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The New Westminster News Mar 20, 1914

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Volume 9, Number T
Price Five Cents,
Lad, Aged Nine Years, Explodes Shot Gun Causing
Victim Enters House, Receiving Full Charge of
A shocking shooting accident whicli
ie-sulte<d In the death of Mrs. Frank
Doane of this city, occurred yesterday
at Pitt Meadows. Word reached here
about 4:30 to the provincial police.
Chief Stevanaon and Constable Harris
leaving for the scene by motor boat
and returning with the body at 11
o'clock last night.
The accident took place at 4 o'clock
when the young son of Mr. and Mrs.
Doane, Lionel, aged nine years, picked
up ,i loaded shotgun which was lying
back of the door at the house they
��ere staying at. Mrs. Doane was coining through the door at the time and
in some manner the trigger was pull-
eel,   the   charge   entering   the;   groin.
Death was instantaneous,
Appoint Senator from British Columbia as Leader
of Liberals.
Ottawa, March 19. -At a meeting of
the Liberal members of the senate
this afternoon Senator Bostock, of
Kamloops, B.C., was chosen leader of
the opposition forces to succeed the
late Sir George Ross. The choice was
Hewitt M. BOBtOCk was born in
Walton Heath. Surrey. Kngland, on
May 81, 1K64, the son of Samuel and
Marian Bostock. Kirst educated by
private' lutors he went through Trinity college',  Cambridge, as a law  stu
Mr. and Mrs. Doane. who resiele at'dent, being called to the bar at Lin-
ilie corner of Tenth street and Seventh I coin's Inn, London, in 18S8. He never
avenue, were staying at Pitt Meadows j practiced, however. In 1891 he mar-
tor a few days where Mr. Doane was ried Miss L. J. McCombie. Coming
looking after a subdivision in the in-'out to British Columbia in 181*3 he
tereets of the Co-operative Investment turned his attention to politics, being
company, of which concern hn i.s sec-1 elected to the house of commons for
��� ciary. | Yule-Cariboo in I8!i6.    From that time
Deceased was well known in the Ito l:tn4 he was iu the political spot-
city, being a relative of Sir Richard I light, being appointed a senator when
McBride. An inquest over the body I Sir Wilfrid Laurier was In power,
will be he*ld some* time today, the ar-1 Senator Bostock at one pe-riod turned
rangements teeing in the* bands of the   his  attention   lo  journalism,   starting
"The Province," first a weekly in
I Victoria and subsequently a daily    in
provlncicl police'
1 dress is The
His Uritish Columbia ad-
Itanclie. Monte Creek.
Defence of Winnipeg Lawyer and Westlake Concluded.
Krafchenko on  Trial for Murder    of
Bank Manager Continues at
Winnipeg. March 19. - The defence
close ei its case in the Hagel-Westlake
trial today at 8:80 and all the witnesses have now been heard. An ad-
jotirnmemt was granted until 10 o'clock
tomorrow morning when counsel for
the defence and crown will address
the jury. The case should thus go to
the jury some time tomorrow after-
Henry Wallace, a bartender, was the
first witness called during the afternoon session. He testified that he was
with Hagel practically all night on
���Ian. 9, the night of the escape, He
testified that there was no conversation between Hagel and Buxton in connection with any matter about the
Burris block. His cross-examination
did not consume more than ten minutes. The afternoon proceedings were
dull in comparison to what has gone
before. The visiting crowds -have
dwindled down to two or three ladies
and  members of the legal  fraternity.
Krafchenko's  Trial.
Morden, Man., March 19.���Evidence
by  eye   witnesses of  sections  of  the
Plum Coulee tragedy who were placed
The granting of an application for
the cancellation of the townslte plan
by his honor Judge Howay yesterday,
of the old townsite of Derby, known
latterly as the old Langley townslte,
the first seat of the government house
of Hrltish Columbia passed out of official existence. The application was
made by J. R. Grant on behalf of
squatters wlu> located on the townslte
aB far iback as 1878 after Derby had
been relegated to the discard, when
first Sapperton and then New Westminster were selected for the seat of
government for the then crown colony
now the mainland portion of British
J. P. Hampton Hole on behalf of the
Helmcken estate. Houat estate, Spring
estate and Spring Bros., Victoria, the
only known owners of lots in the old
townsite asked for compensation if
the townsite plans were cancelled and
an agreement on the basis of $'25 on
each lot held by these estates and
Voung Bros., was reached with Mr.
Grant Tlhs compensation will likely
be paid by the government as the
squatters have been located on the
land for over 20 years and are entitled
to ownership under the Squatters act.
Difficult Question.
In dealing with the reauest for crim-
pensation Judge Howay stated that it
was realized from the gale, of tiie lots
in Victoria. Then, as in recent years,
real estate speculation it seemed was
quite active.
Derby property wag bought whols-
sale on the assumption that it was the
estsblished capital of the crown colony and would at some later date develop into a place of some Important*.
The buyers were doomed to disappointment and great financial loss, however, as when Col. Moody took the
command of the royal engineers and,
���tappers and miners, what Is now Sapperton was fixed on as a better location for the government seat of the
crown colony at that time.
To Ruin and Decay.
A new townsite was laid out at Sapperton and the government house, governor's residence, barracks and See
house were removed to the new site
while Derby was deserted and the old
government buildings went to ruin
and decay.
ln 1878 and the few following years,
squatters seeking a desirable location
to settle and farm, hit upon the old
townslte and have occupied it continuously ever since. Now it is one of the
best agricultutal districts in the valley. Efforts have been made on several occasions to secure the cancellation of the old townsite plans by the
was a doubly difficult question to deal settlers in order to obtain the title to
with for two reasons. The first was the land for themselves for which they
that it seemed quite possible that a were fully qualified from point of resi-
good many lots were now part of the I dence but it was only yesterday that
Fraser river and secondly that the j their desires were met.
owners had probably lost all claim to Acres Washed Away.
the property because of the uninter- Since Derby was vacated as the gov-
ruptr-d occupation by the squatters for ernment seat It has greatly reduced
over 20 years.   On the basis arranged j in size, consequent upon the washing
away of several hundred feet of the
townsite bordering on the Kraser river.
No exact plans of the tow asite as it
was laid out originally are available
and  when  surveyors    recently    went
Murderer of Editor Will Appeal to Mercy of the
���r* .',   French Court.
Minister of Marine Resigns from Cabinet���%��k for Demdnstration.
at Funeral Today.
Se.hools in Burnaby Without Adequate
Supplies���Board Adopts New
the compensation to be paid will only
amount to a few hundred dollars.
Rise and Fall of Derby.
The cancellation of the plans of the
old townsite in court recalls the spec-
on the stand today by the crown, was Itacular rise and  equally as spectacu-1 over the land they were unable to lo-
the feature today in the case against   lar fall of  Derby.    The old  townsite ! cate any of the old stakes.
John   Kratohenko,   charged   with   the | was laid out originally about 60 years j Will Have to Pay Taxes.
ago by tbe late Governor Seymour as | The townsite originally comprised
the seat of the government house for j about 640 acres. Conciliation of the
the crown colony. The government ; plans means that the former townsite
house, the governor's residence and : becomes part of Langley municipality
the headquarters of the Anglican | and can be assessed by that district
church for the colony were located in ', for taxes. Throughout their long resi-
the townsite together with the bar-' dence on the land the squatters oc-
racks of the royal engineers. I cupied  the  singularly  fortunate  posi-
murder of H. M. Arnold, and with the.
robbery of the Bank of Montreal at
Blum Couleii.
After disposing of the photographer
and surveyor, who respectively identified photographs and plans bearing on
the Plum Coulee affair, the crown
called John Weibe of Plum Coulee.
According to his evidence he had
been on the point of entering the bank
at the time of the crime, and through
Real  Estate Boom. j tion of never having to pay any taxes.
When   the   townsite   was   laid   out   The first squatter was Jason  Allard
originally it was subdivided Into lots   who located on the land in 1878.
Derby was situated near the Salmon
river on the south side of the F'raser
the doorway had seen the back of   a   which were thrown on the market at
man  who  was facing Arnold.    Weibe I Victoria and  had  a  tremendous sale.
coulel see Arnold with his hands above j One old timer, who was in attendance   about  opposite   Port   Haney.    In   hi
his head.    Arnold said something that j at court yesterday and recollected the J history    of    New    Westminster  anel
Weibe did  not  understand,  but  Inter-
Villa Says He Wlll Effect Captura toy   pretm] tx�� mean Ull lit was not want-
March 31���110*00 Is Placed that
He  Will  Not.
The inauguration of a new system
of running the affairs of the schools
was adopted by the liurnaby school
board last night which will distribute
the responsibility upon the chairmen
of the different committees instead j here today by way of Kagle Pass, Tex.,
eif    upon    the    secretary.    Chairman ' indicating,   it   is   said,   that   Torreon
Juarez, March 19.���A letter dated at
j Torreon  on   March   16.   was  received
Herd's recommendations were aelopt-
eel although opposition was continually shown by Trustee Coulter who
would have continued the old system
Trustee Humes of the finance committee, will conduct an investigation
into the present bookkeeping system
and see, what finances are available.
A new innovation was recommended
in that lenders be called for all new
schewl bites from owners of property
within a given area. Open competition among architects will also be undertaken.
In connection with school supplies
several of  the  trustee's  made  known
; was still In the hands of the federals
, on that date and that the rebel leader,
J Oeneral Villa had not closed the rail-
I road.
(!i'iieral Villa telegraphed a friend
: toelay   saying:   "Bet   all   you:   money
1 that  my forces  will  capture Torreon
by  March 81."
The recipient found a federal sympathizer who wagered $100n American
gold that Villa not only would not
make his boast good, but that the federals would still have Torreon at the
end of April.
(k*neral    Aguirno    Benavides    tele-
that several schools had been without i graphed   thai  his  command,   the  Zar-
adequate supplies for several months, I agoza brigade, had Joined force's with
Trustee Burnes citing one instance
where1 the teacher of the" Hamilton
road school, Burquitlam, had purchased supplies and paid for them herself.
Of the min government grant $6000
was found to be still available' bin this
has to be spent before March 31. The
Victoria authorities will be approached for an extension of time so as to
enable tho boani to ereel an adilition
to the Broadview school in North
Held Fast in Ice.
Curling. Nfld.. Marcli 19.���Six men
sent by Consular Agent Gould boarded
ilu* abandoned United Suite's naval
ing Potomac today after a trip of 100
miles overland and sea Ice, The
Potomac was found at the mouth of
the Straights of Belle Isle, still fast
in the ice. Her hull Is apparently
sound and there was little water In
the hold. Another party with pumps
nnd dynamite is on the way to the
New York, March 19.���"I would rather go to the electric chair than lo
spend twenty years in prison,'' said
19 year-old Harry SohaeftVr to his
parents in the supreme' court today
when they urged him to plead guilty
in the second degree at his trial on
the charge of first degree murder for
the killing Of W. T. Martin, a Toronto milliner, last August. Taking the
stand in his own defense Schaeffer
told how he and another man wrapped a towel around Martin's neck so
tightly ihat death resulted, after Martin had been lured to a west side flat.
The case will go lo the jury tomor*
those of General Roaaddo Hernandaz,
Manuel Chao and Maximo Gercla, and
that the* entire airv. was slowly approaching Torreon. The telegram was
filed at Termo. south of Escalon, and
seventy miles ncrtb of Torreon. A desert waste separate's the two cities.
Benavides advised that he had been
unalx to communicate with General
Urhano, operating 10 the west of the
main column, and had sent couriers to
him. General Villa is reported at
It is doubtful if the monoplane which
was wreckeei in trial flights here can
be repaired in time for use at Torreon
unless villa's attack is long delayed.
Torpedo   Boat   Collides   With   Small
Steamer���Many Women and Children   Lose   Lives.
ed in the bank and accordingly he
went on down the street. He had
proceeded but a few yards when he
turned and saw a man, wearing a
dark overcoat, dash out of the bank
and walk very quickly around the
comer, Weibe noticing something like
a revolver in his left hand. The witness turned toward the bank again
and heard a shot. He crossed the
road and saw Arnold lying on an ash
pile'. The other man stepped over
Arnold's prostrate form and gathered
up some money he had dropped in his
flight. He then turned and ran to
the automobile which awaiterd him
about a block away.
J. D. Suffield, counsel for Kraf-I
chenko. cross-examined Weibe but
both cross-examination and the preceding examination by Mr. Hastings were
much dulayed by the court Interpreter
being unfamiliar with the dialect of
Weibe, who is a Mennonlte. Another
interpreter experienced the same difficulty and finally Dr. McTavlsh. a
witness who will later appear, was
sworn In, his residence in Plum Coulee
having familiarized him with dialects
such as  Weibe's.
Called Help Once.
Welbe'a cross-examination concluded. Cornelius Thiesen was called.
Thiesen had seen the bank manager
chase the man in the dark overcoat
who came out of the bank; had seen
the manager suddenly fall and then
heard a crack, which he believed was
the firing of a shot. The man in black
he said had turned back and from
around the prostrate body of the
stricken banker had gathered up the
money which was scattere-d on the
ground,  resting  one  hand  on   Arnold.
The manager had called "help" once.
The man had then run down the lane
and he had seen that his face v.as
masked. Asked why he said masked,
the witness stated that he was masked "from below up to the nose." Ask-
i'il as to the material the mask was
made of. witness said "it looked
hairy." Referring back witness said
the banker caught hold of the man
from behind putting his arms around
the man's body. At this time he elid
not see if either Arnold or the man
had anything in their hands. He did
not look quickly enough.
Court then adjourned.
time   the   townsite   was   opened    up.   vicinity, Judge Howay devotes cousid-
"iaolrt that  for one day only VHV.OOO' erabto spate to TJtettiy
All Charge* Against Miners Disposed
of���Sentences Will Be Meted
Out on Monday.
United States Welcomes Offer to Re
aume Peace Parleys���May Send
The hearing of the miners' cases at
the   special  assize  came    to    a  con-
Washington. March 19.���The I'nited
States government will welcome a re-
clusiou yesterday when Richard Grit'- ! opening of negotiations with tie
flths. one of the men who held out | Huerta government or the ConstitU-
against the settlement by refusing to | tionalists and will be glad to consider
plead guilty, retracted from his former 1 any proposals that will tend to draw
stand and entered a plea of guilty on
the minor charge of unlawful assembly.    A. D. Taylor, K.C, immediately
the various factions together in a plan
for the restoration of peace in Mexico.
This is the attitude of the president
withdrew the    other   charge of    riot I as revealed today after reports reach-
against Griffiths and he was released
on his own cognizances until Monday
at 11:30 when he will come up for
sentence with the other miners convicted and who plead euilty.
Crown Prosecutor Taylor also entered a stay of proceedings on the
charge of receiving stolen goods preferred against John Place, M. I,. A.,
now in jail awaiting sentence. Had
this charge not been withdrawn and
Mr. Place tried and convicted upon lt
he would have been invalidated, and
could no longer retain his seat in the
provincial legislature. A stay of
proceedings in   the   ease   of Rex vs.
ed here saying that Senor PortUlo
Kojas, minister of foreign affairs in
the Huerta cabinet, had gone to meet
John Und, Mr. Wilson's personal representative, to seek a resumption of
the peace parleys. Senor Rojas has
been mentioned as the man who would
succeed Huerta if he retired, and the
object of the visit to Mr. Linel. it has
been reported was to acquaint the
president's envoy with his personality.
What the president emphasizes in his
Informal discussions on the Mexican
siteation is that he, as president of
the United States, has never sought
to approve or disapprove of the indivi
Moore wherein the accused was also I duals who may aspire to the presi-
charged with receiving stolen goods'dency of Mexico, and that lie has no
was also entered by Mr. Taylor. t list of men whom he holds under so-
Paris, March 19.-Public opinion
continues** lo be deeply occupied with
the Calmette tragedy 'and the resulting political agitation, although Interest was less outwardly manifested
today. The general interest of the
pleasure-loving Parisians was centred
in the Ml-Careme parade of which
confetti battles in the boulevards were
a feature.
A few excited students In Paris and
Versailles attempted demonstrations
against M. Caillaux, but the police
had no difficulty in dispersing them.
Minister Resigns.
The principal development of the
day was the resignation of Krnest
Monis from the ministry of marine
and it is understood that his withdrawal from the cabinet will be permanent, not temporary, as was at
first expected, whatever may be the
finding of the investigating committee.
Various names were mentioned in
the lobbies of the chamber for the
post of minister of marine, but Premier Doumerge has decided to take no
action for the present.
Expect Demonstration.
While some kind of a demonstration by tbe anti-Republicans is certain to be attempted at the funeral of
M. Calmette tomorrow, the police do
not anticipate serious trouble. Nevertheless M. Hennion, the prefect of
Paris, has made extensive preparations to preserve order.
Saint l,azare prison, where Mme.
Caillaux occupies a cell, was again
the object of interest today by many
hundreds of persons who seemed
deeply interested in those who passed
within its doors.
Mme. Caillaux. it is said, is beginning to show the effects of her   imprisonment.    Her young daufhter by
l an Mftltor ��*| '
ls allowed 10 vis!
.��re dally. Her
husband and her attorney, M. I jibori,
called this afternoon and found her
in a depressed and nervous state.
To Appeal for Mercy.
M. Labori informed Mme. Caillaux,
it is said, that she had no alternative
but to throw herself on the mercy
of the court and that in her defence
he could not make any reflections on
M. Calmette. In fact, he explained, it
was only on this condition that he
agreed to undertake her defence and
he had made this plain to both the
family of his late friend, M. Calmette
and M. Caillaux.
The former minister of finance said
he understood M. i^abori's at'itude
and approved of it, adding:
"I have asked you only to defend
my wife: I do not want you to attack
M. Calmette."
Consider Case.
The senatorial committee, under the
presidency of M. Ribet. to which the
chamber's bill to confer full judicial
powers on the Rochette investigating
committee was referred, took the matter under consideration  today.
