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The New Westminster News Mar 31, 1913

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 New Westminster.
What attractions does New Westminster offer Industries?   Trackage
and  waterf    fi. sites, railways aud
ocean  tran   ��,  A ��n.
f iii    ni
2   ?    NUMBER 20.
.-! "mainland: Lighf
easterly    winds
perai**./?      s*
*T ���"
the lower
lerate eouth-
; fUtUe cliangfe:/i^vthe tem-
Forty Thousand Persons to
Be Fed, Clothed and
Local Union  558,  Is Organized���Wm.
Utterback  Elected  President-
Other  Officers.
Water Works and Sewer In Operation
and  Expect to Repair Flooded
. Sewers Today.
Dyyton, O., March 30.���Here is the
problems presented to Dayton tonight
ns  summarized  by  George   F.   Uaiba,
secretary to Governor Cox, who is rep- j
resenting tho latter here:
"Forty thousand persons must be|
fed, clothed and housed for a week:
"Twenty thousand persons must be
cared for Indefinitely. These are per-
���Ottt who lost all whon their house-
bold goods were Bwept away. They
mult be provided with a few neceB-!
eary household articles, such as bed-;
ding, pots and pans, stoves and a few
dollars. A half million dollars could
bl used In this way by the relief committee
Fifteen thousand houses and busi-
ne.BB buildings  must  be rehabilitated
"Two thousand houses and other
structures, or what remains of them,
must be pulled down.
Thousands of tona of debris must
lie removed.''
Things Accomplished.
Following are some of the things
accomplished since the flood broke
over the city TucBday morning:
The waterworks pumping station it*
In operation, but the distribution of
water Is greatly retarded by open
pipes In wrecked houses. The pressure Ib feeble, but growing stronger
aa leakH are checked.
The main sanitary sewer Is in operation although many of the laterals
leading from houses are clogged wllh
mud or backed up water.
The flood sewerB, separate from th*
sanitary sewer, will be In operation
toworrow. These sewers are needed
now to remove the water being pooped trom basements.
Telegraph service Is catching up
with requirements.
No braver services have been performed than those by the telegraph
and telephone companies' linemen.
They waded and swam icy floods and
entered tottering buildings nnhesltat
tngly in the course of dnty John 11
Patterson, chairman of tho genera!
committee, found many operator.! last
nlgbt who had not removed their
shoes or clohting Blnce last Tuesday
There Ib enough food nntl clothing fur
preaent needs, but relief will be re
quired on B diminishing Kcale for an
other month.
Prevent Sale of Liquor.
By order of Governor (ox the reign
of martial law over Dayton'was ex
tended to take In the whole county to
day to prevent the sale of liqnor In
the suburbs. The flood swept away
the city administration, temporarily
at least, and brought what amount!
to a commission form of government
Immediate martial law waa pro
claimed, the municipal administration
was eclipsed. Adjutant General Wood
for the moment became supreme under
the governor. On the heels of thla
Mr. Patterson was appointed chair
man of a committee of five lo admin
Ister the nfralrs of the city. The
militia was Instructed to obey his nr-
d-ers and thus became a police force
Sightseers In motor cars felt the
heavy hand of public necessity when
Oeneral Word ordered them from llu'lr
cars and pressed the latter Intu public
service Those who protested were
forced to Kiirrender their cars at llie
points of rifles "until released by or
der of Chairman John H. Patterson
Most   Bodies   Identified.
Coroner .1. W MrKettiy i��stini:i1es
that 1U0 bodies have been recovered,
though there are records of only 7"
Ile mid that tiiiuiy had been buried
without the usual official acl Ion anil
that in many cases he did iml expect
to get records
Hundreds of persons, Ht ill lookini
for relatives, passed along the lines al
the morgues. Only u few bodies have
not been identified.
Right persons suffering from dlph
therla are at the Miami Valley hospital. Several of them were caught In
a hours with persons who had become
111 with the disease recently Four
persons hemmed In with one who had
mcaBles are Buffering with that disease.
Eight persons whose minds have
become affected temporarily because
of hardships Buffered In Ihe flood, nre
being cared for at the state Insane
With warmer weather the greatest
problem was tho removal of the car
casses of dead horseB. Every avail
able auto truck and all tho horn
drayB were Impressed by the sanitary
officials and hundreds of men were
engaged all day removing the car-
caBscs to the different Incinerating
plants and to vacant plots on the out
skirts   of   the  city   whero  they   were
Hundreds nf BlghtseerB were Impressed Into the service of the sanitary
department and forced, In some Instances at the points of bayonetB, to
nsrlBt In the removal of carcasses.
From end to end of Dayton the
people were cleaning Iioiibo Those
who had no houses to clean cheerfully
assisted those who had.
Hundred Boats Sunk,
ltybinwkl Kusatn, March 29. -More
than 100 boats have been sunk by
drifting Ice In tho river Volga. Many
men have perished as tho result of tho
Local union No. 558, International
Brotherhood cf Electrical Workers,
came Into existence on Saturday evening when one hundred and twenty-
five electrical workers became charter members. An additional fifty are
meuibtra of the Vancouver local although working In thla city, and these
will ask for transfer cards this week
ln order to affiliate with the local
The organizer claims that there are
fifty or more workers in the city at
present not organized so that when
these are brought into the field the
electrical workers union will brin";
the new local into second place iu
membership In this city, the Btreet
railwayman's union taking the first
The llBt of the officers Ib as fallows:
President. Wm. Utterback; vice-
president, O. E. Woodward; recording secretary, S. It. Clough; financial
eecretary. tj. W. Sherwood; treasurer,
Tom tlenule; first Inspector, R. C.
Ilarker; second Inspector. J. J. Doo-
lr.n; foreman, F. A. Bower; trustees.
M. Pratt, A. McGregor. J. W. Maine,
d.lega'ea to the Trades at:d Labor
Council, E. T. Fenton, Ben Sherwood,
others to be elected.
Unless Supply Bill Is Passed L. E. Marmont b Defeated j Lef11000 Dead on the Field
Resident Engineer Will        in Fight for Reeveship       ���Turks Dejected Over
Suspend Work. of Coquitlam. Fall of Adrianople.
Fleet of Airships and Aeroplanes Will Cost $12,-
Berlin. Mar. 30.���The German Admiralty plans tor the establishment
of a big aerial navy were published
officially yesterday afternoon. The
fleet of airships and aeroplanes Ib to
cost JI2.500,000 which is to be spread
over the next five years. The Heel
Ib to be entirely apart from that connected with the nrmy on which nearly $25,000,000 is to be spent.
A bill providing for appropriation of
J7B0.OO0 as the first outlay on the ad
tnirallv's aerial fleet was introduced
'uto the imperial parliament today.
It calls (or teq naval dirigible balloon:1
of the largest sire, of which eight
sre to compose the active fleet and
two to be he'd in reserve. Ffftv four
double revolving balloon ha!l3 into
which the dirigibles will be able to
enter res&rdless Of the weather are
'ii bs erected and another two to be
kept as a reserve. A total cf 52 aero
nln'es. of which HG are to form the
iotIve fleet and 14 tlle reserve nre
also to lie built and these ore to h"
���"arncd bv a special corps cf 1452 offices and  men.
The appropriations for this fleet te
be Spread over the years 1914 to 191S
i* imprlss $8,760,000 for dirigibles and
13,260 O"'1 for aeroplanes maintenance
of the crews. The life of Ihe new
nlrships is estimated nl only four
venrs  each.
Unless instructions are received by
Resident Engineer C. C. Worsfold of
the   Dominion   department  of  public
wcrka,  all  work  connected with  the
I department  will  be    stopped    today
] pending the passage of the appropria-
| tlon bill  by  the  house at Ottawa.
Perhaps  the  most  serieB work  af-
j fected by the order Is at the Canoi
Pass near Ladner where rip-rapping
work haa been in course of construe
; tlon by the government employees in
order to protect the dyke from belni
undermined during the spring freshets
Mr.   Worsfold,  grasping  the   sltua
tlon   which   would   be  caused  should
the spring floods cut through the dyke
i and flood the farm lands on the Ladner Bide of the river, has wired to the
; authorities!   at   Ottawa  requesting   an
j order that  the  work  will  proceed  sr
| that it may be completed before high
water tide sets in.
Should the order not arrive today
the workmen employed at Cnnoe Pass
������vill be called in and be laid Off for
a time.
Suoply Bill Soon.
Ottawa, Mar. 30.���Nothing Is definitely known as to when the consideration cf the naval biTI will be resumed in parliament. Supply will be the
question taken up for the "ext few
dayB and then a supply bill giving
one-Bixth rf practically all tho Items
ln the estimates will he passed. Jus*
when this wiTl happen has not been
definitely agreed tenon, but the government Is hopeful that it will be confuted to bv the opposition before
the mlddlP or (he week.
Whether the naval bill will then tie
I taken un or the house will be asked
I to   consldeT  fhe   West   Indian   trade
! agreement and other government mea-
! suree ls not. lsno-'n.    Ab there Is certain to he more fitting on the naval
Ibill it Is posst! le that the latter course
| may be adopted.    The situation In regard   to  the  ~b>**,   measure  would   ap-
ipoar  to be  that while Premier  Border  Is  not   ffeslrtus  ol  Introducing
; closure untn it Is absolutely to do so
In orfleT to  get the bill through, the
(Liberals sny   it   will  never pass  the
j house unless under closure.
The attitude or the two parties b"-
: Ing as doBcr'bod. the probability Is
j that there wfn be Important developments aB -soon as it Is taken up again.
Martin,  Atkins,  Mounts,  Walker and
Foster Are Elected Councillors���
School Board.
Constantinople, Mar. 2}.���The Bulgarians left 11)00 dead on the field
after the engagement yosterday west
of Blyuk Chekmedye, according to an
official report. The Turks also found
400 rifles and large quantities of entrenching tools. Since this eneaee-
Peter Berth Is reeve cf Coquitlam mcnt a���  haB been  nliei  ^gS^e
| municipality and the following gentle- Tchatalja lines, aB well as at Bulalr.
(men   have   been   elected   councillors: ]    The   Turks   believe   the   Bulgarian
jEwen  Martin,  R.  J. C   Atkins, ft. J
Mounce, W. Walker and J. Poster.
Rev. D. J. Gordon, of Edmonds Presbyterian Church Will Be Succeeded by Rev. A. R. Gibson, B.A.
Edmonds, March 30.���Rev. D. J
Gordan, who haB becn paator of the
Edmonds Presbyterian church for a
year and a half, will shortly sever
hiB connection with that church
preaching hia farewell sermon on
April 6th, In order to resume his theo
logical Btudies. Rev. A. R. Gibson,
B. A., who was lately assistant minis
ter of St. Paul's Presbyterian church
Victoria, will succeed to the pulpit.
The departure of Mr. Gordon from
this district will be deeply regretted
offensive   action   at   Tchatalja     was]by the members of his congregation
j Intended  to prevent any  Turkish de-  Since  bis   brief stay   In  Edmonds lit
i monstratlon during the attack on Ad i haa become widely known and respec
Mr. Barth is assistant secretary of | rlanople and that the Bulgara will notied.   lt was he who formed the Pres
ithe Western Canada Lumber Company ; attempt to pierce the lines, which re-|byterlan   congregation  at    Edmonds
;at Fraser Mills and hia  victory over oently have been strengthened by the and raised It to the prosperous posl-
Mr. I.. E. Marmont by 23 votes camca j idditlon of heavy siege guns,
decided  surprise to  Mr.   Mar-
The  fall of Adrlanople  has caused
as    a    deemed surprise to  mr.  mar-u fMUag of U)e deepePst�� dejectc��n ta
mont's supporters. hll  sections,  which  has  Intended  to
CouncillrrB   H.  J.  C     Atkins    and I increase the unpopularity of the gov-
R.   J.
Mounce have L,ecn
Atkins    and 1
the   council I pmment.
board before. Councillor Martin hat
served on the school board, Council
lers Walker and Poster are new men
but well known as poultry breeders
and horticulturists.
The school trustees were elected by
acclamation, there not being much excitement shown as to their personnel.
They are Rcevo llarth. Councillors
AtkinB,  Martin, Walker and  Mr. Wal-
\ measage from tho British vice-
consul at Adrianople states that all
the consuls and foreign communities
are sure ard well. His report eayB
that the Bulgarians took only 15.000
prisoners, the rest of the garrison being in hiding.
The porte has instructed the com
mander at  Scutari to permit  the de-
lace Whiting.    With the exception ot^u,-turp ��' "�� civilian population. It
Mr. Whiting the other eehool truateesl'8 ��*Pected that the note of the pow-
are   also   members  of   the   municipal I"" on *e W" of mediation will
boar(] | be presented to the Porte tomorrow.
_ Bombird Turks.
Detailed Fl-gures. *    Oettlnie. Mar. 30���Since yesterdav
Mr. George Alderson was returning, the Montenegrin artlllerv on the main
officer  and   announced  the  result of | front before Scutari has been  devel-
tion in which it now stands.
Rev. A. R. Gibson, who will sue
ceed Mr. Gordon, is known to be an
accomplished leader and it is expect
ed that the activities of the church
which have grown enormously during
the past few months will not wane
under his leadership.
At thiB morning's service Rev. Mr
Grier, of Westminster Hall, occupied
the pulpit, while in the evening Mr
W. H. Maxwell (Oxon) also of West
minster Hall, conducted the services
Former Supporter of Madero Killed by Tjram���
Was a Prisoner.
Government   Registers   formal   Complaint to United States About
Shippinfl  Ammunition.
the election from the platform ot the
Burqultlam Agricultural hall. The folic wing ure the detailed figures cf the
Peter   Rarth    144
L.  E.  Marmont   121
B.   Martin     154 i
R. J. C. Atkins  150
R. J. Mounce 143
W.   Walker    126
J.  Foster   ..5 116
The unsuceeetfttl e.n*��*aia��t^s were
.1. F. Partington. Ill", 'Wallace Whiting
1109; D. A. Hopkins, 103-, B. A. Atkins,
oping great activity The Turkish
positions ln the nlain before the town
bave been bombarded heavily and
the Turks have been driven from
their entrenchments near the river
Kir by the persistent artillery fire. ���
Most Terrible of War.
Belgrade. Mar. 30.���The first train-
load of wounded Servians arrived
here today from Adrlanople. Their
story Bhows Ihat the fighting wblch
preceded   the   caot"re   of   Adrianople
Noted Financier Is in Critical Condition in Rome���
Bulletins Issued.
Rome. March 30.���J. Pierpont Mor
gan  is  in  a  most  critical condition.
was the most terrible of the war. The'This  was  the  official  announcement
TurltB   taught   with   the   courage    of   made  today by  the attending phyal-
desperatlon, but the preserverance of' elans.    He has been  unable   lo  take^!!!"   ihe Chihuahua^uoro Una
'he Servians and the excellent leader-\any nourishment for Beveral days and(tmuJB     Troops there axe to be sup-
Mexico City. March 30.���The Mexican government has made formal protest to the American government
against the shipping of arma and ammunition from the United States to-
the rebels and has requested that a
greater vigilance be exercised la.
guarding the frontier. Mexican officials understand that numerous consignments of war material including;
many machine guna. have been sent
across the border, in some cases even
at. the regular ports of entry and now
are in tbe hands of the rebels.
It is pointed out by the same officials that since the rebels oontrol a
large part of the frontier, this oountry
Is dependent absolutely for the time
being on the United States to prevent
the rebels from obtaining supplies.
That the rebels are securing quantities of ammunition appears to be a.
No notable Improvement in tbe revolutionary situation is apparent. The-
greater successes In recent day* arc-
credited to the rebels, although severs
punishment In minor engacments bas
been Inflicted on the adherents of Ca-
rauza near Monterey. The report that
Caranza and his chief lieotenant Major Carflas, have been captured ban
not been confirmed.
Delicate Situation.
The followers of Canuixa apparently are not as well organised aa those
of Mayterno in Sonora, bet numerous.-
bands are htnissing a wide area in
Coahuila and Nuevo Leon. The aeW-
organizatfon of rebels iii Dnrango and
San Litis Potosi ia greatly hampering.
the federals.
The government seems to regard'
the situation in the northwest u more-
delicate than that fn Coahuila. General -lose MIer fs err route to take command of. the campaign in that territory.   The slow i
shlp of the commanders resulted In his weakness has  given rlBe to the l ptemented hy forces sent in transports
Of  the  new  council only one ia a | then  gaining the dav.    None of the gravest apprehension. t0 Guaymas and Maxattan-   The eov-
resident of the eastern section of the j men   weTe   verv   severely     wounded. \    fp to Saturday night, Mr. Morgan's ��� -     -   ���        	
municipality.  Councillor   Mounce.   All j hut the majerl'v were suffering only  son-in-law.   Herbert   L.  Satterlee. and
the other councillors are  Burqultlam ] from  slight bullet  wounds. 'the  physicians  made every  effort  to
men.     Reeve   llarth resides     in    the i     The   presi   unfavorably     discusses  conceal  Mr.  Morgan's true condition
vicinity of Milllardville. Russia's  action   in   joining   the  other  The bulletin issued tonight, however
Polling Booths. powers  In   presen'lng  a   note to  Ser-   Indicates that the worst is to be fear
vln nnd  Mi-i'it'"">srn  with  regard    to P(] ������ieBS a reaction speed'lv sets in
Sce*nrl   and   .Albania.     It   was  honed       Dr.   m.   Allen   Starr,  cf  New   York
nn"l the last that Russia would wlth-n noted nerve specialist, was siminir"-
Reached  Liverpool  After Rough   Pas
sage -of   Five   Days���Entrained
For leaden Yesterday.
After   Travelling     Down     Grade   for
Threo   Mil' i  Crashes   Into
C'.reet  Car.
l,os Angeles. Cal., Mar. 80,���Four
men were probably fatally hurt todav
Wben a loaded flat cur running wild.
after travelling a dlatfnce of three
miles down grade, s'ruck a street car.
Iles'iles crushing Ihe car to debris
:l demolished a one-storey frnme struc
'ure n"d stopped nnlv nfter II had
tiibeddi'd Itself Into the foundations
f   i   residence.
Th" motorman suffered a crushed
flip bono nnd minor Injuries: one
���ean has a fraclui'd skull, and the
othrr Iwo  were luidly cut.
Ths flat onr wai l:id'~'i wllh weed-
en t'en. a workman, seeing It going.
hoard nd It, but wbb unable to work
lhe hand brnlies. so he leaped.
l.-eudori. Mar. 2i).���Contrary to ex
pectalioiis. although the Empress of
Britain reached Lirexpeol early early
Saturday night., llie Royal party post
poned it3 departure for London until
Sunday morning. The passage, usually comprising four days, took fivu.
two of which wus rough weather and
the voyage closed la lorrenta of rain.
Notwithstanding the rain, there was
a goodly crowd ot loyal Merzyslde
folks   awaiting   the   vessels   arrival,
Prince Arthur, wbo reached Liver
\ pool Friday, was the first to go on
board. He was accompanied by the
Karl of Derby, Major Malcolm Murray, the Duke's comptroller, thc Lord
Mayor of Liverpool. Oeneral McKin
j non, Ci. McLaren Brcwn and a hum
ber of C.  P. R. oflclals.
The Duke, the Duchess, the Princess Patricia received Prince Arthur
In private and reporters were oxcltid
ed from the subsequent session.
His Royal HlghneBB went on the
landing stage for a few minutes tc
lmipecl a party of boy scouts.
Prince Arthur and the Earl dined
on board wllh the royal travellers
the prince remaining on board over
There was no formality about the
landing. The Duke, the Duchess and
the Princess were all looking remark
ably well, and, leaving the vessel at
11 o'clock, lmnied'atel entrained nt
Riverside station fer London.
An analysis of the ballots gave
the following resutts for the reeveship:
Peter Barth-���Burqultlam, 89; Mill-
side, SB: Coeultlam 80; total. 144.
L. B. Marmont -Burqultlam, C5:
Millside, 39; Ooqtiitlam. 17; total, 121.
After the announcement of the re-
inltB the Indies of Burquitlam entertained, Buccossfnl and unsuccessful, to
;tea, coffee and cake, and subsequently
la dance was held.
I Speeches of thanks were returned
by Reeve Barth, Ceituclllors Martin.
Ir. J. C. Atkins and tValker.
They received a very hearty recep
. tlon.
Mr. Whiting, -unsuccessful by a few
I votes, thanked his supporters for their
CounclllOT Poster was unable to bo
j present through illness and Councillo;
Mounce was at Cotiuilbim.
First meeting.
The first meeting of the new council  will  take place a1   1   o'clock  this
! afternoon  In the Btirqiittlam  Agricultural ball.
Tbe business will be principally the
appointment of committers and officials.
it Is general!; underrtood that as
little change aB necessary' will be niadi
lln the official staff arnl an effort will
: lie made to work tn cooperation with
I Port Coqultlam In tho legal and clerical  appointments.
The Conduct of the election wub the
I-nlitrct  of a complimentary vote of
j thankg to Mr. Oeorge Aldersnti. moved
bv Reeve Barth and aconndi>d tiy Councillor  Martin.
It  Is probable that the new  school
| board clerk will be one of the scheel
trustees,   n��   economy   is   the  watch-
| word  of both boards,  municipal and
i educational.
bold her supper' ef the note.
May  Obtain  Support  of the   Duchess
of Malborough in Effort to Free
Miss   Emerson.
The government asserts that it will have 10,-
000 men in that region soon, including;
many of Moroco's army. Thus Tar bnt
few rebels have been actually engaged
in  the campaign.
Plots and Intrigues.
Residents in the capital are nervous
because of continued rumors of friction between President Huerta an-tf
General Foli>: Diar. aaJ of plots and
intrigues, even to the fixing or date��
when a new lattle may be ecpected in
the streets, or the assassination of ono
or the oth'-r of the principals may tako
place. On Ftturday so kwn was tlw
excitement that the president summoned the newspaper men to the palace after midnight, to issue a formal'
statement eaylng he and Felix IXaa
ftill were friends and working in harmony, and that there was uo troth, in.
the street gossip*..
Huerta's  statement  waa  reiterated
by Diaz.
General G-nroriimo Trevfao. who re-
Wednesdav afternoon he began tojcently resigned as governor of Nuevo
refuse food and since then it has b-^en JLeon, because of his alleged lack of
impossible  to  nourish  him.    He  has 1 sympathy with the Huerta adjainietT**
loBt weight and Strength verv rapidly | "on. arrived at the capit.il todtj     He.-
His nervous  svstem  is allowing this |was shown all honors, being grouted '
and   it   has  added   to  the   strain   ser-[by  officials  and  escorted  by troops.
He was received In **ssaa*saah hy the ���
ed from Naples. Dr. Starr alread)
had made an examination of Mr. Mor
Ran. He reached here lasl night and
'ns v's'ted Mr. Morgan three times
���������'ncc 'he", frofe-isor Qlm*orine Baa
tianelli and Dr. Geo. V Vi'-o** ���nre
also in attendance. The phvsicians.
who are In complete accord on the
diagnosis, issued the following bulletin:
"A week ago Mr. Morgan was persuaded to go to bed and remain there
to conserve his strencth. I'ntil Wed
neBdav he did not Bleep very well
without the aid of drugs, but took
a sitisfartory amount of nourishment
Lontu,ii, March 29.- Mrs 11 R. Emerson, of Detroit, Mich., assisted by
Miss Scott-Troy of San Kranrlsco. is
trying to enlist several American women married to titled Englishmen to  iouslv.
Obtain the release of Miss Zelle Em-      "Mr.    Morgan   has   not    developed   ****?**���* ^"^...^T^^ *��^*
erson  rrom   ilullowav  Jail, where Bhe  any organic trouble, but he is so ox's  imprisoned  for  breaking   windows   ceedlngly  weak that his nrosetit con
Miss   Emerson,   who  started  n   "hun-  dltlon must be considered most erltl
ser  Btrike"  haa  Buffered  much  from  cal.
Bastlanelll,  M.  Allen
��� �����������������������������������������������
Aihena. Mnr. so.--Immediate-
1- nfter the funeral of the Into
Klne; Grcirge which tn^es place
Wednesday next. Kin��� ('(instant lne will go to Salonlki
and stay there until peace has
been  declared.
As In tho eaae of King
George. King Constantino's presence may bo taken as a notification to Bulgurln that Greece
Intends to hold Snlonlkl ub
purt of hor spoils of war.
Washington,  March    30.���Tempera
I Hires above the soaaonnl average over
most   Of  tbe  coun'ry.  with   nreclpitn
1 tlon   generally   below   normal   In   the
north  and  near normal  In  the south
probably   will  prevail  In   the  coming
I week,  acccrd'tig to the  weather bur
rail's  weekly bulletin.
"No   pronounced   cold     wave     will
cross lhe country UiIb week," the b'll
lle'in   predicts.    "Preuucnt   rains  are
I probable on the Pacific coast ns far
Booth as northern California.    A disturbance  centre  Sunday   morning  in
the   northwest  wlll  move     uastward
I along the northern border and cattae
unsettled weather and local  rains nt
the beginning of thc week lu the region east or the Mississippi river."
