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The New Westminster News Jul 5, 1913

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News Classified Ads.               1
I Invi
proven their  worth by the 1
tbey    produce.     They    fill 1
or   small    wants    at   Bmall 1
The Weather.
New  Westminster and thr
Light to moderate
showers tonight or    Eok-
VOLUME 8,  NUMBER  100,-
Main  Topics  Discussed  at
Board of Trade Council
Evening   Telegraph   Takes   Place     of
Old  Dally   that   Has   S'rucHed
so Gamely.
8peclal Committee Will  Go  Into
Former and Legislation Committee Will Deal with Latter.
The executive council of
Westminster board of trade
night   anil   discussed    a   number     of
questions of general Interest.   Among
the most Important were lhe presi nt
exorbitant rateB of tire Insurance and
the question of Orientals owning bind
A special committee consisting of
Messrs. Robb Sutherland (chairman).
Traves, Lusby and Trapp were ap
pointed to Investigate Insurance conditions and take every possible Step
in conjunction wllh the city council
to secure a  reduction of rales.
Mr Traves directed attention to the
subject, he said tlie insurance rate
was the stime here now as it was In
1S!i4.    Since  1SH4 there bad been    an
Immense Improvement in regard to
their fire- quenching equipment, additions to their lire balls and augmentt-
tlon of tbelr waler supply, all over
the cily, yet lhelr rates remained the
same. They were entitled to at least
a HO per cent, reduction.
Mr. Lusby agreed and said he had
had a * conversation with a local
agent of a fire Insurance company.
who slated ihat his board had the
matter under consideration and they
were going to have a revision in the
city. lie referred to the great
' Moloney of their fire brigade. Mr.
Walsh. Jr., had reported to him that a
fire had broken out that afternoon In
their factory. and/ that the response
In the fire call was very quick indeed Tl.e consequence was that the
damage was very slight when It mlnht
have been otherwise. The expenditure on tholr tire brigade must have
gone in'o something like $60,000 and
a lower rate of Insurance waB what
ihey might reasonably nsk and expect.
Under Consideration.
Mr   lihiling said that, speaking as a
Ottawa,  July 4.    Notice    of    incor
poratlon of the Telegraph  Publishing
|Co,,  Ltd.. of Montreal, appears In  to |
the |day's Canada Gazette.   The company
will publish an evening paper I"    be
known    lis    tbe    Evening    Telegraph
which will take the plan- of the pres
ent Montreal   Witness,   whose   BUCCea
ser  it   is.    The    companv    will    alio
,carry on u   general   publishing   busl-
the New Iness.   It has a capacity stock of $300,-
met lasl   000 and  Its head offices  will  be    at
The following are the incorporators:
Frederick Henry Markey, K.C; Waldo
Whlttier Skinner. K.C; (Ieorge Cor
don Hyde and VValbam C.llberl Pugs
by, advocates, and Ronald * Cameron
Grant, accountant, all of Montreal,
Striking Gold Miners Apply
Torch and Dragoons
Holiday Crowds Watch Auto Drivers
Killed and Maimed in Foci
Speed   Tests.
i ImmlgrantE  to   Canada   Curing   April
Close of Great Centennial      and May���This Yeara rigures
Lights Cut Off in City, Railway Traffic
Blocked���General   Walkout   in
All Trades  Feared.
Columbus,   0.,   July   4    Harry C,
Knight, ol  Indianapolis, known as thci
"Hero of the Indianapolis Speedway," ���
was  almost  iiiBtuntly   killed   imd   bis
mechanician,    Milton    Mcf.iiiis,    of
Houston,   Texas,   was   fatally   Injured
this   afternoon   when     Knight's     carl
blew  a  right  rear tire    and    turned
-turtle on the 110th lap of the HOO mllei
automobile race given under the aus- i
.lohannesberg. South Africa, .luly 4. Spices of the Columbus Automobile as-'
Anarchy  prevailed   here  tonight as  soclation.    McCallls died  in  the bos-
result of the general  strike oi  tin:  pltal early tonight.
Knlgbi   had   been  out
for  30   minutes   because
Celebration on Gettysburg Battlefield.
President Wilton Addresses Independence Day Gathering of Veterans
on Historic Spot.
Canada    Not    Alone    in    Market    for
Money���English  Visitor Cannot
Eelieve Horne Payne Said It
gold  miners,    'lbe  authorities  wjre
obliged  to order the tn ops to fin: ou
the rioters, who applli d tht torch to
ithe star newspaper offices, another
i large building   and the Qraamtontoln
Itioters attacked  the Werner Biets
headquarters and were only dispersed
by a charge of dragoons. Intermittent of the spectators, ran
'firing look place in several parts ot jbody which had fallen
S tbe cily and, up to midnight, :;u persons bad been taken to hospitals.
��� Early in the evening the strikers at-
i templed to bold u. meeting In the mar-
i ket  place, but ii was suppressed by
ibe     poLce.     This     Inflamed     the
strikers and in various parts of the
���city noting began. For a lime even
' the troops were powerless to check
; the mob.
City in Darkness.
Strikers forced the Hum car drivers
���to   take   their  curs  lo   their    depots.
(lett)/burg, Pa., July 4.���The regular  army   paid   tribute  today   to  the
1 thousands  who  sleep  under  the hills
f the  race;or Gettysburg.    Somewhere down injm'-'nt-
of    engine  the heart of the tented  city  a bugle
Ottawa, Jul;.- 4   The total Imnrtgra
tion to Cauda during April ai.d May,
11113, was 146,080, made up of 56.840
British, 38,607  Americans ami  56,618
from  all  other countries,
Uurlng April and May, 191H. the total waB 129,463, composed ol 49,279
Hritii-.b. 29,696 Americans, and 4*u,r,79
from all other countries.
The i.-icreasc  Ib 13  per cmt.    The |
i figures show  an  Increase ol nearly
io.ooo from Britain, with a correspond-
ing decrease in the American move-!
B. W. Shiles, of This City,
Earns High Honor in
I.O.O.P. Order.
Still in
Harness After Fifty Years h*
Odd  Fellows���Presentation
Made Last Night.
Off    to
, Tlieu, headed by women bearing    red
Montreal,    July    4.   lion.    Linmi flags, tbey seized the municipal power
Cuesi, who has Just returned  from Bt���tlon, expelled the engineers and Clft
Oreat   Britain.   In   speaking     of     the  off   the  electric   Bupply   of   the  city,
trouble and had Juat re-entered. Ile .sang out In a silvery call that wand
was aald to have been running at 70 ered over the field where Lee and
miles an hour when the accident oc- Meade made history. The big flag
curred. Johnny Jenkins, of Spring-'before the headquarters of General
field, 0., was following Knight at a; Liggett, flashing In rudden curves of
short distance and, according to some red and white and blue, glorious In
over Knight's I Ihe sunshine of u perfect July day.
to the track.; came slowly half way down the shaft.
Jenklne saya he ran over something, ITn front Of the tent, shoulders squared,
but he does not know whether it was1 figure trim In summer uniform of
a body or a part of a machine. Knight's ' white, face toward the flag, the gen-
body waa badly mutilated. ieral clicked heels together and stood
llalph Depalma, who was following , at attention. The guns of the Third
close on tbe heels of Knight's and I battery broke into salute. Kvery of-
Jenklns' cars, was running at a high ' fleer oier the length and  breadth of
rate of speed, but managed to avoid j that wide  field,  every  enlisted   man! 	
the wreck. turned  away  from  the  duties of thej
Thousands Saw It. j tnomeul and faced the flag, heels to-1    Montreal,    July    4.���Among    those
The accident occurred  almost   lm- gether, heads up and eyes alight with j laavlng   on   the  Allan   line   steamer
mediately in front of the grandBtand   the sentiment of the  huur. Grampian for Glasgow, are about 260
and   was   witnessed   by   thousands  of Solemn Silence. j teachers  and   persons  otherwise  con-
spectators. As the la^t gun of 4S aent the echoes  nected with education in Canada, who
Knight gained the title of "Hero of j clattering  about Seminary  Itidge and!"'11  visit  England  and Scotland  dur-
several I Pound Top. there was solemn silence
the hush of peace.   Old veterans who
tbe   Indianapolis   Speedway
years ago,  when he smashed  into
brick   wall   in   preference  to  running
tlRbUH-sB of the monev supplv, stated   *'**���** wa* Plunged in darkness for an 'down a driver who had been
hour -or two until troops arrived and .from his car to the track,
drove out the Btrikers. i    Just   previous  to  the  time  he  had
Another contingent cf strike sympa-1 started again, Knlgbt had been offl-
thizera seized the Uraamfoutein |cially declared out of the race because
yards, the main railway centre of I of the time lost with engine trouble.
TraarvaaJ, and stopped tbe   train ser j Regardless   of   the   officials,   he   re-
tbat the labor organisations report
that, fur the first time in many years
the number of unemployed amongst
the skilled workers of Kngland ls only
one per cent of the whole and this
fact iuiicatc-s bow very prosperous the
country iB al the present time and
how great the demand for money musl
be during tbis period of general industrial   prosperity.
Speaking of Mr. Home Payne's re-
fervnoe to Canadian municipal Iwinds.
Mr. Quest said that he had probably
been   misquoted,  for  be  did   not  find i
any sentiment In England favoring the |
pretention   made  that  Canada  ie ex-1
did not realize, perhaps, exactly what
was going on, stood silent under thej which bears the self-explanatory tltl
spoil of the universal feeling that
seemed to sweep the field. Kven the
clatter of pots and paiiB in the mes"
tents waB hushed, and the yells of
: cooks about to dish  up the mid-day
meal  lowered  to whispers     For five]be received by    the    Duke    of  Maii
minutes  the  camp was  quiet.    Then \ borough at Blenheim, by the Countess
The honor of receiving l_e first
"honorable veteran jewel," far 50
years of continuous servico In (Kid
fellowship to be preicnled iu Hritiab
Columbia comes to New We.Htrainslcr.
Brother li. W. Shiles, P.G.M., V.G.U..
of Hoyal City lodge No. 3, w-aa presented with the covet'-d jewel at the
gathering  of  the  lodge  last evening*.
The event under any dftHMMta-Maa
j is a unique one, but was made more aa
oy the fact that Mr. Shiles served 10-
years of his memberBhip in Hebron
lodge. No. 14. Seaford. Delaware, .ind
that July 4 is his natal day. Mr. SUilei
has served 40 years ln Hoyal City-
lodge No. 3. which was the third lotlpe-
to be formed In British Columbia anil
the first on  the mainland.
It was expected that Bro. tie-ore?
Turner, the only remaining charter
r.iombtr of Royal City No. 3. sodM
make the presentation, but he wa- uo
avoidably absent and John A. Caltra-k.
who joined the lodge in July, 1X77.
pinned the jewel on Mr. Shllea.
ov   tie    Miintner   months      This   vis, Embossed Address.
Ib the result of a movement for em-1    Tlle  following  Illuminated address.
pire education Instituted In lltlu   and  '-mboEaed by D. A. Shiles. Son of tbe
Old    Land  Where  Welcome
Awaits Them in Many High
Iof "Hands Across the Sea." The
party will land at Glasgow and travel
I through Scotland and England and
i enjoy privileges rarely accorded to
| English people themselves.   They will
vice.    Hundreds  of  strikers  tried   to I entered the race.
rush one of the entrances to tht | Ralph Mulford won the race, break-1 the bugle spoke again in notes joyous. I of \\~arwlcV the Marquis of Salisbury
Kleuifouteln mines, where "black '��� ing tbe record for 200 mllee on a dirt The silken flag leaped up the start iana, Andrew Carnegie besides many-
legs" were working. The troops kept itrack. He made the distance in three | to the very pinnacle and the noises i other persons of rank and prominence
th��m at bay until the police dispersed liionra twenty-one mlnutea and forty-! that  40,000   men  can   make  resumed   who   arp   ,aking at  irUere9.   ,'
tht.m eight seconds.      The    prevlotiR    best j their Eway. *>*���*������
time was mado last year on the Co- \ Last Formal Mark.
lumbus track by Spencer Wlehart ln
fire Insurance agent, he fell that   the
matter had been carefully discussed ceBslvely over-borrowed or that tb
aii months ago and was under con- couniry lias contracted obligations sh<
Blderatlon of the Malnl&nd Hoard of i will not be able to meet. He went on
Underwriters. Mr Ross, whose attcn ltn say that there was a general strin
tlon had been drawn to the fnct lhat ���gency owing to tlie Immense demand
the rates were fully 26 per cent, too upon capita! in both the commercial
high, agreed with tbem. It was a "nd Industrial sections id the conn
matter, however, that Involved deeper |try. Trade Is good all over and there
questions ihan might appear to ordIn- Is also an understanding
ary contemplation, such as a reaur- arc going
vey of the whole city, on an absolute- rowers m
lv   new   line.     When   the   matter   wns   tore
In other words. Canada will have
competitors of a very formidable na-
iture in the great money markets of
Ithe world South America has borrowed money and the different coiin-
i tries down there will want a groat
deal more    Then Oermany. Australia '
The Btrike leaderB repudiate the ex-
I cess, but the men are in ugly temper
against the "black legs" and  further
trouble Is expected.    There ls mucb
apprehension    or    a ffefteral    strike
among all trudes.
be a
bal   then
great   many   bor
11 In the near fu-
in ing Investigated Mr. Ross might be
invited to meet the representatives o!
the  board,  along  with  the  lire insurance agents of the city-
Oriental Land Owners.
A letter was read from the Becretary of the Duncan board of trade enclosing copy of a resolution requesting the government to puss legisla'lon
prohibiting the ownership of land by
any bill those of the white race.
It was pointed out thai a similar
communication had been received
from the Kootenay board of trade
some time ago and that the New
Westminster hoard had declined to
take action in the matter on the
grounds that it was outside their
sphere and Inopportune,
VV, ll. McQuarrie said it seemed to
him the resolution was on the right
lines. Personally he sympathised
very much with the stand taken by
California, not particularly ns regards
to the Japanese, but to the objection
to orientals generally holding bind in
this country. They were nil trying to
make it a white man's country and
one way tbey could do thul was to
prevent orientals owning land. In doing so they would only be giving
them back Bome of their own modi
cine aa aliens iu Japan were not per
mltted to bold land. The people re
ferred to were not people they wanted
in (Ms country, Chinese. Japanese, or
Hindus for that matter, were not going to build this country up, They
wanted people who would raise families and assimilate with their own
people and iiuikc a nation superior In
every  respect.
The chairman iL. M. Richardson)���
We are nil agreed to thnt. It Is ft
question of Uie Ume being opportune.
Mr. McQuarrie did not consider the
time Inopportune. He moved lhat the
matter be laid over until next meet
lng when  It could be brought  up for
R. Sutherland seconded. He thought
the longer thn matter wns left over
thc the worse lt would become If
nny action were to be taken It Bhould
be taken before these people became
more numerous and stronger.
Mr. Lusby Bald the question bad
linen fully disoussed at a meeting before, it bnd been considered outside
their sphere and more a municipal
matter, lie still thought so. He
moved as nu amendment that a simi-
lar reply be B8M to the Duncan board
ns had been sent to tho Kootenay
George Kennedy seconded.
D. 8, Curtis suggested It be fferred
to the legislation committee for re
port  to next  meeting
Of Vital   Importance.
Mr. McQuarrie withdrew his motion
in fnvor cf .Mr. Curtis'. He could not
understand the view that It wns outside their sphere. He thought It
concerned them from any standpoint
and especially na a board of trade
(Continued on Page Four.)
Granting     of     American     Application
Would  Mean Starving Canadian
I An-a��eMr TWe Time.
Medford, Ore, July 4- Don TfelmB,
I'.'0-years-old.   was   killed   late   today
when  the car he was driving  In  the
.5-mile  automobile   race  collided   with
another car and turned turUe. crushing  Ifrlms,   who  lived   only  ten  min-
'utes  after    tho    accident.     Mechanician Marks was pinned under the carl
but escaped with a broken hip and a
few  bruises.
The accident happened just after
tile end of the first race. Helms, who'
was driving third, apparently thought
there was another lap and drove Ills
ci'r fiercely around the track. When
the car ahead of him slowed up in a
their Eway
Last Format
That five minutes' silence was prob
I ably the laat formal mark of the
semi-centennial celebration. Only a
.tow mlnutea before. President Wilson
j spoke In the big tent to the veterans
, in blue and g-ray and only a short
time afterwards, thousands of those
i who were left began their preparations for departure.
The president came into Gettysburg
shortly before II o'clock from Haiti-
more. Through the narrow, crooked
streets of this war-famed country
town, lie motored out to camp, with
governor Tenor, of Pennsylvania, and
Representative Palmer of Pennsylvania at his side. With his appearance at the station of Gettysburg college grounds, came the customary 21-
guns     Prom  the station t.i the camp
��� he viBit ot the overseas teachers.
WOMAN'S work
Suffragette  Makes  Usual Cheap  Show
of Herself and the Cause at
Bristol Today.
cloud   of   duct   the   front     wheel     of lover tbe village streets and gray and
Turkey and the Balkan states wiii
also be in wanl of money In the near
future, although Mr. Guest stated thai
the war will have to cease before
money  is  loaned  to those people.
Racing Balloons Start at Kansas City
���Protests   Filed   Against  Two
of Them.
Kansas City, July 4.
eight   racing   balloons,
Pour of the
scheduled to
siitrt in the national race to choose
America's representative for thi
James Gordon llennett trophy contest
In France this fall, are In the eir tonight They are: The Kansas City
II, of Kansas City; Million Population club, 81 l outs; the G mdvear
Akron. 0., anil lhe Kansas City Posl
Knnsn . City.
Agalnsl two of these balloons, the
Kansas City Post and the Kansas Cltv
II. official protests have hen filed
by Hubert K. Nolker. president of the
St. Louis Aero cluh. and H. B. Greene,
of the Aero club, of Illinois Chicago,
on the ground that they took gas after the tliiie limit had expired.
A rule governing that point was
adopted nt a meeting of the Aero cluh
Officials here last nlgbt. which declared that, after the first balloon lefl
the ground, all gas should he shut off
from  Ihe other balloons,
George N. Meyers, president of the
Kansas Cily Aero club. sahl he know-
nothing of gas being supplied, as alleged by the protestants.
Ottawa.   July   4.    Another   Intern a-
: tional  question,  reopening  the  rather |
' vexed   Issue of a  division of  interna- I
tional   water   powers,   Is   involved   In.
J in  application   received  by  the  gov   J
rrnment   today     from   the  Michigan-i
LaXe   Superior   Power    company.     It
came through the United Stales secretary   of   war,   with   the   suggestion
that tbe two governments refer il to
ithe     joint,     international    waterways
j commission.
What la Bought by  the company Is
i'he  privilege of  damming    the    8t
Mary's river iit Sutiit  ste. Marie lul
irder to Increase the flow of water to I
the works of the Michigan-Lake Su- ;
jpcrior company at the Aroer'can Soo.
Compensating   works  to  prevent   the |
levels of Lake  Superior being injuriously affected are to le undertaken.
.Tbe amplication    is    accompanied  by]
-.dans   and   profiles   of   the   proposed ;
work and Ihe compensative undertakings In connection with it
Rough  on  Canada.
The   matter   doubtless   will   go   to
the waterways commission for full In
��� estimation, bul it is ev'dent that there
win be objections, nol only from a
local standpoint, but also from navigation Interests on the Canadian side,
iliih stand ii be prejudiced, li is
' pIIi veil that the dam will have the
effect (f divert ing much wnler which
nm* Mows through the Canadian channel and also furnishes power to the
l.nke Superior com pany. ln many respect.- il Is similar to the Chicago
drainage canal scheme, which, it will
he recalled, was vigorously conibatled
| by the Canadian government and ultimately   rejected.
A C. Boyce, Ml*., who Ib in Ottawa
' "-day. when told of the proposal, said
that the Aniericin Interests have the
larger sllve of the water, the arches
of the International bridge being
rhrce-cuartcrs on that side.
"If this scheme goes through," he
���aid, "It simply means starving the
Canadian  Industries  and  navigation."
Helms' car caught the rear wheel of
I the car ahead and turned completely
lover. Tbe occupants of the other car
were not hurt. Young Helms was the
son of A I) Helms, a wealthy ranch
er of Medford, and was driving his
own oar.
dusty Kmmittsburg road, the president was driven while the Pennsylvania constabulary, looking businesslike and efficient in tlmir slate-gray
uniforms, guarded his
kept the traffic clear.
Bristol, July 4- -While the royal
procession was on its way to the' agricultural show, at which the king
was   to  officiate  today,  a   suffragette
darted from ;h" sidewalk and. getting]and still  in harness
honored member, and also a member
jof the lodge, was presented witli the
[To Bro. H. W. Shiles. PGM.. P.GJt.
I Dear Brother���Your brethren *sf
1 Royal City lodge No. 3,1. O. O. K.. tav-
ing learned with pleasure that -yoa
have completed your 50th year of <
tinuoUB service In our beloved
desire to take thla opportunity ad
heartily congratulating you oa the attainment of your Jubilee In Oddl-aHow-
lt is also most gratifying to as to.
note the fact that of this 50 conae-co
live year membership In the ord-ar. -SB-
years have been spent in thia our ntn
lodge, the third to be instituted In the
proyinco of British Columbia, aod th*
.first cn the mainland, and In the city
iof your adoption, the good old Rural
i'ity of New  Westmlnste-.
Vou have not only been very ener
getic In your eagerness for tho W"l-
farc of our lodge Lut also in the interests of our city, aa witness Uie fact
that you have served as alderman on
several occasions and also as chief
magistrate of the city.
We. therefore usk you to accept
(his Honorable Veteran Jewel, authorized by cur sovereign grand todg-e as
an official recognition that ;t brother
hus retained continuous memberbhip
for 50 years. In your case we ran
also add the word "active inambersh:p>
behind the mounted equerry, reached
the    king's   carriage and   dropped   a
iutouioblle"and I scroll of paper on his majesty's knees.
[ Tbe  equerry,  wheeling  around,  drew
At the entrance to the big tent, the ibis sword and struck the woman
president paused for a moment to let j light blow.    The police then arrested
the camera  battery   pop  away aB hei her.
-dood with head uncovered between a      The crowd made    a rush
veteran  from either army.    His ent-1 suffragette,     showing     the
ranee into the tent to the strains of | east-rut.bb to maul her.    One
Hall to the Chief," brought the crowd (struck her with an umbrella
General Hamilton and Colonel Hughes
Back at Ottawa from Pacific
Ottawa, July 4.���General Sir Ian
Hamilton and Colonel Hon. Sam
Hughes and tlieir staffs reached the
capital tonight after an inspection of
military camps in the wesl. The entire to.ir, which took them to Victoria
nnd buck,  was  made in  less than    a
I fortnight.   Both expressed themselves
as most favorably Impressed with the
I progress being made toward practical
| tooting In the west.
The party will leave fnr the maii
time provinces toinurrow night and
will   visit   Si.   John,   Sydney,   Halifax
and Charlottetown before returning to
Ottawa.    Sir  Ian  Hamilton  will  then
prepare his report for presentation to
I the   Imperii.!   und   Canadian   governments,
of about   10,000  quickly    from    their
chairs  with  a  cheer.    The  speakers'
platform was filled with the staff of-
(Continu-ed on Page ICIght.)
for   the
or tbem
and an-
Flag   Incidents  at   Moose   Jaw  Cause
Teapot   Tempests���Waiter
Loses His Head.
other seized her by the hair. Thc
police rushed their prisoner away In
an  automobile  In i scape  the mob.
After a short detention at the police
station, the woman was released. She
gave the nnnie of Mary Richardson
and her address as the headquarters
of  the  Women's  Social  and  Political
and      Isi
upon    by-
>r street
Help thc Children.
Wash.. July -I. T
tlonal Children's Home BOClet
ed the following officers today
dent, Washington Gardner.
Ran: vice-president. Hev J. P.
Wisconsin; secretary, Jas. I,
Illinois: treasurer, A. 1'
Illinois;   councillor,   I).   (
ie Na-
eli ot-
L. Clark.
Illinois. The directors, whose terms
expire In 19111, nre: Hev. 0. P. Christian, Idaho; M, C. Plagg, Florida; W.
J. Maybee, Virginia; Or  P. H. Darby,
Ohio; A. I). Stlckman, South Dakota; ! tended the hoisting of the Mexican
Prank D. Hall, North Dakota; W. S. jring over the consulate ns a compll-
Heynolds,  Illinois,  nnd   Hev.    A.     II.! ment  to Americans on  lhelr national
Stoneman, Michigan. Prof. F. D. Shirk, I holiday, lie persisted in regarding
of Kansas, n member of the bonrd of I the Incident ub International, rather
directors, lioldB office until 1915.        'than purely local.
More   Flag  Trouble.
Tucunn.  Arl?,.,  July  4.    Trouble re
"tilted here today when Conrul Alns
He,    Mexican    representative    here
hoisted   the   Mexican   republic's   tricolor on  the consulate  flagpole.     He
later, on the protest of many citizens.
lowered it nnd was advised by the local   authorities   to   place     a     l'nited
States  flag over tho Mexican  flag  If
be again  attempted  to holat  the tricolor.    Aim lie   InslBtcd   that   he   In-
Jaw. July 4.
flags on  Hiv
an unknown man was set
n number of youths wbo
idiiy became a crowd of Hundreds,
The flags were soi n trampled Into
dirty rags and then the man was
rolled In the mud. The street waB
In an Ideal oondltlon for tbe crowd's
Immediately after, nn American at-
Worklng for Wreck.
Tacoma, July 4.-What Is believed. templed ,_ rft,M . -,. on ���1(, ton 0,
' lu lamp post,    it was torn  down and
a free fight ensued.    Earlier in    the
I day 50 Americans, waving flags,    at
'tempted  to  march  up    Main    street
Fearing a riot, the police turned them
, . ....     ,      ,     ���   buck   to   the   hotel   where   they   had
tr.ight  train  was due.    The truck  Is1"
on  the  Pacific division and is Jointly
by officials of the Northern
railroad to be nn attempt to wreck a
train was discovered at Kalama,
jbout 10 o'clock last night, when a
watchman found heavy timbers placed
across  the  track    shortly    before
Has     Strange     Delusions
Locked Up.
