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The New Westminster News Mar 7, 1913

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New Westminster.
New    ���Westminster's    advantages
are  rapidly  becoming known.    Tbe
U. ('. fisheries wlll establish a cannery on the Kraser river shortly.
Weather  Today.
''^-J.fctyy.WcstoinaJcr^am^' Lower
M3tojWHig\f tBrnoiartite winds;
geni.raTfy._Ja4cri_��wiici5Cry or lower
���- "SSar
cjvJ'l.'l  l*��3U1     _.��1BER   1.
At 12 O'clock Saturday Evening 129 Hour Session
Will Close.
Discussion on Naval Bill Still Issue-
Reading of Books and Newspapers
���Point of Order Raised.
Ottawa, March 6.���The naval debate continues in tho bouse, and by
12 o'clock on Saturday night a continuous BSsAon of 129 hours will come
to a close.
From 1 o'clock until after 3 the
debate waa continued hy 10. M, Mac
Uonuld, Ur, liland and Mr. Pugsley.
'then .��li. Knowles, of Moose Jaw.
took the floor. Mr. Knowles Bald thut
the silence of Hon. Robert Rogers,
the chief ministerial representative
in the cabinet, had been remarkable.
Up to the present time the minister
of public works had nol uttered a
single word in the house in regard to
the naval question. The mimstei
had spoken glibly enough ou many
���subjects when he was banquetted ai
Keginu Jusl before the Saskatchewan
���election, bu. now remains silent.
To genii ihe proposed $36,000,000 to
I'.uglaud. Mr. Knowles said, is both
unnecessary nnd unwise. Personally
lie. was not enthusiastic in regard to
the naval expenditures, but since
aome outlay had to be made it should
be made aa a dominion with the con-1
sequent Industrial BtimulUB for the
country. Mr. Knowles then criticized !
what he characterized as the unwill '
Lngneas ot lhe government to give in |
format ion.
A Point of Order.
In the course of his remarks Mr.
Knowles read various extracts with
the result thai trouble blew up which |
culmlnlatad iu an appeal from the
ruling of the chairman of the commit
tea to ihe speaker. The ball was
stalled   rolling   by  A.  C.   Boyce,   ton
North    Burnaby  Ratepayers' Association  Pass Resolution  Asking
Council  to  Act.
Edmonds, March 6.���Though sentiment In general throughout the municipality, but particularly In North
llurnaby, appears to be in favor ol
bavlng the li. C. B. 11. franchise question settled without further litigation,
there aro still a large number of people who are convinced that the liur-
nahy council should appeal thc decision recently handed duwn by Mr.
justice Murphy on the matter to the
privy council.
This latter is Instanced by thc following resolution received yesterday
at the municipal hall and by Councilor  Stride.
ltesolved that the council be Instructed to appeal the B. C. E. R.
franchise to the privy council ln accordance with tbe recent plebiscite
taken on that question. The resolution waa forwarded by the ward one
ratepayers' association.
ll is only natural that North Burnaby should wish for an early settlement of tbe franchise question. If
litre is any district that sufferB from
the lack of proper transportation at
Ihe preaent time it is tlie north and
the residents there are convinced
that as soon as t the question la
settled their cbances for better railroad facilities will be increased ty.o
Tale of Progress Told by City Fathers at Progressive Association Banquet���Bylaws Totalling $465,000 Will Be Submitted for Numerous Improvements���Assessment Roll
Shows Wonderful Increase���Borrowing Powers���Steamship to Victoria���Cities
Are in the Hands of Commission Agents���Better Markets and Better Prices.
Board of Managers Will Spend $30,000
for   Furnishings���-Details   Will
Be   Advertised.
"When Is our aaaeaament going to stop?���I believe it Is never going to i matters and It will again be referred
stop.   We have been dead here long enough.   There is no better evidence of  to the council.
prosperity than a legitimate Increased assessment."���Mayor Gray. "Before  making any definite prom-
"The work we are starting right away wlll open up for every English ise the council will take up the esti-
speaking man registered on our list the opportunity of starting work."���Mayor i mates and see what money Is avail-
Gray. : able.    I believe, personally, when any
"Why are British Columbia cabbages rotting In the fields and produce! body of citizens Land themselves to-
from over the line selling at 3 cents per pound?" [gather to carry out a certain class of
"Because the merchants here are in the hands of commission men who ' work it is only fair that the whole
rule the market. [ c|ty   Bhould   do   something   to   assist
"The remedy?.   Organize!    Co-operatel    CO OPERATE!"���John A.  Lee,|such a scheme.
President of the Board of Trade. '    "We have been asked for $8000 by
"I understand that tenders for the city portion of the line of the C. N. R. the Iloyal Columbian hospital mostly
wlll be called for In about two months."���Alderman White. ] for extraordinary    expenditures    and
"Don't-wait until next Jan. 13 to give us your advice. The council Is al- j partly for loss sustained by the scar-
ways ready to listen to the suggestions of any citizen."���Alderman Kellington.:- let fever epidemic.
>_^-_^v^^wv<.-^-_^v^-_^. ^N^-^/-^v~^^-_~^ ^wvvvvvvvww I    "1  believe the council  will  help  in
��_-,,_%. . ,, ... " "    'some way to meet the demands of the
A Family Party. .$840,000,    a    total  of  $360,000.    The ' hospital board out of the general rev
The same measure of success that taxes, at the rate he had mentioned,. enue.
has waited upon every effort of the. would amount to $$50,000, lie believ-'
Progressive association in its excellent ed there would be sufficient other
midday banquets was in evidence yes- means to make the revenue something
terday in a temporary annex of the like $1150,000, including electric light,
Iloyal cafe. There were no guests: water, licenses and everything else
from outside the city and the gather- [ connected with their city
At a meeting two weeks hence the
building committee of the board of directors of the Hoyal Columbian hospital will call for tenders for the complete furniBhlng of the new hospital
building which it is estimated will
coBt $30,000.
Everything which the hospital requires in the line of equipment including the outfitting of the operating
rooms, the supply cf surgical instruments will be included in the bidB
to be advertised.
Mayor Gray Makes This Announcement   to   Royal
Interesting   Evidence   Taken   Yester
day���Factory Girls Paid $6
Per Week.
Announcements that the members
of thc police force of the city would
shortly receive an increase of wages
The decision to call for tenders for and that the government were prattle furnishings was reached at a j paring to pass legislation at the next
meeting of the building committee j session of the provincial house with
yesterday after certain reeommenda-1 regard to guaranteeing municipal
tlons had been made by Miss Scott, \ bonds, were made at the sitting of the
lady superintendent of the hospital, i Hoyal Commission on Labor held in
The contract for floor linoleum for: thia city yesterday morning and eve-
the new buildings was let yesterday to niug.
Lees Limited, that firm being the low-1
est tenderers
The opinion Is gaining ground that! ing was  therefore  very  much  In thc ;    After the estimates    were    passed
it tlie II. 0.  B,  It.
slons asked by 11
grant the conces-
nmnlllpal council
:oOd. Whether Ihey will or not It remains to be seen, lf they do not it
Is almost certain the council will institute an  appeal case.
Word is being expecfed dally from
ilicB. C, R. II.
and it is   the
that something definite ought to be
ht-ard from the company before the
end of next week. The Vancouver It.
C. K. It. authorities have communicated with the head officials in London, and it Ib from this quarter that
,, .       , j i the   company's  decision   on   the  con-
aervative, West A goma  who objected !r,.S!iil���11( aHk(,,,   jg ^na.iteed.
.-.<���- ���    ...,'    -i.    Knowles   wns,     ,.   (|)  a|a()  s���KgegtH(j   by   aorm,   ,hlU
the  B,  G,  K.  It.  might  want  to com-
,  , |promise with tlie municipality, lf this
lorted by way of some personal refer-| is   donf>   ,.   ,g       ma.(e_.  of.  qm,gtloi.
oners to Mr. Boyce. who Immediately | ..,,.-,    Hction    wjM  l((J    tBk<,_.    by Ule
nature of a family party, Borne sixty   some   people   wondered   where   their
strong before whom the city fathers; taxes   weut   and   why   they   did   not
the entire question wlll be settled for J in tlie persons of Mayor Gray, Alder-  build streets, sidewalks and macadam- fore the council
"We have been asked by the Royal
Victoria Order of N'urseB for $500. 1
recommend that every citizen become
a member, it only costs $1 a year and
means a lot to the poor of any city or
"1 might say I have another application for a grant which I will read
but which has never been placed be-
rouHuirig  himself   to
r    diaouaalon
the   niutt.'i
Knowles    re-
men Jardine, Lynch, White and Kell-1 ize
ington,   were   asked   to  outline   what
they proposed to do for Westminster
during the preaent year of grace.
The result was a spontaneous and
on  this  vital matter I clear portrayal and, as outlined below.
general assumption lit will he seen that the various speakers played upon the whole gamut of
the many BtringB that are steadily
drawing the city abreast in the race
of development. Mayor Cray foreshadowed the bylaws, to he placed before the electorate, announced tbe Increase of assessment, and the Immediate beginning of city work; Alderman
White gave an outline of the very im-
order  that     the
raised   the   point
member   tor   Moose  Jaw   was   talking
beside the question.
"Well. I will read Winston
���Churchill's reports then. The mem
tier for West Algoina is liritish born
and should not object to lbat," said
Mr. Knowles.
Mr. Hoyce again rose, to a point of
order. Mr. Churchill's speeches, he
aald, had already been placed In 1
Hansard. The member should con '.
line himself to  the point  al  issue.
"I   rise   to   a   point   of  order,   too," |
���said   Mr.   Knowles.    "1   am   not  going
lo listen to a lecture from  the  mom-
1. It   for   West  Algnma  on   a   point of
Proceeds Reading.
Mr. Hoyce rose from his seat and
for fully a minute tlie two members
Blood facing one another while Mr.
Thobiirn, of North Lanark, who was
in the chair, vainly endeavored to get
an answer to a ruling, finally he
was able to say that the member for
Moose Jaw should confine himself to
th"  DOlnl  Of issue.
Mr. Knowles then proceeded with
the reading of Mr. Churchill's speech
A Utile later on when Major Currie
bad replaced Mr. Thoburn In the
chair, Mr. Hoyce ngaln recommended
Ihe point of order, that Mr. Knowles'
remarks were lnelevaut.
"In what respect ?" queried A. K
McLean,  for Halifax.
Major Currie told Mr. Knowles that
lie must not wander too far from the
Mr.  McLean    contended    that    Mr.
KnOWles'   remarks  were  quite  pertlti-
out  to  the  Biibject  under discussion. .
"If you  want  my ruling  In  regard tnl#
tbe amendment you can have it," said  ���
the chairman. ���
Mr. Pugtley nlso Intervened, but the ���
chairman would not allow him to goi*
the roads. They would apreciate
the fact with their rates kept down
and improvements exempt, lt was
impossible to do that out of ordinary
The ccuncll would take the same attitude as they had done for the last
two or three years in regard to street
improvements. Wherever the storm
sewera were put in the improvements
must be of a permanent nature.
Macadamizing was no good in any
city any more. (Hear, hear.l It was
practically a waste of money macadamizing.
Turning to another -subject.  Mayor
At the evening sitting of the Iloyal
Commission on I-abor, which was in
session in New Westminster yesterday, several witnesses, Including
Mayor Gray, took the stand with regard to industrial conditions and proposed   remedies.
Mayor Gray waa the flret witness,
explaining the wages paid to civic employees Laborers, he stated, received
$3 per 8-hour day. Firemen's wages
ran from $72.50 to $150.    Police from
J   M.���j���_, ,-a Mr  u   x,ui-. I *75 to *140-'    ,n >"ef5a''d to the latter.
J. Mendum and Mr. H. Taylor jhe 8tateU ^ toe po,i;,e con-mis8,on.
ers were now arranging a new scale
which would increase the salaries.
The  mayor next touched  upon  the
Iloyal Columbian hospital, explaining;
IhE't ;he nurses there had to work 12
'hoi'Vj a day.   The institution last year
got a new and thriving factory which !!?"   ?.el,ind   in, Pf1?*"  $8')0�� ,which
?i ���..   ������i���  ...   .���...n   .,rnn,.r,inns ���, .the ci'ty council had been asked to pay.
pn .irt.ons at |    Commissioner   McKelvie  asked  the
to  be  a
Mr. A
Establish Cement Construction
Company on Kingsway.
Edmonds,   March   4.���llurnaby    has
of    the
porta.it   railway  development  soon  to   Cray  said  that  within  ten  days thev
i council.
Oscar   Johnson   Meets   Sudden   Death
in Woods at Matsqui Yesterday
Oscnr Johnson, a logger, was almost Instantaneously killed while
working in Ihe woods at Matsqui yesterday morning when a tree crashed
down upon his head. Tho accident
occurred  about ���( o'clock.
Johnson was 20 years of age and a
native of Sweden and lias lived in
the district about two years. He has
a brother residing at Matsqui who
was working with him at the time ol
the Occident.
The lemains were brought into the
city yesterday and removed to Mi.r-
cliie ���& Soil's undertaking parlors.
from where the funeral will take placi
this afternoon to the Church of Kngland cemetery.
He remarked  that  Mr.  Knowles,*
was coining to a point where his
Bpeech would have been Irrelevant
and he had warned him not to go too
"You are quite right, Mr. Chairman,'' said the member foi Moose
Jaw, "1 know that you would be
(Continued on Page Four.)
New York, March 6. The
first demonstration In America
Of I'r Frederick Franz Fried-
tnaun's treatment which the
visiting llerlin physician declares Ib a cure for tuberculosis, was given by Dr. Fried-
mann himself today In the presence of physicians reprcsent-
the city, the Btate, nnd the
staffB at hospitals of several
take place; Mr. John A. Lee carried
his audience with him in an eloquent
appeal for "thinking greatly," driving
home with emphasis the Importance of
co-operation to valley, Westminster,
aud other cities alike.
Mr. Kerr Presided.
Mr- W. J. Kerr presided in the ���n.b-
sence of the president, T)r. F. P. Smith
and welcomed the guests, lt was the
enthusiastic, strong spirit of progress
that existed among mayor, aldermen
and citizens that would make New
Westminster grow to be a great and
good city, stated Mr. Kerr.
lie asked Hev. Mr. Henderson to
say  a few   words.
Rev. J. S. Henderson.
Itev. J. S. Henderson said he came
there simply as one of the executive
to hear the program of th�� new council, and the head of the board of trade
and to take note of what wae outlined
for the year.
Whatever a progressive mayor and
council might attempt to do they
were handicapped unless they had behind them a body of Intelligent citizens prepared to follow, intelligently,
their lead and lend their help.
He believed ill this city that there ,
was such n body and that in any sane,
forward movement the bulk of the citizens would hack them up and give
them their hearty and sympathetic
support They had those who "knocked" and of course a few knockers in
nny city were good If they "knocked"
Year of  Progress.
They had last year and still had a
progressive mayor and a progressive ,
couneil   and   he  saw   no  reason   why
1913  should  not   he  one  of  the  best
years in New Weatmlnster,
The council had their hands full In
Ihe program marked out and they
needed the hearty co-oeration of every
citizen. |t largely depended upon how
ihey supported these measures what
their city was going to be.
Cray   Heartily   Greeted.
Mayor Cray was the next speaker
and on rising was greeted with np-,
plause and the singing of "He's a Jolly,
Good Fellow."
He opened his speech by comment- j
Ing  upon  the  invitation  sent  to  htm
would have the crown grant to the'
foreshores, In connection with their
harbor improvements, and they expected within 40 days at least, that
the initial work would be commenced.
"The next thing is the gas proposition. Al^rman Jardine will explain
to yrni sonn- of thi) intentions df the
council In that respect. 1 believe we
have adopted the proper course.
Street  Improvements.
Epistle   Extraordinary.
The mayor then read a most extraordinary and  incoherent epistle from
an   apparently   demented   Chinaman-,
claiming $1000 for assisting the police ] though  only  of    in i
in raiding Chinese gambling denB and | ,he  pre8ent  tim(>i   -promises
opium  joints  in  the eity.    As  he ex-, toTce  ln   ,he  in,lus,rlal  Wa
pected to visit the Duke of Connaught \ community before long,
and had no money he would be oblig-     Thc    induBtry    *,   kmnvn    aR   the
ed u payment were made at once.        I Kingsway  Cement Construction Commissi  this  man  any  commission but!       ,.  and  ,.-.,.   ,,���..���    ,,B.at.Usht.d    on
not know whether Mayor Lee had pro-' KlnKswav   or     Twelfth   street,     near
nnsed this many any commission hut I v<Ms..  road     Mr   A   j   MBndun-  am|
be  bad  come  to  see  him.   When   he   Mr  H   Tavlor_ tw(,    enerKetic    local
came into his office he threw up his | _..,,-._  are   t)eiliud  ���..,  conoern   whlob
hands and said: "Mr. Oray. Mr. Gl*y.Uanufacturis  everything  in   the  line
you get one good job.    \ou heap big | oT cen,ent   blockB     chhnnPy    biock9.
man   now.     I   want   you   he p   catch        , de_.  waUs and fa
( hincse gamblers--him all time take | _,en fenp        elc
away   all   money     from    Chinamen.
(Laughter.)    ��� |
1     lu conclusion the mayor impressed
all the societies and organizations in
the city to work together In one harmonious  whole  for the credit of  the
city, the R. A1. & I. society, the board
of  trade, the Progressive association.
the Trades and Labor council.
lie knew the council would be only
"In regard to street improvements too pleased to assist any organization
we arranged this morning to start the ln work connected with their city,
sewer work on Fifth street by J3atur-   (Applause.)
day, or Monday ut latest. That work Alderman Kellington agreed with
will open up for English speaking hieu , the mayor. As far as the Progressive
registered on the list the opportunity association was concerned they need
of starting work. ! not fear.    The council had talked the
"With regard to Second, Third, matter over and they would get some-
Fourth. Fifth and Sixth avenues, the thing. How mu#h would depend en-
work was commenced last year. We ��� tlrel>^ upon the quality of the goods
expect the financial arrangements will   they  were going to deliver.
mayor whether he thought 50 cents a
head Irom the government was enough,
which Question the mayor answered
iu the negative, stating that at least
75 c. nts per head should be paid.
He  thought  the  provincial  government Bhould guarantee the bonds of
every city and municipality, the government having its engineers on hand
to look over the proposed works and
repqrt on It before .Vie isBtie could be-
made.   This, he thought, was keeping;
��� the country backward, the municipali-
i ties having to pay a high rate of lu-
Though the company only establish- ,tcrt,Bt on borrowed mouey
ed their plant a few days ago   a pro- Guarantee Bonds.
duction o. 200 cement blocks per day I    Commissioner Harper of Vancouver
has been reached. Informed  the   mayor  that  he   under-
interviewed yesterday, Mr. A. J. igtood the municipal commission had
Mendum was very enthusiastic over';gone jnto ^jg matter and Vsis'atlon
the possibilities of the new plant.       "along these lines could be expected at.
"Though   w��  have  been   producing I tt,e ne-_t 6e6E|on of parliament
but a few days we are already up to      mIbs Annie Hennlng, an employee at
our  ears  in  work and our plant    Is  the chocolate factory, gave testir.icuy
working  to full  capacity."  he  said.     |on the wages paid at that plant, si:-.i-
"Our business has grown with such   ing that J6 a week was far too sit-all
surprising  rapidity  that   We have  al-   ar,| Humid at least be $12 a week,
ready  ordered  additional    machinerv \    mis3  Mary  Matheson, employed  nt
which will  cost, when fully installed,  the   Royal   City   laundry   stated   that
about JloU'l.    ThiB we hope will take.{the average wage paid to women help
care cf our orders for some time   tc  ly  that concern  waa  about  $12   per
come, but conditions look so prosper-1 week.    She waa  well satisfied  with
ous at the present time that it would       nlit'ons and  pay.
not surprise me if It were necessary |     Ashed  by Mr.    McKelvie    whether
f**jH*i uif iiii. in* t.ii ,.i i anf.t'.iH'iii ���-, ��,u   iiit-j.   irani  ���*-���.' ,ii*s   itt aeiiver. i r  ���     ���~^ -. .      niw   uj   ...,.     mv..cuic     nuiu,-.
be   completed   by   Saturday   or  go  on;     Ho  wished     Mr.    Henderson  would   IO   further   increase our   facilities   at I she  thought a woman could exist orr
London, March 6.~-The fall of I Montenegro In tho recent flghtlni
Janlna to the (ireek arms after more ! narrow!" escaped capture by the
than thrco months gallant defence by'Turks who surrounded and afterward*
Bssaad Pasba Is exincied to hnve the! killed every man of Ihe Servinn bat
effect of expediting peace negotiations. It will add at the same time to
the complexities arising ln tho general afterthe-war settlement, as
.laninu  is one. ol   the cities which  II
"nllon   which   went   to   the   prlnce'n
Please Greek Colony.
Rome. March 6.���The surrender   of
.luninn today    wai   learned   by   the
has  boen claimed, has boen  claimed I member    of thc  large Oreek colony
In the nev, autonomous Albania. here with grent sntiilnetton.   The fall
There tins been no change in the (of this Turkish Fortress prior to the
diplomatic   Rltuation.    The   reply   of; surr iiider of the < l*?del of Adrlanople
with it at once
"There are contracts let for work
on otber streets, such as Sixth street,
Queens avenue and FtTth street. Tbe
only work, however, being done at tile
present time on these streets is sewer
work, and we do not intend to commence any other work unless we sell
the bonds or make other financial ar-1
"1 hope all contract work begun last ;
year, will ba completed by Oct. 1.
"Alderman Lynch will deal with the !
publicity work and the electric light-;
Ing question..
More Bylaws.
"We  will  have  to  put a bylaw be- j
fore   the   ratepayers   for   $60,000   for'
the school board, within about 30 days
and  a street   Improvement  bylaw   for
something   like   1180,000,    These   figures   Include  the  city   portion  of the
Sapperton sewer which would amount
to about $46,000.
"Another bylaw for the Sapperton
���ewer Of $160,000 will also be submitted bul of thla some $0000 annually Is guaranteed by  lluinahy.
"The   city   Will   have   to   raise   the
money and that amount will he return-.
ed by  llurnaby, as authorized by thea
point out to him any intelligent knock-|a" early date."
er.     If  any   ratepayer  or  resident  or I '���
Progressive  association  or any  other) EXTEND  QUEENSCOURT
body had any suggestion to make the
mayor and council were ever ready
to receive and discuss it.
Alderman Lynch said the publicity
oommlttee Of which he waB chairman
would meet with the Progressive association's committee, that afternoon
aud he hoped to have something
luy before them that would justify
helping the association
They could always rely on his assistance as long as they were doing
tin' right thing and doing their best
for the city.
Library  Progress.
|*12 a week, witness stated she thought
I they  could.
,     Miss Kate Bowden, also an employ-re
f&t  the  laundry gave  testimony alonje.
Mr. Fader Has Plans Out for Improve-1 the same lines.
ments to Cost $35,000. *     Mr   Byard Abrams, manager of ther
S.   Fader  Is  having  plans pre- | Iloyal   City   laundry   was   questioned
pared for extensions to the Queens-
court apartments. Second street and
Park row, of which he Is owner, that
to I will cost In the neighborhood of $:>5.-
000. The additions will consist of 20
fully modern suites somewhat similar to those already contained in tlie
building. Kvery facility for the convenience of patrons will he Installed
in conjunction with the suites.
Alderman White said he wished tu
say a word or two upon the library.
Since the appoint ment of the librarian
four times ns many books a month
were Issued than previously. The reference library had been increased
largely In proportion. They hnd five
or six thousand Well selected books
In their little library. Anything they
wanted on any special subject
librarian would be glad to
their I *
find   for j .
' *
In fact the library work had Increased so much they were going to ask the
to  provide an assistant   this
C. N. R. Agreement.
In   the  matter    of    transportation
there waa one thing he had to put be-
"An electric light bylaw for $40,000  council
and   a  water  bylaw   Tor  $50,000  will
which  bore  the   information   that  hoi nlso  he  submitted  and  about  $25,00(1
waa expected to make a brief Bpeech. | for fire hall equipment.
"If you expect me to outline the I "It is no use laboring these points,
program of the council In a brief I So long as the city Is progressing and j fore then, and (hat was the entrance
speech some persons aro mistaken." |buildings are being erected on the out-1 of the t . N. IL to their city this year,
he said, "but Blnce you want to hear j skirts, the city must give them water lie understood that tenders for the
some of the things the council intend  and light. I city portion of the  ine WOUW be Called
to do. I will do my best to lay these      "I have been told the exhibition peo-  for In ahout iw., months.    Ihat  would
before  you.
Increased Assessment,
"in the first place," commenced the i ., , , ,,
mayor, "the land assessment has been'����>���   that  8,l<*   ',p���   T,      tZ\   ,Z
Increased  this   year  by   three  and   a ' ^'ve   ever ���   rinsli eratlon   I 01nt
half  millions.     (Hear,  hear.) ! ��""��o11' '"j",1 < �� '"'  Y\e*mi    ��  w!
"1  am  glnd  to henr such  a hearty i��"' ���� mrt belore tie r��payers. We
..������     ,i ���..���^.���. . might have one or Iwo
pie want a hvlaw put before the rate- menu of course negotiations between
payers for new grandstands In con-1 the city and the 0. N. lt. during the
nection  with   the  park.    1  need  only
the allies in regard to medial ion bv
the powers still I? awaited, nnd the
order.1 lor demobilization by Austria
nnd Russia have not been Issued.
No coiifl'-matlon has boen received
of lhe reported sinking by a Turkish
criil"or of throe Greek Iranaporta and
It la semiofficially denied In  AllienB.
A Scutari despatch published in
Vienna ��nya that the crown prince of
In Th.-ace Is oscpoclally pleasing lo
them, as it demoi'ttrates, thoy point
out, the good m.l rary organization of
the Greeks.
It la general belief, however, that
ihe undisputed possession of Eplrus
: y Greeks will delay thc conclusion
ef peace :>fl the claims of the allied
Balkan n'.tbns now will become
reaponae.    (Laughter.1
"The assessment last year waa $111,-
600,000:   this   year   It   Is   somewhere
over $17,000,000.
"I told one gentleman that and he
exclaimed, 'When ie this going to
"I believe It la never going to stop.
We have been dead here long enough
"There    Is    no  better  evidence  of
prosperity thnn our increased assess- j value of 60 per cent on our Improvement   Thla will give ua approximate-! ments.   The borrowing capacity Is $1.
other* but we
nre striving to put as few bylaws before the people as possible.
Borrowing Powers.
"I want to correct one Itatemant
made at Inst election thnt ths borrowing powers on the last assessment
wns 1460,000. This Is correct In a
way. We had a right, according to
the act lo borrow UO per rent of the
next  two  months.    They  were
right uhead with their work.
Spend $150,000.
The B,  C.  K.  R. have not n very
large program definitely decided upon
in the way of extensions.    The exten
A series of burglaries have
ben reported to the police
during the pat--t few days
Whloh have taken place iu the
Held & McDonald were one
of the first to lose In the deal,
the burglar making his way
Into the Columbia street store
by tlie front entrance.
On Wednesday evening the
offices of Dr. Dunford, located
In the Westminster Trust block
were broken into and about
$100 of dentists' gold Is said to
have been stolen.
The latest to the list happened last evening when the
office Of the Westminster
Husiness Men's Association,
also located In the Westminster Trust block, was entered.
