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The New Westminster News Oct 27, 1913

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proven tbelr worth
they   produce.
or   small   wants
The Weathtr.
New Westminster and the I/Ower
Mainland: Light to moderate winds:
| partly fair, cloudy    with occasional
Goodyear Rubber Co. Plant
in Milwaukee Is Destroyed.
Twenty-four     Injured���Believe     More
Bodies are In the Ruins���Cause
of Flre Unknown.
Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 26.-Seven
���dead firemen and 24 Injured were
taken from the ruins of the Goodyear
Rubber Company plant here tonight
where flre caused a damage of HOO,
000, It Ih believed that there are several more bodies In tiie ruins.
The flames broke out on the second
floor and while thc Bremen were fighting the blazing front and rear, an explosion set the walls crashing down
on fifty firemen. Windows for blocks
around were Btnashcd and the flames
Kpread   to   adjoining   buildings.
Hcficiie companies were Immediately
sent Into the blazing ruins and many
bodies cf the dead and Injured were
taken out. Priests were called and
when they saw that It was Impossible
to get all the men out alive, they gave
extreme unction to all in the ruins.
The priests stood crouched be- j
neatli a muss ol timbers, with flames
shooting forth on all sides, as they
said the final prayers Ior the dying
Swriil nearby business bouses Buffered heavy loBses.
Fruit Dtsler Gives Reason B. C. Apples Are Not Seen in Winnipeg
���Need Selling Agent.
Winnipeg, Oct. 26. -Last week a
paper published a statement by C. G.
Johnstone, who had charge of the Hritish Columbia fruit exhibition of the
Land and Apple Show here, to the effect that most of the Winnipeg wholesale fruit dealers were controlled by
a combine with headquarters In Minneapolis and consequently very little
British Columhla fruit was to bs found
on the Winnipeg market.
Manager Grlfldalu of the Scott
Wholesale Fruit company of this city,
now COmes back with a denial that
hls firm, at any rate. Is a party to any
combine. Hnt he says that the reason
that British Columbia fruit growers
make such poor hradway here Is because their agents are selling more
fruit than they are producing and promised carload shipments do nnt materialize. He adds that British Columbia growers appear to be overlooking
th: Ir own market. Instancing that
Qrand Porks, B.C.. has been shipping
In peaches from Marcus, Wash., paying dutv. because growers at Kere-
moes,   B.C..  though   shipping  through
brand Porks to Trail and Rossiand,
actually neglect this market at their
own door Mr. (Jrlsdale thinks the
British Columhla producerB need more
competent selling agents
One   Hundred   and   Fifty-
eight Dead Taken from
Fatal Mine.
Terrible Scenes at Morgue Where the
Relatives Seek Lost Ones���Work
of Rescue Goes on.
Dawson, N.M, Oct. 26. -The bodies
of Mine Superintendent William Mc-
DermoM and Henry P. McShane, the
wealthy young man from New Vork,
were recovered tonight In the fourth
Governor General  Arrives  In   Ottawa
and Is Now Established  In
Rldesu Hall.
Ottawa, Oct. 26 -Their royal highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and I'rlncess Patricia, with the
royal suite, were given a warm welcome home at 6 o'clock Saturday evening by nearly all the members of the
cabinet council and their wives, a few
other prominent people and a big
crowd of the general public. The Canadian Pacific special train of nine
coaches steamed Into the central station sharp on schedule time.
When their royal hlghnesseB alighted they shook hands with the cabinet
members and their wives and others.
Contrary to reports the duchess is In
excellent health and for a few mln-
tit's she and the Princess Patricia held
an animated conversation with Mrs.
Borden, wife of the premier.    Mr. Bor-
chamber north  In  mine No.  2 of the  'lp,n *aB w"h 'he r0>"" "art>' on thelr
Vegymen Hold-up Alderman.
Ottawa, Oct. 26. Alderman J. H. La
Itose of Hull, was held up at the point
of a revolver by two men whom he
discovered this morning trying to
burglartts his store on Montcalm
���treat Tbey made a clean getaway,
lifter Intimidating the alderman. It
���was discovered that tlu1 men, who are
bell,";id to be expert yeggemn. had
���drilled the combination knob off the
safe |n the office of the al.Rose bakery A quantity of nitroglycerine.
fuses and percussion cups were found
In the place as well as cold chisels
and a hammer.
Conducted   Large   Jewelry
Business in San Francisco.
Meeting Called in Burnaby for Thursday   Cvenlng���Lieut.   Schoficld
to Command.
Arrangementa will be made for the
formation of a troop of British Columbia Horse In Burnaby at a meeting to
be held In the municipal hall at Edmonds on Thursday evening
Lieut. II. Utlley Schofleld, late of
the Mth B. C. Horse, Vernon, has arrived bark from the east and Is completing all arrangements for the organization to complete the squadron
wltli troons In Point Orey. Port Co-
quitlam,   Kburne  and   Burnaby,
The headquarters of the new troop
will he k'P" In Burnaby although enlistment wil! be entertained from residents of Centra] Park and South Vancouver. Those eligible for enlistment
must reside flther In Burnaby or
South Vancouver and must be between
the nge of 18 and th Lieut. Scbofiel!
will probably command the troop
when onoc  formed.
At Thursday's meeting Lieut. Col.
I'rlck nnd the offlcera of the 'oc.il
troops nf the B. C. Horse will be pr.��i-
ent to answer nny enquiries. Lieut-
Col. Trick visited Port Coquitlam on
Krlday evening last where he Inspected the troop under the command
of Lieut. Morgan.
iMcw Lies In Prison���Fooled Authorities, But Is Captured by Pet
Bull Pup.
San, Francisco, Oct. 26.���For five
years William  BastiSB  has been ac-
���ceplnl by business men of this city
as �� responsible oltlsen witb a profit-
ehl i wholesale Jewelry business.    Ills
proper.y Investments have been numerous nnd large; thousands of dollars ha*e boon sent by him to support
liis mother lu Germany and his young
sister has bad the best oducational
nnd social advantages. Today he lies
In the cily prison, a confessed robber
with a record covering many years,
captured by a pet bull pup who penned blm In a coiner as he stole
through a backyurd In the night.
"My work bus been so easy it has
been laughable." Hastlan told the detectives whon he finally broke down.
"1 have never been disturbed while
at work. The people I did business
with believed me to be what I represented myself absolutely. Jewelers
bought my diamonds and the mint
took my melted gold without question.
Nstural Thief.
'I have always been a natural thief
snd I have fcund It easy to steal
things. But I nm averse to killing or
Injuring. 1 have never boen In a position where I hnd lo shoot until Friday night. My reluctance to use my
revolver caused my capture."
Bastlan was making his way Across
the yard of the homo of Ulrich De-
brunner. Friday night, when Miss Jennie Debrunner's dog, Prince, discover
���cd him. The tipronr brought the girl
to the scene and while the dog held
the man at bay, she summoned the
Evidence to substantiate Dastlan't
alleged confession In detail Is said by
the pollce to have been found tn his
handsomely fitted apartment where he
lived with his young sister. The girl
was Ignorant of his source of revenue,
ho said, and the police wcre Inclined
to believe him.
Among the numerous burglaries to
which Bastlan Is said to have confessed was the looting ot the house of
S. N, Wood, a wealthy merchant, of
' 95,000 tn Jewelry, last December.
Is Losing Prestige.
Dublin. Oot. 26.--Owing to his continued support of the deportation of
strikera' children to England, James
Llarkln, the labor king of Ireland, Is
dally losing prestige and under advice from priests the vast majority of
his followers have broken from him
on this point.
Man   Charged   with    Having    Stolen
Bank of Montresl Bills In His
Possession  Released.
Michael Flanlgan. the Chicago
saloonkeeper, who was arrested recently tn tbat cily on a charge of
passing altered Canadian bills, which
had been Identified as having been
stolen from the local branch of the
Bank ot Montreal on September 15,
11)11, wheu $271,000 was lifted from
the vaults, was released from custody
cn Saturday, the government falling
to establish a ease against the man,
J. E. Leslie, assistant at the Bank
of Montreal to W. H. O. Phlpps, the
accountant, was present at Chicago
during the hearing against the man,
identifying tho bills as having been
stolen from the New Westminster
A wording tn the statute In'respect
to passing stolen money Including the
words "wtth Intent to defraud" was
the clause that United States Commissioner Mason, before whom the
hearing was held, maintained thst the
prosecution had not made It clear who
would be defrauded by the passing of
tho note.
Flanlgan bad been out on ball for
some little time owing to Canadian
authorities being unable to send witnesses to the hearing on account of
the trial of Charles Dean, charged
with complicity In the looting of the
bank here.
It is understood that the saloon run
by Flanlgan was the same in which
Police Lieutenant Burns of the Chicago force, was beaten Into Insensibility while trying to arrest three
bank suspects single handed. For this
rash action Burns was afterwards dismissed from the force.
Stag Canon Fuel Co. Both men, with
16 others, were burled under tons of
Positive knowledge was had tonight
that not one of the 284 miners caught
in the explosion of Stag Canon mine
No. 2 last Wednesday remains In the
mine alive. Late today the entire
workings had been explored by helmet men, and It was made certain that
those bodies which have not been
found are lying buried beneath tons
of debris. Two hundred and sixty-one
thc original death total, was increased
by the death of two helmet men In
their heroic efforts to save a possible
Twenty-three lives were saved after
the explosion, which, according to the
government mine rescue experts, was
the greatest In point of violence In
the history of the United States and
which ranks third in Its appalling loss
of life.
Bodies Recovered.
Tonight a total of 158 dead bad been
brought to the surface and after vain
error b at Identification, the pathetic
word "unknown" was engraved upon
tbe coffin* In which 13 bodies were
placed. It ta that word which Is add-
ln�� to the grief of the mine camp.
Scenes ln the morgue are becoming
Intolerable tn pathos. Decomposition
ihad added to the horror of the mutilation and wives and relatives of those
known to havc been burled In the
mine stand now st the morgue. In hor-
rifled doust gaaing upon a lacerated
face, which may, and yet may not be
that of their loved one.
A brief moment only ts given for
identification, the condition of tbe
bodies being such that 'they cannot
long be exposed. A look of doubt In
the eyes of the one upon whom the
Inst hope of identification rests, a sad.
slow shake of the head, and "unknown" is entered upon the roster of
the dead at the morgue.
And then there are those thut are
identified as "probably" a certain pernor. To the family, whose member he
might have teen, will live always the
���sorrowful, wondering thought that he
who lies burled as their loved one,
may have becn a man of another name
or nationality.
Fearlessly Face Death.
The tragi dy Is beyond description.
Over wreckage, heaped and strewn
hroughout every foot of, the mine,
Struggle the men who fearlessly face
momentary death to rescue none hut
Yeaterday the pacsages were lined
with mangled dead, after the ninth
chamber east of the high was reached.
The helmet crews In pushing forward Into unexplored rooms would
come upon other bodies, some yet In
a standing position, some stooping and
others lying prone, And now and
then the bright flash of an electric
torch would disclose a hand, a foot
or a head protruding from under tons
of rock.dirt snd lumber. No attempt
Is made by the helmet men to extricate the bodies, a touch upon the protruding member establishing to a certainty that no spark of life exists. And
so on into the fatal 18th -east, the
chamber In which two helmet men
were added to the death list, progressed the helmet men .
There death was closest, for a sudden shifting of a piece of wreckage,
the accidental kick of a helmet man
against the wall of a room and tons of
rock might be loosened from above to
fall upon rescuers without warning,
for the helmet excluded all sound of
the approach of death.
trip from Quebec
Their royal highnesses anil suite
left Ottawa for England on March 19
last owing to the severe Illness of the
duchcRs. Shortly after their arrival
here the party was driven to government bouse which has becn entirely
renovated during their absence. They
remained indoors today, owing to the
Inclemency of the weather.
Not Enough Votes Cast to
Constitute Legal Choice
for Presidency.
80,000 VOTERS
Official   Announcement Yet���May
Declare Void���No Disturbances
in Mexico City.
New ways of doing the old work of
preparing boys to become men, and of
making real men of men, was the general theme of address and discussion
st the meeting held here Saturday of
the paid officers of the Y. M .C. A.
of British Columbia.
Mr. Miller spoke on putting to use
the dramatic Instinct In boys. Taylor
Sutton spoke of the vital things In a
boy's life; It was up to the officers
and leaders to find out why boys from
18 to 20 years of age were not In the
association or In the church and to
find out where they were. Men should
know tbat the great object ot the
Y. M. C. A. was not tor officers alone
but for everyone to work out.
Judge Bole was present at the conference and spoke. Several other officers In this province addressed the
gathering or led in the discussions.
The next meeting will be held In
Vancouver In January. The officers
elected were: F. W. Wltham. Victoria,
president; O. J. Sovereign. New Westminster, vice-president; Mr. McCullough, Vancouver, secretary.
Suit to Test Qusstlen ae te Whether
It Applies to State Insti-
Salem, Ore., Oct. 26.���By order ot
the state board ot control. Labor Commissioner O. P. Hoff, wilt bring sutt
this week against the hoard to teat the
question of whether the "Oregon eight
hour law applies to the employees at
state Institutions. If ithe courts should
decide it does apply to the Institutions, lt Is stated that not one of tke
Institutions would have sufficient appropriations to carry It through nest
year without a deficiency.
The governor has said tkat It might
bo necessar" e-*-*" �����-> rail a wp**��0lsl
session or the legislature to provide
for the emergency, eeveral daya ago
the labor commissioner informed tke
board that the eight hour law waa be-
Ing violated In ths state Institutions.
Capture Escaped Convicts.
Auburn, Cal.. Oct. 26.���William
Rcdey. Tom Samuels and 16-year-old
Tom Hair, three convicts w-bo escaped
from prison Friday after overpowering
Guard Morse, and taking his rlflo-and
ammunition,  were  captured  today  In
house near Rattlesnake Bridge in
Eldorado county by Sheriff Ge Tge Mc-
Auley of Placer county and wo deputies.   The convicts made no   . slstance.
One Killed in Battle Which
Lasts   Over   Twelve
Seven Hundred Striking Minora Are
Armed In Field Against Mine
Ludlow, Colo., Oct. 28.���A general
battle between strikers, mine guards
and deputy sheriffs waa waged for 12
lours ln Berwln canon, at Hastings
ind In th; vicinity of the Colorado It
Southern station at Ludlow.
Flre started at t o'clock thla morning and continued intermittently until
nearly 4 o'clock this afternoon. Oae
mine guard was killed and according
to union men one at riker ia missing. Lyote
The situation Is critical tonight
More than TOO armed strikers are reported to he in the Held against tke
mlnn guards.
Armed strikers patrol the entire district ln the vicinity of Ludlow and
communication with the camp* et Cedar Hin, Tollerbnrg, Berwln, Hastings,
Belagua and Tobeseo, baa practically
been cut off. Tke firing stsrted this
moraine in the vicinity of the Colorado * Southeastern bridge, the scene
ot yesterday's battle. The guards, it
appears, retreated te tke direction ot
Cedar Hill and Tokasco.
At daylight ths strikers from tke
Ludlow tent colony made their way
olong the hills paat Cedar Hill to To-
banco and opened a heavy fire on tkat
enmn. The guard who waa killed *****
struck while returning the tire ot tke
strikers near tka mine tipple at To-
Tke stuck om Bastings began at
about U o'olock.
Tke shots mined upon tke cam*
from two quarters for Marly two
knnra. but according to tka official
of the VWtor American Fuel company.
Mexico City, Oct. 26. ��� At the
close of the elections today the indications were tbnt not sufitcient votes
u-.il been case to constitute 1 legal
choice for the presidency to succeed
Otueral Vlctorlano huerta.
No utticial announcement was made
tonight, but it was estimated, judging
from tne results In the capital wbere
lt was expectid the vote would be up
to the average, that less than ten tnou-
voters in the lepublic went to the
sand of the eighty thousand eligible
polls, lt would ue no surprise it congress, tne members of which also were
voied for, declared the election void
when that body is orgaiiu.d and revises the returns.
Claimed Long Lead.
Tbe leaders of tne Catiiolic party
claimed a long lead, although tney
were uuable to estimate the number ot
votes polled lor their candidates, Ked-
erico and General Rascon. li tbis
claim is correct, 4 is generally thought
tbat General t-'ellx Diaz and cienor He-
ijutnza ran second.
lbe Liberal candidates, Manuel Ca-
lero and 1- lores Magon, had no printed ticket at the polling places, their
constituents being obliged to write
lhelr name In blans spaces. President Huerta spent tbe day at his Portia suburban home. A decree will be
issued by General Huerta tomorrow.
Increasing the army trom 85,000 men,
it's alleged present number, lo 160,000.
General Huerta proposed such an Increase some Ume ago, but the Congress which he dissolved limited him
to go ,000.
Since the deputies and senators are
not subject to (he election provisions,
governing the presidential elections, li
is said tonight that the choice for
congress is assured, lt is assumed, on
the showing so far as known, the
Catholic party will secure a majority
in both chamber and senate.
No Disorder.
Tbe elections promised by Provisional President huerta. were held today and there was no semblance of |
disorder in lbe ctty.
Tue polling places opened at nine
o'clock in the morning and remained
open until noon, wben the attendants
closed the booths until three p.m. At
nut time tbey were re-opened and
dosed Unally at five p.m. From three
to five, ofncials, one of whom was
designated "president," were in attendance at eacn polling place. These
ufncials represemed tne various parties and assisted ln the preparation of
the ballot when necessary, but offered
uo coercion or suggestion as to how
the applicant should vote.
The election officials appeared to
oe a representative class of citizens.
So far as could be observed, no government employees served in that capacity.
Polling Placea
The polling placea of which there
were said to be 928, were located ln
tbe entrance of buildings generally,
uut in nome instances were set up
on tlie sidewalks or on corners of
public squares. Each had a table on
which were spread ticketa of the various candidates. From these the voter
msde his selection, signed and de-
lirered it to tbe president, who deposited it In the presence of the voter
u Ue ballot box. There waa no secrecy about the voting.
As the vote was deposited the name
was checked on ths registration list
previously prepared through personal
visits of a designated oMclal to the
houses in hls jurisdiction., ft was not
lett to tke volition ot tke'eligible cltl-
sen to register; bis name waa oa tke
list it ke waa entitled hy residence,
age and other requirements to eaat a
Elmer Vsndell Struck    by    Piece   of
Timber���Employee of Campbell
River Lumber Company.
White Rock, October 26.���Struck In
the neck with a piece of timber which
he was sending through tbe lathing
machine, Elmer Vandell was almost
instantly killed at the plant of the
Campbell River Lumber company on
This afternoon Coroner Dr. Sinclair
beld an Inquest over the body, the jury
bringing in a verdict of accidental
death due to the breaking of a safety
guard earlier ln the day which deceased failed to report. A rider was
added to the verdict to the effect that
the company be recommended to use
two experienced men on tbe machine
and lhat stronger material be used on
the safety guards.
Vandell was well known In White
Rock although he only started work
at the new plant last Wednesday. He
was 34 years old and resided with his
widowed mother in Blaine, to which
tbe body was taken.
Addresses Constituents and
Deals Exclusively With
Home Rule.
Will Not Be False to Trust Irish People Reposed In Govern-
ment ,
Judge Howay Just Returned
Tells of Cruelties of
Striking Miners.
Only Mercy Shown Was Mercy of God
���His Honor Corrects Some Mis-   "
leading Reports.
His Honor Judge F. W. Howay, just
returned from Nanalmo where he held
court at which the Nanalmo riotera
were tried, yesterday gave what ia
possibly the flrst absolutely authentic
and comprehensive summing up ot
the recent trouble there. Because of
his position as judge, bis honor ie
probably better suited than anyone
else to know the entire circumstances;
some of these beggar description, and
are only to be compared for cruelty
with the Northwest rebellion.
Two things are made especially
clear by Judge Howay's statements.
The flrst. that the riots on Vancouver
island were not impetuous uprisings
but were planned and plotted beforehand; the second, that In most Instances all humanity and mercy were
lacking, and the women were as cruel
and hardened as the men.
"Fully 90 per cent of th cwomen,"
said his honor, "ranked with the men
ln their disregard for property and
even life." An Instance of the well
nigh barbaric spirit of some, ts given
In the remark of one woman. She
had been told of the fearful injurlea
of one man, caused by a dynamite
bomb thrown Into his house and which
he was trying to hurl away when lt
exploded and tore away his forearm,
eye and half hla face and the front
ot hls body. The man was maimed
for life,  hut  her  only  remark
Umdon. Oct. IB.���(Through Reutera'
agency.)���Right Hon. Herbert Asqulth, 1 "that The ���^Vped"he~���uM~hive~u>"^
prime minister, addressed an enthusl-1 through the world for the rest of hla
astlc meeting of his constituents   of [ifk begging with that one remaining
Lady-bank, Fife, Scotland, this   evening.    He dealt exclusively with    the
question of home rule, and    empha
sized that government   intended   to
make use of the parliament, not ln
order to give liberal legislation something approaching an
with their    opponents
In sentencing the men his honor referred to this lack ot mercy, ln part
he said:
Ne Mercy Shewn.
"Tour counsel knows there   Is   no
more sympathetic  man  than  myself,
equal * chance I one ever ready to extend mercy, but
The   govern- j I nave read over your depositions and
no eorlovs
**latta* I
Colorado *
declared waa
ment, he said, had declared In favor j"nd what little mercy you hava
of home rule, when they had an over-1 shown. I read where homes of slck-
wbelmlng majority over all parties, ness were not free from the missies
and tbe last election was fought with j which you threw and little children
the knowledge tbat home rule would > bid in cupboards and under beds seek-
come next to the passing of the parlla-! ing shelter from the rocks thrown
ment act. It would have been the upon them In the merciless fusilade.
grossest breach of public faith to putjand the only time mercy was shown,
off this legislation. .was wben one of   you   said    'Don't
Pays Tribute. j throw rocks at that house, there    ia
Mr. Asquith affirmed that the gov- i measles there.' And wben the coward-
eminent still believe that as the billjlJ' bombs were thrown at the Temper-
now stood the Irish legislature whicb ance hotel and at the home of Alex.
it would bring into existence, even if
it had the disposition, which the government did   not   believe   to   have,
would not and could not bave
power to be guilty ot acts of opines-,
sion against the minority. He pointed
out that the lords had not attempted
to modify, amend, or improve the bill.
The prime minister paid a tribute
to the loyalty and self sacrifice of tke
Irish party in the house of commons.
