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The New Westminster News Aug 15, 1913

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 Mil  Wllgli
News Classified Adt #"
Have proven their wort' >     the
results   they   produce.       *   y   fill
targe   or   small   wants -Is     small
The Weather.    ,     .'t..
New Westminster and tte toajr
mainland: Light �� ""SSS to5 *"
chiefly cloudy, with show*���- ��
Block of $5000    Cold���-Tneineer    a
Valuatcr to Report on Cas Plant
Ccpper Miners  in  Michigan  Riot and
tlood  Is Shed���No Settlement
in Sight.
Announcement that  another    block '
bonds aggregating $6000 had  beeu
Silent Warning of Maxim Guns and Hundreds of Rifles
^IICIU vru-iii   r, �����.,-��� Prolootion andld.spoaid ��r **��� ** "r,ce of 96 ne* *V
Checks Mad Rioting���Soldiers Assure I rolection ami,  ^ ^  meetlng  0(   ht
V,nttKS mau in��       �� , yesterday.    Several  enquiries
Ti,e0n in Hiding Return to Homes���1<our bpcciai i b-i       nad M to toe Ba,e of the bonds
These in Hiding Return
liccmen Are Still Missing
. Kour hundred Victoria
troops, In command of Colonel
Hall, arrived in Nanaimo yesterday morning.
Several companies of the
7'Jnd Highlanders and Sixth
regiment of Vancouveer left
that city last evening for the
scene of th" strike.
Everything quiet In Nanalmo,
but trouble said to be Immin-
i ut.
Herald still unable to publish.
Jingle Pol mine reported to
have made terms with 0. M.
of A.
Western Fuel company decide to Ignore claims of thc
I police refused and Its attitude became
Owners Obdurate,
During the whole of the trouble the ,   .
.Western   Fuel   '"'"""nv.   owning   the I -^
Calumet, Mich., Aug. 14. -One striking copper miner wa^ killed and two
deputy sheriffs were ybunded tonight
in the first fatal outbreak of the copper miners' strike. The fight took
place at Seebervllle, an Italian miners'
out the council decided to await fur- settlement. The dead miner was klll-
ther developments and better pr.ces ���<-'���*> whl'e rfBlHtlnB arrest
offered before disposing of the re- ! J'1,* deputies went to Seebervllle to
malnder gPt      " 8trlkerB who had forced the i
,, ' i. '���., hnm.  ii,... ���i���.���i,i n���. ..l.v 'line of guards at the Champion mine
it Us probable that should the city i       h     (, ,   ^ construction ernor Glynn
dec.de to take up tbe opiion on the | The two strikers,
Lieutenant-(Jovernor Glynn
to Make Demand for Position of Governor.
Women Spectators at Unsavory Diggs
Case Ashamed  to  Ee  Photographed There.
Conciliation   Board   Finish
Work in B. C. E. R. Employees' Dispute.
Mrs.  C'Jlzer to  Be  Etar  Witness    at
Trial Is Still in Critical Nervous
Westminster    gas    plant,    and
��� ..,,���..   ,���-,. tbe  matter  belore  tlie Citizens
com any,  omUng    ne rallncal.0���,  q,.  ��ole on  the Co
principal nines, naw ronwlned ODuU-       ... w.��� .
rate and the head officials connected I j'"'1"1"1 u��'�� Question Wt also be
with the company state they wlll make J**60 on th8��am�� <late, thus saving
no attempt '     ���   -���     -i-���  ������tii! the expense or a double eleetlou
the rioting
to meet  the  miners
has   ceased   and   the
lta tors  and   members   of   the   I WW.
who are alleged to have been drafted
;in by lhe head officials of the union,
have been sent out of town.
I    The only new development In connection with the demands of Ihe mln-
1 iera is the report that the .lingle Pot
''owners, controlled by the Vancouver-
'-  Nanaimo Conl  company, have agreed
' 'to recognize lhe union and meet their
i-jdemands.     This  report   Is   not  taken
i:  seriously as It Is pointed out that the
!������!.Ungle  Pot is so situated  that  unless
t ]the other mines are ln full operation
i ithe  cost  of  shipping    the    coal  out
i wonld he too great.    The mine when
Albany,   Aug.   14.���Lieutenant-Gov-
    will make a formal de-
  though mand on Governor Sulzer tomorrow for
without pastes, refuled to be halted j possession of the executive chamber
by the guards. Later when the depu-;at tbe capitol and thus bring to an
ties went to Seebervllle to arrest the,Issue the question as to who Is gov-
men the strikers gathered and at-1 ernor of the state of New Vork. This
j tacked the peace officers with bottles! was announced tonight by friends of
and  revolvers. ithe lieutenant-governor.
In tbe fight two of the deputies were! Meanwhile the governor's wife, who
hurt and one of the strikers fatally | is expected to be the star witness
wounded ^^^^^^^^
Hen.  Jusllee   Murphy,   Mos���� B. Co-to-
worth and H. O. Alexander Were
the Arbitrator*.
To  Retain  Ennlneer. iiiuini6,���,.u��, ���	
In connection with i..e gas plant il hurt and one of the strikers fatally
was decidid that the city retain the'wounded. Many Bhot* Were exchang-
���ervlces Gl an expert gas engineer |ed and a number of Uie strikers were
who  Is  to  report  as to  ihe  value ol "   '      �����-����-- ���.��� .������-'
the plant and what advantages it
would oITer to the city should the lat
ter buy It. An independent valuator
was aUo authorized  in order to es'l
San Krancisco, Aug. 14.���Lola N'crris |
followed Marsha Warrington on the,
witness stand und repeated virtually!
unchanged but in stronger t"rms the
story of seduction, Intimidation and i
elopement from Sacramento to Heno, i
on which the government baseB its
prosecution   of   Maury   I.   Dlggs   and
Drew  Camlnettl under the Mann act,  ^^^^^^^^^
which   forbids   the   transportation   of
women for immoral purpuses from one     After several  weeks    of    work, in:
state to another. which the whole situation ma regards
The day was punctuated by a series * the  cost  of living on  the coast com-
of sharp minor surprises. One of these   pand   with   eastern   c-itiea   bma   been
waB the opposition shown by the au-  gone  into,  the  board  of  coacBlatton.
thorlties to the vulgarly curious who   recently  appointed    to    consider the-
are daily following the trial. terms of agreement between the B. C
Covered Their Facet. ft.  R,  and  Its  railway  and shop ��a��-
During a ten minute recess in the \ pioyees, covering wage achedalee ami
afternoon session, photographers and ��� working conditions, was '     "" *-*���-
moving picture men invaded the court       - ��� -������ -������
and  there was a flurry  among
! injured In the melee. ^^^^^^^^^^
The first ore taken irom the Cham-
Iplon mine since the BtHke began was
hoisted today. A conference waB held
today but no decision was announced.
ft ft ft
Nanaimo, Aug. 14. -Nanalmo tonight resembles an armed camp. The
scenes of laBt evening have changed
from a bowling mob destroying property, to a city practically under mar- "l""
tlal law where the red coats are to ,"fre
teen  In different  sections of    the
ft ft ft ft I running full time only employs about
TO men.
The "2nd Highlanders, of Vancouver, together with possibly two or
three companies of the 6th regiment
will probably be moved out to Cumin r-
land and Ladysmith once they arrive
or sympathisers who desire to create      "V.","    '"'.,,
trouble.    At the  preaent     time    both  SSfiS'lSLS;^"vl?'"^!*!
 ,  ���     M      lowlnR the battle  between  'he  o
-     ' ���   ~~..nmn.*   ���,���,
ready' to fire  upon  any  strikers!    ���    ��P��e'��l Constables Missing.
���      .    ,__'.       ,   I     Bxtentlon,   Au-z.   14    Tour    spec'al
parties, or In fact three parties    the ia"n(,"Se rtrlkers of yesterday and*the
mine operators, the strikers, and the i mlm,irv  ���re  semiring    the    aujaoei
mllltla.    are    awaiting    developments   woods for them.
come at any moment. j    M(l|;, of the 1Ut]p colliery villaise ls
...e arrival of the militia and |n t,P;iI) of smouldering ruins    Scarce-
regular troops  was unexpected  at s:).-|v   .   Yumse  but   has   suffered,  not  a
early u dale is putting It mildly. Thc i ,,a���,. ���f  K|,iR, |��� to be  seen and  the
while dearly  loving  to  rush ;^���-i�� lo estimated  at thousands of
mate the value of the real estate own
ed by the gas company.
Two representatives of the Northwest Construction company appeared
before the council ln regard to the
Sapperton Bewerage scheme ol which
it has the tender. This company recently offered to go ahead with the
work, taking the botidB fur same as
payment. A report from the finance
committee will be made within the
j next few days.
The question as to whether the city
j owns tbe land near the Kraser rivei
i bridge ou the Bouth Bide of lhe river
was   referred   lo   the   engineer,   who
I w.ll take the matter up with the Sur-
ey municipal authorities.
at bis trial, lies mt critical condition , ���-^-���j^y,- ln ,ne case and the wo-
In the executive mansion.    Her ner ���*���* ���  _.mtm
vous collapse of yesterday, which was I
accompanied by hysteria, grew so serl-1
oub  this  morning that the  governor
sent to New York for two more specialists.
Her condition was reported as somewhat improved tonight.
No Announcement.
With the situation thuB complicated various departments of the Btate
government marked time today and
with one exception made no open announcement of their attitude toward
'either claimant. Lieutenant Colonel
IE. B. Howard, of the Btaff of Adjutant
General  Hamilton, called    upon    "*���**
men spectators, all of whom covered
their faces. One photographer was
arrested and fined $50. The court confiscated his negatives.
Judge Dlsapprovec,
Early in the day the court commented Bharply on the presence of women.
"1 see some very young women ln the
rear of the court room," said the
judge. "Are they accompanied by
their mothers or chaperones  '
  handed tooth
to the men and also the company yeaterday.
The full report of the findings "rill
not le known for a few days yet ae it
has been sent to the Dominion anttior-
itle- In Ottawa.
Mr. Justice Murphy, chalrrosa of the-
1 ( ard. bus said that it wquld be fitting
If both the company an* the uuipluy���is
deferred comment on the matter ud-
tll the report Is presented through the
Dominion officials.
In accordance with the request of
the chairman of the board,    il
leir   Ulyiug, d   ",    .����!���	
One of the glrla spoke up and said I stated  by  the company laat
Ratepayer Insists In His Queries Until' lieutenant-governor today and form-
lally  recognl-zed  the  authority  of  Mr
^  _ eve-nine
thej were. .that lt had no statement to make on.
"lf that ls the ease." said the judge,  the subject of the award at the pre*
then the responsibility is on their eld- Unt time.
ers and not on the court." I  	
ln   the '"���'    .tttattm     Marshal    Little  or nothlne could  be learned
morning     session     Marsha
Councillors at Coqultlam Grow
At the Coqultlam council
ou Wednesday afternoon, W
lloche^tcr   road,  ra.aed  quite  a  com
Men Meet Tonioht.
  Little  or nothing could  be
Warrington "concluded her testimony I from tbe employees of the "'�����P��">i
on cross-examination when Judge Van in Westminster last evening, althongl
Meet cut short the questions of Na-   li  Is reported that mass meeting, ot
  , .than CoKhlan for the defence with a the different unions will be held mm*
tant general, who was about to leave than Logman^ io elicit-   ultaneouBly in New Westminster Van
I town     Mr. Glynn had none '��    ^thl���g;  new  or  material  to  the  couver  and  Victoria  this  eve*ag *
meetlna      Secretary ot State Mitchell was also Ing  notning  u i^   ^^   &Moa   tQ  take  ������  u,e
WhUing 1 reported, by one of Mr   GljnsB MW ca^ere de���nlte   assurance   to-   matter.
Wn8''porters, to have recognized th ^c alms      ^ ^ cagc wm extend  over
Glynn by asking if there were any or-1
ders be cared; to transmit to the adju-l
tbat may
strikers  w
the troops, appear to be afraid ot the
rifles and ball cartridges in tbe hands
ot the militia.   They realise lhat   a!
urea'   iHftcrenco   exists   between   the
mllltla augmented    hy    two  machine
guns,   and    special     constables    who
were   bandied   roughly   yesterday   and
siuppid back   to   their   destination.
Hence the quietness that prevails in
the city  this evening.
Return  from   Hiding.
The Victoria troops, with the exception ot ix small lection left to
guard the mines at Extension, return-
thai place t li Ih evening and
camped In the cily. While
many strikebreakers,
trouble  were  routed
Many of
ed  iron
are now on'
m    Bxtenslon
who   during  th ,
,  ',  ol  their homes and chased to
returned from hiding
Unjust as
In  sIkIii.
wood..  .
as they saw proi
Many are ixs yet uiiuceount.-d for aad
d that several ot them may
per.ah   ln   lhe   woods   from   Uo-     In-
'       il'irln^      j
house   but
cane  of  glass  is
d-"nngc ls estlm
Mor" destruction would hi've
place hern todSV had not th"
,"rr|v,'il In the nick of lime
the ptrlkers are armed with revolvers
'nt t'cs" are no match against
lone distap"e r'f'es and added tn the
lstfr are two Mot'"! nuns In charge
pf   tl,,.  g'trrisop   artillery     men     from
I Esnulmalt, ready to sweep the fltstricl
with shot shop!.! any more disorder
break cut Telephone communication
which wns cvt between here and Nanaimo lh'�� mornint? h-is been restored
but only for a short time
,. of the lieutenant-governor.
and It was
veek.   There will be no ses-
motion on the llurqultlam water ques- ,������ "would refuse Governor Bulser Mnt..next ^--^-^    of tw��� week
���'"" 'access to the great Beal of the state  *""''""  ,,__rtav    ijeia Norrls will re-
ermisslon to ask a ques-  ^V^V^r. Is kept In the sec-  or ne*t Monday.   Lela
��� sunn- the Btand tomorrow.
Route Mapped Out Will Be Presented
to  Postal   Authorities for
Gran ed    pi ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hon.  Mr.  Whiting asked several, im-.
plyinR   unfair   d.Bcrlmlnatlon   on   the  'etary s 0"">ce*   	
part of the council against Rochester ; M Oovernor SuUer made no effort to- , ���-
and Austin roads and in favor of day tov ,re,8l6t "r,v,ce "P0" mm J lh; tl AU|FD CUAUI IT
North read aad Mai lardvllle resl- ���*��*>��������<���> ��� ""^les of Impeachment [^^[^ MlUll W\
.    , iand the summons of the senate call- ��� fc" " ���fc''���   ******* **    ������"
-rv,' - ��� i ,_ j .>. . .. ing  upon   him  to appear balore  thc|
������   dVeIZltftl       M.n    o iT WM-court of Impeachment on Sept. IS
no  discrimination;   Maillardville  peo-      M    Glynn in the capacltv of acting
pie were to get  the waler under tiif  sovmor;   BeMtor Wagner, as acting
local Improvement   law   aud   would Ueutenaat-governor,     and     Speaker
They had not  s,nith, sitting as the board of trustees
of public  buildings,  on   Monday  next.   Reeve
sti r-
One ^^^
to have given
the authorities
have been ship-
it is fear
the   woe
juries Uny   received
day'a   terr.flQ   struggli
In   hiding   is   reported
birth   to  a   child,   but
were unable lo lind out for
All oi the refugees
ped  to safety.
The \ icturia troops,
likely  to march to Cumberland  sometime  tomorrow   morning  where  more
trouble   Is   reported,  although   one
IWO  companies at
Btay In
I., t.ie non-union men.
Highlanders Out.
The news that the Seaforth ill
landers ol Vancouver were coming
over on the evening bout, threw addi
tional consternation in the ranks of
lh" strikers and lhey have little prospect ol creating more trouble In the
Btreets cr at the mines unless lhey
rlhk   of   being   riddled
W.Ht   Co-
Stock  He Bounht     for    Three    Cent
Now Worth Dollar with Prce-tccts
of Going Ctill  Hi-riicr.
4nii strong,
least   are   sure    to
Nanalmo and offer protection
clash   will
tomorrow  be-
iiin   the  ***"* ���*���*  i��im   nuuivu   with
Several of the agitators among
miners, however, are said  to be urg
ing   desperate  action  and   it   is  alto
gather  probable that
iable  place some  time
I ween the men and the troops.
Orders have been pusBed out to the
under   offlcerB   In   command   of     the
troops  to arrest any  men noticed In
citing  to  riot  and  to  ahoot  if  necessary should the occasion arise.
Herald to Publish.
Alihoiigb ll wub given out that the
Herald,    the    local    morning    paper,
would  Issue on  Krlday  morning after
a rist of two days It announced this
evening   thai   no   attempt   would    bc
mado to start    tbe    machinery  until
early that morning owing to tho chlel
of  po.lce  falling    to    provide    '"*" ���
protection.    The  manager
ataled this evening Hint be would see
' '    would    be   on    the
und    would
of the    mllltar.
that the Herald
seek the protection
Wallace,    Idaho.    Aug. 14.���One
the long lost stockholders of the
Tamarack ti Chesapeake Mining com
pany, recently absorbed by the Tamarack    -^    Custer    Consolidated    company.  Patrick J.  Hurley, who  was lo-
loated   at   Kingman.   Ari/.,   by   an   ar
tide in a newspaper last December,
'has made his appearance in  Wallace,
'to claim IiIb 1260 shares of Block in
the new  corporation.    The Issue  was
bjuglit by  Hurley lor from    I,    to    '.,
cents a share and is now worth approximately $1, witli prospects of It
becoming more valuable still, as tin
Tamarack & Custer is regarded as
among the most promising mines in
the Coeur d'Alenes.
llurliy worked for several years In
the Mammoth mine, wiih which James
F. McCarthy, now president and g n
eral manager of the liccla company,
was then connected, and when he lefi
the  district  about   lHlll!   he   deposited
ills certificate with Mr. McCarthy tor
sat' keeping and It has lain in the
vaults of the Hecla company await
ing a claimant. Afier reading of the
lefforla of the officers of the Tamarack
'A Chesapeake company to locate him
Hurley endeavored to Identify himself by letter, but Blnteil that he bud
lt'lt the s ock with a man by the
name of Carter.
! Th.3 led lo the belief lhat senne
one was endeavoring to Impersonate
the real Hurloy nnd the company re
fused lo ihllver the ccrlillcale, Ac
c'dentally meeting Hurley on the
s'reet In Wallace recently Mr. Me
Carthy Immediately recognized him
and the Btock has been delivered to
Darih. Councilor
. Cockerlll and F
It.  J.
off cers should nny
to loot lh�� promises.
The staff of thai  paper
In a position, not       ' ~ "
Bunday as they have
by the striken and more
tempi has been made '
attempt he made
���":��� ���'.';  ';���
have been   ]
to be envied, since |
been Singled out;
thin one alto do Ihom In- '
Hard cn Strike-Brcskers.
More disturbances occurred on thn
rtrects during the time the mllltla
were nt Extension, several strikebreakers being recognised and u few
of them being roughly handled. One
man was chased through tbe principal
Mreet to the police station where he
nought sanctuary. The crowd de-
��� '     ' ��� Bent out, but tho
manded thut he he
Londonderry, Ireland, Aug. 14.
-The police today were again
constantly employed in bup-
pressing streel fighting between Nationalists and Orangemen. Numerous charges were
made by the police, who UBed
their clubs freely. An elderly
man named Armstrong was
shot toduy during lhe lighting,
which began at a political
meeting Tuesday
* tt �� ii tii li "
An effort is being made to establish
n rural mail delivery from New West-
m iiEter covering Burqultlam to l'ort
Moody, thence to the outskirts of Port
Coqultlam and back to Westminster,
penetrating the rural portion of Co-
quitlam as fur as possible. The difficulty has been to S"cure a route aats
'factory to the postal authorities, and
best adapted to ihe convenience of
tot lli rs. In the less acceBSlble locali-
t es The difficulty with the government Is the curious rule that the
route must not compel the postman
lo double ln his tracks for even a
short  distance.
The movenn nt was started
under ihe  auspices of the
quii lam       Conservative       association
when   the  following    committee    was
appointed to ascertain the most
ble   route:      George
man;   Reeve
C.   Atkins,   I
Last night a largelv attended meeting of those interested in the delivery win-, held in the Burqultlam
agricultural hall with Qeorge Alderson
In the clin'r.
Proposed Route.
Th��  route  proposed   ia  North  road
to    Lake    Coifio    or  Johnston   road
Clarke road, Smith road, lliue  Moun*
road,  Luke Como road ua far as
road,  then  buck  a shor:
distance to the Clarke road, thence ti'
Port   Moody,  through  Port  Moody  to
Pitt river road. Marmont road. Austin I
road,  lilue  Mountain  road.  Pitt  river
road  again    und    finally    New Westminster,  a  distance approximately of
20 miles.   The only possible objection
that  can  be raised by  the postal nd
ministration la tbat for about a quarter  of  n   mile  the   postman   retraces
hia Bteps on Lake Como road.