Nothing was found missing,
for a considerable time as to the
methods of steam laundries as compared with those in force at ChineBp.
establishments. He did not find competition  very  strong aa  the city  had
! grown   considerably  during   the   past
few years but if the Chinese were not
| here Lt._ thought lt would mcau mom
steam laundries
Asked  by  Mr.  Parson, chairman of"
the commission, what effect a $4 a day
I minimum  wage would have    on    the*
; laundry  business, witness slated  thu'.
with existing prices they would be un-
! able to hold out and that the people
would have to pay more for laundry.
,    Mr.  Parson    How are conditions in
tlie Chinese laundries?
Witness    They  are  none too clean
��� al  any time.    With their hand  work
��� they   cannot  use  too  much  water  or
��� soap  and   also   have   not   tlie  steam
��� i for cleaning the clothes.
��� I    Before   leaving   the  stand   witness
��� was asked for a statement of his busi-
��� ��� ness   us   transacted   during   the   past
��� |threo   weeks,  showing    the    receipts
��� an.l  expenditures during that time.
Industrial  Insurance.
Mr. Thomas Turnbull was a thor-
ough advocate for Industrial Insurance, stating It does not give the
smaller firms a chance in competition
when the larger firms take out Insurance protecting them from loss
through claims.
Mr. Turnbull was very emphatic In
his denunciation of the methods employed by the farmers and fruit growers who were always crying for pro-
"Cortioued on  P*k> KIkM.i
ly $350,000 for taxes, that is, if we
levy at the same rate as laat year.
That might not he possible, but we
nre going to do our utmost to koep
lt at that rate."
School  Estimates.
The school  board   wanted  In  ordinary  estimates  $120,000,  and  the  Interest and sinking fund amounted to
143,000. These bylaws will represent
less than $405,000, which Is well within  the assepament.
"1 nm expected to Bay something
about grnntfl.
"The Progressive association hns
asked for a grant. In connection with
that Alderman Lynch's committee
will meet this afternoon and go over
slons to Port Mann. Port Moody afnl
the Delta were under consideration.
Whether they wiirget down to work
this year or not remains to be seen.
In the cily ths company would spend
about |60,000 on new buildings, $100,-
000 In laying out their yards between
FoUl'teenth and Sixteenth streeta.
They would double the track from
Leopold Place to Brunette street and
execute other smaller workB iu the
Another transportation matter tbey
were much  interested  lu  wub  steamboat connection with Victoria.
Harbor Scheme,
As to the foroshBores they anticipated no difficulty that the patent would |Ottawa
be issued In due course.   In the mean
(Continued on Page Four.)
Toronto, March ('.
lugs   for  the  week
1S13 as compared with tlie correspou
ding week lu 1012 nre ns follows
���The bank clear-1 Hamilton .
ending   March   11,! Quebec  ...
1012 1918
. 25,478,2;.n
. 11,50!),904
. 4,710,860 4,446,847
. 6,44��,65tl 4,129,802
Rdmonton     4,462,893 4,147,009
Victoria     3,026,754 3,928,051
Montreal .
Toronto ..
Halifax        1,814,601
$5:1,25(1.3811 Rt. John
46,412,402 | London	
24,068,732 I Moose Jaw  ..
12,136.866 | Fort Wllllnm
Lcthbrldge   ..
Brantford   ...
Westminster .
598,201 ****jt- -*rwm
FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1913.
\* ****************
An tnAr*e*urnt morning paper devoted to the interests pf Sew M'estminsti r ond
the Frastr Valley, published every morning exrvpt Hiiodon hn the National .'rnitliitf
(ltd rubliskino Uomtpatty, i-iitt��ed, al 63 McKencte Html. Sr,o IVrnlmiilstiir, liritish
Oolumoia. ROHB 8UTIU1U1..1Sh. Monapinfl Dtraetor.
AU ttimmnnitratutna should be addressed to The Sen: Westminster Sews, and HOl
-Co tmtfirftfiaiwi pfwhnrs '.I (he staff. Oheoxxet. drafts and money irrdern should be made
pau.iO"   to  The  M��l.t��Miri/  I't-tiillnu **tt I'nblishintt Gompatl
tfditoruil Kootns (nil depart-
TBLMFBOBBB���-fftte-fn-ses Off-tee and liattuger, HSU;
ments i. SM.
BUKHCItll'TION BATHS���Bu rarrirr. J t per year, tl lor three months, l��e per
month.  Hy  mail, $\ per year, 2&c per  month.
Anvmnihinii BJ.TBB on amltoatMit.
70 COKHKKI'ONMiN'lg���So letters trill l,e published i�� The Wins SZOSpt ever
the tcrtlvr* signature. The editor r-flnenxiH tht: rijihl to refUSO the pubtioattos <��l (MMI
Every day some satisfied advertiser tells us of good results
secured through News uds.
Messrs, Patterson and Fisher
of Edmonds, staled yesterday
tint they had sold the property
nnd had several additional in-
(liui'ies from a little ten." line
ad. Our list of pleased patrons
(.rows daily. Hadn't you better
ji in tin' number,
Walter Laidlaw, executive secretary
cf the New York Federation o(
Churches and leader in the movement
for the ChrlstlanWatlon cf the Ameri-
���an* metropolis.
I)-. Laidlaw 13 a Canadian by birth
having been burn in Norval. Onl.
fii'ty-two yearB ago ted iy. l'e was
eduoated in the unlveraltles of Toron-
io, New York and Berlin, and ordained in Hie Presbyterian ministry in
1888, iu lore assuming bis presenl
duties he   was pastor  of  n  church  In
Wesi  Troy, N.Y., mul  president   of
Falrhavon College, Washington.
There are some thrones upon which the white light
may beat but fail to extract a single indication as to the
policy the occupants of those regal chairs intend to pursue, 'if the Progressive association had nothing further to
its credit at least there may be set down to it that its:
midday banquets are productive of much information be-
ing elicited both from visitors and from our own fellow
citizens upon matters of vital interest to everyone in the |
Therefore we would commend our readers to peruse i
with care the speeches made yesterday by Mayor Gray
and his confreres, for therefrom it may he gathered that |
Westminster has girded her loins for another eventful
year; that her plans have been well laid by men who recognize that the present is a time to go cautiously but still,
ever forward; that we are now at last over the long winter of seeming inaction, and that soon the plans which
have been steadily maturing will be evidenced in outward
and visible signs of steel and pavements.
It is welcome news to hear that both the C. N. R. and
tlie B. C. E. R. intend shortly to spend large sums of money
in Westminster, and it is especially good news to learn that
.'rrangements have been made for the immediate start of h"
work upon city streets, thereby providing many men now
out ol employment with a means of subsistence and a scope
for endeavor. The trumpet call of the president of the
board of trade will, we trust, not fall on deaf ears. We
need to begin co-operation right here in Westminster, and I ^j^
to ensure success in any of the branches of our endeavors, I Th" discoveries already made i>*
that is the success that comes from the appreciation ofl^J^Z^T^e^ToX
every citizen of a right knowledge of what is being done christian church, with a primitivi
- ������   ��� altar in a  perfect stale of preserva
tion, Sardis was one ef the seven
churches of Asia to which the apos
tl" John was commanded lo address
ihe epistles contained in iiie second
and third chapters nf th" Revelations
Th" excavators have also found s
tecond Rosetta stone inscribed with
characters of an unknown language
which haa turned ort to he i..���'!'���,-
This find aroused the greatest interest among Kngiish archaeologists
Prof.  Ilutler and associates employ
about 40ii natives in their work.    At
first  Ihe  people of Sart  wore  susnlc
! "us cf the invaders, and for months
ithe party cooked their own food, fear
'.'���no, that  if  the task was turned over
i to  Syrian  chefs  they  might   p'.t   oul
veHzed camel's hair into the food.
This, says l'rof. Butler, is Invariably  fatal  after a most  painful  Illness
| md   the   cause of  death   cannot  be
I llscovered   hy  a  post-mortem.    This
attitude has now changed to one of
I friendship,  nnd  l'rof.  Ilutler hns  become physician, cornsellor and Judge
' to  ihe  people  of  the  vicinity.    Tie
(workmen are pnld fortv or fifty cents
! a  day.   whereas the  local   Bcale
1 viigc's  is  only  four or five  cent3
i 'lay.
by ih" party, according u> the lis"
reports from Prof. Butler, who is car-
I*-. Ing i *i the work with the pormli ���
., ii of Lhe Turkish government.
The scientists nlso hope to unearth
he palace i r Croesus, the Lydian
���icnarch who flourished in tin- sxiih
lentury B, C, nnd whose name haa
'Mil through all the ages as a syn
���..in fer tremendous wealth. "As
rich ns CroesuB" has lur centuries
been u much used comparison, although, us a matter ol tact, ii is likely that the king of Lydia's fortune
was small when compared with tlie
accumulations |0f the Rockefeller.,
nnd  Rothschilds,
Sardis, the capital of Croesus, was
'-..ken hy Cyrus cf Persia in 64H B.C.,
nnd burned by the Creeks in 499. On
(he ruins nf the palace Alexander lhe
rirent built ihe magnificent palace of
v'lis. Not fnr away, anil in the same
sacred enclosure, the temple of Ar
lemis was founded, and this baa til
ready been completely uncovered h*
the Princeton investigators.
An ancient coin, now in the Brltls'i
museum, shows the temples of Artemis and Zeus side hy side, so the
'���i pea of the scientists for discover
ing the latter edifice are apparent!}
well founded.
Destroyed by Alexander, the city of
Sard I b was restored by the Romans
md was n flourishing metropolis un-
Ier their rule. In the fifteenth cen-
tury it was taken hy Tamerlane and
utterly destroyed, and all that is left
mark  the  silo of the  once  proud
tropolta    is    a miserable    village
named Sart.
At the time cf Tamerlane's ersv of
destruction, however, the Greek trm
pies had  already  been  coven'1  wltb
the  dust   of  ages,  and  nre  only   now
revealed by  American  arcbeo
Luther Burbank, the California
plant wizard who counts that day
h st in which he doesn'l produce it
new variety or vege able, fruit oi
flower, was bom al I ancaster, Mass,,
sixty-four years ago today, ills njtal
dav will lie observed in manv of tho
public schools or tin' Golden State,
"Of all s'ul words of tongue or pen
'he saddest are these, '11 mighl h ive
been.' "- Champ Clark, born in Ken
tucky sixty-three years ago indiy.
At last reports ihe excavations
.vere from fifteen to fifty feet in
lepth, 400 feet in breadth and GOfi
feet In  length.
Prof. Howard Crosby Ilutler. head
��� f ih�� expedition,,was horn near New-
York city forty-one wears ago today
and was educated at. Princeton, Rome
and Athens. Ife organized and con
ducted hla first Syrian expedition In
1899.   returning   in   1904,   1901),   1911.
here, we need efficient and trustworthy publicity.
This publicity is not confined to the press as a medium
of acquainting people here or outside the city of what
is going on, but, up to the present time, as Mr. John A. Lee
pointed out, there has been a lack of spontaneity in certain quarters in our own city in supplying that information which will enable trustworthy bodies to attract to
the city those interests that will materially add to our development and to the personal benefit of each of us.
Alderman White's monition to public bodies that they
���should be careful to secure authentic information upon a;
given matter before going on record with resolutions regarding it, is to be welcomed.   But, what we have already
outlined, should be taken into consideration therewith.
Newspapers, publicity bodies, boards of trade, executives
or what not, if they are worthy of their name, will take1
every step in their power to secure reliable information'
before committing themselves, but, if the sources of that
authentic information are silent, they must do the best
can with the available material.
Amid a record of so much progress, we are glad to
note that Alderman White seized this opportunity to give
the public some enlightenment upon the excellent work
that has been accomplished at the Carnegie library since
the advent of the new librarian.  That an assistant is now
required is in itself evidence of the growth of interest
taken in this institution and in the literary fare it has to
offer.  This again is a sign which to many minds will count
ior more than many advances in realty values.
Co-operation in using the knowledge of each to. the |antJ ftKaln thiB }2ar_
advantage of all must precede any true co-operation upon \* ***** * * * ********
any given line. If this one fact, made evident in the!-* the human procession. �����
.speeches yesterday, finds a place in the minds of West-'* *Qy ��* T"ence.) ���
minster merchants, public men, and citizens alike, we need !���������������������������������������������������
have no fear for the future. ! "Baron" Nelson. Famous Editor, Is 72
A mighty man in American Journal
lam    is    William    Rockhlll    Nelson
founder, . 'liter and proprietor cf th"
Kansas  City   S'ar,   one   cf   the   mosl
nfluential  newspapers    of ihe  west,
Ih"  "Baron,"  as  le   la  known   from
ii ii'   tn   coast,   is  getilng  alum,    In
* ars   and   v. ill   reach   bin   Blxty-sec
ml   miles "in'  today,  bit   be  i.-i  not
eld  to  keep things  stirred  up  in
young   mi Iropi I.i  in   the   m mil,
.f the  Kaw
Jusl new in* baa a Day in ]a l com
ing to bun. mi conviction ei c inti mp
f court, unless ilu- hll?li r trlbun
ils upset Hn- .ni' nee of tha lurla
who ��ns rendon d i ��� evlah by thi
Star's accounl of a divorca court en
lii/i.iiiiei- dei larcd lhal Mr, Ni Ison
had printed "a cm ��� at the j ida
md n Hm er nt the courla in Jint'c
thi n b] tending in bring Jud ilal 11
;aduro into disrepute." "Tho law'
delay" has been lha ioplc i f man
Star editorials in Hm laBt year, n I
llkel) Ihat the question a:; to win
ther Mr. Nelson really sine"'.'wl fit Ih
court, und, if so. whether he hn'"   ;
righl to Hiiuer, will be decided baton
Mr Nelson wns born in Por
Wayne. Ind. March 7. 1841, and wi
'ilmn .il al N'olre llinne unlvsrsltl
Some thirty three years nr," he cstab
lished a lit tit* one-horse nowBpapei
"���ill. il iiie Star, in the llttlo one-horsi
town of Kansas City. Both pann
nml eiiy huve grown considerably
since then, nml Ihe star haa beconv
a power throughout the west
In nil the lisH ef gri nt Ar nr c'
new: i apers it (Acuplea n place noai
Me* tup When ih" Ktnr vis fntmdei
'in* Times was lhe loading Kan so
City paper, nnd the little rlvnl    wa
lhe  subject   of  much   ribald   mirth  ot'
ilu- pari  of the Times editors,    Mr
Nelson   laughed  Inst,  however,    and
tin. Times Is now the l:ul .,f Ih.. Stars
Us  morning
"Vice is a monster of so frightful
mien as to lie hated n Is bul to b-
seen. Swat, tbe monster!" Anthony
Cbmstook, bom in Connectlcutt sixty
nine years ago today.
This is the natal day of Hull, the
old town which stands opposite the
capital of the Dominion upon the Quebec bank of the Ottawa, Ils founder
was a Massachusetts farmer of English parentage,  Philemon Wright   by
Having a large family to support, Ile
visited Canada wiih a view to Bottling
in the country ami was particularly
ni,:.-. il with tlie townEhlp of Hull, but
had u difficulty in hiring "axemen" to
co with him ;*o tar beyond other settlements. At last two respectable
men consented t'i go and
three weeks of October,
plorlng  the  township.
During this lime tiny ascended a
hundred or more of the tallest irees.
climbing them by felling smaller ones
to fall slantingly againsl their
branches. The prospects pleased all
three, and the n port of bis companions enabled Wright tn get as many
men as he wished.
Accordingly  in  February.   1 Snu.   he
left  Massachusetts at  the head   of a
avicade of twenty-five men and five
families,  in  seven  sleighs, with four-
t.iii horses und eight oxen.
For the Nlast sixty-four miles the
parly travelled on the frozen river,
and reached Hull on March 7th, when
they Immediately cut down the first
tree, everyone who couid use an axe
spenl nearly
171)9,  in  ex-
South America Press.
The first printing press in South
America reached Kio (le Janeiro 106
'years ago today, on the same vessel
; with the Portuguese royal family, ami
1 was used to print tb" pioneer news-
j paper of the southern continent
The first really great daily newspaper of South America was the Buenos
Ayres La Prensa, founded ln 1869 by
ithe late Or. Jose Paz, anil now one of
��� ih" mosl Influential and prosperous df
! the world's dalls Journals,   La Prensa
I has a circulation of about 175,(100, Bells
for  ten  cents  a  copy,  and   pays   ii.
owner a profit of ovi r a million dollars a year.
''i'i     It has a formidable rival In La   \r
a  gentlna,   Buenos Ayres has numerous
1 other dally  papers,  including two   In
Canadian     and      American      Survey
Parties Arc Off to  Delimit the
Northern    Boundaries.
Ottawa, March 5. Preliminary preparations for lhe filial ilasli I.i iiiiii-
ph le the delimitation of the boundary between the Yukon it nt I Alaska
all ng ihe Hist meridian have coin-
mi need.
Paries from Canada umi tho United
States have been organised, and il is
i xpi in d that work will be commenced on the last thirty miles as
soon as spring sets in. 'ihe survey
i n (he boundary has been going on
tor lhe past two years, and there Is
now hut a small portion of the south
of the boundary part of the meridian
to be completi il.
This thirty or forty miles, however,
has'as ils central point Ml. St. Ellas,
a peak fifteen thousand fed in height,
which has been scaled only once in
Hie history of man. The present Btage
Of Ih" boundary survey proceedings
will therefore he characterized hy a
rivalry between the Canadian ami
American sections which has iml. BO
far entered into the combined efforts
of tho two countries.
'Ih.' partUs unt oul this year will
have a new incentive, which lias been
larking so far ns former parties have
In en concerned.
Two Sections are being suit out by
Canada consisting of three men each.
The first of these has already Btarted,
ils purpose being Iii convey supplies
from Cordova to Kendicott and
thence  by  pack train  to the  base   of
operations in the vicinity of .Mi. si.
Ellas, the southern end*bf Hu* boundary meridian.
The second party, in charge of T. C.
Dennis, and under the direction of .1.
li. Craig, will atari next week. The
parties nre made up of members of the
Boundaries Survey Department, together with several notable surveyors
who have had experience in the north
The American party left some days
ago, 11. J. Fraser accompanying it as
Canadian attache, This party is fully
prepared for the work of scaling the
mountain, and is equipped with emergency rations and the various instruments, etc., necessary for the accoin-
Ipllshment of such a feat.
The Canadian party, on the other
hand, recognizing that the conquest
of the lofty peak Is only an Incidental
in the work, has not been furnished
with any extra equipment. It Is not
doubted for a moment, however, that
wben the qui stion of rivalry arises lhe
Canadians will put forward every ef-
fort to, reach  the summit first.
Only once has the mountain been
scaled to Its summit, and that was
about five years ago, when the Duke
of Abruzzi, starting en the south side,
succeeded after terrible hardship in
making the ascent. His chief trouble,
however, waa in getting in to the
ion Securities, Ltd.
about the variations that the elementary atom went through when chemically combined with other atoms.
Surely, added Sir James Ciichtoii-
llrowne, thai description recalled to
the biologist the ultimate organic cell
with its inner core or nucleus and Its
outer shell.
Sir Joseph Thomson bad also said
that an atom was a particle nf an element having a certain unchangeable
individuality of its own, but subject
lo modification by the habits acquired
by association with other atoms
Surely that must recall In the biologist tii" living being with iis unchangeable heredity subject to modification by association with other living beings.
It was. said Sir James, fanciful le
trace cut in mhIi comparisons Hn
great archetypal ideas thai were common io iiie organic und the Inorganic
world, the flmly i f which lifted us
above shallow materialism and deepened In us the sen-re of reverence.
Is Under Schedule to Leave Antwerp
In June for Pacific Coast Ports.
Antwerp, March  (I.    About, the middle of June the first motor propelled
\     -<|*I   ev.  if .1       c
cific coast will leave Antwerp in the
service of the  East Asiatic Company.
Although Hie. name of tin- vessel
has yet to bo released, it is believed
��� ���it I,,, ���* ". h i" b' * * " *' owned
by. the East Asiatic Company, and
one of Ihe first ocean craft to make
a long voyage by tills method of propulsion.
-     V^..M,.l..     .   f    t", ,,"11
continue to make regular trips to
Victoria, Vancouver, I'uget, Sound
ports and San Francisco. The motor
driven vessel is expected to put in an
appearance about August, in timo to
pick up lhe new wheat crop at Portland  for  tbo  return  voyage.
Thn steamers Gifford, Klna and
Arahlen were the pioneer steamern of
the East Asiatic fleet to ply to Victoria.
Specifications, agreements of Bale deeds,
business IctturiH. etc.! circular work M|.e-
clallBt All work strictly o-nflili nllnl. IL
Harry, room -tin WwstmliinU'r Trust blk.
I'll.ni.' 7M,
I..  O,   O.   M���  NO.   ISt���MUBl'S ON   first.
h, c"iv.i an.l third Wednesdays in eaoh
ini.iiili lu K. nf P, Hall at i p in 11. J.
Leamy, dictator; J. 11. Prhis, Beoretary.
17 ���
ll. O. I'". AMITY LOIXiH NO.
regular meetlni; nf Amity l<>
j;. 1. o. O. K. Is held every
nlKlil ul S O'clock In O.lil I'Vll"
oorner Carnarvon and Kigtiih
\1sIi1iik brethern cordlaUy
It. A. Merrlthew, N.G.j J. Robertson,
V. i',.; w, C Coatham, P. "J. rwjord-
Ing secretary; li. w. gangster, financial secretary,
iir.ii. .1.
ler X- Manna, Ltd.)���Funeral dlreetora
and embnlmera Parlors (OS Colombia
Btreet.    New   WestmlnBter.    Phone   Wl.
w, E.  PAldSB���Pioneer Funeral Director
and    Kml'.ilnii-r,   IIl;-61 *-.    Agin-*,   street,
opposite Carnegie Library,
ter-St-law,    siiUi-itnr.   etc.
1071.      Cable      address
Code, "Western Union "
Block, 6S3 Columbia street
minster, H. C,
Ti lephona
Offices, tome
N.w Weet-
J. STILWELL OLUTB, H.n rlin-r .u law,
solicitor, etc.; oemer Columbia ana
McK-fnzic streets," New w.-simlnster,
R C.   P. o. Hex 112.    Telephone   71S.
J.   I'.   HAMPTON   BOLE,
solicitor     nml
r    nnd    notary,
Over C T>. .It.
11'.     Columbia
English, Brazil Ins two great papers
in the Journal de Ciinitni rclo and Hie
Journal do Brazil, but their circulation Is small compared with La 1'ren-
sa and La Argentina. El Mercurio,
published In Santiago am: Valparaiso,
is Chile's great paper.
Lima and Montevideo have excel-;
lent dally papers. Even tho greatest
of South American paperB pay scant
attention to adequate bends and convenient makeup. The headlines
never tell the story, and the location
of any class of news in always
"shrouded in mystery."
Joseph  Thomas's  Researches-
vision   of   Atom   Into   Core
and  Shell.
Today Thc News celebrates its birthday, ami looks
back over seven years of a somewhat chequered and, we
trust, useful existence. Seven years may or may nm lie a
Innjr period, but we venture lo state tlmt the past seven
years in Westminster have been seven uf tlie most eventful in her history.
Seven is a good number, if we are to take the highest
authority extant, and in it we see a happy augury for those
year.-, which stretch ahead.
In common with the city The News Stands ready to
face whatever the future may have in store, and through
storm or sunshine, it will in no way depart from its expressed intention of working to fm ward the interests of
New Westminster along the lines of solid and sane dvelop-
Belgium   Fears   Repetition   of   Battles
in  Its Territory.
Brussels, March fi. Apprehensions
cf a possible war between a possible
war between the great l.uropean pow
ers appear to exist mining the members i f tho in Iglan cabinet, and an*
also shared by the loaders "f Lhe opposition parties,
Th.. litter hs. ������ bei a laken int*.
the confidence of the ininisiiv. wl'1
tin* object i.f making Hi" pending In-
crcasoa ef ihe Belgian army non-par-
tizan in character,
M. Ilymana, leader of the Liberals
In th"- bouse nl representatives, declared today: "Belgium in the event
( f 'be outbreak of war, would become
tin- battleground of Europe. The
oountry must do if utmoBi in pre
pare for lis defence."
London, March B.���In a lecture last
week entitled "The Ilirlh of an Atom,"
Sir James Crichton-Browne said that
Sir William Ramsay and Profs. Collie
and Patterson . had announced that
they had practically created matter
out. of nothing,.or, at any rate, out
of energy after the passage of electric
discharges  through   tubes   filled   with
pur.- hydrogi n
Neon and helium, two gases, had
been found, and their presence was
accounted for cither hy the transmutation of hydrogen into them that in
to say, hy the transmutation of one
element into iinothcr or by their creation de novo hy the electrona,
sir Joseph Thomas had suggested,
said the lecturer, that the nol a and
helium might have come rrom |i:ir-
ticles of less than one-Bevonteentb
thousandth of the weight of anatom
of hydrogen thrown off from the ma-
terlals of which the tubes were made,
hul lbat was still nib judlce,
sir Joseph Thomson, in ib" course
of his observations, hul discovered a
new   gas ami   bad   iImawi   how  alonis
might be connected
Sir Joseph had . iiii Hi it all his
electrical experiments tended lo confirm his conception thai every atom
consisted of mi Inner core in which
resided Its unchanging Individuality,
and   au   outer     shell   which     brought
Ottawa.   Feb.   "".   -Homestead    en- !
ir'es In  western  Canada for the last j
calendar  year   totalled   86.R61,   a   de-
I ctfwse of 3344, as compared with 1911 i
The decrenno Indica'eR the increasing   difficulty    cf    finding   suitable
'irmesti ad   bind   in   the   prairie   prov- ]
��� in res biIII within reasonable distance
"f  districts  nnw   served   by   the   rail- j
Tin, hf-.f-.est-pad entries lis* year j
were distributed by provinces as fob!
lows: Manitoba, 'l.IT.',-. Saska?che-<j
���van, IS-Cir.* Alberta. Ki.fi-lfi; British!
Columbia. 312.
*        OUR POET'S CORNtR.   ���
(Tho following lines are evidently
Inspired bv a recent striking cartoon
entitled "Klstret." The author is a
New Westminster girl, and we are
pleased to add this to her former contributions: )
M.-i.TAIlftim. MARTIN & C\SSAI>7,
Bar-ristsrs ami Boliottors, Km,inn 7 and
s. (miction lilock. New Westminster.
(1.   Iv   Martin,   W.    Q,   Mcljuarrle     iih'd
oeorgi- i,. Casiady.
WH3TBBIDB * EDMONDS ��� Barrister*
nnil solicitors, Weatmlnster Trust Mile
Columbia street. Hew WaBUnlnstnr, tJ.C.
r.-iiiie eMrtst "Whiteside," Western
t'nlon. V. (). Drawer 200. T'-lephoM
St.   w. j. Whiteside, tt   I,.  Bflmonda.
tl.   J.   A.    BURNXTt,    AUDITOR    AND
/(���counUnit.    Tel.  K 12R.     Iloom  22
Hart  block.
ster   Board "if Trade  mevHH  In   'h'* l.i.ard
room. City Ball, un follows. Third"Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
ou the third Fiiitay or I'Vhruary. May,
August and November M K ii rn Annual nie��-ilngR on the third Friday of
February. H, II. Stuart Wade, hi-ti*.
tuiy. _
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
' Formerly at 610 Columbia St., now at
607 Front Bt.    l'hone R 1(131.
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Real  Estate and  Business Chances.
