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The New Westminster News Jun 20, 1913

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 News Classified A Is.
Have -proven their  w     i by the
results    thoy    produce-   jThey    1111
large    or    small    wa  *���    ut   small
cost. *v-
Weattur Today.
New    Wcutmlns'er    and
Light to mod rate
wind i;
uns ttled
and coal with alio
'���..   -1.1.
NUMBER   88.
-  ,.i i.'  -.   ���- -j- - a. -���- ,
Largest Piledriver on the B. C. Coast Came Down Stream
Yesterday Morning to Commence Operations���Start
to Be Made at Foot of Eighth Street���Dredge Will
Be Ready in Two Weeks.
Piledrlving  in  connection  wllh  thu icoal sho was taken down to the North
Westminster     harbor     Improvements I Arm wbere a scow load of plies will
will bo commenced In real earnest
early next week and from now on the
people! of New Westminster wlll begin
to see a change In the waterfrontage
between the government wharf at the
foot of Eighth street and a poiift towards the-   Kraser river bridge'.
Yesterday   morning   the   driver   of
be lifted from the boom. The driver
represents tho latest In that line of
machinery and was the subject of
much comment among shipping men
along the waterfront yesterday morning when she was brought down from
thn mills.
The first start wlll ba made at the'
City  Wlll  Pay Tribute to  Memory ef
John A. Lee at Funeral'This
New Westminster and surrounding
territory will pay Its tribute today to
the memory of John A. Lee, whose
funeral wlll take place this afternoon
.:*oni iho Queens Avenue Methodist
All arrangements were completed
last evening for the burial which will
be the most impressive ever accorded
a New Westminster citizen. Business
in this city will be suspended, the
merchants and business men having
::d .pled the suggestion of Mayor Lee
that the stores    close    between
Another English Horse Race
Winner    Stopped   in
Conrsc by Crank.
Court Did Not Take Stock In Line of
Defence adopted���Sentence  on
Prisoner Reserved.
���Yesterday   William   Brownlee    was
Two Accused British Ministers Tech-
nicilly  Exonerated, but the Tang
of  Suspicion   Remains.
1-ondon,   June   19.���"Resolved,   that
Suffragists  Ars  Not   Responsible
Tragedy at Ascot���This Was the
Work of a Lunatic.
Ascot, Bngland, June 19.���The race
fou'rid guilty of assaulting Andrew I this house, after hearing the state
Gabriel with Intent to do grevlous) ment of the attorneys and the chan-
bodlly harm, but with a strong recom- i cellor of the exchequer in reference
mendatlou to mercy. to  their  purchase  of   shares   In   the
After Justice Morrison's summing | Marconi Company of America, accepts
up there was little doubt of what the their expression of regret that such
verdict would be among tbe audience I purchases were made, and that they
who had followed the case.    A strong
feeling of sympathy for Brownlee un
doubtedly existed and It was the gen
feet out Into tho river. Owing to the
heavy current at this time of the year,
the work will be a little more difficult
nt the Btart, but once one row has
been driven It will allow the crew
more   leeway  and   prevent  a  loss  of
the firm of Miseuer and  Bailey, who   f���ot of KlBll,i, street, where the piles
have  the  contract for putting In  the   wi���  h(, dr|vt,n  t0 a polut nearly  2m
piles,   wub   brought   down   rrom     the
Brunette   Mills,   where   It   was   built,
and took on coal at the wharr or Jos.
Tho driver Is the largest being operated on the- British Columbia coast,
according  to  old  shipping  men.  the [jjmf wheiTtying'up" to "the "shore
derrick   reaching 75  feet  In  the  air _.      _ .
from   the   deck,   while   the   swinging Dredge  Ready  Soon
leads, which allow plies to be driven Within the next two weeks the i
at any angle desired, reach 65 feet dn dge to be used on the harbor work |
from the deck. will be ready to leave tbe Mercer ways
Three- thousand piles will be used ion Lulu island where It Is being built.
In the work, which gives an Indies-1Mr. Mercer informed The News last
tlon of just what an Immense job tbls evi ning that rapid progress was bo-
will be. 'ini    made.
Latest Pattern. I     Once she Ib completed, the dredge
According to Mr. Miseuer. one boom will be brought up to one of the city
of piles was tied up on the North Arm wharves where the machinery will be
just west of the Lulu Island bridge, ins-tailed, so that befure many weeks
but, owing to the heavy freshet and have passed Ihe citizens may expect
high tides, it wns Impossible to bring to see thc buckets bringing up thc
this through the draw Bpan to the silt rrom the bed of the river and
point where operations will begin. As dumped where the new Front street
soon as the driver was equipped with   will  exist.
must coveted prises of the English
'be jturf, was marred today by an incident
hours of 1 and 4 o'clock in the after-! similar to that which brought down
noon- ! the king's horse ln the Derby when
Commencing at 2 o'clock, a private j Emily wildiug Davison sought and
icrvice wlll be held at the residence ' f0Und death In the cause or lhe mill
cf the late ax-mayor, which will be at- i tant suffragettes. In this case, It was
tended by tbe near relatives and the|a man, Harold Hewitt, who emulated
for the Ascot gold cup, one of    the i eral   Idea  that  In  tbe  circumstances
he would be acquitted.
The other two counts of the Indlct-
Masons, of whom lie was a member.
ment, assault with Intent to murder
and robbery were disregarded. At
any rate they were not mentioned by
the jury. Sentence was reserved.
Accused in the Box.
The case resumed this morning
when the accused stepped Into the
box and was examined In his defence
were not mentioned ln the debate or
Oct. 11 last and acquits them of acting otherwise than In good faith, and
reprobates the charges or corruption
against the ministers which have been
proved to be absolutely tales."
With this sub-motion, proposed by
Sir William Ryland Dent Aelklns.
adopted by a vote of 346 to 268, the
house of commons officially closed
the Marconi afrair.
The heavy guns or both parties, the
prime minlBter, Mr. Asquith and the
secretary or foreign arfairs, Sir Edward   Grey,  on   behalf  of  their  col-
Mlss Davison's feat.
rh-)- at MumV a ���n���*Mafc����?��   x, Ac,cordln��    l0    the    A8,cot, ���P0,ice' I ^"ulTVuniOii^^^hn^
chart*       ,*rr!r��S     rHe;',,r,kT connected  with    the,  \villiam Browu)pe 8ald he came tolleagne.  under  inquisition, and  A. J.
Vl*Twill Enlace*  TWa^EST?.   In !Mta*; bUt 22l? J^Sfi? ���Bi!d  *���  countr>-   ��   >ear��  a*��     H*   met  Balfour and  Andrew  Bonar Law. tor
chWM of Rev   \\    W   Ahho      nLiir  "2 ,��I ' type ^".^^i, lab f t0,bt >0abriel a year ago last March, when the     Conservatives,   led   the   defence
f  .ifeni���Zh     r ' iV,   m     ,' P Carried away by  *f imMve Impulse-, he enme to cook In a boarding house  and attack.   The proceedings were ju-
. mJLh.        ' 6 *'a    He recelved the Same penalty for hi9|rnn  ��y accused  and his  wife and  a'dicial and solemn
,',,,,���,,,, ...'      .   .    ���    .temerity |s did Miss Davison���a frae   brother   and   sister-in-law.     Accused!    There  were  other  speakers  and  a
.ul  ���������     \ ST!' .?   vlic bod>' In the  lure at the base of the skull. , at that time was night engineer In the | Tew   skirmishes   occurred,   but   there
city   ar     ...sir lot   will  be represented. I    At a late hour tonight Hewitt was; Walsh Hash and Door factory.    Sub-j were none of the pyrotechnics which
'"'     'uat  hundreds    of  lying unconscious Ip a hospital, after [sequent!}* he   went   into   partnership  Chancellor   Lloyd   George   and   Lord
Jth'ts    I o will attend. jundergelng an operation  In  thc hope;with  Gabriel  in  the  Melbourne hotel
Order of the Cortege. ; that his life might be saved. I venture.    He put J90�� into the busi-
At a joint meeting of the city coun- ���    King    George    and    Queen    Marv, jnese.
cil.   board   cf   trade   and   Progressive : Manuel of Portugal, the crown prince-1    On Nov. 26 last his wife complained
Robert Cecil furnished yesterday.
Eveu members on the Irish benches,
who usually can be depended upon to
produce excitement, ceemed strangely
association yeBtorday arternoon the and crown prlnceBs of Sweden, the ito him of being ill and he went up I dispassionate. None of the old party
i ��a ki tf ���tf ,ho corlege waa ��� fufco of Connaught, governor general | town for a flask of brandy for her. He skeletons were dragged from the clos-
ararted. this being left In charge of of Canada, and Princess Patricia and asked Gabriel to accompany him which I ets aB had boen threatened. Both
i- ir��- i in, f Watson, un old friend ot a number of lesser royalties were the did. They proceeded to the Central [sides hesitated to begin the mud-
watching   the   race   from the   royal! hotel, talking about business matters, j throwing, partly perhaps because the
was Bure that  the I<ord Kelvin.  Lord]Masonic lodges
Mr. Lee
City police.
City band.
Vancouver boan or trade.
City board of trade and Progressive
Mayor and Aldermen.
Grand  leidge    of  Masons    und
Insurance and other things.    On the : the country did not want Buch a spec
Down the Straight. I way home Gabriel began speaking of \ tacle.  partly   because   they  were  un-
Coming  down  the  straight   August:" wa'lreB8  he had  fired, calling her! certain which side would emerge from
Belmont's ruinous colt Tracery, a
;a prostitute, etc.    He,  Brownlee,  re- | the afrray most- spattered.
of Rock Island   shot into the lead   He  nionBtrated and said to Gabriel he had I    Tbe speeches of the prime minister
'  ���nrs,     e/.eu,,i,     tn     nnii     thn     evifl     i-ii/ili      n'lllli.r ...... I       4V,~       .����� _ __��������_..       ..��       t I         ���l'�����:_��
was going like a well-oiled  piece    ot I
Leaden of Craft Chosen in
Opening Session in This
City Yesterday.
Masons   Meet   in   Annual  Canclave���
Order  Reported to   Be   in
Flourlahlnf Condition.
New Westminster waa invaded by
about 200 members of the Mason!;
grand lodge of British Columbia yon
terday, which commenced ita annual
convention in the Masonic Temple on
Agues street. The officers elected for
the coming year were as follows:
William Henderson. Victoria, grand
master; James Stark. Vancouver
deputy grand master; William Dit-
mars, Vancouver, senior grand war-
din; j William Aatley. Vancouver,
junior grand warden; EL H. Watson,
M.L.A., Vancouver, grand treasurer-'
Dr. DeWolf Smith, New Westminster
grand secretary; Theodore Melchelli'
Vancouver, grand tyler.
John Rudd, Nansutno, grand master,
opcn;d the session yesterday morning, referring to the fact that tho
lodge waa in a very nourishing condition, four new lodges having been
organised during the paat year. Reler
ences were made to the loss of members by death during the paat year,
among whom were Bro. ex-Mayor l<ee.,
of New Wes minster, and Bro. E. G.
Warren, of Greenwood. It was decided to send a letter of condolence
to Mra. Lee and family, aeveral
speeches being made aa to the great
loss that New Westminster and lhe
province had sustained in the demise
of such a prominent citizen.
The grand lodge will attend the funeral of Mr. Lee this afternoon.
School    Board    Continue!    to    Wade
Through  One Hundred and
Eighty-six Applications.
Lister   and   thc   high   school   systems
were   perfectly   Installed   and.   If   not
Interfereel with, would prove Batistac-
tory.    In the other scherols he clslm-
��d  the systems to have been Imper- ���
tectly installed. The whole, report was
not   denlt   with,   but   Trustee   Rennle
move-el  that the new system,  that of
hot   air,  now   in   the  high   school, be society
extended to the F. W.  Iloway school;     ]y,ca]  and  provincial
when   the   hot   water  boilers   now   in  associations.
The- hearse and  pall bearers.
Mounted police,
Odd Fellows.
Civic officials and employees.
Members of parliament.
Vancouver city representatives.
Royal Agricultural    and    Industrial
use had  been removed,
The motion
More of the ISO uplicanls for situations on the teaching stafr or the citv
schools were disposed of last night
by the board or school trustees, and
the tew that, remain will be let stand
for some little time until MIsb Strong.,
the municipal inspector, makes further
arrangements In the different schools!
fur aeleiltlonnl teachers.
New   Appointments. Provincial
Those who received appointment
last night were: W. T. Fennell, of the
I .ore! Roberts school, Vancouver, to
tho prlnclpalship of the Herbert
Spenoer  school.
Miss Brldgeman, now acting principal of the V. W. Howay school to the
position of senior teacher, at
ot   $80   per   month
will probably be assigned to the Lord|Ign, although
Kelvin   school
W.   C.  T.   U.   Ends  Three
Days' Session Last Night���In
Victoria Next.
The   three   day   convention   or   the
salary I provincial W. C. T. U. came to a close-
no reason to call the girl such names   and   the  secretary  ot  foreign  affairs
machinery and soon had the nearest Gabr'?1 r?pl'ed lbat be, ?eVer l"",;Ba,e the ""Passion that the ailvo-
horse aeveral lanrth. hehinrt �����������, :anything better about girls employed cates were not enthusiastic over their
Sw��iln1J'ut?,'!l��   restaurants   and   rooming   houses,  clients.     Mr.   Balfour   and   Mr.   Law
S-^Weiufi^^Jd rrom **����� were a" th0 aame' ' AcCU8"d bad the ��PP�������* ��r Performing a
the rail-,wlvtnl a���s rii. at i,froM ��� said he would not like him to say disagreeable duty. The vote an Sir
hand am. w,r, he other Li?L�� an>',hln8 llk6 that ab<n" "'9 wife' ��'I William Adklns' amendment was on
revdver at ocke ml!0 "J"8, 'was sure she was not like that. Oa- straight party lines, the Laborltes and
The n^unf nn Tr?ce^ y> "ad 'bri"  retorlcd  ,bat  she ^aB  llke ,he ' NatlonallsU    supporting the govern-
"Pull   ,,��� i     n,,Ti   ,.Vi   ���    I-,,     ,       're8t of them and  that he. could take | ment,   although   a   few   Liberals   and
vou'" the ,,'mn b������!!h   ~ shoot! her BWay  from  hlm at any  t,me  he I Laborltes retrained   trom   voting.  Af-
Whalei HM  h,i  hi ,' ,    a,      ...     Iiked' and d0 wbat he "ke<1 wltb Ber-!terwards- the  house  adopted   it  as  a,
hnLTl,���    111   t ii ?     -r       '      He also stated' "' can sbow >'ou P�����f substitute for the resolution introduc-   "��� �����- Government 8-
Conservative  ^t'     Zf \lt! , ,    ,     ,v,rracl,'r>'  right here."   Accused said, "Show me (,d yesterday by George Cave in behalf
tm,   m      *    m full   In  the chest  the proof," and Gabriel replied "No."|0f the opposition,  without  division,
wltll his shoulder, sent him flying \��1 then reneated, "Show me the proof. | The committee majority report
several yards and came down on his (If you don't I will take It from yon." which wss generally called a "white-
nose \\halley shot clear out of the, Gabriel then replied: "You big Scotch I wash" had not a friend from the he-
saddle, but being an adept at taking a  slob,   you  can't   do   it.     You  are  not j ginning   except its authors
toss, fell on his back and rolled    to big enough." 	
safety, under the rails. ;    Witness   continued:   "Gabriel   then I
Meantime, the other horses came*hit me a punch in the ribs. I caught
All the pall bearers will be Masons :,hundcr-��K ""��� 0"e ot them giving theihold of him and we began wrestling.
beinK chosen tnre.froJ.nf ii�� .' author ��r a" th0 double, who lay'Gabriel shouted 'Let me go or I will
societies and pubUc'boeUes wifh^he fnPrnaWlitng' ' terr'ble kick on ,be "eadishoot you.' I thought he might have
exaentlon    of t   d    A,,n.nVi���i !     ln Paaslng- ia gun, as he had told  me before on
.v   .Minamiai.-.    who;    save for some bruises, Whalley was jl-ulu Island, that he never went about
(Continued on Page Four.)
b   C, municipalities.
Fraser Valley  league.
Business  Men's  association.
Trades and   Labor council.
Hospital board.       *
Private carriages and autos.
The Pall Bearers.
was   a  very   close  rrieud  of the
ceased.    The  pall   bearers    will
uninjured and when the king sent foi
Sheriff T.  J. "Armstrong   King   Solo-  I1'"1 ?" ���Walke(1 "'"i^','0 ^ ro>'al boJ
men  lodge;   Mayor A.  VV. Gray, city*   L."!* ^n^.tulatlons    qu    his
��Wa7!aKaW!L5lj��sfe�� Tl \��i ychaVf asV
trade;   Magistrate    H.    L,    Edmonds   Aec��rdlne  <��  the  police  he  is a cul-
ConservaUve associations   and  T   s     '���d oian' ,ha.vlul h?'a cd"cated   at
tnnandale Harrow and Cambridge, and  Is    pos
From  the  church  the  funeral  pro 'H^ Cf i''deP"ndt'��' meana.   He had
M,���   H,,,,"i,���:,,   hi.-,' :,:,-.���,.  wi.hap.ist ,'���*,���.ive ,���",',:-   cession will proceed ,o Third avenue, |���blb,e wasXimd w WmfSS fl?ut
        !bl,.nce   ,'��    81x.th  of which was full of quotations." AIM
is fur as most members
concerned  tlie last se��sslon  was
Miss Jure-   Ilellis, ot Vancouver, as tcorclndcd In the late arternoon. From
senior teacher in the P. W. Iloway
Bchool, tei rsplace Miss Davidson, re-
fdgned, nt a salary oi JK0 per month.
W. s, Maolntyre, or New Brunswick,
now teaching In Massachusetts, to any
one ot the c'ly schools us later decided.     Mr.    Maolntyre   asked   tor   a
high school position and ibis appointment is conditional upon his acceptance
Miss Clniiwell, now nu the stafr nt \ visitors express Ihelr sincere gratitude
the Richard Mellrlde school, wus given , anil appreciation.   Credit Is due to the
JHO   per   month,   the   schedule   BSlarv ! committees who helped In various ca-
cf u senior teacher, and will be asked.: parities  to  make  the  convention  the'
because of a need tor good Interne-1 succesa  it  was.    Tlie  convenors or
all standpoints the gathering here ha.<
been a success and the women have
returned to their homes in different
purls of the province with the feeling
that their cause Is prospering, and
havo taken back to their local unions
plans and encouragement for furthi -
effort. ! Inst.
To the -40 or 50 New  Westminster, ok man   &   Bennett,   Cosmopolitan
hOSteSBSB   who   entertained   them   lhe | botel.
J.  iii, Wise,  repot  hotel.
to Third    slreet,
avenue,  to  First street and over the
Glen  bridge to the City cemetery.
Liquor Men Close.
In d.ference to the memory of the1
late  Mr. John  A.   Lee,  we,  the retail
liquor    merchants    of New  Westmin
ster, hereby agree to close our place,
of business beiwee'n lhe hours of 2:1!J
���til  ;i:ufl p.m., on   Friday,    the    20th i
these committees were: Hospital Mrs
V,' While; prers and public meetings,
Mr. Robert Adams; music, Mrs. Geo.
���\tl:tii:s. Mrs. lliltlreth; decorating,
Mrs ic. c. Traves; bureau of Information, Mrs. L. T. Van l.iew.
The next provincial convention will
dlate teachers, to remain as such, although with the higher salary.
In   rerening   to   the     schedule     g
strei...ens attempt was made by Trus
tee   I'eck   to   paPB     two     resolutions
which, with the qxcepilon or Trustee
Rennle,   the   other   members   or   the
board did neit approve,   The rirst was I bo held In Victoria.
In   the   erre'Ct   tbat   apllcauts   holding      In ,tn addre-ss on "Social  Problems
but a third class ee-rtlflcute should be Ins Si en hy a Nurse," given during the-
taken on the teaching staff, but this afternoon   yesterday,  lh.   Dunlop,  of
the   other   trustees,   with   the   excep-jVancouver,  told  pome of her exneri-
llon named, thought was already un-  America aud the old country, und the
derstiiod, and refused to ratify ngaln. \ point above nil others that the speaker
Following this, Mr. I'eck immedi- wished lo make clear wns tuir. the
ntely moved lhat only first nnd sec- I cause of the downfall of the tnujnrlly
ond class teachers be employed and j of girls wns in ignorance,
this was objected to and failed to I To ri nicely Ihls Hr. Dunloy advoca'.-
pnss. Trustee I'eck felt that lt would j eel proper education In the home, tbe
serve as a guide ln the future to have! fchool, the college nnel Sunday
the first of these In the mlnuteB, but I Fchool. The rooming hoU84 question
the others snld such a construction j in cities wnr nlso dealt wlh, and fig-
had already been made of the i tires given to show that of luu such
schedule. IplncoB In an American city there were
ICnglneer MacKenr.le's report on only 11 with public, parlorj where
different heating systems now In use | visitors could be received. Usually
In the schools was brought up hy Mr. In these houses the landlady was too
Peck, who was absent when the pa- busy to give personal supervision,
was  first submitted, and some Whnt was needed was properly super-
points In It he took exception to. He
�� ��
O       Ottawa. June 19���The moun- C<
I':* tain section    of   the    O. T. P. ��
*���:��� railway will bo completed and ���",<
���':,: the whole lino from Winnipeg -ii'
���':��� to the coast will be ready for ="'
=:;: operation   In  August  of    next *>
Ci yonr, according to Ceilllngwood *rt
*���;��� Schreiber,  C. M. G���  thi chief 0
s": consulting engineer of the rail- 0
���:i way department, who has just tt
���* returned from an Inspection of ���������������
:'.:= the line. #
* *
qM> tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt * tt �� tt ii- tt
vim d  rooming houses and hotels
The   spi uker   alio  showed   the-   necessity    ot    stricter regulations governing   the   Issuing  of  marriage   II-
l censes,   and   thought   a   health   certl-
,rica1e   should   bn  required.
Among resolutions passed was ono
'n��klng thnt eugenics be taught In
It C. schools and another re'nueBtlng
jW. C. T. II. members to use tholr in-
jrinence to have only non-smoking
I school   trnsteeiB   elected.
MIbb Dletre'ich, of Vancouver, and
formerly a social settlement worker In Chicago nnd Philadelphia, who
spoke to tbe convention Wednesday
night, was appointed to do social work
for the union.
Many of the delegates left for their
Liverpool  Anns.
George Smeelley, Kings hotel.
H.   Freeman, Central, hotel.
Freeman's wholesale liquor store.
H    11.   Bilodeau,  Windsor hotel.
Witiynian   A   Jordan,   Frnser  hotel
Daniel McDonald. Holbrook hotel.
M. Gowan, Occidental hotel.
.1   J. Kellv, Hotel Hnssill.
A. 0, Peters.  Premier hotel.
C, Schwshn, Colonial hotel.
Throughout the Valley.
Port   Coqultlam,   June   19.���General
rcgrel  Is expressed here at the death
of Julio  A.  Le* ai  New  Westminster
(Continued oi. fago Four.)
he had u diary in which the last
entry was made a few hours berore
his mad act. It read: "Oh, the.wenri
ness or these raceB. ir 1 fail in my
Intention to stop ihd Gold cup, I hope
I shall not hurt any of those jockeys,
Those races bring out all that is
worsl In humanity."
in another entry he relers to his In
I tentlon "to give my body as a protest
agalnsl society convention."
I'he Ase-ol cup was won by the Ave
jycar old Prince Palatine., owned by T.
j 1'ilklngton.   The race was at two and
I a    half    miles    with    1150    soverlgns
Mrs. Van Arsdale, Charged with White
Slavery, Puts a Different Face
on Case Against Her.
North Yakima. Wash., June 19.���"I
took Nellie Hall from Lewiston, Idaho
o Clarkson, Wash., to my home in
in e ireirt to save her rrom an Im-
mcral life," declared Mrs. C. C. Van
Arsdale, of Clarkson, Wash., who was
bound over in the federal grand Jure
hv United Stales Commissioner E K
Cleaver on a charge of white slavery
Mv. Van Arsdale says she has lived
In Clarkson and Lewiston 17 yeurs
Her husband was the engineer In
charge of the construction of the Pull-
mnn-Lewlston extension Of the Northern Pacific and is now construction
engineer on thn Canadian Grand
Mrs.  Van  Arsdale Is 56  years old
homes   last   night   and    others    are The federal grand jury will sit Mon
leaving this morning. 'day.
Experts Say Deposit Found In Burnaby
Is   Valuable���Local   Syndicate
Own Property.
What is considered a very valuable
clay deposit has beeu uncovered on
the old Martin property, off Hamilton street, Burnaby, about 200 yards
from its Intersection with the North
road. A gang of men with a big drill
are at work sinking a shaft which,
up to yesterday, had disclosed 18 feet
of the rinect clay. Samples of the
find have been submitted to experts ln
Seattle, Portland and Vancouver and
they have all unhesitatingly pronounced It to be of first class quality,
which can he utilized ror the manufacture of fine brick, vitrified pipe and
pottery purposes.
The property so far developed ls on
a small creek running through the
old Martin property, comprising ten
ucreis In extent and now belongs to a
local   syndicate.
All departments of The Newa
will be closed this afternoon
from 1 to C o'clock, on account
of the funeral of John A. Lee,
President of the National Printing and Publishing Company,
Lumber Schooner Riverside Tries
Move Cape  Mendocino and
Eureka, Cal., June 19.���Five hours
after striking Dlunt's reef, off Cape
Mendeclno, last night, the Bteam
BChooner Riverside, bound fr<m
Everett, Wash., to San Pedro, Cal,
with lumber, settled upon the sub
merged rock with only her masts and ]^0t"sTnc'u "been"heard   or.
