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The New Westminster News Apr 28, 1913

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 New  Westminster.
What attract Ions does Now Westminster offer Industries'.'   Trackage
und   waterfront  sites, railways and
ocean transportation,
her Today.
���Lux*.- mainland:  Light to moderate winds, unsi'tlli d with ruin, stationary or higher temperature.
  ������) I Successful   "ShoAer"   Held   on   Satur-
Many Reasons Advanced for Wife Suspected of Shooting j    day Makes Possible immediate
Present State of Agricultural Industry.
Co-operation  and  the  Elimination
the Middleman Would Solve
At the sitting of the Agricultural
Commission at Ijnlner on Saturday,
Mr. K Ilntcherson urged that the government take the transportation of agricultural and vegetable garden products under their care, similar to the
system In vogue in Australia and New I Uear  Wlnslow   ten   years
Carl A. Westman, Following Quarrel.
Opening of New Hostel.
Thu "shower" held under the auspices of the Women's Council iu aid of
tbo new Y. W. ('. A. on Saturday af-
Seattle,    April    27.-~Carl A-  West
man.   48   years  old,   night watchman 'ternoon aud evening proved a success
at a shipyard and formerly butler Id  well up to expectations and made pos-
the home of Chauncey Depew, Van
derbllts and other wealthy New York
families, was found dead with a bullet in his head at Wlnslow, Kitsap
Tacoma Ia Scene of Exciting
Shooting Affray���Held
Police at Bay.
Bible   the   opening   of   Westminster's
new  Institution on Thursday,  May  1.
The   ladles  are  well   pleased   with
It      Ji��- u li      ix i        i> iiinivn,       iv' laup . _      , . i_i> win ���   �����   iiwurc   aim   sv>t     iu i r-v-   iiuuid   uuiu   m
After  a   brief  examination Itnf' response of the general publlc and ; cl(y detectlve8 and pollce at bsy wlth
Shattuck.   of   Kitsap   county. ; "e unrein t Ing In their thanks. Many L   rifje     Verone's ultimate  surrender
Tacoma, Ap-rll 27���After a feud of
four years' standing over a piece of
property valued at $200, Sampel Vernon ���**��� this morning Bhot and killed his
son-in-law, Auglstino Travlnl, who
was spading his garden adjoining Verone's house and for three hours hold 12
Recommendations   to   Settle   Dispute
With  Conductors   Received  by
Labor Department.
Ottawa, April 27.���The award of the
board of conciliation established under the Industrial Disputes Investigation act to Inquire Into differences between the Canadian Northern railway
and Its conductors, has been received
in the department of labor. The board
was composed of Wm. CrosB of Win
Young Mother Poisons and
Shoots Three Youngsters
���Fit of Insanity.
B. C. E. R. Franchise Question Settled���Convincing.
;useful   articles  were   contributed,   in-
Zealand.    The present conditions are
unprofitable  to  the  producer.
Mr. A. I). Paterson. chairman of the
It. (',. SU'CKei-ecderB' association, submitted statistics on stockbreeding. He
complained lhat the duties on hay and
grain Imported from the United States
were  so  Imposed  as  to  nullify   to  a
declared  lt bis belief that  Westman '"""'"'  "";'"  """.��  ^"������"uuiwi���'���'��� i was brought about  by h.s  daughter,
was  killed  during a  quarrel  with    a   eluding  bed  linen, table linen, china,; rarollna|   a   brotheI.     John     and    a
woman. | K5,,-5.��i15J,i**!: "V,*1!.!?. *?JL8I??  brother-in-law. J. Oorlno, who entered
 '   ""   the house where he was barricaded.
The muiderer made his exit calmly,
rifle in hand, waving his hand to the
several hundred Italians and otficerB
..     .     ��     ���*����� k....k> ��� o������n �����.���  dustltss mops and In al  sufficient fu
\\ estman, who bought a small farm '   . ,, .      ... ,
nishings  Were donated  to  make  p*js
sible the inauguration of the association work in a most satisfactory man
separated from his wife, who Ib a
sister of John Norberg, said to be a
wealthy manufacturer of Milwaukee.
Mrs. Westman told Sheriff Shattuck
that she was home with her live chil
dren all last night. The sheriff said
he believed her Btory and did not
arrest  her,  but  decided  to  keep   her
The merchants of the city were par
tlctilarly liberal, some very generuus
donations being sent in by them A
number     of     ladles     who     attended
gathered about his home
The feud wtfh I'ravlni dutes hark to
May, 1908 when Verohe pave a small
strip of land adjoining his house to
Mary, his eldest daughter, a-i a wed-
Money   AIM   Voted   for   Permanent
Roads, School  Sites and   Sidewalks���Over $500,000.-
tt ir ���*���*�����#�� �� te #\f tt *-.
great  extent  any  advantage  to  the unaer surveillance until the coroner's
local   growers   and    the    competition   ������(,,���.���(   Wednesday.
promised to donate those things that ding prtsent, when she married Tra-
from the States was unfair
Mr.  Chris.   Brown,    another
farmer corroborated.
Mr. W. A. Kirk, advocated the estab
llshment of a government experimental farm In the Helta to find out the
moBt advantageous crops to cultivate.
Co-operative Agency.
Mr. W,  H.  Hornby waB strongly  In
are needed in the Hue of furnishings
as the work of the association grows
and their generous olfers were accept
ed   gratefully   by   the   committee   ln
est taken in tbe shower as the atten-
dorsed  generally.
In the afternoon refreshments were
'served to a large number of visitors
while in the evening a large audience
Westman.    who    was   a   traveling
salesman    for   a   New    York Jewelry I charge
houBe  when  he  flrst    came    to    the
Pacific coast, left his wife two years
ago.     She   continued  to   live   on   the
farm and WoBtman took up his abode
In a Bhack a Bhort distance from  the
road   leading   out   of  Wlnslow.     The
body WM found beside the path lead
favor of a co-operative central Belling j Ing through the bruBh from the road
agency.    The fertility of the soil was ' to his shack.
unsurpassed  in  the province and  tbe j     Sheriff Shattuck Bald he found hair
crops yielded satisfactory iu every way | pins strewn along the path and  this, I assembled to" hear "the "splendid' pro
but marketing and prices were disap- i together  wltb   tho  position  of  West-  pram   of   entertitlntnent
pointing     He had purchased 20 acres j man's body, caused him to believe he
for truck farming at $750 nn acre In  was walking beside a woman whon ho
the district. jwag 8tu)ti
Mr. 1.. W. Embree testified on dairy | The manager of the shipyard whero
Ing, hog raising and mixed farming : Westman was employed said he heard
He considered thai the government ( Westman and a woman quarreling In
kN'oM    -*.,y   jpore compensation  for the engine room soon after tho    las'.,and to Mr. Frank Major for the loan
boat arrived from Seattle at midnight  of r, plar.o.
He did not know what they were say-;    Mrs.  Ford  has been appointed ma-
Ing   as they were talking ln Finnish,  tron of ihe V. W. C. A. and Irom now
Westman's  native  tongue.    Westman ! until Thursday, the opening day. shei
is said  to have mnde threats against,   will be busily  engaged  preparing  tori
ills wlfo and had threatened to kill a 'her guests.   Several young ladles have
viul. Mary died four years ago aud
Verone has tried to recover the land,
Travlni establlshuig his title in court
and the rUht to build a fence between
the two houses.    A year ago he mar-
l'orlland,   Ore.,     April     27.-In     a
moment of what the  physicians say
was  emotional  insanity,  Mrs.   Lillian
Strang, aged 26, of this city, admin-
Istered poison to the two oldest of
nlpeg. appointed on tho recommenda-1 her three children and to herself, and
tlon of the C. N. R.; J. H. Harvey Hall I then Bhot, with a small calibre rifle
of Toronto, appointed on the recom- her oldest and youngest children and
mendation of the employees and hl81 herself. The shooting, which occur
honor, Judge Haggart, Winnipeg,; red Saturday evening In the Strang
chairman, appointed on the recom-i family home In the outskirts of Port
mendation of the other two members, j land, did  not become known to    the
The demands of the conductors police until today.
were for several changes In the exist- j Mrs. S'rang, the physicians believe
ing schedule of rules and rates, in-; will die from tho poison and a
eluding an increase in pay and a re-; wound in the brain Edwin Strang
duction of the working hours from aged 7, poisoned and slightly injured!
nine to eight hours per day. The will probably recover. Marcla Strang
Wmoet of men directly concerned Is [aged 6_ poiBoned. Is In a critical con
~h    u      i   ,     i. ,., u   ,   :*****on-    Oakley  Strang,  aged  2,  Bhot
The board  In  Its report, which  lslln the head  may recover
Bigned by its chairman, Judge Hag- j Flrgt adm|ni8terlng the poison Mrs ]ed th<" b��taw allowing the B. C. E. R.
gart and Mr Hall, recommends the Strang then shot the two children ! t0 ���*���* traekB on **���" 8treet in tho
adoption  on  July   1,  1913  of a  new and herselfp the ghock of the 8elf.|n. j municipality and operate trains in con-
B.C.E.R.   Franchise.
Sidewalka Bylaw   ..
School 1-oan Bylaw
Roads Bylaw  	
ft -S * * * *��� * ����� *��
For. Ag3t.
By a vote of 312 against 299 the electorate of Burnaby on Saturday endora-
apparently    restoring
schedule which provides for the pay-1 nicted    wound
ment cf passenger conductors at the' j,er 8enseg
As soon as she waB conscious
average of $165 per month, conductors
. .theart,   of  whom Ion  mixed  and   way  freight  trains   at L ""  BOUU���aB 8ne  waB  conscious    or
u '"���"������" < '"""',l ""'*'  w*��: ,!l- '"''r-lthe VeroneB disapproved.   This morn-1 $4.80   per  100  miles and   conductors i ^"."J;,""; !,t���"? ,Bet about    ad'
woundB.    Sev
Ing at 11 o'clock while all but himself |o
dance af the Y. Vv. C. A   headquarters I were  at.Bent  from  the  houee  Verone | $
n   through   freight  and   work   trains  ^^^^^^^^0^- ^ the Ch"dreD
4.25. the new rates involving certain i a���,  5'���DdJ"g,..up. 'J? .r
on Saturday denoted that their laud-lshot hlsnetgiufei froma wtadW of hiiItemM-us on ttoBe���flownreTOiUnJr'U^erftl hour9 ,a,er Earl ��- straDK' tne
able efforts were appreciated and en- j home, firing across tbe disputed f-nce.'    ���
The proposed new BChedule also pro-
husband, returned home, and he sum-
vldes that eight hours work per a*xy\mc���A a P^'8'���11 who ��^e\^ .�����
... *****    fw      v...y ff��,i.oro       talraii      tn      a       lum,,   in s.-V. ..vs.
animals slaughtered for disease
At  Steveston.
At Steveston, where the commission
sat on Friday, numerous reasons were
advanced for the depreBBed state of
agricultural, vegetable gardening and
the egg Industries on Lulu Island.
Oriental competition In gardening
was the most potent factor which rendered market gardening an unprofitable enterprise. Another grievance ]
was the extortionate charges of the
middlemen. His elimination by open
markets and the bringiug together of
oonstimi r and producer was one rem
edy put forward, while better ami
cheaper transportation   was   another,
Co-operation was strongly advocat
ed as going far to ameliorate conditions in agricultural and concomitant
Reeve Ilriilge gave one cogent reason for ihe decline of Intensive farming In the fact that Richmond was in
a transition state from a purely rural
municipality   to a  Beml-urbau   oue.
other factors ln the situation were
Chinese competition and the growing
of large crops of hay, which yielded
good returns for little trouble and ox
pen se
Co-operation WOUld remedy ilu pres
ent depression to some extent.
Mr. Thomas Kyd, a farmer of 30
years' standing In Richmond, gave evidence lo the effect thnt tho revenue
from farming land was not commensurate with the money Invested despite
the  fertility  of the soil.    A   farmer,
Those who contributed to the eve- j
ntng'i enjoyment were Miss Laird, j
Miss Crake and Mrs. Mansfield.    Mc- i
Nrss'  orchestra waa also    in    atten-! 	
dance..    The  ladies  are   grateful   for;
the  assistance  of  McN'ess'  orchestra  Appalling Waste of Natural Resources i
Annually  Through   Ravages cf
Fire���Damage to Planta.
shall be considered sufficient, "except
iu   extreme  cases."    Mr.   Hall,  while
a supplementary report. In which it is i
claimed that the new schedule would
be   made  effective  from  Jan.   6  last
and   also   that  the   mileage   rates   In
some  cases  are  Inadequate.     A  min-;
ority report is presented by Mr. Cross, j
nection therewith for a period of .?'>-
The majority  was bo emphatic asr
to leave no doubt that the people or
Burnaby want transportation  in  thc-
worst poaaiile way. What unduubtcdly
infln��>-.:ce<l  iraiy voters  waa the nt\-
vcrae  decision  handed  doA-n  by  Mr.
Justice Murphy a few mouth ago when
he decided that the B. C. B. R. by a.
vote of Ihe council of 1909 had a per-
�� ,"""" I feet right to claim the validity of the
s learn- |, UI__
sufferers   taken  to  a  hospital   where
they   had   been   Beveral   hours   more
filing  .he board's report, idbmittodi b!'��Ie ,th.! h0Bpl,tal  a��th��ritle�� Iearn' \ franchise
ed that the police had not been North 8^^ wtB ^ .tronithoW
nounea. ... .    of the franchise supporters, the vote
According to   he  phys.cian  attend-   ,      ^       beto    557 , d on,    j,
ing the family Mrs. Strang could give ; nggjnjt
no explanation of her act. She only j Cent^, Park waa the centre of Ulo
remembered that Bhe had not g'ven j p jtion# ^^^^ the ma]0rity of
the baby poison when her senses re- ,he VQtl ,aceg t d bv th(, Ccn.
turned. Then she told the physician ,ra, ,,arh ���ne of lhe companv went
she did all she could to save the lives   ngajngt xixa bylaw
of the little ones. j"       " Money' Bylaws.
' All  tho  three  money   bylaws  wero
FURTHER   POSTPONEMENT ipassed by handsome majorities which
IN  NAVY  BILL DEBATE \wlu mean a,, Bpen(img of half a million doU-ara on tavlng roads, the par-
,.%lct,orla'    Apr,1(   **'���TJhe   ,Qa,mag<? | \    Ottawa, Aprn21.-TUecomlneweek\"h��tTrM ^Ite^^^iTlteT^t
an with whom she was old to have   already   engaged  rooms  In  the hostel   done  to commercla   stands of timber   ,n parUainent la likely to see turner 1, ^7^ ���������, <��!�� *^9 MO IncVatao
associated. and   *  number  more  have   intimated U�� North America is from �����25.000.000 Uubslanttal progrees mad. with mtaM\^ TpSStaTM teO^OOO ^aSdWloSl
Ithelr Intention of doing so.   Those de-! to JlOO.OOOjfOO annually, according to I Suffragettee Have Usual  Sunday  D��-U\ialneB�� of the aesslon. IMvenSm^
The tact that lhe week le broken byi >n^ t-esul-U ot Baturday'a votlnK
Aawtislou-day win probably result In Im^nm Out mkelU be atarttd Un
postponement ot the resumption of (mediately an the laying ot two milea-
the navy debate until the tlrst ot thei0f track In North Burnaby cOhnectins
following week, while, it the house ls\Up with the preaent Hastings street
kept at the minor measures and at 1 tine. One mile of track will also be
voting estimates, there will be much'.laid on the North road connecting that
'siring to make tholr home there may 1 experts -*fli* hava made a study of the
JBicurc all information from Mrs. Ford I question.    Prom  1880  to  the present)
er the nresldcnt of the council, Mrs.
W. T. Reid.
monatratlon In Hyde Park���Crlo-
ket Ground* Burned.
Offi.ial Count of Ballots Takes Place
Today���Some   Scats   Still
Calgary. April 27. Final nnd definite results of the provincial general
elections beld on April
known tomorrow when
count of Ihe bulloU takes place, l'n-
ifficia! retuniB give the Liberals 3(1
���<ure scots, the Conservatives 11 sure
seats, doubtful Beats 7 and seats in
whieh the elections were deferred 2.
The doubtful seats are Innlsl'.ill.
Rock} Mountain. Macleod, Clearwater,
one seat In Kdmonton, Medicine Hat
ind Alexandra. Both slde-i nie clnim*
but Independent re
Regina. Sask., April 2~     David War-
mi and Oeorge Patterson are In the
toils ch.-.rged with theft from a Canadian     Pacific     Railway     car.     They
br.ilce Into a car of preserved truit and
wcre coming away  with a wheelbarrow  well filled when Constable Kelly
doing   duty   on   Dewdney   avenue,   became suspicious and called on the men
to stop.    One complied but the cth:.-
17    will    bejdathed away.    Discharging his revel-J
the    official j ver to frighten the fugitive,  the con :
stable  succeeded  in   making  tlio  cap
Hire aud took both men to the police
ita tlon.
time, the annual loss is estimated to 1
be $:,o.ooo,ooo.
These figures do not include    estimates of the losses sustained in the
destruction    of    young    growth    and j    London,   April   27 ���Hyde   Park   Is
forest litter, in which lies the hope ; again turned into a bedlam by the suf- , cleared deck for the larger action com- j portion of Burnaby with the Sapper-
of future timber crops. The burning i fragetteB and their opponents thi3 af- ing later, lt was aunounced Friday ton line of the company.
of the forest litter has the effect of i ternoon. The women declining to re-; night that Monday's bu.-iness would! Alth-ugh it his not been ftated as
making stream flow Irregular, erod- ', cognize the police order that no suf- include the volunteer bounty act. Uuctt by the officials of the compuiy
ing river banks and destroyinig the i fragette meetings were lo be held in amendments to the Grain act and some ! th6 result of the people of Burnaby
fertility   Of  land   over   which   useless I the park, appeared with a wagonette  smaller bills. string the II C K. R. a franchise, wiir
earth  is deposited  by  swollen  rivers  ; and proceeded to address a small gath-  ��� Iprobab*? me-nn the building of a line
In some years there are forest flresjering.    Immediately youths commenc- j frcm  New  Westminster to Coyuitlanj
'   '     *"vtre\n..i\nn       r\ r. n  i j and <;"ca_t" l'ort Moody sooner th*in
lately youths commenc-
which assume the size of nationalil ed to gather and an attempt v. as made
disaBtors. Such was the Peshtlgo fire j to drag the wagonette to the Serpen-
which swept over an area of 1,280,000 ) W ''" the Purpose of du:.i:.ig thc
acres   In   Wscons'n   in   1S71.   utterly   women.
ruining      the  country    and   bringing       Mounted and foot pollce intervened
death   to   1500     people.     Other    flreB M��st ln t"!'<' t0 save 'hem. and the su��. |
which  stand  out    In    the  history  of | ^W^8* Zcre,eec.?Iieil_[r��'!i J^Z ?^.k
the    past    century  as    examples    of
of  the     forest's
who  hnd   sold   sr>   acres   for   $100,0001'"8  these  seats^
had told him that the land was not porti indicate that the Conservatives
worth mere than $250 an acre for ag-   "ill carry   he major, y of them, an
ricultural   purposes.    This  land   bad -U��Bt  the  final  standing Of the  two
yielded from three and a halt to four PMtlw :>rt��'r tomorrow will be Liber-
tons of hay and over two tons of outs   a's ,!s
per acre,
Notwithstanding their fort iii ty the
lands of l.ulu island and Delta would
ln time require to be manured to keep
\p the crop yields.
Egg  Market.
Mr. C, C. Oeorgeson, poultry dealer.
deprecated   the  practice of og>:  vend
ors preserving and storing np eggs for
several mouths, when prices were low.
and   rushing   Ihem   Into   the   mark"! :
when   prices   were high    and     selling
them as Crept) eggs.
He supported the Ides 'of co-opera
Hon in Ihls branch of Industry. He
complained of the action of the IV C.
IS. R. Company In Increasing tbelr
freight rate from 25 to 35 centB per
four cases.
Mr   John   Wallh spoke strongly on
tho   commission    men's    exorbitant
charges In vegetable deals and the
gross Ina-dequaoy of transportation arrangements.
He produced figures to abow that
cabbages were sold by the commission
men for *25 n ton to retailors of which
the producer only got $10, or two '....
fifths. Farmers sending their Stuff | .i'.
lo Vancouver were absolutely nt the I;).
mercy of these commission men ns to |....
how much they should ship and when. ....
Ab Io the transportation drawbacks. I.;;.
green vegetables such RS lettuce and j J;.
spinach were nearly always 18 to 24 l ..
hours lute and often 48 hours before
being delivered to the commission
men. In the latter instance they were
totally spoiled and no Bales could be
c ffectcd.
Conservatives l'i and deferred
elections   tWO.
Three Years and Fortv Lathes.
Woodstock, Cut-, April 27. Thos
Cudmore, aged 23 years, of Drumho.
was yesterday afternoon sentenced by
'iiilg- Klnkle to spend three yeats in
Ki'lgnlcn penitentiary, with 40 lashes
for n crime against Myrtle Duncan
nged M. if Drumbo, The Duncan air!
dbd last July in childbirth. Cudrdare
who called to th"
and mnde a BWe
Drc'her  of Assistant  to  President ot
G.   N.   R.   Passes   Away���Was
Noted Railroad Organizer.
followed by a jeering crowd who pelted them with turf and street refuse after they entered a cab.
Men supporters of tbe cause were
similarly treated. The Perth cricket
grounds wore destroyed by fire today
Suffragettes are suspected although
nothing of an incriminating nature
has been found.
Two   Russian   Jews   Wanted   in   Cali
fornla Captured  In  Winnipeg���
Calgary   Police   Assist.
the  ruining    power
great enemy are:
Mlramichl fire. Maine and N'ew1
Brunswick in 1825���3,000,000 acres
burned and 160 lives lost.
Pontine lire. Quebec, in 1833���1,600,-
000 acres burned.
A fire in Michigan In 1871���2,000,-
OOO acres burned.
Michigan tire In Michigan in 1881���
* 1,000.000  acres  burned  aud   138  lives
i     Phillips lire In Wisconsin in 1894���      Calgary, Alta., April 27���An inquest
MO.000  acres  burned   and    13    lives j will  be held on  Monday afternoon to
I lost. I Inquire  Into  the  death  of   W.   0.   11.
Hinckley lire in  Minnesota in 1894 I Hooley,  the contractor  who  mysteri-.
  j���160,000 acres burned and 418   lives  ously  disappeared  over a  month  ago   ers  for  years  past,  and   their  urrest
lost. I and whose body, with a bullet hole ln   has started a police probe in San Josi
S attle, April 27.    D, II. Oilman, OS       Fernle  fire.  British    Columbia,    in I fhe forehead, was taken from the Dow   and  other California  towns,
years old, prominent pioneer railroad   i;tos- 64.000  acres  burned  und    nine j r|Ver on Friday morning. Four members ol the gang now un-
organlzer  of  Seattle,   died   today    at   lives  lost. I     According to the police there Is no  der   arrest   In   Frisco  have  confess'*!
Oreat   Idaho   lire.   Idaho   and     MOD-1suspicion of foul play, as Hooley's re-   Iheir   share   It   ih
tana. In   1910���2.000,000 acres burned
ftirt Moody Line.
is     interurban     line    h::^     been
tei  ter some  little  time  and   tho
company have even gone so tar as la-
have    tbe    route  surveyed,     flenerar
Manager R. H.  Sperling  of the com-
fKinr, has stated to the Burnaby r��-��-
res-entitlves   that  nc   additional   con-
strwettoa work could be expected other
'���tftan Chat mentioned In the bylaw on
iKce-snt of the present  stringency of
ithe money market, but once the qne*
i'icn  of crossing  the  Great .N'ortfiern
tracks a( the North Rond crosstnn is
Calgary,    Alta,    April    27��� Smart S^���m^i   there   is   little   cfonbt   bul
work on the pert of Calgary police ol  ;,h.tt   poT,   Moody aIui   Coqnlthuii  will
he connected op with New Weutmius-
ficials and Pinkerton Detective Welch
of the C. P. R. service, resulted fn
San Francisco police officials getting
in touch with two badly wanted fins
sinn Jews who will now be extradited
The men are part of a gang which has
been  systematically  fleecing
Pasadena. Call., where he went three
months ago to recover from Illness
resulting  Indirectly   from  an   automo-
tend by his counsel |bile  accident  here  last   August.    Mr.
ping  denial   of  the Oilman,  who was a brother of Mr. L,
|C. Oilman, assistant to the president
of the Grea! Northern railroad, organ
i/.ed   In   1SS3   Ihe  Seattle  Lake  Shore
Although the municipality reserved
tin- right to appeal the decision hand
cit down by Mr. Justice Murphy all iiti-
��� gatton   will   probably   be   dropped  by
;  n)! ;1   Burnaby although it is possible thai
���he II. C. K. K. will carry the case to
he privy rounc.il in  London in order
' to settle' onco and" ror all the rights
if the conipany to build Tines witniii
���he district of llurnaby and thus obviate nny future suits  which  might to
Earl Wlnterton Coming West.
