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The New Westminster News Sep 24, 1913

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 ��� '~:; ..-
''-*-     J -'**:<   -***
Newe Classified Ads.
Havi! proven their worth by the
results   tbey   produce.     They   fill
largo   or   small   wants   at   small
'.'eather. "^
N< wftVwstminster ami thp lAiver
Mainland: l.ighbfcRno<Wal49>1it':
fair toj^y aud cn  Wedneaday.
^ORIA. 5
Exporters of Dominion Find Hi^h Court of Impeachment
Great Difficulty in Get-        Failed to Arrive at Dc-
[ Canadian Northern  r-tcaJ
M^nr, to Hcpe In  U��<; for F
Time Yesterday.
Fror   Pet
tinjj  Vessels.
Lumber  Merchant*! of Ottawa  Valley
Arc Heavy Losers���No Regular
Weekly Ccrvice Now.
Ottawa, Sept. 'i?,. Merchants In
Ottawa and district, especially lum-
barmen, are beginning to be affected
to their loFK and Inconvenience, by the
inticr troubles now prevalent In Qreai
llritain   and   Ireland.    The   strike   ol
laborers employed on the Manchester
cesion Yesterday.
Findinc   Expeoted   Tcday���Ccvcrncr's
Financial Ctateircnt Prcdurtd
in Ccurt.
...nxny, S.\., Capt. 'i'i. -After H dj;
spenl in lin'iiiing tu lengthy argu-
..et.;-.. iiie high court for tlie trial of
ilu Impeachment ol Governor William
.-, .i.'t* adjourned tonight without having decided whether the    Impeached
..-i utive   would    bave   td   answer
American and Foreign Min- Alexander Robinson of Dc-
   ers Make Calling of Mil-   j    partment of Education
Quick Work at Assize Court'counsel  for  Alleged Bank Uia Necessary. Pleased.
���Ferjury, Theft and As-      Robber Makes This Statc-
sault Cases Disposed.
round Guilty���Frank  Linbcry
Is Set Free:
ship canal has'already badly orlppled | ehargos Involving the misuse of fundi
the  lervlo.e  of  freight  btjula   between
Canada and Manchester, with the result that exporters are PiidiuK ��reut
difficulty in getting boats in which to | Jacob   n
Ulllll their gOOdS.
k. it h emitter, tho local manager ol
\V:ir;o:i .;��� Todd, one of the largest
exporters or lumber In America, says
tbat  since ts�� -strike there han been
i-iiti.b'iUd tor hia campaign last ta
ii i.- expected,   however,   ihat eon*
...il i' ich .: decision oaxlj tuworrow
HctlilT.    Abnui    I.    Klkus
no regular weekly service of boats between Mout'-eal and Manchester, con-
reeucnllj tbe lirm has been affeoted
1-, i'- dliadvantage. with thin service
crippled   ih��  boats  plying    between
Mon_.i-'-i'l ard other Itrl'lBli porta hive
been offered more business than  liiev
cn; handle, end so export goods of all
klm!:�� are piling up
Then the Btreel railway strike in
Dublin has caused a general depree-
i Ion ' I huainssa, whloh in turn has affected Canadian trade in general
Financial   *_tatcrnent.
i he governor's  statemenl   i ;   eau:
pa : .i  i (pens! ������    and    <i.: bur u nn nti
I *v.cm to und flit c] with th
The first freight train operating
over the Canadian Northern railway
from Port Mann to Hope, pulled onl
of the western freight terminus yesterday afternoon at 8:80 o'clock, arriving
at Hope about four bourn later Witt i
cut mishap,
Thla morning the freight will move J ^
on to tbe front where tracklaying oper
aliens  are   prugreSBini;,   returning   tol
Porl  Mann on Thursday   afternoon.
A-.ji.ther  trip  will   be   mode over  tie- M
line on l-'riday afternoon, th.- miration
Of the Northern    Construction    con 	
pany being to run a twl'e vi ekiv ser-      ..,, ., ,    .   . .,
lice cv ,- fhe no* str. teh foi the ben-      ' ",ee ��"" ""��� ^^ ��* al
eflt of both  the comp,.-iv,  whit*  i: "��'"s court   yesterday,   under   the
construcrtng the line, and for the reel- \"t**iae*% oi  '������������ HonofllWe Just.ce
dents cf the district. '( 'ement.
.     'lhey    v.iie    Frederick Webb, con-
vlcted   cl   ���'���.ii'iy;   f ieorge   Marshall.
theft, and Krauk l.iubcry, auaault.
Kxcept in l.lnbery's cas�� sentences
were reserved.
Frederick Webb, Hsherritan, Ladner,
was convicted ol perjury, coGiniitleit
ai   a  coroner's  inquest ut  l-edner on
Si ptember ...
lirietly, the circumstances were e.i
fcllcws: Webb's partner, William
.Stevenson, waa drowned at Ladner on
September 4. und Dr. Alfred Albert
King he'd un Inquest cn the bodv the
following day. Al the iniiiicat Webb
falsely swere that he purchased thu
boat at $:;in) cn September 3, that It
was his property, and that, the deceased, William Stevenson, was not
owner of the snid boat, whereas In
truth the boat was owned by the Se
cea- o i William Stevenson, as Webb
well knew.
Prisoner pleaded not guilty and wai
d; fmded by J. P, Hampton Bole.
Dr. King prodded the sworn and
sillied statement ci accused at lhe
Inquest  in   which   Webb  swore  that
ment in Court.
fer a traverse of the ca^r'Application to Traverse Ciee Rcf-.cd
Wit)-.cut  Prejudice���Rec.-jest
Be Made Anain.
Two Men Murtisrid ard _:v
Arrested Pending  Inquiry-
All Closed.
n Fcioi'.s   Lays Its One cf Beet in Province���Na
-���vicres -Scarcity cf Teachers in B. C.
j a*. Present.
Decde    trial    C**nad-'_
Action  Was th.   Rirht One���
Thaw Lawyers Corr/.
lii ui; Morgantltau and others
ixnti .iiuted to the Snlsi r ��� i
,..iei   will bi  ' u hand   tomorro
,1 ;.!,! ,*.
Jai ��� .i H Bchltf, 'In- conn el an
nouni ed, vi uld be the Rrsl ��nm-
for tin i .*'>.*��� tttou on thi * mi - * I
facts, Ills >-'i'u ccnti button a noi r;*c Jud_es
meiitioued In the swum statement cf
cl ctlon expenses filed by the govor
Ucverncr Suiter tods; submitted tn
Un   ruling of the high court that the
I   iii.li,   had  iiie coiiHliiut i,:..''   right	
io Impeach blm This announcement Montreal, Bept. :::: Justice Archarn
vas mnd<   al pining of court by  bault.  who ueliw >������ ,i  t'n   decision of
j idge ft*Cad) Berried, chlel counsel the fin u;.peal court judges who eon-
tor lhi Impeached executh . who do- jsidcrcd the case, touched on the con-
clared thai "the governor will eternise Btltntlonsllty oi the Immigration act
none of the prerogatives of his office undei which Thaw was deported hy
pending the determination of the im finding that the act dec-a nut over
; ��� "���'.um nt charges." rldt   tin- habeas corpus -.- rir. despite
the eiause professing to prevent a
n vii - ot* the action cf tin. minister
in charge of ihe immigration depart-
Bentcn, Til., Sept.. 23.���All places of t Alexander Pcbinaon of the depart
buslnesB in this city were ordered clos-' ment of education for British Colnm.
ed at B o'clock tonieht by the mayor, jbia,   when  in  this  city  yesterday  on
  ;aa a precaution against repetition of government  matters,   stated   that   in
last night race rioting between Ainer-   every  respect the new  Muke of Con-
An application to traverse the esse  *.can an(] foreifn miners.   Company Fi naught high school wa3 equal to any
'of Martin  Powell  for the  robbery of;of ,-.,,,  iii|noig National Guard, is pa-iin the province.
the Bank of Montreal, was refused | trolling the xtrerts and the congrega-1 One of the reascn; of Mr. Hobin-
yesterday liy Justice Clement, with-1 tion of oMteeh* in any part of the city son's coming was to Inspect-several
out prejudice to a renewal of tlie appll-' his 1 ecu forridden. ' ^maM  school  houses  recently erected
'cation when the trial came on or any. Seven mcre foreigners were arrest np thi Fraser valhiy to which the do-
other occasion at the assizes. ed here today In connection with tlte i oartment has made the usual grant-!.
i    The defence will be an alibi. mnrdrr of twe  Americans who fur-ILater he visited the new- high school.
I J. M. Keeve. K C, made the np- nished music at a Polish dance Sat end in company with the municipal in-
|plication. He Baid Powell was brought ur,lav, a8 a result of wblch the race ' -j-nector, MIsb M. St.-cn-er. made a brirf
to New Westminster uiuier extradition nivmltv has broken itno violence. This
proceedings on the l'tii of this month, brings thp number of men huId for th��
he was taken before the police mag-jcrime tip to ten. A sneeial euard o"
listrate on the IS. he was committed soldiers hus been placed aiound the
for trial  and  on  the 19th  a true bill Mjfl.
was found against him.    He pleaded      It was learned tcday from one of the
guilty to the Indictment 'American musicians, whn escaped with
It was Impossible tor him to go enja bullet,  wound   from the f-orelgnp'
with the cose ln the circumstances andjassanlt, that the att-ick was    caused
he applied for a traverse of Uie case:
until the next otolites. He rear! an
affidavit of prisoner's to tiie effe it
that it would be im possible for him to
hy th-1 rmisicns' refusal to n'ay aftei- nidt-fftoit. Feur men directly charged with the double murder bv the men
under arrest who "estified at the cor-
t>een fcur.d in spile cf si twenty-tonr
hours' soarph by on armed sheriff:
posse. ���������'���
pay the expenses of bringing witness-1 oner's  iiiqueet  es-aped  and  have not
es  from  Ohio, Indiana,    Illinois    and:* *-���       -^-^���
Papers in Detroit.
All his papers in connection with i
his dejj-nce were in the hinds of his :
lawyer's ill Petrol t
Mr. Macneil. K. ('.. fir the crown.'
pointed out that the case lvd been |
before the courts not cn'.y in this coun-;
c-etarv ^���'���'(':������ '"������"'in in the
'���   or :'.m> ��ith n cianadian domicile.
ot a Canadian
w. c.
C. N
.van.   Divisional   Rnginefr  for
R.. Finds Prorrecs cn Ne-"
Line Cood.
i r , v ill be introduced. The document shows that Sol ier reci Ivi A ��� 16 *
n furtbi ram e i l his eli ctlon snd I iat
lie exptindod 577JI. The articles ol
Impeachment charge him - itli having
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���nccivtd al least -tlC.Oii') cf whUh m
  i.i'utni, is made In the sworn state-
Finding everything satietoctorj snd     '���'���������'   managers  nre    planning    to .
construction work proceeding rapidly, centre lhelr flght upon tin- thne aril'"1"" s sinyer   reany
W.  li   Swan,  division engineer of the   I''"-   '''"ling to du with  the governor'.
^^^^^^^d   his
The Hading tii,: upholds both thc
Judges who issue! the ���> :-;t and Mr.
Doherty, who vas acting minister if
tne Interior daring th- Thav I,* irings
in < auada, uud at the sume time glve3
cxpreeslon to the tKlief of thi* Thaw
lav.yt-i-s, the only ocnsolaikn they gel
out ot the proceedings, that Stanford
^^^^^^^^ did   have   the
right to appeal
f   N   rt.. returned via the It  C. K  l:
I* ru ,i i   valley   train   yc.terdav   morning  afti ;   making an  Inspection  trip
of  tie   western  section  of  tin   ni ���
transcontinental line
Mr. Swan yesterday expreased ser
fprtsi al Hi. remarkable growth in
building >>'d In population al Hopr
stating tlm' two I" three hundred men
wi re nov engaged i" building o'nl c ���,
slructicn work in uud around tin- eit
and avervthlng pointed to a busy f.ili
and winter.
Besides the C. N   It. work. Ihe eon-
campaign  contributions  and  his    at
leged use oi t::,* funds in Wall street
These charge perjnry, ft tud and
latci n ���
r.ct Mentioned.
'. u.��� managers < *. pect lo prove 'all
tur., i. tin , i Imony ef ihe samt
, leven ivltui    ���   ��� ���*     niootli hi d In the
lernor't  i_am| i :.i statement.
*i*, day's s, *.....;. ,u if the hi: i i uurl
was abcul   equally   dlvld. I   between
.  rta of ilu*   govi rnor's   11 tinsel   tc
convince itn   judges thin  the article
dealing  with campaign  ccnlributionj
Stevenson   had   no  interest   whatever  try.  but  before  those  in   the   1'nited;
in the beat.    Webb slated that he sold  States for a verv long lime  more than
bis old beat  for (120 and  bought tiie  a  year.     Powell  hid  futiaht   extradi-
new cue for >::i".    Also lhat he Rav-i  tlon in the United States to the court
j.l'i in cash t(  Stevenson. of appeal in the States.
Cross-et.umir.ed.    witness    said    be      The  Court - In     these    proceedings   Engineer
laid   Information  with   the   police    In  the defence would net be apparent.
consequence of the jury  referring    to       Mr.   Mocneft���The defence  was  up-
the       unsatisfactory       evidence      of   Parent   to  h's   advisers  there.     They:
prisoner.     Several    jurvmen     asked  **'mM Vnow ���*'������' defence
Webb questions,    lie    did    not writ" i    Tbe   Court -One   would    naturally
down all  the questions  and answers.  ��"ppoBe the dcfl'nr(  *ould be an ali'
He only wrote one ijuestion down   Ho .   '
[Wrote  down   the   material   testlmon
r.t      Edrnc.-.t:
Through Bridge With
is!t to some of the public and to tli<��
h!i'��'  schools.
"While, of c-urre. equipment orair',-
first." he said, "and veu here hive piirt
���iu : attention to tVs. it  Is thp excel
lent location and the -"-'rounds that s��
iinurov-B tho high    school.    The tree":
to the rear add tn its appearance ami
I  hope these will never he removed.
Roth  outside and  inside the tmildi.i.-.
is first class and i's anpointmerit"? ar-.*:
i xceQent,    I  like  It  very much."
Night S:hocls Pcpular.
Asked the attitude of the oeople of
���he  province to night  school classes.
Mr   t'obi"<t^n Faid th'-y were favoreif
largely,   lt rested with the local board
whether or net technical eonrses were>
>nfned. and  the  govern tent did  not
interfere unless absolutely   necessary.
While favorln-i' such classes th" o<R-
clal  In'erred  that a  g-^od  uncDd  edu-
-'ti'ii name first, and -he other later.
"N'ew Westminster is graded as a first
'las" cltv and es sue"1 the ernnt fmni
the department for ni-'ut schools woiii'-I
l-p eheui two-fifths of 'lie total cost."
li" stated.
"And about the sen ���"���ity or otherwise
n* teichprs?" was the next qtter',*-
!"Oh." and here Mr. F."hiiiw*in STiiled.
|"w*e have no trout*-1'-' M all now. ai-
Ithough there was Indeed a great ahort-
iage  until  re��ently."
I"cidental|v the offieia!  was rather
.the  sum and substanoe of the    evi-
di nee.
Found Dank Cock.
Constable   t;.   ll. Morgan   deposed
And ing Stevenson's body the day afier
was drowned.    Upon his person he
Kettle valley line are |should be dismissed end ihe srg-u
menta 'f their opponents that tbe\
wi ie rightfully Included In the Impeachment charges.
found a bank hock   a bill of sale fron
Letter   for   Dead    Author    Dc-liverc.*)
Jj_t Kslf Century Ten  L.i.s
���Liked His Stuff,
i ra' ifll
new engaged, hs sold, in pushing the
line toward the Interior, all the inu-
tinnl fer this work being hauled lit-
the C.  N'.   It.  from  Port  Mann.
As Private Citizen.
The principal contention of the goi
i ,i'*;i side was Hint the iie-s specified in lhe three artldlea objected to
weie committed, if at all. while Sulstci
was a private Citizen. Their oppon-
i ali: argued that, tin y were so iitlf-
maui>* oonnected with the office that
i! would be Impossible to separate
"The managers here," I'eclT-ed   Mr
iBracltett, "want to stand brcadlv unon j>om- valley" and asks for more of il
Eureka, Cal.. Sept. 23.���Although
hulf a century has rasp, d since the
inie Bret llarte began his career in
Literature on the Humboldt Times^f
;this city, that paper is in potnt islon
Itoday if a letter addressed io him by
K. W. Snmlley, of Sanu. Ana. Cai.. one
of the circulation agents if a l.os
Angeli - newspaper.
Smalley writes to "Editor Bret
Iiarte" that it is wiih pleasure he ha---
read "descriptive matter pertaining to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Edmonton, Sept. 23.���A threshing ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr Mtieiieil���tt is not a case of a machine crashed through the woe len j alarmed at the bill he got for stifon"--
man be'mg tried forthwith. Powell-superstructure of the hridge over tbe I bile hire while Vs'-int th" "ounf���--
fought ih" extradition proceedings for Sturgeon river in the town of St. Al-.schools. Some $25 it vvas. He paid.
a very ion? time. There is no state- uert, nine mi>s northwest of here to
metrt in the affidavit ns to the nature i day, and James McAulay. engineer, reef the evidence ro be given and wbeth-j siding cn the south side. Edmonton,
er the absence Of these witnesses w-as killed, being pinned beneath the
would he materia) to 'he case. There, engine at the bottom of the river.
is nothing whatever in this affidavit ;    A strange tact is that McAulay had j
r.'jstbope   Bros.,   Vancouver,   for  the where   his   witnetaes   were,   whether Ir brother killed at Leduc. In a similar!
beat, setting out its purchise by Wm.  they  are  material  or  what   they   In-(accident about three years ago. j
Stevenson tor WOO and other receipt-,  tend lo p.-t  l'-v-e the cou-t    Bl    thej    Ofilcials or ihe public works depart
f-r fishing   boal    accoutrements.    He trial.   Under the circumstances 1 sub- ��� ment of the provincial government are'
heard Webb swear Bl the Inquest the mit this application should not be en- ,on the scene, making i :: Investigation.
boat belonged to him and thai he had  tertained. A derrick will have to be used En order
paid $300  aud   that   Stevenson   had     The Court���I think It should be th* to remove the engine from  the bed
never    paid    a    dlnl    for    the    boat   last case to be tried at thc assizes, at  of  the   river.     Meanwhile   all   traffic
Prisoner had previously trld witness least. across the river .-t St \:h:rt i- si ,p
that he bad paid *-<>�� on the boat amr    Mr. 4-fe-ev**, in reply, stated that oil|ped. The^ repair of_the bridge wtll not
Stevenson $100, hehadtjmi--
Name Immaterial.
He questioned prisoner why the bill
was made out   In   Stevenson's   name
Twenty-five  Men From  Nine Nations
Are Now Full-Fledged British
Nine different nations contributed
citizens to British. Columbia yesterday
when _,"i applications for natural!'.atlon
papers were granted in the .-ounty
court. Norway was nil easy first with
13 sons of the foam, Sweden came next
with three, tireeee nnd the l'nited
States followed with two each, while
one was contributed from each of the
following countries: Germany, Austria. Italy, Finland und China.
The names, country of origin and oc-
eunatlon of the new citizens are:
Carl Jobannsen, Annervllle, Norway:
Anton J. Swerton, South Westminster, Norway; Ole Veraatad, Amne-
ville. Norway; Nels Petersen, New
Swerken. Soulh Westminster, Norway;
Martin Waotin, New Westminster,
Norway; llllmar Johansen. New Westminster. Norway; NelB Larson, Aldergrove. Norway; Charles Petersen.
New Westminster, Norway; Bertlntus
Harmen, New- Westminster, Norway;
Olaf Joacbtn Olsen, New Westminster,
Norw-'v; Hnrtwlg Peder -Gudbransen.
New Westminster, Norway; John Carlson. Lulu island, Norway; Kfrlam An
derson. Matanul, Sweden; Ole Lund
grcn. Glen Valley. Sweden; Albln
Sandbftrg, Matsqui, Sweden; Abe
Storhel, New WfiBtmlnster, United
States; Edwin Henry Bennett, Hizel-
mere, flreeee; Trocassa Constantlne.
Dens lslsnd. Greece; Helnrlch Mn-?-
nusson. r'omiltlam, Germany; John
Tanlsh. Pnmiltlam, Austria; Ivar Ka-
molii, Lulu Islnnil, Finland; Louis Al-
ftnn, C-ncultliim, "ily: 8un Buch Tong
(teacher), New Westminster, China.
His honor Judge Mclnnes presided.
Depreciation Fund.
Winnipeg, Sept. 23.-���An orde' wi-
Isaiicd this morning bv Public Utilitl"
Commissioner Hobson. creatine _ city
depreciation fund, which totals $223.-
760.49, thc totnl expenditure en machinery, etc., which Is subject to ilnilv
depreciation, being found to figure
*...7rt9.16it.U��. The depreciation wan
figured on a basis of from 2 to 10 per
! ii,�� -'ronesitlc'i ihit n mon    ***���*)
j wholly unfit for governor of the
pire state some little time befi
Is really r'pe for state's prison.
dividing  line between    the    two���;be- j Santa Ana
tween ripeness  for the stale's prleon i _
i.i'il   quallflcat.lons . for   the  governor
[Ship    Is broader than that,"
be i    Brel  Unrte has not    been
"u- pacific consi iii a generation.   Ha died
'"'  in London, width, r his fame bad   ex-
The  iiidrd  some  v-ears   before  it  reached
Accused witnesses were to come
from different parts of a foreign
state. He could not ascertain hy an
Interview what their evidence was to
A String�� Case.
His   learned   friend   suggested   the
and  his  answer  was  that  the name
was Immaterial.
It. J.    How.   bookkeeper.    Eusthope
BroB.. Vancouver, testified to Steven-
sen pay lng ,$300 In cash for the b;-at
Webb leld him lhat .S-.evenson was an
inexperiunced   man  and   was   pul Una
the Up the money for the boat while   he proieedingB'to the "states as su^.cient
was an experience!^ Bsherman, to Pnai,le preparations to be made, but
Drew Out Money. Bni(i   counsel,   vehemently.      "I    have
A  clerk from the Union bink. Van-  heard of a case where a man was ex-
  couver, gave evidence as to Stevenson  tradited   for  holding up  a   bank  and
 ' having drawn $300 from his bank ac-Hhen  duly  found himself  being  tried
Cnain Will  -Exhibit. Icount on the day of the purchase of  tor   attempting   to   steal   an   automo-
3an    Francifi o.    Sept.     18,  -Spain'the beat.   There was Slon still to de- bile,
officially has decided to participate in   crasid's credit at the bank. The   Court,   smiling���He
the  r.ituiina I'acilic international    ex-      Fir    the   defence Webb   contented
before the court was the '��� be    a    difficult    mattfr, however,
farts he had  Disced  before  it.    This I there are  concrete nirrs beneath the
man   only   arrived   a  week   ago.  was -structure   and   k    new superstructure
committed two it three davs ago and j was   to   have   teen   built   upon   them
only instructed ccmistl yesterday
Owner; cf Ewen Avenue Sub Division
Lets Wsnt to G-l! All or None
cf   Pr. perty.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        was   nom
mmmm���.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lnallv trl-id for stealing an automo-
pcsiti'-n In 1916,    President Moore tc- himself with an unsworn statement Inlblle. hut really tried for robbing the
'day  received    this    cablegram    from   whieh he declared that Stevenson put jbnnk.
j James II. I'helan. former mavor of $130 altogether in lhe boat nnd llltir.-i Mr. Reeve���Thev had no right to try
Sun Francisco. >vho was appointed by and he paid |Mfl, Ile stated that he .him for automobile stealing In viola-
t-nsidint Wilson ns special comuvs- told the constable to lock out as $Jon of the extradition treaty between
sinier for the exposition:    "Spain de-   Stevenson had a lot or money on him.!Grent  Britain  and t^e United States.
1 chlei]  today tu accept.    Will appclnt  Yet. he said, tlie body was left alone
i commissioner." (Continued on Page Right.)
J. M, Imbrie. ".ecr-stary   of   Canadian
Pretn Association, Advocates a
Branch  on  Pacific Coast.
John M. lmrle, of Toronto, was In
town for a short time yesterday on
busbies connected with the Canadian
Press association. This association of
newspaper men, of which Mr. lmrle Is
leor-rtory, hns a membership of 800,
rnd it Is proposed to form a western
li'itlBh Columbia brunch to complete
the organization of the usnoclntlon
from coast to coast, the present divisions being tlie maritime. Ontario
and Quebec, Manitoba nnd Baskatoh-
i"v��n n"d Alberta and eastern British
The meeting to form the coast
branch will probably be held some
time thl:, fall.
Mr. lmrle regretted that his engagements would not permit of Ills remaining In New Westmlnrtcr lung
enoush to Inspect some of Its large
Industrial nnd engineering works ln
regard to which ho nhn-rbei' conslil-
ci-ihle  Information    while    hero,  but
'"'  ""te for a Imser visit on Mb
next trip to the coast.