.Sarnia. July 4.   Andrew  Gubiol
i Alberta  raiicbir.  who arrived on
i steamer   llarmic   here   today,
some excitement   on IiIb   wa
from  tbe Son by his strange actions.
fie labored under the delusion that a
| gang of men. whom he had caused to
be convicted and sentenced  lo n six
year term in the penitentiary tor st. al
���ing cattle from liis ranch, were on
ibis trail intending to kill him. lie
, became bu violent that lt was iiecea-
! sary  to  lock  him  up.    Chief  Korbes
was called  by  wireless to meet    the
lilarinic on  ItB arrival ar.d  the  man
j v,*a8 placed  In hla charge.
I    The mayor advised that lie stay In
'the hoBpltnl for a couple of days and
censmted to the police chief taking
hlm us far as Mucin .il.
: been celebrating,
used by lhe Northern Pacific. Great
Northern and Oregon-Washington railroads. This is the second similar at
tempt on the same division within n
week, obstructions having been placed
OD the track wear Auburn, a few days
To  Parallel C. N. R.
Saskatoon, Sask.. July 4.    Inrormation ls received that the C. P. R. will
construct in  the near future a lino.
connecting Saskatoon with Calgary, Paid to In. by the regiment, but ei v-
VlB Milden and KmproBS. This line,!""'1 civilians standing near pulled the
when completed, wlll open up a large i flag away from hlm and. throwing it
territory nnd wlll parallel the l'.N.K.||�� ���*������' ground, began to treat its
(loose  Lake  line  for a  considerable
Would Sell Timber Lands.
Vancouver, July 4. That the trust
deed to secure the loans of $3,600,000
made by the English debenture holders to the Ocean ul-'ils Co. only offers security em the lands of the company to the extent ot (100,100 is the
startling discovery alleged to have
been made by Charles s. Arnold, solicitor for the Crane Co., el Chicago
and Vancouver, who ls now- tailing
stops to sell up the lauds ot the Ocean
Falls Co, to satisfy a Judgment or $20.-
330, Th's discovery was made by Mr.
Arnold while making a search or tbe
"��". '."������.����������''������..��" �������� �����'������.���":���::: w*lSWJ3AS_ rZW^l
registrar ot Joint stock companies The
Foolishness, Not Patriotism.
Winnipeg, July 4. A young waltei
employed In a restaurant mar the-
I'nion bank on Main street ran out
on the street us tlle lllUlll regiment
was marching to barracks on the return from Camp Sewell and. In n mistaken burst of patriotism, waved a
small United Slates flag In the face
of the soldiery,     His  action  did  not
It w-II also be gratifying for yia t��
know that this is the first jewel of
this high distinction to bo muMUtllA
in British Columbia and that it is
stamped by the sovereign grand to*******
"British  Columbia.  No.  1."
That you may long be permitted tr>
wear this jewel  is the  wish or yonr
brethren of Royal City lodge No. *L
Sigmd cn behalf of thp lodgnr
T. A.  MIMH,  P.OJ2.,  P.OJB.
S.   BOWKU.. KTir.
Still  in  Harness.
Financial   Secretary   Turner,     who
read tbe address, pointed out that Use
jewel did not represent that Mr. Stains
had been a member for 50 yeans only,
but that during that time ho had been
'ii active touch with the lodge and let.
taken part in all the proceedings de-rug that time.   In other worda he was
still iu harness."
Mr. Calbeck, himself one of the oldest members, also paid a high tribute
an  to Mr. Shiles, expressing the hope thai
l,e  he would live long to wear the j-mb-
oaused item and continue in the work of (Mil
down I fellowship, a sentiment Ciat was en-
'.ilorsril by all the members prosenC.
Mr, Shiles appreciated tho lufdnpss-
and sii''. that never for onu m(Ji��rnt
lln his life, since hu joined the trrxter.
did he regret the step. Ho hoped thnt
I every member of the lodge would live
to wear a luhllle jewer.
Officers  Installed:
I    Pi-ericas to the presentation. Amity
lodge ini-tallcd the newly elected ***-
| fid-rs cf Hoyal City lodpe.
The following were the orffr*��r�� ins-tailed: Noble grand, S. Howell; vioe-
grand, A. M. Parsons: recording'**C-
|retary, ll. Price, financial secretary.
K. C. Turner; treasurer. 1. K. r*w-
-ence: warden, L. Netherbv; condor-
���".-. K. Boll; outside guardian. (?. t-t.
Keller: inside guardian. W, II. Imtrnt.
". S.N.R., B. W. Shiles: L.RKflU C IT.
���Oprson: P.S.V.O.. K W I'linwr; US
WC. II. Merriea; R.S.S.. J. M. HrF-
'**' L.P.S., It. Shaw; chaplain. I'\ O.
The mc rei-ers then adjonrnerf to th*;-
'"""���i"1'   b-'l   where   u   banqoct   nn
'wl  cd  that certainly  gnve no iw-
���(e:it-Vp  of n  financial  stringency or
h" high cost of living.
distance. Tbe new line will crosB the
Mackliu-MooBe Jaw Una at Milden
and will mean much to tho district
In tlie vicinity of Kerrobert.
former bearer In a rough manner,
when they were Interrupted by the
arrival of a patrol sergeant who
rapidly restored order. No urreBts
were made.
report which was received today
shows that Btate of the record at 8
p.m. on June 20, 1913, when Mr. Arnold filed a Ub pendens against the
lands of the Ocean Falls Co. The
Crane company had previously obtained an unopposed order for
Bale of the lands
Church Dlnnltary Honored:
l'ni'<?toon   julv  4-_HIs  eiren-cner
Monsfgnor Btagnl, noostcllc defereat-?.
wuh met on his arrival hero todar le*
the mavor and officially  welcomed ��e>
ihe city.    A large number or    *r**l*
known clliiens attended. In St l***rm
ehurcli. assisted by tho local priest's.
the  benediction services    were    toara-
ducted  and  the  blessing  invoke*  hr
his excellency.   Tomorrow be wOl tie-
taken for an automobile drive suat at
the public reception will be held in.thr
' afternoon. , PAGfc   TWO
An iiid*-��cndent mornlnff tioper dcvo<cd lo rhr l-Hfgruft ot Sew Westminster o"d
the Vrn-cr Valleu. Published every morn-ino exeept Sunday by thr National Printing
mad Publishing Compan-**/, -im-ited, at 63 IfcKcnrlc Street, Sew Westminster, liritish
���Odium��"i ROM! SUTHERLAND, Managing  llirectnr.
All eommunieation* ahould be addressed to Thc Sew Westminster Neu-s. and not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheilites, drafts, and mono orders should br made
-fayablr to  The National P-rinHno and /'ubli.ihitifl Company,  Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, 995; Bdltorfol Rooms ln/l depart-
���wml'l,  991.
SritKCRIPTION RATHS���Uy carrier, tl per year, Jl for three months, 40c per
m.xil*-.     By mail, $3 per year, 25c per month.
ADVERTISING  RATES on application.
Toronto Council Are Technically Dis
qualified From Holding Office���
Provide  Interest Only.
Toronto, July 4. In 1043 the citizens of Toronto will be presented with
a bill tor $1,041,850. The rate payers
of some 35 years will have been joint -
ily liable ror the debt, Bach yar an
[amount Bhould have been set aside ns
trust funds to meet the maturing obligation. But they will have borne
only tb' Interest charge. In a single
year the city will he linked lo meet
Ihe entire principal of the obligation
contracted many years ago,
If the bill   is paid  it   must   Involve
a substantial advance in ihe tax rate,
lf not, the day  may be deferred and
future generations be made involuntary  debtors.    The  loan  may  be  roll course
the dlf-
d is only an Illegal and Improper shifting to the ratepayers of
vein-s   to   come,   obligations   incurred
It says a whole lot for civic foresight in New Westminster that the council is in a position to initiate harbor
improvement work to run in the first instance into half a
million dollars at a time when scores of other municipalities are cutting down expenditures to the smallest point
and throwing hundreds of their men out of employment, j funded or renewed, but such
No one accuses the mayor and aldermen of this year and I provides no real solution of
.... ... , J ni.- -j.      -i    *   ���.,     ,,       fioultv (iiiii  is onlv an illegal
their immediate predecessors oi being gifted with the
prophetic vision of seers, but in their handling of the city's ,    , ,   *   *     ,       ,
}       f ,       ,    .     ,, ,.,.   _  , ...   .��     ,,    . ���'       for  loans  from  which  they  have de-
business to date they are entitled to credit for their com- rived little or no benent.  By aeciin-
monsense policy.   Nothing has been undertaken on hope inK tn pr��vW�� ��� ��i��kl'|K 'und to meet
-  ..,      J ,i ���       i       i ,     ,   j     -,i      ��� ,i     i       i        i   at  maturity the   general   debenture
or faith; nothing has been started without the hard cash dehi or the late city ot west Toronto
tm hand to pay for it and, consequently, there has been assumed by Toronto the council is
.,      r i     -v.    _   i ���       ���   -i i ,i      ���'   . piling   up  burdens  tor  posterity   and
no blank look of despair visible on the civic countenance breaking faith with the future." said a
since bond selling has proved somewhat more difficult i,r"m*'"'"1 t',i!i^'"-.   ., ���   , .
,,..,."' Did Not Understand Conditions.
than in the past.
Westminster, in common with other municipalities,
has been forced to postpone the commencement of projected improvements, but, unlike many others, she has not
had to drop in the middle of operations work started on
the unrealized hope that the bonds to cover it would find
ready sale.
Under these circumstances, it is gratifying to hear
the pile-driver hammer dropping on the waterfront in
the harbor improvement work and to know that, besides
Fresh from the
Gardens of
Sold in sealed lead
packets to preserve its
Black, Mixed and Green.
���Extremely    Wicked  Old    Man"���De
frauded  Drapery  Firm  of
Large   Sums
in re-
"Tho   only   honorable   and
course for the council to tak
gard in this debt, for which (it
absolutely no sinking fund is provld
|ed. Is to create such a fund without
further procrastination, and require
an annual appropriation or some $21.-
000, which on a three per cent, basis,
will be adequate to meet the debt at
i maturity  in   1943," he  continued.
"lt   is only   fair to  the  members of
ithe council   lo say that With  perhaps
���one er two exceptions,  tbey  are unaware that no sinking fund is provld-
,,    -        ., ... | , ,. led against a  portion of the citv's de-
bemg a payroll city, New Westminster has been fortunate debenture debt and that by their tnac-
in her choice of guiding heads at the citv hall. *}y*^ ,h">' are, -,c,-"k dishonestly and
�� -^ ��� dishonorably. Ignorance ol what they
I ought  to  know  does  not  constitute a
: valid defence.   There is not a member
of  ihe  city  council  who  can  Jnsttfy
| his ignorance.   To be Informed of the
City's  affairs,   especialy  of  its   financial   relations,   is   the   first   legal   and
moral duty of mavor. controllers and
aldermen.    That  the  pai I  was Ignor-
|ant will be put poor consolation for
the   council   Rnd   the   ratepayers    of
13-43 when thev are required either to
meet or to slfift to Innocent posterity
an obligation of $1,041,660, which they
Alleged riddle: If Wilson Woodrow could Cleveland?
And vesterdav was the "safe and sane" Fourth too.
Spaghetti and Boston baked beans may now be cooked in the same pot. The U. S. and Italy have signed up a
real, friendly treaty.
The marriage license office at Winnipeg is a regular
Judging by the number of policemen convicted
grafting in San Francisco, it would appear that the c
of the Golden Gate town are out to clean up the overs left
b\ Reuff and Schmitz.
Commercial agency reports say the hot wave in the
east has stimulated the'sale of light summer fabrics in the I ���������-������������<��� "'�� properly be required  to
, ,    ,. ,.   ,      , ,     ,9,  ,     -i,,,/.       i       ��� i hear.    Thev can only  reflect  that the
dry goods line. Nobody expected it to help the fur business, councils or 1912, ma and other yar-
  discounted   both   the  future  and  their
moral nnd legal obligations to such an
extent that they declined to approprl-
matrimonial sausage machine.  During the month of June aj\A2V0f��b *n,?ually ,0  mc,(''   "'"ir
it ground out orange bloss-om permits at the rate of twelve jr '" Another Phase.
Pel' d'dV There is another phase or the sittia-
1 ��" j tion  and   one   which   perhaps  is  not
fully appreciated     The    consolidated
nf I municipal   act  rei-ulros  that  a  sink
j ing fund be provided for every niuni-
������PS clpal debenture debt. The act contains
the following provision:
"In the event of the council of any
municipality neglecting in any year to
levy the amount required to be raised
by this or nny other act to provide a
sinking fund for the payment of the
debenture befl of tbe municipality,
every member of the council shall be
disqualified from holding any municipal office tor the period of two years,
but no member of the council shall be
liable to the penalty hcrchv imposed
who shows to the satisfaction or tho
court or judge that be made reaaon-
able effortB to procure the levying of
the rate of the said sinking fund."
From the above ii wuuld appear
that every member of Toronto's city
council from Mayor Kocken down to
qualified trom hnlding any civic of-
thi youngest member are lawfully dls-
llce  for  a   period    of    two  years,   for
vl Ile the estimates were under review ni I **. membi r urged that a pinking tui d bn 1 ��� 'Wished for the West
Toronto di bl
If press dispatches are all true and Mexican federals
and rebels have surrounded and destroyed each other as
frequently as reported, there can't be much left down there
but cactus and a few bananas.
Tliere are a few left alive in Saloniki since the Greeks
and Bulgars took to combing each others hair with bayonets. The missionaries have wired that they're still safe,
but thev don't know for how lone-.
Teddy Roosevelt's Progressives defiantly refuse to
pin hands with anything else in the political line in the
land where the eagle lives by screaming.   It. makes no difference that nobody has asked for their company
won't anyway and that's all.
Provided the present cosmopolitan tide of immigra*
tion to Canada continues, Canadians a couple of genera
tions from now will not know whether they 1
lost ten tribes or are offshoots of the master
defaulted on the contract for the tower of Bal
lelong to the
builders who
Temperance advocates in Kngland
King to forbid the use of his name and
patronage of special brands of liquor
it will take a sore thorne out of the
manufacturer who hasn't been able to
unicorn on his labels.
If one militant suffragette were
hev.(If i'i prison to her heart's content
be induccc
more likely
mav nol be
listi iis like
, the ot
to adopt commonsense methods and tactics
to succeed in securing votes for women,  This
law. nor yet English judicial fashion, but it
Boy* Walked Across Con'inrnt
Si attle .luly 4 Pitting perseverance nnd pluck agalnsl the difficulty dangers and dlRcomforts Incidental to travellin * "*.* Ithout funds," two
slxb ��� 11 year-i Id Seattle bi ys Cliff ird
and Clifton Alnslle, twins have lusl
completi 'l i ��� rip ai ross the continent
They v anti d to visit their grandpar
ents,   Mr.   and   Mr.     Wm.  Thompson
���*f  I'll"   llrook,  N V .  and  hovliki
tin in d ihni  ihi   i lymenl  of ra Iro id
far s   f. -   trat i 1   we -   a   nseli
pel   "   an    it n     ��� asti   of grs *l
mom v    Tl ,  decision ' i take the ir *
una mndi   bj  tin   twi   b j ��� la  I
I'll) aild    ''���'���'���'   '"'"   '���'        B��crel     conferi nei
, u"I much pi inning and        I
hind stuffed    cylioles     I'll       irl
n  , :���    bs   t'lif-i       lust   1!,:   1    ruontl
0   and by fl     rd Ihr *    * * *
r.    'I in-  |ont net        list en del     "
iers mignt i> **.  ..*.   :������,   ���,.���   **,,-' tti the hotm
*'  "���*  '    rrandpan nts and ti daj
' li ie*:'.1 ng   lhi ir   sevenli rntl    blrtl
la>   with  ' ,-���* i* d n i"   ar l   " ���:ml; n
'��� II ���     ���   old  Sl  .   V .rk  B II
are pel itioning the
title indicating his
. [f tin y succeed
side of the booze
print tin
to starve
As Indicating the class of entertainments provided the patrons of llrll
ish American playhouses a centur)
ago. the proi ram Df the Halifax T'n. ;
ter Royal for a pi rformance to be gl\
cn "by permission" of the lloutonanl
governor  on   "Monday  evening,  July
8th,  1813,"   is  nol   without    Interest   ciarlonel   Concerto,"  "A    Hornpipe
The Halifax amusomenl seek' r. gang nui malr to your ti
dotfbtlese  till* il the playhouse  .��h
Gentleman."  The  program  is cquail)
Indefinite In regard to the Identity o(
Ul who appeari'l.    A "domic Song
the Flitch oi   Bacon, or Matrimonial
Strife,'  as  ; ung  by   "o  Gentleman,"
lollhtll SS    rein UlHI ''     ill"    llolise.    all'l
��� 1 . maj In i * no thai wild applause
* iid "Blue li' Ils ol Scotland, wllh
1 at in 1 inns on the piano, hj a Ladj "
Other features of the program were
* "Comic Song A Captain Bold In
Halifax,   or   Miss     Bailey's    Ghost,
ning  With   the  playing  of
of O'.d Haul" b> the band ol tho
rhe  mil       ictt      '     ir. 0  11  lllngs  to
brxrs    und    foul    I h nines   to   u|	
had been "well aired and clean, :     . , ,,-,     ,���,���., ���,,..,,  ,. , ,,    ..
century   igo * n  ght, wer * nfi ��� ,   . .1  ���   * .���  .,   p,.,.;., pr,     . .
wide variety of entertainment, begii :  ' ills   pi    pccilvi
"The Garb    : '  -! *' rlni ,!  '���'*"   '"'lr*   * "���'���'���'��� *
n t ol llie King's Works, has pli dged
���*i-' II  lhal  the  theatre  Is  pi rfectlj
ty-fouiili "i*. ue ni     Tli is was foil'v. *.; ���  .-,  ,*.,.������.   respect."
cd by an "An Occasional Address, by a
GenUemai " Tlon followed "An over- Nip i. nvet years ago loday Ice
ture on thi orgaj accompanied by two v.as ', irtned nl Ihe thickness nl
pianof'irti * * of which will be per dow class llirnughoul Canada und the
formed b> a young ladj only 8 years maritime provinces, and cropt ivore
of age." Then thn hand played, after I generally desti .-''l bj the ;* * i
.which cann    \ Recitation    i-ili/a. by u cold.
Don't   Like  Coffin   Fr-tcry
Spokane,   July    -.    w h ,* ���   the
Junction   petition  charged    thai    thc
, propi si il faei* rj of ii,'  Inland Caski ���
ci mpany would hi   a nuslanci   on ai
counl i f He- piles ol lumber, thi  no
and   thc   smi '*'".   ��Itnessi !   ** ho   ti sii
fi' d lef' i   Judge l*;   o   Sullivan con
fi ssi il    I-*"   thi ;    wen    f ghtlng   thn
���ii criui  i f  the factory    at    Atlantic
Ireel   and   Carlisle   t)\  nue   b cause
"i He  "thoughl thai thej  \\< re living
near a coffin faclorj,"
"Woi Id tin* tm - lhal Ihls Is a cas
kel factory predu ce mi re than if ii
.' ere auoth r varlelj of faclorj ?" n��'i
*'l Atti rney I' Edgi . ��Iio is repre
��� ' lug On* property owners in the
, ��� ��� ��� ��� 11ii v of the proposed factory, of
c   Iv   Moore,
"II '' uld i i ��� il ee me." he replied, "l d' n'l like the idea of having a coffin factory s,, near ma "
when atlorncj A. \V, Wltherspoon,
wlio represented the factory owners,
nsiieii Mr Moore to explain why he
thoughl the c isl-.ei fuctorj Mould do
prce.lnle property values, Mr. Moore
larrd thai no vi man would permit Inr husband to buy property near
,i * if flu factory, Tin ch ���*��� wlll bo
en:., luded this week,
London. Julv 4. "He was an extremely wicked old man," Thus Mr.
Justice Atkln described the late August I'ri'ili rick Adolph Ahlborn, who
died in 10011, aged Sn years. An aui-
present azlng story or how Mr. Ahlborn cheat-
id the late Henry Francis Iiickins,
if the large Regenl streel firm of
drapers, Dickies fi Jones, out of
E6.468 v.as told in the king's bench
divis-io:i. Ahlborn used to be a silk
nn reliant in a large way of business
in Regenl Btreet, and was a business
neighbor of Mr, DIcklnB. After hav-
It g tiee* tne naturaltzi I for he was
a   German-  he   ra.Hi d   In   l^Tr,.     He
i ']   th ���   di IV' dant,   Mrs.   Louisa
Ahlborn, in Germanj She waB Bued
by the executors of il. I*'. Dlckin��
for E5.468, which thej said she had
II. tween   the years   1903  and   inns,
said .Mr. Scolt. counsel for the plaintiffs,   Mr.   Dtcktns  sent   to   Mrs   Ahlborn   .',",   cheques.    These   varied   In
amount frrm  ��60 up to  E400. Prom-
Isary notes were given In return, but
not met.   The money was sent in response to appeals for assistance, Mr.
DIcklns thought he  was helping  ihe
wife of a man who had been unsuc-
ccsful   in   Regenl   Btreel   in  order  to
set  up a blouse manufacturing business  In   Peckham.    When   the   Btory
for the defense was tnld, It appeared
thai  there was indeed a blouse mak-
int;  business carried nn by  Mrs.  Ahl-
born, but 'lie money sent by Mr Dick-
ins never reached  her     It   was  Mi.
Ahlborn who bad written the letters
and he us-'-d the money fos his owr
amusements.     He   was   Beventy-flvyi
when lie first gol the advances.
Pathetic   Apical
In 190.1 tl en   atne to Mr   Dtck'ns
an   envelope  with a   very  deep  black
border.   It contained thc f illow ng Ef
fusion:    "Most nobe minded sir and
highly   esteemed   benefactoif,   Trusty
Ing these Hues ��:il reach vou In brisk
|i   good   health  and   In   (he   best   of
spirits.    I  nm   wrapped   up  In   great
troubles  and   with   the   Vi ry   di opi st
griif.   Alas, alas. I have to announce
to you  the snd  bereavement  of  my
dearly beloved son Harry in the twen-
ty first   vear  < f   bis   age.     ii   is   sad.
sad.   anil   a   very   great   blow   to   tlle.
but   niy  tears  will  nol  help  to  bring
him   Lack.    'Man  proposes,   but   Ood
disposes.'    I  am   forced   lo appeal  tn
you   for   an   additional   loan   of   .lirai
to  enable  my  family  to  pay  u  Inst
Having succeeded In obtaining ��50
from Mr. DIcklns, In respect to Henry, the writer of the letters tried the
sum- experiment with respect to the'
daughl r l.vdia. H.e said: "Most,
noble miii'lo,) sir and hlgly esteemed
le ii. factor, l mosl humbly beg to
apoligii.e and trouble you with au-
other letter, but, alas! I have been
sadly visited by a very sad bereavement by the death cf my daughter
Lydia l am trembling with grief
and anxiety I am broken hearted."
The letter added that Lydia's last
prayer was that she might I've until
Mr DIcklns had I."en repaid. There
wns also a memorial card fnr Lydia,
who as ni *. present in court. Another E50 was sent in answer to the
I.yd; ' appi al
x' 'I urn r f- r t
'-' I ** iid thai
or ��� ! ��� , f thesi
kn' w nothi' v wli.it
of hi '* i nsb ii *l tin
'��� - ind ihe had
band  mi n   monoj
1 ' Hn ��� The p'aintllfs cou'.-l *> ,1
thi iii��� i��� ndani i i nlj ;n a beneficiary.
and the defendanl pleaded thai she
had a hi received anything as bene-
Helen until r the will, The plaintiff's
cas ,' a thai tin defendant knew* of
"'"I was n participator In the rraun,
and was getting ihe money by a series of (rands as to which be (counsel)
could not understand bow they lm-
posi il on Mr. DIcklns. For a successful h is'iu ss ii an, Mr, Dlckins
seeni' .| to have been a most credulous man Thi Ar boms were at one
tin' carrying on business In the Quadrant, Regent street, and In the city,
and the late Mr Ahlborn had borrow-
I'd "i>'i��������� : from Lvdia'S husband while
In* was courting hi r (laughter.)
Gave Open Cheques
M'- I ll 'nl 'li Phillips said her
h" *r:"'l ��������� licensee of the Or?y
hound, I** '��� ham, al ihe time In q ics
"''"��� '���'���! Ahlborn was a customer
of ihi I nu .��� nm| spent large sumo
' ��� "*' " * In iir nk Mr. Phillips used
j*0 R '���'* Mr Ahlborn otieti chorines ror
Mr DIcl n i hi Cqu b. The chnques
* en i * I i- verj |.irK(, ai-ounts al
r*c '. b * hi '������ ,. inrgnr. They ),������
'"���"'���'" thai tha bnnk manager
said Ihul Mr Phillips was silly i i
Rive open cheques for them until thej
had passed through nis bank.
Delivering Judgment,, Mr. Justlila
Atkln said the Btorj wns a very re-
miiikiiiile one, nnd lhe executors of
""������ late Mr Dlckln i w re quite
"���Shi i" lestlng ii *, i ,* us thev could
but having heard Uu evidence hn
must come to Un ,. nduslon lhal the
������iei''"'i ������������������ l-found and Judgemi nt
iiv::t be tor th   d I i dan{ with ci uts
Sheep Shearers Shear Sheep at Rate
of Six Hundred
a  Day
Calgary,  July  4.���Down at   Ctuny,
some CO miles east of Calgary, the
wool is just now flying in grim earnest.    The reason  is that  the sheen
fanners around that dlatrlol are
Bhearlng sheep at the rate of about
six hundred a day. Between Cluny
and Crowfool thin Is one of the big-
gest slu e|i rsnehes In western Canada
owned by the Western Horse Ranchers, Ltd.. if Calgary, and managed
by llor: Muckle. It com prises- nearly
16,000 acres, and counting Ibis year's
',in bs carries between llj.000 laind
12,000 head. Aud as fast as the herds
can he driven in they are coming
under  the  shearer's  hands.