He added: "You are often told that
am Redmond's subservient tool,
(laughter) Just as in Ireland Mr. Redmond is told that he ts mine. There
(s just aa much truth in the one accusation as ln the other���and that is
none at all. (Cheers.) Liberals and
Nationalists have worked ln co-operation in a common cause���a cause in
the Justice and policy of which we
both believe-"   (Cheers.)
The bill as it lett the commons,"
continued the prime minister, "sa it
had been twice rejected by the houae
ot lords had the hearty approval ot
tke whole Liberal party in Oreat BM-
tain and et the vast majority ot the
Nationalists and there waa abundant
evidence tkat it kad practically tke
united aupport ot moat all self-govern-
HcKlnnon the only mercy shewn waa
the mercy of God.
"I was appealed to on behalf of your
Uie wives and  children,  but what do I
Manuel Calero, tke Liberal caadi-
date, who'was once ambassador at
Washington, did not vote. Inatead, he
took hla family Into tke country.
After be returned tonight, ke aaM:
"I understood tke voting waa aa.
ceedlngly dull. Nobody appears to believe the aeriousneas ot the eiactloB.
On account ot tke political conditions
many refused to vote. 1 myself did
not vote. Had we kad Indirect hal-
lotlng I would have done ao, but sine*
It waa otherwise. I dM t#t care to
east m vote either lor myaelf or aay
other candidate.* ���   '^
Prtertao Qamkoa. ceodttftta ot Ik;
CathoUe ��artr. oa tke n��he#1_i_��A mt
his ballot for senor Calero. Kent*
et these candidates eered ta
an opptaloa aa to whethar a *M*��m
number ot hattota.hed b*******
to make tbs iHortons sttssth..
Few ol ******** w*��t to the *****
took the ******* to vote tar aaaatota
or depuUea.
was done.
ot tbe day waa
strikers along'the
>rn tracka near
pesstnit Deavtr *
kick the striken
Oet. m-l^rTwdeita*
io oval, *s TtsMma. ******
* gritty ot -MN* to1
SStt H*2r2m Um.1T .    *
(Continued oa Page Vow.)
'drive the scabs away' and throwing
rocks themselves and these actions
take away very much of the strength
ot the appeal for mercy on your behalf, because of your women. Tbe
evidence shows not only a riot, but
that a far mora serious charge might
have been laid against you."
In his conversation with The Newa
yesterday Judge Howay also cited aa
incident thnt seems not to reflect
credit upon the Nanalmo police. Thla
waa when a mob of strikers threatened the home of .an old Austrian,
"rather a fine looking fellow" aa hia
honor pnt it Before many rocks kad
keen thrown he came out ot hia honae
aad warned his assailants that tt
more stones were thrown he would
shoot Away scampered thajferowd
shortly to bring back a policeman,
wko arreted the old man-tor hia notions, aad canned him te spend eight
Not Mere Veutha.
Judge Howay,wMhil to
(CoaUaoad oa Page light)
Vero Cm, Oat H-The Met akred
UedMg General PnVa Ota aad ����*.
sral Vtatartaaa Haute was aaeapd it*
day wkaai.O��MNi.1MM magiaahil
���the t^ttr******** -if. war -hb nHt-gaatkm
aa kHgadlsrgaasral at imt *nKT. %%*
aogeWaUoan iigMiig ab trig to �����
cartel *k the �� "'
ll__> ***tt*km  at M___Ma
ky tot*;-flatrotaaal ����� aa-
' ";^1
.. .J..*imft-.im^   Jm'J, '*_&'
.i#.   I*
*, : yA^vm
,, *���*��,.-, ������������' \*2'-h'':,v)S'x7'-''i
-"'. '.
ii-tSim^ii^&aA PAOI TWO
Aa iatttpemd-mt morniaii *Htp*r devoted to th* Inter'.ta ol Ssw VI est minster and
Shs Frater Volley. _'ut>lij��ed tvttry morning except Sunday by the National PHntlnp
SM P��6ltekln0 Company, Llmi.fd, *t 61 M.Kenrie Street, New Westminster, British
tOataaxhia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU communications efcould be sttdressed ta The New vCeetmlneter News, and not
OS ���individual memkera of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money order* should be made
payable to The National Printing end 1'utlishing Company, Limited.
TELEI'HONEH���llusiness Offlos and Manager, 999; Editorial Kooms (all depart-
���),  ����1-
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By carrier, 14 per year, $1 lor three montha, 40o per
���th.    By mail, t'i per year, 26c per month.
ADVERTISING RATES on application.
If the dispatches from Ottawa are to be credited the
premier of this province, Sir Richard McBride, has finally
succeeded in impressing on the imperial and federal authorities the fact that British Columbia is in dead earnest
in the stand she has taken on the subject of Asiatic immigration. This truth has been so firmly impressed, it is
said, on the ministers and on Parliament Hill that there
are to be regulations put in force to stem the tide of undesirables^ from tne Orient.
There is no reason on earth why these promised regulations should not become effective at an early date; the
sooner the better. Promises have been made from Ottawa
on this subject in days gone by and they have been about
as useful as a tallow gate in the path of a red hot steel cat.
It is not to be suppoed that a Conservative government at
Ottawa would send a Conservative premier back to his
Conservative province of British Columbia with a refusal
as an answer to his request for action on the Asiatic immigration problem. A promise to do something was expected ; if real deeds follow on the heels of the promise the
Borden government will have done a lot to make itself
solid in this last and greatest west.
Word from the federal capital is to the effect that al
ready tentative regulations have been drawn up and submitted to London for imperial approval. On this matter
the law makers at the empire's hub might do well to re
member that British Columbia is entitled to a little con.
sideration to balance some of the imperial acts of former
days such as the throwing away of Washington state and
the Portland Canal and Behring Sea awards.
Missionary Up Coast Tells of Seeing
Cannibal Feast When He Was
Little  Boy.
If you want to see a real, live, well patronized market,
drop down to Lytton Square on Friday morning. It's a perpetual example of the way such things should be done.
They ve found a use for college students at last. A
Kansas professor who wished to experiment with frozen
eggs tried them on the undergrads. The eggs suffered,
but the rah-rah boys came through fine.
Spokane's mayor says there are worse dances pulled
off in the home than in the public dance halls. Probably
he was thinking of the dance maw leads paw when the
latter tacks in about three a.m.
It s reported the squirrels and other small animals of
the eastern woods are in for a hard winter. It's to be
sorry for the animals, but it's good the report doesn't
specify people as well.
m If you don't believe that there's a lot of money wasted
in the world every year read this: The cost of the navies
of the world for 1912 was $725,000,000. Is it any wonder
Churchill suggested taking a holiday?
Victoria, Oct. 2C���Kor II lo be within the Bpnn of the memory of one mnn
that a tribe of peoplo should progress
from the mnn-estlng singe to the gtnte
where they hnve abandoned ennoes
for gasoline launches and live In
houses and go to church and school ns
civilized people Is n most remarkable
thing, yet Rev. \V. II. l'lerce, whose
mother was a full-blooded Talmpsean
Indian, has had this experience. When
he was a small boy living near Kort
Simpson he recalls seeing a slave killed one morning and devoured that
evening at a war dance by the man-
eating members of the tribe. Today
those same Tsimpsean Indians do not
own a single canoe, but. on the contrary, have over a hundred gasoline
launches. They have among them excellent schools, a church which will
accommodate ROD persons, most of the
younger members of the tribe can
read and write English fluently and
they are taking up agricultural and
olher productive occupations with zeal
and industry.
Mr. Pierce Is serving as a missionary for the Methodist church amour
the Indians at Port Essington. Up Is
at present In Victoria giving addresses
before the various Kpworlh Leagues
dealing with the earh* days among the
Indians of this provffce. The lectures
are Intended to bp educational for the
young people of the Methodist churches of the province, for Mr. Pierce and
his excellent work are being supported by the young people's societies.
Investigation at Lewiston    Is    Being
Held Behind Closed Doors���
Many Witnesses.
Contagious Dissasts.
Lewiston, Idaho, Oct. 2G.-TI10 In- To the mothers who must uurse their
.,��� .1 . v . ..i..,i, i .children through contagion*, disease
vesication  being  held   behind  closed j ,��������� aro ���,���.��� BUK,,l>stlung wor|U r0.
doors In Judge Needham s court by lnemberin8. The very fact that trained
Prosecuting Attorney Miles Johnson is nurses receive higher salaries when lu
the principal topic of conversation to- charge of contagious patients enipha-
dny. Kour witnesses were examined ; sizes the point thut tbere Is risk aud
today and the Investigation will con-  alao requires a special kind of care.
tlnue Indefinitely. Attorney Johnson
said tonight:
"The investigation Is being conducted to ascertain whether, ns has been
reported, establishments visited by
myself and Sheriff l.ydon lust spring
and warned that the unlawful selling
nT liquor must cease have continued
to break the law. Should thc Investigation disclose Information to this ef-
fee they will be prosecuted at once."
The Investigation is being held under a statute permitting the prosecuting attorney, when complains are
made to iilm that liquor is being unlawfully disposed of for a profit to
subpoena witnesses and propound
questions to them, their testimony to
be recorded by the court stenographer and later signed by the witnesses
Should the witnesses refuse correctly to answer the questions propounded the statute provides a fine of $600
and Imprisonment In the county Jail
lor six months or both
Lease Extremely Moderate.   For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
In any disease of this kind Isolation
Is necessary. Not ouly must the patient be considered, but tbe members
of tbe family must be protected. Ouly
the doctor and the nurse should be allowed In the sick room.
The room sbould preferably be at the
top ot tbe house, where others need not
pass, and where the danger to sti-
joining.rooms wlll be small. It sbould
be well ventilated. Sunlight aid fresh
air are nature's Important aids tbat
should never be overlooked. Hung in
the doorway of the sickroom a sheet
moistened wltb a good disinfectant solution. Chloride of Ume ls cheap and
All secretions should be burned. Pa-
tlenta sbould expectorate In small
pieces of cloth or paper, wblcb should
be burned. Never, under any clrcum
stances, sbould handkerchiefs lie used
snd washed with the faiiillvjs Ipunilry,
The risk to the laiinolbrtPfflPtff'rf'Jteijr'
when you can get as good, or batter, manufactured In B. C, via.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVBK" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americas and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vltrlfled Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to -.-In. In diameter. This Is also made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Waabed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, ete.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones IS and Ig.
���02 Columbia Street W.
Twenty-two more witnesses remain ' members of the house Is unnecessary.
to he examined. By a ruling made by
Judge Needham today Attorney Oeo.
T. Tunnahill, who appeared at counsel for some of the witnesses, was not
"_?���. Fierc.e _ca!ne to V1?torl? hy 0MI allowed  to remain'in the 'court room
only the witness, the prosecuting attorney, the court and the court stenographer being allowed in the room.
' -"V' *-*���--^%0'*^*^^Vv^'rV"*'^'**'rywV'*' "�����K^,;'iO
K1.S111.K.   TBiMMKH
MUS.    i
pianoforte, harmony mid nIhkiuk.    Pupil* suocessfuly prepared for examlna* I
tlon In It   A   M. and R. C M. I'd trims I
apply 601 Third uvt-nue.
of the coast steamers a few days ago.
Fifty-one years ago he recalls his first
visit to Victoria when he canto down
from Kort Simpson in a flotilla of canoes. It was necessary for several
tribes and combine and travel together for safety's sake else they would
have been attacked and either slain or
taken as slaves by the firce Owee-
keeno Indians. As it was on this occasion they w-ere at'icked and followed for ten miles by these savages, but
succeeded in staving them off until a
wind came along .when sails were
hoisted and they left the attackers be-
The voyage took two months, said
Mr. Pierce, and when we arrived Victoria was not the flourishing city
which he finds It this time. There was
a trial which Is now Government
street, and another which Is now
Yates street. The rest was sticks
and stumps and rocks and   swamp.
Mr. Pierce asw In Victoria many
times after that, and during the ministry of the late Hev. Thomas Crosby,
D. D��� was converted to Christianity
Kor many years he studied, and 2\
years ago was ordained at the organization of the first Methodist conference in Brltir'> Columbia. Since then
he has been laboring as a missionary
among the Indians on the upper coast,
and has done wonderfully successful
work among a race of aborigines
superior to the Indians of this district
as the white man himself.
MISS   Kl.l.A
The best way to show your disapproval of proceeding-;
such as station site discussions, is to cut sticks and beat it
At least, that's the example set by Aldermen Galer and
Millard, of Port Coquitlam.
Mr. Cunningham says he wouldn't sell the gas plant
now under any conditions and, as the ratepayers have de-
cided that they don't want to buy it, everybody should bc
perfectly satisfied.
If you won't tell anybody, here's a tip on where yov,
can sure find a dollar. There's a ship called the Stanlej
Dollar fast on the rocks off Lummi island, near Helling
ham, Wash.  Thanks'don't mention it.
CHINAMAN'S SIGNATURE more.    There are about thirty
CHANGES WITH TIME   ,lp   ��ald.   some   with   two   men
j three, some five.
Thn ease is in progress,
spent , 	
Olympla, Wash., Oct. 26.���Klnal decision that no bonds can be Issued to
allow   either   the   completion   of   the
but his Chinese |temple of justice or the construction
Victoria, Oct. 26.���Mar I.eon
thirty-five years of his life In this city
and will be remembered by many old
Victorians. He has since returned to
live in Bak-Shan. in China, and he as-
signed to Mah Sam I.lng the balance
���of a deposit he haB had in the Bank of
British North Ameriac since 1876
���Since that time Mar I.eon ha�� learn
ed to write Kngiish
signature  also seems to have  under-1 of other new capitol buildings  at least
pone a change.    At any rate the bank until after the next lo_._i_|.,J
declined to pay out the monev for tho ,!        ' l9����lature "'-��'��,
reason that the characters which stand regretfully reached by  the state
for Mar's name to the assignment on  oapIto1 '������'""mission today.
the faded  old  paoer representing his j    Ceorge II. Tllden, head of a leading
^h\hU.^,!,7h^,1;a^v<;7^ar^r'!lVlr:'of rt,,r'who "as been
book, written there by Mar Leon when muk" " ,h��rough invest!-
a much youticer man on hia nnenlnir I Ka"on ��t 'I"- Bituation, reported that
en account with the bank thirty-seven ' ""'re seemed no possibility of placing
years ago |an issue of the size required    At leasl
The plaintiff docs nnt spent Eng- ��i *it*n iinn mn ,,, ���*"""��� at'east
lish yet. being a newcomer to the coun ! $J ' W0Ula lR re��ulred '" <���<> any
iry. and he had to give hls tesdlmonv ! w"rk* Blnoe tlle debts of the capital
as to bow Mar Leon gave h'm the 'und, $600,000 in outstanding warrants
right to draw out this money through ,and  JOnp.000 owing the general  fund
would have lo bo met first.
Victoria Celestials Tell Countrymen In
Home Land Not to Come
to B. C.
the oOlrial Interoreter. June W I
Taylor, K. C, for the bank, tried lo
test tlie witness by nsklng about the
Bize nr Bak-Shan and of Vancouver,
where l.e lives. Mail was quite un
nliV In inllghten the court as to the
eke of Vancouver, even comparative-
lv, Bnd he did not annear to he able
to rhe much of an Idea of Bak-Shan
Bitter. Kvldently the latter is a mar-
Ittt town, -whero every house is   a
The experience or thB state in Bellini.' capitol lands, with the
bet inns  slow
the  capitol
such an Issui
Victoria,  Oct. 26.���The  number of
Chinese unemployed In British i'olum-
hia and the political agitation for the;
exlUBion of Orientals are given as rea-'
sons why the Chinese should not come!
to Canada,  in  a circular    which  ha?
heen distributed all over China by the !
Victoria Chinese board of trade during
the past three months.
Influential Chinese here have been i
for some time facing the necessity of
taking   steps   to  dlscoruage   the   con-'
statu influx of unskilled Chinese labor
to this country on account of the full- j
nfss of the market for this commodity, j
and  when finally the above step was
taken no pains were spared to make ;
the proceeding tell   A cablegram cost-1
ing $600 w-as sent right away to all of
the 72 trade guilds in China Informing
them  that  there Is  no work  in  sight
for  Chinese  laborers  and   that every
boat load of them which came Into the
country   only   add   an    Incentive     to
the p litical agitators  to  mak*'  more
���speeches against the Orientals,
A long an Irle has been written reviewing the whole history of the Chinese question In Canada, especially
British Columbia, ami going fully into
tho local situation as It exists at urea-
ent. This was then printed nnd. already over a million copies have heen
distributed in the populous centres of
Much of the matter in this pamphlet
concerns the attitude of the transportation companies towards immigration.
The circular alleges 'hat the companies are grossly misrepresenting the
nrospecta in this country by palming
them In too flowery language. The
pamphlet declares that Canada is a
lne country and urges the advisability of men with capital coming hero
and rndert.tklng some enterprise,
manufacturing, ranching or business,
but discourages laborers. A hard winter is predicted for this year and tbe
number of Chinese already unemployed Is given.
Laborers who do come, are advUed
to go Into the Interior, or to eastarn
Canada, where, the pamphlet states,
they are not only able to find more
work,   hut   are  actually   welcomed   by
the people. The attitude of the transportation Companies Is gone Into fully
and the readers are shown the obvlntia
ailvantagn It Is to them lo urge the
Chinese to come lo Canada.
Regarding the political phase nr iho
quest ion   tlle   pamphlet   declares   that
candidates   seeking   labor   v-(tt"H    cry
additional | Asiatic   exclusion   and   am   aided   In
Motor   Drives   Horse     From     London
Streets���Investigator's Strat-
ling  Figures.
The water, sponge, etc., In which the
patient Is bathed should be disinfected
hefore throwing dowu the main drainpipes,   (lerms bave a habit cf lurking
\ In drains nnd sewers.   Water will uot
wash them away nor drowu thetn.
: Chloride of lime or a 5 per cent
I solution of carbolic acid will answer
| all purposes. Bed linen, nlgbt clothes,
: etc.. should be placed In tbls and then
' thoroughly boiled and dried out ln tbe
| sun and fresh air.
j Tbe nurse, whether trained or the
1 home nurse, should keep up ber own
j lighting strength.   Tbe pro|ier cure of
herself  ls  necessary.    Sufficient  rest.
fresh nlr nud nourishing food should
be supplied.    If possible n regular eg.
1 ercise in the open air In a  complete   .
change of clothes sbould be taken. | ^^M^' .M���,
Since the Isolation Is one of the most I    Block.
trying    of    eiperlencea    to    children   ���  ��� _
amusement should be varied.    Cheap j   ' auditor.) and accountant���*'
toys, books and games should be sup-   w?rJ'   undertakan   In   city   and
piled.   They must be burned wben the | &,"*��' *,**\.\
little one bas recovered, but thev wlll
Bank of Montreal
APstal iPt'tSUp; .,'. WjWft,B0tf.O��
RESERVE    J 10.000,01,..00
Branches  throughout  Cansda    aud
Newfoundland, and  tn  London,  Eng
*. tlAUDV. TBACHBR of  land, New York. Chlcsgo aud Spokan*
Hi   Keary  Bt..   New   West-   _ _  . .   ,,     . " .
j U.S.A.,  and   Mexico City.    A  general
i banking business transacted. Letter*
of Crodlt Issued, available with correspondents ln all parts of the world.
Savings Bsnk Department���Deposits)
received In sums of $1 snd upward
and Interest allowed at 8 per cent, por
annum (preeent rate).
Total Assets over $1.6,000.000.00.
O. D. BRYMNEH, Manager.
tti*' imi- lYoft-nmir Allan Macbeth,
1'rlnclp.il i.f tin- (llaSKuw College of
Munis*, and Profsssor Grassland Hirst, of
lhe QlaJKoW Athi-nm-uni. Im-kh to Intimate ih.it win* wlll acoept s rew puiid*
In slnjftns and VOlOS production. Kx-
tfiiHivr repertoire of high oiii_�� -."ngu
For H'imis. cull or nrltr to llun Hamilton stre.t.
London, Oct. 26.-Those huge Per-
cherons and Clydesdales that used to
lumber  through  London  streets looking as lf they could slowly bul surely , f1r^tlJ_���n^^,^|��JuV),'.*il,'B "'j.1'.
pul  lelther St.   Paul's or  the British      ""    "     " "  "'"' "   "' "'"'   '   '
~     Call and inspect our fall
.uuid. !'ines and new *aN styles and
���"\k,��*M7 Tru,t Bld* Place y��ur order now.
museum alutig wltn them are fading
out of the colorful traffic that makes
London streets distinctive. The hooters on the motors care are sounding
the horses', doopi..
One ambitious'Investigator stayed
last Saturday at one of the main roada
leading out of tho city and watched
tlie procession. Part of the great
throng was off to Ilrooklands to
watch Pegoud loop the loop, hut the
other half was on business bent, and
yet In the long, long line for every
horse-drawn vehicle there were thirty-
five mo:or vehicles, not counting cy-,
cles., This rather startling discovery
led to further inquiries along other
main roads. i
Sunday 50 to 1.
On Sunday on the Holder's Hill and
time and wlll give a clMM-rful  menial
condition, necessary lo tbe recovery.
After the patient has recovered there
should be thorough disinfection of tin-
room and nil things In It. A sulphur
candle, a formaldehyde lump or any of
Ihe mechanical sprayers or solutions
for tbe purpose should be used The
room must be thoroughly nlred, the
door sealed with wrapping paper and
the disinfectants allowed to Oo tbe
work for a week at least, in the large
cities a request Hied nt tbe bureau of
health wlll bring free disinfection by-
experts. It ls compulsory, but It can
be given sfter sny sickness.
ating BnstnMfs, l-ocat 54;:. meets in
1-ilMjr   Ttmpla   cvnry   flrsl      nnd     llilrd
Thursday or ths mouth. H. Mct.iiiKhiin.
president   w. c, Saunders,    secretary.
P. O.  Hox .ri*-S.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
When Child Begins to Talk.
When n child In beginning to talk he
wlll bc sure to notice wbnt Is suld by
. those round hlm nnd will retain In in*.
St. Albans route the proportion of mo- memory a good deal more tliiin lie is
tor cars to horses in the forenoon was often given credit for. por tbls reason
0 to I     Later  however, when trades    ,Mng,   gbo(lld   ,,���    _,,.������    ,,   ,p     ,,,
r^xwaidto^_ath?orr?: -jff,Bd "rrr s"��"u"*
The same ratio prevailed on the Hat-r*6��� ln <��nrjrs��tlon when be Is pres
field road.   Rven in Kssex, distinctive- ���   '"'
a rarmlng and agricultural county,
there was nnly one horse to twenty
moturs. Kint, Surrey and Middlesex
seem to have put man's old friend In
his hox stall for good, nr nisi* he Is
on his way to the museum, the sporting stable or the glue factory.
