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The New Westminster News Sep 18, 1913

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Classified Ada.
proven their worth ,
"*   ha
produce.     " _}
or   small   wants    *
j co all
Tlw Weather.
Stow WesUnlaaUr and the Uitv
MalnUad: Ugbt to mod rat'; ssiid-a.
fair, with ���Utionary of lower t.ni
BER 163.
Trouble Spreads to Wales
Today Will Tell Whether Transportation in England, Ireland and Wales Will Be Tied up-Rioting in Dublin-
Hearses Used as Meat Delivery Wagons���Bussmen
May Desert Posts at Midnight Friday.
Hands in Resignation Fol- Britain Promises Diplomatic Alleged Bank  Robber Ap-
lowing Criticism of Contract for School.
Board Accepts It and an Election Will
Be Held on September 29���
Trustee Surprised.
Support to Japan in Chinese Matter.
pears Before Magistrate
Refused tc Countenance Force in Case  Head of Pinkerton Agency May 3tay
London, Sept. 17.���Great Britain will know tomorrow whether or not she will have to endure another great
labor strike.
Birmingham has taken the place of Liverpool as the
storm centre.   Seven thousand men are now out there.
The stoppage of freight shipments i.s complete and
even local deliveries are impossible.
A prominent labor leader said tonight that no matter what action the legislative board took the freight handlers would join the strikers tomorrow.
Blockade Imminent.
Alreadv freight is piling up.   The directors of the
Manchester ship canal have declined the offer of mediation made by the mayor of Felforu, declaring they cannot
grant advances at the present time.
Refuse Orders.
The railways at Birmingham absolutely refuse to accept consignments of freight.
At Dublin the unrest is increasing.   A procession of
5000 marched through the streets today, stoning tram
cars when motormen refused to quit work.
Wales Infected.
The strike is spreading to Wales and almost 1000
men at Pontypool have refused to go to work until the
sole non-union man joins the union.
Hearses as Deliveries.
In England hearses are being used to carry meat from
the depots to the shops and not a single railway dray is
working. Unless the employers give in all those who ride
on busses in London will go afoot bv Saturday.
Arrangements have been made to give the signal to
all the bussmen to desert their stations at midnight on
Friday unless the directors of the small buss companies
consent to recognize the union.
Port Coqultlam, Bept 17 As n con-
sequence of tbe attitude tuki'ti by thn
I ratepayers ut tbe mass meeting held
Ion Munday evening, following the
'course taken by himself in reference
to the letting uf the contract fur the i
James l'ark school. Halph Atkinson,
chairman of the school hoard today
officially  resigned  from  office.
Mr.  Atkinson's resignation  was received  at  a  special  meeting    of    the [
hoard hi id lu the city hall tills afternoon.     The   resignation   was   Immediately accepted and arrangement! made
for holding an election to fill the va-
c-int position nn the board on Sept. '_!*
nt  the Coqultlam    agricultural    hall.
Sept. 26 was the date set for the re-
i eelving   of   nominations.    The  candl-
ri'.tes   will   he   nominated   et   the  city
bill,     The   resignation   of   Mr.   Atkinson comes with surprising suddenness
t'i 'he majority of the residents, par-
i'lenlarly since only a little over three
'���������'s hive clapped since he committed
'he .notion to which eo much objection
lias been raised,
War Surprised.
When Interviewed on the matter of
letting tha' contract to th�� Coiiuitlam
I Construction   company.   Mr.   Atkinson
expressed grent surprise that hls ae-
j tlon In the matter hml caused Bitch an
' outburst of feeling    He stated that he
conscientiously      believed      that     c.
Davles, the lowest tenderer, had made
a mistake in  figuring, snd considered
i thst  the  work  should  not  he carried
Ioul   st   the   price  he  submitted.     On
;:hpt account he voted In favor of the
tender <f the Conultlam Construction
company  which  wns an  lnt��rmed!af��
"lie  Inasmuch  n*--  It  came  about  half
1 -x-iv    between    lhe    highest  and  tbe
, lowest.
China Refused to Apologi.e fer
Tokio, Sept. 17.*���China's acceptance
Here While Trials of Dean and
Powell Are on.
With every stat in the police court
of Japan's demands In connection with j taken, the first appearance of Martin
the killing of several Japanese at Nan- i Powell ln a Canadian court ln conking Is confined thus far to minor; i,<.ction with the Bank of Montreal
points. No answer has been received robtierv took place yesterday morning.
to the demand for au apology to In-1 The hearing was only of short dura-
tulls against  the Japanese flag and  uorii the reading ot the charge agalnsl
uniform or to the demand for the dls
mlesal of Oeneral Chung llauti from
the governorship of Klang-Su province.
Hefore presenting the demands, the
Japanese foreign office sounded Oreat
Britain regarding her attitude in the
event of military action being taken
and learned that Great Britain would
view lt with apprehension, as such
action would be likely to encourage
the partition of China among the
powers. The British government promised its support to Japan  diploma-
Not Taking a Hand in Mexican (Jame Until After
D spite Protests Intends Keeping War
ships in routhern Ports to Afford
Protection to Citi-:ens.
Washington, Sept 17.   So fnr as the I
Watblngton  administration    li    concerned,  It  became  known  tonight,  no
move is contemplated in the Mexican
situation nt present The elections of
Oot 'in are awaited here wtth keen
inti rest anil the next step In the policy of the I' S. Is likely to make Its
appearance thereafter,
Administration officials made no
comment on 'he long excerpts of General Huerta's message to the Mexican
congress, published here today. II Is
understood that the administration
does not attach much Importance to
the document, though there nre passages In It that did not pasB without
careful  notice.
Same old Story.
Huerta's statement that the "tenseness of dlplomtlc relations" was with
the government of the United States,
"although luckily not with the people," Invoked little attention as the
snme sentiment previously had been
voiced by the Mexico City officials and
the answer from h��re was the enthusiastic reception which President Wilson rccelwl when he ntldressed congress and the sueeches supportlm, hint
mnde hv Republican* and Democrats
In congress.
P-rteetlon Needed.
As to Huerta'* references lo whv
the Amerlcnn warships were allowed
to remain In Mexican waters, of'lclrls
informally l��t It be known that the
vessels would he kept in Mexican waters Indefinitely If the United States
deemed It necessary for the protection
of its elll7e"S.
Secretary l)r>nn sent a cablegram to
John I.ind nt Vern Cruz advising him
nf the government's view of the message 'rem Huerta, but the contents of
the dispatch wns not disclosed.
Election's Vague.
In some on��rter* here the*"> Is n
���strong disposition to douM whether
there will he any constitutional election In nctobet-. Consti'utlannllsts
point out lhat with the election only a
month away nobody knows who the
candidates are or what their platforms
wlll be.
Not Recognise Him.
Should an election be held, the at-
tltude of the United States would take
is   doubtful.      Recognition   u-iiler   noi
circumstances would be acoorded Vic-,
t-irlann Huerta.    This is known  from
unquestioned  sources.    Reports  that
Huerta Intended to secure the election
of some friend who subsequently might
appoint Huerta to a post In the cahl-
net and resign In his favor is causing
some uneasiness, for. ir th" election is ���
constitutional, the position of the Unit-1
ed States toward  lluerta then might
be embarrassing.   It Is said to he unite
uro'-'l-'e. however, thnt no matter who
ifl elected  next  month, the Washington government wlll  hold aloof for a
time until It Is convinced that stabil-
:u* nnd peace have been assured and
thnt the choice of nn executive is ap
proved by ths Mexican people.
Consul Alger at Masatlan, confirm-1
cd t"de'* reports of the kllllim of Mor- |
r's I*. Hoot, of Pottstown, Pa., In the
=titte  of Teplc.    Consul   Alger  added
'hnt the governor of Teplc In response
to   representations,   has   promised   ioi
bend every effort to apprehend  the
Exhibition   Most   Successful   in   Forty
Years���Cattle. Horses and Poullry
Competitions Keen.
Officials from All Lower Mainland to
Parade Over  New  Highway to
rxhlbitlcn Crounds.
The plans of the 11. A. k 1. society
co-operating with Uutnaby und South
Vancouver in coniu ctlon wllh the
off.clal opening of Klng.away on Tuesday, September ilu, e-.hibit.oii opening
day, were about completed yesterday
when officials ut the agricultural
society, together with a committee
from the city council, wulted upon
Keeve Kerr and the douth Vancouver
council und laid proposals b. lore that
i resident Welsh, of the society, to-
g-ther w.th Aldermen Lynch, Jardine
and Kellington, made thu trip aud
after explaining the proposition to
have the road officially opened on
September 30, Reeve Kerr stated he
aus heartily In favor of the scheme
and that he had received assurance
from the Burnaby council that morning that they too were prepared tu
enter the scheme, and at the sn null nm assist New Westminster In
making opening day for Its exhlb'tlon
thc most pronounced success ever..
Miles of Cara.
President Welsh last evening outlined the arrangements which will
take tho form of a huge automobile
parade Involving cltlzenB of Vancouver, South Vancouver, Burnaby and
New Westminster, together with all
outsiders who would feci willing to
enter their cars.
Commencing at Vancouver the par-
(Continued on Page rive.)
Chllllwack,    Sept.    17.���The    most
riicc. .-ihinl fair in tlie history of Cnilt.
wack, where previously forty :muuj.l
fairs had been held, came to a clos_
today with an attendance o! well over
2600 people, visitors coming frcm f_r
points down tlie Kraser valley. Wesl
in nster showed its interest by send
ing no less a prominent citi-in Uian
Mayor Gray, who was accompanied h.
a number of ethers, and t\ J. Mac-
Kt'ii/.ie, ihe member for DelU, aim
motored through,
.-i.inni.a WU-. nit represented in thc
district was successful over last year's
winner, Fairfield island. A new caltle
barn and a new barn for the horse*.
had bi-ati erected tor tills show, but
the   exhibits   IP   those  divisions   wert
so largely Increased that the accom
nu datlon was over taxe 1. Tha poultry exhibits had also doubled, b ing
i-iUu In number, as compared with 150
a year ago, and just _,. two years
ago. ao that it Is evident interest in
poultry breeding is being larg lj
aroiiKi d.
Prize Cattle.
chilliw-.ick's dairy cattle are a'r ad/
flined. The winners at the big Vancouver exhibition Were winners here.
Bam ford Bros, and Charles Hawthorn,
tlie well known breeders, carrying oil
tlie honors for lliiernseys, und K. II.
Barton and Colonel Miller for Jc.rs' yi.
Joe Thompson, Satdis, and W. U. Wai
ker. Kast Chllllwack, were the principal prize winners for Ayrshire*.
Messrs. A. C. W-tlls & Son not competing this year. In thu sheep classes
and the swine classes, the names of
Joe Thompson, C. T. Hlgg.ns n f*
Sun, C. Hawthorn, E. H. Barton nnd,
Bamford Bros, were again to the fjre.
Heavy Horses.
J. 11. Evans and A. E. Willis wore
championship winners In thc classes
for heavy horses and John Hepburn.
South Sumas, also did well. In the
light horse classes J. C. Hummer, J.
Benuman. W. Il, Pntt'nson and J. T.
Maynard took blue ribbons.
Fruit Classes.
The winners In the fruit classes
were Messrs. C, T. Higglnson, W. H.
lllgglnson, W. Knight, J. Hepburn. C.
Bailey. The vegetable and Held crop
entries were not as many as tn
former years, and In this department
Jems Bennlwlth was very successful.
the accused by Magistrate KdmondB,
and the application of Chief Bradshaw
to adjourn the case until this morning,
consuming very few minutes time.
"The chief has asked for an adjournment until tomorrow morning,"
said  the magistrate,    "lt it satlsfac
tm ��*���##���������#��������* ��
Halifax, Sept.  17.���"Through ern  not directly  responsible    ta 3=
the electorate of Canada, our naval proposal*   have- been   defeated �����
for the moment and an increased burden has for the present been fi
proposed and accepted twyend the stas.    We bave every confidence ii
that this defeat iB but temporary and that-the duty of Canada will *
yet be honorably discharged.   The highest future for this Dominion *��
lies with the Empire, but the unity of tbe Empire   cannot    be mala- ��
talned if its greatest Dominion adopts the policy of scampering ul. C*
der the cover of neutrality in time of danger or trouble." ���>
These were the closing words of Premier Borden's   address   to =���_=
the Conservative club of this city yesterday arternoon. --��
% ���* **����*�����# �����������*#
l-ondon,    Sept.    17. ��� The    Glob
(Unlon:st) referring to the spefich b.
Premier Borden at Halifax on Tues-jwork co
day,    says:    "Pri-mler    Borden    feels
that Canada cannot be content while
easier it will be to And a satisfactDrv
settlement whan the time for p-r-k.ctic-.il
A Big Man New.
Thc Standard   (Unionist)
tory to you." turning to Powell, who: lacking  the  (ulfcaat measure  of    lm   that Borden's argument   fa i
res-oonded with "Yes sir." perlal   policy.    That   demand   Is   rea   able.   "We In the mother country.-it
Presenting the same spruce appear- * sonable and one which to England says, "are like those parents who *fi-wi
ance as he did when he stepped from j should be proud to agree. Neverthe- it hard to realize that their children
the C. P. It. train on Tuesday evening 1 less, It must be admitted it raises con-1 are growing va and think it strau-?-
from Detroit, Powell did not show any j stltutional issues of the first Import that they sbould be demanding th-p-
appearance of having been mixed up,ance which will   be   solved   by   the privileges af manhood    and
ndemntty   and   an   apology,   but
fused to countenance military or na
val action.
tlcally at Pekln in the demand for an | in one of the most daring and gigan-1 goodwill of all the parties In England. ; hood.    We mast once for all -get ao-
'   '     '"' lie bank lootings that have ever taken .The sooner that an attempt ls made customed ta t*B Idea that onr greart
place on this continent. 'here to discuss the principles whlc'i  daughter states should  take  part  fr*
Oeorge E. Martin appeared for the should govern the admission of the , the policy of the empire if they art**
prosecution, although his place will, overseas dominions to full partnership to Bhare fn Ma responsibilities. W.��
probably be taken by E. P. Davis, K.C. ihe better for the cause of imperial have already admitted thla priactnfe-
of Vancouver; ln the hearing In court unity. The future of the empire mav by asking Cauda to send ns a t*s*a-*-
this morning, Mr. Davis having con-1 depend upon Its solution, and ths mire ! sentatlve to nit on the committee or
ducted the cases against Dean and | funy and calmly the matter is debated imperial defence, bat we cannot atop
.Macnamara until they were taken to : in Eni_-la_od at the present ix-oment. the i tliere."
There Is a Coed Chance of Those Oe
bentures Being Sold���Said London Firm After Offer.
the zns\re court
Pinkerton Head Here,
Superintendent   P.   K.   Ahearn,   su-
tverlntendc-nt of the Pinkerton Detective agency, with headouarters ln Seattle,   arrived   In   the  city  yesterday
morning after an  absence of several
' weeks, and was  present at the court
I hearing.    He intimated to The News
j that he will stay in the city and Vancouver during the time the Dean case
land probably the Powell case Is being
De 1 dieooscd of.
Although   It   wis   generally   understood  thst Powell h.i�� the option ot
Shaft Ho"s�� at Montezuma Pr-cierty
In California Is Wrecked.
Sui ni-go. Gal., Sept. 17���l.'gh'n nt
struck the shaft house of the Montezuma mine near Warner's Hot Spring*
and dynamite and gasoline stored In
the house exploded and thc building
was destroyed. The only man In It
was the night engineer. He made his
escape In Mme to warn the pumpmen
at the 250-foot level to look out for
the steel cable that waa about to fall
down the sbaft. The loss ts about
Announcement is expected lo
made next Monday evening ot new
arrangements entered. Into by the Burnaby council In respeft to the selling
of Its debenture*. ,i_#,a-.iation�� being
In progress at the present time, according to Iteeve 11. C.  McOregor.
A special meeting of the council
was held yesterday morning when the
question of supplying South Vancouver with water, tapped from the fen-j tried  at  the  present  assizes
tral   Park   main     was     brouaht    up. [	
Keeve Kerr together with Water Superintendent Mowatt were present and
outlined the details in which South
Vancouver expect to tap on to Bur-
naby's mains and thus secure in the
neighborhood of 600,000 gallons of
water per day.
Nothing  definite  was  done  In  this
matter  until   the  receipt  of  a  letter! 	
from the South Vancouver~eouncI. 16]
the effect as to what would constitute | At Central Park Chow C-'hibita Were
i favorable water rate from Burnaby
London.  Sept.  17���Thc    army    is  to be a good centre, but of late it bas
wanting men badly, and In order to  Iner lc* g-ood name for supplying re-
obtain them, tbe army councll 1* fol-'emits to the army.   Recruiting ia at
lowing the lines of other enterprising a low ebb In the Midlands generally.
������lectin': for sneedy trial, it developed j folk and adopting new methods of ad-; and so the council haa hit upon a plan
ves tei day thst a se-etlf-t of the eripi-' vertlslng.    Twenty  years  ago youn.,*' whereby ff is hoped  to reap a rirfi
Inal code permits the attorney general   men  who wished  to "adopt the mi'.l- i harvest of recruits.
tn take the cs'e hefore a jury, when . tary   profession"���that   was   the   way Uniform* aa Bait.
the amount stolen Is over a certain ! the army authorities used to describe! ft ha* been decided to pay soUien*
sum, so thtt in event of Powell be-! the process of what Is generally term- proceeding on pass or furlough to Bfr-
ine   committed   for   trial   he   will   be; ed  "going for a  sojer"���were  invited  mingnam at the rate of one* sh/H/osr
ito do so simply by means of colored per diem for three hours work to walk
'placards posted in postofflce wlndowa-: about In thefr uniforms In such loraff-
jor on the notice boards of other pith-   ties as the recruiting staff desire snd
to her sister municipality
At a meeting of the council held In
camera later In the morning it is understood that a London financial house
was angling after the unsold llurnaby
Issues and this might come to a definite head by next Monday.
of   Highest Class���Poultry   Entries Evcellent.
lie institutions. But now the dearth
of recruits Las become so serious that
newer methods have had to be brought
Into play.
V. on't Show Off.
The dearth of recruits is attributed
largely to soldiers on furlough wearing plain clothes and being seldom
seen in uniforms in ihe,large towns.
Birmingham, for insfince. which recruits    largely    for    the    Coldstream
Guards, the cavalry and the Warwick- [
shire regiment, has always been htld
use their best endeavors to ger yunn.e
men to join tbe colors. Both noncommissioned officers and privates-
are to be employed, and they sre to
wear their attractive regimental cbir"!-
ing. the khaki being discarded for the.-
time being.
Whri the nrmy exere'res end nn
Sept. tt the towns and villages in Cj<"
Midlands a;-*; to be invaded by til*--
count*-!" regiments, who nre to carry-
out - -itftfng marches in Derby. Notts
::*.,!       r'-'ian-ipton
Spokanp.      Sept.   17.-
"ticklers"   are   taboctd
at th*:
and   Th.r.'.l'i
of    the    fair j
and ,
tt was unfortunate that    the    thirteenth annual exhibition of the fent-
i ral    Park    Agricultural      association
should  have opened  ln a shower    of  state    fair   this   year.
:raln.    This  did   not.   however,   Inter- ;Hedd!e, superintendent
jfere  with the display  of a  splendid  police, has given orders to his men to I
i assortment      of        fruits,       flowers. I prevent their sale, even if the TenJer-?
1 vegetables, poultry, eggs, honey, home  had to be arrested to enforce the rule.
, made  bread,  etc..  the  household    in- i    A few of the contraband annoyances
dustrieB being    well    represented    by ihave been distributed, but when corn-
productions of tho culinary art, lace'Plaints began coming in    the    dealer
work and embroidery. was hunted up and given notice eithe-
Several Oth*rc Injured in Collapse of
O-jildinq While Watching  Military Parade.
Cleveland, O . Sept. 17     Just as the
The Central Park Ladies' institution
put up a good show of confectionery,
preserves i fruits and vegetables),
cookery and fancy work, the whole
being completed by well arranged and
tasteful floral decorations.
Children at Work.
That the children hnve been hard at
last section of the hlg military parade K������ Jl!?,!?0!? by a ""T, ""l1 ln
'  ' 'terestlng display of penmanship, free
of tho Perry centennial wns passing t hand drawing, needle and fancv work
tonight, an improvised balcony outside i dressed dolls, etc. The particular tea-
a Chinese restaurant on Superior ave- jturcB  of  this department  were  some
nue. near Sixth street, collapsed lqd *f<^tam m**v llrawl��8- ������������������ ingenious
kindergarten novelties In card  work
by the children of West Burnaby.
to suspend selling them or leave  the
Proposed Civic Recreation
Han Called a Barn With
Stalls at Each End.
fell on the crowd on tho sidewalk below. Instantly kll'iite cne man and
seriously Injuring three other men and
two little girls.
The crowd ct that point was seeking
shelter from the rain in the doorway
of n saloon beneath the restaurant
and was standing directly under the
electric sign of the restaurant, which
formed one of the supuorts of the balcony. Several others in the crowd
were ent and bruised by the hrleks
which fell when thc supports of the
sign gave way.
Albany, N. Y.. s��pt. 17���The
atage Is set fer Uie openina a'
noon tomorrow for the tr'al cf
the Impeachment of WITam
Sulzer, governor of New York.
before the first high court nf
Impeachment ever convened In
this atate to pass unon charges
died against her chief executive.
While Oovernor Pnlser conferred tonight with his counsel,
members of the assembly
board who wlll set a* prosecutor, discussed wtth their lecal
adv'aers measures on proc -dure
on the morrow, members of the
court of appeals and the senator* who jointly compose the
high court, also mapped out
their plan of action.
Prlxe Birds.
The poultry department was quite
filled by a splendid assortment of
fowl, embracing every description of
a domestic bird, aud Including some
particularly fine specimens of Orpins-
tons. Leghorns and lihode Island
Garden Produce.
In general the productions of the
sell wore represented trom the giant
squash to the succulent radish; from
the melon to the blackberry: while
the fiowers included samples of
dahlias, sweet pea, roses, asters, etc..
and assorted bouquets.
Outside the exhibition buildings refreshment booths, side shows snd
swings added to the attractions of the
The announcement of the results ot
the judging and the prises awarded
wlll be made today.
Washington.  Sept.   17.
���jpembe.8 of the tariff conference com
mlttee now engaged In adjusting dlf-  isiratiou.
ferences between the two bouses on put up a    	
the tariff bill, declared today not to ��� building," he   coi T-ak-i.
make public any further agreements��� position we an la here' vr*x**T.
until the conference work is complet- jB on ,**. a_��eaai>r has cut -__>__���_
ed. Publication of agreements ln the, hi8 t^^ ���d tafe %J.S? ^LtJS
last few days has brought many de- [,,"v!nx\a*l\\^)*\\*7. *. 7^Aim[\\\Ti
mands upon the conferences for the! ��7 the hIT _??_�� ��L!.J?. "H**10"*
.-.-.Taenia.*    nf    oH-la,     _y.Ka.rl,.l����     a.aa.1 IIOr  UlC ��"���*  **  "**   MOOtly.
:rals publish
party periodical
Ottawa. Bept. 17.���Canada's newest
periodical was Issued today under the
auspices of the Liberal party. It ts
called the Canadian Liberal monthly.
