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The New Westminster News Mar 11, 1913

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r��- "���**&..
New Westminster,
What attractions does New Westminster offer industries?   Trackage
and  waterfront hHoh, railways and
ocean  transportation.
yg.    .Wf-SfffiTn-iter    Un4.; taxyner
Matfrlajra: Light to moderatoNi^nil
ktfiurtiily *���'
fair and mild diiriiig^JJi-l
m is \m  -1
Bylaw Making Salary of Chief Magistrate of City $2000
per Annum Introduced in City Council���Gas Agreement Under Consideration���Blasting and Liquor License Bylaws���Worthy Appeal for Grant.
R.  A. &  I.  Society and  City Council
Hold Conference and Visit Exhibition  Buildings.
The city council met last night and I Sixth avenue, from Twelfth to Henley
amongst other business transacted j street at J175, were granted,
fixed under a bylaw the mayor's In-; Tha sum of JB00 for repairs to Royal
demnlty at $2000 per annum, the high- ; avenue from Second street to the
est which, under tbo Municipal Boulevard and $150 for repairs to BU-
disuses aet, enn bo granted by a city gin street were iiIbo authorized
or under 20,000 Inhabitants. The sal-, The plans submitted by the city (n
ary of the mayor was formerly $15110.1 glneer showing grades on -till avenue
Alderman Kellington presided at, from fith to 8th street and nlso of 12th
this part of the meeting, the mayor land 18th streets Trom Queen's to 3rd
huvlng retired. j avenue, were approved.
A special meeting of tbe council will j The application of Mr. T. J. Trapp
be held ou Thursday afternoon at 2 j for permission to construct a gasoline
o'clock to consider and iIIscubb the tank on Front street, was referred to
Gas Agreement.
The proposed agreement between
Mr. H. Papst, gaB engineer, and the
city, was rend and Bent to the gas committee for report.
The lending features of it are (1)
That the engineer shall furnish preliminary studies, plans and drawings
sufficient lo Indicate tbe general plan
and character of the gas plant and
system of maliiB proposed on or be-
fure  May 1 next at his own cost.
2. That within 20 dayB after the
return of such preliminary plans by
the ccuncil, with lis revisions and corrections,   the   engineer  shall   prepare
,the engineer,  fire chief and  building
| Inspector  for  report.
Tho  mayor  reported  that  Mr. Con-
,'way.  chief   engineer  of   the   B.C.K.It
would be unable to meet thc council
ias arranged, tomorrow  at   10:30 a.m.
but a later nu cling would be arranged
In due course.
Dangerous Crossing.
Alderman Jardine directed attention
to the urgent need cf an alarm bill at
the dangerous crossing ut the corner
Of Si-.Hi avenue and the next cut. Hc
thought that matter should be taken
up with Mr. Conway.
Other points requiring alarm bells
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ were pointed out. and Alderman
and deliver to the city building plans Lynch advocated the clearing Of one
and specifications for the construe-, pc rllcn of the heavy bush which ob
tlon of the gas plant In accordance structed the view of approuchlng earn
with said preliminary plans and u de-: Alderman Kellington said Mr. Con-
tailed estimate of the cost of the plant | way had promised that be would pine
A conference between the local directors of the lt. A. & I. Society and
the parks committee of the city council was held yesterday afternoon. Matters pertaining to the annual grant
to the society lu connection with its
fall exhibition were discussed.
Both parties subsequently visited
Queen's Park to see what repairs were
necessary and to discuss on the
grounds  thu  proposed  improvements
Deputation Waits on Trustees and Ask for Set Scale
of Salaries.
Burnaby Council Decide to
Extend Water System-
Settlers Benefit.
Horse Deal Occupies    Attention���Redistribution  By-law Is net  Yet
Law���Franchise Next.
Directors of Royal Columbian Hospital
Wlll  Seek  Assistance Towards
New Equipment.
The directors of the Hoyal Columbian hospital met today in the board
of trade room, city hall, ut I p.m.
The board will take up the subject
of Bending deputations tn the surround
Ing rural municipalities uud newly established cities of Port Coqultlam and
Port Moody, with the object of seeur
Ing contributlous towards the equip
ment of the new hospital.
The mayor and aldermen of the city
have signified their willingness to act
on the different deputations lu asocla-
tlon with the directors.
Will  Work for  Benefit���To  Meet thc
Finance Committee of the City
and  system.
3. That he shall call for tenders for
the same.
4. That he shall carefully examine
those tenders when received and pronounce for their acceptance or rejection, assist the council in drawing up
the contracts pertaining to the construction of the plant and mains.
5. That he shall appoint and maintain an Inspector of works to snperln
alarm bells at alt these corners and
:<ld hlin personally that he had onlir
ed them for Twelf li Btreet, Sixth
avenue and the Chinese quarter.
On Ihe suggestion of the mayor tin
clirk was Instructed to write Mr. R
11. Spelling, general manager if tin
company, that the bells were nol In
places In which they had been prom
.sed bst year.
Alderman   Kellington   verbally
liiseiissii.ii over a schedule ot
salaries for school teachers occupied
the most of the attention of lhe school
trustees at a- special meeting Of the
board last night.
The matter was brought up through
a visit from a deputation comprising
seven teachers from the various
schools throughout the city representing the Teachers' Institute, who asked
Kdmonds, March tti���Day labor
versus contract work together with a
horse deal formed the salient features
at the regular council nieotlng held
ibis evening.
The dlBcusslon over the labor question cropped up following the adoption ]
of the  water  superintendent's  report :
that four seitlements be supplied with
water, for at the preBeut time, the re- j
port stated,  the  residents  were  com |
polled to use Burface water. Provision
having been made for lh6 pipe. Reeve
McQregor '.md Councillor Coldicutt ad
voeated  the work being done by day
I labor    bo that    the    actual    settlers
could enjoy plenty of work.   Councillors MacDonald and Fan Vel favored
the work being done by contract with
a    clause    attached     that      Bumaby
settlers be employed, but their motion
was defeated, Councillors MacPberson
and  Stride  supporting the reeve and
Councillor Coldicutt.
The horse deal arose from a claim
of Mr.  F. Besler, of lidltiburg street.
New  Westminster, for Jltiou  for the
loss of a black horse which wns kill
ed by a heavy chunk ef wood thrown
up by a blast near Highland Park last
week.    The clearing wa*. being dont
by municipal workmen.
Mr. Beater, who waa present, stated i,      ��� ,     , .. ,,������ ���,
���n|n_ Unary work leading to the erection of
Vancouver Power Company
Start Preliminary Work
on Plant.
Boundary Road, Eurnaby, Site of New
Distributing Centre���Sapperton
Burnaby Lake, March 10.��� Prelim
One Hour After Parliament Convenes, Members Go Once
More into Committee and Take up Weary Struggle���
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Premier Borden Have Argument���First and Annual Cost of Navy.
Ottawa. March 10.���The house of led out that the premier had invited
commons was back in committee on the opinion of the admiralty as to the
the naval bill less than un hour af- cost of a fleet unit, lie wus extract
ter It convened today. The routine j lug from the reply what he thought re-
prelimlnarles are for the most part! ferred to the point at Issue. Ile had
unimportant and the beginning of an-j no doult the prime minister was try-
othor week of obw ruction was at once I Ing to be fair, but he waB only hu-
under  way. j man  and  he  might be  unconsciously
Sam Sharpe of Ontario, was quoted j unfair.
In the Toronto Star as saying that he      Premier Borden snld he cught to at
was In favor of a Canadian navy.        i least  give him credit  for some com-
"I  am  In favor of the present pro-1 mon sense and ordinary  intelligence.
posals  of  the  government,"  he  said, j and he could tell him that he had laid
"and propose to vote with them."        j before lhe boiiFe everything In the letter  which  referred  to  ship  building.
W. II   White
arose  on   prlv
'I    trust    my    honorable    friend .��
honor," said Sir Wilfrid.   "But not my
added   Mr.   Borden  laugh-
that the claim included the remai
member of the team which be would      - . .
turn over to the council for Ihe $1000.   ,lle Vancouver Power t otnpany, which [debate
Well   Known   Horsemen. |waR announced In The  News several      The  charges  against
With Iteeve McGregor,    Councillor*I  weeks ago as contemplated, was start-1 Coderre which were to bave been air
^^m^m^^^���m ��� iran Vel ami Mxnnhi.rai.fi   well known   ed   yesterday  on  the  property  owned      ' "--   *���    '���"- --  ���������   ���"
that tlm trustee, adopt seme definite if^^^i^ A^ll Ib, the company at the comer of Bonn
ed  yesterday
I .. .   ,. ,.....-,.:.......   . ���-.,.... ,hP I by the company
senile,    l<���",'v1,T,'..'0i,i    V-wcmiver0   council,  the  claimant  wa.  kept busy   dary road and the tracks of the Bur
htiitMHucs    in    \i)j*m>    in    \ uncoil ver,   . ' , ...   .        . K   ..*.      ' ....Kv
South Vancouver and Victoria. for. n te:v m mites outlining the flitter. ' "u��u
,.,,.  .i.,������,-,.i������   ,..���_,  ,���.���-ki,.    ....   ent  and outstanding  features  of  iht   prtiptriji ^^^^
lhe  deputation   was  favorabb     re |4l0iaa��� aIllmal .comprises 80 acrrs of land.
A large gang of men are now on the
to  the
celved by the board, but iio action
was taken on the demands rf the
school teachers, th
matter being laid
J deceased animal.
However,  that   eld  saying  "A poor -   _ ^^^
'settlement Is far better than a costly ,ground  making  soundings  as
over pending the appointment ot    the
lawsuit," won out, Councillor Fau Vel
tend the "construction for six months|no^B^��^thTfl^aVc��.'mmIttia hadi��!F Penain'* "'���' ;" u:l'"* "     "   mutl������
   "  - ���-IPorted that the nnance_comm��tee had |bchocl BUpcrinteI1(leut.    The teachers. ��^--y--kc lhe iior uie wur.
however, were given every assurance I""^ ,2 *'Cp *"" (the building
Victoria, Alberta, uIbo
lege  to  complain  that
ho  had   been  misreported   In   various
papers with respect to stutemuits to t Judgment,"
which  he waB alleged  to have made ] Ing. H	
derogatory to the United Umpire Loy-|    "No," ras Sir Wilfrid's reply,
alists.     He denied  that  he said  any-1    Mr.    MacDonald    said      that      the
thing Ihat could be so construed. memorandum   did   not   show   whether
Sir Wilfrid Laurier complained that the information was prepared by the
a return which had been brought technical officers of thc admiralty or
down with regard to the remission by Bhip building llrms. There was n
ot duties on steel rails was Incom- very material point. Mr. Borden said
plete. The premier promised to look it was clearly the admiralty's opinion.
Into the  matter. Hon.   William   Pugsley  quoted    the
Hon. William Pugsley drew the at-1 rules to show that all communications
tcntion of the speaker und the house : should be laid on the table of the
that the lengthy debate of last week house. Sir Wilfrid said that the let-
had not been reported fully In Ban- ter wa9 either confidential or It wa*
sard.    The premier said that additions, not.     If   it   wa3  conlideniial   then  he
 -   _. iwere being made to the Hansard Staff had nothing to sav. If It was not con-
inanimoth   distributing  station of j In view of the present nature of the  ndehlial   then   It   should   be   brought
I down.
Hon.     Louis|     ������[ |.,avo already explained," replied
_._.-.________________________________^.^._ Mr.  Borden, "that it was in the first
ed in the house todsy. were put off, foptance confidential. But I obtained
until tomorrow ut Mr. Borden's re-t permtallon to layoa the t^lto Ot the
quest in view of the fact that Mr. Co-1 house the information on sbipbuild-
derre was not in the city. j [ng,"
In Committee. -Under the rules of the house," re-
Mr. Cnuthier had the charges In-,, 1-,,d slr \\ilfrid, "the information is
eluded in the motion which he was na wcrth the paper It is written on."
beginning to read to the house when H(J thoUg|,t that the prime minister
the  premier interposed. ha(1 extracted Just what suited him.
The house then  went into commit-      Mr   hoTam   in rep.y, said that   he
Lake line of the B.C.K.R.    The
Is situated  in  Dl..  US and
"foundations    of    the    building while
or longer If necessary. the appoint-1 madc arrangements to
ment, however, not to relieve the en b_ard of worka t0 ^
glneer  of  responsibility ^���^���^���
The  Inspector's dutleB  shall  be  to
see   that   tbe  contracts  are  compiled
with  and  check  tha bills.    The engineer  shall   have  full  authority  to re-' ted "by'Alderman Jardine recommend
Ject  any   material  or  machinery. |,..,   t,...(   Mr   T   ,   chambers  bo    al-
Englneer's Salary. ,ov..p(1  ,() Rlv(, i,--,,.    (.laBa    Pn;ertain
The   engineers   remuneration   shall   _,....,g on _,        .,,,��� ���f    QueeM    park
be n per cent on the total cost of the ,,.,-rv ���V(M1J11K except Sundays from s
plant and   mains, excluding the  price  ,(1  ,;,  ���.c!ock    ror    ���.n     weeks     Mr
of real ent,He if any. Chambers would pay a license fee of
The   percentage  to  be���pal.    as  fob ,      per month.
lows: Two per cent on   he delivery of,     ���,. . ' j     ,  ..
the   preliminary   plans  and   drawings,!     I"1 report was adopted.
-  ..    i     Alderman      Kellington      read      the
2 per cent on
the acceptance of  the j
final   plans   and   tho  balance   on   the "S*"06,,������������"*������*��� report which was
completion of the work. .adopted      It   recommended   that     the
Labor   Bureau. lender of  |89t  by   Mr.  O,  Ix.   Burnett
Mr. T. Turnbull submitted a report i'rr   """'p-v ng   ,he  **"   M0��t��T   �������
on the result of his efforts to find em- \ ^J8^ be &TV,       ,     m      ���*
... lli.it  the application  liv  Mrs. Trapp
enable    the	
wrrtT on First and m*eeh^e\**h\ 1 S^^a"^"0"1? & �����?>���
Third and  Fourth avenues. "VT^"^" ��L T ,^Ti
Park. Committee. an  early  date,  and  asked  th.
���n��� _-_.._,. _.���._.., >������.   __..-_��_-_ _.v_u i submit a   detailed   statement
The parka commute, report submit-1^^ tb_.. _,,_.,.-��� fc ^ ^^
tory to theniBelves.
Explain Requests.
In pressing their claims several
members of the deputation assured
the trustees that they bad no axe to
grind with the board, but that they
wished to present several reasons why
a  fchedule  should  be adopted.
In the first place they were convinced that it would save the trustees
a great deal of trouble In the lint
of considering advances In the teach
ers' salaries as by the schedule sys
tern the increase would be made automatically according to the length ot
^^^    '  that
a settlement for ��900. and the Iothers are engaged In erecting houses
Itor the workmen to be employed on (tee   on   tto   naval _b_IH._ Slr_ WUtrld i^^^^ everting In the mat-
ven the Iaead a"lraRl- ���,    . |    The power station will be the dls-  which had been brought down a week  y0^r  experta 0r  to  a shipbuilder so
oard a- Frenohlse Next Wtek. trtbutlug point of all electrical energy   ago  with  regard  to  the  comparative.  ,   t , jay u betore parliament If
at the-:      What wlU Probably }m^*J*** J*"   brought from the l*ke BunUen power  cost of construction of battleships In, n(!Ce8Sary...
at    a lure of tl,e Burnab>'  legUlatUe    ses-   "J��"f"0l, t���e n   c   E. R. to the lower  Gnat Britain and In Canada was IH Wouldn.t Bellsi�� It
���   9L  -'i_.i��.._.  i_.hii.ii   i��v  tho war. MoroKU's R'ant oi me u. v. i-. >v.           _.���,���,���     u.. ,������H  ,rnm .i,��� nnnnra Wouldnt uenei�� u.
slon. twWch, bv  the ��aT. prorogues  ^ntan(li artwork of pole lines end complete.
the secoiS *��* In lasiawy ot -Hr.b  "���w��?,'������ p,af,nM t0 8tretrt. to all.whichJxh. ^ ^v  . .-- ,    --- ---.,_    -    Mn, ,-,..���,���,,...��
  points north   south, east and west of house/including a letter trom the pre-.O- admittUy hM "^..f^���^^
on the result ot nis etiorts to huh em-;     ,:..   , ., ,.    .
ployment    for    unemployed   residents;      ''m,      vr^tI��J     .Vnn .Mr"   T���;"1   service     The delegates declared
' ' -' -- - ��������--��i��� -. M.lw>d Ml83 Wright tor f SOO towardsithe | undw (h(,   prMB^   arrangement
who had registered themselves on his
list,  ns  instructed  by  the  council.
Victorian Order of Nurses be acceded
on the understanding that it should
He had 74 applicants on  his regis- '.*"��� "" -���""-��������-���
ter,  IB of whom had been  placed on , not establish a precedent,
the Fifth street sewer work and 13 on!    T,;at the c ,y treasurer bo    author-
various  other  Jobs. licd ,0 Pa>' ***�� ownpri; ,of ,th? f,ol,0;v'
He had also 10 other names on his ��� >tt�� lots ln suburban block B for 10
list, new arrivals In the city, whose; '�����' ,0 construct a lane between
needs would be looked into later.        I Moffat    and    Eleventh    streets,    and
Mr. Turnbull complained that a nils- ] Queens avenue and Third avenue     a
���-������"  of  $.'100  for each lot.    The  lots
���  NOB.  3 of 45,  12 of 46. 9 of 27
year and meets again during, the third
week of tbe same month) will probably occupy the- board3 next Monday
evening when It Is expected that the
letter from the general manager of
the 11. C. E. It.. Mr. It. H. Sperling,
making known the concessions which
the company iB willing tj grant In return for a franchise, will be on hand
The  artillery  on  both  sides  of    the  ���   	
question have been cleaned,  polished ; west   of   the   Rockies   and   while
loaded to the muzzle during the I initial  outlay   wlll  be  enormous,
He read from  the papers)
alltwhich lhe government furnished the.
-I- r,      ,:-,_._  _   _____��� .���_^   lt__  _._...   I,
In answer to that, said Mx. Carvell.
rally had se    _-._.-.-.___________,
1 am not allowed to say.
Loop  lines  will  be  built    so
If nuv  line  goes out  of  commission, I an
branch  should  be scrutinized as
teachers did
leading article in a Vancouver paper
had brought a number of men from
Vancouver, North and South Vancou-1
ver und Burnaby. looking for work.
Although he had advertised In both
the city newspapers for the last five |
days drawing the attention of citizens to the fact that labor would lie
Supplied at short notice for any requirements lie had not received a
single call for help.
The report was adopted.
Blasting Bylaw.
The Blasting Bylaw was finally
passed. Owing to tho discovery that
there waB a cluuse In tbe Trades bylaw entailing a fee of (5 for a license
to blast for six months within the city,
the fee of $1 for a permit adopted at
laBt meeting was struck out This
clause had been overlooked In the
previous discussion.
Liquor Bylaw.
The Liquor License bylaw was found
to conflict, or rendered unnecessary
by the recently passed Municipal
Amendment act and on the motion of
Alderman Kellington Its consideration
was left over until next council meet
Board  of Works.
Alderman Dodd submitted the board
of works report.
A recommendation that one or more
stopping places be placed on the
asylum hill, mnde of three Inch Btone
sets, gave rise to some dlscusBlon ap
to which Bide of the street they Bhould
be placed on and the cost |
Alderman Dodd explained that thr
engineer, on a liberal estimate placed
the extra expenditure for these stopping places at $300 each Alderman
Kellington said he did not thing It
would exceed 1210
Tho mayor pointed out that the government would defray 88 per cent of
the exist
Ultimately after a further explanation by Alderman Dodd that before
this part of the report was ndopted
by tho council the board of works
would submit a sketch of what was
wanted for the approval of the council.   Tho report was adopted.
Thc extension of the sidewalk on
Garrett street at a cost of $175: the
continuation of the sidewalk on Third
avenue to Twelfth street at (85; a box
I sum
j were	
and lot 86.    Payment to be made upon
the signing of the conveyance.
i Complaint From Burnaby
A petition from Burnaby residents
in the vicinity of Tenth avenue, calling
attention to the manner In which interments were made in the Eighth
street cemetery and endorsed by the
llurnaby council was considered and
Complaint wub made that tin
burials were not two feet below tht
ground, that an offensive odor prevailed during the summer mouths.
against Orientals exploding fireworks
and the general dilapidated condition
of tbe graveyard which constituted a
disgrace to present day civilization.
Alderman Jardine said some action
should be taken. There was no question that the cemetery was In a disgraceful state. It should be cleaned
Alderman   Bryson   advised   that   a
fence should be erected around It.
Alderman Kellington said there were
numerous  reports   from  the  city  regarding lt.
The burials Bhould bo at least three
��� I onttfi'ied   on   t*nv.   HtKht.l
grunting   incre��Bes   th
not   know  what   their   posl:Ions   were
and bad no Idea of I heir prospects If
they stayed with the schools.
Some Advantages.
If a schedule of Increases arranged
on the basis cf service was adopted
they would have some definite aitr.
and would be encouraged to stay In
New Westminster.
Trustee   Stoney.
Asked by Trustee Stoney If lbe\
were looking for recognition Of thcil
institute, the members of the delega
tion answered in the affirmative. Mr
and  __
past few weeks, so that the duel
iContlnuod on  Page Five.)
When   Scutari   Falls   It   Is   ExpecteJ
Montenegrins and Servians Will
Take Revenge
Stoney then declared that he believed
in a Collective bargain and Ihat he ap
predated iho   stand   taken   by   the
Wachers In coming before the. hoard
He did not think they would have any
difficulty In getting what tbey wanted
The conference came lo a conclusion
With th" arrangement thai the Teachers' Institute forward a Blalenienl
containing a detailed schedule for the
consideration of the trustees.
ihe old country, was appointed supervisor of school grounds by the board.
Ills salary will be $75 per month.
the proposed station at Burnaby Lake,  mier to Hon   Winston Churchill, ask- letter.   "1 am not allowed to say, aty
Loop Lines. ing  that an estimate of the cost of'cording to the rules cf the house, that
  that I building which had been prepared by  l don't believe this." said Mr. Carvell.
official    of  the  Canadian  naval  "But I do say It Is drawing   upon   a
the closing of B switch will bring pow-1 urauch   should  be  scrutinized  as  th
er In on another  line.     This  is said   figures were lew.
to be the flret time that  anything of Difference of  Opinion,
like   nature   has    been     constructed |    s'r w ilfrld *M that as his informa-
the I tion had been asked from Mr. Chureh-
the I "I lu order to be submittul to parlia-
' ment it should  be submitted  in full
and not, as he claimed was the case,
in part.
In matters of this kind there was a
vast difference of opinion, said the
opposition   leader.     Mr.   Borden   bad
I results will te far-reaching in the mat-
'ter of steady rervice to the customers
| of the B. C E. R. and also for the operation of Its train service throughout
the   lower   mainland.
The electric current wlll be brought
in from l-ake Hunt/en along thc Bar-
net road, plans for a steel tower line
having already been laid and passed
upon by the company's engineers
Whether this has any connection
with the proposed car barns which
were mentioned In the press early in
January remains to be seen but the
fact that the B. C. E. K. own 80 acres
in the vicinity of Burnnby Lake may
lead to Interesting announcements in
the ueur future.
Sapperton Substation.
Just as soon as the Burnaby station
is in operation and perhaps sooner,
the Vancouver Bower Company will
erect a modern substation in the Sap
man's credulity to an undue degree.
No wonder my right honorable friend
us��d language which 1 have seldom
heard him use before when he Bald:
It :g not worth the paper It is writ-
��� cn.r I BO further and say it Is
rn. t worth the ink it is written with.
i.e honorable member for Jacques-
Cartler, who is not now in thc house,
in a recent interview stated that ln-
fluences from without were at work
cn the government in connection witti
London, Ont., March 10.���
Chief Detective Day of the
Grand Trunk railroad Is investigating a wreck of passenger
train No. 5, Chicago Express,
due here at B:30, which occurred at the Sand Bits, a short
distance east of here last evening.
An official statement given
out today said that a deliberate
attempt to wreck the train had
been made An attempt was
made some weeks ago to wreck
a westbound passenger train. A
chain was tied tightly across
the rallB near the scene of yesterday's disaster. A freight
paused hist before the passenger train came along and
was ditched
London. March 10, The massacre of
the entire population of the Turkish
fortress of Scutari  Is  probable when
that city falls, according to B traveller I pert0��� district which will net as a dis
who writes to the Manchester (Juard. Urlbuter for the New Westminster, Co-
lan. The newspaper gives promi- ,,uitlaiii and Krarer valley districts
neuce to the letter, saying that the i jUBt H-.iere the plant "wlll be sltti-
writer bas had every opportunity touted Is not vet known but the corn-
know the temper of the Montenegrin . puny outlined its plans to Mayor Gray
and Servian beselgers and Its appeals I in January last when the contract for
Mr   Rlmnaon   ��"landscaDe  aardner i'0, Slr  Kd*ard  "*?'. "it  B,r-lti6h  fo'  supplying light and power to the city
Mr.  hinpsoii.  u   lanosqape g.irumr  re*R��� secretary and to the European  mra belnn discussed
with wide and varied experience _ In I poW(>rs to luke |tepa t0 avt,n 6llch , J    ^ JJJW JJgJ^j, be ���, concr(?lf,
, massacre construction, one story in height with
The  writer  says  that  the  Sen-Ian J
lOfflcerB at the port of Duzzano boasted
,to  blm   that  they  bid   exterminated
the Moslem-Albanian tribe of Llyuma.
He   continues:   "Later  a   Montenegrin official assured me very earnestly:   'We have completely  exterminate
d the Rugova tribe.    When we had
overpowered them we made them all
pass under the sword.    I assure you
that  not  one  of  the  tribe  remains.'
The   Montenegrin's   reason   was  that
the  tribesmen  were  animals���savage
The leading Belgrade newspaper If
quoted by the writer aB recommending that no quarter be given to the
civilian Inhabitants of Scutari and
that the town be levelled to the
Deputation  From  Fraser Valley Pub
llcity Bureau Wlll Meet Government  Officials  Tomorrow.
a transformer gallery
The power will be brought In from
the Burnaby Lake station at a high
voltage and a loop line will probably
be constructed from the Edmonds station so that any break in thc main
Hue will thUB be overcome.
brought  down   figures  as   to costs  of, this question.
ships which he now admitted were In-j     "i give credit to the right honorable
accurate.    If the Information was not (prime minister for tlie way in which
be  dodged   the   question   put   to   him
oday.    He  was asked  by  my honorable friend from Pictou whether    the-
confidential then there was no reason
why It should not be conveyed in the
exact way it  was received. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Premier Borden, in reply, said that figures were prepared by an expert
he was not aware of any inaccurate 0f the admiralty or by an interested
figures given to the committee. There shipbuilder and he answered that it
was one mistake made by the naval   cume  through  the  admiralty.    I  sup-
service department in translating
pounds into dollars. They had used
$5 for a pound, where, strictly speaking $4.S2 2-3 was correct. He had the
correction made as soon as lie noticed
Mr. Carvell, be said, had claimed
that be had given Inaccurate information. He had quoted for the total number of ships required for a fleet unit
and Mr. Carvell had only misunderstood his statement. Referring to the
admiralty  memorandum  he said that
Messrs, Heaps, HIK-Tout, Bates, Col
dlcutt and Wilkie comprise n deputation from the Fraser Valley Publicity
bureau, who will meet Attorney General Bowser and Deputy Minister of
Agriculture Scott tomorrow at noon
ln Vancouver for the purpose of securing a grant of space In the Progress
club in the Terminal City for the displaying of agricultural and other exhibits   from   the   Fraser   valley.