Whispered  Word   In  Cafe  Enough
Consign Any Citizen to
Prison Cell.
ft ttat deferred payments make col-1their cries by the"ev'er-lt.creaslng nun,
grantVild -mS1*.   "v"l\h"r <>< 6hin~e"se7oi_.lng in.    That they
" ����m *"���?,' ,':i,re ,"/ Mn   make  more  money at   homo    at
Tllden said. | present the local Chinese Inform them
al present,
London, Oct. 26.���Thfl Lisbon special correspondent of the Daily Express writes that life In republican
Portugal contains many Sinister elements and uncertainties. Critics of
:he government, as likewise lukewarm supporters, never know over
night, whether their next dinner will
be eaten In their homes or dreamed
ahout In an overcrowded prison. A
whispered word In a cafe Is enough
to consign any conspicuous person to
the underground cell while spies on
every street corner magnify Idle
gossip. The gravest discords ln Hub-
���ila nt ils stormiesl times never produced so much surveillance as Ib produced In the enlightened republic on
the banks of the Tagus.
Firmly   Entrenched.
Personal enmities Inspire denunciations. The Carbonari, an association, the hulk of whose memberB
ire paid Informers, existing only for
the revenue to \)P derived from terrorism, daily pints against, their enemies.
Efforts havii been made to demolish
the society, bul It. Is so filled with
spies and liberally paid persons who
iporoach flrsl royalists and then' republican*;, murmuring against the pan-
ity of their Bhare of the spoils that
it la firmly entrenched,
Members of tho Carbonari have even
warned English residents that lhelr
names have been placed on government lists for expulsion at any time
It may suit the authorities, on the
strength of alleged private conversations carried on in English homeB with
foreign adventurers.   All Lisbon Is a
| This Is tbe time wben picture bricks
! nre useful In training aud educating
| tbe little one ln everyday mutters
: Bricks with pleturea of letters, figures,
nnlmuls, etc., ou tbem should he shown
to him nml tiie representations on the
j bricks   called   by   tbelr   right   names
\ The   brain   that  Is  Just   beginning  to
work will by the constant repetition or
lhe names become until  to connecting
i Ihe sounds with the pictures.
It Is not a good plan to try to force
h young rhlld to sny new words until
j he Is used to talking: then lie will lie
'always saying something new.    lie Is
jus yet s|ienking by Imitation, but  be
t0 ; will, ns he develops, connect something
! tangible   wllh   the  sounds   he   makes
Uie lovely sound iiuiiiiiiin becomes con
meted  with mother, niul In the wiine
wa* cat OU ii  picture  brick  becomes
���nore real when the child learns t u
nect the sound   wltb  the picture and
witb tbe real puss of the nursery.
B. A V. O. of Klks of thn D. of ('., mea:
the rirst und third Thursday at I p. m.
K. of P. Hall. Eighth afreet. A Weill
Oray. Bmlted Ruler; P. li. Smith. Hoe
L. O. O. M.. NO. 854.���MEETS ON
flrat. aecond. third and fourth Wednes
day In each month at S p. tn.
ln the Moow Home. ll. J. I-eumy
dictator; P. IB. Joneu, secretary
llcudiju'irtiTa of lodge In See Houae
corner of Fourth snd Carnarvon atreets
I. O. O. F. A MITT -LODOB NO. 17���Th,
reaular meetlnc or Amity lodse Nc
27, I. O. O. P., Is held every Mondat
night at 8 o'clock Id Odd Fellows' Hull
corner Carnarvon and Eighth itreatj
\ IsltlnR hrvthern cordially Invite*
n A. Merrlthew, No.: II w. Bangstsr,
V. O.; W. C. Cos than. P. (i . reenrr
lng ��.cictiirv: J. W. MacDonuld. financial sscrstary.
Commencing  Oct.  2G.
time table, as follows.
Change    of
SOO n.m.���for Toronlo, Kamloops I.o-
1:26  p.m.  -Kor Bt.   Paul.
6:25 p.m.--Kor Agassi/.
��:10 p.m.-   Kor Imperial Limited. Mon
Heal, itc.
Kor ratee, reservations
parilculars apply to
and    -jther-
II.  VV,
B. OOULET, Agent.
New Westminster
I1KODIE, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Dlrecto
anil K'-'iiHlrner. ��IJ 111 Asnea atree'
oppoal.d Carnegie Library.
ter a Hanna. Ltd.)���Funeral director
and emliiilmer*. Parlora 405 Columbii
atreet.   New  Weatmlnater.    Phone  III
���ter Board of Trade meets In thetiaar-'
room, City Hall, aa follows: Third Frl
day or each month; quarterly meetlni
on the tli I rd Friday of February. Mu;
August anil November at II pni. An
nual meeting* on tha third Friday o
February- tt H. Btuart Wada. seen
Party  For Waa  Folks.
Kor children a fully pnrty is very nt-
tractive. The room should be cleared
nf ordinary furniture and transformed
lino a fairy palace. Some painted
iiirdlmiird, tree brunches, tinsel. Mow
ers and twinkling lights skillfully arranged will effect u must realistic iruns-
Tlie Invitations should be sent out In
ihr names of the fairies, and the little
guests should come ua tulrles of every
-���lime nud. If liked, characters of well
known fairy tales.
In similar way ll Is possible to give
s Witch party In a niuglc cave or a
Dutch party In n Dutch Interior, while
forethought will suggest otber Ideas
equally attractive sod easy to carry
through succeBBfiilly.
When presents are given at a Children's [Kirty the following novel Idea
will lie found nn attractive method of
distribution: Cut a cake Into slices and
on the outside of ench slice fasten a
present, with the name of the Intended
recipient on n little flag stuck In ibe
top of each piece Place the slices in
n-edtlnn ngnln mid He lhe enke mum
with a broml ribbon to Unett it hi slim
Sale, l.eeiln. Bualneaa Letters, etc.; eir
culnr work speclnllet. All work atrlctl.
confidential. H. Barry, room 411 Weat
minster Truat Blk.    I'hone 70J.
rioters. Solicitors, etc    46 Lorne Sir
New Wentmtnater.    Q. B. Corbould, K
C.    J. It. Urant.    A. B. MoColl.
tewit-law, eollettnr, eta Telephnn
H.Ti. Cable address "Johnston.'
Code. "Weatern Union." Offices, BUI
Block. (63 Columbia street. New West
minster, B. C.
COAL MININO righta of the Domlnlo*
n  Mamtol.fc  Saakatchewan  and  Alberta.
the Yi_kon Territory, tha NorthweaVTar-
. ��.r!_i". ^ni ,n ��� portion of the Provinoa-
of Biitlata Columbia, may be leaaed for a.
term of twenty-one yeara at an   annual
acrea will be leaaed lo ona applicant.
Applloatlon lor a leaae muat be made,
by the applicant In per-aon to the Agent
or Bub-Agent of the dlatrlct tn whloh^W
rights applied Ior ara situated.
��� ,n X"?*?*1* '��rrUorr tho land muat be-
deacrlbed by aectlona or legal mib-a.it.
alona of aaotlona, and la unaurveyed tar-
_.Llryi th. Ktr*S! ���W|ed fnr "hall be.
"SJ_!__.0U_ ty ����� "PPUoant himself.
Bach application muat be accompanla*
*���? * M of 15 vThlch wlll be refunSS IT
<ha righta applied for are not avallabla
but not otherwise. A royalty shall b*.
paid mi tha merchantable output of tba-
mkn at lh, rata of nve cent, per lon.
..,��Vk ^I?*"1. ��I*r��Un�� the mine shaW
fumlah   the   Agent   with   awarn   return*
SffiSSRte1 ,0. "f tuU Quantity of maS
chaiiObla ooal mined and pay tha rayl
��''/ t!"jrS>n' �� tha ooal mining rtS��
are net belna operated nuch returna ahduS
furrdehaj at leaet once a yearT^
aide ��� Barrister* snd Boilcitora, West
mlnater Trust Blk.. Columhla atreet
1*4**t Westminster, B. C. Cable addresi
"Whlteaiife," Western Union. P. C
Drawer 300. Telephone (I. W. .'
Whltealde. K. C| R, L Bdmonda, I
J. BTILWHLI, CLUTB. Barrlater-at-law
Bolicitor, etc.; corner Columbia an,
McKensle streets. New Westminster
B. C.   P. O. Box 111.    Telephone   711
Solicitor and Notary. Offlcea Her
block, IB Lorne street. New Westmlo
ster, B. C.
ilS! \SSf fWtaehide the c��u mlqln*
mCd Wtf 5m-*_SlKP
wtll be
whatever   available
���nrtao.   rlghl.   may   tw  .-,,0.1.1. red   n*t*s7
���y* tf'iihra? * m mUw ���
For full Information application ahonl*
\n T""? 1�� '5e Beeretar/ oMhe VtSSt*
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or toanr
Agent or Hub-Ageot of Dominion Landa
Deputy Minister of thi Interior..
.a���' 5'~Unauthorised publication Of Ihtat
advertlaement wUl not be paid for
2��n3;T.r^tySPS: nota^,B���Sl,r ft ��WiP^'��^.lito^"iK SngiuhmaS
���L : I   melm  morc  opportunity  to'describes     the  aituatlon  as  a  comic
^ome later. |nightmare of "Alice ln Wonderland."
terest out of the general fund.
Vancouver Man Arreated.
Toronto, Oct. 26.--OD a warrant
sworn out by Massey-Marrls company,
.lames Denison, formerly of Vancouver, one of the firm's collectors, wbb
arrested ln Parkhtll, Out., yesterday
charged with Stealing $300.
Barrlaiera and Solicitors. 605 to tli
Weatmlnater Trust Bloak. u. B. Mar
tin, W. O. McQuarrie and Oeorge I
Subscribe for
The Daily News
Transfer Co-
Office Phene 115.     Barn Phon* UP
���egbla (tragi.
Baggage Delivers* Promptly to
any part of tha elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box 84 Dally News Bldo.
of all kinds.
Prleea right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
69 McKsnsIs St MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1913.
/ *
.*.',��..Ht.vvA.v^WipAi';..*, rtiLi'.^u.'..*.
.it ���,���}'������.*���',;���<���*, r#;VM* ri,\>>/i'f-
The demand  for   the beautiful New   Westminster
Pennants last week far exceeded expectations, and
all were delighted with them*
A large  shipment has been received, including a few McGill University
pennants, and all [comers can be supplied for the next few days.   GET YOURS
Bring Three  Coupons and   25c.
To  this  Office
and Receive a
Handsome Pennant in Three
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of these coupons and twenty-five cents to The News office
and receive one of the beautiful Westminster Pennants. In case you are not
a subscriber bring 40 cents for one month's subscription and 25 cents for pennant. Address ail mail orders to The News, New Westminster, B.C- Enclose
5c extra for mailing.
IS by 0
,* ."-���������  . .'-ii:        *��*:�����.... ��� ���f**!*teK>??���'.*)'��� ������*W'     *      ���.'���    '       ' .   :'.:'-'rf'
M 9
ft 'iMmi
its/ifa  *.
���J tv':
.-���fT Hii
���������\. .."p.
*������ ", Y
"j'jjS'jS^       ���*���**
**���    <:#J
*,..,,...   .**m^i.|iwi/;s r   ��ACE FOUR
MON DAY,, OCTOBER 27, 1913.
Fresh Water and Salt
Raited Tug Brought to City Saturday
���Cause of Accident Not Yet
The tug Firefly ii* BOW ill New WeBtmlnster and according to ('apt. All of
Draney & All, owners, will be placed
on the ways of the Star Shipyard today for repairs and examination.
Though it was just two weeks ago
Saturday last that the tug sunk suddenly at the mouth of the Fraser,
���where the new jetty is being built by
Broley & Martin, no cause for the accident has been ascertained, according to the owners, and it Is partly for
this reason, they say, that the vessel
iB to be docked  and overhauled.
At the Star shipyards all last week
a crew of men repaired the Maagan,
which ran foul of the bridge at the
North Arm. One side of the hull wan
injured, and while on the ways a general overhauling was made. The
Maagan is now In the water.
Report  Hat  It That  Hero  Injured  a
Small Gat Tug Recently���Damage Estimated.
Because of Injuries' to the 40-foot
gasoline tug formerly known ln this
port ns the Red Wing, said to be cauB-
ed by Uie tug Hero, a bill has been
sent to the city council by the owners
of Ihe little vessel, according to reports now circulating about the waterfront here:
lt is said that while the gasoline
vessel was lying at a wharf here the
Hero ran foul of her and the owner,
apparently blaming the Hero, wanted
Further, the reports has It, the owners had an estimate of damages made
by a local ship building expert. The
amount placed was somewhere around
$75 or $100.
Two Wirelets Operators on Blue Funnel Liner Have Important Invention���May Patent  It.
Little Damaged After Hanging on Vlvi
Rocks���Sent to Drydock.
Bellingham. Oct. 26.���The steam
schooner Stanley Dollar, which waa
hung on Vivi rocks, ten miles southwest of here Thursday night in a
heavy toa, while en route to this harbor, was floated yesterday afternoon
at 2:15 and docked at the Bloedel-
Donovan mills pier at. B o'clock. Captain Thwing says the hull is slightly
Telegraphic orders were received
from San Francisco tonight to discharge the cargo of lumber and send
the damaged steamer to drydock at
Meat from Canada.
Chicago, Oct. 26.���More than a million pound': of fresh dressed meats arrived here yesterday from Canada, thc
llrst Importation under the new tariff
The prices ranged from 6% to 8
cents a pound.
Was Equally Disastrous
to Both Parties
Althougb probably not quite in the
class of Guglielme Marconi, there are
two bright wireless operators on
board the Blue Funnel liner lxion,
���which (locked at Victoria last week,
���who will, no doubt, be heard from before long, as they have several Inventions of their own which they may
patent. George Stocks and Henry
Batty, who "sit in" watch and watch
about, have just completed a new detector for their machine and during
the run across the Pacific they have
established several new records for
the Holt line, the vessels of which
carry very low-power machines.
Not one night oul of the twelve
nights she was at sea was the lxion
out of receiving communication with
land stations. The continuous communication was hrought about through
the new detector. Owing to the new
"United States wireless regulations the
Blue Funnel ships are now forced to
carry two operators
Seattle, Oct. 26.���Imprisoned in the
ice In the lee of Saghulien Island, in
isolated and little visited Okhotsk sea,]
off the barren coast of Northern
Siberia, lies the old steamship Centennial, which left Muroran, Japan,
six years ago and disappeared. The I
fate of the crew may never be known,
but It is almost certain they perished
on the desolate Siberian wastes.
Tiie discovery of the long missing
veBsel which was supposed to have
i been burned at sea with the loss of
lall hands, was brought to local niem-
Ibers of the  Marine  Engineers'  Bene
ficial Association by
former chief engineer
A. Griffin,
the   coast
Halibut Scarce.
Victoria,  Oct. 26.���Halibut  off    the
British    Columbia    banks    are    very i
order to have garce at present.    Fishermen  on  thej
a continuous watch and the two men power   schooner     Victoria,     Captain j
who direct the key on tiie lxion hare,pike, just, returned to port from a 20;
not   been   wasting   their   spare   time. (jay cruise, say that there are few fish j
They  have   been  experimenting   with  schooling   about   the   grounds.     They
their machine. art, at a loss    to    account    for   the;
After a recent trip Batty spent one scarcity.
month ashore at Hong Kong, and dur-
Ing his exploits there he came across '
something which he    thought    would
form  a new  crystal  for the wireless
outfit.     He   gathered  considerable  of j
it and  has  found  that  It  is of great I
assistance to the machine.    The bis;
receiving distance from the Japanese
coast the lxion got was    3000    miles.
The Otchislii station was heard working and the following flight the Ixion's
operators were    receiving    from    the
high power station at San  Francisco.)
To be In    communication    with    the I
land throughout the voyage Is a splendid   feat   for   the  liners   which   carry I i 	
two and three kilowat machines, but
for a Blue Funnel ship, tlie machine!    vj(.t(,ria   oet   26.���First of the new
on which Is rated at little better than i . ,      , . f ,*,.   ������ a.
.   ,,     , .,       ,   ,. i ,   i,      tu    motorships to set out for a trip in l'a*
half a kilowat, it is remarkable.   1 he   '""�����"����������"���
lxion spoke Triangle when 1200 miles |clfic wator-., tn-    I'am*-!,  I...     A.   ,:n
at Bea.
The operators on the big ship are
very enthusiastic over their work and
are very gratified over the results ot
Saim Left Antwerp October 5���Expect-
de Here Early in-De-
their experiments,
For the Week  Ending Sunday, Nov. 2.
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht.
27     1:15 11:20
8:16 111
ll: 06
16 15
15:16 12.7
_x    5 20    0:45
4: IK 12.0
16 15 11:46
15:47  12.8
29     '. 2H    1:55
6:19 12.8
17 2ii 12:20
16:1!)  12.9
30     7 2U    2:40
8:19 18.4
17:50 18:00
16:60 12.8
31    8 20   8:26
7:18 la.S
18 ju 18:45
17:22 12.5
1      B:lo    4:10
8:16 13.9
4 .43
IS  56 14:45
17:54 12.0
2     10:16    4:55
8:18 13.0
19:26 1 :>: 4 5
18:27 11.4
Mrs. Busy Housekeeper
have you seen the new WIZARD
DUSTLESS MOP7 Absolutely no
dust ln sweeping. Fine for linoleum
and polished floors. We have just
received another shipment of these
im.in and as an extra Inducement to
ynu ve are Hiving away FREE one
$1.26 can of Wizard Polish with every
mop sold.
You Want One of
These Mops
Call In the store and let us demonstrate Ihem to you.
Dean's Grocery
liner Siam, left Antwerp on October
5, according to word jusl received by
.lohn Waterhouse, agent for the company in this ctty. The vessel lias
lrelght. in her holds consigned to Victoria nierchaii's. so shipping ni-n will
have au opportunity ol Inspecting the
latest product of Kuropean designers
.uni shipbuilders, wblcb haa attracted
the attention of the whole world, and !
may revolutionize steamship travel.
The tfium ls expected to reach San'
Pedro.   In r first port of call,  on  this
clan, early in December, and will be
here Bhortly afterwards.   Bhe bas car-l
go for San Francisco, and she will lithe forerunner of motor ships which In
years to oome will be trusting theiiM
noses   through   the  Colden   Qa.e  with
great regularity. She is a large freight-1
er,   capable   of   handling   about   9,000
tons, and her holds are practically filled  for her maiden trip to thesi' waters.
Funnelless Ship.
The Siam is a twin screw vessel, and
lln- is propelled by the Diesel Internal
combustion engines, which drive her
at 12 knots an hour. She Is a funnel-
less ship, currying 'hree masts .and is
rather a unique sight. The Blam took
the water a short time ago anil has
been on several voyages, the last of
which was to Ctilna, via the Suez canal. Il-r engiins, which web* sort of
an experiment at first, have proved
very satisfactory, and show no signs
nf developing trouble. The Hutch
hav,. several of these fine vessels un
der ihelr flag. Other nations are now
bxperlmentlng with ships of this class,
and shipyards will he turning them
out In large numbers before long, according to experts who have followed
minutely the trials of the motor ships.
Burr Block
Phone 386.
Columbia Street.
Behind Closed  Doors.
Washington,   Oct.   26.���The   senate
banking' committee will  begin  tomorrow   behind  closed  doors  and  recon-l
struct   the   administration's currencj
bill,     The  issue Is clearly  drniyii   lie
tween the bill pased bj the house and]
the central bank plan proposed by P.
A. Vanderlip of N'ew Vork.   A majority of the senate committee admittedly  favor  the  VanderMp  plan,  but administration   supporters  declare  that
such  a measure could not be passed
in the house.
They argued all tbe way home on the
superior merits of tbelr own breed of
chickens. Frank Preston wat for
Rhode Islands Reds, and ha established
hla desertions wltb Items from a fat
notebook that disconcerted Bert Lynwood and quite bored their fellow commuters, wbo were trying to read the
evening newspapers.
Bert Lynwood said bla notebook was
home. As It wns of ledger size be
could not very well carry it to end fro
to business eaeb duy, but he was willing to prove thnt bis own White Wyandottes could not be beaten as egg
producers and thut bis profits nt tbe
end of the year would exceed those of
bis neighbor.
"Prove It then." challenged Preston,
"Will you come over after supper?"
asked tbe otber, undaunted.
To tbe relief of their fellow passengers, the two rblvkea farmers changed
tbe subject, and no more wua said
about the matter until they parted at
the Preston gate.
"Sit- you later." said Lynwood as be
went ou to his own pluce.
"Be sure to have that ledger ready."
scoffed bis neighbor.
"1 collected forty eggs today." an
nounced Mrs. Lynwood as tbey sat
down to supper.
"That's doing pretty good." eald her
husband. "1 don't believe Preston's
eggs are shelliug out uny better than
"We're Just even now. Mrs. Preston
counted ber bens, and she bus the sume
number as ne bnve. Aud It's the funniest thing, liert���day by day we collect
the same quantity of eggs. There are
tbe same number of lazy lieui In each
yard," Mrs. Lynwood laughed cheer
"Humph!" grunted ber husband, with
a doubting glance ut the huge ledger
be had enthusiastically lugged bome
wbeu he went Into tbe chicken ralslni.
business. He Wished now that be had
bought u notebook that would be more
In proportion to the small results he
bad achieved. He was not satisfied
with what be had accomplished, uud
be had not yet balanced his boo*, to
find ont where be stood. Now he bur
lied through bis supper ln order to
strike some sort of a balance before
Preston appeared with bis well tabu
lated facts.
"Preston's coming over after supper
to compare bis books wltb mine," be
explained us be took down tbe ledger
trom Its shelf beside tbe books uu
poultry raising uud stacks of government reports on tbe same subject
"lie still believes bis Rhode Island
Iteds ure tbe egg producing wonders
of the world.''
"Nonsense!'' ejaculated Mrs. Lyn
wood as sbe cleared olT the table. "As
If anybody would prefer those homely
orange colored creature* to our snow-
white Wyandottes Tbey look so pretty agaln-st the green grass, don't tliey.
itert." She leaned over ber husband's
shoulder, and together tbey looked out
of the window at the (lock of white
.'owls trooping across tbe grass to
ward tlie chicken yard.
"They do." agreed Lynwood. wltb a
return of tils old enthiislii-.ui "But
you Know It Isn't the color alone.
