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The New Westminster News May 21, 1913

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 UP** i--r-Mr*-4h
WeBtmlnster   News   Ib
the   only   morning
in the
of    New
r and
"leh   and
Tha Weather.
New    Weatmlnater    ami     Lower
Mainland   Light to moderate winds;
arrmo- temperature    on    a   rising
/-, | glass;  probalitllticfr JTalr.
VOLUME  8,   Nl'  a^R  61
Money Bylaws Aggregating $397,000 Approved at Polls
���Exhibition Appropriation Has Close Shave, But All
Others Pass With Good Margins-Light Vote Registered���Details of the Count.
Would-Be Cid Men Couldn't Get Wll- I    �����
ton's Goat and Now They Have    j The Progressive Association
t0 p'y Members  Endorse  His
The ratepayers of New Westmin-
ater stampeded their approval on .'he
spending or bylaw money aggregating
$r.:'7,nnn   yesterday,  even' one  of  the
seven bylaws passing   the   required
goes  to  -show   that  municipal  ownership is favored ta this city.
During lhe counting of the ballots
tiie Interest centred around the exhibition bylaw as it wus shown by
that other  bylaws  had  re-
three-fifths majority vote, although In Jhe count
xhibillon bylaw    :he  celved the sanction of the people.
Some sharp figuring by City Clerl
tho caao cf Ibe      ^^^^^^^^
majority   wub only  by  three-fifths ot
one vote.
(l-nlv  a  Hnial! total  was  polled  du"
No Hole and Corner Work Wanted
Making  Selection  Says the
The members of the N'ew Westmin
Railway  Board   Pronounces on   North
Road  Crossing���Severs  Criticism
of G. N. R.
Newark. N..I., May 20,- Seeley Dav- ��� Appointment
euport and Jacob    Dunn,    mountain
wuod-chopp< ra of Wharton, N J., were
j convicted by a federal grand jury to-
I night  of  sending   threatening   letters
Ito Woodrow Wilson while he waB,
pn Bidert-elect. In the cane of Davenport the Jury recommended mercy.
The comniuaications mailed to Mr.
Wilson were received by his Becretary, Job. P, Tumulty, in May and November of last year and demanded bter and FraBer Valley Progressive as- I the'��mipan�� was ordered to file plans
money in Bums of $1000 and $5000 ! bCCiatlon have declared by a vote of! wlth|n 30 uay8 the time for thc com-
und.-r penalty  of  death. |60 to 11 in favor of the appointment   pletlUon  ot  thp  brldKfi    t0    be  nxeu
Mr. Tumulty,  Warren Johnson, Mr.  of    an    industrial commissioner, and i wh(     thp    ,ang arp (U(,d
Tumulty's  confidential  clerk,     postal, that the publicity work of the associa-      Th    enlrlneer of  tho  boara  visited
secret   service   men   an.l ; tlon shall be turned over to the city 1 .fae ^ nJ ,he propOBed    lmprove.
a permanent Bteei bridge with a $450,000 for North Arm and New Channel���British Col
20-foot roadway and two six-foot side-
walks, GOO  feet long, across the    ex- j
cavation proposed by the Great North
j ern railway at the North road in the
: municipalities of Burnaby and Coqultlam, is what the Great Northern rail-
��� way was ordered to construct by the
! railway  commissioners,  at   their  Bit-
I ting In Vancouver yea-terday. Further,
order that there may be no delay.
umbia Looms Large in Additional Estimates���Canoe
Pass Bank Protection���Coquitlam Gets Public Building���New Dredging Plant to Cost $100,000.
Duncan  and
covered   that
Ing the day. the waterworks extension of the bylaw "by
bvlaw  receiving  the largest  with 704.   what was required
Alderman     Lynch    dls
the   vote   was   in   favor
just a fraction over
Of  the:-e  651 reglsiered  "for,"   which
How the Vote Went.
tion shall be turned over to the
hand -writing experts, were called as I publicity organization. ! ments  yesterday and,  as    intimated
wltn-eraes for the government.               ,   J he meeting of the association was chairman  Drayton,    the    railway
Mr. Johnson t. ^^^^^^     i....... .... ����. -�����-i����� .���a ������. mn��.I
demanding   . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
to   shoot   the   president-elect   if   the ' wa>'   ����"����� ������ ��'  xu. <-"�����.. * neresaarv
money were not  forthcoming.    [ttold|.  After the ballots had^ been counted i    " severe Criticise.
him   to   place   the   money """" "*    "  *     "       "���"   "*
es for the government.                    ���>"���= *-"<;v..uo ���. ...^ ���.      .     ...               ,,,..,,.,,,,      ,,,,. ,-,,,���,.
ohnson testified the last letter held yesterday evening and was more  ��LneefteBed   o  per'suade him  that
Ing $5000  contained  a  threat than usually well attended.    Mr. Ot-   engineer railed to persuade n.m mat
1                             '                        .. ���.,���.,.     ,_ ,,.��� ���,,,.,,.              ,a wooden structure was all that was
Blectric i.'glit .
Waterwcrk-i   ...
PtlbllC  Schools
Fire Hulls  	
City Stables
Kxhibitlon   'M
City Hall Wesl End
For. Ag. For. Ag.
372 IV.i 24
... 389 126
... 428 102
... 2.4I-I 154
... 38't 12S
... 346 l."����
... 327 IBS
For.    Ag.
For. Ag.
11 4
13 6
14 4
10 3
12 4
14 4
i 9 r.
10 6
.I,,.,   io   ���.���..,   ....    .,..������,   under   tlielhy the chairman aud  Mr.  Dorgan, as! ,      -"������*-. -. -���- ���������
platform of the rill oa    freight houseU scrutineer  committee,  a  discussion1   . A"��therf ���se.  in ,whi^h1'he1 T
It Ledgcwuod. X,. and Sfitofffi | ��-��� -  " tb. next  most expedient; ^^ffl^ ����3
Ottawa, May 20. In the suplemen-
tary estimates brought down today
liritish Columbia In,Iks large and In
the list for the farthest west province
are Included heavy appropriations for
Canada's great fresh water Pacific
port, New Westminster on the Fraser
For the North Arm of the Fraser
$200,000 was voted: for continuing the
wing dam and permanent harbor work
at the mouth of the river in itB new
Channel, $250,000 was passed, while
$100,000 was set aside for a new
dredging plants in BrltlBh Columbia.
List of Appropriations.
Following  are  the  detailed  appro-
the   the part ot the villain, came up wban  potions   for   British   Columbia   con-
.  . ,.,__,,... i���i���..j tbat the  talne(j    |n    tbe    supplementary esti
I    Campbell  river,  repairs    to    wharf
lake, wharf, $4500; Seymour Arm.
wharf, $6300; Shelter Point, Oillls
Bay, wharf, $6000; Shoal Bay, Burlaw.
wharf, $400; Sorrento, wharf. $3200;
Squamish, wharf repairs. $3806; Summerland, wharf, $23,400: Ucluelet
wharf, $45,500; Wolfson Bay, wharf,
$3000; new dredging plaufl British
Columbia, further amount required.
'". iirlen.-iy, publlc buildings, $5000;
Coinox. public building, $3500; Coquitlam, public building, $15000;
Duncans Station, public buildings.
$20,000; Kamloops, drill hall, $25,000;
Nanaima, public building, $25,000;
New Hazelton, public building, $7000;
Powell   River,   public   building,   $12,-
of "what inppetird to McKlnley."        !BteP- , ,     . , ,       , 	
John T. Webber, a rural letter car-      "   waB   ult mateiy   -Marred   w   mv ,        mullicipaUty complained
that   the   letters     had  committee  who  had  charge    of    the  ��e   nu      v      J *ed a swltch at
,   a   letter  box   on   his  plebiscite with instructions to adver- ; ^"y^,^  lhe  publlc hlghway
route and taken bv him to the Whar-  ��-�� tor ��� commissioner if they deem  {J^XlW^eonMifcB.
ton   postoffloe.     Frank   A.   Butler,   a  ������ necessary and confer with the city , m**��*fig^ that ,he compan)
piiBtal Inspector, teptified that lie had :c��uncil again ana report. Installed  the  Bwitch  without  permis-' umbla  an,i   Kootenay  rivers,  wharfs, I public building. $100,000; Sidney, pub-
aSBlsted  In arresting  Dunn and  Dav- ���?!��.!  ���ni,��.,��iil,.  nt.   I slon  from  either  the municipality  or  $25,000;   Deep   Grove   wharf,    $3500:   lie building, $8000;  Vancouver South.
ine  cnairman  impnasiziu  uie  aa- rallway commission and for    this  r'rofton   wharf,   $4000;   Fraser   river. I postal station, $15,000; Vancouver drill
^^^^^^^^^^^^_____^ 000; Prince Rupert, drill ball, $35,000;
and construction of shed, $4600; Clam ! Prince Runert. quarantine station, re-
Bay, Thetis Island wharf, $3000;  Col- j vote   $2400,   $59,000;   Prince   Rupert.
The  figures given  out hy
turmris iifTicfr, W. A
the    rt-
For. Agst
. .43K
day  was
Sewers.  $150,000   	
Exhibition.  $25,000   	
Klectric  Light.  $40,000
Waterworks.   $45,000    .
Public   Schools.   $57.11110
Fir,. Halls, $25,000  	
City Stables. $16,000   ..
The   surprise  of  th
pr'l'ns   it    tbe  West    Bind   Ration
Whore two of the bylaws were litrnei
down, vis,, the exhibition nml electrii
llghl Inlaw:., while the required
three-fifths majority was missing 01
Brwrnl  others.
Contrary to rumors which wer--
flo&llng around. Sapperton cairn
thro'igh strong In favor of lhe sewe;
bylaw, together wiih a rousing vole
for all  the Other bylaws.
Whrn seen after the votes had bee:,
counted Acting Mayor Kellington ox
pMMed  his satisfaction  at the result.
"I.I 1�� very gratifying Indeed," Bald
Acting   Mayor   Kellington,  "not  only.
il is an indication of the con-
Duncan, are as fidence 0f the ratepaycra ln the mayor
and council, but it will enable ub to
ijs proceed with many improvements
24S that are actual necessities If we arc j
IM to take our place with the large cities
152  on the coast.
"The councll have realized that thr
money market at tbe present time Is
not at Its best, and for that reason
we have asked the people only foi i-a-r-ge
money that wbb absolutely necessary |
"The sewer scheme and the agree
ment villi Burnaby have b'en explained thoroughly and I am mnn
than pleased that this matter was en
dorscd, Ii will enofcte us io provid
for the people of Sapperton convejil
encea that exist at the present linn
in nearly every other part of the cily.
"The streel bylaw will also enabli
the council to make improvements cr
the highways tha: are absolutely
ner.-'ssary and we hope now to bf
able to carry out the same progreB
���ei-.e policy that we have had in mine
frcm the llrst."
lenport and that Dunn admitted hav
ling written the letters, but later de
jnied it.
cesslty  Ol*  hett*  fair  and   Bquare   ,.,. ~^al"rm"an Drayton severely criticized I North   Arm   improvements,   $200,000;, hall, further amount required,  $200,-
������The?e must be no neDotism or hole : lhe odiclals. ; Praser river, training piers and dredg- I 000;   Vancouver  North,  public  build-
andIcZnS burtnew   ISch U Ts ex-l    He ordered Mr. A. H. MacNell. who   ing,   further  sum   required.  $250,000; ling.  $25,000;   Vancouver  (old  postof-
emDl fled  In  school  boards     councils ' appeared for the company, to get Into , Fraser river, removal of snags, further  ficc) building additional. $17,000; Van-
andlLv ernment  services"' he  said    I communication to him al Calgary ex-  amount    reqpired,     $23,000;     Fraser couver North, drill hall. $30,000; Van-
Mrg9^a^-ThET^S^'no   telt  otffilng Why the work-was done with, river,    protection   of  bank  at  Canoe  couver.   postal   station   "B"    $35,000;
Mr.   Dorgan-There   IB   no   fear   0l   ������*   permisalon  and   to   give  reasons \ Pasa,   $4500;   Friendly   Cove.   Nootka! Vancouver   North,   postofflce,     $750;
ihot hefore thev   whv   it  should   not  Immediately     be j Sound  wharf.  $6500;   Holberg  wharf, ��� Vancouver   new   detention    building.
lhat tietore tney |wn>   uuuou . re-vote, $12,000; Grantham's Landing.  $50,000;    Victoria,   observatory,   $12,-
Howe   Sound   wharf,     $4500;     Howe  000;   Victoria,  old  postofflce building
that here
Mr. W. J. Kerr Bald ^^^^^^^^^^^
w ent further they should know what j torn out
they  were prepared  to pay a  man. Mr.  W. O,  McQuarrie.
Mr.  Darling, acting  secretary���Be- ] acted for the municipality of Surrey-
fore employing the industrial commis- | 	
of this city,
Collection   of
Asked   cf  Turkey
as War
to     Be
I'aris. May 20.- The Bulgarian min
ister of finance. T. Theodorff. who ir
to represent Bulgaria at the financial
conference   In    Paris   in connection
sloner we should go back to the city
and tell them that we have complied
with their suggestion to the extent
! that we have agreed to an industrial
commissioner and have some assurance from them before we go further.
The Chairman���This thing Ib going
to upset what, we have been doing ourselves.
Mr. Dorgan���For a time at least.
Mr. Kerr -Ohjeas we see some $20.- I Alleged   Halibut
with the Balkan settlement, BHid lo- 000 in the next three years or we are
day that the Balkan states would ask]down and out. I'nless we have that
for a war Indemnity of two billion guarantee or about. The industrial
francs ($400,000,000), of which Bul- I commissioner bn- salary will cost $10,
garia's share  would    be    1,000,000,000 J00O ia    '        ""         J   "--  ---' '*���
Sound, removal of snags. $5000; Ml-'to pay taxes due for yeara 1900 to
looet river, south branch. Improve- 19C6 and 1910 to 1912 inclusive, $13,-
ment of channel, $6000; l.ockport, 010; Victoria postofflce improvements,
MrResby Island, wharf. $4000; Na- :additional amount required, $20,000;
naimo harbor improvements, re-vote, Victoria, public building, to provide
$43,000; Oak Bay, breakwater and for government's share of cost of new
wharf. $10,000; Pender Harbor wharf, pavements put down by the municipal
$4000; Pitt river, wharf. $3000; Point authorities, re-vote $6310.42; Vernon
Cowan. Bowen Island, wharf, $4000; public building, further amount re-
Pritchard.    wharf,    $7300:  Queenston,  quired, $2700; William's Head quaran-
  Yakoon  river,  wharf    $5000;     Rocky  tine station, new buildings,  Improve-
1 Point, wharf, $3500: Saanichton, ments and repairs to existing build-
Poacher  Does  Some  wharf,  $5500;   Roy's    Beach,    whirr,  IngB  and   fittings  additional,  re-vote.
^^^^^^^M , j $6000;   Scotch  creek    flat,    Shuswap  $15,000, $86,000.
Eagle Screaming in Interview        j ^^^^^^^^^^^_______________^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
at Seattle.
Arran-cem��nts    About    Complete
McBride Demonstration in
This City.
New  Electric  Line   to  Be
Two Months.
North    Burnaby.    May    20   -Actual
work on the North llurnaby extension
of tbe B. C. K. It.  Hastings Btreet line
was commenced this morning, a large
gang  of  men   arriving   on   Uie  scene
for  to start  grading operations.
The line will extend two miles
along I Ish; lugs street eastward from
Boundary avenue and. when completed, the settlers will have the same
privilege In the matter of fares as
those enjoyed by the residauls of
South Vanoouver.
lt is expected that the contour ol
the land Will not present any engi
ii. eiing difficulties, so that the actual
running of cars can be expected with
^^^^^_^^^^^_ time.
  three ��.t. sj-k  bo*>& tha remt  ter
francs. - �� .     -,, I travelling expenses and ws on.    It la
Numerous precedents, he said, butv jup to some person or some persona to
ported the Balkan demand.   They did (come through with the  money.
not ask to be indemnified for indirect
losses due to the state of war, but
.merely for reimbursement of purely
military expenditures.
(Vacancy   In   Coqultlam   School 'Board
According  to advices trom Seattle,^ -Unfilled. I
Captain  Courage,  who  was in    com- |    Coqultlam,    May    20.���The    school I
��� --    ��� \ board   is   in   a   quandary   as   to   just 1
was in    command of the halibut schooner Valiant |^tu c"urgg ��, adopt "in order "to'fiYl 1
when  she  was  captured off  Triangle |^e  vacancy  recently  created by  thej
Preparations are now well in hand
for the monster celebration to be
held in Cic horae show arena n*.
Queens park on lhe evening of .lune
2 to mark the conclusion of ten y ars m two m,)nthB'
of governmi ni  under th.
I'.-emirr Sir Hichard McBrlde
seating acoommodatlon will be pro
vlded for 12.1)00 people. The commli
tee In charge are endeavoring to
make the gathering ol a non-partisan
charaoti r,
(According to preaenl arrangements
Ihe |irei..|i-r and members of his cab
lm i wltb the exception i f Hon,
Thomas Taylor, who is In Bngland.
will arrive in New WeBtmlnster nn
the afternoon of .lnne 8. Sir Richard I
hns   promised   to   attend   a banquet
early   in   thc   evening   In   llle   Hush..I!
hotel, given In honor   of    Mr. John
Sprott and afterwards to sneak ut the
arena.     This   banquet    will   be   give
by ro-ui   superintendents
parts of the provide
Uncle    Sam    Awaits    Message
Tokio on  Anti-Alien  Legitlation
in California.
Washington, May 20.-  Interest in th
negotiations    bei ween    the
States and Japan over tin
land legislation    has
shift ed    from
Tourist Trips.
The   subject  of  the  tourist  excur-
Blon. trom Vancouver, to New We^| ������--aBt   ^   by   ^   fi8heo. jrp6ignatlon-ot TrU9tee Whiting from
cruiser   William   Jolliffe.    is    not    a  that  bo^^   ^   ^   ^^
little peeved  over the affair and. Ioi    |aWB   thP  vacanCy   was   thrown  open
lowing   a  conference   with   American . f(jr nomillltlons |a6t Week but no resl-i
federal   officials   at   Seattle,   a   report. (]pn( dlsplave(! Pn0Ugh interest in thej
has  been    forwarded    to  Washington   8chooi  affair6  to 0ffer hiraecif. j
with  prospects  of  International  com  ���    ,(   eeemB   prooabie   that   the   board I
plications arising. will decide to transact all the school
The  Valiant la  now    lying    In 'the   bii-shiesn  as   they  are  constituted   at i
North  Arm,  awaiting the decision ofj^p preBent time and await thc next
the  admiralty   court,   which   will    slt . elections   to  fill   the  empty  chair.
in  Vancouver  In  the  near future,  al* , , .���
though,   if   the   American  authorities
press Ihe case at Ottawa, the decision
might be handed down without delay.
In his Btory to government official-
Captain  Courage    says he  was    well
outside the three mile limit
The    captain    says:    "Small    fiBh-
have    been    seized    off |
another    meeting    Wednesday.    The! Vancouver'island    for^ several   years |
dates ol the window exhibition were ���-'  ���*���*  ���'"������''������  blate8    "a8
Ithtaster,   B   trip   thence   up
the river and back to Vancouver was
also discussed.
The secretary said that he bad had
|a   conversation   with   Mr.   Purvis   on
ithe   matter,     Mr.   Purvis     said     the
B. C. K.  R, were going to feature tbe
I excursions    in    their    literature  this
summer    The fare for the round trip
! would   be  $1.50.     That   would   include
i the expenses of a guide.    It would be
a  personally  conducted   tour.     Visit- j
ors would be showu through the canneries,  etc.
The "Buy li. C. Products" project
was taken up and the secretary reported that the committee dealing
with the scheme had n meeting with
the Itetail  Merchants' association and
la  discussion   on   the   subject.     They
United I were Working together and would have
His   Points   With   Wit-
Ladles  in   Lecturer's
Ing      craft
Vancouver island
and   lhe   l'nited   StateB
looked  into  the    matter.
quel   tc   Motor   Car
on  Bail
Accident   L.-i6t
Autoist Out
1  know  ot   Ehcots Automobile Dealer and Calmly
Runs Off with  His. Wife In the
, and of th
matter was left in the hands of: winning over the
^^^^^^ Mr. Sprott ri
c��n*:ly  retired from  the    position
provincial road superintendent for the
New   Westminster district afier many
years of faithful service.
At the horse Bhow building
premier will review the work of
government during the past ten years,
ltrlef Bpeeches will also be made hy
olher members of the cabinet. Special Invitations have been aent out to
vlnclul legislature
A  sequel to the
^^^^^^   whieh   happened
Burnaby on Saturday
took   place  In   police
this  morning   when  George
nd a eharnfl ol
Edmonds, Mnv 20,
��� automobile aooldent
all  In   K*1'!
Ing las
Leaf,  of
Kast  llurnaby, answt
Istratlon  io  convince
uovi rnmeni of its purpose to do evorj- commltteo
thing possible  to maintain the best tne commiiteo
relations thai   the  American  charge,
Dallley-BlanchaTd, has culled upon thi i
foreign minister at Tokio to assuri
him of the determination or Ihe I nit
ed Slates 10 find a Ma^jnd satis-   -_- smnHlmm Mt9ndea from M
factory solution of the present is iue.; ,  ,f ,U1 hmlr    Mr Hiigon,
Secretary Bryan already verbal) has. ��'' ;.���������,���,���,,._ rl,pl((���, that unavold-
given such assurances to VlSCOUntI ^ igl^a lm(| occl|rrt,(, tlirotlKti Ihe
Chlnda. m  Work on the street Improvements, hul
lt Is believed here that the visit ,(11 ,,,,���,, (,  ,������,  ������,���.  W9re  anything  like
the   time   quoted.     Ab   soon   as  these
The secretary also reported that he
hud laid a number of complaints about
Ithe   delays* lu   the   tram   service   at
Leopold  Place, before the company.
I Come of the complainants had stated
running   down   and   injuring  WllUttnJ  California of the Japanese statesmen
Wati   at   the   comer  of   Sixth   stroet  j.),^ a,���i Hattori, representing botl
and   Seventeenth  avenue.
Wait  la  at  present  lying In
Hoyal   Columbian   hospital     suffering
frcm  Iwo broken legs, a broken nrm
a   broken   cellar   bone   and   iiIbo
until   .,.. ,   	
Ihe meantime Mr. Leaf la allowed his
liberty under $.">0'JO ball.
flag-i ar
of the lasl
S"itts   will
floor, leaving
lo the platform
end of the  building
win be large
members of the prov
members of the Dominion parliament
from   B. Om the  mayors and  councils
of cities  In  British  Columbia and  to
the reeves and councils of municipal!,
ilea in the Fraser valley.
The building will be decorated with
d bunting and banners typical By
ten yearB of prosperity, thi
bo  arranged  on  the  main  between
a 18 foot  ulsle lend'hit  which,  up  till  the
built across the,north I been Hi., north
The   plS-tform | Arm, has been Bottled by
accommodate line to the centre of the Blreafn
djis  expected,  however,  Unit  a speclul I
for ladies and their escortB,    On the I net  of the  legislature  will  bo neces-J
outside over  the main  entrance will |sary  before   the   matter    Is    flnallv!
b"  placed  n  large  IS  foot  bust por-
Richard  McBrlde painted
of the great political parties of Jajan.
will lie of benefit, aa they will be able
to enlighten their people at home ai
to the conditions In California affecting the Japanese residents. Other Influences ure working In the sume direction and the Japanese-American
society In Tokio is sending one of Its
trusted members to this country, with
peraoiial     messages     to     prominent
  Americans, calculated to relieve fric-
Burnaby Line Settled. 11'.on between the two countries.
Bridgeport,   l.ulu  Island,   May  20. Meanwhile,   resting   secure   In   tlle
payment of 17000 by Burnnby | belief that nothing mor*- can be done
damaged ribs.
Magistrate Beatty granted a remand
Tuesday   morning,   Mav  27.    In
works were completed the normal ser
vice would be resumed.
The secretary mentioned that Mr
Hugh Savage had received a private
letter from Mr. Kenneth Myers, their
secretary, now In England, Informing
him that Mr Myers had been Invited
to meet the Canadian chamber of
commerce In London and discuss matters In rehtlon to the establishment
of industrial concernB in New Westminster.
I'aris. May 20.���A crime,-the daring
of which recalls some of the exploits
Of the motor car bandl's who were re.
Icently    guillotined,    was    committed
I lhis  morning    when    an    automobile
dealer  named   Dardene  was   shot   by
an     apparently     well-to-do    customer
i who  asked  the  dealer to  conduet    a
trial apln of an automobile to SiiiIIb,
where ho
Mr. J. Z. Wofte, of Chicago, dellr-
l red a most inspiriting lecture on the
single  tax  system   last  night  in   the
Labor Temple before an audience of
'. between 30 and 40 persons, a goodly
j proportion of whom were ladies.
Economics are not usually associated with humor, yet Mr. WTiite't)
bright, witty address, interspersed
(with humorous anecdotes and pungent
|.illustrations, while In no way d:3tu-'.,
ing the tenor of his theme, the t'i'ugre.'
:tax. kept his audience keenly aJort
to his arguments. He contended K*St
great force that the .Increase at th-J
land tax and exemption of improvements invariably tended to tlie establishment and promotion of industries,
it would compel the utilization of va-
caut lands. There were two evils inherent in the system of taxation from
which the single tax was absent The
encouragement to hold land vacant
while It roBe in value from industrial
enterprise around it, and the appropriation of the ground rent by the
owners in other words the unearned
Increment. He was in favor of private ownership ot land as against
naturalisation    of    land.    The
by  them  until  the next  word  is had
'rom  Japan.   Ihe   president,  and   8eC-
nough lo
llrpute ns to the  boundary  Unel
Richmond    and     llurnuby       .      ^^^^^^^^^^^
present Ume, hai   retary Bryan apparently have rellev-
of the North j i their minds of the consideration of
erlng the | ho subject.
