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The New Westminster News Jul 19, 1913

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 I- ''���
News Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.    They   fill
large   or   small   wants   at   small
VOLUME 8, NUMBER  112. Jf*
Tho  Waather.
New   VVettnuastcr and tbe lower
mainland: Mod*rat* winds; fair aad
Board of Trade  Discusses
,   Herakles   Affair   and
Takes Action.     ���
Burrard Peninsula Commission Named
��� Frank Bowser Receives Chair.
l   i "B.
Resolution    Drafted    and    Committee
Apponted���Await Details Before
Passing Judgment.
Vic orb, July 18. The names of
members of the Burrard peninsula
joint   sewerage   board   were   madi-
km.wn by Attorney (lenrral Bowsei
this inormng, Prank Bowser, brothei
Of the attorney general and ox reeve
cf Point (irey, receiving Ihe position
of chairman of the commission, Tin-
other    appointees     were   Alderman
I'r, we. Vancouver; Keeve Churchill
Point (Irey; Councillor Stuart Oatnp
I. II. South Vancouver: Councillor
Annus MacDonald, Hurnaby.
Tlle acl creating the board will
conn- Into effect Oil August 1, the com
miss on meeting Immediately after
that  date.
The commlsslonershlps, on account
of a salary   attached   to the   posts,
have created no little Interest, but
the sinull sum of $00 each per annum
w !1 be all thev will receive. Cbalr
man Bowser will receive $5000 and
O. \v. Phlpps. secretary of the hoard,
will receive $.1000 per annum.
American Sailors at Seattle!
Make   Bonfire  of   Red
Flag Property.
Yesterday    Road    Bought    Sixty-five j
Acres   In   North   Vancouver��� Her
Price Not Published.
Three   Enemies   Are
Showing Ruthless Bulgaria No Mercy.
Riots  Liven  Potlatch  ""venin"  in the
Sound City���Chore and Naval
Police Turn Out.
I    Vancouver,   July   19. - The     Pacific  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(ireat Eastern railway has entered In- j 	
to   au   agreement   with   the   owners,
..Majjr James Pembertoii Pell, of the Closing  In  on  Hapless Country with
city  of  North   Vancouver,  and   Capt.
Henry   Hey wood-Heywood  Lonsdale,
of Market Drayton, Salop, Kngland, 11
purchase 65 acres, embracing a por-1
tlon of district lot 264 of the munlcl- |
�����    IN RATHER BAD
Intention of Dictating Terms
When They Reach Sofia.
Although attempts were made-
last night's board of trade meeting
to criticize the pilot in charge of the
Herakles, which grounded at Steveston this week, the feeling of the meeting wss that the occurrence Bhould
be dealt with in all fairness, and tbat
until indisputable facts were to hand
nothing should be done by the board
of trade and this sentiment was expressed In the following resolution addressed lo the pilot hoard which has
authority  to  act.
"ThiB body ls glud lo hear that ll
Ih the Intention of the pilot board to
make a thorough Investigation of this
occurrence and we hope that it will
supply the board of trade with a report of the finding and also with all
evidence  submitted."
Needed Without Delay.
W. R. Gilley, chairman of the navigation committee, brought In a report
(if the lli-rakles affair, siiggeBtlii-t*-
work to be done at once to allow the
Vessel to leave the port without any
trouble, although this plan had not
becn  submitted  to an engineer.
���We earnestly recommend," read
the report, "that the board take the
necessary  steps  to  have  the  dredge
Klnft Kdward at once put to work to __ _ j
make a cul across the bar on the new
channel at the Sandheads. To provide adequate accommodation
"If It ls found Impossible to aet the for excursionists who will come to
KIiik Kdwurd at once, we would very 'this city on July SO to attend the ini r-
stroiiKly urge the adoption of the I chants' picnic, the ladles aid of lhe
scheme reeommended by Knglneer ! Y. \V. ('. A. have secured the horse
l.��-Haron. that the services of one or show building at the exhibition
more powerful tugs be obtained to grounds and will be able to provide
hannel   by   means   of  heavy
LADIES Will 00
Committees   of   the   Y.   W.  C.  A.  Ar
ranging Meals at Park fer Merchants'  Picnic.
open _^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
Chains and other suitable drags \V
believe that either of these methods
would be effective In a shnrt time
while the current Is so strong as at
"In view of the faot lhat the stean
er loaded with rails grounded there
on Monday lust aud further lhat hhIiI
eteamer Ua, an we understand, lo laki
out a full cargo of lumber, it In ab
���Otut-Siy eHHeiitlnl ilini tills work li*
prooeeded with al onei-, ilav and nintit
If possible.
The report was received and laid on
Ihe table and the navigation committee wnf nsked to Interview ('. C,
WorSfold, government engineer here. !
as to the best way of temporarily
opining the channel   for the big v-e.t-
Feeling of the Meeting.
The   feeling  of  the  members  as   t:
the result   if the lieraklea affair was
put in words by Alderman White when !
lie said:  "I  don't regard this lu  the
light   of a  catastrophe.    Tliat  time  '--j
pnst when there is any question as lithe   Fraser'a   being   navigable.     This,
porl  Is  to  be  made a harbor;   it   i-
only n matter of how- soon.
"This will  just  be un  argument   tni
our ministers to piiBh the work on the
jetties.    We can put it up to thc ministers to hasten the work."
Some criticism  was made by 1). S.
Curtis of the pilot's part In the mat- I
"Thc fact remains," hi stated, "thai
thr pilot Is responsible for tlle
grounding. We cunt expect him to
work Impossibilities, but if he at.
tempts to bring a vessel drawing I'll
feet into a channel 22 feet deep he Is
to blame. Tlie pilot certainly has
plenty of time lo sec lhat conditions
an* right.
"It should be the business of the
pilot to make an Investigation of t'n
Channel just a short time before lie
takes his ship In. say 10 hours previously,"
Mr, Gilley, however, interposed and
said that the board should nct con
dctnn the pilot until the pilot board
had Investigated. He hnd heard that
she listed slightly and In this rase
the reading on the stern post gang
would   he  unreliable,    He  felt
lhere  were  many  chances    for
lakes,  and   It   w-as  not   up  to hlm  to
snv whut  thev  were.
The resolution mentioned nhov
wns passed nnd the board of trade
looks for Immediate action by the
pilot  board.
J c Armstrong, of the latter bodv,
was asked hy The News last night
when the board would meet but be
said he "didn't know." He had been
unwell, he complained, and wns nct
about town yesterday but ns chairman he would call a meeting just us
soon as he was able,
full course dinners for between 300
and i'.ih people at one time. They
have als< decided to operate a lunch
room and refreshment stand during
the r-itlro  day.
The   tnsk   of   providing   meals   for
jthe thousands  of  people  who   will
: In   New   Wemmlnflter h.-t.s   been   glv*
by the  merchants' aaaoclation to tl:
[ladles'  aid      MembiTH  of  lliia  sue
I nre   now   at   work   prppiiflnjc   for
hlg duy.
Af a meeting (bey appointed committees   lo   have   charge   of   the   dff-
' n' departments.    The convenors of
these art : Main oommlttee. Mrs. J.
Bryson; prciviiilons. Mrs. W T. Held;
refreshments Mrs. C. A. Welsh: lunch.
Mrs .1 K Phillips. These nre now
selecting their helpers and will lose
no time in getting to work.
it  is  intended  to serve dinner from
II tn i o'clock and from then on to
provide luncheon only. A refreshment
booth wi'l he opened and individual
lunches will  be for sale.
Deal    Closed     Whereby    City
Twenty-two   Millions   for   the
Mackenzie   Interests.
Toronto, July 18.���The Bale   to tin-
city of every privately owned electrical
railway   franchise,     the     Inter-urban
Light  &   Power company, and all assets of such  interests within (he city
limits for 822,000,000, If reports show
tholr  property  anil  rights  worth  this
am, nnl, ls the essential    feature    ofj
the agreement reached yesterday between   Mayor  Hockln  and  Controller]
McCarthy  after a   keen  and  lengthy
Ibattle of wiis wltli i-:. if. Wood. Wm
j Moore, 7.. A. Lash and other represen
natives of the Mackenzie interests In I
the cltj
lhat j    The price nf $22,000,000 includes the
mis-1 Toronto and the Toronto * Suburban
railway's assets  ami  franchises, the
Interurban Light and Power company,,
���he end of tha Metropolitan railway
o-i   Yonge  street,  the  sections  of  ull I
-ii din I  lines within  the city limits, in j
i*r!of. nil Ihe tracks and riphts within]
lhe city limits.   It ls a complete clean- !
up ef all electrical railway franchises
ln the city.
Peking, July IK Four thousand
BOUthem rebels from Nanking, prov
Ince of Klnng Su, who hud crossed
thc Yung Tbo Klnng to nltuck the
northerners, met defeat today at the
hands of two thoiisunad loyal troop?
near Suohow Fu.
Shcrid.-n. Ore.. Loses Its Euoiness District by Fire.
Portland, ore,, luly is. ihe imsi
���*"ss portion of S-herldan. Ore., aboul
ilu miles southwest from Portland, was
,i in..(i nit hv a fire which started tonight  nt 5:30.    The  loss Is  placed  nt
Seattle, July 18.���Crowds of sailors
from the Pacific r< serve fleet at anchor In the bay, aided by hundreds of
men and boys who came down town
to join In the Potlatch celebration,
attacked the Socialist and the Industrial Workers of the World headquarters tonight, Backing the b'.rld
Ings and dumping the furniture into
tin- Btreets.
Two distinct parties made the attack. The first, In the northern part
of the  business dls'r.ct,   wrecked   the
Socalist    headquarters    near    Fifth
avenue and  Virginia street.    Tlie second,   in   the   southern   part   of     tiie
down   town  section,  attacked  the  Industrial Workers of the World    head
tjtiarters, dumping the furniture    into
the Btreet and making a bontlre of it.
A provost gtiurd of 50 men was sent
ashore from the warsnipB to quell the
disorder, but at  10*.?,(i o'clock tonight
200 yelling    civilians,    headed    by    a
dozen  mun of warsmen tarrying aloft
the  Stars and  StrlpeB, paraded down I
Fourth  avenue  from   Pike  street,  the i
centre of  the  night life  of the  city,!
toward  Washington street,  where the !
most of the Industrial Workers of the )
World   congregate.     The   police   and |
the   provost  guard   ure   trying   to  gei i
the situation in hand.
Helping the Mayor.
Ab the naval men were crossing
'��� Pike nireel they were overhauled by
I an nnti.moi :lc full of policemen,
headed by a big captain who told the
nailers lhat it they did uot disperse
he would arrest everyone of tbem.
The policemen by manoeuvring separated the men in uniform and Bcattered j
them. No handling of thetn was
necessary. The men shouted to the
p I.ee; "Your mayor won't do any- I
thing to protect the flag, so we are
saving your city." A young civilian i
who bad heen endeavoring to Incite
lbe sailors kept shouting lo them lu
"go and get  .Mayor Coiterill."
J nn log  the admliilNtratfon of Mayor
[.,,,     ���,.,.,|>-��.   t*.  Cotterill  Hll   Btreet   -speakers j
have been given full  license to speak ,
1 as   long   and   us   loud   as  they   chose. '
provided they did nol L'log traffic and
did noi   display tbe red flag.    The In
'iitstrtsl   Workers  of   -he   World   have
held   meetings   every   night  at     three
public   squares.     The   meetings   have
been   generally   orderly.     Mayor   Col
terill   has  bi en assailed  in  tbe  newspapers   and   otherwise   for  permitting
this spiaking by the Industrial  Worker.!, but he has insisted that the meet   '
ings did  not violate the law.
Gtarted   Thursday  Nicht.
During   the   Potlatch,   hundreds     of :
men   from   the   Pacific   reserve   fleet
were given shore leave, and yesterday
many soldiers from  Fori  lawton and ',
Fort Flagler were at liberty.    A number of soldiers und sudors got into a
light,  with  men  attending    an  Indus \
rial Workers' meeting ou Washington
treet last night and the soldiers were
beaten, seriously  enough    to  require
i drt-ssing of their wounds at  the    clti
j hospital.   Their injuries were uct seri
Fays ' oils, however.
Shortly before last midnight. Secre
i tary of lhe Navy    Josephus    Daniels
addressing  a  banquet  given    at    the
Hanler  club   in   his  honor,   spoke   In
tribute to the American flag und to
1 praise the attitude of the mayor    ot
i Iloston.  who  stopped  a  red  flag  parade.    "Tlle  red  (lag has  no  place  it,
ithls country." he said, "and believers
in it have no pluce in this country. A
mayor who dies not enforce the law
against the red flag is not lit to hold
office, and people who believe In the
red   flag  should   bc  driven   from     thl
Where Daniels Did It.
Mr, Daniels then pasaed on to :' I
ulogv of President Wilson and closet; '
Ills address amid great cheering. His
red Lag remarks occupied only a
i" nete, und these who observed him
closely Buy that hi- hud on Intention of
mnking his remarks apply locally.
However, word wus pnssed ubout the
street today that the secretary had
made a long address devoted to the
two flugs and had urged that ull bell vers in the red flag be driven out
of the country. It was nlso declared
that hc had made u direct attack on
Mayor Cotterill, who sat directly be
illid him. The fuel Is thut the ninyor
accompanied the secretary from the
banquet to tbe Press club reception
nnd had been with the secretary during much of his stay. It Is believed
that Mr. Daniels had no knowledge
f anv local controversy over the rod
* f ag.
Let Them Go to It.
Kfferts  to  stop  the  sailors  In   tlieir
campaign against the I, w. w. seem-
pallty of North Vancouver, and to establish thereon Its principal freight
and passenger terminals for the north
shore of Burrard Inlet, as well as
ocean and coastwise wharves, on the
adjacent and abutting foreBhore held
by the owners under lease from the
Dominion government. The property
lies a little west of the Mission Indian reserve.
A considerable cash payment was
made, the exact figure Involved in this
big transaction not being made public
The  railway  company    on    Its    par'
rees to expend In terminal improve-
London. July  18- Except  for a report coming by  way of Paris that   a
Mixture   of   Nationalities   Among   74
Pupils   Attending   River   Read
School  in Burnaby.
Thirteen different nationalities
among 74 children Is the record In
the Kiver road district of Hurnaby,
and the residents there have petitioned the school board to Increase the
accommodation at tho Dundonald
school with an extra teacher.
The tenders were opened for the
manual training school to be built at
Alta Vista, .Messrs. DlBnay & Tucker
of Edmonds, being awarded the contract,  providing they  were willing to
Court Disapproves of His
Attempt to Discredit
Macnamara     Trial     Adjourned     Tlif
Monday���$23,000 of Stolen Money
Returned from Outside Points.
Ttu) crown case finished, the cant
for the defence begun and the court
adjourned until Monday, were the results of yesterday's proceedings in
the assfzit court on the theft ciiarg��
against John Maenauiara.
The principal evidence yesterday
was  that  of  ex-Sergeant  Stanton,  of
ments not  less  than $100,000  before jpeace whe" their ar'"1<'8 occupy So"a'
Dec. 31, 1915, and an additional sum,
not   less   than   $400,000   before   Dec.  CRUSHED TO DEATH
.11, 1918.    Upon  the execution  of thej UNDER HEAVY CAR
agreement  Major Fell  left  last night
a trip  to  England.    The  negotla-
battle Is    progressing    between    the j wait for pay nent.
Rumanians  and   Bulgarians    at Bolo-      The successful  tender amounted to
gradchek. 65 miles northwest of Sofia.  J3595, the second  lowest.
the general  situation  In  the  Balkans j    The contractor on  the  Inman ave-
reinains unchanged. jnue  addition   wrote  stating  that   he
Bulgaria now    is seeking    through j was willing to use Burnaby labor ex-
Italy    to obtain    peace    terms    from Icluslvely on the building.
Rumania, but no progress appears t'j |    The   following   new   teachers   were
have been made toward  negotiations, |appointed:   Duthie school. Miss May;
und all three   of    her    enemies    are {Armstrong avenue school,  Miss Mor-
closing  In on  her  with  the apparent ;row;  Vancouver Heights school, MissIDerore thP bank robbery    An attempt
determination  to    dictate    terms    ofKeast. | by counsel for tbe defence to discredit
The secretary's report for the year : Mr. Stanton met with a severe critic-
ending June 30 showed that a total of i lBm fronl tlle tench me to the metbtdi
$374,700 was invested in sites and | f mployed and the jury expressed theii
buildings in the municipality, the (hearty satisfaction with Mr.
sites containing 57.62 acres and being i test'monv-
valued at $182,303.50. '       '
The  number  of  children  attending
school during the past year was 1128.
Expenses for the year amounted to
the  New  Westminster police, now of
Fraser Mills.    Stanton swore to bav
, ing seen Macnamara in the city twice
i'ancouver Heights school, Miss j before the bank robbery.   An
Crushed underneath the heavy body
of a Beven passenger touring car.
clarence Graves, a colored man of
Vancouver, was fatally injured while
returning from the Minoru race track j $125,923.71
���ist  t veiling,  death  taking   place  be-1 ���
tions on  behalf of the railway  company were conducted hy D'Arcy Tata,
K.C, general counsel and vice-president, and  A.   li.   Douglas,  of  the  law
firm of Messrs. Bowser, Reid & Wall-  ______________________________
bridge, the vendors being represented fore he could be got io the hospital,
hy Martin Ciriffln, barrister, of lhis; Braves was at the steering wheel
city. 'of the auto, taking a party of colored
 . | people  to  Vancouver  on  the  Eburne
road. He tried to pass a taxi cab and
two of the wheels went into the ditch,
the car toppling over and pinning
Graves underneath.
None of the other passengers w-as
hurt, with the exception of a tew
minor scratches.
Council  to  Be  Approached for Close-
up on Day of Merchants' Picnic
Salt Lake City, July 18���W
minus,  23  yearB    old,    was
It. Cum
it transpired during some further
evidence from that much recalletl
witness. W. H. G. Paipps, bank accountant, that about $2��,000 altogether
of the stolen money had been recovered from cities outside New
Westminster; $3-900 in Chicago, $8000
in Tcroi.to, and $1000 in Buffalo.
A clerk in the Strand hotel, Vancouver, testified to Macnamara having
stayed there from March to June.
1911, and another, employed by P.
Burns & Co., that prisoner had purchased meat tor a couple at bull doge
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Asks for Dismissal.
Prices Paid at Mines, Coat ef Delivery!    At the cloae af the crown eaae Sir
��� Charles Tupper asked that tke ekartge
I ke dismissed on the crowd tkat. even
upon a full -aecevtane* *t everylkfceg
sworn, tke eaae ret-rd merely on saa-
piclon. and the offence,   even   If   ad-
-nit-ted. amounted ta   no
100KS INTO fllfti
and   Quotations  to   Consumer's
Are Heard.
At the resumption of the sitting ofitreBpas3.
here today on the charge that he tad 1 the "coal commission yeBterday after-1    xhe conrt did not take the applici-
  I attempted  to extort  $1000 from  Mission. Captain Mayers and G. E. OU-' tion  ror Macnamara's discharge aeri-
As   a   crcv-ning   effort   toward   the i Dorothy Bamberger, a wealthy society   iey,   of   Gilley   Bros.,   were  examined  ,���,ly   ���������  rj>��  evidence  for the  de-
success of the me c! ,-:s' picnic here  girl.    Cuinmings was taken into   cus-  by  (oai  Commissioner  W.  A.  Burna,  fenCe w-'ll be continued on Monday
on  July  30,  the city  councll  will  be  tody  by detectives  while  telephoning |a6ting  as  a  royal  commission,  as  to.     Before the hearing of testimony was
asked   to   proclaim   tha   day   a   civic  to Miss Bamberger, who bad previous-   ,Jle(r  business  methods and  handling rpSun!e(j  hm lordship asked counael if
holiday.   This action was decided upon. ly meen threatened  by an anonymous   ot coa) �� *
at   a   meeting   of   the   executive  -rate-/latter   wrlt.er   th.t   unless   she   gave       Nothing definite will be known until   w0nM  Ua^     if *^v Mold not  flStal-v
terday. at  whlrlt  were present  repre-   $1000,   nitroglycerine   would     be    ex-   the  commissioner's   reDort   has     been   *V ,. - L       .     Dn.
senlativos of thc board of trade,  lie-   ployed in her room.    Miss Bamhei����/Sn^e^l^^^^^'SOJ!I^/��*S  w"k-��?�� S" no "d���""-**"    ����
tall   Business   Mens   association,   the  had arrived  from   .New   Vork  the  day   a-S��� afternoon   sftMnef not  mS,   oUf ""J""-', ��"   s^*t*'.^'b,,      "?   Iu,d 2*g*
��he received the letter ', ana  arternoon   simngs  not   mucn   out and private duties to perform   and lie
Bhe received tlie letter. f    tne    ordinarv  occurred.     Dealers  bad ����� douD, ���,��, Jor<��. nad buainww
And He Got Awav ie"?  "*   nOW. V?Ji*S.2*M   f��r ,ooa'  to attend to.    As regards accused, tke
nelllnsliam    Julv   is -The   iiBoear- f-   "T'"   "V" -m'Des   and   ". '" adjournment unt.l Monday would not
Belllngliam.   July    is.     ine   appear   cogtmg  them about  50 cents  per ton ._ ',Ilrfl-���    *t* <-*������� arria-7 t*ia sot mm*
ance cf a  blac*   boat, two  nights ago   �� have it  brought here, and 56 cent* >FS*. ���.'J%^Jl^Z\\��iS mrrt^L^T
Progressive association, and  the citl
zens' committee.
In order to feature the street pa
Irade in the morning the fire department will he asked to attend and en-
i ter their apparatus In the procession,
lit is likely that the citizens' committee will donate $200 and this, with
thc tlim already given by the Vancouver Retail Business Men's associao-
tion. will make $300. all of which will
go toward prizes for parade entries.
Those who will have charge of Ihe
parade are: Messrs. Ross. Blakeley.