Flora, lids particular stralo of fowl
,s adapted for producing largo quaoU
Jes of eggs, lit course they've only
Own lu.Mug since March, and we cunt
tell Just what the protit will prove to
oe b] the end of tlie year in Seplein
ber. Now. I've got to stiow Preston
ilmi I'm beginning to make Mouietlilng
He claims he's cleared $'i.,.'il) so fur
snd it's ouly July "
"lUd lie count in llle feed und tlle
cost   or   tiie   chicken   bouses':"   uskeii
ills Lynwood.
"He soys so Let lne see. Corn for
eight mouths, nh   hum!"    Lynwood Set
.lown the figures with a distrustful
side glance nt the meagre record ot
egg receipts on the opposite puge.
At the end of u hulf bour be looked
up from his ledger with a worried
frown creasing bis brow. "Flora. Josi
sdd this up wlll you, please, It cnn'i
Ke possible that we're Si'.'*! short uflei
nil these eggs we've been getting!"
Mrs l.yiiwoud cume obediently aud
vertlled her liusbuiid's figures. "Two
dollars und thirty two cents short ol
what you've puld out," she said vexed
ly. "I suppose Mrs. Prmtou will crow
over hip."
"Cackle, you mean." said Lynwnofl
dryly as he tucked bis book under hls
arm snd went out to tlie chicken yard
"It's up to Preston to do the cackling
snd bere be Is now."
His wife went Into the house and
from a window watched tbe two men
deep In discussion over Lynwood'*
'Two thirty-two. eh?" grlnnsd Pres
ton. "Don't talk to me nbout Whltf
Wyandottes. liert! If you'd had my
sort you'll bo showing some profit In
this time How ninny eggs have yon
hnd altogether?"
"Two hundred snd two down." an
nounced Lynwood. "And I -gupss you
have had about the same. My wife
says she and Mn. Preston have tallied
"Same here," returned Preston, wltli
a puzzled glance at his nntebont)
Tunny Isn't It. old man?   We've hnc1
���boot tha same amount of fee*, ana 1
know oar yarda coat about the aam*
Kept track of all tka egga yoa gave
away or used?"
"Every one at tb* market price." aa-
���erted Lynwood firmly. "Better go
ever your own accounts again, Preston.
Maybe you've made an error in adding
your columns."
once more Preetoo ran bla pencil op
and down the page of bla fat notebook.
He paused and repeated tbe operation,
tie whistled sharply and carefully added up otber columns and compared
tbem witb hla sum total. If be had
been some men be would bave changed
tbe subject and diverted his neighbor's
attention. But Frank Preston was as
straight as bis neighbor, snd after he
bad made a final calculation be lifted a
pair of sheepish eyes and aald bluntly:
"It's on me, Bert! I've made a mistake In my figures. Inatead of being
123.20 ahead of tbe game I'm $2.32
short, same as you."
"Wow!" shrieked Lynwood exultantly, tossing bla book In the air. "Isn't
that tbe darnedest you ever beard?"
Tbey agreed amicably tbat It was a
very slugulur coincidence and compared notes until tbe shadows on tbe grass
grew long and the snow white chickens
bad all gone to roost Tben tbey fell
to discussing tbe merits and otherwise
of their respective breeds In mutters
of general utility and almost Immediately they were Involved In another
beuted argument.
"Sbow me!" boasted Lynwood. "Show
me a cleaner, more delicate chicken for
eating thnn the White Wyandotte!"
"Pooh. Bert. It's a mutter of tradition
that yellow legged fowl are the only
kind for entlng���yellow legged and yellow uklnned. Take the host kind of
eating fowl, udd the qualities of one
of the best egg producer* und you have
u chunipion all uriuiud chicken. Just
for mere weight alone I could"���
"Show me." repented Mr Lynwood
firmly. "You go borne and get your
red rooster, your big boss one, und I'll
put my big white Jumbo chap on tba
sciiIpm to beat hlm!"
"Done!" snapped Preston, leaping the
fence that divided the two places.
Presently he returned with n protesting armful of rh b reddish brown plumage from which durted un Indignant
red crested head
"Bet he weighs twelve pounds." asserted Preston ns he snapped u heavy
rubber hand around the legs of his
rooster and Inld the bird on the scales.
"Ten and a tin If. by jingo! Beat it lf
you csu. Pert!"
Lynwood borrowed the rubber band
to confine the legs of his champion
and placed It on the scales Preston's
bird scratched nround the floor noisily.
"Ten and a quarter; ten nnd a half
pounds! Tied again. Preston." Lynwood removed the band and drop|>ed
his bird on the floor. "1 say, confounded funny. Isn't It?"
"Kather queer. I'll admit" said tbe
other obstinately. "But yon can't always tell wbether a bird Is edible by
Its weight Proof of the chicken Is
picking his bones, yoo know Now,
there's nothing gamy about a White
"Tbnt remalus to be seen." said Lynwood testily ns he bent down to pick
up his rooster. He Jumped aside with
sudden agility. "Look out! Grab your
bird If you can. Preston!"
Bnt Preston couldn't and neither
���could Lynwood The two cocks came
together with lowered heads and muttered squawks Then they flew up and
bockward. spurs out and tbe battle
was on.
The two owners attempted to rush
In and separate lhe contestants, but
were only severely scratched for their:
pains Savagely thP two cocks fought
In the confined space. Their claw*
rattled on the floor and then tore cruelly ut each other. The ulr waa thick
with feathers und angry outcries.
Ome the white cock beat his antagonist to the furthest corner of tbo room
and Lynwood could not suppress a
laugh "Who said White Wyundottes
were uot guiny V" be asked.
"You know I meant flavor." retorted
Preston doggedly
"I say, Frank, this can't go on. yoa
know This Is a sort of cockfight.
I suppose." protested Lynwood. "Just
throw Ihls blanket over them, and I'll
try and fish one of em out with this
crab net" Ile lifted down n long pole
wltb Its bngllke net on the end. und
when Prestmi had tossed the horse
blanket over the lighting cock* and
miilHed the sound of combat Lynwood
pried up one corner of the covering
.mil tried to separate the roosters
Mill he wu* ton late The buttle hnd
been short but a deadly one Until
were victorious, both were beaten,
both were dead.
Tbe chicken formers stared speechlessly at each other and then nt the
dead kings of two poultry yards mul
felt iishnmisl The doOf of the toolroom slid open and the Indignant fni es
nf Flora l.ynwoiKl and Mrs. Preston
looked In on the scene of carnage
���"What brutality!" half sobbed tha
"A cockfight:" cried Mrs Preston,
with n withering glume nt the two
men. Then Preston tried to explain thu
"You are both fo blame. Jnst the
same." asserted Mrs. Lynwood when
he had concluded "If you hadn't kept
up this allly rivalry about those Iwo
breeds of chickens It wouUI never hnva
happened. 1 bopv you'iy both satisfied. The roosters ure dead, und If the
|ml|ce had been Informed of what wa*
going on I'm afraid Mr. Preston would
have to spend that $23.32 profit In paying a court fine!"
The two ladles swept away and lefl
the chicken farmers facing each other
"Tied again," muttered Preaton. "I
���mas* we better qntt chicken talk and
discuss baseball or some other sufi
topic, eh, Bert?"
Lynwood'* solemn hunflsb*ke wus m<
Bab* With Three Hand*.
��� Maggie (.Beaton, an Acadian woman
living near Amherst. N.S., haa given
birth to a child with three hands,
one of them being developed from th*
wrist ol tha other. A thumb was air
tached to the ear of the child.
The infant U quite healthy and an
operation will be performed to rid il
of ita superfluous hand and thumb.
Emergency  Bridge*.
Part of the Cossack soldier's drill
consists   in   building   bridges   from
lanoea. with cooking kettle* a* floata.
Not That Kind.
"Tha real poet la alwayi ��� aee*."
"Maybe, but  he'a  very   aeldom a
opment beyond the rlskB of party vl-
clalBtudeu. Ireland hnd too long been
the cock-pit of British politics.. Proposals, however, made In perfectly
good faith and good will, for a formal
conference of the party leaders did
not appear to him to he practically
helpful. Conferences with defined limits would be almost certainly abortive
and would probably leave matters In
a worse state: nor was a conference
necessary or If there wua a genuine
disposition In all quarters by an inter-
chan.e of suggestions, free and frunk.
without prejudice, to contribute to the
common good.
"In Inviting that ln:erchango," added   Mr.  Asqulth, "both   I  and my col
At the Theatres
As a feature film toduy the  Kdison
Iheatre is presenting "In the Shadow
or the Mountains." The story tell* how
Qeorge Fouler, ruined by a drop In
the stock markel, llnda that of ail hi*
fair weather friends, only one will
utlck by hlm In the hour of hls greatest need. This one friend, Urlsconibe,
gives Foster u thousand dollars and
advises him to go west and begin his
life anew.
Touil alwaya make a* hit liTil niUie
Folka think thnt you ara bright
If thla advice you'll only take:
Juat keep your mouth closed tlfht
���Washlncton Star.
Woodcbopper-I seen a lot o' bear
track* 'boot a mile north o' hart���big
one* too.
Hunter���Good! Which way ia soutbt
���Chicago Dally Newa.
(Continued from page one)
lng dominions.'    (Cheers.)
"In these circumstances," concluded
Mr. Asquith, "there la. 111 my opinion.
a complete constitutional case for proceeding In the next session regarding
the Irish government bill by applying
to it the operation of tlie parliament
act."    (Cheers.)
"Ought   the action  of statesmen  to
be affected or deflected by the menace
of forcible resistance to the execution
of the law ?    (Oreat cheering.)
Not  Intimidated.
"The doctrines preached during the ���
last two years In the north of Ireland |
which.  I   regret   to  sny. have  received
countenance in responsible quarters In
this  country,  are  a   negation  of  the
first principle of parliamentary,   and
still more, of democratic government
If  the  Ulster minority  is  entitled  to ; Coquitlam
resist home  rul
war could be made to a like claim by : residents of that city for cuise on three
the masses cf the Irish people 7 ; vl.arB ,��� ,|���1(. ���n,| wllU.), [g expected to
iCee.rs.l No: We need not and shall i���. at least partially settled by the
not be intimidated by ths threat of railway commission during its sitting
force." (Prolonged cheers, i Then at Vancouver which commences today
.peaking slowly and deliberately, the I The citizens have gone on record In
prime  minister  said: 'favor of  having   th"   depot   moved   to
"I   have  more   ihan once expressed   tbe north end of th* SchoolhouSS road.
��� lie hope and belief that the new sys    The C. P. K. maintains that It cannot
'em  of  the    government    in    Ireland   build   there   and   Iho  couneil   has   by
PQStar lakes the money and advice
leagues are ready to take part In It. *and 8,,la out fol. th,. Rooky mountains
We should not depart, however, from L^g, hjs vale( ||0pkiii8. In Cannon-
the root and principle of the bill, a , ���,��� pqgtar earns the gratitude of
subordinate parliament at Dublin with ,_(1(,() HolmM ull eccentric old man.
in   executive   responsible   for   In.     In     y hbv       |)1|n from . ��� (.rm.d |B
the second place nothing mus. be done    ��� ^^ .,ik(.B  poiU|_,
to erect a permanent  barrier��� ini ifa        partoert-tlp with remarkably sue-
unitv.    Thirdly, while the Importance ' . ,,   v
of the extension of devolution to the oe"fu .ri,s"llB' ,      ,.,_,,���      ,,,.���,
United Kingdom Is fully realised, the* �� ***** �� ��r harder b>�� than
claim of Ireland Is prior in point ���r,lusl,,g his money has been the fuct
Urgency * ry Livingstone, the girl Iii- was
Will  not be False. engaged to. refused to huve any thing
"I. myself, am sanguine enough to i more to do with hlm when she disbelieve that the difficulties ought not covered he was a poor man. lu Alice
to be beyond the resources of states- Holmes, Loco's daughter, the young
manshlp. One thing Is certain, we are man hnds something that was lacking
not going to be false to the trust In lhe mercenary Miss Livingstone.
which lha vast majority of the Irish The mine soon shows prospect* of be-
people have reposed In us We are ��� ing enormously valuable,
not going to betray their cause. We Foster goea east to raise capital.
are bound to prosecute their purpose n,H fi lends sneer openly lit hh story
and ours to a successful Issue, not only ���f tli<, mine's tichneu and refuse tj
by obligations of loyalty and honor.' r*s|( ahy money on the venture.
but by profound convictions that It Foster Inserts a typical "get rich
had behind It the sympathies of Ihe ,,,,1,.^-- advertisement in the news-
British democracy at holm- and also | ,,.,,���,,.��� Kesults are instantaneous
throughout the empire; that It carries u|ll| Bllound|ngi .*������,,��� ,.r is almost ovei-
with  It  the best  and  only  enduring  wheimed by the floods of money which
........... ...I       ...      n       I,���.,...,        (l.i.l       r.",.. 11. . f. . .I   , -  ...
nrospect of a happy and prosperous
future for Ireland and Great  llritain."
Many Important Questions to Come up
���C. P. R. Station Site at Port
Will the C.  !'.  FL Stationed at   Port
be   moved?     That   is   the
whal   possible    an-   question  that   has  been  agitating  the
pour In, Federal authorities aires'.
i*\ iter fur lllegallj using the mails to
promote a worthless mine, but Loco
Holmes and Alice arrive Just In tithe
to disprove this accusation by showing a vallseload of nuggets lately
taken  (rom  the mine,    foster slums
the repentant und affectionate Miss
Livingstone, and returns to the vest
with Alice Holme*.
would be brought into operation without recourse to armed forces hy the
crown; but if a statute deliberately
enacted by parliament wore to be met
resolution passed at the special meet
lng held on Friday last recommended
to the commission that if the Bohool- I
| house   road   site   is   impracticable  fori
by   organized   armed   resistance,   it|dept* purpoaes, that it be located on
would clearly be not only the right.
but the duty of the executive to assert
tho authority of the law by every appropriate and adequate means." (Loud
Duty of Every Man.
Mr.    Asi|iiltli,    after    referring    to
some  of  the  extravagant    manifestations in   Ulster,  declared   that  It  was
the   dutv  of everv   man   to  deal     re-
hlock  16, the location  favored  bv the
C. I"   It.
Should the commissioners decide on
block 11, which Bite Is right In the terminal yards and aboul half a mile east
Of the present depot, the ratepayers
will he given the opportunity to vote
on the suitability of such a location,
and what thejrMccide will he taken .is    Who   gives
an  authentic   account   of
final.    This was provided  for also In
the resolution passed by the Port Co-
spectfully with  the deep-seated and' goitiam counoil at tha special meeting
genuine  sentiments   of   the   minority,   of Friday.
although  he believed their apprehen- ���,     \ elear cut decision from the com-1
slons  to bc   without   foundation.     All j missloners  Is hoped   for generally by1
Liberals and    Nationalists,    therefore  the people of the, port city.   The tardy
should spare   no effort   to eliminate I settlement of the question  has  to a;
-such   apprehensions.    He   had  offer- loerta'n extent obstruct
ed  to consider any  honestly  put  fnr-jof the cily and  lt  in felt  that  its lm
ward   proposals   consistent   With   (he (mediate   settlement   will   hav,'  a   gen
ci millions al  Nanalmo during the
recent ricts.
scope of the bill.
Proposals, however, for the exclusion of Ulster had been avowedb put
forward not as s help toward, the
solution of the problem of Mil) salt-
gl veinment. but with the most un-
oompromlslng declaration that their
acceptance would not diminish hostility to the principles of 'he bill He
"ould be glml to authoritatively inform them ihat this was no longer
the case. i'h'Te wire two obvious
reasons why all patriotic men should
desire a settlement by consen' In
the llrst place there was tbe supreme
Importance of future well-being of ire.
The new system should nol Btartla
with apparent humiliation another
auction. He firmly believed thai tbe
ties binding Irishmen would prove
en.re durable nnd effective thnn their
differences   if   the   unifying   process
*'.,*re  given a  fair  chance of success.
II was worth pnvlng even a consider
able   Dticc   to   i eeiir"   the  absence   of
III will and the possibility of oo-opera
Tli in. Mi" second reason was, whatever was done ihould be regarded by
all ii-irii'H iis resting upon n solid
foundation and capable of future devel
Mayer   .lames
'.   J.   Mclntyre.
:erai beneficial effect
be represented at the
commission today by
[Mars, City Solicitor I
iand  idhers  interested.
It Is expected thai the faction In the
[city which oppose* tiie removal of the
[depot will be Strongly represented to
opposs those who are supporting the
removal.   Representatives of the pnv
perty owners of the east end of Coqultlam municipality, who object to tho
suggested change in locations,    win
also attend the meeting.   C, P. It   offi-
lon 111 favor Of block 16.
Another matter of local Interest thnl
Is   expected   to   come   up   hefore   the
railway   Commission     at     Its     sitting
which opens today, Is the application
I lha progress ot the 0. N   H. lor permission to cxpro-
prlnte certain land to divert the Gunn
ruad   nnd    for   (he   right    to   buiil   a
The  city   will   bridge   ;icross   the   North   road.     The
meeting of the  Coiiuitlam municipal council objects to
certain moves planned by the railway
company Is 'his connection and Reave
Barth and Sollottor P, J, Mclntyre will
attend the sitting to see thai the municipality's interests are protected,
Port   Moody  ci'y  Council   will   inake
application before the commission for
a rroFBlng over the c p, |t. '.racks at
Moody street and will also request that
Hi" C, P II. be ordered to Intsall
alarm hells at two existing crossings.
Aid.   Murray  will attend   the conunis-
clals wlll I.e present to preBS a decla>! slnn silting en behalf of the cltv.
641  Front Street.     Out  of  the High  Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
NOW selling shoe slock or Ihe   M.   V.    |'r|,.0  Co.,  from   1186  (Iran
Villa street.     Open evening,!  till 9 o'clock
The Laird of Skibo.
London, Oct. id. Andrew Carnegie
sailed from Scnltand lust week t'oiindly
believing tha' lie could claim the title
of l.alrd of Skibo without fear of challenge, owing to the recent death of the
elderly laird, li. C, Sutherland.
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The Big Furniture Store
Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1913.
page rive
(By the Potter.i
City soccer league delegates will
meet ln H. Ityall's office on Tuesday
for tbe purpose of arranging the
schedule for the coming Saturday.
Royal City Elevens Emerge from Second Round of the
Iroquois Cup With Practically Clean Sheets���Bankers
and City Win Home Games While Rovers Cleaned up
Best in North Vancouver.
Scoring a total of 11 goals against
a lono tally, New WeBtmliiBter soccer
teams demonstrated to the fans on
the lower mainland the calibre of thc
Kngllsli game as turned out In this
Kvery  team entered  from  this city
lu thc Iroquois <"ft contests won hands
down, and not a single Instance la re
corded wh, re the opposition had any
rlttht to score at all The lone tally
notched against tha Cltj by Wallace
Rangers was the result of a penalty
nnd falls to overcome the brilliant
playing of Ihe locals, a better balanced lea in never turning OUI than lhat
which represented City at Moody l'ark
Al Sapperton l'ark the Hankers Juat
romped away from iho Vancouver
V. M. C, A . tin, telling Ute tale of the
slaught, .'
Tbe only local team playing away
from home were the Itovers and even
though playing on a ground which
would be scorned as a practice field
by any organization of hiishers. Manager Cram's aggregation came back
with four tallies hanging to Its bait
aud leaving tac Caledonians of North
Vancouver scoreless.
City 4, Wallace Rangers 1.
A crowd of over 800 turned out at
Moody 1'aik to sen th" City Wallace
Hangers contest and all had the satisfaction of seeing the City a' thr'.r
best, both by combination nnd Individual effort Ulght from the kick-off
the City  were on the aggressive and
hls percentage a few mlnuteB later by
sending through a terrific shot.
The lone tally scored by North Vancouver wsb obtained late in the second
when Referee Murphy handed out u
penalty against McAlllBter.
Oulhrle In goal for the City gave a
good display, saving one penalty while
the half back line consisting of Cough,
Dtckson and Lewis could not bo Improved upon
Bankers 6, Y. M. C. A. Nil.
At Sapperton park, the Hankers bad
SO eaay time with Ihs Vancouver
Y. M. C, A , Bcoring no Iobb than six
goals, while keeping a clean sheet
The contest waa never in doubt at
any stage of the game, the Bankers
jetting away with dashing tactics
which wholly disconcerted the vlaltora and from which they never recovered.
Just to demonstrate the speed of the
localB, Shildrick. the Bankers' fullback, notched a goal himself, while
Inniii. ihe custodian for the locals,
took a vacation from his terirtory on
one occasion and sagged the net. A
fair sized crowd witnessed the Struggle
Rovers 4, Caledonians 0.
Playing on a strange ground against
the Caltdonhins. champions of North
Vancouver, the Westminster Hovers
romped away with their first cup victory ot the season, taking the game
Although th-fr eleven of the Am
bltloiiB City had bun training hard
for the past two weeks, they were no
TlhlB week's ten pin schedule at the
Club alleys
Monday    Uurnett vs. McGill.
Tuesday ���Hodge's Vancouver team
Wednesday- C. A. Welsh vs. Held &
Thursday���1'lke vs. Walters.
Krlday- Marshall va. Sloan.
Pacific Coast League Schedule Finished Yesterday Afternoon.
San Krancisco, Oct. 26��� The official
standing of the clubs at thc close of
the Pacific Coast league today were
given out ns follows:
Portland 1U9
Sacramento 103
Venice    107
San  Krancisco 104
Los AngeleB   100
Annusl Gathering of the Coast Hockey
League Takes Place in Vancouver This Evening.
Get the Snow Shovel.
Kansas  City.    Mo..    Oct.   26.-
weather fell upon the world tour of
tlie New York Slants and Chicago
White Sox here today and 4000 fans
shivered as they watched the Giants
win on a slippery diamond, (1 to 2. The
It. II. E.
Giants      6    6    2
Sox    2 10    2
Batteries:      Tesreau   and    Meyers;
Russell, I'aber, Scott and Schalk, Daly.
F.   A.   Forming   a   New   Amateur
Union to Take the Place of Present A. A. U. of C.
The pro hockey Bituation as It af-
feetB the coast wlll be Btraightened
out at the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast hockey association to be
held In the Vancouver hotel at 8
o'clock this evening, when officers will
be elected, new rules formulated and
the schedule for the season of 1913-14
a. I arranged.
Befcre the annual meeting of the association   the   directors  of   the  West-
| minster Arena  company   will  hold  a
j meeting to ratify the agreement suggested between the Patricks and the
local company so that the Royal City
| will have full voting power at the Van-
Icouver mee'.Ing.