In a large low shed. eiKhl of theae
experts are now hard at work from
sun rise to sun set. oilpplng lh" flerc-
cs from the wearers' backs. Tliey ar"
all experts, these knights of the
shears, and can easily accounl for
their ninety or one hundred Bheep
i ach pi r day. The crackerjack no -���
ner if the gang is slated to Be able
to lake off om* hundred and Hftj :
anyway, he ean almost* din a sheen
w ill liis eves shut. Just tor curiosity, one shearer was timed "ii a big
I. ick carrying a fleece thai when
weighed, turned the scales al fourteen pounds, lie Belied the animal,
which was distinctly above the average size, threw, it. gol it into position, and befiun. flnallv lie trew
the buck eli ar, and tied up tlle wool,
and pitched it Into the next pen and
from start to finish this performunce
jusl occupli d hun six minutes and
twenty-flve seconds Sbmet of the
Bheep are to in* killed and these are
marked in a  S] ecial way.
The wool is sori-il In almost as
quick ":."������ by an experl who bails
from Australia, where lh" wool business lias attained to enormous proportions, and he ean ti II ai a glance
just what grade llie wool is. and
throws ii into crates accordingly, Af
ter that it is scoured in hot water
and soap for ten minutes; to remove
the winter's dirt, and then in cold water and  dried.
Tin company figure on shipping
32,000 pounds of wool m London this
summer. It is also laying off about,
.'uiul animals lor mutton, and will
probably dispose of them in Calgary,
The scale on which it lius entered into
the slieep business is vi ry law. as
may be gleaned trom the fact that
just now it is raising what will give
seme 15(10 ions of oats for iireen feed
throughout the winter:
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Left TorontoThree weeks ��go���Wife
is  Selling  Off  Store and
Spokane, July 4. With almost all
forms cf petty crime and nustance
covered by the new cily criminal code
which comes before Hi' citv council
ror action this week. Assistant Corporation Counsel Arthur L. Hooper,
finds thai he omitted a section covering loud  and unneccessary noises.
He says  that  this fCiitrtre  can
covered   bv   tbe   ordinance    snd
will ask to have-it imwrt-aii if the city
council  wants action taken.
The new code bass thi sections that
cover Ii2 typewritten pages, lt covers gambling, vagrancy, fighting.
drunkenness, loitering, prostitution
juvenile offences imd the curfew laws,
carrying or drawin-g deadly weapons,
or discharging Che saaTte within lbs
citv, indecent literature and pictures
selling tobacna r.u raiaore and loafing
in pool rooms, employing women in
saloons,   selling   liquor  to  drunkards
Other points covered arc: Defrauding liiii'*k��eper��. spitting in public places, impersonating a noffieer
resisting arrest or refusing an aid an
officer, leoiviJig animals unhitched,
hitching io trees or scaring animals,
chickens at large, malicious damage
to property, allowing vicious animals
at large, depositing tin cans or other
rubbish in Ihe streets, distributing
free samples of medicine, sawing or
���plitting; *SMB>i on the sidewalks, playing ball In the streets, false fllw
alarms, or wanton conduct of all sorts
; <��� d' fondant. MrB.
as to th" making
��� loans his client
i ver. f)n lhe dea'h
estate was under
advanced her hus-
than   that   in   hit
Seattle. July 4.���More than $lu.U'iit
worth uf diamonds, set In brooches,
rings and pins, together wiib a nuan-
tlty ol less valuable jewelry, tbmi Mrs.
Castle Qottsteln bail carried must of
the time during the past twentffl year.)
In a special pocket sewed into her
dress,  were  stolen or lost  Bams  lime
between  lasl   Sunday  morning    and
Wi dnesday  afternoon.
Mrs. Qottsteln is the wiilww of Kas-
sei Oottstein, wlio founded the Seai-
tle firm of M. *.- K. Qottsteln, 208
Kirsi avenue south, nearly tbirly
years ago. She ri sides at 1223 Twenty-first   avenue  north.
The police as yet have no clue, and
tbe detectives working ou the case
have before them a uiystiry with no
reasonable hope or solution.
The discoviry of the loss or the
jewelry was mad* Wednesday aHer-
nooti when Mrs. Oottstein wus being
fitted ly her dressmaker, who com-
mi nt.ed upon tlie secret pocket being
turned wrong side out.
On account ot the nature of the
biding place of (h* jewels, every theory in regard lo the manner in which
they were stolen or lost seems untenable. The pocket is ten Inches
deep and has but a small opening.
The theory that the jewels oould In
any way have been lost appears r di-
OUlOUft, yet tiurdly less so, 111" pel''-"
say, than that, a pickpocket could
havi: removed ihim without Mm. Qott-
stein's  knowledge.
Visit St. John Next.
London, Ont., July  I     Sl   oJhn win
selected   as   the   nevl    meeting   place
nfibe Canadian Medical association at
the nual session or ihe annual eon
ventloii held here. Dr Murray McLaren, Of thai city, was recommended
for the presidency and his selection
was afterward ratified by the ncsoola-
limi. Th" representatives of St. John
wen- well pleased v.iiii their euccosb,
niul promised to entertain the six hundred members cf the association royally, us thev h-ave iK'tii in London,
Toronto, July 4.���A number of lhe
Italians In the wnrdure tteuotnlng rest
less over the proi-imged absence of
Frank Motta, the private banker of
Chestnut street. Mr. Mottu left To-
rum some weeks ago and all attempts to find his address have apparently proved fruitless. He had'
considerable sums of money Intrust-
id to him to send In Italy for resi-
dinls in the ward. These sums will
run into thousands of dollars and na-
liirally there is some excitement, Mrs
Motta is still in town but professes
ignorance i f lur husband's address,
and has offered tor sale iHe grocery
business she conducts, togetiier with
the furniture Ol tin house and store
Th" matter lias been mentioned to Dill. Smith, lhe Italian consul, and he
Is conducting an iiunnry in an effort
to glean some Information that will
quieten the excited Italians. Mr. Mot.
ta bas been eoiidticMng n business for
soni" years in Toronto, and bis fade
er.  who  also  livret  iu   tbe   ward,  is a
man of considerable property:
Is She Insane'.'
A case of mental delusion more pi|.
iable than usually brought to their at
teiitinti. has been laid before th" civic authorities, but they could providh
no relief. Miss Jennie Alexander, n
St. Thomas girl, educated, refined- and
sensitive, a trained nurse who has
been foisted from the practice of her
profession and buffeted about ror the
last eight years, as the resull of an
insanity charge, waited on Mavor
Hocken and other civic nrrteials. The
unfortunate woman was seekiiiR trans
portatloii to Ottawa, there to take up
her case with the Immigration department, and procure a dl finite pronouncement* by B reputable sanity expert
as to whet lier or not she is Insane,
She is niitftilt-Mit that were such an
examination granted she can free her
self from ttie Charge and (Usuro-rc It
beyond all shadow or doubt.
Farmtr   Wants   Him   Back
Jano's Campbell worked lor a farmer at Arthur and when lie rtnfd or
agricultural pursuits, returned tn Tn
ronto, bringing with him money
thai belonged to the fanm i- He was
arrested by Detectives MbConoell and
New-ton on a description tbrnisiieil tilth'- authorities at ArtUur and will li
taken back, there to face rhe trial.
Tlio sum of fHiM!.") wiih (bund on him
when arrested,
Woman in the- (Ta-se
On iiie complaint  ot  Mrs. Bthi I (1
King  work  on   ibe  new  Tbronto  and
Suburban railway  el   Lamhton  Mills
was stopped by tlie police and Charles
M'uukcn-zie, foreman of rhe gang, plac-
ud! nnifer   arrest,   atrargjiti   with   tres
pass,    'i'he arrest  was raaJe by ('011111-
iy  (Ctnastable siuuliur.   who  was  aot
iiompiinied   by   MugiHtv.ire McPhl rson
The rest of the men wen? ordered ml*
ttlks pnoperiy.   MttckerjBls appeared Hi���-
fore (Ieorge Powell", J.  P., in the city
hafl1 and pleaded' nut guilty.     He was
remanded.    Mr. Ow��n Mackenzie,, Sr
William's   lirolltwii.   was   present   rtliis
mortiltiK and expressed great indignation nt the iimoHi, declaring thai. thc.
company had the authority of the I'nigh
court to go on ift�� land in ipiestunt.
Spi kail". .Ihly 4 What Mayor J. W
lliiall' y pronounces u cluinsw forgery
of bis name was brought iw his at
tention yesterday afternoon by B, 11.
Iteitners. lhe florist, when a ohequi
for $10 on the Old NatHaoal Hank
bearing the signature iff "Wm, .1
Ilinilb-y" nnd mail" pnyii.ftfe to J K
Boy Be, 795 Empire avowte, and en
dorsed i*r him, was povnounced a
forgery by tin- mayor, Rtlmera Bald
that he cashed lhe cheek ns an ncc-o
modal,on efter the maa had mud" ihe
renin rn thai "he guessed the mayor's
oheofc: was good."
After a little Inquiry al the bank
Mr. Relmers said lkt.it In- had learn
ed that at li asl four surh cheeks hnd
liimeii up and tb.t: thoy were hell!
np because the Bmnkers knew they
w��re forgeries. Thc signature fs writ-
l#n fn a plain loose hand, while May
��r Hludley use:,- a complicated Blgna
ture that would he difficult of liui
Fire  Burns Uninsured  Mill
Ottawa,   .inly   4.    Thc   mill,   store
bouse   ami   the   planing  mill  of  th
Psssei   Lumber  Coj.,   of  Tassel,  Que
a  town   In   Labelle   county of  seven
hundn d  Inhabitants,  on    tho    north
sin re line between here and Montreal
was burned to lhe ground.   One hun
dred and fifty men are threwn oul ol
work, mul damages to the extent el
about. $126,000 were don      The mills
were   practically   unlns ired,   as    iin
premiums on lumber 111 lis are almosl
Killed cn the Track.
Mocse Jaw, 'osk . July ::. On lhe
: .rival i r thc rirsl Boctlon 1 [ No 61
here tins afternoon the train crew re-
""i i' 'I lhal Mamie Catherine I'owlei
1 "l boen nm tlow n and kllb d one mile
easl of Indian lload. She was B|x ,
yeara old atid ii ul been playing be-
1 I'bcn tin* rails,
Heat Arrests Sheriff.
Toronto, July 4.    Sheriff  V. T.  Da-
; ville, of York, was stricken Willi an at-
: tuck of heart trouble, brought ou by
[the extreme heat, ami died about two
lioiii-s rater at Grace hospital.    He was
���walking ulonK Charles street on hla
way ret his olTlc-n at tbe cily hall and
felT n> the pavement when seized.
Soma   boys  attempted   to   help   him
'home, but when assistance arrived
an ambulance   was culled and he wus
Jtaketi to the hospital. His wire and
cliililren   were  summoned  to the bed-
1 side when It wus teen that his condition  was. serious.
A Mle of thl-). tni a ta-.tr. of that, all day
Iorj, dulls thu- appetite and weakens the-
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet,
���iter e-aah'iTitt-ji���andcutout the ���piecing'.
Na-DH��Ci�� Dyspepsia Tablota
are the best friends for sufferers from
Indigestion and! dyspepsia. 50c. a.Boa
at your Druggist's. Made by the
National. Dra; and Chemical CO. ct
Canada, Lim.teiL
B. & :��� 0 .,r ftiks or the D .if (t.. meal
the firm and third Thursday at 8 n m.,
K. nl t> Mart. Eighth streel A W.-lla
OW i'.'.ot.-t Ruler; P. II. Smith. Ht**-
,. Oi O. ML NO. 854 MlH'lTH (lit
lliw, second) third and tourtw Wddn***.
dny In .-.irrh ii"��nili nt B p. in,,
in t*e MiMflS Home, ll j, Learny,
dittaSori V. K- .I"ii'-s. se.-r, tury.
Heariquartara "f Lulls''* In s*��.�� House*
oni-ra-r nt lrwirtli and Carnarvon stroeis.
1. Ul O. F. AMITY Lul 11 IK lh). 17���The,
regular meeting Of Aml'v l"<lKf No.
27.  I.  -8.  O.  P.,  Is held  every   Mnnilnj.
IllRl.t   Kt   H  O'clock   III   'HI   I "'l"W.l'   n��lt
oorner Carnarvon and Eighth nire,��t��
viniitnK brethern cordially invited.
n. A. Merrlthew, N O.; J Robert-son,
*X. G.: "WP. C. Couthatn, I*- il.. rfonrcll-
Idk secretary; H. W. Baecat-or, flniui-
dul secretary.
ter ft Hanna. Ltd.) ��� EVUneral illrecmr-a
nnd etn-lialmera. Parlata 408 ���''ilum-Ma
street.   New  Weatmlnater,    Phone ��t*s.
W. E. KALES- -Pioneer Funeral Dlnw-to*
and KmliHlmer, -Bl^-Slli Akh.-m ..rr��^.i
opposite CftrneKl�� Library.
il. j.  A.  nrrtNETT.  Ai.-niri-ii��    .wn
Aocouatanb   Tei. it i-as.  boku, ;. Hurt
T. If   Stnllh. W   J   Urovea,
Work   iiiiilerinii.n    in    coy    vti   uuinld*
pnleas.   -11-11!   \\>'stinli!Ht*er   i>i��*t   nida.
Phone   3IM.     I".   KI,   Bin   5117
���HWtl-K'ATI'.lNS.     A'l.RKl.-.MKN-IS    ll?
Sale. I ds, Business LdHt-ara, eta; e|r-
cullir work ipf'-lnllHt. Alt w.,rk ilrlctly
confidential it, Harrv. room 118 Waat*
minster Trust l-ilk.   p*m-^i*' 7��s
sler llix.r.l "f Truil- meets In the tmar-4
roam, niy Hull, as follows Third Crl-
duy ot ejujh hivmtli: iiuiiit'-il,* niM.-ttiaa
on llin third Eililuy of I'.liriiiiiv. M_y,
Aiikii*)! and Noi.-inl.er nl s n .1. Annual meetings on the third Piidaj of
Fotfmary.  c,   11.  Btuart  Wade,  Hiorn-
rlstors, Kollettiirs. etc. 40 Lorne Slrent,
New Westminster.    O. K  Corbould, K.
C.   .1. n. nruiit.   a. k  Mci-uii.
ter-atdaw, solicitor, etc. Telophoaa
Id'O. Cable address ".tnlinflton.**
Coil".   "Western Union."       Ofrlces,   Ell>��
Block, Eel Columbia street, New Westminster, II. c.
side Barristers and Solicitors, w��st-
minster Trust Bik��� Columbia Btiwt,
New Westminster, 11. C. Cable nddreiw,
'Whiteside," Western Union, P. C.
Drawer 20(1. Telephone 09 W. J.
Whliosldo, K. C; It. L. Edmonds, D
Willi. . de.
.1. STILWKLL ci.ttTE, Barrtster-at-laW.
Holi'io. . ,-ic.: cot-Tier Clolnnilila anil
MoKenile iire..|��. New Wesiminster,
n. '-.   p. 0. Bm in.    Telephone  710.
Solicitor 1111,1 Nullity. orriccH liar*
block,  J��  Lome   sireet. New  Wostraln-
.-'��� ���. tl. <"..
Unrrl' ** * nn Solloltora. (OB to tl-t
Wostinlnsli ��� 'I rusl IU"'*k. ii. K. Mar-
"'     v      O.   Mi-'-iuaitli:   und   QaorgG  U
1 SATURDAY, JULY 5, 1913.
Our Store hours lire from S a. ni. to 5:311 p. iu. during
the summer, [lending the agreement on the In: 11' holiday,:.
We win f.u any and ���ill contracts we bave now on hand
and are prepared to give yru estimates on any job you
bring to ua.
That we are making during this great Liquidation Sale. We have our orders
by the way merchandise is moving we will have this stock to its lowest limits
drously big stock.   Are you getting your share ?	
to lower the stock, and
by Jan. 1.   It's a won-
Children's       White       Lingerie
Dresses! lace and embroidery;
reg.   $1.00.   Sale  prioe..'75c
Children's      White      Lingerie
Dresses: lace and embroidery;
re. $l.^r>. Sale price. 95-6
Children's        White        Lingerie
Dresses; lane and embro-dery j
reg. -|1.25. Sale price Sl-15
Children's       White      Lingerie
Dresses; lace and embroidery;
reg, $2.00. Sale price. ��1.35
Children's      White      Utogerle
Dresses*, la'-e aud embroidi rj
reg. $8.00. Sale price. $2.?.5
Children's        White        Lingerie
Dresses: luce and embroidery.
reg. $4.00. Sale price. 53.15
Children's        White        Lingerie
DreBSes; luce nnd embroidery ;
reg. $5.00. Snle price   14.13
Ladii s
l.< dies'
Kancy Si'.k and Messa-
Waists,     regolar ��7.no.
price    S5.75
Pancy Silk und Measa-
Waists;     regular    fffi.Tfi
price     $5.65
Messaline   WsiStS'   reg
Sale price. $5.23
Messaline  Wains:   reg.
Sale price $4.75
Messaline Waists;   reg
Sale   price       $4.25
Ladles' White Tub Silk' Waists: regular $4.76. Sale prira  S4.00
Ladies'   and   Misses'   Pine   Navy   Blue   Serge   l'eter   Thompson
Butts;trimmed with black, white and red braid with emblems
ti   match; all sizes, regular $16.00   Special price... $11.75
Ladies'   Shot  Taffeta  and   Messaline   One-Piece  Dresses;   reg.
$20..OO.    Sale price  $15.00
Ladies'   Shot   Taffeta   and   Messaline   One-Piece   Dresses;   reg.
$S6:00.    Sale price        $18.50
Ladies'   Fine   Messaline   Otte-Plecs   Dresses;     regular   $1-10.DO.
���Hale  price    $22.00
Ladies'   Klne   Messaline   One-I'iece   Dresses;     regular     $8S_I0.
Sale prloe  S27.00
Ladies' Ulack  Lace Dress;  built, over heavy messaline:  regular
$Tili:(Ml.    Sale  price    $38.00
Misses'   white,   light   blue;   and   Pink   Chiffon   Dresses;   regular
IML-OO.     Sale  price $16.00
All ai marked down prices
during this mammoth sale. Not
un article but what gets a slash
in price.
Head each item:
Ladles' White Lingerie Dresses;
embroidery and lace trimmed;
ng. $5.00. Sale price. $3.00
Ladies' White Lingerie Dresses;
embroidery and lace trimmed;
reg. $6.00. Sale price. $3.75
Ladies' White Lingerie DresBes;
embroidery and lace trimmed;
reg. $6.50. Sale price.  ��4.00
Ladies' White Lingerie Dresses;
embroidery arid lace trimmed;
erg. $7.00. Sale price. $4.25
Ladies' White Lingerie Dresses:
embroidery and lace trimmed;
reg. $8.00. .Sale price. $475
Ladies' Whipcord and Kino
Serge Tailored Suits; regular
$35.00.   Sale   price   517.50
Ladles' Whipcord and Kine
Serge Tailored Suits; regular
$30.00.   Sale   price. $15.00
Ladles' Whipcord and Kine
Serge Tailored Suits; regular
$28.00.  Sale price  . $14.00
Ladies' Whipcord and Fine
Serge Tailored Suits; regular
$26.00.   Sale   price. $12.50
Ladies' Blue Serge and Tweed
Suits; regular $23.00. Sale
Price    511.50
Ladies' Blue Serge ttnd Tweed
Suits; regular $20.U0. Sale
Price    510.00
Ladles' oPngee Coats: satin
trimmed; regular $35.00, Sale
price   ... -517.50
to   greatest   advantage   in   this
Item carefully:
00-Inch Double Warp Cotton
Sheeting: regular 55c. Now,
per square  yard 40c
Sll-inch Double Warp Cotton
Sheeting; regular 45c. Now,
per square  yard 35c
72-inch Double Warp Cotton
Shetting; regular 40c. Sale
price, per sq. yard  ���. 27"2C
Sheets; size 72x90; regular $3.
Now    52.25
Useful Strong Wearing Sheets;
size 70x90; regular $2.00.
Now    51.50
42-inch wide; regular 25c: per
yards   17'sC
10   dozen   42-inch   wide   H.   S.
Pillow   Cases;   regular   25c;
each   17',*2C
Lovely Pure Linen Barley Pick
Huck Towel; damask border,
size 25x40; regular 75c; all at,
each   45C
5 dozen only fine Damask Bedroom Towels, in gold and red
border with hand comb fringe,
while they last; regular 35c;
all at each    20c
20 dozen Strong Huck Towels;
pure white; regular 20c; now
at    IZ'/tt
Crash Towelling; regular 12V4c;
aU at        -JVit
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in the
Two Thousand Derelicts Afloat
Seat���How   They   Are
T day,  according  to  Popular  Electricity,   there   are   about   2,000   derelicts   in   the   waters   of  the     world-
floating   pi rils   that   go   where   wind
nnd currents bid them     Kvery sea Is
Minulii'v. survive. Tliey will live In
gales that send the ManehcM vessels
to the bottom. (Inly lieu- can destroy
them tbat is. unless electricity takes
a band.
Too heavy to rine to the surface
and yel not water soaked enough to
sink to the bottom, they remain tliere,
they crawl along Just under llie riding swells. Tlieir abiding place is nowhere. From the untrarelod tracks
Of the seas they may be carri-ed by a
storm directly In the path of na-vlga-
tion. Whither they gn no word goes
before them. They descend unobserved, quietly, grimly. Nol until
they have struck Is their presence
known. Then they take their toll.
Thi y destroy a ship and from It ���Hi-
other of their kind is made, it io their
way of multiplying and spreading the
Replies  to  Stefansson's Charges Contain   Astounding   Statements���
Heathen   Practices.
Honipas wrote as follows to a friend:
"Go to the nearest well-to-do fanner and   spend   a  night   iu   his  pig sty
(with the pigs, of course), and lhis Is
.exactly   like   life   with   the   Kskimos.
The  difficulty   you     would   have    In
'crawling   or   wriggling   into   the   sty I
through a hole only large enough  for J
a pig w-as exactly my case wltll their;
houses.   As to the habits ot your companions,   the  advantage   would   probably be on the side or the pigs, and
the safety  of  the  position  decidedly
City   Planner   Enthusiastic   Regarding
Prairie City���Inquest on  Policeman���No Foul  Play
mado hazardous by tbelr presence, i breed. That Ib why It Is sn Important
They have crashed Into ocean liners I thnt they be destroyed,
nnd Into junks of the China sea. To , But now the Seneca has steamed
them all vessels are alike something into the province of the derelict. High
to be destroyed. Tliey crash against lln the mast the lookout is casting his
them in the dead of night, when the �� yes on all sides. If he is not alert
inky blackness hides their coining. ' the derelict may attack those on
Wrecks themselves, they seem to all board the Seneca. Sell preservation
strive to drag oth-ers lo tlieir own Is strong in a vampire,
rate. Work of Destruction.
So tbey go drifting on the seven ! Hut now the tip of a submerged
seas. More particularly tbey seem mast rises above a distant swell,
to swarm eagerly in the gulf stream. Caught In a sudden pitch ot the sen,
From Cape llatleras reaching north the derelict bas revealed Itself, From
tn the Grand Hanks of Newfoundland ' the lookout's nest the cry le Bounded.
Is Ihe "graveyard of the Atlantic." It The speed ,if the Seneca is reduced.
Is a rolling waste wbere many ships Ml moves Blowly towards ils oiinrrv,
are buried, it is a place where dere- j Ami now the work of harnessing elec-
licta borne by the sweep of the gulf i trleity for the destruction of it must
Ftreani and the coimterchurn of the'be begun. From the magazines an
Labrador current dart -about like an- I brought mines charged with -sixty-
gry sharks, eager to fasten their pound burdens of gun cotton. Prom
maws on the hull of some ship. | the  storehouses are  brought  Insulin*
Message  of  Danger. id   electrlo  cables  and  a  Ir.inil   niag-
In lhe hydrographic office m somi neto. A small boat is lowered, and
seaport the wireless ls soundtug, A 'iie mines are taken on bonrd. Then
message Is coming through ll"- void the boat rides over the sen toward
11 la a message of peril coming from n fhe derelict, a risky ride if the swells
Steamship. It warns th:i' n derelict .are running high.
has been sighted squarely In the path And next comes the work of
of ocean travel. For days tlie men al j placing the mines where they Will
the station have been waiting for! create the greatest explosions. If the
word of this derelict,    lis position on'wreck is submerged the tusk is more
the  chart   thnt   all   hydrogra-phlc   of- I difficult ' '  v-   '
flees keep has not moved for a week
They have Inst track ot il.    Its drift
Toronto,   July   4.    The   Implications I
made by the explorer, Vllhjalmar Stefansson.   In   his   addresses   throughout j
the country, that  missionaries to the
Kskimos of  the   Mackenzie river  dis- I
trict are bringing about the extermi- ,
nation of the race by teaching the na-
tlves the habits of civilization, have i
received wide circulation, and are believed   in   conscientiously,    even     by '
many friends of missionaries, besides j
being  received with  intense sntisfac- ���
tion by non-Christiana and eithcrs who:
dtsnpprove or proselyting the heathen,
The   Inference   to   be   drawn   from
what  Mr. Stefansson said In speaking
at the  university  last  winter, and  in
more definite statements made  since
In various places, is tbat the natives
should he left entirely alone and en-
encouraged to return  to their native
practices  of   living   in   snow     Igloos,
avoiding all  washing of their bodies.
nnd   generaiy  doing  ns  they  pleased,
the only care of ihe government being
to  keep  thetn  quarantined  from  outsiders of all kinds.
lt is Interesting In view of lhe wide
publicity      which     Mr.     Slefiinsson's
I statements huve had to hear the other
Bide of thc st;r\. particularly when it
is considered that the missionaries are
not   seeking  fame  or  even  publicity
bul   meii'l-y I'csire common just'op.,  p
was   when   Mr.   stefansson  definitely
declared In Ottawa recently "their  ul 	
vice In  hvgiene hns  already done n
crent   deal   cf  evil,"   that   Mr.   C.   K | Report  From   Cumberland   Says  Agi
Wh'ttnker. who has  been  continually
working  lut he  Mackenzie river district   since  Wf>  and  who  since  1001
Kort William. Ont, July 4. -Almost
blind from inflammation, caused by
Hy bites, with dried blood clinging to
numerous wounds on liis bare feet
and legs and demented from exposure.
