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The New Westminster News May 12, 1913

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 *m*m*U.*m#ioW 'iigt^y-JlWlllW��IWMWWW^W��**^��*',*^i
ir  Nows  is
only   morning
spapur  pub-
ill ths
Now Wcst-
r and
and   fertile
13 W
the Weathor.
.��� .   .Westminster   and   CAy5'
Mailliini4M|bt to modaiAaJwRa;
cool aT��(m1yli>BlflrtJe*^*��v,-er��;
not much fimtage?U��tS����l(feratiire
Captain Scott Back From Trip Through Peace River
Man   Under "Slwash"  Act  FlgWrcs
E. C. Electric Interurban Accident.
An Investigation aB to where Alexander Donald,  an  interdicted  person,
Important  Conference  Between City, Premier and
Railway Men.
Mr. Potter Stood Not Upon the Order
of His Going Whan Magistrate
���TV*..�����..., I�� rtonili nf Wintit TpIIs Of Land Of Great   received IhjUQrB and  who the parties
Country in Depth ot winier���lens 01 L.a��u ���� x*       *^ -^ |nppUea lhera win be sit in
Promise and Simple TraRcdies in Pioneer Ranks
Probable Railway Route of E. I), and B. C.
Attor travelling over GOO milea by
dog team and three times aB far by
rail and steamer, during which time
four of the parly became afflicted With
Biiow-blliidness. Mr. James Scotl. of
Agnes Btreet, an old timer of tbis city
uud better known as Captain Scotl,
returned  on   Saturday,  bringing  with
him an Interesting story of the Peace
Hlver country and Ills experiences
Not only does Capt Kcott bring an
Interesting tale of travel, but a story
of development umi Information concerning a railroad of the near future
that will prove of vital importance to
New Westminster.
Tliere has been much speculation
conci ruing  the probable route of the
Kdmonton, Dunvegan & B, C. railroad which is a; present building out
Of Edmonton towards the Peace river
and In this connection the captain offers a solution which at once appears
feasible and  practicable.
l-'rom Iiunvegnn the captain suggests
the railroad will proceed tu Hudson's
Hope, thence to Kort UctiSOd, over the
i.lBCom Pass and thence to Kort
(leoreo, where It would connect wllh
the Pacific Creat Kastern, wblcb ultimately will run Into Vancouver and
New Westminster. It would alBo link
up with tbe tlrand Trunk Pacific lo
Prince   Rupert.
Another supposition. Bays the cup-
taln, Is that the railroad will go from
Dunvegan to Kort MeLeod, thence to
Findlay Rapids, brnnrhlng from the
Peace riv. r Prairies through the Yukon country to Dawson, the other
branch going to Kort  Oeorge.
Productive  Country.
Hold, silver, galena, wheat, barley.
"Htn. hay. tdover. potatoes uud nil
kinds nt eagatjealae nm s few of th<-
tbltiKH thnt nre Iti bn found In the
wilds Of the north.
"The average man has no Men." said
('apt Scott, "of the prospects and op-
por-tu-nlties that nre lo be found in the
Peace River country, although people
are beginning to realize the advantages more and more und I expect
to see a large amount of development
during the coming summer and next
tall. The arrival of the railroad wlll
open up a large amount of hitherto
beginning t.i make preparations to 'rek
virgin oountry and settlers are already
to the great prairies of the Peace
"In   the   lake   Bablne   country   we
found   good   silver  and   galena   proB-
peets which bave been operated on a:
small scale all winter.    Krom there we,
wont  to Tacla  lake  where  there   are
also some first class silver mines aud L
high grade ores being prospected.
"It ibis point 1 might mention that
then-  Is a  good    wagon    road  being
motion by the provincial police under
.Chief Dunwoody thla morning, follow -
1 Ing an accident wblch took place at
about 10 o'clock Saturday evening at
the Thorn road station ou the B.C.B,It
  Donald  Ib  at  present  lying  In   the
opened from Tacla la':e to Silver i Koyal Columblen hospital minus his
creek, which with navigation from right foot and also suffering from a
Blowarl lake to Tucla lake wlll give broken Shoulder and severe scalp
this diBtrlct  and  Ihe  Omlnica  mines ; wounds,
D, S. Potter, a local lawyer was or-
  ! tiered to be ejected from  the police
I court by Magistrate Edmonds on Sat
On Tuesday Proposed Annacis Island j urday and Baved thla Ignomlnloua form
of removal by hastily gathering up his
The man Is Bald to have boarded a
Vancouver  Interurban   car  earlier  in
cheap transportation for the    large i
hydraulic and dredg ng machinery
which 1 expect will be taken in there
this  year.
"There has been a large number of.
leasee taken up on    tlie    old    creek:),
which  were worked  35 and  40 years,
ago and ut the present time tliere are
three or four men on each, who arc
getting a little gold.
"1    also    expect    to    see    a    large
amount  of   prospecting   done  am far;
north   us   the   Oslllnca   river,   where
we met a  large party  of prospectors
taking  In  supplies."
Northern Tragedies.
It was at Hi's Juncture that the
face of the usually genial captain
lost Its smile as he recalli d thl
story of a tragedy that bet, II two
.neti, who. without food, snowbound,
anil EO milea from the nearest camp
started out In a last attempt to cheat
lu   tbis  one  of them  succeeded,  as
he   reached  Did  llcgem   In   a  Btaryed Ioceun^j al tltta point within th
condition,  and  waa  fed  by    a    Bear   pix wei.kBl a laborer ln the
|Lake  Indian. ';in(, B   c   K   K   lo8i���R illK
then    made    for    his
Structure for Trains and Traffic
Wlll Bo Discussed.
Juat  what the Canadian  Northern,
(ireat Northern and the provincial
papers and hiking thither.
Despite frequent admonitions and
wurnlnga, Mr. Potter continued tc
disregard the court's rulings and persisted in conducting hiB defence of
the case In what his worBhip considered  an  objectionable  and  obstructive
California's Governor Between Somebody and the Deep
Sea on Anti-Japanese Legislation���Every Pressure
Brought to Bear by Washington to Have Him Kill
the Bill���Japan's Ambassador Makes Protest.
government intend to do in regard to j manner. This finally exhatiBted the
New Westminster's harbor plans and patience of the magistrate and lead lo
Just what the city intends to aak from I lhl. 0rder for hla removal.
Waahlngtou, May 11.���The    federal
government's   final   effort   lo   delay
alien   land  ownership  legislation    In I
California  was made    tonight    when
of th.
big transportation  com
the   evening,   probably   mistaking     it j panics
for a Twelfth Btreet car, and the con-I Ilea  will   probably  be  unfolded   at   ���
duc'.or. discovering the error, put Don-   meeting lo be held in the city hall to-
aid off the car at the North road Bta- i morrow  afternoon
tlon  giving  him   Instructions  to  takel Bride,   premier
the first car coming from Vancouver.
Little   was   thought   about   the   In-
! will
Cldent until lu o'clock when Motorman
MrKiliam. in charge of cars 1221-
1226, felt tho train strike some object und when It wae pulled up, the
brew discovered Donald lying between j
the tracks and the platform, his right
and brought to the II. C. B. ll. depot
win re the city ambulance waB waiting to take  him  to the hospital.
The Been., of the accident Ib in dlttrict lot 172, owned by the provincial
govt rnmeiit and therefore under the
supervision  ot  the provincial  police.
ThlB Ib the second accident that has
Search was
companion, who was later found
troten, about six miles from the
place which proved a haven for the
* om- who escaped.
On the forks cf the Oalllnca. Cap
tain Scott and his party came
upon an old cabin, on the door
it which was nailed a sign bearing
the words, "Douglas and Higliy let I
bare oa  December  22,   l H12.  without
grub," mid In those tew wnr.M wnn
written uiiothet- truKedy or the north.
It wuh tin his return thnt Captain
Boott leurni d of the rate of Ihe iwo
yoiuiR  men.
The Cllm��te.
"In the Peace oountry." went on
thc captain, "there is u beautiful
climate, and although we experienced
Weather at 4J below* zero, we camped
on bare ground on April  16."
' Bear ground '.''
"Yi s, both."
"At H'ori Urahame it is possible to
grow barley, nah\ potatoes and all
k lids (.* vegetables, and Kort lira-
hame, by the way, is north of the
56th, being on the north fork of the
Peace river, which is also k'lown as
the Findlay river.
"It was the line weather thnt
proved our undoing, for the sun shining on the white Bnow, affected lhe
eyes of the party and at one time my
'four companions were practically
blind. I left them at Hazleton where
all are slowly recovering.''
mploy of
life  there
a short time ago by being struck by
a car near the curve Id the tracks.
atlc. effort to discover and correct any
evils that  may    exlBt    In  connection
with jand ownership by aliens."
A  Last  Resort.
Thr decision cf the administration
Potter was defending a Russian I Secretary Bryan,    in    the    name   of  to urge Governor Johnson to nee his
government   author!-' ,,.,',,','ed Joseph Kettleman who was ul- j President  Wilson,  telegraphed Oover   Power to veto to postpone any    land
timately acquitted of a breach of the  nor Johnson, notifying him    that   the  tegiBlntlon was reached aftrer a series
blasting bvlaw, whereby tbe roof and 1 Japanese  ambassador  bad    earnestly  of ^conferences between the president,
window of a house on Nanalmo street I protested  a;a!nat the  bill  paBBed  by   Becretary  Bryan  and    John    Dassett
waa     damaged.       Another     Ituaaian; the California assembly    and    urging  Moore,   counsellor   of  the   Btate    de-
pleaded guilty to a similar charge and : n,at the governor postpone action by  Payment,  und  frequent   calls  at   tho
waa  fined  $10  and  costa  in  addition withholding his Signature. department    by Ambassador    Chlnda.
to  paying  for  the damage  done the I    secretary Bryan's teU-gruV was as  �� was realized that anv further   at-
hou-gu. : follows- tempt to hare the bill enacted by the
Mr. Patter kept objecting to ques-| "Tlie president direct-, me to ex California legislature amended would
tlons on various pretexts, until at pm8 hla appreciation of your cour be fruitless, since Secretary Rrvan's
length his worship ordered him to Bit i ,(.Hy ln aPi���y|nK action on the lar.d tnP ,r> Sacramento was uiiavailin?
down and close up. [t>lll now  before you    until    ita    pro-  nml tke legislature Is to adjourn next
Mr.  Potter kept objecting to ques-  v|glotM, couU1 he communicated to the Tuesday.
easily subdued. Ile a little later turnedi japaMM  government  and considered      until Governor Johnson's reply    in
hia legal light upon the bench and ob- k,    it received, the    government    probably
jeeted to the magistrate putting ques-                      Chlnda  Protests, *'��������� make no reuly to the protest of
tioiiB  which  had  been  auawered  be-1    ���His oxct.i1(iucy Baron Chlnda     or,  Japan  further  than   to   acquaint  the-
fore.                                    -      ._,! behalf of his'government.    has    pre   ambassador with the fact that   every
"Sit down. Mr. Potter    ordered tt��       M        earnest protest against the poBBible effort haa been made to have
Northern and  the provincial authorl-   magistrate, "the  court  has  a  perfect!                                   .           before    you  action  In  California d^laved  pending
ties, with a possibility of the Mllwau-   rlght   to  ask  any  question  il  thinks."            * n,.prnL,v,.B   _..    t0 aDDrov0 a settlement of the problems involv-
kee road being alao included In the proper."                                             h     ��� **'?*^".Jf*!*J'^twngtor* ** *�� diplomacy.
 ..scheme; provides for a double railway i    "i Waut to Bay that the witness haM(.ftti10Vour attention the amendments      Whether or not the governor corn-
past Wrack, u gether with a road bridge tor | an9Wered  the  question  before,"   per- i^J�����,1��   ,��� n"  ililr���.!*  plies   with   the   administration's
Sir Richard  Mc
of liritish  Columbia,
i native son of the Hoyal City,
be  present  at  the   mc--.tiiig,  together with Mr. Lii C (iilnian of Seattle,  vice-prcrldent    of    the    Hreat
Northern, and Vice-president   lloult
of the Canadian Northern.
While   the   propoBed   bridge   across
the  main  channel of the river
foot     amaslied     to     pulp   and   blood! Annacis   Island   to   the
streaming from his bead.   He was im- |wlU be thechlef matter
mediately  placed  on  one  of  the ci
Surrey   bank I
under discus- |
sion.   a   general   talk   regarding    the
whole Bituation covered by the harbor
plauB  will alao be indulged  in.
The bridge which the city desires to
have built with the aitl of the Great
vehicular and prdeatrian traffic, const rected above tbe Bteel tracks on the
same Idea as that followed out by the
Kraser river bridge.
The Milwaukee Interests were interviewed by ex-Mayor l-.ee last summer while on his way to Kngland. but
lt is not expected that a representative of the company will be present
tt the meeting to be held tomorrow.
According to reports the Milwaukee
road will enter this province by way
"'"' ""' "t^^elX;^^ ..ue.t.  ther-  probably .will  be  import-
" "   " ���  his views on the subject, it
ing that he
case properly.
The Court���You must conduct yourself properly too, if yeu Intend to
practise in this court.
"1 know how to conduct myself as
well aa you do," retorted the irate
Mr.  Potter.
Then the bricks fell down and the
magistrate   ordered   Mr.   Potter's  re-
! moval upon which the latter retreated
Oi-e.it   Britain   and   United   States   Will
Settle Old Claims  With
of  France.
of the Oreat Northern tracks, so thatIprecipitately from the menacing em
jit Is possible thai  Vice-president till- ! brace of Ufflcer Johnston.
| man   of  the   latter   road     may     have : ���	
something to say wltli regard to this]
Thn  neatlaa   will  open  at  3  o'olock
Tuesday urternoon.
st vtmuit UB0R
Liberals at Ottawa Certain
to Move Six Months'
Deputy   Speaker  to  Be    Grilled    and
Torrid  Tlme��  Are  Expected  at
Parliamentary PoBt-mortem.
Encouraging Report* at Annual Meet
ing of Women's Educational
Washington, May 11. Great Britain
and the l'nited States will begin to
clean the diplomatic alate Tuesday
when the international tribunal for
the arbitration of the outstanding pecuniary claims between the two nations will hold its first meeting litre
under the presidency of Henri A
Fromageot of France. This tribunal.
created by a special agreement in
1910. will Brttle Judicially claims of
private   persons  of   the   two   nations.
.some of them dating back to thc war
of 1812.
There has been no Judicial settle.
ment of any such claims since l*ii2.
.The claims listed for hearing at the
opening   session   of  th-   tribunal   are
j chiefly thoBe in favor or against Can-
i ada.    They  relate    to    seizures    of
j American fishing vessels aud Canadian sealers, collisions, conf-icts In
the Yukon territory. South Africa and
; India and otber subjects.
The tribunal    conalsts of,    besides
President Fromageot, the national ar-
bltratorB,    Sir    Charles     KiC.-oattk-k.
hief jiiBtiee of Canada, and Chandler
: P. Anderson, formi rly counsellor of
the department of state.   The Ameri-
��� 'an  claims  aggregate  (4,330,000;   the
! British $2,866,000.
unnecessary to reiterate them. He
passes over questions affecting treaty
rights for two reasons, first because
the bill passed by the legislature is
avowedly intended to conform to
treaty obligations, and, second, because any conflict complained of
wruld he a matter for the courts.
But the president feels Justified in
.\pressing again his desire that ac-
! tion on the subject be deferred for
I this Reason, and he expresses the de-
' aire the more freely because the
/legislature can be reconvened at any
time it the welfare of the state requires   if.     It.���   la   fully   alive   to     thc
ant diplomatic negotiations between
the United Statfs and Japan immediately, lf the land bill ia vetoed, the
president and Secretary Bryan will
have to undertake to carry out their
promise to accomplish through
diplomacy the ends sought by the
Californians. Tliere has been no Intimation of what may be expected in
the event the governor gives the bill
his signature. However, a test In thn
courts is regarded as a certainty if
the law becomes effective, and in
Bpite cf the silence at the V.'hito
House and state department there
still is talk outside of the possibility
of employing  the referendum
II-PIIP     l&l      /*-i|Tl/''mportanco  of removing  any  root  or means of delaying the    effectiveness
H'VlllNS     IN     1 111   '*'���'"'':'(1 which may create antagonism   "t the proposed law for al least near-
Ottawa. May 11 The tinvnl bill
bas successfully mnde Its Btormy passage from committee of the whole
house Speculation Ib now centering
on what Is likely to occur on the
third reading, which will he taken up
Monday or Tuesday. There Is no
doubt that the Liberals will move the
Blx months' hoist and that tho amendment will be debated until the closure
rulea are again offered. The final
division will come late Tuesday or
Wednesday night; then there wlll
likely be more BceneB.
It Is slated tonight thnt there la
also strong probability of n. parliamentary postmortem ub an aftermath
of the proceedings of early Saturday
i-i.rn'ng and that Deputy Speaker
lllondln will be the central figure.
The Liberals, it is Bald, will charge
thnl the rules are according to the
dictation of members of the -houm
This   the   ministerial   members will
deny,   with   lhe   probable  result  that
the debate Ib liable to wax warm.
Handling Big Grain.
Ottawa, May 11. Dn May 2, accord
Ing to stotlatlcs furnished by tho department of trade and commerce, 13,-
402,1121 bushels of Wheat were ill
store at terminal elevator! at Port
Arthur and Kort William nnd public
elevators in the eaat, as compared
with 1G.967.H70 bushels on May 3.
1912. Of all gral.iB tho amount In
store waa 2S.084.207, as againat 23|-
014,fiGO In 1912.
Knee uraglllg   reports
general    advance    nlonf
lines   throughout   the   province   were
read   at   the   annual   meeting   of   the
members Of the  Provincial  Women's
Educational   club   of   Columbian   college,  which   wua  held   in  (he  college
building on Saturday ufternoon.    Th
gathering,  which   was  attended   by-
large number of mcir.bere from Va
couver, was one of the beet ever held.
The feature address of the after
noon was delivered by Mrs
Chown, wife of the new euperinten
dent of education among the Metho
dlstB of the province, who urged the
members to work more and more for
better eduoatlon and to remember the
fact that It was needed In other fields
than Methodism alone. MrB. Chown
spoke of fhe needs of Columbian college and urged the members of the
club to work towards placing It on a
still firmer foundation.
Other addresses were made by Mrs
\V. T, Held, the retiring
Mlsa KvanB of Vancouver, Principal
Hetherington of Columbian college,
nud Rev. A. M, Sanford, the newly appointed  principal of that  institution,
The officers elected were ub follows;
President, Mrs. T it. Pearson. New
Westminster: first, vice-president
Mrs.   .1.   K.   Iletts,   Vancouver;   second
vice-president, Mrs. dumber. Van*
couver; third vice-president, Mrs. W.
T. Held, New Westminster; corresponding secretary, Mra. C, Wntson.
New Westminster; recording Becretary, Mra. J. Ilryson, New Westminster; treasurer, Mrs. Derbyshire, Vancouver.
Go Out Tcnether.
Seattle. May  11 - Icivid J. hnson. a
machinist,  :'4  yearn old. and hiB 23-
regWdlng   a ; yoar-old bride of six months, were ac-
educatlonal i itdentally asphyxiated in bed when a
hose attached to a gas fixture broke
early  loday.    They  were  dead  when
found by neighbors who Investlfated
the escape of gas.    Mrs. Johnson was
formerly   Hannah   ErlCkBon,  and   was
the daughter of a  Minnesota farmer.
Plans  Building  $20,000,000  Battleship
as a Compromise Between Two
Warring  Faction*.
Washington, May 11.���Congress will
be asked next year to appropriate for
one battleship���a mammoth dread-1
nought, displacing 4u,0U0 tons and |
costing about 120,1100,000, according to
tenative plans of the navy general j
board, made public today.
In the debate on the naval bill this)
year, members of congress particularly
Interested In the navy, became satisfied  that  with  two extreme  factions,
one advocating two or three first class
I battleships a year, and the other with
I "no battleships" as a slogan, an overwhelming majority on both sides could
ho counted upon to vote for a single
j dreadnought.
This one battleship, however, will be
I a moiiBter, if the board's plans mater-
' lallze.    With a displacement of 40,000
tons   she   would   easily   rank   as   the
| largeBt and moit formidable craft of
I war in the world.    The plans cull for
speed of 25 knots an hour.
Just what the armament  would be
has  not  been announced,  but  it  certainly would  be equal to  that  of the
last ship authorized, which Is to carry
a main battery of twelve 14-luch guns,
mounted   in   four  turrets,  three  guns
to a turret.
Butchers and  Musicians    Add    Their
Organizations to the  Rapidly
Growing Total.
Five Thousand Settlers for West Pass
Through   Calgary  Yesterday-
Majority Come tc Coast.
| the
i 'he
ilgary,   May   11.���ThlB  has    been
busies!  day ever experienced    at
ra'lway depot    In    Calgary.    No
president,  fewer than eight  trains from eaatern
porta arrived here with settlers from
lhe old country.    It is estimated thnl
;" I  persons  passed     through    here.
The  majority   went  right   through  to
jthc coast,    including    a large    parti
' I fought  out  bv   the Salvation   Army.
(Many went nnrth nnd quite a number
stopped  off  in  Calgary.    Two  trains j
:tho Imperial Limited and the Vancou-j
VP*  Ky-.ress   came  iu  three sections,
j while  the  Soo  Line  tomorrow  morn-i
I ing  will  come In  two sections.    The
reason for the great crowd of   new I
settlers  wob the arrival    of    a large
i number of ocean vessels nt the ports
one time, There were huge crowds
Luke McCarthy Arrives in Calgary to
Prepare for Pelky Fight.
Calgary, May 11. ��� Luther McCarthy,
who fought lib-* first fight in Calgary-
two years ago for a purse of $25. now
a rtar of the first magnitude ln the
fistic firmament, arrived in the city
today to prepare for his fight with
Arthur Pelkey on  May  24.
McCarthy has established his training camp at Ogden and will begin active work tomorrow.    He spent  most
jof today visiting his old haunts around
I Calgary where he stnrted his pugills-
j tic career.    He rode out to the ecene
of his first battle two years ago which
| was then a mile outside the city limits
(nnd   found   the  district   covered   with
houses and a street  car line running
I through the place where he  met Joe
IQrim  on   April   17,   1911.
High ten wub served by the mem- at the depot all day to welcome
berB of the local branch of the club,' friends and there were many Interest-
th�� Vancouver memberB leaving by i ing scenes, Of all the thousands who
special car about 7 o'clock ln the eve- icame In only seven went to tho 1m-
nlRg. i.i .migration hall.
���:.: Manila,  May 11.���The  worst -'
���* typhoon  experienced  in    eight tt
-."r- years struck the islands today, :'
w causing    many     deaths    and ���#
���i'* wrecking several small steam- ���"���
*.',- era and numerous lighter craft. t>
-,',i The known fatalities at sea ="'
���':��� total 68, but   the total    death #
���7 list from the storm ls swelling tt
tt with incoming reports. *','(
���& It Is believed no Americans tt
tt have lost their lives. =S
ft ����� ft ft'ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft
Two more labor unions came Into
existence yesterday, which brings the i
total number of locals in the city to
17, with prospects of the 20 mark being passed before another month haa
passed. Yesterday afternoon the
Amalgamated Meat Cutters' and
Butchers' Workmen of North America
was formed, more than three-fourths
of the total number employed In New
Weatmlnster being passed at the
organization meeting held in the
Labor Temple. A charter will probably be applied for within the next
two weeks when several more charter
members will be enrolled. Thu officers elected were: President, J. H.
Whltelaw; vice-president. E. Morrison; secretary-treasurer, W. K. Caine;
guard. K. Simpson; delegates to the
Trades and l^abor council. W, K.
Caine, E. Morrison and J. 11. White
Last evening a local of the Amalgamated Federation of Musicians waa
formed with 20 members. Officers
elected were: President, James
Innes; vice-president, JameB Cameron; secretary-treasurer, E. C, Peck;
iergeant-at-arms, H- Niss; delegates
to the Trades and Labor council. Al
Miller, U. Claire and Ed. Peck.
Al both meetings speeches were de
livered by Vice-president D. S. Cam
eron, cf the Trades aud Labor coun
cil, Organizer Knudsen and others.
between American citizenB    and    the ly two years.
subjecta of Oriental  nations residing Johnson Not Hurrying,
here, but he Is impelled by a sense of Sacramento, Cal., May 11.���Cover-
duty to express the hope that you nor Johnson received the communica-
wlll see fit to allow time for dlplo- tion from the secretary ef state a' a
matic efforts. The nations affected by few "minutes br-fcre 10 o'clock, but de-
the proposed law are friendly nations cllned to make any comment i:ocn it
���nations that have shown them- other than to say that he would
Belves willing to co operate in tbe formulate his reply as soon as . poi*
establishment of harmonious relations  sible.
between their people and ours. "Will vou telegraph your reply   to-
"If a postponement commends Itself  night '" he waa asked.
to your judgment,  the president  will
be pleased to co-operate In a system-
until     tomorrow     at
replied the governor.
Remarkable   Rescue  of   Lady   Passen- 	
Ber���Unable     to     Swim���Cannot      One Man Killed in Fort Wll-
Tell How Accident Happened.
Pair  of
C. C
Railways for Upper End
to Be Launched at Next
Session In Ottawa.
Prince Itupert, B.C., May 11.���Additional  information regarding  the dis
���appearance of MrB. Carroll Ask fron-
the Steamship City of Spokane, while
it was oft' this pert on the night cf
May  6, and  the later  finding of the
'woman ashore, brings to light several
j remarkable facts.
Mrs.    ABk   went    overboard a few
I miles below Lowe's Inlet more than
half a mile from the shore. She was
wearing night clothes and reached
the beach far from any habitation.
During her wanderings of the night
ind early morning, until found by
fishermen, she several times came
near perishing from exposure. When
rescued by Captalu Dahl of the hailing launch I-ark the woman waa on
the point of collapse
Mrs. Ask was unable to explain how
the accident happened. After being
Beveral hours in the hospital and having somewhat recovered from her experience she said Bhe had no recollection of leaving the boat. -
Her story Is that with her huBbaji 1
and  children,   who   Ib  a  well  kno ra
Ottawa, May IL���Notice ia given
lhat application will be made to the
parliament at the next session for ar
act to incorporate a company undei
the name of the Atlin Railway Company, with power to construct a railway commencing at or near the town
Of Atlin and following a generally
southerly direction to a point on the
Taku river, where it intersects the
international boundary and also from
a point on the line easterly to the
southern end of Te6lln lake.
Application will also bo made to
parliament next Brsslon, for nn uct to
incorporate a company under the
name of the Nans Valley & Northern
llallroad Company, with power to
conatruct a railway, commencing nt n
point at or near the mouth ot thc Naas
river and following ln a general direction along the valley of the Naas
rlvor, to the Stickeen river and north
liam Street Car Strike
^ang  of  Foreigners  Storm  Jail    and
Constables Have Warm Time���
Cituation  Is Acute.
Kort William, Ont . May 11.���Tha
strike of street car employees assumed serious dimensions tonight wheiv
during an attack on a coal dock police
station by n mob of Btrike Bymp��-
thizera, a Hungarian named Mike
Smorak was instantly killed and John
Kulk seriously wounded. The trouble-
Btarted thia evening when cars being
operated by strike breakers were th*.
railed, the crews forced to flee and
windows and woodwork smashed to
kindling. ,
Pollowing a parade organized tiy
agitators, one of the cars waa derailed and toppled over wheu it struck
the curb.
A mob soon gathered and during
the destruction of the car tho pollcw
orly, following the shore of Teslin lake Mr. Gauld was born In Old Meldrum
to the junction of the Yukon territory.' Aberdeenshire, 49 years ago,
Alaska lumber merchant, she embark- appeared on the scene and took into
custody Peter Landl. a Hungarian,
placing him In the cells of the dock
police station, a frame building right
in the heart of the foreign settlement.
Landi's arrest was resented by th��
mob which grew to over 2000 peoplo
and an hour alter the officers had
placed him in the cells the storm
A well directed stone crashed
through one of the windows, followed by u furious fusilade and windows
and doors were broken down. A big
pile of cordwood added fuel to the
riot and wheu the mob begun to batter down the frame structure Her*--
geant Taylor, with five constable*,
lined up at doors and windows and!
flrrd a volley Into the air.