Man  Who  Died  Yesterday   Had  Cqcn
Inmate  of  Asylum  fer  Thirty-
Eight Years.
Real Trouble
Ahead in Immigration of That
Edward Maroney, aged 85 years and
one of the oldest pioneers of the province, died yesterday in the city, ending a sad career and a life, which for
the past.38 years, has been ono of
loneliness. For the past 38 years he
has been confined in the provincial
asylum, unable to tell of bis birthplace or ot bis rrlends, If he had any.
Somewhere in the world there is an
unsolved mystery. Perhaps the story
Is being told that Edward Maroney
lert bis home when a young man, came
out to the wild west, tor in these days
it  was  indeeel  a  wild   west, and  has
bow   out  ot  water.     Her  crew  ot 36 ]
In   the   city   cemetery,   however,   a
men OBcapeid In lhe Bmall boats and I s]ab ()f Bt0|1(, wlll i���aiCate that "her,
were picked up by the lug Relief ,leB K(iward Maroney who died In
which brought Ihem to this port late \ N(,w Westminster in the year 1913,
toduy.    With them   were  rescued tht|aRl,u g.n years."
wife and litth- boii of Captain John i \tr Maroney lived in Victoria 40
Dohlqulst, master of the lllverslde. years ago. but it was thought neces-
Third Mato Luudqulst was on the|8ary to take hlm to the provincial
bridge' when Ihe Riverside struck. hospital, which was then In Victoria.
The crew in the fore part were | When the hospital was removed to
awakened by the lurushlng water and Westminster in lSTfi. he was trans-
hurried on deck. It was seen that | furred and be has lived his life of
the vessel was sinking, but slowly, i loneliness within Its borders ever
aud  an  effort  was  made   to  summon   since
he.-lp by win less telegraph. The only
steamship thai could be reached was
the Aelmlral Furragut, far out at sea.
and before other vessels could be advised pf the dlBaBtor, the wireless
apparatus could no longer be worked
Man  the  Boats.
Two boats wero then launched and
officers and crow, with the captain's
wife and Bon, ertttreAthem. At dawn
one of the boats was Bent toward
shore? and got Into communication
With the Ocean houso, which summoned the tifg Relier from Eureka by tele
phone. The Relief arrived at the
scene and picked up the shipwrecked
crew  at  10:30 o'clock.
The Riverside carried 1,250,000 feet
or lumber, valued at 130,000.' The ves
sei was valued at $225,000. Ship uud
cargo were fully Insured.
The only explanation Captain Dalit
quist would Offer on his arrival here
was: "A Btrong current sets In near
Th rd Mat? Lundqulst, who was on
the bridge whon tho Riverside struck,
was a new member of the crew, hav.
Ing signed at Everett. He refused tc
discuss the disaster, but admitted
there wau no fog and the sea was
This Ib the second heavy loss the
Northern Redwood Lumber eenipuny
has suffered in the lust few months,
tbe steamship Charlea Nelson having
been virtually destroyed by Are at
Fields  Landing some  Ume ago.
The body is nt Howell's undertaking
parlors and funeral arrangements will
be announced Inter.
W.   C.   T.   U.   Dees   Not   Approve  of
Pipes,    Cigars    and    Cigarettes
for School Teacher.
Washington, June 19 -To check further complications of Pacific coast
problems by unrestrained admission
cf Hindus and tho Malay races of
Asia to continental United States from
the American Insular possessions Secretary of Labor Wilson, on recommendation of Commissioner General of
Immigration Caminetti. made today a
far-reaching amendment ta tho immigration regulations.
The modification authorizes imml-
gratlon officials at mainland ports to
eject aliens coming from the insular
".��� i-i'lions, unless it should appear
hat ut the time of entry thereto they
were not members of the excluded
classes or likely to become public
This action was the outcome of the
cases of three Hindus who arrived at
San FranciBco from tho Philippines
and were detained on thc ground that
they might become public charges. .
The circumstances in this case caused
Secretary Wilson to order the admission of the Hindus today.
Several thousand Hindus are in the,
Philippines and a largo numlier In-
:U'.vtii. It has boen tho practice to-
open the decrs. ol the United Stater-
nroper to tho races upon prcijSllta-
tlou of certificates showing they were"
examined and passed at.an American
Insula rport of entry.
Commissioner General Camlnotti
explained today that tho regulations
were amended to empower immigration authorities on the mainland to
latfs upon tho eligibility, of Hindus
coming from the insular possessions
because there is an obvious difference between an alien xupporUng'him-
seir In the Philippines for Instance,
���end supporting himself In the United ,
As the law doea not specifically
designate between entries in tho Onlt-
ed States and tin? insular posse-salons
officials antfefpate litigation over tho
intended regulation unless congress
_ -nfirras them by statute.
Fat Job tor Slfton.
Edmonton, June 19.���The rumor is
current here today that the resignation of Premier Sifton ia now a matter of months and that he will go to
London with a large salary to act as
the resident representative of Alberta,
while? Hon. C. W. Croon will become
i ��� �� 0 m*9�� * # # * * **'����� ���'-���
Wanted, capable school teacher. Sfo
smoker need apply.
ThiB is the way tbe want ads. -*>r the
near rutnre will read if the W. 0. T. U.
has Its wuy for It was this body who
yesterday at their provincial convention hero passed a resolution asking
sll members te use their Influence to
have only non-smoking school trustees appointed In the hope that these
In turn would select teachers who also
did not use the weed.
So now It behooves all pedagogues
who at present enjoy a quiet smoke
to commence divorce proceedings
agalnBt lady nicotine if they wish
to find" favor - In the eyes of British
Columbia school boards.
Oltawn, June 19. -ft Is reported that a conference of the
premiers of all the provinces
ls likely to be held fa Ottawa
in September. Among the many
matters of national Importance
to be considered. It ia aald, are
the following: Provincial subsidies, provincial control of
natural resources, junfadlction
of provinces over Island fisheries, respective rights of federal and provincial governments In tbo incorporation of
companies, federal aid to highways and. agriculture.
i��$ot������������e��tii{ji PAGE  TWO
FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1913.
An indtpendr-nt n-,,ruing paper devoted to (h** i**4-t*r'**tti of ff*$w Wr.itminster and
th* I'raner Valley. I'nblinhed rvfiry morning exoept ft-untiaii by th*- Yaf.niiui Printing
mmmxdl Pubtiehing fotnpang, JAimted. at 63 McKmtci** Street, tif-eto W'-stmintittT, British
*Zt>tr*<mt.ui. ROBB  HUTU KitI A f-11\  Mann'ling   JHreotor.
AH ttv.mmvnu^ttuins should be addrceeed to Thm titi***}  Wi:stmlnt-trr Xewe, and not j
Ttr* *\uitVKih<il  mr in In is tif the stuff.     <   Itti'Ut a, draft*, -rtiirl  mo��r\j nn/f'O should  hr  Dltlde
fp%f***i>if to   Tht   Sational  Printing  and   l'nblt*ht*-,*j Compan?!,   lA-init-'d.
tt*\*0PHONBB���/Justness Office and Mana*-**r, ���%*���)**; tiditorutl It-tams ial! depart-
m*mmt*>. HI.
BVBSCaiPTWH HATES���By carrier. |4 per t.**-ir. fl for three months. 40c per
mmOtith.    tip mail, $3 per pear, 26c per month*
mtDVBRTlBlNQ RATSB on application.
In the news columns on another page appears the an-
iwuncement that next week the city will start pile-driving
tm the harbor improvement work.
The occasion marks the first stride in the long race
upon which New Westminster is entering as a world's
���shipping port
That word "race" is used with intention.
Westminster's claims as the only fresh water harbor
on thc British Pacific coast were not put forward by the
men who first brought them to public notice for the sole
purpose of securing recognition for the Fraser as a stopping place on the avenues of marine commerce. They saw
in the river an opportunity to secure not only a small share
of seafaring trade, but a larger opportunity to enter the
race for North Pacific supremacy in tbe enormous business which will flow through the locks of the Panama
Vancouver, Victoria, Prince Rupert, Seattle, Tacoma
and perhaps other docking waters are out for the blue
ribbon of the ocean that links the west witb the far east.
Millions of dollars are to be spent to make the Port of
New Westminster a national one. Those millions demand the best efforts of Royal City citizens or they will
be as good as wasted.
It means work: more work, but tbe man who most enjoys the prize he has won is he who labored hardest.
West Vanccuvcr Council and Railway
Officials Reach Agreement���Prop-
perty Owners Concur.
North Vancouver, June .19.--"That
this meeting reiiticst the district council to exercise thc powers vested In
it by passing a by-law forthwith authorizing the granting to the I'acific
Oreat Eastern Hallway the necessary
concessions nloiiR Itelle Vue avenue
lo enable them to proceed with their
undertaking In accordance with the
tenor of an agreement today sub-
'nitti d to the council."
The  above  resolution, -which    was
past-eel unanimously by a meeting of
properly owners whose property abuts
on Belle Vue avenue at a joint meeting with the council and the representatives or the I'acific (ireat Eastern Hallway company held nt the municipal hull. Holly-burn, constitutes
a most Important development In the
negotiations which have been pro-
ceedlng between the company and
properly owners relative to property
for right-of-way purposes and makes
;t ii-acticaiiv certain that actual construction ot tlie railway grade from
��� he cltv westward wlll he under way
on or before the llrst of July,
The inn ting was called by Reeve
Lawion on resolution of I'ouncilolr
Qlntzburger (or the purpose or consulting  property   owners  along   Hollo
Unequalled for
Fragrance and
Sold in
lead packets only.
Black, Mixedand Green.
week a joint meeting of young and
old, children and parents, tar social
purposes, to get acquainti'il. It is recommended that this evening be con-
eluded with an hour of dancing In
which all take part and review thc
old festive spirit With Its joyous spontaneity.
The children or school ng" will be
linked to this work hy the comments
they will hear .in the home regarding
It. When they find that their parents
and older brothers and sisters i-otne tn
the school house gladly of their own
accord, their own attitude to school
I'te will become n: ire social. When
'hey see their elders coming In orderly anil serious fashion to cast their
votes in the school building, It will
"make  tor  ihem  a  point or contact I cordance
Despatches teil of a tame ending to the Marconi scandal in the imperial parliament when, following a secret
understanding between the government and the opposition, the two cabinet ministers involved confessed ignorance and carelessness, but denied any attempt at crooked
Investigations of a similar nature are not unknown
at Washington and even at Ottawa the breath of suspicion
changed and tbe present plan sh iwed
the route leaving the waterfront on
'he east at a point which would permit s satisfactory grade to Belle Vue
avenue and thencef along' Belle- Vue
iveniie m Iis western extermity.
ir the Belle Vue nVenue reyite was
ranted, the companv agreed to aban-
'lon the former route along the water-
front, In answer to questions Mr.
Oallaghan stated that at Marr road
the railway grade would he five teet
above the present grade or the street,
it MacoDnsld road the railway grade
would hi' three reel above the- pres-
"nt street level, and al Twenty-third
^���^^^mmm^^mmmmm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmmmmmmmmmm * "-'it it  would  he twenty-three  feet
has blown across the summit of Parliament Hill, but for   '���"��������� ������<" surface or the ground as
the echo of graft to rebound from the honored walls of \" pre8en^	
Westminster leaves the man in the colonies who hears i!
with a bad taste in his mouth and a vision in his mind eif
an idol with feet of clay.
If graft there was, then that graft should be probed
to the very bottom of the bucket of muck. Dirty linen.
even though it be the dirty linen of the Mother of Parliaments, is better washed than left in its state of filth.
Instead, it is hinted that, by threats of reviving old
Unionist scandals, the Asquith government prevailed on
.the opposition to cease its delving into the Marconi matter
anri thus saved the honor of the British parliament.
Honor saved at such a price ceases to be honor.
Vue avenue nnd of assuring the fac ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tint those property owners we>ro fullv   from   which   Ihey   may   go  on   to  the
Informed as to exactly what-would he understanding or the civic process."
Implied  In conveying the centre sixty New  Dignity and   Meaning,
leet of that street for railway bur- ! The whole- movement will invest
nos, s anil for the consideration or all the school house' with a new dignity
matters nertalning to the whole right meaning, Whal is still more importani
or way through the municipality, ' 't will raise the whole tone of the
Submitted  Plan. I teaching   profession.     Mr.   Ward   he-
Mr Callsghan. chief engineer of the lleves strongly thai the school prln-
i'*'"M:c Groat Eastern, submlted a cip-il should be the community leader
plan showing tlie revised route of the hi lhis work, that he should he given
railway through the munclpality to enough assistance to hove energy for
the eastern boundary of l>. I.. 656 the work, and that the quality of the
mil  D,  I..  r,54.  that route had  heen  w--'f    rtemo"dPd,    the  vital  way  in
which he will be brought Into touch
with the people, will give his life the
inspiration il requires, make him a
more efficient anil re'sonrcefnl t-acher.
but above all, attmot to the profession
a higher type of men.
Whoever peruses tills volume carefully win be Impressed with the tre-
nemlous enthusiasm of the writer,
who is nevertheless intensely practical and has met with success In car-
rying out these verv ideas. Constantly one is saying "Is this possible?"
"It is too good to be true." It would
revolutionize society if it wt re a success. It would do what we have thus
far railed to do. it would make de
mocracy a rcalitv, ned a fetish. It
would mive all the great crying social evils ot today as far as they can
be solved. It would evolve something
better than  the party  system.
Sneaking of the great social problem
Natural    History    Society    Purchaser.
(Splendid Specimens of Wood  Bison���Also    Plains    Buffalo.
Calgary, June 19.---Oup of tho larg-
' est   and   most   perfect   specimens   of
wood buffalo which has yet been secured will be shown In the exhibit of
the  Calgary   Natural   History   society
I at the Culgary fair.    In securing this
[.Splendid   fur  the  society  has  had   to
! go against  tin- strongest  competition,
and how ki'en naturalists were to secure   the   sph'ndid   animal's   remains
may  he judged  by  the  fact that  the
Washington museum offered $2,600 for
IL    The animal  was  shot about one
hundred   miles  north   of  Fort   Smith,
��� where thi re Is the only large herd on
lhe   continent,  and   this   was   one   of
the largesi hulls in It.   Following are
some  extracts    from   a  letter  which
w-.is written elow  nfrom  Lesser Slave
| lake, when the shipment was made:
"Following are soms of the body
measurements of my wood bison bull:
Height ot Shoulder, G reel   Id  inches;
length of head and h niy to root of tall,
i-n reet 7 Inches; girth behind forelegs
ii teet !' Inches: circumference of fore
larm, 1 foot, 9Mi Inches; circumference
of   neck,  6   feet;   circumference    nf
muscle    behind     nostrils,  2    feel   6**54
| inches.
"Measurements  were taken  iu  ac-
With    directions  in   Ilnrna-
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get ss good, or better, manufactured in 11. 0��� viz.: the
the celebrated "VANC'OUt BR" Ilraiul, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Aiuericnr.  and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also cull attention to our Vltrllied Sewdr Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. ln diameter, "his is also made In this Province aud we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock e f Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
Seu us before ordering elsrwhere.
Phones 15 and 16. 902 Columbia Street W.
day's 'Taxidermy and Zoological Col-I
heeling.'  thinly  arter  death- carcass ���
still   warm   and   pliant.    Taped   rawn i
snugly agalnsl hair.
"This animal was remarkably large i
in the abdomen, and the animal was
characterized by a verv bulkv, rotund
���iml I'at appearance the' hinder parts
wre as bulkv as the forward parts,
did not appear to taper as In the ordi-
nary buffalo, nor present the trim appearance of diminishing hind quarters
common in the plains bison.
"The skin was ruil.v three-quarti rs
it an Inch thick all over the body,
where nol thicker. On the shoulders
ll was iver one Inch; on neck and
thret one and a half to one and thn e-
quarters; one forehead, two and three-
ighths or over; elsewhere on head,
three-ouarters to one and a half
Work of mounting the splendid hide
will be started at once, so that it will
be ready for the fair. Tile hide when !
spread out Is an enormous thing, and
roughly measured rrom the tip of its
tall to the muzzle goes 14 feet. I1
has been very carefully skinned and
all thc feet are preserved and the
muzzle shown, so that it can be
mounted actually as it roamed the
northern wilds.
The wood hnlTilo do n >t come south
and are unite distinct rrom the prairie
- pedes,  which   all   westerners    have |
= een. but the old bull from the north |
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
J. H. Todd's Music House
<U9   Columbia   Street,   New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Mimical   Goods  ot  all   Kinds.   PHONE  694.
! of the day, the author says they can I will  be  something  new  to  the  great
lhp solved by only two possible ways;   majority of visitors.    One rather pe-
j "One   is   by   the   use   of   heimbs;   the   collar marking shown   m the hide ts a
other is by the use of brains. One is   1'ne  or  black  hairs,   which   show   up
hy dynamite, thp other Is by debate."  very ellptlnetlv frjm the head to well
 i toward the hind quarters.   This is one
There Are Only Two Ways of Solving
Great Social Problem, Says
A convention of Liberals met in Ot
, iu.! twenty years ago today to decide
���  <n   :i   platform   de-lining   the   party's
'-UitUude toward the  lurilT and  other
amm-|     The   resolutions   passed   de
MamaO  -protection  us  "radically un- ;
sound und unjust to the masses oT the
people;, and declared tiie necessity of
. a   tariff   revision   which   should   pro-1
vide "sntit-tarrtial relief from the bur  I
elenn nnrter which the country labors."'
The "national  policy"   w-as arraigned
xxs hating fostered trusts and monop-
lolie-s. dhecked immigration, Impeded
commerce and driven people rrom the.
* i'enititrj The reciprocity issue was
. nfluM nil il, hut not urged, and did not
���.come to the rroirt until after the 1890
���vle-^tiuns, in which the Liberals were
Kictorioua. ' t
A great fire swept over SI John
��� thirt; nix years "ago today, destroying
.-ilMiut two-fifth^ of the New Itruns
ueick metropolis. An area of about 20(1
DCrel was d-STOStated and property
vorUi over 137,000,000 went up in
Htarni-f.. while some twenty  live'S were'
��� u��,i Snoscriptlons for the relief of
i'lii'  huiuel* ss   were   raised   all   over
H'-innda and in Oreal llritain and the
'United States. The city was e*uickly
-rebuilt and em a much letter scale,
f>r":t k nnd stone structures replacing
jfhit- i id  wooden  landmarks.
Calgary.   Alia.,    lune   19.-   Below   is
.'ive-n  a   review   of  a   work  e>n   social
���1'iiire work    ty    Edward    Ward, of
Rochesti r.  who  is < tn- of the foremost of experts on the continent on
he subject,    The hook  reveals    the
���re-it  possibility of the small district,
ind declares the true unit of democracy is tiie polling booth.    The tnovp-
I iiie:it  is one whle'h tries io its way to j
I ring more happiness tn the lives ot
those   whose   whole   round   is     ue  of
dull monotony and care.   Ah such it is
1 to he1 commended, though all of the
i conclusion   mentioned   are   not.   such
I thai they will command the supoprt of
everyone  who has  studied  the question.
The following is the review;
"This hook by the foremost apostle
,'f   social   cenl re   work     In     America,
which has just been published hy Ap-
ipleten, conies to us at a  most  timely
| season.    The social centre movement
I has been 'In the air' In Calgary tor
| some little time,    The summer season
zenn  will   have*  In oat   dust  and  dirl
i n the atreets.
The wells are slill supplying their
n* -rmal output and the reservoir Is |
Ht'll being ke'in in a safe level. Thej
l.t foot li-v-efl in tiring reached each
night, and u minimum of '.i feet is i
kept during the day. Owing to the j
dry *w��*atln'r and high winds It is ah I
soinii-lv necessary to keen the reser j
voir in ffrn-id sliajK* Tor frat of a big j
fire outside the high pressure district.
���Tent-roller M'dwrnter announces thai
a ni-w well. No. 13, will be in com-
luiSM-mi within a -day or two, the
"biHisler" pump wlm-li will pul the-
wan r into the mains having been
praet'iraVly  completed,
This  will  add about  600,000 gallons'
to the daily supply.   Well 15, another
new trwTj   mill be Hi commission within  10 days,  and  a second  new  pump
fur well li was shipped from the east j will permit the whole question to be
yealerto] _ | carefully considered in the light of the
WimJMiT, .hint VJ
&. Bona I'lgiir Co.. ���
s'raini d by ;in i rd r
Murphy   today,  from
ther   with   the  husilu
rhe John McNee
Windsor, is re
Issued by Judge
Interfering fur
i - i.r the Hem
i f   Detroit, by
Today  i�� the birthday    or    Adam
Beck,    legislator,    manufacturer and
tcraeli ��� in war on tuberculosis, al  Mi
��len. unt., 1S.ri7; .lohn Travers Lewis.
���ton):  hishop  and    archbishop    >f  On
* tar.u  umi    metropolitan   "f  Canada,
IH'JJ,.    On this date In  1767 Lord Lou
xhm Balled  from   New   York  with  an
army to capture Louisburg, but tarried
awhile  at   Halifax   and     then    sailed
bock ofain.
meter Cigar 1''artor> ^^^^^^^
a sing a ua) is employees
The Di'tn )��� compan) broughl Bull
[Mleglng that ['"rank Hoult former
fi ri'inau e>e the Del run firm, had I n
I'l-rsuiide d to help the Canadian i
f ic'.uren eetabll ih a  ni ��   i ictorj
Ii ��bb allegnfl thai he had taken
with linn v,ii ii iiiii* it.i'i sictv's. and
that he bad enticed away valued phi
ployees trim the Detroit firm, Thl
v 11 denied by tho Canadian firm, al
ll'iiijgh it wtis admitted that many
DetroU elgarmokers had lefl the Hem
l meter company to cross the river.
tin 11
Winnipeg, .lune IP. The water situ
���sttion in the ci'y Ib practically un-
-fl&anged today, but Controller Mldwln-
���fc-r ami officials of the water work-*
'devulmeni are again urging that
���cltiiiruE should do everything possible
to -conserve tbe supply. Lawn Bprink
tiriR should be cut down to a minimum
-Ciiiz*. nn generally apnear in have ta
hen little notice to this request, and
thn waterworks office and oilier city
tuilt offices were deluged this morn
inn with telephone renorls from all
par's of the citv ih-it lawn lio.u- was
itli, ..������! to run sll night.
Civic Qepar ments nt'* pi  t "iti-: tn
���cut  down   the  consumption  of  water
on the atreets.   if the hot, dry weath-
��r continues    boulevard    sprinkling,
atn-e-i   washing   and   sewer   Hushing
���may be cul oul altogether In order to
lin-p up the  pressure In  the domes
tic r.a'.ns.    Street   sprinkling has al
vet-a-dy  been  reduced  considerably by
Btreet Comro! sh :   *   Ti llman   bul  ir tun-
J)  hn-j to be cut oul  altogothei  clt]   rraily
Talgnry, June 19.��� The new combin
ed police and fire Btatlcn al the cor
���er iii Eighteenth avenue and Second
sire-et easl  was formally opened and
all tbe Ifrriiory south Of the C,  P.  I!
track-*  ia now supervised  from  tins
Sergeant W. ll. Taylor will be In
charge ni tin* police station, and wil
have two desk sergeants to assist him
in the administration. These wlll in
Jatiiin Taylor and Itcberl Brechin ;
The following men have been tli talli ���'
tu the new s'stlon; Constables Gam
ie, Fraser, Thompson, Murray, 11��� 11
Stewart, Bi : i, V Ison, Nicholson
and Ward, all tormerl) attached *<>
No. 1 station .nui Constable Whin i f
No.   1  station
Th���� tire depur'met i's pcrtion of the
new Blatlnn will l-�� pul in order for
the  inuisllation  of   ihe   new   Bervlce
| experience' of other citleB ns Illustrated   In   this   look,   and   definite  action
can, if though! advisable, be entered
upon  In   the  (arly  autumn
Leading Spirit.
"The author,  Kdward S.  Ward, was
'the leading spirit in organizing social
centre work in Rochester, N  v., where
this work his met with Us most con
ptcuous   success,   Mr   Word   is  now j
adviser In civic and social centre do-  LA-CHI*1"
veiitpein. "t   in  the  university  ex ten-I G.
Blon division or the university of Wis
onsin, and ins sorvlces are at the di*-'
t'.'.-.tl of anj i illage, tow n, city or rn
ral communlt) in thai state which
contemplates Initiating Mils spin.1
"Ven carefully and very logically
has Mr Ward Bel rnrth the central
idi a of this movement, an Idea which
'���is ii ' rpcelvi d much attention In
l ical ili.-i usslon,
"All the other features or this work
unfold   logically   nnd  naturally   trom
this central  tin-sis     The  realism  or
j social  centre   work   is  not  primarily
| the provision or public recreation, but
the making  if good citizens, In which
nr ���'. .f, recreation n'iiyi an Important
* bir subordinate part.
"The first thing In organization h
the fnrmntlen of an association or club
or  the  iiiiuii   men  nnd   woe"-i     f  i'"
community adjacent to the school
h ii.''. for the purpore primarily of
the discussion or public questions,-beginning with the local needs r the
ci mmunlty and embracing all the
wieler Interests or the city, state and
ii it mi
"I li re the Important  th'ng  Is i'r
the  'neighbor'  spirit  rhould  find  ex
nrppslen and i" e"ery case where or
ganlzatlon lias been iT-cml niong 'i    In
right  lines, thla   neighbor' spirit has '"
been  simply  dashed  forth,    In    this
group party  Hups and creed  lines lire
obliterated.     A   new   view   point    Is
reached, lhal of Indeopndent. r��nrlei*s
discussion and s 'getting together' or
Victoria  Council   -and    Scnghees  Reserve  Partition  Plan
Victoria,  June   19,���That   the  Song-
j bees reserve partition plan sent by
the government engineer to the city
council tor its consideration must
have been an old draught not brought
up to date was the conclusion or ihe
aldermen wben in response to the
suggestion or CHy Engineer Itust, Mr.