Waayl Wako, about 23 years of age.
was cantttred by the police just outside the city, after a chase las-ting B0V-
ersl hours.
Persons in automobiles reported
having seen a wild man just west of
���he c!ty at various times. At the approach of curs he would race for covering in the bush. The police were
notified, but not until nightfall, when
the men's strength was spent, did they
succeed in catching hlm.
Papers found on the man indicate
that he started about a week ago for
1 railway construction camp. It Is
thought be has been without food for
several days at least. He was without
Bhoes, Socks, shirt or hat. and his
I pants were torn into shreds.
In-gs are as a  mystery.   The    station
men  have been  unable to wire  bnck
over the seas warning captain or ils
whereabout:      Any moment they  may
hear that  II has attacked nnd  wrecked.
But now the derelict has come lute
the light.    The  Baltic  lias sighted  Itlguu   uunuu   ��.--  ,    ���   	
and sent n warning humming over | the explosion ls sulTiolp*nf to Ioofoii all
tlle seas. Now the men at tho station heavy powers of the mosses of vert
nre quick fo net. At n word from Kim cotton nnd then the der. Uct (Uet
their chief they relay the message tot apart Its back broken. ltn sides fly-
the commander of the revenue cutter
More mines  miiFt  be  used
Exquisite  care  must  be  employed   In
their  placing.    Finally  the  explosive. trlct B]nce  lr..;> ttuu  _m, ���llitv    ,
Chargos lire connected by means Of has had charge of the work at Her-
the Insulated electric cables, and the-, gchel ia]nn(j, where the chler settlc-
wrccking party draws off to a sate ments of Eskimos are, found it neoes-
dlBtance. The man with the hand i sarT |��� ppif defense to present thc
magneto provides the- necessary cur- | ,rue fnot9 of t)u, c!ie(,
nut.   the  detonators Of   fulminate  of I a.  Degraded  Lot.
mercury  explode,  the primers of dry |     Tt���,  ~rB,  attempi  nt  Christianising
tator was Jeered and Hooted-
Chsrflec  Made.
nun   cotton   ar*
dealt   n   harsh   blow,
Seneca. Wing by. The Seneca has
been waiting for this message -walling fir the derelict's whereabouts to
be revealed. And nnw, knowing
tbem. it gets up steam and sails forth,
a purger o(  the seas, on  destruction
The Two Kinds.
Of derelicts there are two kinds-���
those thai dont observed and those
that float unobserved. Mosl people
Imagine thnt wrecked ships are ultimately driven ashore and that vessels
reported sinking nt the time of alian
donnient go down Boon after,
not, true. Abandoned
vampires of the deep
they float. .._^^^^^^^
pitohed and torn by Btorm
Ing  'hriTi'h  the  air.  a  scrnnlng  and
rending of nlanks. the sodden  splash
ns thev hit the wafer again
of a vampire dying.
the Bound
th" Eskimos of this district wn�� undertaken In 1S70 by Hev. W. C. Bom-
I ms. who later became bishop of th"
jdioces" of Mackenzie river. It would
: lie difficult to find a more de-graded
People than these whom Mr. Boninas
! waa about to visit. Although Invited
! tn go to them, just before starting he
i received   a   message   from   the   chief
'���"lllng Mm  to  ileler his visit  ns thc
Eskimos  were  starving  and   quarrel
^^^ This Is
ships     breed
For months
'waterlogged, half sunken.
they yet
Selling Yakima Apples IPng.lnd  one had  .lust  bee,
Norm inkiiiiii. Wnsh, July 4.���After n five months' trip around the
world in which he made niriingenieni
for  marketing Yakima  apples  In  all
the countries In hie route, H. M. Oil-        	
bert, of Topenlsh, arrived  ln Northpractised heathen dances, songs nnd
Yakima,    Hia  missionary   work  tor conjuring, spells and charms.   Their
Yakima apples attracted  attention of religion wns verv crude, being vague
Hulled Stales consuls nnd thc consul-1ideal  of  n  spirit  of  evil,  related   to
Cumberland, July 4- "The liritish
miners who came here some time ago
were ready waiting for Chris Pattlson.
the paid agitator, when he arrived
here. They gave him buck all the
storii a am', falsehoods be had told
them coming ver on the rtaln, and
charged hlm villi  misleading them.
Pattlson made an attempt to address Ihem, bul the) jeered und hooted him down nnd shouted he "ought
I to be dumped Iu the bay."
Pattlson w as asked why thc Washington mlnere had not been called oul
on Pirike, but could give no answer
""-     -d-
jand killed ill a dispute about some tobacco." Despite the wnrning he went.
, but little came of the visit.
He found they were addicted to ly-
' Ing,   stealing   and     Blabbing.     "Tbey
stabbed ' niul  evaded  the point.    1 he prove
ar reports of the last lour months
from Bombay, Ceylon. Cairo, Hamburg and Glasgow*, have spoken of
cold and death, amenable to exorcism
I at times and a less definite Idea of n
[good spirit, In relation with the sun."
Ab regards    their   dwellings,    Mr.
ings got more exciting still when happily u policeman came along and 1 at-
tisim und two other men walked awny.
Hid It not been for the Interference
of the police it Is almost certain that
Pattlson would have been roughly
used The BrltlBh miners were all
keyed up for the fray and angrily ro-
Bcntcd  Pattlson's Interference.
Pattlson himself did not waste any
extra time, and lert lown as unosteii-
atloitBlv a�� possible by boarding the
train after It had left <ho station.
Itegina. July 4.--Declaring that he
looked forward to Itegina being one
or the most beautiful cities Thomas
Mawson wus enthusiastic regarding
work he has undertaken for the government and the city. Already, he
said, the building lind the quality of
permanence and arcbitectual dignity,
and the city would be a model if the
proper distribution of parks and gardens were made. He pointed oul the
park schemes were not the work of
a year and the plans laid out for Region were made with B view to having them carried oul not neecessarily
in the near future but when the development  of the  city  warranted.
Mr.  Mawson  said  that  there would
be   practically   nu  alteration  to   nny
1 existing building. With the parliament
i buildings   as  centre   there   would   be
beautiful  driveways and  on the  east
I side of Hroad street 1 fis acres    would
I be subdivided as very high class residential   property.       Probably     there
' would  be  nothing  less than    75  foot
frontages,    ln the layout of this por- '���
Itlon the conventional chess board pa:- i
I tern would be departed from giving
j character to tins area,
Mr. Mawson made special reference
to the belp be had received from Malcolm lloss who bad acted as his colleague in the government scheme and
nlso to the blip tendered him by Commissioner Thornton. Mr. Mawson
[left tor Indian lleud and will visit
Ottawa and Montreal before sailing
for England on July 8. When in Kng-
| land he will meet tlle Senate of Liv-
; orpool university and try to arrange
| with them to bt him give his lectures on city planning during the
j lent term as hia work in Canada is
now taking up so much of his time. ,
1 Mr. Mawson will also visit the Hague
' where he has been commissioned to
| plan the gardens or the Pence palace,
and also Greece where be will disisu'
lhe parks and gardens lor the new |
palace and also a monument lo the
late King of the Hellenes.
No Foul Play
"That death was caused by the rupture of an artery on the surruee of
the brain." Sueh was the verdict returned by the jury in the Inquest
held on (he death of Constable John
Johnston, who was found (lend on bis
beat by Constable Crews at ;i:4f> Sunday morning, Johnston had just joined the force ubout three weeks ago.
coming to Itegina from Ireland, und
was ti ft., 8% Inches In height.
Two New Churches
The laying of the comer stones
ot thc two Catholic churches In Itegina took place, a vast crowd watching the proceedings. Mgr. Stagnl performed  the  ceremony  In  each  case,
in   tlie afternoon  at  tbe  Holy  Kosarv
church and in the evening at St. Mary
Mgr   Stagnl,   in   lbe   robes   of   papal
delegate,   Bishop   Mathlu   in   bishop's
uniform,   and   the   clergy   and   choristers in white surplices, formed an im
posing   picture.     Long   before   three ,
o'clock, the hour set for the ceremony
i at the Holy Rosary chureh. the strec
in the vicinity of the new church was I
j thronged   with   people.     The   delegi
tlon  representing St. Mary's inarched
to the church in a b^dy, and a large-
number of  children  dressed    all    in
to Gulf
I Sunday, July 6
white also marched, and the fourth
degree members of tbe Knights of
Columbus In their uniforms were also  present.
Over 10,000 Attended  Meetings.
Portland.    July    4.���Contemplating I
the application of the principles    of j
Christianity to the conduct, not of the ]
church  alone,  but  to the  family, the |
state, the nation and internaional re-
laions, a program of Christian citizen- j
ship involving a  comprehensive dec- J
laratlon of principles    and a definite ,
method ol action was adopted at. the ! Phone 164 L.
! session of the World's Christian Citi- i
1 t'.enship   conference   yesterday.     The ! __________
program is to be sent throughout the [ -
United  States, and    every    Christian \ *tj****h********m
religious and social organization will
I be urged to subscribe to it and a na-
' tional campaign will be launched and
'carried on for the purposes of bringing Into effect its principles. Speakers
appeared at   the   conference   today
: from Ireland, from Japan, from all of
the Pacific Coast states, one from the
'middle   west   and   from   two   Atlantic
coast states. Audiences numbering
from a few hundreds at sectional
tn. "tings to more than 10,000 In Multnomah stadium heard the proceedings.
Stopping at Steveston to watch fiuber-
m-jn cast nets. 6 p.m.
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry WTtarf
10 a.m.  Sunday.
Further   information   inquire
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
503 Columbia SL
CkurcK Notices
TRINITY���Rev. Canon G. C. d'Easum
M.A., rector; Rev. Oeorge A. Hay, M
A��� assistant curate. 8 am., Holy Com
munioii; 11 n.tn.. Matins, Holy Communion and sermon; 7 p.m., Evensyng
mid sermon.
CHURCH. Corner Kourtli avenue B
Seventh street. Rev. M. Cordon Melvin paBtor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
CHURCH, Corner Carnarvon and
Blackwood. Rev. Jas. S. Henderson,
minister.���Services  11   a.m.   and  7:30
:p.m.: Sabbath school and Bible class
2:30 p.m.
Publlc worship 11 a.m, and 7:80 p.m..
with sermons by Rev. D, J. Welsh
of Kelownn. Primary Sunduy aehool
at 11 a.m., intermediate Sunday
school, Baraca class for young men,
Fidelia clasa fur young Woman, 2:30.
We have just received u fresh
shipment of these Jelly Powders
and are selling them 3 pkts. 25c.
Corn  Starch,  3  pkts 25c
Wheat Flakes 3  pkts $1.00
Daddy'B Sauce, 2 bottles   .. 25c
Worcestershire, 8 bottles  . .25c.
We have received some nice
large Gooseberries today; fine
for preserving, per lb. 10c.
Choice Table Butter, 3 lbs.J1.00
Local  fresh  Kggs, 3  doz..  $1.10
Have yeu tried our TKA and
COFFEE at 3 lbs for $1.00.
They are guaranteed to please.
Phone 386.
Burr  Block Columbia  St. **************
*��AQfc f-OUR
Fresh Water and Salt
Fire Chief Orders Powder Boat Giant I New   Pile  Driver   Rapidly   Filling
Never to Darken Clly'e Doors Slip at Foot of Eighth F'reet-
under the guise of public utility In
directing travellers and giving mileages to populous points roused
aesthetic ire of members and the
city council will be taken to task on
the matter.
The placard al the foot of Eighth
street Is reported to be a subject o(
ribaldry and derision from the critical
crowds  who congregate there.
tyr. Curtis was appointed the
board's representative on the advisory
committee to the city publicity committee.
lt was resolved to aBk James Cunningham to reconsider his resignation
. and point out that he was one of the
j few remaining chartered members of
j the board.
Social and P
OURSra, July 4.���An order In
council hai> been passed forbidding tlle keeping or storage of
any inflammable or explosive
materials within the limits of
nay harbor, wharf or pier witb-
���ont consent from the harbor
masbet. Tlie maximum penalty
for violation of the regulation
ia |100. It shall bo in the discretion Cl the harbor master
to order the removal of such
Peculiar Mud.
Over    one-third of the  100 piles to I
be driven In the slip at the fool    of
Eighth   street   were   sutik   yesterday.!
and the work goes steadily on. When j B
operations    tire    completed      In    the I
sheltered water the piles will be cup-, 	
prd  and   framed  and   the  driver  will
be taken out into the current to com-1 Has  Not the   Horne  Payne  Crouch-
Vancouver Council Will Not Tax
Colicitor's Account.
mence work on widening Kront street I
to 117 feet.
Messrs.  Misencr.  Bally  and  Waugh |
are  supplying  and   driving   the   piles
and  the  tlll-ln  work  will  be done by j
the city by day labor.   Tbls work will '
bc  performed  with   the  aid  of  three
clam dredges which will load the ma-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       terlal taken from the river bottom on
** *   scows,  that  will  placo It among tho
.J w C O * * %% w :": **r i'v % ���* $ �� w   piles already driven.
  Prom   appearances   there  are     two
No more shipments of powder can siratas of firm clay or soil   of some
legally be unloaded within the limits  sort along the river bottom at Eighth
of the city. Thia was the opinion ol
the cltj salicitor given Kire Chlot
* iVatsiwi. (flj-id yesterday when the
(powder bius) (liant docked at the
���fli-rat NortSiern wharf the latter exert-
-( d his authority.
When the chief arrived at the docks
varly in the tniu'ning he found a cargo
���being unloaded alter a style not conforming with Ins opinions of publlc
safety anil the men were throwing
thc kegs about in a manner be considered dangerous. Captain Griffith,
���nf the Giant, was therefore told that
in future no more powder could be
delivered within the limits of New
Westminster, and similar notification
*as given the (.J. N, It. company.
Usually the powder is Immediately
placed in car3 and taken out if town
For blast ins purposes, but ii is said
that sometimes the loaded cars arc
' left on sidings for hours beforo being
nioved away.
street, for wben a pile is driven som
resistance is met for tbe first five feet
or so, then the big stick drops a full
20 feet as If into a pocket, and from
there down the earth seems very
Many Interested   persons   watch
the Steam driver at work yesterday.
Steamship Sailings.
Havre, July 4.���Pomeranian, Mont
Quebec, July 4.���Arrived: Empress
ol Uritaln, Liverpool.
Halifax.   July  I.���Arrived:     Caesar
The halibut boat Itoman unloaded
her catch yesterday and will clear
from the Columbia Cold Storage com-
���pony's wharf this morning for tlie
nailing grounds.
The following vessels passed
���through the draw at the Kraser river
���hridge yesterday: Heaver, Jansrn.
Clive, Samson, Fearful, Transfer. No
���change in the height of the water v.as
Thp. tug Fearless came down river
SWlerday With a boom or logs for
the Small k Buoklln company at Lulu
island.   The logs came frum Pltl lako,
The SL Mungo cannery received between 3000 and 4000 pounds' (if spring  ,lf /''.'i'.""!1"  i��"Air!Bt*
(Continued from page onol
very vitally. Tiny knew that orientals were acquiring land in their district and conducting business on the
land and were unqualified nuisances.
The mailer should al anv rate be investigated and if so advised action
Bhould be reconsidered.
On a vote being taken Ihe subject
was referred to the legislation committee for report by six voles to four
Another matter which was referred
to lhe legislation ci mniittee was a
proposal from the Sydney, B.C., board
of trade inviting an expression ol
Opinion as to the desirability of forming an association of boards of trade
fnr the province. The reason for such
it ci ntnil body was chiefly to bring
rled action to hear on subjects
nJtix n yc&tt rhay nud-'M. Monk & Co's
catch totalled abont imoo pounds. No
���aacJteyti salmon were broughl iu.
.1 W. Cunningham strongly supported the idea and said the experience
of the prairie    provinces    had    been
     that such associated bodies bad done
The   third   stDV   built   for   the   bar-   Kor"i   ��'"r!<     They  hnd  secured alien-          _.
Dor improvement   works  by  Parsons,   tlon   fmm   railway   corporations  and  J(mn   Kirch,  a  Swede,  banging  DO    a
..StK-uJ -ft Hulls v.as launched Inst nighl.  ,!l"   legislatures,   to   resolutions    and   -   -     -
fata the firm's premises at the llru- recommendations       where       smalli r
Vancouver, duly -1. -That the provinces, particularly liritish Columbia
are attracting the attention of the
public in tiie old country with regard
to their rapid progress and also to
their linancial situation, was the state
ment made by Dr. W. .1. Slpprell,
B.A., D.D., who will take charge of the
Mount Pleasant Methodist church in
place of Itev. W. L. Hall, B.A., D.D.,
who has left the cily to take charge
of a church in Revelstoke, Dr. Sip-
prell arrived In tbe cily last nighl
from London, Eng., and has for the
, past two years been studying in the
leading universities of England and
Germany. Previous to his visit to
Europe Dr. Slpprell was for fourteen
years principal or the Columbian college. New Westminster, and is well
known throughout British Columbia.
Cannot Tax  Bill.
Alderman Hepburn lest in a final
attempt before the city council yesterday afternoon to have w. B. A,
Ritchie's bill for heal s* nines ''i
drawing up the C, N. R agreement
taxed in court, on the ground that the
resolution to Bettle the bill passed
last   .Monday   night,   was   in   effect   a
io nnd required a two-thirds ma-
ority to carry.
C. E.  Rally in August.
'I'he regular rally ot tiie Christian
Endeavor union will be held on
August ll in the First Congregational
cburch, corner of Thurlow ami Pen-
drill streets. The committee are trying to arrange for nn address from
l( v ���*.'.. I .*. (Vdeney, HI). principal
of Lancashire college and chairman
if the Congregational union of Bngland and Wales who will be paaalng
through Vancouver on that dat". to
lecture before the theological conference    iu  Victoria   during    the    same
Wl ek.
Two Suicides.
Leaving n note Instructing his wife
tn look for bis dead body on the sands
at Stanley park. Iloul'on It. Kenn. a
business man. left liis home at IBS:',
Georgia Btreel early yesterday muni-
ing, and going to tlie park, committed
snicitii* hy drinking carbolic acidl 111?
remains were found by W, A. Ileumtui
a guest at the Abbotsford hotel, early
in  the afternoon.
A few moments after the finding of
Mr. Kean's body, c. a. Garden, 2016
First avenue east,  found the body of
D, R. Whitehead, of Toronto, is a
visitor in the city.
W. J. Sollett, of Toronto, Is registered  at  the  Russell.
W. II. Gillespie of Hanna, Alta, ls
registered   at   thc   Windsor.
James Magee, of Otter, B.C., was a
visitor in  the city yesterday.
Mrs. II. F. Casselman Is entertaining Miss Edith Kennedy, secretary of
tho Y. W. C. A., Calgary.
W. S. Rogers, superintendent of tho
Canadian Western Lumber company,
entertained a number of the ofrice
starr at tils residence at Fraser Mills
last evening.
Mrs. James Mullen and two children arrived yesterday, hale and hearty
from Bristol. England, to Join husband nnd father in their new home,
Alberta street, Sapperton.
Dr. J. C. MacOonald, formerly of
this city, who has been located In AeIi-
crott for the paBt few months, was in
town yesterday on a visit to his
motl "r, Mrs. MacDonald, Eighth avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and Miss
Barbara ,vicWaters left yesterday for
Olympla, Wash., to spend a few weeks'
holid-.ys. Mr. nnd Mrs. Peterson purpose taking up their residence in
Olympla  shortly.
The  I 'est  ( oqultlam  Conservative
association held a successful dance
and ice cream social in the Burqultlam hall on Thursday nighr. There
were about 60 couples present and
dancing was kept up until BU early-
hour on  Friday  morning
**^   I   -t-z-TTVy-T T
S.   Tariff   Bill   Will   Be   Reported;
Next   Wednesday.
Washington, July 4    Majority members of the senate finance committee j
decided today that all schedules of the
new tarltr bill, except sugar and wool.!
should  become effective  Immediately j
alter tbe enactment ol the measure
Sugar, with the approval of the Uemo
crattc caucus, will be subject. Co the
I'nyne-Alilrich   rates   until   March    1.
1014.      The    committee    tentatively
agreed upon a date for the wool schedule,   but   did   not  announce   it,   be- !
cause  of  a  promise   to  confer   with
Senators   Walsh     and     Thomas    who
could   not   be   reached   today.     Additional revenue was provided for by the
committee when it decided In view ot
the revenue tax on brandies used in [
fortifying sweet  wines to levy a ri��v- j
enue tax of 2H per cent ad valorem on |
what are known as "spurious wines," j
wines made from pummis and fortified
by   chemicals.     Containers     nf     such I
wines must bear a label showing what
materials   enter  into  their    product.
Just   how   much   revenue   will   be   'lc
rived  from  this, the committee  could
not estimate, because the tax probab- '
ly will curtail the present output considerably
Another change proposed relates to
the clause prohibiting importation ofl
convict-made goods. It was amended
so as to read that such goods be ex
eluded from countries which do not
forbid convict labor Originally the
rl.-iuso read rrom countries which did
not   restrict  convict  labor
Chairman Simmons said today Hint
he expected general debate on the bill
to begin a week from Monday: Tie
will report the measure, probably on
Wednesday next.
Clearance of Dress
A  Gigantic Clearance of
Goods, 37c per Yard Suits for Women
Le have never before offered such a variety of excellent matt rials suitable for summer wear. This
lot includes plain and fancy voiles, marquisettes,
grenadines, tweeds, lustres, serges, etc.; almost
every Bhade Included. Come early, as there are
only one or two dress lengths In each piece; regular 75c to $1.60 per yard. Midsummer Sale Price,
per  yard    37 C
A Clean-up in the
Staples Today
SHEETS    White  Cotton   Sheets;   twilled   or   plaiu;
\ bed si/.ep.    Just Suitable i'or camp Or home use.
l'er  pair $1-28
PILLOWS���12 pairs Df Pillows onlv; filled with good
cotton filling, fancy tucking covers;  Blzes 20 x2ft.
Sale Price, per pair      58c
TOWELS    Sizes HHxC'  Inches;  all pure linen buck
aback towels, fringed  with fancy damask borders.
Sale   I'rice   each    20t
BUGGY RUGS    16 only  I.men lluggy Rugs;  sample
lot. no two alike;  regular values to $1 76. Clear-
an-.'   Sale   price     78C
PILLOW   CASES    Bleached   and   unbleached   pillow
cases. Also odd lines in Huck aud Turkish Towels
Sale I'rice, each    10*
at $11.85
We have never before offered such a variety al Bitch
a splendid saving A selection so varied Is provided
that no difficulty should be experienced In getting
just the color or style; made from the vi ry besl
materials sueh ns English serges, in itm and
black, fancy tweeds and worsteds; perfect!) tailored; about lie In Hie lot. Clearance Sale
Price             $11.85
Gloves and Belts
Rush Clearance
ELASTIC  CELTS    Splendid  rani;" of    elastic    and
leather belts;   all  colors  anil   a   i.."..|   selecl
pretty   buckles;   regular   values     tn     $1 nu      sale
I'riee. each     27e
LONG   CHAMOIS   GLOVES���All   Blzes  I     cleat    In
these   long   chamois   Suede   Gloves;     I:     button
lengths, fastened  (it  wrist  with   two doini
ers; all colors.    Special Sale I'r.. .    ������.,  .,,,,    eg-
Women's   Wash  Dresses #ose, and Hose
premises ul
El ysatia. The scow Is 10
feel  in  breadth und 8
I   fe
''illho-a^-li no cannery has yet com
���-meiu-i J operations some small quantities of sockeye are being caught. Ves
��j-rday Harry Kdwards, a Bllverdale
fisherman, drifted with nets and
broughl in 21 sockeye, and another
tir.m oot jii the mouth of the river
.caught GU lish.
Mofore     the    fishery     department
'3f*i('i..s c-tosed  last  night  tbe number
���of salmon fishing licenses waa brought
up tu an even    1*)00,    a    remarkable
shnning  even  fur a big year.
hollies and individual members had
been unable lo get recognition.
The consensus of opinion was thai
thev  wire ���! benefit.
Mr. McQuarrie pointed out the great
gocd effected by an analogous body
the Union of H. C. Manulctpallties.
Mr Curtis said liis onlv objection
was that  tie"- bad so manv blooming
limli of a tree in a vacant lot near bis
home, lie nad been dead for if vera!
Chrisiian       Citizenship       Conference
Celebrates   Fourth.