Another disturbance will appear In
the far west Tuesday and croaa tho
middle  west Wednesday.
Mayor   in   McN.imari Cue  Will Contest  In  Les Angeles���Defeated
ip Last Election.
. Loi Angeles. March "0 Th�� S"
clal'st party of Los Angslsi noi-lnnt
ed Job llarrlmnn for mnvor In n OCtl
j vontlon held today. A full ticket wai
nominated, which includes a numl	
of women bs Candidates for member*
of tho council und board of education.
llnrrlman wub the Socialist candidate for mayor In December, 1911.
In the primary election a month previously he polled the heaviest voto
and his supporters nBcrlbed his defeat to tho aboupt ending of the trlul
of   thn   McNamarsB   In   which   lluirl
f. rritile   feeding.
It Is hiit'cd by Mrs. Emerson, that
'he siioport of the Duchess of Mill
boroi'gh, who wns Miss Consuelo Van
derhilt. Will he obtained. The Ducli*
-ss is a suffragist. The United StatcH
���������pibassv cannot take anv steps unlSII
in^tp'-ted by "-Washington, because
Miss Emerson la treated na are Eng
lish  women.
Mrs Emerson i-i lime'' distressed
���>bo"' lur daughter's condition She
"trained permission to visit her and
sa'd  fiflcrww'i:
������''er condition is extremely   bad.
While she has n stronger constitution than most of those who have un-
���Wro'ii' the same ordeal. 1 greallv
fnnr  her  health   will   be   permanently
Whan   It   will      suggested     to     Mrs
Bmerson'   "why do von not advise
vnur (!s"gli''"- to ent the prison feed?"
she said: "She never would do that
It io n flitter of nr'nclple."
M'ss  Mia  Seotl-Trnv,  who has become  prominent  In  the  militant  snf
Ifrimi't'e movement, Is a s'ster of Mr
K  P  E Trnv. of San ffHWelSOO.   D'tr j
Ing the dock Btrike Of 1012 she gave
the   children   rf   the   B'r'.keri    66.0001���
Inienl"   made   hv   herself.     Employers   ���
I cniiuilaltic'l  that had sh�� ivd  fed the  ���
(children   ll"1  strike   would  hnve been]'*
j broken  lon I  before  It   was, *
*n'��t S"ci> Tri'v  rroposen in tieree-'*
|p,i���  M'��� Kills Emerson nightly OUt-l*
isido Holloway >��'l    with   American ���
jtnnen  to  cheer  her.   nnd   Baron   Von i
I Dors' of California and Oregon Is or|*
(Milling  a   guard   of   Americnn   menjT
to   protect   the   si rennders.     He   dls-|*
tlngulahed  himself  laat  night by th(
knocking down of n hoodlum.
(Signed)    G,
Starr, O. A. Dixon."
Inject   Nourishment.
The onlv nourishment which the pa
lletil has been able to receive for sev
eral davs has been through injections i
Dr Starr wns atnrtled nt the change
ln Mr. Morgan's anpenrance iilncp he
aaw hlm a short time ago at Naples
and was much concerned again today
over th" change which took place
last night.
Klnq   Emmanuel   Encuirss.
All attempts to make the patient
swallow anything, even water, have
been In vain. The physicians explain
that this Is due to the lack of fti"o
tlennl Vitality In the nerve centres
which, under such Conditions, arrest
(Continued on Page Four.)
Prince Will Ac-end in Diriolb'-
Frledershafen. Gernianv, Mnr. 80u���
The Prince of Wales will. It it e-
peoted, make nn ascent temerrn-v In
the new military Zeppelin dirigible
which completed Its trial trips over
Lake CotiBtatico yesterday.
IN   DT.
PAUL'S    ���
Winnipeg Building Permits.
Winnipeg,     March     29.   -Wtnnlpei
man   was  prominent  ub  counsel  for I building permits for 1913 have crosled
the defense. [the $2,003,000 marl'.
London,  Mnr.  90     Tti" bodv
of Plaid    Marshall    Vlacnnl
Wolsley. who died some Cm"
ngo In Prance, arrived In London yesterday and was escorted to the war offlc
It will bo entombed tomorrow In St. Paul's oathredral
nenr tho body of Admiral Lord
Nelson, with the highest military honors. The Duke of Con-
naught is to represent tbe
Royal  Family.
made as to the. obieot ot hia visit bcrti
Governor Kiilerf..
El Paso, Texas. March 30-
Governor Gonzales was killed by tha
wheels of the train bearing him a mfsy
oner. to Mexico City, acmrdin-g to th��
testimony of the train crew which witnessed the accident His hands, tied
behind hla back, the Chihuahua governor fell between two care while being
taken from one coach to another. Th��
train was stopped and the body round
almost cut In twain. The army oftlc
ers declared that the prisoner slipped'
and fell A bullet from an army officer's pistol ended the -governor's .sufferings.
C.nnzalrs, rn^ of the most prominent
Madero followers, was arrested soon
after the Mexico City revolt when hia
state was placed under martial law.
Demetrio IJustarneivto. internal revenue offices of Ttiape-t, last night came
Into El Paao with tho funds of his. office, which hc turned over to tho oon-
ntltutlnnnlist lunta here. He left a.
brief note addressed to "the usurper.
Huorta," In which ho explained that
he had becn appointed by Madero and
that the funds of the office, he believed, belonged to the new revolutionists, who were upholding tbe pollcieu
cf the late president
Will Not Kill Prisoners.
Nogales, Ariz.. March 30. "While
there is nn midir-Htamliiig among th��
constitutionalist loaders of Chilinahtia.
Cohulla, Sinaliuo and Bonora, will*
Governor Carrntiza as tho leader. It
does not comprehend independence except so long as necessary to -goarantect
national constitutionalism,*��� declares
Colonel Alfaro Obregon. commander irt
��� j chief of the Sonora state troopa.    He
* |'�� at N"gnl's. Sonora fndav. conferring with Oovernor I. U J'eaquelra.
who came from ffertnosillo to meet
'ih-,.rnn nnd other officers who havu
been fighting abont Kaco and Cananea.
A string force was left at Naco to
watch Genernf OjrdaVi federals who
have returned there.   It waa b.tW that
��� j no decision hnd been aude to mako
��� , an attack which might endanger tfior.r
* j (Continued on rage Pour.) PAGE   TWO
MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1913.
An ladsSSinfoilf morning paper devoted to (���� tntcreatu of New Wetttmlntiler on*
lhe Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sundav try the National Prrntint
ami Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 ItoKentsie Street, New Wmtmrneter, Br*t\**
Ooluiolna ROBB SUTHERLAND.  Ittmagl**} Wr-rotor.
All ���rommuii'kKif'lon-*! should be addressed to The New Westmftnrter Nmtrs, and not
tto tndiindual members of the staff. Cheques, drafls and infinity tirlbsrs tt-hoHM te man*
mavatio  lo The Not-loonl Printing Odd  PufcKsrtbifl Pompom*!. Umltm.
VKI.HI'HONUB���Uutinrst OfHce and Jfo-noper, 969; EMtorxm Itoomt full ttnpan-
m"HtHiittCRIPTION RATBK���Bu carrier, ti per year, tl for ttiren m.*1ns, 4flo (Wr
��enr/i    Ilu mail.  S3  per veiir, 2f>c per  mnnth.
AVWR1 IttlNG   RATHS on ��f>pl<c<lt��m.
Ki toRHHHPONDf!NTS���Nn letter* will be pirhUthetl In The Newt etrctpt oner
ttu wrthtf* signtu-ure. The editor reser-wt Ihe rifht to refuse lht puslCMtlnn of a��e
tutlon of the several  Protestant    do- i All of the  nevn] apers  receive    sub
nominations lu Lower Canada. 'sidles from the society, and. needless
  | to Bay, print nothing objectionable  tt
Seventy  yearB ago    yestirduy    Sir  that organization.
Chalks  .Metcalfe,  afterward  elevated j    A search of the  (lies    of    Monaco
tu  the  peerage, became governor    ei  papers for half a century would prnb
Canada, succeeding Cir Charles Ilagot.
3:r Charles v.aa an executive of the
old school, linn, fearless and patriotic,
hut, as one Canadian historian has
sa.d, "hoptlcssly out of touch with
democratic aspirations."
lie  had  ruled  in  India  and  in  the!Ing that suicide
West Indies, where the iron hand was|to   come within
ably not reveal a single account of a
Bii'cide���and yet self destruction, un
der the most sensational clreum
stances, Is of niniost dally occurrence
in Monte Carlo. Indeed, the local edi
tors might defend themselves by say-
so common aa not
tho   definition   of
For some little time the various public bodies of the
city have been concerning themselves with the project of
placing upon view at the annual provincial fair which is
held here in the fall, an industrial exhibition that shall be
thoroughly representative of what New Westminster
firms are doing in this direction.
Hitherto it is admitted that the opportunities offered
by the Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society in this
respect have not been taken advantage of to anything
like that extent which is commensurate with the status of
a city which, like New Westminster, can boast of being
the third manufacturing centre in Western Canada.
This year it is anticipated that the attendance at the
���exhibition will run up to at least one hundred thousand,
and it must, therefore, be apparent to all business men in
the city that, like the quality of mercy, their action in supporting the movement outlined will be twice blessed, for,
not only will it afford visitors an insight into what actual
production and manufacture is being turned out here���
which insight will result in increased trade���but, as an advertisement for the eity itself and everyone in it, the display will be of incalculable worth.
Publicity that shall achieve results must be sustained,!
but, despite the prominence that is frequently given to 'Z[''Jjdl
various branches of mercantile enterprise in our midst, it
is a . urprising fact that many, even of our own residents.
do not appreciate to that extent that is desirable what is
being done by their fellow citizens in their daily toil.
Another equally surprising fact is that the Dominion
Government is stipulating that for a gasoline boat, which
is being construct?:! here.-engines of United States make
must 'is purchased and installed, while, as we have already quoted in our news columns, engines of a better type
are being made in Westminster shops by Westminster
But, beyond the determination upon the part of Westminster to have a better showing for herself in industrial
exhibits, efforts are also being made to induce other cities
on thc coast to be more adequately represented. It is understood that this endeavor has been favorably received in
Victoria, and wc trust that other cities may fall into line.
When it is fully appreciated that the communities in
the great country which stretches at our backs need purchase nothing to the south of them that is manufactured
in British Columbia, and only need to be shown the reason
why, the industrial side of the great provincial exhibition
will, we are s,Uve, take on that new lease of life and growth
tbat may result in a show of equal merit to that of the Toronto exhibition which has now assumed national proportions.
necessary, and he did not change hii,"news."
tactics when given the Canadian post. 	
iie was int-irc.lesbly condemned by Th" ln��e King George I. was pro
many Dominion newspapers of the Iclaimed King of Clrrece by the Ile!
inie. but ihe passing cf the years has lenic assembly lust half a century agr
brought about a more charitable judg- today. A great celebration of the ac
ment. Attacked on all sides. Lord cepsion of the of the Danish prince
Metcalfe In  1S45 abandoned the Held! waa to have heen held next October
ithe  seml-cen'o'ary  of  the arrival  ol
the  king   in   At'iMis   and  lib   forpia'
ifiS-fi million* of power.    The assassln'-*-
and returned home to die.
N nety nice years ago yesterday    a
bat lc was fought at Lacolle'a Mill, on {bullet haa changed all that,
he Lacclle river, between Pluttsbnrg
���md   Montreal,   that   was  one   of   the
The Cretan   monarch  had enjoyed
a longer ru'c thnn any other Huropaan
most remarkable In all history. Major fclng .except thc Fmperor of Austria
l'landcock, with a little command of Who needed ti. the throne in 1S4S.
d 'fented and repulsed Gen*
eral Wilkinson's army of 4000, which
��� advancing on Canada frlm Lake
Champlaln. '
On this date in 1885 the troops from
*> t irio, Nova Scotia and Quebec, en
route to the scene of the Rlel rebel-
I on, left the railroad and b-gan their
weary westward march overland.
��� THE   HUMAN   PROCESSION.    ���
��� (By O. Terence.) ���
Prince   Henry,  13   Today,  Third   Son
of King.
Prince   Henry    William    Frederick
"On starting from the west end   of jAlbert, the ihird son ol' King Oeorg)
Ihe track on the night cf March' 30," ,and   Queen   Mary,   will  celebrate  his
rends i report, "the roads were found thirteenth  birthday   today.    Like  his
no bad that It took the guns 17 hours brothers and sister, Prince Henry hns
Rt. Rev. Robert Brlndle Has Hsd st
Adventurous Career.
A Jew days ago Ihe Rt. Rev. Robert
Rrindle, D.S.O., tlie Catholic Bishop
of Nottingham, England, celebrated
his sacerdotal golden jubilee. A testimonial was promoted and arrangements concluded to honor in s fitting
manner the most famous and popular
chaplain ever connectel with the
Dr.  Brindle was  born  aeventy-Bve
yeara  ngo at Liverpool,  and studied
for the priesthood at the English College, Lisbon.    After some experience
of missionary work in the Plymouth
diocese he became an army chaplain.
He took  part in the  Egyptian campaign of 1832 and was thc only chap-
I lain present at the two engagements
! erf  Kasassin.      He  was  not preaent,
j however,   at   the    victory   or Tel-eU
Kebir, for he was lyirs? dangerously
ill with cholera.    From  1882-1*56 lis
.[���was on active service in the Soudan,
hand was present at all the decisive
'engagements.    Dr. Rrindle acoompan-
|ied the Royal Irish Regiment in tlieir
trying march across the Bayuda Dos-
srt to Metemmeh, and received .tlle
Rritish  war  medal   for   Egypt   with
three clasps.
A period of service ai home followed, and Dr. Brindle acted as spiritua
director of the Catholic troops at Col
Britisli Ionian Securities, Ltd.
'o do the distance (30 nvlcs) to Magpie camp.    On from there to the east
ml nf the track by team sleighs and
marching 23 miles further cn: on flit
been brought up in an atmosphere of
democratic simplicity.
A  recent letter from  London says
hal   Prince   Henry's   instruction     iif-
cirs,  uncovered  and open,  with    the  eludes an hour a day devoted to   tin
'hermometer at    50    degrees    below istudv   of   the  pbilosophy   of   Marcus
Aurellus, Epictetus and othera of the
distinguished ancients.
A  battle reminiscent of Thermopv
' ���* wns fought nt Hart's river. South |
\frica. 11 years nio today. Mnroh 31.
")"'!. when a small body of Canadian  yours cf America, was Iv rn in a ten:
troopa were entirely surrounded    by. n  Epping  Forest,  England, 53 yean
!' i rs.    hundreds    in     number,    and
fought  valiantly and stubbornly until
man    was    either    killed    or
"Gypsy" Smith, the famous English
evangelist who bas   made   a   dozen
">**** *************
New  Alpine Tunnel.
The li"'-| men to pass through    the
nev; Loetschberg t'mnel in the   Alps
���'���ere tne workmen and engineers who.
two vems ago today, March 31. 19.11,
��� ��� ������ ill ted  the piecing of the tunnel.
The railroad which forms a new In-
rnational highway  across the  Alps
ha ������   just   been   completed,    and expresses are now  runniii���.    The  Loet
sebberg tunnel  was built bv French
engineers In record lime, desnite In-
���''it'ons and avalanches,    The tun-
���el wni the l:i-t l'nk in a nev through
rrule   between   Engl.ind   and   North-
rn Europe and Northern Italy.
ago oday, March : I. 1860. His par
* r'; were gypsies nnd his youth was
ipent wandering about England. >A
a young man he was a fiddler in pub
'ic bonnes, n tinker, a home irader
and followed other typical Romany
llin mother was converted to ChrtS'
tlanlty, and ,on her deathbed, begged
hor husb i I *"'il son to accepl tin
faith. As an itinerant preacher le*
it r.irlcd tin* attention of the late
Oeneral Booth, who induced the youn.3
gypsy to join the Salvaiion Army.
1'lv number of his converts are nov
In lln- tens ef thousands, and he has
heen especially successful In plucking
brands from the burning in the slump
���if ihe great cities cf England and
Hail, in his career as an evangelist
the London papers commented on his
frrce and vigor as an oratcr and his
ability as a singer.
Whim   tlm  tunpe!  has  a   lott-'h  of i    ,,..,,.        ,,.,,..
nlv ir-.,. and a quarter miles.''t re-     William   Waldorf  Astor,  the scion
|if    tho    American    tnultl-m:lliona!ri
���luces the distance between London
nnd Milan by SO miles, and reduces
the time by over nn hour and a half.
Tlie new line also opens iid a wire
-ynen��e of picturesque Alpine country heretofore little known to the
"Ir'nner "
The   lirst   Alpine  tt. inel
liouse of Astor who abandoned bis
native land to become n naturalized
Englishman, will be 65 today, lie ts
he great-grandson of the shin
alt eved John Jacob, who founded th-
fcnily   fortune,  and  the  sen of John
"A Methodist writer who takes up
tbe question of Unity asks very aptly
why tlu re should be seventeen varieties of Methodism.
"We might answer that there Is as
mucb reason for seventeen as there i
is for one kind��� private
With such a dominating principle it
is hard to see how the union of the
sects is at all possible."  -Iloston Pilot.
southeast of   Van-;
*; lie deposits and a |
Sumas mountain
tensive than the
number of these cla) a arc found    in
the  vicinity   of  Vancouver,     Victoria
and en several of the islands in the
S'ralt of Georgia.
The cement planta   in   operation in
situated  nl:
Winnipeg,   Man.   (under    construction),
Calgary, Alberta.
Exsliaw, Alberta.
Hlaii'iiiore.   Alberta   lone   operating
ind one under construction),
West cf Edmonton, Alberts    (one
judgment, j Western Canada art
the  Mont"'acb '"���
Oenls.  was  opened  in  1871, and  was'   MU""  ''���<' >!,,,,'r '""ll  \" 18B0.  Wll-
follower!   bv   the   St.   Cntbard.   dim- ,al"   V aldi-vf   became   the  head     of
���li'l.'il  In 1881;   the  Alberg   1SR4;   the!""'   family,   with   a   personal   fortune
Slmplon, 18%;  ihe Wasserflnh. 1869. ^han eaUmatea at hundred million dol-
  ilars. and  which since then has prob-
**************** *\ ably  largely  Increased  iu  built.    Mr.
���      SCRAP BOOK FOR TODAY.      ��� {Vt?t0r,iB '!0" "^l"��� ���\^'^-*<'*
^i'lls eldest son, William Waldorf,   jr.,
********>**���******* *t has two   sons   and   a daughter,    the
Today   Is   Semi-Centenary   of   Monte  ' **���***} !1 ������"'' '"" six' whilfi uis daughttr,
Carlo Gambling "Hell." Pauline, who married Captain II.  H.
Monte Carlo, the world's most fam-  Spender-Clay,  formerly an officer    of
"Every one Ib saying thnt a new era
h.i.s dawned'    Every nation seems to .under construction),
In' moved by like Impulses,    it is an
��'ITorl to make happier the lot of the
common people,
"in thla effort the old world seems
to be
of th
ons���or Infamous���gilded gambling!""' lirl"sh ���">��>' and later a member
hell, will today round out a half cen-i��r 'he 1,0"8f> of commons, Is the
tury of existence. M. Francois Blanc,! m0'hl'r ��' tlirpn daughters,
the father of Monte Carlo bought ihe Mr' As,or was a member 0f the
property 60 years ago today. March ;NtMV York legislature and United
31, 1868, and organized the Soclete s,atl's ���'��"-s,c to Italy before he
(lea Bains de Mer, the official title 0f transferred Ins allegiance to the Brit
the gaming establishment called the ��� s1' crow,n ln 1800' Twenty years ag(
Casino, '*���'��� hnight the Pall Mall Gazette, and
Gradually      magnificent      buildings 5as slnc" :ic<l"lred several other Lon
rose on sites that from the beg'nuing do" P��M!-ih.lng properties
of time had becn occupied only by
' tangled jungle of trees and shrub-
bery, Before M. Blanc dreamed his
dream, the Genoese nrlncely house of
Grlmaldl, rulers of Monaco since the
Ti iid   inlot,  llriii.sh  Columbia   (one 1 tenth century,   had    held    a    barren
and   ijiie   under   construe
opi rating
During the Bummer of   1911, owing
i'ivancc ef Ihe new, for many  to a shortage in the supply of cement
(firms  that  an*  being    de*, in Western Canada,    the duty    upen
���Hind il iii the  United Slates have al-[Cement   was   reduced  hv   SO  per cent.
read)    been    adopted   in old world Iter a period ef six months.
nations."   Omaha, Neb., World Herald, i    In  the  above  list    Ihore  are four'
new plan's described  as under    con
structlnn,  but  all  expect  t'i    he    in
BJILD1N3 MATERIALS. operation   ill   the  RprinR  of  1913,  Th"
  Rockv mountains undoubtedly contain
Wll:   t'li'   exception   nf   British   Co- enormous  deposits    ef   raw    material
iiiiuii a   ifeere   la very little   building s'mllar to that used at Blnirmore and
had i
���ptone  i.riidu.'i d  in  Western  I anada.
ThiB Is due to two causes.    Tlrst. the
nick? wh:')' t'jnderlie the developed
pirVnii. (( me prairie provinces are;
<*>f comparatively recent age and are
���cou'i'Muen iv s(��������� in character aad
wcalhev rapidly; second, there are
very fow rock exposures in the settled
finr-lnnj of iKse provinces except in
'ibe Rocky ii,(.null in? and lhe foothills.
Rxshaw  which wlll  hi
Che demand Increases.
devi loped  as
March  Thlrty-flrst.
McGd] university, in Montreal, per
netimten the name i-r n wealthy Scot
In British t'i    i.i ia there ate large  tiah  fur Irader and  merchant  of thai
potential remurcjs of building atone.|c'ty. who died in isn. and lefl    to
Tbey hive, ll .i\er been developed
only In certain I 'alitieB on the Pnci-
He co.i'.i iii il bine been confined to
Cretaceous sMidMOhe and certain volcanic neks   m!ii,tod   on Vancouver
'irland -'ill H'li.iC''!.' Islands. Varieties ' prises intended."
,,( T..-.-j|.> ;i!e also quarried on Tex- i In addition he
.',0a island.
B'jildnig  Stores and Cr
'feur Irus'ees n parcel (f land fer n
site fnr a university or college," with
���' coinpet nt number of pref'-ssors and
teachers to render such establishment
effectual nnd beneficial for tbe   pur
bequeathed  for the
lu nor  and   governed
Two   yearB  before   the
Monte  Carlo  the   ruling   prince
been forced by debts to cede the communes of Mentone and Roquebrunc to
France,  receiving  Iherrfor  the    sum
of 4,000,000 francs.
The country s Id waa the prlnclpnl
pari 'f Ihe principality, ai"l Monaco
seemed doomed to vanish eh" the nnr
ot Europe, The founding of the
gambling lull sav d the day, and the
present ruler la one of the wealthiest
"i nces of Europe aharlng In thi
spc;ls won from those u/ho woo tin
goddess of chance. Monaco has no
agriculture, no industries of any k;nd
except tlmfe dependent on the enter
I talntnenl and fleec'ng of tourists from
I all over the world,
M Francois Blanc, hav'ng bid the
foundation of the    world's   creates'
! taming house, was called to his reward, and In 1^77 was sucoodp-d by
'''a sun, M. Camilla Illanc. who placed
lie institution ("i an even firmer
Inn's nf prosner'tv. The orl^'nil In
vestment nf the founder In the Soclflte
les Ualns dp Mer was 1,700,000 franca
I'nilav the Casino alone Is valued at
sun.oon.000 francs, while millions mere
���r ��� Invested In Immensely profitable
'io'fls, sliopts and villas.
The Pr'nce nf Monaco '���* r,ipprsi r'
His attempts to win a place In the
(inner circle of English Boolety hav
[not been entirely successful, and he
I haa probably learned to his sorrow
I that, there are thlnes beyond tie
I power cf even the Astor millions to
I buy.
barren   land
beginning   of \ # # # *T*~**1T*7*~*~*~* * * *
* OUR POET'S C01NEH.   ���
samp ebieet  a sen    ef    .1:10000.    1' ]in ba worth at lea"! a hii'"l
directed  Ilia!  "W'tli  Uie land and
francs, all derive)
g.itehl ng   profits
"aid   fer  renewal
<1 lllllle"
frnm h's share of
and vaat nmnttnti
rf   tiie   carersilons
1 hear thro' ihe caverns of nature
A call thu cm . bi  d' ni' tl,
A call  st; often  repeated.
A command bo often been tried.
Tin :ln call nf the western creation
Tli ��� cal! ( r tlie Rockies' '<r<at holghl
The (all if Hu woodlands and rivers
A command so often well tried.
The npir i ef wandering Is In me.
It (lasliet ilu blood through my veins
'Tlfl   tin*   call   nf   the     West    OOmlng
Tin- call i r ihe mountains and plains
\ call  In c ��� f rlh  frnm the i.lv;
\ call  In go frnm  ils strife;
A call tn gn nm  to o'ld Natur-,
\nd begin a new i age In l!fg.
