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The New Westminster News Aug 22, 1913

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- **g'ii*i*tVMimmmi*simmm
News Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
resultB   tbey   produce.     They   fill
targe   or   small   wants   at   amall
The Weather.
Xeur   Wenmlnster and  the  towe.r
' iiiniiil.-tcij: i.-lght to moderate wind..;
generally iair and warm.
b. c. nun crop
Dominion    Ctatistics    Chow    Peaches
Pears and Plums Doing Well In
Thia  Province.
NEW YORK CITY HAIL    T0 m M0     m ���**��� Nm
Realizes  More Than  Ever
Importance of River and
Tello ef Great Benefit for Ports Ready
for the Opening of Panama
"There are many matters that are
under the jurisdiction of my depart
ment in which the people of Uiiiish
Columbia and the people of New
Westminster are directly interested,
and 1 have come to get my Information lirsi hand.
"The tlsh wealth of llrltiBh ('(.lumbia Is becoming greater year by year,
and last year, for the first time, the
output wub greater than that of New
With these words Hon. .1. I). Hazen,
minister of marine ami fisheries,
emphasized the neeii of a system far
conserving the fishing Industry, during the course of an interesting
speech at the luncheon tendered hlm
yesterday at the Kussell hotel by thu
hoard of trade and the Progressive
Mr. Hazen explained thai he wan
Speaking under u disadvantage, in as
much as he had not had an opportunity to Inspect the Kraser river.
The harhor plana had been thoroughly
explained, however, and the opportunity  to  inspect the river  wus to he
afforded him Immediately utter   the
luncheon, when he was lo be conduct
ed down the river In the government
launch   Kispa.
Holds Conference.
Mr. Kazan, accompanied hy Senator
Thorne, Of St. John, N B., and Colonel
.1 11 Taylor, Ml'., arrived hy ntilo
from Kburne. ut noon, anad immediately on arrival held a conference i'i
the fisheries Offices with K. 11. Cun
nlngham, superintendent of the fisher-
lea department for liritish Columbia.
li wub a warm welcome thai awaited the federal minister by many
prominent citizens who attended   the
luncheon At Iho head table with Mr
Hazen were Senator Thorne. Colonel
J. P. Taylor, Mayor Cray, Alderman
while. W. c. McQuarrie, l>r F, P.
Smith, Mr. Curtis, Qeorge Kennedy I
and K ll Cunningham, head of the
tis'n. nes department
Alderman Kellington, Captain
Powell, T. Clifford, M.P.P,, I'. ,i Mac
Kenzie, M P.P., C. Il Stuart Wade, M
Monk. W. K c.ill.'v. llr. A. .1. Holmes
c. C Worsfold, .1 i.. Nelson. W I.
Darling, M. J. Knight, Nels Nelson, j
ii i. Edmonds, W. l*'. Hansford, D.
W. Gilchrist and Qeorge Blakeley
wi re among those on tbe reception
VV, (i   MoQuarrle, acting president '
of tlie beard of trade, was chairman
and   called   on   Colonel   .1.   Il    Taylor. ,
I'fer a few remarks, to introduce the
noted guest,  Hon. ,1.  I)   Hazen, minister of marine and fisheries.
C-r-nificant Visit.
Ci loin I    Taylor    pointed    oul     tht
Blgnifiance of the visit of the minister,
io New WeBtmlnster nud the Fraser
"II    is   under   his   auspices,"     s:,UI
Colonel  Tin lor,  "that we are able to
reap so gn ni  a  harvest of sockeyes i
and it is under his auspices that we
hope to reap a greater harvest    of,
Hon. Mr. Hazen yesterday
la d groat emphasis upon the
necessity of preparing for the
Panama canal ami having a
harbor ready U receive its
I raffle the very month it v.as
opened In 1915. He told of the
advantages the increased traffic would bring tu British Columbia ports.
"In my opinion," said the
minlBter, "it is as much lbe
duty of thc government to see
thut harbors are properly
equipped to handle tin. ship-
pin.': brought by transcontinental rallwuys as it v.as to see
thai those railways were built"
! Ottawa, Aug. 21.- A bulletin on
'lhe fruit crop conditions In Canada
has been Issued Ly the fruit division
cf the department of agriculture, deal
j ing with the situation ui' lo the ISth
The past mouth lias been in the
main, exceedingly dry. Many local
showers have, however, improved
conditions in certain localities. The
Niagara district has been favored In
this respect. Speaking generally
Weather conditions are reported good
in  thai  district.
Although the weather has been dry
and reasonably warm, growth has
been   fair  and  no  serious  damage   is
Two Governors in New York
Slat* Attempt to Exert
Ecth   Sulzer and  Glynn Communicate
With Dominion Officials Regarding   Escaped   Lunatic.
Mayer     Caynor     Unalarmed���Faulty
Construction   Alone   Prevented
N'ew Vork, Aug. 81.���A deadly
charge of dynamite- three whole ten
inch atlcks and two halves, with a
fUBe and detonator -was discovered
this afternoon near Mayor Qaynor's
office in the city hall. The bureau ol
explosives found that the combustibles
were 40 per cent dynamite, the regulation blasting proportion, and the
amount found, would, lr exploded, have
wrecked the city  hall.
The mayor was in  hls office when
Will Announce the Complete C. V. K. Reports from Mont-
anticipated to free fruits or
growth  of  trees.    Of  course.
jdry   weather  Bhould   contlnui
may result.
8. C.  Prospects.
t    The pear crop promises to be
.In the   large   commercial    orchards
""along   Lake   Erie.    In   the  Okana*;an
continue to follow along year by year valley the crop is fair, but otherwise
Albany,   Aug.  21. -Hoth    the    men
who claim to be New Vork state's chief
executive were busy on the Thaw case j tbe explosive waa discovered by a citl-
today and tliere was much telegraph- zen passing through city hall park,
ing and telephoning. . Mayor  Qaynor evinced  little  interest
Oovernor Sulzer late today made his when  told  of the explosives and  re-
initial move in the matter, so far aB  milned apparently undisturbed at his
ls he has disclosed, when he telegraphed ! desk   while   police  officials   hurriedly
to    the Secretary of State ilryan ut Washing-  drew a cordon about the dynamite to
If    the  ton asking that, the American consul-'keep back an ( xcited crowd,
injury  general at Ottawa advise Uie Canadian     Mayor  Gaynor  frequently   receives
authorities to return Thaw to the lur-1threatening letters,    but    tonight he
isdictlon of this state at Rouse's Point would make no statement   regarding
good|ThlS is Governor Sulzer's message:     | the  possible connection  between  any
tome specific |;lan laid out.
"The New Westminster harbor
commission will start under favorable
circumstances, in ns much as the cilv
controls its waterfront, an advantage
that would be appreciated by cirnni s-
slons in control of other harbors
where the water lots are under private control.
Will  Advance  Money.
"The government la always found
willing to advance money to harbor
commissions where necessary, the
commission firBt submitting their
plans to Ottawa. Then, when the
plniig are approved    and    the    wcrk
ready to commence, the government
advances the money by way of n I
loan, the money being paid back with I
interest from the revenue of   the har-
1.000.000 Peoole  Here.
Mr.  Hazen dwelt on lhe rao'.dlv In
creasing   population   here   and   stated   produced in  large
tliat he vas of the opinion that in the  produced  by  haM
not   far  distant   future over   1.000 000   ably greater.    Th
would   be  located  on   the  pen-1 provement   III   tin
below  the average  iu  British
i'lums are a fair crop in British
Columbia, except on the coast. In
the commercial orchards of i he-
Niagara district, all varieties show
well and are being shipped in ,*ood
The peach crop in HritiBh Columbia
Is good and there is every prospect of
the Crop being harvested In geod con-;
dition.    The  Niagara district  reports!
a fair crop, but by no means an    ex-
ceaslve one.
Cherries have all been harvested in ���
excellent condition. The crop was;
fairly satisfactory.
Much  Hail.
One marked feature of the report
haB been the number of hall storm*
reported, lt is uot to be supposed
ihat  these  are  more    frequent
"Please  instruct consul-general    at I previous threat by maii and the dyiia-
Ottawa to request minister in charge  mite of today.    It is just three years j tt
of immigration  to advise local imnii-lago this  month  that  he  waB shot ln ] iteration officers at Sherbrooke to re-  the neck by a co-called crank and "o|
turn Harry K. Thaw, nn escaped lima-1 badly wounded lhat for several days it
History   of   Negotiations.
Lind and  Huerta Making r.c Prcgrcs
���Latter's  Plight  It  Financially
Washing.on, Aug. L'I.-President Wilstn was at work tonight cn a special mi ssage
which he probably will read to
both houses of congress Monday, relating In detail the.
negot ations which have baeu
conducted through bis per3cnal
repiigentative, John Lind, with
the Huerta government in
real vSay Supply Falls
Now/    Becoming    General���
Is tarfle and Excellent in
���:.';- * tt #
tic, to
Washington, Aug. 21.���The decisicn
to make a comprehensive statement
on the situation to congress wai
readied today alter the president had
about concluded that the negotiations
between Mr. Lind and Provisional
President Huerta, since the exchange
i f notes, had developed no new baais
for discussion.
With  his message,    the    president I
Will   present   the   two   notes,   settins
forth the American suggestions to the
Huerta government,   and    the   reply.
Should  lie   read   the   document  himself,  which  he  is being  urged  to  do
by  members of  his cabinet, and    to
Mr.  C.lynn'B  activities  for  the  day  twine     According to the experts the'; *nlch '*���*-** he is strongly Inclined, It
In the Thaw matter began at 2 o'clock 1 only   thing   that   prevented   a   disaa-1 will be the first time since the days
In  the  morning when hc was routed  trous explosion was the presence of a|c'  George  Washington  that  a  preai-
. from bed by a dispatch from District I strip of cotton wool wound so tightly .deut  has  communicated  a matter  ot
"ban i Attorney   Conger  of   Duchess  county I about the base cf the fuse that a Bpark I foreign  policy  in perBon to the legis
the  United  States at  House's
N'ew York.
"WM. STJlZER, Governor."
Glynn's Menage.
Several hours previously Acting
Governor Glynn conjointly with Attorney general Carmody, aent a telegram In duplicate to Mr. Bryan and to
the federal secretary of commerce requesting them "in the name of t'.ie
state of Nev. York" to "ask the Canadian Immigration authorities to deport Harry K. Thaw to 'he state of
N'ew York." The telegram emphasized
the Importance of haBte.
Roused From Sleep
was feared he would die.
The dynamite fuund today lay on a
basement door in a oencrete moat or
areaway, within 60 feet of the mayor's
window. The explosives were arranged In a lattice form with the two small
uiecch on top. A part'y burned four-
Inch fuse, made of gunpowder tightly
rolled In a paper cylinder, led to ai
detonating cap on one of the half!
sticks cf dynamite.
Close to the explosive was a piece i
of  Chinese  punk  and  several   partly
burned   matches.    The  dynamite  and
fuse were wrapped in a piece of heavy
cambric   secured   by   red     and     blue |
usual, but  us high  priced crops    are |Bt sherbrooke. saying Mr. Conger hadjcould  not reach the detonator.    The latlve branch of the government.
acreage, the Itijury jbeen  In communication with the Ca- ledge of one dynamite stick was slight-
storms is conside
re has heen no im-
prospects for    the
between llurrard Inlet and the
Par.ama   Canal.
lie also mentioned the opening of
the Panama canal and the advantage?
that would accrue to the Pacific ccast
and to liritish Columbia in particular
These be advanced us reasons for the
necessity of conserving the harbors.
"In my opinion." s."!>! the minister
"it is inst as much the duty of    the
(Continued on Page Pour.)
apple crop. The dry weather has not
improved conditions, although it does
not appear to have interfered par
tlcularly with the growth of the trees.
Tells  Local  Official  He  Will  Probably
Visit  New  Westminster
His   Battery   of
Hope to Evade Deportation to States.
Will Be Arraigned on Writ
Corpus  Next  Wednesday
brcoke  Court.
shipping,   when   the   harbor   commls-
Hinii makes the porl of New Went-: Sherbrooke, Aug. 21, i ntii wea-
mtnBter what nature Intended it nesday of next weok, barring unfore-
ahould be the greatest on the Pacific seen developments, Harry K. Thaw
(.���,lst ������ .will remain In the Sherbrooke Jail, On
"   Hon. Mr. Hazen's Address. |that -Jay he is to be arraigned ill thu
Mr   Hazen then, arter thanking tl.e, superior court on a writ of habeas COli
,,���.���,,  ���,   ���,���!��� and  the  Progressive pus    Between now and that time his
association for the reception accorded battery   of  lawyers   hope  to  Perfect
bm, tinted out  the Importance of Plans no   to thwart   ,,,,,r,a ion   ;,
the fishing industry to British Colum   ^TMi^A brlet'was
"���*���: ,   ,., , , i,  i ,i,    the stains tonight of tiie Matteawan
", have been in Victoria, visited the i   |
north, mc .iding Uie Naas and Bkaena VtlUU.lwV alut comtn|Ued to lall here
rivers and  now  1  will have a cnancel       ft ,,���r,,(,tlv,, warrant.    Ignorant  of
to Inspect the   great   Praser   river,    the move8 m8oe by his lawyers, Thaw
said Mr. Hazen. ;h||3 Bpent ,,-��� ,|���u, pacing the length
"I have seen and learned n great ()f |)l(i nftrrovv corr|,ior In the Sher-
deal and when 1 go hack to Ottawa , r(10](,, j.,*| iXn<\ ,v.is nct even aware
wlll be in a much better position t'Mtbnt the writ of habeas corpus In Ills
adjudicate upon and decide Important oaM wilB MrTed on the Jailer Ihls af-
questions which are of Interest to the ((.,.���0(m and but for a timely telephone
people Of this province, message hc would have been produo-
LoU of Flsh Yet. ,,,) |��� courl today with the bench wur-
"1  was told    before    coming    west.   ranti
that there would be a scarcity of fish : Thlc Incident, variously described
dls year,   that   the   industry   waa Us a blunder, a ease ot absent-minded*
dwindling away, hut I received u |ncSB and un error due to hurry, arose
pleasant surprise when 1 learned that arter Superior Judge Olohonsliy failed
the run of sockeyes was greater than j to specify In Writing that Hi" writ was
the run four years ago
"I   would  like,  however,  to einpha-
Bize lie neclsslty of a proper system
Of conserving the fish, which wlll pr >���
vide a greal Industry for liritish
Mr.  Hazen  explained  the  terms of
the treatv    arranged    by    represent a
Culled Sillier
S    c. II. Stuart Wade, secretory of the
'board  of  trade,  returned  to  the city
from   Victoria   on   Wednesday   night
Mr, Wnde's visit to the capital was to
LaWyGTS interview Hon. George K. Poster, Uo-
I minion minister of commerce, to persuade him to visit the "Royal City. In
this li" v.as unsuccessful as Mr, Coster found it Imperative to proceed to
Ottawa  at  once,  as owing  to hls six
Imonths' absence matters of Importance
had  '.ecu un pendug his return     I!"
of Habeas promtce-d Mr  Wade, however, that he
I would make a point of visiting New
in Sher-     Westminster on his next  trip to thi
Pacific coast, which would probably be
oca spring
Mr.   Wade  had  an  exhaustive  talk.
with the minister on matters affect-
In ��� the city commercially and oilicr-
wb-". and dwelt upon ihe Impetus gi'-
len  bv I1"-  Hon.  Robert  lingers' visit I
'and iindiTtHl'.liii".
Mr. Fopter rejoined tliat Col. Taylor. I
M P., took the utmost care that they
should art lore sight of New West
minster for he took every opportu-
nltv of bringing the city to the tore-
nadian Immigration Commissioner W. ly
B. Scott and believed the Canadian au-1
thorities   would   send   Thaw   to   some]
point in this state.    Later Mr. Conger,
telegraphed    that    the    Canadian au-|
thorities     apparently     had     changed;
tlieir  minds and  seemed  disposed  to
put Thaw over the border in Vermont
ir they decided to deport hlm at all.
There was also jut exchange or telegrams between >ir." Glynn and Commissioner Scott fnd Fred C. Hlalr. supervisor or the l nreau of Immigration j
t Ottawa.
Supervisor niair informed Mr. Glynn |
by  telei*.'.:*"ie  that  he  could  do noth-I
lng until the courts had taken action!
but  thst  'os department  would use
i vi rv effo-t to hav.. Thaw returned directly to N'ew York state.    Later the
following telegram was received from
Commissioner Scott bv Attorney General  Carmodv,  who nl-ro had  been  In
communication with him:
"Extradition proceedings in Thaw
I core now before courl. This department cannot deal with hlin until the
crurt has decided In extradition np-
nlio-.t'eii. Will advise you our action
Immediately cape is dealt with by our
officers "
Glvnn Disappointed.
Mr. Glvnn vis vlslbtv d'fippotntcd
when infirm.*.I that dtsnntches from
Canada announced that Tb'w's attor-1
neys were successful In deferring the
court hearing until Wednesday, also
thai VV fhinirtnn dispatches reported
fhe i.-.o.i-iil officials as being In doubt
""r-'e.'tlng the proper steps for Ihem
t.i lake.
WORTH $75,000
Full Explanation.
While there was no information at
the White House to indicate whal object    it    was    hoped    to    accomplish
through a message at tins t me, there
was   a   well   defined   belief  in  official
I circles that   President   Wilson  thinks
| the reading cf an address which will
lay  the  American  viewpoint and  the
Huerta   contentions  before    congress
Mcntreaf. Aug. 21. The trainload.-*
tf farm laborers now pouring inti)
Winnipeg tor ihe harvest fields of
Weatern Canada still fall short of tbe
requireme.nts owing to tht. heavy
crops. A.-cording to wires received
from tho west at Canadian Pacifie
rallway headquarters in Montreal.
Saskatoon alone, on conservative estimate, requires 1000 harvest hands, beyond local supply. Reg �� a 400, Sourts.
2i>0 and Boissevan, Bslevan, Ogemtu
CIsrestiolm and Pierson 350 eiacli..
Frebish-er 2S0. Moose Jaw and Weyburn 20(1 each, Taber 130, Crystal City
and Carman 100. These are typical!
pointa selected as indicating the demand for harvest labor in Manltobi.
Saskatchewan aud Alberta.
First Hush Over.
Wlnmip**. Aug. 21.���The first groat
influx cr harvesters from the eastern
proviBM* to the wheat fields of th<^
prairies is now to a large extent over,
and approximately 8000 men are on
the way to or at work in the fields.
Reports which have  come  in  from
all poiurs slate that the work is well
begun aud that the eastern parts or
the country are, In the whole, a little
mcre advanced than    those    furtber
west.    The crop Is a good one boU��
as to quantity and quality, bo far as
can  be teamed from the officers    of
the railway companies and  it seenm
not at aU unlikely    that    a    -further
series  of  excursions  from   the    east
will have to be run to obtain further
help to take care ot the crop.
I    Nothlne. however, will be done   in
this   direction    until    after     Suud.y.
when the ruab of the help trom   the
district around Toronto arrives in the*,
city  and  the agents of  the    government are in a position to say how Uio
d-r.uui-J lias been satisfied.
May Need Mere Men.
Speaking un tne situation  in    ChUh
and  the people of this country'  and katchewan, Mr.  Malloy,  Becretary or
which also will be made, public to the the bureau of labor for the provim-v
  world  generally, cannot  but have an Of Saskatchewan, said that the supply
Important  effect on the situation    in of labor has been evenly dspoaed of
Local Financial Men Plan tO  Mexico.   It It expected to be a partial and that no district has been ur.duly
i answer to    the    Intimations    o�� Pro-
Build at Edmonds Road
and Kingsway.
WcEtrr.'nctcr    Autcmcbile    Club    May
Make ;,-w Hotel Headquarters���
Money Now In H^nd.
Trinidad, Colo.. Aug. 21,- After voting nnanlmourlv to hold a referendum
election of offlcera between (let. 20
and Nov 29 of tills yenr. final ad-
'"uriini'i'I win taken by the Colorado
i5tiile. federation of Labor lato today.
Th" present officers will hold over
unt!' Jan. i, 1914, Nexl yeur's con-
ventlon will be held in Pueblo,
The rtrlk*-. situation wus productive
of no developments today)
Ottawa,   Aug,  21.-  Notwithstanding
I the alleged stringency of the money
; market, and the reported hard times
In the west, Canadians arc buying
moro wine, whisky and beer and nre
snicking  more  Cigars  this  your than
An unrevised rtatement of the in-
land revenue ier the month of July,
Issued today, i hows that the excise
revenue remounted to llie large finu of
M,827,412, Kirw revenue is made up
largely from spirits, malt Honors, malt.
I tobacco and clgnrs.   Last year the ex-
With pli'irs already drawn up and a
lan:e portion of the finances necessary to comph te the deal on hand, a
new hotel, modern in every way. and
costing about ITS,(Kin. will probably
be started at Kdmonds. Burnaby, in
the  verv  near  future.