Acreage   and   Choice   Fruit   Lands   a
sees    tho    Crescent    fall;     'tis
trampled  in  the mud
The flag Ihat waved so proud o'er the
field of death and blood:
Tbe flag of cruel oppression; Ihe flag
nf dark"it pain;
The flag ihat ne'er is proudly shall
cv_cr wave again.
HIb thoughts ere of IiIb country, defeated, fall'n and gray,
I.Ike a sere, fi rblddlng autumn nriseii
froi'i lhe fray.
All around the field are lying, men
and soldiers, each on.' shorn
Like a wlthi nil leaf of autumn Ihat
Die foreign tcvlhe has mown.
All   around   him    are   the     '.ing;    all
around him ure the de .i.
All around, the Turkish soldiers by a
��� tyrant loadi r led
'Tls ibe last great war for Turkey
'tis her  l"it  "nil  cr. fit est   Ions.
'lln* survivor mourns hiii oountry hut
takes nhiiior 'neath the crnsc
II   K.
The tension bolwotsi Germany nnd
i'ii ' ii ii ,.ii"'.*.u> n III \ ed bv an ex-
Change of notes to regulate fleal eon
Mini, tion i'i the mar fulure, should
lie Quite dissipated i' the iwo nations
gol to poking run al ono another,
There Is nothing like a good laugh
.1 I around, for aggri islvn 'nnd huh-
plclous governments ns for wrang
ling Indli duals Ri ipond ng lo the
suggestion nf a i: i' "i tho Hi ll b!
proas dial the Uarmatia win no: piaj
lair in Ihe mallei of fl'.l additions
n Ileal 0 newspaper gives warning I '
nil whom It concerns ihat magnetlr.ed
: Hon ��ili ai*'" ba adopted for
thi o;aln batteries. The llrltiBh sup
i id:.'olnonghls will attract llicse pro
.lieliha  Ihe  inoim lit  they come  with
in range,   i.hiuj.   \Ol bo Impossible.
There  will  be  no  need  ol skilled
strioken ship to disappear like ;���
ipook and leave no trace, Another
ichomo, equally plauslblle, Is to mag
ii tlzo li' I goland, so thai a British
fleet making for tho Gorman coaHi
will in* pi,lied up mirl ni irk there.
line satirical German writes thai
ihey have a in w typo ol battleship I
dial oan be In itanil) turned Into an
airship, from which, bj un- pressure
.f a hutton. can be dropped enough
explosive stuff in destroy all London
���it a whack, Where is Mr. Punch al,
tbla June" ro?   i 'rovldi ni e  Journal,
i A-H'jt
Butkr, 41  Today.  Hcpcs to Dis
cover  Temple   of  Zeus.
Prof.  Howard Crosby  lluller, one of
���*. luetic*! h    foremost     archaeologists, I kite,   and   Is  Issued
will e.i' lea,. In. foriy-flrsl  birthday  edition,
en iri H''' Qerman UtrreU, More
lhe   |,.(ij'iii',i I    will   In'   loaded
a secr.t compound io destruo-
.*   pne    bi ���    \ j  . auso    the
Hie    ll.
in    Vila   .Minor,   where  le*  Is  nl
���ail of a   Princeton  expedition
���il m in,].on.mt excavations   al
Attempts   in   discover   the Marges!
of /.cub an* now being mads diction
That   New   York  will  pans  London
in population nnd become the world'*
iy in May, 1014, was n i re
11 a ly made by the llev. Dr.
Makes Home Baking Easy.
Gives nicer, better food than baker's.
There is no baking powder like it
for hot biscuit, hot breads and cake.
Made from Pure Grape Cream of Tartar*
GUI.ATION8.   ���
COAL MINING rights of the Homlnlon
in Mantt'thu. HiiAttatctii.wan mul A U��t ta,
Ui^ Vukfin Territory, thu NOrttlWMt T��t-
morlcM und In u portion of th" l*rovtnoe
of Urttlsti Columbia, nmy bv \'-nnr*t. for a
terra of twonty*one y��>arH a' mi tinnunl
rental of $1 an acrr. Not more than 2'��6*
Hewn will   Ih* IcjihimI to on** apptlOHTlt.
A I'l'll'' it Inn for a lOMG tnuMt Ih- marl*}
hy the applicant tn i��;rnon to the Afent
or 8ab*Avenl of the <Ut��trW't in which thr
linhtH applied for are situated
in turveyed territory tin. land muni im
dfiaorim<i i��y seotlonsi or i<k ii njb-dlvl��
mIi-tih of eeotfonBi hh<i in unnurveved dr-
rih.ry the tract applied for Mhnll iw
staked out by the applloant himself.
Bach application moat be accompanied
hy a ft>��- of j.'i whloh will be refunded if
the rltfhtH applied for ur<- mu avallitbla,
��� mt ri"i othcrwlMj a royalty shall he
nahi on tin- merchantable nuipni  of tha
mln- ai   ih" ran�� of flVe contu  per Ion
'nn- poraon opt rating the eilnc shall
Furnish tin- Afanl with swq n return!
looountlns for the full ipiiinilH** of iin-r-
���Iimitill-|e roaI mined ami pay tho i'oy-
illy    lliimui,    II    th ml    iiiitii.ir     lU.hi.'f
ir*- noi being operated such returns���noula
in* furnished nt leaat once a  ytw,
The lease win Include th" oeal mininK
rights only, hut the Iojih"" will bs p"r-
mltted to purchase whatever avalli hie
mrfiif" rights may hi- oonsldered n��sea��
<ury tor the working of the mine nt the
raio  of  Jin  a ti  tuin-.
For full Information application ntio'ild
v>" made to thf H^rHtu/ of iho I**-iPi-.rt-
Hent of thf Interior, Ottawa, or to my
\K"iil  or  Huh-AK**nt of  Dominion   Uinrta
w. w. cony,
Deputy MlpjHtfr of thf Interior.,
N. il.���Unauthorised publication of t >l��
advertisement will hot Ih> *m\t\ for.
For Rent
7-roonieil 1)01110, fully mortem
wllh fiirniiee nnd liltehen riniR^.
linoleum and blinds,   Lease If
regulrOd, $25.00 per month.
8-rnotn tlOUSS, (ine blooh fioin
ear, $16.00 per month.
K-rootn   linnsn,
basement, $20.00
modern,  with
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Durnsby. FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1913.
Night     Manoeuvrea     Are     Attended
With Great  Risk���Kaiser Shocked
���Fleets   Mourn.
Berlin, March 6,   The  number  of
Officers nnd men of the (ieniian lor
pedo boat destroyer S-17K who lost
their llveB In h collision With lhe armored cruiser Vorck five miles northeast oi Heligoland at midnight Tuesday night, Ib now placed definitely al
71. This Includes two offioers and tin
men. Tho admiralty reports that
most ol' the men were frozen tu death
while clinging to ropes and spars.
The accident, the worst of many
which has overtaken the German torpedo service, occurred only a few
hours after the departure of the Kaiser
who had been following the manoeuvres In a hultlcshlp.
The destroyer was rammed amidships by the cruiser and sank Instantly, being almost completely cut
In two. The high seas, stormy southwest winds and the Inky darkness in-
terferred with rescue operations, and
the Yorek, aided by another deBtroyer
was aide to rescue only fourteen of
the crew of the S-17S.
Accounts differ regarding tlie eir-
oumstanci a of the disaster lu the
Reichstag yesterday afternoon, Admiral von TlrjfftS, the secretary of the
navy, slated that he was unable to say
whether the collision occurred during
or after manoeuvres , or whether or
not the cruiser und the destroyer had
their lights covered.
Several reports assert that the S-17X
was rammed in tlie course of one of
the daring night manoeuvres of which
the German fleet makeB a specialty,
namely, In an attempt on the part of
torpedo boats and destroyers, to break
through the line of battleships   and
Several German destroyers had been
lost In former years with a score or
more of their crews, in efforts to
bring this new phase of offensive warfare to Ihe highest Btate of perfection.
The kaiser heard of lhe disaster on
the eve of his departure from Wll-
helinshaveii for Bremen, lie was
deeply shocked and ordered that all
German warships in home waters fly
flags at half-mast.
"come along"  with him.
Al the police station there was a
change of front, lt was love, not hygiene, stated this elderly Hom'eo, that
had set his feet on the rungs of the
ladder outside No. 886. For in that
twloe-blessed house lived the charming aotress. Mile. Rive l.avallltre.
AugUSte l.cschanips wns the gentleman i. name, and he was a man of the
'' 'Id "ns you can pee," he Bald,
throwing open liiH silk-lined overcoat
md displaying a white shirt of mucb
"i adore Mile. L&valllere, ami my
greates! happiness Ib to be privileged
to see ber, I hnve obtained a walk-
ini-ri'i part In the ".Habit Vert" unpaid, of OOUrso- Jur.t bo that I may be
near ber, And i vi ry evening It is my
privilege lo open for her the door of
her automobile,
But never have 1 Been my adored
one In the gracious intimacy of her
home. Thnt. Ir why I climb nightly
the ladder that leadB to Paradise,
Ah! ll you could only tee her thus,
"chea ille," Mister Magistrate, you
would love her, an I do, insanely."
"insanely'' waB the key-word to the
enigma, For Inquiries established
"i'i M. AugUSte Oeschamns had recently escaped from a private asylum.
SENATOR DENNIS' RISE Alligator Hunting on
Best Tea At Its Best
:\V    WEARER    OF    \ HE    TOGA
Upper   Amazon   RlVer "SALADAW TEA is always the same, no matter
r r when or where you buy it.
Recent  Carnival   Was  Dullest  in   His
tory���Archduke   Ferdinand   Sticks
to   His   Wife.
Vienna, Austria, .March 5 Lent
brought to a close what Is probably
the dullest carnival season Vienna has
ever Feen. There hae not been a
Single court festivity of any kind, the
usual public hella have without exception been dismal failures, and there
has been practically no private enter,
tain Ing,
The Balkan war ami the uncertainty
of the International situation have
paralyzed trade and Industry throughout the dual monarchy, and the complete failure of the carnival season
li is brought bankruptcy to many
Viennese storekeepers.
At the beginning of the Beason it
was hoped thai there might be some
one court function, if not a court hall,
then at least a soiree. But everything was against lt. At 88 years of
ago the emperor finds It Impossible
to Btiind the strain of tedious court
ceremonial, and his doctors peremptorily   forbade  hiB  taking   any   risks.
ills nephew and heir, Archduke
Ferdinand, ci uld easily represent him,
but being dissatisfied with the position that court etiquette requires liis
morganatic wife, l'rlnccss llohenherg,
to assume, the archduke steadily refuses to take part In any ceremonials
ut the Hotburg In which women jolri.
Archduchess Too  Young.
The leading archduchess at courl.
/.ita, wile nl the next heir to the
throne. Archduke Francis .loseph, Is
only "ll; too young lo preside al Imposing stale ceremonies, and, furthermore, she recently became a
mother, presenting her husband with
n son who stands third In the succession to the Imperial crown.
And lu othi r households of members,
of the Imperial family there were Various reasons against joining In court
festivities Ibis year, so that In the end
it wus found impossible to arrange
even so much as a concert
The mobilization ruined the public
balls. Apart from the enormous expense Ii entailed, nnd the loss of business. It has taken thoiisamls of men,
nwuy from the capital, especially a
large number of officers who are (he
life and soul of dances In Vienna.
Dramatic Climax to a TVial In a French
Coincidence���clianee- plnya a tremendous pint In human history. Kate ll
���iimtlier uiiine fur the sume thing; so It
luck. All tbese words are merely OUI
puny euphemisms for X. the i iiUnowq
Not n day pnsnes but Ihe story of s
remarkable coincidence Is brought to
public notice. A stranger Incident never occurred, however, than this oue,
tlie account of which is in au old copy
of the (Jhronlque de Parts.
A youth of about nineteen was
brought to trial for having broken tbe
window of a bilker's shop aud stoleu a
two pound loaf.
The Judge���Wby did you steal tbe
1'risoncr���I waa driven by hunger.
"Why did you uot buy It?"
"Because I had no money."
"But you have ."^gold ring on youi
linger.    Why didn't you sell It?"
"1 am n foundling. Wbeu I wan tult-
en from the bank of a dltcb this ring
was suspended from my neck by a
silken cord, nnd I kept It ln the hope of
thereby discovering nt least who were
my parents.   I cannot dispose uf It."
The procurer du rol (king's attorney)
made u violent speech against the prisoner, who was found guilty nnd sentenced to imprisonment for Ave years.
Immediately upon ibis n woman more
worn down by poverty than age came
forward und made the following declaration:
"Gentlemen of the Jury, twenty years
ago a young woman was married to a
young in.in of the same town, who afterward abandoned her- 1'oor nnd dls*
Ire.���led. she wns obliged t" leave her
child io the cure of I'rovlflehce. The
child hns since grown up. il ud the wo
man and lhe husbiiud have grown older. Uie child In poverty, the woman ln
misery ami ber husbnud lu prosperity,
Tliey are nil three ,i"iv In court. The
child Is the unfortunate prisoner whom
yi,u  hnve Just  pronounced guilty, the
mother is myself, nnd there *its the fn-
ilicr." pointIjig tu the king's attorney.
A Visitor at an English Hotel Advised
Eoy to Emicale to America and
the Lad Came lo Halifax���He Has
Always Been Very Much an Independent In Politics���Is Enterprising and Ambitious.
Bome years ago, while stopping at
nn Kngiish hotel, a visitor became attracted to a rather bright lad who
was employed about the place. Ho
tliniipht the youngster would succeed
in America and told liitn so, the boy
"thought it over." with the result that
lie came to America, but not to tbs
Unit',1 Ktates. lie selected that pint
ol America where the British flag wnv-
ci. Yuu see lie was a bit of n (lag
waver, though a very small one. Ami
he never dropped the habit. That
youngster settled in Nova Scotia and
the other day Premier Borden called
him tj the Senate. Senator Ui'iini*. is,
in the truest si-ikc, a self-made man.
Shortly   alter  coaling  to  Canada  lie
Nanos, Brazil, March 6, Alligators
are ra her too plentiful about the
Amazon, Whether In main channel,
hack stream, bayou, lake or sink, i i
make bathing, or even canoeing, entirely comfortable for a stranger, The
danger, like that Iroin sharks In the
: South Pacific, is probably greatly exaggerated, but one Bees just enougb
stump-legged natives to keep appro
henslveness on thai score from being
lulled to sleep,
In the days when the steamer ser
vice waa well    Inaugurated   on   the
[strength la of no avail, tugs hlin upward,   and   before   long   bis    bulging
back  begins  bobbing  above  the   sur
��� face.    Higher  and   higher   he    floats
above the waler as the nauseous gas
is aceeh-i'ted  by his maddened   struggles, ids abdomen  gradually inflating
to the proportions of a small balloon.
Is   Easy   Prey.
The helpless moiiBter   Ib now   easy
prey for the Indian   at any  lime   the
latter cares to dispatch him, but   the
delighted savage, grinning In contemplative  ecstaey  from  the  hank,   pre-
is tho choicest tea���green, black or mixed���from tha finest tea-
growing country in the world���Ceylon, -with its exquisite flavor
and freshness protected by the sealed lead packages. oao
Amazon, il Is said that the alligators | fers usually to tickle hia artistic
used to scatter In all directions as senses by letting nature take its
the  boais  came  splashing  past  their  course.
basking place..; today, they converge The distended ball growB bigger and
on a Bteamer and follow it like a bigger, and broad, wriggly lines or
flock   of  gulU  on   the  ofl'  chance  of  tensely drawn skin appear between the
bit or free lunch. Incl-
isiiing   passengers  lively
most influential daily |    *\-]le glands
quid  in a  full
took up newspaper wcrk as a reporter
on The Halifax Herald and gradually
worked   h.s   way   to   the   top   of  the !
ladder.    He   is   now   the   sole   owner
editor and manager of The Herald and
Mail, two of the       ^^^^^^^^^
newspapers   in   Eastern   Canada.    In
cailing Mr. Dennis to the Senate, Pre
ni:er Burden is paying a high compliment to the indi'i-endent party pre*.-,
"i.e   Dennis  publications  never hesitate to clean out    their own political
stables.    The  fact that tliey have  a* I taking ih
many Grit readers as they have Tory |days  afte
bears witness to this.
Senator Dennis is a man of indomit- ' gnarled
able energy,  enterprising and ambit- ir, a
ious.   H"' is one ol the leading alder-
in n ol Halifax cily, chairman of the
City board of work- and Ireely Bpoken
ol   ns  the  n -xt   "first citizen."   The
Impo ii *.'
fax, and
��� Dennis Building, the most
structure in the city ol Hall-
Ihe new Herald and Mail
now   in the course  of eon-
nre monuments u> bis in-
and      enterprise.���Saturday
Difficult   Rimes   Had   No   Terrors
Drowning   or   liyron.
Poets limy he buttled In Ihelr search
for rimes, lint It takes n great deal to
baffle the doggerel rliuesler,
Bicycles  In  British Army.
The recent m-iiioeuvr.'-s ol the Brit*
Ian nrmy. conducted on a larger scale
than  ever  before  in times ol  p nee
has br uglit the bicycle into lavornbli
notice,   and   the   probability   is   that Itlpathy
that vehicle will be given an impor- I    For  this
rant standing. W
picking up n
dentally furn
Interest of revolver practice.
The Indians are inordinately fond
of alligator Steak, a treat, however,
which ihey do not often enjoy owing
to the fewness a>id the poor quality
of Ihelr firearms. The Passes, who
live about the mouth of the Itio Negro, have taken less to the use ot
firearms than any other Bavage people that have come into such contact
with the whites.
Since they are unable to secure alligators hy shooting, Ihey have evolv-
���d several other Ingenious plans for
taking them captive. One of these,
when successfully carried out, furnishes a performance ihat is worth
a journey from New York to London
to witness.
Worse  Than   Skunk.
Found quite generally through a
large pari of lhe Amazon jungle is a
little animal called locally the "yac-
ca." It is not unlike a large guinea
pig In size and appearance, and protects Itself, after the manner of lhe
North American pole cat, by emitting
a most pugent and disagreeable odor.
The yacca is much belter armed
in th's respect than tha pole ca*, and
the presence of a disturbed member
or the species may be detected a mile
or more to leeward. The liquid that
it secretes for this purpose is of th?
most remarkably volatile nature, a
I single drop or it evaporating in a
1 rew seconds to a pugent gas or considerable  volume.
which produce this li-
grown specimen cf the
yacca hold nearly an ounce in reserve
at all times, which amount is more
than doubled under the stres.i of ex-
The Indians have found that, by
young rf the yacca a few
birth they are found in
|lltters of four or five In nests In the i
roots of the forest trees��� j
ne (hem wltb pigs or puppies ]
and afterwards keeping them in close j
ci ii.'in.-ini nt nnd nwiy from all excitement, that they may be brought
to "laturltv i'i"ii the home premises,
and even handled, without unpleasant
consi quences.
This  enables  the  resourceful abor- :
inula to keep slways   on   band   a
'-��� <d supply of their favorite bait, or .
more  properly   speaking  ammunition.
Antipathy  for Water.
Through  a    fortunate    provision���
fortunate for  the  Indian,  not for the
; alligator   or   yacca���the   yacca   never
i appears of Its own accord near water
for   whicb
ordinarily closely over-lapping joints
of the bony armor Suddenly, somethings aeems to have exploded Inside
the wallowing mass, for inflation Increases so rapidly that the eye can
mark its progress. Now, except for
the stilly sharply-snapping Jaws and
widly thrashing tail, the body Ib almost resting upon the Burface of the
Some vagrant puffs of up-river
breeze get behind it and drive It out
(Of tbe Bhade of the overhanging trees   doorkeeper In the house of th
on the bank into the full glare of the	
noonday sun.
As a captive balloon tugs more
sharply at the ropeB which hold it
when the Bun appears from behind a
cloud, bo the gas in the unlucky Silurian, sharply expanding In its increased heat tugs upward at the Inert
mass which confines it.
You may, or may not, have time to
note the distended middle straining to
drag the cumbersome head and tail
along after It, before a sharp report,
like a bursting or an auto   tire, rings
'out, and the repulsive mass collapses
before your eyes.      A  few   moments
More Schoolboy "Howlers."
Speaking nt a meeting recently. Dr.
T. J. Macnamara, iw..'., told some
amusing stories ol quaint sayings attributed to children, which lie bad
collected from school teachers in various parts of the country. Here is a
Teacher:  "What  is  a  m-dintor?"
Pupil: "Please, sir, a mediator ia
a chap wbo says, 'Hit me instead.' "
Teacher (to a London class): "What
is grass?"
Hoy: "Grass is what you have to
keep off."
Why   would   David   rat!i��r    be    a
^^^ Lord-"
Because he could walk outside
while the sermon was being preached."
"How do yo know the earth is
"Because it says in the Bible,
'World without end.' "
When he one asked a London class
of girls, added Dr. Macnamara, what
they would suy if lie told them he saw
the sun rise in the west, he got the
reply  that it  was impossible.
"But," he persevered, "supposing I
still declared 1 had seen the sun rise
in the west?"
"Weil," one of thc littb girls at
length  replied,  "I   should   think  you
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up) $16,000.000 00
RESERVE    ��16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and ,n Loudon. Kngland, New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with correspondents in all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received in sums of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per cent, fer
annum (preaent rate).
Total Assets over $18-8,000,000 00.
G. D.  BRYMNER.  Manager.
later, the Indian, his face muffled in
a wad of wet grass to mitigate   tbetmu.t have g.^ up rather late.'
fearful odor that assails his nostrils, 1
runs  alongside with  his  canoe,  and
makes fast to the now motionless tail.
Then he tows the material for a two
days' barbecue through the back water ,
to the bank.
ThiB method of slaughtering fori
meat has never become popular with
foreigners, though the Indians aver
that it has no deleterious effect what-
ever upon the edibility of alligator
Steaks. And, of course, there is no j
disputing matters of taste.
Only Three More Days of Low Prices
on Suits to Order.
Get your order In early.
Bewails    Their    "Truly    Lamentable"
Lot���Compares Status cf Eastern
and  European  Women.
Second Hand Store
J. G. SMITH.       >
1 Buy and sell new and    second    haiu
! goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
' SO Mel lines Street. I'll, me 100*
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes
Cigars and Smoking i requisites
Wholesale and  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609  Colombia   St.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by Vibro-Ma.ss-.-y-";.' and Glover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St
B.C Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver far Victoria lft a. m*.
I p. in. and 11 :45.
Leavea Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. in.
and U p. in.
l,<ims Vancouver for Nan&imo 3 p. m.
I^'uv'h Vancouver f<w Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 19 \x tn. Wednesdays.
Leaves Vancouver wery Wednesday at
10 p. in
|    Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster K a. in. Mimd-iy,
'. Wednvwiay and  KrWajr.
���Leaves CMUSsrSKk   V    a.   m.   Tuesday.
Tlmr-aday imil Sutui'ilay.
I ED. GOULkST,  Agent.  New Westminster.
! II. W.  UHODIB, Q. P. A.. Vancouver.
Berlin, March 5.���Another selection I
of chapters from the diary of Abdul j
Humid, appears in the March number!
of The Heview Nord und Sud, giving!
, his viewB on women,
i The ex-Sultan of Turkey Bays: "The 1
element,  except for  drink-   countless   divorces   and    scandals    in'
ng. It seems to have the greatest an-
���d road ���. bucIi | nev.
II.   offer
.(I II
er "
reward   L.r  a   rime   IO
I'he rewind was claimed
found throughout England, the
b cycle lin* demonstrated its reihbil-
ily and utility. S. ms 3,500 of these
cyclists were attache to to cavalry,
nnd the rapid movement of that lur'."
Charles /|,1>(|V W||.  Butprjiing |,, m,>st
reason,   the  alligator  has
learnt,    except    in    individual
!t is conceded that the bicycle
be no BUbstltute f.-r horses in a
pcopl ���
won! I
wiih the following marriage uunouuee i
The Dukp nf Vork n rt an u titer hsrt
Me Kiivt* llie I'rlnce ot Orange ner.
S'. now your ninlpnty will see
I've found a lime fnr porringer.
Ilmwnlng's perpetrations In rime arc
pri.l.iibly    unique   In    Kngiish   poetry
Mere    Is   il   couplet    Iroin   "Sordello"
wliii h   no  minor  poet   would  dare  to
print  for feur of  blasting  bis reputu-
Chirrups ihe contumacious grasshopper;
Rustles me lizard and iho ousltati chirre  :
In   the Hiime poem  he rimes  "suik
ed" wllb "iiinh't," "Hag" wllh "quag," :
"nhhors"   witii  "vnlvassors,"    But tie |
readied the climax surely In the con-
plot:    ���
Vmi trample nnr lierts nf ranunculus.
And y,��ii ���fnuimy-muKe-room-for-yuur-un- |
. le". us
The  wuilhy and  reverend author of
II Iiigoldsuy Legends" was fond of
Much I'liiicH ns:
a i"iiH yeih.w pinafore
Hantfl down encti <Mn ufore,
or "ni'li riming gymnastics as:
At TnpiiltiKlnn, now, 1 could look In tbe *
Hut 1 in out on a visit, and nobody hss ll
Yet In these enormities lie waa only
parodying Uyrou, who wrote:
Ye lords of Indies Intellectual
Confess If Ihey hsd not henpecked you all.
tha  destruction  po-
���!"irg.',   thoiigl
���jib! ���   with   two  or    tiire
ti'itor-cycles at fu 11 e;ii.od  would cer-
inly  cause  some confusion, especially if the riders w re proteoliSJ with
//M'I shields.   The direction of a cycle
���iiriim in 1 would require specially
'rained officers:  In fact,  the  Kr nch
lav." had the subject under conslm'r.
���ition Ior some time.   A  combination
I motor-cycles and bicycles will not
���miikeiy be tli' final outcome, for on ���
���iin'or cycle   can   tow     lour    or     Ihv
nounted bicycles over ordinarily good
ind level roads Bl a spaed tfl lift*., mi
r twenty miles an hour,   l-'or Instance
.'. say.  ir.  t., thirty  miles, a in t ir-
i.cycle regiment could'ba transferred
'i eiL'T'-'cncy points in tar less time
'.han by railway, iv n assuming tiuil
the rnilwuy w.T' enliven.ent lor loading and  unloading.
cases, what B nauseous potion tills
templing  ball  of plumpness really  is.
Invariably the alligator snaps lt up
the moment he sees It siruggllng in
the water, where It has been thrown
by the benevolent-looking sivage
walling uiiohiitrusively upon the bank.
The whole success of tlie plan
hinges   upon   the   manner   in     which
Man  of   the  World   Is "Insanely"  In
Love  With  Beautiful  Actress���      i
Had   Escaped.
I'aris. March ft. It was an extraordinary sight, that thu policeman saw
us he made bin round In the early
hours o. tlie morning beneath the arcade of the line de Ulvoli. A gentleman,  top-hailed   nnd   well   groomed,
was mounting painfully, but with decision, the rungs of a ladder Hint souu
pliiii'lier or plasterer had let! resting
ngatnsl a pillar which faoea No. 11211.
"Now, what Is the meaning Of thin?"
naked tha officer sternly, deaplta the
evident opulence of tin. nocturnal acrobat.
"As you see, officer," was lhe reply,
"1 am taking a little exercise. My
doctor has reeoinmended climbing for
my liver, ho I come here every nighl."