Ralph Connor In London.
London, Sept. 23.���-The brotherhood
conference at Birmingham wns addressed today by Hev. Dr. C, W. Gordon (Ralph Connor) of Winnipeg and
Thomas Howell, of Toronto. Dr. Gordon advocated an International committee with its centre in  l_ondon.
The Court���Here the extradition Is
on the charge of robbing the bank.
Mr. Reeve���1 don't wish to contend
for whpt is un-ei*��onnhle. but I think
It should b�� kept well t-i view tbst
there Is a distinction between a civil
a-id n criminal charge. A man In ac-
cised's position of life, knowing noth-
ln��� of law-, ig unable to give the defile or the exact nature of the evidence to b�� given. Not being able to
interview the -witnesses we can only
Trite tbem. We Intend to prove or
trv to prove an alibi and your lord
Detroit, Mich., Sept 23.-William g��gpj|Jj^
by the police of many cities, pleaded not guilty today be- lm, ,,������ ���,,��� in this country and we
fore the local United States commissioner on a charge of |S^to*"fi S&fflS?*SJ5fi2
i_ . i      ..i    rt        j- ���_...    L-._-.-_-L nn  I where he w-�� at the time thc robbery
having tampered with Canadian money by changing se-'t0ev place, before that and after that.
rial numbers of bills which the police believe were part ?f j^*^1-���* ������ th�� trouWe- Hs
the $272,000 stolen from the Bank of Montreal branch in ��� Mr. R*eve said he'feit a verv grave
New Westminster, B. C. two years ago. He was Wi^Wd-l^.^^"^"*9,,�����*��*���Jf-J*"
, .     ...       , ,    ��� '        a,'    ,    ." ,*. n nnn7 **     isi)   _ u_j sioc ��> "������ Brave consequences wblch might
ed to iau and bail was fixed at $10,000.^Houlihan had $4ob:fr-nrw if this man were   convicted.
in bills in his possession when arrested Saturday.
Pinkerton Men and Bank Officials Waiting Word.
When Fecn last evening W. H. G. Phlpps, accountant cr the Bank of
Montreal, admitted that word had been received trom Detroit of Houlihan's
arrest, but the wire was brief and failed to state much material through
which the local authorities could work. Another wire ls expected sny time
tedny riving a full description of the accused, his police record and aleo
the number of the bills thnt were found on him.
Jus-t uu booh as this arrives the Pinkerton men nnd lhe bank ofilcials
wlll be tn a position to know whether Houlihan's offense In worth taking
extradition proceedings or whether It wtll be better to allow the man to
come up for trial In Detroit on a charge with having tampered with Canadian
Superintendent P. K. Ahearn of the northwest Pinkerton service ud
Superintendent Fraser of the San Francisco dlstriet were both In the elty
yesterday and wlll likely remain over until the Powell and -Deen
are disposed of, aa wel) as watching thc Houlihan affair.
Hr rhonld nct b�� rush��d to trial with
out cntifsr1'* belnc able to commun'.-
e-iio -ii'ltb h'e idvlsera in Detroit, or
Intevvlewlna his witnesses to see how
fo�� the1' evidence went to establish an
alibi. O'hcrwlre he wniitd say his cll-
en�� wtiit net tr\\**i) a fair trial.
The nneslon waa so grave that he
rtrubfed whether h*. wou'd assume the
resrte-trihility of defence. It was a
fact that there waa another man lying
In jail for over a year and atlll the
cmwn waa not In a position to go on
with his trial. Yet here waa a man
arrived last week and hla trial must
be rushed at once, must be placed tn
the dock right away.
At tbe rerular meeOtog of the I'ro-
",-essive ass-tciati-i.ii executive yester-
by the public works department ohort-! ,;i>" /-"ernoou the Question tffl����
lv.   The steel Ur thc new superstru'vhs**!; of Kwen Tn'H' , .���   rml^r
ture arrived at St. Albert only yester-1 "���:th thp ownere of one of tn�� pro,"r"
President Returns to Old Home Town
and Spots Hi* Old Pupil Now
Grown Up.
Princeton. N.J., Sept. 2".���president
Wilson left here at 4 o clock this
afternoon ror \��ashington, alter spend.
ties affected. Mr. McDonald, reprw-
senting the owners of the lots in tlte
rub-division through which the iwo-
posed extension would pass, explained how the roadway would spoil fh*��
property for the purpose fur whi -ti it
was purchased, but stated that an offer to purchase the whole p-roperly
wculd be considered. After diacossin-a
the matter waa referred ba__k to tbe
committee to be taken up with th-ff asiX
Negotiatlcne Progressing.
The secretary's weekly report showed progress, being made in the negotiations with several Industrial oon-
rernr. and alao in the- matter of tl*
���^nnertlon of the C. N. R. and a. V.
Klectric at the end of Kwen avenue
Thla matter will he taken up by tlw
committee with tbe officiaia of botb
       , ...    . . j_ _. .,   i roads during the week.
lng one of the happiest days of h s      The mct(on of the    commfttee
to I _______--------------*-^*��"
life in his home town.    He came
vcie in the Democratic primaries for **aa ta u
governor, but he turned the day into j Canadian Prtatlnc'coniianj
me cf joyful reminiscence,    l.tfe-long |<n,mni ��� ~;
awarding the contract for prinMhtt S.
(100 booklets at $439.48 to the Pndfflt!
ti.inpanicns who saw him today for
the tlrst time since he left here on
March -, tor the inauguration, declared he had never looked better.
Members of the faculty, students and
townsfolk trailed the president about
the campus. He shook hands with
many he met.
The president's memory for faces
wub Illustrated in a curious way. In
a group of students lie passed he spied
one who nodded, but passed modestly
"Hello Jack Weatcott." said the
president, as bc greeted the bashful
young man.
"When I saw him last," explained
Mr. Wilson afterward to hla companions, "he waa but a email bov."
Voung Weatcott Is a son of Professor Weatcott.' who teaches Latin in
llie university.
firmed. '_^^^^^^^^^mmmmmmmmllmmmmmlllllttm
The association's boots at the fafr.
it was renorted. ia about completed.
the work being done tnd the rumfc-h-
ings spoiled by McAllister's. I-taitaf-
An Invitation to partP-'pate In ttssr
ceremony of opening Kingsway vas
received and It was decided to tntSTy
all members to be present on that -te~
casion. Pennants will be nrlntrd far
ft** decoration of members' aatoaw-
Arrangements are being made tee
tx luncheon at the Russell on Thia
day of this week at one o'clock, at.
which Rev. R. K. Knowles, the mnttitt
preacher, author and lecturer, of CMK.
will be tbe speaker. Fuller anneenee-
ment ot thla will be made later.
Reading.  Conn..    Sept.    11-
guerlte GnUbert. IT years oM. aa*-*s,-
ter of a wealthy farmer, waa at***, mat.
titiliy wounded this morning by *****
Todd, ker flenee.   Todd dsdarea   lm
__________________________________________________      pointed a rifle at her aa a _-___��� mast'
bo no tall session of parliament  and ���������*���** the trigger, not        '^       '
���hat It will not assemble until Janu- WM loaded.
ary. ta Indicated   by   the   feet   thatt
Ottawa. Sept. 23.���That there will IS-J____T
._.   a.-.    #.11   _>_..-l-._.    nt   ��������!���_.__._._.��       _.���_,   , trVXttttJ*
Senator Landry, speaker of the upper
house, haa this week booked a paa-
sage for France, and will ba absent
three months. It Is taken fot- (ranted
In official circlee that tf tha howe
was t*- have assembled aa usual   la,to be	
The Court���I refuse yonr appilca- INove��l��r, Speaker Landry **t**M sot,has swept ma area fowr
(Conunned on Pas* rem.)        hsve left Canada. &w�� ie hair ta too
Flra Under Central.
Santo Cra*. Oil.. Sept M.���Tto ta��
est ftre whieh today menaoad tto Mk
a��� ftMih TWO
A n independent mornlnfl paper devoted lo the inter :its of New Wettminator uttl i
ta* Frater Valley, l'ublished everv morning except Sunday bu the national PH*��tiiip j
arm Publtthing Company, Limited, of 63 McKenzie Slreet, New Wettmintter, Brills* I
���Ootambia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing IHreotor. Q
All en*n*ii'��ie'itinns should bt addressed to The .Veu' W-.vmiiii.tei* Newt, and noi ���
ta tmdivtdwit ���"' Hitters ot the ttaff.    Cheques, drafts, and tonneu orders should be mode
aauolile tn  The .Vnliotiot PrinlOip and Publishing Cninpani/, Limited.
TBlMPHOHlfa'���Butinett Office and Manager, 99!),' liditonal Room* lall depail- j
its), *!�����
aVBHORfPTIOS RATE8���By carrier, tl per year, Sl lor thret months, 40c pn
neral   Cond ton   is   -.alcndid���Rail-  Kettle Vall:y Accident Cory Orirlnat-
vay   Grading   Work   Ntars
cd in Navy's Bocre-Kuddicd
ma.iti     li a.i. IU per year, Hoc per ntotlifl.
Wall slreet, New York's stock gambling theatre, has
experienced an attack of guilty conscience, or whatever is
lefl to Wall street of what once was a conscience, and has
asked the United States government to supply a guard of
soldiers to prevent mobs looting the treasure vaults.
Truly the situation is ludicrous in the extreme and it'j'j'-s ��
i.s to laugh.
Suppose there were mobs planning to loot the treasure
chests of the street, what then?
;    Naramata .Sept. 23.- Rallwa;
la progressing    favorably und    It   I.
. tht ughi thui u tew more months will
_tv ihe beginning of the end of the
work ol   grading.     The grade  when
. completed, wlll cross the Naramata
proposition along tiie top nt the loti
tart-teat removed trom the lake, The
propoaed Bite tor the rallwaj  Btatlon
is above and tu llie south of Kenwood
work1 Smntuerland. Sop:. 23.���There was
u great scare und a grout sensation
in Summerland the other night. He-
ports of a terrible accident on the
Keltic Valley construction beyond N:t
ramata, wherein Bome elgteen men
wore   killed   and   many   injured   were
flying about all the afternoon, und nn
orchards, at preaent owned by Erneei agitated populace on ihis side of the
Peacock and formerly the Nihlock cs  |a|,e were asking ono another que*
ute.   This is a eonaiderabie distance u       am, discussing moat aympath
from the town but so high up that     .....
the thought of building a spur to the ,t"'all-v ���*���������* K��'al dleaoter.
ambitious summer resort  town nest-;   By nightfall the Btory hud becoini
snugly on lhe very bosom of'widespread, and rumor grow and da
*  in low  has  never heen  i
���< '.'i:
the lo
Fru't Pros*ic>-'.s
v.-   u     .       .     .   ���..,..]     Prult  prospects In Naramata    ar
Wall street stripped��� S00(I   ,,!���., -,��� pi,lH,k, ���,,, wono9rin
ii!! those cJiests <��-��_.���.
from them would
iyone could or Bhould complain.
about the only reason for keeping mobs from them wouWl��^\^%��^^w,��,^i�� ftjj
be because the money might not get back to the hands of packing house, though not empi > nga
th'.sp who rojillv own it larst' staff' y8t <'<l"-sl<1,>lin��  thal  ""'
inosewno leaiiy own 11. first tree waB planted six years ago,
No, the fear that mobs Will wrest the lldS trom the considering that Naramata up till mnr
trold vaults and make off with the contents hardly seems *����� il ��"�� pasture and much of that
, ,, i   i i*   j ttt ii   i       _. _��    i   _.i    _. ���_. a mere sage brusb pasture, it is really
to be well grounded, but. Wall street feels that its ways arc Bhort ,.,* marveUou8 to observe   this
known, that the stink of its doing is rising up in the nos-. transformation  (
trils of the people like the smell of a polecat on a summer's \ railway'construction h��w helped t ���
night and it trembles. Wall street has been caught with create a market tor perishable fruit.
the goods and every passing shadow causes it to jump side-;}�� is als',rm' "u,! ���"������""������'���*''"'
ways and screech with alarm.
" President Wilson has been a thorn in the flesh of the
lhave profited much by the costly and
disoouraging  experiences  of  some  ot
their  neighboring fruit   growing  dis-
i i    .1" i    u.i        ��� e tt      tricts,  and  aro   thus  a   wide   awake
street ever since he assumed office and all the signs of the' pecpio and havo mad   adi quate - - -.
times point to something doing along that narrow high- vlslon f''L_<lu^r:_'';;.(il^;'!Lfn''!H'
way in the near future.
There will be no looting, no mobs will get a chance to IWCFfTC H^IROY
strain the ill-gotten gold of the bulls and bears through;,I1JLV''J "WIHUI
their fingers, but it altogether likely that that very gold TIJMDFD UIFAI TH
soon will be the centre of a fight for its return to its right-, |IJYluLK WlALI N
ful owners.
Wall street is badly frightened.   It thinks it is afraid
of mobs and wants troops to protect it, but it's on the|0fflcal Bu�� Hunt
wrong track. Wall street really is afraid of the result of
its own evil deeds and, judging from the handwriting on
the wall, it might well be.
Says Bark B:et
is  Oieratim  Alonn  Pacific
tails  became   more   distressing,   bul
confirmation  was lacking.
Then I) fore tho last tv inkling light
had been extinguished In our town,
the bottom fell out of tho Summorlan I
sensation and ill" truth  was known.
Au excited, and not altogether seb-
ir worker on the rallwaj line, had en
tered a hotel in Naramata l I rest, aa 1
had been Belied with a desire lo talon lhe telephone   long distant i s
sage across the lake. The BUbJecl
chosen was liis own Bgfety, tor his be
nui.- d mind was, full of a r cenl ace
dent, and he was anxious to assure
tin s * interested thai his life was bc
euro. It was however, found impos
sible i ' gel a connection wltb Summerland qulcklj enough to satisfy the
Impatient talker. Further, o respi ct
eii townsman, wlio is not altogether
averse to a joke, bo encouraged and
sympathized with the would-be talk-
. ���* on the ti Ionhone thai it was not
iloiig bi fore ho becaino overc ime ��ith
the urgencj * f iii-* caBe and notion r
��-i uld d" bul he muBl gel across the
lako with liia story In person. The
distressed Swede was accordingly aid
ed aboard the Maud Mooro and In
transit across the quiet waters of the
lako fell Inti " pr ifound Bleep, and
dreamed of a gn at d saster, of which
be was tbe sole survivor. Awakened
ai Summerland. he scrambled ashore
and before nightfall had told his harrowing story to many keenly Interested listeners. And the tale was bi 1 cv
cd hy manv.
A Minnesota man who is waiting to be hanged spend-!
bis time writing poetry.   That wipes out his last chance of
Victoria, Sept. 23. -J. M. Swalne, of
the   Dom nlon    forestry   department,
Iwho is In Britisi Columbia    at    the
time conducting an Invest'gatlon Into
  I tho insect   infections  of  lorests,   has
South Americans are reading up the diet and habits feturned to the city after making mak-
* ii.     i    ii ��� .--.���'��� ���  ���, ,i    'ng an  exhaustive tour cf the coasl
ot the bun moose in anticipation oi a visit next month |district, and reported that, while  he
from Terrible Teddy. observed  no  Instances    ol  particular
[damage being wroughl to tho timber,
ther"   arc   several   places   whero   the
The price of mules is reported to be going up, but Jta-J* i>eetle |R alowly   exercising
there are always some of the two-legged variety who are 12��
willing to give their services free.
Walla Walla. Wash . Sepi 23
I.ouis ll Wade, manager of the
Standard Oil company's local si a* in.
is dead as a result of a pistol shot
through th" heart yeaterday, but
whether inflicted accidentally or with
suicidal Intent is nol known Wade
lefl no statement and apparently had
been getting along welt He was ro
cently givo an Increase In Balary, i'
Ib stated.
With !.. I.  Fherrod. an employe, he
v is taking lank measurements. When
of the fifth tank
running  to the
aro   several
booth-   is   il*.
, 'dominating   Influence,   and   which,   if Sherrod  was on lop
ut curbed ln time, may result In the he hoard a Bhot, and
I permanent destruction ot considerable place found Wad" lying dead, an au-
  areas ot valuable timber, tomatie pistol of an old type beneath
.    ., ,. . . . . In tbe course Cf his trip Mr   Swain*   him      lie   had   carried   the   cun     for
A New Jersey branch Of the W. C. T. U. IS trying tO visited the lumber camps at Campbell years, ii is stated.    His daughter ii.-l
tllld OUt if a nagging wife causes a man to drink or a drink- [fer   Seymour narrows, Menaie bay, en said the "safety" on the gun war
00    �� rs i        ...   i    ,.i      ,,    .   Powell river and nu"ierous other emal- out  nt   "-der     wiieiur   u.uio    wbi
ing man causes a woman to nag.   Sounds a little like that ier concerns   speaking on tn- sub-
old poser, which was first, the chicken 01' the egg Ject nl" his research, he said:    "There
is a cons'derable number "f fnresl in-
Is cts operating  In  the coast  country.
Walter Harrison, of Columbus, Ohio, evidently is a ��nd i found the bark beetle engaged
very ignorant person. He doesn't even know when hetotXK;Z-Zm \*'JZ
should die.   Here he has blown out his brains and he's sit-;--! ^"eim nr. spruce, white ptne,
hemlock and  balsam.    They  are  not
in excesstvelv large numbers so fir,
  hai  thev are multiplying all  the time
There's another job waiting in liritish Columbia fortalld "' lh"v "r" "'" checkfi<i thev wl"
Blmllar havoc to that  suffered
miter   in   lho  ensl   anri  cIho
Gotham in Crip of Deadly Druj Which
A to  Has  Ravaged
Minneapolis, Bopt   23.    Nov.*    York i
city has ju.-..  awakened  to the per.!
of heroin.
Minneapolis discovert d tho pri v .1
ency of heroin funds or "snow birds'
months ago.
As a consequence there is no*, ai
ordinance ponding to reetrlcl tbe Bali
of tin* drug in the city, thotir.ii ci r
tain Interests are opposing II
Dm do one except the thousands ad
dinted to it In .New   i'ork had evei
beard  Of It   untII .1.  Hartley   Manners j
exposed the widespread  grip ol the
little white i" Hots tbla week,
Mr    Manners   is  a   playwright,     He
started nut a few weeks ago to seek
tnali rial for a new play.    In a buck sa |
loon In iii" Tenderloin he discovered
heroin, and was amazed t*> disc -ver
iiie extent ot its use.
Thi reupon Mr, Maulers wrote a
i rcular li ttor to every paper In the
city  protesting against   the free sale ���
Of  it.
Never Heard of it
��� ii, loin   heroin?"  said    the    New* :
York  editors.     ���-.Never   heard    of    It
Manners is up to some    new    presr, ]
agenl  dodge,    lt'8 a   fake  drug,"
Bul Mr   Manners, heart and soul In
his combai against what be Inferred
was u new  evil, soon   reassured the |
m*< ffers on thnl point.
Colutnni are now appearing In the
New Yi rli paper i recording the rttV
ages and protesting against the fact
that il" re is no .- ate law forbidding
the sale of heroin
"Rottin*-!  Heart of   Ne-"  York."
Said Mr.  Manners.
"ftcrc'n is ro t'ns thc iva-i of Nc- !
Vi i!;.    In  i very  Bectli n of thc cltv  ii
is  working  frightful  havoc iiontillv
morall) and physically    lis use is n d
,  i fimd lo any   strata    of   soe'etv, i
Structural Ironworkers do the'r day's
work in It.   Lawyers and doctors use]
it   to  give  temporary    clearness    to ���
tbelr   brains   and   strength   lo   their
"Until there is a clearing house in
Washington to account for < very
ounce Ol opium, cocaine, morphine i
and heroin used In this country i
checking system on doctors' proserin
tions and thc sale in drug stores without prescriptions until such a system is adopted there le little practical
chance of stomping out the ev'1, To
insure such a measure being Introduo
cd and carried Into effect the public
conscience must  be aroused.
"I am going to devote a large share
of mv time to arousing the pubic
conscience to the heroin peril I
hav ��� mail ��� a Btud! of its use in New
York and the numb r of people who
are its slaves Is a 'minding Tbey
need the most careful kind of treat-
m, ... for 'ii" thug their s-lfre un'ct
must li" aroused again. After which
the system must be cleansed bui before fill thia the municipality musl
stop the i ale of the poison."
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get at good or butter, manufactured ln tl. C, viz.: ilu.
the celebrated "VANCOIH WH" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of  American  and  Canadian  Knglneers'  Association.
We weuld also call attention to our Vltrllled Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to 2-In. In diameter. This Is also made lu this Province and *��������
consider superior to any Imported article,
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed Gravel, Hand,
l.lme. Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonea 15 and 18.
902 Columbia Street W.
���.tl--.      r       JACKSON,      PIANOFORTE
!.     her     'i' i in.,  moil,-i.it,-,  OS   Blackl*
Bl ,  iv.. ���   BOS i.'iioti.
Mils    i'    i'     I ISIIKIl.   TEACHER    Of
;    ptanofort",  harmony and singing.    Pu-
i    i-'Ih BUcoessfuty  prepared for examination li   R   v   M  and It  C. M   For terms
i    apply ''���''- Third avi nue,
MI-s Kl.l.v i- 1IARDY, TK'i-lihu OF
Pianoforte; -ll Keary St.. New West-
minot i-
li.up iiih and Calisthenics, will visit New
Westminster once i wock. Classes t"i
atluHs Write er ,n��|iiv f,��r particulars
at Q-owcr House, llornby .itr��-'*i. Vanoouver. i '.nl'. I
U.   .1     A.    lU'UNETT.    AUDITOR      ANI
�� .mono   Tel, It.   118. Room .'. Hurl
P. H. Smith. W. .1  Orovet
Work   undertokln    In    city    and    oiit"HV
Pilnts. -11-1'-' Westminster Trust nili.
h.me   3<H.     P    O.   Box   607.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    ��16.0a0.000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Lag
land, New York. Chicago and Spokane
I'.H.A., and Mexico City. A general
hanking business transacted Letters
of Credit Issued, available wltb cor-
respouilentB In all parts of tba world.
Savings Dank Department lu j" -ots
received In biiiiis of tl and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over fl8g.nuo.uoo DO.
(!.  D,   BKYMNEIt.   Manager.
tinp; up in his cot in the hospital demanding chocolates.
job waiting in liritish Columbia for.
Dr. Aureliano Urrutia, minister of gobemacion for Mexi-1",0',!,,
co. In that capacity he has issued an aggregation of rules,
one of which says that every person who pays a fare in a
street car must have a seat. Eh, what?
where,  whefe lhey have heen all need  ���,,  \\
fl-'-e    je'n.
"1 consider that  thn present  e-p-i'.
t'o'i is d inoKt Imoortanl one. If the
'tree�� arn prooer'v wntch��d the beetlei
rin be beaten out. I *'; if the* sro nol
they ni-e hound In ������ In In tho ],,,.,
rnn.     Manv   people   do   nol   even   l,e
I , 1    i I I   - c   ���   - '   '   , *,   Imr,  ,|vi|   |t  1"   ressihle  to   tireveti'   t'le
under a slreet car and had a bit of his tongue taken off i-feiir-efon 0t ihe timber bv   tbes-
by the wheels.   If it was along enough for that to happen v��rmfn bm we kee- i**<a it ���������
transferrini; the cun from one pocket
lo anoiher or look his own life conld
not iie told.
He Is survived by o daughter, Helen, of this citv. two children and a divorced wife living in Tacoma He was
-IT,  rears  Of ace
Coroner Cookerlv  said  tonight    he
believed  the j-hooti;".- accidental.    He
believed   'he   cun   fell   from   Wade's
o'tIh '   while  In-  waa  nn   the  hulihr,
struck  -I   niece of brick snd was discharged    A liriek below where he was
hnws where some object hsd
ll    T'ot" are no powder mirks
de'   clQlhes.
Atlantic City, '���' -I . Sl pt, 23. The
il��i Hers In Chelsea, the fashiouabl ���
cottage section ol thli reBCrl were
st rri ii Into hysti rlcal ��� icltemt nl Ih'a
me ming b) the action of a m in who
placed a boi of poisoned choc latos
NEW \vi-:.*-i*.MlNSTE". LODOB no :
B. * P, O ot Elks of the Ii. nt <*... nw
the ririu nml third Thursday at s n  m
K.   o(   f*    llnll.   HiKhth   ntreal     A   Well'
(Irsy. EXBlled Ruler    P. H. Hmlth, Ser
r,-liil v
I,. 0 ii M . Nf I*-'-1 ���MBUTi 0^
first. Beoond. llilr-i tinit fnurlli Wednee
.Uu- In each month al H p. m
in it" Mens.* Hotiie. ii J Loam j
dictator; p. L .Ien�����. aeeratary
Headquarters nt lodire tn See Houne
oorner "f Pourtb and Carnarvon streeti
regular ni'-eilnif of Amltv ImlKe Ni
_7. I O O I". Is held every Mond.-i
nlKht nt 1 n'elnck In Odd Petioles' Hal
corner Carnarvon and Rlghlh street.