Senator Richard considered that
full judicial powers were not warranted and presented au amendment
giving the committee power to punish
witnesses, who either refused to appear or take the oath, and providing
for a punishment of from two to five
years' imprisonment and a tine for
those bearing false witness or
suborning witnesses before the committee.
It is understood the government
will accept the amendment and that
the bill will pass the house tomorrow.
Celebrates Anniversary.
Winnipeg, March 19.���The nineteenth anniversary of the consecration
of his grace. Archbishop l.angewin. O,
M. I., to the bishopric Of St. Boniface
was celebrated ibis morning at St.
Boniface cathedral. Pontillsial high
mass was sung by bis grace In the
pn sence of a large congregation, nnd
about 100 priests from the dlooese.
Venice, March 19.���A torpeelo boal
today collided with a small passenger
Bteamer which plies between Venice
and Lido, a chain of sandy islands separating the lagoon of Venice from the
Adriatic, and fifty persons were
The sharp nose of the torpedo boat I
went through the stern of the steame'r, j
which sank almost Immediately. Although many Americans are visiting
Venice at the present time it is not
believed that any were aboard the'
steamer. The victims included many
women and children.
Fifteen persons who were on deck
at the time wero saved by the crew
of the torpeelo boat. The Others were
caught In the cabin and were carried
down   with   the   wreck.     The   Italian 1
called ban, because of alleged complicity in the assassination Of Madero.
His refusal to recognize Huerta, It may
be stated on the highest authority,
was not based on any personal antagonism to Huerta, but on the ground
that the Constitutionalists would not
be reconciled to the man who had
Two Girls Asphyxiated. j overthrown   Madero and  Suarez,  and
Chicago, March 19,-Two little girls ha( governments set up by arbitrary
were found dead today in a gas-filled u,"'l> 'iml"ot ft" !8!nt n* th'' ";,p,iar
house.      Their    parents    and    baby' will Should not be dealt with toy the
Yesterday's sitting of the assize concluded about 11 o'clock and the ccurt
was adjourned until Monday at 11:30.
The jury was freed from attendance
until Tuesday morning at 11:80
when two criminal cases apart from
the miners' will be heard.
On His Way Home.
Winnipeg. March 19. ���Thomas Meredith of New Westminster, presldi'tit of
thn Canadian Pacific lumber company
who ls on liis way home from London,
states that money is quite easy in
London, but that all the big financiers
view with satisfaction the tightening
up. He* st-eites that every financial
corporation that he discusseel financial affairs with In London expressed
great interest in Vancouver and New
Westminster and a keen desire' to assist In every way In their development.
Incorporate   Press  Association.
Ottawa, March 19. -The   Canadian
Press association had  its Incorporating   act   passed   at    the   private*   hills
committee today. The powers are of
a general character. H. B. Donly,
sailors dived many times in an effort I president of the association, Btated
to rescue those who sank with the'thai the membership embraced tlte
steame'r, but without avail, intense publishers of 96 out of 130 dailies 100
excitement prevails because the names om of ".mi weeklies, in addition to "">
of the victims are not yet known.     literary and other publications.
brother were unconscious and. according to physicians, may die. The
police investigation showed that the
father and the little girls were in
bed when they were overcome. The
mother. Mrs. John Lindstrom, was
found fully dressed lying on the
kitchen floor with the baby boy in
tier arms.
United States..
One of the suggestions made to the
president lately contemplates the
sending of a commission of Americans
of prominence to investigate conditions in Mexico. Unofficial reports
have had it that both Carranza and
Huerta would receive such a commission.
Nephew of Millionaire Tobacco Manufacturer Found Not Guilty of
Judqment for $75,000.
New York, March 19.���A judgment
for $75,000 was tiled here today
against John G. I.eishnian, former
American ambassador to Germany, In
favor of Raymond, Pynchon & Co.,
New York bankers and brokers. The
amount was due on a judgment recovered in Allegheni'v county, Pennsylvania, for money loaned and stocks
bought and sold in New Y'ork city.
Well Known Mariner Dies.
Boston, March -!��.���Captain (!e>o. W.
Eldridge, of Vineyard Haven, author,
chart maker and navigator, died suddenly here yesterday. He was widely known as a seafaring man, having
designed the first simplified charts
of fishing boats and other small craft.
Chief of Police of Reqina.
Regina,   March   1,'.    E.   ti.   Berry,
chief of police at  Brandon, will be
1 the new chief of the Rej
Grocery Store Burns. ! appointment   was  made
Lethbrldge,   March  19.���A  grocery |Berry  will  commence his duties by j
Store  at  numb) r  six  mine  was  com- | May  1.    Ilis salary  will be $3000 tor
pli'tely destroyed by fire this after-i the tirst year. Sergeant Koch, who ! stating that several cars seld by them
noon with the loss amounting to sev-lhas been acting as chief, was made Iin Seattle were defective and had to
eral thousand dollars. deputy chief. Ibe repaired by the company.
I ������-'������'���
Seattle, March 19. -l��aurence Duke,
nephew of James B. Duke, the tobacco
manufacturer, was found not guilty
by a jury in the superior court late
today of the charge of manslaughter
preferred after his automobile had
ran down and killed Henry N. Parr, a
saloon keeper, on the country road
eight miles south of Seattle the night
of Oct. 15 last. The jury returned
the verdict of acquittal after five minutes' deliberation.
The state alleged that Duke was intoxicated and recklessly drove his car
into Parr's party who were standing
In the road repairing their automobile.
The defense denied the charge of intoxication and Introduced evidence to
prove that the accident resulted from
inn force. His ithe breaking ot the steering gear on
today, Chief [Duke's machine, in support of tliis
contention a letter from the eastern
manufacturers of Duke's car was read PAGE TWO
FRIDAY,  MARCH 20,  1914
An Independent morning paper d��>voti>d to the Interests of N'*w Westminster and
tbe Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing
���nd Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie .Street. New Westminster. British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHKKLAND. Managing Ulre-ctor.
AU communications should be udelre-ssed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money onlers should be made
payable to The National PrlntinK and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELKI'IION'Eri���Business Office and Manager, ��i��9; Edltoriul Rooms (all departments), S91.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. $4 per year, $1 for three months, 40c per
month. Bv mail. $3 per jre-ar. 25c per niemth.
ADVERTISING   RATES  on  application.
British Columbia Wmt the- most ad-
\anced province ta the Dominion so
far as attention to the question of forest protection was concerned, and I
may now say the* same thing in regard
to tiie question Of disposition of timber belonging to the province."
Pleased at Progress.
Henry S (leaves. Chief fol ester of
the  i'nited  Slates,   writes:     "I   have
The* new corporation some time ago
purchased the tia:ge Fresno ami she
will leave in tow of the tug l'ioneer
on  April  1  for Akutan  with  a cargo
of   supplies.
The Admiralt-n is practically a floating whaling factory, with equipment
tor boiling oil from the whale car-
cassee, but her operation in the ser-
\ iee- bas been found unprofitable. It
| was   announced   yesterday   by   Presl-
There is occasion for a distinct feeling of satisfaction,
not only for those who are directly interested in it, but
for every British Columbian who believes in the development of B. C. as far as possible by provincial institutions
that the Bank of Vancouver, the bank with its headquarters in this province, has carried sail so well in the financial storm through which the whole world has just passed
and at the end of the gale has been able to so readjust itself to new conditions that, if possible, it is on a sounder
financial basis than ever.
That the older banks of Canada would be perfectly
safe in spite of the recent hard times went without saying. That the Bank of Vancouver, though a young institution, also would be sound was a foregone conclusion,
but that it has carried itself so well in the face of difficulties, many of which are not part of the troubles of older
banking sisters, is a matter for congratulation and a credit to both the bank and the province.
The establishment of the Bank of Vancouver was the
result of a popular demand for such an institution in British Columbia. The people of the west are nothing if not
independent and they desired to see a bank of their own
doing business here. This feeling did not reflect on the
other banks whose headquarters are in the east, for there
are opportunities in this province for them all. It was
simply the westerner's desire to show that, while he was
willing that eastern financial houses should handle much
of his business, still he wished it known that he was able
to do some of it for himself. The Bank of Vancouver was
the direct outcome of this sentiment and its successful
career in the face of many difficulties has earned it not a
few friends.
just learned of the recent action  by
British   Columbia   wilh   reference   to i ilt-nl  Uirkeland that his company  will
the royalty on public timber.    1 want! sell the vessel.   A new whaling station
to express  my  pleasure at the great ( Is n> be built in the north where both
progress which has been made In your i t
country  and  to  e*xte*iul  my  heartiest ; 1
congratulations.    The-   recognition   of 11
the right of the publii' to share
In the
inereasign  value of  public  timber is.
in my opinion, a vital one."
Agrees  With   Policy.
Tbe secretary of the* department of
agriculture    of    the      I'nited    States
writes:     "The     plan     of   readjusting
stumpage values of Umber at stated j
intervals  in  sales  from   public  lands'
whereby the public will derive a fair
share of the Increase in lumber values!
is ono with  which 1 am iu hearty accord.    Vou will doubtless be interested in learning that a provision of this |
character is  included  by  l.his depart
ment in all contracts for sale-s of tlm
ber from national  forest lands  when
" whale hlubber and carcasses will
��� refined on shore. This plant coni-
ete will cost $300,000. e
Interested in the company are some
of the best known business men and
capitalists of .Minneapolis, where the
general offices are now located, In-
cludlng John l-ind, personal representative of Prealden Wilson in Mexico,
and W, S. Dwinnell, owner of large
tracts of timber land in Oregon and
tlrltish Columbia. Mr. Dwinnell holds
the office of treasurer of the new cor-
p iration.
To Go into General Fishing.
The Pacific Sea Products company
w II   eventually   expand   into   general
Ohing    It is planned to do some cod
fishing this year on a small scale.
The service's of Capt. Barling who
the period of contract  is in exceai of I has had long experience as a whaler,
five years, and that it has been accept
led as equitable by timber operators. I
! feel that vim are to be heartily con
| gratulate d on thi* progressive legis
I latioti."
hive* been obtained! t'npt Barling
will be the operating manager of the
company in the north. Since- boyhood
days he aas be'en on Norwegian whal*
In ��� ipeditioni and for the past eight
years has been active in the whaling
Industry em the Pacific coast and in
Man Who Gave Note for Misrepresented Stock   Must  Pay   Up.  Is
Courts Order.
Aged Pioneer Master Mariner of British  Columbia  Coast  Hr.s
Passed Away.
Victoria, March 19.���A highly ro-'
spec-ted pioneer resident eif Victoria,!
and one who, up to the time of his
death at an early hour yesterday, had
the honor of being the oldest living
navigator oil the Pacific coast, has
passed peacefuly away in the person
of Captain Oeorge Brown. He was taken ill on Sunday and the end came
in sleep, not unexpected, owing to his
advanced age. The late Captain
Ilrowu was a native of Liverpool,
where he was born on December 24,
le,32, and was therefore in liis eighty-
second year.
Five children survive���Mrs. H. T.
Scott, anel Oeorge William. John
Henry, Robert and Uichard Brown, all
residents of this city.
Captain Brown came of seafaring
stock, his father being engaged in the
coasting trade in the British waters.
At the age of thirteen he took to the
sea 'himself, becoming captain's boy
in the service of the Cunard line between his home port and New Vork.
After some years of this he sailed on
clipper ships, and as an apprentice on ;
the ship Adam ixidge he rounded the
Horn on a voyage' to San Francisco. I
This was about 1850.
Came to B. C. in 1852.
in IS52 he again sailed to this
coast, this time on board the barken-1
tine Annie .Moure. The vessel originally sailed to the Golden Gate, but,
business offering in this direction, she
was   brought   to     Victoria.     Captain
New,  Spare.time  Profession  for   Men
and Women���One Man Manes
$3->00  in  Six  Months.
Owing to the large number of new i
motion picture theatres winch are be* ���
ing opened throughout the country,
there is offered io the men auu
women e i touuy, a new proiessiou,.
name n, uiau ui wntiug moving pic-j
ture plays. Producers are paying i
I rom tab to Sloei tor each scenario ac-
Brown  remained  with the barkentine*
for six months after her arrival here.
[ whim  ho left her and  determined  to
| make his home In this city, with which
; he was greatly taken.
C.oing into the service    of   Joseph
j Boscowitz, Captain .Brown did a great | wj|]
j deal of coast'ng and trading with the '
; Indians on the West Coast.    For four
i years he was in command of the An-
I nie  Heck,   a   well-known   schooner  of
those days.     Utter he  was  placed  in
charge  of  trading  stations,  first    at
Nootka and afterwards as Kyoquot.
Took Out Sealing Schooner.
In  the early days of the senling In- \tc
dustry he look out the first schooner l
for   Mr.   Boscowitz,   the   Annie*   Beck,
the only other schooner then operat- i
ing    being    Captain    Spring's    Alert, j
which was In charge of Captain Chris- >
tianse n.
In more recent years Captain Brown |
was  in  the  service  of  the  Canadian '
Pacific Navigation company and con- I
tinned in the service with the British
Columbia  Coast service of the Canadian  Pacific railway.    For a time he
was   master   of   the   Maude   on   the
West Coast run, and was an officer on
the Princess Louise and other steamers   on   the   northern   run.     He   also
spent   six   months   in   the    north     In
charge  of  the  Boscowitz  boat,  which
was  chartered   by  the  late   Mr.   William Ogilvie, Seven years ago Captain
Brown decided to retire.
Never   Shipwrecked.
Captain   Brown   had   many   experiences at sea, but was never shipwreck-
e d.   On   his   first   voyage  around   the
Horn, however, be came m-ar it. T'ne
Adam   Lodge,  which  was  carrying  a
cargo of coal from Cardiff to Benicla,
had put  into the  Falkland  islands to
endeavor to step a leak which could
ont be located at sea, and the captain
had  gone  to   Port  Stanley  In   search
of two sailors,  who had deserted on
the ship's arrival,   A hurricane sprang
up and   for  some time  the  ship  was
in  gre*at danger,  but  she   weathered
As a  trader Captain  Brown  was    a
.great success, and  he  had  the  confi-
i deuce of the Indians.   lie believed h
treating them firmly and fairly, ami
always pursued the policy of absolute
truthfulness with them,   He declares
] that  as  an   ordinary   matter  of  business this paid, asithe Indians sooner
or later found out lf statements made
; were not according to book, and fought
'shy of the* traders  whom  they  found
to deceive them.    He  was  very  scru-
| unions in the matter of liquor with the
S Indians,  and   so   well   were  his  opinions  on   tie   point   known   that   only
i once did he detect the natives drink-
' \ntt and very seldom did he see any of
those about his stations under the influence' of liejuor.
His life In Victoria and on Vancouver Island covered the entire period
since the city was laid out.    lie saw
Victoria, March 19, A judgment
handed down by Judge Lampman, of
the county court, yesterday, declares
that the note drawn by Julius Brethour, of Sidney, In favor of the Banker's Trust company, and later elis-
counted by J. H. Baker, must be paid.
The decision is of tii" utmost Importance because of the peculiar circumstances. Tin* amount of the note is
Wot). It was given to Frank Skldmore
in part payment of a block of shares
in the now defunct trust company.
Since then it has been shown thai the
stock was sold through misrepresentation. However, as Mr. Baker acted
innocently in discounting it. the court
holds that be is e*ntitleel to recover
the money invested. There are a number of other notes outstanding which
have been discounted under similar
conditions. To tin-si* the judgment
lpply, see that many of those who
purchased holdings In the corporation
now iii liquidation will be directly af-
Text of Judgment.
Following is the* complete*   texl    of
"There is a claim on a  promissory j
note for $300, made by the defendant
Ills own nreler anel endorsed by him!
un! he*ld by the plaintiff. The note was)
given to iii'fe'iieiant by one Skldmore]
in   part   payment   for   shares   In   the
Hankers'   Trust,   and   before   its   ma-|
turity  the  plaintiff  discounted   it  for
Skldmore.    It is admitted that there
was fraud  and  misrepresentation  by
Skldmore  in  procuring defendant    to
subscribe  for shares and  giving  the
"At the time of taking the' note the
plaintiff was a director of the Bank-
era' Trust, and Mr. Taylor, for the
defendant, contended that plaintiff
could not dissociate himself from his
position of director as to be treated as
an outsider by reason of the fact that
ie did not attend to his duties as a
director that had he looked Into the
company's affairs he would have found
out that Brethour had applied for
shares and had given notes, and so
would have known that Skldmore wa*-
-'���eiiing the note's which really belonged to the Bankers' Trust.
"Baker made no Inquiries except as
to the financial standing of Brethour.
He says that he understood from Skid-
more that he received thp note as payment of his (Skidmore's) commission.
I have no difficulty In finding that
Baker had no actual knowledge of
fraud and I do not think he had any !
suspicion about the not'* at all. Al"l|
he seems to have considered was th��
financial standing of Brethour, as he
naturally wanted to be assured that
the note would be paid.
"That, motive must be Imputed to
him because of the fact that he was
a director I do not think Is warranted
. . . Judgment will be entered for
the plaintiff for the amount cla a * d
wiih costs."
Wickersham Act Interpreted by Court
in   Lawsuit   for   Claim   in
Cordova, Alaska, March 19.���Judge
Predi ink   M.   Brown,  of  the  federal
court, yesterday handed down a decision In the Chisana mining case of
C. ii. Likalts vs William a. Johnson,
involving claim No. 1 above discovery
on Bonanza creek. The decision establishes tiie right of the defendant
to title-- to the ground, and Is one of
the most important rulings ever made*
iu Alaska, as it is the first Interpretation of the Wickersham act of August   1,  1912.
Contention of Plaintiff.
Action by the plaintiff was based on
the contention that the agent of the
defendant had failed to comply with
the lav. governing the location of
placer claims, inasmuch as he bad
failed to nh a power of attorney for
his principal in the district in which
the ground was located, previous to
locating the ground.
Evidence was introduced by the defence showing that the claim had been
staked for Johnson by William E,
James on a power of attorney drawn
In Dawson, dated June 1, 19'JH; tbat
when Jume.H  had  gone   to  Chisana   he
had taken ihe jmver of attorney with
him, but bail left it at his cabin, 40
mibs from the headwaters of the
Chisana, when he had made the
cover.*, on Bonanza.