H |  ���
about SS miles from  I'aris,
said hla relatives would purchase the jJJTjj
,CR'"i                            on,              ,, single    i.ii    system   was  the  easiest.
                             ",1P"   entering   Senlll   forest      the most effective was of dealing with the
,    u;. . r ���n  D.Md�� Cltv of' <i"B,ol"er "n  8"""'  """JSiKJ 1   a Problem by making it unprofitable to
That Is What Court  Decides City Bf  deM ,0 gtop  ,he  car and  then  fired kP(!p   ,bo   ,and   yaoanL   **.    aAv\aet\
Seattle    Has    Been                : six shots from    a revolver   at    him. tlmt ��� ghould be done ^    ���
Seattle    nss                           , pu((h|ng  n,m      ,  cf ,h    car,  calm)T ^ ^^ ^^^ |J 'wouM
.started the motor and drove away. ���lmply mean new government officials
Dardane,   who   was  very   seriously t0 coUect taxe8 whpre_ at present, il
wounded,    was    able   to   tell    some was done by the ]nndlord who collect-
.    ,,       ���.���    ...    ���    _!peasanlB what bad happened. ed  them  ������  lhe  fonn of r    t     The
Seattle,    May
Guilty of.
1110  people.    SeatB  will  be  reservi
trail or Sir
by a well known art lal
Babied by electricity. .
"Music  will  be  ��upplU-'l  Ui.r.i.K  tl.��:
evening by  the cily  band  and three
of  tho  loading  soloists of the  prov
|,,co  will  contribute  to  the  program
attwum i accommodation or  worms   amawur   nun   ��u��u.|..vMBu,r,
'lot    from    Vaiicou'T and    other which Is to be competed for here next
Thl:-. will be
Havers  Mon, Sic  Doln's.
St. Andrew's, Scotland,    May    20.
ThlB  town   Is   nlmost   In   a  state   of
siege as the reaull of threats uttered
by the militant suffragettes thai they
will  destroy   tbe  putting   greons  nnd
for,thus   render  play   Impossible  In   the
Want Safer Coupler.
San Francisco, May 20.- More and
'���liter safety appliances are the ob-
;i"t of a resolution Introduced today
at the convention of the Brohterliood
if Railroad Trainmen. The resolution
contemplates an effort to obtain more
comprehensive federal laws on this
matter through the Interstate commerce commission.    One thing deslr
Cuba Has New President.
Havana,  May  JO, -Amid  Bcenes
Intense  natrlc-'lc e
Mario Menocal I ^^^^^^^^^^^
noon  today na .third  president of thc
Cuban republic.   The ceremony took
place in the historic pnlnce of the
Spanish captains-general and was attended by a brilliant assemblage, including a special American mission.
Just   Like   Westminster.
New    York.    May    20.-New    York        	
City's J45.O0O.O0O 4',4 per cent, bond ! validated the bonds.
iBB-iie was oversubscribed by 75 per
cent today. Kour hundred and ninety-
eight bids were received. TheBe range
ed lB'a"cMple"'ttitwmop"bi��teMfrom|ln amount from $15.000000 worth at
both sides of the car. aa the trainmen | par to -$1000 worth at little more .than
declare they are BUbject to great risk j a point above par     It probably  will,-.   "���-"-{-, county grand jury now
at UmeB in operating tho couplers now be a day or so before tbe names of |by the special county g y
l��� ust, ��� tbo successful bidders are announced.  In session.
20.���Superior Judge
Albertson and Smith, Bitting Jointly
todav. granted an injunction against
the delivery-of $950,000 court liouse
bonds to a firm of New York bond
buyers and declared the issue illegal
and the election at which they wcre
voted   annulled.     The  decision    held
that the voters had been deceived In-
tbuslastn, General {{J believing the (960,000 bond  Issue  __  ^  	
�� inaugurated    at|wouU build nix or Beven stroles Of 11 ,lek,paUcn, expected to be 1000 strong,|���1!1|f.rt; and mopt economical way of
twelve story court house   w��N    | ,������mbers and friends ot toe TeTBlUmedyljig present **xx*Mt\ fosteflng
���he   election   It   was   found   that  the  Keb|r   Templ(.   D.O.K.K.,   will   arrive I * * ��-
money   would   only   be   sufficient   to; tfQm  Vancouver  by  special  0,   1'.   R.
build   a   three   story     building.     IM-^j,   An extensive program of sports
court also held that the change In the 1 .Ul(, sttXaM ls to be held on the agri-
plans bv which only the county was onltural  grounds during    the    nfter-
to occupy tbe building after the vol- r^ wh���e daucing wm be conduct-
ers had passed upon a proposition tor 1  fl ,n the pavllion ln the evening,
joint court house and city hall, ln-
A man calling himself Davlgnon tenant paid taxes In that shape by
who waB Btaying a' a Paris hotel. Ib (,is increased rent in the most desir-
suspeoted by the police of being the at,ie localities, defraying thus the cost
bandit. He returned to Paris In nn 0f fire and police protection, tram
automobile, took his wife, who was nI1PB and other public utilities. Land
waiting for him al the hotel, aud diB-' nationalization was simply changing
appeared without any notice. the form of rent by creating new col-
 ���- lectors.    The moment they ostablish-
di ni* '-^d contractual relations between gov-
Tel  El  Kebir ncnii:. .ernment officials and  private parties
Port Conultlam. Mtay SO.���Tn�� C��y lM fta foundationg for rasclU.
will be gay on Saturday next Wben a tax m wag  th(.
The campaign for the passage of the
court house bonds and the alleged mls-
repreBentation made by the advocates
of the issue, with the alleged approval
of the county commlBBlonera, Is one
of  the  subjoctB   under  investigation
dustries, in view of existing cofidl-
i tions.
I    At  the close    of    his    lecturo  Mr.
I White   answered     Beveral    questions
���"it to hlm. apparently with satisfaction, and was accorded a hearty vote
of thanks.
Acting Mayor Kellington presided,
and in tendering the vote ot thanks
expressed his appreciation of tbe impressive and convincing arguments adduced by the speaker.
Subsequently a meeting waa held of
those in favor of tbo single tax sys-
A Wag Named This.
London, May 20.    A new orchid exhibited   at   the  annual  show  of  the
Uoyal   Horticulture    society,    which
opened yeBterday, Is called the "Suffragette."    Explanation of  the name     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Is that the flower "has a loose tongue I tern and the nucleus of an organiza-
whlch Is always wagging." 'tlon for Ita advancement formed. PP.OE TWO
WEDNESDAV,   MAY 21,  1913.
!��  ,*ii penttrat morning ***er ttcvotod to Vie ia
the Frtsser Valley.
-.gmimmff^.    ��� , | tho  central  agency,  which  will  have
��� �������}��� **\ C -^SHs^fH'^^ii   I/O     -.Uj.   *^ I full  control of the sale of the fruit,
i\     \*S**(% <wBpP^V^^yy^���* <lpl   F>ilVTItS and Fettle accounts with the local as-
U    JJ KT   W *fl<<J3a|5F   fi/4^it-4v2PI sedations.    Wheu tin* corporation be
I agency is organized on a working bantu of ,Veic Wenlmliisfrr and   sis, lliis will be the first large attempt
r>UuM awry mom-in* except Sunday by tke National Printing  0f the British Columbia growers to eo-
aZi rob:^>i,s<* i'.'***"**. Umttett,-** <J l/cKmne. Street, .Vfw nvnimiiistir, /irlils/i j operate on tiie lines of the California
Columbia ttohB HVTHKM.ASI), Managing Director. Krult Growers' exchange.
,111 t-ommutticieiii*** thnt** he *tUres*ott l�� The Xcw Wettmintter Srws. und not
tn inttiotdmal memlte.rs af Ihe ttsiff.   <:hes;*c.s. drolls, and iiioiu-.iy
ible ta  Thr National  Printing and   I'vlilishing Company,   Limited.
raUSPUOKHB   -B-****e** Ofioe and Manager, S'1S; editorial Rooms (all depurt-
��). 931.
BUttfiCBirriOtl KSrKB���By <mrrier, t* per vear, (I  for -tkrec months, 10c per
month     Ity mail. 13 per year, tic per month.
Anl'KKTISIsa tTJlTKB tm application.
It is expected that next year there
orders should be made | will bo a central selling ngency for
tlie whole of British Columbia.
ThiB movement Is a most sensible
way out of a very serious situation, lt
is stated that there is less fruit aad
vegetable production In BritiFh Columbia today than there was alx years
ago. The home newspapers admit
that fruit from Washington and Oregon la sold ln the cities at lower rates
than the home-grown fruit.
One of the difficulties the British
| Columbia grower haa had to face Ib the
extravagant price at which productive
The campaign which is to be launched by the Pro-||,C,7.b^\ee2v,.^U0'u,o0fc5i,t
eressive association aided by the Business Men s associa-iot the grower's over the border. The
tion in advocacy of the "Buy B. C. Products" movement is fnrn,,ui"" "f ���' r"""':" !,""": ,l,"""'-v
deserving of the hearty support and co-operation of every
On * Packet of Tea mean*
Exquisite Aroma
Delightful Flavour
Try a Packet and make
the test. mi
Iu Soiled Lead Packsta only.
ought to provide some offsetting ad
vantageB, nnd enable the home grower
lo meet  the    American    competition
much more effectively.
If the organization plan Is worked
out on the lines of the cltriiB fruit
'marketing system in California, there
does not seem to be any large obstacle In the way of the British Columbia
growers ousting much of the American fruit both on the home and on
the prairie markets. -Toronto Mall
-.nd Express.
one of our citizens.
Have you ever stopped to think that, apart from the
getting of the ear of the people with money who wish to
locate industries or to begin in any business here, apart
from inducing them to locate here, there is something
further to be done?
That something may be called by any name one pleases
���co-operation between purchaser and seller, loyalty to
one's own city and its institutions, practicing the virtue
of beginning charity at home.   At any rate if we are to
keep those industries and businesses that we have and if may twenty-first
we are to attract more of them to our midst it is necessary in the story of the colonization of
that we in New Westminster should, so far as possibleJSSrStfF&^VarajffiS
make our purchases from Westminster producers and soldier, coi. Thomas Talbot He first
There has been in the past and still is a lack of loyalty
io our home institutions due in some measure to lack of
knowledge on the part of the purchaser. The "Buy Home
Products" exhibition should remove this. But this campaign for recognition of home industries is not confined
to New Westminster.   Rather the movement now afoot in obtaining a large government grant.
... *n>   x* e -i i ��� i be formally laid the foundation of Inn
our city is a reflection of a similar action in a larger -Talbot settlement" in the region
sphere, as witness the "Made in Canada" train which is bordering on Lake Erie,  upon   May
_,..���. i   .-,     f-\      ���   ���        i ,��� r*      21st, 1803, when he landed at Port Tal-
now touring through the Dominion demonstrating to ( a-
nadians what their fellow countrymen are doing to provide for their everyday or special needs.
Every article used in the home and every article of
clothing can be procured from Canadian factories. Tho
need for more factories employing Canadian workmen
will be created by the success of the movement towards
spreading the desire to buy Canadian made goods among
the people at large.
The same holds good in our own city. Every cent expended in purchasing goods outside of Westminster is
money which, even if it is expended in the province, will
���brrng little benefit to Westminster.
Every cent that goes out of liritish Columbia goes to
the building up of industries, the employment of workmen outside the province. It delays by so much the coming: of more industries and more workmen into our own
The London Daily Telegraph's comment  upon  the|nets.   The youtia or uai::.**.*, ���.*..,-,*
course whieh will be pursued by Premier Borden once the anxloua '" ���en,l�� Rpa on prwatee-rt,
_���.,..] v;ii ���      . i i��� .i _       _   ,     i i-   ,. and   the   newspapers  were  filled  with
naval bill is passed by the senate bears out our prediction flattering offers
made on Monday last. Tho rpcr��m'is ��' a crew for the
I good ship Cansco, mu years ago today,
May 21, 1813, waa brought about by
the following advertisement In the
Acadian  Recorder:
"All  tight  lads  who  are  willing to
serve his majesty in lhat fast-sailing.
j-.xcellent    sea-boat,    the    Canso,    of
I twelve   guns,   commanded   by   Lieut.
il'roke, now fitting out for a short
cruise,   to   protect  the   trade  of  the
j British  provinces  and  pick  up a few.
| straggling American Bordeaux men,'
will meet with an honest, hearty wel- I
come   from   a   sailor's   friend   by   ap-
] plying on bonrd th:tt vessel at the na-
i val  yard."
"What   would   sailors  do  on   Bhore.;
while king, country and fortune point
[to the ocean?" begins another adver-
tlsement, and continue:!. "His majesty's schooner Plctou, of twelve guns,
commanded by Lieut. Stephens, as
fine a vessel of her size as ever floated
on salt water, wants a few jolly spirited fellows to complete her comple-
ment for a short cruise, who may all
fairly expect to dash in roaches on
Iheir return, as well ns othi r foil'*.*'
Miplv  on  board  at   naval  yard.   May
���n, 1813."
The  Ingratiating and jovial tone of
appeals   would     indicate     that
Vancouver   Council   Makes   Tour   Tor
morrow���School  Board  Votes
$2000 for Cadets.
Former Editor of "ihe Ottawa Citiren
Has Always Been an Lnthusiaslic
Military Man and H j Achieved a
High Position as a Writer and
Lecturer on Artillery Practice-
Veteran of South Africa.
Lieut.-Colonel E. W. B. Morrison,
Tl.S.O., former editor ol The Ottawa
Citizen, has becn appointed director
of artillery on the headquarters staff.
His appointment to thia important
position'is a tribute to the devotion,
whicb has characterized his interest
in military affairs and especially in
the artillery branch ol the service, in
which he is known as a practical olh-
eer as well as a lecturer and writer.
He began his military service with
the Hamilton Field Battery, and on
appears   cn   the   scene   of   Governor
Slmcoe'8 private secretary.    He    waB
llien a young lieutenant cf about twen- j
Tin years later he again comes into!
view as a veteran officer, experienced
in  lhe  European  wars,  with  a  mind
full of schemes (on a grand scale) for!
colonizing  the Canadian    wilderness.
bot sixty miles from the next little
settlement in what is now Klgin
County, and with all due solmenlty
chopped down the first tree.
Forty years afterwards the anniversary wan kept as a holiday by the
pioneers. His desire, as he himself
put lt. was in help elevate "this part
of his majesty's dominions from the
degrading position of a petty factory
to be a powerful support and protection to the British Empire," and, as
In-about thirty yiars he stiooet ded in
settling some fifty thousand persons
ni Upper Canada, his labors cannot
be said to have been In vain.
Vancouver,  May 20.���Immediate ac- j
tlon with regard to fixing upon a site
for the  new  cemetery  for which    a
bylaw of $400,000 has been approved. I
is expected.    The aldermen intend to
visit the various sites offered in Bur-1
naby  on   Thursday,   leaving  here  at
9 a.  m.
The school board last evening
adopted the recommendation of the
management commit; ee that the organization of a high school cadet
corps be proceeded with along tho
t'ups rfcomended by Major Snow and
Lieutenant  Bnndy.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ... .$16.0OO,00O.0C
RESERVE   .'. ��16,0O0,0OO.0C
Branches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and ln Loudon, Bng
! land, New York. Chicago and Spokaiu
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A genera,
banking business transacted. Letten
if Credit lBsued, available with cor
respondents In all parts of the world
Savings Bunk Department���Deposit!
received 111 siiniB of $1 and upward
.md Interest allowed at 3 per cent fei
annum (preBent rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
(i.  D.   BRYMNER,  Manager
The sum of $2H0n wan ordered to
be placed at the disposal of cadet work
and a separate account opened for
thai purpose. Major Snow was named an organlrer cf the endets and
Ui ntcnant Bundy as supervisor of
cadets and physical training. Lieu-
i'il Duff-Stuart was named honorary
A  century ago  Halifax  was one ofj
tho  buslesl   ports  in   the  world,  audi
its harbor was crowded  with  men ofj
war. privateers, and captured    prizes.
The   war   between   Kngland   and   the,
l'nited   States   was  an   ill   wind   that
Mew   only   good   to   the   little   Nova
the  farmers and  fishermen    received
Scotian city.
The merchants waxed wealthy, and
unprecedented   prices   for  their  prod-
Thc London journal foreshadows the creation of a
permanent naval policy which will mean development of
the Halifax dockyard and the creation of an entirely new
-base upon the Pacific, Vancouver being mentioned in this
To writers six thousand miles away the name "Vancouver" takes in the whole of the navigable waters in thi?
section of the country. New Westminster is where it is
liy reason of the exigencies of military and commercial
strategy and it will be seen that what was true in 1859
will run true in the days that are to come.
W Ith lhe letter of "J. 11. a." addTem-
ed tu Hu- Winnipeg; cily clerk's ofTice:
priiiiiii in this ia-mir or the Fter Prrsa,
we have little Hyn-paihy. lt is a letter
Which Challenge* reply to the follov.-
fag question: ts it in the greater interest of the community that aiitomo
Hie owners bhould be able to move
��� rapidly frn�� point to point or that
. cMldrea Bhould be allowed    to   play
. u|mib the ttrerts?
Xkc -suggestion that adenuat-e faciL
ItlOB for childrea's play already exist
gardens being the rendezvous of the
children of the neighborhood This is I
the position with regard to the better
clasB residential districts. Whal would
be the position of the childn n if kept
OB the streets in some of the poorer
dietrlcts of the city?
Children do nol play upon Hie
rtreeta -nut of pure CUBBedness or ci.n-
trarincsB. Th..y play there in pursu*
ance of perfectly natural instincts, instincts which are healthy, and which,!
if exercised, are calculated  to  make  .n
The laymen's conference of the Methodist assembly has endorsed the
proposal to form a company of share-,
holders of members cf the church in
British Columbia for the purpose of
subscribing $100,000 for the purchase
of the Southeast corner of Haniil'on
nnd Dunsmulr Btreets I formerly the,
old Baptist church) to be called Hamilton hall, to be ined for a building
of a combined club and  auditorium.
Judge  Bole   Elected
Three   vacancies   on   the   board   of
trustees  of  Latimer  ball  have  been
filled   by   the  election  of  .fudge   Hole.
of New  Westminster,   V   L.  Beecher,
of Vancouver, and D. R. Kerr, of Vic-
The.   principal's   report   shows  -that
substantial   progress  in   the work  of
the  hall   has  been  made.
, J*M
The wlll of Miss Bauline Johnson. !
the Indian poetess, has juBt been
mado public. H<*r Indian curios and
trophies were bequeathed to the museum of the city of Vancouver, and
other relics were beiiueaihed lo peril.nal friends. To Miss Evelyn Johnson, sister of Mis-i .lohnson. was left
money in the bank, stock and shares
in Pearson's publishing Company, and
'he right and title of the deceased
to the "Chiefswood" estate. Mr. L,
\V. Makovski is to receive the copyright of all her published works. To
Walter McRae Miss .lohnson bequeat-
ed the manuscript of a boys' book,
entitled, "The King's Com." Miss
Isabel Kccli-slone MacKay and Mr.
Lionel \V. Makovski aro to be the
trustees  and  executors of tlle estate.
Mrs. MacKay will be remembered
in WeBtmlnster as "Lady Van" who
acted as iudge in the May Day festival of 1012.
LIEUT, nu.   K.  w.   I-.   MOItMSOS.
going to Ottawa became prominent
in military organizations tliere. During the war In S.n tli Africa Col. Morrison went nut with l> Battery and
f,,r conspicuous bravery waa repeatedly mentioned in despatches tn the
War Office.   Saving thu guns st l.illie-
fi.ni,'in won him lhe .1 ration ol tli"
distinguished Bervii rder.
tin returning to Ottawa he had much
to do with tin' organization nl the
Twenty-Third Field Battery and subsequently commanded the artillery
What  Min Cm Endure,
It you wen* t.i take a four-cylinder
engine from your motor-boal rr your
touring car. cover it with dirt, bury
it some feet below the Burface of tli"
earth, niul exhume it a month later,
how efficient would it be afterwards?
Yi t this i-i done Beemingly with impunity by Hi" Hindu fakirs to their
very own selves Hr. Konigberger, a
physician in thf Punjsb, who il uibto i
tii" frequently doubted stories, <let��r-
mined to make the most rigid test*
t . exclude a'.l possible fraud.
One of these Brahmin fakirs allowed
himself to be buried by the doctor an.l
liis suspicious colleagues in a well-
fastened and sealed vault. The burial
lasted such a long time���for forty ilay-i
-thai some corn planted upon tlie soil
above the vault sprouted into bloom
before the unhappy fellow was released. Then the Hindu was freed, subjected by the doctor to restoratives,
and lived happily ever afterward'
Sir Henry Lawrence, an Bnglisii
scienti.-t who a.'-i-led the German >a-
vat.', substantiate* tlie whole account.
The chest in which the fakir wa* buried ��a.< firmly Bealed, and when tinman was brought out I.J was cold
and apparently lifeless.
The incontestable proof of the human mechanism's strength and efflcl.
ency under the worst possible conditions is to be found in I...: numerous
non-fatal injuries and accidents to the
A liny recenlly stabbed in a street
fray was I.-ft with the dagger run
through the heart. He was taken to
the hospital and thc heart wns stitrh-
i-il. He recovered A man of sixty-
five, suffering frnm paresis, passed a
hatpin into liis heart. He had snme
slii'lit disturbance of liis In.art beat
f..r a month and then fully recovered.
volutionary leader. But he did not di
it well enough: she suspected his mo
lives nnd informed lier brother, Cer
lain te3ts wire mud.', and it was ea
tabllshed. beyond doubt thai Dambov.
sky was in league with the police,
Tilings went merril> (hereafter.
11 Miilc vsky vowed bis love, and tlio
girl, Kosa Lishnewska, revealed ta
him 'the secrel of a great r. volutionary meeting which was to be beld In
the crypt of Si. John's cathredral,
Warsaw. Masks, Been i passages, a
password and alt the paraphernalia
of conspiracy figured In ib*,* recli .1
and the delighted spy ran Off 0 his
employers, the Ochrann i political po-
Ik-el  and told them everything.
There was a large meeting on lhe
appointed night In tlie crypt (,f the
cathredral, The momenit came when
it was necessary for the Ochrana men
to throw off their masks and produce
their revolvers, llut the remaining
"inspirators did exactly the same and
.. vealed tin mBelves as the civil police force. There was not a single
revolutionary on the premises,
l-talr, Iii-eds. HiiMlnt-n*H Lett*���, etc.; circular work MpecliillKt. All w.irk strictly
confidential, fi. Hurry, room 418 wm-
minster Trust Blk.   Phono 102.
11 A P. O of Klks nf the D. of C, mwit
lhi- first nml llilril Thursday ut fl p. in.,
K. of P. Hull. Klgbth stre<.L A Weill
limy. Exalted riuter, P, II. Smith. Beo-
L. O. O. M.. NO. 864.���MEETS OS
llrst. seoond iunl third Wednesday In
eaoh innnth in K. of V. bull ut 8 p. in.
II. J Loamy, illctutor: P, K. Junes, seo-
retary. Headquarters of bxtire in tie.
House, corner of Fourth nnd Curnurvon
1.  O. O   T.  AMITY  LODOB  NO.   17���Tbo
^-irii'ur mi'-MIng of Amity lixlge No.
27. I, O. O. F��� l�� held every MondaT
nlfilit nt S o'clock In Odd Follows' Hall,
i...ii.'i Carnarvun iunl Fllgliili streeta.
visiting tir.-thern cordially Invited.
IV A Merrlthew, N. fl.: J. RoherUan,
V. tl.; W. C. Coathntn, P. l... ri-oord-
lng M��>er��.tnry; II. W. gangster, financial si-cntury.
ter & HftnilA, Ltd > ��� Funeral iHr.-ctor-r
im-1 ,-tiii. i innT-s Parlors 405 Columbia
street.   Now  Westmlnstor.    Ilu,in-  991.
W. E. F.\I.us���Pioneer Funeral mrector
and Etnbalmer, ill- BIS Akiu-h street,
opposite Carnegie Library,
Rome, -May 20.���Slgnorlna Nina do
Charily, a talented young Neapolitan
variety stage artist, who recently won
success in London as an interpreter
of native songs, has become Involved
In  an  emliarassing  love  affair.
Persistent courl. was paid to her by
a commercial traveller named Oraast,
the representative of a well known
Naples firm. Nina's mother, who always accompanies her daughter on
���nur. refusi d her consenl to a proposed marriage, being dissatisfied
niih lirassi's character. Clandestine
correspondence, imw ever, continued
by means of advertisements In tho
dally  papers.
The affair culminated in tho flight
of the couple on the eve of a grand
benefit night In the girl's honor. Tho
artist vanished with all her dresses,
valuable jewelry and $6000 in bank
notes, leaving a brief nolo which ran:
"Your severity has driven me to tHis
pass. Pardon nie and avoid publicity, else you will ruin his commercial position."
ll now transpires that this Luigl
(irassi is a married man who decamped, abandoning his wife and four children In misery, after robbing his linn
of   $1,1100.
r.i::i:.iri.Ii. CHANT * M.-cni.i., BAR-
i ist. is. Solicitors, eta 4n Lorn.- Strmt.
New Westminster, i! E. Corbould, IC
C.   J   (t. Grant   a. a  MoOotl.
tsr-at-law, solloltor. rtc. T.-leplion-n
1070. Cable niMress "Johnston.-"
Code, "Western Union," Offlr.-s, Kill*
Uinek, 662 Columbia street, New Westminster, H. C.
J. HTtLWBLL CI.t'TE. Ilnrrlst. r-iii-Ihw
solicitor., itc.: corner Columbia and
MoKenale streets. New Westmlnat-sr.
B  C.   P. O. Box 112.    Telephone   710.
Bolicitor nnd Notary. Offic-s Ihirt
l.l..rk. J*s I^jnu. stn-t-t, N,-w Wi-slititD-
Hl, r.  H. C.
Riirrisli-rs nntl Solicitors. fit)6 to 61#
Westminster Trust niock. (!. E. Mili-*-
tln. W. (j. McQuarrie and George L.
slae ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Weatmlnster Trim! Hlk.. I'l.liitnblu ntri-et.