The site will be on the 11. ('.. Walker
property at Kdmonds road and Kings-
way, facing the B, C, K. R. tracks and
the Lulu island section of the Kraser i
Mr. Walker has had the property up f.n.or of a provla|onai
for sale during the past six months, ceDtable to all sides;
but recently  took  it  off the  markei  ���,,;��� _, ,,���t,,;i
revenue foi' Julv was consldi
below thi.I for July this year.
Little Boy Drovns.
Ciig'rv    Ane.   21,���Tba  three year
old son of Orvlllo (lilbert. a  member
of the -uritin exchange, fall Into   the ;
K'li w  river early-this evening    nnd I
v.as drowned.
tivcB or Canada and the
in liMIS, and which the United States
has so  far  failed  lo live  Up to.    He
repeated his statement made b few
davs   ano.   that  ir  tlle   Hulled   State"
did not, In the Immediate future, pas.
neoensrv legislation, Canada   would
feel forced to withdraw from the
trea'r and look nfter the Interests n'
her own peopl". He slated, however
that he still had hopea thin Lho l'nited
StateB would adhere lo ,li" treaty.
Harbor Commissi ,ners
Mr Hazen then dealt 'th the Imr
bor commlB'ikm. which 1, snld would
be appointed soon.
returnable before him on Wednesday U
next. He had set this dale In Chtm- <
hers, but the writ reod'ng "Instanter" >;
when served on thc .iniler, set that of- H
ricliii Into !i"-tiint action sml he hadU
culled it carriage and ordered Thaw lol,;
dress for an outing, when n telephone U
message from the judge Informed him u
thai the latter v.as lenvln" for Moiit-I.*
real, not to return until next week,    ;,*
Stays In Jail. ly
Meanwhile nistrlct  Attorney    Con-L
ger of  lliichess countv,    New    York,].!
Deputy   Attorney    Oeneral    Franklin  i
Kennedy  and  others  primarily  Inter-1
ested l'i .""tHiip; Thaw I""���."���"��� the border,  sri/ed  on   Ihe   possibility   of  his
Immedlotn production and noughl to
rind another Judge before arra'lnge-
ment might be held.   The governor of |
the jail decided imt  to surrender the!
prisoner until he hnd consulted with
the sheriff nnd the sherlfr said that j
-Alille no writ for the return was Btat
he had understood from the court p.'
iVarbors can best be looked aft*r|that Wednesday was ihe day and hejtt
by a harbor commission as they cnnlallowed Thaw hud better Btay In Jail, tt
Tlle rooms occupied by Hen. A. Wade, who ls missing since    the
floundering of the   state of California, were   searched   yesterday
and the probable address of hls father ascertained. A telegram
was Immediately sent by Mr. Johnston, for whom Wade work, to Mr.
Wade, sr., at Palmer, Mass., telling of the accident. A reply is expected this morning,
No thorough senrch of Miss Anna L. Cassndy's belongings hns
yet becn made, und nothing will he done by her friends until the
Hrst of next week. A post curd waa found lying loose In her room,
nt HOG Dublin street, bearing a Springfield post mark and s'gneil
bv Louise J. Cassady, No street address could he found and the
Stamp of tlie Springfield general posl office was the only mark.
Word came yesterday from Seattle lhat Just before the State of
California sailed on her fatal voyage, Mr. Wade took out a $1000
life Insurance policy with the New York Life Company, and made It
in favor of his (lance, Miss OaBsndy. Although hut a small premium
was paid the $1000 waits a clnlmant.
Hefore sending a telegram to Palmer to Mr. Wade, sr��� one was
sent to the village of Monsnn, Mass . but the message wub returned
yesterday. Mr, Johnson Ib now confident that Palmer Is the right
address, and believes that thc father lives In the country near thc
when the hotel proposition was suggested to him, and it is understood he
will be financially interested In the
A Fine Location.
Facing, as the hotel will, on Kings-
way, the paving on which will be coin-
'ilelul within the nexl two weeks, the
Intersection of the roads will be thc
mecca for nil auto traffic between the
two Cities, and tills feature is understood to have encouraged the promoters to go ahead with the scheme.
May  Form Syndicate.
A r.vndlcate will probably le formed
Within the next two days, and according to one cf the i"en finiin-lally Interested, enough capital Is forthcoming
to stivt operations once the company
Is Incorporated.
The Vvalker grounds, since being Improved several years ago. have caught
the eve of many a passerby both on
Ihe cars nnd also In autos. and It is
though! that th" acre of ground will
form an admirable place for the location of a Intel.
Should lhe deal take definite form il
is more than probable that the N'ew
Westminster Automobile club will locate their headquarters at the hotel.
visional President Huerta in his note
ihat President Wilson stands alone in
his  Mexican  policy  and  unsupported
generally   in  ccr.iir.su.    The first  re
futaCon   cf   thlr,   Huerta   supposition
came in tbe senate today when prominent   Republicans   vigorously  upheld
the hand*:* ol the presl '..-.it.
Nj Drastic Measures.
Pret dent  Wilson  reiierated to call-
. rs   today   tbat   he   had   absolutely   no
[intention of taking any drastic mens
lures,  denied  thai   .Secretary Garrison,
[of tl'e ,var department, had been call
rd   back  to   Washington, and  referred
to  tlie   fact   thut   Mr.   Harrison   wouM
take a  vacation cfer his inspection
trip in  the west was ended.
The administration hopes that when
the facts are known in Mexico the
Huerta authorities may be more inclined to respect the American sue
gestlons, The t'niied States, in brief;
has proposed that Huerta resign in
president ac-
that n Buspen-;
sion of hostilities thereby be broughl
favored in the; way of being s-ripnlieij
witli meu at tlie exfense cf ot'ier
Accordingly, he said the situat <ri
may become acute within lhe next
fortnight, and a lar^e demand may
hawe tii he met in son:" (Je^rec
Fifteen lum-dred harvesters fron��
the east ar** expected ever the C. N-
R. tomorrow early via Duluth. Tib-
barv fiters Kill come i.i a **ro<=c"'af
train .iml as soon as thev are buidi.ii'
will at onc-e be shipped out t:i tile
various points where ba/ul.i are require tf-
Tfkito fij the first batch to nrrivc
-iver the Canadian Ncrtftvru and wi/l
to followed from t!in��? to time by
more special trains and large numbers an. expected over tbis route.
Harvestinn General.
Hdr.ie riton. Aur. 21.-Harvesting i--.-
now in full swiiis in some parts fif
lho Kdiiioiiiou district. At Clover liar
and Nuiuiiyo a considerable' quan iiv
or hurley and oats havo been reaped,
and  wheat rutting has    CCtamencoO.
about   and   a   constitutional   elect on , The crops west of Kdmonton are very
held,   the  resulting  administration   to! well  advanced    and    nearly  all    Um;
reeeive the recognition of the United  grain  is ready for the binder.     Ilar-
. States government. ; vesting will be general by this  wwk
Thus fnr Huerta has flatly rejected 'end if the weather remains fine.
the  American proposals aud renewed]   '-"   T
;his demand  for recognition  declaring
j that his financial troubles are itue to
the  (allure of the  United  States to
; recognize him.   Official advices to rhe
stai"  department, however, doscrlBe
the   provisional    president's    plight
' liiuiiic'iil'v as desperate and official)
here  believe    he hns    not    sufficient
money to pay his troops and cannot
get  money abroad.    These considerations,   uud   the   incessant   warfare   or
the constitutionalists,    likewise    lead
American officials to the   conclusion
tliat even though Huerta may continue to scorn the suggestions Of tilt.
���United Stales, the situation In Mexico
will soon disentangle Itself and lhat
a policy of non-interference Bhould be
maintained  for the  present at least.
Best Poirif Prating From F. W. Noway
Sehocl tn High School to Receive
Bccfic  and  Diploma.
! Ottawa. Aug, 11. Tho bush 'li"
nienace is by no means confined lo
the Ottawa district, according to
Stories told bv travellers from Un-
American border loday. Otic who Is
just buck from a trip from which he
] returned  via  the  New   York  and  tit.
hawn railway from Tupper luke. slated
I that the wlndowa ot the cars had to
be kept shut (ill the time to keep out
|the suffocating smoke which rull"(l in
billows along the track. He added
that the fires were worse on the
American side than they were in
Tend '.'.'arnln7.
Washington* Au?. 21.*���Senator Penrose tonight addressed a letter to S o
retary Bryan demanding that he Immediately telegraph Provisional President lluerla and Oeneral Carramta
lhe constitutionalist leader, warning
them that the American government
will hold them personally respoeaibl"
Tor any harm Inflicted tipci Americans at Chihuahua wbo have been
threatened bv revolutionist's.
������;��� 0 �� tt
# i
tt tttt tt �� tt tt tt * tt tt �� tt * tt tt tt tt
Don't Want Johnson.
London, Aug. 21���Vaudeville ar-
tiBtB at a meeting today declared
unnnlinously against Jack Johnson's
appearance here next week at two variety theatres.
tt ������:��� tt tt tt tt tt �� tt -:ii tt *:������*���$������*
Ottawa,     Aug.     21. ��� Lord ��l
Strathcona   has   signified   his ���-::���
Intention of resigning the post ���**���
of Canadian high commission- *
er.    He  will  retire early  next -,i
year  when he will havn reach- ���'.'*
ed his ninety-fourth year. tt
He probably will be succeed- %
ed   by   Hon.   Clifford   Slfton. tt
former Canadian    minister   of ttt
the Interior. IT
-,?  -..-  -,P ;*���  *.c  -,,���   W -,r  -,,*   -��- �����-  **�� v  -mr "53 *'
At tl��. meeting of the school trustees bit night it was resolved to entertain the teachers on Tuesday nii-.b:
in tin? hindri-gartrn school, Thc chair
man offered to defray the expense, an
offer which in view of the money
stringency was gladly accepted.
The. aiTrfiigenients were left In t.ti<��
hands of Miss Strong. rmmlcf|tul in-
Bpeotor or schools and Trustees Mi-&-
Crostl nnd Mrs. Uilley.
Ills honor Jndge Howav hits donated a scholarship to the P. W. Howay
school t<�� tbe best all round pupil pawing from the school to the high sriuw"
The scholarship will take the form
of a grant of afl text books. ontBid-
those provided by the government,
UBed limine the successful pupil's enr'
ricnlnm. His honor will be officially
thanked for the gift
Tho municipal Inspector recom
mended that W. S. Mclntyre be ap
pointed to Uie vacancy In the histi
school caused by the reslgnat.na <,f
Verner Ptant. through ill-health, that
��, P- IWehbnrn be appointed to tbe
Herbert Spencer eehool In Worn of I
S2?Pen"U*tt' *na that M,8�� ra***
Brown Cave be appointed nnsic
teacher in Use junior room of the loam
Hebson eehool.
The school board had an mmsnaKr
ttfeatteto-l on Pace Bight)
FRIDAY, AUGUST    22,  1913.
An -Hmicf,emdent morning paper devoted to the interists nt New Westminster and
***** -rruutmr Vnlleit. Published everv morning except e-'uii.iay by the National Printing
tiat PuttUthing Company, Limited, at 63 lleKenzie Street, New Westminster, liritish
Ctttxfjx'emx. ROBB  SUTHERLAND.  Jlfano.oliiu  Dirrctnr.
All ttttminuiiic-ztiont should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
tit* itulittnimal members nf the staff. Cheques, drafts, and motley orders should bc made
a*mu*ii<i to The. Sational Printing and  Publishing Vonipaiiii. Limited.
VSILI'l'IIOSEti���Business Office und Manager, iiya; Editorial Rooms lull depart-
��*#��(��I.  SSI.
MHtacHll'TIOS RATES���By carrier, (4 per year, (1 for three months, 40c per
vx-ml*.    Bu mail. S3 per year, 25c per month,
AIIVKBTlSlMl  RATES on application.
Between Women's
That lhe bis I....bor day celebration
lo be held in this city September first
, will set a new standard for such events
now  is assured.  Union  men from all
i over the lower mainland, Vancouver
Island and even points in the interior
,i*-.* coming and Ue local committee in
chargo oi arrangi .������������nis
i. .*.:i every eitori to brln
il !'.
It has been handed down on good authority that pride
goes before destruction and a haughty spirit, or a banana
peel, before a fall.
Now listen to the dull thud in the neighborhood of Toronto.
In spite of what happened  after  the  wild  Cobalt;
scramble, to say nothing of other similar incidents, the
.'��� >lk back there in Toronto have adopted the habit of parch
ing on the fence of their superiority and criticising the
manner in which the west is working out its own salvation ; in some cases much to the annoyance of the west and
please note) to have tbelr nam*   placed on the voters' lists, by making a
declaration before the city clerk that
tliey pay ?10U per year rent or rental
value, thus Increasing Hi" household-
era' voter:,' Hits from about 40 to over
1.000   In   the    lasl     election.    Other
mi asurca secured are the eight-hour
s   puttingIday for civic employees and a $". niin-
ofl H rod Imum wage, the exemption of Impi ivi
ments from taxation and a fai'- wagn
The Local  Body. clause with union wago scales Insert
The New   WeBtmlnster Tra.':.:. and cd In all city contracts.
Labor Council, under whose auspices Labor Ten-pie  Company,
the monster celebration will be held, The trades councll hi- also heen
was organized on April 19th, 1208, bj ihe moans of organlzln* the Lal ir
III. P. Pettiplece, western organizer Temple Co., Ltd., capitalized nl 110,-
(or the Trades and Labor oCngrcss of 1000, which hae. been doing business
Canada. one year and lias paid S10 per cent.
At its Inception six unions were rep-  dividends   on   the   capitol     ln"estod.
resented:    Btreel Hallway Employees, Thla company was organized f r the
Amalgamated Carpenters,    Plumbers, oiimose of securing t> home * ��� ������ labor
Cigarraahers, BartenderB and Printers.  ;*. the city of New v. .���*.   istpr, and!
Two  monthes later a barbers'  union | thla has been  accomplished, the un- i
The main reason why so many-
women Buffer greatly at times
is because of a run-down condition. Debility, poor circulation -show in headaches, languor, nervousness and worry.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
the extreme satisfaction of the cr
nightcd land of thc wild and wooly
tics. We of the behave been told that wc
don't know anything about finance, that we are incapable
of telling the difference between land values and bull
pups, that we are letting a good country go to the canines
and, in short, that what we lack in general information of
pit kinds would crowd the doomsday hook so full that you
couldn't carry it around without spilling it
Particularly have those high-browed critics been hard
on what they call the hysterical speculation in land which
haa gone on in the west.
Nov; comes information from no less a source than
the Toronto court of revision that the land.game has been
carried so far in North Toronto that men who bought
lhere are now willing to sell for less than thev 'paid. In
fact, the ones who bit on the golden prospects held out
hy the vendors of real estate in North Toronto have
aroused the pity of the court to such an extent that their
assessments have been reduced twenty per cenl. and still
lhey are forty per cent, higher than they were last year, j
And then Toronto has the nerve to criticise the west.'
*.. io [ormi '1 by H. A. stoney, organiser :or the Ami rlcan Federation
- I of Labor, and this .body promptly affiliated with the council Since that
Lime twelve other organizations have
been formed, mainly through the efforts of the council, making the present number nineteen.
Although  nnly  five year.',  i.i  existence, Lhe trades council has been responsible  for  more  progressive  civic
legislation from a wori ingman'a stand-  '���). S. Ci
j point than any other body In the city.   '.'' m. I!
and at
meeting ir
are n".r! owners
ab'e rents.
The fir:-*t o'lic;*: er thi council were:
Presiili nt   J,  ,T.   Randolph,   I ers:
vice-president, Charles Feeney, Street
Railway Kmployoes; eecretary, J. ���'.
MoMurnhy, Plumbers; tn ���*������.:������ ���:*. C.
Rl o'i. ' IIgarniakers; sergra ��� -at-i rms,
'*.'.  fohntlro, Amalgamated i arpent.ora,
Tho present officers are: President,
nn. Teamsters; vice-pro i
(Thl LsrgMt Sals il *.:.-��� Mc-ililna In tht tltiii)
aro the safest, surest, most
convenient and most economical remedy. They clear thc
system of poisons, purify the
blood, relieve suffering and
ensure such good health and
strength that all the bodily
organs work naturally and properly. In actions, feelings and
looks, thousands of women havo
proved that Beecham's Pills
ifeli Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Sold wvorywhorti
&y��@ ah
: ��� Lota
�� 4.
of i
ami 13 of Lol 3. and Lots I,
ji. Ho, 20, i.f Lol  1. mitinlt i-
,i  '*,.  Suburban  Block  i. in
if  New  \V.'SIIIIII!nI.*1*.   ���
s proof of ii"' loss "r Certlfli ito
Issued In the n imo
lum I... ii   filed  I"
ill lind Ihe dlreotloce wllh c*
very valuable.
25 Cf Ml.
ry b"
rule Numb, i ������:>"���'���'.)
if   Lachlau   McQunrrli
Ill's  office.
Notice Is hereby slvcii Hint 1 shall, nl
:ii,. exi'lratlun of one month from tin dato
,i* the flral i"il.ti ntlon hereof. In n dnlly
i .,, .*,,ii..-i i. ihllRhcd In hl* City of New
���v. Rtrnlnsti r, Issue n dupllc He ������! tlio - id
 fieate.  un! na in the meantime valid
,.!,! ctlon bc made '���> me In writing.
Dlatrii i it. ulatrar of Title ��
i ... ,i   \\. ... itr,   , irflce.   N* w   V." Mn
ter,  B.C.,   18th  Auguat,  1013. (1913)
Knudsen, Cigartnaki
Throuph the efforts of tho council this rotary. B. D. Grant, Brotherhood ot
city now has the simples! and mosl Carpenters: treasurer, ll GH"b. Print-
extensive housi 1*.oldi���������'s Franchise act ors: serKcant-nt-arms. P. MoWalter.
'n operation thai cun be found in Brit- i aborers; trustees. '.I'--'. Thorton
Ish Crlumbin, eaabling uny mnn or Waitresses: G.. Uacon, Ciparmakers;
womou    (equal    suffrage    advocates W, Dodd, Street  rtailw-ay Employees.
The rebellion in Venezuela is causing much alarm to
Castro, who, like the fat man sliding down hill, doesn't
seem able to come back.
From the annals of crime: Johnny Smith, aged nine,
is apprehended in the immediate vicinity of a pot of jam
���no extenuating circumstances.
15y all means, let England have a tunnel driven underneath the channel to connect with France, but let's get;
this Westminster harbor project off our hands first.
According to the medical experts, all you've got to
iio to avoid having a pain under the pinny or appendicitis
is to smile and keen on smiling. Otherwise, you'll simply
have to grin and bear it.
'1 want you to understand that I'm hapuily married,"
declared an irate lady witness in an American court the
���v.-t.her dav. "How about your husband?" mildly put in the
man higher up who lavs down the law.
V/ectn-.inster Labor Tei-eplc, corner of Seventeenth .in-.! Royal A.
quaiterr tor com.TiiUes in charg : of big celebration i.i th
tembcr Firtt.
cnu'j, head-
s city  Gcp-
The best way to keep young', according to Lord
Strathcona, is to work. Now we'll have a few words from
the president of the amalgamated order of brake-beam
jockeys and his brother in idleness, the head of tbe I.W.W.
Reliable estimates place the number of lives lost in
thc Balkan war by fighting, massacre and cholera, at
nearly 400,000, yet the governments of so-called Christian
nations, go ahead faster than ever devising new engines
of destruction and increasing armaments.
In a hack east town there's an electric clock that has
been running steadily without winding since 1870. That's
nothing; there are some candidates for office in this fair
land who have been running steadily for longer than that
v.nd they keep themselves wound up all the time.
easily develop Into I tterness which
would bode ill for : preserv.il on i *
our Indian empire, The Inti rest i of
liritish Columbia must be protected
Hut Brltlfih Columb! ��� will .1" well
lo remember thai tin protection ot
hor Inti reels ���'������ all   '* sl il Ic    di
ponds Immediati I) i n the Dr I
government, I: would ������ *���;.**. there
for", noi to create or to magnif; dit
flcultieii in fie *.' . ��� ��� i' ���_��� . -n
ment, which is not onl; an American
I ,! u European, ' . Isn .m Aslatlt
This, paper claims to be the only one on the American
continent from Dan to Beersheba, 1 r words to that effect,
ihat. hasn't attempted to crack an alleged ioke on those
recently-discovered nrehistoric human skulls containing
$.;old filled teeth.   All the rest seem to have been bitten.