Hears of Law.
Nelson, his partner, had gone
Dawson for more provisions, and
learned for the first, time the change
in the mining laws providing that
powers eif aitorney must be lib*el with
���lie recorder of the district, immediately upon his return to Chisana
from Dawson, in June, 1918, he Informed James of the- law. James Bent
:t man named dates to bis cabin e;n
Beaver creek to obtain tbe power iii
attorney ihat the same- might be filed
when the recorder for the new mining
district opened his office.
Oali s met with an accident which
delayed his return to Chisana until
August, 1913,
Stakes the Claim.
In the meantime James, as attorney
in fact fm* Johnson, had performed
all the acts required by law In the
matter of making the discovery and
marking Uie' boundaries of the claim, l
On August 7 Ik* had filed notice ol
location and recorded power of attor-j
ney from Johnson to James.
The plaintiff arrived on the ground
August 20 and located the claim on
!he following day.
The decision of the* court, related to
a construction of the intent and
language' of the Wickersham law relating to recording of powers of attorney.
The sole question was, "Does the
act require the power of attorney to
be recorded prior lo the location of
claims '.'"
flow   (lie   Medical   Stiiilenls  Tricked
Ihe Jehu Into 1-owing a I'atron.
The famous Dumfriesian was a
ravorite with jehus in several townB.
Of all the literary celebrities of the
last century few were better known
to London drivers. For some years
the philosopher engaged a particular
man from tbe rank and insisted on
having no other. The "whip," how-
?er. "put his foot in It," and lost the
sage's custom in a singular manner.
A number of medical students getting to know of his preference for this
particular man. and finding the driver
inquired if he knew who his regular
fare was. On receiving a reply in the
negative the students informed bim
that he was one of tbe most famous
and eccentric authors of the day.
They then gave him a book with the
advice to have P open and to appear
to be reading whenever he approached the rank.
The cabman, without any suspicion
of a trick, acted on their advice and
kept a good look-out for the prophet, j
and seemed to be deeply engrossed in
the pages of a pretentious volume
when he came along the cab rank.
"Hlllo, what's that 'er readin',
man?" Inquired Carlyle critically. "A
most hout-an'-hout, lip-top, splendid
book about that er- bloomln' French
ItevoluBhun," was cabby's gushing:
'Eh!    What dae  'e say?    Will  '���
show ii to me?" snld the famous fare I
as he  held out  bis  bind.   "Oh, cer-j
talnly,  sir,"  and   the  driver  put   an
edition  of  his own   "History  of  tbe
Revolution"  into  his hand.
"Well, ma man." said Carlyle, after turn.ng over the volume, and with j
apparent delight, "are 'e sure that 'i r i
readin' this work Intelligently?" Pulling himself up and with an air of
great confidence, the .nan replied, "O,
certainly, sir." Then, thinking th. t
he ought to say something in praise
of the book, be added, "Why. sir, it's
halmost as good as 'The Newgato
The grim old Ke*e*!efe-chanite* glare:!
at the cabby, lixe-d him  with a look
that he never forgot, and after grunt-
[ng  something,   lurneel   abruptly  on'
his he-el and engaged '-he next cab.
The  driver go,  time  to  repent  of
his folly, anil was often like to   "eat
his fingers off" for having been led in-,
i to such  a  trap.     Carlyle   would  not
| even   look    at    him    aflerwareis,   but
] stuck to bis seconel man, who hael had
the honor of driving some of the most
distinguished men ( " the day.
Cabby number one had something
emphatic to say to the budding doctors when tbey came along to iear.i
the result of their suggestion, His
"langwtdge" wasna canny.- G. M, K.,|
In Border Magazine.
H.   J.    A.    Hl'ItNIOTT.    Al'IHTOIt    AMI
Accountant.    Telephone   1H47.    Room
!] Hart Bleak.
P. H. Smith. W   J. Oroveta.
work  undertaken   to    city   and   outside
Klnt*.   211-11   Westminster   Trust   Blda.
ions  S64.    P.  O.  Boa  MT.
NKW    Wi:sTMINSTKU    LOIMJ1*:    NlJ    2
H. r. O. B. of l). ('., me-et ih,* firm and
third Priday at 8 p.m.. Labor Temple,
Seventh nnel ltoy.il avenue. A. \V,*II��
tiray. Kx.iltt-il Ruler; P. II. Smith Secretary.
L.O.O.M.,   no  Ut���MBBTS  ON   PTR8T
ami third Tuemlay In i-mli month at H
pm. iu the l^ilHir Tempi*. David
Boyle, Dictator; w. J. Urove*s, Bocre-
I. (I. O. 1\ AMITY LOINS!-: NO. 17 TUB
regmar meeting ot Amity lodge ���>.��,.
���il. I. O. O. P., Is held every Monday
night at I o'clook In Odd Fellows' Hall,
oorner Carnarvon and Klghth street*,
visiting brethern cordially Invited.
R. A. Me-rrlthsw, NO.; H. W\ Sangster.
���. Q.; W. C. Coetham. P. O. r^ort.
Ing secretary: J. W. MacDonald. financial secretary.
W.   B.   1'AI.KS
and   Bmbalmi
ee|'|eee.site*    l'.iril,*Kle
Pioneer Punefal
r,  fiii'-ejis   Acne
i  street,
ter * Hantia. Ud.)���Funeral dliwiur.
and i-inbalmera. Parlors 406 Columbia
street.   New  Westminster.    Phone (ll
nter Hemrd of Trade meets In tl.t*u���.i<i
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of euch month; quarterly nee-tlna
on Ihe third Friday of February, Mas
Annus! nnel November at 8 pn \n-'
nuHl meetings on the third Friday ol
February.   C   H.   Stuart   Wade,   eecre-
rlme-r^ Solicitors, etc. 40 Lome Htreet,
Ne*w *Ae'Himlndter. O. E. Corbould K.
C.    J. R. Grant.    A. E. McColl.
at-law, Solicitor, etc. Bollcltor fur the
Hank of Vancouver. Of tIces * Merchant!* Bank Building, Ne*w Wentmlns-
tt*r UC. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address '"JohiiHton." Code We-Mteru
W. F. HANSFORD. BARRISTER, Solicitor, etc.. Colliater Block, corner Columbia nnel McKenzie stre-t*tn, .Ww Weest-
mlnster. B.C. P, O. Box 285. Tale,
phone 34 4. l
Shackleton   Stories.
Some amusing stories of bis lector-
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors W����t
minster Trust Blk., Columbia' itrsel
New Westminster. B. C. Cable addrus
""White-side," Western Union Pr
Drawer   200.     Telephone   t,     w    j"
stii.wkll CLUTB. BarrlsUr-al i,
solicitor    eta;   corner    Columbia
MoKensle   streets.   New
B. C.   P. O. Bon 1��.
Telephone!   71��.
Ing experiences are* told by sir Ernesl
Shackleton, the Antarctic explorer.
One Jay when in Scotland gelling,
after bis first expedition, be received
a letter from Harrow School asking.
him to give a lecture. He did nol
want to go, no he wrote fixing a pro-
I i.iitlve' price \f he thou {ht���a fee ol
SIr,o. exclusive of expenses. To h's _
amazement   tbe   offer   was   accepts  .1
and    he   gave   the   lecture       On   lb��   '��� ��:.Jffi}i~���*'   BOUD,    BARRISTKR,
strength  Of  thai   be  wrote  to  the au-      Kk   28 K���NS��2t  New"'
tborltles at  Kton  and Ottered  his ne*r-      Hter. B. C. ""
vices at  an equal  rate,    The*  reply " -���
came back,    Dear Sir,���This is iive> j UcgUARRtB,   martin    a
times as much as we'  pay to reallj!
a -at class lecturers."
His audience at l.eith was once so
small that he went to the cabman lie*
bad left outside and salel.   I will pay
for some one lo hole! the horse, and
you can come in and hear the lecture." "Oh, no, thank you," said the
cabman; "1 am .11 right where- I am "
Afterward, with his wife, he' was
counting his losses ai.d salel, Twi n*
ty-five people al Is.  a  head that
makes a total receipts ��1 f.s." "But,"
said bis wife, "you must deduct 2s,
from that. I sent tbe e-ook and oue
of the maids."
garrlsteri and  SoYict't'ors" t^to^iJi
Westminster Trust   Block.    G.  E   Mar-
Wanted Ugliness Iii Olden Days,
Some bygone* housewives appear to
have regarded ugliness as a quality to
be desired in their servants. Winn
lOliza Coke, daughter of Ccke of Norfolk, was about to marry, she* wrote
to ber prospective mother-in-law;
"Pray have* the goodness to decide as
you think best about the pretty
housemaid. 1 wish she were less pretty and less fond of e!re*.ss; but if her
.conduct and principles are good neither an* really objectionable faults.
I think our establishment will be* a
pattern of morality, particularly it
Mr. Stanhope engages the squinting
butler and tin* terrible housemaid be
mentioned to me." - London Daily
One cf Screws of Acts.
The courl   held  that   the recording | sociaiion
i i"
cepteet,  upon  wiiich  tney can  build
photo play.
ijjOO In Six Months.
Ab it only requires a    few    hours'
timo  to  construct   a  complete  peay,
you  can   readily   see     the     Immense
possibilities  in  this  work.    Oue  man,1
who   gave*   the  idea  a  tryout.   writes :
that he earned $;iii00 In six months, i
It  is   possible   for  an   intelligent   per-;
son to meet with equal success,
One* feature of the* business which '
should appeal io everyone, is the the
work may be done at home in spare
time. No literary ability is required
and women bave as great as opportunity as men. Ide;as for plots are
constantly turning up, and may be
put in soeneario form and sold for a
good price.
Particulars Sent FREE.
Complete, particulars of this most
interesting and profitable profession
may be bad FREE OF CHARGE! by
���sending a post card to
P.o'c-Pfay Assccistion
M 158 W-ILKES-MfiE, M.
a | the> port grow  from the  smallest  be*
| ginning to be the Canadian port with
the-  largest  tonnage  of  deep-sea  and
coasting    shipping    calling    at    its
wharves, and was looking forward to
i beholding   the    greater development
iwhii'i  will  follow   t'ne  completion   of
the    harbor    improvements    and  the
; opening of  the   Panama  canal.
Alaiska Whaling Company Disposes
Vessels, Equipment and Stations
for Large Sum.
Victoria. B. C, .March 19.- Many
ar.i the compliments received by the
Hon. William It. Robb, minister of
lands, for the timber royalty hill in
which the principle of profit-sharing
in the timber resources was a feature.
Prominent Canadians and residents of
the United State*s, including membeta
of the cabinet of that countrv jr
sent letters warmly commending the
new art.
Mr. Sifton Write3.
Hon, Clifford Sifton, president of
the* Canadian commission of conservation, writes congratulating tiie minister eef lands, and says: "I have repeatedly said during the last year that1
Seattle, March 19,   One of tin- biggest marine transactions    of    recent
years was closed yesterday when the
Pacific  Sea   Products    company,    of
which .lo'bn Llnd,  President Wilson's
.   representative in Mexico, is a stockholder,   bought  the   ve*sseis,   stations
and equipment of the Alaska Wealing
rtompany,  in   which  Capt.  Otto Sver
'dnip. the Norwegian explorer, wan In
eri'Me'ii.    Property  valued al  a  mil
lion dollars changed hands
The deal was c|e**eel by K. B. Ilirke'
land of Minneapolis, president and
s-eneral manager c*f the company who
h-,��� hppn in this city for several days
j conducting negotiations with the own
er" of the vessels and equipment
i    Included In the transfer of property
jure the whaling steamers Unimak
and Kodlak, built al ihe plant of J. I*'
' Dutbie and company on the east waterway at a cost of $112,001'; the' blfl
Norwegian Bt earner Admlralen, wlilch
has been Iving idle at Eagle Harbor
and a whaling station at Akutan, cm
which  the  Alaska  Whaling company
spent over $200,000
To Build  New Whaling Station.
a power nl attorney was but one
. i' a H'-rie - of acts necessary to constitute a valid entry, that the order in
the time in which tbe acts we*re per-
formed was Immaterial, provided all
were performed before the rights of
other locators accrued.
Tho decision In this case has no
baring on the' territorial act which
expressly provides that tbe power of
attorney nuiHt be recorded prieir to
agents staking claims for the principal. The ruling In this case, which
wds argued before the. court on an
agreed statement of fads, also applies
to the cases of Poster versus Johnson Involving No. 1 Chatlunda creek,
and Nlkell d I'oster vnrsus Johnson,
No. 8, Bonanza. Maurice Ijeehey was
attorney for Ihe defendants. The
court adjourned until the 30th, to
bring witni-sses from Chisana In other
Made Room I'm
Rome* people would ascribe the olo
history of Somerset House to Its as-
with uacrilege. To make:
room for ihe great home' he planned
for himself, the* lmke* ()f Somerset
cleared away the palaces of the
Bishops of Worcester an.: Chester,
He pulled down the church which
stood on the present tite of St. Mary-
b'-Strand, in order to secure builel-
Ing materials, and further he demolished the cloister on tbe norlh side
of old St. Paul's Cathedral, so tint
be might use tbe slones for the erection of his mansion. But there Is a
modern touch In that opposite Somerset House was the first stand for
hackney coaches In London.���London
Daily Chronicle.
COAL MININU rights of the Domlnlet.
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tbo Yukon Territory, the Northweit Territories and ln a portion of the Pnn-lnct
of British Columbia, may be leased for a
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of fl an acre. Not more them 2611
tie*re*H wlll be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be mada
by the applicant In person to tbe- Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district In which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land muRt be
described by sections, or legal siih-dlrl-
���elons of sections, and In unsurveyed ter-
rlteiry the tract applied for shall t>��
<tak,*d out by the applicant himself.
Kach application must be ae*eom|*anle��
by a fee of 15 which will be refunded 1��
lhe rights applied for are not available,
>ut not otherwise. A royalty eliall be
paid on (he merchantable output ot tht
nine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The- peraon ojieratlng the mine shall
urnlHh the Agent with sworn returns
locountlng for the full quantity of mer-
ib an table coal mined and pay the roy-
ilty thereon. If the coal mining rights
ire not being operated such returns should
>e  furnished  <u  least  once a  year.
The  !,���;,��,. will Include the coal  mining
i   Iglitei  only,   but  the  leasee  will  be  per-
���nliteel   to    purchase    whatever   nvallablt
I lurface   rights  may  be considered  DS06S-
eary for tl���. working of the mine at ths
'Me of no an acre.
For full Information application should
ie maelu  to the Secretary of the Depart
Jient of the Interior. Ottawa, or to am
tgent or  Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands
Deputy  Minister of the Interior..
N B. ���Unauthorised publication of this
edverttsement wlll not be paid for.
For Week  Ending  Sunday,  March  22
Sand  Heads.
High.            Love
High.   Low.
Time. Ht. Time.
S:40    3:40
7:38 12.6    2:10
:!2 :.=>:; 17:55
21:57 11.9 14:50
9.10   4:25
S:10 12.2    3:06
23:27 11.8 15:47
0:25    5:20
8:45 11.6    4:12
!l:45, 20:0.-,
2:00    7:00
1:02 12.0    6:00
10:30 21:00
9:30 10.9 17:54
')  ')
,"i:20    9:2',
2:18 12.4    8:20
11:40 22:Oa
10:40 10.1 19:00
1:10 10:40
3:08 12.6    9:31
13:26 23:or,
12:26    9.5 20:00
4:45 11:30
3:45 12.6 10: IIS
15:10 2:i:40
11:10    9.5 20:51
Origin  of  Name.
A correspondent signifies gratitude
for tbe Information .hat the Australian mining town of, Rendigo was
named after the prize-fighter, confessing tbat he has always had a hazy belief that tbo man was an Australian
who took his name from the plae*e.
The topny-turviness is more venial,
perhaps, lhan that of the lady Imperialist who thought Lord Melbourne set such a good example by
taking bis title from the capllil of
Victoria. It would only be going one
oetter to imagine that the Queen was
named after the ^.jlonv ��� London
''ally Chronicle
New Wellington
Office, 554 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth 8treet.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
Walla Walla. Wash., March 19.���A
divorce from David S. Huntington,
.Northern Pacific conductor between
Walla Walla and Pasco, is asked by
Lillian Huntington, wbo charges thnt
her husband has a violent temper and
has choked her till her neck was
black. They were married March 6,
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.        Barn Phone 137.
Begbie  Street.
Baggage Deliverod Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Read The News FRIDAY,  MARCH  20,  1914.