J. W. Cunningham, Raahleigh, Darling
and   Chief  Watson,
The rf-i|iieBt for a civic holiday and
that the fire department be allowed
to enter the parade will come before
the city council at .Monday night's
on the 'each tin
the Nanaimo buj*t
bidding, and the
left in the boat
came in it made
woods to get th���
officers  to  bellev
Shaw island, where
i robber bas been in
fact that two men
after lhe one who
i short trip into tlie
other, has led the
- that  the highway
18 adjournment unt.'i Monday would not
. ... '"/prejudice his case sjrd ke rffd sot see-
,_,,������ .,     r<>rf' an<L,     centB thev wouM make material progresB by
for unloading and wharfage. The usual  ������,-,       tomorrow
sifting sacking nnd WSfghtog was, R, hbert rJf? {be fira( ^^^ alU.
done al a ccst of about 36 cents per ed V(,8.���,day for the CITJWB, was tto
ton ^delivery depnded mth* dls- ���������,*���, ofan obj(H.fJon bv ok-aMa-a.
"(l'e was net examined before the grand
man has escaped and thai his partner
in lhe robbery of the bank messengers
July 5 on Vancouver island is thc one
that  manned  the  boat.
Like Sardines.
Winnipeg. July 18.���Three women
and two men in one bed. two more
men and a man and his wife all sleeping in the same little room, containing
l".6.ri cubic feet of air, when It should
have contained 3000 cubic feet, was
one of the conditions shown to exist
at 393 Sutherland avenue, the home
of M. I'rosuchyn, in police court today. This was one of five different
places which were prosecuted hy E
J. W Hague, health Insnector. on
charges of overcrowding. I'rosuchyn
was fined $10 and costs.
if Hon. Mr. Hazen Fails to See a Lot
Here It Wlll Not Ce Blamed on
Eoard of Trade.
Citizens of New Westminster who,
expectation of Hon. W. l). Hazen'a
tancc,   the   highest    rate   within
jcity limits being $1.26 a load.
(.!. t'merson Gilley testified that the
prices his firm were now paying for
coal at the mines were: Lump, $4.50:
nut. $8.60; pea coal ai Ladysmlth,
$3. and at I'nion, $2.00
S. F. Pike, of J. W. Pike & Co.,
agent in this city for the Pacific
Coast Coal Mines, of Boat Harbor.
Vancouver island, testifictl that his
firm worked under an agreement witli
the mines by which no change could
be made in the selling p-ice without
the consent of the mine owners.
11.  A.  Belyea also gave evidence.
Vincent   Wants   It.
Ottawa,  July   18.    A   candidate  fi
the   vacant     ludgeshlp    in     Kcnfri
! county Is J. 1'. Vincent, who ran as n
Nationalist against Hen   Charles Mur
Iphy In the last federal election
Doing It Themselves.
Halifax. .VS., July 18��� The Halifax
Automobile association  has arranged
a good  roads  movement    on    unique
lineB.   On Wednesday next all the ati-
tomobilists in the city are starting out
In their cars with overall laborers In
each,  taken   particularly   to  mend    a
        ,.        ,,       ,    bad  patch  of some  20  miles of road
visit   here,   have  been   attempting  t^,,,,.,^  t|u,    ritv     p,nd,ng    prpviou3
linancial efforts have failed, they now
intend to devote their own muscle to
^^^^^^^^_                    ,         .  ,    .improving the highways.
���Struggle   right   now,   lor   the   minis- |     ' *	
ter's stay here is going to be put to a,
more   practical   purpose   than   merely, Mexico  Again.
being   Ihe   excuse   for   a   few   hours.j    Winnipeg. July  18. -That there
finance the release of their top hats
md frock coats from the moth halls
of   Israel,   may  as  well   give   up   the
No Picific Measures,
-bastinn.   Snaln,   July
Count   Houiiintinez. the  prenilf
a long Interview today with Kins Al
fonso concerning the situation in
Morocco, denied reports that the
Spanish government had decided to
discontinue iba war tl
Pacillc  mensiirPB.
Government and civic authorities
���mil others In charge will see thai
Hon. Mr. Hnzen'B time Is better employed and that gentleman himself will
do all to assist them. While In other
B. C, cities tlle wives of officials are
re and adopt'busy letting out the vests of their
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B I husbands' evening clothes, people here
 ������-��� I are arranging to be of some real use
Wants  Forty   Missionaries. to  the  minister.    They  are  planning
forontn   in'-   tv     i>,...   u   o   --I--. |tn (���!,,, i,|m np nnd down the Fraser
win, superintendent of the  Methodist  river, show hlm the harbor work, ex-
missions  In  Saskatchewan.    Is    hen   plain their plans for Its development
looking  for  40  missionaries   for  that |advise him how Ihe delta can he Improved and take hlm over the fishing
grounds of which  he Is  so  proud.
Arrangements   for   tills     were     set
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ any
shortage of hinder twine thlB year Is
lhe opinion of local dealers, as canvassed U day. There Is some talk
among lhe leaders as to the price being higher this year. It seems that
the government at Yucatan. Mexico,
has a monopoly and continually fights I y^'g-
to keep up the pric
to raise the price    of
This will tend
binder    twine
jury or hi^irif at tbe preiniinary ex-
aminaticti. As a rule of practice tho
dtfence was entitled to some notion
of witnesses not endorsed on the U-ol-c
of the indictment or examined at the
preliminary investigation, in order n
have tame means of croHS-exsmina-
tion. He had ashed yesterday for
some protection to accused and waR
met with a general statement that tln^
witness sas Macnamara in a butcher
shop. They -ru-ald, not ignore, such .*_
witiusj alto&etibtr i-ef the emv-irr
sii old Lot spring; surprise evidener
upcr. t.'.iinr. to ac���^sted this witness should bu eafliuti Una'
Mr. Maitmiil. Ore !*<��� crown, said hei*'
would call lu'in now and undertake to
produce hlm at any stupe of tbe case-
bis learned friend desired for cro-sa-
exaniination, aa hc had done with
other witnesses.
Chops for His Do?*.
Hubert Clegg, clerk with P. Hunt-*-:
& Co., testified that he had seen
prisoner buy chops and meat for hin
dogs in September, 1811.
Another wrangle tccurred over tbo
admissibility uf Jobu Devine's evidence which was rejected.
W*. It. Stantou was another wftluUBII
objected to, us his name, although oln
the hack (if the. indictment, vttmi
The objection wuh trecrruled.
Mr.  Stanton,  lornim-ty  sergeant    lii
the cily  police, said  he saw  at-cu-sea.
In    New     Wcstm hi ster    about    three*
weeks  before  the bank robbery.    I{��
| noticed   him   then   near   tbt*  Central
He saw hiw again about three
S*-ld Onlu- ��0 D'te-tivc.
Calgarv, July is ��i the city ���>���>���
jllce court before Col, Sunders, n Chinaman mimed Sin Ivil. was oharvci!
with selling opium. Police Con'tabll
; Milne   E'lve   evidence   that   while   In
Dr. Sun Yat Sen. former provisional chandlso stores nnd  residences.    The
president   ef the  republic.  Anally  hns flames  were not completely controll-
tnken   "ides   In   the   revolt   by  openly cd at  !��� p.m.
proceeding    lo    Nanking    where    tn
*200,000 to $300.000. The district on 1 cd fruitless and late tonight the bllie-|wnp wnlkliiK down Secend avenue In
lit-rnuth sl'ie of the river b-complete- jackcU were parading tlle down tOwnL|fl|n dnthPfi, n Chlnamf.n asked him
i- re-no, Two-thirds of the city Ib Btreets making ll warm for the I. W. \,t )K, woutd' like pomethlne nice tr
wined out. Included In the destroyed W's, while the police appeared to smoke*, The constable scenting i-
buildings arc both banks, the Sherl-lbe making no attempt to interfere. !,..,( K.,ju |1(, would. The celestial then
dan   hotel,   restaurant,   genernl   mer- j ��� ���  i took the witness to a rcstonratil occu
pied by the prisoner. There the constable was asked how much opium he
wanted   nnd   he   replied   two   dollars'
days afterwards nppos.te tbe l-avery
block,    which   adjoins   tbe Bank    of
! Montreal.   It waa in the evening ami
| he was on duty at tbe time.
j    Cross-examined.     Theae   were   the
only two occasion a on whicb he naw
accused previous to ttieae pnjceedi n-gn.
Until three or four days after the robbery the incident paaaed out of    hta-
recollectlan.     Then,   together     with
other officers, he was ahown 1*00    or
l..n     photographs.       Krcm    these    ha
pointed  out the man  tie had iieen  it
New Westminster.    Ahem showed tha-
photographs.    Aa it was only a btmt
phi togr.iph. he could not Bay whether
t represented a big or a little man.
Sir Chariest-  Vou  knew the object'
of ull this was   to   track   down   thu
bank robbers.
Witness-  I did not know it wns   t��>
track    down    Macnamara.    1 did nut
known then It was his photograph.    I
learned  lt when  I  went to make my
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ t eposlt'ons.   Sir Charlea then adopted
ment  department   of  agriculture  Iisb  ,1k* tack of trying to lower the creif-
nrranged for the inspection of all the  '.'oility of witness.
foxes Imported  to this  province  and .   Witness, on answer   to    Interroga-
___________________ usual llgure ns well as 1 -lng lc'j0BP('| "hlV Identity and "took the pHs-i "^'ol   TnyTorr m'r. last night stated  for    quarantine    In  case  of  disease,  tiens, said he had left the force witb-
powder, or enough lo load 60,000 cart-  short  pi   acreage,    The  early   spring !()llpr ������,���' Bugtody    This morning Sin  that lion.'Mr. Hazen would be In this There were complaints about thc  In- out warning, but had received a very*
rldgGS, was seized here today by Capt. I weather while being    ideal    for    the   Kn|   BU|(I   he'  wlls  aHi,,M|   bv   another Vicinity  for  ten days.    Arrangements  ferlor quality  and  diseased  condition  good character for reputation, ability
Howard, of the    Fourteenth   cavalry, ispring wheat and other spring crops,  chinaman  tn sell th�� druir and saitl  for his visit were explained nnd the of the foreign foxes coming here re- as a police officer and for the manner
n attorney and clerk of the peace The ammunition was packed ln trunks wag not for winter Wheat   The spring he would  tell the police who It  was, Ipresident   and   vice-president   of   the Oently   In   such   large   numbers   from   in which he had discharged his duties,
of Wellington, passed away Thursday consigned to Hidalgo, a constitutional-  wheat will he a heavy crop and will ; Tilp prisoner wiib remanded to ThurB-1 board of trade were appointed to co-1 northern points in the  prairie prov- ��� P�� wrote his depositions In 1912 nnii
afternoon.     _ .....      ,1st headquarters. be ready for cutting this month. 'day for the police to make inquiries.     operate. ' lnees. j ��Ct��siaa*d os Page Bight)
southerners apparently are much disheartened by their defeat.
Yield Will Bc Cmaller.
Lethbridge, Alta., July 18���Although
certain that Alberta will produce con-
He Is Dyin-i.
Medicine  llut,  Alta.. July 18.���Andrew   Choslk,   the   Ciiilicinu,   who   was
found  lying  on  the  street  curly   this
morning  In nn unconscious condition
_ as  I  result  of I  drunken  brawl,    Ib
forth at the bonrd nl trade meetingI dying tonight. The Inner shell of his
last night, Although tha exact day I skull Is badly broken and the attend-
of Mr Haven's visit to this City Is not lng physicians have faint hopes for
settled, he Intends leaving Vancouver bis recovery. He was operated on to-
In the morning and coming along thej day. In the meantime tlve (lallciani
north   arm   by   automobile.     He   will jure  under  arrest  and  are  belli-; held
dlsciiM fishery matters with Chief Iby the police awaiting the outcome of
Inspector Cunningham   until   18   or chostk's injuries.
12-30.  nfter  which  a   nubile  limchr 'in i  r	
will he held. At 1:80 the minister
and party will go nhoard one of the
fishery cruisers, and a comprehensive
Inspection of the Frnrer river wlll bc
���I    <
More   Lives  Saved.
I nredo,  Texas. July  IS.- Two hun
dred  and   forty   pounds of smokeless | low* the
sldctahlv more wheat this season than i
ever before according to the   present
outlook,  (he  winter  wheat  Is  fnr  he-
worth.    The  prisoner produced  three
,packnBes of the drug antl handed them
to Milne, who paid hlm the two dollars  asked    The  constable  then  dls-| buck to Vancouver.
made. Thnl finished, some objectionable flsh traps near the border line
will be inspected and early In the
evening   the   minister   will   be   taken
Will  Inspect  Foxes.
inrlottctown,   P.B.I.,   July   18.
order to meet the wishes nf fox ranch
ers, who held several meetings to tils
cuss the question, the federal govern
W. H. Peterson Dead.
C.uelph,    July    18.���William
Peterson,   for   many    years
county PAG-fc  TWO
SATURDAY,  JULY   19,   1913.
A* ttdr-tentietit morning paper devoted to the interests of Hew Wanlmiaaler and
em* JVhm* Valley.    Published every morning except Sunday (>!/ the Sational Printing
f-**>U*kitAn Company, Limited, at 63 IfcKentie Street, New Wolmin.-tter, British
ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU c.mmurUotUiottt should be addressed lo Ihs New tVcslminster Newt, and not
.<3a MMM i-iKJi-Htiers of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
(**maDlr to Tke National Printing and Publishing Companv,  J.imltnrf.
t''!t^l'tlo*'li:'*���Business OfTice and ilanager, 939, Editorial Rooms (all depart-
itmmtttl. ttl.
ftCBSKSXlPTION RATFH���By carrier, II per near, tl i'or three montha, 40c per
a**!***.    Bv *uut. t.i per year, 26c per -month.
AfH'Eimsf.Vi;  RATES on application.
iDaily Health Talks
���T HERB  are
In line with its usual attitude of petty  meanness,
.radupted towards New Westminster and everything per-|haif o
xm-hig i,o this city, one of the Vancouver papers has been fr^nd" many "devolving Tn' ;
on the
many different devices
that are supposed to be
the correct way in
which to develop the
lungs and Io enlarge
the chest. Most of
these will enlarge the
chest and devolop a
better lung capacity.:
hul a' the same time they do not ac- '
Compllsh the Kond thai is advertised. ,
We do not all need large chests \
ind eo much increased lung capac- ',
Ity. We dJ need to use the lungs
that nature has Riven "us to the besl
advantage and consequently we need:
to breathe deeply. An average man i
only uses about one-quarter to one- j
f  his  lungs.    This  means  that
Unequalled for
Fragrance and
Sold in
lead packets only.
Black, Mlxedand Green.
Man Forgot He Was Deaf and Dumb
and Ordered Flask of
to besmirch as much as possible the name of the Fraser    N'"'"'" '"   """,M|
river as a fresh water harbor.
working overtime on the Herkales incident in an endeavor jsumption
the  nose    In |
I such a way    that    all    air    passing
through and Into thfl luiiRs is screen-
The sheet in question will be remembered as the same *&"*���� in^dVeaS This
*'ne that thought it saw in the Royal City's disastrous fire'proves that breathing should be done
of 1898 an opportunity to kill a thriving town and invited fee Im^yees'w.l'nnTuto their
the citizens of New Westminster to abandon the charred advantage if during the day they
rains here and move to the shores of Burrard Inlet. TheK*^^
suggestion fell flat and ever since then the so-called news- in a few deep breaths. This win purify
paper has been seizing every chance to play the part of a ^^S^^oSnS'i^
���peeved youngster and throw mud. icise that i know of.
The most recent effort, that on the subject of the1   Deep ",l'a,hin�� !" l"    :	
llerkales, tells of the hopeless plight of the ship as the
Saskatchewan Will in Future See
Lessees Pay Their
Regina, July  IX.
To asfiire to  the
means  that  nature has  providetl  for province the full quota of taxation due
veryone, rich and poor alike.    Kresh   frorn t|u. lessees of timber berths un-
Macleod, Alta.. July 18.-  Harry Bel- '
nap, a young American, was sentenced
I to serve two months in the local R. |
N.  W.  M.   1'.  barracks by  Inspector
Lindsay, J. P.    Helnap had approached several people in town with a subscription   list,   which   stated   that  he
[was deaf tnitl dumb, anil unable to
support himself. In this way he had
collected over twelve dollars In twenty-live and fifty cent donations. In the
j afternoon, however, he forgot his affliction   for  a   few   minutes   anil   went'
Into the Empire hotel to purchase a I
, flash of whiskey. One of the men,
I who had Riven lil ni money, happened
i to be in the bar at the same time and
'noticing Belnap speaking notified the
Constable Watson, who was put in
hat j tbe case, had no difficulty in finding
his man In the act of begging and
promptly arrested him. When taken
to the jail Belnap was found to have
quite a large sum of money, a diamond pin ami ring antl several other
valuables on liis person. The list,
which he had, showed that he had
worked the same stunt in Lethbridge
in the previous day, and  In  the two;
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
NBW Wi-:.-ii*.\lIN'STKit LODOB NO I
B, & I'. O, of Klks of the 1). or C, mee
tlie first and thlnl Thursday ut 8 p. m.
K. ot p. Hall, Eighth street A Weill
llruy, Exulted Iluler; K 11. Smith. See
U O. fl. M., NO. 8(4.���MBHSTS Oh
lirst, second, third and fourth Wednes
day iu each month ut s p. tn.
In tho Mooaa Home. lt. J. Leamy
dictator; P. I-'.. Joni-a, secretary
Headquarters of loilK'- In Bee House
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon streets
and at the mouth of the river piled about her; her cargo ;!!',!" r"!Vil,?j",,'ll^e��� Swn��Uew d2r *h- oorporation taxation aot. pass, iplares ,,acl collected over thirty doi-
.. ...ll v .     v.     J-     i i  i    j- i i i i      in      L ei    !'"   '*'������'  rtlth0"1 pvp"  ���np asking, .lust   P(] at t),0 illst session of the  legisla-    ars.     lie also had  a  BChedule of th
WOUifl have tO be discharged before she COUld be floated;; use as much as you wish and as long ture,  William  10.  Hawke, of  Melfort, different towns in this district  show
her hull was damaged and leaking.   Just about the timer8 you Ci'rf'l""  lhas bopn .appointed tim timber berth|ing what time he could enter am
the people were reading this entertaining tale of woe in
the marine columns of the rag, the Herkales romped
blithely upstream, slipped through the bridge and (locked
at Port Mann, according to her skipper, without a dint inL
���her plates and as sound as the Terminal City yarn was
It  hardly  seems  fair  that Westminster should be
Warned for possessing the many natural advantages noti
found iii Vancouver and which appear to be a continual!
yourre of envy to one of the neighboring town's news-1
|Hpers. ,
True, the Royal City has a fresh water harbor and
inspector for the province of Saskatch- ��� leave each place.
| ewan.    The anno*.,    tmenl  was made     On being tried in the morning, hs
| yesterday by F. J. Reynolds, civil ser- .pleaded guilty to obtaining money un-
vico commissioner, and the Inspector der false pretenses antl  was accord-
will enter upon his duties at once.    : in*E;ly given the option   0f   a   twenty
Under the corporation taxation act  live dollar    fine or  two  months' Im-
avlgator,  who commanded the first it -. e8timated-that a revenue of $65,- prlsonment, but not wishing
French expedition to America sent out 000 will be brought into the provln-  with any of his easily  made
under    royal    auspices,    arrived    at clal treasury.   Up to the present time, took the latter.
.as   however, it has not been possible to j 	
.' maintain an  adequate supervision  of NO WIRELES6 STATION
after  a   successful  voyage  In   whloh the tlmber berth area8i and lt wlll b(
he traversed the coast of North Amer-   Mr. Hawke's duty to see that no les
ica from North Carolina to Nova Seo-jsee shall escape his proper share ofl    Montreal, July  18.- There is to be
taxation. mo    wireless    telegraph    station    on
The act  provides  for a tax  of one j Mount Koyal  if the  hoard  of control   H    ���'
stop  it.    Controller    Lachapell
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE) NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amit-.- imlKe Nt.
27. I. O. O. P., ls h��lil every Mon.la
nUlit at 8 oVloek ln Odd Fellows' H*l:
oorner Carnarvon and HHghth streeti
VlsltltiR brothern cordially Invlti-i"
u. a. Merrlthew, N, t;.: J. Sobertsoi
V. U.: W. C. Coatham, P. Q.. record
inn secretary; H. W. Sans-ater, ftnar
otal secretary.
Giovanni tif Yorrazzano, an Italian
royal    auspices,
Dieppe on this date In the year
ia and Newfoundland.    I'pnn his re
in part
ier & ll.mna. Ltd.)���Fuii'-rnl director
and ��� tttliiilmers. Parlors 406 Columb]
Btreet,    New  Westminster,    l'huiie  D'j.
WE. PA LES��� Pioneer Fiun-rul Dlrecto
Hint l-;-*-SHltner. 61 *J-BlH Agnes streo
oppnsl..  Carnsgls Library.
turn from the country which he called !CPnt per acre on a��� b(,rth!i wttbin ,,,,, Lan
"New   France,"   Verraz/ano _ wrote   a I limits of the province, and fnr an ad-iactii
itant.    Tei.  n.  128.  Room
letter to his royal patron. Francis  I-.  dHi���nal'tax'of'( cents' ner ac��"on"anl^.��! '���"���'���nnan of the board annnnn-
ascoover has not; there is a prosperous farmers' mar- in which he gave an interesting de-lw?h��alM���h0LlCb]Sta.'SJES ��",t"iS!!A^,^8.,.fed^Lg.ove.rnmenl haa >��� n :���-..������ -
COM. MINING rlghtu of the Dominion
lu Manltittiu, Sioikaletii-wiui ami Alt>,Tta,
: the Yiikon Territory, the Northwest Ter-
rltorles and In a portion of the Provlnos
nf British ColumbU, may be leaned for s
term of twenty-one years at an utinual
rental Of $1 tin acre. Net more than Zbtt
SOres will be li'iiseil to onu upp!ic..nl.
Application for a lease must lie mad��
by tin- applicant In person lo the Agent
nr Sub-Agent of tho district In wlitch ths
rititilH applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sttb-dlvt-
slniitt of sections, and tu unsurveyed ter-
rttiity the tract applied for ,-finll b��
��� ttiked out by the applicant hlmsi if.
Kach application must be ui*i.'nmpanle��l
by a fee of $i which will be refundMI tt
ihe rights applied for are not available,
tint not otherwise. A royally shall be
paid on the merchantable output of ths
mlns r.t the rate of five ccttis i��-r tun.