New Westminster, ll f. Cable addraM
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 20". Telephone S9 w. J.
Whiteside, K. c.; It. I.. Edmonds, D.
Accountant.    Tel.  R  12S.    Hoom  21
Hart  blnck.
1". H  Smith W J. OrovML
Work   undertaken    In   city    uud   outside
p..i.us.   211-12   Westminster  Trust   Hldg.
Phone 214.     P.  O.  llox  607.
su r Itiiiird of Truile inctfl In the beard
r.iom. City Hull, as follows: [bird Frl-
ility of e.-u-h month, nuurterly meeting
I on llie third Friday of Fi'tiruury. Mav
August and November nt fi pm. An"
nual meetings on the third Vrlilay ol
1*. bninry. O, 11. stuurt Wudo, si-cr-o-
strong, resourceful and adaptable men
and women, such iih Canada needs   If
te tho city n-croaiion Rrounds is one I these Instincts arc thwarted and na-
Vthict  will  not  bear examination.    It  ture flouted by restriction of the cliil
bertays  little  Btudy  or  thc  problem, dren's  playing  from  the    result  can
While   tin-   work   of  the    -playground   only he Iokb virility in ill" chldlren.
���omi-mihiuon  ih  admirable and  hryrmd
all pralae, II ia only necr-ssary to con
On   the   othi r   hand   Whal   is   to   be
gaimii  hy  the exclusion nf children
tight lads" were not plentiful in the
I Halifax of a century ago. and thai
there was great competition for their
services Certainly the spirit Hon
seemed lo animate those privateering
expeditions was far removed from our
conception of trim war
economic gan commensurate wiih tiu-
pn jutllci. to tb.. children?   We fall to
tee it. Wo rail to Bee that legitimate
or  the  rights of am imoblllsts
wuh t   tlm position of the playgrounds   from  the clt)
Milb reaped lo the homos of thn chil
'drin snd to the ages or tho children
ihe  availability  of    the    playgrminds
���rltl reaped lo thr dilldrea's different   iradi
���play bOWB,  asil   tlio  capacity   of  the
play; rt;,.mlt. with respect to the num
ber of children  who need play room, on residential Btreets
to come  tO  tht�� conclusion  thai     the      Thm, Hi" only  gain
present  playground accommodation is  be
���vhullj and utterly inado-quat-o-
-i-�� a really  weH-orterefl r.ominunily
probably   every   third  or  fourth    lot
Btrei ts?    Ib there any
Barr   Colc-v.   Afer   10   Years.   Finds
Diversified   Farmlnn   Profl'ible
will he unduly Interfered with by re-      Lloydminster   May  in*  The    linrr
quiring   can fill   and   cautious   driving;... I,.���v   .K*].r*   fron,   KiiVl.-md   In   1903
"ii Hi" S'eamer Lak" Manitoba, There
if BUCh  it  can
called    would   In*   an   increase  of
satisfaction to the automobile owners
in  permitting  speedier  travel.     While
this  class    a  small   class  relative    to
would be left permanently vacant and   lhe  rest   of  the  population
���quipped as a playground. But whetb    dnubtedly
lias    units  rights,   while  the  auto
rr the  youthful    ardor    of    children  mobile Is a modern and useful insti -
..dioiil.L fieri then, bo loix-cd to upend   tution, il would be fatal tn forget that
itm-tl  m restricted areas of this kind
may Ik- debated.    Kor in Canada il haB
(x-��ui a tradition    and on the whole a
yrhre one   that   children   should   be
KiVMi   Ihe  greatest   possible   freedom
ixnd  elbow   room      The old fashioned   Nor can w
ixrni discredited marim that children
H*KHtld   lx:  seen  and   not  heard     has  of
never found favor on this side of the
the  rights of childlinod  are    primary
and   fundamental.    As  a  community
we  should   be   passing   fnolisli   to   In-
creaHo   Ihe   privilege     of    automobile
owners at tin* expense of the children
believe thai any considerable portion of the automobile owners
Winnipeg   share     the     desire     of
1). 8." to banish children frnm the
���water.    The suggestion thai  children strcetB In order thai  the pelasure of
pi rfected    Man
were 3000 on board nnd about 1200
"f tin--, smiled In the district, having trekked frnm Saskatoon, a distance of 210 miles over the pralrlp,
Aboul 200 homesteads wore taken
up. Owing to the long distance that
provisions had lo be trasporcd by
ox team from Saskatoon everything
"in high, and many rf them spent
their money the Tirsl yenr tor food.
Flour was about seven dollars a sack.
Seine members of the colony have
sold heir farms ,-H good prices and
moved to eltles and olher flections.
bill a large per coinage nf them remain.
Saskatoon has some of them, Job-
-pii Sui in. of the Empire theatre be
London,  May 19. -The appointment
'by   Secretary   Lune   of   Mrs.   Anna   C
lingers  as  receiver of  the  land  ofllce
ui Leadvllle Col., coupled with Secre
tary Lane's remark that money could
l'e   bandied   inoro   rafely   by   women*
Him  men.  has  unt   cordial  Indorse
i ment hi ri .
\" .: i ii .-in* ttstnniihlngly honest is
the  i-.-in rl   verdict   among  business
* * 'i n. i".' c*   ���   "��� ���������v.* dlrecl r t.f nne
large department  Btore  said  ihm   In
the fourteen years of his experience
a : anagtng din ctor he had known a
Ingle ci:*,. et dlshnnpsty among his
women employees, which could nol be
iald  nf  men
Mofil I in tn is men nre agreed that
women are al ilu-ir best In business
between   tlle ages  nf  twenty-live  and
thirty, while it is often true thai young
! girls take li ss Interest In their work
than men     tine man Bald :
"For the average woman the years
between seventeen and twenty-flvt
seem to be one long love affair, Al
twenty five her mind is lisiinllr made
up about marriage, und it is then that
tlie wnmnn employee is at her best
Between twenty 8ve nnd thirty a
woman is often superb In business.
j Women mav nol be so enternrislng I
as men nt the head of a firm, but sb
lietuls nf depart men Is they nre unrl-j
A  Promoter ol  Peace.
If a thorough understanding is not
arrived at between lingland and Germany it will not be the fault ol Mr
i nomas Hun-lay, wlm ia devoting hH
tii.. tiiTci.*- to this laudable tu>i;.
i ndur ii..*- auspices an Lnglisii paper
,-. t , I,... established in Ucrlin Inr un.*
exprcsti purpo t  Improving tbe re-
..*.; i.iiis  between  the  two . uuntrica
mi T)imiHS Barclay ia well experienced in -u. li delicate tasks, lot hu
l layed a bis; i tin in the establishment
.,i in*- I.nl* i.t" i '..i.linle between l-.n^-
lai .i uu.I I rani ������ I hough he ia u
.- >.t-i<nui, and v.H.-i 1...in at Uunferjrs
line *-"iii" seventy years ago, i.,- i.u-
-. ei.t the greater pan ol Hi.i i roles
Kinnal In** in lu" I- reneh capital 11.
urst went to I'aris as corruspundciu
ior 'I in- Times After nix yeara ol
journalism he entered the trench legal
profession, I*, r lhe past twelve years
ue has concentrated hia efforts on pro
moting ih" pi nee ol Kurope.
Lethbridpe's    Commissioner    Has    3-
Year Contract���Getting to Work
Lethbridge,   Alia.   May   20.    Joseph
P, Tracy arrived m the city thia morn
sion. r of commerce and manufactures
fnr lhe cily nf l.ellibrldge. He has
be, n specially engaged for currying
on the Industrial campaign of the city
on a three-year contract al a salary
11 16000 pei annum.
Mr Tracy is 45 years nf ace. He
has held Important executive p..si
tions with Inr oo large American com
panles,   where   I btalnod   valuable
knowledge or manufacturing and d!s
triiiuiinti lie bus resided 17 yeara
iu Chicago, fi ur yeara In Detroit and
Iwo and a half veins in Saginaw,
lb" mntcrlal may bo
tni I!   I'r. e   Pri : B
should be kept olT the Btreets miffs,
however, strongly of this obsolete d ic
What would the proposals rm an, if
carried out!    In the residential sec
iioiit* of the south and West it would i
mean  restriction cither to ttie house     A long aid) forward In
or to tho garden, hark or front, in the  the   difficulties   besetting   th
ran- of  the  groat, i   Dumber  of  the Columbia fruit  grower
Children's play Hni'-s    ll-vstnclitm    to  his  rrult  Is about   to  I
the house is self condemned.    Rut re-   growers of the Okanagan valley have  mixed  farming been  taken  up to any
strtdlrm  to  front   and  back  gardens decided   to   form   a   central   selling extent, and already a greal  advance
tni'-ma interference with domestic op    ngency  Tor ro-opiratlve market ing of' has   been   made.     Over  one   hundred
���oa*  and  with  ntMeuttta   procllv-   all fruit produced In tho valley. .thousand head of stock were shipped
Hies     Also it  mean-, that imr or two      The growera Of the various local us-  out of  the  district   in   1912,  and  this
touTefctilden  *W��I  OOBaefll    lo    >��<���!/   sociations *fll pool IhClr.product with   will  probably  be  doubled  in  1913.
ng a prominent mi mber and others
ire acniiered all along the old Sask
fi en-LIovdminster trail,
Tho people  In  tb's district are be-
-'lining   li    realise   that   this   Is   nut   a
wheal   growing  country, and  that   lhe
vercomlng I sooner  they   gel   Into  mixed  farming
British the sooner will ihey be on tho road
n   marketing l�� prosperity.
taken.     The      Only during lhe last, few  years has
Nanalmo, Mav 20, Manager K, n
Bird, of the Nanalmo branch of the
Canadian Hank of Commerce, has re-
celvi d fr. m architects in Toronto
plans of the in w bank block, which
ii is proposed lo erect on the sin
now occupied by the preBent structure.
li is not ibe Intention to tear down
the present building bul to alter and
add to ii. making li a more modern
Btrueture, and one of the mosl handsome business blocks in the city, it
Is the Intention of the bank to use
the entire ground Bpace, this being
made necessary by the big Increase
In business during ihe  past year.
Set Lim tt to Education.
Opposition tn state education in thr
past ��as due largely to a beliel thai
t...i much learning was not good uu
the masses. The worthy Hannah
.imiv even, v.lm was om- of thc mosl
. ariie-t  supporters ol the  mov ent
[or   Ui"   establishment   ul   schools   lot
the poor in England) had vi rj definite ideas aa to imw lur tlio children
sin.uld be educated. The curriculum,
-ne declared, should comprise dnlj
reading the Bible and the catechism,
and "such ...arse works as may fit the
children for servants," adding decisively, "I allow ol no writing lor the
RoBBland, li ('.. Mav 20 Tony C.
Tarpwsky was charged at police court
with tarrying a rifle without bavin.*;
a license, which is contrary to the
1 recent amendment nf the game act.
This is probably the first case In the
The informant was Alexander Cox,
.1 P., i.r Patterson. Tha magistrate
ordered tin. confiscation of the gun,
which   was   brought   to  court,   Iiiii   aa
ii was ibe tirsi case In- allowed hlm
to go with the paymenl. of cusis.f.'l.
COAL MINING rights of the Domlnloa
in M.itiitnt.o. Saskatchewan and \n.- tt-v
iii*- Viiit.in Territory, the Korthwesl Te.r-
litorlea and In it iiortlun of the Provuioa
of British Columbia, muy bt- leased for a
t. tm ot twenty-iini" years at an annual
rental et li un aors. Not more than -.'.ne
atxret will in- leased to one unpiu-ms.
Application for a li*nw* mUSI be mailb
by tlie applloant in person to tlie Agent
,,r Bub-Agent of tin. dlitrlot In whloh the
rights upplled for are tltuated
In lurveyed territory tha land must tw
described hy BOOtlOOS, or legal milwllvl-
slotiM of mi,-turns, imd lu unsurveyed territory the tract upplled for .i,.,ii be
'slaked out by tba applicant hlmselt
Kuril applfoatlon must s,- , .ni|..toi,it
to a fee of |I which wlll !�������� refunded If
the riKhts applied for nn. ni.i available,
but not otherwise, A royalty shnll be
paid on the inerclinntnlile output Of Ihe
mimi at the rate of five eenta per lon.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tha Agent with Bworn returns
.ii-"..unt in,; for the full quantity or merchantable coui mined und puy the roy-
uliy thereon, if the coui mining righte
ure not hehiK operated suoh returns should
he  fiirnlnhi'd  at  haisl  once  n  year.
The leiiHO will Include Ibe cual mining
rights only, but ttlu leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever Hvullahle
Hiirfr.ce rlRbts mny hn oonsldcred neCOS-
sury for the working of the inlnu at Ihe
rnte of 110 nn arm.
For full  Information application should
i be made to ti��. Becrolar/ of the Depart.
j ment  of  the  Interior.  Ottawa, or  to any
Agent  or Sub-Agent of  Mnmlnlnn   l.unde.
Deputy Mlnleter of the Interior..
n. B,���-Unauthorised publication of tni*
advertisement  wilt not  b��� pu|,|  fnr.
Marriage  of  Couiins.
Iii every i,(Hjo marriages solomnltoil I
in  Oreat  Britain twonly-ouo nre  be- '
tween Brat cousin-*.   Annum the nobility Hi" rui" ls much liiuhur, amount
iiig tn lorly.flve In 1,000,
Warsaw. May 2u. A police apy ]
named Staeok DambovBky, In order
to get paying Informal Ion began making love to tbe pretty sister of a ro-
entirely different from
Others both tn their composition and Ihelr effect-complete
evacuation without purging or
25c. a box at your drtlgg|lt*j,
| who do not receive The Newe bufors
8 a.m. Bhould
Und make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained, WEDNE8DAY,   MAY  21,  1913.
Offers the newest lines of this year's merchandise at about factory cost. NOTE
THE TREMENDOUS PRICE CUTTING. Two weeks of lively selling, for these
are varieties most in demand right now.
150 newest Waists, In lace and embroidery trimming.
J 1.00 values; Bale price	
1DU WaistB made from very excellent lace and embroideries, $1.50  values;  Bale price	
125 WalttB, beautiful styles and qualities, $1.50
values, sale price	
$5.00 House Dresses, splendid fitting garments
of Ginghams and Lawns; sale price	
14.50  IIoubo DressoB;  Bale
price    S3.25
j:0.00 Coats;   Bale
price    $15.00
26c  White.  Vestlngs;   sale
price  20C
65c Stair TapcBtry Carpet;
stie price 50c
$4.00  HouBe  Dresses;  sale
price    $3.00
$40 00   Ladies'   Tailored
Suits;  sale price.$30.00
36c White Vestlngs;   sale
prico 27-C
$2 00   Whlto   MubUb   ftst-
tleoats;  sale price .$Jtc45
$3.00 Houbo Drebses; s-ile
price   $2.25
$35.00 Ladles' Tailored
Suits; sale prim- $28.25
40-in. Silk Marquisette,
$1.25 qualities. 6 shades;
sale price  85<t
$2,00  Muslin  Petticoats;
pa'.e  price    S1.S5
(3.50   1'rincesB  Slips;   Bale
price    $2.80
$23.00 Ladles' Suits, Bale
price    $18.00
60-ln. Panamas. 85c values;
sale price   55C
$1.50 Muslin PetticoatB,
sale price    $1.95
$2.50 Princess Slips, Bale
price   $2.00
$20.00 Ladies' Tailored
Suits; cut to $15.75
(iU-ln. Cravenettes, Priestley's $1.00 qualities; Bale
price   $1.15
$1.50 Musliu Petticoats;
sale price $1.15
$1.50 1'rinceBB Slips; sale
Price    $1.20
Shantung PongeeB; sale
price    45c
$2.50 Reversible Tweed Coatings, 54-ln. qualities, sale
price, per yard... $1.85
$1.75  MuBlin  PetticoatB.
sale price   $1.45
$25.00 full length Spring
Coats; Bale price.$27.25
Peau de Soic; sale
Brussels Carpet, l'A yard
ends;   sale   price,
each   1.25
Screen Doors, complete   $1.50
$30.00 fall length Goats;
sale price   $24.00
20c White Vesting*; sale
eale price  lG-t
$15.00 9x12 Chenille Rug;
sale price   $12.00
Window Screens   30��
Wa  Sell  Refrigerators.
All our Hue Embroidery;
rabies 35c te 45c; sale
price     25��
in  -t ft., lift..  K-ft..  to
10-fL widths.
All our KmbToldery, values
66c to l&c, Bale
price    50C
We 8*-!!   ice    Cream    Freezers,
all SteSB, 1 qt, 2, 3 4.
ti, S qt.
Scotch Curtain Nets, "Ttc
qualities; atxle
pric-o    40c
We are Agents for the
Caloric   Firelees   Cooker.
Scotch   Klsh   Net   Curtaining,
90c qualities; sale
price    60C
4fi-in. blue and   white    Apron
Ginghams; saJ��
price    12'^C
30c  CrelonneB  for  Slipover
Covers; sale
price    23C
Anderson's Scotch Ginghams;
32 incheB wide; sale
price    18c
60c CretoaneB for Slipover
('���overs; sale
price    45e
('rum's 36-Inch  Prints;
Bale  price    l2'/2<
45c Slndras Draperies; sale
Price    25*
Cram's 36-inch Prints; Bale
price 10��t
Our slocks are now complete; greatest variety and Qualities
unsurpassed. No store can offer better, few offer as good.
AH the balance of this month we offer the splendid discount to
cash purchasers of Furniture of 15 per cent.
�� I ������/\Tijr|\Cr\   UADft-f C < n of most every race ot the civilized
Qe******* rtA    faf    OriPtltaiS MulniKLU   HUiWLj W��m�� . WilMie ascribes her success to
aJfJI Ct**Vt        VI ******   IVIIUM*" the     facl    lha,     ghe     naa     treal(,a     X,,,T
on the Pacific Coast      Of NEW CANADIANS H:^.^"""""1"
**** During  lier iH'sidence  in   Kdmonton
i Mrs. Wlltsie has seen the bald prairie
~~ "*"���~""~~" ..   t        i    a.^.n^Thrrari hv   converted into bonanza wheal ranches
��������  long  would  it take for the Ja-I it  *L25   per  diem,   twenty   cents     to Edmonta.  ******  ���* H��mcmber��d by   eon et ^ ^^  as comIUPrcW
Bsiese Ol   the  Chinese or  the two to   thirty cents was spent for llvitig. Immta��l*a from all Over World         farms.     Co***,  pigs,   sheep,   chickens.
pnnisi         in        I                    If they   a   maximum  basin  of   $2.60   lhe  sum imm g.                                                      and other   fo-wla   are   now supplying
swarm ov fttel* *fu      op    n        >                  ^^ ,g glv,,,, aa a fair ,iV(.r. ���Flft6Mi y^rf Work.                mmton> of dollimT worth of    meats,'
���were ..oi repress , 1? We I�� not.Know ^                  amwnrt           to 1Wo ^                          am) pouRry
but   there   are   undeniable factsinai u,m,^Iaj   U)   ������.   California  re-   Lno thp introduction of vegetable and
wtt help us to judge, nays an uw        ta   j-t-mj**-* -population or Ore- io���Mrs   fruit growing is adding materially to
lew writer.                                mnvafl  gon la given as 8��W) and of Washing- hdmontmi.    aji i..    nu    - ���             ths prosperity of the country. Women
Chinese and Japanese have moved  Bon m v*    ^^       matJoll ���>usld���r. Marle wilts*, mat run at the HUmon-   h:0.t\ ^\MP(I lh(,ir hugbands, brothers
toward  the continent    s> stomalica��> . r() 'jh  jh), ]lRlll  of n(.ul)Uy 0f populft- u,��� lnmigrattOB hall, who has    been Una fathers In making money on the
for ah..--*   half a C8"W'.I."'     ,,,,.: tion   or   the   stales   citid.   Is   linpreB- , ^     ,fl tl.nB o{ thongands of hum.-   farms.
this  movement   accomn 1 bin d       ifl,l a moiii                           f  ^  ^  w()1.k,      ,,W)J         receiving the right kind of
UB Ke lust (he genera_ facts without     ��,    tou knmv  ,.������  wel, that  lho ;������   v ��  1V!lS  ��.h,,n sao ra,elved  women, also sturdy men." she says.
the Intricate details    HawaH. first in                             ^ ,)rWnUl win n0 -   "   fnlme!1,  ttom  the  Dominion "and they can be depended upon to
the pathway of this mo v. m ent, sh.               BMtanate In  California    than ���,.rnmi.n,,   vajB   miwsnSbsiiea  with continue the big  work  now    under
be our first ...Miniue and the Btati       ^ ^ wWta mM un(, flu, ()rl(.ntal *.6watf v, ploaeeT r,,6idu,ts   of the way."
California   the   ult     at.        < minus   . ^ K(hi(,a, �� ^j^ a,jd ^       a,  th��� ^      ~
lhe movement   to date the se. ond a  Ltom��Uo   jn   ������.lr   opBTK!ion,   forbid (iKeentb anniversary  of ther uunuec- SAW   REAL  SNAKES
ample H.-wsii    t.. ' "nil   make   aasimllalliin   impossible. tlon WlUl the tasUtnOoB. _     ���
The Japanese  came  to  "��*��"    ���       if  Ihsse   people  wifl  UOl   assimilate       sl���, baa  Bt.rv��l   under  two govern- Trainman   Gets   Friqht   Of  HIS     Life
work   as   MKiiculturists      The   United oriental   is poured   in .upon ,������,���* anil  thr.-.. immigration  BfenU When   Uncctrplino  Car
States govemmenl  published Beveral Md tne      ^ ^ ^ 1;ivt, mm i^ ^^ hM ^^ ,jwn hiplll, 1(Ul(li  (.       M      .,     A    larK
yenrs since, in document No. 86, 1 U-* ��� , flo w|l������ wal���r 1.aUstacU)ry. i,Pr hosbanfl Is a JOTS- "gopher snake wedged ill so" e u,v
leUn of the bureau of labor, the HI* nc . ^ treat- ,���.r,.us fanner at Mill.M. Alta. -iccountable manner hi a coupling Of
lowing facta with regard to Hawaii ��P< ."^ ' ' ,wl, , E,,(,,t and Mrh-. Wlltsie came to i*rtmc.irt,.r, a freight car at the Oakland yards
IP the year W0��, out of i. tolaI of ,'���,,,��� |nBtltuUon In ils plac... do from oar-tern Canada, where ifh. , i.use.l oonalderaMe excitement and
1629 t.ersons of all naUonallUeB hold- esui �� nwementa taught school before her marriage, two gave Daniel Hughe^ inspector tiling licenses of twenty-seven kinds of not near upon s     ^^   ^  Klondike rush     Tn.   friwlit of his life, rtiti. Irving to un*
oci'Ut'iiM'.ns.  from hanking to fishdry- as       se. ^  Immigration   hall,   then     located     tajoouple  the car, he saw  the  rep-ll-s
Ing 1J41 vere Japanese, and 81.08 ol SPEAK IRISH. Stiathcona. on tho south side ol tht j head about six inches rrom his face.
the schoolchildren i�� our American   Saskatchewan river, was Inadeiinate , The train hnd come In from Sacra-
Island territory were Japanese. [-wri-a��� of t 54 Per Cent. Shown by io   accommodate all the prospe-eme -memo and Hughe was preparing to
The   hoard   of    education    n porte,. Census Return of Erin. settlers,   and   among  others   were   -S uncouple the car.   The coupling stuck,
lhat white children. Occidentals, came 2fl    .,.,���. ri>p),rt (lf ,,���, QaHdaag, who found shelter in a big **A  he  bent   forward  lo  esaniine It.
home   with   their   dialect   materially '          ��� Ir(,lan(, (ak(.n ,��� 19n Aovl tP���, AB be did bo the snake protruded ltd
aff.M-ti-si because ot   the   preponaer ^      ^ lm,nllallo��� wal 4,890,-     During  a  storm she  broughl   the hrtlrt (r���m the mass <f inm    win a
ence of Orientals attending the school (eg>        gg n5(. ;)p|.1)OI1B th!l��� ,v,   women  a���d  children Into the perma- t vpll   n���ghe Jumped   awav  and   called
Thirteen  years  ago,  in    1900,    there        ��� 0, 19nl   ��� decrease of lut   nent  building. In the face of protest!   thp  other  yard  men.   who    at     first
were engaged   In   "gainful   odoupa-      ,       (     T|1P ,0|Piwing  statement from the Bngllsh-speakint Immigrants wou^a not believe his statement
lions" males. 63,r,B3 Japanese and ;:������,.���.,,��� Ulp reUgl0U8 professions ot and gave up her bed and stove for, ..{���<,������, on and see." aald Hughe. "1
Chinese agalnBt   2n.'.tS4 whites, or Tf..- inhabitants of Ireland: their use.    Later the protestors PUO-   tnl| you It's alive."    Finally Inspector
68 D��r ceft    ThlB number has mater- 1901    .*u   <[civ thanked her for her efforts In be- , al,lrk  and   Potter  agreed   to   take  a
lally Increased, bb far as the Orientals  Rom.in  catholics     74.2     T3.9  half of  the  Oallclans and  the  latter i,(,ok   gnd Hughe's reputation Tor ver-
have been concerned,                          Proteetant BptBcopaMana , 13.1     l'.i.i oould not do enough for their enam- Mlty waB   established.   The   snake
Hawaii 75 Per Cent. Oriental,     'preabyterlans   10.0    10.0 pkm. was killed.