Big Petition.
'    Tlle  chairman   reported    lhat     Mr.
Itunacres had  secured  120 names    of
householders In the district, (avorable
to the project.   The    committee
also  got a  rig and traversed a
which he submitted as a basis of (Lb
|    Keeve llnrlh aald Hie post office authorities  would   not  allow  travelling
'ever   the   same   distance   twice;   one
must ki ep going ahead.   The route lu
this case did.
Councillor B. Martin pointed out
the very short distance this occurred
and the great advantage reaped bv It.
It, eve Harth- Thut nvght be repre
���s oite'i io ib��� department, 1 suggest
th*1 cha'rman appoint somebody to In'
t"rvlew  the post  office authorities In
Vancouver, present the mute mup-ied
Otlt i n  a blue    print  and    get
op'n'on on It.
The   suggestion
ud-.iji ed,
Panama Neela Soldiers.
PnrlB, Aug. 14.���Count Maurice de
Perlgny, Krench explorer, writing io
the Temps today from Colon, regard-
ling Ihe Panalna canal, says: "This gl-
ignntlo    and    admirable  work  of  the
pay for il  themselves
got it yet.
Mr.   Whiting  asked  why  people on
the Rochester road should be charged
the rate of }175 per acre, and on
will open bids and award contracts for,
the  capitol   Involving  about
Whiting was
answers,   d-i-
assurauce    that
to    the
at ^^^^^^
the North  road be
or $11 to get water.
Councillor   Poster  replied   that    on
the   North   road   the  people  were  not
put to the expense of laying a main.
They tapped the Hurnaby main. Along
the  Rochester and  Austin   roads new
mains would have to be laid.
j    Several   further questions  were put
and it   was evident Mr
not   satisfied   with   the
spite     .he     reeve's
everything  was  being done  to facili
tate  the aupply    of    wa er
Rochester road people.
At length Councillor Atkins, who
hnd been visibly approaching boilim?
pout, burst forth In wrath. "I object
to have to listen to him ail day. lie
dais not know what he is talking
about." Turning to the irrepressible
Mr. Whiting said, "Don't go too far.
Wake up.    You are half asleep."
The reeve  demanded order.
Councillor Martin sought to allay
the storm by assuring Mr. Whiting
that Rochester road people might bea'
Maillardville yet In the race for
wuter, according lo the procedure be
ing pursued for tbe North road was a
differint preposition. If Mr. Whiting
came to reside on the North road he
would also have Ihe felicity of cheap
work   in       ...
$300,000.   TheexcIusionof.Mr.su	
only charged $10 from participation in this meeting Is
expected to result In an attack by his
supporitrs on the legality of these
McGre-jor   Will   Open    Exhibi
tlon���Garden   Contest   Judging
Thi;   Afternoon.
nents wire made lasl
firft  annual  flower i
According to one of the officiate o*'
the local  Btreet  railway men** anion
the crisis of the situation wonld probably  come this evening, alttimush lie
expected that no serious trouble wool*
*"*cur.   This same official stated tbat
the company  desired to sign n new
! ���itr'cement  for  only  one  year,   while*
the men are holding cut for at leaf t .*i
two year agreement.   The. one wliirfi
has existed  for the  paBt three years
��� v pi red  rome weeks ago but  the decision to arbitrate the matfer defjyeif
the expiration Of the agreement unti'7
,-hp  cwictltation   hoard   'lam*/.-,*  dowu  ���
Moses Cot9W-^rfh of .V-**-.v  WcFtmin-
,ler  represented     tii"    employee* on
the board, while Fl.  V.  Alexander, of
Va'tci i*v ���   ctcr  for     .he    f*or*r*#any
With V.r   I".*!'"e Mu-phy as chairman.
Senator's Daughter Dead.
Calgary.  Alta, Aug.  14.���Senator G.
Balrd, of Perth. N.H.. is In the clt)
Mr. Baird was on bis way to
to be at the bedside of hls
who was seriously ill.     '	
the coast
be was met
gram  informing
^^^^       him  that ^^^
The body is coming east today
to lake charge
, assisted by
If U. S. Approves.
Johannesburg.    South   Africa
14.   Colonel William C. Qeorgas, chief I
sanitary official of the Panama canal
commission, has accepted the Invitation  sent  him by    lhe    chamber    of
mines to undertake the  improvement ,
of the sanitation works on the Hand  i
subject to the approval of the United I
States government.
B. C. Official Dead.
Nelson, Aug. 14. After an illness
of only a few days, Jake Serson, provincial superintendent of brtdges, and
a resident of Kootenay for nearly 30
years, died last night in the Kootenay Lake general hospital. He was
about -8S  years old.
Final arradgei
evening for the ^^^^^^^^^
shew in Burnaby, which op> ns at .
o'clock thi!-* afiernoon or. the munlclpa
hall grounds, Edmonds. Reeve Me
dregor has consented
Ol the opening ceremonies.
President Walter Rose, and i;' t'i
weather man is anything kind in hii
,  work  tliere  will   be  a  crowd   present
t Indian Head by a tele-j well  worthy  of  Burnaby    when    th��
"   *    she    was |Show is officially opened.
Starling   early   iu   the   winter,   thi
committees composed    of    prominent
citizens of the municipality and  representing   the   whole  of   the   Burnaby
district, have worked hard for the success of the first annual flower show-
Meetings  have  been  held  during  the'
few   months   when  trophies  and
have been donated so lhat the |
prize list  at  the  affair, which'openri
this afternoon, will he  we'll ln  keeping with the announcements made.
As an added attraction the comm't- \
tee has arranged a series of musical
entertainments which will be started
each evening of the two days' show,
The charitable aspect will not be
missing for the Burnuby branch of
the Victorian Order of Nurses har
erected a large tent where refreshments will be served, the proceeds going towards the work of the order In
This afternoon immediately following the opening, the judges in tho
garden entries will announce their decision. This competition has aroused
much interest, each district in Bur-
jnahy having several entries.
traffic between  Kdmonds
mom mu
rjiard   City   Will   Send  Big
K'alr  Here���Manner Mac-
Kemie's Mission.
Kelowna, B.C.. Aug. 14.- Efforts ar-
being made to make  this year's provincial   fair  at  New   Wos minster    -fc.
phenomenal  success,  111111*,  witlh   itjni
object in view, 1). B. MacKentiu. nan   ���
ager and secretary of the ttoyal-Aftci-
cultural    and    Industrial    SovieiV   -tfi/
Brit.sh Columbia, accompanied bs fc.
A. Welsh, president, aad Nels Nelson.
lirst  vice-president,    paid    a    special
visit to Kelown to talk mattera over
with the board of trade witb the object of securing the. support   ot   the.
Orchard City.
Mr. MacKenzie. fu additssCkg th**
1 board, remarked that the exhibitiuu ,
afforded an opportunity of demon
slrating in a practical way the. -great.
potentialities of ihe pntHtece. i-aut
year tio.000 people via.tal the tmr.
1 lhey bad had a large iiunikr of individual  exhibits iro*n  KcQikiiu.  bat.
for some years past th*y had. not had.
! what  might  be termed a dhrtxict ex
.";     .".      .".     .".     .".     .��.     M.     .".     ..I,     Jl.     .".      .".      ,.'t     ....
Washingion. Aug. 14 - President Wilson tonight publicly
reprimanded Ambassador H.
Lane Wilson for his recent attack on the British foreign
office. Ambassador Page was
instructed to expresB to Sir
Edward (Irey the regret of the
Ameircan government that a
diplomatic official of lhe United States "should have been
guilty of such an impropriety."
���O at shoctlng lead into men as cutting
������-. lt out. For years she was known as
(i a physician in the Bavlspe river coun-
-',;= try, acting as examiner for the In-
tt  BUrgent stale trcops.
���,':i    It waa charged that she allowed thel" ,  ���
ft rich residents to avoid military aer-
������.':��� vice by declaring them physically un-
ft  fit, while the poor Bhe pronounced al-
ft waya in the best of health. latrong corn market and higher Liver-
ft-. This led to a break wllh the state ipoo) cal)ipB. oats Steady, whl'e flax
ft nuihorlties; organizing a band of arm continues on the up tread. Winnipeg
ft ed men she set out on an independ- wheat opened 1-8 to 1-4 higher mid
ft ent career.
and  Central  Park  is held  up on  ac-   blbit,    To  Interest  Kelowna  in  sucfa
count of the paving of Kingsway, but jan exhibit was the cblecC   -nl   theltv
'during the past few weeks the paving
company has completed the strip from
the corner of Twelfth Btreet and Kd-
imonds    road    to  the  municipal hall
(grounds, thus allowing easy access to
I tho thow.
Wheat Prices Firmer.
Winnipeg,   Aug    14.    Wheat   price
were a shade firmer, influenced by
closed 1-4 higher for all months.
Thirty  Federals Killed.
Eagle  Pass, Tex.,  Aug
f.dirals  were    reported
in.iiiy wounded at Abassola. Fourteen
federal  prisoners  were captured,    including  a  capta'n,  who  Immediately
was executed.    Five constitutionalists
I were  killed  and   two  wounded.    The
1 remaining  federals  In  Abasola  were
attacked toduy, but the outcome    of
[the engagements Is not known.
Doctor a Prisoner.
Douglas, Ariz., Aug. 14.���Donya Pas-
cuala, Amazon, a military physician,
passed Agua Prieta today a prisoner
on hir way ^^^^^^^^^^
to Hermoslllo.    Her    ar
ilnlted States is insufflclentl^protxct-j^--^^^ temporarlly  al leBit her
ed  In a  military sense
thinks  that   Instead   of  8000
distributed  among  the  various  posts
along the Panama canal there Bhould ilzid Bmall towns
ft tt ft ft ft tt tt 9  hc at least 25,000. ^^^^    '
aoldlera jenreer  as  lender  of  a  guerilla   band
which during the Inst year had terror
In Sonora state
Not Worth Sacrifice.
Indianapolis, Aug. 14.���"To Biicrlllci
the life of one soldier for all the do",
14.--Thirty  lar  investors and  shippe.s have    in
killed    nnd  vested  In  Mexico would be the    ex-1
tremest  folly,"  former  Vice-President
Fairbanks said tonight  in addressing
the  mid-summer  meeting of  the  Indiana Republican    Editcrlal    association upon the Bituation In Mexico,   "lf
our    speculators    In    Mexico    suffer
pecuniary lose aB the result ot recurring revolution, lhat is a matter for'
future consideration when    a    stable
government and peace are fully estab
lished In that country," he continued.
j    "It Is not   warrant    for   shedding
blood of Americans."
j    "President Wilson Ib doing   all that
la possible to   handle   the   situation
peaceably," Mr. Fairbanks said, "and
former  President Taft  dealt    admlr-
Pascuala has  proved aa dexterous ably with the question."
ii-       Calgarv.   Aug.   14��� That   ,'1
ii:   berla wlll have a record cron.
iS   la    the    Information    gathered
ii:   from    reliable   correspondents,
ft   by W. J. Walker, president and
ft   general  manager of the (Treit
ft   North     Insurance      company,
ft   which has Interests In all parts
tt   cf the province.
ft       The   feeling is general   that
tt   the farmer will be enabled   to
ft!   pay oft more debts Ihan ever
ft   before in the history   of   this
���ft   province,   provided   they   are
ft:   able to obtain a normal price
ft. for their    grain,    which    Ihey
ft   are planning to harvest    with
ft:   as little expense as possible.
���if ft tt �� * tt tt tt tt tt *Tt tt tt tt tt
K-lov/na's Advantage*.
"People coming  down the lake by
the  steamer."    said    Mr.  M-icKc.-ii.ie.
"do  not  realize    for  a  memeut    the
possibilities of the Kelowna district.
lt Is therefore all the more important
that tbey should be well revreeeut-ed
at the New  Westminster fair, -which
was the only general e*ihibti<Ki  w��tt
of Winnipeg.    Sixteen  th-joasatd dollars was given In prizes lasl year, ol
which  JHOP'i  was lu    cash,   aud    the
society's ambition is to ex-pond S."-��.U��J
I    C. A. Welsh remarked that tiiey a:��
1 predated what Kelowna had done in
the past towards making their evhihi.
tion a success, but he hoped that itis
year   lhey   would   give   more  strpirart
than ever.    He would Ii'io to more. Wm-.
Ubitcco    Industry    well    ���*rwpreai'i��C.***d',.
People al the coast and eUewbtrn Ad'
not realize the great rewiiircKa -of t'i
Kelownn dis rict.
S. T.  Elliott, vice president of ther
board    cf    trade,    expressed'   tteartv
sympathy  w th  the objects of Uh; ev
1  hlbitlon.    He    Btated    that    Kelc-jvo.*..
would most certainly send down    a<
1 exhibit.      Exactly    what    form    th'v��
l would take he could not say, bat ba
1  doubt  it would be a district exhibit.
;: I    The matter will be fully diwiiKwd
i;  nt  the next monthly  meeting of   the
|i board of trade 011 Tuesday next,    Ivj
? the meantime, a provisional commit'
i:|tee has been appointed to deal wltb:
ii  the collection ot tbe fruit. PAGt   TWO
FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1913.
An independent morning -paper devoted to the tnter-sts of New Westminster and
at** .-v..,,  i   Valley     Published every niorniua except Sunday bit thc National I'rintino j
mxmd Publish!*** Company. Limited, at 63  XI.���Kenzie Utreet, New
CrAX-.mbia. ROHB M'TIIBBLAND, Munuoinp Director.
All enmmumcattont should be addressed t.i The New Westminster News, anil not
So '��� dn '���'!"���'��� wwn&tri o/ th* staff. Chetpxts, drafts, ond money orders should be made
mayiit.lr  to   The National  Prlrttnp  and  Publishlna  Company,   Limited.
TBltBPBOBBB���Business OfftOS and Mannyer, ami; J.-<i!tiini'J Hooms (all depait-
mtmtUs).  SSI.
t-VHSCRll'TlUN RAT Fit- Bn carrier. $4 per year, $1 for three months, llle pel
mmsuth.    Ry intnl, I'.l per yeoi, -i;,c ptr mouth.
SDVBBT18INU  HM BS  on  ayplit atlon.
I Lhe hard labor is kept up. If ordinary work on thc river
i will finish the jetties and deepen the chanenl in four years,
extraordinary work will do it in two. If it costs the city
I twenty-five, or fifty, or one hundred thousand dollars, or
I more, in bonuses to contractors and the locating of one
o, ,���,���;i.r, ohms'* deep sea line's docks at this point is the result, the profit
FRIDAY  MORNING,  AUGUST   15.   1913.
in the years to come will be reckoned in the millions
'Hie News undertook yesterday morning to point out
the one big reason why tne port and channel work on the
J-Yaser river should be finished in a shorter time limit
man that estimated at present as likely to see the completion of the undertaking. Four years for this job, bringing the time when the river will be ready for ocean shipping to a date two years later than the opening of the
l'anama canal, is too long.   The main
Curc-iean   Geologists   Have   Company
Manners That Are  Natural
and  Charming
Anglo-Saxon seems to be iis superficial forms. The discusison and do-
bales were carried r.n in the mosl
courteous language and terms Imaginable, no matter how opinions might
differ or feeling run strong. Bronze
and clear eyed, the scientific visitors
wire representative of the best of
their nationalities, courteous, cultured and healthy men, charming and
pleasant to meet.
Housing   Conditions   In   Ontario   City
Need  Improving���Other Causes
of   Infant  Mortality.
i  sp
lection   of   men,   and   their   politeness
does not consist solely i.f what to thn
Toronlo, Aug. 14. What v.as perhaps the most notable cliaracieristic
of tiie Kuropean and South American
I,, ologlsts who were attending the
twelfth congress or the International
geographical society at the university,
when seen  ill  comparison  wltli Cana*
i'o-"ii' ivi-- tn New l,1'':ls ''���"" lndeed a:l Anglo-Saxons, a
ii-vCiiwvb tu ii-vw  comparison which is hardly favorable
Westminster in getting the channel and port work done to tho latter, was their charming and
is 1 he prospect of securing a big share of the inter-ocean \^J$%��� ^cLXTto
irade and if this city is not to be in a position to bid tor them raising the hat was not merely
ihat trade till the latter has had a chance to seek other -\ ceremony to be indulged m upon
,     .       ., ,,      j,   , ,    �� i.i .,��� n        ��T th" meeting of ladies,  but a common
dock sites, the fight for ultimate recognition for Nev/ form ot ordinary politeness.
Westminster vvill be long and discouraging. cracefui Do-.-inn
The situation boils down to a choice of alternatives:\J^\^^:���.Ti7^.
Westminster may, ei��ier take what she already has re- quadrangle at tea, and each, with a
ceived and let tlie government contracts for jetty build- f a06,. ���**��������� l;m",��;>[ thf- fWM ^���������^
, .. .     ,,     i   . i     *    i ��� i       ".     ���   .���       e less than astonishing to the phlegma*
ing be earned out in the leisurely fashion characteristic oi tic Angio-saxon, each would utt his
government contracts, or she mav go after a rush job to>;" :>*"- ,,,nv,t0 ,he ��-",r.r wIth u��e '"���
, i,ii      i r i -       i ���   i      i j      i j.   ji -it iji:ii,o-it punctiliousness,    lo )is, such ex-
be completed by 191o, winch she undoubtedly will secure it hlbltion8 seem superficial, to the,,, on-
the proper kind of pressure and plenty of it is brought tvb- the ordinary observation of poiite-
bear in the right quarter. _ |3-should Have Good Effect
Two courses, running parallel to this desired goal, Happening on tho heels of an ap-
are open for adoption, one requiring the expenditure of **���� Z'TuJl?".uSSSrt
energy and the other involving the payment of money,     politeness and a deprecation of the
T'ikincr them ii lhf> order named   first   it behoves us":'' l"n,inprs of ** material age, this
tithing uiun i.i  mc oiuct   iicttneu, iu&i, i.  uoiiuvco d|spIny ni po|iBhpd and ouuured good
everv citizen of New Westminster to work in season and breeding cannot but have a good ef-
out for the completion of the jetty contracts by 1915.   The fcet on mi those who came in contact
, . ii** 11 *       j.1* " Willi    IMP    l'��l Tni'11   HCltllllBS.
lirst Opportunity to get in a telling blOW Ul thlS Campaign      Even several years in this country
will be offered when Hon. J. D. Hazen, minister of marine have failed to affect the manners of
, ���. , ���-,,!���      *, l rr*.        i -ii7*u.*i��� u,���   M- de Champ, of the  unlvers'tv    of
and fisheries, visits this city next lhursdav. While Hon Toront0i wlK) couid be seen on the
Mr. Hazen is not head of the department of public works, steps of convocation nan greeting
, i ���   ��� j*u        ) ���1   .*, 1    ,*,-,   ",���;���,,.   An-nr.    and a ckti o w 1 cil gi ii g ttu* salutations of
under whose supervision the channel job is being done, ,,,,, w ��� lind ;iC(1���aimanc(.9 by rais.
nevertheless, as minister of marine, his recommendation ing his bai and bowing to them with
to the government at Ottawa that the Fraser river jetty.^^Zi^y .riZ-^VZ
construction and dredging be rushed twenty-four hours cuamp founa many old friends among
of everv dav till the undertaking is completed would carry,��" ������"^������^; to ti�� confess from
great weight and he should be pressed in every possible Fine collection ot Men
"manner consistent with truth and hospitality before he1   T--<' geologists are a splendid coi-
leaves this city to promise to make such a recommendation immediately on his return to the federal capital
Then tliere is the natural channel through which
requests of this kind may flow. The local member in the
Dominion house has alreadv demonstrated his willingness
and ability to get results for this constituency Backed
by the sunport of his riding, Westminster's representative would carry an unanswerable argument in favor of
rushing the jetty work and dredging The city council.
board of trade. Progressive association, Trades and Labor
cocmefl, Council of Women, in fact everv local bodv that
has -anything of a public connection, in this city, together
wiih every such body in everv municipality up and down
the lower'Fraser river should consider it a dutv to pass
resolutions endorsing the request for a rush job on the
jetty and channel work
"Getting deep sea shinning facilities here is not a political matter, it is a public one and the mar. who intro-'
slices partv feelin^ into the ouer.tion is as much an unde-
c-irable citizen as blatant knockers who soend their time
- iecoratinc a Columbia street curbstone while they pollute
the air with their blue ruin vaporings. By all means keen
politics and personal prejudices out of the way in this
So much for the public energy part of the program.
As to the expenditure of monev, what effect wonld it
have on a contractor building a jetty unit if the city hung
up a bonus for the completion of the work by a certain
��� date? . . , l
Such a suggestion, of course, would be received with
*.'-< upraising of hands in hnllv horror by those whose main
object in life is to fatten their bank accounts with profits!
made for them bv the enerev of the live citizens nf the*
community.   The idea of talkin" bonus when everybody's!
so hard up and money is so < ight!