Gamble purported in a letter to point
out that the suggestions wer not serous because they were based o:i
wrong  premises.
Mr.   i.amble   also   stated   that   tli"
| government   could   not   consider   thp
S city's request to give It a portion of
the  watortront  for    publlc    wharves
j without seriously Interfering with the
government's plans for the development  e.r the railway terminals.
Reterlng to Mr. Rust's suggestions
'hat the road behind the industrial
utes hi' neil brought, to a blind end
it Point Kllici* bridge, Mr. Gamble
slated lhat i' was being carried
around abene Point Elllce and along
the waterfront to the north end of
the reserve. 'I'he pla-i suhmittid to
the city does not show this. Other
facts nct shown in the city's draught
ire that th" acreage for the Esquimau and Nanalmo Railway is tn d
that the city's park is to he four acres
in extent and situated at the north-
west corner nf the r* serve, and that
��� 1,., ������-. ,s for -'i "nrposes wen* tah-t-
late'd   i.n   the*   right.
������������cr  tii I'lnv's suggestion, tho
council   decldi A   to   ask   ror   a   copy
In- r-al 11.in.
' iriMAN says
*;P :
       all iTi'i* und classes Ior tiie common
truck which  will arrive shortl>  from   :
Alh iiuiv.ii.  Pennsylvania     The fuml Meet   Weekly. ini
the firemen's quarters is al      There groups should meet separate-     I I
pla:*i: Ily weekly, nr.d there sh'uld be ouce at tf
Mi ntri'.-il,  .li n ���   19     At   a
��� I tin- city council of l.ri��-' im<*. M	
lothwell and the aldermen were In-
rund   ir.   Alderman  Carlgnan  that
lira* d   1     ������'���'   "-"'I' T'    '
���������   i f ,i i'; colt by tin* business
of tiie cry, fe r lhelr conduci   a
"i'"-v ng r-i 11 tii-- station, first 'in-
express offloo, which wad closed some
une  ago,  ai l  l-i'ilv   the  telephone,
'* ������''   ''id    i <  heen  or  material
assistance  to  merchants and  others
1 ' 't    Hul lea   called   Uiem     to    lhat
"I think the merchants of Lacblne
ihould   tuiii"  to  divert  freight   trade
rrom  the cm; any. and a boycott  be
laced agalnsl It," declared Alderman
"ar *;��� an.  who desired the newspaper
men i r s->nt  to quote him accurately
oti   this   opinion:     "As   we   have   no
lotirel  or trail",  we, as a council, aro
v r ually   representing  the    business
men  nnd the  merchants  and   others
d  metl'i* aB one body In  prole'st
thn removal or the telephone rrom
i.lwav  stu-'on."
Me'ermsn   Smith   complained   that
���-,    -'1,-en"" i.f a telephone was an in-
o nvi nlcnce scarcely to be looked ror
1913,   Tho company will be asked
n tm dy Hi" evil,
Booming I tn-iiiiie will receive intention by Ihs aldermen who have
h ''i giver many Indications thst
Other and hss favorably known niunl-
c iii ties throughout   ths    Dominion
are* eulliiig  in   lhe   people   to   ��lln"ss
tin   s ,h nilid opportunities offered to
tcrs.    A scheme Is to be Initlat-
r .i bun: thai \'M carry convlc*
ior the markings that is not round on
j the plains bison.
Specimen ot Plains.
One flno animal which will he shown
will be a fine specimen of the plains
buffalo being taken from the herd of
Wainwright. He looks very lifelike
and very large when mounted bul his
measurements are given just to Bhow
how much larger the northern specimen will be when ready for exhibition
i."tigih. s teet 1'2 inches; iieigiu. ii
feel 1 Inches; gl^ti, 7 f""' 6 Inches;
girth of neck,  1 rert 1  lincliPs;  muz-
1 zle, 23% Inches.
The hair on this animal is Inn-'er
and belter than on his northern neighbor.    This is probably accounted for
, by the Suet that in making his way
through the scrubby reri'Sts in which
Ihe northern animals make their home
the hair is worn off.    There is some
ivrry   long  hair  on   top   or  his   he-id.
which  measures 14'A  inches, and  his
foreh'gs  are   protre'ti'ii   by   "schapps,"
with hair 10% Inches long.
These  two  specimens  will   be   the
���centre  cf  attraction   at   tii"   natural
Ihls'orv display, and there- will be few
opportunities afforded visitors of ?e"-
iiig  a  pair or animals  typical  of  tit"
I west  which  will  give  them  :i   better
j idea   ot  how   these     animals     lookeel
when roaming the woods and prairies
Toronto, June 19.   The work of the!
Ontnrlo   hoard   or   health,   acting   In
conjunction with the Joint Internatlon
al  commission   tor  the  preventing  of
boundary water polution, is receiving
considerable attention  from the Canadian   and   United   States    govern
ments, several of the   commissioners ���
journeyed    tei    Niagara       Falls      I
examine flrst hand tbe tes'isg of wat- |
er samples by tbs traveling laboratory
now  in thut  district.
General Streeter of Concord, s>' * ���*
Hampshire, and II A. Powell of st
.lohn, N ll. came to Toronto yester
dav tn confer with Hr. .1 W S Me*
Cullough, chief health oflici"-. nn lhi
extension of the Bcheme. They confessed their approbation of the methods employed and the progress being
The laboratory outfit which recently
was shifted from Kingston to Niagara,
is completely equipped for making exhaustive water analyses, nod Provincial Sanitary Engineer D-illvn. who ' H. J. A. in
Is in    charge, has five nsslstints.  [n I Accountant.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rmt. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
B, ft P. O nt Klks of tho 0. nt C��� men
tlie rirst and third Thursday at 8 p. m.
K. or P. Hull, Eighth stri-H. A Weill
Gray, Exalted Ruler; P, ll. Smith, n��c
rlsters. Solicitors, etc. in Lorn,* street.
New Westminster,   a. EL Corbould, K.
C.    J. It. etlrant.    A. K. MeColl.
n-r-at-law, Hollcltor, etc. THnphons
1070. Cable, address "JohnRtein."
Cndn, "Western Union.-' Ofrlces. Kill*
Hlock. 6SI ColuriiblB street. New W��rt-
mlnster, B. C.
I:. 0. (i M��� NO, 86-t ���MEETS ON
llrst, siriiri'l. rtilnl und tourtli Wednesday in each month al ti p. tn.,
in the MoeiBd Home, 11. .1 Leamy,
dictator; !���'. E. .!"ivs. secretary,
Headquarters of hniio* In Bee House,
corner nt Knintli and Carnarvon sireetH.
I. O. O  F
27.   I.   6
' nlithl in
corner '
,\.   M'
meeting   Of   Amity   lodge   Ni
ll f'\. Is hei,I every Mnndu-
s o'clock In Odd Fellows' H��f
.iiimrvun   un'l   Eighth   hi reet,
l.retheVn      cordially     Invited
Hlife ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Weatmlnsler Trust ink., Columbia street.
New Westminster, it. C Cable addrsea
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 300. Telephone 69. W. jr.
Whiteside, It C.; II. L Edmonds. D.
clal socretary,
It, >l,e riser
itham,  P. Q-,  record
W.  SaiiKHier,  riueu
.!.   B
IT1.WKI.L CLUTE.  Harrlster-at-law.
lli-ltor.   etc.;   corner    Cnlnmblft    and
cKonste    streets.    New    Westminster
C.   P.  O.   Hox   112.     Telephone   710.
J,  r
���    HAMPTON    HOI.I
tloltor    and     Nuliiiy
ii-k.   2S   iAjme   streel
r, B, C,
���3.    BARRISTBB,
.    Offices     Ihr*
,   New   Westmin-
nr  ft   II.nn
up,]   .till,itlli
street,    N>-��
, I,t.i i���Funeral dliect.ni
���is.    Parlors -(OS Columbl
Westminster.    Phons 93
McQUARRIl,    MARTIN    ft    CA88AD1.
Hiiriisiers und Bolloltqrs. 'I'll, I" SIS
Wostmlnstor Trust Pluck. II K Miir-
Hn. W. el. McQuarrie und Oeorge Lt
umi Emhaln
opposite i 'in i
���Pioneer Funeral
rr,   r, i j - r, i f   Ami-i
Bgle Library.
Rule.   I'*
di,  Hiistn.-sM Letters, etc.; clr
     k specialist.   All work strlctH
nlldentlnl     it   Harry, r i lis West
Inster Trusl Hlk.   Phono 7i>2.
addition to taking samples at different I ���
depths, ;i  curunry  Htuily nf tin-  nlniro ] p
e-sentour nnd currents Is reported, and }
these will bo tabulsted M the cud of|W
t'i" vear, to be heard before the commission.
Prior to his departure fnr Kuropi
Hr. McCullough purposes making i
personal trip nr Investigation to tin
Bcene of operation,
RNKTT,   Al'lUTi
I', 1.   It    128.   Hum
H. Smith, W. J. e|r���vei
urk   iinileiink hi    in   citv   nnd   ouisld'
hits,   ail-u   Westminster   Trust   Hldk
Phone 3'',t.    P.  O,   Box  EOT.
Inucsticite Fossil Flor-i.
Edmonton, Aim., .Inn" in D* Fr-rn.
tin Lewis, profpsnor ff hlnlnpy In thi
university of Alberta hun been award
ed a granl by the committee of t'n
Iteiyitl Society nl London In aid of the
expenses ol u scientific Investigation
of the coal and HptiHe- deposits nf the
���lrovi'ie.- ut Alberts with m*-l.'i ref-
irenoe tn lhe fct-sil florn. Dr. Le svls
win ��� 'sit 111 : ch'' r den " t.** of cevl
and limuit'.i in tli" province, The
specimens, after Investlgatli n. wlll un
io form *' renrosentotlve-s collection
ii tho university museum.
IOARD ni*' TRADE���NEW VVkh t'Mlt*.
sier Bonrd "f Trade meets in n,.'i"isr
i'.'.iii. ntv Hull, u�� follows:   Third Fr:
dey ef encli   iiiunlli.   irn-rlv  mi tin,
un the third p'ri-h,v nt February, Ma;
AllgllSl    Itll'l    November   ilt    K   p.III.       Al,
mini   ue , ill lt*   nn   tie    third   "'rldey   "
February.  C,   II.  Stuart   \\'ii<i\  sei-re
la i y.
P.O. Box 34 Daily News Dldg
nf all  kinds.
Prices riulit.   Satisfaction guarantocd,
69 MuKenile  St.
COAL MININU Hunts of the Dominion
iu Munlnibu. Siiskutcliewiin anil AlberUi,
the Vllknil Territory, llle Northwest Territories nnd In ii portion of the Provlnoe
of British Columbia, mny bo leased for a
n rm ot twenty-one yenrs nt nn hiiiiijiiI
rental nt tl an iirre. Not morn tlmn 2&6S
.urtes wlll bo leased to eine npt'llculR.
Appllcftlon tor a leuae must be minle
by tin. Applicant In pcrs-on to the Awnt
or Sub-Agent uf the district In which the
rights applied ffir ure situated.
Iti surveyed territory the land must tie
described by sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
slons ot sections, and In uneurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by Ihe applU-ant himself
Each application must be accompanied
by n tee of tr, which will be refunded if
'he rlulilH appllei) for are not available,
hut not otherwise. A royalty shall lie
paid "ti the mercliaiitable output of the
mln" at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tlie mine shall
furnish the Agent witli sworn return*
iccounilng for ihe full quantity of mer��
'���'i.'itiliiMe '-o.il iiilned nnd puy the royally thereon, H the e,,t,i mining rlglile
nre not b'Inu operateel such re'turus should
be  furnished  at   lenst   once a  year.
The I' see wlll Include the canl mining
rights only, inn ibe lenseo will be permit- 'd to pi rchase whatever available
sut i.n-e rights may be considered neces*
"nry for lne working of llie niliie at Lhe
ute of i\n nn acre.
For full Information Application should
be m.oi,   to ii*! Hi-oretar/ of tlie Depart.
 "���   of  tin.   Interior,  iniawa,  or  lo any
Vgenl  or Sio- \Keut  ot  Dominion  Lands.
ii'i'n - Minlsier of tiie Interior,.
��� n IJnau'hni bed publication ot tbla
..    .:.. ....:,'.  ..Hi nut bu paid Cor. FRIDAY, JUNE  20, 1913.
Having already won the esteem of a large circle of patrons, we wish to announce the
which is strictly up-to-date with all modern facilities.       .
We can now make you a ��ood suit for   $ 2 5 > 0 0
, AND AT A -
Special for One Week Only
Will make to your order balance of our Season's Suitings, including
serges, worsteds and tweeds in all the latest shades of Brown, Tan
and Gray, for    ::::::::::      :
Have your  suit
made in town.
Our garments bear
the Union label.
Delinquent   Tax   Payers   Given   Until
September 3 to Pay  Up���Council   Have  Busy  Session
Word   "or"   Caused   Law   Suit
Over Disposition of
uutici!   lor
track  lo
tlon 303 of the  Municipal uct,  therefore be it resolved that Wednesday,
the third  day of  September,  1818, al
10   o'clock   in   the   forenoon,   at   the i
Municipal   hall,   Cloverdale.   be.   and
the same is hereby fixed as the time
and  place of holding a sale of lands
for delinquent taxes In the Baid muni- i
C-,puiity  of  Surrey   in  ihe  year  ly 13.
pursuant   to   tl\e   provisions     of     lhe   Little
Municipal uct and amending ucts.
The pound bylaw was finally pass-
ed and the seal of the corporation ordered affixed, aa also the local Improvement  procedure bylaw.
A bylaw to amend the noxious weed
bylaw, aud the Surrey revenue by-
law     r.u...   passed   their   first   three
$100 was appropriated for the Peed-   ���   ���      ^^^^^^^^^
        " ���  to I doubtful   if   a   parallel  case    can    be
found to one disposed of by Chief Justice Meredith at Osgoode Hall yesterday, In  which the
little word "or."
Juno 21. i     Frederick    llotrum   agreed   to   pur
���  chase   certain   property   trom   W.   S
K'igt rley.   but   failed   to  complete  tht
ham  road, one half to be charged
Ward 2 and one half to Ward 5.
Accounts to  lhe amount   of  $660.80
were  passed  and  ordered   paid.
<'i unnll  then adjourned  to meet on   was the
Cloverdale. Juno 19.���The Surrey
municipal couucil met at the niunlel
pal hall. Cloverdale. on Saturday
June U, the reeve and all member!
being present.
The minutes of the previous meet
Ing wer,  n ad aud confirmed
Communications  were
Prom   the   Campbell  River   Lumber
Co.,   Ltd.,   thanking   the
permission  to put in a spur
their mill at Cloverdale and agreeing
to   put   in   any   necessary   crossings
when demanded by the council.   ke-
From the Canadian Financiers, Ltd., j
suggesting tht ir appointment as fiscal agents for the council and outlining the advantages which ihey claimed   would   be   derived   from   such   an
appointment by tbe municipality. He-
oeived. Council do not require any
such assistance at the present lime,
From the Railway Commission enclosing copy of lhelr order re the np
plication fm- the While Hock subwav.
It oslved.
From Royal Columbian hospital giving notice of the admission lo thai
Institution Of Basil Kaiser and T. It.
Herring.   Received,
From William Weaver, agent for
W. .1. Wilson and others re tint subdivision known as White llock Heights
that  they had sold about one
and  wesl  half  of
taking   Ihe    -
registry office last fall and being ���
vised that   they  would   register Bamo ! varieties equal to those grown In th
"" * ���"������"lono here, and it to make this fact
also to
Toronto, June 19.���Many curious
reasons for peopl" engaging in litigation are rev-taled In the records of
the   law   courts,   but  it   is   extremely
land hospital at about a qsarter past
eight yesterday morning. Ward's
condition is critical ami tb-e -gravest
doubts of his recovery are felt.
Ladies Visited Militia Camp and Found
the Canteen Being Used���Put
Up Job.
Seriously Injured Man Conveyed Nineteen Miles Over Dangerous Trail
in  Storm.
transaction. The reason given for the
neglect being, that there was a vital
flaw In the vendor's title, lt appeared Kdgcrley purchased the property
from two ladies to whom it was be-
qiiitlud   by   their   mother,   the     late
  I     A   clause   In   Mra.   Lambert's     will
I provided   that   the    property    should
Women's  Inctitutc Set August 30 for   pass in tbe event of the death of either daughtei
Carnival���Confident  of
Ladysmlth, B, C. June 1!> The pro-
posal of lhe local branch of the Women's Institute to hold a flower sll   w* In
Ladysmlth on August 30th    will   he
greeted Wltll pleasure by everyone
who takes sn Interest in floriculture.
In no part of Hritlsh Columbia can
tlie cultivation of Rowers be carried
on with greater Success than lu l.ady-
asl  smith and tin- district trtubtary to thu
slating        ^^^^^
quarler of this  property
y ��� -���*���  -��� certain   lots,  alter  Clt)
matter  up   with   the  land ,    One may travel all over the contl
���������������*���"     ' -- ad- Inent  and   fail  to
vised that
lind  roses  of  many
vised mat   xxvei   **���*���-     ���*     r���El9try   gardens here, and It to make thlt
in that manner, but   hat toe registry  ^ M�� vmM um|
?��'?!,h,i'A��C.e.0n1fBSlidI no    now   encourage, the   cultivation   of   th
to t'e survivor "or'
heirs. Mr. llotrum contended
amb gloUB wording of lha! clause
made It possible that If either of the
beneficiaries subsequently had children, these children might have a
claitp   on   the   property.    This,  In  hi��
opinion, constituted a barrier to   a
chat-  title.
The Chief Justice said he would not
accept Mr. Hotrum's Interpretation of
the clause in tha will,   Had the tea-
trlx Intended the property to pass to
the children, if any. of either daughter In the evmt of either dying, she
would have used the words, "and her
liclrs" not "i r her heirs." It was
clear Mrs. Lambert meant that any
children of eitlvr daughter would)
only have a claim to the property
Niagara-on-the-I.ake,     June     19.���
The W  C. T. I', were greatly shocked
at the camp here.   They came over to :
inspect  Canada's  Aldershot and  they '
found something they did not expect���
  -        a canteen.    And  it  was right ln tbe
ause of action j camp um,8 0f the Queen's Own Hifles.
One would think that after the order
Issued hy Colonel Sam Hughes, the
liquor-fighting minister of militia,
that there would be no beverage em-
porlum on the Niagara common. But
order or no order the canteen was
there and a placard hung on the fla;)
of the tent with the words: "Regimental canteen; authorised by the*
minister of mllltla" printed in bold,'
black type.    Shocked is the word.
It was ladies' day at the camp,
something new, to be sure. A delegation of ahout fifty women connected
with the W C, T. 0., [laughters of the
Kmpire and National     .miicll of Worn
her i
Kamloops, June 19.���A distressing
story of neglect o* the countryside by
the provincial authorities, made still
more sombre by the account of a mishap, which there is only too much reason to fear may terminate fatally, is
narrated by W. H. Dandy of Kamloops.
Mr. Dandy with a party left the city
for the Barrlere river by motor, and
after proceeding with infinite toil and
difficulty over an alleged road some
fourteen miles up the Barriere left
the car, and proceeded on foot for
some five miles over an old overgrown trail well nigh impassable by
reason of fallen trees and dangerous
The party reached the east end of
Barrlere lake, where there are some
40 or 50 settlers, who are without any
access to tho outside world and to
their markel centre ot Kamloops except   by   the  awful   trail  In  mtestion
Y.  M. C.  A.  in  Europe
Edinburgh. June 19,��� The progress
of the Young Men's Christian ttmtctar
tion In America engaged the attention
of the delegates to the w grid's confer
i ence   In   session   here   recently.     Na
i tlonal   Secretary   Payne,  of   Nonrai
showed   that   the   Euro-perni   branches
I had   gained   300,'J00   members   in   six
i years.    Ilelega.es from four countries
j asked   the   reason  for America's   su-
' periorlty.    Dr. J. G. Fisher answered
j with an address on  physical trafnin::
In the making of Christian man hoed i
Strike Situation in. Coal City Remains.
Quiet���Everything Apparently
Nanaimo, June 19.���There is no
fiesh movement stirriug in the mic-
in.; s.tuation, the position being quite
. toiianged.
There  is  nothing to a  stranger to
Ixtrd   Kinnair   requested^  ^*W*J|indicate the general stoppage oT wortc.
of the  address  before   the  people cf
And Two White Men Land m Jail
ire Inv
lted over by Major-Gen- | The road, says Mr. Dandy, is fright
eral Lessard, ramp commandant
They came on the 11 o'clock boat,
were met at the wharf by a numlier of
nflVers and were then ushered through
tli ��� oaten, which was indeed neat, tidy
and orderly and greatly pleased the
women, some of whom undoubtedly
have not In the past allowed their
sons lo attend. As the party came
to the lines of the Queen's Own a
small   green  tent   was  noticed.
"What's that?" asked the ladles in
chorus.    "iBn't  It a dear little tent "
The officers addressed thought it
was. but knew about us much ahout
Its special purpose as the visiters.
Greatly were they shocked when they
  Kamloops,    June   19. -Two    -while
neglect has made It dangerous lo   nien,   Alexander     William   K��T  and
Morris Hennessy. are ut present lode
ed   In   the   city Jail   awaiting  trial  hi
connection with a very serious charge.
One of them is alleged ta bave stabbed two young Indians <m tho reserve
and the other,  who was in his rtSla
pany. waa detained  for cooi-plicity in] mand that culy  unionists
tin affray.
ful      _^^^^^^^^
au   Inconceivable   degree.
At one place the motor had to be
pried nut of a mud hole, and rplls
placed iver the boggier portions of
the track lo make a passage possible.
The condition or the trail is sueh that
it must be seen to be believed.
The disaster which shrouds Mr.
Dandy's Btory in gloom occurred on
Sunday afternoon at about half past
tlve. One of the settlers, James
Wanl, living si\ miles up the lake,
who  was about   to  leavp temporarily
The story of the two Indians, Pat-] having i
rick Andrew and Isaac Duncan, is tojteu'.ii -.
the effect that they saw- an Indian -girl
being maltreated by the accused and
that  they   went  to  her  nncue.    Ver
the city being wonderfully tranquil,
not a bubble of unrest disturbing tbe
I eaceful surface. Scattered about tke.
city are a few groups of miners wbcM
talk quietly and g6od humcredx?-
amongst themselves over mining.
sporting and the general topics of tne
���Quite a number of tlie former m<3��
of the lamp have left the city, stxxxxts
have gone home to the eld m-othcr
land, and others will follow, it lie::-:,
announced that in NoithuntLhe.i-cWnir"
the wage advance there has just bben
granted by the owners. The last advance of 2\ per cent, was rraaied
lu March, and now a further aitt^-n----
;Of 6Vi per cent, has been gnurtc.-*/.
brining the wages up to *.&%, per cent..
advance since 1S79, aud makmg a total of 20 per cent, advance since the
conclusion of the national strike; fast,
Uu the whole the liritish cual mm
ing situation would appear tu be more
settled, especially since Ulr Weattt
mines   have   succeeded   in   their   <te-
._���...  _..,       be aMs-a-ed
I to   wor   kin   the   mines,   the   ouostion
t-vlcualy bc
a b:r.e of oou-
Bid Firewetf-
Perhaps   the   most   sorrowful   iise-
dent,   and   giving   feed   for   thoecit.
in   this   matter
in   mm   in......   and   would   not   no
register Bamo without the consent of
tht) municipality, and asking tint council give Its consent to bavlng tho lots
already sold In this manner registered. Received, Council cannot see
tin Ir way clear to give their consent
as when the plans were approved It
was not Its Intention that lots Bhould
he less than 68 feet In width.
From   A.   11.   McNeill,   K.C,  enclos
Ing   blueprint   of   plan   showing   subway ut While  Itock and stating
the plans were being sen
way commission
t to the rail-
for approval. Iteceiv-
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^     owers
that the Women's Institute have decided to hold their show on August
Tliat It will he a success the fact
that It Is being undertaken by the local Women's Institute Is a satisfactory
for work elsewhere, was carrying his'some time a strenuous strs*Bgte waa which marks the pre*fent'conflict. i��
goods for sa,fe custody to a neighbor's  carried on. and when the white men I the quitting of Nanaimo by many fair
house.    Carelessly he reached for his; found It Impossible to overcome their^y   well   settled   down   miners   bei-cx.
"      * ""  reet tor .%���*-
onea, whilst
w  the sign   "lioglmental Canteen."'gun. and taking It by the barrel pull-   antagonists one of them  employed ajthoie  who  have   left   dire.
Th��   te.rtv 'eased   within   and   then   ed It ashore from hiB boat. There was. |,n-fe   and   Blabbed   the  two   Indians trails  being  the   singles <
llie    1H1IU     I.-"1        ,   ,     . _.,   .      _    _    ... .,     _���,|    ft,,,   ,.l|..r|.|.    from    .ink   In   Iho   hrn-ict I.i.-   .....���..;. .1   ��.,!...    ���.���   tl*.
agreement with costs against Mr. Hot
From T. <!.  Holt, attorney, McKen
enclosing  copy  of
j-.io,   Mann   &   Co.,
letter he had Bent to their contractor re ties, e._. .^^^^^^ ^^"���"
asking to be advlaed lf same wero
not removed at once, and he would
have ll done himself at thu expense
��, f the contractor.    Iteceived.
Moved,   seconded   and   carried
whereas   certain   taxes   have
delinquent In tho municipality of Sur
rey,  and   whereas  the  collector  has
not deemed   II   advisable to  exercise
-   -���ImhmiM    hv   Hop.