The   number   of   Japanese   citizens M(,,|i(!dlstB        1.4        1.4      The local Immigration officer sought      ,l0w  the  Biiake.  after  getting  into
in  Hawaii  makes it possible for that 0(|u,r8          1,8       1.6  Mrs. Wlltsle's aBBlstanco   the follow- tnp conp|[nK- escaped  getting  amaBh-
natlon to rnlse ItB flag tomorrow over Ab regoraB education, ^.2 per cent.' Ing day, and when the old Columbia ed allu how I: got there anyhow la,
the territory Involved and bring Ub of (hp population, wf 9 years of age hotel was secured ub an immigration a ',m7ji,, (hat the trainmen are try-
frontier   within  five days of the Pa- ���,���,   upwttTI]   were    unable   to   write, ��� ball, MrB. Wlltsie wns Invited to take (     u, BO,v(,
olflo'slope without the firing of a gun, |wn|le 9 2 per cent were unablo to read charge.   However, tbe   federal gov-	
the raising of a voice or the shuffling*      wrUp     No |PBS than 69.7 per cent,  ernment  declined  to  llnance  the hill  THEATRE  TRAIN   FROM
of a single  pair of feet. !0f the total number of families ure ln  until  lt   was shown  to be a  aiiccess. i PARIS  TO   METROPOLIS
The acdulBiiion of the territory lo I occupation of less than tlve rooms.     The rent of the establishment for the
absolute and complete Inievery way���     0nP   hundred   and   seventy three first  two montha was paid by local     j,al.|s   Mav jo���Everyone has long
'economically   and    commerclHlly.     It  fnm|i|(.B  were occupiers of-part  ot a storekeepers,    At the end of thnl  tie-   wnntP(,'   ���    channil    service    which
has been acoompllahed by the oewe-lroom only, B8.2B0 families were oceu- rind the gn-ernmont took over the ball wm,1(1 PllUhie a theatregoer in Paris
less lnpour of Orientals of both sexes. | pall|B of olu, ruom anil 194,186 of two  .,-,,1 Mrs. WiliFle has remained as ma-  U) lravp for i,on(|on  Immediately  af-
hv  the  acquirement und.  by   the  ex-  rooma. tmn   ever   since,   nnd   during   nft-ci  ���,r t|,P piHy, or vice versa.   The want
tentlon  of local business ami  by the      The  number  of  tenements  of   one  vears blip net been away from the hall i ^ ,��� ,,��� Huppn,d, ���t  leas:  in one dish.-er dynamic force of number. I room was 58.334. the number of per-   a'   night reotlon   this  summer.
Polltlcallv   Hawaii Is Amerlcnn ter- aonB In the room varying from one to|    Mrs. Wlltsie has heen a mother to      pnm   ,ulv  ( ���, t)(.u,i���,r :n a train
rilorv     In'point of faot  II   is  known   morP   than   twelve.    Tliere   were,   In  thoiis��Tid��   of   linmignnits   who   have     .y,       ,lMplng car  will    leave    the
lo those cognizant of military eondl- faot,  no  less  than  l,9.-.7   eases   were ^  to Kdmonton. and manv of these flu Nori, pvprv nl(?ll, px(,ppt Sat.
ilotiB   and   the  government  at   Wash-  ,hl, occiipantB of one room  exceeded , who nre now prosperous residents of      . .   1Jg0    travolling   slowly   to
netoii best of all, to bo strategically  seven In number and of these thirty-Ithe cltv and the tributary district re-  -jjj,   ,0   gtV8   pnlwe���gerB  a night's
lapanos-  now,  as  It.  has    been    for nine cases  showed  an occupation  by member with gratitude her kindness^ ^       ,        ���������,.���    aftPr
mU7  years. twelve  or  more  persons  In  R  single She has many letters, from all parts 0    '     ' Dover will  be  reached    by
Liv-s on 30 Cento. room. the world from  relatives of men and  �� .   .     ,,arl8an8 wlll
Tho  IWMH  dOM   no.   asBimiKte      Of tho total   population.    13.3    per women  and  children  she  had   under *��   ������."L"^^ 00.16a.ln
^WwhlTe reside,,,, but  lives a oent, or B82.444 person., were ����L care after their arrival in Kdmon- ^��*ftlSl a"d Rnglfsh cities
ZrrttliZ wTmlntmUm andllan^Vo   WttWif OOUld ^Mother,"  the one word  which  al. have apparently not ye. though!: of *
llTinK Hun.    ItT eliminated     The   r "'ipeak Irish, only, and 565,573 speak nationalities understand, has been ap-1 theatre train  In  the  other direction
Mrt w. that on a minimum basis Irish and Kngiish. I plied to Mrs. Wlltsie by men and worn-  from l^ndon to Paris.
tram iYim%
City   Looks   as   Good   as   New   With
Application   of   Plaster   to
Shot   Holes
Mexico City, May 4, When tourist.-)
asain visit Mexico Cily they may be
tfimippointed not to find ou all sides
evidence of lhe damage done by shot
and shell during the ten days' fighting in February. Aln-Bdy masons,
bricklayers and carpenters are obliterating the scars of that conflict, and
it will not be many we-e'ks before the
appearance of the capital's buildings,
both public and private, is wholly nor
ltarely have contractors here gained sudh quick results. an<3 never perhaps, has It been demonstrated so
well how a lit tip. plaster and kalso-
mliie will make a bombarded wall appear "hb good as new." Th* capital
toduy  ls a city ol  patches.
Much Of the damage dune by sheila
wns not apparent from the exterior,
since in hundreds Of Instances the
shells tore Ihelr way through the wall
bi fore f-Tpludlng. leaving In sight outside only holes often not more than
BlX IncheB In diameter. The explosion on the Inside of lhe house result-
ed in gr��at destruction.
Due  largily   to  the  fact   that   moBt
of the buildings are of some form of \
stone or cetnein. there were few fires
Perhaps nine houses out of ten hnve
for their outer finish a coat of thick j
plaster,  easy   for  the    bullets    from
rifles and machine guns to scar, but |
a  Tew   buckets  of   plaster  filled   the
holes and a dab of tinted  kalsomine
completed the restoration.
The same method  was UBed in fill- j
Ing and material was necessary in re-1
pairing a large number of the bigger
gaps made by the repeated poundings j
Of cannon.
In a few cases, however, It will be ',
many weeks and possibly months be- \
fore (he normal aspect of a street Is1,
restored. There were a few buildings
Where the damage was so great that j
mere patching will  no.  suffice.
Although monuments of one kind
or another and Btatues erected ln
honor of ;hls and that hero are Beat-1
tered throughout the city few of these j
were damaged, The most complete
piece of destruction of thla character
was thnt of a clock tower ereoted In
llucurell Btreet.
ThiB was Bhot to nieces.   Tbe gov-1
eminent made no effort to repair If.
but, removing the debris, built on the
site a flower garden.
Since sod instead of seed was used,
there is already a big circle of green,
and in this wero planted flowers already In bloom. It presents the appearance of having beeu there for
some years.
The tak of Vancouver
Branches Throughout tha  Provinc* ol  British Columbia.
Savings Department af ail Dram-lies     Deposits of Oue Dollar and
cpwards received aud iaenrest ui  UK*- highest current rate paid  or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of tlie
CHAS. G. PENNOCX, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branct: A. W. BLACK,  Manager.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot,
New Westminster B. C.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited'
Layers of Hassam Compressed Coacrete (Patented*
i<**I  Victoria Day
On May 22nd, 23rd and 24th, the Great Northern Railway will sell tickets ot one and one third fare
for the round trip, with return limit good until May
26 1913.
Crescent, B. C %   .80
Ocean Park, B.C 85
White Rock, B.C     1.00
Nelson, B.C 28.75
Rossiand, B.C 29.90
Grand Forks, B.C  31.75
Midway, B.C. 32.90
Phoenix, B.C 33.10
Fernie, B.C 40.55
Agent at Bridge, F. C. METERS.   Passenger
Station Phone 263. PAOft FOU��
WEDNESDAY,  MAY 21,   1913.
Special swimming. 20
Basketball  practice 14
Total,   boys    156
Swimming, approx.
Final   total 298
Annual Meeting Full of Enthusiasm���Reports Show Good
Results in the Past and Bright Hopes for the Future-
Institution Has Staunch Friends���Ladies Do Their
Share���Banquet a Great Success.
The splendid work being done by
tbe Y. M. C. A. and tho progress made
by tho association during tho past
year were echoed at the annual meeting last night in the enthusiastic reports from tba different branches.
Wkile it was shown that there is yet
much room for improvement the reports were brigtit and encouraged in
no small measure the officials and
friends who have worked so bard during the past year.
Tbe financial report disclosed the
fart that the young men of this city
have Fomii good friends, who, not only
lend their efforts towards the success of the undertaking, but who have
also g*ivcn substantial financial assistance.
Staunch Friends.
W. It. Gilley Is one of these, he
havinR given during the past year no
less than 11058.30, being a payment on
the loan from the Dank of Montreal.
A total of $32,375 was borrowed from
the Hank of Montreal, of which $23,-
084.35 is still outstanding. This Is
the only amount unpaid towards the
building of the association headquarters, which have cost a total of $71),-
Another staunch friend of the association is T. J Trapp, president, and
���he financial statement reveals the
fact (hit this gentleman has taken
on bis shoulders the whole debt This
���dorr, not mean that he will be called
on to pay the amount, but that he lias
IJivcii liis Kood name and credit to the
ban', for this amount, with the directors behind  him.
Th" program lasl ovoninf; was carried out without a hitch and Ihe large
Attendance and enthusiastic reception riven each report was indication
. of the esteem in whieh the citizens of
New Westminster regard the objects
of  Ihe  Y.  M   ('    A.
Tlie Y. M. ('. A. orchestra was in attendance during the early hours and.
after a few selections, the members
and 'their Mends adjourned lo the
banquet hall where the ladies had
prepared an  excellent repast.
I'redrent   Trapp  was   in   the  chair
and the best of good fellowship pro
Secretary Robinson    Introduced   a
novel feature when he called on each
one present to stand up and Introduce
fcltnflelf, and snme amusement was obtained through Khis source.
Thne  rousing   cheers   were    given
for "Young President Trapp." follow, i
ing  which   lhe  members    again    adjourned to the lobby fer the annual
President Trapp was in the chair
for a time, but as he had to leave
Vice president J \V. MacDonald took
liis place.
President's  Address.
The following is Mr.    Trapp's    ad
ladies and Gentlemen,��� It become
tns  pleasanl  duty, as    president,    to
���welcome vou to nils the second annual meeting of the New Westminster
Young Men's Christian Association.
The last publlo utterance   or   sir
Oeorge   Williams,  llie  founder  ef  Ihr
association, who had Invested his life
and his fortune In (he Umdon. Bng���
association, was "My last legacy, nnd
ii is a nrecious one. is the YoiinR
Men's Christian Association, I leave
it lo you, beloved ypiinR men of manv
���countries. to carry on and extend. 1
hope vou will he as happy in the
work as 1 have been, and more sue
cessful, for this w*in ,m.an blessed
Bess lo your own souls and lo the
BOula of a multitude or others."
Its world value was quickly reeoR
I say then that it is a pleasant duty
lo bring lo your attention at the
thn sbotd of a new year, a few words
���of   encouragement    concerning   tho
We I minster branch Ol this preat pro-
En . ive ami  worldwide institution.
We can I .ok hack with gratitude
and forward with hope. The depart
men! reports are. everything con-
��� III red. a cause rnr ooiiHrat illation
for whatever good has been accomp
Hlstud and equity ror lhe dlsipltne
of r. lure and  disappointment we are
���4-oubly gveaUuL
���ono change* In our staff, the en
forced retirement of our general see
���r-'iirv. Mr Andersen, through ill
health, and the break thus occasion
���cd in our work undoubtedly has af
fecled our record i>r achievement li,
ihe rarlous departments,
Ulr I' S, Whltaki r n mlerrl splen
���"did service for u couple or months.
hut tie, too, has j-assed on to other
Si.-l'Jr of labor.
Mr. Sovereign in the physical de
partment bas proven officiant and tar
���Ming and the boys' department under Mr. Decker is not the least interesting or least ndlsy of our activities.
The growth In membership has
been creditable, the recent campaign
���giving a number of splendid renewals
lind new members. It, however, is
ahort of the Ideal "Every member get
H member," and during thn Immediate
future wo hope a further splendid if
fort will be made to secure many or
our men from the ranks of Industry.
from (he professions, and business
life who will enter Into our fellow-
ship and comradeship.
The financial statement needs litth
comment, the continued growth cr the
work calls for tbe loyal Bupporl . i
our citizens.
The present money stringency i i
leic in a degree which we trust will
Ihi Offset in the near future by a
Ohange  In  business  conditions.
When the building is free from
debt we hope to run the work nlong
lines more nearly Be!f-Biia1alnliig and
at ��he same time keep our tixlentlon
Commensurate with Hie growth of our
fair city.
The atmosphere of a I hrlstlan In-
atilutiou   prevt.i,H   in   all   our  depart
ments due to tho warm hearts or
love and sympathy, behind the officers, leaders and active members ami
religious work In a quiet way has
been an underlying objective In all
The educational work, while still In
Its infancy, has been very helpful to
a number, and as the association
grows special educational features
; will be provided.
This,  ladies and  gentlemen, is    a
i resume of the past year's activities in
the    house    for    character    building
erected   by   your   generosity   on     the
hillside of Royal avenue.
That the importance    of   this    institution  as  an  opportunity  for    de-
jvelopement in qualities of leadership,
as an Investment for money, time and
energy, as a spiritual force, permeating  the  fibre of our  developing  citizens, and as a  call to service complete    far   reaching,   ennobling   and
Christ-like  will meet  with  the    continuous loyal, hearty and wholesouled
* co-operation   of   the     mothers     and
fathers, business men and mechanics,
.young  men  and  older men,  in  every
��� phase or our city life, during the coming days is my earnest prayer. .
Financial  Report.
The financial report of the Institution Indicates a healthy state of af-
' Tairs, but mure support rrom the citi-
, zens   will   prove   very   acceptable ' as
I there is yet a debt of $23,604 on the
it was originally intended to erect
2..SH4  strings  bowled  on  alley.
SO Basketball games amongst mem-
, bers.
10 Senior basketball games played
'at home; won 8.
il Senior basketball games played
.away;  won 4.
4 Junior basketball games played
away, won 2.
14 Junior basketball games played
at home; won 10.
2 Junior basketball championships
won by our teams.
3 Gymnasium exhibitions.
8 Outings and paperchaseB; attendance 88.
20 Learned to swim.
8 Passed lite saving tepts.
6 Received leaders' buttons ln
60 Physical examinations.
1 Camp lecture.
4 Inter association afternoons of
games with Vancouver.
3 N'lghtB of outdoor athletlCB held
for VV". J. Kerr shield, 8 entered ln
each event.
j Organized and won city basketball
league and the Y. M. C. A. basketball
trophy presented by A. S. Mills ��
!    Our hockey club provided exercise
' tor quite a number of members. The
team  lost  in the final tic gamo.
Educational Work.
The wcrk In the educational department of the association  was outlined
iby P.  O.  Canfield, chairman of that
i committee.
"While  we  did  not  meet  with  the
:success that we bad hoped tor," said
Mr. Canfield, "yet it was sufficient,
coupled with siome good experience, to
' encourage us to go on and we hope for
better things next year.
"We had planned evening classes
to prepare students tor elementary
examinations In civil engineering and
ialso in architectural drawing, but the
instructors kept us waiting too long
and one class informed us that It
could not go on. It was for this and
other reasons that the classes were
not continued
"The remainder of the report is
brighter and at the opening of 1 fl]3 we
decided to collect books and form a
Y.  M.  C.  A.  lending  library.    During
responsibility of all religious activities
Inside and outside the confines of tho
building,     the     several     department
| heads carry on certain phases of distinctly religious work in their own departments.    Tor example, the educational   work  or  physical   department
will dally or as occasion offers deal
With   Individuals   and   classes    along
; specific spiritual  liin s.
We have also the pleasure of referring to the following meetings: One
! men's Bible class. 19 sessions, attfin-
; dance 493: four theatre meetings, attendance 270; two boy's Bible classes,
18 sessions, attendance 110; 13 men's
j meetings in building, attendance 412;
one parents' meeting in building, attendance 100.
Meetings of this character and
others such as shop meetings at noon-
|day, mid-week Bible classes, classes
for Instruction in personal work and
In teacher training and being considered and will prove aggressive features during the coming year.
The social end of the work of the
association needs no comm-int. At
ihe start of the proceedings the banquet served by the lady friends of
tlle Institution was a demonstration
of what was being done In this line.
During the past winter several suppers were served to the residents In
the dormitory and to the members,
Fireside gatherings, a Christmas tree
and dinner was also held.
At the conclusion of the reports
Rev. J. S. Henderson delivered a
rousing address on "Our Share In
Worldwide  Manhood."
Dr. McEwen and Messrs A. S. Mills,
! Haslam. Gray and Tucker also gave
Nliort speeches as did Rev. Mr. Wln-
| cott and Rev. Mr. Shave of Edmonds.
Five directors weri returned to of-
I rice as rollows: Messrs. J. Carter
| Smith, J. W. MacDonald, T. H. Smith.
j It. Buckland and Dr.  E,  11. McICweti.
American  Manufacturers Want  Equal
Rights  Under Sherman
Priced far below
the Cost of Making
These Are the Latest
Summer Models, Smart
Stylish and Up-to-
In 3 Lots~$10.50, $13.50
and $22.50
MR.  T.  J.
sident  or  the   Local
Branch or the Y.
M. C. A.
a building in cost $46,000, but the
added equipment and olher require
meats have cost nearly $80,000 of
the loan from the Hank of Montreal
ol |32,376 there is mui a balance due
i.r $23,064 36, and the Inti resl st 6
per cent amounts to 5676.60.
The institution paid all current expenses for the yi ar. and. after loaning ?>i7'.i in the building fund, has a
bal nr*.- in ih.- bank nf jr:i;.if!i
iii the enn*. ni account there was a
balance of 12131 .'i'i on M ij 1, 1912
The receipts from the dormitories
amounted to (3696.70, memberships
$2681.50, which, together wuh sundry
receipts, bring the total to $9643 IT
Tin- chief Hem in the disbursements
'was for salaries which totalled
,', 136 r,n.
Physical  Department.
An Interesting report was that given
by (1. 1. Sovereign for the physical
department and, with an increased
membership, 11 is hoped that hy next
(year the figures as contained below
Will  sIbo be  considerably  augmented.
Thc following is Director Sovereign's report nf the physical department for the past year:
Bn-     Ses-
Class. rolled, slons. Totals
Seniors       2H 47 llin
Business  men   ....  12 42 888
Business men, jr       14 tfi I IJ
Leaders       13 21 209
Wrestlings          5 12 62
special apparatus,.   8 I :::;
Indoor sports     12 12 126
special  swimming, 14        16        144
Harriers        17 12 88
Basket   ball       10 HH 800
I __       	
i    Total   men's    142        2M       2,139
!    Boys  -
Intermediate     16       r,2       492
Int.  school  boys... 20 70 939
ClaBs A  32 76 1,698
Class Ii. .-��..  19 46 698
Int. I/eaders   8 20 140
Junior   I.eaderB. . li 20 154
Indoor sports   22 32 389
Detroit, Mich.. May 20.���Practically
all of today's session of the National
.Manufacturers' association was taken
up with discussion of labor organizations and the labor Bituation in gen-
oral. The discussion ciilminat.il Uus
afternoon in the sending to President
Wilson of resolutions protesting
against the civil appropriation bill and
urging the chief executive to veto il
because of the provision against using
Its funds for the prosecution of labor
organizations under the Sherman act
in care such action is Instituted.
"The   moral   effect   of   the   proviso
preventing  the  use of  public  funds
specifically appropriated    to   enforce
the Sh. rman act  for the prosecution
of   labor  and   agricultural   combinations   violating  that   statute,   In   the
public mind and among their exempted
classes, is to condone tiie acts which
(the law has condemned and to make j
Ithe   participants   in   strikes,   boycotts
���and  all  forms of  labor disturbances
! believe that they are Justified in acts |
of lawlessness when done In the fur-
: therance or a trade dispute.
"lt Implicitly pledges the administration to similar changes n jhe sub- ]
stantive law, which would approve j
.and validate the most viciout forms:
or the secondary boycott in h 'tprstato
; commerce, including paralysis f rail-*
road communication, the ruin of oils I
toras and the compulsory discharge of I
non-union men as a means of com-I
pelting the acceptance of the demand \
of the boycotting combination
"Making  It   lawful  and     right     ror
.one class of citizens to do that which
would   remain  criminal    and    wrong
���then  done by another class. Insults !
the law-abiding monil-.-vs or the ex-
lepted  class, offends the moral  sense!
or our people and under Ihe decisions !
iof onr courts would be likely to invali- ,
date the acl and thus further the sin-|
later designs of these who would dc
stroy the statute Itself."
Suits to
Regular Values Range
up to $25.00.
Neve;- before In the history of
our slore have we shown such a
remarkable suit offering. These
suits   are   devi lopi d   In   Serges,
Tweeds,     Homespuns,     Whipcords,   Well tailored and a perfect   fit.     Coat   lined   with   silk
eerge linings.    Skirt high waist
line,  panel  back  and  frant;   60
suits in this lot
Clearance Price $10.;">0.
46Suits to Clear
at $13.50
A Large Selection of Suits
at   $22.50
Regular  Values up to
< lur large over stock has made
this price necessary: 60 suits in
the  lot.    Vou  will  have  lo  be
here  early  t.i secure    such    a
splendid   value.    Developed   In
Crey     Worsteds,     Whipcords,
Heather       Mixture      Suitings,
Brow ii   Tweeds,   Navy   Serg.   .
1 loin... puns in Qrey and Brown.
New  Velvet  and   Velvet    Cord,
Coats  lined   with  Skinner's  BB
tin.    Perfectly tailored and all
perfectly   fitting   garments.
Clearance Price, $22.50.
Regular Prices Range
up to $30.00.
We have seen nothing to
match this value. This lot is
composed of Plain Qrey Worsteds, Grey Whipcords, Heath, r
Mixture Suitings, Brown
Tweeds, Navy Serges in every
degree of fineness, Brown
Serges, Koyal Blue Wide Wale
Serges. Wi 11 tailored and perfect fitting. Coat lined with
sill: si ri..e and satin. Skirl high
waist line. Panne] back and
Clearance Price, $13.50.
We Ask  Your Special Attention to
Oar Latest Royal Worcester Models
Hoyal Worcester Corsets; with high and medium bust; long skirt: lace trimmed top: four
hose supporters; double hones in front; sections made or strong coutille; Inr the average
figure.    Per pair   $1.50
Wiih lace trimmed top; medium bust; long
skirt; rour bote supporters; suitable ror rull
figure.    Per  pair    $1.50
Purely a comfortable every-day Corset, made
cf the very best saften; medium bust; long
skirt and hack; four hose supporters; lace
trimmed  top;  average flgun      l'er pair..$1.78
Extra strong coutille; in high and medium
bUBt; long skirt: four hose supporters, for
average and full figure.    Per pair (2.60
"Empire" top or very low bust: trimmed with
embroidery; long skirt: six hose supporters;
for slender figure.    Per pair $3.25
Best coutille; iiiodii.ni bust; long skirt; short.
back; double stays throughout; six hose supporters; for full figure.   P.-r pair $3.25
Bon  Ton Corsets
The new ideal in Corsets; lines that are perfect
in iheir simplicity; made with high, medium
and low bust; fancy lace trimmed top; long
I'lirt; six hose sup priors; for slight, anie-
<!.!,:.1  and   full   ligur.-s.     Per pair $4.50
With satin and lice top;  long skirl;  six hose
supporters;   medium   and   low   Imsl;   suitable
for  the  average   figure  and  well    made.    P.-r
pair    $5.00
Made of  the  very  best quality  coutille;   long
skirt;  high bust;  lace trimmed top; six hose
supporters;   suitable   for   the   average   flgun
''"��� P��lr  $?50
Uoyal  Worcester Corsets;  made of strong coutille;  low, medium and high bust;  six bose
supporters;   double strength  slays;   lace and
ribbon trimmed   Per pair $4.50 and $5.00
Extra strong, made for stout figure; made of
strong coutille; medium bust; double stays;
with hip reducers; lace trimmed top, Per
P''llr $4.00
the remainder of tlle year we loaned
a total of fillO hooks.
"A .1..haling club was formed and
some Interesting debates 011 live
topics were held, which were found
very  profitable.
"in this connection we have to
thank 1 W Creighton, Uev. Mr. Ray
uni 1 ieorge Kennedy for their valuable
assistance We have also to thank
ludge Iloway for his lecture on the
"Early History of British Columbia."
New  Members.
By ibis time tbe mi 1 ting was al
is belgl 1 of enthusiasm and Secretary Robinson took tlm members by
storm when he called 1 n thoie pres
.���ni for subscriptions, He ask. d each
one 1 1 I ring in a new member within
two weeks or pay the penalty of .In
aric or b membership, tn this ho wai
cuccesrful and ovi r 20 promises wen
Mr Robinson stated tint al tin*
present lime lhe membership totalled
'���'.'.it. He called attention to a fact
thai   the   V    M.  C.  A   had  started out
recently to obtain 100 new members
���nid     fur     various   reasons   had   been
|forced to quit with only fif; new members enrolled.
II was al tin's point lhal he asked
f.r volunteers to guarantee a new
meinlii r or pay the price.
Four business nun guaranteed to
obtain four sustaining subscriptions
il $25 a year or donate that amount
in the association. The olher prom-
Ires were for senior, Intermediate
and Junior memberships.
Religious Committee.
Mr. Snveri Ign, on behalf of !���.'. II.
: Sun.Is. who was absent, gave the re
porl   fir (he religious committee as
In presenting Ihe religious work re-
pert, efhphasls may he laid more on
the indirect Christian atmosphere
prevailing in every department and
every phase of our activities rather
than on meetings distinctly of a religious Character, This we understand
Is to he the policy of llie aBBOClatlOn
everywhere. That Instead nf the several departments depending on tho
religious  work director assuming  tlle
Stefansson  Will   Sail   Ncrth   Earl/ |n
June   with   r.cirr:l   Load  of
l lighbrows.