This had no effect on the mob
made a ruah for the doors to res
their countryman. Another volley
was tired and whoa the mob druw
back Smorak was lying dead on the
I 'Continued oa Page Pour,)
ed from Skagway for Seattle, where
ahe expected to have an operatio.i
performed for tumor. The cabin sh?
occupied beiug too close, Mrs. A3K
���laid she went on deck for air. Tha'
Is her last recollection until she
reached the shore.
She declares she never was a s��'nn-
mer, but after striking tha water
managed to navigate the ha f ni'le io
shore lu the cold waters of the Inlet
without drowning.
Found Drowned.
Portland. Ore., May 11. -Charles
Cauld. president of Gauld & Co., and
a prominent business man of this city,
disappeared Krlday last from the suburban residence of hiB physician,
while suffering from the result of a
nervous breakdown. His body was
found today In the Wlllameette river. r+tVti *\'1*r"l
MONDAY, MAY 12, 1913.
A* Xumtrpr*^,.: morning /��,i;,.'r devoted fo  the  inter ,sf.\  ���/ Sen-   \t'e..t minster a
the Frattrr I'hii.i PabttsheA every morning except Sunday by the Xatinnal Printing
and I'viiie.ltiitj/ t'omfiouo. Limil.-tl, at t'.3 MoKenttt Street, Noxo Wettmintter, l.riti.-li
Uoivmhi.t. Roim SUTHERLAND, Managing Director,
au oomim.si...io.:,; thmiiti Ue oadrsssad '���' me New Wsitmtnstsr Sens, and noi
<rt tn.ln kJi.oI nvevtlters of the stuff. Cheeuet, tlrofts. and money orders should be nen-V
pagatite  tn   The Nalittnal  1'rinting antl   1'ublishing  Company,  Limited.
TMLBPB9MMB   hfeatnett Office and Manager, 01)9; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
WiKM.   SSI.
SUBSCRIPTION RATICS���lly carrier, ��1 per ijear, (1 for three months, 4iV per
-month      ht* in.nl. $3 per year, 2'ic per month,
ADVERTISING  UAT1.S on  application.
drink. This testimony Is Important,
coming   from  a   man   who  Is  such  a
companionable man as  Mr.    Bryan,
such a "mixer," such a delight ful story
teller, and a man whose whole capital
has been tho popularity hi. enjoys
with the average American citizen.
That a rtelii:.., a misanthrope, or
one who associates constantly with
temperance people and church goers
might never feel llle temptation to
loo;, ti the stretched bow of temperance principles will be readily bo-
From inch a practical man of the
World as Mr. Ilryan haa become In
the past few years the testimony Is
of the utmost Importance, and la an
evidence of a remarkable change In
the habits of a great people In a couple of tlccndes.
~ The present time is essentially an age of unrest, an age
in which we scarcely realize as we chronicle or note the
birth of some new invention, how much that invention to-i pre
gether with our present legacy of swift transportation, r0""'11'"1 "'
>"< ���:������ * =;���- *-;;-. �� ft * # * * #
* ft * ft tt ft ft �� ft -ft * ft
Origin of Gypsies.
The first official recognition of the
lenoe  of  gypsies  in  Kngland    is
an act prohibiting their
, . - '. itinerancy, dated "S3 years ago today.
wireless telegraphy, ana so forth, will contribute to swell namia of gypsies appeared in Ger.
j many, Italy and  France early  In  the
I-fifteenth century, but it Is to he sup-
| posed that they did not reach England
in    considerable    numbers    until the
early part of the sixteenth century.
The law referred to commanded
Englishmen to refrain from all intercourse with the dark-skinned tourists,
and during the reign of Charles 1.
thirteen persona were executed at
one assize for having associated with
. In both England and America.
comparatively recent times.
gypsies were treated as vagrants, and
often  persecuted.
There are many theories In regard
to the origin of gypsies, but the one
most generally accepted Is that they
are descendants of low-caste Hindus
expelled by Tlmour about 1398.
Despite Ihelr association with other
peoples, the manners, customs, superstitions, visage and appearance of the
gypsies remain practically the same
as when ihey made their first appearance In Kurope Hv,, centuries ago,
mil they cmtinue to make tho sumo
of a  knowledge    of    futur-
that unrest of which the world is beginning to complain.
But, like most things, unrest has two sides to it. Nothing has been accomplished without kicking, and so long as
the kickers kick to grow, and not to destroy, they must contribute to the advancement of science and to the general
One regrettable form of the unrest which has invaded the world of womenkind appears to be showing no signlgypsie
of slackening in the British Isles, and, from a recent out-' "p ,0
rage in Stanley Park, Vancouver, it appears that the malady of the suffragette is far reaching. The times have
changed and men and women in them, but we do not think
that violent methods here or in England will enhance,the
cause of women's suffrage among the bulk of the people.
Thc flame of burning country homes or of public
parks is not thc light that has shone forth from the leaders
of world stirring movements. Thc self-sacrifice of a
Christ, the martyrdom of the Ridleys and Cranmers, the
devotion of the Florence Nightingales is far removed from
modem publicity hunting.
But unrest in feminine circles also has its cheering aspect and here again the movement is not confined tti one-
country or place. We have only to look upon recent
events in our own city to see faithfully reflected some of
ita results.
In very large measure liy the energy of Westminster
ladies there has now been established here a branch of that
noble Victorian Order of Nurses which throughout Canada is performing immeasurable good, especially among
those least favored by fortune's smiles
TheTEA of Surpassing
Last year its Safes
increased over those
of the previous year
by almost a Million
and a Quarter
Appreolation Is the final
test of merit.     om
Black, Mixed and Green.
t  while some  10,11110 settled  111  what   is*
now   Ontario,   and   other     thousands
in.ub* Iheir homes along lhe St.  Lawrence nnd in the present eastern townships of the province of Quebec.
'lhe New York law and other measures of persecution were boomerangs
mat redounded to the benefit of the
Manitoba was formed Into a prov- ]
Ince forty-three years ago today.    At
that time the province bad a popula- i
tlon   of   2,000   wbiteB  and   10,1)110   In-
dlan half breeds.
Tlle battle of llatooche, which practically ended the Hiel rebellion, was
fought on this date In 1885.
Today   Ib   the   anniversary   of   the I
birth,   In   1734,   of  Sir  (ieorge   Cath-
rurt,   commander   of   Ihe   troops   and ]
mllltla south of the St. Lawrence from |
1S37   till 1844.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Hon. Charles .1. Doherty, statesman,
 * - ������   ****^ \ jurist,  and  legal authority,  was born
where he waB valedictorian ot his j'" Montreal tlfty-eigbt years ago yes-
class In 1885. His llrst office was aa I'"day. He was educated at Mclllll
mayor of Texarkana 1 university,  from  which  he  graduated
Twenty  years ago he began  fight-1!11   V878'  aml   became  a    full-fledged
Ing the money devil    as assistant at- , tini-rtHtor at llie age of twenty-two.
tomey-general of the Lone Star State.;  ,,n  *���**��� ���>','arB of Practice and study
that followed he accumulated a great
(P'   O.   Tcrencs.)
Captain Kettle's Crcatcr 47 Years Old
At', maga:lne readet'B who like their
Action io have plenty of dash, ginger,
advi nture and nil wire in it are familiar with th.. literary works of ('. .1.
1 iuil, lie I lyne. the young Kngiish
no-..-list, win will celebrate his forty-
He went to Washington in 1SH7, and
has remained there ever since, with
tho exception of the Intervals between congressional sessions, when he
goeB back to Waco and tells his constituents what's what and why.
As an orator the Texan Is "there
with the bells on," an may be Judged
fro mthls sample, chosen nt random
from this sample, chosen at random
changing the date of Inauguration
"Let lt be when the earth's Icy mantle haB been wooed by golden sunshine Into a carpi t of verdure rivaling the kaleidoscopic grandeur of old
ocean's emerald when myriad millions of scurrying Bnowflakes round
yonder domo have bun transmuted
into sens of April blossoms every,
where, 'math nature's elements in
peaceful accord.
"Ilere in this capital, robed in tin*
splendor of spring and wiih a beauty
unrivaled In all the world when Coil
has Bummoned His favorite season to
Rmtle and Bpeak welcome *>*. ���* will in
duct Into h's exalt.i.! Btatlon the loft -
ii t\ official in the greatest republic
within the tide of tion*."
Even a Hi publican would hav., in
admit that tii.it  is "some oratory "
stock of legal lore, and was often called upon to solve knotty legal problems. In 1890 he became professor of
civil law at his alma mater, and afterward assumed the chair of International law.
His career as a Jurist began In 1891,
wben he was appointed to the Quebec province superior court, lie left
the bench In 1906, and two years later
entered the house of commons. With
the formation of the llorden government he was given tho portfolio of
minister of justice.
TilLjn again there  seventh birthda    -.!.-.
is now established here a branch of the Young Women'.- y��
Christian Association, an institution whose merits it i
Anothi r    ili; tlngulshpd      Ai .
lawmaker  who  mil   rt ci Ive  birthday
congratulations t.���.!..-.* is Senator Wil
Ham Ai.:. ii Smith, i.f Mm h.igan ,who
is fltty-four.
Senator Smith became an  International  figure  by  hi*;  condtit I  . (  the
"American  Inquisition"  ini.*  tho  'i'i
tunic disaster.
Sir John Campbi 11 tlordon, seventh
i Earl of Aberdeen, was appointed governor-general of the Dominion twenty
years ago last Sunday, Lord Aberdeen
remained lu Ottawa live years, and
ihis conduct of affairs was highly popular and successful.
IP fore coining to Canada th" earl
was for -i short time the lord-lieutiii-
anl of Ireland, and gained an lm-
i.ii 'i:e ]. pularlty *:i fiat island, to
which Ir* returned in the same capacity in 1305.
'I In- i iris i �� A-bi rdi i n hold a num
I . i- ..r  ill,:,  lhe  oldest,  bar t   ol
Nova Scotia, dating from 1642
Elghtj years ago yesterdaj the ship
Lady of tin*  Lake, I una 1 for Qu *l" * .
��:*.;���  *.i r, eki il i i. an  ir.*. erg ami  215
lives were lost.
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,040,000.00
Ilrnnches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
C.8.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking btiBlness transacted. Letter!-
if Credit issued, available with cor
respondents In all parta of the world
Savings Hank Department���Deposit*
received In sumB of $1 and upward
ind interest allowed at 3 per cent pet
inniim (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
G. I).  BRYMNER.  Manager.
.    same
lut Mr.
are not
unnecessary to enlarge upon
These are but two new shoots of progress in our midst.
There are many other branches of women's endeavor
which for long have been doing good unobtrusively and
which are enlarging their influence with the city's growth.
We have no doubt that more good things are in store
for Westminster by reason of the energy and devotion of   ���,llllh
her daughters and housewives, and among them it thay [everFamium.  Hefsacivii
not be too much to hope' that the Girl Guide movement will '' '''���"'���
receive that attention which so admirable an institution
should command from
a city of Westminster's size and
_ It is now some ten days since the new telephone directories were issued to subscribers in the Vancouver district. To date no copy of this desirable publication has
been received by patrons of the company in New Westminster.
Due to a typographical error the whole sense of our
comment upon the bylaws in last Saturday's issue was reversed. The second paragraph should have read that
''there is this year NO unusual departure being made" in
regard to the bylaws as was the case last June when the
harbor improvement bylaw received so enthusiastic an approval.
Want of coefidcMir-e is not the cause.
and it will not Iw the effect of the
���pre-M-nt money F3riog*ency In Canada.
Tho money Htring-ency is altogether
tho rreiilt of proepority.
The sustained demand for funds ir<
<luo to the -groat volume and activity
of bii-sinesB Nrm* that lake traffic has
started, tlie circulation of money will
li�� accelerated. The sixty wheat-laden vessels that recently left the Canadian head of the lakes had cargl es
aggregating -upwards of 12,000,000
tiushels, which had be,*n stored In
thi ir  holds all   "winter
In the -eievatui-s at l'ort William
and l'ort Arthur 16,000,000 bushels
more awaited the opening of navlga
tion. The money supplied by the
-banks for carrying this grain will soon
he returned to them. Other business
stalled by tbe -spring movement will i
bring on similar realizing and repayment of loans.
It is gratifying to know that tho
country has such great reserves of
grain and other commodities to forward lo market when the hike freight
rates come into -oITect.
The banks hnve also been carrying
many consld-prablf floating debts fir
towns and oKteSL The municipalities
in question have noon awaiting a favorable opportunity lo dispose or debenture Ibsuos.
The market for these Is Improving,
the. competition of American bond
housc-H beitiK a helpful Influence, The
floating  debt's  will   in  due  course  be |
liquidated,   and   the   return     if    tht
moneey to the bunks
in  a  better   ptwi
and industry. The greal railway and
industrial corporations are preparing
for further developments, and capll il
on that account vrlll le broughl Into
the country.
The president of thi   Canadian l'i
eific Railway company says that in the
near future the large Bum of $100, I,
000 will be expended on the company's
���system,   aud   that   financial   arrangements  for  that   programme  of  con
Htruction   have   long tieen  made.
The wages Tund in Canada this year
will I*-, greater than ever. Money will
become easier, but thelianlre will hav,.
.ill they can do at moderate rates.���
Toronto Mail and ExjBiess.
oung at 47
.'. yi i th With all bin best years
| efi ,*���* hii I. The creator of "('apt iin
Kettle" perhaps the most popular
Action chnracti r of tho day in thc
red-blooded, virile claei Is no p-irlnr
He has visited all of the out of the.
way placea of the earth, with the exception of the poles, and now has a
difficult time of it In accomplishes
the task he set himself yeurs ago of
icovcrlnn  10,000  milea of new   Kround,
much at
lhat profession of late yiars. and as a
navigator he has his own Cap'n Kettle
"lashed to the mast."
IT there is any part of the rev-en
seas he hasn't navtgated, he would
dearly like to know it, lie haB mining interests In Mexico, anil has travel, d through the wildest sections ofl
that country, (in other trips be has
visited Canada, the United States,
Central America, the Congo Free
State, the Cold Coast, the Arctic Sen,
Russian Lapland, Algeria, southern
Morocco, Asia and Australia.
His full name, abbreviated for literary purposes, is Charles .lohn Cut-
cllffe Wripht llyne, and he was born
in Gloucestershire on Mai 11, 1866,
���His education was acquired at Cambridge where he wns a famous oars
man, rowing in the winning university
j trial eight  in  1S87.
His   firsl   novel,   "The   N'ew   Eden,"
'was published in 1882. He made hip
big   hit   in  1898  with  "Adventures of
Captain Kettle." and the valorous Kettle has since made his reappearance
In two other hooks. IHr game shoot-
iiiK is Mr. Hyne's favorite recreation.
What is New Thought? This i> a
question a lot of people are a kin
uist now, and they aro respectfully
r. r, rred t.i Elizabeth Elizabi th of
Holyoke, New Thoughters differ as
to whether their creedless creed was
invent, d by Elizabeth -menning Mrs
Elizabeth Town, or by Klla -mean-
Ins   Mrs.   Ella  Wheeler   Wilcox.
Certainly Mrs. Towne���bul all uh
New Thoughters call her Elizabeth���.
was somewhere around when New '
(Thought w-as thought of. even If sbe j
didn't  originate    If.     and     Tor  fifteen
years Ehe h .s been one of the cult's
foremost preachers, Elizabeth was
lorn In Portland, Ore., forty-eight
years ago today, but, thanks to thinking N't w Thoughts, she doesn't iook
a day over fortyceven.
An admirer describes her as "ross
i:-. an apple, witb a smile that shows
two rows of white teeth and lights up
a pair of glinting hazel eyes," and adds
th.it "unlike many people with mission, she contrives to keep both plump
and charmingly dressed."
Optimism, prosperity, nml walking
on the sunny side of the Btreet, are
among the basic principles of Kliza-
bi th's philosophy,
America's     Oldest
br.-.;:; ���'.eZr.d Ci
! .  i    bi    *. *��� 111 -
pn   Ma;.- ichusetl
funds for "a college
University    Cele-
rlhday Today.
English    colonists
i:.;.   appropriated
or Bchoole" to be
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all   points  east,  commencing   May  28.
Week   End  tickets on  sale   to  local
points al  Single Fare fur Hound Trip
ui   l-'ruluys.  Saturdays  and   Sundays
Por rates and reservation apply    to
KI). OOULET, Agent
New Westmlnstei
Q.P.A ,  Vancouver
Sal.-, Deeds, Business letters, eic.; circular wnrk special Int. All work strictly
oonfldentlftl. II. Hurry, room m west-
minster Trust Blk.   I'lu.n,i "02,
H. A 1'. O. of Elks or the li. nt 0., meet
tin. first anil third Thursday Ht 8 ('��� m.,
K. of p, Hall, KlKhth street A Welle
���ray, Exalted Kuicr; P, ll. Smith, s��o-
1.. ti (i. M.. NO. 864.���MHBTB ON
firm, second and third Wednesday In
each ni. nth tn K. uf V. hall at H p. in.
II. J Leamy, dictator; 1-'. IC. Jones, secretary. HeadQUartera of lodge in See
lb,urn., corner of Fourth and CurnurvoD
r.-milar meeting uf -Amity lodge No.
27. I. O. O. F., la held every Munday
night at S e'cloi-k In Odd PelloWS' Hall,
comer Carnarvon ami Bhgbth mreeu.
visittiiK brethern oordlally invited
R. A. Merrlthew, N Q.; J. Robertson,
V. o.; \v. c. Coatham. P. 11. n-<-<,ra-
tog secretary; IL w. gangster, finan
etui secretary,
t.r & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and embalmera Parlors i"', Columbii
firi.t,   New  Westminster.    Phone 991
tv. I:
lite I'art;
Pioneer Funeral Dlreetof
r.   r,12-ill S   Agn,�����   ��iri-��.
���Ble Library.
uitiiiiri.ti. GRANT & McCOLL, BAR-
rtstern, Solicitors, ne. tn l���,rn,* StreeL
New Westminster, u K Corbould, K.
���'     I   R. Qrant.    A. B   MeColl,
>r   H    W.   Htoille,
,,    * *"'
watched the clock,
was always grumbling,
wis always  behindhand,
had no iron in his blood
was willing, but unfitted.
didn't believe in himself,
asked too many questions.
wan Btung by a bad look
tock excuse was, "I forgot."
wasn't   ready  for  the next   step.
did   not   pm   his   heart   i,    liis
ho waa above his posl-
banks will place Hum- [
wit ion   to  asfist   trade
He learned nothing from his blun-1
He felt that
II" chose his friends among his in-
He was content to be a seoond-rate
He ruined his ability by hplf doing
lii* never dsred to art on his mvn
lie did nct think it worth while ii
learn how.
II.- liin] to make "bluff" take tin
place nf ability.
lie thought he must take amusement every evening.
Familiarity with slipshod method!
paralyzed his ideal
II" thought it clever to une coarse
end profane language.
He was ashamed of bis parents bo-
cause they were old-fashioned.
He Imitatt d the habits of men
could   Btand   more  than  he could
lie did tut learn that the best
of his salar) was not in tho pay
VI'lopi .
A pall of sadness so densi
as to obliterate from view
stories of Waco's towering
.���rs. enveloped tin* elevi ml
sii mil dlrtrlcl .if Texas a
mont lis ago.
The  sorrow-   wan  due  t(,
* and dark
the tipper
couple of
During the Revolutionary war Immense sums were spent by the representatives of the British government
in keeping the Indians in good humor.
John Allen, the agent of Massachusetts Rent to roiiRo against Kngland
the tribes of the St. John river country tlnn part of Nova Scotia complain, il that "the great advantage the
Britain* has" in dealing with the Indians, through "their large and good
supplies puts nu* in the greatest difficulty how to act," and in the same
letter added "an to the e,* mis. they
"i. v, ly .,*. IT nt ,t. tho British goi il-
is i o supi i.  r. '
The ..'une itory of British generos
Ity ' . fi
:>' *i.*
, ton.   win
1 UT-..   wro
j in that v.
lii 7.;- ;
lard"   .i
ri il man eomi s from Fori
Ft r instance, Colonel Bol-
�� ... I . command then in
��� u ib r date of Mny I2lh
ir, "l h i.' .  drawn a bill for
.VI   ;o   I **   i   of  Mr    Pol
.*. rch .nt   '.t   Niagara   "for
the news
that Congressman Rnberl I.ee Henry,
representative   In    Washington    from
the eleventh Texas district, had been
turned  down   cold   in  hit  aspirations
for a place in President Wilson's cab
t.   Ail   if   th ���   unofficial cabinet
pickers hml  sl it, .1  * Bob"  Henry  for
tin- portfolio of attorney-general, and
as   early  a;>   Iinunrv  it   wns   si iti ���'
definitely ami Anally, that Presidentelect Wilson concurred in the choice   sundries furnlehed Hi" savages, v.hici
ami  that  th.. trusts hid  bett r  look   ''   "���' Butler thought absolute!;  n.
i.ut. fn- ti,.. champion trust-bueter of ''it-nry, notwithstanding ail th" pres
the universe, with all the hlg guns of
the department of ]ust!ro at h's com-
i iiii'.til.Vi tiiu sion take tli,. war path.
Events  d >l not  eventuate   is   pre
dirtiil   and   Mr.   Henry,   on   this,   his
forty-ninth   birthday.  Is  Ftill   a  con
gressman,    Orand old Texas was g;<-
"ii   -i   plpco   ill   the  cabinet,     but   the
lucky mnn was Congressman Burleson, I
of Austin, now pi''*tinaster-i-,"iii-ral. An acl lhal v.ris, ������! Immense ben
While  "Bob's"  neighbors   in   Wacb|fit    to    Canada,    Blthough
��i re quite naturally dlsapoplnted, not
���o fin p. .v, ii, they have 1 emmc rec-
: ents 11 nt to this poi I last yenr."
In tm fi llowlng yi ar, another In
dlan ai'ci int. at Niagara amounted to
, nearly six thousand P' unds, bui np
parent;- t!,.. (*. i ,-|1( f ,- n,,. Indlatll
wire   purchased   for   povernment   "at
i t   moi ���   , xorbll int   rate   from   trad
'. ITS "
(Iir- et. il
built at New Towne, and thus laid
the foundation tor Harvard university long before the great French
churchman established lhe grand seminary at Quebec���America had an institution nf higher education, the Roy-
il and Pontifical university of Sain
v.r,v .*, at Lima, Peru.
Foundi ;*.' daj will be celebrated to
day al this most ancient of new world
universities, for it was on the 12th of!
May,  1551, just  362  years ago today. I
that   King   Charles   V    ol   Spain   and,
I'ope  Paul  1.1   chartered  San   Marcos
university,  giving  an  endowment  of
$350 In the infant Institution.
This mm an Insignificant sum,
yet Harvard was started with an upon prlatlon of Iisb than $li.ni>i'> The
priors of the Dominican order, who
had accompanied Plzarro on his Invasion of Peru, were the first teachers,
nml established th" lecture halls of
the university in their monastery at
Lima, the ancient  "City of  Kings."
A score of years later King Phillip
11. ordered that the university he
Beparated from the Dominican order,
and a few years later the lirst university building was erected Earth- ,
quake, lire, and foreign foe, have since :
destroyed several buildings of the
university but each time the Institution has risen from its ashes or Its I
Tlm last occasion on which Ban
Marcos suffered was in 1881, when'
Peru and Chile were at war. Chile
was victorious, and its army entered
I.lira, using the main hall of tin- his-
torlc university as a stable for their
horses, destroying a part of the library and performing many other acts
of vandalism unworthy of a civilized
For Beveral years the classes were
���si.nihil in private homes and store
rooms, I ut in 1886 the university
buildings were restored to their orlgl-
aal condition and reopened, amidst
���ml.lie rejoicing.
Once under the control of the terrl- \
hie Tribune of the Inquisition, which
stifled    nil freedom    of inquiry    undi
lelerftlflc Investigation, the university
of San   Marcos    nr  51    Mark,   is   now
in abode of liberalism.   The republic.!
exercises a controlling    voire    in Its!
management, through its contribution ,
nf funds, but   tin*  rector or  president J
and   the  dean  are  seldom   Interfered !
with in matters of Internal policy.
Work Is now In progress on a group '
of magnificent new buildings to house '
tin- new- wnrld's oldest university.
Tin." edifices will he architecturally
among tin mosl beautiful of their
kind in Ihe world, nml will be laid out
in the quadrangle form adopted by
in many colleges in  North  America.
P.O. Box 34 Daily  News BHg
of all   kinds.
Satisfaction guaranteed
ter-at-law, nolli-itur, ,-u-. T,*i.*|.hone
1070. Cable address "Johnston?1
Codo, "Western Union " Offices, Kills
Block, .','.: Columbia street, N.-�� Westminster. 11. c.
Prices right.
McKenzie  St.
B.C.Coast Service
Letwoa Vancouver for victoria 10 a. m..
3 p. in. uud 11 :45.
Leaves VuneouvHr for H��-nulfl 10 a. m
tii-l  1 t  t>. tn
Leaves \;incnuvpr for Nanaimo 3 p. m
Leaves Vancouver   for   Prince   Rupert
���nui  Northern Poinu   io p.  m.   Weaves-
Chilliwack Service
solicitor,   tile.;   rornrr
McKensle   8tr��*etn,    n��
B.   C.    1*.   O.   Bqje   112.
BurrlHt  r-ut-law,
Colombia    ana
w    U*VNimlnHt��r,
Telephone   7io.
Solicitor nnd Notary
block. 88 Lome siri'et
ntnr. B. C.
OfflCM      Ihirt
N��jw   \Vi-8tinln-
v.". et-mlnsti
tm,   \v   O,
.    MAHTIN     *    (-ASSADT,
and   SollcllnrM.    sur,   to   tl*
r  TniHt   rtluck.    il.   K.   M,tr-
UcQuarrta   and  u.-or-Ke  t..
slifo -- Barristers nn.l Solicitors, \v���*t-
nuniter Trupi n'.k. Columbia ���treat-
New Westminster, n C Cable H.litreea
"Whltoslde." Western Vnffm 1'. o.
Drawer J00. Telephone SI w. J.
Whiteside, K. C.; It. I.. Kdnimidn, D.
Accountant. Tel. It 128. Room 2i
Hart block.
Leaves  Chllllwack   7
rhursday nnd Saturday.
Leaves  Westminster  t
Wednesday nn.l  Friday.
I U.
OOULET,  Agent.
V. BRODIH, u. P.
New Westmlnete
A..   Van.-.l-.lver.
It  Smith w  .1  Drove*.
jndertnkon   In   city   mil   odtslde
2ii-ii   Westminster  Trum   m.!*-.
864.     I'.   O.   Hox   LHI.
Re Lots 3 and 4, Block 5, of Section
3B, Block 5 North, Range 3 West,
Map 529. In the District of New
Whereas proof of tho loss of Ccr-
tlflcato cf Title Number 16574P, la-
sued in tho nam" of Alexander Allan,
lias  been   till d   In   this office.
Notice is hereby given tbat I shall,
it the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication lur"
of, In a dally newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, Issue
B duplicate of the said Certificate, un-
ler.s iii the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
N. f'.W'YNN,
District licKistrur ot Titles.
Land  Registry  Office,  New Westmin
ster,  HC..  April SO, 1S13,      (12ni>)
nter Heard of Trade meota In the board
i...an. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday uf eju-h month; quarterly meetlna
on lhe third Friday uf February, May
August and November at 1 p.m Annual meetings en the third Friday of
February, C. II. Htuart Wade, eecretary.
New Westminster District.