As lta name Indicates, it Is a monthlv
magaxlne devoted to the exposition of
Liberal principles and Liberal policy
in federal provinces. The Introductory articles states that the magazine,
while vigorously expressing the Liber
al point of view on all the issues at
the day will endeavor to appeal to
every clttwn. +rre��pectlve of hi*
political beliefs.
���CfcuireiUcr Thinks a Bicger  Building'
Needed���Ha Money Caya Mayer
and Work Goes on.
Refuses to Make Public Small Adjust
ment to Bill  Until Whole Has
Been Prepared.
Port Moody. Sept IT.��� Jaat a a-rit*.
barn with two stalls at each enri." mms
the remark made by Alderuuw Ottw>
lat the meeting of the connell laat
I evening while advocating tlw etaoU-a-m
'Of a mere substantial balMMa tbm
Democratic!"* P">P����* ���%���****t emc recrsatKu
hall���one that would bj suitable teethe estabUanasaat ot tha civic nenda-
-Why not ralae tl����U awl
real eahaUntlal two stasia
reopening of certain schedules and
they have determined hereafter to
maintain silence.
A Paat Spec.
It bad beea found �� poor ���pecalaUaw
Chairman Simmons of the senate ! !��r _Pr?Jf *? 52^U"'; or *2onrt,t!��*
conference, said tonight the work was 1^.1^ *jTSTlf. ,0J_Jln,,tor aw
progresslng more rapidly than he had j"*** ._, T���"*?,��� ctr*e ^ci^rttois
expected and he thought a report "__? _"w,w *���_"������* ���too ��*����rtod -the
might be expected by the end of tbis
Ottawa. Sept. 17.���CanadVs flsh
catch this year promises to be the
greatest tn the history of tbe country
and Incidentally, the Dominion Is becoming a great lish Importing country. Imports of domestic flab for the
past three months, according to a
statement Issued bv J. D. Held, minister of customs, yesterday, amounting
to 15.833.000: while for the eortea-
pondtng period last year Imports
totalled $3,748,000. There la a slight
falling off, however, lh the fmperta "
cattle and meats.
aldermaa,   adding that    If It
poor   propoalUoa     for    private
dlviduals aa** eorporatloaa   i
such a building It certalnfr atipii*��1
a bad policy for the counc: I to -wa*n-
the ratepayer taone,���" on tbe   atracu'
EMQr Matter.
The aldrnaaa efoeed wftlr tJfo-**,..
mark that fee thought ft would fee n<
taar mar��� ** ��������	
dltlonal I
���tenth.! i
N�� al AIT.
Mayor -Mil reply to tke '	
an the eeafea feed been appn-aefta
��� --���"���-> �� ww���� ae ����at-
ttm-tattaJasttm neceeaty asm-
Am* t�� put up a -nut*   maay- PAGE  TWO
.in fndspsndeiff ttwrastta*
tt* Fraser Voile!/.
mad rubliihing Como**!.
Sll enminunleotioas
to iiKtiiiiiie'i members of
aai/atile tn  Til' Satis**!
TBl.KI'IIOSKa���, ^^^^^^
tatntt), 991.
wutHtii    Bu mui-l, ���' per -year* IW
gunge which Is u combination of all of
them.    Ills title Is easy to guess anil
in Ksperanto Is ���"Prezidento Unlver-
salo W. Esperanto Asoclo de London."
Among the probabie visitors nlso ls
_^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_ I  J.  Chamberlain,  pre'iideni   of   '.he
to Me l<i-*ui�� of New Wetim-innier ondUirand Trunk I'acitle railway, who with
exoept MinJ.1,, bu Ihe Notional Printing U party ot Officials ol' the line, now Is
-a* SS HoKansi* Street. New H'.-��tmiii��ter, British I making n  visit to  the  prairie?
���OUI HVTHKIt.l.AM). Managing Director, 	
to The Net*  Wettmintter Seles, ond nnt I
i, drafts, and money orders shnutd be mode ,
PmhUthina Cnmuttnu, Limited.
tt Manager, ts* ; Kditnrtat Kooms (nil depart-
-, |4 par vear, |l for three month*, 40c in;
There are some people who will never believe there's
anything to a doughnut but the hole till somebody tries to
One View of the Latest Development
cf Winston Churchill's Nav.-.l
Saskatchewan Towns Prepare to Celebrate Oni Hundred Years Free
rrom War.
rather late, hut better late than never.
What effect lt wll llinve upon the
flooded   labor   market   In  Canada   re-
QCirp   RJ-FFTIIUrC ,nn'nM t0 '"' **m,  As long as a bonus
X[ALL   IflLLlmvl J 1b paid hy the government to the shipping agents und others the tlood wlll
continue in spite of their discouragement."
W.  Storey,  business agent of    the
plumbers and steamflttera: "Conditions at lho presenl tine prove that
tliere nre more than enough mechanics
here for n long time to come lo do
Regina, Sept 17.- Five oblet centres |Canada's work, and the government
for the celebration  of the century of
peace among Anglo-Saxon peoples will
in* chosen in Saskatchewan acoordlng
to the announcement made hy v.. n.
Rcammt 11, organising secretary of the
Canadian Pence Centenary association, Regina, Saskatoon. North flat-
tleford, Swift Current and I'ortal wlll
probal ly he chosen and In each    city
should have taken the Step earlier before the crisis was upen the Industrial
t-t litres. The trouble Is that tin- In-
Pnv commences In ths spring when
there In no work for the newcomer*,
and continues Into the fall when the
work slackens off."
Herbert Cibbons.   business agenl of
htnlatl      ' It Is like locking lh
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
,   .     . |and   town  singled  out   th" celebration   stable door after the horse |a stolen.
The naval correspondent or lhe I .on- ^ n ,m ,,--1,,,-.,,,, ���,.���],,. ,Th��� spnson |a oraotloallj OM r now for
_ .     . t-i  u       _���!_.���      i       Idon Standard has-tho following to say.    V( ^      .p (.anal|*al, boundary from i immlerutlon,  the countrv  Is  flooded,
tif foi* i hf>m the air Since aS their Share,     r OIKS OI tnlS ClaSS ' on   Winston   Churchill ��   latest     mual       '      ,n (,n|l8t bordpr t(lwnB have been ; nni| the aOtlOII Should have been taken
uiili uiiiuui-co      y** -----m a-*-*-.      -    ���   ipoHcy. Larked out Tor tufiotlons partaking of earlier In the year."
_^^_^^__________________. . , - ,. , The oppolntment of a commission �� lnternati0nal oharacter. Cltlzons of     T. Jsokson, business sgenl
usual  funereal notice of  the indications  which  present under  Admiral  Bradford to  go Wo �����       on ^ Canaalan and of North Brotherhood of Carponte
u.nc*.   _.��..*..   ** _ ****************tta^^  ^^��� thi- Question  of storing Ills  majesi>si.. ,-._   . ���   _.-._   -���  .-*--������-
are not expected to sit up and take any other than their
usual funereal notice of the indications which present
themselves every day to prove that business is picking up
and that times are improving.
I ships is puzzling n fair number of peo*
I pie as 'o whether It refers to the care
.���" I Portal  on  the American .side ot^ the | the action should have her.:
spring  nt  Ihe  Is
of    th"
"I think I
taken hist
sonsr-*n   I-i I
will he asked to unite for a joint  .
   ������������-- !celeb"ition     Whether  'liis  wlll   lake  pn tty nearly -..ver. .indili ise thnt
Already the heavy crop on the prairies is making itself I and maintenance of ships noi m com-1 ,    .    ... -
felt on the volume of trade throughout the flat country ISiined a very of its own for the supply
abaft the Rocky mountains.  This ever-enlarging ripple on nf ���-���������i"*'   sU,i','*s*   obvious   enough
,,     i j . ,    i ,       ,   .-i  ' ,i ��� .   ���     the lirsi may be, the Question uaitir-
the business pond may be expected to strike this coast in Lily arises as to why such an inquiry
the very near future, but in the meantime it is quite evi-l1" nocessary a- this time ot day in
dent that British Columbia is having an increase in business on her own account, and it rests in a great measure
with British Columbians themselves whether or not this
revival is to keep on growing or die a natural death. ,
A little auto-suggestion is all that's needed to help|^Ky^^^^S.��*r1
things along.   The kind of auto-suggestion referred to is
mission'or whether the admiralty has ! l,lnpr 1." .e_t_1?I _��.r {h'\.!*"1.r.1n!r,,'.H_".! _?. """." .have ..".">''?. "!' -arrangemenl
navy which���an wo have so often been
told was brought io absolute perfec-
'ion by Admiral Lord Plsher, and has
���since had its lily painted by Winston
The finest features of these reforms
In the Schools.
I'Shlps are supposed tti he either In full     vn*i*e ,hp celebration will be mnn;..
.  ..     ,      ���-, ., ,.    - . . commission  or  In  various  stages  of ,ldert' per,1!ap?���t5e   ,mn'", ,;"",0l1"""
not the brand that results in your mortgaging your house, partial commission once known as work of a11 wlH be '���'���' publ'�� *onoola
to buy a seven-passenger car. but the species that takesN���>i��m crews."  These stages *��"* J^^���w�� ^ZT-Z^"
_������ i      _._ ��� i -i      *i_- ��� ii     t. 1. ibcrn described as    ll  readv  for war,  exonsnee ot ti.ics ueiweun   in. ��mwn
VOU confidently aside and "Whispers in your ear that bllSl-  r,   r..;,���v  for  War   given    sufficient "f  Canadian  and    American    towns
ness is getiing better m the corners of your mouth turn;^^"^-^ ZAl,\Z;; ��� *�� ""��K -- *ee Z
UP and VOU look happy Once more.    The first friend VOU fnr ��n- so lon-;. as there is no war   minion, said Mr. Scammell ill I*-   are
meet notes the merry twinkle in your face and enquires This description, though cynical, is ^m%h0unfld.rffed0,^L'tlllitriBtatS.'wii
., m, '.   ,, i.       i       .' ��� , , .'/. i     i   snot Inapt,     However,  whatever terms!    '"  lnc "aR ��' ",p l ',  ."     u     "    ,'
the cause.  Then you tell him business is good, and if he s 0r descriptions may have been used i'-<" C*.V('" !1 position of honor an the
������^^^^������      ��� \!rv aow ^       h ��� Uchncl walls and Uncle Sam's Bchool
.��� children   will  accept  the ultt  of the
fag of Canada and give it a place . Im
'larly honorable.
,    ,      -     .       .    t    ,   , .       I ,i ,   i, ���       .    .   I mission or storage portend? 'T,,p monuments  which  are to  be
people beginning to look hoppier, hears them talking bet-1 T,,at ip ��� nuestii-i' which no one not
ter times and immediately jumps into the ring with the ln ^e e��nfWences of the admirsitv can
announcement that the fools don't know their business, fordTa* prScaiiy'in piarin8BngrHsh
which, coming from such a source, simply strengthens the\*m p--?-- '** ��;-r for st?.ting um.
a point on the boundary Itself Is not jThe winter wlll tell the real atory of
vet' determined, but it ls anticipated lhe Influx of mechanics this year, ond
thot the public men and citizens owing tbe -lovernment cannot nscaoe hlame
allegiance o the SUrs nnd stripes or -vr ���'���- condit; ns In the industrial
the l'nlon Jack will exchange courte- centres."
-des and fraternize on the day Of the   i
tieac" anniversary. Mr. Scammell
hopes to arrange In the dear future
fnr a meeting of the people of Portal
and North I'ortal nt which tentative
arrangements will be made and com-
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, Tls.: the
tho celebrated "VANi on KU" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Atuerlcsr. and Canadian  lOnglneers' Association
We would also call attention to our Vltrllled Sewer I'lpe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter. This Ih nlso made ln tbls Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry ix stock of Crushed Itock. Washed Oravel, Band,
Ume, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. 902 Columbia 8tr*et W.
Film:;   Just   Completed   Said   to   Rank
/.oiocgct   Mor.t   Powerful
Ever Made.
['eachel" Terms moderate; 8B HI.e-Hl,
si . Phone snn. tionr,.
Mlts. C C. nattHR, TEACHER OP
pianoforte, harmony and singing Pupils mi, i*. nsf-tily prepared for examlnn-
'Inn in ;-. v M nml ii. c. M. For nun*.
apply BflU Third avenue.
the right kind of a fellow, he begins to think it over for
li iin self: result, another facial map wearing a smile, and so
it goes on down the line. The professional grouch sees the I'�� reserve
nnv such 'hinK ns a ship
WhPt, then,  dnes a com
I there Is a er ive shortage of men, such
II r.hortnjre lias rlnce artidually been
'Admitted by Mr. Churchill, thoush the
1 steps taken by him to remedy the defect hive been mere on paner and in
the wav of vague nromlses than In actual fact. Hence it is not unnatural to
wonder --v'tothT rhere is now nn the
tin's  seme  brilliant   scheme  for p"t-
argument for the optimistic club, _^_^^^_^_^^^^_
There are a whole lot of people who are just as poor
as they feel. They're getting the same money today they
received three yeara a-go, but they've been innoculated
with the financial stringency germ like everybody else and
thev treat each nickel that comes their way with the solid- .
tude due the last of the family plate.   It's just as easy to "$ V^Xr-1 %��*��[.��0"i. |��
make these same people feel comfortable once again and, '    '
besides, tbere is good causae, to trv it, for times really are
better and business really is picking up.
The onlv redeeming feature of the gunmen's feud in
New York is the possibility that some of them may be
Vlctf ria. Sept. 17. -A serb .- of moving picture dims rteBlIng with the for-
"-t -nl timber wealth of British Co
lumbia ha:-, jusl been completed i>%
VV. Stentich, the operator In charge, at
the Instigation of the provincial government. These pictures "ill lie
Ierected on the border lino lym'bo'l'ic"at{***> ',.���* " w*'"<" th- empire nnd in
the  spirit of   International    goodwill  ��>���T European coun rles besWes.and
!",!   n"1"'���f^r *,n,   m'?%'  ���    -;''Timber  Inspector Oeorge  D.   McKay
friendly nelbhgor land it is     n�� �� ^^^^^^
f(  i the mlnsd of the coming feneration that the celebration will prove
of greatest significance for the future
:,f the English-speaking world,
Will Be Largely Supported.
It   Is expected  that a largo nr.tnhrr
l.l.\   I
*    II \HI
'.It III-
l-l inol
orte .
.4 1 Km
1 V
U , i.l
1I8H   M.    R1CKWOOD,   TEACHKU   n"
I �� i nei rn,' ait'l ' '.iltst li> hIi-h. nti]  v Wi I   N- w
\v��-stniinNtrr onea u week, I'lasHin for
ndutu. Writf or npply for particular*
at  Oower  Houiw,   Hornby  itreot,  Van-
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) $16,000,000 00
DESERVE    tl6,000.000.00
Itruuches througliout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Kug
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
' (ISA, and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
Of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents lu all parts of the world
Savings Hank Department-Deposits
received In Bums of Jl and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cenL per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over |186.n00.nnu 00.
U. D.   IIHYMNKIt.   Manager.
I    J    A.    llt'HNETT.   AUDITOR
',,���,. muuit   Tel.  H   U��   I'""1" -
I assisted   in   arninclnt;  some    of    tbe
; seen s.   The officials of the Canadian
! Western Lumber company, o�� tiers of  Wort ^g^^Jj^r
| the Kraser Hiver mills, placed an  nu-   r'b.anc  364      P.  0.   Be��   607
P. H   Smith. W. I   it-ovei
and    oulnldt
'i'r.i.-it    Hlin
Across the line in Wasbington state they're adver-
tisirtr for female prune pickers. Perhaps there's an opening there for the lemon gatherers who figure in the divorce courts.
(--��� ������ ...iii, \],n plv'irc rerun bean carp
fully  left   out      Tisher   traditions  are
Mill strn.1-***-; at the adnilraltv; antl it Ip
Inot forgctten that, despite scores of
fpqcl-OUS arguments to cover It. the
original crap h��ap policv was Invented wfth the deliberate object, of oov-
loriDfr.   a   deficiency   af  personnel���the
.'men   from   the   scrimped   ships  beinrri
j used   to  swell   'hn
! more Important ves
I to be pursued with variations?
if public and other o-i;.'i>,itlons
iout Canada and the ' 'd
will lend  their actlv3 suiioprt
to the Centennary r-tsocln'-oe.   ai the
n t-i !������   meeting
Itomoblle al the disposal of the party
'for a  trip  Into the woods  and   tbe
last  few  niiliii  were made on a hand ���
Th�� whole series will cover the entire blftbry of the timber and  lum-
of "the" An cri tan  Mar 'j br.:,humneps of British Columbia. They
Among the prominent visitors to this city is Mr. Martin Powell, who arrived on Tuesday evening in company
���with a delegation of police. Mr. Powell is registered at
the Chateau Bradshaw, Clarkson street.
George Creel, who played heck with Denver graft
politicians, has becn booked for an indefinite run in Minneapolis, where the folk are scrapping for a new charter.
As a municipal doctor, George is some operator.
Mineapolis Has Recurrence of Old Evil
���Vancouver Man Prominent in
Palmy  Days.
association in Montreal, a resolution
In the following tertps v.as carried by
unpntmotifi vote.
"We. tiie members of the Amdrican
Har association, in a"ni*al meeting in
the olty of .Montreal. In the province of
deleted  rrews of | ��-u''"'''���   O"n>'nion     of    Cantde,   >oir
������������Is    it th's nollcy * neighbor In peace for the c mtnry thil
- 'is pa?: and cur frtond ln n'*' " t ir the
-entnri-^s to come, p've our ptrong and
--incrr" approval to th'- projfl' to celebrate the eente��mary of pea *������ between
the l'nited States of Amer^cH and the
British emolre. and what iu being don >
and what is projected by the Amerl.
ean committee, antl we also approve of
the comnrehen*-*ive program formula: ���
ed ami agreed to at the conference !n
the city of New York, heginnini on
May IS, Iin:!. In tween committees representing Oreat P.rltaln. Canada. Australia, New Foundland and the American committee."
I wlll show miles of standing timber
the opi rator being busy while the hand
i e���r was projrress'ng through iiie
woods. Then thc whole business of
lumbering    from    the    time tli" erst
"���-���eh is made in the trees until th"
fort st giants fai ltn the ground and
ire pswed Into legs Is shown One
tree thus exhibited Is s huge fir. fifteen feel in diameter    Tbe life of the
I shantymen, the work on tli" skid roads
land logfin-r lines, the construction of
thn great looms and all the mnltl-
olicltv of phases ef life In tbe gn-at
j'utrtbpring cairns are faltbfuly recorded i n the films.
*'*���. Stentich decleres ���'���������t the serless
of pictures will rank among the m >st
powerful  in the whole annals of the
| moving picture business.
i) �� p. o of v.ik�� of ih�� ii ..r a, meet
the first mul third Thursday at K p. m.
K.   of   T.    I fnll.   F.IKtllh   utreet.   A   Wnlll
Oray, Baalted Rulsrt P. It. Smith, Hoe ,
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
U O. O. M., NO. Ill,��� MEETS ON
ftrhi, second, third and fourth Wednesday 111 each month ul I p. m.
In Ihe Mooes Home. If. J. t^-iimy
dictator: If, E. Jones. si-cri-tary
Kesdeuartsrs of lodgs In See House,
oorner of Fourth and Oiimarvon street*
1. O, O. P. AMITT LODOB NO. 17���Th.
reuiilar meeting of Amity Indue No
!". I. O. O f., le held every Monda:
nlitht ��t I o'eloek In odd Fellows' Hall
corner f'ftt-nar\-on and Klghth i��treet��
\ Istttnn     l,n.them      cordially     lnvlt<��"
n. a. Merrlthew, No, ��� h. w. Bangster,
V.    f). *.    W     0.    COKtlipm,    P,    <'.       Tie.iT'
lng seoretarv��� J. tv. MaoDonsld, flnnn-
dal  eei-retnrv
Mlnespolis, Sept. 17. Not since the
palmy days of the Coe Commission
comnanv. when Proprietor fleorge J,
Hammond, now president of the Na-
Corial Resources Security company, of
^ *^^*aaM^^*^^m^^^sm*^s*T^*fm | Vancouver.   H credited   with
What's in a namp _<-. .he oue'-v renorted to havo heen!mnVini* n milium and losing it, have
v. n.u s in d nrtrn*.- ih uie out   \ leyoi  roitu   .-=i      ��� -cn |bllr,k(,t Bhop(1 beW) nninini! B0 opnnly
launched at the world by the late lamented Mister Shakes- ���	
j In  Minneapolis.
Beventeon are imiil to
iin the downtown distrte
he operating
nntl   women
peare.  Dunno, but it sounds "kind of funnv to hear that an
individual by the name of Hamlet has been arrested in!as well as men are -playing the mar
Seattle for stealing junk. '1<l>'"
Union   Men   Think   Government   Was
This was brought to light today following complaint of a telegraph oner-
! iter iii Msvor Nve. nnd the police yes-
  . ..    terday thai h" hnd dropped *r.*�� i" one
intr men's clothes, pleaded that the male version of the split or the places He wnnted the author-
skirt saved her from insults while dor^inc; about the slums ;;,'-,- iZnr^iZ-^JZZZ
doing settlement work.  Wonder if a skirt would work that i*������ <������ uid do v*!ti.. Mt nvtdenco that the
nla"o   *,vaa   nnt   being     run     on     the
 H Needa Proof ef Fraud.
when here he wlll make an announci-      "I have no mo'e right  tn cl-o-" the
!"m,al'er  pho-**.   v'ln.n   a   man   risks   a
t fow dollars, -ban th- nlaces whore men
mlilo  to   ih'-o^nnt'""    sa'd     Mayor
A St. T.riuis minister's wife who was arrester for wear-
way on Lloyd George at a suffragette meeting.
Tardy in Ft eon lati nt) '
,de of
N'iu v-.rli. Sept. 17 The li"'* Sylvester Kriscluna, a gigantic Polish
priest, was taking nn evening nap on
tho  stenp    ���'.   his  mission   at  No,   BS
i North Third Btreet, Williamsburg. By
his   Bide   lay   a   prayer   book   and   Ills
' purse  containing  ?1
Across tbe street, with Btealthy
tread, cam" Peter Clark, 38 yeiifs of
���ng", No. BB North Third stre, ; Peter
tiptoed cautiously up the steps of the
mission, it. Is said, seized the pocket-
book  and  darted  away     The    Driest
Tv-iko at   the
W. K. KALES��� Pioneer Kuneral Mrento
and Kf-hnlmer, S12-I1R Amen ulree*
oppo��L., Cameifle Library.
nowm.t,   istircEssoit   to  own
ter lc ttnnna. Ltd.)���Fnn'-ril dlreeior
nnd emhnlmern. Parlom III'.. CoiamW'
street.    New   Westminster.    Phone   Sit
I He I-nt�� li nnd IS of I_<>t '.. nnd leits I, 3,
::   4. 34, 36, 31, of lx>t 4. Hiit>diviHi,Hie
of  l.oi   '"..  Suburban  Block  4.  In the
*"nv of New w-mtiiinnicr.
