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The New Westminster News Jun 21, 1913

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News Classified Ads.
Have proven their  worth by tlie
results   tliey   produc        They   fill
large   or   small   wr  ,-.    at   small
The Weather.
New     Wesiminster    and     lower
Manhunt]: Light to moderate winds;
cloudy wltb showcra tonight cr Sunday; no change in temperature.
fUNfPk Of
Thousands  Yesterday  Followed Remains to Last
Resting Place..
I    I
Public Bodies, Secret Order* and Pri-i
vate Citiiens Pay Respect to
Hla Memory.
Scenes, the like of which have never
been witnessed before In New Westminster, were enacted yesterday when
the las', remains of John A. Lee were
laid under the sod In the. new City
cemetery ThousandB of people attended the funeral, not as slghtseeri-
but to show their respect for the memory of a man wbo, during his stay in
thla city had endeared himself to all
classes of people by his optimistic
frlendlini bs and untiring energy,
The beauty of the day was forgotten, the clear rays of the sun as they
poured down upon the hundreds who
had gathered arjund the graveside
were lost Bight of; there was a feeling In those people that there had
passed away one whose worth war
Inestimable, whose work for New
Westminster had been tremendous,
whoue life was cut off when Just in
its  prime.
Standing as it does on a high plateau, the view from the cemetery
showed Ihe Fraser river flowing paat
thn city, the Fraser for which John A
Lee had labored bo hard and gained
so much
The words "Ashes to ashes and dust
to dust" fell on hundreds of listening
ears, the Blight rumble Bound as the
casket was lowered to the grave was
hoard amid Bllence from the onlook
ers. the mournerB gave one last look
Into the grave and wended Iheir wa\
homewards silently. New Westminster was quiet last evening with the
quiet of a saddened city: John A. Lee
had   been  laid  to rest.
The Services.
Following a simple and brief service st the late home of the deceased
Whloh was attended by the near relatives and the Masons, the cortege at
2:30 wended itB way to Queen's Ave
nu��� Methodist church where the public :.,ti lr��� was held. Kvery seat
with the exception of those reserved
for the moirners and the orders ol
which Mr. I.ee had been a member,
had been taken when the funeral pro-
eeyslon arrived at the edifice and tool:
their places amid the solemn notes
* from  tin   organ
"Asleep In Jesn-r" was feelingly sung
hy 'he choir, whieh was followed by
a prayer by Hev. W. W. Abbott, pastor of the church. "Lead Kindly
light" wiib then sunk after whieh
Mr Abbott delivered the funeral .ul-
dresB, taking as his tent Corinthians
I, Chapter If., verses 66-67: "The sting
of death is sin; and the strength of
pin is the law. Put thanks be to Qod
which giveth us llle victory through
our   Lord   Jesus  Christ."
The Words of St. Paul.
The words of SI. Paul were feelingly linked with Ihe life of the deceased
the prencher referring to the gr.>n'
loss which Ihe city ami district hod
sustained   by   Ihe   death   of   John   A
i,e��� how his life with his family
had been of the best, how he had labored for the church and the Sunday
F- lino!
Arter the choir and congregation
had fitinc "Abide With Me." the public anri (rat-rnal bodies, together with
hundred" of m-ivaie citizens, filpd past
Ihe casket lying near the rostrum,
where they took a last look at tlieir
Outside the Church.
Outside the church the cortege hid
lined up and. led by ihe band with
muffled drums. It slowly wended Its
Way to the cemetery where the services wire conducted by riraud Master Hindi rson. of Victoria, of the Masonic grand lodge of liritish Colum
bin. followed by a brief Bervlce by
Itev. Mr   Abbott. B
This was perhaps tbe fir.il time Ir 	
the history ot British Columbia that
the grand lodge of Mnsons. meeting] Likely Lawyers
ns ll did In convention on Thursday,
hnd taken charge of lhe funeral ot a
I'te member during the time In seal-ion.
The   funeral   procession
for nearly a-mile, over
ing In  line   together
members   of   other
while upwards of ��
were required.
Led bv a mounted pollc-
then  followed  the band,  after which
rime   the   (Imnd   Lodge
King    Solomon,     lodge,
Lewis lodge.   Then
ellnw-B and Ihe Orange order
Scales    Highest    Point on Continent,
Difficult  McKlnley, and  Plants
Croes There.
Uueen'i Avenue Methodist Church, beneath the roof of which there gathered yesterday at the funeral of John A. Lee, the moat representative congregation that ever attended the burial cf a New Westminster citizen.
Fairbanks. Alaska, June 20.���The
ascent of the highest peak of Mount
MeKinley was successfully accomplished for the first time June 7, when
tie party led by Archdeacon Hudson
Stuck, Fpiseopal missionary for
Alaska, accompanied by Robert G.
ITatum, Harry P. Karstens and Walter
Harper, reached the top of the south
peak of the mountain, the highest on
the continent. News of the success
of the expedition was received today
by a messenger sent by Dr. Stuck,
who Ib resting at the base camp. Archdeacon Stuck expects to return to
Fairbanks In August and will go to
New York in October as delegate for
Alaska lo the general convention of
the Episcopal church.
Dr. Sluck and his assistants erected a Blx foot cross on the Btimmit of
the great inontaln. Obseivations made
with the mecurial barometer indicate
the height of the mountain as 20,500
I feet.    Dr.  Stuck  said    this    can    be
(checked by comparing the reading of
Ills barometer with the records taken
at  Fort Gibbon on the Bame date.
The expedition, which left Fairbanks March 13. expected to reach
iiie summit of Mount McKlnley early
in May. but was delayed three weeks
cutting a passage three miles long
through the ice thrown across the
ridge by an earthquake last summer.
The party found much evidence of
seismic disturbances on the upper
ridges. The upper basin shows evidence of a violent upheaval and the
ridges are badly Bhattered, but the
summits are not marred.
Archdeaccn Stuck conflrmi. d the
aBcent of the north peak by Thomas
Lloyd and three companions in 1910,
being able with field glasses to Bee
the flagstaff erected by the Lloyd
party when they accomplished their
American Aviator Has Miraculous Escape���Companion Killed.
Hung on Like Grim Death and Earned
His  Life���Tells Experiences of
Terrible  Drop.
Real  Fighting   Reported from Ortia���
Of Course Both Sides Claim
They've Won.
Douglas,  Ariz., June  20.��� From  behind bouses and walls and from rocfi
the forces of Oeneral OJeda and the
rebel    leader,    Obregon.    have    been j
fighting a battle in the towr. of Ortiz, j
45 miles north of Guayamas, for two
days.   Conflicting reports of the battle reached lure  loday,  but it is be-1
lieved  that when    darkness    stopped!
the fighting tonight the advantage lay
Permanent Growth of Cily
Evidenced by Building;
of Residences.
Close In Properties Are Weil Filled���
Expansion Is Shown in Every
Annapolis, Md��� June 20.���The navy-
added its first victim to the death roll
of the air today when EnBlgn W. M.
Bllllngslty was hurled trim a disabled biplane 1600 feet in the air, and I der Obregon.
[ell into the depths of Chesapeake I Federal agents from Guavamn*?
Hay. Lieut. John A. Towers, chief of brought the information lhat OJeda.
the navy aviators, clung to the hurt-1witb his entire effective force took
ling wreck thnt followed his com- . tl,e aggressive and fell upon Obregon,
rade's course from sky to water, and ��� who was jn ]ine of baUle at 0rtu
escaped   death,   almost   miraculously, yesterdav morning.   Today it was de-
Enslgn Billingsley, in a biplane that; clar(1(1   ,he  fighl|ng   was  rEnewed    at
had  been  converted   into    a    hydro-  niMe ������;irterB |n the Btreets of    the   ,     ,	
aeroplane by the addition of pontoons.; town and that the federals forced the steady work is not In progress is in-
wlth Lieut. Towers as a passenger. ;rrbelB to break and retreat toward eluded, an* throughout a very Conner-
left the aviation grounds at the na- Hermosillo. vative estimate has been made of the
val academy here this morning to fly { Thl(i informa,ion was bronchi to the coat of each. In all there are practie-
to Claiborne, 18 miles across the bay. Mexican consul here, but the censtitu- ally 50 private residences actually
About ten miles down the bay a gust (!onal jun,a cialrne(1 to have advices building putelde office buildings.
of wind struck the fragile aeroplane. | lQ (he nYersa and    ,hat    the    sUte
troops had gained OJeda's rear early-
today and cut off his line of retreat
toward Guayamas. the federal base on
the Gulf of California.
        sure proof that tha evcr-incre-aa-
|on the Bide of The federals, although '"g population of New Westminster ia
i It ls said they numbered only 4000 n��' a transient one, but that the pco-
| agalnBt the 5000 Constitutionalists un-in'e living here have come tn stay, is
given ' in estimates Just gathered
which show that at tbe present time
there are ln active cons! ruction within the city proper residences who*.*
total eost Is approximately $250,000.
These figures are not gleaned fronj
the building permit list, but include
only bouses upon which work is now
being done.   No structure upon which
! Democratic   Tariff   Bill   Comes   from
Hands of Committee to Co  Be-
fore V. 8. Senate.
, I
Washington,    June    20���Important
reductions in  the    Underwood    tariff
-tnH  races on Iron,    steel    and    other,
nn tal products; the addition of cattle.   Hearing on Charge
wheat, pig   iron,   angora   wool   and
many   other  articles   to   the   free  list
md   an   increase   in   rales  on     many
classes of cotton    goods   and    some
s Ik  produc s were the chief features.
uf   tbe   revised   tariff   bill,  as  it   was
laid   beiore   Benate   Democrats   today
by Chairman Simmons, of the finance
e. inlllil tee.
After weeks of work, in which
evi ry     Item     had     undergone    close
I'Mitny by sub-committees of the
majority membership of the finance
committee, the redrafted measure waa
brought Into the Democratic caucus
today. For two hours the important
changes were explained io Democrats
and the hill then wus made public.
Exie rts of the committee at once be-
g.,n work on a comprehensive sum-
mnry  of tlle changes.
['resident Wilson's desires' as to
free sugar in 11116 and free wool at
once prevailed In the rs draft of the
bill.    In tho genernl level of    Its rales
lie "Simmons bill" represents a
heavier cut from existing rates of the
Payne-Aldrich law than did the bill
as  it passed the liouse.
The Democratic caucus adjourned
early loday and members spent the
af el-noon working out a private
analysis of the measure. The caucus
will reconvene tomorrow. Senate
lenders believe the bill will reach thc
senate itself lale next week.
Thirteen Cases Out of 30 in
First Week���Two to Be
of    Perjury
journed���Counsel Objects to'
Interpreter  Engared.
Mr.  Lanigan  Tells  How  Much    Road
Loses in the Cattle Shipping
Thirteen cases out of a total of 30
actually disposed of in the first week
of the assize court is "going some,"
as the vernacular has it. Two more
are unlikely to be tried at the present sittings, Hardit Singh for subornation of perjury, and John Howard, for
sending threatening letters, who skipped his personal recognizances at last
assizes, and who ia not likely to appear at the present sessions. The
formidable looking 30 is thus reduced
on    half.
I'he benevolent visage of the court
registrar assumes its most sunny
smile bb the gloomy predictions of a
sitting lasting over the suinmer vaca-
Ottawa, June 20. -At the Bitting of
tbe western freight rate.-, Inquiry this
afternoon the examination of VV, H
Lanigan, traffic manager of the C. P.
K. In the west, was continued by F.
I'. Chrysler. The examination lias relation more particularly to exhibits
filed by M. K Cowan, K.C, counsel
for the Saskatchewan aud Alberta
governments. Live stock rates on
both sides of tbe line were first taken
Mr.  Lanigan  pointed  out tbat    the
Ensign Hilllngsley was thrown from I
icross the steering gear, which was
disabled The front planes of the;
craft fell, and it dropped like a dead
bird   for  the   water   1600   feet  below.
As it dropped the pilot was cata-
paulted out. his body turning in the
air, outspeeded the disabled machine
tiwards the water. Deep tn the bay
the body Bank and up to a late hour
tonight it has not been recovered.
When the aeroplane started on its
dive for the bay, Lieut. Towers clung
desperately to one of the tniSBes between the planes. Although at times
hiB body swunk clear of the rapidly-
falling airship he maintained hiB h dd I
with hand and arm almost wrenched i
After falling about 900 feet the biplane turned a comnlete somersault
and for a moment the force of the
fall was broken. Striking the bay It1
carried Lieut. Towers beneath the:
water, but he rose to the surface al- .
most Immediately.
Display of Nerve.
Suffering  excrutlating    agony,    he,
feared that he. would lose conscious- j
tiess before he could be rescued, and,
tearing loose the lashings of one of i
the planes,  he bound himself fast to
a   pontoon.     Within   a   few   minutes,
however,  he  waa taken off by B.  L. j
Bronson   and   S.   Keller,     who     were
watching  the  aeroplane's  movements
from a motor lioat kept on the bay by
the navy aviators for use in just such
At the naval academy hospital.
Lieut. TowerB, almost in a state ot
nervous collapse, his entire body
trembling and his head wagging pit-
eously, told the tragicjstory of his fall
from the- sky.
"Just before the accident," Ife said.
"I looked at the altitude dial and it
showed that we were running at a
height of 1625 feet. Just then a gust
of  wind   struck   the   aeroplane   under
houses    and      industrial
So   Say   Reports from   All    Dominion
Trade Centres���Bank Clearings
for the Week.
Montreal. June 20. ��� Despatches
from leading trade centres of the
Dominion of Canada reflect a some
what improved tone, confidence being
restored to some extent by more I P,aces where the
favorable weather, whieh hae benefit- ifaater.\>"i>M\l\\....
It was found that the average cent
per house was about $5000, although
some of course were scarcely worth
half ot thia.'while olhera were valued
at several times that sum. Invariably
I wood la the material used. The buuga-
\ low style is often employed, mltboa-gD
most of the houses are of more tbau
one storey.
Affect of Single Tax.
It Is interesting to note tho affect
; upon building of the -single tax ratine.
as in force In Westminster. As opposed to many Canadian cities, especially in the, eaat. there ia little uuocen-
pied prtpehy lying scattered through
the older residential sections. Vacant
lots nearer the centre of the town are
i not left to stand idle, bat axe put to
use wherever possible. Thus the
older aecttcmaiare filled up first before
newer ground la taken up. ia this way
giving tbe city a more -compact appearance than la to be found in many
growth    is   event
ted the crops and stimulated the demand for seasonable merchandise.
The gross earnings of all Canadian
railroads reporting to date for the
first two weeks of June Bhow a gain
of 7.1 per cent., as compared with
the earnings of the Bame roads for
the corresponding period a year ago.
Bank Clearings.
Following are the tank clearings of
the .principal cities of the Dominion
for the week ending yesterday, with
figures for the correspondirg week
last year:
$ 60.S59.033
2S.9S2.273 i
City. 1913.
Montreal   ....*$ 56.S92.615
Toronto        40.S94.S00
In comparison with other western
towns. New Weetmlneter has few
vacant bouse, and the "to rent" sign
is seldom Been. People apparently are
coming here not to make money then
hie away to other -parts, but are estah
lishing themselves bere to belp the
town that helped them.
Building activity is not confined to
any one locality, in the neighborhood
of Moody square and all the northern
parts of ibe town houses are be.in.-_
built, and in Sapperton ground Iiu:;
been broken for many new homes.
Altogether the growth U great amf
stands as an evidence of the healthy.
permanent state of the city.
Calgary . .
Ottawa ..
Victoria   .
tlon appear leas likely to materialize  pounds.    He considered that
and  the prospect of his hard earned  comparison per car must be bnsid on
holiday is more rosy. what  the earnings  were  actually up-
Pertab Singh Case. I0,11- a*m*-Z< -u':!"u ���mu!"i* >.',''' ('ar ""
_,        . ,    . ���       .   -.,    .. .               the Canadian Bide and  24,000  on the
The  trial  of 1'ertab  Singh for per-   Allu,ricail 8ide.    He estimated that on
jury   in   the   court   of  assize reached! h|S bMW tht ,.   ,,   ,{) wilh ,,,,, 0rea,
Northern    application,    would      huve
carload minimum on the C. P. R. for jncath the rear planes and the machine
live Block was 20,300 pounds, while ] lurched violently and took an uncer-
on the Great  Northern  It was 24,000 | tain dive.   This threw Hilllngsley jver Hamilton
proper jthe steering gear and the lateral rud-  Quebec
250 Masons be-
with score' "i
fraternal   orders.
hundred vehicles
tti      ^^
of  Masons
Union   IniL'c,
followed Ihe Odd-
In  Ontario  Who  Wi
Go to Bench to Fill Present
Immediately after thc hearse ci'nr
the mourners, n detachment of police
and firemen, Ihe heads of the -I'arl"!)"
civic offlceB. tbe ctty councll. Dominion    and     provincial   representative?'
Progressive association, H. A. -ft I, sn.
*t> clety. hospital board, school hoard
bny BCOUtS Vancouver city officials.
Vanof ovi r I 'iirtl nf trade. Vancouver
Progress club, New Westminster
Trifles mni Labor council, the reeves
nnd reiinc'is of South Vancouver,
Burnnby, Point c.rcy, North Vancouver, Couuiiiiiin, the mayor and aldermen -if Port Moody, l'ort Coqultlam,
New Westminster Business Men'B association, Fraser valley Development
league and hundreds of prival- citizens.
Pre-mbf Sir llleh'ird McBrlde wns
unable to be present bul ihe provln.
-rial eiiiinet was represented by Hon
Dr. Young, provincial soeretarv. n.ne\
Hon. Price Ellison, minlBter of agriculture.
The   floral   trlbn'es,   which   came
OttawB, June 20. The prime minister caine home from Halifax today
and p.* \t week there will be a cabinet
It is expected that the Ontario
c unty Judgeships will be filled before the slack period with the cabinet
n Ins. There Is every probability
that four of the new judges will    be
i I nil Sec t. of Walkerton; Moses
McFadden, of the Soo;    J, O, Dnim-
b hi, of   London;   n* Hart man,   of
North Hay.   J. P. Hayes, of Peterboro.
la  another likely appointment.    It  is
in    in ended to anpoint any member
J of parliament to the bench.
Veterans Enjoy Themselves.
Eugene, Ore., June 20,    Nomination
of candidates for department officers
io   he   voted  upon   tomorrow'  and   the
passage of a resolution requesting the
war d partment to retire with grade
of major general, Hrlgadler Oeneral
Thomas M. Anderson, of Vnncouver
barracks. Wash., were the principal
actions taken by the state encampment of the Dulled Spanlah-Amerlcan
war veterans In session here today.
The 200 delegates who came by special train from Portland and other
points In the stale, were welcomed at
the station hy the local camp. A military ball was given this evening for
a company    of    thn
lhe half way stage yesterday, with
the closing of the crown's case and
w.is adjourned until Monday at 11
owing lo the funeral of the late
John A. Las, the court suspended
proceedings from the luncheon hour
: until 3:30 in the uf ternoon. About 5
o'clock Mr. Macneil, counsel for the
crown,   Intimated   that   bla   case   was
[    After consultation   with   Mr.   Hansford, prisoner's counsel. Justice Morri-
on slated  that, as Ihe charge was ai
one  and   required  careful   attention and consideration, lhe accused i
must he allowed every latitude   con-,
slsti nt  with  fairness  for his defence.
As   i    was   practically   Impossible     to
finish  It   that   day  this  was the most
e nvenlenl time for adjournment snd
the  trial   would   be  resumed on  Mon-
day with the opening of the eaae for,
the defence.
Series of Litigations.
The charge against the accused i
arises out of a Berles of litigations!
among Hindus which had their origin'
| In a feud traced originally to a inur |
i dermis assault upon an influential
| Sikh    in   the    Punjabi      community,
��� Dharm Singh, for which two Sikhs
wire senl to the penitentiary, and another later on convicted of perjury in
connection with the case and also
sent to the penitentiary for a term
whilst yet another accused of prsctlc
.ally the Bame crime was acquitted.
Mr. Nacneil In his opening addres?
Ito tlle Jury explained the facts of the
case which the crown were to lay be
fore them.    Tliere were four partners
engaged in a contract for the small
& Bucklln Lumber company,  Dharm
Singh, i'erln'j Singh. Ibe accused.
;ilnrd;l Singh and Hunta Singh. On
! August 10, 1912. Dharm Singh received a cheque from the Small &
Bucklln company for $841.60 which he
* cashed al the Hank of Montreal that
I night and divided among the part-
iiiera.    When   he  handed   the  accused
warned $5.40 per car more than it ei.d
on 7 per cenl. of an Increase on the
s-,3 cars of slock shipped In 1912.
He explained lhat the difference In
actual revenue was due to a peculiar
condition existing in the Winnipeg
yards, which did not exist either In
St. Paul or anywhere, also whence
cattle were exported. The law required that cattle he unloaded at Winnipeg and fed. Sorting and reahipplng
followed. Local dealers and nlagliter-
house' men came down and large portions of the shipments from Alberta
ami Saskatchewan, billed probably to
the east, were purchased nt Winnipeg,
was rebated
surrender  of    the
e was no means to
from    being   Bub
The balance of th
to the shipper on
way bills, but ther
prevent way bills
For  instance, a man  might  have n
shipment of cattle from Ycrkton, and
(Continued ou Pnge Four.I
Moses    Splntlam Will    Come    Up
Soon as Perjury Case Ends���
Cunliffe Last.
Regina   ..
Halifax  ...
St.  John   .
Brandon  ..   . .
. Brantford    ...
; Westminster.
Medicine   Hat.
der planes went out of business. With
another   forward   plunge   the   biplane
dropped at express speed.
All in a Minute.
"It all happened ln a minute. Bill-     ^^^^^
ingsley went out of his seat and clear Mcose Jaw
of the planes.    When the ship started! Fort  William,
to   fall   1   had   one   hand   around   the
upright   between   the   planes,   and   I
locked it there.    I knew that waB my
only hope.    I was torn loose from the
seat   but   held   on   to  the  upright.     I
swung   clear  of   the   planes  and   the
gearing.    The strain on my arms and \
fingerB was awful, but I clenched my !
teeth and held on,    1 tried to kick the!
steering fear back Into working order
but I could not make it go.
"1 looked down and saw Billingsley
turning over and over In the air."
The trembling officer halted In his
=torv to wipe the sweat from nis ash;
face, hut wont on immediately.
"When the aeroplane hid dropped
about 900 feel tiie front planes went
down and under until the ship bad
turned a complete somersault. When
It wns half wny over It steadied for a
minute and tlle force of the fall wa?
broken a little, but It gathered momentum again, and when It hit the
water there wus a terrific crash.    Hut
$176.534,S77 $181,763,185
$30,000   for   Year a*. 7 Per
and  Work  Likely to  Ca
Forward at Once.
Men   Behind   Counter   Get   Together
Cut Do Not Corns Under Trades
and   Labor   Ccunr.il.
I kept clear of the engine and
planes and managed to come to
surface safely "
At the hospital tonight Lieut. Towers was listed ns "slightly Injured Internally," but the Burgeons were In
doubt as tn the exact extent of hiB
Injuries, He suffered terribly from
A branch of the Retail Hmployees
organization of British Columbia was
formed last night In New Westminster, A meeting was held In the Conservative  association  rooms and  ad-   __       _    	
iLreesed  hy C.  D.   Bruce; chairman of | water svstem
the Vancouver branch, nnd D. W. Pou- F|at  Rate for Industries
pard, organizing  secretary-
Pert Coquftfam. June ,19.���Satiafac"
tory arrangements have been made Uy
Mayor James Mars for the loan of
$30,000 from tbe Coqtdllam Terminal
company to cover the cost of 'natal!
Ing a system of trunk main* iir t!i!��tf
At a special council meeting Ihia*.
morning the mayor and City deck
Smith wore authorized to sign a contract with the company for tho loan.
The city will pay interest at the rate
of 7 per cent, an the mon��y, a portion
rf the water bonds recently authorised
by the I rntetpaycrw being given as
security. The loan will bv paid luck
iu one year.
As the result of the loan a-gree-
ment, it is very probah'e that Messrs.
Moon ei Sllverton, of Vancouver, will
b.< given Instructions to proceed witli
he Installation of the system of ironic
mains throughout the city at ont��.
They have agreed to finish their contract In six weeks' time, so thai tke
passing of two months should see the
city  in  possession of    a    flrat    cloao
Canal Flpurei.,
Ottawa, June 20. Traffic on all the!
Canadian canals, except St. Andrew's j
shows a considerable Increase, nccord !
:ng lo the tah'ilated figures to the end
Df May. The total tonnage was 8,135.-1
850, en increase of 1.923.676.    Of thia
Increase the Seo canal was responsl- j
ble for 1,410.6S3 tons.
i ��� ('��� (>eicf''Slon of tbe asslve trial
or Pertab S'ngh for perjurv. which Is
e*>n-ctrd to go to (lie lury hv noon on
Monday, the OSSS of Moses Snlntl-im
charged with Ihe murder of Constable
K nd-ess. will be begun, This wai
ii-"   annntineei-'eitt  of 0,   B.   Macneil.
K.C, counsel  for the crown, at    the I from   Halifax   next   w
dlournment of the assizes yesterday, j with him a gang of 1
,    L'.".\L"'tircivlnce   were the visitors by    a company
from  all parts of the proilnce   were artillery c0mB
(Continued on Fage Pour.) .coast aruuery corps.
his $200 share he added $20 from IiIb The caBe was sent down from Ver*
pocket which he owed him for an-jnon for retrial, the jury having ells-
other  debt.     In   December.   1912.   ac- agreed tliere.
ciiBi'd admitted receiving this $200 in ! The charge ngninst CunlinV, rape,
a county court litigation, On March 6 upon which the jury disagreed at luBt
the parties appeared before J.J. Cam- assize court in the city, will not
bridge, the county court registrar, un- eome, so fsr as preBent arrangementB
Work at Last.