The   following   applies   only   to  the
New  Westminster  Dominion    Lands
Squatters on Dominion f.nnds In
the New Westminster Agency who
ire no' located In Timber Ilerths will
he given  until  Monday, thn 19th day
��� '������iin*' -li  Biibjeets      * i  pissed      The medical college   uildlng Is now|of May) ifll3) ^thjn whlch it0 appeB|,
Si *"��� t "** i :' stat.. William ,l Iir* an
has long been known as a Chautauqua lecturer end as a staunch temperance advocate, though hi.*^ abstemious convictions never led him to the
extremity of voting for tbe prohibition
candidate for the 1'nlied Slates pres-
���"".".I      for     tin ir     congressman,
through his trust-basing nnd money-
devil chasing activities, Is still ail-
to command -i lol of front-flaga space
I- im   month   Mt    il mry  Introduced
his  meacurc  forth,. dntBtlo    amend
tin'iit of the Sherman
,' lilch  : i **. idi    thai
greal *.*.. ilth wb i monopolize, comblni
or ci     plri    '.,   mi n p ���Vv/o "any part
,,f Ini     ��� .'.*  in * rei     i*..    deemed
'  ���'���  ' '   *   ���     iv pti'ilfh ible by in,
;.-   ���   mi :,���    r, m  two l i  ton   yeart '
Wll     *   it   Ihn     *     *. .-.,   '    i      ,-, mal |d ,i
In  unit ti.  "Ouch!"    Mr   Henry also
seeks I i ntilllfj  (hi   "rule of reason"
written  Into tho  law  by  tho  United
states Bupn nn* courl
The Texas Bolon admittedly knows
120 yi ���*���* ago tod ty, Having been victory us i'i * ir the nennle nf the In
fan', republic turned blithely to the
""������'������ "f in nlehlng th< ��� e In ih* li
-VA:l ��������� ���- hod ri malned true to -;i
llnglli h llag, and death. '"."'��� ������ itlon i '
prom rty, fli gglng, tar ami teathi rlnj
anti-triipt  act.  and  imprisonment  were di til oul    In
inlnfactors    of. the loyalli t*-.     ��
;.. f fori-, il to *.* i p-i- .*, (| hv
th" Ne�� Yr rlt legislature on May 1-'.
1781, enumerated every possible way
*���  i"*1!  .i   loynl . t   i I  hi i
: .., .1 the * nt '.*,;. ii of t'i" i*. puhl - *
and declan d all i ucb guilty of hifch
n. i.. ii With the state thus ttirni tl
Into an engine of persecution, the
loyalists ii. d to Can Ida, Thousands
of them, in boats, vehicles of all kinds.
nccupled, and others are u
;iW tion      A  lovely site In
ot I ,imn has been chost n
structures,   affording
"arm;*; com-
Ihe suburbs
for the new
perfect s-t-
hlte it's
*  mi  rm i, flocked  Into the  north
more aboul the rules and regulations rr    land  whore the banner of  Bng-
'������'"> governing    pacllamenlary    procedure land still floated   and'aided larsoiv tn
Speaking in Philadelphia the other than any other man living.   Person'   [���*.  �� tCJnt MdiM-S
lay, Mr, Bryan said that u. .he course ally he is a Ull, thin man! with keen the mM Domini" b' th" tS"re
than a quarter | eyes   deeply   set   beneath   a   bulging     The larger number, some 80,000, oc-
1        lOllege yell Is that  of the  cupled  lands  In  the  future  provinces
university   of   Texas,|ol New Brunswick and Nova Scotia,
of his earner of mon
of h century in active politics he bad
never  found   it   necessary  to  take  a
ing  for lhe gems of thc
Since its i stahlirhnn m ovi t- three
nui a half centuries ago, San Marcos
has exercised a profound Influence In
St uth \'"irica. and many i I the greal
men of the continent h ive .*! ilint d ii
is ii*. Ir .-.lm** mater.
Nn   li sh  than   thn >���  president!   of
Soul i  \merlcan republics, ard ct uni
��� :���   ither teen Influential In govern-1
mi i ;,  literature, Journalism, law  and
other professions, bold diplomas from
tin-   Old    university.      With    impro*. ,*il
facillltles  san  Marcos  will  probablj
become mt re Influential than ever.
Last year San Marcos university
act. ii ;m hi st to Un* International
Stmli nts' Congress, and entertained
delegations from all tho colleges and
universities of South America, as
Wel las a numlier from North American and European institutions.
and make application for ntitry.
Squatters  whoso claims huve been
! illowed.  wbo  havo  not  yet  secured
homestead   entries,   will   be   notified
j by the Dominion Land  Agent at their
! last  known addi-eSB.    In  the event of
any such Ri|tiatiers failing to appear
md uako application beforo the dale
nenlloncd,   i(helr   claims   wlll   lapse
.nd the lands will be
iosi d of on and after
however, good reason
fftlling   lo  appear and
limits on  the land are
.hI.i..   a   further   period
otherwise d:s-
that dale. If.
Ifl shown for
tbe Improve-
of substantial
of  protection
COAL MlMNC, rights of n���. Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
ii.- lukun Territory, the Northwest Ter-
ritorles and In a portion ���f ti,,- Province
or liritish Columbia, mav be leased fnr *
I term of twenty-one years ai so annual
rental ot II ,-m acre. Net more tlmn 'iiii*
acres will i.e leased to one applloant
Application   fur   a   lea��c   musl   be   made
��� by the applicant in i��-rHi,n in the Ajieat
or Sul,-A��,m of the dlstrlcl In whloh the
right* applied fur are situated.
In Surveyed territory the land muat In
described by sections, or legal lub-dlvl-
suns of sections, and In urumrvoyed territory the tract applied for shall tie
staked out hy the aptlloanl himself.
l-.m-ii application musl be acoompanlod
,y a fee pf l( vhlcfe win be n.', -d," if
ti. rights applied for an- not available,
tun not otherwise. A royalty ahall Im
paid on the niernhanlalile output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per lon
The   person   operation   the   mine   shall
fuftUh   the   Arm   with   sworn   return"
accounting for the full quantity of mer-
cli.intnlile  coal   mined  and   pay   the   rny-
lalty   Ihereon.   If  the  coal   mining   rl*ht��
I are not being operated eiieh returns should
be   furnished   at   least  onco  a   year
The leasa will Include the oeal mlnln*
rights only, but the leasee win he her.
milted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate  of  $10  an  acre.
For full Information application should
he made lo tl-,, Secretary of the Donurt.
ment  of the Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion   Lands,
W.  W. COltV
Deputy   Minister nf  the   fnt.-rlur
N. n.���Unauthorised publication of tide
advertisement wlll not hn paid for
may be allowed by tho Agent in cases
Ol  merit,    claims not   yet. dealt wllh
| must  bo   filed   Immediately.
Squatting on Dominion Lands without the authority of the Department
wlll not henceforth be allowed and
nili result in li'Hrf of claim and for-
fi ituro of  improvement*.
���    S.   MAItElt,
Supt.,  13. C.  Lands.
Ottawa, 9th April, 1913. (1089)
who do not receive
8 a.m. should
The News before
end make complaint, only in this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained, ���sa**0*** ��� *t*f** *tshjs*h*st*aj.
MONDAY, MAY 12, 1913.
Prlre   Essayist Gives  Valuable   Hints
To Amateurs���Best Varieties
For Making a Start.
last them firmly when planting.    Hake  beautiful new varieties which prolong
the top soil loose.   It should be kept ^e ""J*,^  rogM ������,.,,  for
| looao all summer, especially ufter rain.  cov,.r,;MK the fences.   Tbey are a splcn
a crust forms on the soil It pre-; did background for perennials, which j
���nts  the air getting at    the    roots,, 1 use In between the roBe  plants   as
which tbo health of the plant make.. *w ���&$*��.����**���*���\
necessary. | garden  Bpaco Is limited, aB  mine Ib,
Do not cultivate too deep. When the i bloom  may   be  continued   ull   season
bed Ib  well made the roots are near  with  the  help of perennials.
tbe surface.   All the cultivation It will ,	
need for a few years Ib a top dreBB- 'two HUNDPED SHADE
The News publishes herewith the
forst prize (iBsay written by Janiea M.
Hull, of Hamilton, In the competition for prl7.es offered by Hermann
Simmers, of Toronto, and 11. U. W'hyto
of Ottawa, which la aB follows:
Ing. Bone meal or.very flue Blftcd
wood asheB, or coal clnderB, aro good,
when fine.
They keep the top soil open and
loose. 1 use bone meal and also manure from the ben houBe. It Ih spread
a few Inches from the plants, lf placed too near it is apt to burn the
plantB.     The    manure   rontaliiB
Nelson, Bl Ci May 11.���Two hundred shade trees have been planted
in boulevards In various partB of the
city by the men employed by the Nelson Improvement association to carry
out the work when It was found that
an,the demand for the trees on the part
Tho  amateur  Is  Bure  to encounter  am,"unt  ?'  amm""'a  whlch   h,>1PB  ,to; of Citizens    waa bo Binall    that they
If, how-
dlfflcultleB in growing roBes.   ... ......
ever, their culture Is once commenced ,J
It will  be found hard  to give up, as'
tbelr attractions become    more    and
more fascinating as the yearB go by.
8tart In the right way by (electing
an  open   Bituation,  with  shelter,  not1
too nenr trees,    OtherwlBe the  roots
0 Uie trees will rob the rOBes of tbelr
rt .ulred food. I
'The ground should be well drained.
1 dig about two feet deep and put In
a layer of cinderB, stone or any other
material, for drainage, and on the top
of this manure, well packed down,
and then the Boll. Keep the fine Boll
mixul with some well decayed manure, for the top. Italse the bed above
the BUrrottnillng soil.
Hobos that are budded will grow
Stronger and will give better bloom
than roses on their own roots. Nevertheless, 1 prefer roseB on their own
Tbere Is no danger of BUckerH growing   from   below   where   budded.
When planting budded roses, the
bud should be three or four inches below the surface. ThlB will tend to
prevent th" suckers springing from
the roots or from the bud.
The Soil  Required.
The soil for the rose bed, especially
for hybrid perpetual*, should contain
���wiiii-e clay, as tt retains the moisture
longer  than   where  all  Band   Is  used
kill the Insects that tbe roBe Ib Bub-
Scil Must Bo Kept Clean and in Good   Dealers    Have    Heated    Duel    Over
Condition���Tomato Growing Browning Relics While Friends
Made   Easy. Look On in Dismay.
It may occur to the home gardener!'  London, May  11���At the second ses-
that the Beason Ib too far advanced to  slop of the Browning sale neld today
, .    . , .at Solheby b the originals of tho love
do anything with his vacant ground '^ ^ paBBed uelveeu Robert
thlB year, but this notion should be nrowning a���d Elizabeth Barret pre-
banlshed from hiB mind at once even | vlous to their marriage ln 1846. num-
supposing there is a fair amount of
could not be disposed of ln tbe ordin-   work to be accomplished in preparing
Insect Pests.
A flno spray from the I'obo early In
the tteason Is good to keep the plantB
free from Insect pests.   Tobacco solution  controls the apblB or green  fly.1
Apply  It with a whlak, and ln  such
a manner tbat It will reach the under
side of the foliage, ub well as the top,'
There are many other solutlonB that
are good.    I bave found the foregoing
The perpetual roses should he pruned well back, but with tea roses only
the weak wood requires to be taken
out after growth In the Bprlng. My
favorite rosea are hytirld teas, a cros��
between ten and perpetual roseB. They
have all the good qualities of both
parents, and continue in bloom all
Hummer I have cut bloom as late as
The winter protection I give tea
r'.si b la to drive small stakes around
the plants. These are filled In loosely
wllh leaves. Around thlB Ib placed a
course litter from tbe garden, which
helps to keep the leaves from blowing
There are bo many good roses. It Is
Impossible to name them all. 1 will
therefore mention only a few of the
beet and easiest to grow.
Perpetual Kark Drusehkl. white;
MrB. John l.alug, pink; Haul Neyron.
deep   rose;    Baroness   de   Rothschild.
ary way.
This means that aproxlmately 175
lots have been beautified by the association. Although the exBCt coBt
baa nct yet been ascertained It was
stated that the expense of doing the
work waB comparatively small and
later In the year the association may
discuss plans for carrying out Improvement work of thiB nature in a
similar way next spring.
Nelson, May 11,��� Eighty thousand
fruit trees, chiefly appleB, will be
planted out by the Doukhobor society
In the Kootenay river district this
spring, and during tbis year not lees
than five hundred acres of land will
be cleared and placed in readiness
for planting, according to John Sher-
blnln, business agent for the society.
Construction Of a new jam factory
at Brilliant will be carried out during
the year, while the society has engaged u jam-making and canning expert from the southern l'nited StateB
to take charge of the Nelson factory.
Ho is expected to arrive within the
next few days.
Mr. Sherblntn 6tated that the Douk-
hobora would again plant out a large
quantity   of  tomato  plants  thlB  year
the soil
Last year good heavy cropB of potatoes, peaB, beans, cabbages, turnips,
squash, etc., were grown, although not
Bceded until tbo firBt week In June.
Kven then the seeds had some unfavorable weather to contend with, owing to lack of molBture, bb In that
month there was little or no rain.
A watering can sprinkler, with water judiciously applied, and the heat of
June lust Beason, however, made those
Becds which did sprout fairly Jump
out of the ground iu good time. The
amateur should not, therefore, despair
of having something in return for his
work, even althougb be may be somewhat late In getting the seed Bown.
What has been done one season can
poBBibly le done the next. If there
is oue thing more than another In
gardening to be kept in mind, thut
is to keep the soil clean and in good
condition. After heavy rains the soil
becomes caked on top, and as Boon as
this condition is observed it should be
broken up by the rake.
I This permits the sun's heat to pene-
rate aud encourage the growth of the
plant. At the same time this light cultivation destroys weeds to a certain
Notes on the Tomato.
The tomato, although a native of a
tropical  climate,  Ib  by  no  means  so
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
Tea roses require warmer and lighter I>al>- pink;   J.  B. Clark, deep acarlet;
soil, mch  as  sand  and    leaf    mould Madame I'lantler, white.
The loose soil from sod Is good. Tea    La France,  bright  pink;   Kll-
I'lants  from   the    nursery,    If  not larney, white, pink;  Madame Caroline
grown In potB. Bhould be Bet In warm QeetOUt, pink. Betty, ruddy gold; Kai-
water for a day. In caBo the roots are Kerlu  Augusta  Victoria,  pink,
too dry     Many roses are loBt through Climbers    Dorothy   Perkins,     pink;
the front having become dried out be- Crimson Rambler, Crimson;  Baltimore
fore planting. Bell, pale pink;  Perfection, pale pink;
Puddle tin- roots  In  thin  mud, and Prairie Queen, rose;  and many other
having   found   the   crop   a  profitable   lHnQ,.r aB the cucumber or squash, etc
and successful one in the district.       U^ howevrr. revels in heat and bud
bering 248 from the former and 287
from the latter, pasBcd into the handB
of Frank T. Sabln, brother of Jos.
F. Sabln, the New York dealer, for
$32,750, while the poet's old frlendB
looked on In dismay.
The firBt bid waB $3,000 and the
contest developed rapidly Into a duel
between Bernard Quarltch and Frank
T. Sabln. After $10,000 had been
reached, the two men capped each
other'B offerB by $250, Sabln finally
A curloiiB old green leather caBC,
and an Inlaid box that held the two
sets of lettera and added the flavor
of romance to the occasion Vl re paBBed about almost reverently.
Messre. Cjuaritch and Sabln met in 1
another duel for the autograph manuscript ot Mrs.    Brownlng'a    "Sonnets *
rrom   the  Portuguese,"   Mr.  Quarltch
getting the manuscript for $5,000 and
aleo the original manuscript of Mrs. !
Browning's  "Aurora  Leigh,"   for  $4,-
One hundred  and  forty  letters    of
Browning to Miss iBa Blagden went to j
Mr. Quarltch for $1,800.
Good Prices Secured.
Mr. Sabln bought the original man-
uscrip of "Herve Uell," for $2f,a, a
note book of Mrs. Browning's with 5S
for $360, her manuscript criticizing her
poemB (fiorae of them unpublished)
husband's poemB for $4S0, and some
early drafts of sonetB for $3,100.
Mr. HornBtcln, another dealer, pur-
chaBed    the    manuscript      of      Mrs.
Special   attention
paid to mail orders
Original Designs
Bamboo Baskets
Cut Flowers Fresh Daily
T. J. TRAPP & Co.
Open up in our New Place a Large Shipment of
Garden Tools.
F. & M. Lawn Mowers, special machine, ball
bearing, three to five cutting blades; Garden Rakes
and Hoes.
But from ashes odors rise
Of sweet violets dead;
Silenced  song tbo memory plies
And  from  asheB odors  riBe.
Wlll you not recall the sighs
And our worda once said,
When  from ashes odors rise
Of sweet violets dead?
Dear .the world lira bleak before
Black looms death beyond;
Joys are fading more and more:
Hear, the world lies bleak before.
What   holds  any   man   in   store
If  ba   break   lx>ve'B   bond?
Dear.   tl���.   world   llexb   elak   before.
Black   loonm   death   Ouyond.
Ilere  lire  purple  vlolntu
Burn  to die for you.
Born to grace my triolets.
Here are purple violets.
Let them deaden all regrets,
Juet for this  tbey  grew.
Hen- are purple violets
Born to die for you.
They shall do as I would do,
Die beneath your smile,
Such a grace is granted few,
Tli. y shal ldo aB 1 would do.
Live and pnriKh just  for you.
Live their little while.
And then do as I would do.
Die beneath your smile.
Harper's Weekly.
New York, May 11. The whale that
swallowed Jonah was a kindly disposal creature compared with the Bhark
caught by Mrs. W. It. Rowland, of tbis
City, In the harbor or the Antilles, off
When It was ripped open Its stomach
revealed a number of artlcleB from
which those romantically or morbidly
Inclined reconstructed a gruesome
tragedy of the sea.
Among the articles were Bcven gold
hairpins, two silver garter buckles, one
���tortoise shell side comb, two butts
from a pair of French heels, remnant's
of a seaman's boot, one can of tomatoes, unopened; metal nameplate and
piece of weed from a lifeboat.
Brownlng'B "Prometheus BBound" tor
shine,  and   sometimes  a  heavy   crop I }3io, the autograph manuscript of her
of  fruit of  good  quality  can  be  ob-|"BgSay  on   Mind."   for  $960  and  the,
tained  from  plantB  grown  in  a Kult- I "Asolando," Browning's laBt volume of
|able position in the open air.    When-|poetry  published  on  the  day  of  hiB
ever lt 1b possible set out the plants | death, for $-4,950, after a fight    with
againBt  warm   walls,  preferably   fac- j j)r  Quaritch.
iug south, or If tbis cannot be done, j     Many New York literary people at-
some artificial shelter Ehould be erect- i tended the sale. Including Mrs. B. W.
ed  to  protect  tbem   from   the  north \ h   Drowning, the painter's widow, sl-
wlnds.    In order to make the moBt of ; |enl    an(j    inactive;     MrB.    Stephen
the Beaison and secure as heavy a crop . wheeler,  the   chief  present  day   atlas possible the plauts, when put out \ tborlty  on  Walter  Savage      l.andor,
should be around eighteen to twenty-   looking   for   l.andor   items;   Mr.   and
four inches in height, and if already * Mrs. Wilfrid Meyneluel with their son,
well in blossom bo much the better.       Rverard.   friends   of   Browning;   Miss
No hard and fast line can be drawn   Helen Angela 1-iosEetti aud MrB. Wm
as to when it iB safe to plant out, the i Alllngham.
cultivator must be guided by his own The last named made an effort to
'���opinion nnd circumstances, but around secure, a packet of 2b ot her husband's
1x\na"it  rnLMh-v Sr���.b* /V-*""""* ��> j letters to the poet, but failed
���'one   ll   maj    tin   reasonably   expected;
thnt  the frosts bav,. ,1 j.*.-,,,,,,.���,-, ,j  ror .1
few months.    When planting the roots;
should be disturbed as little aB possible and should be buried to a depth of
not   more  than  three inches,  and  the
Salesroom: 1056 Granville Street
Peter's Road and 5th St., Eburne, B.C.
Phone orders attended to. "^ j Seymour 6058
Doctor Discovers Most Valuable Cure
For Stout People.
Berlin.   May   11���An   extraordinary
sou made quite firm about the roots treatment  for obesity  has  Just  been
put forward by Dr. Max Kauffmann,
a lecturer of the Halle university,
who claims that it is a most valuable
i cure  for  stout   people.
I     lie has.  it  seems,  substantively  in-
Make Your Gardens Beautiful and
Profitable By Planting the Royal
Nurseries Tree and Plant Collection
without being too firmly pressed about
the stem.
After being  planted a  watering  in
the usual way should be given, but af-, ���������  for , ",p	
ter that it is best to keep the soil rath-       ,.,   .���   ., ���. .      ���    ,     ���
er drv for some time, especially where '     ' %ha8\. ' .8eanlB;  substantively  In-1
-he roots have a good run.    lf in the >cUd  pat tnts  Buffering  from  excea-
leasl ovrrwatered the plants will make Tuv corp,;l^r"* *rA "'^ "����* h"art* I
too much  growth, whereas if moder-   w,ith, " M}U.  "" ��f Palad'um ,'a  **���<:'**}
etely drv they will grow steadily and   ��f,U""  Plati��um  Rrom"  n;ade  Collol-
beeome'fruitful  from the firBt. i dal' or plastic, and utilized In a para-
Soak Them Well .fine solution.    Two Injections weekly,.
On the other hand, of course. thiB ' " >9 'fald* produce a daily Iobb of two
must not be carried to excess, or the   Pounds  weight,   not  cuily   without   ill |
plants will wilt and drop their bios- !efle��,to- but wltl1 a fel""s of P,easant
sotr.s, when a good watering is couse- |r   ',,   ,,
quently  the  obvious  remedy,    (living I     Palladium   acts  ou   the   system   by-
water In small quantities Ib not a good ��� chemical reaction,  increasing the na-
way of dealing with the tomato.    The ��� tural oxydization of food.
best    plan is. should the soil become' "
drv. and no signs of rains, then to give .WHERE  RALEIGH   FIRST
a thorough soaking, sufficient to reach PLANTED THE POTATO
every   fibre   of  the   roots,   and   after I 	
that'no more until it  again becomes;    Dublin,   May   11-I.ismore    Castle,
reallv necessarv. .which has been  the scene cf the re-
Th'e use of 'liquid manures, after .cent festivities promoted bv the Duke
the fruit lias set and commenced to of Devonshire. Is many of the many
������swell, ls highly beneficial, no matter I picturesque sti-oncholds for which
how good the soil may be In Itself. Ireland is justly famed.
The demand made upon the roots, It stands on a rock rising steep
when the plant is well laden with' trom the famous river Blackwater,
fruit, is ro great that it will not be and so sheer Is the fall from some
found an easy matter to over-feed of the windows that, according to lo-
(in reason) and probably the best' cal trdition. James II.. though at one
form, at this time, Is in liquids, .time a sailor, started  back  In horror
These can be applied from the fol- ; when conducted  to an  opening  from
lowing-     Stable   urine,   diluted   with   which  he   was  able   to  take  a   view
Tht* Finest
and Freshest
in Town
Carnations and Roses
 Finest Quality and Beit Valae	
Covent Garden   Florists
Phone Sey. 1213    Granville Street
(i Shade Treea
2 dozen  Itoa-a Trees
4 llhododendrons
4 t'oniforao or Evergreen
60 Dollys for Hedge
4 Apple Trees In variety
li l'lum Trees ln variety
2 Pear Trees In variety
2 Cherry Trees in variety
2 dozen  ItnapberrloB
fi Currants In variety
���! Gooseberries
IH Hhtiburb
4 Shade .Trees In variety
1 dozen Roses���good  varieties
ii Rhododendrons
2 Conlferae or Evergreens
- Hollies���specimen
1! Apple Tress
2 Plum Trees
2 Pi ar Trees
2 Cherry TreeB
1 do7en Raspberries
C Currant Treea
C I'.buburb
3 Sbado Trees
1 dozen Hoses���good sorts
2 Rhododendrons
100  Trivet for Hedge
2 Apple Trees
1 Cherry Treo
1   Bear Treo
1 Plum Trees
1  dozen  llaspberries
'.i Gooseberries
3 Currants
(i I'.hubarb
The above collections may be altered to suit our customers' requirements.
The Royal Nurseries, Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
Head Office Suite 710 Dominion Building, 207 Hastings St. W.
Phone Seymour 5556.
Store, 2410 Granville St.; Phone Bayvifew 1926.
Nurseries and Greenhouses at Royal (on the B. C. E. Railway, Eburne
Branch).   Phone Eburne 43.   P. O. Address, Kerrisdale, B. C.
four times Its bulk of water; sewage
of almost any kind, house slops, soap
suds, nil are beneficial, and If used
alternately will give tetter results
than   if  one  of   the   llquidB  be   used
Training  Should Get Attention.
In many cases the matter of training
receives scant attention. In this part
of the province, ospeclaly amongst
those who go In for growing outside.
ThiB matter Bhould not be neglected
or carelessly performed, If the best
results nre to be expected. Kxperience
has proved in many cases that the slu-
rde Btem method Is by far the beBt.
Under this system the fruit is produced nnd rlpcmd earlier. aB well as being finer In duality, flood results certainly can be got from two or three
stem plants, but where tbe season 1��
short, the former system Bhould be
adopted as fsr ub possible.
A tomato plant, with one stem, carrying three or four trusses of fruit,
each a pound or two In weight, has
nulte enoUgh to do >o swell and ripen
those perfectly. Plants with three
pr fn1"' stems have more growing to
do before any fruit '�� formed, so that
there Is a saving effected in point of
time, which Is reallv the object aimed
at by the home gardener.
As tbe plant grows, side shoots nr
growths are produced, and should be
cut rr pinched out ns soon as seen, or
If uot one and all will continue to
extend again, branching In their turn,
and will result In too thick foliage
and  shpotB.
The plants should therefore be
looked over carefully and frequently,
and theBe new shoots cut out nnd the
legitimate stems tied up to Btlcks or
whatever may havo been placed to
support Hum.
of the surrounding country.
One of the favorites of the lmke's
several counfrv residences. I.lsmore
la endowed with many historical as
Biiciatlons. To begin with, not only
the castle but the neighborhood, Is
full of memories of Raleigh and Spen
The eBtate at one lime actually belonged to Sir Walter, and waa sold
by him to the Karl of Cork, and It
was In the lovely gardena that Raleigh planted the first potato, and
that Spenser is believed to have written much of the "Faerie Queenej it
is Btirrounded by a very fine park.
Ihlckly wooded, in which is a new-
avenue nearly two hundred feet long. |
Usmore hecairl'' the property of I
the Duke cf Devonshire through Ijidy j
Charlotte Boyle, daughter and helloBs]
of the fourth  Karl of Cork.
Store Fittings
We are specially equipped for  manufacturing   store  Bxtmc.  and
wlll be pleased at any time to submit  free  of  charg-*. txrxmia** and
ejjjestlons for modernizing  your store.
Phone 473
Beach SU Lulu Island.
���������-. -ft # # * # # # ���������? -ft -;:< # -."< tt p ".I
1 will mnke you broochcB, and toys
for your delight.
Of bird-song ai morning, and star-
shine at night.
I will make a palace lit for you and
Of green days in forests and blue 'days
at sea.
I will make my kitchen, and you shall
keep your room, *
Where white flows the river and blight
blowB the broom, *
And you shall wash your Unenjand
keep your body white,
ln rainfall at morning and dewffill at
���Robert Ixiuls Stevendbn.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,   New Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small   Mislcal Goods of all Kinds.  PHONE 694.
Simmer's Seeds
Wo keep our slock fresh by burning doubtful needs. Can **m do
more to protect you? TORONTO PARKS LAWN GRASS SEED ia
what wo handle and what we tiBe on our own lawna- -Try tt.
Now Is the time to KODAK. We are agents for Kaatmau's Kodaks
and suppllea.    Big and fresh Btock always on hand.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 4S; U. D. 71; Res. 72.
New Wsstmt-Mter. B.C. PAGe   FOUR
MONDAY, MAY 12, 1913.
| of our language should so treaBiiro the
reports Of a  murder that  took  place
J In New York four years ago.    It also
Inti n i tiiir,  thai   be  should   have
"d   the   acquaintance of   many
ilto women,   as
ound in his posscsi
the    photographs \
ion would lead one j
KfPl A-
Doner,-i I
Breaks   Course   Record   and
"Iron  Men"  Hard���Paid
$184.90 for $2.