Tlie person operating the mine sliull
furnish tlie Agent with swtlri returns
tiiMuntlng for the Cull Quantity of mer-
Chun table coal mined and pay the royally thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated such returns shouM
ue furnished at lei-.st unci- a v.-ur.
Tbe lease will Include the caul mining
rlttlits only, but the leasee win be permitted to purchnse whatever HvallabU
surface rights may be conslder.il necessary for the working of the mine at tbe
rate of tut an aero.
For full Information application  should
be made to the 8.-eretnr/ of the llepnrt.
'H"nt  nf  the  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to any
\gi-ut or Sub-Agent of Dominion  I,aiid��.
W. w. ccinr.
nepiity MinlBter of the Interior..
N    11 ���rnauthnrlied publication of this
i.lv.rtlsement will nol be paid  for
berths which are being worked by the been officially  notified  that   the
fat here with an immensely wealthy agricultural com- T!pU^of.^eCvanaHanle^eearly ,e88ee8' Th? lnsBector wlu reP��rt t0 tabiishment ot S rstation on the workuund?Sf���NVcc.5uaJdArout
munity to hack it and nur neighbor cannot lay claim to ""nie'pccT'^re eittireifdifterent % SraSlr"^ o*teX'���i ab��i"ntaln wa8 not consldered advla- ?g g^Vgg^^!!! !
similar advantages; it must lie admitted further that the "
VV. J. tlrovei
nun the others we had seen, whom
we had found to he kind and gentle,
hul these wire so rude anil barbarous
that we were unable by any signs we
could make, to haid communication
with them. The clothe themselves
in the skins of bears, lynxes, seals antl
��� ther animals.    Their food, as far as
growing of fruit or grain of any kind
If we wished at any time to traffick
With them, they canie to tlle seashore
tnd stood upon the rocks, from which
ihey lowered down by a cord to our
largest sawmill in the world is located on the Fraser at
Westminster's doors; for the sake of truth, the statement
also must be made that, on a basis of population, the payroll here is vastly greater than along the Burrard shores;
it is painful to have to say it, but Vancouver wholesalers
themselves assert that it is easier to make their collections
In Westminster during these times of financial stringency
than in their home stores; circumstances will not permit
overlooking the fact that both the C. P. R. and C. N. R.
have chosen the banks of the Fraser in preference to Hur-
rHTr-ji' Inlet locations for the sites of their immense yards
and works; the habits of the salmon, incapable of being
altered by man, lead them to this river to be caught in-1 boats beneath whatever they bad to
3inad of through the first narrows and up the inlet; this barter, continually crying om to us,
, ., i.i i -i.  i    j�� j.i      j��    i-i    : not to come nearer and inst-intlv de-
jv.icv was so situated as the natural capital of the fertile Landing from ub that which was to
Fraser valley that the B. C. Electric was forced to make; Biv('n '" exchange; they took from
it a headquarters for its interurban and rural lines, in
Eact the electric traffic in and out of the station here
ranks fourth in volume among the cities of the continent.
while Vancouver is so far down the list that it has not
���been catalogued.
In a weak mind in the newspaper field in the Terminal Town adjoining, these superior conditions found in
���New Westminster seem to excite uncontrollable envy, but
l'\ it is any consolation, that paper may rest assured it
'has the sympathy of the people of the Royal City in what
it evidently considers its unfortunate choice of location
in order that his report may he of an; "There was strong opposition to
authentic character he will find it nee- the proposal:' Hr Lochapetle sad
essarv to travel cousin, . *   i- "Many  people thought it  would spoil
the  mountain,  antl  after  listening  to
representations we decided  it   would
out the northern areas of Sasi-.atche-
11*111, where the forest country is to he
Collections under the terms of tin--
net ha: as yet realized but a small
we could judge by several visits to gum, ���. ;���a8l in B0 tar as the ��� i\.t
their dwellings. Is obtained by hunt- tlon cl timber berths is concerned.
ing and Hatting, and certain fruits.; Mr, Hawks-has been engaged In for-
whicli are a sort of root of Bpontan- t-jatry work for the Dominion govern-
eous growth. They have no pulse, tueut, and for litany years past ho has
and we saw no signs of cultivation; been n resident ot the northern por-
the land appears sterile and unfit for tlon of the province,   He is thorotu:h-
I ly equipped for the undertaking of his
new  titties
us only knives, flsh hooks and sharpened stool. No regard was paid to our |
"ourtesies:  when we had nothing left j
to exchange with them, the men at our | Construction
departure, made the most most brutal
signs of disdain nnd contempt  possible."
Program     Reduced
Nearly  $1,500,000��� Lack   of
be better to leave the
"ls there any liklihood tliat the
board will reverse the previous ti"
cision and allow automobiles in the
park?" Dr.  Lachapelle was asked
"There  is  no  liklihood  whatever,"
was  the  reply     "I  have  heard  thai
further ondeavera have been made to
get such permlsslt n. but so far as t'ti>
beard   Is  concerned,   it   will   not   be
granted,     We realize  that   'he  park
should h" reserved primarily for th"
poorer people of the cltv, who I nd In
it their one pleasure.   We d i n il .*. sh
to deprive them < I thai   pi
allowing automobiles   iver tht
ta'n roads.   The motorists ha ���
roads.    Let them use them.. II    ���  i
together  an   unusual   thing  thai   tin
aublic park should be turnid over *
the use of automobiles."
Sale, l>i'��-iis. Business Letters, "tc.: clr
cutar work specialist    All work stiiittlt
mountain park ���    confldenUal,   It  Dairy, room 418 w,*st
si Hlk    Phone
st.-r Board ol Trail" nwis In the boar-;
room, <"ity Hail, ua follows: Third Frl
day nf I'.'n'h month; quart-arly im-nlni
on tin* ttiint Krliluy ur February, May
AumiSl ami Nov. itlhiT at S p.ul. An
nual meetings on the tlitr-i Friday o
February. C. H. smart Wads, iiccre
No more powder puffs in Toronto barber shops; too
insanitary. Now if they'd only legislate against that alleged hair restorer, what a lot of trouble it would save.
Bill  Presented  by  Provincial  Govern
ment for Share of Court Fines
Is Staggering.
Lloyd (ieorge manages most successfully to conceal I chiuiwack, July is  An account ren-
anv admiration he mav have for the suffragettes.   Hisrcre* r,'"l" "'" Pr0,vlnc'al government
,    ��� ,    . ,,     . *     .    . ��� ,     ,  .     agalnsl   the  city  lor  the  aiimunt   ot
latest choice allusion to their movement was couched in|-$62ti maintenance i..s for prison..rs
the term
organized lunacy.
4t'i>d am
the border the unmarried man is getting his
plenty. The married chap with a family eels
t*ff on the short end of the taxes, but no special allowances are made in homes where they are more than a
couple of young hopefuls.
Kdmonton, July IS   The city's con-
structlon pr igrani for the current year
I will  be cut. by  approximately  $1,500,-
000.    This  statement,   was   made    by
Commissioner Harrison, after he hud
considered   together   with     the    city
treasurer,   the  reports   from   departmental heads in answer to the circular  recently   addressed   to  them    hy
Mayor Short. In which, after pointing
out the state of affairs in the money
market, he askid them ti state
work now  in progress could  be
ped  without   tloiiiK  any  serious  tl
Commissioner Harrison Btatod that
tli" priming wculd I"' spread as widely as pnFs'blc, so that no one would
be unduly hit ly It. He did not think
thai the curtailments Involved in the
reduction of the amount to be expended i���> ?l B00.00C would be Berlously
fell The commissioners, however,
thnii'.'iiti thai   retrenchment   was  the
Toronto, July is official announce.
n-nt of another important Kins str.-et
real estate ileal was made when ll
wns stated that the purchasers of tin*
Old Quebec bank building at the north
west corner of King and Toronto
streets were the Guardian Trust company, pf whtcli Mr. Cawthra Mulock
Is president. Sir Henry Pellatt, the
former owner, received (276,000 for
tho property.
The company Intend making extensive alterations and improvements to
the building and when eomplt ted it
what I will present an imposing appearance
stop-; With the renovated Quebec bank
building, the splendid new general \m>'
olllce tn be erected shortlj by the federal government and the new administration building the Mackenzie &
Maun tirm purpose putting up on
the opposite corner, tii" district will
be graced by some of Toronto's illicit office buildings.
ni'.nori.u. orant a M.-rui.t.. bah
Meters, Solicitors, etc 40 Lorne Btreel
New Westminster, ti. E, Corbould, K
C    J   ll. Grant.    A. E, MeColl.
U-i al-law, Ri'lli'itur. ..tu. Telephont
��� 070. Cable address "Johnston.'
Code, "Western l'nlon" Off|i>-s. Bill
Block. 562 Columbia titrtrt. Nsw West
minster, H. C.
wiiiiksiiik, EDMONDS A WHITE
��� ilae Barristers nn.l Solicitors, Wesl
mlnst��r Trust Hlk.. Columbia strwit
New Westminster, ll. C. Cable addrssi
���Whltoslde," Western Union. P. 0
Drawer 20n. Telephone 09 W. J
Whiteside, K. C.; M. 1.. Edmonds, r
\> Mti'SHii*.
J. BTILWBM. CI.t'TE. IlarrlstiT-at-la.
solicitor, etc.; corner Colombia an-
McKenzie streeta, New Westmlnstel
H  i     P 0, Hox 112.    Telephone  7K
Tenders will he received by the un-
dersiRiietl for the construction of portion'^ of the Canadian Northern Pacific
: Railway on  Vancouver  Island   Prov-
| ince of British Columbia, as foil ws:
|    1    From the City or Victoria to   a
| point   near   Headman's   River   iu   the
District of EBqulmault, a  distance  of
j approximately  live miles.
2. A line leaving the above at Re-
I glna Avenue, Victoria, ami extending
��� to I'nion Hay, Saiinieli PenlnUula, a
distance of approximately lr,'.; miles.
Ttnders to include clearing, grabbing, Rt-ailing. bridges, trestles, cul-
m its. masonry and fencing.
Contractors will be required to submit two tenders for thai portion of
the work included ill the grading, one
being on the basis of tlu* following
Solid rock.
Loose rock,
Hani pun,
and the other on the basis ol a clussl-
,flcatloti Tor "solid rock' and  "all other
I material."
Plans, profiles, specifications nnd
I 'onus of contract may be seen, and
forms of tendtr obtained at the offices
j if Mackenzie, Maun & Co., Ltd,
Uetropolltan building, 887 llastiiiK��
itreet west. Vancouver, B.C . or at the
offices of Uackenile, Mann & Co.,
Ud.,  Pemberton block, Victoria. n.C.
Tenders to include clearing, grub-
[otrices ol Mackenzie, Manu fi Co.,
Ltd., Metropolitan building, k::t Hastings stri-i'i west, Vancouver, B.C., not
later than noon on Saturday, July 19,
1913, antl to be enclosed In a sealed
nvelope marked "Tenders for Construction."   The lowest or anv tender
J.   P,   HAMPTON   BOLE    BAltKISTFK i""'   '"'''"ssarily accepted.
Solicitor   and    Notary.   Offloea    llir       MACKENZIE, MANN A c
ster B  C.       "  ''"r""1' NaW Ww"m,��    ',ulv Bth   1918.
i nun)
Bal TIM i n
till.    W     1
,    MARTIN    A   CA8SAD1
and   Solicitors,    605   to   ��|i
r Trust  Block    a   K   Ms'
McQuarrts   ami Oeorge L
The colossal nerve of some men would stop a Westminster gas meter, Here we have the Minnesota board of
pardons letting a thief out of jail on condition that he go
to liritish Columbia. Well let him come; we'll try and
make a man of him since his own people shirk the responsibility.
surprised the members of the city
council al their last meeting The
claim made was at the rate of 50 cents
a day for prisoners tout to tlie provln.
clal jails from this city.
The township council hnd a similarIwisfsi   port,   at  the present
account    rendered    them,    bui    the mr. Montreal, July   is    Th" fact that
amount was more appalling to them,                 Soto Economies.                 two small children's lives were Imper-
over Jt.oun being claimed tor overdue     An cconomj  amounting to $800,000 'Hed beneath a streel cat-a few morn
lines and maintenance feos for pris   will he mnde in the following depart-  '"��* ago h11* '''ll '" Questions regard-
oners,   At niiiiK io tie* laws of the ments     sn    railway,   telephones, lng the utility of the fenders In use by
province,  any   municipality   conduct  leinctrlc lights  Ore department  Sewer the tramways company.
"Min ,.,ns will he curtailed and it is! All such devices for puhllc safety
probable thai some of tha paving we Brst approved by the Quebec pubf
which is iu iii s year's estimates will "�� utilities commission, colonel HIb-
lie postponed until n"-*t year. The orin- I''aril, chairmen, stated the f lets in
tne on all llie double truck ami some
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Blda
nt all kinds,
i'rices riKht   Batlsfaotlon guaranteed
59 McKenzie St.
The city tax notices are out with good, substantial
demands for remittances for keeping the grass cut on
SQtne of tlie uptown boulevards. The idea is all right, but
the ratepayers cannot be blamed for kicking at being asked to pay anywhere from $10 to $30 for as much work as
any fine of them could have had done for four-bits.
iiik magistrate courts wtthoul a pollce
magistrate must do so under the Jurisdiction of the province, and Hi" tln">
bo collected must he turned into thi
provlnoifll   treasury.
Tills   has   not   been   done,   and   nt*
monthly Btatement or thc Indebtedness heiiiK rendered, the Indebtedness
was supposed by the township father?
not to exist, other municipalities
throughout the province have receivedIrendv mil
similar  accounts   for  court   fines   and Itrncted 1
trails will per-nlt of the postponement
nf the work, it Is undi rst ind
Tiie reports from the departments
Indicate thai only a small percentage
of the work now koIiib on ran be
stopped without damage. The work nl- ,
ted and most uf it con-
amounts to an expenditure |
maintenance fees, one municipality ! nf over $11,000,000, Half or the amount
being 140,000 In debt, and It was de- i i-etiuif -1 ins nlroady been received
tided at the meeting to lay the a'--1 frnm  Klelnwort's,  London,  hut  there
count ui the table until alter a thor- t
oiiKli Investigation ol ths mutter
should he made.
Count Zeppelin celebrated his 75th birthday l'is'
week bv steering his twentieth airship on her mai len
trip. If he lives long enough and the Kaiser's cash reserve hold,-- out, the count may be able to produce a dirigible that won'l buckle or break her back. Anyway, he's
���getting a lot of practice and it's not costing him anything.
is tit" possibility thai Klelnwort's, n>
thev  hnve  Blrendy  warned  the eivit
authorities, may
bach   on   the  "war'   douse   In   ihelr
Arrested for Mail Rohb-ry. agreemenl In regard to the halenco of
Regina, July  18,    An  arrest  wii-ii, of the payment r* r tho eleven mli'lon
it is believed will lead to the Boliitlci   '���"���-*'  -   ���< ���  cf debentures    which I
nf tin. mvsl tv of Hi" Peglno p-"*i nt   thoj bought n* m the city
line t-1-l'lnTv  was  made  when  .Tamos
Wreford, C   P.  It.  baggageman, was lorn'r in Penticton.
taken Into cusl tdy at his home In this     Penticton, ll ('., July 18.   Iteanzint
of lhe Hinul" truck curs, are considered the best obtainable. This type
had been approved by the New York
commission, and adopted by the commission here only nfter types of every
other kind had been examined,
In   the  ease  ot some   or tlle  Single
trut'k  ears,  however,  il   is  Impossible
to use this kind oi fender, and the
dil style of protruding rentier Is still
used,   According to the reports of the
coroner,   this  old   basket   rentier   has
In* compelled to fall beep responsible for many accidents,
ami   Is  a  menace  to  public  safi'ty.
To  Port  Mann  and  Port  Cofiuttlam
Will Leave
B. C. Klectric Ry, Wharf
Dally Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves   New  Westminster  for   Port
Mann  X 00 a.m.
Leaves Port Mnnn for New West,
minster 1< 00 a.m.
Leaves New Westminster r.tr Port
, Mann  and  Port Coqultlam  1" 00 a m
���    Leaven   port    Coqultlnm    fm    Port
Manu and New Westmlnslor 1 00 pin
LmveH  New   Westmlnstel   tor   Port
Mann 6:30 p tn.
>     Leaves   Port  Mann   for   \, w   West-
minster 7:00 p m,
I    Leaves New  Westminster rnr  Port
I 'latin ami Port Coqultlam 4 80
Leaves   Port   Coquitlam   to
j Mann ami New Westminster ti i!0 pm
Schedule subject to change without
I notice.
j     For further Information Inquire-
Fraser River Ferry & Navi-
CITV OF NEW WESTMINSTER. B.C,   phnn.  1(&*ti0" ,^��'�� lAd-
___^___     | Phone 184 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phons  185.      Bam  Phons  117
Begble Mrett.
HaiiKSKe Hellvete-1 Promptly to
sny part of the city.
p in.
r    Port
Light and Heavy Hauling
Barbers  Defy Ordinance.
Ottawa, July ix.   The chief o
iie.* hat nol neci Ived any notice *'*' inn
tlnn rrnm tho n irhers' unlnn nf *>t*-���
wa us yel to the demand   for   th
lenforccmenl of the early closing by
^Militarism in France is dying a hard death. The
Socialist partj has planned a campaign of wholesale desertion frum the i rm . the Labor party is supporting ii
.^wo lhe irovernmeni is hammering  the both of  them,
���"Vi". \ :���        i    " 'I      '    i  in in !"     3tn np a dr *���'
���cant thi days as i   , .    whe   Uonai        was 1
���tnviV'."/ ,-orl thi of E
city, Wi-ei'orii, who, us a trusted em-lthal I'entlcton, owing to its strategic 'llw Al 'heir organisation meeting
ployee of the company, hus had ac location and present and prospective the barbers decided to send a com
cobs to the baggage and mall rooms transportation advantages, is destined munlcatlon to him and to ths board or
for Bome time past, had In his posses- to become a wholesale centre of some control This, however, has evident-
slon when arrested by Detective Rob- Importance, the Taylor Milling and 'y ""' been done yet, A It.ink street
pou -if the citv force, and ll P Wun Klevstor company, nl Lethbridge, arc harbor reports that, wishing to lind
derllng, or Moobs Jaw, chief Inspec- opening nui In business herp and "-ill nu! ir anything had been done in the
lor for the Saskatchewan rilvlsl f hanrih   Sour, reed  nnd  similar IIucb. matter, ho asked ���the policeman on his
the c   l'   R��� three trunki   HIIpiI   .* ;">  In  ntMltlnn  In  :������   wi  ilegnln  husltn  i   bent If any Instrnctlnns had been glv.
valuable |ewt Iry, lact *    nd i 111 i, the In the valle> t ley ������ I   do a retail I ti     cn hlm In rei; rd in tho t li sins of bar
"** in    hip or which  hnB I rn   tl  Ine   In Penl      n, Thitlr mu      cr, Mr   ber shops nl  S o'clock    Tin   police
���   Kddworthy, I*   ked over tin   tcrrllnrj   mnn said hn hnd nnt, nnd elletl   *
���   Bouthei i  (1  i'.. ���   ,,* till;    umi . ni     ttnet   lie htul lhe i
tip tow n   .-til to offer i   d nf n nu n i - ��� liarln r ��� hop on
  nttcti        is the tl ml    Ireel nl .*   ' I
'    ��� ', *. hi I        it".
B.C.Coast Service
rwei Vanoouver for Viotorla 10 a. m.,
in. and li :4B.
1,1'uvi'H Vanoouvar for Baattli 10 a. m.
���ui'l 11 p. m.
i.i.ivM Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 u.m.
.umI  ii   30  |i in.
Li'avoH Vancouver  r>r   Prtnoa  Flupart
"ni N'"- n Prttnte   ki t��. ta   wodnei
'liiys  umi  Bnt urday a  nt   n   p.m.
ffiliiwiclt Service
i    ��� ,���     i    Idcnl   lu   tii"   wi   lent
The police nlso     ive e\ i
allegt il.  *. lilt h  v
ford in tl     mall
Leaves   t'lillllwiuk    7
i iiuisii:,,* a*i,i Baturday
I <*ii\*, h   \V,*!'ti,iin��ti r
'.\ * dm ndiiy mid Friday,
ii'  inu'l.iri'. Agent New Wsstmlnstsr
il  w. DROOia, ii. P, a.. Vanoouver,
i.   m.   Tuonilay,
a. tu. Monday,
We now have rour Ifains dally and
i wiii give sou iiie cheapest rate going
j nol   only   to   Eostl In   points,     but     to
Kootnnay ond other points,   W" nre
'���'^ ���'    Ub   l'"i   nil   :,:���*.'* i hip   llnnn.
For rpsorvatlon und olln r ,*,*. [cul ua
apply in
B. OOUI.ET, Agent
Now W-UHluilriHlor
II.  W,  IIIIODII*:, a. P,  A.,  Vancouver. SATURDAY,   JULY   19,   1913.
K*se THftw*
During July and August our business
hours are from 8 o'clock till 5:30; Saturdays, 10 o'clock.
Ladies' Suits, Coats
and Dresses
Outer apparel of particular merit,
at prices (hat will demonstrate our
pre-eminent leadership in excellence
of style and quality and extreme
I.adits' Whipcord uud Klne Bergs
Tailored Buits; regular $:)!��.00. Bale
price   S17.S0
Ladles' Whipcord and Fine Serge
Tailored Suits; regulur $30.00. Sale
Price  S15.00
Ladles' Whipcord and Fine Serge
Tailored Suits; regular $28.00. Sale
Price    S14.00
Ladies' Whipcord and Klne Serge
Tailored Suits; regular $25.00, Sale
price   S12.50
Ladies' Blue Serge and Tweed Suits;
regular $2.1.00. Sale price. ,$H.5C
Ladies' Hlue Serge and Tweed Suits;
regular $20.00   Sale price. S 10.00
Ladles' Pongee Coats; satin trimmed,
reg.  fiio.OO.  Sale price $17.50
Ladies' White Lingerie "Dresses; tm-
reg.  $110.00. Sale price...  S15.00
Ladles'  Whipcords and  three-quarter
lengths;      regular     $25 00.       Sale
price    S12.50
Ladles' Panama Johnnie t'oals; regular $15.00. Sale price $7.50
Ladles' White Lingeries Dresses; embroidery and lace trimmed; regular
:,;,""    Sale   price $3.00
Ladies' White Lingerie Dresses; embroidery and lace trimmed; regular
$li.0n    Sale   price S3.75
Ladies' White Lingerie Dresses; embroidery and lace trimmed; regular
$6 50.   Sale  price $4.00
Ladies' White Lingerie Dresses; embroidery and lace trimmed; regular
$7 00    Sale   price. $4.25
Ladles' White Lingerie Dresses; embroidery and luce trimmed: regular
J* 00,    Salt- price     $4.75
For Hot Weather Ready-to-Wear
In Our Stock Liquidation Sale
Don't Do Without New Things When
Your Dollar Does the Work of Two
Seaside Specials for Today
Children's and Misses'
Colored Dresses
Good   Va!je   a*.   $1.25,   Now
$2.00  qualities at    $1.00
$3.00  qualities  at    $1.50
YOU AT LEAST $1.50 TO $8.00 ON
FOLLOWING PRICES: $7.50, $8.50,
$10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00
AND  $30.00.