Coinmitment cf a  Patient to  Asylum
Bae.is of Dispute Between
Langley and Surrey.
division roadi axeepi audi r local
provemi n:
.1'-   United   St:iti*s  BSWSpftperi  should  be   never seen a  book    er    worn    "real"
found  singing  h.s  praise*.    Ne-ithe,-.  trousers    wm must  admi*   ihat  boini- ]
from J. Norman Kennedy and oth- siuce the death of i.t.uin, need we clde baa beeome mei much of a habit j
ers. petitioning that the lm.irk road  !"��'k tor   undue-   rattkusiasm   in   ibe with bim.   While we may deplore hia]
be graded eaat from the Halt's Prairie British preen.   Paris iouraallata :,e*,*m em:-, poverty, era cannot overlook the |
road   to  give-  ae*e,.-s   in  the     various   lo be. alon.*. at leaet so far, in seeing   feet thai  v hat galled him most abcut ���
prope*rtie-s in that locality.   ReceivedIsomething   ol    the   Oarlbaldl-Hof r- il  <wu that it  prevented bis buying
and referred u> Councillor Hebron and   Koscinszko    type    about    ibis    half-   a   cun  and  killing somebody  for    al-
I the engineer. Indian,  half-man  ratine-,  tiger  tiiat   is   iikj i i VO years.    Win n be gut the gun ;
From it. ,i. Ai-eiu, aecretary-treaanr- so mueB in tiie publii- eye at tha mo- be- vent guanine, ami Kr.'noh papers]
e-r Strawberry Hill Karmi-rs" Institute,   nn nt.    He is merely a Latin boh! e.'-e :i   narrate   with  a s!iueide*r of fascinate-d !
asking if the council could se-t- the ir   tbrougli  Anglo-Saxon  >-ye l,  ace rding   horror that   he soon  had  43  nolche s |
I way cle-ar to graved the* remaining un*   lo the Pais Tetnpe, nnd what e*:m youicarwd on this same* gun. every one of
: graded portion of the Gladstone road   expect   wln-n  that    happens  through I tbem representing a human life.   No
| from  the Scott  road  to the  institute   misuneierslandiiig.      liis      origin    laldoubl  he liael certain reason* for ac-
__ | hall.    Received and referred to Coun* 'obscure,    but      he    has the  Spanish  quiring  the  scalps  he  did;   the   Diaz}
At the last meeing of the SurreyIclUor Bradfhaw and the engineer.        grandeur in prowess, the gesture*   of [government offered a reward eir $10.-;
iniiniicpal    council      communications!     From   T.   S.   Annadale.   asking   for   tha  man  of the cap and  sword,     lie   """ for him following bis murder of a
were received us follows: improvements to the* road le-ading DO j can organize vlctorv. create- an annv j government representative, and it was
from -ih,. i'���m���i,,n a\���. r i ������,,.! Ocean I'ark. Received and referreel out of a ragged horde and stand glori-. his life or that of Ilis pursuers most
Co ltd atsMma ii!- ,u.,u |to Councillor Ilradshaw and the en- ; ously at bay. Hannibal himself, we "t lb,* time. Kmaily he fell in with
em.'r t    ,'e      Is to   re th     .L  d ai     RinWr' I are  reminded, did no more.    He    ia the Mad.ro.    and    his fortune*    was
���[',. aw k,i,. ihT l,Zr t" L ', ,,?,r      From <"   A* w"l��h* T. H. Smith and : capable of inspiring a veritable tror-  made, for She lime being at least.   So
n^JLiYaia  -��iri!? _^Tr5.-.  ."".IF- J- Hart & Co., asking for improve-' ship among his followers.    He strikes I I"��k as  Francesco  Madero  ruled    at
The Island of Tea
The choicest tea in the world grows high up on the
mountain-sides of Ceylon. The native purity and garden-
freshness of this superb Ceylon Tea is preserved by the
sealed lead packages used in packing.
ClOVerdale   mill   was   properly   taken j
care of.
Freem the Surrey school board, ask
ments to the road from ttlgin to Crea
cent.    Received and laid over.
From K. S.   Withers, secretary Itoyai
ng that the council remove the stumps j (,olurubia Hospital, New Westminster,
torn the road frontage, at the Annie-; ���nelol��� d,taiied statements of vari-
lale school house and that the right  ������:  ���*������     ,,���������*..���.,  ������,,  ��� ,���
dale school house and that the right
of way cleared to permit of proposed
improvements on the school grounds.
Received and referred to Councillor
Triggs and the engineer for attention.
ous account.    Received and accounts
laid   over   for  further   investigation.
Tenders on contracts were received
j and tiie lowest on each contract ac-
i cepted, as follows:    Hoothroyd Road,
., ,,    ,    ,, ,,    ,,     ,      -i Messrs. Smith. Herman & Hornby, at
I* rom   II.   A.   Payne.   (.   M.   < .,   of.$g67.20.   -Borgatroin   road.   F.     Klein,
terror into his enemies. His Ib nol Mexico City, Villa was safe. Whim
negative campaign, purposeless, like I Madero f'II It was all to begin over
Zapata's, boastful like Huerta's. He|again. His activities have been law-
Is constructive, encrg'-tic. victorious. ���>' associated with front page horrors
The essence of Villa's spirit is ex- ,n l,eav-v <>*>" for som�� tln"' now   An
$601), and Sandell road, I. M. Clemens,
lat ��7bo.no.
Various accounts  were  passed  and
ordered paid, and the
Langley, stating that their council ele-
cilned to pay the costs of a connnlt-
mefit of a patient from their municipality to the hospital for the Insan*, 1 ord0red  paldi ami thp    Ci)XluCM    -,���v
owing to the fact that the matter was journe<1   to  meBt    against    Saturday.
completely taken  out  of tbe   lands Mar0h .^ta al ,:30      ,��� al ,he mu.
of their chief of police by the police UioipaJ  hall. Cloverdale.
de'iiartment of Surrey.    Received, and
council advised that Chief of Police
Matheson took no action towards Uie
commitment of lhe- person in question
until he had consulted Chief Blair of
Langley by long distance- telephone,
the' latter consenting to the com-.nt*
ment being made by Surrey and Lang
ley would stanels the expense thereof.
From Geo. Wakelin. secretary R, I'.
A., Ward 1. stating that, he had been
instructed to ask the council to sup
ply the association with copie*s of ehe-
minutei of the 11H4 meetings, also r>
pul a stipulation in all contracts that
r oldent  ratepayers  in*  employed  in (p 	
preference to all others, Received and Ottawa, March 18. it is definitely
el". Ided to let theBe matters stand Just learned thai the government pnesent-
aa tbey are, (*ei i1(,  proposal  to the Conservative
Prom McQuarrie*, Martin and Cas- caucus Ihis morning regarding the
sady, re Mackensen vs. Surrey, st.it- application of the c. N. it. for a
lug that they had been Berved with guarantee of the bonds of that rail-
notice of trial in this action for Tu.-s-, way The gUegtion was considered,
day, April 21st nexl al 11 a. m. at tin* h0wever, in all Its aspects and then
courl bouse, Vancouver. were advocates of granting the com-
From Robert Kelly, calling atten- panJ ., guarantee of its bonds. There
tion to tie unfinished condition of werQ alst0 opponents for the guaran-
the Boothroyd mad bridge across the   te6i  but IU> t,,,.^,^  u..,s arrived at
pressed by bis nickname of "the
tiger." Heie is a genuine tiger in
tliis man. sayS a writer In the Paris
Figaro, a something feline and, odd as
It must appear, erven feminine. The
Indian mothers of Mexico have handed their savagery down to their sons.
ICn-llsli military expert declares him
a born soldier of the maximum of
Dgbtine efficiency In his own particular field.
Whether he is the half-Indian, half
wild be-ast. the I'nited StateB papers
I *e*iare'   him   tei   be,   or  the   ronianelo
we-  read  their suppleness going  with   iMIverer Oi his oppressed country, re-
it, end their cat-like furies and their   �������" ",r the  future  to decide.    Hoi-
In- time beutig those 4:1 nicks on  his
indirect Ions. Porfirlo Dais had an
Azetc mother, like Huerta, and those
men can be cool, calculating. Villa is
on the mother's side pure native Indian. Hence his hopeless illiteracy,
his moments nf blind rage, his incapacity to act rationally Instead of
Instinctively,    He has the blood-lust
gun loom very large.
London,  Mareh  18.���A sensational
Black, Green or Mixed
No    Proposal   Presented   by   Government to Caucus But Railway Matters Are Considered.
of lhe tiger when brought to bay and libel suit, both politically and socially
the vigor of that animal in aggression, .'.ill  he  heard   in  Une   London  courts
There is a suggestion of the tiger in shortly.    Sir  William   Lever,  baronet
him as he eats, holding a bone  with and   multi-millionaire   soap   manufac*
two figures and crunchlna It ferocious turer, who recently donated Stafford
ly.    Ile is absolutely incomprehensible ; house* to the nation as a niiireiim, is
;o a European mind, admits our con- about to bring suit against Cecil ("lies- j
temporary, but to his followers he is! terton, editor and owner of the New
an idol.  The peasantry feel that he it Witness, which  published an article!
one of them, understands them, has suggesting that Lever's lavish expen-]
Buffered their wrongs.   He is alien to dltures were really in the form of a
the  well-bred Spaniard  stock   whicli bribe.   Lever says that the article lm-
has ruled the land in the capital for plies that as the price ot his baronetcy
so many    years.      Villa    creates    ne, ba  subscribed   largely   to  hia  party's
army in a German "pipe-clav sense' funds and purchased the ducal man-
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To I'rince Rupert and tlranby
Every Thursday, 12 Midnight���
To Prince Itupert.
Every  Saturday,  12   Midnight���
To   Victoria  aud   Seattle.
Thursday, March 19, 12 midnight
To  Skidegati',  Ixickport.  Jed-
way,   Ikeda,    Queen    Charlotte
City, etc.
Monday, March 23. 12 midnight���
To  Massett and Stewart.
Grand Trunk Pacific
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 a.m.    for   Terr-i-te,
Hazelton and Smithers Mixed
trains to Priestly (Mile 337).
Stage  to Fort Fra.ter.
Dally passenger trains leave
Kdmonton 10:45 p.m., arrive Mc-
iirieli- 1:55 p.m. Mixed trains
io Prince George Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk  beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
527  Granville  St.,  Vancouver. Phone  Sey. 8134.
with Us disciplines and drlllB. He
lieads mobs every member of which
obeys him implicity.
However much we may admire the
Arcadian simplicity of bis early life- -
we learn that until he was 18 he had
s^ 1 for public use.
, ne.   suit   originated   accidentally.
Lawyers  searching  the   fib-e   of  the j
New Witness in. connection with the
Marconi libels, discovered the article
Sir William complains of.
Nloomekl river, and suggesting that
the Boothroyd road be opened and
built down to the bridge*. Received
and laid over,
From .1. IV Evans, El. Feifman and
others, petitioning for the* opening of
111 ������ rn'iii between Anderson station
ami tin* Bouthwest corner of sec. 21,
township ". Received and referred 10
Councillor Bradshaw.
From 1*;. li. Belyea and others, petl-
t 1 tilifg that the Graham road east if
I 11 Latimer re,aii be* put In a fit state
; r traffic. Received. Council cannol
Bee the*ir way clear to eio work em s.iij
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer tbe important advantage that they do not disturb
tbe rest of the system ot
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
by the caucus. The following official
repen of the proceedings was handed
tn the press by Mr. Borden:
"There* was a caucus of the government members this morning al
which Beveral matters of interest
wero discussed. Among others tin*
position of the unfinished transcontinental railways was considered and
the opinion of the Benators i".'.'l members of the commons was Invited
thereon. After an interesting discussion in which many members took
part, and in which the subject was de-
baled In ail its aspects, tho caucus ad*
journed at 1 o'clock. .). B. Armstrong
the* permanent chairman of the gov-
e rnment caucus, presided. The gov-
ernmi nl did not present any proposals
to tli" caucus, which was not called
for that purpose.."
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
London, March is. The announce
ment has been made tha' it Is tbe intern ion ot the governmenl to appoint
an   Inter-departmental  committee    to
ceuisieli r the* welfare Of the blind, of
whom there are 34,000 in the Uritish
Isle s. a sympathetic discussion ensued on the motion when II was introduced in the house.. Mr. Wardle, s
Labor member, calling attention to
the inadequacy of voluntary effort and
suggesting thai the State make* provision whereby those- who are capable be helped to support themselves
tbe Incapable being maintained in a
humane manner.
The pathetic plea   of   Mr. Wardle
Bhowed that there were 5000 In work-
Lessons lu Pianoforte, Violin, Sing    houses, 5000 iii  receipt of parish  re-
ing,  Voice    Production,    Theory    Uli   lief und Tun begging, while the work-
class or privately), Harmony, Counter     *rs were Bweated.   The only objection
point, Musical Form and History. was raised by Sir John Rdes, on tin*
Pupils prepared for the exatnina ground thai the effect of the motion
tions of the Associated Board of the wieulil be an Incalculable expenditure
Royal Academy of Music and Royal on tin* already burdened ratepayers
Colb.-gp of Music.    Also    Professional :     Mr.   Lewis  Intimatc-d   thai   a  forth-
N.lion.l Drug ami Chemical Co.
of Canada. Limited.      175
L.U.A.M.,  A.R.C.M.
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
Fur   terms, etc.,   apply   51   Pufferlti
Street     Phone 411 R.
I.TI .Ve>n�� new
Girls' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
Sewing  classes,  Thursday,  7:30  p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30
For particulars call phone 1324.
coining announce mi'ii: of the board of
education would be a se heme for the
blind, and t'.ie> government recommended tha* genera' action by an en
qu'ry committee v   s first desirable.
The new pren Ises of the national
insti' te for the blind will be opened
shci'lly before the king and queen,
Banking Business In Foreign Lands
Business Houses, Corporations, Grain, Stock and Provision
Dealers will find the facilities of The Dominion Bank adequate for
ell foreign financial dea'.'ngs.
With a Branch in London, England, and correspondents in all
parts of the v/orld, transactions are speedily effected on most
iavorabie terms. Foreign Exchange bought and sold. Drafts and
Letters of Credit Issued. Advances made on shipments, both
export sued import.    Collections promptly made aud remitted lor.
iuvite  the  ladies uf  this  city  to   Inspect   their   spring   stock  ot   the
latest  fabrics and   styles.    Special price for two weeks only $35 and
$40.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
ank of Vancouver
Branchea Thrcjghout the  Province of British Columbia.
Save'nga Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwareis received and interest at the highest current rates paid or
credited hulf yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts ot tb*
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Phone 826 or 880
For Prices on
Another View of the Mexican General
Who  Has a  Reputation for
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Dftll>
4:00  p.m Dally
11:45  p.m Dai'y
From Vancouver for Seattle.
1 ft: 00 a.m ��Rll>
11:110 p.m Dai'J
Steamer leaves at 11:45 p.m. on
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
���:il0   p.m *' DIN*
Except Sunday.
\-inalmo, Union Cay and Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Pridaj
Vancouver,  Union  Bay,  i-oweil   River.
11:45 a.m Every other Saturday
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.in Peb. 14 and 28
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
11:00 p.m Wednesday!
For Gulf Island Points.
7:0(i a.m.   Tuesdays  and   Fridays   for
Victoria, calling at points in the
Gull Islands.
BD   nOULKT.  Agent.  New  Westminster
M.  W. BRODIB. O. P. A.. Vancouver.
With Uie Kenworthy Players whe ire    omg to present high class plays at
tlii'  Toyal  theatre  staring   next   Monday night
Iv .1. A.." uritiiiK in tin*' Montreal
I Star,  throws a new  light on the do- j
inns of the   Mexican   general,   Villa. |
| lit* says:
Thnt     l*'r.ince-sco   ("Pancho")   Villa. \
constitutionalist binder ami murderer-!
I at-large in Mexico, is not the tiner he
j is  painted  as  being,  but    rather    a
warm-hearted, Impulsive   soul,   badly
I In need of a sympathetic Interpreter,
I is as Btartling   an   Idea   as it is an
original cne.    We* have- all come '��
regard villa, particularly   since   thi
Benton murder,   as very much    of a
���saw head and bloody bones." and we
tisinn him ns a most effective bogey
man  tor refractory  Mexican children.
r,ni   nive* a  dog a bad name, and
bans him, applies as strongly Boutb of
the liio Grande as elsewhere, Wo are
Informed, and certain gentlemen have
set aboul proving, or rather declaring
fe>r proof is lacking, that the man who
shot Denton is rather a decent sort of
chap, when you once come-   to understand him.    Hitherto the trouble bas
always been the .getting to understand
him, tor which  it  must be admitted
Siguor villa himself has been some-
whai to blame.
lt is scarcely to be expected   that
^^^ ���*.
Suffering Humanity Finds
thatrelief must be found for the ills which may come any day,
���else suffering is prolonged and there is danger that graver
troubje will follow. Most serious sicknesses start in disorders of the organs of digestion and elimination. Thebestcor-
rectivc and preventive, in such cases, ia acknowledged to be
This standard horr.o remedy tone3 the stomach, stimulates the Bluggish liver, regulates the inactive bowels.
Taken whenever there is need, Beecham's Pills will
spare you hours of culler ing and so improve your
general health and strength that you can better
resist disease. Tested by time, Beecham's Pills have
proved safe, certain, prompt, convenient and that they
Always Lead to Better Health
%_t Prepared only hv Thomti Bcecham. St. Helen!, Lancashire, KnriUnd. "'
So!J everywhere i�� Cenedeend U, S. Atnerioe,   In boxes, 2S oeru*.
Sand,    Brick,        Plaster,
Lime,    Cement,     Crushed Rock,
Sand and Gravel
Prompt Service to any Part of the
 1 City	
B. C. Transport Co.
Prts. sad \Ha\. ligr. Vlc�� Frastdui. ������C. ta* TrMl.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
       BURIN OIL     	
P.  O.  BOX  442
TELEPHONE   124 ri       f AGE FOUR
FRIDAY,  MARCH  20,  1914.
is near anel the elesire to gnrelen
0O9MB Ul one* niiei all. As a good
eit-al of time' will be pu'. iu: ��� the'
garden, it shoulel be essentia*, in
order lo tux best i'-suits, te, have
good se e els seeds put up by
firms witli a reputation behind
We liave' 1). M. Kerry's and
Ronnie's vegetable and flower
se-eils. all ii,-w���1914 stanipe*(l on
every package, 5c. 10c. and 15c.
Sweet Pea seed, built 3 oz. 25:
Nasturtium. Dwarf, oil   5c
Nasturtium,  tall, oz   5c
Onion  Sets.   Dutch,   lie 20:
."Inion Sets. .Multipliers, lb. 20c
Row?  Seed   Potatoes,  sae'le   $1.50
Model Grocery
S0R Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed*
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone  11111���
Local News
Victorian Order of Nurses.
Tbe* advisory committee of the Vie-
teiriau Dreie-r eif Nursi*s nie*e*ts tliis af
ternoon at -1 o'clock in the board of
trade rooms.
A meeting of the* contract holders '
of the* Canadian Home Investment
i'i mpan) will be held in tbe* Hoard
e.i" Trade rooms, city Hall, on Monday
evening (March SS) at 8 o'clock, to j
discuss matters of Interest to contract
holders. itlll)
Board of Trade,
ll is likely that amalgamation with
tli" Progressive association will be
formally discussed at the* regular
monthly meeting of tin1 board of trade
tonight at 8 o'clock. The council will
ini'i*t in tiie morning to prepare business for the regular session.