Fritz Johansen, United States govern
ment biologist; .1. B O'Nall, mining
geologist, member of geological sur
vey; Kenneth Chapman and ,1. It. Cox
Canadian topographers; Henri Sou.
chat, anthropologist. Paris; llr .Ion-
nis, nthnologisl; Dr. A. Forbes MacKay. Shackleton'i Antarctic expedition surgeon, of Edinburgh university,
and photographers and clneniati>-
New York   Mav 20,    Captain Roberl
Bartlett, * all   ���      ,| :,,. ���.,,..
gat< r ol  Hu   Roosi veb    lhi   ,,,.
which Hear -*dn Iral P 11 . made lr-
Buccessful das': to ihe Vorth Polo
will in |ri Min mme n lall .   ..... on
i practically Brcond    In    1 imand   on
the Sti fansson expi dlllnn thai starts
'" '""" '"<��� "'" ���-���ne viihialmar
Stefansson. the evp), ,,.,-. maa> ,|,-B
announcement   todst      p���  sa'd   nWo
! that   the   larecsi   1,- 1.      , ,f     sH, n, |1(,
men ever asBemV   I frr n vova -.- Into
POlar  region 1     11  .,  nany  -)ln
Captain Bartli It 11 1 *,.*,. at once
Tor Ottawa, en ran., to Esqtilmalt,
B.C., where h.. ,,-.-, 1 is i��� arrive In
Tour or five davs In attend to thn
loading of Ihe stores and sup. lie., f���r
ithe Karluk. tlv vi isol lhal will eirrv
lhe  major  part   of    the    expedition
! north.
The presence of the scientists   13 l'n
number,  together with  the  explorer.
hiB  skipper  and   n.��� ,T,,W,   w|||   ,,,.,..
I iiie expedition twice aa lar* ��� when
the  Canadian   governmenl   agreed   :*
1 llnance It.   Tills ������ '11 i-.-.'-e ,   nessirv
; the equipment of an added ship. Mr
Stefansson said   Thi   selection will be
\ made within o dav ni two
StefanBBOn expects to leave Now
������ 1 .1, i i* PN iiilpiiill  In nbout five d"
' llv the fust v.ek In .l'i'... ihe axpedb
ii. n will be ready lo sail from Vancouver, B.C., according to presonl
plans, and will go by way of Nome
and Polnl Barrow, arrUlng there thw
lasi week in July The autumn of
1916 Ib s"i for ihe return
Tl xpeiiition will be divided,   a
"s-.iHbi rn party." comprising lhe
scientists, probably making lis base
at Simpson bay on Southwest Victoria
Island,     lu   this   party   Hill   he   Dr.   It.
M. Anderson, idologlst commanding;
If   He   Doesn't   Get   a   New   Set   He'll
Die, According to What the
Doctors Say.
Baltimore, Mil., May L'n. To tr.ins-
planl the healthy kidneys from a man
who has just died to the body or B.
. Sanders Walker, millionaire hanker
ef Macon, Oa,, is the only renudy that
would save Walker's life. If the mercury tablet he swallowed ins destroy-
* il' in-* of his kidneys, was lhe sinte-
 nt today of a prominent physician.
who iii a member of tlie Johns Hopkins hospital staff.
He   pointed  out   (bal   Alexis  Carrel.
of the Rochofi Her Institute of Research, has successfully transplanted
the kidneys from one dog to another
and in a n w horn's the dog:*. ��*. r>.
walking aboul and eating as if their
organs had not been disturbed. Ai
cording to Dr Carrel tho same .* ui-j
be done to the human system.
Another   local   physician     predicted
Mr Walker's recovery, although he
might be paralyzed for life.   Thla d ic
lor said he has attended several cases
like Mr   Walker's and In only ono of
tbem did tho patlenl die.
oilier high medical authorities here
III discussing llle ease expresrul Iiie
heller that Mr. Walker could nol pos-
Blbly recover.
Be protected by an Insurance Policy in the
Having a Capital of $4,000,000.
See BICKELL About It
Phone 129!) Wll Westminster Trust JiMtf.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Comfortable  Fami'y  Hotel
Porty minutes nm from New Westminster on ���, n. ity.   au trains
slop at Whilo Itock.
Kffty rooms, large Iilnlni? Hall, magnificent view of nay and fiulf;
only Ove uilnutoR from Railway Depot:  Hot and fold Water.   Roems
��� nn be ongaged en suiie, suitable rm* children and lamilioB. European
and American plan; Kymnnnlum ball In connection, alio a store con-
t.iinlnn full line of grocurli's.   For terms and rates apply
White Hock, B.C. p. CftEYELL, Proprietor. WEDNESDAY,   MAY   21,   1913.
jFor Sport Readers
WiRlwfiToR ;^r^~^r~
( Lighlwelcht   Wrestler   Is  Out with
SlAK  AIRfAIWi    Tho B<lcrtinK editor Is In receipt or
LU.ni J  n-LllLrllSI   a Challenge  from  Charlie Kelly,  wbo
  o'yle.-i   himself  lightweight   champion
��� wrestler of Canada, and who wants a
'match with.Snowball O'Connor.
Kelly agrees to throw O'Connor
twice In one hour tor a percentage or
the bouse. Address all answers
cither to the sporting editor of
The News or to 11. K. Welchel, man
nger for Kelly, who oan be found at
���401 Crown building, Vancouver.
no rush of buyers at that rigure.
���lust how much money It would take
to buy the Maple Leaf franchise now j
loan'l be known, for the present own-)
At the Theatres
PS.G*.  Pie*
Big Rush for Lookout Spots it Open
ing Lacrosse Match on Victoria
Preparation:) for the handling of a
record crowd which la anticipated
will be ln attendance at the opening
or the coast lacrosse season a* Queens
purk Saturday afternoon will be completed thia evening and from then
uni 11 3 o'clock Victoria Day afternoon
Manager Olfford will ait back and
wall  for developments.
Sir  lllehard  Mcflrlde,  premier    ot
liritish Columbia and a native son ol
the Royal City, waa approached yes   Kansan Gets Referee'i Decision After
terday and It ls thought that he will
appear to be perfectly satisfied
with   their   investment.     Despite   the
.poor     showing   of   the   International1    When   Interviewed   last,  evening  at
league champions in the early part of  the  opera  house,  Manager Tidy  said
I  the  season,  some  17,000  fans  turmd  that he was sorry to say it. but that.
iwouK'o'TV]"''\' "0!ijr *,     thi8 citj'was nct e,'"��"k e,""'Kh to
I tuck In 1I..I0, when the Toronto -support a stock company or the first
frauch so waa going begging at $5000 class. The Vin Moore company who
J.ck Dunn, the present Baltimore have been here for the last three
manager was pitching ror the Leaf*, weeks, are closing tonight. Although
while Joe Kelly, now manager of they have not been losing money, the
the Toronto team, was one of Ned , patronage has not been sufficient to
I an on �� famous Baltimore birds, then I warrant them staying here any longer
playing the National league circuit.      As their closing bill this evening they
t, ,    ., ~~7������ .,    - ,, lwil1 Put ��n.  tor the  first time here,
Jimmy  Austin, the little California at   popular   prices,   one   of   the   best
boxer,   was   born   In   l.os  Angeles   23  dramas of the day, "Tbe Man of tne
years ago come tomorrow and enter-   Hour."     Although   Mr.   Moore   has   l\
ed the ring as a professional when 17 i reputation  or  being   a  comedian
years old.     During his first year as  the   first   w;
Lawrence and at llreen's direction
dinlributecl smaller packages of the
explosive at various places where the
strikers congregated. Ilreen has been
convicted and tined for actually
"Planting"  the  dynamite.
The reference to Mr. Wood came
when the witness was telling of a
conversation between Breen and himself when the other announced that
he would be the next mayor or Lawrence and that "a million was back
or him." Collins said he asked Breen
what he meant and the undertaker re.
piled with the query:
"Don't you  know  President  Wood
of the American Woolen company ?"
be able to make the trip In time to
face olT the first ball and set ths
lacrosse season on ita 15 weekB grind.
Yesterday ull doubts that Hughlo
Gifford would be able to play wero
laid aside, following a report from
the doctor that the youngest player
on the team would be O. K.
Glfford's absence rrom the line-up
would have just about crippled the
chances of   the   Minto cuppers   for
Twenty   Rounds���Wlllard   Lacked
San Krancisco, May 20.���Flfti
pounds advantage in weight, six
inchea In height and a reach like the
arm of a derrick could not win tonight for Jess Wlllard over Ounboat
Smith, who was awarded the referee's
a preliminary boxer, the little bantam-
iiae rim water he claims, and the
���.  :���,,,   ,      ,.     .       , ...    press   notices   that   he   has   received
weight fought nine bouts and regis- 'support him. that He Is best In th"
lewd five victories and four draws.     lighter dramas such as him companv
i will produce this evening.
grabbing the opening    game,    which   doclsl��o in a 20 round  battle.
has been tiie custom for the past six
years at leaBt.
Some speculating is being made at
the present as to the Une-up cf the
Vancouver dozen on Saturday, it ls
admitted on all sides that Con Jones
has gathered together
stara tar better than be had last year
and until the llrst game is over the
fans will not be in a position to judge
the chanci s of the Royals.
v. st. rday Cory  liesi made his reappearance  between the flags of thc
Green Shrlts, which should strengthen
. ��� the defence considerably.   Cyclone
Tavlor and  Bobby Pringle,    however
"ill be the men watched. Taylor, who
thi bi msatlot] of the coast hockey
a  last   winter. Is said to be Just
*'   i    handling    a lacrosse,   stick.
I'rlngle  is  also  slated   to  be  a  star
and  will    give    trouble   to the
IVi   imiiister home.
Beat   sale,  which  was openi il
'i.*nii.i ���,  Indfcati a a  real  Victoria
crowd.     Mail  orders are  coining
In ;   r, the Frasei  val-
���a eider arriving yesterday from
i      Isloke, while two travelers from
now i.u their way to the coast
ed  Manager Gilford yesterday fnr
ri itions.
Inexperience lost the light for Wlllard, who was all too good natured
and displayed slugging tactics which
availed him nothing against the Call-
fornian. Willard lacked generalship
and out or the 20 rounds. Referee
bunch of sp|iP's "rd only gave the Kansan
six. in the offensive Wlllard showed
jusl what the critics had predicted
while he was unable to withstand the
straight, rights and right uppercuts ci
the forcur navy man.
Despite a chilly wind lhat blew Ir
BDiteful gusts, 8000 people were on
deck to witness the mill, [letting
was i.vent at the start, but the weight
of .-hui'h money forced the odds to 10
to S with Ctinboat the favorite.
In 1906 he knocked out Tom Murray at San Diego and Willie O'Keefd
at Ixjs Angeles, and defeated Young
Togo, the Japanese boxer, but was de-
roated by Mike KutchoB. Jimmy Btarted the year 1909 by putting the clever
boxer Max Weber to sleep ln the firBt
round and defeated several other men
but  lost to  Bed  Corbett.
If ever there was a play bright and
harmonious ln colors, pure in Its
theme and true In tone to the last
note of Its text It is the new comedy
"Introduce   Me,"  written  hy  the  tal
Baseball Results.
Austin made his first trip out of the ��� ,,lt'"1 >'0,,nS author, Delia Clarke. Miss
=tato In 1910, when he went to New arke has Bcored a number of suc-
Orleans to box Kid Greaves, who de- crliBea hoth as an author and an actuated him In tan rounds. A little IreBB; but thls her latest achievement,
later he lost to Eddie Campl in Pan ''" r,'KI""(1('d as the best or her career.
Pranclsco. Since then be has won ' MiFS clarke will be seen in the
victories over Danny Rodnev, Jack ' 1*>a<1,nS role or the play, that or Fran-
Ward and others, but the eariy prom- lcis Everton. Having created the
Ise he gave ot developing Into a great i chara-=ter herseir and having fitted it
boxer was not fulfilled. |t0  hel'  own   magnetic   personality,   it
I>9 a safe assurance that she will make
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator " the crow-ning dramatic achieve-
or "Sherlock Holmes," will be 54 years 'r'"nt of ,lle many she has placed to
old tomorrow, hut ho Is still an en-ll<'r credit from the time she won
thusiastic sportsman, as he has always : ,allr<'-|B "8 a Charles Frohman actress
been. j until  she  became  the  interpreter  or
Coif and cricket are the favorite ""' r"'(;s she wr��te.
outdoor .ports or the great novelist! I In ""' cast surrounding Miss Clarke
hut It Is at billiards that *e really i v;'" t:p founi' actors whose names and !
shines, and be recently competed In reputations are familiar to those who j
the tournament for the amateur bil-;'"'" ;lc')uainted with theatrical Broad-i
Hard championship of Great. Britain,'way'
making an excellent showing. He is
fond   or   boxing   and   is   often   among
present at 'he London shows.
ast   Tea-ns   GeMirq   Ready   for   the
People's  Shield Games.
* 'a the People's shield on its way
t*. ih**  coasl  from Calgary,    the
cci r men of this section of the
.inn v are walking on tiptoes, await-
ig tlie scheduled games which wlll
clde  the  soccer championship   of
Practically all  the teams In British
Inn hia i f si nior calibre have enter-
(he    tournament,     which   will     be
:. ��� .1 iii Vancouver during tho week
*  May 26.
The   Ho-,, is   w ill   he   one   of   these
I  Manager Granl  is strengthening
Uni up in ile. hopes of knock
��� , ul   ih.    Thistles,   of   Vancouver.
* ..*..:   bi  the present  stage to
lhi   strongest  aggregation   In  the
Standing of the Clubs.
Seattle    23
Vancouver 17
Portland    15
Tacoma   ��� - 16
rVlctaoria 13
.Spokane    13
yesterday's Games.
Ai  Victoria: if.   ii    i:
Spokane      7      :i      1
Victoria    ���   s   n     i
Batteries:  Kraft, Cadreau and Ost
diek:   Wilson, Kantlehner and Meek
At   Portland: Ii.   II.   l:
j Tacoma      3      7     ���;
Portland      4      6     I
Hatteries    Kaufman, Glrot and Harris;   Stanley  and   Williams.
At Vancouver: It.    11.    E
Vancouver   4      3      1
Seattlo      1      6      I
Batteries: Decannalre and Konnlck;
Dell and Cadman.
Standing of thc Clubs.
L.    Pet
an   to  Nil   Their   Sctre   Against
the  Bunch.
no-hit,   no-run  game   was   placed
credll     of Jack     1 lorne.    the |
���  twlrler, last evening at Queens.��
*.- hen  the herd ran away from
. ',    selected    from    the    other
' ams to the tune or 15 to nil.
Philadelphia  is 7 .781
I Brooklyn    19 lu ,66E
I New York 16 13 ,63f
Chicago  Hi 16 .500
Sl    Louis    15 15 .501'
Pittslurg ..: 13 IS .411.
Bost n 11 16 .409
Cincinnati  B :ji ,80(
yesterday's Games.
Al   Ni ��   Yi-rk It.    II.    B
I.ouis      S    14      0
I N.-u   York       0      2      '
Battel les: Harmon and Wlngo; Ma-
thewson and Meyers, Hartley.
....   of iin* game was [lorne
ell-,,     being    hacked    up  bj
.-  lulli Id play    by    his    learn
\   fairly  good  crowd  was  In
....   i,ui little In the way   ol
is     expected     until   the  city
It.    If.    K
opens   the
��� ning.
season   I.
���xt   Tiles
Cri-.kc*   at  Cen'ral   Pae'..
'ral   Park,     May     20.     The    old
������ i ume of orlc! et is gaining a
Id in tills section and a club
. ,i i r .ul/. I bj the young men
..* |, a o : enl rtaining the lies'
��� ot  i in   lowi.- mainland  before
ii ..a ,, ot r. The agricultural
i   have i"-e*i secured, the ilrsi
.  being Inld lhis evi ning.
Gun Club Shoot.
Wesl minster Gun club will
:i weekly shoot on the Lulu
I i raps I Ills evening. The con-
ais will leave on the 6:11
iisboroiigh car for the traps,
ll are located opposite
nsborough school.
Ai  Brook
Pittsburg    4     il    !
Brooklyn       1      7      '.'
Hatterles:  Robinson and Simon; Al
lon, Slack and Miller.
At Philadelphia! B.   H.   E.
Cincinnati     1     B
I'I Had. Iphla      5      9      1
Batteries:   Fromme,    Packard    and
Clarke; Alexander ami Kllllfer.
K    ll.   l:
Vancouver. Wash., Boy Has It All Hh
Own  Way and Makes Finish In
Twelfth  Ro-jnd.
Los Angeles. May 20.���Joe Mandot
or New Orleans, was knockrd out in
thc twelfth round ol his scheduled
20 round fight were tonight will] Hud
\iaii rson. of Vancouver, Wash. Man-
dot was knocked down in ihe final
round, but h" was out on his feet.
He was clearly Insensible. Referei
Eyton, seeing the condition ef the
gam,. Southerner, stopped iho Huh'
with Mandot staggering blindly about
the ring, and held up Anderson's hand
In token of victory.
The tenth round was all Anderson's
After sparring for the opening minute. Anderson rocked Mandot's head
with a right and lefl and when the
Southerner went Into a olWh Ard���
son played his right to the stomach
wiih telling effect
Anderson's  Straight  Riohts.
Game to the core, bu; apparently
weakening after th terrific nunlsh
ment h" had taken. .Mandot trled.de*
perately In the eleventh to reach
Anderson's jaw. bul his blows elthei
wen: In the air or were ineffective
and Anderson staggered him repeated
ly with rights to the jaw or made
him   lag  under  hodv  punishment.
Audi rson forced the fighting at the
bi clnnli ���' ' f Ihe twelfth and staggered Mandot with rielns and lefts to
the fare and body. Mandot's desperation made all his efforts of nn avi'
���ind  when a  terrific right  to the jaw*
No expense or labor will be spared
to   make   this  production  one  of  the
mosl notable of the season,   in addl- j
tlon   to  every  detail  of  scenery  and *
costume hi ing the best, Oscar Eagle,
v. ill   know::   ror   bis   stage   direction
with   Divid   Belasco  and   Llebler  &h
Co.,   haa   been   specially   engaged   to
tape "Introduce Me "
This play will he seen at the opera
house  on  Thursday    evening    next
Seats are now on sale at the box of
flee at Tidy, the florist's, phone L18L
For Sunday Ball.
Everett,  Wash.,  May  'JO ��� Rev.  Kd-I
~ar  M.  Rogers,    reclor    of    Trinity
Church,   yesterday   made   a   plea   ror
Sunday baseball playing as a form of
|healthful recreation for working men
who have no i Isure time during thi
week.    Rev.   Mr,   Rog rs'  suggestion
name as a reply to the action of the
board or education  lucking    np    tie
Bchool playground after learning that
mill employees have been utilizing th
field tor Sunday baseball.
Hapjod   at   Port.ige.
Fort-ice la  Prairie. Man.. M*jy 20".-
'-'or the first  lime in the history of
Portage la Prairie, tli�� jail here wai
the scene of nn execution by Orficlal
Hangman Kills, when .lohn Haran. lh.
murderer of Constahle Hooke, oald th
extreme penalty ol the law.    Bight up
until  the time or his death  the prisoner maintained  the same unconcern
he  had   shown   since   the   passing  of
sentence on   March  7.
Labor   Arraigns   Capital   in   Cu.il
Court  on  Serious Allegations-
Evidence Weak.
Al Boston
Chicago  7
Boston    :'
Batteries: Overall and Arclu r
due, Rudolph and Whaling.
7 (���
8 :
; P.-r
Sapperton Tends.
The tennis club connected with St.
Mary's church   arc  holding  forth  on
1     Sapporton park    every   evening,
"     membership  now  having reached
s e tew score.    The courts are    lo-
1 ili'd i ii lhe west side of Ihe park and
arc said  to he in good condition.
ll   ,
Birthday of  Willie Lewis, who
has  la en   In  turn   light,  welter
and middleweight.
Ad   Wolgast   knocked  out  Hud
Clover   in   seventh     round     lit.
Pond du La*
Billy Papke and Tmi.v Caponl
fought IB-round draw at Davenport.
lehniiy Kllbane and Jimmy
Walsh foughi 13 round draw al.
Charley Whlto defeated Owen
Moran ln nine rounds (foul) at
Tony ROBS defeated Frank Moran in ten rounds al Cleveland
Johnny Dundee outpointed
Packey llommey in ten rounds
nt   New   York.
Standing  of the  diib��
Philadelphia      in
Cleveland    21
Washington  17
( hleago    20
i Huston          ...13
| St. I.ouis 14
I let roll    12
New York    fl
yesterday's (lames.
Chicago-Boston    game    postponed;
At  St.  Louis It.    II.    K
New   York      fi     !���      1
St.  Louis      3     S      I
llatteries: McConnell and Sweeney.
Baumgartner and  Agnew.
At  Detroit: R,    II.    H
Philadelphia      7    12      ]
Detroit * ���   ��    10      '
Batteries: Houck, Hrown and Lapp
(ilawltter,   Lake  and   Stallage.
At Cleveland: R.   H,   E
Washington      !���    12     1
Cleveland    10    12      4
Balterles: Mullen, Hughes and Wll
Hams. Henry; MiKdiell, lllandltig, Cul
lop, Kahler, Gregg and O'Neill.
Boston,  May  20.���An    attempt    to
..,..'. ��� n wilt, apparently helpless.IProve that representatives of capital
but still on hts feet, Referee Eyton ent: red into a compaot to discredit
stopped [he fight to save him from a organised labor was made in the
and awarded the victory to superior court today where President
i William    M.  Wood,    of the  Americai
Cal Delaney, cf Cleveland, earned a
decision over Monte Attell, the San
Francisco featherweight, In ten Inst
rounds In the preliminary to the main
(By  "Gravy.")
Tlie growth ot baseball as Canada's
popular summer sport Is Illustrated by
the ract that 17 years ago today the
Toronto franchise was offered for
sale for $5000.    Moreover, there t^aa j French aviator,
New York Club Accepts Challenge cl
Sir   Thomas   Llpton���Races   In
London, May 20. The New York
Yacht club cabled today to the Royal
Ulster Yacht club definitely accept-
tig Sir Thomas Lipton's challenge r��r
���lie America cup.
The races will take place In S-��p-
lember, 11H4, under the New York
Yacht club's present rules as to
measurement, time allowance and racing rules.
Sir Thomas considers that the conditions oi acceptance of his challenge
by Ihe New York Yacht club nre n
great victory for hlin. lie said they
will enable hlm to build a good seaworthy boat.
It ts still a question whether Sir
Thomas wlll be allowed to tow his
craft nrroBB the Atlantic.
"It doesn't really matter much," In
said, "Whether 1 am allowed to tow
or not, Any way I should not want to
tow except in the case of a head wind
u* ii dead calm."
Show How It's Done.
Nogales. Ariz., May 20.-Dedier
Masson gave an exhibition at Hei HP
sillo today, showing how ho could
loss bombs Into the federal trench-
ments above (luayamas or Into the
Mexican gunboat lying In (liinyauiiis
harbor. He will Btart early tomorrow
on a flight to the a ������'" IrcSps' base,
and It is expected that thn advance
on the gulf port wlll begin upon the
arrival  of  the   hlg   biplane    nnd    IU
Woolen oompany; Frederick Atteaif
and Dennis J. Collins are on trlnl.
The defendants are charged specific
ally with conspiracy to "plant" dynamite at Lawrence "' the time of the
textile strike of 1912.
Collins testified BS a witness fnr
the prosecution and confessed n par'
In the alleged plot, though Insisting
that he was unaware sl the time tha'
lie wai handling dynamite. He sd
mltted th' I be did not . xpecl to re
reiv,. a .' ill sentence If be told thi
truth on '.he st.-.-d The defence will
contend hsl neither Wood nor At
teaux I. il any oi nnectlou wlUi the
iv lllni i. id ef distributing dvnn
mite at  different  buildings occupied
hy     Hrii;:ug     textile     operatives     at
Lawrence,  b"t  made  onlv  a  casus
ri ferencn 40   Wood  and  did  nol  men
Hon Alteaux'a name.   He said thai
at the request of John J. Breen, who
was a member of the Lawrence sohool
hoard at thn time, he carried n pack
age of    dynamite    from    Boston    to
Program   for  Today.
Bdlson Drama.
Comedy  or  an   Actor's  Successful  Impersonation,
Home of the Cinematograph.
Up to the  Minute Photo-Plays.
A spectacle on  Unsupported
Presenting   a   Bit  of   Roman
History  "In  the  Days of
Harry Clinton
Late Leading  Man in "Time.
Place  and   Girl"  Company.
"Marble Heart"
Thanhouser  Feature  in  Two
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
-.   1,(8
i ...  ���
.   ;       ��� '
,-IUI    I ll
��� ���  ��� I       "*     ''
. .  *    i... ���   ���   ��� -'
.:     '
��� .: i - *      .i
.   .liin
The last of the glass comes all
too  soon  when  it contains
the taste is so good that you
wish the glass were bigger. Let
us send you a case. Phone
L 75.    Pront service.
igh tickets, all classes, to   the East and to Europe.
31! Hours to Prince Rupert.
41 hours to Hazelton.
"Prince George" runs through to
"Prince Rupert" runs through to
Granby Bay.
HARRY  TIDY.  Manager.
Leave at 12 midnight.
���MONDAYS ���Prince Rupert, Stewart, Massett.
TUESDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
THURSDAYS���Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
FRIDAYS���Alert Bay,   Hardy   Bay,   Rivera  Inlet,  Ocean
Falls. Queen  Charlotte Islands tdlrect -service, last time)
SATURDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
���Close   connection at  Prince Rupert v��ith Qrand Trunk
Pacific Railway trains for points Eaat of Hazelton.
n. U. SMITH. C   P. & T. A. W. E. DUPBROW, U. A   P   U
Phone Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.      527 Granville Strest
Round trip excursions commence May 28���Go one way, return another.
Vin Moore Stock Co.
Presenting the Uig Comedy
"The Man of
the Hour"
One   show   each   night,   8:30-
lu 45 p.m.
PRICES���15c, 25c, 50c.
Miss Del a Clarke
Presents Herself and Company
or Comedians In n Laughable
Face-off 3 o'clock.
General Admission, 25c; Bleachers, 50c,
Grand Stand, $1.00.
Tickets at H. Ryall's and Gray & Gilchrist.