$4.00   qualities  at
$5.00 qualities at
in the  house,  ret;. $2.00 values,   Now
Men's Porous Knit j
Wash   Dresses   Half   Price.
Ladies' Gloves
Long Silk (Jloves, black and
white; regular $1.00;
now    806
Lone Silk (iloves, black and
while;       regular       $1.25;
now    $1.00
Long Silk Gloves, black and
white;       regular       $1.55;
now   $1.15
Two-Dome      Silk      Gloves;
brown,   black,   white;   reg.
$1.00;   now     7St
Two-Dome Lisle moves; reg.
86c;  now    504
Two-Dome Lisle Gloves; reg.
50c, now   40-C
These lisle gloves come ln
chamois, grey, brown, black
and white.
Good   Values  at  $2.00,   Now
urns1 hand wm
White    Embroidered,    excel
tent  values  at  $1.00,   Now
674-678 Columbia Street, New Westminster
Men's   Prealdent  Suspenders;   regular
Now   40c
Men's   Paris  Garters;     regular
Zlmmerkntt   Underwear;   pink.   g*tx*%
blue  and   helio;   regular  50c;
now   3S*t
Zlmmerknit Underwear;  natural  Bai-
briggan;  now  per suit TS*
Penman's   Balbriggan;   two     (bread:
regubr C5e;  now   SOC
Zlmmerkntt Athletic Underwear:
thort sleevesj knee length; regular
50c; now    40*
Men's   Work   Shirts;   all   colors   aad
sizes; regular 65c; now   4S-C
Soft Shirts; reversible collars; wtate
blue, grey, blBcuit and stripes; ree-
ular 90c;  now _��-fc
Soft Shirts; detached collars; doable
cuffs, plain collars and neat stripos:
rt��� gvi'iar $1.25 J uow    9&*��
Negligee Shirts; lanadered cuffs; *****
stripes; regular $1 AW; now _*S4
Negligee  Shirts-,   tine -quality;    kraa
dered cuffs, reg. $1.25; uo-�� .. .a*f*
Negligee Shirts;  extra quality:
dfred   cuffs;   regular  $1.75;
Municipality   Complains   That   Chilli-
wack Engages 'I heir Teachers���
Other Valley Notes.
Chllllwack,  ,Tul>   IK.   Then-  was a
i tiong note of protest at the meeting
of   the   rural   sohool   board     against
what the rural school board clalme-i
to be a breach of professions,'  etiquette on ths purl of the city school
board     The   protest   so  strongly  entered was against    the policy of   the
city board In engaging teachers from
tlte  rural  schools.     When   a   vacancy i
occurs In ths city schools it is iuvan- |
ably  lllled from the ranks of the ru- j
nil  teaching  sluff,  and  as  lhe  rural
board  points out. It is not the poorest   teachers   who   are   engaged,   but
those  who  have   made  a  reputation
tot capability.
Tlie township suggests a remedy
for tlte difficulty, and would wcl-
come ��n agreement between the two
boards by which n teacher could not
lie engaged from either stalls
Should a new leacher be engaged for
��� ��� liter, Iie or Bhe should be engaged
Iroin  outside   the  jurisdiction   of  the
municipality,   it is scarcely likely the
city board Will consider any such
agreement, which in the minds of the
members would not better conditions,
and be unfair to the teachers desiring
i  change.
Long Berry Cane.
Mrs   Q,   \V      I'hndBoy,     Wellington
street, cut a raspberry cane one day
lasl  week  which  measured  14  feel  III
length, The growth was one season's
growth, and fairly demonstrates the
fertility of the soil and the favorable
climate in chllllwack for tin
and culture of small fruits,
New  Magistrate.
Captain a   l. Coote was appointed
police magistrate of the city at the
lust meeting of (he city council, and
his appointment to this position was
recommended tO the attorney-general
for sanction rrom that department
The Balary attached to the office wus
set at i'i.i ii" inonth.
New Homes.
There Is considerable building bolns
carried on throughout tha township
this summer, a number of good substantial barns niul houses being erected.    On  llle  Vale  rond, between  (hli
city and Kosodaio, Beveral barns and
houses are erected or in the course
of construction, A. O. McKensle, opposite the little mountain, bus completed goi
a  new barn, a  Mr. Jones, a  new
rival from  Alberta, Is having on
on  his  property  near  Cheiini
stantlal looking dwelling
S.   Whittaker   is   gathering
Hon material
his   property
tlon, on ih.. itukrr trail, shot a male
cougar one day last week which
measured eight feel two inches In |
hi ,th. Tiie cougar two da>s previous
to being shot killed a three-month-old
calf, weighing 35" pounds, and dragged It half a mile Ini I the bush hefore
devouring any of It. Mr, Thurston
followed the trail nnd set a trap, I
catching the midnight maurader the
following day.
Refuse   to   Pay.
At   lln-   last   meeting   of   the   rural
rchool board the clerk was instructed
to notify the city board that the rural
school  refused   to pay  for the education   of  children   from   tlif   township.
lhe parents of whom are taxpayers to
the citv.   The township is now paying
about $i',,000 a year lo lhe city for the
etltieation of children  from the township attending the city schools.
Hcrser   Killed.
An   incoming   freight   train   on   the
lt. C. B. II. Monday evening ran Into n
herd   of   horses  at   Spruce   Crossing,
ubout   20  rods  west   of   A.  ('.  Wells'
"hire, killing four of them. The horses
belonged  to    Messrs.    Simmons anil
Martin  of tlie ('   B,  Bckert  ranch at
Yarrow.   They had been pasturing on
.the Sweetman place and breaking out
, wandered on tlle railway tracks.
Refused  to  Issue  Checks  Even  When
Recuested  bv  Board  of
Trouble   in   Toronto   Not   Yet   Settled
Hcwever���President  to  the
Church  Notices
TRINITY���Rev, Canon G. C. d'Easum
M.A., rector; Rev. George A. Kay, M
A., assistant curate. S a.m.. Holy rom
munion; 11 a.m.. Matins. Holy Coin
munion and sermon; T p.m., Evensong
and sermon.
Prominent   Montreal   Man   Takes   Up
Difficult Problem���Prepare
Monster  Petition.
^^^1    Montreal, July 18    Ever since ihe
growth announcement that i.ouis s. Davis, a
i manufacturer, Intended to conduct a
campaign against tlie unprotected hatpin  In  Montreal  Mr.  Davis has heen
deluged   with  letters.     Home of  these
contain offers of financial assistance,
while others  offer  t'i  "help  carry    in
thn good work."
iii the meantime the reformer and
his assistants hsve worked tn Btich
good purpose thai the prlnclp.il streeta
of Montreal are llterallv env tl with
"stickers" conveying the Information
and belief ihat a by law Imposing a
ilfly dollar fine rm- every unprotected
h ' '���! would be the nroper thing. In
addition, many of these slips havo
I t'l-ii posted up Inside the streel carsi
and llm' iiii'ii'id nol o I'tlle comment nnd wonder among iin- passen-
Toronto, July  IS.���Capital expenditures to n considerable amount, pass-
id by the board of control huve been
blocki-d l.y the city treasurer's depart
ment   owing   to  legal  disabilities and
a& ci rtaln requirements have nut been |
mi I     The amount  iu question is not;
mailable,   the   deputy   treasurer   be-
ing unwilling to give the Information,
All are on capital account, except au
Item  of  $600   being  a  grant    to  the
(���treat   Waterways   Union,   which   the
board passed some mouths ago to be
charged to  legislation.    Mayor  llocken   has   jusi   had   a   conference   with I
Mr.  Patterson  and  has  been  advised
tlmi   the  board   Is  putting   through  a
number  of  appropriations  exceeding
Its   statutory   limitations.     Hereafter,
the mayor is determined to keep   a
close   BCmttn   ou   appropriations,  and
to keep within legal rights,
"We have to 'smother' grunts,"
said Mr. Patterson, "We are doing
it every day. giants and appropriations which an* il'n gul It Is our duty
to kill and nothing more is heard of
them after Ihey come to this ofl.ee."
'The deputy treasurer believes the
b ,ard of control is not as careful a:<
could be wished iu recommending
money  votes.
If an Item Is illegal, or ull statutory
requirements are um fulfilled, it is
"killed" ami Ihe departments are
made responsible for securing the pu*.-i
sage ill altered form If they require
the  money.     As  lo the  grunt of $600
io ihe Waterways Union, it may not
legally he charged to legislation or
advertising and llie city treasurer i a
in n ''tiiiiulary us to how the money
may he secured, as lhe city cannot
weii evade payment, the obligation
hiving been assumed along with oih-
11* munlclnalltli s,
Even Bhould illegal expenditure
pass Mr. Patterson, tiny would lu all
1 ' hah lily be caught by Mr. Sterling,
who has on Beveral occasions witn
h, I.I his signature ;.s required by his
i nth cf office.
a sub-
tind  Mr,  li.
.... constructor a line dwelling on
  east   of   the   cily.   The
same atmosphere of prosperity Is evident in every olher section of llie valley, new homes and farm buildings
being In the course of construction,
ln the Surdls section seven new dwellings are In the making. ,
One Cougar Less
Mr. Davis does not Intend li stop
tliere. He Is preparing u monster petition to the bonrd of control, which
lie hopes to have signed hy 10,000 people, It. K. Iirown, the well known
prlntnr, bus Joined In the light against
(he  horrid  hatpin,  nntl   new   recruits
are being enrolled dally,   Mr, Davis
already  counts  his  brothers    nntl    n
number of his friends among his most
ardent adherents.
it is Intended to distribute from
I twenty to twenty-flva thousand hand-
i bills In a house to house canvass, re-
Cbarles   Thurston,
Less. i ume ni	
of  Silica  June- questing signatures to the petition,
Just Another Instance.
Calgary,  July    IS.   That  the  contract for the new  Balmoral school on
which .1. A. McPhail wns tlie lowest
tenderer,  will  be held  up until the
school board is able to dispose of ItB
bonds, has been decided by the board.
The board has been trying to sell Issues totalling (760,000, hut Is meeting
with the Biuiie trouble that the city is
up against In Ihe tight money market The board agreed to the civic cell-
the scheme for the Balmoral school
prepared  by city  Planner    Mawson,
.The site embraces two blocks, one of
(which Is lo he kept by the park hoard
i for playground purposes, and Ihe other one by the city ns u park wllb the
school in the centre,
Tt ronto,   July    IS.    After   lhe   lew
short days of earnest toil and sorrow
calm   seems  to  huve  alighted   like  a
dove on the movements of ihe newly
arrived   Methodist  clergymen   in  Toronto, und though ut one lime it look
ed as if grave and reverent seigneurs
of  the   Mt thodtst  church   might  have
to camp around  iu Allan  Gardens or
Queen's   purk   on   Saturday   preparatory to their introductory services in '
their   new   churches  on   Sunday,   yet ���
this  wus  avoided  und  all   the  newly
larlrved divines slept well, thanks to
Ithe  kindness  of  friends,  und   lu  one
- instance at  least   to  the  courtesy  of
u   well   known   1'arkdale  hotel.
The whole troubh*- bus been cans
ed by the introduction of the stationing committee of Kev. Hr. J. s. Ccok,
f-rmi rly of Gerrard Btreet Methodist
Church, to take the place vacated ra
'ther suddenly by Rev. O. S. Falrdoths
acceptance if the Methodist church
nt the Soo In the place of Kev. Ur,
K. N. Baker, Dr Cook, who is by no
melius in the best of health, was not
received  witli  open  arniH. and  as he
apparently v.as not welopmi at the
King Btreet east Methodist parsonage,
cn Kenllworth avenue, he naturally
deed d not to leave liis present abode
at sack'.ille street until all wm ready,
Then commenced the trouble. Kev
A. I'. Bruce, of Bellefalr, was ready
to come from tlie Beeches to the Hon
lt< v. llr. German, of College street
the  veli ran   war horse of  tlle confer
I ence,, hsd everything packed to enjoy the salubrious sir of Raw  Ileach.
while ihe Rev, Frederick Chandler of
Brampton, another good old sojourner
had ull liis goods antl chattels ready
to  come  into   the  suih'trhail  quiet of
Lindsay avenue, So tar no clergyman Is homeless, 1 u nothing fresh
lias transpired at King street east,
and the presldenl doubtless will have
to s'ep in and meet the situation with
the help of ihe stationing oommlttee,
Two more welcome ndditons to the
ranks of tlie Methodist clergy In Toronto have to in- noted in the persons
of Rev, Mr. Hell, of Guelph, who sue-
ceeda Rev, W. R, K. Large ut Dan-
forth avenue, nutl Kev. Mr, Strung-
ways al   Weston,  who  takes  Kev.  P.
M. Peacock's charge at Beach avenue, lhe last Methodist church on the
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue am
Seventh street. Itev. M. Gordon .Mel
vin pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
CHURCH. Comer Carnarvon and
Blackwood, Kev. Jas. S. Henderson.
minister.���-Services ll a.m. and 7:30
p.m.; Sabbath school and llible class
2:30 p.m.
Uev. A. S. Lewis, B.D., pastor. Services Sunday 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
with sermons ly the pastor. Morning
subject. "Que Seed Kour Soils." Evening subject. "Slavery. Ancient and
Modem."    Primary  Sunday school  11
No Come-backs*
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New
Weatrw* ��*�������*"-
Schaake   Machine Works.
a.m.    All other
school 2:30 p.m
departments of
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, ^^
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented),
Lawyers Prepare "Ad."
I Ottawa, July 18. The advertise-
meiit ior the snle of llle Corrv building. Uhleo Street, Is being prepared
by n number of lawyers before Looel
Master   llishop.   Tlle   history   of   thnl
building is a complicated one.   ai one
time It was Iflld by Miss Edith Taylor, who hud lo hand It over ,o Nil-
t'orry. wben a uourl ruled that sin-
iwas onl) holtlln: II In trust. Now It
Is to te told by Mr, Corry'S cerdl* >r��;
-Eleventh    street,    between    Fourth]
and Fifth avenue.    Sunday school ll
a.m.;  preaching 7:80 p.m.    Come ut.d
worship   with  us.     N.   J.   W    Nelson. I
pastor, residence tilG Fifth avenue.
Spokane, July 18,���Five mother
and eighteen children were provided
for under the provisions of the moth
ern' pension act. when Superior Jud��t
Sulllvun listened to six application!
for mother's pensions and granted
five of them.
Among those granted pensions was
Mrs. May .lohnston. formerly Miss
May Pcnm a graduate of the South
Central high school and champion girl
basket bail player ot that Institution
for three years. Mis. Johnston wo-
allowed I'iu for the support of 1
self and three children, the husband
and father being In lhe ponlutcntinr\
for desertion. Her children are " '
and 4 years of age.
The story  t lid  by   Mrs.  Marie  Sux-
smith, may reBiilt in her former bus
baud. A. Soxsmiih, being brought back
to  Spokane  from  Scotland,  where he
is   now*   married,   to   answer   charges
of swindle and failure lo pay alimony
He paid some of this for a while and
then let his wile go hungry, the stores j
finally refusing to advance goods with
out  payment,  according  to  Mrs.  Sex-
Tiie couple had  considerable  pro-,
perty and after the divorce be Is alleged to have persuaded her to sign
a motguge to the property, promising
to give her half. She got a washing
machine and a rug out of It and he
gol tlie money, marrying again five
weeks later, according to her story.
She has three children to support, one
of whom ts a victim of Infantile paralysis. She wub allowed a pension of
i'iii a month.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550 MOB-fOlHI
SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1913.
Fresh AArater and Salt
���Tcinmenebig Monday morning there win appear each day
on this page a specially arranged tide table showing the
readings both at thi* port and
:it Use sandheads. Tbe figures
will be prepared with the utmost care at the ofTices of the
department of public works
I The freshet has receded several
feet this week, and especially yesterday and Thursday has been drop been
I noticeable.
Ship Movements.
Los Angeles, July 18.���Arrived:
John A. Hooper, Saginaw, Willapa
Sailed: San Gabriel, Ujnpqua river;
Klamath, Portland; Shoshone. Grays
Social and Personal
Vancouver  Desires  Floating   Drydock
and  Graving  Dock���Drowned
Near  Hollyburn.
Quebec, July IS.���Arrived: Empress
of Ireland, Liverpool; Tunisian, Liverpool
Vancouver,    July    18,���-The   recommendation of a subcommittee for    a
| floating drydock  to  he  built  Immetli-
yesterday's Reports Show Catches at
Grllineham and Oster Points to
Be the  Largest Yet-
Nexi week will very likmJ.r see
��� it ltn te developments in sockeye fish
ing. for although aame lishenn-mir J is:
Sunday thought thai Hie first of the
run wonld likely put in an appearu.net
. ii'i re many day*, Saturday has xoll- |
once more*   and    still    Jio
Seattle Sailings.
Seattle, July 18.���Arrived: Steamers Mexico, Sulitia Cruz; Melville Dollar, Bering sea ports.
Sailed: Steamers Northwestern,
Southwestern Alaska; President, San
Dieuo; Admiral Kurragut, San Francisco.
Vendors   Were   Not   So   Plentiful
Yesterday's   Market���Buyers
Out in  Full  Force.
od around
That is, none of amr arcounL Instead of increasing this week Hie num-
tier of boats from this port has oe-
creased, and those lhat remained out
have not caught any more, if as many,
sockeyes as on Monday.
Still   when  the   buaJs po out   again
immediately the 8 o'clock gaa booms
on   Sunday   evening,   they   may   And
tlieir   luck   very   much   improved   for
reports from  Hellinghaui -sbow  almost
���double Ihe number ��f stocki-ies  were
caught   there  yesterday   tlian  on  any
previous day. all sources*- resulting    a
lotal catch of 13.IXU);  Thursday lht re
were soon and We-iniestas \iwo.   Pro-
portionate Increase* ate recorded   at I
Atiacortes.    Terra    Nova   and   other
canneries down tbe tnraii     Certainly *
lhe run must be larger there belore it
������an Ix- larger in the Fraaer, and if lo
���lay uud on Sunday 'bo fish increase
at yesterday's rate it is possible that
by  the  first of next   wees  Ihey  mitj
be running in  much larger numbers
���than thej have thin week.
The reixirl of the 11. ���>'. Canners'
a.:s.so<ialirm for yost en!��>   is:
Bellingham Or-t 13,000 from all
���Burcea. The seiners still doini; very
Anacorlos Got 170" Irom Iiu- traps]
anil BOD from tn Inert.
Tern Nova Boats averaged 48.
Nine boats in this morning averaged
-Brunswick -Boats averiijpul .1- No
' mints in  tlxii nv-s-ninK.
:?.i auiijli WurttS li M 11|null rthr No
* boi/s iu  this niornmp,.
While   buyers   were   again   nut   in
force at yesterday's city market sell-
lers were not, and, as a consequence,
ithe market was not  as successful  or
largely attended as last Friday, al-
i though it w-as still of average size.
.Haying  and   other   duties   ahout   the
farm kept many farmers from being
j present.
No important changes in either price
.or the variety of the offerings were
recorded, ami produce sold practically
��� at last week's quotations. Some bite
Btrawberrles were on snle, the grower
asking $2.50 a crate at first and later
only $2.00, His retail figure was two
"boxes tor 'JSe. Butter, eggs and
othtr produce Bold steady with the
demand  active.
The complete price list  is:
Vegetables, Retail.
lieels. per hunch	
Onions, per  lh	
I'arrols. per hunch  	
Cabbage,  per  lh	
Turnips, each 	
Rhubarb, per hunch 	
Strawberries,  per crate    $-.:
Egos and Butter.
KgKs, wholesale, por doz.. . ,32c to 3i
I'igRs, retail, dozen  .    .    35c. to
Butter retail per u> 	
Ilutler. wholenalt. per Hi    	
Fish,  Retail,
Pink Sjiring Salmon, iter lb.   ...
White Spring  Salmon, per lb.   . .
| Klutiudi'rs, per lb	
Sturgeon, per lb	
! Halibut, l��'r lh	
! Smelt-i. per lb	
ll orr ing
Retail  Meats,
floor, best rili roasts	
. . . ,35c,
lbs. 25c
ately. and a   graving   dock   of large
capacity  for the  future  requirements
of the port, was adopted by the joint
harbor   improvements   committee   of
i the  board  of  trade  and  city  council
yesterday.    W. A. Ulair, of the board
of  trade,   made  tlie  significant  state-
iment   ut   the   meeting   that   following
the    publication    of    the committee's
j recommendations an announcement of
groat injpoftaneo to    the   cily    would
: shortly be made.
The committee decided to place
i memorials to that effect before Hon.
.1. *I>. fis/.en, minister of marine and
fisheries for the Dominion, when he
| arrives next, week, and before Hon.
Robert lingers, minister of public
works, when he visits Vancouver
| later.
The dork  recommended  by  Messrs.
! H. A. Stone, P. G. Shalleross and Aid. ;
Ramsay,  was 500  feet  long    and    90
j feet wide with provision for lengthen-
j ing it at a future date, It would have
a  lifting capacity  of  12.UU0  to  lii,DIM)
tons, with cranes and air compressor
facilities at   lixed  charges  for  public
use.    A  floating dock,  it  was  pointed
out,  could   he  built    in    six   to    nine
months, and a graving dock in two to
three  years.    Tlte  former  would  cost
$600,000   to   $750,000,   and   the   latter
would  cost   hetuteen  two  million  and
two ard a half million dollars.