Whereas proof "f lie* loin of Oerllfloate
of Title Number oa7.tl-'. tMued in the name
: of   l^u-liliiii   McQuurrle  haa   l��-en   filed  In
nhit. office
Notice tt* hereby glv.n that I shall, at
! th.- expiration of one month from tho dale
.of the Nr*! publication hereof, In .i ilnily
newspaper published In ths City of New
I Westminster, iai.ii,- n iluplifiitr of the iald
Certificate, unleM In the meantime valid
objection bs made to ms In writing,
J   C   OWTNN,
District   ItuKl��lnil   of Tltlen.
Land  Registry  tiffin,.   New   W..mmln��-
, ter   t: C . mil Aiigu��t   tai.T nji.t)
��<*>t Board of Trnd���� mww in tbobMJr/ !
rofim, f'tty Hafl, nn folli��ww:  Third FY1   '
rtfly of t>nrt\  tponth ;  n'lHrtefly  m***1n(
ou tbl third Friday of Fwbrtmry. liny
AttfAUrt   and   Sn'^mh-nr nt   R  pin.     An
mini meatlnn on ���hi* third Friday o
F^h^m^>'���   v.   H.   Htu����i   Wftde.   W-cr*
Toronto, Sept    17.    Tho    Rnnoiincfrl
policy of iM" fpdera Immigratlcn de��
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ an unnounci-
m"ttt to the effect thai It It nol expected lhat homesteaders on 'Imberedj
Distinguished Men    From    Ek��   mfiB
Across the Water Coro��n�� t��
this Prcvince.
latnls will be required to prove up in
he same measure as the homesteader
of the prairie provinces where there
is no difficult clearing,
\\\ (',. Sleeman, of the London Illustrated ,\'i ws. is also on his way \v<*s* ���
ward nnd may be expected in 'ae
province this week. He has been for
forty-seven years in the newspaper
bnelneps. whloh is a somewhat marvellous record for any man. He has been
in Canada for some weeks "doing"
'he east in a leisurelv fashion and Is
keenly observing financial conditions.
8. .1. l.enuky. a well known and  weal-
Nye. "Of course, il it \
that the t'o-ilnr- were
Bqttsre I eon1'! pet "
According to '-V"���'-.-.. t-hn r *���������
ii.,..-. r.r th- ,.!,-.-!,���- 0f commerce
whieh has heen lighting Minnc-ino!'*.
-.nfi-rt -itr'-s for years, there
"sonar" th*-"".
���"let   r.ii-��-id"  Oti-*at!ot--.
���-1 ..���,i���rtt'ind t*ip shoos --- e-.fi
ii 'lino-'oliM again" ss'rt Mr M-
tliit-h "We hai'o cn^eioed t',r*-n '-���*.-.
������..���'���i-    Minnoaool'-a   grain   onotatlons,
*���������!   thev   nrr.   i-otH���-   finetattona   f*"Oru
line mohicnt   and   saw
F'etcr rurnlng down the st'ee!   He fell
on th" steps beside him and found only
his prayer hook.
Though  he  weighs  260  pounds,   II
  (took the priest but a Second to get tn
partment to encourage the immigration nig feet and run nfter P��tor. /����� the
of onlv thni e wh nn p i" to i ttie on ptreet la peine torn up. Peter did not
the Is  tin   ' ' iirsge artisan lm-|m'nke nrv  rapid  progress, ami  with
mlgrstl   ���   :��� r   the   Immediate   future tremendous strides lho nix-toot-three I
meets v th vari it   mmments In local j clergyman soon caught up to him.
labor * tr'       Tbi  Influx of meohanlcs     The nrlest's heavy hand fell like a
into i'a::*'!'  th     year hat   made the ten nf brinks on thn shoulder of Peter,
prob!'m of employment for the work-  who Is  small,  and   Peter  fell  to  hi
one t'.ia'.t. h" offi- jltn-cs    l.ot ibis did not save blm from
flale.   Deeds,   nii-lne**.-* Letters, ete. ;  clr
cillnr work speolsjlst.    All work -trtctl> .
oonndentlal,    H   Barry, room 418 Went
mliifler Tnmt Plk.    "Hione 70','
Only nnother month to get summer
tourist tickets at reduced rates. Observation, tourist and dining cars on
all through trains. For reservations
and rates apply to
E. GOULET, Agent
New Westminster
II.   W. IlltoniB. O.  P.  A..  Vancouver.
ern  prof-r
not, on the
are  no
od   trarle-^-
Within the next week or two Brit
ish Columbia will be visited by many ^^^^^
men  distinguished  in  vari-mw   mtlhs I'thy manufacturer, Is also nearlng th
��t life;  some of them of intern*tional;const   ^ ^ ^ Cnmnm, ��� ^,m., -,
reput.    Among the first to re-acji ��B<1nR )n  ,-p,,  pnrFon  of  Donald  Walter women
���nrovince will be Klght Hon. Hertjort 1 Cameron, ol Lochiel. who Is known ln  ",*.   '"     ^^^_^^^^^^^L_
',_,������,     nriush    postmaster sewwl, his own country simply ns "The Cm-    -��� losses In Ihls place nnd one su
who w'll be accompanied by Htm. L.  er-m " or tne head of the great, chn eld-
Z    Pel let Ier     postmaster-Ri-neral     of which WBB once one of the great opes I      A bucket
Canada     Mr. Samu,-I le reMV'.n*^ all of the Highlands.   "Tho Cameron    s
..long the   ine to give out any tater-Ur-omp ed bv Lsdv Hermolne, his
n ong i.o ����� /���.,r���     M-honch  hul 37 years nf a-'-
V A^ioihcr  wiii   known  man  -n'-w  OT-J-The '' ron's" ear-r.  both  In  the
���T     j  obed Bmtth,   immiprntion  army anfl in private life has '-enn o'
���-.��� Mr Obed Bmlth his br-n lr.- at-n I, i- I-,' m. ivi what la -t ���-���-.
5 |y the tonfiddnce of the ��!��Mlan ng so manv of the best men nf Scot-
peoplo  an.l   Is  now  In  a  -strntl^oa  offland tr, he    land o   oak
on tho futurr welfare
minister o* fhe in
preal  Inflncu
of the country.
Hon. Hr Hoch
terior for Canada, is another whose
arrival Is awaited in II. C lln in on
an extensive t mr of the ftomini-tm ond
has alreadv spent several we-rtn in tht
��� od   nl-e-nle
"I   devices
'*, I. i
11. Bottlnger Mudie will be here In
a week or two Mr. Motile Is educated ln monoy and Is a well known London broker, who will probably have
some encouraging remarks for the local linancial Interests, But this Is not
his only claim to fame, fnr he is also.
klKrwtl till over the world as the head i'h�� n-Hc
���'-eir own stories or t>>e conditions In
("nnsda st present. The government
��� hould have d-ne this long ago, as
the if*-1!? rf iv��i* who "o hack wlll
do morn Injurv to i'an-da Ihan anything thai ci old be done. Resides,
other Information is going back "i the
,Mmmmm*****.....m**m '"���'i   land  telling  of  oondlt'nns  here.
nch-'Y   -nd   hnse  their  There are no doubt hundreds of ni"n
or, them, l���   Toropt-o   who   would   go   hsck   to*
1 understand that In one large line-   morrow  If Ihey h"d the mesns to do
.t-op I-.-,., nf "io enqtn-moeo   >"���   ..���     Trade  is good  In th" old  ci un-
--ordlnc  (o   rooo-lq   -,.-,,.'.'.,��    (r\'"
I   dlvnrcro   ba'-o   resn'tcd j e^_- r. tt,, Oplnt*-ns.
,Tohn f p- ran of ihe brewery "-o-1-
its, paid: "Th- nneltlrn taV-n bv th"
"ove-iino nt Is a rocogtiltlon that there
is mere lab'r than reniilr"'! In f'anada.
in 'inn,, nf rennrts to the contrary
frnm 'Tnlgratlon agents, manuftictur-
i-r*    *���''-"
n - <-.,.,���...
       noi Tailors' enl-     ^^^^^^^^^^^
m  ro-"i*"imo, i,.>"   (iron   ndopted   vo-ira   -'ro      Te-e
"hen   e�� '- -.,i��� i |.,r���(, ,|t|,,s n,r,,  flooded  wllh. nrtisin-
-.. ���r fell nf the "ia-ket|niit  if o-ork     If thn government  wl'l
_     'i as "ie 'broker' Icnrry out. such a policy honestly It wlll
geta hie eiictationa faster, the custom-j be  a  good   thing   for  the   Dominion.
, The people bave lo be looked after In
tbe bncVet shin I the winter time, nod It means a great
mart'liio, at"'  Heel ' texnense to labor unions as well
the sllehtesl    fluctuation    wipes   out  as others In Ihe community."
lh" eiiFtomors. I.t-nis Kohlinetz, International officer
"Th11 onlv  renodv  1  can  see Ir for     "
rlati-rt*. Rollattors, etc. 4a l-arne Htre.*'
New Westminster,   fl   B. Corbould, V
___________.^���_-______���-���I_-___-----B���i     r--    J-  I Oent.    A.  R  Mc-flnll.
era such ti serif v.      ^M*^^^^*^^^^1^
cers ni tbe unions am concerned In U severe beating. Peter's cries of pain I ADAM  bmjv.-h   joiinhton.
flndlng cmplnymcnl for the members   broughl  n large crowd to watch  thel    f __ t-mw.   solicitor    eta
"II  Is not n moiute too soon." Bald  priest administer punishment
Joseph Bamber, eecretary of thn brick      Detectives Dov
layers, "for Ihn government  to tak<   ��� *������,  Bedford
euch action.   There are nnr a .do/en ! Pnti
of our men on tlu-ir wav back to the of
old  country  now. and  they  will  tnll
Dwllng and f'osgrove of
avenue   station   rescued
r and  looked him up on a charge
petty larceny.
t,��� r'i,i,te nddress "Johnston
forte "Wentern ttnlen" Offices, "IIP
ftkiek. r. r.2 Columbia etreet. New Weat
minuter.  B. C.
-ffl-o  ���
'.ot ^    O*.     * 1> fl
Wllh  thl oron-tptn
"timbl'ne den
t-i -mom phon"
������-.I   fo  defraud
f.,,t wl--., .���
tt .-'- r-i t.-e
,,!..'nt-    *!,���    -,*-_
���,.i,,., which li"
"     nf   ||v
"Thn nol
or  baa   nn   eli-nce.
"Not onlv thlp. but
��� nn reonircs onlv smal
of   the   pbolo-entrravers:     "We   have
���    ���    -     ��       i-hne-m nil over the worltl as the head i'he p-l|co to raid the places like the  sent many back ourselves at our own
prairie cities.    Hon. Mr. RM*^1^"T,,,'m" '''i,JL'r  of  the   B��DerantlBt��      federal otlcers did nil over the coun-   expense, andt  hey will tell their own
S^SBS ' H^ MSfW bVSThe newTnte^atfona! lan-1 try two years ago." | rtory.    The government action comes
Cramming down lll-ehoaen
food, snd ruthing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with all It mean! In
Prope.r hablt-3 ol eating,
with a Ns-Dm-Co Dy��-
pep.--.la Tablet altr.r each
meal, re-tore good digestion, health and happinaas.
A box ol Na-Dru-Co Dys-
pep_Ja Tablets costs but
50c. at your Druggist's.
National Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.
plife ��� DarrlHtere and Hellcllors, Weat
minster Trust Plk��� Columbia atre*tt
Ml w Westminster, n C. Cable iiddree
''WhlteBlfle," Weeiern Union. P. C
Drawer 'itio. Telephone fl9. W, .'
Whiteside, K. O.; H. L. Bdmonda, T
I. HTII.WKLL CLITTH. Borrleier-et-la*
aollcltor, etc.; corner Columbia an*
MeK.-n7.te *tre,.tn, New Westm-kiste'
B, C.   P, O   Dos* IIS.    Telephone   71'
Rolloltnr idid Notary. Offlcep Hnr
block, 2S l^irne etro-rt. New Woatmlr
ster. B. C
Rnrrlsters sntl Pollcpors. soft to ���!��
WiHiiiiln��ter Trust Hlock. O. PI Mnr
tin,   W.   O,   McQuarrie   and  (Ieorge   I
Telephonea:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN  HKID, Proprietor,
j    Agents     Palmer     Uron.'   Gasoline
i I-tigines,  Murine  Engines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office snd Works: Tenth St.
j P.O. Box 474.   New Weatmlnster. B.C.
COAL MININO rights of the Dnmlntoa
In Manitoba. Hnakatchnwan and Alberta,
the Yi*on Terrttery, the Nortbweiit Territories and In a portion of ttie Provlnes
of British Columbia, may be leased for ���
lerm of twenty-one yeara at nn annual
rental nf II an acre. Not mm*' than tltt
acrea will he leoeed to' ona applicant.
Application for a leaae muat Iw mads
hy the applicant In peraan tn tlie Agent
nr Hub-Agent of the dlatrlct tn which Um
righta applied for are attuated
In surveyed territory the land muat bt
't,*K(-rttied by aeotlnna. or Ingul wntedlvl-
fltona of aectlona, and In unaurv-iiyt'd territory the tract applied for shall bt
staked out by tha applloant hlmaelf.
Kach application muat bn iiei-<iin|��nM
hy a f'-e of II ��nlch wlll be refmuJ-lil If
ibe rlnlue applied for are not available,
hut not otherwise, A royalty ahall ba
nald on tha merclu-ntable output of tha
mine f.t the rate nf five oenta par ton.
The peraon opentttn-g thu mine ahall
furnish the Agent with awarn returns
accnuptliiK for the (nil quantity of mer-
cbuntnbl- ooal mined and pay the royalty th* reon. If the ennl mining rights
are nnt lielng operated nuch returns atiouM
be  furniHhed at lenet  onc�� a yedr.
The b>��an wlll Include the caul mining
t-lgbta oaly. hat the lejinee wlll be permitted tn purchase whatever nvallnblt
surface righta nutl bo cnnHldnrod nneea-
sury fnr the working of tbe mine at tbs
rate of |io an acre.
I'or full Information application ehotil-1
be made to the ft-crntary of tho Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any
Agent ar Sub-Am-nt of Dominion lAfida,
*V. W. CORT.
Deputy Minister of tbe Interior..
N. fl.- Uniiiitbort-red inhllcatlon of tbls
ndv-rtlaemant wilt nnt be paid for.
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newa Bldg.
of all kind.-,.
Pi-Ices right.   flnHefnctlrni guaranteed.
B8 M...untie  St. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1913
i thnn ���"���)
Now Owns Ptarmigan on Bear Mountain, Wast Coaat of Vancouver
Victoria. Sept. 17.-One of the b it
testimonials that the mineral worth of
Vancouver Island haa received gratul
tously came with the announcement
from Ihe Karl of Denbigh, who arr.v Ml
Monday wllh Sir James Slvwrlglit,
Major I'. Johnston and l.ady Marjorie
[fielding, daughter of tha earl, that
tha y have purchased tho I'tarm'gin
nine, located on Bear mountain on
the West coast, north of the.Alb.rnl
canal, have already developed the
property to the point of making It ac
pealible nnd are mi�� on the eve i.i
placing the producing plant lu opi ra
The l'i:.;mlKiin mine ls a copper-
gold proposition, and the sale of it tu
thu   above mentioned   party    Involved
tlie passing of ubout a quarter of a
million ib liars    The money has beeu
subscribed by tha few members of tne
party, and there wlll be on publlc Is
sui) of stock or anything of that na
ture. On Ihe face of It, the transuc
tion has the genuine ring that mining operations In this province il-
mand, aud lhe fact that the enteipria
is of a purvly private character, and
has been advanced so far without pub
Heity or bonstfultiess of any d scrip-
tlon. may be taken as additional nidi
cations of tlie Intrinsic worth of th ���
Hear mountain rises up to a height
of something like 60011  feet, and  the
mining property is located near   th
summit      Hear  creek   ll the   natural
waterway that leadB to the properly. I
and alreadv the small but influential j
syndicate has erected a pier or laid'
lng there, so tbat when the mine Is In
operation,   a consummation   which   Is ]
expeoted to develop about July of next
year, then- will be no difficulty abiut j
shlnplng the ore, which, by the wy.
will go to Ladysmith to be treated by
the amelter of the Tyee company.
Man Triet to Force Girl Into Convent,
Poli-.e Forget Names snd She Finally   Enters   Institution.
Toronto. Sept 17 Struggling desperately wiih her lather, and at lhe
fame time loudly calling (or h dp. a 15-
vi-:ir-<id *-lri created i sensation out-
itde 'he gates of the Good Shepherd
convent on West l-ixlgc avenue, l'ark
dale, late yesterday afternoon a great
crowd of people was attracted by the
excitement, and .1 soon became evident thnt the man was attempting tl
force the Kirl within tho pirtnls ol
In- convent The police took a hand.
and b',th tin- man ami girl Were removed io the police station.
From what the police have learned
of   the   case   It   appears   that   a   man
walked "P Welt Lodge avenue yester- !
day   afternoon     towards   the   convent
gates with a girl.    A    tew    minutes!
later the residents of the street  were
tti'.rtled by i-.rich from the girl   It  HAS
Hon   seen   tliat   she   was   lighting   to i
Iree hersell  from    the   grasp of her
male companion.
Pedestrians would have Interfered.:
1 n'   the man  It said to have shouted
that he was a detective,    Palling to
net the Rlrl in the gate, the   stranger
took her to a dry goods store on    th"
corner Of West Lodge and Queen, lie I
ordered the storekeeper to phone for,
another constable.    It Ib alleged  that ���
he again Claimed to he a detective
He Deserted Her.
The nirl cried out that ne was li-T j
!:rher h name, but in name only She
said he h.ul deserted her when she was
eight years old, and she had shifted j
for hartelf ever since. The man re-1
plied that she had been running around
at nights, nnd he wanted to get her in
the convrnl until he could net anotli-
er place for her. ile turned his ntten-
tlon to the phone iu Under Bros.'
Store, nexi door
While  the  man   was  gone  the  girl
���ran out the r"ar door of the tlrygoods j
store,  and   .lumping over two  fences i
iped down the lane at the rear.    The:
father   followed   and   caught   her.     A j
battle took place and at last the girl
was led hack to West  laidge avenue
The   -latrol   wagon  had. arrived,   but
lhe driver refused to take the girl In.
statin!  that  bn had no authority  to
hold her. us he was not a policeman.
Shortly nfter a policeman came
Cowan avenue station. What arrangements were mnde Is not known, but
residents saw the girl being taken
Into the convent last evening. Thc
police at t'owan avenue could not remember the names last night.
Toronto, 8ept. 17.���Wal'er Watkln-
son, the plasterer who sustained such
peculiar Injuries on Saturday In a tall
from a building which was In course
of construction at Stop 18 on the
Kingston road, died ln the general
hospital vi sterday afternoon.
In a full of seventeen feet Watkln-
son sustained a fractured arm, numerous bruises to his head and f '.co, th"
roof of his inoutli was broken, and he
had a rut In his windpipe.
Ills death was due directly to the
cut In hls windpipe, which caused em
physema, rather a rare complaint. Emphysema Is described as "a *welllng
produced by gas or air diffused In the
cellular tissues.' The tissues of the
victim's obdy became so charged wlt'i
air as lie breathed that when the
ches1 was pressed a queer cracking
noise resulted.
' There was no external mark on the
body to Indicate how the cut had been
recelved4and It Is presumed that Wat-
klnscn must have had something In
his mouth when he fell. This might
also sccount fer the fracture cf the
hard palate.
You all iVnow Koyal Otandard rl
now learn about all the products we manufacture
Eighty-five different varieties in all! Of benefit to every farmer, dairyman,
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raisers alike-we can give you practical
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bia and because tbe great care exercised in
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isfactlon. Nothing leavea oar saill hetere it
ls first thoroughly analyzed aa* teste*. Why,
do you know, we actually base onr own
kitchen tor basins the breed wa Main witb
our flours. If the result Is oor ses MMmb
Is satisfactory, it wffl be in jusssl Aad
we are lust as watchful a isi less fel wtth all
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to the test.
JAMES W. HALDON, Local Manager
Telephone 1435.
Llf* Story of Msrlaggl, Winnipeg Restaurant Man, Reads Like a Tale
of Olden Timet.
Toronto, Sept. 17.-Frank Walger,
M. I*. P., Kort Saskatchewan, Alberta,
Is on hls way homo from n fourmonths'
holiday trip In Europe. Wben seen by
a representative of the press, Mr.
Walker was carrying with him the sequel of a romance than began ln
France, wandered all over British
North America, and finally wound up
In Corsica.
"1 did the usual round of sight-seeing," said Mr. Walker, "but the best
part of my holiday wob the Iwo weeks
I spent with my old friend. Frank
Marlaggl, at hla castle In Corstco."
Thousands Knew Msrlaggl.
Everybody out west and ninny people down east know Frank Mnrlnggl.
For a long time hla restaurant nt Winnipeg waa the only place between Toronto and the Rocky Mountains where
one could get a good meal, llut few
people know that he was a soldier,
and an aristocrat with a pedigree right
hundred yenrs lontr. and ancient estates In the island that Napoleon made
"Ancestral estates," said Mr. Walker, "were abont all Msrlaggl had. He
had nothing to keen them up on, so
he came out to Canada to put the
family fortunes on their feet. He
eame to Canada because It was a British possession. Corsica belongs to
France, but the Corslcans bave been
warm toward Kngland ever since Paoll
found aid and comfort In l_ngland for
his liberating movement In the eighteenth century. So when young
Francesco Marlaggl resolved to try his
luck In the new world he looked for
a Country under Uie Union Jack.
He Was a Captain.
"Jurt to show ,-ou what those thor-
Mighti-eds will do In a country where
they aren't known," went on Mr. Walker, "Marlaggl was a captain In the
French army. He fought through the
Franco-Ku-sslnn war. and was present
at the surrender of Sedan. He was a
high roller nnd a duellist of renown,
but he forgot nil that when he came to
Canada and settled down to the hard
I i-onflrmed his fume.    Any westerner ; to run over to Corsica and see him.
Will  tell  you  that    Frank    Marlaggl ' So he goes to  Monte Carlo instead,
i knew  more about cooking than any- {and renews old acquaintances.
i tiody else north of tho 48th parallel." | He -Looks Prosperous.
Made Money in Lands. "Yes,"   said   Mr.   Walker,    "Frank
"Of course," explained Mr. Walker, I Marlaggl would like to be with us
! "Marlaggl made inonfy in northwest .again, but he's sixty-seven years old
hands. He was In the country from | now, and he has to live and die in
11X72 to 1907 end It was only natural i Corsica for the sake of the family. By
'thst he should get n "hare of tlie un- 'the way, it's his one misfortune that
earned  Increment.    He hns a lot  of ihe hasn't any children. All tbe money,
! the magistrate in Coderich waa false | "viansr
| and that they procured liquor in Ihm*  wira
at   tam   situation, stating that
as average yield of twenty bush-
good property In Winnipeg and l'ort
Arthur yet nnd he took about thi-ee-
iinsrters of a mi'lion home to Corsica,
which makes him the Rockefeller of
those part". He was lucky In marrv-
ing a good wife, an Icelander, who
took good care of what Frank made.
Frank was a plunger. He mnde monev
lut he culdn't keep it. His wife did
that for him.