Montreal. April 27 ���Karl Wlnterton
left Montreal tonight for Winnipeg
and Qnlgarv, after a day's stay In
this city. hiB principal mission In
Canada being the purchase of soma
western lands. Karl Wlnterton, nl
though only 30 years of age, has had
nearly 10 years' active experience In *
parllanientarj affairs, having, aa Vis- '������'*���
count Wlnterton. been elected n Con- O
servatlve member for Shorehnm tt
division, Susbox, soon after attaining *
his majority In 1904. ,-��'
- tt
|i :;     ���':��� ���::< tt o tt tt a tt tt tt ft ;
New York. April 87.���Under
n date lino of London, Aprll 13,
the London correspondent of
the Brooklyn Eagle writes as
follows: "I nm able to announce definitely that King
tleorge will visit Canada in
1914. The king and his advisors are taking pains to keep
the plans bt the proposed visit
secret and nre so afraid that
the Canadians would bo disappointed should nil plans fall,
that they dread lhe king's Intentions being known at thin
distant dale.
In all probability a meeting
between President Wilson und
King (Ieorge would be arranged lo take placo at
Niagara Kails should the English monarch visit the Canadian colony next year. The
Constitution of the United
States wlll not permit an
American president to set foot
upon foreign soil during his
term of office nnd Niagara
KallB offerB the beat place for
a meeting between the heads
of England and the United
and  >vi  lives lost.
Baudetts lire, Minnesota and Ontario, In 1910 300,000 acres burned
and 42 lives lost.
Of recent yearB there has been a
remarkable change In the attitude of
work  of  fleecinc
i.r  i.*. ���nissing'and his gold watch   foreigners and declare that they ^pn'* iirought bylndividual citizens,
and effect! were all on the bodv when   able  to  operate  for  years  hy  paying
the police a commission of 15 per cent
and Eastern railway, now a part ofl tbe public towards theso losses,
the Northern Pacific. When the Newspapers and mnga-iincB discuss
Oreat Northern built Its transcontln- Iquestions ef lire protection all the
ental Hue Mr. Qlltnon took un active yaar through, rather than ln the
part and was one of the incorpora- I periods of danger exclusively. Gov-
tors of the Seattle and  Montana rail | erntuenls are adopting advanced leg
road,   the  subsidiary   which   built  the
j Croat Northern line across this state,
It was taken from the river after the
Ice hnd gone out. lt Is thought
Hooley walked Into a hole in the
ice and Bhot himself, or else leaned out over the wn'er In such a position that as soon as he fired his body
plunged forward and Into the hole.
Mysterious  Death   of  Girl.
Atlanta,  April  2"     Mary  Hogan
of all  the money  they secured. They
also  claim  that  the  men  arrested  in
: Canada were turned loose and allowed
'to escape al San Jose by paying J500
These   two   men   were   arrested   In
'Winnipeg,   but   until   notified   by   the
Calgary  pollce bb to who they  were.
tho   Winnipeg   authorities     did     not
know that they had International crtm-
InalB in the tolls.    They have als op
Islatlou.  tl
number"of   fire  rangers  17 year"���,d white ^Irl wa.Vound dead ,��ated In Winnipeg and Calgary slnee  Mpecfa,!y   the  old   timers   to  whom
lis constantly  increasing and over 60! with a rope around her neck early to-
Mr.  Oilman  was    born    at  Levant, ' forest   protective  associations on  the ��� day in the basement of a building at
Mo.,  and  served  In   th  qFlrst   Maine j continent  are    actively    engaged    In , 37 South Korsythe Btreet by Newt T.
'  cavalry during the Civil war.    He wao i efforts lo reduce the fire loss. I Lee, a negro janitor of  the building.
Ma graduate    of   Columbia    university;     with    half   the    timber    wealth of I The  police  are  holding   Lee  pending
'law school and practiced law In New   Canada   within  her  borders  and    an j Investigation.
York  ten years prior to 1883.    After I annual revenue from the forest which]
building  the Seattle  Lake Shore and '< Pan attain u total of at least $100,000
'   Kastern    he   returned    to New York
M where  he  remained  until   1906  when
coming across the line.
The Last Great Weaf.
Moose Jaw, Sask., April 27.  -Ilefor-tt
a  record  gathering of  the  Canadian-
club hero  Saturday,  J.   K.   Comwull..
M. 1-. A., for Peace Hiver delivered a.
tirnn.T and fascinating lecture on that
'net great west of which he is a pi��
teer. The man and his particular Bub-
'ect drew ont practically every prominent business man In tho community,.
he again removed to Seattle and was
Instrumental in securing the extension of the Ilarrlnian linoa from
Portland   to  Seattle.
Line from Calgary to Taber.
Calgary, Alta., April 27.���The ('. P,
It. will have a direct line between
Calgary and Tuber In a year or two
Is the opinion expressed by Ueorge
Webster, contractor for the Weybum
and   the  Calgary-SuCfleld  branches  of
... ,     . Fatal   Easter   Celebration.
000.   Ilrillsh   Columbia's   Interest     In       _   -, _    ,        ,    ���   ���.     f.������u.
the protection of forests from fire Is      Regina.    SaBg.,    April   -7_ -(.reeks
almost  beyond  estimate.    The  forest I celebrated Easier today.    A   fee fight
va measures    to   In an east end house may result fatal
under I1? ,0 N* Darlleko.    He is suffering:
'from knife wounds and coucusbIoii of
branch Is tailing aetl
place the whole province
efficient protection, to the end that
no such losses as have occurred In
Iho past In olher parts of the country  may take place here.
Warden  for  Twenty-three  Years.
the   brain,   having   been   Jumped   on \
while lying on  the floor.
Died cn Way to Bridegroom.
Montreal, Aprll  27. ���A  pathetic
the   O.   P.   K.     Mr.  Webster  believes 170 yearB ago und hnd been warden of
Bryson Une., Aprll 27. W. Jackson. \ cident was reported when the White
warden of the I'ontiac Jail here, died | Star liner Teutonic from Liverpool
of apoplexy.    He was born in Ottawa | come    to    her    Montreal    berth   this
tt tt tt K tt tt tt tt tt tt X * tt tt <t  Taber.
that the line his Is now building from
Harney in a northwesterly direction
will eventually be lined up with
Taber by a short line from Harney,
and that It wlll eventually be carried
Into Calgary, thus giving a direct
connection     between     Calgary
the Jail here for 23 yearB.
Aged Civil Servant Dies.
Sherbrooke, Que., April 27��� Robert
DBvldson. for 39 years chief ot   the
Sherbrooke police   and    fire   depart-
and i ment, died at noon today, after   two ] Stone,  of  that  city,    succumbed    to
J months' illness. ,'heart failure.   She was burled at sea.
morning. Captain James stated that
one of his cabin passengers, MIsb
Sarah Baker, who embarked at Liverpool, apparently In the best of health
and Bplrits, with the Intention on arrival here of going to Winnipeg,
where she waB to have married a Mr.
* tt ���* tt # o * tt tt �� ���**��� -:��� * --,'.i
New York. ApHl 27.���Sir
Cecil Arthur Spring Rice. K.C.
M.O.. the new British ambassador to the United States, arrived ln New York today. The
new ambassador was met at
Ihe Carmaula pier by Courtney
Walter Bennett, British consul
general In New York; L. M.
Robinson, vice-consul, and L.
David Campbell and Clark
K*?rr. attaches of the British
embassy at Washington.
Through the courtesy of tho
officials Sir Cecil's baggage
was passed and he went from
the pier to the home of Lawrence Godkin. where he was a
guest at luncheon.
ijidy Spring-Rice will come
to America withlu the next
few weekB, he said.
as  natural   pioneers   he   pr-cseutud
vivid account of the natural .resources
it his country.
Waterproof Was Not Waterproof.
New Orleans. I*.. .April 27.- "Tlm
iviinlirie Mississippi levee broke at
Waterproof. La, ln Te.tisaq parish today. Parts of Tensas. Concordia and
Catahoula parishes will be Inundated
before the flood Waters find their way
hack to the Mississippi through the
Ued  river.
tt --If # tt tt tt tt tt * tt
Building Permits.
Tho total building    permits    issued'
for tho week amounted to $24,080,   In
tho corresponding week last year they
amounted to $27,200     Last week they
aggregated $43,440.    On  Krlday    permits were granted to the Ixiyal Order
of  Mooae  for  a  "Moose   home"    oa
.Carnarvon street at $1000;   for an ex
S tension to dwelling house on Colam-
?bia street to Josiah Coote. $90; to the
!-   Kraser meat market for the remodel-
:;*  ling of their store front, at $60.   Un
.'. ' Saturday Mr. C. Sutcliffe received   a
tt I permit to erect a  four  roomed  cot-
::������ tt Q "   ctte ca Kighth avenue at $2209. f��RGt   VWO
MONDAY, APRIL 28,  1913.
thf  mt'WHttt nl
((*()(   Numi'ii-  ini
,izif Street, s<-
An imtton iitietit morning paper ftei-oteti to
the FTtsaar Valleii. I'ablisKed .very morning e.
aiwl I'l'liUslnuu Vomptxny, lAtniteti, at tt Mclii
(jtiiu.ni.i.t ROBB BUTHBHLAND
All rvtmmvntcatioHs skottltl  be tidtieess.d to The New  M'I
to t.'.to-oluol  nte'llbrrs ot  the slttll.  I'heitltes, droits tvtli  el
tni. tin.
j lPest-minster ami
lla.tlon.txl  l'rintnnl
and two shillings and sixpence in advance for each small parcel. In her
'day the Krontonac curried some distinguished passengers���including the
lieutenant-governor) Sir Peregrine
Blr Samuel  Cunard.  lhe native of
Westminster. flrfHth Canada who fiu'iideil the great ste
Ike  Maternal  l*rttttntti  on*   rulil'.shinn
nLatPUONBB���Btutmttt ottice unit Manager
mxtmtsi, usi
HUliHt'KirritiN RAVBB���Bu eanier, ll tier
-monts    Hv   .'onl.  1,1 per vear.  Iftc per   month.
.tllVKHTItSINl!   K.ITKK   nn  application
Managing Illrcctt
tinim-.ler Sews, mili not
i orders should be matte
Cotni an,i,   !,milled.
899; ffditonal Rooms lull depart-
ijcar, $1  for three months, lne per
ship line tint bears his name, was
bin In Hal'fax. N. S.. In 17S7. and
diul April 2*i. 1863, forty-elghl years
a-;o todav.   The sou of a merchant,
he ivai himself trained -for tho pursuits of oommerco.
Becoming early n successful shipowner, he was greatly interested In
the substitution of steam for sail, and
In 1838 went to England and Joined
In the organization of the British and
North America Royal Ma'l Steam
racket Companv, which obtained a
contract from the British government,
for n service between Liverpool and
Halifax*.  Quebec  nnd   Iloston.
A   fleet  of four  vessels  were  built.
The News is obliged to Mr. Bournes for his communication printed in this issue.   We would first point out to
him and to all ratepayers in the city that the reports of and this marked the beginning cf,
the various departments of the city are handed in to the : e^^.a��� Vnto^pHse-T. vor]i'* 8rBat'>
council in January, and are then adopted or otherwise as i 	
<hp pniincil rp-ps fit Th0 F",con<1 battle ��" ttu> rlalna of
tilt IUUIH.11 beets IIU ! Abraham  was fought on  this date in
The bulk of the material, contained in the reports m vteo.  no Levis, the French comman-
the publication referred to, has already been printed in &ff^d^te1t0Ca"CX|
had succeeded Wolfe.
It wan the final victory of tho sol-1
dlers of New France.    Oeneral James;
Abercrombte,  who led  the expedition
against  Canada In  1758 and  was dls-1
BB'.rously   defeated    at    Ticonderoga,
died on this date In 1781.
Sixty-six years ago today the eml-,
grant   ship   Exmouth,   from   Londonderry   to   -Quebec,   was  wrecked,   and
nearly all of Ihe 240 persons on board
were drowned.
A Triumph in
TEA Quality
Pure, Wholesome and
Delicious, with a fullness of flavour not
found in ordinary TEAS.
~~��� 061
Black, Mixed and Green.
The News, and, as it is of a lengthy nature, we cannot reprint it here.
But it should be generally known that the Financial
Statement and annual report issued from the City Hall can
he obtained from the City Hall by every ratepayer for the
The surplus of nearly a million dollars to which we referred on Saturday is the surplus of values possessed by
the city over all our liabilities, which latter include our
bonded indebtedness.   The citv was "worth" that amount . Palmer cix, creator ot the "Brown-
_��. 4v��� i     �� in-io    ���     i. i        i i i.i l('a    -md rained as author and artist
at the end of 1912, just as a storekeeper when he takes,was bom at aranby, p. o��� seventy-
stock is "worth" the value represented by his stock in!thre8 ���year8 aso ,0,hl-v- iiml waa edu-
i. ... i   -u.._i.   ��� x    t ��� 1   j. i !c:itid at Granby Academy.   At twen-
hand, bank account, etc., minus what he owes. tv.tnree b reft Canada and settled in
Our financial statement is an account of our annual San Francisco, where he contributed
stocktaking and it is worth remembering that the value of IVt^0Newark? wherenhis -tunly
the city's assets in real estate, schools, public buildings,'foIltB" "1JUj'' Mm famous, ami later es-
water lots, parks, etc., is constantly increasing and will
appreciate in value much more rapidly in the near future
by reason of the expenditures in development now being
made and proposed.
We would point out to Mr. Bournes that there is some
Itabllshad  a home in his native city.
removed from human ken one of the
last authentic heroes of the charge
Imfii'ortalUod by Tennsyson. liciuj
Tredeear wns born at Huperra Castle.
Cardiff, eighty-three years ngo today.
April 28. 18.10.
Ho was ln his twenty-fifth year
when, as Captain Godfrey Charles
Morgan, of the 17th Lancers, he rode
desperately through those terrible
minutes, reached the batteries of tho
enemy, helped to cut down the artillerymen, and then rode back to safety,  one  cf  the  few  to. return.
Lord Tredegar succeeded his father
as baron In 1875, and was created a
viscount In 1*^.15. He was a member
of parliament from 185S to 1875. The
Tredegara have longed owned vast
estates, and the late viscount was
one of Ihe wealthiest men In England.
He was tin" owner cf some 40,000
acres, and left an estate valued at
$25,000,000. He never married, a eir-
OUinstance due. It Is said, to a blasted romance thai dines hack to a
young officer's days In the Crimea.
Shortly after the battle of Balaclava he wrote a proposal of marriage
to *nn English girl with whom he was
deeply lu love. The epistle went ns-
tray, i:nd the girl, oul of pique at his
li ng silence and apparent inconstancy,  married  another man.
(in his death, the title and estate
went to his nephew, Lieu-Col. Court-
enay Charles Evnn Morgan, now In
his forty-sixth yenr. who married a
daughter of the Earl of Southesk,
Hen, Sir Mackenzie llovell. former
nremler and  fnr nearlv eighty  years
[Connected   with   the   Belleville   intel-
Ugt neer.   resigned  his   post as  prom-
I Ier seventeen year3 ago yesterday, be-
Ofrrrin nnn i "  cause of the failure of his policy for
$/uu,uuu yet to be expended on various works, but all of j legislation on n-.e Manitoba school
this money has been raised for specific purposes, is al- flBK%n"mMSS,^r��S0with
lotted tor those purposes and cannot be spent in anv other his parents to Canada when ten vears
JS^h, n[?-fefeJ t0 ^ 1 ^T*8 tA�����bfu-Pent UP��n  the ^ P�����    ^e   HellevV.e   Intelligencer
bor, building of gas plant, etc. All this money was voted i was rounded as a weekly paper m
last vear but has not yet been fullv laid out  ' a534 he ,,PcamP an apprentice in the
Tl,,,���   ���*. n..* _ i   ���.* -i ��� ii.      , .  ,     ,        .      offloe,  and  began  that  long connec-
inus, at the present time, it is a debt which the city tion which established a journalistic
owes to those from whom the money was borrowed but r'",r'1   "''Bntered parliament in the
dii-fintlw If Ic 4,,������,,.! :���i.���     u i , vear of confederation, and after serv-
_ liectly it is turned into wharves, gasworks or what not, m** about neve,, years in thai body
it will create further valuable assets to New Westminster  was surcessiveiv minister of customs,
T.iL-r,  -fn*  i��i^n..A   *U��� .    j   j.        i       , .     'if  Defence   and   Of   trade   and   corn-
lake tor instance  the  money  Voted  for  harbor im- merce. premier, president of the privy
provement.   Here Ls a case of comparatively small outlay counc!' flnd senator.   He was knight-
bringing results whose magnitude and benefit to the city:"' l" 1S"r''
ean scarcely be gauged.   The expenditure which the citv!   Yesterday was the centenary of the
itself is undertaking alone will increase the value of \X,:ZT^t*ni^ t^M-VZ-
waterfront property by a million dollars   while recent 1 capitulation to a vastly superior force -..*
���events point to a future value which no man may bound,   things" b��� d^nT^ieViaUve ;: ���
lne initiative ol our citizens has been commended in I'brary despoiled or its treasures. Gen sen. w
the latest report of the minister of public works and while; ��* w*. [trt^SZiXT*
these are mere words, thev are valuable at that. ; this engagement
The past week has seen the practical culmination of    0n 'Ms <latf; '."a17,,11 ?" ,'V"\TT '"' I"i;r" ��avairy m the eo's.and later
wl.otiino��#Ai��,.!��U!    u ���  ��� i it,*"Ila"u" r1 congress appointed Benjamin Prank- won International fame as biographer
WILIL Wise 101 esigllt in tlie raising and expenditure of pub-  Iin and  two others as commissioners  and  author,   was  born  in   New   York
lie moneys can do.   The New Westminster Harbor bill now 'S R0.'" M"n,rpal a*"1 Bee1t ,0 r"ll3t;	
awaits the Royal assent only, and our city stands forth as diwsTbtu Amission was a faiiu
the first upon the Pacific coast of Canada to be fitted out    "Mf a centur* afro -VPSt('rdayi th
with the necessary organization to meet the demands of 'wnc^i'iu'i LlX** iTr^e rtace
present and of the future���and far more strenuous and pf 44G pprsons nn board 2:'7 WPrp
times. We are none too soon, but no one may deny that we: '"Robert Prescott was appointed gov,
are not prepared now. More, our citizens mav be assured '"""' of ran',dn nn ,,,la da,p ���" 17|,?
thataetual development work is not now far off.   ' ^ ^mo-Tit i^ml, Rw
ine council is now proposing to ask more money for n,nP yearB '���"���'' ,ntlriy    " waa i,lRO
that expenditure which is absolutely necessary upon our rH^TaS^ichlXCiS
streets, sewers, schools, water system and upon our exliibi   j"riB'- '������������*��� of I!on' J- "  Fleming,
tion buildings.   In the light of the policies initiated in ttow Bnin8Wtclc Premler> ln 1862'
the past, policies entailing similar expenditure and destin-U    '��� "��� �� �� '": * - * *    *
���ed to bring such excellent results, we do not think that any ��
ratepayer will refuse to support his chosen representa- ;: ;:
O'd   Roman   Festival.
Today is the anniversary of one of
the most Important of the festivals
i r ancient Home, that of Floralia,
which was celebrated each year on
the 2Sth of April. It was Instituted
in the year 240 I). C. on account of
a poor harvest, and wa3 dedicated 1o
Flora, the fertilizing goddess, whose
worship was supposed to ensure good
Ploral decorations, gay costumes,
antl dances oven more Indecent than
the midnight cabaret affairs and tea
tangos of modern Gotham, wero features of the Floralia festival.
(By   O.   Terence.)
son,   81   ~i jday   Was   Friend
of Lincoln.
Ccn. James (Irani Wilson, who wen
his military  title as tho commander
eighty-one years a;;o today. He was
a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln
Iheir acquaintance beginning when
"Honest Abe" was a Struggling law-
>i ���: In Illinois. Ai a recent, meeting
if the New York Genealogical and
iiiugi-.'ii'.liiciil Society, of which Oeneral Wilson wnr, long the president,
he told of hla first meeting with Ltn-
"We found Lincoln occupying a
shabby little unoarpeted office over
:i grocery store," said lien. Wilson.
"Something was said about his first
ancestor, He anid, 'Well, my young
friend, the first ancestor I know anything nbout was cue Tom Lincoln,
' who oamo over from England In 16S4
and nettled at a place called Iling-
ham.'  "
At the time of this Interview with
Lincoln  In  1S5S, General  Wilson  was
the  editor of  the  Chicago Hecord.  a
journal of arts, and  literature,  which
i he   had   founded   the   previous   year.
i When the war broke out the woulhful
I editor laid down his pen and went to
the   front,  and   was   soon   appointed
colonel  of  the fourth   United  Slates
colored cavalry.
Al the close of the war he was retired with the rank or brigadier-general, and resumed his literary work.
Many honors were Bhowered upon
hlm during the following forty years,
and he was knighted by the queen
regent of Spain In  1894.
General Wilson was the close and
n'terw-ftrda the literary executor ofl
Fltz-Qre&ne Halleck. the poet, the editor of Hnlleck'a collected works, nnd
erected a bronze Btatue to the poet's
memory, From Halleck the general
received a cherished possession, a
pair of sleeve links which Washing- ;
ton gave to Benedict Arnold ns a re-
cognition of his gallantry at Saratoga. ���
After Arnold hnd turned traitor he
presented the links to his only friend
among the Kngiish officers, Col. Tar-
leton. Al the end of the war Tarle-
ton save them to his American secretary, who bequeathed them 1" his only
son. Fltz-Greene Halleck. who on his
death lefl Ihem to Gent ral Wilson.
Lincoln's greatest pride in his youn
gor days, according to Oeneral Wilson, was his ability ns a wrestler, at
tho first nncting between VVIUon and
Line lln the former Inld some stories
aboul Washington bt had recently
hi .nl from Mr. Curtis, the adopted
srn of the first president
"Curtis told me." said General Wil-
son, "that Washington was the strongest, man of his time and that he had
never been thrown In a wrestling
match, although he had tried conclusions With professional wrestlers. At
that Lincoln remarked: 'Well, lhal It
exactly  my  record.
" -l have been against a good many
men, ami there was bnly one fellow
I couldn't throw on hiB hack. That '
was a .Inck Armstrong, who was strong
as a Russian hear. I couldn't, get hlm
down, but lol me tell you. l took particularly good care that he didn't, get '
me down, either.'  "
Brilisli Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Thomas Heechani, the eminent English composer and operatic Impreesarl
ol Covent Garden, u still a young
nrm. tomorrow being the thirty fourth anniversary of his birth. Ills mu
cal gcnlUB manifested Itself early In
Iif'*. and he became a leading figure
��� i the operatic world Boon after gradu
atlng fn m Oxford.
He married Utica Welles, of New
York, aboul ten yearB ago. Under hi.
direction the operate' seasons al Co
vent Garden have been mure brilliant
and successful than ever before. Mr
Deecham ii= an enthusiastic sportsman
and i'.nds recreation from his labors
In   cricki t  and  tennis.
the provisions Of the Navigable Waters l'rot< ction net.
Section   16   provides  that  the  pro-
tits of operation, If any, to belong to j
city and section  17 for books to bo '
open for Inspection by city and for an
annual  report.