Ottawa, June 20.���A. P. Hazen, the
engineer who surveyed and laid out
ths plans for the Hudson Bay railway
terminals at Port Nelson, who sailB
?ek, will have
0 men to commence the const ruction of wharves
and piers. A dredge will be Bent up
in a few weeks.
An amendment to the motion for establishing a branch and that the matter be deferred and put before the
local association of retail employees
was defeated. Several of those wh"
voted for the amendment, however
on realizing that the two organisations wire nr' necessarily antagonistic, signed the apllcatlon forms und
the requisite number for the establishment   waB  thus  secured.
Mr. Poupard explained that he was
not aware of the formation of the
New   Westminster  association,   or  he
shmild have communicated with them.
The objection of the supporters of
the amendment was that It constituted a dual organization In the city.
The chuirman snld there was no
reason, he could see, why they could
no; belong to both.
The great aim of the organization
at present ls to secure a half holiday
on Saturday and to do this Mr. Poupard urged organization nnd the for
der  a   reference  order  from   Justice are" concerned." until  about  the cIobc'department, died this afternoon In his (hind them.    They had to educate
(Contlnuod on Page Eight.) of the sittings of the criminal court,  seventy-first year. (Continued on Page Four.)
At the council meeting Alderman
Langan gave notice that he would introduce a motion in favor of grantine
a flat tax rate to industries. It iu
understood on reliable aUfhOrity Uut
two c.-inail tin manufacturing firms of
high standing are dickering with the
council at thc present time fbr flat
tax ra'es on sites in tho cfty lioiili--
whieh they have taken on option, and
on which thoy propose to' establish
branch factories, employing SO men
apiece, should some satisfactory arrangements be made with the city.
Joy in Spokane.
Spokane, Juno 20.���Tbe l*ow Wo*
parade and the Mardi Uras masked
balls were beld here tonight. Tin*
parade was mostly borlesqoeu Tho
balls wcre progressive, as they were
 _^^^^__. iheld  In  five different halls and    the
One Over Allotted Span. Ion Saturday and to do this Mr. Pou" '.dancers moved from one to the other
Toronto,   June   20.���Job.   Johnson, i pard urged organization nnd the for-  as fancy dictated.   The leading orent
chief inspector of the Toronto license I niatlon of a large body with votes be-  of the afternoon was the track aad
^^^^^^^^^^ the Held meet  In which  athletes of tarn
��� Padflc northwest competed.
-.*-#��� PAGE   TWO
SATURDAY, JUNE  21,  1911.
independent morning pufx-r denoted to the intcr?sts cf New Westminster and
wer Valley.   Published every morn-inff except Sunday bn the National ("rmKnr; I
Limited, at 63 UcKentie Street, Sew Westminster, liritish
p  Director.
News, and not
the /.raser
**tl Publishing Company,
AU communications should be addressed to The New IVcstmmstc.
tr. iudimdual members of the staff-    Cheque.-, drafts, and money orders should bc made
atx**x'it<   k>  The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TKL.EP110S ES���Business Office and Manager, 999; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
). 891.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, il per year, fl for three months, 40c per
Bn mall, l'i per year, 25c per month.
AIJYERTlKlNG  RATES on application.
Make  Application  fer  By-
-Fee of $50 to *100
Horne Pavne, chairman of the board of directors of
the B. C. E. R.* controlling director in London of thc Mackenzie and Mann interests and chairman of the British
Empire Trust has, to judge by his recent utterings, undertaken to play a role which in size is hardly proportionate
io ihe authoritative and commanding position he holds in
British financial circles by reason of his powerful connections.
With the confidence of a man who really knew thoroughly the subject he was discussing, Mr. Payne condemns Canadian municipal bonds as a poor investment
and enjoins the British security-buyer to purchase railway shares instead.
If Mr. Payne had intimate information on affairs in
every municipality in Canada he might be in a position
to express an opinion and he might not. As it is, he had
no right to speak as he did, knowing, as he must have
known, that what he said would carry considerable weight.
���not because Mr. Horne Payne said it, but because the man
who holds the posts filled by him gave voice to such words.
With all due deference to the person who sits in London and presumes to catalogue Canada's financial risks,
we in New Westminster are still prone to hold to the opinion that Roval Citv bonds are just as good any day as
B. C. E. R. paper or C. N. R. securities, whether Horne
Payne says so or not.
There is another side to the picture and it is not a
nice side.
In view of the London financial man's close connections with Canadian transportation companies, there are
not a few who will take the view that he has deliberately
attempted to sacrifice the welfare of thousands of Canadian municipalities to fatten the treasuries of the roads in
which he and his friends hold stock. This would be a
hard pill for Canadians to swallow, girded about as they
are with unbounded respect for British financial methods,
but. by his own utterances Mr. Horne Payne has laid himself open to a charge which every man in the Dominion
will hope is not true.
Horne Payne occupies some lofty seats in the hub of
the empire, but, in spite of his evident effort to retard
��� expansion in this country, there is hardly li'
slump in our energy simply because he says our nunii
cipal credit is gone.
North Vanoouver, Bine 20. The
usual weekly session of the dlstriet
council of the municipality of North
Vancouver was held last evening.
Reeve  May presiding.
Owing to the delay which has occurred In realizing on the sale of the
municipal bonds it wae decided to
make a reduction in the work gangs.
and also ihat the return of a number
of tendera he authorized, which had
been rent in for work, which was
contemplated ;��t the   ailing tor same.
Councillor   l.outet.   in   moving     the
resolution, said that in consequence
ot the unexpected delay the council
would nol be wise In undertaking any j
further work for some time.    The (111!
���ii   McCartney   creek,     Indian     river,
drive,  nnd  the  clearing  bf  the   Lynn
Valley   playgrounds   are   the   tinders I
to  be  called  In.
The deputy minister of public
works, Victoria, in a letter to the
council, said that the provincial government was prepared i I extend the
trail to the r.lnc mines on condition
that the disirict council contributed
its portion to the undertaking.
Under the preear.l conditions the
council fell it would be unable lo con-
struct  its part  during this  year.
A c miniunication was received frim
tho Lynn Valley Ratepayers' association requesting the council to con-
slder the construction of a trunk road
from North Lonsdale to Lynn Valley.
:iul from Lynn Valley to the -Waterfront The question was referred to
li; finance committee.
A petition was received from seven
automobile drivers, plying for hire on
the Capllano road, requesting the
council to regulate the traffic on that
road by bylaw, and to provide tor a
license of from %:,n lo $lui) for all
autiis plying for hire, and also to pro
vide    adequate    police    protection
Most Inviting
at all times is a
cup of
TEA.     That   is   on
account   of its  inherent goodness of
In Sealed  Lead  P&cketa  Only.
Black,  Green  and Mixed.
The N'ew Westminster News does
not hold itself responsible for the
opinions expressed in correspondence.
To  the  Kditor The  News:
Sir, 1 would esteem it a favor if
yeu could Insert this letter ln your
next itsue re the above question:
The hasty and ill-considered action
t-U'ii at a "special" meeting for which
there existed absolutely no Justification was in the first place the excuse
for appeal to the people. In some
Ihree nr fonr.days 89 people signed up
on the principle of "referendum." Tin
solicitor ruling lhat one-fifth of (In
electors musl sign: 1-1 days was ex-
lended I i obtain the additional number of names: this was more than
accomplished M ihe new petition contained IN- nn lii-i, lul iii aceordance
With the legal ruling thr. petitioners
askul that, il be submitted at the tin.*
of ihe next election of councillors. On
presentation objection by the reeve
was made thnt a new petition in the
place of the former could not be re-
C Ived til mere technicality dealing
to 1 with Ihe date of referendum) und al
the traveling public along the high- I though the main principle remained
way. The diftrlct clerk was instruct- ' lhe -fame in both cares, no chance was
ed ti
notify the petitioners lhat
council had already drawn up a
law  to that effect.
given for dlSCUBSton. The inference
then is plain, that the council, fearing
defeat of (heir action to place the hall
at Maillardville, wcre obliged lo confirm their previous action The
charges made that Maillardville peopli
demanded, ns the price of their support, the build It-g of the hall is nev
supported by facts, as no council would
to ignore the wishes of the elect irs
without strong reasons nnd II is quite
i certain that the reeve has never de-
j ,  | sired the Impeachement.   Although the
act  provides   for  cases  of  this  kind.
Cronre Statue cf First White Man to | viz.,   referendum,   and   all   condition-?
Imposed   were   complied     with,     the
Montreal  Board  of Control  Gend   Report Back to Council.���Disabled
Employee  Get  Half  Pay.
Montreal June 20.���The hoard of
control will rqfer the report of a committee of aldermen on a pension fund
for civic employees back to the city
council. The board contends It is not
a pension at all, but a promise lo pay
oul of civic revenue.
The report of the aldermen, in tlie
main, merely adopted the custom now
ployees, disabled In the public service,
on half pay. The first clause of the
propesed by-law provides tlt^t "When
a permanent employee of the eity of
Montreal shall become unable to perform his duties owing to his age or
by reason of a chronic or lne"ruble
disease or of permanent Infirmity contracted in or as a result or on account
of the discharge of his municipal duties, he sliall be superannuated, and
he ehul then be entitled during his
lifetime to an annual pension equal
��o one-half of the annual salary paid
to him at the time of his ���superannuation."
If a permanent employee is un ibh
t i work owing to a chronic or incurable disease contracted outside of his
employment,  he   is  entitled   to  one-
third of his salary I'or life if he li u
j been   employed   by   the City   over   len
i years;  if over twenty years, one-half
j of his salary.    It is provided that the
i pension granted to any employee shall
n ii be less ihan $300 and not exceed
One clause has caused much heart-
! burning among the city employees,   K
provides that in the event of an employee pensioned off for illness being
j able In take up work again the "board
i of commissioners may order such employee to fill a position corresponding
to Hint held by him previous to this
ri tl ��� merit with a salary equivalent to
that iuid Vi him, and in the event of
aaid employee refusing such new position, he shall be deprived rn .us pen-
slon,    During tbe time the employi e
shall hold such new position, the pen-
i sion shall be suspended and lf tbe said
��� mployee is again superannuated under this by-law, he shall  be entltl, d
j to the pension provided for and all the
years during which he shall have heen
| in  the city's  services shall  be  taken
' into account."
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get ns goon or better, manufactured In 11. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUA BR" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americai.  and  Canadian   Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sjewer l'lpe from
4-ln. to 24-in. In diameter. ThlH Is nlso made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a Btock if Crushed Hock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsrwhere.
Phones 15 and 16, 902 Columbia Street W,
Changes Are Not Yet Settled���Proves
Hard Nut to Crack���All in
a Muddle.
li. * P. O. "f Elite "f the D. nt C, meet
ihe first and iinr.i Thursday al s p, m..
IC ot P. Hull. Eighth Hir.-t. A w. lie
Gray, Exalted Ruler; P. 11. Sinlili. Soo-
ri tary,
Sen Site of Canadian Capital
Unde.-   Way
Ottawa, June 20. ���It was just three
. , hundred  years  ago   this  month   thai
Gly LO be any Samuel de Champlain took observations of IiIb bearings wllh an astro-
blute in the vicinity of what is now
Nepean Point.   He was the first white
It's a pOOI' bird that follls its OWn nest, particularly  n,a�� ever to'lay eyes on what Is now
,.,.1.,,,,, the site of the Canadian capital.
When that nest holds golden eggS. Fitting tribute to the man who firs!
opened up the Ottawa valley district,
.   ,  ,, .,.   or, for that matter, lhe whole of low-
work and   t  was slated that  the city r,       ,    ,    ,    .'       ;. .     ..
. i ���    �� ���i,  f���,    er ( anada   s to be pad bv the erec-
e t nrg":;:" rz ;:r, ss < *����* ��^��ru�� s br,��r
A considerable Increase of advertis- SffiRnf. "tfr?- ��SJ2 "am.l o���
ing has been particularly noticeable M ��"'�����>������ P-O-A. Progress on the
in trade and flnnanctal papers.
Halifax was founded 104 years ago
today. June 21. 1X411, when Lard Corn-
wallis' fit ei, with some 41100 English
vniiy ranis on board, found a safe bar-
<*"��o7 in Chebucto bay, after a long
anil tempestuous voyage. The first
action of the settlers was to hold a
��ervne of prayer and thanksgiving,
llie Infant city was immedial ly chrls
tened Halifax, in honor of the earl of
thai  name.  A  permaneni  site far the
* eetflem-enl was chosen only after
much h ati-d argument, some advocat
����g the selection of the western side
��� or the peninsula, at Polnl Pleasant,
Inn the majority decided thai the east-
cm Bide v.as preferable, At the time
of the founding of Halifax the surrounding fertile country was peopled
*v the Micninc -indlAMSMUid these, un*
iler Ihe leadership of Le Leutre, the
"hlai k   niibe,"   and  other   Prenohmen,
- ,*cre Tur some years a BOUrce of iron*
till- and danger in the English settlers
'The -deportation of the Arcadians was
(-followed by a steady accretion of English  and  Scotch  settlers, and  Halifax
(���re*  into a thriving little city    in
���harwir. among the finest In the world
Kan- It a supn maoy over Nova Scot-
tan Settlements which it has always
maintji II d.
memorial has reached such a stage
that the picturesque figure is now be
lng  cast  In  bronzo  in   New   Vor'.i.
The sum  of  $12,000  waa   required
for the erection of (he figure and one
slectors were turned down. This Is
; indeed selling as;de the will 'if the
pedple in good earnest. I can Imagine
'no more deplorable condition of =eK.
government Ihan is shown in this
matter and can only say that if tin
electors are willing to receive enn
tumcly and contempt nt the hands if
their servants l( Is tini" we returned
(o the davs of ignorance and subiec
(ion. It has been said, hut 1 cannoi
vouch for Us truth, thnl all matters
brought tiefere the council hive been
pre-determined. It ls not. for me to
s-iy, bul II is easily demonstrated
that conclusions could be reached In
support! r of this contenti m. if th" circumstances preceding it wcre examined, notably ibis municipal hall question.    v.ni"s  respectfully,
Montreal    Lodges    a    Strong    Protest
Against  Charges of  Bell  Tele.
phone Company.
Burqultlam, .Tun*
II.  B,
19.  1913
Seattle,  June  20    In  a  voice  that
swept and echoed through the big auditorium at  the university of Washington, Rigln Reverend Bishop Fred- j
crick  William  Keillor of Tacoma. de- i
llvered a stirring commencement ad- |
dress  before  the graduating class of;
*-   me [deals of Democracy.' 'li was a
crowd <if fathers and mothers, sisters
ami brothers, that filled the hall to the
uppermost balcony, each watching tho
speaker intently as he applied his re- ' .
marks   to   some  nervous  capped   and '      '" '���*"'
gowtud. un mber of the 1913 class.    H i
was a most "impressive ceremony.
Cl eer afti r ch Bwept the auditorium when ilu* graduates fibd In In
fniii of the plat; irm in response to
short addresses from the deans of
their respective fol^eges, and receiv- *
ul their degrees and diplomas from!
Pn Bldi nt Thorns*
half of this amount was promised by
Dominion and provincial government
grants. The balance had lo be raised
l.v voluntary subscription and the
committee was successful in their endeavor. A further appeal is likely to
be made in order lhat a suitable base
group may lie added to the statue, to
give an effective finish. The design
for the propostd addition is a group
of Indians, As tho olty has nol lent
any aid in the matter, the committee
some adequate action In
ibis connection.
The most attractive members nf thi
committee In charge are; Capt 11
W. Howie. Senator Belcourt, Hon. Q.
Perley. M. P., Or. La Roche]lo, l'rof
K. E. I'rlnce, l-'.ll.S.C, Benjamin Bulti
K.R.S.C, Col. Charles Winter, D.A.A
O., J. K. Koran. Lltt. I)., L.I..II.    and
Minister   of
Ove ���
Education   Looks   Things
Question     Now     of
Franklin Kane. TwoID' M- Flnnie-   Tlln laRl two ""'���>"'
' The  chi bra   visitation  ol   1832   was
at ii> worst on ihls dale, when many
deaths   were   reported     In     Montreal.
���Qui t>* e ami other Canadian elites
The Asiatic plague made its flrsl ap
pear&nce on He* eontinenl al Qui bee
���early In June. 1832, and the tirsl death
���toy cholera in North America occurred
in   that   ��� ily   00   lhe   eighth   of  .lune
���torn Quebec the disease spread to tho
Maritime provinces and to the Unfed
States. In the four cities thai kepi
an accural.' record of cesi > Quebec,
Mon real, Nl w York aad Philadelphia
there were a total of  18,  caa is
mni 8000 deaths,
; Region   Board  of Trade  Speaks
Make Petition
lti-Rina. June 2(7 At a meeting
tho council of lhe board of Irad" a
���notion was passed requesting the sec
retary to oommunloate with the drain
Orowers' association of the province
for the purpose of Impressing upon
them the necessity of urging the Do
minion government to establish a Hi
minal elevator at  this polnl.
It was pointed out thai with the
rapid d ivelopment of this section of
the r.oun'ry and with the Important
T-rmillcn Regina was taking as a distributing centre such an elevator was
.a  real   necessity.
Norman A. Ruse, who was recently
-tippe'nted city publlclt) i imi Ifcaloncr
|>y the board of trade was given a
MbsUintlal Increase in big sal.tr> in
recognition of the valuable services
which lie has already rendered lo the
His stipend will now be $!j.' pel
���month Instead of Jloo as formerli
Several memh rs if the board made
mjm-, mi mention of the splendid work
which has been accomplished slnci
Mr. Rum- took nnr thai branch of th."
hundri d and Blxty degri es were grant
��� il. while fifteen prizes and scholar
ships -.ven  awarded
One hundred and fifty thri e members of the arts an dsclence colelge
ie., <*, - d \ R c im*. i - eight li S de
gn ��� .-* two H S In chemical i uglneer-
Ing; eight H 3. In civil engineering;
six ll. S, in mechanl ial engineering; ���
three 11 S. in geology and mining;
one B S. In mining engineering; ten
li 3. in f irestrj. thn >��� it s in pharmacy; eighteen pharmaceutical chemistry; six certificates In pharmacy;
twenty-five i.i. H m law, and ten
��� ���  tlflcates In llbn rj  ei oi on ������
Forestry Astoci-it.cn Activities
(i lawa, June - ' rhe people of
Man e lei and the ether j ralrte pro-
i tues will have at tl ��� ��� * ��� cl the
Canadian Fur* strj as< lal lon to '��
hi Id ni Winn peg i n J tl) : * at d ft,
an opportunity of Beelng It ci ncrete
form examples of'tbo woods whieh
r.inn the bulk ol the limbi r wealth
of the central w< it as there will bc
a colli ctlon o( wood * ide . the
course of the |a | ear 1 thi offi
cers ol the Dom * ' l service
There   will   al       ��� ��� oxh bil   if
Insects prepared specta      for the for
eslry  convi i *  n   I * ** n *
experts of the d< pi rtmenl of agrh il
ture    ii Is expeel d ths
cement, made bj   Mi   lami - I, ���
secretary   of the bi si clath ���
tore per, ing for the city cf Winnings
to make  tlnal arrangi n en     foi  the
mei t ng   will ai troci  a large ni n b -
of  peo] le   in   addition   to   thi    i
v ho  hn ���     air a���"'������  Btgnlt i d  I hi  I    n
ie tlon of attending,
The movemenl fur fori si consi i vo
Hon is progressing rapidly In all parts
of the west, particularly in Manitoba
and in Alberta, where it is found thai
llm forest ureas can be made produc
live of a much greater amount of
wood (ban was heretofore thought poa
sible     li  is said thai  a distinct  ad
wince in the forest policy of the west
is not an unlikely outcome of the
Winnipeg convention,
id   are   secretary   and   treasure
Bpectively, of tbe committee.
ii, ck
well w
ill a
ways bb
ss Friday tin
His escape aftrr falling four stories
from the top of the Masonic building
on Metealf street, was nothing I ss
than a miracle,
Rockwell is employed by .1. |{. Mc
Letin ���*). the contractor, lie was at
work on the top of the Masonic build
ing nexl to the Y. M. C, A on Mi t
calf slreet.
He lost his frotlng and fell four slot
eys to lhe ground. He was taken ii
the Brady and Harris ambulance t
St. Luke's hospital where it was found
that his thigh was broken, and hi
had some other injuries. He will like
ly  recover.
Portage  Ln   Prairie.  Man..  Juno  20.
Ar Imr Meighen, M.P., has return
ed to I'ortnge from Ottawa where hi
was in attendance on parliament.   He
slated that lie expected to spend the
summer at his home In Ihls city
When his attention wns called to the
article appearing In a Mose Jaw paper
which was to the effect that he would
run In lhal constituency In order ti
secure a portfolio, be stated thai hi
had nol seen the article in question
but had heard of It He could no
imagine whore it emanated from, < -.
ci pt trom iho tertilt brain of sum'
newspaper man As far as he knew
there was nothing Iii the nlory, and
did not even know if he was wanted
out there. "I prefi r to remain when
I am liked." said  Mr. Meighen.
When asked whal there was In thi
frequent reports lhal he was to entet
Hi    cah int.   Mr,   Meighen   slated   Hn*
he knew in,thing of the matter beyond
whal  In* had  read  and  that   was Jul
newspaper talk.
Victoria, June 80. The requirements of the old Mens' bome at Kamloops and the fuller equipment of the
sanatorium near Tranqullle, called the
Hon. Hr Young, nilnisi.-r of education, to the interior iu the hitler part
of last W, ek. lie has now returned to
the capital fully conversant with the
necessities 'if these diversified Institutions and under his guidance umt
ters affecting (heir development will
be |i I in d forward rapidly.
The   n,iniiter  staled   that   tho
wini.-  i I   the  old   turn's   home   is
practically compiedd   and thai
questlnn of lurnlihlng Is tho one
Is agll tt ii :��� Ibe minds of tbe boa
governor* Accompanied by the
Montreal,  June   -0.���Rates   charged
>��� the Hell Telephone company came
In ror long discussion by sie.i-lal com
mitti e on telephones of the city council.   Complaints were made before the
committee that rates as high as $100
per year for private telephones wi ri
..us Lnai'bed in some of the outlying
wards.    Act   rding to a ruling of the
' railway  commission, the company  Is
; mtltled to charge $35 for private lel-
'phonrs within a defined  radius;   be-
! yond this radius, an additional $5 per
year per quarter mile.    It was argued
hal the company was charging fron.
the central instead of from the limits
of the first radius.
The committee decided to submit
the following questions to the law depart luent:
111    I nder    the ruling  of the. railway   committee,   does  the   $5.00   per
quarter mile additional charge mean
distance calculated by cable route or
1 dislanre direct?
121 Has the company Ihe right to
Continue the old tariff from Febru-
arj   1?
The law department Is also requested to lay the complaints before the
lull Telephone company, and to ascertain from the company what its
ralis are for single, as distinguished
.from party lines for two, three or four
Falling a satisfactory reply from
the company wlihln ine week, the
law department ls requested to lay a
complaint before the railway commissioners.
Montreal, June 20.���Starting cfi
with resolute" faces and determined
attitudes, the band of aldermen chosen to i infer With the hoard of control
on Uie proposed changes In the (rani- j
ways service, got togother bent on
deciding once for all just what suggestions they would adopt.
But Inside of fifteen minutes their
bravery and determination had
changed to absolute confusion and
chaos.    Tht> worthy aldermen  could
make neithi r head nor tail of the
Changes proposed by E, A. Robert, of
the tramway compact, and the counter-changes of (i. H. MacLeod, the engineer for the city.
They Started off determined to consider one by one and side by side the
comparative proposals of tho company
land  the city,    They  went  as far as
I "Suggestion No. 1," and ihe.-. they became hopelessly tangled in a bafTling
] maze of routes nnd turns and transfers.    The  result  was  that  the  confused   aldermen   never     got     beyond
"Suggestion No. 1." In fact, they did
net half consider It.    ' Suggestion No,
1" was their stumbling block nnd they
'did not dare face the sixty odd suggestions which  followed.
In   sheer   hopelessness,   Aid.   L.   A.
jl.apoinle finally moved that the whole
report of the city engineer should he
J referred to the tramways company, to
See whether the olllcials of the latter
company agreed with ii or not    The
city engineer, Mr   MeLeod, is (o see
I the company personally on the matter,
and is to report back to the commlt-
tee     That  seemed   the  easiest  way
out of the  whole difficulty after the
aldermen had wandered for more than
an hour In a maze of proposals, routes
and re-routes.
L. O, ii. M.. NO. SB-*.���MEETS ON
llrst. second, third and fourth Wednesday    in    each    nn,nili    at    s    p.  m.,
In     Hie     MODSe     II.Hie*.      II.   ,1       1.. ���; I mv.
dictator; F. K. Jones, secn-tary.
Headquarter! "( lodge in Bee House,
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon Btreets,
1. O. O. F. AMITY I.ODr.C Nil 17���The
regular meeting of Amity lodge No.
27. 1. 0. O. !���".. I* ll'-l.l every Monday
nlKht ill 8 o'clock Iii Odd Follows' ll��ll,
oorner  Carnarvon  and  ):-i;iith  streets.
Vlsltlnr     brothem      cnnltnllv     Invited.
R.   A.   M.rrltlli'W,   N.   O.;   J    Itehirisoa,
V.  11.;   \V,  C. Coatt..un.   P   ii.   r.-rord-
ItiK s.-cn-tary;   II.  YV.  gangster,   flnao-A
clal  secretary. ���
ter & Hanna. Ltd.)���-Funeral directors
mul embalm) r�� Parlors tur, rolumhta
street.   New  Westminster.    Phono 991.