���Louisville, Ky��� May 10.���A
champion three year old of America
lo-apid into prominence today and the
���Churchill Downs Derby course record
was broken before the largest crowd
that ever witnessed a Derby here,
���when Donerall , a Kentucky colt,
nipped Ten Point at the wire and won
the thirty-ninth renewal of the Kentucky Derby.
The winner, never having shown
���startling ability as a two year old,
paid I1S4.90 for $2 in the pari-mutuels
betting    Tbe time wns 2:01 4-5.
The field was larger than had been
predicted, eight Btarters facing the
���barrier, and spectators who have wlt-
iioeecd runnings of the Derby for
years, interesting alike for Its turf
prominence and sentiment of Kentuc-
hianB, say it waa one of the greatest
������exhibitions of a renl horse race ever
presented at a Kentucky Derby contort.
Worses  anj Soldiers  Unite  In  Honor
Ing Memory cf Florence Nightingale���Dead Three  Years.
London. May 11 Nurses in London nml throughout lhe liriiish Islts
aro preparing to celcl rate tomorrow
. tho birthday of Florence Nightingale
jind the several memorials to her
memory, as well as her grave will be
���cove'-, d with  Moral tributes,
In addition to the homage paid by
-members of tlie profession to which
she gave so glorious an Inception, the
army In whose Interests Ehe worked
���will imt be unmindful of Ua dead
England has erected   and   planned
many memorials In h mor of Florence
Nightingale, the "Angel    of    Mercy."
who was born in Florence, Italy, 93
years  ego  on   Monday.    The  city  ofl
lxindon's memorial, which occupl
place   In   the   lobby   of   the   Qulldhl
assumes thc form of a marble Btatu
die thrie feet in height.
Miss Nightingale is pictured as setting out on one of her errands of
mercy. The "l.ady of the Lamp" is
shown, bareheaded and In the simple
gown of the Victorian period, standing
Willi ;���. candle in her left hand, while
with In r right hand she iB shielding
her eyeii from its light.
It was at Scutari, recently the scene
���or sneb stirring events, thai Miss
Nightingale had her first experience
���of the terrors of war. It was durlns
Uie Or/mean war, when the hospitals'
���nt the Bospbbrus were crowded with /
���sick and wounded, thit Miss N'ightln- ,
stale, who hoi early manifested an'
Intense levotton to the alleviation of
anffi ���* ng, volunti. red lo go oul and
organize a nursing force al Scutari,
"Lord Herbert accepted her Bervlces
^tnd Ehe Immediately departed wiih 1)4
���nurses. She arrived at Constantinople
on th ��� eve of Inkerman, in time to receive the wounded into wards already
orov.i, ! with 2600 patients and a few
months after her arrival in the Near
IEa�� she had 10,000 sick and wounded
��� im*.   under her care.
in ISS6, while in the Crimea, she
wa.- herself prostrated, bul refused
to ii n * hi r post to go home and on
her recovery remained at Scutari
unti: Purkey was evacuated by the
BritiEh. After the war was over a
fund . f ,i juarter million dollars was
rai.-ni ���,. enable Miss Nightingale to
establish an institution for the tratn-
:in*.* of nurses.
Full or years and honors the "Angel
.*r. *,*" d.ed in 1910, The nation
��� offered ber family tin* honor of Interring the dead heroine In Westminster
Abbe.. lm in accordance with Florence Nightingall '*. , wn wishes, she
was l      to test in the family burylug
Yearly   Gathering   Concluded���-N
of   Standing  Cc-nmittees.
Vancouver, May 11.���The Presbyterian Synod of liritish Columbia con-
���'liulrd lis business on Friday last, a
new ,iay earlier than had been looked for.
It will meet again In St. Andrew's
church on the first Tuesday In April
next  yenr.
The following men were appointed
to represent thc synod on tlle provincial moral reform councll: Uev, Dr.
Clay, Professor W, ft. Tavlor. Itev.
K. S. Log'.e, Itev. C. O. Main. Key. C.
F. Gibson, Mr. W. E, MacLeod. Itev.
F. W. Kerr, Mr. J. J. O. Thompson.
Rev, J. S, Henderson, Professor J. 0.
Pldgeon; alternates, Ret. W. C.
Raynes, Mr. W. J. Ilalrd. Mr. W. K.
heckle, Rev. H. A. Fraaer, Rov. E. L.
Pidgoon, Rev.  H. It. Grant.
Standing Committees Appointed.
One of the closing acts of the
synod was the appointing of the
standing committees for the year.
Thev are ns follows:
Home missions and augmentation-
Dr. Lester Clay (convener), J. G,
Wilson, F. II. While. Dr. B, D. McLaren, A. D. McKlnnon and C. O.
Main. Conveners of committees on
home missions���Messrs. It. S. Thompson, James lleveridge, D. N. Stewart.
5V. H. Leckle. .Itidge Swnnsen, Judge
Forin, John McKenzie, Marshall Sinclair.
Foreign   missions J.  S.   Henderson
and R. A. McConnell, joint conveners!
Principal Mackay. W. L. Macrae, W.
(I. Hlako, J. O. Inkster, J. J. Ilastie,
II. R. Grant, W, L, Clay and Captain
Statistics and finance���J. R. Robert-
Son and J. Knox Wright, conveners.
Church property Pr. II. McRae,
convener; K, O. Taylor, Johnson Fell,
Judge Swansen, Judge Forin, Judge
3ranl and w. .1. Baird.
Westminster Hall -C. A. Henry,
���" ��� vein !���*. U. w. Woodslde, .1. McCoy,
.1. S, Henderson, John A. Logan.
Sunday School and Young People's
. ������'��� ties   0, A. Wilson, J. A. l og in,
George C.  F.  Pringle,  M.  D. McKee.
M   G   Melv ii.  P,  Mcl.t   d   J.  A, Gilliam. Thi mas Nixon, A. O. Paterson,
.-';���  tematlc bene!'..' ince   I,  G,   Ink-
il t*. convl ner of Presbytery
ti es.
Social Bervlce   and   evangelism
Dr.    Taylor,   convener;    Dr. Wright
Hr. Pldgeon, Dr   il. W. Fraser, E, I.
; Pldgeon, C. 11. Daly.
Rbta in London, Fires in Scotland and
Slone-Thrcvlrg   in   Ireland  All
In Ono  Day.
Fifty     Patients     Chow     Improvement
After First Inoculation���Too Scon
to Draw Conclusions.
London, May 11.- -Another suffrage
riot took place In Hyde Park this afternoon. Tho men's league for women's suffrage had been given permission to hold a meeting. Several prominent workers addressed s crowd of
several thousand from a truck, but j
the crowd kept up a running fire of In-1
lerruptlr.fiB, shouting "Go home and
make bombs," mil remarks about tho *l
burning of churches und the attempt
to blow up St. Paul'l, After half au
hour's endeuvoi to get a hearing, the,
league gave up and tho speakers *'"h tht' Evans memorial department
were nbout to withdraw when the of clinical research at Massachusetts
crowd broke through the police ranks, hospital. Within 48 to 96 hours after
The police had difficulty in protecting | tho llrst Innoculatiou, the report says,
Hoston, May 1(1.���A marked im
provement hns been noted in the
condition of fifty cancer patients wbo
havo been innocuiatud with the rabbit
serum recently discovered by Dr. j
Howard W. Nowell, of Iloston university. I
That is the Bubutaneo of nn announcement made tonight by a committee   of   live   physicians   connected
the speakers and eventually had to
escort tbem to the station for safety.
In the meantime a suffragette had
planted a flag on the Park Lane aide
of the park where fashionable peoplo
promenade nnd started speaking. Men
destroyed the flag and jostled the women until the police rescued them.
The Rev. Howard J. H. Truscott, vicar
of St. Catherine's at l'atcham, which
was destroyed by fire recently, beld
service In the public hall today and
spoke at length regarding the fire. He
"There is no use to talk to me ahout
flashes of lightening or gaa. Some
person did this with malicious Intent."
He said he had received hundreds
of loiters, some of them from suffragettes, who repudiated such dastardly acts.
Scots Wha'  Hae.
Dundee, Scotland, May 11.���An examination of the ruins of Farlngton
Hall, which was destroyed by fire yesterday, lias revealed ample proof of
incendiarism. The chief constable of
the city has received by mail a cony
of thi ]. ipi r, Tlv Suffragette, Inscribed: "Farlngton Hall- a protest agai isl
British tyranny. Blame Aequith and
The   mansion,  which   wns   ','.���������   pro
perty  of   Henry   McGvndy,  a  formei
lord  provt st of Duudt e,  will i*.   ���
to  rebuild.
commil    $100,000
Dillon VJur. Rash.
Dublin, May 11. - lohn Dillon, ti
ber of parliament for Easl Mayo,
rounded by a ham! ol euffragi tl i
��� ii,site the Mansion House on Saturdi
told them he would vote against them
every time. Early Sunday morning
Mr Dillon's res'donce was bombarded
with stones Many windows were
smai hed.
all the patients were made so com
fortable that opiates have been dispensed   Willi,
While some of the patients have
shown a gain In weight, Dr. Nowell
stated that sufficient time has not
elapsed to draw conclusions.
i He does not advise anyone to take
his treatment where surgery is possible, and with his fellow physicians
recommends "that at least a year
should be passed before definite statements may well be made."
Dr. Nowell admitted today for tho
first time that he had apparently
"cured" many rabbits of cancers
with a virus obtained from a human
malignant growth. He disclaims,
however, that he has a cure for "the
world's  second  greatest   scourge,"
"In all except one cf the cases under treatment or observation as yet,"
Iir. Nowell said, 'it Is impossible to
say any direct action has been made
i, ��� n the size of the growth as fains reducing ihat size is concerned.
On the other hand there is no increase in the size.    In ti no excop-
tlon  the growth lias lessened.
"As soon as I am . bl to demonstrate that I can stop the growth then
I shall know that my material is having a direct effect upon tho condition
i f the patient."
Answering queri s fr..;n physicians,
the committee announced that a tew
- i would be received for treat
ment, but for the present no "hopeless cases with extensive Involvement
of Important organs" would bo con-
Battle Between Towrsite and Railroad
Company  Settled���'Prince"
George  in  Back  Seat.
of  ���',
Vancouver, .May 11.���By Ihe hand
i in*? down of a decision on Saturday/
tho long drawn out controversy re- '
carrt'ng the situation Of the Grand
Trunk rariflc station at Fort George
and the naming of that station has
been  settled.
According tp the ruling of the rail
way commission the station must be
on the western part of the Indian
reserve within three thousand feet of
Fraaer avenue, tlie eastern limit ol
the original townslte. The name of
tho station, by the decision must n
main Fori (ieorge. a:'d cannot he
changed, as proposed by the railway :
company,  to  Prince (ieorge.
The bearing before the railway;
commission at Ottawa occupied two
days and an additional two days wcre |
tak. ti up by the board in digesting j
.he evidence which an Imposing ar-1
ray of counsel had put in.
The Grand Trunk Pacific bad first
made application to have the name
of the proposed station changed to
Prince George. Attorney General
Hi wser refused permission for this in
a decision at Victoria some days ago
and he Is now upheld by tbe railway
Plans had been prepared by landscape architects for the railway company showing the station near the
.astern end of the Indian reserve
ivhlch the company bad purchased
and f.ir away from the present town
and sottlemont al Fori George, where
there wero milo I of graded sire..I.-;
md o. i 1000 Inhal Itants.
The   Natural   Resources   company
il Mr. George .1. Hammond, of Van-
couver, applied to the railway com-
on to have de location of the
��� atlon chang d to a point thai would
;.. useful to lhe present town and
ihi ir own townsli I.    iii this applies
un tip y v i n naturally b icki .1 u] bj
lhe citizens of Fori Oeor ���������.
Dy the decision rendered on Batur
11. tb ���> have i.ein completely successful
In the proci' dings nl Ot'awa then
was nn imposing array of counse'
rii.* i,i Iro id compan) was ropresonl
, .1 by Messrs, W Q, Blggar, K C . A
Frlpp, ll. II. Hansard, W, D, Hogg
K.C, and It. II. Bennett, K.C. Thi
applicants were represented by
Mi sits. it. ,\. Pringle, K C, Clivi
Pringle  and  Oeorge   Henderson,   K ''
The   conlest  that   has   been   ended
Due to Cool  Of.
Washington. May  11    Unseaeonablv
high   temperatures   are   not   expected
to prevail the coming �� eek over any
portion  of the country,  according to
;he   weekly  weather   bureau   bulletin
issued   today.    In   the   plateau  region
and the extreme northwest it will be
cooler   by   Monday   night   wllh   frost
in  the  latter section and  by Ihe middle  cf (be .week  lt   will   be  cooler in j
tlw   plains-'state.,   the   upper   Mississippi   valley  and  the-   upper  lake  re-
g'on.     Showers  will     occur early    in
tiie   week   over   the  northwest    and
central west.
Neat  Comb   Left  In  Theatre  Presumably by Suffragettes.
Dublin, May 10.    A tin canister containing  42  gunpowder  cartridges  was
found  tonight in  the  lavatory of  the
: Empire Palace theatre.
The cartridges were padded all
around with cotton wool soaked with
oil. A cotton cord, also oil soaked,
I was attached to the canister, and the
I cord was burning when the bomb was
.found. A girl, formerly employed at
ithe theatre, was arrested. Nothing Is
i known to connect her with the suf-
. frage movement.
All the acts tlmt are to appear at
the Royal theatre this week are of
the "big time" brand nnd were personally selected bj Manager Gillis
from a large list of acts playing the
circuit at the preaent time.
A b'g circus feature will head the
bill for the firBt part of the week
starting with today's matinee. The
turn consists of a lady and two gentlemen and they present a thrilling
irrobatic and hand balancing novelty
I They are receiving n good salary and
|Consequently they have not neglected
carrying all the neccHs-jry apparatus
which goes to make Ihelr turn one of
tho real equillbrlstlo features of
Josh Dale Ifl going to preaent his
own Inimitable rlp-roarlng nnn-sensl-
cal noveltv In the same winning manner that he has been doing for the
past ten years. He was one of the
big features with Primrose & Dock-
Btader's minstrels.
The Royal management prides Itself on the wonderful picture program
Becured for the current show. Tbere
will be a two reeler entitled "Wlll-o-
the Wisp." which bears the Kay-Bee
title; a Thanhouser educational comedy entitled "Express C, O. D" In
Whloh a number of rabbits figure
prominently; and last but by no
means least two of the ever welcome [
Keystone comedies which have
proved  to  be bo popular in this city.
Just how a youth, with but one
band, could knock out a husky camp
cook and later could stand and shoot
tirades at a still huskier man of the
woods, a vllllan by the way. after that
same youth had been badlv crushed
by a failing tree, was difficult to
grasp, but that was exactly what
Freckles did as lhe hero In the play'
by thai name which appeared at the
opera house i n  Sal n d y ovi * Ing.
Ti... pri dnction v as greet!d !>������ a
fair house, not oi en * wded by any
rneans, and who. In fairness to the
players il musl be said i njoyed the
gn aii r pari of the pi rformant
Julius Velle, v ho pi ived lhe lending
role, has a wi 11 mi flulatetl volet ami
lii., -irngs, which wire mingled with
the action, wer.- well received, .lolni
s Marble as Duncan, the bead teamster i i Mel.i an's timber caa ;, a
happy old Scotchman, with Dlgnan
Meredith us his happy old wife, were
b ith good,
Tin play was tar from exciting, al
though the acting of Black .lack, the
timber thief, n ally did arouse the
animosity of the audit nee, who In
turn admired the defiance of Freckles
guard of tbe Llmberlost.
Pinard, Marvin and Pinard
A Double Subject Keystone
Not a Dull Second.
The Highest Priced One Man Act on the Circuit
Mr. Josh Dale
A Thanhouser Educational Comedy���A Great Reel
for the Kiddies.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
French   Aviator   Soar3   Over   Lcndc-i
Which Is Agi -st Regulations���
C000 Feet Up.
l^cndon, Mny 11. -The French airman. Marco] {",. Brlndejone Des Mou
linais, arrived at Hendon this afternoon after a flight from Bremen. Thc
aviator left Bremen at 8:411 o'clock
Friday morning in a monoplane. He
made a stop at Brussels and resumed
hia flight at 10:40 thiB morning. At
Calais he took on a fresh supply of
petrol and crosBCd the channel at
great speed and  at  a high  altitude.
Fassing Dover and Canterbury be
struck the Thames near Qravesend
and followed tlle river to London. H.*
flew over tbe city at an altitude of
3000 feet and arrived at Hendon nt. 3
i- lying over Ixmdon is unlawful, but
the aviator apparently was Ignorant
of this, and probably the offence will
be overlooked. The passage across
the channel occupied 20 minutes,
which is a new record.
I Continued mm pace one)
ground and l-'ulk was seriously
wounded. In the meantime the con
tral polce office had been notified of
the trouble and an auto dashed up
just aB the crowd moved back, but
only brought two additional police
men. However, the foreigners had
had enough and the police, were able
to remove l.andi to a safer place out
of reach of the mob,
The Bituation Is a Berious one and
is at an ��"iite stage following meet
ings and parades organized by aglta
Or:  for  the  Week.
Nelson,  B.C., May  ll     (ire production in the Kootenay   and    Boundary I
district lasl week amounted to 53 162
tons, making a total for the year to
date  of   933,231   tons.     Smelt.-r     receipts  for th"  week   were -17.:���!!).'! tons,,
'and for the year to date Ki2.727 tons.
You Cah
Over Our
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission lor 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 15 cents.
To Agasslz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above  rates are subject to change without notice)
Po;     ' ���  Clue to Elsie Di'.acl  Muni
P�� *; .-   Une  ri      I  In Oak'ar.d
Chiiut**,*, -i.
*     Pi ���' lay 11     V key to
 il  ry * I   ',     i   ird      ol   l-.'l
.-lie-, el,    .'.Mini daugl if   Gen  ral
i'r,i . 3 ��� gel, wl . ,,, t a rrll I. di ath
i" Ni n --. oris i ��� *,i:. i m m June IS,
19M,      believed to have i   en fi und
n ��� city of Oalcl 1. Clal. In search
Ing l loma or I., .* ii. ���-, a Chinaman
���*iii. i ���   arrei led rei   ntly lo the red
ral i 'nm iiie.-;, ch in i d with h it Ing
M'-i       " his i*  .... iii H.n, tbe officer!   by the decision Iihb been going on for
That the YALE is msde absolutely perfect and
is ths best engine in British Columbia, for
either Pleasure, Fishing or Work Boats
on, ;  ,i  coinph te   -i i  of  prei a cup
pini     describing  Lhe death  of  lilsle
Siri-,. : in \. w York four years ago, to-
>���< tht i   . Ith a number ol pli tographs :
��;f beat tiful while wom< n.
Prior i . the d . cot er)  of the pri
Ollpp ������:..-���   -::d   phol graphs,   !������������   Dor
had 11 * i   roll ai ed und i a $1000 I ind
to  ausw..   ��� .  the  i h irge  ol   hat Ing
opium   in  hii   p ,i     His pro
i-nt v bereabi i uni now n.
Lee Dor's ii n the mi r I.    ...
���I i   beautiful fctrl   * it i * m bl
*: 'i the Mi I.J-*. ' ii ol Ni ��� York,
suffii nt. to make blm k cp ihe
l*.- reports of lne Ira jed) for fi :r
has ilir-rcd the pollct of Ban
l'i, ,... , and Oakland. John \V
Smlt! . pedal agent of tbe United
Stall : nmy department, who un-
fart! .1 |,hi evidence against Lee Dor,
hr.>  deflnil    views upon the subject
"lies li* ��� i,-il (o c-jiivluco ub that
to" bad no In . lodge oi' Enslitn," Haiti
Pniitli. I'lil ;:. Ib significant that a
���4BMBCSI   ��'bo pretends no knowledge
practically  the IhbI  four years.
Coronation Amnesty.
On the occasion oi a coronation, llie
,-uyai clemency in u.sually extended lu
some classes ol offenders, When mu
present King came to the throne sll
id sertera from the army or nnvy ��.��
pardoned, and alFowed to come i.h.k
l . tin ii* homes if tliey hnd lelt inn
Tn   Gray  Kangar?
i' ���
r, -
t.ie    IllOiit    rcnii
l.uiiia is the b.g
tiruy k-
...  measuring
-ci.-.i    Ii
it uu i,
to tail, enn clou:
ton vmi
lit    H    j
and  travel   fai-t
or ti...,.
Lon-ler'-j HO'JMS.
.rite   tin*-"" nl I.n.nin.. a|. ...
'Hire   thnn   Hcenmtnndate   Hi"
. I..'. vlj ti.UI    ul    iilnU.'ll.'liei.
Any Horse
Five Up
ngines -shown have all becn s��W! and installed in boats in the lust two weeks.
SCHAAKE MACHINE WORKS, New Westminster, B. C. ���������
MONDAY, MAY 12, 1913.
PAGE nva
Civilian Riflemen Showing Great Form
on Brownsville Rannea���Cecond
Century In Eight Days.
High   Jinks   at   Colonial   Hotel
Wind up Football Season-
Big Time.
East Sldcrs Win Out by Score of 2-1���
Last Game of the Season Well
Displaying a shade better football
than their opponents, tho Sapperton
soccer aggregation of the City
league defeated the City on Saturday j
afternoon nnd thus retain possession
of tho City league cup for another
Although Sapperton were the favorites, the Bcore of two goals to one
just nbout representB the play. Their
combination wbb of a higher order
than the city eleven, the Individual efforts of the latter coming to naught
against tbe well balanced defence of
tho east alders
Crooks opened the scoring for Sapperton after 17 minutes of play, a
faulty olcaraiH s by Battson allowing
the centre forward to net the Bpheru
on the rebound
The Cily came buck in the second
half and following a corner kick, one
of  the Bapperton   halvis   handled   lhe
ball with  a  resultant  penalty.    Mc
AJlister did the needful to equalize mi
n rebound shot
A few minutes later Speedle for
Sapperton tnlBsi d two open chances,
but biB partner made amends immediately following another poor clearance
by" the   City   CUStOdtan.     Thia   ended
the scoring!
Kor Ihe vletorK, Cray, who played
with the R c. E H. in the senior ama-
'.cur league this season, wub easily the
star of the game, Hunter also doing
good  work
McAllister and Marshall, the two
liackB of the City, played Stellar ball
but tills was counteracted by the absence of Rattray in goal and a weak
half back line.
Tbe crowd wan one of the best seen
thin season nnd uncorked ihelr eiitliu
Miasm  during   the   progress    of    the
game.   The line-up wan nn follows:
Bapperton Qrereney,   Patterson,
Cray. t'rnlK. I.auiliden, Hunter, Chlel,
Speedle, Crooks, Aylesbury and
City Battson, McAllister, Marshall,
McLaren, Hogg, Kinn, Petrie, llacu*-,
Barnes, Mrt.end and  Leigh.
Referee, Jack Phillips,
Interior Baseball.
A four leuguo baseball league, to
be known as the B. C. Interior IIubo-
ball league, haB been formed In the
upper country, taking in Vernon,
KamloopH, Revelstokii and Kelowna.
Tiu-ity-lwo Kume* will be played, the l ���nrt 'durnble. and
season opening in Kamloops on Wed.- j cn,,r out
nesday,   May   14   and  ending  Sept.  II    Cr|bb nearly met his Waterloo when
at  Vemon.    It  Ih  possible    that    the|ho fllUKht Mollneiiux. who was n full-
league  leaders  Will   be  pitted  agalnBt j bkmded   African, Cf  remarkable  clev
the champions ut the 11. ('. league of
the [oyer mainland towards the close
of the Beason.
ed a memorial to Jem Mace, are now
agitating the erection of a monument
In   perpetuate  the   glories   of  another
mighty pugliiBt, Thomas Cribb, who
waa in bin prime in the first quarter
of the nineteenth century, und who
died at Woolwich, England, sixty-five
yean uco Sunday, May  1. 1S4K.
Crlbb's first appearance in the arena
wuh In 1805, when be defeated (ieorge
Ma.ldox In u bout lading over two
hourB. lie became the recognized
Ohamplon and the Idol of the sporting world In 1X09. Crlbb's two greatest battles were with Jem Belcher, aj
former  champion  who  bad,  like Jef- |
fries, retired for a time and then tried ���     ���*��� Xhe second week in succession
to come back, and Tom Mollneaux. a I Mr, Qeorge |iurr notched a "cuntury" soccer clubs of the city to be held In
Virginia negro of the Jack Johnson . on thp Urownsville ranges Saturday ; the Colonial hotel next Krlday even-
���W* _ , .       .      afternoon at the weekly shoot of the I ing promises to be one of the sporting
lhe veteran "'''chor was by far the Clvll|tn mn��� aneoclation. Mr. Burr's !events of tbe season, tbe committee,
superior Of Cribb In cleverness, and 8r���re of Saturday waB pven bKter handling the affair having met with
during tne early part ol the battle !thnn lhttt mad(, ,hP pr,,v|m��� WB(.k in , every succeBB ln rounding up vocal
landed at wl on h)B.blg and Cl.nnsy (ha, ������ fl b-����jbl, on (h��� g00 |and Instrumental artists who will keep
antagonist.    Cribb fa, game, strong, | yarU ran|te. wb���� hlfi former vosslble  thlnK��   moving   with   tbe   usual   vim
was registered    from    the    500    yard  that attends    such    gatherings.    The
location. . soccer season  In tho city during the
A  tricky  wind  puzzled  Beveral    of lpaBt wlntW has been one of the most
The annual Binoker of the varlouB
end wore Bel-
we Act as Agents Only for the Purchase   and   8ale   of   Real   Estate.
Paid on the dally balance of
savings accounts, subject to
cheque   withdrawal.
Handsome metal home banks
for children supplied, to depositors.
Safe Deposit Boxes
For the safe keeping of deedB, Insurance papers and other documents which you cannot afford to risk losing. You carry the key and
no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our
vaults aro fire and burglar proof.
Rentals $2.50 per annum and upwards.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble 8treets, New Weetmlneter.
the marksmen wbo were heading for ; ��"ccpSBful and enjoyable known for
,.r���..H, ai i-,r.t iv,).!, i���i,i tfc. nnnml-Mh 8CorfiB- ThB century made by Ia "ujnher of yearn. The cUbb of son-
ETtflS M,r K|fir^:��t.Ue.ihUn5; three more Z&5K& W8K2S!
Both Salmon Bellies and Senior Amateurs Prepare for Opening Battles
on May 24.
changed, and the big black man
forced the fighting. In the twenty-
eighth round he sent the champion to
dreamland, but ln a squabble that en-
Bued Cribb recovered, and the referee
permitted the bout to proceed. The
ring waa pitched In the open, and the
men fought ln a cold December rain.
Cribb had greater endurance than
the blnck, and In the end Mollneaux
gave up and refused to fight longer.
After the Belcher and Mollneaux battles Cribb reigned supreme until his
voluntary retirement, when Tom
Spring assumed the title.
silver spoons, six In eight days, which
constitutes    a    record among    local
The following were the scores:
200 500    600    Ttl
O.   Burr    32 33     35���10(1
W. Sloan   32 34     31��� 97
A.   F.   Menzles   ....32 81      33���96
C. A.  Dadds   26 29      29��� 84
H.   I.lndahl    31 29      23��� 83
II.  Vidal    31 30     21��� 82
11.  V.  Wright    3'J 27     23��� 80
T.   Davis    28 28      18��� 74
11.  Perkins 29 22     23��� 74
With Icfb than two weeks Intervening between now and the opening
game of Ihe Coast lacroSBe league,
Manager Olfford and his Salmon Bellies will commence real training this
evening nt Queen's Park in order that
the boyB will be In the pink of condition when Manager Jones and bis
cohorts from the Terminal City invade
New   Westminster.
So far tbe players have been taking
things easy, the object being to gel
the nam mom In condition rather
than perfect the combination and -stick
handling work, but from now on thi
homo and defence will be pitted
against each other, while it is probable that the senior amateurs will
stack up In a praotlce game against
the pros., providing Managers Clifford
and Turnbull agree on thiB.
Two weeks ago the prospects of Con i
.loins gathering a team capable of glv-1
ing the Royals a close race were slim .
Indeed, but his captures during thej
past week are not to be scorned and
until the first game has been played ,
the fans will not be in a pobition lo j
gauge  their  strength.