"��heasiatTc problem
to our own II I elnj ncci i aary to
breal * ��� voj t ������ al Hongkong. Con-
oijui . nr little device is quite et-
i ���������: * ��� fhe establishment of a dirc'l
��� > rvl( ������ ... uld render ihis devlo * quite
. i'*'l .*.*" should have to ftnd
aome othi r ..a*, of dealing with the
proi '. n
Thai the qtiesl on i ��� a big one we do
nol f"r a mi mi nt question    It is a hi*.:
Dealing with lhe Asiatic pn b!en on
tke Pacific coast, the Montreal Staf
lucyu odltorlall)
Reports from tho i'.i'lil'* coast Indl
cate that tin Asiatic problem maj
���gala become acute Members ol the
Japanese diet. It Is stated, nre In ��� *-
tijratiiir. 'he conditions among theli
pi-oplri in British Columbia; and there
are rumors ol a direct steam'dh ;i si i
vice rrom Iridi.i to our coasl The wltli possibilities of evil effects on our
inweeuce of Japanese politicians In our Pacific coasl papulation it is big be-
coustt cities we do not look 11,1011 as cause of the need for some outlel for
vi'.cj dangeroup We do not Imagine tho overrrowded population of India
tliat tliey wlll discover any conditions It Is big because it Involves very dell
v".v.ct*i they are likely to regard as an cato relationn I tweon the diverse
-aiTmiit on their national dignity. The peoples within ilo* empire We have
pre-wot Btahis of tli" Japanese ques learned by experience which caused
Boo Ip founded upon the sound founda- ns much itncnstni is for n tune thai
���Lion of the lo-Japaneae alliance the peopl 1 of Japan nro highly sensl
which Is In 1 urn founded upon the tlve ' he f opli of India are no lees
Pritish fleet    . :,,! |a not likely lo bei*'     v*.    of them havo ������.m high dls-
tinctli 1
Shoiilii   the  direct   Bteumthlp
fi-om lndi:i nv'torlallzp, evn    B Pri o*
-���c-vf'rnsl  Bervlce,  a  situation    might Winds  and  effeel
,-ie��ity  arise,  hovpver,  which    would|writers have nppe
(i ford r:-nl Cambridgo  in
*.*   ���. 1 ipi til li ������ ������ '������������ thi bei 1 thai ths 1 m
and    * I11 ��� "    ki 1'
ive    speakers    and
lll'll   IO   the   l-elise   Of
���call for dell'ute h in lliint. At preaent
we contnil the liidux of the Hindus
���sxat* BIk>in by 11 skle-wlnd. We do 11 ot
i(teeiinMn:ite against Uiem ut all by
���name. Imt ne reqnir. thai all Iiiiuii-
���j-TBi'itAi Bhall <��� n ��� ilir.'Ct from the
���try of origin Now al preBenl
is no direct Bteamshlp s**. Ice
Die nhores of the Indian empire
dignity" aiming Iheir less Instructed
fellow -Indiana, Already one of tho
lenders among them bus proposed that
if they nre io in- excluded from the Do-
mil ons, the cltlrens of tho Dominions  th
��� uld i.e ( xcluded in turn from In-
Wo do not know thnt nuch a policy
of  reciprocal   exclusion  would     work
Ciurc of Trouble  In  Imperial  Paril
mcr.t  la Still  Very  Mu:h  11
Livo   ICSUO.
London, Aug, 11     '������ he  M ir ���
fair has movi .1. 1 ul evi n yi 1  It  ho
,11 1 t iki n a movi  In the fair d ���* cl,
1 hi  ...(������.. rnmi di Man 1 nl he ��� ��� till 01
uph s the governmi nt bonnnt, to tli
exclusion of everything else, and the
piiblli atlon ��� f tne amendi d contr l. :
shows that Mr. Samuel and his frlen I
aro devotees pf Godfrey Isaac's com
pany lief*.re anything else. They
swrnr by Marconi; pay their prayers
to Godfrey iBancB, and hope tint when
ihey die the news of their demise wlll
ii" flashed through the sorrowing
world lo   Marconiaram.
Before adjournment question fo'low.
���*l question 1 : the house of commons
but never 11 t i'*ef .e'.tv answer wae
given The revelation whloh Mr. Snni-
uel mrde tlial he did not even km 1
thai tho Marconi company had no
patents in Rrltlth Kast Africa wai
fi ii '*..*(il by the i ���-.; * of the ani' ndi d
��� .,.,-.,,.. which thn piners lire nol
vet  found Hire lo criticise. This 11 ��� -
* ���**'" "*i lne 1 * cf tho bnd and oh
ii ci in... 1 |e frnl ���������*.��� '"" tho o'rt, nnd
contains nm ������ . nbsurd prov] lon
namely, lhe nennlty >o be Imposed In
the even! of the c impany not completing the BtatlonB within the time
limit - r 1 Ighteen tuonths. This pen-
nlty   Is  pet   nl   the  aiis'ird   figure  of
r 160 i" - month, which means thai if
1 tunto   w.t"   without  these   won-
'lii*''1' '"'iii iis, which everyone says
si  urgently needed, for a twelvemonth over the allotted time, the Mnr
conl company would have to pay �����!,
Twenty Fcrpnlc H
z for RjmIis cf
CACri Ar-
rive  at
M utr    1
'��� i* -
Rrill ���;
������ . It     :,  :   cr
���'���               lor
��� ���' ll
���  ���           Ion
��� 1 1  * .
, it tho
I    1. 1,1*1
;    .     Via    ir
��� ��� ���*  *������         in
:       i(| ,1        |.y
i iii age
'.   *     yean
* 1 lr  irn
11 * liargi. bul
���    : *
1 1   ;.  ...    n
���   rope  ni om
���  ���
Lh,   1 ,   sn*. .k
1 a rf;
.   .
red  him  to a
1  ���
.   ��� 1
*���  '-in -I'v   iry.
of hi.-*, li iggaga
1. ���      *
*��� * *
��� d ill ri""i'i".s��
���     * *  '   ;     *
1 know what
vr n   ine'
n me ot that
lhi  Men
���v      not   ' ince
1   ������;.,....   ,         1
11.1 o decree
. who does It
���   *...   *���. .   ..
���    ���
:, I-'
**\\ h it di
1 1   *.
Lh   ���" women
.* ��� r for?
fu   *
'���   '  Ihei  ar   soklng true
.*   : 0
lo *t 1     tn    cur
1 *,.   .
ll   'i a
���in i  1 heavy
ll    *
Men r
"' ' ha,   an    Important
��� ������ ' * ���' .*  ������ ue ndnd   On   tbe
i* *   '���       led out ItB citine-
fo in  . :   .,   brusque
id p ' ���' *  elder to be silent.
'i. ;  npping wiib the ,
*  trim'   '1 .,1 1 v this time
-nl of b'   '���    t t *��� "1 loose '
*     I  1 1 ��� * lubbor t knot enp.
t'i'hti t-      '. i    f**..    r* porter
I'd - ���"-.! "*   rl  ���
li     . If H�� Initial letti r
���' *   "nal ���< Mer Y   I -it such *
.1.11 forblddon lo the Mor- ,
ed <m\
1 ���
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  $16,000,000.00
RESERVE   $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada und
(Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking bualucBS transacted. Letter!
.if credit iBjued, available with cor
respondents ln all partH of the world.
���savings Dank Department- '���Oepoalti
received In biiiub of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per ceui. ���}*>
annum (prehent rate).
Total Assets over $180,000.OoO.OO.
tl.  D. BRYMNER,  Manager.
when vou can net as good, or better, manufactured In B. C��� viz.: tho
the celebrated "VANcotiv Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-in. in diameter. Thia is nlso made lu tills Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a Btock if Crushed Kock. Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
Phones lb and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pijjcs       TANKS
vulcan mon wosms, ltd.
P.  C'    E'
Royal Bank
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,560,005
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A General Hanking
ItiisinesB Transacted.
New  Westminster,  B.C..  Brnnch.
'.   &  P. O. or KlkB nf the II   Of 0��� (""et
Ik- first nml ihini Thursday hi r r m.,
.. of P. Hall. HlKluli streel A W.'lli
iruy. Bxaltad ituicr; p. 11. Smith, s.io-
ejpjpjjpjijejej���MgngEBCHgagaaB: tmm���-**:��� -r.^n.--rT-.tarran.mmrM
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet (Granby Bay.)
and Return.
A u 2.
ci al.   Island,    Mountain   and   Forest
Sails 'I hure.lays (Midnight) Aug.
21st ai d 28th
lti .:��� hardship In Canada. Possibly S00 per station, losing also the email
* mutual agreement ' * allow 1 a"h of interest or two per cent, promised In
us to ran onr own coui ti maj bo thi advance, In respect of the interval he-
ultimate solution cl the problem. Rut  tween the two completion .-t-1-1:." ��� itei
,eo musl noi forget thai In that solu-I  _..	
tion  lies  ihe  gi  ma  of   .* hal   mlghl
Fivs     Days     includin-j
Meals   and   Berth.
S..ils Mondays (Midnight),
L'Mb  and   Sept,   1.
Boats remain at PRINCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Qrand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, wltb or without private bath, etc., an nn additional cost. Staterooms en suite without extra cos' All outside
r icms.
Through tickets to all Eastern points tin the popular Qrand Trunk
1 Granville
'. P.
& T, A.
I,   Iv   DUPEROW,  0.   A.
I lion.. Private Exchanai
P.   U.
,. O. O. M��� NO 884.���MEETS ON
first, Second, third nn.l fourth W.-itiii's-
day in "iicli month itt t p. tn.,
in tha M.,..se Homo, 11. J. Leamy,
dictator; B\ E. Jon.'s, secretary,
rleadnuartsra of iodic In Bea lions.*.,
corner of Kuurth mid Ciirnarv.ni utr.*..is.
1.  O. O.  V.  AMITT 1XIDOE NO.   IT���TIM
rf-Kuliir ni.-tliiK of Amity lodge No.
27, I. O. O. V.. la h��ld ev.ry Hondas
nlKht nt 1 o'clock In Odd fellows' llsll
oornsr Carnarvon and Kluhtti i.tr-^.-te
Vlslilnit lir.'ihem cordially Invlter
ft. A   .M.rriih.'w. N'.d . If. W, Sangster,
V.  Q.i   W.  C.  Conlham.   P.  (I     r	
Iiik secretary: J. W. DdacDonald, flnan-
clal  secr-ctary.
J. H. Todd's Music House
41D   Columbia   Rtreet.   New   Westminster.
Tiin-er   c;.^|rn   MuchlnOI.     Small   Musical  Cnod-e  nl  oil   Klnde    PHONE  1
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is iiH'rlln:
>iib tiie greatest favor wherever luid.
a     HOWELL    (SUCCESSOR   VO   <1EN-
ler  A   Iliinnn.   Ud.)~Funar��l   dln-ctere
nnd embalms���.   Parlors ioi. Colurabls
sir." 1.    NVw   Weatmlnater.    1'linni.  ����>
E PA LBS���Plonner Eunernl Dlr.ctoi
nnd Ecbalmer, W2-61H Agn.'" etreet,
oppoBlv* 1'nrneKle Library.
II    .1.   A    I1EHNETT,   AUMTOn     AND
Accountant    Tel.  It.  128- rt'""" :. I,,irl
P. II. Smith. W, .1. OroVS*.
Work  undertaken   in   cliy   and   ouisldf
points.    ���Il-I'i    W��Stm!nStor   Trust    nid��.
Phons   364.     P.   O.   Hox   607.
Bale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc.: cjr-
culur work Hrs^-ljillst. All w..ik strictly
confidential. It. Barry, r,,..in 418 W,*at-
mlneter Trust Blk.   Phone J0J,
Hter Heard nf Tnld" mSOtS In Hi" b.xii'd
room, City Hull, na toUows; Third Krlday (tf eneh uiia.lh; (lUiieoel/ nii.eliig
on tbe third l'eidny of February, May,
AUeTUSt   nnd   November  nt   B   i��.ei.     Ao-
iiii.ii meetlnn on the third Friday o!
February, e'. 14. Btuart V.'.nlu, aecie-
tii ry,
IS, Sf.4.  ud'..  *
i',. cj;. tit, '.
In,up   I,   Map   114.
New    w.i.tiiiii-ii-i
I,   OKI,
In ii.-
..1   iii  tbe
has   hull
I   shall.
! "...   I ...Is 802,  f,
i..* 1. r,j.*,. iu
,,r  1 ...1   nt,
Dlstrlcl   of
llniiiininid   J
\Vh..|*,.i.s proof ut Un
r  uric  Number   r;t4��   |.
name of  Edwin  o   Hlmn
filed  in Ibis office.
Notle.. Is beroby Riven it
I'll"   .-xplratlun   of   one   in.,nth
late   of   tho   first   publication   I
1  dally newspsper publlehed  In
,r   New   Wnotmlneter,   issn.'   n
it ihr snld Certificate, unloee in 1
lies   valid   .ilel.cttun   be   inmli'   lo   tin'   hi
iv tiling.
ITIetrlct  Hmisiiar nf Tltlee,
Land  Renlatrv Office,   Now   Wontmlns.
"r,   Il.C.  2nd  AiiKii'.t.   Hll.'I. < 1 s4r,>
11 II...
'if. Ill
. City
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Wnatmlnstet with Boulevard Dowr
i^. the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-Bllppary, practically diistless, easy oa
hornet*' feet, and. above all, particularly durable. Kor ilieao reasons
Bltulithic in commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, an.l clty officials. It hun been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, und over two hundred in the United Statea.
Colombia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Truet Building, Vincouver.
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co., a,.���,1
Wo now havo four trains dally and
wlll give you the cheapest ralo going
not only to Eastern points, hut to
Kootenay and olher points. We are
also agents for all steamship lines.
For reservation and other particulars
apply to
B. OOULET, Agont.
New Westminster
II W. HRODIK, 0. P. A., Vancouver. ��� III    *.	
���an tm
FRIDAY, AUGUST    22, 1913.
--*  -���. ���-     -m***'-.
******* * *******���'   ���
������    �� nr-n
We Will Place
ist 23
The entire stock of LEES LIMITED, at prices we can truthfully and conscientiously state are the
lowest ever offered on this fine class of merchandise.   The sale will be run for 18 days only, and will
Positively close on September 13th.
WE are desirous of selling as much of the Lees Limited stock as possible as we wish to stock up with
new lines. It is our aim and wish to make this the most
up-to-date department store in Western Canada. We look
upon this sale as an opportunity of advertising the change
of ownership, and will do everything possible to merit f
your good will and confidence. The stock was bought at
a price that will enable us to sell you goods at less than
manufacturers' cost; on some lines, cost will not be
considered and Goods will be Marked Down to a Price tbat
will be Positively Startling.
THE Stock and Quality of the goods is too well known
to need enumeration. The goods are all new and in
first-class condition. This is not a sale where a lot of
questionable merchandise has been bought specially for
sale purposes, or a sale of soiled and shop worn goods. We
offer you regular lines of reliable and dependable merchandise and at a price that will make buying a pleasure.
Buy enougb to last you for years, you'll never bave a better
opportunity of saving money on bigb grade mercbandise.
Oil Cloth
Brass Beds
Iron Beds
Springs, Mattresses
Lace Curtains
Dress Goods
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' and Children's
Dresses' Suits,
Coats, Etc.
Glassware  ���
Stoves and Ranges
Gents' Furnishings
Trunks, Valises, Etc.
Space does not permit us to give a detailed account of prices.   We could fill pages, then only touch the fringe of the stock,
guarantee to save you from 30 to 60 Per Cent, on your purchases.   This is a sale you cannot afford to overlook.
The above statement can be verified by all who visit the store; it is not an exaggerated statement for advertising purposes.   We
wish it distinctly understood that we value our business reputation too highly, and will in no mannner countenance any misrepre
sentation.   Store closed from Aug. 4th to adjust and remark stock.
Sale Opens Saturday Morning, August 23, at 9 o'clock, and Positively Closes on Saturday, September 13th.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C
tmsssssassmm ���^MiaHMMMMBnh.
���**.<.*. ��K����
FRIDAY, AUGUST    22,  1913.
Fresh VYater and Salt
It    Wat    Said    Longshoremen    Were
Ovti-wcrl.ed���Matter Settled and
Ship Clears Sept. 10.
t. Abernethy Yesterday Appointed a:
Third Member���With H. G. Hodg-
con Represents Government
for any length nf time,  il  would    be
j dusk before i'oint Itoberts was
Objectionable Fish Traps.
In  Inspecting the American    traps |
: Deputy Minister of Fisheries Mclntyre for lhe province explained that
byi a treaty between the American
anj Canadian governments, enacted
aofie time ago, both agreed to a weekly r.'spile of ;!G hours when the entrance to traps owned on either aide
of the International lino would be lefl
.open to let  lish    that    might    enter Iger attended the
lOKca!"".   This treaty hail been strictly  ,\llit supported tl
! enforced by the Canadian government
hut not  l.v the American.
On Wednesday afternoon at
o'clock the marriage was solen;
at the residence nf the bride's
ents, Captain and -Mrs. Thomas Hem-
brctigh, 51S Eighth street, of Iheir
daughter Hose and John Murray, of
Kamloops. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Crux and Rev. Mr.
Frank, of Edmonds. Miss Kva Httln-
ride, while Albert
In   lhe presence   of relatives   and
friends  of    the    contracting    parti
lion. Mr. Ilazi n and Senator Thorne  from  this city,   Chilliwack   and   Kam-
returned straight to Vanoouver
morrow  they  will  go  to  Alberni
later return to the east.
The thlnl member of the North Arm
harbor commission will be R, Abernethy, of Port Moody, wel: known In
New WeBtmlnster and throughout the
Fraser valley.    Announcemi'tit of  Mr.
Although a little friction crept ,n
between the tongahoremen and iho
mill people as to the loadiiiR of the
..j.-.jiner   lliraklea    at    Kraser  HUH,
ererytnlng lias heen arranged so *hni ; Abernethy's appointment was made hy
m> delay will take place with tho load-   Col. J. I). Taylor,  M.P., on hoard  the:
in- of the three  million  feet of lum- ' fisheries   power   cruiser   Flspa    while
'��� , .. ...    ishe   waa   steaming   to   I'oint   Itoberts
ber hound lor the Argent,ne n-jmbiie.   yeaterda,  afternoon, with   lion. .1.  a!
It is said that the mill p<-opk*- ware Hazen, minister of  marine and  flsh-
overworking    the    longshoremen     in j cries on hoard.
ro-hing  the shipment rrom  the min.      Tlu* nBW eommissloner is president
" ..... ..*.���.  ���. lot the Dewdney Conservative assocla-
In addition to this the crew of the boat L)on_    Hfl [g & p;|rtn(,,. ()f MRy(jr p  ���
made Objection to the dust and f.in- | pOP ���f port M00fly j., business and
dors from Ihe refuse burner Blighting I though his Interests are to a large axon the lumber. The Herakles win'lint centered on llurrard Inlet, he Is
probably drop down river on Ses��t. 1ft,|one of thus" who is a firm believer
bound For Ghematnus where additional lln the possibilities of the N'orth Ann
lumber will he taken on board. The as a shipping pert and also in the
null company is now negotiating fw taaln channel of tlie Fraser.
a sailing vessel to take a cargo Of Itrm-      The other members of the commls-
Permit   for  C30.CO0   Taken   Out���Old
Timcrr to Get Together���Investigate  Water Charges.
lier to one of the Australian prirts.
WORTH $3,300
Vancouver,  Aug.  il
$30,800, taken oul yesterday by .1
Lar on, corner HarrlB street and Commercial drive, was for a dramatic and
vaudeville thi'.Ure, to lie erected there
at once.
Only a Shaking.
To- loops, the ceremony took place under
and  the archway    between    the    drawing
room and hall, which had becn beautl.
fully     decorated     for    til-'     occasion.
Thera also were Included in the list
iof guests  the  children  of  tlie  bride's i
class   in   one of lho   I ical Sunday
seine Is
The bride was gowned in whlto ;
sat'n, trimmed with white brocad3,
with veil and orange blossoms and '
carried a bouquet of bridal roses and. I
asparagus fern. Miss Ettlnger, t'n* '
brid. s-caiil. was attired In green
satin, with hat to match and carried,
a hunch of pink carnations.
To thc bridge, the groom's >*. r'
I was a handBome necklace, to the
I bridesmaid a bracelet, and to the best i
| man a pair of cufl links, whllo the
A permit for couple alio were the recipients ofj
.Mc- many handsome and useful wedding
present'.; from their relatives and
Afier the wedding luncheon, Mr.
ami Mrs. Murray lef; for their honey-
moon en  Vancouver island and Pugel
ItflOO previously appointed are Frank
|T}. Trites, of Richmond, and II. c.
. llrdgson. of South  Vancouver.
Mr. Trltes was the selection of th"
i four municipalities directly interested
In the harbor commission, the appoint-1
menl being made at a meeting of a
li Ini   committee,    on    June  'i'i.    Mr.
Hodgson is one of the appointees of I
I l*ie government ami Mr. Abernethy is
I Ihe other.   The three gentlemen com-  ���'''���*-''���'' gathering
'ancouver   whi n
Up the
i Bid)in
Eleven   Are   Now   Almost
Use   by   Eig   Dredge
pose the commission.