Just review the situation before passing hasty judg-.
ment on the honus proposal In the first place it is not a,
unique suggestion. Alreadv it has been tried in other
cities, notably in Southern California, and it has cut down:
contract periods by years, therefore it must be effective.'
The only questions left to decide are, can it be done, and.
if so, is it worth while?
[t ean be time if the ratepayers will it. As to its being worth while, here are the facts of thc case. When
the government has been induced to complete the jetties
and channel work in 1915, the year set for the opening of
the Panama canal, every month cut off that time will
mean dollars, thousands and thousands of them, to New.
Westminster. The canal may be opened before 1915 and,
if so. this port would still be handicapped in the race for
ocean trade. But, taking it for granted that the Panamanian ditch will not be a regular channel for traffic till
the year mentioned, no or.o r::- der.-, the immense adva".
tasre it would bc to this port to have its waterway free ar.'i
safe for ocean shipping of any depth one, two or three
months before the commencement of inter-ocean trade.
Other ports along the Pacific coast will be in that position
���and this great, fresh water harbor should have the same
advantage if it is to get its due.
The chronic kicker will bring up all kinds of arguments to prove that the four year limit cannot be cm
down, that the people's time would be wasted attempting
to hurry the channel and jetty work and that the idea of
���a bonus is ridiculous. Such conversation is to be expected
In the same way as blisters come when hand labor is indulged in, but it is a fact that blisters are broken when
Barrel Organs Annoy  Bank Clerl-,3 In
Toronto,   Aug.     11.    Street     organs
disturb  llie  clerks at    a    Wellington
strei*; and Leader lane branch  bank.
More than that lhey annoy the assist
ant genera! manager.
lie wrote to the board of control
tody protesting against the unsolicited music in the morning hours,
As  the couneil  bus no control over
the n.iisie vendors at present, the controllers were unable to promise relief,
I but legislation will be applied for nt
Iho next session of the legislature to
place the organ operators under civic
If you are up In your adver-   -ft
tisement reading    ir yon are a    ���#
close observer of the trend   of
merchandising methods as s"t
forth daily    in   the   advertisements of this and  other good
newspapers���if you have lately
experienced   unusual   satisfaction in yonr shopping and bash    :-.
ness   dealings   you   doubtless
know the underlying principle
of fair play thai actuates pres-   ������:':���
i nt-ilay merchandising.
it is the principle of service,   tt
It  spells satisfaction    for    the    ���";
consumer and success for   tlie
merchant. O
People who have something
to sell now  till yon openly all
the    interesting    facts    about    IJ
their product! and Iheir war. s.
The  most  direct  method  used    ills newspaper   advertising,   because newspapers now    advertise  every  line  of  human  act-
tivity. It ls to newspaper.) thai    ���'.'���
you turn for information. An.l
consequently,   advertisers   l"!l
their story out    in    the    open
where   it   will   be   sure     of     a
careful reading   b>   Interested
Toronto, Aug. 14.���"I believe tliat,
when we mark out the pluces ln the I
City where children havo died from I
cholera Infantum we will prove con-!
iclusively thai it is where the housing!
conditions are poor that the most of:
I the deaths occur."
|    This  statement  was  made  by  Miss'
Dyke, chief of the nursing Staff of the ���
"ity health department, yeaterday In
discussing the large number of deaths
among children during the month ot
Many Tabic.-. Sick.
"Tliere is a terrible amounl of sick*
ms  among  babies,"  continued   Miss
Dylte, "bul of all tho doaths there Is |
not one to n pori  where the baby Is
breast-fed. We (lnd tbnl II 11 aim st
Impossible to save tho livis of babies
where the mother goes oul  to work,
and consequently the number of deaths
lu such homes la very grea'. We luve
onlj  eight  nurses In the department,
and it  Is almost  Impossible to cover
the city as 'thoroughly as we  would
tike  to do,  but   ive hive  visited 843 |
new   babies   during   the   month,    md .
have kept 17!i of tbis number   n our j
visiting list. We are not In a position '
In offer any material assistance afier
giving advice to mothers, but we are j
keeping   the   social   welfare  organlza- ���
tlon very busy.
Sams Conditions Elsewhere.
"I believe that the conditions that
obtain in Toronto nre the . tmi ns can
b" found iii'iiny other cily. and it is
owing to the hoi weather thai there
have been so many deaths. Of the
number of liable.; we have \isitod there
have been fourteen deaths'. We have
Sent 30 babies to the hospital. :i6 to
the doctor, and 2r,.t to the dispensaries. There Is certainly a terrific
amount of sickness among children,
but we are coping with the situation
us besl we can."
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
H. H Y. 0, uf Klks of the 1'. of C. m����
the flrsl ami ililnl Thursday at s p. m.
K. nf P. Hall. UlKlnli street, A Weill
liruy. Exalted ltuk-r; P. II. Smith, Si>o
, i i). M��� NO. tH.���MBETS ol*
tirsl second, iliinl and fourth Wednes
��� In.     in    each    month    tit     S     p.   m.
Ill      the     MOOBe     Heine.      II.   J.      I.eillliy
dictator; K. El, Junes, aearotarj
Headquarters nr IwlH" In Boo House
corner of l-'tuith ami Carnarvon streeti
n o P. AMITY LODGE] NO. 17���Th*
regular rotating of Amity lodge Nc
27. 1. 0. O. !'\. le hwlil every MontUU
night at 8 oVIoek In Odd Fellows' Hal:
corner Carnarvon and Ktpnth sireott
Vlsltlin; hri'thern cordially InvltW
R. A. Merrlthew, N.O.; ll. W. Sangster,
V. O.'j  w. C Coetbsm,  P. G., r in
Iiu: eecrouirv J. VV. MacDonald, financial secretary.
t<>r ft Hiuiiia, Ltd.)���Puneral director
nnd embalmers, Purlers 106 Colutnbl
street.    N'-w  Westminster.    Plume  ts,
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$18,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada   and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New Vork, Chicago und Siiokaue
USA., and Mexico City. A gonoraJ
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents In ull -parts of tho world.
Savings Hunk Department���Depoeltt
received  in  sums  of  $1  and  upward
mid interest allowed at 3 per cenL 9*0
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000.000 00
O. D. UHYMNEH. Manager.
,v. E. P-AXiBJB���Pioneer PunSnU Dirrcto
nml H-r-ibaliner, 612-fild Amies Btrefl*
opposlbd Camt-Klt' Llhuiry. ,
Na-Drn Co Laxatives
are different in that they
do not grijie, -purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness. You can
always depend on them.
25c. a box at your
Druggist's.    1:
A.   11
'.    AUI
A N!
Tel.  II.
1I!S.   Hoom  I
.   liar
W. .1
J i-ove*
��� NT Ar
nk-11    tn    city
il nd
;    Went
P.   O.   Box   Bu'
Royal Bank
Incorporated 1K60.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,550,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A Oeneral Banking
Business Transacted,
New  Westminster,  BC.  Branch.
Sale, D'-t-.ls. lliifllnesH 1.,'lttTn, etc. I circular work Specialist. All work strictly
confidential. II Many, room 4 18 Weet-
mlnster Trust Hlk,   Phone 702.
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers
of Electrical Fixtures for the next
Thirty Days.
and offers you an exceptional opportunity to have
your Electrical Fixtures, Shades and Lamps replaced
and your home brightened up before the long evenings come.
Everything in our stock is marked down for
this sale, and those who come first will have best
choice.   Come Todav.
Mu-r Board oi Tradfl m<**tn In thebMrt
room, i'ity Hall, aa follows; Third Friday of each month; quarterly rnMtfni
on tbe third rnday of February, May
August and November at I p.ti An
nual meetings on th��- third Friday o:
February. U,  il.  Btuart  Wade,  wore
listerB, Solicitors, etc.    4<> Lorne Streel
!    New Westminster.    (J   K. Corbould, K
C.    J. R r.rant.    A. ffl. MoColl.
ter-at-law, unitcttnr, etc Telephon-
1070. Cable addrasa "Johnston.'
Code, "Western Union." Offices, EUI
Block, 663 Columbia street. New West
mlnmfr. 13. C.
fltff��* ��� Barrilteri nnd Solicitors, Weal
minster Trust Blk.. Columbia ntrpet
New WVstmlnHter, B. C, Cflhte addresi
'���Whiteside," Western Union. P. 0
Drawer 200. Telephone fiK W. J
Whiteside, K. C; H. L. Edmonds, I
J. STII.WELL CLUTE, Bnrrletpr-at-lss
Bolleltot etc.; comer Columbia an
McKVnxli utre^te. New Wnstrnkistei
B. a   P. O. Box 112.    Telephone   7lt
.Solicitor nnd Notary, Offices Har
hlock. 2H Lorne street. New Weatmlo
hut, B. C.
tt;irrlMt-.rfi ^nd Poilcfloi-H. 606 to 11'
Westminster Truat Block. G. K. Mar
tin, V.', O. McQuarrie and George I
COAL MINING rights nf th" l>omtnlo��
in Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta*
thS ?UKOU Territory, tha Northw.-ni Territories and In a portion of the [Yoylnce
nf British Columbia rruiy be leased for ���
term of twenty-ona y*-are nt an ainiual
rental o? $1 an acrfl. Not mon than t%<ii
aci��K will 1m�� ).*iiniil to one applilAOt
Application for a tenn*1 inuel be nui/le
tty   Uie  applicant   In   MTSOn  to  the   Ag��>nt
or Rub-Agent of tha district in which Um
righta applied for are a It un ted.
In aurveyHl territory the land must bi
dfBcrtbed uy Ht-otlons. or legal sub-nivl-
���tona of aeotlonSi end in unsurvved t*?r-
ritory    the    tract    applied     for     hhall     ht
���taked out hy the appUoant himself.
Kach  application   must   ba  accompanied
by a fas of %b which wiii he ratnndad W
ehe rights applied for art* not avanabta,
hut not Otherwise. A royalty ��hs!l ba
paid on the merchantable output of tbe
nine at the rate of five oentl P**r ton.
Tlm parson operating the mine nhall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
Account lng for the full quantity of mer-
Ohantable coal inlrv-d and pay tho royalty thereon. If the oottJ mining rights
iir�� not being operated puch rt-tnrnB HXglM
he fumtshed at lejwt once a year,
The lease will Include the <-w.il mining
rights only, hut the leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever a valla hit
an rf ac*�� rights may be oonsldered ne<s��r-
aary for the working of tlie mine at tbe
rnt^ of 110 an acre.
For full Information application ���hould
be  made  to the  Bt^cretnr/  of  the  DefMrt-
ment of the Inte:lor, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-A#,eit of  I>omlnlon  lAnda
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B,���Unauthorised publication of this
vlvm tiHcment will not be paid for.
Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prtcei i-lulil.   Satisfaction puarantned
19  Mr.Kenile  St.
Transfer Co.
<(tk��   Phon*   IBS.      Barn  Phon*  117
Phona   IBS.      Barn
B-��cj!jI�� Btriat.
HaKKaxo riellterai Promptly to
��uy part of the olty.
tight and Heavy Hauling
Eleccricians, Sixth Street
Contractors  For   Every   Kind   of   Electrical   Wcrk
B.C. Cuss! Service
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co. 2
l p. in. c
Hnd 11 ti
I,envH Vancouver for
nnl  6 :20 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for
and t4nrlhflm Points to
daya  ami  Saturdays nt
a Vanoouver for Victoria io a. m.
nnd II :4B,
Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
Nan:i!mo 10 n.m.
Prince Itupert
p m. Wednes
11   p in.
Chilliwack Service
Re Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed, in the District of New Westminster.
a (Vrtificiite or Indefeasible Title to
the ubove property will he it-muod to
William McBrlde on the 18th dny of
AugUBt, 1913, nnlt'88 In tho meantime
*�� valid objection thereto be made to
me in wrltniK by a person or persona
claiming an eBtate or Interest therein,
or In any part thereof.
J. 0. C.WYNN,
DlHtrlet Registrar of Titles.
I.nnd Ilei;|t-try Office,
New  WeBtmlnster,  B.C.,   llith  July,
Thn person or personn having In
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to ihe naui
property are requested t<* deliver tho
same to the undersigned,
'iOlh  January, 1SS3, grant  from  tho
crown io Charlotte Adele llougue.
lflih July, lsso, conveyance from
Charlotte Adele Itougue to Robert
Scott Moncrleff.
(17-n)        District  Registrar of Titles.
New Spring and  Summer Suitings
now  on display.    8ee them.    Perfect
f,t ond workmanship guarantoed.   701
Kront Street.
Leaves riiiilllwitck   7
Thursday und Saturday.
Leaves Westminster 8
Wedneuday and Friday.
MR  r.oiJLKT.  Agent, New Wentmltwter. HI
ll. W. BltODlffl, a. P. A.. Vancouver.      '
We now have four trains daily and
will givo you the cheapest rale golni?
not only to Hasten) points, but to
Kootenay and oilier points, We nre
alao agents for ��\\ steamship Mubh.
For reservation and oilier particulars
apply to
B. aOUUDT, Agent.
Now Westminster
I'. A��� Vancouver. I
FRIDAY, AUGU8T 16, 1913.
Johnston's Big Shoe House is Selling their stock of Summer Footwear at almost Your Own
We have commenced a clean-up on all Ladies' and Men's Oxfords. We have got too many Shoes
and we intend to sacrifice them at any cost. Johnston says sell at any price and he is prepared
to take a tremendous loss on this immense stock. we ask you to read this ad. carefully
Ladies' Black and Tan Calf One-Strap Pumps, Regular $5.00 lines for $1.45 Pair
CROSS OXFORDS, Tan Calf, Ballon anil lace, sizes 21-2 to 3, $5 and $5 Shies for $1.4
Just Think of St!   Ladies' $6.00 Shoes for $1.45
Nothing advertised but what we are prepared to deliver.   You
never heard of such bargains as we will offer all this week.
Men's White Canvas Shoes up to $3.50 per pair for
Boys' Canvas Boots, Stromg and Serviceable, res* $2 pair for $1.00
Misses' and Girls' White Canvas Boots ard Oxfords, reg. $2.50 for 75c
We in\ ite you to visit this busy store.   If you are in need of Shoes
buy now, for never again will you get Shoes at these prices.
0 X B 1,0 O D OXFORDS for Men.���
We will make a
leader of these at pr
tan calfskin; all
new shapes. Regular to $7.50, for. ...
Men's Prospectors' Hoots���12 and 144nch tops;|h
made of imported Scotch grain stock in black andWL
tan.   An absolutely dependable outdoor boot, and T      xj
we will stand hack'of every pair. Regular to $(>.'<''. SJ|/S**'' ��Q/ nU-'
for, per pair	
Hen's $8.00 Patent Oxfords
g.to$s,   d^nr
', per pair yLt* *J-J
$3.50.   Per pr
Hoys* Canvas Hoots-
Gray and H r o w n ;
strong and serviceable,
for, per pair	
Geo. A. Slater's
$6 Oxfords
Hen's Gun Metal and Velour
Made by M. A. Packard of
Brockton, Mass.
Reg, $6 and $7
for   -
Men's White Canvas Boots
Men's White Canvas Bqots���Neat, easy litting
shar.es; cool and comfortable.    Regular   t
Youths' Canvas Shoes  '
All Sizes, Reg. $1.50 for
Barefoot Sandals,  all sizes
1 9
 ���_ *..*..     .���',..     ,:.���!���! �����Aoe mhj��
FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1913.
Fresk Water and Salt W0��*N ���� 60    !��i^L^L��
Replacing Pile*.
The Samson goea down river this
morning to I.adner, and after taking
.). l.uvoriug's pile driver outfit In tow
slie will proceed to the mouth of the
Iver where several piles at one of
the lights will be replaced.
Left ES. Despatch in Skiff, Fell Over
I ...ib and Tun Burrard "'ent to
Nn little oxoltement was created on
h,i ivatrrfronl .yesterday morning
iiboul IO o'clock when one of tlte se.i-
mi-n of the Tacoma iteamer Despatch
upset in a *klJT which he was rowing
from Uie box to shore. The man
�����a�� a powerful sv.imnu r and at ouc^
struck out for the wharf of the 11. 0.
Mamifartinhng company on Lulu is-
(and. coins down stream with the
<)nr boat from the ship and another
.rom the shore set out to his assistance, but a line thrown by Gilley
Bros.' tug Burrard allowed him to be
hrought aboard none the worse for
Iiii icy durking. The overturned skiff
was aflerm-ard-s, overhauled by the
The TOspBtcn camv? up river yester-1
���day  -morning lir'mgitig  the machinery
for the city dredge John  A.  I.ee, and ;
ia now tied up a! the foot of Twelfth i
-ureet.    She   will  take  hack  a   shipment of salmon  cases  from   the  box
factory rai L.ulu island to Bellingham,
Skipper   Putt   Into   New   York   With
Strange   Tale   cf   Deep   Sea
Vcsssl  from  Prince  Rupert  Heard
Bir- Run, But Could See Nothinn
��f It This Week.
One of Sir (ieorge Tloughty's ves
wis came down this week from
Prince Rupert to Steveston in Bearch
ol salmon lo augment the scanty
catches of thut district. Word had
n*t*ne. to JVinn* Ilupert of the hig run
liera last wvek and the vesBel was
s*ent to tak-e aockeyea north.
New York, Aug. 11. Weighted with
much flsh and a variety of hair-raising accounts of a battle between a
school of whales and a school of hammer headed sharks, the good ship
Cape Cod, in command of Captain
John .1. Phillips, reached New Vork
iyesterday after an exciting trip, ln
I which the safety of more than three
hundred persons who were on hoard
at the time was placed in peril.
Captain Phillips, whose probity and
skill as a narrator of sea yarns have
won hlm a place of eminence among
seafaring savants, told a reporter
that he never felt so close to Davy
Jones' locker in his life as he did yesterday with the whales and hammer
head sharks bouncing ahout his stout
ship, threatening momentarily to send
the craft to the bottom with one blow
of a finny tail.
"Soon after ten o'clock in the morning, while we were about ten miles off
Long Beach," said Captain Phillips, "1
sighted a school of whales spouting
ami blow ing in a good old-fashioned
way. It reminded me of the
days when 1 commander a whaler
myself. Running a little to the lee of
jthe mass of floating objecta I was surprised to see the water suddenly become animated, and as 1 drew near I
discovered thai tliere was a hattle
royal on between a lot of hammer
head sharks and tlie whales.
"Slowing down  eo  a3 to avoid  thc
appearance of antagonizing the mon-
isters,"   tho   skipper   continued,     "we
finally ran alongside and Into the thick
of tin* fight    On every side of us the
fight waxed warm, and all in all the
sharks seemed to be winning the day
1 was unable to stand still finally, an''
going to  my  cabin  1  got out   an  old
army revolver of ,32 calibre bore, taking  aim  at   a  particluar  shark,   that
was not a dozen yards away from our
W. Nelson  is having for
visit in  Mt.   Vernon and
Rev, N. J
a few  days'
Miss  Long, of Seattle,  I.s a  visitor
iin   the  city,  staying  with   Miss  War!
Sayt She Can Handle a Pick With Any!����ck, 441 Columbia street east.
Blwyn Cawley, of. the land registry
I office, in upending his vacation with
'his parents at Chllllwack.
Mrs. C. M. Nicholson aud Misses A.
and M. Nichols in returned from Seattle last evening after a week's vacation.    The   Misses  Nicholson   leave
Man���Vancouver Bill
up in Armc.
Vancouver, Aug. 14,    declaring thatl.
she can wield a pick and rock a sluice
box as effectively us must men and u
groat deal better than many, Mrs. Dorgan, who has spent many years in the
northern country and has recently ar-
rivud from Juneau, is seeking Information regarding the recent strike at
Sliushannu. in Alaska.
She expressed her firm determination of proceeding to the new diggings
and engaging In mining if site can only
get there.    She is not afraid of physical difficulties, but unfortunately an
edict lias gone forth  that  no women
are to be  transported  on  the regular
boats  plying  down    the     Yukon  nnd
White rivers to the head of navigation
on the road to the recently opened gold
fields.   Tlie restriction against women
gold seekers was made for several rea.
sons.    One is that the conditions are
considered too rough for women while!
travelling,   and   lt   is   stated   that   no
accommodation exists at present either i
en route or at Sushanna; and another:
is that   tickets are at  a  premium oul
the boat and  the men are given  tiie
Tribute to  Her Memory.
for   Alberni   next.  week.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. IC. Merger have arrived at the Kmpross hotel, Victoria,
where tliey will spend the next few
days. Mrs. Merger's many friends iu
this city will be pleased to learn that
she     is     gradually      regaining     her
Portland, Ore., Augf  14.    The Portland  W.C.T.U.  Is mi in  arms against;
the  Portola poster being sent broadcast over the country to advertise 'he,
festival  to  be held  ia  San   Francisco '
In October.    Mrs. Ada Wallace Unruh,
state president, sent  lo Senator I.ane
a  protest  against  the  alleged   objec- j
tionable  poster.    She  contends   that
the  poster depicting a   women's form1
with   the   legs  partially   bare  and   the |
woman in a dancing posture is an in-��E
suit to womanhood and Bhould not be
allowed   to   hc   representative   of   the
festivities on the Pacific coast.