"Well." said Mr. Walker. "Marlaggl
took the coin home to Corsica snd rebuilt the castle. He has a town bouse
st Agacclo where tho municipal elections ��tp still fought m the lines of
Bonaparte or no  Bonaparte, but  the
work of making money No job was I castle I* as IJ-raslra. seventeen miles
too humble for Frank Marlaggl to turn I away, thousands n* 'oot cn. in the sir.
an honest dollar. He was a waiter, with mountains an��'" poor, prood peo-
a cook, n navvy, a miner, heaven j p'o. too blue-blooded to work, all
knows what eUe. But he was always i round. Frank Mariner' Is cotmsellor-
a gentleman. It took a lot of bricks I genera], wh'rli Is something like lleu-
to rebuild the rnstle In Corsica, nnd I tenBnt-Fovernnr. and the Marlaggl
no doubt that thought sustained him I family Is holding Its chin np again
through many a disagreeable task
"Mnrlnygl wns at two rold rushes
'n British Columbia and the Yukon."
Wnlker continued, "but hc came out
a lo��er. He struck hiB gait when he
become a hotelkeeper. He had a genius for cooking. He was a natural
born chef and the meals he served became famous. He charged more tor
thorn, but they were worth It. He kept
hotel for a while in my little town
of Fort Saskatchewan and tbe memory of Marlaggl's dinners Is a sweet
fragrance there yet.   What he did af-
f's some "astle, thst," mused Mr.
Walker, "all Corsleeu outside, but all
Cnnndlan Inside���toboggans, Snow-
shoes, tomahawks, huntlnp knives,
war bonnets, pictures of Ind'an chiefs.
bearskin rugs and all that sort of
thing. It's s museum of Canadian
souvenirs. Frank Marlaggi's heart is
with uS yeL He's not like those other
Italians -- get your pile and hurry
home. 'He's been In Canada long
enough, to get rooted, and he can't for
get the boys. He complained that
though Nice and Monte Carlo are only
terwsrds In his restaurant at Wlnnl- eight hours away, and many Canadians made a signed
peg and hit hotel at-Pan Arthur oaty Mimi there, they don't take the trouble met lhat their evidence given beforo
nnd all the real estate In Winnipeg
and Port Arthur, the town house in
Ajacclo. and tlfb castl/ In the mean-
tains goes to s little ten-year-old
niece "
"One day." Mr. Walker remarked, "I
said to him: 'Frank. I sun-pose you'll
be looking for some big titled Frenchman to marry that small niece ot
vours when she grows up.' He thought
tor a minute and then replied: 'No.
So long ss he's a good fellow I don't
care. My choice tor her would be a
Canadian. Wben thr right man comes
nlong I give him the girl and ihe
money snd the whole works. But he
must take the name of Marlaggl."
other Ooderlch hotels the same day.:.,  ,_._.. .    ..
Burns was arrested tbis morning by*-** ��n tlie acre, he thought seemed to
Constable Whltesldes on the chargw hm general sad which he accepted as
of subordination ot perjury and hid-p- \f&* ssest convenient average to han-
ed ln the Clinton lockup. At bis set-
quest snd adjournment was made Oil
|next Monday. The boys sre committed for trial. Bail waa furnished by
W. Elliott. W. R. Counter. Den GUd-
dou and James Levy. Crown Attorney Hayes, ot Qoderlch, conducted die
Clinton. Ont.. Sept. 17.���As a result
of a prellmlnsry hearing here before
Police Magistrate Andrews, George
Burns, fcrmcrlv of Bavflleld. and two
minors belonging to Clinton families,
are out on ball on charges of perjury
and "tihordlnstlon of perjury. It ls
teh nnfeomo of n case laid by Inspector
fl. Johnson against James Reynolds,
propr'etoor of the British Exchange
hotelfl Ooderlch. tor selling to minors, which wss tried on August 25 at
Qoderlch, when the boya swore tbat
they were not served with any liquor
on the day mentioned!! Since then
to Inspector Johnson aad Provincial
Constable Whltesldes the boys have
statement to the et-
Reports from Prairies T*ll of Wholesalers Doing Capsclty Business
in All Lines.
Saskatoon, Sept. 17.���When half a
dosen of the largest wholesalers tit
the city sre pleased with the existing
conditions, "we should worry" becomes
an apt phrase.
George W. McDonald of the Rum-
>ey company, aaid yesterday, "We arts
tied i:p." and ��y way of explanation
stated "we can't supply tbe demand."
his reason being that they had not anticipated auc a brightening up -of th*
"Reports," be said, "indicate tbat
money will be looee this autumn and
that the collection department should'
do well, collections starting two or
three weeks earlier than laat year.
E. C. McKay took a very
-_Le Use Cacsxa-r. who had incurred lit-
t__r neer HahHity would be on his feet
this fall which would result In
sales for the John Deere  Plow
Collections Improve.
X H. Milne of Adams Bros., saif-
dlery. srftta a pleased expression said.
"We U-nagbt that we would do well
if we esHeated BO per cent, of our accounts tot we tnd that we sre do-
fn? considerably better than that, and
besides orders for spring are coming
Forgetting Stringency.
W. B. Lorrtaaa. of Tees ft Persse.
who attends te the collection end of
tbe Issls-ss. when approached on the
subject ssld. "1-est month was our
best seonth yet. and money is loos-
"WTtlk this corp marketed we will
soon have forgotten all about monev
Ttoaek B. A. Benoy ofthe Fairbanks
Mat*** oompany. seemed to have been
cone'devablv affected by the recent
stringency, he was nevertheless count
Inr ����� rorortMng pretty fair this fs'l
and s><C -This wlll be s clean no -
var." scoanlit tbst while things may
be **rirm stead' than previous year*
the> fee** wm be In tetter condl^
Usfi Ol-rw heretofore.
reports test received by E. P. Dldr-
tta*m of tka International Harvester
oo*i*M**r. ttam aome twenty-five
ban* watetasa In the Saskatoon dls-
*!.?*��'��������*������������: *blcb. aa My.
OfrMbawi arid la very satUfsctory
!2f"*** ���dgdowrwlent as well aa
tm SBMt        stable average to dt��-
-�����i~��KAsWjim **t\ts*. -hotjm
Fresh Water and Salt���*���
Birkrntine Jamea Tuft Bringing Fiuel
Frcm Australia to British Columbia.
Victoria, Sept. 17.���With a tail cargo
mi Australian coal for British Columbia, the barkentlne James Tun, Cspt.
j--r..-')i��-n!. i�� reported to hsve sailed
Irom New-rustle. N.8.W., on Bei*. V
fnr Victoria. The Jsmes Tutl neacl>��d
HnwraaUfi on July 29 with lii-mtn r from
-Miikillr-o. After a voyage of S3 days
(too fusel Sound, the British IirtL
I.a.ttle Abbey arrived at Newcastle,
the saint- day the James Tuft Balled.
The Hattle Abbey carried 1,386,44.
ft-*-! of lumlior. She also has been
ehsrterod to carry coal from New-
castle to Victoria, and aB soon as she
lm... completed her discharge will com-
tmnie  loaditiR  for this port.
Tlie American barkentlne Alta, Capt,
Thornagel, is now berthed at the mills
or the Canadian-I'uget Sound Lumber
company in the inner harbor, nud begun l-oniling her 1,500,000 carRo today.
Portland, Sept. 17. The Intest lumber charters include the schooner
Commerce, to load here lor the West
j coast, her rate beliiR 4L's lid. Cmiyii,
I Mackall & Co., fixed the vessel, while
W.   U.  (Irase and  company   tnnk  the
I schooners Resolute and w. J, Patter-
! son at like rates fur the same liusl-
ness, hut the Patterson wlll he given
j-cargo on flrays Harbor and the Resolute at Mendocino,
Comyn, Mackall and oompany have
; engaged the barkentlne John L Meyer
'with the schooners B, B, Jackson and
H, K. Hall to load coal at Newcastle
for San Krancisco. They wlll lie loaded at the northern ports with lumber
The schooner Qeorge E. UilliiiRs is
jcornlnK here from Newcastle for tho
'same firm and the barkentlne .lames
Tuft Is under charter also. She Ih now
en route form Newcastle for Victoria.
WILL ASK  $60 000 FOR
Big Manufacturer Cays Rubber Goods
Will  Be of  Batter  Quality  Because of Drop in Market.
i Washington, Bept. '7. The department of commerce wlll ask for au appropriation of $60,000 for the orectlon
of additions! aids to navigation in
MaBks In the flscRl voir beginning
June SO, 1916, according to a letter received by Senator .lones from Asslst-
:in> Secretary Sweet.
The letter does nol indicate where
the monev wlll he expended, but says
that ii will he disbursed advantageously  to the interests of navigation.
Montreal, Wept. 17. A. I). Thornton,
of the Canadian Consolidated llubber
Co., Ltd., who has just returned trom
Kurope, in an interview today, explained certain aspects of the rubber
trade which have a bearing on the
news from London regarding Ihe decline in rubber shares. He statis that
the entire aspect Of lhe rubber trade
has altered for good and that, with
the crop Irom Ceylon and the Malay
islands putting South America Into a
secondary place as a producer of rub-
li-T, the supply ol the crude material
has greatly Increased and will double
Itself in ii few years.
Questioned regarding the effect this
will have on the price of rubber commodities, such ns footwear, tires and
belting. Mr. Thornton said that il
was particularly In this rc-rard that
he bad visited London, which Is thu
great market of tho new supply from
the  east.
"The general expert Kuropean opinion," hc said, "Is that the new conditions will have the effect cf improving tho quality of the finished article
before the price goes down."
Social and  Personal
J.'W, Tims, Montreal, is staying at
the Russell,
('. B. M. Iirown. Montreal iH regialtr
ed the Hussell hotel.
Q. K.    Malcolm.   11    Vancouver,   ig
registered at thu llussi 11
',    ,1.   K.   Mctiachle,  of   Vancouver,    is
registered at the Hussell.
Mr. Martin, r f Broley ,v Martin, contractors, lu confined to Ills bed suffer
ing from an attack ot sclaiieii.
Mr and Mrs. II. Langley have taker.
tt|i tbelr new residence al 7-1 Sixth
avenue, whero Mrs. Langley will receive In future.
R C, K. lt. Trainmaster Marsh and
wife, together with Mr. and Mrs. Har
fett, of Central Park, left yesterday
on a motoring trip to Bellingham,
Seattle and other points In Washington slate. They expect to be away
nearly two weeks.
Superintendent Kd. Stirling, of the
Kraser Valley and l.ulu island lines of
the 11. 0. K. II., together with Ills wife,*
returned yesterday from p motoring
triii through the Yale country,   Many
points visited were traversed  for the
llrst time by auto.
Misses draco    anil  Kaniiic    Stroud
daughters of  Dr.    uiul     Mrs.     II.     K I
Stri ml,  ol  Log  Angeles,  arrived    iu
tho city yesterday  on  a  visit to  Mr.
and   Mrs.   II.  Ryall,  distant  relatives ]
This is their first  visit  Into Canada
and after slaying  a  few  davs on  the
coast will leave on the C. P. H.   tori
Montreal, thence homeward via New
York and the Southern Pacific route.
Tlio department of marine and fish
eru'i has Issued the following in I c I
to mariners.
t'2S��) Sutil Channel llncbartpti
rock reported off Heriot island. Capt
Jolui Cockle, S. S. Cheakamns roper e
��Jhe existence of an uncharted rock.of,
Heriot islam! Sutll cbanntl. Position
��� The rock extends eastward frcm a
point about 150 yards in a ti recti an
���Bi degroes (N. 67 degrees 21) minutes
_E. Mnj;.) approximately from the
southeast extremity of lloriot island.
l.__t. N. 50 degrees 6 minutes ,'!0 sic
itnds, l-nng. W. 125 degrees 14 min*.
29 sir. The ruck is approximately in
the position where 17 fathoms i'
shown on Admiralty chart No. .58m.
De-script km A large shallow rock.
There is no kelp showing. Depths���3
to 8 fort. Variation in lsis-. 85 d ������
���xrn-es :t0 mins. K. Authority: lt"port
trom agent, M. and K., Victoria. Ad
rn irn Ity churls: Nos. 2K70, 683 and
1917. Publication: lliiiisli Columbia
Pilot. 190B, page 234. Departmental
file:   No. 252:1:!.
tiffllO Seaforth Channil -Uncharted
rock northwest of D-all Patch���Pr*-,i-
r.ion iif rock 2\t cables 313 degrees
_!i�� mus. IN. 71 degrees W. Mag.) from
flail Patch, and V, mile 24- degrees
-18 mins. IS. 42 degrees W. Mat-.'
frum White Stono beaccn. Ia'.. N. 52
���dtegrees 13 mins. 6 sec. l-D-i. W. 1-8
degrees 11 mlns. 13 src\ I)'pill���15
ft. Variation in 1913: 27 d gree-s 20
mins. K. Authority: Repor- from
agent. M. and P., Victoria. Adm'ralty
���charts Nos. 2449 and 1923 B, Puhl'c-
����on: liritish Columbia Pilot, 1905,
\>*x**.o. 416. Departmental fl*: No.
MM Observatory Inlot���Aiskew Is
land -Gas-llgbted beacon eslabllihed.
l-'orraer notice���No. 51 (137) of 1912.
Date of establishment���On or abiir
Is�� September. 1913, without futtliTr
motiin*;. Position���On the ea��t extreme
���or Aisfcc-w island, on the side ot the
wooden day beacon, whicb will h ���
inUten down. l_at. N. 55 degrees, 22
mins. 40 sees. 1 on. W. 129 degree", 46
mins. 15 sees. Character White Vght
^uitomaticaTIy occulted at short intervals. Elevation���40 feet Visibility -
X tnilcs from all polnta of approach.
lllnmi-nal'iig aoparatus��� A lens lant
���/TO. lllimiinnnt Acetylene, gey-crated
automatically. Structure -Steel cylln-
ilrical tank, surmounted by a pvrnm'd
sii siel frame supporting the lantern.
It stands nn a square concrete bas".
���Color Wbite. Remarks'--The ligM is
v.n-��atrbod. Authority: Report Inn
tV-ccnt M and K. Victorii. A-tlin'ralty
-cbar'B-. Nos. 2458 and 2431. Publ'c*<-
���jHvtr. RT't'sh Columbia I'iUt, 1905.
Imrh 503. Canadian List of lights and
Fog Signals. 1913. To be inserted as
t\o --3KX. lX'iiartmrntal tic: Nr,.
Si-attle, Sepi. 17 The past season
v*-as a il'isas'rinis one financially for
the sereral hundred salmon fishermen
���off ("ape Ommaney. Alaska, acenrdiu;:
tn Cspt Kdward Wall, of the fishing
pa****T ndtooner Sophia Johnson which
returned from the Cape Ommaney
franks yesterday.
""There was no market for our flsh
.ifter w-e got them," said Capt Wall
Nad we had a hard time to sell. At
th-_ height of the run we couldn't gel
���rid of our ftsh at Point Conclusion at
any price. Only thoee who had contracted for all the fish they could pul
up made a success."
Tlie Sophia .lohnson wss one of 3rio
power boats off Cane Ommaney this
season. Capl. Wall and party went
to the Ommaney banks Independently
with a mibl curing outfit on board.
They were dependent, as were the ma-
j-iwity of the other fishermen, on the
oaixnericB and mild curing plants vi
���->�����.north tn Hurr their fiBh.
Vessel Movement*.
Montreal.  Sept.  17.-   Arrived:    Pre-
rxrian, filasgow;  Mount Tri-apl-tv I-on-
ilon and Antwerp.
World's Markets
Rise In London Caused Excited Specu*
lation���Union Pacific snd Pc-
troieum   Lead   Rise.
Toronto, Sept. 17. -A good active
market, for local stocks was witneB-ed
in ih" Toronto stock exchange today
nnd tve general tone was iuil- ��� firm.
Brazilian led In activity and advance.)
lover a  point to 96  1-2,    The r.illy  in
Macdonald was a feature,   'rue stock
Isold no to 2H tills morning as c/mipar-
led with a price five points lower yes
terday.    Cement  shares were firm  al
186 1-8.   Twin City held at ing; Sna,-
! Ish  River  was  heavy,  Belling  off   10
14  3-4.    (lank shares  wire nctlvi  In
'small  lots,
Madrid, Sept. it Another cloud of
son,iv. has settled iiii m tha royal
house of Spain.
it has been learned that the little
Princess Mario Chrlst'nn, aned two.
has become totally deal and is -_;rad
ually losing In r sen-" of ��pi ech.
Que'n Victoria Ib heart-broken
Si" "iii prayers are to be said through-
cut tho citv.
Starting Today
Stock Co'y
New York, Sept. 17.--The spectacular performances of Reading stood out
conspicuously today in a stock market which otherwise displayed little
animation. Trading in Reading in the
tlrst hour was the heaviest which has
been seep in any one stock for weeks.
The rise before the opening of ove'
two points in London, following the
sharp upturn in this market receut'v,
caused excited speculation In the
stock. The first transaction was t
block of 12,00(1 shares at 189 1-2 to
|16H .1-4. The quotations was run up
qulokly to 170 1-8, the highest figure
I of the year, a level over ten points
I above last week's low. and a fiain of
2 3-8 for the day. The Heading boom
came to an abrupt end. the prices fell
back a point and trading grew quieter.
Onion Pacific and Seaboard Issues.
Croat Northern Ore and Petroleu i
stocks led In the rise with Bome show-
lng  of Btrength  In other  quarters.
Wlnnlper, Sept. 17.- The local
whet nr'rket opened weaker on all
months, Arming lattr on heavy buying if Dcoem-ber and May options n\
Chicago houses. Liverpool cables
closed higher, while continental markei".   were   irregular.
Ont options wer" steady and fla*
weak.    Winnipeg wheat opened  1 S to
1-4 lower and closed unchanged to
l-*( to 1-2 higher.
Minneapolis opened unchanged to
'-1 lower and closed unchanged to
1-8 higher. Liverpool closed 1-S to 1 I
higher: Paris 1-- to 1 higher: llerli-i
un chin led and Budapest 1-S lower,
and Antwerp unchanged.
The cash demand for all grades of
wheat was good and offerings fairly
liberal, wfth exporters Inlying fre.-ly.
Cash wheal closed 1-8 to 3-8 higher.
C. P.  R..  Power and  Laursr.'.ide    All
Closed  Lo'"er���Othur Ac'v-inccs
Montreal, Sept. 17.--Ixic.il slocks
developed some Irregularity tcday
after a week of sharp and steady advances, but what reaction set in affioi.
ed chiefly the issues which had been
most, promln-r'tiflti llie rise and this
vvas offset largely by forward movements elsewhere tlirogh tho list The
undertone of the market remained
strong and though dealings frll off
about 1000 shares from the prev'ous
day. a turnover nf more than soon
shares represented fairly active trading.
A    smart    buying     movement    in
Richelieu towards the close r,r the
afternoon furnished the chief feature
of lbe day. From 110V4 lbe price advanced steadily to 11294 {lnrt closed a*
the highest, making a net gain from
Tuesday of 2^4 points, Brazilian which
i-ose 1 .'i-8 to a new high for the movement of '.Hi'i and als> closed at the
top and Cement common which
equalled Its high record trice of 'id
and closed nt the best, w, r<- thc other
active stocks on the up grade,
(' P. R��� Power and I.au-cnt!d".
which .iav>* gains of from 20 to 30
polnta to their credit on the move
menl. were the most prominent issues
to close lower.
Father  of  Slayer  cf   New  York   Girf
Says   Hc   Has   no   Relatives   in
Aschaffenburg, Germany, Sept.. 17, -
Regarding ihe reportB from New Vork
that Hans Schmidt, the self-conife8Bed
murderer, and the dentist. Ernest A.
Muret, an alleged counterfeiting accomplice may possibly be brothers,
Schmidt's father declared today that
he had no other son in America, lie
talked freely of his sou's career and
said he was known in bis llainz seminary days as the "mad doctor." He
began to show signs of insanity seven
years ago and repeatedly made stare-
ments from the pulpit which cauaed
his hearers to laugh loudly.
Schmidt's mother is prostrated by
the affair and Is pronounced danger
onsly ill with heart disease.
Councillor    Mayne    cf    Central    Park
Returns from  Tast���C'es riqns
of More Money Cocn.
Bringing optimistic reports of trade
conditions in Eastern Canada and the
United Sinus. Councillor Mayne ami
Mrs. Mayne. of Central Park, returned
yesterday from a three weeks' trip
during which time they visited London. Toronto, Woodstock. Detroit and
Chicago, returning via Denver and
Portia ml.
This was the councillors lirnt visit
to his old homo In London in 26 years,
and enjoyed the trip so thoroughly
that nothing less than a three
months' stay there nexl summer will
apnease him.
To The New... Councillor Mayne
stated ysi n!'i> tbat irade was 'rn
proving wonderfully In Gastarn Can
ada while there was little sign or a
depression ousting In the Statea
From all reports, be expects to see
this province pick up to a remarkable
degree   once      the    harvest      on    tlle
prairies is marketed.
Cloudburst Killed Sever���Trains and
Plants Re6ume O-ierations.
Qoldfleld, Nov., Sept 17 Ti-airrri
are running In and OUt today, power
and elec'ric lights nre normal, the
mines are working aga'n and Qoldfleld
virtually has recovered from t'1" c'rn'-
hurst In which si ven were k'lled last
Saturday and damage done estimated
Bt (100,000 No more bodies have troor
found and it Is believed that none
Wlfl   be.
3 Tins for 25c
Nanaimo Farmer to Show Excellent
Produce Here.
Nanaimo. Sepi. 17 The suggestion
has been made thnt the Wakesiah farm
exhibit at the agricultural show, be
sent to lhe New Westminster exhibition as a sample of what can be
grown on a Nanalmo farm The matter will likely be taken up bs the Na
naimo Industrial league and If possible
arrangements made to have  Mr   CttB-
nlngham  take   his  excellent   exhibit
to the Hoyal City, It will reqnlro a
20-foot wide space to propertv show
;the exhibit Bt  the big provincial fair
Market Opened Irregular, But Became
More Cheerful  Towird Close���
Consols  Cained.
���For  Week   End
ng  Sunday.  Sept.
Sand Iliads.
High.             I����
Ki*b. l_ow.
Time. HI. Time.
15    S:6f��    1:21
t, On 10.6 11:12
1*:M> 13:40
17:4�� ll.S ?.n".T,9
r, n
ic   a-"   'i*"'
r>r,f) 10.9 11:44
19:06 14:00
18:06 lt.7
17    7:35   2:50
��� :36 111    0:24
19:25 14:30
18:23 11.6 12:17
Tr,    9:2*   3:?0 )
7:22 11.2   0:53
IVttt) 14:35
18: S�� 11.6 12: f.l
fi     tl 10    4:15
8:10 IU   1:26
19:65 H-R5 !
18:66 11.6 13:26
���ia in-on   .-no |
6:02 U��  6:03
���"���> 15 15:25 i
19:14 1U6 14:04
���   'i-o"i   r...io I
10:01 MJ.   6:44
.il 35  1600 1
19:36 11* 16:47
London, Sept. 17 Tbe stock mar-
jket after opening irregular became
'more cheerful under the. lead of llrit-
i Ish. securities. Consols gained one
quarter on government purchases,
While home ra.la Improved on the
more hopeful labor outlook Mexican
and rubber stocks hardened, but
Kaffiri and Brazilian rails are easy.