The provincial government by subsidy recently purchased 1200 feet of
floor space In the Progress club quarters for the display of exhibits from
all parts of the province. Of this
the bureau was allowed 100 feet and
later 1G0 feet, but they now wish a
larger apace or a cash grant to purchase exhibition room from the Pro-
���> London,   Out ,   March   10.������
��� Hun. Adam Beck this afternoon
��� received  a  message  from   Dr.
��� Frledmann,   tho   famous   tier-
��� man physician, discoverer of a
��� positive cure for tuberculosis.
��� The  telegram  was  an  accept-
��� ance of an Invitation to address
��� the  Canadian   Association   for
��� the Prevention of Tuberculosis
��� which  meets meets  in annual
��� session III Ottawa Wednesday.
British   Steamer  that   Went  on   Reef
Wat Loaded with Wines and
drain on the north and south sides ot *****************' greBS club direct.
Kev West, Fla. March 10���Every
���ivallublu vessel In the local harbor
has gone lo the assistance of the
British steamer Lugano, ashore on
Ajax reef with a cargo of silks, wines
and general merchandise, estimated to
I be worth a million dollars as reports
received today stated that the holds
of tho Bteaiuer were flooded. The
wind Is high and heavy seas threatened to pound the steamer to pieces.
Despite the precarious condition of
the vessel, Captain Penwlll and the
crew remained aboard. Relief tugs
were standing by at a late hour, ready
to take off the officers and crew.
gest that this answer Is enough �����>
brand the information as having come-
frcm otber sources than the admln-ilty
I believe it came from shipbuilder.!?
Until this house receives further information they will be entitled to
entertain that Inference."
First and Annual Cost.
Mr.   Carvell   proceeded   lo  refer  to
the figures containing in Mr. Burden's
estimate us to the llrst cost and    an-
 ^^   tiual cost of Canadian fleet units. The
he had given Sir Wilfrid every .scrap figures, he pointed out. showed wide
of Information which was contained diversion. Ifwus time, he said, that
in the memorandum referring to this the house should obtain information
point He did not know what else ho on which lt could form a real judg-
cculd   do. | ment.
He had uct had permission to put! They did not want grabled accounts
any further part of the letter before provided by officials cf the admiralty
the house. He could not place on ln which apparently Increase cf eost
the table ot the house confidential In- shown by adding 113 1-3 per cent, ta
formation, especially as It had nothing the formal cost. What tbey wanted
to do with the point before the com- was the real cost, and until they got
mlttee He failed to see any way how It they would be Justified In holding
It effected the discussion of this out for it In the committee,
clause. In Evening Dress.
Premier and Ex-Prcmler. Continuing -after the dinner recess
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in repty, point-1 with Mr. Rogers In evening dress.
 ��� ..I i.                  leading the house, Mr. Carvell devoted
��� | his argument to the feasibility of oou-
* R'nicting war  vessels lu  Canada.
* I    He noted that Major Currie, during
j a debate on the naval bill three years
* | ago, had declared that vessels 100 feet
��� long, or as long   as   a   dreadnought.
* \ had already been built and launched
��� at  the  Colllngwood  shipyards.     Hall-
*. fax,   St.   John,   Quebec,  Sydney   and
* i Montreal  were  today  all looking tot*
��� the establishment there of ship build
��� jing  plants capable    of    constructing
��� | steel vessels of the largest site.
New   York,   March   10--The
state department today turned
t* over   John   Macnamara.   alias
��� "Australian Mac," to the Cana-
��� dlan authorities and he will be
��� taken   to   New   Westminster,
��� B.C. to stand trial in connection
��� with the looting of the  Bank
��� of Montreal In that city.
��� Macnamara    was    arrested
��� here In January, 1912 and has
��� since   been   fighting   for   his
��� freedom from the lower court
��� to the United 8tates supreme
��� court,     the     decision     going
��� against him each time.
��� He was held on a charge of
��� an alleged theft ot an automo-
��� bile, but a more serious charge
m wlll probably be laid when he
��� arrives   in   New   Westminster.
��� Had the Laurier plan been gone on
��� '. with and another million dollars apent
��� on the dry dock at St. John, the Britsh
*' nrm which had tendered for the con-
��� struclon  of   the   Canadian   warahlps
��� would already have their plant estab-
���* lished and construction under way.
��� "But Instead of this." he said, "lam
��� I government now brings   in   a   Uttl*
��� pettifogging statement   for   England.
��� We are going to build oil tanks her*
��� at a cost ot $100,000 each, for which
��� Britain muat pay half. They will have
��� to get some manlier statement
(Continued on Page Four.) ."-���-; sgjg
ll I.!IWWW��*?W!I��'W
/i h indi-'i' nd, ,ii m,,ruin.-? pu/nr devoted fo flic Interests pf .vein Wsstmiastsr ����''
Ihi Fttxter Polity, i'uMiulif ii svsry morning er.eju Sunday by the .Vntimiiil I'ritttitiu
md fitiiiisiioio OoiitpanVi Limited, mi i'S Meiiemi- street, {lew Westminster, /trtii_,li
OstatMa ROOS BUTHanLlHD, Unnaylny Director.
an osMunantoaMons should bs stfdrssssd to Tht New Westminster t*fows, and nol
Ut tmdn i.O,..,*  ��iien,Iter* of the stall. ClM-t'ites. droits anil  Money '.wins should  be made
trail.tl'l.   to   The  Sotlonol  I'n.ltlnij and   /'ii''ll..Jtliii7  Co njion u,   Limited.
f-Bl.-ffP-MONifS-*-i)uslnss�� Offlos and Manuyer, 889; Kditortal Rooms lull depart.
HI'IIHi'ltU'l'lii*!  BATHS������By rnrrirr. tl per "tfr, tl fur thrSS iiioiillm, 10c per
1,'ti ���i,hi. *;i per titer, 8(0 jit month.
Allillt I IslSIl   RATKH  mi <i|ipliriitiiin
fo <'i</.'/./.'XMlMihWI 8���.V11 li'llrra Ullll br nublWiril In  Thn Html errent over
���a* ��i**-ii-8t'ii -dyMuiurn. 7'hn sdllor reesrvea ths right in refuse Ihs public
TUESDAY   MORNING,   MARCH   11,   1913.
thi. it** bwpn  pirr flown bohlnil ft well-
[planned fortlfloatlon, li" has been ��\i>!,.
1 io hold even the splendid, rookies*
and triumphant forces if thS/A-liei
at l.iy.
'1 in- Bulgarians Bwept him out   ol
Tbraoo wiiii ih�� dramatic swiCtties
,if chaff driven before ;> greal wind;
Ilu ihey v.i'.v compelled   to   dlvldi
I lha'.r swirling sttoam about tli" mul.
In rn fortress city of Ailriuiio\,l:', whlol
w.i'K und v 1 eka ot lnii lrini*.ii*".i! mul
assault have failed to reduce, sun
mi swept the tide until it reached tin
[Impregnable lims or Tohataldja, mu!
[there again ii was stopped. They an
so strong thai even no serious attempi
ii,,11 of <iuiij|0 carry them hns been made,
Tha i lucky
found the same
���"Mi long as the
open, tliey were
Montenegrins bave
trouble with Boutarl,
Turks fought in the
easily defeated; imi
k Sador
toy pure- So.._
ante-dating all state
and national food laws
��� ,i'��i/l
(i'i y have not bean dislodged from
this no' tto heavily fortified town,
The fortifications of the Dardanelles
"Germany means to fight"   "It's only the old scare-fti}^ *��' 1"'""rt""1'"'" "   vl
brief are the
monger story cooked up again." Such in brief are
ejaculations of the two great schools of thought if such
they may be called, upon the occasions when German enterprise startles a world that is arming to the teeth and
hoping for peace.
Hul whichever of these animadversions may have the
greater percentage of truth, it is certain that the recent
declarations of the policy of the Kaiser in respect to further extensions of the German army, taken in conjunction
with France's wave of military enthusiasm, the war preparations of Austria and Russia, all tend to make the
money markets of the world uneasy, and consequently the
utterances of the European warlord have a very real significance to us by the banks of the Fraser.
Por the moment interest in the sphere of armaments
has changed from the sea and the air to the land, but the
prospect of a speeding-up in the race of military expenditures between Germany and France is not reassuring.
Here again money talks, but so do men and while France is
the wealthier of the two nations, the population of Germany is double that of France.
It, had been hoped that with the settlement of the Balkan trouble within guessing distance the world, outside
the cauldron of Mexico, would be free from thc boom of
guns, and that consequently the purse strings of the nations of the old world would again be loosened for the de-
pment of the new. But today the Balkan states appear
to be fighting as merrily as ever and once more the shadow of that Armageddon which has long beea prophesied
looms upon the horizon of 1913.
It may pass and it may not. In the latter eventuality
we in Canada will have much to suffer, not only in things
material but in that pride of people who are scarcely
id into a nation. For we have not taken our place
in line with the other daughter nations of the British Isles
in respect to national defence, a course of action which.
under present conditions, is as necessary to the right progress of a young nation as is a knowledge of how to defend
himself to a growing youth
been carried,
H Adrlanople falls, It wlll probably
'���ill through starvation, n seems, in
deed, to be i> Question of tood and
ammunition In every ins ance, and
if ability in drive t *i<-'; the enemy,
The case ot Port Arthur is another
n iiniei The Japanese routed tbi
Russians in the open country of Man
ohurla; bul they only finally captur ,
* ii the fortified Porl Ar bur slter the
miat daring and costly opi rations,
T.eu thon, ii was believed that Port|
\rthitr need nol have surrendered
that, if there had been nny Imre ot
r, Hi f. M oi uld have hi Id i ul almost
Ind f'nlti ly,
The I'lef war seetned lo i* at h bi m
iratlve   fi ablene is  11   fortlf cation
,:'ii  lhe strength of n mi li le forci
hii h   nuld Improi Isb "c iver" al anj
olut,   We began to think of the de
* ;*; almost Indej end mi of for
! ������,! * ii i,   Bul ihoso !��� ii la il   vara
iavi   ��� ������: ns the i cndi lui i b i *' -
r,. ,*.   /��� ii army can be ii ifeati d *��������� Ith
. ��� aratlve eu.se In the open, and
Iv i i rove Invincible bi hind a fortress.
'   i Is res sur ns di Ine *   'tli
Triple Entente, one ot ihelr chief
n Hanoi s in upon tlie buoci ill a i f
It! foi tresses ���. blch are buppi I
to in.-il.e il," Fran to Opi man i ontli r
impregnable on  the  Prei cb  b i ���
If i'r>  can be hi Id, Q rm in; i-
"* i ii -...,\.. it nee (illicitly and din ct-
ly; bul mu -t waBte an Imniens ��� am-
cunt i f life iu trying lo capture thi sa
velopment of the new. But today the Balkan state:; appear ^';;/. *����*.$ ��"h? *ed';./,
aTi und the i ad of tho line through
Belgian territory; but even there they
��iil find the roads held by the ring
fortresses of Liege and Namur, which
may well bo unconquerable If lulil by
food troopa.
Consequently much will depend In
ha i" \t war upon the power of for-
... ... ���   llfled places to bold oui.   if the Ger-
shaped into a nation,   tor we have not taken our place nans enn be kept at bay on the Fran-
i Belgian frontiers until the Russians
make an  effective diversion on  tha
astern boundary, coming within striking distance of llerlin, tho German
fi roes will lie divided nnd weakened
and tha purely defensive wnr of the
Triple Entente may be over.
,. I, , ,       ,,   ...   ,    ,,        . , The  recent action    of    Austria    In
I'.urope ablaze means the British Empire at war un-U-eatiy increasing her peace estab-
less something miraculous intervenes.   That Canada is Ushmeni win, however, affect   the
 ,     e 11 '"   ��� .1     i * i   ,�� ability of Russia to strike.   Hitherto
part of the empire is the boast of our platform orators. I-.���.,��� Austria nnd Russia were .loomed
There are many in Canada who wish that the gentlemenl,n slow mobilization,   now Austria
of that ilk who have carried their speechmaking proclivities into the Dominion house had a little broader outlook enable her to cover the German flank
upon Imperial and world politics.
Not content with being shamed before our own kith
and kin, (for our laggardness in "contributing" to naval
defence amounts to that,) Canada is now witnessing anl
ungentlemanly haggling that should provoke even the war so^W^Tnttie'bS? Wl
lord of Europe to mirth. Doubtless he has smiled long at fend heraeu at the best it is a great
thc incredulity of the people of the British Isles and the game ,hey ar<> playlng in E"ropp-
No Alum���No Phosphates
Be on yonr flnard.   Alum I'r.w-
ders may be known by their
price ���10 or 26c. a Wt.,
or one cent an
new situation, not Ihe least Important of the factors to be reckoned with
heiiiK tin- advanoe in ths science of
aerial navigation.
ai present tba training, equipment
nnd numbers of tbe territorial torse
aro Inadequate, aud ibe force is In-
Capable, under presi nt conditions, to
carry oul the linden allotted to il
The only way of ssourlng the needed etflolenoy of ths force, tlm memorandum ileelarea, ls l>y a system of national military eduoatlon, Morsovor,
the opinion i�� expressed thai ths government should Investigate ths Whole
military situation at borne and oversea ami lake the nation fully Into Its
TUESDAY1,   MARCH   11,   1013.
"        "���     ' - .. ���
I ilia, bus described tbo oarpat as thn
' inoBt wonderful piece of embroidery
ever known.
In tbe panel shown at South Kin-
bliiKtun there are Ra diamonds la ihe
oentre Ot each of thS 21 border roa-
i Hi ti, and (05 in thu lurRu central
age process, While it is true thai
Telller pertecti d the i".*!. m and
made it commercially practlcabl ���. hi
had a number of forerunners In thi
Fifty yi ar i ago ti day the f rsi r ���
trlgerated meat arrlvod In Bugland
The scheme was talrlj Buucessful In
i n ii nil* ; ji ' in ������ tor shipping sh ������"
dgtancca, Ti n ..��� ara lati r a --'.i | . .
of -t- ir;-.i ���-.-.- . tronen by Harrison's mo
ihod waa bi ni to Bn [land from M -l
bourne, bul the moal ��as foul A i i bi
��� : I il,    Ai   thla  I ine    Ti IHer    ws-
workln..  i n  hla i.e ihi.' i f  fn ezls
fi i dstuffa by ihe uae i : I vo chi ailcal
methyllo ether and irlmethylamlne,
lu lsTii   he bulll   the   n frls r il *
ship La Prlgi !��� ��� | ii    i lib h eat 11 'd *
i* irgo of frozen b 11  bi * voi a  Itoui i
France, and i.a rial l   rb it (rst con
Blgmnenl was ibe bi *  aning Df it]
haa developed Into a  world-wid *  li
duatry,    By   1877   there  waa a  ������ ���
Influx Into London i    Ami rli mm   *
i ri serve,i by cold.    In 1373 Bi 11 ai
I , i,.,,,.,,|  putenl    I   *   i   '     ���  ;���: '';***,  ; ; *
cqbb which Includi d I irth *,* impi  ,*
mi nts,
In lssn the first r [r'geralcd i oa
was suce. Bsfully broughl to '
from Ans ralla, Ti llli r, tbe faihor ol
ci id Btorago, is now el ht) five yi an
old, and until lati ly wa i llvlna In
extreme "poverty. Nol long ago he
was decorated with the croes ot the
Legion of Honor, a:.<i presented with
a purse i f $16,000.
��� ������������������������������������������������������
I that is now rising trom the "bush" of
New South Wahs.
The Hon, -Andrew Fisher, Aus-
trui's premier, is fifty years old. and
was born at Crossb iusb, Kilmarnock,
lie emigrated to Queensland twenty
alghl years ago, and, with all thi
Bei i-.uian's natural adaptation to imII-
ties. Boon in e une prominent In thi
affairs of his adopted country.
He i at n il the Qui ensland p trlla
nu nt twenty years agOj and has rep:
resented a district in the Common
wealth parllament'&lnce its Ihnugura
tlon   in   1901,    lie    bl i i::i"    i uiiini'ii
wi alth   mlnli ii r  f*. r  tr ids and   oui
tOmB   ill   180 I,  ami   l , I'll   ,U; filled    th,
lenii r: hip in the i'i >! ra! p irllamen-
��� try 1 ii' v p ::*iv. Ho I* icani ��� prlmi
lati :��� In  1908,
His p trty was o> i rthr iwn In t'.u
folli v. in s ir 1 ul i* i * "in il t i powi i
1 ,'i 1910, v. in a Mr, i li in r again aa-
��� in il tin h' Im as pn ml r.
l'n mli r Fir.hi r h ia bi en prominent
li r ami ' for in iking Aus
tra'.li 'b ie .' e ipltal a clt; ��� :' beautj
. i*1 a Ji j (on vi r. 1 he fi n mi *-t arch
ti eta of tli ��� Comi . nw ��� ilth li ivi
i.i ��� n '.;. agi d to ! iy al tb * city and
plan the govi rnmeni 1 ulldln  *
Bi sidi s Canbi rra, M>i*la and Flshi r,
acorea ot other names have been suggested for the Infant capital. Sir
Oeorge Held, former prime minister
of Am tralla, and now t'i i high com
mi.*', inner or the Commonwealth In
London, was an advocate of the name
of Pact flea.
Sir George is a native of Bcotland,
and 01 It I ruled his sixty eighth birthday laat month,
London, March  In.    At Ihe Victoria
md Albert Museum is now on view
me of Ihe  four  panels   which   make
up the oelebrated   Pearl  Carpel   of
Baroda,    The carpet  wiih Intended for
the tomb of  Miihoiiiined   nt    Medina,
and Is said to have cost |6,000,000,
Tbe most skilful embroideries,   as
A'ell as llle  master Jewelers of  llnfi-
dn, were employed for three years In
aomplstlng   ths   work,   sir   Oeorge
Blrdwood, iu bis Industrial Arts of in-
Paris. March 10, Germane Bregnat,
queen of ihls year's inlil-l.pnton carnival, a typist In a cily office, ohoSen
for tbe honor by her fellow workln ;
girls. Owing lo her beauty, w��8 n>-
eelveil Iii oompany with her maid i
ef honor, nt llm palace of Elsysss by
Mine. Polnoare, wife of prssldent Poin
oars, who presented bur wiih a diamond hraeelet,
Mile. Bregnal had prevlouslv pnss-
i ii iu procession through ths prlnolpal
Streets and ths plaudits of Illinium! i
of people who took advantage ol ths
general holiday to engage In lively
confetti  bailies lastliiK  until  lite    In
ths svsnlng,
a largo number of arrests of pick-
pockets was made by ths police, who,
iieiler ths direction of Iho prefect of
police, Louis l.eplne, took stern priv
eautlon lo suppress rowdylarn.
ills'! Mian Securities, Ltd.
*************** >\   BUSINESS   DIRECTORY
���> O'JJI    FOLT'S   CONNER. *.	
  spicifleutitiiiH. aartuments of sale deoda,
-,,.,,,' .. , ,..      l.'lHliu-HM   l^tlern,   rte. ,   elleulur   v. nrk   h|m'-
John Gait la one oi Beveral oredlt- Uiallst Wl w.ik strictly oontldunUaL u.
d with writing "The Canadian Boat Barry, room 4111 Wtstmlnstsr Trust ma.
long" printed below.   He was In inn i ,'lK,n,> "������. w
ida when  the  souk appeared  In    a !
"Noctes Ambroslanao" In Blackwoods fraternal.
same number is an article signed by L'- ��* ��* M- no. 114 -mekth on first,
, :. k ~    sr<:nrwl   iinil   Mitrtl   Wfliii-.- .I.i, s   In   i-neh
mnntli In K. or I'. Mull in  �� pul.   II. J.
l-i*atiiy. illetatiir; J.  II. I'rlr-e, Hi-cn'tniy.
slory cf the bold advi ntun r
plorer, Pierre Esprit Kadisson,
full of wild, unlocked for opi-
as  any   work    of  fiction.     By
ty cf sav
I wlll lie In the field much sooner than
her luiRP eastern neighbor.   This may
i task of reducing the French. But
that again depends on whether or noi
[ Austria ean meet  Russia alone.
Sbe  would  nol   be equal  to  It for
I very Ioiik in any case; and if the Bal-
unwillingness of the bulk of them to fit themselves for de
fending their country. With a Pacific fleet of some forty
men representing our western naval preparation and our
militia still lamentably lacking in essentials, we cannot
pose as critics.
Meanwhile Australia, South Africa and New Zealand
grow readier for war and therefore mightier for peace���
and Germany works out her deep laid plans.
this animated "chess" -and the dlffi-
and e
is as
turns  he was  in   lhe  BOCl
ages and of noblemen.
Now he served the French, now thi
Kngiish; and It was through him and
his brother-in-law, Qrosselliera 1 Mr.
"Gooseberry." lhe latter is often Call
id In KriRiish doouments) that tbe
great and   nncient   "Hudson's   Bay
Company" was founded in 1CI17. The
Company made promises of a salary,
which  afterwards  its officers  desired
to repudiate ton the ground of ftadis
son's return for a time
service. 1
Finally, on March 11. HISS, when a
renewal of the Hudson's Hay Company charter was pending, liadisson
petitioned parliament tbat, before Ihi
privileges desired by the compan>
were renewed, he should  be assured
cnltv   in  which  Canada  find3  herself  of the regular payment of the amount
Iloyal Eubank Cabell, who waa appointed United States commissioner
Of internal   revenue   at the beginning
of the Taft administration and bas
fpi tit four years looking after I'ncle
Sam's consumption of "booze nnd
'baccy," is a native cf Virginia and
will be thirty-five years old tomorrow.
Mr. Cabell's last report contains
some Interesting statistics, and shows
thai citizens of the United Stales are
now drinking more whisky, "chawing"
mere plug and fine-cut and smoking
mere cigars and cigarettes than at
any previous period lu the history of
tbe oountry,
The period covered is from July to
February, and during that time the
to the French people "of the United States assimilated
94,000,000 gallons of whisky, smoked
4,500,000,000 cigars and S.riUOn.noa.OOO
cigarettes, anil used 260,000,000
pounds of chewing and smoking tobacco All of these figures mark an
advance over the corresponding period a year ago, and establish a high
And In tiie "Nones" Christopher
North Bays that a friend In Canada
lias sent him the poem purporting to   10  0   F. AMITV LODC.H NO. l*
be a transition fron, lhe Colic song I STtaTft! u,'ht-V^l-rl-'^iJ^
by homesick Highlanders rowing on | niutit at * e'deek In ouii Pb1Io#si ii��ii.
tbe Bt  Lawrence,    in a utile book:   ifFt*? r-K**S*!!tm ���"��������� ''.'k'111' ��!"-�������.
Ind   nt..    "Tl,,,   i'������-wli.,,,    11,,..,   ���<,,���.. i      "Sttlng     _iri-ll.��rn      i-ordliillv     mVIUd.
just out.    ihe Canadian  Boat Bong    r, a. Sferrlthew, N.O.; J. Robfttton,
and Oilier Papers, the author is for v () . w c oouUuun, ,.. (J r,.������d.
(lalt. Ing  Mftcretiiry;   H.   \V.   "rtaiigHti-r,   finan
cial  -MiTi'tary.
("Listen to me, a3 when ye beard 0(1 r , _,,.,_.__.,     _.���--_.������_
f.,,1,,,,. FUNERAL    DIRECTORS.
Sing  long   ago   the   song   Of  other  r^^TT^rT^^^
1 snores ,,r *  Hanna,  Ltd.)���Funeral iiir,-<-ion��
Listen to me, and Ihen in chorus gatb-1    and unbalraara    Parlors 405 Cnlumhla
,,r j    ntr^-pt.   New Wsstmtaster,   Pbooe sua.
All your deep voices as ye pull your  ~   ,,   ..., .._.   ~ ~ ,"~"
���   _.��� , **, B, FAI.K.S���Pioneer Funi'rui Dlnetor
"" and   Embaltni-r.   612.618   Aan.n   afrrct,
upim.-dte I'urnfffir Library.
is lbat she cannot any longer watch
it as an indifferent spectator. Her
whole future may be determined���
not bv Canadian ships or men���but
by a battle on the plains pf Poland.
���Montreal Star.
due  to him   from  time to time.
In bis petition he sta'ed that he had
four young children, and only thi
��100 a year promised by the com
pany to support tbem. Radlsson'l
claim was upheld, and from this time
until his death, lu 1710, the amounl
stipulated was paid to him quarterly
of   would-be   nssasinn,   the   fault   will j
be their own.    Aud England will    be
driven  to  Juat  such  a course  if  life
and property are to remain safe In Ihei
"Surely, if anything can be predict- .
may it not be that the women have
Kditors of practically every influential journal in Britain, the United
Stairs and Canada denounce the outrages committed by the lawless section of ibe suffragette organization
in thr Mother Country.
Aa everyone prophesied who knows
the natural course of the peculiar violence and insanity of many English
���uffrageltes, the attempi al murder
lias been made. When Chancellor
i.li > 1 George's house was blown up
by dynamite it  was no mere noisy de-
monslration, r, was not a Bensatlonal
*n d for the nation's attention: it was
a plain, premeditated attempt at as-
The devilish nature Of the dynamiting cannot b- fully appreciated until  thuggery, assaull and attempted m-m
It ts considered that Lloyd Oeorge was slaughter,     Lard  nam"!'.'     Yes.   but
���one <if the best  frii nils the suffragel-   true  names.
t.rs had.   lie has si tied them in many      *n simply goes to prove thai In the
ways,    lie sympathized with most of mass, women are little different from
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of "The
A   falling  barometer,   followed     by
rain and snow, twenty-five years ago I
today, marked the beglnnnlng of the
terrible  storm  which  has  since  been 1
known as "The Blizzard."   The entire
north   Atlantic  coast   from   Baltimore
to  New  Brunswick felt the effects of
the  storm,  but  Its greatest  fury  was I
visited   on   New   York,   New   Jersey,
public sentiment of England  I'ennslyvaiiia and Connecticut!. Doubt
less there have been worse blizzards
In   the   western   parts  cf  iho   United
States   and  Canada,   but   nothing     ti
compare wllh It has ever been known
In the eastern centres of population
"The Blizzard" was ushered in with
of their suffrage, and who would vote  rain,   which   changed   to   a   snowfall
li give suffrage to female felons? This  accompanied by a  heavy gale, on  Ihi
is nol ;i campaign of education, it is Uth of March, 1888.   On the mcrnini?
nol even open revolt.    It  is midnight  of the  12th, the real "bllazard
now killed the hope they may have
had f"r the ballot? Is it conceivable
that th
will not  suffer a strong reaction that
will make the whole question smell
of violence?
\V)io would trust such persons, male
or female, with any voice In government?   The law deprives male felons I
their contentii ns. But because he
*��as unable at one tell swoop to move
ihe whole British government to accede ti> the women's demands, iiU
horn" is demolished.