"Tlie east thinks we women of lh"
A splendid tribute to the memory of  WPF,   are   wj,d   ani1   wonllv   enough.'
the   late   Mrs.   M.   A.   Macdonald   was |gald Mr���, TJnruh.    "We don't need thi?
Her quest was a vain one, however,   p���r, ai,1(.. ��� )el g0, ,,���,*. had tha Batl8.
lor when on Tuesday Bhe came to
s-it-eveston there was no shadow of a
surplus and canneries were taking
every fish brought in and looking for
moir. The season lias been a poor
.one In northern rivers.
-Hatches yesterday in the Praser
were small and all hopes are set on a
big run  for Sunday night.
Tho B. C. canners' report yc* terday
vvas ns follows:
Hellingham  go* aboul   160,000    fish
yesterday;   seiners doing  well,  but  a J
large prec-entage of humpbacks    are
���iiejivg taken.
AiroctnrVi have all tlle lish they can [
It idle, with seine-rs doing well.
lad Aeries of -sockeyes on the
���KrtHx river yesterday wore compara-
���iivpl-j -small, and most of the canneries put op only ahout -one-half of tlieir
daily capacity This was owing to the
rain aad windy weather the night
(in cieu��. Most of lhe Indians did not
>^o out or else put  buck early.
Tl* tug Imp. of Victoria, came into
'this port yesterday and cleared lati'
i n    he day.
fan Ion of seeing the creature sprinu
into the air and disappear beneath the
wati .-
"There was great fright among my
cargo of fishermen lest the whales
Bhould turn us turtle In their fight
After more than half an hour things
had become quiet and wc proceeded
Tue Plrafallng came
rirt,t of  public  work;-
I 'lay after-noon.    She is
BBriler  than   usual   in
lo lhe depart-
wharf yester'
up   one   day
order to have
-cpairs made
-vroke-n header
to "her  machinery.     A
ll the    cause   of    the
London, Aug. 14.- Money was in
good demand today and discount
rates were easy on the unfavorable
bank statement The settlement on
the stock exchange w-as concluded satisfactorily, and except for irregularity
in Kaffirs and American stocks the
market maintained an undertone of
firmness  and   were  fairlv  active.
Mexican and  home rails  were p>-o
mlnent  In  the advance and  shipping
shares and  gilt  edge  securities  we;-"
, well supported hy investors but  Paris
favorites were reactionary. California oil stocks were strong.
London Investors are gaining confi-
,dence and are relieving the pressure
on their recent new issues. Sentiment
is improving on the Paris bourse, copper shares being a strong feature.
This being the last day nf the Lon-
��� don settlement, there was a certain
amount of irregularity, due to payment of dlffeiences in the past fort-
i night.
( She Just Would Linger.
Its Dice to hau- a comfortable boat,
but difficulty arises when quarters
���are -so fine that passengers refuse to
.disembark when their destination Is
reached This is what a cow, brought
to the Drain Growers' wharf yesterday by the Beaver, did. It took the
utmost -efforts of several men to per-
-nade her ladyship that the destina-
I on bad been reached,
II. <) lamb, tt'im is in charge of
the dbekeye tourist trip over the 11.
C Klectric IT Iiiii City and to Steves-
im by ste-Hinn. these days has his
haj-tds lull, hm. according to the
itrangen who daily -.'.sit New West
minster and Che -fishing town lower
.lown the river. Mr. Lamb's fund of
���vluOile inrormation and his way ot
���;,parting it a" doing a great deal to
uiipr-ess no.-visitors the Importance of
���.'..��� *>y��l i'ity and her fresh water
Pn|n 50 to 80 tourists make the
�� ip iW-rry flay, arriving here via the
It. f 'rciectric shortly afternoon and
taking the" steamer   Transfer   down
r vr-T
,\t rn-vestcm Mr. Lamb conducts
thr vmriies through a cannery where
the members -may see the operation
of caTmit.R Ttie famous Fraser river
.-HliTior Vancouver is reached about
#>30 o'clock
Washington, Aug. 14. Representative Henry D. Clayton, of Alabama
'will present his credentials tomorrow
!as successor to the late Joseph E.
Johnston, as l'nited States senator.
Appointed hy tlovernor O'Neal to serve
lout the term (if Cenator Johnston, Mr.
|Clayton wlll face the unanimous opposition of the hading lawyers nf his
own parly In the senate, who are con-
\lnced that tlovernor O'Neal has not
made the appoint ment in conformity
with the 17th amendment to the constitution. The senate leaders are all
agreed that a special se. slon of the
Ahihama legislature must, he called
before the governor will have author
Ity to name a senator.
Mrs. M. A. Macdonald was
paid at her funeral yesterday afternoon hy Uev. H J. Wilson, who conducted the service. He commented
upon the kindly character of the deceased and said that Mrs. Macdonald
had been a womanly woman and was
a distinct loss to the community, being recognized as a kind and true
friend liy many. The respect in which
Ihe late Mrs. Macdonald was held was
clearly shown by the large attendance
of her friends not only from Vancouver but many up country points as
well. The body was shipped last evening lo the deceased lady's birthplace,
Andover. N.B.. where burial will take
place. Accompanying the body were
Mr. Macdonald. Mrs Haird. mother of
deceased, and Mr. and Mrs. King, of
All Held up.
Pending a decision from tin- provincial government regarding the proposal   that  has  been   submitted   by   th-
directors of the llurrard Inlet Tunnel
&   Hridge  company  that  the  province  of
assume Pie control of the Second Narrows bridge project, no further action
will he taken hy the board to proceed ,
with the enterprise.    This course was
I decided on at a meeting of the directors held  yesterday  afternoon  following   a   discussion   in   which   tentative
suggestions   were  offered   for   solving
the question of building the hridge if
the   Hrltish  Columbia  authorities  declined to take over the project.
Pill   Board  Trouble.
The restricting of bill  hoards  to a
single seorey and to lii  feet or more
from   th.*   property  line   was  opposed
by J. Creighton for Messrs Pickets &
Stow, hill posters, before the building
committee of the city council yesterday   afternoon   without,   much   effect.
Mr. Creighton declared  as others did
when   it.   was   first   proposed   that   his
firm's business would be ruined.    He
said that advertisers would shun Vancouver because of Its lower ral'.ng as
an   advertising   city.    This   argument
did    not     move    Alderman   Hepburn,
however, and Mayor Baxter said that
the city would  gain  ln  revenue from
tourists attracted hy a better looking
city.     He   also   said   that   Vancouver
would not he bound by what the effete
east, was doing.
Park Board as Hosts.
In  appreciation of their hospitality
during the recent visits of Vancouver's
park commissioners to their cities, the '
park  board  yesterday decided  to  in-
vlte the members of the nark boards |
and officials of Seattle and Tacoma to j
he the local commissioner's guests on j
Wednesday, Aug. 30.
additional Impersonation sent forth."
A copy of the protest has been sent
to the northern and southern Callfor- i
nla W, C. T. ll. districts, to General
Passenger Agent McMurray of the
(i. \V. R. & N. and to Governor Wist
of Oregon. Thn '-wornon's cluh and
Presldenl lloman of Willamette university have been asked to join in
the fight on the p->si"-.
Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 14. The Se-
c.ttle plan was not approved today by]
the delegates to the 69th annual convention of the International Typo-1
graphical union. Following an afternoon of debate, which at times grew
warm, the plan was voted down by the
decisive vote of 207 to 27, it provided for an election to determine
whether or not the governing powers
the I T. II. should he taken from
the executive council of three and
vested in a hoard of directors consisting of 20 members, to be elected from
certain prescribed districts. It meant
the complete reorganization of the
governing power and was fought hard
by  the  administration   officers.
Today's session war, the busiest oT
the convention, the morning being devoted principally to hearing the address of Geo. I. Berry, president of
the International Printing PresBmen'a
and Arsistanta' union.
Another imnortnnt. action was the
selretlen of Providence. R.I., as the
convention city for 1014.
Officially Recogrized.
Trenton, NT,, Aug. 14���Gov-trior
Fielder has offlclallv recognized Lieutenant-Governor Martin 11 Glynn as
ehicf executive of New Vork slat".
Governor Fielder wis. forced to mak��
a choice tonight, when Prosecutor R,
IC. Hudspeth, of Hudson countv, requested extradition of Chnrl'-s Mason.
under Arrest In N'ew York nnd wanted
In Hudson county as an alleged pickpocket.
Columbian College
Affiliated   i-n   Arts  with
.Toronto University.
their dead I    Affiliated in music with]
in unlawful manner i Toronto College of Music.
The college will open Sent.
9th. j
Excellent staff in all de-1
For further informationI
apnlv to
Square With the Bank.
Halleybury, Aug. 14.���For the first
time tn many years the town's hank
account 6hows a balance on the right
side of the ledger. While the town's
credit at the hank amounts to $70, It
is, nevertheless, a remarkable showing, as In years gone by the current
year's account at the bank In Halleybury as well as In many other towns,
always shows on the wrong side and
them unlrlpall'.y is forced to take care
Of an overdraft This year's credit
balance is due to Ihe energetic manner in whicb the lirst Instalment of
taxes has been gathered.
Fer Vycek Ending Sunday. Au"USt
WeBtminsler.        Sand Heads
Itote.   Tlmn.
HlKh. \xiw
nilS 10:30
Time   Ilgt.
���it: 20
11  40
6 40
T 40
15   1K13 12 21.
rn '
13:50 1
<>:4t| '
14 20 I
1 r. l *>
22. -IT.
17: r,6
1-4 31
'.i l
2,0:05 10:10 ] 13:05
10.7    ft: 12
8.9    2 27
10.7 10 30
7.0 3 36
10.S 11:21
8.8 4 :::>
10.9 11:86
6.1 5:21
11.0 12 24
5:,   :. :.:.
12:51  10.2
4.9 6:26   1.8
11o 13  17 10.4
4.1   6 ''���'���   1 9
Sleeping Murderer Taken.
Champaign, 111., Aug 14 Gus Penman, a student, confessed murderer of
Harold A. Shaw, was pUtced in jail
here tonight. IIe waa captured today
near Danville. Since committing the
murder last Sunday he had beaten
his wav on the blind baggage to a
point In Ohio. He there determined
to return and give himself up but was
captured In a box ear today while
Vancouver, Aug. 14.���Advices re-
celved from (Irand Forks point to a
state of affairs unprecedented in the
history of that city. For some time
the Itonikhobors have heen ln the habit of burying their diad without the
usual permission. The latest burial
occurred m 4 o'clock this morning anri
news of the affair spread rapidly. A
posse was formed and with the assistance of the police the body was exhumed, and held pending the opening of an Inquest into th'1 circumstances, Feeling in the district Is
running high agalnsl the Doukhobors
and there Is a possibility nf a whole-
sale eviction of the tribe.
Industrial   Workers   Run   When   Rain
Starts  to   Wash  up.
Minot. N.D., Aug. 14. Plans of the
Industrial Workers of the World to
hold another street meeting were upset, when a heavy rain storm broke
over the- city, dispersing the crowds
that had gathered In the downtown
Kvery police officer In the city, together with moro than 100 special officers, tonight are guarding Ihe jails
and the temporary bullpen constricted yesterday to bdnse the overflow
of prisoners and will resort to firearms If any attempt at lall delivery is
made. Humors were rife tonight that
such an nttempt had heen planned.
The 30 prisoners ln the bull-pen, an
open enclosure, sweltered from the
excessive heat during the day but
found relief tonight In the downpour
of rain  which flooded the place.
Humors that  leaders of the I.W.W.
had made proposals to the au'horltl"S
for a pcace*ahle settlement of tho dlf- i
flculty. could tut bc cont'rmed.
Large Tins Pineapple.
Large Tins Pumpkin -.
Worcestershire Haucn
Daddy   Sauce   	
Club Sauce, per bottle
Liquid Ammonia,
Liquid  Hlue,  pet
.. .2  tins 25c j
.   2 tins 2",i
3  bottles 26c |
2 bottles 2"ic
per bottle   15r
bottle    15c
Heckltt's  Hlue   6  packages
Old Dutch Cleanser ..,    .. .2 tins 25c
Choice    Kastern    Townships    Butter
2 lbs n.no
Fancy Creamery liuttar    ...2 lbs. 75c
l/ocal Dairy Butter, per Ib 35c
Cooking Butter, per lb.  25c
Malaga Crapes, per Jh- 20c.
Gravenstcln Apples  3 lbs   25c
Ixical Tomatoes, per lb 20c
Choice Peaches,    Pears,    Plums,   etc.
Dean's Grocery
Burr   Blor.k.
Phone 3?1.
Cnlt-nbla   Strfft
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg
White Rock
The Playground of B.C*"
WHITE, SHILES & Co., Official Agents
rr ed
Smith's Friday Bargain and
Home Furnishing Sale Will
Mean   the   Greatest   Day's
Selling in the History of
This Store
Children's Coat Sale Con-
W>ii*rful Values Half Price and Less
Regular values to $4.75,    Sale price  $1.98
Regular   values to $10.00,   Sale price  $4.30
Fitting ages to sixteen  years;  all  well  mid1- and
good   Btyles;   for  present,  fall  and  winter   wear.
Rare Bargains in Chil-
dren's Wash Dresses
Hcgular  values  to $1.50.    Sale  price 73c
Regular valms to $2.25; to fit ages to s years  Sale
price,   at       $1.08
Kegular  prices  to  $;i.7r,;   sizes   to   l'i    years.    Sale
pries   $1.68
\ cry  fine  assortment   of  fabrics  and   styles.   Yen
should not miss this chance.
Women's Linen Coats at
Less Than Half Price
Smart natural limn coats; attratcively made; sult-
able tor auto or outing wear; with Russian and revers collar; some trimmed with colored leathers;
regular values to $10.B0. Sale price     $4.38
Low Price on White
Eighteen only dresses; sailor styles; developed in
duck and repp:;, etc.: colored trimmings; also fancy
muslin; lace trimmed; all sizes, hut not. in all styles;
regular ?T>.50 to $10.00.   Sale price   $2.98
Knit Vests to Clear at 37c
Regular 60c values In women's fine knit, vests and
drawers; lisle and cotton makes; lace and ribbon
trimmed; regular .lil values.   Today 37c
Some of the Special Friday
Bargains in Waists
Pongee blouses; natural color, also fancy slrlpcd
fabrics, white voiles, fancy cords; regular values to
$5.00,     Sale   price  $2.35
Big clearance planned for Friday; slightly soiled? odd
lines in white muslins and fancy stripid fabrics; reg
uiar values up to $1.50. Today, each   48C
Many odd lines placed in '������)������ lot for a final clearance; women's fancy and tailored waists; high grade
muslin, linen and fancy voiles, etc. For quick Btfllng
this   morning    $2.18
Prints and Ginghams,
Today 8c Yard
About thirty different patterns; prints and ginghams*: light and dark colors; regular 12 l-2c and lac
iai;:is     Today,   par  yard       -8c
White Dress Skirts, $2.38
New style* Bhowlng button rronl that is sn convenient
for washing, developed In repps, cords, ducks, etc ;
trimmed with large pearl buttons; regular $4-25
Sale price     $2.38
Wcmen's Suits to Clear
at $9.85 Today
There are only 2.'! suits on this rack, good Styles tor
fall wear; attractive and stylish fabrics, in tan .iml
gray tweeds, and muy serges, to fit mlss.s 16 tn
bust measure 40 lm lie;-; regular value to $20.00 and
$26,00.    Sale   price,  today       59.85
Great Chance to Buy
Gloves. Laces and Hosiery
All   sizes;   in   black,   tan.   gray,   white   and   natural,
two dome fasteners;  regular values to 36c. Todav'.
per   pair    26t
Short silk gloves and long chamois suede,  in gray.
tan. white and black; regular values to $1.00. Today,
Blanket Values
Well worth Investigating
Six pairs only; 0-lb. white blankets; all wool; Canadian make;
soft fleeced finish; 68x88 Inches;
values regular $9.00. Sale price,
per pair    $5.85
Heavy dark gray union blanket;
full sizes, 60x80 Inches; weight
7 pounds; values regular,
$3.75. Salo price, pr.$2.93
niankets of finest. Canadian
yarn; white with blue or pink
borders; weight 7 pounds; size
64x82 Inches; guaranteed pure
wool;  values regular $7.on. Kale
price   ������ 55.83
Best grade of fine Scotch blnn-
ketp; extra full size; at. worth-
while reduction. Weight, seven
pounds:     regular    $8.00.     Sale
price    $6.98
Weight S pounds;  regular SO.00.
Sale   prico    $7.98
Weight 0 pounds; regular $in.r,0.
Sale   price    $9.38
11-1 white cotton blankets; best
grade:   slightly  soiled;   blue  or
pink border.    Per pair..$1.28
per   pair   	
Eighteen to twenty-Inch shadow and fancy laces: in
cream,   ecru   and   white;    regular   values   to   II 2,r,
T"ll;1>    73e
Fine ribbed hose: sizes 6 to S 1-2; in tan and hlack;
regular values 25c.    Today, per pair 18C
Colored  suede bags;   in  gray,  tan and   green;   with
cord handles.    Today     B3t
White Duck Suits and
Coats, Today $1.98
Seven only  white duck sultH and coats that  are   il
most given away, but they must go  Today   $1.Q3
Ten only white muslin dresses for misses ami small
womsnj pretty styles and fabrics; trimmed wilt, tl,,,.
ace nrd embroidery;  slightly soiled;   reR���|���p values
10  $3.76.     loday, each           $188
Greatest Value in Tow-*
eling We Have Ever
16 and  18-Inch  heavy crash  all
linen  toweling;   red    and    blue
striped borders; regular 15c yd.
Salo   price,  yard s\\t
26-Inch glass toweling; blue and
red check; all linen.   Sale price,
per yard, at  gg
16, 18 and 24-Inch all linen plain
huckaback toweling; best values
you will ever have offered; regular values 25c a yard. Sale price
per yard  jgt
Rush Price on  Pillows
Kl-zo )0x2fl; feather mixture pillow; with good quality fancy
ticking covering; usually sold at
$2.50   pair.  Sale  price,
each    $1.05
Size 18x26; feather pillow; Willi
good quality feather mixture;
plaiyand fancy art ticking covering; regular $2.25 pair. Sale
price, each 7g��
Beautiful feather down pillows;
heavy plain ticking covering;
size of pillow 20x26 Inches; reg-
lnar $4,60 pair. Sale price,
eaoh   ������- $1.88
Here are bargains that wlll be
taken advantage of by many.
Sh��etlng�� of the qualities advertised In this sals don't appear
every day at such reductions.
Now it the time to put putt a
good supply for future needs.
HorroeksSB' 80-Inch sheeting;
extra heavy grade; unrilled;
value  regular 50c.    Salo    price,
P''r   y**"    39e
IlorrockseB' sheetings; at the
Inwont prices wo have ever offered; 72 IncheB wide; linen fin-
Ishod; 80 and W Inches wide;
Plain and twilled; values that
sell nl BOo and 6r,c regulur. Sale
price,   per   yard ^g^
Heavy English sheeting;   72 Inch-
fs wide, plain finish; exception
al     bargain.     !:*i���     ,������*,.,,      ||(l|.
y"r"       24c
Unbleached cotton Bhoeilng 7-4
width; good weigh! and soft iin
Ish.    Factory cost, per yd.   19C FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1913.
f>A��i nw
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :-:   CRICKET   ���-���   BASEBALL   ���-.   BOXING
F-ieir.cta'.ement of Playeri In Local and
Vancouver Leagues Wil
Considered  Tonioht,
S  i eer   players  and  all   others  who
desire to bs reinstated Into the ranks
i i the amateurs should make out their
application today In order that tbey
may be presented at ths meeting of
the li. C. A. A. U, at the Moose lodge
this even ng. The annual meeting of
the local branch of the amateur body
Is scheduled  to be held  two  weeks|
hence  so  thai   It   Is  necessary  for all 7"
players to  make tbelr application  for J
reinstatement tonlgbl In i rder not to I
delay  same  when  action    is    to    bo ***
days matches, togetiier with today's
draw  are as  follows;
Final ladles' open singles ��� Miss
Rickman defeated Miss Corbould, 6-2,
6 :i.
Filial men's open singles- L. A.
Lewis defeated Teale. 6-0, 6-4, 0 1.
Dunford defeated Eddy by default.
Shildrick defeated  Dunford, 61, 6-1.
Lewis and  Swan defeated Tuckweil
and Campbell, 6-0, 6-8, 6-4.
Teale  and   d'Easum  defeated   Macgowan and Lloyd, 8-6, 6-2, 7-5.
Today'c   Draw.