Portland, (ire, July -I    Sightseeing
  automobiles,    loaded    with  men  ami
associations thai they conld not keep  women singing hymns, and  gorgeous
amor Leona dock d
It.  wharf yesterday
The cement  st
.xl the ;;. C. E,
morning w :lli a carg'
' eau nl and with the boat came a gang
>t strange longshoremen, said to be
Russians broughl rrom Vanoouver,
This i.   ilu":;.'.   to be a Bequel to aa
of a Wl ek ago when  long-
���hoi ne mi    hi *  :ng a similar cai go
���track    ''���: : 'llell'.lle   of   GO   Iltl'l      7 '
c in    ' 'i heir demand wn    il
itlut time recognized to prevent delay, Out ;. it , .-��� subsequent action
li��s aroused  some Indignation  amol ;
track of tbem.    (Laughter.)
Rural  Phones.
The Becretary reported ibe measures he had taken lo establish tele
phonic communication between th"
cil' md Elgin. Blackie Snit Crescent
am. Ocean Park. The II. C Tetephnne
company were going lo Bend a man
down to Dlackle Spit to ascertain the
numlier of subscrtbi rs which would
justify a connection  via Cloverilnle.
Several members, while agreeing
that phones were a nuisance in holiday langiiisliings. eons'd red that
facilities for communication in brge
trieal floats ablaze with lights anil
carrying girls trom lhe city Sunday
schools, composed a parade which
traversed the (iiwiittiwn slreets tonight as the crowning feat-are of a
Fourth of July celebration .londuoteil
under the auspices ot tl.e World's
Christian Citizenship conference. The
line or march was thrpngod and at
times the spectators joined1 with tlie
passing choirlsters in singing the familiar hymns.
The whole day's celebration was in
accordance with the Bplrll   ���' the con
ference.    In  the  forenoon  there  was
t parade ci mposed chiefly of children
So Speaker at Brandon Characterizes
China's Awakening.
Brandon, Man., July 4. Al the missionary conference held here tonight
at rlie college the first address was
given by Miss L. Hobinson, of the All
People's mission, Winnipeg, on (lie
"CaH  for Service."
The second speaker was A Qtnxion,
graduate of the Brandon college, who
spoke on the call to foreign Bervlce.
Mr. Cordon leaver, for India in the
fji% to take up missionary word-it
The chll f platform address was tl'**-
L nr. ii by Hev. II. F. Yongley, i"'.iina.
who took as hia BUbject, "Tin- l'n s in
Crisis in China." Ile gave numerous
Instances, illustrating the groatn-fss ol
the country and its people, and dealt
CUlly with Ihe great awakening of
that empire, which he characterized
is an imperious challenge lo tie-
Christian church.
Price does not Represent the
Actual Cost of Materials
26 onfy Women's House Dresses for street or houaai
wear; made up In fine American ginghams, eliinn-
I.rays, corton delaines., allowing Striped and fancy
cltaaBl pnUerns; trimmings of embroidery and com-
u-asttmg materials; sizes id y-����rs to 38 Buss
Measure.    Clearance SM'e Pricw  $1.85
Children's  Black  Itlbhed  Cotton
lie    knee*,   sizes   5    I
Price,  per pair  	
to  8   1
Clearing mfd lines of Hose Supporters
clip-on style, C. M. (,'. clasp, in whit,
for women and girls; values to 35c pa
I'riee,  pw pair  	
double el is
aruni'M  Sale
band  and
��� and black,
i   Clearance
3Q   '
centres In cases of lUuess or accidents nr'lhe various Sunday Bctlools, led by
o or 001)0 sacks of   carried greater  weight
The matter Mas li ft In the bands of
the secretary to report further at
next meeting
Home   Reunions.
Mr Curtis reported In regard to tit"
home ri union commlltee lhal they
hail approved of Ihree applications
which would resull In tho reuniting ' I
ilu.*.- ramllles and a ven desirable
addll lon of  11 children  to the    coin
<:ai-r,   I hi   r     * li vance  lo  May ir
.i-n hope ��� letance from bun.
i ra y
munlty,   Tliey wore very careful and
the men and li is reported thoy will  people need nol I"* alarmed thai they
were going to bring In a class or in- language*
dlgents lo the country nor at the pr's tnemselve
ent time to encourage the Immigration
ot breadwinners. In the latter case
hey would nol lie Justin d ai the
present time. Tliey were bringing
here  the  families or men  who  were
Mayor Albee at the head of a Sundtxy
school class afool     There were many
bands of music,  Including one  c im
posed  wholly  'l' ciiiut. h boys.
At Multnomah stadium in th" after
noon, a   meeting  was  1,,-M. at   which
tributes   i"   Americans  anil   American
lltttflrni   '\'*r'* ptld by represunfa-
Uves of foreign  c nntries  'it  attend
ance upon the confi rence
A mi sl  si,*' iflcanl  rcature of th ,;'
',*il nt. s was th I'   althi i gh Ihe poi ak
*rs came fr m countries rf dlfforenl
tbey   ei'iiitl     nil     oxpresi
fluently  in  Enirllsh
the    Big
Mac! inaw Due.
Ski": -.    .ii.    I    The    steamship
Hackhtaw,  ol    the Western    Alaska
���SHcam-1      company,  is expected    In ^__^^^^__^^^^_^^^^_
.port  rrom   Behrlng   sea  ports.    Tbo Bending  homo  monev  for the    main-
���*e��iui  will  begin  loading her return tenance of   their   families   in order
'..-largo  InmfMllatcly.    V.n route to the "ll" ll"'> ,niKh' ,,p reared here. While
far north    .'.���   will call at Dutch bar- he  thought  11   was  splendid business
Ofe-artta   -���      losrd a shipment of coal ,n '"irr>  ""  ,,liB K"rk ""ri' w:la    a
. for tit*.- pin '-nun nt to be discharged sentimental    side    to it  and    it  was
.at Name and 81   Michael.    The Mac- K"0'1   f,)r  ll,p  board   of  Irade   to  par-
ttJtin-aw will also have consignments of tlclpate  in  the reuniting ol families.
tfcay, gasoline   and   genorsl  merchan Every precaution was taken to safe-
_Ha��-.   8Ju> ''ill Bail July s. iguard the guarantors of the fund.
���   . The secretary drew attention io the
BaHlesbips at  Potlatch. fuel that the  presehl  6 p.m.  Irani    to
"Seattle, July 4    The harbor depart- ''������"  lunctlon missed the Porl  Moody
*meni   yeatordaj   began   to  mak'-  ar-  ri Bldenta to tin Sg t -..,
-rangoifii-tiis foi  the mooring ol   pigkl  connection  there and  Inconvenienced
���tfaitcil Slates men-of-war In thc ' i;   greatly Porl  Moody  residents visiting
rlttriu.*   Poilatuii Tin*  war de   the ^^^^^^^^^^^^   m^^^^-^^^^^*^
twtim- .<   be..' ordered    tho    cruls ra     ���'  was pointed oul that the matter record were broken lure today in the
Witnt  Virginia, South    Dakota,    Cull   bad    niy   to   be   broughl   before   the Pacific coasl championship swimming
rorn'a. Bt. Louis, tialvcuton, Chaltan   pai    : ��� :   . partmenl ot the C, P, tt tournament,    Of    theso    new   rks,
oo-ga, H.-il< i,;ii and the battleship 0 e- to have the grievance remedied as It three were achieved by the Hawaiian.
jto'n l(ia��i'Bii.i'' in Seattle during the  musl   havi   i n  an  oversight     The Duke Kahanamoku,    He won th" 440
���������city's-juio ml  carnival,  the    greott      alteration   of running   the   train    l'i yard  dash,  lowering  tbe  coasl   time
ij-iay Of lighting craft lo call at ibis  mlnutea  earlier   would   bave   the  de- from 6 Bl   to 5:41, tli" ���"" yard dash
\Kirt since thc Atlantic fleel paid thc sired rffecl reducing the const  mark from  ;26 to
Hoifk Pacific a visit during Ita world      The  mutter  wbs  lefl   In  tho  hand* ;24 1-6, and the 220 yard dash, lower
crake,    8I��  cf  H"'  eight men-of-war of  the  transport    on   commltl e    to ing the coasl mark from 2 36 2-6 to
will  lie  op  to  buoys  In  the  bay  and  act. '���)      In   lha  CO  yard  breast   stroke,
two tf Hte bd iller cruisers will  an- These Sign Posts. Dcvilleplon,  Ball   Francisco  v    VI   C
<-l-,or  over   i   -vard   Lhe   Wesl   Beattlo]    The hideous sign placards of a Van a.,  won   and   lowered   the  Ar
Williams  no  Match  for
Iti no, Nov.. July 4��� Jens Wlllard,
tiie Kansas cowboy, bad A walkovr
tbis afternoon ta his llghl with Al.
Williams. Tho fight was stopped in
the eighth round when it was seen
thai WlUlamB was unabW lo continue.
Williams took a severe punishing, but.
was no matrh for his tnlli r, s'ronger.
and more experienced opponent.
Williams was a gory light when the
referee raised Willar.i's hand. The
former was bleeding trom month and
nose and bis eyes worn almost closed.
Break Swimming Records.
San  Francisco. July 4,    Three Pacific  coast  records niul  one  Amerlenn
A Perfect Anagrarm
rt, win be recalled that when Christ
was brought before I'llate, Hie Roman
governor (according I" St. lolin's version nl tin- story) asked lum. "What
is truth'-'"
In Ihe Latin text of Win Vulgate
rhe question rm s. "quid os-t Veritas?"
N"t7, th" answer is fouml m the
'lie ���!.". itself, willmul nd'hiir .>r sub-
tractint e ungle letter. "'Est vir qui
atlest," thc rearrane ui"i ' gives us,
"ft. is the inaii *aIi" sttmnd- before
you "
40 rOD.OOO fioui-ts.
Th-- nutnbi i* ol i'.Mtlti published
since printing was invented, ail Mb
R Peddle, in a lecture en "Hibli i.rra
pliii-al Research" recently, has bi-e-n
estimated ni lorty millions. The lecturer said ilitit he supposed about
50,000 Ivm k.-< were published a year,
apart from fiction, children'-- books,
and  "honk-  Hint are  not books.'"
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust WM-r.
First   eitm  Westmins!
C-oy  Scouts.
Orders  Jntj   lird.   1013:
1. The t,r-.*x>p will saspend .-Jri'll
from till a ��fal" until Weiliioiitlny,
Sepr. 3rd.    Should a parade be neces-
isary in rh* meantime noi.ice will tie put
i In the papers.
2. Scout W, Murison has iiu'it-jfied
for cooks*" and naturalfisl luuir.t and
Scout Logan lor cook and tender-fool
i'.iout D, Taylor, carpenter,    Hy order,
Has Stood for- Century.
Three Rivers, Ques, July t. The
itoiirt house tf tit" olty, which 1ms
. !i""i ror nearly inn years, wt
damaged hy Ore this aftarnoon, T
damage Is estimated al 830.000 The
nutso nf the lire litis mu bieen definite.
ly ascertained, bul it is baSevcd to
have originated from defective elec-
trie wiring. The bull'difflg was fully
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New Weatmlnater.
Stnotr   Sewing   Machines.     Smalt1  Muaical Gooda of all   Kinds.   PHONE  DD*
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented
couver  firm, advi i Using   thi tnsi-1        record from
38 lo
i 5,
The A��h Jake.
Asked why lie was bavins.' n party
at his house, the bost replied (m a
stage whisper), " don't mention it,
but it's the tenth anniversary of my
wife'j thirty tilth birthday!"���St.
Jamas' Gazette.
Hoard rf pard--on A'f'oiirn
Wnlla Walla V.'as>i July ���! ���--���
board or pardons adjourned a' "v
penitentiary to mfot again for two
days the latter part of the month. T'"
members left for Olympta. The earlv
adjournment was taken bteauso or
die death today cr tb" mother if M -s
FTenry Drum, wire of the ward n
/Ihonl in." 'i'in-*re 1 rases ��*'���" e -i
eldered. half of then being f - ��� ��� ���-
oh.-( and lhe otber ' nit cn' fl'i ��� i
ti,*u*,I* n:-- Mosl of the application
considered wire granted. The board
of control has not *��� no Into Hie -er.
limonv tc oil al Ihe I'r. Semple hearing in Snnkane rec t Mv, t'i" It sns
crlpt 'i tho evidence having reach ei'
the office n. Olympla just orlor tn
the departure I r Wulla Walla. Thc ���
*.- .* l *00 I fpewrl i"i*. nages o[ lenl;
it :..,*. and its cnnsldi ration will require :.���* ul Ihn e v ���* l;s<
Seats 10c
Children 5c.
Fast Passenger Tr;;in Service by ,'i. ('. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
Matinee, 2 to 5 p.m.
M Night, 6.30 to 11 p.m. Mi    yJU>\3   I B_J VU^
^?Wj.l^*****W^^>..&��ii.s.-.:.i.f iiio-^H   f. larnr-JUSmil t. ::..:���.y--r* *   * v_ir -- ���
>50-Throughbreds in Action-550
imm nnnnHJ *'-���'��� ������
�����*--, ���0NSMHMHBH
FAttt ***n
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Detroit  29
New Vork   19
This     Afternoon'!     Lacroiaefest
Queena Park   Should  Draw Big
Crowd to Claaay Fixture.
ln themselves constitute a form of organization in violation of tho law.
Contracts between club owners ami
players are so framed, he declares, as
to be void because the conditions of
employment constitute something resembling a form or peonage. Since
starting tho Inquiry, It Is aald that
Mr. Gallagher has been deluged with
letters from fans praising him for his
���it <? tt ft ft # # # ft # #
Willi a Strengthened team, the New
Westminster senior lacrosse amateurs I
will stuck up against the crack V. A.
C.  team   at   Queens   park   thlH  after
noon,   and   wlll   endeavor  lo   put     a
crimp  Into  lhe  lattor's siring of vie
torles.   The V. A. C. team has simply
got to be stopped, and the only team
In the league lhat can tackle the Job
Is   located   right   lu   tho   Hoyal   City, i
Further, the green shirts havc to bc '
slopped (it once, here, now nnd  with- ''
out further delay tbey have got to bo
taken Into camp and at Queens park
there Hill be waiting for them a team
that has got the goodB.   The question
is can they deliver them ?
Cooper   will   be   back   in  the  game
nnd should Hll In tbe weak spot that :
lias been noticed In the previous   encounters,
In the last came with the V. A. C. |
they held their own until the final j
quarter, when the heavier Vancouver ;
boys put it ov-r them.
In the game with Victoria the boys
played better combination and appeared to be In much better shape.
By breaking Into the win column also
they gained confidence.
It is 10 be boped, however, that
better support will be shown the team
than al the last amateur game at
Queens park, ns a good, enthusiastic
crowd gin s a lung way towards winning the game.
The members or the V. A, C. team
who will pair olT with the New Westminster amateurs today are: Ooal,
Davis; point, Painter; cover, Hums;
defence, McCuarg, Donahue, Malhe-
son; centre. McLaren; borne, (lunn,
Peacock, Crookall, Murray, Davis.
(By  "Gravy.";
Congressman    Thomas    Oallagfcer,
whi Is leading the fight on the "audacious baseball trust" that has reduced
baseball players to a state of peon
age and slavery horrid to behold, and
who has flung tbe banner of liberty
trom the ramparts or the republic's
capital and Invited the oppressed ami
-downtrodden serfs or the diamond to
assemble beneath Its told and. shouting tin* latlleery ol freedom, march
rorth to assault the citadel where is
entrenched the baseball octopus, and
trom whieh it reaches out Ils slimy
tentacles to throttle the liberties or
but, halt, this is getting involved
Anyway. Mr Qallagher, assisted by
Horace Kegel ot Philadelphia. Ib going to apply the ax to tha baseball
trust right where It will do the most
good.    .Tust  ynu watch blm.
Mr Qallagher represents a Chicago dlatrlct In the house of representatives, but lie is a native of Concord.
N il . where be waa horn sixty-three
years ant come Sunday ile la a
Democrat, a Catholic and, when nol
engaged In political and lawmaking
activities, n dealer in hats. The lat-
ier facl has led tti a sifspieion thai he
mav he talking through one of the articles In- sell..-,, but Mr. Qallagher declares In- is in deadly earnest in wag
inn a war on llie baseball octopus that
is throttling, etc. The troubles of Ty
Cobb, the famous Detroit swatter,
���started the movement for a congressional Inquiry in which Qallagher has
been the I irier. Kor some lime the
Illinois COngrt .-sman has been in correspondence with Horace Kogel. former owner of the Philadelphia club
���of Ihe National league, and he has
been assured that the ex-magnate has
"lhe goods' 'to convict his former associates of violation of the anti-trust
law. peonage, and 'evings knosvs
Representative Gallagher has been
���un lhe trail of lhe baseball trust tor
some time, anil Introduced ii ns ilution
in cone-ess lasl year be1 nothing
came of it. Ile gives II as h's opinion dial Hie constitution sr i by-laws
of the National and American leagues
B. 0. I,. A.���WesiminBter
Vancouver. 3 p.m.
Hlg Kour Torontos at Nationals; Irish-Canadians at Tecumsehs.
Senior Amateur - V. A. C. vs.
Westminster, Queens park,   :i
Vancouver Moths vs. Westminster, asylum grounds, 2:30
p.m.; Central Park ut Point
flrey; Hurrards "A" at North
Rifle Shooting.
Annual prize shoot, Brownsville ranges, 9 a.m.
What they did at the meeting: I no  excuse  tor  his  actions or  words.
SuBpended Harry (irlfriths and Kred My decisions In last Saturday's game
lun, of the Vancouver club, from play-1 wero quite fair and met with the aping In today's game at Hastings Park.  proval of both spectators and players
Censured Con Jones for using un- with few exceptions,
becoming language to  the referee at      Mr. Cullln will bear me out In all I
Victoria,  Juno  28. |have stated.
Ordered Secretary I.ynch to pay thel     Thanking the officials for their support In the past, with the exception of
Rivers Stands Just Eleven  Rounds of
Hia  Twenty  Spasm  Go  for  the
Han Francisco, July 4. A wicked
right-cross, thn same blow which
forced Ad Wolgast lo foul away the
lightweight championship, proved too
great a stumbling block for Joe Itlvers ln his attempt to wrest the lightweight title from Champion Willie
Ritchie today. The Mexican was
knocked out in the Ilth round of a
scheduled 20 round buttle.
Immediately preceding the knockout, Ritchie toppled his victim over
for the count of nine with a right to
the jaw. Another right to the chin,
preceded by a lert to the stomach.
in tiled    Rivers'   chances   as   a   light-
wi Ight champion.
Twice during the earlier rounds It
looked as ir llivers might win. Ritchie's wonderful ring generalship and
ability to strike effectively straight
from the shoulder with either hand,
however, offset tbe Mexican's tremendous swings, which frequently rnund
their mark Alter the fifth Itlvers
swung wildly.
At tlie start both men on their
mettle were eager to mix at close
range. The first round lefl no choice,
but In the second, third and fourth
thn .Mexican punished the champion
severely with swinging blows to the
face nnd body, several of which stag
salaries of the two officials of the
: (game on June 28, which Manager Con
: ! Jones,  of  Vancouver,  had  refused  to
:    do.
: |    President   Kellington   appointed   K
; I Cullen, of Victoria and A. (1. Ralstead,
of Kburne, to ofriclate at today'B game.
Appointed    Bpeclal    committee    to
take up protested game of June 28.
Vancouver and Victoria delegates
fulled to attend.
A special meeting called for Tuesday, July 8, ln Victoria.
There's going to be one fine mlx-up
ut Vancouver this afternoon. There
might be a game and there might not.
That is the opinion of many of the prominent fans in the city, following the
result of the II. C. I,. A. meeting at
the Hussell hotel yesterday afternoon
New Westminster called the hand ot
Vancouver. The latter demanded a
meeting to decide the protest made
by Con Jones over the Victoria game
ol June 28 and. with early notice being
given lo both the Terminal City and
the Capital City delegates, none ot
them showed up.
Pleasant Crowd.
That, to many lacrosse fans, Is a
nice how do-yoii-do nnd just de.
monstrales the fine qualities of the
Vancouver lacrosse club, who one moment are hollering "let us save the
game," while Ihe next they slink behind their bulwarks and refuse to Html   a   little   pow-WOW   which   might
Jones In the >ast game. 1 remain
(Sgd.) It. A. (.'. DEWAR.
���    Yesterday's Garnet.
At  Hoston; ji     u.    p;
Philadelphia    6    10     3
Boston   13     7     6
|    Hatterles:      Houck,    Wyckoff    and
; Lapp,  Thomas;   Wood,   Bedient    and
Second game: R.    H.    E
Philadelphia 5      6      2
Hoston     3    j j      2
Batteries: Plank and Schang; Foster and Carrlgan.
At Cleveland: R.   H.    E.
Detroit   2     5     4
Cleveland   4      8      2
Batteries: Dcbuc and Stanage;
Blandlng and O'Neill. Seven tunings;
called on account of rain.
Second game: R.   H.    E.
Detroit     2     6     2
Cleveland    j.    4      9      0
BatterleB: Wlllett and Stanage;
Gregg and Carisch.
St   I.ouis     6    11      1   dead. Cross thought so. too. Instead of
Batteries:  Benz. White and Schalk: j retiring from  the  ring  the  eaBtenic*-
Levereii/. and Agnew.
Second game: R.
Chicago      2
St. Louis   1
International League.
Newark  1, Jersey City 7.
Providence  2-6,  Baltimore 9-8.
Toronto   4-3,   Hochester  5-4.
Montreal   6-8,   Bufralo   3-11.
I bent  anxiously over his prostrate ad-
E. I versary   and   when   Anderson   Snail
0 ! rallied,   the   vanquished   pugilist   wa 1
-; helped  to  his  corner  by   the   victor.
Anderson was so weak then that Ita
was carried to his dressing rtom.
Cross had the light all the way. I 1
the aecond round he sent the Orego 1
fighter sprawling upon hla back. Ill
the succeeding rounds the New Yota
boy punished Anderson severely whllo
avoiding nearly everything the Oregon
boy aimed at him. Anderson's face
and body were pounded unmercifully,
and in tbe fourth round a straight
arm Jab by the dentist tighter relievej
j blm of a tooth.
No Time Taken.
The quarter mile overhang from
the V. M. (', A. barriers' meet was
pulled off last evening at Queens park
when Gordon linlshtd first. Wadham
second and Storme third. Wadham set
the pace for the first eighth, but
couldn't hold it. No time was taken,
but spectators aver the jaunt waB
done iu  fast tlmt.
At New   York: R.    II.    E
Washington    5     9     3
New   York       0      3      2
Hatteries: Groom and Henry; War-
hop,  Clarke  and   Sweeney  Gassett.
Second game: R.    H.    K.
Washington    ��� 2      5      2
New  York      5    12      2
Batteries: Mullln, Hughes, Galla
and   Henry;   McConnell  and  Gaasett.
At St.  Ixiuis: R.
Chicago   1
Baseball Results.
New   York   Dentist   Pounded   Oregon
Boy   Unmercifully  and   K.O.'ed
Him In Twelfth Round.
Los Angeles, July 4. ���Leach Cross,
tlje New York lightweight, finished
Bud Anderson, of Oregon, today In
the twelfth round or what was carded to be a 20 round battle with a
right swing to the jaw. The blow
landed with terrific torce and Anderson was out ror more than four mlnutea.
The Oregon boy had been a favorllo
at odds as high as 2 to 1. When he
went down the crowd thought he was
1909���Stanley Ketchel and Billy Papke
fought their fourth battle for
middleweight championship at
Colma. Tho bout went the full
20 rounds without either man
scoring a knockdown, and tho
victory was awarded to Ketchel
on polntB. Of the four bout 4
between the "Thunderbolt" and
the "Assassin," each won one
by a knockout, and each was
once tho victor by decision of
the  referee.
1857���Tom Sayers defeated the Tipton
Slasher for the English heavyweight championship.
1909���Jack (Twin) Sullivan was defeated by Frank Mantell ln 20
rounds at Sacramento.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   L. Pet
Vancouver 47    lil .602
Seattle    48    32 .600
Portland   40   32 .556
Victoria    38    40 .546
Tacoma    37    46 .44.:
Spokane   25    52 .324
Y'cslerday's (lames.
Vancouver Takes the Lead
Seattle,   July   4.���Vancouver
bulb games   of   the    holiday    double
header and nosed Seattle out of lirst
place iu the race for thc Northwestern league pennant   The visitors took
the  morning game 11  to 7 by timely
hitting  and  won  the  afternoon  game
9 10 5 with a batting    rally    In    the
eleventh inning.    Mclvor, wbo pitched
fur   Seattle   in   tlie  arternoon  contest,
with New Westminster for  tied the score with a home run in the
of  1913,   Is  the    first    to seventh, but weakened In tlie eleventh
have  perhaps cleared  up all the dif
fietilty  and  allowed  the  race for the
Minto cup to continue  without  these
little  bickerings.
Con Jones, alter promising to work
in harmony
the   season
break talth His language to the of-
ftclals at Victoria, which is horne out
by the report ot the refereeB published below, shows his regard for
Canada's summer pastime when he
rinds a loophole to crawl through and
raise a row. His action in not attending the meeting oT yesterday,
when he specifically asked that It be
called as early as possible, leaves
many to take a think for themselves.
The action of Victoria, admitted by
the friendly action at the beginning
nf the season to the H. C, l.. A., al-
'boiigh not having a team, In Ignoring
the meeting and stating no where and
wherefore, gives the fans another
think It starlit! them thlnklnc yesterday evening when the news filtered
nut that neither Vancouver or Victoria had attended the meeting.
A Pot of Trouble.
As mentioned above, there is likely
"' Ito be a pot of trouble brewing for this |
and Vancouver drove in five runs.
Spokane Drops Two.
Spokane, July 4. Portland found
Hardin easy today and won the after-j
noon game from Spokane S to ti. Wagner was responsible Tor four of Spokane's runs. Portland won the morning game 5 to 4.
Bees Stung Twice.
Tacoma, July 4.���Tacoma took two
games in bandy fashion from Victoria
today, winning tlie morning game '-.
10 0 and tbe arternoon contest 6 to 1.