Special Attraction-Royal Theatre
Kenworthy Players, with Helen Duffy
Money to loan on  trrst mortgages,
Improved   cltv  and   farm   property,  9 j
per cent. Alfred \V. McLeod.      (3009)
if vein are looking for furniture or
a go-cart for tile haby. call and look
over my stock. Everything new and
lowest prices. Westminster Furniture
Slon*. .11 .1. Hussel. proprietor, corner
l-'ourtli ami Columbia streets.
(8081) !
Special   Sersion.
The special meeting of the council
t nsidor the> offer of James Brooks ,
of the Westminster Woodworking com- j]
Ipany, te> lease certain e*.iiy  property
Lon which ne heiiiei a plant will be* held 11
I tliis evening at r> o'clock.
All kineis eif Ice cream em hand    at
| tho crystal Dairy Co., Ltd.   Bricks in
all  varieties.    Ten  quarts Of  pasti'iir-
Is he financially responsible?
Appointing a Trust
Company as Executors
is for many reasons rapidly meeting with popular favor.
Our facilities in this
regard are unexcelled
and may be proven by
our record.     !
Trusts under administration, 1912, $6,000,-
Trusts under administration 1913, $13,480,-
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
i.'.e el milk for one dollar delivered
an\ paii of the cily.   Phone 1150.
P. li. Brown will Bell by auction at
Moreton hall, Edmonds, em Saturday,
.March 21, at 8 o'clock In tbe afternoon, a quantity of apple tree's, removed for convenience of sab*. Thes"
trees were grown i'i the neighborhood
and are thoroughly declimatized and
will be Bold in quantities to suit I
buyers.   Terms cash, (3108)
Positively  Identified.
A verdict of death by drowning wasM
returned at the Inquest held over the;
body of Alex. Campbell found in del
Fraser  river on  Wednesday, at Mur-
ehii b' unele rtaking parlors last night.
The body waa positively Identified as
thai of Campbell by a brother, Capt,
Canir/bell of Qllley's tug.   T'ne funeral
will  teike*  place this afternoon  e.i  2
o'cock from the undertaking parlors to
the Fraser cemetery.
A rural comedy-
drama in Four
A beautiful play
of comedy, sentiment and pathos, cleverly
New Sones-New Music
A. capable company of players
presenting high
class plays correctly staged.
10c 20c 30c
We serve light lunches,
Grant's Bakery, 121 ColumbI
(2996)  and  Detective Burrows after gaining I qultlam  Indians earlier In the week.
New Manager.
Oscar ('. Nellaon, formerly of Vancouver and well known to base ball
fans in this locality, lias been appointed manager er the local Western
I'nion telegraph office, vice ('. P,
Briersmitb, who has been transferred
to Ellensburg, Wash.
whal they believe is sufficient evi-
dence to prove* thai the Italian was
connected with a debaucb held bv Co-
Try  our  te a,  l*e)ffe
Grant's liaki ry, "i"
and pastry.
Columbia St.
Following Chariey a arrest, tin* police
made a hurried visit 11> Fne-e'r Mills
in the police* patrol, where they lie*ld
two Indians who will appear as material witnesses against the* Italian
and Peterson in e'ourt today, Peter-
son has been previously convicted on
a similar charge,
chine, Stelnway Qrand pianoforte,
i Doherty organ, dressers and Blands,
bedsteds, springs and mattresses, etc .
niso about 100 quarts of very fin*
nresei ������ d fruits, ��� :'*ii'ii
Pes* Cent on
Now Westminster
BOB   Columbia   Street.
S.  KEITH, Manager.
Brown's Tested  Seeds.
They are reliable; try them. Brown I
Bros. & Co., Ltd., 714 Columbia street. I
Phone- 222. (3096)
Increase, Not Decreace.
City   Ae* essor   Broad requests   The
News to correct a statement that ap- !
peared  in  the evening paper in  this
"ity last night in respect to the 1914
assessment,    This  report states that ',
'he assessment for this year is $17,000 ,
'ess than last year, while in reality il
s  $17.1100  greater.    The  total  assessment   for   l"14   as   prepared   by   Mr. :
Broad   Is  $16,970,750,    whereas    last
year's assessment was $16,953. 150.
Insure In the Royal, the world's
largest fire company. Agent, Alfred
\V. Mcl.eod, the Insurance .Man.
(3009) :
Grab Charley  Again.
An interesting case which    is   expected to bring oui  a tew sidelights
; as to the means employed iei supply-'
ing Indiana with liquor is booked for
this morning's pollct court when Dago
Charley and Jack Peterson will answer charges of illicit fales of i'-.note the re dmen.   Charley was mixe '1 up
: in a police case let the end of the 1913
fishing   season   on  a similar  charge
I bul was released after a severe warning  from  (be*  magistrate,  after    the
: police had failed to locale ''ee* Indian
He was again placed under arreBt
yesterday morning by Chief Bradshaw
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193  and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West   End   Branch    653
room   furii:
pi i lb
California   Asparagus,
Choice Lines in
Smoked & Salt Fish
Baked   Potctoes  ond   Scda   Ei sc ui t
Evry   Night.
Music  In  the  evenings. Phone 398
Smoked Salmon   2 lbs. 25c
Smoked Hallbul  2 lbs. 35;
Finnan   Haddle,  2 lbs 25c
.Salt   Herring, per fish   5c
Codfish  strips (boneless)   . .2 lbs. 35c
Se*.*,    (je:e*e n    Sardines,    in    oil    or
lomato sauce 2 tins 25;
Sovereign Brand Salmon... .2 tins 35c
Daisy Brand Salmon, half lb, tins....
 2 for 25.
Minced Clams, per ten   10.
Herring   In tomato saur*(* ..3 tins 2a;
Mackeral, In tomato sauce, per tin 10c
Our Stock of I.awn, Flower and Harden Seeds Is complete   order now,
Fresh    Hothouse    Lettuce,    Green
Onions. Ci lery, Etc.
Large Grape Fruit  3 for 25c
Sunkist Oranges 20 for 23c
I��i.rge* Size Lemons, per (!o;*.en   ...23c jl
Dean's Grocery
Reside nee:  Room  118  McLeod Block.
Phone 489 I..
Cabbage,   Cauliflower,   Green
Onions, Head Lettuce, Leaf Let
tuce,   Radish,   Parsh ;,   Celerj
Spinal '.
We* handle n bi ead si e md to
nom in the city. Each loaf i-
wi apped in tissue, th in :��� i -
suring you of a sanitary loaf
Gel e ur break tickets, ii ;:
throe   : ton s sell this bn ad
It   tant   Postum,   tin   30c,  and
Pineapple, per tin  10c.  15c,
2  fcr 25c, 25c. and  40c.
i !u itard Powde . Bird's  Me nk
and Glass.
Fi -'��� .     Claike'B     an
brook's al 1Qc, 15c. and 25c.
Pimentos, pei  tin  15c,
Roman Meal, per pkg. 30c
Trlscult, 2 pkgs. fo,   23;.
At  a   meeting of  the  international
1 Union of Ste-am Engineers, New Wi -t
! minster  local   las!   night  In   the  labor
Fred Davis will sell by public auc-   "���'"*-''"��� vv   ''   9*UI l      ""'  BPPolnt-
tion  at  the City   Auction   rooms, op-   e,d '"' "  :":':'< and organizer   ���������"
poslte the Bank of Montreal, Colum New Westminster local hai grown
bia street, loday, Friday, March 20, al '������'���'���'I-*1' *������������������' ���< *������������ organized last*
1 30 p.m sharp, a quantity of superior [September, the ��� ne... being 48 mem-
household furniture, Including Malle bera "" the ro11' *'hlle at tne ""'" '
able st.*. 1 range, solid oak dining there were 0Dly ten The Jurisdiction
Sinner sewine ma* "' ''',l-s *'"'a'* extends from Central
Park to the international boundary lini
 ~~*-  on the north and and - uith and to the
boundary of British Col in bia and Al*
ii* i ta  and   the*   mouth  e '  the   Fraser
j river e*ast  and   wi   I     Mr   Saunders,
, the ne wlj  appointed organizer, Btarts
>i{   balk   improved   karm   ANii   today on a tour ol    ie entire territor)
stock ram i situate  right   u Noi .������.*���-' to   Interview   engii n   employed   at
tion. B/'.Eje-ciric* Railway, Fi   i*i v i     different points and encourage them to
\-yr    f'omprlsef   102   acres   nil  cleared . ,       ,. .,
flood  rich .--..ii nnd undei  high culth *     '''"'' ,,1J| membership In the union   A1
*mii.   Ha�� large bam, will   *   ���*   nejei ���*    the   meeting   lasl   night   the   amend
:"" ���'""' "' "���"���"l<,  nV" r "   ; "��� ' ments to I .*   constitution ol the I!  r
meruit   water  and  other  out   hul dliuta    .-   , ,.   ,    . .   ,
TlflB is a real farm and a ineim-v inakei    federal���< ''   '���   l-abor   were   taken   up
I.,  i,  man  who wants  to m   ���       id    and a motion was passed placing the
1 '���   ' i"     ' : : union on record as opi d te. militia-
nn n being membei - of the union and
o  to tl *  militia  fore ������  I eing   used
agali   :  any  union  men In case of a '
strike.    H. A.  Barnard   ' b    ipp * nte d
d   egate  to the Tradi    and I .abor cou !
MERCER The funeral of Mrs
Vngua (i Mercer, who died at Pori
loqultlam on Wednesday will take
place th - afternoon at 2:80 from the
family residence, Port I'miuitlam. to
the Church ol England cemetery, th *
cltj Rev ration d'Easum assisted by
| Uev Mr. Mitton of Vancouver will oi
Relate, Those sending floral eeiiiut* ������
are riquestecl to leave them at W E
Fall ���' parlor*.
Too Late to Classify
\_   CAN
IIIVI * ' :���; ���
Eastman and Co.
iThe Dvo that colors ANY KIND*|
\      of Cloth Perfectly, with the
Ij   No Ch.nc. ol Ml.uk...   C.lnn .eiel ��������;���������
I A.k y<"" I>ru��'fHI Of Dnlit. R.eed IOC____\
The J.'bn.on-Rj. h.rd."��� Co. Umee.J. Mo*��t���l
2.01     W,
st'r   Trust   HeilM
Hi ;
���Burr  *Rlfirr**
Phone   388.
Read - Ik - ks
Something Ncw in Poultry letting
We* are now selling a mixed mesh poultry netting 6 ft, high, The
bottom two fee*t is composed of one' inch mesh wire and the top four
reet ef 2-Inch mesh wire. This gives yen a netting that evil] keep all
e*:*/es of fowl In, without having to join twee sizes of netting together.
Also poultry netting In '-. %, 1. VA and 2 Inch mesh wire.
Incubators and  Brooders. Nest EggB, Leg Bands, Bone Crushers,
Cures ten* all kinds of poultry diseases, F-v-x Testers, Tbermpmeti rs, etc.
To the Values We Are Offering in
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Etc?
i;  In quarter cut
China Cablni"
oak,  from   	
Extension  Tabic s  in  quarte
oak.  from   	
Set   oi   Diners,   In   quarter  cut
seats.    Priced
with   leather
Kitchen Cablnel
.top.and..base:...  $10.50
Kitchen Tables;  good, well-made
table, for	
Kitchen Cupboard;   with glass
eloors, for  	
Meat Safes;  large size at $3.00
smaller size   	
Curtain Stretchers; worth $2.75,
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Spring and Sanitary  Mattress,
Brass He-el, with Spring and  Rest-
more Mattress, fur	
Oak  Dresser;   with  large iee*ve*i plate*
value at $28.00,
Oak Dresser;  good  value* tit  $19.00,
Mahogany Dresser; i;eueei value at
$37.50,  for   	
Blrdseye Maple, four-piece lie*ei-
room  BUlte,   lor   	
���   woven   w.i '
mirror;   good
Wi* can Bave you money on Window Shades,
Curtains and Draperies For Carpel Cleaning our
powerful   Vacuum  Machine ileus the  work   WKl.l,
New Westminster,
Phone  M,
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588 FRIDAY, MARCH 2C, 1914.
positions, but lie- will do nothing till
in* Duels om v. hat Jones intends to
do. aud aehises players to that effect,
and It shoulel not be- surprising if
Jones went back.
"Mr. Join's when in Montreal made
u statement to the sane effect His
relations with Mr. Fleming an* of the
friendliest) and when 'lore wan talk
of sending two pro teams to Kngland.
Mr. Fleming was liand in glow with
Mr. Jones In ilie plan, and was to
finance the eastern nam, while Jones
financed that representing the west.
Take Third Straight Game from Victoria���Store 2-1���
Roughest Game of Series���No Necessity for Any More
(James���Stanley Cup Remains in the East. *
Toronto. March 18.   in the roughest!
Maun' of lhe* series the Torontos again
defeated victoria ai.d thus captured
the world's hockey championship,
Thne gamete of tbe live- scheduled
were' played, all being taken ley the
Blue shirts, although a stubborn exhibition wiih given on every occasion
by the coast champions. Tonight'!
game was e.'i ami just about ineli- I
eaten the play.
NO scores we*re- re-eordi*i! In the first
period although ixeih custodians were
tested considerably.    Poyaton opened
up on tin*   lally   sheet  two  minutes
after tbe* second period started, feel *
lowed by a second by .lark Marshall
Thai   ended Toronto's <ffort.   Hobby *
Rowe,   tin* midget   forward   for Victoria, broke into the seem* sheet four
minutes after play was resumed    In
the last period.
Throughout 111��> name' was of a
rough character and many penalties
were* banded oul by the officials.
The third straight win for the east
ern champions eliminates the neces-'
siiy of any more games being played, j
The   players   divided   the   receipts
laken    In,   the   winners   taking the
greater proportion.
Victorias Torontos,    j
�� Goal
Lindsay    Holmea
Genge   Marshall
Cover Point
I'at rick  Cameron
Right  Willi!
Left  Winn
Referee   lieiwie-s.
Judge eif Play   Bronnan.
Goal Summary.
PMrsi Period���None.
Se*e:eeti(i period   Foyston
minutes;   Marshall   (Tori.
line itjson
(Tor.),   2
Three Teams   In   Field���Herb    Ryall
Elected   President���Schedule
Ready Next Week.
Period   itowe (Vic), 4
Three teams will comprise the city
baseball league thiB summer according to plans laid out last night at a
meeting held in the Huh cigar store.
Dili Graham was on deck with loads
of enthusiasm regarding a Moose
team, Tommy Walsh spoke in the
same vein regarding the newly organized Knights of Columbus aggregation
while the KlectriCH were also on deck.
Allan Purvis, Interurban manager
of the B. C, E. R-, was elected honorary president, while the president's
Office will be looked after by Herb
Ityall.    George Speck  will handle the i
reins in the absence of Mr, Ryall,
While C W. Batter Will act bh secretary.
Several new players will be seen In
uniform tliis summer including Oscar
Neilsen, who has se*en service' with
the Circle F nine feir several years,
but who, until recently ha . resided in
Vancouver, A committee composed of
Me-ssrs. ilu chlson, Walsh and Graham
was appointed to draft a schedule
which will be submitted at the next
meting to be held on Thursday night
of next week.
B. C. L. A. Put Over to Tuesday���Len
Turnbull   Signs  with  Victoria���
Con Jones and Pro Game.
Special   Feature
The Temple
of the Lion
of Kathlyn
The   Selig   Sensational   serial
wild animal ilrama In two parts.
fi aturlnf
Kathlyn    Wil-
Contrary lo expectations lhe n. C.
i. a. delegates failed tee gather yesterday, tin- announcement later being
made that same had been put over until Tuesday next, victoria tried to
hold a meeting on Saturday last, New
Westminster attempted thn same.*
stunt yesterday, so that it is up to
Vancouver to make* arrangements if
team-play counts for aught.
iu the*se' parts, the Information leaking out that Len Turnbull had accepted termi with the Victoria club
and thai llue,h Gifford would also bee
iu line' with the Senators when the
Beason opens.
.lo,* Gorman, of tbe* Victoria Times,
and last year with Con Jones' Vancouver team, was over in tbe city on
Wedni siiay acting on behalf of the
Victoria club, later going over te>
Vancouver where be is suppos
have*  signed   Mickey   ion  and
Schools Will  ClaMi.
The Cannaughl high school and the
Columbian  college  will  clash  ln    a
friendly    game   of   basketball    this
1 evening at tin* V. M. A. ('. at 8 o'clock.
| This will be' tin;    second    time    that
I these two teams have come* together,
Ithe* former game g'ing to the high
school by a large score.
(Strongly, and were ke*"n on annexing!
I tile* two chief prizes iu  Scottish  toot I
I ball.   Their dismissal from the Boot.
; tish cup. competition a week or twoJ
j ago   by   Itaith   Rovers,   and   tbe   fact]
that  the-   championship  Of  the  league
I lias got   beyond  their grasp owing to
| the  phenomena)  form  of the    celebrated  Celtic,  has, however, caused I
tbem to reconsider their decision, and
thus to permit Dawson to severe his
connection with the Hearts, of whom
he baa been uni" of   the   mosi   dis-
tinguished members during ins three
years' connection with them.
The fad is not generally known
that, be* is an Englishman, having be-en
born in the- Newcastle district, but it
sufficiently explains why the Scottish
selection committee have not called
upon bim for International matches,
as be* is considered to be without    a
superior us a centre-forward beyond
the Tweed, not even excepting the
j two lte*ids, who play with Qlsagow
Rangers and Alrdrienonlans respectively,
He is possessed of I'very physical
uttribute lor tbe position. Just one
Inch short of six feet in height, he
weighs 18st., and has a fine turn of
speed, which lie uses to the greatest
advantage in rushing opposite backs
Once In possession he Is exceedingly
difficult to shake* Off, and lie has a
big reputation as a shot, proof of
which is to be found in his record of
!��u goals scored for the Hearts of
which   35   were obtained   lasl   season
but one.