Fatal Runaway Accident,
liroekvllle. Ont., June hi. Returning from a shopping visit to Westpurt,
(Ieorge llryce, nged 20 years, and a
son of (ieorge llryce, of North Crosby, met with an accident which cost
hiB life, llryce hud driven Mrs. Harvey Slckler and Mrs. Cordon Myers
to the village nnd  was doseendln
Suspect Foul Play.
Oalt, June 19���A sensation was created here by the finding of an uniden-
���'liid man In the Crand river above
the dam. It had been In the water
probably ten daya. Dr. Radford, coroner, will hold an inquest.
The budv Ib that of a man nbout
3H years, E loot, 5 Inches, strongly
huilt. und with the middle fingers of
the  left   hand   missing,  dark    bushy
the married foils are first making a
trip to Great Britain to depart later.
At the present moment letters received  from   previous  residents  ot  Nan
through    their    mothers     __ 	
the  ladles hud a right   to dispose of   - . e,,n(,ral 1 augh,    which   a quick report, and the charge
the property and to make a good cou- i  howed   tllat  the  Queen's  Own  boys , thd gun passed through \\ ard s stom- 1    i he wounded men returned to their
veyancn cf It.    His lordship made an L _    a genga of humor. There was an i ach and lodged la his spleen
order for specific performance of the | ,     bwr   keg   on   the   floor,   and j     Instantly the neighbors with  every     	
.    . .._  .... i��j"��'  o]1 lu ,      wpre two bP0I. DOt_ ! tenderness  and   solicitude   flocked   to  munt,    one of them  is remainiOB at ,imo   who  have     emigrated    to that
with milk.    A horseta nore, render such assistance as was pobbI- jthe Institution as an inmate wbllo tbejc^nn-v gppak satisfactorily ot condi-
he comer lllled with water | ble.    A  rude  litter  was JiuUlr   ���,",|<->UjW I* ��n, out-patient.   ^    j tlons there.
Ixically thc whistle blew at Jingle
Pot and It is stated the call to work
fell on deaf ears. The sound died
away wflhout any apparent mover-mint
on the part of the miners to rcsiioud.
tles filled
hag lav ln
between   Sand   and   Wolfe   lakes, i hair und heavy moustache, dreSBed in
lc, on the Daly road and j whcn a portion of the harness brok
enualng the shafts to drop. The horse
Immediately became frightened and
ran away, the three occupants being
thrown out of the buggy, llryce
alighted on IiIb back, causing n fracture at the base of the skull. He died
In   a   few   hours.    Mrs.   Slckler  nnd
good working clothes, minus coat and
hat. There was nothing in the pockets
to afford a clue to the Identity. Wounds
on the head and face suggest that
the man may have been a victim of
foul  play.
I'hlllp (larthrop, Hespeler, has been
missing for several days, and his son
labeled     "chlor,<nflted."   There     were I provlscd,  aud   the  Injured   man,   atlllj    on   Sunday  afternoon   Tcm   f^wis,
other bottles wh'^h formerly contain-   conscious   and   tortured   with     agony Jail  guard,  saw  the  accused  men ea
ed   "bOOSe,"   filled   with   harmless   11- | was slowly and gently conveyed over | ij0rne street and  hurried   to tbe |��-
qulds.   On the tent nole were a number of cardB Instructing the spectators
to "fw.it the flv." "drink and be mer-
'" ' ed
the right of action conferred by Sec- jured.
Mrs. Myers sustained several cuts and j cami) down  todnlght to view the re-
hrulses,   but   were  not   Berlously   In-j mains.    He Bald they were not those
lot his- father.
ry." ond so forth. The officers thought
It a go' 'I loke on the minister of militia und the W. C. T. U.
Fifty Years -, Minister
Peterboro, June 19.���R��V, A. II. De-
rp'll. of Toronto, aged S2 years, for
r,0 vears a minister of Ihe Methodist
church, and formerly principal of De
mill LndieB' College, Oshawa. died
suddenly at the residence of his host,
Mr. Wm. Hudson, Edinburgh streel,
on Juno 12. He had como to Peterboro to speak nt the midweek service at Oeorge street Methodist
church, and was to have addressed
an Orango gathering tonight.
the difficult trail. Night gathered
with an Inky darkness aud the very
flood pates .if the heavens were open-
The   track   became   muddy   and
slippery and the ihaken bushes added
their drippings to the prrsi-. tent dfiwti
11  was  Impossible  to    protect    tho
sufferer adequately from the elements
and even when at length the car was! cla of C
reached this difficulty Btiil continued,   give her
lice  station   where  he  apprised Constable   HenderEtn   of   the   fact.    The
constable  and   Lewis  then   proceeded, A"8 L ��� d arbitPIltlol, ^.^
to fololw up Kerr and  Hennery and,by ��,  Va'ncmm,r  ���,,.���.,,    of   Trj<fc.
quickly affected their arrest-
Princess  Patricia   Farnr.
London,   June   19.- Princess   PSitri
cla  of Connaught  has  consented
name to a farm settles
there is no Indicatiou of this maturing into usefulness although possibly
the kindly Intention of thia organixa-
tion may be receiving attention m the
to q-.iar.ers  offered  such   medialiou.
at I
in  the
For some miles tho hood of the ear j which   Is   now   being   started
conld nol he arlsed on account of the ! Okanagan   valley,   British     Columbia.
Obstruction   of   wayside   bushes,   and       *      -   -   --   -
so,   slowly   and   palnfuly   Ward   was
conveyed through the torrent.
Flnaly the main road waas reached
and Mr. Dandy drove down the
Thompson through Lewis creek to
Kamloops, and took the Injured man,
chilled to the bone, to the Koyal In-
May Establish Municipal PffaOry
_ _n_ >f       Chatham.  June   19.-The  establisb-
and in'behall'of' which a cafe concert ment of a municipal piggery as a I
Is to be held at Orosvenor hoss-a osi;utlon of the garbage disposal i
June 25. The farm is to be tstatrm aa|is advocated by Dr. W. R. Hall, isodi-
the Princess" Patricfn farm. FHnce.cal officer of health of Chatham. Tbe
Arthur of Connaught was a gaol at doctor states that this plan haa -been
a dinner last night of Colonel aad worked out In some places and that
Mrs. Ueorge llohiswortfi. at their res ,a Massachusetts city made
ldence ln Oreat Stanhopa strut. of |i��00 last year by such I
e a arafit
a t*h**ct*t. .   SMHMM
fS.Gr-  ���HS'***.
FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1913.
One Lynched, One to Be Hanged  and
One Sent to Jail with Forty
Stroke* of the Cat.
expected, when liis wire's reputation
was attacked nnd was quite natural.
There wus a higher law in these cases
than mere statutory enactmenTs.
Charges Against Defence.
justice Morrison summed np strongly against the plea brought forward
of self-defence and provocation, Assuming that Brownlee had been assaulted first he was not entitled to
innict punishment, but only to repel
violence wtth sufficient force to protect himself. A man was not entitled
to Inflict punishment himself for injuries such ns those alleged by the
there  for
letters  was alleged  as proof.    It I those
Amherst, N.HL, June 19. -The trial
of Charles Walt, accused of smothering and cremating the three mouths
old illegimnte daughter of hla sister,
���ended today when Chief Justice
Townsend, aftar a verdict cf guilty,
sentenced the prisoner lo be hanged
August iiK. The cr.ine Is one of the
most rcvolliug in Ihe criminal annals
of this province.
Lashes for  Him. i��� -      tss*m**t. -^__^^_^^_
Regina, June  19.    Two  years  bard  dragged In tti this defence hy prisoner
labor and 40 lashes wsb the Bentcnco ;whn J"" "P "* "'        ********
.given by Magistrate Train In the city \'*\  ,1111   w"'
polios  courl   ihls   morning  lo  James  IlB r
McNeill, once of Belfast, Ireland, and
metre recently cf Moose Jaw, for an
attempted indecent assault on a live
year i Id girl yesterday
Exclusion   of   American   Spuds   Gives
Fraser Valley  Farmers Chance
on Weekly Market,
defence.    The  courtB  were
that purpose. I     Locally  grown  potatoes have come
As for provocation, the existence of I Into  active  demand  as the result  of  Qj||ey Br08     were    brought up river
United  ���������,���_j���., k
Tlie Water Front
The Velma, n gasoline cruiser
rpcruting between Vancouver ond
iTexnda island, will leave the Mercer
i ways on Lulu Island on Saturday utter
! having had a new deck house built
'and undergone a thuruugh overhauling.
The Fraser ferry No. 1 Is undergoing repairs and general eivehaullng at
the Mercer wayB at Queensboro.
The gasoline schooner Nagano came
up the river yesterday and docked at
the B. C. E. R. wharf.
Four ihousand  bags of cement for
in    from    the
  ,      Coming     in     irum     uie   uiuuiii   .,     ,      i        ,      .,      .,.
was the first time they were presented  statoB   b(,ing   confiscated   because   ���, >eaterday by the Irader
In court.    Assuming,that Gabriel had  thc  presence  of  a  disease  prevalent <****-**�� ������� ��t th
died, would they have heard anything on tarms t0 lhe 80Uth of thc h,,^ and
moro about them or lhe ring or the &t (h|s mornlng'B market there will
money? It was a fair surmlre for be the |argCBt offering of Canadian
them. ....      spuds In months.    The price will be
They had heard nothing agalnsl Mrs. .,Q       , B0      ,      b     whole. ���i ��������
Brownlee    rrom    Gabriel.    Bhe was .;,je,i!na -���*'oenttireUlL "lchC8   *-]e*������e
. ���  .       , ,    , , . ., Until tt few  weeks ago most pota-
who put up his defence at the expense  fe      Bo]d  h �� ^
.j"T    **V* Jl&Li! down the coast  and    Fraser    valley
He dep seated  s   eingly
of counsel for th^defence wah   |heBe   lnat   u   WM   |)ot   worth
their while to bring their own potatoes to town.    Now, however, that the
lady  'onm'r source of supply has heen cut
��� off, farmers bore are realizing on their
prevailed own cr0I)B'
.. .���������i Rain Retards Berries.
It was expected thut gooel quantity
ct locally grown strawberries would
be offered, but the wet weather will
to a great extent prevent this. Some
berries have been offered lhis week
in the stores and more will he on sale
the attitude I ^^^^^^^^^^^^
In referring to Gabriel as a foreigner,
as ir thereby he hud forfeited respect
and protection. Assuming the rela-.
tlons between Gabriel and the
McNeill  narrowly escaped a lynch- |hft(1   exl,ted   whlch   werp   pilt   betor
ing at the bauds ��>f a number of   In- L^  thm, Wftg a luw ,ll:il
furlated railway men und foreigners.',. ���,, th(, BrlUsh empire to protect
Short Shrift Here. people  injured,  and  which   people  of
Hot Springs. Ark., June 1��.���Will the neatest eminence and respect-
Norman, a negro charged with assault ]al)i-,*ty constantly Invoked. Law ubid-
on Garland Huff, a 12 year old white *lnK pCOpl(. did not take the law Into
girl was captured In the nearby moun- their own hands and try to kill lhe
tains early tonight    and  30    minutes  Individual who was the cause
them. ^^^^^^^^^^
I to  himself.     It   always   gave
1 shudder to hear counsel  propounding  'ng
anything like  that;
Ithe  unwritten   lay
Liter was seised by a mob of several
thousand citizens and hanged to a
telephone pole on a prominent business corner of tbe city.
The girl dietd tonight -without    ro
gaining consciousness.
down much
.Continued trom pace onei
    or inf. ,
It that were the case, God help today.
Kvery man would he a law un-,    The    Beaver    brought
him a produce yesterday afternoon, iiiclud- I
^^^^ . a large shipment of poultry. 1
.. higher law or among which were many broilers, The '
"A higher law," supply of these increases each week |
exclaimed his lordship, "rot and non
Bense, There is tbe law," tapping
hook (presumably the codel "and bar- yoAnger fowl.
rislers can acquire a reasonable know
ledge of it without bothering about.
Tbe Samson wns at tho government
wharf yesterday morning, but a few
hours later returned to work down
the north arm.
At 8 o'clock last night the gauge at
the FraBer river bridge gave 20 teet 6
Early   yesterday
morning, however, Ihe waler was a
foot higher than this, uud came up
so far us to slightly flood the rutin on
the Rwitch sunk along the rear of lhe
C. P, 11. freight depot.
Very little through traffic wns reported on the river yesterday, tin
draw at the Fraser river bridge being
only opened for Ihe Trader and the
The Kingsway docked ut the Columbia Cold Storage company's wharf lasl
night with 140,000 pounds of halibut
aboard. The captain reports Ideal
weather on the trip and had there
been sufficient Ice nn board the Kings
way could have come In With a deck
loud e.r halibut.
and gradually  Ihe older blfda are be-
ing 'abandoned   for     the     choicer,
^^   1  ��-**��� /7VT I T
The backward Spring and Summer compels us to make
a prompt clearance before the season is further advanced. Decide to be here this morning; we anticipate quick selling.
The Greatest Suit Offering of the Season,
Friday, $12.25
I higher law  or any  other  law.    Don't
ilet.  theBe   things  affect  tho  accused.
Give him the benefit of the doubt, but
let  ii   bo  a  reasonable  doubt  not  a
fanciful or ingenious doubt."
As  to  character,  said  his lordship,
they must give the greatest effect to
without one. While wre'Sllin|J he fell
and I fell on top or him. Gabriel the-n
Btarted to bite me on the fingers. He
nlso caught me by the throat and
started   to  cfcoko   met,   saying 'I   wlll
sheiot you.' Getting excited 1 grabbe'd the testimony of respectable hien like
n rock or something that was lying j Alderniun Wclcher. Mr. Corbett, Mr.
beside me antl started hammering Maclean and Mr. Fox, who gave ae-
him. After he quit hold of my throat cused the highest character, llut In
1 let "him go and got up. 1 concluded I a cafe of this scrt the y v, ere not ns-
Ibrn to take everything ofr him, to Isifted by character. II was not a ques-
gei the proof of what he had said re- itlon or Brownlee being only suspect-
gardlng my wife. 1 took everything eel nnd whether he was likely to do
and   started  home.    I   reached  home  thete sort of things.   The assault was
bate yesterday there was a -fine
Bhowlng uf flowers and plants, and
sum,' vegetables were alsei in readiness for this morning's business. No
nn als, eggs, butter, lish, etc., how-
ever, were on hand llun. bul it is
said that no mati rial change in price
will be made, alihouuli eggs may be
some few cents higher.
Amendment to U. S. Tariff BUI Would
Allow Him to Take Retaliatory
Action Alone.
and wan there about eight or ten minutes  when  tht:  police  came  nnd   arrested me.   I had the flash of brandy
with mo when 1 got home.
Had  Suspicions.
Cross-ejtamined hy Mr. MacNeill.
witness said he was suspicious ot
Gabriel from the way he hung around
Mrs. Brownlee. He was always hanging around her in the hotel. The
place where the an;milt was committed was tew dark to see anything and
Jio took everything that he could find
on Gabriel, eo that he could afterwards  examine  his  so-called   proofs.
Mc. MacNeill -Why did you take
the   ring   off  his   finger?
AccuM-il -1 thought it might have
some name or initials em it
Interrogate-d about the scene ut th
hospital,  when  Gabriel's dyiug deposition  was  taken  and   as  to why  h
had   not  refererd   to  Gabriel's  statement about his wile.
Accused I did not want my wife
to bn publicly talked about. I did not
know what might come oul of it. I
���did not want tj sav anything about
Mr. MacNeill T-00 told the police
you threw thn things away for the
purpose of misleading thetn Into the
idea of a holrt-up?
Accused    Yea   Kir.
Mr. MacNeill How do ynu reconcile that with your present statement?
Accuted In the first place I did
���not wont the police to get hold or
those papers or whatever it was that
Gabriel referred In.
Mr. MacNeill Your original idea
���was to lead them to think this man
���was  the  viclim  of a hold-up?
Acuseri 1 don't Vneiw ihat I was
thinking of that. 1 wanted to conceal any knowledge lhat he had dealings with my wife, if there were any
proofs. I had the snake ring myself.
���l took it rreim the house thai evening.
Qabrlel struck the first blow*. 1 was
never mixed up in a fight before. 1
did nol lirike him ut nil; I took hold
of him.
Mr. MacNeill Had yim any weapons  in   your  ppF-st-ii-sion?
Had  No  Weapons.
Acruu-d 1 Un not carry weapons. I
had no hammer in my pocket 1 sup
pose I  slTuck him with a rock first,
admitted and they hud the evidence
before them and must not be led
away hv anybody from it. Do not let
themselves be swayed by sentiment or
sympathy, lt was not a problem
play they were asked to deal with
and Ihey must keep their eyes on the
evidence before them and judge* uu
the fact?,
The question of eiiaracter. as crown
counsel had pointed out, wa> for 'he
Judge's consideration, assuming they
round thp prisoner guilty ol what ho
I was charged with.
Japanese   Envoys   Will   Try   to   Enlist
U.  S.  Sympathy Against thc
kWashington, June 19.���A call upon
i'rrsith iii Wilson, a luncheon by Secretary Bryan anil a visit to the headquarters of the chamber of commerce
of the United States, made this a
The jury retired nnd deliberated for * busy day lor the four commercial en
an   hour   and   len   mlnuteB   returning
With the above \rrdlitt.
Such Is Testimony Deforc U. S. Wage
Comir.issior.���Woman   Needs $8
at  Least to Live on.
Kansas   City,   Mo.,   June   llt.-T'-at
the  irenii"!!-nl  a  law  by  the legislature,   establishing   a   minimum   wage,
for women  and   girls    ill    the    state
WOUld   prove  a   detriment  to  working
girls generally, was held by l'i repre-;
sentatives of    as    many    Institutions
employing large numbers of girls   at
the final session ot the bearing before j
the sennte wage commission here to-;
d iy.   It was argued hy these employers  that  the    inefficient    girls    who!
c.iiiid nol earn the amount that   the
legislature   might    stipulate    as    the
minimum wage, would be thrown out
' voys  from Japan, here on  u  mission
of peace.
The- visit to the White House, although brief, was long enough for Dr.
Soyeda. who heads the delegation unofficially, to give the president his
i views of the California alien land act
At the luncheon with Secretary
I liryan the visitors nre said to have
'talked freely regarding tlle Califor-
1 nili difficulty and to have given their
; host n comprehensive resume of their
I views of conditions, in the west and
also the general feeling ill Japan over
the p issagc of tlie1 laud act.
Details ot the confefence at the
chember of commerce of the United
State's we're not niade public, but it Ib
understood that the Japanese envoys
laid before the officials their plan to
enlist the great comniereial bodies of
'America in an <ffeirt to aid in bringing about a friendly settlement of tlie
California trouble.
of weirk.       	
Witnesses admitted, however, that i
[such  a   law   would  tend   to  raise  the
general standard e>f girl employees.
Expensive   In   Long   Run.
"If a ^it*1 is worth (10 nr $1", a
!Wie-k, 1 would rather pay her that
than %:, ti week," said Robert Trult,
manager of the National Biscuit company. "The V> a week girl Is expen
... ���nytbing that 1 happened to grab. slve (n the lung run."
1 did ni t Intend to do anything at all ; s "ar*l lci* manager nf the Parisian
il tint   and would not have gone so Cloak company, declared, so far us bis'
Spokane En Fete.
Spokane, June 19.���The march of
the Mystic Men ot the Inland Empir"
was the parade hrfri tonight in connection with the I'ow Wow festivities.
All secret orders of the I'acillc North-
weit were repre'sented.    The llnals of
lhe interstate boxing tournament were
also on lhe program.
Washington, Juno 19.- An amend-
mem to the Underwood tariff bill,
udopled today by the majority of the
,senate finance committee, would givo
the president of the United States authority to suspend cerlain rates in
the proposed law and to proclaim
special rates against nations which'
el scriminate against products of the
1 United States.
Tbe amendment Is appendeel to the
clause, giving the president authority
to negotiate reciprocity agreements
with either nations and itr some re-
spools resembles the maximum and
minimum clause ot the Payne-Aldrich
larirr law, eliminated In the house bill.
In substance, the amendment would
provide that whtn any nal ion discriminates against the products or the
United States or impose's resirlcticns
upon United Stales exports, or in tho
opinion ot the president, does not
rec'procato in trade relations, the
president, by proclamation, may sus-
penel certain rates and put in etreet
olher rates.
Only specified articles. It ii understood, nre lo be Included under \l)e
terns ot this amendment and the Te
taliatory rates are spectfie'd also.
Among Ihe articles Includul in the list
upon which the president might suspend ra'i'S nre flsh. wheat, wheat
flour, coffee, lea, earthenware] wines
and mall Hquor3. silk, dress goods
leather gloves, jewelry, sugars and
molasses, The duties proscribed vary
us to Ihe different  articles.
Fish, It Is reported, will be dutiable'
at one cent a pound, wheat al ten
cents a bushel, rinur at 4a cents a
barrel, coffee and leather a few cents
a  pound.
On other Items, the penalty wuuld
be a doubled rate, while on suqtirs.
which probably never would bo affe'ct
ed, the rate would be only a fraction
e f a cent per pound. The aniendnii nt
or course, is subject to ratification cl
the Democratic se-nutorial caucus
which will begin work on the bill to
Learue I
Edmonton, Juni
tin in
Fox Pups.
10. -Five fox pups,
silver crosses and two reels,
received this morning hy F. M
The pups came In from Vegre
whole a local fur dealer bought
Thoy aro worth about $1000.
linn   was  ci ni'erned,
that ;i minimum wage ii
as lhere wero few girls
llshmenl   who do not   g
far if be had nrl ought hold of my
Mr. MaeXeill How did ynu manage to get ii rut off the slreet?
Accused    We we-ret wrestling uh ��:l    the   wage   thi
Mr.   MacNeill    The   polios   did   not   Wl re  sueh  a
SOS ::ny  mr.rf.s upon  you. I    "With   ns.''
Accured    My      lingers      wire     all   wuuld   ni  an
���chewed  up.
Detective Ifcuiimsi eimroborated tbe
Tact that accused's fingers were cul
and  Dr,  UcQnarrle spoke also as to
iheir   being   scratched   or   out
Coed   Reputation.
Evidence aa to the- general reputation of accused brought forth eulogies
that -surprised those in court, who
did not know accused, from such old
nnd respected cltisons or Coquitlam
as T. Ceirbott. Donald Maclean, for r,4
years a resident of Coquitlam. ex-
Reeve anil new Alderman We-lcher,
and ex Councillor Fox.
Mr. Corbet! said Brownlee was a
most industrious young man nnd bore
the highest character in the mmitiii
rlty, in which he had known him feir
eight years. He hul never heard the-
accuse-e] speak B had word about others
���or unfavorable comment upnn anyone.
Alderman Wolchor emphatically endorsed this opinion as did Mr Maclean, who had known him for the 11
years t.i-ownh-e w it*. In the cnuntrv.
Kv-fVuiic'lh r   Fox   wis   still   mor:1
emphatic     Hn de: orili d  BfdWtile	
a metfei yeiutig man who often ut-cel ta
ii il," hlm nilmuid e>r himself, ll"
never heard him say an ill word of
anyone, he waB a splendid neighbor
nnd most abstemious. Nothing could
have surprised him more than to Bee
him  In  his present position
Counsel then addressed tli" jury
at length upon the throe counts in
the  Indictment.
Mr. Johm,ton. for dorence. urged thi
extreme, provocation and the fact that
Ilrowiilei-'s action was what mijftt be <ncl(
was willing
��� established,
in his islab
I  more  than
(Continued ftoin paue onei
Valley    Development      	
Met Yesterday.
A meeting of tiie Fi-astr Valley Development league was held al Abbots
ford ycslerday and a resolution id
condolence was passed by a standing
vote to the bereaved family of John
A. I.ee.
The delegate's were entertained bv
Abbeitsforel and Rumafl board of irade
Several questions of importance
were dtsciiss-d. Including transports
tlon and  freight ra:cs.
The pub! shlng of a pamphlet,
eer.|.live  of  the   Ira .-a if     valley,
also discussed.    This matter was
f ned to a committee.
���  legislature  would sot,
law enacted.
said   Mrs   Harzfeld, "ii
we would IIII On- placets
now lilb d In oi.i b ss efficient belp
wiih those who could actually   earn
(harles ('. Peters, Becretnrj of Ihe
Kifrory, lllrd. Thayer compnnv. sua! M
a minimum law became effective, his
department store would till iin places
naw hold by girls, hy boy clerks Tlle
stcre  employs  !)afl  girls
Testimony by wage earners today
showed lhat the weekly salsiii's etun
nionly paid in department store's run
generally from $f. to $6.50. In manv
Instances though, clctks are paid
$4.SO, and In some Instances, tbe pay
is as high  an $7.
All of the girls testified thnt a girl
cannot support hi rself in Kansas l Ity
on less than $S a week
Princccs Pat. Not a Scribbler.
London, June 19. Col. Frederick
I'lins-nby. private secretary to the
king, has authorized Ihe following
pul lie denial ot a dispatch which ap-
pe'.'iri'l in llie Nov.* York American
yesterday and which was sent broadcast "Tin re Is no truth in tln> report
Uni Prim ti i B Patricia lias written s
hook em her experiences In Canada
and lb" United Slates nr that Queen
Mary lia.i suppressed It."
and   Hie   opinion   is   Inld
friends In ihi city, and hi
i r Ihem. that not only Ni
Ster and the Fraaer vail
entire province haa Iobi a
able citizen.    His  recent
among Ivi
had a host
.- Westmin
bul tin
mosl vain
e-fforts  as
Mrs. McKee Wins.
Ellensburg,   Wash.,  June   l'.i   -.Mrs.