V'leltlne     hretbern      ne-dtiO'v     Inr!*-*'/
It. a. Merrlthew, no ; ii  vv. Songster,
V.   O.i   W.   C.   Ooettlam,   P    O     r--,'
Ing secruuirv    .1   vv   MacDonald, flnno-
elal  seori inrv
.. .     ...    .,    it;,-,  *,,.,,..   .,   ,i   W   It  fAI.EB���Pioneer Vaneral Dlreoio
ildewalk  at   Wlm-bestei   and      |lMrt   ,;���,���llrn���r   ti-.-ui  Agnas ��tr���
- Hartford I '���'��� '��� ���*
Two servants in s * ttaj? * oppi ilti
the g] - . ��� man leave the b ix
.,i,i]   thi *���   bi i tn      suspicious     Thi y
rarneKle Library.
BOW'-'l.l.     iii*ei'I>"-riH     'i'O    t*V.*-
ter  A   Hanna,   Ltn i���Fnner-il   dlrer'er
��nd embnlmers    Parlors 4-flB Columbl
went  across  and   one   picked   Up  the      street,   New  Westmlnatar    Phone  ����'
ihe parcel lusts children show	
ed their Interesl In the InvlUne pS"k BOARD  OF  TRADE.
age bj running towarda It.   As the de-  ^^v^^^^,^^._^^^^^v^--_^^^v^^^v^
I'lii rate  leavlna ef  cftndl   In  a  berib
Zll  tol on   the   sidewalk  seemed   MJff^.TC8fcHK JHSBSK
queer Lhe servants hailed Patroilmnni     room, citv Hall, as fnlinwe    Third rr'
Klger.    He heard their Btorj and to k
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Only another mouth to get summer
tourist ticketa at reduced rates. Observation, tourist and dining cars on
all through train*.. Kor reservations
and rates apply to
E. OOULET, Agent.
New Wesiminster
ll. W. I-ROnin, 0. P. A..  Vancouver.
Iii chasing his hat, which had been wafted from hi'
dome by a passing breeze, a Hartford man slipped, fell
he won't miss a chunk of it.
We arc assured of some more publicity for Sulzer,
the impeached governor of New York. It has been decided that he must go to trial. Jusl now it's hard to tell which
is the most, popular figure with the eastern press correspondents, Sulzer, Thaw or Schmidt, lhe murderer-priest, open- era fo
business  ai
d   the   busl
��� in
>i ,i -
���mil    |"
rt, thnl   o   i
��� *:   ���
rVtna  it
I   mav   sae
CO oe* 1' ���' '���
thai  I
n  ������������*.
- r-.t   - f  'Iv
���i r
11" 111
,1'd     M i    ���
I '
��� Hi
-ok   ;' t-  l<
'��� mal
tbe   win
ier months
Home people in I'anada thai need
tin learn tin lesson Unit honi sly is the
br-ht policy, and that anv departure
rnmi U will reaei both on the individual and on the nation, One of the
must unpatriotic crimes a nan 'an
commit is that of bringing his t ivn
-country into disrepute through c'u at
inn. All suffer In degree for the sin
of the om- or the few
Su il is a mean man and a iou  type
-of Canadian who cheatB In fruit pick-
ing.   Our Canadian trade commission-
t-etiR.German j reports thai Canadian
fruit iu not keeping up to it. high re.
|,illation among the leading Oi rmnn
fruit brokers. During the lasl fiur
or five years Canadian snnles were
oot arriving in good condition, The
color of the fruit was unsatisfactory
���wiUi an excess of nio'sture in the
ftuit. Other dealers in Ilrillsh ami
for-elgn markets ar�� compelled al
time* to make more serious comolalnt
��� nf delib. rate misrepresentation in the
packing bv placing tbe good tru'l on
the lop. Sur" it is an old tri'k (f tlle
���fradc*. nol necessarily confined to
Canada, hill every t'ire it 'h p'ayed
Canada suffer In prestige and charact
Honestv >s the iie-t police In the
rnattir or fin i as well as In finances.
���Toronto Olobe
Penticton Chief cf Police Aslts fer Re
���Pentlcion, 8epl  ii.   In a report r
the meet ng of the municipal council,
Mr. Roche called the attention of thai
hod yto thi* facl lhal al  present tliere
��as not a bylaw governing the eon
Btructlon ami maintenance of septic
tanks, and that In the event of an oui-
hn ak of typhoid fever or some other
epidemic there would be great danger
to residents. Under present conditions
the chief pointed out, the seepage
from hotel i. stablos and restaurants-,
was debarred from draining into the
lake or the river. Septic tanks in the
vicinity of Main and front streeta ar>
not successful as a means of disposing of garbage as the lote are low and
the nuslance is prevented from seeping throug hthe ground. In this regard It was decided thai at an earlv
date the question of framing a prnc'l-
cal bylaw for properly controlling lh"
construction of tanks, etc., would be
laki a up,
Yi i i !'.* . Sepi 23. When a burn
on a [arm near this cltv waa unroofed
M's   1 i    ; Shenll and M-s. Oeorge B'.pe
w> re ,i ' .ii nn a i ieee of Umber,
and while pinned together wore taken
lo the York hospital In an automobile. Their condition is serious, The
timber entered the lefl arm of Mrs.
Shenk nrd. past-inn- through, penetrnt
ed the abdomen ol Mrs. 8lpe, coming
out through her back
The accident occurred during a Ier
rifle rain and wind storm. Trees were
uprooted, houses were unrcifod   and followed
Vir-i i* i. Sept, 23. The purchase ol
the Ptarmigan propert) bj an King
lish syndicate headed b) the Barl cf
Denbigh marks a new era in the h's
ii ry r f mining on ihis isl mil In lh
i pinion of E. It. Man. on . ' Butte,
Mr, Manson ia well acquainted with
the mineral n sources of Vancouver
Island .and two .wars ago he spent
Is veral months prospecting In the
neighborhood of Nimpkish and I-'.i'ee ,
lakes, about seventv-flve miles nortn
west of Campbell river.
"There are large tracts on this i"
land ll'at have never b'o'i pr sp'*o:*d'
���-aid Mr, Manson, "ulol- manv ii n-
Irimn that have nomlnallv been (ins
pected have really only been superfl-
dafTy scratched or examined by men
tvth n very slender knowledge of mo
Mr Manson believes that lher�� n'"
large deposits of bituminous coal In
Ihe north-west narl of the island tha'
are o 'Iv awaiting development, and
ndeijiiaie transportation fac lit'cH.
"The d'sturbanses nt Ninslmn sH
Ladysmith have completelv d's-**-c n-
i?ed lhe coal Bupply at the I*nc"ic
coast." said Mr. Manson. "snd the
shortage of etal iiiuhi b" �� deterrent
to the milling Industry shrdluhrdldtdd
to the developmenl of the mining industry In lhis province Ihls winter.
The entry of British capital In la-"-
quantities Into the field win turn th"
eyea of the continent io the mineral
Fellow C:untryr-an With Gun Hot cn
Hll Trail.
Mr ntn al, Sepi 23 "He wants to
kill me! lie wants to kill me!" was
tin- salutation Constable Tr#nbloy, ln
charge ol traffla! rece-Jved ;r noun tn-
iin\* oii :.* ai uetomed stand where
Windsor rtreet and PI fames loin, and
the Ii' ���>. :v 'ture station shakes hands
�� Ith thi   ' * - <--i'.  h d' 1
'i   '-��� m   in >   -lit! il  li ii
'   * ,   ��� ��� , i   ��� ,   nrd'ng  tn hls
��� ������ ������ ��� i'        I' isctl r i   onl of \11ii ���
duel  st- < ' I
M ���   i ar     i   who hrd  lust emerged
*;  ni  ���      " ���in-r-ntn'-" Btatlon, where
he        ' * "d   Iv   i*���������  (;-'i,il   Trunk
thr<" ms  sround  the officer's
in,i h and ���     '*,-,!'id I i seclude him    II
behind ������ bi    d-clotl   hack
simi ng ihn annealing Porcnl sff,
Consl ibli 1 -.-nil la-.* '��� llowed the til
recth ii of ti trefbllng finger nnd
faced Vnton n Oal'ntl wbo -.vas apparently In m dl or Paooal, Antonio
had n ni' ' 'tie .""--'Bl'l-re revolver
in an <* '" (���'��� ,!:*.* mnde irs'd" left pock-
day of enr-ti month: ituar'''rlv ini.-*lii'
on Ihe third n-rldnv of Fetirusrv. Mn'
Ailiruwt und Novemher Bt R nan. An
nual mwtlngs "n ih" ilu*-'i Priday o
February.   ( .   H.   Htna't    'Viirlo.   seer*
the  Ii* X   tO a  drilg'-ist
Iii the drug Bti re th ��� startlln : d s
ce ery v st made that ;i hole had b ier
cul in the bottom i I every piece of
e n*.d*. and pn rt of a tablet i '. h chlor
Ide of nn rcury, a deadlj poll in had
hem ii,si ued, ilu- iml'- then being
isealed carefully with chocolate nast-.
Pi lice Surge' n .1. T. Beckwlth lat-
- r tasted lhe cand> lie declared thai
rach lii'-ce contained enough poison
io kill two 1" r ions.
The si rvants a: id the s'rang r was
f *,*" f* ei   nine or  ton  iii'lu s I ill  v. ih
ila-k hair end wen   e hlue serge s-ilt InoUBnci.n. chant * Mefoi.i., iur
,-r ,i i in Bhoea.   li- bad no hal     He
spi rared to i,������ middle aged    A'ter
Ixivlns  fie box, he  wsl'ted rapidly,
then ran. toward lha beacb
Snle. ru-.-ds. RuStneSS letter*", ete. ; "Ir
ruli-ir wr.rk speolsltst All werk -.trletl,
ennrdintliil. II. tlarrv. roiini IIN West
mfnater Trust PIk    Pnons ttii
rt-usrs  Boilcitora, "tr    li Umte (treg
New Westminster,   c  D. Oorbould, F
r.    J.  H. Criinl.    A.  K. McOill.
I' -. -t-ln-.v.     snllrll'ir      elc. Tslsphofl
1   ** r':,l,*,.        r,rld--'"'F        "I,,tins*""
Code, "Vestern ttnlos "     Offices   Dtp
Block, H5S r'nlumhla stmt. N'-w vVe��<
minster,   II.  C.
el   of   hit
The   L'U'I     '   '      '
"Hi,   ' '
mak' Iruhh w'l
"lleen'l     "il"l
say he keel m
Anton'o    n--'
coat  was  open.
��� I- .. ��- .,,v |Ui||u��� anri
ma of-iC." "I'd Pascal
- ci mo wllh gun and
elv      -lelr-"
rl-erl     s
wife im,I :, "I,;��� frm" In Italy, and
s.-iirl li h *���' in- > prfatttor] nnce hefore
for a pl-mtl-r eettn*-rt t*t lil- nnSSlon-
at"   " uthi '*"   n*t!--"    t'""   l:'nr-   wiih
ar  "i * ��� hu��l nnd and i-nother ���������'���l	
nnrt'rs In !'������ "ise, He lives ai 7!in
St. .laini". sin * t
Tony's gun, nmmunlMon, nnckei mirror, iiit'i   | ,.r pn-rf, eie    were all
taken from hlm nt ChabOile-z Square
Btatlon, and lie was given a room.
Cume   Fish   for   Laite-
Pi r'ied   .   :i  nt.   i'i,       \   pr-p-s i!   1"
a di the ass-B'snc'e tt tho nrovlnc'al
governmenl In Hie matter of stocking
the various lakes In tho dislr'rl with
n. more extonslvo vaihdy of flsh than
now to be caught, was among the
matters endorsed by the hoard of
trade al their |asl meeting. Tills mat-
tor was broughl  up in a letter from
Wni'a w-'i' i. Wash . Sepi 23 Thai
it''r'"ik M. Welles, who negotiated." the
: rlr-nl   ror  the .lohnson   Sheep  &   Land
company nroperty in this county, asked
him which were tbe five pooresl sec-
(lens of land In lhe property atlil that
these five worst sections were Bltbse-
ouently  deeded   to   Addison  Oardner
was sw-i-'i  to  In  an  effldavll   filed!
i.v VV. c  Johnson, former stockholder j J, btii.wblIj ci.ittb, Barrtster-at-laa
in lh" .lohnson company.   The nfflda
,-H  was  filed  in  the  case of Addison
r-,r!'" - ,-!"d   \   Welles Stiiinn aealnst
,i���,   ('ily   Itealtv   eoninnnv.   I'rai.l.   M.,, HAM,,TON   no,,K,   ,,AnniHTI^
V eiles    Harold   11.   Ahratns.   Jnhnson       Solicitor   rfiid    Nninrv.   Offices     tlnn
I'liien (���  lend coni'iany and    Cordon I    hlooH, :* I^irn
"'. dark.   The orlglnsl notion allegei
'������nil i n the ii*"t of Wel'es, in which
rn, i'i"iiii'ai"i'iit-i  accnri-d  "n   lii'nnr-
���Ide - Barristers ntnl Welleitnrs, w��m
minster Trust ink. Columbia street
N.w- Westminster, B. C Cable artdr-sn
"U-ldiesii��e" W*��iern Union, P. C
nrawr JOU Tel'"hone lit W. .'
Whltoslde, K. 0.1 H. I. DJdmonds, I
sollcltos,   etc.:   corner    Columhtii
MeKerir.l"    <1re��l��     New    Westmkis'-'
H.  C,   P. O   Hot   11!.     Telephone   71'
Cn n-rvintiir; the harvesting of* th
���JUI nun oven en the land
Two itffMnvlts -vere filed yei'i.erdov.
. .,��� hy Addition I'-nlnor. the other by
W C, lohnson,   Gardner's wns in an-
 i- to one filed rccenllv by    Prank
Welles, n defendsnt. Johnson's affidavit lire '"' -"-inlner's statements
Neither affidavit makes the direct
Chsrze  Of  fraud.    Gardner  snVB  live   Telephones: Office 83. Residence 429
Rorristers and BoMellors. ��0fi to NIf
Wesiminster Trust Illock. O F.. Mar
tin,   \V,   0,   McQuarrie   und   Ceorae   I
COAI. MININO rights of lhe Dominic*
In Mnnn,ilm. Siinknleliewiin and Alherta,
tlle Vi-ken Territory, the Northwest Tor-
rtturles and In a portion of th,- Provtnoe
of British Columhfa, may he 1. used for a
term of twnnty-one years at i.n annu-al
rental of $1 an acre. Not mor*' tlmn ititt
(ten's wtll tie leased tu on* appliOOnit
Appii-OBtion for n Ieunei must I,- mnde
hy the Applicant tn jnthao in th- Aireot
or Sllti-Aaent of the district In Which tht
rluhts nnpin*.I for are situated
In surveyed territory the land itiu-t be
defli-rthed tiy seetloiis, or legal mil'-dlvl-
Hlmis of Neriliinn, sod In unsurveyed  ter-
.Iti.ry    the    tract    applied     fer     shnll      h*
utiiked nut hy the applicant  himself
F-iieh ni.i'Uiiill'jri inilet lie ro-e'impiinlee
tiy a fi- of IS Which will he refunded II
ih�� ilgtils upplled fur are mil uviillihla,
hut not otherwise. A royalty shnll be
oi'trl nn thu mereheritiiUi- output of tba
, mine r.t the rate of rive c-nts per tun.
The person oiMimthiK the mine siiftil
furnish the A��ent wllh swem returns
neriiiiptloK for the full Humility uf mer-
ohantabls OOO] mined and pay the royalty thareon, if the ooal miiiinn   ri��ht��
nre not helnij operated sueh returns ���hmild
lie    till nll.lie.l   1,1    hast   once   11    year
Tho Isaoe will Include the osal odium
rl��hts only, hut the leasee will tm permitted to iiirihnse wluiti" ��� r iivnlUldi
surfiw:n rlahts may be e,,n,,iii,r,-d n.-,-"��
sury fnr the working of the mine at th*
* ruto of  IIU on acra.
For ftitl Information application should
h'> made to the Heoretar/ of the I mpnrt.
ment or ihe Interior, Ottawa, or to mil
' Aurnt or tiub-Agent of Dominion  iJinrla.
W. W. i-o��r,
Iieputy Minister of the Interior..
I    tt. B��� Itnauthoriied publication of thla
advertisement wlll not be paid for.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone US.     Bern Phene W
���egble ttreel.
Ii    llodv.
d from thn I of Police Heche, at'barns levelled to the ground.
president of th�� Okanagan
resources of HritiHh Columbia* and i  Kalis Conservative    association,    anri
'"-"'lie!   that  their lend  "111 soon h- the secretary  wns Instructed  lo pre-
by   develonnir.nl      wink     hy   i"!<-e a  suitable resolution along Uicbc
sections were deeded lo hlin aa trustee of tlm city Realty company hv
Welles. Johnson rays, at Welles' re-
queel In* named the five pooresl sections and Hint Ihese urn lie sections
now held hy r��n*dno-.-.
.JOHN RRID. Proprietor
Agents     Palmer     IlroB.'   Onsollne
othoi large bj ndlcates,'
pare a miltab!
(isrilnei- ��ni|  Slump i""'iHe Wellqs  Bn"'n?*'  Marln<!   KuglueB  and   Auto-
of getiing possession or tin. Bt���ck of!   mobile Repalri,
the .lohnson Sheer, K-  [.and comoany I        office and Works: Tenth 8t.
and by  nni'lpuWilnn  trying to leave p.-Q, Beg 474.   New Westminster. B.C.
ihem .mt altogether,
Baggage I tell vere* Promptly to
any part of the elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Ron S4 Dsltv Newe Bldg.
of all kinds
Prices right    -antiHfactlun i-uaranteed.
6* hUKenile SL WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1913.
Opinion ot    Distinguished    Welshman
Praises Schoola He Gees in
Western Provinces
Montreal, Sept. 23. A distinguished
Welshman, u mu st of the Dominion
government, Iiiih been spending a !,�����.
i,���.n iii ��� uu ureal, ofl ra tour through
the .... Sir Harcbont Williams,
who, ii i igh nearlng the allotted
h nu 11 ii life, Ib still in hm ii'*.,*-  aftei
.i htn mn ua em*, rr miii-ii ���**��� few in I tr. i
uiu can match.
1'iai-t-b Canada
it li ���Mili tin- eye ol an sduoatlonaj
ini thai Sir Marchant Iihh looked ovai
the i uu nt .tn wesi and the picture ba
portrays ii one which should make
the Domln on feel ifToud.
Said Sir Marobam iImh morning:
'���1: vlati has beep too ihorl to admit
11 anything bui a few* general observations us to whut I bave seen of
this wonderful oountry, I Bhould like
in anj iii the iniiBei Umt nothing bas
aatonlahed ma mi re than the courage,
the enterprise and the enlightenment
i r ine people In the western towns,
1 r it Is In the west that I have principally travelled. Helm; deeply Interested In education, and having been
closely associated with all educational
movi ment.-*, In my country for a km-
ger period Ihan any l.vlni', man, from
the uiilvir l y down tn the elementary
si In.*,il. and bavlng been al one lime
an Inspector ol schools lu London, 1
naturally visited aome of tin- western
sohoals, inn'., us those at Saskatoon
and   Winnipeg
At Saskatoon, for example, a town
that had ihi existence twelve yeurs
ago, I found an elementary school,
which an regards equipment ued gen
eral arrangements, is far superior to
any s-hool of the kind In tli" l'nited
Kingdom, Tbe secondary schools ara
not ou a level quite with the beal secondary schoola in my country I ob
s"ive lu-r,   that the steps token by
tin.1 Saskati oil people, and 1 d mbf
po ol other towns, to enforce the
duty nt olaanllness upon the child <-u
of foreigners who hav- oome into the
n unt ry h> providing them with the
latest and im ,-t perfect apparatus in
the market, shows a foresight and enlightenment that One hardly expected
to find.
Winnipeg -shoois
"The Bchocls iii Winnipeg, which lj
visited under tin  guidance tf In*. Me
int in* nnii hu assistant, were remark- >
uhie for then- Internal arrangements.'
every provision hud been main* In the.
oil) tor the training ol the tut ire citizens o( the district. Uni rtunsteiy,
tha children lud not come back trom
tin :r viic.iui n, and therefor* i did n i
see  llle   :,elni ,1 .ill   I' II   I,'., ing,   111 I   WOI
nn' ni.*.* 11 Judge "I th*. cb it*. ��� i r 111
the t lacking, the organtzatl a and th
lnne  i,f  the  ncliiinl:.
in iuil country, and possibly also In
Canada, too mucb t ms bas bien ;��� ven
to subjects whicb are ol no real value
In after life in ilu- children i ai I i ���
little linn and attention are v.m n to
tin* training of the children in manners ui.ii conducl in in., country. I
ihould Ilka to express to un i ic oft
i nis wuh .' iii.ii, i liav.. come im <
contact iu the east and In tlie west.
'ihei gave ma every assistance In o...
efforts to see whal should be ��� '������
and devoted much time to lha clue d.i
tion of the problems which con ern
tiiein In this country.
A Cr.a: Country
���\\ ben we get boon to Wall ��� wa
nhall certainly be In " i�� ittlon 11
state with no small meaaure ot c nfl
ci. uce that Canada it a grea cou iti ���
witli a great future In front of It, and
e nl ilm numbi rleas advanl is a
openings nol only for farmers and
form laborers, but t:ir young profusion il men, providid they are men of
distinction in tbe old country. And
there is renin In this country for new
Industries, and i> " < Ian ot men who
are vi r.-i d in the InltlgtU u oi sui h I
dUBlries    In u word tliere Is no   ' ���
e, nntry In the vv rl I : ial ai pears to
me to offer su.ii opporl iultb b as Can
������I  deeply  re-Tret,"  added  Sir  Mar-
cbaat, ' that I have not  bei i able t ,
vst   Mcfilll  itnlvrr Ily, fi r  b ine one
of the representatives of the I ird p-e
Bident at tho court of tie l'i veri'l
rf  Wales, and occupying othei   p ������������
tin-,' in connection with our unlvenl
tie--. I sh mid have been delighted I
no u McGill to sec what  we might
leern from tli" great university ;"< I
itn   teachers for   the   benef't   er  the
i Id  c 'it.try.     I   am,   In ���' * Vi r,  l( avi" -
the cltv  todev  l"r Qui li c  en   rout��
f, r Wales by the Empress i f Ireland."
T-JIs Interior Breeders Wnat  He Con    Ii
siders   B-.st  for  Their
Summerland, Sept. a A number o
oltlaeni mow Intereited In the lm
provement ol tin* (arm stock if the
district gathered ai Uie office of 1>
ii. Watson on Saturday night to meet
Dr, Tolmie, Dominion live stock commissioner, ami to learn trom blm whal
assistance the Domlnli a government
will give lu tiie Importation of pure
bred animals, iir. Tolmie potntad out
the necessity of considering oarefulli
the kind of animal, eapeclall) ths vir
nty of dairy cattle, lhal would be
besl adapted to the community, us
tin government would nol replace in*
first male animal sent here, with another cf a different  breed, and em
pttaslzed the advisability of c uni: nn
ity breeding with on" class of cattle.
lu ihis way a community would �� on
become known to buyers, who would
come here and expect to make up
carload shipment! of that particular
bn ed. The same would apply to
li'- thought Interior peoole wtr<
making I good selection of Hrliteln
cows of the dairy strain, and belli v
id tliat. alfalfa and fodder com could
be grown her. cheaply, a-ui this was
lhe beal combination. The Hcla'eln
is an excellent cow for the production
of milk, according to Dr. Tolmie, He
bas a ow on his furi-i which returned him $!'" P'i' month for two months
and ati average of >7 m r mi nth thereafter. This record was made under
an official government tea*, the n'ft
selling St 30 cents per rallon,
The on liable prices ihat our ""o
t'.. would nei d to nav for cows n***\
., , pe thev mav be best ourchased
was discussed  with  Dr. Tolmie.
in   S ipl  mber.
stunted by the
Tacoma i tdi r
Warrant for Pirate Who Was Hongca
At   Nanaimo  Returned  to
Ta.otT.i Court
Tact ma, Sept 83 "After dlllg nl
s arch, unable in find blm.    Warrant
is ui ui n       i h ��� is tbe notation on a
i  :   :.   win rant  Issui i
I    ���   that haa bei n r
mai sbal'   office to tin
.1        .e
11 . warrant was for Henry Pi rgu
son, tiie notorious pirate and tlm i
who for years terrorised lbe Btraits,
when he was common!) know as Un
* i*'.;. ii*.; Dutchman " Tho Marshal t
i *,: co has i * i unable to si rve to*
�� nnii,: ��� in. ��� Auguat 38, last, fur the
n ,1- ... thai Vi rguson was hai ged on
Ibal line a- Nanalmo, B. C, under
ti... :, une ���: \\ ajner Tho notation's
peculiar wording conforms to the ted
eral emir:  requirements.