It was only to be expected tbat a
centre-forward who lias had tli*- iiel-
vanlage of playing alongside such a
consummate artiste as "Hobby" Walker for at least two seasons shoulel
have developed ibe- ability to distri-
bute the play to both of Ilis wings Impartially, and especially to become a
clever opportunist, 11��- has proved a
decided acquisition to the Edinburgh
club, and In parting wltb blm the
Hearts' directors wish him even
creator success with the Blackburn
Dawson   is  undoubtedly  the* centre-'
forward of Scotland, ami described as i
being without an equal for taking op-1
portunltles  and   making   the   most of \
them,     With  a  forward on  each  side
of him who could assist him to openings, Dawson required a great deal of
Stopping, and  was not  to he flurried
off liis game' by the persistence   of
the sturdiest dofe-ndors.
J.J.Jones. MANDIR. J.A.Rennie 5ECY-TRES
Money to Loan
Inside City Property
FROM $500 UP
Agreements for sale purchased at reasonable
rates and terms.
Safe deposit boxes to rent from $2.50 per year
Against  Niagara Courts.
Bydney,  N.  S.   W.,   March   lie.    The
Australian tennis    team    is    anxious
that  lhe  elimination  match  with  the
Canadian  team    in    the    Davis    cup
serie.'s  shall  be-  played   In   New  York
instead  of  Niagara.     A   request    has
li though the association did not Ibeen forwarded to the  I'nited  States
tilings art* be ginning to simmer ] I.awn  Tennis association  to this    effect
At the Theatres
Regina Celebrates.
Regina, March 1!��.���The (Jrandmere
hoekey team was given a royal send-
off tliis evening.   Heading an automobile parade anel escorted by the 95th
rifle band and severaJBthousand cheering   enthusiasts,   the   buys   were  conveyed to the   station,    where   cheer
after cheer wns given.    A joint com*
���I   to I mittee composed of aldermen and clti-
larry | zens    is    arranging for a    mammoth
Pickering, the latter as manager.
Tht-  Victoria  club  appears io
demonstration at. the winter fair build-
be j ing in honor of the Allan cup holder.-.
Song by P. Murphy
:,oing ahead with    its    plans    giving!
little* consideration to New Westmln-'
- Ster,   wbo   was   friendly   enough   las!
I season   to   let   the   Capitals   in     the
association  whether they had a team
or no.    However, the m'xt  fe*w days
will probably settle the question and
in the meantime one can just imagine
Robert J. Fleming doubling liis efforts I
to secure* some of the coast stars.
Eastern View of Con Jones.
Tin* following interview with Percy
Quinn, president of the Dominion  lacrosse* association, whicli appeared In
a Montreal paper, throws a fe'w  sidelights  on  tbe aspect   of tile  game-  ns
Seen  through eastern eyes:
""Things    are    quiet     in    lacrosse.
' Nothing definite will be done till Con
.leeiie s returns to the coast, looks into
the  situation  tlie're, and  make's a de
' clslon   as tei   whether   be' will   once
i more jump Into pro lacrosse or not.
Il<> is the' moving spirit of lacrosse
there, and without him pro lacrosse
won't fare very well.
"Ills power is shown by the manner
In which the players have been frightened by tlu* reports tei tiie effect that
he will eie*se*rt pro lacrosse, an Impression gained no doubt through liis
ntte mpt to bring an amateur team
here tbis year.
"As the result several of them have
written to it. .1. Fleming asking for
;md the Western Canada rugby
"The Country    (iirl,"    a    delightful
four act comedy  drama,  will  be'  the;
opening    play    by    the    Kenworthy
players    with    Helen     Duffy    at the
Itoyai   theatre   Monday   and  Tuesday
nights.    Tliis play is a beautiful s'ory
of  love   amidst  humble   surroundings
of  New   Kngland life and  drifting of
th<<  story   brings  the  action  to  New-
York City.   Miss Duffy as "The Country Girl" has received the highest of
praise for her clean cut work through-
I oiil  the  west.    It  is  a character that
I allows a wide scope for tbe display of
! dramatic ability and in the fourth act
a chance for the showing of beautiful
gowns.    The supporting company has
been  well case and all  wbo enjoy    a
beautiful play tilled "with good s'park-
I ling comedy and correctly staged with
j special sceflery should not miss   "The
Country Girl."
Spokane, March  l!'. -Ray and Pay
Smith, husband anel  wife, also known |
as   Ilensinge-r.   pleaded   guilty   before
Justice   G.   W.   Btocker   yesterday  on
a charge of larceny.    They admitted
the theft of articles from department!
ste:ri*s.    Sentence- was reserved by the |
court  until   today   to   permit  further
investigation   by   Deputy     Prosecutor i
Thomas Corkery, who expressed the
belief  that  there  was    basis    for    a
charge of grand larceny.
Attorney   John   M.   Cannon,   representing  the  defendants,  said  he  had
i met them as witnesses several months
ago.     He   volunteered   the  statement
ihat  the  young  woman  had  been   in
trouble   before,  but  said   that  it   was
jseveral  years ago.     H<- si.iel  she  had
behaved   well  until   recently.    She  is
'the  daughter of a  clergyman.
The husband bas been employed as
chef In local restaurants. Her peculations are believed to have proceeded for two months before the* husband learned of them. He subsequently joined her in them.
Roy Fordyce, city detective, told
the court of tbe woman's confession,
and of the aid she gave in restoring
the goods to their respective owners.
An hour or more was spent in the
work of segregation alone, as she had
a trunk filled with articles ol attire
Snip adornment.
A second box of garments was sur-
rendeel by the defendants yesterday.
It is believed that the second box will
1 adel
1 the
1100 to
first box
Irs. Smlti
the value of the
placed at $r>��J0.
i  is tbe  mothi*r
of ���
and Per
Mrs. John J. McNiven will receive
this afternoon with ber mother, Mrs.
liurrell. from 4 to li o'clock.
Mrs. it. D. He-ndry, 40 Leopold Place,
will not receive today nor again this
Photo  Supplies
Gun Club    Organizes for    1914���Plan
Good Friday Shoot���Cite in
Queensboro Available.
The* i lection   of   officers,   preparations  made  for the annual (lood  Friday  shoot anil discussion  as  to  trap-
; shooting in general    throughout    the*
: city   and   district   was  gone  into    a'
| the annual meeting of the Westminster Gun club last night In the* eiffice I
of C. A. Welsh.
It was given out that the land own*'
S e'd   by  W.  S. Collister  in  Queensboro I
! would again be available* as a shooting
J site for the club.
Officers elected    were'    as follows: !
* Honorary  president.   W.  S.  Collister; j
I honorary vice-presidents. C. A. Welsh, j
[ W.  Norman Hole. C, G, Major. Alder- i
man  Henley;  president,    Alex    Turn-
bull;    vice-president,    A. 11. Turner;
secretary-treasurer, .1. P.  Price;  cap-!
| lain.  W.   Iv    Maiden;    executive,    J.
'Eagle, Dr, P. D. McSween and 1.. G.
No decision w*a�� reached as to
! changing the time of the weekly
i shoots, this being left until the next
i meeting.
Team   Celected.
Tbe  following team  will represent
1 tin* City against Sapperton on Satur-
��� day afternoon In a city league' lixture:
I II.   Hay.   McAllister,  Collier.     Hunter.
Barnes, Wilson, Lewis, Paul, McLaren,
Barclay, ll. s. Wray, Walker, Jackscn
Ward,   11.   Wilson,   Davie's    and   New-
some'.   The referee will be> Longley.
Vancouver 70, Westminster 28.
George Tuck's aggregation representing the Vancouver Y. M. C. A.
was too strong for the local basketball team last night on the Terminal
City court, tHking- the last game of
the inter-city league series by a score'
eif 70 to 28. The contest was keenly
fought throughout and was remark
ably clean.
Fresh Ranch Eggs, 4 dozen $1.00
Best New Zealand Butter, 3 lbs   1.00
Fresh Rabbits, each  25
Sugar Cured Hams 21
Sugar Cured Ham, heavy 18
|   Sugar Cured Bacon 22
Picnics "	
Call and arrange for regular account.
Phone 300 Columbia St.
Blackburn  Rovers  Pay  $15,000 Transfer Fee for Daw6on, of Hearts
of Midlothian.
Percy  Dawson,  the  famous centre
forward of the  Hearts of  Midlothian,
��� whose transfer to the Blackburn
Rovers for $15,(111(1 recently created   a
: se'tiseition in Uritish soccer circles bas
been wanted by the- league leaders
for seine time, but  the Hearts could
(not be persuaded    to   consider any
I tempting offers.
This  bas  been   especially   the  case
this   season,   for   tho   Hearts opened
are worn by the best dressers in
the world. See the new black
and white patterns now on display in our shop.
Price: $18.00 and More
X *5mdri Apparel ��� <ft:��U-
morM youhgef-Mm Mto6o: <
FRIDAY,   MARCH  20.   1914.
Classified Advertising |
ceived for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
(Jueensborough, I.ulu Island; Mrs.
E. Larden. Highland I'ark; Mrs. V.(FOR SALE FOOT POWBR MOK-
I^ewis, Alta Vista. Using machine.  Kor particulars ap-
at Maple lie ach I'ark. Boundary
Hay.    Apply ��<>x W9 News offie-c.
$1 10 $3500
Clever    Crcoks     Victimized     Eastern
Eank That  Had  Had  a
into a bank Vaudreuii) ami caslieel the
jr>!in cheque, stating that she was there'
Mr  Ho   piirpos*.  of  buying  lanel.
With this clu" lo work on, the de-
tectives are* expecting to get the1 whole'
gen*; in a elay or two.
ply at Tin. News office-.
�� �� ....... ������������������������| TOR SALE- TWO CIRCULAR SAWS
�����_-.. -      all(j s;vw tabli- complete
The News office.
Apply  al
��� RATE8.
...........���m..*t\ | __	
Classified���One cent per word per FOR SALE���SELL YOUR PROP
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per | erty through an ad. in this column
month; 5000 words, to be used as re
quired within one year from date
contract,, $25.00.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $100 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (301(1)
tor my equity of %61i) In 15 l-:l
acres, balance due, |980; house*
worth $100, garden and fruit trws.
1" acres easily cleared, soil the
le. st. Three-quarters of mile from
Aldergrove.    Hox I'.HH  NeWB office.
nicely furnished house. Apply box
No. 3092 News office. 13092)
where. No collection, nu charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
eocy, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver. (3011)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought lor cash. P. It. Urown. 17
tlegbie street, New  Westminster.
ture in large or Binall quantities;
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted. H. J. Russell, King's
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone
8S1 (8012)
ture, or stocks in trade, in large or
m-iall quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will Bell your goods
by public auction wiih guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. 548 Columbia street,
N<*w  Westminster. (3014)
with or without board, 515 Eleventh
.-���tiie t.    Phone 10G0 L. (3112)
1 .'ii si. George street,
with all modern conveniences, thn b
public rooms, large- ball, five bed-
rooms, kitchen pantry, hot and cold
water, bath room, large* basement,
furnace, electric light and convent-
e nt to car. Kent moderate, Applv
Box 3106 News office'. (3106
modern, large garden, 2.'3 Fourth
avi nue,  $20  per  month.    Dominion
Re   Lol   1,   Subdllvslon   of   Lot   396,
Croup 1, Map 830, in the District of
New   Westminster.
Whereas proof of the lost of Certificate or Title Number 6524F, issued in
the name of John A. Campbell has
been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
ai the expiration of one month from
the date1 of the first publication hereof, in a elaily newsparx r published In
the City of New Westminster, issu.*
a duplicate of the saie] Certificate, mi
less in the mean I inn* valid objection
b * madi  to me In writing.
.1. C, OWYNN.
Dlstrlci Ri gistrar of Tltli s,
Lafcd Registry Office,
New Westminster n. C,
12th March. 1904. (3082)
P.O. Eox ** Dally News Bid*,
of all kinds.
Price* right.
Satlsfnctlein geinraeiteei-
McKenzie-   9t
Trust Convpauy.
furnished suite's and single' rooms;
modern, convenient, light and sani-
tary.   Apply   on premises, Twelfth j
street and Sixth avenue, Mrs. Man- j
deville,  floor 2, suite  1, or Cray  eft |
Gilchrist. i,'i073i i
to rent try an ad. in this column.
When going on a long Journey if
on our railway there will be uo annoyance of transfer nor delay.
Toronto Express leaves at..7:50 a.m.
St Paul train leaves at 1:25 p. m.
Imperial  Limited  lea.es at 8:10  p.m.
For rate and reservations apply to
Or H. W, BRODIE, G. P. A.. Vancouver
Montreal.  March  18.    Private deti'c
Uves are scouring tbe Island of Mon
tre-al   and   the   adjacent   counties   on
the mainland in search of a gang of;
expert forgers,  who have recently ac-j
ceimplisheil  a  $8,500 fraud, by  means
of  raising  an   accepted  cheque  on  a
Montreal   bank   from   $1.10   to   $3500.'
chemically   erasing   the   original   figures.
The tbe'ft marks the affair as hav!
i ing b i bandied  by an expert gang.
The little town of Varennes, in the
county of Verchenes, i.s the seat of
the actual fraud, and a hotel keeper!
then- is the- victim. Ou February 22
[ last he received a long distance tele-
pbone call from Montreal, and had a
conversation, as he thought, with a
friend of ills here with whom he had
Often had dealing in horses.
"Can we* get any horses in Varennes?'  'came  over  the  wire.
"I will find out. Call me tomorrow."  replied  the  Innkeeper.
On  the'  morrow  the telephone rang
again:    "Yes, we can get some horses
j here,"  was  the   information  given   to
(he Montreal end.
"AU right." said tin* supposed Mend.
!"l am too busy to come down myself,
| but I will send one' of my men with a
i cheque', und you cm BBS what you
; can get."
The  Horse Deal.
On tbe following day a man arrived
in Varennes from Montreal-,    He and
t'ne botelkeeper spent a day purchasing  horses,   and   finished   with   seven
1 on order.
""Take* tlie> cheque," said the man
1 from Monttreal, as be proffered an accented cheque on a Montreal bank for
.$35i)0 signed by the Montreal lleerse-
dealer. "I will ge> back to the city
and will let you know tomorrow
whether we will take the* horses or
True to bis word, the man tele-
phoned on tin* following day. saying
that the horses would be accepted,
"Take* iie cheque to your bank."
li,* teihl the* iiiisu sped ing in ti keeper,
"pay it in and draw out cash. Pay for
the leeirsps, but as i need the money
! will Bend a man to P.out de l'lle for
the cash, If you will take* it there."
The* botelkeeper paid in the accepted cheque, which was credited to his
I account, paid for the horses, and went
to Rout de I' 11 ��� ��� with a cheque on hia
own bank for $590 and tli" balance
of tiie money in cash. There he was
met by a man who took trie mottey.
The affair now moves to Montreal.
The bank at Varennes sent the cheque
here, bur the* bank in the* city found
that no such cheque bad be-en accepted on February 22. A rapid search of
all cheques passed that day was made
* and one* was found to be* missing an
j accepted cheque for $1.19,
Cheque Was*. Raised.
Suspicions were soon aroused, and
'. when a microscopic i xamtnatioh revealed that the $1.19 cbc?que had been
rnise'il to on.* for ?:',,.">dO detectives
were placed on the case* anel hanks in
the district were warned to be on tin*
lookout for the $590 cheque whicli
th'* botelkeeper had give*n to the nian
at   BOUt  ei" l'le.
Nothing was heard until twee days
ago,   when   a   young   woman   walked
Speikane.    March      19.    Frank      J. |
Kline, a local banker ami lumberman,
who was committed to the asylum at .
Medical  Lake- last April after he be-1
came   mentally   unbalanced   and   shot1
F. ('.  Riff, of Leavenworth, has been
released on a court order from Presiding lodge William  Huneke, which
provides that  Mr. Kline must remain |
eelilside the state with  his wife until]
be has fully recovered from liis bus!
iness worries.
Tbe release of Mr. Kline, wbo has |
already   left   for   southern   California j
with liis wife, followed a private con-j
ference   Monday  between   the  Judge I
and witnesses.    Dr. J. M. Semple, the
former superintendent of the hospit-j
al. and Dr. Oliver, acting superintendent, suggested that the banker bo re-
leased on parole.   They advised, however,  that he  be  removed  from  this
ivgion pending his complete recovery, '���
as he had apparently not fully rallied |
from the nervous breakdown.
Attorney  Horace  Kimball arcompa-l
nied Mrs. Kline and witnesses to the]
ceiurtrexini   Monday,  when  plans  were!
discussed  for the release,    it  was finally decided  that  Mrs.  Kline should
give  a   $1,000  bond,  after  which  she'
Should   leave   imnii'ellate'ly   with   her I
husband  for California.    She expects
to  visit   Honolulu  during  the coming
ye*ar  before   returning  to Spokane  If'
Mr.   Kline'   should   continue'   to     lm-
: prove .
Mr. Kline, who was mannger of the
Mechanics' Loan and Trust company
ind the Lamb-Davis I,umber company,
shot F. C. Rigg. superintendent of the
; lumber  company,  while'  in   the'  Tum-
I water savings bank at Leavenworth.
April 2, last year.
I Mrs. Kline complained that her husband had threatened tei kill her and
isked   that   he*   be   committed   to   tin'
! asylum,
Our Interior Finish is manufactured from timber specially select
ed for Flat drain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which arc better In coustructlon, more beautiful and no more expensive than tbe old solid raised panel d""rs.
Ciet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER   which   is  highly  recommended.
Lime Ik almost as important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
* Phones IS and It.
tot Columbia Street W.
Operated for the convenience of residents of the western section of the South Fraser Valley who desire to visit New Westminster or Vancouver on Saturday evenings for shopping trips, to attend
theatres, etc.
Smoke Fewer Cigars.