W. E. fa les���Pioneer Funeral Dlreetor
and BJmbalmer, 812 HIS Aku���h streht
opposite Carnegie Library
Accountant Tel. K. 128. Room !, Hart
i     Hlock.
p. II. Smith. w. j  Qrovea
Work undertak m   in   city   and   outside
points.   211-12   Westminster  Trust   mug.
* phone  364.     P.  O.   Hox   607.
ster Board of Trude meetfl In the hoard
romn. City Hall, as follows: Third Frl-
i day of cjich mvnth; quarterly meeting
I on lhe third Friday of February, May,
August anil Novemher at H pan. Annual meetings on the third Friday ol
February, C. H. Smart Wade, s.ero-
nl ui
I., ad
of the Btaff, the minister made an In-
spec 'Hon of the Institution and summarised its requirements, and it is
likely that in the course of ihe i.������������.:
few ila*.,. tin. work of equipping tlrn
establishment will be undertaken He
expressed the opinion thai the whole
'lien i reorganization can be enn
ducted t-ui"i ssfully within the nexl
: w ��� months
This  wi rk,  which  Jti  now    Hearing
completion, has been In operation fnr
some linn    mil   is  much   more  ci' n
Islve thnn  in'ghl  appear from  a  brief
discussion of the matter    In the he
ginning   the   scheme   practically   con
slsted nf the rebuilding it 'he entire
Institution   nnd   as  a  matter  nf  facl
much    i   lhal   his  been   alrondv  nn
compllshed,  and  now  the remaining
work  applies  to  (he  last   of  the  two
wings,   which   have  been   COnstriKtrd
largely through the good ""'ees of lh<*>
provincial government.    When evrry
thing Is completed It Is estimated (hit
the sum of HE 000 will hi"p been ox
pendi I upon the undertaking,
Bul Hen does nol evhausl the mat
ter for the eoveriimei'" Iris under enn
sldsrstlon Ihe advisability   nf    "on-
iti-tict mil-   i   'inwer n'-l'lt    le  Slltli,i    "    '
only  tin. i,Id  men's home,  but  the  till
as well it is believed lhal by combining the two Institutions In bonds of
host and light a great Bavlng will he
affected This matter, however, his
nm vet been fully gone Into, but the
mlnlrter of education Is In favor if Its
adoption, bs it -.ill nol only save
mono) in the he .���, run. bul wlll al the
same time bring ^nth establishments
Into a condition of undeniable modernity The esl mated cosi of such a
i: .ni is now bi Ing inquired into.
Spokane, June U0, Mountains were
reduced to molehills during the final
session of the state hoard of control
Investigating the Medical Lake Insane
Lurid stories of brutality and abuse
<f patients as told by the witnesses
for Hie prosecution became ordinary
IncldEntS  of   discipline  as   related   hv
In- ,1. M. Semple, superintendent of
the asylum nnd employees of the in-
Btltullon, even turning to acts of htt-
manlly towards (he Insane patient.
Testimony of vlsciouBncss on the
part of attendant' -ho were said to;
have   locked   handcuffs   on   the   sore j
wr'st of n patient and then jerked the
CUffS to hear Ihe pallint  cry, tectum
a matter of using padded leather cuff
so the ratlent could not tear the drcs
ing   from   the   wrist   nnd   the   wound
which lay beneath given a chance to
The picturesque Btory of women at
tendanis yanking n woman patient bv
the hair of her head, In this way
throwing her to the ground and Jerk
lng her to her feel and finally tying
her lo a b "iich by her hair, became
a mere matter of restraining a vlo
lent patient whose hair w-as so short
II could net he yanked, much bss tied
lo a bench.
With the exception of the nubmls
slon if argn men'a In the fer->i ni
briefs, the investlgat'on Is ended Tli
decision of lhe board is nol expected
for a month. Commissioners (loss and
Morse sat through yesterday's hiar
lng. Ross was called to Seattle and
departod nt noon, leaving Commissioner Morse alone (or the TmiiiI of
ternoon s< sston, Chairman Jones Is
expected hack from North Yakima io-
day. when in- and Commissioner
Morse wlll go to Medical  Lake and
personally   visit    the   ward.;   and   talk
with the patients.
Monteral, June 2n. Several of Ihe
Presbyterian church of the city wlll
follow the plan adopted las-t year for
the  summer   months,   and   close  their
churches for a time, the congregations
uniting   with  other  churches  for  the
services.    The  American   church  will
be closed during July and August, the
hoard of management having decided
Ito renovate the Interior of th* church,
Arrangements will be made to hold
Ithe services in  conjunction  with another  congreenticn.     The     Hev.     Dr.
'Johnston  will  spend   the  two  months
; In   the   west,   and   during   that   time
i hones tn visit the mission Holds which
'are under the supervision of the enn-
' gregatlon.     .St.   Paul's   have    secured
jt-n-riai  preachers  fnr July  and  August.
The  Hev.  Dr. Swiss, of St. Father
lines, Ont., wil Hake tbe services on
July  lith. Ihe Rev.  Dr.  Robert  Drutn-
mond of Edinburgh, on July  13, and
the  Hev.   Principal   Mackenbie. of  Kind���  college,  New  Vork.  on  July  20
iand   27.    During  August   ihe  church
will be closed, Frskine church will join
I with      Fmnianiiel      Congregali r, n -i I
church  during Jiilv  and  August,  the
i latter congregation  going to Erekl*"
In July and the Frsklne congregation
going  to  Emmanuel  In  August,    l'e
SIlCOX, of  Kansas Cily,  an*
Wylie  Rlue. of Sutherland
will    both    preach    for   twi
Special  preachers will also
rlsters,  Solicitors, etc.    40  Lorne
New Westminster,   o. E. Cortu
uld, K.
C.    J.  R. Grant.    A.  E.  MeColl
ter-at-law, solicitor, eic. Telephone
1(170. Cable address "Johnston."
Code, "Westfm Union." Offices, Ellla
Hlock. f.M Columbia street. New Wont-
minster. B. C.
niett. ��� Barristers and Bolloltora, Wast.
tnlnster Trust Hlk., Columbia street.
New Westminster, B. c. Cable address
"Whltoslde," Western l'nlon. P. O.
Drawer 20(1. Telephone 9H. W. J.
Whiteside, K. C.; H. L. Edmonds. D
J. STILWELL CLUTE, Barrister ut-law
solicitor, i>tp.; corner Colombia ane
MoKensle strents. New WostmlnstM,
B. C.   P. O. Bo�� 112.    Telephone   710.
J.   P.   HAMPTON    BOLE.
Solicitor    anil    Notary.
hlock. 2s i^irnn  street,
ster,  B. C.
11 litltlSTEh,
Offices Hart
Hew  Westmin.
Barristers and Solicitors. Bud to (lis
Westminster Trust Block, u. El, Marlin.  W. o. MoQuarrts   and Oeorge tt
l 'a.ssady.
the    Hev
conduct the services at Ersklne church
during July.
Failed to Dock at Victoria.
Victoria, June 20. The Kmpress nf
Russia nn hrr llrst outward voyage (o
the Orient, failed to dock here yeptir
day. With a heavy cargo, Fhe is real-
lne al the 2fl-fnnt mark and the water
at the outer dock being bill 31 feet
deep lhe C. r. H. officials would not
take chances on grounding lhe ves-
sei with nnly two feet margin of wai-
er. Ily the (line she returns (he buck-
el dredge Mastodon will havo deep,
ened Ihe berth several feet, iil'saen-
rers boarding the Kmpress here were
taken ahonrd by a Inder.
COAL MINING righto of ths Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, tho Northwest T��r-
rltorles and In a portion of tho Prov Hoe
of British Columbia, may bfl leased for a
n-rin of twenty-one yeara a( au annual
rental of 11 an aero. Not more than 26SI
acres wlll be leased to ono applicant
Application for a lesae must bn made
hy tho applicant In person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the dlstrlot tn whlnh the
rights applied ror are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
loabrlbed  by sections, or legal  sub-dlvl-
hIoos of sections, and In unsurveyed tor-^��
ritory tho tract applied for shall b��~
staked out hy the apblloant himself.
-I'tti-l'-n'ATdivs AriREEMKNTH Ol
Sun,. I'...,i��. riusln'M Letters, ste : "ir
cnhir work flpsclnllst.    All work strtotb
cot,n,|,.i,t|al.    If   Itaiw.  roe.,,  us West
minsl, r Trust Blk.    t'lmno "02.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
.   of nil  kinds.
'Prices right.   Satisfaction guurtuitecC
59 NKKenzo St. I
Each application must be accompanied
hy a tee ot 16 which frill bo refunded l(
ilin rights applied tor are not available,
tint not nthirwlBO. A royalty shall be
nald on the m-ftrcliantable output of ths
mine at tho rate of five cents ".or tun.
The perron oiierntlng the mlno shall
furnish ihe Agent wllh sworn returna
icconiil inu' for tIio full quantity of m-^r-
ihantablc coal mined and pay the royalty thereon If th" coal mining rlghia
are noi bfllns operated such returns should
ne  furnished  nt  lenst  once a  year.
Th" len), will Include tho real mining
rights only hut the ISflBeq will bo pnr-
m'H'ii to purciiast whatever available
sir*fa(-e rights mav bn considered noces-
mry for Uie working of iho mine at the
rule of S10 nn acre.
For full information application should
lie mnde to <)** .-"cretjir/ of thc  Depart.
ment  of tin   Interior, Ottawa,  or to any
Art.*nt   r,r   Mllh-Agnnt  of   Dominion   Lands.
W. w. CORY,
ti.'i'i  v Minister of iho Interior.,
"   '<    i"'n itii,,i-i7.,-,i publication oi uila
U-.1.CI llai-'iia-iil  ivltl not be paid for. . I
Victoria   Council   Refute   to   Discuss
Letter from Fiscal Agent in
*    Camera.
Victoria, Juno 20.���Intimation! that
at the most favorable possible eon
ttoguncy it would be Bome time before
tho Dominion Securities company
could advance the money for the city
of Victoria bonds underwritten recently, Is contained in a letter from
that company to the city council. The
letter requested that theso facts he-
kept confidential, and a discussion
ladling three-quarters of an hour was
held as to the advisability of excluding the presfl. Aldermen Fullerton
and Humner Bald that tho public must
know the whole truth, ��nd that they
would nol attend any secret session.
while Alderman Cuthbert Bald that
while Be was In favor of the confidential Session he would not remain unless al Ithe others did. Alderman
Dilworth flood with him.
The vote showed that Aldermen
Fullerton and Humber were against
the seen t session, and consequently
the whole four walked out, leaving
the council without the necessary six
members to constitute a quorum. The
mayor, Aldermen Porter, McCandless.
McNeil and Meston remained, the last
named being the only councillor remaining who wiib not on the finance
committee. Alderman Qleason Ib In
tlie east, and Alderman Houston is
A hurry up meeting of the finance
committee was called this morning to
face the situation which the council
as a whole would not meet, but little
more than talk was accomplished today, any Steps recommended by the
securities company being impossible
without the authority of the whole
The company's Inability to raise the
money for the bonds taken up some
time ago was foreihadowed by the
delay in forwarding the sum to the
eily treasurer, A Bmall sum more
than the original sale of slightly under 20 per cent, of the issue has been
raised Since the announcement of thr
isHiie, and has been in the city's hands
for rome time, but the company professes to be quite as handicappeel by
the terrific stringency as anybody
When the mayor proposed that the
council accede to the request of K.
Steele, the representative of the Do-
��� l'linion Securities Company, Limited,
and dlscuM the letter In camera, Alderman     I'uthbert     objected    on     the
ground that the Information contained
In the letter should have been submitted to the council weeks ago, and
��� hnuld not have to be dragged out in
thiB way.
Alderman Fullerton said he should
not stay if Ihe session was private
ie was responsible to the city, not to
the fiscal agent, and he thought the
people hint a right to know the whole
truth Alderman McCandless said
that it was a confidential letter, and
shou'd he treated confidentially. Alderman Cuthbert aald that various
methods of financing were proposed,
nnd that these should be digested by
the Ilnince committee, and a proposal
brought to the councll. If they needed the advice of the other aldermen
they should H8k for it. He moved that
the letter be not received, and that
the finance committee be requested to
Initiate a financial peilicy and submit
It to the eouneil.
Alderman McNeil said thnt Mr, Fullerton was taking a strong attitude,
that the lstter should be onsldered in
private, and that the results could he
given to th" public without anybody
being prejudiced. He also said that
the finance committee was ready to
advise the council of a number of
ihings done In the past few months,
end Se thought when Aldermen Cuthbert knew of tbla he would not be
quite i i critical.
Alderman Porter Bald he did not approve secret sersions, but that it was
neces tan In thiB ease unless the coiin-
c'l turned back the letter. Alderman
Humber snld thai there was no reason
for a secret lOSSlon, as every hank
manager and financial mar. In Victoria
knew the contents of the letter already, lie Said If there was a secret
session he would give the letter lo the
newspapers ten minutes after the
meeting. Mr. Steele, representing the
fiscal agent, immediately arose and
toik Alderman number's copy of thc
letter from him.
Various subterfuges which would re-
rult In the same thing, a private ses-
F'nn. were proposed, but Alderman
Cuthbert's motion was defeated, and
the s.'cri I session decided upon with
the result stated.
had made tills suggestion to the pruni-
ler and had received u reply iu which
llie latter assured thai lhe matter
would receive due consideration,
As far back ae January, 1911, the
ratepayers voted $30,000 for the purpose of altering the west half of the
market building. The money was nev
er spent, and though the council ol
tha! year treld several times to have
the work commenced and authorized
the expenditure by resolution, (the
mayor vetoed Ihe council's action.
lAst year, as it was Been the amount
available would not accomplish the
work needed to be done a bylaw was
submitted laBt January for another
$i>0.000, making $80,000 in all wherewith a new building was to be erected on Fisguard Btreet on property
Iowned by the city. The debentures
, have not been Bold, and now comes
Ithe mayor with still another suggestion.
Thc mayor's opposition heretofore
to the expenditure of tho money as
voted by the ratepayers was that
wben the city erected Its new civic
centre provision therein would bo
made for police quarters.
His reference to the "city's
(permanent plan of public buildings."
I Indicates that he Btiil has in mind
i tbis-'clvic centre propostion.
His suggestion to the provincial jail
| was adopted by the council.
O.  C. Telephone  Company  Plans for
Rebuilding  of  Plants and   Extending System.
New Quarters for Victoria Police Delayed for Several Reasons���Want
Use of Provincial Jail
So Says Methodist Pastor���Will  Per-
i      form Ceremony Free But Might
Ask Embarraslng Questions
Oak  Park.  111.,  June 20.- The  Uev.
j Aimer Pennewell, pastor of theEuclId
jav.nue Methodist church, will hereafter accept no marriage fees. Wedding will be as free as air, so far as
he is concerned. And he Ib the pioneer in the movement to abolish wedding fees everywhere.
Uut don't rush  all at once to Oak
IPark io get married, for the Itev, Mr
iPtnnewell will marry no elopers and
no   couples   that   he   knowB   nothing
'about.    Moreover, he is likely to ask
such embarraslng questions as these:
"Hew   is   your  moral   and   phvBical
health ?"
"i-iave you a doctor's certificate
guaranteeing your physical condition
for wedlock?"
And if you can't satisfy the pa-^or
on that score the wedding bells of lm
church  won't  ring  for  you.
The Itev. Pennewell is very much in
earnetst  about  these  matters.
"The purity and dignity of the Institution of mar ;age are threatened
by the present system," he Bays.
"The pastor who accepts a wedding
fee Is grafting. It has always been
distasteful  to me and  I  have decided
ito stop lt. I have jiiBt told my congregation   so.  and  they  seem   to  like
! the idea.
! "Other ministers, though, don't take
to it readily. I haven't been able, so
far. to presuade any of them to join
me ln this reform. Some preachers
even try to drum up trade by m-
C'juraglng engaged people to come to
them for the we-ddiiig ceremony and
by having license clerks, etc., steer
couples  to  thetn.
"If the church proposes to regard
tlie marriage rite aa a religious func-
'tlon   peculariurly   Its    own.   It     must
; make the rite free to all lo presrrve
lha self-respect of the ministry and
dignify the rite Itself.
"It should be as much ths mlnls-
t r's duty   to  preform   marrluge  cere-
i monies as  to  visit  the sick,  conduct
{nyi-r   services,   perform   baptism-;..-*
and  preach at  funeralB.
"No   mlnlB'er  Bhould   accept   a   tee
; for any of these services, ir he does
n't nee-d it he should be ashamed to
take it. and if his salary isn't big
enough  for him  to live on  without
, such graft his congregation Bhould be
ashamed  and  make it adequate.
"Everything savoring of the commercial spirit must be removed from
the  marriage  ceremony  If  we   would
'have it attain the proper dignity ane!
solemnity. And when pahles to a
marriage feel that the minister is pre
'sent   solely   as  tlio  representative  of
| the most high (lod the ceremony will
be more sacred than if the bridegroom Ib thinking of the greenback
in his vest pocket."
The pastor is also a pioneer in his
community In his efforts to secure
the mi nil and physical fitness of
brides and grooms. He declares positively that .while he will marry peo
pie free of charge, be must be satis-
fi:d in every case, that they are free
from disease or taint that should bar
them from wedlock.
He has also written a new marriage
rl ual that he will use hereafter for
his llplcss,   hygienic  weddings.     It   is
n 'in id , B.ralght for ward and dignified
and expresses Divine approval of the
union baaed on such moral and pbysi
cal health.
Nelson, B. C, Jmuo 10.���Plans have
been completed for the rebuilding of
tho British Columbia Telephone company's plants at New Denver and Sil-
vcrton, and for general improvement
to the company's system throughout
Slocan, aB well as plan�� for the extending and general improving of the
company's outside work in and around
The plans for the new telephone
system at Kaslo have been approved
by the city council of that place, and
Ihe district superintendent. A. It. Godfrey, will leave this morning for the
main lake city, where he will put men
to work immediately on the Installation of the ByBtem.
The high water along the west arm
has caused considerable trouble to
the company's lines during the past
few weeks and every day men haB
heen employed on this line trying to
keep up Ihe service. It is the company's Intention to follow the road
with this line as scon as It is completed.
George H. Halse, of Vancouver, secretary-treasurer of tho British Columbia Telephone company, was In
��� he city during the pasl week, and
while here accompanied .Mr. Godfrey
on a trip of inspection to points In
the Boundary
BERr ���
|t�� THE
Church Notices
TRINITY���Rev. Canon O. C, d'Easum
M.A., rector; Hev. George A. Ray, M
A., assistant curate. 8 a.m.. Holy Com
niunlon; 11 a.m., Matins, Litany and
sermon; 2:30 p.m., Sunday school; 7
p.m.,  Evensong and  sermon.
j   ��� in
Friends Fight for New "rflal for Chas.
Gibson   Under  Sentence of
Toronto, June 20.-- Word has been
I received by T. H. Lenonx, K. C, from
i the mlnibter of justice, Ottawa, that
I the latter is now in a position to go
! fully into the question of a new trial
��� for Charlea Gibbon. Mr. Lennox will
therefore leave for the capital on
j Thursdav night. He will probably be
.abBent from the city for several day?
j is there are a large number of docu-
'��� ments to examine and compar*-.
| In the meantime the response from
the public for subscription fo carry
ion the defense is hearty and liberal.
"We are receiving subscriptions at
jthe rate of about $30 a day." said Mr.
iGiliaon, Sr. "One man rang me up and
; told me that he had $25 for me, which
;he had collected. He declared that If
I left the list with him till Saturday
he could make it $50. I told him to
Keep it till Saturday."
Mr. Gibson keeps in close touch
Iwith his son, visiting him regularly
,at the jail. The death watch, which
I was posted the day death sentence
I was passed, continues, of course, and
1 the young man is anxiously following
I the progrt-SB of the tight for a new
In addition to the large number of
Subscriptions sent In, Mr. Gibson Is
j daily receiving letters of encourage-
i ment and sympathy. One letter to be
followed by a subscrlplio, came from
Boston, MasB., the writer being F.
A. Small, of Small. Nichols & Co., the
well known firm of engineers. Mr.
*5tnall Bays In part:
"I   find   it  difficult  to  use  language
appropriate to express  my  sympchy
I for you  In  your present  trouble.    It
j seems     incredible    to    one    having
! known you eo well years ago, in Boston,  that  any  such  misfortune  could
l have befallen you.    1 know you stood
I high with the people you were with
I both from a personal and mercantile
! standpoint, and all your friends here
| hove nothing  but the deepest  regard
I nnd Fineerest sympathy for vou.    Do
l no;   despair   that  Justice   will   be   recorded to you and yours."
A letter from S. A. Marvin, of Fleming & Marvin, Lumsden building,
"1 am only too glad 11 have the opportunity of giving you what assistance 1 can. 1 am forwarding to Canon
r.ree-ne i cheque for $20. which I have
raised by small amounts all most willingly given. I sincerely trust that a
new trial will secure freedom for yonr
pon, or at least a mitigation of the sen-
| fence. Assuring you of ray sinccrcst
Victoria. June 20.���That despite the
Uet that the ratepayers have twice
voted money for police headquarters,
once to alter the exlBtlng market
building premises and again "lo add
to the first sum voted to make It suf-
fdent to permit of the erection of a
police station on Fisguard street, that
Ihe final determination or the prob
I .in Is bound up with a civic centre
ii heme, Ib apparent from a coninmnl-
euion which Mayor Morley submitted
to the city council.
The mayor called attention to the
"* fact that as the money for the new-
city Jail voted last January Is not yel
to hand, as the debentures have not
yet been sold, and in view of the time
whlch must elapse before the new
Btrueture can bo erecled, It haB occurred to hlm that It would be In the
interests of the city to, if possible,
ibtaln the temporary use of the present provincial Jail, as soon as It Is
vacated by the government in whole
crln part, until Buch time as the city's
permanent plan of public buildings Is
given effect lo,
The mayor furtlior slated that he
Ottawa, June 20.���Several members
of the board of management of the
Stewarton  Presbyterian church have
been approached lo Bee If they would
be ppen fur an offer to sell the
lt Is thought that the syndicate who
wiBh to get the property Is an Ottawa one and it Ib Us members intention If they can buy, to put up nn
apartment house.
The chureh managers were approached Indirectly and do not know
who the Interested party Is. The secretary of the management committee
did not know ihls morning what
would be done In the matter, but il
will be broughl before the committee
at once.
R. Tapping Gets a Job
Revelstoke, June 20.���It. Tapping
nas been appointed inspector of scales
and weights nt Revelstoke for the
Mountain Lumbermen's asoclatlon at
a Balury of $100 per month and expenses. His duties among other
things consist of seeing thnt all lumber is properly weighed, he Ib also
required to give full particulars regarding the capacity and contents of
the carB, etc., as well ub to keep the
shippers posted.
Total   Assessment   Reaches   $92,000,-
000���Lew Tax Rate of 14 Mills Including School  Rate.
Iteglna. Juno 20.-The following
summary tells tho story of Reglua's
growth last year:
Total   assessment   $92,000,000.
Land, $83,000,000
Improvements. $5,700,000.
Incomes, $13,000.
Business. $3,290,000.
Total exemptions other than city.
^ Ctty property not taxable, $5,900,-
Assessable city property, $3.000 1100.
Total actually taxable property, $70,-
Tntel nctunlly taxable last yenr,
Reglna'e expenditure out of current  revenue for thla year    will    be
about $550,000, which win give Regina
an exceedingly low tav rate, prohahlv
not more than 14 mills for all purposes. Including schools.
Some appeals are coming in already, but when people are allowed to
jlook over the lists many appeals are
I withdrawn as they become convinced
that  the assessment Ib equitable
A feature of this year's assessment
is that the city taxes its own real
estate holdlngB, which total about $3,-
Talk for S-.outs by Ernest Thompson
8-��ton, Chief Sccut for America.
Mr.  Ernest Thjmepon  Seton,  chief!
scout for America, writes to tho Bcouts
on   the   subject  of ."Good  Turns"  aB'
Ho, scouts of the United Kingdom!
I bring a greeting from your brothers
acrosB the sea. -We cannot gather to-1
gether around one council fire; but
we can send our representatives, and !
is Buch I come from America to greet
you and to join with you In council tor
the swapping of notes and the working
out of new id'-as.
We find, as men have always foi :.d,
that a shoutable watchword is a help  '
ful thing; it serves to label us for the!
world and keeps clearly beforo us our
own purpose.
Let me suggest, then, that for this I
coming Eeason, we keep ever iu mind
that ours Ib an outdoor movement, we]
believe in the habit of happiness, we j
aim at a world of brotherhood���there- !
fore be our this year's watchword!
'Blue  sky and  brotherhood."
All good scouting to you and many
rows of red  knees  iu the  firelight.
The  other day  I   was  reviewing  a
troop   of  scouts.     Following    up   my
plan  when  the general  public is not j
���iresent.  I   asked  a  number of questions nbout their daily kind act.
"Did you do your good turn today?"
I asked the flrst scout.
"Ves,  sir,"  he  replied.
"Will you tell me what It was?"
"I'd rather not,' 'was the answer.
"All right," I Bald. "Next scout!
Did  you do  your good  turn?"
"Ves, si.-."
"Will you tell me what it was?    Of!
course, you are not obliged to speak,
but it iB often helpful to other fellows
if   they   learn   how   you   succeed     ln
carrying out  your  promise.."
The scout blushed, and looked on
the ground and said:
"I'd rather not talk about it."
"All right," I said pleasantly, "I
Then, turning to the third scout, I
"Did ynu do your good act today?"
He wa*s a small bov with a bright
and beaming face, and he grinned all
over as he answered:
"Yes, Bir."
"Will you tei Ime what it waB?" I
rejoined, and he continued:
"1 gave up my seat in the BLf-eet car
to' a lady who was standing."
"Good for you," I said. "Did you
ever  do  that  before?"
"No, sir," he replied, with an emphasis which made everyone laugh.
"Exactly," I asked "You never
would have thought of doing such a
thing had lt not been for your promise,  would  you?"