Section 13 provides tor expropriation of lands In the manner laid down
In the Railway act but not until the
consent of the governor-in-councll has
betn obtained.
Section Vi provides borrowing ikw-
rs aud defines methods to be used for
payment of Interest and repayment of
principal of debentures.
Section CO gives power to make by
laws not contrary to law or the pro
I visions cf the act.
Sections  21, 23 nnd  23 provide for
harbor ratea and  stipulate that vnlu-
i utions  shall   be   made  In  accordance
| with  the  provisions of the    Customs
i act.
Section 2-1  provides for the seizure
if vessels and section 25 for the seizure of goods  and these two  sections
along with section 26 define the course
of summary proceedings,
i    Section  -','  tirhlda the oommlBBtnn
[having  precunlarj   transactions   with
:ts members    Section 2S provides for
Mi ��� administrate n of oaths,
Section 29 orders an acountiug and
an annual report and section 30 liin
Is the period within which a com-
oUitnl or Information may be laid undi r tho act to two years.
Noith   Fraser   Bounds.
The amending section defining tin-
bounds of the North  Fraser  Harbor
B as follows:
4. "For the purposes of this art tin
Vorth Fraser Harbor shall be deemed
��� i yt'*t"i from n lui" drawn across the
Vortl, Arm of the '''ra.ict nv.-r. l-cur*
nation southerly Of the westerly boundary of the city Of New Westminster
i i,e���ee gown stream ol the North
Arm of the Fraser riv, r. . \i inline on
both sides tt- the line of average high
���vater mark, to lines drawn across
h" nut li Is of the Norl Ann if tin
Fraser river Into the Gulf of G 'Orgln
'r-.'n point ii point at low wst r mark
��� I i ach of ; ie points of land forming
lie said outlets: but not extending
further southerly than a polnl equl-
tanl I * t *.- ��� n the most southerly
md the morl northerly points of the
we: t'-rti shore if l.ulu Island, nor ox
' ndlng further northerly than the
nnlnl  U���. .vn as  Point lire-, :  and shall
ilio include the adjacent waters of
in- (-nil i f Gi i,-gia, upon ond over the
lank ,"e.,*,*n as Sturgeon 'lanli, as t'-ir
award ae am from time to time defined '** the governnr-ln-councll. and
���hall also be deemed to include all
vato!iront property, water lots, docks
Hnlr, Hi'kIh, Huc-ilnfHH Letters, etcl circular work speclall-at. All work utr-Mrtty
confidential.   It. Hurry, room im w��*i-
liltiiMtiir Trust Hlk.    Phollii 702.
MR.    F.  T.   C.    WICKETT,    A.   H   C.   O.,
I..  I.. C.  M-.  Supervisor   ef  Music   New
Westminster Schools, Organist sixih
Avenue Methodist Church. Vancouver;
receives pupils for the pianoforte, oigan.
singing  Mini   theory,     liin   Fifth   uvi-iiuc*,
N<-w Westminster.
B. He I'. O. fit Ellis of Ihe 1). nf C, meet
the flret and third Thursday at 8 p. m..
K.   i.f   P,    Hull.    Eighth   Btreet      A    Welle
ili.iv. Exalted Unler; P. II. Hinlih, Hi-c-
L o. o.
M.,  NO.  B64���MEBJTS ON  flrat.
Bl mm!
iiiif) thinl  Wednesdays in ����� ach
In  K. of  P.  Hall nt   S  p in     tt J.
I��< amy
dlotator; J. li. Price, Becretary,
�� Harbor Bounds Clearly
Set Faith in New Act
: shores or bei
tors forming
i harbor."
chrs in or along the
as  aforesaid     the    i
Some hnrinofs r.s to the exact limits of the N'ew iVeetminstpr Harbor
Commission and the North Fraser Har
bor Commission has been evidenced.
bu* the following extracts from the
acts constituting those bodies will
make the Bituation clear
in brief. New Westminster's jur;��-
dlction at the
the  meaning  of  certain
what ihey Include.
���Scctloi. "i i��mpO'V< ra tno corporation
to i reel landmarks to indicate harbor
Section   (1   provides   for   three   combe  appolntrd  for
mission! rs.   one
three yiars by u two-thirds vote   of
milf isi'bonnde'd on the  "���" ',|,v council and iwo by the tjover
tavea in this matter.
Municipal authorities am now engaged In outlining the scope and details ur the playground movement for
the year. The plans should be laid
���upon as comprehensive a scale as the
lafwuttas of the season and the avail-
JSxHe Onuiift-s will permit.
3ihv f-fajgroun.d, especially Ihe sup-
Wvlsed playground, boa talon a do-
finite and Important purl in city life.
It r presents the most progressive
���te) toward Riving back to children
��if the cities the freedom ol ground
���aie! air that is su vital a factor in
bttlldlhg up strong men and strong
HMt. Hy careful selection a cily
js Bible lo choline pastimes Writ are
���productive of healthy and happy In-
flurmes  upon  the  young.
Su-pcrvlsed play raises the play-
ground to its highest status, lt fos-
ten. oiinpotitlon and team play, thn
itwo groat factors in after life. The
vn> tx'St elements of nature are keen
tiy .l.eloped, for the well-conducted
ciiii.1' i a playground iB not only conducive lo health and strength but to
ttit mora' and mental development
��>f young rolks as well. --Calgary Herald.
���ada     The  grain  will  bo
lis country and the by pro-
.  there being
stock  in the
ground in th
ducts fed b
It looks as if the development of
Asiatic markets and the opening of
the Panama canal, must Immensely
encourage agricultural and Industrial
expansion In the western Canadiau
provinces and furnish plenty of traffic for our railways, new and old
which link up the prairies vis the
l wunlalna v th Vancouver Prinod
Kupert and other Pacific coast  pons
Toronto News.
in successive numbers of the King
Bton Chronicle appeared a conspicuous advertisement -dated Aprll 2H.
1819 which has not. lost Its interest
through lapse of time. It waa two
columns wide, headed by a rude wood
cut of a steamer with two smoko-
plpes, representing the Frontenac.the
first steamer to navigate one of the
firent   Lakes.
She had been launched at Ernes-
town In 1S16. She made her first
trip in 1817, and her last In 1827. Her
length of deck was 170 feet; her burden 700 tons; her cost fifteen thousand pounds, Her commander, Cap-
lain   .lames   McKenzie,   was   formerly
First  College   for   Women.
The first institution for imparting
a fol collegiate education 'o women
in the world's history was founded at
Poughkeepsle, NY.. In 1K61, by Matthew Vassar. a brewer, who was born
nt Tuddlngham, Eng., 121 years ago
Vassar College was built with the
profits derived from the Bale cf Vas-
Bar ale, once famous for its quality.
Vassar came to America, with his father, also a brewer, at the age of
four, and was only twenty when he
embarked In the ale brewing industry al Poughkeepsle.tn this and other
enterprises he wai highly successful,
and  accumulated  a  large  fortune.   Iti-
Ing childless, he contemplated the establishment rt R'ini" institution for
the benetll of mankind, and. at  the
BUggestion Of Ins niece. Misfl Ilooth,
a successful teacher of girls, he decided to found the world's pioneer
college for the higher education of
the   fair  sex.
liis first gift was $408,000, and with
this sum n spacious building was erected, and Vassar College was opened with over three hundred students.
Other gifts and bequests in his will
increased the amount to $800,000.
Vassar now has a faculty of 110 and
over n thousand students, and ranks
first among the Institutions of Its
kind In America. Sinre Hh foundation
over 4000 women have been educated
at   Vassar College.
north by the central point in the west
em boundary of l.ulu Island. North
nf this point to Point (irey la under
the North Fraser Commission, In
the *>'ew Westminster art ihe control
seawards over the sandheads and ad-
ianent v.-iter* ',-. as defined] fron".
time to time by the governor-ln-coun-
A-ncn'Ir-J   Tection.
The amended Bectlon tNo. 4t In
the New* Westminster act is ns follows:
���I "For th" purpt sea Of this act
the barb, r of New Westmlnsti r shall
I..' deemed to i tend fn in a Im"
drawn north an i south, astronomically, to each sin re of the Fraser
rl  it.   frr :n   ih"   i olnt   on   the  line  of
average high water mark, on the
eastern   end  of  Manson or  Douglas
Is! nd, km wu as I* lint RsbnSUan nn i
situate In the Kraser river at the
mouth if the Plti i:\i-r-. thence down
."mi., extending on both sides to
the line of avorage high water mark.
to lines drawn across the outlets of
the Fraser river Into the (lull of
Oeorgla   from   polnl   to   point  at   low |n'j
in  officer  In   the   Roysl   navy.
It was announced that the Steamer  Birthday  of  Lord  Tredegar,  Hero
Men who have apent frnm ten to
twenty-five years in the Orient are
���mot: saying that the long awaited
v.ak�� ning of China Is at fast at hand.
The change that ha3 taken place In
ihe country  and  people  since the re-
rotation is regarded ai the greatest ���rl,-,] ,.,.,-.;,. ,-,,.,.,. ,.,���1I1(1 ,,.*,��� trom
thai haa ever occurred In any nation Kingston to New York, trom York
dorlug  BO brief a period. to   Niagara   and   hack     lo     Kingston
Wages are Increasing, and ir the ,,a,.i, m0nth, The rates fin- adults
projected foreign loan goes through, were three pounds from Kingston to
Oiftro will be further improvement In v,,rk and Niagara, and ono pound
this respect Fresh loans will be used i*,-,,,,, y(l,*( u, Niagara; for children
larg< lj In the construction of rail* under three, halt prico; and for those
���win:-, end B higher -standard Of llv- above three and under ten, two-thirds
In;;  will  follow. lof   the   lull   fare
Thin will nirati a heavy increase J Dock passengers were charged fif-
in llie Chinese consumption Of flour teen shillings. The charge for freight
jnuli of which  must bu supplied  by WaB  four   shillings   per   barrel   bulk,
Balaclava   Charge.
.last Ti tho American wood i aro
full of "drummer hoys or Shlloh," so
does England abound with hi roes
who modestly confess that they took
pari in Hie Immortal charge of tho
Light Brigade at Balaclava The lasl
survivor of Balaclava, nnd the last
Shlloh drummer hoy havo died a Inn
dred limes in tin- last few years, aud
the end  Is rot   yi t.
Tho receni death of Godfrey Ch tr
b\i Morgan, first Viscount Trcdi   .*
mark on each of the points of lands
forming the said outlets; but not extending further northerly than o
point equidistant between thn most
southerly nnd the most northerly
points of the western shore, of l.ulu
Island, and shall also Include the ud-
Jaconl waters of the Oult nf 'leorgla,
upon and over the Band heads as far
seaward as are from time to time
defined by the governor-ln-council;
but shall not Include any portion of
tn-r North Arm of the Fraser river
WD8I if a line drawn ai-rofls the said
North Arm In continuation southerly
of the 'vostcrn boundnrj of the City
rl Nell Westminster; uni shall also
be deemed lo Include all water fr nl
pi i -" rt). water lott. piers, docks,
uhorca and beaches in or along llv
waters terming at oft rcsald the said
Three   Commi-Esioners.
'I his 'a oi"n Is the mosl Important
ei cl a,ii of tho *n t, tin- * imninlng , 11
h prov Idlng tl*.   machinery foi 	
troilini  Hi" hai bor by commlsi I m rs
I li I rsl Ihf' e seotli US ure formal.
It al'.*: with 11) th in II tit] ��� i.f tin
,: I.       i'i       in * rii ll Hll 11   of  Mil    col *
inr-ln-eounrl! A nouneilloi' Is In llgl
ble as commissioner.
Th" senate Inserted a new- clause
in   this  pedum   which   provides   thai i
'in default "f the appoint mi nl of a
commissioner by  the city    of    New
WeBtmlnster within thirty days of the!
publication  in  the Canada  Ci/'it.   (���
ii..* names of the commissioners ap
pointed by    the    governor-ln-councll,
the governor-lo council mav    at i	
tin* third commissioner also;  and any
person  so appoint! d  shall  hold  office \
in all respects as the person In wine,,
place ho w.ih appol ited  would  h ivt
In Id It."
Harbor Offici.ils.
Soi tii'.  7  pro .nil.-*,  tor iv Ign t on
of  commlnsioners  and  Bectlon   B   tor
the filling of a Vacancy in tin   o,<:   ftp
polntt n commit ��� loin rsl Ip \ Bon-iti
ami mini! nt provldt d thai "tl o sei re
c.r-  nf the commission Bhall  notify
the city clerk in writing of the 0( '-���
ri nee of inch  vacancy."
Section 0 provides for "an oa''i nf
Office" and section in as to a chairman and  a quorum,  while section   11
nakes provision for the appointment
harbor master and other offlci r��
It looks a goodly ship, the favoring
Fling its  Bail;  above,    the    cloud-
It es sky,
Tho peaceful sea beneath,  no dan
I ger nigh:
It  Is a goodly ship, but  not   by  these
'Tls judged.  Wall  till the storm king
fn es
lis    ministers   the      winds.      tho
waves,  the  shock
Of    mountain    billows    and    the
treacherous rock
Shall say  If it  be strong to ride the
regular meeting of /Unity lodge No.
Ii, I. O. O. I-'.. Is held every Monday
nlulil at K n'elnck III Odd I-'iIIhwh* Hull,
corner Carnarvon and Qtgbth etreet-s,
\ letting brethern cordially Invited
R. A. Merrlthew, N. O.; .1. Robertson,
\ ti.: \v. c, Coatham. P, Q., teuoro.
lux secretary 1 H. iv. Bangater, financial eeerelai-y.
���I.   BOWELL    (SUCCESSOR   TO   'T'lN-
ter ik llnnna,  Ltd.) ��� Funeral dlrootors
and iml..ilnuTH.    Parlors -ton Columbia
street,   New   MVstininHt.'r.    I'hnne   991.
���v. 1-3. PALES��� Pioneer Punera! DiraetM
ami Bmbalmer, iJ)2.*hh akihh Htre-Bt,
opposite Carnegie Library.
���imii'iii.ii. GRANT * MoCOLL, H.Ml-
rlaters, Boilcitora, etc I" Lorn* Sti.-.t.
New Weetmlneter. O K Corbould, K.
c     .1.   11   Grant.     A.   EJ   MeColl.
ii n law. solicitor, eto. Telephone
K'T" Cut,!.. address "Johnston."
Code, "w.hi. in Union." Offloea, F.illa
Block, :.r.*j Columbia street, N'-w Westminster,  H. C.
RTILWELL CLOTB,  llnrrlst.r-al-lnw,
solicitor,   eta;   corner   Columbia    an*
Mfk.iir.il-   streets,    New    Wastmlnatei
H   C.   P   o.  Box  112.    Telephone   7io!
Rnlicltor   am!    Notary,    Offices     Hart
block,  28  Lome   street. Now  Weatmta-
sn r.  B, C.
Barrlstora nnd Soitctti-irs. soj to til
Woatmlnater Trust Hlnck. O. B. Martin. \v. i',. McQuarrie and liccrge L.
i'a snarly.
sidc ��� Barristers and Boilcitora, Westminster Trust Hlk., Colombia ulrK't,
Now Weatmlnator, ll. c. Cable addraaa
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Hraw-r��- '.'(i^. Telephone in w. J.
Wbltealde, K. C.; n. L. Bdmonda, D.
Accountant. Tel. It 128. Room 22
Hart block.
envy storms of life have
Nol till the hi
Vainly to whelm; not. till the waves
of wrong.
Sorrow   and   loss,   despair   and   doubt
have fought
For mastery;   not   till   the   siren
In   vain   Ihelr    all   entrancing     wiles
liave wrought,
Hare  any   iuil   to  say:     Lo   I   am
EdO�� H. Cheney.
Every Woman
l* Interested und -"tiouid Lnow
\ about the wonderful
Marvel ^"'"b 8p��i
at nuch saisrics and win, Buch security for the perforttmnce or their dutlei
as the commission  mav deem fit.
Hection 12 defines Iho territorial
limits of jurisdiction which are not m
affect ptlvnte rights nor, ns added by
tlie se.iate, lne pti pi rty f f the Cr, v. n
Without   authority      Section   1,1   Bivt't,
power lo the commission lo Institute
and defend suits aid notions, See
Hon M 'tlves them power tn hold and
administer the dock, properly nnd wi
Ier lots owned hy the city on termB
to h" agreed upon wiili the council. It
also gives power ' lo dcqulrt. expro
liri.it.*.  hold,  pell    lease  or olhi '��������� ' ie
llsposa of Buch real estate, building
- r i tin r pr in riv" necei ������������.r\ t.., ih"
purposi s of lhe harbor, bul not v ith
��� nt i en-sent ol r.over u r In i m icil to
alienate land neotilred from tho
"i-iinum of Canada,
Ure   of   Wate-front.
���;-' :'"'i 16 provldt s for ubo nud de
v' Ioi it of waterfront, c ra d ������
ind i talnten u ce i r do.*:.* i, i ull'Mus*.
ppllances, com Inict'on and on
etatlon 'l railways (bul nol to bo
'" i m I !��� railway company) owning
"**i ' pt ratlnu pi ml and manhln' ry.
'"������-������   ������������-���   a,n:  Ci  lh    definition ot Anj work undertaken to be tubjecl io
1*. H Mmiih w. j. Groves.
Work   under,,ilun    In    city    and    outHldn
iKiints.  811-1J   Westminster  Trust   Bldit
Phone am.    P, O. Box dot.
stir Ilnnrd of Trade meets In the hoard
mm,,. City Hall, us follows: Third Friday nf each month; quarterly meetlnat
nn the third Friday of February, Mar,
August and November at S n.m. Annual mi-etlnKR nn the third Friday of
February. C. H. Htiuirt Wade, eecro-
Auk yenr drogirtBt Ibr
it.  If ho rie-mot niipi.l
Urn MARVi.u accept'no
ilh��r. but semi It.imn fnr lllos.
InleA hook -wslsd,   II flrr, f\M   .
Crunners nn-t (lirhetlmui Inr-ilonble
l,r�����',i,i AsiitiU for Canadtt.
Sank of Montreal
E8TABU8HBD 1817.
CAPITAL (PaldUp)  $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
IliunohoH throughout Canada and
-.'uwlouildland, and in London, Eng
and Ne�� Yotk. Chicago and Spokane
I.S.A., nnd Majiloo City, A general
milking busines.i transacted. Letters
if Credll issued, available with corespondents in all putts of the world,
Savings Hank Department���-Deposits
���ecolvod In sun's of $1 and upward
tlon md Intereet allowed at 3 per cent, per
ilinum (present rale).
Total Assets over $lXG,iM>0,n(>0.00.
O, i). BRYMNER, Manager.
��� ���.in
COAL MINIM; HkIi'.h of the In,minion
n Manitoba, Baakatchewan and Alberta.
in- Yukon Territory, the Northwest Tar-
llorlol and  In  a  portion  Of  tl*.*   I'rovlnoe
���f British Oolumbla, mav in* leased for *
",������, or twenty-one years ut un annual
rental nf 11 nn acre. Not mnn- than 2!>6��
torn win !����� leased to one uptiiicunt..
Application for a lease muat he mtul*.
'iy tin' applicant tn i��-rson to the A��i>nt
ir Bub-Agent of the district In which thc
rights applied for are situated.
In survey���! territory the land must Im
ItHCl-ltil'd by sections, or legul mib-dlvl-
ilnns of sections, ujul In unsurveyed ttr-
rliory lhe truci upplli-<l for Bhall ba
naked out by the applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied
by a fee of |5 which will be mfunded If
the rights -applied for are not available.
imt not otherwise, A royalty ahull ba
oald on tbe merchantable output, of tha
mine ul the rntu of flvs cents per ton.
The person oi minting the mine shall
rurnlsh the Agint with sworn rrturna
accounting for Uie full Quantity nf merchantable conl mined and pay tbo royalty thereon. If the *,al mining rlghtn
are nnt being operated m,^, returns snSuld
Imi  furnlshi'd ul   lenHl  onoe u  year.
The lease wlll include lhe c��ul mining
nidus only, but thu.leasee win |���i permitted  io   p���rchus��   Whatever   available
surface rights mny be considered nn	
snry for the working of the mln
rule of  $10  ut,  acre.
for full Information application should
be made to tbe Becretary or ihe ix'purt,
ment nf the Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent or Hub-Agent of Dominion   l-anda.
W. w. CORY,
l,"inity Minister or the Interior..
n. B,���unauthorised publication of thla
advertisement will not be paid for.
nt the
King's Hotel Pool Room
Host. Pool Tables In the eity.    Fine
Hue of Clgara and Tobacco.    Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON.  Proprietor. MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1913.
Magic of May Day Lives
Through the Centuries
Gathering Hawthorne May.
The  pi  t'y   May  cusloins  ol  oilier
lands and  other dayB mako pleasant
rending, lf nothing more,    lt is good
to remember, amid the hurry and bus
tie of this twentieth century world of
ours, that onco folks had the leisure
us well us Ihe disposition, to walk
abroad In the green fields on tbe first
morning of this glud month to "hrlug
in the May." as they call gathering
tho linwlhorni, In Kngland, and that
the call ul mother nature, even In pro
greillve America, Is strong enough to
make nun wnnt lo gather the wild
flowers, fill their lungs with the fra-
gnuioe o[  the newly created flowers
and their winter-saddened minds with
tho JoyiuBiicHH and uunshlno of the
Even In this day and ago, when It
would almoBt Boom ttu\t men have forgotten how to play, some remnant of
Ihe old time revelling spirit of tho tine
chanalia Is discernible In Utile coun
games and the maypole. During Cromwell's time ull Muy sports were ordered discontinued and all inaypiihs ordered taken down.
Children of Nature
quently    agitating    commercial    undi
political bosoms.
Qastown, the nucleus ct Vancouver,
was never mentioned In thoie days.
., me site on Burrard Inlet, through
New Westminster, wai generally
favored, although many other B.tes
i.n iiie ccu.-it and on Vancouver Island
wore freely canvatied by Interested]
parUt s.
Princess Adopts Simple
Life With a Vengeance
MOSCOW, April 27.���All    Russia    Is
talking  about  "the  Blmpllllcutlon"  ol
l'ort Moody was originally ilxed on   1'riucess Marya Alexandrovna llarau
and enjoyed a brief but unwholesome Ina   The word "ilmpllfloatJon"   1b   a
boom,    unwholesome    because    when  translation  ot  the     itussian   "oprstc
When Charlei lhe Second .vkb made   Vancouver    was    llrially    Bisected    it   nenlye,' as used In a Turgonleff novel,
king, the people were thoroughly wear-i was  totally  neglected  for  years,  and   "'"J ���* expresses the ancient erase Ol
led ol the long strict rule ot tho Purl   only     within    comparatively     recent I rich    Russians    for abandoning    the
tans, and  when the May sports were : yo���,  bus  resumed  Its  rightful  place   w("-ul llu,�� ""-'"in�� lll"lr **rea**    wi,h
again allowed, the coming of summer i as a  prosperous and Stable  City,  the
was  heralded  with  more license luiil  civic heads of which Btemly set their
rioting than ever before. | faces  against  the  reprehensible  arts
It was small wonder, therefore, lhat   , f real estate triekBtura.
tlm first  May day  feast In Americai    Atn.r Uus explanatory digression il
celebrated among the Puritans who I nay b,> stated the function of 187a
bad fled England for conscience sake , wllB aI1 unqualified success.
was denounciid by these pilgrims, who
wished   lo   keep  tlle  new   world   pure ,
and  spotless from the thingB which      ���i"    '>*:""    '!:''���' '    "'    ""'  ���'' '
had horrified them In the old.
and   winter  Is over    and    gone,    and might well be revived.
which no ddubt will continue to enrap- The  bishop's lady,  Mrs.  Hills, dls-
ture the hearts of nature's    children trlbuted   that  year  bon  bom  among
until  tbe  world's end. the assembled children
their own bauds
Sometimes "simplification" hi the re
suit   of    religious    mysticism;    some
UmeB   of  TolBioyism.    Tolstoylsm   It.
the motive which has driven Princess
Marya  Ciirntzinu  to   become   kitchen
maid, waltrets and cleuner of boots it,
a Moscow hotel.