.1   B. McKee, cf Hoqulkm, Wash., was
elected presldenl id' tin* state Fsdrra-       ^_^^^^_       . -^mb_
,.),,|,     i,,.,.,,   today   ���ur'1"   '"'is  l1"'  tiiuiuclpal  council  hn
Mrs. Fred- ordered
chairman i f the Koyal City board or
trad rn establish a central selling
agency where the aatual producers
and consumers oould meet and trade
and the organizing of lhe rarmers Is
mucb appreciated by the agriculturists
of this city, the municipality and the*
farming districts east of here and
general regret Is expressed that he
dhl not live to see his aims materialize, All down the line rrom Mission
City, at Pert Haney, Port Hammond,
In the Maple Itidse disirict, Pitt Meadows and other agricultural centres
he Is spoken or as the farmers' friend
and the feeling Is strong thst It will
be difficult to lind a nuin'to fill his
large place In the life of the community vacati'd by his sudden and
trsgic death.
It iti very probable that every dis
trict, town and village on lhis side' oi
the Fraser will be represented at the
funeral tomorrow (Frldsy) In N'ew
M.iyi t* Juntos Mars, Frank Seabrook
pri * denl cf tin board i f trade, and
olivet Phillips, till; Becretary, and
Chit r of Police T, ll. Thomaa will
represent the city <>r Port Coqultlam
and it is probable lhal Reeve l'eter
Barth nnd a number or the council
lorB will alteiul rrom the municipality
In addition to expressing condolence
to Mrs. .1. A. i.i o and family at their
Elcctnc  Men  Admitted.
Wash.ngton,    June     19.   All
oyi es engagi d In the opi ratieia 11
electric locomotives were made ii"A.
ble for nieiiilii rship iu tin* Brothi r
hood ed l.iietiinnl i\ o  I'ireni'*'t and   En
glnomen by an amendment to the enn
Btltution adopted at today's session oi
tbe annual convention of the brotherhood, Heretofore only englnemen and
firemen on steam locomotives hav
been eligible. J his wus Ihe most im
portant of the several changes made
in the constitution Unlay.
tiein   of   Wonie
polling  138  I"
n s
!���,���*  cast
wreath to be prepnn d and
placed ul iho graveside.
Socialist Clergyman Fined.
Kansas (ity, Mo��� June li). -The
Rev. Thomas E. Green, pastor of llr
Bethan Ceingri'gnionnl church, Ht
I.ouis, and S. 11. Davidson and Thomas
II. Sullivan, ot Kansas City, members
ol the Socialist party, were fined JiOO
each In municipal court here today o-
charges or blockading the street while
speaking at a curb Socialist meeting
last night.
Feeling Better.
Ne�� Ye rk, June 19. Directors or
the New York, On'arlo and Wes'ern
Railroad company-declared today a 2
in r cent, dividend on the common
Btock, the* llrst since August, 1911.
Print* to thai time the slock had been
paying 2 per cent  annually,
Hindu   Hurt.
Nnei   Singh,   a   Hindu   employed   at
the Small fi Bucklln mill, was badly
bruised yesterday morning by being
[struck by b log which knocked him
down and rolled nn him, No bonus
[arc  rep red to huve 1 "cn broken.
fo cause a great rush or early buviir; we ara offering these handsome Spring Suits at less than half
price,   Several pretty styles are Included; well made and perfect   fitting; one of the most favorable' offerings of the season;  regular $27.50.   Today   $12.I"5
Double Fold Silks, Friday $1.15 Yard
Odd  lengths of this season's  most  favored  silks  will be shown  in  tills groat cle-arance of double fold
silks; lengths of fancy foulards, messellne, duchess de chene and  paillettes;  uIbo a quantity of pin
stripes; 26 to 12 inches wide.    Today  $1.15
White Muslin Underskirts   Women s Wash Suits and
for a Brisk Selling,
Friday, $2.38
REGULAR   VALUES   UP   TO   $10.00.
Twenty only in this collection! made from the finest
quality   cambr.c muslin; daintily trimmed with embroideries unel luces.   These petticoats are a little
full in the make, hence tbls great clearance offer.
Today     S2.38
Children's Dresses, Friday 47c Ecch
Little Mother Hubbard and Buster Dresses; to rii
ages from 2 to ll years; made up in washable percales, Kngiish gallatea, etc. Regular value's to
{1.00.    Today, each      47C
Voile Skirts, Rush Price $3.75
Tremendous  buying  enthusiasm  should  be  aroused
by this item;  elegant black voile skirls;  maile in
the   most   perfect   manner;   new   styles;   regular
values   lo   $12.00.     Today $3.75
Another Remark ab le
Window Showing of
Wash Goods and
Staples 16c Yard
t'nme at eight o'clock und share in this money
Bavlng special. This showing includes cotton
suitings, cotton delaines, white vestings, dimities, Scotch ginghams. 112 to 36 inches, rancy art
sateens, double-fold'reversible cretonnes, curtain scrims, plain and fancy easement clothes,
Turkish huck and crash towellngs, (iS-inoh unbleached cotton shoe-tings, white- cambric, Turkish and huckabaok towels, All at one price today, per yard 16c
Coats to Clear,
Friday $3.98
REGULAR TO $10.50.
Just when the warm weather has started in earnest
comes this remarkable offer fnr early shoppers
today. These suits and coats are made of good
quality linen and repps; In natural colors and
white; well made; some are slightly soiled; all
sizes;  regular values to $10.50, Today        $3.98
Plain Man-Tailored Shirt Waists
Friday $2.38
Tlrs Is the best grade of strictly man tailored Shirt
Waists;   plain  and  with  tucks;   Inundereel  collars
and  ruffs;  open  front;   pearl  buttons;   regular to
$4.25.     Today      $2.38
Women's Summer Dresses Friday$6.45
Several pretty styles aro included;  all well favored
for  this   season's   selling;   developed   in   muslins,
voiles, pique;  some with colored trimmings; come
early for this extraordinary offor. Today. $6.45
See This Remarkable
Clearance; Window
Showing of Wearing
Apparel for 78c
This Is one of Ihe most exciting value's w'e have
Offered for some' time; composed of black sutt en
wrappers, dressing Bacques, blue and white duck
skirts, house aprons, while-wear, waists, cor-
iits, Children's dresses, underskirts, etc. Your
choice, today, each   7&t
Choice Assortment of Women's Cotton and
L hie Hose, 19c Pair
Sie thin extra fine quality Cotton Hose;  pis
pair.   Today, per pair, 	
lain  tan, brown black and fancy   colors; regular 25c and 30c
Children's Silk Lisle Hose
In black, tan, iky, pink and white; sizes E to 8V4i  r ��� iUlar values to 3BC Piir.   Today, ..air 23c
Women's Silk and
Lisle   Gloves
Sample' led;   large assortment;  extra good qualities.
Today, per pair  ISC
HAND   C.AG8,   TODAY   $2.C8.
Leather Hand  Hags  in  black  Imitation sea!  leather
and   silk   linings;   coin   purse;   goeiel   mountings;
regular  $3.75.    Today $2X0
Peter  Pan,  Quaker  nnd   Double  Collars;   all  sizes;
plain and  embroidered;   regular to 50c.      TodaJr,
each    ISt
Dent'B and Trefniisse; all Shades of tan, gray, navy,
ox-blood, black; also natural chamois;  regular to
$1.50  pair.    Today,  per pair    73���
Guaranteed  all  linen;   narrow  hemstitched.  Today,
three for    25t
Soft, sanitary hair rolls;  regular values to 2Uc. Tn-
<i��y    19*
In shell, black and amher; ragular values to 40c. Today, your choice 16*
All  cnl'Ts,  Hair Nets;   regular  25c  values.    Today,
three  for    18C
Dozens of Rousing
Specials in the
Staple Section
Illue   Alhambra   Mod   Spreads;   large    size,    7*1x01'.;
fringed.    Kach    $1.60
Largo  range  of  flue  quality   wash  Ginghams;   best
1f>c       allly.    Today,  six  yards for 65*
Large'       ���    Turkish  Towels;   dark  colors;   Willi  red
���strip.     Today, each   29*
42-Inch Pillow Slips; made from a good quality F-ng-
lit ll ceil inn.    Today, per pair 29*
lK-inoh crash Toweling;  heavy grade,   Today pit
yard    g��
ns-lrieh  Unbleached Table Damask;  check pattern,
Today, per yard      38* *> ���*, . SSJSJBJSBJ   >'���'*
FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1913.
PAOft nvi
News'Sport Page That Everybody Readsl in .Greater
LACROSSE   :-:   CRICKET   ���-���   BASEBALL   ;-:   BOXING      I Westminster
Fans and  Players Speculate on Outcome of the  Moose-Balmoral
secured tlie use of the courts at Columbian college during the Bummer
The B. C. A. A. II. wlll resume
their deliberations and Investigations
at the V. M. (1. A. this evening. The
session opens ut 8 o'clock.
"ThlB Is thc dny when the Moose
team get lhelr humps and the Hal-
morals start on the upgrade towards
the championship of the City league."
I.en Chaput und Ken Mallen.
"The Moose are well able to hold
tlieir present lead In tho race and
inethiiiks that before the shades have
fallen once more tho sixth straight
vii tory for tho herd will be reglBtnr-
<d, this time at the expense of the
Balmorals."���Bill Graham.
There you are Mr. Kan. Take your
pick, think It over and be right on
the Job when the teams clash once
more on the Queen's park diamond
thla  p.m.
Taking It for granted that Old
dupe's session with the watering pall
ended last evening, the ballyard will
be the scene of one of the best games
of the season when the Moose and
Balmorals clash once more. The Hals
are stinging under the load caused by,
the defents hy the Moose already lhis
Beason and from the amount of practice they have put In during the past
week they Bhould he able to put up a
strong argument which might give
them their flrsl victory of the season
Eddie McCarthy, of hockey and la-
crosse fame, will make his debut to
He was Instructed to keep the game
II,* has been Instructed keep the game
going til all costs -to the teams rather
than to himself* thai eight or even
nine  innings  may  he  pulled  off.
Just to give Ihe contest a little more
excitement and the fans a better run
fur their money, Messrs. Chaput, Mallen and 0entry will undertake a race
tround the bases prior to the bull
game, Gentry say-B he can still do
it iu 16 secondB. His friends regard
him as a second Ty Cobb, The fans
are from  Missouri.
The Irish battery with the New
Vork Americans came back to life
yesterday when tbey defeated St.
The Phillies hung on to first place
yesterday by defeating the CiibB. New
York came through with another win.
Pittsburg broke their hoodoo yesterday and nosed out a win hy a lone
run, the margin by which they lost
their six preceding games.
President Gray Pulls off More Stunts
���Soaks One Manager $100 and
Suspends Another.
Kdmonton, June 111.  -J. A. Westman,
president of the Iteglna baseball club joame back at hlm wl'h th
Funny how baseball plays a part In
some boys' lives. One youngster 14
years old at Paterson, N. J., after
Watching B surgeon set his broken log.
exclaimed. "Too bad I dropped lhat
ball." The Umb waB broken as he
tried to head oil' a run by an opposing team.
Just previous lo a match between
two local lacrosse teams, the teams
were being photographed. Amongst
the spectators was a man who was
evidently witnessing his llrst match
and be wanted to how what they
were being photographed for
"Oh," said a bystander, "tliat Is a
necessary precaution. You see, if tliey
didn't have their photographs taken
the comniittr.es would never be able
to Bort out their own men after Ihe
today sent President (Iray this tele
gram: "lf newspaper reportB are correal we ask that Saskatoon team he
I reinstated and games played accord-
ling to schedule until a meeting of the
board of control be hold, and official
notification of your action be sent all I
clubs, otherwise we rmiBt siBk the
Keglna  team  to  return  home."
President  (iray  wired:     "You    are *
fined $10(1 for sending ine threatening
Wisman Joins Hurley.
Kdmonton. June 19.- President Gray
of the Western Canada baseball league
this evening suspended Manager Wis-
man, of the Kdmonton team indefi-
nltely for evading and exceeding the
salary  limit.
Toronto, June 19.���The dignity of
Toronto's board of control suffered a
severe lapse when Controller Church
clapped on his hat and threatened to
leave th-o committee room because
Controller O'Neill had temporarily
left the chamber to speak to a deputation present. The controller's ab
sence broke up tho meeting, as the
mayor Is out of the city and Controller McCarthy was not present, and
| Controller Church, acting mayor, did
.not approve of the waste of time.
He said bo. and Controller O'Neill
retort that
the acting mayor might "find aome
other way of advertising" himself.
The rebuke took effect, and Controller Foster sprang Into Ihe breach and
smoothed matters over so thai the
business could proceed.
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
Victoria   . .
Tacoma    29
Spokane    22
All games postponed;  rain
.64 6
.4 6X
Broken Neck But Lives..
Toronto, Jupne 19,���While working
near the top of a ladder at his home
Lawrence Ambrose, aged 65, fell to
the ground and alighted on his head.
He was removed to St, Michael's hospital In a private ambulance, where
examination showed the neck to be,
either broken or dislocated. Very little hope Is entertained for his recovery, but he may live a long time
in his present condition, and there is
a remote possibility that he may recover. As far as can be learned Mr.
A trolley party under the ausplceB
or the Burqultlam Athletic club held
a delightful moonlight picnic at Kngiish Bay on Tuesday night. Canoeing
and boating were thoroughly enjoyed.
The Burqultlam Agricultural society
will meet tonight in their hall when
the business of the annual exhibition
and other matterB wlll be discussed.
The water tank recently erected on
H. G. McKee's property, North road,J
llurnah)', Is now filled to Its capacity
of 250 tons, which will be diverted
to supply the residents in the district
as soon aB the necessary pipe connections are made.
Ewen Martin, Austin road, Ib calling for tenders to clear his property.
Mr. Mackay, an old resident of Bur-
(|iiltlani. has returned to the district
after an absence of two years antl
again has taken up his residence on
Austin   roud.
MIbs Lawson, of Vancouver, is
present Visiting Mr. and Mrs. H.
McKee, North road, Burqultlam.
Miss Muirhead and Miss Oliver, of
the Millside school, have been reengaged by Jhe Coquitlam school
board as teachers for the Coquitlam
schools next term. On account of the
resignation of Mr. Dougan, Blue Mountain school, there Is a necessity for an
adidtional teacher tliere and with the
had taken advantage of the i building of a new school on the Port
ideal weather to do some work around I Moody  road, three new teachers will
the  house.    He was  working ofl the ! be required by the trustees after the
ladder and  evidently lost  his balance   summer vacation
and fell. 	
Joyful Saengerbund.
Walla    Walla.    Wash..    June   19.���
 Saengerfest delegations from Auburn
Salem, Haker, Lewiston, Spokane and
Schwengers, of Victoria, No Match for   t, , .\iiKeles, to the number of about
South   African-German   Fights '   ;"    !   '!   !';'  !      '" ""
Standing of the Clubs.
Philadelphia 32
New   York    32
Chicago    31
Brooklyn  28
Pittsburg   25
Hoston    24
St.  I.ouis    22
( incinnatl    19
London, June 19.- Wallace P. Johnson, of Philadelphia, today beat the
German crack, F. W. Itahe, by three
sets to two ill the fourth round of the
open singles in tho London lawn tennis
championship tournament. The score
was 2-6, 6-3, 3-6, 6-2, 6-2.
South Africa evened matters bv
winning the second singles match. V.
It. Gauntlett, of Johannesburg, defcat-
The first service In the Central
Park Presbyterian church, which has
been closed for Bome little time, will
be held on Sunday. Rev. R. J. Wilson,
of Vancouver, will preach at the
morning service, while Uev. G. D. Ire-
laud, South Vancouver, will conduct
the eve of the eighth meeting of the jthe evening Bervlce.
North      Pacific     Saengerbund.     Tin I 	
Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Chehalia, j The Central Park board have reoelv-
Kallspell, Holse, Portland and Vancou-led the sanction of the provincial gov-
ver  delegations will  arrive  tomorrow i ernment to treat with the B. C. E. R.
morning 600 stron--.
ed   the   Canadian   champion,     B.
Kchwengers,   of   British   Columbia,
three straight sets, 11-9, 6-3, 6-0.
Girls,   Ring  up  Phone  818  or 482R
Yeu   Want   to   Join   the   Latest
Yesterday's Games.
'    At Pittsburg: It.
i Boston     4
! Pittsburg
Batteries: Hess nnd Harlden: Adams. Robinson, Camn'.t?. and Cole-
I man.
At Cincinnati:
New York  	
Hatteries:    Mathewson
a nil
Myers; i
At Chicago
i Philadelphia   2
Chicago     1
Batteries:   Alexander  and
It     II
The unexpected has happened.    The
ladies of New Westminster are to or- |
ganlze a  ball  team  or teams.    Since
the beginning Of the city league series,
many fan esses have been noticed grac- |
ing the expensive pews taking a great Benton, Suggs, and Clark
interest in the doings of their partlcu-1
lar teams, but always a safe distance
from   the  route of the  foul  tips.
Now, The News Is Informed, two
athletically inclined young ladies of
the city are organizing Iheir forces so  Lavender,  Cheney and  Bresnahan.
thai   In   the   near   future   mere   man l 	
will be shown that  thc movement for'     At St.  Louis:
the   franchise   is   not   the   only   Ihlng   Brooklyn   	
upon  earth   that   the   femtnlnes  are st. Louis 	
capable of working for. I     llatteries:   Wagner
lev.   Phelps:    Marbet
International Crews Had No Chance
to Train Yesterday.
Poughkeepsle, NY. June 19.���A
still southeast wind swept up the
Poughkeepsle course late this afternoon and little work was done by the
college oarsmen. A II the crews were
out except Pennsylvania and Washington.
7      0
7      1
Spurning the offers Of the social
page, the young ladles came through
with the request that a spurting
column of The News Ib the only fit
place to insert a call for players. Ap- ���
pllcants are referred to telephones
MS Bnd 4X2R.
It     II.   E
 11     19      0
  5      9      2
Curtis and Mil-
Harmon    and
Wingo,  Roberts.
Standing  oi  the  Clubs.
W.   U
(By the  Potter.)
One    more    month    and    Aid rman
Fred Lynch will be   in   his   el mt
watching the big leaguers perform on
ibe eastern diamonds.   ThlB Ib Fred's |
annual junketing teur In the Inttrists
or ihe Eagles, of which he la repre-
8 illative     in   VVestl in    Canada.    Joe
Randolph will acoompany hlm. As a
side   line,   ihey   mlghl    watch   the
Orioles RO through tin paces 81 Baltimore where the annual convention of
Eaglfcs will be held, but the big game
nppoals 'o Fred and little side trips
io \e\-. Yot'.. Hi iton and Philadelphia
v, ill be in ordi r.
Tho duings of Old Jupe Just queer-
od ihe Intermediate game between
S.i-quil, n and the West Ends last
. vi ning   and   the   contest  was
��� it, to he played s  ovenlni
in m week.
Philadelphia    42
Cleveland  37
Washington    31
Hoston    29
Chicago    31
Detroit    2-*
St.   Louis    22
New  York    15
Macan and Davis Defeat Western
Portland. Ore., June 19.���Charles
(Chick) Kvans. western champion and
Warren E. Wood, riinnerup for the
western title, went down to defeat
before lurry Davis, of Portland, and
A. V Macan, of Victoria, today in the
medal play golf series, one up in 36
hobs. The Victory Of the Northwest ernors is significant In that it
was the first time that Evans and
Wot il hav,- been defeated when paired against amateurs or professionals
The matches were in the nature of
a preliminary to the team matches of
tomorrow, the last of a serleB of five
between the eight middle western link
luminaries and a double quartette
picked from the Northwest talent.
Buyers Will P^.y Huge Prices It Given !
Ilnliert Ce-cin-jky, a well-known expert on nnl |U�� lurniture, gave a lecture before the Delphian Coterie In
1.,-iidnn the other day that rau-ed a
sensation, though the assertion-" h"
made wer* well known to everybody
with any true knowledge ol the subject.
Mr. Cescinsky declared that ot
every thousand pieces of oak lurniture G iid as antique. 090 were fraudulent, anj that in satin wood furniture
the pro|��-,rtion was nine to twelve.
Th ��� Pall Mall Gazette sent out a
reporter to interview dealers on the
subject. The manager of one concern that deals in antique funntur"
made some suggestive remarks. He
Said :
"All the world over, the dealer���
dishonest denier, if you like-will
supply what is a-ked fur. It is simply uDiHttng what people .say and do
in seeking ior antiques. Here we
have s piece in the window. It is. of
course, a copy. A would-be purchaser
comes in, and Immediately lo-ks if it
regarding several changes to be made
at the Burnaby entrance to the park.
The B. C. E. R. desire more trackage
at Central Park and, in return for a
strip of government land, have of- ]
fered to improve the entrance to the
park. It is likely that the deal will
he consummated in the near future.
Messrs. C. P. Sprott and Sanderson
are the committee to deal with the
The    meat    firm o:   P.  Burns and
company  will  shortly    extend    their
field of activity to Port Coquitlam, it
is understood from a reliable source. I
E.   C.   Traves,   manager  of  the  New-
Westminster branch of the firm, was]
in  the city the other day and talked j
the matter of opening a business here
with one of lhe aldermen.
A grand suffrage meeting will be
held at Port Coquitlam on Thursday,
June 26 at 3 o'clock under the auspices of the Vancouver Pioneer Political Equality league. Prominent
suffragettes from Vancouver and Seattle are likely to attend. The meeting will probably result in the formation of a local suffrage society which
has been  talked of for some tinie.
The Port Coquitlam baseball team
will  travel  to  Blaine on  Saturday  to
'    '   iqllrchJe7goesnourThele" ���->���   ' = :!.,.,..:.,  ...
Yesterday's Games.
At New York: R.    H,
St. Louis     ���*      7
N'ew   York     10    16
Hatterles:    Mitchell,   Hamilton
Agnew;   McConnell and Sweeney.
At Boston:
DubUC and Rondeau;
cut and  Carrlgan.
At   Philadelphia:
Batteries:    Hussell
Browu  and  Lapp.
ai  Washingtoni R.
'Cleveland      '������      I
The ball game this p.m. between the   Woslllngtoft      8      '���
Moose   and   the   Hals   should   bc   the       p-iiterles:  Kalkeiiherc. Hhindliif
ovonl of the week.    This Is the lime.   ]_,,���,*.   Boehllng and  Henry.
mi-ording to lhe wise guys, when the
Mooss gel  their bumps.    Mr. Gentry. |
who  acts  ub   receiver  for  the  herd.
i n mises to catch his best  game of
the season.
High River Boys Are Great on
National Pastime.
Calgary, June 19,���That hustling
little town en the Macleod trail, High
River, proved its right to be called
lhe "New Westminster of Alberta"
last night when the lacrosse team of
lhat place defeated the Calgary
Chinooka by the score of 4 to 3 In the
opening gnme of the season at Victoria park. It. was a splendid clean
exhibition Of Canada's national game
and the 1500 people who attended
were a testimonial to Ihe popularity
of the  game.
It  was the largest crowd which has
attended a local lacrosse fixture since
O'Brien   Bedl-   1908,  when  High  River and    Calgary
battled It out for the Alberta supremacy.    At that time lacrosse was at the
height of its popularity In this prov
0 I Ince, but judging by the enthusfastlc
0 |crowd which witnessed lhe game lasl
night  and    lhe    quality    of    lacrosse
which Ihey    saw,    Canada's    national
game  has "come  hack"  In   this  olty
and from this time on may be ranked
with the principal sports,
.   Hill   t
piece would have cost him. say, $10.
"The sum- purchaser pee- to .'in
ether shoo, and a piece precisely
similar tn what we have is shown. I-
it an antique? The*salesman says :t
is ,.:.l, uiul asks $75. He gets ihe
money and the purchaser -jets Hie
piece and both are satisfied, presumably.
"What is to lie done with a person
who sees a beautiful oopy of a superb
old French table of peculiar value?
He admires the copy, asks the price.
U s tisfted, a::d then casually a-k-= il
we c-i've a jtiiratit v. '(juaran'.L-e I ir
what!' i*1 arked, 'A guarantee Hint it
i�� a genuine anLiiu-.' Explanations
|. I ow and tlie Bale does not take
plac-. TJi- pric of the cony would
tie, say $50. an I the original might
lie' worth $5,000. The u*ni:>tation i-
too great for wMI is usually Called
Tottenham Oourl  Road."
"Do the retail dealers purelis*"
these fake-' Intending to sell them
as antiques?" snother dealer w.i-
u-k d, ,,
"Well   they leiv what we sell, and
they certaii.'y don't pav the price .4
antique*"     It   is   wonderful
1    how    things    change    in
���an exhibition  contest.
The Pert Coquitlam Ice plant recently erected, ls now in regular operation and producing enough Ice to
easily supply the requirements of the
Hon. S. H. Slake Makes Radical Sug
geatlon te 8ynod
Tcrcnto, June lih-'To the Anglican
Synod Hon. H. S. Hlakc made the
radical suggestion that all unsold
lands, held for a hundred years or
so by the synod, be sold, and the proceed i be devoted to starling a great
wcrk t,) uplift the poor people In the
tin ni districts of Toronto.
It is estimated that these lands arc
worth $800,000, and Mr. Blake said
tliere were 100,000 people In Toronto
alone being dehumanised.
He would spend $1(10.000 a year on
iggressive work for their redemption,
FOR SALE���Seven-roomed house on Hamilton
street, opposite Lord Kelvin Schaol.   Lot 66x132 ft
to 33 ft. lane.   In lawn and garden, flowers and ce-
ment walks.
Price $3500; terms arranged.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts ot the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Pres. and G-anl. Mgr.       Vlce-Preildent , Bao. aid Traas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  Nev  Westmlnater.
Schaake  Machine Works.
It.   ll.
Kour eminent citizens, armed with
Iho latest products of a stop watch
ficlory, will be on deck when Len
Chaput, Kenny Mallen and Harry
(liiilry circle Ihe bases this evening.
International League.
Toronto 0, Jersey City 1.
Montreal  8.  Baltimore 13.
Buffalo 0,  Newark  2.
Rochester  4,   Providence  2.