8 p.m. -Lewis and Swan vs. Teale
and d'KaMim, finals men's handicap
doubles; Mlt! Payne VS. Miss Itlrk-
nian.  final  ladles' handicap  singles.
4:80 p ui. - Lewis vs. Shildrick, semifinals men's handicap singles,
On Saturday afternoon and evening
'the finals in all events will be played,
Delegation's    Request    for    Bleachers
and Grading Likely to Be Granted
by the  City.
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
taken one  way or llie other.
Tonight's   meeting   should   be     will
ut undid   if  anything    is  to come    of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
soccer In Westminster this winter.       Vancouver    71
Tbe delegates of the Vancouver and  i'ortland   64
District   Amateur   league  also   have  a   Seattle    68
meeting on this evening to make final   Victoria   57
;.Iran.-, no nts  ai   to   what  teams   will   Tacoma    55
comprise      the      lirsi     and      second   spi kane   45
divisions, Wow wow.
"'cstrnlr.sur Represented. S-atlle.   Aug.   14.���Portland   shoved
New Westminster will be represent-  Seattle into third  place lu  the race
ed at  the gathering In  ths Terminal  ,,f ti���.  Northwestern  league  pennant
City,  although   it   is unlikely   that    a   tcday  by   hitting  Kelly  and   Reardon ;
place will be found for the Royal City   nil   over   the   Held   ami   winning    the |
In the lirsi  division, and  ll   Is eerta ii   game   10   to   0.     Kvery   man   on   the t -.
that a position offered in the second   Portland team lit safe at least once, i
would be turned down by local soccer  the visitors getting a total of 111 hits, !
njeij, ; while the locals get only live, scatter-1
According    to    a  Vancouver    paper  ,,,)  hits off  Mays  and  never got  f.ir-
last  .veiling It was    stated    thai    all   ther than second base,
players under the ban of the A. A. IT.. I H     H.    jj
and who have not accepted money for   Seattle   fl     5      1
Portland    10    19      2
Batteries:    Kelly, Reardon and Cadman;  Mays and Williams.
C-iokane 4, Vancouver 3.
Spokane, Aug. 14,���A speedv double
play in the ninth inning with two on
and one down cut off a well meant
rally for the Vancouver team and
gave Spokane the third game of the
scries 4 to 8. Douglas and Hall locked horns In a bard battle. Spokane
running start with three In the
firBt, then Hall settled and was almost air-tight the remainder of the
way. In the ninth, a walk and two
hits scored  one  for  the   Heavers,  but
Following up tiie proposed erection
of bleachers at Moody park for the
benefit of soccer fatiH, Hulldlng In-
spector Tom Turnbull yesterday
promised the clubs that he would
make out a plan of the structure and
present same to the city council for
action at an early date. Little opposition is expected from the city council
towards the move, as there will be
no expense whatever to the city for
this work, the footballers being prepaid d to go through with the project
themselves  and  defray  all  expenses.
One thing the city council ha.i been
requested to do, howevir, is the filling
up of the many holes, on the playing
patch, which spoil all chances of
good play and also make It dangerous
to the opposing teams by reason of
the chances of breaking limbs.
In conversation with Mayor lira}
and Street Superintendent furness
yesterday, the delegation was promised that the parks committee would
take il in hand, and if possible to
dump a few loads of material on they
would do so.
They Will Get the Dough.
i    San  Francisco, Aug. 14.--Ban John- j
son, president of the American league, j
is  after another    umpire    from    the j
i'acific Coast    league.    Through    his
representatives  bere    he    Is  looking j
over Ed. Finnep and Red Held,    lt Is j
regarded as certain that one of these i
diamond officials wlll go up at the end
of the season.
I Another Busher Sold.
1 Montgomery, Alo.. Aug. 14.���The
Montgomery baseball management announced today that Clyde Wares, second baseman of the Montgomery
team, was sold loday to the St. Louis
Americans, Wares will report to the
Browns at the end of the Southern
league season.
Billiard  Artists  Will   Walk  from [
St. Paul to Coast.
St.  Paul,    Aug.  14. -Because    Bert
Sullivan, of Stillwater, lost two out of .
thiee   games   of   pocket   billiards     to ,
Kd. ('(stiilo, of Chicago, bc must walk
from here to San Francisco.
The two meu were discussing tht'
recent walk of Ed. Weston from New-
York to Minneapolis when Costello
proposi d a walk for the two to San
Francisco, to be completed by 1915.
Sullivan demurred, but finally agreed
that if Costello could defeat him in
two out of three games of pocket bil
I ards he would make the trip with
Costello.    Sullivan losi.
Uo you not find your duties as executor interfere with your own
business and that you really cannot give the estate the constant
uttentlon it should have ?
Westminster Trust. Limited, is especially organized to handle
trusteeships of all kinds and will be glad to relieve you of your
onerous duties aa executor.
Our strong Board of Directors of the leading business men of this
city Is a guarantee that your affairs will receive a proper business
A. J
T. J. TRAPP, President.
First Vice-President.
��� KER,  MB.
Second Vice-president
J.  J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Head  Office:   New  Westminster,  B.C.
playing, will be reinstated In Vancouver, with the exception of those
who were at the head of affairs four
years ago when the so-culled professional body was formed,
.Inst why the latter are In any way
barred from becoming amateurs in
good standing Is a mystery to the
local delegates, who will undoubtedly
put up a big light to either have all
reinstated, or none at all. However,
th's evening at the Moose lodge will
tell the tale, and it is hoped that
everyone interested In the game will
���see   l.t   to  grace  the  affair   with     his
Pitcher Suspended and Another
Gets Injured on Train,
St. I.ouis. Aug. 14.���The local
American league club will be without the service of two of its best
pitchers for some time aB the result
of an injury tp one and the suspension of the other.
Roy Mitchell, star right bander,
who alleges he waa Insulted by empire O'Loughlin in New York Tuesday, todav received notice from President Johnson tliat he had been indefinitely   suspended.
Lefty Hamilton, Manager Stovall's
best twirler, will be out for about ten
days as the result of an Injury to
his pitching arm received while the
team was en route from New York
1. E.
S 1
9      2
Ritchie and  Welsh  Find  no  Hitch
Plans  for  the   Labor   Day
at Brighouse.
Wuffli   and   McCarl   pulled   a   double
' plav that ended the game.
| R.
Vancouver    2
Spokane   4
Batteries.  Hall and C.rtndell
,   las and Hannah.
At Tacoma; R     H.    E
Taooma   2     3     l
Victoria 5     8     0
Batteries:       Kurfess    and    Harris,
Barbam and  Shea.
At Nl
'.ancouver, Aug. 11. Wiib the arrival in Vancouver of Harry Foley.
manager and trainer of World's Cham
pion Willie Ritchie, the 20 round bout
between Ritchie and Freddy Welsh,
-Champion of the British empire,
scheduled for Labor Day afternoon
In this city, becouu s an assured facl.
Ritchie will arrive in Vancouver Monday morning, accompanied by bin
sparring partners and camp followers,
and in the meantime Foley win select
tram ng quarters for the champion.
"Ritchie Is now in the mountains on
n hunting trip," said Foley on his ar-!St. Louis
rival here. "He Ib In splendid condi- I New York
tion, and will easily make the weight
specified in the agreements already
made His one great reason for taking tlle match with Welsh was to
wipe out the defeat Welsh scored
against hlm in Lob Angeles hefore
Ritchie wnn the world'B title. Again.
Ititchle, who Is absolutely fair mind-
-ed, regarded Welsh, champion of the
lirltisli empire, as his logical opponent. The claims of Harlem Tommy
Murphy for the match on Labor Day
will not hold water. Murphy has
lieen knocked out too many times to
���claim a match with a champion on
tlie   sir 'ch   of   his   victory   over     the
rapidlv falling Wolgast.   Wolgast has
no o ami fur a return match. Hc always ref.iaed to give Battling Nelson
a return engagement, and Nelson put
up a far better match against Wolgast      Ihan    Wolgast     did      against
Standing ol tne Clubs
^^^^^ I. V<
New  York    74 32 .698
Philadelphia  6:i 37 ,63u
Chicago    57 51 .527
Pittsburg   56 51 .628
Brooklyn    46 67 .446
Boston    44 60 .42.1
Cincinnati  43 69 .383
St.   Louis    41 67 .379
gns annul i.e-i, nu mm   >,v ...... ,
��� f fleah on which to train for -Gibson; Wagner, Walker and Ylngllng
Welsh haa already started his training for the big battle. The Britiah
Ohamplon showed conclusively that he
can make even the American lightweight limit of 133 pounds, slopping
on the scales -early this week at 130%.
Welsh then started to build up and
now weighs about 138, ��o that he has
plenty of flesh on which tn train for
lhe greatest effort of hla brilliant
Selecting Referee.
The. question of referee ls still bc-
Iiil discussed, although there are so
many men satisfactory to both principals that no ultimate trouble Is expected In the selection. Welsh Is
favorable to almost any recognized
referee, while Ritchie, while preferring a Californlan, will not let his
���choice stand In the way of getting
Into the ring against Welsh. A final
^conference will be held after the arrival of Ritchie and the third man In
'the ring for the big bout selected.
Yesterday's Games.
��� York: R.    H     E.
 4      7      1
^^^^^^^^ 11    10      1
Batteries:     Perrltt, Sallee and  Hll-
ih brand;   Marquard and  Meyer.
Second game: R.    11.    K.
St.  UiulB     3      6      4
New York     7     8      1
Hatteries:   Doak,  Harmon and  Wingo; Tesreau and McLean.
At Boston: R.    H.    E.
Chicago      9    10      1
Boston      7    12      5
Batteries:   Humphries and  Archer:
Tyler and  Rarlden.
Second game: R     11.    E.
Chicago     5     9     2
Boston    1     2     2
Batteries:    Pierce and Archer;  Per-
idtte, Rudolph and Whaling.
:    At  Philadelphia: R.    H.    E
Cincinnati  o    r>    o
Philadelphia 1     5    o
Batteries: Ames. Suggs and Clarke;
I Alexander and  Killlfer.
Two  Vancouver Teams   Show  Americans Our  National  Game.
Bellingham. Aug. 14.���Although
showing class in their work, the
members of the (irandvlew lacrosse
team of Vancouver went down in defeat to the Olympics of the same city
by a score of 9 to 6 here this afternoon The game was a feature of
the sports program of the annual
marathon celebration.
The Qrandviewe were considered
the faster players, but were unable
to   s <:m   the rapid work of the   miners
Mocss  and  All Stars    Make    Another
Attempt at Queens Park.
The Moose and All-Slurs hitch up
In their third battle of the series at
Queens park this evening. Tonight's
game is scheduled to start at 6:15
o'clock, the earliest yet. If the magnates keep their word.
Nell Sliver, captain of the stars,
has gathered together a strong batting aggregation and a shift in the Infield Is likely to cause trouble to the
Bill Oraham will field hia usual lineup with either l.arkin or Horne In
the box.
Ilere is the list of All-Stars: Silver,
p;  Munn, c;  A. Sinclair, lb;  McCabe.
2b;   Decker.  3b;   Chaput.  ss;   Botton,
t; Walsh, rf; Riley, lf. Spares, Howe
Walker and Ityall.
II.    E
....   2      7      4
.   ..  7    14      1
and    Clarke;
Second game:
Batteries:     Brown
Beaton and Killlfer.
At  Brooklyn; R.    H.    E
Pittsburg   IS    19     4
Brooklyn     8     9     3
!    Batteries:    Cooper. McQuillan  and
Denver, Col,, Aug. 14.���With the
election of grand encampment officers, conclusion of drilling contests,
and the selection of Ix>8 Angeles as
the next conclave city, the 32nd triennial conclave came to an end tonight when sir knights and their
ladies left the grand ball given them
In the auditorium. Practically no
fight was made against Los Angeles,
though New York and New York and
New Orleans were said to have been
Unopposed for the office of grand
senior Warden, Leonldas P. Newby,
of Knightstown, Ind., was elected from
the floor.
and Miller.
Standing of ths Clubs
W.    T,.
Philadelphia  72 35
Cleveland 67 43
Washington 59 43
Chicago   58 54
Boston   51 54
Detroit 47 63
St. Louis  44 70
New York  36 67
The Unexpected Happened In Yesterday's Contests.
Rome Surprises were handed out In
the tennis tourney which has been In
jiroKroHB at Ihe Royal avenue grounds
during the past two weeks. Yesterday's events were tlle feature of the
competition so far, although the, finals
will undoubtedly attract much atten
linn. The victory of Miss Rickman
over Mies Corbould was little expect
ed. although the former has been dis*
playing considerable prowess with the
racoiiel    this    Bummer, and  will  undoubtedly   give  MIbs  Peele,  the  pres- ���
ent cup holder, an Interesting time If a
challenge Is made nnd accepted,
Lewis and Swan lire looked upon to
win the men's doublet, although they
���will be given a stiff bnt tin by Teale
and d'Easum.    The results ot yester-
Yesterday's Games.
At Chicago:                        R. H. E.
New York   2 6 0
Chicago  0 5 0
Batteries: Ford and Sweeney; Russell, Benz and Schalk.
At St. I,iouls:                      R. H. B.
Boston     4 9 0
St. Louis   0 6 1
Batteries: Bedient and Thomas;
Allison and  Alexander.
At Cleveland:                    R. II. E.
Philadelphia   2 9 l
Cleveland   6    10      0
llatteries:      Plank,      Houck     and
Schank;  Blanding and O'Neil,
At  Delroil: R.
Washington      4
Detroit      5
Butteries:      Boehllng   and
Dtihuc and Stnnage.
Calgary, Aug. 14.���Stopped In the
nick of time by a man who strolled
Into view bearing a flag. C.P.R. train
No. 3, westbound, came within six
feet of going into the ditch at Potter's siding, 12 miles west of Calgary.
Tuesday evening. A culvert had been
washed out by the storm and there
was a gap In the right of way about
14 feet In width. Had the train not
been stopped tt probably would have
rolled down a 60 foot embankment
with Its 12 coaches.
The washout was the result of the
removal of gravel at that place for
use In the construction of the C.P.R.
hotel here.
The train wns loaded with people
going to Banff nnd other places west
and there wns great confusion among
the crowd when they found how cIobo
they had come to being In a serious
II.   E.
7 0
8 3
International League.
Montreal, 2-3;   Bnltlmore, 0-5.
Toronto, 9-9; Jersey City. 4-8.
Rochester, 0-2; Newark, 1-3.
Change of Program.
Portland, Aug 14���-Franklin K.
Lane, secretary of the Interior, has
changed his Itinerary and will spend
three days In (1'ee-n necord'm to
notification which he telegraphed to
the Portland Commercial club today,
Tho secretary will arrive here next
Sunday morning and after Inspecting
the llermlston, Deschutes, and West
Umatilla Irrigation projects and being entertained he will leave the state
Wednesday morning for Colorado
SprlngB to attend the conforenco of
governors, August 24.
final Clearance Sale
To Make Room for New Fall Merchandise
Which is arriving daily, we will
place on sale our entire stock of
clothing at greatly reduced prices.
This is not the usual class of goods
that one would expect to receive
at a sale of this kind.   Every suit
is strictly  high - class  with  our
guarantee behind them.
We will divide our complete stock
in two sections.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1913.
Classified Advertising
iiived for Tbe News at the following placea: K. T. Hill's drug store,
028 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
���jueensbqrough, Lulu Island.
, RATES. ���
CUialfled���-One cent per word per
dav, 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
..���.red wittin oue year from   date of
contract,  $25.00.
and other furniture, nearly new. D.
Line, Wedgewood street. Take
Sixth street ear to Douglas road,
one block north. (18'.I2)
engine, 1821 Third avenue.      (1890)
Population   of   Northern   City   Barely
3000. As Compared With 20,000
in Klondyke Rush Days.
In guod condition. Apply Providence
orphanage, ti8~2)
..dans    Presbyterian church,   cor-
,. r Seventh avenue and Fourteenth
Mrei-t.     Apply   to  George   Halliday,
,,iu Tenth avenue, (lsudi
,nplv     evenings    at    212    -Queens
avenue. US99)
bix; married woman. Apply stating
-..ages and references to box 1H95
News office. (1895)
to inform the Citizens of New Westminster that they will do any ex-
cavallhg work, or put foundations
or concrete walls ln. Residence ot
\V. Davis 1159 Keary street, Sapperton. Residence of W. 11. Ward 311
Hospital street, Sapperton.      (1891)
one-half block from Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.        (1897)
with    hath,    all Summer street.
FOR SALE���Jl.till DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1826)
purse containing sum of money and
nugget brooch. Will give $1" reward. Return to Hox 1898 News
office. (1898)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. (1S2.1)
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date In the city.   Private
baths, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per month and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
Ladysmith, Aug. 14.���Malcolm Mc-
Kinnon, for the past sixteen years a
[resident Of Dawson, V. T��� is visiting
In Ladysmlth. Mr. McKitmcn has
many interesting storks to tell of thc,
rise and fall of Dawson. He went in
'there with the first rush, and followed mining In the early days with
some success.
Dawson of today is a different city
to what it was In the days of the
great Klondyke rush. At one time
the population numbered 20,000 or
more, today it scarcely reaches 3000.
1 While there is an cl ICtriC lighting
system and good Bowers, the city is
lacking in nearly all other modern
conveniences, llie mining is now altogether in the hands of the big hydraulic companies, and the old
ground has been pretty well worked
There have been very few new
buildings erecti d In lute years, and
unless something tinesipecud happens
there will not he any need for any
more homes.
Dawson, he says, even with all the
drawbacks, Is a pleasant place in
which to reside. The winters are
long and cold, but the beautiful weather of the summer fully compen
sates for the long winter season.
There are any quantity of vegetables grown close to the city, and Mr.
McKlnnon has no hesitation in assert
lng that the potatoes, turnips, cab
b iges, etc., cannot be equalled in any
patt of Canada.
Toronto Official Says It Can Be Done
���One Cent in City���Investigate
unfair to have municipal railways pub-
lishing a record of their business und
i private companies exempt from such
| ar obligation.
"The Toronto Railway company and
Its allies should he compelled to dissolve, and there should be a thorough
investigation into their affairs. This
Is the only way to adjust the rates on
; railways nnd we should have the same
power here that they have in the Unii-
i d Slates.
"It seems to tne that the members
of the Ontario railway board are doing nothing but drawing their salaries."
Toronto, Aug. 14. -A three cent rare
on all street railways in all towns and
cities in the province and a one cent
fare on the Toronto civic car lines Is
the dream of Acting Mayor Church.
In discussing this goal of ambition
the acting mayor stated that lie
thought It was time the Ontario government passed legislation compelling
all streel railway companies to carry
passengers for three oents, aud empower tie* municipal and railway
hoard to investigate the financial condition of all street and radial railway
companies with a view to fixing a
rate of faros that would bo mere
equitable than at presi I ti
"The Canadian League of Municipalities have gone on record In favor
of legislation being passed in all
provinces in Canada similar to the La-
toilette bill In the United states.
which compels ull railway companies
to divulge their business," said the
acting mayor, "This stand was taken
by the league because they thought it
Toronto, Aug. 14. Under the provision of the city by-law the union
rate Of wages and no! the prevailing
rate must be paid on all civic works.
The question was raised at the meeting of the board on control when a
letter was received from the secretary
of the builders' exchange, protesting
that tbe contractor employed by the
Toronto Housing eui.ijv.uiy was paying
the prevailing rale of wages, 42 cents
im hour, to the carpenters. The latter
are demanding 4G cents an hour.
The mayor maintained that the civic
by-law required that the prevailing
rata should only he paid where no union rate existed, ills interpretation
was accepted hy the other members
of the board. The city soclicitor was
asked to report upon "he power of the
council to force the Housing company
to pay the union wage.
Those Who Rely on
the great home remedy whieh has proved its power to
relieve safely and speedily the minor ailments arising
from "defective or irregular action of the orfjans _ of
digestion, find thcr.iselvea rpared hours of suffering
and able to ward off the  attacks of serious sicknesss.
never disappoint those who take them. They help the
digestion, stimulate thc liver, clear the kidneys and regulate the bowels. By purifying tho blood they increase
cheerfulness and creato confidence. A* actions depend
on health and strength, those who know Ueecham's Pills
Enjoy Life
Prepircd only by Thomas lltt rlimn. St, Helens, L��no��thire, England.
Sold everywhere in Canada and \J. S. Amunca.    In baiMi 2i> ointl.
A BARGAIN��� i aoroa, fell cleared, clos* t<
Cloverdale; S37r>.    Investigate ot once
WILL OIVBS CASH and clear it
66X132, comer 3rd Avi- and
for house, 5 or S rooms.
���I'll   in   let
tinli   St .
POR EXCHANGE���6 room thoroughly
modern house, Second street. Equity
liaoo. Wlll trade for close in lit i>-i,l
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our special stockes, they are money savers.
Local Salis Department, Phone 890.