One of the leading editors has said:
-'i"nr pure Bataulc unreasonableness,
for downright Insane anarchism, as an
������exhibition of the lust for violence
and blood which is taking possession
��if tV English suffragettes, this Inst
outrage is without parallel. Instead
cf being ashamed that Kngiish women
would creep up to their friend's house
ia tbe night, dynamite bombs under
their cloaks, set tbe fuses that were
meant to nm destruction, and then
ttee thr land like outlaws, certain
leaders of the suffragettes applaud
the 'courage,' the 'loyalty' of their
'sisters in the cause.' The whi lo erne
ia beyond 1 ��� rd 1, The f 1 rci Bl denunciation il* 1 nol f! ly express th"
horror, the dastardllness of It.
-It vlll not be surprising now if
Kngland has In en shocked Into Blern
nrllf.n with regard to the lawless suf-
riaRities. if the Buffragettes were
rm n. they would soon knew the taste
��* (lulling suns. Bul being women,
and beneficiaries of a certain gallantry toward their sex which they have
���mi&ukrii for weakness, their Bklrts
have thua far protected them.
If from this lime forward, tbey be-
c-nme thr objects of severe restrictive
sores, if ibey be treated aa a band
d iy ���
a heavy snow vns falling, wtth ���
wind lhal reached a velocity of '*.; ��� t.
miles an hour. At noon Ihe snow
ceased, but the gale blew it Into Im
passable  drifts,  and  continued  lo  d*
if anything, under the stress of so during the 1.1th.
misguided zeal. Ihey are more ex-
tp me, They are more the creatures
if their emotions. They are more
BUbJect to delusions of grandeur, that
wonld mnke tin- killing of Lloyd
George seem  a noble act.
"Women who are active in the fight
for the ballot iu other lands may well
lake warning from what has passed
oversea... Tliey have now a doubly
hard task to prove Ihat their participation will Improve political condition a.
Kven now some of their orators nre stores had Io close,
falling Into lhe error of compromise generally suspend
which lias made Ihe male vote so ineffective for moral reform. They are
now tolling men that they will not
im ,Idle with certain evils nor with
destructive vice in tiny of ils forms.
If they will not do this, if tbey nre
1 nly going to double the greal  vote
Of Compromise, Ibey will have a harder time than ever In making oul a
good ease for themselves."���Winnipeg Tribune,
Railroads wire block'd. nnd srvor
nl days passed before travel oot Id bl
resumed, and on some roads train
were stopped for a week. Telegrapl
wires were down In every dlrnct'on
and news between Boston ar.d Nev
York had to be cabled to London and
back again. Forty-four inches or snow
fell, bin the drifts were from six to
forty   feet   In  depth
The worst efforts rf the Storm ���x-ort
felt In New York and Hrooklyn. Slreei
car traffic, was stopped, factories and
and business wa.
d. News; :i:h r
werr printed but could nol be clrcu
luted. Many people died In snow
drifis. including a reporter named
Rellly, who had volunteered to go out
on   an  assignment.
The famous stn'esuian Itoscoe font
ling, was overcome In a drift and died
from the effects of the exposure, Tb
roofs of many buildings caved In be
Death the weight of the snow. New
Haven also suffered severely, and il
was nol until the lllth Ihat the flrsl I
train reached Hint city from New-
York, while the city was cut off from '
��� ������<>���������������������������������������
��� FIRST  THINGS. ���
First   English  Suffranette.
The rirst Kngiish suffragette wa*
probably Elizabeth Mallet, founder ol
the London Daily Courant, the f'.ra'
number of which was Issued 211 year
ago today. This was the world's firs;
real daily newspaper.
Before Elizabeth's venture a dally
market report had been issued for r
abort time In Germany, and a daily
royal bulletin had been posted on till
walls of thc palace in China, but  nei
ther of those ci 11 properly be called
newspapers. Perusal if early copies
of Ihe pioneer newspaper, the property of the British Museum, has recent
ly revealed the fact thai Elizabeth
Mallet was a staunch advocate ol
"woman's rights."
The fact thai it was a woman who
issued the f.rsl daily journal ha-i beou
used as an argument cf the sufft-i
gettes of today. The London Couranl
bad neither advertisements or odl'.or
ials. As to the latter the editor wrote
"The editor will not take it. upon her
self to give any comments or conjee
tures of her own, but will relate only
mailers of facts, supposing other pen
plo to have sense enough to make reflections for themselves,"
Her masculine successors entertained no such supposition, and for a cen- '
tury afterward the humblest London
reporter could not write a newa story
without expressing a few personal
record. Beer consumption, which decreased for a time, again shows an
i increase.
Mr. Cabell comes from one of the
oldest of Virginia families, and, although an enthusiastic Southerner, Is
a zealous Republican, After graduating from Roanoke College, Princeton,
ithe University of Virginia and Hich-
mond College, he decided that he had
sufficient education to go out and
face the cruel world, and began the
prartice of law. He was postmaster
of Richmond before hia appointment
to tbe interna) revenue job.
Fair these  broad  meads,  these  hoary
woods  are  grand,
But  we  are   exiles  from  our   fath-'AlMM   RMH'II    JOHNSTON,   iiakius-
er'B land." lIV* t-'uw,- . ,sollcllo.r*    "lc*       Telephone
1C70. Cablfl Hddri-Mi "Jotinjtfon.'
OoOe, "Wmurn UnUn." Office*, Kllla
Illock. 66". i-'jiuinbtu Blr-fr-M, New Wt*nt-
mlnmer. f). C.
lt Is the second stanza that haunts:
the reader: ]	
.,      , ... ,  ,, ... .    '���    J.  STII-WEM. CHITS.   BarrlMter-ttt-law,
krorn  the  lone  Shieling of  the  misty      Mueit��r.   ��<_ ;   enwr    Columbia    ��nd
Would Put Mercantile Air Fleet on a
Paying    Baai-s���Guarding    English
  'telegraph communication    for   eight
of fort Hied places is bo-  days.
re-established  by the, 	
Balkans. The Turk-, Father of  Cold  Slorane.
given a very good      A  recent  cable dispatch from Paris
ry    probably attribules"to Charles Tellier, a French
but when  man, the Invention of the cold st/:r
The  value
ing  somewhat
present war in the
Ish soldiers lias not
account    of    himself
through no fault of bis own
��� (By  O.  Terence.) *
Australia's    New    Capital    May    Be
Named   After   Premier  Fisher.
According to an annouticen
be Antipodes, the name chosen for
\ustralla'B new capital city wlll be
'rrmtilW made public tomorrow. Kor
some tune ii bus been taken as a mallei- of course that the* Commonwealth's seat of government would
bear the name of Canberra, the original name of the settlement, but thla
has now been officially denied.
Myola, a native name for a meeting place, Is likely to be chosen, al-
though there has been a widespread
popular demand for the adoption of
of the name of Flshor, In honor of
the   present   prime    minister   of   the
New   York.   March   10,    A   cable
The Tribune from London says:
A comprehensive scheme for dealing wiih the entire puiiji ci of an aer
ial  flei land  its  necessary appendages
has been laid before the government
by Claude Qrahame-Whlte.
The scheme Includes the establishment of a mercantile air fleet, subsidized by the government; airship
stations in every large cily and
around tlie coasts, and schools for air
pilots all  over  the  United   Kingdom.
it is understood ihat a powerful
group of financiers Is ready to finance
any scheme having government support for building dirigible airships
simultaneously in various parts of
Kngland. Mr. Qrahame-White, in an
interview yesterday, raid:
"It Is my aim to found a mercantile
air fleet on the same basis as the
Cunard Line. We would carry mails
for the government and the airships
could be used for general purposes In
limes of peace. Our proposal Is cut
and dried.
We are  pri pared   to do   the  work
ut from j provided we have government assur-i
ance.    We nre prepared to foster this-
Immense Industry with private capital and ta take all the responsibility.
We are ready to   Becure  the   finest
skilled  mechanics from all parts   of
Europe and  to pul  a mercantile alrl
fleet on a paying basis."
A grave warning haB been Issued by |
the National Defence Association to;
the committee of imperial Defence, j
which is now considering the changed
aspects of Ihe military needs of (his'
country. It Is pointed out that slnco'
Ihe Ministerial declaration regarding!
the  territorial  force,  Issued   In   1907,1
Mountains divide us and the waste
of seas���
Yet still thr blood is strong, the heart
ls Highland,
And wc In dreams behold the Hob-
Wr ne'er shall tread the fancy-haunted valley
Where 'tween dark hills creeps the
small, clear stream,
In arms around  the patriarch banner
Nor see  the  moon on  royal  tombstones gleam.
When  the  bold  kindred  In  the  time
long   vanished,
Conquered the soil and fortified thc
No  seer  foretold  the children  would
be  banished.
Thai a degenerate lord might boast
his  sheep.
Come foreign  rage   lot discord  burst
in  slaughter!
O, then for clansmen true and sii rn
clay more
Tin- hearts thai would   have   given
their blood like water,
Ileal  heavily  beyond lhe Atlantic's
McK-anitr    HlrcuU.    New    Wntmlnxt-tir,
H.  C.   P.  O.   Box   112.     Tfb-lihone   7 IS.
*ollclt��r und -QfCary, SIS Columbia
elreml.    Over Cr. R. Trk����at_h.
B:irrlsl-��i*H and -So_.c1Ui.-h. ttapms 7 and
I. Gulohnn block, N-trw W&itminuter.
O. R. Martin. W. O. McQunnle iN
Ooora-n 1-  Ctxt*ma*l*.
WHITESIDE A KDMeNns ��� Barrliite���
and Solicitors, Wmtmlimt-rr Trust Blk.
Columbia Mr-ret, Veyr Wi-nUninsUit. B.C.
Cable ai-drr-as -Whiu-Mdo," tW-Mtv���
TJnlon. P. O- Drawer JOB. X-lophona
(a.   \v   J. WhltMMe.  H.    I.   Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. It 12S. Koom 22
Hart block.
ster Heard of Trade n��* In thr boutd
room, City Hall, mi followif: Third' Friday of te,ie.h month; -vuaneHr ntui'tlna
on the third Krlday of T'Yti*ruai-y, May,
August ami Novrtnlirr nt H pan. Annual iii''i*tlin.n�� on the third Friday of
February. H. II. Ptnart WniK wcre-
Frond of Great Vain to Mi"
Commonwealth fir th'.' beautiful city I circumstances have brought about a;
There ts only one < xpl.-i-nntlon fer the
numbers ��f enthusiastic letters that we
reeih'c praiiing Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, and lbat is that these Ubbts
certainly do cure any kind of stomach
Here is a typical letter from Miss
I'.liza Arir.swerlhy, Cnnso, N.S.:
"It is with pleasure I write to Inform
vnn that your Na-Drtl-Co Drspepin
'Tablets have proved oi grent value to
inc. I tried remedy after remedy but
without any lasting gocd. Having heard
1 f your t.'iMi in rurinj; such cases as
r iue I decided to -rive them s fair trial,
'Ibey prcfvcd sii:is(rietory in my case."
The- remaikable success of Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets is such n success as
can only come lo nn honest remedy,
componnded acc-nrdinc to an e-tception-
nlly good formnln, from pure ingredients, by expert themists. If yon sre
troubled with your slcruaeh j��ft ask.
yonr Druggist about Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets, Compounded by the
NntlBiinl Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, aod sold throughout
Ibe Do-uinien st 50c. * boa, 14]
COAI. MINI-NT, rlidits of llie Dominion
in Manitoba, Haskatebewu and Alberta,
ihe Vnkon Territory, the NmiWwost 'IVr-
rlt-ortee nnd  In  a  portion of  the  PrtivlnoB
of British Oolemma, may is- leasee lor ���
term of twenty-one years nl nn 11nnt1-.1l
rental of tl an acre. Nut more than 2S6S
ner** win lie leased to ons applloant.
A-fiplteHtliui f���r n leam must tw made
by Hi" applicant In pem-an lo Umi Atjent
or faib-AKcnt of ihe dfctrtili la wblch the
rlKllfo applied for are ult-Hutcd.
In survSyM territory the land munt be
de-Ncrfheri Try sections, or legal milwilvl-
��lons of seetlnriH, nnd ln unsurve>*-ed ter-
i-lbiry the tract applied for shall- be
staked oul by ihe applicant hlmsetf.
Knrh iipptlnaJInn uiiiBt be accompanied.
by a fee of $Pl which will be roftirffled If
the rights upplled for are not iivnili.ble,
but not otherwise. A roynlty shall be
pnui on ihe merchantable output of the
mlno nt the rate of live cents per ton.
The person npcratlnK the mine shall
furnish the Apnt with nwni-n returns
ftooquntlng for the full quantity of mer-
chamnhlc coal mined tni pay the royalty thereon. If the conl mining rights
nre not being operated such returnsslftuld
be   rurnlsned   at   leant   once   n   year.
The lonse will Include the coal mining
rights only, hnt tha lessee will bo permitted tn purchase whatever available
siirfno,' rights nmy be considered n��<"cs-
sary for the working of lhe mine at the
rule of  110  an  acre.
Fnr full Infnrmiiilon application should
he  mnde  to  the   Beorotar/  of the  Deport.
ment  of tbe Interior,  Ottawa,  or to ��.n��
Agent or Huh-,\gnnt of  Iinmlnlna I��ndSL
__ W.  W. CORY.
u   r,   TJJiuty Mlnlater of the Interior..
N. B��� IJhauthorlied puhllcMllon of tills
advm-ttMnwnt wlll not be %*** tee. TUESDAY,  MARCH  11,  1013.
i ti i   pi
Haunted Palace Keeps
Czar ffbm St. Petersburg
to his colony without paying custom
St. Petersburg, Maroh 10. -St.  Petersburg has Just Issued from a strug-'
glo which far exceeded In thrills thu I
Balkan right.    The Winter Palace dn |
(dared war on the Alnxandroff palule.
'Iho Winter palace ls a stucco    red !
monstronslty al TsurHkoe Selo, where
Nicholas dwells.
The pair have long been foes. Tbe |
\Wlnter pallida Is angry wllh the Alex-
hndroff palace for enticing uwuy lit tit*
Nicholas on a cold winter morning ot
11)05, And, since then, frlglu'cui-l
Utile Nicholas bus not spent five
nights In the Winter palace.
Naturally lhe red stunCd""walls are
turning green wllb Jealously. And
round this Jealousy spins a rnnilr tale
of the kind lo wblch only Holy Huh
slims   yield.
In llie quarrel between the litiinl
male red Btucco and the rococo stuc
co, most human interests tire at slake
They are the Interests of Nlvolmlus
ll.'S minister.i, secretaries. leelievi
charwomen and prlvute und private
domestic  robbers.
For tight years past ministers have
been welling tbat Ihey musl travel
to tedious Tsarkoe Selo when tliey
want to see tbelr lord; and the secretaries, charwomen, thieves, and other
adherents of the Winter palace bave
yawned with tedium, but mainly because the pickings of an empty pal
uco are net worth living fur..
Moreover many lackeys, charwomen
and private domestic robbers have
b on dismissed! and given half their
salaries as pensions, though they formerly made tbrlcu their salaries In
graft. And for such reasons power
fill Interests have been aiming at drag
giug little Nicholas from bis Tsarko
finally, on top of these tragedies, ll
leaked out that the Winter palace Inn
a  malignant ghost,        ���. ^
The First Spirit.'
Tbls ghoat bears thn name of "Per
��� vy   Iliikh,"   which   meanb  "The   first
Spirit."     Nobody   bud   ever   seen   ll
I Until  tbe Tsnr  decided  to  return  to
, tho   Winter   palace;   und   until   olbei
pnrsops  bad apparently  decided thai
lie Bhould not  return.    "Pervy Dukh'
wns  visible  to    numerous    servants
and It bo frightened the Princess Fe
idori  (inlltzyn,   who  bus  rutins closi
to  IIb  haunt,  thai   she   begged  to  bi
allowed to return to her house on thi
Mu'kii.    tlrlni  Utile  Nicholas tnderei'
her lo stay.
He mill the director of tbe deparl
nn nl of police, lllelelsky, to enqtiln
llle'etskv, with seven pi llcemen. spent
ono night In the palace. "At font
in the mprntng   ba   seUed   "Pervj
Duke," who proved to be the Cossncl,
Balaakln, from the permanent Tsar
koe Selo guard,   Naturally lusplotor
wiih arOUSSd by lhe facl that a gluis
who wns caught thus trying to fright
i'u Nicholas II. out of bis Peteribur;
plans, should come from Tsarkoe.Be
lo, where ull men wanted Nicholas
to stay.
It became plain tlmt 4he Jeuloui
rrcoro Alerundroff piilnce bed gol n-
an Intrigue against tlie yearning red
stucco Winter paluce; nnd that tin
floor, fire, drainage smells, and the
kIhibi bad all been organised bv ll
Popular opinion put the clever down
tc Prince Vladlnilr. Nicholas1 bosom
friend and iimiileitr ehiiffeur.
Ten-Year Old   Quarrel.
Orloff had had a ten year-old quar
nl with minister after minister;  bu
have  expired   and   the   officials  declare tbey are  making   ready  to return the statue to London at tho ex
pense of Robert Ross, literary execu-^
tor of the Wlldo estate.
The controversy over the monument has been a_ sourco of rancor In
artistic and/ lltera'ry dries. So varied
lire tbo views of thu great but disgraced -poet and playwright that the
deepest liOBtilitles have arisen.
It wua the monument itself rather
than thu man  It   represented,   which
aroused the gruutest protests,   Kven
In Purls, where genius is inoro highly
���tteemed than goodness, tlm sculp
tored figure was considered Inappropriate for a burial ground which In
visited dally by countless mourners.
French Lady Has Powsr of Mummifying Flesh by Pressure of Her
Her   Method  was   Spanking ond
Iron  Master Gave Her a
comfortably  again  In  the   red
barracks by llie Neva's banks.
A Sinful Act.
Some time last December, when the
Festival  Cl   Orders   was  held   lu   tlie
winter palace, a Petersburg paper announced that little Nicholas was com
lug home. ihe newspaper did not
mention bis name that, In free Russia, Ib sinful, but It used the harmonious ttbrase, "Vulsokopostaviennlyus
la sa     highly stationed personalities
and   everyone  understood.
Humor said that the minister cf Jus
tlce BohegloVitOtf, aches to
Premier Kokovtseffs shoes,
persuaded Nicholas thut his metropolitan Subjects yearn to see blm.
And some days luter. Nicholas' secretary, Prince Putlatln, and the Imperial architect ltielchkoff, were sent lo
examine the Winter palace und see if
il   were ury   and  habitable.
Selo  seclusion   und   housing   him   nn-|now, It appears, bal mnde peace wllh
Minister cf .Justice Boheglovttoff   on
the   condition   that   the   Seheglovltoff
s'h uld give un his project to get Nk'h I
t.lm back to Petersburg, and thut he !
Orloff.  should give up his opposition
to Nicholas seeing Seheglovltoff.
Several  times of lale.  the minister'
hn�� gone, hv arrangement, to Taarkot I
Seio with his weekly report, but ho i
found little Nicholas spirited nwny j
A compact was made to keen Nichola I
where he was. It was resolved th"
the Winter palace should sittllenU
oeua to  be cosy and  safe, and lha   j
stand  lu I It   should   be  dangerous  and    damp   !
and  has | n''d   there   was  set   In  movement  all
those strings of Intrigue and rornip I
tion   which   ate   used   to  settle  everv
pri blem   that ls ever  raised  In   Holy
The tale of    the    Winter    palace's
quarrel with the Tsarkoe SMi- palace I
he* now got all round St. Petersburg ;
1'hree days the examiners examined Today satirical St. Peteraburgers
the five hundred rooms. When they, when they are criticising inifiivorabh
got to the five-hundredth they reports M apartment or hotel, use Ihe n-rrc!
to Tsarkoe Selo that the Winter pal- B*<"-; "'s haunted by Pervy Dokh.'
ace was In  first rate order, and that I    Tll,>   frivolous  "I'etersburc-.ki     Ms
tok" published an account nf the rlios
about  five  weeks'  minor operations
would make  it ready  for tbe Tsar.
Forbidden to Talk,
lt was boluved that Nicholas, when
ho came to Petersburg to watch the
waters blessed on January   19, would
take up residence and have a brilliant   lynching
season,   which  would end only   when '''"':'' '"
he left lu  early  summer for Bcaaide
This atory wus made more probable
by an official warning to the newspu
pera that tbey must not write aboil'
tbo return to Petersburg at all. It
is a  rule  that  when   newspapers are
i. ri>.ud,-a to dismiss Nicholas1 move
ments. then something is on foot
So  lhal   everyone  knew   that,  after
���light years' absence   Russia's   Tsar
would return; and loyal citizens began to thing of laying In stocks" of
flags, Ixiiuti.i and other things which
traditionally murk every Imperial pro-
Next descended on the red stucco
palace a host of painters,  plasterers
carpenters, and locksmiths.   The big
canvas sheet which for four years has
myseriously decked the east skle of
tho   Hermitage     gallery     was
without saying that  it  had fe'led th
plan of Nicholas to leave Tsarkoe-"!,
Perhaps     it  has  not   foiled  It.    Th'
Winter palace clique Is not eai'lv d
fea-ed.  and  it   is    quite    capable    of
flood,    fire,    disease,  an'
tranquil Tsarkoe Selo.    s
the triumphant    rococo    Alezandrof
palace  Is  not  yet  quite  easy    In   It:
The new spring blouses are a marked cbuuge from winter models. We bnve
passed through various stages; we have
woru white wltb 11 veiling, tben uet In
colors matching the shirt, uud lust winter we arrived ut colored slips wllh uet
transparencies In which the color was
again repeated, though the foundation
produced the kind of effect wblch we
called fuchsia color and wore wllb blue
or mniive, the blouse being of cerise
with uu overretllng,
'fills Indicated 11 cbuuge, for fashion
moves ulong certain Hues which experience tenches one to Calculate, und It
wns easy to believe that Ibe frankly
contrasting blouse, making no attempt
to harmonize lself, would tie next lu
succession.   And so ll has turned out
I    A  little while ago  we thought tbls
I style of dressing hopelessly de mode
and vulgar, but there was n time wbeu
we were attached to It and delighted in the changes it allowed us to
', ring on n modest wardrobe. With one
good black satin skirt and half It dozen
blouses any woman could be well and
economically dressed, and the Idea was
good enough until we ran It to death
mul got thoroughly sick of It.
Whether smart women will take kind-
: ly to It again remains to Ik? seen. Tbe
gown of prune satin Illustrated Is one
of tbe draped spring models which are
Isitb simple uud elegant
New York, March 10. Mrs. Nancy
Harrla, who did such effective work
In spanking Andrew Carnegie when
be wub a boy that she bus been on his
pension list for several years, wlll
celebrate her ninety-sixth birthday tomorrow, still in good health, at the
home of her duughter In Jersey City.
The now retired Iron master was u
telegraph messenger boy In Pittsburg
When Mra. Harris lived there near
htm. The young Carnegie bad a penchant for sliding down the bannisters
of the front porch of the Harris home.
At last Mrs. Harris' patience became exhausted and after tt chase she
seized the lad and lying lilm across
her knee, spunked him thoroughly.
Mrs. Harris hus often declared that
this saved the lad from coining to a
bud end and incidentally it Iiub retired her with comfort in her old age
because Since recalling the incident
several years ugo. Mr. Carnegie has
been Bending her $10 a month.
Purls, Murch 10.���A curious cuse ls
'��� puullng the minds of tho medicul fra-
[ ternlly In France.    Some months ugo
Mme. Raynaud, who Uvea In the neigh
borhood of Bordeaux, astonished   ber
friends by   mummifying  fish, oysters,
lunges, butcher meat uud other per
shuhln materials, merely by pressing
ih�� in  be; ween her bunds.
Kxporlmints were undertaken by a
- inuiittce of prominent medicul men,
uud  their  report  bus  Just  been  published   In   Les   Antiales   dea   Sciences
Th�� results ob allied bo far have
proved coiieliiBlve, and the doctc rs Interested declare that In all probability Mine. Heynaiid w.ll be ablo merely
by tlie action of the hands, to mum
ni'.fy dead bodies und thereby prevent
,utri faction.
The hand of a man who bad hi , i
poisoned   by   gas   was   severed   from
the corpse and submitted  io Mme,
Heynaiid. She subjected ll to pressure between the palms of ber hands
for u period of two and a quarter
hours, ut three different sitting! laat-
Ing three quarters of an hour ench.
and as a result Dr. Durville, wbo is
directing tho experiments, declares
that the hand will, he cxpe-.-ts, be perfectly mummified In a fortnight.
VOU arc gcjing  to  ice a
lot of these 2  Button
Sack Suits worn this spring-
VOU will  probably
one yourself.
K ND you will be right
style if you do.
sanctions    is   always
-tL*. M
Acme Clothing
C. M. Creen, Manager.
down.     Everyone  worked   and   stol
nnd the aeoretarlea, lackeys, ennrwo-1
men and others who have robbed their
masters ever since the Winter palace
was built, felt In their element again
Then tne unexpected happened A
fow days before Christmas the work
t opped. The painters, plasterers,
carpenters and locksmiths, nnd thingB
were left precisely as they had ever
been since revolutionary 1905.
Facts Leak Out.
While people were discussing thla
mystery, they heard that the architect Rlelcholf hud cut bis throat. Thai
news could not be kept out of thc
newspapers. And ether facts have
since leaked out. It appears that,
from the moment tbe report was presented thai lhe Winter palace was fit
for habitation, everything that happen
rd went to prove that   it   wiis not fit.
I'utiatin umi Rletchkoff had hope
leHsiy misjudged the situation. As ii
remit, nearly (100,000 was laid oul
In vain before Nicholas II. dOOlded
that be could not  possibly come.    As
thrifty Nicholas hales to spend money without <ir even with cans", he
Rave a nasty rebuke to the Innocent
Rletchkoff; and the Innocent Wetcb*
keff would nol  survive it.
The fact was that the Winter pul-
nee. after It's eight years' sleep, my-
terioiisly woke up. And in a queer
way. Everything began to go wrong.
Within a week of It becoming known
that Nicholas would return, u six-foot
deep flood wuh discovered In the cellars of the palace bridge corner, near
which Nicholas was lo reside. The
Neva, said Ihe fearful ones, hnd again
tot through the foundations. Hut
whMl a surveyor had examined the
cellars he found that the wnler had
not come from the Neva, but from u
lap that had culpably left open for
nearly a week.
Negligence, said everyone, nnd the
FTvanls responsible, were rebuked.
Things looked had for Nicholas' return, fer within a week, the dump
rose   Into   the   walls  of   his   destined
rttidv.   Evidently   some   Inscrutable
force was working to prevent the
yearned for return to the Winter pal
Other Incidents.
After ihls followed other Incidents,
rirst came it minor fire. Next, II was
discovered that the drainage, which
M, Rletchkoff bad reported to be In
first rate order, was ln n hopeless
etate and won! take two months to
���put rlghl. Meanwhile il threatened
dysentry. typhoid, diphtheria, cholera
nud fifty other mortal diseases,   And
Every Day Swindles Thst I rt Worked
In London Streets.