Mr.   Abernethy   was  on   board   the
Kit-pa yesterdiy when  the announce- Tne occasion
menl was nneu* and naturally received  excursion   arranged
many    congratulations  on   his  latest  v
A  fall of ".a feet  Rave only a shak-   sound,    Later they will return In th
ing to Robert McKee. a laborer on the ,,:,,.  fl)r .,  s]10..t \.\s\t  and  then  pr
construction  work of tbe  new  it.  C.  ,.,.,.,-,   ,,,   Kamloops  where   they
Electric rallw;. >   barns.    While assist-   ,;1
Ing yesterday to move a plank In the
upper structure,  McKee slipped,    llei PARKER���-LOVE
wns able to walk to bis h ime at 217
Howe street.
Old   Timers   to   Gather.
Next   Saturday   Will   likily   see   the
of   old   timers of
they   will   meet   on
Two pretty weddings, which excite 1
much interest in Burnaby, took plac
on Wednesday aft ntoon at St. Al
ban's church, Kast Burnaby. The flral
oue tin*., place at :; o'cli ok whi n M sa
minster   Marine   Railway     company's
cards, almost ready to be launched.
These arc for the dredge King Kdward to carry her discharge pipe
trom where she happens ta be working to the shore, and already there
are some BO BUCh available for thc
King Kdward at different points.
The pontoons  now  being  built
cob! ia the neighborhood nt $300 each
Six of them are 12 by 2S feet iti size
and  five are  1- hy 30 fed.
of the gathering ls an
b\   iio*   Vaneou-
oclatton.     Nearly
e err- pn mint nl old tirni r In the city
h'i.**. already secured tickets which are
'.. I e had  rrom O. It. Cordon
Courl bui'ding: William Godfrey, manager ef the Dank    of    British North
���\nii r.-:   Itev.  1".  D.   McLaren,  1947
Pendrlll  rtreet.  i nd   It.   L.  Maltland,
Rogers   building.    The   Prln"ess
;l  will  leave the C P.R.  wharf at
l.i.", Saturday afternoon ami will return to the wharf a' 8:30,
The  Water  Cirgcf.
It will he the city council or a committee   thereof   tint   will   Investigate
HI |are properly equipped to expeditiously |the charges brought  by  Aid.  M.  Me-
lhe C. P. it. steamship Princess Royal.  Sarah I ove, daughter > t Mr. and Mrs
���/;:;;;: rrr^rs: HON. HR. HAZEN SEES
(Continued (rom pace onei
government to see that  tlte harbors
The tug Plunger cami- Into thia
yesterday and docked at the city
Uet wharf.
The arms nf the lug citv ilnnc!-; al
iV: fool ii Eighth street were wee!
ed yesterday.
and economically handle the shipping
brought by the transcontinental rail
ways, as it was their duty to Bee tha
those railways were built."
Mr. Hazen then look up the filiate
c'al question and the present string
"Although suffering, in common
with other e.eii,nil's, from the linancial stringency, i! does not appear to
The '-Samson   left   early    yeh'tf.rday
morning to-Kodown the north ana in affect seriously buying by the psopte; charrtbBl Alderman  McBeath  Immedl
Booth agalnsl Waterworks Superintendent Maddison, aad not a judge if the
charges are proceeded with. What
that committee will he. if a committee is decided on. remains to ho as-
certalned, for after half an hour's
wrangling, the waterworks commit-
too yesterday afternoon came no
nearer settling upon a representation
that W'ould  be mutually agrei aide
()n the city solicitor advising the
committee that a .indue would probably recuse to he bothered  with  the
sic-arch or t-T.ato.
Tho government dredge Fruhllng
is expected at the D.P.W. wharf t.i-
niglit, after a week sp i.t tjuwn river.
l! waip said some time a-to that the
tiig cily dredge .lohn A. I.ee was built
hy the Westminster Marine Hallway.
'li"- nami of tin* builders ���>'������ Mik] lave
been 'the SI ir Shipyard.
morc -humpback:**,,
Sockey Ca'.-hes Are Eccornir.g Kmh
Smaller Each Day Now.
Yesti rriey's report uf the !1. C. Can-
ru rs is given here:
Belliuihani not 50,000 salmon -jes-
terday witli a considerable percentage of humpbacks.
as in tlie flrst live months of this
j ear thero was nn increase of over
fiii.uoo,(mil in rtivcnue over the same
period last  year "
At tlie conclusion of the address,
which was listened to with interest.
.Mayor Gray moved a vote cf thanks
(o Mr. Dozen, which was seconded hy
Hr. F. P. Smith and endorsed by
everyone presenl  with cheers.
Following 'In' luncheon. Hon. ,1. II
Hazen and Senator Thome, accom- (short sleeves will
panted by F. II. Cunningham, chier I-Joseph's academy
Inspector of fisheries for the province
Colonel .1. D. Taylor M.P., Tin mas
Gifford, M.L.A., Mayer Cray and a
number of other local and district
representatives, boarded the fisheries
power cruiser Flspa, the main i It
jeet of the  trip being to  inspect  aud
itclyftpfoposed four aldermen, whom
he called "senior aldermen" to act on
an Investigating commute with tlie
mayor and would consent to no others
I  ��� _ ,	
Jesse  Love, of Cumbi rland  road, h
came the bride of v, illittm Parki r, ol
Chilliwack,    Thi   gn om,  ��im  is    au
( mployi e (f i'. inn..;*   .*.*    Co .    New
Westminster,   was  attended  by    his.
Inns of brother,  II.  I'arker.  while    Miss    M.
Love* attended as bridesmaid.
Mr. and Mrs. Parker left fn tlie
afternoon train for points in the
Fraser valley, where they will spend
their honeymoon.
The second wedding took place at
3:30 o'clock when Miss phoebo M
Live was married lo William Feed
ham, of Kdmonds. Miss Esther Love,
sis er ef the hrid". attend id as
bridesmaid, while Hen Love, brother
i f the bride, performed the duties of
besl  man.
The happy couple lefl on the even
Ing b a" fir Seattle and Victoria and
on returning will take up their r>*si-
di.ee in Fast Burnaby. Hev David
Danlop, rector of St. Alban's church
officiated at  both ci ���������monies.
Immediately following the Becond
wedding the contracl ing parties together with their near relatives ad
Journed to the home uf Mr. and .Mrs
.less- Love, where Lie wedding sup
per was served.
Asncortcs canneries have all the fish  watch in operation t'n- American fish
they can handle     A largo percentagi   traps a' I'oint Roberts, of which ther.;
��r humpbacks    i.-,    included    In    the [are scores in th" vicinity.
''���������' : * The trip down  tlie river and south
Fishermen en the upper riv,r. main m the Gulf of George, which lasted
'" nnd Canoe I'ass. only aecuroa aboul live hours, was full of int. rest
email i ���'chet lut ihese fishing iff and i : 11 % enjoyed hv the visitors and
the  Bandheads   and   Point   C.rey   ,|id ., ,*���.,.  menlbers    of    tho    partv.     At
''" ���'     ' '" ' :k" wrr'' lr">T>' '*'i otI-   white itock.    where   a    landing
��lence ul  half packs were put up
i-i   most  ,,r the canneries, tuit two or
thrCo  did  not  operate.
The Stir   hlpyard is oddlnv n new
I  ������  ���    ���        In   olanl   and   work  upon
i.   will   .  ���  ' ���     ���od  shortly
I"1! 'ini-   is  being   |nil   un
Jos    ..,.!..  the  slip and  ln   It. the
I ��� ' -   *���'  .   BCOWft,   dnttv.es.     .
turned   ml   I ���   the company   wlll  he
tin it      II  i- 70 hy 00 feet in size, and
nt ample in* gbl
a   landing was
made, and  llie train  taken  lor llie return   to   New   Westminster.   Uie   resi-
(hii's   turned   OUl   and   accorded   the
i Inlster and senator a  mOBl  cordial
���a  Icotne,  Mr,   Hazen  being presented
.v.'th a lee i addn si liy ll. T. Thrift I
'in h In !,' . ;  Ci.. gathering
Cee Local ' larbor.
Bi fm*   the .-'lip1., pri \.  was headed j
NoflhtYaklma, An- 21. Slit skirts.
Balkan blouses, and unnecessarily
lie taboo in St.
a local Catholic
school for cir'.s, according to the following notice mailer] hy the
to parents of all ils pupils
"Beginning wiih tiie opening of tlie
school In September pupils attending
Cn* academv must wear full length
sleeves on the school grounds, in tlie
class rooms and al ail sm lal fane-
lions. Balkan '*������ ��� ��� ami i-iii Bklrts
will not be oe. rati
Last year ���;.. -jirls evaded the
teachings of the n::i- by wearing half
sleeves, which thi ��� ���** mi -.ed aftm
school hours, said I iter superior
todav.     Aboul   325   .  ,  -   ,i* . nd   the
Couvenir Crare.
Regina, Aug 21. G. S. Wood, local
Bhoeman, brought heme from Cardiff
Wai s, a shoe worn hy Captain Scott
which was purchased frcm members
of the  crew  ef the shin Terra   Nova.
la Drawing Near.
We have a choice line i f vi
this vear. especially for pickling
Janes' Apple Cldar Vinegar in
faculty gailon glass lottlea. per bottle ..
tine gallon Lias:- bottl *. |�� r bl til
While   Wine   Vinegar  in   half  ������
glass bottlei, per bottle  51
Pickling  Spice,    per    packet     lm*
fir   2:
Whole   Cloves,   Clnnaman,   Allsplc
Mace. etc.
Choice   Eastern   Townships   Butler
liis. for 51 <i
Fancy Creamery  But Irr 2 lbs.  for Ti
l.i e il  Dairy  Butter, per lh il'i
('e* king Butter, per lh. 2ii
i llothea Bin*;  5 di zen f r i1'
I: a if
In an attempt to still Vur'ner c-
tPWSe the tr'HH Barifir rn-ord ert;ii>-
(isln d bv U"r sIhiit ship, the Empress
���nf Russia, the second giant rTati Or-it
the C. P. B has plaerd in this service, the KnipresK or Awia left. Yn-
kcihama yesterday on the ler4 lap of
her maiden  voyape fr-tn  Liverpool.
In view of the friendly rivalry tha!
ls always Uppermost nmtHiK the sltlp-
Ihtr piloliut; more or less speedy craTt J proper authorltl
With reference to tlie lightship tli
Complaint was mail.- that, ope
mariners detected tlie vessel Itself b
'H 'in* gulf a Bhort run waB made up
iin* l* r is. : river In oi li t* t" give ihe
Don in*..in i .*; : icntal .*.. s an oppor-
tie Ity ef bi ��� in; Nev Westminster's
ti * 'i. i. and ie er an explanation on
Ce* hai le r impi m iieei plans given
bv i'api en \ (��� B .v,. :i Aldermam
v. int.. and Mayor Gray, The . li t r *
e. : '.*>��� it a ii* .a a.:* resl r.i ile* plana,
"'ar.: Getter Ughtlne.
Going down the Fraser a delegation
i f mi mbors of the l oard i 1 trad ���
I.e..(led by c II Siuari Wade, np
proachi d Mr. Ha" n i n tin* sebirn
��� r having th. channel I...tier l �����!:;...I
and the light Ol the Sandheads ini
I rove,: and received the promise that,
providing all available data was for
warded to Ottawa, fae matter would
receive the careful attention of   thi
Fenian  Raid  Payments.
Ottawa, Aug. 21     Up to the pn
time    considerably  over  one   ���
dollars has In en   paid   I     tin
department to ;''������ *.  terai      f thi   ' ������
nlan raid.   No less tie n i" -���
ans have received their    .!
jinn    More than 15	
st'll   hefore   the   denarti
Blderatlon and others
:(ild Dutch Cleanser X for
Liquid Ammonia, pi r bottle 	
('in ce Table I'* aches  '���'��� !'..
Maiag i Grapi s, per Hi	
Hoi ll..ii.-e TomatooB, per lb	
Ok:iir,iL-;:ii Cell :������  i v. rj fine) - lh;
if you      i*.* thi   !   Bl  try
Bears'?; Grocery
���SXMi/I-. *,.*..:- :���;.*-.-
Oi'fcrs the toilow ing spe
Saturday, Aug,
Fresh dn   sed I pi Ing      . *.
ens,   per   lh     28c.
Fresh dn . si d fowl       27r..
r, at ma   chickens      30c.
t.i kb yi aril nf  n utton   22c.
I.. ;-s  spring   lamb    27c.
tlirough tUe I'acific. thi*T��> is not the
ttliphlpst dpi'.ht that Commander lto'ti-
fnHOTi will, as soon as tlie Japanese
���chores dlstfbpear, telegraph the nnt'n;
jilted rrders 'o the en sinews, and
siod-er s Veil' he-id of t-teivm the new
finer will force ahead t" V��"at the ore-
vlons record of nine day.*, anil five
-for Week  F-dig Cundav. August 24.
Went n,( ns
\Tmtt*    Time
���    Hich. 1.<"*
f|    6:4r,   ">:)���)
20:1'  11''
7->n    3:--
��n:?', 1S:2r,
%:'��   ri:30
J0:4r�� lR:4n
1:15   4:M
Wa'e-i Heads
HHrtt. I,ti'v
Ti-'"  rtrt. Tim-  H
r.  41  IDS    rt:3!t    '
Jl ns VIA lV.flB    I
1   fi ?2 m.">   ill
i lf��:2r. 12..1 11:41
i 7.23 10 S 1.4?,
I 15:4r, 1?.I ISH
I 8:14 10 7, -Z-.TR
11:0B IBtW I 2"���'<���> l'�� i'-4R
I l��:10   r,:i�� I   -	
fl:85 lfi:1�� I
m. |1:io (1:05 1
g|:60 Ifr/ifl I
at iM-'O ��:-"'rt ' 1,:4��   9-9   *'���'*���*
m a-10 16:45 | 21:10 ILS 1��-=S
S:10 1��1 IH
20:27 11 S 14:14
10:12 9 1 1:31
20:48 11.1 14:67
fore seeing the light
The necessity of passing Btrlc'er
regulations regard ng tlie mslntenanc
or a channel for hi.; vessels on the
river by tlm fishermen, was broughl
ito the attention (f the milliliter ii
'marine and fisheries liy the fact thai
on about a dozen occasions II wi
necessary for the Flspa to stop ini
order to avoid running through nets
Though there are .-vis:in- regula-
t tlons concerning the keeping of a fr""
7,4 ichannel, nets were found crossing the
* ���> r ver at all aiis;les and greal difficult v
r 7 was experienced in navleating He
3^9 boat. This was particularly line of
G.1 Ithe wnler iii front of Steveston
H.B A brief slop was made at, Steveston
���*,(, In order lo enable Mayor Gray, Mr.
f, !i Gifford and others, who on account of
Vi.1 ["business, were unable to continue the
fit* journey, to land. To Iheir personal
t)7 regret neither Mr. Hazen or Senator
R 1 Thome were able to Insoecl the can-
4.2 neries at this point, the fear being ex-
ji.K -vre*sed that if tlie boat was held up
Hi' sure and try our own make
cheese.   Nothing bettor.
B. C.   Market Co.,  iid.
077 Columbia St. Thonc 1315.
Ihe Bank of
HE4.D   OFFICE:    VANCoevi,,     bC
Eranchc*   Throughout   the   Province  of   tintlsh  Columbia.
Savings Department nt al] [tranches tieposlts of One hollar and
upwards reoelved and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all  parts of the
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Weotminster   Branch: A. W,  BLACK, Managsr.
SMIm *zo.
And Every Promise Guaranteed of
Ful f illment
Women's Rain Coats
Today $7.35
To say the least it Is an opportunity not to be mis.-i d;
two dozen secured at a very special induecmt.it; in
plain and hair-line stripe; raglan sleeve; double
seams; thoroughly waterproof; all Blzes ami lengths
i*'ir.-*t placi d i :: sale today at   2)7.35
32 Children's Coats to be
Cleared at $3.85
The remainder of the Bl ason's best stayles and qualities; 32 only In the lot; developed in tweeds, serges,
sponge cloths, etc.; to fit ap-s 6 to 14 years; gray,
lawn, red, blue ai"l hrown are the colors. Todav. lo
clear at      S3.BD
Children's Cotton Wash Dresses Must Go Today
98c  Each
Children's dresses that sill a< lii. a as $2.50; developed in prints, ginghams,   percales,   ducks,   etc.;   neatly
trimmed with contrasting matcr.aU; sizes to f.t up to li years; good salectlon,   Today   93c
Economies in Waists
Today $1.88
.-'���t,\,' i f lie* Beasotl's best sellers; all sizes, hut not
in anv one style; plan tailored, with laundered col-
lars and cuffs; also fancy muslin and voile; daintily
irimtn d with laee and tucks; regular values to M J"i
Today    $1.83
Colored Moire Underskirts
Today $2.18
Fourteen only In the !..t. hut ihey must  he cleared
out; developed In good quality moire, in colors green,
tan.   maroon,   purple   and   colored     strip.-s      Todaj
��'     ;������        S2.13
Waists  at   98c
The remainder of ihe season's medium  priced  si ves aid qualities,  :n colored  and  white styles of middy,
tailored and fancy lines, that sold as high as  $1.25 t" $1.75;   all Blzes,    Today    93c
Summer Underwear
Marked for Quick
Black Voile Dress Skirts
for Quick Riddance
Wi aen's line ribbed combinations;   lace trimmed:     This Is one of the greatest bargains of tho day, show
knee length; regular 75c.   Today per garment   43e     -*1'-' ab��"l ten 'lifter.*:*.! styles, in hen grade o!   i
wenl   voiles;   in   fine  ami   wire  finish;   with  silk  or
Summerweight  vests  and  drawers;     lisle    finish;     satin trimmlngB: values that sold from $6.60 to $12no
 , ���..        Tmla..   clearanci          $3.43
values that sold from 75c to $1. Each garment    43C
Final Clearance of
Summer  Dresses
Jubi fee dreBses lhal are needed for presenl wear,
ier I*..- mom they occupy is wanted, so they are
priced for quick clearance. Today at Actual Half
Interesting Items from the
House Furnishing Section
II. i*������-��� lehed and plain bordered; all linen hucka-
*.,,.*; t0We| , ,,!,o pure bleached Turkish towels;
large sl7.es and excellenl weight; regular ..ne a-pair
Sale   price,   each   	
Heaw English sl 'i'lKi Ti inches wide; plain finish.
exceptional bargain.   Sale price, per yard      24C
Unbleached cotton sheeting, 7-4 width; good weight
and soft finish.    Factory cost, yard lac
flood riiilr of Kngiish and Canadian  made sheets;
pi,',!,, or hemstitched; 8-4 Bl-zes; soft unfilled cotton:
values regular 12.21.    Sale price, per pair. . . .$1.53
I arKo Bize union blankets; Size f."xSn inches; six lbs.
weight; soli wool nap. For quick clearance today,
per  pair    $3.38
Special  Clearance of
Women's   Hosiery
A sneolal purchase of l.isle thread lime for women;
��, ,v, hick and fancy colors; ful! fashioned' with
double heels, toes nnd soles, sizes 8 I -2 to 10-lnoh;
i-oRillar  40c     Today,   per   pair 33C
Values that should Interest mothers Children's
cashmere hose, also silk lisle hose; Included are "1,11-
tl'e Darling," "Daisy," "0-5" and "Wonder," and other
popular lines; sizes 4 1-2 to 7; colors lire pink, sky,
cardinal, tan, white, black; regular 35c, Today
pair    24t
Embroideries for Today
23c   Yard
Beautiful cambric embroidery and insertions: widths
li live Inches; dainty patterns, regular values I i
���!"h* yard.   Today, per yard 23c
Special Clearance of Dress
Goods Today
Thla morning will Mud our counters in th'' iir^x
fcoortK departmenl lull up and ready for another
greal day's business. We have planned for a uni ��t
riddance of our better t^raiie fabrics. Kvery -style
and color Included; usually sold as high aa $1.00 to
$2.00 per yard.    Today, per yard    58c
Neckwear and Gloves for
Many Hues of fancy neckwear. They Include fancy
collars, Jabots, ttock collars, collar sets, scarfs, etc.;
manv beautiful and dainty hits or lace and nets and
muslins; regular values to $1.25.   Today, each.  38ft
Many lines of summer gloves for rmlck selling;  silk
gloves  In  long  and  elbow  length;   sky,  pink,  fawn,
navy and black; regular to $1.25.   Today, pair. SSt
Colors are mode, natural, gray and tan; two buttons;
good quality;  regular 35c.   Today per pair... .26<
AT 68c. PAIR���Long chamois suede and shot silk
gloves; in gray, mode, black, white and tan; regular
values to $1.00,    Today per pair at 68C
Final Clearance of Wash
Goods, Today 12c  Yard
At Ihls season, while these are so much In demand,
comes Ihis starlllng offer. Come and make your
choice of a good assortment of voiles, muslins, white
vestlngs, cotton repps, foulards and dimities; regular
20c to 40c. yard.   Today   12<
':y. MMHi
" '������I��� ���*'
FRIDAY, AUGUST    22,  1913.
paue nva
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Hand  Picked Aggregation From Burnaby  and  Sapperton  Fall  to the
West  Ends.