"No," he reckoned not.
"There, you fee; it's working in
your blood already; and it won't take
iong before it bas a permanent hold."
On another occasion I asked this
same leadlne question of a boy, who
answered with some h.stltation:
"Y-e-s, B-i-r. Y-e-s; I think I did.
1 don't know.   1 meant to. anyway."
I  replied:
"Well, if you did something and
meant to be kind, the chances are a
thousand to one you didn't miss your
mark. Now, if you will toll us what
It was we'll judge as to bow far you
"Well,'   he said, "it was this way: I
was coming to this meeting, and as I
walked   elor.g   I   remembered   tbat   I
hadn't done a kind act all day, and I
kept wondering what I could do, hut|
I  couldn't find  a thing.    Everything i
seemed  done  without  me.    Then, all
at once, out In the road, 1 Eaw a broken   bottle   standing   up   with   jaeced j
points, and  1  said  to  myself:     That
there bottle Is liable n hurt someone,
so I gathered up the whole thing and
put It In a rubbish tin. I do not know
If it was kind or not, but 1 meant it
all right."
"Of ccurse it  was  kind," 1  replied,,
with quickness and emphasis, "lt was j
kind to a great many people and crei- j
turoB.    Kvery man with a motor car, j
every man with a bicycle, every man
with  a horse, every  dog.  and  every j
barefooted boy would have cause   to:
bli ss you for what you did.   You have
Struck n  new  and  admirable  line ofj
work.    Ket'P right on.    You certainly
carried out  your  premise today  in a
new and satisfactory manner."
SometimeB the telling of the daily
good turn lu theEe semi-private inter-
views results in some very funny
things. While reviewing some scouts
In Kngland not long ago 1 asked thlB
important question, and got the following Interesting answer:
"Yer, sir, I did my good turn today,
I guess I did a good many good
"Indeed." 1 said; "that Ib interesting. Now, won't you tell US about
"Well," he said, "it was this way:
My mother, she takes in washing, and
the clothes was all through the tuba
and ready for the mangle, and 1 gucBS
I gave It a geiod many good turns."
At this all the other scouts began
to laugh, evidently not accepting their
comrade's anBWer as satisfactory, but
I Bald:
"Hold on, now; it all depends on
two thingB, First: Was It your regular Job to turn the mangle?"
"No.   Fir,"   he   answered.
"Seconu: Then, were you paid for
"No, sir."
To which 1 replied:
"Well, (hen, you did your good turn
ill right enough, and one Of the best
kind. I congratulate you upon your
Anyway, He's in Jail
Victoria, June 20.���For the passing
of a cheque which the authorities si
We io be worthless, C. s. Robertson,
alias H. S. Mclean was placed lu the
���ccl'c: court dock here and was granted a remand wit hunt pleading to the
charge or making an election aB to
the form cf trial be would take.
It Is charged agalnBt the man lhat
on June 6 he attempted to obtain
from Henry Stem a watch worth $8
and $17 in cash on the false pretence
that a cheque for $25, drawn ln the
name of K. T, Waller, was g-ood and
valid, whereas the fact was that there
wero no fuuda In bank to meet It.
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue aud
Sevontb street. Rev. M. Gordon Melvin pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
CHURCH, Coruer Carnarvon aud
Blackwood, Rev. Jus, S. Henderson,
minister.���Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m.; Sabbath school and Bible class
2:30 p.m.
Rev. A. S. Lewis, paBtor, Public worship, 11 a.m., with sermon bv Die
paBtor. Morning subject, "The Change-
hss Christ"; evening subject, "A
Young Man's Test, Opportunity, Reward." Primary department of the
Sunday school 11 a.m. Parents are
urged to bring their children. Intermediate Sunday school, Fidelis class
for young women, Baraca class for
young men, 2:30 p.m.    Welccme.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
*]. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street. New  Westminster.
8ingsr Sev/lng  Machines.    Small  Musical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE (
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
Montreal, June 20.--Representatives [
of the Armstrong-Whit worth steel in-1
terests will meet the Longueuil coun-1
cil and discuss planB for the erec- j
tlon of one of the biggest steel plants :
on the continent.
Plans in this connection have been
maturing for the past six months, and I
those Interested have been buying up
considerable land in tbe district until
they now have a frontage on the river
nearly a mile long which, it is stated,
was purchased at as low a figure as j
4 centB a square foot.    The land ex-
lends back for several hundred feet,;
and it is the Intention to erect thereon  several   factories  connected   with
the Bteel trade which with the amount
paid for the land, will amount to about
a million  dollars.
The factory. It is stated, will employ about four thousand hands.
The company in one of the largest
in the world, being a competitor of
the famous Maxims, and it is known
that M. J. Btitler, ex-deputy miniBier
of railways and canals of Canada, will
be at the head of the big Canadian
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.
t. li. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot.
New Westminster B. C
For the convenience of the rapidly growing list of pa'
trons of The News want ad. columns we have opened a
downtown agency in Hill's Drug Store, 62S Columbia
street where classified ads. and locals will be received up
to 9:30 each evening for publication the following morning.
Everybody reads the classified ad. columns in Thc
News, and those who use them have proved their value as
business bringers. Let us add you to our list of satisfied
If you cannot get to .the NEWS'
business office or downtown agency
send your ads. in by phone to 999.
ii th
���****�� fotm
mm of
(Continued Irom pare one)
the most beautiful and numerous ever
seen in this city. sevrTa) comvijyaiices
being required ta .use tnese tMii the
-church, uhfi-r they wero arranged
aronnd   the   pulpit,  to   the  cMJctery
a good cause, and a slaunch friend.
No other one man has left���or In
many years to come is likely to leave
���upon the history of tnis city a more
indelible Impression of a strong and
upright personality.
And not only in this city will his
loss be realized, for the wide sphere
of his activities and sympathies has
caused his name to become universally  known  and  respected.
Each member of this council mourn
with you and your children with a
keen sorrow, and prays thai the as
Buraooe of the
How He Got Out ot a Trap Laid For
Him Many Year: Ago.
When the Right Honorable R. L.
Borden was nineteen years old he
went down from his Nova Scotia home
to become a teacher in tl e Glenwood
Institute, says Anson A. Gard in The
Toronto Star Weekly.   Tb    . and pos-
Tke ^/ater Front
In respect for the memory of lhe
late J. A. Lee, whose efforts were so
largely responsible lor the growth
now assured on the city waterfront,
many of the offices and warehouses
on Front street were closed yesterday afternoon.
The   snag  boat  Samson   docked   at
sibly   still,   tho    teachers    and   older  y^ government wharf yesterday after.
scholars  had a  reading and debating
society  that  met once a  week.    The
high  regard  for. and   principal feature of the program was
Lee and liis life's | the giving out of a book to a member
N^riiyiob pteces' were recd��jjM>y the ^k^he'ld"!)" ills "fellow-citizens, may I to be read and at the next meeting
in some measure, mitigate the heavy ' reviewed  by  him or 1 er.    Now  be it
^^^^^ '   that  in   those  days   the
family of the dec-rase*, ta^i ,t>vlub,'r
being so large as to prevent a list being compiled laat evening.
in i.. iuneral cortege were representatives from almost every public
hody on  the lowrr mainland, includ-
Brit'sh Columbia Conservative as-
eociatlon- Uonard Taitv ���. V,Wr u'ia,
���vice-president; W. M. McKay, Vancouver, past president; C M. Wood-
���worth. Vancouver, pai!t president; A.
v.. Plnnta, Nanaimo. member of the
prov-' ��� ' executive, and president of
the Nanaimo Consi rvaliy-j* association; tt. S. Pyke, president Vancouver Conservative asBOClatlrm; I!. It
Maitlnnd. president Warn I Vancou-
v,.~ i .iiservativc association; T. B.
S4ho��ib;>,-!-m, Vancouvi-: . 1*L K. Mills.
Dr. Sh-nm ith, Cr mox-Atlin; Fred
Welsh second vice pre: ident of the
i'lmser--. alive club. Vancci ver; Herb.
McLeans]), third -.irs pm-ndi-rU; W.
N. Carty.
Mon. l'rire Ellismi. minister ol ag-
ricu'lcr. -. lion. Dr. Young, minister of
Hide cat ion. .1 D. Tayior, Ml', New
Westminster; II. H. Rievens. MP..
Vancouver; A. H. II. Macro-wan.
W.IuA,; T. Clifford, M.1..A.; Ccorge 11.
Cowan, ex-M.P.; F. 3, MacKenzie,
N.L.A.. Detta; IL >1. Watson, H1.UA.,
VimcrU-'l :.
Vanccuver city - MayorT. S. Baxter,
'Alderman ril.ii.--k. Alderman KirKpat-
Vancmiver  lioard   of  trade-Jonathan   iloRers, vlc-e-presiflenl-,     C.    C.I
!Blai *   ri cretary.
Vancouver Progress dim Ex-Mayor
James Kind lay, !���'   N. Trltes.
Fraaer Valley Developmcnl league���
Otway   Wilkie. secretary.
Porl   i r unitInm    Mayor Mare, Aid-1
���ermen John F.  Lankan. It. C. Galer.
A.   II.   Milliard.  D.   R.  Weleher.  City
Clerk  John  Hmith.  Chief    of    Police
Coquitlam board of trade -President K. 11 Seabrook, Secr-eiarv 0,
Coqultlam  Conservative  asr-uciation
P. .1. Mclntyre, A. hikes, JL 1>. Irwin.
Ccouitlani district council -Beeve
iPelei Barth, Councillors J. C. Atkins
���ami H.  Mai iin.
Vt>int Urey district rmmcVl--Reeve
���Churchill and councillors.
North Vancouver Alderman W, .1.
Irwin, I W. Fugler, J. A. McMillan.
Hurnaby disirict conacil���AetinK-
Beeve PauVel, J. W. Weart. -nx-reevo.
ex-Reeve C. F. Sprott. Councillors
Odtdi-nutt, Macpherson. Mayne, Stride
���Municipal Clerk Mooro, Municipal
IKngineer Macpherson.
Soulh Vancou ver-Art inf-Reeve
'Httiart Campbell, Councillors .1 .1
Wilbur, (1 Thomas, .1. I). Miller, J
W. Plckinson, Fire Chief .1 A. Les-
ter. Water Superintendent Joseph
.���Hnlh -..
Port Moody    Mayor P. f). ftiv.
It C I-;. R. Engineer Q. H. 0, Cnn-
���way ��� iiniTinUndcntu Ed Stirling. \V
M.  Kls-.in. 1 ntinmasri'r Mar.-h.
(Jew -Westminster city cnus-ell--
Mayot Gray, Aldermen Ilryson. White,
I.ynch   t'i nicy. Dodd and Jardine.
���!*/-����� Westminster board ol trade���
Vici--wwriden' I, M. Richinlson. ex
PreBldenl John It Duncan. ex-Alderman I) fl Curtis. C. 11. Sluirt "Wade
(secretary; I.. B. Lusby, ex-president
H, i    Vidal.
?*.>����� Westminster Progressive as-
���BOC'atlnn Allan Purvis, presi lent; Dr
v. P. Smith, ex-president; W. I;. mr-
ling, secretary, J. Dorgan. lmnnrary
.-secretary; members of ihe executive.
It. A. nnd I Society- -C. tc. Wnlsh
president, Y. II Cunningham, D. E
M-fKi-i   FecrptBry,
Now Westminster Bchool bonrd T
.T. Trapp. chairman, Truster- Peril
New Westminster Trades awl l.a-
ti-nr t-'-mitil II. S. Cameron, vice-
Dominion, provincial anil civic. i;["i
ciaj-     C   C.   Worsfold, resident  engi-'
neer;    8.    A.    Fletcher, gaxanun-ani j
���agent;  A  o  Powell, harbor engineer;
J, M   U  Blackman, city cngl'ie^r; W
'<!.   McQuarrie, c'ny  solicitor;    ,1.    .!
BEackay, city treasurer.
AHeBBrs    John   Hendry    Vain-timer,
3. J   Jiuiiv. W. N .rman IVle.K C. 11
fornii r   mayor  i,f   N'pv,*   Weatmlnstiir
J.  Rickman, !���'   1   Hart, .1. (irarrv. J
*l   Aj'ar, 11   A   Eastman, H. K  Chap-
t.a.i\ li-.irry  Hurr   tl   II   MatHflgon, C
I>. Urtirtri.'n, 11   c   Adams, Hugh I.n
.��>,!*..  \v   -ti   Colllster, J.  Hawkshaw,
tl. K. CovIh rt I   K <���    W. .1   Ki ir. Ilnbh
.* Suthi riiind, Odo. Kennedy, HllSchaako,
���I   V,. Cunningh in
Royal Columbian Hospital board
.1 / Johni t n I rman; C S With
���ow, secretary; .1 A Mon'.-gomery, l
IM. Bmith, (in" * in ill, r,(* ,.n Lane
No* Wn ttii'n i. i I'niiwrvMiv. :,:
���oclattan Nels Nelstm, president; .1
*�� Vidal D W Cl IchrtSl, C ll PeMe
Qeome Btakley, C   Cnnnlngham, sr
.**.   K    Kelt!
lam Litjiiii i   ��� *.**i M   ��� .i   w
-nor and employe's. I  gether v il
���ployci-a of other firms wllh
loeruud was connected
City Cotinul'r  Resolutii
The fillmvinr resolutii n i
iij- tho city council and i -v.i  i
'.hv bereaved fam 1>:
ttrs.  John   A.  l,ee,
Hit Third avt nur. Cily
TOcar Mrs. Lee,
The maviir and alilrrmon o! th
������ol   New   Westminster  extend
���eStetTEB',    nympalhy     to jionrxin
-your  childron   In   the  ar.dfl'-n   h
������*. devoted  hiihband   and  iatb'T    'ndhh
**e*a*0, ;��1bo, to express Uk- Imjdig of'
���each   number,  that,   in  the  d-vfilh   of
���Mr.  l^-e. ho is perwmally flf;'t**!i fl of
a food and wise Wend.
<mly thoke who havo been wprklnp
in close contact wllli him for a length
cf time, can fully value hia Wiall les
j��s *a eltlzoh. and nnderstiuM tin- nc
rifle?* wblch bt- ma;!o tm tlu : ui,i: ���
t\n iia-.-i - i.f l'i!.; city I' :��� mrfeO
**ft**t*tr*, Mr. l,<i' si" �� vi.ry h. ;n stand-
nnl if eiit-rgilic, faithful, capable and
far mr.ht.il effori toward the general
we-lf.-iM--. H'hich has Vieen crewned by
a large measun- of accorniilishiiii'iit.
��n��i the members of this council ho-
li<-^ ��� thry  voice the senlnni'iils of the
wtnle community when they say that
(New Weatmlnater baa suffered a groat
lo��,i in his untimely death.
in public life In- WSS ' ariii-sl and
"-nll-.iisi.isiir.;  a i.nura a mm fighter in
blow that has, in
Divine Providence,
Acting City Clerk
heavy   reviewed  by
wisdom   of  a   remccbered      ._ ^^^
suddenlv   fal- i lady teachers were i> fun-loving lot ol
noon and will take ou coal today in
preparation for an early start on
Monday morning. During the week
Bhe has been used by government
engineers in running several survey-
lines down at the mouth of the north
The tugs Earl and  Dauntless dock-
A. W
maidens, who were never happier than   pd y(>aieraav afternoon    at    the    city
when    -taking   a   rise"   out  of  some *market wharf.
Retail Clerks
Are Organized
(Continued from page one)
] public to shop on Friday evenings
also to educate the politicians. The
organization was non-p.ir'.izan, although it might become political to
achieve its cuds. It vas also necessary to have an association that would
ree the laws dealing with the limita-
t'nn of working hours were enforced..
Their policy was lo avoid friction,
work with the employers and he did
1 nc' think it policy at the present time
to identify themselves with thy Labor oarty.
Alderman Dodd spoke Strongly supporting Ihe principle of organi;
nui (he half holiday movement. At
i tlie same time he pointed out Ihat
there was al present in town, an as-
soctation of retail clerks affiliated
with the TraiU s and Labor council.
I -ind with a membership of from 45 to
50. He also staled there was a Dominion association affiliated wllh the
American International association
I He did nnt* rely on legislative action
lln secure the hah' holiday, belter con-
ditlons of labor or heller wages. They
would have t i depend upon themselves. Mr. Poupard had stated (hat
they had already 1100 members in
their organization. The government
had heen approached by a lab*.ir movement hacked by 10.000 members whieh
had thundered at the legislative gates
for Ihe recognition of their claims and
had been ignored. What chance then
lnd 1100 or even 20nn.
Mr. Poupard explained these questions might be discussed at the meet-
Ing ef the deleeates. frim the various branches, but at present it wai
Mr. Poupard said their affiliation
���n the present time might prejudice
their movement. They must recognise that there were exceptional eir
numrtances In their case. Thev were
not like skilled artisans. One employ
r who had beet) asked by an employer
for a raise in wages from J15 on (hi
foundation of his services was I---II1
'liit his employer did not base his
wages on good services but on th-
number of men who walked the streets
looking for employment
Rome further discussion ensued and
eventually  Ihe branch  was formed.
A   Poor   Prophet
Doyle told of an exporlenc
Conan ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���Ahull he had when leaving school
His teacher must have been une of
those niilile old Romans such a-1
liiui'keray describes as roaring nt
young Pendennis when the major, hia
uncle, called to take the boy away.
When Conan Doyle bad finished ne-
course in the school the head maste*.
called lum aside and. after eying him
with ominioua disfavor, spoke t" htm
ui measured tones as follows. "Doyle
I hnve known yuu now fur seven year.
and I know ynu thoroughly,
in:; to .sny sninething which
remember in after life, 1)
will never enme to any good
Mayor | popular  new   member  of  the  reading
club     Young llorden was at once invited to joiu, and readily consented,
, lur even  then  lie  loved debate.      Almost his lirst assignment was tiie reading and reviewing of Harriet Beecber
1 fc'towe's "My  Wife and  I"  in  which
appear   the   characters:    "My Child
Wife," ".My Dieani  Wife," and "My
He-1 Wife."
It the whole institute and  half the
��� j tow.i did not know ol the assignment
md | it was  in fault of the Committee on
| Honks.   Anticipation ran high to hear
i how  the  young  Nova  Scutian  would
handle  the  literary   polygamous  sub-
I jeet.   The attendance, the night ol the
review,    included    practically    every
member, and enough from the town to
put standing room at a premium.   No
I une  wished  to  miss the  ���   0  that all
I seemed sn -ur.' wuuld result st his ex-
1 pense.    Uut ttiey did  miss it, tor al-
though but a buy, the luture Premier
was not in the least disconcerted by
the hundreds of eyes turned upon him
that night,
organization I    He   dealt   gently   with   his   "Child
Wife," and when he had finished his
review  ol his   "Dream Wife," many a
Jersey maiden, in that crowded hall,
sighed:     "llhl     that    1     were    that
Dream!"    But  here  he stopped.    He
stopped,  aa  all   ihought,  from  sheer
stage Iright.    But it was only seeming, Turning to the chair-woman, who,
he later found, had been the suL'gester
ol that especial book, he said: "1  believe it is the custom, and nur right,
that il nue be imt prepared, that one
may ask for an extension ol time.    I
have  reviewed   'My   Child   Wife.'   and i
have   pictured    lu    you    'My   Dream
Wife.' but in select and properly char- i
aeterize 'My  Ileal Wife,' I  must claim
my right and ask for an extension of i
"Young    man,"    coyly    asked    the I
chair-woman,   "Imw much time do you
think ynu will require?"
Looking  slowly  over  the  faces  be-
I lore and amun.l him, he pioit deliberately    said:    "Well,   from    present
prospects, 1 think I shall have to ask
��� for���say���Oil,   mnke   it   I've   hundred
'and twenty weeks!"   And amid smiles,
: that   haven't   censed   to   ripple   along
.he  .-ea-girt  shores  of  Mattawan,  the
young Nova Scotian sat down.   It wss
the Inst   "rise" that the Glenwood Institute ever  tried to  take out ol tlie
future Premier ol Canada.
The answer ol the buy  was indicative ol the man.   lt was must effective,
but it lett no sting.   Borden ever anus
to gain  his  point  without oflending.
That is  why   sonic  of  his  warmest
, friends are amongst his most strenu
| uus political opponents. His "I in glad
Ito  see  ynu,"   like  old  Sir  John's,   is
I not reserved tor those whose political
views are  liis own, ami when  said la
always meant.   Mure serious than Sn
John, yet he has the some kindly leel-
ing fur liis people, and his people luve
In  Canada,  the feeling  is general,
to n wide knowledge, thai
No outside boats passed up river
yesterday and at the Fraser river
bridge the draw was opened but twice,
for the Beaver and Gleeful.
No change in the height of water
in the Fraser was reported yesterday.
At the bridge the clearance gauge
gave the same reading as on Thursday.
The Norwegian steamer Ilerkales,
out of Sydney, N.B., with a cargo of
steel rails for Port Mann, is expected |
in about ten days, and after unloading up river will take on lumber at
Fraser Mills for delivery in the
The Trader, of Victoria, delivered
a cargo of general freight at various
warehouses along the waterfront yesterday.
Tiie tug Nakano (ook two scow
loads of cans to the American Can
company at Pender harbor yesterday.
I M^, i J*teTI nr'E��3
Money Saving Specials for
Early Saturday Shoppers
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The Greatest Suit Offering of the Season,
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Famous Yachtsman Cables New York I
Club  for   Rule   Book���A
London. June 20.���Sir Thomas Lip
ton met his yachting advisers today
:id discussed with them the 'plosion if accepting the final terms sent
by the New York Y. C. in reply to
his challenge, through the Hoyal Uls-
r Yacht Club for a series of races
'or the Americas cup.
It   was  decided  that  acceptance  of
h" terms must be deferred  until  re
ccipt  of  the   1913   rules  of   the   New
ora   Yacht  club,   which   constantly
vera erferretl to throughout the club's
letter,   but   which   were   pot   enei ised
Without these rules Sir Thomas declared it was Impossible to understand
he conditions prescribed for the race
le has forwarded a cablegram to New
York   requiring   that   a   copy   of   th��
egulations be sent him  and expects
list ll  will arrive wilhin  a  week.
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lish cotton.   Today
made from a good quality
I am
^^^^^^     Hand   Shook.
The  case  ol   "any   excuse"   was  ex
i etriplifled  recently at Cape Trwn, S.
���vincii, criminal murt.   A native When
asked  l,y the magistrate why he had
' signed    Ins   evidence   "Tofn    Harris.
I his real nami' being April  Phalander
I replied that he did so because the poi
wns  a bail   one  and    Ins  hand    wnt
Th��   Shortest   Name.
\mnng   those   called  to   the
its Premier is a man of  tare i
ment.    And   never  was  this  pi
lust as when, at the end nf tin
Hundred and Twenty Week's" Ii
the "Keal." whose picture  wa;
mure accurately drawn, and in
words,  than by  the able depicter ol
the   genuine   in   woman's   character,
��ho   said  ut   Mrs.   Borden:  "She
ideas,  lots of them;  sh.
public questions, is a \V
cil worker, is ke
Uts of  interest
^^ hii-
man's Cuun-
niy alive to all mat-
^^^^^^^^^ importance to women, is a Splendid hostess, a devoted
wife, and a charming woman���what
inure   wuuld   ynu   haver"
A Lost cnance.
Yearn ago u uinn mim.il Snltzmnmi
owned nn estaie In Griquitltiud, Smilh
Africa, and adjoining Ms properly wns
an uld. rundown fiirni lhat Imd not
Iimhii worked on m-count nt lis poor suit
nnd tuck uf  'essnry  water   The own-
hi u( (he farm me! Herr Snitv.maiiu one
day nml ufleiiil 10 trade llle farm fur
an old waistcoat In* hnd seen him wear
nig As Sall/.nnttiu did tin! wish tn
lilirden tilni*-ell ultll il ple'y of worth
less land, lie kindly refused the oiler
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-Yuur father culled  uie i
Prof.  Field's Theory.
A new theory ol the singing nt telegraph wires
''ie   university   ��i   uu,,.
Har  al
* :i
. . in
', ih
'    rd
oil y
���l*.i li
.-  nl
Middle Temple, in Lond
lj na< Mr Ba U. who ploliably ha
lne shortest name "ii record, Mr. I
is a I", \ nf Cambridge, an.I i- th
ej|e-t sun if the Extrn-Asslstan
Commissioner nt   DASsein.  Burma.
Origin of the Sidesaddle.
Thc use uf the sidesaddle Ini wnme,
riders is traced to the time nl Anne n
Bohomia, eldest daughti r id the Lm
i erot nf Germany, who married Iiii h
anl II il Kngland, Previous to this
late all Englishwomen t ������-' rodfe thi it
horse man tashion, bul in sec iunt ol
���I deformity this German bride -m
forced to use a sidesaddl
-u torn i-i' auie general.
^^^^ Ims been offered by Prof,
field,   of   the   University   of   Ottawa.
No  explanation   yet  given   I
have been  perfectly  Batisfact
the   suggesimn    is    n
the sounds repr
tiraliuti-, win
vwres througl
*,*,  nud
made   thst
nt minute earth vi-
n an* transmitted lo the
the poles.   These ul,iu
Ile ^^^^^^^^^
wolf What did lie menn hv thai'- Shnll. Illllt-i Jusl nue of pn's political
expressions He used to live nut wesl
vou know, nud nothing ever pleased
Hlm *-o miieti as (ii shoot a timber wolt
in.fore lireiiktasi Dr course, lie didn't
menn iiuylhing by It.���Cleveland I'luiii
Social News
Mrs. R. I). Hendry, III Leopold Place,
i will not receive again until the fall.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURN OIL     ���
O    BOX   4 1?