".lusl a little loo thin," thought Iho
Officer,    Ho   ordered   the  climber   lo
8ome Satisfaction.
The Hon Mrs. Hubert Hamilton ln
her biography of her father, tbo late
Lord Wolverhampton, snys Hint In Ills
Uiiine IiIh urrtera were always stem uud
peremptory, but nu oue wns more surprised Uinii he was when they were
u be yell.
��� nm day he detected one of his
ilniigbters innlting a statement tn which
she rather exaggerated the facts.
"You nre one of the iiiokI Inaccurate
women Hint was ever created." lie told
"Well." was tbe cheerful reply. "I nm
ghul to be a innstcrpleco In some department of creation."
Mayoralty   Customs.
In many town-, of England the alec
lion ">f lha mayor is aooompanied by
nii'h old*WOrld ceremonial Til '
.lay.ir of Lincoln, for Instance, la
lu!y elected by having pined on hi-
dngar an ancient rim;; at Cnlchestci
tiic mayor is armed with a go.d
mounted malacca cane; at York lu-
iiirdiip is presented with mi nah
���t.nvc which lias been the mm I; ol
mayoral authority for centuries. Ill
layer of tiraiithitm is installed hy e
tap on tlie Iteiul with the town clerk'"
hummer; nt Dunstable the timc-liun
'���red custom oil "bumping" is observed, and at both Bournwoouth and
Hanley tbe new chief magistrate has
to submit to a kiss trom tlie retiring
thousand | the^yacca" is taken
If lie is niasiicaud to any great extent before being swallowed, the alligator gets nothing more than a severe stomach ache, and perhaps a
lesson in not being too hasty in snapping up every wriggling ball of fur
thnt it sees. Hut. as surely as the
greedy Silurian bolia the yacca down.
he is slated for the roasting pits.
Practice   Among   Whalers.
Among the Arctic whalers of today there Is a practice of shooting
certain species of whale, which has
not enough blubber to float itself,
with a composition of chemical bomb,
the latter releasing a sufficient
amount of gas to give the monster
the required Luoyiincy.
if ii starts sinking after this, ll is
connected up with big compressor on
tin* whaler, from which Its stomach Is
pumped full of air. All Ihe bomb and
compressed air do lo the dead whale
the yacca does to the live alligator.
The arrival of the yacca In the hitter's Stomach Is the signal for the
turning of Ihat organ Inlo tin affective gas factory, the generation going
on so quickly Hint, ill a very few mln-
'utes, the surprised animal finds itself unable lo remain under water.
Vainly he tries to bOIYOW Into the
sticky mud of the bottom; u mysterious   force,  against   which    bis    great
Kurope and America show that many
men in those countries incline to   po
lygamy.   The west has an entire mis-1
apprehension   regarding   the   position,'
of women iu Turkey.
Even  though  woman  is  fortunately
debarred from tuning a part  in Turk-}
ish   public life,  and   is  compelled   to :
leave  everythingto  men,  she  at   any
rate is au autocrat at home.
I     "As 1 observe the   stern   imperious !
facts regarding western women a comparison   with  them  easily  favors  our
women.    Why  do  the  people   of the j
west criticize our women?
Which is more sacrificing or more j
beautiful, the Oriental woman or the '
European? In Turkey woman belongs!
to her home, belongs to a man alone; I
in Europe she has too many liberties '
to.remain womanly.
If only half one reads In the news-"
papers and  books about  western  women be true then the lot of the men
there must be truly lumeutable."
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to ordera.
607 Front St., Nev* Westminster,
Transfer Co.
1E5.       Barn   Phone
;b'e 6tr��et.
Baggage Delivei.d r.-c.":ptl> t,
any part of the city.
mm co.
| Imperial Limited leavea at 1 -.55 p.���.
Toronto Express leavea at 1*55 a.m.
St. Paul Express Waves at... .2 p.m.
Instead of sending money tor your
friend's passage from the Old Country you will lind it to your advantuge
to purchase tickets frous
ED   8UVLKT, Agent
Naw  Westminster
W.  Bratfte, G.P.A. Vancouver
Light and Heavy Haulirg
D. McAulay
i Tel. 724.
Cor. Sixtb and Columbia.
J. H. Todd's Music House
Ths tevr.r of Bahtl.
Do you realize Hint 4.INHI years nfter
f the most wonderful of nil towers wns
! built by the ancients (nccordlug to the
\ Hook of Genesis about 2400 It. Cl. Its
I seven stages still rlso high above the
i plains nenr the site of HiihylonV   Until
it few years ago It hnd been known as
tho Mound of lhe lllrs Nlinrud. when
Sir Henry Ilnwlliison discovered In one
of tho  stages  the  Inscribed cylinders
i which mnde the Ideiitlllratlon possible.
A Hues EUvator.
A huge elevator, with  ,a   storsg"
rapacity of 40,1100 ions is to lie erected
at the Manchester lWka. The grain
will bi discharged Irom the sb ntiH'rs
upon the conveyer bgiuls, wliioli will
transfer ft to the elevators, by which
t   will   lie   lilted   and   distributed   to
i.ii ��� various storage bins. Provision
will bo made lur 'iim storage Mns :ni<i
'llfh��y,one shipping biiA nil 7tift. Ciu.
lei'P.   When tno train haa to ba de-
v r.'l it will be iiL'iim lifted and dis-
rilni'e.1 to the shipping bins, wh"ji it
.ill be r.'iuly lor Concung, Eaoh ol
Llv r ���ceiviii; and shipping elevator*
"i!i   lie  turn sll \l  with  nn  automatic
wale capable ol weighing nix) ton-, an
Pope Aids Research.
Homo, March 0. Tlio pope has consented to nuike accessible for the
purposes of historical research the
secret archives of the congregation
of the  iniiuhilllon.
Anglican      Benedictine     Brotherhood
Coes Over to Roman Faith.
London,   March   ii.   a   remarkable
conversion to the Church of (tome \
has occurred of a body of Anglican I
monks, who in L896 founded \sliat Isi
sailed the English Benedictine Mon-j
asiery, und lu lull took up their!
quarters on an Island off the coast j
of Pembrokeshire,
Por a yar past tb" community has!
been In oorrespondsnee with the!
Archbishop of Canterbury and    the
Blahop   of   Oxford   regarding   certain
points on  whloh   they  were  unable tol
come to an agie'iiient.    I'onso.pionth I
tlie Community decided 10 seek admls
���ion   to  the  Roman  Catholic   Church
and  will Join  that church's  llenedic- j
line Order.
419  Columbia   Street.  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all Kinds.  PHONE 694-.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
(Royal   Mall  Steamers  Salting Every  Saturday.)
New SS. "Laurentic" and "Megantic��
(15,000 tons)
SS. "Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
GS_! feet long.
A Refined Singing and Talking Act, Which Is Appearing at tho Royal Theatre I
Today. I
HM feet Ion-.
Now Is the time to arrniiKn tor thc passageB of your fri<n<i-i from
I'.iiKlniid. We Issue prepaid tickets, and our offices iu Rngland communicate with passengers, arranging all detallp unil m'- jikiiir any
fundi, deposited with us.   We a'80 Inform you when iiasHe-nguru arrive.
For Sailings and Further Particulars Apply
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue,     Seattle,    throe   doors    from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet. Agent Canadian Pacific R.. and F. C.
Meyers.  Agent G.  N.  Ry.,  New Westminster. Westminster Leads in
Whole Oversea Empire
The National Reserve in the British  able to apeak to each one of them In
Isles has long been an accomplished
fact, and In common with Ita first overseas branch iu New Westminster, It
simply r.eiais that a roll of name and
addraSBBS of ail men who have com-
pleteSSclr lull -service in any branch
of the naval, military or auxiliary
(qroeS in any part of the liritish Empire nr,' kept in a register in some
public: place Here the roll is in charge
of tiv: mayor,
The act of registration entails no
obligation upon the men, but it keeps
on record the past services of those
wbo otherwise would be lost night ot
in civilian life. Moreover, in time of
national peril or in time or nutionui rejoicing, the members of the reserve
may thus be easily notified of either,
and invitri! to lend their aid or their .
presence at one or the other.
The subjoined letter appears in the
issue of the London Spectator of Keb.
8 anil was supplied to Ihe editor of
that most influential journal in compliance with his request. Thut very
Brent interest is taken in Great. Britain both in New Westminster and in
the National Reserve here, originated
is therefore self-evident. The editor
of the Spectator, Mr. J. St. l>oe Stra-
Chey, is the founder of the movement
in the British Isles.
II may be here stated that any eld
members of the services may give in
their names to Mr. W. A. Duncan, city
clerk, at the city hall and thereby help
to forward the movement which, sini-
pliciiv Itself, is at the same time de-
Bervinjj of their attention both from
national and other standpoints.
The letter, headed, "A National Reserve for Canada" is as  follows:
Sir.���It. has been told in a previous
letier bow the first oversea branch of
the National Reserve was organized
in New Westminster, British Columbia, by tv. only odd members of his
���majesty's land and sea forces on
Way "ill last, how the mayor of the
city look charge of the roll book, and
how at the .ame time a United Service club was brought into being. Before outlining our progress since ihat
date 1 would like to state that it was
from the reading of an odd clipping
containing an account of a lecture by
Lieut-Col. G. I.e M. Gretton, and more
particularly from the perusal of thc
Spectator week by week, that the ori-
ginatoa here garnered and trans
planli d  the seed.
On August 6th Colonel and Hon.
Sam Hughes, Minister of
������spent a few hours here and. on being informed of the defence movement inaugurated in New Westminster, i romised to give his Immediate
atteulion to the Biibject. The number of lhe Reserve had then grown
to ninety; the hundred mark was
passed when, on September 21 st, the
first parade was held before H. R. 11.,
the governor general; and today lis
strength stapds at a hundred and
Here are a few facts concerning
tho first hundred oversea National
Reservists. The oldest member Is
Captafn-sGeerge iTttendrigh sometime |
or th.' Buffs and laler of the Canadian militia, a Crimean veteran of
eighty-four.     The   youngest
Hindustani of incidents under far-off
Indian skies. The Sikhs were proud
men Unit day. To each man in the
ranks of the National Reserve the
Duke the;* proceeded to addn ss a
few kindly \Cords. li was a most Impressive sight as tiff trim figure ot
the first gentleman in Canada chat
ted to the array Of sailors and sol
diers ot all ages and ranks gathered
there to greet him. Here he paused
to look at the modal of the Fenian
Raid, there he recalled memories
of thirty years ago when he foughi
together with the wearers of the nu*
dal and siar of Iho Egyptian campaign. There were men who had
marched  with Roberts to Kandahar
three cents a pound, while our farmers cussed except by leave of the chair-
have allowed theirs to rot In the field. | man nn[j i,e proceeded to put the
Why is thar B^uae the merchants M wh(.n ,,r,;ml(,r Borden roae.
in the city nnd other cities are m the|M _,,���,_, ,u ,i ,.  ..i
hands of commit slon men who rule the | "Mr. Speaker, said the premier, 1
martlet. : believe  it lias always been  the  c.is-
Better Market. j lom  0[ this house  that there should
"They import from the other side to j
keep oiir fanners lore down and wc j
have to pay u bigger prior for our pro-
pouil |
who had  survived  the  glorious disss
ter ai Sauna's rost. who had shared j world Is entitled to tbe sam
In tho dash for Gordon's relief, wltlle ipnition aH  the  man  Bending
the city clerk, veteran alike of the
American Civil War and of the ('ana
dian Mllltla, stood in line with the
war-stamped Canadian militiaman and
British Territorial fresh out from
home. All walks of life contributed
their quota; men prominent in business and professional circles in the
city, farmers from the Fraser valley,
and those In less conspicuous walks
vl life joined in doing honor to the
Duke and supporting the National Re-
si rve movement In Canada,
H. R. il. expressed his keenest
satisfaction that so splendid a begin
ning had been mad" here, promised
to do all in bis power to further the
movement, and trusted that from tbe
in N iw Westminster there
up a vide national move
duce The farmer la entitled to a fair
remuneration ror his toll ami why
, should he nol gel It! Is ll beoause
Iwe  are   paying   too  little.     No;   It   Is
simply beoause we lack organisation
land cooperation between farmer and
consumer nud between farmer and
farmer more particularly.
"That  in the line upon which we
'should  work.    Stan  something  that
Way and er. ol a storehouse near the
, market en the waterfront to take care
or the fnrnui's' produce,   I don'l care
whether it is lor the man with 6 acres,
'or  160 ueres  or 320  aires.     He  may
store 10 or  IB sucks or as many carloads.
"The small man with th   amall oapl-
Ital  creating  something  good   for Ibis'
reasonable discussion
Sir Wilfrid Laurier nodded liis assent.
Change  Chairman.
Spi alter Sproule then put the question, but no one rose to vote for il
and lu declared it lost, ainldsl cheering on the part of the members ol
tho opposition,
'"I lie point of order   may    h
lUssod," he said as he left the chair.
Major Currie then resumed the
chairmanship of the Oommlttee amidst
shouts from the opposition bench of
"CUar.'* him."
A.  K.  McLean rose to Hia feet,    "i
Five   Year   Man   Escapes from   Local
Penitentiary, But Is Recaptured
���Was Digging Grave.
Order Your Spring Suit
Making n breakaway from a guard
I while in the act of digging a grave
dis-, in the penitentiary grounds yesterday
morning, an Austrian named Ofl]
luizic, enjoyed b's liberty for a lew
hi'iirs only, being captured among thi
shrubs near the Queens park reservoir Just before noon and was later
brought back to ihe   Dominion   In
main ain," he said, "thai without pro- sfltutlon.
start made
would grov
Westminster   ,B,   C  January
(Continued trom pace one)
is shared by a Canadian engineer and
an Kngiish yeoman, both aged twenty-one.     SiMyfive   aro   undor    .forty-
five   (average  age   thirty-tour  years)
seventy-four  are  under   fifty,    forty-
two have seen service In one to four
campaigns and hold eighty-seven war
medals   ami   oilier     decorations.     Including a "Red" and a "Blue" marine,
thirteen  are Royal  Navy  men, twenty-nine   nre   British   regulars,   thirty-
one   British   auxiliaries,     twenty four
Canadian mllltla, and three have served in other Imperial tiniis.    Thirteen
Slave   held   commissioned   rank,   and
(twenty six rose above the triple chev-
i   roiis.     From   Ihe  prairies  and   oilier
rootata have come  enquiries  conoern-
���ing  tlie movement    in  the  main    by
Spectator  readers  -and   1   feci     sure
that   wiih  efficient  publicity  and  the
OO-operatlon of the militia department
which is even more necessary In our
���wide territory than is the War Office
support to you at home, the Canadian
Nat anal   Reserve  wlll  in  due  course
.became a force to be reckoned with,
���Mow  ns to our firsl parade.    We in
'Canada can Imagine your London pur
nde and ils setting.    You in  England
must imagine a river  three times as
wide  as  lhe  Thames,   -spanned   by
mile-long Intricacy of steel    Thia
tbe   Fraser   river;   and   hard   by   the
bridge you  must  rill  in  a  small, cres-
���ci -it   shaped  park,  and   half-way   up
Its ' I a BPI  lhe pillared bust nl 81
men  li ner gazing out over th"   *a
i    -.i.  he discovered a hundred and
liars     ago.       Stretching     all
i m i i thi, " Mt,, n Crescent" * asm
i!   I ��� i the Prince Consort) nr.- .-
���ts; at ita reel is Hi" ma n
thoi ire, along which led by tbe
��� " ��� band, has marched the first fan
���' it ' il ' nal Reserve. Now ihey
iire drawn up |n two long lines behind * ���*.'. i avllllon, whieh In
turn i- sel behind the statue.
'���'������ thc rlghi oi tbe line, the place
thelra by unanimous consent, were.
Ihrei i the old Royal Engineers, sur-
vlvor ���: those stalwarts of fifty five
years ago, who planted here the foundations ef ti'.,. then capital or British
������Colombia, to which Queen Victoria
ascribed lis present name. Next to
them stood the Royal Navy nnd Roy
nl Marine contingent, and ranging to
the I 'ft were drawn up in order the
men of Hm British regulars, the Canadian Militia. Ihe British Auxiliaries
nnd Imperial forces, The whole pur-
nde whieh had gathered numbers as
ii marched, trom Its ninety ut the
Htart, was commanded  by  Lleut.-Col.
time no contracts were being actually
signed until it was issued
I    They  iliil  not   waul    to    take  any
'chances.    No time, however, was be-
Militia,   ing lost.
They had awarded one contract lor
three scows. These were always an
asset and they could always get their I
money for them, The preliminary
work was going ahead and negoti-
ations carried on. Already certain;
combinations bad been made whereby
certain savings had been efected on t
the tenders and  original estimates.
After   the   patent   was   Issued   and I
the contracts signed it would probably
be  three  monUis  before actual  work j
was commenced  on  Ihe waterfront.
There was an enormous amount of i
detail   to   be   completed   on   sneli   a
* scheme as the harbor.    But there was
no  dilatoriness   and   the  utmost  pro-1
gross was being made.
.���,...,,���        At the same time negotiations were
Share Profits.
"By.co-operation among the farmers and the city ami Victoria or uny
'other city none would lose money hut
(share In the profit;.. Do away with
I those     petty     jealousies.     Perhaps   I
| want some information from one ol
those narrow minded, small men nnd
he looks at me and tells me it Is none
;of my business. If you are going to
do it, he will say, do it yourself.
"Matters, however, are a thousund
times better than they were tour years
ago in that respect, but ii siill I SiSts
In a fejv places. We cannot begin to
run uiltil we have learned to walk,
hut after we have learned to walk
we can run, and after that the object
should be to run as fait as possible to
get to the goal in Ihe shortest time,
"When you go to people to get information to arrange for a Bteamer
and ask what can you do in the way
cf tonnage, how can you help to assist
that ship? They fear to give the information because it may get Into
the hands cf a compelitor. Gel away
from thut idea. As soon as we can
show that there is produce enough
and shipping enough fer a vessel we
will have a vessel plying between Vic ,
toria nnd New Westminster, that wlll
take care of freight and passengers,
p.b COJJifortac'y from N'ew Westmin;. ���-
ter ns ifrom Vancouver
"The owners from what 1 have beard '
say  that  tliey will  put on  their boat
as soon as you can show them some
returns.    It will not cost the people a |
cent  to co-operate with the steamer
Mr.  Lee terminated his address  by
appealing for a combination of energy
between  the  board  of trade and  the;
Progressive association.
per authority the honorable member
a lhe chair placed himself in Charge
'f the committee. 1 state thai hi
asked the former chairman to-vacate
without authority from the speaker
or lhe deputy speaker ami 1 say it
was done for n purpose."
Major Currie asked for the rule cn
which the member fnr Halifax b.ii-r
: his contention, and Mr, McLean read
It.    Major Currie stated that he  was
J only relieving the chairman who had
Dreci '.led him. Mr. McLean said tliat
lie    was    quite  willing to accept    lie
1 chairman's explanation.    Mr. Knowles
then rose to resume his speech.
"The   point   before   the  house."   he
* said, amidst general laughter, "is the
naval question.
IJzizic waa serving a term of five
years for a burglary offence committed at Nanalmo ln 1910, being sent up
by Judge Barker at Cumberland,
Late on Wednesday evening one of
the convicts, a colored man named
Hopkins, died of consumption and
ll/.iv.ic was one of four who was sen!
out yesterday morning to dig a grave.
Ins. how lie made his escape i . ���.
rukiK-wn, but the guard soon rang in
the alarm and posses were sent out
While 1. lice stations In the city ami
district  were  notified of the affair.
A party cf guards caught sigh; of
the eonvu: hiding behind some emal
shrubs in Queens park and he gave
in without a struggle.
Tho House of Hobberlin have sent Mr.
Twisa all the way from Toronto to take
your measure. He will be here all day
Thursday and Friday. Come in and see this
large range of Spring Suitings.
Reid & McDonald
The Store of Satisfaction
Previous     Week-
Charter   Has   Not
the (',. N,  It. and the
egard to the permanent
in connection with the
going on with
C. N. it. With r
harbor scheme.
Gas Proposition,
Alderman Jardine alluded to tlie gas
proposition. They expected the engineer, they had In prospect, to meet
them tomorrow, and after consultation
tbey would probably arrange for his
services lo go on with the work.
Tha Park bylaw money, passed last
year, was not yet available but he
hoped to have it in April. It would
be divided equally amongst the dif-!
ferent   parks.
Lee's   Rousing  Addcess.
Mr.  John   A.   I.ee,   president of  the I
hoard of trade delivered   a    rousing!
lie said: "I am pleased to loam that
the assessment bus Increased three
and a half million dollars. I have
heard the same kick as the mayor has
heard. If our assessment continues
to increase legitimately we are going
to be a city of importance and not a I
village hamlet on th" side or the
Fraser river.
"1 lake exception to Mr Henderson's j
remarks, as I have done on former occasions, Laughter.) We don't need,
anv  knocker;:  In  this City.
"Unfortunately we have them; we
mual hu-.f men differing In opinion.
Men  mual  differ on  aome  particular!
The date of the elections for mayor
and aldermen ot Port Coquitlam is
set down by the letters patent for
Saturday, March 20. Nomination day
is fixed for the Saturday previous,
March 22.
Port Moody's Incorporating charter
lias not yet been received but is daily
expected.    Thi    election    cannot    be
I held until three weeks after the date
or the letters patent.
I( Is reported there is some difficulty In getting through tlie incorporating charter for Kraser Mills owing to its being confined ton much
to the Western Canadian Lumber
Company's  interests.
What Canines Have Learned To Do ll
Milit- y Oper.itiDr.s.
That honored old phrase "the dogi
0{ war'' Iihs now quite a new sigiuli t
cance whieh has nothing to do witt
the lank hounds of llellona. 1 In
modern conception of a d>g ef wai
wns explained by Major Ricliardsol
in a lecture at the Royal l'n.ted St
vice Institution on "The Employuienl
oi War Dogs, with Special Relerenci
to Tripoli und Other 1 "out Cam
Major Re-hard:;*!! ie iaiir u.= a
trainer of dogs fer such special
vice- a- police, sei try, nnd ambulance
v.* rt, and foreign armies have taken
nu*re ni tieo of his work than
Great Britain, To an interested audi
ence, chiefly of military people, h<
outlined the advantages to an arms
ol possessing four-footed Bcouts, ll
i.i rot a theoretical matter, as dog'
are already extensively empl lyed ni
"Ver the con'tinent "I Europe tor mili'
tary and police purposes, an.l on
miny of the frontiers fer detecting
smugglers. Moreover, they have in
many ea.-*is pr- ved their value in actual warfare, and in nue instance in
particular sentry dogs saved the
Italian troops near Tripoli from beina
rushed by surprise in a stealthy night
attack by the Turk- last February
This particular incident is wi rth
giving in full. The sentry dogs were
kept chained in kennels amid the wire
entanglements ahead ol the Italian
trenches.   Major Richardson laid:
"In the early part of tlie evening ol
Februray 11-12, the Turks, under,
cover of darkness, advanced m tw I
columns against the Italian position
at Derra; one column ol about 500
men to the right, the ��� ther consisting
Contractors Prepare to Complete Contract in Four Month3���Commence
Near Edmonds.
Edmonds,  March  6. -A small army
I of  workmen are now engaged doing
the preliminary work cn the Klnga-
paving.    Operations   at   present j
ha- are being largely concentrated on that j
section  of  the  highway  between  the '
New Weatmlnster city limits and ted- j
nionds,  though  preparations are also;
'being made on a small scale on other
pans oi tlie route.
Do You Want To Build?
If so, see SLOAN & H4RRIS0N
We specialize in steel and reinforced fireproof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Rocm 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phbnes: Office, 624; Res., 755
The Canadian Mineral Rubber Company have leased several lots along
Kingsway on which they propose to
deposit sand, gravel and other material ror the concrete base before the
roadway is torn up.
Yesterday the big steam shovel
owned by the company, which left
Vancouver on Monday at noon under
i' r own steam, arrived today shortly
after 1 o'clock.
Steaming down Kingsway this morning the big shovel created quite a
si nsatlon. As it passed the munlcl-
pay hall the entire staff crowded to
the windows and observed its steady
Lut slow progress in charge of a crew
jf four men. Residents also evinced
a keen Interest In the passage of the
mammoth machine and thc porches of
practically every house about Ed-
j mondg were made an impromptu grand
t. m. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot,
New Westminster B. C.
of about 1,000 Bedouins, with a st''-1 standi
fining 'ol Turkish officers The whole The'material taken from the rise
of the country is dilbcult in the ex. on Klngaway near Stride avenue will
(;"!:" ': ��� roads, and crossed hy s |be transported on a miniature rail-
established along the highway to
Liberals Continue
Block in House 5
series ol tracks (or the most part
kii"wn to tbe native only, running "ii
the edges oi precipices, 1hi> forci
took every advantage ol the sinuosities
of the ground, and practically crawled
undisturbed to the Italian position.
The alarm, however, W'a- given hy
the dogs chained to tlie entanglements, and at 1.30 began an engagement at this point whieh lasted the
whole night."
With the descent nf darkness, which
renders the human being so helpless,
snid the lecturer, the hearing n:il
scenting powers ol the r'og become
mo.-t acute, and while soidier*. tsrei
ovt with long marching or the ardoun
of a campaign, may have their sense-!
ulied, the four-font*d snout will hear
-   ',
'Continued trtim pace one)
"1 want to ask a question," said Mr.
"I   ruled   thai   Mr.   Knowles  was  to
go on." said Major Currie,
Rends Newspaper.
Mr.   Knowles  then     proceeded    li
read an article from tho Moose   Ja��
g  'rimes.    He  caused  gi ncral
"wind" the
enemy's pntr
Is aware that
pertinents he
ran hear at 800
than a man, and
tealthy approach
ing before
a   SI
James Ward, late 36th Battalion Can-1 but a" real" steam boat
Julian Mllltla (Slmooe Foresters) al
once u I'aaadian Colonel ami Wnr
wickshtre hem. tin the extreme left
\it tin  line stood thirty-one Sikh sol
dlera Of t(ha British Indian Army un
der a native officer. They came rrom
their work ai the lumber mills nenr
jiv, and, like the National Reserve
xb"> wore a rosette of the national
Ills   Royal   Highness,   having     been
welcomed by Hi
pres< '''ed  wiih
thing   hm   nol   on   goneral   principles
"We weat  a  brake on our wheels
when we go down grade and then only
���\ tha city reachi s the heights of
ta di   tiny a nd tben sti   tt do ���*. nwardi
* i    down   wllh   the   brakeB   and
ev.-ry  rii in - ul  on  thn 'ir i\
Th-jte   Knockcm.
* 'I r,<   knocker differs from the hon
eat critic    Wo have some honest <-rii-1
b f in thi   '   '     hul   we are also til.-i Bed   * '
* ith   ome r I the n it I infernal damn-|
able knockers "f any city on tbe con-
' tlnenl     Ia '  an tune n al  live active
criticism   and   real   li,,-   active   work
,iio tblnga and things wlll come our
Steamer to Victoria.