C. A. DOGERT, General Mnrager.
Cxpltal paid up
Reserve Fund
Total Assp'.i -
$0,000, OOJ
A Modern Banking Institution
F.very description of Banking Is transacted by Tha
Dominion Bank. The Collection Department Is completely
equipped to handle the business of Manufacturers, Wholesalers sr.d Large Corporations.
QUIT PRACTICE Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
in tht Labor Temple.   TermB reasonable.   Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary,    I'.abur   Temple     building. |
I'liutii*  K280. UH7IJI
Ave., Tl
In anil
near Jrd St., n
mil s;\mi
ec\ lo large lul.
1 payment on ho
Fees  Will   Have to   Ee  Paid   in   Advance  in City  Hospital  From |
Now   On.
iai.k   -A pnap; r, room modern
ii*. hall block  from our,  {2400, 1
i. balance %'il> a month.
keeping    rooma, fill    anil
month at 224 Sov
$ix per
nth Btreet. 118211
equity fm
Ave, half
lino. I
Will i
nap or exchange
11   house,   Stride
KhiKuwiiy    l oar
housekeeping n'onts, 3'i A^nes
street.    Phone 638 L, tlSUtii
111 i j1
\V A N
���F.I'    il.  7.  i
.ii- for rout.
iii*. 8th St,
��� a month.
thoroughly  modi rn
.".���li   We.    Will Ipnse
TAKE NOTICE, pursuant in section is
or Un* "Companies Act," that the above
nnmed company Intends, om- month after
i ,,* date hereof, to apply lo the Registrar
of Joint-Stack Companies lo chungo Its
name to "Standard Discount Company,
E, C
Dated nl   New  Wel
thirtieth day of .Inly.
m'nster,   B.C.,  this
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
&,$?*���& T*\
South  Westminster  Cchcol.
SEALED TKNliEU;-:.  subscribed   "Tinder
111 Wi sti  Inst  - School " will be
received  up lo nfton  of  Monday,  the  1st
. ol  -.. i -. mhi r, lilt��   '���, thlt lionourablu
���   Mhilsl' '* of P il f ir the erec
tion and completlo i i il      iw*.> I ....in Bchool
i,.i . lent
1*1 tract antl forms
��� ������ .'. * mal !>��� * hi I art r the
in'i ,1 is ni Ai rum il ���' ������ office
,: Mi ���* i*. M rshnl! cn tnry, School
(fanrd, South Wi ��� mh * ��� i Mr s A.
Pletcl -      Governs          . ��� ��� '    New West-
 -ttu nt  of   Pnt'iii*
A... I.     Vlctnl   i   H.C*
t* ��� ndl       ..... i,,..   nppU'inff
o.   ���       undei    med,  ���������" tin   ono  copy  of
������i,.,      . |   . -   ,        ��� for the   sum  of
i. o dull in   ftin)   ,1' ��� i, will |.,   refunded
On   receipt   nf   | .: ".I   ol il T
Bn      - *  * . ,i musl he .I.*, omnanli il lo*
*, ���������>..,... ..,  ,. intricate of
,|, i>. ��� .���',���*. i..i i]..-,  of danndn,
*-i..'      m    * ���      In   tin    Honourable   the
Mio   i  i "���  i* v. .,i     for .i vnn equal
���*���   H of tt nder.  whloh pluilt l��.
' ed If th 11- ' iotf decline to
out i      i-itri        .     -!    ��� tiled  upon   lo
!**     - *.,:,.*    ... complete ttu* work
���wil* let' .1 tni      ���'*' .     , i* ,*  ������llflent.K
��� f   tl |   tmderers  win
...   i, ���   ���
���I*. .   *.
ol:,  '
Wltll    111!
.111.1     . ���  ���
Til..   I,
ily  a. * * |
11. , n
nc.   i.
i tn tbem   ii".*: tho ' x, ottibut of
tt ���
will   ..'    I .     .   tnslflert ���!   mil.-i-i
,..,  ih'*  forms  sunplled,   Bllncd
ictitnl si*   .* ire .,i* io.* tenderer,
envelopes  fumlsbfd.
. i ot ims tender not neoessar-
��� ���:
j   k nniFFiTH,
Pol.Mo Works Engine, r
enl  nf  Puhllc  Works,   vlctorl i,
Ml*..   1913 (1806)
;*. ���
11- Lots BOt. 803, 604, 805, one. 622, r,:'".
,;:* I   '*       <   ���    8  :.  B28,  629, nts.  ii'-i'..
of   i    ���        ���    Urnup   I     Map   HI.   In   III"
1)1 >..-.v   Westminster,   Port
iTninni 'O.i .:  nr* I n
Wl * ������ -i - prntil .( '' " h.-is of eertlfl * ifc
��� (   (Itie   Nutnln i   1 .*: 10   K.   Issued   In   lhe
������*���   if   '''hi -   '*   BImmonds  has  been
.'     i        I'.i .    ,.!' ,
v ��� ��� ��� Is liert I given thnl I shall, nl
' ������ * ��� ��� .��� 'ii"ii "l "ii-. monlh fr-.m tlte
��� ��� '������ *.r tl .. fin i publication hereof, in
ti 'lulls* ii- o *' oi published hi ih'- CH .-
, f   New   Westminster,   Issue   a   duplicate
��� ( ltn- snld i- "it... unless hi Uo* in. an-
t'me   valid  objection  I"*   made  lo  mo   in
I   '���  OWYNN,
nisti       It. ���*. ttrar of Titles
T^nt. 1   lt**'i   ������     nm.       New   Wei '*���  *
It i*. in'. lind August, ids, i im;. i
Mr. Qeorge Blair and family, of Mll-
ner, wore in Whlto Ktick during the
Mr. W. .1. Horry, of Murrayville, was
visit ins frioiuls here this week.
Captain and Mrs. Fenton left thlr,
week for the cily, after spending a
pleasant vacation at tholr summer cottage here.
Alderman A. E, ami Mrs. White
were visitors to Whit.-' itock during
the week.
Mrs. Butterfietd's now house on Victoria avenue is liinring completion.
Methodist Servicer.
Tho Res W. W. Abbott of Queen's
Avenue, Now Westminster, took
charge of the Methodist service bere
last Sunday and his preaching was
greatly appreciated. The now Union
church, now in process nf erection
under the ausplaeH of the Methodist
Boclety,   is   nearlng   completion.
New Custom*? Regulation,
The latest customs regulation in
regard to automobiles crossing the
boundary line I* to the effect lhal
oath atuo cr in.it.ir cy61e entering <n-
returning to Canadian soil after ofllce
hours ix a. m, to 8 p. m I, musl pay
a fee ot fifty ci nis.
Ottawa, Auk. 14.- As a result of
Alderman Macdonald's agitation
against the practice of the Isolation
hospital ot keeping convalescent chll-
  Itlrcii in the institution till the parents
havo arranged tti pay for their treat-
client who wiiiIment, all fees for private and si ml private '.vards in the hospital will have to
' I be paitl In advance in future
Aliloi-inan Macdonald went before
the board of health and stated his
complaint He did not think ii was
propor tu have children suffer, whettt- !
or the parents paid or not. II was nut
good business practice, lie contended,
to keep the children there until the
parents arranged to pay. The lao.
courts were provided for the purpose
of collecting debts.
Dr.   Dawson,  medical  superintendent,   explained   that   during   the   lasl
thirteen months there had  boon bui j
one case where a child had been do-
talned for moro than a couple of hours. '
In  this case, the deli ntlon had  bsei i
from Saturday until Monday.    On all
other occasions  children    had    been
I merely kept long enough to give the |
'parents time  to  Bee Charity  Officer
Kane regarding payment.
Alderman Macdonald thoughl tlie-o
jshouiii be no detention ��t. all. Dr.
Parent, however, v.as of the opinion
that the children received bettor car" .
>t the hospital for the two or three
hours they were kept there than thoy
generally did at their h imes.
"Twenty contracted    measles    la^t
summer from  this care."  said  Aider- j
man Macdonald. "You have no more ,
rlghl to keep them there, than to put
them in jail,"
"It is only done when the pnrents |
ire di id beats," i aid Dr, Parent.
On the nun ion of Mayor Bills and
Mr. N'orman Smith it was decided that
all fees fur private and semi-private
wants should be collected weekly In
advance, and where 1111 -^i 111; the tr at-
nun! of a patient, the teoB were not
paid, the child l e tram fi rred to the
nubile ward. With this rule In operation, the practice of detaining children
���ill payments are arranged will be relaxed.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branche�� Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches DeposltB of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rute paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Chcquee sold, payable in all parte of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that thej
are made RIGHT.'
Made   In   New   Westminster
Machine Works.
itulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
greatest favor   wherever Inld.
BOILERS   Riveted Steg�� PJipes       TANKS
p. o   box m?
TEI  EPHi-lNF    ���>���}>
15,  H    UL'CKUN.
Fr��a   and OenV
.  ���BBAKDflLBB,
Pfc. iid Traas
Fir, Cedar  aod   Spruce
: ~::r <
Phones No  7 and 877.
Bltulithic  on  Second  Street,  New Wcatmin-Btfi   with  Boulevard  Dowr
the  Centre.
iii'.ulitlii!'. ih nolaeleuB, uqn-illppery, practically dustlean, easy na
horses' feet, and. above all, particularly durable. Knr tbeite rOHaonu
Hliiilithio Ih commended highly by ovruare of automobiles and horBes,
hoimebolderB aim city officials, It baa been nikiiued by IKleen cltlea
ia Canada, and over two liunilnd in the United siati.s.
Telephones:  Office i
2. Residence
Agents     Palmer     ltrtiu.'   iiasulinc
K.iKlnes,  Marine   Engines  and  Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
I im^"diment-i   to   Get  Tied   A-s   Ptlinn
Up���Would  oscur:  FUnee**; cf
Uniting  Couples.
Philadelphia, Aug. 14. Applicants
for marriage licenses under the acl
recently  sinnt'd   by  Oovernor  Tener
will be required to answer 48 tint's-
tititis before the permit in Issued. Under the nid fnr-ii only twelve questions were asked.
A defect in the form of application
has been discovered. No provision has
'been made for Inquiring into lhe relationship of tha applicants, notwithstanding that tho tniirrlaKf nl cousins
or nearer blood relatives Is forbidden
I in this state.    It Is probable thai    a
i revision will be made In a few days.
Unlike the old method under which
'either the man or woman could obtain
the license, both must appear under
the new law. in addition in the usual
questions of name, residence, ane and
occupations, the applicants under oath
will be required to give the following
Name of father, nami' of mother,
maiden name of mother, residence of
father, residence of mother, color of
father, color of mother, occupation of
father, occupation of mother, birthplace of father and birthplace of
Tbe clerk will further ark:
"if ippllcanl is an Imbecile, eplli p
tic, or unsound mind, under the guard-
Ion as person of unsound mind, or under Hie Influence ol any intoxicating
liquor or nnrcottc drug? lias the
apllcanl wlihln live years been an ln-
inat" or any county asylum or home
for Indigent persons is the applicant
physically able to support a family?"
The marriage license clerk is given
the power io refuse licenses to persons
barred by the new law, but appeals
may be taken, with cost, to the orphans' coun.
j. h. Todd's Music House    Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
���ro  Columbia   Street,  N:w   Westminster.
Slnfjttr   Sewing   Mar.liinrs.     Steall   Music*!   Goods  t.i  nil  Klntis.   phonp
Phone Seyrr-our 7130.        TU717 Dominion Tru,,t Building, Vancouver.
lit IBeSBf-t *Skm\*kmtWBmW*
when >uu can met us good or belter, manufactured in B. C, vir..: the
tho celebrated "VAS('0U\ ICll" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Sijecjflcntlona of American und t'aiiadian Knglneers* Association.
We would also call Attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 in. to 24-ln. In diameter, Tbls Is also made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also csrTy a stock if Crushed Itock. Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us belore ordering elsewhere.
Phones 10 and 16. 902 Columbia Street W.
Special Excursions
Five      Daya
Meala   and
Island,   Moun-
and   Fore6t
Sails Mondays (Mldnlghl     An.
4th, ilth, ISth, 26th aud :���     . 1.
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aim.
Till,   14th,   Slat  and   28th.
Heats remain at PRINCE HUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the hew Qrfnd Trunk  Pacific  eity.    I'arlnr  rooms,
separately ur en suite,  will   or without private bath, etc., un an nil
ilitional coet.   Staterooms in suit') without extra cost.
C. SMITH, C.  P, & T.  A.
' Qranville Btreet, Vancouver.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric-
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550 ,M*WtMIMm
�����*���* us  m ,��� m...
FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1913.
'The Playground oi British Columbia
(The Semiahmoo Gazefte is incorporated in this page)
Mr. and .MrB. Beaumont hope to
White Hock tlieir   permanent
Tiie above caption appears In i'u*
Loader, published at Pomeroy, Ohio,
over a description oi summer time in
White  Iloek.
"White Hock, the most beautiful
summer resort on tbe Paolfle coast, ls
on.- of the special places In British
Columbia that seems to have received
kv extra i mount of stttenttcn from na-
ture, The wild, Invigorating aroma of
thi Mr. mingled wltb tbi <i'< ib breeze
i-. in off the :��ih wator, K"ts you be
tore you have been tliere half an hour,
��� ii is '.: o'clock iii the afternoon,
and the tide is pouring In over t'-e sun-
I aki ii sands, The iraln hc arrived
from Vancouver and ���'���' *��� Westmin-
.. [er, and Iho crowd of pie*'* ire t * ,
i rs have gotten off, tn a i borl time
all appear on the beach in bathing oos-
tutnes. Some linger aboul the pier, a
llttio timid i F tiie water, The mon
bold make the high dive irom thi nil
i | tbo large Bprlng board. Above th"
asb and confusion yuu oan hoar tin-
A baby carriages was left some two
weeks ago at the door of tbe Campbell ilver lumber nilil bunk house. The
men there state that It makes them
[Ol I "kind of home nick" and ask the
fair owner to remove it at her kind
Twenty  or  thirty  V.  M,  C.  A.  and
other buys playing leaprroj; and ftanieH
in bathing costumes after their dip onJ dencc
lh.'  ni-   front  mad  this  week  caused]     ,\|,.
a  hone  to  thy  and  an  elderly  sipln-
ster to lt wer her sun shade,
,   Tin   Friday night dance under the
direction of K. Thrift and J. Best, held
Ilu tho hall of the While Rock hotel,
White Rock Personals
Mr. M I.. Campbell, ut San Pedro,
Cal., spent a lew days at Willie Kock
last week as the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Alex Matheson,
Fletcher, Mrs. D. S, Keith, Mrs. Peter,
Latham,  all   from  N'ew  Westminster,!
antl Mm. Hall and daughter from Vic-!
torla,   together   with     visitors     from
Hlaine and California.
Mil-**   Kathleeeii   Jones   is   a  visitor
to Mrs. J. H. Vidal arid Mr. Dashwood I
Alter  a   week's   stay  In   town,  Mr,
and   Mrs.  Qeorge  Blakeley  are  again
occupying Dewsbury house, sea front |
road,  and  had  as  a  week end  guest I
Mr.  William Hurr, of New  Westmin- |,
Nurse C. Davidson of the Columbian   Jones and other members of the fam-
bOBpltal   Ib  visiting     Mr.    and    Mrs.   Ily were down recently.
"lekJ. Mr, und Mrs. A. S. Williamson and
Mr, and Mrs*.. IteeB, with friend, are   family,   who  are  renting  a  house  on
at "Penny Craig,'  'the  hummer  resi-[Victoria avenue and C street, have as
of Mrs. ReeB. ;a visitor  Miss  I.ucile HotZ, of North
I), w. Dray, father or Mra. W. I Vancouver.
N.  Draper, and  C, A.  Hobs and  wife, j    Guosts or Mrs. .1. A. Sanderson, re-
Vancouver,  were    visitors to  White centiy from California, thiB week eud
Mra.  Captain  Young antl  daughter.
Kick last week.
was will patronized mi re espi dally by
frlenda from Hall's Crairie and Hazel-
1 be h iti 1 manogemenl Baturday
evening dance was also well patronized l.y loci I people and the gut su
of the house.
The contractor in charge of the
new customs hi use on tho I'acific
highway, old Douglas ti waalte, reports
the work progreslng rapidly.
lu a, renal communication from
the n. C. Telephone ci mpany it is
elated thai a White Rock exchange
will be placed In position at the ear-
Mrs, (lloverloyd. of Vancouver, antl
.Miss Ella Patterson of Manitoba, wore
recent gucfts of Mr. and Mrs. Qeorge
Wade, "innercst."
Mrs. Robert I lampion, of New Wl ��'-
minster, who la living near the <!. N
It. depot here, has as guests Mrs. S.
l.eDrew and children, New Westmin-
Btcr, and Mrs. Emerson and family
of Queensboro, Mrs Emerson is In
'.ending to build a home at White Rock
In the near future.
Mr.  and   Mrs.   Thompson   and     tli ���
of Vancouver, are visiting Mrs. W. F
Winter and daughter, at "Little Nugget" camp,   Bea front road.
Mr. and .MrB. II. Barton, or Hall's
I'ralrie, and Masters Gilbert and Leonard l.ockyer, or Vancouver, are guests
or Mrs. H. 11. Lawrence.
Ilyr in II. Harrison antl family, and
Miss Daley McDonald, of Murrayville,
were visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. J,
Smith this week.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. Porter had as guests
this   week   Miss  Selby  Ilele, of (ileti-
wood.   Miss  !���'.   MeLeod, of (ilenwood,
A.   H    Lane and  MIbb  Miriam iand Mrs. P, V. I'orter, Murrayville.
guests of Colonel and  Mrs.;     Semiahmoo House, Mrs. M. M. Cook,
A. Vashon ami wife  among
���; Great Northern Time Table
Train*  for White  Rock  '''ave Vancouver nt HAS a.m..  10 a.m..  12:" p.m., *
glad cry of tbe little tots in the shal
low pools closer to the shore, or In the Ri et opportunity,
sand having hem the reai play-tlme|     Vl,    ���,*,,  ,,���.  |ocal  p0Rt oMlce hag
ol   their lives ' t'cer, recently removed to new prem-
'"I ���' toning is the besl time ot i,eg noar tbe depot and improved con-
all. The sun-browned, bare-footed venlences bave been added Postman-
children have ceased to raco along the ter j.*.,,.;,, fj,.(la ,,,��� increasing vol-
sands or splash lu tbe lapping water, ,.���,,. , , ,���>st:tl matter an arduous
and the sail boats have anchored for       ���������
the night    The oveningIs.quiet  You   "    ; .  ln,porUtlon ���, Bh8ep  through
hear somethli j and you    Bten. Bomi LR oT"Wh1te Rock has lately been
'���'��� somG ha-'^' Boul,lH Arf"' ""'-n the increase, no 1,  s   than   4,819
canoe upon .the water   .you got   n|paMlng  tnrougn   ,,,���   Domln|on   gov.
��� 'turn nl Inept etor's binds in one week
t.f .luly.   The total for July was 8,800,
the watt ;��� i'ou gel In
< " * canoi and pad Ile oul Into the buy
-.:. you meet numerou3 other canoes
laden with happy, contented folk.i.
mainly young, and what a lonely place
t<*  pe.
���VAu see the phosphoric splash rf
the paddle as it. leaves the water,
which looks like I'libtilinft silver. Then
with over 1,(100 for the first  week  In
"White Hock. White Rock!   Ral  ra!
ra!"    is a yell that Ib becoming
miliar to the public traveling on
IU turn and IrWk at the beach whorp IG'  -*N   l{-  ('oast  maln  lino
iu launched your car.ee, and a dozen |    Now   that  the  end  of  the  holidays
to Mrs. W. J. Mathers, as also
Mr. and Mrs. Wltchell antl Mrs. Margaret DavlB, the former recently from
China, wh'lst Mrs. Davis has Just left
here for the Guelph School of Domes-
tic Science.
Mrs. .!. A. Oott, Miss Annie flop.
Mlaa Alice Gott, Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, Mr. A. Frank Amour and Miss
Ida Irwine of Vancouver, have taken
Mr. Chisholm'B cottage here tor the
balance or August,
Mr. .lohn T. Hawkes and Mr. William Dean have a ten camp on Mr.
Frank Leeson's property.
Mrs. C. Deane and ramlly or New-
Westminster are visiting Alderman
and Mrs. Henley.
Mrs. A. J. Dav.e and family have
ra! been on a two weeks' visit to Mrs. S.
fa-1 Dawe, of "Betzwecoyd," sea front
the I road.
wen  Mr. J, 11   O'Hara ami wife rrom
New Westminster.
Mrs. Lav, ry and the Misses Lavery
entertained Mr. Orloff Qernaey of
New Westminster this week end.
Ls ii
J.D   Taylor.