Prior to  t'i.-  pirate's arret  In   Brit-1
ish Columbia,  ihe federal auth ritlea I
never had a chiince to lay bands on
Ferguson and Nels J. JorgonBen
raided ihe Langley post office on
Whldby Island In the summer ol 1909,
They carted off the safe, rolled It ,
down on the beach nnd blew it open.
For ihls exploit lhey were indicted by
the federal grand jury at Tacoma In
September. 1909, After the post of
fiee robbery, the two men went to
Btanwood, where they quarreled lu a
saloon ovir the division of their loot,
Ferguson Rave Jorgensop sueh a terrible bcti'lng that the latter whs un-
ublu to leave tho saloon and In oonse
qu��nce fell into the hands of the law.
Jorgemon pleaded guilty, his oon-
feaslon Implicating Ferguson. He re-
reived n vear In McNeil I-sland prison.
but when hll term was up, asked thut
he he allowed to remain H prisoner
until Ferguson's capture. He feureil
the pirate's vengeance. Ills request
enuld not be granted and on his release be quickly effaced himself from
this part ot the country.
Another Death By Electrocution Near
Montreal. Bept. 23.-The fourth
d sth bv electrocution In the vicinity
of Montreal, within two days, occurred at I achlne at eight o'clock last
night when Leon haroche engineer
of St. Anne's convent, took hold cf a
live wire and was Instantly killed.
Some branches which hod been cut
from treee ln the yard of Bt. Stephens
church, felt semis the electric wires,
breaking of fa lamp pole, back of St.
Anne's convent on Twentieth street.
between Bt. Joseph and Bt. I>ou s.
The pole, with Its tranformer, fell Into the vard of the church.
l^roche came out of the convent
to st��e what was the matter, a"d not
heeding the warning given by Joseph
yr���r,ot w��-e l'-"�� nearby, p'eked nn
the wire He Ml twisting and aqulrm-
ing Joaenh (lelbert then ran over
end nttemrted to pick up I_nrochc. He
received a severe shdek. being thrown
hick sevrr-nl f"ct. However, ho
brokn 1-oroche's hold. Medical Inves
ligation showed tbnt Uiroche had
been Instantly killed.
The wire carried 10,000 volts.
WI8H "ONTR^Ryn;-Pw(TH ^
Mrnitreel. Pent. 33.���Mountains Of
coal are rising higher and hl����-��r de Iv
along the canal and waterfront now,
tor there ta a bite In the air and a
haze on the river that auggests that
winter has headed thla way.  Tho coal
bar*"! ore bringing large cargoes into the port, and along th. river from
Lachine to below Dominion park tbere
is a rattle of cal ohutes end gearing n)i"Oi:t every hour nf the thr. now.
Ai \\ i'ld'nill l'n nl thi re is a long
mountain of cou! reaching from snd
ii, , bd oi the pier, while ��� bus *- >b I
i *i p ,i\ rines near the Grand Trunk
eh vat ir al the a imi ; lai ��� K i ping
Mi : tn .il warm In the wlnti. ��� ��������� b *
c i trict. so wheir Bprlng comes agn'n
there "-.i'i be a greal level where the
cc 'i is piled ie v.
Thu hi " e" i* ' ��� not undllu ed gon��t
hews to the householder "her" lp
i . shortage i f ccal In the c tv, bul
t>.- tam i man hoi to oart wltb Iuil
halt n dollar mere of his good cash
i . t i, tm i r th" coui lu his ci ii "
>|, ,n h ��� did nl the Bamo Ume : ist
r��11    .' nd thnl  is i niy pan  ���
���*     ;.*,.,   t,o    for   m   * *    Cl :.l   ���'    ii * ���
;*t.   .*,*;,hi svui'.-  tha-   the  nr'co  will
��� o hl��h.i I   vel  bifi re the birds ci m
I,.. *, i , sin gon tb- mountain
His Methods of -Lift and Hit Contempt
For Womankind.
An Arab "li entering u bouse removes his shoes, but not bis hat. Hi
mounts bis horse upon the right side,
While his wife milks the cow on thel
left side. In writing �� letter be puts
nearly all tbe compliments on the outside. His ben.' must lie wrapped up
warm, even iu the summer, while bin
teet may well enough no naked in winter.
Kvery article of merchandise -which
Is liquid be weighs, imt be measures
Wheat, barley and a few other il Hides.
He rends and writes from right to left,
lie eals sinnelv anything for breakfast, niout iis much for dinner, but
after the work day Is done be pits
down in a hot meal swimming in oil
or. bettor yet. boiled butter
Bis Sons eat with blm. Uut the females of bis house wait till his lordship bus done. Be rides a donkey
wben traveling, his wife walking behind, lie laugh" ut tlie bleu of wslk-
Ing In tbe sireet with bis wife or of
even Viicnliiig liis neat for a woman
If he lie .in iirtisiin he does work sit
ting, perhaps using bis feet to hob)
what his blinds are engaged upon
lie drinks cold wuter wltb n spoon.
but never bathes In it unless bis borne
be on ibe seashore. Be is rarely seen
drunk, is deficient In uffeotfon for bis
kindred, bus little curiosity .ind no lm-
Itn'lon, iu> wiih to improve bis mind.���
Everyday Ufa
Hcrcic    Ceeds    at    Eurning    ScottJ-sh
���y.lnc���Two Rescue Parti.r Wen-
Driven Cacti.
GlaOgOW,    Sept.    i'i.    Many    heroic
deeds were performed In the attempi..;
to rescue the 1!6 miiiera who were iin- ;
prisoned hy flre In one of the pita of
the Carron compnny at Blsbopbriggs,
three miles from Glasgow.    UnhappUy
i'i ef the men succumbed to tlie fu""��s
before they could be reached by the *
rescue pnrtles.    One man was found
alive afier spending  19 hours  In  the
poisonous atmosphere.
The flre was discovered by a watch- i
man  nami-d William  Hrown  descending  the  shaft,  which  Ib  lbfiO  feet   in'
the course of his    duties.      Another
fireman named I'harlcB Hcilly. racing
along the roadway to warn the miners, came upon n party of three who,
unconscious of thf  flre.  were eating
their  evening  meal.      They    formed
three  nf   the   four  survivors  of    the!
Id hi rt Dunbar, one of them, suld:
"Relllv shouted ns he came running
towards nli 'lloye, run to lhe seven ;
teenlh. there's something wrong at
the shaft The -smnke's coming some-!
thing t>"-rlhle.' Wo ran, choosing n
Bide r-nte to keen clear of the foul
ulr, When we got the length of the
"Stewards Bench' we were all but suffocated."
Gave Life for Oth��rs.
Menuwhlie the heroic Kellly hid
turned hick, hoping to rave others.
Waving hls lsmp t>�� a wnm'ng he
raced alone th* road-way. until, over-
rone by the fumeo, he collapsed and
The first rescue party, ten In number, was forced hsck-bv the ftirneB almost Inimedlatalv on reichlng the bottom. Two of the five canaries thev
carried hnd dropped deud and several
of the wonld-t>e rescuers wer" nnc-n-
Be'ons w>n��n brpnt-tht to the top ofthe
"v"'t. 1'obr-t Dunhar. one of tho
three men who owed their lives to
Uellly's peir-sacriflce, led another
brave hut futile e��ort. It wns nnt u'*<-
tll cleht hours nfter the dlscoverv n'
th" flre. when i mine re'01'" pi-riv
w-l'h o-��vgen helmets arrived from
f'owdenbeath. thst a proper seirch of
thf mine eott'd he ">id���
The man who survived 19 hi �� 'm-
n.-'-mn-mt |��� ^0 fumes \.'ug Mich.*u>l
Me.Doiald. He was found ii'icon""1' us
too* downwards close to his working
i place.
I One of tha many who volunteered
|i��bcu<> work wss a district nurse, but
jthe mine regulations forbid a woman
entering to the bottom of the shaft.
The flre Is ascribed to the fualng of
an electric cable.
A  Mist-ke   In N.B.'?.
A *.-i|.-I story is going the rounds
ol the lobbies at Ottawa coneerniiiij
(i- r_'* Bradbury, tlie militant Con-
sirvative from Selkirk, Manitoba, and
Dr. Clark, the irrepresaihle Free-trad
er trom Red Dear. In the main en
trance rotunda of the buildings is an
admirably executed model o! tlie new
steamship Alsatian, new being built
on tin- Civile tor the Allan I.ice. An
engraved plate under the glaaa c��si,
announced the fact that the vessel :*
being constructed at Dalmuir, N.IJ.
And on Unit N.B. hinge.* tlie joke pull
.d en on the uiisuspctnu Bradbury.
N.B is a common abbreviation ol me
term "North Britain," and many
Bcotcll towns have the initials sillied
to their naiii-'s. Ttu* genial medico
trom Alberta vcin.g Bradbury exain-
irig the mode!, -said. "Look here, Bradbury, what do you fellows inian by
nr.uing thut we cannot build ships in
t'unada''   Look at that plate."
Qeorge tell for it. Kuliiuiig his shav-
en chin in a meditative fashion, he
said, "Well, doctor, 1 tor one didn't
know they could build ships oi lhat
-.'uo and tonnage down in the little
province ot 'New Brunswick'" ~Sati
urday Night.
Spokane, Sept. 23.-- l'uzxled yeBter-
Ua< when one witness testified that
a horse died with colic and a secjnd
testified that thc horoe died with
strychnine polBonlng. Justice Kred
Witt icld the contesting litigants yesterday that they would have to bring
19 horse doctors this morning to give
expert testimony on the distinction between colic and poisoning.
The oueptlona relating to the symptoms of poisoning and horse colic
arose In the case of I.ouis Amundson
against Christ Madsen and John
Smith to recover the loss of a horse
which he alleges died as the resu't of
eating a squirrel poison. Tho ranchers
reside 12 miles north of the city.
Amundson testified that he wbs doing some grubbing for the two dofend-
nnts and thnt while his horses were
In the corral, one of them nie a ounn-
tlty of Btrychnlne which hid b-��en
mixed with bran. He testified th"it
-hen he went to the bam he heard
Median adrtwoitn-g the horse andthit
Mt.Hi-e-1 ���-i,*) fs0 jwirnal thnt it wns *
"wonder yuu are not dead."
Jot-o-i Rmlth testified the poison had
been In the barn, but denied thnt the
horse had n right In the cow rhed. He
declared that the horse should hsve
becn tied up. He said that the hone
died of the colic, according to hla diagnosis.
Amundson aika $70,50 for the loaa
of the horse. Of this amount $1.50
is for burial expense.
I am a salesman, sober, honest, true.
I am employed by merchants, manufacturers, business and
professional men, artists and tradesmen alike.
I sell all things.   My sample case is unlimited.
1 have customers numbering tens of thousands. In almost
every home in New Westminster I am welcome as a cool
breeze���and oftener.
I will not misrepresent.
I am respected.
I work, work, work���everlastingly.
I am on the job every week-day.
I am proof against heat or cold.
"I should worry" about warm weather when there are millions of bushels of wheat maturing.
I Sell Motors, Jewelery, Fine
Clothes���Luxuries. Of necessities I always have and always
will I sell an ever increasing
I loaf not; I tire not.   Pleasures, I pursue none.
I go in a straight line.   Time and distance stay me never.
I am direct, unerring, forceful.
I have one single solitary aim���to sell goods.
I am Power Irresistible���
Advertising In
It works at all times and in all seasons.   Summer-
winter���spring or falL
Blaze that fact on your memory, Mr. Merchant.
It works in the light or in the dark of the moon.
A change in the wind from south to southwest does
not affect it.
It works when the mercury hovers around one hundred or when it shivers below zero.
*-   s.    iWjgli-
-il,*^*,*... ���SAU* fOUR
t:     L \\T~4-- J QoU1 World's Marketa SWS 0NlY ���
FresK W ater and bait iSll^^    im m ?m
1 ant/ Personal
IAY Kftl Of new
Vessel  Movcrrenta.
Montreal. Sept. S3.    Arrived:  Mont-
rone,    London   and    Anisvei'p;  Welshman, Bristol ami Liverpool.
Hired: Victorian.      Liverpool;
utliiu:i:i. Hull.
uotd bodie:
Per:  Ccpjitiam   Shipbuilders   P.ncaie
Extra  Men  t0 Have  Cnacboat
Comoleted in Ninety Days.
I .ii hiil of tin- new Samson Is
I,,-. ��� laid at I'or: Coiiuitlam today in
tu. shipyards ol the l'ort Coqultlam
Shipbuilding company    on    the    Pit!
7 in r.
The oew anogboat in to bc com-
pi, iu within tin days, and thc con-
ti ar* t ors have hired some extra men
ii< uciat in fulfilling the time atlpu-
latini.*. Wben the hall and deckhouses
.ire completed the machinery and all
BUht-gB of the pri sent Samson will he
tal--' i*'ii end Installed aboard th"
ne* boat This wcrk will be done late
in tho winter by members of the
Al   present  there  a
targt.t prAttic:
Former Optimism Has Oooned Away���
C. P R. Up 2 Points and Then
Fell  Back.
Anyone   Found  cn   Mexican   Railways
18 Shot
Kaunas City. Mo., Sept. 38,���To tres
pi.s- on ihe track ��� f a railroad
Mexico   a'   rri'M'in   it.   oi|ulvalu*.i     lo
death, acoordlng to .lames t. Oallllln,
of Michigan City, Mich., who arrived
here today from .Mexico Ci:. ' '
"Federal soldiers patrol the entire
railroad riKiit of way front) LNUMo to
Mexico City." said Mr. Qallllin.
"Anyone fouud on tile tropica or
near them is Bitot instantly. We paaaed at least 200 bodies of Mexicani
hanging from telegraph poles along
the right of wav. The -fueflds would
use the bodies for turret pr.i'clice."
Ni w    York.   Sept.   28.--���Speculative
ntinient today was bearish.   Thu op-
in  limism inspired by the rise in the *..���
iinii its early  in the month has been
ooalng away during recent days of lies
Station   and   dull   trading,   aud   today
hoard  room  sosslji  was  niildy   pessi-  _
mistle In tone,  The markAt apparently Ccnnell went north with a puny of
Geologist  Comments on   Shushanna���
Da mace a Awarded fer
Vancouver, Sept. _.!. According t"
ft. ii. McConnell. of tin- Dominion
geclcgical department, who has jus'.
,iturned from a visit to tlie north,
tliere are only three of the clalma in
tiio Shushanna dlstrlcl thai are pay.
ing. lie slated thut he hnd heen in
formed by persons who were in u position to find out the facta that then
had been few paying chums dis
covered nfter the lirsi  rush.    Mr. Mo-
iteeve Dftrth nnd family, of l-'raser
Mills, leave loday lor a trip to Seattle
and other sound cilies.
Clinton l-'ltzpmrick, North road, left
home on Mondej  evening for Toronto I
to  pursue  Ills arts couise  at   Queen's I
At     tin-  Windsor    I-'.   W.  and     M.-s.
I'muiy.    Bellingham;     \V.    ll.    Hart.
Hope;   Mr. nnd  Mrs   Cyr, li   <l    !>> rc<-
val. !���'. McMillan, W. nnd Mrg, I", Tliey. I
Mr. uud Mrs. Kinuanl.
At   tlie   Hussell    Qecrge   Morton,  0  '
L. and Mrs. Dodge, t). Jacues, W. I". '
.lones. Vancouver;  Dr  A. Kin"., i i*i ,
ner; c. Wellesloy Whittaker, Ladner;
A. 0. and Mrs. Millar, Toronto:  11. R
Abba, Toronto; ,1. Vlneburg, Montroel;
Mr. und    Mrs.    I'. Meely, l'ort Royal; '
n. n. McCall,   Montreal;    Alexander
Robinson,    Victoria*.    A. .1.  Burrows j
Nottingham,   England;    Mrs.   r.   li.
Dafoe, Everett, Wash.
    I crew.
^^^^^^^^^^^ several rer-a rs
which bhould In* made to the Bamaon,
one biinj? a new smokestack, but to
enve expenses Chief Engineer Fran ;
��� m-v-doii has done some ingenious ro-
pairing ami will make the purchase
of u new u'.ark lor an old boat un-
At the l'ort Coqultlam shipyards
ales the large freighter to be need
trrr l*an5niu trade is Hearing COmple
lien. The main decks have bacn
bniti. and the deckhouses, cabins and
other upper works are now being cor.
had lost the sponlanioiy that characterized it on the upward swinK. and
It was evident that stocks were being supplied whenever opportunity offered. Fluctuations were narrow and
meaningless until lute in the day
when  stocks went  down decisively.
Such ventures as wero made on the
long side were again centered in Reading, which went up lo 171, a new high
t'UTiire for llie year. Snhsenuentlv it
weut ofl two points frcm its hest quotation. Canadian I'acilic gained two
points and then fell back. People's
lias set a new high market at 129 3-4
and then* was -.>. showing of strength
In some of the Allis Chalmers securities which have figured little in trading  in   recent   months.    Rock   island
Engineer  Gits  Divino  Cult  antl
. Find Out for Himself What
Should  Be  Drnc
Victoria. Sept. 28.���In order that
the condition of the bottom of the
Victoria -uirbor may be seen by human -cyj'R an order was placed some
time ngo t�� the public works depart
mem for a full diver's equipment, and
SSaturtijy three boxes arrived here
������containing Ihe air pump and hose, bcl
met, boots, weights and other accessaries which go u make up a com
pi t'te. suit. A .small scow will now
be secured from which a diver may
It is not known whether a tliver
���will be employ d permanently by the
���department or win ther District En
gineer McLaughlan who bus done considerable sub-marine work, will walk
���over the bottom himself. Ry means
of diving ihe work of cleaning out
the harbor wll be done in a more
(borough manner. In the past the
wnrk tif drilling on the rocks end the
scooping np tbo mud has been done
mostly bj Kitesi work, although a
greet deal cf 11 has been ba��cd on
Find  Eid  Places
By mean-- o! a tramp over the b.t*
torn, the engineers of the denartmpnt
will be. tarnished with first hand in-
ionnaiinn as to really what is the ra-
ture of the bottom and its condition.
The engineers wfll then be. able to
iirraiige a campaign for the cleaning
���cut of all the obstacles which at nre-
���-sent arc a menace to shipning. The
diver win discover where the mud '*��
-hanking Itself and the dredges will
then b" moored there and se.eoi cut
tho sediment until tbe harbor is 1 *\-"l.
tn the case of tin* rock drilling plx-'t
and the l/obnil. nick crusher the ri'iv [
x-r will be able to see if thev have
lett any Jagged pinnacles of rocks \
������actor they have completed their oper
atiims. He will also survey tbe rocks
before the rock movers start so a"
to give the bosses an idea of the best
way to displace Che materia]. A pl-n
trill be drawn at ier a diver has surveyed Ihe tiaihin hed so that fist
wurti may be Inaugurated in getting
the chari ni 1 into the best possible
Ons   Plungo   of   tha   Ladle,  and   T��s��
What  You  Get.       ,    *
The   real   origin   of  the   word   "pot-
Incl," Is unknown lo most of the peo
pie who use it.     lu ftuioges, France,
however, one runs into potluck  itseif. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
, lu n certain corner of thut quaint city stocks ami bonds mode up some of 'he
! of jostling roofs these i.s still segregat- ground   lost  on  their  receht   slump.
I ed. much us If iu u ghetto, a Saracen
! population, probably a remnant of the
wave of Saracens thnt swept over
i rope hundreds of yeara ago! Here
i live lu  their crooked, narrow streets.
following  old   customs   banded   down
from generation to generation.    Tliero
ure many butcher shops iu the quarter;,
and outside of each steams u groin po!
of snap over a glowing liniziei In
��� each pot stands u ladle us ancient ua
I the put.
When a customer comes wllh a 'penny. I
lu goes tlie ladle nnd comes up'full of
savory broth and chunks of mem. odds
nnd ends that the butcher has had left
over.    And   what  comes   up  the  i-us-1
tomer bas to take.    Ona cap Imagine
how anxiously the hungry  urchin or
the mother of seven must eye the Inexorable  ladle  and  bow- a  pretty  girl
might   get   another   draw   from    the
butcher's boy.
At any rate, "to take potluck" mums
fo lake what you get and suy nothing.
whether the pot  is  In  Limoges  or  in
the lint of the man who eagerly invite;
s friend of his youth to dinner
Vork Sun.
Camper   Crop   Will   Not   Hurt   Quotation-:���Canada's Grain  Scst in
Gives Warning of a Storm.
In the bay of Biscay frequently aur
ing the autumn und winter In calm
-weather ll heavy sen gets up and rolls
in on the coast four and twenty
hours hefore the gale which ���ause*- II
arrives aud of wblch It is xum.^rt-uule
In this ease the wave action, geuernieil
mi the other side of the Atlantic liy the
wind, travels at n much greater rale
ihan that of the body of disturbed nit*
nnd thus gives warning of the coming
So Unreasonable.
"Slip's heen very busy telling me h,,,-
(o rear my bnby."
""'*"������"���'" ,*'       B   .
"But she got Into n perfrft '*.fn,i'
when I asked her In take earrt nf tin
child for a couple of dafs yoa i-.nww ;
wns suddenly culled out of towu"-
Wlisblngton Herald
A Frank Admission.
"I sop-pose you are liueresteil In- reform." said the eonwlPiitlmts 'lilr.eii.
"No," replied l-ainier Cnrotn-sel; "I
approve of It Rut I ean'l say that It's
generally expressed in n way that
makes it as Interesting us the coiiti*u
ued stories "- Washington Htur.
Winnipeg. Man.. Sept. 23.���Thai
western Canada farmers can look for
a very good price for their wheat, this
year In spite of the general plent'ude
of the grain throughout the world, is a
statement made by A. .1. L. Payne, a
prominent grain shipper, of London,
Mr. Payne accounts for tin's fan he-
cause of the extra fine quality of the
Canadian grains this season. Tbe Russian crop on the other hand, he state.-
i, nf verv poor 'nnlity, and it will sell
Cheaply In comparison.
T.i . Payne is In Wlnnlneg looking
into the general conditions c.f the
grain trade here. He leaves here for
Chicago where he wi! leTamine inr-i
t'-e conditions in th<> grain territory
tributary  to this metropolis.
Better Than  1912.
Wlnnlneg, Man.. Sent. 23 There
we-p incneeteil en Monday 1..1H errs
as against none for the eorresnonrlioc
date insi year. Of these ears l.eF.n
were oont<",et wheat, In rl?ht for todav ar" 1.360 ere.
Peeeipts rit ("tiie p -, for Senlnrnber
"'��� w-o-e 1(11; Min-apnnil'R ind nnlr-li,
3D]; a Intel pf nniv I,()g5 carg for t|lf!
three markets.
Rccirt of Fighting in  Balkans Caused
Consols and Near East 3onds
to "ae.
ologlsts who in .' attended the mier
national geological oongreas. rhe
purt> was carried north on tiie Prln- '
cess Maquiuna. chartered for lhe trip.
The members went aa far m Dawsoi
and visited some of the oreeka when
many of the original claims of tile ii .
camp had been staked and several I i
which are still being worked, Thl
geologists were taken among tlie c*
bergs and were given every opi r
tunin to view the coin and mountain formations.
Damanea for Oradin-i.
Viggo Laursen bas been successful
!u having the supri me oourl nil . !
de award of $3615 damages assessed
by a hoard of arbitrators as thi
���ei nn' rf the damage don.- by lhi
municipality tt South Vancouv r in
Mi*. I Rursen'a property a1 ihe ern,,.,
of Twenty-jdntb Bvenue east and
Fraser avenue hy grading operation-!
:i i riser avenue. The municipality
appealed ihe award, contending on a
wrong principle in nrt allowing as a
set oft the advantage accruing from
the changed grade of Fraser avenue,
Mr. Justice Murphy dismissed t'i an
neat and upheld lhe award. R W
i;'.::i listen appeared fn lh" appellants and i . il. MePhillii'i. K.C . foi
the lestiondeiu. Laursen.
Kiilcd bv Prrmaturc Blust.
That Giovanni Bertozzl vus killed
accidentally by a premature blast wa
i.::- decision cf a coroner's jury thil
e-frninc. Thc accident happened en
September 20, IB miles north of
"ii'*'|;i''"iis, where the deceased was
employed on the Pacific Greal BaBtern
construction. Several Italian fellow
���'-I'..-men came in Vancouver with
the body nnd havc arrangi! lo havi
tn,, inner-'l take nlace tomorrow
afternoon from Harron Pros.' eatab
Hosoit.il   Funds.
A protest against the use of imt
pltal finds granted by the citv in conducting a suit against Alderman
Mahon lor criticizing the hospil il
hr*r��rrl was forwarded to the city
council lact nigh' hv Prea'dent .' A
K'dd, of ihe Ward PIvo Bast End
rt-jte'-nv, rs' association. The resolution claimed for the citv represents
fives tiie right to Investigate Hn
methods of management oi thr- bos
piial and to critici/e wben necessary.
.'*��- Practices Durinj  Exhibition  Week
���After that  Large  Rehearsals
WHI Bc Held.