Hugh  McDonald, 45 Columbia
will not receive again this sea-
tlulis depend largely on varying nu
pressure. The snug of thc wires mere
, ire nmy give good barometric -i-r
nal.-,, a sharp sound indicating that i
change is close at hand, while a i*i
humming shows that present coudi
may continue a day ur perhapr
Papa's Fault.
pntlier��� I  have Ju��t beiirrt that thai
Incorrigible nun of mine has lust mar
rled a well known m-tress.    Iiaughter-
Well, yun  have vnurseir to blnme. fa
: tlier     Pailier- How rtu ynu make lhal
mlt)      Daughter   Haven't    yun   often
\ told him to tilled tns wagon tu a starV
���     ���    ���
.Mr. and Mrs. Duthle, of Chilliwack,
were guests at the Hussell hotel during the week.
.    ���    .
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Grant and family
leave today for Crescent where they
will spend the
summer months.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Moss and family
I came down from Lytton lasl week and
intend    spending    the    Butnmi
Blackle Spit.
All  Over.
i irumts tiie honeymoon
du vmi sn) that'/" pouted the
III      Uu
War on Canc:r
Minneapolis, Minn., .lune 20. The
last day nf the Ann rlcan Mi dlcal association's convention, which closed
lhis afternoon, was marked by a dis
cusslon of plans tor a nation-wide
organization aud movement io coinbv
cancer, Hr .1. liloodgood, of Johns
ih pktns university, i utllned the
movement, which has teen started In
New  York,    in-   lilundgoiMi oxplatned
Hupe   Bank   Deposit.
What  is  claimed  to   be  Ihe   largest
deposit ever made in a single bunk u
one day was untered at the Canadiai
Bank of Commerce in Sarnia the otn
it day  when the stockholders of
Imperial  paid  Into the company
tlrst of their money on the recent in
crea I the capital to the $15,1X10.DM
mark.    Iho deposits  fur the day   In
1 $i>.41x1,1101.   'I he amount will n,
d by a further amount later.
IS in el
���l\ llllil HI.-
I nnve been Inking Htuck. nnd I Hnd
thni 1 nei duwn in tn iiu "- Washington
111  a '.nri.ll
.lune 24th,
on  Agnes strut   for
Andrew's church.
Waited  Advice.
Pn ther���Mi tun remember tbla���no
man y���*.'.��� 1 in lumpllslied much win,
iniu.it ai Mln work Son-How about a
lecturer, dud V   llosion Transcript
'I he   dread   nf
originality In n*-
ruilciile   extliigiiWhen
birth - lilai'kwuutl
Mrs. T. J. Trapp will li
tea nn Tuesday afternoon
it her resldenc
'he ladicf- of St      	
���    ���    ���
The ladles of St. Andrew's Presl y-
1 icrlan church will hold (heir annual
strawberry festival on Saturday, Juno
28, bnih afternoon and ovening al 'lm
ulil lleid & Macdonald stores, corner
of oixih anil Columbia .drcis
.    .   ���
Mrs. (ieorge eiiaity entertained at
��� a luncheon on Thursday. Covers were
; laid for ten, those Invited lielng Mrs,
1 Corbould, Mrs. Charleson. Mrs. Qracey,
Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. I* ,1 Armstrong,
Mrs. James ���Hryiniter, Madame (la
.note and Mrs.  McAllister,
Amidst  Island,  Mountain, Poresl and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meals and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route,  of  Qrand   Trunk   I'acific   Itail-
ay  at  small  additional coal.
II    C   SMITH, C.   P   fi   T,   A.
r,L'7 Granville Street, Vancouver.
w.  K.  DUPEROW, <;. A   P.  I),
i-hnne Private Exchange m:i4
tur the
Will   be
Of    lln'
American Society
of Cancer, which
fcrmallj    In New
Babe With Thrtt Hands.
Maggie Bmeaton, an Acadian womanI
living   near   Amherst,   N.S.,  has given I
! birth   to   a   child   witli   tlirue   hand- !
nue of them being developed from tin
wrist nf the other,   A thumb was at
tached lo the ear of the child.
The infant is i|Uite Healthy and ni
operation will be performed to ml 11;
of its superfluous hand and thumb.
How Poor C. P. R.
Gets Cheated 1
Mrs. David Cambl
few of her friends al
Friday. At a contest
during the, afternoon
. entertained a
the toa hour on
which was held
Mrs.  Eddy  wnn
"Watch   Yen.-   Pockets."
(ittawa, .1 * -'i    Watch ynu;- p ick
ms wiiiii riding ." the tlrltatfnla line,"
idvlce bi Ing handi (I 01 I by tho
ii ci Nnmerou ��� compl ilnta havc
I,, cn reci lyi d In the lai t f( iv day?
thai plcl I- ���; ' ��� . arc busy In tin cltj
The*, n ive ri ipi ���! n sn,ill ban ��� .-t on
the carH, and an ivorklng more pur
ticularly on thn Britannia  line.
Emergency   Bridges.
Part ol  tbe Cossack  soldier's drill
consists    in    building    bridges    fmn,
lances, with cooking kettles ns Boats
t       Meanwhile  Trade.  Waits.
Ottawa, June :.'u It Is said that
owing In a dlHagn em. i, he ween the
government and contract . tin open
lng of (in- government cai fern ser
vice  between   Prince  Edward  Island
and  the in-inland  may  be deli'..,' 'I  ft ;
hi "ne months,
���*M ,\<
finani ii
Not   That   Kind.
,;  j <-��� (   i. a; way- a
Iml    lie's    very    Si
Wlll   Help  Prince  Albert.
I'rlnce Albert, .lune 20,     II.  M, Ken-
sll, formerly an engineer In water
power branch, di partment of the Interim (ittawa, is to he I'rlnce Albert's nxperl commissioner and haa
just arrived here to assume his new
duth .-
iconllniieu irom page unei
another from Calgary, The rate from
Yorkton to Montreal was H7 cents, lo
Winnipeg It wus 23 cents, there being
a rale balance of f>4 cents If cade
wi re not reshipped after being unloaded at Winnipeg. The rule from
Calgary to Montreal is BO cents; to
Winnipeg 45 cents; the balance being
45 Ci nts, as against a balance of 64
i .ti s  from  Yorkton.    Iti' a subBiiiu
III t   ,\ay bills, tin* company  would
therefore be done oul ol 19 cents p"r
100 i".niuls Oul ut the 883 cars Hhip*
pel in 1912 Ma; way billH had been
alien il iui* eastern roshlpment, There
had hi. n 16 UO head chargi d for
Montreal the total charge being
$153,1 in Through the reshlpplng and
���uu i- privilege, Mr l.anigan estl
ma'i il Hi ii $29,388 40 ad been taken
rr i   tlie : luTui ut Hi   ��blpment��,
the first prize nnd  Mrs. .lames Wall;
the consnaltlon. Among those pres
it were  Mrs.  T.  .1   Armstrong.  Mrs
Beatty,  Mrs. Corbould.    Mrs.    Nlchol
(Vancouver), Mrs. Orosey, Miss iii
sonl   Victoria),   Mrs.   .lames   Walker
Mrs. Seymour,  Mrs.  Kddy,  Mrs   II.  I,
lliliniinds,   Miss   Wright.    Mips    '"nr
huiild,    Miss    Nora  Annul rung.   Miss
Peele, Mlsa Rickman
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
If ynu read THE NEWS you get all the news.
Go'd hv the Ton.
Fresno, Cal,   June   20.   Pred
l*ams,  n   farmer  of   McFarland,
ll.iknrsflcld. brought In I'resiK
for the purpose of bavin". II nssn
a chunk frnm a meteor which In*
he discovered on his ranch at a d
of 18 feet. Tlm chunk has Hie
pearance ol Hultd guld Williams wa-
unable lo Mud an assaver. hut took
the    chunk    to    a    nilinlni*    of    local
jewelers, who pronounced it crystal'
Ised gold, Williams say: the mast
musl weigh at least about 20 'hun   It
Is  only
about iin  Inch    imd    a    half
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are Hlriwing sume very pretty designs in llrass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft   6 In.
Exceptional bargains al frum   $29.50 to $53.75
White Knnmci Iron Qi dn from  $3.95 to $18.50
c-nuine Oak Dresses         $18.25 to $27.50
oiher Dressers In Golden,Oak, Iloyal oak and Mahogany finish.
Iilning room Suite, OOnBlstlng of Pedestal Table, extend to K feet,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with 11. fi. plate mirror. This suite
Is an  exceptional  bargain  at $48,00 complete.
Our Dry Goods section is. attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 121h Street���tuke 12th St. Car SATURDAY,  JUNE  21,  1913.
pm*. mva
News* Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Vancouver   Pros.   Coming   Over  with
Changed Line-up���Con Is After
Mann Cup Players.;
With a line-up twisted around as to
he hardly recognizable from that of
previous games, Manager Con Jones
is coming over this afternoon with his
aggregation known aB the Green
Shirts, confident that, even If he does
nut mako a win, he will give the fans
a belter run for their money Ihan iu
the iasl  two games played.
Con is hard up against lt. Tbere
has b*.en dissension among the play-
i rs, which culminated lu the dismissal
of Matheson and Adamson. Perhaps
the move of (Icing these players will
tarn ou( In a better light, for no ag-
gregatlon iu sporting circles can ever
iuipe to win championships if tbere Is
trouble among the players.
In their places the fans will find '���
(he old reliable Harry Godfrey and
Slbby Nlchol. Both make (hnlr flrsl
appearance (his season, the latter on
(he defence, while Nlchol will work
out on the home.
Krnle   Murray,   lhe   speed   artist  at
ci litre, should  be able to    keep    Pat !
IVem y on the    move   and    that    is'
where tbe danger of   today's   game
Ins as regards New  Westminster.
Manager Tommy Gifford will rely
on the same team as that which has
figured iu the lour games played so
far, hoping to get a lead on the challengers so that when Hyland and s'-v-
eral other stars arrive the going wlll
not be su hard.
Yesterday Manager Junes held a
meeting with the officials connected
���.���.Hli the V. A. 0.i the Mann cup-
holders, with the result that before
.mother week has passed the green
tOnrlH will probably be parading two
ui the star players who have figured
on the amateur team during the past
tlir* e years.
Tin sc, together with Hyland. Boss
Ji hnson and perhaps H'ltzgcrald, will
make a formidable team which will
tatte some beating.
B. C. I,. A.���Vancouver at
Westminster, Queens park, 3
Big Four���Nationals at Tecumsehs; Torontos at Irish-
Inter-City���Westminster    vs.
Hastings A. C. at Vancouver;
Norlh Vancouver at Coqultlam.
Vancouver and District
League���Westminster at Vancouver, llrockton Point; Brlttanla High BChool vs. Westmin-
Bler "A," Moody park, 2:30.
American      Intercollegiate-
Washington, Cornell, Ptnnsvyl-
vanla. Wisconsin, Columbia, at
Poughkeepsle and Syracuse.
Multnomah A. C. Take First Place and
High   Individual at  Powwow
Spokane, June 20.���The .Multnomah
Athletic club of Portland, won the
pow-vitt (rack meet here today by
scoring 46 points. Washington state
cnliege was second with 20 points, and
ihe University of Oregon third with
16 points. Olher point winners were
the Seattle A.C. with 17; Vancouver
A.. ('., 10; Whitman college, 8; Oregon
agricultural college, 10; and the Spo-
pane A.C. 3.
Hawkins of the Multii.iniiih A. C.
made  the  high   Individual  score  with
i 13 points. In the relay race Whitman
crossed the tape first but was disqualified after McConnell, of Oregon, hail
claimed  that Thompson, of Whitman.
'had fnulid hlm.    McConnell ended Ihe
Seventeen   to   Foyr  and  There  Were   Crack   Rowing   Crews   Retting   Oars
Those Who Thought the Bals Hid
a Chance to Win���Cuckoo.
Mr. McKee has the build, be has the
speed and he is good looking, but
that lets him down right, there. The
new recruit which Manager Mallen
turned out on  the  Queens park  ball
for Today's  Big  Event���Seattle Are Feared.
Poughkeepsle, N.Y., June 20.��� The
17 crews of Cornell, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington and
Syracuse put the finishing touches on
their work of training fur tomorrow"!
yard last evening'in    the    hopes   of  !>ig regatta with the practice this af
Hob Dewar and Kred Cullen. bolh of   first  | ,p ���r the relay race with blood
Victoria, have been appointed officials ; running from IiIb face.
foi   lhis   afternoon's   game   by   Presl- j _ ������, .
dent Kellington. of the B, C. U A., the    	
chief mogul In coasl lacrosse laying
Bpeclal emphasis on the words "clean
ThiH  is  the  way    the    teams    will
I in* up:
Baseball Results.
stemming the tide of defeat for the
Balmorals laHled one Inning, and at
that he compelled the scorers to lose
track of the hits, runs and errors,
they being minus an adding machine,
Klve runs ln the llrst, one In the second, two in the third, six more In Ihe
fourth and three In the sixth tell
the tale of the fifth straight victory
In the c'ty league, lluring the time
the herd were compiling 17 tallies,
���it] I'"' Hals could do was to slide over
the four.
Un ai things were expected of the
Hals. The largest crowd of the season were on deck ready to watch the
fireworks disnlay. 'Tls even whispered that a little money changed hands
on the result, bul that Ib nothing to
be compared with the trouncing of
Mr, McFee. Three pitchers were
used In all. the regular Bal, Mr. Peck, j
going to tbe rescue ln the second, but I
seeing that the game was as good as ,
lost, sent them over at a slow pate
with little curve. Then Captain
Cbapul went In Ihe box in a vain attempt to stem the tide. I.en did a
little better than the two previous
hurlers and managed to strike out the
mighty Welngartner every time up,
but what the fans desire is a close
game full of pep and until this is
forthcoming the Hals' supporters will
be as quiet as a capitalist at an I. W.
W, convention.
An elaborate account of last night's
disaster would be about as welcome
to the Hal supporters aa a strong odor
of corned beef and cabbage would be
tu a guy with a weak stomach.
The details were forgotten, all but
the score, which was:
Moose li
Balmorals   ���!
Batteries: Home and Gentry; McKee, Peck, Chaput  and T. Peck.
ternoon. All the crews were on the
river, but as they are all practically
ready for the test of the races, no
hard work was indulged in by any ot
the ombinatiuns.
The even of Ihe regatta brought its
vanguard of the customary horde of
race crowds, Cornell and Couimbta
men predominated as usual and Cornell was the same favorite she was
last year. Not many large wagers
have been reported hut on the bash
of tuch is have been made the Itha-
cans are S to 10 favorites.
The four-oared race is scheduled
for 4 o'clock, the freshmen race al
fj: 15 and the varsity race at 6 o'clock
all races being rowed down stream on
the   ebb-tide.
(By the  Potter.)
Bowlers   and   Tennis   Players   Come
Through  with  Victories���Racquet
Men Still  In  Race.
London. June 20.���The Canadian
bowlers gained lhelr second victory
today at Torquay by the narrow mar-
pin of twt s'jots, defeating the Devonshire bowling team by the score of
212 to  210. \
The Canadian bowlers g^ to Wales
Tennis  Men  Win.
London, June 20.���Canada won the
first two sets in the Davis cup competition today by the score of 7-5, though
South Africa had the lead by 5-4.
In the sixth set South Africa was
leading by 2-1 when play had to be
abandoned owing to rain.
Canada by today's victory brings Its
total score up to two matches to one.
Canada must annex another match of
the two yet to be played in order to
enter the next round, while South
Africa must score victories in both
remaining games to continue In the
The winners of the round between
Canada and South Africa meet in the
semi-finals the Belgian team, which
drew a bye in the first round. The
American team meanwhile Is pitted
against the German team, which was
victorious over the Krench at Weis-
While the Moose were slaughtering
the Balmorals at the ball yard last
evi ning an Englishman, evidently just
breaking into the game as a fan, was
heard to exclaim, "Hy Jove, this Is a
ripping, Kb, Wha' ?"' Such a remark
fell on the ears uf Herb Ryall,
At the Theatres
FOR SALE���Seven-roomed house on Hamilton
street, opposite Lord Kelvin Schaol. Lo{ 66x132 ft
to 33 ft. lane. In lawn and garden, flowers and cement walks.
Price $3500; terms arranged.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streete, New Weetmlneter.
Willi two of their stars making the
jump tu th? pro ranks, the V. A. C.
bunch had better take a care. They
might underestimate Uie qualities of
the aggregation traveling under thj
wing cf Dad Turnbull.
Kugby football enthusiasts in Brit
ish Columbia will have a chance to
Bee a New Zealand team In action
this coming winter. The All Black*
will sail for California on October Id.
\ aiifouver
Standing of the Clubs.
(By  "Gravy."j
Everyone is happy became Mun-
gir OllliB, of the Hoyal theatre, has
engaged the Charles E. Royal stock
company to stay over next week. The
theatre wasn't half large enough to
accommodate the crowds at last evening's performances. The company
proved itself to be a versatile one.
offering high class sketches and vaudeville acts, whieh is quite a change
from the two last plays earlier in the
the week. By far the most enjoyable
act at last night's session was "The
Land Agent," which iB a nonsensical
farce comedy written for laughing
purposes only, and the author Is Mr.
Uoyal himself. Baby Edythe. the juvenile member of the company, made
an instantaneous hit in the "Burglar's
���  I Child."   The singing and dancing trio,
I-reddie Welsh, the British light- Dad Fletcher, Edvthe Elliott ano Oon-
weight champion, left Vancouver lasl'aid Cray, were also responsible for
evening fur Medicine Hat where he ! specialties which took well. Monday
meets Kid Lucas on Monday p.m. '< and Tuesday of next week the Royal
Wonder if he will keep the 'Hal'" j Players will offer one of New York's
crowd waiting the same as he did at   latest  successes,  "The  Fortune  Hun-
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parte of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
. Hrighouse.
Hess     Clarke
(ir.fTlth       Howard
Ion   Marshall
First Defence
Pickering     0. Itennio
Second Defence
1   ingle     T.  Itennio
Third  Defence
i., iifrey  II. Olfford
Third Home
\ , hul     W. Turnbull
Second Home
Gorman    Wintemute
First  Homo
Carter     C, Spring
Lainnde      L  Turnbull
Allen   O. Spring
Seattle ...
Victoria . .
Spokane   ..
. 4 r. 4
Yesterdays Games.
At Vancouver. tl
Vancouver  t   8
Victoria   ���   1
flatteries:     Sehmutz     aad
Kantlehner and  Bheu.
Second game: It.
Vancouver     ���**
Victoria    3
Batteries:   Hall  and  Lewis;
and   Shea
II.    E
11      0
4       6
At Tacoma:
Seattle   .
Batteries: Dell and Cadman; Bel-
ford, Kurfuas, Girnt and Harris, Grin-
yew Westminster wlll figure In two
. 1 kel games this afternoon, the firs'
. leven meeting the Vancouvers In a
I, ugue game while the "A" (earn clash
���*. ih Britannia high srhool, Vancouver
1 n Moody Park. Naturally, with the
fine record of Ihe present season, the
V nii-.iiivrr match takes first place and
the  B'.rongcst   eleven    gathered    this
ear will make the trip.   Here are the
Ii mis:
llrsl eleven Itev E, It. Bartletl
(captain), W. A. Wells. V. C II ('me,
I. II Milbr (i Thom, B. T. Dunford,
C   II   Judd, A    II Tlgar, T V   Hebron.
T   A. Jones, F. A. Rose,
Becond eleven- ,1 Ann -idiilo (c.ip-
1 iin 1. O. E, Hallton, P Oi Stugg, II.
v Mi" s. a N Other 1. fl d Fas-urn,
\ Milled*' . V. Hot d, K Hood, W
if yi is,  A.  D.1W6, ii    Hong!.tun.
I     At   Portland:
. 3
. 4
liatleries:   Kraft and  Hannah;
honey  and   Murray.
,        Standing of the Clubs.
W.   L.
Philadelphia 3-    17
New Vork  32 20
llmoklyn    28 23
Chicago    31 27
Pittsburg 26 30
Boston    -4 -7
St, Louis   2s    :!4
Cincinnati  13   88
���To.irds Clear for Y. M. C. A. Athletic
The following list of entries at the
���   ming Y   M   C   A   Iraek moot, whieh
will   be   Btarted   al   Queen's   Park   on
h nday    evi ning    demonstrate thai
lhe events will he well contested nnd
new local record! may be smashed.
Mere Is the list:
\n round championship- C. !���'������ Wat-
t un, O Gordon, (1. Masters, E. Hawkins, \   Dougherty.
Individual events - 100 yards, 0. C.
Whltakeri 220 yards. G. C. Whltaker.
I. Lewis; 410 vards, 0, C. Whltaker,
I. Lewis, W. Caine. A. Creighton;
S80 vards, W. Caine, G. Whltaker, A.
Creighton; one mile, I*.' Lewis. W.
t'ulne. A. Creighton. 0. Whltaker:
polo vault, A. Creighton; running high
lump, ('. (i. Hooker; shot-put, It. C,
Billy Papke defeated Ihn veteran  Mike (Twin) Sullivan, In Is
roundB al   Boston.    It was a
Spirited bunt from the word go
und Referee Flaherty was very
harshly criticised by the fans
ror not giving Mike a draw. In
the Uth round both men went
lo the floor together, and birred each other vigorously until
The referee made Ihem gel up
and dn lhelr fighting more
nearly according to Hueensbury
pun Brock knocked oul Tommy
Kllbane ln Oth round at Cleveland. .   ,   ..
.tack  Lester defeated  1 ill  ���"���-
rain In II rounds at Melbourne.
Yesterday's Games
Ai Pittsburg: IL    "���   K
New   York        3     B      4
Pittsburg       '    }*      J
liatleries- Tesreau. Crnndall and
Myers;  Wilson. O'Toole and Coleman
~ It.    11.    E
At Chicago:
Chicago    ���'  -     "
SI.   l-ouls      *>      '
Batteries:  Cheney and Bresnahan
Sallee  and   Wlngo.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   L.
Philadelphia *'-\   \\
Cleveland   37
Boston    3jj
If today's American intercolelgiate
regatta at Poughkeepsle runs true to
form. It will be marked by spectacular stunts and a thrilling llnish. While
Cornell has had the habit of winning
for several years, the Khacans usually know they have been In a race. Last
year lhe Cornell varsity crew finished
exactly tour seconds ahead of Wisconsin, ln 1911 Columbia was six
seem,ds behind Cornell, and in 1810
Cornell won over Pennsylvania by the
narrow margin of two seconds. In
1908 whin Syracuse was the victor,
Columbia was only one second behind.
The cimst finish the Poughkeepsle
crowds have ever witnessed was ln
the race between the fnir-oarcd crews
at the 1906 regatta. From the observation trains there did not appear to conneeti.-i
he any possible choice between Syra-
-use and Cornell. Immediately after
the rare the judges declared Cornell
Victorious, whereat the Salt City rooters hooted and howled, crying "Kill
the judges." A few minutes later the
Syracus: ns were praising the umpires
for they had changed their minds
ind declared Syracuse the viol ir
Peeves from the IlHacans, as 11. Toko
would remark. More 11 Ik among the
ludges niid Cornell's flag signals were
again ran up. Further discussion, lasl-
'ng a couple of hours, nnd Ihe final
decision has handed down that Syra-
oilSI 's shell had finished ahead by one
Inch, or a tract; >n thereof.
Columbia's only victory in the varsity race was gained In 1895. ln the
'anions "submarine regatta." The
New Yorkers won by a foot-pump,
which was used to keep the shell from
sinking. The river was unusually
rough and the Pennsy boat sank while
stll la mile from the finish line, nnd
the Ithaca boat went to pieces and left
Ms crew struggling In the drink. In
1904 at Poughkeepsle llle Foote brothers,   Cornell   oarsmen,   established   a
Charlie Lucca, whose name sug-
Fee-�� 1 nth- Italy, will meet Frank
Barrieau In a ten round preliminary
at the Uayley-Vaise scrap at Brlg-
bouse on  Dominion  Day
: ter," which Is
I As usual two
1 comedy In four acls.
shows   will   be   given
a heavy wallop and an Iron jaw
which will make the former amateur
champ  shift  some.
That was a bad jolt to Washington
yesterday when Frank Chance's aggregation from New York administered a
double defeat.
Evui the Athletics were defeated
yesterday, Smoky Joe Wood being the
This great rivalry talk between
Vancouver and the Salmon Hi Hies In
with the brat trip to Victoria is all bunkum. The only reason
Manager Gifford is taking his boys
over on lhe midnight boat Is to allow
them a rest on Saturday morning.
Playing on a neutral ground is some-
what wary for any world's champion
team and by the time the Royals
str;'ich iheir legs taking a peek at the
gon rnmeni buildings, they should be
In shape to hand out another defeat
lo Con's aggregation.
The Moose will make a side trip to
Sunias on Sunday" where they will op
pose Corbttt. Ihe B. 0. E. It. twlrler,
who is playing with the American aggregation.
One of Cramps Dead.
New    York.    June    20.���Edwin    S.
Lucca  has  Cramp, former vice-president of    the
firm of Cramp  &���  Son, ship  builders
of Philadelphia, died here today-
Is lacroi'.se a good ad. for New
Westminster. One should peruse the
eastern and prairie papers where
once or twice a week the Salmon
Bellies are featured In Bome story or
other. The appointment of a special
committee of the Progressive association 10 1 xclte more Intereal In snorts
in ihls iltv wlll undoubtedly bring
good results,
Chicago   ...
S(. Louis ...
New York . .