I'll answer th" call cf mv fathers,
I'll gn In the beam eons West,
���\nd be among rlvera and woodlands
And begin life again with a 7eBt.
Wh !������   the   r "���irle   provinces   havo i the  money   were  to  le  convpvpd  hv
not bden proved to contain building the trustees to the Roval Institute for
���slope in great quantity thev posseii the Advancemeni of 'earning, but if |The people of Monaco nay pn taxes
hirge depcBtts of I.me-rock shales and|the university or college were not Ml tho expenses cf prlice protection
clav F'litahlo fer lne ������ nirfict'ire ofIestablished  within ten yearn the hp-lbclng paid   by   tlm   "icc'ete"   Th'
.���em i '     al"   l''i:"    d si's   pf  elav     "��� rn In he reclaimed frrm that   ��� vmrt   of  lhe   gnmbllng  houae    are
and sh Me cul-''ile ior the manufacture |p'>">t'<t'nn '>"'l eii-i i ��� i��*. annlh d "       really In charge er the govt rnmrnt nil larger and more ambitious
n* br],*'  (,f mii*oU8 kinds, tiles, lewerj   The cnn-vlne ��� "t nf iv* ennditintm ; >ie,,���,,.,,   nnd the prince l�� ruler   >r
d ta bo difficult, and finally thp name only,
I    ',..���'������-'. -li,,,|    f. ,1      el,   I      Tl'"     | rt I" i
���i  ii  ���> i charter, dnlod  March  only he g"es��i
pipe, etc,
The   .,-,-1--   ���-tab red  on   tho   nasi
liv v    cr v plains, and on   the wert 'i'r ���'  n  ���*������ ��� -it charter, dnlod  March I nnly he g"es��ed at
liy tbe Coast  range, docs nct. bo far,:n, ls^l. for the belter establishment  lleved lo bn over fortj  million franca|colli nt chan
ns known, contain extensive dav   re- 'f Ihn  coll '.'���.  which  had or'g'nallv
The Canadian Handicrafts O.iild   I
again organizing a prize compctltlor
In connection with lis biR cxhibltiop
In Ihe Anna,  Montreal, next  May.
This exhibition will he   on a   fai
anything h ��� re n'tempti d b" thi
guild Gi nd speclmena of hai d'eraf
wi rk n'-e wanted from nil ovi r the
Dominion, and  there will be an    i \
h ii-c
Shales  also  arc
be- been entirely under lis own control,
comes u(
tiaiihe. In most Instances, Ibe di posits
f�� arclllaoeous mnt(i:al have been
altered  to slaty melt or BClfltS.
Kxrl iit'in  in the Pacific coast re-
K>on  has,  thus  far, disclosed only    a
United extent of clay resources, butjof   the   college   Bhould   I
taportani Bbale deposits are found at salected with a view to tin
There  Bceins onea to    have    been'of gambling within
i.ome notion of making McGill college
���i Church cf England university, but
this Idea wns abandoned  and II was
decided ultimately thai the goyernors
a   year.     The   Kne'ete   des   llalns   del thai
Mor en.lnvs ihe exclusive exploitation ard,
tiie principality, I   There is
rnr the sale of work
to the requisite stand
roi ne, the lop of,
, ,    ,, , ,- ,  which ls sliding slowly downward and '
wu!*^.'n.J;.d.lr.j0i'_ ^iU'"J.'"r.'1  threatening to overwhelm the place,    j
'"""  -s is liiovniK at the rate of!
Kitchener embarked on his famous
expedition in the Soudan Dr. Brind.e
again went ��n the front. He did much
to keep up the -points of the tnmiw
when men were being stricken low
with cholera ard excessive heat. At
the takir.g of Dongola, Lord Kitchener,  who   has   on   manv   occasions
eight or nine Inches an hour and there
, i  lUiinent danger of an acceleration
n the speed of Its descent.
Most.Of    the    people    have    moved   Barry, room 418 Wist-mlnster Trout HIJl
their belongings to the sides of neiKh-   v**a* 7vi- ���
ber np hills, where they remain In Ihe
,       ���   ,   .     ,       ,   ,, , open air in terror.
testified to. his fa.th in and _respeot|    A sinlilar movement of Moun, Caro.
K*e*^,.lfkvulons, uKrti��in��ntr of mile txevtla,
Simtn-nw letlerB. etc. ; clreiihir wvrk tttay-
olnllHr.   All w-��rti strieitj- confldenUuL   H.
for  Dr.   Brinrlle  piaced   the  chaplain
in charge of the third gunboat conveying a  detachment   of   the Smith,
Staffordshire  Regiment,  and for  his
heroic conduct on the field at Atbara
ho was rewarded with the D.fU).   At;
ttie (i��.rdon memorial service at Khartoum lie a-jain cnnie in'tn prominence i
by  composing   the   beautiful   prayer
whieh  was recited  on  thnt occasion,
niul   by   the   rcouest   of   the   Sirdar
c    ie- nf the prayer  wer*
line  began  In  1SS9,  but  ceased  in  a
few hours.
to  a'.l   the "officer,
possesses an imp-vie
Bishop Brindle
array ol nietl i!-
and decorations, ar.ij widespread waa
l!i" rejiet when he retired trom the
army. Generals nnd war correspondents have testified to his splendid
qualities. Sir Evedyn Wood recall*?
seein:: "Father Brindle on the Nile
in Dceemlier, 1^64.  pulling stroke in
January     13th    Marked    a    Notable
January 13 wa- the centenary of the
birth   of  Sir  Henry   Bessemer,   com-
','..,'".' ,"."i   monly nferre-u to as the inventor nf
'      '      1     ..   1,            ,   ���(    1.1...   ,-l������!
lhe leading boat of the Royal Iri.-h.
His features wore burned by the sun,   *v""! ������ '" n,"kc h�� t"rUl"
and, like   his   hands,   covered with I invention waa an Improved mtthod
lie Bessemer jirocess of mnkiii-' steel,
hy which   process   steel   is  produced
sn  cheaply   that   it  can   I411   used  fir
rails, luiil'c-i, Bkyscrapers, warships, I
i'ar<  and  many other ptupn-es.
Henry Bessem?r was English born, !
the son of a French artist, ami he re- |
ceived his mechanical ii.struction in!
tha lype loundry of lis father. At H I
he went up to London, a raw country
His lirst
MR. [���'. T. C. WlOKKTT, A. R. C. <).,
L. I.. C, M., Supervisor nf Muslo New
Westminster   Schools,   Organist    Kluh
Aveniii-  Methodist   Church,    Vancouver;,
reoetves pupllH for the planofortOi organ,
sliiKliiB  ami   theory.     610   Fifth  avenue.
New Westminster.
L. O. O. M . NO. 854 ��� MKI5TS ON firBt,
second and third Wednssdays In v.ich
mnnth In K. of P. HaU al 8|.m. H J.
I.enniy, dlctiitor; J. H. Price. **enttax*f.
1 O O 1-*. AMITY LOOSE NO 17-The
n-(?uUr iii,-��UiiK "f Amlly l-nlKv No.
21. I. o. o. r��� l�� heis every MSodWr
nlxlu nt S o'clock Iii Odd Fellows' EMU,
eMrn��r Oarnarvon and Kuhih KLfva'tBL
nstttne: brsttiem oonlltiUv rovil.'ii
R A. Merrithew, N.G.; J. Robertson.
V. ��.; W. C. CoaUuun, P. u, record-
\nt- *tmr*rnry, II. \V. BanKnter, fln.iu-
el(U ����or��tnry.
blisters.    The   battalion   won   Lord  stamping deedi, or a proo��aa for copy-
Wolsaley'a prize of $500 for the bi at: !nu u'is1-'e,le,a on cftrdboard, by.which
time from Wadi Haifa to Korti he c"uA IT'xluco embossed copies of
He waa doubtless the most popular su<* w"rk'i ln thousands nt a small
man in the expedition. His own (Took expense. "The probesa was s ��� simp e
loved him, ami he was respected by that ln tPn minutes a person without
everyone from bugler to Lord Wo'.se- i vkl" ''"",'1 Prodnee n die from an em-
lev, who more than once tried to get bossed stamp nt h cost of one per.tiv.
h.m knighted." " waa a process by which any <>iiic��
" . ] hoy   with average intelligence   could
~.. _     . ; forte nlmost nil the expensive stamps
oilenced. �����     j ,     ,              *         1              ���
,,       _.      ,,          ���.. _            , nlfixed to documents, ami .. wns fr ua
Th     l;f    """���   Winston 8peneet|t1le ,ale0|  th���,.   8Ump,   ,h;lt   ,,,���
Erelisll  Government  olilnined an  iin-
g.   nswm.i,   ���<successor   to   cen-
ter ft Ranna.   Ltd I���Tuneral  <llrei:t'ir8
���..u   ��illi i MHirtl      I'lrmiK   4i).,   i ���nliinitila
str����t,   w-*w  VTestaUnster.   rii��n*�� 993.
w. r.. FAl.KR���Ploi
fine ICmbatmer. -fi
ovimrlle ('itmt-'i.
r Funeral IMatetm
tit Aipirs sfreet,
Churohil) knows, how, on occaaiou
to silence dissentients in a heated
Once, when ad-lrefvsing a big ixiliti
en', meeting in the i.orth, the preeeul
)''irst Ix-rrl of the Admiralty was frequently disturhr,! by s man who per
sisteil  in shout ine "Liar' I.inr'"
Mr. Winston CTiurcli.i.1 bore with
this, dci.pite the indignation of ln-
supportera on the platform, lor some
Eventually, however, the Cabinet
Minister-lo-lx) rivluced his interrupter
to abject siler.ee with this smart i-aily.
r* rlnnt mrt of ils revenue, the wtanins
often sellint; 'er $25. A Inrt-e bu��i- I
ress was ther. being corrieil nn in lhe
sale of .second hand st-mps, by which
f\e Government wns losing nbout hall
a million dollars n year. Alter several
months' experiments Bessemer pr>
lueed a stamp which could neither h*
iorijed nor removed frmii the document. He had an interview with the
chief of the stnmji office, nnd, nwing
to the perforation feature ol Bease-
mer's stamp. wh;cb did nwsv wifh
forirery B��d reniovnl, lhe commission'
tt-r-nt-la-w, Hollcllvr, ��tc. Td*��pl!lOn��
ItiTl. Cnhl. ndilr---f.il "TaSmmDn."
rtoflr. "Wmtarn DMeB," Office*:. Bills
Blade, li'i Colombia etreel. New Wt-M-
RTtnuter, B. C
.1 '.TW.WeiL.l. ClATTVL Uarrlnter-at-tsw,
s-vtir-it-ar. etc.; etmer Cniiimti4��i sum
McM-mM* t*t*m**M, N��w 'Wi'aui'ilU'liir,
ll   C.   P. O.  Hox  lit.    T��l��rtwm��   T1S.
Solicitor anil Notary. fWfr �� Hart
bloett,   ^s   Ixirrie   street.   New   We��t;nln
Kter.   H.   C.
delivered   iu   the   blandest   manner Ii*'agreed"to'adopt' it'. nflerVi'iK"the
ln;;'V,,n,H , , young man s  sum of money, or an
II the gentlemen st the had; of the   0fT5c- for life at $4,000 n year,
hall who is so anxious that thia audi-      Th(,n young  Bessemet went on his
ence should know his nam ��� will kind- | wny rejoiclnff.   He wns engaged to hs
ly write it down upon a slip nf paper | F,nrr!ef|. and   gleefully   he   told   his
and  pans  it nn to the chairman,  Ir
stead of bawling it out at the top r>'
his voi"e,  he will  save hiui.-e'.f a
of trouble."
Swim to Pasture.
Tne is'mrid of Rrrnera, Lewis, in
the Northwestern Hebrides, does not
nfioril sufticient .summer grazing Ier
thc (Totters' cattle. Consequently in
thc beginning of July each year they
arc soi.t to the mainland hills for a
pfri'xl of sbout two months. In order
io -jet there they have to s��,m a -ea
channel about half a mile wide.
On a certain day the cattle, mini
bcrine nbeiut seven hundred, nro gatli
ered tiijether on the sea ilu ire. Two
or three et them are tethcrKl to a
rowtx-nt, and when the remainder see
thes"   in   the   water   they   p'.unge  it.
I fiancee his good fortune, nnd cxplsin
j ed to her thc merit" oi his invention.
1 how it wae impossible with it to u��s
I s stamp s seoond time.
j "Yes. I understand Hint; hut. jure-
I Iv, if all stamps hnd a date put upon
1 them thev could not at a fu'ure lime
be used acnin without detection,"
When he communicated the new
idna tn the chief of the stamp department, it was accepted, nnd Bessemer
lixt his job, nnd according to ,Inm,'i��
Barton, lie never received coinpon��n-
ti'��n for the service, an lnjieitlce
which embittered his whole life, aid
cnused him to be henceforth most ag-
greaalve in rTnt^-ctine his r'eht*.
Parton cla-ss Ties Bessemer nns-ni!
hi^ "ooptaina "i industry"; Sarah K.
Tlolton. nninnc "poor boys who be-
ramf tamnus"; Andrew raneuie. is
���one   of   the  21   "world   mover-."   who
Barristers and Solicitors, nor. to sm
Westminster Trust Hlm*. (I. BJ. Mar-
tin, w. (I. McQuartle and Ocorss l��
rPirr��(|t��R   *   npHONPS ��� Hnrrt*l*rn
*** akkstom. IWSRtaMmnin' TniM  Blk.
^m^Srhnf **&$���*"**' HC
r, o. **sm*r ��"��
���wtahmms, n. l
Aeevnvi'tant. '1X1 R 12K. Resni 23
flhrl Motfk.
tlicmselvec, and   swim   ncri*.-.
It (���x-ras'onally happens tlmt as the i hn** done things Hint hsve Improved
time draws near for returning to th
islnrd r-'-in? of t:ie cattle, especial
ly the old^T once, steal nwny In tin
dead of niWit fr' m the g;rn7.iriirs, trnv
���*i a distance of about ten miles to
the seashore, nnd swim back to thc
no   entrance   foa nf   n::y
and for this privilege Ii nol only pays kind payable,
large sums to tin prince, bul provides     a circular wltb all details wlll bn
the   water  service,   India  afier  the aent on receipt of a stamped aelf-ad-
en  armi. ||ght�� the   atreets.   roads |dressed envelope, Address tha Hutu"--
���   laymen  and gtnlnna an i In general plnva th* ary Treasurer,  fiiiiailan  Handicrafts
represen- benevo.cnt doapol over Monte Carlo. (Quia, :i03 Winch building, Vancouver
All Kurnpcnn references to the us'
of sjiectnclcs before the yenr I2T0 in*'
dubious, Tliny's desoriplloti of Nero
Icoking nt the g'n"r|i���t<iTa! coinlinLs in
an i.niernld mean, nt best, only ��
lortrnelte^ or itio.-t nrobnbly a roilccl-
ing mirror. Hi ger Bacon seems to
h ve kn. wo ( ' magnifying lenses
(i27B). which soon becamo common
enough, but the probable Inyetor ���(
spectnclen nr, such wnji a Florentine
worthy on whose tombstone In lh(
n-tirch of Sart'. Croce is llie inscription: "Here lies Pnlvino d'Armsto
degli Armati of Florencf, the inventor
nf spectacles. Mny rmd ('irjlvc hi-
line.   Anno Domini 1317."
Pocket Wireless.
The latest development in wirelr^.-
|clc<rrnphy win shown recently nt llie
Imperial College, Smith Kensington,
Kngland, by the Marconi Company,
It took the term of a "pocket wir��-
lews." In (our little knnpsaeks ail
necessary apparatus enn be stnreii.
and if a pnrly were lost in a wilder-
news help could be easily summoned
Al presett the apparatus enn only
semi inessngi*. within an area nl fifteen miles, bul il is expected that in
lime this ran.'e will be greatly m-
Nenchatel, Switzerland, March 17.
\ lei'iic has broken out among the
iiihiibllantH of tlie village of Plourlnr
lying  near  Lake  Neucbatd,    In    the I
the conditions nf mnr.kind. There
no doubt thnt he was one of the grent-
"������.t inventive "enim-ies thnt the world
hn.�� ever known, having 120 pntent��
to his credit, among them a velvet
machine, a bronze powder process, n
mienr mnkintr process, a gln--ss polisher, a ventilator, a telephone improvement, Improvement in type-casting
i machinery, n revolving projectile. ���**
I nWhorl ol rnmpr"Ssing i tn n solid
block the graphite frnm which lend
j p-sn-cils nre mad*, a f*iiteni nf rollers
for emU-nsing nnd printing paper,
and a sh-p with stntionnry cabin,
sihlcli latter is the only notable Injure in his long list ef achievement**.
Automobile Runs.
Berlin chnti(t��nr�� srs fnrblridr* te
���nmke wblte *n duty.
Ht. Bstersliurg will hsve sn Istema-
tloii.'ii auto show In April.
Antn wireless telephones have proved successful for a distance et thirty-
five miles.
A novel meter for eldetrlc sntom*
hfleR registers the s mount of electricity
that Ik put Into snd taken frum ths
storage batteries.
Train and Track.
A locomotive thnt orlglnnlly wns
built In IM.)" hns been recnnstriicteil
snd irlveii lluht work to do by nu Kng-
HhIi railroad.
lu lhe Intest stvle of Prussian sleeping cum two small staterooms can he
rnnvertcd Into one large room with
fnur beds by removing n pnrtltlon.
An nerlnl railway forty miles long,
i' llh fifteen or sixteen towern tn every
mile nf cnhle. hni�� bepn begun tn enn-
aeet Mailltllles and Uarlqnltu. Iluloin
���roard err rRABaD���nbw
nfer Board of Traflo miwWi InOit
(pom. Otty Hall, an follows: TWHF. Fri-
flfty of Mich m-Mth: anartcrty rrrC��lrn��
an die tfrtid >YBjoy nf Pehn��n>. May,
Aturoct unit Nflwnbcr nt I uta. Ai��-
Ml nM^ntiKH en the thlr* fneay ot
psbronry.   S.  H.  Smart   WnrK  t��e��-
e*eAJ. Uttrum ru/rrl* of the DomloMn
In ManHnha, Ba||loitohewan ami aHmti*,
the yuk-fm Terrfwry, fJin Nnrtnwi'st Tw-
rrt*u��ii aim In �� pSl-tlen of tho t!rov\n**
���it Brttt-sh CMumbfa, may br l��ii��ra for ���
OsBtt at *t*tv****t-*-on* yearn ol nji oimiu&l
rratmi ef 11 an eerts. Net mure than list
ftcr-M vrill ho toHHori to ono ariiilirura
AppTtoirtlon for n leojo' mifot bo maftth
tm tho Hm"tlcnnt tn ponwn to llie \***t
nr Suh-Aynt of tho mVitiift In wMon Iho
flrhts aptmod Tor nre mtimnvl
In jj>ttx'*ik��<i witTltpry tho iun<i must be
Jjmiliol hy soctlono, or lt��nl ���mih-efvt-
��nnn of seCtkmSi and hi urwirrvoyea t*r-
rt'tory Urn timet appHod for shall ho
trtsltxd out by Bio appllranl himself.
Bach npplientlon nraiiit bo lu-onniponlMl
to s f�� of H i*h*t��ti will bo nifumlrtl If
th* rlChtn apjUIIivt for urn not irvnltiM*.
tret not otherwise. A rnynlty slmfl tie
raid on tho rnoretuuitftbto output of tbo
nHno st iho rate of flvo oontn |>ot te��.
Tbo iwrson oporaiUBE tho mtno shall
kisiltMi Oio A*ont wuh fnvnni rotttms
MWirmtlnK fnr tho full quant Nr nf mor
(���antanto ooal mined and Bay m* r��p-
nitt Won fin. Tf tke ooal mtiung tights
m net o*aaa opomwi wneh Mtorns ���RffiM
he  ftnutslied st t*a*t vaee a y*txr.
The tea*. eMt tnettie* th. em*) mliiloc
MMIS ��nty, IMt tha faun* will tto pr.r-
t*m*S �� pmeham whowvor -cvsaiaMk
fOrrflsoo i4sntB iruiy bo enimMored niMfr-
Nuy r.r th* ivorWns of fho mtm at Uto
ra** *t (is ��n �������.
Thr fan htforandoo applleatlon JbMM
bo irmilo to flto *h*r*iair/ nt fho DopMrt,
Xient at (be nttsrtnr, PTOWra, or to say
���Wit ar RUb-Aamt ot Dominion Imtik
Dgrity Mfnlstar of tho mtorlnr.
N. B���TTiiBtlthnrlBod ruhllci-rflon ef UlM
nrtverrlsement will sot be patfl fer.
PHONE   R1081.
Fmployment Agency
Prompt attention given to ;>r<iers.
607 Front St., New West-mi.ister, B.C.
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.
1 MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1813.
Opera House���"Tho Bachelor's Baby," Thursday, April 8,
Kinemacolor pictures of the
Durbar all tho rust of the
week, commencing tonight.
Edison���"The Retreat from
Moscow" and "Cleopatra" Monday and Tuesday.
Royal ��� "Redemption" Monday, Tuesday and Wedneaday.
City ��� "Return of Lady
l.inda." "Othello," Monday and
"Our Empire Navy"   nt   the
Royal    Tuesday    and Wednesday, April 8 and 9.
Two of the most famous personane.i
who have ever played a part upon
thn shifting drama of the world's bis
tory figure largely in the splendid
program (f moving pictures thnt the
Kdison theatre has to offer its patrons
today and tomorrow.
One hundred years ago the greatest
Boldier that ever lived ifiet with a
check that elnnged the whole history
of the nation. In that from the burning of Moscow may be traced the beginning of tile events that led to the
downfall nf Napoleon, Many In Westminster will recall the famous picture
of that ghastly retreat from Russia,
during which the matchless soldier*
if l-'rance withered away In thousands
before tbe ravages of disease, cold
and starvation.
In the lil-i lo he seen at the Ed'son
rno sees the artist's creation of IRIS
transformed Into living, moving Buffering actuality. The battle scenes ln
which thousands of people take part
rre stupendous in conception and have
drawn forth the highest appreciation
wherever they have been witnessed.
The story of Cleopatra haa been immortalized by poets and writwrs
throughout the ages, from Shape
speare to Victorlen Sardou, and it Ib
from the play by the latter than then-
Is now presented to Westminster audi
ences the fascinating story of n
woman v ho played with the lives of
the great ones of her period as though
they were baubles.
The thralldom of Anthony, the stlr-
r'ng events leading up lo the triumph
of OctavliiB and their culmination in
the death of the most beautiful
woman of lur time. and. It is said, of
any age. are depicted in this film
with starting clearness and fidelity to
the times and scenes in which the
even's actually occurred.
' not only adorned themselves, bul also
their statu elephants, during the recent pageants Of the Durban al LKlhi,
when King George and Queen Mary
were crowned emperor aud empress
lot India amid scenes that rival any
dream of the Arabian Nights.
it is estimated that more than six
; hundred million dollars worth of
jewels were worn by the native
princes, or appeared on the trappings
'of their elephauta and horses.
Some of the saddle cloths of the
elephants are valued at one hundred
thouaand dollars, being Bet with previous stones of. all kinds. Armeu
guards watch them day und night,
aud Ihe same precaution la taken for
the jewila worn by the princes and
! The remarkable invention of K'.ne-
I ma-color, which reproduces inotiun pic
i tur. a in Nature's own colors, haa
, brought the wonders Of the Durbar to
'the masse! all over the world. These
'pleturea were taken by Charles Ur-
.ban, the Inventor, by command of
K ng iliorge, and they have created
I u sensation in London and New i'urk,
, b Ing exhibited In New Yor'.t at the
'New York theatre at Broadway
' pr co,', to crowded houses.
Among the many remarkable vlewn
��� f 'In* Durbar, recorded in Kinema-
'coljr ia that of the princes and chief-i
of India doing homage to Uie king-
emperor and queen-empress, wearing
their tubulous wealth of Jewels, The
K'nemeoolor Durban pleturea have
ibeen secured for this city ami will be
{he attraction at the Westminster
'opera house for the entire week of
March 31  except Thursday  night.
"The Return of l.ady Linda." the
f nture at the City theatre today and
Tuesday, will attract special nt'ention
by isison of Ita photography. Tbis
Is unusual���sharp all the way. Then
again, the setting* are fine; especially
It this true of the exteriors. The outdoor scenes are taken in and about
snacious grounds inclosing a mansion
tbat may well be described as lordly.
The story ? There Is abundant heart
Interest, especially In the second part.
It Is In this reel that a chiild enters;
and thiB child has a pet���a fawn.
Around this combination the climax
turns. Miss Barbara Tennant carries
the role o(.I-sdv Una. The part fit"
her as smcothlv aa a glove. Fred
Truesdale plav--, the beggar Baron En-
r'eo. the real lover of the I.ndv l.inda.
Ills Interpretation Is sympathetic��� be
arouses  nnd   sustains   the  Interest  of
the beholder. Little Clara��Horton ii
Pletro, the voting son of Ladv l.inda.