Holding Iheir own until llie third
quarter, lhe All-Stars, a selected aggregation from the Burnaby and .Sapperton intermediate teams, wenl down
to a disastrous defeat at the hands
of :.,.- Wesl Ends last evening al
Qinens park, Ihe final score being 8-3
In th" lasi two quarters the stars
failed to twinkle, lei alone shine, the
(i,a,I.ii,aliens of Storme, Murray and
I'lr-i,,.,   being trio strong'to keep out.
.'.lm ray displayed one ol Ills best
games of the Season, scoring no less
ihan six of the nine goals. Btorme,
his partner, grabbed the other time,
although Keeney was responsible for
everal of Ihe tallies by his pass work.
The spectacular goal of the evening
was scored by Waller Dawe. of Hurnaby. who took a lightning pass from
Feodham and whipped It past Stoddart
Ilka (t Hash.
Tim Mahoney handled the game.
which was witnessed by a fair sized
crowd of fans.
Chicago  Newspaper  Readers Vote tor
Plain English.
Chicago, Aug. 21    Slang as a means
of the  proper  description   of   baseball
games in  Ihe newspapers came out a
little behind straightforward English,
according lo tlie verdict of several
thousand renders In n test vote taken
hy   u  Chicago   newspaper.
Of a lotal of 'i'.i'i ballots recorded
2(104 declared ror the lOngllsh proscribed by the dictionaries and 1926
were ill favor of slang.
With  the posl  series championship
Rtlll at  flake, the battle this evening1
between  the  Mouse and the  All-Stars
should provide sufficient food for the1
fans   to   bring   a   fair   sized   crowd   to
grace   the  bleachers  at   the   park.
Tie* dope '��� ra, for one", went wrong
en Tuesday evening in selecting the
li i ������ :*i win tlieir fourth s'ralciit.
and ly lhe way llle stars pounded
Home they Bhould have placed the
garni on Ice only for costly errors.
McCabe will probably gra.ee the hov
I a* the Btars lhis evening, with Horne
BB his opponent.
In order to give tlie fans a run for
their money, the contest Is scheduled
i.i via*: a; 6:16, thus ensuring five full
Alderman   Fred   Lynch   Returns   From
Eastern Trip and Talki
"Finest  trip I  ever made,"  was the
comment passed by Alderman Lynch
* sti id.i ���> when he returned from Hal -
tlmi re, where lie attended tlle annual
convention of the Order of Bagles.
During his stay In the east it was
only natural that the grandstands of
the big leagues found him on several
"Walter .lohnson Is the most, unassuming fellow I ever saw in the box,"
���eas llie remark made by Alderman
Kred yesfrday "I was In Washington
the day that Woodrow Wilson presented .lohnson wiih a massive cup
filled wltli geld, and sitting near the
presidential box, I was surprised to
*.' t e premier twirler's embarrassment "
"Who's going to win the world series
this fallp." ������*. -is one of Cm queries pul
to the a'di rman
"Ni a York, bv management alone.
't'n* Athletics have i: over them on
tei a; piny, but McQraw Is by far the
I etter manager, and for mv part I pick
iin* Giants."
Baseball Results.
Fatherland Athletes Will Be Present
at Frisco In 1915.
Herlln. Aug. 21.- .lames B, Sullivan,
secretary of the Amateur Athletic
union, today obtained the promise
that a ti am of Oerman athletes would
he sent to San Francisco to compete
nl the Panama-Pacific exposition In |
Pi l.V
It Is con- I "���'"*���" ",at s''e had heen drunk for tlu
whole period.    However, counting the
Lizzie's Husband Says She Has Been
Drunk 25 Years.
Ottawa, Aug, 81.���"J have heen living wllh my wife twenty-flve years
and she has been drunk all that time,"
said the husband of Elizabeth Wilson,
71 Primrose avenue, ln the police
court   today.    Of  course,  he  did   not
lu return for this court
sidered likely that the American team
which Is to compete ln the tireek
Olympic games known us the "Local
Cycb" In the spring of 1914, will,
upon leaving Athens, make a trip to
llerlin and participate In an athletic
meet  tliere.
Evidtnc::    Not   Sufficient    to   Convict
Japs of Keeping a Real Gaming
(Hy  the Potter.)
There is a possibility of the VAC,
through   the efforts or Secretary   Milton  Oppenheimer, of the  hc.a.vc.,
overlooking  i.e  fact of several  pro-
!������        nal   bockey     and     lacrosse   men
having plav id againat Armstrong this
. ui  :.. in order to allow the interior
in   'i play for the Mann cup against
the   \      A    C.
standing  of the Clubs.
W.     I..
Vancouver  Tn   53
Portland 67   56
Seattle    7U    60
Victoria    6!!    67
Tacoma    58    78
Spokane   51    76
Yesterday's Games.
Seattle 1. Vancouver 13.
Portland   'i  Victoria 6.
Tacoma  1. Spokane ?,.
. 540
The charge against Mrs. S. Mltta, a
lapanese  storekeeper,   af  keeping  a
Common gaming house at 27 McNeely
-treet. was dismissed by Magistrate
BdmondB yesterday.
The court said that the evidence
tdduced in the matter, under the section  specified,  a  gaming  house   kept
...* gain, was not sufficient to warrant him in convicting the accused.
Mr. Martin, city prosecutor, then
Withdrew the case against the five
laps who had been arretted and charged with frequenting a gaming house,
is the evidence *:i ih" charge against
���him was Identical with that against
Mrs. Mltta, and a discharge in the one
le'cessarily   Involved   a   discharge   In
the  olher.
Chi. f of Police Bradshaw said that
in future he would ask the court to
examine tin' men arrested In the gaming house under another section of the
Intervals when  she  was sober,  would I
not  have been a very hard task, according  to  hls  evidence.
"When I came home Saturday night
I found her sitting on the floor In the
dining room, with the dlsh.es and
glasses all piled up on the table," he'
said. "She was hopelessly drunfi and ,
had been In lhat condition for the'
greater part of the week."
"Did     you     ever   charge   her   with ���
drunkenness  before?"  asked  the deputy magistrate.
"Ves,   one   time   in   Huffalo.   where |
we lived.    1  had  her  brought  before
the magistrate, and he obliged her to
report to the minister sober for sixty
days," was the reply.
Mr. Wilson  was willing to do any- .
thing In reason for his wife.   If seems
she wanted to go to one of her sons
in Huffalo.
"I   will  send  here there  If she will i
promise to behave herself," he said.
A fine of $50 and $2 or six months
was   Imposed.     This   was   suspended.'
and she was given ten days In which
to  make  ready  to  go  to her son  In \
Huffalo  and   was  told   that  she  must
kopn  away  from  drink  in  the  mean-'
Baby Contest
Starts Today
Matinee: 2 to 5.
Night: 7 to 11.
Adults, 15c.
Children, 10c.
Canadian Ecnd-  in U. S.
Toronto, Aug. 21--Toronto securtles
continue to he gilt-edged in the l'nited States.    The large block of harbor I
commission bonds just sold were tik-
en at ahout 00.    It was an Insurance*
company in the l'nited States, and not:
a bankln-z house in London. Kngland,
that purchased the bonds.   They were j
purchased   for   Investment   At,   90,;
the price received is considered especially  good  under existing conditions
in  the loaning market.
endorsement of the Drama League
which had so much to do with the
success of "The Blue Bird." In fact
for more than two years "Everywom-
an" and "The Blue Bird" have occupied a field quite singular and alone
and regardless of the limitations of
geography have filled theatres to overflowing, proving convincingly that
give the public a clean, elevating hill
of fare and the response Is not uncertain.
The walls are built of solid reinforced concrete two feet
lining  of the vault is composed of three layers of
inch armor plate bolted together.
BECAUSE���The main door weighs over five tons, Ib eight Inches
thick and is locked by 12 crosuboltB of 1%  Inch steel.
BECAUSE���The Inner door weighs two tons and Is over three inches
thick. h-
BECAUSE���The grill protecting the approach to the door Is made
of 1-v-i steel bars imbedded in the floor and ceiling.
BECAUSE���The vault is protected by tbe American Bank Protection
Company's electrical devices, by which no one can
touch tbe vault, outside of office hours, without setting
off  the  alarm.       >fc
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Dot Phelan, Fid Cummins, c.-orge
Mai * ��� ..��� all w. 11 known Vancouver
pn * isslonal lacrosse men, and Kan
McDonald,   ol    WeBtmlnster    bockey
tame, have been posing Willi the Kam-
loops team this seaaoni playing
against Armstrong, but as vel we fall
* ' ear a murmur from the provincial secretary of the 11 C. A   A   U
Standing of the Clubs.
i'r.*.1 Lynch get ia harness yesterdaj and organised a ball team from
ins 1 mfreres on 'he city council, to-
*.:��� ���!,.*.'��� with oiler civ Ii  official -  This
aggri e;"...:. .���. *,i 1 *!.i lh *������ .t*. the Unreal,*, council en Labor day al Queen's
I',ns. during i.e- great lain.r daj celebration co nclllor FauVel win pro-
bablj lead 'he forces of the Burnaby
I'-:,ai and 11 lining from his display at
1 *. nt- ii Park las' i umnier agalnsl
Vancouver a "Honus Wagner" effect
will I.e on lap
Main or the hcrosse fans would
like   to   see   Ihe   West       Innls      pitted
agalnsl tbe V. A C learn in an exhibition game, 'i'he new champions if
ihe Intermediate league lure Beveral
youncstera on the line-up who will be
heard from In the near future, if t'.e
game Is fostered In the ctty
(in a par wllh Herb Ityall of baseball fame and .llmnip Craig of sneer  repute,    Ted    Sutherland  c *
through with tlie annotincemenl .l'a'
his In.ekiv days are mini''-red ini-l
Mn!  he w  II no!  he si en en  111"  BeaVl -
line-up  tie;  winter.    Ben   fobb,  although will ng to take a
liis fi *****   ��� 1 will agi 'i 1
Hon, ;     till scouting f r
order to held tha  M if."
Othi  *   "*a-i n.
New  York    TS
Philadelphia 65
Chicago  62
I'lttBl.urg    60
Brooklyn    BO
Boston    47
Cincinnati    47
St.  Louis   43
Yesterday'i Games.
Chicago  -'. New   York  8.
Cincinnati o. Brooklyn 4.
Rt Louis 6, Boston 7
I'.f.'btir;,- 9,  Philadelphia 6
Agricultural  Commission   Finds   Mere
Wheat Farmers Are Heavily
Standing  of the  Clubs.
Philadelphia   . . . .7(1
Cli veland     60
Washington 64
(Ihlcago 63
r.i st.in  r.4
Detroit    4H
SI.   I.ouis    47
New York   38
1. Iheajwrd
Yesterday's Games.
Boston  :'..  Cleveland  2
Phllndelpbla 7. Chicago I.
Washington -. St. Louis 0,
New   York Detroit   postpom
. 696
.50 ti
id;   rain
innce tn 1
seen In oc-
material In
trophy an*
Ami  by all accounts  Praser  Mills
are going to ha heard from Ihls winter.    Thej  ie ol" a great efforl to Mrab
ihe cup don ited by their presldeu' Inst
.. mter and during the summer It Is
nuiler ���! en' several French -Canadian
in vs have been found positions at lhe
���nlll In older thai lhey might play for
the lumbermen.
Balrd ami Dunsmore, two Coqultlam
boys, who rigured With Sapperton bsl
winter,  have  been  approached  by  the
mannger of the Moose, but havi yel
li reach a decision.
New Westminster soccer got away
to a good send-orf lasl evening when
the city league reorganized for   the
season with six teams al leas: enter
ing the fold in quest Of the champion
ship, and  also the medals and cup.
Thos ��� are the Bankers, Sapperton.
City, Moose, llurnaby and the Hovers
Several more teams -jre expected to
affiliate before the lists close on Tiles
day evening, September 2
\t lasi night's meeting the officers
elected   were   as   follows:      Honorary
president, it   .1. Rlokmsn;  pres'deu'
ll.rh Ityall; vice-president. T. .1
Miihony; secretary-treasurer. II. Wilson.
lhe schedule for the season will he
submitted  by  the executive at    the
next  meeting of the league.
Prince Albert. Sask., Aug, 21.���As
1 result of tin' greater attention that
the fanners in the vicinity of Prince
\lle rt have devoted tn mixed farming
ilu y are not mortgaged to nearly the
same extent as the purely wheat
farm'rs of the prairie. This was one
of the main points brought out at the
sitting of the agricultural credits
commission bere ibis afternoon. Evidence was given to the effect that
during the past few months ai Tlsdale
mortgage loans could not he secured
on even the very best of security, but
around Prince Albert, though the inter s- rates had risen during this
year, there was net the same difficulty in carrying through mortgages.
The tendency had been for Interest
lo increase during the past few years
and in place of 7 per cent, charged
sv years ago It now ran from 0 to
lu. Some complaint was made of the
cost ef carrying through mortaages.
As jo lhe number ef the farmers who
were mortgaged it waB stated that
Ho re were about HH per cent, in the
no re recently developed distrlc's,
while in th.' parts of the country that
had  been  settled    fur    ;.   number    of
ears it was 20 per cent.
One  of  the  most   important   points
mphaslzed m the   commission   was
that ii was not easier money, hut
cheaper money that was wanted.
Caracas,   Aug.   21.���General   Leon!
.lunula, governor of the state of Fal-]
con, in co-operation with the gunboat
Man seal Sucre,  attacked    and    completely   defeated   the   rebel   followers
of Oeneral Clprlano Castro, former
Venezuelan dictator, yesterday, at
euro, according to an official announcement Issued by the government
here today, All the officers commanding the rebel forces were captured
and are now on beard the Venezuelan
The whereabouts of Oeneral Castro
still   remains  unknown   here.
Unimportant invasions nf Venezuelan territory continue to be mad" bv
tbe rebels from across the Colombian
The news of the victory of th" government troops In the s'ate of Falcon
has served to re-establish business
oonfldonce at the capital.
At tne Theatres
He Won't Break Promise.
An excellent program of the late3t
, motion pictures on the film market ts
I promised   by   Manager  Glllis   of   the
Royal theatre for the last two days of
'the  present  week,  starting  with  this
afternoon's   matinee.     There   will   be
ar. exceptionally good subject for the
"talkies."    Tonight vvill also be amateur night, and  many pleaBlng stunts
are  promised.      The    Baby    Contest
starts today and will continue for ten
days,     lt   will   prove   Interesting     to
many, as the pictures of the different
babies entered in the contest will be
shown on the screen.    Everyone buying a ticket will receive a ballot which
will entitle them  to a  vote for their
favorite    At present there are over 20
babies entered  In   the contest.     More
will  be added    as    the    contest pro- I
"Everywoman" at Empress.
A peculiar interest attaches  to the
production of the dramatic spectacle,
"Bverywoman,"  which,  through    the
courtesy  of  Lawrence  and  Sandusky.
Henry   VV.   Savage   will   offer   for  the
first time in Vancouver at the Kmpress
theatre,  Hastings street and Core avenue,   for   an   entle   week,   beginning
.Monday. August  25th.  with  a popular
price   matinee   Tuesday   and     regular
matinees  Thursday  aud  Saturday.    It
has  had   unusual   magazine  publicity;
Its  merits  have  been   widely  discussed;    it   has   enjoyed   long   and   prosperous engagemt nts In the American i
cities of the Atlantic coast: It had onei
hundred   performances   at   the   Drury
I.ane   theatre.   London:    it   has   been!
translated   Into  o'her  tongues  and  Is
at   the   present   time   being   played   in
five  foreign   languages;   and   it   bears!
the   Impress   of   the   thinker  and   the
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Lubin   Special   Feature   in   Two
"A Dash
for Liberty"
Hear the   Lawrence  Children  in
Their Songs Today.
A  screaming funny  Farce
The London Bioscope Weekly
New  from   London.
Week   Beginning   Monday,   August  25.
Matinees Tuesday, Thursday and
Henry W. Savage's Tremendous       j
Dramatic   Spectacle.
150 People. Symphony Orchestra.
Nights and Saturday matinee 50c to
$2.00. Thursday matinee BOc to $1.50.
Tuesday intitinee 25c. 50c, 75c and
$1.00. Mail orders tilled now. This
is the original New York company.
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from 75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every  Kind .of Electrical Work
Whether    .lames    Murphy,    former I
tin anient of Ihe old National Lacrosse
union,  will bring out an  all-star la-I
crosso team to the coast tbla fall to]
plav against  Westminster,    will    be
known within the next few days. Ne-[
gotiatlons have  been on   between  the
locfl I'xeeiitive, acting for the R, A. H [
I,   society,   and   tlle   eastern   men   for
some time, with n view to having an
all-star aggregation from the Hlg Kour
piny   the  Salmon   llelllcH  during  fair
���Murphy is one of tlte heft known la-
crosso men In the east, and was mentioned ns the successor of Percy
Qulnn, as president of the Hlg Kour
when the latter threatened to resign
his post a few ��ni'!,s nRo, during tbo
scrap between the Torontos and the
Charlie Querrie will probably nct as
playing manager for the trip.
Whether the  lrlBh-Canndlans,   who
ptipenr to have the championship of
the lllg Kour cinched, will make the
trip In lines! of the Minto cup is yet
In doubt, although there ls still a possibility of their coining out. In view
if the fact that the players have not
been drawing down the monev as of
old. $25 and MB a week being the
limit with the II. L. A. teams this season.
A�� f*t as the V. A. 0, challenge Is
concerned th" WeBtmlnster club wlll
nrobshlv protest any BUCh action, on
the grounds that the former Mnnn
nupnefS are hot affiliated with nny
li'srun and therefore have no right to
ch"'li��nr" for the cup.
Had Hip V. A. C, played thn game
snunre w'th the Vancouvers and West-
mlnstar during mid-season when there
"���as a chance of reorganizing const
inrrosuo. a different complexion might
have hern put on thp challenge, but
nnw. In 'he wnrdR of Tommy Olfford,
"thero Is nothing doing."
Toronto,   Aug.   21.���The Canadian
hank  clearings   for  the  week  ending
Aug. 12. as compared with the enr-
-esnondlng period of 1912 aro as follows:
IBIS 1012
$ 110.184.075 $ 52.705.'.'77
1)7,410.825 :ti'i.ti74.:,*t'1
2tl.01d.00'! 25.2:01.277
10.770,277 12,682,080
4,861,581 5,680.188
4.141.370 4,687,508
8,565,877 4.1M.7R1
8,180,820 8.821.624
3,101.181 ?���'177,K41
2.000,057 1.028,405
2,080,2.73 2.001.804
1,002,034 2,180,803
1.431.435 1,879,346
1,103,070 1,262,256
Montreal   ., ���
Toronto   ...
Winnipeg . ..
Vancouver ..
Calgary   ....
Kdmonton   ..
Victoria ....
Hamilton ...
Halifax ....
Heglna .....
Saskatoon  ..
Rt. .lohn  	
Moose .law ..
Kt. William .
Medlclno llat
Hrandon ....
Ilrantford .,
Lethbridge   .
Totals   $166,011,606 $165,079,038
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job. 	
Enquire about our special stockes. they are money savers.	
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
The Old Reliable
JUST IN���Heavy consignment of Scotch Linoleum,
direct from the factory.
ALSO���Car of Den and Library Furniture, Extension Tables and Diners. Up-to-date designs in
the latest furnishings. See these.
SPECIAL���For this week we furnish a bedroom
complete, consisting of good strong Iron Bed,
Spring Mattress, Pair Pillows, Pillow Slips, pair
Sheets, pair Blankets, Comforter, Dresser and
Bedroom Chair, complete for $27.50.
Five Piece Parlor Suite $29.50
Extension Tables      9.50
Brass Beds   13.75
Five foot Oak Curtain Poles to clear, each ...     .10
White Reeded Cottage Rods, two for      .25
Tapestry Curtains and Room-size Rugs at heavy reductions, to clear.
Get our prices in Window Shades, it will pay you.
The Big Furniture Store.
Sixth Street > New Westminster.
Residence Y. Wr C. A.       Phone 1324.
White Rock
The Playground of BrC."
WHITE, SHILES & Co., Official Astc-is PAUE   BIX
FRIDAY, AUGUST    22, 1913.