' l will refer lo ono other thing A
little while ago there was an artlole
iii one of the loeai papers In connection with the propoted steamship be
tween our city and Victoria, n Is
not a new thine ii has been worked on for aome years by a committee
of the board of trade, trying to see if
i.ome arrangement  could    be    made
whereby we COUld eri'iite BUfflCil nl
trade to warrant us iu putting on
a stoami r or calibre, nol a scow al
tached to a tug or a gasollni   launch,
111 it   Is  whal
laughter  by
published! "In th
Again Mr. Hoyce
order. A member
rlghl    to   read   an
inn   that   it   wa
rnisi d  a  point   o
he said,  had  "
article   from
onducl    i
i lt\
.-d t
jn rl
ir  i
civic aiilhorilics nnd
addresses   from    in-
;   i.lui and Others, proceeded lo
llie  Reserve,     before    whom,
. i vi. o yet   tO give,  were array*
Hoy S nuts and the Hoys' llrl
Ua cams  to  tbe Hikhs find,
an Old comrade In arms, was
we have bi i n  working al  for sonn
Co-operation Vital,
"!' den. nds linen our city people
��� rln j" onlj ind tho people of
Kraser \ ille. Vhother it is lo bi
accomplished fact, If lhe pnnnli
in-"' Ida ' icilllles to make thi
a distributing polnl tor the n ���
IsourceB ol the Fraser valley, we will
l create a trade here whloh will in
I crease the n ilm ol i rtiw fool of land
In the Kniser valley, ,1,n.*ai ������ the eost
j of living und give the' fanners a fair
; price Tor Ihelr lirotluce,
"Take nu ItyUStratlon ol the present
state of-affairs furnished to me by Mr.
Olway Wilkie. Cabbages, brought In
rrom   the   oilier   side,  are   silling   at
newspapi r in which th
members was oommented upen
Major Currie rose to d-al  with    lln
polnl  or ��� rder and Mr   Kno' I     t Is
Ing   al   the   mini"   lime   to   dl ll II
greeted    with   loud   shouts   ol
Order" rrom tho ministerial benches
"Have I no rlghl  to   bo   1" ard '.'"
said ihn member for Moos.' Jaw,
Holes of thc House.
' The bom rable member eannol die
mas a point or order wlthotll my eon
lent," said Major Currie,
.Mr. Pug .ley Immediately challenged
lie nillng. Addressing Ute chalrmar
'"��� snld: "You rule thai n member
tanuot sr'i'iik to a point of order wuh
mt vour consent "I appeal lo the
Mi, Pugsley then tiuoted from thr
���uie,, ot the house and continued
���ihni is a command to you, sir, which
vou are bound to obey."
Mi Currie. after studying tin nibs
fi r a rew minutes, decided to miilii
tain bis position.
Mr Pbgsloy remarked ihal he hnd
iovi r known a member t" bo denied
li ��� privilege of discussing a point ol
Speaker Sproule was then sent for.
vho   a'b.nitiod the chairman's ruling
io the beuse. There wits a loud cheet
if yi as from lhe ministerial benches
iml an nlmost i qually lend oheor ol
nays rrom the opposition side. The
opposition then demanded a division
and   ,h��   discussion   bells   were   soon
When they had assembled, Speakor
Sprouts roae lo Btato the question,
but wns Interrupted by Mr. KnowlsB,
who H.-ild thai he wanted Ihe appeal
properly    stated.     Mr.    Sproule    said
that, in his opinion, the appeal was
a i in wbether a i tint could be dis-
there ia any ne In tl a
After hundradi ��� i ex.
nd proved th il tbs d -'
ir -toll yards  further
when the ci i dition-i
| for Bcenting detection v iil corns :'t
very great distance! 'I!" plightest
suspicious noise, unheard by huuitti
| enrs makes the dog watchful snd
restless, and his learn an iinitfedi-Italy cooimnni nie I to the sentry ace n*
pat    i ���   -in
'I le* '��� ������! ire v.;i - 'ii u-t* il I hj ' hi
tern -i lo hi * Ing lln H ��� il a rh
with th ��� viii i *ii< nn Hi .*i lal arnnar
in | ���* * ������ i iine, nml ��ith Hi" Piim im
dtiril ���_' Uu war in 'I ri|",i. In I., nn
Bro even  u-'* I I r   li , ��� ��� ug ins
a lower portion of the road near the
We-'minster limits, where a bill of
six  '.r seven  feet  will  be  made.
The Canadian Mineral Itubher Company have established a small temporary office at Royal Oak where they
will transact business in connection
with their local contract.
Hit ween 50 and 7.1 men are at present  employed on the contract  though
it   is expected that before the end of
the   month  this  number  will  be   Increased lo nt least 200 men and possibly   310.    Where possible  local  resi- j
dents   will   be   employed.     The   com- j
pany   is  required  to  finish  the  con-1
(trail   in about  Tour months time.
The work on the alternative high- ���
way during the paving of the Kings-1
way la advancing, A gang of about.
BO men are at present engaged on
various points on the route clearing,
grading, macadamizing and planking
The road will be put Into condition
to sull tbe light local iraffie only as
thai of automobiles it is hoped to
transfer temporarily to tbe  Douglas]
and   Kiver  roads
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 5:011 and 5:46 a.m., and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. From 8
p.m. uniil midnight half hourly ser
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00. 7:Sfl,
8:00 nnd 8:30 am., week day service prevailing thereafter,
For Vancouver via Burnaby- At
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late cur at 11:311 p m.
Sundays���Klrst car at 8:00 am,,
with  week day  service  thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with,cars to Steveston and other points on Lulu la-
land ts made at Eburne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1.20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:05 p.m.
di *'
chine (runs
In n
Hi v   ar**   used  1* i
(or shorl tliUti	
iv ii c   ii iii iii <i n il: i ,ii
numbei  ol  Brniie-
������.ui. ii ���  me ��� igi -
III: i   also   l"l      ar
Bul \l.i,.r i; ph
iihl-"ii Ihvi r- thoir a a in Iwo liiSlu
way- onlj a- sentry *l" * * su I n- nu
hulnnce dregs t * nenrch oul the wound
��� ���il after a buttle.
In ambulance dogs the ' ranch army
is especially well : rovlded, snd thu
��� ii" trained up l" a verj hlali pltofi,
Major linliai lion had Iwo-snibulnnca
dogs with him twu beautiful nnd in
lelligent Airodales, with the red cn -���
ol mercy standing put I����lly on their
(laiiks, iiiul Willi ci r.iuil- ("i the
wounded -dnipiK'il to their hacks One
'���.'in imagine the joy Willi which the
appearance   of  such   a  -a- mur   would
ii" hailed by a wounded soldier lylnn
in rocky gmund or scrub, where the
biped brigade might never Bud hun iii
Stripped al the Law.
Dickens   describes   in    hit   n-'velj
"Bleak House" the woes oi those wii'il
wars   uvolved In suits in the chancery
���" i.n end ttie delayi to winch they >
u. ic   subjected    before   tie*   ICngllsh
i llcial procedure wi^ reformed, [radii .i -ay- that an artist once repre*
-��� ni d Hi" Mime  iil"a lt) much  less
pace    'I wi.  suitors in chancery,  b"-1
n '   ii'i'in, .'et|   to  each   other   alter   l
very lediuui and expensive suit, np-
piled t" hun to paint n dsvice in com
 in .ration   ol  'heir  return  I
and aiiiiiy lie cave them entire
(Stlsfsction by painting them in thc
let "I -liakii-,' hand- -sine did in Ins
-liirt,  the other without even  that.
uMIIKAUUtij roR prices on i-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
In  Connection With   All
Jumpers  ol  thf  Sim.
Many of Uie inhabitants "I tbs ->ci
are good jumpers, ami sume have lie
come famous   An g them thotild bi
mentioned the tarpon or silver kins, i
huge fi-di With scales thnt uleiim  Uk.
silver,  In the Pacific waters the tuna
an ally nf the horse mack, rel, i�� noted !
for   its   leaps,   BomeUtnsa   a  school
swoo|>s Up tlie ciiasl, and the powerful
lish, often welshing Htm pounds, srs
seen   in   lhe   iiir   iu  every   direction.
Th-ey dart like an arrow, turn grsce '
fully  live  or  i-ix  (ci t  in  the  air and]
i "I I..wn,    kooplng    Uie   water   for
acre- in a loam, and if nol tha ureal-
est, th"y are cerliunly the most graceful ul  the juniper,- p] the KM,
"Taylor"  Day  in the  Rilles.
I' Company, i-t Kmu's Royal Hif.es,
in -11111 * noted in Plstermaritzburg a-
tli' "Taylor" Company,   having   no
(. wi r than seven Taylors In it.s ranks
probably a record fur any company
p. tho Army.   On the outbreak ol Ihe
I.nr  War Ihey  w"re ordrrec!  to  Hun-
lire,   Natal,  and  their    llrst,   conflict
mili   ,ie   Ihi'cliuii'ii in nd  nt (Hen.
COS     The casualty list that ntitlil nail
as IoI'owr ��� ���
"I.n iit'.tuiiii, Taylor, lulled; Colour I
Servient,   Taylor,   -evcrely     wounded;
Hertfcnnl Taylor,   killed;   Bandsman
Tnjlor,  severely jvounded;    Pioneer!
,1"     " '- '       Private
To and from EUROPE
Excellent facilities for the prompt delivery of
tickets to bring your relatives and friends to British
Our European Agents save you all trouble and
expense in securing accommodation, etc., etc.
II. O. SMITH. C   P. A. T. A. VV. K. DIll'KltOW, Cl. A   H   I).
Phone Seymour B134.        VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 GranvSlle 8tre��t.
Taylor    cpvi r
Tailor, killed "'
Truly n sorry
lay   fnr  tin
Not 11 Much Acrount.
The lord chief justice ol  Kngland
USod  to  ,-in({  in  a choir of u  parish
church a woman once asked the
verger to point out Kir III oh ard Web"
t'.' r ns he then was. The verger rs-
plied, "Well ma'am, that's the vicar1
mul them's lha curate.- ami I'm lhe
Vnwer, but as (or the choir, a.s loiitf
ni tiltey does their donty we don't in-
i|inrc Into Ur-ir liauleccdeiila!"
If you are thlultlnK of furnlahlni! your house IIiIh nprinn, we
wlll consider it. a pleasure to show you our linen of Furniture, Linoleums, Floor <>I1h and Rugs, and you wlll be convinced Unit our
prices  cannot,  he  beaten   lu   town.
We have Juat received another -shipment of hardware for Ihe
nprliiK trade Inoludlng Washing Machines, Wringers, Folding Tub
nnd Wringer Btandn, While and Grey Knamelwiirc, KIiiIiih, VnrnlBhea,
Illusion, etc,
We are also headquarters for the celebrated SUNSET -6EWING
C. N. Edmonson & Co., Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street ]***���:
FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1913.
��� 1   I
TkfcJ iNEW Wb&jUttllNSTfiK NEWS.
pag* nvc
AT LOCAL AffiNAIi...77..,..**...i
\* *
��� tlly "Oravy.") ���
One of lhe biggest HnrprlKe pari lea
in  the  history  of  boxliiK  waa  pulled
off in New Orleans 20 years a��o come
tomorrow,  .March  8,  181111,  when   Hob
FitZBlmmons met Jim Hall In Ibe t'res-
cini City.   Both men wen- Australians
and iu ilu ir flrat battle In the Antl
podleH Hall hud knocked out Kit/, lu
the fourth round
The suspicion of faklnK haa always
nation among the sport Hans of tbe city I attached to that encounter," and Hob
yesterday and one of the InrKest himself kiter admitted that he bad
crowds of the season will no doubt be agreed t" quit, although Hall always
on deck this evening. : ini Isted that the victory wub on  the
Had it been in mldseason when a square. Hall was Immensely popular
win or a defeat means little the inter-, at that time and was a heavy favorite
cKt might not have been so great but  among the New Orleans sports.
Senators Must Win Tonight With Locals  to  Cinch  Championship���
Royals Confident.
Tonight's ClSBb at lhe arena when
Westminster and Victoria mix mailers
in the race for the Pacific coast cnam-
ptonsbip was the one topic of con ver-1
Lester Patrick tonight ls faced with
proposition of defeating lhe Hoyals or
else standing a great chance of allowing Vancouver to creep up on level
terms und thus have a play-off to decide the ownership of the Paterson
Although out ef the running themselves, the Westminsters are the one
best bet in Icnight's contest for with
the three out of four victories to
their    credit     during   the   past  three
Fits was recognised as a good fight
er, but there was a great deal of prejudice against him, and this helped to
make Jim tlie favorite. Charley Mitchell the great Hngiish heavyweight,
and Jack McAuliffe were great admirers fo Hall and helped him in his
'raining, and were his seconds at the
The New Orleans promoters offered
(40000 for lhe fight which established
a   record.     When   Hall   climbed   Into
weeks, they appear to have hit a win-| the ring he was given a tremendous
ning stride which no I
cull   can   fathom
Having been keyed up to the highest notch throughout the season, the
strain is beginning to tell on the Vic
uu on the sir-1 ovation while Fit/, got only a scatter-
I ng volley of cbeers which came mainly from the California sports who had
gathered In the Crescent City to bet
their    total    available assets  on  the
torias and Ibis was demonstrated last j freckled fellow.
Tuesday  when the Terminals defeat-j    The Golden State admirers of Bits
ed   them   for   the   first   time  on   their   came In for a lot of jeering and it was
own ice
Reports which emanate from Victoria, however, state that the worst
has now passed and they will be tliom-
aelves once more when they clash with
the Hoyal:
freely predicted that tbey would have
to walk home, but whal wotted they?
Nary a wot. But more ot that anon,
as  the  highbrows  say.
Doth   Hall and   Fits weighed  in  at
about    165    pounds  ringside.    Both
That they will have to be at their! looked to be in good condition. From
best is undoubted for every player on Ithe first it was evident that Hall had
the local team is champing to lake steam behind his blows. Both men
one crack at the Senators for y.e lick- \ set a furious pace and before the seeing handed them the last time they I Ond
were in Victoria That. 8 to 1 shot
was nearly as bad as the trimming
banded Frank I'alrick last Friday and
round   was  over   Hall   began   to
British   Museum's   List   Is  The   Biggest In the World.
'   The Into Dr. O. K. Fortescue who
died recently after his retirement iroin
42 years' service as keeper of Printed
l!o.,ks in the liritish Miiseiim, spent
most of that time in compiling the
great catalogue ol the library, the
must wonderful book in the w^irld.
"It contains about four million en-
trie., and grows at the rab' of 30,000
additional entries each year, said Dr.
Fiirteseii" just before his death. At
present the interleaved copies consist
of OHO volumes, and from lifteen to
twenty volumes ar" added every year,
so we shall soon pnss the limit of 1,-
000 volumes. In I860 we began to
print t.lie great ootalogUS, and by 1004
ih" work, Inoludlng a supplement ol
recently acquired book*-, was oociplat.
ed to the end of tha year ITO. It was
issued from time to time In 4'JO parts.
A   majority  of  Hie    oatalogUSS    were
given to libraries nnd Institutions, ami
the remainder we sold, Ihs price of the
whole   being   $470,  spread  over  miiiic
twenty years,
"As ths great catalogue is only an
Index to authors, it has been my en-
doavor to start u modest Subject In
ilex, which now consists ol five volumes, and cintaiiis the subjects of
all books printed between 1HH0 and
the preaent time. 1 took the ������foork In
hand Immediately after my appointment as Superintendent of the Read-
ine [loom In succeaslon t-o my old tnd
revpn^iil friend, Dr. Richard Qarnett,
1 was asked one day 'What is tha
best guide to the Canary Islands?'
'Brown's,' I replied, 'Thanks/ rs-
torted my Interlocutor���who must
have been an American, I fancy���'but
which of them? There arc thr""
whole volumes of Brown's here!' This
struck me ns so absurd that I immediately start"'! tn eomnil' my Subject Index, and I can only ivme that
it has nroved as useful Ui others as
it has lo myself.
"Another catalogue I undertook was
tlint of what is known ns the Thomas' :i   Tracts,   comprising  over   20,uoo
books,   pamphlets,   and   newspapers
published  during  the Civil  War and
tin- Commonwealth <>f which Carlyl
once said   in  characteristic  lanpuag.
'For value 1 believe the whole worl
could   not   para'!":   them.    1   considi
them  to  b" the  most valuable pet  .
documents   connected   with   Bnglis
history, greatly  preferable to all tii
sheepskins in the Tower for informim
the English what the English witp j'
f"rmer times.    If a man wanted to d'
a beneficent net to England he ough'
to print the catalogue "f these Civil
Wnr pamphlets, Without a cnlahi
pile |ji* ,s" collections might as well be
l'i.1 .into water-tight chests and sunk
off the Dogger Hank as put into the
liritish Museum.'
"Also. I hnve l>o"n responsible for
a   smaller,   but   I   hope   useful,   cata
SI.' John Simon Tolls of the First of
His   Political  Adventures.
Sir John Simon, the youthful liritish
I Solicitor-General, is blessed with tlio
gift of the gab in an especial degree.
, He   has   established   something   of   a
r.ei.rd  by   speaking   fnr   nine   nnd   a
j half days on the telephone question.
Aocording t" a shorthand writer's com-
potation the speech contained 410,000
, words, and filled 031 pages, y.t Sir
John only used the briefest of notes.
To wiin) up an able lawyer and let
him talk for Ibis length of time is a
frightfully expensive business, but Kir
John Simon long ago proved that he
is worthy nf his hire. Hi: i* not yd
forty years of age, and lias attained
!hi.-  hi-'li [Kj.sition solely  by his own
\ abilities.
His father   was   a Congregational
minister,  who   managed   to   semi   hia
.-.n to Kettes College, Edinburgh, and
1 later to Oxford University,   Sir John's
��� ri.-e at the Har wa., remarkably rapid,
land in 1006 he entered Parliament as
Liberal member foi the Waithaiiwtow
Division of Essex.
He has combined politics with his
l)e.gnl engagements in a manner winch
proves that his somewhat frail form
is no index to liis vitality and [lowers
of endurance. Throughout the great
telephone ca_se his evenings have been
occupied In making speeches in the
Country and in the House of Commons, and vol be iuu never exhibited
signs rn" exhaustion,
When speaking at a political meeting recently held at Manchester Sir
John s.m.iii dropped Into a reminiscent vein, and' recalled an amusing
incident of his youthful days. "My
first political recollection is of something that occurred, I think it was in
1878, whin I urns a very small boy,
going tn a dame's school in Moss Side.
I remember well going out oi the gate
of tlie little house where my father
lived then, and as I went out carrying my Milele*: f. sohool, one of his
trie mis enrne running down the street
waving a newspaper ami shouting
something t., my father. 1 Hunk it
was about one of tin- first sjieoches
Mr. Gladstone made in the early days
nf Ins Midlothian campaign, and 1
beard my mother calling me back because I was wearing a blue tic. I
can see her little figure running up
the stairs and running down again
with a red ribbon, Vfihich she tied
MumI my neck, and bo 1 went to
���Ww��iM' '�����*��������    .���-���'���?!3tt."
Program   for  Today
The Mellors
Artistic Comic Singers.
Florence Raymond
England's Refined Lady
. Some Singer���You  .
Know Him.
Hanley and Murray
"The Baron and the
Two Reel Feature from
the Novel by Mrs.
One Reel Comedy.
Matinee, 10c. and 20c.
�� Night, 10c. and 25c.
just to show the local fans that the
term "buskers" iloes not apply to the
Westminsters, the latter will take the
Ice ready to start the firework:! right
from  the  first   face-off.
tine change may he made in t'i e local line-up, Ken Mallen, who has been
warming the bench for the past three
eks, being a  probable starter.  Ken
tire. Jim stalled through the third I logUe of the Crock.-r Tracts, a col-
round and in the fourth was stretch- lection of new-snap rs snd pamphlet!
ed out for the count. j made  by   Mr.  .1.   \\ .  Crocker  during
The Callfornlans who had backed the Fre"!* Revolution. There are
Hob had to hire wheelbarrows to cart s"m'' 40(lon P'SCea. which 1 believe to
off their winnings. I hp ',M! Mrgest mi the subject in the
  I world.   The    British    Museum    thus
possessed  ihe  two great'st  treasures
Eight years ago today Tommy Burns
and Jack (Twin) Sulivan fought 2D
rounds in Spokane, Wash., and the
Canadian was lucky to get a draw.
Later  in  the same year Tommy  waB
has  been  showing     wonderful    speed   whipped   by   Sullivan,     who
and slick handling In the workouts at
the rink ami it is altogether likely
thai Gardner will give him a chance
to break into lhe game either at the
outset or after the first period.
Si  (iriffis or Jack  McDonald  will
net   as   referee,   while   Carl   Kendall; met Johnson
will officiate ns judge of play.
Tonight's contest will start at 8:30
midddleweight and had trouble holding his own lu two battles with Hugo
Yet within a year Burns waB the
heavyweight champion and defended
the title against all comerB until he
* *
��� ANNALS. ���
��� ���
Blackburn Rovers' Star Pitted Against
Cilly Merldith of Manchester City���
���What They Say.
One topic of keen talk In athletic
circles is whether Meredith, of Man-
���Cheater United, or Simpson, Blackburn RoVers, is the best outside right,
and Petd M'WIlllam, the Scottish Internationalist, late of Newcastle
United, and now manager of Tottenham Hotspur, baa entered into the dls-
OUBSlon.    He says:
Before I saw Simpson I thought that
Meredith was easily thp lirst al centering a ball e:i lhe run, and (hat nobody e uld i vet- ennii near him in
ibis respect, Manchester United, I
inn i-ure. have gol most of their goalH
from his deadlj centres. He very
seldom mnkes tlie mistake of shooting
from an impossible angle, as we often
see wiih nut..uie wing men, preferring
in give hb Inside men the chance of
sei ring, only shooting himself when
ho cute Inside with lhe ball and gets
into a scoring posit!1 n.
Whire I think Simpson excels the
greal Welshman is hit: Introduction of
: 1909
Brooklyn Jimmy Carroll defeated Jimmy Murphy. Irish middleweight, in nine rounds at
New   ^ ork.
Jack (Twin) Sullivan and
Tommy Burns fought I'u round
draw al Spokane, Wash,
lugger Stanley defeated Driver
llimpfen in six rounds at ism
Jack (Twin) Sullivan and Jim
Stewart fought ton round draw
at Brooklyn.
.'ac',,   Uillon   outpointed   Waller!
Coffey  In  ten  rounds    at    Oak
land.  Cal.
of the tw. greatest periods of British
and French history.
Needless ti sny. in the conr-e of
h;s long association with the national Horary, Dr. Fortescue knew upon
i tlmate  terms  many  famous    men,
drawn from many spheres of life, and
h* could,  no doubt, tell  many  in'er-
esting stories concerning them. But
upon this topic he is inexorably si-
l-.nt. All thnt he would say was thst
"there is hardly any book ot the
slightest importance which hns appeared in 'his country during the last
! hall century    which    does    net    owe
; ymcthing to th? Reading Reorn, nor
I w . Id it lie easy P. (ind n single su.
thor nt n<-!". whether he be English.
: French. German, Russian or Italian
I who Is not  Indebted  in one  way or
I another to the library of the British
j Mu > inn "
"The dai'v nv-rano attendance    at
Ith" Reading Room, he a/ld-d, "now
exceed 7<X). ami it is still apparent^
| growing. But unlike the libraries and
reading-rooms of similar, thougl
smaller institutions, which nr" d<'i"i-
sirli excellent educational  work, tin
| I'ritish Museum Reading Room msy
Ic said to l>c almost entirely a plac
of business. People de not come hen
to improve their minds mi for r-
creative reading. That they can ���!���
better in  bmaller libraries.   Ours is
i in  point of  (act,  ih" great Uterarj
London Derelicts.
London has undertaken to char lhe
metropolitan area of th.- waifs and derelicts, tramps, wanden rs. broken and
unemployed men and beggars who
have mad" some of the streets pictures ol destitution nt night. The embankment is th" first section to be
cleaned up. There is tn be no more
sleeping mi the In-nches there. When
a Constable finds a trai-.p or honvless
man, the man will 1, i shunted into
an oflice to be opened by the Metropolitan Asylum Board. He will be
given a ticket tn a lodging house or
shelter, and he wi'.l spend the next
day "m -une lu-nlthy occupation to
pay for his board and lodgings/'
Gradually the scope of the ordT
will be widened until aJ'. the metropolitan district is inc'uil'd. What London is nlmut to undertake, it seems, is
t.h-e car' ol the unemployed alter a
'n.-hion. All a man has to do is to
go to sleep on a ben h on the embankment and he -gk-'.s employment
lor one day at least.
Program for Fridav
Pathe two Reel Feature
The last performance of
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and  Sale of  Real  Estate.
I.iBtlngs of city property and municipalities of Surrey and Langley
acreage. We also wish to have the exclusive handling of a subdivision of five and ten acre blocks.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafta and letters uf credit
sold payable ln all parts of tbe world. Savlnga bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122.
0. E. OILLEY, Phons 2S1.
Phones, Offlca 10 and 1S.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
... mucb variation mm bis play.   Th.
player who bas tba ability to change | logends such
br: tactics whan trying to beal the opposition is Hi ie wbo win  be mosl
successful, I have never seen an out-
Hide man Indulge 111 this to Ibe Hume
oxtoni us Simpson, Ha always keeps
the opposing half nnd back guessing,
They never know exactly what lie In-
tends to da   First, he may try to pass
them on the outside, the n&U time on .
the Inside,  and   probably   the  third |hend, ths event, in other words, is n
time be will ullp Into Ibu centre as
noon im the ball COmSB to Tlltn. lf not
be may give li baolt to bis half und
awall ths return pans.   Whatever be
does, be BoldOtU dem it  twice In BUO-
Lumbermen's Association Wiil Gather
in the City Today���Will Initiate
the Kittens.
"Iion'l  Lei a Kitten Gel  Pus!  You.'
if   you   observe   ibe   town tains
painted    a    bright      Vermillion    wllb
is the above  today  do
! nol. be surprlsnd for the Concatenated
Cots of the Coast Dlstriet of Ibe Con-
catenated Order or lion Hoo's nre in
grand concatenation ut the Knights of
| Pythias ball.
In  order  lbat  the  uninitiated  Into
i Oils mystic organisation may compre-
City Team  Will   Battle  With  Sapper
ton  Saturday Afternoon.
Tho championship of tha olty hoc
' ague will  l'e al  slake on  Snlui'
social gathering of ihe lumbermen of
the const dlstrlol and pSrsons connected with Industries affiliated with
i.he lumber trade for the purpose ol
takliiK n  few  stray  klllins    or    new
members within the rold.
The concatenation win be convened
by Mr. .1. (I. Robson, vlosgoreni snark
���md otherwise manager of the Tlmberland Lumber Company, In the K.
if IV bull nl  7:30 o'clock sharp. Kilty
or more kittens will come forward
ili'T   llie   opening    nnd     be    placed
A Record Season.
Tt wns oflioinlly announced nt Ynr
mouth the oilier dny thst this au
tiimn'i herring fishery has beaten al
records, The season normal y last?
till Christmas, but already landing-
have reached a figure which surra*
Res those ol any previous oomplet
season, l.nsl var had held the r"
curd wiih a total pf M3.335 emus, uu"
up lo tbe present fin lower than 580.00
era is have been delivered Bt Yai
mouth, nnd there Is siill anoihei
mon b to continue flshin���'. A oral
inmprisea ipproximalely I .ono her
rings, nml Yarmouth eaally holds lie
world's herring record.
Fewer Potatoes There.