Maypole  Dance. 1'rlnces Marya Alexaudrovna Is tbe
The    ribbon    dance    of    the little  daughter of tt millionaire    landowner
ladies  wllh  their frolicsome swains," i with estates in Tula, Orel and    Vol-
lint not tbe gloomy devout, dueSB of' rou.id tho Queen and tbl Maypole to.hynla.    Hho Is 23, pretty, graceful, re
the Pilgrims   nor yet the ordi-rH of a  Ibe merry strains of the "rebec" was ' lined, accomplished.   Bbe Bpeuks four
Cromwell   wrll  with  regard    to    the1 perlormed In n most pIctureBipie man-; languages  and   has   visited   America
| raising Of  maypoles,    could    prevent  ner.
then, ub  now, an  unconscious naturu      Ami.:,;; the bikiHs on that day wen.
try towns, where the young foikB s.tiii worship which springs to life in evftry archery and leap frog, rather an   in
love to fill'111111 hang May baskets; but | human   heart   when   spring   Is   come,' congruous combination.    Tbo archery
the old widespread general enthusiasm
of former dayB--of this we have only
the uu'inorli s which have been handed
duwn  by thei old-time atory tellers
it Is li tereitlng to know that May
day has In It elements of the old Sun i
worship of tlie Persians, as well as
the Roman honoring of the Goddess
Flora, while tin* maypole savors of the
nature worship of tlie east
The Northern Folk.
In the more northern countrlei,
where tht rlilng of life-giving sap to
trees and flowers meant so much,
ther" was naturally more rejoicing
than In the more sontlfrly countries,
where this act ol nature did nol so
much involve tho beautlfylnp of the
country ond the comfort of the Inhabitants.
Rich and poor, old and young alike, j
Join'd in tin celebrations ot the May
dais ef England, and it is related In
the reign ol Henry the Sixth the sheriffs and aldermen of l^ondi ���> tan d
forth to tlv- llishop of London's wood
and had there a "worshipful dinner'' |
as it in quaintly expressed by un old
chronic!' i, on  May morning.
ll Is quite easy to Imagine one's sell
seated on a mossy stump at the edge
of an Kngiish greenwood with the bitter fragrance of the May ull about ono
and tile mi rry songs of the birds trilling from every tree. Suddenly there
burst upon the air the sound of fresh
young voices, nnd presently over n
hilltop comes a party, of youths and
maidens, bringing In the May, their
arms laden down with the fragrant
hawthorne blossoms, <lai!> aud quickly they pass along the way, their ehat-
terlng voices filling the woods about
the place with echoes. Gayly and
quickly they pass, and gradually the
brtghl fig ws disappear .md the music j
and laughter dice away on the breeze
In   Days  ot   Old.
These were the days when the May-
feast was one of the biggest and greatest events of the year, and long before sunrise every village maid and
man rose and made his or her way
to the nearby woods and fields, where
the most exciting event of the whole
day, the raising of the maypole, took
lt was customary to have a Lord of
Ibe May, as well as a Queen of the
May. anil at evening when the greal
bonfires were lighted the queen of
the Ma> reiired with her companions
nnd tli" Lord or May was left to ce-.
duct the revels of the night, which
lasted until daylight, and which were
very often carried to great excess, we
nre told.
lt is Knid that Henry the Eighth loved to rise early upon May morning
and, with a chosen company, rule forth
into the woods. Once he and the
queen, attended by many lords and
ladles, rode to a high hill to drink In
tho fresh ulr Suddenly they saw a
great company of sturdy yeomen dress
ed In Lincoln green and carrying tail
bows and arrows.
Bold   Robin   Hoed.
Th" lender of these men Iti  , ,     ,
.Av.ne.an u, thn kins and ask, il him   that year was erected on the grounds   yu
advanced to tho king and Mked^nim of ^,�� Bovemment bouse, ttoe present nue  of  spring"  and  tbe   procession  that ties on? to the world, and t
1 residence of  Warden  Iirown. of    the   was headed by_a fife an-d arum bona.  B|mply,    "Happluess,"  contlnu
br father has a big bouse In the
Arbat district of Moscow and be Is a
mnn of normally worldly ideas.
I'rlucesB Marya till lately was world-
ly, She waB known as the liveliest
���^irl in Moscow's aristocracy. Sud-
-lenly Bhe underwent a change, She
lt would be announced one day dramatically that
: she wuuld undergo "simplification."
"You meuii to do your hair plainly,"
said tho Incredulous, "1 mean real
simplification," Bald the princess. And
four days later she left her father's
She Disappeared.
Princess Marya's cider brother
went in search of ber. He traced her
lo itostofi on Don, but she disappeared
before lie could git there. He discover, il that she had taken service as
kitchen maid wiih a lawyer, and that
tiie lawyer had found out who she was
and urgi d her to return home. As she
refused, he save her story to the news-
I papers.
Th ��� story was that she had been
moved by an irresistible Influence to
abandon worldly living. She bad come
to her decision gradually. All the winter while dancing, attending theatres,
'.nil driving in wild sledgo parties, she
bin! be< n brooding ou the Idea of simplification.
After she returned trom balls she
sat for hours In her bedroom reading
Tolstoy, questioning herself, and often torturing herself. The idea obsessed her. Once while dancing with
an aide-de-camp of Moscow's governor, she blurted into his ear. "Dive up
everything; abandon the world." Tho
iidc-de-camp thought she hnd a ner-
1 vnus lit, and lid her into the open
Such was I' e story tuld at Kostott.
For a month ater nothing was hoard
>f I'ineiss .*'* -\;i. Ti ���:. the wa
��� mul n her nitive Moscow, again in
the post of di uu stie servant. Thu iltl
prince, her tether, trleO to get her
to i. turn bome. and, when ihe refused,
urgiil her to leave Moscow as she was
I .loiupronlslng "ur family
Determined to Work.
\    "Tho  lite   I   lead  ilO-at*. not   corner*
intae you." answered iV' princess.
mind. She hud nothing, ehe said,
against the marriage tisiilf, but she
was certain that It would prevent gen-
uinu simplification, and she was determined not to live a life of shame. "I
shull work till my llfe'B close," ended
the letter.
And bo the princess works. Naturally, a good-looking, refined girl cannot be mald-sorvant, hotel "bootl,"
and restaurant waitress without trouble. The princess complains that all
men pursue her.
She does not mind It. "At Loskut-
naya hotel," she says, "I scratched
my face and rubbed Boot on It in order
to make myself, ugly and to save my-
Belt from the attentions of a man ln
tint office."
The latest tale Is that the princess'
uunl haB como from Italy "lo do her
best to save her niece." On hearing
the news the princess remarked aptly
"And 1 Bhall do my best to save my
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Queen ol the May 1B11-1J. She ls the (tavirMer ol Mr and Mrs. Howard
. Welsh, of Sapperton, and Ih a pupil at Hteburd Mcllrlde Bchool.    Shn was
In ber eleventh year when she ascended tin* throne and lhe above was
1 taken  at  that  time.
The unusually warm winter has been
a grent time tn thousands nf children
in various parts of tbe country  tie-
cans* nf the huk uf fronts lhat should
come In J-.u-k  I'rust's train,    i'.ut uld I
llureus hns so tur fulled to live up tol
1  bis reputation.    His fi-luld Itteuth  UB|
1  but   kept  to  himself   or   blown  It  *o\-
s a gloiy  lor you.    1 intend to earn! gently tbnt It bus lost Its power.    I lie I
niy  own  hrt.au   and   tx   die  a  woi-*.-! -grown   folks  probably   like  tbe  lutut
WOUU.ll." I  weather, but nut tbe tittle une*. Coaat-
i'riuce Oarauin began    an    action \ ing  and   fkiiting   ure  sports  too   enjoyable to give up without protest.  TuV
hnve them cut nut by tbe grumpy old
Cor. 6th Ave. and 12th St.
Headquarters for all kinds of Furniture, Furnishings, Stoves, Ranges, Washing Machines, Wringers, Dishes, Glassware, etc., etc.
Headquarters for the famous "Sunset Sewing
A   holiday   lor  the  school   children   rather  a  tall   order  for  one  lady
en  Kriiluj  has been secured through do lt thiB year.
the   courtesy   if  Alexat.de:   UolmiMui,
superlntendeni if education f"r British i olumbia. Mr. Stuurt Wade, of
the Ma> Day committee, applied tn
the superintendent for the holiday in
order that 'he celebration might be
I properly oarrled out and he readily
granted authority tn the school board
, to   close   ihe   BObOOll   ��n   the     groat
'day. Mr. Robinson bus also been
asked  to authorize the closing of the
i various   schools   In  the   lower   KYaser
Laird cf Port Moody.
Throughout  theBe  early   years the
name  of  Mr.  J.  T,   Scott  constantly
occurs in a complimentary sense, as a
kind of master of the ceremonies.
With the Idea of Betting her inla a
sanatorium for the Insane, llut be was
advised lbat he would fail and abandoned the project.
Princess V.ir*a pursued the simple
life. She took service as kiuhenmtud
in the Loskutnaya botel. In this old-
fashioned hotel, of which a picture appears here, her own relatives used to
put up. 'Ih" busines of "devka Marya
Kir! Marya���was to clean boots. Sh
in  1X74  MIbb Janet    Harvey    was cleaned a hundred pairs a day;  rose
Mny (Jin'uii, bin we cannot trace any
details'of tho ceremony for tbat
At Government House.
The May Hay of 1S75 Miss M. Scott
valley   and  his  reply   to  this   request   was   the  elected  Queen  and  she  was
i expected nt any hour.
Went Up Fraeer.
On Thursday.  May 1. 1X73. a    new
departure was taken In regard to the
of these men Robin Hood procession to the Maypole, which in
If he enred t
His majesty and the company
conveyed In a currlage to -government
house which was the scene of the
fete Tor a number of years subjo-
in   1S76  Mlsj  M.   A.  Johnston   waB
ti. "dressed In white a-i emblem
very glad to do so, and at Robin HootU penitentiary,    in  previous years the In (toy,, IMT,
Jbl.lln nil tho men shot tnivth-r and cricket ground, which is now occupied ance of    steanu
bJT^V-^^  '    ,   '"V&U��   *. B,    had    been w,s  ,,,.,stated 1,  ,1,  ,=nien,
thev revealed themselves to the kin.! Morey, and ber maids of honor, were The gallant Hyacks also were   at)
SLmbors of his o^ private guarll5 rowed by boat from the citv proper set  with the volunteers training ��t
Their  leader.  Robin  Hood,  stepped to  the  landing at   Sapperton,  accom- Wellington,    but these trustj  knlghta
no a   this time and Invited their inti panled In another boat by the ex-May tortunately arrived won the Bteamer
iestlea to enme Into   the   foreBt with Queen, Miss Bonson, r.-id lier   attend- and the   celebration    was   again    u
nt four its the morning and worked till
.'leven at night Alter three months
of this the princess issued an inipres
Bive pamphlet with tbe title "About
Simplification." It began in'a fashion
which recalls the opening of "Anna
One Way to Eo Happy.
"There are many thousand ways of
being miserable: but there Is only ran
way of being happy." The princess
went on to explain that the only way
to be happy is to abandon everything
"consists  In  getting  rid  of
him and see how the outlaws lived.     InntB, a'-''''** nuocoss.
The curt ladles expressed their en-1     The  weather  Ib described as  most, Quadrille  cn  Grass.
t're willingness to go and Robin Hood   propitious.        ���.'__!     Miss Qertrude McDridB was Queen
In  this year and    o   quadrille    was
the royal party to a great arbor made I Tbo Queens and their suites dlsem-
of green boughs and covered with tni j harked at Sapperton uud walked up
grant flowers and herbs which do-, to government house, where a throne
lighted tbe king exceedingly. had been prepared near the Maypole.
"Sire" said  Hobin  Hood,  "we    out-1     The   May  Queen,   having  been en-
laws have but poor fare for breakfast, j throned,   was  supported   by   the    ex-
only venison, and if you stay you must
be content with what we have."
At this Ihe king waB compelled to
laugh, for well he knew the "poor
fare" mentioned was the flesh of his
own fine deer killed In his own forest. But with entire content he and
tho uuevn and all the courtiers sat
down and were served with vcnlBon
amid  much  merriment.
A Milkmaid's Dance.
A century ago a milkmaid's dance
formed a very pretty feature of   the
Quei n mi oue side aud a MiBs Burr
on the other, with her maids of honor.
Miss Harvey and Miss Johnston, in
Short and Sweet.
The 0X-May Queen's retiring address was a model of brevity. Laying
down hur sceptre ahe said, "lf my
government has been short It has
been sweet. My subjecta have been
coutented and 1 have been happy."
Turning to her successor sbo ended
Mitw-'ii .Maria
the  relative   import- |pamphieli
" day and May Day  thhl!,,
"Whon you have no money, no
house, no clothes except what you
wear, no needless stores of food, then
yeu are happy and even reckless. You
approach the way of Christ, who Vtlt
happy   and    Wh )   possessed nothing."
The princess ends by saying that
Tolstoy left his home and died a vagrant at Astapovo railroad depot, "in
i last overwhelming effort to have
nothing! to abandon wife and children,
home, money, food, clothing."
The princess next tried to lead the
simple life as waitress at B cheap restaurant. This led to iui illness. Next
-he migrated to Kharkufl' and lived
the simple life nf an assistant in a big
store. Here Bhe had to face her ilret
temptation to abandon simplification.
This was the death of her uncle. M.
i"vstatlcff, nn eccentric Moscow- raer-
,-hunt known aa "Forty Pockets," who
ft her a legacy of $306,000.
man Marya refused to
danced  on  lhe  lawn.
In these days New Westminster
wns nicknamed by its enemies,
The festival in 1879 was heralded
On that day to the rebec gay
They frolicked with gladsome swains.
The  May  Queen  was    Mlsa    Lena
Blcklioft and    her    maids    of honor   ,,, ,vr , |(,r)l
Mct'oll.    May    Kllard.  '  Strr,,..tal<.Mv01
Annie and Josephine Elckhoft.
Despite a dismally wet day the
revels  were bravely  carried  through.
In 1SS0 Miss Ferguson was May
Queen and the procession from lhe
llyack hall  was headed  by  a brass
May day celebration In England.    A Queen of the May.
garland was formed of highly pollahed i    QU,.en Marina's speech wua aa fol-
milk pans, skimming spoona and other   ^^.g
with tho_worda"I now aaluto you as  band (U(1 by Profe890r Bock.    lt may
be  pointed out here  that  the  word
dairy utensils. The garland waa car
rled from house to house, while the
milkmaids danced about It to lively
In some placea, alao, with freshly
glided horns,, was led about, her head,
neck and body beautifully garlanded
with fresh flowers.
There was a very old superstition
In the village of llarvas, In tho Isle of
Lewis, nt one lime, which ran that If
a woman was tho first person to cross
tho Ilarvns river on May day, the
stream would bo bare of Balmon for
the space of a year.
Tn make sure that thlB dlaaatroua
thing should never happen a man waB
appointed before each May day to
croBB the river at sunrise, and uo woman stirred from her home until the
passage was safely accomplished by
It Ib easily enough why theBe Mny
day festivals havo never been firmly
ratabllshed In Amorlca, whon tt Is tn
hen into consideration that the Burl-
tans wero greutly   opposed   to    May
"llyack"   means   "hurry   up."    It    Is
cf interest to note that tho modern
My beloved subjects. 1 am happy  urotoly.)es of these gallant firelighters
t 1. I ..      ��� ,,      .... . ���      I Vi i< t      1      il .,-.      Ii ml'      a t       ��� *' r - ��� *	
to be able to say that I am now at
peaco with all the world and my kingdom Is In a flourishing condition.
"i have made arrangements for the
railway terinineB to be placed near
my palace so that all my subjects
will become rich and prosperous In a
very short time.
Ab this la the day Of my coronation I command that it ahall be a day
of rejoicing and 1 depute my truaty
knlghta, the Hyacks, to see that my
wishes are complied with.
"1 also command tbat    tho    music
are among the .hardest workers for
and the trustiest servants of the May
Queens of present days.
1   saw   this  day  tweet  flowir3  grow
Uut not one like tho child did pick.
1 heard lhe pad: hounds in green park
Hut not (lie like the child beard bark.
I hea:d thlil day bird, after bird.
Btrike up and the merry dance begin,   uul n���t one \\^0 the chllu hus heard,
that  all  my  peoplo may  enjoy  themselves.   1 wiBh to commence my reign   \ hundred butterflies saw I,
with universal gladness." > But not oue like tho child saw fly
Terminals All the Talk.
The    reference    to    tho    railway ! I saw tho horaoB roll In gratis,
"lennlnes"   la  doubtlosB  an  allusion | But no horte like tho child saw pass,
to the terminals of the C. P. It. com-1
pany, the line of which was then bo- My world this day has lovely beeu,
ing built and tho terminals   of which But uot ltki what the child has seen,
were generally  unknown  and  conso-1 ���William Davles.
'ako the money. Her lawyer advised
Ter that Fhe Bhould either transfer ll
to her father and brothers, or take It
md spend it on charily.
Princess Marya said no. "lt is immoral," she declared, "to give money
lo ray father, who would use lt to
make other people work for him when
he ought to be working for himself.
tnd ns for charity, that ta demorallz-
ng. The only charity Is to work and
���o tench others to work." So the
money waits.
Fell In Love.
Tho second temptation was a harder
oue. While serving ub store-saleswoman, PrlnceBa Marya net an officer
named Yuricll', an artillery captain of
talent and character. The pair fell in
love. When Yuricff heard that his
sweetheart was Princess Oaratzlna, hc
wns strengthened In his desire to
marry her. Tho prtncoB Bald that
marriage was not against her principles, but that It must be simplified
marriage. He must abandon the army.
Yurlert agreed on condition that sho
would abandon the store and come
with him to a small farm which he
possessed outside KharolT city���there,
ho said, we can both work with our
hands. Tho princess agreed. The
captain resigned his commission.
Three days before the wedding was-
to take place the captain got a letter
south wind is almost n calamity.
Thnu-uinds of pairs of new skates audi
gayly painted sleds have yet to feetl
the touch of ue nnd snow. However,!
grumbling will net help matters, nud it*
Is well tu enjoy what .vmi may. That.
Is evidently wbnt the -,'lri in tbe pic-'
lure thinks. She bus strapped on ber,
roller skntes and tuken dully out for
ao slriug.
How tiger* Are  Caught.
Tigers ure captured us cubs and also
when  fully grown.    Often the uuiinul
hunter, to Hit; delight  of tbe unlive*.
will  entrap aome mucb dreaded  uuiu
enter.    Tbe tigers are caught tu largo,
pitfalls, and vurlnus methods or secur-j
lug the uuluiiils are adopted,    lu some
cases u strong wooden trap is died iu j
the  pit.   uud   when   tbe  uniiuul   tails,
through  the  lightly  covered  inesb  at j
the top It traps und cages itself automatically.     In  others  it   merely   falls
Into a big bole and bas to be secured
and dragged out by ropes.
In certain purls of ludlu the natives
ure so daring lhat they will place a
collar, from which hung a number of
twenty foot ropes, uruund the neck of
the newly caught tiger. To tbe end
of each rope u man wlll bung for dear
life and by pulling ugalnst each oilier;
guide the Infuriated brute aloug the'
path tbey wish to follow, ln tbis mau-
ner they literally walk the tiger to
A Queer Story.
One ilay-oie day Willie Jones went
out lu the back yard, and there be saw!
a rope hanging ��ver tbe alley fence���j
a big rope-ami Willie Jones Just "took,
hold Of that rope and be pulled and us
pulled and be pulled and be pulled.
snd after awhile be pulled the yard J
full of rope, aud lt reached up high in a
pile, nnd It all fell down on top of
Willie Jones and buried him. but Willie
Jones didn't cure, and be Just kept on
pulling and pulling nnd pulling uud
pulling nt thnt old rope, and pretty soou,
he pulled se hard that he pulled tb��|"
end off the rope, nnd Willie Jones saw '""
thnt there wasn't any end to the roye
und he'd have to go on pulling and
pulling and pulling and pulling forever,
but he didn't wnnt to do tbat. and .so
he stopped pulling aud weut iu to
brenktaBt.-Cbiciigo News.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE 30B.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Store Fittings
Wt are specially equipped for manufacturing atore fixtures and
will be pleased at any time to submit free of charge drawings an*
suggestions  for  modernizing  your store.
Phone 473
Beach St., Lulu Island.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Pr-sa sad Oenl Mgr.
W. r. H. BUCKUN,
Baa. a>d Tra-aa.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Game of Fly Away.
Fire or more children nm.v play tbls
game either in the schoolroom or pbiy-
Broutid. Tbe children ur�� -seated with
their bunds lu tbelr laps. When "It"
says, at tbe same time riilidni; bis
bands, "Kly away, mosquito.'" or "Kly
awuy. robin." or "Kly away." followed
by tbe uttte of any other tblDK tbut
Hies, tbe rest of tbe plnyers are to
raise their bands. When he says, "Kly
away," followed by tbe name of some
'animal tbat does not dy. tbe players
are not to raise their hands, ultbouuh
tbe leader ralso* his. Any one making. �� miss, either by not raisin* bis
bands at tbe right tine or by raUlug
announcitiK  tbo  princess'  change cf   them at tbe wrong time, becomw "IL"
Through tickets, all claasua, to the Kast and tq Europe.
33  Hours to Prince Kupert.
���11 hours to liazelton.
"Prince tieorso" runs through
"Prince Rupert" runs through
Uronby Pay.
���MONDA1S���Prince Rupert, Stewart, Mussott.
TUESDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
THURSDAYS���Prince Rupert, Oranby Bay.
FRIDAYS���Alert Bay,  Hardy  Bay.  Rivers  Inlet, Ocean
Falls, Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service, fast time)
SATURDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
,rMoBo   connection at Prince  Kupe.it with Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway trains for poiuts East ot Hazolton.
H. O. SMITH. C  P. & T. A. W. B. UUPEKOW, O. A. t. li.
Phone Seymour 1134. VANCOUVER. B.C.     SZ7 Orsnvlll. Street
Round trip excursions commence May 2S���Go one way, return another w���
pag* rou��
MONDAY,  APRIL 2d,   1913.
Wind   Bothers   Riflemen,   But
Sloan Cets 95 Points���
Better  Turnout.
Ten  Days for Two  Women  and  Four
Men for Refusal to Pay Pines���
Released on Saturday.
Interest In tho weekly shoot at Uie Edmonton, Alta., April
Brownsville ranges is increasing as members of the Salvation
the good weather approaches, no less
than 23 marksmen making the trip
on Saturday last A gusty wind bothered iho riflemen somewhat, although
the light  was good.
Nr. \V. .1. Sloan with a scon' of DO
headed tbe lisl with Captain Cunning
liaai. pt the liHth regiment, in second placo.
Thn  following  Is  the llBt of thoso
present and  their records:
104th Regiment.
200 600 609 Ttl.
Cent. Cunningham  . ...J.1    31    28-114
"-    30    30   -92
31 31    SS
32 M���88
28 22-78
IS 30-76
25 21 -70
14    21-57
23    13���55   and  Joined  In  the  service
13    16-52
20    15    47
Vxxxxt. Smith   32
l.teut.  Groves    26
Scrgt.  Thomson    20
Ueut.  Airtb   27
Pte. Dadds   30
Col.-Sergt.   Sutherland.24
lie.  Cordcr    22
Pte.  Pcttigrue    19
Pte.   Rice    23
Pic. Laird   12
���\rniy, two
women and four men, wero sentenced
by Magistrate Downea on Saturday to
ten days Imprisonment on refusal to
pay fines fur blocking up the thoroughfare on  Wbyle avenue.
They all pleaded guilty to the
charge. On entering the cells they
commenced singing revival tunes
whicb Ibey continued during the
afternoon. Business men on the
south side of the river where the
action took place appealed to Attorney General Cross and on Saturday
night an order was issued for their
release. They at once proceeded to
a nearby corner where the remainder
of  the  corps  were  holding    meetings
When the "Bohemian Girl" Is mentioned one generally looks for the arrival of a grand opera oompany, This
time tiie "Bohemian Girl" will be
shown tit. tho Royal theatre In photoplay torm and which is said to be tbe opera house Is taken up by other en
16 players together wllh a full sized
orchestra and Is coming here with
an excellent reputation for presenting the best plays.