The members of the Choral and
Orchestral society held  their annual
meeting last nigh'.   Tlur-   was a good
attendance, 57 members being present. I
rhe election ol officers foi  tho enau
in,.* year was inld ii afterwards   a
n i -: promising tehi arsal i ok place,
rhere will in- no practice nexi week
on accouni ol lht exhibition, bul prac
tm will be resumed mi October 7.
when quite To members ere expected,
in addition to   an   orchestra    of   -e *
|AniOUg other Hems it music, the  lol
I; .\ ;..������   *.. il'.   . ���    : * .   i.   up     '*.','.     ii
great opera     "Tannbauser";    "Three
Doughty Men.' by Pearson; "Ode   to!
Music,"  by   Dudley   l.uck;   "Mv   l "\e
Dwell rn a Northern Land.'' by sir Edward El gar.
Tbe Boclety hopi - to give ii * Broi
;concert In the last week in November,
or   flrat   week   in   Deci mber,   atti i
which an oratorio will In- taken up.
Tin .-'���   items   should   appeal   lo     all
lovers of music ami lbe bonoran eon
ductor, Herbert    Meekness,   will   be ���
ph usi i to welcome a iw members, and
wishes to  make  the chorus as  sir.,���):;
as possible.
Officers elected for the ensuing
.,< at: Honorary president, c. Q,
Major: president, Rev. Canon
d'Kasum: vice-presidents, Mrs. Carter
Smith, T. II. Pearson; secretary-
treasurer, li. A. Wilson; committee if
management,  Mrs   J.  K.  Payne.  Mrs.
T.   II.   Smith,   C    W,   Chilver.   Hev.   C. ,
W, Houghton, M. .1. Knight, F T, Hill,
A a. Beatty; honorary conductor, Herbert Meekness,
5����� OFF
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchaK'i's of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from 75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every  Kind .of  Electrical  Work
and $10.00 per Month.
Size 45x118 to lane.   Near Citv car line, Beautiful
view.   Prices $000 to $650.
746 Columbia St.      312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
CM EDMUND a. OELK. MP. pnrsioiNT. ��  I, MATTHf ws. vici himint,
C. A. DOGERT, General Manager.
Capi.'il paid ���p
R-tMrv-t Fond -
Total Ata-nt-   -
$0,000. CeO
Collections, at Home and Abroad
Manufacturrr.'.. Whole.'-.alers. and others, are usurec] of careful
attention and prompt remittances when lhey place drafts and notei
In the Dominion Bank {or collection. Branches In all purts ot the
Dominion and in I.on.ion. bngland ~-wi;h Berreapondenta throughout
the ccmmerciai world.
A rO!N".ID-N'
minala      Use        ^^^^^^
^^^^^^H      Name.
Tacoma. Wash.. Bept 'i"��� Ily a s'tl
Kiiiir coincidence, 'h'*- 'inv of tiip
Schlnnaky pun'pr in Indianapolis, for
chicli Joseph Kllis. alias "Fred Hro-
kaw," Is I'rneht. brought to the policp
i'1-H'icn a re- 'ic-st for Hi" nrrest of Ihe
real Pm-I Brokew, a Tacoma yonth
for ii crime in l>iu*--l)i:rK. in which a
man was roht'cd by means of the snme
nisp employed by the Schlansky mur-
ilr-r It is thoughl by offlcera hPre
ii,. t RmV  w1--, ),*,i ��������� oolic record, had cbiimmed with Bills and that
the lattpr had made use of BroKaw's
name. Brokaw's whereabouts are unknown.
Lp4"  i^c-'Tcrr  Dr-^H.
Le'iiiea.   S".|.   2.1,    The   K't!"   Urn.
'.iir Walter Kraucle Hely-Hutohlnion.
uroverpor and notnmnnder In chief of
i'nil"  Ce'-nv   fr: tn   13111   In  1910.  died
With the owni
s-ctii Iii Venccn-i i
.���rl near the end
hrirtrv in  Roiith
v. Hurry Broclt. eh
r  a ��� c-iwlioiisp m^or-
Of  Ihe  V'raser   river
WetftmlriBter was to-
tally   itiTtr.iyeil   bv   fire   lar'   ninbt
Mrn. Brock, ttie sole occupant at. the
tim��i Of th" lir". escaped ii'ilelured lirl
wnr, v"ihle lo i:t'*,' nnv of tbe bote e-
huld effects, and !lie��e with the build-
inR were a total loss. Special ''t'i-
-Htwblp Rn*-nc '��� h" was at on"e at ,'1'*
iM-cn-e. rcpc-tei' tile r*n',Rp of the Dro
vitir-v- P*"eli. --li,. 's a fipu,,-,-,..-,
vtaf. in the eif at the time nf the P*"-
and iliil not. arrp " at 'he scene unt'l
v   ftias-F  nf  miowinir  embers  were  sll
't\i3t wi" left of Ills home.   When lartl
vern  'and heard lv  was vowini; ven-
���tream-p nr, en lii*"i"inpr" Derscn "horn ;
' ta.- Claimed "had fired the seow."
The rr��<i|_hter Tr-der cn-^e Into mir'
l-vte v;��terdai v ith freieht for loeal
i-��'TfhintH. which -vas fak-^n *-fT the
Blue Funnel liner from the Orient.
Would Ht?
Cii-shlelcti-You wouldn't marry Mlsa
Ilosy   for Iter money,  would  ynu.   tip-
winV    t'|ison liiiwnes-How else can I
cet II?    London Answers
He wli" despises small ildrics nevei
becomes riuli.-lhiuUb I'rorerb.
Supported Huerta.
Bagle Pass, Tex., Sept. 'i'i A neni-
her of stores iu PtedRras NegraS, on'n
ed by alleged federal symnatihlzw'B
now living on ilu- American side were
sei/.eil   under   warrants  issued   by   the
in ni rue n i authorities, charging (lie establishments "ire being und lis head
quarters liy supporters of lluerta.
Wife -twtin Is lib -Ton wlll liury lne
tiy the side of uiy lirst bus bil 1.(1, won t
vou. dear';
Hu-iiaiiil- Wltll   pleasure,   darllug.--
I j'iido ii. Sept. 23;���Moniiy waa
--fearer and discount rates were (irmer
i>.d-iy. India secured $1,000,000 and
Oeimany Hie remainder of $6.2.rill.iHl
South African sold offered in tho
open  market.
Tlie carryover in the mining section
was the chief business on the ex,
ch-inge and apart from an advance in
Canadian I'acilic'and home rails tins
tJMtket was quiet, with a declining
tendency on realizing.
lUibbcr shares were weak owing to
lhe fall in prices al tlie auctions, and
(10D--0_a and near easl bonds sagged on
a repcrt of fighting between .Servian
and Albanian troops,
American securities opened quiet
and iiadii.i* was dull and Ceatuneless
during the forenoon, Later Canadian
Pacific Improved, imt ilu- resl of iHb
li.-'  barely moved.   The closing    was
Ilublin August
Frosn time immemorial there had
been a law in Applegate, County Warwick. England, :���, the effect that the
ma;or had th'- nest of everything in
town, and, Ior instance, should one
say he had tin* hest coat in tlie place
lie  musl add.  "except Hie  mayor,"
One day a stranger came lo Apple
gate and had
l.Iclineal,  dept  -
* -  here  tod n
dlim   a   number
:. 8tocks
and in 'in
"f  leading
in tin
hi-   !
\\ hi'!   	
bowsd l" Hi
biggi ,i lool
dinner there at the inn.
hi-  lull  h    said  to the
ve   lind  the   b04t   dinner
MIBI Will Bl
POWfll'S DfffNCf
iContlnued troni rane one i
tion Ju.-1 now without prejudice to any
future application ynu may make.
Mr. Reevi The great difficult} is
that we mlgbt gel some of the wit-1
ni bebs here at great i ��� ���*��� nse. and
when tliey were here lind th�� trial was
no t ti go or. ami ''iis ureal expense
wasted. Tliis man is nol iu a position
to r'irow money away.
The Court I can only suggoflt t"
you 'o make your materia! stronger:, I
think the Pean case jhi uld come Iin.'
Mr. M.i'-ielF -Supposed that 'lie accused had been advised for months
nasi.    Ile should have brought his na.
Ipers from Detroil with hlm    knowing
'that  the assizes wcre on,
Mr   Recvp    If i:  were a civil rise  I
; would agree bu' I do say thai in a
case uie this which Involves Buch
crave consequences accused should
not he handicapped lu any way, This
man should not he fore, d to trial on
such a serious charge Without Irr, sd-
vlsers having t* fair opportunity to
consult these wltnest-"s and tliey could
\onlv   be   consulted   by   letter.
The Courl    1   reserve von  the rlghl
to  move  In  the  case  when   it   , ,,..
on.     1   refuse   the  application   Wlthoill
prejudice to your renewing  it  when
the ease comes un for trial or lef,ire
Mr  ifeeve    I will make a similar application when the case comes op
���   **%--
.**l*',*''*' 'aaW* *#������*������**
Kxcept tin- mayor.
Kxcept nothing!
I ve
r a 11 -.' i ��� r*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
. resull the touriM was called
He magistrate ami fined $50 for
taking "( the law- of tlie plac*..
Hi, niiin bad paid hi.- line ne
��� judge and -nid. "I'm Hie
iu ("wn, except tlie ui.iy-
ifl rl \
hum-*. Clint.
lie dropped ���; tine io lei her ^pow
That niarn.in- waa hia wl^hi
He ruili-il in hall  with gold and ao
iVeiit (iltii'i wla-io lo fluli
"fie  tried   lo shelter  himself   lielni-t.
the sK'rts of Ins wife"
SUl'CeeO, ell'.'" "No; Let
iiotioieH."- ll'iii-tou Pual
The Ray ami restive llfu, i
May liriiui  i>in,ii'sellil .,>
The mini  will, punt- u.e i,
M-aeds whiiewhiwlims ;,,ih-,ii.,w
vv HK.aml',,11   Sl tl
Foe  wv   End'
M\yl.    | nv-
fnoris:   n*1t.
--inti Head ���
ich. I'"
,,m     1��
��� oe.
on in r,
ic* i', ��� *
v  T��� l 'Vli
T,;-i\ ; ���    -.
>������-��� I'i. ',1
Time. 111.
ti -in nm
���n r.r, ii.t
���   ns ii.o
"n -37 11.1
riir.i 11.4
21:1-17 10.7 19:00
14:43 118   �� ;lf>
7 *,4'!
21: OB
0:02 1o.n
1R:1R 12.1
1 :r,n 10.5
1-/1 J-..S
i 11.1
o r,
fm proved on iheir high levels of Mon
daj c P. I'... which open-ad i'_
r-tij-ihcr at 2"4V.. and rose to --H"i. and
Riehctlen, which fiaincd Vi; to 11J ",���������
aud on a I liriy active market in eecil
case win* the principal features: 'L".ie
--)itm~-t" 'market developed a Jistlcss mood and
business lacked st.ap.
Wheat Chade Firmer.
Winnipeg, Si :,l. i".    With l,iv.r->noi
cables being firmor than anticipated
iii,-   local   wheal   market   opened
shada firmer on all months,   The linn
nt.ss.  however,    was    only    ol   ilior*
dura tic n,    The   Americans     showed
[weak and prices here seemed In aym
Ipathy.    Winnipeg oi*"n��l 1-8   to   i-i
higher and closed  1-2 Lo 'i-D lower,
"Alld   it.'la
iklrta aiv a
Uoomi'd Cld City Hou��f.
���Vii'itiii-r   quainl   old   London   citv
hon-.*  ,-  disappearing,    ll Is  No.   16
Batfsbury   Bquare, and Pvidently was
built over 300   yeutk   Rgn,    when   it
j would be rciiir i"i .:. a Vvest-euU iiimii-
j sion.    An  unmistakable old  world air
( hngers aiioui the rooms with it- uneven iirior-. deep window sill-, wains*
coiled walls, lireplii'.-c hobs and cornel
A visit t*, the lia-i mnnt of tliis Imuse
is Interesting t" a inver of atihquitie-,
by reason "1 it.- arched vaults, lUlTabti
diminutive windows and capacious
fireplaces, and tli" bugs bcatus -)i*f-
portllig each lnw-pitcned kitchen ceiling,   'iiie cellar doors have Solid iron
holdfasts,  and  an  iron  cistern -till
in use bears an embossed date   1780."
N'lt". IM'.. s-iit. L1:; Crowds of
visitors ar,- here today for tfte open
Ing of Lhe lentb annual Nelson frull
fair M which exhibits are mad" from
scores -*l points in Kootensv and
Bound,iy districts. The frull d'anlai
Is exceltont and there la a mngnincet"
sho'viiu of flowers,   vegetables   and
field  products
W, Tt   Mat-Lean.  M.P.P.  for Nols-m.
pert --ii i ii ihe opening ceremony,
.rt.-..-'   -ov.'li
i m*\
%.   J��
the opening
of our new
Fall Styles
in Suits and
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager
Choice Fresh
Fruits for Week-
End Shoppers
Peaches    4   lbs.
Tckay drapes  2 lbs,
fi rathari Apples  '���'��� lbs.
Oraveosteln Apples  lbs.
local TomdtOCS 3 Ibi
111  r,c and
.  ine
Constitutionali-Us  Win! l)j|
Piedgras Negras, Mex., Sept.. 23.���
ConatttutlonallBts  iia-.-e capttwed  t'.iej
city of .lerez, state of Zscatecu, kill-,1
Ing cr wounding more than l*o''ti(S*"
Tcronto Market Falls Into Rut.
7* i inti , S-i"pi. 23.    A la point bren
i  Spanish  Itlver  preferred  nicurr
lis   nf't'-iten   v hen   fO   sharei   wi-'-t
r-ra;��, BCcordlmJ"to a report
a constitutionalist courier
lines i:l Aura.
Big Increaae.
Ottawa,  Sept,   ii.*  A   summary  ol
rail  production  "f Canada   from  1SD'
It) Ihe beginning of the, present yeajr. ,,,inB
has been prepared l.v ihe comnilsslon' ,jiv,
of conservation,  iiie  Increase  iitithe'-^,.
hcitiS from  six  hundred  t��J
\\  yearn
1��:19 12^5 22:27    5.4   i2-'>'v"   ll'��*
uinht by,|s- io a' 35 n decline of IB points. The
common Btock Bl lhe same lime broke
to liM/i. a new low mark for the year,
and tbere was a sympathetic tl. cline
in  MacDonald at  2,'iV,.    Uncertainty
as lo lhe Spanish division and general
Outlook  was given  by broilers as ilu
of the poor market for Spanish
preferred when pressed for sale.
-iiiulhdtT of llie maket  was un-
ntereuilnK nud seems to have fallen
in to H I"'
Taking a Plebiscite.
The Vicar of St. Andiews, Wp.n
Kensington, Kngland, (Kev. C, D��uk
las Castledon), is taking the view- .,i
his congregation on the subject ol tin*
service.- held iiii Sunday moriuii-., it
having been slated that they arc ton
long and fatiguing. IWi-reiidum papers have been issued to the com
munlbanU and member! ol the congregation
Cats and Water.
Cats  hate  water booius* tlieir tur
bas  nothing i.dy nit-out it and C0lUe<
ru'.'t.lly takes  a '.mi'l time to dry.
New   Kins
Bananas, Crape
pels, etc,
hie Dtttter 	
10c    package.!.
Fruit, Pip
Choice Table Dtttter :l lbs. Jl 00
Knsterii Kresh RlggB, per dozen  ,,,810
Picnic Hums, per Ib 17c
Special values in Teai and Coffees, ai
35c. 40o and 60c per II).   Tliey are the
finest obtainable,
Wo solicit a    trial   and    guarantee
Dean's Grocery
Phene 330.
Burr Block. Cotumb'a Street.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
Provincial Exhibition
Queen's Park, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4,1913.
$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions    $60,000
Largest and  mist extensive truly agricultural exhibition In the west.
Ia lhe heat arena west of Toronto.
Special Prizes for Horses, Cattle, Sheep Swine,
and Poultry.
High ('lass Special Features and Attractions.
Getter Babies' Contest. Three B.inda In Attendance.
C.   A.   WELSH,   President
Manager and Secretary. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1913.
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
in <i
T-arn Which Will Wtar the  New
���>"estmlnster Colore A-ainot
the  .. A. C.
i it Is. The official line-up ot
lew Westminster lacrosse team
wlll defend the Minto cup from
ancouver Atnletloi on Tuesday
Saturday   afterncons   ol   next
wuh ihe exception of Tom Rennle
Who ���.������!������ nick nt the time the Kiilmou
Bellli played the V, tx, C. In Vancou
vi r h tew months ago, tbe locals will
line up wiih the name players win
hIh wed ('on Jones' aggregation the
way until the Vanoouver magnate
pulled up stakes.
Manager Olfford himself Is keeping
in   light   I ruining  mi  Hull   In   event  of
any one of ihe players meeting ..'in.
u mishap the old veteran win Jump
linn i> uniform himself.
This Is It:
Hi ul.  Iluu    Clarke;     point,    Johnny
Howard;  cover point,    Tom    Itennlc;
HrKi defence, Back Marshall; second
di fence, Qeorge Hennie tosptaln);
third defence, Hugble Gilford; centre,
I'at feeney; third home, lllll Turn
bull;  Becond home   I'uiik Winlemui".
Dm   home,   Doughy   Spring; Insldi
iiiui". l.i e Tiiriiiii.il; outside home,
Grumpy spring.
The    referee    queation    lum been
settled by the selection ot Fred Lynch
lo handle both names.
Vancouver Cinches the Pennant
ti_.ee Between Seattle and Portland Ends Sunday.
Fine   Port Coquitlam to Play Locals at Exhibition���Westminster Team to
Bo Chosen Sunday.
Seattle, Hept. 'i'i.   liy winning from
Victoria loda> wlille Portland lost to
Spokane Vancouver nettled tiie North-
westam league race un far us the
championship ll concerned. There is
now no possibility of Cortland overtaking the leaders before the MgSOD
closes Sunday and Interest centred In
the content between Cortland and
Seattle for second place, Seattle now
being only u game and a hulf behind
The standings of the teams Including today's games Is:
W.    I..    Pet
Vancouver 95   65   .59-4
Portland 8;i   7o   .542
Seattle    80 76 ,681
Victoria   80 86 .481
Tacoma ":; 93 .428
Spokane 67 'it .416
Port Coiiuitlam soccer men will be
the visitors during fair week when
they meet un ull-sisr team selected
from the City league on Wednesday
October 1, special lockets being hung
up as trophies by the It. A. & I. Boclety.
Messrs   Ityall, Cra'g and (Irant have
been selected as a committee to nick ,
the team and this body  will m-'-t on j
Sunday to make a choice.
An attraction of this calibre wonld
tent the strength of New Westminster
soccer compared  with  that   pld^ed  hi I
the Vancouver and District league, 'if
which   Port   Coiiuitlam   are   members, j
although a single aggregation Is placed
at an advantage by reason of the play-1
ers of an all-star team nnt being con- i
versant with each other's play.
How    he  Came   Hat  Gained   Its
cn  lhe   Pcpulace���Interesting
Hold the football league in election took
place for the prealdeucj on June 13
I'.ilu. John McKenna (-Liverpool) being al the head of tlie poll.
Professional football was legalized
ii; England In the itunmer of ih-.", us
tb" raoul I of uu agitation by tbe Las-
��� asblre clubs,
Tho penalty kick, at the Instance ot
ths Irish association, was Introduced
In tbi season ol ism--.
William McGregor,
the league, died on De
:u u rmtngbam. H<
hiiidi-i i f the long ier
the   father  ol
-i tuber 20, 1911
bud    been    a
rice medal, hav
lng beeu with the league since 187n.
The !"'igii*-li and Scottish league clubs
subscribed J'i-* '. and endowed a bed
in the Birmingham hospital after his
Yesterday's Games.
ii Vancouver:                it II. k.
Victoria'  1 7 l
Vancouver  n 12 l
naileries: Iirown and Brotten;
Clarke aud KoiinU k.
At Seattle;                           II 11. E
Tacoma   2     5     l
Seattle     6      8      8
Itutterles.     Belford and Kelly;   Dell
and Cadman.
At  Spokane; R.    II     K.
Portland    l 4     2
Spokane    2 7      ?,
Hiilleries Mav nnd Murray; Douglass and Hannah
Mann Cup Series.
The second Maun cup series will be i
started this afternoon at 1:20 o'clock I
In  Vancouver when  Oak   Hay of Vie-1
toria  take a chance at  the   V.  A.  C,
of the Terminal City.    Little is known
of lhe visitors' strength, although Boss ,
Jobnson, lhelr coach and manager. Is |
confident of putting up   quite a bat-
tie.    Kred I.ynch of this city will handle ihe game.
Popular Players
In Missouri"
A Great Comedy   Drama    ln
Kour   Acts.
'PHONE 1068
I'or seats.    We hold them for
you until ehow time.
One ticket to see all. Moving pictures, 7:30 to 8:30.
Hoyal Stock Company 8:30 to
Box Office open   12
6 to 9:30.
Popular Prices, 10, 20, 30.
a letter telling her that Gaston was
seriously hurt, actually a trick on the
part   of   Jude   to   lure   her   Into   the
Brodie, cf    Liverpool.    Invented!
and patented goal nuts in  1890. The)
v.'-re lirst used iu lhe nonh and south
iu.iii.il   in January,  1V91.
Baseball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
'ihe Referees' Union v.as. with tho
co-ojeratlOn Of The Athletic News,
humeri in the Beason 190T-8, the Inaugural meeting being held In Manchester 00 Thursday. March .">, 1908.
The '-rst annual ci nfen nee took plane
���nn May si. following, at Nottingham.
'iin  agitation for a union burs! into
life owing to a strong appeal in The
Athletic News consequent upon the
impi .*: i'ut experiences ol referees in
man) parte of the country,
a limitation transfer of $1750 came
nti  . 1'iutiii! in Bngland on January
1.  1908, but   wus expunged ut the un-
ial meeting of the Football associa
11,  ;   *.:r  months later.
Leacuc Win
Night    Weitminiter
Ee Put in Shape
tor   Winter.
New  York
Pittsburg ...
I'lay.-rs' I'nion -was revived in
lhe season 1907-8, and the nucleus ol
n Provident fund ������ established by a
ta iu h   between   Uanchestei    United
II a* league Champions) and Newcastle United al the end of the sea-
sin a* Si   Jamas' park.
The K A. withdrew iiu |r recognt-!
lien oi ihe Players' l'nlon iu 1H09.
.'"': the union had dolled tbe author
I i*: i'u- K. A., atlil in .lnne ot the
suae >ear lhe chairman and sen. tary
were Suspended from taking part in
football >r football management.   All
Die  nnui tiers  were ordered   to  resign
I��� % .ini-   i, or ihelr registration! with
tin-   !���'.   A.   would- be  cancelled.     Thl
dispute became so scents in Auguat
thnt some professional teams threat-
i nod to strike.
Basketball will hnve Its innings on
Thursday venlng at the Y. M. C. A.,
when officers wtll be elected, teams
admitted, and general arrangements
made ������ ���: * bat promises to be th" most ,
SttCceiltul season In the Wesiminster
li ;.:- ie  ii!  years.
Plv��  'cams already have signified
their Intention of entering ihe content, while still another iB mentioned
before the books close and a schedule
I    drawn up.
The five mentioned .''ro the Adauacs,
White Hock A. C. Crescent Beach. Co-
lumbl * ��� .*,,liege and Sun-asters.
Besta. .- the city league, it is allo-
gethe probable that a Pacific coast
league win be organised this winter,
taking in Bellingham. Victoria, Vancouver   (two  teams),  and   New   West
The v   m  c  a. wiih the exception
of entering a team In Ihe Coast league,
wjll not be represeni"1 in basketball
tills winter, ibe stand taken by the
athletic committee to drop the name
from ill sports and give .-mention to
be whole cily. taking effect on basket-
hull us In hockey, baseball and hand-
llrooklyn    62
Cincinnati  63
St.  Louis    49
PLAYERS UNDCR CAN j wood., .hide's stratagem was foiled by
^^^^^^^^^^ "     instigator,
Two playrrs came under the ban ol
the soccer league at a meeting held
Monday evening. Dunford. of tin
Hankers, for rough play, and Mills, of
Sapperton. for refusing to leave when
requested by the referee.
The report of Ashwortb. who hand
led lhe game at Sapperton park Satur
dav, was taken up and as a result
both players will be unable to partici
pate in the next two games in which
their respective teamB are scheduled
From the tone of the meeting, similar and perhaps more drastic action
wlll be taken against any other
offenders of the rules during the com
ing Beason.
Apartments for Rent
Arundel Mansions
Begbie Street
This high class Apartment Block is now ready
for occupancy. Steam heated, gas range, bath and
toilet each suite. Built-in kitchen cabinets and buf-
��.fet. Electric automatic elevator, and all other accommodations in connection with first-class apartments.  Apply.
J. J. JONES, Managing  Director.
Columbia Street New Weatmlnater, B.C.
General   Railway and
Ak"Ms f����r  I).  E
Hrown. Hope
i hip Ajfcrim,
Macaulay,  Ltd..