Classified Advertising
celved for The News at the foHow-
,ng placts: I". T. Hill's drug store,
6^8 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
Queensborough, l.ulu Island.
t RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16*0 per
month; 6,000 words, to be used aa required within one year from date ot
sontraot, $26.00.
irs, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
..lc.Ulistors Ltd. Apply to Mr. Connor Krlday. (1980)
uire iu large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
v. ill sell your household gooda and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Hussell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1922)
hotel, a few respectable citizens
who apprepclate a comfortable and
up- to-date room. Hates $1.60 and
upwards weekly. Also three room-
id suites furnished, gas, electric
light, hot and cold water. Only $15
per month. 11904)
house on large cleared lot, close In.
for $1500; on very easy terms. Ap
ply box 512 city. (1929)
New York Clergyman Says Moral Atmosphere Charged With Poisonous Gases.
setter pups. Telephone 11672 even
ings, T. D. Curtis. (1986)
modern house close to Queens park.
A snap for some one. Enquire 511
Maple  street. 119171
New York, Aug. 21.���- The lightning-
, like denunciation of the modern Vanities of woman delivered by the Right
Uev.   Mgr.  l'atrick K.  O'Hare,  in  his
Italians and Poles at Daggers Drawn-
Shootings and Stabbings Quite
Montreal, Auk. 21.���Bitter race feeling nnd hatred which have been grad-
ualv brewing between the Slavonic
and Latin colonies, near the corner ot
Clarke and  Craig streets, culminated
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 170.
A Bylaw to Amend Bylaws Nos. 120a, 121a, 122,128,129,jl^��^itt|1^?fMwg��
142,143,144 and 145..
WHBREAS the Municipal Council of tha   ($2,680.8*1)   having   been   raised   for   thi
benturea authorised by wild liy-hiw No.
12.x by special rata suMrleni therafor
upon all the rateable land wlihln tha Hunts
1,1 the wild Municipality (Inoludlnff District Lot One llundnil and Seventy-two
i 172) Group Hue til im mentioned In
s;,id   Ilv-law  No.   l'i*)   In  addition   to   Hie
mi nual sums required bs* the mild Dylan- No. l!8 Uu- Hum of Seventy-flve t>nl-
lais I*,.,,nui to pay the additional ln-
Iureal authorised by this By-law, in- suras
to bi In addition i" .'" rates t.i be levied
and evented In lhe said Municipality.
! ti. There shall be ralsod and levied un-
' nuallv ouiiliK llle currency of the said debenture* authorised by wild By-law No.
129 by special rate sufficient therefor
" limit*
nt! Dlstrlcl Lot one Hundred and Beventy-two
I 11 t ���_��� > Group one ii) as mentioned in
aald liv-law No. 120 i In addition to ibe
annual sums required by the said By-law
| No. rj'.i tin- mnn of Three Hundred Dollara
��� ��� Jium en i t" pay the additional Interest
authorised by mis Hy-law, lhe so
close in. Owner, apply box lHlf>
News office. llHlal
FOR SALE���51.00 DOWN, $1.00 PEU
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. -J 1826)
men or lady boarders.   Private family.    Box 1924.
liarvon street. (19181
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street weBt, Vancouver,  B.C. (1825)
Apply evenings at 212 Queens
avenue. (1899)
keeping rooms; every convenience;
$18 up monthly. Knights of Pythias
block, Agnes Btreet. (19011
one-half block from Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.       (1897)
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, sec-
rotary, Labor Temple building.
Phone R2&0. (1870)
keeping rooms, $10 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1821)
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the city.   Private
baths, electric Btoves.
Furnished ind Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per month and upwards,
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
- . g   is
TAKE NOTICE, pursuant to section IS
of the "Companies Act," that the above
named company Intends, one month titter
the date hereof, to apply to the Registrar
of Joint-Stock Companies to change its
nami' to "Standard Discount Company,
Dated   nt   NOW   Westminster,   B.C.,   this
thirtieth iluy of Julv.  IMS. (1670)
for eight full sized lots iii D. L. '���:.. llur-
housekeeping rooms, o'i Agnes
street.    Phone 638 1.. (1836|
South Westminster
s. A.
SEALED TENDERS, subscribed "Tender
for smith Westminster School," will he
received up to noon of Monday, the 1st
day of September, 1913, by the Honourable
the Minister 01' Publlc Works, for the erection and completion of a two-room school
���aid conveniences, etc.
Plans, specifications, contracl and form;
of tender mav be si-eu on and after tin
Mth dav of Aiigusl. 1913. at the offi
r.f Mr. A. il. Marsh-ill, Secretary, Sell
Hoard, South Westminster; Mr.
Fletcher, Government AKent, New
i duster: or the Department of
ATorka, Victoria. B.C.
Intending tenderers can, by applying
to the undersigned, obtain one copy of
plans and specifications for ihe sum of
ten dollars (111)), which wlll be refunded
on  receipt of plans In wood order.
Kach proposal must bc accompanied by
nn ncoejit.Mi hank cheque or certificate of
deposit on a charter'*.1 bank of Canada,
-nade payable to the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, for a sum equal
to in p. r cent, of tender, when shall he
forfeited if the party tendering decline to
enter Into contract when called upon tn
���lo so. or If he fall lo complete the work
contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
he returned to them upon the execution of
the contracl.
Tenders will   not   he  considered   unless
made out  mi  the  forms supplied,  signed
with ������*  Actual signature nf tne tenderer,
and   en, I'.s.-.l   Im   envelopes  furnished.
'l'i.   lowest ..i  any teud.-r not nece-saar-
IK    pt. -1
.1   i:   GRIFFITH,
ruhlic Works Engineer
D. ier. enl  of  i* inn,- Works.  Victoria,
B.C.,   Augusl   rn..   1913. ilir.r.i
Deer, In exchange fur seven roomed
thoroughly modern house, well located,
this cltv.
O'Hare. "Notice iiie shamelessness
practised on our cars. See the things
we have to put up with In our public
conveyances, in our parks, in our
public bathing-places.
"Hear the language used; look at
the familiarities indulged in, the liberties taken, the brazen indifference to
the tenets o( even comim.ii decency,
and tell us is it not time to take action and put a stop to the open and
vile indecency that Is almost everywhere day and night displayed before
"it is time to cry 'Halt!' and save
our people from sin and destruction.
Civilization cannot last long when the
bulk of men and women are pursuing
the ways of the wicked. Society must
get back to the observance of the commandments if it. would not revert to
the degradation of paganism.
"The very low-necked, short slpcves
and transparent waists are oniy sensi-
slhle In the privacy of one's home,
when there is no one else around. II
Isn't playing fair lo emphasize sex as
the low neck, short sleeves, thin
waists or extremely tight skirts do in
a mixed crowd. The girl who does it
need not feel Indignant and outraged
If some undisciplined male addressed
her.    She has  invited the  insult.
Inring that thai
hen'wnd^rumni^lmiv'we^Hreiili,.-  bj^gwbto��� the Thinv-hrstdny of lie-
ng in lhe Pol'i-h colonies to tho Rireet  r.lt,   ���r   ,���������,.   Iln(1   or,e-half   per   centum
were few short sleeves or transparent wo-nded men ���:���.daring t ha   WWd ,,,,, to the amount ot Two Hundred and
. known assailant was an Italian. nince|Flfty   rhousand^ Dollars   i *-.iu,yiiii.idi>tto
"The  moral  atmosphere  around  us
is lllled witli poisonous gas," aaid Mgr
that one or two Italians have vowed
..���ii'oance on llin entire Slaviuii! race
In Montreal, and are going avitund lho
ci'y prepared to stab all I oles at
Hatred Ir Intense.
Although this theory sounds a trifle
H '-.  tier cent.)   per annum puyani.- luiu-
AND WHKUKAS the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of Hie Dlstrlcl of Hurn-
aby did wltn tbe assent or ihe electors on
the Fourth dav of November, 1918, Anally
pass Bv-law No. 121A, being a By-law
t.i enable tin* Corporation to raise by
of   loan   tiie  sum  of   Fifty   Thuiisunl
wild   to  the   nolice.  it  Is  certain  that  Dollars   ($60,000,00)   for   lhe  purpose  of
���'���     ��� ��� -    ���,,,l    l.uildini;    additional
its of the Municipal
wn   as
Sidewalks    Extension    Hy-law
two foreign colonies hi re and that, ac-1 walkB within the fa ^^
her ���
cording to the story of witnesses, tiierai"Burnaby
was no provocation whatever for the 1912."
stabbing nn Clarke slreet last nigh:.. ! ANH WHEREAS the Corporallon hy the
All 'was quiet in the foreign quarter blftu^rthe^oWof'^lf^ouVn^
of Clarke street at 7:1(1 o clock, tic- | Dollars I $50.Oi'O.nm to be payable on tlio
cordin gto Constable Le Ilreton, Who Thirty-first day of ^December, 1927, and
was standing at the corner of Craig JoJJj-r ��������&���**?����^SS.) 1-
treet, at the time. Suddenly he heard i.mrmn,  payable half-yearly.
Municipal Cl
angry voices and saw poles ami n'h- Ai-i> wiikkkas tli
alans untiring out of their boarding of tho CorporaUon of the District of Bur-
hoXs'l.; S! dozen. Then he saw a ; ^^^,"^0"' .^.-an^n*
man dart from the midst of 'he ornwd,. ,.,. finally pass Hy-law No. 122, being
pursued bv a dozen angry Poles, Con- a Hy-law to enable the^ Corporation to
stable Le Breton joined in the chas*. Udse^by wav oMoon^.the^m o^Two
and soon outstripped the fugitive As , j,.'f,n ui.n.uo i for the purpose of con-
soon as he caught up lo him. tlie pa- struct'ln* extension of the general water-
llceman struck the Italian a sharp work..system throi^ou^he Municipal,
blow on the arm with his baton, cans- !,,B;irna,tw water Works Extension Hying the latter to drop a stiletto thathaw \**\*��
was dripping with blood. Confuse! AND WHEREAS the CorporaUon by the
Poles informed the policeman ���.Ik. the M W^w^ttortojl ff^*^^
man bad just murdered five of their j*" j..,flv Thouwlna Dollars ($260,000.00)
compatriots     By this time Constable  to be payable on the Thlttv-flrst day of
Per, 19.-.1. and to heir Interest 	
WANTED���Six ot
house   for   rent ;
seven   roomed   modern
have   client   who   will
gone mad on the dress question, but
she also has gone powder mad. U is
unbelievable how many times a day
some (if Ihem think lt is necessary to
dust their features.
"Silly vanity haB led to a very pandemonium of cosmetics, Painted faces
are almost in the majority on city
streets. They are seen, alas! even on
young girls, and by the thousand. They
glare upon the observers in the moat
startling contrast with the reality.
They deceive nobody. They are as far
from real beauty as a barber's pole i
from  the  rose.
cynical smiles.'
ILOTHINQ BUSINESS, stock an.l fixtures for exchange. Price, $6,000. Clear
bill  of sal",   for  de.-d  to  prairie   farm,
acreage  or  lots.   Must   i��*���  k i  value.
This  is  well  located  In  big city.   Kent
only J ion a moiilii.
room modem  house.
.Ins.   to car In gl
o.l locality and Inrge
lot,    $2,200;  $1imi
cash,   balance   JJ.1  a
FIVE-ROOMED HOUSE, Sapperton, close
to Columbia street. Encumbrance $��SUI
due -flu a month. Owner wlll take $finc
tor equity. If vou lire lo-.kinK for .. bargain Investigate this.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
-. urpo
Struggle   in   Prison.
In  the  police station  the  pi inine
who gave hiB name ns Jimmie Vlllin-ln* "Burnabv
rara, made a d
lhe police start
he was soon overpowered and !oclte:l Idebentures'to tii
1912.   t'.liallv   I*	
,   By-law   to  enable  th.-   Corporation   I..
rnlse bv wav of loan the sum of Flftoen
���Phousand Dollars  ($15,000.00) for school
the   sold   By law   being   known
School   Hoard   Loan   No
esperate struggle when. BHjwr. ��tt| corporation  by
ted to search him;  buth,,*1^ By-law  authorised  the   Issue  of
verpowered and locked  debentures to tho amounl of Fifteen Ham-
n   a   cell   on   a   charge  of   attempted UO*d��  U��i#��^oh,t0,K���T{c
n,'!,"!';. ���,���.. ���.,...,   ^"interest a,  the  rate of four and one-
The  two  most    seriously     wounded ', |m'if per centum   il'-j  per cent.)  per
men are Paul Ouvrlnovltch and  Nlk-jnum payable half-yearly
lodi Tiddioiitsi. but it wns said at tin
hospital   that   they   were   both   retry   of .,.���������������
i $4,907.06 i lor the term of fourteen (14 I I j ^{'he'same ,��� ,���. in;���iditlon to ail rate s
years for the repayment ol the said loan "' ,,..' ,, vl,.,, .,���., ,.,,,,���.,| |n ,i���. said Mu-
and  IntereBl   thereon as hereinafter  men- l'i .    ,.,,.
tloned. the amount of Two Thousand Four "'Sf���..��'       -, ������,i i... *...i .���,
Hundred   and   Nlnety-seven   and   06-100      ��-    ''here shall be rabied wnd 1e\led annually during uu  currency of the mil . d< -
I,, ntur."  authorised   by  said   By-law   No.
i in   bv   special-  ratu   sutBclent   tb ���    *
upon   il1 the rateable land wlihln the limits
Dollars Ct2.49T.0K) having heon rals
the tlrst year's sluicing fund.
AND  WHEREAS  ii  will  bi
d for
under snld By-law No, 122 to raise an- 0fut,-apl"^ Municipality In addition to th-
nually bv Bpeclal rate the sum ..I 'I'��.. ' ��� ,, ���.,,,,��� renulred bv the said B) law
Thousand  six   Hundred and Thin     aid [����� '"���   ; *   ," rsl   \'*J X-,.  llundn-.l  Dol-
87-100   Dollars   ($2,680.87)     to    form    a . l(MKJ    ���, p,.y  ������, ;,,1.iit I.,i..i 1  In
s nWn^ fund for the payment of the prln- ,,   .iu,iutll.i,���i   ,,.,   ,hl��     Hy-law.     the
clpal  and   the  sum   of Twelve   1 housan.l .;  ��� ,���, ,    addition to all rates to la
to he la _
levied and created In the said Municipality
9 There sluill be raised and levied annually during the currency of the said debentures authorized by said Hy-law No.
wi i,v special rate sufficient therefor
ars for ihe repayment of the sai.l loan   **on ,in lhJ ,..,,,,.,,,,,. ;.,,���i wlihln the limits
of the said Municipality (Including Dis
,,,,,, , -, , ,��� trici Lot tin" Hundred and Seventy-two
Two   llun.ired   and   SlXtV-one   and   74-1"" ,',',-��� , ;-.; .ii,,.. i I i as mentioned in sold
and   fnte
loned.  tie*
Five Hundred Dollars ($12,600.00) r.e* I"
terest making together u total amounl annually of Fifteen Thousand One Hilndrcd
an.l Thirtv an.l 87-100 Dollars iSC-
180.87) for the tenn of Ihlrly-
e repayment of the
thereon as hereinafter men,-
iinount   of     Kly-     Thousand I
i rn*.
Dollars   i Sf,. '.'Dl 741   having   i n   raised | {,1J?���)_?NnP lit)   I*    ���',:���������������   ���������  "���
for  the  tlrst   two     years'   sinking  fund, ��� ^Zi^rl. UlredI   bv   the   said   Hv law
AND WHBREAS it will he necessary N��� ui n���, J���in of Four Hundred and
under said Hy-law No. i-s to raise an- **rw*enty Dollars ($420,001 to pay the ad-
nually hy s-s-cial rate the sum of One UiUomil Interest authorized by Uus By-
Hundred and Fifty-seven and 86-100 1".!- ! ] lw th,. same to be In addition to all rates
lars ($167.86) to form B sinking fund for U��� \���. levied and created hi the said Municipality.
10 There shall be raised an.l levied annually dnriiiK Uu- currency of tho wild debentures authorised by said Hy-law No.
114.-. lo- special r.n. BUfflclent therefor
upon all the rateable laud within tlm limits
i of the sai.l Municipality (Including District l,'-t une Hundred and SeventV-twn
i 17J) Group i"i" 'It a�� mentioned In sai*l
Men pass them with I    J"";     ,.      .    ,,       .        . ,,  v     ,
According  to  the  story  told  by  A.
Cfilden. of 11 Clarke street, who appears to lie the most clear-minded
witness, the accused man was walking down the opposite side of the
street with two compatriots, when he
suddenly rushed across the street and
slashed the four Poles without any
Owing to the fact that there was a
His  Fate  a  Warning to  Burglars Not
to Attemot Crawling Through a
Small   Hole.
Muni. I'd Council
the    Disirict    of
Burnaby did with the assent of the elec
tors on lbe Twenty-sixth day ol   ������;hrui.r
��,  finally  i'*",*s  By-law  No,  129  being
tt by-law to enable the Corporation to raise
bv wav ol loan 111- sum ol Sixty housand Dollars (*tiif).000 "111 for hihool
Purposes, the said By-law h. i"K ko.o-ii
as "Burnsbv School Board Ixion No. .
liv-law. 1912
he payment Of the principal and 111
of Seven ilundred and Fifty Dollars
(|760.0< for interest making togeUier a
total amount annually nf Nine Hundred
mul Seven and 86-100 Dollars ($901.86)
for the term of thirty eight i3'��i years
for the repayment of the said loan and
interest   ther.on    as     hereinafter     men-
Iloned. the amount of Three Hundred and
Fifteen and 70-100 Dollars IJ2!.r,.70) hnv-
hut been raised for the first tw.. years'
sinking fund.
AND  ii orlllKAS it will be necessary
under said   By-law   No.   Un  to  raise .m-
.11.ally    by    special    rale    llle    -H11 tl 1    of    SIX
Hundred and Thlrty-ono and 10-100 Dollars liCiil I") I,, form a sinUin" fund
for the payment of the principal and tin-
sum of Three Thousand Dollars 11 I.OO". oo t for Interest making together n
total amount annually of 'ihree Thousand
six Ilundred and Thirty-one and 40-100
Dollars 1 $3,C31.4" ifor the term of thinv-
1 Intl.1 (38) years for the repayment of the
said loan and Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned, the amount of One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty-two and
so-loo Dollars ($1,262.80) bavlng been
raised for the first two years' sinking
AND  WHEREAS  11   will   I,.-  necessary
under said  By-iaw  No.   14*:  to  raise  annually  by  s|mci.*,i   rale the Hum of Three
Thousnnd  On.-   ilundred  and   Fl ft**-seven .
and   "4 10"   Dollars   H3,u,7.oii   t"   fern!     RECE1VKU the asaent of tl
a   slnkinc   rund   lor   the   payment   of   tie*   nnt-Oovenior  in  Council  tl"*
principal and the sum of Fifteen Thousand I <" '
Dollars   ($16,000.00)   ror   inter" st   maklng|
together   a    total    amount      annually      of
Eighteen   Thousand   Die-     Hun.lnd    and
Fifty-seven    and    04-100    Dollars     Itis..
157.04 1   for ihe  t,-,,n ..f ihlrty-nlne   1'.n 1
years for the repayment ..I  ihe said  loan
and  interest  thereon as hereinafter  men
tloned.   in-*   amount   "i   Thrc
One   Hundred  find   Flfty-sevei
By-law No. 146) in addition to the annual
sinus r.iaiireil lo ihe said Hy-law No
146 the sum of One Hundred and Fnrtv
Dollars ($140.00) to i��iv the add tion..1
ino-est authorised bv this By-la�� the
���am 10 ).. iii addition to all rates tn bo
levied and created In the Bald Municipality.
11,    This  Bv-lnw  shall  come  Into effect
on lis receiving 11 onsent of tl"* Lieu-
t< nant-tlovernor lu Council.
IL'. This Bv-law mav be cited for all
I 1818."
DONE and PASSED in Open Council
lhe dav  of 191'
RECEIVED the assenl of the Rlectnrs
the day  "f l��13
PASSED ih- day uf 1913.
IP eve,
1.1    1 '
similar lack of provocation  in  retard I per  centum   ii%   I"'
to the shooting of the two l'oh s near payable half-yearly,
th" circus croimds on Tuesday nleht.    . AN"      WHKKi'.vs
tli   *.* In a theory to the ffect that the "strict    of     B.'
twi   crimes may have been committed assent   of  the
by thp same  man, who has some in dai
sane idea of exterminating the Polish
Dollan    ($3,161.04)   having   been   raised
for the tlrst year's Blnklng fund.
AND   WIIKUKAS   il   wlll   bl    tu ssary
uiue 1 Bald By-law No. 148 to raise annually hv special rate the sum of One
Thousand and Fifty 1110 and :).r.-100 Do!