I Dr. C. K. Doherty of New Westminster will occupy the chair, as the president of the association, having filled
.tiiiA honorable position during the paBt
year. Just who wlll be elected to succeed the Royal City gentleman is not
,as yet known although from all accounts  the  honor will go to  Victoria
: thiB year, a mutual agreement having
been recognized to pass the presidency
from one city to the other ln the f'oast
So far only two players have shown
any desire to stir up trouble. Newsy
Lalonde giving out to the eastern press
jthat he Intends to stay in Montreal,
while Tommy Dunderdale. the speedy
forward of Victoria, and formerly of
the Edmonton Stratbconas, is raising
a howl for a big Increase in salary before he v.lll again don a uniform.
j Others may make a kick when they
know  the  price offered  them  by  the
Two members of the "Big Kour" of
eastern American colleges got a huge
surprise packet handed them Saturday. Yale was held to a goaless draw
by Washington and Jefferson while
Dartmouth defeated Princeton 6-i).
Two hundred and Bl.xty-nlne points
against three Is going some when football ocoiefl aro mentioned. That's
what the New Zealand All-Blacks have
done while touring California during
the  past three  weeks.
Thirty million dollars of which
twelve and a half goes to the caddies,
is the amount spent on golf In the
British IsleB every year according to
statistics. That'a a pretty big figure.
Eh, what?
Ill-luck seems to be 'railing the
Royal City high school soccer eleven
the past few weeks. On Saturday, although they had three parts of the
play against the Seaforth Cadets, the
latter got away with the bacon, one
to nil.
It remained for Billy Chandler of
the Vancouver Athletic club, to make a
clean-up In the five mile race on Saturday at the Portola festival at San
Guess the soccer teams were right
when It comes to trouncing Vancouver
and Nonh Vancouver elevens In cup
ties. After a while David Lelth & Go..
Ltd. -go strong on the Limited���will
realize that New Wesiminster can
hold its own ln the soccer game.
On Inside Westminster  Property
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
At Reasonable Rates and Terms
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Socrctary-Treaaurar.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streeta.
Everybody expected that Tommy
Burns and Arthur Pelkey would make
up and forget the past. Latest reports give out that the claimant for
tbe white heavyweight title was received with open arms hy the people
if Chatham, where the two are staying for the next two weeks. After
this they plan to tour Europe. Tommy
Is still pulling down that fifty-fifty.
Tfn cents from every sp__.ator
would help a long way to pay the expenses of staging soccer games in
this city. Although a crowd of close
to 200 saw the Bankers-Y.M.C.A.
j match a; Sapperton afternoon, the two
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I handle onlv first class money making properties and will gladly
furnish best'ot bank and commercial ageacy.references Can fur
SS names of over four hundred satisfied cHenta who have made
substantial profits from Investments In properties I sell to them
My agents also make good money. Write today for particulara and
secure the agency for your territory.
Robt A. Grant, f\**m
1001-1002 McArthur Building
clal Agent
Winnipeg  ,  Man.
the game had hardly got started be-1 match for the hunch under Scotty
fore Jimmy Craig wlggied his way. Grant, the first half being the best of
from  a  mix-up  in  front  of  goal  and ith" two.
Bagged the net for the first counter! Cad.vz.len waa In splendid form, seor
Knd to end play followed for tx time ling the only tally In the first half,
until Barclay on a pass from the left i Thr- ling passing style of the Rovers
wing sent through the second tally In the second period puzzled lhe -f'alii n I f time found New Westminster lies, anil Moi.cod I'arlndiiff and Key
loading both In play and frocl*. al-'sent through gonls In succession.
though some pretty noeccr wbb being ' Ho'rhkiss made his reapnearance
dished  out. Ifor the  Itovers.  partnering   Mc.Naugh-
In Ihs second half Grain sustained I ton and this combination only allowed
Injuries which necessitated him being I Phil, Samphor to be lasted twice dur-
Swltohed to outfllde left. Walker being , Ine fhe entire game.
brought into the centre position. The Weston, a former Lancashire. Eng
lat',- player showed hla worth on The iInnd. referee, handled the game and
plvol position, for following a cross | gave general satisfaction to both
kb-k from the foot of Craig. Walker j teams. Ths grounds were the worst
w,n' (brooch with a fine Individual vet lived upon by the Movers while
effort, giving the opposing custodian ] the dressing accommodation waB next
absolutely   no  chance.     He   Improved   to nil.
from  Victoria
Iroquois Cun Results.
Westminster Bankers 6, Y.M.C.A. 0
Westminster Rovers 6. Caledonians
Civilian snd Mllltla Sharpshooters Engage in Interesting Match at
Civilian and militia riflemen closed
the shooting season on the Brownsville   ranges   on   Saturday   afternoon,
Few    Surprises     in     Senior*    Rugby
���Crusaders Swamp tbe ���
different clubs but they will get little  teams had to dig down in their own
support as the agreement between the   pockets for enough to pay the referee's
  jeast and west is an ironclad one and   expenses.    The same tale Ib also told
Unless the N. H. A. want another war   at   Moody   Park,     where     even     the
Montreal Oct  26���The formation or .on their hands, both the big leagues  hleacher"stand  crowd failed to come
a new amaionr union to take the pl:i-e  wi"   Etand   by   the   commit'""-     A��   through with  more than  $6.    At that
anew amateur union to laac tne pi.... ^j^.- c,ub_  announce ,hey  wlu  ,reat   mcre than  ���M Je we_e on ^
of the present A. A. U. of C. was fore- ,j-e players fair and square. I watching the game,
shadowed at a meeting of the Domlu-1    As annoucced In Th�� w5'ws of Friday 1 -
Um Football association delegates held [it-.*, VanCuu.fr  will   likely  open   the
here las- Friday evening, when mtMMHM on their own ice against New-
dent Fred Barter announced that pro*. I Westminster, the Royals entertaining
-nt negotiations between the football jthe
organization   and   tha   present   union ithe
had about come to an end with little
prospect of bucccsb and that therefore.]
the tln-.e had come when action must
be taken to protect the soccer players1
of the Dominion In their fight for re..-1
It was pointed out that whereas ihe
A. A. U. of C. had oontrol of 4000 meu !
the football officials looked after thel
InterestB of 15,000.    Little wlll be done |
In tbe matter, however, until the an'
nual   meeting   of   the   amateur   union
which Is Bcheduled to be held In Montreal. Nov. 29, when a motion to allow
professional   and   amateur  players   to
compete with and against each other
will he Introduced. B
In the meantime President Barter: piled up a total of 37 points against a
and the executive will work on their i single try���three polntB���made by the
present plans as to the formation of a: University  of California 15.    This  is
Miller  Cup���Senior.
the  "wo  bodies breaking even  as far [nVnsadars" . 4
Rowing Club	
Y. M.C. A	
Tlsdall Cup���Senior.
us the turkey prb.es were concerned
while the leglnieiital officers captured
four of the six sliver spoons donated
to the highest scorers on the three
���Capt. Cunningham and .1 11. Vltlal
divided honors for Individual score,
both obtaining 88, although the former
was deducted two points on a handicap
while the latter waa given a boost of
a couple of polntB, thus bringing his
total 1o 101.
The turkey prize winners were J.
II. Vidal, Capt Cunningham, Lieut.
Grove and   M. ,1. Knight.
The following were the scores of the
200 50O'��00 Ttl.
35    31    33   101
For   Ajsst.
Crusaders   .
V. M. C. A.
New Zealand   Rugby   Team   Showing
the Californians How the Game
Should Be Played.
Berkeley, Cal., Oct. 26.���The New
/.���yalaud All-Blacks continued their
1 victorious tour of this state when they
new union and should the A. A. O retain their present antagonistic attitude towards the D. F. A., the split
will take nlace Immediately following
tha annual meeting of the union.
* ft �� c ti �� a ii >:s # tt * # * *
New York, Oct. 26.���The ten
round    b int    between      Leach
O   Cross nnd Willie Ritchie, which
>;.    was to have taken place   here
next Wednesday, has been postponed to November 10 because
���:.    Cross Injured a muscle over his
rlba.    A  specialist' who examined the fighter today said the
hurt was not serious.
.1  II. Vldal	
Lieut. Groves    30
4'npt. Cunningham  ���. Sl
M. .1.  Knight   32
ll.   Wilson     ��
W, Oliver    J"
W. J. Sloan   3-0
Geo, Burr    33
11. I.indahl  30   g
Ciipt. PH. Smith.... |8   33
A. F. Meniles    *9   **
Two hundred ynrds-Wlnnors of
spoons for the two best scores, J. H.
Vldal, 36; Geo. Burr, 33.
Five hundred yards-Winners of
spoons for the two best scores, Onb
T, Cunningham. 34; Capt. P. H. Smith.
Six hundred yardr-Wlnners of
spoons for the two best scores Lieut,
droves, 34; Capt. Cunningham, 34.
tt tt tt tt tt -a tt tt tt o tt tt >:. >;> #
San Francisco, Oct. 26.���The
Vancouver, B.C., soccer team
waa handed a good trimming
here this afternoon nt the
hands of the All-Stars of California, the dual score being 3-0.
The two teams are now on
equal footing In the number ot
goals scored In the two games,
the Canadians having won the
Portola game last week. A
third game wtll be arranged to
determine the supremacy.
Rowing Club       25
Westmlnrter        11
Highlanders        8
Little c'.iiinge wan noticed ln the
standings of thc teams comprising the
Vancouver Rugby Union on Saturday
arternoon, the Welsh, McOill and Crusaders now being tied for first place
in the Miller cup aeries while the Crusaders retain a big lead In the Tlsdall
cup contest.
As predicted on Saturday morning,
the Hoyals, owing to the absence of
I four of the regulars, were forced to
itake tho count before the speedy Crusaders, a score of five goals and four
tries being sent over tho Westminster
llne, while the Royals were prevented
from croslsng once.
Smith Wilcox and Davis, three of
the regular three-quarters, were missing from the line-up on account of Injuries sustained on Thanksgiving day,
while'' Dunford, the speedy half was
unable to turn out for the green shirts.
Although the score was one sided
the spectators were treated to some
fine football on the part of the visitors, lhe work of the backs, with machinelike precision, bringing forth applause.
ln the second half Westminster put
up a better exhibition and kept the
ball nt their feet Instead of allowing
the Saints to get In their pass-work
��� | McDonald  made a great attempt to
]? I go through with a dribble, the ball be
T ilng sent out of bounds at a time when
It annearcd certain the Royal player1
would Bcore.
H. Savago made his debut as a referee, his rulings being satisfactory to
both fifteens.
O The two games In the senior division
���* played at Brockton Point were stub-
="��� hornly contested Saturday afternoon.
tt McGill nosing oul the Y. M. C. A. by
tt a score of 6-6, while the Rowing club
tt were hard pressed by the Highlanders,
the first occasion where the All-Blacks
llne has been crossed by an opposing
team but during the three weeks they
have been In the states they havo
scored the huge total of 259 points.
The single try msde in the second
half was the result of a dribbling display by two of the California players.
It went unconverted.
Schools Soccer League.
Heavy scoring featured two of the
three soccer games in the schools
league Saturday morning. St. Louis
college running away from Richard
McBride to the tune of 8-0, while the
high school second eleven romped
home with a 5-0 victory over the Herbert Spencer Institution. The closest
game of the morning was that play >d
at Moody Park when the John Robson
boys nosed out a victory over Lori
# tt ft �� # I* tt 3 ft tt fl Keivln by the loan goal.
THEATRE     I   ^
Entire Change of Program Daily
How'an Eastern man, broken In business, makes good In tho
West. The new start leads him to a partnership wltk a sturdy old
mountaineer whose daughter hai all the mercenary girl back homo
lacked. A story ot pluck and nerve and courage, winning against
overwhelming odds.
New Submarine
Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for:
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
709 Columbia St. |^
Trust Bldg.
Wlfy is a suffragette, hubby Is a auBeror. J* relieves him of
hi. ticket, and hi. card. She repent. "*>������������.* *�� i***?
and loving better half.   Mr. John tunny mm* Mora Flneh In Om.mm-
Ing ^^^^^^^^H
"When Tony Pawned Louisa"
8peclal Attractions All Thl* Wssh.,. bant Pall *��'*** Thorn. ���
* tt #
���Uiftftft****"* # | tho Oarsmen winning 8-8.
The Royal Merc
Is now Open for
pavies' Old Stand
_���_______-_____��� Street
\,   ��� rmi . ._.* t. .       ������ -***���
^p    **^**^*W^B****sw
01 to cany fmttun w�� u$i
dtheynwi iMtSia
We alii to conduct a genuine BaTfaia
Stntlhretf, Diihet, Glaatware, Kitcaoaware.
Ai our store ia too mall to '
down In order to mn It off oakuy.
Wo hatt on nde mw 1^
Bnffcta, Chiffoniers, IAraiy Tanks,
aad Rockers, etc* and the? nn all�� P___H
in a few days.
^.a*-^t**aax*ta ..tm.
MONDAY, OCTOBER 2.1,   .913.
I Classified Advertising
eeived for Tne Newe at the follow-
fug placea: V. T. HUl'a drug Btore,
C28 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Qooenaborougb- I.ula Mand.
Sh RATES. ���
*x*y*>*** **********
Cla��a(��ed���Oue cent per word per
ah*,'. *c per word per week; 16c per
���ac-etb; 6,000 worda. to be used as ro-
t^tlTtrA wlihln ono year trom date of
���DBtract. 126.00.
situation, houae work or care of children.   Box 2-8�� Newa office.   (-288)
al servant, muat be Rood plain
crook, no washing. Apply "31 Sixth
street. <2_72)
machine, $20. Apply Sapperton hotel.
modern house on car line, excellent
location. Apply Box 2296 Newa
office. (2296)
Lonely Old Ruler
of Dual Monarchy
Emperor Francis Joaeph and the Empire  He Governs Which  May Fall to
Pieces on His Death���Tragedies in
His Family.
Vienna,  Oct.   2G.-���Tho empire-king-1 But it still retains its original simple
doin of Austria-Hungary is not so well (character.    Every rooms looks as If it
ed    modern   bungalow  on   Linden I are other more widely advertised coun-1 use and nothing for show.    The fur
avenue, cloBe    to ear.    $2600.    Willjthies   of   Europe.     Nevertheless     the tni ture and   fittings all  belong  to  the
sell at this price if Bold this month, j chase  ln  many   varieties  occupies  a'locality, and Indeed mos' of the con-
who sits brooding in the castle among
the fir trees.
Emperor Francis Joseph entered on
ils heritage sixty-live yenrs ago when
his predecessor resigned, being no
longer able to cope with thn Increasing difficulties ot soveieignty. Hungary was then In open rebellion. Not
many years later Austria was obliged
to assist Prussia in dismembering gal
lant little Denmark. Two years after
this Austria suffered defeat at the
hands of her ally In Ihe preceding
war. The short war which ended In
the Peace of Prague, laid the founda
tions of a rival empire of German
nationality and left to Kaiser Franz
Josef an aggregation of diverse na i
tionalitles    Germans.   Magyars.   INilcs.1
Apply A.
known as a happy hunting ground as! were lived in.   There Is everything for! Czechs and Slavs of all kinds, with a
sprinkling  of  other    races.     Nirmeri ;
Bally t'.ie Germans are in  a  minority!
compared with the hleroianaoou maasl
ern bungalow on Linden avenue for
$3000.   Apply A. McFee, Edmonds.
Edmonds.     Tel.! great   number  of   Austrlana.   Hungar-j tents  or  the  villa were  mude   in  the
(2275) iians and others who live In the domln-1 neighborhood.
 j Ions of Emperor Francis Joseph. The halls and  reception  room  are
The emperor,  who Is often  spoken  fitted with trophies of the chase, chief
which make up the population of the
Maplt Sugaring Haa Undergone Many
Now that the maple sugar season
n Canada has returned, old timers
Iml many changes in the method >>l
teourlng Canada's national confection.
The cauldrons, or kettles, swung
iver open firm continued to be used
���or boiling for a long lime, but tliey
were superseded by an "arch'' or long
bre place ol stone and morlar, over
allien was placed a pan nf sheet iron,
NhOH average site Would ba twelve
Icet by three. This increased the helling aurlnce covered liy sap and exposed
to the lire  a gnat Improvement ou
lhe   hanging   kettles.
Thin came the "sugar shanty." a
rude  little    shack    i*f    rough   hoards,
limit monarchy llDOVi whose  rool  was carried  a tall
Dnrlng'hls long reign the emperor's I ���,",""e>''  ,l"'  wh"1''   ll,rB''' l'"""-'h   to
 R       ******       ���������*���**      ���   .    .fm,,,       ll|i '    111 |I1    |   I ' I      Bil .1
tact has helped to solve many diffloult\*?,VM *'"',
Ilil   used
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone.   Box 2222 News office.
tore in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will Rire full value or
wiii sell your household Roods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or do commission
charged. H. J- UusseM. Weatmlnster
Auction House, Kinga botel block,
Columbia street (2164)
apartments to rent, right on car line,
sieam heated, hot and cold water,
S��s ranges, electric, light, separate
hath to every suite, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary ard rent
is very reasonable ineludi-U. gas and
lights. Also single rooms, both
furnished and unfurnished. Apply
Mrs. Mandville, suite 1, second
floor, Mandville apartments, corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
well   furnished   raodcrn   bungalow,
Durham street   Apply Phone 1.227.
furnished hoi
Agneft Btreet.
aekeepb-K   rooms,   37
Telephone C3I L.
keeping rooma. |10 ami *15 per
month at 234 Seventh atreet. (2163)
���where. No collection, bo charge.
American-VaneoaTer Mercantile Agency, J3�� Hastings atreet weat. Van-
emiver, B.C. (21621
farm sales conduct**. Furniture
bought for cash. P. II. Brown, 17
Begbie street. New Westminster.
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply owner, George Wnrne
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (21401
the   complete
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride
on B. C. Electric from New West
mlnater; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; "tni/il Wotitalge
$150 an acre and remainder just
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
to bo cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis & Dorgan. New West
minster. Phone 466. No trades.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar
ket square. ��� (2160)
PURSUANT to Section 50. Sub-section
1. of the British Columbia Railway Act.
1911. notice Is hereby given thnt then
has been deposited wtth tbe Registrar at
New Westminster, a plan shewing proposed extension of Dock Spur from Itoad
No. 19 to Canal street, Mileage 3,9 A. to
Mileage 4.9 A. Lulu Island Branch, nnd
under tlie powers given to It b statute
the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway
company wtll take, nnd lf necessary expropriate the lands required for Its right-
(2130) Chlpf Enaineer.
originating inside buildings repaired
day or night, by Woodward, 613
Columbia street   Td. 768.      t!302)
trade protection specialists. J. M.
Cana, general managtr, P. O.
drawer 110, New Westminster.
LAND  REGISTRY   ACT.        ,
Re the Southeast Quarter of Section
25, Township 8, in the District   of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate  of  Title   Number   13164F,   is
sued in the name of James C. Forlong
and Charles Rummel has been filed In
this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at tiie expiration of one month from
the date of tbe first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
he made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October 18
191.1. (2269)
rch" and pan, other uton-
of as the most lonely monarch In Eu-lly magnificent antler heads, all haat- I PfOblaiM, but as hls Uf,, drawn to Its ;">l\. ",*'''','", .T'"/'.!',"!"^'' i*'"' *
rope, Is himself a famous shot and Is I Ing evidence of the emperor's hunting <'������������<'��� thp8�� problems threaten tt he-, ���-*** �������� '*]' f '"r r��P��*
descended from a race of keen sports- i prowess. Each head Is carefully mount-l Pomp morp n<Mllp T>>B reason la to be I ��a>lnl, M'i "ini iar
men. It v.'as. In fact, on a hunting ex- ed, and bears a brass plat-, telling ihe|fo,in<1 ln ������������' B,rict lawa wWoh govern i?yniuuon Ol tne iiiapic
pedition that the first Hapsburg to date and place where the animal was i Austrian success. Direct descendant P'"' "<>��n followed, lo-dnv it U prac
come into prominence met with an'.killed. The Imperial owner's livlngi"f lhe Kmperor Francis Joseph there }���*'*���* >' i��'��''c - I lie sugar-li"ii.��. is a
adventure which helped him to the'apartments are as simple as. or even!'8 nonc' so the "own goes lo his r'""-'1' but substantial structure Ihe
crown of what was then "the Holv I simpler than, the other rooms. He | nephew, \rcbduke Francis Frecllnand '.*���"���": "r'h llBS '"'''" replaced ov a
Roman   Empire   of  German   National-  Bleeps on a small camp bedstead, and!    Thl8 he'r to tl>e throne entered Into tast-inui range, or furnace, capable 01
Ity." ia  hlg    workmanlike-looking    writing I"  fnorganatlo marriage with    a very Pro__"��tn? ''"' higheat degr    heat
Rudolf von Hapsburg was a simple' ���<������<���<> �������� the principal article of furni- abJ�� ,an<1 nmbitlous lady who was :t>��**< Die (nun lhe fuel consumed. The
German baron who led a quiet Uto to J ture In his study. The only really 1 ****���}*. ,0 ,hp ���nk of countess, audi";" has given way to the evaporator,
his castle, Hapsburg, among the aids  magntfloen thing ahout iho place la subsequently duchess, in order to giv�� whose bottom em,tains a number Ol
and did not concern himself with the  lls charming situation and its    superb i*"'r so,n.. Btandlng_   at    the    Imperial; deep  corrugations,   which  greatly
troubles which rent the empire Into v'ftws from every -window and balcony,
warring factions. Ho was riding home  embracing   a   panorama   of   mountain
one   evening   after   a   day's   hunting i1"1'1 forest. with well kept lawns and!
when he came to a swollen mountain I terraces and flower gardens In the im-,
torrent.    The tinkling of a Utile bell j mediately foreground,
on )\'P .further sine .ri,!t,rac*oc:  n.i-3    gt-j   .Francis Joseph's daily life is in per-'
tention.    He saw a priest and an ao-Uect   harmony   with   these   plain   sur-!
companying acolyte carrying the vlat-: rnundings.   He rises between four and ,
Icum of some dying sinner, and their i five every morning, and after a cup ofl
way was barred by the stream.    Ru-jcoffee and a roll, without even butter. I
dolf von Hapsburg set the priest upon I goes straight to his desk and  begins
his  horse  and   not   only  helped   hlm jthe  work of the day.    Couriers  from!
safely across, but escorted him cap In' Vienna   aie  constantly   coming   with ���
hand, meekly on  foot, to his destina- '.despatches from the foreign office and
tion.   The recital of this graceful act; other  ministries,  requiring  the    sov-'
to the German princes assembled for [ereign's attention and signature.    Al-1
the election of an emperor is said to  though far away from
hnve  Induced   them  to vote
surface, and nf
bulling  and  the
'���ourt. However, she ranks below the;crease the beating
youngeet member of the Imperial fam-^'urso hurry on tin
ily and no son of hers can InheritIsvaporatlon.
the imperial crown. There Is no such | The evnporntor���which is the pan
restriction according to the laws of:with Improvement. ��� is divided Into
Hungary or Bohemia, so a son of the [sections, gonnedted by gates which
Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his ran be closed nr opened at Will, and
wife,   Duchess   llii"hberg,   is   eligible|the boiling liquid ll mads to steadily
for the crown of these two componentIcirculate from one
parts   of   the   complex     empire-king-'
Power  in  Hands of  Pope.