Fatal  C.iuoe   Ride.
Victor Harvey, a broker's cl rk, the
son  of  Mr.  and. Mrs.   Henry   Harvey.
Hamilton btreet,    was    drowned near
Hollyburn about 8 o'clock  last  night
hy   the   capsizing   cf   a   canoe.     The ,
' young  man,  who- had  gone  to  Hollyburn to visit a O-iend who was camp '
1 lng   there,   was   puddling  about   in     a
canoe, when the power ferry Doncella
passed  him.    Ths   wake cf lhe    little
' vessel, ii is thought, caused the canoe
lo turn tur 1".
Medlcatl   Session.
Thai the public health is one of the
mosl Importani parts of the business t
of the slate antl  that  in spite of this
li    -:*tt*   docs nol  realize its full responsibility   iu  this  regard,   was  tlie '���
statement made by fr- A. P. Proctei
to the members of tlie HriLsii Colum-
bio Medical association at last night's
session,    Dr. Procter took as the subject of his uiUIfosk "The Duty  of the
iS'ste  to  tin*   Public   Health,"  and  in
this address brought   to   light   some
startling facts a-nd tigureH with regard
to health conditions in the city.    Dr.
Procter  Btated    that    ton  often   tin*
average leglslal  r or alderman  treats
C. E. Barnes was In the city yes
terday from  Bradner.
H. D. MeLeod, of Victoria, Is reg
istered at the Windsor
D. K. Chester, of White Hock, ii
registered at the  Russell.
Thos.   K.   Patterson,  of Toronto,
registered at the  RusselL
"Bun" Clarke left last evening lor
a short holiday in Victoria.
J. E. Menzles was a viittor In the
city yesterday from Chilliwack.
J. A. CasseU, of HurUEgtoD. waB
a visitor in the city yestentay.
I). Jones and wife of Mount Vernon, are registered at the Windsor.
Mrs. ti. J. Loafc and daughter Wlnnlfred are In canup al Boundary Bay.
B, ft. Morrison has lefl on a trip
to Montreal, when** he will visit
\V. J. Manson, M.L.A.. De sR-tiU"}-,
motored Into the ctty on bu.*iln��9s
y��atf rday.
V. S. Scott, mayor off Gait, Ont., uow
j in Vancouver, is expected to stbrtit
New Westminster todtay.
Itev. Hr. snd Mrs. Ifeltock, of MW>
bourne. Que., are the guests of fflt
and Mrs. Q, McGill, Siipperton.
1 Among the recent vlta-tlorB at BanfK
from Ne** Westminster were Ihe following: Mrs. H, Ii. MirtWIl. T. KellJ*
and  S.   Standish.
Rev.  N. J.  W.  Nelson* Has recently",
arrived' from  Portland. eVr��.. and  has
assumed charge of the lima;! Lutheran
Immaniief  church.     He   is   living   at'
616 Fifth* avenue.
F. Cl Elford, Dominion poultry husbandman- af the central experimental
farm Ottawa, who recently- arrived
on the const;, and J. H. Tei-try, chief
provincial poultry Inspector, are at
present' on ita official visit to Sydney.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Beaton,
Frrticth u-vemie, South Vancouver,
was the scene of a quiet wiHidlng on
Wednesday afternoon of this- week,
ill" conti-ainires parties |,i*tng Miss
Agnes Smith Corstorphln audi George
'i'he ceremony was perfornred by
Rev. li. .1. Mae-Kay in the presence of
a number of friends and relatives. The
bride and groom were attended by
Miss Margaret Seaton and .InUn M
Caydzlen.  brother of the groom   Mr
Le J r**T I T*
Extraordinary   Sale
Specials for Rush
Selling Saturday
Values are produced that are not possible at any other
time of the year, so come Saturday, take advantage of
these great savings that are here advertised and watch
for cards on small quantities, that are scattered throughout the store. Reductions for this Mid-Summer Clearance make them a real snap.
Remarkable Clearance at Waists for
AT $2.35 Beautiful high grade Waists; developed In crepe voiles; also fluey
muslins; with Robespierre collars; long and short sloes; daintily tucked and
trimmed with lace embroidery antl small buttons; regular values to $5.00,
Today  -$2.35
AT $1.38 Another grand showing of v. bite Waists, with Dutch neck and hich
collar; short or long sleeves; also fancy trimmed lawns: plain tailored
ttyles;  pique cords;  linen, etc.;  all sizes,    Today, at, each $1.33
Caydzien Intend ti
Don't   Road   About   This   Fu mural
You're: tux* Kind cf a FiikiH of
th*. BalmoralB.
I Beef,
CaTTatUui    -Pat-lbr    BrnOa    averaged 1 Beet,
15.    No boats in tfc-.v marafag.
Scottish Canadian Bcftis averaged
18. Tii-tt boats in this nMUfcir-ig, one
Aim HI uni.. 'he oiher Sit.
CiivssK        fishermen      atlll      using
spring nets;  very    few  eockeyes yet.
Luupsilol    Boats   arer-aged   17.   No
boats in this morning
Phoenix    Boats    averaged    lii     No
boats in this morning
loin     ���
Tho lug Peerless, of the Western
(Fishing and Towing company, is at
{present in this port. She is lied at
the city market wharf ond is under
-going a thorough overhauling lier
decks are being CO���Iked, and other repairing done.
Iloiling lit     	
Veal   ...*���	
| I'or*  	
Mul ton	
Hens, small, per doz 	
Hens, large, per doz  .. .
Chickens,  per dozen   ....
Hroili-rs.   per  doz	
Hens,  live,   per  Ib	
Chickens, live, per lit.  . . .
Ducks, per dozen   	
Ducks, live, per lb	
Duckl.ngs, per Ib	
Live  Stock.
Voung pigs, each  	
.,16c to ISc
ISc. to ii7c.
23c.  to 2ric.
15c. to l"c.
, lL'e to 13c.
, ,12c to 20c
 tS to S7
-. $s to $10
...$4  to Sti
��:i to ��6
23c. to 24c
$12 to Sift
,20c to 2iic
..28c to 30c
....%i to $7
Tackle aboard the MiaK'mm Sam-
i-fion. now at the deportment of publlo
works -wharf here, is being repaired
-rtftt r a strenuous ��e-t-k"fc -Bmarging and
���other work down Ihe river. Today
-alio will roal up anil lie in port until
Mi mi .i morning, ��>ir-a fXv
**0 down stream
Consider   Club   Licenses.
Montreal, July is. -Chief Campeau
has   made   a   report   to   the   hoard   of
control, recommending that the issue
of  licenses  to  private clubs  be taken
into consideration,    The  chief called
the attention of the board to the ever-
wlll again j increasing number ot applications for
Ithe Incorporation  *->f such clubs, and
ibe  ventured   lhat   this  great   Increase
was broughl   about   solely  on  account
of the fact that  tin- clubs  were in a
position to escape tlte heavy license
fees demanded  ol  other    applicants.
The communication of the chief was
this    in    any    way.    The \ to  the  effect   that   such   clubs   were
are now un-]iiow becoming altogether too nunier-
mis.    The report was referred to the
law department
Five rows of pTItal libit- been
-driven out into the tt*n*a*m at the
Bighth Btreel slip.    The    pit-   driver
��� crow art- now  working w'TifTv the cur-
* tr ml   : uus strong,  bm   arr-   not   being
.  delay i tl  by
esvatei   where opi ration
.  <k-r way is forty or ttfry feet deep and
lht- extra long piles are used
Modem Seven-Roomed
tutisanr-o,' and" it . fs s-i>n:etimes said
that "when an alderman is not good
���' r "nvthtne ��� 's- he is put on the
health committee."
Weary Wait.
W'th cushioned boxes to rest upon,
tli" four landseekers who are un-
camped outside the land registry oh" ce
iu l'i ntliT street, are maintaining
resolutely their positions, which they
w'll have to hold until 10 o'clock on .
Tuesday morning. July 22. when the
four 40-acre blocks of hind at Rechelt. ;
which file men are seeking, will be ���
ttlii tied io the lirst comers. It was
at tlrst stated that their vigil would |
end ou Monday ne.*it. The two first
men ar thv registry office on Monday
list were .1. 0, KIrkwood and W. s.
llugii'S. and they were quickly followed hv lhi- brothers Ruvenhill. Kirk-
woott and Hugill already occupy two
tif rhe tricts. and have done so since
lite spring, but as this does not give
thf-m any rinht to the land, although
thev have placed it partly tinder culttl
nation, and have huilt shacks thereon.
they have come down to the office
trom Sec.liclt in order lo confirm tlwir
title to tlte property.
Rate War.
Extensive cuts in the pass#iig��<-
rates on the Yukon river to meet the
reductions effected hy other companies are announced by the. White
Pass and Yukon mute. c. .1. Rogers,
purchasing agent fur the transportation company, stated this afternoon
i lutt lie had received advicas authorit-
| Ing reductions.
entertain Papal Detenate.
Under tits auspices n tin* Knights
of Columbus Order liis Excellency
Mi nselgneur Slagnl, apost l c delegate t' Canada, was entertained at a
banquet last evening nt tin* Ci mmer
rial club Aboul 100 guests Including
Ing tt number ol ladles attended the
gathering Tin* *sp<'ic!i"t were t��� i-i��� -f
and all in bappv ve.n, and tin* tunc
tlon was a notable success in ever,
r tspect. Ow ing lo tlie f tel that lie*
I, n .ie t d tl not commence until near
9:30 it a t a I t t ��� :: I, the program as
��� riglnallv planned, was curtailed l'
bad boen ! iti nded thai an i n <��� al wel
I- me t > the distinguished prelate ,
wc'it1 I I. ��� tt tui. nil hy .1 .1 Dutton, I
knlghi or the Knights of Co-
, t, t on account of the delay
proceedings this was d spented *
I'oiinillng the offerings    off   "Wild
Bill"  3fcye�� to all  corners till tale  lot
'and   muteti'itfly  assisted   hy  nine  er-
! rors,  Hi,.  Moose  enjoyed  themtsalves
last  uigilt at-hen they slauglUitrtti-t tin*
Balmorals co the tun.- of IT-::.    This
:. was hy far the heaviest score of the'
season, six- if the Moot-" tallies bene
sent  over  fn   Ihe   first   Imribg,   whin
they   eonneicfed   with   Su.i-mt   for   five'
clean- hi-rs:
Horne  allowed  only  four  hit's,  although  the support wasi what  saved
him in tbe pinches, tin- Mbose ttwirler
not-  even   having   the   sa.ttsfnctTOn   of ���
tt arrikevmt.    Yesterday':-! gnme makes I
Ithi  rhinl  straight   Victory   l'-tr   Horne!
litis week, while he also-got ins on the
/otpiitfam    ifinie    Monday    evening
iilien Che contest was .bst.
Kiley, the outtteldee- of t:lh* Hals.
achfwmsd the honor of saorlng tha
first home run of Uie season-, pounding
tin- pill clear over the i'l*rh house
whiTe be also stretela-tl a two bagger
the whole distance in tlle last  inning.
Six runs were Ben*over fn- rhe first,
another iu ihe thin! and raflies nigh
uncountable in the sixth ��nti seventh.
Sayce featured m tin* rhird when
he pulled himself out W rwo tight
pinches, the hasi�� being fnll on both
Tlm first hit jud flrr>t run for the
Rals was rihtnm,��i| In th*�� fourth whem
Riley  er>nnerte<t w-lth   his limner
In   the  l*"t   *-f  the  seventh   Krnie'
Si-iri-n* ip.r' l,,|. 1 i.'.,e* brought  horn-
bj Riley, who stretched Ms double f��r
tiv*   -  '���* ie   firenil.
Practically all th" Balmoral errors
wit" t'latt- by th" Infield, fairtty
pick ups ii)riy��;nt; tit" bases to lie ATI-
Rush Clearance of 36 to
40-inch Silks,  Today
73c Yard
In order to dear out these odd li��*o,tjrh of silks we
linve repriced these for quick selling; ,'il to 40-Inch
paillette, taffeta, messalint's. ut every color; suitable for waists, dresses, etc.; nsgjslar ro $1.50 yard.
T-iday    73C
Big Rush in Staples Today
About two dozen Summer Sunshades
to clear Friday at Half Priec.
Embroidery, 9c Yard
Embroidery edgings ami  insertions;   Widths to three
Inch8, regular values to 20c yard. Today, yard   *}*���
Odd Lcnrgths of Wide Embroidery 53c
S iixe.ii. Victoria Lawn; pure bleaohed
Sgeclal today, per yard	
ne quality.
------------ 9C
".tiH"it.cbed PUlow Slips, fin., quallhy; also a qtssva
i.ly  of hucluibaik  guest  towels  with, emhaoldered
ends;   large sizes;   regular to $1,25 i-'iiit.    Spit,
id:! hn, -hs of wide ��� mbroldery u
flounclngs, etc , up tu is lnche
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,1 deep bandings,
wide:  vatuiu lo
Veilings,  18c   Yard
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gray,  brown, etc.
���s high
e  rani.   t:t
ard    18C
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tudby, per yard   	
About two ifoecn smalt table covers;  in
nraxcerlzed ami union linen;  witlii
and' finish; Inmmed; sizes 54xi?fi
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in ,,t:-
I  �� llite,
Women's Suits and
Summer  Coats at
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lieautifi      - Dn    .i   marked   ("r   mid lum
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Tha Popular Shoe Store
The   Home   of  Low  Prices.
84tr FroirR Street.
j|Specials for this Week
BanefOOt  Samdals;   double  soles;   sny
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Reduced Tariff to Meet (he Times.
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iii  rnnnlng
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tlaiij- rah
Newly  furnished     ,!i��it, ar
in all rooms, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i'r   rnom^   f 3 (JO ,
mi  U'U'-th i
. d at  will.
The ��rim details  are at
It.    K.    V
Mimse   ....
 17    H
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town,   'inr
Hoots. Leefcte
11 hursday, July 24th
stub, tot
close to 12th .street carline.   Has basement furnace,
fireplace, electric light fixtures, also cement walks.
in the
18   HOWARD   A   PRO'
Crack Winnipeg Sprinter Charged
With Accepting Fee.
Winnipeg, July 18 Army Howard,
the creek sprinter of western Canada
and the Dominion's representative to
the lasl Olympic games, must face
a  charge    f  luriiiK  received   J5   for
The    Maillardville    I icrosse    t
made its dehul before  i homo crowd
of nearly  300 last  evening    and    al
though forced t" take the small end
; from Ilurniiitlani put up an exhibition
which Will improve with practice
The f1"-! : "-re was I" 3 in favor Of
This was the flrsl time i" the his
tory   of   the   French   Canadian   town
.that Canada's national gamr has been
played there and it reminded one of
the old hattlis between the Nationals
and Shamrocks to hoar Ihe veils of
either '-'tie. imt it    tho   Knallsh  and
' Krench ltngungns being used.
::: Appetizing Meats
in Glass Jars
A   fresh   assortmi
-nt   of Noel's Meat
 2 jars 36c
Daddy's      Saure,
nice     with     cold
meal s	
 2  bottles '.Tit'
No. 1 Sardines; sp
running nl  the Scottish sports and  i1       Peeve Dr  Scott, who Is known mnn
cash, balance $'10 per month, including in-
lie is unable to clear himself ho wll'
I " ilri'.eu fn in thi   ranks of urn itctir
II m.
An affidavit li is l ern l,till witli tht
Manitoba branch of the Amateur Ath
letlc union or Canada and In the
wui'iis iii President Iloyd, it Is Btrlctl)
up in Howard to Bho�� lhal the chai n
is falfe H iwnrd Is ni ten d for I In
rhampli nshlps til 1( 0 s srda In Hran
In the hockey world, acted In th
paclty of refen e, ai sistcd by *i  Cob
bin    Tlie teams lined    p as I dlow
Maillardville .1 Pn ulx, ti Prouh
i. Boileau, T Pontn Btanley La
moreaux, S, flaitthler, K Qauthler, it
Holleau, II Booth, ll Hulmo, .1 De-
��� aire
Burqultlem    \  Atkins, M   Baker R
n    ,. ii   \. Rpeckman  A  Wiltshire. W.
, fl    llcKcn, T   n  icon, T Will
j j  r
Managing d;
Head Oi
ila Streets.  '.,
V*   ���
l [own rd       *     i ���    t-nn  pt
\.   Al',        !        ilrick,  '
r,  1
���    ���
 ,** r ���'������'������ Ived niei      '���- *
lhe  oil      ,      of  ttl
���          I     i*      *   , ���
i   ron   ���'���     hoi * ,
.*   ii;n
.         ������
V     111
Ml   Li       to  '     ll '.'.
ti ion da
* '
1 i
till ('it    libel!
��� i
*,   ,   ���   -.
r.H 1 cft to 1          low,
Cooling Drink) for
the Hot Weather
Lime Juice frnm, per bottle 25c i i 00c
lt,ispli.*i*i> Vinegar, per bottle ....250
Choice  li.isi* rn Townships Hi.it. r    3
lbs ror    Sl 00
Nn, l Hm*. Buttt >��� (local), per Ib. 3Bc
I'm,klni-: Butter, por lb 30c
1 '   ���
'  i
mrP '��� 'J' y'M**%$r * ,   .flax
&MM-       :*i
' *     ; Eg SATURDAY,  JULY  19,  1913.
*>*.���**. nvs
For Sport Readers
�� ����� t, tt # # tt 0 ���* 0 * tt tt -ii
American  Sports  Making Inroads    on
Canadian Gam's���Record of
V.   A.   C.   and   Vancouver   Will   PUy
First Game This Afternoon
at Athletic Park.
The Vancouver Athletics will make
(tier debut as a profesHioual lacrosse
l-am at Athletic park this arternoon
when they stack up against thri Green
Shtrtl of the Terminal City under the
new managership or Harry Pickering.
This will he the firm game of a
series of seven '' for the city champion-ship, hut unless the former ama-
i' lira cun ahow uny more clat-m than
Ihey have made agalnsl Victoria ami
Westminster this Keason Interest is
I able to lug before the llnish of the
second encounter.
Joe Reynolds, who since a memorable game in Westminster last season,
has failed to show himself In the role
ol official, wlll have charge of the
game today wltll Lionel Yorke. chief
henchman or Con Jones Bluett Matt
Hurr severed relations with the former Vancouver magnate.
Boxing. ^^^^^^
Freddie    Welsh    va.    Young ���'.:
Philadelphia Jack O'Brien,    at ft
Brlghouse, 1:16 p.m. tt
Racing. -';.
Auto racing, auto polo, horse C
racing at Minoru park. tt
Lacrosse. (jl
V. A. ('.   vs.   Vancouver   at
Athletic park, it o'clock. tt
Hlg Kour���Tecumsehu at To- tt
rontos;    Irish    Canadians    at tt
Nationals. tt
Cricket. tt
Westminster    ut     HurrardB; tt
Central   at Westminster,   aay- tt
lum grounds, 2:3(1 p.m. tt
Nifty   Nine   vs.   Canadians,
Moody park, 'i:2'i p.m. tt
Shooting. ������"-���
Richmond ranges, last day of
provincial shoot. tt
Sunday Baseball. ;':���
North   Vancouver   at   Kraser tt
Mills. tt
ft tt tt 0 ���"��� tt ft ���:? tt tt ���:���:��� tt tf * tt
i    DeBplte the adverse comment pass
led by many Canadians   on   the   way;
'they run athletics In  the republic to,
ithe south, Canada  may  well  take    a I
leaf from the ti. S. book on the style!
In which they settle    difficulties    between organizations,  without    having
to go to the extreme, as demonstrated
this week in lacrosse.
i    From    present    uppearauces     this
country Is going from bad to worse In
tbe way of creating troubles in sports.
Canada was the only one of the Kngiish speaking    countries    which    had
anything to say against the way   the!
Olympic trip wus managed.    Last fall
Ottawa college was kicked out of the
inter-collegiate   rugby   league  lu    thn
east.   The Hamilton Alerts were fired
out  of    the    inter-provincial    rugger
union.     In    the   Allan    hockey   cup
matches not a single team from  Ontario made the trip to Winnipeg, simply on  the grounds    that    the    rules:
should    be    changed    to    bring    the
matches to Toronto. The old National
Lacrosse union passed out   of   exlBt- j
ence as far as a professional body is
concerned.   The Hlg four league bjck
In the east Is only drawing from 8000
to 4000 a game, when ten years   agi
there were    from    10.000    to    15,000
Two  World Known  Lightweights Will
Battle for Fifteen Rounds at
Brighouse  Today.
Nifties Trim Lumbermen.
The  Nifty  Nine deteated  the baseball   team   from   Smail   ec   Bucklln's
mill last evening on Moody park, 6-3., .,        .     ��� _ ,
Lewis  and   Lewis  were  the  battery 2at0fhln? *e flxtures at Toront0 *"*
for   the   lumbermen,   while   Klnnigan  Montreal.
and   Innls   performed   for   the   Nifty!    There are many Other scraps that
Nine.   This afternoon the Nifty Nine hav(* br"k"'1 "ut '",n"K ���� "a3t year
aggregation will stack up against the
Canadians at Moody l'ark. the game
starting at 2:30.
Consldi ratile Interest is being manl
f sti-it in the 16 round battle which !
will be stag'ti in the Brighouse arena
ih.h noon tetween Freddie Welsh, tii*
British lightweight champion, and
Voung Philadelphia .lack O'Brien,
The   bout   should   be  the   first  real ;
t st ot  Welsh's ability since he   arrived In Canada, his previous   meet '
inns with    lightweights   being   of   B j
Sec  ndiry  nature, but    O'Brien,    who
has obtained decisions   over Ad Wolgast,  Leach Cross and K. ii. Brow-j,
wlll   undoubtedly  compel  the  Brltldh'
clo.lnp to extend himself ll be hopes
tl-'o gain the decision,
Hilly   Darnlay,   or Vancouver,   and
Eddie  Moy, Welsh's sparring pai.tier, |
will   form   ths   preliminary   o'   six
rounds,  starting at  12:30 o'olojk.
Jimmy   Hewitt, of  Vancou-cr,  will
be the third man in the ring.
(By the Potter.)
Iltrr.ii-    Bchwsngers     tiud     u      B,
Powell,  the Viotorla    tennis   cracks.!
wen* defeated  by  the  American pair1
In tha competition tor the Davis cup.]
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
W,    L.