J. W. Johnston Is the successful lever.
Claudlo, Duke of Rlmlnl Mr>n-*->.
P'lk" of Oenoa, is plaved bv Will E.
Sheerer, and Bianco, wife to AlonzO,
bv Miss Julia Stuart. Ceoree I.argin
Iin* the role of Antonio, servnnt to
Alonzo. and James Davis, of Caspar,
servant to Enrico. Oscar Lund pro-
deccd Ibe pletnre, and he may well
take pride in his wcrk.
Poets and writers have for centuries
attempted In tell of the wealth Of
"OrnniB and cf Ing." possessed bv the
native rulers and prinOS! of that land
cf myslir- . Ihe rradle of the world.
From the early dnwn of history.
down through the ages to this present
twentieth century, jewels of every
deaerlptli n hava been gathered that
they mlghl adorn the iiersons who
bold awav ever the millions of people who dwell In India.
The ti rm, "encrusted with precious
stones." is no exaggeration when applied tn the prlncea and rilling chiefs
of India, who hold sway over their
individual territories, solely by con-
Bint cf the British government, the
rest ruler i (f the country,
When one reads (H the Jewels nos-
res led hy the millionaire! of Europe
nnd of Auk rea. they pale Into Insignificance beside Hie treasures with
which  the  Indian  princes nnd  chiefs
A young working girl. Nana
Aiiinont, lives happily wiih her father
and little sister, tine day she is sent
by lier employer to deliver an order
to a wealthy customer and there
catches a glimpse of luxury which
dazzles her. While waiting In an anteroom, she becomes drowsy and sinks
to sleep among the Bof: cushions on
an elegant couch.
One of the guests, tiie Count of
Atib ers. conies upon the child and is
charmed bv her Innocent beauty and
grace. With soft words he tells her
of luxuries nnd riches which she dees
not enjoy snd finally Induces the g'rl
to lenve her heme and Gome tn jlvo
will him. Months pass and Nana has
forgotten her people in the whirl of
excitement   in  which she is engulfed.
Tlle count has become greatly Infatuated with the girl and showers
her with costly gilts. But her sin
finds her out and soon her mementary
.happiness la changed lo Badness.
One day, while delivering a parcel
j to the houae, Nana Ib confronted by
i bar little Bister, who, seeing her finery
and gUesslng from whence it tame,
| ruahea from the house to Inform her
j father.
1 The old man, care and sorrow writ
I ten on hia brow, Hies in a rage when
Mold of h.a daughter's disgrace, and
1 .stra.glitwuy hurries to the home of
; the oount, whore bo llnda Nana sur-
i rounded by hundreds of admirers in
j ihe spacious ball room of the palaca.
i The old man raiseB his cane to
j str.ke his daughter when he ls
stricken with apoplexy and dies be-
I fore Nana's eyes. After this event,
I the girl. f:*.l!s lower and lower. She
I becomes fascinated by a handsome
jeafo singer, and forsakes the count
1 win n he suffera financial reverses.
{Then she becomes a dancer and Boon
j grows famous.
Nana sinks lowr in life's strata as
Itime wears on.    We next    find    her
dancing In   a low dive.   A   band   of
ruffians precipitate a light and a riot
;call is sent to the police.    Nana    la
caught    in    the    raid    and    iB agiin
brought before    the magialrate    with
,torn costume   and   dishevelled   hair.
This time she is sentenced to prison
and is later escorted to a cell where
she  Joins  a half  hundred  other  unfortunate   woman.     Here  she   s subject to sudden fits of anger, culminating a terrific fight, in which all the inmates Join.
The Sister Superior of St. Lazare.
while visiting the prison, comes upon
the belligerants and attempts to separate them. Nana, wild with fury and
goaded on by the taunts of her companions, Birikes the'SiBter on the
check. But here Bhe at last meetn
her conqueror, for tho Holy Sister
does not strike back, nor does she cry
' out in pain or rebuke the girl. Kind
words,.the first Bhe has heard In
months, are Bpokeu to the unfortunate
Every syllable burns Nana'a eara
like hot coals. Ashamed of her conduct, ahe bursts into tears. She kneels
and klBSea the hem cf the Sister's
garment, thoroughly broken. Remorse has entered the heart of the
Subsequently Nana becomes well
and strong, and her prison sentence
over. Ib able to leave the Infirmary.
She firmly resolves to redeem her past
and asks tlie Sister Superior to assist
her to secure honest employment. The
good woman sends her to one of the
large hospitals armed with a letter
of rrcniniiiendation to the doctor In
charge. Hh*\re Bhe becomes a nurse.
Suddenly the dread plague breaks
ont In the city. A man staggers into
the hospital and Is examined by the
doctors who diagnose hla case aa
cholera. The nurses are thrown Into
in panic and they all retreat ln fear
'excepting Nana, who bravely volun-
i teers to urse tlie patient.
She goes on lendlneher efforts to
combat the plague, rarely sleeping or
eating In her deslt" to stave human
lives, until the Sister Superior is
stricken. Nana, almost exhausted, wlll
allow no one to nurse Hie good woman
but herself.
Can less of the danger, she rarely
leaves the pillow of the one whose
merciful kindness kept her frcm
moral destruction. She succeed i In
saving the life of the Sister, but nt
the sacrifice of her own. Nana falls
victim to tlm scourge    and    In    her
Weakened ci \'iilon cannot withstand
the ravages of the dread disense. Sll"
dies  surrounded  by  those  who loved
,hcr. and. Just too late sh�� Is decorated
le* the Cross of the Legion of 'Inner
which she ha�� been conferred upon
Nana fnr her remarkable work during
the ravages of lhe plague,
j "The Bachelor's Baby," Francis Wll-
I son's three act comedy, to be present
| ed at the Westminster opera house.
[Thursday, April 3, la as strcng in
I sentiment as It is in humor. The en-
Inobllng influence of a Utile child upon
.her self-centred bachelor guardian,
'and the happy tranuforination ahe ef-
ifecta In his character, broadening his
'sympathies, softening hla heart and
i breaking down bla selfishness, is a
I pretty theme, and in ita working out
l many    lupuoroua   aituatlona    preaent
1 themselves.
i    Manager Wright haa spared no ex-
Ipense In this season's production, and
the cast    that    will    Bupport    Henry
i Buckler, who has the Btellar role, Includes such well known people aa
Vera Townsend, Lena Lorraine, Stella
' Wilson. Louis Shea, George Barron
Hubbard, Sydney II. Sully and Baby
Edna May Wilson. Scenic equipment
and effects will be exactly the Bame
as used at the Criterion theatre, New
York City.
'substantial warehouse for the better
handling and care cf goodB entrusted
ito iheir keieplng.
The growth of this firm may be
taken aa an Indication of the rapidly
increasing importance of New Westminster as a port of entry and a distributing centre, and the city is to be
' congratulated upon having a firm so
| well able to care for shlpmentB of all
kinds, going or coming.
Westminster Firm Incorporating���Mr.
H. P. Vidal Becomes Manager.
Of Interest to importers, exporters
and the general public comeB the announcement of an important change
in the well known local firm of H. i\
Vidal & Co.
Five years ago Mr. H. P. Vidal
opened a customs brokerage and Btorage business, which has Increased to
such an extent that It has been deemed advisable to incorporate. With
this end In view Mr. Vidal has formed a company, to be known aa Herbert P. Vidal & Co., Ltd., authorized
capital of $100,000, and commencing
April 1 the new company takes over
the entire Westminster business of
the firm, with Mr. Herbert P, Vidal as
The Vancouver buslnesa of the old
firm Is not included In this arrangement, and for the present will be
conducted under the old title.
This firm are now the recognized
agents of many old country and eastern concerns, aa well as the majoritv
of business houses, great and small.
In Westminster and district. This fact!
and the increasing popularity of the
company, speaks volumes for the care
and attention bestowed upon all business entrusted to their care.
It Is unders'ood that the new firm
have in contemplation the erection
at an early date, of an up-to-date and
Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Msry
Sent to New Institution.
Vancouver, March 30.���The boafd of
management of Queen'Mary's Coronation hostel for "gentlewomen hotn ln
the United Kingdom seeking employment In British Columbia" have been
honored by the receipt of a slgncil
portrait of the queen, forwarded trom
Windsor castle by the Countess of
Minto, trustee of the endowment
i The hostel Is at present established
iat 1100 Barclay street, but the board
of management are engaged in drawing up plans for a huilding with ample accommodation for forty inmateB,
I and adapted to tbe needs of the Institution.
500 People
50 Big Scenes
3 Grand Reels
The Sensation of Paris, London and other
World Centres, where thousands are
raving over this wonderful production.
Westminster Opera  House
Thursday Evening, April 3rd
A Scene form "A Bachelor's Baby"
at the Opera House, Thursday Evening, April 3.
��� '    '        t.'V
Monday, March 31 and all this Week Except
Thursday Night
In Kinemacolor, with Travel Talk by
Educalic-raJ and Entertaining.
Prize Essay Contest
1st Prize $3.00
2nd Prize  4.00
3rd Prize  3.00
4th Prize  1.00
5th Prize   1.00
6th Prize   1.00
For best essay after seeing Durbar.
Mail essays to Manager Tidy, 739 Columbia St.
All School Children Admitted Monday Night for 10c.
No essay must be less than 150 words or more
than 200 worth, and must be mailed by Wednesday
Francis Wilson's Comedy Success
Regular Prices: 25c. and 50c.
Supported by a New York Metropolitan Cast.
Seats on Sale Monday, March 31st at Tidy, the Florist's, 739 Columbia St., Phone L184.
Prices: $1.50, $1.00, 75c. and 50c
Eclair Special Feature Film in Two Parts
���Csmel'tCorpj-of J Indian'.Troop��
Tin? Famous Norwegian Bxptarer, tbe Daring Mnn Who Penetrated
thn Antnrtlr to tlm World's Last    Unknown    Place,    Will    T<ill    In
(iraphlc anil Pasolnatlng Narrative
With roriv Minutes of Wonderful Motion   Pictures   and   Excellent
Sterroptlcon Viows. ���
Friday, April 11th, at 8 p.rn.
Under ths Auspices of SONS OF NORWAY.
SEATS���$1.00 and $1.50.   Tlcketo sold al Tidy's and Scandi.i Trading
Just Hard Luck"
Majestic Comedy
See Edison Theatre Announcement on Pa��e 4
American Drama
  ���-       ��� --- _i       _ 	
"77ie Commuter's Cat"
Thanhouscr Comedy
Special Hand-colored Pathe Feature Film MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1913.
Ouk-e of Marltoorouflh Will Have Blenheim *IZotT*-Tte*a  Into Farm
 Ej-rit Xraifiino  Groumi.
I^ndon. March TV-Thc Duke of
Marlborough in yesterday morning's
Ixmdou Daily Mall makes a concrete
statement cr his proposal "to put
lllenhelro Park under the plow. The
Duke's plan is "to lay the foundations
of a cons-lrucave agranian policy."
He contends that with wheat at
M shillings a quarter it would pay
���to put under the plow the land whicb
was turaed into pasturage during thi
period ct agricultural depression. Thc
Duke whose articles are in the form
of letters addressed to his cousin
Mr Winston Churchill, then outlines
tils Bche-me for Blenheim Park as fol
lows: _  T
"So far ns 1 r.m concerned I mean
to make an effort to ��hnw that in my
locality it Is pomfltte to grow corn
and   vegetables   for     suitable
to all of which hc pleaded guilty and
was given 15 years ou each charge,
the sentences to run concurrently. A
charge of manslaughter was also laid
against him in connection with the six
deaths in the Kadford-Wright fire and
he was committed for trial in this connection.
Dynamite to Check Flames.
Columbus, 0��� Mar. 30.���The train
despatcber pf tlie Norfolk and West
ern railway has received a telegram
that in a fire which broke out In iron
ton, a block and a half ln the business centre of the city was consumed
Several buildings were dynamited tc
check the flames. No loss of life haa
been reported.
-The P*t* which yen know so wel,
and on which a brigade of yeomanry
tins heen trained, will no longer be
offered aa a training cround for nn
tional dcrcncc, but will be employed
tor tho piirpmi- of producing food
for a national  Toed Bupply.
A thousand acres or more will iv
under the plow, and a greater num
ber of  laborers  employed.
"'When 1 have succeeded, ns I Blear
to do X shall then have given a lead
lo mv farming neighbors. 1 shall be
a c-ai.tain in a different kind of ar
���mv rrom that which I have pTev-
lonely htfl the honor tf commanding
��i Hentaim Par*, hul it will be an
army i)ui��e ns useful ��ml quite ai
���necessary to the welfart of Ihe state.
lrrflon,    March    29.���The      stro'
watch h'nl en weights ned measure-
tlie   liritish   Isles   lias   led   to   tlv
Entombed But Unlniured.
Pott8ville, Ohio, Mar. 29.���Hungry
and thirsty but uninjured six mei
who were entombed yesterday bv a
rush of coal at the Buck Hun colliery
were reached by rescuers last night
and brought to the surface. Two meu
killed were memhers of the rescuing
party and met death when a second
pillar of coal collapsed.
Assistant President of C. N. R.
Winnipeg, March 30���Notice hai,
been received at the Winnipeg officer-
of the C. N. It. of the appointment of
Lewis Lukes as assistant to the president of the C. N. It. Mr. Lukes has
been associated many years wtth the
Mackenssle-Mann interests. The position of assistant to the president Is a
new post and Mr. Lukes is the first official to fill it.
The One  Unreported Function of the
Year  Is  Held  at  Ottawa���Premier Borden Present.
Ottawa, March 30.���Tho annual dinner of the parliamentary press gallery
was held last evening In the parliamentary restaurant. It ls the cno unreported function of the year at which
the politicians the pressmen and their
other guoBts meet on absolutely equal
terms and the events of the session
ire discuBEed in humorous as well as
laustic vein \
The dinner of Saturday night wat
lulte up to the standard of former
cclehratlons of the same kind, the
speeches being brief and witty. The
guests who spoke included Premier
Borden, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Hon. Col.
Sam Hughes, Hon. T. W. Crothers,
Hon. W. T. White, Hon. Rodolphe Lemleux, Hugh Clark, Major Currie, Col.
Lowther, George Haram, representing
the C. P. R��� and Harry Charlton, representing the Grand  Trunk.
General  Left  Paris Without  Explana
tion���Wife  Needed  Money.
Tarls, March 15.���The public adnvn
trator of Paris has just sold the property cf Major-Gen. Alexandre Dumas  for the  benefit of the general's 'flucntial
General   Dumas,   who  had     retired I
frcm the army after forty yeara   of
���service,  chiefly   in   Ihe  colonies,  left ���
his  residence   in   the' Paris   suburbs
one afternoon sixteen months ago. and
not  been  heard  of since
peared completely
torlc old name of Fort George to
Prince George, humerous telegrams
of protest have' reached tho capital
during the past few days from the
Fort George Beard of Trade and other
kindred organizations, and from In-
residents of  Northers   Cari
The government, it is thus contended, should serioug|y consider the ef
Ifect of the propba&l from the stand-
l point of its unsettling the investor���
jand   more   particularly,   of   the   non-
His wife waited for months, and In-
Iie dlsaP-j restdent   investor���upon   who   British
I Columbia   is   necessarily   largely   de
pendent for development capital.
Tiired fer her husband In nracticallv
av.rv eoiyeitrv In the world, but nar
tlcularly in the French colonies where
be had Berved so many years of his
No news of the old soldier has been j Los Angelos, Mar. 30.--George T.
received, and now the police, at the , Nicholson of Chicago, third vloe-presi-
request ef the wife, have offlclallv de-j dent of the Santa Kn system, In
clared that the general "left Paris charge of traffic, died tonight at I a
without communicating his planR to local hospital,
anvone. abandoning a pension of $2,
800 a year."
The Bale of his property followed
(Comimica irom puee onei
the discharge ft their proper functions by the organs. They are oppon
ed to -the desire of Mr. and Mrs. Sat
terlee to remove Mr. Morgan to London, considering that any exposure
at present would be extremely dangerous.
Only tonight did the gravity of Mr.
Morgan's condition become generally
known ln Rome, and anxious enquiries
concerning him have been pouring ln.
Even King Victor Emmanuel has
privately Inquired concerning thc financier's progress, although his majesty at present is absent from Rome.
There are four trained nurBes from
the Anglo-American nursing home In
attendant.    Mr. Morgan's pulse grad-
(Continued from page one)
Mr. Nicholson arrived here three , ually la becoming weaker. The In-
weeks ago from Chicago attended by comnla from which he suffered Is be-
hia own physician. He was suffer- Ing combatted by drugs, but the nar-
Ing from an abaess on the left ear cotlcs are having a pronounced tffeet
and brain and he underwent an oper- on his heart. The most distressing
ntion two weeks ngo. It waa thought symptom for those surrounding him.
that he would recover from the oper- Is the patient's complete silence. For
Victoria, March 29���At a request atlon and he was removed to his ho- this reason It haa been impossible to
of the O. T. P, Development Comoany teltel. say whether he realizes his condition,
a subsidiary of the O. T. P. railway. He suffered a setback last Tuesday | The last words uttered by Mr. Mor-
for the approval of the government and he was taken to the hospital gan waa a request to have his limbs
as to the desired change of the his   again. maBsaged.
on the American side. Also assurances were given that none of tho prisoners taken at Cananea would be executed, although the state leaders say
Ojeda has killed state troops captured
ln battle.
Rebel  Leader Captured.
Mexico City, .March 30.���A report
has reached here that the rebel leader
Venustlano Carranza and his chief
lieutenant, Major Carflas, have been
captured by federal troops near Monterey.
Word has also been received  that
federal    troops    defeated    a band of
rebels at a ranch  near Galcana,  70
inilcB southeast or Monterey.
Federals Defeated.
Durango,   Mexico,   March   30.���Six
hundred  federals have been defeated .
by a band of rebels 1000 strong near
Sau  Gabriel,   35   miles  northeast  of
The rebels, according to federals
who arrived here on foot, captured a
train load of supplies and ammunition. Both sides are said to have sustained heavy losses.
not to b-
cf  111"
���discovery   Ihat     even
weights and pleasures arc
rcliod on.
The onlv tbrar official cople
lmncral standard  van)  In  e~l��tenc
here have shrunk. The standard yard
is keot \n the Strong renin of th." d"
-partmint  at  Westminster.    The cue
ics. which lihe the standard Itself ar
made tt brnn/o alley, have decrease*'
in length nrciinling to the annual rl
iKirt nn weAghts and measures issued
"hy  Ibe board  of Irade in the follow
ing proportions*.
The Royal Mint-cotiv :::! mlll'onth
of an Inch shirt: llrval Siieielv 1!
millMinths short: Qreenwtcb Observs
lory enny 48 millionth! Bhort; Bland
ard Department ropy 216 millionth!
The eoiiicn of the Blandard pount'
weight also have been found t varj
'.hul run *o much :is Ihe yard meal
Lindsay. Onl.. Mar. HO -From Dy
sart township, four miles out of Hali
bur'on township comes a story con
cerning the action of a young man
who in a period of religious hallucination, cut of his hand. The young
man, It fa understood, received the
riles cf confirmation in tlie Angllcai
faith,a " *
hc hns bei
In h's  r
lief, :��� h
out the l;t
'ural :������ *   ���   !'��
hia li !'���  hand to a
lack knif'    Beveri ���'���
(go, but ulnce that time
:������ a mlllenlal dawn en
thuslasm for the new br
i?l!eved. he was carrying
ral fulfillment of a scrip
islon ter, ii la sa'd he tied
post, and with a
the   arm   at   the
Killed While at Play.
Londi ' ('ni., March 30.���Herman
l'i coi '* the 13 year old son of Mr. and
Mrs. \. E Pocock, was instantly killed
In t'i* play : rounds ot St. Peter's
school lift- afti moon when a broken
guy win- with which he was playing
came Into contact v.iiJi an exposed
part of a high vi Itage wire. Bending
a current estimated at 2300 volts
i through his body.
Brir.ij-. Ecdy cf Noted Actress.
New Vi :���. March 30. Th ��� eteamer
SL Paul which arrived inlay from
Southar pti n and Cherbourg!) had a
rough, stori *��� i * age a Ith high ;��� at
and westerly galeB, The eteamer
brought the body of Frances Leslie,
the i. ti A en* n ��ho died on l> lard
the Eteamer Oceanic juat before the
veBsel arrlied al Si uth impton
Hu.'band  Finds Wife  Dead.
Vane ii*. i :*.      darch     i'.'1    Thomas
swan returned home yesterday after-
  n   I"   find   hla   wile's   dead    body
iii.111*1*.   In the kitchen,   she bad been
I' a I  for Borne time and the  maim, r
In   which    the ph ee of clothes tine
trom which the was suspended  was
tied an und In r neck, showed thai  it
was n clear eaae   of   suicide.    Mrs.
iflerlook IhejSwan was ir> years of age und had for
d on a crlm-1 some time past been complaining of
1 health.   Her husband is employed
i ' ii r. palrer by the C. P, It.
Palace cf Justice  Has Cost $7,500,CO"
Instead of $1,250,000.
Rome. March 20, Th" exceSBlvi
coat of the new palace of justice ll
Home has for Bonn time rapt been tbl
���subject nt official enquiry
Ah th��- r-i-nilt two members or i'i
t'irm ot OOBtraAtOTl wbo i
building have been atrcSl
mal ehnrg,*- and  :\  warrant  ins  been
issued lor the arresi ot an advocate,
charged -with complicity In the frauds
Thccu BrrMta have caused a great j Thrco Months for Shaping Face
sensation iu Home, lis Ihey seem likely j Home. March 'ill \ilmiral Qozzo,
'vo prove the prelude to a widespread ; who recently boxed the ( ars of Ad-
.-tcnnilal    Tfce original estimate for the! niral I'm-minle Cattcllca, was sentene-
liulioinr'i in question was within tl,-1 ed yesterday to serve three months
prison and pay a fine of Jf.ii for
2t">0,fion.    Tlie iiclual cost lo th
��� ry hns bin more than $7300,000 and
���atlsfamnry ��tplanatlons of this extra-
'ordinary Inereaae ure ntm wuiitin-g.
Btrlklng  n  cabinet  officer.
released, however, undi r thi
tional law" end wan bound over to up
pear again If called for.
Ile   was
"condi- ji
HirMSivgli'n. Va.. Mar. I'.O, rTlll��
city ia in total darkness tonight, I
fhrW both a food and water famine
and i;,,o��i) ot the 40.000 lnhabltanta
are homrless. Twelve pi rsons nre
reporti il missing and the property
damage, nrr.orilirtg lo cIobs estimates
Will amount to nearly $1,000,"000.
ThlB ���afti-nuKm at 4 o'clock lhe river
reached n stage ol 02.2, lhe highest
In the hi��lor> ol Huntington, and now
is Btftttbnary,
The nitre bnstneit section Is In-
imitated, water being up tu the second
'HOOT in woam  buildings.
Edmonton  Turns   Down   Bylaw.
Edmonton,   March   29.    After  a   bit-
tor fight, with almost 6000 VOtea polled I
iMnioiiti'ti  ratepayers yesterday turn- !
I'll down a proposal to buy a civic'
centre for $2,700,000 by a majority of
443.   The city hud contemplated buy-
Ing three blocks adjoining lha old mar- I
lut square, u block now owned by the
���Ity,   The largest   opposition    came
ffom the  Weal  End, where an amhl-,
tloua scIk nie for another civic centre 1
ending t i ib,. parliament buildings is
under c nslderatlon.
Rome, March ?.�� 'llie |'ope |H not
��i*4ihi/: better. Dp to a certain point
'tie marti i|��,te remarkable progress
-md the statement thai he might hi
irti the Inch road to recovery wer.
well fuuiMliil. Iuil al a certain polnl hi
Dropped and bi.J doctors hive nol Ihi ii
ibie to pass the dirficuii corner
Most of his entourage acknowledgi
��� liin. i ut are convlncrd thai hiii recov
<-r>* is only a matter of time, especial!)
���in he had  u  MttMok   through   III" tie
prawloa canard b> Che death of far
���dlnal Itet.pijrtii. tbe vlrnr of Rome
Dlhirs make no -secret of tbelr opln
i.on that I'Imh x will sever again hi
m Wrong run he ��ae, before hiH al
at'k ThfJ Bo nol expect anj mum
-Hale MfUpM hul think I'.iat Ills lloli
iiohm will I'.riMliiall) ni -weaker aai'
rhiiH retire mere au-d more from pul
lie affairs
P-ad Train Wrc:k.
Koiula, N. V.. Mar 30, New York
Central train Ne JO, lln Buffalo Bpec
ml fnmi Buffalo to New York, Jumped
the track st YohIh, near here, al 2,40
���o'clock thii, ODnilUg. Three sleepers
a liiirict tiar. and the exprcsH car and
��he day coach went Into Mohav li river
nnd wero partialis >ubi erged, bul all
pIlHHeflgeTH   escaped       ", *vi!i    pi|*lia|ri
were tillphll)  boil.   The acldenl waa
due  to  the  weaki ning  ol  the  truckl
by  floods.