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
Established     Assets
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ...    1849 ,   8,0i'0,000 ���
Guaranteed by the North British       Mercantile
insurance Co. of I-ondon     1809 J16.00il.000
Palatine Insurance Co. of Ixindon     1886 9.000,000
Guaranteed by tlie Commercial Insurance Companv of London     1861 90,000.000
Niagara Pire Insurance Co <g New York     1850 6,000,000
BVea Klre and Lire Insurance Co. of Sweden  ..    1W6 14,000,000
Westminster  Trust   Block Phone 62.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bkfc.
Seals now on sale at Tidy, the
I.'lorisl'B, $1.50 to 60c.
'PHONE L 134
. ,-.���   ii    ,f '���'���
...i-i ���
,'ti   i
Is Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings till 9:00 o'clock.
The Home of Low Prices 641 Front St.
Out of the High Rent District.
Till 9 p.m.
I.addles' Dox Kid  Boots lor boys and girls, Blzes 6 to \0Vt  95:
Big Hoys' Box Kid Bluchers, sizes ls,  lis, 3s. 4s, 5s $1.63
For Ladies the llyiui Boot, II 1 too patent tips, ('uhlan heel, snapp:-'
last, all slr.es  $1.9j
For Men Weston's tan willow calr Bluchers, pug toe,   sewn   soles.
snappy last $2.95
Kor Men the Regent Boot, velour call, HI toe, the right shape; hair
price   $2.95
��� , (Url
..   ii..
,,.    i* *..-     i  I
...     i fl  i
���;���..-:   i
i   .
i��i "ii >>
'..:     I!    '    l'i    ',.
.���    ''���  ���
��� ��� PA-tiE   8IX
WEDNESDAY,  MAY 21,  1913.
a i
at I
Easy   Matter to Convert  Party  FrooK
Into Thi�� Costume.
The word "lietfllisee" covers n multi-
The Woman Who's Determined to ; t..de ��r wuy. mtinmte ������-. ���*.
��������������.��*��������������������������� 5
��� ./        RATES. ���
��� �����������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
lay- 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5.000 words, to be used as required wittln oue year from date of
contract, $25.00. ...
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Heath Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice J1.00. Card of Thanks 5uc per
ver city and Vancouver island for
un article In demand by all merchants. Machine sells at sight;
large commission and exclusive territory Kor particulars call .ill
Westminster Trust building.  11357)
tain Immediate Possession of an
ideal city lot facing Moody Park.
Balance ot $1000 can be paid on
terms to suit purchaser's convenience Write Owner, Box 1349 Daily
News. (1349)
Please Too Much.
FOR SAI.K- $l.d0 DOWN, $1.00 PKR
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square, unoo)
cheap.    Apply   47   Mcrrivale slreet.
Chafing Dieh Set In Crash Toweling Is
Ju��t the  Gift   For   Hoilesa  Who   It
Fond of  Entertaining  Informally  ��t
Supper or Luncheon.
Dear Elsa-I have Just come back to
Kew York from a week end spent wltb
Margaret W.. and I never leave ber
charming country  home  without the
uncomfortable feeling thnt I have been
extremely rude.  Margaret ls one of the
i few remaining specimens of politeness
I left to us In this rude, busy age.' Indeed, she ls so anxious to be nice and
There Is. tlrst. the tea gown, so iiiiined
because lt wus the comfortable, Informal costume the Englishwoman slipped Into ou hei- return from it dny's
sport when she Joined the men ugain
for tea. The Kngllsli type of tea gown,
however, bus been glorified liy many
French touches until today It is a
thing of great heiiuty. Many women
wenr these tea gowns to Informal din
A Few ef the President Elect's Favorite Dimes.
Mi-*. Woodrow Wilson, wife of the
vent president of the United States,
in like most southern women, n good
cook The following recipes ure used
by Mrs. Wilson when she is ambitious
of setting before her famous husband
some of his cullniiry fuvoritcs:
Georglu Indian Pudding.���Place four
cupfuls of sweet rich milk Into a double iKiilor. Moisten lu u little of tbe
milk four rounded tublespoonfuls of
yellow Indian meal and mid to tlie
milk when hot. stirring it well.   Then
Blx roomed house with shack 13x33,
woodBhed,  well    and    city    water.
��&!%&& SB aKcondi nThave her guests *Joy gm*****
street   on Fourteenth   avenue.    G.   tbat she defeats ber own good object
Scalier, Kast Burnaby. (1314) j by being too solicitous of their well^be-
ners In their own homes nnd often at udd half a cupful of molasses, a little
thnt Jolly  function  the Sunday  night salt, a tablespoouful of ground ginger
supper.    It Is very difficult, even for and a teaspoonful of cinnamon.    SUr
the Initiated, to describe tiie difference well and udd four rounded tablespoon-
between the ten gown and the dinner tula of butler.   Mix well aud tben poor
frock, n difficulty often Increased by Into a baking dish with n pint of cold
tbe fact that the ten gown hns been milk added and well stirred In.   Bake
evolved from a dinner dress which bad In  a  slow  oven  three  hours.    Sometimes raisins ure added.    Serve with
of   Devon   and   Cornwall   discovered I
that a deposit of limestone only ono I
and a hull' miles from Vernon on a .
main travelled road wus of great value and  Birelched  far  back  Into the 1
hillside.    There  haa  been  a  lack  of
lime for the use or tanners and or-'
ohardlsts,  and    for    plasterers    and I
builders,   in   the  Vernon  district,  all
llmu having to be Imported.
Burning in a temporary kiln shows'
that the rock gives a grade of lime 1
of the first quality for plastering, kul .
Bomiiiing agricultural and sanitary j
Thc rock quarried for building pur-'
poBes Is of the Bame beautiful shade
aa   that  used   In  the  homes  of  Ply-
mouth, Penzance ami Devonport, uud i
in many of the puhllc buildings of!
those countries which stood erosion
for two centuries past and show no
sign except to un expert that they
are not recently constructed build-
clerk required. Apply stating age,
experience and salary required to
Box 1350 Daily News. l1''������'"'
cashier at the Koyal theatre. (1342)
housework;   must have  references.
Apply at 3'JG Third street.      (1341)
work on commission. Apply Box
1339 Daily News. (13391
enced chalteur. Private party pre-
ferred. Apply 414 Ash street. (1333)
posttions. Will bear the fullest investigation. C. Constantineau, Room
524 WeBtmlnster TruBt building.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C.. 1199)
lady to live with English people.
Apply Box 1318 Daily News. (13IX)
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet In length,
7 inch to 9 inch tops. Can take in
water or on cars. NeBtos Timber
Co., Ltd., Bellingham, Wash. (126S)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136   News  office. (1136)
free���We want a man or woman to
open an office aud act as our representative. We have a permanent
position for the right party. Some
of our representatives aro earning
three hundred dollars per month,
We furnish everything and pay express charges. All you have to do
is distribute our printed matter and
write contracts. No experience
necessary. Write today. Harbor |
City Terminal Corporation, Sun j
Antonio, Texas. (1324)
white feet, about 13 hands, if not
claimed in seven dayB will be sold.
Wilson,  poundl.eepcr,  Edmonds.
Wanted secretary and bookkeeper
for Board of School Trustees. Must
be able to use typewriter and a shorthand writer preferred. State experience and Balary required. Apply
New Westminster Board of School
Trustees. 11345)
sitting room close In. FirBt clasa
locality.    Phone 490. 113011
TO      RENT      FURNISHED,      TWO
bright  housekeeping    rooms.    Suit
man and wife.    1020 Third avenue.
Wfth street for one month to the
couple who may have been or will
be married between May 1 and
June 15. Apply Westminster Trust.
<;itv. (134-1)
keeping rooms. Apply 412 Ash
street , 11343)
70 RENT FULLY MODERN Business aud dwelling block. Edmonds,
iu (lout municipal hall, two stores,
kitchen, CMint room and live nice
bedrooms,    UtlM    tO    responsible
party, |7o pur month,   Apply Alex, i
Notice to Master Mariners, North
Arm of the Fraser River.
The City of New Westminster intends to close the Lulu Island Bridge,
situate on the North Arm of the
Eraser River, at New Westminster,
on or ahout the 20th and 21st of
May. 1913. for the purpose of laying
submerged water main, during which
time the channel will be closed to all
traffic requiring the opening of the
swing span.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City    Hall.   New   WeBtmlnster,   B.C.,
May 15, 1913.
Amended Notice.
Owing to delay    in procuring    the
dredge for above dates the bridge will
not be closed until the 22nd and 23rd
Inst, Il321i
Tenders are invtiM fnr tin*, painting of
ii*n.-*u* il.vsj.iinl at New Westminster, B.
<\, for the HiMiid of Manager of the
Hoyal Columhinn Hospital.
Copies of plans and specifications may
be si^n itt the Hospital in Bapperton, B.
C,   or  III   the  offloes  of  th*   Architect.   S.
B, innls. A. it I. B. A., no Pender Btreel
"'SiM'IS to  bi  delivered   lo   thell*"" fu;   :i'A'.:'.ii  will I.url   '. r :',.���!'.:.,
Secretary or ibe Hospital at  Sapperton,
New  -iVpfltirtniutn,,  ii   C, before ii p.  m.. !
"'���"-1ti.-fi.Tny,   May  21st. ,_. |
ing. In other words, she ls one of those
"pressing" people who make tbe average woman feel like "saying things"
at times.
Here Is nn example of what I mean:
"Won't you bnve one of these enkes.
dear?" she cried one afternoon at tea,
her bright eyes fulling on my empty
"Thank  you   very   much,   but   I ve |
quite Bnlshed."
"Oh, but yon must try one of theso
They're homemade."
"I'm sure they are delicious, but j
"Just one, now: lust to please mc.
So 1 wns obliged to meekly dispose ;
of tbe cake, and lis soon ns 1 had come ,
to the  last  crumb   Margaret  began
������Now I'm sure you will have another,
won't yon?"
"No. thiiiik you. really. Margaret."
"Oh, do; I have not nearly llnislied
yet Ho keep uie company. Or perhaps yon did not like my cake?"
"It wus splendid!" 1 managed to re- 1
ply, quite honestly, for Margaret is a
fine cook.   "But, truly"���
Well, it wus all off. Margaret smiled
a sad. wistful smile, which snld ns
pluln ns words, "I'm so sorry yon
didn't care for lt, for lf you had you
would have taken another one."
She doesn't seem to realize thnt. however nice a cake mny he. there exists
to the vulgar mind such n thing as-
well, repletion Is the prettiest term I
can call It. though very small people
have expressed the same meaning by
announcing that they are "full now."
Then one day Margaret began talking of new spring frocks, anil 1 wns I
foolish enough to say that I wns thinking of changing my dressmaker.
"The very chance for you to try the
little woman who made my green
gowu. She's so smart and so cheap
She lives at��� Tliere. I've forgotten.
but I'll look it up In my address book .
fttul let you know." I
Now. as a matter of fact. 1 don't nd-'
mire Margaret's green gown In the
least, and Hick said It was a "shriek
of fashion."
Trying In I.e tactful. I appreciatively
looked at Margaret and replied: "Don't
bother, dear. I think perhaps after ull
I'll give Mine. Blank another chance."
"Yes. but you may as well have the
address, mayn't you? And I'm going
to her this week, and If she says she
cannot take nny more orders Just now
I'll mention thnt you are a friend of
mine. Or���or maybe lt would be bei
ter for you to come with me."
Margaret Is always full of plans, nnd.
knowing that to raise her hopes to let !
hard sauce. 1    Vernon,  May  20.--On    his    return
Wnlfles.���Into fonr cupfuls of well from a trip of inspection throughout
sifted flour rub a heaping tablespoon- the valley as tar south as Keremeos.
fill of butter and Bait well. Break
three egga. placing the yolks In one
bowl and the whites In another. Beat
ench stiffly. Add three cupfuls of
sweet milk lo the yolks and tben to
the mixture add the buttered flour,
lieatlng briskly.   Continue to bent for
6i:i PILLS Brought Relief
Larder Lake, Onl., March j6th.
"I had been suffering for some time
Willi my Kidneys and Urine. I was
constantly passing water, which was
very scuuty, Sometimes'' as ninny as
thirty tunes s (lay. Each time the pain
was somelhiug awful, ami uo rest at
I heard cf your GIN PILLS sml
decided to give them a trial at once.
I sunt my chum bo milea to get them
ami I am pleased to inform vou that iu
leas than six hours, I felt relief.
In two days, the p.tiri had left me
eutirtly.   I look about half a box and
today I feel as well  as ever and my
kidneys are actm;; quite natural again."
GIN PILLS aoothe the irritated
bladder ��� u-e.il the sick, weak, painful
kidneys���and strengthen both these vital
organs.   Money bask if they fail.
S��c. s bo��, * lor Iti.50. Sample free
if you write Natloual Drugand Chemical
Co., et Csusdft, Limited, Toronto.     u��
Into  very  hot
both sides.
fat and  fry  brown 00
Bon Hoy reported that ho had looked
It)  vain  for any  signs  of  froBt dam- I
One  could  ot  course  ho  said,  rind   I
here and there a bud that had been
nipped;    bu-  that waB the cubc every I
year.    Ab to the prospects or this sea- , Ke  ]/0t  thirty-four    (34),    Southwest
sons crop he thought  it would even!      quarter of Histrict Lot eight hundred  and  Blxty-Beven   (8B7),  Municipality  ot  North  Vancouver,  Map
Whereas proot or Iobb or Certificate or Title No. 59942 E., covering
the above mentioned property, issued
in Ihe name ot Sham Slugh, lias been
(Hid in this office. Notice is hereby
given that I Bhall at the expiration
ot one inonth rrom date of lirst publication hereot, iBBiie a duplicate cf
said Certificate of Title, unless In Iho
meantime valid objection be made to
me In writing.
Dated at the Land Iteglstry Office.
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day of
May, A.I).  1913.
(1316) D'.Btrlct Registrar.
tlve mlnuteB. into the center of this t,,, bigger thiB year than last as far
batter then place two rounded tea- as one could Judge at this Btage.
spoonfuls of linking powder nnd then While some of the old orchards
bent ngnln vigorously. Lastly, bent ln were not quite as heavy, the new
the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs ones coming Into bearing more than
and bake Immediately In wattle Irons, made up for tho difference. Or course
To lie served with butter nnd hot an-:""-'��� were old orchards with as good
promise as lust year. He thought
there would be more apples in the
south than last Benson, while the
plums and apricots were particularly
pie sirup
Ilnmlny fritters.���To two cupfuls of
cold boiled hominy add n cupful of
rich cream nnd best. Add two well
beaten eggs nnd two tablespootiftils ot
cornstarch with a teaspoonful ot baking powder. Bent to n smooth batter,
and then-drop In large tnhlcsponnfiils  Constable  Grabbed  Lunatic  But Fail-
begun to show the signs of wenr and
tear. It is the simplest matter Imaginable to take the foundation or the dill
tier frock snd drupe over it an over
dress of chiffon or lace, as the fancy
may dictate. The ten gown In the
sketch shows tbe possibilities of this
The first requisite of any negligee,
whether the more formal ten gown or
the simplest boudoir robe, is comfort.
lt must be n garment so loose and
roomy thut It cue tie worn without cor-
sets, und for this reason tbe high wnlsl
line is generally more becoming than
the normal one. Ttie fullness of the
gown bunging from this raised waist
line hides the fact tbst the support or
the corset has been withdrawn. Tlie
simple little tea gown pictured la "f
pate blue nlbntross, with deep cuffs and
shawl collar ot white albatross dotted
With blue. Lingerie beading run with
blue ribbon holds the high empire
waist lu place.
Advantages Given to the Housewife
by Uncle Sam's New Service.
The new panel post Is n grent convenience to ihe housekeeper in town
as well as making n market without
the aid ut Ihe middleman ror the farmer. People living In towns and ciile-.
by this means may order roods rresli
rrom tlie farm and thereby save time
money and trouble.
As an example of the various good
|��)lnts of the parcel post delivery Inks
the shipment ot egga, which a housekeeper can get fresh rrom the funu
every morning���eggs that were laid the
previous day.
Tnke. ror Instance, a family of two
Allowing that they would consume six
eggs 11 day. says Mrs. Kale Boxve in a
recent article, they could order a foul
day supply for 11 little more Uian they
cost and receive Ihem In perfect condition, iu most cases the farmer pay*
the postage, but lie probably adds thai
amount lo the price of eggs.
ed to Prevent Suicide
Vernon, May 20.���The tragic suicide thai occurred last Tuesday morning from the S. S. Okanagan, Ib thus
described by 0. I.. Estabrooke, mas-
tor of the vessel:
"Ou our northbound trip this morning, between Peachlund and llellatcly.
at 7.nil o'clock, a lunatic l.y the name
of John Brockenshaw. a native of
Kngland. escaped through the outside
door of a stateroom on the hurricane
deck and leaped overboard and wan
"The constable In charge grabbed
at .the man as ho mad,, a dasS
through the door, and managed te
catch hold of his coat as be leaped
overboard It was done ho quickly
that it was Impossible for him to get
a oolld hold of the man. From the
pilot house 1 heard someone shout,
'man overboard.'.
"1 stopped the boat, blew lifeboat
whistles and reversed the engines,
From the time I heard the alarm until our boat was In the water fully
manned, the ilme was fifty-one seconds, The boat went back to where
the man went overboard, and rowed
around for Bome time, time but no
sign of the. man could be seen."
and fli-S lev���,
necessarily    ac-1
Maopherogr^ aiiuu-**
feet; unfurnished; every convent-
ence*. suitable for housekeeping, 303
Durham street. il'.'/.'.Si
Nn allowance for tend
est or any   u-nder not
SjaWr��'.tors submitting lenders will be
r,--'ivnr.-.i ... .-I..-!..,... a marked cheque for a
sum equal t*i five p��'r cenl if. i*-r c*-nl.)
nt tbo nm..uut or thp tender, which will In-
forfeited shoutd the contractor fail to I aa& does mean SO Well,
enter Into a contract wli.ri rallid noun
(1570) Becretary
I  tempo-'-"'!  by snylng.  "I'll think It
An'J *���* TC went ou StStS minute of
,\.c lime I spent with her, I feeling the
most ungracious creature on the earth,
for Margaret never can see tbat she
has said   enough     Yet she  Is   a  dear
why don'l 1 go to Fcrncllffe next sum
n,er?' Why don't I take her remedy
for sore throat';    Whv don't I  take 11
C��� Ploneet Bakery, good location.
Apply Mra. 1). Fraser, I13S5)
1 ticket ror the current event talk
I INVESTORS'  INVESTMENT  CO. | don't i go m hor dentist?
And Ind 1 1 don't know
or vacant lots tor rent, sale or ex
change; splendid position on beach
front    Winch   White Hock.    (1323)
rooms, MB
'urnurion street
ed oomplete, electric light, bath,
phone, etc.. $H and *l�� per month;
also one partly furnished room ��S
month, wiih other aocommoda.-
at 224 S'-venth Btreet.    (1296)
428 Eleventh Btreet.
Furnished   three   room  suite,  with
bath.    Hot  and   cold   water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Notice Is hereby given that the Corporation of the City of New Westmin
Mer proposes lo till in nii'l build certain works on tho foreshore along
portions of the main waterfront of
the City of New Westminster, and
lag deposited the plans thereof and
a description of the proposed sites
with the Minister of Public Works
and a duplicate thereof In the office
of the Registrar of Titles lor the I lis-
v:ir\ of New Westminster in the
Province of British Columbia, being
lhe disirict ln which such work Ib
proposed to be constructed, and will
one month alter tin date henof apply to the liovornorln Council for approval thereof.
Dated this 3rd day of May,  1013.
By W. A. Duncan. City Clerk.
Re il Estate, Fire insurance.
Here's a Snap for Builders.1
T."> \ 300, facing on two]
streets, for $1,500, $200
cash, balance to suit.
\Vt can trade choice Alberta
acreage for City or Suburban realty.
We can trade Okanagan orchards for City or Rural
We can sell two cosy homes
for $100 cash and $25 per
per month
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block. 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster. B.C.
why I don'l
du many of Ibeso things, except that i
don't pail rul.irly cam i".
1 | i, and I neve" look forward tu
,.,,,. ., ������ ��� >��� -��� r*-1, sl'iply because
we r- I ;��� . In :'i t" Bel n\ iy We
plead 111 it wu have em: iisouients It;
i ,.-. I,.   ''Won't Ihe; bold nv *'
Ho jou i't.'rJ.enilier Bnn^ TVolU-u** r��
i iy to lil.�� rather when that dear old
, ��� | umiitl Hii-ugcsted that hi- letter tn
Mary, lhe housemaid, was rather -,h..rt: j
"Sot it bil of It." said Sam ' She II
vls'.i then, vok more, and that',, the
Kreiit "it "' lei'.'-r wi-ltln'."
Somehow lh.se words always come
Into my head iis I travel home from
| Mumal-et's.
!     I wonder. I'.lsu. how you will like lhe
I dollies  nml  cpnlorplece  I  am  tniiklnc
for ii friend whudncs a lot or Informal '
1 etitertnlnlna  chadiiR dish parties and
' llie like   The set Is of blue and white I
: hnrred ten towellnit,   A yard und live
I'lKhlhs nf eighteen Inch wide toweling '
mskea  Iho  twelve dollies,   which  are
nine Inches square.   A s.|iiiire of the
toweling   was tun  narrow   to  make n
good looking centerpiece, so I eompro
mlsed ..n nn oblong Inble runner
The edges i.r both dollies and center
piece nre (Inlslied with heavily padded
buttonholing done with mercerized i-ol
ton the shade ..r Ihe blue bar in the
crush. Across lhe .enter ..r each dully
and at tioth ends of tbe runner renter
piece will be placed the Initials nr the
owner In i-rnss stitch, carried nut lu
two shades or blue. On a polished inn
hominy table lhe set Is stunning.
Time's up. no nnf wlederselien
Little Helps.
Before Using table oilcloth paste at
each corner on Uie wrong side n Kipinro
of cylton. This prevents the corners
from wearing out as soon as they otb
en-rise would.
The fiiu,Li i'uiirks On il door enn bt
removed by a cienn flannel clolh dip
ped In kerosene nil. Afterward wipe
wiih a cloth wrung out of hot water 111
order to lake the -smell awny.
A yellow frosting Is made by beating
yolks ot eggs lightly nml thickening
them with fine siiKiir lis yuu would
tlie whites It will lake a little longer
to haiden than It the whites were usc.l
Dingy towels may frequently be re
stored to nor I whiteness by putting
In a kettle ..r cold water, adding �� bite
Bonp shavings and lemon Jui.-e and letting pome "lowly to s boll.   Illnse In
tepid water, then blue water, aud bing
lu (he sun.
Lingerie Trocke.
The lingerie dress or l'.li:', Is simple'
in effect, though or a rattier costly slm-
pllcity, as one very soon linds out win n
For Tangled Hair.
Many a beautiful head nf hnlr lull
been cruelly ami needlessly sncrlllrwi
winmi u long nnd serious Illnes-. ha-
left   It   in   il   seemingly   Impclc-*-.   unit
through which no Auger*, however \*\
tii-iil. i an push Ihelr way    Then nuiie-
tho tearful demand for scissors In
stem! spread a towel smoothly ovei tin
pillow, lay ihe patient on her slile.
have nt hand a bottle of benl nlcnlml,
take the matted half anil sjuuralc tin*
oughly wiih the ulrobol, then gently
drew It Ihls way anil Hint, end iitesein
ly ll will yield nml admit your lingers
Keep the hnlr thoroughly wet, nnd In
n few minutes the long strands wlll be
straightened out I'nn't fear mid
Tin- splrlls will have eVapornted too
quickly for that Cologne will not
Gome For ��h�� Snwing Circle.
A worklmskel u" lhe flwl prize nnd
a tew ii ei -i-swirlcs Here Ihe reward* In
II parlor game played at u reienl gnth
cling of n sewing circle The game
wns called "my lady's work basket "
Each of the ladles was given u enrd
with a list of words,mostly nonxenslenl,
printed therein The Idea was to trans-
pose the letters of Olll'll word In form
h word designating something belong.
ins' tn n wnrkbnsket. a half hour Lh'IiiM
devoted to the iissibuu.
Every, Woman
k is intantiw tad Ihould know
Marvc| ^JLyp
Aak ynnr ,1m.-.'1st for 1
IL  If lift cnttnofc Biifpl/ '
ttie   MAItVi.U accept no
olher, but. himhI ptnuin f'-r Ulos*
] tratrd bunk   -enlM.   It fives foil"
GrtlccHrs Mid .'ir-ril'ms Inv-ilniible
-UxlUin.WIMlwlltMU'l't.Y ll>..WInd��or, On"
...,,,,���. aaant* lor i ,.,.,,u.
fX tiACS ��XH Ml'LL.
he starts to make or pnrelia-* one i>l
bene smart niul useful cosi nines.
Ttie model Illustrated Is one of the
tivst ty-jieH carried out 111 while mull
and cluiiy lace, l-tlm-fc velvet i>ri,iiH-ts
tbe islge ot tlle skirt and forms u blub
waistband, witb a pump boW nl tlle
f'hnsed by the Devon and Somerset
HAllt CUTTINO     BBARD ODTTINO gtaghoundg   wl���ch lm(| m���t th|rtaen
MASS At JI NO nf   thl   scalJmlles  away,  a  slag  dashed  Into  the
Sooclaliy���Treatment  of  tne  Bcaip
bv  Vlbro-Massage and (Mover's Fam- village of  l.yn.nouth. Devon, through
bus stimulating Tonics. Ithe Glen I.yn grounds and was killed
DAVID BOYLE, 36 Eighth St.       ion Uie banks ot the We* I.yn,
New Auto Servico
Nanalmo, May 20.   Mr  J. Moscrop
intends putting on au aittomobllii
stage between Nanalmo and ('timber
land,   lie has purchased a steam car
Nonteakable Down Pillows.
When makliiu' ib.wii pillows lhe
wrung side uf the lick slmtilil lie Ironed
with nn Iron rubbed over With Ish'S
.iav rubliitiu' the Iron tburuilgbly wllh
the uni each lime befnre It I" put ""
Ihe licking This wlll keep Ibe duwn
rrmii working through the tick
A Stirring  Fork.