Mickey lon, the fleet defence play
i r. is still holding out for more salary
and has Inform* d Managi r -liuti s that
he will not sign for less than $1600
Jusl how I ui win emerge from the
fight  remains  to  be seen,  for  under
the new commission  'dca neither New
Westminster   nor   any   of   the   eastern
clubs can  Hlfi-n  him   up without a  re- j
[esse from Con Jones.
Turning to the Senior amateurs, the
local   boys  will   he   taken   in   tow   by
"Dud"  Turnbull   In   reul  earneEt  this   be
week.    The new  ruling of the inter
Coney Island was the most Important place on tlie map thirteen years
ago Sunday, for It was on May 11.
1900, that Jim Jeffries and Jim Corbett settled their argument at that
The champion put the soporific kibosh on the pompadoured ex-cham-
pion In the twenty-third round. Three
years lati(r Corbett tried it again at
San Francisco, nnd on that occasion
lasted only ten rounds.
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
Friday's event will be an open one
and not limited to Just the players
Any enthusiast of soccer and of any
Bport afi' a matter of fact Is Invited
to attend the gathering, the contribution being set so as to cover Just the
actual expenses incurred by the com-
mlEBlary department.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
Weatmlnster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Cleveland   . .
Chicago  .....
St.  I.ouis   ..
New York ..
��� 16
New   Westminster   Trims   Cedar   Cottage by  147  Runs to Si ���
Detailed  Score.
. r Cricket rlul
Sensational Finish at Detroit.
Detroit, Mich., May 11. -After tieing
the score In the ninth by a rally which
produced three runs, BoBton took a
dtsperate ten inning game from De-
I troit today by a 5-4 count. Nell Ball,
running for Carrigan, flid home with
the deciding tally when Hooper
bounced an infield hit to Vitt.
It  was  a fast,  thrilling,  splendidly
: played game from Btart to finish, and
the result was in doubt until Speaker
I brought the game to a conclusion by
, Weekly  Review of Baseball  Situation
���'.', ���Surprises General  Last
'696 week.
.391 New York. XIa>' 11.���Followers of
;>M | major league baseball were treated
.238 | to a serleB of thrills laBt week. In
the .National league race, the surpris-
iii: rise of Brooklyn    was   Continued
,   dashing into left centre and capturing
Crawford's line driv��
Louden   was
New Westminst
Btarted their season
Saturday afternoon by ri glstenng   a i
creditable victory over the Cedar Cot- j
tage eleven on the Moody park j
[rounds, the Royals batting up a
... re of 147 against the visitors' Sl.
The uncertainty of the weather forced
both captains to Beld a team below
strengtb,     I-'.   a.   none  nnd  fl.   frvlng
made   excellent  -scores  for  the  locals' r,.... a.. rn.i.i..
assisted   by     UtSStS.     Dunford.   Well. \     st,   ,^r".v "l^T'Zuls   ,,e-
and  -Money. I feaied   Washington   today   T-.1.     Doth
T   H.i.i ..ud J. Phillips appeared to   ���,;unB scored their runs by a mixtun
of  hits,  passes and  errors.    Score:
K.    II.    E
with a spurt that sent Dahlen's men
from fourth to Becond place. fcitts-
buig shot down close to the bottom
of the percentage column. Boston
gave Its followers a welcome surprise
by winning four straight Hnd dropping
but one game in the week.
Johnny Evers and his Cubs fared
badly in Brcokljn, but handed the
(Hants a thorough trouncing in the
Urst game of the series between the
old time rivals. Something is sadly
amiss    with    McGraw's   combination,
on  third  and   Bush  on  Becond   when I which   after   more   than   a   month  of
Speaker made the catch.    Score: play Is a bad fifth   in    the    pennant
R,    11.    E.   race.    Weak Btick    work    and    loose
5     8     (.   fielding have been glaringly    in    evi-
4      4      0 j dence.    Dahlen has the Brooklyn ma-
Carrlgan, I chine  workine smoothly  and  is  mak-
Detmit    ...
i ollins    and
Cady;  Dubec and Stanage.
Boston    $110.00
Buffalo     92.00
Chicago     72.50
Duluth      60.00
Minneapolis  60.00
Montreal     105.00
New  York     108.50
Philadelphia     108.50
Pittsburgh     91.50
Rochester,  N. Y  96.40
St. Louis,  Mo  70.00
St.  Paul,  Minn  60.00
Sioux City, lowa    60.00
Toronto,  Ont  92.00
Washington     107.50
Winnipeg     60.00
tlle only  batsiuen  able
stand   the onslaught of the
to    with
ing a strong bid for the lead.
The  BL   Ixiuls pitchers are  holding
Rugglixs'  team   well up tti  the    race. ,
Weakm-Hs  on   the  mound  nct-tiitt. lm  I.e   i
he trouble with Cincinnati.    Phfiadel- '
.mediate  league  to allow any of their   Bter   trtindlers.   the   rest   uf  the   side
plavers   to   engage   with   the   Seniors' being dismissed for a paltry nine,
allows the manager to rely on a per-1     The following  are the scores:
Main   Store    193-4-43
Sapperton   Store    373
West   End   Store       650
Melton  Mowbray
These are rich Pork
Pies made by Bullen
Brothers, Vancouver.
The  ingredients arc
all of the purest and
,i a con equence you
serve the best of Pork
Pics.   R.-tail price
Cherry, Sultana, Ma-
deria; these are also
made by Bullen Brothers, and is a delight
ful addition to your
table. Sultana and
Maderia sells for, per
pound 25c
Cherry sells for, per
pound    40c
Remember Our Main
Store Address
6S1   Columbia  Street
manent twelve once they are set In
motion and when the curtain is raised
In the Capital City on Victoria day it
is expected that New Westminster
will be well In the running for the
championship of the Pacific Coast I-a
crosse league.
(By "Gravy.")
S'icrlcst    Title     Bcut    Was    Fought
Eleven  Years Ago Today
New Westminster.
Rev. E   ll. Bartlett. b Reed    4
W. A. Wells, b Heed   21
C. Irving, b Reed   3:1
C   I'   .ludd. c Knowles. b ltoyston, 2
BJ,   \V.  Money, b  Knowles    17
F. A. Rose, b
E. T. Dunford, b Flowerdew   1">
Washington    3    7    8
.St.  I.ouis      7      6      3
flatteries:  HtigheB, Gallia and Ain-
smith;  Baumgartner and Agnew.
li. Miller, nol out
13. Tigar, b Reed
Cedar Cottage
Heed, c Hose, b Irving
Phillips, b ROSI
A pugilistic title changed ownership   \V.  Hrown, b Ho
Waleh  Trims  Athletics.
Chicago,   May   11.���Ed   Walsh   returned to the game today after a long
rest, and Chicago defeated  Phlladel-
Moore     22   phla in the opening game of the series
4-3.   The locals won by bunching hits
.    7 I after costly errors.    Score:
.    S H.    H.   E
.  13   Philadelphia     3     7     i
��� i Chicago      i      6     1
147 '    Hatterles: Brown. Tuff and Thomas.
ISchang;   Walsh and Schalh.
3- I 	
0 | Standing  of  the Cluba.
in the -shortest time on record at Port I f.
Erie, Ont, across from Buffalo, eleven p.
years ago today, when Prank Erne p.
Inst the lightweight championship to ii,
J( o Cans. R,
A short time before Frne had com-   |
mltted    pugilistic suicide by training
down to 12S pounds for hia light wltb
Terrible Terry  McGovern. the featherweight champion     Por days   before I
the   bout   he  went   without  food   and
practically  without  drink.    The  link- !
ing out process weakened him to Biich
an extent that McGovern found hlin an
easy victim.
Erne had nnt  recovered his strength
when he met Gnus in Canada, with hisi
lightweight till" at slake, .-illli u.ch he
had trained faithfully, and the weight
was placid ��i  HTi pounds, ut which
Kme wan at his best.
If   brevity    is   wit,   the   Guns Knie'
light  was a  rip-roaring farce.    Prank
landed n couple of tups. Joe respond
ed, and then they went to a clinch
As ihey separated Clans shot over hli
I'ft to Prank's jr.w, and It was all over
bt:l the shoiitinr.
.Io.  was  "plum   flabbergasted"  by
tin. suddennness of his  victory, and   ifl02
for  several   mlnuteB  was  unable   to
realise his triumph.
Joe held the title for six years when  1:01s
be lOBl it to Battling Nelson, and soon
after succumbed to tuberculosis. Erne 1910
went ta England ami cleaned up a lot j
Of money before retiring froie the rinr-;
to become n light manager In ParlB 1911
nnd  N'ew  York.
Roys ton, b Irving  	
Purser, b Irving 	
Davles-Mcxire,  not  out    1
II. Flowerdew, b Hose    3
G. Knowles, b Hose    0
Annandale, did not bat   fl
Extras     14
Spokane,     May     11.-- The    official
p : standing of the Northwestern leagui
1 | teams,   including   today's   games   follow :
W.    I..
Vancouver 1">     li
Seattle  16     8
Tacoma    12    14
Sl   Victoria  10    15     -4(u
J Spokane 10    15     .401
Portland      8    13     .381
phia  is  still   going at  a  speedy
American League.
The sensation of the we��>k in the
American league was furnished by
\<...v York. Chance's erratic band
after being consistently maltreated by
the eastern clubs, jumped west and
took three out of four games from
Philadelphia seems to be going
better than any other team in the
-ace. although Washington and Cleveland are playing at top speed. Chicago
is playing fairly consistent ball. St.
I.ouis is better placed In the race
than was expected. The Boston
world's champions are playing far below form.
In  Detroit Jennings has a   difficult
problem to solve.   Box weakness   is I
the Tigers' main complaint, although
the   infield     situation     Is     worrying
Hughie.    Frank Chance also ia worry-
Ing over  the  N'ew  York Infield    and i
these facts  seem  responsible  for  the
persistent  rumors    that    Hal    Chase !
might be traded to Detroit.    Jennings"!
obviously  could use Chase  to splen- |
gg.j | did advantage.
Omaha.   Council   Bluffs.   Kansas City  and   St   Joseph        60.00
Tickets will be sold at proportionately reduced farces to MANY-
OTHER POINTS in the East in addition to those named. Return
may  be  tnndti through   California  at slightly higher  tares.
Liberal   stop-over   privileges and  choice  of different  routes    are
offered.     For  additional  information regarding fares, routes, sleeping
car  reservations,  etc.. call  on or address
H.   H.  STEVENSON.  City  Passenger and  Freight Agent
622 Columbia   St..  New  Westminster.
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
Montreal Annual Drew Record Crowd6
and Entries.
Montreal, May 10, Surpassing nil
Of Its predecessors the 14tli annual
Montreal horse Bhow was brought to
a close at the arena Saturday night
when all attendance records wen
The improved quality of the horses
shown    was   another feature widely
���omti'ented upon. s
Main  Store   681   Columbia.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St
West  End  Store,  Sixth Ave.
and 12th Street.
South'rn trapahooters nre now on
the hike for Montgomery, the Alabama capital city having been award-
id  tlle  Interstate Association's eighth
southern' handicap tournament, to be
decidid during the three days begin-
j ning tomorrow.
A thousand dollars In added money
has been'hung up for the shoot. Pennsylvania trapsbooters will also have
ia state shoot tomorrow and  the two 11848
following days, under the auspices of
the York City Gun club.
(following   the   Important     horses
Shows   In   Tonronto,   Montreal,   \'nn-
cottver pud ether Canadian cities, lhe
annual Ottawa exhibition will be inaugurated today, and continue through
, tlle week.
This Is one of the big society and
sporting QVentS Of the year In the Dominion capital, and It la expected tbut
all records Will be broken In excellence of cntrieH nnd in attendance.
Memorial for Champion  Cribb.
English boxing fatiB, thnvlng erect-
Joe Cans won lightweight t ir It
by knocking out Prank Erne In
tlrst round nt Port Erie, Out.
Al Kaufman defeated Joe Grim
in six rounds at. Oakland.
Johnny Thompson knocked out
Pete Sullivan In ninth round at
Packey McFarland defeated
Tommy Kilbane In ten rounds
at Buffalo,
Tommy Houck and Young Britt
fought 15-round draw at Baltimore.
Eddie    cumpi    defeated
Moore   in   four   rounds  at
Yesterday's   Anniversaries.
Yankee Sullivan  deteated
Gtttint, English, in seven rounds
at Harper's Perry, Va.
-Thomas Cribb, who won heavyweight   title   In   1809,  died   at
Woolwich, Eng.
Mllltla quelled proposed Mace-
CobUrn battle at Port Dover,
Jack Dempsey stopped Tom
Cleary In fifth round nt San
Jim Jeffries knocked out James
J. Corbett in L'llrd round at
Coney Isi nil,
Stanley Ketchel lost decision
to Morr'.i Th napsca In six
rounds at Butte.
Ad Wolgast and Willie Ritchie
fought four-round draw uL Sau
A   Real   Slugging   Match.
Scuttle. May 11.   -Spokane and Vancouver played a remarket le game or
the   Seattle   grounds   today,   Vancou
ver Winning ti-4     Each of the ten Cal
lies   was   lhe  riMilt   if  a  home  run
seven 0' Wll eh Were made during th<
gamo.   Spi .onu  lost the game in tin
fifth v ieti Vancouver got two honu
runs, each t:'*.' with a man on base
In tlle fixih Spokane scored two when
Wagner,  who hnd  hit  fer  four bases
n thl   third, walked and Johnson sent
he ball over tbe fence.    Score:
U     11.    E
Spokane  4     ;i     1
Vancouver   C     8     '.
Batteries: Covaleskl and Ostdiek;
McCn i ry and   Lewis.
Victoria Shut Out.
Tacoma. May 11. -Bubohed lilts In
the third with a base on balls and :i
hit batsman, gave Tacoma three ruin
and with another score In the fourth.
the locals defeated Victoria 4-0. Kaufman   received   sensational   support.
Score: B.    H.    E
Tacoma  ��� ��� 4     8     I
Victoria     0     9      1
Batteries: Kaufman and Grindell;
Wilson  and  Meek.
Seattle at Portland postponed: rain
Work on Silver Creek Trail.
Mr. R. Bonson. road superintendent.
Dewdney. has promised that the work
on the trail to Silver creek will be be-
(un thia week from Coqultlam. The
district Is partly In Coquitlam and
lartly In unorganized territory.
Comfortable Family  Hotel
Forty mlu'jtes run from New Westminster on G. N. Ry. All train*,
stop at  White Rock.
Fifty rooin-i. large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Bay and Gulf:
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooms*,
can be engagod en suite, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connection, also a store containing full line of groceries.    Por terms and rates apply
White Rock, B.C. p. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Dean-Eatern Sh.w Better Cla.-.s Than
Davit Cup Aspirants.
Tuxedo, N.Y., May 11 -N. W, NllsS
und A. S. Dabney, the lawn tennis pnlr
of the l.ongwood Cricket club, won
the Round llobln doubles here today.
In the finals they dofeated 11. II. Hacked and It. 1). Little, favored for the
International cup team, 6-4, 5-7, 1-6,
6-0, 6-1.
In the other competition, William
Lamed and II. D. Wrenn defeated W.
111. Clothier, of Philadelphia, and ('.
F, Watson, Jr., 6-3, 4-6, 9-7, 6-8.
I The Australians, who are to com-
Ipete In the Davlu cup trials, witnessed
[the match between Hackett and I.lttlo
I ami  the  B.'i Ionian-;.
Ladies, Misses' and Children's Hose, Barrettcs, Side Combs,  Hair Pins, Hat
Pins, Brooches, Lace Pins, Fancy Safety Pins, Silk Thread, Linen
and Cotton Thread, Crochet Balls, Silken Darning Floss, Hose
Supporters, Chain and Leather Purses, Men and Boy's Overalls and Hats, Canvass and Leather Gloves,  Etc.,  Etc.
We cannot enumerate here everything we have added to our new department, but we extend a cordial invitation to visit our store and see for yourself, and we feel sure that you will be satisfied with our goods, our prices and
our way of doing business.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Cor. .6th Ave. and 12th St.
Take 12th St. Car. PAliE   SIX
MONDAY, MAY 12, 1913.
* HATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classlfled���One cent por word per
���lay; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to ba used as re-
"ilred within one year from date of
contract, 125.00.
Hlrth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice 11.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
wauta live man as general agent
for WeBtmliiBter and Uuigloy die-
trlcta. Splendid contract for right
man. Address Manager, 219 Winch
Hulldlng,   Vancouver,  B.C.      (1289)
housework.   Apply 422 Third street.
poleB, 30 feet to GO feet In length,
7 Inch to 9 Inch tops. Can take lit,
water or on cars. Nestos Timber
Co., Ltd., Belllngham, Wash. (1268)
26 Royal avenue. (1251)
ternlty nurse open for engagements.
43 Albert Crescent, City. (12631
clerk  and   waitress.    Fraaer  hotel,
corner liegbie and  Front Btreets.
$1050 at 8 per cent, for ono or three
years, on house Bitualed at 712
Sixth Btreet, New Westminster. Apply Annie Hemphill. 26S0 Eaton
street,   Vancouver,   B.C. (1247)
beds and pillows. Addreas Box
1136   News   office. (1136)
bungalow; one or two bedrooms as
deBlred.    317 Fifth avenue.      (1291)
tage.    Apply   607
Fifth  avenue.
rooms and housekeeping rooms. 420
St. George street.    I'hone 526 L.
rooms.    Applv 701 Agnes street.
and housekeeping rooms cheap.
Call between 3:30 and S p.m.. 301
Columbia street. (1266)
If you are let me show you a seven
roomed modern house and six lots
with a beautiful orchard and overlooking Hurnaby lake and within
one block of car. Room 419 Westminster Trust building, Rutledge
Brokerage Co. (1286)
offering one-quarter acre lota for
sale at Burnuby lJike at remarkably low prices and easy terms.
Kor particulars call at Robert ft
Co.,   405   WeBtmliiBter   Trust  bulld-
'   Ing. U27��)
Plain "Miss Brown" Has Remarkable
Influence  Over  Royal  Children
and Their Parents. I
Men   Lived  as   the   Soudanese
They   Would   Always  Be
Rome, May 11 -"MIbs Brown" Is
governess to the Italian royal children. Her Christian name ia of secondary importance; In fact, no one at
li.   I).
William Humphrey, it resident of
Highland Creek for 88 yearB, died
aged 91.
Electricity will be used for hauling
says Montgomery freight on the new Lake Erie &
the Toronto  Star, j Northern railway.
cosy and well built bungalow on a
largo lot, just off Twelfth Btreet
car line. $100 cash and the balance
monthly. Call and go with us to
boo thiB. It's worth investigating.
Eastman & Wamsley. Phone 312.
Room 201 Westminster TruBt building, City. (1281)
cash, $10 month. Prico $676. Half
block from Twelfth street car, neur
city limits. Apple, pear, plum and
cherry trees In full bearing. Ap
ply O. Waterman, Stride avenue
and Twelfth Btreet (1256)
I lived for a lime, and fought againat,
the wild Soudanese In that far    off
the Qulrlnal  or other    Italian    royal  livu(j ut -punilng sun and dried, baked
sand, and Blnce that time 1 have nev-
er ceased to marvel at the busy,
ucllve lives led by these strange war-
Whenever It waa possible, to seo,
either In daylight or BOmi-darkncss,
theBe restlesa people could always be
observed "on the move." The Soudanese that I came In contact with
believed In the old medicine man
theory, but In spite of their Ignorance, I never saw or heard of a single one of them being sick or even
Indisposed unless wounded In battle.
They posfleased nerve, the like of
which the greatest hero of modem
tlmeB would be very proud of. They
were aa fleet of foot aa a stag; mould
i ed on the lines of a Greek god, and
brave   to   a  fault.     These   men  wore
| little or no clothing.
Their   skins   were   like   the   finest
i of  satin
family knows her by any  other title
I than the foregoing.
| Yet, In a sense, thia plain Englishwoman Ithe 'nullification does not apply to her looka), whoso name suggests a middle-class descent rattier
than anything approaching high lineage. Is one of the tnoBt powerful
women In  Europe.
"How Is this possible?" a preBB
correspondent asked a high court official.
"It Ib simple enough," was the answer. "Miss Brown rules tho royal
children, the royal children rule tlieir
mother, their mother rules the king.
Is there anything unusual Jn family
life In such a chain of association?"
If Miss Brown finds little, Princess
Mafaldn wants this or the little crown
prince wants that, she refers the re-
| quest to the queen If ahe judges it a
proper one.    The  English lady has a
I remarkable  influence with the queen,
roomed houBe and houBO
Suitable for two familieB.
Ash Btreet.
I who Ib  devoted
' the entire care
to lur, and  Bhe has | rarely,
of the royal nursery
sowing machine, kitchen table, bed I
and Beveral other articles of furnl-
ture.    Leaving    city.    417    Second
street, city. (1240)
Stove,  Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week
Canada Range Co.,  Market Bnu.iro
.   i Will'.,    n. - J
Real EBtate, Fire Insurance.
An extra fine live roomed cottage,
nicely painted, plastered and finished, cement walk and lawn, planted;
lot 33x105 to lane. One block from
car. Price $2000; $100 cash, $25
per month.   No, 47.
 ., and
to    rent i an(| (hR training of the four children,
Apply 4101W|U)81, ,l(,(.B runs,j frum 5 to n.
Tbere are other governesses of different nationalities, bill they all defer
to Mis Brown, who lias the llrst and
last say in all matters connected with
the children.
"1 don't like tho Austrians." aald
little Crown Prince Humbert, the other day, "and 1 wish you would make
papa get my grandpapa o( Montenegro
out of all that mess, What right haa
a biu country to bullyu little one'.'"
Thla waa one request Miss Brown
put upon the shelf for further consideration. Meanwhile Count Ginnot-
ti, prefect of the palace and grand
master of the ceremonies, died. He
was a familiar of the royal palace and
greatly beloved of the royal children,
with whom he used to romp like a
Since then there has been the question of appointing hie successor. Here,
MisB Brown's power makes itself felt.! n!'Hl".
The person to whom the succession
would have naturaly reverted Ib not
in favor either with the children or
their English governesB. So the contingency of putting him out Is formidable. Mis Brown works upon the maternal  feelings  of Queen   Helena.
without   a   blemish.     They i one of Its best known and
ever,  caught  cold,  because j ly respected citizens.
Rev. Father James O'Loane, for
many yearB rector of parishes in
Guelph and vicinity, is dead.
The Rev. Hubert Pettigrew, Glen
Morris, was eleeted moderator ot the
Synod of Hamilton and London.
The abolition of the bars in Inger-
Boll In accorduhce with the local option by-law took place Wednesday
James Arnold, one of Thorold'-;
beBt known citizens, who passed sway
aged 75, Is survived by his mother,
aged 100.
Tho ratepayers of Chatham will
vote on a by-law for the Installation
of a hydro-electric system at a coBt
of $90,000.
Strychnine poisoning caused the
death ot Fred E. Beemer, well known
Blenheim township farmer. Foul
play   Ib   suspected.
By tho death of Fred Ruinball,
Clinton loses Its oldest resident, and
most liigh-
Ing a yield of $4,(188,2111 ounces during
Mgr.     Alfretl     Archiunbault,
they were nature's own children,
while we, or moBt of ua, are nature's
own cranks or "stuffed-up coddles."
If all men moved about and exercised
as the Soudanese and other wild
tribes do, there wonld be more health
enjoyed and less clothing worn.
Silly Hat Custom.
Some men will Insist upon wearing
a straw hat on a certain date, nn mat
ter if the ground Is a foot thick of
snow, and likewise they would discard summer headgear on a certain
date, though it were possible to fry
a steak by the beat of the sun on
the  sidewalk.
And the same silly custom prevails
in respect to overcoats. When once
thiB heavy garment Ib put on. nothing could persuade the average man
to go out a single day without wearing It. no matter lf the heat cf the
3im parboiled or roasted him.
One bright sunny day a well known
man   presented   himself   for  m..f.*ili.v
physical   Instruct ion     so     thoroughly
overheated that he was ready to drop. 1
A disastrous lire occurred at Delhi
i when tlie Sovereign Mitt. Glove and
', Kobe plant was completely destroyed
i with Iobb of $30,000.
Dr.    Roberts,    medical    officer    of
health  at   Hamilton,   thinks  he  and
Ihls assistants have Isolated the germ
causing septic sore throat.
I    Gait  Is  growing  rapidly.    About  u
month ago there were only about 160
Hussians  there,  and  now     there are
[350 am! 2011 more on the way.
Guelph ratepayers carried by TrJii
mapority a by-law permitting issue of
debentures for $80,000 for rebuilding
part of the general hospital.
A remarkable letter from the Chinese consul at Ottawa asking for
1 prayers for the new republic was read
jat Cooke's church, Toronto.
Ominous  clouds    appearing on  the
jlalxir   horizon   are   portentiouB   of   a
! coming   storm   that  threatens  to  de-
t.ho   Industrial   life   of   Toronto.
One  of  the  prisoners  arraigned  ln
bishop of Juliette, died at the presbytery of St. Thomas.
Four hundred men left work lit the
Quebec harbor commission to protest
agalnBt the new regulations Imposing
ten houra' duty.
The death occurred of 11. J. Dart,
president of tho Chapmann iiDrt
Drug company, Montreal, aad founder
ol the Grace Dart home.
Dr. Osier, Regius professor of medicine ut Oxford university, will be
the gucBt of Montreal Medlco-Cblrur-
glcal society on May  14.
Dr. T. A. Lower, M. A., M. D��� 0.
M., D. P. II. (McGill), ot Montreal,
was made officer of health for Ottawa
at a >lary of $-^,000 a year.
Hon. G. Pelletler, father of Hon.
L. P. Pelletler and formerly a member of the Quebec legislative council, died at Trols Pistoles, aged 90.
Montrenl bus been sweltering under
mid-summer heat conditions. For
three or four days the thermometer
was above summer beat, running 76
and 77 in the shade. Saturday it
climbed to 82 In the Bhnde.
The Bell Telephone has Juki completed the Installation of n new switch
board at tbo C. P. R. Windsor street
station, Montreal, the largest commercial switch board In Canada, with
a. capacity of 1,21)0 lines.
Women's commonest ailment
���Ihe root ot so much ol tbelr
Ill-health-���promptly yields lo
the fentle but certain sctlon
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's.
Notice Ib hereby given that tin' un
derslgned wlll apply to the Board of
License ComtnlsHlonors at Its nexl
regular flitting for an Hotel License
for the premises known as the "Hotel
Dominion," Blttiate upon Lot 11. Block
5. corner of Sixth 'ind Columbia
streetB, City of New Westminster,
Dated this 9th   day   of May.    A D
(1284)    EDWARD JONES.
and because overcoats were not yet
called in, and to prevent himself from
catching cold I observed that when
he was removing his clothing that
bo wore the following  garments-One
"The children will never get on with   sleeveless   undershirt,   one   long-sl
Five roomed
lot 40x100.
1'i storey house, corner
Price $1800;  $100 cash.
keeping  rooms.    S2S Hoyal avenue
with or without board.    Home cafe,
Edmonds. (12-121
428 Eleventh sire
keeping rooms.   224 Seventh street,
of money on Douglas road, Burnaby.
on Monday afternoon, May 5.
Owner ran have same by identifying property and paying cost of
this Insertion, .1. distance, Eighteenth avenue, Hurnaby. (1250)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency 336 Hastings streel west, Vancouver,   B.C. I"'-')
$20 to $20 per month.    No. 34.
On Sixth street, seven rooms, fully
modern, newly and tastefully finished, lot 40x94. Price $3500; extra
good terms.    No. 106.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
���," she declares, and gives other '
strong reaaons against, his nomination, \
The queen In her turn puts pressure
upon the king. And the upshot of It Is '
that the Important post of prefect of
the palace remains vacant and is like-
ly to remain so until a candidate more
ed   woolen   undershirt,     one
shirt,   cloth   vest,   a  buttoned
c,-rater   "ith   lnne   sleeves,   i
Vch   mornim-   coat    A   hnnvv   f���rllneH j
nvorennt,   nml   n   silken   Ri-raneement I
ibout  the neck, tn ��iv nnthtn" nf thej
tlle women's police court at   Toront
bad appeared in the various courts at
the   city    hall    100    times    in    nine
Citizens  of  Armstrong  have  spent
sleepless nights lately  owning to the
(lTfr,r,l (Continued ringing of the new fog bells
located on the lightships al the Lime
Kiln Crossing.