Visitors to Mr.
week Included Mr. antl    Mrs.    Prefon-IHugb and child, Surrey municipal en-
tine, Mr. and Mrs. Perry, MUs Lands- pineer; Miss Woodward, of Vancouver,, , ,        , ,
;.Mr. Wright and Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Wv- Baggage delivered to any part of
| man, child and maid, New Westmin- ' the district. After the holidays are
��� Bte- lover ship  your goods to our care  at
|    Miss Mamie McCarthy,  Mr. Vance INew WeBtmlnster.   We will look after
lilldren, from Wlnnlpegg, at their sea McCarthy were week end guesta of
w. p
* ing the neighborhood. W. N. Draper is
almost a fixture here now and a large;
'number of men are busy blocking out
J for John  Hendry,  the  former  holder i
land llrbt originator of the townslte ofl
! White Hock. !'�����>.
I    New Weatmlnater at I2:r,u a.m.,
.. �� -  .   - I a.m..   l'.':47   p.m.,  4:28  p.m.
I     The midnight and midday trains stop at
'   Up trains  leave White  Rock  at  6   tt.nl..
1 *.!><> p.m.. G :07 p.m. anil 8:40 p.m.
The 0 u.m., 1 :50 und 5:07 p.m.
Orescent. ,    , ir-..
I     BpeclaJ business mens train leaves \iin-
oouver dally ut r. p. ro., New w-stinlnstfi
lat  5:29.    Arriving at  White  Ruck  t.:i>��
p.m.    Returning  leaves   White   Rook  ��t
17:50 n m.. arriving New    Westminster at
8:3a. Vancouver at 3.00.
Polish  while    you wait    and    set
Rings, Stick  Pins or any form
of Jewelry.
The Jeweler on the Corner.
step at
5 wi;!.H;'TTnLi%r mc'. district transfer co.
New Westminster, B.C.
P. O. Drav/er 219. Tel. 1254.
burg end  Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Vashon
all trom Vancouver.
Mr, and Mrs. P. ('. Voung are entcr-
Mrs. W. I>. (loard.
Mrs. Simpson and daughter, Van-]
couver. Mr. and Mrs. Bain and son, all
from Vancouver, Bpent a few days
with Mrs. F. C. Philip.
Mrs. and  Miss  Paul, of Vancouver,
.wero week end visitors to White Rock
jwith  Mtb. Carr of New Westminster.
Mr.  King and  party, of the Koote-
: nay jam factory, Mission, were down
or. Sunday.
Miss   Derbyshire   and   Miss   Violet
'Latham were down this week end as
camp flrea :.re burning brightly, se il-
Ing  little  zlzag  trails of  go'd  rm p-
lag trom each fire to th" side of the
est   "    Tben you hear a happy chorus
.r- m the camp fires, accompanied bj
lie  low  mellow  thumb-thumb of the
pui'.-.r. and vcu really feel thai life is
worth the .living.   Then you look up I earage on his property facing the Bona
and   you  bRvo drlfied  under a  large  Vista street end
. Ufl and b'gh above you are long row t,     ,,,., ���ahill. ��� , ,v ls .tV,,.���  ,;,���,P ,,,,vs
marking the verandahs of the bunga-1wlth  ���,..���,..,. BaUnon  .,���,,  ���lllP.r Rp;..
s In sight camp fire Blng-SOhgs are
'ii coml'ig more popular than ever.
jOftcii there are tirtecti or twenty diffi rent beach fires at tiinlit, with their
respective jolly companies of young
men and maidens.
Mr.   F.   J    McKenzie
erecting a
!   ��� . and a phonograph strikes up thi
Canadian  Boat Song, and how nlce|y1(, ,  ,,     , .   ,.,,,.   r
it  n'Hnda. echoing  softly    over    th"!
Mrs. McComble, of Kdmonds, Mrs.
K. ii Wilkie, of New Westminster,
Miss Beatrice Wilkie and Mr. F. Turn-
full have been recent guestB or Cap-
t iin and Mra. Mayers.
Mrs. Captain WooBter and infant,
Mrs. James Anderson. Miss Scott, New
Westminster, Mtb. Percy Smith and
Mrs. Shaw, are at "Island View." the
summer residence of Captain and Mrs.
Mr. C. P, Grant of the Mission Record   waB  a  visitor  to  White  Hock   as
I :���: "
waters    of    Semiahmoo
cfes  of  the  finny tribe,  whilst  good Jthe guest ot Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mathe-irj. "W. St John Vancouver, Mrs Hunt
catches of trout ��� ' .,..���.......,..
adjacent  waters
rrom  the
  The District Transrer company    or
An Explanation. Nc " Westminster are specially cator-
I'ith regard to the neglected Job:,-   ���*���* for camper,   baggage U s sea--
*,  road strtet end at  White Roekl?00
Tho:;... returning to lhe city fr-im
tlieir summer camp nerd only notify
this firm regarding baggage and tbelr
effects will be delivered or stored
without further trouble
Mr II T Thrift r"turned this week
rrom a three months' v|pl! to the me-
���:  p    s of th�� empire  11- states that
nnd the work now In progress on the
Bona Vista hiir section road slreet
end here, !���'   J   McKenxle,  M.  P   P.,
t-.' ii onlv a few days Biro thlt
the Johnston road end was lert in
abeyance, and the Bona Vista end
onened up instead, owing to the facl
tha! the Surrey council and the flrcal
Northern rallwav had nct yet come to Threadnecdle street" anil other finan- , M
son. as also were Mr. Kalkner, J. D
B. Macdonald and wile. Mrs. Campbell
aad Mrs. J. Matheson.
Tin- Rev, Mr. Morgan or south Vancouver nnd the Hev. J. S. Woodiworth
Of All People's Mission, Winnipeg,
wore the recent guests Of the Uev.
and Mrs. Lansford at their
residence,   Victoria avenue.
Guests at an afternoon tea arranged hy Mrs. Q. Newman a' Aldervilb
cottage included Mrs. J. Ford, Mrs
Kenny. Mrs. Rhyder. Mrs B. V -nl
Mrs. Floyd Ford. Mrs. Anderson. Mrs
front residence
Miss  McNamara of Vancouver and
Mr. t. ii. Sharratt or Langley Prairie
jure the guests or Mr. and Mrs. E. H.
I Sands of White Hock cottage.
Mrs. Percy B. Brown and two Children returned to KdmondB on Tuesday last and Miss J. Gingell or Jubilee came down lo stay with Miss Jean
j Brown. Messrs. Jack and Charles
Brown were down for the week end.
The   Uev.   and   Mrs.   W.   W,   Abbott
bud  Mr. and  Mrs. Gladstone as  visitors to their summer cottage on  Vic-(guests  of   Mrs.   H.   M.   Marsha
tt;r!a avenue this week. Wesley  R.  Walker, connected  with
Guests to Mr. and Mrs. Held of ithe V. & N. Railway, was down thiB
Victoria avenue this week Included! week on a visit to Mr. R. D. Mac-
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Tyner, of Port. Kenzie
Haney. Mr. R. Thompson of Pitti >^rs. Mec D. Matheson and children,
Meadows, and Mr. and Mrs. C. J. | cloverdale, were visiting friends in
Coopeg or Nicomen. I White Hock this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Held and Mr. and ; officer Johnston, of the New West-
Mrs. Baldwin are living ou Victoria : minster pollce department. Is having
avenue. They had rr. guests thia week a well-earned holldav at White Rock.
Mr. and Mrs. Berr.ev, Mrs. Ilardv audi     ,.    ,  , _,  ,,       ���,���. .  ,.
u.   \v   f  ;*   ���n  mi i-    .    it-    i   i-       ' aptain and h ra. Wilberg and Mrs.
Mr.   W,   lve;d,  all   ol   New     \\ estmin-,... , . ,   . p. .
.��._ WoW   returned   home   arter     a     two
; montha' holiday  in their White Rock I
'     Mr.  Jnck   Hennie,  Mr.  and   Mrs.  J., residence.    Thev had as visitors last i
Ktaint,  \ ancouver,  and   Mrs.     Mont-   week  Mrs.   P.   Allen  and  children  ot j
gomery, of Sapperton, were visitors to Vancouver and  Miss Laura Hickman;
Mrs. Saint, ot F street. from C'aliromia.
Mr     and    Mrs.    Hlgginbotham    or      Mr. George Shannon of Cloverdale,
| Qlenholme,    P street  and  Columbia  drove in with hls last pacer and spent
entertained  as  recent guests j Saturday  with   friends  here.
Dr. and Mrs. Chester have received
word that  their  Infant child, r.ow  In
Under auspices of  White Kock
Ladies' Aid.
on   Mra.   Chapman's   lawn,   Sea  front
and Subway roada. Refreshments, ice
cream, candles, fish pond, etc. Admission 10c.    Proceeds   ln   aid   of   the
church  fund.
White Rock Meat Market.)
Branch of
Armstrong & White, Cloverdale.
Fresh  meat at White Rock  market j
on Tueadaya, Wednesday, Fridays and
Saturdays. Opposite White Rock hotel. ;
With Bleeping porches. Board alao,
according to arrangement. Terms
very reasonable. Choice location, near
sea and railway depot.   Apply
HlKli-class   Candles,     City   Prices.
-Public Telephone. Toll tifflce, lonK-dlatance
and local calls.
Opposite old G. N.  R. Depot.
Repairing,   Jobbing,   etc.
D. B. GRANT, White Rock.
Beats, Dressing
Rooms, Swimming
Costumes for hire.
ley and Mr. Harold and C. Huntley,
Sask.. Mrs Ed. Armstrong, Vancouver.   Mrs,   E.   Dickie.  Vancouver.
Mr.   and   MrB.   R.   P.   Pettiplece,  of
Columbia avenue, have had Mrs. Tub-
If  so,   do  nol   fall   t'i   get   my  estimate.
Mv   werk   speaks   for   Itself.     Ijfmk   over
some of the tious-s I tuiV't IjulU here. Good
work   guaranteed   on   Summer     Cottages.
Bungalows   or   larger   r.-sidences.
| Building   Contrac.or.   Wblte   Rock,   B.   C.
Opposite   White   Ruck   ljotel.
Ice Cream Parlor in Contuetton.
-.: si ttletnent regarding the main sea
f-i ni road and under the existing conditio! i thereby the Junction of the
���  .i fronl road with the Johnston road
wan Impracticable for But ts.
This being the case. **t |H up to
the authorities to brlnji thn pea front
road '""sii m t.i n satlsfatory settle-
.., i.i without further delay Tho mat
ti .- has now been dragging along for
about Seven >e-'rs an'' U retarding
progress not only oa the road work,
lui also on thp propeity dwners' pro-
:   ied   Improvements along   the    rea
'*** ���l':ir-'' ,      ,     , ���   ,
it " Ighi be further pointed out thit
autotnts In larpe numbers are at the
pri  enl time and at considerable risk.
using the end of the Johnston rond to
pain   acc.ers  to  the  sea   fronl   desplt ���
tt.. fact that the municipality    have
only Micnl nbout fifty dollars on
eial parties In regard to the business
w-i'h took him t" the old land wen
ntlsfactory but as yel he has noth-
i"u for publication. Mr. W, P. Hoard
who ace mpanlad him, is staying off
at Tcrc-rto. hut wlll arrive here on or
ahem lhe 2*<t instant. On hia arrivn1
matters nf Importance to thp whole of
this district may be disclosed Apnnr*
entlv Mr. Thrirt had a pleasant trip
on the tl. M. S. Olympic. He found New
Vorit In Ihe throes of a heat wave
'and ��?s not sorry to return to the
balmy  breesea of  Semiahmoo  bny.
man nf Moose Jaw, as a gufft and on
Sunday five boys cycled down from
summer I vanoouver, arriving just in time for
|-i hearty breakfast, the ptr*y consisting of fllfford Laurie. Herbert Mas-
chon. Wood. Kttrle and Pettiplece.
Miss Isabel Klrby of Burnaby Ib a
cues: this wefk of Dr and Mrs. Watson, Columbia avenue.
Mr. ant! Mrs. H. A. H. Oliver, Van-
, couver. are thp en* s-ts rf Mr. and Mrs.
is arslstanis. , *gasiegoni Kvrie C-ettage. Columbia av-
Camp "All Welcome" with Mr. A. II.   ,,n,,,,      ,\jr   and   Mrs.   Bagleson   havp
Blasnn    in    charge, has amongst  Its  j���Bl returned  from an  extended  trip
members Hubert  Watson. Alec Vltlal ; througli eastern Canada.
and Tommy McCullOgh. Mrs   v.'ripht. Of  New  Westminster,
Viss   Cordon,   of   lenhelm.   Ont.,   Is ; wnn Is summering on Victoria avenue.
W hite Rock Express
Ship  vour  Goods  In  care of
Whit-   Rock.
He will deliver to your bousf or camp
' at  reasonable rate* wltbout further trou-
! bte to you.
ottatlons with "the old lady of |Summerrllle,  Miss Pup and the little
and  Anderson  acted
New ma i'
Plumbing and Heating,,
Church  S-rvlces.
Chn--h of Kngland services are held
'��������� the White Reck school house every
flrel   nnd   hist   Sunday  of  the  month.. ,
Th�� r--   Mr. Gilbert or Surrey Centre ft blood poisoned foot, returned to his
vyflll olliclate nt th" 11 o'clock mornlni:
visiting  Mrs. Cody of "Flrwood."
Mrs Hammond and children, May,
Harold and Bruee. from Orinnell, la.,
were visiting Mrs. M, C Walker, of
Rocklands, last week and were loud in
ihiir praises of the beaches and general beauties of White Rock. Thev
n"" returning home via California an 1
will stay ofT at several places of interest en route.
Mr, H. P. Latham, who has been In
the st. Mary's hospital suffering f
and have done noth1
g al all this
prayer on
August  SlBt,
White Rock News Notes
column of Ihls
a notice of the
tl under the au-
M. Thrift, lla/.-
on Sunday lam at Bella
Bldenca of Mr. and Mrs.
T. Thrift, White Hock. The funer-
���1 took place on Monday at Hazel*
Mr Beaumont, of Vancouver, has
set up a sample Tevnvon take-up carves hoiiBe  opposite
page will be four*"!
lawn  Bi -ial   to b'   hi
iTrfrrs <-t the Ladles'
Tbe Infant    on of Cl
i Inure, died
Vlila,  Ihe
Wh.irf at White Rock.
Offlc'ds   from  the   Dominion   gov
eminent   public    works    department
��,re taking soundings this  week  In
order tn report on the proposed gov
erne-ent   whuff,  lt   is   e*
"e'eeteil    site    Will    06
'inlty   io   ihe  customs  and   Immlgrn
tlon offices.
ummer home here last  week, but ls
sllll on Ihe convalescent  list.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P, Vidal were the
week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.
II. Vidal of "Alderwyld."
had as guests Ihis week Misses Anns
and Kdith ("raz.en Mlsa May Wrielit
and Mr W. L. Wright, all of New
Mr. and Mrs. Slmcock. who were
dov n this week end. entertained Hiss
Hlgglns, Miss Abrahams. Mr. T. Sim-
cock and Mr. Jiere. New Westmin-
Bte ���. |
Mr. L. Wilkinson and family of Vic-1
torln avenue, had as guests this last
week Dr. Hope and family. N'ew West- !
minster, the Rev. P. Hardy, wife nnd ,
fondly, Sapperton, and Mr. and Mrs. j
MrB.  Belyea of Johnston  road,  hid
a number of guests during the week.'
'amongst   whom   might   bp   mentioned!
the hospital at DuncanB, V. I., is rap- j
Idly Improving and they hope to have
him with  them  again at White Rock
i In the near future.
1     Mrs.   Gill   and   family,   from   Ncrth
Vancouver, arrived on   Tuesday    and
have taken up their residence in Captain B. Grant's house, sea front road.
Miss   Bertha   Campbell     and     her
; brother returned to town on  Monday
'��� after a  month's camping on th-> Barr
property, Johnston road.
Mrs Olover-Lloyd of Vancouver, and
Miss Patterson, of Winnipeg, were
guests this week of Mrs. George
Wade. "Hillcroft "
Miss   Morrow,  of  Vancouver,  sister
��� of Mrs. P. W. Leeson. Is a visitor this i estimates
' *eek to  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Leeson. t
i Captain and Mrs. Ma vers and friend"
motored  to  Seattle this    week    and
1 spent a few days In that city.
! Mr. Cook of the customs at Grand
Porks, Mr. and Mrs. Barber, of Chilliwack.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Watson and son.
of Chilliwack. and Miss DeWolf Smith.!
of   New   Westminster,   were     guests
this  week  at   Mrs.   A.   Munn's  camp
here. j
Guests registered at the White Rock ;
M'r's' A'" GeiiT Su^l M \ .   To clean sweep out all ends of line,
K   Steven, H. J. S. Gralne. N. never-'"  summer  stock   we have  laid   them
eauil  Dug Vellle and H.  M. Gernaey,   out in lots at door. In window and In-
T   Bennett   Kast   side on bargain table; all marked   at
Every  Baturday evening at % :SO, to 10 :3*
In   the   Recreation   H��.U.* s
Thn-e-pW'ce   Orchestra,     Admission,   Z**c
H.  W.  MORRIS. Lessee.
New Westminster, B. c.
MARTIN-SENOl'K      100      PEK     CENT.
World   Pumps,   etc.
:t   Specialty.
Rubbero/d   Roofing   From  one-haff to
three ply.
Old Country
Boot Store !
Specialize   on   Builders'   Supplies.
'I  thl
in    c'.c
Lar'   Sunday  standing  rnoni   Itself
' "���"!��� at a premium on the O. N. H. to
White P.ock. ordinary passenners were
curried  in  every available  crook and
cranny of the train;  parlor, baggage
observation and chair cara were filled
to overflowing on both the morning
,"���"1 evening trains between this point,
Vancouver and New Westminster,
Mr.  nnd   Mra.  John   Montgomery of! Mr. and Mra. Campbell. Mrs. Gilchrist,
New Westminster returned home this Mrs. Drlnnan and Marter Hubert Drin-
week after a six weeks' stay at White | nan, all of Vancouver.
Rock. Mrs.   1*\   L.   Ballard,  of   Vancouver.
MIbb Crissle Brown left on Monday and  far-'ly  are  summering  In   'heir
morning  for  Aldergrove,  where    she  cottage  on
will spend the remainder of the sum- ^oad
mer holidays.
et    and     Johnston
Mrs. J. A. Hendsrson of Rocklands
entertained bb gueRts this week Mr.
and MrB. Bimpson. Mr. and Mra. Mns-
ter C Henderson, Mra Henderson, Hr.,
and Mlaa Hennie, all from Vancouver
Mr. und Mrs. H. P. Latham had aa
guests thlB week Mr. and Mrs,
Clark    and    daughter,    Miss
Mr. V, C. M-i-re, of New Westminster, v-a flow* 'hia week end to spend
Sundny wltb his fnmlly, who Bre living In Mr. Paynes' house. Victoria
Mrs.  Harrison ami  family, Langley
Prairie,   aro   camped     here   for   two
W. N. | weeks.
Mabel;     Mr. Macbeth has returnt d to White
all from Vancouver;
Burnaby; W. Turnbull, New Westminster; L. Q. Sharpe Nanaimo:  Mr. and
Mrs.   II.   LIngley,   New   Westminster:
W. C. Miller, New Westminster;  Fred
K.   Wells,   New   Westminster;   W.   P. j
Woolley. New Westminster;  F. W. M. |
Ewen and K. Kngland, N'ew Westmin-
ster; Mrs. E. H. Clifton Falllok, North
Vancouver; Wm, A. U Goldsmith, and,
Mrs.  J.   Barr-Hcpkinson,   Vancouver;
B.  P.  Mo-ore,  M.  Brown,  Wm.  Shannon ami  wife,  C,  H.  Butterworth. A.
F.  Lander,  wife nnd children;  O. W. |
Rafure nnd  family,  H.  Cox.  ull  from
Vancouver;   II. O. Park. Toronto.
specially reduced prices.
661  Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B.C.
Latham,    Mr.    Cecil I Horsk
week's visit to town.
Surveying Activity.
The   transit   Instrument   antl   chain
man are much in evidence at White
Hock  these days., Recently "the B. C
E.  H. has had  survey  parties  scour-
White Rock
Residential Lots.
Houses for sale.
Houses for rent.
P. O.  Box 571.
New Westminster, B.C.
!The Pioneer Aerated Water Manufactory.
E. E.   BOWERS,   Dairyman
For a Refreshing, Invigorating Driuk
Non-ulcohollc���Made from Malt and Hops
Your Vacation at WHITE ROCK
The Beach, Surroundings, Water Supply and Train Service Are Unexcelled by any Resort in B. C.
I"      ''     " ���'"���''-.   ,.���,.*'.,.     Se'v '^���^������^���iK'-J^t'i'-rV-.Ji,;-   ,-���'    -.'.;'���
���i'':/r-^''>'X^-*n^-P' ���' ��r '-'-'jlf.ii' o ��� .y- ���'.