Despite nn Increase ol :i.'i.v.ii sere*
��� nrou under potsto culUVatloi
'land and Wales, compsred with
this   year's   crop   shows   a   de-
, according t" the official re
of 606,48-1 tons. Turnips nml
swedos were grown on 5l,U'j(i [ewe:
acres than last year, but the yield
iiierensi'd by 2,742,390 tons. In the case
of mangolds Iherv have ben
increases in the acreage ol SbfiW
lures and in thc crop ol 1,868,921
in ll
m  I'll
Fined Gipsies' Unwilling Host.
Tbe ownership of '.arid is n''t exactly
an unalloyed joy, It bus LU troubles.
but the limit se mi to have been
reached ln a story recounted nt the
Coventry Police Coftrt, A band of
������-:���>. bringing fourteen vans, b��k
possession "f a field, Tliey were request d to move, but. In the gentle
way gilaiea bav. r .fused absolutely.
Th'' owm r ' the land, Mr. John
Elliott, <! Hawkeabury, was served
with a summons by the local authorl'y
fnr failing to j n vide a proper water
supply anid sanitary arrangements fo"
the unwelcome tenants, and he had t"
pay the cos's of these proceedings,
$7.7.'i. The gipsies have now movisj
Antidote to Lead Poisoning.
Bpeakini) recently at a nie'ting in
aupport of the National Anti-Sweating
League, Sir Victor Horsloy said that
1 ad-poisoing was contraoted by inhaling the dust, The real fundamental
question, however, was the wage question. People oould live for me::'' B In
an atmosph' re "f lead dust and nol
suffer ii two things wer,* observed���
they must hav lough food and must
abstain from alcohol.    If Woman were
badly naid they could rw I   ��� '��� th<  ne-
.. ssory I -'' which waa i; ���* be��t means
,( warding ofl poisoning.
Qrt lo'o H'.'d.
Mr AUr -I " '>������ Nl ' E.E., In a
|,,..,;.. a| ih Cam tii Club, In London
,aid tha saKl thing for <my ue lo do
��� ��� ti.-, , i, ril nn. when In an un-
,r. , C| i i .'.i.i, ��� was i" He !n bed,
,r yjd .. i , bedatea I was ol metal
with a tail ���' high head and foi i rails
1 gjhtnin i Ilasl curr id on an average "ii ninety - v n days in Uie year
In this e'ountrv. and during Uie laat
fifteen y ara B 000 buildings had l�� sn
struck and 823 narsow killed.
"A   NIGHT   OUT."
May   Hobson   will  appear  thiB eve-
nin-s at the Opera House in "A Night I
Out,"  a  comedy  that   fairly   bubbles!
wllh the joy of youth,   that   radiates
happiness  and   conies  over the   foot-
lislils with  a  message of good  cheer
and hearty laughter.
As Qranmum, May Robson is delightfully comical, furnishing the audience wltb laugh after laugh, all of
tbem spontaneous, all of them wholesome. Qranmum, who goes out with
her grandsons seeking adventure, is
ni a raid on a giddy restaurant and
l.er efforts to cover it up furnish Miss
Hobson with plenty of opportunity for
the exercise of the funny facial con-
tori ions and the hundred and more
subtle comedy touches in which she
:s so expert.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
day afternoon al Sahpsrton parK when through a certain formulation process
the Olty and Sapperton will battle for from which they will finally emerge
' ' .       ..     .   i ...   r,. ii   c i ..il ii.,. i   mi i n   in li ti    tin.   ri -1> M1 'i _
liii_.li honors,   ThlH Is Uie first league
game   since   the   snow     covered     the
ground  during January but  nil  the
players are In  lhe pink  of eonillllon ;
ready to go the full 90 minutes at
full fledged enis with the regula.
| lion  or  dotlonal   nine  lives.
l'i lb wing Ihls Interesting ceremony
in adjournment will be mnde to ths
' itusseii hotel where the tlmn will bs
, j | ,.���,,! whilst) awny lu n manner that is not
A victory for either team will Just mentioned on the published program,
about band thorn the ohamplonshlp. ���s evening's wUl be tha first oon-
although ihe city have ten minutes catenation ever held In the Royal Olty
to may wiih the Bankers In a disputed snd Mr. Robson Is aparlng no effort
game I ���" ntiu II iho best.
A Brotherly Act.
Admiral Lord Charles Reresford
commanded a naval brigade in tlie
Siulnn when the British forces were
there. One day wh.n llie Arabs wers
making u terrific onrush the admiral's
11(9 was saved by a niuln wlilc-h fell
dead upon him. Wluii Ihe square had
been reformed ami the Arnbs were repulsed l.ord Charles was rc-seuod. He
looked ut the mule fer a moment and
then refnarked gratefully, "Now, thnt
si  did   what 1 should call
Toronto, March 8, Out In Todmor-
den a boy ha' been bom who represents the flflh generation of an old
Lincolnshire family throe gnnoratlons
of which are ak prosmii living und,er
one roof In (Iambic avenue.
The International commodlenno who
will be Been In "A Night Out" at the
Opera  House tonight.
S'.v  excellent  features is what    the
Pew   program    consisted    of    al    the
loyal  theafe last  night.    The house
���.v.'is well filled  and every one enjoyed the show.
The  first  acl   on  the  program  war
Hanley    and     Murray,    a   lady    and
gentleman who offer a comedy   slag-1
ng  and  talk'ng   turn  entitled  "The
Qaron  and   the     Heiress."    This    act j
itarted  Ihings  along  nicely and when
Pete .Murphy, th" Irish tenor, mad* |
ns entrance   things  began   to  hum,
Mr. Murphy is a greal favorite if tbe
���in lause he reci Ivi ii last nighl after
his llrsi song is a criterion,
Si methlng new and original was
il frning of Miss Florence Raymond, wbo is billed as a favorite i.ou-
���ii ii ventrlloqulsl Miss Raymond "
English to ths backbone and the
comedy soene introduced by her is a
���cream trom start to finish.
An acl oul of ihe i rdlnary is tha*
of the Mellors, a lady and gc-itlotnni'
who are high class comedy duelists.
Both have  excellent   voices  and  thou
burlesque on ths musical show made
i tremendous hit.
Some of tho bsst photo-plays seen
n manv a day are on this same pro
���ram at ihs Hoyal. "Tha Dove ln the
Kagle's Nest" Is a two reel story from
tha historical novel by Mrs. Yonge.
There are also two Keystone comedies that caused an uproar of mirth.
Joe Weber's Theatre In  New  York,
remained  the home of "Alma,  Where
Ho You Live?" for all of laat season,
and  proved  tO be one of Ihe few  big!
money-getters or a nol over prosperous year. "Alma" with its many]
sparkling musical numbers, brought
buck to the little playhouse at llroail
way and Twenty-ninth street, ull Ils
old clientele, und proved Manager
Weber's wisdom In having the French
farce relranshUed from the Herman
into English.
The company to bo aeon here Is
headed by Miss Grace Drew and the
Messrs, Carlton King and Chas, F.
Orr, and the production is to be all
that could bo asked for and first-class
In every particular. This production
will bo seen nt the Opera House next
Tuesday evening.
Free, and Genl. Mgr. Vice-President. See. ayx\ Trees.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Came Starts 8 :'���){) p.m.        Admission $1.00 and 50c.
HARRY TIDY,  Manager.
Tuesday Evening Next
Joe Weber Presents the World's
Best Musical Comedy
Where Do You
By  Paul lierve;  Music by Jean
Briquet:  American  Version by
Geo. V. llobait.
Prices; Lower - floor $1.50;
llalcony $1.50 to 50c,
Seals on Bale Saturday. Mall
orderB now.
L.  8.  Sire  Presents  the  International Comedienne
In Her Latest Comedy
A Night Out"
Prices:    Lower  Floor, $1.50;
Balcony, $1.50 to 50c.
Sents on sale now n* Ti.l" ���>'
Florist's,  739  Columbia  atreet.
Phone L184. PAGE   SIX
FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1913.
Classlfledr-One cent per word per
flay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
inouth; 5.000 words, to be UBed as re-
mured Wittln one year Irom date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice 5uc or with Funeral Notice $1.60. Card ot Thanks 50c per
restaurant. Apply at once P. O,
llox  193,  City. (.WIT >
ings; will call for orders. Mrs.
Warburton, Alta Vista, B.C,     (SlH)
inet makers. Westminster *Wood-
working Co.. Lulu island. (811)
wanted; day or contract. Hefer-
ences.    Box S05 News. (8051
WANTED-HOUSEWORK BY Experienced girl. Address Box 796,
News office.
part board lf possible. Box 801,
.News office.
housework and to sleep at home,
309 Seventh avenue, city. (7681
dressmaker work by tho day. Box
792 NewB office. (792)
for rem; bed and table linen, Bilver.
etc.    Apply "17 Fifth avenue. (809)
No Escape fer Shirkers From National   Defence   System���Detention
and   Medical   Examination.
room, modern conveniences, suitable   for   Iwo   gentlemen   or     Iwo
bides.   22ii Seventh Btreet.     ihi2i
furnished housekeeping rooms.   87
Agnes street.    Phone L688.      (803)
furnished rooms. Apply 405 Agnes
si reel. (7811
ed  rooms;   furnace healed;   use ot
telephone;  on car line; terms moderate.    Apply   433   Twelfth   street,
keeping rooms, hot and cold water,
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes street. (763)
small rooms over tho News office.
Suitable for club or light manufacturing purposes. Will leaBe for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News,
Melbourne, March 6.���The minister
of   defence   is   determined   ihai.   now
shirkers shall not be permitted to as
cape their obligations, lt wus annonn
ced a few weeks ago that arrangements were being made for the utilization of military barracks as places
of detention for ihoso cadets who
wero committed to custody tor neglecting to fulfil the unites Imposed
upon Ihem by the universal training
regulations. The scheme has now
been completed and the details are
announced  by  Senator  I'earce.
The. minister suited that action was
to be taken under subsection 7 of
section 135 of tbe defence act against
those senior cadets wbo, during the
year 1911-12, neglected to comply
with tlie provisions of section 127 (b)
of the act, and who were commit,ed
by a court of summary ���Jurisdlotioi
to the custody of a prescribed Officer
for a time corresponding in jurist*.c
tion to tbe time which would lie ink
en up in rendering the personal service required, and who willfully neglected to obey an order of the court
In   lieu   of  being  arrested   without.
Hon. Rupert Guinness Ha; Opened a
Sc.icol oi Colonial Farming.
Th,' Ron, ttupi rt Gullit * ��� , M.P .
who In- jusl tesuined bis I'niliatiiei-
t..ry duties in Kngland n- representative '.* r Soul lend, after launch nij
uut as n Canadian farmer, i- cUhus
in ::,��� :.1�� ut the opportunities thai
await ih ��� public Bchool unto ��li".
after a course 11 up t i date training,
i migrates Irom tli ��� ".,1 coin.try Into
agriculture  overseas.
For eight en montha Mr. Guinness,
pioneer  among   the   youngei   Parliamentarians  ub" ���-:"  about social  reforms  in  n  practical  way,  haa  conducted a training (arm on the estate
of In- father in-law, tli" Karl of Onslow,  mar Wnkiug.    Sixty  men  Irom
the public schools have been trained
I on his Woking  Park  farm, learning
| modem Canadian m Lthods, and when
I he   and   Lndy   Guinness,    went   to
1 Canada to spend the autumn l'nilia-
rnentary vacation, it was with the ob-
j joct  oi  visiting  M'liie  "1  bis  iormer
pupils, now a good way on '.be road
I to lortune,    Tliey  surprised many ol
the  men  nt  work  on  the  land,  and
I heard  with   pleasure   tbe   stories   of
their  success.     Among them   were  a
doctor, a clergyman und a major, who
are now living far happier aJid healthier lives than they did when following  their   respective  professions   iu
the old country.
Mr. Guinness was ao struck with the
| years old, tho reptile having existed
when the Canadian Northwest had a
subtropical cliinute. This particular;
species of the reptile bus hitherto
been unkonwn, ami II has been scion
titioally named the "SaurolophUB Ob- ,
Ingenious  Lady  Caught  Blind-Pigging
In   Northern   Ontario���Smart
Cobalt, March 6,���Numerous, peculiar anil ingenious have been the methods of secretly gelling liquor through
; to the mining camps of Northern Ontario, but the most recent, Just, discovered at South Porcupine, takes the
plain for novelty.
The authorities acting on Information they had received slopped and
searched a woman after she had
alighted from the train. She was found
to be wearing an artificial bust manufactured out of tin or galvanized iron
and Containing no less than two gallons of the raw spirit.
she also wore a belt containing   a |
further two gallons of liiiuor.    The police confiscated the liquor, but allow- j
ed her to go,
A   man   who had  boasted   for   two
years Ihat the authorities would never I
catch him acting illegally was caught '
red-handed  at  Cochrane  with  twenty
bottles ot  whisky, after stepping off j
A tJ0TA3L1 C0I '.
This Ficce of Gild Has An Interesting
All ert A'uiioii, the we.,-kilo', ii collector of Louisburg relics nnd other
articles ol antiquarian intere-st, showed The Montreal Gasette u French
gold coin of 1780, worth probably be-
tween $10 and $15 lor the gold iu tt,
aside I'r,,in its historical intete-t,
which formed part of tb * ir asnrj in
a ship which was lost shortly aftar
that onto nt Point Micheau, Richmond
County. The com is practically a.-
'-.'ood as new and on one side hears an
Old folks who need -something
cf the kind, find
most efftchve without sny discomfort.
Increased doses not needed. 2_>c. a box
at your druggist's.
Hll rniil Dim ind Clumltil Co, ol Cii-id.i, I ruled
1). tl
the train and going round some freight
potentialities ol scientific [arming in'cars.
Canada that he bought three or four I    ne |0Bt i\u, liquor.
farms tor himself in the North .Shore  , '. .
of the French King, Louis
a small lion rampart bei >w.
the inscription, Lud. XV.
. It. et Nav. Hex." On Uu- ie
there are tho fleur de hs aud
shield, arms of Prance a.-d Navarre,
surmounted by a crown, and -ur
rounded   by  tne   inscription,  "Chr*.
Uegn.   Vine,   llnper,"   with   Cue   date
173U.   The  .nitial "X" below the  her
aldlc ilevice'wuuld indicate that 11
Coin was minted at Toulon.
The history of this coin is an inter
���sting   one.    About  the  year   of   tin
postmaster General, sill bs '���
uti.iwii until Noon, on Friday,
April, tyu. for ii"- oonvoyiinc-.
Majesty's Mulla. on a proposed
for four years, six times |,,-i \\
way. between New Wesimlnst
od to the
���elvod   in
tlie    41!)
or His
c intrnct
, iik each
ii 1 Rural
Route  Nu.   1.   from  tin-  Postmaster  Gen-
eral'a pleasure,
Printed notices containing further information us to conditions ot proposed
contraol may be seen and blSnk forma er
tender mav be obtained ui tho Post Offlc *
of New Westminster and Boutb Westmin-
���* ster and at tlie otflce of tho Post Orfice
j Inspector.
just, off Broadway; trade for team
Address llox 53, Haney. (798)
barrela.    New Westminster Gas Co.
Apply  Mrs. Yates,  4 Third avenue
and Earl's road, South Vancouver.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency. 336 Hastings Btreet, west,
Vancouver, H. C. (Ttiti)
work on farm; $50 per month; free
house. Must be good teamster.
Apply J. T. Brown, Colebrook, B.C..
or phone Ladner It 491. (7501
A number of unemployed resident
Iiborers have registered their names
with  the  Building  Inspector.
Anyone requiring laborers for work
of any description can have their
wants supplied al short notice by applying to the Building Inspector's Office, City Hall.    Telephone S52.  (799)
Engineering  Department.
Tenders for  Sidewalk  Lumber.
Tenders are invited and will be received by the undersigned up to 13
noon on Saturday. March Slh. 1913.
Copy of specifications and form of
lender may be bud on application to
tbe Engineer's Office.
Tendera will not be considered unless made out on th* forms supplied
nnd must be accompanied by a marked chaque for Two Hundred and Fifty
Dollars ($250.00),
Municipal  Hall.  Edmonds, B.C.,
February 27th, 1918, (747)
Four    roomed     unfurnished    suite
with bath, hot and cold water; heated.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
The Corporation Invites tenders for
the construction of a dredge hull 40
feet  by Inn feet by 7Vj feet.
Further information and specifications may be obtained from A. O,
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 511-
514 Westminster   Trust   Block, New
Westminster,   It.   C.
Tenders   will   be   delivered   to   tbe
undersigned, on   or   before 5 p. m.
March  It).  1913.    The lowest, or any
tender, not necessarily accepted.
City  Clerk.
City Hall, March 1st. 1913. (7,",7|
, warrant, fresh summons would be tak
! en out by the area officer, each of
j fender being charged that he, "being
a person   lawfully   committed  to   the
custody   of  the   prescribed  authority
i and  being released  from  custody  did
' fail   to   return   to   such   custody   contrary   to   section   135   cf   the defence
act of the Commonwealth of Australia."
At  the bearing of cases the court
is to be requested to commit offend
ers to the custody of an officer of the I
RAG.A. to be detained at the Victor-
la barracka for a period of ten days
In  addition  to the  time to be  made
up  for neglecting to render the personal service reiiuired.    Senior cadets
\ who are proceeded against under the
, instructions will be warned to appear
'at Ihe court dressed in  uniform.
A guard consisting of an officer or
j non-commissioned officer and a stiffi
cient number of other ranks of the
permanent forces of those committed
to custody. The guards will parade
without arms. Cadets who are committed to custody will be marched
from the court to the barracks, where
they will be detained until the explr
ation of the period for which they
are committed.
On arrival at Ihe barracks each cadet will he medically examined, and
if he is pronounced "fit" lie will undergo a course of drill and training
for a period of not less than six hour*
daily, with lhe exception of Sundays
Anv cadets who are reported to be
unfit, or temporarily unfit, will lu
temporarily released until tbey are
considered fit.
Tenders   will   be   rcc
undersigned,    marked
lived by
basement;   nicely  finished
plastered;   on 60x160 foot
lot,  ready   for    gardening;
electric  light;   macadamiz
with  sidewalk.    Price  122
Supplies," up to 12 o'clock noon. Wed-
Inesday, March 19th, 1913, for supplying ibis Hospital from April 1st, 1913.
to  March 31st,  1914, with  the following:
Bread   (white  and   brown).
Milk    (per gallon)    and cream (per
bottles.    Samples  to I
*d  street
10,    cash
$750. balance to suit. Apply Owner,
George Matyear, Twelfth avenue,
East Burnaby. (S07)
liquor set, gas heater, and odd china
at Benzles' Auction Mart. G3S Clark-
aon slreet. |7S5|
house; water and toilet. fill per
month P, .1 O'Connor. 317 Princess street, after five o'clock.  (771)
pint),  In  sealed
be submitted.
Wood,  slabs   (per cord I.
Coal  (lump and washed nut),    an
thraclte   (lump   and   nut,   In   carload
I lots), at per ton.
j    Funerals.
���     Detailed   lists   of   drugs,   groceries.
| meats and  fish may be obtained   at
Ithe  Hospital.    The    lowest    or    any
.tender not  necessarily accepted.
'Royal Columbian Hospital,
New Westminster, B.C.        tsusi
Thoman      Mason.     Connected      With    way.    according
Qucen'c   Own,   Passes   Away. farm
Calgary, March 5. ���Thomas Mason.
a veteran of the Fenian raid and for
the past 35 years connected with the
railway mail service and well known
in Calgary, where he had resided for
tli" past four years, died at the residence of J, B. llamblln, last Sunday
The deceased wns born in Toronto \
74 years ago, of a family that was particularly  well  known  among   the old I
timers of that city.    He was a brother
of   I,lent.-Col.   MaBon,  commander of
the  Fourth  Infantry and  manager of |
Ihe Toronto branch of the Home Bank, !','.''
lie was a member of No. 2 company
of the Queen's Own regiment of Tor
onto for many years. For his services
in the mllltla at the time of the Fenian raid he was decorated.
it of Nova Scotia, and lias now j
gone back to England to extend Ins
Woking training farm, s,i that he cnnl
recruit  his  workers  from  the  pupils 1
"My purchase," said Mr. Guinness!
the other day, "may only lie a begin- j
ning.     It   is  my   lirst   venture   ns   a I
farmer, and I must barn my business, j
lf 1 succeed, well, farming in Nova:
Scotia is a pleasant occupation, and j
there   are  one    or    two    pretty   little
farms which met my eye.    Nova Scotia,   you  iiee,   is   just  next  door   u, \
Liverpool, und 1  can  run over in no
time.     Nevertheless,   ii   any   owners
out tlrre wan.  to sell  their land,  lj
hope they won't wait for nie.
"It Is a fallacy to suppose that th!
science of the land must remain fur-
ever in the rut of the easy-going
Hodge," Mr. Guinness continued.
"Science must banish the old hedger-
and-ditcher type, who never grows
poorer ami never crows richer.
"Agriculture calls for active brain*
an4 scientific knowledge as well n��
strong hands. Have not Some ol our
most distinguished men been praeti*
ea! agriculturists? Young men oi
good social Btanding don overalls and
get covered with grease while learn
leg to become great engineers. Is it
more undignified to milk a cow or
harness a horse?"
Mr. Guinness has already begin
the work of extension, and in the
near future it is likely that treble tlie
number of students will be able tn
undergo the cur-��� of training there
simultaneously. II" invites men ol
pood family and schooling to present
themselves for training, and as each
batch departs with a sound know!
edge of Canadian agriculture, some
will go to Mr Guinness new N, rth
Sh ire inrnis. and i thera will lind their
ERiiulfj I i   r;L;jf,A'r,
i tarthi
to   tha
SnO.OCO   For   John  A.
Stories by the hundn ,1 are tol 1 ol
the kin Iness * f the late ".!. B.'   Car
lisle of Toronto, the former insurance
i magnate, who died recently, his pluck   lysis."
| nml endurance, and Vis humor, both   crick"!
in the .lays of his gitnl ami evil for
tune.     While he  was yet a   power il
the land, it was he who earn,-,I $30.
000 of campaign funds from Toronto t,
Ottawa   in  a   satchel.    With  this   hi
wakened  the great Sir John  in thi
and when (hat '.'real mm
had come downstairs  in Ins nightie
��� "J.   U '   opened   up   the   satchel   inn.
showed the funds with which the par
l ty  was to ��*:,' war with  the Gr.tr-
i who  Bought on   that occasion  to  un
seat the Government with the henv;
I siege guns of ;i temperance campaign
which    was   some   artillery,   even   ib
i those ancient times.   "J   11 "'used t*
delight to tell how Lady Mncdonalil
in Sapperton; newly papered; water
and toih t, |o| 60x150; cleared. Price
$!3ini. easj   terms    Box 771  News
Bites on very easy terms commanding the tlnosl view obtainable. Each
lot 60x120, in convenient location.
Price $1060 each. $160 cash, balance
over 2H years F. \ Rose, 203
Westminster Trusi Building, (7S9)
thoroughly modern; situated on the
high side of Eighth avenue; splendid view; size of lot 60x130, lo lane.
Price  $3800;   good terms     National
Finance Co.. 581 Oolumbla  street
telephone r,ir,. 17,',4,
Stove. Canada's Pride M
Ranges ?1 oo down, $1,00 pe
Canada  Rang,.  Co ,  Market
���   week
house   sty ROOMS; bungalow
style; 011 Second street; furnace;
fireplace; large basemen) and a
large lot; all cleared and in lawn
You ean bav,, this one for $8600;
on very easy terms. Nutionui p|n'
ance Co., 521 Columbia atreet Tel
BIB. ,7in.
Piano   Reduced   $10   Each
dav until Hold. Todav
All instruments at half
price. Bargains in sheet
See Window Display,
Frank .Major Music and
Piano House.
L .   .    01 Sixth St.        *L
The statutory meeting of 'be Hoard
of License Commissioners wlll bs hi Id
at the municipal Hall on Wednesday.
the 11.1 h day of March Inst., in 1(1
o'clock in  the forenoon.
clerk to the Commissioners.
Edmonds,   B.C.,   March   4th,   1818,
Engineering  Department.
Vehicular Traffic���Kingsway.
bS      cloned
Owing  to    pnving
above   highway   will
through   traffic   until   further
Intercity   vehicles  will     pleas
Douglas Road or River Head.
Municipal  Engineer
Engineer's office, Municipal Hall,
Edmonds. B.C., March 41h, 1918.
BB 1 1 -���- _���  tli-f
Do you want a lovely Pacific Inland
Home in the (lulf of Georgia, with
in a few minutes reach of a big
Olty?   lf you do, investigate these:
We can offer you 15 acres, all cleared
and Improved, with a 20-room all
furnished house, full to overflowing
during the long summer months;
large full-bearing orchard: clam and
oyster hods handy; abundance ol
crabs, smelts and salmon caught  In
season,   this is a HUGE snap
AT $8000, one half cash, and terms
for balance. The owner Is a widow
lady who Is retiring from business,
Possession April 1st. No. 3.
Here Is another snap, also on a large
I     Island near a large city:
214 acrea, 25 acres cleared, 80   acres
alder bottom, balance   heavily timbered.    Qood   bouse   and   outbuildings, one-half   mile   of  waterfront-J
age, on north Bide of Island; timber]
on lhe placo will pay for It.   Owner I
has   gone  In   extensively   for   sheep
and mixed Farming.   $6000, terms to j
suit   purchaser.    Farm  divides   na-'
turully and owner would aell a por-!
tlon If desired. No. 2. ''
We can offer you a big snap In Lulu
island acreage in tho city iimlta.   Call
and see us.
to the head of the stair-.
th" Premier (or venturing
clad only in his garment.
to re
of 111,
The Test Clays.
The Geological Survey of the Dnm
iiii.in Inive secured accommodation it
i Hi.' laboratories ut the  ling bu.ld
j in.- at the University "I Toronto, i i
! ine   purpose   ol  currj ing   on  experi
mental work on clays and shale
���' I'll   Ke.-ii.*,  geologist  In  chtirgi
of the dny investigation of Canada
will do tins work. Hu brings with
| him about two tons ol samples ,������.,
lected during last summer in the 1'ro
mim" ol Quebec, New llrun.-wiek and
] Alberta.
Mr Keeie ha been working cxclu
sively on clay and Bhale deposit.
MuriUK tne la>t f,,ur years, his pun
lished reports -constitute practicail;
the only Information avuilahle oi,
these materials in thia country.
'I be faculty ul applied science have
long been aware "f tlm growing nn
portance ol the clay working industry
to Canada, and the noed lur wldei
technical knowledge of the raw in a
terlals and processes Involved In it.
ut" cl Silm-m Was Magni.
Ted To a "Cwt."
Although,   according   tn  most  tele-
praphists, n tel graphist's life is not a
i happy one, there are certainly  time.
i when tlie saving grace of humor ban-
j ishes  ior a  few   moments the  dreary
j monotony   of  "kev-| u.-hii)*,'."
These   lille   humorous    interludes
, generally   arise   from  errors  in  tele-
! grams; for, although the liritish tele-
j graph service is the best and most ae-
I curate   in   the   frorld,   even   British
| telegraphists are but human,   lt must
I be  understood, of course,  that ninny
of these errors are detected in trans.
mission, and rectified belore tlio message  is  delivered.