There  is only one  power on  earth
that could  Influence the law of Austria's   succession,    and     that     power fragrant   with
rests In the hands of the pope. There- maple,   the    tn
the proces
���h ���    .mi    ���f   f"^', th" DlMheM of Hochberg has In- ull tl
In   favor! government he cannot escape' th c af������ SSXj   ""\ ar;'l"'"kPe ,'��  e*"\\'M  M,'    H
of Rudolf von Hapsburg.   At anv rate   fairs of state nf.uence to further the ambitions of
Rudolf   was   crowned    emperor     and P_..i..,i_,  *u.����� ._     _>    . the   clu,rrh   (,f   **nme'     ,n   this     the
managed a verv difficult emnfre   wl h '    Wr. m.H     Z)   ^��,1    "j'  B"f-, ���Mbduke ls ��uPP<��tBd by the high no-
considerable skill P        ����V    No patter what delicacies may he on   bility and  by a  large majority of the
HnJho.n. m_ .1 mix,,    , |thf table. Francis Joseph confines him-.,m,y and the bureaucracy.    But this
Hapaburga Married Wisely. I self   to  a   slice  of   "Rtndflelsh,"   that   movement  Is towards recatlon and
His sporting proclivities descended boiled beef of which the Austrians are
to those who came after. The em- so fond. But lt has to be very good
hire extended as one Hapsburg after the emperor being as particular about
another, following the motto "Bella ithe cut and quality as anv Viennese
gerant   alii,   tu,   fellx   Austria   nube"' citizen.
aThusn.htebemnrrer'V!n,^Vlrely'. I     0n6  PlR8S  ��f  A��3trla"   *���***.  Md   or
rnus   the   empire  of  Kaiser   Fran/, i white, as he may fancv   or the doctor
'"h   uZ:^:1':1 thaRn anyimay ,iirp"' m��i��wiSi t��*lTi
and   wh'erevei   vo,-an , R>'ss>f;' is all that he drinks.   This la followed
find t"*al,l%rr,n,Jn   '" l    ^ ^H^ a mU" ^K^' Rmoked  from a long
1,' ,haK,l',S<;hols,s', a "bootlng-box,  holder to keep the smoke out of tie
Z toe?tovXy�����e Whe" toU0W- eyeS-,M* ��np tlme thP ^*��
The enns had h?rdl ���' c ��_ h ,    V"y l���* ��' K00'1 VirKlnla clSar9' ������*>*
M.ns h.id hardly  ceased speak-1 his phvsclang cut off that form of en-  heen  educated  In Germanv  and  send  , .     ,
Itheir sons out of the country for the '"" "'   "
In the afternoon, between four and I,|lm" purpoae In ever-Increasing num-
five, a carriage Is brought round, and   u<'r*'
nd uf the [uni, or
BVaporator,  to the other.    At one end
nap is steadily llnwing in, and at th-"
other syrup is being drawn nil about
���very  ten  or  fifteen mi mites.
And it  is syrup  ��� clear as amber,
the    aroma    of    the
tt   delicious   sweet   in
conflict with the Ideals of the Industrial and commercial classes: so here
are the seeds of further trouble.
Kven If the pope interferes and
makes possible the succession of a
son nf the Duchess Hochberg to thc
Imperial crown, he will demand as
Icy of the empire, and wlll seek to Influence the educational system to
Ferve  his   purposes.     This   ngaln   will
of manufacture In
d cases, stops, lur the great part
the product Of the maple woods
is now sent to market In the form
-if syrup and not in that of hard sii-
ur. although, nf course, some su^-ar
is still made. The syrup is put up in
square tin cans uf a gallon capacity,
and the cans in lotl oi ten are packed
in orates ami sent to market.
If su*_ar is to be made the syrup
ia put in a small pan, over a separate
fireplace and cur.'fully boiled, because
.as evaporation proceeds the danger o!
-trlct control over the poi- t,urnii.R or icorohlna Increases, and a
"batch   ol scorched sugar is unsaleable.   The sugar-makof must be aa-
,    ,      ...   ,, .    ,,  , iiiticnced,   and   knuw   just   when   the
2l.��i��"Lr),. " he",' bl ,,,e>pro':  nling has been carcc,   far enough.
eressive parties, many of whom have;    ST;. ,,,
mg   in   the   Balkans   when     Emperor  joyment
Francis Joseph sought rest and peace |
In   ihs   castle   among the    Alps  neari
When   Archduchess Sophie, the emperor's mother, bought their chalet It
was a very unpretentious place, with j
scarcely enotnrh room for the owner
and none at all for the household ser- ���
���:.'  l*A 6, of Blocks KS and  149, of
l,ot 92, Group 1, Ma# 1767. in the
Oistrict of New Weatsalasi.fr.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 2132K. tesued in
tht* name of Harry Cline,   has    been
.ilnl in this ofTice.
Notice Is hereby given tbat I shall.
..u lht*. expiration of one montb from
-the date of the first publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper pobliabed in the
n'lty of New Westminster, Issue a
'.���-.plicate of the aald Certificate, un-
���>s in the meantime valid objection
tm matin to me in writing.
1. C. GWYNN.
District Registrar of Tittos
5 and Registry Office,
NeW Wc stminster, ILC OW-ober 9,
IS13. <*M��)
NOTICl', IS  elERKBT GIVKN tint  the
(Qanttration   of   tlw  City  ��f   New   \Ve��t-
e:\tntSer   has   flepcmitf^l   with   Oe*   Mlnlsl.-r
-.it Public Works and lit tttm att**.e of the
���tadetmr ol HwkIii for it>* Ouwrkit of
5!m Westminster, Brltisk CntamhU. plans
^nd dseeiiptiona of cmins 'i����- of propos-
**i ftmMrton Kew-^r oinrall rt����stiiK Bru-
���vrtte   River   In   cold  (UxtrirV.
ash noticb is Bnow oivrn
���tiat the Corporsalon of it** dtv of New
W-selmtnster will ��ft*r ra*** mnnt*h from
ctw- flrsi publication nt thbi at**-, Mpaly
��o tlw Governor c.en.rxi tm Council for
.ii-5.-rt-.il ��,r such workn.
IJ4TBD in  Nnw W.-wfmli.ntw. II. On tilts
TVta d.iy nf S--tit'���mber, 1��11-
���otleltors   for   thr  Ctrt-m-trtxtltax   of   the
��*Clt7 at  N>'W  Wi-ntmlniil-rr.
Notice Re Household Voters' List.
Applications to be placed on above
list must be received before the lirst
day of November.
For the benefit of those who may be
unable to attend during the day, the
undersigned will be in his office a'
the City Hall on the HOth and 31st,
between the hours Of 7 p.m. and 9
p.m. to receive applications.
W. A. DUNCAN'. City Clerk.
City Hall, October 25, 1913. (23011
Telephones: Office S3, Residence 42t
JOHN IIE1D, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
Engines,  Marine   Engines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
Fronn Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Daily
2:00   pin Dally
11:45  p.m Dally
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Dally
11:00 a.m Dally
From Vancouver for Nsnslmo.
3:00   p.m Dally
Nanalmo, Union Bay and Comox.
9.00 a.tn Wednesday and Krlday
Vancouver, Union  Bay, Powell  River.
11.4a  a.m Kvery  Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p tn Kvery fiat urday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:00 p.m  .Wednesday!!
For Gulf laiand Points.
7:00 an. Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call
ing nt points In the (lulf Inlands,
r.t,   QOObBT, Agent,  Ni w  Wesiiuiiuitd
H. W. BRODIB. a. P. A.. Vancouver.
When through old ^^_^^^^
age the bodily
functions become sluggish
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give gentle, timely and
effective aid, without
^discomfort or distress.
25c.  a  box  at   your
Druggist's. 173
NaUmal bn sal Chcadeal
the days
emperor goes on a long drive
through Ihe forest. He never fails to
take a gun along, and usually manages to have a little shooting on the
iway. If the weather Is favorable, he
vants. But it has gradually been" add _n_5__.B_K.'out lnrce or four hour8- re'
ed to. chiefly to pSSt T' h��me ab��Ut e'ght
growing families of his majesty's two1 a rnle ne avol'lB the forma! even-
daughters, until todav it has become ing dinnpr P"tv an(l has a modest
quite a respectably good-aized house !el,PPer in hl" study, going to bed about
                                                ' !nine, sometimes even sooner.   Such la
1 u ;fhe  eypn   t_n()r Qf hj_   majp8t...9  ]one|y
life  at  Ischl, except upon
when he Is hunting.
Hunting is the emperor's one form
or amusement. He never goes to races,
.md does not care at all for carda.
Dut he is always ready for a shooting
expedition.     He   began   early,   killing
lhis first stag as a boy of fourteen.
The imperial shooting parties as Ischl are organized with the greatest
care and forethought The emperor
himself plans every detail and settles
the   position   each   gun   is     to     take.
: Everything is done in the most precise order. And at the same time it
is all as simple as possible There
aro  no  hot  luncheons  or  champagne
��� and  no superfluous court lackevs are
  taken along.
On  these cxciirstoTrB'Tie tvears rtrr
BUiinni) 1111111 tun 1111111 iiitiiiiiiuiti.'atii'ntnmBlintBiaiiRRintii'luiKninirmii* ordinary country garb   of the   Syrian
I peasants. A gray Jacket of "Lodon."
1 (an all wool fabric made In the Tyrol:
I [ leather breeches, which leave the
I ! knees bare, thick stockings and heavy
1 hobnailed shoeB and a Tyrolean hat
I I with plumes make up the entire cos-
I'tume. The emperor wears only two
1 kinds of clothes, a military uniform
I   or this shooting costume. Of uniforms
  ..   ��   he has. of course, and  endless store,
^S&>5fi$&^-!3i  I   I:!!' '".."""".tful whether he has any
tli-l<K*_iii.>iiof/.__*i._irb,��cirth.'i,roiiim. I 1   civilian    garb at all.
eiiition Of JujuUtu   What is ttUlt* eoatt II     Attractive,  however, as  these hunt-
When that  (mint has been  rea.h -I
ol   the   pan.   winch   it
batter,  sre  poured  Into
tin  moulds  ii-uai.v    holding   a   little
Again   If the pope declines to Inter-  >'"^haped *��1��; "���j*""* �� l""",".1
fere, llungarv and Bohemia may con-1    AtU'r t>c,"�� '""Vr'1 \"X" '!!" '"""
sugar    quickly     sets,      and   ;.���
si hi. as it is c.ifcl it can be lilted (ruin
tin moulds, and is then ready for at*
celvahly elect a son of Archduke Fran- '
Hs Ferdinand as their king, leaving
the imperial crown and the Hansburg
dominions to someone who fulfills the
exacting conditions which govern Austrian succession. This would mean
the disintegration of the Austro-Htin-
earlan empire and would be one of the
greatest calamities ln history.
"Here is ihe Answen"in
The Hokum wostu
F.Tcry day In your t-.lk srd rcnrtlnn, ��t
lliilll'*, fill tllC Kt, C, tCllT.  In I..C OlilLL', ,! l.p
Binl ickool you !...'!>��� QossUon t..emi
ing where it is allowed to further
harden a (ew days belore being shipped to market.
During the brief snd busy sessnn
nl "suearing" the sugar-house is th��
scene of many merry parties, in.'id-
up of young people from neighboring
farmhouses and the nearest village.
A little iMcheon is served in the
comfortable ami often cotummlioui
augar-house. Kgi-'s are oooked in the
boiling sap, a (owl roasted on an improvised spit before the !urna>'e door,
nd potatoes are toasted in the hot
ashea below thc grate. Aim! tor de-
________________ I sert there is maple sugar.    Some sy
rup i.- specially "boiled down" lor the
Two Sons Turn  Up fer  Estate After  occasion,   sml   when  the   proper cmi-
���latency is reached the pan, or pot :n
which the su'.ar bus been boiled down,
Is   carried   outside   and   it*  content!
He Wants to Get Married, But High
Title Holders' Union Says Woman Isn't Good Enough.
I'aris, Oct. 26- Has or haa not the
family of tho Duke of Croy shaken
hlm In hls engagement to Mlsa Nancy
l.elshmaii, daughter of the i-x-Unlted
States ambassador to Germany.
The marriage, uccordlng to report,
lias been set for two weeks from
When- the engagement wiib an
nounced last Aprll. French socinty
lid not conceal its cloubl us to whether the wedding would ever be solemnized. And even If the marriage does
take place, as now seeniR likely, people are asking what degree of recognition Ihe American duchess Is likely
to get from the different branches of
the house of Croy.
Air of Mystery.
Tlle l.elshmans are silent and the
case has an air of mystery. There ia
no secret that Ihe French connections
:if the house of Croy do nol favor the
"morganatic union," which their head
projecta, and It would not be surprla-
'iii' If Miss I.elshman failed to obtain
recognition as a "reigning" duchess..
Moreovi r.  It  Is only Questioned  as
'n whether the ox-ambassador's daughter la likely to be recognised as a
���IlicbesB by the Oerman court.
May Call on Law.
The possibility that the German
branch of the Croys will take legal
iteps to debar Miss l.leshtnan from
htalnliig the title nnd to deprive any
���ffsprlng of tbe union of the succes-
llon to the duke's titles and property
's COIUlderable probable. The general
feeling In Paria Is that such action
would received the support of the
French members of the house, since
't would be a logical sequence of their
ippostUon to the marriage, which they
take no pains to conceal.
It looks now as though Miss l.elsh-
man. even though faring the almost
���erlalnty of being deprived of the title
md of recognition In France and (Ier
many, will persist ln the marriage, as
It Is recognized as a genuine love
At the annual meeting of the High
r.erman Nobility Associa'Ion. In Her
lln, May 14 last, the members unanimously decided lhat:
Mlsa Nancy Irishman can never expect to be recognized by a German
"ourt ns a "duchess" or a "hlchnesB":
���hat no marriage with the Duke of
Croy could be regarded na regular un-
'ess the bride were a woman nf royal
Their Alleged  Father  Said
He Waa Childless.
Tin* New Creation anv
qtiestifiim iti I.(tiiK,,'tlt*   IllMtjry.ljir,;-- ,j,liy.    f|
Fiction, Fbreijm word*. Trr-*--'    '  ���
Scicnct'H, with final autkswiit-t*
400,000 Worda.
EOOCO lUuatra'.lons.
Coat $400,000.
I     3700 P��s��o.
e Tic only dictionary with
etlic ntw dividedpt>ne.���viiMt-
ncterlied aa **AStrok����l
I  Genius."
�� In^j Tcm EdHiom
ti On t'nti, opprittti UttmK,
ii lii.li.i paper. \, I at n intli*
g   I'.1, ' ," i tm.wn 1   (   *lt*rrUi*A
I Web tor In n foitn t\n li{_lit
^ nnd no conTcrif "t to u*cl
h One half the tblfkness ftttq
g v.. i.-.itof K'Kulur (itJiUoii.
i Regular Edition:
I On h'ronKh^ih
I lV-iliai.  Sisc 1
H Ci:ichca.
I: Wrl���� far ****tAmti
���J lll��itrkUO'.t,��k.
'���S M*n���� thl*
.:: ptbUcAttan
5 ��nd t***\*9
���* rRIEkMt
all  V ;,-!- fjf   I
At 13 Uiili
i   etc.
I       CO,
I Sprimlirtd.Mi
Iiik expedltloiiH may peem, hla castle
!ln the Aln�� In reality ia the haunt of
prent lonelln������(�����. Iter" in an old man
who hen lort mrBt of Lha tblnga thit
������������������I h"M deer nis wife, Bmpreai
|.ii....v.,,,*t, n ff^r',,;;, hnr��ewoinan, was
murdered on cine of those restleBs
.vtiderinpn to which she was driven
j I'V th�� e'""''s cr thnt awful 30th of
1 fs-muury if nil. when their son, frown
I Prince t'l'df-tr. c'!, d a vloleni death.
The ri'.'il facts of the case are known
to few and were of such n nature that
the cmii'Tcr. pond C'athnllc as he Is.
ncrf.*"-, d tn let the wor'd believe lhat
Kudoir had killed himself,
r.-..oid-11 Al""�� Annonq the Treea.
One of the crown prince's foresters
still |l"ef| pear the rcene of the trai?-
eclv. lie tel's of those wild nights
when nfter n day's f-hnntlnir the prince
wonld he driven el a reckless eallop
to V'i'iinn. returning to shoot. In the
morntni, =natc:ilnR whnt. aleco he
���"-nid 'm the wnv. Hut when you aak
��� i-.m r,.���..���,.. a*|)r���t thp 30th of January, h" -shnkea hla head and walka
���awnv. "'i wb-n the emnernr returns
h'inie after n clay snent hunting In the
mcuntaitiH, It |b a very lonely old man
New Imported Fall Sultlnga now on
display. See them. Perfect tit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
#18.00 up.   701 Front 3treet.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout th* Provlncs of Brltlth Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branchea Deposits of Ona Dollar aod
upwards received and Interest at the hlgbeut currant rata paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Traveller*' Cheque* sold, payable in all part* ot tha
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Weatmlnster   Branch: A. VV. BLACK, Manager.
Spokane, Oct. 26.���Although .lohn
MoCune, 61 years of age. who died of
'.leart trouble in St. Luke's hospital
Sunday, Informed Dr. (I. W. Itoberts
that he had no rela'lves and that he
was divorced from his wife in the east
more than twenty years ago, two men
have put in an appearance claiming
to be hla sons.
Judge E. II. Sullivan yesterday
mornin��� appointed Dr. Roberta principal creditor, as temporary administrator of the estaie, which is said to
amount to about $5,000, and Attorneys
lllbBchman & Dill were employed as
"Shortly after noon, said Mr
lllbschtnan, "a man giving hls name
as Harry McCune, hut who pronounced the name aa though It was spelled
McCunn, appeared at our office and
told me that he had come from Vancouver, Fi. C\, Monday, having been
informed by a card from a friend ln
llillyard that hla father was ill. Hc
������aid it was only yesterday that hc
learned that hls father was dead. He
savB he visited his father at his farm
near Sandpolnt, In 1809. The farm Is
located near Ilonners Kerry, lln said
his father was divorced from hiB
mother In Toronto, Ohio, lii years ago;
also that he had a brother, Allen McCune, at Oklahoma Olty, Okla.
"Another man giving his name as
Charles McCnne appaered later In the
day and said he was a son of the deceased and had no brothers. He says
his father came from West Vlrglna
about twenty yenrs ago and Ills mother died 25 years ago. He saya he did
not know his father was here until he
learned  of his death   yesterday.
"I had a telephone call from an-
-ther man claiming to bn a relative,
���vho eald he would call In tho morning, so expect that before we are
'���rcngh with the ctse there wlll be
plenty of applicants for the estate."
poured over the side ol a clean hank
ol snow. The fluid quickly harden*
into crisp, an.be. sheets which conn-*
try folk call "wax," and eity visitors
call "tally." A fori; picks tbe taffy
from the simw, and the guests dn tin)
rest. Of all the forum in which maple
sucar is eaten "wax," or "taffy," is
the most delicious.
Negro Church Incorporated.
A twelve-page lull providing for tb*
incorporation of what lias been kim-Aii
as the "Darkey Methodists" into a
corporate body to be known as the
British Methodist blpiscopal Church,
came before the Ontario legislators the
other day.
N. w. Unwell. K.C, who Introduced
the hill, gave  a short history' nf the
denomination wishing tb Incorporate,
which proved very interesting. Ile
said that befure the tune nf ths
American civil war IODIG nf the cn,ured people, wlm fled (rom the L'nited
Mate- into Canada, set up their Utile
churches, ami ths result was that lo-
clay there were nineteen conyre^*.
ticuis in Ontario.
The hill will give the church pow. r
tn acquire ami bnld all land and all
the usual powers given in such cases.
Kev.   Saiinn
the church
1   It.   Drake   is   l.i-l
Urged to Abstain From Cartooning
Family Querrels.
Kveret'. Oct, 2f> Thn Snohomish
c^untv Sunday school convention at
the completion of Its meetings, held In
Snnhomlsh, passed the following resolution:*
"Realizing the Importance of the
home, and lamenting tho tendency
towards Its desecration, we request the
newspapers of Ihe county to abstain
from printing Jokes nnd cartoons relating to family quarrels, the Influence
of which Is never elevating, but tends
rather to harm."
Labor Disputes Few.
A continued improvement was reported to the Department ol l.abni
during February in regard to conditions from the standpoint of industrial disputes. The number ol employes involved in strikes and lockouts during February was over am
less than the number during thc pro
ceding month similarly affected, whih
the number of working days lost wai
less than the number Inst during January by over 18,000. Fluven disputes
actually commenced during February,
only one cd which affected more than
100 employe*.
Canada, Chlet Producer.
Broadly speaking, Canada produces
nickel, the United States refines it.
and the world consumes it. New
Caledonia is the only serious com
petitor of Ontario in the nickel mar
ket, and in 1011 the French syndicate!
owning and operating concession,
there exported only 120,659 tons ol
ore and 4.000 tons of matte, to Can
ada's G12.6U tons.
Church Convention Deadlock.
New York, Oct. 28.���Closing hours
of the general convention of 1913 of
thn I'rotostant Kplscopal church found
tho two houses of the church struggling yeaterday to break the deadlock
over tho negro question,
Practically  All   Prospects    In    Lethbridge Dletrict Taken Up by
Calgary Firm.
Lethbridge, Alta.. Oct. 26.���That
practically all the natural gas and pe-
roleum rights on all available sections touching tho supposed oil anticline In the Lethbridge land district
have been filed nn for weeks past ia
the surprising fart disclosed by a per-
isal of the records at the local land
itllce. A large majority of the filing!
have been made ln the Interest of .1
syndicate of New York and London
Capitalist!, said to be represented hy
(Taber and company of Calgary.