Distance of Plantti.
Tlie distance of llie sun mul planets
from the earth mny liest be perceived
iiy the following fih't: A Ira 111 uf curs
K"ing   at   a    mile    it    minute    would
reach the moun in IM days, Venus In
tlfty yeurs, Mars In seven I y ��|j jenrs.
Mercury In 1!'" :. ���*��� the sun In IT.'i
years, Jupiter In Tin years, Maturti In
1,470 years, t'rnnus 111 It. 1110 years,
Nepinno In B,008 yenrs. To rend) lhe
nearest Hied Blur our train, steadily
inalutalnlng Ils  mile a  minute speed.
would require about 40,000,000 yeari
Vou may rely upon the general lueu-
racy of the above schedule.���New York
Overcome by the Heat.
"1 hev come to tell ye7., Mrs. Miilonc,
thnt yer husband met with an accident"
"An' what Is It nowl" walled Mrs.
"lie was overcome by Ihe best,
"Overcome by the heat, wns he? An'
how did it happenV"
"Ho fell Into the furnace at the foundry, mum."���London Telegraph.
Really Conalderat*.
"Is Mrs Links considerate of her
hliaband'l feelings?"
'Yes. She always sirs hla orrrennt
sn early In the season thnt his friends
rniiinit delect lhe odor of moth bulls
when lhe llrst cold snnp comes."-buffalo Kx press.
Fifteen Years for  Firebug. Fortunsto
Wlni.lp.-K. March 710   -Fifteen years ;   RHty-Isn't ll a most fortunate thing?
Mas the Hintpix.*.' ImpnBod by  Minis   ......   w,,���,, .,���.���   ���,.   J """,    '"���J
traie ItacdouM in the police com, ^T^S1" ^*T2J,*i.^IV*!**
veHl.rday m.imlng on .lames Dodda, '"', ����� �����"��*��'��' ��'��ve been primed
the Nlf-OOOlMMd flrrbng. Ten | ul,on������ 8lr' ��� ��PS.-��t. Louis I'ost-Dla-
i-harges of ari-on -mu laid agalnsl hlmi-Mtck.       , _��	
Special  Program Monday and Tuesday
' i\ ^TUP-ENDOUS production based on one of the world's greatest tragedies, Napoleon's disastrous retreat
-���^*-     from the  burning city  he  had  conquered.    Along  the  way  his faithful  soldiers died of cold and disease,
|   starving themselves,   they  made food for hungry  wolves.    The sufferings of the grand army remain unparalleled
in this great film, made with the assistance of the Imperial Russian army,
we see not only the ill-fed, sick, discouraged followers of the emperor in retreat
but also the capture of  Moscow   in several magnificent  battle scenes in which
PART I,���I'harnn nnd Cleopatra; rhe Bendl him to li in death; IrtiH naves hi in;
on bin way to Greece he meets Ventldlua al the gates 'if tho city, and docideB
io remain to defend the queen if nstd be; Ventldlui presents the queen wiih
im order trom A:iiony lo meet hlm i'i Tarsus and answer to chargci of con-
part ii.��� Antony, ai Tnrciia, Impatiently wtiiih iir Cleopatra to pui In an
appearand , bs sends (Egyptian cltlzem to their execution bul before th"y are
takin nwuy tbe barge bearing the queen arrives, nml spellbound before the
beauty and wonderful personality ot the queen, they, with their guards, remain
in ihe loans, Antony accuses Cleopatra of crimes agalnsl Home; aha bewitches hlm with her beauty and he ouccumbs; be pardom sll and release!
the prisoners; he whlipen to her thai he v/mi forsake wife and country for
Imr If ihe will love hlm;   i he leiula him awny;   Ventidlus Ib dllgUlted nl   the
weakness of Anton j, and threatens to hill Dlcmtdes, a dlicarded lover of the
queen, for laughing ��i his discomfiture; Pharcn appear! und denloa the nn-
Bertloni cf Dlomedes, and virtually drivin him away;  Ventldlui, tlligusted
���with Antony for leaving him to follow the Egyptian queen, becomes a friend
to I'haron.
PART III.���llavlnK followed Ihe quootl to the capllnl Antony beconiee her
rlnve; Ventldlui bring! newa from Home lhal I'lnvla, Antony's wife, Ih dead,
(lino the Information thnt Home needs Antony's presence nt once;   he refuses
io leave Cleopatra; Ventldlui appeali t" Cleopatra to persuade Antony to do
his duty by aiding Home In her difficulties, and tin- quOSU, her conscience
BrOUied, her ambition  fired, urges  AntOlly  to go with   Ventldlui,   he  leaves.
sweating falthfulneii to Cleopatra, who truiti blm fully; when lie Ih gone
she Is frightened ut What she has done and a ureal rnge overcomes lier
PART IV.��� Many weary nionlbs pais, lut Cleopatra hears no longer from
Antony; sick al heart, she endeavors to distract her mind by attending more
faithfully to tli" welfare of tier people, a meinnger arrives and announce!
Unit Antony has married the slater cf Octavius, the beautiful Octavla; she
iieniH the menonger ami prepare! al once to go to Home nnd oonfronl the
falthleii Antonyi another menenger brings news that Antony desires hot
io prepare in r ric t "f war nud come to his aid at Actlum, where he is engaged
in wur agalnsl Octavius;  reasoning deductively, Cleopatra conclude! that
after nil Antony Is faithful to her or he would nol call on her to nid hlm, and
Ihat his marriage in (Irtavln was merely a political move; she leaves nt once
wllh her fleel of war for Acthlm.
PART V.���At Actlum. while the comlmi ragQl, sh" perceives thnt Antony Is
winning; fearful Unit If lie wins, h's love for lur will bo lost in his love for
power, she turns away Inr ships, Mid Antony, wonlily siiHpeclIng her guilty
of treachery, follows nflir her lu his own Ihlpi Wltb hlm nwny, his forces yield
nnd his cause In loll; arriving al her palace, Cleopatra realltei the gruve
nilslnke she tins made, and sends nn attendant lo bring Antony to her ho that
she can explain her course lo hlm; but Antony, disgraced and full of rage
against her, drives the maid nwny, nnd, acting upon advices of Venlldlus nnd
eeveral other Itnmnn generuln who ure still faithful to hlm, he d-Mldei lo
lake the quosn off the throne by force und Inflict severe punishment upon
her; however, Octavlui has arrived nt lhe capital with his forces, nnd lhe
city Is quickly In his hands; when Antony Irnrns lIUs, he undergoes ti complete change of henrl he Is fenrful that real Uarm will befall the queen, nnd,
unnhle to ronibnt his Infniuatlon, he goes nt lirenk of day to iho palace nnd
meets her while she In nt prayers und charges her with trenrhery; she donl��
nil nnd satisfied hlm Ihat II wns her love for him that drove her off the field
al Actlum; when Antony's friends, according In the arrangement he had
made wllh them, appear lo mnke Cleopatra Ihelr prisoner, hn Interferes,
nnd In lhe end persundrs them lo Join with hlm In tier defence; reluclAully
they yield and lenve lo gather thrlr forces against lhe young OotavlUll their
task Is n hopeless one, Ortnvlus hns already captured lhe city Hearing a false
report thai the queen has stabbed herself to death, Antony begs Ventidlus t'i
dispatch his life; Instead the fnllhfnl old soldier, seeing that all Ih Inst In dls-
grace kills himself; Antony Inflicts n mortal wound Upon himself JiihI before
Kephem arrives from lhe queen with tlle word lhal he hIiiiII Meads In the
palace; Kephn n nsslsled by liinrnn, bears the dying Antony tn the tomb nf
Ihe queen In which she has escaped; here finding Ihat II 'is Impossible to
win Oclnvlus In her side, she attempt! lo nssnsslnale hlm, but lhe plan mis
carrlis hy lhe ImpetUOUl acl nf Anlnny who suddenly recover* coiiscIouhiioss*
Antony dlei, ami Octavlui tells ihe queen Hint she win go with hlm to Home'
a primmer; Cleopatra places an Oip, provided by I'haron, In her DOBOm   ami
ils sling cauiei In r (leii'h
"Arab Love Song" by Miss Frances Hamilton.
In addition to these feature films thc regular program will be run in thc afternoon.   On account of the extra heavy expense
of securing these pictures the regular evening admission fee will be raised to 15 cents for main floor seats.
I MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1913.
page *m
i    Defeat \McGIII   67   Points   to   38   at
Queen's Park Oval on Saturday
On Saturday afte.ynoon in Queen'8
I'ark Columbian college redeemed Its
last year's loss by defeating McGill In
the annual  truck  meet.
The afternoon blossomed out Into
fine weather arter the Beige of cloud
and rain, and except for the slippery
condition or the grounds conditions
were favorable for a good  meet.
At 2 o'clock the boys  were on the
course while the benches In the grand j
stand showed a goodly array of root-1
ers bedecked with pennants and colors indicative of loyal support.
The officials of the meet Included
Mr. Tim Mahoney who acted aa referee; Messrs Sovereign and Clifford,
llmekeepers and Dr. Davidson and
l'rof.  Bray  Judges.
Win  Flrtt  Events.
In Ihe running events Columbian
had the frost of il and whsn Newby
and Smith brought in a first anil second in the opi ning 100 yard dash, and
lloult und Swann did likewise in the
second event the 880 yard run, CM.C.b'
liaromelir went up to a high register
*,t hopefulness, The time made In the
Kill was 10 2-6, and 1ft tb��: S50 2:23 2*5.
Hnseliurg get ft tb" ,i for McGill in the
first Of* Boot! completed tbe trio in
11".   BBCOnd   event.
In lhe high jump MoOlll scored, Cordon and Jackson reaping first and see
ond for the red and while, while
lloult   brought   in   a  third   for Cohan
blan   The height wae 4 feet io Inches,
Clean Sweep for C. M. C.
In the next event, the 44H yard dash
Be '"���   Newby and  Cameron came in
,,v..'-,' in order, making a clear awei |i
o ��hi��   "���"��� the Methodist college. The
,      _.':     -  M seconds.
to McOlll.BckirutoomtogHr,tWltl1
'.'n ft, 2 in. throw;
.' in, u.m Newby of C.
i   heave of 2:1 ft. 2 ln.
'i'Tic   mile   run   was   mont
man and Han McDonald made a splen
did showing, while Grlffls and Taylor
were ln their element.
The Westerners won two games in
Winnipeg, losing the flret twa coast
games ao that last night's victory gave
ihem  the  series.    Ths'Quebec  team
will be the visitors on Monday night,,
lloss   bunch   going  over  to   Victoria]
where they play  tbe world's champ-1
Ions that same evening.
Machinery in Ice Arena Is Shut Down
for the Season���Bla Crowd on
'���   Saturday.
A special meeting of the city
soccer league will be held In
the office of Herb Ryall thla
evening at 8 o'clock when mat
tera pertaining to the proposed
formation of a mainland league
will   be  discussed.
Every delegate Is requested
to attend, the invitation especially being advanced to fluin-
iibywho havo of late Ignored
the meetings.
The discussion as to the proposed mainland league will
take place in Vancouver 'in
Tuesday evening and it Is hoped that a Royal City delegate
will  be able  to attend.
Ice ukatlng at the, Queen's Park
arena came to a close on Saturday evening for this season and the machinery that provides the slippery surface
will not be placed tn operation again
until a few dayB prevlouB to Nov. 15,
whon the opening of the 1913-14 Beascn
will take place.
One ol the largest crowds or tli.*
seasori WU prsient on Saturday and
the big arena wai the icene of much
merriment until a few minutes to midnight when the strains Of Cod Save
the King brought the proceedings to
a finish.
Although this is the first season for
artificial Bkating ln the Royal City
and the fact that tbe arejia was not
opened until February made matters
even worse, the management of the
arena feel well satisfied with the results while the citizens are even better satiafled, aB they have had the
chance of Bkating under excellent conditions well protected from the elements.
The Ice formed will be allowed to
thaw and once lt has. disappeared a
covering of wet clay'will be placed
over the mileB of small pipe In order
to protect it, whon the building is used
for horse show purpoBcs.
Walk up Sixth street and see our dfsplay of tools.
It will pay you.
Y.   M. C. A. Boy��  Successful  in Two
Out   of   Three     Events���
Terminals Capture  One.
Beason as trainer for the Beavers. The
presentation took the form of a gold
locket attached to a watch fob.
Speaking for the Arena company Mr.
Charles H. Bourne stated they were
well pleased with the succesa that
amateur hockey had attained during
thi* oast season and hoped to see Vancouver aild yietoHS gei into line next
winter with\an lnter-clty league.
Other speakers wero MesBrs. G. H.
Matheson, 0. McGowan, E. McCarthy,
F. J. Coulthard, L, Lake, Ted Sutherland. Hen Hobb, J. A. Motherwell, R.
Jardine and V. E. Andrew.
Easterly's home run and held It until
the eighth, tbe Sacramento Coast team
staged a four run rally in the eighth
which netted them a 6-3 victory ln
their final training season game.
The Sacramento batting orderLha 7
Score: R.   H.   B.
Portland    3    10      2
Sacramento  6   12     1
Batteries: Easterly, Martlponi, Cal-
lahan'and Harris; A. Bliss, Williams,
Harden and J. Bliss.
We Aet as Agents Only fer the Purchase''and  Sale  of  Real  Estate.
No. lS-TrTwoJjre^ lots on Fifth street, 106il48% feet, all cleared.
Price $$300; one-third cash, balance arranged. .      ~�� "
No. 139���Three lots on Hamilton street, close to Twelfth, 44x140
feet each.   Price $950 each; one-third cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
fine corner on First street and Fifth avenue, 84X104 feet, all
elear-ea: facing Queens park; paved street, etc. Price $3000; one-
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months,
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Offioe: Columbia, and Begble Streets, New Wsstmlnstsr.
Two provincial basketball champion
ships were won by local teams in the
j tourney    which     was    held     at    the
Y.M.C.A. on Friday and Saturday last
Defeat  Quebec   In   Final   Game   6-1���
Westerners Show All Round
Locals Made Disappointing Showing at
Sapperton on Saturday���Championship at Stake. ... .    .        ...      ...     _,
Victoria,    March    38���The  world s
championship of the hockey world, the
first ever pulled off between Eastern
Failure to take opportunity of the J and Western teams was decided here
chanctB offered them, the Rovers al- last evening when the Victoria sep-
lowed the Vancouver Thistles to tie ��� tette defeated the Quebec Beven ln the
the game played at Sappertou on Sat- final game of the series by a score of
urday afternoon with tbe result that 6-1, their victory being so clear cut
on the replay at Vancouver which will aB to disparage any doubts of the hoc-
take place in the near future, the key fanB as to the superiority of
league championship of the lower Western hockey against the Eastern
mainland may again rest witb the league.
Vancouver   team. x(le  game  was  played   under  both
The Hovers entered the game prime Rastern and Western styles and In '.
favorites, they had a team on paper (,ac(] n,e Paterson cuppers were in,
which had everything on the Thistles their element, giving Joe Malone's
both on the defence and the forward men the time of their lives trying to
line and just why the two points were stem the tide of defeat. The first
not brought to this city und also the half played under seven men rules
league championship is still a mys- eaw the locals four goals to the good
tery tu local fans who attended the but in the next Quebec came back
struggle. with a rush and only for Lindsay be-
Thursday, March 27th
SS. "Prince Rupert"
SS. "Prinire George"
. Inaugurating Double Weekly Service to
Every Monday and Thursday for Prince Rupert.
tivery Tues. and Saturday for Victoria and Seattle.
H. G. SMITH, C   P.4I, A. W. E. DUPEHOW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 8134.        VANCOUVER, B.C.     S27 Granville Street.
Got His Deserts.
Ing   in   great   form,   the   score   board
W estnrfnsto'team t ffll0,3 ' HWAB6* who in the early part of would Hive shown up differently. One
,.s,"h'? 135 no ml classes he l��'llle BeMon' haa Ehown excellent form 0f the largest crowds of the season
"un,    team   f Z  Va icouv^r   tak ng ,w,la WOrM ",a" ,,SPlpt"' ��" tht' Kover  witnesed the struggle which was tense
pound   team   trom   Vancouver   uni|   deft.n(.,. aI1(1 1B m|mlteB from time was  ihrouehout
I the third.
The games to a large extent were all
deservedly sent off the field  by  Itef-
i eree Lelth.    The local back showed a
"eid next at 2H ft.
M.C. third, with
Bayley   Gets   Decision   In   13   Rounds
With  Reiliy at Steveston���Poor
Iharlle Rellly*! ambition tu become
, . ��� and   llghtwelghl champion or Canada wcrv
"":'' '',''���     KK   , IniTcetlnwi*.   '1" Mattered ���>�� SatErtay afternoon    al
Swann losing B< rntid place only ll ..        . .        '
of the  run.
11 i i." yard
Kemp Ol Hi"  Vancouver team (ttally
i nine in witb a second and third, The
time made In the run was 5:47 *$
Ten:;   Excltctr.ent.
With the CloEC of the sixth i .'cut
whi n McOIll cleared ull three plaCW
In the pole vault, Fi rguaon Eckardl
mul Roteburg doing the trick at an B
ti limit, excitement was ut Its height
The points slued 82 to 81, giving Columbian n bare lend, but Columbian
breathed freer again after tba noxl
, ., nl when Hoi It and Newby came in
ahead 1" the --" yard sprint, bringing
the score up t" 40-82, and when lloult
��� first in the broad jump, with Ksw-
1 . third anil Jackson of McGill second.
C.M.C.   let  loose  all  instruments of
noise and tuned up iu midlines t?
Blng lis song of victory.
The high hurdle race was Claimed
by lloult (C.M.C.) Cameron (MoOlll)
and Cameron (C.M.C), ami the relay
race the flnal---also fell to Columbian. '
wild oxoltemenl  *T****6 l\\*. Ql<
tlev sun
by Joe
cl.n'uV. '"*
11 �� ;i "��� r'*
fights i* '"
the crowd
i ni    ;ifl
when  he was soundly lick
Bailey, of Victoria, present
In   a   fiftien   round   battle
��� of    the    most    one-sided
iiax-.*3 '"' these pints and
wore looliiPg t : a ki:*.*'.i;
ih,,   /our:h   round,    Rellly
b  fighting  on   I*  '"*���<������������ >'"<  !*n"T
���Saturday's scrap the" /'fc'ht Tans of th"
���Vovthem Pacific consl sincerely hope
Hint he will keep that nfKoe and stay
awav from these pnrta unletl ho can
show  better form than hi' did agains!
/.bruit tiie only feature "����� the
battle WO! Hiu ability cf tha
San- Francisco boy to Veep Ills
crd    up    ',:nt I    the    fifteenth    round
Md tho decision on palms awarded
lo Tlnyley bv lleferoe Hugh McDonald   tit'.J  not  reflect  much   credit  on
Oi.- Vic or'.a boy "wild will meet a
scr.ippcr with a punch si..*"8 C> *?"*
days capable of slowing blm away*
Bayley  Is  clever,  he  wns  in   good
shape  but  he  lacks  the  sting  which
 ,'.", '"" ",,-iu a tiecsi'l" In a championship class
Columbian, the old park fldreason to ^   1     ^l^Vher^o
wonder   If   the   lacrosse   t*3*m*   had �� '       ^      ,hn  ���������,.
ZlxZ to Collec.  ���* ""�� "<���' w:ls <'lh" atraU1 t0 ",nS
MoOlll w^ordin1ft��theflS,llegrf��l[���� V* big guards else was unable
interesting especially  the  finals.   Vic-
itorla's 110 pounders gave.he local V . , _ :.   ,(| ,
��� team a great race In the final, IosIiik
I out to the tiiiie of BO to 16. The chum-
iplons are Itenuie, Richard!, McNee,
1 Sinclair aad StriUi.
The s-eiiiiir provincial championships
[Will be staged in Vancouver tbis week,
'one 'At least of the locals making the
trip In sea, J1 "f honors.
; tendency to play the man  instead of
two occasions came back with a third
stunt   which  meant his downfall.
I^eith  came  ln  for  much  criticism
ilium lyc:'l supporters Cib  the ground
that he showed partiality.   On two occasions  Harrop, the local centre was
placid to icore but Irvine of thc
F. Menzics Wins the Silver Spoor il
���the scores made by Ihe members of
(the Civilian Rifle Association were
creditable und aiigur3 well for thr
Mf,  A,  P.   Mentlei  nnpenrs to  b(
jiom'ni  Into his own  after  a  meiVn-
'cre showing last sertson, taking do"r.
the silver spo' n with hll to hiB credit
Several of the new  mernbirs of the
organisation  held   their  first  try-out
and once the weather is settled every
thing points to greater Intercut being
'shown than any previous Bummer,
The scores mad"  ���_.,.,, ns  follotts-
Winners���Oldham   Defeated   by
��� at n late hour two contingents <*
student! sat down In turn ln the dining room In friendly intermingling of
Columbiana nnd McOllli, Ur David-
son, principal of tho Vancouver college was Ihe guest of Principal and
Mrs. llilhcringtc.n. and with lliem also
lo  dilv.-r  the  elei'l)  producer.
Whcrt   Was  Coffroch?
Over fifteen  hundred f��(.' piled into   lhe  arena,   the     wenthtr    bavin;:
brightened  up  considerate frcm  the
aituatlon two hour!    prtf-^oui,    and
win n 111 tl v Weeks, of Vancouver, lutd
Thistles bugged to his arm. Both were I Aetpn   Villa   cr   Sunderland   Probable
polp��b;��   funis   and   -wprlhy  of  either |
It penalty cr free Wrt b��l UeitM FUled :
lotherwlae. J
. Harrop opened  Hie scoring for the,
f    c      ���,    *"'*".**���  K0I^,',���        ���- . Rovers In the early pari of the fUxme *r=^.���
Ccnalderlna m weather of Batur-,b   Bcc.pan* . ,.,���,,. in paig| minK   i
d-iv afternoon when a gusty wind WM ; Umb!(1 nu rh,,���,,, wa*i**>tr.    tater (By Wttgfj
blowing at rlghl onjrlei to the ranges   ,���  ���lp      *    ^ Aml���sll���  **&*<# d ;    Alit(m  Vi]la  VB  saB��AfeTrd  for fhe
for tha Thistles. 'Kngiish cup finals. .   .
End to end play featured IMS tf��cond '    That  is  the  concensus  oi  ftpi'tVlon''
half, the play becoming rough in spots,   among eocccr fans ln this city after
1": r the Rover!, i-yons, Harrop, Cay-   the results of Saturday's games pliiy-1
rl7ii-rt  and  Bruce  played  an  excellent  ed In the Old Country were received. I
game.    Toiiilinson made a disappoint-   Burnley managi d to make a draw with
ing   Showing   and   did   not   appear   to   Sunderland, no goals being scored and
waite up until late in the game. while the  Lancashire team  has  been;
A fairly good crowd witnessed the playing great footer this season botbl
Struggle although nearly Iflu thought
Ibe game could be seen from the roadside in a better light than on the sidelines. The teams lined up as follows:
Itovert Home Hotchkles und Lyons;   Shawcross.  Hruce    and    Meikle-
John: Donald, Tomllnson, Harrop, Seg-   -some afternoon this week.
91 i gle. Caydzien. j    The Vlllans won over Aiuham Ath-
al 1 Thistles I.amble; Christian andiietlc In l^e other semi-final wae ex-
���r .'-^wtn: Todd. Irvine and Hulchart; I pected although the Athletics put up
76 Bell Anu*r,<"1' Matthews, Brail and :* great fjght ,*�����(! kept tho score down
7*-! IdouU.   ' '   [to one lone bMI.
f. ,  - I     The   ui'ual   sreat   crowds   that   ot-
'     **-***********4** j tended the s, Ml-flnals were In utten-
BA8EBALL. * \nt*M* Saturdsy. special trainsi bringing
The Chi-
iu\e�� . .
oliV'ef .'.'.'.'   !
Vidal   .,..
W.   Jewhilrst
Geo.    Ilurr   ....
T.   Pavls   	
C,  A.  Padds 	
F.   Godwin
200 f.00 6"H Ttl
in the cup ties and also In the Second
division where they stand an excellent
chance of oomlng back once more Into
the first division, the more experienc-
' ed Sunderland players are likely to
win   out   when   the   replay   is   staged,
fi. C.  H.  S.  DEFEATED.
IT is characteristic of us as Canadians to
prefer the things that have been tried and
found true, rather than to experiment. .
It-is typi-cally Catladiah, the way McLaughlin Cart
have attained and maintained their i*i��ition ot FaVowe
among Canadian Motorists, '
There may be cnuntrie. wherf I -tffstW body detign-�� new
dutch -ur nrit other .uch "talking peHh" -*tt comnund Hinou.
But here in British North America, we tfc **M ��*��"*
trie.) -ejects**** a. tlie McLaughlin Car.    We feel tale ... ��'����'"����
McLauahlin because of Hie 40   >ean'   success  in ���;:"��*^;"1?f"$
and the 5 years' success in car building that the Mme "McLsuehbn
Call and see these cars at our new showrooms or Phone 691, 196 or 59 and arrange
for demonstration.