When stirring giuvy, whit. ��>-i>
stinvli. eli-.. use a cooking fork Instead
.���t the busting s|inoii ciimniniilv sii etn
IdoTisI This will prerelil lumps and
the i,is-essll\ ..I iniistaiillv serapno
ull Ul'l'linilllStlnllS tluiii Ibu Hpo-tni.
"lc Lots 3 and 4, Block 5. of Section
35, Block 5 North, Range 3 West,
Map 520, in the District of New
Whereas proof nf the loss of Cer-
tlllcate of Title Number 16B74F, is
sued In the name of Alexander Allan,
has been lib d In this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall.
it the expiration of one month from
the dale or the first publication hereof, In :i daily newspaper published in
tlio City ol New Westminster, issue
���i duplicate or the snld Certificate, unless In the moantlmo valid objection
Iw made to me in writing.
Dlstriet Registrar ot Titles.
Land Registry Office, New  Westmin
ster, B.C.,  April 80, 19X3.      (120*8)
Telephones:   Office 53.  Residence 429.
John REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Oasollno
Engines,  Marine   Engines   and   Auto*
mob.lu Repairs.
OWice and Works: Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.    Satisfaction guaranteed
59  McKenzie  St.
B.C.Coast Service
Fine  Grade  of  Limestone  Discovered
By   Devon   Man.
Vernon,    11.    C    May    2".   -Borne
months   ago   Krank   Mitchell,   an   n-
which  Will  carry twelve  paasviigera.' p-isrlcnced mlulng man from the mlnua
Leaves Vancouver fnr Viotorla io ����� m.
1 p. in. nml 11  45,
l.fiivrii Varus,uver for Hi little 10 a. tn
nud 11 P. in-
Leavos Vancouver fur Nanalmo 3 p. tn
Leavea Vanoouver   rnr   Prince   Rupert
und   Norlhirn   Points    10   p.   in.    W.illiie
Chilliwack Service
l^avee Chllllwack 7 a. ID. Tuoedaj,
Thurwlay and Saturday,
l^avi-H Weatmlnater S a. m. Monday
Wedneaday and STIdajr.
Kll. OQULBT,  Agent. New Weatmlrurt��r
11. W. BHODIB. ��. P. A.. Vaneouv-er.
Notice Is hereby given that at tho
next sitting or the Hoard of I.lceuse
Commissioners ror the City of New
Westminster application will be made
Tor a trensfer or the license to sell
liquor by retail in the Cenl ral Hotel
premises situate on Lot One (li.
Illock "(i," Merchants' Square, Cily ot
New Weatmlnater, from .lm. 1. Freeman to Henry Freeman.
Dated   at   New Westminster, B.C..
thla 6th dav or May. A I)   1913,
Holder oi License.
(13311 Applicant for Transfer,
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply to the Hoard of
LIcenBe Commissioners at its next
regular sitting tor nn Hotel License
for the promises known as the "Hotel
Dominion," situate upon Lot 11, Block
5, corner or Sixth and Columbia
Streets, City ot New Weatmlnster,
Dated this !ith dav of Mav, All
EDWARD v.'. si: Midi.II.
(1234)    EDWARD JONES.
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all   points  east,   commencing   May  28.
Week End tickets on sale lo local
points nt Singh- Fare tor Itoiind Trip
jn Fridays, Saturdays and Sundaye,
For rates and reservation apply    to
New Westminster
Or  II.  VV    Rrodle,  OP.A ,  Vancouver
To  Porl   Mann   and   Pert  Coquitlam
Daily  Except -Sjnciiiy.
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
As Per Following Schedule:
Leavea New Westminster for Port
I Mann  Hon a.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for   New   Wesl
; minster 8:00 a.m.
Leaves  New Westminster ror Port
| Mann and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 a in
Loaves   Port   Coqultlam   rm-   Port
1 Maun and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster   for   Port
i Munn 5:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port  Mann   tor  N'ew  West-
: minuter 7:00 p.m.
Lcbvob  New  WeBtmlnster  ror  Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port.
j Mann and New Westminster 6:30 p.m
Schedule subject to Change wll:".oiil
For further information inquire:
Eraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
; Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
I ,.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Host Pool Tables In the city. Flno
line of Clunri! ttnd Tobacco. SportliK
��� vents bulletined.
A. G. BEATON. Proprietor.
New  Spring  nnd  Summer Hulling.*
now  on  display.    See them.    Perfect
fit nnd workmanship. reuariniloed.   "01
Front tllreot. WEDNESDAY,   MAY  21,   1913.
a Ri3i :g L-."iiL;T;i:v
A young man named Jones fell Into the first occurrence at  the residence
a  vat or boiling  liijuld used  ror tan- ot the mayor a month  attor he Join-
ulng  herring  nets  at  Yurmouth.    He ed  the Coveutry  force.    It Is said ho
was  (illicitly   extracted   but   lite   was deserted   his   wife   and   children   ln
.extinct, Australia.
The   Dtbenham,   Bufrolk,    Sparrow   ���
flub,   which  last  year destroyed  11,-   DE8IEGED PRINCE
096 sparrows and S5H6 eggs, ls to be j TURNS ALL DOWN
wound up owing to lack of funds and
Walter Cunllffe was elected gover-1 for the, future patronage of the Prince
nor of the Dank of England and Rob- of Wales. Realizing that In all pro-
��rt Lydston Newman deputy-governor liability another yenr will see him
nt  the nnnual  meeting of the direc- I Installed ln a palatial mansion of his
For making a false declaration to
obtain unemployed benefit under tho
InBuranoe act, John Bryan, a painter,
waB sentenced to seven days' Imprisonment at  Hedford.
Epping Guardians have derided to
expend ten shillings on a wig ror an
old woman In the workhouse, about
whose baldness the other Inmate*
made unkind  remarks.
In accordance with the last writ
ten wish Of Graham Gilmore, who
-was killed while flying over Richmond Park last year, a model aeroplane has been placed over the grave
at   Mlckloham.
As n protest against the refusal of
tho board of education to grant an
Imiulry. parents at llatlock's Heath,
near  Netley,   are  keeping their  chll-
own they are bombarding Buckingham palace and the prince's roomB
at Oxford with samples of their wares
and requests for orders in years to
Ho far none or theBe errorts, although many have represented a
great deal or work and Ingenuity,
havo had tho allghtes: effect All
havo been returned to the aendera
with a polite note to the, etreet that
when any goods are required from
Ihem by lhe prince an Intimation to
that effect will be Bent to them.
mlttee  and   thc  men   have  all   gone
back to work.    Most of the men were
J.  C.   Elliott,  M.P.P.,   Has  a   Future not out more than three or four days.
In   Politics, At   Schach's  camp  at  four-mile  they
I'.o first ma le hun i. If known in (lie  were not out at all.
Ontario  Public  Accounts Committ ���������.     *vvork  la now golng on !lt  aH th
Alter Uk* election  in  Ontario  in  x'.Kni ,     , ,,
a little phalanx ,.f Liberals gathered carnp8 '" fu" 8wlng'   'Jre9'dent War-]
.in the Legislature���eighteen of them ner hua 1<;ri- tor Carml by way of Mid-
-and  tick  stork   of  their  party  and   way and  will  ��:art track-laying oper-
their cause.    Many thought they  ImJ ationB from Carml westward. Tenders!
better   give   in.     Not   so   with   them.  ar0 belng ^-^ tor ^ .   Uon        ,
1 bov   were    optimists    and  wouhln t    . ,, , , . ,   ,
give' in. A young man ol medium ��f ��8prey lakl' ftnd " la exPectB<1 that
height, slightly built, with keen, pierc thla Una will be under construction
ing eyes, began to size up the situa- very shortly.
tlon.. He had spoken on the debate chief Engineer McCulloch stated a
on  the  address and took  a hand  in   ,        , ..   .  ,
the Budget.    He was ass.gnel to three   f,!w   days   aB0   tha* il   waB   expected.
IInii.se, but really centred his atten- with Midway and points east by UiIb
Uon  on  one���the Public Accounts.       time next year.
This v as Mr. 1. C. Elliott, member A contract has been let for a six-
for We.it Middlesex. 'Ihat year and stall roundhouse here and building
tbe year following was a probation operations have already begun lt
period. The work ol the committee ** being constructed bo that It may be
was not heavy, but it was enough enlarged to a tcn-stall roundhouse a
to  teach   the   young   Parliamentarian  little later.
the  different   jumps.    Three  sessions! _!	
for  his  first  term  taught  him   some
thing* about political warfare.   A gen-i	
eral  election    last    year    brought  on Memorial For a Poet.
another campaign.    Mr.  Elliott came      M a rweIlt Ka,|,���ring ,)f d;.slingu;sh.
back   and this Ume was advanced to   ,.d hll,r        ���,,,, ���, 0tfaw    ,    g
the front row of Ins party. tl������ wiUl  ,,���_.  f,jUrU,)Mlll,  anniversary
An aptness at repartee and an abil- ���f lhe (|eaU, ,,, Ar,,,ibal(J LBlnulll81>
ity to perceive a weakness in the tha Canadian poet, it was proposed to
argument oi. and score on, an oppon- esUblUh a national memorial to the
cut  are  distinguishing  characteristics   departed   wnter and   u���.        lu    ,
Honor   For   New   Yorl<
Folk     Dance     Expert.
Ixmdon,   May   10.���Tradesmen    all
ever the world Beem to be compollng l^f   the   standing   committees   ol   the  that  Penticton  would  be   linked
Animal Wa�� Drawing Hearse at Funeral���No Tall Twister There
London.   May    19.��� A    funeral     at
llampH'ead cemetery  was delayed  by
an   extraordinary   Incident.    Just   aa
drin   from  school.    Seventy  children ,ho procession nan entering the gates
wcre  withdrawn  In  a  week. a bulldog leaped at one or the horseB
. .     _             ,     ,             ', , Iran Ing   the   hearse   and   seizing   It
John Burns, who Is one or tho mem- by  th��� leg   br0ught n h,,avl,y lo ,ho
bers or the society of Amalgamated ground
Engineers nominated  for the  secre- Tbe "dog tben flh)f*od ltB Kripi bit.
t.-iryslnp,  has  Hlgnif:ed to the organization that he will noi allow his name
to be iiiibinlited to the ballot.
It has been decided by the National
Union of Rallwaymen to put forward
another candidate for parliament in
addition to tbe three railwayman's
members Mr. WardleJ Mr. Hudson
and Mr, Thomas and Mr. Holmes
has been adopted tm* Crewe.
A lady v as riding on horseback
i n the sands al BastbOUme when the
animal  sliiinl.led  and  fell
ing the horse In Beveral places about
the body, and rinnlly fastening Its
teeth in  lis muzzle,
The horse's Struggles were witnessed by many, but for some time the
confusion was such that all efforts to
get at the bulldog were unavailable.
A young woman to whom the latter belonged, eventually managed to
graBp its eollar, but ii was only after
lhe animal had been stunned with a
heaiy piece ol wood that Its Jaws
could l ��� prised apart and the horse
Regaining |.. i���.,.;, d      Th,.   latter,   a   valuable
Its feet the animal dragged IU rider i Krench stallion, will have to be
some distance through the water be. i .limbered it is reared, so badly was
for., she succeeded  In  freeing nt rsolt
She   was,  happily,   uninjured.
it injured.
of Mr. Elliott in debate. Several
times (lurini! the past two sessions has
he made liis presence known to the
Prime Minister of the province, and
hia attack ou the provincial boundary
settlement with Manitoba was not the
least oi the  Prime Minister's cares.
Born in the township of Ekfrid, in
West Middlesex, in 1872, Mr. Elliott
is now approaching the zenith of his
usefulness. At the age of eleven he
passed Ins high school entrance ex-
amination, and in 1889 attended high
school at Glencoe. Matriculating in
1893, he graduated in law in the year
J898, and at the same time took the
degree oi B.C.I., irom 'lrinity University. Five years later, on a thesis
written on "The Conflict oi Legislative Power Bet'. ��� n thc Dominion and
the Provinces," I. ��� earn...I the higher
i!  ���.*:, 1  D.C.L.  ir..:u Trinity.
(in graduating at law Mr. Elliott
returned I" Gl meoe and engaged in
practice. Eminently successful in his
profession, he has, at thc same tini".
retained a keen int. rest in agre-ul
ture. uu 1 has a larni iu western Canada which will havi.. a thousand
acres under cr..;. this year. While
always the friend ol the agriculturist.
been placed in the hands of a capable committee. It was suggested
that the attention of the Dominion
Government be called to the necessity
of creating a hall oi fame or pantheon
iii connection with the new buildings
that it ia intended to erect in Ottawa
for the proper commemoration of Canada's distinguished sons.
Among   Canadian    men    of    letters
Lam] man   stands  high   and  his  too
early death  waa a sad blow ti
ilmn   literature.     He   waa   a   naturi
poet  of   a   very   high   order  an.l   hi:
Photo hy American Preu Association.
A remarkable honor bas been paid a
New York woman by the committee In
charge of the congress on playgrounds,
Cana- | recreation and physical exercise for
���. limn children, which is to be held In
llie city of San Francisco the last week
work is full of truthfulness, simplicity and sweetness. His love of na- ,n rehninry. Miss Elizabeth Ilurche-
Lire found expression in a large num-! nn" '* tlle young woman Iu question,
ber of poems of exquisite beauty ami | She has been selected as the expert par
melody   and   his   lyrics  ami  Bonnets  excellence In tbe United States on folk
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Pres. aad Qetd. lift.       Vice-President Bee and Treas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN dlL     ���
The collection of birds and beasts pinching  or  twisting  the  dog's  tail,
which the district railway is forming That Is a certain way of making   e
has been Increased by a male wood-  bulldi g  release  its grip.    The more
owl,  which  waa caught  on  tbe  Har-; it iB beaten the tighter i: holds,
row  line.    It   ls a fine specimen, and '	
tendon. Miv 10.���The creator of
Sherlock Holmes proved himself a
very able cross-examiner In a l>on-
don police court when summoned for
It Is a ppy that no one thought of , the   advent  of   interprovincial   ques
now stuffed and suitably posed. Is exhibited at Victoria underground station.
After a three days' holiday, the
"cap" girls at Klcy's Cartridge works
at Kiliuoiiii.n who went out on strike
tn consequi nco of a grievance against
the foreman agreed to resume work not keeping a dangerous under con
on thu manager promising that he trol. I Ike Sam Weler, he set np thi
would give bis personal attention to defence of an alibi, and was so sne-
the department. !cessful   that  the  bench  stopped   the
case with lhe observation that It was
, n clear rase of mistaken Identity.
The complainant, a farmer,  doclar-
ed ihat the defendant's collie dog k 11
|ed   one   of   his   sheep,   and   when   he
I went to him Sir A. t'onan  lloyle aaid
he  was unite  willing  to pay com pen-
tions. such as ths boundary ilisput-
and the marriage law. has enabled
Mr. lilliott to die] lay a -.'rasp of these
matters tbnt haa caused the Government B] eakers n. re than once tu
guard their utterances, particularly tl
their position was at all vulnerable.
have a charm possessed by few writers and many an* surpassed by none
in simple beauty oi language and
taought. He was a master of versification and his kindly, wise and syin-
1 athetic spirit breathed through everything he wrote, was pure and noble,
broad and reverent and was tilled with
a wise philosophy of content. His
poems arc such as should Ic in every
Canadian home and should be prized
by all who love their native land and
admire all that is wholesome and good
in   literature.
Works  Versus Words.
Dr.    Rankin,    a    prominent
At the suggestion of Alderman Utir
boss it was decided at the meeting
of the Qodalmlng Traders' Association to Invite the local tradesmen to
Improve the appearance of the principal Hirei-is by placing window boxes
containing growing flowers in their
upper  windows.
Winston Churchill, firBt lord cf the
admiralty, put to sen In the Lion, the
Hag ship of the first bal tie cruiser
squadron. The ships forming this
rieet. were joined by other squadrons
to take part ill channel exercises,
���which the first lord witness- d from
the deck of Admiral Beatty's flagship
When a sidesman at Wltham, Ess IX
veairy meeting commented on the
���small offerings some people gave to
the church. I'anon Wltham replied
that the gifts to the collec'lons were
tree offerings made In private, and
he liopi d that no sidesman would
look  to see  what anyope gave.
The Yarmouth coroner, addressing
a woman whose baby disturbed the
court by constant hiccoughing, remarked: "Take that dummy cut of
Its mouth. They are the most beastly and Infamous things ever invented.
The man who Invented Ihem oiiglr
lo be mnde to walk aronr.d the world
forever   with   one   of    them     in     his
Joseph Smith, a warder it Walton
jail, was fined I'-'IO and f.ve guineas
cost at Liverpool for conveying Into
Walton jail for the use of a prisoner
a dally tu-. spa'i r. n letter from his
wife, oh'.roll's Rnd port wine. ll
was Btated thai Lie prisoner In question was a Hindoo, who had been
sentenced for practising palmistry
nnd his wife had paid Smit half u
guinea B wiek for supplying her husband these things.
Some  2000   working    people    have
BlrUOk   work   a*   the   Hoffman   factory
al Chelmsford, which is famed for the
making of steel bulls and bearings.
They export larg. ly to America. A
���groat deal of the lalxir Is unskilled,
and ll Is among this class Unit the
dlssentmcnt predominates, The works
run nighl and day, and II Is a very
serious matter f��r them to close down
The men met on the Hoffman toot-
ball ground and agreed to a demand
for half n penny an hour Increase of
wages all  round.
Constable (Ieorge lloneysett. of the
Hoyal Household polloe nt. Windsor
���('astle, was highly recommended by
the coroner's lury nl Clewer for his
gill.ti" attempt to rescue the young
���ion of a colleague from drowning.
The victim was John Nloholls, 18, son
of a oonstablo al Windsor Castle. The
evidence was that he got Into a punt,
which was chained to the bank, and
iitnrled to paddle out Into lhe middle
ot the stream. When tlle punt got
I,, ||,e end of lhe chain, it Stopped
With n Jerk and lhe boy was thrown
Into the river.
a  romarknble series of  robberies
by iienrv Muddle while a member of
the Coventry  police force resulted  111
his being  sentenced at   the Warwick
Bhlre  quarter   sessions    to    eighteen
months' Imprisonment Modle enter
ed the Coventry force lust October,
���with five years' very good character
of service'wllh the Metropolitan police No fewer than fourteen robber-
ics have  since  beon  traced  to  him,
Methodist minister in Ontario, tells of
a rather interesting incident that happened in his church on a recent -Sunday.
I He was approached by one of the
church members after the Sunday
morning Bervice.
"Dr. Rankin, 1 wish thai you would
preach a sermon on Heaven some *.f
these Sunday.*-. I confess that 1 have
many doubts as to the orthodox doc-'
trine aboul Heaven, and 1 would like-
to bear your views as to just what
and where it is."
"All right," said the preacher, "I'll
do it."
Tliey conversed  for a  moment  and
tliey were parting, Dr. Rankin call-
mv house I said It was not i ,.,j ovet auother member ami said
Yes. "Ry the way, there is a poor woman
sat ion if it was his dog thnt attacked
the sheep, and gave witness ten shillings.
Sir A. Conan Doyle���In this conver-
".iiloti at
my  dog?
"So, In giving you the ten shillings, I living at No, - - street, ami she is
I in no way made anv admission thatljjcJ!| ant) has little or no food or fuel
it was my dog?"    "Oh, no." jn  her little  In.use.     1  wish  ynu Iwo
"I   said       If  any   neighbor cf  mine j 1IIL,11   w,,i;],| p0 down  there this  after-
is in difficulties, I always like tn help   ,���,,,,,  and  sre  that  she  and ber chll-
him, and you have lost a sheep, so I [ ,jn.,| t.,.i gome assistance."
like to help you    to    this    extent?" ���    rile two members promised to do so.
Compliment to Sir William Whyte.
A graceful compliment was recently
paid  t.i   the   distinguished    railroad
man.   Sir  William   Whyte,   formerly
second   vice-president  ni  the  C.P.R.
It will be remembered that a year or
more   ago  Sir  William   resigned   this
important post, but at the request ol
Sir Th. inas   Shaughnessy   and   other
members  oi   the   executive   oi  that
I (.-real continental road retained a seat
i.n the  board.   Recently  he was ap-
pi.ii.tr.I   sole  arbitrator  between   the
Government oi Canada und the (irand
Trunk   Pacific  Railway  to determine
what the latter should pay the Government  f..r  the  use  of  that  portion
of the Transcontinental Railway which
runs Ir.uii  Winnipeg  to  Lake Superior  junction  pending  the  completion
in!   the   entire  line trom  Winnipeg  tol
I Miii.ctin.      It   is   exceptional   in   \.h*\
\ amtals  ol  railroading   b>r  a  company
I t .  refer a question o!  this kind to a
director i f a great rival corporation
I and  it  shows the  restiect  and eonti
ience in which Sir Will.am is held
dancing and athletics for girls.
The N'ew York board of education
has granted Miss Burchenall leave of
absence to attend the cougcess, where
she will make au address.
The folk dinning which Miss P.urche-
mill has so successfully Introduced In
the New York schoola ls not only the
Solution of ihe problem of physical
work for girls, but the Ideal of freedom nnd grace In movement.
It bas been noted thnt tn a school
popillatloi made up of such diverse
nices as New York city can show these
folk dances have proved an inspiration
To ttie Itussian child the Russian dance
ts un expret��sion of Individuality. So
with the Swedish, the Dutch and Ital
I.in dances.
P. O.  BOX 442
when you can get aa good, or better, manufactured in B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-iu. in diameter. This is also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock nf Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime. Plaster, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. 902 Columbia Street W.
 ��� .
A Place Fer Jeremiah.
A certain prosy preacher recently
pave an endless discourse on the
prophets. 1-Trst he dwelt at length on
the minor prophets. At last he finish
ed them, nnd the congregation gave n
sigh of relief. lie took a long breath
Slid continued, "Now I shull proceed to
the major prophets."
After the major prophets had receiv
ed more than ample attention the con
gregatlon gave another sigh of relief.
"Now thnt 1 have finished wltb the
minor prophets and the major pro-ph-
'^v \ eU  what about Jeremiah?    Where  l��
Jeremiah's place?"
At tbls point a tall man arose In the
back  of  the  church.    "Jeremiah  eau
have my place." he said.   "I'm golm
home."���Newark Star.
'it was not likely 1 should have
asked yon tu shoot at the dog If I
though; it was mine?" "Yes."
Evidence was then called proving
that the offending dog was not Sir
A.  '.'onaii   Doyle's.
Houspwoi'    Should   Be   Avoidid,
cept  on  Coatt,  She  S.iys.
Much  'nti f*-: wai shown in an address delivered . y 1-illn Sykes lhe other
day  bei..re tli-  Koyal Society  ol  Arts
in   London,  concerning  openings   for | Canada alon
educated   women   ill   Canada Earl
Grey presided, Miss Sykes was ao
anxious to lind out what npeniiigs
existed that she went to tho Dominion
Ior six months ns a working woman,!many
and t."ik five temporary i its as hoiue| iiy
help in lour provincs. She received
lhe I
Alter  tl veiling service   Dr.   llan-
kin was rather surprised to see ins
questioner of thu morning walking
rapidly up the aisle to greet him
Smiles chased themselves over tne
happy fellow's fan-. lie grasped tne
preacher's hand.
"Say, Doctor," he said, "you needn't preach that sermon about Heaven
now. I did what you asked me to do
and I've been m Heaven all afternoon."
New   G.T.P.   Towns.
Dunne tin* coming spring and summer   a   large   number   ol   new   towns
will be placed on the map of Western
Left   Son   In  Canada.
Baron Macnaghton, s.*i.;.>r Lord ol
Appeal In Ordinary of the judicial
committee of the Privy Council, whose
death occurred in London recently,
had ..ne sou living in Canada. Tbis
is Iho Hon. F. A. Macnashten, of Cai-
_-ary. Mr. Macnaghten is an old-
timer in the west, having come out
fr.un England sum-- 26 years ago. He
was interested in the cattle business,
becoming a partner in the ranching
in m ..f Sampson i" Macnaghten, who
owned a large place In the Bow Val-
1*.\*. close t.. Calgary. Some ten years
ag.. they s.dd out to the Hon. William
���Since that time Mr. Macnaghten is
reported to bave made considerable
money, associated with well-known
Calgarians, in large land deals.
Are There Anyf
Thla really seems to be a law.
Just run alone your list
And UHI nie If you ever saw
A trotmin pesslmist.
���Louisville Courier-Journal.
I-rtrteed  I have!    My own (Ipllfftit
Whene'er I chance to roarn
lt sure It will be lato st night
ISetor* 1 get bark homo.
���Detroit Free Press.
When dearest ssks lo have ber bows
Done hy a certain Sate
"I know," eho murmurs, with a frown.
'���That It wUl be too late."
��� Younffstown Telegram.
When we've psld life Insurance Ones
Wife looks snd a* the deuce
And says, discouraged. It don't seem
To be a bit of use.
From Tnose Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason ���why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
Transfer Co.
or-flca  Phone  185.      Barn  Phon*  137
Begble Street.
Baggage Deliver*-*! Promptly to
any part ot the city.
light and Heavy Hauling i &$
the  line  of  the  Qrand
trunk Pacific Railway and the tnwii-
Slte.s   will   be  opened  to  the   public   by
t.i,- Transcontinental   Townsite   Co.,
the official agents of the Q.T.P. While
( these ai'e still unnamed and
means   definitely   located   over
rty have been finally decided on at
pitality oi chicken ranches snd I present, and  it  is  probable  tbat all
; i une [arms at the outset,   she met 11,umi.,,les on the company's existing
i  rebutf nt   Winnipeu, whole she was I ;,lie*  will  bu located and named tin-
to!.1, "What s pity it h that English '
WOlliell   are   to   seldom   trained   In  do
anything properly."    MiSS  Sykes said
tin's was humiliating but Iruc.   Bhe
vis surprised t>. hnd how low, accordingly,  was ll*r market vain.-.