Vancouver  r>7   :i(i
Seattle    56   38
Portland  47   40
Victoria  43   r.i
Tacoma   42    S4
Spokane    43    fil
Yesterday's Games,
At  Victoria: it    H.   K.
Vancouver   5     X      1
Victoria        4      il      0
Batteries: Clark, Doty and Lewis;
Narveson, Kantlehner and Brotton.
At   Tacoma: II     II.    E.
Spokane       7    17      1
Tacoma   8   io    o
Hatterles: Smilh. Douglas antl Hannah: Kaufman, Ilelford, , Boict- and
Al   Bestlle: It     11.    K
Portland     4     R    0
Seattle        T,    11      2
llatteries: Eastley and Williams;
Fullerton and Cadman.
ill of which could have been patched
up with little loss to either side. Some
of the Sport magnates are now naliz
lng their mistake.    They are looking
on,  watching the American game    ol
baseball making rapid inroads on    ali
Canadian sports, simply owing to the
faci that the national baseball commission is a body  which will put its
I toot down hurd on any club that   attempts to create trouble.
Pel j     The question might be asked, when
,812  are  these  bickerings  going  to end ?
r,:i." ; Canada   is   big  enough.     It  has    the
.5401 population   to   Bupporl   many   games
.457   They should be    fostered,    not    held
.437 I back,  simply  through  the  bickerings
.868 | Of a few alleged magnates.
"Mr.  Con Jones  won  the cup    In j
1911 and v.as In a fair way to again
repeal  when Hue trouble arose, 1   oh,,
yes    Winning two gami i oul i f st ven
aure gives him u chance to take awaj
i ie mug.
Nick Carter wsa In the city yester
i!.,;, N i !. , '1 ��� -r.-tl Ills share , I tin*
gate receipts between V. A C and
tht   i hi ' n Hlnits for a measl)  (25.
Back east they ere nol satisfied with
mt bblng baseball and lacrosse officials, Tbey recentlj hammered tin* life
out "1 a Boccer referee,
Charlie Querrie is raising one liig:
howl back in Toronlo because the
Tecumsehs ha-*.,- been snaked }l*x in
lines while the Irish -Canadians have
only bten taxed (16, SIS'* looks b;g
for a team paying $25 Ojveek to its
.lust watch the eastern teams fall
over themselves challenging lor the
Mann cup now that the original V, A.
C aggregation have tunu-d pro. lf
��� ���ver an Ontario team comes out here,
lt will be good night to the amateur
"iiest thing that even happened to
i* ast lacrosse," was tho comment
passed by President KUIIiigton following the withdrawal of Ccn J-cnes from
the it ague on Thursday.
Riley's home run < * or the club
lu use   ,,il   lhi   crowd   ttl  QueetlB park
lasi  night,   it men'i a new pair   ol
lias ball   shot's   pri sensed   by     Ernie ,
.-; nclair. I
Standing ot in-r Clubs.
W,   i.. Pel
New  York TiH    28 .6S2
Philadelphia    48   32 58(1
Chicago     II    40 .628
Pittsburg    43   89 .",24
Brooklyn      37   41 .474
Hoston       3��     41! .4."2
St. I is ��4    r.l .400
Cincinnati              33    63 .3811
Yesterday's  Games.
First   Team   Play   Currards   in   Van- i
couver���Central  Park Here.
Iloth  the  New   Westminster cricket]
teams   will  take  the  field  this  after- ;
noon,   the   first   eleven   at   ltrockton
Point against the Hurrards, while the
"A" team will meet Central l'ark on ]
the   asylum   grounds.       The     line-up
will he as follows:
FirBt eleven��� -F. C. B. Cave fcap-
laini. W A Wells. !���'.. W. Money, L,
11. Miller, K T Dunford, Canon
d'Kasum. T Y Hebron, T. A. Jones. K.
Crahant. Q, Thom, K. A. Hose.
"A" Steven T. D. Curtis (captain).
T. K M. Lawson, V. K. Andrew. K. M.
Spot.tur.  T.   M.   Yeadon,   P.  0,   Stagg,
A   Peers, 0   Walton; w. ]���:. Birks, J.
W. Annandale, F   Arnold.
ii    ll
l     6
3     4     r,
Sallee and
antl  Myers,
II     11     K
Al   New   \ot-k
-���'    Louis   	
New   York   	
Hatterles: Myers, Perrltl
Wingo; Tesreau, Crandall
Second  game: ^[
St. I.ouis      0     n     n
New   York      6    10     0
Batteries:  Perrltl and Wingo. Huberts:   Mathewson  and   Myers,  Wilson
At Brooklyn It    H    K
Pittsburg   12    12     2
Brooklyn   1     6     2
Batteries:  Adams and Simon. Curlls:   Wagner, Hall, Kent ami  Fischer
At Ph'ladolphla: it    ll    H
Cincinnati     5     ;i     1
Philadelphia   3     6    2
11 uteri's    Iirown nntl  Kllng;  Chalmers. Beaton and Howley.
Chicago-Boston   game   postponed;
With    Billy    Fitzgerald    pounding
di Ugh, Joe l.ally leading B bunch of
emateurB, Westminster high and dry.
lie- V. A. ("s no more as simon puivs
and last, hut not least. Con Jones out
��� i thc .game altogether, thing* have
c me to b pn it> p.iss in Canadian la
Bob Hurman In the speed line, auto
pt :,, ami Boven classy horse races, tne i
, rowd al Minoru this atternoon should
li ��� the largest cf the season,
War i.i ths greatest game III the
. ,*!,! tor putting people out of business In the I.alkalis Ihey lire killing
, ff each oilier like flies, Just about
i mo for another Mexican president to
disappear nntl now Con Jones pusses;
,n. ay.
Thret lingered  Iirown    still  Iiiib    B |
I ih- 1. li.    Yesterday he put one over
i!u-  PhllllOB.
Seventeen to three. And they Inld
us yesterday morning that the   Bal
li   -rals still had a chance for the OltJ
<  ,,in.,iionslii|i.
Thn practice of giving In lo the de
mands of an umpire who ubIis twi
* lars lm* every city league game al
(Jiil-i us park la one that ought to be
tn. ni cold,   The managera ol   the
tin   p  teams should  gel   together nntl
,. ,*,n official who will officiate al
u   amateur game free,
.. k  lloult, It. C.  McDonald and O.
ii    Ion ��iil compete In the Caledonian
ib al North Vancouver ihls after-
Break  of  02.
ik ,,r ns in Ai ��� rlcan billiards
ruuture   at    tho   Club   i 1
,  , ,,.��� nn win n  l *"'���* Bhafl
IiibI I Imrllo ,o rdon, Bnow
, n i doing anything bul talk
the crowd on edge through
whole i ithlbltlon,
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    I.      Pet
Philadelphia fil   25 .7on
Cleveland   Sl    36 .SSfi
Washington   r,l    39 .8861
Chicago   48    ID .545 I
Hoston    40    41 .493 i
Rt.   I.ouis    30    57 .406 j
Detroit  36   55 .3(15 1
New York  26   5S .309
Yesterday's  Games.
Ai  Detroit:                        lt    H. E I
Ho*-ton      1 4     81
Detroit         5 s     3
Batteries: Wootls. Moseley, Hall and
'I'll mias:  Dauss aud  McKee.
At Cleveland; ��� ���?    H.   E '
New Vork   5   12     0
Cleveland   !    fi    6
Batteries; Ford and'QOBsett; ciregg |
and Carlsoh,
At  Ch c-'go: it     fl,    F
Philadelphia   4    9    i
Chicago     1     5    2
Batteries; Bender and Beheng; Hussell nml Bchalk.
At Bt Louis: ft.    II.    E.
Washington   r.   12    2
St.   Louis      1      7     1
Ilallerles: (irnoiite. Johnson and
Henry, Ainsmlth; Haiimgarliier and
Intecatlonal  Le.-guc,
i'cchi"-ter 2, Toronto 2.
ProvldpnCfl  4.  Newark  S.
All other games postponed;  rain.
is2,"i Jim Ward became heavyweight champion by defeating
Tom Cannon In len rounds nt
Warwick. Kngland. Wanl was a
Clever and powerful debtor, antl
hnd the mosl beautifully proportioned body ever seen In a rim;.
Hii retained possession or the
title for thirteen years, when he
retired without having known
tl, fi'itt Ileal' Burke laid claim to
tlio championship, but soon lost
It to the acrobatic Bendlgo, who
was the Napoleon of the ring in
th" matter of strategy and general nil i p.
LOO Buddy Ryan knocked oul Oeorge
pt torsos in the 20th round al
Sun FranclBCo,
1909 Jack Dillon defeated Joe Mc
Arte In lix rounds at Indian-
up 11b,
(By   "Gravy."|
"Little  Mac."
John McOraw, the greatest manager
who i ver led a baseball team to victory
llh.'is.  peers and  pop bottles from
the admirers of Mack, chance, Dooln, I
Clarke and Stab!)
Will begin tod,i\ the twelfth year of!
his  regime  as   manager of  the  well
known Oionts,
It  was eleven years ago today that I
lawn took charge t f the comic opera
aggregation which  then    represented
the  American   metropolis  In  the  Na-,
tional league.
In the first game under his leader I
ship the Giants were defeated by!
Philadelphia, 4 t > ."..
That om* contest was all Jawn need- I
ed to get a line on his alleged "tal- I
ent" The next day there were nine ,
--count 'em--ex-Glants looking for,
Consternation filled the buztum of
the owner of the (Slants when he heard |
or this wholesale "canning." lie ventured to remonBtrat .
"U" paid Jawn   jusl  like that.  "I.
this so-called ball team, although lar |
be It from me to admit that It Is such, i
Is going to finish in the cellar anyway,
and having the salaries of nine men
less to pay isn't going tn make It fin- I
Ish any lower.    And it'll be a saving
of  money."
Jawn,   although   instinctively   Irish.
always was as canny as a Scotchman |
j about spentlini* money.
When the Little  Napoleon  had  the!
(Hants wished on him they were last j
I in  the league  by  the safe margin of
fourteen games   They remained in lhe I
' cellar  the  remainder  of that  season,
proving  that  Jawn  was a  good  pro-1
I phei. but under his management th"
I joke team, augmented hy MoQraw'fll
'former Baltimore team mates, llres-
nahan, Cronln, McQInnlty and Mc-
Oann some names, them! - won half
I of ihe remaining games.
The  next  vear  tlle  (Hants  finished
second, in 19"4 they copped the pennant, repeated In 1905, anil never
since have they finished out of the
first division.
Incidentally, since   McOraw    took
charge, the United StateB mints have
had to work nights to Bupply enough
coin to pour Into the coffers of the
owners of the (Hunts.
"Little   Mite"  has   got   his  share
trust hlm for that    and In the eleven
yeara   he   has   amassed   a   Bnug   fortune that  runs up  Into the hundreds
of thousands.
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and corr.ir.ittce
Finest equipment and
best lighting and ventilation
of anv Pool room on Pacific
R. II. CORBETT, Manager.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
Eleven Days of Great
Value Giving
The season has been backward and our stocks are unusually heavy for this season of the year; therefore
we will throw our entire stock on the market.
Twenty-five to thirty-three and one-third
per cent, less than regular prices
L01 No. 1 **>**>*1r&*+***+*r+* LOT No. 2
Soft double cuffs, soft
front styles. Arrow and
All Shirts   up   to  $1.50
for Sl.OO.
All Shirts up   to  $2.00
for $1.35.
See them.
All Summer
100 Straw
Slightly soiled, but
regular $3 to $4 values
All Sizes.
Keep down your
temperature by
getting into a
suit of our" keep
cool" underwear.
Craft and Society Brand <
The best all wool fabrics that money
can buy,
$35.00 Suits for - $25.00
$30.00 Suits for - $22.00
$25.00 Suits for - $18.00
$20.00 Suits for - $15.00
$18.00 Suits for - $13.00
Tweeds, Worsteds and Serges.   Our
entire stock to choose from.
All sizes, 34 to 44.
All other straw
hats and Panamas reduced
Every garment
turned out of
our shop guaranteed to give
absolute satisfaction or your
money cheerfully refunded.
���^i���jjl'i(aHI��uu....-K.vu."->-...-��-���'-'-~-       L  1, mi ��� in n���l ���~* �����������������''
SATURDAY,   JULY   19,   1913.
Classified Advertising
celved Ior The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
flay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
mouth; 6,000 words, to be need as required wlttin one year from date of
(ontract, $25.00.
wants position for washing and
house cleaning by day. Apply 6">
Tenth street, city. (1757)
house work. Apply llox 1746 News
office. ll746'
keeping rooms; convenient. Apply
K. P. block.
dressers and bed at 206 Columbia
street east. (176GI
bacco. cigar, candy and fruit store;
good location; good lease. Have
other business to look after. Apply
716 Columbia street, city.        (1766)
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ab-
ency, 336 Hastings street weBt, Vancouver, B.C. (1678)
Burnaby Lake. Modern eight roomed bungalow, hot and cold water,
electric light, city waler; standing
on acre ol ground, beautiful look-
cut; tennis court, garage, stable and
chicken house. Apply Capt. Thomas.
Port Coquitlam. (1756)
keeplng rooms at 224 Seventh
etreet. (1722)
rooms to rent; even' convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.      (1692)
week; also housekeeping rooms, at
20S Eleventh street. (1744)
50 per
Furnished three room suite,
Lath. Hot and cold water. $27
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
For Sale���White Rock summer home,
partly furnished, with two fine lots
right on the sea front, For few
days only will sell for $900 below
value and on easy terms.
For Exchange���We have a big list of
city and Burnaby vacant propertiej
to exchange for houses and
revenue producing properties. What
have you to offer ?
For Rent���Eight room fully modern
bouse in first class condition, situate No. 609 Bent street, city. Cheap
rent and lease to right party.
For Fire Insurance���This might mear.
sometthing to you this dry weather.
Let us place your policy. Good
strong companies to pay losses.
Rates and full information gladly
given upon request. Ixissea paid
Phone 312. loxrn Hi,
Westminster Trust Bullldlng.
the new high schools, on Tipperary
square, a gold watch chain with
two charms attached. Finder rewarded on returning to box 1769
The News office. (1769)
For a License to Take snd Use Water.)
Notice is hereby given that Dawson
and   Grace,   of   South   Westminster,
will apply  for  a  license to take and 1
use one hundred Inches of water out |
*of an unnamed creek, which flows in
a northerly    direction    through    wild
land, owner    unknown,   and    empties
into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
'road.    Tbo water will be diverted  at
a point south of Ladner rond and will
he  used  for stock and domestic  purposes nn lhe land described ns a subdivision of fractional section 25, Ii, 5
N.,  H. 3 W.
This notice    was    posted    on    the
bank building, corner of Columbla ami if"'"""' <>"  ��'"' 8U,A,daZ ��Wf\'r. "o^1
McKenzie streets, on Wednesday, the  The application  will be filed in    the
.'4rd dav of July, 1913. at 3 o'clock in   "-J1"' "' ���^ Water Recorder at New (
-.he afternoon, the following, or suffi-  Westminster.
e ent thereof to satisfy the judgment i    Objections   may  be  filed  with
debt   and  costs   herein:     One   Macev   said   Water  Recorder    or    with
tak letter cabinet, one electric heater,   Comptroller  of Water Rights,  Parlta-1
cne oak roller top desk, linoleum, one  ment Buildings. Victoria. B.C
cak double standing desk 6 ��get, heat
Province of British Columbia, County |
of Westminster.
Under and by  virtue of a writ of I
���i   fa  to  me   directed   ami   delivered |
;,gainst the goods and chattels of   C.
Sblnobu at the suit of Tai On Chan
i impany, I have seized and  will sell
a: Sbinobu's    ofTice,    Northern-Crowi
.ig Steve and pipe, three Oftlfie speci-   (1*18)
"-ity dak and  walnut  filling  cabinets,   ^���-^
me   fire   proof    safe,   office    slttols,
chairs, maps,  inkstands, letter scales,
��� te.. one Daw's  duplicator, one  Neo*
ctyle, lot lypewriter paper, etc.
Terms of sale cash.
T, J. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff
New Westminster. July 17, 1913.
Re Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore  Conveyed,  In the  Dis-
trtct of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to  1913, at 9
Province of British Columbia, County
ot  Westminster.
Under and by virtue of warrants of
execution and a warrant under chattel mortgage, to me directed and delivered against tlie goods and chattels
of the West End Hardware company
at the suit of Kelly, Douglas & Co..
Merrlthew *.- Ramsey anil A. Hard
man, I have seized and will sell at
the West End Hardware company's
store, Eighth street. New Westmin
ster. on Monday, the 28th day ef July
) o'clock in ihe forenoon
tlie above property  will be issued    to u,,.  following, or sufficient  thereof to
William Mrltride tin the ISth day   of satisfy  the judgment  debt  and  costs
August, 1913, unless in the meantime herein, etc.:    All   the   stock of hard
a valid objection thereto be made to ware,  tools,   plumbing  goods,  ranges,
me in writing hy a person or persons heaters, granite anil tinware, niumunl-
elaimtng an estate or interest therein, Hon,  paints,  varnishes,   brushes,   etc.,
or In am part thereof. amounting      as   per     inventory      to
J. 0. GWYNN, $44-17.28.
District Registrar of Titles.
I-and Registry office,
Nt-,.   Westminster,   B.C.,   12th  July.
1913 |
The person or persons having In
their ' lstod) in possession the following Title Deeds relating to the said
propertj are requested to deliver the
same to tin' undersigned.
30th January, Isho, grant from lhe
' rni* :,   to   Charlotte   Adele   Rotlgue.
19t!i J'lly. 1SS9, conveyance from
Charlotte Allele Rougue to Robert
Bcotl Moncrleff,
.1. ('. GWYNN,
(174:: t       District Registrar of Titles.
Terms of sale cash.
T. J   ARMSTRONO, Sheriff
New Westminster, Julv 16th, l&in
(17591 I
Province of British  Columbia,  County
of Westminster,
',ii v. it
Hy   i tiite of  a  warrant   under con-
'  tional Iiiii of sale anil a distress war-
��� nit Issued in action liy S, II   Thomp-
in ami to tin- directed agalnsl    the
m*'<Ii  and  chattels  of   Emmonds   & '
BldiDe 1 havi- seized and taken    thel
following:    Three    PonBylvanla   auto
'ires, four Dunlop auto tires, lm blow
t nt patches and protectors, four sets
weed chains, live  Presto llghl (auks. I
"tie 160 gallon gas tank, tun* gasoline |
imp, two    vulcanizing    oiitlits,    one'
(4 h.p. gusollne engine, one   air coin-
; ressor tank and fixtures, three greas,.
���ms. three bronze shafts anil    thi	
opellors, two desks, a lot  of tools.
spark plugs, auto accessories, etc.
All i f which I shall expose for sale
18 Eighth street New Wostmin-
*. i     ���   Monday, the 2lst day of July.
V.I at the hour of 3 o'clock In
��� afti rnoon.
N<**,*. Westminster. July 16th, 1913.
T   I   ARMSTRONG, Sheriff,
I     " for the Mortgagee and Land-1
lord. (1760)
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ��16,000.000.0��
RESERVE    $16,000,000.0<
Branches throughout Canada ane
Newfoundland, and ln London, Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokam
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Lctterf |
of Credit iBsued, available with cot
respondents In all parts of the world
Savings Bank Department���Deposit:
reoelved In sums of $1 and upward
anWInterest allowed at 3 per cent poi
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over ��ls<i.onn,noo.oo.
G. D.  BUYMNER,  Manager
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,  Marine  Engines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth 6t.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
$5.00 Safety
Razor for
To introduce it,
the Mark Cross
Razor is offered
for a limited time
only for 25 cents
one-twentieth of
its actual value.
Offered Them in Small Denominations
Adjoining City Got Little Better
Than 95
The following from the pen of the
editor of a Minneapolis paper should
prove of interest in New Westminster, in view of the fact tl)at there
are still some bonds to hc disposed
St. I'aul Is selling ils bonds at par
while Minneapolis Is felicitating itself
on getting a hid that Ib three-tenths
of a per cent better than 95.
The credit of Minneapolis Is -every
bit as good as that of St, Haul. Both
cities were up against a depressed
bond market. The brokers who take
municipal bonds at the rate of n hundred thousand dollars and more at
a clip all egreed that money was
tight  and Ihe market slow,
In this situation, St. Paul, instead
of forcing the sale of its bonds tc
interests which were avowedly bears,
sought a new market by an extremely simple device. Figuring that the
$1000 denominations tin which tlie
bonds were issued prevented many
small investors from purchasing, the
St. Paul sinking fund commission issued certificates in $10 denominations
each representing part ownership in
a city bond. By this excellent cooperative scheme an appeal was mad*?
to a source of money supply which
had never before been interested in
city  bond sales.
ln the first tight business days of
July the people- the little fellows���
came In with tlieir $lu. $20 or $50
savings and put nearly $400,000 of
them into the securities backed by the
good faith and credit of the city ot
St. Paul. Not only did small investors come in but sales were made of
$'2000 and upward to a single inves 1
The money is still coming in.
Thus, by avoidng the gloom spread
Ing buyers who might have been willing to take its bonds at a starva-
tlon discount. St. Paul is golliig par
for its bonds and at the same t'mc
supplying Its people with an absolutely safe, simple Investment nnyiiigl
4 per cent and with the principal pay-
able on demand with interest In ..ill
to  the  very  day  of  withdrawal.
Minneapolis lias not yet enlarged
its market with this simple device.
The money is here and war i.r but
as yet no definite move hon It-.-en
made lo do business with nnybodv
except the big buyers who can take
an entire issue in one deal���-nt a pro-
I fitahle discount of course.
j Meantime, don't forget , ha; St. Paul
jls selling its bonds at par uhlie Vi.v
neapolls is getting only 96.03,
We shouldn't li" too pro in to copv
I a good scheme from St. Paul and lh"
thing for Minneapolis In th" preset".
Bituation  would seem  to  find   t  way
ito do it  father than  to hunt  around
for excuses why  we can't do it.    Iti
I worth something io keep thai Interr.bl
money here at  home antl  .o  protect
the  city's  credit.
To gi't it down to tlollars am ."i.n
Minneapolis will pay $11,416.U0 *; vear
mere for the money it borrowed at
this last bond sale than St. Paul
W( ultl pay for the same loan under
its plan. Tlie botlds run for un average period of six \i-ars so that the
total loan costs tin- city $63,601.40
mt f* than St. Paul would pay f i
tlie  same  amount.