11�� i iniinmi ii, uii'i "ini i in-ii i ,,,���,,, T,,,, ,,   , i ,,,    it - -,...,  ��.   . ��� ���--���
wan itev  Ralejf, the poster from 1'ort finished  tnun-fling Cyclone  Beo.t   ri
Simpson. Victoria, in  five rounds of prellmln
.Inst before   the   banouel dispersed ary  stuff, lhe rrowd were In �� rlRht
Ur.   Daii'lsoD artis-e  at'i  expressed  a ' "'	
few   i t'ciisii'Tnliki"  WOrdB On  the  loss
mood to ncrcpf something exciting
Throughout the fifteen rounds Rellly never attempted to use his right
It belli;; mentioned later in the day
thnt he damaged one' Of his d'slts
In the flrsl Ihreu tnlniitefl.
Caused s  Near  fliot.
The  senlliiR  nccomnintlntirtn  nt  tl����
arenn was first clnss. -while ihe trftits
portatlon wnn sxoslienl to Biro from
tbe fi-jht with the uoaptlon of'ii eon
tingetil from thlB city. The sieifmer
Tran If er was compelled to stop nt
neiulv every wharf down river, and rt'
one time the flRhl funs had thought!
of Jumping off nt Woodwnrd Landing
nnd billing neroBS country to Steves
ton. The mill, however, coinmoncod
a little late, wiih  the result  that the
Roval city aggregation Just arrived
f the truck meet, and thanked ths
college f' r K* hospitality In furnish
Ing them wltb supper. Principal
llitlu lington wplb'd with true college
i pill   utul   Hi-  McTllll   boys  rose nnd
i-ent forth .ip old Columbian yell in
u manner tn niiilie for good feeling be-
t ween the two sxAi*****,
An eventful day was terminated ill
llle college ou Smurdny by the basketball games between Met IIII and Columbian     The flrsl itnme between the
second teams, ��*ttii t�� Columbian ��f
iii* a close iiiatfh by a score of 18"14.
Marwood frnm C.M.C. referecd and lhe*
line un  wns nn  follows:
MoOlll   Guards,  C,   Boyei   K.    Le|
Mersiirlos; centre, O. Tlmee; fnrwards ' |n n,e n|ci( 0f time.
II    KlrkpatliOk  and   A    Taylor. i
Columbian   Ouarde. linley and  M
McKay; Centre, T.. n. (Illley; forwards, W, Mnnsen and A. Crowe.
I'ur Mcfilll, llruee ran up the high
rot number of points nml Crowe for
Columbian scored the most baskets.
The Beoond game when the flrsl
I earns played, weul by a big victory
in MoOlll, the score being B8-11, Per
I'liium. betier known as "Fergle," and
formerly of Columbian college handled
the whistle nttd the teams were:
Mcfiiii  ���    Kemp    imd    Bnuthoott,
P'.iinrds: It'okardt, centre and Johnston
nnd oByle, fnrwanlH.
Columbian       iinuit   and   Corpot,
I'uiirils;   Wheeler,   centre;   Hinllh  nnd
Cameron, forward!
Sons of Enalartd Vletflricu* in Junto-I
.  Alliance Fixture-^M, Andrews Win
Another defeat wll Clinlkod up |
annlnst the soccer team of llie U. C.
II. 8. on Saturday afternoon 111 Van
1 cower when the Sons of England
copped both points in a league fixture
the final Bcore being 2 1. A few
weeks ago the Flndlay shield was oiliest  asalirretl of Btaying another year
Sat Franelaco, March m.
OagO Americans No. 2 won two games
loriiy The morning game at Oakland
with tlv Oakland Coast leagneni resulted �������' and on this side of the bay
thlB kftm oon, San Francisco wae de-
featrtl 41.    The scoreB:
Morning  ��"'��'��� ',���   ,';     ���-
Chicago  ,,, "   ll     3
Oakland ,..-.    '."  ,,���,,','���'
imtcrle.-CV"""    ��"''     ."J"   >?'1'
rkcy ami ROtlN r
lioni      ii^iiiii.iM'ini.i.iupn.i.'iii.  i       ������tai ���    lln,,���     t f nx       TKCV    ��UU    liwinw.
tn j he Itoy.il City, m Saturday's dfl. P8"?1   l"T' . ,*,k It     H     E
feat   gives S'l,  Andrew's n  chancii  to  ^V;"!,      ��� ' s        ...  4    12      3
Jump  in'and  lead,  unless  the  locals SW0^i2-��i       ",x> ]     &     -1
.    . r   .    _ .   *..       . .. Sun   i rti' - urn ...*���- ,, ,,.
��� ���������������������������������������������
��� OVKR  THE   FOUL  LINE.        ���
The Western
All hlars won Ihe series from the Wit-
Vancouver March 80,
ern players lasl evening, defeating Art
lluss' bunch nine gotils '" three, Th!
score was too onesided to be Inti rent
Ing, although some pretty plays were
pulled oft ni iiiiuis.
Lehman In gonl unil Johnson, Ont-
The bowling team of tho Dominion
Trust Company defeated the aggregation from th! Hunk or Montreal on
Saturday on tha Club alloys Inking
two of tiie threii gnmcB played,
Every man of the Trust company
hll the four century mark, taking tluir
two giiiiu s with good margins. Tho
scores were ns follows;
Hank   of   Montreal: ���
Coulthard   ur   inn   188-  444
Mercer    120 1117 127      888
Ford    tu'i ion 188     4is
Hrlcn 140 1.14 140��� 423
Ryan   131 124 134      3X0
Dominion   Trust:
l'earson   148
hepwotth Kfi
Cliff 1K3
Williams    130
Johnson   126
721 HcsU'okHU
721    869    20117
I l,l.
708 G70 7H7 2221
defeat'Ihem  b��xl Saturday afternoon
on  Moody  Park
The game al Powell street, although
evenly playefi was all Ifl favor rf the
S. O, E's. wlk.il It rnmtf fo scoring
the locals nol even gaining * goal tr
one of their own men.
In the other game plnycd the' ttiilnls
defeated Cedar Cottage five goaf* 10
The league standing Is as follows:
League Stsndinq.
P. W L. I). V. A 1Mb
St Andrew's .19 lt! 2 1 59 1�� 33
II. C H. H. ..18 12 3 1 34 12 25
Cedar   Cot.   ...19 1!    5    3 46 24   25
R.  0.   E 20    7 10    S 12 20   17
fith   Regt 18    3 14    1    6 47    7
Cottage 0 20   1 17   2   8 37    E
Junior  Alliance.
Yesterday's results:
St.   Andrew's ft. Cedar Cottage 3.
R. O. E. 2, R, C. 11. 8. 1.
Champions Celebrate Close of Season
With Dinner.
The  Denver hockey  tenm,  amateur
Champion! of the city, celebrated llle
winning of the Colonel MoRne trophy
on Sal unlay when a banquet wub held
iii the Weatmlnater olub, an oxoellenl
dinner being followed by Hpiieehuink
Ing rrom members of Ihn toiim, league
Official! nud n few of their supporlnrs.
Mr. J. II. Diamond wns In tiie chair
and after the tables had been cleared
called un nearly everyone present for
B few words us lo amateur hockev
In this city nnd whal lt will lend tn. "
one of the feature! of the evqnlni
was ii preseii ,l( n to Mr, Tlin Mu-
lioney, the old veteran In nportlng clr
c.lcs, wbo for the first limit In his life
|mixed   wllb   hhekey  during   Ihn  p.isl
Han  i'riv "iseo
FlatterloB:     Rusiell
Delhi and Bpencer,
Defeat Csest Leaguers.
Los  Angles,   March  80.    Tie  i<'1*��
cago  American  regulars ilcfe-u-f, d   il'"
| Venice Cnsftl leaguers this iWortrtug
land Los Angelen (eiih'i fills' nfi'ei-nwui
���as a winiliip to their BJVTWK frUlalng
;*tsy in California TW Mw f<inigbt
'on the homeward itfafBef (���ftiring
|#Vi1eh Ihey will mnke a htfl'f' dWen
or' ft\ot*'* stops to piny ifixiMtioa
ganfi1* The first will he at Yama.
Arlr., I'^uiolrnw. The next game will
be nt filf I'llflrt. Oilier games will he
played tif Amarillo, Oklahoma Clfy
and Ht. .Ios,��'(lfis
Joe Bergen 9f* ''0I' Angeles short
Mop who ban liiWit playing with the
While Hox team'. Joined the regulars
today and partlclpliSVd In both games.
Outfielder llavy JolMj nnd Pitcher
"Chief" .lohnson of &vi Sox second
team will also make file trip back
wllh the regulars.
Venice made four runs' riff Pitcher
Ed Walsh In the flrsl lulling of the
morning game. Walsh was wild and
was relieved In the third bv Bent,
Venice did not score after the flrsl.
Al   Venice lt.    U.    B.
Venice       4      t>      3
Chicago   8    if    tf
Batteries:    Harkneei,   Jones   niul
Ti'iineinan: Wnlih Uenz and Schnlk.
At Los AngcloB: It,    II.    E.
Los Angelee   '<���    *    1
Chicago   S    11      0
Batteries: Crabb, lingers, single and
BrOOltl!   Lunge,   II   Smith  sml   Kiihn
Won In Eighth.
Bnoramento,   March   80,-  After   the
Portland   Nurthweslerti   leuguere   bud
taken the lead In the third Inning by
thousands of the supoprters to thc re-
pieti',* battle grounds.
The following ate the resultB of the
league tutttAtt:
first   Division.
Bolton wunderersO, Notts County o.
Bradford City 4. Everton 1.
Chelsea 1. Hlarkburn Hovers 6.
Liverpool   0.   Manchester   Halted   2
Manchester City 2, West  llromwlch
Albion   1.
United   United   3,  Tottenham   Hots
spur 0.
Sheffield        Cnlted - Mlddlcstmreugh
Woolwich Arsenal 2, Sheffield Wed
needny 5.
Second   Division.
itristo! City o. Birmingham 3.
Clapton Orient 1, Orimsby Town 1.
Qloaaop l, Hury t-
Hull  City  1.   Eulhnm   1.
I eicester Kosse 5, Blackpool 0. ���
its Purest  1,  lliiddi'i'sfliid Tuw;
Id! City 1.
���i 4, Quaeiii
���  County   1,  Wolverhamp
ttie.kpo. ^
Wanderei.     ',.
-cln city 3,   '
Southern L
��.!.(..    "P OO'1 H0V<' Albl*
Bright r()  i
Park. Ilni   **    United  2.   llrcntford 1.1
West   Hi        oilllnghnm L
Watford l.   ��ty 4, Northampton B.
Covington l   ^i,, e   Houlhnmpton 1.
Plymouth ,Ar     \3t Rtoke 2.
Rwlnden Town     ._ Heading 2.
Crystal Pnlare        'lllwnll   Athletic  4.
Exeter City   1.   K      Norwich City 1.
Mnrthyr Town 0. ,       0\  Hovers 1.
Portamouth 2, liris     ysuits.
Scottish   Cup   I       '*n   ibe   semi
OlaagOW,   March   29. np,   Falkirk
finals   of   the   Hcottlsh   t        n   by   one
bent   Hearts   of   Mldlnthln        Dlnsgnw |
���coal  to  nil   nl   Ibrolx   Park. *, llnlth
The  gnme  between  Civile  n h, end
Roven, nl Tyneenslle, Edlnbn ft
ed In n drnw, one nil, 1 ns
Hcottlsh   League gnmt's real Hei-
Morion  1, Dundee 1.
Aberdeen '-'. Moiherweii 2.
Coiiio 4. Kilmarnock i. s
Alrdrleonlani 8, at. Mirren 2.
Patrick Thistle 1. lllhernlnns 2.
iiainiiioii Aoadamloala I, Quea
Park 1.
lllackhenth   24,   lllikenhenil  0.
Newport 12, Bristol 0.
Northampton  36, lluxby I).
Cardiff 4, Hwanseo 35.
has been such a noticeable success that we have decided to continue it until further notice. Note Discounts below:
Brass Beds.���From 15 to 25 per cent off.
DininR Chairs���Frem 10 to 20 p.c off.
Office Desks���15p.c.off.
Odd Chairs���Of every description, 15 p.c. off.
Room-size Rags and Tapestry Portieres 20 p.c. off.
Couches and Davenports, from 10 to 20 p.c. off.
Bedroom Furniture, 15 p.c. off.
Discounts on Cash Sales Only.
We give credit.
Thc Big Furniture Stor��>
-For Carpet Cleaning
Phone 588.
Corner Sixth and
Carnarvon Streets FAUE   SIX
MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1913.
t KATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
nav; 4�� per word per week; 16c per
uiouth; 5,01)0 words, to be used as required wltl;ln one year trom date of
tvntract, $26.00.
rtlrth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Iwath Uptlce 50c or with Funeral Nonce $1.80. Card ot Thanks 60o per
The Want Ads. are
Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Los-s^ad-
justors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operators
with the man who has property
of any sort to sell���with the
business man. or housewife, who
is "upset" by the loss of "help"
���with the anxious work-seeker,
against whom the rest of mankind sometimes seems to be hos-
tllely arrayed���with the landlords who unexpectedly lose tenants���with the business men
who need more capital���with
all who have confronting them
a "want ad task!"
They are as completely at
YOUR SERVICE as are the
street cars or telephones���but
their capacity for serving you
ts much wider, while Just as
in good condition,   three ��� or   four
rooms, In good neighborhood.   Rent
$15 or $18.    box 931 NewB office.
responsible firm exclusive listings of
first class Industrial and residential
property In the city or district.
Write giving particulars to Box 922
The News. (822)
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, News office
steel  range, cheap;    211 Oakland
street. 1980)
rooms, furnished; suitable for working girls. 609 Victoria street, near
News office. (954)
galow for rent at once. Phone
R1283. (955)
for rent; use of kitchen and dining
room.   Phone 1129. (940)
store on Begble streeL Oood ahow
window. Cheap rent. Apply Box
947 Nb fs office. (947)
housekeeping rooms.'Apply $14 Carnarvon street. (934)
modern, oheap, 314 Seventh atreet.
keeptng rooms, alas pkone, $14 to
$26 per month, at 224 Seventh
street. (8����)
keeptng rooms, hei aad cold water.
Apply room 1, Ksights ot Pythias
hall, corner Eighth -street aad Agnes streeL (763)
TO RBNT���TWO t,A��G!! ANB TjW��
small' rooms orer -fee Hews oltHm,
Suitable fer etab ss Hght mtu-ata**
tilling purposes. Will tease for two
or three year term, singly er en bloc
Apply to Maaa��er Ike News.
where. Na c-slleattm, ae charge.
Americaa-Tanowrver Moreaattle Agency, Hi Hnattae* street, wvw*
Vancouver, B. O. (786)
Old folks who need something
of the kind, find
most effective without any discomfort.
Increased doses not needed. 25c. a box
at your drug-gist's.
ktlml Iras Mrf Ch��kri c. ,| Custx imt.
lis the fourteenth championship race
I of the Pacific Coast league, and
| promises to be the beat In its history.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ... .$18.000.000.��0
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Bcanches throigbeut Canada sa4
Nowfo.uniHanil. and in London, Bng
(and. New York, Chloago and Spokaae
U.&A., aad Mexico Olty. A general
basking business transacted. letters
of Credit Issued, available with oor
respondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposit*
received In sums ot $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
simma (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.80.
O.  D.  BRYMNER.  Manager
Jack Johnson, the man without    a
********** coun'ry, passes his 35th milestone to-
** * * *     * * I day.   The bit, cullud scrapper In being
��� BRITISH  FOOTBALL ��� held    on    charges    cf    violating    the
��� ��������������������������������������������� white slave act. and will also he tried
next month on   a   smuggling   Indict-
First Division.
B.C. Coast Service
Livw-s Vanoouver for Victoria 10 a. m.,
��� p. in. and 11146,
Leavea Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. Pi
and  11  ik  ni.
I. oven Vancouver tor Nuniilmo 3 p. m
Leave Vancouver for Prince Rupert
an* NortlN-rn Points 10 p. in. Wednea-
ltnavr* Vancauvor every Wedneariay ai
II l>. ro
ward.   543 Front street, room 10.
Monday on Sixth or Columbia
streets. Finder will be rewarded
on returning same to Dally News
office.      i (957)
range and Duck heater, 511 Ninth
street. (949)
KOit SALE���$2300, LARCH LOT,
cleared and levelled with three
roqnied cottage, on Thirteenth
Htrcet, near Seventh avenue. Small
Cash payment will aocurn ihls. bal-
ance arranged. Room 419 West-
mliiKler Trust  building, Thos.  Rut-
ledge Brokerage Co. (945)
corrugated iron water tank. 500
gallons; nlso small dash churn,
basin, print, etc. Geo. Humble,
Jubilee, B.C. (939)
FOR    SALE   tlllKAI*    H0U8BS    IN
all parts of Queensborough, $70�� up.
Also good    building    lots.    Quoona-
borough Really Co., Bwcn    avenue.
Four roomed furnished suite with
bath, heated, hot and cold water,
large rooms; all outside lights. $35
per month.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue, Phone 7St.
Chilliwack Service
Laavea   Weatmlimo
VVtneatair aad Fnday.
8  a,   m.
r7*t*hts*thxr and
Vtaxve* Otlllwsok   7
Thumrfajr and a-ttovrtar-
HS. aOtll.IlT,   Aciiit.  New  WeatinlnaiM
H. W. BROOCH, O. P. A.. Vanoouver.
Transfer Co,
Office  Phone  185.     Barn  Phene 187
Begble Street.
Baggage Detlvei-sd Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light aad Heavy Hauling
double corner unliable for rooming
house or terrace. Apply Room 3,
Gr,() Columbia street. 1938)
bath, toilet and basement; very
large, level lot, 60x150, high and
dry, two blockM from Sixth
tram, Eleventh avenue, Key
HIS.  next  door.    See this  and   ynu
will buy. only $^ir,n; $r,oo cosh,
balance an rent if desired, Wood-
worlh n i'u.. 338 Gamble atreet,
Vanoouver,   Phone Seymour 4488
Invest $15.nfi monthly from your
salary ? Thia should appeal to
tho man of small -savings and
wages, We have a few lots right at
the city limits and only two blocks
from tho car. City light and water
advantages. Fronting on full 06 foot
stroet and lane In rear. The "trice la
$39(1. They are finely situated, the
view being excellent and the location
sanitary, We will give further par-1 Tel 724
tloulara on Inquiry and w0 would |
lie glad to show you the property.
l.ook thla up and satisfy yourself.
National Finance Company, Ltd.,
681 Columbia street.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest aud best Une of Pipes
Cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609  Columbia   St.
Bolton Wanderers 0, Notts County 0.
Bradford City 4, Everton 1.
Chelsea 1, Blackburn Rovers 6.
Liverpool 0, Manchester United 2.
Manchester City 2, West Bromwich
Albion 1.
Newcastle United 3, Tottenham Hotspur 0. j
Sheffield United - Middlesborougb
Woolwich Arsenal 2, Sheffield Wednesday 5.
Second Division.
Bristol City 0, Birmingham 3.
Clapton Orient 1, Crimsby Town 1.
Clossop 1, Bury 1.
Leicester Fosse 5,  Blackpool 0.
Notts Forest 1, Huddersfleld Town 5.
Stockport Count 1, Wolverhampton
Wanderers 3.
Lincoln City 3, Leeds City 1.
Southern League.
Brighton and Hove Albion 4, Queens
Park Rangers 1.
West Ham United 2, Brentford 1.
Watford 1, Gilllingham L.
Coventry City 4. Northampton 5.
Plymouth Argyle 6, Southampton 1.
Swindon Town 3, Stoke 2.
Crystal Palace 4. Reading 2.
Exeter City 1, Mtllwall Athletic 4.
Merthyr Town 0. Norwich City 1.
Portsmouth 2. r>ristol Rovers 1.
Scottish Cup Results.
Glasgow, Marcil 29.���In tho s-^ml*
finuls of tlle Scottish cup, Falkirk boat
Hearts of Midlothian by one goal to
n'l at Ibrox Park, Glasgow. The
game between Clyde and Haith
Rovers, at Tynecastle, Edinburgh, ended in a draw, one all.
Scottish league games resulted a*?
Morton 1, Dundee 1.
Aberdeen 2, Motherwell 2.
Celtic 4. Kilmarnock 1, >
Alrd'eonlnns 2. St.  Mirren  2.
Partick Thistle 1, Hibernians 2.
Hamilton Academicals 2, Queen?
Park 1.
mint. Jack was recently burred from
Canada as an undesirable by reason
of moral turpitude. He ha8 lost most
of his money, and few people even of
his own race will speak to him.
Many  liappv  returns of    the    day,
Jack, old top !
D. McAulay
Cor. Sixth and Columbia
P.O. Box 34
J. T,
Daily News Bldg I ,���,
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
59 McKenzie St.
Btove, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges $1 nn down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Rungo fu, Market square,
Notice is hereby given thst the flrst
street j sitting, of  the  Court   of   Revision  on,
���A Nu. ithe Assessment Hull for  1913 will be
held m ihn    Council chamber,    City |
Hall,  New Westminster, B.C., on the,
UU) day Of April, ism, at 11 a.m.
Notice of any  complaints  must be
given   lu   the     Aiuesainant   CotumU-
sliner  In   writing  ��t   lenst   ti��ii   days*
previous In Iho sitting of ths Court.
Dated  al   New   Westminster,   B.C.,
the  17th duy of March,  1��13
(882) city Clerk.
Week   End  tlokots cn iiale to local
soi.il., ut Single Km
* *
* AN.NALS. ���
* ���
1878���Jack Johnson, ex-heavywelght
champion of the world, born ln
Galveston, Texas.
Ike Weir, Irish-American, and
Frank Murphy, English, fought
SU round draw for world'B featherweight championship In
Young Corbett, featherweight
champion, knocked out Terr,
McGovern, ex-champion, in 11th
round at San Francisco.
1908��� Abe Attell, featherweight champion, and Battling Nelson, lightweight champion, fought ir
round draw at San Francisco,
Eddie McGoorty knocked out
Kid Flanders In third round al
Ashland, wis.
Abe Attell bested Frnt'kie Burn?
in 10 rounds at New York.
Yesterday's Anniversaries.
1908���J mmy Clabby defeated nnrlu-
C'iok In Blx rounds at  Malwati-
1905���Ad Wolgast defeated .Tack II il
'��ond in bIx rounds at Milwaukee,
1908-liigcrr    Stanley    d-feated    Ike
Bradley In 15 rounds at London
19011���Have TVshlrr held   I'nrkov   Mr
Fttrlind to a draw In 12 round
st  Boston.
Leach Cross  knocked  out    Joe
Bedell     in    second     round   at
Frank   Mantell   defeated   fack
I'errirk In   20   rounds   ai Loi
Tr-minv   Slllltvan   ''"fentcl   JVi'V
i; it.*-t in 10 rounds at Charleston, S. C.
And Thsn Bs 8urs Thst You Ars 8at-
isfied With Yourself.
It Is not what people say nbout yon
���It's what you are tbat counts. Tbs
one person ln all this world whom you
should aim to satisfy Is yourself. You
alone know yourself. Other people
know your outward uppeiiruuce. your
actions, your deeds. You. uud you
alone, know your motives, your ambitions, your thoughts.
Are you satistiwl with yourself? II
Is your own fault lf you ure not Ars
you sutlstled that you nre doing the
best you cun In yuur work, tbat you
are making the most of your time?
Are you couHUent tbat your couduct
toward your family, your friends, your
neighbors, your employer, ciiuuot be
Ixiok yourself straight In the face
this morning In your mind's looking
glass. Ask yourself whether lt Is
what people say about you or whst
you are Unit hurts. Analyze your own
conduct In all mutters.
Put yourself In the other fellow's
place anil try to see your actions
through Ills eyes. Imagine thnt ynu
sre your employer Instead of yourself.
Answer honestly whether If he knew
sa mucb about ynu ns vou know about
yourself he wonld discharge you or
would raise your wages, lf you do
this conscientiously .there nr* many
things you will du differently.
Remember this, too���other people's
opinion of you Is bused ��n your own
opinion of yourself. Are you self respecting? Other iieople will res|iect
you. Are you tmthfnl? The world
wlll believe you. Are you honest? Every one wlll trust yon.
But weigh yourself frequently. Weigh
yourself carefully. Be certain that
your own opinion of yourself ls instilled. Be sntlstled with yourself.-WIt-
Ham Johnston In American Magazine.
Voters Must Register on New List by
April 7���Every Opportunity
By an act passed at the recent session ot the provincial legislature
every -oter tn B. C. Irrespective
ot party, creed or position was die
M. J. Knight & Co.
J. H. Brown & Co.        *.
Lees Limited. ,
The Labor Temple.
Thomas Butledge, Westminster
Trust block.
Mr. T. Olfford, Jeweler,
Mobbis. Wm. Pope, W. 9. PhippB,.