���VND WHEREAS the Corporation by tbe I lars ($1,062.86) to form a sinkliiK fund
nnlfl Hv Inw authorised the Issue of de- for tin* payment of the prlnclpnl and the
?'.. ���*,.s > i the amount nl Sixty Thouaand sun) ot Five Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00)
nS,,in (JGO.000.00) to be payable on-the for Interest ina king together a total
First dnv of March, l��62, and to bear nmount annuallv ..1 six Thousand and
Inter-est at the rate of Four anil on-half   Fifty-two and  35-100  Dollars   ($0,062.36)
TAKK NOTICE ihat via* nbove ;s -1 tri *
copy ..f the proposed Hy-law upon wblch
the vote of the MunlelpiUlty will lie taken
on Saturday, the 80th dav of August. 1913,
between   D n'r \  :i    in    until   7   o'ClOl  .    I,
Thousand   '" ���  ���'**  ""' P��1,ln* '*'���"   s
nd 04-1001     Municipal   Hall,   Edmonds
nt.)   per  annum for   tho   term   of  thlrty-nlni
r..i-   .....   ...I,...,.,,,,.,,,   ..,*   ,1,.,   .
(39)    years
for  tl;.-  repayment  of  the  said   loan  and
in..      Munlclnal   interest  thereon as hereinafter mentioned
'" ���"   ''"    ". ,; r f     ,     Tl ��� I            ,.*l<-,,.
rporatlon    of
race.     The   general   nice   feeling   he
tween  it
iml   of  ' ie- Thousand and  Fifty
,H,l     v. ul "  '  :l'* " "   Dollars   1 $1,062 a:. 1   hav-
,  ,,,,.  i<wentl 1.1 I""-' '"".' rai.-*..,l r.i  the flrst yiar'     Ink-
i.u.il;.  v. - it*.-law i ''���" (und
.-Inn  to enable the Cor-      AND  WHEREAS ii   will   be
Uy way of  loan tie   sum   Under   .-aid   llv-liu*.    I        Mt   I
COAL MININO rights of the Domlnlof
In Van!'.,!.a. Saskatchewan and Altwrta
tne Yukon Territory, Uie Northwest Ter
rltorii-s and in a portion of the ProYlna
of Itrltifih Columbia, may be leased for ���
term of twenty-one years at an annua
rental of $1 an acre. Not inoix- than Zliit
ncres will lie lixmod to ons nppllaint.
Application for a lease must be mod*
by the applicant In person to the Agen
or Hub-Agent of the disirict In which thi
. Mi-hl.s applttMl for ore situated.
In surveyed territory the land must b*
- -s'-rlbed   by  sections,   or  lesal   sub-dlvi
. 'ons of -sections, and In unsurveyed ter
Itory   Ihe   tract   applhsl    for    shall    ts
silked out by the applicant himself.
Eoeli applicfttlfm must )*��� accompaalsf
1 v n fi- of $6 which wlll bo refunded 1
ihe rights applied for are not available
'������it 11 i ctherwiee. A royalty shall br
1 aid ui the merchantable output o^ thi
. itne ;o tl .* rati* of five cents per ton.
Tli- t��� rson operating the mine shal;
f.-mluli 1 Airent with Bwtrn returnt
eccoim'lnj for the full qunnUty of mer
��� hauls .al   mined  and  pay  U10  roy
silly  11      If   the  conl   mining   rtghti
; ro nol        ��� operated such returns shouK
t.e fur         11   p��pt  once a yesr.
Tho leosi 11 include Uie c��nl tnlnlne
tlfflits   only,   i.i.i   the   leasee   wlll   he   per
0 Hied  t"   purchase   whatever   nvallabli
1 irfaee  rlirl.tH   n. 11   he  ennsidered  nee**
>ary for the working of tbe mine at thc
late  of   810   an   ue:'-
For full Information sppllcatlon shsul-J
I- made to the Peereta'/ of th' Impart
(nent of the Interior, t ittawa. or to an;
jigent or Rub-Agi-at or Dominion  lands
w. w. cour.
Deputy Minister of the In'etlnr.
N. n ���DnauthorUed publication of ihb
���dverUwanent wlll not be puld for.
Immigrant Was Starving.
Toronto, Auk. 21.- Starving, thoughl
Ito be Insiino, and tillable to speak a
I word of English, Vou Chanvlsrhis, a
foreigner, lies in lhe general hospital
in 11 serious condition. The unfortunate man staggered from an immigrant rtaln at the union station lasl
night In a slate of Complete collapse
from malnutrition, When taken Into
Ihe station wniting room he fell in nn
epileptic fit and lapsed Into unconsciousness, Dr. Hiordan was called.
From the rirst examination it Is
though the man Is in sane, and he
will likely be deported as soon as he
recovers from li in present condition
Officials at the union station think the
immigration officials at Quebec were
negligent in allowing the mun to enter
the country.
nulled     Thous ad     Dollii �� nually Di   bi 1  ru      Ilu .   Elgin
.'  ��� 1 , 1 ,    rm-   street    Purposes,   the Hundred  and   Eight.)  th nd     91 I1".
Files   and   Italians,   low-   ''/*���'.;.,,/ ,,  ',1:   k own   as' "lh.,,* ,1.-  an (5fS3.97)  to   ..in,   ,  Hlnklng lend
ever,  lostered   by competition   In    h ���   ^d  improvement    Debenture     By-law, <--.��� a- ;���.���.. 1 of the principal ilnd the
labor market. Is a more reasonable ex     iiii- * -'"���' "r ' " *' Thousand Two Hundred Dol-
planatlon of the epidemic of outbreaks     aKD  WHEREAS tfit; Corporation by ';>.'���.���  'J.< -':",'. U,oMltntMn"uai'ilalofSFW,
,      ,.       ,        , , ,j   .,,   1 iiiii,n'7i-il   thi-   tn'-nii-   di    l'1 ti'""   ���'���   i"��. -ii   it lit1 iiii. 1.   iiiiiiiiii ii>    *)i    ri''
���n tho forelgn^rter. ������ .eMJ^^t Ml, n   J,   a, *,. Eight) ;.,,..   and  ,:,��,.
otmber. 1963, and to 6��i   mi >��� *' a after mentioned, the amount nl F.lghl Hun-
tarnes.. yearly. i.,^, ,.. ,.-w , niti, , tuna
Otlav-a.  Aug.  20,   -Amos  Tapp and      and      WHEREAS      the      Municipal      AN,; VVH, ,,.A:    .   ,,.,���  ���..   ���,ary I
Thos.   Watters,   Westboro,   two   truck      '���"".'     7      J.1;,,,.,,," ' did     ��hi,     the  unde,   said   Hy-lai    Nu   146  to  ...,-
William  Davis, JRB St.  Antoilie street; ilrivers. met on  Hroad slreet quite n-   ^Sent  of  the  electors  on  the  Twentieth   yuam   1..;  ��]"���.'.       ': l';,,^:^'^.;;!,, ]%?\
he  was  partly   in.  his  ac-  Otntly.    Tapp attempted to pass Wat-  day of,^a^'^\Laitf\LZ"?h?C%?   ">'"  ' >->"'��'. '��� 'I'li'V"..'.' a   sinili',,   fund
'' ' f loan the sum   for the pavm-nt of th.   principal and the |
Thousand Four Hundred 1
Montreal, Aug. 21,���William Hunter
tried 10 crawl into a hole that was too
small to allow access to his big frame
and as a result he was drawn out by
lhe heels after he had beea stuck
there five minutes.
IL* had no Idea who his deliverer
wns nt the time or he would have gone
ahead und wriggled himself lo the
Hunter was In the tailor    simp
Wesl   I'.uinahv   Sc lool.   Wi sl   D
Mi*   Topping's Store,  13th  Avenue   Easl
Hamilton i: 1 Pi hool, Burqultlam
Dundonald  Hchonl,  Fraser Ann.
Barnet Hall. Baniet.
Mr.   Hraz.es  soo*.-.   North   Burnabv.
Th- s. , lal  Club   Hi   IdlnB   Ca| It. I   lllll.
Burnabv i��ik'  Store,  liurnaby Laki
Lakemere Bebnol, !. 1 ��� itk ri
PUBLIC NOI ICE - hi ������' gl
the vote of the Electors ol tl D
Bunu bv will i"* * iki 11   in tlu    ih *     *
tinned Hv-laii nt the 1 *
in, ntloned, and that a. tl   Moore h-,i     ������
ipi olnteil   Returning     ��� 1 * ���     to  1
vote nf sui h I'leetoi    .   *    * * . .
en   in  il nl   bi
l;v nui'*.:: * if THE Ci .!���>..*,
I), i'    ���'   -it���.-:��� 1 ���:.  is . .
-   ,1   tn mr.i:  ci.-i
Eilin.iial .,   11.  c .  Augusl   I Ith,   I
B.C.Coast Service
1 eiu.H Vancouver for Victoria l'i a. tn,,
2 p. in. and 11 :4r-.
la-aves Vnncouver for Seattle  10 a. m.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver fur Nanalmo hi am.
aHd C :l!0 p.m.
Leaves  Vancouver   for    Prlnco   Hupert
and  Northern  Points   id p   m    Wednes
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxative*
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of the system or
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
Natiwul Drat **i Chsrnical Ce.
of Canada. Limited.     175
About ir,ull fathoms of r.'l, Inrh
mesh flsh net in various lengths will
be sold by public auction at the Dominion fisheries wharf, Sapperton, on
Saturday, the 23rd Inst., at 1:30
o'clock p.m.
(Signed)      K. II. CUNNINGHAM,
(1920)      chief Inspector of  Fisheries.
was t'e pcnalc  Im-om'd on Wattors,
|To this was added thirteen dollara.
o����25a -    '
...uval,    The outside helper was a long 1 m'ttod   Winters     Then   the  men   inn
time iii coming on the second trip to agaln ��� few ,,iinuie.i later,
the window, and   Hunter tried  lo go |    "p0
through,      Constables    Hunter    and
.lean  were  on   the  Job,  having been
notified by the owner and ihey cami!
across the cloth In the alley
Drawing his revolver and flashing
his liullsoyo Constable Raymond as
soon as he found tin* door was opened, uenl in. and five times demanded
the Intruder to come out. He gol no
response, and on going inside failed
to Hml anyone until he tripped '���"������������ n
pair of shoes. "Is that you, BUI?"
came a voice from somewhere In be-1
tween the nails, and without answer 1
the two policemen started to null out
the two legs, sticking out of the hole
in the wall.
"Oo envy, BUI." said the owner,
"there's a couple of nails here" he
Shotlted to the men, whom be did not
know. When he was finally extricated
and saw two bluecoats over hlm his
surprise was great He is B colored
man. and said lie had nn address.
This morning he pleaded guiltv lo
theft, and was sentenced to three
months in Jail  liy Judge Leet.
..   hair per centum  ' 1'-  per
per annum payable half > e ol\*
AND WIIKUKAS the Municipal Council
you   own   the   Kind."    i|iierled  0f the Corporation of the District of Hum-
Wallers.     Tapp  replied   in   111"   nega    abv did with the   i��"ent nf lhe electors nn
tlve  but  prolonged  the conversation Mhi s? hi &"}:"!'
Unnecessarily, I enable  the  Corporation   lo   rnlse   bv   wav
���We  started   10 slush     each    other of loan the sum of Hlghtv.fotir Thnuannd
wltll the whips   nd 1 g.nss he gol the gSJ'Jfo 1-%,w^,|���/;!a,ov,;".: ���u���!,':Vi,
worst of 't." sii il Wi't'eri. The mag-1 School Ii'iud Loin No 1 Bv-lnw, 1813."
Istrnte thoughl lo too after one con-1 \nh uiikhkas the corporation by
vlnclng glance ri Tapp'a head, which ';;-,..-���.���;. ��\;ii^;�������*�����*?V^i^.nir
showed an ilglv cut.   Twenty and Iwo |Thousand  Dnllnrs  %*i, L00)  tn be pay
Italty's Population Shows Big Growth
In Ten Years.
Rome, Italy. Aug. 21. The results o(
the census made In Italy In II'II have
lust bi eii published by the government    Here are some nf lhe data:
Total population, 84.671.H77, Mnles,
17i021,790; females. 17,649,587: unmarried nujii. 10 172.M'i: unmarried wnnr
en, 9,6t7,S01: married men (i Isa.T-tr,:
"inrrieil women, 6.481.R67; widowers,
650.260;  widows, 1,600,989.
Tho Increase in total population
about 1,760,000, Illiterates constitute
US tier rent, nf tho total population.
The region that glies the smallest ppreentagi> of Illiteracy Is Piedmont, with 11 per cenl, while the
maximum is reached by Calabria, with
70 per cent.
There ure many imitations of this Lest of all
fly killers.
Ask for Wilton's, be aure
you get them, and avoid
disappointment. ���
ihi- on the Thlrty-flrsl day ..r 1 mber,
1053 and to bear Interesl ai Hi" rate "I
Four and one-half I" r oentum (4V4 l"'t*
,., ni 1   per  annum   payable   I nil .early.
and wiiKKKui the Municipal Council
1.1 the Corporation of the Dlstrlcl of
Burnabv did with the assenl of the electors on the Twentieth day of January,
1913, tinally piss By-law No. 146 being
n by-law i" enable tho curjioratinn to
rnlse by wav of loan tiie Hum of Twenty-
eight Thousand Dollars ($28,000.00) Tor
School  Purposes, tho said By-law    being
known us "Bumaby School Hoard Uian
Nu.  2   Hv-law,   1911."
AND wiikukas tho Corporation by
tlu- said Hv-lnw authorized the i��mu" of
debentures tn ihe amounl of Twenty-oighi
Thousand Dollars ($98,000.00) t" he
payable nil the Thli tl -first day or De-
cember. 1982, and to nenr Intoresl at the
rale of Four and one-half per centum
f 1 it. per cent.) p.-r annum payable half-
AM' H'HKiti: m: the debentures authorized by lh.- said Hy-laws hire not heen
sold nnd owing i" un advance In the rnte
of Interesl fi"* money since th" passing
nf the suld I'.e-laws the said debentures
thereby authorised oannnl be sold nr dls-
Iposed ..f except ut a discount Invotvlng
In ��� iihsiHi.tiiil reduction In the amount renulred l" h" provided for and II li nec-
esssi-v  in  irisp  this   n-.-i.iw  authnrlsing
tin. rii hi en:* �� tn th" snld amounts to 1 ������
Interest ni Mie rat" "f Plve per oentum
1 *i per cul., n"r annum.
.'.Nn  WltiOUKi-iS It  ulll be 1 ssary
undei   m t.i  I'.-I.iiv  ,\'o   120A  to ralsi   an
till ,'lv   h      sn,'   r.i    rule   the   Slim   Of   Two
Thou atld sii Hundred and Thirtv and
vT-iiui Dollars 1 $:.r,.!" sv 1 to form a sink*
Ir.i- fund  for Ihe  pity nl  of the priori-
ml and I be nun of Twelve Thousand Five
Ilundred Dollars ($12,000.00) fm Interest iit'iid"*; together 11 total amount annuallv nf Fifteen Thnusnnd One Hundred
*.n,I Thirtv unit S.-li><> Dollars < * I r.. -
150,87) fi"" Hi" n "in "' Ihlltv-nlne '3fD
wri.rs for ihe rennvmenl of the said loan
"nd Inti -est thereon an hereinafter men-
iiiru-a. th nount of Two Thousand six
llunJi'd  and  Thirty   and   87-101)   Dollars
roll   an
Uni*..I red
Twiiiu  two   Million   One
umi   Eighteen   Thnusn.nd   Three
mi   s- \*i-ntv-iive   Dollars   1      *
I'm*  tt.11.-ial  null *. nnd  In- '
ng   District   Ud    lundred
Sev..uly-two   1172 1   for   -iho..I   ptirposes   t"
Twenty-lwn Millions si> Dundrni and
Twin'v-nlne Thousand Te,. Hundred nnd
Klve 11..liars  Ct22.630.20G "fi 1
���rill*: MUNICIPAL COUNCIL nl lhi
Corporation ������! Hu- District of Burnahj
enacts as follows  -
1. 'ihai tin* debenlurei nuthorlsed by
said llv-laws No. 120A, I -1 A. 1-*^. I2S,
129, M��, 143, HI and H:. shnll I"." li ������ i
ISI   Ilt    the   |.lie   ,,f   ||Ve   | ie |    |.||lll||l    I ., _ pi I*
ceiii t per annum computed from the r
daj' "f .luly. 1818, and such Intereal ��� hall
I..* pnvahle li iif yearly ort the Thirtieth
day "f .lune .ml Uu- Tidily tli si dn of
���December in each year duihiK the i .1
rency thereof uud ihi. mild debentures
shall have attached tn ihem coupons (���"
ilu- paymenl "f the said Intoresl which
shall hear lta- signature of Ilu- Beovn an 1
clerk und such signature mav i"- either
written, stamped, printed or llthogrnphed
2. Then; shall he raised und levied annually during the currency ��f tin- sahl debentures authorised hv suld Bv-lnw Nn,
120A In special rale siillleP nt therefor
upon all th-- rateable land wlihln th- limits of  the  suld   Millilciiulllv   111   nddllloll   to
lhe uruiuii! sums required by tho srtld Hv-
law No, K.'iiA the sum of one Thousand
Two Hundred und Plfty Dollars ($1,.
���jf'U.ini 1 10 pnv the additional Interesl authorised l.v this By-law Hi" sum 1 ��� I"
In  iiddllhin   to  nil   rates  lo  be  levied  uni
created in th- said Municipality.
3. Tlu-re shnll Is' raised uud lovled nn-
nuallv durnu,' ;he currency of the suld debentures authorised In said Bv-law No
191A hv speclnl rale sulPehnl therefor
upon all the rateable land wlihln the limits
of lhe sold Munlcipalllv in nihllll'.n l" the
annual sums required hv ih- said Bv-lnw
No    I21A   the  sum  of  Two   llundeeil   mil
Fiftv   Dollars   ($380.oni   t*.  nny  th I-
dliional   mien..!   authorised   hy   Ihli   llv-J
law. Ilu   sum'* '*' bu In lehllth-i tn nil rotes
I.,  he  levied   mul  cleutid   In   lhe   said   M'i
1    Thern shnll tie rals��d and levied nn-
nuallv during Hi" currrnov of lhe said a
bentures  authorised  bv  said   Bv-lnw-   N ���
122 hv Bpeclal rule Hurtlcl-nt ther'for upon
all   Ihe   1 -able   lands   wlihln   the   llttiUs
of ihe said Municipality In addltlnn in the
annttnl sums renulred hv iti" sahl Bv-'nw
Vo. 12! the ii.-u of One ThlUSnnd Two
Hundred nnd fitly Dollars ($1,860.00) tn
pnv the nddllloniil lnlere.il  nullioi*l-/..l  hv
this  BV-taW   the  Willi'-  to  he  In   nddlt'on   lo
nil  miiK to |." levied arid created In the
sai.l Municipality.
fn Ther.- shun he rnlseu nnd levied annually during Hu* currency of llie said de-
New Imported Pall Sniiin^ n ������  in
display     See  them,    Pcrfeci   111  acl
workmanship guaranteed   Prices trom
51S.00 up    701 Fronl Btreet.
P.O. Box 31 Dully News B'rjg.
of all kinds.
I'riees right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
".9  Mr.Kemle  Rt
Transfer Co,
Offlct  Phon*  Ity      Barn  Phon��  IJ7
Sagbla eti'sat
Haggaue li��ilier-��d Promptly to
any part of the city
Light and Heavy Hauling
.,.,.,.������.,,., j
Telephones:   Office 53,  Residence 420
.IOIIN ItKlD. Proprietor.
Amenta     Palmer     Urns.'   Onsollne
EnKlnes,   Marino   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs,
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Weatmlnster, B.C. mn ���**** ~*m  -4 ���....<'*  '**,,..mfn.tf-.m,*'	
FRIDAY, AUGUST    22, 1913.
A, J. Birtch has ordered me to close out their entire high-class stock of Women's
and Children's Wear regardless to cost and profit, and you can bet on it
that I will stop at nothing, and dispose of this high grade stock in double
quick time.   I have marked the merchandise at unbelievable figures at
Clear to the naked wall and emtpy counters���everything goes. Every dollar's
worth of ihis superb, peerless, high grade stock on the altar of sacrifice���a clean sweep
demanded by Hi rich Bnd guaranteed by H. T. Lacelle, thc world's greatest price cutter,
hut only afier the store consented to a veritable holacaust of prices and profits.. The
die is cast���the whole stock is doomed to go at a mere portion of its value. Cold type
never before told such a story of ruinous sacrifice. ?pare nothing is the battlecry ef
the commercial massacre. People, I tell you, you've never faced such a saving chance
before, and the prices will prove it true.
It's the end of the A. J. Birtch Store, the final wind-up of its   mercantile   career.
Only a few short weeks before their lease expires and then good-bye to this store forever.   Time is short and only the most terrific selling and drastic price cutting can
accomplish our object.   I have gone through the entire stock like a   cyclone   through
a Kansas cornfield, ripping and slashing and shredding prices to the merest nothings���
annihaliting profits and casting cost andlosses to the very winds. Read every word,
scan every line, the bargains best tell their own great story of what a merciless and
determined sacrifice this is.
 os Saturday Morning, AT 10 A.M.