Ottawa, March is.- -The receipt
ihe* department of inland revenue
February amounted to $1,693,915,
compared     with     $1,740,783    du
February, 1913.   The figures indi
i a falling off   in the   production
' usi  e.f malt, splrltous liquors, clj
.etc.. at lhi' pi*i*se*iil time as e'lillip
with a year ago, due in a measuri
doubt, iei the' financial earing
which has prevailed,
s of
, no
Jardine  6:0B p.m.
New Westminster ....7:00 p.m.
Vancouver ' 7:45 p.m.
Vancouver, Carrall St 11:26 p.m.
New   Westminster  .12:15 a.m.
Jardine    1 :ii0 a.m.
This train runs through to Vancouver and will be "in service
every Saturday evening. (Subject to cancellation or change of
schedule without notice.)
Week-end rales are grante*,| oh the* "Owl" special but such tickets an* good only for return on the* same eve*ning. Passengers will
also be carried on regular tickets undi r the usual arrangements for
return passage*.
Oppose   Municipal   Gazette.
Edmonton,    March  18.���Application
| has  been  made In fore* Chief .Justice*
Harvey   by  C,   i*'.  Xi we*!l,   K.C. acting
! for Mark Tookey, Edmonton South, to
luash the resolution e.f the city council authorizing the publication of tl,.'
municipal geeze'lt *.    In other words an
; argument seeking an injunction will,
be heard for a restraining order on
the city from further publication of
the gazette. The' chief justice asked
for seven days clear notice and tin-
motion made by Mr. Newell is return-
( able In the supreme court on Monday,
March 81.
A DOLLAR Spent at home reacts in its
benefits with unceasing general profit. Sent out of town it's life is ended.
Kept with the home merchants it is a
messenger of continuous benefit. Business men should awake to the importance of keeping this dollar at home antl
make a bid for it by judicious advertising.
Holden at New Westminster.
',**.        ���     M itte r   .,.'   ih.     Y..-i il,-   ..f   .f.eiii"*-
* :���* enw* ey,   Ilea aseil,  nnd  In  the   Mat-
tf��r ,*!   tin   "Arlmini trution  Act."
T \ KE N'e ITICK thai  by order of the Hon-
ornbl     Mi    Justic ���   Grog iry,   elati d   the
'Je.il;   ,1 ij*  ,-i   I*', bruary.   Ale   1914,   I   was
nppoi '< Admlnlsl rator of all anil singular  the  Iv'in'.* ni  the  sni.l   Deceased  and
i Ice   nt'   sii.*ti   order   was   thereby
���   le      i to he published for two weeks In n
New We si n Instei tlallj  ne *- spaper
Anel furthi r take nol Ice i lial -\\\ persot
hide : *, ,1  *:i  'li'   utiot '��� estate n re  reeji In fl
. ,  pa;   tne the'  amount  of their  Indebted
nesf    forthwith     md    i:,   i- i *ona   having
: un-*    the   .-��� i ,|   ��� suite    arc   re-
'���d  i" pn :*' in   i Iii .:i  i ' nr* duly  veri-
|        iii.i ii ll   .,ii   nr   before   the   lath
i pill,  A.I e  191 I. after which date
I   *       .���,,���!*    distribute   il Id estate
I  ���       *  i  u   ; .I ���>*:'���.   to such claims ns ,iri
;     perly be-foi     me
.     * ,    \l UOR,
Offi,   .I Administrator.
I this 111 ������:  Mil cll, A le. 1914,
1    * " -   >{!
D.  D.  WILSON,  Manager.
Ai il:.   Fisheries Wharf. Sapperton, B.C,
on   Thursday,   Hi'*   Wenty-sixth     day     of
l March,   1914. nt   two o'clock p.m.
wiih I'einlpmenl nnd furniture.
Approximate  length of "Active"  58  ft.;
��� beam,  1.". ft. 6 in.; engine, .'.'i h.p., :;-cylin-
de-r,   4-cycle.   "Frisco   Standard."
"Bonltn," approximate length. -7 ft. 6
in . i�� .un. 7 ft. : depth, :! f i. ''. in.; engine,
:, h.p   "Palmei "
Further particulars nnd order t" Inspect boats '-en l"* nbtalne'd .ei tie Doj*
mining Fisheries Office, New Westmlns-
ti ���;
Chief  Inspector ,.e  fisheries
Ne ee   We stnilnste r,  B.C., March _���".  tin i
Entrance Examination. 1914.
Re   ; arl of I  i'   167, Group 2. and  o��
northeaf I portion, of the north-
it a quarte r of  Section 3, Township 2, it.   tli'*   District   of   New
','.'��� Btminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 4811P, Issued
in Mi. name of John Allen Wiison, has
be en lile*el in this office.
Notice is hereby Kive*n that I shall,
Bt ',ie* expiration of one month from
Ihe dale of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
thi i'ity of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
he made to me in writing.
,1. C. GWYNN,
District RcRislrar of Titles.
I..-me! Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C.. January 28.
1104. (20861
Spring  Suitings  jusl   arrived.    See!
���them.    Perfect  lit    anel workmanship
Ruaranteed.    Prices    from  $18.00 up.
701 Front Street.
Dairy Produce Lower.
Ottawa, March 16. The department
or labor's index number nf wholesale
prices stood at 136.1 for February as
compared with 136.5 in January anil
135.8 in February. 1913. Dairy pro*
Ot/ee. especially eggs, were lown,
poultry, sheep, cattle aud beef showm
declines but grains and feed and hogs
.averaged    somewhat    lower.
SEALED TENDERS addressed ;e,
the unde rsigni ei. and endor ed
"Tender fen* addition to and altera
tlon of tin* beating ami ventilating
systems, Public Building, Victoria
B.C.," w ill be receivi el at this office
until 4 p.m., em Thursday, April le;.
11)14, I'H' tin* construct ion ol tin*
aforesaid addition anil alteration,
Plans, specification   and    form    ot
e*e.niti*,*ie t    can    be*    sei'll   and    infills      of
tender obtained ai the office' of Win.
Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C.; em application tO tbe;
I' stmaster, Vancouver, B.C., and at
tins I ii partment.
Persons tendering an* notified tbat
tenders win noi be* considered unless
made on the* printed forms supplied,
ami siiene*il witli Iheir actual signatures, statin;- their occupations and
places of residence. In the* case* of
(inns, llic actual signature', the' nature
of the occupation, and place* eef resl-
dence eef each member of the* firm
must be given.
Each tender must in* accompanied
by an iei*ii*]iteel cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to tbe* order if the*
Honorable the MinisiiT of Public
Works, equal to ten percent, ilu p.c.)
of tli-*' amount of Hn* tender, which
eviil be* forfeited if the person te'tiiie'r*
Ing decline* to enter Into a contract
wben called upon to do see. or fail t i
complete the work contracted fen*. If
tin* tender be no' accepted the chi ejue*
will be returned.
The Department does not bine! Itself
to accept tbo lowest or any tender.
Hy order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, March 12, i:��14.
Newspapers will no' be* paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Department.���56590. (3100)
I nottl i   the* Inform ,ii��� >n  eef n't
,���-,!"��� , ���   ,i   that   Squiiel   mil Co   ipan,   I ll il!
, ;.!  LCI Icill i     In      "i'i* ll    to    the      II .,(     vol
iintarv subject! i"* ',;��� Knli mc Hlxain-
��� tlon eet til" Roval Ml!i* 11 ' .III Kl . 191 I.
\1.,,|.     ���.���.ill   I"    awurde'd  n     rnllnws
MuKlmuni     Mhi mi in
Kciuiid   I 'rill                 Ii"i ','.
Ci   ipnnv   in-ill I on
..���,   iiutheerlze 'l   I'M   Hook   for  ti ;
��� Inl niii ���'   Trail In       lull       I'nrl
! I . ,:,i Sectlonr  I  and i ,,i   Purl   11       11  -
i-im In   eebtii ���:������ 'I , rom e Ifl leet      ' 'o;n
I ,,u ���'     ���     1 111 .   liens   nn,I   I list .*'��� Is,   pi     .    e ,
, 11
\      A     S     U ILL! VMS    Ceilolli I
Adjiitnn    ���;��� ir iii
Hi pniimenl  "f  MllltIti nnel  I' fence. e II
tnwii    M irch 9,   I''! l.
N','A    i;,'i. rs    will    iv.t     I.,     I'.lie!    toe     tteU
., !��� , i      ��� in, nf  il  tie v ItiHi-rt  ii  without  me
then ' ���    from   tli*    depart it.
li...    ; I 3-1      e,7|n| e::i i i ,
Court  of   Revision,   1914.
NOTICE   is   hereby   given   that   the   firs;
in.'.'tlm; i'i tli' Courl eif Revision foi
the Assessment rte.li e,r the. city of NVw
Westminster will be held In 11,��� - City Hall,
New* Westminster, B.C. i.n ThurMeieiv,
April 16, Cil I. ni l" :* in. All appeals
against tlet* Assessment musl I"* in writing, anel delivered lee tli** Assessment Com
mlssioner *et leosl ten days previous te
tiie* sitting "f il"* said i'..mi  ..f  Revision
Dated nt New Westminster, !!.(', ilele
etnel day  nf  Mnn*!'.   lh t
<:;":: i
e ity
Abolish Treasury Board.
Toronto, Marcli HI. Controller
Church moved in tin* city e*te*.im*il lo
abolish ''ie* treasury board and nans
ter the duties to ilu* board of control,
lie* charged  thai   tin* treasury  board
was Utilized lo alleeve the e-ity treasurer lo place' upon it. Ibe* responsibility
for giving out any Information regarding ilu* city's finances, Mel.
Meredith seconded ihe* motion ami it
was carried. Alderman F. S. Spe nee
contended thai ihe board of control is
Urn proper body to Unde after tin ' Itj
treasurer's department ami to give In
formal ion  to the council.
Rank imposes obligations���
or���as the French put it���"Noblesse Oblige."
It is a very natural and right principle that those who
by their position in life command the respect of others
should deserve it and be worthy of maintaining their
position.    "Much is expected of those in high station."
But thia principle it not confined to persons of noble birth
���it has a hundred applications. It applies, for example,
to those manufacturers of
reputation and prestige who
make goods of high quality
and who advertise them constantly in the newspapers of
the land.
By their advertising they have
attained an eminence where
the very best in quality and
good service is expected  of
them. They have set a standard and their very business
life depends on the constant
maintenance of it.
So that when you buy advertised articles you rest assured
that you are getting the best
value that money can buy.
Well may you place your faith
in advertised goods. Well
may you give them prefer*
ence over articles which you
can only hope may prove
For the principle of "Noblesse Oblige" is
your guarantee of excellence in Advertised Goods.
If Toei __ doing �� ___ ____* 'eilk o����r your .d*orlllIn( problem, with the Advertising Department of thl. new��p��per.
If Ton nre doing . proTJnci.l or n.tion.l beninen it would be well
for rou to here th. coumel and uiiit.me ol a cood ad��irtbini
agency. A lift of theae will be furnuhed, without coil or obligation, by tha Secretary of Canadian Pre�� Awociation, Room 503,
Lumielen Building, Toronto.
fl) FRIDAY,  MARCH   20,  1914.
Conditions Are Steadily
Help alon�� the good work
by pushing YOUR business.
Place your order now for
advertising space in THE
NEWS,and use it everyday.
You will be surprised at the amount of
extra business you will pick up. Besides
you will help keep trade in New Westminster.
There may be business ��oin�� out of
town that you mi��ht have if your advertisement was in THE NEWS to direct
people to your store.
Orders ln Stocks, Bonds, Grain und Cotton executed for cash or
on margin in Montreal, New  York and Chicago.
Direct private wire to .Montreal and  New   York.
Stock Brokers.
Telephone 817. 316-317 Westminster Trust Building.
Textile   81 Vi 81 Vi
' Toronto Ry 138% lizy_
I Tuckett's Tobacco     40 40
Twin City   105 105
AEIER EARLY RALLY" PfB "'"��� ��� m
Small Advances Checked Before    the
Session at New York Is One
Hcur Old.
The market today promises tu
be about the average for the season.
Potatoes will likely retail at $1 ;i
puck retail and $16Ho $18 wholesale
Kggs arc expected to be plentiful anel
housewives who are seeking to (ill
their larders with "guaranteed laiJ
less than one week" brand will b I
offered a fine opportunity to do so
this morning, Wholesale quotations
for eggs will be about the same as
last week. The high prices paid for
poultry last week are not expected I ��
be maintained, the market author!ti'<
quoting !!��� to 22 cents a pound live-
weight for today.
New York,  Marcli 19.���The mark *t
Ireverse!! its   course   at the   opening
tliis morning and small advances wer;
recorded In the early trading, Lehigh
rising good sized traction on covering
by shorts,  put   out  in anticipation oi
announcement of the government suit.
The general  nine of the market  was
| good, but  on  very  moderate advance
I the entire market relapsed Into   extreme dullness and from thin till the
close* the trading was made- up almost
entirely of swapping of slocks anion;
the traders on the floor   of   the   exchange,    The pool in Central Leather
took hold of this stock and marked
it up to the highest of the year    on
reports that the dividend would be fr.
creased,    Tobacco continued to show I
marked strength and there was mod-1
erate advance in the firtili/.ers on tht
��� I prospect   of  good  demand   for    th^e*
products    from    the   increased    area
which is likely to be put into crops
this year.
The Hock island siocks continued Seattle, March 19.���Cafe proprietors
to be depressed, the Fours making complied with the orders issued by
new low price at 37. The tone in the ! chief of Police Griffiths yesterday
final dealings was steady. Total salts compelling them to withdraw all so-
143j521. called cabaret features from their en
tertainment    program.      Last    night
cafe  patrons  were  surprised   to  find
that dancing, duos, trios, quartets and
,, ,    , .,       ., , skits  were tabooed  and  soloists  anil
Quotations furnished over the pri   orch,Btra, mus,0 SUDstituted.
rate wire of  Sutherland  &  Ardagh) graveyard in here," said
The following are yesterday s quo | ���   n  > h,    OV6roo_t
No Group Acts, Trios or Dancing Permitted Under New Order���Managers Weep.
Am. Can  30%
Amal. Copper    75%
Am. Car Foundry    61%
American locomotive ...  35%
American  Smelting     CW'i
Am. Tel. & Tel U3%
Anaconda    35%
Atchison Com 97%
Bait. & Ohio Com   89%
Ches. & Ohio   52%
Canadian Pacific  206%
Chino     42
Krie Com   -8'4
Great Northern  Pfd 127%
Lehigh    145Vb
Mex. Petroleum   68%
Mo. Pacific     24
New York Central     91
Nor. & West 103
Northern Pacific  112M,
Peun HI
Reading Com 164*%
Hock island        4%
Southern Ely  25V;
So.  Pacific       94%
Un. Par. Com.  1 ~,7T4
U. S. Steel Com   64
U. S. Ste-el Pfd 110
L'. S. Rubber Com 61%
Westinshoase    76%
rinse i am> Pa>'in** tlle waiter at the Hofbrau.
��? i "Why they're singing the Rosary."
--, i "Somebody's crabbed the act," de-
'" *��� dared another cafe patron, disgustedly at the Breakers. "They have
canned Hazel."
Hazel, let it be known, is a panto-
mine  singer,  who  depends  as  much
upon her vivacious imitation ot a boxer in the ring and a singing act with
a  male  balladist as  upon  the dulcet
tons of her voice to "put it over."
Chief and  Inspector in  Cafes.
Chief Griffiths and Acting Inspector*
Powers visited some cf the cafes last
night   to   discover   first   hand   If  the*
cafes were obeying the order.promul-
69 **2
97 V;
53 */��
146 v; i
69 % '
24 V4
i gated yesterday.
What is a cabaret and what isn't a
tali I cabaret?" inquired C. H. Barnett, who
iv>i2 ��� witn his Partnel' in the Hofbrau, Will
���' 7 | E.   Keves.   discussed   the   order.     "I
if ]v i asked rhief GrLffithl5  t0  ten  me  the '
2�� ! definition of a cabaret show in his of-
A�� | fice    at    police headquarters,jester-���
J���* | day afternoon.    We have had to Bis-
.?!, : charge cstr chorus and engage an or-
eii chestra. The thing's absurd, of course.
��* * ; as the cutting out of the choruses and
",     | duets and the rest does not determine
S   -s ! the character of the cafe.    The man-
ia->ii | agement of the  cafe    and    not    tha
: amusement, is  what counts."
Open*;  Lower But  Advances   Half    a
Point  in Afternoon Session���
Market Generally Quiet.
Montreal, March 19.���Brazil was
again the weak feature opening at SO,
a point and a half.below the previous
close, lt eold at this priece all morning, but adtjuiced hall a point during
the afternoon. There seemed to be*
selling for L*uidon account and fractional advance was made after the
close of that market.
Power rescind to 224Vfc. Iron wus
In good demand at 32%. R* O. was
well bought at 103% and s*��emed to
be well supported at that price. The
rest of the market was quiet. In the
unlisted department Tram Power ��ij
32',-i and Brick 50.
(Quotations furnished over private
wire of Sutherland & Ardagh.)
Huling quotations on the  Montreal
stock market yesterday were:
Open. Close.
II. C.  Packers   139
Bell Telephone   151
Brazil     80
Canada Cement    80%
Canadian   Pacific    206%
Can. Cotton Com   32
Canadian Converters ....  3S
Detroit Cuiti-d     71
Dominion dinners    62
Dom. iron k Steel Corp.. 30%
III. Traction     67
Lake of Woods Com 130
Laurentide   186
A. McDonald   17
Mackay Com.    84
I Montreal  Power   225U
j Nova Scotia     75
fogilvie Flour Com. ex div..HS
j Ogllvie Flour Co. ex div.IIS
Ottawa Power  150
Penman  Ltd   52
i (Jut-bee Ry   15
j ft, & O. Nav. Co 102%
I Shawinigan  187
Steel Co. of Can. Com... 17
Spanish River   14
224 v/.
Victoria. .Marcli 19.���In the police*
court yesterday the devious paths
taken by the Wily Chinee in ekeing
out a living were disclosed to an interested crowd. Frank Chew, a placid
Oriental, was the accused. He waa
charged with carrying on business
without securing the required license
or having taken out a transient trader's bond.