Yesterday's Games
.At  Philadelphia:
Wood and  Nunamager;
and Schang.
n. M. H
8 10 2
1    f.    1
Hush  Taff
record   tor   endurance   bv   rowing   in ���"
both the four-oared and varsity shells. The  local  cricket eleven  will  meet
In 19M1 the Wlnconsin freshmen crew '  ���' "-="���"" .est team on the lower main
vhleh seemed to have a cinch on vie- l'"l(i   ,llis   afternoon,   the   Vaneouvers
tory,  was  put   out   *t the  rnr-  bv   " J"8*   f,,r  tbe  occasion  Ihey  will  take
���well  from  a  passing  boat.    In   1897 OW -1"' BtrongHI team thai has ever
the Harvard night at   Poughkeepsle represented the Royal Olty,
completely collapsed at the finish cf: 	
lhe   race.     Then   there   was  the   ease I     A   little   mure   harmony   among   (he
... 9 17 0
... 3 12 3
Fisher    and
At New York.
New York	
Ilallerles:      Wnrhop
Sweeney; (Iroonie, Hughes and Henrys
Seoond game: '<���    I'-    V*
New York     ��   18      1
Washington      8      7      2
Ilallerles:   Schultz     and     Gosselt;
Gallia.   Hughes  nnd   Williams.
At Cleveland: il   H-   ''������
Chloago    3   10    1
Clevelund      0      "      1
Ilallerles: Clootte and Schalk; Knh-
ler, Mitchell and O'Neill.
International League.
Moid real 1, llalllmore 14.
Buffalo  2,   Newark   II.
Rochester 3, Provldenoe 1.
���vhen stern old coach Courtney ol
Cornell fired a whole crew, hag and
baggage, because tlie youngsters had
nartnken of Strawberry shnrteake, and
In a Ph'rt Interval built up a new
crew that won the race.
Harvard   Run   A>"ay  in  Annual   Race
on Thames.
New London. Conn.. June 20.���For
(he sixth time |p six conseciillvo
vears, I'nrvard's elRht'Oared vnrsllv
crew triumphed over the Ynle earn-
men In the four mile race lhat closed
the an nual Inter-nnlversltv regalia!
here Ilils afternoon, Preceded by the |
two crimson victories of the forenoon
���i"il Mie two wins on Thursday, 11
Completed a Harvard sweep thnt has
been enuslled onlv once nr twice In
ihe long history of Yale-Harvard rowing.
The final defent administered lo
Yale wns so crushing that the English
stroke and rowing methods Imported
from Oxford are being ridiculed thla
evening In n manner which many
veteran onrsnien (bink unjiisl. Sweeping down the river with a shindy nnd
OOnslslent stroke. Harvard crossed
Ihe finish line 11 lengths abend of the
blue lu  11  mln        tnd ���'". seconds,
The Bill eight rolled and splashed
across lis seconds later as badly a defeated crew as lias been seen on the
Thames river course In years.
local ball players and Ihls cily would |
be near tho lop of the 11. C. league.
Although they lost the ball game
last evening, the Hals had lhe satisfaction of seeing two of their number
defeat a Moose In running the bases.
Mallen look down the blue ribbon In
making the distance in a Utile over
15 Beconds, followed hy Len Chaput,
while Harry Gentry came third, a
'trifle over the 16 seconds, which time
he had promised the fans he would
make it in. Mallen was the surprise
of (he race, cutting the corners to a
"The Burglar's Child*'
The Clever Juvenile
Two Other Sketches.
Specialties by all
members of the company.	
4   Photoplays     4
Monday and Tuesday
Don't miss this remarkable play.
Prices: 10c and 20c.
Children. Half Price.
No Qome-backs.
"YALE" Engines always, work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
-���      ��� ��� ��� .
South Westminster
Attention paid to special dinners. We serve
meals at all hours. Private dining rooms for afternoon teas. We have our own gardens. Fresh vegetables and eggs.
On direct line across bridge on Pacific Highway.
R. M, BURNS, Proprietor.
Pertinent' iiu*ht**r.
I An Kngiish Juror on��e asked the
Judge after the Terdlct wns returned
whether the fact that be differed from
ble eleven brethren Justified tbelr
knocking him down with a chair.
Natural Result
Mnggine-Whatever became of thnt
friend  of  yonre  who  used   lo   bare
money to burn! Bugglns-He's sifting
the ashee.���Philadelphia Itecord.
Easily Pleseert.
Onhe��� What la an optimist J  Kteee
An optimist Is a cross eyed tuMi who *
thankful   thnt   be  leu't   bowleifged
Cincinnati Inquirer.
Buy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic  15,000 tons New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second. $53.75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.... 582 feet long        Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson. Agent CM. 4 St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St.,
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Westminster Trust,  Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
' MH
SATURDAY,  JUNE  21,  191J.
Classified Advertising |
cived for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.	
. RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word par
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
nuired wittln ono year from date of
contract, *25.00.
WANTED���GIRL WITH SOME Experience for laundry work. Troy
laundry'- (1D78)
months, five or six roomed modern
house, furnished. Phone 263. (1563)
rooms with board. Apply 715 Fifth
avenue. (1613)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136 News office. (1383)
kitchen, toilet, bath, coal and wood
house; 111 monthly, 230 Eleventh
.treet. H576)
registered prize-winning stock.
Splendid watch or work dogs. Males
$10 and females $8. James Niven,
Surrey Centre, B.C. H-389)
cheap.   Apply Box 1573 News office.
New Offerings on Market Yesterday-
-��ggs  Tighten   Slightly���Young
Poultry Strong.
Railway Now Connects Nanalmo With ��� Old   Timers   Appreciate     Activity   of
Cowichan  Lake���Regular  Pas- Government   In   Settling   Long
senger Schedule. Delayed Entries In Railway
sory sale. Splendid city lot on
Eighth avenue, opposite Moody-
park. Owner holding agreement of
sale for $350, will part with same
for $325 (or nearest offer), balance
of $1025 over 18 months. Box 1566
The News. (1566)
Locally grown new    potatoes    and Nanaimo, June 20.���With the Inau
strawberries made their debut yester- guration of the Cowichan lake branch
.k       -i*..     ������i0(     ������rt by the departure of the first passen-
day     at     the     city     market     and ^ ^ ^ regular Bch(?ll,llp  ,he Es.
both were popular with buyers In; quimalt & Nanaimo railway opened
search of garden produce. The of-1 communication with the eastern end
ferlngs of potatoes were fairly large,of Cowichan lake for passenger traf-
The  Btrvice will  be  experimen
express harness, $25. Apply Fashion
livery. (1551)
horses weighing about 3200 pounds,
seven and eight years with harness
and wagon; also one team 3000,
seven and eight, with harness and
wagon; also ono extra wagon, 3%
inch skein, will sell altogether or
separato, cheap for cash, or might
consider trade. Apply 1406 Fifth
aveuue, New Westminster.      (1550)
New potatoes brought $4 per  Pendent   for bugines:,
cents a lb. and strawberries  operations   which   ur.
modern, Princess street, near
Fourth; small payment down and
balance as rent. Apply evenings
about 7 o'clock, 331 Pine street.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PBR
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1451)
ing room, kitchen, pantry, three
bedrooms, bath, etc., electric light.
On large lot with stable and wood-
Hhed. $25 a month. 1108 Eighth
avenue. (15611
,109 Hospital street. (1553)
tage, modern. Apply 207 Clinton
llace, near Royal avenue and Second street. (1510)
bedrooms, hot water convenience.
Use of telephone. Moderate terms,
Applv 433 Twelfth Btreet.        (1536)
Ueeping rooms. All conveniences.
732 Agnes slreet. (1525)
funlshed housekeeping rooms, flrst
floor, at 224 Seventh street.    (1503)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes streeL    Telephone L6S8.
hunting case, 14kt. Finder please
return lo this officii and receive reward. 11585)
Columbia street, -tier* Westminster,
wlll collect your slow and bad accounts for a mere trifle, No membership fee required and commission charged only on tho amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. Collections made everywhere. (1365)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver, B.C. (14'49)
fie.    The Btrvice will be
tal, with three trains a week, till tho
requirements      of  the    disirict     are
The branch leaves the main line
b tween Duncan and Sometios, and
the train makes slops ai Tansor and
Sahtlam. between Duncan aud Cowichan lake. Apart from the summer
traffic which will be developed by '
the accessibility given lhe lake* the
road must necessarily at flrsl be de-
ti the loRging
being carried
out by the lumber companies around
the  lake.
From the point of view of the sport-
man and tourist, the lake is one of the
most attractive In the JBland, and it
has only been the difficulty of reaching it by stage which has prevented
more people becoming acquainted
with its beauties.
The line, which was finished nearly
a   year   ago,   has   been   in   operation
for logging purposes since that time.
It  occupied nine months of construction  under the direction  of  the divisional engineer, It. A. Bainbridge. Tlie
line rises over the summit nine miles
very  keen;   butter from  Duncan,  being    700 feet above
5 cents per lb. re-   sea 'evel at that point, and falls 175
"  feet  before  reaching  thv  surface  of
Cowichan lake which is 525 feet above
sea level,    lt  is  20  miles  long  from
Duncan to the lake, or 18 from the
junction near Sometios.
vegetables,  flowers and such  produce I     Two  streams   are  crossed   on   tres-
sold as follows: ' tleB, the only Important bridge being
Fruit. ' that across the Cowichan river, which
Apples, per box   $1.00 to $1.25  at the present time is a pine trestle,
Vegetables, Wholesale. but It is hoppd to replace it with a
Beets, per sack  75c. steel bridge during the present sum-
Carrots, per sack 'ISc.mer.    Construction  has been  of the
and although the tubers compared fa- ,
vorably as to| size, with walnuts the |
fact that thej  were this year's crop)
made  them   easy   to  sell.    About  40 j
crates of strawberries were brought In
and had it not been    for    the    wet I
weather ther* would havo been  even
more,     However,   it   Is   assured   that]
from this time on there will Ae berries a-plenty ana from what the farm-1
ers say they will be of excellent quality too
bag or 4 cents a lb. and strawberries
went at *3.50 a crate.
Ring Out the Old.
The sa'e of old fowl waa much hindered by the ever-increasing quantities of broilers and young ducks and
unless the former were of the best
quality they Btood but small chance
indeed of being disposed of. The
young birds went at from 26 to 28
cents a lb. and ducklings ihe same
while old clii-ckens sold for but IC to
18 cents retail.
-Eggs a  Little Tight.
As predicted  yesterday the market I
for  eggs  tightened   slightly  and  al-'
though prices were but little changed
the   demand   was
sold reeularly at
tail  while  eggs  went  from  30  to  35
centa  per  dozen.
Other quotations experienced no
mater.al change. Fish and meats
went at prices given below and fresh
Revelstoke, June 20.���The Dominion land office at Revelstoke, has
been the scene of remarkable activity
during the paat week, when the squatters throughout the district of Mal-
akwa and the eastern section of the
railway bell, have been mating their
entries for lauds which will put their
holdings into good business shape and
inaugurate a period of very active development in the agricultural Industry of the province.
Among the old timers now receiving their tltleB are men who for years
have pioneeied in the wilderness,
some having preceded the C. P. R.
Into the interior of B. C, and the
greatest satisfaction is expressed on
all Sides that through Hie energy of
the new Dominion govenv-ment, they
are at las^ reaping the well merited
reward for a lifetime Of effort and
hardship, as the trail blazers of the
The arrangements made for settling the complicated questions of
timber owners and leases, have borne
the strain of the past few weeks admirably, and the long delayed settlement of the squatters' rights is proceeding with a rapidity and smoothness which speak volumes for the
statesmanship of It. F. Green, representative at Ottawa, who has brougbl
so much thought and knowledge of
local conditions to bear upon these
problems during the past twelve
months, and reflects also the highest
credit upon the administration of the
affairs of the local Dominion land office.
The squatters are receiving the free
dom of the lands which they won
from the wilderness, and this is a
fact upon which the settlers themselves, the Revelstoke district in general, and the Dominion government who
have enacted th'? necessary legislation,
should certainly be warmly congratulated,
MARKED SHORTAGE IN j8ank 0f Montreal
Churches Find Great Difficulty in Filling   Vacancies���Havc   Scoured
Miss Alice Banner, Box 5, Sta. "R."
New York City. H57H)
gage, good city property. Wlll accept beat terma offered. Give particulars Box 1540 NewB office.
 I . J.JL���1LJL    U. .      1.
Advertise in the Daily News
erty to trade for acreage. Curtis &
Dorgan, 706 Columbia street. (1559)
Furnished three room suite, with
hath. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
LICE AND POULTRY GO Together. Hut lice and profit- never!
The time to tight lice is all the
time���but especially in hot weatner
Don't lei the lice get the start of
you. Now Is the lime for the
Charge of the Lice Brigade. The I Boiling beef
war cry is Conkey. donkey's Lice i Veal
Powder  !5c,   Conkey's  Lice   Liquid! Perk
Turnips, per sack Mi*
Potatoes, per sack  .    75c
New   potatoes  per  Back    *. .$4.00
Potatoes, per ton $8 tn $10
Onions, per sack   $1.25 to $150
Vegetables, Retail.
Ripe Tomatoes, per doz 30c
Heets. por bunch 5c
Onions, per lb 5c.
Carrots, per bunch 5c
Cabbage, per lb 4a
TurTvlps. each   5e
Rhubarb, per bunch 10c
Strawberries   per  crate    $3.50
Egea and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per doz 27c to 29o
EggB, retail, per doz 30c. to 35c.
Hatching Eggs, per doz. . .50c to $1.00
Hatching duck eggs, doz . 50c. to 75c.
Eggs, duck, per doz 30c. to 40c.
Butter retail per lb   35c.
Butter, wholesale, per lb 30a
Fish, Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15c
While Spring Salmon, per lb 10c
FlounderB, per lb 10c
Sturgeon, per lb. 15c
i 'Halibut, per lb l��c
������Ueelhead, per lb 15c
Smelts, per lb 10c
Cod, per lb 10c
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts 15c to 18c
Beef, loin    18c. to 27c.
Beef, round  steaks      ...23c.  to 25c.
 1 14c:
 15c. to 25c.
    15c  to  20c
typical forest character, and there at
two slopping places, at Tansor, three
miles out, and at the summit of Sahtlam, nine milea out. No official arrangement has bum made as to whether the line will ultimately extend
westward along the shore line of the
Attempted Check-Raising Second Tim
Ley to  Her Capture���Pleads
Two Cow Testing Associations���Government Assistance in Improvement of Herds
35c te $1.00  (it mixes with  water), ] Mutton  12c to 2ilc
and  Conkey's  Head  Lice  Ointment i Spring lamb, fore-quarters 23c.
25c, Bettle the lice problem���which  Spring lamb, hind quarters 30c.
means Bave your profits, Brackman
Ker Milling Co. Liberal sample if
you clip this advertisement.    (1518)
Province cf British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Under and by virtue of a writ of
fl fa In un> directed and delivered
against Hie coeds and chattels of
Ralph Asser and Sydney Asser, at
the auli of Columbia Trust Company,
Limited, I have Krizid aud will sell
ni Heaps Engineering Company's
premises, Pronl Bireet, New Westminster, on Tuesday, the 24th day of
.lune, 1913, at 2 o'clock In ihe afternoon, the following, or sufficient
thereof lo snlisfy the judgment d"bt
and costs herein*
The cabin cruiser "Cecilia." powered
tt.ta a four cylinder cycle 20 h.p.
Doma.ii engine, 1912 model. Length
oyer all 35 feet, beam K fiM-t, upholstered in green plush, flulshcd inside
with hardwood, sleeping accommodation for six persons and fitted with
toilet, coo kslove. and electric  lights.
Terms of Bale cash.
New Westminster, June 7, 1913. (15621
Province of British Columbia, County
of  New  Westminster.
Under  and   by  virtue of a writ of
attachment to mt  directed   ami   di
livered against the goods and chain ls
��� f Henry (ieorge at the suit of It   W
Chirk, W,  E.  Hennessy and Frank S.
Kern,  I   have  seized  and  will  sell  at
'he store, corner of "Sixth and Agnes
hi rests.   New   Westminster,   on  Tuesday, the 24th day of June, 1913, al 9
"dock  In  the  forenoon,  tbe  following,  or   sufficient  thereof   to  satisfy
tlje judgment dibt  and costs herein:
All  the   Show  cases,  cash   register,
r.nd     Btock     consisting    of    tobacco,
e -tars,  fruits, candies, candy making
i ulflt. one six foot silent salesman, a
���quantity of bedding, etc.
Terms of sale cash.
* T. J. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff.
New Wesiminster, Jane 19,       (1677/
Will sacrifice new cement block house
Thirteenth avenue    and
read car line.    House has six large |
rooms,  pretty  grounds, lot    66x167,1
corner to lane.    A bargain for quick
deal.    Only $1400 against  the prop- i
it >.    If >ou are looking for a home
and a snap see this at once.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bulildlng.
I J_J ���  _. i H"!.'JI
Wholesale Meats
j Veal, large    14c.
��� Veal, small lie.
j Beef, front quarter  O'-je.
j Beef, hind nuarter lie.
! Spring  lamb   	
| Mutton   .' 12V-J.C
| Pork   13c
j Hens, small, pex dozei
I Hens, large, per dozen
! Chickens, per dozen ..
| Rrollers. per dozen ...
Kingsway i Hens,   live,  per  lb.   ..
Chickens, live, per lb. .
Ducks, per dozen   	
Ducks, live, per Ib	
to 25c.
to 35c.
to 16c.
to 17c.
to 10c
to 12c.
to 13c
to 14 c.
Ducklings, jut lb.
... .$6 to $8
...$12 to $13
    $4 to $6
$4.50 to $5 50
. 23c. to 24c
...$12 to $16
... 30c to 32c
...28c to 30c
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Spokane Police Remove Autos Around
Corner   During   Absence   cf
Extra choice building lot on Third
avenue, 66x132. Will trade on fully
modern residence.   Nu. 68.
Substantial eight room house, handy
to Sixth atreet car line; close In.
Will trade on building lot. No. 72.
Saskatchewan farm, 160 acres,
house;  good water.    Will trade for
eity property,   No. 2.
Fitly  acres at   Matsqui;   partly  slash
id; extra choice, alder bottom, win
Irade for city properly. $'.1200. No. 4,
Ten  acres  full
city property,
bearing     orchard
$8600,    Will  tradi
No. C,
We can trade two
Hardy Hay at $;'.'
growing Into big
40 acre plots at
an acre. Thin Is
money.   No. 1,
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Publlc.
Curtis Block,        657 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
Spokane, June 20, Consternation I
was caused among doctors, dentists,
real eBtate men and other office rent- I
ers In the Paulsen, Old National, Kagle
and olher��� blocks near Riverside and
Stevens street when their automobiles were pulled from Riverside avenue by the police greyhound and left
standing on Main avenue.
Orders were Issued by Chief of I'o-
,       .   lice'     McAlplno   and    Commissioner
111    ' | Coates several days ago thai no auto-
mobiles would be allowed to stand on I
Riverside   avenue   between   1   and   7
o'clock   p,   in.  and  officers  were  setil I
mt to notify tha owners of the ma
chines to that effect,   Despite the no-
tice many machines were lefl  stand
ing on tho streel.
Chief oi Police McAlplne took per
Bonal charge of the greyhound, driven
by Officer Arthur Enquest, tit noon
on | yesterday, und with a long rope
hitched io machines lefl Btandlng in
the slreet and moved them to a place
of Hafety on Main avenue during the
parade ol children from the grade
schools. Officer Freso was placed In
the meehiiH's being moved I" steer
The police department was yester
day afternoon deluged with reports of
inlBHlng automobiles, reported hy tlm*
lurs and other professional men In the
Riverside avenue office buildings of
the city. The machines were finally
located where they had been left by
thn police greyhound. ,
Chilliwack, June 20.���The provincial department of agriculture have
got fairly Btarted In the work of assisting the dairymen in improving
their herds.
The latest move in tbis work has
been brought about In the organization of cow testing associations In lhe
dairy   sections  of  the  province.      ���'
For a start, two have been established In the Kraser valley, one In
the Kast Chilliwajjk and Rosedale sections and another in the Sardis-Su-
mas section. The one In the eastern
portion of tlie valley is in charge of
J. II. Watson, of South Stimas, and
A. Wiltshire, of Burqultlam, has the.
charge of the Sardis-Sumas association, and once p. month these men
visit each member or the association
Of which they have charge, (est each
cow owned I ,- him for the percentage
of buttirfat production, keeps a record of the weight of the milk produced of each cow, records these with
ihe amount of food consumed, to produce the milk and cream, and opens
a simple syslem of bookkeeping which
the dairymen can in future follow* and
keep up the work started In dairy
Last week Henry Rive, provincial
dairy  Instructor,  was  in   the  valley
getting the Cow Testing associations
started, He stated that the work was
bound to lead to splendid results. If
the advantages of thla government
work is appreciated, as it should be,
the milk production of the herds of
this province will be largely Increased. It, Mr. line's opinion, It is nol
always the COW that gives the largest
amount of milk which is the mosl
profitable to the dairyman.
Tin- percentage of butterfai from
that cow's milk may be the lowest
In the herd, while she may consume
a great deal more food for the product Ion of that milk, than one of
smaller milk production, but of a high.
er percentage of butterfat.
11 Is hy keeping a record of the
food consumed and the cost or value
of that food, and the value of the
milk and cream production of each
Individual cow, that a true and accurate Idea can bo hed. The system
of establishing cow testing associations throughout the dairy districts
is but following the old Danish syslem established In that country some
years ago.
An association of 25 or 80 dairymen
iH formed. Bach member pays $1 per
cow per annum towards the work of
testing, A man with ten cows pays
$10 while the man with fifty cows
would pay $50, The man In charge of
each asoclatlbn spends a day with
each association spends n duy with
and records every cow In the herd.
The officers in charge of the Rose-
tlale Kast Chilliwack association are
Charles Hawthorne, president; (I. II
Baltic,   Becretary;   A.   II.   Mercer   and
0, Hornby, directors. The Sardls-Su-
mas association Is In charge Of (ieorge
WatBOn and Alex Chadsey. These
men with the milk and cream testers from a commlltee which will Bet
valuations on ihe pasturage, etc. The
work Ih well started, though a month
later Ihan Intended, owing to the lato
arrival of equipment, and before another year severnl more nsoclatlons
will In all probability be formed here.
Ches'.erville, June 20.���The woman
j with  lhe three aliases, Kreeda Helen
, Howard, Dorothy Smith and McKenna
has been committid for trial at Ches-
(erville  by  Magistrate Wholehan, on
la charge of raising a cheque from $10
| to   $1000   and   drawing   that   amount
from the Bank of Ottawa at this place
; on   Monday.    Se  Is  to  be  taken    to
Cornwall,   and   as   the   assizes   there
have just closed she will have to remain in custody (ill next fall ere her
trial  ran  be opened.
The woman was quite alone in the
court and was unrepresented, but uot
for a moment did she attempt to deny
her crime. She merely pleaded guilty
and cxpreBsed her sorrow ai having
committed it. The evidence given
against her was that of the manger
and teller of the Bank of Ottawa here
Her arrest came about as the result
of   her  own   bravado  in   endeavoring
to try the same ruse ln another town.
Trying Same Game
She was trying the same game at
SpencervlUe at the bank there. The
manager of the Ottawa bank here was
communicated with by phone from
SpencervlUe, and on information received, Mr. Craig, accompanied by C.
L. t'nstclman, Immediately proceeded
to Spencerville by aulo, and on arrival there Identified Ih'h woman as the
puny wanted. A warrant wai sworn
out before the police magistniY- at
Spencerville and, ^accompanied b>J
Constable Duiilop, the woman was
brought to Cheslerville in the autu.
Part of the money was discover, d on
her person.
The woman In reality, is Mrs. McKenna, of Renfrew, Chief ef police
Plaiint, of Renfrew, said Mrs. McKenna was a resident of Ri nfrew, but had
only beep here for a short time, coming from Toronto last winter. Mr,
McKenna, who Is employed as an el
ectrioiau In the town power plant, had
no Idea where his Wife was. she hav
lng lefl a few days previous, not stai
lng where she was goiim-.
lie received Ihe $200 sent tn hlm by
his wife, and payed out  $loo for a
bill that he owed. Mr Leach fully
received $200 ul the same time, having no idea where the money came
from, The money was In payment
for groceries that McKenna owed him.
In Ottawa Alto
Ottawa, according to Information
given out by the local police, wns
not overlooked 111 Ihe itinerary of
Kreeda Helen Howard who worked
the clever swindle on the Bank of
Ottawa ilt Chestervllle, According to
the inscription, the police are convinced thai she worked tt clever game
on two dry goods stores In the city
lasl  fall.
Going Into a Btore which she selected because she could be waited on
by a lady clerk, this posibly because
Hbe found male clerks nu re gullablc
she. would order a certain amount of
ladies' wear. Then ahe would order
them to be sent to a ficticious address on some will known street, glv
ing a cheque for $50. The value uf
Hie  goods  would   not   exced  $5.     Net
Buspectlng anything, knowing tie
goods were lo be delivered, anil Impressed by ihe appearance of the wo
man, the cashier waa only lon willing
lo  cash   ihe  cheque,
She wni Iuil t IiIb on two store:*. In
one day and left town Immediately.
Though they wqrked for several week
on the case the police could find ne
trace of her, till they rend the description of the woman who was arrest eil in Chestervllle last night. This
(llscrlptlon when Bent to the chief of
police, tallied exactly wllh that of Ihe
lady who operated here on n smaller
scale last fall. It Ib suspected that
she has worked various ganies of this
kind in several other placfcs.
Toronto, June 20.��� The lack of candidates for the ministry Is causing u
groat deal of misgiving amongst the
leaders of the various religious bodloB
whicb huve been meeting In Toronto
at the PreBbyterlati Assembly. Many
references were made to this matter
and speakers told of the efforts which
had been made to get men to fill the
vacant places. Kngland had been
scoured In the endeavor to obtain men
and they had been forced to accept
even-half-trained candidates, so difficult has It been to find anyone to
undertake the work.
At the Anglican synod the same
problem was frequently discussed.
There are some thirteen vacancies in
the diocese of Toronto alone and Bishop Sweeney said that he waB planning to bring men from England to
(111 these places.