Practically all of tho fillnga run
nearly parallel to the line dividing
ranges one and two. west of the fifth
meridian, and extend through town-
shlpa 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 11 In a gencr
al way the various filings seem V,
show those those making them havo
Information showing that the oll anticline cornea down Into the I., thbridge
Innd district near the easterly edge of
range two, and continues south and
gradually easl until It crosses ner
Into range ono In about township
Many Visit Office.
Lethbridge residents have gradually
become aware that Ihe oll rights i��"ei
being filed on by syndicates and at the
present time many are visiting thn
offlos seeking reports that one syndicate last week forwarded 111" sum or
ffi.BOO to pay for the rental of the vari
una sections which It has secured til-
Ings on. While the offlO* wlll not ili��-
Olosa the name of the syndicate, It is
eald to be that of Kaber and company.
Thla syndicate, headed by Dr. Paul
Kaber, of Calgary, recently announcni
that they had a contract with Now
York and London capitalists to expend
up lo three million dollars in developing their holdings.
lt Is reported that this syndicate is
arranging to bring In six drilling oti'.-
fltq to sink test wells along the untl
cline In the Calgary and LetUbrlilgo
districts. Tho syndicate has scciirei
approximately 55,000 acres of nil
rights, the majority of which are said
to be In the Lethbridge land dlltrlc:
and most of these In townships eight
and nine, range one, west of the fifth
meridian, nnd townships eight and
nine, rango two, west of the fifth meridian.
Heavy Punishment.
Vancouver. Oct. M,���Five years in
the penitentiary and an additional sentence to pay a fine of |2000 or servo
another five years' Imprisonment was
meted out to Bernard P. Davie, formerly a Washington state school principal, who was found guilty of a serious offence by Judge Mclnnes in thn
county criminal court yesterday. Tho
penalty was the maximum undor tho
Parliament In January.
Ottawa, Oct. 20. The cabinet council has definitely clodded lhat parliament wlll not meet before January.
Tho session will, In nil probability bo
oalled for Jan. 8, but It may ho Jan.
15 hnforn tho house Is formally opened for business. MONDAY, OCTOBER Vt, 1913.
British Columbia Has
A Good Exhibition
Farmer's  Advocate  of  Winnipeg   Has Nothing But Commendation for Big
.Fair Recently Hid in New West-
Under  the  heading.  "B.  C.  Has  a |
flood Exhibition," the Farmer's Advo-
I horse, team of pure-bred Clydesdales,
[from Colony stock farm would appear I
...      . mi,,   i��� ,. i .1.    ��,n, ���i      ,. mil eyes were turned In their direction!
cat.., of Winnipeg, haa the following to | and *plllron��   of  St.   Andrews     would
i;uy ou the recent provincial fair bold|think aloud:
Brltinh Columbia's provincial exhl-
Million at New Weatmlnster closed on
October 4th, after a very succetsful ]
display of the products of Uie farm and
factory, flock and herd of the moun- j
tain province and their neighbors tp
the east. The finer arts were not forgotten, hut agriculture stood out plainly and mirrored the vast resources of
"There  Is   nothing  on   the  show-yard
that can match you, bonny Cyde
Kor you lake me back In fancy to the
Scottish  borderslde."
Captain Watson's Baron Cralgie and
I) Montgomery's Vedetta carried home
lho championships  In   the Clydesdale
alasses.    Some claases were large, but
the line-up of six two-year old fillies
was probably the beBt In females that
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ : came cut
proudly boasts. Each dUtrlct exhlb-l Dairy stock was strongest in the cat-
It waa an exhibition In Itself.    Hay.  tie classes 	
grains and roots, staple products of * mention In beef entries were the herd
prosperous farmB; dairy, poultry, andjshrwn by Hon. T. W. Mortson & Son.
apiary, symbol* of progressive farm-1 Galloways were championed by W. K.
Ing, were shown to flourish In the dls-1Tee's wel Iknown herd from Alberta,
tricts represented by their produce, iChas. Hope and Hon. T. W. Patterson
while  vegetables,    melons,    tomatoes | were   the   two   contes'ants     for    the
Trace* of Past Fsshlons In Present.
Day Garments.
Man is naturally s highly conservative being, and in nothing is his con-
servatium more marked than in his
clothes. His skeleton shew* the rudiments of the tail which he discarded
ages ago, and in much the same way
the modern man's dress is reminiscent of pa-t fashions,
For example, take the two biittoni!
on the backs of costs. These are by
no means pretty, and they certainly
are not useful, yet no tailor dreamt
of leaving them off a coat which he
is making. But the buttons once ha4
a use, (or they date Irom the days
when elegant figures were admired in
men anel the buttons were used to
fasten a strip of cloth which wss
drawn in to give tha wearer a slender
At the back of ulsters and Inverness capes there is a .lit which is
edged w,th buttons and corresponding
buttonholes. These were useful in the
clays when civilians used to travel on
horseback, for thc slit could be unbuttoned, enabling the man to ride in
comfort, whilst il he wished to drive,
��*y. thc cost could be buttoned down
Animals to Value of $50,<KO Brought
Down From Peace River
Over Two Thousand Tons Ready for
Factory at Raymond,
'A TRIUMPH" n tea QUAiin
end hothouse stuff all proclaimed the
���districts of Langley, Salmon Arm, |
Richmond. Chllllwack and Mission as
fertile, favored by climate and agriculturally progressive. I.angley took
premier place with her splendid display, while other districts followed In
the order they aro mentioned. In addition to the district exhlblta noted.
Burqultlam, Maple Ridge, Kamloops.
Comose, Revelstoke and Cariboo all
haloed to engage praotlcally the whole
wall spine of the Immense agricultural
building, and add tone, color and variation to the group* of exhibits. Kor
fruit display alone Salmon Arm took
first place with I'entlcton second. The
display -aere good, and do not belle
the illsiri-���" and conditions from
whence lhi v cume.
Alone with the other exhibits was
one erected by the Dominion experimental * lation at Agasslz, In charge, of
P. II Mooro, the superintendent, and
H. I.. Keegan, The Individual exhibits of roots, vegetable* and fruits wero
first c'ass In quality and systematically arranged.
Entries In the draft horse class's
showed Itrftlsh Columbia tn have a
strong   Infusion   of   good     Clydesdale
money   with   the  Aberdeen-AnguB.
Basil tlordon. of Dewdney, brought
the grpat"St number of llolstelns to
New Westminster. J. M. Steves of
Stephenson had three rare animals,
while J. W. Holllngshead and A. J.
Thompson helped to swell the number
of black and  whites.
Kour herds of Ayrshire's, owned by j a
Rowland Ness, W. H. Mor:snn & Son.
Jas   Thompson and J.  W. ('Use lined
Cardston, Oct. 2C.���Cardston's fox
farm lit now well established and the
promoters are well satisfied with their
location. A Herald representative called thia week and found a gang of men
and teams busy at work on a pen.
TrencheB are being dug three feet Into
the ground and the fence will be built
of fine meBh wire that depth ln the
earth. The location of the farm is on
the 18 acres which the promoters purchased from Bishop Brown Just across
Lee's Creek, southwest of town. Hawsjdle two or three times as many beets,
and Walton are the owners and their thcv bc��� ve the t, , t , d,
foxoB are worth some $50,000, all of .    *    .
which were dug out of dens in the tant when the "e0Ple wl" reallle ��>at
Peace river, 400 miles from a railroad, the sugar beet crop Is the safest one
There are  two  three-quarter    blackBjon their farms, and after this truth is
clear to them they will  take up the
culture as readily aB they do wheat.
There are already in the sheds over
two thousand tons of beets ready to be
sliced   and   manufactured   Into sugar.
Raymond, Alta., Oct. 26.���The
Knight BUgar factory, one of the largest concerns In the province, and an
Industry which represents an investment of a million dollars, opened for
Its fall run yesterday and for the next
six weeks two shifts will be working
the factory running continuously until the last beet Is converted into su-
The company Is well pleased with
the outlook, and while tbey could han-
Among  those deserving i *�� the bottom, so thst his legs might
1 be  kept warm.    Civilians  no longer
ride horses, but the buttons on ulsters
still remain, and are likely to do no
lor another century.
The  buttons on   coat-sleeves   wer.
Dot primarily put there for ornament'.
Thev  are  a  relic of  the  days  when ..,        -..- , ,     ,��_._,_�� _.	
coat-sleeves were made so narrow at ithln�� of the Immense sale of Cardston The con,pa-,y haB a large number of
the   wrist  thst  buttons   and  button- I ProP"1? on.lh? 0.uU~e;__it_..9_-<.n,0*��'! Belgians   working  ln  the   fields  and
valued at $10,000 each, the hide   of
which today has a market value of $1,-
000.   The remaining eleven are worth
In ihe neighborhood of $3,000.
Few people In the town know any-
lioles were necessary to enable tiie
hand to slip through. Home coat* aro
Hill made with the button? running
blimlwise across the cuff. These button" were used when it was lashicn-
bie to have cuffs which could I*
Aimed hack nnd fastened. The button1*  are  now   useless,   and   in  some
blood. ei|iial to the best. When the six-'Camilla.
up   for  competition.    ('Use   was   first,
fnr senior herd, with Ness second and j
Thompson third.
II. H. Hull & Son, from Brampton, i
Ont., carried off the heavy part of the I
in.iiiev for Jerseys, in Guernsey* c.!
Hawthorne Hamford Hros. and Dr.
Knight, nil from tie country surround';
ing Chilliwack, were the chief exhib* !
Oul'e :��� few sheep eame for the t-ast,:
and these with native flocks made a |
splendid Showing. Most all breeds!
were n presented, and each one by a j
ton-notch er nf Its kind.
Yorkshires called out the greatest ;
cupibers   \n   the  swine    classes,    but \
Berkshire*, Tamwortha, Duroo-Jerseyi
and Poland-Chinas were brought there [
hy fotip of the foremost breeders In
Stopped   an   Hour  on   Idaho   Branch
While Passenger* Go Out
After Bruin.
gles  to naught  by  arresting him  for
breach of the game laws, he left his I vival of Eliiabethan customs
Mats they were di-carded and a row
nl bru;d put in their place. It one
day occurred to a tailor that this
braid was particularly ugly, and he
left it off. He could not bring him-
se'.f, howev r. to effect the reform out
sod out. but with the Englishman's
lnv�� ol ce niprorii:-e. he put a row ol
stitching in the piece where the braid
had been, and that stitching is put on
coat. to thin day. through it would
pU7*!e any person to give a shadow of
a reuse n why it should be.
People who nufjlit to know say that
even ihe band ol ribbon round a
man's hat is descended from the
fillet with which be used to bind the
Cloth which used to serve as his headdress, and velvet collars on overcoats ikxle trom Elizabethan time?,
when richly-lined cloaks were worn,
with high collars standing up as high
ts the ears.
The braid on cloves is slso a sur-
|of course,  that the International  Se- vour correapondent was Informed by
curlties company have, been advertis- !0fflC|ais of the company that they were
ling a Eub-dlvision in the west part of a ihl.ifty and industrious class of peo-
the  town,   but  not  many  are  aware :p-e   and    were making good citizens.
that In that subdivision more than These people were accustomed to sug-
I$60,000 worth of lots have been sold;ar beet rai9lng in their native land,
thiB summer alone from the Keglna * and ,he crop thiB vear whlch t8 iarge-
: office  of  that  company.   Now    there  ,y the work of tbelr };atldfi, -. a tangl-
looms Into view another subdivision in ible testimony of their ability and skill
BLACK. MIXED  ort r,
���m.-M.NDS. OSLSR, MP, PWCSIOINT.       ' ���**, ft I
C. A. BOGERT, General I
On Your Trip Around The World
carry your funds In Travellers' Cheques, Issued bf *** Dominion
Bank. Afloat or ashore���at every port of call���ow in die side trips
���you can have these cheques cashed at their fac* valae. You pay
no foreign exchange. You don't hsve to be alurtHled by any
person. You are safe from loss because you -mast yea alone���can
cash these Travellers' Cheques. If they should be last or stolen
they cannot be cashed by finder cr thief.
These cheques are more than a Oonvcoieaea���lhey are a
positive necessity when you go abroad.
NEW WESTMINSTER BRANCH :   a �����. WATMESS30H. tStma-ear.
ithe south end of the town, Grand View
Iby name, which is being financed and
: handled by local capital. The Cardston Investment company are the sell-
' ers, and the land Is a beautiful piece,
jon the main street of the town running south. Already many applications
! for lots are in. The Card estate east
jof the creek is Bold out, and the north
in that class of work. ^^^^^^^^^
| The beet crop this season is averag-
; Ing about Un tons to the acre. Drexel
! Selman has some beets that produced
him twenty tons, and Mr. Walker, of
the sugar company's office Btaff, showed fields that would average from
idght to twenty tons to the acre. This
,^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^_r Is a record and foreshadows a new
half of the southwest quarter of 10, era in the history of this InduFtrv in
adjoining the Card estate on the east, j Alberta. Beets are a safer and more
Ib also being surveyed, lt is rather : profitable crop than wheat because the
Interesting to hear from a leading ifr09t or nan does not materially affect
real estate firm in Cardston that of; idem, and the farmer knows the price
odd lots sold In the town over half;he \s t0 receive per ton. because the
lie across the creek from the busl-' pri,C6 *��� stipulated in the contract.
ne__ section.
Riveted Steel Rjpcg
-      BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX 44?
Kellogg, Idaho. Oct. ���_fi.-~lllalro.-id-
InK In Idaho has n few thrills thrown in
for patenters, aa shown by a trip up
the North Fork on the Murray branch
a few days ago.
While the train was dodging the
stumps In the vicinity of Steamboat a
bear was seen n short distance from
the track and the trnin was stopped
while the crew, passengers and all
persons In the neighborhood went ou
tho hunt for bruin,
A hi? cuh hear about a voir old
climbed a tree and "11111" Nelson, a
Inmberja' k. took It on himself to ascend and rope the animal. Ife failed,
and finally It was decided to cut down!asked
domain near Spencer lake and struck
out across the untracked wilderness,
seventy miles, for the boundary mountains of Canada, overlooking Lake Me-
Tale of Hardship*.
He lest thirty pounds, dropping
from 'UU pounds to 174. Ills appeur-
ance clearly tells the tale of the hardships he has undergone. From head
to bee 1 he Is scratched and bruised by
th�� branches and underbrush in
which he has lived for sixty days He
Is tanped like an Indian, almas' hlack.
Ov, r his tanned neck and arms was
a black bearskin, cleverly "fastened
wltli thonsrs of deerskin. His trousers
were of deerskin, made Indian fashion, wit i the hair i(slde. His feet
were encased In moccasins of buckskin, tewed with sinew. He wore no
hat. no  sleeves, no underwear.
On hla hack was a knapsack of woven llnltie hark. It was filled with trophies if Ihe forest. Slung over his
arm were his bow* and arrows
Sheathed In buckskin, a crude knife
of horn hnnfl from hlMjtlt
Never Felt Better.
"How   are   you   feeling?"    he    was
makers were not so skilled in those
dsys,   and   gloves   wete   made   up  of
several   pieces of    skih.     Embroidery-
was then put along the back ot the
glove to conceal the seams, and the
, three strips of braid on gloves repre-
j sent   this   embroidery,   though   the j
j seams are no longer there to be con-
1 eealed. Clocks on stockings and tocks
: were also first used to conceal seams,
��� nd clocks are   still   put   on   socks,
! even   though   theae   are   uow   made
i seam'.ess.
Military slid   oereraonisl   costumes
1 have details which  go back to aumz-
i ingly  antique time* for their ori.in.
I Epaulettes, lor example, were oriirin-
! ally a contrivance for fa��tening chain
i armrir. But of course in military oos-
I tume  these  details  ��re  generally   re-
1 tained for the sake ol the decoriitiv
effect.    But the hood on the back ol
the  lcir.i  Mayor's coachman   is   not
particularly prelty and that is the re-
minus ol whit ased to be a bag tor
a wifl
Legal Tangle Over Valuable Property
Located In Coeur d'Alene*���New
Discovery  Reported.
the tree When It fell the bear and
Nelson went Into the swamp and there
was a mi'il scramble for the bear, the
beast hnvlnir enough lead to mako the
race intsrestlnt,
nruln next climbed a telegraph pole
and this time Nelson got a rope around
Ils neck, but In 'he fall to the ground
the rope loosened and the bear again
A hunt for an hour followed aad the
"Never felt better In my life. Say,
Is there a cigarette around here?" he
said quietly, and In a moment Knowles
: --strefheel out and comfortable and
j stripped to the waist -was lltemlly
ch touring the first smoke for many
j    "My food  largely consisted of flsh.
fresh  deer  meat,  bear  meat,  spruce
ipartrldes and berries," said Knowles
I "I   found   blueberries   In   the  burned
bear was flnallv located under somc'i'smls. I am feeling In fine condition,
brush An attempt was made to coax I do not believe every man can do
him out In order to get a noose around what I have done, but I feel confident
his neck, and In this meelee Nelson that a man with good health, a knowl-
had his log cul and ihe bear ripped edge of the woods and resourceful-
hla hand After successive proddlngs jness can accomplish tho same thlag.
the bear flnallv got out of tho brush 11 believe any one or the game wardens
and was tied down. R. W. Skeman of |conld do It. I have satisfied a curl-
Kellogg being on hand with the chains i osliy.
to help with the work. The animal
was the ndrngged to the train and the
Inurnev was continued, not on* of the
passengers regretting the delay.
Knowles Lo*t Thirty Pound* Doing It,
But H* Emergsd Hardy
���nd Hsalthy.
The hardest thing of all was the
awful lonesomcncss because of which
I came near coming out twice. The
Islnatlon almost drove mo crasy. Several times I have heard voices afar
off. and that made It only the harder.
"The eating question ls nothing,
neither Is the dree*. I have not suffered snv to speak of from the cold.
It was that awful lonesomeness."
Rnokane, Oct. 26.���Charging that C.
L. Cowell, president of the Marsh Mining company, has failed to carry out
|hls part of an agreement to open up
tho lower levels of the Marsh mine
and that he Is attempting to secure
400,000 shares of stock held tn escrow
at the Fidelity National bank valued
at $100,000. Edward J. Carter asked
for an Injunction tn the superior court
yesterday to prevent the surrender of
the stock to Cowell.
Carter charges in the complaint that
an assignment of an option made   to
him and Volney D. Williamson would
entitle them to the stock.   Hc alleges
^^^       be-
The  factory   and   fields   present   a
very buBy scEne these days. There is
a little army at work, and the system
and dispatch with which they accomplish the numerous and varied tasks
about the extensive concern Is proof j*
enough  tbat  the  Knight  Sugar com-'
pany's officials understand their bnsl-.
ness.   The factory Itself has been thor- j
oughly renovated, the machinery has i
been overhauled and everything   has I
been done that will aid in the manu-1
facture of a pure, wholesome product, j
It is indeed encouraging to the company to note the loyalty recently displayed by the Retail Merchants' association    of    Lethbridge.    They   have
pledged themselves to hand'e the home
produce only.   This Is much appreciated hy the sugar company.
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for aU ocean lines and ean give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
that  Williamson  has refused  to
No Trsaiur*  Found. Icome a party to the action and that
Led   by   Miss   Barrytill   and   Miss jhp ls forced t0 nlake hln) *   oefend-
Genevieve Davis, the treasure-hunting  * ��� ,     . ,
partv from Plvmouth which has been ! L RfporJ_! recelved iMt��*fl*t '7""
Uarching Cocos Island in the Pacific' B��ke;WBh��;.|>��r. th�� M��rsh mine,
for treasure supposed to have been j Bt,ate, th,at w,lthl" heJ8'1 f,ew kd,T ,a
buried there by pirates many year- " ne-foot vein, hilly half of which is
azo. h.s arrived at Panama on board ;hlKh *T,***** ea?:8llv"T...h<-aB b!*"
the steamer Melmore without any ffi5?i*S!2tS5S��!I "SiT^
spoils. The Melmore .ailed from Barry !T*.TJTTS?.?2fnt *?**��. t ��
in September last carrvinz in addi- No' 4 leve1' ,'ocal shareholders In the
Uon toX officers and'^ ��dI the \���"** Z^Zrl^x! 3S^2Sm|��
two Udies mentioned above. Mr. H. *e��>S��� Ltt!_ ^..TI .1^
Whitworth. of London, and two other ^���ery',b't.adm'"*d'^,l,.Uie rumor
gentleman financially interested in a    %"*22_?2&S!ffiL-a  ��h���
venture which was fondly hoped taliJ5?*2*&,lfi*,!firtH!- 7��2
. .... ,<v, ���,....,, ���.���<.�� ti,_. t.ii,..., have examined the mine ln the last
return 100 per cent, profit. The failure j 6fl J^��� f.a.K thBt w,u |he compara.
tively limited development It compares
Boston. Oct. 2(1��� Joseph Knowles,
the artist, Is taking things easy. This
Is the first week of rest he haa had
after his two months' fight for existence In the forests of Maine.
When hn emerged from the woods
of Maine he was clad Is rudely-dressed skins of blsck boar and deer, carried a pack on his back, a flre machine
and other tools that be had fashioned
to aid him ln living ss a primitive
man. Knowles looked like a cave man.
Thus ended a test of hardihood and
endurance, of skill In conquering a
hostile environment, of woodcraft, that
rose superior tn all handicaps.
Went Into It Nsksd.
On August 4 Knowles plunged Into
the forests near Spencer lake, in Somerset county, Me, He wss naked, He
had no weapons, no tools or Implements of any kind, no food. He promised to come out of the woods after
eight weeks, fully clad and In good
health and physical condition.
Knowles Is In good physical condition, despite tbo fast that hls final
week In tho forest entailed a feat of
endurance that was completely unforeseen anrt equally unnecessary. In
lit* dread that the game wardens of
Somerset county might seek hlm out
In hls forest lair and bring tit* atrug-
Paris, Oct. 2*.���An extraordinary
story regarlng tho debts of a youthful prince of German blood royal who
waa lately finishing his educstlon at
Strassburg university, is told In the
Matin, which quotes a Strassburg Journal as Its authority.
According to the tale, at the end of
the term the prince (who was none
other than the son of Prince Henry)
found that be could not posilbly meet
his debts, which amounted to, $100,-
000. He dared not' turn to hi* father
for he'n In thl* quandary, and he
begged hls friends to find some accommodating person who would advance
him the needful money. One of his
cnmpsnlrns, said to be the son of a
high official In the German Imperial
government, recalled that there was
at Zurich a banker who had advanced
him the comparatively small sum of
MO.OOA. As the result ot negotiations
this financier promised to find $120,-.