Instead of this, Chew bought em or-
elinary  license  for  $5,   Informing  the
city  treasurer that  he  was  taking a
I Pandora avenue store.   As a blind, he*
I .lad a 4x4 "hole-in-the-wall," which he*
I never   used.     He  then   proceeded   to*
' bring hay and feed of various descrip-
��� tions   from   Seattle,   Vancouver  and
J other adjacent cities, in the meantime
working up a list of local patrons, who
carried the goods from the wharf On
delivery.   Because of the lack of overhead expense,  Chew  was able tu un-
derprice all the local merchants, and .
consequently   did   a   flourishing   business.
J. Caldwell, of the Pacific Transfer
company, told of paying the Chinaman*
$510, while W. C, Kolam, foreman of
the Hudson's Bay stable iu Vancouver, stated that he had delivered hay,
straw and potatoes to Chew running
into $2,000.
Chew was found guilty, the ev-
I Ideuce being overfleming. Hhe was
fined $600, or two months in jail. As
he denied his ability to pay, it is probable that he will spend u period in
eluranee  vile.
j Seattle, March 19.���A clean-up of
! the city below Vesler way by the po-
I lice began lust night, und at midnight
j one hundred suspicious persons liiul
I been rounded up bv the police, with
\ orders that they mist leave town uu-
j less they can couvii.ee the police that
they are all right.
At S o'clock when the regular pol-
! ice were sent out lor their night pa-
.trol, they were told this had to In*.
j done.
Saloons were visited, also freight
j yards and all box cars, and every
i man who looked suspicious was tak-
! en into custody and is held at the pot-
! lee station awaiting investigation an
i to whether he ought to be allowed U��
remain In lhe1 city.
FRIDAY,   MARCH   20,  1914.
See the   Fashion  Displays in Our
Windows Today
Carpets, Furniture, etc.. cleaned perfectly by the Vacuum Cleaner.
No necessity to lift your carpets. The Vacuum cleans them where ���hev
lie-, removing every particle of dusl. Phone us and we will give you a
j 'toe for cleaning OB* or aii of your carpets.
The New Westminster
Department   Store
See the Fashion  Displays in Our
Windows Today
s             CARPET SWEEPERS.
A  Carpet Sweeper once used ls always used.    It swee ps thoroughly,
makes no noise and raises no dust.    A  Hissel's Hall-lli'aring Sweeper
will last ten or fifteen years and outlast fifty brooms.
Price  each   	
Pongee Silks in Big Demand���
Our Values Were Never so Good
Natural PofJgces; 26 inches wide. 45C
Per yard  TWV
Natural Pongee, ;'.4 Inches wide. 45C
Per yard   TWV
Natural Pongee; 86 inches wide. T5C
Pei  yard  .}   ��� **v
The colors are perfectly fast and in splendid shades, black, pink, sky.
leather, seal, brown, reseda, champagne', wine, hello, cream, navy,
gray, etc.;    26 inches wide. 49C
Per yard * "TwW
Demand for this weave  was never so strong as at present.    We are
showing the. newest in a very neat dainty colored design, on  while
ground and others with jacquard designs, in shades (ef pale blue. pink,
black, cream, rose, gray and new blue; all   kT4   QC CO  CA
40 inches wide.    Price, per yard at W ��� ��W��J TO ^biVV
.lust the correct weight and style; 54 to 60 inches wide; in plain static
or the new checks in gray and blue, gray and tango, gray and red, gray
and dark gray; etc.; plain shade*- in navy, cream, brown, red, new
blue, cardinal and tan.    Price, Cl   OC CO  OC
Two lots of Corset Cover Bmhroidery will t.e shown: First line includes values up to 35c per yard. On sale at SQ*C
two yards for  WWW
Second set; values up to S9c. SOC
Yer  yard    WWW
Unbleached Cotton Sheeting; 72 inches wide-; will wear OO 1 ft
for years.    Friday Special, per yard  Wfc 2 **
Market Day Specials from the
Staple and Linen Depts
7-4 Unbleached Cotton Bed Ticking; for single and three-     OO 1 ft
quarter size bed; reg. 30c value.    Friday Special   Cbjw
Large White Turkish Hath Towels;  heavy weave and absorbent; size
22x50; regular 65c per pair.    Friday Special, Rflf*
per   pair      WWW
Strong Irish Crash Roller Toweling; 16 and 17 inches; in half bleached
and brow n; harel wearing grades.    Friday  1 ft A
Special        lUC
Heavy Weave Chambray; in gray; suitable for men's shirts;      1 Cs%
29 inches wide.   Special, per yard    I WW
Plain White and Colored  Striped  Flannelette;   close weave and pure
fininsh; regular 12%c value*.    Kriday Special. 1 Of*
per yard    I W W
Strong Cream Itowlas;  for cooking aprons, etc;  :i6 inches        ORft
wide.    Friday Special,  per yard Cvv
Fine Longcioth; of even weave; 36 inches wide*.    Friday Ckf*
Special VV
Extra   Fine   Weave   English  Cambric;   42   iuche-s   wide,   per    Otlat,
fectly free from filling.    Friday Special, per yard (LUG
Three Specials in Sheer Nainsook;  36 inches wide.    Per Ot\f*
yard at 13*'2c, 17! 2c and CUC
Fine Madapolams; a litter heavier than Nainsook;  especially adapted
for   ladies'   and   children's   underwear;   35       101*** 1 Cf*
inches wide.    Per yard       Ihjv AND   I WV
An assorted lot of Pure Linen Huckaback Towels; size 19x38; damask
borders; scalloped edges; also with fringed ends; a splendid     CfteM
face towel.    Friday Special, per pair DUG
Pillow Cases;  made from English cotton;  free from starch;    ORft
���size 42x33; regular 35c value.    Per pair CvG
Fully  Bleached Cotton  Sheets;   niaele from  heavy  grade  Knglixh  Cotton Sheeting; si/e 70x90; hemmed ready for use. Special.     9_4   Cft
per pair   ^ I .wU
White Grecian Bedspreads: good wearing quality: size        Cl   Cft
���eXxHO;  each, $1.25.    Size 70x90, at, each ^ I iWV
Heavy Grade F.nglish Manufar*tured Cotton Bed Sheeting; 70      Oft#��
inches wide'; will wear well.    Special, per yanl WWW
Bleached I'nion Damask Tabling; 54 inches wide; pretty OQ����
Moral i ffect.    Special eet, per yard WWW
Typical Samples of the Values Ycu
Can Get in Our Furniture Dept.
The* best Couch value ever offeree!: covered in Imlta-   C1 1   ftft
tiein Spanish;  generally sold feir $l<;..',u. Our  Price*. . w'   I ���WW
\ Hoii-cdge Couch; upholtsered in hist quality velemr.    #4 A CA
Special Price    wlw.wU
Steel Cribs, in white, blue or Vernis Martin finish; with     C7  OR
-.���.ing  side.    Style.'  No.   1.    Crib  alone.    Special vliCw
Crib   with    Mattress     $8.50
S-tyle No. 2, wiih drop side Crib alone. CO  Rft
Special        ?W.WW
Crih with Mattress  $11.25
High <'hair,-in golden maple. * A   Qj?'
Special    .'.   *9 I iWW
Go-Carta;   collapsible;   strong,  well-made;   large*  hood;      CR 7R
rubbei tired wheels,   McAllister's 8pecial at 9wi I w
Sulkies; with neverslble back and pail spring seat. CO 7R
McAllister's*, Special value*  #����� I w
Mattresses -Ostermoo.-.    Special CIO   Rft
Our Special "Goodnight" All-Fell Mattress. CA QR
Kriday anel  Saturday *\a*..ww
The Labor of
Lessened at a
Small Cost
Handy    Kitchen   Utensils   That
Save You Time and Moneyj
Heavy  Re-Tinned  Mixing   Spoons,   each	
Wire   Potato  Mashers,
Dish   Mops;
Five-inch  Rubber Sink
Stoppers;   each   	
Table  Senilis;
Wire Soap  Savers;
Paring Knives;
Wire Egg Beaters;
each   5c   and	
Chopping Knives:
Re-Tinned Skimmers;
Carborundum Knife
Sharpeners;    each..
Machine Oilers,  each
5c, 10c and  	
Black ,lae*k  Stove  Paste;  regular 10c;   three
Victor Flour Sifters,        4 C,*��
regular  20c   each.  at...   I WW
Dover Egg  Beaters;
each 10c and  	
Leonghandled    Dustpans;    regular   25c;
Universal   Bread   Mixers;   $2.75
size.    Special CO  OC
for   sVC.CD
Universal   Bread   Mixers;   $3.25
size.    Special
Deep  Bread  Tins;
each  10c.  and   	
Large Room! Vegetable Graters; regular 20c; A g_
each    I ww
Tin   Dippers;   regular j?_
10c;   each    WW
White and Gold Cups and Saucers; regular $1.75 1 ft#t
dozen;   each    I UC
White and  Oold  Eg
Cups;   thr'-e*   fur
Blue*  anel   White  Pudding  Bowls
each at a g.
5c.   10c.   and          I 3C
Children's Decorated china
Mugs;  each al 4 ft ���
5c.   and         lUC
Fluted Table Tumblers; regular 75c ee dozen. OC**
Per dozen at   OwC
Glass Table Sots; coven d Butter, Sugar Bowl and Creani
Pitchei; reg. 75c *jf
Per set    OwC
Ulass Oil 01 V'lnegai BottleB;
regula'  75c; a <***>
each   at      i OC
Glass Salt and Pi ppe   SI  b
regular( 25c a-
Per pair I 9t
Four-hole Ca I 1 'ooksto- ��� large
firebox; heavy casl ovi n 1 Iti
nickel shelf and nickel . eld
��� n oven door; from and * 1 d
shelf 011 stove*, and bv. ,.��� n ckel
bracket; stands on heav;
base; a regular C1 *7 CA
$23 Btove, tor .      $ I I .OU
Eathroom    Fittings   at    Economical  Prices.
tflckel    Towel    Rods;
25c;   24-inch
ers,   a
t   ...
r   Heel,
Mil eel
18 inch
The Acme of
Value-Giving in
Our Carpet Dept.
for Friday,
Bargain Day
Of the best make ihat will wear
well ami look good to the end.
The patterns and colorings are
the newest, and the prices are
lowest on record:
Size 4-6x6-6.
Special  Price   .
Size  K-9x9  feet.
Special  Price   .
Size 7-6x!>.
Special Price* .
Siz,    9x9.
Special  Price  .
Si/.e   pxlO-6.
Special  Price..
Size 3x12.
Specieil   i'riee. .
Rugs with a rich, velvety pile
and' very choice color effects.
They are the most popular rugs
for pailor and living rooms:
Size 4-6x6.
Specieil   Price*   . . .
Size' 6-9x9. CIO Rft
Special   I'riee.       9 I w.wU
Size 9x10-6.
Special  Price
Size 9x12,
Special   Price
High-class Seamless Axmlnster
Rugs, with deep, heavy pile, in
rich coloring:
Size 9-9x9.
Special   i'riee*.
Sixe   8-3x11 -6
Special   Price.
Size 9x9.
Special   Price.
Size 9x10-6.
Special   Price.
Size 9x12.
Special   i'riee.
Electrical Dept.
Spring is here, and with it
comes the thought of Spring
cleaning. To make it easier
for t'.ie wife, we are offering
our Electrical Vacuum Cleaners at Bargain Prices for a few
Come in and investigate. We
will gladly furnisli any information you require.
Our regular $35
size, unly  	
Our regular $65-
slze, only  	
Men's Wear Values
for Market Day
New Underwear, of the proper
Wi lent for sp Ing; a good variety in hot h combinations and
single  piece garments.
Penman's High Grade Balb.tlg-
gan I'nion Suits, a splendid
garment for comfort and  wear
r $1.25
Penman's Merino; natural wool
finish; ei ulce medium weight,
in single garments,        7C*i%
at   .ach     I WW
Good Working Shirts; of strong
White striped twilled shirting;
in navy ami black; sizes 16,
15 1 2, 16, 16 1-2; regular 75c.
The best to be had In Overalls
and smocks at $1,00, Plain
black and blue, with white
stripes; we'll made and roomy;
either overalls  or      ** *   ftft
smocks.    Bach  $ | .UU
What size Hat do you wear'.'
We have* a number of fine Fur-
Kelt Hits; good Fedora styles;
worth $2.5(i and $3,00 in the
regular way; .sizes 7, 7 1-S and
7   1-4.     Vour   Choice   while   they
T $1.00
New Draperies for Spring at Special
Every woman ls now concerned about the Spring cleaning. One
i,f the moBt important items la the windows. Nothing brightens up a
room more than fresh window diapes and hangings. These Special
Prices for Friday:
Beautiful Bungalow Nets; in every shade; with a wide assortment of
patterns.    Priced at, per yard, 20c, 25c, 35c AC���*
and 4DC
Nothing is superior to Scrims and VoIIi-h when you consider the washing and wearing qualities. The new shadow designs und florul borders.
On bolh white and cream grounds are very effective when hung perfectly plain. Priced at, per yard 35c, 40c, 50c. AAA
and OUC
Hemstitched Border Voiles; cream ground.    Priced at, OR*����
per yard    WWW
Mercerized itepp for overdrapes; full 50 Inches wide; shades of rose,
brown and green.    PiMced at ��4   ^R
per  yard    tf I iCw
Silk Draperies; in pale blue, rose, pink, brown, fawn, green; also fig*
ured designs In many colors: regularly sold at from $:i.5'i CO QR
to $5.0 Oper yard.    Priced at. per yard 9Ci<99
Bargains   in   Waists, Corsets   and
A splendid Waist in Paris shades; daintily trimmed with Paddy green
pipings and buttons;  silk lined, and are exceptionally
good   value   at    	
This season's model of splendid quality, with collar anil sleeves daintily finished with lace edgings, turn-down style of collar, with plain silk
tie attached,   This line of waists is well worth $2.75
Special for 	
In plain shirt styles:   materials oi striped percales and repps; also a
few flannelette and cashmere waists in this lot;  regular        Rftn
values to -$2.50.    Special at, each   wUC
We catry a full line of the famous E. T Cori-cts; also the American
I.aely Corset.   Special Prices on all lines.
These   are   made   of   gooel   quality   white  coutllle;    with   medium   low
bust and long hip.    A perfect fitting model, made and shaped exactly
as the better corsets, and finished with four hose supporters.    mJRft
Specially priced at  I WW
Same make, with medium low bust and long hips:  also finished with
hose supporters.    Specially priced at. per tf 4   ftft
pair    *9 I.UU
Also in the following Special Prices: $1.25, $1.50.
$2.00  aad   	
A good quality sateen, with pleated flounce*; also :��� few colored moires
in this lot.    A regular $1.50 value. QRa
eeves dalnt-
:h plain silk
Special,  each   	
$5.0 Oand $6.00 silk ami Satin Underskirts
Au assortment r.f Ladies' Silk and Saiin Underskirts, in shades of navy,
gree*n. brown, rose*, blue and all general colors. Hegular CO Rft
$6.00 and $6.0 Ovalues,   Special at      ^W.WW
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear at Sensible
Ladies' and  Misses' Fine Gray Serge Suits.
Ladles' and .Misses' Navy Serge Suits
Ladies' Black and White Check Suits $3T  SO
SS" atnd M19Be8 'Kew.Sp.r.tn8 $12.00 and $15.00
Ladies and  Misses' DreSSOB at $10.00, $13.53. $16.50. COO  Rft
$18.5C, $20.00 anel ���������'�����''
Ladles' Ready-to-Wear Millinery, very   CO Rft        $15.00
reasonably priced  at   ww.ww tu w s w.ww
Our entire stock of Suits, Coats, Dresses and   Millinery are*  New
Spring Styles.
Bargains in China ware in Basement
A few more of those noted
China Tea Sets; in pretty floral
eloigns; 40 pieces; C.A Rft
teg.  $0.50;   set    |t>vU
Six-piece Near Cut (ilaHs Table
Sets.    Per set Ci   4C
Crystal Etched Thin Tumblers;
regular   $1.25   dozen;       ORf*
four for            fcWW
Decorated China Sugar and
Cream Sets;  reg. 50c     ORft
Per   set     fcWW
Irridescent Class Flower Vases;
ri'gular 25c. 4 C*
Each      ���5J*'
Irridescent   Class  Bowls,   Plate's
and  Stands;   reg.   25c.
Brown     Fireproof    Tea     Pats;
regular 10c.
One-quart      Earthenware    Milk
Jugs;   regular 40c
97-plece Semi-Porcelain    Dinner
Set;  In hand and key design;  a
very   special   value
reg, $25.    Per set  .
97-plece "Meakln's" Fine Semi-
Porcelain   Dinner   Set;   In   the
famous  Old   Indian  tea   pattern,
Very  Special
per set  	
���e    Milk
estgn; a
>e  Seml-
in   the
Windows ..re* not merely openings to admit light and air, They et) >w
r'le mosl artistic touch of the builder either Inside or out. The artistic
< rfect is ofti 11 spoiled hy tiu* hangings, which should blend with the
other furnishings and walls. There have been man;, different styles of
draping used, bul nothing is more' dainty than tin* perfectly plain hang
ing.   Scr.ins. Veeiie*s. Marquisettes or Nets are   must suitable and   come
in sucii a variety of patterns, colors and weave
can be can fully followed.
Plain Scric      A-hite, cream or ecru.
Per yard  	
Fancy Borders; pinle. blue, lawn, green or red.
I'er vard at	
that anv color scheme
and shop \t McAllisters.
Perrin's Guaranteed Gloves at Reduced Prices
We carry a full range* of Lhe "Perrin" Kid cloves. Every pair is
made ol the finest, selected French skins; very pliable and perfect fit
and finish, and finished with two dome spring fusteni'rs. All eolors
and sizes at tho following special prices:
A ri'gular $1.25 value.    Special for,
per pair  	
a regular $1.50 value.
per   pair   	
Special for,


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