The Methodists are having n similar difficulty. Although the Toronto
conference will ordain thirteen candidates to the ministry, they
Btlll need sixteen more men to fill
the stations in ihelr own conference.
Members of the stationing committee
state that lhe same difficulty
was being found in practically every
conference In Sanada. They were endeavoring to get men in Kngland, but
even then they were not able to get
a sufficient supply.
It   haa  been   pointed   out   that   the
shortage  of men  has been  cnused  by
the  tremendous    expansion    of    Hie
church work In the west.    The great
I number of men have been sent there
j to  fill new  poets,  and  there has not
I been   an   increase   in   the  numlier  of
candidates at all proportionate to the
I increased demand.    This development
(has been so rapid In the west lhat the
I church in the east has not been able
to keep up with the demand for men,
and  consequently  the  shortage    has
heen  magnified.
Other officers In the various church
bodies claim that  the number of Canadians who are entering the ministry has decreased to a considerable ex-
| tent.    A variety of reasons have been
j given for this lack   if Interest, hnt al-
Imost every one thought the main r-ea
I son  was  the   prevailing  materialistic
tendencies.'    In almost every    Bpeech
made  on  this  subject    recently    the
speakers   have   deplored   the   luck   of
family worship and the neglect of the
parents  to place the  ministry  before
Ihelr hoys, and have claimed tbat thlB
bas caused the shortage.
On the other hand, aB Bishop
Reeve suggested to the Anglican synod, one great reason may be the
hard life, with the difficulties that follow Ihe inadequate stipends. It would
appear Uiaf, ln these times of rising
nriceB the churches will have to make
decided Increasi s in stipendB before
they will be able to attract more Canadians Into the ministry.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000*00.00
Munches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and in London, Kngland, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. I<etter*
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents ln all parte of tbe world.
Savings Bank Department--Deposits
received In Bums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per Mat ter
annum (present rate).
Total AsBetB over $186,000,000.00.
O. Cl. BRYMNRK. Manager.
Telephone**: Office 53, Residence 42��.
JOHN HEID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros."   Gasoline
Engines,  Marine  Engines  and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
Specially���Treatment of tbe scalp
by Vlbm-Massage aud Clover's Kam-
.ms Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth St.
MAY CANtfl All
Regina Council in Dilemma Over Refusal   of  Contractors���Day
Labor Suggested.
Regina, June 20.- The works commute" will ask the city council, to
cancel all former contracts for this
year's pavements und call tor new
This Is the outcome of the general
mixup over giving weight to things
other than the price quoted In awarding contracts.
The Westrumlte people, who were
accept it, partly because it was not
awarded half the contract, refused t)
worth while and partly because of the
opposition of a pari of the council.
Tho works committee offi red the
work to the Granitoid people, the coni-
misismiers' first recommendation, and
their wire read to the committee stated that because of the extreme antl
pathy of certain aldermen Ihey would
not consider il at all
A later wire received after the
company had been definitely assured
thai the committee was readv to give
them the contract, stated that they
would nol care to accept under the
present cirenmslaiucH.
This left   the dty  practically  without  n   company   available   to   do   th"
work,   with   the   exception   of   Hi la  fi
ICeenleyslde. who had been given half.
By   Day   Labor.
Aid. Rink made a strong plefL for
the cltv ( i lav Us own sidewalks by
day labor under competent supervision, The immediate reason for this
policy waa that, be had been credibly
informed that one sidewalk contract
had been twice sub-let.    If there was
sufficient profit for each company to
get a slice he thought lt high time
the city did ItB own wirk.
Commissioner Thornton Raid that '*
was comparatively simple work and
that lhere was nothing to hinder the
city laying Sidewalks cheaper than
the company could, ns the city bad
] its own gravel pit.
Aid. Patton brought the discussion
back to tenders by declaring thai he
did not think lhat tho (iranltold people had withdrawn their lender because of any antipathy, bul becnuse
they had cut their price until they
could nol do the work at a profit,
Mr. Thornton explained that whal
aiii% iiink wis convptalnlng of was
not actually n matter of re-lettlng a
contract. The contract had been once
sublet, but lhis company lln'need the
; work while the one nelualy lining It
did II for wages. Personally Mr.
Thornton said that he would rather
undertake to do any other kind of pub-
lice work, ns everyone knew how to
lay sidewalks and were therefore In
a piisiii ui to advise. If the department, was not quite so busy he would
like to try a part of the program, aad,
In fact, would ask the council for permission  lo lay a few  blocks.
To Port  Mann  and  Port Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Dally Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves New Westminster for  Port
Munn  8:00 a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann   for  New  Westminster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves New  Westminster for Port
Mann and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves    Port   Coqultlam    for   Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leavea  New   Westminster 'or  Port
Mann 6:30 p.m.
I-eaves  Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster for Port-
Mann nrd Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
I/caves    Port   Coqultlam    for   Port
Msnn and New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change wKhout
For further informstlon inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip ticketa to
all  points east,  commencing May 28.
Week End ticketb on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trip
no   Fridays,  Saturdays  and  Sundays.
For rates and reservation apply   to
ED   OUULET, A����nt
New Westminster
Or  H.  W.   Hrodle, O.P.A .  Vancouver
B.C. Coasl Service
I<4'iwen Vancouver for Victoria IS a. ro.,
I 2 p. ni- uni)  11 :4ft.
LoaVM Vancouver for Seattle II a. m.
1 and 11 p. in.
Leavea Vancouver fnr Nanalmo 10 am.
and fi 80 p.m
lifuvpH Vancouver for prtnos Rupert
nnd Northern P'ttnu in n m Wadntw
days  nnd   Saturdays  nt   n   pm.
Chilliwack Service
i,4'��v(.h   ('hintftark    1   a.  m.   Tutwdny,
rhured&y and Saturday*
Leaves  Westminster k a.  m.  Monday,
Wednusday snd Friday.
KD.  OOULKT,   Agent.   New   Wemm,iutt��r.
M.  vV   MHiidim   (I.  1*.  A..  Vanoouver.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  18ft.      Barn Phon* 117
Begble sired.
h��hk��k�� Dellvere-i I'lomptlr te
any iisrt of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
citv op new wEBTMiNrren. ��.c
New  Spring and Bummer Sultlnge
now on display.    See them.   Perfect
flt and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front 8treet SATURDAY,  JUNE 21,  1913.
National Conference of Charities and
Correction In Seattle July &
to  12
Council Appoints Committee to Invc
tigate Useless aod Unnecessary
Nolj-.es���Enlarge City Jail.
Seatlle, June    20.���Pressing    prob-'    Seattle,   June   20.���Suppression   of
lems   of   the   northwest   will   receive   useless and unnecessary noises In Se-
��peclal  attention   at  the  coming   NA-  a|tle wSf *��� ��ub3e?' "f \tW0 '"'J1���'
discussion before the public safety
tlonal Conference of Charities and i commit'tce of the city couneil, follow-
Correction, which will be held in Sea- | ing which Councilman Austin K. (irif-
11 lc July & to 12. Tbe northwest,
outside Ot a 1I07.011 clt les and large
towns. Is almost wholly rural; and the
problems of the rural neighborhood
and community will be treated at
length in several sections of the con-
f, rence meeting.
No more Important question will
ever come before the people of the
northwest than thai Of the welfare
of children in rural municipalities,
which will be discussed by Dr. \V. H.
rilingerland, of the Russel Sage Foundation, on Monday nf conference ||(
week. It has been thought for so
long, that the lot of the child In the
country waa so completely Ideal that
It will be well for the future iof tin
northwest that this great specialist
is to give the results of his Bpeclal
Studies into litis problem.
Ill thiB same connection it is worthy of attention thai a whole section
Of the conference will be devoted to
the welfare of tne children in the Pacific coasl slates Mr. VV, Almond
dates, secretary of the stale board of
Charities Of California, will describe
the work that Is being done in California for the welfare of the clilciren
of that state.
.Indite Even It Smith, well known
for IiIb humanitarian views anil his
broadly social methods if handling
judicial Questions, will describe the
voluntary ami official methods used
In B atti" for tbe cu-ing for dependent children, ami In bringing them
into self-respecting and Independent
manhood and womanhood.
The work that Is being done along
similar lines In Spokane will be described by llin. J. Stanley Webster.
And the nation-wide movement for the
welfare of the children In rural com-
munitiei and in the city alike will be
described by I'r Anna Louise Strong
whose work, as director of chilil wi 1-
fan- exhibits, ia giving her a national
Hi sides these lines of discussion,
the first gnat meeting of conference,
hi Id on Sunday evening in the gnat
auditorium Of the largest high school
'"nliliiiK of the city, will be devoted to
iiie geiieru subject of Vocational Kiln
cation.   The meet ing wlll lie pr-asldeA
evir by Rev, Brother ItatiiahaB, Ihe
superintendent of the Lincoln Agricultural  school,  New  York.
Tho whole discussion will gather
round   the   growing   tendency   toward
practical education, and its extension
into Ihe while educational field for
bo.VB and girls who are normal, as
well as for the  abnormal  children.
The religious nature of this prob
Icm l�� emphasized by Ihe fact that
tin- meeting Is held on a Sunday, The
public importance of the question iH
recognized In the fact that it is held
in a public high school building. And
thi�� discussion will being togetheur
the thinking of the whole country,
from the far east to the I'acific coast.
Perhaps a more complete recognition of tbo whole problem of child
welfare U Jonnd in lhe fact that the
annual conference sermon which will
ti.' given on Sunday afternoon of conference week, is to be given by Rev,
A. J. McKelway, OU, Of Atlanta. Ca.,
and Washington, D, <'.. who for years
haa been secretary of the southern
Atlantic Btates of the National Child
Labor committee.
I>r. McKelway has been one of Ihe
really -great leaders in the fight for
decent living conditions anil a decent
life frr the children of the southern
mountain whites who have been ex-
plotted in the cotton mills of the
���southern cities. Thero Ib no more
important message to the northwest
than this one which will be given by
Ibis great fighter for ihe natural
rights of little children.
fiths' resolution  that the council appoint a committee of five Citizens t'i
[take  up  the  question    and    Buggisl
| methods  to  the  council   was   recommended  for adoption.
Mr.  Crifflths'  bill  seeking  to com-
|pel  threaters    and     moving    picture
| houses   to   post   the   "Standing   room
'only" sign in  their hox offices when
jail   Feats   were   filled   and   providing
'for a  lest  of  ever)!  exit  after  each
performance, wuh referred    to    Kin
.Marshall Harry VV. Binghurst and Assistant   Superintendent   of Buildings
15.  Hockir to look Into local con-
! lions and to make*suggestions for outlining the body of an ordinance at thr
next meeting of the committee.
Mr. Griffiths' resolution    providing
I thai   the  public  safety  committee  report to the council ways and means for
enlarging the city jail ami providing
better   sanitary   conditions   therein
with special reference to tin- receiv
: ng  cell,  where  all except  criminal
j cases are sent, waa laid over for furth-
| er  consideration  during  which    time
Supi rlntendent    of   Buildings   It.   II.
'fiber is to suggest plans for converting the three-Ktorv brick building jusl
to the north of We: Hake public market, nei ni ly donated to the city for
��� i�� ri id of ten years, into a sub-police station and jail.
A  bill   providing   fur  the  protection
if   window   washers   and   sei king   to
I compel owners or agents of building!
Ito  provide  belts  or oilier' safety  appliances  for thts purpose and  to en-
1'ure..    all     window   washers    to  use
them, was put ovi r one week, ns also
was a bill seeking to prohibit the Bali
Of "serums" or other alleged cures for
diseases unless such    medicine   hat
been tested by a competent board ol
physicians and ItB efficacy proved.
lies, and reply to the numerous toasU. J
There was for instance a gay even-
ing on one of the Allen liners a wie't
or two ago.   The chief steward of the
vessel construct'.d an i nurnious  bride's
cake for the 23 favored    ones    who 1
were cn board, and then the youngest
bride-elect   was  chosen  to  make  thel
first   cut   into  the   monster.     In   this I
case  the  father ,,tf the  fair one  was |
compelled  by  the  daughter to -do all
.be speech making.
At the wharf then are some more
merry fines. If Hie Prince Charming happens to meet his lady fair, the
fun la complete. Trunks are covered
with great ribbons, suit eases bear
glaring letters to proclaim what Is
to happen, while clouds of Tice and
confetti make the landing one 'hat
the bride-elect Is not likely to forget.
Bvt rybody takes a hand in Ihe pleasure, even the ladles moat concerned
seem to enjoy the distinction.
Many of the brides are on their
way to tin west. As a consequence
it is not Often that anyone n ����� ts
them at the dock. Usually ll Is a lone
ly landing with a hurried start 'iff
o the west, where the new home with
h ���  prince awaits.
There was cue surprised lady on
the wharf, lhe other morning, li was
n Calgary that she expected to meet
her lover, but without tilling the lady
of hi.-i plans he slipped away down
hi re to meet her. She had just come
down the gangplank, a lonely little
figure, win n he appeared on the
scene. Then all clouds passed and
away they went to seek a clergyman.
Pleade  guilty to  Many  Theftc���
Man Arretted for Receiving
Later May Take Action to Get'Even���
Protest   Filed   Against  License
used   to  go
June   20.���"Oh,   yes!   I
Into  one  or  two  houses
Osnver to Establish Municipally-owned
Markets���Reduce High Cost
of Living 20 Per Cent.
Husband, Wife, Father, Daughter,
and Mother Witnesses in Interesting  Case.
Band of Professional Loafers See Police  Con-ing  and   Scatter
Like Mice.
Ottawa, June 20 - A squabblin:
family reunion waB held in the lilgl,
court when a meet complicated fam
ily dispute waa heard before Chancellor Sir John Iloyd It was a case of
mother against sons, father agalnsl
daughter, husband against wife, with
a few more distant relatives havint*
their little say to make the case a:
complicated as possible The cast
was  lleaucage  vs.   D'Amour.
It appears that two yearB I ago Mr
Beaucage feeling that he was getting
too .iid tc work his farm, and being
In some financial difficulties, decided
to deed his property, with all its ef
fects to his son-in-law, D'Amour, ot
condition that he get him out of hii
financial difficulties and keep him am
hiB'wife for the rest of their lhe-*
Should a disagreement occur between
lhe parties, IJ'Am.iur was obliged tl
pay the old couple J30 a month.
This arrangement worked quite sat
Esfactorlly  for over a  year,  till  las1
February  when Mr. lleaucage Midden
ly left  IVAmour's place without leaving   word   with   his   son-in-law.     Hi
want lo Montreal and began to paste
the latter with lawyer's letters wanting $:iu a nn.nth for all the time thn'
lhe  stayed   with   his   Bon-ln-law,     11*
Claimed that  he  was forced to leave
1 because of the constant quarreling be-
ween his wife and his daughter.
MrB. lleaucage, who refused to ge
villi tier husband, denied this, am'
va.- upheld by the Bon-ln-law. whlb
, V old 111:111 was sustained in his ar-
".iniiit: by his sons, who recalled
I quarrels between mother and danr.ii
���c- as far hack as twelve years ago.
The chancellor was inclined to be-
Meve th" Btory of the mother nnd or
lercd that D'Amour nay his father-in-
law $1.r, s month Irom the date of hit*
departure from under his protection
and continue this pavment
|ti atii'iiee found ll possible '.'1
to live with hlm.
Mont rial  June
fessional loafers
ill   individual   lie
iiie four quarter
result "f nn
��� i.ai k
SO.    A hand  of pre
was  broken   up and
���inhers   were   sent   I
1 of Montreal as thi
Unsuccessful police raid,
answered a call from a
manufacturing llrm In the district "f
Hisby lane off Craig slreet wesl hut
their approach was seen by lhe gain
ami the constables arrived only In
time to see the disbanding. One Ol
the gnlhering wnB captured owing to
the fact that he was Intoxicated am
being n -stranger In the city was no
familiar with the complications of
lanes and alley wayB.
Tho offices and factories In the Vicinity of Bushy lime have sent In
general complaints to the effect that
this professional gang of loafers were
making a render us of the spot for
.lhe purpoHc of lying around ami drink-
They have Veen warned to keep
away many tlims but us habit lias
made  them   indepe'idenl   Ihey   looked
on the reeorl bb homo, and thofc who
ilarrd to order Ihem "ff wori-ycwaril-
ed with in- nit-.   This morning at 11
o'clock a crowd or about thirty sl rung . fa     ,t
were   hidden   In   one  of    the  narrow
epnoei  between   two of lhe  factories.
Tho police were summoned anil everything pointed in the direction of .1
complete  capture.    The    squad
malned  together    faithfully  and
loafers, all save one, iiuule good tli
���ciicape.   Those who nollllcd tin
protested that ih<
Ocean   Ships   Trlng   Fair   Ladles
Meet Grooms in Canada���Many
Come   West
Denver. Coll.. June 21). ���Countless
millions of dollars would be. saved to
the housewives of America if municipal governments throughout the United States instituted a Bystem of municipally owned neighborhood niar-
lets similar to that which Denver wHI
establish this summer, according to
.'Ir. James M. Perkins, new commissioner of social welfare, and In charge
1 City markets.
Through the establishment of mar-
iits, Dr. Perkins says, the high cost
if living will be rut L'n per cent, and
the "yoke jf the middleman" will be
hrown   off   completely.
Dr. Perkins explains the plan
1 hich is expected to save Denver
lousewlves from $1,500,no to $.'!,-
100,000 annually. He believes the,
tory of what Denver is about to do
'or its h msewlves is of deepest inter-
���st to every housewife in the United
The twofold problem of every house:
wife  from  California  to  Connecticut, |
ind   from   Montana  to   Mississippi   is |
low  to  get  fresh   vegetables  at  lesB
���ost.     The   community   market     will
make thip possible.    1 know this from
personal  observation  and  experience. |
When I lived in South Denver some I
���1, mber of my household made a three I
mile trip three times a week to the
lowntown market to evade the mid-1
II11111111 and buy fresh vegetables dive! from the innn who grew them!
\ftrr I had made the trip several times
I realized the great advantage in get-1
imr vegetables, fruit, produce, and j
loultry before It had undergone the;
���'ifrlgerating process of the whole- |
ale liouse. Hundreds of people go j
11st as far or farther. If hundred.'- j
lo this, it will pay to establish such 1
narkets where all can trade within I
���easonable distance from their
tif course, the middleman is a ne-1
������ sslty In certain Instances, but not
vhere truck gardeners are in a posi-
/m and willing to drive to town anil
deal directly with the people. The opportunity to buy direct from the pro-
lucer would be welcomed by every
'trolly If il wire net frr the d'stance."
from their homes to the mnrkets
wlll advocate the purchase of five city
narkets In the north eait. south nnr
wesl sections of the city and one In thr
Kvery one of the hundred or more
stalls in Ihe present market la rented
'or a small fee that defrays the up-
Veep. ThlB small fee permits tlle producer to sell at a price low enough
to save every consumer from twentv
'o forty per cunt. The cost of tht
erection of these stalls to the city wip
he a mere trifle compared to the grea'
good that wlll be derived by llle ma
Another great advantage ��ill In
'hat Fitch a system of markets tvhen
���irodiieer sells dire'-t to tho huver wll'
knock the verv eluding nut of the foot?
trust. Instances of fruit and vege
tables spoiling because c'.tuml-.'s'nr
men refused 'u iverstoek the markel
hy selling at lower prices are known
���*i  eve       city.
1 have interviewed Innumerable
nroduce farmers as tn their opinion of
ihe plan nnd not one but who har
nralRod It blghlv and promised ti rt\.
gage a stall. All' declare the middleman Is as much the enetuv of the
fnrroer an he ifl the enemy of the buy-
lng public.
every day lo steal things.
name  all   the   houses  I've  been   In
they're so many."
Thus did a boy 14 years of age con-
fSSB in the juvenile court-that he was
the expert thief in tne north rnd of j
lhe city. His depredations had puz-
zled the detective department of the
city for some'time, and IiIb thefts ot
jewelry,   money   and   small   valuables
amounted to ovtr $1,000.
The boy burglar worked In the dis- 1
trict of Detectives Laberge and (ligu-
ere, who finally arrested him yesterday afternoon. The detectives received a dtscripiicn of the little thiel
from a woman who had seen hlm entering the house of a neighbor by a
back door.
Walking along Mount Royal avenue
east, the detectives came upon a boy
who answered the description given
them, when questioned the boy denied all knowledge cf Hie affair, but
when the two officers examined his
pockets they found therein $lm) worth 1
cf jewelry, later Identified as having
bten stolen from two houses, althougii
the thefts had not been reported to
police headquarters.
The boy gave a false name and address. In juvenile court lie was found
10 live in Tetraultvllle, when at home.
Through his Information, also, Oustav
Ciiiot, an employee at Dominion park
was arrested on ihe charge of receiv- *
1 :n;r  the goods  the boy stole.
"He  made  me  do  It,  your honor,"
declared the young prisoner, referring
Ito his  "fence."    "He  threatened    to
I beat  me  If  1   didn't,    lie   scared   me j
Into it."
If  this   is   found   to  be   true  Curot
i could be tried on the charge of hav-
ing  Incited  a  juvenile  to commit an
I net  of delinquency,  for which  a  fine
I if $600  is provided by the court3.
Five or six  charges of theft were
j'f'd  -i"ait'st  the boy, and he was remanded  for  a week and  sent to the
OeMontigney lieform school.    During
-.  he   week  of  remand,   it  is  expected
! ihat many  more counts will pour in.
Surrounded by his accusers and fan-
1 ng Judge Choquet for a few minutes
j at the beginning, the boy burglar assumed a Jauntlness and replied tn the
questions  of  the court  lightly.  When
e  al'eged   ihai   lie   had   ueen   forceu
Into  his  short  career of crime,  how
he  burst  into tears.
Ottawa,  June  2flXwith  the exception of  filing protests'*!!! Toronto no
I couldn't ! legal action will be taken, by the Ontario motor associations In regard to
the Quebec license bylaw affecting
their chaiiifeurB, which Is to- be enforced across the river next week.
"It might be possible for ws hu insist that the Quebec chauffeurs pass
our examinations, but aa our fee is
only one dollar we would not have
very much satisfaction, Beelng they
charge our chauffeurs $"> for a license,
and make ihem pass a very stiff examination," said one of the officials
of the Ottawa Valley Motor association.
The matter in the meantime will
be left In obeyance iu the hope ihat
the Quebec provincial authorities will
intervene to prevent the passing of
lhe proposed law. In thc meantime,
the motor association has written Toronto, and Mayor Kllis has been requested to write the attorney-general
of Ontario In the matter.
It is stated that the enforcement of
this collection against Ontario chauffeurs is the work of minor officials
who get a percentage on all money I
collected, and that the cabinet authorities at Quebec will tell them not
10 take action aa Boon as appeals
reach Ihem. The Quebec collectors
of Hull deny getting any per centage
on this particular mot >r fee.
At present the usual car reciprocity
will be maintained, in spite of the
new  regulations.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest fat or wherever laid.
���''A&*S��~i i'V ,*-<W::"
.  ;/' *v''���'���* j   :,
*���%.���    .).. ���*I**^*M__** 1 ���*               *. ���
���* *..
���"���.'���ih's^'-f'V''-.' ��� .**. *%J<'sl^(r3yH
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Bitulithic Is noiseless, non-Blippery, practically dustlesa, easy on
horsee' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Illtullthlc is commended highly hy owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, anu city officials, lt has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United StateB.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Truet Building, Vancouver.
An  Island of Legends.
Cahly wa0 one of the islands of the
Baints a  hundred years I lore Saint
Columbia came to lona.   lor a thousand  years  there  were  monks  there.
and legends grew on the island in rich
prolusion,   lhere is the legend of the
saintly Abbot  lltyd, who. when   the
sea tnreatened  lo  engulf  Ins  barren
rock    praveil   that   it   might   become !
larger  anil lol the island rose ample I
and iertile as it La to-day.   There are ;
tales  of  sea  rubbers frum  whom  the | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
!hurch'Nowlii'es oi Hon, mlmmotb! \ advertise.   They will treat you courteously and supply
I bison, red deer, and N-xilitliic mau un- ,. ,
I ,,,vered   bv   the quarry-men   are  daily \ your needs at reasonable pHCeS.
spelling out still more romantic tales
| oi an earlier afte.
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade.   That's the reason why they
More New Towns.
The C.N.R. came out with the an- j
nounceiiient recently of the location ol |
fourteen new stations to be constructed along the main transcontinental
line. These are to be erected from
Pnrt Mann, B.C., east and will be but
six nriles apart. The points at which
tliey will be erected, beginning with
l'ort Mann, are: Langley, Glen Valley, Mount Lehman, Matsqui, Samai
Mountain, Chilliwack, Rosedale, Pop.
kum. St. Elmo, floods, Hope, Trafalgar and Yale. The steel along this
section of the line, covering a distance of about a hundred miles, has
already been laid anil the construction ol the stations is t" be immediately undertaken. Following their completion, a service on that section ol
the line is to be inaugurated early
this summer.
Public Ownership In Halifax.
In the city of Halifax, N.S., a campaign is now under way looking to
the ultimate operation by the municipality of tlle electric street car ami
electric light service, lt appears that
a bill is about to be introduced ill
the Legislature with the object of ei
ther buying out ur securing by ex
propriation the franchises which art
nuw owned by Montreal interests.
City   Is  Pinched!
Vancouver, as a city, has heen sum
muned  to appear at the  Point ixtm)
police court to answer to the serious
charge of running an automobile with,
out its tail light burning, one Sunday
night on  Shaughnessy Heights.
To   Remember   Hero.
A fund has been started in Londoi
for a uatii nal memorial statue t,. tin
late Sir Givtgc Whit* ol LadysmiUi
High   Pnise  For Clement.