Money was In good supply, and discount rates firmer on foreign gold in-
| The American section showed an
I irregular tendency during the mon,
: inK session. Heading leading ln the
upward movement and Union I'acilic
being the weakest of those showing
! losses. Later the entire market sold
off on New York selling and closed
BOY 9, GET!. $2000 VERDICT.
W. Kempt Recovers Damages from
T->okane dl Inland.
Spokane. Sept. 17.���Little William
Arnold Kempt, age nine years, who
received 6000 volts of electricity al
I if gnu street and the Spokane & Inland tracks, was awarded SL'tinO dim
ages against the railroad con.pany by
a jury in superior court.
The Keinpf boy was given the lieavv
voltage when a compan'on ntt/mptd
to throw a wire across tlie power lln*-
whlcn was left unguarded In a cut
The boy Buffered serious burns to hts
head, blinds, back and feet, but has
apparently malntainid his faculties,
Tlie boy is lh" son of Mr. and Mrs.
L. Kempf, of 151521 Eighth avenue.
Don't f"r-it I" order a supply for
your tx'.l house cl an ng
Li'tiiid Amu ' n .i,  per botffla l.">c
Washing Soda         2 tba. 6c
Washing Powder, ; or package ...25c
Brooms. We have a iv ee line of
brooms ai BOc and 600 which wp
would like to .-bow you,   Came in and
see them
fjreen Toman "s    10 lbs. 2">c
: Pickling Unions  6 lbs. 2..c
j Pickling Sp:'"     Z packagis 2*.c
We aim to please, txrn! solicit a
trial order. South ������.Yestmirster deliveries Mondays and Tlmrsdayn.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr  Block. Columb'a  Street
All But $5030 to rhi'rlren.
New   Yirk   Sept.   17.    The   will     of
ithe late William   F.   Ilavemeyer,  one
!c* the organizers of the American
Sugar lleflnlng company, which has
boen filed  for  probate,  leaves all  but
115000 of hla fortune to his four children. The $6000 goes to Lydia 0.
Magee, of Pennington, N.J, The w:ll
does not disclose the vnlue of the
estate.    Mr,  Ilavemeyer died  sudden-
Ily on September 7.
Columbian College
I Excellent Courses in Household Science.
Miss Florence v. Qlbbard, n.ii.se
a graduate of the LIU Ian Mai-sey
Treble School of Household SolenOB,
Toronto, teaohl r Mlns Olbhard has
nlso taken pim graduate studies at
Mechanics Institute, Rochester, N.Y.
The young ladies of New Westminister and surronnding districts aro Invited to join the classes.
Reserve Your
Seats   for   the
Night Performance.
Thone 1068
2 TO 5 6 TO 9:30.
MATINEE:   10c. AND 20c.
NIGHT:  10c, 20c, 30c
k Dollar Show
at Popular
Out of the High Rent District.
25c. Bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish FREE.
Buy one dozen shoe laces at 10c. the polish will
he given to you.
Ladies' Dress Boots, every size $1.95
Gents' Dress Boots, every size  \M
Leckie Boots, Slater (F. W.) Boots, K Boots; $30,000
stock to select from. The finest variety of low and
high cut hoots antl rubber footwear in the city.
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c  to $1.50���Now from 15c  to 45c
Contractors for Every  Kind .of  Electrical   Work
Notice to Passengers-City Lines.
CHANGE IN EARES-Effectiv�� Sept. 18, 1913
For the convenience of pasengers, conductors
will be provided with strips of five tickets, good on
city lines only at any time, which will be sold for
twenty-five (25) cents.
Strips of ten tickets (five green and five white)
will lie sold for forty (40) cents, good on city lines
only, but the white tickets will ONLY be accepted on
the cars between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. Thc green tickets
will he available until midnight.
Tho rates and conditions previously prevailing
governing transfers, school children's tickets and the
requirement of a double fare after midnight will
continue in force.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   WeitmlmMr.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Muaical  Gooda of ill  Klndi.   PHONE  St4.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our apeclal atockea, they ara money aavera.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
BOILERS   Riveted Sleel Pipes       TANKS
       BURN OIL     	
P   O.  BOX   44?
No  Appointment   	
September 30, October 1, 2, 3, 4; 1913
To D. E. MacKenzie,
ManagerSecretary   Roya   Agricultural  sei  Industrial  Society.
I wlch to enter my baby In the Batter Bablci' Conteat at the Provincial   Exhibition,  New Weatmlnater,   September 30,   October 4,   Inclusive, 1913.
Baby's fu I name  .,   	
Age in montha  Boy or Girl 	
Mothcr'a name	
City   Province 	
Addreaa  	 ,,-���v*.*.*
paob nva
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
���While Rock Aaaoclation Tried Hard to
Gain Admittance,  But  Failed	
Offlcera Elected.
wiih u Hit ot offloeri capable of
steering through tlir leaion with a
batter record than ever, Ice hookey in
the Royal City in due to a tug boom
Ihls coming Winter, when It Ih expected llun the four amateur teama wlll
dliplay lo the funa a brand of puck
cba-lng equal If nut better than that
In Vancouver ami Victoria.
The annual meeting, held In the
Mn oie roomi hist evening drew a big
attendance and it sms evident from
the Itarl thai no Utile rivalry was to
be shown by the different teama en
tered, especially the application of
tbe whin- Rock awoaletlon which wasldule no
capable of putting the winter game on
a high pinnacle In this city if public
support iii forthcoming.
Four and  One.
or the hIx teama which oomprtaed
the league Ian winter, the Y.M.C.A
ind llurnahy saw fit to drop out of
the race, which left four of the regulars and one seeking application.
Dalance of Power.
The white itncii aggregation, although forced to admit defeat after
the VOtM had been counted, will probably throw lta strength to one of the
weaker clubs or the organisation, Hap.
pericn being mentioned following the
Up to the  Iceman.
Although the making or ice is as vet
far distant, the league officials expect
to have everything  arranged  as  re-
rda conatltutlon, bylaw*, and ache-
PRIZE or $100
plans for the building in the committee's bands, the committee was being
given too much latitude.    This let! on
lo  the   remark   from   the   mayor that ,
this wus a different proposition from j
erecting un    ornate    aflair.    followed i
again by Alderman Ottley'a advocacy j
Of a more substantial building.
However, preparations for the erection  of  the  building have    all    been ]
made,     Plans   have   been   drawn   and
approved by the board of works com- I
mlttee   and   construction   Is   expected I
to start immediately.
Thirty-seven   Residents   of   Port Coquitlam Receive Cash Awards in
Big Competition.
supported In numbers and after mak-
inn a desperate attempt t-i win oul
waa forced to take tin* count and leave
the field to four of last year's teams,
Vl����� Mooae, Heavers, Sapperton and
Frasi r Mills.
Mderman Fred I.ynch, who sieved
tho destinies of the organisation
through ilu- breakera In the Initial at-
temnl of the league, waa again elected
��� ��� Hll the chair as prealdent and with
il.m   are   round   officers   who   appear
as to start  11
season  In  full
awing Immediately following the open
In,- nl thr- rink.
The   offlcera   elected   were   ns   follows:   Hon.  president. Col.  A.   D,   Me-
i-'io- hon vice-presidents, Mayor a.
W. Cray and 0. I) Brymner; pre-al-
dent, l-'red Lynch; vice-presidents, Dr.
'' H Boott, Nels Nelson: secretary,
W E, Maiden; treasurer, II .1 Leamy.
Delegates to the I!  c   A. A. r.. Hen
Robb and w   i-;. Maiden.   A i ting
of the executive will bi called in the
near future to draft a constitution.
l'ort Coiiuitlam, Sept. 17. The following ls a list or the winners In the
open garden competition  held  In  this
J. Smith, T. Houtley, II. McLean, T.
Marrs. I) B. Welcher, Vi. 1). P. God-
Win, C. Davles, C. V. i.obb, i-\ Paxton,
Hospital, Mrs. Rosenberg, VV. J.
Smith. I). .lohnson, V. Vi. Watson, T.
V. Tigar, A B, McKenzie and R. D,
The names are given In the order
of merit. John Smith, whose garden
received the greatest Dumber of
points   will   receive   a   prize   of   tlOO
and the balance will receive sums
varying from (100 down according to
the number of polntB received.
The Judge of the competition was C.
J. Van Aken, manager of the provincial nurseries, iit Kssondale. and as a
resull of his good work the cily have
awarded him an honorarium of %'in
There were about 'il gardens entered
In the competition. Prizes will be
awarded lo nil those whose names
are  given  above.
Baseball Results.
Rear   Admiral   and   Captain   Settle
Wager Made Twenty  Years ago
��� Fat'. Time.
Standing of the Clubs.
Seattle ...
Vienna . .
Portsmouth, Sept  16     \ sprint  of
100 yards was run this arternoon by
Heat Admiral Sir Robert K Arbiith'-
nol and Captain Erie Hack, of tlie
lit- '!*-!i navy. In fulfillment or a pel
made by them twenty years ago, and
ile* captain   wen  by a yard  In the  ex*
' * ll    tlllle   nf   12   seconds.
Both officers were serving In tlie
Pacific ocean, cn board tlie tVarspltc
Ir. 1803, when a challenge was given
an : accepted Ic.r -., race to he run on
the same day. '.'li years later
Admiral '-llr Hedwnrth Meux was
commander of the Wsrtplte at the
i : * of the wager, and was stakeho.d
. r today Hear Admiral Arbuthnol Is
���I!'  years old  and  Captain   Hack   I*-
Special    Prizes    Offered    for    Loaves
Baked by Houaewives of Fraser
Valley at Exhibition.
Much Interest is being taken In the
city and district in tint competition
for the special prizes offered for the
best loaf of bread shown at tbe provincial exhibition, which opens on
September 30.
The speclul prizes total $100 and ur..-
classified under four heads. A large
number of entries from women in the
Kras.-r valley. New Westminster and
Vancouver huve already been received
and many more are expected before
The following are the prizes offered: For the best loar cr bread made
by any woman, non-professional, from
Koyal Household flour, two prizes of
$1", and $10 an- offered. For tbe best
loaf ol home bread made from Five
Roses Dour two prises of $1.'> and $lo
For the best loaf of home bread made
from Iloyal Standard flour two prizes
of tin and $lo. For the best bread
baked with a Curney Chancellor rang"
a silver cup valued at  %'ih  is offered
These prizes are ottered by the
manufacturers of the different brand-
of flour or their agents and woman
non-professional bakers only are
New   York,   Sept,   17     The   curtain i
has been  rung down on two red light
melodramas   which   have   upset   New
York during the last week.    Upon the]
advice of Samuel I'termeyer, the Shu-,
berta   told   Chief   Magistrate   McAdoo
that they would withdraw "The Lure"'
and the  Henry  II.  Harris estate took '
similar action regarding "The Fight."
The last performance of "The Lure" :
was presented last night, so that Mr. I
I'termeyer might witness it before I
outlining the Shuberfs defence. Hei
evidently did not approve of it. for!
when the case was called, a letter)
from I'termeyer was presented an-j
nounclng that no effort would be made'
to produce the play again. The other !
theatre followed suit. Both will be'
dark tonight.
Tacoma   7o
Yesterday's Games.
m Vancouver: it.   H,   K.
Vancouver    1      t'i      2
Spokane   r��    9    o
Batteries:    Ingersoll   and Konnick;
Civ. ',i sk.i   and Altinun.
At   Seattle;                             H. It. E
Portland   0 3 1
Seattle      1 4 0
llatteries BUtley and Williams;
Mclvor and Cadman.
At Victoria:                           It. II E
Tacoma    3   in     6
\ Ictor a      6      i)      I)
Hitler,es Kaufman und Harris;
Noverst n and Shea.
.  local  s
. has sen
News a
���cretary cf
' tlle spi rt
letter  said
Uev. A. E Vi-r
the B. C, A A U
lng ��� d tur of Tlle
to be from Milton Oppenheimer. s-c
retary of the provincial body, in
which be says Mr Verts action In
offering the championships to the pro
tinciui exhibition ih endorsed
Accompanying the epistle, however,
there is no explanation of the local
secretary's action in confusing the
i ffer , f fi,. It c A A. I', with the
matter ot Scottish sports at the exhibition.
Until the subject conies up a: the
meeting ot the ll. C. A. A I', as far
as The  News  Is concerned  the- letter
���will be relegated to the discard, where
It  belongs.
Standing of the Clubs.
N-w York 91
Philadelphia   si
Chicago    "K
Pittsburg   73
Brooklyn    58
Boston    58
Cincinnati    60
St. Louis 48
All games  postponed;   wet
Rochester 2, Toronto 1.
I'revldence   1.   Newark  5,
Buffalo-Montreal game postponed;
Baltimore-Jersey Cltv game transferred to September 18.
Much   Debated   Measure  Goes  to  the
Senate Today���Sixteen Amendments  Voted  Down.
Washington. Sept 17. The administration currency bill will he passed
by the bouse and sent to the benate
. tomorrow.
Hepublicans and Democrats concentrated their fight on amendments or-
ifered to the note Issue section or th"
bill, which the Democrats disposed or
���with  a  rolling chorus or "nays"  monotonously repeated,   Sixteen amendments proposed from the minority side
or the lisle were voted down  in  rapid
| The attack was directed principally
.at the provision making the federal
rest rve notes proposed to be Issued
[through the federal reserve banks
government obligations. The Hepublicans declared this and a provision
making the nstl s payable In "gold and
lawful money" were a return to
"greenbacklsm" and declared that
Secretary Ilryan had written into the
hill 'he monetary theories "lor which
he bus contended since 1896."
*Thc committee  proposed     and     the
house  wrote  Into  the  hill  an  amendment, which prohibited federal reserve
j banks rrom engaging In  loun  transac-
| tlons with any one other than the gov-
ernrncnt.     This  change  was   made  to
prevent the federal reserve banks en-
gagirm in commercial business in competition  with   the  banks    which    are
I forced   to   supply     the    canltal   upon
which the reserve banks will operate.
Jury Disagree in Motes Trial���Case to
De   Retried���Hansom   Pleads
Entire Change of Program Dally.
Program Today.
Vitagraph Featuring Mr. Sidney
Kalem Presents
A modern Society  Drama, Featuring  Miss Alice  Joyce.
A   Western   Drama.
Pathe   Educational
Improved Ranch
For Sale
containing 102 acres, 90 acres under cultivation, six
acres orchard (apples, prunes, pears and peaches) all
bearing, balance alfalfa and timothy. House cost
$3000. New barn with basement, stables for six
horses and 14 cows. Water piped for domestic and
agricultural purposes. For further particulars apply
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Pres. and QemL Mgr.
W. r. H. BUCKUN,
See. and Treas.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
After four antl a half liour^' tie-
liberation and discussion yesterday
the jury empanelled in the trial ot
William Motes, a barber, at tbe pres
ent assize court for rape failed to
agree and were discharged.
Mot,**- wm remanded and will be
retried before a fresh jury at the can
elusion of the Dean trial next week.
The jury retired to consider their
verdict at 2:30 p.m. and returned at
7 p.m.
Interrogated by Registrar J. J. Cam
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six    Standard    Continuous
Regulation  Alleys.    First-
bridce tiie foreman intimated the jury 'class reading and committee
could not agree upon a verdict. > rnn-m-a
Justice    Clement ���Do    you    think |1UUIUS"
there Is any chance of your getting lo j      Thret      English      Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
British Columbia, Washington and
Oregon marksmen will compete next
Saturday  at  the  Richmond   ranges  In
the   annual   northwest   International
rifle match, the big event of tlle year
In rifle shooting on Ihe Pacllle coast.
Hntiah Columbia will be represented
by ten of her best shots, trial shoots
having been arranged to take plsce
"ontlnued from pace onei
Ode WOUld wend its way to Central
l'ark. tiie dividing line between the
two   municipalities   which   are   paving
Kingsway, wuars the official ceremony
of opening the road would take place,
lind where brief speeches would be
made by the different heads of the
four municipalities, together with gov-
ernment officials,
Minister Present.
Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister of
public works, who took such an Interest In arranging the linancial mutters for the paving work, Is oxpected
tn be present and take a prominent
part in the proceedings.
Immediately following the opening
���ceremonies, the start of the huso pro-
cession would be made along the
Hurnaby portion of the road through
Edmonds to Sixth avenue, this city,
where six blocks of macadamized
rondwny will have to be traversed before again meeting the paving work
on Sixth avenue north of Sixth street.
Among Those Present
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    I..    Pet
Philadelphia    91    4S      .��B4
Cleveland     72    ��"      .648
Washington    79   87 .Ml
Hoston     71    fi.'i .814
Chicago  73    7t .608
Oetroit     82    7�� .142
New   York    50    Sl .WM
St.   Louis    52    91 .3(1-
Vcnterday's Games.
At  Iloston:                             It. 11.    E.
Hevrland     2    ��     1
Boston      0     8      1
Hittr-|e��- Kalke"berr and Oarlsoh;
Leonard, Wood and Ctdy.
'   At Philadelphia: R.   H.   E
st,  Louis     4    fi    3
Philadelphia   8   14     1
Hatterles* Mitchell, Baumgartnor
sit] Alexander; Brown. Houck. Bush
and  Lanp
Ai   Washington: R,   "���    B,
n��trolt      5    10      1
Wsshtngtoo    1     2    n
Butteries: l.uhiio and Olbson; Gallia.  Love and  Ainsmlth.
Second game: H H. E.
Oetroit       4    in    ~2
Washington  2    7    3
Batteries:  Williams   snd
Boehllng  and   Henry.
At New York: R
Chicago      9
New York     3
Batteries*   Scot  and   Schalk:
i I'leh and OoSSett.
Hecoi    game: It.
Chicago      2
��� New   York    -3
I    Batteries:     CIcotMv     Srltlth
Schalk: Fisher nnd OosBCtt.
Csminetti,  Hli  Friend,  Sentenced    to
Eighteen Months in Prhon���Broke
Mann White Slave Act.
Now ihat the preliminary stops nre;
nil completed Invitations will be for-1
warded to the officers of Ihe following j
���societies asking them to take part In
the c< lehratlon which promlsea to be
one of tbe greatest of Its kind ever
staged in Western Canada. The list
is as follows:
Government officials; reeves and
������councils of Burnnby and South Vancouver;   mayors and city councils of!
Arrangements were completed yesterday to play a practice rugby game
against the Bowing olub of Vancouver
| In Queen's Park next Saturday aftor-
'noon. Every member of the squad is
| renuested to turn out In uniform this
| afternoon In order that a selection can
be made for the team.
Guide   Imperilled
Drops to Death.
Vienna,   Sept. 17.--Count   Maurice
De Ltllenthal, a Frenchman,   met   a
tragic death while climbing a moun
tain in the Seniinerlng district.   With  should obtain
San Francisco. Sept. 17.Two years
In the federal penitentiary on McNeil's Island, Wash., and a fine of
$2llii$ is the price Mnury I. Oiggs,
former state architect of California,
must pay for three days In Ileno with
Marsha    Warrington,    a    Sacramento
'sorority girl.    Eighteen months In the
same prison and n line of $500 was the
|penalty  Imposed upon his friend and
oOmpanlon, F, Drew Camlnettl. son of |^""f,r
'the Anthony Camlnettl, U. S. commissioner   of    Immigration,    for    a    Ilk?
offence.    Camlnettl  eloped  with   Mar-
elbs-on- '���***'*��� Warrington's friend, Lola Norrls,
' I Wider Scope.
Both men stood under conviction of
violating the Maun white slave nct,
although Judge Van Fleet In pronouncing sentence todsy from the
bench of tho U. S. district court,
agreed with counsel for the defenos,
that the statue wag not Intended bv
Its author to cover such offences as
those admitted hy the defendants.
MlsUken Idee.
The act makes It a felony for a
man to transport a woman from one
state to another for Immoral pur
poses, and Its popular designation as
the white slave traffic act has Injected Into the genernl understanding of
it, the court explained, a feeling that
the element of gain must be a contributing motive to the act forbidden
and made criminal.
The family preferred a county Jail
and Judge Van  Fleet was willing to
show them consideration,    but not to
| the full extent of their desires.   When
they objected to San Quentin. where
ss   Man  Dlggs and Camlnettl would associate
| with house-breakers, highwaymen and
pickpockets, he amended    the    sentence to rend McNeil's Island, subject
to the concurrence   of   the   attorney
general, which he did not doubt he
gether and agreeing on a verdict
Foreman -No. I don't think so
have disagreed.
The Court���It Is a pity.    Do you be
Ileve If you were put  in  the sheriff's
charge for the night you would come
to a verdict.
Foreman -I don't think so.
The Court���If that Is yonr attitude
all   I   can  do is    to    discharge    you.
Prisoner will be remanded.
Bail Granted.
Mr  Macdonald, counsel for prisoner
asked  for an order for bail  and  bail.
was granted as formerly. Council also
asked   lhat   the   new   trial   commence
I tomorrow.
I    Mr. Macneil, CTCWn counsel, replied |
that they had Cunliffe's case   tomor*
row nnd Dean's case on Monday.
I    The Court���It   will  probnbly  be
.week before the rase ls retried.
Pleaded Guilty.
Frank Hansom, for a short time
penitentiary  guard,  pleaded* guilty
the  charge of assault   with  Intent
commit   rape,  the   third  count   In
Indictment.   The man's victim b
married woman In Sapperton.
Mr. Mncnell, for the crown, accept
{ed the plea.
j    J.   P.   Hampton   Bole   appeared   for
Mondays (12 midnight) for Prince Rupert Stewart, Masset
Tuesdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Thursdays (12 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Ocean
Falls, Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service and fast time).
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert   with   Crand   Trunk   Pacific
Railway trains for Terrace, Cedarrale, Haselton. Morlcetown.
Through tickets to al! points East via Chicago and the  Grand Trunk.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.  DCPEHOW.  O. A.  P.   D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
���lng a
the  prisoner and  said  he  would  like
before sentence was passed to produc
evidence of previous good  character
Sentence was reserved.
Appears Ariln.
Fred Cunllffe charged with lnd*?c��rt
assault rt n Bum&by '-ting woman
1 ick as Inlv, 1912. nnd wh^
has nn ��rgonc trinl on th" charge
once al **��*���* w''"n the Jury disagreed
agitn t leaded not guilty.
His case was  traversed  from    last
HS!*! 7.*' r\.
J. V. Hampton Bole represented ac
Mr. Macneil. for the crown, was pre
pared to gr on with the else nt one"
but Mr. Bole asked that the trial be
psotponed until tomorrow, as he had
not expected the case to come on so
soon, and was not quite prepared with
his witness.
Mr. Bole's request wss granted and
accused's trlsl will bo begun at 10
a.m. today.
(Continued from rage One. i
Vancouver nnd New Westminster; R. a young woman, who Is an expert
A & I socletv officials; Progressive climber, he spent three days In the
association of New Westminster; ;mountains. While they were attempt-
Vancouver ProeresB club; New West-,Ing to climb a steep crag he was
minster and Vancouver Automobile selxed with a cramp. His companion
clubs; presidents of boards of trade tried to help him with one arm, but
of Vancouver, New Westminster, he fell several hundred feet, nearly
South Vancouver, Burnaby; Pacific dragging her down.
highway  officials;   Vancouver exhlbl
Hon officials; contractors and
The woman reached a hut near the
top of the slope and led a rescue party
Ottawa, 8ept. 17.���Forty-two divorce
cases were considered by the senate
last year. Already fifteen applications
have been made "���������' '���> ���"���-������' -s If last
year's record would be broken. Heading this year's list ts Andrew Lorne,
1 Hamilton, who Is making hie third attempt to be freed, from hla wife.
did not think there was any chauce
of the banks advancing the city any
money by hypothecating the bonds.