For instance, a person receiving a
; wire. "Lizzie got a lire box. Come at
I once." would no doubt be very mystifying. Fortunately the message wa.
queried in transmission, ami the resultant "Lizzie got a flue boy. (
at one*." proved to be quite satisfactory to the recipient. Similarly,
"cockle and cater works" is a very
different message to "cycle and in ���
tor works," nr I slso "Semi trouser.
lime seated" a very unsatisfactory
substitute for "Send troupers time
Most of these errors are can-",I
through bad spacing of the Mors,, dot.'
and dashes, and also faulty wires are
very conducive to mistakes. The foil
lowing is a good example of faulty
-pan:,:.' Just about the time Mr lii.'-
tour retired from tli" leadership nf
the Conservative party a telegraphist
was receiving some press work, in
which occurred tl e phrase "(Mr. Balfour)." Now. brackets are signalled
"kk" before and utter the word contained in them. Through bad -; Being, however, the wi rds wer" received, "Ta-ta, Mr. Balfour, Ta-ta." n re-
suit obtaine I by splittimi up tin "kk"
badly,   ll was a lilting joke.
Aie ther funny mistake was that dI a
telegraphist who got "bowling paralysis," for "bowling analysis" in a
message. Also the error "a
godl ss came resulted," instead of a
"goalless game resulted," is somewhat
When Florence Nightingale wa- bur.
led one of the hymns sun:r wus "(Inward, Christian Soldier-, ' but unfor.
tunate'iy a mistake occurred m tho
transmission of a certain message,
an I the result was, "Onward, Christian  Solicitors."
Then "B. Peter's and Crockies"
not much like "Starters and Jockey
yet the former was received for the
latter. But nearly all these pale before the following. A message n-
received, "Come at once il you wisn
lo s e baby arriv." It should have
been. "Come at mice if you wish to
se"   baby   alive."
Again, a man who wired to his (ish-
monger, "Send one cut ealmon,"
would not expect to I'm,! that the message had r,','ieiii"l its de-ttlunlioii,
"Send one cwt. salmon." But it did
Then "Two Btalionmasters collided tn
mid-o ean" is a very mysterious affair, but. "two teamcrs coll
in. l-ocoan" an all too ci tun
lirst -.lege of Louisburg, a French gun
boat lett France with $?,at)n,(J()() ul
gold coia to pay the troops and all
other expenses which were standing
for some time in Louisburir. On mitring the Cape Breton coast a tierce
storm arose ami drove the little ship
off her course towards Point Micheau,
(which name is a corruption ol Point
Michael, after this ship, which was
named,  "St.  Michael.")    The    ship
Stranded on a reel at Point Micheau
known as "(jrus llos" (big rock). Ali
tlio crew were lost. The gold waa in
oak kegs bound with copper or brass
That the story of the loss of this
treasure ship was true was shown in
the year 1900, when a big storm swept
over this nliore and a piece of "ak
keel 40 feet long, with copper bolts,
came ashore. Further prooi was given
by the finding of many gold coins ou
tho western beach, one man finding
six coins. Tins created much Interest
in tlie Point Micheau gold, so that
hundreds went there. The beach was
plowed ami dragged, but no more
gold was got at the time.
The piece owned by Mr. Alnion was
,in�� I found last June and owned by Mr.
Taj lor. It was obtained through Wm,
M. Murphy of Point Micheau. lhe
coins were ail of gold, dated I7'2j to
1760.    Mr.  Almon slates that  in
Pont uffic Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Offlos,
Vancouver,  B.C.,  February  11,   1913,
i li.SS l
French histories mention lias been
made of ships leaving France with
gold for Louisburg, and he thinks
that through lurther study the story
of this ship could be secure! in lu.l
detail in some ul the histories or
from the French navy records���GlaCu
iiay Gazette,
Tenders,    In    uupiicate,    endorsed
"Hospital for the Insane," for the supply of'clothing, dry goods, tailor's fittings, boots and shoes, shoemakers'
fittings, meat, fish, milk, vegetables,
groceries, feed, drugs, etc., tor the
use of the said Institution, and the
furnishings of funerals, from the 1st
day of April next lo the nisi of March
1914. will b eceredelvshrdl hrdlhrdl
1814, will be received by the Hon. the
Provincial Secretary until noon on
Saturday, the ISth proximo.
Lists' of the artlrlcs required can
be seen al the Hospital, al which
place  samples can  also  be  inspected.
All supplies to be delivered at the
Hospital   without  extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the due
|,"H'fulfillment ���of  each  contract   will  be
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms,  which
can be obtained from lhe Bursar ii
the Hospital er the undersigned,
Deputy Provincial Secretary-
Provincial  Secretary's  orf:e".  '.'Tt'i
February,  1913. (7f,s��
Postal System Grows.
An excellent barometer  .1 the greal corporation of THE  district
strides of progress being made by the I OF BURNABY.
Dominion  is the rejM.rl of the  Post- ���,	
ma.-ler-Ciei.eral. which was Iroiiciit Notice is lien hy ���_���.���,, n that t),,.
down in the Common- recently. It Court of BeviBloo ol tli" Aaasssmenl
show*- almost phenomenal expansion]Roll of ibis Municlpalltj  will be held
tha I In the Municipal Hall. Edmonds, B.C.,
on Tuesday, March 25, 1913, al ll
o'clock ln the forenoon,
Notice of any complaints must be
given to lhe assessor in writing al
least ten lid) days previous to the
silting of the Court
0. H. STBPFENS, Assessor.
Dated at  Bdmondl, tbls 25'll day    of
February, 1913, ("111 >
nl the postofflce service during
year. No li-s than 5;ii new ��� u I
offices. 5G*J postal note offices, 172
money i rder and '21 saving bank offices were opened during the year.
There was an increase ol 1,836 mile-.
in the extent of the Bystem over
which mails nre earned by railway ,
During the vear there were mailed
668,14fl.b(X) biters, und nl these 111.-
291 lound Ihelr way to the dead letter
office. Thi. mean., that only one letter in every 4.007 posted failed t��
reach it- destination. A somewhat
interesting and significant leature ol
the report is that the Province of Ontario is very far ahead of the other
provinces In the mutter ol p'-ial iraf-
lic. ln tins connection the tlgusej re-
j latin-,' to the i.umber of letters aie
' illuminating.
Of the 606140,000 letters  mailed In
the Dominion during the var. nu lesi!
than   243,232,000   were  posted   in   the
Province ol Ontario.  Quebec ,- but a
poor second, with but 99,630,000    'Ink
en altogether every man, Woman aud District It
child in the country wrote eleven let-  Land Registry Offlc
ters In the year. New  West initiate
Th-- estimuted increase in the num-       28th, 1818.
ber  of   letters   and   postcards   for   llin |
year  Is 67,321,000,  which  is
per cent,  greater than  lull.
Board of Health  Dept.
Curtis Block, New
Telephone 295.
Westminster,  B.C
P. O. Box 777.
Householders are respectfully notified thai on ami utter the 8th of March
all parties requiring the services of j
ih" scavenging depart nt are asked;
to keep thi Ir garbage  separate  from ;
ashas    Collectors will oolleol the sum
of ten cuts per ean irom anv pnrty ,
mixing garbage with ashes after the
above mentloni d date,
Garbage and tins must go together
1" U>�� b:i  receptacle,   The Health
Department  suggests thai  the houso-
holders provide separate cans   one to
hold ashes and the other garbage    No I
garbage mixed with ashes wlll be removed until paid for,
8, J,  PEARCE,       " !
(soo)   *       Chief Sanitary Inspector |
Parisian  French  at  a  Discpunt.
t'red.  McKenzie, the editor of Tin
London Times weekly edition, a Can
' iuIihii  by   birth,  ami  one  who know"
j this country as do few English new/
pnpi linen, wits in Canada for a Lnn
don   pa|��'r   u  lew   years   since     Hi
spent  a  week-end  with  a  friend   in n
district  where  the   French .tongue   ���.-
| ipoTten   almost   entirely,    UoKensle
| speaks French    lis he alleges    Willi n
i Paris.an accent,    Having  I n  Intro
duced to the oldest mnn lixthe district
a habitant of over ninety years ul
ntfe   the Kngiish journalist made several remarks,  all In  French  ���    In*
i.i'1'i'v   c        ,      i- i French       and waited for tha reply
M i Ih lor Ladies and men! The old man looked at him iteadtij
for a few seconds and then, shakiiu
hn head, .-"lowly ,��nld: "Ko soak 11,.r.
si.sll   me I '
At lhe Britlth M.isium
I made am tin i beginning nt the
British Museum, 1 got a : eki I f ������
ibe "vault," a- wo liked to c ill the
���ending-room,   and   Hi, ro   I   u - d   t ���
read daily,  sometimes  Ir   the  hou
>f it- opening I" that ol it.- .Ins n..
Why I didn't die during the ptogie<-
'���'��� tins nnrt of tnv education, I do not
know; f ,r I look little excrcis*?, and
the ventilation ol tha "vault" and th.-
���Kilting arrangements thereof were so
b.'id as to be distinctly humorous,
Ml -oris of scientific bodiea and
people had n go at that ventilation:
and now and again, when I was lost
in a book, I would be startled by
catching sight, with the corner ol mv
eye, of weird kind of kites which
were being Mown above our heal-,
witli the object of dlscovaring sonu
means of lightening the thick muggy
air which sent the elder renders to
sleep and befogge l the younger ones.
Often, when leaving the Museum a'
live o'clock, I have staggered and
leant against one of lha grent pillar-'
of the portico, dazed and dizzy with
the peculiar kind of faintness, nl the
production of which the llrilish Mu
scum reading-room  at that time he.u
Ue Lot 4, or Illock 19, ot part or Section :i.    Illock 11 North,    Range    7
West, District of New Westminster
A certificate of indefeasible till,. t,>
above property will be issued to Fran-,.
N.  Trltes,  on  the  12th  day  of April.
1918, unless in the meantime a valid
objection  thereto be made  to me    In
writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or Interest   therein, or
In any pari thereof.
ijisir:ir of Titles.
r, li.c.,  February
'Em   on   the
J   buy   some
"Wont   j
'lie jpeuker was a young lady sealed ni tii" r lunda of the King I.I
ward Hotel, Toronto, with a tab.e
before her covered with tic chee/j
little r ��� I wafers which, when allixi d
to holiday mail, carry their ni"--aj,-
"f greeting and reminders "I tin* sick
and Buffering. Incidentally Ihelr sale
adds to the fund available for coin-
batting (tuberculosis in Ontario. She
addressed a kindly-faced old man wn><
waa [Kissing.
I'Whiit an- they  for?" he  asked.
"lo help in tbe cure of consumption���" tlie young lady began,
"Well, well,' he broke In "If I
bad only known about these beforn
my poor cousin died. I might have
saved blm. How ('��� you use tbem-'
"You can stick the n on the hack���"
Here the old man Interrupted again
"On the back? How simple' Ami In
waiked off murmuring: "Stick then
on the back! Ah, if 1 Imd
known !"
Tho person or persons    having   In
tbelr custody or possession the follow
lug Title Deeds relating to iho aald
property nre requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned
(ni Dei d dated tbe S8lh day of
November, 1898, from Frank N Trltes
to Thomas Dennett of the alum' >i ���
scribed property,
tin     Deed dated lhe    12th    day    of
Novemh ��� r. 1894, from Thomas Qennetl
to Arnold llennell    or the    above   do-
scilhed property.
(Cl    Deed    dated    the    Uth    dav of
October, 1900, from Arnold Bennett to
George   W,   Shay  of   the   above de
Scribed   property.
���I   C   QWYNN
(7541        District Registrar of Tin.
wh�� do not receive
8 ��� in  should'
The News befoi-S
a   i ��� iml  nionupol]
L' on.     by  Chin li'
'How   1
receive best attention NOW.
46   Lorne  Street,   Nt*   Westminster. I
AT   3.000.00J   YEARS
Beautifying Fredericton.
Predericton, Nil.. Is the possesaot
of an association formed under n New
Brunswick act which provide.- thnt ten
>r more persons may l>e Incorporated
for the purpose ol improving and or.
i^nd mux. complaint. Only In this way
msy sn eSTIclmit delivery ha mum.
It's the Work.
Use Vm.r Phone.
Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
Prices right.
if nil kinds.
Satisfaction guaranteed
McKenzie  St.
N. w  York,  March  ,r>     Fossil bones,
which J.  I,.  Wagner, g   rainier in the
Canadian  Northwest, discovered near
; Calgary four years ago, and which he
casually reported on a later visit to
I lhe American Museum of Natural History here, are now on exhibition  fori
Ithe first time at the museum as an almost 'complsle skeleton or a crested
dinosaur, a reptile 88 feet long ami ir,
j feel high
1     ll. Ih placarded as probably 8,000,000 I
128 Clarkson Slreet. Phone 4<)fl
=;;jfalx��n s?p�� HfW METHOD CIFANERS
and cultivating ornai ital trees, Thi*- '"fciuvu   VLLnilLllJ
act also provides that anv city ot
town may hand over to aueh an association the cure of the pinks and th*
ornamentation of its streets ami ma.
make Uie association a grant lbat cni
he levied and collected as part nl tie
regular assessment, A line up lo $20
is tho iHMinliy fixed f,,r anyone In.
juring or Interfering with tha work of
such iiii association by driving animals or vehicles across its property
playing ball thereon, and bo forth!
the fine being payable to the assoelai
tlon. The results havo already bull.I
lied thu nujveiiieiit.
Phone 1277.
413 Westminster Trust Building
Estimates given on application. FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1913.
TllltKE lit'P.SSKS.
MEN tbe younger son found
Hint she had left London, be
ran olT and followed ber,"
rout lulled tbe impel, prec-
wns listening most attentively
"When sin- got bere all alone and
afraid." tbs Sngel went on. "nnd saw
til in coming to her, wby, elm was so
glad she up and married hlin, just
like anybody else would have done.
��� *\e didn't want ber to travel wllb the
troupe, so when tbey cot to Chicago
tbey thought that would be s good
place, and they stopped, and he bunted
work. It was slow business. Iieeause
be had never been laugh! lb do a useful
thing, and he didn't even know how tn
hunt work, least of nil to do It when
he found It; so pretty soon things were
going wrong Uut It he couldn't Hud
work, she could always sing, so she
rang at nlgbt. and mnde little things
In the daytime lie didn't like her to
sing In public, nnd be wouldn't let ber
wben be could help himself; but winter
came, It was very cold, and fire wop er-
pensive. Kerns went up, and Ihey hnd
to move farther out to cheaper and
���cheaper places; ani you were coming-
I mean, the boy that Is lost was emu
tug���and tbey wero almost distracted
Then tbe man wrote aud (old ins rattier
Irll about It. snd his rather aent ttie
letter back unopened and wrote blm tu
never write again.
���'When tbe baby enme, there was
mighty little left to pawn for food and
n doctor, aud nothing nt all for a nurse,
so an old neighbor woman went In and
took care of llle young mother snd the
little baby, Just because she wns so
���sorry for ihem. By thnt time they wero
nway out In tbe suburbs on tbe lop
floor of a little wooden house, among a
lot of factories, aod It kept gelling
colder, with less to eat. Then tbe man
got desperate, snd he went out to Jusl
find somei im i4 to eat; and the woman
was desperate, loo. She got np, left
the old Woman to take care of her bnby
tnd weul Into the city lo sing for some
money. The woman got so cold she
pill tbe bnby in lied and went home
frben a holler blew up In a factory
tieslde ihe little bouse and set It on lire
Jx piece Of Imp was pitched across Ibe
little house snd broke through Ibe roof
II came down smash, and cut Just oue
little blind off the poor baby. II
���screamed nnd screamed, and lhe tire
���kept coming closer and closer.
"The old woman ran oui with the
rest of the people and saw what bod
happened. She knew there wasn't
going to be time to wall for the firemen or Day thing, and she ran into the
liiillding. She could henr the poor
little bnby screaming, and she couldn't
ntniid Ihat, so she worked her way up
to It. There It waa, all hurt and bleed
Jng Then she was scared almost to
���death over thinking what Its mother
would do to her for going off nud
leaving It. so aba ran lo n home tor
little friendless babies thnt was near
mid banged un Ihe door. Then sbe hid
ncroHH the street until the baby was
tnken In. and then she ran back to
see If her own house was burning up
The factory and the Utile bouse nml a
lot of others were all gone. The pen
Iiie there told her tbnt tbe nenutlful
lady came bark and ran Into the buuse
to Hnd her bnby She had just gone
In when her husband cume. and he
went In after her. and the house weui
���down over both of tbem."
Freckles lay rigid, wllh his eves on
tbe nngel s race nnd she talked rupld
jy lo the railing
"Then the old wnmnn wan just sick
iiboiii Ihni poor little baby. She will
urniid lo leu them nt me home, be
���cause '-e knew she n ver should have
left il. It t she wrote B letter and sent
ti to where tin- beautiful woman, when
Mint was Hi mm snld bet Husband's
���people lived, She told nil about II"'
���litlit bnby thut sbe could remember;
when ll will boru. how It wus tunned
���fm Ibe man's elder brother, thai Its
hand hnd been cut olT lu lhe lire, and
���where she bud put ll lo be dm-nired
nnd taken cure olT. She told tbem thai
lis mot her and father were bulb burn
cd, nnd she begged and Implored Ihem
to collie ami get It.
"You ihink It would hnve mailed n
lii'iirl oi tee. nut thnt old man muni t
nny henri lu  t. for be got thai n-i
ter and rend It, tie Mid II nwuy
Among hw papers and nerer told a
Until. A lew moulds agu ne died
When Ills etdel son weul to seine up
tun business lie found mul letter in
mosl   the   drsl   I ��.     He   dropped
everything, ami came, with ni�� wire.
In hunt tlint linuy. because he had
siiwnja loved Ills liroiher dearly, ntm
willed blta nnck He nnd Bunted for
III hi an he dnred nn ihcse years, snd
Mbeii a* pot imre yon were gone'-1
menu  tlie imbv  Was gnni��-uuil  i  nun
t���  lull   you.   l'i kit's,   lor  >'""  * '
llllglll  IIUVI'  happened lo JOU  like tllllt
to  ihat  oilier   lost
"How strong Sre you. dear heartT"
she breathed. "Flow brave are you)
fan   you   bear   Itt     Dare   I   tell   you
���Nol" gasped Freckles. "Not If
you're sn re: I can't bear it! I'll die If
yon dn!"
The day had boon one unremitting
strain with lhe auger.    Nerve tension
wns drawn  lo the  dnest threat'.    It
snapped suddenly.
"Die?" she flnmed.    "Die. lf I tell
' yun thai! Von snld Ihls morning that
jou would die It you didn't know
Jour name, nnd If your people were
honorable Now I've gone and found
vipii  n  name thnt  stands  for ages of
i honor, n mother that loved yoo enough
Id  go lino  the  tire nnd  die  for  you.
1 and llle nicest  kind or relatives, and
' j mi turn round and sny you'll die over
Ihat:    You Juit  try  dying and you'll
! get a good ship:"
, 'lhe nngel stood glaring at him.
One second Freckles lay pnral.V7.ed and
��� dumb wiih astonishment   The neit
the Irish In his soul rose above everything    A ronr of laughter burst from
1 him    The teirineil ungel  caught   him
In   her  urm��  nml   tried   lo  stifle   Ihe
sound.    She Implored nnd rnmmniuled
1 The tenrs rolled  from   [freckles'  eyes
' Slid  be  wheezed  nn.     When   he  wns
' too worn ont  to utter ntiother sound,
his eyes laughed silently.
H hen  he  wns ipilet and rested  the
miTct commenced miking to him -oortiy
"Denr   Crackles.'.!   sbe   was   saying,
"across your knees there hv the face
, of the mother that went Into the Are
fnr yon. find I know the name���old
nnd full ot honor-lo which you were
. born.    Dear   bearC which   will   you
have first!"
"Me mnilier!"
She lifted the lovely pictured fnce
and set It In tbe nook of bla arm.
Freckles caught her band and drew
her iliiivti beside blm, and together
thev gased nl  the picture.
"Me mother! Ob. me mother! Can
ynu I'vi'i be forgiving me? Ob. me
bennilf.'il little mother!" chanted
Freckles over and over In exalted
"Walt!" cried the angel to tbe mute
question nbe could no more answer
tbnii he could ask. "Walt. 1 will write
She hurried to the tnb!<>, cnught up
the nurse's pencil and on the back ot
OS   ens)
cached up ond turned the
lingers   line   until   hu  compelled   bei
���eyes to meet   Ins.
"Angel," Bind Freckles at last,
duelling her wrist) "are you trying m
t,li me tlutt there la somebody hunting
11 hoy that you're winning might be
mer Are you lielavlu you vo found
Ine rein tlons?"  ,
Thou iiie lingers eye* came home.
The time hnd rome. She pinioned
I reckles' nruis lo bis sides and bent
���lliuvn  Mm. .   .-���.-   ���
'US  uorilplll    OR,   SI  Ho'lUKIlt"
11 proscription mhlrt wrote. -Terence
Maxwell O'More. Duuderry House
County Clare, Ireland."
Ilefore she hnd Unlshed came Free
ties' voice. "Angel, are you hurrying?"
"Yes." snld Ihe nngel. "I uui Hul
there Is 11 good deal of It. I huve to
put in your house uud country, so Will
you wlll reel located."
"Me bouse?" marveled Frecklea-.
"Or course." said Ihe nngel. "Yoni
uncle sny�� your grandmother left ym>r
fill her her dower bouse nud estate,
because -she knew his fnilier wonld em
1,1111 off. Von get thnt. nnd all your
share ot yonr grandfather's prujieny
besides. It l�� nil net olT for ynn nud
waiting. Lord O'More told me so I
suspect you are richer than Mel.mn
Klerk lei."
She closed his fingers over the slip
and straightened tils hnlr
���Now yuu lire nil right. <��nr I.Ira
bcrlost guard.'' she snld "Votl go to
sleep and don'l think of a ihlng bin
Just pure Joy, joy. Joy: I'll keep your
people until yon wake up."
Kreckles  caoghl   her  skirt   as  she
turned rriun blm.
"I II go lo Sleep In live minutes.'' tn-
I wild.   "If you will  lie doing jusl  untitling   more   for   me.     Send   for  yuilt
l rattier.     Oh.    angel,    send    for    Ului
; quick!"
I    One Inotnnt the nngel slond  looking
I down  nn  blm.     The  nest   a  crlnwun
' wave darkly ���talned her lovely face
I Her chin liegan a spasmodic quivering
und tears sprung Into her eyes, Her
bands caught si her chest as If sbe
' were stilling Freckles' grasp on her
I lightened lllllll he drew her up lo and
I then down be-dile hlin. He Slipped ins
I nrm 11I11111I   Her and drew  her face lo
Ills  plllnlV.
"Don 1 linnet; for the lore ol mercy
don't be doing that," ba Implored. "1
can't be hearing IL Tell me. You
musl loll me."
! The nngel shook her head.
I "Ihni ain't tuir, augel,' snld Free-
'. kles "You made me tell you when It
I was like tearing Ihe heart ruw rrom
j me breast. And you was for making
! everything heaven-Just heaven and
nothlnc else for me. If I'm so much
more now Ihan I was an hour ago, may-
lie I ran bu thinking of sumo wuy to
fit tilings. You wlll be telling tne?"
be coined softly, moving his cheek
ngnlnst her hnlr.
The nngel a bend moved In negation.
Freckles did a moment of luteal think
HIB-    ...
I "Maybe I can lie guessing," be whispered. "Will you be giving me three
cluiii ces?"
There wus Just the fulntest possible
"You didn't wmit me to be knowing
me name," goes-*,.,! Freckles,
llie nngel s in-aii sprang trom Ihe
pillow nun n-ei lea 1 slinrted face Uuuicd
with outraged indignation.
"Wby, I did. tool' she burst out angrily.
'���One -cone." sold Frecklea calmly.
"You dldll'l ivnnt 11.e 10 bave relatives,
n home, nnd money.''
"I did" ���s.reiiuied the nngel. "Didn't
1 gn myself, alt alone. Into ihe cily, and
find them When I was afraid ns death'.'
I did too!"
"I��'�� gone." eald Freckles. "You
didn't ivnnt tlie lieaiitllulest girl In the
world ifl be telling me"���
Down went tin- nngel's face, and a
heavy sob simou in 1. Frecklea' oiusp
tightened about her shoulders, nud his
fnce.  In Its nitiflleilng emotions, was
II study. Deipltp nil It meant to blm to
know at him his uume and ihat hu '
wns of honorable birth-knowledge
without wblch life wns an eternal disgrace and Imrden-ihe one thing thnt
wai bammerlng In Freckles' heart and
beating lu his brain pasi unjrbllempt-
ei expression was the fart that
while be mlgbt really have been borne-
less, the nngel bad told him that she
loved blm. rie could Hnd no word
with which to begin to vole- the rapture of his heart over that. Hut lf
she regretted ll. if It bud been a thing
done out ot her pity for his condition
or her feeling of responsibility, lf lt
killed blm nfter all, there was only
one thing left to do.
"Angel," whispered Freckles wltb
tils lips against ber hair, "you haven t
learned your history book very well,
or you've forgotten."
"forgotten what?" sobbed tbe angel.
"Forgotten nhnut the real knight,
ladybird." breathed Freckles softly.
"Don't yon know thnt It anything
happened that mnde bb) lady sorry a
real knight Just simply couldn't be re- ;
msmberlng it? Angel, darling little
Swamp Angel, you be listening lo me
Tbere was one flight on the trail, one
solemn, grnud. wblte night that there
wasn't ever nny otber like before or 1
since, wbeo the dear boss pot his arm
about me nnd told me that he loved
me, but If you care, angel. If you don't
want It thnt way. why. I ain't remembering that nnybodj else ever dld-not :
In me whole life."
The angel lirted her bed*! and looked
Into Ihe depths of Freckles' hones',
gray eyes, nnd tbey met hers nu waver-
Ingly, but the pain ln tbem was pitiful
"Do you mean." she demanded, "that
you don't rememlier that n bfflseu, j
forward girl told you. wben you hadn't j
asked her. thin she"���the nngel cboked
on It a second, btlt she gave a gulp and j
brougbl lt out bravely ���"that sbe loved i
you ?"
"No!" thundered Freckles. "Nol I
don't rememlK'r anything of the kind." j
Rut nil the song birds of his soul
burst Into melody over that one little
clause, "When you hadn't iiskiil ner.
"Bnt you will." suld the nngel. "You
may lire to be an old. old man, and
then you will."
"I wlll not!" rrled Freckles "flow
can yon mink II. ifugel?"
"Yon won't even look as If yon re
"I wlll not!" persisted Frckles
"I'd nither give It all up now and go
out Into eternity nlone, without ever
seeing ti soul ot me same blood or me
home ot henrlng another man cull me
by tbe name I wus born to than to
remember anything tbat would be burling you, augel."
(To Be rontliiupd.)
��� ��� --*��� ���
For the Hostess.
You iiiny have a dinner Willi the best
appointment and cuisine, ami It your
guests are badly chosen tba dinner
will be a social failure.
Certain elements will not coalesce,
and the woman who tries lo force the
process Is courting an explosion,
Choose guests lis Jou would shoes���
because tbey lit.
You may be cnlbollc In yonr Uiste
and enjoy the butterfly without a
brain and the woman who Is all brain,
but without social grace; the artist or
musician, the snob who distrusts
the clever coterie, tbe man
of which are at present living 'under
one roof In Gambia avenue.