Mallen showed Cyclone Taylor and
Si Orlffls a clean pair of heels In a
Bkating race last wlpter and looks
just  us speedy on the diamond.
Charge of Manslaughter Being Heard
at Calgary.
Calgary,   Juno   19.���Thc     trial     of
Arthur Pelky, tho New  York heavyweight, who Is charged    with    manslaughter In connection with the death
wn to how [of Luther McCarty In a Calgary prize
moved rapidly today
P. M. G. Samuels Coming.
Ottawa, Jinn*- 111- No official Intimation of tiie approaching visit of
Postmaster Oeneral Samuels, of Kngland, has heen received In Ottawa.
It is understood that the visit will be
of a private nature, but that while
here Mr. Samuels may take up with
Postmaster Oeneral Pelletler the
(iiiestion of lower cable rates. Mr.
llelletler Is at present out of the capital. Mr. Samuels will visit western
Canada during his trip.
Tlio i|iti's1ioii simmers down io now ,
many bases    will    be stolen    on the  ring on May 24, .     .
and two hours nfter the court opened   warned    "i"
this evening.
lllllv West, of the Vancouver La
crosso cluh, Joined the benedicts yes
Tho hold of King Soccer ln Coqtilt
lum  knows no fnd.    Tlle latest  I!
film,, on Dominion nay   al the
cily against a loam from North Vancouver. The players are liable to lose
ti little weight if the day Is anayiblng
like Uiul of last year.
\ tennis olub Is the latest urganta-
������  at   the  Y.  M.  0.  A.    They  have
a jury had  been empanelled.
Pour witnesses were examined during the day, including William Mc-
Carney,   Mccarty's  manager.
Dr. Mosher, appearing for the crown,
explained how the death of McCarty
was caused. Ile was subjected to a
port ] two-hour rapid fire questioning on
Iho stand hy tho solicitors for the defence. When the enso adjourned for
the day It was intimated that several
medical experts, one from Philadelphia, many fight promoters and news
paper men would he called before the
case  ends.
Section Men Strike.
Kort William, June 19.���Seventy-
eight section men employed In the
Kort William terminals of thc C. P. 11.
hns gone on strike, demnndlng an increase In pay of from %2 to $2.60 a
day. Officials say that the men who
are not regular section
nun, but were engaged during a rush
period, and that they do not belong
to Ihe. International Brotherhood. Also
I they declare the strikers' places were
filled within a few hours.
, de
Vil" !
[or a rnr
through aiicth
desert; tlnn   between
un,l   fi<-   retail   fhonj
th     public   are   to   U.
1  had
can pi" iiii Instant
lire cabinet displayed, A laoy
,,.,��� i It, nnd purchssed n "' "
, -*nieh could never lor s moment
, .,,,.,.,.:,.,I tlmt she wsj paying
,],] ,,;,,,,.    1 hen she went
ion room nml 'sw
dozen   i-xactly   HW
ndignaiit. sod ipoke
The   word   'antiqui
Ml 111.1
'   had
nbout  a
She  was
never been mentioned.
"The sa'- was cancelled, but what
I ssked was, whal difference it made
to Uu-  cabinet,  because   we  hml  a
dozen or so in sUick.    Next time she
may   have   to   p��y   ten   times   the
amount for the snme cabinet, and
s-rve her riitht." ��� ��� ������
Of course, there nre hundreds ol
tons ol "fakes" sn'.d .very day, but
Mr. (Vrcinsky'j figures witb., regard
to "sk  are everywhere declared to be
"slightly exaggerated. His remarks,
ot course, reler to, a certain class nl
dealer, and by no means to CiTtuin
houses of world-wide r*-W*f-
A Monument Not a Ship.
Hamburg, Germany, June 19.���A
third attempt was made today to
launch lhe flerman bnttleshlp cruiser
Drrffllnger, b- ' wl'hnul succsss, She
was christened last Saturday and re
fused to move from the Blocks, A
second attempt yesterday to launch
her failed.
Egan to Austria.
Washington. June 19.-Maurice
Franols Hgan, minister to Denmark
Is slated for an appointment hy President Wilson as an ambassador to one
of the Europenn courts, very probably
Austria. The president has had Mr.
Kgan's name In mind for promotion
for some time.
May Bank Statement.
Ottawa, June 19.���The May bank
statement, out this afternoon, has as
Its principal feature a decrease of
seven millions In call loans out of
Canada.    Call  and  current   loans    In
Canada remain ahout stationary, cir-
culallou increased four millions.
Prose ills
"Tlie Burglar's Child"
The  Clever  Juvenile
Two Other Sketches.
Specialties by all
members of the com-
4   Photoplays     4
Monday and Tuesday
Don't miss this remarkable play.
Prices: 10c. and 20c.
I'Children, Half Price.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
For 3 Days only, 18th, 19th, 20th.
Gents' Suits Cleaned and Pressed $1.50
Although price is reduced, our well known high
class of work will be maintained.
Royal City Cleaners and Dyeis
345 Columbia St.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs In Brass Beda, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 In.
Exceptional bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from  ��3.96 to $18.50
Ganulno Oak Dresser      ' $1125 to $27.50
Other Dressers In Golden Oak, Royal Oak aud Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of 1'edestal Table, extend to 8 feot,
6 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. B. plate mirror. This suiif
Is uu exceptional bargain at .>48.00 complete.
Our Dry Goods section is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. (";n --���JU-.
FRIDAY, JUNE 20,  1913.
assified Advertising
I.ASSIFIKI)    AM    Wll,!.* HE
rivid for The News at the following places: !���'. T. Hill's drug store,
CM    Columbia    street:     A.    Sprlce,
Queens-borough, i-ulu island.
cheap.   Apply Hox 157:1 News office.
�� RATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; lBo per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required wlttln one year from date of
contract, $26.00.
WANTED���GIRL WITH SOME Experience for laundry work. Troy
laundry. (1578)
lor a house within two blocks of
either Sixth street or Twelfth street
oar line; value from $3000 to JUSOO;
tasy terms. J. J. Johnston, Phone
loU. U583)
furnished house for the summer.
Apply Box 1567 Daily News.    (1567)
on Twentieth street, just above
Seventh avenue; cleared, lane In
rear; size 47x133. Price $1350;
cash $350, balance 6, 12 and 18
months. J. J. JohiiBton, Phone 160.
aires work two or ���three days a
week. Apply Sidney, corner Tenth
avenue and Tenth street.        (1565)
months, live or six roomed modern
house, furnished. Phone 263.  (1563)
rooms with board. Apply 715 Fifth
avonue. (1513)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136 News office. (1383)
kitchen, toilet, bath, coal and wood
house; $11 monthly, 230 Eleventh
street. (1576)
ing room, kitchen, pantry, three
bedrooms, bath. etc.. electric light
On large lot wltli stable and wood
shed. $25 a month. 1108 Eighth
avenue. (1561)
309 Hospital street. (1553)
tage, modem. Apply 207 Clinton
Placo, near Royal avenue and Second street. (1510)
bedrooms, hot water convenience.
Use of telephone. Moderate terms.
Apply 433 Twelfth street.        (153S)
Suitable  Site   For  Big   Reservoir    on   Peter  Sandiford  of   Manchester  Suc-
ment  of  sale  of  $10110;   will  allow J
$150 discount. J. .1. Johnston, Phone
160. (1588)
on Regina street, lane In rear;
$1650; terms to arrange. J. J. Join
ston.  Phone 169. (15S3I
��11 PAD.
Elbow River���Also Site
For  Dam.
ceeds Professor Coleman���Holds
Many Scholarships.
New  Mazellon  Miners  Win  Fight for.
Reductions���Cut  of  Over  $2
Per Ton
Toronto, June IS.-  Peter Sandiford.      New     Hazelton,     June     19.���After
M   Sc   Ph. 1), of the department of many   months   of   waiting   and   hard
of  Manchester. I "Killing the mine owners have finally
| education.  University  ...	
has just been appointed to the chair' j.ajp on
in   education,   university   of   Toronto,
, Pacific.
n more reasonable freight
ore from the tirand Trunk
The   old   rate   wai   $6.40   a
close to Flfjh avenue, on pavement;
611x1(18, cornering on lane. Price
$1650; $650 cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months. J. J. Johnston, Phone
169. (1683)
on Colbourne street, 84x142, to 20
foot lane. Price $1900; payments
easy.   J. J. Johnston, Phone 169.
Will kill every fly in your
house or store. All you have to
do is to get theflies to the Pads.
��� Directions in each packet
show how to do this.
vacated   by   Profesor
Coleman.    Dr.
ln  1882,  is
fi. Sc. and M. 3c. of the university of,
Manchester,  w/th    scholarships    and 1
high honors.   He holds alio a doctor's,
degree   in   education   from   Teachers'!
college, Columbia.
|    He haB been assistant master and j
superintendent In the Flelden denion-
jstration school.  Manchester, and su- i
1 pervlsor of practice    teaching in the  _,, . . .  .   .       .
Speyer school. Teachers' college, New   ^lver Standard ore,  which  has been
York.    He has been a lecturer In edu-!la>inK   ***   ***���'   sldlnK   ,or    B0     man-V
ton from New Hazelton lo Prince Rupert, and $7.00 a ton from Rupert to
The new rate, as wired to D. Mcl.eod, one of the owners of the Silver
Standard. Is $11.00 from New Hazelton to Trail. TIiIb Is a cut of over
$2.00 a ton from New Hazelton to
Rupert, and it was this the owners
were after.
It ls more than probable that  tbe
sory sale. Splendid city lot on
Eighth avenue, opposite Moody
park. Owner holding agreement of
sale for $350, will part with same
for $325 (or nearest offer), balance
of $1025 over 18 months. Dox 1566
The News. (1566)
express harness, $25. Apply Fashion
livery. (1551)
horses weighing about 3200 pounds,
seven and eight years with harness
and wagon; also one team 3000.
Bevon and eight, with harness and
wagon; also one extra wagon, 3H
inch skein, will sell altogether or
Beparalo, cheap for caBh, or might
consider tradn. Apply 1406 Fifth
avenue, New Westminster.      (1550)
Province of British Columbia, County
of New Westminster.
Under nnd by virtue of a writ of
attachment to me directed and delivered against the goods and chattels
of Henry George at the suit of II. W.
Clark, W. E. Hennessy and Frank S.
Fern, I have seized and will sell at
the store, corner of Sixth and Agnes
streets, New Westminster, on Tuesday, the 24th day of June, 1913, at 9
o'clock In the forenoon, the following, or sufficient thereof to satisfy
the judgment debt  and  costs herein:
All the show cases, cash register,
and stock consisting of tobacco,
cigars, fruits, candles, candy making
outfit, one six foot silent salesman, a
quantity of bedding, etc.
Terms of sale cash.
T. J. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff.
New Westminster, June 19.        (1577)
Calgary, June 19.���A good site for
a big reservoir to store a future water Bupply for Ihe city of Calgary
has been located on the Elbow river,
Just below the Junction of Canyon
creek on the southeast quarter, section 15. township 22, range ti. according to a report which Water Engineer Sandiford, who/was bom
A.  Ellison Fawkes has made tp com- ' '
mlssloner A. G, Graves. The point ls
approximately forty miles from Calgary  up  the  Uow  river.
"This reservoir site is being surveyed and explorations made for a
pipe lino to Calgary," Bays the report,
and continues:
Another   Site  Secured
"Another  site, for a dam   and  Impounding reservoir on the Elbow riv- n     ,,,. ,,, ,,    ,,, 	
er was located about four miles fur- catlon in Nebraska university Colum- Months, will be shipped Immediately
ther up the stream. This site may bla llu|vers|ty and Manchester unlver- I The reduction In the rate will mean
have material advantages over -the 8lty ln thp fle],] 0f authorship lie"1 Kreat deal to the miners In thia
one previously mentioned and there- *|,a8 collaborated with Professors Bad- oUtrlot and to New Hazelton. In fu-
fore lt has been surveyed and exam- ]er, Marshall snd Findlay In treatises ' ture regular shipments will be made
Ined. Alternative routes where possi- ���pon continuation school's, the teach- I instead of holding the ore at Ihe
ble, for this proposed pipe line are |ng of science and a scientific method ;Illlne- More nun will be employed
being located so that the least cost- jn education. Ile has himself pub-
ly scheme may be decided upon. The lished an educational psychology and
watershed of the Elbow river above a standard text on the training of
Canyon creek is mountainous, Inac- teachers In England and Wales.
cesBible and heavily timbered, and j Dr. Sandiford comes to Toronto
being well within the eastern bound-  with  warm endorsatlon of such  men
as Dean Russell and Professor Sykes
of Columbia, Vice-chancellor Sir Alfred Hopkinson and Professor Findlay of Manchester and Vice-Chancellor M. EG. Sadler of Leeds. He brings
to his work here high scholarship, the
skill of the Investigator, experience
in school room practices and, In particular, a first hand knowledge of
English and American methods in education.
modern, PrinceBB Btreet, near
Fourth; small payment down and
balance as rent. Apply evenings
about 7 o'clock, 331 Pine street.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every o��e guaranteed. Market square. (1451)
hunting case, 14kt. Finder please
return to this Office and receive reward. (1686)
keeping rooms. All conveniences.
732 Agnes atreet. (1525)
rency and cheque payable to H. A.
llilmes. Finder return to Westmin-
liter Trust olfh-e. 1156S)
TENDERS addressed to the Agent of
the Department of Marine and Fisheries.
Victoria,,   u.  C,  will  be  received  up  to
neon  nf   the
FIFTH   HAY  (IF JULY.   1913,
for   th.'  Old   Hands   Head   Lightship.
A description nr the Lightship and any
further  particulars  required  eau   be  ob-
| tuln. <l from the Agent of the Marine De-
partm.'nt at Victoria, B, (.'.
Bach  tender  must  be  accompanied by
.an accepted ohs-que equal to ten per cent.
if the total  amount  of  the tender.    The
-tie,]uc accompanying the successful  ten-
ler will be fdrfSltCd should lhe said ten-
lerer decline to purchase the Lightship at
the tender price. Cheques accompanying
unsuccessful tenders will be returned.
Ttie successful tenderer must take over
and  remove the  Lightship as soon as his
tender is a pted und the purchase price
The hlehest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Newspapers copying thN advertisement
without authority from Ho- Department
will  ii,,1   h" paid  for  same.
Deputv, Minister of Marine and Fisheries.
Depnrtment of Marine and  Flaherles,
-'43178.        Ottawa, 30th  Mav.  1913.
( I54S1
ary of the Rock Mountain forest reserve, is quite free from human pollution, and, as the purity of the runoff
can be well preserved at reasonable
cost, this location offers advantages
not possessed by the watersheds of
other streams.
Memorial  to  Ottawa
"A memorial to the government to
secure the rights and privileges necessary for either of these projects
has been sent to the department of
the interior, Ottawa, through the commissioner of Irrigation, Calgary. To
expediate this work, I have Increased
the survey outfit hy two extra men,
capable cf running instruments."
In the introductory of the report
Engineer Fawkes points out the reason for locating possible sites for impounding reservoirs.
"Impounding of storage reservoirs,"
says the report, "preferably by tho
construction of a masonry dam. would
enable us to drop the Intake pipe
aboul fifteen feet below the water
level to eliminate the frazzle Ice trouble and also make a storage reservoir
of suitable depth and size."
and  the  camp   will   take
prosperous appearance.
Made  In   Smart
Styles, Suitable
For Every Outdoor
Y.u Might Ai Well Cl
Tortonlo, June 19--On a series nf
grotinda ranging from prejudice, vln-
dlctlveness, the actual misleading of
the jurors and a sentence bo extreme
as to exceed all Idea of Justice, an
appeal will he laid against Judge
Morgan's conviction of William Kerry
on Wednesday. June 6, for indecent
assault. One year and ten lashes
wub Imposed on the young man following his conviction of Ill-using a
young girl whom he and a colleague
had  taken joy riding  In nn auto.
The girl herself, Maud Horton, appeared In the witness box at the trial,
and among other thingB lt Is charged
hy Homles & Holmes, solicitors fir
the accused, that tho Judge exhorted
the jury to consider her evidence
against that of four others.
That the prisoner was not Riven the
benefit of the doubt, that the verdict
was contrary to the evidence nnd that
the  sentence  itself  was  passed   ln  a
spirit  of petulance,  resentment    and
prejudice, constitute some of the bases
for appeal.   It Is also (maintained that
Judge   Morgan   exceeded   his   powers
Edmonton, Alta.. June 19.���To have   '" Including a perjury charge antl that
beaten a little girl  with  a  whip  and  the calling of the complainant  to the
then, having removed the greater part! box   aft"   -***   >UTV   Terdlct   wa8   '�����
of  her  clothing,   to  have  lashed   her 1 but  before sentence  was  passed  wae
to a tree. Is an outrage which is al- ! entirely contrary  to legal  practice
Farmer Says Three You(| Boys Beat
Eleven-Year-Old   Girl   and
Lashed Her to Tree.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) $16,000,000,00
RESERVE    (16,000,600.00
liranches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A generalr
bnnklng business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
SavlngB Hank Department���Deposits
received In sums of (1 and upward
and Interest nllowed at 3 per cent per
annum (present rate).
Total AsRCts over ��l8fi,ono.noo.no.
O.  D.  BRYMNER.  Manager.
a tree. Is
Ottawa,   June   19.--Kor  more   than I leged to have been comimtted by three
a quarter of a century the Dominion ; boys, aged IS, 11 and 13 years of age,
experimental  farms have been carry-! residing  In  Sandy  Lake district, ac-
ing  on  experiments  to   find   out  the  cording   to   a   story   told   by   CharleB i
best  kind  of cropB and  animals and  Mathew, a well known farmer of thej POLISH
the  best  ways of  handling  them  for  Sandy  Ijxke district, to the  police,
profit.    This  haa  bten  going  on  not]    The boys who are said to have coin-
only  at   the  central   farm   at   Ottawa , mltted  this offense are  Robert  Sarg,
but   alao  at   the  maritime   provinces, i William Aindt and Ludwig Aindt, and
the  prairie  provinces  and   in   British!tho  little  girl  Is  Anna  Matthew,  the
Columbia. eleven-year-old   daughter   of   Charles
The  benefits  that, have   resulted  to   Matthew.
By special leave of the court the
motion will appear in the appellate
court and a new trial will be asked.
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429-.
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.       '
Agents      I'almer      BroB.'    Caaollno
Engines,   Marine   EnglneB   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth 8t.
P.O. Box ATI.    New We.tminster, B.C.
Specialty ���Treatment of the scalp
I by Vlbro-MaBsage and Glover'B Kam*
ous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth 8t.
funlshed housekeeping rooms, llrst
floor, at 224 Seventh street.    (1608)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
AgneB street.    Telephone L688,
erty 10 trade for acreage. Curtis &
Dorgan! to-o Columbia street. (1559)
Furnished throe room suite, with
balh. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Ave. Phone 750
I) It. ft M. AGENCY, LIMITED, 620
Columbia street, New Westminster,
will collect your slow and had accounts for ii mere <ritle. No mem
bershlp fee required and commission charged only on the amount
collected, Statements rendered
mon My Collections made every-
when (1386)
Miss Alice Banner, Box 5, Sta. "R,"
New  York City. Ilu?-?)
gage, good city property, Will accept bt-Bt terma offered Give par
ticula i   Box 1540 News office.
For Rent���No. 207 Clinton Place, near
Park Bow, live room fully modern
bungalow, Pretty grounds. J3i? a
inonth.    Lease.
For   Rent���Three  room   modern  suite
Morgan   apartn eats,   facing   Lord
Kelvin school    ."^ii a nu,nth   1 ease
Stores for  Rent-   Correr    store,
gan    block,    S- venth    avenue
Tenth    stloeL    $35    a month.
give long lis,- to right party.
i Another   store,   Morgan   block,
$20   a
un nth.    Lease for five >eurs
Winnipeg, June 19. Preliminary
work on the new exhibition grounds
in Klldonan is likely tn be started
this year, A committee from the
hoard of directors met the board of
contril loday and urged that if nothing else can be done thia year, a start
should at least he mado on laying on!
and   grading  the  racetrack,
While this work cannot be started
until the 1-ind.icapo engineers have
submitted their final plans and the
position i f the track is permanently
dee ded, the controllers agreed that
the work of laying on- the grounds
should he proceeded with at once, and
when this Is done they will be quite
read) to proceed with the worn on
the racetrack, It was explained by
t1"* exhibit ion directors that owing
to the nature :,f the soil it will take
two veins at least of careful work
to bring the new track lo racing eon-
dltlon. This Is due to tin* sinking uf
the clay subsoil, which is the biggest
problem which the city has to deal
with in s'r* el paving.
where      No   collection,   no   charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency. 338 Hastings street weBt, Van-
comer,  III' I144UI
For S.ile or Exchange���No. 1030 Fiftn
avenue.    Owner wlll tak lot worth
11300    for equltj      for a few  days
only.    See us ahnu'  It.
. ea?tmanX'wa^sley~
Phone 312. Room 201
V/estmlnrter Trust  Bullldlng,
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Under and by virtue of ii writ of
fi fa to mo dlreclod and delivered
;.gainst thn go>ds and chattels ol
Ralph Asser and Sydney Asset, at
the iuil of Columbia Trust Company,
Limited, I hnve si-lz'd and will sell
a Heaps Engineering Company
premises, From Street, Haw Westmin
ster, on Tuesday,  the 24th day   of
June, 1:113, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, the follow ini;, or sufficient
thereof to satisfy Iho judgment debt
end costs herein:
The cabin cruiser "Cecilia." powered
with a four cylinder cycle 20 h.p
I Ionian engine, in 12 model. Length
over all 25 feet, beam S feel, upholstered In green plush, finished Inside
with hardwood, sleeping aocommeda-
1 on for six persons and fitted with
toilet, coo kstove, and electric lights.
TermB Of sale cash.
New Westminster, June 7, 1913. (1582)
Real Estate. Fire Insurance.
Extra choice building lo'. on Third
avenue. 66x132. Will trade on fully
modern residence,   Nu. 68,
Every Woman
. . ,vvt4 l* IntewalM and ihoold know
P^Ml Marvel "��''��"��*'�����
>-b ���- *t*o -*���
��� r ir^jpw-Wtf i'
It.   ft    �����  , , e   .1 i��*ll>nl(r ***V   sis.
t'���.    :���*.'-���; I��� accept no        ^Bbi
olhiir   but   .I--..1 Kt-inin fir 111-09-   U,'*������
tr,*.. 1 book   ponied, ll fW.-a iVl  Hll
fn-u-uhi--. nnd '  ,ftt,,n^ itivilDnblf   ^^*u
o ladles. Hi mn itt lit I'l-i. v (<>.. Wind-Mr, sm��
lien,',ul Aaantl for (itiuttla.
Substantial eight room house, h.indy
to Sixth street car Hue; close In.
Will trade on building lot. No, 72.
Saskatchewan farm, 160 acr'",, fenced
house; good witter. Will trad.- f, t
olty property,   No  2.
Fifty acres at Matsqui; partly slash
ed; c:.tr;i choice, aldnt bottom, Will
trade for city property, 83200, No, l
Ten acres full bearing orchard al
Sunin.. rlai tl, 86500, Will trade i i
city propi rty,    No. 6.
We  can  trade  two 40 acre  plots
Hardy Hay at |30 an acre
growing Into hlg money,    ."*,'     I
Real Etate and Insurance
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
din ;-if'���r <Lo��
������hue,     tb        asm   Phons   13'
e 0   Str����t
Bird Promptly to
���Vi**      . rl of the cltj
eavy Hauling
'���i ������'��� TMINS'f EH   BT
lhe Canadian farmer from this work
are undoubtedly very great but Hill
thousands of earnest, men are not receiving the full advantage of what is
being done fur them. Perhaps many
do not receive the reports and bulletins containing the Information while
other receive these publications regularly but do not find the time to
study out the lessons from them.
In eider to help especially this class
of busy men and women there has
been Issued by direction of the Hen.
Martin Burrell, minister of agriculture, a special bulletin containing the
outstanding conclusions that have
been reached during the 25 yearB thai
the experimental farms were under
the directorship of Dr. Wm. Saunders,
recently  retired.
This review which has been pre,
pared hy Mr. J. B. Spencer, U.S.A.,
editor of the publications branch, tells
of leasona that have been learm d
concerning fertilizers, cereals, fe-ddcr.
crops, farm field work, live stock,
horticulture, arbouriculture, chemistry,   poultry,   weeds  and   plant  pests.
In addition, many of the recent de-
velopmt nts of the farm systems are
i numerated. It is shown thai not only have the farms and stations been
Increased in recent years to fourti-en,
but gp'.-it advancement la being made
in all of the older farms. This review, which la tastefully gotten up,
has boen issued lur free distribution
by the publications branch of the de
partment of agriculture at Ottawa.
Stinit  ste.  Marie, (int., Juno  19
Joseph Tobias, who Tor :i we. k has
baffled the counlry and the Onlted
S'a es authorities, and who is wanted
for   killing   two   deputy   sin-riffs,   had
[supper at the house of Kdward Mal-
atle In Algonquin, a suburb of Sault
S:e. Marie, and then escaped to Can-
i ada in ,-i row- hont belonging to Alfred
Alexander, which he stole. Mulatto
Is unable to read and did not know
of the published description of Tobias.
"I k'lled two deputy sheriffs the
other day," said Tobias afier tbe fin-
ished Bupper, He stood on the doorsteps us be spoke the words and
then disappeared in the darktuiss, Officials win- summoned, bul Tobias
could not be found. This morning the
rowboat wan    missing    and    Sheriff
I Hone  and  Canadian  officers  nre  now
Ilu  Canada  seeking the  murderer.
The boys were returning horn
school  when  they   met  the  l!"le  girl.