Percy Hunt, J. E. Brown, Oeorge
Blakely, Clarence D. Peele. D, E. Mac-
Kenale, D. W. GilchriBt, R. A. Stoney,
James Ferguson, Charles Purvis,
Mathcw J. Knight. John A. Lee, Thos.
Rutledge, Ralph Churtou, William Gifford, Nels Nelson, Alexander Garrett,
Charles M. Nicholson, Geo. Kennedy,
J. B. Jardine, H. Gilley, Geo. Mackie.
francblsod. Entirely new voters 'lists Bd. Ooulet, J. S. Bryson, D. Douglas,
were opened and on these every fully I D. Macpherson, W. Macadam, It. Buck-
qualified elector must again register I land, W. S. Johnson, E. J. Boughen,
his name by. April 7, or lose his power | A. H. Hahler, R W. Lane, V. B. Unto vote In any election, provincial or nis, A. L. Lavery, M W. Mint home.
Derolnton that might occur during the! la addition to these commissioners-
next few months. 1 deelaratloa may be made before the
Citizens of New Westminster by I stayer, any justice ot the peace, no-
tho appointment of a score or more | tary publlc, government .agent, as-
ot special commissioners by the gov-' sensor, raising recorder, Judge of any
ernment havo every opportunity to ������art. county clerk or assessor,
hand to place their names on the new Applicants muet be male British sub-
lists long before the date above men-1 Jwite aad 81 years of age That they
tloned. A number have already per-: heU such qualifications must be deformed this duty bnt others falling to j Stared ������ oath before any of the corn-
realize the Importance ot the act or t mMaaers or others authorized to
being unacquainted with the neces-' reeteter.
stty of registering have not done so.
To the latter special attention Is called to the list of -commissioners and offices given below from wblch applies
tlon forms can be secured and properly
filled in:
The Conservative club rooms,  day
and night.
Office of The British Columbian.
Gray & Gilchrist.
T. J. Trapp * Co.
City Hall.
Plckel   (c   Hunt  corner  Braid  and
Columbia streets, day and nlghL
City   Market
Alienor -druggist for
it.  u" a. ttunuit -Bap-ply
tbt KAKVilL. accept no
ottMT. hot aend ��lnqip for 1
trate j baok-Vi.irt-i.-Jlt glfc-ph
{���rUr.olam Mil ittmrtfnn tnnMSbls
���OU<n����.WINl>SOIts,��.H��K��.V< 0.,WI���it��ur.Ou��
OelMWal Atfmu'tor c^'ir-'n
l* literatcd tnd phoalil know
stool tl�� womt-srf ul
Ma��vol J��gr
A Poet Wham Byron Called Nature's
Best snd Slornoit Psinter,
Dante wn* a great traveler and the
gresteet pen Impressionist who ever
wrote. He describes a landscape lu a
Hue so thnt It stays wltb you forever.
He uses the fewest possible number of
word*, hardly nuy adjectives, snd tbe
picture leaps up before you. Immortal
and iiufurgetable. Who can do tbls
among the modern*? Keut* could.
Tennyson gives you English limd-vupe.
If you read "lu Memorlam" you have
lived a year In the English country
ami seen the march of the English
seasons. Crublie cnu do It. Wboreuds
Crublie? Nobody. And yet he Is a
wonderful |siet. us realistic us Tolstoy
ami    Arnold    Bennett.     Byron    rolled
hlm the is-st painter of nature-"Nature's sternest painter, yet her best."
lie   writes  alxuil  the   |ioor  ��*  they
are. without sentimentality and without exaggeration, und u�� u painter of
English landscape Ilu still remains the
best lie nmy not be read by lhe iiumI-
ern generation, bnt be Is Dot forgotten.
A Frenchman wrote u long and excellent l��>ok about hlm not long ngo. He
Is siife in the temple of funic, which
pluce you huve entered ami can't leave.
And this temple Is like a wheel It
goes round und round, uud some of
Its Inmate* are lu the glare of the sun,
snd sometimes ihey nre In the shade,
but they arc tliere, and they never fall
out,���Maurice Baring In .Metropolitan.
Comfortable Family Hotel
Forty minutes run from New Westminster on G. N. Ily. All trains
stop at White Rock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Bay and Gulf;
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Itooma
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connection, also a store containing full line of groceries.   For terms and rates apply
White  Rock, B.C. P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Restoring Rubber.
People using articles mnde of rubber
Telephone in. P. O. Bo�� 777.
Will take a city lot as a firat payment
on a handsome ne�� eight roomed
dwolling bouse with full si/.ed lot.
No   Bl,
Will take city property in exchange
lur an elghl acre (arm al Sardis,
live acres under cultivation   No. 6.
Will  take a  city  lot as first  payment
on six roomed house not quite completed and located an Sapperton,
House is nil modern and is valued
nt $3300,   No. 37,
Cheap lot on Wise road, size 34x 145.
|100 cash and any old term for the
Wlll take city property In exchange
for an eight acre farm near Sardis,
1'ive acres Under cultivation.  \u   $
Three roomed house and large lot
near Kdmondii for $800; easy terms.
No. 84,
Svvcllest house In the city, cn George
struct.   Interior llnlihed In oak. iix
���cnllnnt plan.    I'tiiup price.
for Hound Trip  >' " BUS
Fridays,  Saturdays  uud  Sundays,
lie Lot 4, of Illock 1��. of pari of See
tlon 8,    Illock �� North,     Range    ;
West. Dlatrlct of New Westminster,
A osrtlflckte of Indefeasible title to
above property will hs Issued to Frank
N   Trltes,  on  ths  12th day  ol' April.
lul:',. unless  In  the mean I linn a  valid
objection thereto he mode to ue   in
writing by a person or persons claim
lug  an  estate or  Intfreat therein,  or
In any pan thereof,
District Registrar of Tlllos
I,and   Registry Office,
Nnw   Westminster,   B.C.,   February
38th, 1818,
Or II   W
s ami reservation apply   to
Ml)  OOULBT, Ageni
New Wetttnlnste
Htodle, (LP.A .  Vuoronvni
\* *\
��� iBv "Gravy.") ��� I
* *
*****************  that   frequently  luae  tbelr  elasticity |
Const League Starts Tomorrow. through   oildiilion    may    restore   the j
"Take 'itn oul 1" "Slide, you big material to Its original condition by a
Bllft, sl.de I" 'Robber!", "Oh. you j simple process. Souk the pint In al
Jesse James I" "Rotten I" "Hang mixture of one part of ammonia to,
craps in it oar, your brain's deadl . two parts water This Is said to be
"Dam ll on the trade mark I" "Aw, particularly well adapted tu lhe re-
with the sold Ivory domol' ; storing of rubber bunds, lings und
���ntle observations at thi * small tubing which are reudy to be-
will b* heard tomorrow In San b'ran   come dry nnd brittle,
i I..CI*.   Sacramento and  Los  Angelus j 	
In wlili li allies, .1   I'luvlui pi rm Ulns
ih'  Pacific Coasl league pennant raci
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods of all   Kinds.  PHONE  694.
King's Hotel Pool Room
In the cltv     Finn
lobucco.    tlportllid
Bmit Pool Table
Hue of Olgaia sml
���veiila bulletined.
A. G. BEATON.  Proprietor.
Cottage to rent
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
���Curtis Block, New Westminster,  B.C,
i��� TT* tV    i B '
The person or peroena having In
Ihelr custody or possession tho follow
Ing Title Deeds misting lo tke said
properly are requested to deliver the
���<nine to the undersigned.
ml     Deed    dated    the liSHli  day of J Front Btrtet
November, ISM, from Frank N. Trltei
io Thomas Bennett of the above   d*v
ICrlbed  property.
ihi Deed dated ths Uth day of
November, 1804, from Thomas l����nnett
to Arnold Bennett Of lhe above described property,
ic)    D I   dated   tho   12th   day of
October, llt'iri. from Arnold llennett tn
Oeorge W Bhay of the above described  property.
,T, 0. OWYNN
(764) District lleglatrnr of Titles
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly nt Bin Columbia Ht., now at
607 Kront Bt,   Phono R 1031.
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage and  Choice   Fruit   Lands a
New   Spring   and   Bummer   Snlllngs
now os display,   see them,   Perfect
ni and workmanship guaranteed,   701
Hpocbilty    Treatment   of   the   scalp
bv  Vlbro-MnHSiiRo  and Glover's   Futn-|ln tomorrow's games
sis Htliiiulatiiig Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
���   . .ii.i.... aie BS���MB
wni ii,   commenced,
A ���  usua1, ih" roust  league Is the
Hist   n America i�� gel nwny on   the
long ink lhal will nol end until the
Intti i i a;*: of October. Hie Bnlubr,-
uus climate of California penults this
earl) sunt 'i he circuit this i ��� ar hull ien changed by the substitution of
Venn* for Vernon, bul the Venetian
tb ndolleri will play mosl of their
ti'.tin��� names iu the I.us Angeles lot,
ItA'itii- lb, Allgeltown fans almost continuous liii-ii'liall.
Tliii Pacific Const league ii an aa
class organization, ranking with the
Inti rntitiotuil league nnd tho American
Association. Sacramento, with a
population of only 46,000, und Venice '
which in picnly a little resurl suburb '
of Los Angeles, thus lake their place
in Ilu* baseball limp wild such oltlefl
lis ll.'iltinioi", Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Montreal und Toronto. This con
iliiun Is reminiscent uf the old
National league days when such citira
in Troy and   llochcsler had clubs  In
the major organization,
a number of new taoei will be aeon
und. besides the
.'ust Like ��n Immicrant.
"Charley is su poctliul! When I accepted hlm he -nl,| ur f,.it hi,*,. ���n Iin-
migrant entering u new world."
"Weil, be was an Immigrant"
"\V but du ion menu'.''
"Wasn't  he
Just   InudedV"*-Alkiuta
CONTRACTORS *    !V7M!-��,7V'
Lumber Lath and Shingle
'Ml I iff *\t.**7*^-��-.'****rr:-v.m 'tt.n*
What's In s Nam*.
"Hut now that those sisters arc mnr-
rled. a social gulf separates tliein hope-
"Yes. One of them married a mechanic and tho other s uiecbaulclun."���
BOILERS Riveted Steel Pines
"Po you think Oscar proponed to me
merely on account of my money V"
"Well, my di'ur, you know he must
hnve hud some reuaou."-I'llegrnde
P.  O.   BOX  442
rELEPHONE   .124
There la nothing ao powerful as trnth i
snd  often  sothlng  so strange.-Web-
si ur.
Phone 1277.
Westminster Trust Block.
with Cut-off Price.
The Oriental Contract Co.
promising   youngsters,   there   nre     a
number nf big league veternm on lhe
| rosters  of  the   various clubs.     Hurry
Wolverton, rot'tnorly of the New York
Americans, has i i engaged to man-itu^m-enta for Tho Newa for Lulu ia
Inge tho Sacramento olub, and wlll get I land  will iu> revolved hy A. Bprlce,
SuliHorlpllons  and   classified   ndver-
lhe  blggeel  pny  obeque of uny coast
manager, Wolverton is not a stranger
mi iiie const, having managed Ihe
Oakland aggregation in nun ami 1911,
The Oakland champions ulso huve a
new manager, Honui Mltze succeed
Inn Hud Sharpe, while Del Howard Is
San Branolico'i third manager In two
yeara.   The season opening tomorrow
store,   IJnoeniilioro
The News Is on Ssle st
Hotel   Hiiiiaell,    Corner    Cnriinrvon
and Hegtile.
11. Morey & Co., f'nlnmliln atreet
OaeVell   Hook   and   Stationery   Co.,
iniumtiis. street
W. nrewn, R 0, W. IL Depot
Ira A. Hold, 761! Columbia Htroot.
Pies and Usui. Mgr.
.  HKAHlUtl.llHl,
W. F. H. HUC.hl.lc,
8ec. hid Tim
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 aAd 877.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
The Finest
and Freshest
in Town
Carnations and Roses
 Finest Quality and Best Value �����*
Coyent Garden   Florist
Vancouver Block
Phone Sey. 1213    Granville Street
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
New  Industry in
Baskets in British
Special   attention
paid to mail orders
Original Designs
Bamboo Baskets
Cut Flowers Fresh Daily
Salesroom: 1056 Granville Street
Peter's Road and 5th St., Eburne, B.C.
Phone orders attended to. Seymour 6058
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Ajjassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above rates are subject to change without notice)
Those Who I'ave  Roots Stored From
Last Year Should be Busy
Sorting   Them.
Many i-eople no duubt have dahlia... . , ,
roou StOl'ou on from lam year. The;'10" ,hat *t*"****^ of young women,
present m the hem time to prepare '< public school teachers, are secretly
lur the coming Beauon. Without doubt married and keeping their domestic
Lhe beat are the Cactus varieties, ul- life hidden from the school authorities
though the Show and I'ompom appeal  bt.cauae    0, favoritism    shown
to  Buino people,    lf  yeu    >"�����������    i���--���
Teachers   Hide   Domestic   Lives   as  Rev. W. J. Mayers, 8peclal Deputation
Single Ones Preferred���Investl-
tlon Likely In New York.
New York, March 30.���The informa-
   ..........    .,   j...,    have    lasl    ,
| year s  room stored  lu good varieties ! ���   g,'V**!;"e���' W5fi2S.,i.?*5d 1�� Bt*rl
now is  the opportune time to divide
them,    lne bbfat \,uy is to choose the
Strongest   o.iUs  on    each    Individual
ia   widespread   Investigation   by   the
board of education  today.
Following the    board's    refusal    to
root by dividing the tld stools and cut-  grant   "r8\,Ed��eU   U'av-e   ��r  absence
came the discovtry of one of the t*
cri-t marriages.
ling tneui Into single shoots, choosing
the strongest buds in evidence, by so
doing you get one good strong growth
iiuluu 01 many  weak ones.    To pre-
"Miss  Henrietta Hodman,''  cf    tin
Wadlelgh high school, wa3 found yes-
pare them at the present time for tha !terday W*S *>���� her husband. Her-
��0*1 one should split thrnn and keep1���" pw^merf, an employee of th.
them in the basement iu s'ind or soil.
American museum cf natural historv.
Secretary of  Home,   Here    on
Friday Next.
Dr. Darnardo and his work among
the slum urchins of Great Britain are
well known In New Westminster, but
citizens are to hear yet more fully of
this great man and his devotion to
the small down-and-outerg of thc city.
Uev. W. J. Mayers, senior deputation secretary-treasurer of the home,
is now in Canada delivering lectures
on the work. He will be In Westm.n-
ster on April 4 at St. Patrick's hall,
and will present the claims of this
work to the people -uf this city.
Mr. Mayers is the senior deputation
seer-*, tar yof the Institution and one
of Or. Barnardo's oldest friends.    He
There is nothing like a "Tea Pot"
test at your own table to prove ita
sterling worth!
TEA "Always and Easily the Best"
BLACK, GREEN, or MIXED.   Sealed Airtight Package. Only
Ladtes and gentlemen's tailoring.   A fine stock from
which to select your Easter Suit
t started now they Will be sufficiently I u..^v ���A8^.^^ married!bas brought with hlm ten specially
ou" " eDU ��f APri' to P'int\ ^^motVs^Z-ere mnT>^a b��>�� <""* "ue of the London
' The thing the grower should strive iried '�� 8,ecr,et ��"> are MPPO.sed by the hom��< wU��' ���*>* *he>r rendering of a
| ooarei tr education to be single," she very fine and varied program of music,
said. "The favoritism shown single will evidence the care that has been
women  Is respons ble for the decen-  ,,������,���      . ,. ���.
I i[Qn *    bestowed  upon  them.    They  are  ac
"The board cannot refuse to let a companled  by  their musical  InBlruc-
married   woman  teach,   hut  it   shows tor' Mr- H- Aaron-
j nil preferment to single women.   This i Empire-wide Greeting.
.penalizing of married teachers is be-*    'n    England    and    In    Australasia
,     .,,,-��� ,       coming  a   most   serious   thing     This
In the matter of pruning roses, this nonniuino nt     .,,.,..,.1 a .       'B    ,1"18
.   ,i >���,m���i,   X*..iA "�� ...,������A..A IPenallelng of a married teachers Is be-
fining a most serious thing.     '
Telephone companies, big corporations
and  employers everywhere    are    discharging  women  for  the  'crime'    of
getting married."
fel* in particular is to get one good
strong htioot rather than many. The
��treng shoots will give bloom much
bettor and larger if they are the
strongest to he had. These plants
como iu all shades of color, the Cac-
��� us varieties being the most graceful
and  useful  for  the cul blooms.
Is a thing which should be attended
to without delay. The Hybrid Perpetual should be cut fairly hard back
now, leaving three to four buds on
la-si year's growth. This is so much
|better than getting I'i to Iti buds,
which usually bring forth weak roses
that BOOfl lose their color.
The Hybrid Tea does not need such
hard   pruning,   but   it   is   essential  to
prune then: back, leaving four to    six
I buds, according lo the variety. Some
er the weaker growing varieties, such
in the Dean Hole, J. B. Clarke, Pink
Killarney,   Papagontlfr, White Killar-
ney, Katberlne Meret, Madame 1 In.itr-
and Sunset need  very little pruning
During  the  coming  season  a little
l'quld manure once a week is a great
In!;, to the    Hybrid Tea    especially.
I IIU October,   lt  is best to keep them
cut   rather than allow them lo go to
��� ed pod.    With regard to the  liquid
manure, which appeals to roses during   the   summer   months   more   than
i anything
j b!o*-.d of lish guano placed in a bag
| In water tv.r. days before using ap-
i plied to the rools ot each plant will
j taring the b"st results. These fer
tlllzera can be purchased from anv
dealer in horticultural sundries.
Eighth St.
Dunsmuir Block.
Means   Health.   It Cotts   Ncthlng,
Yet Yost People Igrare It.
piece if advice that thi pliyri*-
cian can give will boar    . te frequent
repetition   than   the   pithy   sentence,
"Breathe deeply."   It is a perfectly
simp!.- rule ol health, yet it ij constantly   broken.    Tliere   is  no  reason
why   our   lungs  should   not  have all
the fresh nir they r.eeil fur tb ir work.
The supply is unlimited.    But in nur
folly  we  "refi."=e  to  give   them   their
fair  share  o(  it   because   we  arc  toj
lazy to remember lo breathe deeply.
We gn from day to day drawing m
FOlulion "of "mixture ""of 'little  inadequate ' puffs  cl  air,   living
from hand to mouth, as it were, ami
then we wonder why we feel tired and
nervous, why our .-kin is sallow and
our eyes dull, why we catch cold easily and digest cur lood badly.   When
| things have  come to this  pa-s there
I is nothing fnr it except t-i put our-
i selves  at school  and   learn  patiently
, to do what we w?re meant to dj un.
��� consciously^
i   There
* OUR    MUSICAL    NICHE.       ���
these musical meetings have been at
tended by thousands of people, and
never fail to deepen the Interest in
the work. Already large audiences
have assembled in Canada, and the
excellence of the program has made a
great impression.
The presence in the Dominion cl
over 20,000 young people who have
been placed Out hy this great philan
thropie and Inter-denominational In ,
a-tuition is at once a tribute to ther
greatneBS of Christian charity and ti
the advantages offered by this new
country. A splendid record has resulted from Dr. Barnardo's emigration work for the last 30 years.
It is hoped that wherever Mr.
Mayers and his musical boys go they
will be welcomed by all interes'ei'
In the uplift of child life. It is cer
tain that a most enjoyable musica'
evening may be spent in their company, and the opportunity of hei Ding
a great institution is one that Canadians will not willingly miss.
To Raise Funds.
One of tiie objects the Rev. W. .1
Mayers has in view in his present
visit to Canada is to raise funds for
building a much needed dining hal'
and kitchen equipment and liouse for
the stan". in this new development of
Dr. Barnardo's work for the neces
siteus boys of the old country.
���    The    COUndl    and    director of the
Tr.e .-icqaicrn.
This   is a   mass  tor the  d;ad  anO
many famous composers; have written
these Kequlems:   I'alestrina    ("donna.
Mozart's   masterpiece  was    the    "re-
homes are anxious Ihat the boys
are two ways to learn to Bhould grow up pnyslcftly as well B5
If our powers o! self disci,   technicallv  lit. and the boys' garden
: breathe.
j pline are  P��r, as  is the case  with city is Intended to give them ihe ad
| most  Insufficient  breathe:.-,   it  is a dition.il advantages cf country aid aid
; good  plan  to join  a  gymnasium  or surroundings, such as have been   cr
1 oaliathenio class and learn to use the joyed for many years past bv the girb
'��� lungs as a baby learns to use its feet at the village home at Ilarkingside.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster, with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Bitulithic is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bltulithic |3 commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
ln Canada, and over two hundred In the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
quieui" tor his own death, as he died J ��nd hand*.    But remember  tbat  les- I    The work has been under ureat d!s
sons in breathing will do nn good it advantages in the east end of London
the scholar thinks he is absolved Iram where   a  large   number   of   the  lad=
his   task   except   when   he  is   in the have been housed.    Alreadv  some et
class. Die London homes,    ringed    In with
A   simpler   method   for   those   who acres of bricks and mortar, have heen
have not time or opportunity lor tlie elosed, and It will he a boon unspeak
gymnasium is to turn life's daily rou- able to the boys, many of whom have
tine   into  a  continuous  discipline   in been   nurtured  In  unwholesome    sn-'
breathing,   lf the poor breather takes roundings, to live in pure air. on oper
tiie trouble U, watch himself carefu.ly So'l   and   under  country  conditions.
he will find that when he is engaged They will be taught agricultural an-"
upon   any   work   that   calls  for  close horticultural pursuits to cope, in sonv
attention   he   does   nd  even   breathe measure,   with   the   rapid   decline   ot
as deeply as usual.    He almost invar- agriculture in England, and to fit then
iably   holds   his   breath.       Thus   the for efficient service in Canada.
wh le putting it into |:s tinal form-
writ ,en under the Inspiration of
Cherutainl, Verdi, Brahm's famous
"German Hequli m." a sacred cantata,
having s?ven numbers, full of consda
i Con for the mourner, joyous a^sur
incia,  warnings  against    pomp    and
|van tv of the world and closing with
th" victory of the saints over death
and the grave,
The Tc Deum Laud a mus.
Is a familiar hymn with a doubtful
origin, tliongli usually credited to
.-it. Atnbroso. There are many cele-
brat d settings by such eminent com
posers as Claim, Handel and Purcell
It is Interesting to know that Bulll
van, famous for comic opera, has
given us a setting of the "Te Deum"
to commemorate the recovery of thf
I'r nee of Wales, and that he also
Contributed largely to sacred music.
The Stabat Mater.
Or 1 ..-itin Hymn on the Crucifixion,
wns first written in the thirteenth
century by IVnodictus. Hadyn has
written one full of melody, Bosslnl's.
the best known of all. Dvorak's "Stab
at Mater" Is a fine effort of the Bo
hem Ian composer, depicting not ho
much the grief of the mother at the
fool of the cross, as the awful tragedv
Itse'f and Its far reaching consc
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
blood current is vitiated when it ought
to be cleansed, and the worker exhausts himself, not so much by his
labori as  by his neglect.
Their Daily Bread
The most Important needs    of   the
homes   always   are   for   daily   bread
lothing and general support of    tin
Learn to make a breathing lesson of liIt|p family of 300 boys. The totn'
dressing in the morning, of going up
an.i down stair*, of your duties in
household, ofTce or shop, ol your
walks, your games and your rest.
Draw in deep drafts ol air every tiins
number of children under the care oi
the homes Is 920!t. and the average
works out to the sum of $77.60
per head ner annum. One very gener
,    ,   iOUb friend has paid for tho inainten
you  take  a  oreath   and every   little  pn0n frr a      r 0, all tllP boys tn onp
while  stop  everything   else   snd   till     f   ,     houses.
your lungs a few times with breath'
that test their capacity. Ynu will be
surprised to see the Improvement thai
it will  make  in  your  general  ooudi-
The Magnificat
(Ir fton of the Virgin. Is pnM of the
Vesper service of the church n'd has
bei n treated by all old chureli com
posers, In pla'.'i chant ami polvhonie
form,   It N richly   haimon'red   an'1
T li' composer- such as ltach. Mo?.nr'
Handel, Meiidels"ohn. have set It In
orfttorln ��������%���!��, \vlth full orrhoMr;'! ac-
eemnnnlpirnt. llneh's Renin* U shown
n "The rireai Macnlficnt" In P writ
ten for n Christmas service In 1721.
The Kaiser's Pack el Cards.
Many ��f the crowned heads ol l'.u
ri|n�� will hardly tee! Battered by the 'denf and duTib or physically affile'*-!
A  Few  Figures.
70.1R2 children have been received
nnd trained since 1<6S.
2211  were admitted   in   1011.
0200 boys and girls of all ages are
now under the care rf the homes.
1143 of these pro Infants.
973    nre crippled,    incurable, blind
"1 think I -mw your llltle hnv chew
��� IX Inhseon n* I mine In III* Ciile."