The visitor to I.ond<*-p  wa*  walking
tl'.v.n   the   Strand   a   short  time   uco.
wb-n    be   wus accosted   by   a seedy.
lonk "c    Individual    with-   a   mulfler
rc-inJ bis  neck.    The   strnng'-r   drew
him respectfully usul,' and Informed
hit... in n very woebegone voice, the!
there   was  urgent    necessity   for* hi*
cai"hiig   the    next    trnin    to    Ports-
r.io'.i   i. Iiu'.   owing   to   extraordirv-y
circumstances, flnanco? were   so   low
, that he was foioed to try und s*'l! an
taken I exceptionally Ivuutitul cigarette-hold-
Moire Affair lh. Litest In Thete Useful Accessories.
The very newest Iden In bugs Is tbe
niolrc bug. Tbere ure nil sorts end
shapes of moire bugs, ranging frum the
small oblong purses to the large hi'gs
elaborately Htted out with mirror uud
nil the vanity fixings A handsome
bug lu blink moire opens very wide, revealing ul n glance the contents uf llie
entire bug. On one side tbere h> �� mirror resting, ngulust the soft white silk
lining uud In the side pockets the
rnrdcaae, change purse and other ue
tensities. Such a bug can be purchased
A 'rue round bug In black tn.ilre Is
edged with uii Iii. h plaiting of Ibe
umliv. Auother very much suiullrr '��s��
bus it deep pleating of the moire. Tbe
monogram should  be stuiuiHHl lu one
Rome, March 10. The Pope has dl-
'reeled that a series of Celebrations
shull be held 111 Rome this month, and
the following months of the present
year, to commemorate the sixteen-
hundredth anniversary of the promulgation of the Edict of Milan, which
the Holy See regards as one of the
great events In the history of Christianity.
This famous Edict was Issued by
the Emperors t'onstaiitlne und Llci-
Hus, Murch, 313, on the occasion when
t'onstaiitlne si tight to cement hiB political alliance with bis Imperial colleague by marrying his half-sister,
Constantla, the friend and correspondent of the learned BuBeblUB, to the
savage Harlan  soldli r.
The friendship of the two sovereigns endured but a few months. Wnr
broke out between them in 314, and
the struggle ended ln the execution,
or the murder, of LlclnlUB at Salonika
in 320.
|    lt ls not, however, to its effect upon
' the relations of the rival competitors
for the empire that the meeting   at
Milan owes its consequence In the an-
Inals of Latin Christianity.   The Edict
of March, 313, may be looked upon as
marking the final clo6e of the period
of persecutions and the definite grant- \ *:
ing of civil  rights and   privileges   to;
^he church
It gave Christians the free exercise! *?e.r'
of their religion, ordered the restitu- Ciaitn
tion to them  of confiscated property, | '"r'-'' ?ums ut h;s nioney
t-d   va'uaM *   kid   in   : r
above all, sanction!d the validity-
Lever oi Historic Spot Hat Immortal
| . iied It tn Huge Book.
Who thnt has enjoyed the delights
of a rumble over the Northern Heights,'
the bracing ttir tilling out lus lungs,
the ever-changing shades ol green
soothing his eye, his tlvoughts fuscin-
ut d with reflection upon tht great
. city that darkens the vale so little
' distant away; who that has experienced the charm over body mul mind
Inseparable from a stroll across
Hatnpsted Heath could resist the
Impulse to return again and ugain?
Bampstead ha.s poss.-ssed its allure-
mints for myriads of human lieintts
since Ixiriilon wus a hamlet, miles
nwny on lhe hank of the Thames, und
probably for many times mors ages
before. Sine- the duwn of Uritish
history leaders of men, and woman
oi note, kings and queens, knights
and ladies, historians and politicians
have made tliel bom,' in Hempstead.
Poets, painters, novelists have lived
there, too, and chosen the scenes ef
il :.��� romances from their surroundings, The elm where Lilt'," Ne'.!
1 i-cst.'d with he.- grandfather is ind-1-
i'..l - imprinted uikui tli" minds of
readers of "The Did Curiosity shop"
throughout the world. "Fashionable
London" of a firmer generation
thronged the wells oi Hsmpstesd
mil in the present day Hampstead
Heath is the great holiday r soil of i,
London's masse?,
.    Hutiipstead     is     essentially     th" \
\ people's,   and  the  people    ow"i>    this;
great possession to-day largely to the t
influence ol on- man. Mr. Thomas I  i
Barrett, wbo has just completed nnd
p blished   "Th-   Annals    of    Hump-
Stead," a work in five volumes, which |
will  probably   rank   lor  ages   us  the
high��-st ae'iiev m-nt in locul hi'Uirii-s
*lglish   literature      possesses.      Mr.
Ttarriitt loves Hampstead.   ThoUfh h =
n.iclit n >t say  so  in  suc'.i set terms.
! wow nag.* ef liis splendid work pro-
it.   Hi- "Tsonal Interests snd
have render.
- rvina    tb^
(Royal  Mall  Steamers Sailing Every  Saturday.)
New SS. "Lanrentic" and "Megantit
(15,000 tons)
SS. "Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
GS2 ten long. 514 feet long.
Now is tbe time to arrange for the passages of your friends from
England. We Issue prepaid tickets, and our offices in England com-
l.uinlcate with passengers, arranging all details and advancing any
funtie deposited with us.   We also inform you wben passeugera arrive
For Sailings and Further Particulars Apply
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue,     Seattle,     three  doers    from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet. Agent Canadian Pacific Ft., and F. C.
Meyers,  Agent G.  N.  Ry.,  New Westminster.
of testamentary gifts to tlie church
. which hsd beea ft present to him
trom his denr mother. H-- would Ink"
th.1 small sum of 2s. Rl. lor both bolder ami cuse.   The writer was about to
piMi rn when the ;irice suddenly de- j corner uud outlined lu rbluestoues.
scended to 2s., und then to ls. Rl. To Blip Into the iuuITh there are long
Out of curiosity the visitor pur- ; ol)|,,���K ,,ilrSi.s i��� molre with tbe tlexi-
chased th<' benutilul cigarette-holder; ,lU. goW or ,)lllUmmi 1mme., -rbese
and case   and took it to the nesrest, -,       ������,.,���,���,.,,���, ()f tlu. ,.|gu,
t>-i.)U"eir.ist.    He    v/ns    promptly    in- ��� ' "
formed that his purchase had been,"1"1 *A**r*t\* eases which pleased Ibe
Originally acquired ior Rl. down ' men w> hugely two or three yours ugo.
Ehoreditch way. ! "Ie nio're purses hive the advantage
As suspected, it wss only another over the fur purses of lliu same slupe
cas.. of the pavement fraud which ut | |n  that Ihey can  be curried with the
v rious times hns  assumed so many
differ nt forms.
Tn "dropped trinket" wss at one
tir.i' a favorite and successful lorm
Yo.i s-iw it lyl-g on the pavement.
but before ynu bad time to stoop and
pi-k it np, some gentleman of the
p    pntelic  species   -. us  tier"    before
vou, nui bsd pocketed lhe glittering
jewel Then when he saw your
chagrin he would gls"c: furtively
irohn.i.  timidly   i all   it out ol  hi-
pocket, iiti'l "fi'r t*-> sell il lo you (or
B few shillings. He usually had a
sick wife and a good many children
on the v. :ge o( slurvution.
II you look tli" bail, which ninny
poop!" .id, J'ou discovered, when
was too late, that ynu hud given s
few shillings for a bauble that was
Wort! onlv ii le'-' iienc. You tinliir-
sllv kicked yourst-d' tor being such u
fool, but il >'������ b ��� I anv honesty at
all, you bud ti admit tlmt yon hud
onlv v.'l what you deserved for bavin-
tried tn purchase a valuable trinket
lo.-  a  lew  sl-i',!in?s  from  a man  yoti
had jii'i'.'i'd Ignovanl ol its value.
Another fnvorit" form ol the pave
m-nt Irntid which wll! he remember
ed wus "llv painted bird." An out
nt-plboW! tellnw bad just caught r
I ini. Bowllmes he wnr ss"-l him
self igno'nnt of ornithology, nm1
would Innocently nsk vou if you can1'1
name it tor him. You Would tell
him that it was a canary, nnd then,
with a shrug of his shoulders, be
would wonder aloud what on earth
gi nd it was to him; and then would
Iti.idly offer lo let you huve it for a
small price. When you examined
your purchase you generally
spring suit, Tbe old fashioned rell
ei'le with the openings Bt either end
la now fashioned In molre uud lined
with white silk These molre ones lire
newer than those In brocades and other
eastern stud's which mnde tbelr up
pearance in the Tall.
I    New  York.  March  10.���Vincent  As-
; tor was In the best of humor as he
I stood on the deck of bis yacht Noma,
Chating with the yacht's designer, C.
H. Crane, just befure tlie casting off
jiif the lines that releasid   the vessel
for an Indefinite  cruise   In   southern
waters, Mr. Astor waved his hand
I merrily at a newspaper man who was
seeking   information   and    remarked
"You newspaper men have   a won-
derful way of getting on the track of
! things. 1 envy you. Really, if 1 were
: not Vincent Atsor 1 surely would be a
reporter,    too.    Seems   to    me    there
i would  be  lots  of fun in  being   a re-!
'porter than being myself."
I people's riclit t-i tlit- locality.
I   -On liis production of "Tlu Anna's
I of    Hampstead"    Mr.    Barrett    bas
; brought  to  bear  al!    the    wondrous
machinery    nnd    science    of    modern
pritu:ng and Illustration; a-d. drawing upon his collection of Hampsl iad
pictures,   known   tis   the  famous   B'l!-
Moor   Htun:'?���.,���:'��� 1   Col!"Ction   be   lias
r"pr xiucr-d   iu   tlie   book    about    500
illustrations   of   Ic-al   scenes,   photographs,  etc.   These   illustrations  are
of as varied subjects us "The Gibbet
Elms.   North   Knd.   1819";   "Romney
Studio" (now tl. ��� Hampstead Onsti-
lutlonal Club)); "The Bii.ll and Bush
To-day"; "Jack Straw's Cuslb. as it
was  in  1835,"  wben  Churl >s  Dickens
u.s\I   so   frequentlv   to   entertain   his
iri -ii-Is st tlmt delightful tavern; the
house where Mrs. Piddons, the famous |
urtr.isf,    o-.H"    lived;    U"d    tha    old
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 5.80 and 5;45 a.m., and every
U minutes until 9  p.m.    From 9
p.m. until midnight bait hourly ser- I
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00. 7:30,
���i'.GO and 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby���At
5.-45. C:45 and S-.vO a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
witb  week day service thereafter. |
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until l\:*t
Sunday���First car at &-.00
regular  week day  service thereaf-
I Connection with cars te Steve*-
ton uud other points on Lulu le-
laud is made at Eburne.
For   Chilliwack   and    Points
Sjuth Fraser Valley���At 9:30
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon
���At 4:05 p.m.
and Way
You can rent that room through the medium of"
a classified advertisement in the Westminster
SampVt ad bum of tie Kit-Kut ciui,. j Daily News at the small cost of one cent a word.
i. sides n.ai'v cuces of.looal scenery. *
Vogue For Net.
One of the latest novelties nmonc Unlovely laces und tbs dainty robe* of
hroderie Anulnlse fur the slender pock-
cthiHik is the course net The wardrobe ean have nothing prettier limn one
���if the pretty slips of strltiK colored
it j flshertnnn's net nud luce. The course
net may lie mounted over a color, but It
In really smartest when Its fntinilutlou
| I* of Ibe same tone, and tills serves ns
u relief for last summer's wuslipd out
���u'nwii The trimming must lie n heavy
Venetian or guipure of fillet luce, und
there nuiy lie a girdle of black or colored rilihon
was a i-piirrow   with   a   pretty   little
cont of paint.
Sometimes the rasc-il knew a pood
deal about hi'ds. nnd would protest
With ent.hu'insm what nn exceptionally food little Norwich canary it
wus, und then, of course, lhe price
was a little higher. But it always
happened to be a sparrow   just   the
Tha Newest Fad.
My lady's new boots nre half black
and half white, Ihe while portion being |
on Ibe outer able of the foot and the
hlnck  sides comlnfe tog-ether over the
ankles.    There Is uo division between
vnnip   and   buttoned   tipper   part,   the!
'Hint lining, so to speak, a "two gore"
model,   with  scams down  tlw  center
front   nnd   back,   and  one  gore  ls  of
blnck calf and the other of white buckskin    The heels nre white and also Ihe
found it I buttons, wblch run np the outer side of
tho boot In a straight line.
Paris, Mnrch 10,���The fifteen days
of grace that were granted by the an
thorlties of i'aris for the removal of
the memorial monument to Oscar
Wlldo from  I'ere Lachalsc Cemetery
Scene from  the  Brilliant Musical
uccess "Alms, Where Do You  Live 7* at the Opera House Tuesday Evening. NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
TUE8DAV,  MARCH   11,   1013.
Burnaby Falls In Line With Sister Municipalities��� Delegates  Meet on
HfBflS OfffAT
Take  Possession of  National  Railway
���Madero's   Relations Through
with  Mexico.
Unsuccessful   Attempt   to   Conciliate
Rivals In Can Francisco���Violence
and Bloodshed.
lCdmonils, March 10.���Now that tho
Ottawa government has pssssd both]
tho North Arm anil the Westminster
Harbor Commission bills, Burnaby bus
dcciihxl that it niiuhl be just us well
to  fall  Into   line  and   work   together
���with the sister municipalities border-
��� uk on thu North Ann of tho Fraser
A communication from the SSOTO-
tary of the Joint harbor committee was
rrad before Ihe council Ibis cm nliis
and after much discussion. Councillor!
foiiiiiuit. also president of the iiur!
tiahy board of trade, was appointed
to represent Unrniihy at S meeting to
lie held In lhe municipal hall ul Soul It
Vancouver on Tuesday afternoon when
delpRiitcs rrom I'olnt Grey, South Vancouver, Richmond snd Burnaby will
ballot ns to whom the third member ur
tho harbor commission will be. Hooves
and councillors ure barred from tbe
apolnlmeiit. while the unanimous vote
of the Tour delegates Is necessary to
elect the member. Failing Ihls the
government will appoint all three com-
nalrslont rs.
Humility's action in supporting tho
New Westminster project covering the
whole river against that of the North
Ann BChi me alone, Is likely to stir up
lirenkors In front of Councillor Colili-
cutt,  but  considering  the   tacl   that
(luring Ills service us secretary of the
Burnaby board of trade lie kept in
touch with the joint municipal Idea
and alio Hie tact thai s dissenting
vote  will  kill  the other  three  voles,
the appointment of a person suitable
to nil concerned is not likely to raise
much of a tight,
General Activity Throughout Municipality��� Hotneseekers Attracted.
Kdmiuuls, March lu According to
municipal Wiring inspector iiurns
there is much general activity in
building throughout the municipality
and lhe probabilities of li record summer are exceedingly bright Though
���tlm movement is general Vancouver
Heights und  other �� ll  Bottled dis
tricts on the shores of Burrard Inh I
ara attracting the most attention from
home builders.
Vancouver Heights as a residential
quarter is springing ahead al a re-
inarkable pace and all Indications are
that a most Important settlement wlll
be established there within  a Bhort
BnOding in the southern portion of
the municipality and in tlie eastern
portion of North Burnaby is in a much
better state Hum it has been for some
time. Quite n number of new houses
are springing up around both South
and North Burnaby lake districts.
while the area between Edmonds and
Central I'ark on the main line of llie
B. c. f. h. is receiving a considerable
Mhare of the activity.
There is also a movement  in  East
llurnaby  nnd   In   that   portion  of  the'
municipality bordering llie North Arm
<if the Fraser.
'the number of new dwellings started during the first pari if the present month null ft" latter part of February it is Btated greiitly exceeded
those of the corresponding period lust
The exact number cannot be learned
as contractors or builders are not
required to take out permits from the
municipal authorities when they intend to construct a house or a building
of any nut ure.
I'.nglo I'nss, Texna, March 10.���
Vonuslliino Carraiiy.it, rebel governor
of Coahuila, has taken possession ol
the Mexican NaUonal railway at Mon-
clova, inn miles south of lhe border,
according lo refugees who arrived al
Eagle Puss today. Tho refugees de
clare lhal .WHO rebel troopB aro en-
camped al Monclova.
II Is reported lhal 500 railway employees have volunteered tO enlist un
der tbe Ciirrati'/.a Standard,
Federals Evacuate.
|     Douglas.  Arizona,   March   10.- Five
hundred federal soldiers are preparing
to evacuate Agua I'rieta and leave It
In  the possession of the SOO or more
oonstltutlonallstas encamped about
ths town. Oeneral OJeda, commander
of the Huerta garrison, said late today tiiHi tsar i f Internationa] complications, In event of a bat lie between
bis and the rebel forces situated ao
closely to Douglas, hud brougbl about
his determination to move westward
along llie Arizona bolder with his en
lire eoiiiiiiiii.il.
Rt tugeo f il ral troopi ra from Naoo-
zarl and El Tigre, iwo border towns
���iniiriii by the state troops, reached
Align Prieta todsy and joined Ojeda's
command,   One hundred und seventy
live federals were driven from Nuco
zari after a two days' light, beginning
Siiinrdiiy morning.
El Tigre. a mining camp 40 miles
southeast of lure, wns attacked last
night by a force of 100 rebels and the
garrison there of 160 men surrendered, one hundred Federals eluded the
conslltiilloiinlisliis with their arms
and ammunition,
Word wns received here today thai
the conquerors of Nacosarl and El'
Tigre were marching upon Agus
Prieta und Nogales, Bonora. Americans south if Douglas nnd Auga
l'rietn appealed to Oeneral OJeda to
avert ihe battle which they bellevi ���'
would menn destruotlon ef American
i'fe nnd property both here nnd at
Agua  I'rieta.
Declare  Acainet  Huerta.
El  I'aso; Texas,  March 10,���General I
li -e Inez Salazar, Orozoo's rival commander of the    former   antl-Madero |
a Kirkcaldy larryroan,
rick, committed aulolde,
lie circumstances.
Sati Franc'.SOO, March 10. -An mi
SUOOBBSful effort was niado today hy
Chlnsss Consul Oeneral I.I Yung Yew
to arbitrate the differences between
be  lling Kung nnd Sitey  Sing long.,
which roadbed a slate of open ruptun
and   bloodshed  last   night.    The  cm
.ul gi nernl summoned representative!
if the two warring tongs to liis
office, bul no basis of peaceable agree
men! could be reached.
Many places of business In China
town were closed today aa a result of
Iho clash of the tonga and the police
are koeplng close guard In anticipation of more violence.
Peter   Robinson,   Crimean   veteran,
70 yours of age, was found dead In IiIh|
house at 26 St. Andrew atreet, Aberdeen.
Last week there was shipped from
Scotland 380,000 tons of coal, as against 880,000 Ions In iho corresponding
week of  10111.
John Galloway, a laborer, pleaded
Still ty ill Ayr sheriff court to a clitirgi
f having Ill-treated Ills four children
and  was sent   to  jail.
Donald Budge, farmer, at Thurso,
suddenly fell dead while at work.
There bad been no signs of previous
Illness. He was well known ln tbe
far north.
In Fit cf Insanity Husband Kills Wife
Whllo  She   Slept���Then   Kills
Seattle, March 10, Mrs^Tbomaa C.
Ward, 62 years old, died late today of
Injuries received while she slept when
ber husband, a mill hand of the same
age, beat im- over the bead wltb
a claw hammer during it lit of u
sanity brought on by insomnia.
After crushing liis wile's Bkull
Wnrd went into the kitchen ant
struck himself on tiie right lemph
several times, fulling unconscious oi
u stove iii which a iiii* waB burning
His skull was fractured and he pr, li
ably wlll die.
lie wus feu,ul by his 17 year "id
son Tliomas, who was attracted h.
Die nolBe, A daughter, Miss Kntlierini
Ward, lives i:i Vancouver, n.C
Thomas Pat-1 with sheep and avr'ciiUura] farming
under palhe-  at  ll uie 'lid abroad)
Another body Hie second within a
week was removed from the Citldet
slnghill to tbe OoatbrldgS police mor
tuiiry.    A large number of trumps and
some uf the laborers in the Ironworks
make lhe  Cnlder  Hlagblll  their  place
of abode.   Notwithstanding tlie fact
that Ibe bill ia known as a veritable
deathtrap,  It   Is  never unlnhabltaled.
A  subcommittee if the town coun
oil of Edinburgh Ih oonsldsrlni tin
best methods of celebrating Ihn GOOlh
anniversary of the battle of llannock
burn next year, and tho desirability
of proceeding "with the erection of a
memorial to Wallace and llruce, there
by utilizing the bequest for tbat purpose by tbe late Hugh Raid."
lf you ara thinking of fur ilshlhg your house this spring, we
will consider It n pleasure to sbow you our lines of Furniture, Lln-
oleums, Floor tills and Hugs, und you will be convinced tbat our
prices cannot be beaten  In  town.
\\ ii have just, received another shipment of hardwaro for tho
spring (rude Including Washing Mneblues, Wringers, Folding Tub
and  Wringer stands,  White  and Orey Enuuielware, Stains, Varnishes,
Brushi s, i ic.
We aro also headquarters for tbe celebrated 8UN8ET SEWING
C. N. Edmonson & Co, Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street
It would  be  difficult  to  Imagine  n
Councillor  Wm.   11.   Niven.   Mussel.! meaner man than  William Altken, ol
burgh,   well-known   sportsman,   Is   ly
ing seriously ill with u fractured skull
a hull  lie sustained  white engaged  111 j
a culling match.
Mystery surrounds the   disappear-
nice of John Raid, �� well-known Ab
erdeeii blacksmith, who left home ti
few ditys ago, . I!����� was lasl Boon loav
lug a train car at Bankhead,
Mrs. Edgar, Hie wife if a Mortal
builder, waa sovi rely burned through
i celluloid comb which she wus went
Ing in her hair becoming Ignited,
Two brave Dunbarton men havi
lu i n rewarded by tho Carnegie Here
Fund Trustees nnd tie Royal Humane
Society fur saving lit'", vi/.: Samuel
Robertson and Archibald Bremner,
David a. st. Clair Bwanson, of Glasgow and Edinburgh, who is dead, is
widely known in legal and buslni bs
circles. Km* iiiiuii yearB he wns ac
lively associated with lhe Volunteer
James Rankin, new
died   with   dramatic
bouse where he had
n funeral,   lie waa It
year, and had served
��� : *. Hamilton
i. ii leness in e
gone to attend
hia eighty tirsl
ni both the Crl
Comes  to
Conference    in    Winnipc-i
Close���British  Co-
umbia   Represented.
rebels of Chihuahua, announced today
agalnsl Provisional President Huerta I,
in n written communication lo I hi
press. He declares nol onlv that he
will never assist Huerta in pulling
down the Sonora uprising, bul Hint he
does not recognize ihe Mexican City
administration, hut the presidential
claims of Emilio Vasques Gomez, who
isl wiih Salazar :u Palomas, on the
New Mexico border.
Salazar is said to huve even a
stronger following than Orozco. esne-
ei.-iiiv among the Mexican Socialists,
lie hns been In control of tlie movement   in Chihuahua    against    Madero
until the recent reappearance In the
field of Orozco niter his illness.
As a representative of Salazar and
Vasquez Gomez, Colonel David de la
Fuetile is on the way to Mexico City
to confer with General Huerta It Is
believed he knows nothing of Sala-
r.ar's stand against the provisional
Maderos  Quit.
New  York. March  10,    Ernesto Madero, former minister of finance In
the Mexican en' met, who arrived here
last weik, Issued a statement today
on behalf of himself and the members
of the Madero family. Mr. Madero
declared it wns the Intention of the
Madero family lo refrain from partt-
ClpatiOU ill the polities of Mexico He
said it wns Hie hope of all the Maderos thai pence soon would come to
the southern republic.
"Before leaving Mexico City we aB-
Bured the present provisional government thut il was not our purpose to
take any part whatever in Mexican
politics," the statement said. "We
told them that we purposes to proceed
to tlie United States and to remain
Hure until political conditions Ini
Mexico should become settled. There
will I.e no change in th.s policy."
Uttnwn,  March   10.    The  Ilnke  anil
luchess of Connaught  will  leave Ot
tawa  ahout   the   middle   of   Hie   week
und after spending two or tin days
ut Montreal, will sail en Murch 17
from Halifax fur England,
The duke Is expected lo return to
Canada at nn early date bul it is not
exp ct.d  thai  the  I luchess will he 111
Ottawa again,   Their departure, owing
to Iiie Illness of the duchess, will be
of a quiet tint nre, marked by no ceremony.
Rolls Perfect Score.
Toledo,  March  10.���All  records for
an   individual  gnme   in   au   American
bowling   congress   tournament    were
smashed    tonight    when     William    .1-
Kiinx, of Philadelphia, roiled :ioo,   a
i ei-f, et score. Knox's total count for
the three games In Ihe Individual competition was 672, which places him
second in that event.
Naval Bill Battle
Resumed in House
iContinuoQ irom pag�� onei
Victoria, March 10.���An Important
conference upon the matter of forest
protection along the lines of operating
railways in the west has just dosed
���at Winnipeg,   the   British   Columbia
in ff
Rochester. Minn.. March 10.���Dr. M.
J. Roche, minister of the interior.
was operated on ut  Mayo'a hospital
(dny for gull stones. Miss Koche, Ills
daughter, is with tiie patient while
oo fears are expressed tor his nlii-
innle recovery, i, is said le* may never
return   to  his  post   in   Hie  cabinet,
i'   it   le ni ��� i'.    if    Calgary,    and
Arthur     Meighen,     of     Portage   la |
Pralrli. are talked i f as hla posalhli
Slice   BSOr,      I'.u !l   !:il 1   illUM *l -ii   attell
' i ��������� vi in: i ��� i him! ihey nre recog
nlzed ns two of tlie sharpi it Western
e.cirl   is      .���> s   Dr.   Rocht    's   Ire:,i     n
-department   of  forestry  having  b
represented  thereat  by  Mr.    it.
Benedict, of tiie headquarters   st
and tin  parties to tlie convention
ing the federal board rf railway corn
in sslom rs,   thc   i rot Ince   iil   Britl _l
Columbia, tin   Canadian  Pacific,   i'u
Grand Trung Pac tl -. Cal ad an N'm* Ii
ern and Greal Northern Rallwaj com
panles. Manitoba c nstituency,   th
Genera]  protection of Umber alone      an  in thought  lo have .1
the rlglrs-of-wuy  wus. if course, thi   besl  if It, but Manitoba
theme of discussion,    The palrol sys     *' b I    Kogers In    lb
tem Inaugurated by this province lasl  Alberta demands recognltloi
year  was reported    to    huve    proven i
i'.i-ir. i tllv satlsfacti rj und will be enn
llnued Ihls Beason, with slight variations where large bodies of timber
jUStlt)   more thorough  pa'rol.
l-ast year every mile of riglit-rf
���nay was inspected by the provincin*
officers and the regulations strictly
enforced to guarantee the safely of
near forests and due payment of
royally for timber cut on crown lands.