Kaufman pitched brilliant ball for tha
Tigers in the first contest and McGinnity beld the Bees safe ln the last.
Boatman and Kantlehner pitched for
Victoria. Lrrors by Victoria in tlu
afternoon with Biime clever infield hits
were responsible for the Ikes' defeat.
gered Ritchie and caused an ominous
feeling iii bis corner. The San Francisco boy rallied, however, in the rifth
and thereafter displayed champlonahlp
form. He mei the southerner's ill
timed rushes with snappy left and
right smashes to the face which cul
deep and easily look care of the wild
rushes nnd swings which missed him
by many Inches,
The champion beamed with confidence as the fight progressed. Ill the
seventh he opened up a gash over
Rivers' left eye, and ln thc following
rounds CUl his face severely. A left
ttppercul to tbe chin In the tenth lit
erally llfled Rivers from the floor.
The eleventh and final round had
hardly opened when Ritchie's right
shot out. catching llivers siiuarely on
the point nf the chin. lie went down
ns il struck by a hammer. Nine seconds were tolled oft before be gained
his feet. The champion's lefl sank
Into lh" Mexican's stomach, a right
uppercul reached the railing pugilist's jaw. and the fight was over.
The battle was fought under per-
fect weather conditions in the open
-iir arena antl was witnessed by approximately 7000 persons The ro.
e<-nits, it was stated aggregated $30,-
On good terms, splendid
apartment site. Close to
Albert Crescent. Convenient to down town district. Size 132x132 ft.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
afternoon al Vancouver Griffith and
lon have been suspended trim engaging in this afternoon's battle. Con
Junes has teen censured for his questionable work with the referees. Both
managers have been Instructed to
kiep off the playing patch during the
progress of ihe game. Both referees
appointed, Bert Halstead and Fred
Cullen. have been instructed by Presi
dent Kellington to enforce the ruling
or the B. C L. A in regard to Ion
and Griffiths, ('on Jones has refused
to pay the salaries of Dewar and Cullen Tor their work in the Victoria
game, although the men have been
compensated rrom the coffers or the
li C. L. A. Where Is the trouble going to end?
Westminster has a marked cheque
tor -?5ni)0 ror the three Victoria games,
one nt which has been played. The
Hoyals have only two more games to
play on their own grounds. Con
lottos has had to pav considerable
money tor fixing up Hastings Park.
Ile has a large salary list to account
for; that 151100 to account for. All of
these little or hlg items put together
and Mr. Kan Is compelled to come
right forward and ask. "Can he quit
the game at this stage?"
Meanwhile,    a    special    committee.
composed  of  H.   1.   Kdmonds.  of  this'
.-Ily;   Harry   Hurr.   Helta,   and   A.   Q,
I (liert I Halstead. of Kburne, will make
I 1   report   to  the   H
j meets  again  In
Standing  of th
e  Clubs.
W.         1:
New  Vork   	
...45    2H
...40    25
...38   ;i;l
..36    Sl
..27   ;ii
46 5
...ll   38
St.  I.ouis  	
..30   4U
.27     14
Yesterday's G
At Brooklyn
H.    H.
   2      4
Hatteries:     Tesnau,
Williams;  Yingling. Curtis and Miller.
Stcond game:
II.    H.
   V    13
....  5    11
Batteries;    Marquard
and    Meyer.:;
Rucker and  Kischer.
At  Philadelphia:
It.    H.
....   2      5
...  6    10
Hatteries:     Rudolph
Noyes.   Tylir
and  liariden;   Seaton  and Killlfer
Second game:
R.    H.
....   1      4
Philad Iphla  	
....  6    14
Hatteries:      James
and    Whaling
Rixey and Killlfer,
C, 1.. A. when it
Victoria nexl Tnes-
,lav evening. Tlie committee have
been furnished a copy of the referee's
i-epurt of lhe game in question, whieh.
'nr tho edification of the Westminster public, is lien wiih appended. It
makes fine reading It shows the old
Vancouver style of lacrosse. ��
Those present at yesterday's gathering were President A. !���'.. (Celling-
���011 and Secretary Kred Lynch, nf the
'1 c, I., A ; C. A. Welsh. Nels Nei-
mul \v. ti McQuarrie, 1'. A. Gilchrist.
Tom Gifford, Jr.. and (Ieorge Hennie,
nf  Hie  Westminster club, and Roberl
���\. c. Dewar, of victoria.
Referee's Report.
To President Kellington and th" Kx- !
eeutlve Committee of the B.C.L.A.
Gentlemen As referee of the game
played In Victoria on Saturday, June
28, 1913, 1 beg leave to report on the
action of two players during Ihe progress of the game The players In
question are Griffiths nnd Ion.
About five minutes after play start-
ud in tbe lasl quarter, tl. Spring was
I knocked over in a scrimmage.    While
he   was   lying  at   full   length  on   the
; ground. Griffith, who wns at lenst 20
j feet away from hlm. ran np to him and
ihlt hlm "over the face and head  with
bis slick.    He had absolutely no provocation for his notion.
1     In the case of Ion, he and C. Spring
I were contending for lhe ball and the
! checking was very hard on both sines,
but after the hall had lefl Ihe Immediate vicinity of these two players, lon
deliberately hit Spring over llle head
witli  his slick,  knocking him over.
There Is also another matter 1
should like to bring to the attention
of the association, and thai Is the action ot Manager .Innes, or lhe Vancouver team. t'.?. lones came on the
field during lite progress of the game
niul called me all the unmentionable
names lie could think of, also telling
nie that 1 was crooked.   Mr. Jones had
A1 Ch'eago:
Clnclnna i . .
I,alt rles:
Smith, Hit ble
Sic nil   ,;u-
Clnic nnati .   .
Brown    anil
md Archer,
II     E
11       o
li     11
It.    11.    K
.\t Pittsburg;
St    I.ouis   	
Hntti rles:     Grlner
and  Simon.
Second game
,St. Louis      II
I Pittsburg  2
Batteries:     Dark. Sallee
1 Lean.    Wingo;     Robinson,
12       1
lu     r,
H.   a.
10      0
111      2
nnd    Mc-
Adams and Silon, Kelly. Eleven innings: called to allowed Pittsburg to
git lunch.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    I,
Philadelphia  52
Cleveland    46
Chicago  11
Washington 4;i
Hoston    H4
St. I.ouis   Hi!
Follow the crowd in the game of the
Queens Park, Monday Evenino.
moose  (City Champions)  vs.
(Runners up in H. C. League.)
Same starts 6;4o p.m, sharp.   Free
Batteries;    Moose, Home and Gentry; Coqultlam, Rnell nnd Bmmlns.
Saturday Special
Reg. $22.00, $25.00 and $28.00
Suits, Saturday for--
These are the choicest models
of Our Stock, nothing reserved.
All snappy, new Summer
Models. You'll have to see
them to appreciate them.
pL;"$ ."-'JSmart.kp pa re /  .-������:
Kiftr'the Younger Men 16 (J0O. i ....... ' -*-*���*.
SATURDAY, JULY 5,  1913.
c iml lor The News at the following plaoes: P. T. Hill's drug store,
528 Columbia street; ,A. Sprice.
'.nu Miisliorougli, Lulu Island.
I ������������������������������������������������
��� RATES. ���
f.iassined���One cent per word per
dnv; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
,,ii-il within one year trom date ot
t- -nilact,  826.00.
housework,   903   Henley   atreet,   or
phono L1I55. (16861
wants position.    Apply  Hoy  Hardy,
c. P. o., Westminster. U8s:i)
furniture in good condition; must
be cheap. Apply Hox 1684 Tho
:<e��-a. (1684)
as general good cook;  experienced.
Hox  1666 News. (1666)
nig and demonstrating for iiuick
selling household article. Apply
box 1663 News. . (1663i
dental office. Apply Dr. Brett, Cliff
block, opposite post office.      (1650)
meeting the large and small investor. You may have had no experience and yet be the man we
require. Call at 48 Sixth Btreet for
particulars. (164IM
lors easily earn 83.50 to 85.00 pet-
day. Call 48 Sixth street, Westminster, between 9:30 and 6.        tl649)
wants work, by day. Apply Miss
McLean, 324  Seventh Street   (1639)
Principal for High School. New
Westminster. Applications with full
1 artlculars will be received up to Ibu
Uth Inst.   Address
Secretary   Board   of   School   Trustees.
11681)        New Wesiminster.
four roomed bouse, partly furnished
sea front lot, graded; flower garden; Whit-s'Itock; lovely situation;
spring water piped to house. Owner
leaving neighborhood. $loi)i) far
cash or $1350,on terms. Apply E.
D. It., care While Rock collage,
White Hock. (16671
Rain    Tells    on    Market   Offeringc-
Poultry,   Meats  and  Vegetables
Well  Stocked.
Revolver Was in Hands of Rcom Mate
and Was Purely Accidental
veal anil
lot, 66x133 corner Ash street and
Fourth avenue. For iiuick snle will
Bell tor $llin) below market value.
TIiIh is u money maker; Investigate
at once.   P. O. llox 154 City. (16651
Winnipeg, July 4 A ratal shooting accident took place in the Union
Hank brunch on Hie corner of Slier -
brooke slreet and Sargent avenue il)
which Henry Waldo Webster was shot
in the head by Waller Emanuel Carr.
both  clerks  In  the bunk     The polk
FOIt SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PF.It
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
minster district to meet the lady
demonstrator at 48 Sixth street and
learn something ot Interest to every
housekeeper. Free demonstrations
every ufternoon at 3:30. (1649)
but financially unable to cultivate
write post office box 14115, Vancouver. (1631)
Supplies of  Poultry,  pork,
green vegetables were mon
than   most  Other  lines  al   yesterday's
city  market,    Heel, mutton und. to a
certain extent, some small fruits, were
rather scarce.
Red Currants Appear.
Red currants appeared for the flrsl
lime and probably because of their be-
lng a novelty were sold ul 10 cents pel-
lib.    Gooseberries were not ottered  in
'too greut quantities, but  were more
plentiful   than  lit   last   market,   while
the   supply   of   strawberries   was   the
| largest this year.    .Many of these were
American produce, but whnt locally I automatic and was silting lingering
1 grown berries there were came good w|t]) )t on the couch. Can-told hlm to
Iin  quality  and  all  sold, as  was  pre- i nn,  tho  weapon aside, and  when  the
dieted, at  $3.ii(i per crate, wholesale, other paid no heed to die order, ('nrr
i ami $3.35 retail, or 10 cents per box.' ,(mk tlll, ,,������ away,   Accidentally he
Some cherries were brought  in but   touched the trigger, and the shot went
were   of   a   poor   grade,   many   being  ofr   |he  bullet   hitting  the  victim   in
split  because  ot  loo  much  rain,  and  the   left   temple,   literally   scattering
all sold uniformly at rrom five to six  i,],, |,ra[ns
cents a small box. Stole Rescuer's Clothes.
Heavy  in  Poultry. ,    i>w0 young men  lost  their lives in
The   offering   df  poultry   was   very  tll(1   U(,(1   rlvPr  m,.ir   u*v,,,.  pary   this
large.     The   Increasing   shipments   OtIweek while thousands of people were
broilers  and  ducklings  are  crowding  practloa]ly   within   hearing    distance.
old  fowl off the market;   large hens TWb m:lkl,9 a total of lour victims of
sold yesterday at from $8 to $10, and Red rjver drownings so far this sea-
$6 to $7 for small, almosl 60 per cent  gon    Th,)fp wn0 |ogt ,-,,,.(r |iveB w,,r,,;
less   than   prices   three     weeks     B.80-1Reginald  Saunders, 33 years old. son
Wild   Excitement   in  Crowded   Academy���Aft'rmalli   cf  tbe  Wreck
Mutely   Told.
Man  Found Guilty    at    Edmonton of
Picking Pocketc Had Long
agate, mounted in gold.   Reward at
630 Columbia slreet.
$S to $10, and
st 50 per cent
weeks    ago.
Broilers brought $3 to $5 according tojof ^n. j j Saunders, Balmoral street.
Blse and young ducks from $6 to $7 per Ufthur Cohen,  Lily Btreet, 22 yenrs
dozen. Also there were day old chicks j()1(1| wno ha(1 reoenf[y come to the
for sale al $1.35 per dozen and other I W(,st ,, js regTettable to have to re-
ages up to two weeks at prices ������� j cord that In each case thieves took
high  us  $3.40 per dozen. the chance offered by rescurers leav-
Tbe  supply  of  eggs  was  good  but hng   th(,ir   eiol|ies   on   the   bank   and
an    Increasing demand  prices
214 Fifth avenue; answering to
name of Cleo. Finder please return
to 314 Fifth avenue and receive reward. Anyone harboring snme after
this notice will be prosecuted.
English setter dog, color white with
black spots, large black spot over
one eye. Name Zeno. A. E. Kellington, Leopold Place. (16S3)
stiffened and the retail quotation was
at 30 to 35 cents a dozen, the figures
wholesale standing at 32 cents. Butter sold unchanged and steady at 35
cents per lb. retail,
The market for pork and veal was
brisk, prices being 12 to 13 cents per
lb. for the former and 16 to 17 cents
for the latter.
Few new potatoes were on sale but
last year's crop met with a quiet bul
Insistent Inquiry at from $lo to $13
per ton.    Other prices were:
Fruit and  Vegetables,  Wholesale
He uses to Trade
No. 708 Seventh    avenue,    city
fully    modern,
will take   lot
A   good   deal
Written applications for the position
of engineer tor the new hospital wlll
bo received by the undersigned up to
i, p.m. Moiidny. July 7, 11)13. Applicants
must possess third class papers. State
whether married or single, and salary
B. S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Iloyal Columbian hospital, New Wesiminster, B.C. 116501
No.   1030  Fifth  avenue,    city,    seven
room, fully modern bouse, large lot !
to lane.    Owner's equity $1300, balance easy payments, will lake a lot
for  equity.    See  us  about   It.
Six room modern house at the corner
of Tenth and Belleville streets;
lol 66x130. Owner's equity $3500.
Balance payments small and easy,
being only $250 every six months.
Potatoes,  per ton    $1'
Venetablee, Retail.
Ripe Tomatoes, per doz	
Beets, per bunch	
flve j Onions,  per lb	
new    house, I GarrotBi r,,r bunch 	
is cash   pay- j Cabbage, per lb	
few  days  Turnips, each 	
I Rhubarb, per bunch  	
Strawberries,  per crate   	
Eact and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per doz
Kggs, retail, dozen   ....
Butter retail per lb   	
Hutter. wholesale, per lb.
Flsh,  Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb.
White Spring Salmon, per lb
FlouniV'rs. per lb	
Sturgeon, per lb
to  $13
c to 29c :
35c. lo 37c. I
 30c j
,.15r I
Halibut, per lb 10c \ w)ij,.|,
Nos. 207 and 209 Seventh avenue
City, Iwo fine new houses for e.v
change. Owner will take reasonably
priced property for equity. Investigate al once.   These are good buys
3 lbs. 35c
Phone 312.
Room 201 i
Smelts, per lb,
j Herring 	
Retail  Meats.
I Reef, best rib roasts 15c to P*r
:Beef,  loin    1Sc.  to 27c
i Beef,  round steaks   23c. to 25c.
Boiling beef 14c
15c.  to  17c
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 61H Hamilton street.      il6;i2)
Westminster Trust Bulllding.
I Veal
I Mutton
house, very complete, b'Gb room.
front and back veranda, basement,
all_ newly decorated, on Thirteenth
street, above Eighth avenue, one
block from Twelfth street car, $16
Phont 1.646 or call at 1321 Eighth
avenue. (16911
three bedrooms, two parlors, bath,
etc.. newly decorated; cultivated
garden. Apply Mr. Sutcliffe, on
premises. 116551
funished housekeeping rooms, first
floor, al 324 Seventh slreet.    (1678)
* reet. (-Everything new and llrst
class,   Terms reasonable,       (1890)
rooms with board, suitable for city
gentlemen; references, Apply Tur-
nej   7'*:: 1 hml avenue. 11662)
ished i oms, close to ear Board
optional. Mrs Slanbrulge. 'lhi r-
ti i 'ii avenue, bi tween fourth anil
second  Btreets,   East  llurnaby.
Furnished ihree room suite, with
Inth. Hot and cold water. $27.60 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave Phone 750
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Under and by virtue of a writ ot
fl fa to lae directed and delivered
against the goi-ids and chattels of
Ralph Asser and Sydney Asser, at
the suit of Columbia Trust Company,
Limited, I have seized and will sell
a( Heaps Engineering Company's
premises, Front Street, New Westmin
ster, on Tuesday, the 24th day of
June, 11)13, at 2 o'clock In the after
noon, the following, or sufficient
thereof to satisfy the judgment debt
and  costs herein:
The cabin cruiser "Cocilla," powered
with a four cylinder cycle 30 h.p
Doman engine, 1912 model. Length
over all 36 feet, beam 8 feet, iiplml
stered in green plush, finished Inside
with hardwood, sleeping accommodation for alx persons and titled wltli
toilet, coo katove, and electric lights.
Terms of sale cash.
New Westminster, June 7, 1913, nr.63i
'I'll*' above sale is hereby postponed
until  Tuesday   lhe  Mb     day    id July,
1013, al  tin. Bame time and place.
���1CI2) Sheriff.
sponsors tor the mixed farming convention lield here last spring, is announced nml with a capitalization of
$100,000, it is proposed to construct,
equip and operate a central market
tor the farmers of southern Alberta in
time to handle the products 'liis
wiie'i the plans of the Southern Al
bortn company were recently announced the magnitude of them surprised thousands ami there were
many who thought It would be im-
possible to bring about such n cooperative organization on a scale so
large. Since then Ihe men behind
the movement have received great encouragement and liberal financial assistance und have effected an amal-
2Sc to 30c igamation of the interests of the Farm
  I Products.   Limited,  a  corporation  or-
One Egg. One Strike. I ganlzed by some 35 progressive rami-
London, -luly i. Th.* untimely lay- ers of tin* vloinity or Lethbridge, and
ing of an egg in a irate caused 8 they announce that ihey purpose car-
strike   at   llie   Northwestern    railway   r> ing out   *n  detail  the plans  t'ormti-
per doz .
per doz  .
liens, small
Hens, large,
Chickens, per dozen
Broilers, per do-/.. ..
Hens, live, per lb.
ChickenB, live, per lb
Ducks, per dozen ..
Ducks, live, per lb. .
Ducklings, per lb. . . .
.12c. to 13c |
..120 to 20c t
. . $6 to $":
. $S to $10
.. $4 to $6
,..$3 to $6
33c. to 24c
.$12 to $15
. 2'1c to 23c '
Ottawa, July 4 Because ti small
girl fainted in the gallery in llle
Notre Dame hall when the presentation of prizes to pupils of St, Mary's
Academy was taking place, a panic
resulted, those sitting downstairs tak-
have no doubl Hint Hi'- shooting wasting the noises upstairs to be those of
accidental, can's position in the bank Are.
requires hira to sleep there over night,     The hall  was crowded  with about
and Saturday nighl Webster decided I five hundrera of the children and their
that  he  would  stay  with  his friend, parents and when the little girl faint
Yesterday morning, before they were ed.  and  fell over the chair tlie  noise
dressed  Webster appears to have gol   alarmed   Ihe  audience,    The  running
hold of Cnrr's  revolver,  a 32 calibre  0j filvenil  Indies to  ihe  girl's  assistance  further Increased  llie alarm.
,   Almost instantly all was excitement.
I Everybody was on their feet, nnd the
i entire   crowd   mnde   n   rush   for   the
door.     Somebody     outside.     without
waiting  to find  out  what  the excitement was. turned in a fire alarm.    So
excited (lid tlie audience become that
Ils   members   lost   their   heads   completely.    Children were running down
tbe   fire  escapes,  others  were  jump
ing out  of the lower windows to the
ground,  a drop  of  nbout  seven   feet,
all the doors were crowded, and many
ladies became hysterical,
Must Pay Union Wages
Magistrate O'Keefe was called on
to adjust a wage dispute between
Ht nry Van Worden and Wilfrid Lnr
able. Incidently lie was caled on to
decide on union and non-union pay.
The amount involved In the dispute
was $30. Larablo is a bricklayer and
was hired at what he thought was to
bo union wages by Van Worden.
When the latter came to pay him he
at Winnipeg payed at the rate of 52 cents an hour,
"1 was to get union wages, which
would give me 55 cents an hour, and
which makes him owe me $30, said
Larable. Van Worden has been in
court several times in oth' r eases.
Magistrate O'Keefe ordered him to
pay up.
Cars   Created   Record
With  a  total  traffic  of 32.000  passengers  last  Sunday,   the   Hull   Electric  Street  Railway  company  carried
the largest crowd it has ever bandied.
This crush was    occasioned    by    the
.large numbers in  the citv during the
past week and  for the Ste. Jean  Ha-
[liste celebration.   The number of people carried on Sunday was about  the
j same number that was carried on the
main line during the entire nice truck
; week.
The Morning After
The story of the Wednesday wreck
at McKellar townsite is mutely told
by the littered muss of baggage piled
up on the shipping platform of the
Masseyt-llarris warehouse, near lhe
Hroad street station. Boxes, parcels,
bags and satchels ami trunks have
been piled together where tbey have
been laid to dry in Hie sun and so
that the owners may easily Identify
their property���bnt some will never
come to claim their luggage. Fragments of lunches Unit lb" owners
never finished eating ar>- seen in some
of the bugs that were burst open iu
the crash of the derailment.
No More Bodies
An expectant crowd lined the shore
of the river at the point where the
Imperial Limited was derailed, when
the Iwo colonist ears tbnt were lying
at the water's edge were lifted. Tho
wrecking crew were assisted by a
gang who dragged tbe river, but no
more bodies were recovered, leaving
the number claimed of lives taken
In  the tragic accident  at eight.
rifled the pockets.
On Wrong Track
Accidents on the riv
inre  gelling alarmingly  frequent,  uiul
'It Is fell In many quarters Hint something should be done to protect    the
lives  of  citizens  who  use  the  rivers
for boating or swimming.   The two recent fatalities led Alderman Skaletar
to bring the matter of life protection
on Ihe rivers before the board of control.    It appeared that Alderman Skaletar wns on the wrong track as to the
authority   to  deal   with   the  question,
but he succeeded in ventilating a matter   of   vital   public   importance.   The
alderman  BUgegsted  that   those  who
! loan   boats   should   be   compelled   to
have   a   motor  boat   witli   lire-saving
apparatus   in   readiness   for  emergen.
I cies.    He also thought that the    city
should  make  some provision  iii  that
'direction.    While  the  controllers  had
] every sympathy with the object, Alderman   Skaletar  had   at   heart,    they
.pointed out that this was not a matter
] for the city, but for the Dominion government, which had control or rivers.
Lethbridge. Alta.. July 4. -The
amalgamation of Farm Products tl.United, and  the Southern  Alberta Com
mission   niul
Refrigerating   company.
���i-ently  promoted  by  the
Edmonton, July 4. Charles Mullln,
alius James Miller, and Hen Clarke,
two or the most notorious contlilence
men In the country, were found
guilty by his honor Judge Taylor In
the criminal court ul Edmonton and
"were remand-ad for sentence. The
slory id their career id crime and subsequent capture is one or gnat inter
est and the police have been fortunate In gathering In tbelr drag nei iwo
of the must dangerous con men on the
On the night or April 8, (Ieorge
(irlerson, then chief Inspector of po
Uco In the Alberta division, C. P IL.
was traveling on train No. 531 to Red
Deer. Shortly after ho hud retired
to his berth about 1 o'clock In Hie
morning he was aroused by the conductor and notified that a passenger
named Lewis Aamoilt had been robbed
,of $65 in gold, three $30 gold pieces
'and one $5 piece. Accompanied by
I the chler Inspector Aunioilt went
1 through llle train In an endeavor lo
: discover the thler.
Suspicions   Aroused'
j    The chler Inspector    examined  lln*
I coaches himself, and during his search
| he saw two men whom he had noticed
'around the depot, and  whose aclions
Iliad aroused his suspicions, lie watched these men and saw O'Nell, one of
| Ihe suspects, change bis hat for a cap
'and take ofr his collar and tie, replacing tbem with a scarf.   On arriving nt
I Red Deer,  Mr   (Irlerson  wired   lo one
Iof bis inspectors whom he had working at   Strathcluilia  to  take  the  suspects off  the  train  as  soon  as  It   arrived,  search them  thoroughly  and  If
| they had the money on their persons
tto place them under arrest, and lock
them up,    This was done, and nil the
| gold wns round on them, us well ns n
bunch of skeleton keys and other paraphernalia generaly carried by crooks.
An Important Capture.
This was regarded as one ol lbe
most Important captures made In the
west, as one ol the men, named Martin, had been arrested no fewer than
ten times, hud been sent down for n
six-year term, and his convictions extended over IS years. His record Is
as follows: August. St. I.ouis, Mo.,
pocket picking; Columbus. Ohio. September, 1SSS, pocket picking; Chicago, III.. September, 1897, same, jumped
ball, qJMland, Ore.. May, 1907, escaped from jail; Portland. Ore., October,
1907, theft of a diamond ring; Sun
Diego, February, lilts, pocket pit-king, six years in San Quentln prison;
Denver, Colo., June, 1912, pocket picking; Vancouver. January, 1913, pocket
picking, lltilli men were also arrested
at Oakland. Cal., on Junuary 35 last
for pocket picking and Jumped their
Martin went under the alius of Jas.
Miller, Dayton Sam, Jacob Straeler,
COAL M1NINO rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba. Baekatohewan and Alberta,
tie- YiAoui Territory, tin; Northwest Tur-
i-llorli'H nml In u portion ot the I'i i.vliii-n
ut liriii!.:> Columbia, mny ba leased rnr *
term  nt  twi-nty-outi  years at  :.u   annual
rental or 91 uu aore. Not mure than -zbtt
sores win im leased to one applicant.