The boy will be called Wilfred af
ter liis futher, Mr. Wilfred Clements,
aged 28, The grandmother's name
Is Mra. William Clements, and her
age is 43. The great-grandmother Is
'12 years eld. while the great gnat
grandmother, who has lived under
five liritish sovereigns. Is SW years ot
She was the mother of eight, and
there ure 4.*. grandchildren. 35 greal
grandchildren and 'one great-greatgrandchild. Some of the grandchildren are not married yet.
Shades- Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
Every Woman
. U Interested und fhtmld know
\ about Iho wonilflrlul
Marvel *Sirlln�� sp���f
r King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco, Sportin-2
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
WINDSOR SALT���ought to
cost more ��� so pure, fine, well-
savoured. Goes further, too. But
not a cent dearer.
Ask yonr drnwdFt Tor
It  Ir tie rinnot nornl
tim VAKVhL, aeupfaa
1 o'her, but lend itsoia fur
j tnted book���mali.il.   It j.|vc�� ftflj'
all   '^trliriilar-. unit din-i-tlnni Inv-iloAble
who loves i l��ls41lS.'WDa��SOKSOPM,*eo,WlB*oi,0��t
l-merul As��uu tor Canada.
n  gay  story and  the  woman   wbo  Is!
easily shocked,
Uut gather those friends around a
common hoard and you may count ou
their boredom.
lf  you  must  hnve  a  mixed  dlnne
pray for (net In the seating.    "A man
cures  what  he eats;  a   woman cures
wliiiin she sits nexl."
Never sent your guests according to
social position. The practice makes
neither Ihe dinner nor the hostess
popular. If you put the socially imiin-
porta ut together your eutertalulug win
never be a success.
Custom has It that those who sit on
the ri^ht nnd left of Ibe host and
hosl-ss may feel themselves tingled
out for attention, but choose for ren
suns. Ho not give your guests a
chance to gibe nt vou as a money
worshiper or oue wltb nn ;ix to grind
Iio not have dinners so large as to
prevent general conversation. Not nil
who go out to dinner are blessed with
maimers, and tbe hostess should have
It In her power to go to the resent; ot
tbe guest who ls neglected by ber
Introducing the Debutante.
Nn young girl In society is ever ill
lowed lo accept Invitations to dinner!
or dunces or anything. In fact exrep.
children's parties or schoolgirl lunch
eons or very Informal festivities givei
especially for Juveniles until sbe hat
been formally Introduced to lhe soein
world. This is done by her mot tier giv
lug for her some sort of rather forms
function, which usually takes the torn
of a dunce or large afternoon or even
Ing reception.
To this affair are Invited all thi
friends of the mother nnd also tlmsi
young friends of the dail-hter w le
have already made their debut Into so
If an afternoon reception has beei
chosen ns the Initial festivity or lie
debutante daughter tbe alTalr Is usuath
beld nl from II to li or frnm 4 to i p in
Promptly at the Appointed boor tie
mother lakes her place In the draw in,
room near the door lending lo the eu
trance hail. The daughter wbo is t.
lie Introduced stands at her left nu:
assists ber mother In receiving tb'
guests. IT, as ls usually tbe case, tie
young girl is a stranger lo many of lie
mother's guests the inoiber after wei
coming each visitor says limply, "Mrs
Burton, this is my daughter Dorothy.
or, "Mr. Cnrringliiu. let me present joi
to my daughter."   Bach person so pre
senled should  talk  n  moment nr iwi
with tbe young girl and tben pass uu
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
We WU1 Show You Hew!
if yen have ideas���if you can think���we will show you the secrets of this fascinating new profession.
Positively  no  experience or literary   excellence   necessary.    No   flowery language" is wanted. z
The demand for photoplays Is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers are Amoving heaven
and earth'' in their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand. They are of-
ferring $100 and more, for single scenarios, or written ideas.
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH, EDISON, ESSA-
photoplays to  them.    We want moree writers and we'll gladly teachh you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplays wrlten by people who "never before wrote a line for publication.
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think of only one good idea every week, and will
write it out as directed by us. and it sells for only $25. a low figure,
Don't hesitate,
and your future.
Don't argue. Write now and learn just what this new  profession may  mean for you
1543 Broadway
Fashionable Beauties' Latest Craze In
The Empire's Capital.
"Hava you seen that?" said the
London chemist, handing one of our
representatives a dainty . little box
lined with roseicolbrad ?ilk. lays I.on-
,lon Ideas. In it luy half a dozen
tiny bottles ol eau-de-Cologne and a
sme'l Hold hypodermic syringe.
"Nn, what's tb ' idea?"
"I'll tall you. Fashionable beauties
are giving up the idea ol pouring
scent ou themselves and on their
clothes, Dozens "f them now Inject
thi'ir favorite perfume by mi'aiis of a
tiny syringe lik ��� this.
"Sp^eial preparations of these per-
fimr-s have to be made, as ordinary
scents, when Injected, give forth no
odor. These preparations are very expensive���thin box alone will cost-you
lifty shillings���but then they lasl
very mucb longer than others, An
Injection of old violet scent, tor example, givs ii pleasant odor to the
lair one �� -bin tJint lasts for days.
"There's another thing about th ss
scents," cinitiniii'd the chemist. "Although the majority oi users Inject
���h'-'ii simply to exhale eau-de-Cologne,
heliotrope, or whatever their favorite j
perfume is, yal In a large number of
cases they ar i Injected ns a tonic,
"Some perfumes are sbiiI to bave.
extraordinary effects. According to
one doctor who hat experimented with
them, lavender water is fatal to the
microbes <>f consumption. Oortalnly
the seents extracted trim rosemary,
thyme nnd mint are excellent antiseptics, Oil of geranium is another d"ftil-
ly enemy of microbes.
row1  Induces  nn   indolent,
(mine  ol   mind,    as    does;
lloih bergamnt and white j
ssiil to clear the bririn nnd '
..  steady  stream   of  thought.
'As a matter ol tact, I know a i">"d
m .i y   men   who   inject   certain   per-
fume��  regularly into their arms In
or I r lo get Into working trim.
"Ambergris is one "J the favorite
perfumes us,*.l for this purpose, lt
haa the remarkable effect of driving
away the blue.-, mil elearing the brain.
iniiliiiit; ibe mental faculties livelier,
just ns ammonia or smelling salt* do,
A speeial preparation ol musk, too,
is said to be an ixi'lleiit tonic, and
drivs away Ihat  'tired  Iwling.'
"The   overuse   ol   these     perluiiies,
however, is ixiremely dangerous, mora
dangerous, if nnytMflR. thin taking
nriliiiiirv drin.'.-'. as f;'.ri'hia.
Don'ts For Engaged Girls.
Dou't   muke   onr*-asonabla   ib-mauii.-
on .vour Uuuce'a time.    Kemeuibvr thai
bis work lliilHt rome tlrst ir be Is erti
to earn uu Income sufllcleot for niui
self  nud   bis   wire.     So  don't   be  ills
agreeable to blm If be Is kept lute m
tbe office of au evening when bu nai
promised lo take jou out.    lie will hi
Jm-t as annoyed about Ibis as you are
nml (here Is uo need to make matter-
worse by having ll seeue.
Don't foruet to pay every posslhh
attention to bis people, particularly in-
mother and sisters. They may peiluip-
be a little Jealous or you tit Hrat, nud It
you are foolish enough I" resent I lib
tbe situation may become very UU
pleuaani indeed
Don't  "spoon'  or  quarrel   In   public
for by doing so yen would place j	
self In a  rlilleiilons slllliithu 'I  Ilu
onlookers in nu wnlinrriiHsIng one
Dun t drag yuur llllliee's name lute
ever) eonverwithm    It siiumla ��W>'
Don't wiae hRis tlomite postcards
K ynu ivnnt to be afTis tlutinte i!" it u
n letter, which caniml be rend by nit)
 \,, |,| lhe iniHi to Whom It Is ltd
All ^Telephones
Lead to
Viol *l   lire
in-lue..   a
Art of Receiving Compliments.
One ol tin- ursi things il girl hif It
learn I* the art nl receiving eiaupll
io,'ins, neither appropriating bur iie-
I'luliulng tIn-tn
it is sometimes difficult and to bluali
Ih fnlitl.
Oh. those yoiltbflll blnshes! How ills
tressliig lliey are to their vexed own
its. sml yet what �� fburui ihey give
to Ingenuous girlhood.
The skillful rompllnienter einlinr-
rnssi's no one, not even tbe shyest girl,
lie knows how III eonvev IIII expression nf bis appreciation without exactly
siiybm ii.
Sueli a mnn can Ilutler one's Mt
love ipdle sufficiently In merely sny
lug, "How well yon look:"
The lone nml manner lire eloquent
etinugb to supplement the poverty of
lhe words, and their ineiigeniess nl
lows tha recipient nf the eompllmanl
to accept It without einhiirriissineiil.
a florid compliment make* a wnmnn
look   or ill least feel-n perfect goose.
Hut tbey belong to u past age.
That's the numher of the phone in the business office of
Toronto, March 6.     Out In Todmor-
ihii  a boy bus boen born  who ri'iire-
,  . .      .       .      ....     ,, lannta tha fifth  generation of nn old
Advertise in the Daily News Lincolnshire family three generations
When you need help in your home, want to find anything lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News.    Saves you worry and bother; does thc work, and
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'������'���      1 rl    l*U'*2M-l
We know that News classified ads. do the work, because dozens of satisfied users tell us so���but you can find
out for yourself by testing their power.      ^    ^.. j
FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1913.
"PAY    CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember the Place
] 33 Eighlh St.     Phone 2
What I You have never tried
Spring's Banana or Lemon Butter or Lemon Curd. Just the
thing for Tarts or Sandwiches,
and something new.   Try a jar.
It tastes like the real fruit, l'er
jar  35c
Say, we still have a few bottles
of Champion Catsup to sell
at    25c
Still Belling Crosse & Black-
well's Pickles at ....3 for $1.00
Cooking or DDairy Butter, new
shipment juBt arrived, lb. ..25c
GoldenPuffs, the "Special Biscuit." Yeu establish a precedent when you serve them at
your teas, per tin   50;
Instant Postum Coffee, tin  .30=
Artichokes,   each    15e
Cauliflower,  per head    20:
Celery 2 heads for 25s
Lettuce  3 heads for 25=
Cabbage, per lb 3c
Radish,  per  bunch    5=
Onions, green, per bunch ...5=
Spinach,   per  lb 12'/2c
Davles' Eggs are only 40c per
18 juicy and unfrozen Oranges
for 25c
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
About Trustees
"To appoint any private person a sole trustee is always regarded
as an extremely dangerous thing���for the trust
estate. The court itself
acts on this rule inflexibly."
"The position of a
trustee is one neither of
honor nor of profit. It
involves the responsibilities of wealth without the enjoyment of it.
It drags you into other
people's affairs. It
endangers the provisions you hope to make
for your own family. It
may outlast your health,
strength and ability to
cope with it and it may
mean financial disaster
for your own estate
after you are in your
These are extracts
from the Canadian Law
Times for October, 1911.
They state clearly the
opinions of legal experts as to the unwisdom of entrusting your
estate after death to a
private trustee.
The Dominion Trust
Company, Limited, with
assets o'f $4,090,946, is
authorized by law to act
as executor and trustee.
Its faithful performance of a trust is guaranteed by the total assets of the Company,
A booklet will be sent
free on request. Write
for it today.
Dominion Trust Co.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
The Choral Festival and Orchestral witness, who stated that the average
Society will give a rendering of Men- shift for the day men were about 11
delssohn'a oratorio "Elijah" in St. hours, while the ntmht shifts were even
Andrews Presbyterian church on extended to IH hours
Tuesday evening, March 11. at 8 | Conditions, however, were better at
o'clock. Mr. Herbert Muckiiess will the coal mines Where eight hour Bhlfts
conduct tlie concert. ' were   in   force    The   BCale  of   wages
Don't decide on your Easter hat; paid to the engineers in N.w West-
until you see our display. One of minster, Vancouver and vicinity av-
the largest stocks tn the city. ' Cor- eraged JIT.", per month for first class
reet styles at Moderate prices. Note j men while a second class engineer rc-
tlie address, 204 Agnes street, nearly I celved from  $100 to $11'
Ueeve. Mars, of Coqultlam, was
ithe city yesterday.
Mr. Sam Sniiih, Dewdney, and Miss!
! Smith were visitors in the city  yes-
I terday.
The regular meeting of the St.
Mary's Society will be held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in St. l'alrick's
W. Day. electrician, agent for Hot
Point irons; fixtures and wiring of
all klmlB. Phone 1269, 28 Sixth street
opposite Postoffico. (760)
Mr. Peter nart'n, accountant, Pitt
River road, has definitely announced
his decision to become a candidate
for the reeveship of Coiiuitlam at the
coming election.
There is considerable activity in
real estate ln Mission City. Mr. J.
Calherwood on Wednesday sold a
number of lots in the city at prices
ranging from  $250 upwards.
An inquest into the death of Y
Okashi who was killed at Barnet on
Wednesday will be held In S. Howell's
parlors this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Coroner A. I.. McQuarrie will preside.
A meeting of the East Hurnaby
Conservative Association will be held
in Moreton hall. Edmonds, on Friday,
March 7th, at 8 p.m., to make provision for new voterB' list. 1810)
His honor Judge Howay delivered
another interesting lecture on the history of British Columbia before n
largo gathering in the Young Men's
Christian Association last evening.
Mr. W. J. Manson. M. P. P. for
Dewdney riding, visited the city yesterday on business connected wltb
the road appropriation for his con
Mrs. Albert Chappell and her little
daughter Vivian, who were tlie guests
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Schaake, Third street, have returned
to their home in Chilliwack.
Millinery opening Thursday and
Friday at MIsb Davey's millinery parlors, where all Uie prevailing styles,
shapes and colors may be seen.
Evervbody welcome. 204 Agues street.
Dr. Ernest Hall delivered an address on the white slave traffic under
lhe ansph'i'S of lhe Political Equality
league in the Conservative club rooms
last oveniiig. There was a good attendance,
opposite  St.  Mary's hospital.       (778)
It   is   understood   that an   outside ���
capitalist  purchased between   f.n and
'ill lots on- the new cut-off line of tho |
B. C. E. R. In D. 1,.    172    yesterday.;
Quite a Bum changed bands,  the deal
being put through by  Messrs.  While.
Shiles & Co.. who state Ihat the purchaser plans to erect mod-rn  homes
on the property.
The Crystal Dairy Co., Ltd., begs
to notify their customers that on and
after the 1st of April the price of
their milk will be nine quarts for
$1.00. (777)
In the local columns of the News
yesterday it waa stated that the price
of admission at the Arena was 2ii
cents every afternoon except Saturdays. The Arena officials desire to
correct this as the charge on Saturday afternoons is no more than any
other day. Children are admitted for
15 cents during the afternoons.
Quite a commotion was caused last
evening among the celestials of
Chinatown when the cry of fire was
raised and by the time that .lie firemen from NOB. 1 and 2 halls had arrived the streets were crowded by
the excited Chinamen. When Chief |
Watson and his laddies had fully in
quired Into the excitement they found
that one' of the numerous chimneys I
between Sing Kee's store and Ramasc
Btreet was emit ting more smoke ihan
was the general rule, but a little
chemical soon remedied this and the
firemen went back to their different
halls, disappointed because there waa
not a little more work for them to
Catch of 60,000 Pounds of Halibut on
Maiden Trip of Season���Stormy
We sHl. rent  and exchange sewing
machines,    All our machines warrant- |
ed.    C. N   F.dmondson ^ Co., oorner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. (7r,2t |
Employees of the II. C. E, li. yes- :
terday removed the small buildings I
formerly used as a dispatchers office
at the coiner of Hoyal and Colum- '
bia streets to the north side of the j
Tbe skating rink will open nt    ?,:?,o
!o'clock  Ibis afternoon nnd  will  close
al 6:30; open In the evening at 8:30
: Admission during llie afternoon    ses
* sions is 25 cents. (790)
\ building permit waa granted yes
i terday to Mr. It. Ilest, [teglna street.
for a nine roomed bouse to coal $25011.
md one to Mr. J   Treanor for Interior
j Improvements to bis bouse on
Seventh avenue at a cost of $inu.
Biiffetted by heavy storm six days
out of the eleven she was away, the
halibut steamer Roman came up river
yesterday noon with a catch of 60,000
pounds of fish.
This waa her maiden trip of the
Beason and were it not for the tales
experienced off the Queen Charlotte
Islands, her skipper. Captain Fred-
recknson reported lo The News that a
heavy catch would undoubtedly have
been made.
The Human went about 1200 miles
north but struck dirty weather lb"
majority of the time which prevented
the dories  from  being  launched.
On Wednesday she struck a 60 mile
gale oil Cape Scott which nearly
swept tin* dories overboard and iii.nl'*
lit  nigh   Impossible  to  leave   the   pusl
' lions.
Unloading, operations Btarted about
J2  o'clock   yesterday  afternoon   and   it
lis   expected   thai     the     steamer   will
leave again   for the  hanks   early   tbis
W. Mackie, unattached to any
union organization, who stated he was
a laborer and an ex-corn missioned officer in the Scots Guards, created a
little flurry by protesting against the
political patronage system which he
alleged was in operation in the local
postofflce. Witness wis taken to task
by Commissioner McKelvie when he-
suggested the system was corrupt and
withdrew   bis   charges.
Mr. A. Banner, recently of Hanley,
Staffordshire, In the heart of the
English potteries district, took the
stand and gave his views on the pres
ent land situation, stating that at tlie*
present time the working man out in
British Columbia was unable to purchase a home owing to the exorbitant
prices asked. He suggested that a
law be enacted after the same pattern
of the English Artizan Dwelling act,
the municipalities being forced to lay
aside sites where cheap but substantial dwellings could be erected for the
working man
ABked by Chairman Parson whether
a pottery business could be run on
a paying basis If the employer paid his
men a minimum wage of $4 a day,
witness replied with an emphatic
Dangers to Linemen.
Mr. E. F. Fenton, a member of the
International Brotherhood of Electri-
Ical Workers, a lineman by trade, was
Ithe next witness, having with him a
(bundle of photographs showing the
dangers to which the linemen of this
| city are subjected during their work
on  the  pole  lines.
His chief complaint was that not
'sufficient spacing between the high
tension wires was allowed by the different power companies and also by
the city electrical department. In
some cases, he explained, the linemen
were compelled to either crawl out
on the cross arms or else through a
I space not more than 22 Inches wide,
with power wires on each side of them,
Mr. 11. W. Sherwood, another lineman, spoke along the same vein, stalling that a law similar to that in force
| In the Pacific coast states was necessary to protect the workmen. Mr.
Sherwood explained the different
points connected with tbe work of
these aerial workers. Telephone
wires, he thought should be kept in
cables and not allowed to rest on tbe
poles used for power lines.
Witinss stated that they had tried
to explain these details to Mr. Robertson, provincial inspector of elec-
. trieal energy with offices lit Vancouver, but that official had even refused to meet them.
Mr. Robertson will be brought before tin- commission when they next
sit   in   Vancouver.
I    During  the  afternoon  the  members
i of the commission paid a visit to the
steam laundries nf the city and also
to the  Eraser  Mills.
Baker   &    McCauley   have   Hocured
the H.'i'vicM.H of   u high   clauB l;i,li.*.r
tailor.    Dunmsulr block.
Tbe fire department   wnn called  oul
���terday noon to a small blaze
which bad started on the roof of the
home of Mis. Emerson on Eighth
street, one stream, together with a
chemical discharge, was all that wiih
necessary to extinguish ihe lire. Tin-
damage amounted to about $8,
Police Wages
I Continued from page ono)
Tin* steam freighter Marmlon cam"
iiii river yesterday morning and tied
Up at tha wharf of the Vulcan Iron
Works wbere she took on a large
steam pipe to be used at the plant of
tin- Vancouver-Portland Cement Company at Tod Inlet. She bit again
later  In  the  day.
tecllon and yet "were the biggest
Sweaters of all." He told the commission (he province was practically
In the bands of land gamblers and the
government ought to lake drastic action In the matter.
Mr A. II. Miller, head of an employment agency, explained the methods
carried out by such agencies In the
smaller towns.
Alderman Dodd was on the stand for
a few minutes, deploring the high
cost of land especially in tb.- Fraser
A force of linemen from the Oily I valley, where be stated that since the
department have removed the UU-1 opening np or the Eraser valley line
lightly   pole  line located  on  tb"   blufl lof   llle   B.C.E.R.,   not   more   than   100
opposite Albert Crescent. Tin- power I people bad settled there and taken up
wins have been transferred to Front farming, lie favored Industrial In-
street, while the arc circuit is being jsurance,
i    The  Trad
(tm   morning
freight     from
came  into port
wllh  a  cargo of
Vancouver   and
Special for Saturday
lozen for
'I'll    new
laid   eggs,   three
H.  ('
d on  lhe
1''.    It    on
iron  standards of  the
Columbia Btreet
The Infallible Remedy for
Asthma, Bronchitis and Hay
ii destroys the cause of tin-
disease and relievos ni once iho
most obstinate case. Solo
ngoniH for British Columbia,
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green lights.
Send yoBi' spare table, chair, re
frtgerator, si-wing machine or tiny
thing else you  wish to dispose of    to
Benzie's Auction Mart, t>:in Clarkson
street.   Prompt returns, 1786)
a government road gang wlll short
ly commence work on tin- road rrom
the Ollery, Porl Moody, lo Mlceville.
about one and a half miles In length.
Ill" road Is to be remodelled and will
Connect  with   tin-   Barnet   road.
Mr. and Mrs. (I I- F.arle, who have
been the guesta of Mr. and Mra. II
Schaake for lhe past two weeks, have
relumed to their home In Seattle
Mrs    Earle   leaven   there   shortly   for
Portland to visit her daughter, Mrs.
Kiiiupe, and after ii few weeks vlHlt
there she leaves for California lo
���pend a lew months with ber mother
and Hlster.
Just arrived a  Hprlng stock of    the
latest tweeds and worsteds for both
ladies and gentlemen's tailoring, Satisfaction   -guaranteed,   Baker * Mc-
CBUley,   Dunainulr   block,   Eighth   St.
Mr. T Turnl mi. building Inspector,
[addressed   some   forty   unemployed
I laboring men In the city ball on  Wed
nesday evening and explained the ef.
| forts of the oounall io lecurd work
inr residents, lie stated thai there
men rorty-flvo applicants registered
l as desiring employment and he hoped
| to have lliein all 111 WOrk III lhe be
gllllllllK    of    tbe    week.
When    OlOSt    oT   (he    people    lire    still
I sleeping, the- members of No.  i  lire
Station nre out every morning prao-
) tiling   on   the   new   iiiial   ladder,   Hie
wail  ladders nml  also Jumping  Into
tb-' life net. Chief Watson reports
the new atinl truck working In line
order now Ihni lhe hearings have be
coiue loosened up and early morning
trial  trips ure  being iniiile quite  fn-
Mr. ii s Cameron, a representative
from the Trades mul Labor Council,
went into figures showing Unit a $.'!
n day wage was far loo small accord
Iiir to present day prices and thai a
man with a family of three stood
poor chance of making headway if
working for that wane It should
least be M per day
Mr   Cn ron  erltlii/.eil   Hie  iiovern
in. nt emigration loheme in bringing
out  people  from  Europe,     lie  upheld
the movement for municipal labor
bureaus ami hoped   the   government
would    eliminate   the    private   owned
employment agencies, which taken on
the  whole are  none  too  iiullsfactory.
ih.. session adjourned at 10 o'clock
Morning   Session.
Tin-  firBt   witness on   Ibe  stand   In
the morning  was  Mr.   W    IMtcham, a
member of the Association of Stationary engineers of B c, who dwelt on
the long hours the members are compelled tu work and his solution of lhe
Long hours nnd small pay, wllh altogether  too  mucb  work  on   Siindnys
were ibe grlevanoes outlined by the
Fish   for  Friday:   Salmon,  Codfish,
fresh  Halibut,   Oollchans,   Herrings
and Soles,    Eastern Oysters, Crescent
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phons  98. 447 Columbia   Street.
J_lll_l. W.J.'l
Spring Opening of Ladies9
New Suits and Costumes
Right in time for your Easter
Of individuality and distinctiveness
This season we are ready for our rapidly increasing
business with a greater range of styles and varieties,
selected with great care as to quality and finish. We
solicit your inspection and suggest an early selection.
Easter Sunday is on March 23rd, about three weeks
earlier than usual.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best in the Market.
85c. per sack 100 lbs.
���Hatt Cook
527  Front  St.
New Westminster.
Hovliied and complete to dst��, show
inx public buildings, principal Industries, railway tracks and number of1
lots.    l'.v��ry street plainly murked
Kvury business man
size, 9x3 feet
need-, ono.
;   also   pocket
Room  25   Hart   Building.
Canada'sFire Loss
For January
DuriiiR January 13,813,885
llie J ii OBn&da, and It lives
tin'  b/rfs was $1,768,906,
urib of property was
era butt nt those fin-s.
destroyed  by
in Deotmber
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 706 Columbia St.
ni.ilti'r wbnt
lil I     n nd
t Will Pay Youladies> Handbags
g|to brim? your proscription to tin; doon . **** iminHmjW
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
doctor writes it wn
you may b.. sura
uf getting exactly what your dootor
orders nt prices basi.d mi services
rendered. Thirty years in business,
Biggest and besl drug store In city.
Curtis Drug Store
and   SEEDS,
Phone  43;   L.  D.  71;   Res.  72.
New Westminster, B. C.
Engineering   Co.,
Arc you one of thc many,
whose livelihood depends
upon the fishing industry?
If so consult us before
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engines Cannot be beat-
.jn. Economy and reliability.
Machine Works
Ltd., Nsw Westminster.
146 Columbia  Street
Phone 45J
Forty years In use, 20 years
St.mil.mi, prescribed and recommend
ed by physicians. For Women's Ailments. Dr. Martol's Female Pills, ot
your druggist.
Home For Sale
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
A full line of Drugs, Chocolates, and Fancy Stationery.
Prescriptions and Recipes
our specialty.
A. J. TYSON.    ,
No.   1    II.
ciiiiti near tju
II   bus  so
renlence;  full
Tbis plaoe
anyone can  bundle It
PRICE,  t-MOO, $/"B0  CASH, bnlancc
n  hone b-t us show you this pluce.
Agents  for   Pacific  Coast   8teamshlp Co.
���a   Is  ii  Hpli-ndld  home for sub- oheap,    In a K'l'iil  l<>-
tea's l'nn. mul new sohool,
mi birnii oomfortabla rooms with overy modern oon-
basement; on a large lot, 68x181 foot,
in below ralue ami thn terms are suoh tlmt almost
memtlily.   If ynu want to buy
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We writ, Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
��� ul ���IIMUNIIH O'lll tt   M.P, pninitllNT.
1. D  MATTHIWS, VK). .pnimui III.
C. A. BOQERT, Oeneral Manager.
Capital paid up      ....      $(1,000,000
HaMrva Fund      .... $0,000,000
Total Ailat. $70,000,000
Don't Risk Losing Your Money
by carrying It wllh you, or hiding II si home.    I:lre or robbery
may wipe oul Ihe savings o( a lifetime In ��� lew moment].   Ltt Ths
Dominion Bank tak* oars ol tham.   it cosh you nothing lor this
protection- In fact, your money will earn Intereat II deposited lu
Uie Savings Department.
NEW Wl BTMINBII II IIIIANI ll :   a  M.  MA rill WHOM. Manager.


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