Manager Harry Tidy completed the
C( iitrnct on Saturday and Is of the
opinion that Hitch a oompany ��s tho
one coining here will appeal to the
theatregoers in New Westminster nnd
The arrangements are nuch that
they will not Interfere with the regular bookings made by Mr. Tidy, the
Moore company having made tl deal
to show in Chllllwack and other valley towns on such evenings when the
greatest lilln picture of modern times.
Manager   (illlis   completed   arrangements  for  presenting  the  films    on
The  repertoire  of  the   Moore  com
pany  Is nnt  yet announced,  bnt    In
Saturday and together with bis usual  eludes such strong
show   hun   decided   lo    have    special
songl and also an anguinented orchestra during the three days that llalfe's  others
famous opera  Wlll  be here.
Lion of the Mouse,"
Hour,"  "The  (I rent
plays as "The
"The Mnn of the
Red Ruby"    and
200 &00 600 Ttl
W. .1.  Sloan    34 29
iQ.  Iiurr   30 33
C Crooks   29 33
j. C. Chamberlln  38 30
K   \V.  Jewhurst    32 27
iK.  Perkins   29 32
W.  Robertson   27 88
J.  H.  Vidal    27 28
II.  I.inriahl    31 23
C. A. Dadds  30 ifi
A. F. Menzies  28 19
T.  Davis    23 24
No coy Visit.
A Glasgow journalist who was care-
leas of his personal appearance win
assigned to write something about a
ahow at a leading Glasgow theatre.
He presented liis card at the box
The manager came out nnd looked
��'. tbe disheveled visitor dubiously.
"Pi-J you come here lo write something about the play���to work-*" he
"Ho you think I'd come to your
theatre for amusement?" asked the
journalist as he stalked out-
New Automobile Alarm.
An   Englishman   Inn   invented   an
automobile alarm winch < sista of a
gong placed tn proximity to the revolving cooling fan, tl." blades of
which hold two small sinker arms.
"Bedford's Hope," a mining story
of the middle west, will be the feature at the City theatre today and tomorrow and Manager Bray has reason to congratulate himself that ho
has secured this photoplay lilt which
will undoubtedly please the patrons
of this moving  picture palace.
"lledford's Hope" has all the elements of real life, daring moves,
stirring scenes and clever acting that
go toward making a successful moving picture.
The lire scene Is said to be one of
the finest ever shown on a screen
while the auto race, the destruction
of the  mine  buildings and  the  tltril-
Under tho managerial conduct of
Henry W. Savage, "The Merry
Widow" is coming back to this city on
Saturday, May 3, 191J at the Westminster opera bouse nnd that this charming Viennese composition cun "come
back' Is slcnlfled by the fact that In
this, its seventh season, Prank Leliar'a
modern light opern classic bas been
breaking box office records through
out  the  country.
Many "made in Vienna" operettas
hnve announced themselves as "another 'Merry Widow'," or the "sue*
eoFsor to "The Merry Widow'," but
since the sensational New 'Nork premiere  of  'The   Merry   Widow"  nt   the
Now  \mstrrdani theatre ou  Monday
ling  rescues  combine  to  make     the night, Oct, 21, 100f, theatrical leiitug
play one of the best ever brought to ors |,.m, *,,,.,��� engaged In a still hunt
this city, fnl a legitimate successor to thla world
"Bedford's Hope" Is certainly worth famous operetta without success, Thi
while and  Is    a  Hlm    that    Is  being (irst  opera  to  adopt   this  BUpplomen-
Miss  Genevieve  Ward,  Now 7*>  Years
Old, Relates Story of Russian
Count's   Perfidy.
Mlsa Genevieve Ward, tt
know n Kngllsli actress, told the Btory
of ber marriage tragedy to Mrs. Alec
Twee-die, who gives it to the world in
her recent book. "Thirteen Years of a
Busy Woman's I.ife "
The Fascinating  Lover.
"I   was  traveling  with   my   mother
and   bn ther  on  the  Riviera  in   1856,
when   we   met   a   Russian.   Count     de
Onerbel,"  said  the veteran  actreFB.
"He   was  very   tall, very   handsome
very   fascinating,     very     rich,     and
twenty-eight,     I   was   seventeen.     lie
fell in  love with  lne, and  it  was nei
tied   1   should be  married at   tbe  con-   -
���UlaU    al Nice, where I waa;  but the
Rnaslan  law  required  that  the  mar-
riuge should  be repeated  in tbe  Itus
uian   church   to   make   the   ceremony
binding.    Otherwlee, 1 waa inn n *-..u
wife,   but   he   was   not   my   legal   bus
"Il was arranged, therefore, that 1
should go to Paris with my mother,
the count going on In advance to arrange everything, and we would lie re
married there m the Green cnuiuu
When vv e arrived in I'aris it was Lent,
when ho marriage can take place In
the Greek church; and so time passed on
Civil Not Religiou-i.
"lie must have been a thoroughly
tiad it'in. because he did lux not,, .u
thai time to persuade me to run away
with him, always reminding ine that
1 was his legal wife. The whole thing
���was in. r, lj a trick of thin hand-some,
ffliscinating rascal. He promised me
���that if 1 would go to him be. would
���taki me t:> Russia at once, and there
w�� Should be remarried according to
iLhe luh s et  the Creek church.
"Being positively frightened by hit* t
persistence, I told my mother.   At the
���sai."    time    rumors of de GnorbeVs
���amours  and  debts  reached   her earn,
am! Bhe wrote to a    cousin    of   ours.
thi n American minlBter in st. Petersburg, for confirmation of these
"My cousin replied:  'Come at once.',
We went; 1, Of course, under my name
���of Countess de Guerbel, which l  had *.
naturally   assumed   from   the   day   oi
jiur wedding at Nice and we stayed ��i j
��>,e i nibuKsy in St.. Petersburg.   The
count's brother was charming ts me
.lln   lild   me   my   husband   was   a   rli
Sain sad I b nl better leave him alone.
That  r.as Impossible, however    I  was
married to him, but he was nnl  married   to  me,  and  inch   a  elite  of af
fain c uld not remain.
'An   International   Affair.
ii became an international matter,
jind ii was arranged by the American
���government and the Czar that we
should be officially married at War
saw The count refused to come. Th"
Oar therefore sent sealed ordf-re for
���his appearance. Wearing a War';
���drev.i snd feeling apprehensive and
rmUwrably sad, I went tn the church.
land at the altar rails, supported bj
imy rather and mother and tbe count's
mother. I W't my huBband.
"It was a horrible crisis, for 1 knew
nmy fat In r was armed with a loaded
revolvi r and if de (iuerbel retaaed ti
.-give me the last legal right, whicb
vat moraly already mine, its contents
would put an end to the adventurer's life.
"There we stood, husband nnd wlfi
���knowing the service was a mem
fortr, but the marriage was lawful
ly effected He had completed his
part of the bargain and we had learn
��'d his villainy. At the door ol the
���Church we parted and I never sav.- him
Village Depopulated.
Illustrated papers in England lust
now are full nl pictures ol lb ��� ���. ilfage
nf Dove Holes, Derbyshire, which it
i.i said Is quickly being completely
depopulated through villagers i migrating i" Canada. During tba lust eitflit
years over a quarter ol the population
bailed. The rush started when Quarry-
man J. 8. Marchlngton, whose success
in Toronto quickly attracted others.
His brother, a village grocer, with a
(ainilv ol eight, proposes joining them
The Flax Crop.
The crop ol (lax last year In the
three prairie provinces is estimated
ut about 13 000,000 bushels. Shipments have already totalled 1,031.502
bushels. At Fori William tliere is
now a stock ol over OOO.nOu bushel*,
compared with 4ii5.000 bushels last
talked about.
"Tamandra the Gypsy" Is the title
Of   the   feature   Hlm   at     the     Kdison
theatre today.
The slory gees that Walter Clark
and Beatrice Irving, cousins, are engaged, but Walter meets the gypsy
Tamandra and they are married.
Later sbe goes back to ber tribe and
a child is born to her. Ignorant of
this facl and believing bis wife dead,
Walter antl Beatrice arrange to be
married. The untimely arrival of a
message from Tamandra brings the
wedding ceremony to an abrupt ending.   Walter enters a monastery.
Beatrice takes up work In the
slums and meets Tamandra, The latter dies and Beatrice assumes tho
care of the child. While walking one
day with the monks, Walter
Beatrice and his child. A struggle
I. tween love and duty ensues, bul
duty Anally conquers and he goes
back with the others to the Bllent life
of the monastery.
Beginning on  Monday, May :,, the
Moore Stock company will commence
a   season   at   the   Westminster    opera
house where all the latest hits of the  talle,
dramatic stage will be presented, ibe  l.msei
tory title was "The Walt.-. Dream" but
"The Waltz Dream long ago was sent
to the storehouse, while -The Merry
Widow'' Is still waltzing gaily around
the world to the delight of music lovers and  play  goers.
That the piece has retained Its Initial popularity, is due in a great de
gree to the fact that Mr Savage h*"*-
not permitted It to retrogress. Although it is nearly seven v,.u-s old in
A:t,* urn it is Mill as fresli-tnntl brlghl
and fi Hi cl with the joyous Intoxlcat
inn Bplrll of youth, as it .van on the
date of its   Amerian  debut.
Exceptionally strong is the cart
which Mr. Savage hns assembled for
the local presentation of "The Merry
Widow." Mabel Wilber. who played
the titular role In the big organization
thai made a transcontlnenl il tour fro*n
Ni w York to San Francisco season before last, has been retained in the
sees  same part.
Charles  Meaklns,  who his  played
:   pi rformances    In    "the   Merry
Widow," will be seen here as Danlllo.
Oscar Flgman, probably the foremost
legitimate comedian in light opera,
will be seen as Huron I'rpot'f: Arthur
Woo!, y and !���' -I. McCarthy wlll appear in the same comedy roles that
they played during the long New-
York run: Vernon Haitian will sine
I'" lollan; Olga Roller will siin*; Na-
and l.eona. tlratidt, Jerome
P   P. McGlrr and Minn! Olton,
" TheBohemian
Balfe's Famous Opera in Motion Pictures
Mammoth Star Cast
Stupendous Settings
Augmented Orchestra
Special Solos
Our Regular Show Besides
with  the company    that    plays
Supplementing this rarely excellent
cast are a special grand open' orchestra and a band of Hungarian troubo-
dotirs. There is also a typical Savage
ensemble, whose members combine
rare pulchritude vvirh their vocal
Kootenay Ore Production.
.'.'���Ison. April -7 Ore production
iii the Kootenay and Boundary dis
triets last week totalled 58,960 tons,
making a total for tii" year to date
if S'.T.Hn tons.    i-Jratiter receipts for
bill  to be changed  thrice  weekly.
The   company   has  a   following
all of  whom
of   with   their   r
ire creditably Identified
���specllve    roles,    will    be
eek   were   47,''.4*t   tons   and   for
ar to date 7-tx.KO tons.
People Who
Know Buy at
Wc have built up a reputation for tho riftht kind of
FURNITURE. That we maintain. Our Prices arc
right. 'All the time" Many say we are the lowest
in the city, quality considered.. We want you to
make a comparison. Here are some prices. Call and
sec the goods:
Five-Piece Parlor Suite $29.50
Extension   Tables  from    ��� ��� $9.50
Complete set (6)  Dining Chairs   $12.50
(icod Strong Kitchen Chairs ......  ..���, 65c
CURTAINS,    'let. our  PRICES on  WINDOW SHADES,    it will pay
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man.    Agencies :
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London
Quaranteed by the North liritish Mercantile
Insurance <'n. of London	
Palatine Insurance Co  of London	
Guaranteed by the Commercial Insurance Company ot  London  	
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of New York  	
Bvea Fire and  Life insurance Co. of Sweden   ..
Wcctrrinstcr   Trust   Block
Established      Assets
Phone 52.
Prat.-. Ballater the death is tin
���noiuici d ol Michael Hrady, better
known locally as "Irish Mike" Brady,
who Was seventy-five yearn of age,,
hailed from Londonderry. He arrived
in tbe Deeslde district twenty years
a��o, ami worked as a navvy. Five
years later he gave up navvying to
follow lh" more romantic life oi u
atreet peddler,
Opera House
Under Direction of B. R.
1 Hill in Aid of St. George's
1     Hall.      ���
Monday, April 28
1913,  at 8:30 p.m.
Tickets $1X0 and 50c. may be obtained from the Mecca. Collister
block; The Fair. Columbia 6treet, and
Tidy, the   florist!). 1114^1
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.
HARRY  TIDY.  Manager.
Saturday Evening
May 3rd
The Merry
1 rib a I i\is��
The  limne of the
Entire Change of Program Daily
Ltibin   Special   Today   In   Two
the Gypsy
Remarkable Heart Interest
Story of Oyps) Life. All Star
Ca.it.    Two H'M Feature.
3cnfl by Mir,-. Frances H-irr.ilton
ut*, are now on sale at Tidy, Iho Florist's, T::7 Columbia Btreet.
e  1x1.    Reserve them earl}  and gel  the b'oti
Kdii-.on Photo-Play
I iriiuiii
Pathos' Play, Comedy
"Bedford's Hope
Lincoln J. Carter's Greatest Effort.   A Magnificent
"101 Bison" Production in three reels.
"Fresh Air Filkins"
An invigorating "Imp" Comedy.
Nestor Comedy. MONDAY, APRIL 28,  1913.
PAoe wt***m
Today's  Meeting of B. C. L. A. Moat
Important Ever Held���Future of
League at Stake.
Baseball Results.
Standing of tbe Cluba.
The eyes of the sporting world of Kpoltnne, Aprll 27. -The official
the whole of tbe Dominion wlll rest standing of the Northwestern league
on New Westminster this afternoon teams, Including ganitB of April -7 roi
when the second meeting of tbe llrit-'low:
Ish Columbia Lacrosse association wlll W
be held  at the Hotel Russell ut 2:30   Vancouver      7
o'clock to decide whether the Hoyals  Seattle      H
will agree to tbe plans arranged by
Con Jones while In the cast and
whether or nol a national commission
Will come  Into force thia year.
From Information received late last
evening It appears very doubtful If
Victoria will field a team In the coast
league tills coming summer so that lt
Will leave New WeBtmlnster and Van-
Spokane      7
Portland   5
Victoria    6
Tacoma      4
Seattle   17���Portland   5.
Seattle,   April   27.-  A   cold   drizzly-
day made It bad for lhe pitchers on
both   teams   today   and   Seattle   won
couver to fight out the annual battles   from   Portland   by  Ihe score  of  17 5
for possession of Ihe Minto cup Thret
Of the Royals' home games will be
transferred to Victoria, however, the
local   players  getting  (6000  Tor  tbelr
According to report i emanating
from tin Terminal and Capital Cities
there is liable to he a bomb exploded
by Con Jones at this afternoon's meeting, bui just what thai is, rt mains to and Bliss
be seen .-iml the executive of the local  Cadman.
Clllb   are   confident   uf   holding   tln-ir - ���
own   no  matter  whether  Victoria and Vancouver 6���Tacoma  5.
Vancouver amalgamate, In order to at       Taenia.   April   27.   Mediocre   sup
tempi to bulldoze tin Royals into sub   p,;,-! was accorded Kurfesa by the lo
mission. oalB   this     afternoon    and   Vancouver
Manager Jones ot the Greenshlrta won ky a score of 6-6, The game was
war In Victoria on Saturday where, It a seesaw affair and was exciting, al
is understood, he outlined his national though poorly played.   Score:
Nineteen bases on balls featured the
game Hnd hard hitting by the locals
enabled thetn to make mot t of the 12
wnlkB given by Portland's pitchers
produce  runs.
11     II.    B.
Portland    6    8     i
Seattle     1"     18       1
Hatterles    Pitchner,   Mays,   Agnpw
l-'ullortou,   Schneider   and
of   his   opportunities   of   visiting   the
It w:ih only the other day that Mr.
Wall came out In the press with the
statement that the profit making element In Canadian football would kill
the gniue, as was the case In base-
hall. Mr. Wall evidently does not
know anything whatever about, baseball. He looks upon It perhaps au au City
improved game ol rounders where the
players use a soft tennis ball, ile forgets that baseball In Canada Is gradually ousting lacrosse solely on account
Of the better business methods prac-
tlced by the baseball magnates.
Take p  trip out here Mr. Wall and
see things for yourself and do not rely j utes
altogether on hearsay.
The decision of the trustees of the
McBride Shield, emblematic of the
amateur aoccer championship nf the
province In ordering Victoria Welti
to play the deciding game against the
B. C. K. It. of Vancouver on Terminal
City grounds, appears to be a little
clouded with mystery and until this
atmosphere Is cleared somewhat, the
soccer funs of this city will Join with
the Island brethren In atandlng for
their  rights.
The West! refused to play In Vancouver on Saturday and have' appealed to the donor of the trophy, Sir
Richard McBrlde, for a ruling. Disputes of this kind nre becoming altogether too frequent ln British Columbia The head officials of different kinds of sport arc showing that
tendency to win every time, by fair
or   foul   means,   instead   of  following
League     Stmi Finals     Still     In
Doubt���Tim   Mahoney  Banishes
Sapperton Player.
Coming through In the last ten mln-
of   play,   the   Sapperton   soccer
team notched two goals and equalled
the score of tin Bankers, 'hus leaving
the two teams still tied In the semifinal for the City League cup iu Saturday's game at Sapperion.
The financial Students were easily
the most aggressive In the early
stages of the contest, Lloyd scoring
two  goals,     llut  for  stellar  work  on
the   part  of  the  Sapperton  custodian i..      .     .       ,.  .,     ���  , j ���
.he score would undoubtedly have been | SjlM0!^.*! V���U}*'Jn��l���*.
where he has since been a shining
Chance Is u native of Fresno, Cal.,
and play, tl with Washington univer-
slty and with Independent teams before he joined Chicago.
Chance got his chance to show his
ability as a leader and executive In
a most democratic maimer���by tho
popular vole of his fellow players.
In 1905 Bobby Lowe, captain of the
Cubs, quit the team and left the captaincy vacant. The players were "ull
bet up" over the choice of a successor, and, to avoid hard feeling, the
management decided to let tbem decide  It  by   vote.
Casey and Kllng were the leading
candidates in that hot political campaign, and Chance whs entered merely as u dark horse. When the votes
were counted, however, it was found
that Chance had got 11 votes out of
a constituency of 17. All of which
goes to prove that Frank was certainly ;iopular with the boys.
Not long afterward "Silent Churles"
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale   of   Real   Estate.
No. 132���Size 52x118 feet. Price $500 each, $50 cash, balance $15
per month.
No. 15- -Two large lots on Fifth street, all cleared, ready for
building. Size 106.6x148.6 feet. Price $3300; one-third cash, balance 6,
12 and '18 month.
No. 16 one lot facing on Second street, between Seventh and
Eighth avenues. All cleared. I'rice $650; one-third caBh, balance 6,
12 and 18 months.
141���One lot corner Eighth avenue and Second street All cleared.    Size 59x132 feet.    Price $1600;  terms.
No. 143���Corner on Hamilton streot. All cleared. Size 49x100
feet.    Price $1200;  one-quarter caBh, balance 6, 12 and 18 monthB.
No. 144���Corner on Royal avenue. All cleared. Size 66x132 feet.
Price $4500;  one-third baah, balance 6,  12 and  18 months.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Weatmlnster.
i Selee, the manager, retired  from the
the  second   half  the  eastslders '' clu.b' Ch?n��f became acting manager.
and In 1906 Murphy offered him a
three year contract as real manager.
Murphy gave hlm a free rein, and it
appeared to brace up and by some
pretty combination work Crooks Bcor-
id the flrat for Sapperttn.   A few min
utes later the ball' was again sent Into I wafl UPJ��    S^"-.""    ,0 Produce     He
the Hankers' net during a scrimmage.   dld. and ***" Cuba ran ttwa>' with the
Tyler waB cent off the field by Kef-1 Pe""1"1'-
eree Mahoney for back-talk and when I . After that year Frank secured a
the 9ti mlnuteB was over Ihe Sapper- financial interest In the club, in 1907
tons refused to take the field Tor an 'and 1908 he W0I> National league
extra period unless the Hankers would "a*8' and '" m'J lo9t out b>' a narrow
Irop n man to even up their loss of  margin  to  Pittsburg.  In  1910 Chance
name whether successful or otherwise
the old   Kngiish  rule of playing  the I Tyler.    After  much   discussion   they ,and lhe Cuba came back.   Of course,
���   *- agreed  to do this but 15 minutes of'there  are   envious  personB   who    at-
overtime   failed   to  see  another   goal 1 tribute Chance's success to luck, and
scored. who predict that he will fall down on
The two teams will play off the tie   his  assignment   with  the   New   York
next Saturday afternoon on  the Sap-   Americans.     It  Is  true  that  Chance,'
perton grounds. i as manager of   the   CubB,    luherlted
from Frank Selee a great aggregation |
P   "-ifr   ';f   ;t   '-,'  -.'*   %v   *e  -,.:  '
'f   ;n:   ft  llr   -,*  fll   '-.r   '''.I  %  ���
tf  *��
commission plan to Mr. John Virtu,
nnd others connected with the Victoria
club, tho outcome of which it is slated, was an endorsement of the commission  idea
This afternoon's meeting is called
for 2 30, with President Kellington In
the  chnlr
Ilakersfield, Cal . April 27 Ten
thousand people watched Harney Old-
field lower the world's one mile dirt
track record Inlay at the new $100,-
O00  race track, M
Oldfield made the mite in a living  good form  holding the Spokane bat
tors safe.    Score:
^^^^^^^^^^       It     11.    ���
Vancouvc r   ti     9
Tacoma      5      7      E
Hath rii s:   Hrinker,  Decannlere and
Lewis,   Kurt BSS and (irliulell.
Spokane 3���Victoria 2.
Spokane, April 27. Spokane bunch
��� il hits on Narveson In the sixth in
nlngs today and scored three runs.
beating the Victoria team in the final
game Of the series 3-2. Cadreau
weakened after pitching five good In
ntngs but Bonner was sent in in time
to save the game. Kantlehner pitched   the   final   Innings of  the  game  iu
Btart, driving his famous 300 horse
power Christie In 46 2-5 seconds. The
former     record     was     established   at
Brighton Ileach. Sept.
Oldfield made the mile
1012 when  Bpokani
In 47 4 5 sue
It.    II.    F,
Victoria      2      8     1
K-    ���    3      8      2
Hatterles Narveson,   Kantlehner
and Shin: Cadreau, Bonner and Alter.
The replay In the semifinals for thl
National cup between Westham Is
land and tlie Hovers Btiil remains in
the doubtful column and unless thi
two teams get together Immediati ly
the   soccer   seuson   will   be  over  and
little tuipporl san he expected fron.
the fans. It might also be wine t.<
let Iiie fans know about a game of this
kind at least more than one day before tii- data ti t.
Tin- fight between Kid Scaler and
Dick llyland. -scheduled to take placi
at Steveston last Saturday atternooi
wus called oft early thai morning, thi
reason being tjlven out that thi
weather remained too unsettled. The
contest ii- planned tor Saturday after
noon next.
Uk professional and senior amateur
inr'i.e i cms will hold a wi rkoit: on
lhe Omen's l'ark oval this evening
Manager (ilfford has issued a call tor
ii oV!..rk ".hHe the amateurs will met t
at 8:30.
BL Louis collide soccer letm o^n
t' t ti - tl tlolr victorious eareei on Sat
tin! iy morning whan tiny defeated tin
lxird Kelvin school three goals lo nil
This li'ittkf s the sixth consecutive win
for the coll' it,aus und demonstrate1
the ability of any team to make a good
���bowing when tr tht lands nl a part}
who knows the game.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Hranehes    Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Intereet at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch: D. O. WILSON, Manager.
For a light, refreshing stimulant
of players.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
it is equally true   that   Chicago nothing better than a glass of our
hadn t   won   a   pennant   for  20  years , B ��
when Chance took hold, built up Mb ' ���ti���n.;������J/,���|1v DraU'iul
perfect baseball machine, and cap-, ttygienicaiiy Drewea
lured four league pennants and two
world's flags.