The work of Inspection is peculiarly
onorciis in connection with construe
ti"n operations, and on the whole thi
pi vii.cul officers have been well
supported  by  the  railway  companies
The rule hns been laid down tha'
everything cul without permit is con
sldered to constitute u trespass, and
v.tui- tiiebrr is cut wltb or without
jim It, the brush musl be properly
i tl  ef without di lay.    'I lie bvs
handling this Inspection wi rk
lines under provincial jurisdic-
.  control  is to have  it    per
Ibe provincial officials and
collected  from  the  rallwaj
Hint   if they wish to gnin the support
of the Canadian people."
Mr.  Carvell  believed  that  not only
the Warships, but lhe armor plate and
the guns could be built  in Canada if
'tliey government only had faith in Ihe!
country and went about it in the pro-1
per way.    He did not believe that Itj
i would cost, as the government stated,!
one-third more to build the fleet units
In Canada instead of In Great Britain.
Allowing   for  Initial   cost   in  estab--
lisliitig a plant, lhe tenderers for the i
original   Laurier  navy  had  only    ad-
Vanced  prices about  2^'/i     per    cent. I
over British prices.    Practically  ten |
million dollars hud  been  deliberately
added on  by the government in esti-
Imating Hie cost of two fleet units In
ithls country. He believed that an
] honest estimnte of the fleet units
! built in Canada would only be three
i millions.
Tlie people if Australia, said    Mr.
Turrltij   who  Broke  next,  had   found
out   that  they  were    on     the     wrong
course In   giving   contributions   am
I were now adopting   a   policy of build
Ing und tiiuiiniii-; their own ships.
Prime Minister Currendercd.
Mr,  Turrifl   siiul  be  hnd  more    n
sped for the postmaster general wh
hnd held the units to the prime min
isu r's bead than for the t rlmi   n li
sti r who bad sui rcndi ri d    to   blm
mean and Indian  Mutiny campaigns.
While a severe Btorm was waging
Dennis Currie, a miner al Auchlnstar
v left bis home to visit friends al
Kilsyth. He was never seen allvt
.-ri n. After search his body was
'ound in the Forth and Clyde canal.
\    girl of 13, Jessie Sinclair,   of
Lelth,   was   presented   with     u     gold
walch, subscribed for by the officers
nnd constables of Lelth police, in recognition of her smart services, that
led to the arreBt of four shopbreakers.
Terrible circumstances attended the
leath of Robert Toal. laborer, Glasgow. While working in the Whitelnch
'Jalvanlzlng Works, Harmsworth St.,
IVhllelnch, he fell, fnce downwards,
into a tank containing muriatic acid.
Captain David Dalkllsh, who died
at his residence, Beaconsfleld, Stone-
law, Itutherglen, was one of the most
popular bowlers and curlers In the
west of Scotland, t'p to within 18
months of his demise lie engaged in
Important matches.
George Stewart, master of the
steam driver Canni, Lilydale, Btotfleld
road, Lossiemouth, received an honorary certificate und sum of money from
the Carnegie Hero Fund Trustees. He
rescued a boy from drowning In thi
Many all along the Caithness coasl
and not a few scattered the worll
over, feel genuine sorrow a! the deati
of Andrew Little, carrier, llerriediih
For night fifty years, in daylight ant
often in darkness, Llllle plied his call
ing between  Helmsdale and  Wick.
The Duke of Sutherland and Lad
Rosemary I.eveson-tlower. who havi
been staying at the villa Hose Marina
Mentone, proceeded to Toulon, am
embarked on the S.S. Osterley, et
route for Columbo, where they will
remain for a month or six weeks.
A meeting of the West Aberdsei
staff of the Prudential Assurance oom
pany, honored Mr. Rodger, superin
Undent, on the occasion of his hav
ng completed his semi-jubilee and hll
leparture from Aberdeen to Kilmar
M". Hepburn, retired    gamekeeper
Dunblane, one  of   the    Angling   In
ir* vcini nl   t B u ��� 'al  in'a  ri ��� i :��� watch ;
ors, ( :'*t am tl" r  r Ir his Ira;
li A ���'���' ��� Id i' m *��� i in I 8ft.. 10 In
���ifd v bs a f ne si i ��� '** i r This is tie
third  i tti r li"  I    *  f.i* i.'-d  tiiis sea
Aberdeen. After coming out of pri
sop he wns befriended by his cousin
Robert    Robertson,     Within   a fewl
weeks Altken broke Into bla benefac
tor's and robbed him of a bag con
talning skins and hnlr valued at twenty-five shillings,    lie was sent to Jail
fur twelve months,
Dundee Harbor Heard decided tha'
a new wharf ai the east end i f tin
harbor shall be named King George
Wharf,    Ox-Lord   Provost    M'Orady
said it was ridiculous to name n lit
He hit ot a wharf afur K'ng Oeorge
.1. C, Bulst, the chairman, Bald II
was hardly correct io describe th,
wharf as a little bit of a wharf, us It
would ultima!) I)  coal   U 179,6 10,
The Furness llni r Snowden Range
which  bad such B  terrible experience
in the Atlantic arrived at Lelth trom
Queenstown,    A fund waa raised bj
the   merchants   to   mark   their   appro
elation of ihe conduct if the captain
nml crew, mid tbe men were entertain
id in cuke and wine In the town ball
The captain was presented with ��20
illlii   the   Clew    .IM   each.
a remarkable accident, result it ; in
the death of a orofter in the island ol
Harris, was reported to the iverness
police. Roderick MacAsMU, a sial-
'wart young man who wus married
last month, and resided with his father, begun to erect a house for blm
self, ni'il while carrying a stone which
Weighed 200 pounds, he fell heavily
to the ground with the Btone ou his
In the house of commons, on the
motion of Cat-heart Wason a return
was ordered of telegraph offices In
Scotland whloh were carried on by th<
post office nt a loss, and where Ihe
deficit wus mad,' up by local con
trlbutlon and by the Scottish Hoard
of Agriculture: such return setting
forth (a) the total cost, lb) local
contribution, and (cl contribution of
the Hoard of Agriculture,
An extraordinary incident occurred
in St. Paul's parish church, Perth
About a year ago strong opposition
was offered in parliament and In thr
general assembly of Ihe Church of
Scotland to the transference of the
Black Watch soldiers to the U. F
West Church. The change, was, how-
������ver, mnde. On Sunday, without any
warning,   the   Black   Watch     soldiers
marched once more   to   st.    Paul's
church, und to the surprise of the congregation, entered und look seats.
After sitting for a minute or two how-
ever, ihe soldiers begnn to whisper
among themselves, nnd then rose and
retired. They re-formed Into marching order outside the ohurrh. and pro
ceeded through the town to the U. F.
West church.
A correspondent refers lo a remark
iblo   display   of   lightning   visible   ii
the  west of Caithness one afternoon
ind early evening.    It  is probable. h<
says,  that excessively  heavy thunder
must  have   accompanied   each   Haht-
ning;   for   certainly   In   our   heaviest
tbuilder storms for the past 4"i years
tho   lightning   was   nothing   to   com-
���are   with   thnt   if  last   Friday   nigh'
The boom  and  rumble  as of distant
thunder was faintly audible with several of the flashes.   But the brllltancc
and  spread  of the lightning  wet-.'  re
, inarkable.     For   the   Hashes   covered
la front of at least   seven  miles    they
'appeared   to    extend    from    Holborn
Mead   to   Ilunnet    Head,   and   this   at
the same instant.    In each llghtnlnj
! there was a ventral    shaft    of   pure
white.    This  shaft  was  never  abnor
tnally large;  but on each    side    the
I flash extended "along a front of miles,
and In this position each lightning re
mained fur an appreciable time.
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snd has ������*. .        i ,* r . i .ty . Iti
shade thi
haa    Hun.
blni '.   and
Madrid, March 1". Returns from
lhe elections hold throughout Spain
yesterday tor llie chamber of il ipu
tics, at noun today showed the returi
of !'5 Liberals, 65 Conservatives
eight Republicans and 20 Catholics.
Count Alvaro De Romanenes, thi
premii r, in believed to be certain ol
^btainiiiR ii majority,
��J!l   ;.'.
foi 'i
CO!'  ,
tak i
SJfc.nl i��
of the    Grand Trunk
i Dominion controlled under-
i   nipany  has  been  pay-
If ��� f    the    Are    protection
ui rangement the com-
lullves stated at    the
i     .*   Ing thoy are  willing
and ai      u        ���   ���ilinue.
Melbourne, March 10. According
to a message received from the Maw
ion Antarctic expedition, th<> climatt
ne.-ir the South Pol" li. the s< verest ol
anj i laci on earth.
Mr. Percy Hunt, government mater
nloglst, received a wireless message
from i.iiiiii't'ini Mawson, In which bt
raphica'.ly 6 scribes i it��� - rigors (f Ihi
Antarctic climate, and considers the
weather worso than any ever t;.\perl-
inii'il In fori'.
The average wind has a velocity of
50 niilon per hour, Hays Mr. Mawson,
Its direction being south by i ant, coming directly, as a rule, from the pole.
Deluges of snow are frequent and tho
masts of tho wireless apparatus havo
repeatedly been blown duwn.
Tho postmaster gem ml
been consistent ai least
Proceeding, he argui ���! along thi
somewhal curious line thai possible
the nexl live ���>��� ars ra gtal see the i nd
i f th" dn iulniiiinln era by the ad
vancea in navigation and by othei
conditions in the methods of warfare,
A warship laid down today begai
lo r< i out of date the very date ii
keel waa laid down, he said, if then
was an emergency last summer lien
wns certainly none now. nnd he sum
no reason why this money should b*
voted to build ships oul nf Canada.
This would be to benefit  tbe ship
yards In Croat Britain,   If the premie' !
wanted to help the English work'me' ,
why not Increase Hioir preference H
por cent   The whole naval propose
wus designed to pull tli" party oul ol .
ils troubles duo to the unholy alllanci
with iho Nationalist party.
"if the leader of lie government
had dreamed thai he would be vlctorl
nun ,in ihe nighl i f Bepti mbi r 21, l
am certain thai ho would never havi
entered Into th" Nationalist alliance'
���said Mr, Turriff, "Because of th i
arrangement he wont build n Cana |
ilinn navy. Whal hns obanged hi \
mind  from  thai  or a  yonr  iiro'.' and!
the rost oi Canada has to sutfor fori
"I wonder whal the people ot F.ni*
land will think of a glfl or $:!.',. 10,
ouo, yvrung out. of the poople or Can
ada by a closure?" siiid Mr. Turriff
"I don'l Believe thoy would accept It,1
ll" concluded by deolarlng thai th'
opposition would maintain its light,
iti i
i i
h" said, ba   ] io recommend the c
ii"  estate  nf Cn
���i ndlng i" Tl acres
. . ��� ; mill ��� *���    n
I  I-..M   ,i, r *'  l'
uncll to nr :hasi I
rpl Ine  Hill,  i ���
for the sum   ol
en.OOO as a  site  tor ���  too, s'iiii;'    leaving the
to conditions being arranged with thi       : !     ' '
promoters of the  Scottish Zoological
II.  A.  ('ami
N'nirii. is f;iii'i
i few months
land Islands,
ArgenUne, o.i
Hewitt,  iir   ri
two  woll  km v-ii
h.   Fifth   View   Links.
io S"i"h America for
I'd *������'!! visit the l'"ulk-
;it,i- onia, Chili and tho
beoaif of Day, Son &
' f", as BIkk, London.
Inns in connecUon
i ondi n. March 10, Tho i sample
���f ih" New Vi r'- s'l'ik'-'i! waiters wai
��� ii. "��� i d i'i l ,ondon >ili"ii thq entire
���nff of it'" fashionable Imperial restaurant in Regenl street walked oul
:n the m'ddlo of ill" dinner hour.
guests unsorvi d,
ance of th" wallers waa
���in old one. They asserted thai th"\
wero compelled to eal recooked anu
unnutrltioua food which is provided
f-ir lhe help, The waiters mud" a
demonstration in tli" stroi-t which re-
tembled a mei ting In Little Italy Ir
New York. Tho proprietor eventuall"
nersnaded thorn to return to work and
Iho dinner only Buffered a shon    do
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldff.
Do You Want To Build?
if so, see SLOAN & HARRISON
We specialize in steel and reinforced fireproof construction, but wc can build yeu a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
You will be pleased to know that we have secured the services of Mr. Kexel, formerly of New York
City and an expert in Ladies T'ailoring.
We have a full line of the latest Spring Suitings
in Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds and are prepared
to take orders for  both  lades'  and  gentlemen's
Easter Suits.
j Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
I Phones: Office, 624; Res., 755
Eighth Street
Dunsmuir Block.
gi"' TUESDAY,   MARCH   11,   1013.
PAat *ivm
Viotorla   Wlll    Play   Against    Picked
Team This Evening���Three Westminster Players on Line-up.
The llrst of the series of post-seiiHon
games between nn all slur aggregation
���elected from Westminster and Van
oi hm r hockey teams against the
champion Victoria outfit will be
t tai "d on the Vancouver lea thlH even
Ing, The Royals will bs represented
b)  three players, Lehman   in   goal.
Johnson al cover, while Kildli- I lal man
will In* seen on the wings. The four
Vancouver players who will form the
ns   uf tbe learn are Prod Taylor. SI
Grlffls, Carl Randall and Pred Harris,
Thla I" Hie llrst ytur thai  poll sea-
games have been played and will
na,' ihe  fans hii  Idea as to the real
Btri tigtb   of   ihe   Paterson   cuppers
agalnsl an all-slur aggregation from
the real of the league,
jimmy Qardner and Oeorge Rochon
vil handle the game, which starts at
v 30 o'clock.
Rovers In Scoring  Mood.
London,   March   10.- The   first  division  game between  iiluckburn  nnd
Liverpool resulted today In a win for
Illackburn with a -5 to 1 bcoto.
English Cup Draw.
London, March 111.- The draw for
the semi-finals of the Football asso
elation to be played on March 2��, is
us follows: Aston Villa vs. Oldham
Athletics;   .Sunderland   or   Newcastle
united vs. Burnley,
Crucial Game for  McRae Trophy    at
Arena Tonight���Moose and Burnaby Follow.
Whal   Wlll   I rob ably    be    tile    best
amab ui game or the season Is staged
for this evening al the arena wbei
ihe Fraser Mills ii un and thi
ihavi rs clash In the elimination run
fir tin   McRae trophy.
Thai ii wlll i ��� some game is a tore
gone conclusion, and the fans of thi
whole 'f the six teams have been on
' d : during llie past f -w days waiting
to see tbe battle, as this will decidi
Which one of these Hams drop fron
the race.
Moose   Call    Meeting   for   Thursday
Prospects Bright for Good  City
League  This Season.
; French-Canadian boxer from Haglnaw,
I began to get peevish about ttoAuliffe's
j Inaction, and scut iu ono challenge
after another,
MrAullilc didn't want to train for a
real buttle, but cuusenled to tuke on
l.uvlgne for  four  rounds at  Madison
I Square Garden, a great crowd
gathered around ths arena, ami at tin
! conclusion of the four rounds McAu
liffe announced that be hud quit the
mime for good, nnd that he considered
l.uvlgne Ibe bout man In tho light
tvelghl ranks.
Jack hnd held the title nine yearn
sett'i'g up n record not likely to b'
equalled, l.uvlgne lasted five years
und wan defealed by Krno, who nftet
three years wus knocked out by Cans
wbo fell a victim to Hutlllng Nelson
who wua beaten by Ad Wolguut, whi
succumbed to Ritchie. In the game of
"lake It off or knock It off," McAuliffe
was thn only one to "take It off."
McAuliffe began his boxing caree-
Isa a great Bchool, Palmer's cooperage
In Hrooklyn, which turned out Jack
Dempscy, "Brooklyn Jimmy" Carroll
and Jack Skelly. All of those, will'
tho exception of Carroll, rose ti
championship rank, nnd Carroll, whi
died not long ago, wns a leader In the
middleweight division and might havi
wqn the title except that Ile refused
tO light his eld friend Ilempsey.
��� ANNALS. ���
1898-  Jack     McAuliffe    retired     fron
ths ring, the undefeated lighi
weight champion of ths world
1903"  Joe Ciins defeated Steve Crosby
In 10 rounds    at  Hot    Springs,
1908���Sam  Langford defeated    Larry
Temple In eight rounds at Hob
1910���Jimmy    flardlncr    and    Jimmy
Clabby fougbt In round draw al
iiibiii- McOoorty defeated Ton
Third    Sitting    of    Present    House-
Search  Vaults for Suffragettes
���Five Arrested.
London, March 10.- King Oeorge
todtiy opened the third session of the
present parliament after u prorogation of only two days, the briefest recess on record. The stately ceremonial was performed In the house of
The opening was preceded by the
Usual procession from Buckingham
Palace to WeHtmlnster Hall, the center of the brllllaut picture being Hie
great glided gluus coach drawn by the
famous Hanoverian cream colored
bones, A drizzling rain fell through
out   the  day      Elaborate  precautions
were taken to prevent any Interference by militant suffragettes or their
tnalii  supporters.
The lime-honored ceremony known
is "searching the vaults" beneath the
house of oommons and the house of
lords which has been curried out hIiici
'In- attempt of Quy Kawkes in 1806
to blow up tin- king und parliament
but which 111 later yeara has been per
formed in u must perfunctory man
tier, again wus undertaken seriously
Search for Suffragettes.
A party of Veouien of lln- Ouaril
went carefully through lhe buildings
aooompanied by one of tha chief of
ficluls nf parliament and by Inspsc
tors of police and otber high function
aries. All of these made a thorough
search  fur any  lurking suffragettes
The greatest  care was taken in Is-
Lancaster In 20 rounds at Dub   suing tickets to ladies for the actus
.  ���r^��,a,<��w?w��^gS55S
Today and Tomorrow
bn. Ireland,
1911���Blllv Papke knocked out    Havi*
Smith In seventh round at  Syd
ney, Australia
* OVER   THE   FOUL  LINE.        ���
Q. McGill yesterday won out in tht
final i f the live pin tournament on tht
Club alleys, lii alius  Latham by ovct
100   pins,   although   tlie   latter   mad'
high   Individual   score   with  82.    Tin
following resulls till the talc:
Semi -finals
Heavers have been hitliliK I
font clip since tlnli defeat by thn Y
M. C. A. and according to Ihelr man
BKer the result wlll mean B play ofl
with the present leaders, lhe Y. M
C. A., bin Mr. Kan is not forgetting
the fact that the Circle K aggregation
improved wonderfully against the Y
M ,C, A. last week, taking the full |
points on  their merits,  so    thai    lln J
chain-1 lumberjacks huve an excellent ohanct
claim jot keeping in the race.
The Y. M. C, A. and Burnaby teams
should   have   come   together   In     thc
first  game  of  the  dnuhliiheadsr,   bul
the former by making a plea cf hav-   out  of  three,    although     the
Ing several of the players out of tow? came through with high total,
nl  |     Ingrain  rolled  a  Kind  ball  thniucli
Mouse     I.,in I,.ni    club,
i :  the Clt)  league of 191
*   limnr of being the llrst to call a
ing,   their   manager   having   Hem
the call for u gathering to be beld
ihi  Mcose i lub rooms on Thursdsj
���if   this    Wl ek.
Pro tlcally  all ol   tlnir last  year's nre not willing to take a chance
im     are     available.      while       Ui
McOUl .. .
Lew   ....
... .'J
Latham ..
. .tii.
Mcfiill ...
Ijilbam   . .
111 the house league Serbs Ingram'!
team  nut  defeat    at    the    bunds    o'
Lefty   Peterson's outllt  in  two  game-
; out
taking high individual and
The scores follow
ul si
^niffnrd    1n9
iTimnier   133
I Sinclair  181
Kotheriiiglinm ..  . .161
Peterson    152
though   their   manager   advances   th
im,  when  not  too Interested    In claim that rough Ire would be far bet Ihlgb averag
key, has been scouting around the ter for his nggrogi>'lon.  which leaves j
.   during   the  winter  and   claims tha supporters of the game to form
era] contrurta of players who will tbelr own opinions,
i up the dusi on llie tjueens park     [lather than dlsanpolnt  the crowd,
"tni tin*? coming summer, tbe secretary <f tbe league hustled
'lu uth th,- tune is a little prema around yesterday nnd secured the eon
several of the players have been uent of the Moose team to pluv eff the
i id  during  tbe  sunny   weather of gnme  against     llurnuby     which    was
; ast week easing up their should thrown out by the executive earlier In
and taking out the kinks. the season on the grounds that   the  Hnggman  177   119
,i  what  tiams will form the cily  suburbanites used ineligible players.      floseneagle 128    115
li   it is yet too early to   announce      That was the first game of the sea-   McAdam    143   128
even  suggest,  but  Herb Ryall  baa  son   and  the  trouncing   the  herd   re-  A N Other 109    106
'  irned   up   all   the     birthday     books celved has not been forgotten, so that
aruund his habitation and claims that Hill   Graham   and   his   RooaevMtUu)
lib   is  still   walking  hand  in  hand hand are likely tn come out of the tall
lie manager, captain and    team timbers    fnr  ibis    evening's    sess'.or
n tary of the Balmorals lookine for trouble.
Manager  Chooklay, Of    the    Maple No difficulty arose  in  securing the
���-'   states "definitely" to the News consent (f the Moose to ndvnnce their
���  lie haa played bis last game and dates  and  it  reflects  credit  on  their
watcli    the     games     from   tin manager to enter to the amateur spur
��� is  I ereafter.    This  is  un  old in this manner.
,      ,.���������,   however. The   first   will   start   at   8:30   sharp,
��� mwhlle I'-e work of organls'ng Eddie McCarthy being selected us one
leaeue    is    proceeding of   the   officials.     In   order   to   allow                                                        ,.,,,.
' ������t  bold the crowd to get to ihelr roosts early   college    Tp to the last Pfriodof play
made   to  cut  down , the collegians led 2 lo 1, Reuth.i  in.
25   minute   ing   allowed   thr
Ingram   208
���i reiiinny   of  the  opening.    Threati
bad been made til create || seem
when tbe King arrived to rend hll
Speech  from  the throne.
The lord chamberlain, who lasts*
Invitations, sent with each a note stat
Ing thnt It was to be distinctly under
Ktiiiui that the recipient of the ticket
of admission accented the fullest re
sponslbllit] for the lady or gentlemw
presenting It and that the name must
be  written  on  It.
Tbe first sign of suffragette urtivi
ties during the royul procession wu:
seen when two women rushed fron
St James I'nrk, opposite Murlliorougl
House, while the royal conch was pass
ing und vigorously waved papers
They were promptly surrounded bj
the police nnd hustled from the spot
Another party of five women whi
tried to present n petition to the Kim
as he passed along Whitehall, wen
The   King's  Speech.
His Majesty opened his address will
a reference to the jubilee of the mar
rluge of bin parents. King Kdward VI
und Queen Alexandra, lie expresset
gratitude for the affection shown by
the nation to the widowed Quasi
Mother Alexandra. Of tbe Balkan
war, to which much of the speech wai
devoted, the King sail):
"I am hopeful that the consultations between the powers will enable
them not only to secure a. complete
understanding among themselves but
to exercise a beneficent influence in
hastening tbe conclusion of the war "
His majesty referred to the action
of the  British dominions  which havi
contributed vessels to the British navy
and also to the visits of Itt. Hon. B
1.   Borden, the Canadian premier, and
_ I other overseas minslters. These thincs
_.. ,...   he said, promoted the solidarity of the
70J S1OT   empire.
Headed by the
C   Hawaiian
Princess   Kaihiokalani
Vincent and Lorne
Most   Refined   Singing   and
Comedy Specialty.
Russell Parker
The Youthful Club and  Ball
Three Hi-el Broncho Feature
Matinee fO&and 20c
Night      10c and 25c
Cpecial  Program    Monday    and
Bdlson Photo-Play
! -il I.i ii
Lubln Special In Two Keels.
Vocal  Special  by  Miss  Frances
iContinued from page one)
��� BASEBALL. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Comiikey's Men Nose Out.
Sun Francisco, March 10. -The Chi
cago Americans saved themselves   ii
' the ninth inning today from defeat a
er-clty    league    is    .,,,..*,.,*���������.   , ���   ,.-.    ,.,,���:.���,      .���' Jrder  to  allow  the hands of tbe hoys of St. .Ignatju.
u e  and  when  lacrosse 1
.   the board* al  the park  Ihe base-  an  effort will  be
i ill fans will have the opportunity of  the  playing   time   to   two
Inosslng  some Bterllng contests.        periods In both games.
Ottawa, March 10.���Canadian riders
for the London Olympic are being se-
ectnl at the Ottawa horee show In
lime. Lately the government decided that Canada should be represented
by u team of three In the London
The mllltla department co-operated
With the Ottawa horse show also and
trrangements have becn completed
to bold the competitions for qualifying
In connection with the local show  ln
The  competition   is open to all  Ca-
; ,,,,g editor of the Newslnadian officers In regiments! uniform.
trom Art tlur government burses only to be ridden
it will Include jumps, In whicb style
mil conformation will, of course, count,
and it I* expected thai many units of
the Canadian mllltla win be represent
id 'I he military jumping will take
place each evening and the judges
wlll niect the three who obtain the
a     Executive    Will    Agree
ChamplonsK,)   Will   be
ded at Queens Park.
Following t
y, the spi t
receipt of a win
announcement yester-
vcy,   'i   the   Vancouver News-Adver
��� is atlng thai ha Is using liis besl
��� fforts in have ihe iinul rugby game
between   Victoria     and     Vancouver
igi 'i en th,- Queens parti oval on
Hi- afternoon oi Good Friday.
The two teams have each won twi
 B and a play off Is necessary to   highest   SCOTS to  n presnl   Canada  tit
decide the ownership of the McKech-jthe London Olympic,
ine cup for the year.
* (By "Gravy.") ���
Whether the Victoria executive will
accede to the proposal Is not yet
known, hut communications have been
wired in them outlining the fart that
N, , Westminster is the logical P<"��liJack McAullffe   Retired,   Undefeated
Sws m ��355:332S
,r,.nt  ortinitin ty   of   ��;<����,.,..,   ��own from ofr hli ���,.���,, and made
" ' his   farewell   bow   Just   IT   years   age
tii- leading t
'tonight. March  11. 1896.    He was the
���only lightweight tltleholder who was
wise enough to i|iilt when the quitting
Vancouver  Invites Westminster Trap j was good.
The exeou?Wet0ofCOtbeP,We.tmlnstcr champion of lb- ��-n. r Que,*,,,
linn club will bold a meeting In the berry rules
Club   bowling  alley   ������*������� tor Wei Sh  WhC now claim .he crown once
Wcdl day   evening a    S  aiClOCk IM  wewn. wng< have never shown
"'"  OT1,?J  ;',mlannn*tl    !hi   Krl \m    Ik that  wo, Id PUl  tbem in the
nneeied  with  the annual    lot* Fn   amv ^ ^ ^ ^.^ ^     A
I gamer or more scientific boxer never
the  ring   Ihan   McAuliffe
was the first lightweight
and. many fans think, the
them    nil     Ultchle    and
Sox only one hll
Tlien the big leaguers took a br:ic .
the youngsters broke down and thret
Chicago men crossed the plate.
Tomorrow the White Sox will j lathe Sacramento learn In tlie Coas'
league ut Sacramento.
The score ���
St. Ignatius	
Halt-lies    Smith.  Douglass
and Easterly; lieu ther and Lassiter.
Athletics  First  Win.