The Dominion government fair
wage officer, W, D, Klllins, has been
In St. ThomaB Investigating ths trouble   between   the     Michigan     Central
in   the   nursery   comes   for
���hnnvv tne*"""In that covered bin low-J railway and   Its  boiler  -washers
er nxtremlties,
.nn* *���-> -���one thla
W-l n ��� nont nt hnnlih-Vtlt'"- ninth-
,o*   fn��   qn-""   off.." en   I*    ..-h'-M   bn   rnn.
'������.���r'-i]  nothing  less thRn   Blow   mnr
For Sale���Bargain, cleared lot 50x120
feet to lano, Edinburgh and Tenth
streets.   Only $800.    Easy terms.
five | warn
For Sale���One fully modern
roomed house, and another
roomed house, both well built
in good condition; large lot, Dublin
Btreet. near Henley. Price $3200;
$900 cash, balance arranged. These
two houses are now rented and paying 11 per cent, met) on investment.
For Exchange���We exchange properties and have a good listing for
you to select from.   Call and let us
Berlin. May 11���Crown Prince Fred-
Ick William, in writing a preface to
a book, "Germany In Arms." published today. In which he is reputed to
be th" author, exhibits himself, the
future German Emperor, as an tin
believer in the possibility of ever
abolishing  war.
He declares that diplomacy may tie- j
lay  and pceascionally  avert  conflicts. ]
but "the sword will remain the final ,
and  decisive  factor until   the  world's
In  another  passage he says;
"Only with the support of our good j
sword   can   wo   maintain   that   place'
lu  the  sun  which is  due  to us    but
which Is not willingly accorded to us"
The  author  points  out.  Germany's
unfortunate geographical position and
his countrymen that  the Bor
��� I-.   .��.��.
��� O-"     re-l-nnnl  ������
,-n   nf   Hie   i--i-.l..f.
..  shoo  v. itidows
called "cor-
I    eo.
, ������t ,.,���,i��� fn- 'he onlce ef i-"it''
���tl.rU.--i      if    tbe    <:' :"     ;*     nMnwcd
     ,,..���������,    ,.r   .,'-   ;,nrl    H-M    II
nnd  rn'na'n
**.r|.(l th'-n
\av Ion for
rt->Vlri"      Inn
man   army
and j continually
j efficiency.
particulars of what you now , nil,iv
and what you want for same
Furnished   three  room   sultr
bath      Hut   and   cold   water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Ave. Phone 750
A general meeting for the purpose
it forming a Scotch association will
be held In Eagles' hall, 667 Columbia
Btreet, on Monday, May 12, at 8 p.m.
The objects of the proposed association will be to bind together, socially,
ihe Scotch residents of thiB city and
of tbose inking an Interest in Scottish affairs. Membership will be
opcu to both ladies and  gentlemen.
W  .1. OROVHS,
(12601 Secretary  Bro Tern.
Phone 312. , Room 201
Westminster  Trust  Buiilding.
and navy must be kept
at the highest point of
He says that Increasing
commercialism, and the desire for
rirhes threaten to destroy the "Id
Ideals, "since for the undisturbed
earning of money one needs peace at
any price. IliBtory shows that tin-
nations In which commercial interests have cfeclded tlieir policy have
ended inglorlousl>."
ll.. appeals to all Germans to be
to sacrifice their  blood    and
their  possessions,  and  continues-.
"Then the world may be full of devils arrayed in anna agalnsl us, but
we shall conquer,"
Notice is horeby given that the Cor
poratlon of the City of New Westmin |
ster proposes to fill In and build certain   works   on   the   foreshore   along
portions  of   tbe  main   waterfront  of,
tlie   City   of   New   Westminster,   and
bas  deposited  the  plans thereof  and tution in London on '
a description of the    proposed    sites ;0f t|u, stars," was on
London, Mny U.   l'i ople    who do
I not   lind  a  day  of  twenty-tour  hours
long enough would have had far more
reason   to  complain  lm.I   they   lived
about   fortyi'six  million  years ago.
Then the day, lis l'rof. Turner point
ed out in a lecture as the Hoyal Instl-
-,,-(,    HUp1v    I
',��� tl",-, if a1"""*3 on
tri p..r.|]ir- and win
���i-it-o-      llin       "nneV
value tlmn snme penele im-i
i., ���.;rioi. \Ve wear certain art'eleo
nf clothing to prevftpt conduction
radlat'nn and evano'Stlon of beat
from the skin, and In hot weather to
promote it.
If thene who now h"ndle thivixel
ves un in clothing wonld tnke a regular form of p-re-eiue. eat "lain, -nourishing food and sample all kinds of
weather, thev pnnld find tint they
n��->nid wear conslderablv less clothing
feel all the better for It, and less liable to lake cold.
Th" wrier lino onlv owned five
overcoats In h's life, nnd be has hnd
b'i little use for these. Coddling on
always kills if practiced long enough,
Man is a fresh air animal He can
live weeks without food, days without water, but little more than two* | formed by lino
rn'mites without pure air. Therefore
if he insists upon passing most of Ills j
i.f., Indnnri with tb" steam heal going al full blast, al the windows cloa
eil. the gas eating un the oxygen, and
his li.il*. covered with the Bame cloth
Ing lhal he wears out ot doors, it is ,
... i*. r. asonable to Bttopose that ha
will soon be a fit subject  for nearly
w. J. Watson, police magistrate of
Oshnwa, and lately editor of the Vindicator, the Conservative paper there,
and a former Toronto newspaper man,
was locked up, charged with bigamy. \
Uev.   Protesor    Jackson,    Toronto,]
pr- ached   the   Victoria   baccalaureate
Bcrmon   Sunday, and In the afternoon I
startled members of bis Bible class by
condemning   part    of   the   hook   of
Kev. Thomas A. Rodger, of Owen I
Sound, one of the ablest of the
younger men In the Presbyterian
church, has been extended a call to
the CoWan avenue Presbyterian
church, Toronto.
Two yeara In Kingston penitentiary
with 40 lashes was the sentence meted
out to Thomas Cudmore, found guilty
of a serious offense against the late
Myrtle Duncan, If, years old, of Blenheim township.
Government's Provision for Thole Bereaved   by   Antarctic  Tragedy.
London. May I). The British government, according to an announcement made by Premier Asqulth last
night, will provide an annuity of $600
for tie widow of Captain Hubert F.
Scott, head of tbe British Antarctic
expedition, who died while returning
from the south pole, In addition tu
her admiralty pension of $1,000.
The government will iiIbo provide
a Joint annuity of $1,600 for Cap
tain Scott'B m.iti'.er, and his two bIb-
terB, and an annuity fo $1,5110 for the
widow and sister In-law of Dr. Edward A. Wilson, chief of the scientific staff of the expedition,
The widow of Petty Officer Evans,
in addition to the regular admiralty
allowance of $175, will receive an annuity ot $160, with seventy-five cents
a week for each of her children until
they reach the age ot eighteen
The government of India, as an employer  of   Lieutenant   Bowers,  of   Ihe
I Hoyal Marines before he started With
Ithe expedition, will give to bis motbei
I and alst'TB $r,oi) u  year.
The permier. In Bending this notice
' to the lord mayor, remarks that the
Htinultli-s "wlll leave room for equit
able augmentation" from the
house and other funds
The family of Captain Oates, of the
Innlskllllng Dragoons, who nobly
stumbled out to his death In the blU ���
zartl bt cause bis hands nnd feel were
frost bitten, is not Included In the official grants It. is understood that
the reason for this is thai the family ia wealthy.
SEALED TENDERS, Btiperscrlbeil
"Tender for School Building, Second
Street," addressed to the undersign
ed, will be received up to tho hour
of 12 noon. May 13. 1913, for I lie
erection and completion of a two
roomed frame school bouse on Second
Street, being Block 20, I).  L. 27.
Plans and specifications can be
Been at the office ol tlle Architect. 116
Crown Hulldlng, Pender Streel West,
Vancouver, or at the office ot the
itonrd, Kingsway, West Hurnaby, B.C.
Each tender muBt be aecompanieil
by a duly cortllled cheque for a sum
equal to 0 per cent, of the tender,
which will shall be forfeited If the
party tenderlnig declines to enter
into the contract If called upon to do
The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers wlll be returned to them un signing of contract.
The Hoard do  not bind themselves
to accept the lowest or any tender.
P. O. Box 207, McKay, B.C.        11214)
d that
lis   fol-
which   total
The public are hereby  warn
Section l!)   of the    Burnaby
Traffic   Bylaw   No.   137,   11)12,
"It nhall be unlawful for any person
to use, drive or propel ln any public,
place any vehicle used for the purpose cf conveying passengers whether for hire or not, without, having
I attached thereto, near the front, two
white lightH of sufficient candle
power to miablo the peraon usinit
such vehicle to clearly See n distance
of at leant 100 foet lu front of audi
vehicle between  duak  nnd  dawn."
On  and   after   May   10th   Inst,     the
above section will be strictly enforced
within   the
of Burnaby,
By  order
of llurnaby.
limlta of the Corporation
ot the Police Committee
Edmonds, B.C,
Chief  Constable.
Mav :i. 191B.      11288)
Ib IntVTOKM ami fhould know
nbmtt 11,a won '.������ri'.l
Marve, ^g,
Aak yonr dmi^st
tt.  lf lie ennoot mipi
the   MAftVhL, accept no
othur, but t��m'l Plarop f��T lU��A>
tntni book���-enlfd.   It piTHi
Grtlcol&n nfiil t'lT-'ftlntu tivlnaMe
UdlM.WtN tsS* ��it SUPPLY ��.*��..Wlmtow, On'
Cruet ul Auruln fur Caniiihs.
It is expected that the Besslon will
.be over by  May 24,    The government
is   anxious   to   expedite   matters   anil
in order to get through by that time
morning  sittings  will  be  resorted  to
Hrockville is shortly to lose a
prominent resident in (Ieorge E. Mc-
IGlade, who severed his connection as
city ticket, agent of the C. P It. to
become secretary or the Grimsby
Ileach Co.
Joseph F. Hrainville, M. P . wan iu-
W T. White that he
would forward to the Canadian
Hankers' association the charge made
by Mr. Kuinviiii that the association
arbitrarily closed the hank of Ste.
Hyacinths when Its condition w.is solvent
Upon application at the collector's
department, City Hall, permits will
he Issued tree of charge to householders wbo are property consumers
of water from the City Corporation's
water  BVBtem.
.1. .1   Mackay,
(1207) City Treasurer.
Notice   re   Irrigation.
All persons desirous of using <itv
water for Irrigation purposes must
llrst obtain an Irrigation permit at
the City Hull, which will be issue'!
fr. e of charge to householders using
City wuter for domestic purposes;
subject to the Waterworks Regulations.
The hours during which irrigation
Is permitted sre:
7:30 uni.  to S.3II a.m.
6 p.m. to S p.m.
on week days only.    Ne irrigation being permttted on Sundays.
Such hours being subject to altera
tlon by the City Council at any time.
Irrigation outside the stated huurrt
renders the offender liable to prosecution.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk.
��� City  Hull, May 0, 1913. (1266)
every disease on the calendsr ivd
must sooner or ln'er pay for his fol
ly, perhaps with his life.
the   Minister   of   Public
All those having accounts ngainst
the May Day committee are requested
te send them to the undersigned not
later  than Tuesday,  May  13.
(1257) Secretary.
Crockery, Silverware and Cutlery,
Furniture and Bedding. Kitchen
Equipment and Laundr/ Equipment.
Sealed tenders will bo received by
!he undersigned up to 6 p.m. Tuesday,
May 20, 1913.
Tenders must be submitted on the
fTins of specification which may be
.blaln.'d at the hospital. The lowest
or   any   tender   not   neceBaaiily ac-
e'iited. _   _
R S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Royal Columbian  Hospital,
JJ245) New WeBtmlnster, B.C,
with   v.	
and a duplicate thereof in the office
of the Registrar of Titles for the District of New Westminster in the
Province of BritlBh Colombia, beln��
the diBtrlct tn which aueh work Is
proposed to be constructed, and will
one month after the date hereof apply to tho (lovernor-ln-CouncIl for approval thereof.
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1913.
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
WorkB | though  there were
i In the month.
The Movements
y sixteen hours,
twenty-nine days
Tenders nre Invited for the painting of
a new Hospital at  Nt-w Westminster, B,
i-     r,,r   in.*   Hour.!   of   Manager   of   ttu-
K.'.vnt Columbian Hospital.
CodIm uf pliiua and specifications in.iv
bo Been nt  tin- Hospital m Bapperton,
,-    0r ni   Hi" offices of the  Architect.
' liinls, A. H. 1. H  A.. Ill) Pender Mtr.
H. C.
West, Vancouver,
Benled  tenders
Becretary of  the
S..-W    WeSltllinst'.
Wl dnoBday,   May
No allowance fur tenders
ret  ur any  tender net    in
Contractors submitting t<
required to enclose a mark
sum equal to lb'' J
nf the nui'Hint nt tni
forfeited should tb
enter Into a
he  delivered  to  the
Hospital  in   Bapperton,
H   c,  before  r.  p.  m.
and the low-
ce-nsartly    ac-
-rulers   will   lie
I cheque for u I
.   nt   I b   per  r-nt )
ii,ier. which will be
contraotor   fall   to!
ci,ntrac.FWh^ram..i;U,.on.     j
Secretary.     I
Some 10,000,000 years before that
the day was ten hours ln length, and
going back still further in Hi" recessed of time, it wus reduced to one
hour. That waB when the earth and
the moon were close together -when
they had only recently parted company, In fact, and had started on their
career as separate bodies.
The   principle   applied   to   a   large \
class of bodies In the sidereal system:
���the double stars. Astronomers konw .
two two stars In the Bky so close together that it has never been poBBible
to  separate   one   from   another,   even
through the best telescopes, though it i
la known that one of them Is consid- ;
eral.ly  brighter than  the other,  and
It Ib supposed that one is describing
an orbit round the other.
At the other end of the scale there',
are  some  stars  that  have  not   com-j
pleted their orbit in the century since
they   were   described     by     llerschel.
Some   of   them   might   occupy   200   or,
300   years,  anil   there  are    even     instances In  whieh the orbit would occupy thousands of years.
The cause ot the changes in the ,
length of our day. Bald Prof. Turner,
was the effect of the tides on the
earth's rotation. The moon raised two
tides���one one side side because she
! pulled away the water from the. earth,
| on the other because Bbe pulled away
tbe earth from the water.*
Paris. Mav ll    The daneer of con-
I stuping a crvstal  gazer baa Just  met
with  n   terr'hlv  tragic   Illustration  In
���he Iiie  village of  St.  Remy  in  the
department of Deux SevreB.
The trouble began with the death
of a pig tbat died without apparent
cause on M. (inutbler's farm. The
owner consulted n sleepwalker who
had the reputation of being a clairvoyant, and who. after gazing into
her crvstal. declared that evil pints
had entered the Oauthler hnuee nml
unless they were driven forth all the
farm s'ock would periali and the family become  mad.
The village priest was at once asked to come and exorolse the demons.
He refused, saving thnt the church
would not stoop to co-operate with
a crystal  gazer.
Tin. other morning the whole family went suddenly mad, one of; the
daughters being first afflicted with
hallucinations. The eons went to the
preist's bouse and brought him by
fori", lo the farm, where be was shut
up and ordered to pray. Meanwhile
the Gauthler family, armed with torches  and  cudgels,  pursued   the  evil
^plrits through the rooms.
Fort William harbor Improvements
this  year  will  cost $20,000,000.
The united boards of trade of New
Ontario,  composed   of  seven     boards,
formed   an   organization   at   North
The Port Arthur ship building
plant established a record with a payroll of over $24,000. There are over
SfiO men employed and more workmen aro needed.
Close to two million bushels of
grain have been carried to eaatern
ports Blnce the opening of navigation.
All the elevators worked Sunday to
relieve tho congestion.
The trade by which the Crown He-
serve   Mining  company  obtains    the
I bottom of Kerr Lake and a strip of 30
feet wide around the shore from  the
Drummond mine has been closed.
In   1H12   the   shipments   from   Port
'Arthur and Kort William were 86,000,-
000 bushels, and 1hls year the estimate
is for 2()0,(ii)(i,iiiiii bushels, an amount
which  will make tbe Twin   Porta the
greatest grain ports of the world,
Among the masters of vessels unloading conl in the Fort William
harbor, is Captain Chas. A. Benham,
iof Stanton, who was a mate on tlle
old BChooner, Ceo. Cherman, which
brought ita llrst cargo of ooal to the
head ofthe lakes nearly 30 yenrs ago
from Cleveland.
NipiaBlng scored another record'
breaking year in 1912 with a dividend
at ��i,80o,ooo, took $326,000 from earnings to pay for a new plant, and added  $240,000  to  surplus.    At  the  end
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Riveted Steet Pipes
���      BUWIN OIL     ~
P.  O.  BOX  442
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
W. .laekaon, warden of the Pontine
iall at Bryson, died of apoplexy. He
waa born In Ottawa 70 years ago and |ot the year ore^KiertreB stood at high
had been warden 23 years.
water mark of 9,043,339 ounces, follow-
Through tlcketB, all elnsBoa, to the Kast and to Europe.
33 Hours to Prince Ilupert.
41 hourB to Hft?.elton.
���'Prince Oeorge" runs through
���iiinoio Ilupert"  runs  through
Oiiinby Bay.
Leave a-^12 midnight.
���MONDAYS -Prince Huflfji-i. Stewart,  Ma.BBett,
TUKSDAYS    Victoria, Settle.
THllllSliAYS- Prince Rupert, Granby Hay.
FRIDAYS   Alert Hay,   Hardy  Hay,  KlverB  Inlet,  Ocean
Kiilla,  Queen  Charlotte lelandB (direct Bervlce, fast time)
SATURDAYS    Vlctorln, Seattle
��Cl0S6 connection at Prince Ilupert with Grand Trunk
Pacitlc Hallway  train a lor points Kast of Hazelton.
H. .1. SMITH. O   P. ft T. A. W. D. DUPKKOW. O. A   P. U.
Phone Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.     M7 Or.nvlll. Street.
lin'-und trip excuraions commence May 28-Go one way, return annthOT. a    ..i-i
MONDAY, MAY 12, 1913.
r  ..          iti     a    ���   ' a       C ii of the CorpomHon ��f tha City of  tontura. "�������$,��' SSllaTe^fW^l C\\\J flf  NoW WPStlflHIStPr IRI8H NEWS'
C'.tu nf  Null/  Uf-fCtminClOr dw  Wostmlnatar enacta ns follows:  -    I Hund   ,,���,\'   ,,,' ���i* intereat theroon and UIY  Ul   lie TT   IIWUIIIIW^i ;
V    '                                                             ',a.,,:,'.s:,,,:,.;,*;*Ho;,.sf��,ly',, ii.i.iii��.-r-  and 60-   '.,.;;!   "o/lhi prlndwl        J ���  ,    The  sum   of  $260,000   Is   voted   aie
�����EWERS    DEBENTURE    BY-LAW,   jj-jur  �� nUcintd atjy ,-...,-..--,^  ^��^r^ffl��5ulVS TURE BY-LAW, 1913." ^p^f p,���
1913."                                 of  IIBO.000,00  uiul in i-i'iii.   '"'   aame, to   ol  tin gasa "��                debenturea   men In
Se puld into tin!.Trenaury of the aald City  au;   and   aal��.  ol         ,���,,���,���  ,,���������,������,I   .lolm  t'ooiiey, lined about 28,  while
..*.... .���.   ,,,..,  II ,,,...I    li.Ti III , !-��� f. I I ��� < I     ll     I'"1     "",     ,,'..    ���.,,,.     ,,,|,I1    lllll  ,-!_- . ..I   ���   1... 11.11,,,,   l���    Ilnli.
By-Law   No... .
x  By mw i" itniiile the Municipal Coun.
' eii of lh" Corporation uf lha niy <,r New
VVratmlnatar to ralaa by loan lha mun
0I  in,,.  Hundred and  fifty  Thousand
Dollara    (HM.OOO.OO)   for   tlm   purpose
,,t oonalruotlni aewera,
willing to advanoe to
lit nf the do nil'" he'  ,
il   (ul)   sum   nr   Minns   nr
II..K In  llie  Whole  llie Hlllll
.,t jir.ii. .mi  and to cauae  lhe "iiii   .-
i��� paid Into He- -I'llMH.iiv of the aald < ">p
for in- |iiii*|i.is.�� in.i.tl nnii herein. r'.'.'i",".  Tumm.
���j, li ���i,i,ll be lawful  mi' the Mayor to  w Hi      ;    ���""���  ,, |)(r    ,���
cauae any  number of  debenture* to  t"', th' * ��������� ������"  '  "���     ���, ,,. lh
made  ��..,.ii..i,- In the whole  aum    a ������ '������;';. '"'.������������ t
nl 1160,000,00 fm such BUiba nf tniin'*y OS  Hi  tl"-  H'yr.ii  v
By-Law No.
may   bo   ri.lill.vil,   lint   bss   than   ��1011   ,0:l1':  ^MmBV-Iiiw Blmll  take effiet  on  thi;
each ... nn .*.i.iiv,ii..,t rapreaaed in pounda a. '""'>, w ,.,,**, and may be cited
.terllng of the Unllad Kingdom of i.r..at \ rs b. ;.f ���una. Bujlf,lngi an.l Pendea
llrltulii  nud   Inland  .il  u  value Ol   V   i     I ., i      i,,r     II-Inw   1H13."
t��� ih,- pound alerllngi and al   auoh de-  Debt nt r- ,w ,,.,���,,,. ,,���. *n*l pan n
Rnturea snail be -Haled with the Hea  ot\    i.JJ>la       "rwce^i  tha  aaaent  <>f
the Corporation aimed by tha Mayor an I . thereof  annn
countoralfncd   by   tha  Treasurer  thereof
John Cooney, aged about 2S,  while
working on top of a building in Dub
lln, fell through a glass roof a-d was
a liy-lnw ti. enable tha Municipal Council| fatally  Injured.
,,r me Corporation of the City of New     T|^  Oarriekmscrosi  urban  couneil
Weatmlnater to this* by way_or loan accepted the tender of Patrick
Minn  of  Two   Hundred  Tnouaanai* .*-.. ������,.   ._  .u���
(i20o,ooo.oo)   for atreet
,...- bv iucTi other parson ur poreona hm may
wincilKAH on nr about ihe Thirtieth in, thereunto lawfully authorised,
,i,s- ,,r January, lilt, an agreement was 3. Tha aald debenture ahall ba payable
made between Tbe roriHiriitlun of lha on the iln-u ibiy of July, 1'j-U, al aueh
pifttrlct "f Burnaby of tha tirsi part andlplaoa nr putoea uh tha Council nf tha said
The Corporation Cot the City of New West-* Corporation may fmm time to tirea ap-
minuter nf lhi ucond part, which ngrei- i point with lhe approval nf the bolder*
,,i. nt Is iu ib'- worda nml iik >>*��� *. follow- thereof nml Mimii bur Intereat nt the rata
lnir   tlmt is In mhV ��� of   Ktvi-   per  L-.-ntum   per  iiniiinn   puyu.hU-
IHLS  AllllltLMI'.NT made  I.I  duplicate | half  yearly   on   the   flret   day   ot   J.nullify
Al'.ltltl'iMl'NT made  ...     .
'iiilrtbtb day ef Jmu'iity  One
;������  Nine UunSied mul llil.fjl-n
Hi-fh-rKKN. ^^^^^^^^^
,.r tlie FIRST PARTi
rill.; CORPORATION  oir THU city
WHBRBAS  lha  parties   hereto    have
,,allied uliiin a Joint newnrage scheme t.i
provide aewerage socommodatlon fnr botli
%tunlclpalltlca f.��r ihe area ahown upon
die pin ii hereto annexed,
ami WHKUKAS the Party of thi
������.ml Part bus iiKn-isl tn oooatruct tin
iid aewer from the l-'rasrr River lo Tenth
upon tin- Mai.I plan and
Thin.-   a.nl   th
,-ieetiirH of the Hiiiii city in ihe manner I
required by law.
DONB anii PASSED in Open Council I
the Mb dny nl   May,  1913
RECEIVED the aaaent of
on ttie duy of
l'AHHKK the day of;
the Bleotora
11.-st day of July In each and
i-v,TV vear und the debentures nhall huv,'
attached to thenwsoupona for tbe prtyin-flht
nf Interest wbli'ti i,n*l eiiupniiH nhall be
algned by the mhI-i Mayor.
4. A Bpeclal run- iiu the .1..Ibu* shell
I..- levied mul rulacd in each yenr In addition to nil other ruti'H i,u nil lhe riite-
nble property In the City Bufflcleht  to puy
th.. Intereat upon the debenturea and to
create >i sinkim* f.mii for the payment of
tin- principal thereof when due, lubjeoi to
any art or i iiai-tint-i.t reapeotlng thi-
5. BubJeOt   us   iifnri'Miild   there   hIiiiII   be
rniH-ii annually by apeclal rute us afore-
wn 1,1   dUliltg   the  rum ney  of  tin-  sulil   de-
benturea the num nf Beyanty-flve Hundred
lollurH   ($7,r,00.00|   for   the   puynie.it   'if
iteroat   thereon  and   the  Bum  of  Ton
Thouaand   One   Hundred   and   l-'lftv-thn
' oily Cleric J
NfiTfB   thnt   th"
TAKK NUTir-!.; thnl uie above If n
true 'oopy of the propoaed Hv-luw upon
which ttie vote of tin- Municipality win
be  taken   nn   the  20th   day   of   M.iv.   1913,
between  .tie boura uf Nine ,,'clock n.  in
umi Bevan o'clock p. m. nt tbe followinx
piao-ea, viz.:
ri.,. Council Chamber,  City  Hall.
No.   4   Klre Hull,  Si,|i... . l,,n
No. r, i-lre Hull. Thirteenth strn-t.
And i'rune Building, Queenabora
W.  A.   IlUNCAN.
City Cbrk.
City Hall, New Weetmlneter, it. C���
May  ��th,   1913. ( 1269)
WHKUKAS ll  Ih inceMHury and txpixll-
,..lt tbut provision be mud*, fnr lhe following purpoaea.���*
ini fnr clearing, raiding and maceda-
iiiIzi.ik Htri-ctH generally.
ib> i--i,r eonatructlng culvarta, filtohee,
oroaelng, atdewalleii und any other
workH i. HHury   lu r.inn< i-llnn wuh
tm nie.