Join the Bargain Scramble=Be Here Saturday With the Crowds
SIGNS f     PAOfc  ElOHT
FRIDAY, AUGUST    22, 1913.
ft    "PAY    CASH    IT   WILL   PAY
| YOU".
I Remember the Place���
\       33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Imported especially for our
trade alter mucii difficulty in
procuring it- Delightful for
Sundeas. Especially nice for
Fruit Salad and a dozen other
neat dishes. Hemember we are
sole agents for this product, per
tin 30c.
Sliced Peaches--These are
very hard to procure and only a
limited pack, bo be sure and get
a tin, per tin 30c.
California Limes���Jucler than
lemons and far cheaper. For
drinks, lemon pies, etc., they
cannot be beaten, per dozen 20c.
Ron Ton Raisins���A No.-l. The
best on the market, 2 16-oz.
pkgs.   25c.
feaches. per lb 10c.
I'ears,   2   lbs 25c.
Plums, 2 lbs 25c.
drapes,  per  lb 20c.
Oranges, doz 35c. and 40c.
Bananas,  dozen    30c.
f'anteloupes 15e.
Watermelons   35c. to 65c.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       9. K. BRIGGS
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeshlpa under Administration, iver Ji: 1,000,
Trustee fur landholders over
Open Saturday  Evenings 7 to 9.
All notices of meetings, entertain-']ft.
ments, sales of work, etc.. In thl^]ft
column are charged for at the rate ft
of 10 cents per line. Please do not I ft
ask members of the staff to break this ft
rule, as their Instructions are positive,   ft
1'ainters are at work improving the*.'',
exterior aspect of the New Westmin-j.':*:
sier gas plant. j.'���',.
Hon. Mr. Coderre, Dominion secre- ��
tary, Is expected to visit the coast in I*
the course of a week or two.
the less you have to set aside for
illness, old age, adversity of any
Regular savings ls the only
way to affluence open to the
man who does not inherit,
Tha history of all self-made
men is thc same In principle.
They saved by samll amounts
to begin with. Tliey saved regularly until they had sufficient
for a safe lnvesment
They are most concerned
about the safety of their investment.
The Dominion Trust Company
fills every requirement or the
man who desires comfort In old
Savings accepted and 4 per
cent, interest is allowed and
added quarterly.
When BUfflclent is saved for
an Investment then sound safe
securities are recommended,
just exactly the same ones
as the company holds for
Itself, Jusl the Bame ones as
tli" directors of the company
hold for themselves, Yon will
make no mistake by owning this
kind i.f security.
Lacrosse���We want to see you at j
the game on Saturday, Vancouver vs. I
Westminster, Queens park. (1928)
The leading  feature  nt the  Kdison
theatre   today
two   parts,
See it.
l.ubln  special
Dash   for    Liberty.
As    copy for    the    summer    resort
page did not reach this office in time ,
for this morning's Issue, White Itock
and other seashore  news    has    been
held over till tomorrow.
Clearance sale of the Frank M'ljor
Music company's stock of musical instruments and musical merchandise,
half price. Columbia Piano House,
445 Columbia street. (11128)
Senior  Constable   Ernest  Gammon.
At this mornlng'B city market It Is probable that:
Garden truck will be offered
in large quantities and will be
of the best quality of any so.
far this season.
Kggs will still sell at 40
cents a dozen retail, und 35 or
37 cents wholesale, and the
market at that price will be
very firm.
Butter will experience no
quotable change in price.
Apples, locally grown, will
bo on sale In greater numbers
than last week.
Shipments of earlier small
fruits will lie small.
Meats,  lish  and  poultry  will
sell at about   the   figures   of
former weeks.
Public Schools Staffs and What Rooms
They Wlll Occupy for the Fall
SALE, SATURDAY Aug. 23 at 9 a.m.
Advt. on Pa&e 3
lt has been found necessary to
place a gate and guard upon entrance
to the Kraser Mills and visitors Will
in future have to procure passes at
the office If they desire to inspect the
premises. Primarily the gate and
guard are to check the lumber pass-
of Hazelton, formerly In charge of the ling the portals, but a check has als>
provincial police of this city, left last
evening for the north after having
delivered two prisoners to the custody
of the provincial Jail.
The charge of theft laid against a
Sikh named Hahdin Singh by a compatriot, was dismissed in the pollce
court yesterday by Magistrate Edmonds, lt was evident that a reconciliation among the turbaned pair had
taken place.
to be kept upon undesirables. On
Sunday especially danger is to be
feared from smokers and a match
carelessly thrown away might have
appalling consequences,
TAXES 1913.
Money to loan on
improved city and
9 per cent. Alfred W.
first mortgages,
farm property,
MeLeod. (182S)
On Wednesday, at Maillardville, twi
���women were fined $50 and $40 and
costs, respectively, for conducting dis
orderly houses in the eastern section
of Coquitlam. Just outside the city
limits of Port Coiiuitlam.
Lacrosse���Spend Saturday afiernoon with the amateurs at Queens
park. V. A. C. vs. Westminster. Admission 25c. (19231
The final inspection of the plumbing
work on the south wing of the new
Hoyal Columbian hospital was made
yesterday by the plumbing inspector.
Everything was found satisfactory
and the work is said to be of the
highest grade.
Burqultlam persons wishing to show
what the district    can    produce    will
send anything they wish towards Van-1
couver   district  exhibit   to   W.   Whit-
lng not later than August 27.      tl903) 1
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for tlie current year
having all been issued and as the rebate period will expire on August 25,
owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undersigned Immediately,
giving full description of their prop-1
W. H. GRIFFIN, Collector,
(1S40) Edmonds.
According to One Faction Notes of tne
Vancouver Union  Do Not Ring
l/ocal musicians versus local musicians were the principals in a beautiful verbal scrap late last evening
New Westminster's securing a charter
of its own, as against Vancouver dictating and saving whether this city Is
V,...,. ,,!.,,  ,���;���,,. ,.,,,, .,,,,���,*.,, police I large  enough  and   strong   enough   as
far as musicians are concerned, to ob-
' tain  such  a charter  from   the  inter-
FOllOWing is the completed list of
assignments for teachers in the public schools of the city which has b. en
drawn up hy the board ol trustees to
take effect at the opening of the
term, August 25:
High school���Head of classical department, It. A. Little, M.A.; head of
science department, E. it. McMillan.
M.A.; head of mathematical department, c. K. Haverstock, B.A.; assistants, 11. G. Spun', II.A., Miss K.
Graham, B.A., W. S   Mclntyre, 11.A.
John  Hobson  school���Principal, W.
C. Coat ham; senior IV., Miss Rowan;
';'  Junior IV., Miss K. McMurrny;  senior
III.,    Miss  M.  Gladwell;     Junior    III.,
jMiss M. Derbyshire;    juniors,   Miss
Cave-Brow n-Cave, Miss M. Calblck.
'Miss   A.    Morrow,   Miss   M. L. Aber-
F.    W.     Iloway    school-Principal.
Lawrence Lambert, B.A.;  senior IV.,
Miss E. M. Gray; junior IV.. Miss
(Jane   Hellis;   senior   III..   Miss     May
Homer;   Junior  111.,  Miss  V.  Christo-
pherson; juniors. Miss M. Wilson,
'Miss   B.   Bradley,   Miss   M.   Godson;
primaries, MIsb M. Winter, Miss E. C.
| Street.
Queensborough school ���Principal, O.
A. Crandelf: assistant. Miss Ashburne.
Lord Lister school���Entrance, K. ().
Canfield;   senior   111.,   G,   Dickenson;
Junior III.. Miss M. Ulack;   II  reader.
Miss 11. Bowell; I reader. Miss C.
.Smith; 1 reader, Miss E. Hobinson; II
Iprimer, Miss C, Hennie; orientals, M.
111. Clark.
Lord    Kelvin    school���Senior    IV..
Gilbert Summers: juuior IV., Miss M.
L. Bridgman, B.A.;  junior HI., Miss i.
Itoss;  II. primer.    Miss   C,    Hall:    I.
primer. Miss II. Evans; 1. primer. M si
J   Davidson;   receiving class, Miss M.
Richard McBride school ��� Senior
IIV V. U. C.r*i> : junior IV.. T. Stew-
aid, B.A., senior III.. Miss B. McLean;
junior III.,  Miss E. C. Stott:   juniors
M'ss B. Oswald. Miss I. Oliver. Mis;
iG. E. Diamond.  Miss M. V. Wood.
Herbert Spencer school���Principal
���W. T. Kennell: senior IV.. .1, S. Ditch-
! burn.   Bt.:    senior   III..   Miss   M    L.
Hood; junior IV.. Miss L. Leamy;
'juniors.  Miss N. K.  Dockrill,  Miss 11.
Davidson, Miss E. Smith, Miss E.
i Peebles.
Manual'training���Centre I. Queens
���park. W. Nelson; centre 11.. Lord
i Lister school. H. Greenfield.
McAllisters' Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
White Rock
"The Playground  of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES& Co.,Official Agtnts
ite Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. VV. MORRIS,
that   the   huge   Imperial   plant   would
have been razed to the ground.
The car was one of these just loaded for shipment over the Pere Marquette and the yard engine had just
shunted it through the gates to the
Peee  Marquette    tracks,    where    the
I train was being made up. The alarm
was turned in as soon as the blaze was
discovered and the fire department
worked for four hours before the fire
was under control. Many railroad
ties were consumed by the burning oil
which spread over the ground, and a I
switchman's shanty nearby was also'
Fortunately the gasoline did not ex-
' piode.    Such an explosion would have
: killed all within the danger radius. No
estimate of the damage can be had.
! The cause of the fire Is not known.
Pres end C.*����l  Mgr.        Vice-President 6*o. aad Treas.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
magistrate, Kraser Mills, Won Sing
Chinaman, was convicted of running
a gambling joint in the Oriental quarters of the municipality. He was
lined $2n and costs and the paraphernalia, which resembled dominoes, ordered to he destroyed. The contents
of the jack pot, $in..">(). were also confiscated.
Lacrosse���The game starts at .'! p.
ni sharp, Queens park. Admission
25c. iVi'i'i)
Kor pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil. apply
to the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 8K0.      (182111
Laying aside all thoughts of work.
,1 ,1 Cambridge, registrar at the court
house, left last evening for Pitt lake,
where he joins a party of fishermen,
Impersonating Isaac Walton just ap
peals to  Mr. Cambridge und the staff
lal the court house is preparing fnr all
kinds of  lish  yarns hy  the  time    lie
! arrives back  for the fall assizes.
The Victor August records are of
8 very high standard. We handle a
well s. lected stock. Best of service
and courl.cms treatment. Columbia
Piano House, 445 Columbia street.
With tli" city health officials disclaiming any responsibility, the plague
of thistledown which vlBiteu the city
yesterday, will probably be laid at the
door of the lllchmond authorities. A
provincial act covers the case In
j which it compels all owners of vacant I
1. is and property to cut down obnoxious weeds before they flower or go
in seed, imt some mishap undoubtedly
occurred to tlie enforcement of ilu
ail this year, judging from what hap-
i,. ni d hi the i.ty yesterday.
national body, was the subject of debate.
According to one of the members
of the local union, which up to the
present time is as an outlaw organization, it has long been suspected that
two or three local men. or rather those
who have taken up their residence in
the city for the past several years, are
working hand in hand with Vancouver in the matter, In the hopes that
their hand will be stronger and thus
will control the musical world as tar
as Westminster is concerned.
This  suspicion   last
I Continued from rage One i
Public meetings of the ratepayers,
! for the purpose of discussing the Burnaby   Debenture   Interest    Conversion
! Bylaw,  will   be  held  at   the  Burnaby
Public Hall, Edmonds, on Wednesday.
I August   ^7   inst..   and   at   the   North
Burnnby School Mouse on Thursday, I
August 28th Inst., at 8 o'clock p.m., in |
I both cases.
By order.
(1926) Clerk, j
sho: i Besslon, less than three hours.
Three of the trustees were absent,
Trustees Peck, Mrs. Gilley and Rennle.
Tin* question of Mr. Canfield assuming the principalship of both
schools was debated.
Miss Strong said it seemed ti  her a
Pack in your bathing suits and a
I well tilled hamper and spend a day at;
Maple Beach, Boundary Bay. Plenty ���
I of free picnic places on the sand i
' beach or under the wonderful spread-!
lng maples. Lovely spring water. I
'Take th" kiver road   to   Ladner   and:
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Reier-va Fund
Total AueU     -
$0, OOO, OOO
Don't Risk Losing Your Money
by cirryinc It with you, or hiding it at home. Fire cr robbery
may wipe out the savings of a lifetime in a few moments. Let Tho
Dominion Bank take care ol them. It costs you nothing for thli
protection���in fact, your money will earn interest If deposited la
the Savings Department.
ingly developed into a reality, when
during the r^iversation between the
two factions, it was admitted that several of the Westminster men who were
members of the Vancouver local were
strongly against any Westminster organization taking the field.
However, according to local officials
of the Trades and Labor council, the
air will he cleared somewhat during
the next few days when it Is probable
that Westminster will share equally
with Vancouver-"Or else the matter will
he taken to the highest authorities In
trades unionism on tlu* continent.
It was pointed out at the impromntu
meeting   last   night   thai    Prince   lln
mistake  to   have   two   principals   in
these -echoolR.   There wen- ir, rooms I ���e Goudy roadsouth
in the two schools and the pupils tveri
veiling, seem-1 graded from one building to lh-? other
Thev were organized as one Bch'iol.
She could sp*-ik more authoritatively
three months later.
Chairman Trapp suggested Hit. Mr
Canfield might be notified thai he was
only temporarily principal of tiie two
schools and that thero might be soma
changes later on.
This course was adopted on Hi" motion ol  Hr. Green.
A btter from the It. A & I. society
asking thin the manual training r �� :���*
in tli" Queen's park building I" .i-
rateil, ns the society wanted to utilize
it as a dairy room a; the next, exhibition, wns read
Th"   trustees   deliberated    on
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
pert, a  city  much  smaller  than  New I question and  cam.   to the
Westminster and with a smaller num-  thai   i'   was   impossible  to
ber of musicians available, has a In- the request,
cal   union  of  its own  which   runs  its.    Trus'".
own affairs, whereas New  Westmins-  the hnrcli
ter. according to Vancouver musicians.  r\ay  who
will he compelled to tak" orders from and  conl
the Terminal City crowd.
accede  tn
ney directed attention to
nip inflicted unon Mr. Mun-
bin!   lathed  the  high  Bchool
not  get payment  from  t'i"
What with the harbor
improvements, the further development of the
fisheries, and Atchison's Ladies Tailoring
branch, surely Wesiminster is coming to her
Tailor to Ladies .ind Gentlemen.
Weetminrter Trust Block.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS��� 5  nnd    5.4!>  am.
and   every   IS   minutes   until   11
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am. and
until  lb  p.m.   with  late
For Vancouver
p.m.    Half  hourly service  until
11 p.m. with late cur at midnight.
SA1UUDAVS-15 minute   ser
vice is continued until ll p.m,
SUNDAYS���8, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,   with   late   car  at   11.80.
KUS11   HOUil   SPKC1ALS-7.30
car  at
WEBKDAY8���7 a.m.
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.    and
buro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made at
hour until 11 p.m.
und other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1,10 and
fi.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.
The Rexall
always the leading store in
every city. We can save you
money mi your next pair of
Glasses-.  Try
Curtis Drug Store
and SEED8,
Phone 43;   L. D. 71;   Ret. 72.
lj       New Wettmlntter< B. C.
Pred Dat is will Ball by public auction (for il ,l Russell), nt bis West
in,lister miction house, Klng'B hotel
block, Columbia strict, nu Saturday
evening, August ::;'.. at 7:30 sharp.
Goods will include beds springs and
mattresses, oak book cus.'s and hall
Stands, gas ranges, heaters, couches.
| linoleum, etc. 11921)
Called out In the middle of the nlcht,
Coroner A. I.. McQuarrie nnd Senior
Constable McLeud. of the provincial
police, lefl early this morning tn answer to a call from two flshermon re-
Stdlng on Douglas Island, near l'ort
Kells, who reported the death of Chas.
I'. Smith an old time fisherman on the
river, well known In this city. Smith
'���'���'�� well known on the river anil bad
fished on It for many years until he
took np a homestead nenr I'itt lake.
II the report of the fishermen is true
Dr. McQuarrie will call an Inquest today sometime.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Mr Sperling, manager of the lt. c.
K. IL, informed Reeve Harth, of Co-
|i|Uitlum. at the close of the conference on Wednesday between himself
und the representatives of the three
] municipalities interested In the extension of the Fraser Mills and Sapperton tram lines, that he would communicate witb the reeve as to lbe result of his Investigations Immediately
! they   were  concluded.     Tlle   rieve   on
ibis side promised every assistance by
Coiiuitlam to the company In securing
ithe rights of way and franchise.
Montreal,   Aug.   'Jl     Tin'   American
Peat  Boclety   cioaed   its  Beventh  an-
'nual meeting in conjunction with the
Canadian Peal Borlety here tonight.
The sessions, which opened on Mon
day. August 18, were Inld in the rooms
l"f tin* Canadian Society of civil Engineers on Dorchester street west
Numerous  Interesting  papers on  th"
[utilization of peat hogs were preBent
ed Among those contributing were
Profesor H. C Thompson, nf tho bureau or planl industry of the United
States department of agriculture;
Professor Charles A. Davis, pent ex-
perl   of   the   United   States   hup'-ni   of
mines;  Dr   Herbert  Phillpp. of Perth
Ambov.  N    .1 .  .lohn   N    Hoff.  of New-
York;  0   Herbert  Condict,  I'lainfleld,
IN.  .1.;   Robert   Hanson,   l'nble  Beach,
I Florida ;  W. F. Todd, St. Stephens, N.
H. nml others,
On Tuesday the societies visited
tha peal fuel plant al Alfred. Ont..
where thev witnessed the manufacture iof conj
of nirdrieil peat fuel with new anil
Improved machinery of the latest type.
On the folowlng dav they Insneeted
the operation ofthe fuel plant of Penl
Industries, Ltd . near Farnham, One.
One of the  objects of  these  societies
is t" Increase public knowledge of
and interest In the subject of economic
utilization of the latent resources of
the peal-hogs of the continent.
contractors. The work had been iin
ished for some time ami the amounl
was In '.!o* neighborhood of 1510. The
account wna for actual labor. He
moved thnt no paynn nt to ihe con
tractorB in* sanctioned until this bill
was paid. II' emphasized the account was tor   . ages.
Th"   motion   was  carried   nud   th
clerk  was Instructed   to   write   tin-!
architects not to issue certificates to ',
the contractor! until Mr. .Munday wns;
; Pi ars 	
11Irapes, per lb.  .
'��� Bananas, per dozoi
Canteloupe, each
Peaches, per Ib,  .
Watermelon, each
Oranges, per dozen
.2 lbs. 25c
,40c in 60c
,2 Ihs   26c
30c to i:,e
Sarnia, Am 21, Bursting Into
flames inst after it was slinn'ed out
of th" yards i * Ihe Imperial oil company a box car loaded with twenty
barrels  of  gasoline,  forty  bnrrels  if
.kerosene, five of naphtha, and a largo
quantity of oiler inflammables manufactured there lit the sky for miles
around wllh thn glare from tbo fierce
conflagration. What would have happened if the car had remained In the
|yards Hive mlnutea longer Is a ir.titt
lure, hut the probabllltl
(Successor to Ayling
���147 Columbia  St.
it  Swain.)
Phone 98
Commercial   Department
opens Sept. 9th.
A. E. Etherin^ton,
Commercial Master.
Miss A. Lorec,
Teacher in Stenography
For  further  Information apply
Call and inspect our fall REV. A.M.SANFORD, D.l).
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
,;:(|401   Columbia   St.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eiflhth  St.  Market,  Phono  1205.
, Edmonds Market, Phone  L883.
Kt. Paul, Aug. 21.���Damage amounting tn thousands of dollars In the Twin
('Hies, portions nf Minnesota and In
the Hed river valley was done today
by and electrical and wind storm. A
number or piaces were struck by lightning and one death was reported.
In the small town nf Leo, Itosseau
county, more than half the buildings
i In the town were destroyed or car-
I rled from their foundations by the
'wind, according to reports. One child
I Is reported missing.
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent Ileach  (Dlackle Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. daily, on and after June 10, returning in
the  morning  In  time  for business.    Crescent    llench    affords    ideal
eimdltinns for summer homes, combining  the  best  of  bathing,  boat.
ing at all stages of tbe tide together with line beach.    Artesian well
water to all reBidontB.   Let ub show you this property.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
Wa write Fire, Lift, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  AuUmeblle  and
Marino Insurance.
Open Evenings Till 9 p.m.;  Saturdays 11  p.m.
School Boots for kiddies, from $1.25
School Boots for Misses and Boys   1.13
The finest variety in the city.   See us before
We arc out of the high rent district so can give
thc best value.


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