The mayor also drew attention to
the miserable lack of hall facilities
within the city at the present time. A
good hall waa one of the crying needs
of the place, he said, and thl* was not
a' case ot wasting money, but one of
accommodating the ratepayers.
Tee Much Authority.
The discussion was brought up by
Alderman Ottley when he enquired
of the council whether or not It was
considered that too much authority
had been vested the board of works
committee In reference to the recreation hall. He thought that by placing
the sole right to   accept   or   refuse
A.S. MILLS & CO. cordially invite
you to attend their "Fall Opening"
of "Men's Smart Apparel" on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
September 18, 19 and 20, 1913.
Display-Friday evening from 7:30
till 9:30. Orchestra in attendance
The Story of th* Persecution of th* Christian Martyr* frftn th* Crucifixion *f ChriM to th* Death ef Nero.
A P*rf*et Pr***nUtlon ef th* K��**ntl*l Dr*m*U��, Biblical. Historical and ���fHlawlar   Valuw
Ma*t*rpl*e*.   An Amazing Spectacle ef Terrifying Vividness Faithfully P*rtrayM wKh *M Historical A��-     1
t-iraey.   Thr** Reel Production. .     ..^ ' ���
��� i
��� ���?  Thl*    I
���torkal A*.     1
 in hi H����IM in l*"i"
'mi*U PAOI   SIX
Classified Advertising
ceived for Tue News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
tiUS Columbia street; A. Bprlce,
Queensborough. Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
******* ���*<������*** �����>���*���
Classified���One eent per word par
nay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be ***** a* required within one year from data ot
rouu��ct. 126.00.
tduoatlon  for outside position. Apply  room 3,  644    Clarkson    street,
.\'ew Westminster, before 10 a.m.
three of family; country; 15 minutes from car. Apply box 2080 The
Newa office. t20����)
school. Applications received up to
September 18th. Work to commence
September 22nd. R. H. Gray, Secretary School Board. (20721
vant. Apply Immediately to 406
Third avenue. <2��7��)
help around moving picture theatre,
learn run machine and chance to tie
educated. Board, room and wages.
Scenic Amusement Co., Asheraft,
B.C. <2070)
lish preferred. Apply 48 Royal
avenue. (SW5)
ture in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Wlll give full value er
will sell your household tends aud
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Weatainater
Auction House, King e Intel block.
Columbia street. (1981��
Columbia street, with basement;
gas and electric light, furnace. Between Sixth aud McKenzie streets.
Will lease.    Box 2058 News.    <-i058l
keeping rooms, $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1986)
wbere. No collection, do charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. (1982)
three rooms, also piano below llrst
cost. Apply 230 Tenth street. (2083)
witli hot water; cost $10. Apply 252
Burnett street. (2061)
a bargain. Typewriter desk, flat top
desk, roll top desk, swivel and office
chairs. Rare chance for party tittles
up office. Particulars from box 2068
News. (2058)
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride
on B. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder Just
back of frontage lots $lflu and $125.
Tonus quarter casb, two years for
balance. This Is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
ageats, Curtis & Dorgan. New Westminster.    Phone 466.    No trades.
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stove
wood $2.5 0 per rick. Telephone
1005. (2026)
finished, aud large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cbeap for
cash. Apply Owner, George Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
���FOR SALE���I1.N DOWN, $1.00 PER
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (1983)
ers, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
slde car, lady's black handbag containing small sum of money, bunch
of keys with owner's name plate,
and lady's gold watch, hunting case,
bearing raised monogram M. C. G.
Finder please return to thla office.
Reward. CMC)
FOK RBNT���Bight room thoruughlv modern house; good location; close In; 120
a  mouth.
A HOME BARGAIN���Five roomed m��d
��� rn bungalow new and np to duo-: t-los.
to .Sixth street; $100 cash, balance $25
a month.    Will trade.
WH HAVK tsooo for Rood agreements ot
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
Coquitlam Municipality.
Please take note Hint th" offices nf the
above   municipality   uri'  situated   on   the
Pitt  Itlver   Road,   Maillardville.
i.ovsi Clerk.
Ib- I-<itH 2X and 29,  Hlock  1, Sub-division
ef Lot '.ids, Group 1. Port Haney, in the
District of New Westminster.
Wherotts, proof of tbe loss of CertlfleaXc
"f Title Number 9238 K. Issued In the name
of Allro  May   Dorman  has I n  filed In
Ihls  office. '	
Noi!..- ts hereby glv-n tb.-it I shall, al
the expiration of one inonth from tbe date
��� f Hi.- firsi publication hereof, In n dally
newspaper published In tb'* City of New
Westminster, issie- a duplicate of ttie eald
certificate, unless in th.. meantime valid
objection be made to me tn writing.
Dlstrlcl Registrar of Titles
Land Tt'-K'sirv Office, New Westminster,
B.C..   Uth  September,   1913. <5S71)
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster,
By virtue of a distress warrant
issued in an action by Pearson's
Limited, and to me directed against
the goods and chattels of Seabold &
Jones. I have seized and taken the
following: All the furniture, bedding,
carpets,   linoleum,  etc..  in   sixty-three
That's What Australia Needs, According to Opinions From Down
Melbourne, Sept. 17.���What Australia wants Just now ls another sensational discovery of gold.   She wants
London Business Man Visiting There,
Cannot  Recognize City as the
One He Once Knew.
Montreal, Sept. 17- "I am reully all
at sea," declared J. T. Heed of London, who was at Place Vigcr yester-
, duy. Mr. Reed ig a gentleman of quiet
to chance on to another Hallarat or | manner whom one would never bus-
Kalgurlie. That would mean an in- 'pect of the fifty years of active busi-
rush of hundreds or thousands of ex-' "ess life which stand  to hls credit.
cited miners. i ���,"r'4hRe5j  "���*���  g  htt,ri!   l? ,n0S?
, , ,,           . nue   the   Montreal   he   visited   In   the
Men   on   tho     richest auriferous ���     rly eig,llles.    i��� fact, he would not
country only a very smal proportion  hav���  r(��ognUe(,   lt   ul'ul,     Alul   ���,���
^����2^��l*^   ��"   �����"   I"   th.   changes
Night Policeman Hange Smallpox Sign
on Hia House to Keep Callers
Away During Day.
golden gullies of Hallarat aud Hand!
go. The others took*-to thp soil for a
living, snd they and their sons make
up the bulk of the prosperous farming community In Victoria today. They
found that agriculture, if  less exclt
nd development of the city hold him
chained here, while his western home
dwindles In Importance. It cannot be
put off forever, of course, since Mr.
Heed represents large investing Inter-
I e.��ts which look to him for first hand
ing than the quest of gold, was more information regarding conditions In
assured, and In the long run a better * t','s country.
industry. 'n   view   of   what   he   sees   today,
It was the same In western Aus- Mr- ,ief'1 sa-vs his former mission ti
tralla, where hundreds of miners turn- ��� Canada looks now to be amusing;, He
ed from Kalgurlle and other rich j w*s at that time, some thirty yean
fields to the great agricultural ex-jUt-V". sent out bv a group ef Hritish
panses which called for settlement, iand Hutch capitalists for the purpose
However, even without great new gold of making sure they were not going
discoveries, Australia In now attract- to lose the money they had Invested
lng new settlers on a big scale. 1-ast i In C. P. It.
year the excess of arrivals over do-1 Today anybody is willing to credit
partures numbered 93.000. and of'anything at all in the way of poss ���
these tbe treat majority engaged In j blllties for the railways of Canada,
farming. This year the stream of i Kven at that time, afti r an exhaust v->
rarmers and form workers Is again a 'examination of the Canadian Pacific
strong one. and an Interesting devel- line, territory nnd resources Mr Reed
onment is the attention the new arriv- | pronounced its chances more protnis-
als are giving to the Irrigated settle-
ments of Victoria and N'ew South
Wales. They say in Australia that
tbe next best thing to striking a patch
of "alluvial" on a gold fold is to be-:
come tbe owner of an Irrigated farm. (,���_..,..,..
The probabilities are all in the dl-!h"
ing  than   those  of  the   Northern   I
clfic across the border which even at
that time was already a success.
The portion of    the    report    which
now   mukeg  Mr.   Heed's eyes  twinkle
is the grav,. opinion  which
rectlon of the dlscoverv of deposits of I l'hV"D/��8?^ ,0 *!"' *,leet .,,m* T.T
gold as rich ns any yet known.     The  ,hi"K co"8ider''d he did not think the
northern territory has vast areas as
yet hardly known to the white man.
and lt Is indisputable that western
Australia has by no means yielded up
all her mineral secrets. Many men
could go direct to unworked gold deposits in the western state, but the
lack of water ln mos! of such districts would prevent their development, unless It could be proved beyond dispute that the deposits were
of a certain extent
Canadian    Pacific    would    need   any
more capital!
When Mr. Reed's attention was
called to a dispatch announcing the
purchase of a sixty-five thousand arr ���
"farm" in the Vermillion distrlc'. Alberta, by (Ieorge W. Crotts. an American farmer, for 1845.000, be admitted
it was a most illuminating communication on the scale of which operations in the west are being conducted, He was also struck by the evidence of American capital entering
I nto tbe Canadian west.
Satkatoon, Sept. 17 -To what
lengths Is a city otflclal, whose labors
at nights necessitate his sleeping during the day, entitled to go In protoot-
[ Ing himself from Interruptions at hli
home during the precious hours of re-
i pose ls a point likely to be argued Interdepartmentally between the police
'and the board of health
Residents on the westslde were
startled yesterday afternoon to see a
placard bearing the word "Smallpox"
affixed to a house close to the ('. Nf.
H. railway tracks None of the neighbors had heard of any of the inmates
I being III nor had any news of smallpox having-broken Olit gone abroad
Parents with children playing around
the houses became alarmed and In
order tn ascertain if there might be
an epidemic of the disease In the
neighborhood led to a telephone cal]
being sent In to the health department. The receipt of the message
caused much surprised as no notification had been received at headouar-
ters of a case of smallpox, and the
Inspector a' once hurried to the house
to Investigation entering the inspector found n
constable ln bed, but In rosy health,
Insteud of, as might have been expected. Buffering from the disease.
Explanations followed, and Its transpired that the guardian of the peace,
whose duties compelled him to patrol
the streets at night, was unable to
obtain needed slumber during the day
owing to the number of callers, messengers and hawkers. Ile therefore
hit upon the expedient of attaching
the smallpox placard In the hopes that
bis hours of rest would not be disturbed, but success has not crowned his
Inventive effort and he will now have
to resort to some other form of notice such as the commonplace "beware
of  the  dog."  or  move  to  a   locality
i where visitors are less frequent If he
desires to get his proper amount of
Qaeollne Engine  Revolutionises Style
of Work���High Prices for Food
and   Dearth   af  Labor.
Canada Will Be Represented at International Conference���Results of
Titanic Disaster.
If You Do This You Are Sure to Live
Berlin. Sept. 17.���Do you wnnt to be
a centenarian? Then eat tscheschna-
noka and tsehesebnakova tscliorha.
This is the discovery of Or. Dundrutn.
the royal health commissioner of
Crotia. The strange words simply
mean garlic and garlic soup.
Dr. Gundrum, who Is a special on
food values, has reached, after many-
years of study and evxperiment, the
firm conclusion that garlic is an unrivaled life preservative.
Dr. Qundrum takes direct issue with 	
Prof.   Metchnlkotf's   claims   that     the'
well known longevity of the Dulgar- ���*���' "le International Conference to
ians is due to their feeding on source held in l_ondon next November to
milk.   The Croatian specialist disputes
thn assertion that the Bulgarians take
much sour milk, but asserts they devour enromous quantities of garlic.
Or. Oundrum In his report, says:
"The Bulgarians eat large quantities of -garlic three times a day. especially garlic soup, which Is prepared
with grated garlic, water vinegar and
papriko. The Bulgarians are stri&ly
orthodox and have many long perlAds
Inquire into measures for life-saving
at sea, Canada will be represented,
This conference which will be tiie
most Important cf Its kind ever held,
will sto the final discussion cn the
rules which have been drawn up by
the liritish board of trade consequent
upon the Titanic disaster.
bedrooms  and   halls In  the Dominion Iof fasting, when thev must not touch      T'";    t'am"lian   government, acting
hotel, and all the tables, chairs, cut   any animal food, Including milk. These through the Department    of   Marine
glassware, crockery, show cases, I fasts are rigidly observed, and garlic and Fisheries, is co-operating with the
lintish board of trade in drawing up
lery. glassware, crockery, show cases, i fasts are rigidly observed
stock  In  trade,  linen, cooking rang;-, soup is practically their staff of life,
utensils, etc.. In the Hoyal cafe, corner I     'lr- Gundrum, after five years of in-
of  Sixtli  and   Columbia   streets.   New  vestlgatlon,    is    convinced    tint    the
Westminster, B.C. i health and longevity of tlie Bulgarians
Ail of which 1 shall expose for sale  are due to their use of garlic. He at
Tend'TS an- Invited un to :ni,l including
Sept 30th ror sole of grocery husnu ss
consisting "f stoek. furniture, brit,Ihu; u"i
property situated in South Westminster
nnd lately operated bv Simon Svendsen,
KELLY In it'fll.AS (',.  I.rii,
I'-'ii-i N,-w- Westminster,
Notice Is hereby given  that  an application wlll be made to the Hoard of
License Commissioners tor the City of
New WeBtmlnster at their sitting, to
be held on the loth tlay of December,
1913, or at any meeting prior thereto
tbat the application can be heard, for
a transfer of the licenee to sell liquor
by retail Issued In respect of the
Occidental hotel premises, Columbia
street, New WeBtmlnster, H.r., from
the holder, Michael Cowan, to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this 26th day of Augusl, AD.
'197(0 License Holder.
B.C. Coast Service
i.i'ii*i-- Van-oiiver for Yletorla 1* a. m.,
'.' p. m   and 11 :46.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle IS a. m.
end 11 p. m.
Lescp�� Vancouver for Nanalmo IS a.m
tied (j .*e p.m.
Leaves  Vtmcmjvrr   for   Prince   Rupert
/nd  Northern   ����ln����   IS n. m    Wednss
���days   nml   .-v. tin dsys   st   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service'
Leaves  mil 11 week    r   k    m.    Tuesday
Thursday snd Saturday.
beeves   Weetmlnsfr   I  s.  in.   Monday
Wiilrn-oduy snd  frldsy,
y.D   r.om.KT. Agent, Niw We��fmlu��ter
II. W   -4,".OD__8, U. V, A.. Vaiu-wur.
at Pearson's Limited building, corner
Sixth nnd Columbia streets, on Krlday, the -6th day of September, A.D.
1913, at the hour of 10 o'clock in thc
September 17th. 1813,
T. J. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff,
Ilailiff for tbe I-andlord.
Terms of Sale Cash. 1.084)
tributes this to Its disinfecting
erties. Its aid to dlgesron, and ,
tlon  on  the intestinal  tracts.
g  prop-
its ac-
Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Hoard
of License Commissioners for the City j Irom the Laurentlan Mountains t" tne
Mount   Royal   a   Volcano?
In the course ol the work being
done on the Canadian Nortlwrn Hail-
way tunnel the engineers have found
that .Mount Koyal, under which tbe
line will pa-*., was at ane tune eithe-l
an active volcano or wss made liy
lava being forced up tlifouylt thn
An interesting proof ol the fact that
at   "tie   time   a   great   glacier   llow-ii
of New Westminster at their Bitting,
to be held on the 10th day of December. 1918, or at any meeting prior
thereto that the application can be
heard, for a transfer of the license to
sell liquor by retail issued in respect
of the Merchants  Hotel,   in   tho City
or New Westminster, lie,, from the
holders. I'aul Koot and f, A. Mulm, to
(he said .1. A.  Malm.    ���
Dated this 20th day/of August, A I)
.T. A. MALM.
(1978) License Holders.
St. Lawrence *a.- found in the -mail
beading on tit. Montique street. Montreal.    This wa- a piece of Laureiitimi
gneiss, a rock peculiar to the Lauren
! tian    Mountain-,   and    it   is   believed
1 that in the past this rock was earned
! down   liy  a glacier  winch   probably
: emptied  Into tbe i_t.   Lawrence  Kivci
uut far Iroin tlie present harbor.
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
ber own.
Tillor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Sixtieth Anoiveria-y of Weddins.
Hule antl hearty, receiving congratulation* til a host ol friends, Mr. su,J
Mrs. Charles George of Kingston recently celebrated tiie Both anniversary
nl tlieir wedding, George is t*4 year.'
of age and Ins wile 94. They wer'
married  n  ISM.    George is a proun
i nent gai-Vner,
advanced regulations for the protec
tion of travelers at s'-a. It is asking
the Canadian passenger lines for expressions of opinion as to what further measures ought tobe adopted to
safeguard passengers. These view?
will be placed before the conference
by the department of marine and
Since the Titanic disaster, the fir t
ish board of trade has been cons der
lng means for increasing the Safety
of ocean travel, The result of th"
coming conference will be the euforc-
ment of these means. Canada wlll
conform to the new regulations as fir
as her ocean shipping is conci rti'-d
A representative will be sent bv tb"
United States, and by each of
other great shipping nations of
A list of questions hns been
mltted lo ihe united stat s m-fi"
department to the different passim
ger steamship companies, it is pmb
phi. that these tiueitlrnn, which deal
with the manning of lifeboats, th" ey-
tension of standard I eats, med'es'
t-sst fr I ifrVniits. 't-te wlll b* in d
en Insis nf liite-ro-riitbu wb'cll t1'"
Canadian d 'partment i' marine w'H
place before t'*e Dominion lines. Thev
oovi r generally, th. extent to '"l,,e'i
th" whole of a ship's crew should b*
utilized in Iff "-saving measures In the
event of disaster.- nt sen.
S'toibtr  nuestlnPB  w'th     ret-ii--i)    in
crews of cargo steamers will be asked.
Penl Icon. Sept. 17. -Councilor
Dynes and James Gardner, Municipal
Clerk,  had  a  narrow  escape from  t>e
'lng victims In an automobile accident during their recent visit to Vancouver, where they attended the con-
; vention of the II. C, Municipalities.
Mr. Gardner and Mr. Dynes were
being driven to Kburne In company
with Mayor Worthlngton of Knderby
and .Messrs. J. Kraser and H Woods
of Armstrong. The car was Just
leaving Kitsllano and was at S turn
In the Point <!rey road when a street
car turned the corner at full spied.
The automobile, which was also going
at a rapid rate, grazed the side of the
i car. and an accident was only averted
b van exhibition of nerve on the part
of the driver, who executed a hairp'n
turn nnd brought the big automobile
.to a stop on a nearby lawn.
Dury Heads Under Oullts While Thief
iif if a dozen young women living at
SL   Mary's  hall,   1344   First    avenue
south, covered un their heads and lay-
without  the faintest scream early to-
Iday   while  a  burglar  ransacked   th"lr
! roome.
The thief stole $ .'5, n gold wnt'h
"ind several small trinkets, II" \vor\--
���ed systematically and quickly, entering  half  a   dozen   rooms  on   tb"   Aral
,-in.i second floors and mnsaeklng bureau drawers In rapid succesflon.
Several girls whose rooms were en
tered were awakened by tiie thief, but
wer" ton frightened to make outcry,
allowing him to complete his work
One or two mus' have peeked, how-
lever, for the police were provided
with a description of the robber to
���day. St. Mary's hall is a Catholic
home for girls. ,
Victoria, Sept. 17. "The gasoline
engine is revolutionizing farming
methods In tho wheal producing provinces of the northwest," ��sy�� a n.
Johnson, a visitor ln the city rrom Alberta, "and Is solving the grout problem which has harassed the farmer
ln past yeurs the dearth of la Imr ut
the times when lt is critically needed.
"Motor traction In the fields was en
experiment on l.v a few tears ago, hut
tbere Is no doubt now thai It has aome
to stay. The bluckcsmlth's shop Is being erected on scores of farms to replace the stable, shed and granary and
although many thousands of acres nre
being yearly added to the tilled urea. I
believe that the crop Is being harvested with no more men than wetu employed several years ago."
Mr. Johnson, who came to the northwest twenty years ago from the old
country. Is paying his first visit to the
| l'-iollllo coast. He is uccotnpanled by
his father on the trip, und said that
when they left their home mar Kd
monton about a week ago, consider
able progress hud been niuile it) harvesting the crops.
Record Crop.
"I am convinced that this year'* crop
wlll be a record one," said Mr. John-
j son, "but tlie most promising feature
of the whole outlook, ln my opinion. Is
the fact that the harvest began at leas!
two weeks earlier than usual this year,
owing to the continued spell ot line
weather In July and  August
"The use ot gasoline power mentiB
that not only In It necessary to employ
rewer men. but he crop. Is cut, bar-
vested and deposit) I In the elevators
In much shorter time dim was formerly the case. Tiie Initial cist or tbe engines is somewhat large, amounting to
about $5,000, but they certainly prove
an economy. With Tour discs 00 the
thresher, a swath ran be cut nbout
118 teet wide, and by the adoption of a
continuous belt for feeding, tbe crop
is cut, threshed, anil winnowed, while
iiitomtitlc devices count thc number of
bushels ub they are deposited In the
wagons ready for transportation to
the elevators. Kren then the useful
ness of the tractor does not end. 'or
I have seen four wagon loads of grain
coupled together being drawn to the
railroad by the powertul englnoB
Handy in Seed Times.
"In seed time slso. Ihe gasoline engine proves a boon, tor, In many instances, the farmer will couple two or
three machines In the shape of a giant
fan, and the progress oi stubble
ploughing, harrowing and selling are
carried on simultaneously. In that
country where there are practically no
rocks, Ihe driver can take a line of two>
or three miles long, und making u
broad turn ut the end, can work continuously. Tliere are no over-pushed
horses thut have to bo frequently
changed, und, with an occasional
change vt driver, the work or seeding
cun be curried on Irom duwn until
Mr. Johnson, who wns formerly In
| the rattle business on the prairie, re-
|ferred to lhe high prices prevailing In
j Alberta and Manitoba for dulry products and market truck lie suld that
| butter has not retailed for less than 'if,
I cents a pound this year, snd lust year.
! when be was lu Winnipeg, be saw
llsrge consignments of NOW Zealand
butter on the market.
High Prices.
"Last Winter we paid 00 cents u doj
"li ror guaranteed fresh eg^s." said .Mr.
Johnson, "while vegetables whieh car.
be   produced  ut   low   cost   ami   nit   ,i
whit Inferior in quality to any in the
world, command famine prices, (farmers '.vho hnve hundreds of acres of
wheat land do not devote u single urr"
to growing even the Vegetables for
their own consumption, but puniniso
these al prohibitive prices In th" local
Mr   Johnson believes that this state
or affairs win remedy Itself naturally
i In lime, nnd that every year more nti**!
j more   settlers   will   gn   In   for   uitxeil
I farming.