(c) For paying a proportion towardatha
cimt uf permanent imfiCpvamenta to
atraeta,  Incluolng  povrng,  k'ri.inK.
taoltltlea for lighting, alorm H.*w.-rM
und  uny  otltPr   workH  liec-HKary   b.
o innection with aame under 1a,cu1
I.nprovi nienl   Hy-luwH.
i.i> For iMiyir.K n proportion towarda
Un- cost of oonatruotlng aanitary
m-wiTH under i^icul Improvement
(e) i-'or commuting the city'H proportion of the Aeeegftnent for Loaal
Improvamenta on City property
fronting on Btreett where permanent Improvamenta are made under
Local Improvement By-lawa,
ifi For tbe purchaae of mucI. plant
.ml equipment aa may be neceaeary
���d   by   the     mild
Hundred nnd  Klxly-four
will   hv, |,..iitltt
 liitrf  to   FU
AND   WIIEHKAH the   Party of the Hoc-
nnd I'nit. hna nKr.-fd in puy the c ...i ..f
the ei.iiHtru.ti.ii i.r the atuq aewer from
the   I'imki.    River   t<>   Tenth   Avenue   aa
*- * ii upon the aald plan which c ibi Is es-
ii-n.ii-.t ni Three Hiitnlr,*,l an-l Twefttyi
mIx   Thouaand   Dullara   (IJJSToOO 001   I i��
l-'lfty-flvo Thouaand  Dollara   HSr.,  ini
ilu  ��� due of (lovi rnmeni iaboi
AND WHEREAB (he Parlj of 'the
I Irat Part haa agreed tn pav to thi
Party of lhe s.e*,,.,! pftrl Pifty-flve pel
��� ��� ni i:.:- |.. .* cent . ������! the coat of the anid
��� wer (the ' ii - b,,\i*. \. r >.f tie* Parly
nf thl 1 i* 11 Part nol i*> .*v* ���- .1 lh
. ���  . In.   Hun Ired nnd li'tv Tho isnnd Dol-
Ini     (|U    in  thirty   yearly  i iv
nia   -i.i   v. 111   In   audi) i* nl   to  p iv   the
Intei    *       I   Ink ng ' ind on thi   Bliei ���  of
i  ���   Partj of lhi   I'"*-' Pari nf the c ��� I ol
. * ���   aald i *��� ��� '  <* iicul
. f t l.t ei ���    . SO i   \.iira
. , i i�� r c hi   hnlr vi n I
.wn w im*iii*.\s tl ������ Partj of lh' Fii*Mt
r    ���  liai   ui   ��� ��� ,i  ��� i i .*.   i . t' ���   i* t
. t! -���   Becond   Purl   lift*, fit ������   pel   . ��� nl     I   '���
i - *   .-. i.i i  ..f ihe eoat ..r mnlnti n ine    of
NOW   THK        PRRBBNTF   " I 'N'RSS
thai tii- 1*i*i. il i . Bi cond P irl ���* -*. -*
. inta -.I,.I *..:f * h with thi Pari *.* -,f the
I :��� .-   Part  It** Kucceaaora and aaatTna tha'
th.   Part)  ol  ''     Bo md 	
four  ' 11  montha   nc   and urns
t ,.,.'.], i ion and bnve completed on oi
i. ���  -.  ii,,. oral day of Jnnuarv, 1918, nm
lea     I l.v- atflkea er other onuaea)
���  ' t nolnt on the I "i i-am   R   * *
to n polnl *"i Tt nth Avi nue of thi loca
..... ippi . * i. ��� ihnwn ��� ���: thi i ���
herein aewer   to   rn    '*���  *
��� * ���   , -   i  nt , *    plpea  of  :.   din
���   I- ��� ���   ��� i *    * * *        it
Ti nth   ���   ���     *     nd Blxth Streel
AM .    *   .      !���   ....     o|     lhi      -   ���    ���, '     I*     ���
wtll *   ���!���  Intern! ai *.*. era from I   -
��� - , n - -v. i   running from the mnlti newer
tn T,ntb  Avenue  aforesaid aa ahown  on
mice ahull be paid ever from time to Uni
m, required by the City Treasurer to tin
H-v.-rnl peraona to whoin moneyii are pny
7. ThlH Bv-law Mini! take effeel on th.-
flrai day of June, ion, and may he
,*'.'i   oa   tne   "Sewers   Debenture   By-law
8. Tbla Bv-law before the lln.il paaalng
*���*,. ...     .hull   i.e lve   the   aaaent   of   the
.t;|..*i.is -r  tb,. Haul City  In tbe manner
���ir*     * ��� .'   b      I IW
D INK   v'i  PABSED In Open Council
on ib- ������������ -i'��v ���.' Mnv. IBID.
RECI F.Kli th.* iiw in  of thi
on t'.. ibu* nr
RECOXSinffftW Sftid"  Cnnll
li- day   >.f
By-Law No.
A By-law t.. enable the Municipal dirndl
of the Corporation of the City of New
Weatmlnater to ralao by loan tb.* aum
of Twenty-ftve Thouaand Dotlara ij-i,.
"  fnr ib.* purpose of erecting Fli
Ritchie, HelfaBt, at $27,750 for the
erection of liS nrtlzan'B dwelllngB,
A lady named Hayes dltid audden-
ly while attending iubbb at the Redem
ptorlat Church, Limerick. She be-
loiiKed to an old Limerick family.
Patrick   MoDonagn,     Ballinafelgh,
waB fined five bIiIIIIiikb at Colrldge
for having r.ecn asleep while In r.harg
of a horse and cdrt at Ccllbrldge.
While "anproachin-g" one of the
greens at Utly, county' Kildare golf
links, a lady who cut Into the turf
with her club unearthed a Bet of falBe
A report ia current that an Informal conference Ib about to take place
between representatives of all political parties ln Ireland before Whitsuntide.
There Is much* Indignation In County Down at an outrage at the grave
of St. Patrick on St. Patrick's night,
when a handsome wreath was removed and  broken up.
Sergeant  Austin  of  the  Shropshire
regiment  waB  at  Kernioy   placed  under  arrest   for  refusing    to    remove
;d j ahamrock from Mb hat, but later the
from tho general revenue of the ctty for  charge was withdrawn,
the ourrent yeor the rate of taxation wlll      ���..,., ,    . ,v    ,,, .
i���. eaoeaalve, and it Ih expedient that such The death lias occured of Dr. Mich-
excessive taxation ahould be.avoided nnd ^el Ahem, of Brosna. county Kerry,
tl,.* Mai*I Minn Bhould be ralaed on the ered-    ., ���.���.���.,. friend  to the nnnr
ii of lhe Corporation and that debenturea ',0 W,1B a generous irieiui io tne poor
should be liaued for that amount. ; and his  death  Is widely regretted ln
AND  WHEREAB  r.u   lhe  payment    ' *^^^^^m* ���     -���-.-
Intereat on the debenturea propoaed t
Leave 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 12:47 p.m., 4:28 p.m.
Through Trains for Portland, Ore.
Leave at 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m. 4:28 p.m.
Close connections made at Portland with trains
for California.
to all Eastern points in effect daily May 28th to September 30th.
Final Return Limit, October 31st.
Choice of direct line returning.
For rates, reservation, and all information apply to F. C. Meyere,
Agt at Bridge. Passenger station
Phone 263.
i'ltv*  I'b ill
_^^^^^^^         . bo
[saued under this By-Jaw and for creating
ii  HinkiiiK  fund  for  tbe  paymenl   nf  tn-
.-,, __.    . fir.-   mi.l debentures wb.-n due ll will be nee-
Hulls nt  Bapperton and Queensborough\t*mr* to.ralae by special rate in addition
, , r,  all  ,-tli. r  ratea  each  year duniK  the
and purchaalng apparutua therefor. currency ...  Iho wild debeniureB in.* sum
 '��� <j' Eleven Thouaatnd Beven Hundred and
J---nty-ib....- u.ul   10-100   Dollara   1*11.-
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In II. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Drand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-iu. in diameter. ThiB ls also made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of CruBhed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
���rxn-t   Akli.HaUa    Q.* wa
Phonea 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
wmi-.U!-: -is it  la ti
for      erecting    lii*.*    I
,!!,] ir-l��,,r*lllnl,    -m.^^^^^^mmm^^^mm
Westminster   and   for   purchaalng   appa-
i rutiu.   ..lerifi.r   nl   u   e.,Ml   nf   Twcnty-llv
hulls   n'l    Bapperton
in   lln-   City   of   New
raise tin
i   |...rt   <���!   ii)p '*"*..   '.. -l-\Ki:    *s.i!|.   I*,    umi
ited  upon  tbi   b.u I     .,. py   ol   ilu*   proppei
wtth int u  **' at  (lve   .., ,, ,   .* .    ...  ,.,* n ,   Mm
... ���       ir.ttuv   ...... i'.i   in   'i   ���-'e.   ...    .".���������..  .-���
.-j.,. and   Doll ira   ' $j.:..i...".��0).
Umt   ''*    tibovij   In   ii li*"   ,N|, WHBREAB I- appeara that If Hi
,ro|HiB..*it  liy:luw uj���� | rtlQJ gCw 0f Twenti I �� Thouaand Dollar.  ,������,���,,
. i's, MO on;    I"*   appropriated   from   the   i.vsi   n
.,'.,.   ���|   ,, Aaus '..   ���  ���   City  f��.r the cur-  gevent.
-    . . .,     ..: r ,.,....i.,���, u-lll I,.* ex-   ��..,-,.���
md Part wlll wlthm   ,���,,., ��� i:,n
'  -���"���'        M.,v
mmmm������   upi..
^^^^^_      _^^^^ .     Will   IH
taken on the 20th .Inv of  S  iv,   1913, be-
t������*.  thi   I   in    --I  Nine o'cloi k n   m   and
s- ,. ii o'clock p. .... ut tin* following placea,
The . *.  r.u Chamber, City Hull.
No, 1  I i"   11,11, Bapperton.
Ni.   r. Pire Hall. Thirteenth Stn ��� t.
And  i'vane   Building   Quecnuboro.
W. A   DltNC \N.
.*.*    Clerk.
Ni w Weatmlnater, it  C .
lh,  111! ' 137!)
City of New Westminster
rent vear the rate of uixatfon wlll l��
.* s-i'..- and It U expedient tbat such <*x-
cesslve taxation should bo avoided and
Hie H..I.I Ht*,tn should I- i*.v',s.*.l nn the oredlt .,t ib. Corporation nn.l Umi debentun a
should be Issued r.u* that ttmouftt
AND  WHEREAB ..  petition Kiuneit by
thi   owners of  nt  least   one  tnutli ot the
\nli f  real  property  lu  the said  City
i.is  Bhown  by  tin-  lost   revised   Assess
ui. nt    Roll)   bus   been   presented   t*. ..ilu-
Councll,   requesting  them   to   introduce   n
By-���   ..   for sii.*b purpose.
AND   WHERKAS   for   the   payment
| Inten-st mi the debentures proposed i
A.M. WHEREAS In order t
sni l yearly sum of tll.77S.lb -��,, ^-.,��...
sptclal rate ,m the dollar will be required
lo b.- levied .ui the whole rateable property of the city of New  Westminster!
���������* ,���, ���-��� A-KD   WHEREAS   the   whole   rateable
inouaand Dollars  property ol the said City according I i the
' '"  '    -   -.viH.il  Assessment   Hull  thereof   ih
en Million One Hundred and l-'ifty-
seven Thousand Nino Hundred uiul l-'.n-ty
Dollars   1117,157,040.00).
AND WHKUKAS the total amount "f
the ��� xlMiini: debentures ibbt .if ib.* said
City  is   Pour  Minion  Thirty-eight  Thou-
��� i   llv-   Hundred     Dollara     114,038,-
S00.001  Irrespective ..f the Bums proposed
lo  be  rnls.-.i under ibis  Bv-law  ana the
"Waterworks   Extension   Debenture   Bylaw  1818." "Pin   11.ills Debenture  Bylaw
'-11*113,-'   "Exhibition   Huildlnga and   Fences
11 Debenture  By-law  1313." "Public Schools
Debenture   By-law   1813,"   "City   Btables
��f   I ii bi luure By-taw 1913," "Sewera Deben-
*.   u, luvv  1918" and "Lleiu  Extension
et on tne oeoiniur��� i.,.,,..,-.,, ,  i ture By-law   n
:ssii,*.| under ibis By-law and for creating   i. benluri   Bv-law  1918,"  of  which  non
n   sinking   fund   for   th>-   paymenl   of   tb>*   0| the principal or Interest i: in a'-'rears.
said debentures when due, It will bo nee. '     NOW    THEREFORE     the     Municipal
usury to rulHc by special rule In addition   Council of tie* Corporation of the City of
ul.I plan a
THE Partv off
all  other rates each  year during  tl:
rrency of the said  debentures the sum
. li      Thousand   Bpven    lluii.lr.il   and
���vi RtV-dve   .mt    ' *  100      ti.ill-irn      I 11,-
be KlrHt  I'urt  its ...,,  *,
sors ii-nl  ;i-..|-...    'ill   h,v<-  thi   rlghl   *
,- .nn, ,-t    lis   .li,*-:   .-,    .,,.,1    a   v--,ir-   nvr
th.* -ir-.-i ..f Six Hundred and Elghtv-three| a  By-law i
...-*,   ncres h" shown  on  tin*  "nil  plan      _,,    -  ,,
with th.* haid a. wer and to drum Into tho1       ''   "   "
eul.t   newer   niirfnce   v-v iter   uc.ri   nrdlnarv
newerage and to use the said sewCr both
na a sanitary and niorm newer.
ANI. If It Ih found tbut thr Hub! sewer
-wilt provide Bitnielent fall to Inke sewer,
n-flte from .";rsi-l<- tbe boundaries of the
eald six Hundred and Eighty-three insji
 B ��w Bhown  upon  tbe  publ  pi,n  the
the   l-'lrst   1'nrt   mny   with   th-
By Law   No
nnbli the Municipal Coun
lorporntlon of the City of
New Westminster to rntse by loan tbe
sum nt Twenty-flve Thousand Dollara
($35,000,00) for the purpose of Improving the Exhibition Bulldlnga and Ftencea
at Qui ..in l'urk In the City ot New
Tu rty   of
WHfcREAB It Im neoessary to provld
works|fr>r thi construction, removal nnd repairs
or Exhibition Bulldlnga .,t Queen's Park
to th. City of .New WestmlnBti i and lhi
.* instruction of fences at tin sal 1 Turk at
a '-....t ot* Twenty-five Thousand Dollars
mmmmam^^mMm,     i $-.'.. ii- ..1 ".i i
���f the KlrHt; AND WHEREAS it appears ihat If thc
.Id Main Bewer said sum of Twenty-flve Thouaand Dol-
��� fie |oinl su- jars C886.000.0O) Go appropriated from
il satisfaction the general rev.....,- of the City for the
Partv or the cum hi l'ear, tin rate of taxation will b.
of tho Second I oxc asl vc  end  it   Is  expedient   that  mu<-
 tam cxuasslvi   taxutlon nIhu.i.i in* avoided
>f the First Pan covenants  the]  suld   sum   ihould   be   rumen   oi
..r lhe S.cmi! ''art I's sue     oredlt  ol   Hi- I orporatlon an.l  tint  .1
ie I ��*��.>�� ..'l.-iuid l,u bssuul for that
N.w Westminster enact,.	
1. it shall i..* lawful for the Mayor
of the said I'iiv* lo raise by way of loan
from any i>* rson or persona body or
bodies corporate who mnv* be willing t.
iiivni"-'- ti.,. same on tin* credit of the debenturea hereinafter mentioned any sun
or .sums of money not exceeding In the
whole tti.- sum of 8300.900.00 an,I t.
������������,.������nis,. in.- same t*, i��. paid nu.. th.* Treas-
N, ���   i%  J i "rv "r th" hiiI.I l-lty for tlm purponcH men
ANH   wiiku'ka's   the   whole   rateable     *? ,, -��hal, bo lawful  for thi   May
property of the jald City according ,.. tl,.*,,. ,-J'^v''      ,i!'" or  debentu^to  bi
last   revised  AsseaBment   Roll   thereof'is  maac ,������ ,x, llng ,��� ������. wh���,��� ,,���. Bun,
idred and Fifty-   .,, ,;oo,ooo.00 tor iuch .hiuuh of money ua
WHEREAS in order to raise the
    .   irly Hum ..f One Thousand  Beven
Hundred    and    Revonty-flve and    r.u-i'"*
liollars (91,776.50) un equal hi*,-la! rat,
dollar will i.e required i��� I,- levied
whole rateable properly of the
Kerry and West Limerick
The annual exodus of agricultural
laborers from Connaught fur work on
English farms lias now commenced,
and last week five hundred left by
the North Wall route for the North
or England.
Al a meeting of the Youghal No. 2
rural   council,   it   waa   reported   that
1 the village of Ardmori-, county Water-
I ford. Is doomed by th�� incoming sea
i und   it  was  decided that  the  council
; would not Bpend any money on It.
There   was   some     amusement     at
Newry  Bcss'onB on  the  hearing  of a
case brought by Charlotte Vance, domestic  servant, against  the  Itev. II
MrKnight. rector of Kilkeel, to recover   three   pound3,   fourteen   shillings,, I
one  month's  wages.    The  defendant, i
it was alleged, reproved her for buy-1
'ng oil.    Slir*  stated  that  after some |
words lie told her to leave the houBe, j
or he would kick her out.    He said I
��he  Bhould   he   in   Jail   and   she   was
j a   miserable   looking   creature.    She
denied having said that he had a face
like  a  hearse  or  that  lt  was  like  a
j funeral.    The case was dismissed.
;    When the Jury at  Dublin  -session?
found  Thomas   Scott   guilty    of    abstracting   from   Christopher   Woolfe.
at Dalvmount. on the occasion of the
International  football  match, a purs.*
containing   ��11,   the    clerk    of    tht
wotts   rtad  out  a  lone   lis'   of  prev
Ioub   convlctlonu.   mainly    In    England
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Free  and (lent. Mgr
Bee. a-td Traaa
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
t. ti. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
���f tho "Eiwlnwr "of the Partv
ond part extend If acweragi
^l,,r;frf'!,:��-���;;;--   ,,���.,
nonta  wit!.    >"M   ^^c*- constructed by
Jonatructcd by the Part*
v.irt tn connect "" '" .���
ihall  bo constructed  under
'J'.' ".I,.,, ivnd to in- '"",'���
Sf   ihe   Engineers   of   the
Hrst Part and "' 'l"' *"*���
Part                  , .
1 IIF. I'artv nf 1
-with the l'nrt
��� ��� k.h'Tv and O	
Flrsl  Port  will pny >
ir��^��r s?gr *th'
i..    ntt/th    vc.'i r    DM   WH'    I""*'
',!.','V.:r\V,'vr"'.���t  cl anid sum
, *        ,,;,,,  will,   interest   nl   flw
��� *'     '" "    v.i'tv. irir..|   Part   eive-
\M' the Partv of the Fit Jr       ,,,.,
��� *   **   *��� "' tba ''       '.' ',  ,,,., will M-
ti it i ���  PBrty n  ti<" 11   l,,,... fiftv-rt
to thi   r    tv ..f thi Second 1
y ������'',''';'.'-'^rv.;C'"
11.-1 .1' '- |..i* "''",.',,,
is* v>. SKS-s �� " ������ I'
r,tn i .,.vc ci- fd "beir
a,-,.,, Thouaand Nino Hundred an.l Forty
Hullarn   ($17,167,940.09).
anii WHEREAS tin* total amount  of
th>-  existing  debenture  debt  "f  the  sai.l
i'ltv Is Four Mill..ai Thirty-eight '!':*.**ii-
ii.I 1 Ive Hundred Dollara i t4,o:ts,-
ii.no I Irrespective nf Hi" sums propoaed
be raised under thlB By-tow nn.l tn.
;ir... tn Improvement Debenture By-law
.li.'" "Waterworks Bxtenalon  Debenture!*,
Hv-law  hu:-.."  "Exhibition  Bulldlnga and
Debenture   Ilv-law   1813,"   -Public I
may   be   required,   tint   leas   thnn   (lou.uu
each or an equlvtuent exnreaaed in pounda
iterllng nf th.' tlntted Kingdom "f i;r.-at
Brit iin and Ireland at a value nf S1.S6B
t.�� the pound sterling: and all such debenturea   sliull   I."   sal. .I   Willi   tli..   Seal   Of
-le- Corporation  slKneil tiv  ttie  Mayor and
"ii-ni.Tst.-'n.-.i   bv   tie-  Tr-'iisi.t-.-r   thereof,
ir bv such other peroon ur persona as may
thereunto  lawfully  authorlaed.
Tli.-   sai.l   .l.t.. mures   shall   t..-   pay-
.n   the  llrst   day  nf  July.   UBS
.'"'and Scotland. In reply to the record
er. Scott said he came from England
"And at the match." said the record
r, "you were shouting. 'IMay up, Ireland'���-laiiRhterl���trying to distract
Woolfe'B attention while you took his
money." The prisoner Baid if he were
given a chance he would go back tc
Kngland, never to come to an Irish
football match again. The recorder said he would hardly attend a
match   for   some  time.       He    would
I   Alfred W. MacLeod, the In.urance Man.    Agencies :   J
assigns that   lhe  Pa-tv nf  the , tures should I.e issu,.,  ,,,,   ,	
. tlie   Partv  ..f  ne .     ANt'   WHEREAS a pitltlun  signed  by
Part   Its  successors   an-t   assigns! me  owners .<f  at   least one-tenth   ...   u.<
mplellon of the sai.l  w-vi-i  frnm  value   ul'   real  property  In   the  aald  Cits
tn Tenth  Avenue  Bfty-nve   (m  shown   by   tin-  last   reviaed   Assess-
��� ���^- ������, ���f ihe!,n(ht    Until    Ims   heen   pn s-nt, ,1    In   III.
Council   rtqueatlng   tbem   tn   intrinli.ee   ii
il.   i , .v   lur  such  puriHiSc.
AM' WHEREAB fur lhe payment ..
I*,i r.st mi tlu- debentures proposed tn bi
Issued under this Hy-law and f".* creatlni
i .Inking fuiul fnr the paymenl nf in,
said .1* !������ mnr. s when due, It will be nee*-"**
sary  tu  raise by special
p(.r   c--nt
excen   tli'*
In   1 hlit
6)   per ; i
th"   enst   of
���,  r    ���,*,*'.
the Thlr
S llll
i. ml
i Sr.il. I
i Srxi.i
���A ll'lt
Cli .li
_mmmmm^^���^m^^^^m^^���^_m lulililiun
, .ill ..'ini rates each >..ir iluring the
ir., n.-v nf the said debentures tb" sum
- i in-* Thousand Seven I lun.Ired an.l
-<������:������ n.v-l.v. an.l 60-ton Dollara (11.-
tt:. .'.n i.
ANH WHEREAS In order tn rnlsi
s iiu  yearly Bum uf tin.. Thi
Hundred   nn.l   Seventy-live    	
Dollars  ttl,776.60)  an equal special  rat
.rn Uie dollar will be required t.. be levied
mi   th.*   whole   rat,-able   propi tty   nf   the
Cltv of New Westminster,
AND   WHEREAS   the   whole   rnteabli
properly nf tin.- said City m rdlng in Ilu*
last   revised   AaBesament   Hull   thereof   Ie
Seventeen Mini.... Ono Hundred
lavcn  thousand Nine Hundred
tlullaris   . JI7.1.r.7.'.Hfl.(lfl)
ib.   existing, debenture debt
���-Ity   Is   Knur   Mllliun   Thirtv-. ic
smut ami Flvo Hunilrcu Dollars
the same ,,r.  th.
hereinafter mentU...    	
nf mimcy nnt exceeding in the wholi
sum   nf   Twenty-flve   Tl. .;   	
tt-26.000.09) fnr such sums nf niuiey as
may be required imt less than $100.00 each
nr au equivalent ex pr. sued In pounda
sterling of tho I'nlt.-d Klugilmn nf Great
Britain ami Ireland nl a value nr 11.868
| tn tin* pound sterling*; ami all such debenturea shall be s.iib.l will. Ihe Seal nf
the Corporation, signed by the Mayor ami
countersigned by the Treasurer thereof nr
| l.v si-ch other istsuii ,.r persona as may be
thereunto lawfully  authorized,
:t. Th.- said debenturea shall In. payablr
i.n  the  tlrst  das
'���a" if." i i'1-"''' or "i'lacve im lh
����-l��J|Corporation may fmm time to time ap
point wlin the approval ut the hui.le.-s
thereof, ami shall bear Intereet at thc rate
of five per centum per annum payable half-
yearly nn the tlrst day nf January ami
tl,.* tlrst day >.f July in each ami ever)
vear   anil   the   ,l,.l��*ntiires   shall   ha"-   "*
,,,,,..-���     1   A   special   rute   nn   the   dollar   shall
sum ur  sums i l'e levied ami raised in each year in ad
 .Ole Iiu*   dllinn  tu all ether rates un all th" ratc-
usand Dollara | able property lu the Cltv sufficient tn pay
ttie Interest upnn th" debentures and tn
--eat., a slhklm; fund f >r the payment of
thc prlnetoai thereof when du*-. subject
tn   any   act  ur  enactment   respecting   thc
f.. Suhlect as afnt-.-sail there s'-n'i b-
raised annually by special rate as afore-
���tald Uurlng th.- currency nf the said debentures the sum nf Ten Thousand ttuv
000,    Hollars fnr tin- pavm-nl  *.f i-.t'-
est thoreon and the sum of One Thousand   nral  t,1P>'   piuuuuuv-   	
.,   ,,,,,     ,���,,    -   -.a".'    Seven   Hundred   and   Sev.-tity-thrcc   and I "Allah"     combined     with      rhythmic
r  July.   1943,  at   such hn.inn imihirs  (11,171.10)  m provide lur
iuncll of the said \ the repayment uf lhe principal.
6, The proceeds Of the sale nf thc said
debentures sliall he applied as follows and
not otherwise,���Towards paying the cost
of the passing <.r ihls By-law ami the issue and sale nf th>* debentures therein referred tn and all expenses connected with
if the said loin and ta,* i.al-
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London
Guaranteed by the North British Mercantile
insurance Co. of London	
Palatine insurance Co. of Ixindon	
Guaranteed by the Commercial Insurance Company of London 	
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of New York   	
Svea Klre and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden  ..
%   8,000,000
Phone 52.
young   -savant.   ,,������,,.���
Posen. Andrew Carnegie has financed
a   small   party   of   investigators   who
Will  go  to  Egypt  immediately   under 1
Sehwidtal to study the secrets of the !
fakers  and  dervishes,  and  especially
from a Bcientiftc viewpoint the ecsta- |
tice Btate in which the fakers are observed to accomplish wonderful feats.
The ecstacy Ib produced by a constant repetition ot mystic words,    At
first  they   pronounce  only   the  name
niblned    with     ._..
movements caleld "eikers."    This has |
never before  been  thoroughly  investigated.    The  results  of  the  exporl- '
ment   will   he    commuiilted   to    the
University of llerlin.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone. 890.
in.i Pirn
tnd Forty
total amount of! ���,. i.-V. t.-��i
f   the   said |
iKlt   Thnn- I
(4,039,- :
I   ,, Bhni| be lawful" Wr the Mavor of I
,!   ���'Hi; ,-���v   m   raise  by   way of  loan I
'"ANn  WHEREAS  for     '
w���EnEA8   in   nddnton   -,^| jf^'r^d'onder '^^.^B
  which i. hi prwgojja to <>�������� ^in*.'.!:;!-;;-^:::;,,:,,,,.*
,,., a local imnrovetn "l MV"��Hnlnst��r -*\"H\      ,V.i-- ������ire     . 11a Dehrntura li
"'<���'  ln  a\" ''''n ','iv    b-.vtl.tcd   hv    '""'liv-mw  '".!���'-..ui,  ' ,!;V,.!|,sl....   Debenture
:,;.:.;,::nd^;^-!:-rtv::n^^,:'i,*"vpv-i': -j^aSfcjlBWSB
rm ^.r��nUh.r  ^p^ggSKff  ^ it,.
:��mW��800%^r?Sr I jffi S3S^SmS -etM
fm.n the afneral 'evenu        tn������lon will
the curnnt   year the ���t       ���,.���,  ,,,at  suet
anmii...       _flfl   lhn,
-al nrnnunt
ic  pnyment
^_^_ -Tv      '.lehcntl.t. s    prOPOBOd    In
mt-reat ,on    he      ����. m       e^ for
1... issued under '''",,���.. the hnvment nf
���"lnK f/fflSiiM when  due  It will  be
said  debenture"  "      |     r.,,��� \���  ,.i.n
rrlBn 1  ,  J .ach   vrnr   during
"% the  aald  debentures  tlu
���,���.,  ..    Ten  Tfoiis
Fifty-three Dnlln���   	
'S'"        . .���������,  'nf IHI.!!-'"*1"""1",'''
wald    ycarlvs.Mi      ������   ���    ,,,  ,,��� r,.fl.,|r   .       i :-,-���-,     ,
.lal mf on t';�� ���*��,    r.���������i,ic property I thorlaed. ^bontureB ahall bo payable
���ASR,'5f u?���� n,y v^i":^' * KSiStOTw *" ����*. %e"ZidV***
Soo^r^ep V'jLl^'llv'^w heTxm  SK.Tha ehinfhy tVsnld  M
Ladicd tn thorn ooupona for tho payment
nf Interest which Bold coupons Bhall hv
sighed   by  the s;tiil   Mayor.
