   C
Boost Home Products
Made from Choicest Malt and Bohemian Hops.
Ask for it.
L.idies   and
in. ������   "I  lirnfonolns
in 11.. ii .-..*;.I world
i t. produi ing not n
in .. I ii 1.1. til., 1    iiiuslc.
aro  win.
They ...
i. r.-ly   ..:.
but   every
l.orne   Street,    N>
00(1 Main Streel
.w   Weatmlnster
ilaw affecting the practice. The court
said the fine was nominal In this oc
cmiWvri, but If the offence was repeat
|ed he would Inflict a far heavier penalty.
Developing and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for 'b1-
List prices.
Curtis Druj Store
joining the chimney. The furniture
S in the upstairs rooms was ruined, but
.neighbors assisted In saving lh ��� con*
items of the lower rooms. The bulM |
I Ing was covered by Insurance, bul
, tbere was no Insurance on tho con-
j tents.
A memorial service as a tribute to |
'memory  of  the noted  pioneer divine, j Removal  or  Retention  of  Building  at
i llishop Crldge, will be    held    In-   Ht. Coquitlam a  Burning Theme,
j Paul's Church, Royal avenue, on Sun-1    Keen feeling Is again manifested In
day next, at   7    p.m.    As   the   late {the burning question now before the
! venerable  bishop  bad   a  large  circle
t.f admiring friends In New Wealinln-
I Ster a large congregation Is expected
h.sb ..i Inntrunicnta) music with It Adellly
Unit is no le-an thai llnwl. ts-*Ibe violin,
the 'cello, thn harp, il.v Hub-, th.- clarinet.
Hi., cornel    ..II  lh.   v, lu.J  lustrum, nil,  all
in.* Inatrui  ..f bands and orchpstrrui
nil tho instrumental music of all tho
Not only this, but ill"' iiiiiiiuti vi.lo-
is now s*> perfectly recorded and so flaw-
i.siiv reproduced lhal tho home without
n COLUMBIA hss beoamo ns Incomplete
t.s ti I'l.in., wiii..,i.i ,*. Keyboard, "HEAR-
Ilornlusa  M-sehln-M  from  lis.on  inch  to
111,11 00 each.
146  Columbia   Street Phone 453
Successor to
Groceries  Flsh and Produce.
Phone 98. 447 Columbia  St.
See Bickell About It
if your Fire Insurance Policy is about to expire and
renew it in the
"NORD-DEUTSCHE," thc Bis Insurance Company
322 Westminster Trust Bid)?.
Phone 1299
IThe bishop's favorite hymns
I sung,  and a  special sermon
preached by the rector.
bill be
citizens of l'ort Coqultlam, the re
tnoval or iiiinremoval of the C, P. It
depot al Westminster Junction. Tha
signatures to the rival petitions are;
for   the   retention'of  the  present   Bite
number 437, those for iis removal 417,
a majority ot no for non-removal.
The subject will be debated before
the railway commission at Its session
In  Vancouver on  the  19th  Inst,
Building Permits.
Building permits  wre taken    oul
from the building Inspector's Office by
and  SEEDS,
Phone 48;  L. D. 71;  Res. 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
Public  Meetlnos.
A public meeting of the ratepayers
'Will be held al Johnson's hall, Sapper-
I ton, on  Wednesday, the  Uth Inst., at
R  p.m.,  and  al   the Council  Chamber,  the  following property owners lo the
City Hall, on Thursday, the Kith Inst, amounts mentioned: Westminster
al 8 p.m., for the purpose of discuss-1 Truni company, bridge across light
ing the loan bylaws on which a vote | well In Westminster Trust block, $960;
of the qualified electors will be taken : H, and H. Ashcroft, (Hover avenue, lion the HOtli Inst. 'roomed portion of bungalow, $250; T
W, A. DUNCAN, I J. Chambers, platform and stage in
City Clerk. | queen's l'arlt, $200, antl J. llanford,
Cltv Hall   May 13, 1913.             (130-1) I Fourth street, poultry houBe, $160,
Home For Sale
No   1    H.re  is a splendid  home for sale cheap,   ln a good locality near Qt n's l'urk and n ew school.
It  has  seven   large  comfor table  rooms  with  every  modern  convenience;   full  basement;   on  a   large lot, 66x182 feet.
This place Is below vulue and   the   terms   are  nuch  that  almost
anyone can  handle  It. ......
PRICE,  -xAAOO, $750  CASH, balance monthly.   II yon want to buy
a home let ns ahow you this place.
Agents  lor  Pacific  Coast   Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers'   LtaMMy,  AutpnuifalU   and
Marine tn��ur��nc��.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St
and 4.30 p.m.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS 6 and fi.ir. n.m.
and every K. minutes until li
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at mld-
SATURDAYS 15 minute iu-r
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS ii, 7, 7.30 S nnd
S.;��i and every 16 minutes until
11 p.m, with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REGULAR  SERVICE��� 6,46 and
6,46 u.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with  late car at  11,80.
hush noun SPECIALS  7 ao
SUNDAYS   X a.m. and    hourly
until   10   p.m.   with   late   ear  at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS   7 u.in. and every
hour until II p.m.
SUNDAYS   8 nm,   and   every
lniro until 11 p.m.
Connection   Is  made   at     Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on l.ulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS   9.K. a.m.,  1,10 and
6.16 p.m.
l'OINTS -4.05 p.m.


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