Without any  provocation or warning.,
says  Mr.  Matthew,  the  hoys    seised
her  and  proceeded   to  lash   her  with
a whip.    When  tHe child  was  In  nl-
most  a  fainting  condition  from   pain j
und  fear the boys seized  hold of her!
and bound her to a tree with ropes.
Having   securely   bound   the   panic
Iftrickeu child, the lads left her bub- |
pended from the tree in mid air.
The motive for the -assault remains
a mystery, though It is surmised that
the boya had heard of Indiana torturing their victims antl had perpetrated
.the assault in a spirit of emulation.
.Matthew  haB sworn  out  B  warrant
for the arrest of the three hoys with I
Commissioner Houghton of the Mounted   Police.
Ottawa, Juno 19.- The government
has under COnSiid-erpCioO the ,|ie"d
for the adoption of a comprehensive
plan looking 10 the growth and development of the cities Of Ottawa and
Hull and thi-ir environs, it Is expected that an honorary commission will
be constituted charged wiih the dutj
of taking all necessary steps to cause
such a plan to ba drawn up for the
boautlflcatlon and systematic deve!
opnient  of the two cities
The Cities of Ottawa and Hull, the
Ottawa improvement Commission, together wiih the transportation and
traffic companies, would all be required   to cooperate  with  s   view   to  the
gradual completion of the Bcheme ex
tending over a long course of year",
The commission will he appointed at
ter the allied interests are heard from
and the work generally will be an
elaboration of thi' nf the Ottawa Improvement commission.
Tbe'minister "I finance is taking
up the matter with the two cities
with a view of ascertaining If thev
will co-oporate  In  the  plan  proposed.
Cobalt, Onl., June 19, -A Polish
wedding which was celebrated at the
Cobalt Roman Catholic church had a
rather peculiar sequel. Miss Stashga
Vltzlg was the blushing bride and
John, last name unknown, the would
be benedict, and as appears to be customary after th>. knots have been
tied, where l'olacks are concerned, the
rest of the day and a portion of the
next morning was spent In festivities
In honor of the newly wedded pair.
Towards midnight two brothers
started lo have a battle of words and
their friends with comemudable loyalty took sides at an opportune moment. When Chief Rurke arrived at
the scene of the entertainment which
was being held In Circle Dollard hall,
be found Dave Craig, the captain of
the King Edward mine, lying on the
floor with his ribs staved In and the
rest of Ihe guests at II tooth and nail.
Gently bul (irmly he restored order
and when be lefl he took Joe I'asko
from Ihe scene to a quiet night's
lodging 111 the cells. Craig was removed to the Mines hospital, but in ���
(|iiiries tliere as to his welfare elicited
the information that, in spite of his
three broken ribs, he had
������'tench leave and gone no one
Two Children Alone in Apartment
When Fire Breaks Out.
Montreal, June 19. Exciting seems
were witnessed hero whi n a lire
broke out In the top of 'Ver a block
Of Bhops at 275 Craig street east, li
appears thai Mrs. Tliemblay, who Is
a widow, with two Children, went h
work slaving llie two children 111 bed
Just before 7:30 they rushed om of
lhe front room, which at that time
was in namea, and told some foreigners who lived underneath. These men
Instead of making any effort t > imt
out the Ure, commenced to carry iheir
belongings out oi the building
Tie* flames hail soon obtained a g md
hold on the roof of the building, From
the next hlock of flits people rushed
Into the street in tlieir night dresses.
One child was carried In an Insensible condition lo a neighbor's house
across the street. Just at thiB moment when the Barnes wen- bursting
through the roof the firemen arrived,
nnd after twenty minutes 'hard work
it was gotten under control. The
whole of the car Bervlce going eaBt
wbb entirely disorganized for over
halt an hour. The damage done i-
estimated by Mrs. Tremblay to be
over $-11)0, nnd she haa nothing to replace the little home which has been
entirely destroyed,
To Port Mann and  Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New   Westminster for  Port
Mann 8:00 a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  WeBtmlnster 9:00 a.m.
leaves  New  Westminster for  Port
Mann and  Port Coquitlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
Mann and NeW Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster  for  Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  WeBtmlnster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New  Westminster for Port
Mann and Port Coquitlam 4:20 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   l'ort
Mann and New Westminster (i: :tn n.m.
Schedule subject to clinnge without
For further Information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  1S-4 L,    Office 903 Columbia St.
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all   points  cast,  commencing  May  28.
Week  End  tickets on  sale  to local
points at Single Fare for Hound Trip
Ion   Fridays,   Salurduys   and   Sundays.
For ratea and reservation apply    to
New  Westminster
Or  H.   W.  Hrodle, OP.A ,  Vancouver
Added a Little Bit More
Ouelph, Ont., June 10.* In the police
court bi fore Magistrate Wait, Anderson, tlie negro who attempted to escape from the prlBon farm some time
ago and was rnptund hiding In a
swamp to the north of 'he farm, plead   wire was well hltld
led  guilty, and  wub sentenced  to  Iwo  on striking It lln
'years less one day at lhe Central pri- In falling, threw
son. The other two prisoners who
escaped and were recaptured near
Thornhlll, demand a Jury trial, and
Will finish out their sentences at the
county Jail  and  will  he  tried  In  llie
'fall  on  lhe  charge  of  escaping  from
j custody.     Another   prisoner   waB   tx��
, have been tried on a like charge, but
I as  he   waa  * night   herore  he  got out
Toronto, June 19. While filling on
his prize horae, Kildare, in Cedarvllle
Hume Rhike, was thrown, and received rather aerlnua injuries. The horse
was bo badly hurt that It had to lx>
allot, and Mr. Blake was taken hack
to hla home after doctors had been
summoned to hla assistance.
Mr. Illake waa riding across country with hla daughter  and when the
accident happened v as somewhat in Calgary. June 19. The flrsl breach
the lead. The gras, at thai partleu- Of promise case in Alberta In which
lar spot was rather tall, nud the lower the jury gave the girl damages for
wire from an old fence was hanging $20,000, la being appealed nntl at Ihr
a few Inches from tin" ground, the slarl of lhe appeal todav. counsel for
n from sight, and the woman Screed to reduction of the
horse stumbled, ami damages to (8000,   The appeal aim
Its rider a consider-  went on on  olher  grounds.
able distance. Miss   Collard.   a   young   girl,   sued
MIbs  Illake pulled  her horse  up 111   Martin   Armstrong,   it   wealthy   ranch-
time to avoid the obstruction, and Im-  man,  of  Nanton,   Alberta   for  breach
mediately  ael   out  lo aeek  assistance Of   promlso   and   seduction   and   was
given   by   a   Jury
mentioned.     Two
B.C. Coast Service
Iauxih Vanoouver for Vlctnrln in u. m.,
2 p. m. and 11 :4b.
I>ftv*>�� Vancouver for Sm��u1p 10 ��. m.
and 11 p. tn.
Leaves Vancouver for Nan at too l9a.tA
and c :80 p.m.
Leavea Vancouver for I'U nee Rupert
and Northern Pntntw l a n m Wednea
days  and   Saturday rt   at   M   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a. in. Tuesday
! Thursday nnd Haiui-day.
Leaves WeBtmlnHtnr 8 a. in. Monday
I Wednesday and Friday.
i RR. OOULKT, Agent, New Westminster
II. W. BRODIO, (1. p. A., Vanoouver
for her father. He wiib taken to a
nearby house, ami afterwards removed to his home. A horse ambulance
waa aent for, but the animal wns so
badly injured that it  had  lo b��� shot.
iof the prison farm grotinda ihe chargo  It   had  only   been   purchased
I was no: pressed agalnBt him. j Illake a short while ago.
tho   verdict   above
weeks    after     tho
award, the woman, who la very handsome,  married  a man named  Lewis
In  Calgary, and a child  waB born a
Mr.  short  time   aflerwarda.    Tho  appeal
I will last for several days,
New Spring and Summer Suiting*
now on  dlBplay.    See them.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Btreet r
FRIDAY, JUNE 20,  1913.
Investigate Distribution of Free Tickets to   Recent Laurier   Meeting���
Two Being Prosecuted.
Toronto, Juno 19, -Captain William
Crawford and H. (!. Loamen were ar-
ralnged before Magistrate Klngsford,
charged with Illegally Issuing forged
tickitB of admission to the recent
Laurier meeting In tho Arena, Witnesses called by Crown Attorney
Corley gave evidence lo trace lo the
ilefandautB the distribution of the bo-
gUB  tlckda.
Oeneral Becretary
the Ontario Reform
clared that, wltll the
case,   tickets   were
V. Q, Inwood of
association   de-
exception of one
distributed from
his olllce by mall to Individual Inquirers. I.lata had been previously sent
in by the ward Organizations and requests for tickets had been replied to
as lar as possible, until II waa thought Ithe
that a sufficient number hud been delivered to Insure a lull houae at ilu*
The Tour of the Tickets.
As a result of the cross-,���xaiiiina-
lion of witnesses, the distribution of
:���. hatch of lll'ty tickela, alii ;���, il to be
forged, was attributed to Crawford,
who had given them tu W. L. Purvis
who in turn banded then, to Alex ll.i-
Mlnister of Mllltla Authorizes Up-to-
Date  Form  of  Amucement
for Soldiers.
Montreal, June 19.���The mlnlater
���nf mllltla and defence, it Is announced,
| haa arranged for a unique form of en-
itertalnment at the mllltla camps this
lyear. This wltll consist of moving pic-
I ture exhibitions.
A party of not more than three em-
j ployeea of a moving picture company
| will report at each camp, antl the mil -
I itary authorities will provide these
; men with a marquee tent In which
���they wlll sleep and store their apparatus, and they will alao draw govern -
1 ment rations, eating with the ser-
1 geants' mess.
A   special   marquee   will    alBo     he
I erected   Irom   which   lhe   moving  picture   machines   will   be   worked,   hul
Action of School Commissioners Subject cf   Much  Comment���Many
Opinions Expressed
Seventh   Annual   International   Opens
at Olympla���$60,000 at Prizes���
Royalty Attends.
Bl rei p will be In the open ahd
the soldiers will aland or Bit on the
ground in front of this screen. The
lilms exhibited each evening will ln-
alude army pictures, representing
lhe troops of Oreat Britain and foreign powers. fololWed hy travel scenes
and concluding with comic pictures.
The program win be changed each
evening during the camp.
Orders from   headquarters   to   the
proprietor of the  Broadview
who gave them to .1. 11   McGln-
nis,   In   be  then   handed   over   Lo   13d-
ward iioyie. Queen street east, where
they  were discovered  by  W.  l-\ .Sni.l-
Thi case of Captain Crawford was
called first, but after hearing isveral
witnesses Magistrate Klngsford de-
i ii,.i thai he could noi give ludgmrnt
until be had heard the evldenco of
ir Purvis, and consequently remanded Hi
legal argumeu
ented   thai   a   forgery   cannot   I e
mltted by the Issuance of tickets
free admission.
i he   forgery,   as   explained   hy
I   wood, consisted In Issuing blue
wl te  tickets and the writing of
signature.    The  diffi rence    In
tickets  is found, aB explained  by
court, in the kinds of type used
the omission of a dot, which Mr,
wood   always   -idd.i   lo  his   Blg'iatun
told  ths court thai  bs wrote lil
colonel commanding the camp Btate
that "there Is an absolute understanding that none of the lilms exhibited
Will be of an objectionable character,
but must be of good moral purport.
The camp commandant wlll be responsible that suoh is the case and
he will Btop the production of and report by telegram to headquarters any
departure trom thia arrangement
The ramp commandant Is alao called   upon   to  arrange   with     the    local
case,    In the meantime he IsI<"unlclpa| authorities to waive tbe
going to consider the l��">' ��<-<nim�����r I lection    of    any   license   fee  on   -..������
* i
name connectedly, whereas the fo
signature la disjointed at the 	
Admitr  Printing  Them.
II   Randall, King street past, ad
il   that   li.-   printed   the   tickets,
blue and 3,0000 white, and was
$!."> cash, hut could  not  identity
the man who gave him the  -irtli-r.
The   way  the ticketa  were  handled
was revealed  n thi  various wlti a i
were called to the stand, but after the
evidence Crown Attorney Corley said:
"I wan! to get the evidence of .Mr.
Purvis to trace where the tickets he
receivi <l came from before 1 can make
out a case against the accused." and
Crawford's case was remanded and
I.eamon's I rmight up but the evidence
was  admitted  for the two cases.
Mr Summerbayes waa placed In the
box, and told of collecting t'ekets nt
the Arena and discovering that practically one out of every four was a
In the Issue of tickets only Ward
Six had been given tickets in any-
thing   like  large  numbers.
Mr. Summerbayes also told of having called on \V. H. Tusttn, who had
received a number of tickets from
Mr. l.eatnen after Ihe meeting and
had used them for tags on his feed
II. K. Mackenzie, Queen street east,
received a number of ticketa from
l.eamen. Ile said that the latter had
called at liia house at 5 o'clock on the
night of the meeting and presented
hlm with B bundle of 100, but he did
not   know   thai  they wire  forgeries.
Al the conclusion of the cross-examination Mr. Corley stated that he had
traced to l.eainen tlle distribution of
ahout 278 tickets declared to he false.
ground that the entertainment is be-
itii-  furnished   free  of charge to the
troopB. Should a municipality refuse
* to   waive  the   collection   of  this   fee,
headquarters will take tbe matter up.
'The exhibitions will last for about an
hour,  exclusive  of  intermissions.
It   has  not  been   definitely  decided
whether thla arrangement can be put
: Into  operation   nt   tho  camp  for  the
Monrteal city corps, which opens on
Sunday m-xt, but pictures will certain-
; ly   be   exhibited     for     the   regiments
which follow the city corps on tbe
ii!f>th Inst, and stay at Three Rivers
i until July 8rd.   Pictures may be alBo
shown at the cadet camp at l-'arn-
! ham.
It   is  believed  that by offering this
: form of entertainment the men will
not he tempted to go Into the near by
towns, where they often stay until
lato hcurB.
Ccuncil  Supports Application tf Min-
Eoard  of  He=:th.
Cobalt, Onl . June 19. At a special
meeting ol tlie Cobalt, town council
the councillors decided to support the
appllcatl .a i I the Cobalt Lake Mining company to have Coball lake
drained. The council ngrc d to this
on the condition thai the Coball bake
und the UeKinley liarrach supoprl
Ihem In their application to the On-
tai la rallwaj hoard t i have those
mines broughl Inside the town boundaries and so contributory to lhe town's
l ofl'er:*
This would mean a hlg increase In
tha revonuo of tho town, na the
laves on these properties, which are
verv heavy, at preaent go to the town-
Fhlp, and' hy this change would be
lurueil over lo lhe town. The lax
on all mines Is 2 per cent, of their annual Income, of this sum, onu third
goes In Ihe township and two-thirds
goea to Iho provlncinal government.
Any mines which nre Inside the town
limits, however, pay half of thla rev-
nue to the town and the other half
goes   to  lhe  government.
Il can readily be seen therefore thai
-lhe tTKlti tn the community around
Cobalt by the bringing of the Cobalt
Lake and McKlnley-I'arragh into the
I off 11 ia the' differ' tice between one-
third nnd one-half Of the Ihree per
cent, lax, or one-sixth of the total
tax, which would mean a very considerable laim. Aa far ns the mlnps
are concerned, It matters very little
to whom the money goea. They have
to pav li, and without extra cost they
w mid become entitled 10 the advantages which being Inside the town
boundaries would bring.
On the other hand the. town council
will go before the mining commission
prepared to aupnrl the draining of Co
ball, lake under proper safeguards.
There ia a paragraph In the resolution lo lhe effect Hint Ihls '�� �����' �������-
jeet to the consent of the provincial
Ida rd of health.
Changes   Hands   at   Sum   of  $50,000���
New  Armories.
Vegrevllte, Alta . June 111���The Albert hotel haa Just changed hands
from E. J. Clark to I! II. Itoberts for
the sum of $50,000. Mr. Huberts was
i former proprietor of the Queens
anil was very successful, Since relinquishing that, business he has been
on" of the partners In the Roberts'
ranrh, two miles south of Vegro-
The armory and drill trill fnr Vegre-
ville Is to be constructed forthwith.
Tenders were called for. and to he in
by June ir,. The building is to be of
a substantial and worthy character.
4i: hy D2 feet, cf solid brick on a concrete foundation, and will comprise a
enoaclPUB drill hall. 40 hy 66, a shoot
lng gallery. H by Iin, and beyond tbes
will   be   lavatories   and   furnaces.
Three armorlea will be provided for
KI by LM each, where arms and accoutrements will be stored. Above
there will be offices fnr the accommodation if officers and sergeants, and
one for the men, each to he of the
sit1" dimensions aa the armories.
Official Information Is just to hand
relative to the erection of the new
nubile hulldlng. for which the site has
lone been waiting and the public
longer. II is now authoritatively
stated that an official of the department Is now on his way lo the west,
, who will visit Vegrevllle. When his
report hns been rpcelved tendera will
be called for immediately, and the
building constructed  at once.
Banff, Juno 19.���George Ham, J. C.
Proutmaii  of  the  C,   P,  rt. and  Cy
V aiiuati o: ihe ('.. T. P., Wl re all
recipients (r girta at ihe Banff Spring
hotel from the members of the Cuiia-
dlan Press Women's Association, who
wcre guests of the c. P. it. Saturday
and Sunday at tlle hotel. Their pre-
Bsnlstlons took part during a lull In
the dancing and wcre accuinpaiiieil
by appropriate  addresses  and   witty
spi ( dies of acceptance.
Mrs. Murphy, '.limy Canuck" ol
Edmonton, presented Mr. Wat-man, on
h* half cf the Edmonton Women's
Press Club, with a dainty pair of oufl
links. George Hum was nexl broughl
forWard and presented with a suit
ivse liy Miss Marjorie McMurchy,
honorary president of ihe Dominion
association, The lust presentation, n
kit of travelling accessories, wns
made by Mrs, Sherman, of Winnipeg,
lo Cy  Wurman Of the O, T.  P.
Tlle presentations werp Witnessed
bv ever five hundnd dancers, who
applauded -liberally the three bashful
men aa they stepped forword to re
ceive the gifts of tlieir grateful feminine friends.
Montreal. June 19.---The decision of
the Prostestant school commissioners
recently, to the effect that Jewish ]
teachers may be employed in the Pro- *
teatant schoola, with the necessary
safeguards aB to the religious rights
of Ihe pupils, has aroused much discussion both In Prot'statu an.; Jewish
circles In lhe city.
The Protestant ministers loday are
showing keen Interest In the decision
arrived at by the narrow majority,
and lt la altogether likely that the
subject will be brought up for con- I
Slderatlon before the Protestant Ministerial Association. Meanwhile the
leading iniiiisiers are rather chary ot
expressing any opinion on the subject.
The  Hi v.   Dr, .lohnston of the  Am
i rlcan Presbyterian church said today- that In his opinion lhe action of
the commissioners opened up one of
the mosl serious questions that had
been hi fer,. the public Of Montr: al
for a long time, but it waa too large
a BUbject for him to express an opin
ion on offhand. He intended to lock
up the recot'.s of the whole negotiations which resulted In the Protestant section of the population undertaking the education of the Jewish
children, and perhaps later he might
lake  some action in  the  matter.
The Uev. Dr. Hugh Pedley, cf Emmanuel Congregational church was
non-committal on the subject. He said
he waa brought up under ii different
school system to the one in force in
Montreal. In Ontario and Manitoba.
titer,.- the schools were not caJled
Proteslant schools, bul public schools,
Thi y wore non-sectarian in character.
There was reading in the Scripture
and prayer, but definite rellgioua in-
Blruction waa not given. Therefore
there was nothing which would bar
a Jew from being a teacher ln either
the schoola of Ontario or Manitoba.
Likes System
"I must say 1 rather like the system here," added Mr. Ptdley, "but
It Beems unfair that people should
be absolutely debarred from a certain
profession  because of their failh."
Rabbi Hermann Abramowltz said
that this matter had not been forced
in any way upon the Protestant school
commission by the Jewish people of
the community, but they had been
waiting patiently for such a decision
for aome time, in tiie full expectation
thai it would come.
"New. practically cf tht ir own accord," he said, "the school cominis
sloners have come to the conclusion
that British fair play is a pretty good
principle to practice In a British col-
(ny. and I am sure they will never
regret having done so."
"As regards the fiar that certain
people si om to have that this Ib a
perilous step to take, for the reason
that the religious character of the
schoola may be afftetid. there Is no
foundation whatever for any such
. fear. That rcstit: cannot possibly
happen, for the reason that there are
so many schools In which the large
majl r.tv if the pupils are of Jewish
fai h. I cannot see how the Christian
character of any Christian children
In such schools can be affected by a
IJewish  leaching them arithmetic."
London, Eng., June 19.���The Bev-
enth annual international horse show
opens today at Olympla, London, aud
will continue until Tuesday, July 1.
As before his majesty, the king, is
patron, and the English directors are
the Earl of Lonsdale, chairman; Sir
(lllhert Qreenall, vice-chairman; oLrd
lloaedale, Arthur E. Evana, Wrexham; John Kerr, Kickmansworth;
Waller Lloyd, Norwich; Walter Win-
ana, Plucklcy, and It. 0. lleaton, man- !
aging director. There are four Amer-
Icon directors. Including Alfred (',.
Vanderbllt, and three from Canada,
while Austria, the Argentine, Egypt,;
France, Oermany, Holland . India,
Italy. Japan, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey an;
olliclaly represented.
$60,000 In Prizes.
The prize list shows that about Jlill,-
"00 will be given In awards over $50,- '
000 of thia sum being In cash. The
jumping competitions alone absorb
over $20,001) in cash and cups. In the
show there are a hundred and eleven
Classes, ranging from the coaching
Marathon to coasters' turnouts, and
from military jumping displays to a
fire brigade competition,
Time,  money  and  talent have not
been spared upon the scheme of decoration and Olympla will be more than j
ever a fairyland of flowera.    Kor the
parades and contest the arena will be1
laid  out   under  the  most   expert ad- i
vice and the jumps include posts and
rails, a built-up bank, a level crossing,    a    double    oxer,  wattle    fence, |
brushed   fence,   railway     sleepers,    a;
stone  wall, a  field  gate, a  low   stom
wall topped with a fence and a triple j
bar jump. ���",
Shilling Seats and No Walts.
As the horse show, the premier show \
of the world, is not run for profit, but
for the encouragement of horse breeding, the directors have decided this |
year to set aside each evening a
number of Beats at a shilling. Again,
to make the displays of equine glories aB popular as possible, it has been
arranged to hold eliminating trials
each morning. The result of this will
be materially to lessen the time taken In judging the classes in the afternoon and evenings and thus greater
variety can be imported into the program.
Another innovation is that an international art horse Bhow will be held
at Olympla during the run. ln a hall
will lie exhibited paintings of horses,
the object being to foster a higher
standard in the correct delineation of
the horse in art.
Moore last. June won outright the International   Cold   Challenge   cup   for
made,   in the coachiuajsorinthtan the!
I teama are driven about fourteen miles
out and home from Olympla.
Championship Cups.
In  the championship    classes    fori
ponies and horses ln harness the Na-
Itlonal   Horae   Show     association    of
America offers a new trophy.   This, to j
be called the New  York cup, will be
competed for by tandems which have
token  a flrst or second  prize in  thej
show.    Other donors of championship |
cups are:    Sir H. Montague Allan, ofl
Montreal; Judge Moore, E. T. Stotes-
���bury, of  Philadelphia;  the Society of
; the   Hague   Show,   Colonel   Lawrence
Jones and the Soclte Hipplque Francaise.
Another fresh trophy is the Berlin
! cup offered for a lady'B hack ridden
by a lady. Keen IntereBt ia Bure to be
attached to the pony riding by children. There are classes for ponies
ridden by glrla not exceeding ten years
, of age, for ponies ridden by glrla nnt
exceeding twelve years of age. for
ponies ridden by glrla under sixteen
yeara of age and for ponies ridden b>
boys of less thap twelve.
Two  new   awards  are   provided   In
the jumping comastttlons  for  hunters.
These  prizes  arc) sent by  the  Hark- I
away   Hunt   club,   of   Pittsburg,   and i
by the National Horse Show association of America, and will be won byi
hunters ridden by ladiea who are sub- I
scrlbers or members of a family which
subscribes to a recognized    pack   of
World's Officer? to Compete.
The jumping  competitions open to
lhe world, will bring crack horsemen I
fijom  all  parts  of the world.    There i
* should  he an  especially keen conteBt I
for the King  Kdward  VII.   ��5110 gold
i cup for jumping over the course twice
i by teams of three officers of the same
I nationality. The nation which winB the
(cup three times    acquires It  forever,
and as France has already won twice
lOur   gallant   neighbors    are    making
;  trenuous efforts to send their finest
��� rio  this  seaaon.    Belgium  were the
irt :rs in 1910, and Russia succeeded
! laBt year.
The King Oeorge V.  iliiOO gold cup
will go to the officer of any nationality
I who makes the best course of eight
I varied   jumps.     Russia  won   in   1911
I and  Belgium  is the holder.    In these
brilliant events the officers wear their
The Connaught  trophy Is  reserved
I for British officers serving in the reg- j
ular army, the special reserve, the territorials  and   forces  of  overseas  dominions.
Suffering Humanity Finds
thatrelief mustbefound for the illswhich may come any day,
���else suffering is prolonged and thereisdangerthatgraver
trouble will follow. Most serious sicknesses Btart in disorders of the organs of digestion and elimination. Thebestcor-
rective and preventive,in such cases, is acknowledged to be
This standard home remedy tones the stomach, stimulates the sluggish liver, regulates the inactive bowels.
Taken whenever there i3 need, Beecham's Pills will
spare you hours of suffering and so improve your
general health and strength that you can better
resist disease. Tested by time, Beecham's Pills have
proved safe, certain, prompt, convenient and that they
Always Lead to Better Health
���m IVepired only by Thomit Bcecham, St. Helena, Lancashire, England.