Again. Minneapolis might have saved the salary of its mayor, and city
attorney ami had enough lefl to bin
.-  jatii't.r or two.
Records   Stolen   from   Calgary   Land
Titles Office Not Yet  Found-
Detectives Employed.
zCalgary, July IS. That the $62 stolen
from the cash box in tho land titles
office recently waB taken a week after
the cask books covering the years
from 1907 to 1912 Inclusive, had mysteriously disappeared. wa�� a fact that
has been disclosed. Registrar Kdrbes
believes that the disappearance of the
books and the theft of the cash were
misdeeds that were not necessarily
No trace has yet heen discovered of
the missing books, though detectives
are still working on the case. Mr
Forbes declares tliat to his knowledge there was nothing in the report
that the backs of the hooks had been
found in the furnace; he believes it
quite possible that the books are in
existence yet, and a search ls being
conducted for them.
Furthermore, the five men who were
let out of the office recently will not
he reinstated, regardless of the story
appearing to that effect ln a local
"I do not see why this matter is not
permitted to drop." said Mr. Forbes
this morning. "This publicity is not
helping either tlie office or the men
concerned. Thev will not he reinstated, that Is all there Is to it."
No evidence has been discovered to
connect the men let out with the missing ?Ci2, but the department was simply not satisfied with their conduct,
anil the men were let go.
Wilson Reported Loss.
Frank Wilson, one of the men dismissed, was a deputy accountant, nnd
had charee of, the five misslnc cash
books, which were kept locked in a
vault. The first known of the mysterious disappearance of the books was
when Wilson reported to Mr. Forbes
one morning about two weeks ago that
the cash books were missing. The
lock had not been tampered with, and
whoever took the hooks had a key Mr.
Wilson strongly denied any knowledge
of how the hooks could bave been ah
strat'teti. alleging that they were safe,
ly in place when he locked the vault
the night before
The five missing books represent a
total cash business amounting to hundreds of thonsaiyls or dollars in the
last five years. All the sums enteretl
in these books, however, also are entered in the day books, which are Intact, art! the day looks balance with
the bank deposits of the office. Registrar Forbes, therefore, does not believe that the cash books were abstracted to cover up nnv defalcation,
|aB such misdeeds would have shown
tip in discrepancies between the day
books ami the bank balances.
Mr.  Forbes  Reticent.
When pressed that he must have
some Idea as to what reason a person
would have for taking tlle books. Mr.
Forbes admitted tliat lie did have
sucii a notion, hut ditl not want to
make it public, ll was suggested that
there mlghl have heen errors in bookkeeping which some om' wanted to
cover up and took the books for tint
purpose    Mr. Forbes said thai might
he  tlte  case.
"It was a fool's acl to take the
books." he declared,
It is reported that ni'iers may lip
Implicated in the thefi 'f the cash
anil abstraction of the hooks, but Mr
Forbes resolutely declined to admit
or deny that he knew anything of such
"They are all rot," he averred.
music will enliven the line, and the
oldest genuine stage coach in exUt-
lence will be dfijwn by one of the most
i famous of the old-time overland mail
The parade will be preliminary to
what iB expected to prove one of tlie
moBt  Interesting  and  complete   Wild
West   exhibitions  ever  seen   In   thiB
city.    A  performance of  Infinite  variety Is promised.    Col. Zack Mulhall,
I the   famous   Oklahoma   rancher   and
I founder of the town of Mulhall, ami
] his equally famous daughters, Lucille
' and Georgle, will give a series of re-
S inarkable  exhibitions witli  the lariat,
Ifllusratlng  In  an  exciting    way    the
ranch  method    of     controlling    wild
horses.   A   big  band   of  cowboys  and
cowgirls   will  give  a  genuine  round-
,up with TexaB streets, and Incidental-
jly  contribute  a  few  exhilarating  experiments In "broncho bustiug." There
(will be border dramas  In  which  the
I Indians will be picturesquely utilized,
and Mexicans and CossackB will contribute   to   the   general   strenuousness
of the big show.    As an extra feature
of sensational  effectiveness,  there  is
an auto polo game,  with  four racing
machines anil expert'players.
Outing Shoes
Separate tenders supercrlbed,
I "Tender for Residence of Head Gardener,"
I "Tender for HcBldence for Engineer,"
I    "Tender for Ilesldence of the  Bur-
1    "  Tender for  HcBldence  for  Assistant   Medical   Superintendent,"
respectively, will be received hy  the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works op-to noon of Munday, the 28th
|day  of July,  ISIS,  for  the  erection
*and completion of the following residences at tbe. Mental Hospital. Kssondale, B. C:
"Residence for the Head Gardener,"
I    "Ilesldence for the  Knglneer."
"HcBldence  for the Bursar,"
"Ilesldence  for the Assistant  Medical superintendent-"
Plans, specifications, contract antl
forms of tender for ench building mny
be Been ou and after the 6th day of
July, 1918, at the oficeB of J. Mahony.
Government Agent, Vancouver; S. A.
Fletcher, Government Agent. New
WeBtmlnater; and the Department of
Public Works. Victoria, B. ('.
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of drawings and specification-t
of each building for thc sum of fifteen dollara ($16) for each set re-
julred, which will be refunded on
their return  in  good order.
Kach proposal must be accompan
' letl hy an accepted hank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honorable the MinlBter of Public
Works, for the buiii of !j per cent, of
the tender price, which shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline
| to enter Into contract when called upon to do so, or If he fail to complete
the work contracted for. The cheques
or certificates of deposit of unsucctss
ful tenderers will be returned to them
upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not he considered unless made out ou the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed In the envelopes furnished.
Public. Works Engineer!*
Department ol Public Works,
Victoria, li. v., July 4th. 1813, (1712)
MERCHANT TAILOR R���, Eu,e ,������ lnluranee.
New   Spring  and   Summer  Suitings
: now  on  dlBplay,    See them.    Perfect Notary  Public.
int and workmanship guaranteed.   701 Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
Front StreeL New Weitminiter, B.C.
K.  H.  BUCKUN, N.  BEARD8LEK,        W. P. H. BUCKUN,
Pres and I'rsa)  Mgr. Vice-President Bee. and Traaa.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonei No. 7 snd 877.
Kelowna, H <'., July 18. "Yen havi
tli,' best cherry crop in tin- whole prov.
nui'.'' remarked (l. I. Thornton, tin
British Columbia government's exhib
it  expert,  in   tlie course
view.     "1   do   not   thlnl
Montreal, July is.   "Absolutelydisgusted!''   "Thorough    investigation!"
"Instant dismissal!" and other equally  strong  expressions   were  UBed   by
.,.,,,,.  members or st. Andrew's  Lodge, lu-
���   an   inter-   t'-rnational  Order of  (lood  Templars
1   have   evei   '"   attacking   members   of   tlte   pollc
seen such clusters ami branches, ami 'orc' ,,-.-.
many of the berries are over an  inch'     After  freely  expressing their View
in  dlamet r" "n subject, the membors finally
Mr. Thornton is making Kelowna his condensed them int..   th"   tallowing
headquarters this season,  as  tlie or-   resolution
chard city, in the opinion of the Hen.
Win. E. s.cott. deputy minister, is the
i most   suitable   location   in   tiie   Okati-
ittgan for the collection of exhibition
'specimens of fruit antl product*.
Good  Fruit Crop.
"The  general  crop  this  year,"  tie
continued, "is looking extremely well.
' Possibly this is accounted for by the
larger rainfall than usual.   Apple trees
arc now loaded with fruit anil many
jof the branches ar"    touching    ihr
ground  The healths foliage is an un-
mistakeahle  sign  that   tin-  t
< being wli nourlshi d "
"Resolved that we. the members ol
St. Andrew's Lodge, International order of Good Templars, do place on record our Indignation ami disgust at I'm
inaction antl Indifference il tlu- police
administration on the occasion of th"
open-air   meeting   held     tui    Monday
'last, under th" auspices ni tlie Progress Lodge, when .lohn 11. Roberts anil
a number ot mi inters of our order
wire brutally attacked by a mob ol
roughs,   in view ol tin- fact that both
chief Campeau nnt'.    Police   captain
Charland  wire  requested  to provide
ample protection and absolutely  ig
non d di" request, wi  demand a thor
ough    Investigation    nnl   punishment
or dismissal of tbosu responsible."
Back East
TijE ala:ka COACT
Five   Days
CT. "Prince Georre" Sailing
every   Monday   (Midnight)
- to
(Granby Bav)
(Five Days)
SS. "Prince  Rupert" sailing
every  Thursday   (Midnight)
Including Meats and Berts.
. On Salt- Dally to Sept, 30th.
Return Limit Oct. i'.lst
Variable Routes,
iio   One   Wai     Return   Another.
Hoston anil return   $11" 00
Detroit  antl  rt turn     83 00
Halifax and return   129.35
Montreal ami return . . 105 00
New York and return . , 108.6 I
Niagara i-'aiia and rotum   I'iMm
Ottawa and return    103.00
Toronto and return .... 92.00
Other points at same reductions
Illustrated literature on request, showing views ami equipment of trains.
II. ('. SMITH. C,  P   &  T. A.
.rili7  Granville  Street,  Vancouver.
S\.   K.   DUPBROW,  (i.  A.   P.   D.
1 hone  Private  Exchange  8134
Montreal, July is Thr exact objeel Of a visit made by VV, t! Uoss and
Farquhar Robertson, ol the Montreal
[harbor commission to Ottawa, where
[they were In conference with the Hon,
J li Hnzen, minister of marine ami*
flaherles, haa not been disclosed by
Mr.  Itos
Phone 59
New Westminster
Wild West    Show    Offers    Variety of
Events���Old Stage Coach.
Thursday, Jul,- '.'I will be the Oklahoma Ranch wiiti West day in New
Westminster   Tin-  event   wlll   he  slg-
inali^til hy  what  is described as one
Although   a   dispatch   trom   Ottawa   "f   "'"   '���'���"���-'   "m"*   -1'"1   Picturesque
'states that the commissioners were in Btreet parades ever ofTered as a rn-.-*
the capital, with the object of obtain- "Pectacle to the public by any maun
ing some oo.  square teet or land "e[ ol "���' out-door nmuitomonl enter-
near iii" l.mil.nc canal, which Is now Prise.
leased lo private Arms, Mr, Rosb de- .  ""'H'"'!*-   '���' Interesting characters
cllned to make   an   affirmation,   al- will be In line   ["here will be cowboys
though bt  said b   could nol deny Ihe l,":l *''���"" "��� '������" "���"���-'' famous west-
fgtatemenl ''''"  ranches,  with  champions of tne
"The information Was probably gh Pendleton    Round-up,    the    Caltrary
*��� oul b> the government,." he said ^'"l"^" and oihn- great Wild VVes
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Ib meeting with the greatest favor  wherever laid.
"We are not in a poQit'lon tn mako
statements ns regards our Intcntl in-1."
The land In question is near thi
Grand Trunk elevator. It is trenerally
believed In shipping circles that tin
commission wish to build new sin iis.
as the accommodation for grain ves
Rels in the port Is fell to he insufficient.   According to the terms of th
Bath *i Ingi     There will he over iif:
cowgirls, i ��� i'-y one tif them a during
rider of wild horsos rrom ��� hlldhood
Thi re w m in. pcori i> of Indians, in ail
'in* panoply rr wnr-bonnots, gay blan
kels  ami  bended  orntmontatlon, ac
cnmonnled by their squaws ami pap-
Tliere will  |." reckless riders from
tlcieul.     According to the  ierilis ot  till  "    '*'    muni-cM   iiuoi.   i
leas.- which the companies are said to Cossack land, hull lighters and lariat
hold,   the  government,  on   giving  two   throwers from  Mexico, and mnn. oth-
months' notice, can reclaim the land
for Its  own  purposes.     Mr,   lloss'   ri'-
i fusiii to make a statement lo looked
Upon as an admission that tlii'i clause
of the lease will be acted on, bul it
Is thoughl that the commissioners
wish to delay plana for what new accommodation win be necessary until a]
fliuti permission is secured from the
govcriimi nt.
er   strange   ami   curious   people  than
have ever before, H is declared, been
seen  In a  single strict  display.
With all this tliere  will be what  is
saiii to he au unusually notable exhibition ol' line horses In Hie gorgeous
tableaux section, which serves to II
liivtrate in a series ol' living pictures
scenes antl Incidents In tiie stirring
days  of  the  pioneers.    Ten  kinds of
Bitulithic on Second Street, Ne��j Westminster with Boulevard  Dowr
i    ,- ���. the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-sllppcry, practically du8tle8s, easy on
horses' feet, und, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
llitulltlilc Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horsea,
householders, and city officials, lt has been adopted by fifteen cltleB
In Canada, and over two hundred lu the United Statea.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. SATURDAY,  JULY   1��,   1913.
PAGE  sever.
Forced Into the Street
Building Coming Down
��� i
Doomed !   Forced to Vacate !  The
Greatest Slaughter Ever Held.
To the first 100 people entering this store will
be given an opportunity to get one of the five items
mentioned here absolutely free of charge. Get down
here early and secure your place when the doors
open to the crowds.
Suit that sold at $:50.00.
Pair of Shoes that sold at $6.00.
Pair Pants that sold at $5.00.
Hat that sold at $3.00.
Shirt lhat sold at $1.50.
It's the Most Bonafide Clothing Sale Ever Held intCanada
Saturday, July 19, A110 A. M.
and will continue for 10 DAYS ONLY in lhe large
building at 605 COLUMBIA STREET
Dominion   Trust  Company
mi.wiii-,i-.iititac       lair **.*, ISIS.
OVER $27,000
4        It
fttfth* Vodarr
Clot Mnj
t**t Slrst-
| '   ����� h.r.Sji  utlfjp yeu u��t ob 'mX�� Sltt.lllS **
���irt ��ou to *t*t>*t. (ton in te. sll.r* Sloan, a*. oeomjl.*
*3 jou, for th. ruien tkat w* wi.K ta taar 4m tkt*
tu111 Inf. -     -
Years tral.
The great selling out sale caused by the building coming down. Over $27,000 worth of merchandise for men and children to be sold in ten days at the Modern Clothing Store, 605 Columbia
Street, near the Post Office. This stock will be distributed into the homes of the people at less than actual cost of the raw material. Beginning today at 10 a. m., the whole combined stock must
be sold in ten days. The sensational and ridiculous low prices will amaze the most skeptical. Clothing will be sold for the mere cost of linings and buttons, furnishings at the cost of yardage.
It will pay you to come miles and miles to attend this great selling out sale. Let nothing keep you away if you want to save money. Sale will positively open, rain or shine, today, July 19th,
at 10 a.m. and will continue for 10 days only. We advise prompt action.   Everything will go rapidly in this 10-day forced out sale. Shop early and avoid the big crush this afternoon and tonight.
Bargains in Men's Clothing, Hundreds and Hundreds of Suits to Pick From
Men's Fine Hand-tailored Suits, in
Men's and Youths' Fine Suits, :5 pieces, a
to match, worth from $8.50 to
$10.00.   Doomed price	
Men's Suits, positively worth $12.50 or your
monev refunded anv time during tfi QQ
this sale .' $4.03
Men's Suits in Cheviots and Scotch tweeds,
worth $15.00 or your money refunded anj
time during this sale it you are tf C 1Q
dissatisfied. Doomed price -J) J. J J
Men's splendid Suits in Valour finished C'as-
simers, all sizes in this lot; is positively
worth to- $18.00   Doomed
Men's Fine Hand-tailored Suits, in all the
wanted styles, worth up to $22.50.
Doomed Sale price 	
At $9.99 and $11.88 these Suits represent the
product of the world's celebrated looms
and most skilful tailors; guaranteed to
excel any $30.00 made-to-order suit in the
world or we will cheerfully refund vour
Men's   and    Youths'
worth to $7.50 ....
Men's Fine Raincoats
$15.00; now  	
Doomed Sale jg^ JJJ gg
Raincoats;   tfT AO
Shoes Almost Given Away
Men's Shoes, sold at. and   actually    QOj, \   Men's extra fine Dress Shoes; m all leatb
jOli ers; wort'
$1.98 and
worth $3.00.   Doomed price
Men's  Dress Shoes' vici kid, velour,
calf; worth $6.50.   Doomed Sale
ers; worth $5.00 and $6.00; now   C��l CQ
High cut Shoes, worth $7.00;
worth   to
Men's Pants Given Away.
Men's and Youths' Pants, worth up to $2.50;
now 89c
Men's Pants, in gray stripes and plain colors; for dress wear; regular price to
$3.50.   Doomed price $1.19
Men's Fine Worsted and Tweed Trousers;
worth to $5.00.   Sale price $1.98
Big Bargains in Hat Department.
Big line of Hats, worth up to $3.50. Doomed
price ��8c
Caps, 50c to $1.00 values; now 13c
Men's soft and stiff Hats; all shape; worth
$3.00.   Doomed price  69c
Bovs' Hats, worth $1.00; now 19c
Straw Hats, worth $1.50; now 39c
Genuine Panama Hats, worth   to   $7.50.
Doomed price  $1.98
Wonderful Bargains in Furnishings.
Men's and Boys' Shirts, regular prices to
$1.00.    Doomed Sale price 29c
Men's Shirts, white and   fancy   patterns;
prices $1.50 to $3.00.   Doomed price. . 89c
Men's Underwear, worth to $1.50 49c
Men's fine cotton Hose; worth to 25c;
now   4c
Men's Handkerchief, worth 10c; now. .. .2c
Men's Embroidered Suspenders, worth to
25c; now  9c
Overalls, worth to $1.25 49c
Ties, worth 50c.   Doomed price 12c
Men's Underwear, worth 50c; now 17c
15c and 25c Collars, all styles; now 3c
$3.50 Fancy Vests; now . 69c.
Gloves, worth 75c; now 14c
$3.00 Suit Cases; now 98c
Ladies' Handkerchiefs, worth to 25c; now 9c
Ladies' Hose, worth to 35c; now 8c
Children's Hose, worth to 25c; now....6c
Children's Suits Slaughtered.
Children's Knee Pants, worth 75c; now.29c
Children's Suits, worth to $5.00; now. .$2.29
Children's Suits, worth to $3.00; now. .$1.49
Today, July 19th, at 10 a. m. For
10 Days Only.
Money   Back  and   Goods  Exchanged.
Come See This Mighty Avalanche of Majestic Bargains.
Modern Clothing Store
Wanted, Salespeople fer Clothing. Furnishings, Hats, Shoes.   Also Ten Cash
Boys. Store Open Evenings for Workmen.
Near Post Office
Nc* Ordinance    Being    Considered���
Covert Everything from Rooming
Houses to Patent Medicines
Seattle, July 18. A revised edition
< i tlm building ordinance ot Seattle
recommended tor passage (or tho pub
i i* md' y committee of the olty ooun<
���cil is drafted primarily to advanoe
t.io iit'uliii conduces of (Hla city.
Tito now ordinance, whloh repeal!
all ordinance's in conflict therewith,
provides that there Hhall ho no deep-
lag rooma In cellar*; that Bleeping
rt ma In basements where the depth
11 the basement is not moro than two
(���birds below street level, must hava
in.,   loss window spade of one-tenth
the  aroa of  the  flour  Space ot such
basement; that rooms In all buildings
used ior lodging purposes must have
t utslde windows tor each room, either
t it outside widls or on courts of a
���jiiituiiiit'ti area, and that no bath,
toilet or Otber room shall have an
i iiiiuii*; tit liuso courts other than
To  Improve  Lodclng  Houses
The measure is aimed primarily al
obi ap lodging houses, and  the now
i. * vs iii the hill arq to bocome el
iPOtlve six months attar adoption by
  i*.i'   i oun II
.].;���;.   Qt etttl ���   i* ia   id al   r igula
tit ns ci ii-- rnlng suoh lodgln *. housi
bul it was the oplulon o( th nmlt
tee thai Inasmuch as Boattlo it grow
ing al such a rapid rato, unless groat
care be taken by the city officials,
"s'.uiu" conditons might enter Into tin
situation, it is only a precautionary ���
measure to recommend the bill tur
New Patent Medicine Ordinance
Tho committee put over tor ont>;
week further consideration ot a resol-
to protect the public i�� the salo of
nil medicines or "patented euros or
serums," and providing penalties for
violation thereof, <;. O. Day, whcie
salo druKMat, In a communication tc
the oommlttee, said thai those point*
are already covered by state and ftrt
oral laws, and that further legislation Is uncalled for.
Judge Wilson, Et, Clay, representing
iir. Martin  Dftmourette,  who elalmi
to bn the discoverer of a turtle serum for tho cure Of tuberculosis, t*. Id
Ihe committee that to enact such a bill
would be to establish a publlo labtna
tory larger than the present city hall,
it the mil was lived up lo. Judge
Cay declared that It would require
an army of chemists to test all modi
clues and alleged cures ottered fot
Isate ot anvt r i��ed in the newspapers.
Local manufacturers ot patent
I medicines declared thai these physicians who compound their own formulas might also be brought Into
question us dispensing "patent medicines."
New Music College.
Toronto, July 18.���The Toronl i
Conservatory ot Muslo has purchased
the Dr, Ross estate for $42,000, Tlu:
property which is composed of two
portions Bltunti d *n"l the ' northeasl
t. mor of Bherbouruo and Wellesley
' * iii't'tM and the northwest corner tif
Bieeckev and Wi Henley streetB, Professor Hambourg, of the conservatory,
Inti nds building b new college of mu-
:     on the new  acquln d i Ue.
American     Dealer     Completes     Trip
Around  the  World  and  Makes
Encouraging  Statements.
Spokane, July 18 If the northwest
can deliver box apples In Kuropean
and Asiatic centers of population at
t'i a box large quantities of them can
be used, while at present lhe American
box apple Is practically unknown, s.i
11. m. Gilbert of Toppenlsh, one of the
largest Independent shippers in the
northwest, learned on a recent five
months' trip around the world. Mr.