I     With regard to the dearth of labor.
I Which, though less pronounced this
vear. Is still a source of constant embarrassment to the farmer, Mr. Jnhn-
'son said that large numbers of men
bnve left tbe grading camps or tbe (1
,T. I', to help In the harvest. He Instanced the case or one large producer who wns determined  not to be
| caught shorthiinded this year and bait
'made arrangements for a large number of Immigrants to come rrom Kng-
"Although some of these men are
floaters." said Mr. Johnson, "the in.-i
bu I'v wil Istay in the northwest to
build up the country and eventual!-.
to become employers of harvest hands
..1- i-ll	
New Imported Kail Suiting! now on
display      See  them      Perfect   lit   and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
118.00 up.    701 Kront Street.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
I !l"
London, Ont., Sept. 17.���The plans
of the board of governors <[ the
Western university for providing a
ne wslte and buildings have undergone considerable change In the past
few days. It Is now thought that
tho Wolsey barracks and the b g
grounds surrounding Ihem may be Be
cured. During tlie summer tlnn have
been various rumors of changes In
connection with the barracks, wh'ch,
while Indefinite, give rise to the belief that nt no distant dat' the mill'
Ua department will have no use tor
Ihe barracks and grounds and that
they wlll be disposed or.
Sir James Whitney has refused aid
to the university until such time ns
ihe board of governors t'k" "ctve
steps to secure grounds nnd bulld'tlgl
suitable tor an Institution that could
be recognized us a f'rst-class seat cf
learning. The work dont? here hns
been of the best but lt has been on a
small scale.   If the board takes ster'
Sarnia.  Pent
Smart,   expert
returned  from
went,   for
17.���-Captain   Kred   I,
dredge-man.   hns   Just
Montreal,   whither  )*o
conference   witb   A,   W.
Consulting engineer for 'he
imperial go*'-rumen* of India, preliminary to golns to fllssfrnw, Rootlsnd
; where be will spend s'v or seven
iv-eiHs ' uo'**-irite:idlP" the construction -mil rh'toilng of sn extensive
dredging  outfit  to    nombsy,    Inrt'ai
Captain Smnrt en love *��� world wide
reputation as nn c-nort drndeernen of
nxcoptlonnl skill nnd p^neutlvp nblllty,
Within a vear or two he r< 'ui-ned from
erecting in Egvpt n siml'ar commission from the Hrlflsh rovroment to
th" one lie b is i it recet' "il. There he
"itnerlnlendt'd ���'"��� d-edglC" t ' n t---r,
cinal near the h t 'titerr of lhe VH"
which now conduct* ���' large volume o'
water from tbe outlying lakes end
marshes by a short route Into the Nile
under control, so that a sufficient simply can always bo secured for the cv-
���nslve  Irrigation  system  emnloyedto
to placo the unlversilv on a solid foot- .supply the necessary moisture through
lng It  Is Ihe general belief that thero ont the entire  valley of the   Nile nt.
iwlll be a government grant made.        jail seasons of the year.
It is direct but courteous.
The want ad. is an ideal salesman.
The want ad. cannot be turned down because of a decisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The rcsultful want ad. is an appeal to common sense,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are made.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It speaks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
���-������'��� *** ********
B lingual Controversy Crows Hot Till
Falmes Wipe Out Centre of
Ontario  Opposition  Comes
From    Great    Britain
Loaded with Hints.
Dreaded Italian Secret Society Causes
Deaths cf Father, Mother and
Two  Brothers.
North Hay. fot., Sept. 17. The new
Milt.glial school regulations of the Ontario goveinnn tit do not seem I" bt
altogether   popular  in    ttiral    French
Canadian oommunltlea,
Tlnse regulations, which have
Caused no much content Iiiii in virions
parts of the province, are said to be
tne basis ola feud now In progress in
tlie township ol Ferris. The trouble
an v-r a SOhOOl    In     NOSDDUS lit,
flagstone, a row miles east or North
Hay This school Motion has been
alternately public and separata mi
h ri ml   best  for oooiioiuie  conditions,
two school boards being in existence
tor tlle sume school.
Inmector Objected To.
The cause t.r friction was the ' b
ejction to a Protestant Kngiish school
Inspector.   The separate sohool hoard
wh:! ��� in possession of Ihe school
house, closed tin' school up as a pro-
lesi to the government against the
Protestant school Inspector, Tbe pub
lu school tioard then became ac- v .
nntl opened up th" school again. This
caused tin* trouble at once, uud re
suited in a meeting of tin- separate
school board  being called,  wlilch  wis
attended by the chairman and s'cre.
tary only, but at which resolutions
wre passed to take possession of tlie
school. The secretary, armed witli lhe
rest IUtlon and an axe, broke into the
school house, despite warnings given
by Emery 1-taloot, secretary ot the
public school board, He was brought
before a magistrate at North Bay,and
"as fined ror breaking Into the school.
This was appealed, but sustained bv
Judge l.eask In th" division curt.
Last Tuesday the public school b a'd
Bought to open the school lor the ral'. .
\ s. i-hIoii was held on tlie steps and1
tin- pupils registered Then the pub-
lit*      School    trustees    dismissed    the
scholars and departed to seek legal
advice as tn tin- nexl steps udvisabl-.
Thai   nlgbt   tli"    school     house    was J
burn'-.I to tin- grottini.
Tb'  separate school board bud tb"
school   Insured   for   $400,   which    th- '
public srhool board   protests   shculd
not   ll '  I'i irl   111  it
War Betc'en Beards.
Tin re is n*   question, appann'ly. of
Protectant and Cathollo ratepayers,
ier there is war between two seh -ol
boards, ami each board claims to b ���
duly authorised by the rati payers.
Those vho -ire familiar with the s't-
nat !t ti siv tb" entire trouble has nr a-.
e*i over the Ibnligual school rerol u
tins snd objections to Kngiish Pre.
testant Inspectors, although the pub-
le school hoard and supporters nr'
:invir"s that Instruction should 1>" resumed General publlc mect'nM ���!
ratepayers bnve been held, whichhsv *
tiion verv stormy, and tli" final resul'
is lbat th're I, now no school house
to f cht over s'n"" the mVSteriCUS fir"
destroyed everything but the Insurance policy.
Toronto, Sept. 17.���N, W. Howell,
tlle I' ailer of the opposition In the provincial legislature, since bis return
from Kurope Is convinced that Ontario has a greut ileal lo learn rrom
Oreat Uritaln In the matter of social
legislation. Ile said that ho had taken advantage of his visit to Kngland
to make a further Investigation tif
problems now- being dealt with by the
liritish  government, such as  housing.
workmen's compensation! factory legislation, old age pensions, unemployment   Insurance,   hours  of  labor,  the
minimum  wage nnd the liquor    ques)
He said 'but. llritain was come years
b hind Ontario in temperance |-*gls-
latlon, and that the government  found
Itself compelled to promote advanced Salvatore   Bernardoi and   ( atogero-
i.   ..-.,.._     ... I who were not  with the parents a'  the
time,   were   then   removed   to  CastrO-
I'arls, Sept.   17.    A    SUCC-SSSloil    of
tragedies traceable to members of the
dreaded Mafia hoclety Is reported rrom .
Palermo, Sicily. Some lime ago the
head of a ramlly named (imlnofl then
residing at Favara, in (ilrgetiti, Sicily, Incurred the displeasure of the
Madia society, which has a strong rep- j
.osculation In the district, and one
evening when  Salvatore Clinino, with I
his wife Bernards Clmlno, und twoj
children, Carmela tttid Rosa, were returning from  rrom a  visit  they  were,
murdered by members or the Mulla or-1
Sanitation.     Two other  elder  sons of;
temperance legislation. In order to
check fh" for"" of social degeneration
antl to Improve tbe conditions nt th"
tnassef of tlie people. He believed
lhat th" big Issue In Uritaln this autumn WOUld li" th" land question
Lloyd Qeorge would shortly submit
lo   th"   people   the   proposals   nf   hi"
administration   for    bringing    larger
areas of the land under cultivation,
increase    the    population     tilling the
soli atld Improve their condition.
Ontario might  profit bv the exnerl-
ence of Greal Britain in this direction.
It might also profit by the "(Torts betas not forth there to bouse the
mass ll "I come back," said Mr. Howell,   "mor"   than   ever   convinced   of
tii" Importance of our endeavoring in (p'
this new countrv to prevent so far asl
Is practicable tlie development and
erection of the social .ind Industrial
conditions which tbe statesmen ot
Orent Britain >re so heroically lator-
!. f* to reiiuilv."
Man  Prominent  In  Seattle Night
Arrested for  Passing  Bogus
Three Prisoners Accused of Disposing
of Uncle Sam's Ships in  Unor-
thedox   Fashion.
Seattle. Bept Tl .1 C, Hunch, who
for the last four years has posed in
.Seattle as a rich young deal- r In1
stocks and bonds, and who Is de- I
scribed by his assoclutes as a devoLie
of the niglit lir". was arresti d at San
Francisco yesterday on a charge of
having defrauded C. B, McCormack.
district superintendent or the International Llie Insurance company, Seat
tie, out of $7S at! by means or a worthless drati on Mrs. Hunch.
Simultaneously with the report ct
Hunch's nrrest at the St. Fruncls Intel ,Snn Francisco, came reports 11
other pieces of bogus paper he la said I
to have circulated In Siatlle tor some j
months past. In addition to numeTCUt]
large bills owed at various Seattle *
hnsU'lrlcs and at the Alaska club.
Did His Friend.
A peculiar feature cf   the   Alaska
club Indebtedness is tint Hurch,   al-
ways a good  mixer and an -excellent j
dresser, was put   up at  the club by
McCormack.   in uddition   to   evading
his   obligation   at   the  club.   Hunch  Is j
alleged to havc calmly proceeded    to
".string''  his sponsor  for    the    $TS.5()
! draft.
lillppo In order that they might If possible escape the vengeance or the Ma- .
fosl. but they bave just been slaughtered, and, with the exceptlorrof another Bon In America and two babies
In the i are of friends, the whole family has been wiped out as victims of ]
vendetta. As generally happens In
these cases the miscreants have es-
'���i'l";d, and  no  trace of  them  can  be
A  representative was yesterday en
allied  tO  Ret  some  particulars  of the
Mafia society from an Italian political :
"Many people," he said, "regard the
Mafia as a Bocrel society,    it would
under that beading, of course, j
but most of its members tire known *
Ito the public us Haflosl.   Sicily is the
stronghold  of  the  orgsnlaatlon, and
j Palermo nnd  Glrgentl  are especially:
strong in membership.   The member.)
by the way. have a language and even
fn alphabet of tlieir own. roundel on
the Palermltan dialect   The ancestry
of  the   Mafia  bi clety   may  be  traced
bnck for abi tit a thousand ye-a.s, and
'it was preceded bythe Vendlcosi. which
have bei n eoiiii"cted with the Ger'nun
��� Vehmgerlclit.     Its   strength   in   Siciiv
Mias crown since the union with the
, kingdom of Italy.    There may bs Bald
; to  be  only  one  penalty  tor bri.-.tk,-.s
of vows, or thOFe who incur the displeasure   of   thc   Mafia,   and   that   is
death,    tl  matters not thnt the man
i-jIi"   has   committed   the   injury   iias
idled   the feud  Is an hereditary otie
i and   the   whole   family   must   be.  end
Wttll be. exterminated, as th">* m.-.v le
reminded ocr-asloally byi he receipt of
letters referring to the unp-i d debt.
The presenl is the principal' lime of
the  meetings,  which  ar,-    generally
held during the cattle fair season -
from April to October. The Haflosl Ib
a man out to become the superior of
his fellow-man. who ifl hot a member
of 'he society, nnd his dominating pol-
Icv i�� oppression His power is foil in
e'l circles���economic, social and political, and the aim mav he snid to
be the establishment or "�� universal
republic-  the Mafiosi."
Mrs. A. J. Birtch said to me today, "Mr. Lacelle, I want every dollar's
worth of merchandise cleared out of here by the first of the month. I don't
care how low you cut the prices, only clear out everything." Now, you can
imagine me receiving orders like that! Well, just watch me put my
patent price cutter to work for the finish.
Well, HI Leave It to You if Fm Not Right.   Here They Are
Ladles' and (lids' Whit
es;  values to $15.00.
Sale price	
Ladles'   HouBe    Dresses    and
Wrappers:  regular price|
12.50.   Sale price..
Ladies'  Hosiery,  both  ln   black
end white;  regular EiUc.
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Ladies' Cashmere  Hosli
uiar price Toe.     Sale
ry. rig-
Berlin   and   Eiderdown    Wool
ali shades and colors;  regular price ISc, Sale price.
White   Muslin   Waists,
latest Btyles; regular
$1.50.    Sale price	
all   the
Pen-ins' Gloves, all colors; rig-
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All    Wool    Toques
regular price 75c.
Children's St raw-
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Pure  Silk  Cushion
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Ladies' Neckwear    Jabots
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chiefs; regular 15c.
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o% and 6 sizes, for
Thursday only	
Ladies Street and House Dresses; very pretty patterns;|
values to $5. Sale price.
I-adles' Bedroom Slippers. They
make good ChrlBtmas presents;
regular values to $.'1.50.
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Children's    Nighties
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Children's Wool Dresses. Just
the thing for this time of the
year; regular $3.00.
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Baby's Muslin Dresses
from Vi to 2 years; reg.
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Children's good warm coats   of
blanket cloth and
cashmere; reg. $2.50
Chlldrens'  Hosiery;  all colors
both long and short;
reg. 35c. Sale price.
I want the ladies of New Westminster to know
that there never was such bargains in the history of
Canada. Hundreds of satisfied buyers are attending this monster sale daily.
Ladles' Silk and Lisle Hosiery;
all colors; regular 75c.
Sale price	
Ladies' Muslin Combinations of
very good make; reg. Qfl/��
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Ladies' Muslin Nightgowns;
reg. price to $2.50. 7Q*.
Sale price  ��*JC
Ladies'   all    wool
values to $2.00.
Sale price	
"The White
S'-att!e. Bepl 17. The alleged existence of "fences" where stolen property, including valuable machinery
and bulk metal, might be disposed or
after being taken from the 1'upet
Sound navy year at Bremerton. Just
BOW ss the sound from Seattle. Is being investigated by the government as
a result ol two arrests, news or which
became public today, one thnt ot Herman Kelsler. In San Krancisco. and
th" other that of Frank Schwartz. In
Settle Deputy
Frsnk arrest
Both Keisl
d BchwarU,
r tnd 'Yhv- ir''   who Is
or the Alaska .Link com-
1120 Viral avenue nth. srs
il in a secret ln<" itment re-
teroei! I ythe last fed'-il grand Jury.
with r eclv'ig more 'in" twn tons nf
stolen br- IS fr"in 3 L. Hamlet, a pri
vato In lho tviirlr.' I orps. stationed at
Pn Bmerton. The arrest of Schwartz
wis not msde until telegraphic advices from San Francisco Indicated
th-it th" iitlelals In that city had captured   Kelsler.
While navy yard officials were extremely rellTcnt In discussing the
esse lt ts known that mysterious losses
have been reported tor several months
past; and n rigid wn'ch has been
maintained at the-station since the
arrest ol Hamlet.
Ha-rlet Comes In Irons.
Hamlet vis broueht to th's elty
handcuffed 'o an officer -of the marine corps, nnd waa not permitted to
filer th" grand Jury room until he hnd
V"en chained to one of the assistant
district attorneyo.
Aeeordlng to the Indictment, the
dealings between the two defendants
ct pror-nt under nrrest nnd Hamlet
began In .lune of this year and con
t'nued until August 2B. shortlv before
the -grand lury wss smmoned
separate Ic's or bras-i were named,
tho lareest bei"- that of Austift 25.
2.R04 pounds. In all. the government
charred "'it the defendants h-ol re-
celved 5.201 piurrts of br.irs, or more
th"n  tw-> tcn��, fro-n the nrivn*o.
The dllftrent transactions, It was
alleged, were had on June 21, July 3,
..Inly 2S ���*" /tuffust 26.
Dlr��rt Charge Msde.
Ttje specific chirge Is also made
fiat 'h"Fe nanntltles of brass were
reoelved from Hnmlct by the defendants when th-rj- knew that It hsd been
s'o'en from th6 nvenynont, and that
It was their Intention to sell It or convert It to their own use.
Trial of the case wlll  not begin,
aeeordlng to Ilnltrd States  Attorney
"   until   KelBler  Is
Bunch's arrest followed complaint
to Prceecuttng Attorney John F.
Murphy by MrCorniack. and ii request
on the San Franciscc police to find
Bunch and keep hlm under surveillance. Other worthless paper oil -gd
to hnve been passed by him in SeattI?
prior to a hurried departure for the
south, is believed to total In thc neighborhood of $..:)u. itippe & Chapman,
r< stanrimteurs, the Washington and
Calhoun hotels, and a l':ke street Ilq
ucr dealer arc declared to have lot
considerable sums, cl her In board
bills, money loaned or fictitious paper
accepted rrom Bunch.
Forms of Bogus Psper.
All of the alleged bogus paper wss
iof the same nature���a drart on M-s.
J. B. Bunch, "In care er Mr ('rcek"tt
Hermitage National bank, Nashv lie,
Tenn." In the case ot the McCormack and Hippo drafts, etch was returned rrom tho Nashville bank, dishonored.
Seattle people who witnessed tho
meteoric career or Bunch during the
last, rour years, declare he cim-e to
Seattle with between $15,000 and $20.-
000 and a wife or unusual beauty. Joy
rides, champagne and trips to British
Crlumh'a cVes with boon companions
nrn declared to have dlsslnatwl th"
monev In short order, and Beveral
months ago Mrs. Bunch returned to
her heme In Nashville, ostensibly on
a visit. Former intimates of Bu"ch
rf-olar-, that tho separation waa deliberate and that Mra. Bunch tcld
friends Bhe would never return.
On July 2!) of this yoar. Bunch, who
had beon a regular customer at o*t*
Itippe. -ft Chapman restaurant on P^\f)
street, asked Mra. V. C. Rlnp��. who
wbb acting as cashier, to "caah a
small check.' Mrs. Rlppn was makhi"
up a bank depoalt at the time, and
when Bunch presented a $60 draft on
h's wife sho cashed It rather 'han
1_��_V | chance ofrendlng n good customer.
The drart. In cour-ao of Ume was
returned, snd Mrs. Hippo started an
nves'lgatlon, nt the same tlmo wr't-
i lng to Mrs. Bunch In Nashville, Baking for Information. Reply to her letter rontn'n"d the Inrormation thnt
Mrs. Bunch could pot er would not
malte the drart cord and the state-
"���rnt tha* Mri. Bunch had sent the
l"tter to Bunch's m"ther In th" hope
thst the latter wonld pay the amount.
A few days later Mr. end Mrs.
Rlnn-B met. Bench on the ��*tr"��t. a"d
were overwhelmed with -hls protests-
(|i���"i of eurnrls-e and promises to
nmkn the draft rood on tho foll-wl""
dnv. Instead It Ib declared that Bunch
nassnl a further aerie* of smirlous
drafts and hurried to Cnl'fornla.
Dttrlnt all of Ms stay in Seattle
Bunch lived In tho most costlv nuan-
���Charlns  P,  Riddell,
brought to this city from San EVan
clsco by government officials, whlcl
Is expected to 1>e within the next few ner. nnd recent'v posed as a seller of
stocks and bonds.
Seattle. Sept. 17. -Harrv K. Brooks,
wealthy lumberman of Vancouver. B.
C, who last Saturday night backed
his StUU roadster through the plate
glass front nt the flirt Shop, 211
Spring street, has returned to Seattle.
Shortly arter his arrival he retained
Will H. Morris ns his ottorney, and
when bis case was called in police
court this afternoon a postponement
was nskrd. Tho case went over to October 10, the court saying thnt If
there was to be n contest that Is the
earliest date on which lt can be heard.
Brooks Is charged by the pollce with
driving an automobile when ln an Intoxicated considitlon.
Brooks was to have appeared In notice court yesterday afternoon, but his
absence In Vancouver caused a postponement or the trial until this afternoon.
[he was taken to the office of thej
brokers���after the brokers had gone j
i home for the day���and was let in by j
a key Tracy had made. Here the!
trusting maker of instruments mas'
Introduced to 'John W. dates' and
other celebrities.
J. Tracy's Body Brought From New,. "**** da>  he ��as pilct^d to a pre-
ttended poolroom,  where  Tracy    won j
several    thousand    dollars    in    stage:
money.     The   betting   grew   heavier,
and Felix became nervous in the fear I
Ycrk to Be Buried in His Home
Town, Toronto.
England and France Own More Than
Germany, So Berllners Are
Rather Jealous.
Practical Joker Sends Visions of Imprisoned Maids Dancing Before
Police Eyes.
Minneapolis. Sept. 17.���A near mur-
i'or or white slave mystery thrilled
the pollce department today for a
short time, and landed a practical Joker In  the  police station.
John Kennedy, manager of the Andrews hotel auto llvcrv, was sitting ln
a car In front of the hotel this morning when he saw a box drop from one
of the upper windows of the building
acrrss the street. Ile walked over and
found a Bmall collar box. Me Opened
It, anrt found lt contained eomn atones
to add weight and a note which read:
"To Whoever Picks Up this Box:
"We are being held against our will
In a high den above Fatigue. Wo are
tied to a chimney and are bleeding
from cuts and bruises about our heads.
Come and bring help. We aro dying.
God bless you. M. \. E."
Kennedy rushed to the police station at top speed with this bloodthirsty note, and told his story to
Chief Martinson. Policemen, headed
hy Patrolman J.- ,1. Finn, hotfooted It
hack to the building, and began a rapid
hunt of tho building and visions of
beautiful young girls ln dire distress
dsnecd before their eyes.
Finn noticed the box bore the label
of the Union Collar nnd Shirt company, and he headed for that place.
He was met on the stairs by ��� young
man who broke Into laughter as the
big policeman tolled up the stairs. The
con objected to being laughed at. and
seized the young man, who, after a
few minutes vigorous questioning, admitted that he knew who wrote the
note and that It *<��� rto-oo tn* *, v\e.
He was take ntn tho Central police
station, where hc told the same story,
but refused to give the name of the
poker. He was released after giving
his own name.
Toronto, Sept. 17.���The remains cf
Christopher J. Tracy, aged 40 years,
a native of Toronto, and known In
sporting circles frcm the Atlantic to
lh oPaeifie. were brought from New
York cn Saturday und buried In the
family plot In Mount Hope cemetery.
A brief service was conducted by Rev.
Father Pollard of St. Monica's church,
in the presence of relatives and a few
Intimate friends of the family. Tracy
died in the Polyclinic hospital, New-
York, on Thursday of dropsy. Many
handsome floral wreaths frcm acquaintances In New York covered the
The remains were accompanied to
Toronto by Mra Tracy, who will remain in the city for -, few diys. Be
sides the widow, two bro.  ers surviv?.
Eighteen years ago Tracy, whose
family resided on Church strret fr
many years, left Toronto for New-
York, w'ere. after conducting a sue
cessful ' na"dal concern for several
years, he drtrtcd Into sporting circles.
rc't"wl-�� the '"th or 1-ast resis'ance
leadin- to wc-"h. It is said ho made
$2,000 000 In hla time, as a result cf
allowed wlre-tnpplng.