SUd everywhere in Canada and U. S. America.    In boxen, 25 centa.
Low Rate Excursion Tickets Now
on Sale to the East and to Europe
"Prince Rupert."       S.S. "Prince George.'
(Leave Vancouver at 12 midnight.)
Mondays for Prince Rupert, Stewart, Massett.
Tuesdays  for  Victoria,  Seattle.
Thursdays  for  Prince  Rupert, Granby  Bay,    Skidegate,    Lockeport,
Jedway, Ikeaa, etc.
Satursdays for Victoria, Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trains
for Tyee, Terrace,  Hazelton.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
5'J7 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.   DUPEROW,  G.   A.   P.  D.
i-hone Private Exchange 8134
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
Question    Whether    Guarantees    Arr
Valid   is   Raised���Looking   for
Calgary, June 19.���That a persistent campaign has been organized to
discredit tin validity of guaranty
bonds on asphalt paving given by private companies is the belief of sever
al officials at the city hall who are
reluctant to have thoir names used
in connection with the controversy
started by the Calgary Paving company. The legal department has gone
thoroughly into the <|uestion of tlu
bonds and  holds  that  they  are good
Communications are how being held
with the United Slates bonding com
panies which furnished the bonds for
these delinquent companies to use* r
lain just what kind cf a game is be
lng worked on  the city of Calgary.
"If these I.ends are no good, ns th'
Calgary Paving company's engineer
YV. E. Smith, Bays." declared one c-it>
official ihls morning, "it's high time
that the city made sure of it Per
sonally 1 believe that the bonds nr.
good for Hie foreign companies surelv
cannot afford lo defaut on them il
Ihey expect to do business In lh,; fu
ture. 1; would be more to their in
toroBt to seize the collaltiral which
tlle paving company must have been
compelled to put up In order lo gel
the bonds, and then do the work
themselves and charge it against tin-
paving   company's   collateral."
for pictures and statues of thoroughbreds, chargers, riding horses, harness
horses, agricultural horses, trotters,
ponies, Arabs, hunters and four-ln-
hands. There ls no fee for entries,
and prizes will he awarded by Lord
Lonsdale, Sir Gilbert Qreenall, Romer
Williams   and   others.
Sixty-three classes are devoted to
harness horses of every type. The
animals will be judged aB horses
whieh are driven regularly on the road
and It Is important to note that their
conformation, manners and style of
going will be considered���not their
pedigrees or records. A, G. Vanderbllt, who supplies three trophies,
gives the Newport cup for the best
horse in single harness. An effective
feature will be the class for pairs of
-th> tltind ponies to be driven hv ladies
or boys under sixteen years of age.
The dnshing, swlft-ninving trotters
always make an Irresistible appeal to
the public. Walter Winans is ammg
the competitors and it is likely lhat
he wil lshow the fastest pair In Europe.
The   Four-ln-Hands.
The four-in-hands will make a
highly attractive series. The ��100
Hyde-challenge trophy for a novice
'cam was won last year by W, A. Barron's chestnuts and should he succeed this year the prize becomes his
property. The Ilatchett's Challenge
cup ls again offered, and the Berkley
Challenge Cup. wen outright In 1S12,
Is renewed, while the Imperial Moscow association, run for the encouragement of trotting horse breeding,
puts up tiie Russian Challenge cup
for road teams.
Marathon   and   Corinthian.
The mere mention of the coaching
marathon recalls one of the most
brilliant features of the London season. As usual the coaches will ���
semble in the old world street at
Hampton Oqjirt and in tlushey park.
From th' re the teams are driven right
lut-, th ��� Olympla arena, where the
judges decide UOOU the winner W. H.
Moore, popularly known as Judge
Moore, who is bringing a stable of
thirty  horses  from  lhe  United  Stales
fir the phow, made the International
'���old Challenge cup his own at th" let
Marathon, nnd the horse show directors have presented another.   Judge
Sarnia. June 10.���Shortly before 11
o'clock on the morning of June 12
death came with terrible suddenesa
to George J. Lt bonville, a young married man. employed by Alex. Bowies,
contractor und housemever.
Mr. Bowles was engaged in moving
a house along Davis street. The house
came In contact with the wires of the
There are classes  electric light company and the young
P. O. BOX 442
man I.ebonville went up on top of the
house to raise the wires. He took
hold cf one of the wires to lift it up. i
when 2200 volts of electricity passed
through his body and he was instantly  electrocuted.
The  man  hung  to  the wire  for a ���
second   or   so   and   then   fell   to   the :
ground.    The electric wire burped his
right wrist and his left hand In a ter- I
rible  manner.     The   wire   broke  with
the weight  of the  unfortunate  man's
body  and   falling  on  the  roof of the
house set fire to it.
Dr. Henderson was summoned, and
after viewing the body notified Coroner Dr. McDonald, who will hold an
inquest. The young man was aged
about forty years and leaves a wife
and one child.
Comfortable Family  Hotel
Forty minutes run from New Westminster on G. N. Ry. All trains
Btop at White Rock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Bay and Gulf;
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. RoomB
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children end families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connection, also a store containing full line of groceries.    For terms and rates apply
White Rock. B.C. P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Might Have Been Worse
Port Arthur, June 19.���The Injuries to Dr. J. A. Macdonald, editor of
the Globe, who was among the members of the Detroit party who was
more or less hurt in the collapse of
a staircase at the Superior Pulp Mills.
Sault St, Ma^e, rt-9 ;"', early sc
serious as wore at first reported. Dr,
Macdonald was up this morning,
though he still has to walk with the
aid of a crutch on account of the
strain to liis left lower limb. His
other Injuries are of quite a trivia!
character, and he first suffered more
from the shock and shaking up. and
he was sufficiently recovered to go
for an automobile ride.
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
are different in that they
do not pri-pe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness. You can
always depend on them.
25c. a box at your
Drtif^ist's.     in
Natlanal Drug and Chc-mlcal Ct.
ol Canada, Llnilkd
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
rr.illwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for thlt class of work.
Phone 473,  Queensborough.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Law Suits Follow Flocd
Guelph. June 111. -Three suits for
damages, Involving nearly (50,000 entered agalnsl Hie eity by the Guelph
Worsted Spinning Company and the
(luiiph  Carpet  Oompany,  are being
heard  before  Judge   Muldleton  at   the
non-Jury  sittings  of the high  court
of Ontario. They nrise from the
spring freshets of 1912 and 1918, The
eompanlBS allege lhat they htivo aus
talned damages owing to the construction bv the city of Ihe Keeve slreet
bridge'In tlle year 1911. Thla bridge
ri placed a steel hridge which had
been up l'er a number of years, it
Is conn tided on behalf of (he city
lluil. lhe bridge wua sufficiently large  sav
1 fl
a were caused
1,   hut
of th
' en
Wetaskiwin, June 19. ��� A big flow
of natural gas was struck here at the
well being drilled by the Northwest
Drilling company, at a depth of a little less than 1200 feet.
This Is 110 pocket, as a strong flow
Of gas haa been used by the power
plant for the past three years, It la
not known the exact strength of the
flow, hut when conducted through a
ten Inch pipe to a safe distance nwny
from the derrick, and ignited, flames
shot aboul  twenty-feel  in  the air.
As the well Ib to be drilled at least
HOO feet deeper,, -everybody Is sanguine that a Bufficienl additional flow
will be encountered to make Wetaskiwin   the   gas   ellv   ef central   Alberta.
As it now stands, Wetaskiwin will
thousands ot dollars every year
From Those Who Advertise
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advertise. They will treat you courteously and supplj
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   It helps us.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Ib meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
as the quantity of gas is now enough i
to fuel  the municipal boilers con:In-
IUOUI ly, 1
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
%&A   '���-**:
��� 'f-m*v?^,-'
'���*    %-,)������.   . 1 -
*    ..-'1 .. *���S^a^Lt���*TZ
*-'**'���        .  ""     ' ������ ���
���-���':���      W^
V *' ':     1 .
V^fW^       *'
.      ������ - ���,
^N^'- M
��i ^*'--
* *
I. ^ .,r. *
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Bltulithic is noUeless. non-sllppcry. practically duBtless, easy 0:1
horses' feet, and. above all, particularly durable. For theBe reasonB
Illtullthlc ts commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, ano city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.
n-4-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. PAOF. EIGHT
Remember  the  Place-
33 Eighth Street,
ard the telephone No. 2
Summer Weather
Means Camping
Already we have-had a few orders for summer camps and we
wish to state that we are particularly adapted to this class
of trade. We send it express
at your expense or we will pay-
freight ourselves on orders over
J10.00. Do not forget us.
Summer Beverages.
Rose's Ume Juice, the Ideal
summer   drink.    Large   bottles
50e. , ,
Rose's Lime Juice Cordial, a
little different from the straight
Lime Juice.    Bottle 50c.
Welch's Grape Juice, pints
35c; quarts 65c.
Smith's Grape Juice, plntt
Red Seal Wines. Port and
Claret, delicious, cooling and
refreshing,  bottle   50c.
Raspberry Vinegar, just home
made, per bottle 50c.
Cliquot Ginger Ale, Root Beer,
Sarsaparilla, dozen $1.85.
fitrawberrieB, 2 for  25c.
Peaches, dozen    20c.
Plums, dozen    20c.
Pineapples, each    30c.
Apples. 3 lbs 25c.
Cherries,  lb 30c.
Kresh  Tomatoes,   lb 30c.
G-poBeberries, large Victorias,
2 boxes  35e.
A county court will be held tomorrow at 10:80, Immediately prior to the
silting of the assize court.
$7.00 to $10.00 trimmed hats fer
$5.00.    Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth streel.
An Ice cream social will bo given al
St. Mary'B parish hall, Sapperton,
Tuesday afternoon and evening.
Get it at the Royal Pharmacy
Sixth street.   Tel. 1253.
Mrs. Reiliy, for 20 years a mission
worker of the W. 0. T. U��� was yesterday made a life member of that
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman,
proprietor. (1534)
A meellng of the board of control of
the Kraser Valley Development league
will be held in Vancouver next ThurB
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
Are, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia Btreet.   Phone 615.      (1537)
Spend    your
values demand.
money    where
AU the assize jurors, with the exception of those trying the case of
Pertab Singh today, have been re
lieved from duty until Monday.
For everything electrics! see W.
Day. HouBe wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443)
The school trustees are pleased
with the progress being made on the
new high school during the last week,
snd are now entirely satisfied with
lhe work being done.
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served at the Nutshell during the
summer. Room 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
With the excoptiou of some of the
main limberB the old Canadian Pacific
freight depot on Front street has
h.en completely demolished, and the
lumber is being taken away.
Public Supply Stores I
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
A safe deposit box in our vault
le better than Insurance against
fire and burglary, because It
protects while insurance only
partly indemnifies.
Insurance can not make up
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22 inchea long, 5 inches wide
and 2 1-2 Inches high.
The vault Is the strongest
the  Pacific   coast.
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Interest   you.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
"The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Insure with Alfred W, MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Next Saturday tho St. Andrew's
PreBbyterian Sunday school will spend
the day at Second beach, Vancouver,
on the occasion of their annual picnic.
Cars will leave the depot at 9 o'clock.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
TerniB easonable.   Alfred \V. Mcl.eod.
During the W. C. T. V. convention
here the Olivet llaptist church, where
the sessions were held, was prettily
decorated with flowers of different
kinds, and the walls were hung with
the banners of tlie different local
unions which sent delegates to the
provincial gathering.
Special���Three dozen ready-to-wear
hats principally large shapes, suitable
for holiday wear. Values up to $3.75.
going for $1.00 nt Miss Davey's Millinery    Parlors,    Carnarvon block.
Kor pressed brick, tire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the II. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1064)
Matriculation students at the local
high school completed their McGill
examinations Wednesday afternoon,
and from now until the time the re.
stilts are expected to be announced
will be freed from the worry ot
school matters.
The Odd Fellows' will hold tlieir annual memorial service in the ball on
Eighth Btreot at 2 p.m. on Sunday-
next, which will be followed by the
decoration service at the cemetery.
All Odd Fellows are invited to attend
und bring flow-era. (1564))
Allan Purvis, Interurban manager
of the II. C. B. li.. returned yesterday
morning from Victoria where he attended the opening of the new Vie
toria-Saanlch peninsula Interurban
line. Mr. Purvis expressed hlmsell
will pleased with the new line, which
I is one Of the most up-to-date on the
Pacific coast. The regular service
commenced yesterday morning.
Ladies���Don't fall to B-ce our window display of trimmed hats, specially
suitable for matrons, values up to
$H, all one price $8.60, for Friday and
Saturday only, at Miss Davey's Mil
llnery   Parlors,  Carnarvon    block.
of his conl inning his duties aa pipe
line inspector and increased responsibility, Mr. Ankers' salary was fixed at
I $150 pel* month. Mr. Ankers has been
over 20 yearB in the employ of the
city in connection with the water system. There were 11 applicants for
the post..
The suggestion made by Y. M. C. A.
dormitory men to the board of directors at its last meeting to open a
dining hall in the association build, is
(1463) | being favorably commented on by the
members, and at tho next meeting
these may produce figures to show
the advisability of such a move, it
the move ls approved by the board
many of the dormitory men promise
to support it. 1
We make awnlngB,jtsnts and sails,
renovate carpets ana draperies, remake and repollsh Turnlture. manufacture cedar dreBB and waist boxes,
window soata and do all kinds of
upholstery work In leather or tapestry. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and interior hangings. Estimates given.
Lees Limited. (1481)
Two vagrants were summarily dealt
with in the police court yeBterday by
Magistrate BdmondB.    One had been
kept over from the previous day as a
ouspiclous character until  the clrcu3
moved out Of town,    lie got until    12
o'clock to make himself scarce.    Another got three  months'  hard  labor,
suspended sentence to be put In force
one hour after the rising of the court.
Chief Bradshaw gave    him    a    most j
unenviable character, as sponging en ;
a poor working woman and her family i
Tor food and ou any one he could for
The primary classes of the Queens
Avenue Methodist Sunday school Intend holding their annual picnic to
Coqultlam on Saturday next, June 21.
All parents and adults are- given a
cordial invitation to join the children,
and are requested to bring baskets of
provisions, etc. The train leaves the
C. P. R. station at 9:30 a.m., and the
fare will be 35 cents return for adults;
children over five 20 cents return;
and all children of the primary classes
will be taken free, at the expense of
the school. (1560)
The funeral of the late John A. Lee
will  take    place    from    the    Queens
Avenue    Methodist     church     Friday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.    Interment
n the new City cemetery, (1571)
FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1913.
ass���ts*ssjm ���������
A. M.
Tho brethren nre requested by
Worshipful Master to meet lu
Kree Masons' hall today, Krlday, June
20, at 1 p.m., for the purpose of attending the funeral of our late
brother, John A. Lee. Members of
Union and Lewis lodges, and all visiting brethren are invited to attend.
(1582) F. BROAD, Sec.
In   accordance   with   a   resolution
passed  at  a  meeting  of  the  Council
held on the 19th inst., I hereby Invite |
all the citizens of New WeBtmlnster
to suspend all business after 1  p.m.
on Friday, the 20th Inst., In token ot
respect towarda the late John A. Lee,
(1574) A. W. GRAY, Mayor.
The Store Continues Closed
All members of the New Wostniin���
ster Progressive Association  are    requested to meet at the Queens Avenue '
Methodist  church,  oorner of  Queens
avenue  and  Sixth  street,  at  2:30 to-,
day for Ihe purpose of attending the |
funeral  of  Ihe  late John  A.  Lee and
accompanying    the    remains    to    the i
cemetery.    Members   of    Progressive
Association will march with members j
of Hoard of Trade.
ALLAN PL'HVIS,  President.
J. Dorgan, lion. Secretary.
R. A. M.
Paid up Capital
acl  Surplus
. .   $2,800,000.00
. .   4,973,161.05
Trusts undor Administration
Trusteeships  for
,   $25,308,000.00
Open Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, ltegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp,  Belgium.
Mrs. R. O. Hendry, 40 Leopold Place,
Will not receive again  until  fall.
Mrs. Hugh McDonald, 45 Columbia
street, will not receive today nor again
this season.
Mrs. C. H. Diamond, Mrs. S. J. Ritchie and Mrs. O. T. Bradshaw have
returned from Victoria where they attended  the  EaBtern  Star  convention.
Among tho prominent visitors in the
city yesterday to attend the meeting
of Ihe Grand Masonic lodge of British
Columbia were Hon. W. J. Bowser,
attorney general of British Columbia,
C. E. Tlsdall, of Vancouver, and A.
Manson.  M.P.P.,  Prince  Rupert.
The following visitors are registered at the Russell hotel, many of whom
are attending the meeting of the Masonic grand lodge of British Columbia, now ln session here: Dr. R. Ford
Verrlnder, Victoria; D. Nicholson,
Ladysmlth; A. C. Messrs, Kobert Wilson, J. W. Tait, Victoria: B. th Kip-
ner, Quesnel; F. J. Bird, 11. Rich. Ladner; T. A. SpeerB, Creston; O, F,
Chapman, Trail; Stuart M. Manuel,
Esqulmalt; D. II. and Mrs. McLaren,
Victoria; F. Dowser, Kcrrisdale; A.
II. Sibey, B. J. Qrlnwood, Kamloops:
C, F. Yate6, Abbotsford; D. II. Morrison, Prince Rupert; John Seymour.
Coquitlam; J. Stewart, Ladysmlth, A,
C. Walters, Ladysmlth; Kdward Lip-
sett, A. C. Dird, H. .1. O'Keefo, Vancouver; A. T. Collis. Rossiand; C. D,
Dearvllle, W. F. C. Pape, W, S. Terry.
W. E. Stanlland, Victoria; H. I!
Rurtch, Kelowna; Dr. J. H. Brouse,
New Denver; Harold II. Salmon, Ernest Ebbage, A. C. Stewart, Charles
Wilson, H. A. Kenned>, Vancouver;
II. While, Cranbrook; Jos. M. Brown,
W. B. Thompson. Nanaimo; J. H. Lee.
Revelstoke; Wm. Henderson. .1. E,
Miller, Victoria; C. Dowdlng, Mission;
P. 11. Wilson, H. W. Hall. ChiU'wack;
W. .1. Tourn, B, A, Morden, A. M.
Campbell, 10. II. Brldgeman, North
Vancouver; B. C. Haywood, Victoria;
C. Dobson, Dunenn; J. A Catherwood,
I Mission; I. I. .Miller, !���: A. Ramsay. S.
IC. Klkington, Vancouver; Arthur II.
Fenwlck, Fort Steele, Colin S. Campbell, (i. L. Milne, Victoria.
All  members of  the  R.   A.   M.  are
summoned  to appear at  the Masonic I
Temple at 1:30  p.m.  today     (Friday.1
June 20), for the purpose of attending
the funeral of    Companion    John    A.
A. J. BRINE, J. B. JARDINE,     |
Scribe E. (15S7) Ex. Z. I
K. T.
All  members of Preeeptory  No. 56,
K. T., are requested to aitend at the
Masonic   Temple,   New   Weatmlnster,
on Friday afternoon, June 2n. for the!
purpose  of attending  the  funeral  ofj
Sir Knight John Andrew  Lee. ;
D. E.  MACKENZIE.    OEO.  BRINE,     |
Regent. Em. Precept. |
Funeral services for
Mr. John A. Lee will
be at 2 p.m. tit the
house; 2.30 p.m. at
Sixth Avenue Methodist Church.
Andrew Lee, 615 Third avenue,
New Westminster, aged 45 years.
Boundary Bay
Maple Beach  Park,    being    a sub-
division   of  the   historic   old   Whalen
estate    on     Boundary     Bay,     is    at
last on the market in 50x100 feet lots;
���fronting  broad  streeta  and   with  per-1
I petual   beach     privileges.     This   has I
'been the camp ground for scores    ofj
(local  people for yean"     The lotB are,
! selling   fast,   many   people   procuring,
I the  locations  they  had   occupied    as
'tenants  for  years.    Prices  $330* and
upwards, easy terms.    Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
Residence Y. W. C. A.
Phone 1.124.
Buy a Home on Easy Terms
4-room bungalow, facing south, good view of river and gulf.   Price $1700,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
3-room bungalow, 7 minutes walk from carline,  good  view.   Price $1500,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
If you have good vacant property, will arrange an exchange for part payment.  Come in and see us about this.
We have several rooming house propositions, also houses to rent in all parts
of the city.
List your property with us, we can act as agents for absent owners, collect
rents, etc.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
It   ia   interesting   tu   note   ttmi    tin
president  of the provincial w. c. t.
r, Mrs. Spoffard, of Victoria, ia   ,-,
work, rs  :
if    the present
Mrs.  MacNaughl
Both   have   heel
the union.
ui, alao of
life lung
Developing and printing
���done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Aa the offices at the City Hall will
close at 1 p.in. today, Friday, wag b
for the half of June will be paid dur
lng the hours 9 a.m, to l p.m. Employees please take notice. City
Treasurer. ' (1575)
The gang laying new steel on the
C. P. It. tracks along Front street is
making good progress. Work was
started at the passenger depot the
flrsl of this week and now the road I ���v<-'"r"-
has bun repaired well past Sixtli
The Ladles' Aid of St. Stephen's
church will hold a sale or work at the
homo of Mrs. John Montgomery, cor
tier of Fourth avenue and Fourth
street, this afternoon and evening,
rain of shine. Afternoon tea. Ice
cream and strawberries will be served
High tea will be served from G to 8,
Today the assize court will try Portal) Singh for perjury alleged lo have
been committed iii ii reference, taken
en oath before J, J. Cambridge, registrar Of the county courl, on March 5.
The reference was being taken In con-
Inectlon with our action liy Dharm
Sing againat accused and two other
lliii'lua. Accused la defended by \V.
F. llanaford.
Phone 43; L. D. 71; Res. 72.
Nsw Westminster, B. C.
John Ankers, pipe line inspector,
was appointed waterworks superintendent of the city In charge of the
whole waterwork Bystem from Cou.nlt-
hm lake, at a Bpeclal meeting of the
city council yesterday.   In recognition
Tlie marriage was solemnized on
Wednesday evening of Miss Jc:in
Qrolg Hunter to William It. Barclay
The ceremony look place ai tho bome
pf the bride's p&reuts, Princess .- reet,
In lhe presence of a large number ol
rela'lves and friends, Rev, A, Dunn
performed the ceremony. Mr. and
Mrs. Barclay will reanle in New Westminster.
MACKENZIE There passed awaj
yesterday at Douglas a well known
citizen of Surrey In tlie person ol
Colin J. M. Burton MacKenzie. aged
45 yi :irs.
le ceased has owned a ranch al
Douglas for S'.une time anad has re
Bldered In the district for about ten
lie leaves to mourn his loa.
a widow, one daughter and u brother,
Edward ���*���!.. alao of Douglas.
He comoB of lhe well known Mac
Kenzle family of Kilcoy, Black isle,
Kosshlre,  Scotland.
The remains were brought to N'ew
Weatmlnsler and ure at preaent al
Murchie's undertaking parlors.
See Big Ad. on
Page Three
ut not before 6 a.m, or
High   Class
Ladles   and
401   Columbia   St.!
let-day afti
the live yi
The funeral was held yes
toon of Robert Alexander
fear old son of Mr. and Mrs
i-'inlay, of Burqultlam,   Ser
vices were conducted at Ihe famllj
residence by Hev. A. Dunn and Inter
ment took place In the Fraser cemetery.
lltVl.V! 'Ihe funeral of Mrs. James
Irving, of Maple Ridge, was hi Id on
Wednesday from the family residence
to the Maple Itidge cemetery. There
was n large attendance of friends and
impressive   services   were     conducted
by Itev. Mr. Findlay, Presbyterian
minister of Maple Itidge, and hy Rev,
A. Dunn, of New Westminster. A
husband and six children are left to
mourn their Iobb.
Fresh Strawberries, per box  16c
Ripe llauanas, per dozen   30c
Red Spring Salmon    2 lbs. for 36c
Fresli Cod   " lbs. for 25c
Fresh   Halibut    2  lha.   for  2,',c
Smoked   Halibut    2  lbs.  for 35c
P. Bui ns& Co., Ltd.
I^ hone your order in early   ' **>
! B
will  not find  us there.
always    glad    to    hear
from  you  and
ever sorry to see yeu.
o   phone   us   up   whenever  you  are   hungry
we    will   e ndcavjr    to
satisfy you  and  your
���lil EUWUNOU. OILIH   M.P., entsiSCNT.
C. A. COGEflT, Gener.-.l Marnier.
C.-.fi lal paid up    ... $5,000,000
Kutf'-i Fund $-3,000,000
Total A>lft�� - $7C,000,000
P. Burns & Co. Ltd JM
A Modern Banking Institution
Kvery descriplicn c[ Banking la Iranracted by Tha
Dominion Bank. The Collection Department Is completelj
equipped to handle the busir.eus of Manufacturers, Wholesalers ami Large Corporations.
(Succsseor to Ayllog
447 Columbia St.
Phone 98.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St., Phones
1200,   1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
Take advantage of the IluslneBB  Man's  Train    and    mnke    your
home at Crescent  Ileach (Hlackio Spit)  for the Bummer months.
Train leavoa al 5:110 p.m. dally, on nnd after June 15. returning in
the morning in time tor business,   crescent   Beach   affords   Ideal
conditions  lor summer homes, combining  the  best   of  bathing,   boat
lng at all stages of the tide together with fine bench.    Artesian well
water to all residents.    Let us show you Ihls properly.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployera'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marino Insurance,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 5.45 a.m.
and every 15 minutes until fl
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car ut midnight.
SATURDAYS���15 minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���t, 7, 7.30 S and
8.110 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
tl 15 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in .  with  late car at 11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.in. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and    every
liuro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
nnd other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 and
f. .15 p.m.
POINTS���406 p.m.
ttm.   I


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