Wlien Fhe thought Ol being a home
help, she f..und it iii reality very dii
li rent from what she bad imagined
it     'I'll... Canadian   is a capable  llOUSd
wife, and the w..rk ol keeping her
home in good order sec.nod untUesn
Her experience in several idtuallona
convinced ber that the post nl home
hulp was unsuitable (or educated Kuc
lish women, except perhaps on the
Pacific   slopes.
\h��� Sykes recommended that edu
The new towns decided nn arc as
follow* Prongua, Osllivan, Nonnross,
Springwater,  Ruthilda, Adine,  Dods-
land. Millerdalc. lleaulield. Coleviile.
Driver. Smiley, Hewar Lake, Strattnn,
l.ovcrna. QcdoUX, Kainton, B rough,
Inn,-., Hunt....ii, Vicwlield, Hill Hall,
Sander.    Miliar.!.    Ureeze,    Steclinaii,
Dele.rah, Esperanto, Elcott, North
iiate, Archydal. l-'orgrny, llowlcttii,
Linstrom, lisbank, Datmody, Mawer,
Keystone  and  Stony   Ileach.
Four-Mile Tunnel Through Selkirk.
At an estimated cost ol over $1'2.
000,000 the (MM!, expects within I
tew years to bnve npernsH a two-trael
tunnel, four miles In length, through] lust snnitiief
the Selkirk ram:,   ol mountains, be.
tween Calgary and Vancouver. One
object ���: tho tunnel is to eliminate tin
ever-threatening possibility ol interruption from inowslides, which, on
the present line through Rogers Pais
have cnen a large amount ol trouble
The  tunnel   will   be  operated   electa
A Vaudeville Show.
"Here Is tlle program.   The lirst tnrn
Is liy Wombat.''
-I   Itimw  Win.    He was In baseball
ii   -UU
The second  turn   Is  by li
Strikes   In   1912.
loss   in    working   days
Free   Milling   Low  Grade   Proposition;
Being  Worked  Neac  Sicamous
aicamous. May 20, A very valuable
lOW-grade udd mining property on I
tlle shore of Hhuswap lake, nbout 7
miles north of here Is beliiR developed by .1. It. l.lnton and partners
They call it the Thunderbolt Group,
and  have snveii claims In the Rroup
The ledge has been  tapped on  thc
���'i^itilie  so.
"Tiie rowing  e.vpert?"
"Yes.    The third sketch Is by Slnm
"I know him���the great lightweight
champion "
"Unite  so.     Tlle   fourth   turn   Is   by
gllnitbilt.    I never heard of hlin."
"Nor I Oh, ys, I hn'e too The
usher lolls me he 1�� nn actor Ilu'
What Is he di>nu' In vutulevllleV"���Kansas City Journal.
over   l.(K.tl..i,'i
whole of  the
rated  English emigrants connlder I
coming probationers In large western I though  amounting  to
hospitals, elementary school teachers, days,   This covers the
itcnngrapltert or dressmakers.    Puul-| Dominion.   There was a greater mini
Iry   lanning   was   lucrative   if   womei
could do the work themsclvi
"** eli* ���L*'     f^'H*-"     WWO     '"   ��   M      *x*m**ffi*. xx     ���'���     ��-.��
strikes in 1913, acoordlng to lne I .-��� , k     h()re b). B 4o-foot tunnel, and
partment ol Labor's record, was only
about  half  the  similar loss  in   1011,
In another place by n fifteen fool
open cut. The mineral bearing qiinrii
shows to a width of a thouaand feet,
and has  I.-en  followed  to a distance
"Wc an* nc used ..[ wishing to dram
th,* Dnited Kingdom ol all Its capabl
women,    com
bid..I Mi
l> Inlon.   ibere was a greater num* ..
I���r Of strike,   although they involved aMftya-taken have run from  $5
onlv  a small  numoor of  men.    lo- ; ,   (l fn,(1    ,m
.ether  ��),600   employes   went out  on ',...���,
itriltos in mi'-'
Tin.'   Industrie
])is-  position.
replied thai with one and a half mil
Hon   in re  women   than   men  a  few
bundle Is ean well lie spared.    II Kill!
land Is .-.. anxious to keep ber daughters let ber givo them better salaries.''
The   Lord   Mayor   ol   Liverpool   lur-
mally opened n.w  waiting-rooms there
[or  steerage passengers provided  by
Iho C.P.R, in tin ii' offices.   The Liver-
pool    authorities    commended    tins
tlinitk'litfii'n.'."--.  poorer emigrants nr-
rivlmi   at   Mer-e> side   ill  early   morn
uie hitherto being compelled to wail
(or the steamers on the landing Stag
This i
of the kind
We pules Investigation Act applies to di
industries   involving   public   QOUKHODORS SNAP  UP
utilities ami practically all the am
mentioned disturbances were outside
its jurisdiction. Altogether about 19
threatened strikes wen. referred undor the act ol 19111, settlements being
thereby effected in all but thrco cases.
Got ��� Coldf
Seems s c.il.l affects some men
I.Ike a lure.
All your frlt-nits come lo you then
With s cure.
Twenty limes s day you're told
Of s sure cure tor your cold.
When a cold on you deec-pnds
.lust be mire
Vou enn tirsi u thousand friends
with a cure.
Fven ���InuiKfis. waxing bold.
Waul tu unKer with your cold
Kansas City Journal.
In Luck,
"now did Biggs lube the news of nln
wile running awny?"
"ciiiuiiy enough     Be seemed  glad
that lhe man she ran away with was
"Why son"
"Urnftmnnn, he snld. wsa nevsi
known to return anything yet"-Hoe
tuu Transcript
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Oastlegar, B, C��� May 20. The government land sale did not attract
many prospeeltve buyers,   and   the
land  wits  knocked  down  by  Auctioneer Perdue of Trail to Mr. Veregln,
representing   lhe   Doukhobor  society.
for  *'J1  per acre. |    An otter m
This now means that the above so- Inches has been shot while preying
clety pmeiically control nil the good on ti,e nBh In the ornamental lako
land   around   Brilliant   and   Waterloo,   ft(  gyon   HouBOi  the  Duke  of  North-
aeasurlng three foet three
Kettle     Valley     C.r.ke     Ended
Roundhouse  for  Penticton.
Penticton,   ll.     (',.     May     20.���The  with  the    exception    of    two    amau        . . t    , Isieworth   on the
lar is thc only waiting-rooui, |Blrlk(, on  lh(> KplMn  Vall,,y  rallwtty ,,,,���,������ of lmprovt.d land owned by a umberland s seat at isicwortn, on
hua been colled off by tlie strike com local firm, ,   .   ,  ...;.**. '��� Thames.
Bltulithic on Second Street, Ne w Weatmlnster with Boulevard Down
t-fkhgtr-' the Centre.
Ilitiillthic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustlnss, easy nn
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reason I
Ilitiillthic ts comii-.onded highly by owners of automobiles and hors. s.
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States,
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone 8eymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Truat Building, Vsncouver. .,   ��� ..*.-,   ��� .   "    IMS
WEDNE8DAY,  MAY 21,  1913.
.���11 ki|   .
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
For today only Jacob's His-
euits will remain on sale at 25c.
per pound. Do hot fall to get
some of theae regular 40c.
goods at this low price.
Sunshine Peaches, 2 lb. cans,
2 for 25c.
Quaker Pork and Beans, 3
for 256.
Maconochie's Haddock and
Smoked Alberts, regular 20c,
today 2 for 25c.
Tickler's Whole riums in
syrup, large bottles. Uetail
regular 4.r>c, today 2 for 75c.
City News In Brief
Have you ever tried Noel's
Peach, Ginger, Orange or I.emon
Marmalade? If not, you should.
We will retail this 35c. delicacy
today for 25c.
Empress Baking Powder.
"The Best Yet." Try a tin and
if it dissatiBfie8 get your money-
back;  16 or. can 25c.
After Dinner Mints. The famous U-All-Know Brand; large
tins 30c;   small tins, 2 for 25c
Crosso & Btackwcll's Sardines,
"Quality Canned," 2 for 25c
Strawberries, basket ..
New Potatoes, 4 lbs.  .
Asparagus, 2 bunches .
Oranges, 30c, 40c, 45c
Holland   Pippins,   box
Wineaaps,  box   	
Newton  Pippins, box  .
All 3 lbs. for 25c.
50c. doz
....  2.15
....  2.15
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BIUGGS
,   -The board of trade will    meet   on
Friday evening at 8 o'clock.
Kor everything electrical see W,
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1204)
The May Day committee did not
meet last evening, the event being
fixed for Tuesday next, May 27.
Try the 15c and 35c summer
lunches at tho Nutshell, Room 3, Dominion Trust building. (1246-)
The young people of the B. Y, P. U.
of Olivet Baptist church have chartered a special car to take them to
Vancouver next Saturday when they
will hold their annual outing at
Second beach.
Build up British Columbia by placing your fire insurance with B. C.
companies. Our companies are among
the strongest operating In the Dominion. National Finance Company, 521
Columbia street.   Phone 615.     (1356)
A Hardman, the cake man. Get
���^ood bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (1206)
Building permits were issued yesterday to W. J. Whiteside. St. George
street, to remodel his residence at a
cost of $3000; and to Gilley Bros, for
additions to their garaue on Holbrook
street, at a cost of $100.
Dr. Endicott. a well known missionary and a brother of W. Endicott.
124 Eighth street, will speak In the
Sixth Avenue Methodist church on
Sunday evening. Dr. Endicott addressed the congregation of the Wes
ley church, Vancouver, last Sunday
1��. 11. Smith and W. J. Groves,
auditors and accountants. Wo will
keep your
;a two car train will be placed on
the Millside run and continue until
11:80 p.m.
Additional cars will be placed on
|the Chilliwack trains to take care of
the anticipated heavy traffic. In order
for this purpose. Household scienc*. to allow for those attending the la
cooking and sewing will bo Included crosso game at Queens park, train
he work ot the domestic science No. S will not leave New Westminster
teacher, until 7 p.m.. Instead of 6:10 p.m.
In the commercial class, shorthand, ', On the Eburne line a two car train
typewriting and bookkeeping will be'service will be operated every hour.
Included In the work which will con- special cars being placed on the run
slat of a two year term. At the end at 6 p.m. to take care of the traffic
of that time pupils successful In the  following the lacrosse  game
examinations will be given a government certificate.
Special trains will also leave the
Carrall street depot between 1 nnd
2  p.m. direct to Queens park.
Three additional city cars will be
placed on the Queens park belt lino
after 11 a.m., and it is expected that
the connections at Leopold place wlll
ibe ready to route traffic through from
Concert at Burqultlam. ' Columbia  street.    Gangs of men  are
The  Burqultlam  Athletic,    assncla- .being employed night and day at this
tion  will give, a concert In the  Bur-1 point In the hope that it will be com
Burnaby Board  Meets.
The   Burnaby   board   of  trade   will
hold its. regular meeting in the Burnaby municipal hall this evening.
See Our Advertisement on
Page 3
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
quitlam Agricultural hall, Austin road,
tomorrow night.
Inspecting Roads.
Mr. O. F. Napier, assistant public
works engineer, and Mr. Dugald Mackenzie, road superintendent, Delta,
are Inspecting- the roads In Surrey.
Yesterday they passed over the Yale
road to the International boundary.
To Improve Markets.
Sir Richard McBride has consented
to meet a delegation representative
of the Fraser valley municipalities
and boards of trade' in connection with
tho extension of marketing facilities
and establishing co-operation among
farmers In  tho Eraser valley.
pleted in time, and last evening the
foreman in charge of the work was
optimistic of the result.
Not Afraid of Their Jobs.
Seattle, May 20. ��� During the
al ternoon session of the heallh investigation Chief Sanitary inspector
M. T. Stevens informed the commit*
t��e that a number of employees of
the health department who have
testified at the investigation would
be dismissed from the department
because they had neglected their
dutieB to assist complainants to
gather evidence against the department. Complaint against these em
ployees will be filed with the civil ser
vice commission.
is a business in itself,
and not one easily acquired or simple of performance.
This company divides
tbe work among many
specialists, ail of them
know just what to   do
wYien caned upon,   and
therefore do not waste
time and the funds   of
estates in learning how.
That is one reason
why this company does
its work so much less
expensively than an individual executor can.
�� The subject of executorships is a big,one.
Call in and let us talk
it over as it concerns
Burglars at  Coqultlam.
Burglars In Port Coquitlam entered
the stores of W.  G.  Campbell, drug- ]
gist, and Watson & McKeown, hard- ]
ware merchants but were chagrined to
find  that, the cash  takings had  been
removed  from  the  drawers  in  each.
Entrance   Is   supposed   to   have   been
effected by back windows.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% o~. deposits
Paid  up  Capital  and  Surplus
Asaets       1,978,101.06
Trusts uni] I
books, make out and collect your accounts, and prepare your
financial statements. For terms, address 211 Westminster Trust building.   Phone 364. (1259)
Saturday, May 24, being Victoria
Day. all butcher shops will be closed
but they will be open late Friday
evening. (1354)
A man named William Attarshanks.
a foreigner, was taken to the Koyal
Columbian hospital lust evening suffering from several broken ribs-, which
resulted from his being struck by a
train nl Westminster Junction. The
man was brought in on a C. P. U.
train and taken to the hospital in the
police ambulance.
At Monday night's council meeting
Alderman Henley's objection to the
Chinese vegetable peddlers was that
some of them hawked their wares
from carts on which they carried
their swill barrels al the same time,
not that they carried the vegetables
in the barrels, as reported in yesterday's News.
Raymond sewing machine for sale.
In first class order, only $15.00. C.
N. EdmondBOn & Co.. corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth street.        (1275)
The New Westminster delegates to
the recent annual convention of the
B, C. Political Equality League in
Victoria have returned. They wore:
Mrs. Wiggin. Dr. Ella Synge antl Mrs.
Peele. Mrs. Wlgnin of this city was
appointed provincial treasurer, Mrs.
I J. C. Kemp, president of the Women's
I Forum,  was elected   provincial  presl-
FoUowing a police call from Alex
Turnbull. the local force arrested two
men who wcre discovered looting a
barn    on  Twelfth    street    about    10
II o'clock last evening. Mr. Turnbull
saw the men leaving the barn wllh
arnifuls of clothing and immediately
telephoned to the police. They will
have n hearing before Magistrate Edmonds In court this morning.
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel. Band, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply tho B. C. Transport Co., Ud
Phone 820.    Wharf phone 6S0.  (1202)
Two Now Westminster ladies were
I elected   to  office  at   the  annual  convention     of   the    BrltlBh    Columbia
Political  Equality  league.    Mrs.  Wig-
gin was elected   treasurer,   and   Dr.
Ella  Scarlet  Synge   was elected  convener  of  the  press  committee.     Mrs.
.1. C. Kemp, of Vancouver, was elected
provincial    president;     Mrs.    .1.    W.
I Bryon,  corresponding secretary;   Miss
| Bromley .Iobb,    recording    secretary:
Miss  Davis and    Mrs.  Laahley    Hall,
j organizers.
I     Young   man   and   young   woman,   if
i your hair is falling out.    caused    by
dandruff do not delay and get a Utile
i of Floridora for vour hair.   I can produce results and testimonials of   Its
value In this cily. Guaranteed to cure
i dandruff and stop falling hair.    Prlci
lilac and GOc   Frank .leal, 1427 Seventh
Jolly the Cops.
Pateiscn. N. J.. May 20. Several
thousand strikers assembled both at
tlle opening and closing time today
at the entrances to the Price silk
mill, where the hands returned lo
work yesterday, responding with jeers
when the police tried to disperse
them, in dispersing the crowd the
officers arrested nearly 70 persons.
is   registered   at   the
Mrs.   McNeil
A. Crane, of Seattle, is a guest, at
the  Windsor.
W. H. Smith, of Tacoma, was in the
city yesterday.
J. Scott, of Montreal, Is registered
at the Russell.
Mrs. Frank Pearson will not receive
again this season.
John Z. White, of Chicago, is a
guest at the Russell.
W. E Thomson, of Newport, is registered  at  the  Windsor.
MrB. Eldon Brodie, of Delta, was a
visitor in the city  yesterday.
G. A. Newcomb and wife, of Seattle, are guests at the Russell.
J. J. Ramsay, of Portland, Ore., was
in the city yesterday on business.
H. W. Robertson and wife, of Victoria, were in the city yesterday.
P. W. Small has returned to his
home after a term in Washington untie; Bity.
MrB. Byron Renshaw, Queen's avenue, will not receive today nor again
this season.
Mrs. Albert J. Tyson, 520 Fifth
street, will be at home tomorrow and
noi again thlB season.
Auto     Scorcher     Fined���Some     Sentences  Stand  Over.
The auto scorcher was again to th.
I fore yesterday  morning in the pollci
I court  thiB  time. ahbm   d
I court this time. Thomas Elder, an
into hirer, was fined $25 and costs
for excessive speeding on Columbia
Btreet, whilst passing a tram car
: which had stopped to allow passenger-!
to alight.
Magistrate Edmonds tried several
other cases.
Walter Campbell, a sneak thief, wil
be sentenced today for pilfering o'
money and sundries from a room in I
down town rooming house,
Frank (londson's fate was also suspended until today on a conviction foi
I vagrancy.    He  failed   to appear on   ::
I previous occasion  on  a charge  <��� n-
nected  with an opium joint  und  forfeited his ball.
Several drunks were lectured and
liberated; one was fined ?2..r.u and
to investigations of Buch matters,"
aaid Senator Simmons, "have grown
out of threats constantly made by the
protected interests that they would
reduce wages unless thev are permitted to retain the excessive tariff
"Can the senator give nnv specific
eases where such threats have heen
made?" Senator Towneend continued.
"I can refer the senator to the
hearings before the way and m"ans
; committee where statements were re-
I neatedly made by manufacturers that
I if duties were reduced they would bo
. forced to and would cut wageB. I
' also would refer to the briefs filed
|with the finance committee which are
I full of such statements."
"Does lhe senator construe ns a
| threat the statement of a manufac-
| turer that certain changes would
force him to cut expenses 1" asked
[the Michigan senator.
"The senator may construe It ns he
j sees ill." Senator Simmons concluded.
11 it a thrent or a statement, but
secretary of commerce had refer-
I ence to these constant warnings by
. representatives of protected Indus-
| trios that they would not Buffer."
C. A. BOGERT, General Marager.
Capital paid up
RiMro Fund ���
Total Alieti -
The Influence of a Savings Account
When you take In a few dollars or a few hundreds, deposit It
It once In a Dominion Bank Savings Account and draw it out ouiy
**. you need II. ll Is far easier to save if yoa do for money u lh��
Bank docs not slip away like money In your pocket or ��t home
Besides It is eirn'.ng interest all the t.me.
Republican-* Will Get After Tariff Bill
with  Large and Sharp Axe���
Washington, May 20.���That Republican senators plan to Insist upon
amendments to nearly  every  Item  ln
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Muaical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
the   Underwood   tariff   bill   when
comes before the senate    for discus- j
slon    became    evident    today    when
Senator Penrose, former chairman of!
the  finance committee, declared  that |
every member of the minority  would
have amendments to propose.
Senator Penrose told the senate hei
knew of no concerted effort to he
made purposely io delay the passage
Of the bill, but said he was assured
that the minority would offer many j
amendments to the schedules. Senator Smoot also announced that many
roll  calls would  be demanded.
In the debate today on the matter I
of making public briefs tiled by manu- '
fneiurers wit', the finance sub-corn- I
mittens. Senator Townsend, of  Mlohl-l
���\n engaged In a colloquy with Sena-
[tor Simmons relative to the alleged!
threats of manufacturers to reduce
.vagi h and the counter intention of
the administration through
bureau of corporations to Investigate
concerns which might reduce wages
following tariff reductions.
"li the Benator aware." asked Senator Townsend. "of any conditions existing which will make possible this
proposed coercion on the part of the
government as indicated by the secre-
tarv of commerce?"
$3300  for  three  large    cleared    lots, j
Seventh    avenue,    between    Fourth i
and Second streets:  one-third cash. |
balance 6 and 1- months.    Call and
go with  ns to  see  these.    We  can
sell separately.
For Sale���$2800, new five roomed,
fully modern house, large lot,
Seventh avenue, near Fourth street.
Only $350 cash, balance monthly.
See this and don't pay rent.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
millwork. We have all ready
in stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone   473,   Queensborough.
....phoplnmi.s anil Grafonolafl are
t.ie lout a peer In the musical world. Thej
capable of reproducing not merely
class of Instrumental music, hut ���
class of Instrumental music with a IU
that Is no lone than flawless���the v
the 'cello, the harp, thc (lute, Iho clarinet,
the cornot���all tin* win.I in-strum-enta, all
the Instruments of bands and orchestras
���all tho Instrumental music of all the
Not only this, imt the human voice
Is now ho perfectly recorded anil so (lawlessly  reproduced  that  tho tinm., without
....   $6,217,983.95
Trusteeships for landholders
OpenSaturday   Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES'.���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium.
"Remarks of the secretary relating  " COLUMBIA has become an Incomplete
ns a plan.i wiitiout a keyboard,   "UKAlt-
Hornless  Machines  from   S1S.00  each   lo
I tc;o oo each.
Entry    tc
avenue.     Phone
Fire at W. A. Gillcy's Does Some
A serious fire threatened the build
ings of W. A. (lillcy and also those
owned by the firm of Gilley Pros,
yesterday morning. The blaze started
in the storehouse of the piledrlving
The material destroyed by the
| flameB Included a camp outfit, which
was just on the point of being taken
to Port Moody, where Mr. (lilley has
the contract for the building of a
large wharf. No insurance was carried on the building, which was badly
Developing and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for *N
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
�������� mm, icommercial teacher.
For   PHOTO   GOODS,   8PECTACLES      prom   this   It   Is   taken   that   Bomo
and  SEEDS, itime In the near future the mlrls will
  be taught domestic  science and  It Is
Phone 43; L. D. 71;  Res. 72.        I understood thai  rooms have already
New Westminster, B. C. , boen apportioned In the new schools
Two   New  Courses  to   Be  Added    to
School Work.
Two  new   departments  will   be     included in the curriculum of the public
schools,  according  to  the decision of
the school  board     In     committee    on
Monday   evening.     In  addition  to de-
\cldlng to call for applications for the
| position   of   secretary   tn   the   school
i hoard, ii  Is slated that the board will
also call for applications for Ihe positions of domes: ic science teacher and
Local   Order  to  Celebrate
New  Home.
The formal opi ning of the new
home oi ii,.. Moose lodge in ihi�� cltj
will take place this evening when ii
is expected tbere will be a large delegation of Moose members from Van
couver and  Victoria.
The Vancouver members hav..
chartered a special car and every arrangement  bus  1 n   made    In    niv-
them a good time when thoy arrive,
w. A. Cantelon, district deputy
supreme dictator of British Columbia
will formally open the lodge quarterr
and It is expected that Acting Mayor
Kellington and members or the cits
council  wlll  also  he present.
The building at the corner of
Fourth street antl Carnarvon street,
known as the Bee house, haB been ob
talned by the Moose and has been
thoroughly renovated until It Is now
one of the finest Moose homes on the
Music will be a feature of the pro
gram for this evening.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing seme very pretty designs In Brass Beds, -1 ft and -1 ft. 6 in.
Exceptional bargains at from  5.29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel lrcn Ueds from   $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser   * $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers in (lolden Oak, Iloyal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Pining room Suite, tonsil-ting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
5 sldo and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. II. plate mirror. This suite
is an exceptional bargain at $4SU0 complete.
Our Dry Goods section is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Slreet���take 12th St. Car
R46  Columbia  Street
Phone  45j
Sal unlay being Vlo'.orla Day our
! stores will all be closed, hut we will
i be open 0:1  Friday evening.
From 46 Lorne St.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement,
High   Class
Ladies   anJ
Fresh Kggs ...'.
Cooking Duller .
Pineapples,  each
Grape Fruit
doz. for J 1,00
lbs. for $1.00
.C lbs. for the.
 ?, for Ufio
Palace   Market,  Columbia    Street
Sapperton   Market, Columbia  and
Keary  Street, Sapperton 1204;
Eighth Street Market, 515 Eighth
Street  1203        (Successor to Ayling 4 Swain.)
Edmonds  Market,  Edmonds     ...883L   447 Columbia St. Phone 93.
Strawberries, per box  2fic
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that thoy
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
Arrancements to Handle Victoria Day
Special   arrangements   have   been
perfected by the officials of the B. C.
l-l. It. during the past few days for
the handling of traffic on Saturday
Viotorla Day, and also on (he fullow
ing Sunday.
Last year all records were broken
on the Interurban and city li.-ie-
throughout the lower mainland and
with good weather, the officials I ��
cept     to    even     exceed    last    year's
On the Central l'urk line two car
trains will he In operation throughout
Ihe dny on a fifteen minute headway
while the same will apply on the
Burnaby branch, although the trains
will run every hour.
After 11:30 o'clock, in the morning
Home For Sale
No.   1    Here  Is  a  splendid  home for sale cheap.    In u good  locality near Queen's f-ark and new sohool.
It  haB  seven   large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modem  convenience;  full basement;  on a large lot. 06x182 feet.
Thla place Ib below value and   the   terms  are   tiuch   that  almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400, $750  CASH,  balnnce monthly.   Zl you want to buy
a home let us show you this place.
Agents for  Pacific Coast  Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 18(1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployera-*  Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS 6 and 5.46 a.m.
and every 15 mlnuteB until !'
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car ut m!d-
SATURDAYS- -in minute tier
vlco Is continued until 11 p.m.
BUNDAYS 8, 7. 7.30 S and
K.II0 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late cur at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.46 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with   lato car at  11.80,
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS    S a ni.  and    hourly
until   10  p.m.   with   late  ear  at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS    7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS    S a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m
Connection   Ib   made   al     Hb-
hour until 11  p.m.
and other points ou l.ulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS    11.15 a.m.,  1.10 and
6,16 p m.
POINTS -4,05 p.m.


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