Applli'iiiluu for a liiiw must lm made
Ity the iLpplli-iitu lu pt'i-Hon to Hi*- Agent
nr S11I1 .\g.-nt of Out district In which ths
rlglitH iipplti'd fur ant Hltuuti'd.
In surveyed territory lht* land must  lie
described uy sections, or legal Huh-tiwi-
sitiiis ot sootlons, and in unsurveyed mr-
ilttiry tbt- tract uppllrd for sluill be
utiikt-il nut by thn nppllcnut hlniHi'lf.
l-liu-ti npptlciillun iniim l"* ul-ciiiii|��aii1ii<S
by a rue or $fi which w-ill tn- i-.-r��ni.l,-,J If
the rights applied for nn* not nvallablu,
hut not otherwise. A royalty shall h.
paid on tint merohantablo output nt tits
mini' i.t thi' rate of rive cents |n-r lon.
The person ui-eraitiiK Uu- mine shall
fiiinlHli ihn Ajptit with sworn return*
aooountlng rnr tus full quantity nr mer>
i-hiinliil'l.' (-mil mined nnd pay the royalty (hereon, lf the conl mining right*
Aie nnt hi'iug operated such n-turns should
he  furnished  at   least   once  u   yenr.
Ttie It-uiHi wlll Include 1)111 cvul mining
rights   only,   hut   llm   IftaSSS   wlll   lie   p-ttr-
initti-d  to   purouisse   whatever   uvutiabls
surface rights nmj   In* oonsldered n'4c.��-
lary  tnr the winking or  the  mine at tbe
ruts of lln an acre.
For full information applloatlon should
; In-   mnde   In   It**'   BSOTOtar/   nt   till'   llepart.
ment nt the Interior, Ottawa, nr tu any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Land*
\V   W. COHV.
Deputy  Minister of  tin-  Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication i>r this
nr|v,.rtls.>ni.-iit   wlll   nnl   h"   paid   for
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)   $16,000,000,00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
branches   throughout  Canada    anil
Newfoundland, and   In   London,   England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
j U.S.A.,  and   Mexico  Olty.     A  general
hanking business transacted.    Letters
of Credit  Issued,  available  with correspondents lu ull parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposits
: reoelved  In  suniB  of  $1   and  upward
land Interest allowed at 3 per cent. f*T
minim  1 present rate).
j    Total Assets over $188,000,000.00,
('..   D.   HRYMNER,   Manager.
station     hero    today.     A   porter   in
i moving  a   crate  of   live hens,  noticed
that one of the fowls had laid an egg,
[Slipping   his   band   through   the   bars
I of the irate, he took tlie egg out anil
placed ii on his barrow for safety. A
'railway detective immediately arrested   the  porter nntl  took  him  nntl  the
egg to the railway  police station.    In
a tew minutes all tin- rallwaj  slalT on
I duty   ceased   work   until   Hn-  district
superintendent  was informed of the
incident, nnd ordered the man relens
ed,    The stair then returned to work
imt  the officials an- still considering
i the fate of the "egg," which, for the
present   remains   in   tlie   superintendent's office.
Sent Up for Theft.
Moose Jaw, July 3. A K. Barken-
liagen. formerly manager ot tin* Hog
ers Lumber Co., at Dlnsmore, Sask.
was ibis afternoon sentenced to six
months in jail liy Magistrate Dunn after pleading guilty to ilu- charge of
Advertise in the Daily News!
New  Spring  and  Summer  Suiting!
now  on  dlBplay,    See them.    Perfec
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Oasoline
Engines.   Mm me   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs,
Office  and   WorVs:  Tenth   St.
���P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
are different in that they
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness. You can
always depend on them.
25c. a Ixix at your
Druggist's.     178
k NsU-Mul Dmfl and Cbcmlcsl Ct.
of Cauda, Limit. .1
where. No collection. 110 charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 331! Hastings street west. Van-
couver. H.e. (1678)
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Weetmlneter, B.C.
Inteil since tiie mixed farmers' meeting.
Farm Products. Limited, begun operations last fall, and bad a very sue-
cesstul season, handling a considerable quantity of hay, grain and vegetables and establishing u markel
price for alfalfa unite satisfactory t.i
nil producers. Its success led tn tin
necessity or broadening out in it--
work and when it was realized thnt
there �� mid he two organizations in
th" same Held doing in many respects
the same business. It was the unanimous sentiment "I all Interests Hint
there Bhould be a consolidation,
6*.irt   Actual   Construction
North Vancouver, Julv 4,   Por the
nasi tew iluvs rumors huve been thing around in n lively manner with
reft renpe t" nn Immediate commencement   of et'tislii.i Hon  on  the lines  uf
tin*  Pacific Qreni    Eastern    railway
along   lhe  norlb  shore.    In   lhe orilin-
nn course of events ibis wns to have
been   expected,   because  el  the  fuel
that  the options held by  the  railway .
company on propertv lor right-of-way
purposes  would  begin  to expire on
Julv   1.  but  Inquiry  has elicited  the
fact thai  these reports have  a sub
stantial   foundation  in  fact  and  thai
a   bona  fide Btart   upon  construction
has   been   made.    S une  days  ngo    a
partj  "f Pacific Oreat Eastern engineers arrived at West Vancouver anil 1
proceeded to loente a permanent camp
nt  Dundarave along the right-of-way *
recently grunted to the railway company   on   Bellevlew   avenue,   through *
i DL 566.    The engineers    and    their j
stair constituted �� rather large party j
(ind   they   were   known   to   have   with
them some 2800 pounds of provisions,
: which,   together   ��i h   other   Indications,  pointed  Btrongly  to a   lengthy
stay on the ground.
Company War at Fault.
Toronto, July 4 A verdlcl tleclar
ing the company ut fault in not having proper appliances for removing
freight from one car into another was
returned by the coroner's Jur) wil 1 *ii
enquired into the death nt Sidney
Hrown, the young truckman who was
killed on June 20th by being struck
by a heavy barrel which he wns moving from one car to another in Hi"
C. P. R. freight yurilR at tlie fool of
Bathursl street when the platform between the cars shifted and fell from
Ibe car at one end with Brown upon
Denver, July 4 Within the last few
months there have come many stories
regarding Prank James, tli" old-time
bandit. Frank James hns died in Ore-
'-��� m. California ami a few other stales
he has "gotten religion" In lh" east
ind he has been 10'ive generally And
Hie uueer part al.oul it is that he is
alive and in good health, and is spending his last days on the nid James
"''Irm a few miles from Kearney. Mo.,
where Jesse James is burled.
This   is   ihe   Information   that   is
brought lo Denver by L. Wright a
motion picture proprlel tr, who recently made a visit in the turn) in
Missouri. When he returned be
brought a Btatement with him, signed
f Kearney and
i by   various   citizens
, which  rends as  follows:
Honored,   Respected.
To Whom It May Concern:
Tills  Is  to  certify  that   We,   tin
lowing citizens    of    Kearney,
county, Mo., hereby affirm thai wa are
personally acquainted witli the orlgl
nal   Frank  James,    brother  or JesBe
James,  and  that   lie   is   in   enloylng
gonl health and is living on the old
James homestead, about  tin   miles
northeast or this city nnd we furthermore state that he is an  1 ored
and respected citizen of this community.
Pcotests Hit? Innocence.
"I went back to get Mr James' opln-
inii'-tegardiiig law nnd irder," Mr.
Wright said. "1 am the proprietor of
a sot of Jesse James pictures, and I
had received the criticism that they
were not moral. I contended exactly
the opposite that they showed the bail
effects of a life or crime, So I went
back to get some expression from
Frank James on It.    He told tne this:
'"If any one thinks they can violate the law und mnke a success of
It,   1  consider  tin in   insane  nnd   tbelr
finish will be the gallows or the penitentiary.' "
Frank James contends thai he waa
innocent or all lhe charges of outlawry placid neiiinsl hlm. Ile points
to  his acquittal   ns  evidence.
Ti-ne Draws Near.
OH awn    Julv  3,   The  capilnl  case
nf Charles Olbnon, the Toronto mur
di fer   Is nwa'ting disposal  by    the
cnbinel and will be dealt with belore
the week end. ni the ovncutlon Is fixed for nexl Wednesday. Strenuous
efforts have been iiuule to secure a
mw-   trial  and   a   number  of  church
bodies have Interested themselves on |
behalf of Gibson,   The department, j
on  the principle that such things belong to the courts, is against granting |
new trials.   The outcome of this case j
Is uncertain.
Edmonton,    Alta.,    July     4.   The
drowning   of   Emll   Wuhl.     a     young
Frenchman,   one of a searching party
Joking   for   bodies   of   victims   of   the
motor launch tragedy, when six bright
young   Edmonton   people   loBt     their
i lives, has deepened the gloom and Intensified the sorrow cast over tbe city
by   the  terrible  loll   recently   exacted
by the North Saskatchewan river. No
less than ten iiersons have been
drowned In the river al Edmonton
during the present month, and another
drowning lias occurred twenty miles
down   stream   at   Fort   Saskatchewan
The death roll for the months Is as
lune :'.. (Ieorge Bradford, aged 12,
fell in while playing on  bank.
June 1:'.. Until Qllklnson ami Chas.
May, of tlm Mitchell Dredging company, drowned when boat was capsized by cattle.
June 2li. six lives lost  when motor
launch   strikes   boom   and   overturns,
Mr. and Mrs. R. c.  Hooper, Mr. and
!Mrs.   Earl   Meredith,  Mrs.   E.  J.  Case
land   Robert   Pnllon
June  "7.  W.  C.   Sexton,  ot  Calgary.
I visiting at Fort Saskatchewan, fell in
j and was drowned.
June 29, Emll Wahl, searching for
I motor launch victims, is   accldently
knocked out of boat by cable and
Bherbrooke, Que.,, July 4. "l ex
[pected this arrest, ll Is Just ns well
: that it should be so, as I wiib to clear
myself of these suspicions," suid 1. A,
Dufresne, the civil engineer, being
I held Iii connection with the death of
Mrs. A. O. Bilodeau, who wns killed
by a bomb which came through tinman 011 Tuesday, June 17th.
Dufresne was taken before Magistrate Mulvena Immediately niter bin
arrest. The hearing of the case was
adjourned to allow the prisoner to Instruct, his lawyer.
The man who has been arrested, L.
A. Dufresne, Ib a civil engineer, surveyor and patent solicitor of good
standing In tlio town. He owns a
three-storey building ill the cenl re of
the town adjoining the Albion hotel.
the latter standing at the corner of
Wellington  and  King slreets.
Bilodeau, husband of the murdered
woman, and Dufresne are mixed up
in a law suit. Bilodeau sued Dufresne
ror J2,s(in balance on a contract fnr
work which the plaintiff Is snld to
have carried out for Dufresne. Judgment was given in the superior courl
here on Vt bruary 2Uth lasl fnr f Mii;
and against  this judgment  Dufresne
appealed lo the eeiirl nt review. When
the case cunt" up Inst week ll wns
held over until the September term.
P.O. Box 34 Dally  Newt Bldg.
of all  kinds.
Prices right.    Satisfaction guaranteed,
59 McKenzie  St
To  Port  Mann  and   Port  Coquitlam
Will  Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except  Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann 8:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for   New   Westminster 9:00 a.m.
LeaveB  New   Wesiminster for   Port
Mann  nnd  Port Coquitlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam    for   Port
Mann and New Wesiminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves New  Westminster for   Port
Mann 6:80 p.m.
Leaves Port Maun for New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New Westminster for  Porl
Mann and Port Coquitlam 4:30 p.m
Leaves   Port   Cotiulilani    for    Porl
Mann and New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule Bubjeet to change without
For further information  inquire:
Eraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
We now  have four trains daily  ami
will give you tlle cheapest  rale going
nol only to Eastern polntB,   bul   to
Kootenay and olher points Wo aie
also agents tor all sleainship lines.
For reservation and other particulars
apply to
Iv GOULKT, Agent
New   V\ esiiiiiiiBier
II    W,  DROD1B, 0.   P   A.,   Vancouver
B.C.Coast Service
Leaves Vanoouver for victoria iu a. m..
p. in. nud 11   ill.
Leaves Vancouver for Setittlo 10 a. m.
snd 11 p. m.
,    Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo io a m
niul  11 .lilt  p iii.
Loavoa Vancouver   for   Piince   Rupert
Bnd   Nm- rn  Points   in  p   tn    Wcilnns
jUnys  and  Saturdays  nt   it   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  1,'lillllwnck    ;    a.   m.   Tuesday.
riiiirniiny and Saturday,
Leaves Westmlnetar s a.  m.  Monday,
Wednesday nml  Friday.
I KH. iiiHJLioT, Agent, New Westminster,
!'l*  W   HltiiHIK. Q, P.   A..  Vnniviiiviir.
Still Free.
Edmonton, July 2. The four con-
victB sent up from Calgary nnd l.etii
bridge who escaped from Kdmonton
penitentiary on Monday night are
stilt at liberty, The most likely report bo far lo hand in that the men
lire making their way eastward
through the country.
Transfer Co.
Offlcs  Phone   185.      Barn  Phon*  137
Begble Strait.
Haggage Delivers* Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and heavy Hauling
Attendance on   First  Day  Was 40,000
���E. A. Miller Visits City After
23 Years
Calgary, .luly 4. -Under 'deal weather conditions, and with a record
attendance, the Calgary industrial Exhibition for llllil wub formally opened. In every respect It Ih the greatest fair Hint has even been held In
The real blguesB id llle exhibition
is illustrated In the (act tbat the attendance for the opening day wus approximately 4u,nun, or in ilu* neigh-
borhoi d of 10,000 greater than In any
previous your, while the exhibits
Wblcb have been Increasing in number and ipinllty  Immensely  wllh each
renewal of the exhibition, nre this
yenr vastly ahead of uny previous
yenr. and ihls is true of every department with the possible exception
of one or two minor instances.
This Mistake
When II. A. Miller, the supreme
president of the Sons of Kngland, now
convening In Calgary, saw this city
first, il was a mere stretch of unsightly frame structures, straggling
over the valley of Ibe How. The Al-
berta hotel was the first and only
sandstone building lu the city and tho
Indians sold beadwork to tourists at
the li x W M P, barracks, the Bhow
place of the lown. Mr. Miller mnde
bis first and only trip wesl, previous
to this one, in 1890 -twenty-three
years ago lie notices a few changes
In und around Calgary.
A leu years after (lie completion
of Dn* C I' ll In- made the tour
acroas th*- continent, stopping at
Moosejaw nnd Calgary, the only two
places of nny consequence at thai
time between Winnipeg and the coaBt
At Moosejaw be went duck shooting
(nui ai Calgary he was offered his
ilu im* (��� what is now extravagantly
priced inside property for $16 per lot.
"That was where I made my mistake!
I should have settled here then," said
Mr.   Miller,   as   be   craned   Ills   lo-ck
to   Bee   the   top   of   the   Hudson   Hay
The  Write  Way
The firsi  duy of the pencil sale by
the women of the Children's Aid So
clety was u success and netted a con
i Bidoruble   sum   of   money.     The   fair
I patronage und the women canvassers
<had Utile difficulty of disposing of
quantities of their wares, owing to
the refusal of members of the board
lot directors of the Calgary Exhlbi-
tlon company to allow the Children's
Aid Society the privilege of Belling
on   the   fair   grounds,   the   sale   was
! somewhat handicapped, but several
obtained a position of advantage near
'ihe entrance to the grounds. The
proceeds of the sale will be utilised
to furnish the now children's shilter,
which the city Is building at a cost
of $riii,oii<i to accommodate the neglected and homeless children of the
Sophomore  and   Cook.
Ticinia.   July   4.    If   railroad   dining ear menu cards bore the names
or the chefs, with brier biographies
here Is what would appear on tin
bills id Hire or the Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul's transcontinental train
the Olympian, which left for the east
"Second chef I. L. Duncan, Sioux
Indian; sophomore In Carlisle school,
substitute tackle on last season's varsity foolbal lteam; college friend Of
the famous .Hm Thorpe; home uddress,
Thuntli'ihawk, S. I).. properly Interests, Kill acres of finest farming land
in South Dakota; future life work,
farming; emergency occupation, Bign
painter; cuts line figure on the ballroom floor, nifty dressed, Interesting
conversationalist; more than bIx feet
tall and of wiry,  athletic physique,"
A lot more could be added. Duncan Is Ihe first and only Sioux ever to
preside al the range of a railroad dining car. H.e Is now completing his
first round trip in the dining ear
kitchen, and, us he likes the work,
wll Islick lo the job during tlie slimmer vacation. In the tall he will return to Carlisle, where he Is slated Tor
varsity   tackle  next football season.
Asylum for Lockie.
Swiri Current, July 3.���J. J. Hori-
gan, the storekeeper at Hush lake,
who wiib shot In the back ten dnys
ago by the insane homesteader Lockie.
Is Improving rapidly and will get wi 11
Lockie will be taken to lhe Insane
Transcontinental   Motor  Road   Across  Coquitlam     Municipality    Will    Mark i Motor  and   Good   Roads  Open   West-
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throuflbout  the  Province  of   British  Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parte of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK, Manager.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
when you can get aa good or better, manufactured ln B. C, viz.: tbe
the celebrated "VANCOin Kit" Brand, Kuaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americar.  and  Canadian  Engineers'  Association.
Wo would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to 24-ln. In diameter. ThlB is also made In thiB Province aud we
consider Biiperior to any Imported article.
We also carry a Btock 11 Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering els-rwhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting wllh Hie greatest favor  wherever laid.
w Wesiminster with Boulevard Dowr Bltulithic on Second Street, Ne
the Centre.
Ililulithlc Ib noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
lionieB' feet, nnd, above all, particularly durable, For these reasons
Illtullthlc iii commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, anil city Officials. It hast been adopted by fifteen cities
iu Canada, and over two hundred In Ihe United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       i 14-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
States Receiving Financial Support���We*.;  Helping.
Permanent headquarters have been
opened ln Detroit for the Lincoln
Highway association, which has been
formed to secure the establishment of
the ocean-tO-OCean highway, u project Btarted two yearB ugo by Carl ti.
Fisher, of Indianapolis,
II. H. Joy, president nf the Packard
Motor Cur company, who has been
elected prealdent of the association, is
on hia way to the Pacific coast In his
Packard "prairie schooner," making a
preliminary survey for the cross-country route west of the Mississippi river.
Mr. Joy has been prominently Identified with the movement Blnce Hh Inception and $1,111,000 has been subscribed  by  tne  Packard    Motor    Car
Klnal plans for the transcontinental
highway call for a concrete road wherever practical. Permanent improvements will bo made uu fully 2,000
miles of roadway.
Tlie aaaoclation propones to co-operate witb local communities in the
weal in procuring the establishment
of the highway or 111 the improvement or reconstruction of existing
highways which will constitute part
of tlie route. Several flutes have taken steps looking to the construction
of improved highways from east to
west, which are to connect with the
C0ast-t0-Coa8t route and constitute
part of it.
A rapid-lire national campaign for
securing popular subscriptions lu."
been started and Individuals and manufacturing concerns in all uarts of the
country are  pledging their support to
tbe movement Ni gotlattons have
been opened with state, county and
city governments.
Upon returning trom his western
trip Mr. Joy will have tor New York
where be will hold conferences with a
number of prominent financiers, many
or whom have offered to act as spun-
Bors for the project.
The highway Is I i be a memorial to
Abraham Lincoln. The name was
adopted after the plan for a Lincoln
memorial highway from Washington,
it c. to Gettysburg had been abandoned. The organization committee
ot the association consists of Paul II.
Demlng, Carl Q. Fisher, Hussell A
Alger. Emery W. Clark, Hoy I). Chap-
In, A. Y. Gowen and A. R. Sieberling.
Different  Speed  Levels for
Guidance of Motorists.
minster Market to American
Auto road signs have been ordered by Engineer Verner of Coqultlam municipality, and it Is likely that
these will be erected next week along
the Pitt river road only, tlle spded limit
Port Comiitlani.
These sign boards will be of large
.-Ize and will give Hie speed limits ou
different stretohea of the road.
The districts with their speed limits
are given below*.
From Brunette and Columbia streets j
to the outside of Maillardville, not1
more than  1- miles per hour.
Through Maillardville not more than
10 mtlea an hour.
From Maillardville to the limits of
Port Coqultlam, 26  mlleB an hour.
In  Port Coqultlam, lu    miles    per
While the signs will be put oul on
the Pitt river road only the speed limit
on other roads In lhe municipality or
Coquitlam   is  2r,  miles  per  hour.
-Measurements but recently taken
give the olllcial distance rrom Columbia and Brunette streets, Sapperton. tn the limits or Port Coqultlam
as 8.dl mlleB.
Winnipeg, July 4.���Autolsts here
are now taking over lower Fort Garry
and with some slight repairs will con
vert it Into the most unique and well
us commodious club bouse to be found
The old fin Btiil flies the II. B.
C. flag and buildings and fortifications ar" In excellent repair, lt Is
about fifteen mlleB down the Red river road from the city and Is reached  by  an  excellent  roadway.
One on Him.
"A motor car is a source ot great
pleasure. Isn't it?" "Yes." replied Mr.
Chugglns. "Hul it has certain disadvantages. You don't want to ride by
yourself, and when you take out a
party et rrlends Ihey have arguments
among themselves about how fast we
shall travel and where we shall go.
There is only one thing they agree
about, and that is, If the machine
breaks down. It's a good joke on me."
���Washington Star.
New York, July 4.-���The British
polo team which arrived here recently
purchased a McLaughlin-Huick from
the salesroom floor before they had
been in the city 24 hours.
"There was no hesitation about this
sale." is what A. L. Newton, retail
sales manager, said, "for Captain
Cheape well knew the reputation
the Hedford-Bulck has established ln
For the first time In the history of
the New Westminster eity market
American grown strawberries were
last week brought direct from the
stale of Washington to be Bold here,
and according to excellent authority
good roads and the advent of the auto
truck are responsible for this.
While the horse alone was used as
a means of conveyance by the farmer
thlB feat could not be accomplished,
but only with a speedy, untiring motor driven vehicle, and a g iod road
to travel on.
Most appropriate, then, are the following statements made by two American state governors:
Advises  Farmers to  Buy  Autos.
"I  would advise every farmer
to   buy   an   automobile   for  his
boys and girls. If he has not tbe
ready cash, 1 would advise him
to pledge his credit and buy that
automobile.   Why?   To keep the !
boys and girls on the farms. Ttoef
farmers'  boys  and     girls,    the
tarmers themselves,   and   their!
wives  toil  rrom  early  morning
until late In lne arternoon. Why,
then, should not they enjoy some
of the pleasures that aro enjoyed |
by tolks In town and with atttos?|
U 1 had my way, there would bei
halls at convenient points wbere
rarmers and their families could I
enjoy lectures, social    diversion
and   amusements    of    different
Of Maryland.
Arteries of Life.
Good roads ure the arteries of
the industrial life of a great and;
powerful  people.    In  a govern- i
ment such as ours all sorts and
conditions of men and    women
are more or less absolutely de- i
pendent    upon    the    best    and'
speediest   means   of   communication and transportation.    The j
farmers who produce the neces- j
sarleB of life are less dependent
than   the  millions  and   millions;
of our  people  who  live  in  our
cities and towns.   The most su-1
perficial  investigation    or    this
Bubjeet  wll  clearly  prove,    that
good roads are just as important
tothe   consumer.   If   not   more,
than they are to the producers of
the country.
Ot New York.
Petawawo Camp. When a "Tommy" or anyone else wants bis beer
he usually gets il; If not in one way
then In another. And so tbis old prin-
clple of wanting what you can't have
has been the chief obstacle of bucking Ccl Sam Hughes' edict of "dry
canteen" and making it more or less
Of n farce. Even the most optimistic
followers of the militia minister in
camp here cannot speak in any glowing terms for the huge sucoiss of
the scheme-for It hasn't been i ne.
For the first few days that the sol
dier boys were under canvas they
could gel their "refreshment" by
trudging down from camp to the
sbori s of the Po'awawa. Here they
wire ferried across the river to Mc-
Lean's hotel by tickling lhe palm of
the worthy proprietor of the boat with
a ten-cent .pioco, good tor return. All
this, ot course. aHer six o'clock.
But some of Hie troopers objected
to waiting till six o'clock for snme
thing to quench au unremitting
thirst and niaih Iheir trip? j
during "business" hours. The powers that he got "wise" and an Officer
was stationed al the hotel to "pinch"
the thirsty ones so that put the quietus on the move.
Just to come back, Ibe soldiers
came .about twice us strong bulb
numerically and in size of thirst���in
the   evenings.     Then   came   forth   the
"orders of the day" the warning thai '
the road leading to the river wus oul
of the bounds at all  hours.
This meant that the only way thai
a dry one could obtain a wee drop
wns to walk anywhere from four to
six miles   depending upon where the
aforesaid one with tlle thirst happen
ed in lie stationed, Not only were
the troop-crs offended but the terry
man was also wrathy lor it meant
the loss of many ten cent pieces night
ly to him. So the illicit traffic by
lhe river road continued until the
boat wub practically confiscatid.
"We dont mind it." confided one
of the "Tommies." to llle Free Presi
man. "We have to walk all over the
bally camp all dny long" (he wns one
cf those unfortunates who did not belong to tbe cavalry brigade) "and n
few miles more don't make much dlf
To the cavalrymen, the now move
"cu:b no ice" for they ride down anil
usually return with a supply calctl
lined to last out the day���sometimes
It does, but more often doesn't.
Thai is ihe situation Bt present and
Camp "breaks In a few days."���Ot-
tawu   Free  Press.
McLaughlin Buick Does Some Running
in Pinch.
Morrison, ill., July 4.���Fifteen dollars flat for a rush trip frcm Savanna
to Morrison. SS mlleB, and a dollar a
minute for every minute he beat 10
o'clock, was the proposition made by
a lawyer of Savana to J. I). Fulrath.