San Antonio. Tex., March 10��� Witt
all the regulars In the line-up, thi
Philadelphia American league tean
defeated today tbe Son Antonio tean
cf the Texas league. 17 to 12.
R. H. K
4    3    (
2    6    I
The forecast of the legislation to b<
introduced was restricted. Apart from
the introduction again of tiie Honn
Ilule and Welsh Disestablishment billi
the only important measures will lit
bills to fucilltate land purchHse in Ire
land, to guarantee a Sudan loan for
the development of cotton growing, to
prevent plural voting at elections and
for a national system of education.
Glasgow, March 10.���The team ti
represent Scotland against lrelnnd in
the International at Dublin is as follows: .1. llrowlie. Third Lanark: J. 1".
Cordon, Glasgow Hangers; J. Walker
Swindon Town;   It.  Mercer, Hearts of
Midlothian; C, Thompson, Sunderland:
II. Low, Sunderland; A. Bennett, Glasgow Hungers; J McMenemy, Celtic;
\V. Held. Glasgow Hungers; Q. Falkirk   Roberts,   Sheffield   Wednesdays
Bonnett and McMenemy are injured
and may not be able to play.
Name of Earl  Beauchamp    Is    Aga,
Mentioned as Probable Successor
to Duke of Connaught.
London, March 10. -If precedent Is-
Followed thc name of -he Duke cf Con
naught's successor should be divulged
���th'- i very shen time. Rumor still
remans busiest with the name ot
Oarl rieauciuimp, who Is now lirst
commissioner of works, a position In
shoot   a full attendance
"secretary (lallowuy has "J^gl"^^,,,,,   ���...������.   ,���.,   retire,,,,,,,
Viavon,,/"'- 1 in Pal       P-lic. patS M^ulltte had lost all Interest In the
���. ir ids,   shoot at Rlohmond boxing game.   He hud fallen a victim
11 to the lure of the turf and spent most
of his time and  money  backing    the
in n men
In be held  nn  Saturday afternoon.
Several   members of the  local  club
have signified  Ihelr deBire  to attend
���tho intercity gathering
Bostop, Mass, March 10. -The Boston Journal was sold today by Frank
A Munsey to Matthew Hale, I'rogres
sive national committeeman for Massachusetts and state chairman of the
Progressive party The price of the
paper, II was announced tonight again
will be placed at one cent. Mr. Mun-
Hcy rulscd the price a week ago to
three cents as an experiment to determine, whether Boeton would support a
morning paper at that price.
Mr. Halo assumed management of
his property tonight, the change in
price becoming effective at onco. In
annonnolng thai the Journal would
continue lo support the cause of the
Progressive party, Mr. Hale said ll
"It will fight any entangling alliances
between the ProgreslVC and any other
volving mainly the care
of all nations
palaces,     tin
is a   csblne'
buildings und royal
holder of which also
in in 1st' r.
The Canadian post, there is lit'll
doubt, would b" highly acceptable ti
Karl Beauchamp and his wife, who
s the Duke of Westminster's sister.
When only L'ti Earl Beauchamp was
ippolnted by HiRht Hon. Joseph
Chamberlain, governor cf the colony
if New South Wules.
The excluslveness of his offlcinl cn
tertalnments In those days is alleged
to have caused a certain amount of
friction. He held Ihe governorship
two years. 1899-1901. and previously
was mayor of Worcester, 1895-1896
ind member of the I-oudon school
beard,  1897-1899.
tween the opposite factions ls liki ly
0 be beard i ven outside the Burnaby
legislative  buildings  lap  on   Monday
evening, i    I
A letter from Mr. Sperling was read
this evening explaining tbe delay and
t atlng that he hoped to have everything Bettled with the London directors of the company during the next
few days and the result of these de-
111."rations transacted by way cf a
submarine cable crossing the Atlantic
will be on hand this week.
Ready for Dry Season.
A "new water tower on the North
read will be constructed this summer
by the Machinery Installation and
Construction Company of Vancouver,
who were awarded the contract thia
-ventng. the price named being $1415.
Messrs. Evans. Colemnn and Evans,
alsc of Vancouver. w��_re the successful tenderers for water pipes which
will cost $85,980, delivery to be made
n April.
Thc ofTer of MaePherson and Fuller,
ton,  owning     property    on     Twelfth
���treet, and    offering    to  pay    three-
fourths the cost of a box drain cost- ;
ing $140il,  was accepted.
Ever-thipj Not uftvely.
Trouble i��' hr=w1n8 *M> tl,e Proposed redistribution Cl ",a wal'd3 !d.p�� J
Councillor Macpherson raised Ooiec
tlons when the by-law passed its tlrst
md second readings and he promises
lo air these objections more fully
,vhen it comes up for final action.
The Central   Park  Agricultural  As- i
soetatlon asked for a grant of $500 to |
enlarge the buildings and improve the
grounds.     The   council   thought   $200
was enough as ether claims of a like!
nature have yet to be met.
An innovation in the insurance tiusi-
ness was brought to light and on tho
recommendation   of Comptroller C.rif-
'i'lis. a sum of J.'i'ti'ii annually will be
laid aside to protect the municipality
from any damage claims. Lust year
Burnaby paid $7000 to insurance linns
md received $2." in return. This year
'hey will protect the workmen with
Burnaby money.
The next meeting <��� 111 be held on
the evening of Easter Tuesday, March
Circulate Counterfeit Bills.
Toronto, March 10.���Bank of Montreal  bills  of  tljo  five  nntl  ten  dollar
denominations are being counterfeited
to  a  considerable extent.  It  Ib  said,
proposition that ono   pony   can   run j and are being circulated in Toronto
faster than another.   Kid Lavlgne, tho j and throughout the province.
Londm, March 10.���P. H. Uling-
worth, junior lord of the treasury,
speaking at Manchester yesterday,
strongly supported the territorials,
whom he asserted were a fine body
of men, and undeserving of the criticisms which had recently becn levelled
at tbem.
In strong terms he denounced the
attacks on the territorials as attempts
to stampede thc country into adopting conscription. This was an Infamous crime which the Liberals would
strenuously resist.
The country wns absolutely safe
from any possibility ot Invasion, and
the territorials were carrying out
what was expected of them, concluded
the Junior lord.
Joseph M. Weber's merry    musical
Importation. "Alma, Where    Do   You
Live T" is scheduled to appear at the i
opera house this evening.    The piece I
Is said to he one of the most exquisite
musical farces that ever was brought ]
to this country, and its melodies arc
of the humming and whistling kind.
The book is by Paul llerve, the |
music by Jean Briquet, and the
English translation was made by
George V. Hobart. A most alluring
waltz runs through the entire play.
Grace Drew will be seen in the title
role, and Carlton King, tho well
known comedian, plays the principal
comedy role. Among tho supporting
cast, including Charles F. Orr, are a
number of capable Broadway players.
We Act tt Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Btlt   of   Real   Estate.
Listings of city property and municipalities of Surrey and Langley
acreage. We also wish to have the exclusive handling of a sub
division of five, snd ten acre blocks.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director,
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeta, Nsw Westminster.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
W. R. OILLEY, Phene 112.
Q. E. OILLEY, Phone nt.
Phones, Off leg 18 and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
Free, and deal Hgr. Vice-President Bee. aad Treat
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln all parts ot tbe wortd.   Savings bank department at
all branches. .. *��� __Lx*^j-itni*X>*1*M**aax.'
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
O. D. WILSON, Manager.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
HARRY TIDY,  Manager.
Joe Webber Presents the World's Best
Musical Comedy.
Where Do You Live?
By Paul Herve; Music by Jean Briquet; Apierican
Version by Geo. V. Hobart.
And a Great Cast.
Prices: Lower floor $1.50; Balcony $1.50 to 50c.
Seats on sale now at Tidy, the Florist's. PAQI  SIX
TUESDAY,   MARCH   11,  1013.
Classified Advertising
Classified���One cent per word per
a iy; 4c per word per week; 15c per
lountta; 5,000 worda, to bo used as re
quired wittln one year trom date oi
rontract, $26.00.
ilirlh or Marriage Notice* 50c.
I.H<ath Notice 50c or with Funeral Nonce li.Bil. Card of Thanks 60o per
us domestic tenant,    llox Kill,
or two gentlemen. Albert Crescent.
Apply llox 835, News.
Ralroad, which embraces tho famous
l<oetschberg tunnel, forms the last
link of a through route from London
to the principal tourist points In Italy
by way of Calais, Berne and Milan.
Thu distance from Calais to Milan
will bu 676 mtles, or nearly 80 miles
less than tho old route. _.���*'*'
house, between 8th and 9th streets.
Possession given after 15th Inst.
Apply 812 3rd Ave. (837)
room, modern conveniences, suitable for two gontlemen or two
ladles.   220 Seventh street.     (812)
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, News office
lily  White  l.uiii'li, Columbia street.
TO RENT-FURNISHED Housekeeping rooms, hot and cold wator.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes Btreel. (763)
ings;  will    call    for    orders.    Mra.
Warburton, Alia vista, n.C.    (818)
inet makers. Westminster Woodworking Co., Lulu island. (811)
wanted; day or contract. References,   llox 805 News. 1805)
WANTED���HOUSEWORK BY Experienced girl. Address llox 79(1,
News office.
Ing town.   908 St. Andrew's St. (S30)
house, modern in every particular.
Extra toilet In basement; furnace,
stationery tubs; lot 66x182, One of
the finest corners in the city. Price
nnd terms Apply to owner, E. J.
Bangs. Phone L1024. (836)
Whito Orpingtons, Rhode Island
Reds, $2.00 fifteen, J7.00 per 100.
Indian Games and Golden Wyan-
dottes $2.00 fifteen, also Games,
Bantams cheap. Apply 502 Second
St., City. (834)
Subdivision, North road, on proposed tram route to Port Moody,
from $300 up. For pick of these
choice cleared and uncleared lots
apply at once to E. Wiltshire. North
road, Burqultlam. Phone F1250.
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable tor club or light manufacturing purposes. Will lease for tw��
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the Newa
Just off Itroadway; trade for team.
Address llox 53, Haney. (798)
Four    roomed     unfurnished    sulto
with bath, hot and cold water; heated.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue.
Phone 750
Tho statutory meeting of the Boar.l
of License Commissioners will bo held
at the municipal Hall on Wednesday,
the 12th day of March Inst., at 10
o'clock In the forenoon.
Clerk to tho Commissioners.
Edmonds,  B.C.,   March   4th,   1913.
three room house with bathroom
attached; lot all cleared; large
woodshed In rear. $1150, $100 cash
See Ashworth, Twelfth avenue,
East llurnaby. (S29)
milker, without blemish. Will be
milking about the middle of April.
For further particulars apply W. E.
Fales, City. (819)
basement; nicely finished inside;
plastered; on 50x150 foot cleared
lot, ready for gardening; water,
electric light; macadamized street
with Bldewalk. Price $2250, cash
JT750, b-alancn to Bitit. Apply Owner.
George Matyear, Twelfth avenue,
Kast llurnaby. (807)
Stove,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week
Canada Range  Co., Market square.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 326 Hastings street, west.
Vancouver, B. C. (766)
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned, marked "Tenders for
Supplies," up to 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday, March 19th, 1913, for supplying this Hospital from April 1st, 191S,
to March 31sl, 1914, with the following:
Bread  (while   and   brown).
Milk (per gallon) and cream (per
pint), in sealed bottles. Samples to
le  submitted.
Wood,  slabs   (par cord).
Coal (lump and washed nut), anthracite (lump and nut, in carload
luts), at per ton.
Detailed lists of drugs, groceries,
r-e-ats and fish may bo obtained al
dp Hospital. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted,
Iloyal  Columbian   Hospital,
New Westminster, B.C, (808)
Piano   Reduced   $10   Each
day until Sold.   Today
All instruments and small
goods   at   greatly   reductd
See Window Display.
Frank Major Music and
Piano House.
X   61 Sixth St. :-_,
Five roomed house In centre of city,
near car. S1S0O; $250 cash, $25 a
month.   No. S3.
House and Large Lot on Eleventh
avenue. $135(1; $250 cash, $25 a
House and corner lot, Sapperton.
$1!100; one-third cash. l_ot 65x120.
No. 21.
Comfortable cottage, Sapperton, near
car.    $160(1; easy terms. No. Fr.
Two good houses on lot 132 feet
square, i'rice $4000. West end.
No. 81.
Six roomed house, lot 50.-.15O, west
end.    Price $2800.    No. 82.
Well built five roomed cottage for
$2500;  good terms.    East end.  No
We sell fire insurance. Strong British
board companies.
Curtis Block, New  Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 2��& *. O. Bex 777.
Tension Between Germany and France
Causes Great Anxiety In Europe���
War May Result.
Re Lot 4. of Block 19. of part of Sec
tion ?,.   Illock 3  North,    Range    7
West, District of New Westminster.
A certificate of indefeasible tit Iu to
above property will bo iBsued to Frank
N.  Trites, on  the  12th day of April.
1913, unless in tbe meantime a valid
objection thereto be  made to me    ln
writing by a person or persons claim
ing an  estate or  interest therein, or
in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles
Land  Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., February
2Sth, 1913.
London, March 10. -In the present
critical situation of European politics
tho diplomats of France, Britain, Russia and Germany are ull eagerly
watching each other to see who shall
take the first step.
France's spirited response to the
proposal of military aggrandisement
by Germany haa done more towards
���ensuring peace today and war tomorrow than any diplomatic move In
living recollection. On the other
hand, (lerinany's*iiiio explanation as
to the causes of her enormous outlay
and increase of a "peace" army has
deceived nobody.
A British diplomat now home on a
furlough, discussing the electric current imparted to tho situation hy the
accession of M. Polncare to the
French presidency, says:
"It Is admitted by all acquainted
with the currents of diplomacy In
Europe that the coming of Polncare
put more electricity into the Franco-
German situation than has been there
in many years.
The appointment of Delcasse, an
avowed partisan of the policy of revenge, as ambassador to St. Petersburg constituted nothing less than a
direct challenge to Germany, the answer to which, it Is noteworthy, has
not yet been given and which when It
comes, may stagger the world with Its
Lull   Before   Storm?
"Either," said the diplomat who
holds a secretarial rank in the service, "Germany judges that in view
of the momentous policy foreshadowed hy Delcasse's appointment, discretion is at this moment her widest
policy, or alternatively, Germany may
simply be observing a political silence
while finally giving a careful look to
her offensive and defensive equip
That Germany, which in 11106 insisted ou the dismissal of Delcasse as
a result of the Moroccan embrogllo,
giving France an alternative in war,
should now quietly eat humble pie in
the face of this virtual defy from the
new head of the French republic, is at
the present moment, a matter of undisguised amazement to all the chancellories of the world.
"Even by itself It would have been
sufficient to arouse the ever-slumbering Francophobln of the Germans, but
coining as it did, on the announcement
that something like $100,000,000 was
lo be spent In strengthening the
French land forces, the policy of Polnoare is susceptible of only one explanation -namely, that whereas a certain
measure of prudent passivity characterized the recent French Government
the present head of the republic
means, at least, to try to reconquer
for France some of her lost prestige
in the concert of the powers, as well
as to break the political power of Berlin in Europe, objects whose accomplishment must involve a resort to
"The situation," he continued, "remains at present principally dependent on Germany's action
"Will the Berlin wnr party let pass
forever their undoubted chance to
force the kaiser Into war? If Germany postpones the occasion till later
It will be only to find a French army
far better prepared to meet her th>n
the present French army Is.
Now   Is  Time.
"Germany, If she acts soon, will also he certainly able to count on half
of Austria and Italy as against any
move by the Russians toward protecting their slow brethren In the Balkans,
a certainty which bicomes continually j
weaker as the old kaiser of Austria be-;
comes older and the victorious Balkans continue to loom on the horizon
as a more practicable possibility
'Indeed," continued the diplomat,!
"never within the past ten years, not I
even during the Dreyfus and Moroccan crises, has a Franco-German war
been nearer In sight. Germany builds
confidently on two reasons- -namely,
first, that England's policy with regard to the French amounts merely
to a determination to use the French
army and navy should events ever
force that necessity; second, that
Kngland Is determined to be no party
to any triple alliance which would
involve her, should one of the constituent parties otlnr than herself Le at-
In other words, Germany feels Ihat
Britain's ri gard for France is essentially selfish and that any upheaval
Involving France ns a principal will
find   Albion  as  perfidious  as  ever."
Eugenie's    Dramatic    Deicent    Upon
tht  CaLinct  Council.
In Frederic Loiiee'j "Women oi the
Seconil Empire'.' the author   tells n
sentjf onal ..tory ol Empress Eugenie
of . lance. It concerns a pressing
political matter, ono <d church nml
���state. Because the empress felt
strongly on it the emperor (eared lest
sll" should endeavor to influence the
deliberatio       of   llie   cabinet  coiihcil
by appearing In person. Accordingly
he gave orders that the meeting
should he kept secret from her. M
fcollos snys: "Hut the matter so carefully concetled was already known
to her, nnd, acting on the first impulse of her fury Spanish temperament, lioiling over with anger, she
flew rather ban walked to the council chamber. A sentry had been
placed at the door with orders to allow ni one to pass. He opposed tlie
entrance ni the ImpetUOUl sovereign.
" 'I wish to enter. Stand buck!'
she crie.l angrily, Finding himself
in a norril lo quandary between the
order.; he bad  received  ami  his four
oi burling his empress, the guardsman, between his gallant./ to her
se.\ and liis fidelity to thc word oi
command, .-ll at the feet ol Ell-
genie with ��� i bayonet laid across the
" 'Vour Majesty.' he said, 'no one
may pass,  by  order of the emperor.'
" 'We shall see,' replii-d Eugenie,
and without more ado she leaped
over the sentry's bayonet, burst
open the door nnd entered tlie Council chamber with the violence of a
whirlwind. The emperor wns presidio -. grnvi ar.,1 Imperturbable, he
alone having hit head covered In the
presence ot his respectful and attentive ministers.
"But the sovereign failed to Impose
rcipeot on his angry wife, who saw
in him only thc man and the husband, Going stniiL-lit up to him. with
a backhanded blow slie knocked ofl
hi; hat, then, without a word, withdrew as sh- Imd entered leaving llie
ministers dumb w ith surprise and consternation."
What   Is   a   Gentleman?
The Chief Scout bas  Ihe following
to say cn "What Is a Gentleman?"
"Many people are Inclined to think
that the word 'gentleman' means a
man who was born rich, and that a
boy brought up at expensive bcIiooIb
and colleges must, therefore, be a
gentleman when he bus grown up.
But this does not always follow.
"A  fellow  who is  lucky enough   to
hnve been brought up ln that way has
certainly   bettor  chances  of  being   a
gentleman than many a poor boy has,
but at the same time a poor boy can
be just as good a gentleman as a rich
one. '
"A  gentleman   Is  what   the   word
says;  he is a man, but a gentle man,
I not   n   rough,  bullying,   coarse   cus-
I tomer,  but a fellow  wbo, thougli  big
laud strong, can he kind and chivalrous
and helpful lo other people.
"Au  good  a  sample   as   any  of   a
;'gentleman' Is the London policeman
lie is al all times courteous and help
j ful to others, even to the extent of be-
| Ing ready to risk his life at any moment to save people In ciibos of accidents,  or   to    protect    them    against
rough  handling,  and   be  treats   rich
and poor, old and young, with   equal
attention    nnd    patience,    and    good
humor."   The Scout.
Bird Tribunal!.
Ravens, starlings nni crow? nre believed lo bold courts ol justice to mete
oot punishment In offenders. Sometimes they asaenili! ��� in gp'st numbers,
as if thoy would give Croat dignity to
thc occasion. The trial sometimes apparently endures for many days. Some
Ulrda sit nt the oonclsve with lowered
heads, some tn'rely cock their bonis
cn t branches and look crave, whi'.e
others are most garrulous nnd fill the
ii..- with t'ieir complaints. Naturalist,
studying those strange proceedings
have seen an apparently selected number of birds fall upon one or more ol
their number���ai the cleise of the
"I ini"���and put Ihem to death, alt ��r
which they dispersed in orderly fashion and went hack quietly to th"ir
Sletpor Sharks.
Tl groat sleeper shark is a most
s ������ :' '���. gluttonous species���as, in fact
nre most of the sharks���ard spends
tr.',.-t oi its time dozing on the suriace
oi the s-a. When aroused or hungry
it nttneks whales, porpoises, or. in
fact, anything 1 can Hnd. and b'tes
f-'-n its victim- with its knit'*
like t-eth. At such tines it seems
perfectly oblivious to pain or {right
and can be backed wiih knives nnd
pierce! with spears without paying
tli" least nltention or si-'tiling to take
any notice. This savnge creature
reacbes a length of thirty to forty feel
and is fully ns large and even more
formidable than are the true man
citing sharks.
Roman Senate.
The Roman senate was a judicial
and legislative body and for several
centur.es numbered .'100 men, carefully
selected Iroin tlie patricians. The majority oi votes decided a question, and
the order in which the senators spoke
and voted was determined by their
rank. Their decisions, called senatus
consu'.ta, were the supreme low of the
repulilio, (nun which, of course, there
was i ii appeal. After the establish-
merit of the empire the character ol
the senate was greatly lowered, snd
at bust it liecamo simply the *Uki1 of the
emperor, to do his bidding regardless
ol the consequences.
The person or porsons    having    ln
their custody or possession the follow
ing  Title  Deads  relating  to  the  said ':
property are requested to deliver tlm I
same to tlio undersigned.
la)     Deed    dated     the HXth  day of
November, 1893, from Frank N. Triteti
to Thomas Dennett of thu abort,    de
Scribed property.
(bl Deed dated the 12th day of
November, 1X|I4. from Thomas Bonnet!
to Arnold Bennett of the above do-1
scribed property.
(cl    Deed   dated
October, liilio, from
George    W.    Shay
scribed property.
The Curious Elfphant.
"Tht fact that the elephant's (pet
are padded renders his step noiseless,
iu spite of his great weight," u naturalist tells us, "niril his oxtrm rdinary
uimblcness seems almost incompatible
with his gioat bulk."���Our Dumb
Tower ol Skulls.
In   l��0fi  the  S rvintis   rose  against
Turkish rule, and 6,000 oi them were
massscred by the Dsman'.i. T l-��ad
were beheaded, nnd its n warning to
o.hers, the Turks built the heads into
Hi" wal's of a tower, hies outward
To.day n umall portion oi n wn'.l re-
mains will, a skull hero and ll ier . i
grim reminder of wlnt Servia suffered
un I     Ottoman oppression.
the 12th day of
Arnold Bennett to
of   the   above de-
District Registrar of Title:
Rich Man (t-i clerk)- I started In 'it
the lowest rung "f the ladder, My
lirst wife only got $5 a week alimony.
Now look at me 1 faying $300 to in)
last, a; d I haven't stopped climbing
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes
Cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesale nnd  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
SUITS for Ladies and men
receive best attention NOW.
46  Lome Street,   New Westminster.
A Grim Outbo'-*;.
"Wi 'd i, Iter bo good, ' -no   cue   i
tho live-year-old twins.
���   Why?" ssked the other.
������ Cause I heard tho docli r tv!
i,h a mm n to lake plenty ol exercise.'
*n- tne reply.
A   Puzzler.
"I've  a  new oar that's  a  beauty.'
1 Green    "Runs su smoothly you
can't lei I  it    Perfectly noiseless, no
<i'. -r     nnd   ns  lor  speed,  it  whis7.es
���you eim'l  -oo it go by "
"My wnr 1' ' replied Green's friend
"(' .n I f id it. can't iiesr It, Can't
smo'l it. can't see it. I sny. how do
y__��� 11 know you hove a car nt nil?"--
London Tr-.egraph.
B-inishing th: Avalanche.
Along thp side "I an Alpine rui 1 r*--.-i-1
a ingenious device hns been put into
ii v lo prevent avalanches from Ini ing
th'  tni"k.   A wnl! hns boon buill
Geneva,   Switzerland,   March   10.
The lasl rail of tha Loetschberg Railroad, joining  Heme wltb   Dries,   has
been  laid.
The now rond opens an international
highway lo North and South Kurope
by way of the l.oetsohliorg and  Simp
ion tunnels across the Central Alps.
KxpresH (rnln schedules will be started over the now line next  week.
The successful completion of the
work, whloh was al tended by tremendous difficulties, Is considered it great
triumph for French engineering,
The completion of the Loetschberg
which Intercepts the sliding snow nnd
' * ii to precipitate itself In a leap,
whereby   ii   cleors  the   roadbed   snd
hur's itself into t cniuii upon tho other
Her  Gentle   Hint.
Borem���8ome one must have boon
joking with  Miss Suburbs sbout  mi
und told her I owned the street railway system.
I'orem���What makes ynu think sn''
I'.'iniii -Why,  I  wns out  hi cull  on
her   la.-t   night,   and   every   lime   shs
b.'tird a cur s1"- snid, "There comet
yjur cur,  Mr. Ilorem."
Do Stylo-I henr Soakum, the puuil
ist, was held up by a highwayman
nml tbey got into a fight, i SUDpOSt
Soakum won bauds down. Qunoutti
-Oh, no; he loot, hands up.
High   Up in   the   Andes.
The Hoy Scouts of America In La
Pas, Bolivia, are probably the highest boy scouts In the world. They
live In a place 12,600 feet above the
i**i level. "If there are troops at a
higher altitude," writes ('. A. Irle, the
scout master, "please let us know
where they are."
Because of the altitude the scouting
In Bolivia is carried on under entirely
different conditions than In almost
any part of the world. Concerning
this work.  Scout  Master Irle writes:
"We have some advantages and
some disadvantages. The mountains
are near us and we find hills of 2,000
and 3,000 feet all around us. We have
taken several hikes to the hills and
one trip to the mountains. You must
remember that at this altitude the air
is much lighter than at sea level and
one halts oftener on a climb than In
the United States.
Lack   cf   Fuel.
"Our biggest hindrance to a good
time on hikes and camping trips here
is tbe lack of fuel. We have no trees
except a few grown in the yards. The
ground is nearly barren except for
some tough grasses and cactus plants
This lack of good fuel makes il hard
lo do any cooking. We have very little use for a hatchet. We have to do
what cooking we do over grass and
weeds that we can gather. Sometimes
we have jolly times with our fires,
especially after damp weather. After
we get them going they take a lot of
coaxing and blowing. Again our rare
atmosphere has to be reckoned wtth,
for it does not contain very much
oxygi n. and as you know oxygen is
what makes the fire burn. We also
are denied the pleasure of the evening camp fire.
Silent    Pleasure.
"You boys all know the silent pleasure of a bonfire nnd what it is to
camp life, in fact, it has been called
the 'Heart of the Camp.' Well, unless
we are fortunate enough to camp
where we can gather a big pile of
weeds and grass, we have to omit
that pleasure.
"Anot(ier thing fhat you boys have
that we\lo not. is swimming. There
are a feV ponds that we have run
across but. the water in the rivers,
ponds and lakes Is too cold to go
swimming in. The water Is so cqld at
this altitude that it Is said that the
Indians that live around Lake Tltica-
ca never havo heen known to learn to
swim. Although we have the sun
over head at noon, yet it does not
succeed in wanning our waters enough
to encourage swimming."
New Zealand.