6'��4*.   '': .*���*./. W= <:V��.*4,^.��Sari*,**.ff��if  . '*���;���������*���,.-    -'
There are summer cottages, white canvas camps or the 50-room White Rock
hotel to choose from. Water is piped from artesian wells and springs, milk delivered fresh from the ranch, stores, restaurant, telephone, daily mail, etc., are all
there to provide for your wants and the bathing, boating and miles of sandy beach
cannot be surpassed anywhere in British Columbia.
New Westminster.
t tl. Sands
Resident Manager.
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Imported especially for our
trade after much difficulty In
procuring it Delightful for
SuudeiiB. Especially nice for
Fruit Sated and a doien other
neat dishes. Remember we are
soli agents for this product, per
tin 30c.
Sliced l'eaches���These are
very hard to procure and only a
limited pack, so be sure and get
a tin, per tin 30c.
California Limes���Jucler than
lemons and far cheaper. Por
drinks, lemon pies, etc.. they
cannot be beaten, per dozen 20c.
Bon Ton RalBins���A No. 1. The
best on the market, 2 16-oz.
pkgs.   25c.
Peaches, per  lb 10c.
Pears,   !!   lbB 25c.
Plums, 2 lbs 25c.
Grapes, per  lb 20c.
OrangeB, dor. 35c. and 40c.
Bananas,  dozen  .30c
Canteloupes   -,,..,J6c,
Watermelons     35c. to  65c.
Public Supply Stores
L. U ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
the less you have lo set aside for
illneBS, old uge, adversity of uny
Regular savings is the only
way to affluence open to the
man who does not inherit
The history of all self-made
men is the same in principle.
Tliey saved by saml! amounts
Ut begin with. They Baved regularly until they had sufficient
for a sufe Invesineut.
They are most concerned
about the safety of their investment.
The Dominion Trust Company
fills every requirement of the
man 'who desires comfort in old
Savings accepted and 4 per
cent, interest is allowed and
aiiiii d quarterly.
Winn sufficient in saved for
un Investment then Bound safe
securities are recommended,
just exactly the saute ones
as the company hold.y tor
itself, just tlie same ones as
the directors td the company
hold fur themselves, You will
make im mistake hy owning this
kind of security
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Paid l'|i Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, ever $6,000,000,
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1911.
Greater ^Vestmmster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
The shipments of fowl by boat to
the local market were large yesterday and a good days trading in these
is expected today.
Taxes.���The big rebate date expires
on Friday, the 15th, at 5 p.m. Over
$50,000.00 may be saved taxpayers,
right in the city, by paying up. (1888)
Louis W. Bryant, of Nanalmo, Is
spending a Bhort vacation with hiB
relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Bryant, Sapperton.
Men's odd lines of Patents, values
to $7, to clear at $2.%, at Sinclair's.
The night shift In the Fraser mills
will be suspended tonight for an Indefinite time. The rest of the ' mill
will be kept working usual time.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
Improved city and farm property,
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1828)
The beautiful Anglican church on
Cameron street, Burqultlam, is now-
completed externally, but the Internal
fittings and other arrangements will
take some little time ere the edifice is ready for service.
Women's    Patent,    Vici and    Gun
Metal Boots,    regular    $5 and $6.50
value, to clear at $1.95. See    them
at Sinclair's. 119001
Six Japanese, charged with gaming,
appeared before Magistrate Edmonds
yesterday but on the application of 1
their conBel.u Mr. Hampton Bole, were
granted a further remand until Tuesday next.
It is a good thing to strive to attain the top of the ladder, but the
ambitious young boyB who are these
dayB endeavoring to reach the top of
the court house are making paBBersby
anxious for their safety.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1829)
Alderman Dodd will leave for Salt
Lake City, Utah, early iu September,
where lie will represent the Westminster Street Railwaymens' union at the
international convention to be held la
the Utah eity. He expects lo be)
away for about three weeks.
A verdict of accidental death exonerating the crew of the car from any
blame, was brought In at the Inquest
on Harry Mussell, the Indian who wasj
killed by n Sapperton car late Wednesday evening, near the corner of Km-
mett and Twelfth Btreets. Deceased
was a married man and leaves a wife
and 11 children. According to the
testimony presented at the inquest In-
had been drinking befure he left Steveston that morning but his son declared that he waB sober when he
boarded the train.
TAXES 1913.
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demandB for tbe current yenr
having all been IsBiied and as the rebate period will expire on AuguBt 25,
owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undersigned immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W. H. GRIFFIN, Collector,
(1840) Edmonds.
Westminster Presbytery in Session
Here This Afternoon.
The Presbytery of WeBtmliiBter will
meet at 2:31) o'clock this afternoon lu
Si. Andrew's Presbyterian church,
when two calls within its jurisdiction
will be considered.
One  call  comes  from  llosedale,  B.
ft # * Q tt tt * ff ��*"& ft ft * * *
At this morning's city   mar-   ft
ket It la probable that*.
Instead of the    usual
per bag for new potatoes   the
price will drop to $1.25.
There will be a fair offering
of plums at 40 cents for a five
pound basket.-
Tomatoes may be bought for
$2.25 for a 20 pound crate.     *
Yellow Transparent and
Duchess apples will be offered
at  $1.5U per box.
Eggs will hold firm at last
week's increase to 40 cents a
Butter will be unchanged
both In quantity and price.
Meats, vegetables, fowl and
lish will experience little
change in price.
ft  (r ft
Two Men Finn That Red Paint Comes
High���Impersonators of Longboat
and Washington.
DINING ROOM SET COMPLETE consisting of Extension Table, Buffet and six Dining Room Chairs in Golden Oak  Special sale price	
BEDROOM OUTFIT consisting of Dresser, good solid
Bed Spring, Mattress, 1 pair Sheets, 1 pair Blankets,
1 pair Pillows with slips, and 1 Comforter (outfit complete.   Special sale price	
Davenports, quartered oak and genuine
leather upholstering, <t*7C i\f\
worth $110 for  ��P �� O.UU
Brass Beds from, up .. ��P * ��5* l O
Heavy Reductions on All Lines.
Oak Curtain Poles, 5 ft. lengths \ Qq
White Cottage Rods, complete OP
Two for  ��OC
Tent   and   Camp   Furniture greatly
Special Prices are for Cash Only.
The Big Furniture Store.
Sixth Street
White Rock
On Tuesday evening a social entertainment and supper was held in the
Agricultural society hall, Burquitlam.
in aid of the new Anglican church.
The function was under the auspices
of the ladies' Aid society and was a
great success.
White Rod Hotel
Just when the Balkan and Mexican
ware are slowing down it Is slgtufl- J
cant thut several disturbances have
taken place In thiB city during the
past few days which have called the
attention of the police. Pete Berg. |
whose name suggests Sweden as his
I fatherland. Is marked down in the po-
O., to Rev. R. McKay, now of Vancou- I nCl, blotter as one of these guerillas,
ver, but recently out from the east. I pete Btarted out Wednesday even-
The second call ls Bent by Cook's ing with a notion of showing Westmin-
cliurch, Chilliwack. to Rev. H. 0. ster the exact way of doging things
Fraser. late of Nova Scotia, and  tot : with the red paint can. I
the past two years a teacher ib the      His wanderings    brought    him    to;
Vancouver High school. Eleventh street where after a little
  argument, he commenced to clean up ' -     -----           ���
BURNABY IN RUNNING, BUT 'things In great style, chasing otif ofi    i ����� mi
RAN THE WRONG WAY   the women habitues around the block     L\ 4-  4-Up      I    hgaffPC
  I until confronted with the portly frame  -*��� ���*-���*-   *���**���*-    -*��� *.***������**���*.*. *mv
Outclassed in  condition. Btickhand- '��� of Constable Bass. j/w/wvwvv,^~wwwv>ww*
ling and speed, the    Burnaby    Inter-      One glance at Pete by  the afore-, AT THE ROYAL.
mediates went down to another de- MU "^^^iXhlm'flk"^ Tonight and Saturday matinee and
one "tta ZmTosiT: 9l to "Tore R^lan b^a'nc^taauThe ^a. night wil, complete the engagement
tons, the tinal goal ol a J to D score added 110 antl  costs to of  the   Frank   Rich   musical   comedy
being banged into the net Just on the g^g*,��� if court ye��?erdayinor���- company In this city.    Manager Rich
,       line ! claims   to   have   saved   his   strongest
when they \*a**
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHIlESUo., Official Agents
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Lessee. ,
to have  saved  his
Such a Nice Name. bill for the closing program.   It's cer-
j    Eddie Fortune,  whose    wanderings tain that he hasn't cheated any on the
,llve up to hiB name, was    another of show that he presented the lasl   two
the individuals who believe thai once nights,   ln conjunction with the regit-
point of time.
Only In the first quarter,
evened up the score to 1-1, were the
suburbanites ever in the running, although  chances galore,  were  lost    lu
trout of the goal through faulty shoot  ,they gtMt on a rampa|J(v lhere Is no lar program tonight there will be the
in8- . 'telling where they will stop. chorus girls'    contest.    Last    Friday
Women's Patents, Vici and Gun I Follis for Sapperton was in liis ele- | E(]dle stepped into the Lytton hotel nlglu ,iu. Royal theatre was packed
Metal Strap Slippers, regular $4 and I ment when it came to bulging the net, la(p Wednesday evening, lt was near lu ,-,���, Bldewalk when this popular
14.50 value, now    %\   at   Sinclair's.      scoring  no  less  than  six  goals,  four ��� cluglnf, ,imo hui mat did not prevent ronle,.   was  presented,  so  that   will
U900) I of  which  were sent  by in succession  n,m ,rom inforniiIur th��� occupants of  ,���.      KWKl lip t(jr ,!,<������, -,*-0 know to
in the early part of the game. * ,]ie \mr that he  was  the best Cham-  l,ullu.  carlv   tonight    "College  Days"
Is the title of the new  show  tonight
and it is said to be a laugh from start
Potatoes were yesterday shipped in
to the city market here in larger
quantities than ever hefore this year.
Most of those received are cl good
quality and tbe price of $1.25 per bag
which will likely be paid for them today should make thetn a good buy.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl^eod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of milll.ns to pay losses.
For the convenience of those unable
to come down town during the day
the city hall will be kept open until
9 o'clock tonight to enable those
whose taxes are still unpaid to take
advantage of the one-sixth discount
allowed. After tonight no rebate will
be giveu.
An  impromptu wrestling  bout    bo-1pion scrapper who ever dolled himself
tween   Feedhaui  and  Cameron  and  a 1 out In the Traser City.   He invited his
fistic encounter between Johiistun and ;hearers  out  to    the    market  square
Sayers featured    the    contest    some-' where there would be little chance of
what. | being  bumped  against  a  wall.  Enter
Both teams fielded weak twelves.       P.   ('.   Anderson      The  latter   person
  just  lamped   Eddie   and   decided   that
TWO TRUSTEES LEAVING 'for the betterment of the city and for
COQUITLAM   SCHOOL  BOA'tD  all   concerned,   a   trip   In   the   patro'
wagon In charge of Bill Quttrldge iva'
all that he needed Fortune was Indeed fortunate In leaving ill) as bail
money with the desk clerk at the sta-
The school trustees of Coquitlam
met on Wednesday, Ewen Martin,
chairman,   presiding.
lt was arranged that Trustees Barth  tlon
and Atkins should drop out at the con-1
elusion of the year, leaving three vacancies on the board to be filled by
election  in January,  1914.
This will leave Chairman Martin and
Trustee.   Walker   on   the   board   next
year without election.   All were elect-
The action of several parties on the | ed Inst yenr by acclamation but W.
Whiting did not claim his seat, which
was declared vacant and the vacancy
was, with permission of the education
department,   never   filled.
Miss Griffiths, teacher Millside, tendered her resignation, which was accepted with regret.
Instructions were given for 2a desks
for the Blue Mountain school and 20
desks for the new school on Port
Moody road.
Trustee Walker was also authorized
to  secure  additional   furnishings.
The action of the chairman In appointing  teachers  was  approved.
American side of Boundary bay in
throwing offal from salmon Into the
gulf and thus making it disagreeable
for the campers in tha t vicinity, is
likely to get them into trouble, follow-
inc a visit of a fishery officer from
Blaine. Names were taken and the
men have been ordere to clean up the
Hefore Inlying your footwear, see
wh it we are offering. All the remaining lines of Oxfords 10 per cent, below cost at Sinclair's. (1900)
Sergeant VV. J. 1). Dempster, of the
Royal Northwest mounted police,
Dawsi ti, Y. T��� was In the city yesterday with a patient for the mental
hospital whom In brought from the
north. Sergeant Dempster headed the
party thai found the bodies ol l-'itz-
patrlck and the others of the ill filled
Peace river patrol who lost their lives
on the winter trail a year or so ago.
Hev. John McNeil, popularly known
us   the   Scottish   Spiirgeon,   who     has
heen spending a short while In the
west and who has delivered several
addresses In Vancouver, will preach
his final sermon on the coast in St.
Andrew's church, this city, next Sunday morning. Wherever iie has spoken
the great Scottish evangelist has addressed crowded houses and last week
In Vancouver hundreds, unable to
And even Btandlng room, were turned
away Irom his meetings
i school
Tin' work hn
loubling of the Hlue Mountain
accommodation   ls  completed
been accomplished very
irtlstically and there is nothing lob-
aided  about it.
Workmen are etigagetl in excavating
and planking a drain on the Coqultlam Bide of the North road from the
Vustln road to Qeorge Alderson's pro-
. j perty.   The work is neceSBary to carry
tway tha v. ��t.��� r during Hi" rainy sea
0!    and   prevent   injury   to   this   fine
n id    Burnaby and Coqultlam divide
*:*   .an* of the  North road,  whieh Is
the boundary  them, nnd the sectloit
mentioned   f-iils  to  Qurnaby's  share.
Coqultlam   will   construe!   a   sidewalk
,   ii  top of Iliirnaby's drain.
There  was  no lacrosse  match  on
[Wednesday evontng between Maillardville and  Burqultlam    The Malllard-
I ville team  was on  the ground  and
every City. We Can SUVC you waited  until darkness set  iii for the
monev on vour next Dair oflNorln ro,ul -aggregation but the only
money uiinuui uwi yau in p��r��on from torquMam on UM,ground
Classes.    Try w!>*    their    representative, who was
chagrined   al   the  mm arrival  of  hls
i warriors.
The Rexall
always the lending store in
Tucson. Ariz., Aug. 14.���"1 think a
term in the penitentiary would tlo me
good," said Nathan T. News, today in
discussing the charge of forgery
against him with the county attorney,
Qeorge '). Hllzlnger.
"I think so too," replied the attorney.
Everybody being agreeable It was
arranged thai News should waive ar
ralgnment and plead guilty, which he
did     He will appear later for sentence.
News refused to tell any Intimate
details of his life, In order he said, "to
prevent my parents knowing that I
have gone to the pen." He gave his
occupation as n blacksmith. He added lhat he had been a detective In
the secret service of the Canadian gov
News admitted leaving a trail of
bail cheques from Los Angeles to
Tucson. They were mostly for Bmall
Stroi-it-1 on the Spirits.
An even Slia was the Jolt handed
nut to George Frank, an Indian, in
court yesterday morning for being
the possessor of a bottle of liquor. It
wlll be remembered that Frank bore
a resemblance to Tom Longboat when
he attempted to do a Marathon away
from the clutches of Detective Burrows the previous evening. It can aiso
he Imagined that Frank was decidedly
not frank when he failed to Inform
the beak the whereabouts of the person who Rii'inlled him with Ihe Special Q. f) w. Magistrate Bdmonda
decided that "S bones was enough to
"onvitice George that law v.as law.
He paid.
He Will Explain.
Wnnff Tine, whose cctions lhe other ,
"- pi'itr were crossrd between George]
Warhlnptbn. Of cherry tree fame, and !
. Chines" Tent:, will have a hearing'
Ihls morning In court on a charge oil
common assault Inst because he weild-1
"d an axe In collecting a debt tlie other
to finish.
Left Hir Teeth.
st. Catherines, Ont . Aug, 14 Jas.
J Burns, night man In charge of the
Niagara. St. Catherines and Toronto
railway's power house at Thorohl,
mysteriously disappeared from his
; post where he was employed, some
time after 1 o'clock this morning. Ills
���oat, vest, hal, necktie and false teeth
were found this morning In the wash
room of the power house Foul play-
is   suspected.
will be given under the auspices of the
in the
Don't forget the dates
Friday, Aug. IB, from 2 to 10:30 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 16, from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Westminster City cars will take you direct to the
Municipal Hall. *
Ueside.nce Y. W. C. A.        I'hone 1U24.
C-o  as   Missionaries.
Mill m, l>re.. Aim. 14.    Rev.  liert  A
Powell and Mrs. Powell have left lor
Vancouver, B.C, from    which   place
they will sail for Korea, where they
will spend the next seven years as
missionaries tor the Methodist church
South, li. iii Mr und Mrs Powell were
teachers last year in the Milton Col
umbla college.
Curtis Drug Store
and 8EE0S,
'       phone 43;  L. D. 71;   Re*. 72.
L New Westminster, B. C.      t.
I'llll.l'iiT'l'    The funeral of the late
('imt   Phllpoti  took place yesterday
afternoon at i o'clock from Murchie's
undertaken     establishment    to   the
J Church ui England cemetery.
Winnipeg, Aug. 14. Hefore an audience of 300 stock raisers and commission men, Sir Hobllli, premier of
Manitoba, formally declared the new
Union stockyards at St.. Boniface, open
for  business  this  morning.
The program of speakers,   besides
the premier, included Hon Ceo. Cold-
well, minister of education; lion. Geo.
awrence, minister of agriculture;
Stephen Benson, member of the hoard
of directors of the new yards; .1. 1.
Smith, live stock commissioner of Saskatchewan: Mayor Deacon, of Winnipeg and Alderman .Marlon, St. Ilonl-
Four  Honorary  Dcgrefs.
The Hague, Am.', 14, The forthcoming opening (if the palace of pence on
Aug 211, la to be commemorated by
the t'nlverslty or Leyden by the bestowal of honorary degrees on Senator
l-.'llhu Hoot, who wlll represent Dr.
.lames Hrown Scott, secretary of the
Carnegie endowmeni for International
pence, on Louis Renault, permanent
French delegate to The HagUe tribunal; on Alfred Pried, the Viennese
pacirtrlsl and posthumously on the late
T. M, C. Asser, dutch statesman,
Pack lu your listhlng snitn nnd i
well lllled hamper ami spend a day at
Maple Ileach, Boundary Hay. Plenty
of fr��e picnic placeB on the sand
beach or under the wonderful spread
'ng maples. Lovely spring water
Take the Hiver road to I.adner and
ihe (loutlv road south.
Agents fer Whalen Estate.
N".v��  WeBtminster.
-'.   ���-.���'���> '.* ���&��'��&$.������
2 lbs.
Apricots, pt r eral" ti.20, 2 lbs, for 26-3
Musk  Mellons,  each    llie
Water  Mellons,     ncll 40c   lo  tide
; Apples  2 lbs. for 25c
Lime and Crape Juice, per bottle 25c
I to  '   50c
(Successor to Ayling &. Swain.)
447 Columbia  St. Phone 98.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St.,  Phonea
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1234.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phono  1205.
Edmonds  Market, Phone  L883.
Ask your Druggist or Grocer
to show you the new pluti for
killing all thc flics in your
house or store in one night,
anil have neither flies nor fly
killers ubout in the daytime.
( Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Yearling Leg Mutton, lb 22c.
Leg Spring Lamb, lb 27c
Loin and Rib Lamb, 1!) 22c.
Shoulder Lamb, lb 18c.
Spring Chicken, per lb 28c.
Round Hone Sirloin Steak, per lb 22c.
lie sure and try our Sweet Pickled Corn Beef.
Just what you want when tired of everything else.
I'hone your orders early and get prompt delivery.
B. C.   Market Co., Ltd.
677 Columbia St. Phone 1315.
Take advantage of the Unsiness Man'e Train tun! mnke your
home at Crescent Beach (Hlaekle Spit)  for thn Rummer mniitlia.
Trnln leaves at 6:30 p.m. dally, on and after June IB, returning In
tho miirnlnK In time fnr buslnoe.   Crencetit   llench    iilfonln   Ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining tbe bent of bathing,  bunt
lng at all ntiiReH of tho tide together With line beach.    ArteBian v;ell
water to all residents.   Let uh ahow you this properly.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established  1B91.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile and
Marino Insurance,
Out of the Hifrfi Rent District.
Oncn Fveninje Till 9 p.m.;  Saturdays 11  p.m.
The Home of the $1.45 Shoes
for Ladies
Every size, black and tan, broad and narrow.
FOR MEN���The only, shoe store where your
dollar docs the work of two.
Men's bootg, black and Un   -  /EVERY\ (1   Ag
Men'. Oxfords, black and tan, VSIZE    ) *V * �������
The Spot for Leckie's Loggers' and Fishing
Boots; Slater Shoes (P. W.), K. Boots, etc.


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