McLaughlin-i-tuick dealer In the same
town. The order came at S:30 a.m.
At S:45 thiy were on the road and at
9:43 they arrived at the Morrison
court bouse. Mr. Fulrath got $31' for
the trip.
"1 nm not making any boast because
the McLauglilin-Huiek covered SS
miles In f>S minutes." said the dealer,
"but it was some record considering
the roads. The route was over the
worst bills In the country, but 1 didn't
shift a gear, ln several places 1 had
to follow teams for quite a distance,
and it ccs; several dollars."
Dayton Citizens Thank Ford Company
for Their  Services.
Detroit. July 4. Under the letterhead of the Dayton Citizens' Relief
Committee the following communication from that city, which recently
suffered from a disastrous flood, has
been received by the Ford Motor Company:
"Dear Sirs- I want to personally
thank your factory for the great work
your little Ford ear and expert driver. Mr. Erorlck, gave me as auditor of
the relief stations in Dayton during
the time he  was in our city.
"With the streets filled with mud.
broken furniture, pieces of glass and
everything imaginable, the Ford cat-
certainly made itself famous here In
this city During all the time, traveling nearly one thousand mili s. we had
four punctures and no trouble with
the working mechanism of the car i
thus avoiding any delay in uettlny
about. V hich speaks highly of the en
paclty of this car.   With kindesl regards. 1 a ti. yours ven  truly,
"B, ('   BEAVER, Auditor."
Sparks and Gas
C.   E.   McLean   motored   to   Blaine
on Thursday and returned last night.
Mr. Coldicutt toured the country
to the south of New Westminster this
J   Hurr of the  MaoLean  and   Hurr j
company   was
this week.
in   Victoria i
Will Investigate Strike
Nanalmo, Julv 4. The Hon. T. W,
Crothers. minister of labor has notl-
f;. ti tx. Jordan secretary of the u. m.
W. if A. local here, of his Intended
trip lo Nanalmo, The minister aintes,
thai he means lo Investigate the labor troubles and while here would
like 111 have the opportunity of a chill
with Mr. Jordan and other gentlemen
connected with the labnr movement
end asks Mr. ' rd"" to u;Iv'.3e those
Interested In tho labor movement of
his pri,posed visit ub he wishes to
meet as manv representative labor
nu n  as  possible.
A sf" clal announcement has Just
been received bj Mr. Kennedy, man
ager of the Ford sales tic ncj here.
telling of the tenth anniversary or tin-
founding of the Ford Motor company
In It Ib shown that whereas on June
16, 1903, the concern was organized
with :i capital stock of $100,000 and
employes whose number averaged 381,
now- there nre lii.C'IO men employed
and the capital slock is valued at $2,-
A record tn be proud of when taken
with tbe Btatement mnde by Henry
Ford about the time his company was
organized, which follows;
"1   will   build   a   motor   car   for   the
multitude, it shall be large enough
for the family, but sninll enough for
the unskilled Individual to easily
operate and care for���and it shall be
light in weight that it may be economical In maintenance. It will be built of
honest materials- by the best workmen that money can hire after the
simplest designs that modern engineering can devise, nnt il shall be
so low In price thai the man of mod-
irate means may own one ami enjoy
with his ramlly the blessings of happy
hours spent iu God's great open
Alderman   K> llingtoti   took   a   party i
ot friends witli  him  in  his  motor car j
to Bound.irv Hav un Dominion Dav.
On Dominion Day a number of local
motorists took runs through different
parts of the country.     Some  motored j
to White oUck, spending the day there j
and returning at night.
Less rain during the first part of I
the week has somewhat improved j
the roads running to Ihe south, some j
of which were reported in poor con- j
The road from New Westminster
to Vancouver is now furnished with
signs for the guidance of autoists.
These were put up by the McLaugh-
lin-Hiiiek Motor company, and show
the dis:ances between the two cities.
Complete satisfaction is now being
given by the recently installed storage battery charging apparatus at
McLean and Burr's garage, and during the week local car owners have
made   use  of  this  modern  appliance.
"What are you doing, Polly?" asked
her mother.
"I'm knitting. Munve. dear." replied
the young woman. "1 heard George
civ the other day he was afraid he'd
'iif t" buy n new muffler for his ear,
and I thought I'd knit him one as a |
sort   of  surprise."- -Harper's   Weekly.
The municipal engineer if Surrey
sends notice to aiitomnliilisls (It-it. owing to re-grading operations and recent heavy rains, tlie Scott, road hill
is Impassable, and adiists that Ihe j
Yule and .lohnston roads he taken by
motorists lo White link, lllaine and |
tiliti- points to the south of tbe city.
An announcement received at McLean ami Ilurr's garage tell* of tbe
ever widening scope if the suies department of the Studtiaker car. which
is finding such favor here. Besides
sales agencies, there ure now- fourteen
central distributing points in the Dominion.
Drew Two Tracts.
North Yakima, WubIi., July I. Miss
Mabel Lutz.ot Spokane, and Allen
Boone drew two Tleton tracts on the
old Cook homestead nt the government drawing, two miles from the end
of the electric line. Hy a coincidence
Milss LutS and Mr. Boone were the
only ones of lhe five applicants who
were present at Ihe drawing.
Willi the country roads in better
conditions local motorists and those
touring the province are reported on
the move in increasing numbers, and
many machines are daily driven to
the Westminster garage where gasoline is always to be bad. This company also supplies free air to its
pal rons.
To Meet Moths.
The following comprise the team
selected to play today on the asylum
ground against Vancouver Mollis
commencing at 2:30; Hov. B. T. Hart
lett (Captain), E. W. Money. P. G.
Sugg. E. T. nunford. T. Y. Hebron.
G, Thom. W. A. Wells, F. C. B. Cave.
Canon d'Easum, L. H. Miller and F.
A. Itose.
Quick at Figures.
Owner    What'!!   it    cost    to repair
Ibis car of mine ?
Garage proprietor    What ail's it ?
Owner    I don't know.
i    Garage  proprietor   Thirty-four  dol-
llars and sixty-live cents I-Puck.
McLaughlin Service Covers
the Country.
VITALLY important in buying n car ia service���a feature sought hy many but obtained by few.    Consider then that which
cocs with every McLaughlin car. Through its depots located
all over the country over 1100,000 worth of patts are carried
for the purpose of givin-j quick, adequate and economical service to the McLaughlin motorist. You may never need lhis
���crvicc, it is ttuc. All the same it'j mighty comforting to know that it
is ready when and where you want it.
No other company in Canada has anything like thc same amount inverted
for this purpose. This is what we mean by McLaughlin service. It is
ill embracing, speedy, convenient.    It covers thc country
Call and see these new models at
our showrooms or phone 691 and
allow us to demonstrate.
We have the largest stock of tires
and accessories in the city:
Gasoline and Free Air Station
Storage Batteries of All Kinds Recharged and Repaired.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
MCLAUGHLIN Vehicles for
Over Ten Years
Free, end G-eni. Ugr Vlce-Prealdent. Bee. aad Tre-ae.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
ss. Prince rupert"
Amidst Island, Mountain. Forest and Glacial Scenery to
OllSERVATORY   INLET   (GllANBY   DAY)    $44.00
Including Meals nnd llcrth for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over senile route  of Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
ay at small additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. $i T. A.
527 Granville Slreet! Vancou
\V.   E.  DUPEROW,  O. A.  P.  D.
I'hone Private Exchange 8134 PAOR   EICFiT
Remember  the  Place ���
33 Eighth Street.
and the telephone No. 2
For pome time we(iiave been
revetting Tomatoes, Cabbage,
Strawberries. Spinach and other
Fruits and Vegetables grown for
ns only by T. II. Pearson, of
Hammond. Tlie producte have
been so satisfactory that we
bave decided to handle along
with these bis floral output at
reduced prices. Today we have
some especially nice Carnatlona
and Soveopi. which we will re-
tall at 20c. per dozen.
Order some with your groceries. We will have other fresh
flowers daily.
We wish to call your attention
to our Maple Syrup, especially
recommended by physicians as
absolutely pure. Gala, $2.25; half
gait. $1.25.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
of all kinds at very lowest
Spend your money where
values  demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
All notices of meetings, entertain Plans for building the new grain
ments. sales of work, etc., in this I elevator on the Pitt river aro nearly
column are charged for at the rate I ready, according to J. L. Davidson,
of  10 cents per line.    Please do not I of Davidson  &   Smith, who are pro
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Some slight repair work Is now being done on the telephone lines on
Carnarvon street,  near  Sixth  street.
Eagle   engine
Begbie stroet.
station.    13
Get It at the Royal Pharmacy, 41
Sixth  street.    Tel.  1251!. (1673)
The Indies' committee of tlie Victor-
inn Order of Nurses will meet in tlie
auditorium of the Y.M.C.A. on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Ice   cream    grotto,
bakery, telephone 281,
Elghlh    Slreet
A. Hardman,
The assUe court will resume Its
sessions on Monday, when the charge
of theft against John McNamara is
expected   to  be  called   first.
Money to loan on first mortgagee,
Improved city and farm property,
8 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. 11671)
���noting the scheme.    Mr.    Davidson
was in New Westminster yesterday
for u short time and stilted that no
delay In the construction of the elevator was expected.
Murmurs of protest are being beard
along some parts ot Front street at
the condition of the ('. P. It. tracks
there.    One  man,  whoso
Colonel Lowther Cannot Stay Longer,
But He'll Talk Canada for the
Rest of  His  Life.
Ottawa,   July    i        Lieut-Colonel
Lowther,  C.M.U..  D.S.O.,  who    came
business is I lo Canada with the   Duke   of   Con-
The boys from fire balls Nos. 1, 2
and 5 were treated to some excitement
yesterday afternoon aboul .1:1
they were summoned to the
room of the Walsh sash and door factory, where a spark had set fire to
the sawdust which Is used to feed the
furnaces. The boiler room was corn-
National Finance Company, Ltd., for I pletely destroyed, but the damage can
fire, life and accident insurance.    521
Columbia street.    Phone 515.      (16751
No definite date when the results
of the high school entrance examinations Wlll be announced has been
given yet. The papers are now being
on thnl street, claims thai the new
rails have been laid for two weeks
and yet the ballast has not been re
placed. Ile says it Inconveniences
drivers who nre forced to cross from
one side of the road  to the other.
The lioardeH of touring Americas
minor curs passing through New
Westminster and the bosoms of patriotic citizens of that country yesterday
borejuwall silk editions of the Btarilfeave of absence to accompany the
and Stripes. Judging by the sounds, I Duke to Canada. He succeeds to the
the mine fourth is not so popular as [command of his regiment in April
Can9dlan8 have been led to believe, '��� nox| an(1 )uis -.���,,,��� ordered lo rejoin
for fireworks a-plenty were exploded )t ln October of this year
during the day. |    -phe nanle 0f Major F. 1). l'arqulmr,
naught as military secretary, will not
be able to remain in Ibis country during the continued term of liis Royal
Lieut-Colonel Lowther, or Major
Lowther, to give him bis regimental
rank, is at the present time second
In command of the famous Scots
guards   regiment,     He   was   grunted
See Our Ad. on Page 3
Do you not find that the earn
of the estate for which you are
acting as executor entails a
great, deal of trouble and an:
Do you not find much difficulty in selecting Investments
which will insure regular revenue for those depending on
the estate and at the same time
bo absolutely safe?
Do  you   not  find   it   a   good
deal of trouble  to  supply clear
��� detailed statements of the position   of   affairs   whenever     requested?
Do you not feel that the
time devoted to the interests
of the estate could be spent
much more profitably tn yourself if used on your personal
This company is authorized
to aid you in this.
You may appoint this company  your agenl.
All the details and trouble
will be taken off your hands.
You may still supervise matters, even pass on the proposed investments when presented
to you  in concrete form.
We are now handling a number of estates in this way, and
Complete satisfaction is being
given  to all  concerned.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
The name of Jessie Moore has now-
been added to the list of successful
pupils passing from division two of
tbe F. W. Howay school into the entrance class. The name was left off
the original list.
Summer Hats, dressy and outing, in
Panama, Ratine and Felt, at Mra.
Agret's, 59 Sixth street. (16S7i
An attendant on probation at the
IV C, Penitentiary was arrested last
evening on a serious charge which
will be aired in the police court this
Kagle engines ure built bv the
Standard Company, and are known
for reliability, durability and economy.
���No notification of the awarding of
contracts for work on the Fraser river
jetty has been received. This is the
information given out yesterday by
C.   C.   Worsfold,   resident  engineer.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 16721
A motorist, infringing tbe motor
law by passing a tram car whilst stationary for the convenience of passengers   alighting   and   boarding   the
of tbe Coldstream guards, is mentioned as the probable successor to ,
whcti' Colonel Lowther in lhe offlc? of milt-
boiler tary secretary to tbe Duke of Con-
naught, He is said to be an exceptionally able man. He has served in
South Africa and was mentioned in
The departure Of Colonel Lowther
not be estimated until the boilers are1 wlll be regretted by a large number
tested. The loss is covered by insur-'of Canadians. Colonel Lowther nr-
ance. rived  ill  this country several months
before tlle Duke in order to make ar-
Messrs. Latham k Clarke, The In- rangements for the residence of His
gurance Mon. of this city, have been Rnya\ Highness here. He has travel
appointed resident agents to write e(i extensively through lhe Dominion
Employers' Liability Insurance for the an(1 lms endeared himself lo all who
Canada Accident Assurance Co., wjiicb  haVl, come |n contact  with  him.    Hn
Is owned and controlled by the Commercial I'nion Assurance Co., Ltd., of
London, Eng., one of the largest insurance companies in the world.
(Assets fl4.000.nil0.) The company
has a reputation for prompt setile-
meni of claims and their rates are
low. (16S5I
The city council water committee
conferred with a deputation from the
Coqultlam municipal council yesterday In regard to the sale of water to
Maillardville residents. The Coqult-
lam deputation particularly urged that
the notice of six months in respect to
the abrogation of the agreement to
furnish water should be extended to a
longer period. Tbe committee, while
expressing every desire to oblige their
neighbors, pointed out that the city
council could not bind its successors,
but agreed, it is understood, to recommend that as long notice as possible should be given of any intention to terminate the arrangement
The  Ladies'  Aid  Society of    White
Is a man of unusual tact ami has contributed largely to the success ol Ihe
Duke of Connaughl's stay in Canada.
Upon him was thrown the responsibility of all plans and the task waa
by no means an easy one.
"Yes, it is true, 1 am ordered home
in October," said Colonel Lowther today. "1 shall be extremely sorry to
leave Canada. I have enjoyed my
stay here Immensely. You have a
magnificent country and 1 fancy that
for the rest of my life I shall be a
walking advertisement of Canada."
The Ideal   Holiday Resort
Good bathing, magnificent sandy beach, boating, fishing, driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five trains daily each way, stop at White
White Rock combines all the pleasures of seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel, restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the townsite.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
BURN   I.  W.  W.  BANNER.
i Continued from Page One i
! ficers of governors
federate gray and
with men in (
few in blue, with
Hock church are holding a bazaar on   women in gay dresses and the presi-
car. met with the usual fate, $20 and |Thursday. July 10, afternoon and even-jdent   in  his  black  frock  coat  was  a
Paid up Capital
and   Surplus
.   $2,800,000,00
Asst ts       4,973,101.05
Trusts Under Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
costs, in the police court yesterday.
Save time, trouble and money when
buying gas engines. See Jnck Insley,
of tbe Standard Supply and Engine
Company, 12 Uegbie street.        (1894)
The hoard of trade council approved of the suggestion of I). S. Curtis
last night to secure the portraits of
all past presidents of the organization
to adorn the walls of the board of
trade rooms.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, tho
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Two building permits were issued
yesterday, one to Raymond Small, Oak
street, for a five roomed cottage, at
n cost id $1200, and the other to A.
Krogseth, Ninth street, additions to
his  present  residence,  $1000.
Kor pressed brick. (Ire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock nnd fuel oil, apply
to the II. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phone S-JC, wharr phone 880,      11674)
A Fourth of July celebration on a
small scale on Columbia Btreet yesterday afternoon, a'juut II o'clock,
caused two horses attached to a gro-
cery rig to make a bolt for liberty.
(Iiii- of them was dragged to the
ground by the other and received
some nasty cuts.
We make awnings, tents and sails.
renovate carpets and draperies, remake and repolisb furniture, manu
facture cedar dresH and waist boxes,
window seala and do all kinds ol
upholstery work
try. We ar.' the
Window   shades,
lerior   hanging!,
Lees   Limited.
ing. in aid of the new church building I quiet  figure.    Oovernor Tener  intn
tund.    Refreshments  will  be  served dueed him in a dozen words.    As he
and all are invited (1689) irose   to   speak   there     was     another
  i cheer.
Water  for   White   Rock. President Wilson Speaks.
The current issue of the B. C. Oa- I    The  president  spoke    slowly    and
zette contains notice of Incorporation ; carefully, but the  breeze that played |
of the White  Hock  Waterworks Co., |under th
Ltd., with the object of taking over II.
T. Thrift's water license and supplying  the adjacent  summer resort.
Company  Plans  Extensive
About  This City.
Having just completed the big task  of those on tb
sides of the tent and the
restless feet of tbose who hastened
in made it difficult for the old men
In Ihe rear seats to hear and understand. He was interrupted only once
or twice by cheering.
The president  was in the tent only
half  an  hour.     At  the  conclusion  of
his speech, he shook hands with many
platform and then he
Words'    Flag   Gets
T eatment.
I    I'ortland, July 2.    Industrial  Work-
'era of the World in a crew of    ttle-
' phone linemen a;  Sandy, a small  vil
ilage 35 miles east of Portland In the
j Cascade mountains,  hoisted an  I.  W.
W, flag on a staff in the grove where
'the townspeople planned to hold the
1 Fourth of July celebration.    Tlie citi-
Izens, enraged by tin  act. beaded by a
! band and carrying aloft tbe Stars and
_! Stripes, proceeded to the grove, shot
in- |down the I. W. w. flag and, parading
through the main street, dragged the
objectionable banner in the mud.
In front of the post office the crowd
formed a hollow sijiiare. and while the.
band played "America" the tattered
I.  W.  W.  flag was burned.
The men wbo had raised the    flag
expressed  indignation  and  threatened
to make another one and raise it, but
were informed that such action would i
be followed by prompt destruction of |
the new banner   and    the    summary
punishment of those responsible    for !
raising it.
In leather or tapes
largest   makers    ot
draperies   ami    in
Estimates   given
11869) i
of laying costly submarine cables
across the (lulf of Georgia and lhe
Saanich inlet, on Vancouver island,
the construction stall' of the II. C.
Telephone company is now busy on
many important extensions in the
vicinity of New  Westminster.
f hii f among the extensions which
the company's plant dl partment is   to
'undertake at once is the placing of
aerial  cable,  poles and   wires  in   Kd-
Imondfl ."''nl llie Iliirnaliy Lake district.
[This will be connected up to the New
| Westminster exchange, A 19-gauge
cable will be extended to New Westminster, taking in Hie district, around
I leer lake also. The work ls extensive, involving a large expenditure,
and will not he completed before
September, though subscribers' stations will be cut in as progress is
A general relief estimate for the
whole of the Colllngwood territory is
in band. Poles will be placed along
the Patterson and Nelson roads. Wesl
minster road. Kurls road. Forty-third
avenue, Van Ness avenue an.l Welling
ton avenue,
walked between lines of the constalm
lary to his private car, waiting on a
nearby sidetrack. He stood on the
rear platform as the train pulled
slowly towards (lettysbttrg through
the camp. A few minutes later lie
started for llarrishurg and the north.
Special trains liegan pushin
Gettysburg  early   and     i
men were working their h
;them out on schedule lime. Although
not many left after sundown tonight,
railroads  estimated   that   the  exodus
'had   been   almost   1000   per   hour   tot
'ten hours.
urday evening, a  gold chain  brace I
let with gold band engraved "Irene .
M."    Kinder please return to office |
of The News. (l>;H7l
Open  Saturday   Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary. Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., aud
Antwerp,  Belgium.
Residence Y. W. C, A Phone 1.124.
���������*tr*~r** ' *
Kresh Plums " lbs. fir 26c
Kresh Peaches 2 lbs. for 'J5c
Ulpe Tomatoes, per Ib 25c
Ripe Hananas, per dozen   30c
KrMh Strawberries. .. .2 boxes for 25c
Kresh Cod and Halibut.. 2 lbs. for 25c >'aR i>';-"g urg"il by Invisible person
He4  Spring Salmon, per Ib 15c
3moked   Halibut   2  lbs   for 35c
(Successor to Ayllnfl * 8*��ln->
447 Columbia 8t. *****"����� M.
A notice has been displayed in thc
local postofflce, over tin- name of the
postmaster    general,    Informing    ihe
public  thai   it   is  contrary   to  n*gula
Hon to inn  matches or oilier Inflam
mable articles in tlie malls, ami warn
! ing that any Infraction of this law is
punishable   lo*    five years Imprison
! ment.
The  registrar  and   staff  nt'  the  supreme court were busy nil yesterday
| paying     the     witnesses   in   tlie   Paul
[Splntlum and Moses Paul cases. There
I were   42   witnesses   In   .ill   and   their
fees    and    expenses    amounted     to
J88788.76.    The greal majority of them
��� returned to their different  homes last
'night  in  Clinton,    Lillooet,    Ashcroft
and  Kamloops.
The charge against Thomas Puller,
! of threatening to kill Dr. Kenny was
abandoned yesterday morning before
Magistrate  Edmonds.      Dr.    Kenny,
J who bad laid the Information, declined
] to proceed further upon It.    A charge
! against Shogaiiiara, a Japanese merchant,   of  defrauding   a  Chinaman   of
. f 10. was dismissed, The charge was
Involved In the giving of a spurious
bill fir Jin in change. The Intenl to
defraud was not  proven.
A man arrested Thursday  night Ity
the    police,    wandering    about    thl '
streets and ac(lng Btrangoly was tak-1
en  to  the  pollce  station  and   Intevn. |
gated,    He  gave  an  incoherent
count   of   having   been   the   first   m,  i
who had lit up the world and that be |
Victoria   Next.
Tacoma, July 4   The Becond annual
convention of tbo Pacific Coast Festival association here today resulted in
admittance to ibe association of the
"Wizard  of the  Wasatch" carnival, al
Suit Lake, Utah, and the "Rainmakers"
oft' Boise,    Idaho.     Celebrations   a'
Spoils tlie Hats.
Tacoma,      July      4.   Intermittent
shiwers played havoc with straw
hats and summer dresses today, bn;
did not hult the events of the Monta-
miira   Kesto.   of   which   Ibis   was   the
third day.   Tin- parade of all nations
this morning saw the streets Jammed
as never before for a similar pageant
and. while not as extensive as that of
last year, the procession was one
marked by novel floats and the presence of tbe entire state national guard.
The troops went from Tacoma Into
encampment ut American lake this
afternoon. The arternoon slumped"
events took place iu spite of the slip-
peri  grounds
Suits to  your
tshlng out of I 1 1 i
^?K I order and satisfaction.
High   Clasa   Ladles   and   Gentlemen's
401   Columbia   St.
Wholesale and Retail
What looks better than a nice clean meat market? Better still a nice juicy steak, or a tender roast
from a sanitary market, makes your meal a pleasure,
so trade at the B. C. Market and get the best.
We will offer for your Sunday dinner
Phone your orders
your own goods.
early or call and select
677 Columbia Street.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
BOX   442
Kvet'it iti.ii Bremerton were expi
I io be admitted nt lbe next executive
committee meeting, Resolutions were
adopted Importuning President Wilson
ami congress to name a board to aid
ihe "See America First" movement,
Victoria, B.C., was chosen for the
next meeting.
Yesterday's Temperatures in West
and  East.
Toronto, July -1. -Very warm
weather has prevailed loday, from
llle lake region to the maritime provinces, with temperatures or 90 and
over in many localities, Home severe
thunderstorms occurred today In Ontario, accompanied by heavy fulls of
nun In some localities.
In   lhe  west   there  have  bten   local
Boundary Bay
Maple Beach l'ark. being n sub
division ff the historic old Whalen
estate on lio'it dnry Bav, is ���>���
last on thc market In 60x100 feet lots
fronting lirond streets and with per
petuai beach privileges. This has
been the camp ground for scores of
local people for year". The lots are
selling fast, many people procuring
tho locations they had occupied as
.tenants for years, l'rlces $330 and
upwurds, easy terms. Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St.,  Phone.
1200,   1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
hone your order in early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will   not find  u�� there.
alwayti    glad    to    hear
from you and
ever ��orry to see you.
o   phone   us   up   whenever  yeu  are  hungry
we    will   e ndeavor    to
satisfy  you  and  your
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
to set fire to things I ttliries elicited
Ihe Information that he man had
been discharged on probation last
Monday from the mental asylum. Yes-
I terday morning be was brought up before the magistrate in the police court
and wus sent back to the asylum.
slmiw rs.    wiih     moderately
.   ... 57
....  41
Moose Jaw 	
Take advantage of the Bug'neSS Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent Ileach  UllarVle Spit)  for the summer inonl\s.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m, dally, on nml after .lune 15. returning in
the  morning  In  time  for  huslress.    Crescent    Hi ach    affords    Ideal
conditions Ior summer homes, combining the best of bathing,  bout
Ing ut all stages of tho tide together With lino beach.    Artesian well
water to all residents.    Let ua show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1801.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,
Marine Insurance.
Automobile and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and  every   16  minutes  until   9
p.m.    Half hourly service until
11  p.m.  with  lato car ut  midnight.
SATURDAYS���15    minute   sir
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS- 5 and 5.45 a.m.
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.80 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly unfta 10 p.
m., with  lato  car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  ll)  p.m. with lato car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS- 7 a.m. and every
hour until  11  p.m.
SUNDAYS- 8 a.m.    and    every
burn until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made at    Kb-
bour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS- 9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15  p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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