In Now Zealand, a small boy in a
oanoe got into danger. A gale was
blowing an da big sea was running,
lie was being carried seaward, when
Scout      Alan      Fisher,     Christchurch
I Troop,    raw   him    from    the    shore.
, Quickly he got three other boys together;   they   launched    a   boat   and
i pushed oul to ilu- rescue,
Thoy reached the canoe, got the boy
! into their own boat and brought him
IBhore, but only after a heroic fight
wltb   sea  and   storm   that  lasted   for
| mere than two hours. Brave as they
all were, the honor goi s to the sooiit
I who led them, for he was a cripple;
im faced the dangi rs of the sea with
the knowledge (hat If the boat was
swamped the ethers might swim, but
for him there was no chance of rescue, lie wns another to whom the
modal was given.
Scout   Douglas    Smilh,   aged    four-
! teen, of the 4th Baling Troop, was un
dressing to bathe in the Grand Junction ('anal, mar Brentford, when a
small boy. who was already bathing,
got beyond his depth, nnd wns being
carried away by the current
Scout Smilh although a poor swim
���mer, said to his companion, "I'll try to
i get him," and dashing into the water,
did his boit to save the lad, hut was
himself curried down by the stream.
Iloth boys wire drowned. But Scout
Smith's attempt wlll stand as a noble
example to his brother scouts of hero-
Ismand  self-sacrifice.
The bronze cross for gallantry.
which would have been given to him
hnd li" lived, was nwarded to him
though dead, nnd is now In tho possession of his father.
These few examples aro picked nt
random from a record of over three
hundred capes of life-saving, and of
some millions of "good turns" done
during the in-1 three years. B.-P��� in
the Youth's Companion.
Vanishing Clergymen.
London, March 10.- Crockfords, the
Compilers of the Clerical Directory,
[report thai forty Church of England
; Clergymen huve disappeared from the
list during the past year. Many of
these have been traced as abandoning holy orders, but there Is a net loss
of twentv-slx during the year who are
Films Showing Impure Conditions Affecting Milk and Results In Spreading   Dlssase.
Berlin, March 10.���A moving picture
film showing the dangers of an Im-
pure milk BUpply has been exhibited
with such good effect In Germany
that health officials at once became
much more rigorous ln tbelr enforcements of the pure food regulations,
Their cnmpalgk against negligent
dairymen was conducted wllh such energy that the milkmen finally presented a petition to tbe authorities, asking for the prohibition of tbls pari leu
lar film. In reply lo this notion Professor Schlossmann of the DUSSel-
dorf Municipal Hospital for Children,
who Is responsible for the film, proved
that It had led to the conviction of
many dairymen for violation of the
pure food regulations. Its exhibition
was not discontinued.
Much   ls   being  said   nowadays    lu
Germany  about   the  possible  evil  effects of moving pictures, but the other
j side of the question, the  moving  pic
I ture ns a public educator,  is well  II-
I lustrated   by   the  experiment   of   Professor Schlossmann.    Ills film showed
particularly   how   impure   milk   Is   re-
jsponsible   for   many   of   the   diseases
1 of children, and   it  was exhibited  ex-
i lenslvely throughout  the  Ithlne  province  In   promoting  it  propaganda  for
reducing the rate of Infant   mortality,
The net results so fnr have been excellent.    The health authorities are enforcing  rules  nnd   regulations   much
more effectively:    the   dairymen   nre
producing a   better   article,   and   the
children   are   drinking   cleaner   und
purer milk.
Moving pictures have become an Important   part    of   tbe   entertainment
business in Germany   There are now
��� no less than 220 moving picture "theatres" In the capital,   with   as  many
i more In  the suburbs.    The   tendency
, Is now to erect special houses,   architecturally  suited   for   picture   shows
Three Fuch establishments   nre now
I building In  Berlin, one of which will
sea 1600 persons.
I    On  the other   band,  there   are   al-j
ready signs of over-production ln the
. business.    Wllh  so  many  competitors j
I In the field, prices of admission must !
be   kept   very    low.       More-over,   thn
| film  producing companies,  which are'
jou a strong financial basis, are male-
\ Ing harder terms for the show managers   than    hitherto,   particularly   for
j the tiest class of films.
As competition grows, the tendency I
; to put on trashy, sensational nnd inelo-
dramatic   films   increases.    Many   of
j the managers hew as closely as pos-
I slble to the  line of police prohibition;   hence  the   cry  Is  raised   with*
growing frequency in the press for a '
more rigid censorship of films.
A   committee   of  university   profes- !
sors, scientific and literary men   and
artists,   has   been   appointed   to   find
ways and means for making tbe mov-
Ing  picture  do  better service.  In  ills- '
seminnting   general   knowledge,   par- *
tlcularly  or  a   scientific   and   educational value.
T'endms, In duplicate, endorsed'
"Hospital for the Insane," for the supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's fittings, boots and shoes, shoemakers"
fittings, meat, fish, milk, vegetables,
grocorles, feed, drugs, etc., for the-
nun of Iho said Institution, and the
furnishings of funerals, from the 1st
day of April next to the 31st of March
1914. wlll b cceredelvshrdl hrdlbrdl
19H, wlll be received by the lion, the
Provincial Secretary until noon on
Saturday, Ihe 15th proximo.
Lists of tba articlos required can
bs seen ut the Hospital, at which
place samples can nlso be Inspected.
All supplios to bo delivered at the
Hospital  without extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the dui.
fulfillment of each contract will be
Tenders will not be considered unless  made  out  on  the  forms,   which
ean  be obtained  from  the  Bursar of
the Hospital or tho undersigned.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office, 27lh
February,   1913. (7B8)
Notice Is hereby given tbnt tho
Court of Revision _pf tho Assessment
Roll of this Municipality wlll be held
in Ihe Municipal Hall, l.dninuds. B.C.,
on Tuesday, March 25, 1913, at 10
o'elock In the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must be
given to the assessor tn writing at
least ten (10) days previous to the
sitting of tbe Court.
O.  H. 8TEFFKN9, Assessor.
Dated at Edmonds, this 25:h day    of
February, 1913. 1731)
KrHtCS Joins "Pall  Mall."
Tlie Prince of Wales hns been elected a member <���( the famous Pall Mall
club���the   Marlborough.    Before   His
ll'iyal Highness matriculated nt Mag-
I dalen the Kin^ wou.d not couLtensuce
tlie proposal of his joining nny London club, but during bis term st Oxford the prince bas learnt much of
men and matters, With the result tha:
His Majesty has now withdrawn the
! mbargo so far a.s London is concern
ed, and  th"   prince   has   joined   the
I Marlborough. The Marlborough since
its inception has always been nss.>-
tiiit-.'d with royalty.
Phone 1277
Westminster Trust Block.
Why don't you own a pool
room.   Clear profit $200 ��er
month. Located centter Columbia street.
Thc Oriental Contract Co.
j-.. _.. .1   _ .!. i .ue
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London. Eog
Innd. New York. Chicago and Spokane
i\S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted, letters
of Credit issued, available with correspondents In all purts of the worfd.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received ln sums of 11 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent. per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over J1S0.000,000.00.
G.  D.  BRYMNER, Manager.
PHONE   R 103L
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St.. New Westminster, B.C.
A Pathetic Benefit.
Perhaps ono oi .hi sodd-i. of thn
many benefits which have been celebrated in Drury I^tno whs thai given
on Juno 27. 1828, for Grimaldi, the
greatest clown the stage lias known,
when ths heartbroken old man was
wheeled on Lo tlio slnij" in an iirm-
ehuir and hopelessly broke down in
bis endeavor to sin^ his one famous
litty. "Hot Codttns." The old mnn s
memory hud completely forsaken him.
On that occasion a ruin of Jl1,7'�� wii-
.���'iilizid, which for many y- ars remained a r.'coro.���SI. James' Gaselle
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.       Cor. Sixth and Columbia.
P.O. Bex 34 Daily News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices rlu-it.    Satisfaction guaranteed.
5��  McKenzie  St.
Transfer Co.
Jfflcs  Phons   185.      Barn  Phone   137
3-sgble Street.
Baggage Dellveisd Promptly to
any put of the cl'.y.
i Notice ia hereby given thai the list
[Of voters for the New Westminster
City Biloc oral District has been can-
colled, and that applications to be
placed cn the voter's lis', will be ro-
caUrtid at my office at the Court
Hous". New Westminster City, where
nrinted forms of affidavit to be lined
in support of an application to vole
will  be  supplied.
The list of pcrsoni claiming to vets
! will be suspended from and after the
j seventh  day of  April,    liH.'l,    and    a
Court er Revision  will be held   on
the nineteenth day of May. and notice
of objections to the insertion of any
name on  tho register nf voters mus:
be given to me thirty clear days h"
fore the holding of the Court of ito-
Dated this third dav rf March, 1913.
Registrar    Of    Voters    for    lhe    New
Westminster Cltv  Electoral  District,
1 JgLl and Heavy Hauling
New  Spring and  Summer Siillines
now on  display.    See  them.    Perfect
fit and w rkmanshlp guaranteed.   701
Kront Sin ct.
Second Hand Stoie
Buy and sell new and    second    hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools oapoolally.
SO Mnlanes Street Phono loon
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
Engineer tin   Dftpir'mcnt.
Vehicular  Tr.iffl-;���Kingsv.ay.
Owing to paving oporatlons tin*
above highway will h-*! cloned lo
through traffic until further nottoe,
Intercity vehicles will plenso tako
Douglas Bond or Hiver lload.
Municipal Engineer,
Engineer's  Office,  Mimlclpiil   Hall,
Edmonds. B.C.. March 4th, 191.1.
��� 23 Clarkson Strest. Phone 490.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at (ill) Columbia St., now at
607 Kront St.    I'hono II1031.
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Real  Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  und   Choice   Fruit   Lands   ll
Specialty. TUESDAY,   MARCH   11,   1013.
Pilgrim Joe, Striving to Do Good,
Is Unappreciated.
And I* E��corled From tha Town of
Qat Away Quick by ths Hilarious
Populace���Tha Show la ��� Frost, and
Ha Is Out $60.
(Copyright,   11)12,  by   Asaocluted  Literary
I'l'HM   |
LI STUN fur my band ou the highways.
a      Look  fur my  gnyly  painted
Come out to tbo gate lo see mo.
Hnve yonr money ready.
Ask for medical advice If you think
jou need It.
There Is but one Pilgrim Joo.
As I abided In t tie town of Laat
Chance fur U few days While suffering
lhe affliction of n carbuncle on my neck
I received a loiter from Ihe mayor of
the town of Uet Awny Quick. nsUIng
ine lo come over there ns soon ns nble
and show my show of moving pictures
nnd bring niong ii largo stork of I'll-
grim pain alleviator. Tbe nfiuivnld
alleviator bus now been before Hie
public for ninny years, and lis rertuln
Hi:  s .10  1  WAS A   I'lMI'li."
nnd marvelous vlrtnes are known to
nil, but I cannot let iiiii opportunity
j.nss without saying thai:
11 la n remedy fur despondency.
Two doses i ure the eiiruehe.
II nets Ilka magic uu disappointed
line bollle will SSSUSgO the deeiiest
If jour wife has eloped Ihe alleviator will mnke you glud of it.
It cures ingrowing toe nails and pnl-
pltntlnn of flie heart.
Thousands of people who were stand
Ing on tbe \erge of the grave hnve
been yanked back nml come to weigh
'.'Oil pound! by Investing In a single
Tha Jay Raturna.
Whenever nnd wherever you Ami a
druggist selling my alleviator you need
ask no further referemes. He Is respectable nml liouest ami enn be* trust
oil with the Fourth of July contributions.
The carbuncle baring busted and a
song of Joy come bock to my heart '
set out  for lhe town  uienlliined. and
after u  lone day's drive I  n bed the
same On the way nnd Without nnr
seeming cause for it Ihe soug was
bushed ou my lips, my Joyous soul
clouded over, nml I found myself taking :i despondent view of life. I wrestled with the reeling Tor n time nnd
iinuiiy succeeded iu (browing It off. hut
Inter ou I came to understand tlmt It
vns ii warning that I would bare dune
well to heed. I had skeerre entered
the town of (Jet Awny tJUlck when 1
wns slunk by u certain air of getiernl
levity and recklessness. The mayor
came forward In shake hands with me.
nnd while doing sn he whispered In
my our:
"Old top. I've got It nt! Hsed for yon
and mo lu be partis in :i game of poker
anil ��� lean np the tov. il."
I replied that I never Indulged In
T'"l;er except when 1 felt Hint the
heo I bei; ol Africa were short of small
< Innige. and the mnyor seemed to
freeze up on ine. He hull skeerecly left
nn- when un nldoniinn suggested thai
1 U" In with hlin on a horse- race nnd
sennp Ihe town. I gnve blm n disonur
lining reply, nnd be left nie with a
threat ou his lips. Then n third citizen
nppmncbed me lie wns n deputy slier
HT. mid he wnntfd me to ring In a
(onth paste wltb my alleviator nnd
bent  lhe  public  and  whnck   up  with
blm. when I referred him to my spotless reputation for honesty he shook
Ms list under my nose nnd snld 1 wns
an old hypocrite nnd a fraud. The
landlord of the tnvern Inquired If I
bud brought along any loaded dice,
and wben I replied that I never dealt
In suoh things he also enlled me names
und hinted thai I wns a cuss who needed tnklng down n peg or Iwo.
Ha Starts Somathin|.
| Aa tbo shinies of evening gathered
over the ruoftrecs snd tumbled down
Into Ihe streets 1 went forth from lhe
tavern, nnd I set up ni.v stand In lhe
public square and announced the virtues of my I'llgrlm pain alleviator,
There wasn't a mini In the crowd wh��
���could say thnt I wns not honest and
���Sincere, nnd I stood ready to produce
nny number of certificates, but It wss
tin use. I never struck a town where
<hey  needed (he alleviator woise, but
not n bottle would tbey buy. Among
oilier things I assured them:
Tluil If it mnn hadn't been left hanging too long the alleviator would restore blm lo life.
Thai heart dig-east gnve way before
It. uud consumption look to (light us
soon ns U saw lhe fuller Inbel.
Tbnt there never wns a divorce case
lu ii fiimlly using It.
Thut 11 hnd live times tho enthusiasm of liriiinly ut one 11 fth tbe cost.
Thnt n whole barrel uf whisky don't
contain the win whoops of a single bottle.
Hut talk was useless, nnd when 1 j
found It so 1 asked Ihe crowd to fol-
low me to the hull wbere 1 wns lo exhibit my moving pictures. Desiring
to let Ibem iimlerstnnd tbnt I was not
In tbo business for gain nnd thereby
rebuke Ihem. I announced thnt tbe
sbow wuuld be free to all, Including
cross eyed men. Tbls put some life
Into Ibem, nml Ihey tagged nn behind.
I opened tbe show by exhibiting a pic-
lure of the beef trust raising the price
of liver 4(K) per cent. Wherever else
this picture bus been exhibited It hns
been greeted wltb dismal gronns, as
showing lhe- feelings of the musses
But lu this Instance n man stood up
nml swung bis lint und shouted:
"Hurrah for Ibe beef trust 1 Long
may 11 wave! Let's bnve another -HA)
per cent raise!"
He was cheered for live minutes,
during which several products of Hie
vegetable kingdom were thrown my
way, 1 then followed With ll picture
nf Washington crossing iiie Delaware.
When Ihls spirited picture wns exhibited In Ibe town of Come off over 100
tree A morion n citizens sprung to their
feet nnd cheered until Cue lehgtlis of
stovepipe  fell   clattering  to the  floor.
During the excitement thai followed
sou no picked my pocket of $7, but ,
1 did not lay it  up against aim.    1
long  ago  discovered   thai   when  an j
American   citizen's  patriotism  Is  appealed i" lie ii do most anything to
Show his desire lo die for his country. :
H-s Is a Frost.
In  lids instance Ibe picture dle(_nnt
receive olio single cheer, though I kept
it in frinii of the nudleuce for live minutes, when ray looks expressed tbe
astonishment i fait the mayor got up
and said:
"Move i along! O. Wash. Is a
back       in Olve us something up
I did.   I gnve tbem the picture of the
congressman found guilty <m two trials
of Iteaflng government hind not 100
miles from Ihelr town, and wns about
In deliver a brief lecture on the enormity of bis offense, when the crowd
rose up nnd begun to cheer nnd hurrah.
They snld the congressman was n bully
Ikiv. wllb a glass eye, and that they
would sign n petition for his pardon.
1 i linked off my reuinrks and exhibited
n picture of nn orphan girl starving on
the streets of New York. Not une sym
pathetic sigh did 1 henr from the au
dieneo. I showed Ibe sume girl dead I died in her S3rd
! i,n the sidewalks, nnd sevemi persons | exceptional.   Mr
broke Into luugliler. I showed her eu
terlng the gates of henven after her
trials bere on earth, und tbe mayor
ruse up nnd said:
i     "This 'ere sbow seems to be n good
ileal of u friiud. und If it don't Improve
I shull treat It us u fraud!"
He Leavea Town.
I then cxhiblleel n picture of n trust
buying up all the butter, eggs and vege
tables lu the country and holding them
I for a rise, while worklngnien nnd their
| wives  and  children  were eating  burdocks to keep life In tbem.    Wherever
that picture hns beeu exhibited ll bus
been received with wildest enthusiasm.
and In Iwo enses men have gone out of
lhe halls wltb shotguns to pepi*r mem
hers of tho trust, and here It wns n
deud failure.    Nolsxly cheered nnd no
..    ,     _��_,.,._...,      ...        ..1 troi.timer   mav   milk
Master l?r.d.rick Brett Now Wears MwlMUkg ..,;,.., '���- ���,,
Where Ihe Miles Are as Thick as Ihs
Dust   In  Ihe  Air.
Surveying the billions of miles to a
slur wnuM  be an  Impossible  feat to
the ordinary person, who is perhaps
not  a  mathematician,    liven the ni-
a  mistake  uf a
"Episcopal Robes" of Hit Quaint
Office and la Expected to Be a
Model to the Boys ol Hit Village
For the I .ixt Year���Has Chosen
Hit Officers.
In accordance with an ancient and
curious custom the pariah church st
Ber den, In Essex, Eng., recently held
its election of  .. "boy bishop."    The
election which was participated in by       ,       . . ...
.i       ii. .   i   ..     ,i   ii.    ., .,oi,   i_   _,���   putes the opening ol the in
the   other   Ixiys   of   the'  parish   is   an   I. ���
annual affair,  and  tins year resulted
r^�� v5T^B
;: il
in  the selection oi  Frederick  llrett,!
who is depicted herewith in bis official robes.
For I'lio yonr the boy bishop is
��� vo* ���!.-1 to I' ths model led ni the
village, and It Is ins business I" set
mi example ������ kindnet ��� and go *l
deeds. From his playmates he select!
'ither boys oi iii" parish to assist him
st tlie regular services ot the church, j
The election fails, of cour.-e, on the j
boy  who has  shown the greatest cs- j
incity slong th" line of gmol behavior
and if English ladi are anything like I
t'linioli,..! ones his task as a model for !
bis companions will not Iv- nn easy !
oi ���'.   Whether bo will experience any
i'   the   resentment   which   is  usually
the share <>!  sn  official model,  is s j
question, but the sympathy ol many
will  go   out   to   him  In  bis   crduou*
97 Years In One Pamily.
Sixty-five year? in the ��ervi?e ol
on*, fnmi'y ie a remarkable record
stan ling to the credit ol Miss Mary
Ann Lancaster, who remained "11 that
tim�� ns "mnid and friend'' with n
Stoke Newington (amily, ami recently
year. Bit it is not
William Sly, secretary o' thi Domestic Servants' Benevolent Institution, ol which Miss
Lanoaat-er wa* n member, stated that
the l>ooks contained hundreds of
names ei servants who hnd r-rnained
in the nam" employment ior Wl years
and upward. "A servant st Li-burn
who passed mat in January, WOO. in
her I07th year." he said." had seen
17 years' service with three generations of one Ismi'y " A rumber ol
servants have, out ol their hard earned savings. contributed to th" lund-
oi the institution. In gifts from serv
-int.s the institution has received mar-
ly ��500, ami in trust funds ��2,265
���One supporter, a butler, left n sutTi-
c��ni sum to provide ior a pension
-if ��23 pnr annum to the oldest I"-
���na'o beneficiary. Another s��rvant leli
C1.000 in trust lor two pensions of ��20
' ind ��I& for needy servants. One pen
j -inner has attain-'J the age of Wl nnd
Tlie first requisite Is a basis of calculation. For this the n-tronomer
takes the spot where bis oli.-crvatory
stood in the month of March and its
place in September. It Is the same
location on earth, of course, but in
celestial space���the earth having traveled halfway around the sun���the distance is lt-Hi.ObO.OOO miles. With this
as the bas* of a triangle the astronomer,   by   a simple  calculation,  com-'
iho slur is situnlcd and then finds
the distance to the earth���thai is, he
could do sn accurately if the 1'Mi,000,-
000 miles were proportionately long
wit't the two i ther sides ol tlie triangle instead of being almost inadc-
qunt^'ly  short.
Si>nio idea of the method may be
gnines] Irom its employment lor land
measuring. The distance to a mountain top is desired. The surveyor lays
off a few hundred yards on the
ground, finds the angles at which
straight lines proceed from this basis
of measurement to the mountain top
and then solves the problem easily.
To ascertain the distance to the moon
a very long line is needed���one drawn
between two observatories will do���
not along the earth's surface, which
is round, but the straight line through
the earth, from observatcry t.> observatory. With this line n triangle Is
drawn, with the moon at the vertex,
and the satellite lound to be 240,000
miles nwny.
In making a triangle with s star
astronomers bsve had recourse to the
longest line possible to earthlings���
between the aforementioned points 1"-
cated by the i xtremies ol the earth's
orbit. If a slur wer- only n million
miles off n 180,000,000 mile shift in the
position ol the earth would aHord
quite nn advantage for a look at the
other cheek, yet it makes loudly nn
spprei iable distance In fhe relative
position with the nearest star. Alpha
Centauri, 2G.ooo,Ooo,WK),000 miles beyond.
Now, the arc oi a circle is divided
into SflO degrees, each subdivided into
('���0  minutes   imd   the   mil.ute   into  00
seconds. So th.-r.- are 1,306,000 seconds
in   n   circle.    The   angle   thnt   Alpha
Centauri makes is less than the mil-
lionth   part  oi  u circle.    It  is about
three-quarters of a seoond ol the arc.
Imagine the angle���a line drawn from
tlie   star  to the  enrth  in  March,  another line from the star to the enrth
in  September.   The  base   ol  '.liis  tri- |
ancle is 186,000,000 miles, which con- |
stitutes  less  than the  millionth  part
of a circl:   in   measurement  of  the!
angle  where   shines  Alpha   Centauri. |
This is hard to detect With the finest |
of    . inthomatic.il    Instruments,   and i
t'.int is   vhy the distance to even the '
nearest star is a vexing problem.
A  Lucky  Find.
A remarkable piece of gw 1 luck
was experienced by Mrs. Holland, of
Ihe OM Dutch House, Bray, Berks,
England, when she bought s quantity
of old books for i& at a snio nt Wool-
ley Hall, Maidenhead, Looking
through the packet, she found a literary treasure -tits lirst tour and only
editions ol "Tlie Germ," containing
lome "t the early works oi tlie pre-
Knphaclitu Brotherhood; the first version of "Thc Blessed Dam-axel," ami
contributions by Christina and William Uos.-e'.ti. Mrs. Holland has now
sold tbe work for $1,250.
Fined  For  Marrying.
A  cynic, once-  rgmarked that mar-
riaee   brought   its ""own   punishment,
������ and that condolences rather than cbn-
fratulatlons should be showered on
the bride and '.-ride-groom. How much
| truth  there is  in this contention  we
must leave our readers to decide; but
i it is a fact that, apart Irom any
I problematical  punishment, there   are
certain sections nnd communities who
I penalise marriage, and regard it in
' tlie light ol a punishable nflence.
It is the rule, ior instance,  at  All
Souls' College, Oxford, Kngland. that
! a Feliow forfeits his Fellowship if,
when studying the classics, he should
take   unto himself   a  wile.    In   such
' an event he must not only pay the
penalty,  but  must also  present  his
j college with a memorial in the shape
oi a silver cup, with the further condition that on ibis cup shall be inscribed In Latin: "He back-slid into
Many readers have dot'Mless lienr.l
' of the Bachelors' Club in London.
When :i member  so fur  forgets  the
* principles ol ibe club as t,. enter
Hymen's realms he is promptly ex-
l (*���'.,.xl and ostracised, nt airy rub' so
Far ss the other members are concern-
i*i    Bj the payment of n ti f $125
j lie can, however, retain an honorary
:n nib rsliip, but, of course, he cannot
enji y lhe privileges of this ..elect band
, 1 non marrying men.
Skm Soothed and
Healed_ty D.D.D.
Eczema, Psoriasis, Salt llheum, Bur-, ply until they become a mass rf
bcr's Itch, Pimples, Dandruff, all I gnawing microbes. I). D. D��� a penn-
forms of Itch ,or Bkln eruption���nil \ (ruling lhiuld, destroys theso germs
yield Instantly  to thu    soothing    In-, and washes them away, thereby    rt>-
tlueuce of the mild, simple, wash, the
D. D. 'O. prescription for Ecxema,
compounded ln tho D. D. D. Laboratories of Toronto.
From   our    experience  with    skin
sufferers, we are convinced thnt   skin I about D. D. D. Soap
disease  Is  caused by  germs  beneath
the outer skin that spread and multl-1    Sold by Frederic T. Hill, druggist.
Ilevlng that awful Itch Immediately.
We  have sold  other  remedies  for
skin trouble, but none that we coul I
personally recommend, as we can tho
D. I), D. remedy.   Let us tell you also
It helps.
body groaned After a painful jieriod
of silence il red headed mnn rose nnd
snld he had a duty to iwrform. It wan
n duty he owed to himself, to his town
nnd to Ids country nt large.
While I was wondering what he was
getting nt he came over nnd hit me a
swat un the Jnw thnt rendered me un
conscious, When I recovered I was bo
Ing escorted out of town by n band o��
hilarious citizens, nnd before turning
hack they mnde It plain that IT I ever
entered the town of Get Awny Quick
again I might lose my Valuable life
I'pnii easting up tbe damages l found
tbey had Injured me to Ihe extent of
(Uu, io say nothing of the humiliation
In my feelings. I was oiisl down for
���in hour or Iwo. bul Dually charged It
up to pruill nnd loss, nnd lhe songs nf
glud ui's* on me bui-k I y soul ngiiln.
A pilgrim If one of the fellers wbo
iiin't keep oil Hie grass long.
After 54 yoars' service under tho
North British ltnllway Company, Robert llrunlon, passenger driver, Duns,
retired. A native of Edinburgh, ho
was one of tho first drivers on the
Edinburgh and Carlisle Itsllway. In
his fifty years on that branch, he nev-
er had a single accident.
���J-    Cross examination Is lhe proc
1 ess or convincing tbe witness
���!;   lhal   he  Is  either  il   liar  or un   J
l'i   idiot,   (ireen Bug- 4
"In China." narrated Mr. Slnylnte.
"crlmlniils nre often sentenced to be
kept awake until Insanity and death
"And here." yawned Miss CitKynge.