Former   Tecumseh   Player   and    Now
Victoria Sport Writer, Will Line
up With Green Shirts.
The signing on of Joe Gorman, the
former Teoumseb home player and
mw sporting editor of the Victoria
I'imes,  by  Con  Jones  serves  to  indi-
1892���Tommy West ami Billy Smith
fought 10 round draw at Fort-
land, Ore.
It will pull you together.   For
���*����*��� nl" ..,?' rea!P,d ?'��"" I sale at all hotels and liquor stores
Fitzgerald in 2u rounds at san j m ^
Main   Store    193-4-13
Eapperton  Store    373
West   End   Store       050
Standing  of the  Cabs.
W.    L.
Philadelphia     8     8
'  :. i. land      1"      4
Wai blngton   7     3
Chicago 8     S
Si    I.ouis    7      1'
Bosi m   r>     s
Detroit  6     9
Ni w   Vrik            2    10
tt o o ���-;:��� ������:.' ���';��� % * ���:;- tt tt
ate that  Lloiel  Yorke has failed  to  1910���Owen  Moran knocked out Tom
gather  sufficient   players  together  to] McCarthy In 16th round at San
field a Victoria team in the B.C.L.A. Francisco,
If there had been a Victoria team,  1911���Johnny McCarthy and    Sammy
Qorman would never have signed with1 s��llt;i 'ought 20 round draw at
inyone else but  Lionel Yorke aa  It1 San Francisco.
will   mean   hlm   making   the   trip   to  WU���Matty   Baldwin  defeated  U-ach
Vancouver  at  least  once a  week  to| ,
or order direct from        ^^^^
Phone L75.
ONE    ���
10    rounds    at  New
From all  reports Qorman  is a  fait  WU-
home  player and  will  bear watching
by the New Westminster defence  Last:
year he was with thc Tecumsehs un-1
der  Charlie  Querrie and  although he
did not finish out the season with the
Indians hia name stands as second on
lhe  ll-fit   of  scorers of  goals,  the  veteran   Querrie   beating   him   for   first 11903
Cross  in ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hugo    Kelly   defeated   Johnny
Thompson in 10  rounds at Ita-
a ��
��� SIS
Now Is
the Time
To Buy Chick Food
You owe it to yourself anl
the .Miutig Chicks to supply
then, with Ihe beBt grade of
Chick Food obtainable Vou
wijl rind lhe> thrive better
and \. ill he healthii r on
"Hand K Mixture." It comes
in LT> |b. sacks lit $1.2f> per
sack, or loose nt. fie. per lb.
We will be open for business
nt our new aland, 631 Columbia St. We venture to say It
wlll be the finest grocery
More In II. ('. Come and nee
for yourself.
.'-sK-rdiy's  Game.
i In* go, Ai'i'il 27. Chicago was un
iiie to do anything with Hamilton
tcday and St Louis shut out the locals
in the final game ol the aeries 8-0
The visiters bunched two singles and
a triple for tw-o runs in the third nnd
two similes, a double steal and a wild
pitch   netted   another     in     the     fiftli
Score:- ll.    II.    K
St    Louis      3      9      1
Chicago     o     t;
Batteries: Hamilton and Agnew;
Serf   and   Sihalk.
liitfiit   Aprll 27.   Detroit-Cleveland
���   pi : tponed;   rain.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
\Y.    I..    Fct.
York      7      o      .700
ngo           9      4      .693
Philadelphia     S :t .686
Pittsburg    s 5 .filfi
Hrooklyn     ti r. .r>4f,
St.   Louis     II 7 .4B2
Cincinnati  "    8    .1x2
Huston       2      9      .182
Li ndon. April 27.--Following are
the resulta of yesterday's league football games:
First  Division.
Hilton  Wanderers   1,  Sunderland  3
Bradford City ll, Tottenham Hotspur  1.
i belies r.. No" *. County 2.
Kverton   8,   Sheffield   Wednesday   1.
Manchester City l. Derby County i.
Newcastle United 2. Aston Villa '.:.
Old' i    Athletic    it.    Manchester
I'nlted tl.
ivoal Bromwtcb Albion l. Black-
| burn  Hovers 1.
Wool., ub Arsenal  1. Middlesboro 1.
Second   Division.
Birmingham 2. Grimsby Town 1.
Hristol  Cily   1,  Bury  5,
Burnley  it. Stockport  County 2.
Clapton orient l. Bradford o.
Olossop 1, Wolverhampton Wander-
��� rs  '
lluddcrstleld Town  1. Leeds City 0.
Hull City 2, Leicester Fobs 0.
Lincoln City 2. llnrnsley 0.
Nolls   Forest  2.  Fulliam 4.
Preston  North  End  2,  Blackpool  1.1
Southern  League.
Crystal Palace 1, tjueens Park
Rangers 2.
M-Mhyr  Town   vs.   Brentford,   post-
poned*. i ���  Ip-flfe]
Southampton 3, dllllngham 3.
Plymouth Argyle    vs. Northampton,
Watford 1. Mlllwnll Athletic 1.
Exeter City 1. Stoke 1.
Coventry  City  2,   Bristol  Rovers 3.
Heading 2,  Norwich  City  f>.
Westham   United   2,   Portsmouth   1.
':��� tt i':- * tt ���'.'*��� tt ���'.'! '���
(By  "Gravy.")
Yesterday's Anniversaries.
-Knockout     brown      (Valentine
Braun), lightweight boxer, born I
in New York City.
-Uube     Ferns    defeated     Matty
Matthewa ln 19th round at Fort
Erie, Ont.
���','; *4i< j-1909���Tommy  Murphy    knocked    out
Kid Sullivan in third round    at
1909���Sandy Ferguson and Sam Langford  fought  12  round  draw  at
11910���Stanley    KetcheW bested    Sam
Langford    iu    six    rounds    at
Ad Wolgast stopped One Round
Hogan in second round at New
1912���Porky      Flynn     defeated     Jim
I Barry  in  20 rounds at  Sydney,
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with tbe greatest tavor wherever laid.
Yesterday's Games.
Al   Chicago: It.    II.    E.
Pittsburg       6    12      1
i'Imago       7    14      0
Hatterles: f'nmnltz and Simmons;
Humphries and Archer.
At   St.   Louis:
St. Loud 	
Hatterles:   Johnson,
11. 11. B.
.... I 4 0
. ... 2 5 1
Packard nnd
and Hove 2. Swindon
Main Store, 605 Columbia St.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St.
We6t  End   Store.  Sixth  Ave.
and 12th Street.
Clarke;  tlriner and Wlngo.
ft  =2=  lj|l  tt  ���"'  tt  tt  tt *rf tt  tt  tt # tt  tt
tt tt tt tt * tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt *
When Dr. Davidson and  Mr. Milton
Oppenheimer  of  Vancouver,  hend  of
| flclals of the B. C. A. A. II. visit this
I city on  Tuesday evening to attend a
' meeting  of   tho  local  branch   of  the
IICAA.r    they  are  likely     to    find
a   ri|l   iothed   of   discontent   among
the sporting publlc of New Westminster, nnd  will see for themselves that
unless   radical  ehajigen  are   made   in
the rules and regulations of the union
as pertaining to the players, tbo life
of  the  union  will  be  ia  serious danger.
Practically every member of the
union bus signified his intention of
either being present or sending some
one with a proxy, who Is of the same
mind In the matters In dispute.
Following the remarks of the Duke
of Connaught at the Cnnutiun club
bailtjlli I In Loudon on Friday evening
that evi ry Ktmllshtnnu should see Can*
ad'i, one wonders whether Mr. F. J.
Wall, secretary of the English Foot
ibali association has Liken advance*
Town 0.
Swansea S, Llanelly  0.
Leicester 25, London 1.
Scottish   League.
Olaagow Rangeri 2. Falkirk 1.
Queens  l'ark 3,  Clyde 0.
Airdrieonlans 1.  Hibernians 0.
St   Mirren 4, Rallh lUivers 4.
Hamilton   Academicals  0,  Celtic
Hearts 0,  Motherwell 1.
The   following   are   the  results
last  week's midweek games:
Clnsgow  Rangers  1, Clyde 0.
Hearts 0, Celtic 0.
Hibernians  3,   Hamilton  Academicals 1.
Clyde 1, Partlok Thistle 0.
Knockout Brown 22 on Sunday.
Mr.   Valentine   Braun,   whose   light
ing noni de plume is Knockout Brown, j
was the recipient of congratulations
Sunday on the occasion of his 22nd
birthday, it will be recalled thai Mr,
Braun    recently   had   an    argument
with Senor Jose Rihera. ill Los Ange-
hs. In whieh he came out second
beat, owing, declares Dumb Oan Morgan, to the needless interference of
the referee.
tin  that    historic    occasion    Hrown
was   knocked   down   five   consecutive
times, when the umpire lopped the j Vancouver, April 27���The sixth nn
bout. Then Iirown mnde lins historic ��� nual horse show closed lust evening
protest: "What for are you doing |n a blaze of glory, one of the best
lhat? He Isn't hurting me any. he's i programs yet seen in Vancouver be-
just knocking me down."    As for Bud  Jug carried out
Anderson���well he's no birthday; i��� t|,,. competition for Ihe Cover-
topic. I nor Ceneral's cup    in    the    carriage
Despite bis defeat, Hrown made an horse class the judges awarded the
excellent showing with Rivers, and ��� trophy to the Colony farm, New West-
led all the way till he got careless mlniter, but their decision was held
and assimilated a punch that he over pending the outcome of a pro-
COUldn't digest. There isn't any such I test from Mr. J. I). Farrell. of Port-
word as fear In the vocabulary of the land, owner of the horse who got
little Herman lightweight. He is color second, and who claimed that the
blind so far ns yellow is concerned, j New Westminster horse. Aranya, was
Knockout  is  one  of  the  most   moral | unsound.
lighters, and doesn't smoke, chaw or j ..\s no veterinary surgeons were nt
drink. | the show at the time the protest was
He doesn't even fall for the ice n,ade. the executive decided not to
cream sodas that are Willie Ritchie's j award the cup until the protest had
pet dissipation. Pig's knuckles and been investigated,
sauerktuit get Knockout going, how-j The special cup for the unlimited
ever. r-:d he bas a great fondness for: high jump went to Calgary, Sioux
Irish sew. Hrown has a reputation I winning the event against Rob Roy,
\ for being a bit thrifty, and is said ithe Vancouver horse,
bnve a hundred thnusanad  put  away |	
Bitulithic  cn  Second  Street,  New Westminster with  Boulevard  Down
the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustleil, easy on
horses' feet, and. above all, particularly durable. For theEe reasons
Hitullthic is ci mmended highly by owners of automoiiiles and horses.
householders, ana city officials, lt has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred In the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Bldjf.
Los Angeles, April 27.���Johnny
Kllbane of Cleveland, holder of the
featherweight boxing championship.
and Johnny Dundee, thc clever tenth
erwelght of New York, completed
training today for their 20 round bout
it Vernon arena on Tuesday night.
Helling on Ihe contest has been extremely light for a championship encounter, with tho tltleholder a top
heavy favorite. Some of Kllbane's
backers have placid bets nt 2 to 1,
Joe Mtiiii'/t, the New Orleans lightweight who will meet Hud Anderson
In u L'n round match at Vernon on
May 20, will open training nunrter-a at
Venice tomorrow.
Canadian   Defends Title.
New York, .'"-'I 28    '"rn.'.;ie Fleming,  featherweight champion of Can-
1 In the bank        ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Knockout   began   fighting   when   he
| was  17. and  gained his nickname by j
i knocking out tx do/eu or so bids in a
row.     His  llrst   purse  amounted    to
jtwo  dollars,  from  which  he  had  to:
! pay   training  and   traveling  expenses j
���j | nnd a manager's commission, lie was]
I bom In  New  York City, and all    his
cf  life has lived  in  the east  Bide  quar-
i ter of that city, where he is a great
I favorite.
| After leaving BOhOtl he learned the
trade of pencil maker, but quit It to
take up professional boxing' Although
principally German. Knockout has a
slight strain of Irish blood in him,
inherited from a great-grandmother.
and to this he attributes his lighting
ability and his love for Irish stew.
Until he celebrated his 21st birthday
a year ago. Knockout turned In all
his money to his mother.
Frank Chance's Big League Debut.
Frank l.eroy Chance the Peerless!
Leader of the New York Americans,
will celebrate tomorrow the fifteenth
anniversary of his major league debut, lt was as a catcher that the
future great pilot of Ihe Cubs made
his bow In a Chicago uniform, catching Griffith for a part of a game on
April  29, 1898,
Uurlng his first seiisen with the
Cubs Chance caught 27 games and
played In the outer garden iu 15
contests. He continued as a back-
atop during the next Iwo years, and
in I'.ltH played exclusively in the
mln. decisively outpointed Phil Bloom outfield. In l!tl>2*he played a part of
of  Hrooklyn Jn a 10 round bout here,tlie season as catcher, and  was then
tried  out   at   llrst   base,   the   position
The Opening Day Was Good
Saturday was a banner day. I am going to continue to offer my fine
stock of Jewelry, Silverware and Cut Glass at discount prices that those
who did not get in the first day may still have the opportunity of taking advantage of this sale.
Buy that birthday or wedding present at my
store next week and you can
Save from 25% to 40%
Every article has the original price ticket on it so you cannot be fooled
The store will be open every evening this week and I will be pleased tc
have you come in and see the elegant assortment
I   have   to   choose
whether you buy or not.
5. E. EDWARDS, Jeweler
519 Colombia    we can suit you in
Sireet PRicEand assortment PAtifi   SIX
MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1913.
How a Bill Becomes
Act of Parliament
��� RATES. ���
*********** *****
Classified���One cent per word per
nay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to he used as re-
nilred within one year from date of
run tract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Heath Notice 50c or with Funeral Nonce J1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
A   Picturesque   Model
From Across the Sea.
litters    wanted.    Apply    Rockwood
sprinkler job,  Fraaer  Mllla,  B.C.
vant at once; three In family.   Apply Mrs. Watson, 406 Third avenue.
vassers. Good money proposition.
Apply today Room 319 Westminster
Trust Building. ((1152)
dian limne Investment contracts,
matured or nearly matured, (live
number, series, standing and price
wanted. P. O. Box tillu, Edmonton,
Alberta. (1141)
beds and pillows. Address Box
11.16   Newa  office. (1136)
In the vast majority of cases thu
FOR IMMEDIATE SALE -A CITY final action of tlle liouse of commons
lot in splendid position on Eighth takes the form of a bill, which, wben
avenue, facing Moody park, must | it hns passed both bouses and has
be sold. Price $1500, on terms to j received the royal assent, becomes
suit.    Box  1153  News. (1163) , an   act  of   parliament,   and   forms   a
 ���    chapter in the volume of the statutes
SALE-AMERICAN ORGAN lNlot   tho   >'ear-     Somo   minor   matters
good condition, cheap for cash. Apply Burton, P. ()., Edmonds.  (1187)
Fifth street.
house is sitting in committee of tha
whole, these resolutions setting torch
the facta of thc case and recommending tho legislation that is to be proposed.     After   the   resolutions     have
been adopted, bills are based on Ihem
and Introduced Into the liouse.
Debated on the Second Readlnj
In due time a bill that has pan-hid
j a  first rending  will  be  called for a
.  part of the business of parliament  second reading, the formal motion betakes tho form of bills,  which, when I Ing   tbat  the   bill   be   read  a   see ind
tlnally  passed, become acta. time.    And  that Is  the  Ume  for  di ���
A bill Is an Incomplete'act of par-  bating the principle of a bill, for try
liament, and 11 may relate to any one ; ing it on Its merits, for supporting oi
are disposed of by  motions, by reso
'bilious and addresses,  but   Ibe greal
galow. city. new.    Price $1X50;  $50
cash, balance monthly.   Apply    803 iivi|ivim   it ii<]v ,,,,,,	
'_ (U3it)   of'Thc'sulilects wTt'h 7��'8pi'cV\o"-A-liii'h | opposing lt on all grounds that relati
~~ the  federal  parliament,   according  to  to the substance uf tbe Question r.es
d  by the bill.
to purchaser. 171 Vi acres, high and
low land, adjoining Nlcomen Btatlon
on (.'. P. R. Rich loam, about 40
acrus cleared, mostly in timothy,
the rest easily cleared; barn 60x80
feet; good five roomed houae;
plenty well water. Price $10,000;
half cash, balance in 12 montha.
Reduction for whole cash. Apply
F. Turner, Do Roche P. O., B.C.
(Chiefly White LeghornB), three
roostors. and twelve chicks (two
weeks old).    Box 435 City.    (1130)1
Stove. Canada's r'ride Malleable
ItangOB $1,110 down, $1.U0 per week.
Canada  Range  Co.,  Market square.
of six or seven rooms for summer.
Two in family. Address Box 1135
The News office. (1135)
housework and two children. Apply 113 Fifth avenue. (112S)
Furnished   three   room   suite,
bulb.    Hot  and cold  water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave, Phone 750
our written constitution, the British
North America act, haB the power to
legislate���Bitch aB trade and commerce, railways, merchant shipping,
commercial and criminal law, and so
The form of a bill lepretty generally known, for everybody at some
time or another, has had occasion
to consult a volume of our federal
statutes It will be remembered that, takes thf! form >���
lt consists of a title, a preamble and I but which ut fall*.
statement of the enacting authority
and then the body of the bill. OOnslBi
ing of one or more propositions,
known as clauses and sometimes
schedule i, cr tabulated statements,
suoh, for instance, as the tariff rates,
which would form the greater part ol
a tariff bill.
The Enacting Authority.
Before passing from this, let the
statement of the enacting authority
be recaled, for it brings out clearly
the three branches of our luwinak-
in ginstiiulion. The statement of enacting authority, indicating the power
by virtue (f which the law is passed.
ed rooms; use of telephone; on car
line.    Apply  433 Twelfth  streel.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
is in these words:
"His majesty, by nnd with the advice and consent of the senate and
bouse of commons of Canada, enacts
as follows:"- that is, tho law Is mnde
by the king, the senate and lie* hi use
of commons, the joint consent of the
three being necessary. The king, represented by his excellency, the goy
ernor-gneral.   is   part
The principle of all Important nva
sures. such for Instance, as the naval
bill, Is fought out on the motion foi
u  second reading.
Many kinds of amendments can be
moved to the motion for a second
rending, either tending to defeat 'he
bill altogether, or to delay Ita consideration, One of the amendments that
asking for delay
Intended to defeat
the bill, la the amendment known .is
"the six montha' hoist," It askB ihat
the bill be not read for a Becond
time, bul that lt be bo read "that day
six months."
Of course If the bouse Is not Bitting
that day six months, the bill Ib noi
read al all; and r.s sessions not sit
ting that day six months the Ini'
was always considered as nn attempt
to kill the bill. If on the dav sis
months hence, the house should lie
sitting, the bill would be called in its
turn according to the order pap..-,
and something would have to be done
with it.
In the session of 1880 this occurred
Women's commonest ailment
���the root oi so much ol their
Ill-health���promptly yields lo
the gentle but certain action
ol Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's.
B.t.Coast Service
U'ju.'H Vancouver for Victoria 10 ����� in-
! 2 p. in. uiul 11 :4fi,
Ueavai Vanoouvar for Saattio 10 *��� ,,L
j umi 11 p, in.
Leavei Vanoouver tor Nanalmo 3 v* fn>
I i^*uvfN Vanoouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Point* io p. m. weonee*
I days.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Chilllwaok   7   a. m.   Tuesday,
I rli'iii'it-Ay anil Saturday.
Leaves WoBtjnlniter 8 a.  m.  Monday.
Wednesday unit KrMuy.
KI>. QOULBT, Agent, New Weatmlnater.
II. \v. BRODIB, il. P, A.. Vanoouver,
Transfer Co.
| Office Phone 185.      Barn Phon* 11?
Begble Street.
Uaggaae Ueiiveie4 1'romplly to
any part of the city.
light aad Heavy Hauling
who do not receive   The Newe befoi>      ^ew Spring am!  Summer Suitings
U a.m. should now on display.    See thorn.    Perfeot
nt nnd workmanship guaranteed.   701
or anAV-oiiEEN batik*.
of  our   federal
small furnished cottage on Durham
atreet.   Phone 33111. (1171)
lsbed house, with hall, living room,
three bedrooms, or two bedrooms,
giving extra room, bath and
kitchen; In nice location, being
elose to town and on tram line.
Apply Kngllsli  &  Hrown.        (1174)
ished housekeeping suite; phone.
Apply 326 Fourth street. U160)
Sapperton car service has    been    so i
greatly improved this week that It le5i?,1,atUr8,   ,, , ,   ���   *        .       ��� ��� ,-,t
Hills  are  divided  into  two genet al
classes���public bills and private bills
-The  first class  comprises all   bllb
dealing with matters of a public na
ture,"  and  therefore,  concerning   the
,        , I whole   country,  such   as  tariff  bills,
Six roomed house on Hospital atreet; | bilu   amt.nUing  the   criminal or   the
is now the ideal place to buy.
for furnace.    Built for home.
Terms.    No.  43.
and    corner  lot,  lot
$1800.    Easy terms.
No.  34.
Choice lot near new school, practically
cleared, $5f>0. Terms' one-half cash.
No. 42.
$10  per month.    423  Eighth street
Five roomed cottage, handy to car.
I'rice $1-800. Terms to arrange.
No.  32.
commercial law, and so forth.
On the other hand, private bills, as
those that relate to the affairs of a
corporation or an individual -a railway charter, for Instance, a charter
of any other commercial or industrial corporation, and all others cf
that kind. Such are the two kinds
of bills, but tbere Is another grouping
which may here be referred to in
Government BUI*.
Whether  a  bill   Ib   public
and   board,   700  Gloucester
upon   Us  subject  matter,  upon   what \
It relates to.    But bills are also das
Lot  close to Columbia,    vvlth    shack I nil led   as government   bills   and     the
ROOMS!     and   stable.     Extra    big     snap    at  bills of private members, this distinc
fttreet, I     -Jlu&O tor Bhort time only.   No. 31.     |Uon bettiK due to the otficial position
can   eltles
is   he
'  rele
on    Fourth    street,      near      Royal   INVESTORS'
avenue. Inquire at 201 Agnes street,
bring   in
the  bills
keeping rooms. Apply 420 St.
Oeorge street or phone 1526. (1139)
close to    Sixth    street    car,    city.
Room 419 Westminster Trust build- j
ing.   Rutledge Brokerage Co. (1143)
Real Et.ite and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block,        657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
keeping rooniB.    224 Seventh street.
small rooms over the Newa office.
Suitable for club or light mauufac
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
where.    No collection,  un charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings streel wesl. Van
couver. 11. ('
(Winding Up I
the Matter of the "Winding Up
Act." Revised Statutes of Canada
���Chapter 144, and
the Matter of The People's Trust
Company, Limited.
the Court Iiiik flxe-1 the 80th 'U> of April,
IBIS, :il Id :30 o'clock In lie' ton-neon In
Chamber* at the Court House, Vancouver, II. I', as thr uin<- iiii'i place for the
aiQwJntment of Official Liquidator uf the
.Above-mimed Company,
THF. CREDITORS of the ubove named
itompiniy are required on or before iho
isoth day at April, 1013, to s'-n.i In tie-ir
.miiTr-H and ad-dresses, and the puriteu-
lars of ihelr debts and otalms, nn.l the
names ,-itiil addresses of their Solicitors, if
iuiy. to the Westminster Trust, Limited,
of tie- City of New* Westminster, Prev-
Inoe of Hrttlsh Columbia, Provisional Liquidators of the Mill it Company, and lf so
required by notloe tn writing from the
*-*,dit Liquidators, are by their rlol let turn to
come ln and prove their siit'l debts und
claims, at my Chambers at tlie N*-u*
court House. Vancouver, U C., at nuch
ton- :im shall be specified In such not lee,
or In defnult thereof, tliey will Ih- ii.
. udt-U trom the tx-twrit of uny distribution  mode before sueh debts are proved.