Vancouver.  B. C
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
Yesterday's Garnet.
At Pittsburg: K.    H,
Brooklyn   fi   12    o
Pittsburg 1      S      5*
Batterlea:    Tingling   and    l-'ischer: i
Sli<-nn, Mallox and Simon.
Second game R.    H.    E.
Brooklyn   l   in    2
Pittsburg   I)      5      0
Hatteries:       Itueker    and    Fischer;
Robinson and Gibson.
At tne Theatres
Standing of the C'"bs
Philadelphia  94
Cleveland    83
Washington    82
Huston    7"
Chicago 7-4
Detroil   62
New  Vurk  .68
Sl.  Louis   j55
meeting is called for 8
en   the   Players'
was patched ap
following  a  con-
F. A. und repre
union.  In  which
latter acknowledged the F. a., and
B reinstated In full course as    an
ated body.
���rh.* trouble betw
t Dion and the I-', a
on Auguat -ll. IB09,
terence between the
gentallv-OB from the
Some Interesting saorea are being
compiled on the t'lub alleys these
days, espeelally in the two-man ten
pin tourney. Tile following scores indicate some high class pin smashing
Cornish, Ingram and McGill all hitting tlie high murks
The hl(jh scores uptn-date follow:
The I-'. A. council decided on duly
20, 1912 that an extra half hour musl
b<> played In the cup tlnal lu cuse ol
u draw. An extra hulf hour In replay
nl cup ties was made compulsory In
McGill   187
Corniah 199
a oln
past i
i bn ���
the F
July 15, P.'liK, the F. A. issued
ilur to all the (.nib.. auggcstinK
i. amnesty would be given for
.eiiccs if clubs uould In future
e the rules end regulations ol
���A und kc<"* the latter body In-
formed of broaches of the rules by
others than the teams themselves.
Tha Southern league accepted the
.unin uy un August lil. 1908, and
promised obedience, following many
11 nsiilt'itions respecting a bonus and
ci |..iiiin rship scheme, which ull came
ttu nought.
It nas decided ul tlle annual meeting of the league on June 8, 1909, that
goalkecpera must play In distinctive
colors of Bcarlet, royal blue or whitei,
an to assist the referee. Royal
was added on June 8, 1912.
189  215  591
2.14  202  6-5
886  424  417 1224
O'Connor 186      194      189     569
Ingram  231     204     180    615
417      :'.9.S      369    1184
Ingram    174      194      163   ��R31
McGill   224      182      240      646
398      376      408    1177
For the gold  locket   donated  by  O.
I). Niinn for the moBt 200 scores during September MoOlll is leading with
30, and lor Ihe hox of cigars donated
by l). Schnoter for high score Vi. Itur-
net Is best with 248. These scores are
verv liable to be overtaken during the
ti"\t i. ������ ii
Yesterday's Games.
At  Philadelphia: R.    H.    K
IH'troli      8    13      3
Philadelphia    21    25      1
llatteries: Williams. Comatock and
Gibbons:  Pennork and Lapp.
At   Washington It.    H.    E
St.  I.ouis      5      9      1
Washington   3      8      2
Batteries: Taylor. Mitchell and
Agnew; Groome and Henry.
At   Boston: R.    H.    E.
Chicago    2      6      2
Boston      3
Batteries: Scott and Dailey;
aud Thomas.
Second game:       ��� R.
Chicago    3
Boston      2
Batteries:       Walsh.    Russell
Schmak, Bedient and Cadv.
At New York: R.    H.    E
Cleveland       1      4      0
New   York      3      9      1
Batteries: Falkenberg. Gregg. Blending and Carlsch, O'Neill; Caldwell and
GoBsett, Sweeney.
I,, cell
The first anmril comnetitlon of thc
Port Moodv Civilian Rifle noetaiatlon
took nliice Inst Saturday on the ranges
ln delightful Weather.
, Sixteen competitors turned out and
I were divided Into three classes. A. R
and C.   The competition was keen and
Regina 26 to 4���Big
Regina. 3o��k��� Sept. 28.���The Hamilton Tluers defeated Reglnas Western
Canada champions 26 to 4 this afternoon. Although the game was played
In a cold drizzling rain over 2500
spectators were In attendance. While
lhe easterners were undoubtedly
superior In all pans of the game, they
were aided greatly In adding to their
score by costly penalties inflicted on I
the home team.
��� Twice with the ball In Reglna's poe-1
session nenr Its own    goal,    off-sides
were called and It was simply a case
of  handing    Hamilton    n  touchdown i
each time.   On another occasion. Re-'
".loyce of the Woods" Is showing at
the Edison loday The story is: John
Dale sacrificed his good name, his
liberty and thp girl he loved to save
his younger brother. Philip, from disgrace. Philip, not man enough ti> re-
ifuse the noble sacrifice, married Ruth
Cranston, the girl his brother had
loved, and became a wealthy and respectable citizen during the five years
John was in state prison. John released from jail, assumed the name of
Gaston and plunging Into the Maine
woods began his life anew With illusions, faith, love everything, shattered and ruined, the friendship which
he formed with Joyce Rlrkdale was I These
far removed from anything approaching the sentimental. His feeling for
her was rather that of a faMter than a
lever. He worshipped her glowing
youth and innocence with the same abstraction of motive with which lie worshipped the Fnrfng winds or the rising
oun. To Jude Lazoon. Joyce's accepted suitor, however, the nlatlonic nature of Gaston's attitude was by no
means apnarenL He deenlv resented
Gaston's familiarity with his affianced
iiril" ard bitterly unbralded Joyce
for "llowing it.
Attar their marriage the situation
did not Improve. Gaston accompany-
In" Jude to his home one dav. grew
a little ton warm In his svmpathv for
Joyce while the husband supnosedlv
slept. Jude waited until Gaston left
and their fiercely charged his wife
with Infidelity, and striking her across
the face, drove her from his door
IJoyce fled to Gaston for protection.
while Jude attempted to arouse the resentment of the woodsmen ne-iinst th"
man he claimed had mined h's home
Realizing that his affection had chained to love. Gaston left Joyce a-"'
plunged Into the woods. Gaston"' e'd
i sweetheart. Ruth, widowed my PhRIl
[Dale's death, co-dng into the "fed?
| with her anrt ��-d brother, met 3o*">*.
Jovce, v->eo"iil/'ne hi" plact. In Gsp-
ton's 11*1 f-rffi -' phetoerinh she had
fc nrt, -no* thlntine th"t Gaston "Mist
the death of its instigator, and the
widowed Joyce, meeting Gaston in the
woods, learned that she was the only-
girl he had ever really loved. This was
splendid news to Jock Filmer, Gaston's friend, who adored Ruth, and
things ended in a very satisfactory
| manner for everybody concerned.
! This is another big feature at the
Edison theatre.    The storv will prove
! to be an absorbing feature production
I carrying a story that is entirely out
of the ordinary both as lo plot and
situations. It is filled with thrilling
situations, and is sure to hold attention from the very beginning. The
sawmill  Bcene  in   itself is ealcu'afd
j to keep the average audience at fever
pitch. Several cf the stars of the
Great Northern acting forces are to
b�� iu the drama, and the settings and
photography are up to the usual standard of excellence.
P. O.  BOX 442
aad Q��L Mgr.
w. r. a buckun.
Bee. ud Tree*.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 877.
Solidified   Petroleum.
Ocean   liners   may   soon   use   solid
petroleum   as  fuel.    Not so  long ago
ship owners met in London and -decided to go into the production of sclidi-a
tied  petroleum    brickets   on  a  large
ecole.   The crude oil is boiled and to!
it is added a certain amount ot stearic;
acid   with   an   alcoholic   solution   oil
caustic suda.   Upon cooling, there is i
obtained a   transparent    mass    some-
what resembling glycerine soap, and it
haa   sufficient   cohesion    te   allow   ol I
making it into square-shaped brickets
arc easy to handle, as they are
not brittle nor do they cause dust.
Such blocks have a slow and very
regular combustion owing to theii
uniformity o[ structure. The Wfc_.ihei
does not sec.i tn affect them, and
tbey always remain clear.
The heat production from them is
such that a ton of solidified petroleum
serves instead of two and one-hall
tons ol coal. The great saving of
space on shipboard is evident, and
another point is the great all-round
economy realized for producing an
equal amount of steam.
Some British naval engineers studied the question and concluded that
for a single trip of a liner from England to Xew York and return the
lowest figure for the saving would be
The range of the vessel will be much
increased, which is a capital point lor
war vessels.
It adoption may prove to be rapid
in the near future, lor liquid petroleum would only be able to replace
coal in a gradual way, owing to the
_reat cost of changing over furnaces
ind bunkers
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia Street, New Weetmlneter.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small Muaical Gooda of oil Klnda. PHONE **-%.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Chicago. Sept. 23.���Fire in a store
room in the basement of the Chicago
Inter-Ocean late today destroyed a
quantity cf print paper and Ink. H.
II.  Kohlsaat,  publisher of  the Inter-
���till lr*��e rmh  -"-epnrcd to leave thern iOcean, ""'d ,hat none ��' t,le Machln"
together.    At this point she received ery was damaged.
whole squad during the game.
a g^dT^s^luno^^rCmlSm liVW'f^^SniloLtZ *= "��"' 'he'ba.. two yards from the
lu    they would be loyal to the ^i^X^W^Wm   Hamilton line and three down, to go
,.���. ,,���,iu lne mr""K was a goon augur, oi etui     h(,n  fgB|n  (|   wa��� djgide,)  that    a
*"' hC,ly'   |���TC "nibltlons ones In  he future, Thn '       had offended
The clubs of   the Football   league |����* ����� the rp9"u�� ot ,h* chlnt |    Coach Marriott used practically hla
Clasa A.
fiver Cnn. Dan Ooddi'il  fl
Silver Spoon.    F. Lewis  M
Clair B.
Ri'ver c��n.   A. Noble   !>4
Silver Spoon. Harrv Jones  90
Clair C.
RHver fun. nr. c n. SvmmeB.. sr
Silver Spoon. H. ll Mackenzie..  79
thc Football ^^^
surrendered the right to nominate
referee! on June ,1, lfllH. The selection una lefl to the management committee.
The law respecting the distance
wltliln which opponents may approach
the bull during the taking of a free
kirk 'vas nltered from bIx to ten yards
in 1!H0 the control of the flnnnclal -
i-l'Mrna  between  league clubB    and
^'ffss��ara^ ����tni�� ���*and *h��
���ithern league.   The Bcottloh league'-''-'��� '- ���
Kid Crlffo Is the name of a feather-
{weight mitt artist who has taken up
.iflerwards entered the compact.
After 'iM years' service a�� B-ecretarv
of the Lancashire aaaoclation. R. P.
tlrcsrn resigned from the position on
April 3, tSU.
For the llrst. lime In the history of
wlshee to meet either local or Vancouver BcranpcrB at one of the coming
smokers. Orlffo Is said to have made
a hit In different parti of the province
and looks a husky youngster to run up
against any In Ills clnss.
It Is erobable thnt a match wlll be
arrsneed for him nt the smoker to
bc beld at Fraser Mills on October 15.
Suits  Him.
Feeling sntlelfed that New Westminster just shout hits the mark, Johnny
Howard, the ex-Shnmrock lac->pse
p^t sml Inter with the world'a championship Salmon Bellies, hss tsk<"\
over the pool rooms of the Dunsmulr
hotel from Sproule Broa.
Jnhnnv Is rapidly getting ln training for the V. A. C. games, taking off
weight worrying as to what time the
place will be newly fitted up.
Rugby Saturday.
New Westminster wll lengage the
Y, M. C. A. of Vancouver at Queen's
park on Saturday afternoon according
to thn schedule drawn un at a meet-
tnrr of the Vir- - ���*���*��������� ������'-��> vid
last evenlna. The Y's have entered the
eeulor division for the drij time thla
winter s*o are snld to have a huiky
looking fifteen.
Mondays (12 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Stewart,
Tuesdays (IJ midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Thursdays 112 mid-nighti  for Prince Rupert. Granby Bay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet. Ocean
Falls. -Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service and fast time).
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert   with   Grand   Trunk   Pacific
Railway trains for Terrace, Cedarvale, Hazelton, Moricetown.
Through rickets to all polnta East via Chicago and the Grand Trunk.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E. DDPEROW. Q. A. P. D
I'hone Private Exchange tli*
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Entire Change of Program Dally.
"Joyce of the
North Woods"
Kdlaon��� Two Reels. Harriet T. Comatock'o novel haa been dramatized with n wonderful adherence to local atmosphere. The picture
waa made In the Maine woods, where everything enhancea the fe-
inarkable beaqty and impress!veness of this story of a girl's love and
a man's sacrifice. *
~**���*'��� i
Out of the High Rent District.
25c. Bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish FRE7.
Buy one dozen shoe laces at 10c. the polish will
be given to you.
Ladies'-Dress Boots, every size  . .$1.95
Gents' Dress Boots, every size ���- 1*9*5
LeckieBoots, Slater (F. W.) Boots, K Boots; $80,000
stock to select from. The finest variety of low and
high cut boots and rubber footwear in the city.
Ames Holden's $4.00 Boot far ladies; short vamp;
aW.sizes, $4 value; Cubari heels, for  $1.93
Weston Dress Boot, for men; stub toe; looks like a
$5.00 boot; the price.......-....���- $1.93
-/' pauc six
Classified Advertising
VSS1FIBD    ADS    WILL   B'_!    RE-
, lved li r Tne News nt the follow-
iug placesi    !���'��� r, Hill's drug store.
���:-,   Columbia   struct;    A.   Sprlce,
gueensbOrough, 1-ulu Island.
* ��-*>���������������������������������'������������������#
�� RATES. *
classified���One cent per word per
i��� , ic per word per week; 16c per
a,euth; 6,000 worda, to he used as re-
m red within oue year from date ot
n I, tract, I'.B.Ou.
FOIt SAI.K    DRY   Fill  WOOD;   SEC-
ond growth; stove lengths; $8.60 a
load. Apply 1016 Dublin Btreet, or
lihone 1263 R, C-1171
Tells  Court   She  Stole  for  Sole   Purpose of Getting Respite From
Home Drudgery.
sold Tuesday, organ, healer I llrsl
class oondltlon), garbage can. bed
good springs), tubs; Twelfth Btreet
and  Twelfth   avenue,    third     house
from Twelfth slreet. (2108)
New Vork, 1
she sought a
from   twenty
housework, a ���
, i* liver. Apply foot of Eighth street,
,,'augh, Miseuer *_ Bailey.     i_lliii
t'.itl.   WANTKD   TO   DO   (iENEUAL
housework,     apply     _27    Queens
tor sale at right pr
street    C. 11.
shot gun, price
1    Kdmonds.
Sept. 'i'i.  -Declaring that
term In jail as a "rest"
years   of   unremitting
.veil-dressed woman who
refused   to  give  her  name   is   In   the
Raymond street jail, In Brooklyn, held
for trial in the courl of special sessions alter deliberately seeking arrest
The woman  went  Into a  Brooklyn
department store and calmly filled her
  arms  Willi   articles  from  tlie  various
DOUBLB-BARRELLEDJcountarB, waiting patiently to be ur-
ce, -ii-i KI
iventb ���
-iifoot counter.    Apply  W. S,  Itose.
fills Westminster Trust. (2110)
h. v
general housework and partial cam
if children; expert cooking not required; references. Apply Mrs. W.
.v. Peters, ii'ib Eighth streel.   l2u'J6l
* ducatioti  for outside position.  Ap-
ply  room 3.  (544    Clarkson    street,
New WeBtmlnster, before 10 a.m.
I ure in large or small quantities for
Bpot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. .1. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
FOR     SALE���CHEAP    FOIt     CASH,
small  cook  stove,    sanitary    couch
and pad, ladles' desk,    llox 4S Post,
Office. (--107)
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ridel
ou  B. C. Electric  from  New   West-;
minster; soil excellent,   bottom    or;
upland as desired;    tram    frontage
$150 an  acre  and  remainder    just j
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance,   This Is a sacrifice;  estate^
to  be    cleaned    up at once.    Sole ���
agents, Curtis & Dorgan. New West-
mlnBter.    Phone 466.   No trades.
rested. Disappointed, she stepped out
and was placed under arrest on the
Sidewalk. Arraigned as Jape Doe in
the Adams street police court, she
told Magistrate Nash she bad been
"starving for human kindness"
that the first such attentions she
enjoyed in fifteen years were
administrations of the police
ire    the
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stov?
wood $2.5 0 per rick. Telephone
1005. (20201
rent ten acres Et od land in Surrey,
close to tram, for $30 per year, payable iu advance. Particulars from
box 2115 The News. (2115i
rooms, stable, electric light, etc., or
rooms.    Apply 1108  Eighth avenue.
half miles from city, 14 acres, 8
cleared; guod 10 roomed house,
good barn, 60,000 young strawberry
plants, assorted fruit trees in bear-
ug. $500 yearly. Apply Curtis &
Dorgan. (20081
bungalow; $16. Also furnished
rooms.    1 idling. BdmondB.       (2092)
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, (Ieorge Warnc,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges: every oie guaranteed. Market  square. (ISS," I
side car, lady's black handbag containing small sum of money, bunch
of keys witb owner's name plate,
and lady's gold watch, hunting case,
bearing raised monogram M, C. G.
Finder please return to this office.
Reward. (2066)
About 40 years old, the woman had ;
a worn and weary expression, but was j
refined ill lier manner and speech. She
said to the magistrate:
"Married  life for a good  woman  in
moderate    circumstances      seems    to
mean  nothing  but  household   drudg- i
ery,  endless   and   thankless.     1   have
been married  twenty years and    my
husband  and   son   17   years  old.  just I
take mi' and what I do for granted.    1 *
never had a day off even, like a  ser-
vant   For vear? 1 have needed n rest,!
some sort of a change    I could afford
noih'ng of the sort that cost  monev,
and 1 could not Interesl my husband,
The only wav 1 conld figure it out was
to get myself quietly arrested and rent
;to jail.    The longer the better.    If 1
had   my   choice  tcday.  at   niy   ace.   1
would  rather  spend  twenty   years  in
prison than twenty years as a house- ,
hold drudge."
The  woman   said   It  never had  occurred to her to become a suffrneist.
She did  not   know  much  about  them
because she had no time to read th
|    "The housewife Is the real prisone
today." she said.    "It  will  he a great
jrest for me in jail."
Magistrate Nash expressed keen interest in the woman's story. On her
nlea of guilty he had no alternative
but to hold her for trial. She refused
to name any friend. A hank hook
in the name of Isabel Andrews waa
found In her possession.
Mines    and    New    Yorkers
Cause Arrest and He la Lodged
Sn Jail.
Spokane, Sepi. BS. Arrested Thursday at Republic on a charge of grand
larceny In connection with his 1111111111!
promotions, ,1. I* Harper, general manager of thi. Harper Consolidated Mines
company, was hurried across ibe Kel-
tie Falls trail to Colvllle and will be
brougbl lo the Spokane county Jail
The arrest of Harper, who is known
for his promotion work with the Republic   Mines   corporation   and   the
North  Washington  Power and  Redu ���
tlon  company,  as  well  as  with   the'
Harper Consolidated, closely  followed
that of Henry Russell, the vice presl-
dentin!'  tlle  corporation,  who  Is  held,
at Colvllle,
The arrest of Harper was caused by
Attorney (ieorge Forsythe of Rochester. N. V., who represents New Vork
citizens, Mrs. Sarah I. Ilarnum of
Rochester, who declares that she
turned over property valued at $i!0,-
000 to Henry Ittissell while he was
si lling stock for the company, is in
the city. While she has received a
return of practically the entire amount
of the funds invested Mr. Forsythe
announced that he is securing data
which will go to the New York federal
grand jury.
Warrant Issued Here.
Attorney Forsythe alleges that Harper organized  the  North  Washington
Power * Reduction company andtbat
While attempting to dispose of bonds
that Detroit brokers "pinched him
out." Ho declares that Harper ihen
organized the Harper Consolidated In
order that he might continue his promotions and secure the 1110111*1 of eastern investors.
He had a warrant Issued here for
l**c arrest of Harper, charging hlm
with larcenv In having checked $900
OUl of the Fidelity National hank and
nlaced il to the credit of tha North
Washington Power -Si Reduction com-
nam*. The check was Issued August
"  by  Mr,  Harper.
.   **
"Welcome! Let me
introduce my friend!"
Thank you! Let us introduce our English friends
England's richest and coolest smoke."
Their unusual mildness, richness and coolness is combined with
such fragrance that
everybody who tries
them becomes enthusiastic. Every puff is
pleasing, satisfying and
unusually enjoyable.
Enjoy these "cigarettes
de luxe" today.
All dealers sell them.
furnished fronl rooms; private
family; 51 Columbia Btreet,    (2os?)
keeping rooms. Jin am! $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street, (1986)
nnl'l*   le
��� v. ry
attractive homi *  musl
��� forced lo Bacrlfii e In
TiilS'-    i
1   Mu!" cash.
Sixty-four   Years   Says
Is the Wcrst He Ever
wbere. .No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 3.6 Hastings street west, Vancouver,  B.C. (1982)
,'EW J-OM-3���T rooms, thoroughly mod-
1 rn, 'iml haa nevei been lived In, situate
corner lol 100x132 fei 1 . 13th Si 11 au-
nrul view. Very attractive price and
SIX-ROOM new cement block house
, extra
large l"i In lawn nnd stone f< nc ��
1. situ-
ate    inst    ofl    Klngswav,    Price
2,300,    Very attractive terms.
Sub-Chief   Says   Eastern   Town   Is   Infested   Every  Night  by
Crowds in Autos.
homes nnd  .1
than what  tl
to build them
prop'*'*' les 111
two houses were built for
r.- offered ni a price leBfl
��� material and Inbor cost
regardless of the valuable
ti which they are erected
, 1   BOX 164, CITY.
Notice is hereby given that an ap-
1 lication will be made to the Hoard of
I icense Commissioners for the I'ity of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
he held on the lull) day of December,
1918, or at any meeting prior thereto
that the application can he heard, for
II transfer of the license to sell litiuor
liy retail issued in respect of the
"cclduntal hotel premises, Columbia
B reet, New Westminster. B.C., from
"ie bolder, Michael Oowan, to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this 26th day of August, A.D.
1979) License Holder.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
Montreal, Sep:. 2:;. -"Eighty-six
cabs ami 43 automobiles passed
through Outremont, bound weBt, on a
not very distant night between the
hours of 11:50 p. 111. and 1 a. in. Of
the cabs alone I am certain that at
least 30 had no passengers hut worn- |
en. On the hox of one tab which 1
stopped because of the boisterous he- '
havior aboard it, was a young woman   wlio   invited   me   to   'come   along
1:.. l,ot�� 2S and ���-..  Block 1. Sub-dlvlslon
nr U,t 898, 'in,up 1. Port Haney, In the
I'lstri't ef New Wes minster.
Whereas, prool nf the loss ,.f Certificate
���>f Title Number fi���_:ik k. isiie-'l in the itn,.'*
��� ���f Alice May  Dorman hss beon filed in
'Ills  office.
Notice ih hereby given that  I shall, al
Ihe expiration of en,- month from tie  dnte
-,f   the   flrsl   publication   1" reef,   11,   ,L  ipilly
newspaper published  In   Hi" City "f New
iV.-ffinliiit'r. issue ii duplicate nf (he snld
certificate,  unless  In  tie- mnntlme valid
objection be made lo in" hi writing.
.1.   C    OWYNN.
District   Ketlstrnr nf Titles
l.nri'1 Registry Office, New Westminster,
ISC..   13111  September,  1913. 1 -jots )
Coquitlam Municipality.
Pteane take note that  th" office*, nf th"
above   municipality   are   slt'int"'!   on   tlio
Pitt   River  Rond.  Maillardville.
'-076) Clerk
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Viincnuver for Victoria 11 a. m.,
-��� p  ra. and 11 :*G.
��� ,t*avt*ti Vancouver  for Seattle If a. m.
1  II p. m.
I-.'mvm Vancouver f-ir Niiimimo 10 a.m.
,"������'. ���'��� Si' p.m.
Lmvm   ���-. anoouv#f   for   Prlnofl   n.ipert
i   irl   S"f.rti(. .-���    ivifntn    1ft  p   m    Wwinei
Any*   anri   Riturrlnys   Bt    11    p.m.