"It Is a fule peculiarly reserved fur
hostesses."-St. I-oiils I'ost-Dl.-qmlch.
Daftly Turned.
"This Isn't Uku Ibe bread mother
makes." snld Ihe young uuirrled mnn.
"So you nre going lo shirt thnt, ure
you ?"
"I wns merely rongrnlulnllug you.
Mother never wns a very good brend
maker."���Washington star.
No Doubt.
MrR. Cnngg-I'll say tbls for my husband -he does not core for oilier women. -Miss Caustic���Indeed! No doubt
he luuiglnes thnt nil women are alike.���
Boston Transcript
received    benefits      aggregating
Curious Charms.
Rheumatism, tradition says, can be
cured by carrying in the pocket the
bone ol a hadeiock that lies under the
���nnrks of Christ's lingers���tlie two
reund black marks on each side of the
K>ly supiposed to have been caused by
air Lord's fingers when He lifted thi
Bah out of the wnk>r in order to tak.-
tho tribute money from its mouth.
This bone has many other virtues,
ind alwoys works good to its owners
hut it mutt not be exhibited, and it
should never be lent or touched, or
v-��� Been by any after the possessor
;<-lj it. The Indians of Labrudor be-
icve that thev con cure toothache by
.rearing n haeklook's bone around the
ice-k. whiie Lord Bacon says tba'
'wearing on the finger rings made ol
enhorse teeth" will cure cramp, ll
was at one time the custom of th
inhabitants ol As-intie Turkey to col-
������vt crayfish at the time of the yeai
.-hen they wero in the best condition,
-,i ,1 place them in larje p.U in Ui'-
No Fun Lika Work.
"Thore is one motto," wrote Sir
Thomas Linton In the London Strand
'which 1 should like to impress upon
v ry young man in business, 'Ther"
is no fun like work.' 1 always keep
this motto befor' me. Of course nfter
���I man hns won the game he sets out
to win, alter h.- has succeed d In life,
lie can do what he likes. But while
V is working, work ought to be ul!
bis hie. It ought to be all hie p'ay
too. 1 have ofte-n worked eighteen
hours a day and enjoyed every minute. 1' n man is constantly looking
at the clock thc spirit of success which
is hovering ovr thst man will goon
tuke wing and Hy away. There is nu
fun like work."
He Guessed Wrong.
II somebody says that your poetry
is no good, don't worry. Great bards
have been under-stimuted at all times.
When Milton's "Paradise Lost" was
published, th" poet Waller wrote.
"The old blind schoolmaster, John
Milton, hath published o tedious poem
on the fall o* man. If its length bo
not considered, a merit it hath none."
The Lite of a Drop of Water.
A German professor named Meinar-
ins  has  amused  himself  with cnlcu-
lating how Ions a drop of water stays
in   the ocean  before  it   is evaporated
an 1  how  soon  it returns to the sea.
Calculating���he  does  not say how���
the   total   evaporation   irom   the  surface oi the ocean and estimating the
tol-.'.  volume of water Nl the oceans,
i   Jrop  of  water  entering  the  ocean
will   stay   there  3.460  years  provided
it  awaits its turn  to be evaporated
Howevar, the  proiessor admits    that
the  Burface  wat.-r     stands    s    gooi
o'nance  f,f getting abend  of  ils turn.
The average stay out oi the ocean  is
only twelve days before it has fallen
in   rain   and   run   back   again  to  the
Lucknow's Great Hall. |
Connected  with  the  Mohammedan t
ro    i'.i * si Luoknow, Indie, is the larir-1
Bat   r    in   in   111"   world   without   ol-,
."ie -. I   ii g IC2 feet long, 54 feet wide i
and 63 leet high.   It wns built during
thc great [amine  In is.4 to supply
���.'   rk   l< r a  starving  people,    lt  is  n
lid mass ��� I ooncrete <���( simple form
ami s'.iil simpler construction.   In its
erection n mold or framework of tim-
ber and brick several feet in thickness
:\��- lirst made, which was then filled
wii.i concrete.    The concrete  was al- *
iwed  sbout  a  year to set and  dry,
wh;n   the   moid   was   removed.     Al-
th< ugh tlie building has been standing -
so long, :t is said to show no signs ol!
decay or deterioration.
proves value. Tested throughout
three generations���known the
world over as the most reliable preventive and corrective of stomach,
liver, bowel troubles���an unequal-
ed reputation has been secured by
���      ���     l>boi��.2Sc
Single fare and one-third for round
i trip, on  sale  March  HO to  24,    Good
to return up to March 26.
Week Bind tickets on Bale to local
points at Single Fare for Hound Trip
OU  Fridays,   Saturdays  and  Sundays.
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W. Brodle. O.P.A , Vancouver
King's Hotel Pool Room
Heat Pool Tables in the city. Fine
line of t'lgars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON. Proprietor.
.C, Coast Service
Looirpi Var>couvor for Victoria 10 a. m.,
2 p. in. and 11 itt,
Leavea Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. ro.
und 11  1-. rn
Leuven Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 p. m.
Lt&Vtt Vancouver for Prince Kupert
ami Northern Points 10 p. m. Wednesday a.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p. m
Chilliwack Service
LttLVfel Westminster 8 a. m. Monday,
Wednesday ami Friday.
Leavea  Chllllwack   7   a.   m.   Tuesday.
Thursday md Saturday.
BD, QOUUBT, Agent.  New  Westminster,
li. W.  BltOLUK, U. P. A.. Vancouver.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by VlbrO-MaMaga and Glover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth St.���
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Beginning Well.
"Begin your florins well," said an
author, talking to a gronn of literary
beginners. "There's nothing like a
-".o-xi b��g:nniiig. Indeed, it's ball the
l.a'tl.." Then, with a i^mile. this ex-
.olle.i'. beginner ot .dories added: "Always bear in mind the case of tht-
young mnn who, desiring to marry.
secured a favorable bearing from his
sweetheart's Irascible father by opening the interview wiih Ihe words, 'I
I;:- ���' a way sir, whereby you can save
Hydrophobia used to be called St.
Hubert's disease, in memory ol a
Btiblemnn of Aquitane, who. at one
time a (nmoUS hunter, renounced the
world und iiv"d us u hermit in th,-
lor.-st ol Ardennes, ln memory of hi-
(���nreer be became the patron saint n'
tli chase and dogs, and his shrine
Wm i noted (or many cur-s, especially
ul p.-.pie who hail been bitten by
mini  .o;?-.
Tl c  Golden  Danube.
The Danube is a very golden
ind i.<
:   old
us   a
At   1'nssau,
Inn and  the
the different colors of the
���t do not quite mingle and
c ib: distinguished Lir some distance
alter the .-tr.ams have joined.
Ill IO
t a blue one, as Strauss'
u-   to   expect.     From   thi
bridge of Ratisbon  it appears
rushing  yellow   torrent.
where  the  Danube,  tbe
Hi  nieit.
three rive
A Btory about the kidnapping of a
girl  from  one  of the  board  schools
LoOked For Husband.
Most towns have their tragic fi.'
ures, tliou^h to the uninitiated Ihej
may appear commonplace enough
Some years ajjo au old lady met every
northward-bound train at Chaster
Station, Eng., eagerly scanned the
faces of the piL-^engers ag Ihey passed
out, and then quietly walked away
Her husband had been killed in n
railway accident, but lor her he stiL
lived, ln this instance, however
there was perhaps more of benot;
than ol sadness. She was quite sure
that some day ber husband Would
step out on to bhe platform. and sin
kept her belief U> tbe dny of her
A Rare Prize.
An interesting threepenny purcha.s*.
was made by a woman at Mertiiyr
reoontly In the shape of a "Lite ol
Nelson,'' which was found to contain
a letter written, poesibly, by the famous admiral hiinscll. Tho words writ
ten are "Horatio Nelson, Hon ot the
Rev. Ed. Nelson, Rector of llurnbain
Michael Murphy, son of a Cambus-
lniiK mlnlrif.    couiractor,    has    oeeu
made tho recipient of a silver watch has  gained  wide currency  In    Bdln-1 Thorpe    I was born September 29th,
from thc managers of St. Bride'B Vo- burgh.    At rresent  the  fjar of such' ,758 \n ^K l���-)wostott House." On th.-
Itintary  School,  and  also  of a  gold 'occurrences has apparently got on th_e   xam'e ���hoet are the words  "That every
medal  from  tho local  schoolyboard, nerves, of many people, and wild ru-  8U00es!, may attend you is tbe sincere
for completing ton years perfect at- mors  aro  afloat  about  schemes  fori    -u ot your obliged friend, NcUm."
tendance. abducting girls.                  ,      ���        |
Ask For
If you want to know how good a newspaper The
News is���ask those who read it every day.
If you want to know how good a business puller News
ads. are ask those who advertise in its columns.
If you want to know what it costs to advertise In The
News���ask the business office.   Phone 999.
If you want to know all the faults and imperfections
of The Npws���ask those who are continually knocking
the paper because they are afraid of it���but don't believe
all they tell you.
wt^w% *������   PAtm xtaiTT
TUEftDAV,  MAfcCH  11, 1013.
Remember ihe Place
33 Eighlb ��t     Phone 2
Easter Novelties
Ducks, Hens, Chickens, Uabblts,
Kegs,  etc..  etc..    A  Krettt   variety,    l'rlces   miming    from
5c. to 50c.
Come In and see tbe display.
Spring's Lemon and Banana
Butter, lt Is lust delicious In
tarts, cakes or with bread and
butter. Pure fruit, butter and
sugar.    Per bcttlo 35c.
Golden Puff Biscuits.   The new,
delicacy.   Per tin 50c
Jam! Jam! Jam!
In pails. In cans, In glass. Great
reductions. Cblvers' and
Ticklers' regular 80c, today 70c.
2 lib. Jars any Jam In the store
for Wc.
Sausages pork, lb. 25c.
Sausages Cambridge lb.  ...Zuc.
Sausage  Kolls,  each      *�����
Headcheese, each  15c
Ayrshire Bacon,  lb 35c.
Pork  Pics,  each    35c.
18 Oranges for  25c
Davles    Kggs,    are    down    to
35c. dozen.
Public Supply Stores
!_.. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGG3
If you were to be taken away
now, would It be easy for some
one else to adminster your business and estate?
Probably not, and that is a
very good reason why you
rhould immediately make a Will
and appoint this Company Executor.
Whe'n the time comes to adminster an estate, the average
man without experience hardly
knows where to start.
He spouts time and money
learning, and even then regrets
the time taken from hiB own
personal affairs.
Maybe the estate may require
a little money to finance for a
short period, and the average
man needs all his capital and
credit in his own business.
How long would It take until
your business  and Investments
were badly disorganized or in-
volved if not carefully looked
after, or in the hands of one
���without the proper facilities.
lt is just these very troubles
experienced In so many cases
tbat led the requirement and
formation of Trust   Companies.
The Dominion Trust Company
has paid up capital and surplus
of 19,600,000.00.
Its business is to act as executor, and any other business it
does is quite as much a side line
to it an the handling of estates
is to the private executor.
It has the knowledge, ability,
reliability, capital, energy, experience, to handle estates in
the ablest possible manner
Thnt in the kind of executor you
should have.
It will be well worth your
while to call in today and have
B talk about this matter as it
concerns you.
Our Directors and Officers
will be glad to answer any questions pertaining to your problems without cost or obligation
to you.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Councillor R. S. Inglls, of Surrey,
has returned home from a fortnight's
trip lo Gratik KorkB, B.O.
W. Day, electrician, agent for Hot
Point Irons; fixtures and wiring of
all kinds. Phone 1269, 28 Sixth street,
opposite Postofflce. (760)
Mr. Thomas I.ynch, late of Ed In-
burgh, Scotland, has been appointed
plumber at the Kssondnle inentnl
asylum, Coiiultlam.
See Frank Major Music and Piano
House ad. $4.10 piano reduced $10 each
day until sold. (839)
Mr. W. J. Manson, M.P.P. for Dewdney. has consented to become honorary chief Arab of the recently organised Arabs' Social club at Coquitlam.
The at I ruction at the opera house
this evening will be Joe Webber's big
comedy success, "Alma, Where Do You
Docs your carpet need cleaning?
Is It full of dirt and germs? We
have a powerful vacuum cleaner.
Phono 588. Denny & Ross, tho Big
Furniture Store. (826)
The regular monthly meeting of the
New Westminster Ilusiness Men's Association will be held In the Conservative Club rooms this evening at 8
Ws soil, rent and exchange sewing
ninchlnos. All our machines warrant-
,��d. C. N. Kdmondson & Co., corner
Sixth avenue aud Twelfth street. (752)
Four large booms of logs were tow
ed up the river yesterday to tin
Fraser Mills by the tugs Fearless
Cheerful, Brunette and Plunger. Tin
booms ran from 24 to 2S swlfters In
Now Is the time to build your fence.
We have a few more of those fancy
topped pickets which we are closing
out at one-half price. Walsh Sash &
Door Factory. (838)
Tho salmon collecting boats belonging to Mr. Martin Monk, Messrs
llulterfield & Mackie, and the St.
M lingo's cannery steamed up river
yesterday for the various fishing stations on the Fraser. This is the initial run of tlie season.
Send your spare table, chair, refrigerator, sewing machine or anything else you wish to dispose of to
Benzie's Auction Mart, 638 Clarkson
street.    Prompt returns. (786)
The Mission Auxiliary of lhe Sixth
Avenue Methodist church will hold an
"at home" nt the residence of Mrs
George Adams. Twelfth street, on
Wednesday afternoon between the
hours of 3 and 6 o'clock. An address
will he given by Mrs. Stacey, of Van
Tho first annual closing exercises of
tbe graduating class of lhe training
school for nurses of the Royal Colum
blan hospital will be held in the
Richard McBrlde school, Sapperton.
on Friday evening at S o'clock. A
cordial invitation is extended to all Interested.
The Surrey school trustees have ac
copied the tender of Mr. George Ferguson, contractor, South Westminster.
to clear the South Westminster school
site on Hjorth road, for $,*V.i7. There
were 11 tenders sent In ranging from
$.197 to $1050. The site comprises two
The Board of Trade meets tonight
at 8 o'clock. Among other important
matters (or discussion Mr. Stuart
Wade, secretary, -will urge action upon
the lines of his former report, regarding tbe establishment of New Westminster as the principal agricultural
market of liritish Columbia.
Mr. C, H. Stuart Wade, secretary tt
| the Board of Trade and publicity com
: missioner, has been elected a fellow
��� of Hie Hoyal Colonial Institute, Don-
j Ion. Mr. Wade was nominated by
; Karl Grey and seconded by Mr. Obed
Smith, assistant superintendent of im
migration for the Dominion of Canada
1 in London.
Building permits were granted yes
I terday to Mr. D. II Garthley to erec
' i seven roomed cottage on Fifth
'avenue at a cost of $2500; to Messrs
Christian and Welsh for a four room
| oil cottage on  Second street  at (1000
and to Mr John Anderson. Edinburgh
Street, for aborations to his house at
' $200.
C   1'   It. engine No. 6055 at work on
the ballast train which is engaged in
i filling  in  the  spur track to the  new
IC. P. H. wharf met with a mishap al
'the   Intersection   or  the   Great   Norlhj
I ern tracks at Sapperton lust evening. |
both   the   engine   uud   tender   leaving
the  rails.     Little  trouble  waB  experienced in getting the unruly iron man
back on the steel.
all prominent Liberals residing in the
city are invited will be held  In Mr.
Georgo Kennedy's office In the Merchant's     Bank    building,     Columbia
street, on Wednesday evening for the
purpose of completing the organization
of the campaign and appointing workers to aid ln soliciting citizens who!
are  fully  qualified  to subscribe their
I names to the new lists
I    ln  order to  make  the  canvass  ub
thorough  us possible convenient Renters of registration will be established
throughout the city and special officers for receiving affidavits will be appoint oil.
It. is announced that the following
havo been empowered to take the
declarations of those seeking rogistra
tlon In New Westminster: Messrs.
Geo. Kennedy, J. B. Jardine. II. Gilley.
George Mackie, Ed. Goulet, J. S. Bryson, D. Douglas, I). Macpherson, W.
Macadam, lt. Buckland, W. S Johnson, K. J Roughen, A. II. Mahler, ll.
W.Lane, F. H. Knnls, A. L. Laver, and
M. W.  Mlnthorne.
"Al. I
SMITH���In the person of Mrs
Jessie Eliza Smith, wife of Mr. A.
Smith, the potato king of Ladner, who
died on Saturday nt the home of her
son and daughter at Pender Btreet.
Vancouver, the Delia district lose;
one of Ils pioneer settlers.
The late Mrs. Smith was a resident
of Ladner for some 14 years. She
was the daughter of the late Duncan
and Mary Wlshart, Wetland, Ont.. and
was born In Ancaster, county of
Wentworth, March 19. 18S5.
Mr. Smith Is one of the best known
potato producers ln British Columbia
Besides her husband Mrs Smith II
survived by two sons, Charles M. ant'
James W. Smilh. and n daughter. Mis
Annie A. Smilh, all of Vancouver
nlso live brothers. Dempster, of St
Louis. Mo.; William II.. of Topeka
Kan.; Frederick A., of Montreal;
Jacob C. of Stamford. Out., nnd Chirk
son. of Hughes. Indian Territory, and
three sister, Annie M. Howes, of New
Westminster, wife of Mr. j. O. Howc3;
Hagiir McLean Wlshart. M D., of
Pennsylvania, and Louisa Wlshart, of
The funeral will    take    place
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from T
wards'    parlors,    Vancouver,    to
Mountain View cemetery.
Praying tor the souls of those going
headlong to perdition deserved a better (ate than $5 and OQStS In the police court yesterday.   When the devotional    petition,    fervently     uttered
against    the    walls of the  Salvation
army citadel, was poured forth whilst
In   a   shocking   state   of   Inebriation,
[however, Magistrate Edmonds doubted
Its  propriety  and  Daniel Campbell, n
| tailor, suffered for his righteousness at
the wrong time to the above amount.
Remanded for Eight Days
John Joseph, the Armenian, arrested
for tampering  with  witnesses   In  the
Fraser   Mills   holdup  case,   came   up
before  DlStrlOt   Magistrate  J.   B til Well
Clute yesterday
Owing to the difficulty in getting a
properly qualified interpreter, a remand wan granted for eight days.
Adjust Accounts.
An-action of accounting and dissolution of partnership was commenced
yesterday in the county court before
Hegistrnr J. J. Cambridge. The parties were Miss Helen Adair, plaintiff,
and Mr. J. S. Evans, defendant, both
of Langley and partners In a chicken
ranching  business.
Th'* adjustment of accounts between the parties was discussed during the afternoon ami being unfinished
further adjustment was adjourned until  Friday.
Mr   D. Whiteside represented plaintiff and  Mr.  A.  E.  MeColl  defendant.
Mayor's Indemnity
Increased thc Limit.
I Continued from page onri
The polling days in the elections foi
mayor nnd aldermen of Port Coqult
lam nnd lhe reeve and councillors cf
lhe district municipality of Coqultlam
have been Ilxed for Saturday. March
29. by the signing of the letters patent
last Friday.
The boundary line between the
school districts to be administered by
the cily and the rural school trustees
will be defined by the education di-
partment before the election day.
This decision, on the part of the
government will enable educational
by-laws to be submitted to the rate
payers on polling day for their approval or rejection.
White Itock. March 10.���Mr. and
Mrs. MacWilie of Vancouver were
here on Saturday and have arranged
to take possession of Fernbank, their
summer home, for the season. Mr.
MacWillie is Canadian representative
of the Chicago firm of Llbby, McNeil
&  l.ibby.
Mr. and Mrs. P, C Young, nlso from
j Vancouver, were down on Sunday and
announced their intention of taking
up their permanent residence here on
March 29. Lnst year Mr. Young built
a handsome house on the Seafront
road, just near the Itock.
Other week-end visitors to White
Rock included Mr. J. It. Duncan. Mr.
and Mrs. Osier, Architect Watson.
Miss Pinder, Mr. Purdy and Mr. Christie from New Westminster; Mr. C.
Stoddart from Vancouver, and Mr.
George Wade, who was visiting his
parents after a  winter in  California
Local G. N. il. Station Agent Walton had the misfortune to break his
ankle on Saturday night and will be
under the doctor's care for some time.
Mr. W. Gordon Tanner, accompanied
by Mrs. Tanner and son, arrived on
this mornings train from Vancouver
for a visit to relatives here.
��� BURNABY   NOTES. ���
Edmonds March 10--The Burnaby
branch of the Sons of England lodge
will meet in the Moreton hall on Tuesday evening next at 8 o'clock. This
is the regular meeting and a good
attendance is expected.
Much progress Is reported on the
I Kingsway paving operations. The
1 big steam shovel which was brought
over from Vancouver last week is now-
working on the thoroughfares near
Stride avenue and has already reiluc
ed the grade of a considerable portion
of the road In that neighborhood Culverts are being construct! d across
Kingsway near the Westminster limits  to drain  the  low  lying  portion of
feet under ground. Until they got a
title to the cemetery they did not
feel like spending a lot of money on
The matter was remitted to the
health and parks comtnlttee for report.
Worthy Appeal.
A letter from the Sisters of the
Providence Orphanage was read asking for a grant There were $2200 a
year of taxation on Ihe Institution.
The institution bad over 100 children,
maintained, clothed and educated by
donations collected by thet Sifters all
over the province and spent in New
In ordinury circumstances this
would suffice but owing to the Increased taxation as a result of stroet
improvements  il   was now  Impossible
The letter pointed out the marked
difference in the position as regards
taxation occupied by the Orphanage
and those of the business man. investor or speculator.
The last mentioned expected enhanced value to counteract their increased taxation. The assets of the
Orphanage were human beings which
although of more value to the city
than material assets were not so commercially.
The estimate of a healthy adult immigrant to any part of America was
estimated to average $1000. Thoy
reared the children as far as their
means would allow to become useful
They conld get no exemption from
taxation, they asked no remuneration
for their labor, they asked for a grant :
to relieve them of the heavy burden
of taxes which pressed severely upon
their resources.
Two of llie Sisters were present but
in answer to the mayor, said Ihey had
nothing further tn add to their letter.'
Referred  to  Committee
Alderman Lynch said they all ap-
predated the splendid and good work
the Sisters were doing and the conditions under which they worked He
moved it be referred to the- finance
committee for consideration, which
was agreed to.
Mayor Gray said it would receive
every consideration hy the council
When they took up the estimates.
A number   of   communications on '
various  civic  subjects  were  remitted
to  their  appropriate  committees. 1
Forty years In use, 20 years the
Standard, prescribed and recommend
ed by physicians. For Women's Ailments, Dr. Martel's* Female Pills, at
your druggist.
Is arriving in carloads and
business is coming fine
We want every lady to visit our Ready-to-Wear Department before Easter, as our large assortment of
is now at its best.
Culture Garments
Represent the highest type of Ladies' Ready-to-Wear;
refined in style, yet embodying the very newest ideas
of the season and with all the "chic" of Parisian Modistes. Make selections early, that you may have all
fittings finished in time for Easter.
674-678 Columbia Street New Westminster
1      I     ASTHMA CURE
The Infallible Remedy for
Asthma, Bronchi'.Is and Hay
It deetrpys the cauBo of the
disease and relieves al once the
most obstinate case. Solo
agents for British Columbia.
(Successor to F. J. MacKemle.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green lights.   I
Mr. Oeorge V, Hobart, the adaptor
,'f the successful French farce, "Alma.
I Where Do You I.he?" produced at the
opera house tonight, is a brother of
Mr. W. I'lillpotl, 4il0 Carnarvon street,
and of Mra. Alexander Matheson
Hoyal  avenue,  bla full    name    being
Oeorge Hobart Phllpott.
lie Is also tho author of the lyrics
ot the catching Briquet music which
is the principal element in the sue-
cess of the plan.
lb, was Selected by Mr. Weber to
adapt the piece mainly on account ot
his thorough knowledge of the French
Besides being a talented dramatist,
Mr. Phllpott Is known as a clever
Journalist and magazine writer. The
Phllpots are nativcB of Cape Breton.
Liberals Arrange Convenient Centres
for   Registration.
The Liberal association Is planning  the   Inauguration   of  a  thorough
and    most    comprehensive campaign
for the registration  of voters.
A meeting of tho executive to which
the vicinity. The culverts are of con
Hydrants and water pipes are also
being altered to suit the new grade
of the road A gang of about 50 men
and some fix or seven teams arc engaged.
Launch  Zullt Complete  at  Residence
of Mr. D. C. Patterson.
Edmunds.   March  7.    Burnaby,  par
tlcularly   Edinond.i,   has   no   particular  pretensions  in   the  shipbuilding
line for the present at least, but there
has just successfully completed her
trial trips on the Kraser river and llur
rurd Inlet a powerful pleasure launch
which was constructed, engine Installed complete, at the residence of Mr
it  c. Patterson, BSdmonds,
The boat was built on the Brooks
system and measures 2b feet In length
and six feet six Inches in oeain. The
keel is of solid oak while the hull ami
tipper portions of the craft were con
Btructod of various grades of wood.
A Buffalo Seven and a half liorsi
power two cylinder medium duty on
glue supplies the motive power. The
gasoline tank has a capacity of 111) gal
Ions 01 sufficient fuel fo drive the
boat :iiin miles.
The craft Is fitted wllh a cabin 12
feet by about six feet beam along the
Ides of which are ranged about a
dozen drop windows. She will carry
about 15 people comfortably, Including the engineer and pilot. I
Special for Saturday
Ouaranti ed new laid eggs, three
lozen for $1.00.
Oranges 20 for 25c.
Fish for Friday: Salmon, Codfish
Fresh Halibut, Oollohans, Eastern
Oysters, Crescent Oysters.
Groccr.es, Pish and Produce.
Phene 93. 447 Columbia  Street.
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best in the Market.
85c. per sack 100 lbs.
TURNIPS,  per sack    50c
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front St. New Westminster. '
Revised and complete to date, show
ing  public  buildings,  principal   Indus- j
tries,  railway  tracks  and  number  of j
lots.    Every street plainly marked.
Every business man needs one.
Large  Blze,  9x3  feet;   also  pocket
Room  25  Hart  Building.
CanadasFire Loss
For January
During January $3,913,885 worth of property was destroyed by
Are In Canada, and 14 lives were loBt at these fires. In December
the  Iosj  was  SI,"69,905.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 706 Columbia St.
A full line of Drugs, Chocolates, and Fancy Stationery.
Prescriptions and Recipes
our specialty.
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
S45 Columbia  Street Phone 453
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Home For Sale
No.  1���Hern  la  a  splendid home for sato cheap.    In a Rood locality near Queen's Park and lew school.
It  has  seven   large  comfoi table  rooms  with every  modern con
venlence;   full  basement;  on  a large lot, CRjc132 feet.
This plaoe Is below value and  the terms are uuch  thnt  almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE, (4400,  $753  CA8H, balance monthly.   If you want to buy
a homo let us show you this place.
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Ct.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We writs Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Lawn Grass Seed, White Clover, etc.
701 Columbia Street Phone 57
Have you never heard
about the "YALE"
Gasoline Engines?
Let us send you a
circular describing;
Made  In Nsw  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Engineering  Co., Ltd., New Westminster.


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