DATED tin.- 10th flay of April. A. 1),
New Westminster. B. C.
Solicitor for the Petitioning Creditor and
The  Westminster  Trust   Limited.   The
Provisional Liquidators.
New Westminster District.
The following applies only to the
New Westminster Dominion Lands
Squatters on Dominion Lands In
tbo New Westminster Agency who
are not located In Timber Herths will
|be given until Monday, tho 19th day
of May, 1913, within which to appear
and make application for entry.
Squatters  whoBO  claims  have  been
allowed,   who   have   not   yet   secured
homestead   entries,   will   be   notified
j by the Dominion Land Agent at their',
I Inst  known address.    In  lhe event of
.any such squatters failing to appear
and make application before the date
(976)  mentioned,   t|helr  claims   win  lapse
 'and the lands will be otherwise disposed ol nn and after that date.    If,
however,   good   reason   Is   shown   for
failing to appear and the improvements on the land ure of substantial
value n further period nf protection
may be allowed by the Agent In cases
of merit. Claims not yet dealt with
must  be   filed   immediately.
Squatting on Dominion Lands without tbe authority of the Department
will not henceforth be allowed and
will result in loss of claim and forfeiture of Improvements.
8.   MAHER.
Supt.,  11.  C.  Lands.
Ottawa, 9th April, 1913. 11089)
P O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenzie SL
Week End tickets on snle to local
pnints at Hinglo Para for Hound Trip
Of   those
The   government   never   bring     in
private   b Us.      Its   measures   always
concern  the  whole  people;   tbey  pri
always  public and   form  part   of  the
general policy of the cabinet. They
lare the measures the government
I consider necessary to the general
'. welfare and the government inusi
! put  tbem through  or admit    defeat.
However, a private member can bring
; In public bills with respect to man)
Kor  instance,    a  private    member
! might bring in a bill to so amend the
criminal   code   as   to   abolish   capital
punishment.    This would be a public ,amendments  Have
bill just as much as if it were intro-  made to the same,
duced  by  thu government,  but  there
would  be this "difference-  If the government had brought In the bill tliey
would   havo   pledged   it   the   support
of the majority  that stands  behind
them, whereas, when Introduced by a
private member, it has only the support it can enlist without government
The Procedure Followed.
With respect to most essentials tho
procedure to be followed in the case
of public bills is almost the same as
that to be followed in lhe case if
private bills.
As a rule public bills are intro.In-
.ii upon motion, in the routine pro-
ceedlngn with which every sm.mi',
opens, tliere is a time for making tn.
motion which simply asks thai the
member be given leave to introduce
a bill, the title of which ia announced,
Twi. days' notice of the motion Is
g'tten, and when It Is presented .'. is
always adopted by the house without
The motion adopted, the lllll is as
once Introduced and the motion made
that It be read a first lime. If thy
bill is of general interest, an explanation in called for, and the membtJl
Introducing it explains its purposi
and general scope. If it Is a govern
ment bill It Is introduced by a minis
ter, and If it relates to general pol
Icy a full explanation is mad".
Ab a rule the bill is not deb-iten
at this stage, and after an explain!
tlon has been given the motion for
a firBt reading is put and practically
carried, although it is permissible to
divide the house and vote on a mb
Hon for a first reading. That, Inw
ever, Is seldom done.
The  First Reading.
A   first   reading,   and   In   fact   any I
reading, does  not  mean  that  Ihe  be', i
Is read aloud  in  the house,    ln  fact,
that is nnly done in committee, whloh |
,    ,      . ,IB n later stage of the procedure. Tif
Fridays,  Saturdays  and Sundays. [ motion for a first rending is put and
carried,   and   then   the   speaker
For rates and reservation apply
New Westmlnstei
Bounces the  first  reading of the bill,
Or H. W.  Hrodle.
which disposes of the matter for thai
bitting. The bill Is then entered en
the order paper, und lt takes its turn
at  subsequent   sittings.
It was said that public bills ar" ill
traduced  Into  the house  by  motion.
EXCELSIOR BARBER SHOP rhl" iH lh<i nile *" wlllph t'"' ''���"'
principle exceptions are bills relating
HAIR GUTTING      1JKAIID CUTTING; to trade or  proposing to    alter    thl
MASSAGING SHAVING  laws relating to trade, and bills call-
Specialty���Treatment  of  tho  scalp iitlg for expenditure of the publlt: re-
by Vibro-Massage and Glover's Fain   venue.
oub Stimulating Toaice. in these oases the preliminary a'sp
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.       li��� u> introduce resolutions, when ;he
lln the senate with a bill respecting
marriage with a sister of a deceased
wife, and the bill had to be diBposoQ
of by a resolution declaring it Inexpedient to pass the bill that session.
The Committee Stage.
Of course the second reading ean
always be met by a square negation,
when opposed to the bill vote straight
against  It.
The second reading carried, the bill
reaches the committee stage and in
due time goes before the house sitting in committee of the whole. The
change from the house to the committee of the whole Is mnde in a
minute or less. The motion that the
house go into committee being adopted, the speaker leaves the chair.
which remains vacant, the mace is
removed from the table, the deputy
speaker takes the chair at the head
of the table  and  presides  over    the
"committee of the whole."
He reads aloud each clause of the
bill, and each clause can be debated
at any length, for a menib.
speak as often and as long
likes, provided his remarks a
vant-relate, to the point, Rut this
rule Is capable of beinK greatly abused, as has been shown by the days
land nights of obstruction that have
marred the proceedings of the house
during the  past  few  weeks.
In discussion tn committee the principle of the  bill  cannot  be  challenged,   because   lhat   has  been   accepted
by  tbe second  reading,  but. every  detail  can   be   challenged     and     effort
made   to   amend   every   clause.     As
soon as a clause has been  passed. It
ts inttalod by the chairman, who proceeds  to  read  the  next  clause,  nnd
be passed at one sitting of the whole
house, or It may drag through many.
Reported to the House.
When  every  clause  lias been  passed, the committee' rises   that Is, the
speaker again takes hla chair and the
mace  is  returned  to  Its  place across
the foot of the table.    The chairman
or  deputy   speaker  then   reports  the
bll   to   the   speaker  stating   whether
r have  not  been
The report Is accepted, and the bill is entered on the
order  paper     for    a  third     reading,
which  will  not likely be  reached for j
Beveral  days.
When iho motion is made that the
bil  be  read  for a  third  time  amend- I
ments  cannot   be  made   except   of  a
verbal nautre, but. of course, the mo-
tlon  may   be  opposed,   but   it  unusual
to resist  tho motion for n third read-
nig.    The  third  reading  having  been ;
Dosed, the speaker puts this motion: ,
"That  the bill do now pais, and that !
the title be as in the order paper."
This mot nm having been adopted,
lie bill  completes lis course,  so far
as the house of commons is concerned.
The bill  i.i then reprinted,  with the
amendments mad" by tho house in-
serted in their proper places, and
then the clerk of th" house, or more
usually  the assist an I (i��rk. takes it
Up  to   the   senate  and   presents  It  to
the clerk of thai chamber ut the bar
ef the senate
The  progress  t f  lhe   bill   through
the senate Is, In essentials, similar ;
io Its progress through the house, as I
here dosorlbed.
Private Bills.
lt was said that tiie procedure wiih
respect   to ii  private bill  is somewhat
different. Tha two principle differences are these: A private bill comes
up first In the form of a petition, und |
sometime before the opening of a bcs-
Hlon notice must be given In the official gazette and In the publlc press I
that application for the legislation
Wlll be mnde to parliament.
These petitions for private legislation go before a committee on stand- :
ing orders, whose duty It Is lo nee
thut the proper notices have been glv- I
��� ti. and the rules compiled with If
the committee finds that everything
lis regular; the bills are Introduced,
read a first time, and then a second
time.    Then  private bills are sent to i
select standing committees that diB-1
cubs  them  In  detail,  and.  after they |
have been reported to the house, tbey '���
are taken up In    committee   of    the
whole house.
From that Stage they nre proceeded j
with as are public bills, whose pass-
ago through the liouee has already
been described lt Is by such pro- I
codiire as this, followed by the public,
assent of the governor-general that
tills  become aclB of parliament.
One (if the oldest members of the
lish curing trade at Wick passed away
in tho death, llreadalbune Terrace,
Wick,  of   Donald  Waters,  aged  Bl,
Features of the coat from I'nrls
shown today nre the novel out of this
type of (-out. tlie capacious body, large
iirmlioles, comfortable sleeves und figure concealing lines.
The model is developed In grn.v-greeu
ratine of spring Weight.
and muke complaint. Only in this waj
may an efficient delivery be main
Front Street.
How One Woman Solved the Financial
Problem For Herself.
In the Woman s Home Companion
appears an account of 11 woman who.
left lu liniincinl ditilonlilos. iiuule a
good living by starting a shop in Which
she prepared daintily cooked foods sn
reasonable In price thut families of
two luittght from her Instead of cooking for themselves. She .bad M regular schedule of things for sale eio-h'
day In the week and developed �� good
business.    Following is uu extract:
"Sbe worked from 7 to 11 o'clock
ench morning, then from i! until f>
o'clock ench afternoon Kach month
she cut off every one of her Items that
was not poptllnr and suh-litiited nov-
Her list of customer* grew
slowly but surely, nnd with ninny sbe
bad standing -urdem, The day she delivered orders tbe boy collected tbe
dishes left the day Is-rore, and ns sbo
mnde hlm reepuuslble for them he wus
"She nsked her friends to snve her
I nil tbelr empty one half pound linking
powder boxes, nnd In theae she cooked
I ber little suet puddings, She bought
| little paper lee creuin shells and serv-
\ ed sauces, etc., In tbem.
"There were only n few dishes to
w-nsii. she found, ns everything came
bink clean, and she bud only to scald
them. If the dishes she nunle were
more than enough to IIII ber orders the
j surplus wns put on sale In her front
room. She also lind an assortment of
I cakes nnd pies.
"As ber fame spread sin- often mad-
snlnds, cukes, etc., lor parties slid
iiuule n rate for larger quniititleH. She
put up spceini luncheons for picnic
parties niul nt vnrious times directed
(lie supper* given to business men's
"She litis todav a steady paying bust
ness und n stilistitntlul bunk account,
nnd. while tunny have Biigswt-nl tbnt
she mnke lip her di-bes In lurgpr qilllll
tlties und iinoe to a larger place, she
prefers her safe, though small, busl
"So tin- little capital of $im left ber
by her husband hits biK-oine. In tbe
bunds of tins resourceful woman with
n   fc-ocMl   priletlelll   iieeoiiipll-bo'i HI., tin-
bnsls of u self respecting livelihood."
APRIL 29th, 1913.
Instructed by Mr, J. C. Hlalr, I" will sell by public auction nt Ills residence. 41115 Agnes striy-t, close to ���the Masonic Hall, all his Furniture
and effects us follows: 3-piroe parlor suite, upholstered In figured
silk, parlor -chair and rocker and 2 centre tables, all In mahogany tin-
ii-h. Axminster. Brussels, velvet pile, tapestry and other carpets and
rugs, hall, bathroom and kitchen linoleum as laid, extension table, ti
diners, upholstered in leather, buffet with bevel plate mirror, china
cabinet, centre table, Jardiniere stand, all in solid ciiarter-cul oak,
electric lamps and shade, oak rockers, golden oak centre table, mission
oak den table, couch and Morris chair upholstered In green, new Singer sewing machine, hall mirror wiih brass books, folding screen, new-
refrigerator In oak, brass trimmed atid other beds, springs, Oatermnor
and other mattresses, solid quarter cut oak dresser with large bevel
plate mirror, child's Iron cot wirti lies'more mattress, hall and Btatr
carpet, 2 solid quarter-cut oak dressers and commodes with large bevel
plate mirrors, toilet sets, bathroom mirror, large skirt box, all curtain
poles, curtain stretcher, carpet sweeper, 2 high chairs, child's rocker,
nearly new Majestic range, clothes hanger, pots, pans, and all kitchen
utensils, dishes. Hour bin, bread board nnd box, meat chopper, fruit in
sealers and several sealers of genuine maple syrup, corner cupboard,
kitchen ohalra and cupboard, laundry stove, set sad irons, clothes
basket, wash tubs, boiler, electric motor washing machine complete,
baby bunny and sleigh, croquet Bet, window screens and doors, Verandah chair, sealers. Btepladder, nearly new lawn mower, forks, shovels,
hoes. rake, crosscut and bucksaw, grind stone, lanterns, fiO feet wire-
bound garden hose, a quantity of carpenter tools and numerous other
articles, a H-passenger Ford Model T louring car, nearly new. und
in tlrst class shape, If not previously sold.
The auctioneer having Inspected the ubove. bus every confidence
ln recommending the public to attend this sale, the furniture being of
a high class, and In many instances equal to NEW. and tbey will all
be sold without reserve, the proprietor having leased the property and
is leaving the city.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P. O.  BOX  442
Dry C'enning Curtains.
Many ho'ifcvw Ives uwu eiirtnins of
Amblnn nice. liu-y renllr.e thai u
u-i-eat amount uf their benttt*> Is mm
nfter WMsltlnii The lovely corn tint
tins disappeared, nnd to msihtr Ihem
|s not  ItlWS.l s -iHi-lin lot v
These curtains can be dry cleaned In
lilt'   follow l||g   tllllllller*
Spread j sheet or two upon Ibe floor
nud lay the curtains enretuily en Itu-tii
Mix   two   purls   of   boiled   lortiineai
With one or 'HI It
With n clean hru-h rub Ibis mixture
thoroughly Ihrmtuli Ihe curtains Hung
out of doors for n couple of hours und
Ibe curtains wlll lie sweet and i-leAn
In this simple wny tliey inuy lie Ire
qilently denned If the dttsl Is not nl-
lowed to settle In Ibem for nnv length
of time tbey wlll wear much longer.
This bit of Information should In-
well received by the housekeeper, tot
It sines n wonderful amount of time
and inbor.
when you can get as gcod. or tetter, manufactured In ll. C, viz.: tho
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Drand, guaranteed to pass Standard
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Llir.e, Plaster, i tc.
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Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Singing Good Exercise.
It is well known Uiul smiting, like
whistling, la n hue exe-n-lse lor tin-
lungs, nud home doctors lidvWe line.,,
wlin feur consumption to an in Ioi situ;
Ing for this reason. At the same tlm,
tbey of course do not advance in,
claim that singing lllotie will save inn
oue   from   or  cure  consumption      ,\c
quire the hnbit or inking the bin. ii.-.-t
breath which Is a prliniiry reipilsit,. ,,t
uny kind of singing, guod or bud. uiul
the physical Joy derived from It Wlll
never allow  you  tu  relapse  Into  luz>
The body of a man named (!. W.
Mannon has been found In tho river
Leven, Dumbarton. Mannon, who
wan employed by the telegraph company, Dumbarton, was about 44 years
of age, and leaves a widow and five of
a family.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News. MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1913.
J\.    rJ\KJjU
48  Hastings  St.  E.
Phone   Seymour  988.
B. C.
Cor.   Granville   and
Phone  Seymour 5727
Brown Bros. & Co.
Vancouver, B.C.     ,
21st Avenue and Main St.
Phone Fairmont 788.
Hammond, B.C.
Long Distance Phone 17.
Ideal   Soil   Is   Ono   Containing   Plenty
of  Humus���How to  Select
.leaving these In good shape for ono
.or two years they should be In good
shape for forcing.
Kalr daffodils, we  weep to Beo
You haste  away  so  soon,
| As yet the early-rising sun
Hns  not  attained  his  noon.
Stay, stay
Until  the hasting day
Has   run.
Hut to the even-song;
And   having   pray'd   together,   wo
Will go  will) you along.
Open up in our
New Place a  Large
���   Garden Tools.
Shipment of
F. & M. Lawn Mowers, special machine, ball
bearing, three to five cutting blades; Garden Rakes
and Hoes.
Comfortable  Family   Hotel
Forty minutes run from New WeBtmlnster on 0. N. Ity.    All trains
p nt  Whi:,. Itock.
Fifty roonia. largo Dining Hall, magnificent view of May nnd Quit;
only live minutes from Hallway Depot; Mot and Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged en suite, suitable fur children nnd families. European
and American plan; gymnasium ball in connection, also a store containing  full  line of groceries.    Kor terms and rates apply
Rock,  B.C. P. GREYELL,  Proprietor.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   Westminster.
Machines.    Small   Musical  Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE 694
Singer  Sewing
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Ehurnc and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agasslz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
In dealing with any subject In market gardening, the ftrBt and foremost
consideration is suitable soil for the i
subject under review Now to be au
brief as possible the subject of this ar
li'-l. rhubarb- requires **. good and
rich a soil as circumstances will al
The Ideal soil for rl ttbarb cultl/a-
ti"n Is one containing plenty of huniut
tbut Ib one with as much as possible
decaying vegetable matter, or In other
words a soil tbat is well manured Al-
fo, another very ii'-cessary point is \
that the ground where rhubarb Is tol
be grown succePt-fuily should be ���, ill
ttvattd to i depth of at least twelve
i.i iiea, m re if possible.
Should the soil be of a peaty nature, shallower cultivation might
prove BUccesBful, but, whatever soil
one may have, It Ib essential that It
be  well  manured.
Should thn land have been under
cultivation previously with cabbage,
potatofH. or any other green crop, so
much lhe better for a foundation soil
fm- th" rhubarb,
Selecting Ycur Steel'.
The next important thing (nfter
having the soil In suitable condition I
Is the procuring of sti.ck. In selecting rhubarb stock for market purposes, there are two very Important,
in fact essential, points; we must
have good colored, red and strong-
growing varieties.
Let us devote now a little space
to methods (f propagating, or getting
up a stock of rhubarb quickly.
First, let us take propagation by
division of roots. These stock roots
should be procured from a reliable
grower and be of the best type, both
ns to color of stem and strength of
growth, and be from two to three
years old. They can then at once
be divided up into single eyes, and
It is necessary to see that ech division made has one eye or crown
from which springs the growth.
These eyes planted ln rows IS inches anart and three feet between
Ithe row-B will, with good cultivation,
become In two years forcing crowns,
fare must be taken to see thai noth-
ine: Is pulled cf them the first year
after division.
I    Another method of getting up stock
lis  by  seed;   and  the most  Important
point   to   note   in   this  method  is  to
| be sure and sectre a first class strain
( f   the   best   seed.
Next, be careful that the ground
Is ln proper condition for sowing;
then sow In rows two feet apart.
Make the trench fo rseed nol deeper
than one inch below the ground level
so lhat the seed has no more than
i ������������ Inch of Boll covering It when raked   over.
Keep Wc-��'ts Dr-vn.
The seed should germinnte in
about two weeks. Care must be taken to keep the ground free from
weeds until the young plants are
about six inches high, when they
should be thinned out to about one
foot   apart.
lu ttiinnlig out care should be taken to select the best colored seedling. The ones with the reddest
stocks should be allowed to remain,
discarding the ones showing too
green a slock. Another method of
propagation by seed Is to sow in rows
two feet apart and at a distance of
one foot In each row make a small
hole one Inch deep nnd four Inches
In diameter Into which place four or
six  seeds.
When about six inches high select
the finest looking plant out of each
ring of seedlings and weed out the
others. This method, although taking a little more time, is often to
be preferred, ensuring a good, Bound,
selected   stock.
Rhubarb grown and treated as
above should, at the end of the sea-
! son. be good sized plants or crowns
and ready by the end of October to
be transplanted to Its permanent quar
, tors. In transplanting, lift carefully
and  plant   In   rowB  three  feet   apart,
We have short time to stay as you,
We have as short a spring;
Ab quick a growth lo meet decay
As you or anything.
We  die
As your hours do, and dry
Like to the summer's rain;
Or as the pearls of morning's dew
Ne'er to be found again.
���R.  Herrlck.
Dr. J. H.  Masson Gets Judgment for
Return of his notes���How Cook
Talked   of  Proposition.
Thrive best In South���Ash Colored
Down Give* Name.
Cinerarias come In purple, violet,
striped, white and varioua graduation
of color. The history of this plant
is rather interesting, both from the
point of view of the derivation of
the name and the native Boil from
which  the  plant springs.
The name is derived from the Latin word "clncrarius," pertaining to
ashes. South Africa is the country
in which these plants thrive best In
tbelr native state.
Many species bave been cultivated
for ornament.
Soapsuds   for   Garden.
Soapsuds   should   always   be   '"ived
tor the garden -roses, vines and fruit-
trees   all   thrive   with   an   occasional
sudsy  watering of their roots.
The City ot Hoses.
Ispahan,   l'cr-ia,  is  known  a
"city  "I  roses,"  but a traveler
that" the  streets  "are only  alle;
a bo-
��� tn
tween two  high  mud  walls,  without
a single window or opening p. b   seen
merely here and there a low, nnrio.v
doorway,, always Impenetrably t
The   ground   is   tiiiekiy-coated
dust;  tlie streets are rarely straight,
and   never   have  Ihey   get  oily   ; .-inc.
ile* sense ol ruin is everywhere. Hera
a wall is falling down; there a palace
ia in ruins; a little farther on a deserted   mosque   is   skirted.     Such   is
Ispahan,  which  from  having
ol   11
i population of 1,000,0(111 is
'1 to about 100,000 inhabit
Palms ol  Muskat.
e use of the products ol the
many   in   Muskat.   Arab
is   furnish   timber   which
poor sort, i.-, very
other  is to be  obtain
mule palm ur'
1; buds
^^^^^^^^^^^ iisulerei a .ir
delloac) ;   tlie  bab.tations  ol
poorer natives arc made of the
the liber of Uie stein is twisted
able ropes; the seeds are puuud-
-,**-*> .,e,.
eil   u;
I ort.
id   led   lo   cattle,
at   '.nee   the   staph
and  beast and an arti
equal  in  value to all
Gifts With a Stri. ..
Ill i it lt gilts in olden Lines were
loans, to be returned when tbe
weire well estai.i-licil in their
home. Uut when the feudal lord
���ased in power he grew to expect
i.-iits for his newly-wedded cbil-
i from these depend! upon hun.
Later laws wcre passed compelling n
present in value up to one-twentieth
nl  t.ie yearly  rent of the tenant.
Man  and   Repose.
Repose is agreeable to the
mind, and decision is rep""
ba.*- tnailc up his opinl
Choose to be disturbed,
more thankful  to the
linn-  him   in  his
lum alone than lie
refutes him. or
th   expense of
ney Smith.
Vancouver, April 27.-Judgment
was Blgned by Chief Justice Hunter
In chambers Friday In favor of Dr.
J. II. Wasson, of William Head, against the Bankers' Trust Company.
The Judgment was for the cancellation for the subscription of shares
and the return of notes given In payment. The motion for Judgment made
by H. I). Twigg lu behalf of these
shareholders was before the Chief
Justice some days ago and he enlarged the motion for the purpose of giving the defense an opportunity to
make an explanation of tho affidavit
of the directors ln their petition for
winding up.
In this affidavit they swore that
they got their shares by misrepresentation. No explanation was forthcoming, Mr. H. A. McLean, counsel
for the Hankers' Trust, announced,
and Judgment was signed.
'A revelation which came out at the
conspiracy   trial   In  the  police  court I
was a statement that J. H. Baker re- j
celved a cheque for fifty dollars from I
J. C. Hearn, of the Negotiators, Limited, as his  remuneration for his as-'
sistence In  selling stock in the  Hrit- j
Ish  Columbia     Fir,e  Insurance    ("om-1
pany.   of   which   he   was   a  director.
He  also  admitted   going  with   Hearn
and  Cook  to  Interview  people about!
buying Bankers'  Trust  stock.
He said  he didn't know there was
a credit of $2000* for him on the books
Of  the  Negotiators    for    these    ser- j
vices.   He said that Cook and Moore
had  made  proposals  to him  that  he I
get  remuneration  for assisting  them
In  Belling  stock,  but he denied  that
his efforts  to  sell stock  to Christo-!
pher Moses.  Noah  Shakespeare,  Hob-
ert  Hetherington and A. O. Sargison
were for the purpose of obtaining a
He   denied   that   he   had   accepted
any of the proposals by Moore, Hearn
and Cook that he take a commission, j
Whatever efforts he had made to sell '
stock  had  been  entirely  without any
��������� thought of reward in this way.    He I
now had simply  wanted these men on the
tui*.   director's   board   with   him,     Moorci
had   told   him   that   the  qualification
for director was four hundred shares,
palm  ���*���*���  **e ^ad  taken only  tvvo hundred.