Chilliwack Service
i.-iivei.   Chllllwack    1    m    in    Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves   Westminster   t  s.   in    Mnndsy
**>'"t\t>e*i)ny iin'i Friday,
) ;i   Onntj-T,  Agent,  N,s Waetmlnetar
11. W. i_;iniJit_. i). P. a. Vn.n-ou.il.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to lhe
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender foi
Wing Dam No. 3 al Eraser River (Lower), B. C," will be received al tins office
until 4:00 p. ni. "n Tuesday, October 21,
1913 for lie* construction "-' Wing li.un
No :: .ii the Mouth nf Woodward's Slough,
Fraser River  I Lower), B. C
Plans, specification and form nf con-
tract cm le- Been, and forms "f tender
obtained nt tills Department and nt the
,,lli [C.r Worsfold, Ebti District Engineer, New Westminster. Ii C.; .1 S. Mac-
J.ncMan. Esq.,  1 Hstrlei Engineer, Victoria,
11      C,     and     "11     appllcallnil     In     the     Post-
master at Ladner, B. C,
Persons tendering fif- notlfled that tenders will iiiii i���. considered unless made
mi tie* printed form" supplied ami slsmed
wnn their actual signatures, stating tbelr
occupations ami places ,'f residence, in
tie eti" nf firms, tbe actual signature, tbe
rmlure of th,* occupation, ami place <,r re
ei. i"���. nf each iiien.i'' r nl in.* linn musl !�����
ui*-* c
Each   tender   must   l���-  i impanled   by
aa accepted cheque nn a chari red bank,
payable to 'le* ,,rd,*r ,,r tlie Honourable
the   Minister   nr   Public   Wnrk".   "nml   to
ten  i"*r cent,   I l'i p.c. i  of tie- nm n
the t.-niler. which will be forfi
person ii-nd'-rlng ilielln'
and have a good time.'
"I  do  not  think  ther
houses of entertainment
the-Mountain   route  to
these   people."      ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Dunbar of Outremont
Joy riders have hitherto had things
ipretty nearly their own way along the
level stretches of Outremont'a boule-
I vards, hut  times are changing.    Tbe
'Outremont police have been handicapped  hitherto by the lack of    flash -
Ilights strong enough to catch the
number* of speeding cars as they tear
by, Nine-Inch electric flash lights
have been the equipment, hut an outfit of 14-inch  riashes   will arrive this
| week,   and   then   tiie  joy   riders   had
'better look out.
I    '"llie drunk'n joy  riders of all  the
i Island seem to   consider   Outremonl
: their playground." said Sub-Chief
Dunbar this morning.  "At  that I am
Spokane,  Sept.  23.- Henry   Easton,
64  years, was married a    year    ago
. .i'i,* he resided in Union l'ark. hut he
testified in the superin;- court yesterday, Mini Easton, nue 50, his wife,
was so ahusive that lie was forced lo
-">���:; a divorce. Even after be filed
Buil Mrs. Easton went into his room,
ca*." him  :i  slap on  one ch'-ek.  tlnn
- ite the other am! finally cave him
a kick, Easton allegi d
To Judge K. ll. Sullivan Easton
.* d:
"Judge, di ift you know lhat that
,i ���:,.*: i\aa tbe worsl one thai I ever
- . ia inv life. Vou know 1 Just
coa ' l   la*;-  ami   done  everything   to
.- hei  happy, but she was Bome-
Ulil   *   ';:������'��� ful.' "
.edge  Is Interested,
"il-.-.v old are you, anyway?" asked
ilm judge,  becoming Interested.
I .--ii ('..' years old and married Inst
when railed upon tn dr
tO    cnlll'il' I*,    tin*    Virlt    en'itr-ieteil    *,,������
ih,. tender he not accepted, lhe cheque
h-- r, turned
Th,- Department does nm h'nrl ItBel
accept the lowest  "t- nny tender.
Ily "nl.*'.
Department of Public Wr.ritn.
Ottawa, Rentember in. nil.
Newsnaner" will n,.t he paid for tle-a
'""II., irent    I"   thev    Insert   It    n'l'ho.*:
thorlty from the Department.- -4f,��"��
quite frank in Baying that the provincial law. limiting the speed of all
street vehicles to nine miles per hour
is ridiculous. Ther" nn* men 1 know
.[whom   I   never  Klve  a  second   glance
��ii  of lat bs they po through  al  40 miles an
", "'" | hour, bcoati^^^^^^^
I vear to this woman." continued    tiie
'  are  enough   plaintiff,   strokinu   his    chin.     "That
of the Hound-  woman,   Mary,   would  not   let   ne-  co
to   accommodate *u,  bed  tin   niplit.    She  finally  said
speaks   Sub-Chief I'You   get  out  of  h��re,  and   get    out
ouick.'   Then sin- throwed me across
th" bathtub "
"I said. 'For pity silk'";, ma. what
have I dene?' The n< xt day I went out
after some shnecrinrs nntl when I
i'or hack she had her dn lighter and
't"'d me lhat they would tear mv head
Gave Him Kick.
"fudge, I just told her tiiat I lived
! with one woman 18 years without a
[word Mt"r I started to ct a divorce "he came over and slapped me
and  th^n gave  me a  kick."
Mr��   ,i   Van  Mureti. residing in l'n
he    I'.rt,.   declared   that    Me    Ess ton
)'"1 lived In her home and that "Mrs
| Boston was the best man of the two."
SIEAl $1,662,500
Six Distinct Cands of Scien
inals  Are  Operating
iif ic Crim-
London, Sept. i'i.
nf   jewels,   KOld   and
stolen     tiprini;    the
iiiuiithB hy the metnb
they handle   their  ears
Mr    I-
he   ' a
'���  cnnie over one  dav   -md   jjnve
���-ton what I would '-all a yank
testified   Mrs.   Van   Huron    "She
���d him nntl itn"" hir" n k'"k when
��� I something that riled her "
decree wan granted.
prtmerly ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"In the earlv hours of the mornlog
and late nt nlitlit. we encounter some
very dangerous speed fiends in Outremont, woh are not gojng as fast as
that. Cam -swaying drunkenly ahout
are every minute sights. Scores pass p
every night which escape death only I tnurdi
by good luck. Illazin
Notice is hereby given thnt an application will be made to the board
of License Commissioners for the Ctty
of New Westminster ut their Bitting,
to he held on the 10th day of December. 1913, or nt any meeting prior
thereto that the application can be
heard, for a transfer of the license to
sell liquor hv retail issued In respect
of the Merchants Hotel, |n the Olty
of Now Westminster, BO, from tho
holders. Paul Hoot and J. A. Malm, to
the said J. A. Malm.
Dated this 20th day of August, A D
(J97S) LlcenBe Holders.
Want New Hos-iltal
j Summerland, Sept. 23.���There is
jjust beginning to be heard In Summerland hints of an effort to acprre
ia site for a more suitable hospital
'than the little house which at present
receives patients, A few who are Interested are endeavoring to get together materials, etc.. that will permit
the holding of a bazaar and ten, some
time In December. In aid of a fund
��� which will be needed to secure suitable premises.
N'"w Imported rail Suitings now on
display.    See  them.    Perfect  flt  and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
$18.00 up.    701  Front Street.
NaDnrCo Laxatives
are especially good for
children because they sre
pleasant to take, gentle in
action, do not irritate the
bowels nor develop a need
(or continual or increased
doses. J5C a box, at your
Nalion-l Drug end Cfcemteel Co.
of Canada. Lii-ltod.      177
Montreal, l-iept. 'i'i. "If your children asked for bread, would you give
ihem a itone" asked "B'g HM" Spark-
er. a ni ��� ro. charged with attempt at
r. when brought before .Indue
in the court of special sessions
Sparker was arrested hy the police
of St. Vincent de Paul They said he
had attempted to plunge a knife Into
the body of l'eter Vnafsky, a farmer,
living nenr the village.
Vni''sky told the court that Sparker had appeared at his farmhouse door
and demanded meat, claiming he was
hungry Vnafsky had no meat In the
liouse. he said, and he gave Sparker
some tomatoes. Sparker, Vnafsky
said, became very angrv. and declaring the tomatoes were "rotten" threw
them away, and tried to make use of
the knife en the other's O'Tion.
Bnarkei Ih-tened r.tt'-t'--civ, Then
he  hurst   into  tears  ri"'1   er'"d-
"If your children arked for bread,
WOtllJ ynu Klve them a s'"oc?"
He denied be had trie'' ���' -wound h's
benefactor. Sparker snid the tnmn
toes were rotten, and he th""W th""'
awav. If released, h" e'-.'d \.n would
leave at mice for his old hohrne In
South Africa.
"If you will leave the city within
'it hours I will suspend Hcntenee,"Bald
Jud re Hazln.
"Sure, my Lord!    Sure, my Lord I"
Sparker   shouted
door was opened
About $1,682,600
bonds   has   been
last    eighteen
   era of a gigantic
intern.itlonal trust of jt wel thieves
of all these Immensely valuable
I'l'ini few havi, heen recovered, despite the earnest and sagacious efforts
if the detecttvei of seven countries,
America, England, Hussia, Belgium,
Prance, Holland ami Oermany,
These astounding BtBtementB are
made on the authority of llie highest
officials of Scotland Vard They nay
thnt Hie search for Mav Meyer's
$760,000 pearl necklace stolen in trail
sit by registered mall from London to
I'aris last July, revealed the existence of  this Internatloaal  truat    of
Jewel   thieves. j
The  trust  comprin-s  at least   ibIx,
hands of scienllfle thieves. In the actual  robberies,  each  band works  by
itself.    They combine only to dispose |
.Inly 31, 1912:  At M-oscow the Hrln- '���
ess Schakcwskl   vat robbed cf gema
valued  at  over $600,000
August 4, 1912: Jewels valued at
$76,000 wen stolen rrom Sennr Cm*-,
a diamond merchant "f Lisbon.
November L'7. 1912: Oold ingots
worth $26,000 were stolen during tram-
It between Bremen and Switzerland
March 3, 1913: The Qrand Duchess
Marie Pavlowna wns robbed at st,
Petersburg of jewels valued at $-.<)<>.-
lnne lh. lhl',: The theft of
?7,r'0.u in necklace during transit
post from I'aris to London.
lha  Orest  Om   't.
Tlie Irishman i- nothing if not In-
genious. Here la u i;ni���.i ��tory told "I
ene, a terrible Bramp, serving in South
Mrica, under Col, Hamilton-Browne.
'hi discharge he asked Inr a character, and was given one by the colonel
-i had as sluuilil ordinarily luve barred hun from employment foi ever.
Boms him' later the coIomI met
him. a most   prosperous   man, sml
mbarli for the Mother t'oun-
ilil   to
f their spollB. Two of the bands arc
American, one Is composed mainly of
Russians, another of Parisians, a third
of Englishmen,
The Scotland Vard detectives assert
the bands combined two years ago so
that they mlgbt find new markets nnd
so outwit the police of lOurope and
America, who hnd learned where they
sold their loot.
P*��ltl a Scotland  'inrtl  inspector:
"There Is no business so profitable
ns thnt of Jewel-thieving on a wholesale scale, and accordingly (be appointment of fill or so trustworthy
agents In the hitherto unerplolted cities of far-off continents, thniiKh perhaps expensive for one nr two gangs
to attempt alone, became a simple
proposition for hnlf a dozen to handle,
"A rope of 60 pearls cun be broken
ri and through this organization be
disposed of In a dozen cities as far
apart ub Melbourne .'md Pekln."
I'ore is a list of the ten successful
thefts. Involving $1,662,000, committed
hy lhe members of the International
combine in the last eighteen months:
March  14,  1912:     Jewels valued  at
When   the     dock i ���'"MOO   were  stolen   from  the  Credit
he mado a dash for Ponder d'Algerle hank, Paris.
Ithe street and rnn down towards the'    ''"ly 28, 1912: Jewels valued at $26,-
water as fast as hlhs feet would take  nn0 were stolen from the Princess of
iblm (Thurn and TaxlB at Ostend.
"Hul.' said the colonel, "how wa-t
it Hint people reading such a dinr.
��rt��*>r as I gave you should have lie. n
SO taken  ih*'"
"Read it. sir'-' the scuuip replied.
"Never �� one of thetn read it. ami!
fnr a very good reason, ss not one Of
them  cniil'l   read  a  word "I  English.
It was llie lion and the unicorn fight-:
ing tor the crown on the top ot the!
Official  paper that did the trick, and
that's what f wanted when I troubled i
you for n character   So long, colonel;
there's the 'all for the shore' bell ringing.    Good  luck,  and  many thanks,
aa it's through you I'm in for a high .
old time." i
Province of  British  Columbia.  County
of Westminster.
By   virtue   of   a   distress warrant
Issued iii an act.on by He,nam's
I. Hilled, and to me directed against
Ihi*  goods  and chattels of   Seaii.l.l  &
Joiies, I have !iet/ed and taken the
following: All the furniture, bedding,
carpets, linoleum, etc., in ixtythree
bedrooms ami halli in the Dom'nlon
hotel, and all the tallica, chairs, cat
lery, glassware, crockery, show c is'*s.
Stock in irade. linen, cooking ring".
UtensllS, etc.. Ill tiie Iloyal c if"   i "rn. r
cf sixtli and Columbia streets, New
Westminster, lie
All of Whieh I shnll expose for sul��
at Pearson's Llm'ted building, oorner
s xth and Columbia streets, mi  Pri
dav, the  26th day Of Septemlmr   A I'
1813, nt the hour of In o'clock  In tlie
Beptember 17th, inn:
T. J. ARMSTRONO, Sle i ff
iiainrr fm* the Landlord,
Terms of Sale Cash. 12084)
Honey  From  Church  Walls.
Several thousand bees and s store
of honey weighing I'JS pounds, were
discovered among the rafters of Ros*
cth Parish Church, Harrow, ling., during a spell ol hot weather in Ihu late
fall ot last year. Members of the con-
grugatioti noticed honey tnekliny down
a wall of the church, and this led tn
the discovery of the bees and their
store. The honey was altcrward removed in pailfuls and Ute bees weru
lnveij elsewhere.
\��'bat with the harbor Imprnie
ments, lho further
ths  fisheries  and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Wentmlnstar la Oomlng to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Animal   Locomotion.
A special exhibit illustrating animal locomotion appears in the riorni-
insii Museum, London, and shows
adaptations to swimming, creeping,
burrowing, running, leaping, parachuting and flying. A handbook hat
been compiled to explain these. sd��>>
���     PAQI llVlfl
Lord    Haldane    on    Whit    He
Learned In  His Recent Trip to
U. 0. and Canada.
��� \\ bat has   Impressed   yen   mosl
during   vour  visit   to the States    and
Canada.'   Lord   Haitlanc  was  asked Canadian! now
by  a   Bpeclal  correspondent   of    the nation  was  th
London   Ually   Tel, graph,   whoit
Has I,ue: secondly, to the munificent gifts*
of private citizens, and, thirdly, to the
popular Interest, Whicb had hei.
aroused and the widespread desire of
American and Canadian youths to
avail tliemsi ivi s of tiie al umlaut facilities provided for tlieir benefit
Higher   Education.
'i'li'- number ol young Americans nnd
receiving higher edu-
uinst   striking   thing
in-   Lord Haldane bad wan on this side
terview, dated from Saratoga, appears li bad
In an Issue tif that paper      The lord   hlm. h
chancellor, without a moment's hesitation replied that bs had in en most
Impressed by the remarkable evidence
in- ii id noticed on every hand of   the
general   Interest     awakened     In     the
cn*   ' * higher eduactlon.     The lord
t li.ii" all ir spoke With inlhuslasm or
the IhtVest awakened I.n the cause of
higher education in big canters of the
United States anil Canada, and the
bountiful facilities provided In   thai
respeci for the youth of both countries
been   a   pos'tlve   revelation   to
mill, ami  h" would  fall short I
ill   his  duty   if  l'e  failed  lo  report   to
his fellow countrymen on lis signin-1
eance There was no reason for absolute alarm so ar. but the tlmn had
cntiie v Inn the United Kingdom must
Blther keen p-ir-i, wi'h other countries
c- di-ai; behind,   it might be said that
N"-' Vork was nol t'plrul Iii an edu-
national some, pxifi stood alone, That
Isn't   so,   because   there  Is   the     snm"
record ediioaf.lonallv In  pretty    weiij
evi ���������  state,  even   111  ft-ites HO  remote
ns Wisconsin snd Louisiana.   In those!
.* Vork Lord Haldane visited cares where the American millionaire
university, '''"���' ,""1 hai-sgwerd   In   establishing
enough  to make a   llritisher  hleher teaching, the its to itself step-
in  N
"It   !
despair'' Lord Haitlanc said, "or rather  to  grit   his    teeth    wltli    increased
determination when be sees the example set by Columbia university,
with 11,000 students, which is larger
iinii iieriin, ihe students representing
admirable material and tbe teaching
Staff   i  Splendid body of men."
Lord   Haldane emphasized  tliat  tl
case  was similar as  regards
teaching In Montreal.
"Here you have lhe superb McGUI
university, provided bv the munificence of sir William Macdonald and
Lord Strnthcoiia.    In this trenientl"us.
iv important educational sense   New
Vork and .Montreal are setting Bn example which England must follow."
What, asked tha correspondenL was
iiie rear' n for this extraordinary development In North America Lord
ii ildan< attributed it tn several rea-
r-'iis rirst. tin* conviction on the
pu- c- leading ami representative-men
ihi'   '' e   future   of   a   country   reallv
depended on a scientific educational
pel     I"    illl'l    'lll'l'll'etl    the   i|efl"l"'l'-v "
in  the  United States, his lordship
" ;'l   lie had herd nnth'ng hut friend
Iv ren'lments expressed    hy    Americans   towards   (ire-'i   Britain,   and   he
��is convinced tlmt the bitterness
wblcb followed as s rerull of th"
Anglo-American wars, and which had
been fostered to some e��tenl Iiv un
higher """nd literature Bnd mistaken Inst rue-
tlpn at one time In lhe American pri -
tn"-"' ""ber Is   had mnv dis-mpeared.
Tlm leeti chancellor greatly admired
tin, evidence <f American and Canadian enterprise snd rrnsnerltv he had
'������in.  the  resourcefulness, sdaptabll-
' d  i ��� ���-1'iilitv ef the neople. and
thetr  ������"I'Mnie  confidence  In  a  happy
n-'i hrftl'ant future.
""���������! ,1 "i t-, breithe faith nnd on-
i ��� ���*, -. i�� the a,r cn -hls side of the
'- " '"��� raid i-i e- ncluslon. " md
" ' "��� Britisher who visits th" United
'"���'es and Canada """s pack s better
---i -er��� enlightened man for his
"ttperit nee.''
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crowded the entire day.	
firemen, discovering tbe alarm to
have heen a false one. made a few
remarks which paralleled Mrs. Dub-
kin's in Intensity and went back to
tbelr marters.
ot.rg   Affray   Near   Cranbrook
Result of Departure of
.     Victoria.   Sept.   V,. -The   di.chargr
of   heavy   artillery   un     the     opposite
shores   of   the   straits    a;     intervals
throughout   Saturday   led   many   Vic j
torians to believe that the island was
j being   visited   by   a   series   of   slight
earthquake shocks.
1    Several  vlaltora  trom    the    United
Cranbrook, Bept. -������.   A shooting m
fray, 111 wblcb Italians ot tin-, Clt)
were ...- principals, and wblcb is al-
loged ti bave risen out of an attempi IStatea located the firing as emanated elopement, occurred at Rampart, I1"** trotn ""' m-igiii.orhood of Porl
li i . ten miles east 01 bete, and i-vi | rownsend, and the regularil yof tbe
appl i.es in the hospital at thelfepprls confirmed the probability
Everything is on sale and
must be sold by the first
of the month.
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point  ;*f death  from  bullet  wounds In BrtJllery    fire.     Owing   to   prevailing
the  leg   arm   and  Stomach,  for  which winds, the detonations were most not-
Bruno iinii Is aald to he responsible. Iceable In the city about noon on Sit
i..ii.  In the afternoon Bruno Cutrt and ur2*''
Mrs    Zappl   went   by   automobile     to       1 he  Milne seismograph.
Rampart, where it was their Intention \*>'* UP In the has, meat of the
to wait  for tin* eastbound passenger
train   In whicb  tbe)   would oontlnue
which Is
land fisheries building on Wharf streel
and which Is so delloatal yndjust.-il
,., ���: sui.-, i:.-i Husband and hla that It trill record earth tremora even
brother, Kelloe Zappl. heard ot IBa|wh��> tlwy -snot decfrnlbteHo hum
nun.int ii le ride and planned to board
ni"  train  here,  and on  meeting  lbe
ooupli at Itampart. i ndsa-vor to per-
suade the woman to return to Cran
brook  (iiu-f of Police advised agalnsl
tins, '.iving lie would hive lhe con-
Stable   at   Wartltnr   mnke  tba  arrests
us the train reached thai point and
the couple would be brought hick on
ihe i) m. ir.iin. This was satlif tctor)
to tli Husband, but bis brother Pel ce
and Sam Barbarru would not listen
and boarded tba train,
At Kampart they met the coupl"
and while thej were reasoning with
ihem lha train pulled out leaving al
i.n   tlu   platform,     t'liiri    and     Zippi
walked a little distance to argue the
matter. The latter explained thai h b
luotiii i*. the husband if the woman
had Just a Tew weeks belore had ad
vanned $100 to bring his bride from
Italy,   Cutfl paid over tbe 1100, where
upon   I'ulri   Insisted   that,  they   return
to Cranbrook and obtain thehusbidd's
��� nsrnt   before He woman should  go
an perception, tbowtd no trace of dia
urblng iiirth waves dur'ng the la*I
f rt) eight hours, a fact that conclUS
ivi ly   proves   that     the    disturb ince.-
were nol of seismic origin    The tram
Ors caused by heavy cun firing nre
rf such short wave length that the
Milne Instrument would not record
Peculiar Geological   Feature. There���
ijffsr Terribly on  K.llln-
Tri")  .o  Di-**--in--.
Seattle. Sept. ii. Shushanna is the
greateat geological freak ever known.
It may develop Into one of tlie greateat mining centres in Alaska, nud it
may  prove only  a small camp.    The
country  is -late and  porphyry,    This   next   the  trail   will   be  easy
porphyry In places Is Intersected With   bridges had been thrown across some 	
a hard porphoiitn- quartz that, Is said  of tbe streams this summer, but these . ������-._.-;���_
to carry  high   values in seme of  the were burned up by a'forest fire. -     Minneapolis,  Sept.  K-��*WWU
chut, s     Nuaaets of native silver, nug       "' slaked on Johnston creek on Au-   that the man she loved and for whom
go.  mfv^ copper ^dchuii'ks ft gust   IH. and   noticed   that a   number  she had mortgaged her-mothe,-a fur-
chslcoDvritc   iconn-r)   ore have  been of   Scattleites   had   been   located   on   niture   and   piano   in   order   that   he
in t'otell's cell   JoutdT'the ISSSTta^ anVseams '�����,��.-���    *-�� ,'^  - ^   S^'Wh" t "   S
time as a bus-   oI   ,,���,,,   coal   have   been   uncovered   AJWj��o*   ^B*^*^��AJJSi&i& ��V
made   by   Cotell's  brother,   a   Chicago]     iiW C���|V   certain  things about  the  Joe Caldwell.  Charles   Berryman  and
lawyer,    Governor Cox will  be asked  rligRiiiKH  are   that   the  summer  trail  Dr. Williams.
lr   grant  a   purdon. Ig the worst in the world, that many      "James ninchion. Charles Freeman
If be dors Ihe arrest of the old sus   ilvt,s have been sacrificed, that nnicn  and  Tod  t'owles.   wealthy   Pairbinks
will   b��  asked    for.     Defectives  |iar,|ai,lp has bei n endured, and  that   operators,  have   taken   over  eight   of
irkltii; In Akron  for sev- ,tho 0\(*  prospectors acted  wisely    In  the  claims  on  lower Johnson.  U"d*>r
arnlhg stampeders against going  in  contract   to  shift   two  shafts  to  b 'rire unless equipped with horses and I rock   during   the   winter.     Thev   a-e
best   possible  outfits.    The   trail  now shipping In big outf'ts, which will
bsolutely  the outside limit���there | be taken over the winter trail.
Arr n. ().. Sept. 'in -A new attempt
to free Ilcmy Cotell, convicted eighteen years ago of the murder of two
members of tbe Stone family and a
laborer, nn a farm near Tallnuidge
and  which  mav  place
-, man arresied at the time as s bus- ���f  |iRiiiiP   eoal   have   been
pect, and subsequently freed, is belli;  ���an within a radius of ten miles.
pt ei
shoes, and  we were out of food any-jl.  when  his last pound ot  food  was jof four of the five Judges and the rec-1 Romance came around    the    corner.
ord   was   sent   back   to   the   superior  Bessie did not recognise  It at  first.
"The only operators who hove done. , _ourt w hav_ lhe damageg valued. The' She thought Just another ot those el-
any  prospecting have nothing to say     ,, _        _���_____._.. ,, i _    , _.     ���   ._. _, ,
city  was condemned in  costs on all i derly     mashers    the   like  of   which
counts | she had   met  often  before���to  their
Mr.  Justice Bruneau appointed Mr.  sorrow.