Kdmond Cioiucrt, the great Frertoh
Montreal  recent
Ins program wa*
,4 Massenet's ex
Milium'-"    As   It''
��� man  at Hie hack
��,,plaudir.g    rapturously,
another    standee  and  re-
man arrested, who
was well tip In years, was nol one Ol
the Baa* ai he has never bee. seen
in'the dlslrlcl  before,     the 8***��
cording to the people of
liorhoml, Is composed 01
the   lioltth-
young men.
Montreal. June 20.���With lhe sea-
soli Of navigation less than two months
passed, at leaBt 2500 young ladles
have come down the gtuiR planks cf
the Bteamers upon their arrival lure
lo meet some smiling swain and share
with him life In Canada, No one can
tell just how luany brides-to-be havc
come to thiB country on the bl�� ships
ihls BpriiiK, hul at bast Ihls number
have confeased the object of the voy
age across the deep. How many mere
kept the good news to themselves nil
wny over, no one can even guess,
is safe lo say that Ihe number
who did bo Ib fully as large as those
who puhllahid abroad on board the
; vessel that they were captlveB of Cupid and on their way lo the alliir.
It Is little wonder lhat the ladieti
lln many Ins'nnciiB keep their pros-
p: cl Blleiil on the sea. It la a lively
life lhal they lend jusl as soon as the
Joyful tidings slips around lhe ship's
list. There are parlies on hoard to
which the 1 rldes-lo-be are the chief
I al I raci Inns ami some of the hidlcs
have to display lhelr oratorical ablll
lyne tenor, sang in
ly, and included in
i saperb rendition
ijuis.te   "Levi-   th*
concluded, a ytiuu
iv hn     Wa
turned   ti
"Say,   lie   dues
the record."
"The recordP"
mystified tunes.
"Sure, the phonograph record," an
���wered   the   enthusiastic          "I'm.
gol it at my huu
Twenty-Nina Children.
Mr.   T.   A.   Stack,   licensee   of  the
Railway Hotel, Purley, Kngland, whe
haa been twice married, has just had j jXgwg,
his  twenty-ninth  child   born  to  him. t
By bis first wife he had ten children.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
It helps us. ,
it just exactly like
asked the  other  in
Cost  of   Living   Goes   Down,
The Department's index number r''
wholesale   prices   stood    lit    135.4    lot
February, ai compared with 130.2 In
lanuary and l.'!4.7 in February, 1312.
i'hese index numbers are percentages
if the aver. ��� ��� ; r. ��� - nl 260 ennui: idi
ties diirin,; tne ���. ��� noe lfcUO-aJ. 1 il-
decline in ; i.uary was due to de
crease ill the prices ot fodders, fresh
vegetables, sugar, cupper, lead spelter, coke and linseed oil. Advances,
however, occurred In the prices ul
grains, animals and meats, steel and
Compared with February e,f ��� Inst
year when the index number \ as
slichtly lower, the principal increases
appear in the groups: Animals and
meats, hides, leathers, hoots and
shnes, textiles, inetuls, lu.'l nnd lighting, with Important 'decreases in
grains   ami   fodder,   dairy   products,
trint   and   vi.. .-,.     i.eta.l    prices
again showed lower tendencies In
lionr. sugar, prunes and evaporated
Applea. Rentals were limited upward
in [OUI cities.
one.       1
^^^^^^^^      It you shut yuui
eyes when  lie's singing it, you could
n't  tell  but what you were listening
to the  record."
And as Clement, in response to an
tburst ol cheering, proceeded t" rc-
thc number, the young man pre
1 himself  tu listen  with  rapt at
, singer who so ludy ineas-
llll standard uf excellence
pan' '
tentlon to
ured u;i tu
NICE when King Edward VII. paid a visit to Sheffield,
all tlie fires in factories and plants were allowed to
die out. Not a wheel in Sheffield turned for twenty-
four hours. CThe primary object of this was to lift the
pall of smoke that hovers over that wonderful steel-produc-
ir.g city, and to ensure, as far as man was able, a bright day
nnd a blue sky for an auspicious occasion, fl.lt waa
Sheffield's expression of respect.
lIIT the action was unique���it was unprecedented���it
was unthought of that those hundreds of mighty
furnaces, raging night and day, antl those seething
boilers, wifh quivering valves, should ever be allowed to
cool. A, Tliis extinguishing of fires cost Sheffield hundreds
of thousand's of dollars���the price of the eifort to get back
again to high-power efficiency.
Illustrious Shoemakers.
Shoen.aki.ig is B calling which has
me very gn at men
authority asserts that the major
given the world
ity of cobblers have
brains, that their attitudi
ing over tlieir work tend
development In the part where tlle in
tellectual faculties are seated. Some
one has written a look on Uluitrlouj
shoemakers.   In it are Sir Cloudesley
Shovel, Gifford the Terrible, lllouin-
Held, author of the well-known
"Farmer's Boy": Carey, the orientalist; Admiral MyngB, Qeorgt
[.Hinder ol the Society ol
John Kittu, the Biblical scholar, und
Sturgeon, the electrician. The
illustrious    shoemakers    runs
when stoop-
to a cranial
r, und
list of
IOME business men i:t Canada pay an unwitting homage,
not lo a king, but to a superstition���the superstition
that hot weather justifies lettimg the fires of business
energy go out. They stop Advertising in tlie Summer
months. By paying homage to tradition, custom, superstition, they have allowed Summer to become their "dull"
season. flYou know how dull it can be when you don't
advertise. Do you know how brisk it can be made by
Advertising ? Do you realize how much momentum you
now lose in thc Summer that must bc Rgained in thc Fall ?
Ailvirr n-RsrilinR your advertising problems is available through any secogni*eed C��D-
atlitn mlvrrtisinu agency, ot the Se��rett(rj-ol the Canadian I'retn Association, Rociu
SOU Lumsdrn lluikling. Toronto. Enquiry*involve* no obligation on yuur part���so
write, if interested. PAiir.  EIQfiT
Remember  tbe  Place ���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Summer Weather
Means Camping
Already we have had a few orders for summer camps and we
wish to state that we are particularly adapted to this claBB
of trade. We send It express
at your expense or we >w(ll pay
freight ourselves on orders over
J10.00. T)o not forget us.
Summer Bewerejee.
Rose's Lime Juice, the Ideal
summer drink. Large bottles
RoBe's Lime Juice Cordial, a
little different from the straight
Ume Juice.    Bottle 50c.
Welch'B Grape Juice, pints
35c. I quarts 85c.
Smith's Grape Juice, pints
Red Seal Wines, Port and
Claret delicious, cooling and
refreshing,  bottle  50c.
Raspberry Vinegar, Just home
made,  per bottle  50c.
Cliquot Ginger Ale, Root Beer,
Sarsaparllla, dozen $1.85.
Strawberries, 2 for   25c.
l'eaches,  per  lh    ...15c.
Plums, per lb    15c.
Pineapples, each  30c.
Apples, 3 lbs 25c.
("berries,   Ib 30c.
Kresh  Tomatoes,  lb.   .if. l.v.30c.
Gooseberries, large Victorias,
per box   15c.
Spend    your    money    where
values demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. L.
ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
A safe deposit box In our vault
Is better than insurance against
fire and burglary, because it
protects while insurance only
partly indemnifies.
Insurance can not make up
to you for the loss of some keepsake or article of sentimental
A box renting for $5 a year is
22 Inches long, 5 Inches wide
and 2 1-2 inches high.
The vault is the strongest on
the   Pacific   coast.
Call In and inspect It���it will
ir.tere-st   you.
Dominion Trust
mny, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid up Capital
ami   MiirpliiH
.  $2,800,000,00
AB-seta       -1,973,161.05
Trusts und t Administration
 I    ^,217,988.96
Trusteeships lor Bondholders
Open Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium,
City News In Brief
Quick lime At Assizes
lContinued trom page one)
Owing to an error the Lytton hotel,
Cameron BrOB., wus omltttil from the
Lsf published yesterday of licensed
premises closing for the funeral ot
the late John A. Lee. ���
Au ice cream BOclal will be beld at
Moody park on the afternoon and
evening, Tuesday, June 24, under the
auspices of the Ladles' Aid of the
Sixth Avenue Method.Bt church. 115901
$7.00 to $10.00 trimmed hats for
$5.00.    MrB. Agret, 59 Sixth streel.
Jeoting the petition signed hy 1S3 of
the voters asking that tl.e question
of selecting a,Bite for the municipal
hall be put to a vote -of the people
The residents of this vicinity are particularly wroth at the council and rumors thai legal proceedings are about
to be instituted to have the action of  *'ua mone-y
Morrison and swore fur the first time
he had never received the money���
this $200. The crown would produce
three witnesses who would testify
Ihey  saw   Dharm   Singh   pny  accused
the council ln rejecting the large
petition declared illegal, are going the
Thc appointment of Frank S. De-
Gray, of this city, former provincial
fisheries Inspector, to be acting inspector of hospitals, Is published lh
lhe current lsBiie of the B. C. Gazette, i from  Floods,  n.C
Oriental  Ideas.
Mr. Macneil then directed attention
to   Ihe  fact   that   Orientals  had   their
own Ideaa of conducting business and
SOCIAL  and   PERSONAL''heir ��w��  Kids of  morality.    While
  Ithe crown never hesitated   to   place
Mra. A. J. lllll is visiting friqnds in .crimeB   agalnBt    the   person    beforo
Chllllwack. i Juries it was a question how far they
P. S. Markey is a visitor In the olty 'should examine their commercial re-
Get It at the Royal Pharmacy, -41
Sixth street.   Tel. 1253. (1463)
Yesterday MeBsrs. McQuarrie, Martin & Cassady, solicitors of thla city,
served notice on the Coquitlam municipal council of an appeal by Ralph
Booth, farmer, Pitt River road, against
the municipal aBBessment Of $350 per
acre on his land.
lee cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephoue 281. A. Hardman,
proprietor. (1534)
Canon d'Easum, of Holy Trinity
cathedral, will go to lllaine today to
hold the funeral services of Colin J.
M. Burton MacKenzie, of Surrey. The
remains will be taken lo Vancouver
for cremation and Interment probably
wlll be made 'n the new City cemetery.
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
fire, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.   Phone 515.      (1537)
It is expected thai work will Btart
soon on the new Baptist church to be
erected at the corner of Hospital and
Richmond streets. Sapperton. The
structure wlll be a wooden one, 30 by
60 teet, and will cost in the neighborhood of $5000. The plans have been
j For everything electrical see \V.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1442)
The printed announcement of the
Y. M. C. A. annual boys' camp is now
being circulated and a full quota ls
assured from New Westminster. The
grounds at Howe sound were In
former years used principally by
members of the Vancouver association only, but now Ihe camp Is being
made available Io all members in thc
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All klnda written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served at the Nutshell during the
summer, Room 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
The Y. M. C. A. excursion to be held
last night on the Transfer did not
take place, the reason being the
failure of the steamship management
to Becure an excursion permit. So
far this summer none of these have
been issued. No date has as yet been
sei tied for the Y. M. C. A. trip, but
ni announcement will be made in the
near future.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
Terms easonable.    Alfred W. MeLeod.
Special- Three dozen ready-to-wear
hats principally large shapes, suitabli
for holiday wear. Values up to $3.75
going for $1.00 a; Miss Davey's Millinery    Parlors,    Carnarvon  block.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the B. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phono S26, wharf phone SSO.      (loC4)
A.   Robertson,  of    Portland,    Is
latlons   and      transactions     betw
themselves, and ii   would he for tho
Jury to decide whether they would bo
vlBltor ln the city. I justified in sending them to the penl-
W. Foster and wife, of Vanoouvep, tenttory,    There  had    been    a greal
were In the city yesterday. deal of bickering and friction between
Ithe'factlotiB which had originated in
Alex. Gibbons, of Nanalmo, was   a trouble over   Dhnrm    Singh    In    the
visitor In the city yesterday. 'aBSlze court followed by perjury and
Mr. and MrB. R. G. White are vial- litigation,
tors In the city from Portland. Mr. Cambridge testified to swearing
the Interpreter anil the accused at the
R.  L. Stronach, Dominion    resident  reference proceedings in which Perlab
engineer at Coquitlam dam, was    In i Singh  had   sworn   he   hail  not   Ik en
town yesterday. !pa|,j the 1220 upon which the indict-
F. Battson lert on Tuesday evening ment waa founded. Accused had beeu
by the Great Northern for West Vlr-||W0rn on the sacred writings of the
glnla,   where   he   will  enter   Bethany
The Store Is Qpen
This Morning for
 Business     :
college to Btudy theology.
Hon. 11. E. Young, minister of education; Hon. Price Ellison, minister of
agriculture, and H. H. Woolison. of
Victoria, were in the city yesterday
and registered at the Russell.
At Bapperton Methodist church on
Wednesday at 6 p.m. the marriage was
solemnized of Thomas McLean, late
of Coleraine, County Derry, Ireland,
and now residing at Colllngwood
West, and .Miss Annie Henning, 4S3
Eights avenue east, and late of Belfast, Ireland. Hev, Mr. Harden
formed   Ihe.   ceremony.     Robert
SiktiB and had declared the oath binding upon his conscience.
Objects to Interpreter.
On lhe appearance of the witness
Hardit Singh and the court Interpreter, counsel for the defence objeel ed
to Mr. Hopklnson as interpreter ou
the ground that he was biased. The
j prejudice argument was founded e.n
an alleged remark In connection with
a previous litigation.
The court summarily dismissed the
objection and pointed out thai the defence had the services of llehari Lal
aa a check, lt really did not matter
In the circumstances who was the interpreter. He had confidence in both
of them. He did not think the objection worth consideration.
Hardit Singh then described the
per-i division of the money on the date In
Mc- i question and swore Pertab Singh had
Everything  thnl
predicted ol this yi
berries, and  from
the   Fraser  vallej
is good is being
���ar's crop of straw-
different parts of
where   berries  are
Lean, brother of the groom, and Miss 1 received  his  share, $200. and the
Josephine   Henning,    sister    of    the from Dharm Singh's private purse,
bride, acted as groomsman and brides- j    Other witnesses    corroborated    and
maid respectively.   The bride was be-; with the closing of  Ihe case  for the
comingly  attired    in    grey  Japanese  crown the hearing was adjourned un-
silk, trimmed with old gold and a Leg- jtil Monday,
horn hat, trimmed with lavender and
grey    plumes.    The    bridesmaid  was I
dressed   In  a  white    lace    openwork |
dress,   trimmed   with   Irish   lace  and  ,,,.., _ " _,
cream   hat   trimmed   with   blue   silk.' Washington  Currency  Bill  Will    Not
The wedding presents were numerous      , .    ,  Have Smooth Sailing,
and beautiful I   Washington,    June    20.���President
Alter the ceremonv the couple, with Wilson began his conferences tonight|
their  numerous    friends,    celebrated ; w��h the rank ami file of the currency 1
the  event  at   supper at  ColjtngwoodIcommittees of both houses    of    con-!
West.   Mr. and Mrs. McLean will takefsress.    it is understood his purpose
up lhelr residence In their new home.18   ���"   ���carn   J"s<   what   changes   are
in Colllngwood West. likely   lo   be   demanded  in   the    new]
  jGlass-Oweu-.McAdoo   currency   bill   by
Horsfall-Davldaon. j"8 critlcls and opponents In the sen-
A quiet wedding took place Thurs-  ttc^,and h.��,,,s''' ...     , ,��� .     ���,   ,
day when  Hev.  A.  E.  Vert united  in!    The publication of the bill by Chair-
man    GlasB    was with President Wil-
marriage Miss Lucille Davidson and
Job. Horsfall. The bride is the
daughter of Phillip Valentine, professor of anthropology at Columbia university, Washington.
All employees
are requested
to report on
son's full approval and to give members the opportunity to know the details of the plan of monetary reform.
The president talked at length tbnight
with members ot the house committee.
Nexl Wednesday he is to confer with
OBITUARY. members of the senaie committee and I
later he  will  talk over the bill  with   Hamilton.    The first and third  Wed*
WATSON   - -   New      WestminsterIRepublican senators who have    been]nesdays of each month were selected
mourns   the   loss   of   another   cltl- closely   identified   with   previous    el'-jap the time of meeting, and toward
zen in Mrs. Hubert Watson, of Alberta! forts at currency rifcrm. the latter part of July it Is expected
streel.    Sapperton,   who   passed   awn;. '    Antagonism   to   present   action    on; thai   the  charier  of    the    federation
about  10:30  yesterday  morning. Iilie currency, und criticism Of the, new [will be received
Mrs. Watson is well known in the lb.I,, ub agreed on hy the udmiuist.ni-
elty as the mother of Fire Chief Wat- ] tion leaders, became well defined
son. She was 73 years of age and among senators today. Prominent
had lived in New Westminster about members of the senate currency corn-
six years. Previously to coming west, mlttee expressed the btlief that the
the lived In Varney. Ont., where she jcommlltee us a whole does not favor
was one of the earliest settl'rs. She the immediate passage of any bill,
was born in  Kngland. bill came with  and thai President  \vilson would    be
$32.50     !p. Burns &Co.,Ltd.
Boundary Bay
Maple Beach l'ark, being a sub-
d vision of the historic old Whalen
rtato on Boundary -Hay. la at
last on the market in SOjlOO foot lots
fronting broad streets and with perpetual beach priulegeB. This hae
been the camp ground fnr scores of
local people for year*. Th�� lots arc
polling fast, many peoplW' procuring
the locations they had occupied as
1 -nanta for years. 1'ricnB $330 and
upwards, easy terms!   Sole Agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
grown excellent reports come in. The
40 odd crates on sale at the city market yesterday all contained tirsl rale
samples, and it is said thai those yet
to come are equally good. Although
In* wet weather has hindered the
ripening process it has certainly im
priced the size of th" fruit. Growers
an* also looking fnr a bumper crop of
raspberries and blackberries.
The odd Fell, us' will hold their an
nual memorial service in tlie hall on
Eighth Btreet at 2 p.m. on Sunday
lex' which will be followed by the
decoration service at the cemetery,
mi odd Fellows are Invited to attend
anil I,ring flowers. 11669)
Ladles Don't fail to see our window <!i,.|iia*> uf trimmed bats, specially
-ui .il.l * fur matrons, values up to
18, all one price $3.50, for Friday and
Saturda> only, at Miss Davey'a Mil
liner)  Parlors, Carnarvon    block.
Everett Cameron, prior to leaving
f ir his home in Revelstoke, was the
guest al an "out door party" in Moody
'-. park lasl Tuesday evening, tendered
liy the ladies ami gentlemen's bible
OlaBBea   ef Sixth    Avenue    Methodist
I chut rh.    A   pleasant  time   was  spent
1 wli:l.* partaking of lhe good things
provided by the young ladles,   ai the
jClo:ie   of   which   Hev.   Crux   conveyed
1111 appn 11at11.11 fer Mr. Cameron's
willing  and     valuable     services.     Ile
I then  presented  him  with  a bible mi
, behalf ol   he classes,
We make awnings, tents and sails
1 renovate carpets and  draperies,    re
iiakB and repollsb furniture, manu
facture cedar drin;, and waist boxes
window    seats    and    do all  kinds of
ipholstery work In bather or tapes
try. We a'-e the largest makers ol
window shades, draperies and In
terlor hangings, KBtlmatea given.
Lees Limited. 11481)
her parents to Canada when a young
girl. v
A husband and 11 children ure left
to mourn hei loss. The sons are Robert, Of Blaine, Wash : Thomas, of Fort
Francis: John II,. fire chief ol New | am]
Westminster; (ieorge and Charles, of
Devlin, Ont and James of this city.
Her daughters are Mrs. McRae, of
Webbwood, Ont.; Mrs. Grant, Varney
Ont.; Mrs. Wilson. Isherv.ood. Ont.;
and Mrs. Pelland and Mrs. Inglis, of
New Westminster.
The funeral, which will be private,
will b> held on Sunday from the family  residence.
urged not to demand action at
cx.ra session. Several senators expressed the belief that the provision
asked for by Representative Class for
ih*' retirement of national bank notes
the refunding of ihe 2 per cent. |
government bonds now securing that
currency, with a 3 per cent, issue
should have been  left in the bill.
HALL   Another of the old sappers,
and miners of the Uoyal engineers,
pioneers of Westminster, has passed
away. On Thursday evening there
died at South Sumtis. William Hall,
one of the earliest pioneers and :i man 1
well known in New Westminster and '
the   Fraser  valley.
Deceased  came to Canada  In   1868 |
enlisting  in   Kngland  with  the   Royal
Englneem under the command or Col '
Moody,    When in 1868 the compans
disbanded,  Mr,  Hall,  with  a  numl ���
of others, remained, each being awai d
id ISO acres of land    Few now are
l.ft uf the old guard, lhere being but '
26   Of   them   alive   In   llluT.   many   of
whom have since  passed away,
The   funeral   will     be     held     today!
to the Chllllwack Anglican cemetery
Wltb full military honors. The Chilli-
wack companies of the KMih regiment
Wll| be In attendance.
Sugar at Ottawa Too.
Oitawa. .lune 20.���A drawback has
10-i'ti operating Tor the past three
years on raw sugar used in the manufacture of grape wine, regardless of
where it was imported from. Ily new
regulations promulgated by the customs department the drawback here
uf.er will be payable only on raw
sugar produced in a liritish country.
This step has been taken as a resull
of the West India trade agreement,
To Join Federation.
Employees of llurnaby municipality
this Meek beld a meeting in Johnson's
hall and organized in preparation for
being taken into the American Pedera.
lion ol Labor. Of the 2\ persons who
wgre preBent at the meeting, the fi I
lowing wen- elected i�� hold office:
President, Thomas Cope; vice-president, 11. G, Glover; secretary-treasurer, W,  MacDonald;  guard, Thomas
Choice Table Ilutler, 2 lbs.
Local fresh eggs, :! doz..
Mixed Pickles, qt. bottles
Chow ChOW, qt. bottles
Worcester Sauce, 2 hotih
Daddy's Sauce, 2 bottles
B. C.   Milk  per Iin   	
Sardines, a choice Canadian
brand  per iin   	
C. & B. Sardines 2 tins
. 1.00
. 25c.
. .2f,c.
. .10c.
Peeled   Mu��cat
choice per tin
Is tlie special! offer (good till Julie 271
on balance of our season's suitings
made TO your ORDER, Including
Serges, Worsteds and Tweeds, in all
the latest shades of brown, tan and
High   Class
Ladles  and
401   Columbia   St.
Fresh Strawberries, per hox  ISc
Ripe Bananas, per dozen  Milted Spr.nir Salmon  ....'I lbs. for 86c
Fresh Cod   2 lbs. for 26c
Fioh   Halibut   2 lbs.  Tor 26c
tSiiuli'-d   Halibut    2  Ilia,  for 36c
j     W. J. RUSE
(Successor to Ayllng e\ Swain.)
447 Columbia  St. Phone 93.
hone your order in early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will  not find   ut there.
always    glad    to    hear
from you and
ever sorry to see you.
0   phone   us   up   whenever you are  hungry
we    wltl   e ndeavor    to
satisfy you and your
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace   Market, Columbia  St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone   L883.
Over   Hall
VICTORIAN  ORDER   OF  NURSES.    |Talk    Lt3al    Proceedings
Burqultlam, June 20,���All kindB of
egal suits are threatened by dissatisfied   ratepayer* against  the  municipal council  for their action  In deciding In locate the Coi|ultlam municipal
I headquarters nt Maillardville antl re-
Residence Y. W. 0, A.
Phone 1324.
Vancouver     Man     Claims     He     Wa-=
Vancouver, June 20.       A  lawsuit  ol
Importance to a number of purchasers of near by Port Mann lots was
opened before Mr. Justice Murphy thl:
morning, in which W, J Ollphant, ���������
real estate broker. Is suim: Loull
Alexander, broker, for the reclslon ol
agreements of sale to purchase twi
lots 111 Port Mann, anil for the return
nf film he Iris already paid on ac-
counl of the purchase. Mr, Ollphanl
clalma that he wns made the victim of
altcged fraudulent misrepresentation
mi the pan ol the defendant at the
time ol* the sab*
Owing to the Importance of tin
case- tliere are IT actions filed agalnsl
Mr. Alexander which are pending tlie
result of the present ease tliere i,
a large array of counsel. The plain
tiff is represented by Iv P. Davis.
K.C, and li 11 Kerr. The defendant,
who is himself a barrister, and .1
member of the Smith African bar, la
represented by S S Taylor, K.C., <;
It. Sears and A  Alexander.
d* tne. Alberta street. Sapperton,
June. 20, lilLl, Mrs. James Wat aon,
aged 72 years. Funeral private on
Special for Saturday Night
2 lbs. 860. Tea for  $ .��5
���'1 lbs, 40c, Tea for    1.00
2 lbs.  60c. Tea f.r     1.25
Tea prices an- for Saturday
night only and are sold only for
Dean's Grocery
Phone  386.
Curr Block Columbia St.
..  II   BUCKUN,
I'res  and (leal
W. r. H. BUCKUN,
Ben. a*\6 Treai.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and B77.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
Take advantage of the litis ness Man's Train and make your
home tit Crescent Ileach  (Hlaefcie Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. dally, on atjd after June IB, returning In
the  morning  in  time  for  husii cbb.    Crescent     lluich    affords    ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining  the   best  of  bathing,  boat
ing at all stages of the tide together with fine beach.    Artesian well
waier to all residents.    Let us Bhow you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployert*   Liability,
Marine Insurance,
Automobile  and
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 5.46 a.m.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly Bervlce until
11 pin. with Into cor at midnight.
SATUUDAYS���15 minute arr
Vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS fi, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at mid-
For Vancouver via
REGULAR SERVICE���6.45  anil
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m���  with   late  car at  11.30.
KU��H   HOUIt  SPECIALS���7.30
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  lato car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.trl.
SUNDAYS- 8  a.m.    nnd    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Ib  made at    Eb-
hour until 11  p.m.
and other points on l.ulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
C.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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