"Yen; that wna Johnny "
"Mercy! Oo you |ttrialt Sim to
"Well, yon m*. that wsa an almoat
new plug of tobacco bla father left
when be (lied, an' It aeeiaed a stu u��
want* IL'-Houwtnn Poet.
action ol the Ks;ser in depicting them |     5557   are  boarded  out   in   rural  dls
or the.r relatives on a pack nl Maying ' trie's In Kncb"d nnd Canada.
card 1   which   lie   has   designed,    lhe j     *an |,nvs and girls are under Indus
I quee.i of hearts ahoWS the portrait ol   tri.,i   training.
I liueeii Victoria, who was tho kuiser's !     ?nn bov8 n*-,, training for the nav>
pandmother    The dowager queen ol   am] mercantile marine.
* Italy   is  the queen ol diamonds, the )    28.922 vonng people have been em!
j late Rntpresi Kllisbeth ol Austria the   grated (chiefly to CanadaV
j queen   ul  clubs  and  the  Ciarina the I     jnos were emlgratetl In 1911.
1 queen   of  -i��des.    I'ojw  l.eo  XIII. is,
the. king ol ipsdOJ,    Uie    lule    King
Humbert the king of clubs.   Leopold
of   Belgium   the  king    ul    diamonds.
while the  kaisxr himself will appear
as the king ol heart*'.    The katser hi
0 lads tone
A Nlee Lovable Qlrl.
Jack���Tlie college girl I am engairert
te picked toe np on grammar before 1
week had paaaed over our beads. Tom
-Ton got off light and easy. Tbe college girl I knew corrected toy Kngllsli
while I waa propoalng to her.��� Boeton
Your Blessing*.
Et you'll stop courtls' yo' troubles
fer awhile mebhe you'll have time ter
dlaklver dat you've had enough bleas-
in's fer a good stsed lifetime.���Atlanta
Frills of Fashions.
A sew winter hat la called the V*v**
tiie features ol Bismarck I istophelea-probably because of lbs
., Crispi and Waldeck-ltous- : ^^ of renUirks Incited by the W1L���
sohu to the lour knave*.
Philadelphia Ledger,
In winter tbe female of tbe mnskrat
j apeclee puts on a coat of fur.   The ts*
I mole of tbe human specie* buys soms
low aboes and some opeuwork boss.���
j Uiutertlle Courier-Journal.
It to stated that broad beeled shoes
Alaska lies between almost exactly
the same parallels of latitude s,��_d"
the Scandinavisn countries and Kin-
lend, Alaska is warmed by the Japan
current as Uie Scandinavian countries,
sr, warmed hy the gull Stream. Alas-, will again be the faablon fo^r ladh*
ka is 100 OUI square miles lamer than | No one will regret the departure otlhe
Norwev. Finland ar,d Sweden put to- j high beela, which make ��� lovely wotu-
gethor, Cut ofl that much of the north. | ,��� u��k like a hen on a hot aklllet���
ern part of Alaska as worthless, snd a   ��<ew Orleans Picayune,
territory remains as large as ttm three
countries nam*! and wiih n climate
averaging a little older. Alaska has as
much Copper hs Sweden lias iron.
Alasku has more forests than all three
countries.'.Musks hus coal iu quite unlimited quantities and large deixx-its
of gold.
Strong minds aulfer without com-
plnlnlgg; weak ones complain without
suffering. .���_.,	
Aerial Flights.
Boon ibere will be more aviators underground than lu the air.���Washington Post
FJuba   C.alantachlkow,   the   British
woman  who  bas  mode  a  record  for
Banishing ths Avalanche. high flying, has a nnmo that would ul-
Along the sUc ol sn Alpine railroad ���"<��* rc,!.cb trom the ��'��t"<'8 attained
an ingenious device has been put into ��o thc eartb.-Boston Record.
use to prevent avaJanchea from tailing Germany la to build an aerial war
upon the track. A wall has been built nrft of tweifcy Zeppelin airships, lu
whicli intercepts the sliding snow and vlew 0f t^e disasters to dirigibles of
(crew It to precipitate itself in a leap   ^ta ^      op,n,ont roBy  .itrrer us to
other si(*o. I *fe2����.or * mensce.-New \ork Worlii
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122. CL C. OILLEY, Phone
Phones, OfTleg IS an* tt.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
291       j
You can rent that room through the medium of
a classified advertisement in the Westminster
Daily News at the small cost of one cent a word.
Phone ��Z7.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. BapoL Nsw Westminster B. C.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking bnslae-s* transacted, drafts and letter* of credit
soM payable tn all parts of ths werM. Savings bank department at
all brau-ohee.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
?   ?   ?   HAVE YOU SEEN   ?   ?   ?
Our assortment of Koj(nl Victoria China consisting of Chocolate,
Cocoa and Tea Seta, on display In our window.
We are ln a position to furnish your homo from cellar to Sttln,
supply you with Stains and Varnish, all kinds Garden Tools, etc., etc..
and our prices defy competition.
l,et ua show you our Linoleum and Floor Oils, our patterns nre
Bcleclud wllh care, and we handle only the latost styles appropriate
for the different rooms of the house.
C. N. Edmoncon & Co., Cor ���th Ave. and 12tH Street PAG�� EIGHT
MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1913.
"PAY   CA8H   IT
And it is in
awfully good
working   order.
Eclipse Soap, per carton  . -20c
Gasoue Naptha Soap, 4 pkgs.
Royal Crown Washing Powder, per pkg 20c
Day and Martin's Bag Blue
2 for 5c
Old Dutch Cleanser, 3   cans
for 25o
Macks    No-Rub,    the    ideal
laundry help, 6 tor 25c
Liquid Blue, per bottle 10c
Glass Wash BoardB. each...45c
Have you sampled our Special
Tea? The Tea "par excellence." 50c pr. Ib.
Davles' Eggs.   Listen!   3 doz.
for H-00
Westholm  Creamery  Butter,
3 lbs     *L00
Try a pound of Wiltshire Bacon, per lb 40c
18 nice large, Juicy, unfrozen
Oranges 25c
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
Are you working hard bo that
some one will not have to struggle aB you have?
Then while well and strong
you should give careful thought
to the manner In which your estate will be disposed of after
you are gone.
Neglect to make a Will means
thai tho public administrator
will do the beBt he eau, but the
law does not allow him to use
discretion. He must as quickly
as possibly dispose of your estate and divide the residue as
according to law.
He cannot even try to continue to build up the estate aB
this company may if appointed
executor and trustee under
There may be boiiio frlendB or
relatives whom  yon would   like
to receives lawr Bhare than
others, but" the administrator
known nothing or that. Making
provision for one's estate after
he has gone is one of the most
Important things In life. You
v.iii do well in consider the
matter    carefully   and   you will
find uk ready to help you In
many ways without any eost to
Would it nol be wcii to oall si
onr office today, meet spue of
the Directors or Officers and
discuss the matter. WS recognize the BacrednesB of a trust
and will consider anything you
hnvr to t-av ub quite OOdfUen-
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Mrs. Frank Kerr and Miss Blanche
Boultler of Vancouver, returned last
evening from a ten days' visit with
friends in Port Albernl.
A rneetng of the executive comlttee
of the 1/jcal Council of Women will
be held In St. Stephen's church tomorrow afternoon at S.30 o'clock.
P. R. Pearse, piano tuning; order
at Todd's or Major's music houBe.
Port Coquitlam, the new city, has
power under Its charter to borrow
money to pay Its Indebtedness to the
district municipality.
City Grocery���We-srs new open for
business with ��� full line ef groceries.
Prompt delivery service. Tab 1100.
Corner  8econd and  Prlncesa etreeta.
Prof. A. H. Cokayne, who has been
musical director of the Orpheum theatre. Vancouver, for the past two years
will act In the same capacity at the
Royal Theatre, starting today.
The branch ef the Bank ef Montreal at Sapperton win be closed for
bueinees on and after March 2*. (845)
The new schedule of school Insurance, including the Insurance of the
new Lord Lister school has been arranged and placed by the school
We Belt, reat e��4 exchange sewfog
machines. AU enr asaehlnes warranted. O. N. Hdaaondeea ft Co., *ern*r
Slk-th avenue aad Twetfth street. (TM)
The regular meeting cf the W. C
Reeeplts Total to $850���Prlzea Awarded to Bey and Girl.
The  Klrmess held  under the  auspices of the Ladles' Auxllllary of tho
Royal Columbian Hospital on Tues-1 on a section of District Lot 175 above
day, Wednesday and Thursday of laat the North Arm road and close to thc
week, to help defray the cost of the i ltoundary road gave rise to the rumor
furnishings of the new  hospital, was iast week that the Canadian Nortehrn
��� " BURNABY   NOTE8. ���
Alta   Vista,   March   30.���Extensive
clearing   operations   being   conducted
an unqualified success from a flnan
clal standpoint, the gross receipts totalling   J850.
Of course a portion of this wlll
go towards the cost of the production
of the affair, but owing to the generosity of tlle merchants and others
who assisted, tho expenditures will
be very  small.
Tho members of the Ladies Auxllllary wish to cordially thank all the
merchants and others who so generously contributed to the success of
the Klrmess and also the general public for their liberal patronane.
The work of the children In disposing of tickets for the event ls also
much appreciated by the Ladles Au*
railway had a hand In the deal and
had Belected the area for the southern
termlnuB of the tunnel which they
will construct through to the tunnel.
The report b, however, proved false
and the hopes of the residents were
dashed to the Kround. lt was announ
ced from the Vancouver headquarters
of the C. N. It. that though four
routes for the tunnel were under consideration, none had been decided upon or surveyed.
Nelson, March 29.���Disapproving ot
 .,, the action of thc two local carpenter's
Hilary who have presented Miss Laura uniong (n deciding Wednesday night
Imlah with the girl's prlie and Master Gordon with the boy's prize, for
their efforts in this regard.
Secures Agency for a Number of Well
Known   Insurance  Companies.
Mr. A. W. MeLeod, the well known
Insurance man who a few months ago
disposed of his old established business on Columbia street, haB reopened
an office in the Westminster Trust
block and is making a specialty of employers' liability and fire Insurance,
though handling various other kinds.
Mr. MeLeod has secured the agency
in New Westminster and district for
some strong insurance companies
which have millions of surplus capl-
to continue work at the present Bcale
the Nelson Trades and Labor
Council at a meeting last night passed a resolution suspending thc United
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, one of the two unions concerned, from representation in the central
labor body until such time aa the
union refuses to allow Mayor Herbert
Keefe, one of Its members, to attend
Its union meetings.
Council meet shrd hrd hrd hrdluhrdl
Speakers at the Trades and Labor
Council meeting asserted that Mayor
Keefe was responsible for the decision of the two carpenetrs' unions to
withdraw their demand for Increased
wages incorporated in the new schedule covering several classes of work- ;
ers. Another resolution passed last
night affirmed  the  Intention  of  thP
tal behind them, ,,,.���,	
A few of these are: The Railway | TradP8 and Labor Council to stand
Passenger Insurance Company of Lon-: f[rm on the Da]anr.e 0f the proposed
don, which  Is controlled and  guarnn-1 gchedula which is to take effect
teed hy the North British Mercantile m TueBday next
Insurance Company of London, hng-
laud; the Palantlne Insurance Company, which is controlled by the Com-
ntrctal Union Insurance Company of
JUST 30 DAYS TO RAISE $40,000. We haven't a doubt but what we will do
it, for the slashing prices we are making on this $175,000 stock is waking customers up to this great buying opportunity. No chance to lose, for we are
ready to refund cash to you on any and every article that you care to return
if not satisfactory.
Now Is the Time for New Carpets, Rugs and Linoleums.   Read the Cut Prices
and Make Selections Now.
$1.50 Brussels
$2.50  Axminster
$1.25 Brussels
. $1.10 Nairn's
Famous Linol
cut to
Cut to
Cut to
eum cut to
72 inch
$38.50 Axminster
18 inch
Nairn's best $1.5
Stair Oilcloth
Inlaid Linoleuir
cut to
cut to
cut to
cut to
Slashing Prices In Our Ladies' Ready to Wear Department
$1.25   White   Muslin   Waists
cut to
45in.  Ladles'  Johnnie Coats,
13 grades, cut to
T. U, will be held in Queens Avenue London; the Niagara Falls Insurance
church league room on Monday after
noon at 3 o'clock. All are invited tc
he present.
City Grocery���We are now open for
business with a full line of groceries.
Prompt delivery service. Tel. 1100.
Corner  Second  and  Princess etreets.
Mr. W, Beleham has been detained from proceeding to hiB new home
at Kamloops by the very serious ill
ness of Mrs. Beleham, at present ln
the hospital suffering from an acute
attack   of   pneumonia.
Wanted-Gas stoker doing some
yard work in summer. $3 per eight
hous per day shift all the year round
Write experience to Forbes Waddell.
Manager New Westminster Gas Com
pany. (964)
Company of New York and the Sun
Life insurance Company.
All these companies are well known
and regarded as some of the best situated ln the world. They have agencies
scattered in the four corners of the
world and are noted for the prompt
manner in which they pay all losses.
Mr. McLeod'a office In the Westminster Trust block, room 309, ls only
temporary, as he expects later when
his own building is completed at the
corner of Carnarvon and Sixth street
to establish his headquarters there.
Likely to Come Before Vancouver
Assize Court This Morning.
Vancouver. March 30.���The charge
of forgery against Mr. Spencer Hobin-
aon, of South Vancouver, in connection with his conduct of school board
affair*, will in all probability be proceeded with beforo a jury In the assize court on  Monday morning.
An intimation to this effect was
given to Mr. Justice Morrison at the
close of the session on Friday night.
Mr. Iloblnson was tried on the
charge at the assizes last fall, but the
iury disagreed and were discharged.
Mr. S. S. Taylor. K.C. will conduct
Robinson's defence, and Mr. A. H.
MacNelll, K.C. will conduct the prosecution. Eighteen witnesses are to be
called by the crown.
$1.50 Lace and Muslin Waist
;    ���' CUt      tO
H. Morey A Co. have removed their
business to 43 Sixth etreet, live doors
above the post office, where they will
be glad to see all their old customers
and many new ones. (956)
Nomination for the mayor and aldermen of Vort Moody takes place to-
I day between 12 o'clock noon and '-'
| p.m. There is no likelihood of any opposition to the election of Mayor P.
1). Hoe, but a lively conteBt is expected for the aldermanlc scuts.
A, F.I
Ai   m*
The members of Union Ixidge, No.
9, A. F. & A. M., are requested to attend the funeral of their late brother,
W. \V. Forrester, from the family resi- j
deuce. Sixth avenue, and Fifth Btreet
on Monday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock.
No regalia,
(9621 Secretary.
$4.50  Navy   and   Black   Mes-
saline Waists cut to
$15.00 Silk Dresses cut to
Taffeta    and    Pongee
Waists cut to
$65.00 Satin Suits cut to
$35.00 Cloth Suits cut to
Ladles'    $1.50    Combination
Suits cut to
$27.50 Cloth Suits cut to
$20.00 Wool Suits cut to
Ladles'   $10.00   Silk   Jersey
Mass.  Dress Skirts cut to
Washing Machine Will Lighten Work
of Housewife
The housewife of ordinary circumstances Is always looking for something which will lighten the drudgery
of the housework and at the same time
with little expense. .Messrs. Merri-
thew & Ramsay, the well known
plumbers aud heating experts located
on Kinlitli Btreet, believe they have located one of the inventions of the day
in the shape of the new Thermo washing machine which not only does away
with the hard work in connection with
washing but Is of such service that
tliere will be no need for any family
to send their clothes to the laundry.
It does lhe work quickly and well, it
reduces the laundry bill practically to
nil while there will be no tears shed
W. Day, electrician, agent  for  Hot I at finding a valuable piece of laundry
Point   Irons;   fUtwrss  and   wiring  of I all torn to Shreds, caused by acids and
all kinds.   Phone 126S, M Sixth stroM j fast  moving  machinery  used  in  the!
opposite Postofflce. (7����)  washing Irade.
The Thermo  does  the   work  Itself,
In order to allow the farmers of the  ihe housewife can cook a dinner while      FORRESTER-  William      Forrester,
Fraser valley a chance to mar'*' their  the   machine   Ib   working;   It   can   be ] aged  52,  passed  away  at  the  family
potatoes, the price of which has fallen   bought  at   such  a  price  that  a  few i residence,   corner   Sixth   avenue   und
considerably    during   the    past    few I weeks' usage will pay for its cost. Fifth  street  yesterday
weeks, the  H.  ('  E,  R,  have cut   the!    The new machine is Hold on the In
freight  rates  one  half.    ThlH  applies jstallment.  plan.  Call  up  .Merrlthew  & I 2.30  o'clock   on     Monday     afternoon,   lots.
from Chilliwack and other points along ! HaniKuy, the local agents,    and    they
"Try  New
Life," Just
the Thing tor
That "Spring
Our New
Hats (or
Men are
674-678 Columbia Street New Westminster
llevlsed and complete to date, show-
The"runertii  l,ls ���P,lb,ic buildings, principal Indus-1
���a,ll mi:.- p;.i.-,- :.*'*m the residence at   tries,  railway trocWs and number  ofl
Monday    afternoon,   lots.    Every street plainly marked.
March 31.
the Fraser valley line to this city and iwill
send     their   demonstrator,   Mr
Phillips to the house, who will explain
all the features connected    with    a
Thermo machine.
Sand your spare    table,    okalr,  r*
frlgorator,   sewing  naebtne  or    any
thing else you wish te SlapotM) of    to
Btiuzie's  Aueiloa  Mart, 038  Clarkms
street.    Prompt retaras. (7Ht)' ,   ���  ...      ~7~~~ ,.      ,   _  ., ,
Quesnel   Builder   Will   Erect   Building
The services  St   the   Olivet   llnptlst In Victoria���Cost $22,000.
[church last  evening were taken    in     Victoria, March 29.   After some con-
mplete charge In a mo.it creditable slderablfr delay tor the prosecution or manlaes   of the Western
Baraca necessary inquiries Into the costs of!um".r ���'���*'   Aw.*xici��   ort.i.   w.i.iirn
Roads and Pavements.
Mr.  Rochester Will  Deliver a
Kvery business mnn needs ono.
Large   size,   9x3   feet;   alto   pocket
manner by  members of th
���1:ism of the church,
(Miolr   and   quartette
A special male!'11'"11" iu"' materials, ths government
organized ',iis awarded tho contract for the erec-
: the occasion nnd rim ���""" "f ""' new court house ut Ones
iff,.l    i,,,,},,,���,���    -,.,,(   'o'
Portland Cement   Manufacturers,
above    subject
dered many beautiful anthems and
���sored songs. Rev. ,\. 8, Lewis, pas
tor. delivered a niiiHtfrfiit sermon ou
"A   Man's Worst   Bnemies"
to iiunry Joyce of Quesnel, whose
tender wus al a price of $22."nn. Work
on tho cootracl  wlll bo Initiated almost Immediately
a contract bas also been awarded
To   Contractors   and   Builders.     We 'durum   the  PSSl   few   days   hy  the  dear,, now prepared to furnish you with  partmenl ol works t i Messrs. Dudley
���and, gravel, crushed   rock,   cement  * Mller of Kamloops for the erection*
and lime,    nfllca phone 126.    What*; of the new one-storey school house al
phons **���".    B. C. Transport Co., Ltd.   U>Uls  'Tick  the  prlco    being    *2'i',|t
(858) j fjouln Creek, besides being the scene |
of  placer nold  discoveries  lust  mm i
Kir.' destroyed the Port Moody hall mer, is the centre of a verv consider [
known us the Finn building or the able agricultural district ih" nnmii*
old scboolhouse, on Saturday morning Uop of which has greatly Increased
The flumes wore discovered at about during recent months, Just wn,ii j
4.30 o'clock in ih" morning, too lata value exists in tii- gold deposits of
for the volunteer brigade to be of ithe district cannot be determined be-
mucb assistance, The building was I fore the summer's operations have
Insured to nbout half of Ita value. A ! more matured
lighted cigarette or cigar stub thrown' 	
In  one  comer  tbe  evening  previous 1 PROSPECTS   FOR   OOOD   SEASON
Stereopticon Views, In th
tlve R inns,
illustrated     liy
Tuesday, April 1st.
at B p in.
This Is a chsnee for everyone
learn somofblng about   Oood   i*��
and to liud out how thev sre mud.' In
Washington, Oregon sud California
Tli" in.til i* arc cordially Invited.
Rhubarb   21bs 25a
Asparagus, por Hi  15c
Celery, per head     1 lo
Lettuce  ���....'   3 ror ine
Bananas, per du-un 	
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 5:00 and 6:45 a.m., and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00. 7:30,
8:00 aud 8:30 a.m., week day service prevulllng thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby���At
6:45, 6.46 aud 8:00 a.m. with hourly B��rvlce thereafter until 10:00
p.m., aud late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sunday*���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day servico thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
8unday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day Bervice thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Sieves-
ton and other points on Lulu ls-
laad Ib inado ut IOburne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
-   At 4:30 p m.
Fiesh Garden Seeds
, Phone  98.
FiBh  and  Produce.
���447  Columbia   St.
is said to be the cause of the flumes.
St. JohnB' Nftd . Murch 30.- With n
catch of :n;.(inn seals, the steamer
Stephano returned today tbo flrel of
In order to allow the children to
compete In the liurbar essay conteBt
the management of th" opera house
hove cut the price of admission  In i the sealing fleel in Newfoundland wa-
half for this evening only.   n,c essay ter, ���, ri.������rl    sll��� b      n( won| ,������,
must   not   be  less  than   150  words  Iti ,,,���   N-,-lK,.OI,i.f   ,,;((*   27.000     flsh,     the
length  nor  more than    200    words. pior|���i 22,000, the 8 agona 23,000 .the
Each competitor must have his work  Bagle 12000  ,,,��� ,,���.���.���.,,, .��� ,���������,,
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
bonded to Manager Tidy by Thursday
morning, Several well known local
literary men wlll he the judges, (968)
the  Bonnventure  8000  and  the   Ad-
venture 7000,   Others of tho fleet hud
poor luck.
City Grocery���We are now open for1, Advlc-w from the four ships sealing
business with a full line of groceries., V ���*��� '"'" "f Sl !-"��r.-nfr- Indicate
Promot    delivery   service.    Tel.   11M, ��" the prospect for a good Season BW
Corner  Second  and   Princess   streets. I''"'^
(951) '
646 Columbia etreet
since the closing of the telephone
workers Strike, work has been started
on the extension of the 11 ('. 'l'elc-
phone system in the olty,   The new
Construction    work    will   be   confined
mostly to tlutt section ot the city west
Of Sixth strict and It Is slated at lhe
headquarters  of  the  oompany 'that
the pooplo   who   have
telephones   In   the  WSSl   end   may  ex-
poet their  Installation  In  the  not   far
distant   future.     The   work   will   cunt
Phone 43j|^I0,00'J to complete.
Boundary Bay
Mmivtn    Ileach    Park,    being a Bitb-
dlvialnn of tho   historic    old Whaleti
efllate at  Point  Roberts, Wash.. I�� nt
law on the market In 50*100 feet lots
fronting  broad  Btreets  nnd  with  per
pehtal    bench    privileges.    ThlB    has
been  tho camp  Kround  for scorns of
local  people  for years.    The lots aro
applied  foi   BQUIng   fast,   many   people   procuring
tho  locations  they  hnd  occupied    as
tenants for years.   Prices $,1H0 and upwards, easy terms.   Sole agents,
706 Columbia Street, City.
grass seed       land
! Summer
Curtis Drug Store|ri A 1 VIN
For   PHOTO   GOODS,   SPECTACLES ;^J ���**    %. Mm***     ���      111
now in.
and SBBBS,
Phone 43;' L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
|  sn    l.nrn.   Street     M��.��>   'WxstmlnetAr
���in EDMUND ft. CM. m. M I' , l-lll biniNT.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
CnpltaJ paid w|
ReiarvA Fund
Total Anata
Financial Headway
of thi sura and permanent kind Is rarely made without the assistance
ol a Savings Bank Account. It samulates'savlng, keeps the money
In absolute safety, Increases It with Interest, and provides the reariy
cash to take advaotage ol the business opportunities which come
ones way.
Home For Sale
""���" ��� ��� " i********'.t�����~>m^��m�����
No. 1 Hero Is a splendid homo for Bale cheap. In a good locality near Queen's Park and new school.
It has seven large comfortable rooms with every modern convenience; full basement; on a large lot, fiiixiK fi��t.
ThlB ptao-n Ib below value and the terms urn iiuch that almost
anyone can handle It
PRICE, $4400, $7150  CASH, balance monthly.   If you want to buy
n home let u�� show you thin pluce.
Agents for  Pacific  Coaat   Steamihlp Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Fit.ihtl.hcd  1891.
W�� write Fire, Life, Accident, E niployera"   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marina  Insurance.
with an efficiency
equal to the be��t Gasoline Engine���so that
the "YALE" stand*
strong for ECONOMY.
Made  In New  Weatmlnater.
The Schaake Machine Work*
Heaps  Engineering  Co., Ltd., New Westminster.


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