0,'tn for the prince.
Meanwhile, however, the father of
the young man learned of the affair
and Interfered. The financier was arrested an a charge of fraud and was
kept In confinement for several hours.
He was later released, but onlv after
he had produced documents showing
that he had been really asked to raise
the funds In question for tbe prince.
The youth has now left Strassburg,
but lt Is not known, remsrks the Ms*
tin. whether his creditor* hava been
paid or not. It Is understood, how-
���ver, that Prince Henry haa signified
his Intention of paying tho debt*.
ot two other attempts to locate th'
buried gold and jewels of the' buccaneers made by Earl KiUwilliam and
Mr. Haiold Grsy did not diminish the
laith ol the members ol the Melmore
expedition, who declared they had
specific information of the exact position of the accumulated hoards. One
treasure was brought from Lima in
iiii! consisting of gold bullion and
article., to tlie value of about $26,000,-
QUO, and thc other treasure, which
is placed at an even 'higher figure,
nas taken to the island by tbe famous
pirate llonito. Despite the care with
which the Melmore was lilted out���
the expedition Was estimated to cost
MOO.iW���the search appears to have
beeu fruitless.
Right to th* Paint.
Probsbly the most concise summing
up on record In a civM case bas been
attributed to Harou Bramwell. Th*
defendant's counsel closed his caa*
without calling a witness whose coming had been much ocpected.
"Don't you call Jones, Mr. Blank?"
said the judge significantly at thc
close of counsel's address.
"I do not, my lord." replied th*
advocate, ^^^^^^^^���
very favorably with many of the best
nroductng properties in tho Coeur
d'Alenes. Recently tho company acquired a number of surrounding
claims, some of which include a portion of the Burke townsite, and lt now
owns practically all the ground between the original Marsh group and
tbo Hecla.
C. L>. Cowell, of Mtasoula, Mont,
president of the Marsh company, arrived in the city yesterday, but refused to discus* the case. Edward l'ohl-
man of tbo Pohlmsn Investment comnanv, secretary ot the comfpany, also
refused to be Interviewed.
-  '      ���     il'-*"
Seattle, Oct 26.���John M. Diamond,
arreated In this city last Saturday at
the request ot the federal authorities
of New Orleans, on a charge of violate
lng tho Mann act, stands to los* $2,408
deposited for ball, unless he appears
beforo United Slate* Commissioner
W. D. Totten beforo Wednesday q��xt
When Diamond waa arraigned bo-
fore Commissioner Totton last  Baton
The iudee tnrruut rnnnA tr. th. txtaa I**** Wi ���*������ *M ��0��U����Od UAtll 7��0-
.^l"d��_V,I?*?/!u���Jto_tt1,J,,,S twtor. ��nd ho was allowed to deposit
"   '   $2,400 ball with the court.   Ho took
the money trom a belt around hls
Tuesday tho United States marshal's
offlc* waa notified that Diamond waa
tn .Vanoouver, B, C, from whloh place
he cannot b* extradited and that he
did not Intend to return.
Yeaterday, ths day Mt tor hi* Wring, ne fallod to appear, aud Commissioner Totten continued the hearing
until nest Wednesday b*for* declaring tho cash bf 11 forfoltadi
i    i ,1 - iii   i   i*.
���nnd gave vent to a low and prolonged
"Whe-e-ew!" he said, or, rather.
whistled. "Gentlemen, consider youi
Nstlonsl Qardsns.
There are two gardens of England���
namely. Kent and Worcestershire.
1 hat ol Inland 1* usually said to ht
Oarlow. In I.einstcr. ln the east Ceylon and Burifia have both received
the title, and the dlitrlot of India
to honored is Oud*. Olamorganshlre
is often spoksn oi as tho garden ol
4ouU Wale*.
H. Q. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
5-7 Granville Street, Vancouver.
w. s. wiruuw. a. a. p. d.
__*.__��� Private Exchange SIM
Killed In Railway Wroek.
Baker, Ore., Oct 26.���In a wreck on
the Sumpter Valley railroad near hor*
yesterdsy, Robert C. Richardson, a
horseman ot Baker, was kUloA-sad
William Hall of Portland waa lnjurod.
St.m. Bring, Himjufajfil.
Los AnglW, Oct 21T^o����i>��rt
Somerset ht to* AnfslsJ, ******* *
It worth wUss to tara!
Ita ttUMporthtlon.   A
In It wtt�� short tort WW.
Rank imposes obligi ^^^^^^
or-as the French put it-"NbUesse OUfeeJ
It U a very t��m**tnl and fight principle Ukt those *****
bf ***** POM** in life command tlm recoct nf
t|rru deserve it hnd bo worthy of Hiitifahfcrig
politico.   "Much it mepoetod of thoM in hiffc
But thit prindpk b not
fiaad to panama of BoUa Mr-th
���Jt Was a hondrad appBca*
then. IfppSA, lot m���h.
to them tm*n*i***t***n mt
and fvaatfca wko
*t*t*0,l* .timlmwii^,^,
tlm hal. *..''���. :,*������' t>
_w T1wyl-B*emft*i
.���nadBtoaaaca o f.l^,.�� Y
ttakdarticlaay *��***���*% mis
that ********** i rtfa* -aW I
m__m,t_mtma wa aam aaav -
.ip f ���;ii^^^r.iTr* Tn*,^!^T^^!*^^,"-'
ttf^l 1**t^A*g*m^hhm i j^j^^&j^^f^aAL*'..,
^%i;"9*'a^^v^!SBr'*Bp^^^a*'-.*v ma*
��� ***    *M*^M   ' Sii ' ''* ""������**>���������-'   ..
���\ �����.����� ���?
��*".������� '���
' yjxfr'
i'i  'V*'
For the prindpk of "NoMesss
your guarantee of excellence fti
\ ��� <>.,������
(.��*,:,* Vftt'i
it II
���'"*'"*_ -A'
We have decided to give away
aome beautiful   OOLL3   FREE.
Bach Doll has a Bisque head,
a lovely rosy complexion, loos,
ailky curly hair, stylishly dressed, closes her eyes when she Ilea
-down and says Mama wbea
asked to do so.
Now don't you want to make
your little girl happy? Come
and see our windows and help
ua to make 40 little girls or boya
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Call at our office with your
agreements and
let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
I'aul   Up Capital  aud
Surplus $ 2,800,000
Assets   4,973,att3.95
Tr u s tm ships Under
Administration over 6,000,000
Trustee     for     Iiond-
holders over    25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal. Charlottetown, l-OB-
don, Eng.;  Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
60S Columbia  Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings  trom
7 to 9.
Greater AA^estminster
W. C. T. U. Meeting. I       , Good Attendance.
A general .business meeting of tho I To one hundred and fifty young men
W. C. T. V, will be held in St. of New Westminster, Taylor Statten,
Stephen's church    at  3  o'clock    this]or  Toronto,  Dominion  Y.M.C.A.  boys'
afternoon.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
la Now in Effect.
The winter schedule of the C. P. R.
went into eject yesterday. The schedule  was announced  In The News on
Kor plumbing, healing and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ham-
iay, Eighth aud Carnarvon streets.
Phone 586. (2148)
New Telephone System.
The new II. C. Telephone building
cn School House road, Port Coqultlam, is now nearlng completion. When
the building is completed and ready
for use the telephone system similar
to that in use In New Westminster
will" be Installed.
Burnaby Labor.
A resolution passed at the annual
meeting of the Kdmonds District Ratepayers' association on Friday evening
to the effect thut Llurnaby labor should
be used on the sewerage work of the
Greater Vancouver sewerage commission, will be forwarded to that body.
secretary, spoke yesterday afternoon
at the association building. His subject was a sex talk of the right sort.
Joe Evans Bang and a line song service was held before the address.
Seek Water Supply.
With a view to locating a permanent source of water supply fer Hurt
Moody, the city engineer s department
of that city is conducting u series ot
���surveys of the creeks in close proximity to llie city. At present the
surveys are being conducted on Noons
creek, which flows Into Hurrard Inlei
within the city limits ami it is probable that this stream will be selected
xb a source of water supply.
lege, conducted the services at the
Union church, Burqultlam, yesterday.
Mr. Coad Is now in charge of the
Port Coquitlam new Methcdist church.
Ewen Martin, chairman of the Coquitlam municipal board of the school
trustees, returned from Victoria on
Saturday, where he attended the convention of the British Columbia
School Trustees association. He considers that the work accomplished by
the convention this year will be of
the greatest help to the different
trustee boards throughout the country
and Is strong in his p-ypreclatlon of
the hospitality of the Victoria people.
A. W. MoKnlgbt, of navies &. Leslie, city engineers for Port Moody,
was a visitor to this city yesterday.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Port Coqultlam Councll.
The Port Coquitlam city council
will hold Its regular fortnightly session on Tuesday afternoon. It Is anticipated that the decision of the railway commission with respect to the
C. P. R. depot, if handed down by that
time, will come up for consideration.
Voters' List.
With a view of getting all persons
oligible on thc voters' list, a committee from the Edmonds District Ratepayers' association consisting of
Messrs. W. S. Rose, Dowal, Cook.
Roberts and Welch was appointed at
the annual meeting of the organization.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 82fi, wharf phone 880.
Successful Recital.
One cf the most successful recitals
of the season was that given in the
assembly room of Columbian College,
Friday evening, when New Westminster talent under the direction of Miss
Lillian Bums delivered an interesting
programme. The first part of the programme consisted of readings from
favorite authors, concluding with an
amusing  sketch, "Place A.ux  Dames."
More Autoists Fined.
The Burnaby police exchequer was
replenished to a certain extent on
Saturday morning when eight cases
brought before Magistrate Beatty net-1
led a total of $172 in fines and costs.
Just a hundred slmoleons were collected from four autoists who threatened dire destruction to the top dress
lng on Kingsway. Two furnished a
V spot each and costs for not having
lights on their rigs, while an assault
case cost the defendant $10 and costs.
Walter Schank, charged with theft of
municipal tools, failed to appear, the
beak ordering his bail to be estreated.
KTTlNCiKR���Tho funeral of the late
George W. Ettlnger held yesterday afternoon was largely attended both by
members of the fraternal societies of
which deceased was a member uiul by
friends of deceased. The Granite
lodge No. lfi. Knights of Pythias, had
charge of the service. The funeral was
held from the Labor Temple at 2
o'clock and interment was made in the
I Oddfellows'  cemetery.
Among those who sent flowers were:
James and Sophia, classmates; Mr.
and Mrs. Martin and family; Mr. anil
Mrs. George Hodson; J O. Ettlnger
and family; John Linn; W. R. Gilley;
Arthur E. Parsons; employees of the
city corporation; Granite lodge No. 16
K. of P.; Mr. ond Mrs. F. D. Archibald; Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Gilley;
wife and family:  mother and hrother.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (2159)
Get Acquainted Smoker.
On drill evening Friday next the
Port Coquitlam troop of the 31st British Columbia Horse will be the hosts
to the Point Grey and Eburne troops
of the regiment at a "get acquainted"
smoker. The Port Coquitlam troop is
now beyond full strength, with a
total membership of 20. It Is hoped
to take on a number of additional men
in crder to have all vacancies filled
In the case of parades. On Friday
evening last the troop was inspected
by Colonel Frick of B squadron to
which the local boys are attached. The
colonel complimented the men on
their excellent appearance and the
precision with which they carried out
their drills.
McAllisters Limited
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Your Attention
(Continued trom rage One ,
press repcrt sent out from Nanalmo
that two of the five men given two
year prison terms were "boys." They
were men 21 or 22 years eld, and hail
throughout the disturbances been to
the fore. They had threatened, in |
vile and horrible language, too horrible for repetition, men who had
worked. One of them, armed with a
coupling pin. had danced madly before
the house of an engineer daring him
to come out, and shouting that he
would smash the old "scab's grey
head," all emphasized with curses and
profanity of the vilest kind.
While he had given these five men
the limit for rioting, he could have
mad" it seven years, the penalty  for
n sn
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ however.
Dean Trial.
The trial of Charles Dean is continued this morning at 11:15. When
adjournment was made Friday, Adam
S. Johnston had just started tlie defence, it is thought the greater part
of tiie week will be consumed before
the jury lakes the case.
Rev.  Dr.  Pidrjeon,  Preacher.
At St. Andrew's Presbyterian church |
yesterday, Hev. Dr. Pidgeon preached.
Fer his evening theme he expounded I
the passage which tells how Moses in 1
striking the rock and bringing forth ���tlag a,ld damaging property
a stream of water, took too much upon;d01"S- This he had not done,
himself, as a representative of the Al- iev*r' I'
mightv, and was therefore punished. I No further proof than tho evidence
This was an example to people of the"? had heard, was necessary to con-
church that as ofllce bearers in God's J'lnjje that <** rlots> ha<�� ���*** organ-
house thev should strive always to act ,     , *   .    . .     ,
according  to   Ills  wishes  and  not  for1     A" nad broken out within less than'
their own glorv, lost in so doing thev   OIle (li��'  ��r  �����"���*  Mh<^-    *��   Nanaimo
otTend someone outside thf. church and  tw0 contingents had wound in and out
thus make  him  antagonistic   to   the  aro""d the streets of the town.   They I
cauge : had crossed and recrusxed each other !
  |in  their route  of march.     First   they]
A Big Sale of
Men's Sweater
Coats $2.75 Each
You can get a dandy Sweater Coat doling this
sale at $2.75. There ls every color and combination of colors, and you can choose from
hnth high neck with close fitting collar, low
vest neck, etc. These are mostly sample
sweaters and a very special lot, bought at a
round price, and you can choose any one in
the assortment for S2.75.
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies'
New Fall Coats
at $13.75
Fifty smart new Fall Coats for ladies, to go on
ssic at one special price. These coats embrace a very big varlely for you to select
from. There are all kinds of new tweeds,
coatings and curl cloths, and in all the newest colorings, etc. Many are smartly trimmed
with velvet collars and the new large buttons. These coats are all perfectly tailored
and there is a range of sizes. .Many of these
con's are worth from $20.00 to $25.oi) each.
Vour choice of any coat in    thlB    range    for
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies' Tailored
Skirts, at $5.75
One hundred skirts In this purchase will he
placed on sule ln our Indies' Ready-to-Wear
departmen Every one of theso skirts Is
strictly man tailored, cut In the latest styles,
and you have the choice of blacii and iini'i"
Bulling serges, smart new tweeds and fine
coating serges, in grays and browns They
are made with high or ordinary waist lines,
and many of theBe sklrtB are worth from
$7.50 to $10.00 each. Every size, to slight,
medium or stout figures. During this special
sain you have your choice of any skirt for
A Big Special Sale
of Ail-Wool
Blankets at, Pair
One hundred palrg of full double bed size, all
wool blankets; 64 Inches by 84 Inches. The
thick cosy winter blanket, ample In size,
heavy and warm. This Is a very special
purchase Just to hand, and while these hundred pairs last you can purchase fur $4.95 a
pair blankets that would be good value In
the ordinary way at $7 00 a pair. Special for
this sale, per pair at S4.95.
Auto Upsets Motorcycle,
A narrow escape was experienced
by an employee of the B. ('. Telephone
company on Eighth street Saturday
afternoon. Ile was riding a motorcycle, accompanied by his wife, when
a strange auto humped them into the
ditch. The driver of the motor car
Speeded up his car after seeing the
motorcycle driver and liis partner lying in the ditch. The matter was re-
ported to the local police.
Millinery Sale���Special for Friday
and Saturday, trimmed ham, $3.50 and
$5.00, regular values $5.00 to $8.00, all
this season's styles, call and inspect
Note the address. Miss Davey, Carnarvon block, nearly opposite the
Motel Russell. (2280)
City Council Meeting.
Members  of  the city council  when
tliey  meet  tonight may  have  the op
had broken the windows and stoned i
.the homes of men who had continued
working. Then delegations had visited
these men and asked them to quit !
j work.    Then   again,   in   a  few   hours,
they had given them until the next!
���day at noon to have town.    The men
to even have protection until that'
j noon   were   forced  to sign  a  book In I
tho   union   hall.     It   was   while   doing'
this   that  one  of  the  union's   leaders |
McAllisters Limited
Ix'irtunTty   to" talk" over  a   letter  just :!.lad 8aid '.^ "l''-)'..!!".'!. V..B._lp,?cr..'.:'".d
aod Miss ^^^^^^^^^^^^
I.H.A.M., A.nCM.
l.pssons ln Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
��� tig.   Voice    Production,    Theory    (in
'.m or pr.lately), Harmony, Counter-
_xii.it. Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations uf the Associated Hoard of tho
1! tin el Academy of Music and Iloyal
' ''illc-go of ,Vuslc. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
Por terms, etc., apply Ul Dufferin
Street   I'hone 411 R. (H67)
Vhat with the harbor Improvements, tho further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
received from the solicitor of the
Western Canada Power Company In
which it is admitted, practically, that
the company was at fauii in regard
lo supplying tile Vancouver-Prince Rupert Meat company, Sapperton, with
electricity for lighting. In general effect tlie letter implies that while the
company was aware It was trespassing
on the city's business it supposed thai,
it would be permissible In this one
I am
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano.  Theory.
I'or Terms anil  Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone
1319 R. (22631
.. f or ..
Residence Y. W. C. A        Phone 1324.
Bridge Work Proceedimj.
The old C. P. rt. bridge across the
CoquTflam river at Port Coiiuitlam has
been demolished aad work on tli"
M'ond unit of the new treble Iraek
Btrueture has been commenced. It is
expected that the new bridge, which
forms the western entrance to the
yards will be completed in a month's
tlm". it ii probable thai Port Coqultlam may purchase the old C. P, It
span in replace the preaent bridge
across the Coiiuitlam river. The railway company has offered this bridge
at a ii duced rate as oin* concession
in connection with the council's with
dra wai of opposition to th'* removal of
the depol to bit <*k 18.
Issue  Treasury  Certificates
The third reading of the Burnaby
treasury certificate bylaw wlll prob
ably take placs al this '��������� enln ��� - m
s.i'ii 11 ths Burnaby councll. it. is
Hide]sti i d Unit ih" negotiations le*
tween the munlolpalltj and Boulton
i.ii -   in regard to a loan of ona Bill
lion  and  a  qi::irt"r dollars   has   fiilb i;
through, so thai to meel the pressm
liabilities  and  make  preparation  for
lh" coming winter. IIII issue ol
treasury certificates at an Interest of
ii pi i* (int. lias been deemed nocii
sary, The reporl of the action of th"
railway commissioners In the matter
of the c.reat Northern railway con
Btructlon work on the North road will
also be made at the session.
now and were going lo keep it;
the law here," he had slated. j .��.______-_^_._-____--___-___-__-_---________--_^_-.
"Peaceful Picketing."  "" 	
"Peaceful   picketing"   was  a     queer 1 Oould  nol  conceive that their actions *
name for what hud bean done toward! had    been    contrary    to    law.    They j
putting    strikers,    cn   watch    at    ths [honestly did not realize   the   serious-'
mines,    lf that was peaceful his honor[ness of tlieir offences,
wauled none of it.    When some of the I    Judge  Iloway   la  now  through   with I
men   caine   from   their   work   In   Ihei the   Nanaimo  trials.     Five  men   were'
mines, each of them had been follow*  sentenced   to   two   years;   14   to   one'
ed by hundreds of booing and .""ring 'year and a  flnf of Jluli or in default
men and women.    Taunts    of    "scab" iof this four months extra;  15 to three j
and curses had been hurled on them. J months and a Sup of $f,fl or in default j
One  man   had   heen   followed   half    a : two month*.    Most of the latter sent-
mile or so to his home to  which  he tehees were allowed to run from    the)
was taken in a buggy provided by Ble   time Of their Imprisonment and would
mine   company.     As   he   neared   h.a i be up In a T'f days,
home rocks were thrown and wlo n be j ____________mwmm__���___������______^
ran for shelter two men had detained j
him and asked tbe crowd lo wall    a
minute  "until   we  see  what   he   says." :
The man was asked toqnit.    Naturally j
with   this   ill-veiled   threat   held   over
his head as a clud he did quit.   As hii* ' p__ p;����� **(*.-
honor  pointed  out.  almost   all   or th"  rer rlnl    -----     oue
men thus treated were engineers, lire
bosses, etc.. and wore needed whether
ilu- mines worked or not. One thing
to Hi- oredlt if ths strikers was tha:
whir, they weso told to stop this
pi a", ful picketing" they did HO.
Did   Not Re��l:-s.
The strikers and hi tcr-i all through
lhe  ti al snowed  that    they    actually
Coast Sealed Oysters
Pros, aad Ooal. Mgr,
Soo. aad Traas.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
'���:'* ��;'*.;
Per Quart    ...    - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    -   -    -    -   35c
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 88.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
'o recognize and seize the opportunities When they oome to you?
to fit yoursell to taku advantage of
many  future opportunities it  Is the
opportunity to gain a practical knowledge.
Tn the West Knd.   Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Our liiti'lior Finish is manufactured from timber specially selected fur Klat drain
We are also specializing In Vir Doors wllh Veneered l'unels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more ex-
prriHlve than the old solid raised panel doors.
(let our prices hefore placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
and   Mrs.  King, of   Bellingham,
In town during the week end.
William   McBrlde, cf  Portland, was'
registered at the Russell lio.'.el Saturday.
P. .1. McMahon, of   Cobourg.
wan In this city on Saturday,
Short Term Loans
Mrs, Cross, a member of the board !CHASE AGREEMENTS OF SALE.    APPLY
Vi. .1. Cooks, of Toronto, and    And
row  1!(lyr, of New Vork,  were guestl
al   th.
Phone 853.
Iof school trustee, of New Westmin-1
Ster, wlio went ns a delegate lo thc
I meet I ni: of tlle school trusteed of II. C,
!|n Victoria lam week, lg still visltins
jin thai. city.
010 Columbia St. j    !���'.  A.   M.  Cuad,  of  Columbian  col-
A. I.. BOUCK, Principal.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
^^^^^^^^^^   Estsbllshsd 1B��1.
We write Firs, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marino Insursnoa.
Llsbl'lty,   Automobile  and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 6.46 a.m.
and every 16 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���16 minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 16 minutes until
11 p.m. witb late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
IlEOUI-AH SERVICE���6 46 and
6.46 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,  with  late car at 11.30.
a.m. and 4.80 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am. and   hourly
until 10 p.m. wltb late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. ana every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am.   Snd   every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection ls mado at   Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���8.16 o.m., 1.10 and
8.16 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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