Gilbert sold a carload of North Yakima
apples to the Hamburg-American
Steamer, on which he sailed, and on
the SB.onO-ralle trip   distributed    SS
boxes to cold storage and wholesale
men, newspaper men and chamber ot
commerce presidents In the many big
cities visited on the cruise, Some interesting facia affecting tho apple Industry were gathered by him.
| "While the native Asiatics know little of the taste of apples, there are
i Americans antl Europeans In all the
cities who demand thom.   Heretofore,
American expi r ' * ':  t"0��n Shipping in small ni.' Ben Davis and Missouri Pippins and our big west apples
: to practically unknown, This market
i*: :i i*i* devclopi 'i "i* idually and there
is a strong demand by oonsum-ers who
want ihom ni t'i.:>') nm! *:', :t box retail, Our problem is i-> gol thom
Japan l-lao Tariff.
I   "Japan grows some apples and there
is a  tariff, so that only onr highest
grade  apples could  go there.    China
and India, representing about half thej
world's population, grow no apples.
'Australian apples are found in all
the ports In small quantities. They
come at our off season and if the seasons overlap, they are of nowhere near
the same quality 1 paid :l- cents for
one Australian apple in Calcutta. Nowhere could 1 get a 4 or 4 1-2 tier apple for less than 5 cents.
"Our western apples were the best
th >se countries had ever seen and I
OOUld have Bold lots al }5 and *6 a
box. Oermany and Italy grow some
apples, sold mostly In hulk, and l-'ranco
haa a few very fancy apples, grown
In one valley, that sell as high as $1S
a box. I was Informed by the sleam-
-hlp officials thnt they pay $4.25 a box
for their apples.
Praises New Organization.
"The North I'acific Fruit Distributers are doing good, hard, conscientious work, but the consumer nnd re-
taller must he reached and educated to
the variety and seasons of our ap-
iples. Thoro should be no mianc-l be-
I tween the individual shippers and the
I nrfranlsatlons, as there is a big enough
i field for all and It will take all kinds
l.t get tho proper distribution, as It
i It entirely Inadequate now."
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street, New  Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Muaical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
Prosecute Sharks and  "Wild Catters."
Fernle', B, C��� July i*.   The local
press .-mil board of trade hnve opened
a campaign agalnBt real estate Bharks
peddling worthless subdivision Iota
to credulous workinginen ;"*i women.
As a rt suit of an Indignation meeting,
'tm information oiflco hns been established nnd the gross mlsr presents
iilon of real estate wlld-catters will
be merclle ��lj   airt d, and    prosecu-
1 lions are expected in a fow days.
Vancouver    Firm    to    Build    Manual
Traino?   School   in   Nanaimo���
Government  Assists
Nanaimo, July IS.-A  apeclal meeting of the school board was held for
; thc purpose of taking up the tenders
for tho  new  technical  school   which
; is to be built In Nanalmo.    The mat-
i tor of erecting a technical school In
] Nana'mo   has   been   under  consldera-
��� tion by  the bpard  for many moons,
i but while every member of this bodv
was agreed as to the boon  such  an
j institution would be to tlle young poo
| nie of the city, the question ot find
,lng the necessary funds always barred tho way and prevented action be
ing taken.    However, the offer of tho
' government  to  contribute    half    thc
I cost of the building of such a school
i cleared tho way, and the board Is an-
: xious  to  get  cn  with the   work  at
I once.
After a full discussion It was d---
e'ded to accept the tender of Carver,
Jones & Carver, ol Vancouver, as being the lowest. The tender was called on specifications which did not Include finishing the whole building, bul
it is probable thc school wlll be entirely completed.
The school will be built on the
Bouth Bide of the Quenell school
on Selby streel, the same distance
back trom the Btreet as the
other two schools, and iu oonstructlon will harmonise with the now
Quenell school.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes      TANKS
       BURN OIL      ���
P.  O. BOX 442
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tho highest current rate paid or
credited hall' yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of tho
CHAS. G. PENNOCK. General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
1 FAOB nOHT   **-***\*sm** (
SATURDAY,  JULY   19,   1��13.
CA8H    IT
Remember the Place -
33 Eighth StreeL
and the telephone No.
Laurentla Homeogenized Milk
and Cream. Bottled In Alberta
and guaranteed fresh. Cream,
pt. 25c; Milk, pt. 20c, 2 for 35c.
5c. for empty bottles.
Carnations, per dozen, all eol-
Mrs,  20c
I. X. L. Tamales and Chili
Con Carne, 2 cans 25c
Snlder's, the Pork and Beans
of quality.    You must try them,
2 cans 25c.
Comb Honey, fresh today,
comb 25c
Try a tin of Water Biscuit,
once tried always UBed, per tin
"Our Special" Tea���This tea
te Rrown and blended for ourselves only and  Ib really dell-
Raspberries,  2  baskets    25c
Per crate, $2.35.
Strawberries, per basket ..15c
Watermelons from 50c to 85c
Canteloupes, large, each ...15c
l'eaches and Pears, 2 lbs...25c
Plums and Apricots, basket 50c
Apples, new in, .1 lbs 25c
Tomatoes, per  lb 20c
Basket 90c
Cabbage,   per   lb 1 '/ic
Lettuce, 3 heads      5c
Radishes. Carrots, Turnips,
(ireen   Onions,  and   new   Beets,
3 bunches 10c
Four deliveries daily to both
ends of the city, 9:30, 10:30, 2:30
and 4:30.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this!
column are charged (or at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
I The contractors on tho Hankey
[apartment bloc* ��erl the Russell hotel expect to lum over the work to
the owner ln the ��ext few weeks.
Get It at the Hoyal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (167.1)
A wire was received by Harry Tidy,
manager of tbe opera house, yesterday
from a booking agent offering Nov.
30 aB the dale for a grand opera presentment b)  lhe Qulnlan company.
Ice cream grotlo, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman.
proprietor. (1670)
The yonas ladies' society of the
Reformed Kplscopal church will have
charge of the song service at the
Iloyal Cohmtbinn hospital on  Sunday
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
The present spell of good weather
has brought into use every park in
the city as an athletic ground, Moody,
Queen's and Sapperton being used by
one or more teams every evening.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
Improved city and farm property.
9 percent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1671)
The cadet corps from the Sapperton
and the l^ord Kelvin schools will leave
for the encampment at Sydney, Vancouver island by special cars for Vancouver at 9:30 Monday morning next.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The Olbson shingle mill at Kennedy
station was totally destroyed by fire
at an early hour yesterday morning.
The loss was fully covered by insurance.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the B. C. Transport Co., Ud. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1674)
The Fraser River Ferry company
will run another of their popular excursions to Pitt lake on Sunday,
leaving the B. C. E. It. wharf at 10
Mr. Edward Jones has taken over
the management of tlie Royal cafe
and the Dominion hotel, where he
I will bo pleased to meet his old friends
and aasure-B the Westminster public
I that the best in the catering line will
1 be served there. (1770)
���<     The
The ten and a half miles of track
for the Canadian Northern railway on
l.ulu island between Steveston and a
point near the B. C. E. R. Queensboro
branch will be completed this evening.
The special committees connected
with the Labor day celebration to be
held in this city in September will
hold a meeting In the Labor temple
tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock.
Two disciples of Bacchus appeared
before Magistrate Edmonds yesterday
for exceeding the limit. A veteran
was fined $2.50 and costs, while a novice was warned he would be promoted on his next appearance.
R. A. Stoney, a member of the provincial commission on labor, leaves
for Prince Rupert on Sunday evening.
The first sitting will be held at Hazelton on Wednesday, July 23; Prince
Rupert on Saturday, July 26, and Ladner on July Sl.
The deplorable accoustlc Bituation of
the court house was more Impressed
upon the Hon. Justice Morrison yesterday than ever. The exasperated
Judge exclaimed at one stage that if
the aBsizes were to proceed they would
have either to change their room or
stop the ears.
At the board of trade meeting last
night regret was expressed at the
temporary absence of Secretary
Stuart Wade, and all members said
they would be glad to see their secretary back at his usual duties soon.
In his absence, W. L. Darling, of the
Progressive association, acted as secretary.
Dr. McKay, assistant superintendent of the mental hospital here, was
appointed to the executive of the
British Columbia Medical association
at a meeting held in Vancouver yesterday. The members of the association, which includes Vancouver. Westminster and Victoria medical men,
visited the colony farm yesterday afternoon as the guests of Dr. C. H.
FROM  8  O'CLOCK  TILL  5:30.
More   Drivers   in  Court.
Four nutoists are scheduled  to appear before Magistrate Beatty in the
Burnaby police court this morning for
infraction of the bylaws.
The premier Intermediates of Vancouver were f ireed to take the count
before the Sapperton lacrosFe boys
last evening at Sapperton park, when
last year's champions drowned the
Olympics to the tune of 8-3.   Although
674-678 Columbia Street
the Powell arreBt story. He said, following ten feet behind Powell when
he was In Patrolman Wlneberg's custody, he saw Powell drop the Ave flO
bills from his jacket pocket on to thu
sidewalk. He] picked them up and
handed them to ihe police at the
station. He noticed one of the bills
was marked 582.
Sir Charles   then   tried   the   same
little game  which had proved so    effective with witness Greenwood.    He
showed witness the representation of
Burman,     the     auto   champion,   at *
Minoru  park,  in  the newspaper cut-!
ting nnd asked    him if It was    like '
"Not a bit like him," promptly re- i
plied  witness  amidst  laughter  in  the
You    are    right,"    acqulesed    Sir
Charles,   "It is not a bit like him.
Thomas    O'Urady,    police    captain,!
Detroit, said he Identified four of the!
bills  recovered  from   Powell  by    the |
number 582. followed by 6 something,
lie  had  made  a  memo  at  the  time,
but had lost It.
Auguste Dornbrook, police lieutenant, first division, Detroit, spoke to,
$541.77 taken from Powell's possos
sion, In Dank of Montreal notes, and
explained the method In which the
custody tf such properly was ar- j
ranged In the Detroit police station.
A lengthy forensic combat over the
admissibility of John William Timms'
evidence on tho same principle ended
in much of that gentleman's evidence
being disallowed.
Mr. Timms is In charge of the bank
note department and supervises the |
transmission of the bank notes to the j
various branches, but as be did not |
personally see every step in the pro- ;
cefia from the treasury vaults to the
post office, much of it was ruled inad- ;
A  Forlorn  Hcpe.
W. H. fi. Phlpps was recalled, and i
the crown again attempted to estab ]
lish the numbers of the notes received I
from the head office by books, but this I
method was repudiated. Sir Charles j
described Mr. Pliipps as the crown's
forlorn hope to bolster up a weak
The case  for the crown  was  form-
ally closed at 3:35 after four days ofj
evidence and  legal debates. '
Arnues for Dismissal.
Sir Charles asked for the dismissal
of the case on two counts, lie argued '
that whether Ihe evidence was admis-
Bible or not, in regard to the supposed
otTdnce In which parties wore indirect-1
ly charged  with the robbery of    the I
Hank of Montreal, whether they were ' ���- ___
guilty or  not,  whether the  presump-
tion of their innocence stood or nct. ! w""'"1 produce evidence
Put all that aside.   Tho evidence as a  0>at of the prosecution,
whole amounted to nothing morn than !     Iie wound up with
mere suspicion and wus not a case to
Bend to the jury
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
See Our Ad. on Page 3
New Westminster
The Ideal   Holiday Resort
Good bathing1, magnificent sandy beach, boating, fishing, driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five trains daily each way, stop at White
White Rock combines all the pleasures of seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel, restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the townsite.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
White Rod Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
dav. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application.'W. H. MORRIS,
contradicting I
sarcastic comment that the greatest detective force
Fhe charge was that|'n the country,    backed    up    by    the
on a certain  day the accused stole
motor from within the grounds of Mr
Trapp's  house,  a  much  more  serious
outweighed   the   east   end   youngsters offence by the eode than if it were out-
It is a great satisfaction to have one's earning power supplemented by the earning power
of his savings.
Money deposited here
earns four per cent, per
annum and the interest
is * added each three
There are many other
advantages extended to
depositors with this institution which you
should know.
Call in and allow us
to explain.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
60G Columbia St.
Paid-Dp Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships tinder Administration, over $o,000 OOO.
Trustee for Bondholders over
were  scored
Nelson  2, A.
tnnual picnic of the plumbers I s(.orll on(, (){ ,���
antl stoamfntors union of Now Westminster will be held at Bowen Island
next Saturday, it is expected that a
spotial ear will be chartered from
here in time to connect with ihe
Bteamer Baramba leaving Vancouver
for the Island.
played  rings  around  tlieir opponents
Coulson in goal for Sapperton. having
little  to do  and  the   three  shots  that
got  by him  were all close
Bill Patchell was on the
for   the   locals,  boating   hi
side. Tho garage was not within Mr.
I Trapp's property in that sennet,
I Tlie Becond point was. that at the
'close of the crown's ease, which was
firing line j primarily for the theft of a motor car,
man   and iaml admitting the    testimony    of   all
The Itlg Furniture Store, corner
Sixth and Carnarvon streets, is running a genuine clearance sale. Substantial reductions on all lines for
cash. Denny & Itoss, the people
who treat vou right all the time.
liert Johnston.
A   fair  sized   crowd
witness the battle.
tallies. The others I their witnesses, everj one of them, j
by Hob Chambers 2, L. there existed only the suspicion of a|
Follis, J. Chambers and ! mere trespass, u trespass and nothing
turned   out   to
richest corporation, supplied with unlimited meana. and employing tlie llrsl
counsel at the bar could only present
sucii a case, after holding as a
prisoner 18 months iu jail, a stranger,
Alexander llodio, chauffeur, the only
witness for the defence called before
ihe adjournment, Btated that he had
driven a party to Vancouver on September 14. 1911. He had to go by
Douglas road. Burnaby, owing to the
condition of the roads. It took thom
from 12 midnight to 3:30 a.m. to du
the journey.
Mr. Macneil offered no cross-examination and the case was adjourned
until Munday at  11 a.m.
Schwe-rjers   and   Powell,   of   Victoria,
Defeated by U. S. Team.
Wimuii nun, Kngland, July 18.���The
United   States  team   won  today   from
Canada, the two single matches played
n  the dual round of the preliminary
tournament to select a team to challenge  Kngland    for    the    Ilwight    R
Davis     International     lawn     tennis
Williams boat Schwengers, the
Canadian champion, and .McLaughlin
won the soli nd mulch from It. li.
Experts  here    consider    the    com-
I mantling  lead  thus obtained  virtually
We make awnings, tentB and sails,  'nsures  that  the   United   states  will
renovate   carpets  and  draperies,    re-1 meet  Kngland next week, as only one
make   and   repolish   furniture,   manu-  victory    in    the      three      remaining
An addition to the Holbrook hotel,
In order lo comply with tho provincial
litliior act, which takes effect on
Jan. 16, 1014. is expeoted to be started this summer. The Kngiish estate
which owns the building, has been
notified of the passage nf the act and
word is expected by the local agents
to go ahead and have plans prepared.
more.    What  is lhe suspicion ?    The
suspicion is thai  fur some reason the
; accused   wanted   to   tuke  that   motor
away, and appropriate it, und to use
it and to deprive the owner of it.
The Other Car.
f     "The other part  of the  case," con- |
tinned  Sir Charles, "against  which  ll
strenuously   and   effectively   objected I
is that at some point Mr. .Macnamara i
is seen driving a new motor, a comparatively new motor, driving with a !
man accused if you like, he has not! Pack In your bathing suits anil a
been tried, accused of a crime. Ab- well filled hamper and spend a day at
solutely inconclusive, inconsistent | Maple Beach. Boundary Hay. Plenty
with  any  motive  or  reasonable  sug-iof free   picnic    places   on   the Band
facture cedar dross anil waist boxes
window- seats and do all kinds of
upholstery work in leather or tapestry. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and interior hangings. Estimates given.
[.ees Limited. 11669)
On Sunday, July 20 the "funnel
gang" at the Fraser river bridge will
i;o on an automobile excursion to
Boundary Bay to take their annual
[bath under the supervision of chief
Big Funnel Roberl Carnew. The refreshments, liquid and otherwise, wlll
be In charge of Jos Qulmont, of Sap-
perton. A high old time is anticipated
wiili a high anil muddy tide to follow
on Monday,
matches is nettled
ada's elimination.
to complete Can-
The   News   was   startled   vo
afternoon about  '���'��� o'clock t.i
ils midst  b  real beur, with a
back anil very much alive, for
find in
he be
gan Immediately lo demonstrate thai
In- was cut oul for a newspaper man
by reaching for the paste pot Nor
was thai the only ihing he reached for
He als:i grabbed the lower extremity
iof one tif the starlleil printers llriiln
I clambered around for a while until the
man from the wild wesi show, who had
him on a chain called the performance off and took him back to his
] lair.    The bear Is,only seven  weeks
'Continued from rage One t
gestlon of any crime, at the best only ,
a suspicious circumstance."
Sir Charlea concluded by declaring i
that even admitting all the evidence, i
It only came to proving that the ac- |
onset! was in bad company,
The  Court���Are  you   going   to  call
any evidence ?
Sir Charles said if his lordship v.as i
not going to throw out the case In j
would call evidence.
Defence Opens.
Adam   H.   Johnston,   junior  counsel [
for Macnamara, opened the case for i
the defence by outlining their facts to-
tho jury.    After criticising as  flimsy |
the case for the crown be said  they
beach or under the wonderful spread
ing maples. I .ovi ly spring water.
Take the Hiver road to I.adner und
the (loudy road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Into    wit
i- bench.
any    conceal-
was     Iio i
an any One,
old hut
any use
is quite large
News staff wi
enough for
lllll have for
Residence Y. W. ('. A.        Phone 1324.
Ued Currants   2 lbs. for 26c
J'iums, Pears and Peaches 2 Hit. 25c
Tomatoes, per lb 20c
Muskmellons ..    2 for 'iiie
l.lme and drape Juices, per bottle 25c
to   35c
Bj.nnan.is,  per  dozen    30c
Jaunt   Will   Be   Made  to  Victoria     on
August  6.
Arrangements havi' been made to
hold the annua] citizens' picnic on
August 6, Victoria again being the
destination. The fact thai the Capital City will lie in fete during the
week of Augusi 4 makes the trip
all the more Interesting
Vestorday Kd. Ooulet, C P It. agent
here, made the neoessary arrangements and the company will send
either the Princess Royal or Princess
May up ihe river on the evening   of
August  r,, r ly  to leave fur Victoria
about 8 o'clock the following morning.
The firmer rate. $1.60 return fur
the round trip, giving the excursionists four hours in Viotorla, wll] proval 1.
A meeting of the citizens' commit
tee will  be held  in the office of
iGouiet      on    Monday    afternoon,
(Succenor to Ayling 4 Swain.)       which   a definite   program   will
*W Columbia St. Phone 98. mapped ojt anj announced.
ived his certificate in 19l:t
Sir Charles   Rebuked.
Sir Charles then entered
ness' private affairs    in    a
which drew a protest from i
Mr.  Stanton  disdalnt d
ment.   however,  and   volunteered    i
givo every circumstance to the jnr,
Sir Charles pleaded ii was his duly
to discredit the testimony ol witness
if he oould
The courl Bald be did not agn a with
the Idea tbat when a man went Intu
the box he was bouud to go Into ai.
iii-s d sin- affairs   and   he   would
prov,-nt mat line uf conducting an
examination unless be was BatlBlled ll
affected tbe case. In tins case he did
not see it alio,-mi Mr Stanton's
veracity in any way u, go Into hit
domestic affairs Witnoss
there to faslen a charge ii|
but to give evidence as to facts.
Witness then swore emphatlcall) I
that whi-n be lefl the police force bei
never borrowod money from anybody, j
When he left ilu- city be left hi's wife
With her house and money to look I
af or it. lie returned from his trip'
iii two months He ����s asked to make
two depositions to see If ho could fl*
the date of seeing lhis man more ac
Icurately, but be told ihom he oould
not One deposition was made In
January, 1912, and the oilier In March
The court to the jury Have yuu
any questions to ask this witness. D.i
not carry awn*, any wrung Impression
which can be cleared up, possibly, by
sumo questions, if you are satisfied
witness may retire."
"Wo are perfectly satisfied," rippled
from Juryman to juryman like a 'feu
de join."
J. it. Hislop. clerk, Strand hotel.
Vancouver, said accused had stayed
iii the hotel frum March 28 to June
23, and produced the register of the
Then ensued another legal wrangle
about whether tbe book could be ac-
c-pied as evidence of accused's staying tliere.
rho testimony of   the   register   aa
to Pitt Lak���PBurns&CoLtd
Sunday, July 20
Palace  Market, Columbia  St
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market.   Phone   1234.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205
Edmonds   Market.   Phone   L883.
Will  Leave
B. C. Electric Ry Wharf
10  a.m.   Sunday.
Further  information   inquire
Eraser River Kerry & Navi
(ration Co.. Ltd.
Suits to your
order and satisfaction.
High   Class
Phone 164 L.
903 Columbia St.
Ladies   and
401   Columbia   St.
Mr. I without  personal    knowl-tdKo   of   the
at i Witness was  rejected,
be Detroit Officer.
George I'rutt, from Detroit, revived
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent lleaeli (Blackie Spit) for tho summer months.
Train leaves al 5:30 p.m. dally, on and after Juno IB, returning In
the morning In time for business.   Crescent   Beach   affords   ideal
conditions for hummer homos, combining  Iho  best   of   bnthins,   boat
Inn at all  utiles of the title together with  line beach.    Artesian v.-ell
water to all residents.    Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 18*1.
j��_   We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*'   Liability.   Automobile  and
Marino Insurance.
when you can set as Roori. or hotter, manufactured In 11 ('., viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUMSR" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of  Americas   and  Canadian  Engineers'  Aaaoclation.
We would alao call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 In to 24 In. In diameter. Tbls is also made In this Province uud we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed (Iravel, Sand,
Lime. Piaster, etc.
See us before ordering elurwhere.
Phones 15 and 18. 902 Columbia Street W.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   IB   minutes   ujitll   9
p.m.     Half hourly  service  until
11   p.m.   with   late  car  at   midnight.
SAT UnDAYS���15    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 nnd 5.45 a.m.
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS-6, 7, 7.:KJ X and
8.110 and every 15 mlnutea until
11 p.m. with lato cur at midnight.
For Vancouver via
fi.45 a.m. antl hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with   lato  car nt  11.80,
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. nnd every
hour until 11  p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  la  made  at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m.,  1.10 and
C.15  p.m.
POINTS���4.0D p.m.


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