Hit 1'V'n* for idventura and hl��
'orsuss'veness earn"d him the title rf
the "King of Wire-tappers,' and,
though he bid heen taken Into cm-
tody many limes, he was never convicted, there always belne a substan-
tlal loophole through which he could
squeeze. He dressed quietly and In |
excellent taste.
In  nroroot'ng his schemes  he fra-
tm important towns in Germany consider themselves completely unaffected by it. Berlin Is planning tn'-osures
for the acquirement ot radluat aud me-
so thorium.
Municipal   action  and   private   action are to work in harmony, though
that he would nct be able to get his I    Berlin, Sept. 17.���. ne Lon on q
money  down  before  the  place  went  ror radium has been a -naiier of spe
broke.    Finally he got to the window , clal interest tor Berllners during the
and dumped $50,000 on one race.   At j Inst rew days, and aparently re* oth-
best accounts the horse he bet cn is
running yet.
An Ohio Victim.
"Only a small percentage oi Tracy's
victims 'squealed.' For the most part
they were men trom small cities who
could not stand the notoriety and
swallowed their losses One such
was a resident of Ohio. Tracy was
introduced to  him   as  a   real  estate     .       ,
broker.    He  said  he  needed   $20,0001 mtn"al magician of medicine.    Ham
cash to pull off a big deal and was
willing to double the money for the
man who made the loan.
"Trac* offered to put up
iron building as security and g ve his
note besides. Ile tcok the Oh'oan
through the building, spoke familiarly
to tho elevator boys, showed the unoccupied offices and got the $20,000.
Then he gave his victim a banquet
with his own money nnd sent hm
home to wait fer the $40,000 he expected In ninety days, He Is waiting
000 shall be set aside for tbe purchase,
! whilst Dresden has been spurred on bythe barring of the Austrian frontier.
' at its very doors, to the export of tlie
i new snd wonderful element ln medl-
l cine, mesothorium.
I As for Berlin, the plans for the mu-
inicipality to spend ��1.000 on the hlr-
; ing of a certain quantity of radium
and mesothorium, whilst simultaneous-
I Iy a private committee will attempt
! to raise a special fund for the pur-
i cjase of a respectable quantity for
j tbe use of the city hospitals. The ccm-
st mlttee Is at present considering vari-'
I ous means of procedure, and apparent-
: ly the plat, that finds greatest favor-is
| foi the holding of a large exhibition of
the art treasures of private collections
I In the city.
i The simultaneous campaign in dlf-
] rerent quarters, with the outlay of
j such large sums of money, has aptnr-
! ently been helped by an appeal to the
j national feeling due to tbe blunt announcement by several professors that
no close co-operation Is foreseen.   At        ...     ,    ....
the same time Hamburg. Dresden ind both France and England possess 'ar
Frankfort are competitors for thlB | ger quantities of radium than Germany, and that these two countries
have also the advantage of a longer
experience In handling disease ��� ith
its aid. This Item of news may be
partly responsible for the scheme for
a much more important campaign than
the one already rererred to.
burg  suddenly  announced  last  week
that within a tew days its stock or
radium would be doubled and that lt
th    _m_�� I would  possess a quarter grain,  troy
tne ria-c  welght  of ,h(, mineraI    Frankfort Is
discussing whether ��10,000 or  ��15.-
Victoria, Sept. 17.���Giving as a reason why the street cleaning gnsg has
been laid ofr at nights, is that the
money appropriated for this work
early in the year h being expended
more rapidly than he deems advisable, and he ls determined that at the
end of the council year there shall no*,
be ahown a deficit ln the c'ty's   ac
frnlr��d with well-known sporting 'Fou"t8,' Alderman Gleason admitted at
men In different parts of the wnr'dli���*"* "ft." mee,,,n? ��f.the '17 T"'
seme of whom are said ti have work- J*.that ^V"���* cIeanll>B ��erT ce h��J
ed with him .iie-an curtailed.
The biggest of Tracy's "deals"   Is, Alderman Humber brought the mat-
said to have been carried out a little |ter to the '"entlon of the board when
he voiced loud complaint that Instead
of an effort being made to give men
employment, thos-? men now at work
are being reduced. Thc aldermen referred to the recommendation cf the
finance committee then before h'm ti
the effect that three horses be pu--
chased tor garbage collection pur
Felix and Introduced himself ss a I P��ie��' The strwt clewing OMl and
man hc had met In T.ou I.udlam's ��*eeP��s have been laid off the big
rsmbHng >����tee. Knowln* Felix tiim* street cleaning machine, ct
he interested in roulette, the stranger j *? ch e<_ much J.a? neard lM_; *""*:'"
over ten  years sto.    John   Felix,  a
maker    of musical Instruments, who
liked to make an occasional bet on
th- horses, wns chosen as the pros-1
pectlve victim.
Hew He Worked.
'One efter"opn." said a Now York j
nn���>r, "an affable stranger called on
thought he might listen to �� 'suee
thing' scheme In rsclng. Felix listened.
"Thn straneer. who was Tracy, had,
he said, a friend In the Western
Union office who could get advance
Information on races. All that wss
needed was capital. Several well-
known brokers were n on the scheme,
but they needed their spare cash tor
betting. If Felix had a safe large
enough to house 11,000.000 cash and
a little money to start the ball roll'ng,
both would soon se rich.
Felix had the safe and $50,000, se
Idle, and now It Is proposed to buv
horses when those animals now on
street maintenance are idle.
Toronto, Sept. 16.���Yesterday's rally
In Barcelona did not hold well, and
the stock at noon today was selling
at 38, as compared with 40 at the cloee
last night. It came up to 31 3-4 In
the afternoon. Brazilian was steady
and up to 46. C. P. R. was firm, Bo-I^
lng to 231 1-4 during the morning ferlTta
a amall lot, but olosiBg at 330 1-4.
1    **--,
c\m*x*H tirriM
original (lying butterflies who ar.e mmu tbo attractions at
���toolal Exhibition.
Supply Co.
p. o. Box 2        Phones 1 and 67
(ill Columbia St.
If you bake your own
Pork and Beans we
would like to supply
both the pork and the
beans and if you like
them sweet also a tin
of Barbadoes Molases
best quality, 25c. tin.
We have some very fine
Dry Salt Bacon, just
the thing for a pot of
Beans, selling at 20c.
per lb.
Brown and White Beans
4 lbs. 25c.
Beefsteak Sauce, regu-
for 25c. and 30c. at
15c. bottle.
Tea Garden Drips, regular 60c. at 50c.
Heinze's Dill Pickles at
25c. per dozen.
Heinze's Sweet Pickles,
20c. per pint.
Supply Co.
Are You
If not then you are
certainly   not   getting
the most possible out of
life because there is no
pleasure so constant as
the knowledge that your
money is safely set aside
for old age or adversity
of any kind.
A savings account
gives man that self-confidence without which
success in life is impossible.
An account in our savings department earns
4 per cent and the interest is added each three
Why not open an account today? One dollar i.s sufficient for the
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships  under Administration, over $6,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to
Greater Westminster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc.. in thli
column are charged for st the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Livestock Sale,
The government livestock sale tak -s
place  this  morning ut  Queen's  park.
Some CO head of choice grade catt! ������
nioBlly cows are lielng offered.
The Uoyal City Dancing club will
hold Its tlrst dance of the season in
St.  Patrick's hall  this evening.
Deepening Creek.
A gang nf convicts Is at present engaged in deepening the bed of the
Btream which (Iowb through the Glen,
Sapperton, separating Mr. Harvey's
grounds and the I'en proper.
Don't forget the dance
rick's hall tonight.
St.  Pat
Held Dance.
Members of   St. Peter's   social   assembly held a successful dance   and
social in St. Patrick's hall last evening.
\ general meeting of members of
the Political Equality League will b?
held on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock,
at 89 Albert Crescent west, Business,
election of president. (2085)
Money to loan on flrat mortgages,
Improved city and farm property
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1989)
Elks Honor Member.
C. E. Redike, grand organizer of
the Elks, will be present tonight at the
reception given by the local ElkB to
J. Stillwell Clute at the lodge rooms
In recognition of the signal honor conferred upon the latter gentleman when
he was appointed grand exalted ruler
of Canada.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building
Office phone 82G, wharf phone 880.
the Trades and Labor council and
delegates were appointed to attend
the meeting of the councll on Wednesday night to support the application
He Shingled a Roof.
I'or shingling a roof of a building In
Chinatown a Jap was brought up In
court yesterday morning on a charg ���
of doing the work without the consent
of either the building Inspector or
Eire Chief Watson. The building. It
appears, lies within the tire limits of
the city and therefore before anything can be done to a frame structure, some information ns regards the
life of the building l�� to be forthcoming. The costs of the case were
ordered paid by the court anil In the
meantime the accused will have to
comply with the regulations or else
run the risk of again being arrested.
Severely Injured.
A Sardis man named Larison came
to grief yesterday afternoon near the|0f a dollar, five cents, fifty mills
B. C. E. R. depot while attempting tol whatever other way you like to put it.
board an outgoing Vancouver car. You can buy green tickets, also
Sergeant Pentland picked the man up!-white ones, but you'll only be wearing
and found he was suffering from nn|0ut coin of the realm bv doing so,
injured shoulder and a severe scalp without getting any further ahead.
wound. He was taken to the police! Heretofore it's been the high east
station where his injuries were attend-1 (>f living that has been going higher.
ed to by Dr. Drew, who stated he Will I now, ladles and gentlemen, you will
be fit to leave for his destination this gtep up and observe that travelling Is
morning.   I.nrl. on is said to have been ] following suit.
The Co. Needs the Money, so Smile-
Pay up With a Grin, Come Through
With the Tin���If You Can't
Sit, Stand up in Aisle.
Sing a song of nickels,
Sing It soft and low;
No more bargain car rides.
The Tram Co. needs the dough.
Poor old llttlo Tram Co.,
Vou  will  pause to note.
Pays  Its  men   more  wanes.
Y-O-U  rpells "goat "
It's too late to be sorry now. Krotn
now on a ride on the rolling stock of
tlie B, C. Electric railway company
will cost  you u nickel, tne-twentleth
Intoxicated at the time anil was held
by the police although no charge Is
laid agalnEt hlm.
\VADE--The   funeral    of    the
Mrs. Frances Wade, whose death was
announced yesterday, will take place
at 2 p.m. tomorrow.
Move   forward   P-l.-E-S-E.
Oetting down to brais    tacks,    the
B. ('.  Electric haB Intimated, as  reported   in   The   News    of    yesterday
morning, that, owing to the increased |
icost of operation, It is forced  to re-
late [quest the public to come through with
more of the mazuma lor fares.
That's the way the matter st-.ndn.
but the poor public has one consolation left, It's still as cheep as ever to
Firmly believing that wise one who
said "Never put off till tomorrow what
! you can do today," various concerns
iand people ranging from the c'ty if
[Vancouver and n hanking house ther*
to the man with the dinner pall, have
Frank Ewen. dishevelled and handcuffed, with a great wound In his neck
and guarded by a couple of men appeared in the registrar's office yesterday. An attempt to commit suicide I beaten father'time To'lt" and laid una
'at  I.adner was barely frustrated
McAllisters limited
We have now located our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Department
in new and spacious showrooms on the First Floor. These will be
arranged and fitted with every facility and comfort for our customers to choose their new Fall Suits and Coats.
Special displays of the very latest Fall Coats direct from the
fashion centres, will be shown during this week.
Coats for young and old in a very large and varied assortment
await your approval and selection.
And in accordance with the policy of this new business, values
and prices will demonstrate to you our ambition to offer you, consistent with the best quality of merchandise, values that cannot
be equalled.
Best Ever.
Mr. firavener, formerly provincial
constable at Hope, returned to New
Westminster on Tuesday '-night after
a trip round the world. He visited
Europe, Australia. New Zealand and
South Africa, but declares emphatically that he had seen no place In all
his travels to equal British Columbia.
He had been certified Insane by two
medical men and Registrar Cambridge
signed the committal order for the
unfortunate man's detention In the
From the tea bush in Ceylon to the
sealed lead packets In which "Salada"
reaches you, such methods cf pure
cleanliness are used as scarcely any
other food manufacturer can claim.
An Envied Man.
Off for a glimpse at the world's
series, Sales Manager H. J. Mackin.
of the Canadian Western Lumber
company, leaves today for the prnlrie
provinces, planning to arrive in New
Vork ou October 5, just in time to see
the Athletics und Giants mix.
A man refusing to disclose his identity, was arrested on Monday by Constable Matheson of Cloverdale. at Sullivan on suspicion of burglary in various quarters of Surrey. On the man's
person was discovered a large quantity of jewelry and other articles reported as stolen oy residents in Surrey. He was brought before Magistrate H. Bose and remanded for further Investigation
store of tickets nt the Old rate aga'nst
a rainy day���when the walk;ng is
poor. It is said that the bank mentioned purchased an even $lhfiil of
tickets, while the corporation of Van-
| couver planked down $400 for the tiny
passports. In New Westminster
divers persons went and did l'kew'se.
Today though it is, alas, too late;
the advance In price came into effect
: this morning.
Tonight's the Night.
This is the day when sets and
"number please" is forgotten bv a
large number of the local telephone
operations when they meet In conclave at the Clarkson street building
this evening. A fine musica] and
games program has been drawn un fir
the occasion which will undoubtedly
meet the most critical eye.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Poor Lawyers.
John Patrick Murnliy and a follower
from the land of the heather who
goes under the name of "Scotty" en
gaged in a verbal battle In court yesterday morning which ended in John
Patrick being sent up for one month
in the jail for theft of brass casting-*
from the C. P. II. The case was adjourned from Tuesday until yesterday
On Kriilay next P. 13. Brown will
sell by public auction on the premises
the contents of Mr. Mardwick's liouse
on Kdmonds road, at 2 o'clock. South
Bend Malleable cooking range, six
hole, in first class shaiie: bedsteads,
tallies, chairs, pictures, china und
earthenware, garden tools, lawn mower
and other uflVcis. No reserve Mr.
Uardwlck is leaving the district and
everything must be sold regardless <f
price.   Terms cash, t-07.li
Burnaby   Board   of  Trade   Grateful-
Want  Level  Crossing  Protected.
In supreme court chamber-, this
morning City Solicitor McQuarrie
acting for 11. oniev. New Westminster, made application to the Hon.
Mr. Justice Clement for an Injunction
restraining the Canadian Northern
Pacific Railway company from building on and occupying some 15 acres
of his land on Lulu island without
getting his permission.
Mr. Armor, solicitor fnr the com- !
pany, admitted the trespass and '
stated that expropriation procecdng-i
wouid be undertaken. He hoped that
tbe court would not issue a mandatory
Injunction, but simply enlarge the
case for a week to give the company
time to  take action.
Remarking that a mandatory injunction would require the tearing up
and removal of tlie rails laid across
the propertv, his lordship asked Mr
McQuarrie whether an enlargement
for a  week  would suit hlm. and    the
During the alterations and re-arranging of Departments, many Special Bargains and Oddments gathered from different Departments will be placed
on the Bargain Tables on the Main Floor to be closed out at very exceptional prices.
McAllisters Limited
Night School
Starting:   next   MONDAY,
at 7:30 p.m. at
Individual Instruction
in Bookkeeping, Spelling,
Arithmetic, Penmanship,
Shorthand; Typewriting by
Rural Delivery.
There is every possibility thai a
rural delivery, connecting up with Port
Moody and Burqultlam will be in operation at no distant dale. A strung
representation of the .necessity for this
Service, backed by numerous signatures, has been submitted by the postal authorities and great hopes of Its
success  are  entertained.
Fast Run.
The flre department, was called out
yesterday afternoon to a small blaze
which bad started in a Japanese cafe
near Mclnnes street. Little damage
was done to the place, one of the
chemicals being used to extinguish the
threatening conflagration, The work
of the firemen In making such fast
time to the scene and nlso the fast
time In coupling the hose, was much
commented upon by the crowd assembled.
Rosd Signs.
Prominent signs ure being erected
by the flurnabys Lakes Progress club
on the IVtglns road, denoting tht-. distance and direction of both Vancouver and New Westminster, via Rur-
nabys Lakes. The municipality have
recently installed danger signs at several polntB ln Burnaby where possible accidents might occur In event of
auto traffic making the turns and
crossings ut full speed.
Tbe  monthly   meeting  of  the   Burnaby board of trade was held at. S p.m.
last  night at  the  municipal  hall, Kdmonds.    President T. I). Coldicutt was I plaintiff consented
In the el*lr. Mr.  McQuarrie  pointed
A resolution was passed that Prof.
Hill-Tojlt lie asked to give a lecture
on agriculture at the next meeting.
The president referred to the reduction in the rates for electric lighting
and observed that It would make a
considerable difference, and it was
agreed tliat the secretary be Instructed to write th" II. C Iv It in recognition of the reduction and further
that the secretary write thanking the
companv for the reduction of fares In
North  Burnaby.
Some Kicks.
Complaints were made by several
members in connection with the <-,-u-
service, the following being especially
Absence of signs at seme stations
on the Ebunre line In Burnaby and
tli" difficulty in reading the signs at
other  stations.
Need of Improvement of access to
McQregor station.
Conductors do nol call out names of (here fi
stations. | _    . ..       ****************mm*
Kxeessiv,, rate nf speed at tho inter
urban crossings ospeclall)  dangerous ^s% ISS  /\��   HILL
at times.
Necessity  for  installation  of  swing' DRESSMAKING
bells a,  dangerous crossings on  both j pancy  ,{m*   Even|ng DreSSe.5
Numerous complaints of people 1"-. j
lng held up by the wait at  Highland
A committee was formed to consider:
these several  points and  it  was  pro
posed  to ask  the  B. C.  B.  It.  to lo.ik
Into the matter.
President  Coldicutt   spoke    of    tin!
dangers at  the level crossings on the
Croat Northern railway and remarked I
tliat every day some person or person---!
were  killed   somewhere  by  these and |
gave  as  an   illustration   his   personal
experience In this respect.    Reference
was also made to the danger on  ae- ,
count of the drivers not blowing their,     ,      ., ,    .
whistles.    Itwasmovedandcarrle.il     Pupils prepared    for   th ���   . xai.-.ma
thnt   the   secretary   be   requested   t
out to the
court that the company had not a
shadow of any kind of right to enter
upon hls client's land, not even tbe
plans for the road across it having
been approved,
New Vork. Sept. 17 - The crowd'"-; '
of employees of the Immigration  de- ;
partment against the guard rail on the :
starboard side cf the ferry boat  that
piles betwei n Kllis island and the Battery dock resulted In the rail  giving *
way and six men being plunged Into
tlie waters of the hay
Charles Waldo, an Inspector nf tha
Immigration  department,  was  drown-j
��� il. The ether live men were rescu��d.
thr'*'   rf them In ing taken to a hospital suffering from solum rslon.
Waldo    wai    recently    transferred
Chicago, Sept. 17. -The annual convention of the national association of
supervisory post office employees
opened here yesterday with 15(1 delegates present. The delegates cheered
Congressman I. It. Sherwood of Toledo, when he advised tbem to petition congress for increases in pay and
betterment of general * -.idltlons ln
the department.
$30,000 Fire.
Durham, Ont, Bept. 17 -Klre causing a loss of $30,000 occurred here
this morning at G o'clock, it itarted
In tha rear of Black's hardware store.
MacFerlane's drug Btore and the
Royal bank suffered. Black's loss la
$16,000 with $4iiuu Insurance,
and $10.00 per Month.
Size 45x113 to lane.  Near City car line, Beautiful
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Residence Y. Vi. C. A Phone 1824,
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,   Theory.
Por Terms and  Hour.. Apply at
Studio,  1011   Hamilton  Street.     Phone,
1319 R. (1977) I
a Specialty.
Room 11, Smith Block.
and Miss
I.It.A.M. A.It.CM.
I.essous In Pianoforte, Violin. Sing
ing, Voice Production, Theory (in
class or privately), Hannouy, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History
I'hone 853.
A.  I..
BOOCK,  Prlt-clpnl.
610 Columbia
Still Another.
A successful meeting of the local
'branch of tlie International Steam and
Operating Engineers' union was held
laBt nig!.' in the labor hall. Five new
members were Initiated. Another
meeting will be held next Tuesday
evening when several additional new
members will be Initiated since the
charter arrived two weeks ago the organization has made remarkable pro-
gress. At lasl night's meeting it waa
resolved to apply tor aflfliatlon with
write the C!t-elit Northern calling their
attention to this matter and asking
'hem to plac electric slgnnls and
'������tit drivers \���. instructed lo blow
their whistles.
Fine   Section.
On the subject of Kingsway, A. V,
'MBopVierHon spok" of tb" road through
Hurnaby. It was 20 to .10 per cent superior and a better road, with all due
respect to otber parts of Kingsway
and the best In H. C��� If not In Canada. Complaint of Insufficient attention given to what Kingsway really
Is wuh made. Undoubtedly It was the
best road he had ever seen. (Ireat
credit was due to the engineer for the
way In wblch It was carried out.
In regard to boulevardlng and tree-
planting it was suggested tliat owners
of property be asked to Improve their
own frontage and It was suggested
that each one look after his own frontage.
.���'. li, Macpherson �� 111 give a lecture
on this subject at the meeting after
B, fl. Walker complained of there
not being a representative from Burnaby on the North Arm Harbor commission.
tlons of the Associated Hoard of the
Uoyal Academy of Music and Itnyal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, 'leacher or Performer,
For terms, etc.. apply  Cl   Dufferin
Street.    Phone 411 It. 120(17)
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department ut all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received uud lutereat al tho highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable lu all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, Genersl Msnsgsr.
Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Msnsger.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St.,  Phonea
1200,  1201,  1202.
8spperton   Msrket,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St.  Msrket, Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Msrket,  Phone  L883.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Preserving Peaches, per   i
trate 90c.
ixie-ii hothouse tomatoes, 2 lbs...25c.I
Tokay UriipcB, per Ib  15c. |
Pancy Prunes, ,'t llm for  25c.
Oood Creamery Hutter, 8 lbs $1.00
(lur own  Itanch  l-Ogga, dozen   45c. I
Med Spring and Stcc Ihuud Salmon       !
2 Ibu. for  25e.
Sockeye  Salmon,  per  Ib    10c.
Presh Halibut, 2 ibu  25c. |
Smoked Salmon and Halibut, 2 lbB 35c. I
(Successor to Ayling 4 Swain.)       j
447 Columbia 8t. Phons 98.
Transfer Co*
Jfflce Phene 1SS.     Barn Phene 1ST
���subie Street
baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the elty.
Light aod Heavy Hauling
Established 18*1.
We write Flit, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marine Insurance.
Liability, Automobile and
���DO     OU?
Don't trifle with your eyesight Delays,
cheap KltiNKfn ami uiiHkiiii'iii treatment or
ttm ayee arc euro forerunners or tlm time
when HOfiOUS troublo wiii occur.
��������� are ready to rendor you expert uld
in I'xuminiriK the eyes, tn furnishing
icIhhwh or Hpt-ctfU'U'H, In flttlnti thom to
your oyOMi
701 Columbia Street   (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57


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