A   Bppclat   rate   on   thi-   dollar  Bhall
md rutH��'i1  In eaoh  year Iti ;i<1
i to nil other rates on nil the rate-
property In the City sufficient to pav
the Intereat  utx��n  the debenturea and  to
create il -nlnkin': fund for the payrw nt of
the  principal   therqpf  when  <luc.   pubji ct
to atjy  net  or  i-nactmeiit  respecting  the
I th** Issuance m  i >��� ���	
ane* shn i ����  pal . over from tit...  .
as required by th<   City Treasurer to tli
several   ersons to winnn moneys arc puy
:   *i" i.i ii. 1 iw shall ink., effect on
!t|eB. ..,,    ��� June, ma. and may be cited
aa  the  "3treetB   Improvement   Dobentun
Ilv-law  11.13 "
s   This Hv liw before the final paaalng
thcrisvf  shall   receive   the  u-ssc.it    "
Blectora  Of   the  snld  I'lty   In   the
I required bv  law.
ONE AND l"\ssi:n in op��� Council
ill. day Of  May.  191"
ot   thi
Subject   as  aforesaid   there  shall   tt.
rats.-d ntuumlly by spi clal rate us afore*
sai.l -lurliiit the currency nf tho sahl de- }on'ih��. 6tn u.��j ���> 	
t..iiiur,s the sum uf One Thouaand Two      ,,,. ,,.,,-i.'i, ,i,���  ,ss.ni nf Hi.- Hllectors
ll...idled   anil    Fifty    Unlhirs    tll.tSQ.OOl 1     RKCEIVM" w    ������������
for tin- payment  or Intereat  thereon and  ���n the daj  oi
the   sum   nf   Five   llun.Ired   and   Twenlv-        IJECONSIDEHED   and    tlnnlly    1��
���    day   uf I"'
 Bitulithic Paving
ing  board cutting j]   j/jg Most Scientific of all Pavings
���   IfyoureadTHENEWS|
lh..|you get all the new?.'
lieces'.ai-'- ll
linn m nil
ihe currency
.  ,,,     .-a,- in ral
'vlvde the sum ef Twenty-flve -fhoUBnnd
linllnrs (*J.ri.nno.001 for -such sums of
*.i,.ii'*v as ciay he required not less than
siiuvt'i , ach or nn cuulvnh'iit expressed
in pounda sfrllng nf the United Kliiil-n
of iireai llritain and Ireland nt a value
uf . ..Mni tn tlie pnund Sterling! and ail
such debenture* shall be Bi-nlee w'th t ���-
iMcnl nf ih-- Corpdrntlon Blftned by the
lhe   Mavor and enunleralgned by the Treasurer
 ipe-  thereof oi   by  such other person or pet
Ir ������' t*. , snna   us   .nny
I   and *
ih. ri unto  lawfully  nu-      ,
 iy the City Trcnm.rcr to
nil persona tn whom moneya af*
;. Tiiii
tlrst day
*.*,   the
8, Tills Hv-law before the final paaalnit
thereof shall receive the assent of the
Elfetors uf the snld i'ltv  In the manner
1  uli-e.l hv law
NE ANH P\8SED In Ojumi Counoil
the tlflh dav uf May, 1913.
RECEIVED the nssent of the Kleethrs
on   the dav   of 1913.
RECONSIDERED and llnally passed
the liny   of I ��> 1 rt.
i By.Inw shall take effect on tlie
..r June. 1913, ami mny b- olt"d
"I'lrc  linllB.Debenture     By-law
^'fh? Councll Chamber, City Hall
Kb '������ Pu,ld'^ "jaSffiH.
Olty Clerk
'lall.   New   Westminster,   11    ''
May 8th,  iota.
t'ity rierU.
ent    nf
par and th.
.,1  to  them
Interest   which
on the dollar sl
each year tn add! In.
to iill nther rates on all thc rateable prop
.riv  In the nty suindent  to pay the In
���   .,,....   -    ,   ,, ,     TAKE   NOTICE   that   lhe   above   I"   n
lebenturea shall   ,,.������  ,.���|IV  ,���   the  propoaed  By-law  upon
mpm.s   fnr   tho|whlch   fhe   VOto  nf   tlm   Miinlelimllty   will
a Ibe taken on tho S0th day of May.  lain.
'between   the   hours  Of   Nine  o'clock   ll.   uv
ii.id Si.-ven o'clock p. m. ui tha following
1 ot^-A        *
al   I"
lfi'w   101V   "Exhibition     BulWIngs    and crtv u   ������-   . n-    .,,.	
- -       Bv-law  1013," ''Public  Iflrcwt upon tin' debentures ana to create n
By-law   LOifti'1   "CltvIslnklnR fund for the paymenl of the pMn��
Bv-law     1018"     and 1 clpal  th* r-sut  wben  due,  subjcol   to  any
Dtftwnturo      By-lawjAcI or cnaptment respecting the satnt
nr the principal or     4, Suhit
1 raised oni
Fences Debenture
Schools   Debenture
Ptables   Debenture
"i.iKiit    Bxten��lon
101S." of whirh none ��-i  ��"- ��  - (raised onnuauy uy ��|..-..... '*������,",., tle.
*kl8*,,M5Wta    the    Miuili'irnli-nKl flttrtti the currency of th,  aald
,,.,  aforesaid   tin
ally  by  special
sliall   I"
as nfn
i places,  viz.:���
The Council  I'bamber.  Tlty  Hull.
Nn. -,  Pire Hail. Bapperton,
Nu.   5   Klre  H   ''    "���'���Pt .nth  gtroct.
And Crane'a Building, Quoanlbqro.
City   Clerk.
���ity iinii. New Weatmlnater, b. c.
Muy 8th, 1913. (UTO)
Specialty -Treatment of the scal|
.>��� Vihro-Massaga and Glover's Kan.
his Stimulating Tonlce
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eiobth St.
POOL AM) ClC.Alta.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Beet Pool Tables In the city. Flat
line of Cigars and Tobacco. 8porttiu
event! bulletined.
A.  G.   BEATON    Proorletor
Transfer Co,
Office  Phone   185.      Barn  Phone   tf. !
Begble Street.
Hei: Ma iie HellieiB-i Promptly to
auy pert of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Is m
eetlng with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bitulithic on Second Street, Ne     i     Vc.trnlnjter with Boulevard  Down
the Centre.
Bitulithic la noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and. above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
illtullthic la commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
tn Canada, and over two hundred In the United States.
MEJSgBEl Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
..  ,-.._i.,��� ..ml  Summer Suitings I     *s*w**w.m*s-*-*���*-* _���.,,__  ,, ...
New Spring and1  Summer Suitings
���., dimdnv     See them,    reneci
StuS"woffi-WP guaranteed.   701
Kront Street
714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. PAOR E1QHT
MONDAY, MAY 12, 1913.
"PAY    CASH    IT   WILL    PAY
Remember  the  Place ���
33 Eighth Street.
And lhe Telephone
'Nice Fresh Cambridge  Sausage, lbs 20c.
Fresh  Pork  Sausage,  lb.  25c.
Chip   Ueef,   new   and   tasty,
sliced, lb. 45c.
��� For the dainty luncheon try
Hiune of our Kresh Sliced Tongue, lb. 60c.
Wiltshire Bacon, bacon which
Is really tasty, lb. 45c.
Genoa,  per Ib 25c.
Rice,   per  lb 25c.
Dark Fruit, per lb  25c.
Light Krult,  lb. 25c.
Sold elsewhere for 40c. per lb.
Itotina, tho Dutch Busk, per
tin 25c.
StrawberrieB,    No    1.    largo
juicy, sweet berries, box. 25c.
No. 1 Kancy Table Apples,
3 Ibe. for   25c.
Oranges, doz. 25c, 35c, 40c, 45c
Hananas, dozen   30c
Oreen   Peas,   Ib 15c
Itadish and Onk.ns, bunch ...  5c
Lettuce, Cauliflower and Cabbage.
Public Supply Stores
L. L, ADAMS        S. K. BRIQGS
Thomas Coates, convicted of an as-
(sault upon Thomas Beatty, bartender,
j Colonial hotel, waa allowed two hours
| to clear out of town Saturday niorn-
j tug by Magistrate Edmonds Iii the
police court Beatty refuted to supply CoatPB with a drink, hence the
St. Peter's Altar society wlll hold
a card party In St. Patrick's hall on
Thursday evening, May 15. (1290)
Kor everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1204)
The Scottish residents of the city
meet tonight in the Eagles' hall, Columbia street to form a Caledonian
club. It wlll be a purely social organization. Picnics and excursions during the summer, dances and concerts
lu the winter tire among the objects
In view.
Raymond sewing machine for sale,
In llrst claBB order, only $15.00. C.
N. Edmondson & Co., corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth atreet.        (12W)
The cily council will hold their
regular weekly session this evening
In the city council chambers. The
matter of supplying Malllardvllle with
water from the Coqultlam mains will
be disposed of.
Try the luc and 3Dc summer
lunches at the Nutshell, Room 3, Dominion  Trust building. (124GJ
A crosa suit will he heard in the
police court this morning, the result
of a collision hei ween a horse-drawn
buggy and a motor car on Eighth
streel. Buggy and car sustained considerable damage and ench owner
blames the other as the author of the
Holda   Confirmation   Services���Fifty-
Eight  Enter Communion.
Archbishop Casey, Vanoouver, conducted ii series of services In St.
Peter's (K.C.) church yesterday, confirming 88 children and liO adults in
the  course of tlle day.
Ills. Grace held first communion
'mass at 8 a.m., and at 10:45 High
I Pontifical .Mass was celebrated, Kathe'
I Keek  singing  the  mass.
At the end of the muss the archbishop confirmed  the following:
Girls���A. Dynes, M. Wale, K. Iltirns
E. Cailaghan, L, Wenz, W. Wright, K.
Mcl'hadm, K. Kromey, G. Hill, B. Sorenson, I,. Corbin, G. Robhlns, A.
Apele, M. Howe, I. Harvey, I. MoBntte,
C>. McEntte, V. Smith, M. Anderson.
V. Parent, C. Patrick, M. Medina, hi
Colton and G. Shears.
Ho>b ��� W.   Harron,    A:    Carrier,
Williams,  R.  Pldgeon,  If  Kradere,
Leflrun, Geo, Wentz, W* Dynes, I-,.
Managhan, A. LesBard, A. Morrow
Tucker,  L.  Corbin  and j B.  Naud.
ln the afternoon the archhlshnn vls-
lted St. I.ouis college, St. Mary's
hospital, the Convent and the Providence Orphanage, delivering addresses ln ench Institution.
After the Benediction service In the
evening about 20 adults were confirmed.
New Directors Will Be Elected���What
the Institution Is Doing for
Men and Boya.
. A.
A llurdninn, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231, (1205)
Would You
Like To Know
how things will go with
those dependent on you
when you are gone ?
If so, why not now set
aside a portion of the
estate you will leave?
You may place it in
the care of this company to handle.
You can thus see exactly how it will be handled. You can prove the
efficiency we Claim.
You can study the methods employed���the efficiency in actual operation.
Not only that, but you
may sec just how the
beneficiary of such a
fund spends the income
Call in and let us tell
you more of this plan.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid  up Capful  and  SurpliiH
Itev.  W. S. A. Crux, pastor of
Blxth   Avenue  Methodist church,
PHILLIPS -The funeral of Mrs.
Serena Phillips, who died Friday afternoon, will take place thlB afternoon from the Murchle undertaking
parlorB at 2 o'clock. Interment will
take place In the city cemetery, the
pastor of the Lutheran church at
Sunbury officiating.
Itt ISS-The death of Miss Catherine Kobb, a resident of thla city for
tho past 111 years, occurred in the
Koyal Columbian hospital on Saturday
noon. Deceased was born in Scot land
70 years ago, coming to Ontario in
tlle GOs.    Deceasi il  formerly operated
���i ranch at Mount Lehman. She Is
survived by one brother, Mr. Hugh
Rofs. of Ferguson, B.C., who has been
notified ol the demise of his sister and
will probably arrive In the city today
to take charge of tlie funeral arrangements. Deceased resided at il-ti Hospital street.
L.ANNINQ���Word   was   received   in
the city List evening of the death  of
Mr. W. .1. Lannlng, a well known citizen  of  Ladner,  which  occurred
o'clock    yesterday    afternoon.
daughter, Miss Mabel Lannlng,
deliver an address before the Young  student   at   Columbian   coll
People's societies of Vancouver and
District on Monday evening next in
the Vancouver Wesley Methodist
Low round trip rate to San Francisco, Cal. On May 16 and 17 the
Great Northern Kail way wlll Bell
round trip tickets to San Francisco
at  $37.00,  good  for    return    passage
July   lii,  ll'i.i
1181 i'i
The annual meeting of the Y. M. C.
A. tonight nt 8 o'clock will be of un-
uatiul Interest. New directors will be
elected replacing those in offic-e fo.
one year only and a series nf reports
by tho chairmen of the several committees will show the extent and effectiveness of the local institull.in,
which Is but one of more than 2Jell
similar centres In North. America
with a total membership of over hilf
a million and property holdings aggregating nearly ninety million dollars.
Tire buslnesB In which the association has engaged for 66 years with Increasing capital of men, experience
and equipment is directed by som*
40.000 business men who have the n*
selves won Biiccess.
Tho membership is part of the
nation's life from school days to
university hall, the mine to the manufactory, tlie railroad to the rural dls
Seme 3000 men expert In lha
science of directing Christian servico
are trained in its institutes, conferences and schools.
The men whose capital is th 'Ir j
hands and their skill are in the asso-
elation In large numbers. From 22 lo
iiu pi r cent, of many city member-
ship*! are from the ranks of Industry.
The evening classes are full of them.
Railroads, construction companies
and business houses stand behind
the Institution purely because of increased efficiency in Iheir employees,
freedom from accidents, regularity
and reliability In ing factors in securing djvideiids.
ln 600 gymnasiums   some   300,000
men and boys are drill* d for physical
excellence  and   efficiency  anil   nearly
10,HOO  volunteer leaders are Instructed  In  the  methods of exercise    and
laws cf health,  of recreation,  of  life
saving and sanitation and right living.
These men  are  putting their  time
and training at the service of society.
the shop and factory. In  play ground
| and  for Sunday  school  boys.    Thirty
ithousand  boys  have  been  taught    to
swim and the local motto Is "Every
'man and boy in Westminster a swimmer, and every swimmer a life saver."
It  is, too. more    than    a    club    or
brotherhood,      It    Is    essentially    a
Christian  institution.    It   operates    a
stralght-to-the-mark gospel method of
bettering men���the method that  has
; worked  swiftest  and surest has been
used with increasing power. Twice an
many  men as  five years ago are engaged in doing it.   tin committees for
'doing  distinctive  religious  work   are
! more than 20,000 men and boys.
Burnaby lake.    A door has been  cut I    Tho    Westminster    association    ia
In   the   side   of   a   big   hollow   stump j P**',"**"B ��   boy*',  *-a���J>'JLa*    i-E5Z
there  wh,eh   forms the lower floor of  &"����,��" ..InTSSSss'TsZl
n. summer cottage a la Swiss Family I %*���r f��'^      n,���,     ,������
Rohlnaon.     The   upper storey   Is   now
Buy a Vacuum Cleaner at Our Reduce Prices and take it easy this week.
Our $35.00 Vacuum Cleaners go at $ 25.00
Our $65.00 Downs Vacuum Cleaners go at 50.00
The Old Reliable Santos go at   125.00
674-678 Columbia Street New Westminster
at   f.
is  a
left for her home labt night.
Finishing Pitt River Road.
The pm Kiver road is expected to
be entirely completed this week. The
rocking and rolling of the last section
between the Canadian Western Lumber company's gate and the Brunette
bridge Is all that remains to be done.
About 1000 yards of rock have heen
usi d in  the  work.
House in a Stump.
That there are uses for the stumps
that once supported giants of the
forest, other than to be blown sky-
high Into neighboring lots is evidenced in a pretty little house facia?
new pile
with the
ways by
being erected on top of the stump.
Children from schools In the Fraser
valley,  as  well    as    from    tho    city
schools, sent, in essays in competition
for the prizes, as announced in The
News, for the best description of oi
j tin.lights upon May Day. Tho judges
will, In all probability, announce their
decision   In  time for Tuesday's issue
Floridora for the hair is prepared
In Now WeBtmlnster. Patronize the
products of the Fraser valley. Tale-
phono 339. Price 35c. Frank .leal.
H27   Seventh avenue, city. (124'i)
Invitations have   been   sent   out   bv I Some Fish Story.
the board of trade for the banquet In      N(,t a11 ,llp fish stories are true, but ,
Westminster on Friday evening next!'Ins one, as  related  by a tourist  to
when the civic and municipal fatherBH-angley   district   yesterday,   happens
of Port Coqultlam,  Port  Moody, Co-  t<> '"'  vouched  for by  the  man  who
quitlam municipality and Fraser Mills made his Bupner off the lish In fines-.
Will be entertained.    Another banquet  tion,     An  aneli-r  in  one rf the    little;
| is    also    arranged  for  this  week  at|streams In that favored district spied
Richmond on  Thursday    when    the
Fraser   Valley   Publicity   Bureau   will
be the guests of the municipality.
Floridora for the hair Is fragrant
and effective, it chases disease and
giveB the hair follicles the required
nourishment to stimulate growth.
While  the city belt   line  Bervlce  Is [
not quite down to that perfection that i
it will attain within the next few days,
the new departure on the part of the l
B.C.B.R. is hailed with great satlsfac- i 0( D
tlon by residents up the hill.    Comments upon it were to be heard in the |
cars   on   Saturday   night   during   the
shopping  hours, while office workers
arc nut  slow  in expressing  their appreciation  of  the  augmented  service
on Sixth  street  where a seven and a
half minute service is now maintained as far as Fourth avenue.
rler-a' hikes, and many other of
Director Sovereign's Gu'i specialties.
Study classes in life problems, shop
meetings and other activities of educational spiritual value are being considered and the work for the men
and boys of the Uoyal City.
The attendance at the annual meeting will be a test of the real Interest
!in  this splendid and  progressive    in-
a  line salmon,  hnt  In  spite    of    re-      Members are  urged  to  be  present
pouted   invitations  to  partake  of  the  :iml  brln8 '���"'lr Mends.    '""J""    ���Llv
dainty worm at the end of the line 1 cordially invited.
th"  flsh  paid  no attention, and  after ' ' "
a while took refuge under a tree that
| spanned the creek. The local Walton.
, who must have had experience in ���
j tickling trout in some far oft Sect
j tish burn, Btretched himself noise
jlessly along the tree anil dived his
I arm Into the water. There wns a flash
of scales in the air and a change in
diet at a nearby farm last night.
Assets   . .
..   4,873,181.06
Trusts tind'r Administration
   ��6,2lY,98a BB
Trusteeships for Bondholders
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New WeBtmlnster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, Umdon, Eng., aud
Antwerp, Belgium.
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply the 11 C. Transport Co., Ltd,
I'hone SUG.    Wharf phone SS0.  OllOl!)
Mrs. W. T. Held wus hostess at n
luncheon given i.. the members of the
provincial executive of the Women's
Educational Club of Columbian col
lege on Saturday at her home on
Royal avenue,
Mr.  .lames Greer, chief engineer nf
tlie Dominion fishery cruiser Restless,
Is slaying In the city while the vessel
Is undergoing her annual overhaul at!
the  government   dock   at   Esquimau, j
The Restless recently returned from a!
trip  along the northern  coaBt  of tho
ll.uff. Alfi.. May 10,���A HanfT old
tinier passed away this morning when
Mr.  Sidney  Patrick Anson Cartwrlght
'died in the Hreit hospital.
He was a familiar figure in Banft
streets, being badly crlpplled with
rheumatism due to the hardships of
campaigning in his youth. He wus a
member of the Ashantee    expedition
, and was decorated with the Victoria
Cross  by  lhe  Queen  on    his    return
: from the front, he having shown conspicuous bravery in the attack on
Coomassie when  he  was shot twice.
1 He live.l at Siuiris. Manitoba, for a
few years. At the time Of his death
he was 5u years old.
Several  Soaked  for  Offence  in   Burnaby���Other Cases in Court.
| Kdmonds, May 11���The second conviction for spearing trout was obtained by the Hurnaby police on Saturday
whin Lawrence  Mason, Sydney  Ken-
lyon, William Chapman and two orientals, One Hung and One Lung, were
fined $10 and COStS each by Magistrate Beatty. Accused were discover
ed spearing the lish in Burnaby lake
and Still creek.
It cost Naras Singh just $15.60 tor
allowing four kine to stray over the
.. public highways.
For blasting without giving warning Munsha Singh,    another    Hindu,
. was mulcted $10, together with $3
costs and $10 damages.
John Kudgien, arrested in Vancouver, on ;i warrant for non-support of
his wife and family, was givi-n one
month in the provincial jail with hard
for  the construction  of    a
driver  have    been     platted
New Westminster    marine
the contractors for the N'ew
Westminster harbor works.
Captain  Mayers has ordered a new .
76  foot   tug,   16V<.   foot   beam   and     S
foot draught,  for towing work on thirl ver.
The new halibut steamer Kingsway
recently purchased by the Columbia
Cold Btorage company, will be despatched to the halibut banks about
the middle of the week. The 11. C, P.
Ib expected ot tlie company's wharf,
today with her catch, after a fort-1
night'B absence.
Mr. Et. Nevile Smith's new -gasoline
survey boat Nevllene hag returned
from a voyagre up the north coast of
British Columbia nnd is lying at the
O. N. It.  wharf.
The Western Canada Lumber com
pany'a tugs have been busy towing
booms up to the Fraser Mills during
the past  week.
The Sea Lidn towed a large boom
of logs up to the Canadian Pncille
Lumber company's wharf on Saturil;i>
from Beecher bay.
The Samson was snagging on the
river in the vicinity of the cily all
day Saturday.
For Mia8ion Ferry.
The tug Stranger towed up a scow
on Saturday to Mission ferry where
It will he substituted for the ordinary
ferry boat until the latter undergoes
an overhauling and repairing In New
Westminster. The scow wlll be operated by a gasoline boat.
���IH IMUNOa OSIER. MP. PRrslOlNT. w   O   MATTHEWS. viC��.pRISIDIlrf.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Reserve Fund
Total Aitata -
Whenever You Travel
��� at home or abroad- carry funds In Travellers' Chenucs or Letters
ol Credit, Issued by The Doinlnlen Bank. They are current all-
over the world, and cached at their tace value.
They prevent less- and snve  all   the  annoyances  cf being
Identified, and the worries ol foreign exchange.
Boost Home Products
Made from Choicest Mult and Bohemian Hops.
Ask for it.
modern in all respects, from June i
for Bummer months, 509 Queens
avenue, three doors from Sixth
street cur line. I'hone K17 or 44B,
Sutherland & Ardagh. (1292)
See Bickell About It
if your Fire Insurance Policy is about to expire and
renew it in the
"NORD-DEUTSCHE," the Big Insurance Company
Phone 1293 .122 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Call now and inspect our
complete line of Spring
J. P. GALViti
High   Class
Ladies   and
Cdkphophonea and Grafonolas .-m- wltli-
eiit ii i��-er In the musical w.irlii. Tliey are
rtpiible of reproducing nol merely ono
�� -uus of Inslruin-ntnl music, but every
t ,ui of InHtrmn.ntul music with n fidelity
llml Ib no less tli.nl ll.iwl.ss -tie* violin,
tli* 'cello, the barn, ilu- ibu-. the clarinet.
i'u> cornel���all the v. Iml Instruments, all
I'M Instruments of  bands nnd orcliestrtu
nil the liutrumeui.il music ol .ill tne
��������� ".rid.
Not only llil". but the human voice
i, ii.iw so perfectly recorded and s-> flaw-
i wiy reproduced thut the home without
n  .-di.UMIIIA haa Income ��s Incomplete
. , t-luno without a keyboard. "lrEAR-
1 ..,   13   ItKLIKVINO." ,     ,
Homli-M   MdOhlneS   front   $18.00   each   10
(650.00  cai: I-
Sllverdale Lumber Company'! Plant
Goes up In Smoke.
The shingle mill of the Sllverdale
Lumber company at Sllverdale, nenr
Ituskln, was destroyed by fire on Saturday evening, The fire in the mill,
which adjoins the C. P. R. main line,
tied up one of the westbound transcontinental for over 110 minutes. The
ah I nttle and lumber mill had a capacity
of  about   40,000  feet   per day  and   Is
Iowned  by the Smith-Shannon  com-
t puny.
Cincinnati, O., May 11. Not a
' wheel of any car operated by the
Cincinnati Traction compnny is turning tonight. The strike of the newly organized union of street car
ployees thus far has be.en
even beyond ihelr own hopes. Inns-
much as they have blocked ull traffic.
Citizens   today   were     using    every
other mode of conveyance except
street curs to reach their homes In
lhe suburbs. As yet the strike has
been a peaceful  affair.
The traction officials, while admit-
ting that two-thirds of their men had
suspended work, contended that thev
could have operated some cars had
they desired, but deemed it advisable
not to subject their men, who had remained loyal, to Insults and jeers of
the crowd, as well as possible vlol-
>...-' rhe street car employees are
striking for recognition of thn union,
Increasi   In  wages and shorter hours.
Important  Waterfront  Site  Bought
Local   Man.
Important    developments   are   expected  following  the  sale  to  a  local
capitalist of lot 8, In district lol  17-
situated  along  the  northern  hank  ofl
the North Arm, just adjoining the city |
-..I ;    Tlie purchase price Is    stated    as.
successful | $36,000 and the hind has a waterfrontage of 300 feet.    Messrs.     McQuarrie
Hros., who put the deal  through, arc '���
nol  empowered  to. make    any    statement as to who  the  purchaser  Is or
what tha location  is  to  be used  for,
but  it is  believed  that a site  for    a i
large industry  is  the purpose of the Groceries,
sale. I Phone 98.
46   Lorne   Street,   N
G08 Msin Street
Strawberries, per box
Cucumbers, each ...,
Rhubarb, per lb	
New Potatoes, per lb
I.ettuco    11
Flsh  and   Produce.
At!  Columbia
iv  Westmlnstei
No Come-backs.
"VALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Machine Works.
*46 Columbia Street
Phon* 455
Going at It Again.
This   afternoon  at   2  o'clock  the
'Hurnaby   council   will   hold   a   special
session which  promises to he Interesting.    The question  of the kind  of
pavement to be used on tbe various I fears
streets thai are to he Improved will I State
he brou ht up, and the recommendation of the engineer discussed.    It was
Loosens a  Little.
London, May 10���Disbursements by
the  government  have    brought     easl
i.iss In money, Discounts are in
Cllned to be weak, but tliere Is ni
demand for long dated bills owing to
of stringency in the l'nited
i In the autumn. A stiffening
in llerlin discounts has been Ignored
here.   On Tuesday there will tie avail-
on this point that Councillor Mac- [able In the open market ��8,400,000
pherson at the last regular meeting South African gold, most of which Is
threatened to ta)k nil night and thus | expected .to go to the Hank of Eng-
forced an adjournment. , land.
Home For Sale
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
a in   nnd
with  late
car  at
ft ft.
No. 1���Here is a splendid  home for sale cheap
cality near Queen's .'-ark and n ew Bchool.
It  has  seven   large  comfor table rooms  with
vcnlencc;   full  basement;  on a   large lot, 8*6x132
This place Is below value and   the  terms   are
anyone can handle it.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH, balance monthly,
a home let us show you this place.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coajt  8team��hlp Co.
In a good In
modern con-
that almost
If you want to buy
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployera'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
WEEKDAYS -6 and fi.15 n.m.
ami every IB minutes until 9
p.m.   Half hourly service until
11   p.m.   with   lute  car  at tniil-
SATURDAYS   IB   minute ser
vice is continued until ll p.m,
SUNDAYS    II,   7.     7.HO   S nnd
H'M nnd every IB minutes until
11 p.m. with late car al midnight.
For Vancouver via
fi.-15 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with   late  car at  11,80.
a.m. and 4.HO
until 10 p.m.
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS   7 a.m. nntl every
hour until  11  p.m.
SUNDAYS   8 a.m.    and    every
htiro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  mado at    15b-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on l.ulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS- !1.IB a.m., 1.10 and
fl.lfi  p.m.
POINTS--4.0B  p.m.


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