'll,..      Moore  had   said that  he  could   fix
though " UP 'or  **'���** t0 *,e a director some
valuable where wav and he ���*&** become a director.    ,
Reviewing to the meeting at which V
Cook  resigned  as  vice-president.   Ha-1
all"tiie ker said that Cook had explained hia;
fronds-  steP  hy   saying   that  as  some   other j
into company with which he was connected had gone  to the wall It would be
better  for  the  Bankers' Trust  lf  he
stepped  out.
He had said, however, that lh')
Bankers' Trust was his own pet company, and it was his baby, that he
was putting his heart into it and loved It and was going to continue to do
so and would make it the grandest
Institution in Victoria. Although
was resigning his office he intended
to stick to his pet and work for
Baker said that when he was approached to buy stock, Moore. Hearn
and Cook had all made representations to him. These representations
related to the dividend, the earning
in Vancouver and what they intended to do in Victoria. They were slmi-
larto all those narrated by other witnesses. He had completed his purchase  through   Moore.
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
Special   attention
paid to mail orders
Original Designs
Bamboo Baskets
Cut Flowers Fresh Daily
Salesroom: 1056 Granville Street
Peter's Road and 5th St., Eburne, B.C.
Phone orders attended to. Seymour 6058
iTCHiEs Seeds
while   tlu
���     food     "I
|e  of   ex-
���liier ex-
A man
does not
an! lie is much
man  who coii-
errors   and   leavea
is to the man who
who instructs him at
his  tranquility.���Syd
Catalogue and Guide free on request.
Sweet Peas a Specialty.
*���" ���'���������� ,723 ROBSON ST
W. H. Henderson, chief postal superintendent. Glasgow, who has been appointed   to   the  controllership
I Kdinburgh   postal  district,
I the whole of his official career in the
Glasgow post office.
of  the
has  spent
Jeweler���Sliall    I   mark
"Kroin  Ueorge to Grace?"
Engaged Young Man-No; 1 guei
you had better make it ������From G. I
G.-' Y"U Bee, Gertrude i.s the nan
of  my  sepoild choice.
C'athcart Wason. M. P��� has written
the ring! an introduction to the illustrated record of a Brltit-.li officer' sexperience in
thc Kast Africa and Uganda protectorates entitled "A British Borderland
Service and Sport in Equatorla," by
('apt. H. A. Wilson.
(Above  rates nre subject to change without notice)
Make Your Gardens Beautiful and
Profitable By Planting the Royal
Nurseries rce and Plant Collection
3 Shade Trees
1 doxen Hoses���good sorta
2 Rhododendrons
100 Privet for Hedge
2 Apple Trees
1 Cherry Tree
1 l'ear Tree
1 Plum Trees
1 dozen Raspberries
3 Gooseberries
:i Currents
C Rhubarb
The above collections may be altered to suit our customers' requirements.
The Royal Nurseries, Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
Head Office Suite 710 Dominion Building, 207 Hastings St. W.
Phone Seymour 5556.
Store. 2410 Granville St.; Phone Bayvicw 1926. trw���
Nurseries and Greenhouses at Royal (on the B C. E   Railway, Eburne
Branch).   Phone Eburne 43.   P. 0. Address, Kernsdale, B. L.
The Finest
and Freshest
in Town
Carnations and Roses
 Finest Quality and Best Value	
6  Shado TreeB
2 dozen Here Trees
4 Shade Trees ln variety
4 Rhododendrons
1 douen Roses���good   varieties
4 Conlferae or Evergreen
2 Rhododendrons
GO Mollys for Hedge
2 Conlferae or Evergreens
4 Apple Trees ln variety
2  HollieB-Bpeclmen
2 Plum Trees in variety
2 Apple Tress
2 Tear Trees In variety
2 Plum Trees
2 Cherry TreeB in variety
2 Pear Trees
2 dozen  Raspberries
2 Cherry Trees
6 Currants In variety
1 dozen Raspberries
6  Gooseberries
6 Currant Trees
12 Rhubarb
6 liliubarb
Covent Garden   Florist
Vancouver Block
Phone Sey* 1213   Granville Street
Simmer's Seeds
We keep our stock fresh by burning doubtful seeds.    Can we
more to protect you?    TORONTO PARKS  LAWN GRASS SEED Is
what we handle and w|at we use on our own lawns���Try it.
Now is the time to KODAK. We are agents for Eastman's Kodaks
nnd supplies.    Big and fresh stock always on hand.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43; L. D
71;  Res. 72.
New Westminster, B.C. r-
MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1913.
\ Correspondei
It had arisen until now 4.000,000 members followed Its banner.
The lodge was engaged ln a work
exemplified In his text as Illustrated
by the fuel that last year alone assistance to the extent of $142,000.1100 had
been ftlven widows and orphans und
The New Westminster Nows does members -jj,ig waa $18,000 for every
not hold itself responsible   for   tli��� ���!,,.,v ,������ iilFt  v,.;v,..   British Columbia
hud expended on the average $100 a
# , nee ���
ipinlons expressed in correspondence
Remember the  Place
33 Eighth Street.
French  Peas,  2  tins    25c.
Finest Cheese, 2 lbs 45c.
Sunlight Soap,  6  bars   ...25c.
Lemon Curd, Jar  30c.
Choice Salmon, 2 tins  ...25c.
Ijirge tin Tomatoes, 2 tins..25c.
18 lbs. Sugar, per sack $1.10
Shrimps,  20c.  tins    15c.
New Prunes, 3 lbs 25c.
Mother's Favorite Soap| regular  35c.  today  box    25e.
Oysters, 2 tins  ...25c.
3 lbs. Westham Butter $1-00
New Laid Eggs "Davles," 3
dozen   for    $1.00
Worcester Sauce, 10c. bottle
3  for    -25c.
Spinach,  per lb     10c.
Rhubarb,  local, 4  lbs 25c.
Asparagus per lb 10c.
Radish   and   C.reen   Onions
per   bunch       ��� 5c.
New Potatoes. 8 lbs 25c.
Oranges, per doz, 25c, 35c, -40c
Strawberries, per box   25c.
Buy Good Goods at Good
Prices and cut down the Grocery
Public Supply Stores
The annual meeting of Iho congre
gation of lhe Queens Avenue Methodist church will be held on Wednesday
evening In the church.
Edwards' discount sale
square.    Don't miss it.
Communion    veils    and
Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth street.
Over a doien appllcatlomv-fer the
position of city reservoir Inspector
have been received and will be considered by the council tonight.
Miss Davey haB removed her millinery business from 204 Agnes street
to the Carnarvon block, nearly opposite the Russell. (1105)
The R. A. & 1. society have decided
to Introduce a number of new features in thetr amusement program at
the annual exhibition in October.
Everyone is satisfied that Edwards'
discount Bale 1b the place to buy real
bargaiiiB lu Jewelry. (1179)
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (10781
Editor  Westminster  News,���
I notice that In this morrtlng's paper that you ure ln receipt of the annual report of the city of New WeBtmlnster for 1912.
As you yourself quote this ls very
valuable Information, and I believe
(1179)'that you could not put any reading
in your paper that would be more
acceptable to the ratepayers as a
whole of the Bald city. 1 truBt that
we shall see it printed In our morning paper right away,
Is on
How To Become "Divinely .air" With
Little Trouble.
If you are desirous of being "most
divinely lair," then adhere to the
beauty program given below, ns it
will be the means of giving you a
healthy body ami a comely face. It
von are skeptical ol this way 0 IW-
-   opinion
ing,   at   least   reserve   your
until you have had an opportunity to
paper   nKuv  ***j. ,      it    ut     Thcre can be no question
If New Westminster has a surplus ��>u *       ^  ^  final)y  ^
of $1,000,000 why IB she about to bor-      *������    ��.      J Jj*j woman who craves
row more?   I agree with you that the '   fe     .    ahouid be laid out
Engineers report would  be most in-; JJ*^,0��� *      - *
tercstlng  reading. |    *arx..D you arise in the morning run
I  would  givo  $5.��0  for  the  paper
to  the
window,  whicli   should have
that contained it if 1 could not ��et be<.n T.pe'n "all night, and take twenty
6ne for  five cents. i d        (u~n breaths.
Trusting that you will see your way ,    p��actice 9ome simple all round exer-
clear  to  print   the   whole   rigmarole, | (     five minutes.
piece by  piece. If you  like,  but let,
us have the whole thing.
1 am yours, respectfully,
351  Cumberland  Btreet,  Sapperton.
April   26,   1913.
Celebrate  Fourth  Anniversary  In the
Labor Temple���Sumptuous Banquet
The  fifth  anniversary  of  the  local
The regular meeting of the W.  C.
T. V. will be held Monday afternoon
at  .'I  o'clock  In   the  league  room  of  Typographical   union
Queens Avenue church. All members | yesterday    afternoon
are urged to be present.
was   celebrated
In   the   Labor
Temple when  some  40 members and   erect.
Take either a warm or a cold sponge
bath or both. If you do not react
well after a cold plunge, omit it in
the future, as it is not for you.
Go downstairs, and twenty minutes
before you breakfast drink two glasses
of hot water, not so warm that it
scalds the mouth nor so cool that it
Eat a light breakfast, refraining
from meat.
Take a short walk lor a mile or
walking along briskly with Chest
up   and  out   and   head  held
L. L.
ADAMS        S. K. BR1GOS
A.  Hardman,  the  cake man
good  bread.    Eighth   Street  Bakery
Telephone 231. (968)
Oet your lawn mower ground at
Swanson's, Begble street. We have
special machinery for doing this work.
The Epworth League of the Queens
Avenue Methodist church will hold n
|j mock council    in    the   church    this
evening under the leadership of Mr.
A.  E. Btherlngton.
Are You
that your executor will
keep    your    securities
earmarked and separate
from those belonging to
It is only by this
method that you can be
sure that no loss will
occur to your heirs
through the failure of
that executor.
This is one of the
many points about executorships regarding
which we are able to advise you.
A talk on the subject
costs you nothing���
does not even entail an
Call in and talk it
over todav.
Dominicn Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% o i deposits
Paid   U|i Capital   and   Surplus
The special feature to be shown at
the. Edison theatre today wlll be
"Tamandra the Gypsy."   The remark-
guests of the organization sat down
G9t to a sumptuous banquet featured with
speeches and musical hits. With Mr.
Harry Glbb in the chair, everything,
including the eatables moved at n
rapid rate and by the time tbe |
speechniaking part of the program
arrived everyone appeared in a good
mood to unload themselves of union
ideas and Incidents of past and pres-
ent life.
Typographical Union No. 632 covers
the largest area of any similar organ-1
izatlou In tho province, Its territory
reaching from New Westminster as
far east as Kamloops. Coquitlam.
Vancouver and other outside points
were  represented, one  guest,   Mr.  D. |
able beauty of Tamandra,    a   gypsy I w   Morrison, even hailing from Ba!
girl, causes a young man to forsake  |arat, Australia
his sweetheart. After his marriage
to the gypsy, he Is forsaken, and love
plays many capers in the adjustment.
Second hand sewing machines for
sale from $10 up. C. N. Edmondson &
Co., corner Sixth avenue aud Twelfth
street. (10741
ro arrange the summer program
and to discus sarrangeinents for the
election   of   officers,   the   New   West-
The election of officers of the union
which preceded the banquet resulted
in only one office being contested,
that of secretary-treasurer. Messrs.
Harry Glbb and Leigh Netherby having been  nominated for that post.
Those elected by acclamation were
as follows: President, W. E. Maiden;
vice-president. It. E. Monteith; ser-
gi ant-at-arras, It. K. Sangster; executive, W. J. Hill, K. A. Hrown und also
Work. , .  ,
Twenty minutes before lunch drink
two glasses of hot waU'r.
Eat a simp'.e lunch.
Rest  for  half an hour.
Work. .
Toward evening walk tor sn hour
if you feel so disposed.
Twenty minutes before you Bit
down to the dinner table drink two
glasses of hot water.
Rest or recreation.
Twenty minutes before ereepin*.' into
bed driiik two glasses ol hot water.
Sleep lor nine or ten hours.
Taking the Count.
A doctor in an lowa town bad been
very busy for several (lays and wa-i
worn out" and sleepy when bt got to
bed one morning about two o'clock.
Just as he dropped ofl a summons
came from a liouse half a mile awny.
Thu lady of the house, the call =>&id.
was  dying  of  a   heart  difficulty.
The sleepy doctor got Into
clothes somehow and went tt
house, where the patient���a very
woman���was in bed. breathing
The  doctor could  lind nolhiii:
"Coming Strong"
Our Unparalleled Offer of
20 Per Cent Discount
STORE has started a
furious demand. Sale
continues up till evening .
of April 30th (four more
days). Only spot cash gets
this tremendous discount,
so bring the money with
$20.00 saved on every $100.00
Agents for
"Try New
Agents for
"8t. Claire"
minster   Overseas   club   will   meet.   In   the president, vice-presidenl and see 	
the Moreton hall. Edmonds, tbis even- 1 retary;   delegates  to. the Trades and | dally wrong, but the woman ess pan
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
at X o'clock.
I Labor council. 11. Glbb. R, A. Stoney.
B. Brown, W. E. Maiden; delegates
On Chong Co., merchant tailors. t0 the B, C. Federation of Labor. II
1 Sew arrival of spring goods. Ladies' I x Stoney and W. B. Maiden; correa-
land gentlemen's suits at reasonable I poudent. H. Gibb
\ prices. 413 Columbia Btreet, Iiurr
\ block and 21  Mclnnls Btreet.      (10671
Among the appointments to provincial offices throughout 11. C. just
gazetted, Include that ot Miss Ethel
M. Annandale nn stenographer ln the
office of the district registrar of the
supreme court in this city.
label committee.
the Becretary and J. Fraser and the
various chairmen of the district
"Cough'." he ordered. She could
not. Then he put his ear over ber
ivsrt and said*  Count slowly."
Next thing lie knew he wok'- to hear
tiie woman counting laintly:
"Ten thousand and tprty-;seven���ten
thousand and  forty-eight- "
Bow  of  the Botit.
When once a notion becom?s firmly
City  Clerk   Duncan  Appears  for  City; fixed into the head ol the ,-Cnple il  I*
in Litigation Case. j strange how difficult it is to get that
A litigation concerning the contract ; notion out again.   For many years sii
Mr. Aihuii ('. MacLentian, head clerk  price,   $6110,  paid  by   the  cily   to  the   ships were  clumsily   bull:     - "
al H. Kvall's drug store, received the  Star Scenic    studio,    for    decorating: bow   wider  than   the
death of his mother  New Westminster on the occasion of, some   one  had   deflUred   Ul����s   IjjB t        C()nU.BtantH wjn be served refresh
the  Duke  of  Connaughfs  visit   last   could be towed more easily tnat way .      ,
year,   compelled   City   Clerk   Duncan   with the hutt end first and the taper- JJ""^���
to spend three days in Vancouver last j Ing end last.   One day some ��������'"��      ,     ,       fl     lhat al] illt,,IldlllR members
week.    Ills evidence only occupied a   was   ndepe de nt 0. ou h       tl    * ,orJ fu���y appreclata the benefits of
small  fraction of that time,  the rest j himself tried the experiment and built: ^ hB8^ltL,^n a  pamplll(.t has been |
'issued bearing the title of
sad news of the
which took place in Vermont on
Saturday last. Mr. MucLennan is at
present staying on  Vancouver  island.
tints have outlined a program which if i
given   the   team   which   secures   the I
pursued aggressively cannot but bring
the desired results.
Tho  campaign   will   start    In    the i
stem    because ; morning and close at. night, when all I
the teams have reported.   At the close |
s will be i
lady supporters of the j
Assets   ....
Trusts under
Trusteeships for Bondholders
OFFICES;���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp,  llelgium.
A committee of the Royal Columbian hospital board will meet today
lo consider and report on the tenders
for the furnishings of tho new wing
| of the hospital. Their repor.t will be
submitted and disposed of by the hospital directorate at their next meeting.
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply, the B, C. Transport Co., Ltd.
phone 826.    Wharf 'phone, 880.   11731
Tlle special feature to be shown at |
the Bdlson   theatre   today
"Tamandra the Qypsy."   Tb
a ship, such as those in use now.
with the how the narrowest. Of course
it increased the speed ol the ship,
and since that day boats have been
built that way, and logs are lowed
with   thc  tapering  end  lirst.
was waiting for the case to be called
The question at issue was the
validity of a garnishee order, after
the Star Scenic studio had assigned
the   $600   to   W.   I).   Carter,   of   Vaiv
couver. ......   .
The court held that the garnishee. |
having been served after the account |    jn ti,,, outer house of the rourt of
had been assigned and notified to the \ B(,ss|on  a decree  was  granted  Henri
city, wns null and void. etta Mary [Turners or llalfourKinnear,
  'against  George   William   Baltour-Kln-
OBITUARY. [near,  W.  S.  ,r>2   Murray-field  Gardens,
MALCOLM-  Under the auspices of. Edinburgh
Amity  lodge  No.   27,  the  remains  of
���What the
Y. M. C. A. stands for.'
I. o.
O. F.
will     he   tho   late   Oeorge   Malcolm,   who   was
remark-  killed on Tuesday  last, wcre interred
able   beauty   of Tainanilfa.
a     gypsy
girl, causes  a young man
to  forsake
his sweetheart.   After his
narrlage to
tiie gypsy, he is forsaken
and     love
plays many capers in the
Hon'!  forget  to look lul
i the  great
discount    sale    at    S.    K
Jewelry store.
In the Oddfellows' cemetery yesterday afternoon at 2:80. The funeral
was held from the Oddfellows' hall.    A
large number of the members of the
Streel Rallwaj Employees' union wen
in attendance.
A meeting of the New Westminster night
Overseas Club members and friends
i wlll be held In the Morton Hall, luir
naby, on Monday evening, '-Mb Inst..
| HI 8 o'clock. Business, election of
j office bearers und arranging summer
program, 1167)
One   D.-iv  Will   Be Given Over  by thc
Y.M.C.A. to Secure 100 Members
The "100 in one day" V M C A   ram
palgn for new members will be held
mi  rhursday, May l. when the membership roil of the association is ex
CANNING   William   Canning,   an   pectetl to be Increased the number In
other pioneer of the city passed away  dlcated lu the slogan.
In the Royal Columbian hospital last      in order thai the field tuny be sys-
..,..,..     e..    ...     .1.  .     ..et.. -t    ..     ...  ..;  1
from the affects Of a serious I tematicolly und efficiently covered
cold which In- contracted about two (our teams oi the association wlll en-
weeks ago. The late Mr. Canning wai ier a competition, tie* honors to be
over 60  yean, of ago und came  here
.most members.   The various contest-
News  of  the   discovery  of  a   large
number of skeletons of animals, long
since extinct, which existed in Call-
, fnriiia many years ago. has been
! brought back by Mr. Charles Hill-
| Tout, of Abbotsford, who has just re-
���. turned to his home from a lecturing
I tour or the United States. Bones of an
I ancient species of horse, hours of a
I Size   never   hoard   ot  at.   the   present ] ODDFELLOW9 CELEBRATE
about 26 ynrs ago. He was an ex
soldier, having served for a number
of years In the liritish army in India
He was employed In Mr. Nels. Nei
son's brewery, in the capacity of see
: ond engineer. Some time ago he con
'traded the grippe and before he had
quite recovered caught a cold from
: which hi' never recovered.
The remains have been removed tt
Murchie's parlors. The funeral ar
rangeinents  will be announced later
The officers and members or Amity
Lodge, No. 27, I. O. O. F., will celebrate the nineteenth anniversary of
Amity Lodge on Monday evening next,
April  28
by holding an entertainment and banquet In the Oddfellows' Hall at 8 p.m.
All members and visiting brothers
with ihelr ladli s are cordially Invited
to attend.
IL A. MBRRITHBW, Noble Grand
W.  C. COATHAM, Secretary
C. A. BOGERT, Gcnorat Manager.
Capital paid u|
Reserve Fund
Total Atscti
Financial Headway
of thn sure and permanent kind Is rarely made without the asslstanca
cf a Savings Bank Account. It stimulates saving, keeps the money
in absolute safety, Increases It with Interest, and provides the ready
cash to take advantage of the buslbOU opportunities which comf
ones way.
Bananas, per dozen
Oranges, per dozen  ..
\pples, per box  .....
Rhubarb, .i lbs. ror ..
Tetley's Tips, per lb
. .  25c. to 50c.
$1.35 to $2.23
Picked Ceylon Tea,
< Sugar, IK lb. sack  .
3 lbs
from   our   newest   department.    All  the  latest  and
popular     magazines     and
weeklies kept in stock
deliver if you prefer.
tune, types ol bison are among those
found. Hones which demonstrate that
I the contlne.nl of America wua at one
\ tlmo the home ot the camel have also
been discovered.
The City Treasurer wishes to re-
\ mind water consumers not using
meters that the date for saving the
rebate on the present quarter year's
advance payment of water rates expiree on thc 30th inst. at 5 p.m.
Meeting of Local Council of Women.
The   regular   executive   meeting   of
the Local  Council of Women  will be
......   held ln  St.  Stephen's church at  3:30
Will  this afternoon.
Central   Park   Farmers'   Institute.
A   special   meeting of tho Central
'l'ark Farmers' Institute wlll be heldIbor as thyself
I In the agricultural hall at Central Park i lows to prestr
ion Friday evening, May 2.    Tho topic ; unto posterity and ga
��48 Columbia Street
of  dissuasion   will  be  "Market  Gard-
Phone -W-Jleulng and  Soil Cultivation."
The Oddfellowa of the city with a
number or visiting brothers rrom Vancouver and other polnta In this district
and their friends, assembled In tbe
' Sixth Avenue Methodist church last
.evening and commemorfitod the 84th
I minivers.'ry or their order with divine
service Rev. Ilro. W. S. A. Crux
preached the sermon.
The various lodges gathered .-it thc
Oddfellows' hall on Carnarvon street
at ti:3i) and marched to the church
from that point. The members or
the Canton, with their brilliant regalia and cockade hats were in the
lead and created a marked impression
The other lodges followed, each mem.
hers hearing his Insignia.
Rev Mr. Crti\'R sermon was of u
m-SBt inspiring nature his subject being "A famous Drama."   He took as
B portion of his .   tl, "l.ove thy neigh-
lie urged tho Odd fetal! their noble idealx
x brief sketch
Phone  93.
Flih and  Produce.
447 Columbia
I Call now and inspect our
complete line of Spring
High   Class   Ladles   and   Gentlemen's
146   l.orne   Streot.   Now   Westminster
St. 506 Main Street, Vancpuver
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work    perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Mads In New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Home For Sale
or the history nt the lodge.    He relat. I
ed Its start 'j4 yearB ago and told how I
No.   1���Here  Is  a  splendid home for sale cheap,    ln a good locality near l)ueen'H Park and new aehool.
It has aeven large comfortable rooms  with  every modern con-
venl-ance;   full  basement;   on  a large lot, 66xlS2  feet
This place Is below value and   the  terms   nre   nuch   that  almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH, balance monthly.   If you want to buy
a home let us show you this place.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast   Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Fraser Valley Division B. C. Electric Lines.
Effective April 20, 1913.
(Subject to Change Without Notice.)
Train No.
KAST HOUND.                      1!          4          6          8    Bipresi
i.ve   Vancouver     8:15    12:15    15:15    17:15    12:30
l.vo NKW  WESTMINSTER'   9:15    13:10    16:05    18:15    16:00
Arr  Huntingdon                                1H:08
Arr Chllllwaok    11:55    15:50                20:55   19:00
Train No.
WESTBOUND.                 13         5         7    BxDfesi
Lve Chllllwack                    8:30    13:10   18:00     6:10
l.vo  Huntingdon         7:10
Arr NKW WKSTM1N8TBU    0:30    11:10    15:50   20:40     9:30
Arr Vancouver   10:20   12:05    10:35   21:30   10:50


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