Thto Daoust. architect, as expert.   On i    This man was different. In the first
November 18 last the latter made his i Place he seemed a gentleman. He used
report  in  which he declared that the !!>road l'*'*" andhis f!n��er naiI�� were
action  be dismissed, that  Mr. Justice   beautifully   manicured
t'urran was wrong to award 1894, and ,     ,.     ,   "'"ner and  Theatre
that the supreme court should not bave   ��� "e ,Uid "ot attempt  to get "fresh,
given the judgment it did He to1'1 the *irls In a "God bless you
W. Handfield made a motion to set ' "-��' chn-*" manner that be was a phll-
aside this report and Mr. Archam- anthroplst known all over the l'nited
bault for the city asked that Itshould States aud that his specialty was seek-
be accepted. The motion came be- I lng out working girls and helping
fore Mr. Justice Dugas in June last,!tbem In some practical way. He sug-
and in hla decision he declares the ; gested that the most practical way he
report insufficient in details and j knew of just then was a dinner.
grants the appointment c.f a new arbi-) He escorted the girls to a cafe, and
trator. : there they were dined in regal s;yle.
  ! After the dinner they were the  *>IM-
anthropist s guests at the theatre, parquet seats too.
way and had to move on. That glacier [OOMnmed
is a bad one.    Any  time that a man
gets off the trail, especially if therSlJJ^^n^wtmTh^have uncov
happens  to   be  a   Ultle  snew,   its  all iered."
off with him.
Tenderfeet Suffer
"The chechacoea suffered at one
point on thc trail, because of a seven-
mile climb up a mountain, upon which
[there was uo water. E-toadhouses now
have been established at the top of
the hill.
"The warning to chechacoes to keep
cut uuiil after thc snow flies cannot
be too often repeated. 1 don't care
bow hardy the man is. he is goinrz
to have trouble getting over that trail
in  summer.     Ueginiting    in    January
A few *
Played  Sick, Got Girl's  Money, Then
Loved Another, Cut He and His
New Flame Are in Jail.
nue. caused the arrest last night of
George H. Bouchard and Miss Fern '���
Field. j
The  story  was  disclosed  ln  poUee WorW���g ow G,t, Touch of Rornlnee,
court today when Bouchard and Miss
Field were arraigned before Judge W.!
W,  Bardwell. j
i "We met several montha ago," Miss
Butlis said, 'when George was working as an A. D. T. lineman. I grew to
like  him  very   much,  and  finally   we |
But Nice Stranger's Bad Cheque
Spoilt Illusion
-Romance Is
i-ihii v, as alone   and
tlieir   ���   velvi rs   .it   each
is H'm .t effect
eh emptied
other,   but
During the evening the host mentioned from time to time In a self de-
preciative way his delight In aiding
working girls. He also dropped hints
ito the effect that he was known to
the leading citizens of the city, and
that his bank account, waa almost
vulgar, It was so large.
After the theatre he escorted the
girls home, and just before savins
goodbye evinced a desire to help Bessie. After a few questions on hia
part, Bessie admitted that she was a
bit behind in her room rent.
Dashes Off a Cheque
"Ah." said the stranger, "just as I
thought; allow me."
He drew out a cheque book and a
Ni ,i Vork, Bept, M. The tin ft of
n two dollar bill today brought out
threr rile engine companies, tWO book
and ladder oompanleB, a fire patrol,
iwo battalion chiefs, a deputy flre
chlif and numerous policemen from
lha Alexander avenue station In the
Bronx and emptied a six-story tene
menl of lt�� thirty-six famtr.es. The
thief escaped safely with tho bill.
Mrs, Augustus Duflkln. who lives on
tthe second floor of the tenement at
1101 Hrown Place, tlle Bronx, heard a
maii in thc courtyard below her window calling "Une up!" n the tenement district thlB means that the man
Is ready to rig up clothes lines for
iv consideration from the tenants.
Mrs. Duskln wanted a now clothes
line stretched and mado a bargain
���with the man to do the ��"";k,f?r.^
rents. When he hsd completed his
job he came for his money and Mrt.
buskin found that she had only a two
dollar hill. While she was explain ng
that she would go out and I et tne
change the man snatched the bli from
her hand and ran from the build ng.
Pocovi r ng from the surprise of thlB
Mrs.   Duskln started ln pur-
���--   stop
ac'.loi -.     ,
suit, screaming "flre. murder,
thief" and so forth in _Yiddish at d
Khwllrti as she ran. The thlrty-s x
families in the house >������������*��
poured out of their ��P��**me"'" f�� ���
Btreet, and one man, not ��*!����**2
er has been a harder pathway In !    "A  stampede  from  the  Shushanna began keeping company regularly. He j    Minneapolis, Sept. .3
north, and this means one of the  to Ophir creel: started about. Septem- promised to marry me. and I believed \ always  waiting "just around the cor*
were murdered in their beds.    A lvr,��d   ^.on<t tra'ji9 jn ,|.e world  .                     ber   1.    Ocr   rarty   staked  a   number he loved me as 1 loved him.                   I uer."
man  returning to the house  vvas at i    Thl8 tg the mamler )n whlch Capt. of cla ns.   Tbe new find Is about IS "Soon he began complaining of his;    Begg,e Y   k,       71 and    rett    ,lv. f     u,               wtth gracefui Btrok.,,
mcked  snd  so badly beaten  that  he | William   N.   Armstrong, a  prospector  miles soijth rf Johnson creek ,on the health, and told me he WMJwMering     "                                         "       n'^ht he dashed off a 110 cheque and p-esa-
died.     One   of   til"   Stone   daughters L, Mvent8en years' experience In  Al-  south  fo-k cf  Beaver river.    Several from tuberculosis.   I arrane ed to hr e    ��     ��    *��JN��-th  ��WUM   ��^ ������ SgJJfiJ-Srtft��S"MS\*^*1S*
who was In the house when her par-  Bg|ia  ,uu, who h��s followed every gold   Ssattls   PSOTle   were   staked   on   this him go west.   He went to \enice, Cal    sank to sleep with rosy visions,    rh.   id      mto Bessie     nanda.
entt were killed Is said to have made camp ln ,|u, country, sizes up the Shu   stream, am'ng tbem belne Kred Clal- and while there I sent him ahout ��.tt"i
a statement that the manwho kllltd  thlinmi district.
daughters|���| nventeen years' experience in Al-  south  fo-k rf  Beaver river
drab curtains of life were to be lift-(no thanks,"  he said  In quick  tones.
Willi'ims   Mar-  He would write, telling me he needed ed by a man ot millions and a kindly ;"Meet me tomorrow at eleven o'c'oc'<
1 aaler   Prank  money, and each time 1 sent him all I  heart. and I will see that you find the road
A. Dim- could spare.   Finally I found It neces-!    BesBle Is one ol the great army of to happiness.
sary to mortgage mother's household I girl   workers  whose  day   Is  bounded
goods and my piano.   I did thia will-  and divided by the blast of a factory
Ingly, because each letter said he was whistle or the clang of a time clock.
Improving. iand her pleasures are the pleasures it.    Horrors!    It was worthless, ind
,. .���., M���,.,��n,i .T... ���*.���  . ���"���      "Then he came hem" and I leaned |0f the girls made dear by the kindly i poor Bessie with her dreams tur-b'lnn
1IT1 au ��� u . .   . ,.,*.., ��       i-����� ���wnmA hv Rllll  he had given his love to another. Heitouch or o. Henry ln his tales of city about her ears was led to the FMfon
CAPITAMST 18 HURT P"' ��< A'"1"1 and they are likely to a lease on Bte.MB*M< by Bud - mogt of ���,��� t|mo , have ,earne(11 > Detective    James    S'.vfn.
CAPlT���i ibi  .�� nu       *ftmm .fhl���.  nnrf tWa|r nflMftM of ���._������,  .������  K   ���   Behlinr   tw0 of ,w(th m(m Fiew wh|ig |n Veni,e   The;"reB" a���� Meets "Romance" JThere she was questioned and releas-
her parents was a much larger man
than t'otell. At the time of the mur
d"r Cotell was a bo yof seventeen.
The governor. It Is thought, will order ah investigation.
ser,   ire   M-l'old.   Dr.
Captain   Armstrong  Monday. g'ery  Gregu,  Frank  B.
!    "I   expect   to   see   several   hundred   Sullivan. O. B.  Yotuitt. Mary
prospectors In  the    Shushanna    thi* dale, C, J.  Frazey,  Fred Helpp
; winter," he said.   "Travel will be easy  Harry McDonald,
over the winter trails, und a quantity ' Claim Bonded for $15,000
of supplies will be placed on the field.      "Mvself and assoc'ates. besides stak-
Turn a few prospectors loose In any lng  on Ophir and Johnson creeks  toni
" ' ns owneif       "���'
find something, nnd their chances of Sargent and  K.   It.   Behllng,
Today Bessie with joy lu her 'near'
and the cheque ln her hand lurried
to a department store.   She presented
two  of
two were together here after their re-
-    ��� ae.ni   oi    -crushing Into a developing big pay on the Shushanna the first men In the country n>
*\\^1\\a W��hln*ton Water Power "" Rood,  because of the Indications the claims leased ��r* Discovery claim ,,���.���    M   he���t ��� broken    , don't be.
*;e9";0e��r .hoHlv before^ o'clock last already  found. on    Sargent    gulch.    Frank    Manley ���       he h-��� tubercui0B|��,
mght   A   C   lewU,    325    Jofferson       ' Men SUrve to Death bonded  a  claim   above this one  for'
heavy veil when she appeared In court
ies were continued tin-
Both were released on
Men SUrve to Death {bonded  a  claim
.   '.'_.ti...d c__nltallBt   was thrown]    "I never saw so many with sore feot, $15.1)00.    He also took over the Tam 	
���ft nf'hls automobile and severely In- Hn my  life.    Wading glacial streams I many Bench claim and No. 2 on Chic-(tndny.   The nmsos were continued un
lured    Mr  Lewis was driving his car and climbing   sidling   trails   blisters'ken creek. , til tomorrow.
east  on  Sprwie avenue,  neer Scott aiiil  swells    the    pedal    extremities. I    "J. C. Griffith of Dawson, owns the ba��� ..���,���,
.treet    ami   tried   to  cut   across    in Three men starved to death ontheCof   bench adjoining the Tammany and in]    <Td marry Georae nnw.'   Miss Bul-
rront of the approaching car. The car tee Creek trail from the Yukon, and tends prospecting It thla winter    He lis said, as she left the court room
���truck  the automobile    headon    and another   was  reported  to  have  been left a contract for the cutting of six
completely demolished It.    Mr. Lewis i0��t.   Soveral wore drowned going In ty cords of wood, at $��.00 the cord
wns  thrown  tn  the ground   and  re-  from  the  Cordova  Bide, and  I  think His outfit,  which wlll come in over  LAW SUIT HAR PFEN
celved  a  number nf  bail  outs    and aoinc were lost on the glacier.   The the winter trail, will Include a steam
bruises.   It Is not thought that be Is chechacoes  suffered  terribly.    1  was thawer and hoisting machinery.
Injured Internally.   He wbb picked m>j|at<j up In camp with Doc Williams. |   "Hamshaw. Wylle and Sargent had
Last evening, In company with an- < ed.
other girl, Bessie went for a  walk. I   The police are looking for thtf foun-
��� ,��� .   .,    . , Just a bit of exercise before darkness i tain pen philanthropist on ��'f''ii"!fl
Miss Bnllls. a pretty blond.wore a !and the reBt ghp ueeded for the com-|of chektng on a bank wlthotft titA*.
" "*""""���"    " """     in|, of xhe morrow'B toil. of checking on a bank without fund*.
Right then and there the spirit of JBurch."
"I still love him."
,.   .  ,-  | (I tl| UU 111 *    i* I I I  \t Tl    I LSI lJ^*\e VI     > ��� II11M1BI     1 lllllllHIIH   TT, TT^��--*-��� ��� ��- . ,
unconscious by a pasBing automobile w��� ,vere npar the Sco|a| g|ac|er. We I separate claims and supplies In the,neen fonaerei
and taken to the offices of Dr. F. K. fonnd tt nmI1 who had been goB,, two country when the strike waa made. |����J5x "***
Pone. Later he wns taken to his home. I()ay_ beforo wlt|, a b|g n^n^. He had They each represented groups of cspl-
The street car was loaded with peo- ,ogt the k ,,. one of tho gtreamg lBi|at, who own and were developing
pie coming home from the fair and he; and m mln{| wag waverlng. p^. wil- copper properties In the gold belt. Hsd
crash when the automobile struck the g treatcd h)m ,of g coup,e of days!ft not been for the provisions which
car frightened a number orthe occu- whan we a��� had l0 move on Thethel!B raen bad brought In over the
pants.   It was said a number of pas-1 man whQge mm wgg wandgrlllg was wInler ^11 nothing could have been
immmaaa ���or.  cut  hv  flvlnir  nlans   but   m��n   wiiuue   iiiiuu   nan   r> ..I-..--I ..ih   mam
sengers were cut dv rijing glass, oui i ,   . rt      , ._ ..-_.., wi��h a fpilow
m.i. u ,i..nlerl hv the w������r nnwercom- iStartea OUl in company wna a iruuw
thlB ls denied by the water power com
Mr. Lewd
| who had bad feet.   The doctor flgur
ts has lived In Spokane for1^ that one having good feet and a
la number of   years.     He   formerly !��ok ��" f16."1?1 uuallttea and the other
'nwtowl   n  nnnihnr nf
done this summer. They each acquired some well situated claims, but
confined their etofrts to prospecting.
The Hamshaw people, having the
most grub, did the most work. They
alao furnished provisions- to the James
brothers, otherwise their claims would
My own feet wero lhave been closed down.     Hamahaw
���J a gocvt working
Montreei. Sept. 23.���-V decision has
rendered by Jude* Dugas in
a case whl"h has been
occupying the attention of the local
courts since 1897. The action i�� ths��
of Louis Ropelle against the ctty or
In 1897 Rlooelle Instituted ��n action against the cltv for $18,787 for
da-maces sustained by the demolition
of a block of buildings at the corner
of Rlonelle avenue and City Hall avenue.   When the case   came   before
Penticton, Sept. 23.���Reported dls- surface of the vein, however, are bad-"
coverlee of coal tn considerable quan-.ly broken with rock.
titles on the eaatern  side ot Skaha
Following the staking of the discovery claims, Harry (tough and Prank
lake, near Okanagan Flails, and about Nelson, of Penticton, anting on belief
ten milea from Penticton. cauaed con- that the vein ot ooal -attends direct-
slderable excitement among local mln- ly bsueath Skaha lake, stakedI conal*.
t... .... -_.._ .__>v   **a ** * -**��to erabl�� ground oa tha weatern benches.
lng men laat week, and asi a result ^ ^  ^^ ^ ^ im9a**lja*ttt
much ground has been staked. The th0rough grospaeUoa at thla gronn*
i���Amm r,..-�� ���. ..v* tiid_mM>t for discovery la declared to be bona fids, as soon a* possible. Lm4 authorHNs
*Z*T ?hi ��se wS Uk-mTappeai;���� ��r- Campbell, an old Cobalt mln- who have ttgltW tfcT3**ol tt.
ind^'th Jflv.TJd��? unanlmoimlv"T? !��r. who haa staked nearly a squaiw ttnd. white naaatax*. U re��ard to
and the five Judaea unanimouaty   je^ m{u> ^ ^^^t, ^ ae eMtMB w ���,, MtoiW*M.���� *a*l toiteetloa*. *>
ta ***���
inveHllaate ln the excitement.  ,  ...  ....
���   nn alarm of flre. 'owned a number of larre ranches in having bad frr t.r
The  three engine companies, two:the pai0UBe country.    He  was   also.mind, ahould be able to make lt across
oil  .5 ladder companies and the Unown In former days as an owner of the glacier toether.   There waa noth
noon ��nu i responded while' tome of the finest horses ever brod,ln�� elae to do.    My own feet wero,...,. u-0��� v.���- ���      ���_.-..-..  ,,1,���, .-.���.. .��..---..,--_. -. ���7-:- _^ ��*__.���-��_., ��, ��^.r -.wi^ .. <e    __... i. -nm_ti..t nUMiit* tn but
'      "hlef inade���ood hl��i escape.   The'n the western country. |swollen so that I could not wear my closed down his camp on September p��,i court waa reversed by a majority good ������lm��w of coal, which, at tt* M��t In sufficient fl-naallty to pay
''���'��� r��;
-,.<'������ '*��� *
���'*.*'        ���' ' \ -
aerved their decision.   ciS'to tb. ����������> ��| terrltority on the eastern v** the ����'IM? �� ***i *"^>{
supreme court this decision of the an- tlon of the lake, haa i��rod��eed ������� ����t hrtleve ttat tha m��eeal
the 1  Vr
PAflR  E10HT
Supply Co.
p. 0. Box 2 Phones 1 and 67
641 Columbia St.
When buying Fruit visit
our Store. We receive a
fresh supply each morning.
Fancy Klberta Peaches, very
larne and well colored, per
box  90C
I'rab    Apples,    "HlBlops,"    3
lbs 25c
Table Apples, per box..$2.50
A few boxes of No. 1 Cooking
Apples, at   $2.00
Crapes, Tokays, - lbs 25C
Tomb Honey, per lb 25C
Cranberries,  the  first  of  the
season,  per lb 20c
Two  lbs 35c
Bartlett Pears, this ts the last
shipment of Bartletts, per
'b 10*
Canteloupes, Bananas, Prunes.
Oranges, etc., etc., will all come
in fresh this morning.
Supply Co.
Greater Westminster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, *?tc, in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. ' Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
Bounht a Ranch.
Mat  Kuiness,  North  read, has  purchased a ranch on Newton road, Surrey, and will remove thither Bhortly.
The Koyal City llaiiclnn club will
hold Its regular dance iu si. Patrick's
hall on Thursday, Sept. 26.        (2113)
Spiritualism, whal  it  teaches,   An
address will be given this evening at
8 o'clock by Mrs. Clarke, room 6, 630
Columbia stive;.      ., (1106)
Applied for Writ.
An application for a writ of habeas
corpus was made In chambers yesterday before the Honorable Justice Clement by .Mr. Odell, Vancouver, acting
on behalf of on Cunseppl, Mission,
charged with selling lli|iior to an Indian. The application Was opposed by
Norman Hole, K. ('.. acting on Instructions from thc attorney general.
The hearing was adjourned until Friday afternoon.
A. S. Mills & Co. wish to Inform
their patrons that they have just
opened up for Inspection a shipment
of Durbcrrv's famous overcoats.
Kor up-to-date millinery at moderate
prices, go to Miss Davey's Millinery
Parlors, Carnarvon block, nearly opposite the Hotel Russell. '        12095)
Real Birds, These.
Burqultlam poultry raisers wore
very successful at the Central Park
fair. Among the prize wlners from
'his exceptionally favored district war
K. ,1. Chesterfield, who curried off W.
J. Kerr's silver cup for the hest pen
of egg and broiler producers, with a
pen of S. C. White leghorns. With h's
Buff Hocks and Buff Wyahdottes Mr.
Chesterfield in addition gathered in 12
first prizes and one second.
NO     FEAR    OF
Nor is he worried
with the fluctuations of
the stock market nor
real estate depressions.
He goes right along
with his work without
We have placed millions on mortgages for
investors and they have
never lost one cent of
principal or interest and
they have made money,
too, because money at 8
per cent, doubles itself
in about 8 years-.
We are thoroughly
equipped to relieve you
of all bother regarding
it. We will secure the
mortgage, look after all
collections, etc.*,! for a
very small percentage.
Call in and let us tell
you more about our
Declaration of Trust
Dominion Trust
New Westminster
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
4 Per Cent, on Deposits.
Offices: Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal,
Charlottetown, 1-ondon, EJng.,
Antwerp, Belgium.
Money to loan on first mortgages
improved city and farm property
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (1989)
For  all  building   supplies  and   fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 820. wharf phone 880.  ���
���\    " "    ��� (19S8)
Spoke \Veil of Him.
Copies of the 'Lindsay, Ont.. Daily
Warder and the Evening Posl. jusl tc
hand, make mention proiiilhwllly c.
the visit paid by Chief bt. Police
George T. Bradshaw while on his waj
to the coast with Marlin Powell, tin
alleged bank robber. Lindsay is thf
chief's homo town, although it was
many years since be left the eastern
province for Manitoba and liritish i
Columbia. He was able to spend only j
a few hours In the city calling for bis
wife and children, who had been
spending the summer months at Mr3.
Bradshaw's old home.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds cf millions to pay losses.
Man Who Hit Loo Sing Cleverly Concealed   Roll,   But   Pollce
Fcund It.
Strange and devious are the v ays
of sonic  people  who attempt   tO  hide
I their bank roll and Kdward Kay Bev-
erley cun be placed In this class. In
the   police   court    yesterday    he   wus
j placed in the dock on a e'.iurge of
wounding I.oo Sing, a habitue of the
Chinese Quarter,    When placed under
arrest by Detective Burrows during the
I progress of a pool game, Beverley disclaimed any knowledge of having any
money In hls possession with the exception  of a  four-bit  piece.    Half    a
[slmoleon did not appeal to Charlie Pit-
tendrigh as bail money, with the result that Beverley unearthed $24 in
bills from some nook In his clothing, although careful search had been
made by the pollce officer.
It remained, however, for P. C.
Tohnston to turn the trick. The officer Bomewhaw gained the suspicion
that Kdward It. B. was (here with the
roll. Captured in the Chinese Quarters, charged with wounding an Oriental: all of this gave Kd thc impression that one who mixes in such arts
mlghl be a juggler In a fan-tan or
chuck-a-luck game. Sure enough. Hid
below one of his armoits, Beverley
was forced to disgorge the remarkable
roll of $250 in bills.
He left $100 of this with Chief
Bradshaw yesterday morning calling
for his appearance in court tomorrow
morning, To the bench he murmured
about securing legal assistance and
also that of a business man who would
identify Loo Sing ns having thrown e
j rock at licensed and also a previous
affray in which tlle glint of a knife
was noticed.
bad not the slightest intention to steal
the watch as Odell was an old friond
cf his. He took ihe watch temporarily,
us his own had stopped and Intended
to return It al once, but de' ived for
a day. if Thomson had not taken the
watch from the stable it would have
been returned to Odell that day.
Mr.   Macneil  did   nol   address    tlie
Jury and the court Intimated that If
Ihe jury found the man guilty he
would make Inquiries regarding him
In Tore punishing hlm.
Carried Bio Knife.
Frank Ulnbery, charged with carrying an offensive weapon, a butcher's
knife, and assaulting bis brother, Mike
l.iubery, nt Albion, was released on
two sure!ies of $500 each, mainly
through the persistency of his advocate, W. V, Hansford.
Prisoner pleaded guilty to tbe assault and bis lordship said be w mid
look into the depositions and hear
counsel afterwards In regard to sell
Mr. 'Hansford, however, vas not to
be silenced, but respectfully continued
to urge ills client's cuse. When he
mentioned that prisoner had alreadv
been five and a half months In prison
bis  lordship  was Impressed  and    im-
mediately suggested sureties to keen
the peace which he fixed at 'wo of
$5110 each.
These Mr. Hansford succeeded in
furnishing Inter on und l.iubery is
' new free.
Today the trial cf Robert O. Bmlth,
[contractor, charged with arson, takes
place. Smith is alleged to have instigated the firing of liis own property
through the hands of two voung men
named Howard and Naas.
McAllisters Limited
Day sessions the entire year, i
Night session Monday, Wed- j
nesday and Friday evenings.
individual instruction in Shorthand, I
Touch     Typewriting.     Bookkeeping, j
Arithmetic. Spelling. Penmanship and I
allied subjects by specialists at either
session. .
A. L. HtH'CK. Principal.
Phone 853. 610 Columbia  St.
Man Who  Slept on  Front Street Has I
to   Pay  the  Piper���Another
Leaves $100 Behind.
Items of Sterling
Worth in the
Linen and Household Department
fl-lnob     full     bleached     Kngiish   Sheetings,   un
dressed and free from Impurities.    Per yd.,    30c
7J-Jnch Twilled Sheetings, from tba famous Boi
Ion mills; soft and velvety.    Per yard 3SC
90-lnch double warp Sheeting;  weur like pin wire
Per vard 40-C
70-80   hemstitched   Cotton   Sheets;   easy   washed
and dried.    Per pair $1.75
70-90 useful domestic Sheets. Per pair... S1.2S
70-110 heavy twilled Sheet.     Per pair $1.95
40-inch  Pillow Case Cotton.    Per yard   20c
.--inch Circular Pillow Case Cotton. Vard SW .*������
44-Inch Circular Pillow Case Cotton. Vard 28' it
White Grecian and Knit Bedspreads; threi -quar
ter bed  size   S1.25
Full size heavy Grecian Bedspreads, cachgl.75
Large size Grecian Bedspreads; made from Hue
Egyptian Cotton.    Kach      $2.50
a few curiously r;nc Patent satin Marcells Bed-
spreads: rcalloped and oul corners; regular at
'T-Vl   Each $5.25
Attractive Prices
in Table Cloths
Test Prcduwtlonc of Irish and Scotch  Makes.
3D grass bleached Table Cloths, 64x8*1 and 84x84,
si   $2.25
30 grass bleached Table Cloths; with fancy ean
van  border, ul $2.05
Heavy Damask Cloths, BOgtO Inob, Kach. .$1.50
Bare value In a mixed lot of Table Cloths; Slightly soiled; niton from i yards to 1"^; In MHTted
designs ami  patterns,  pansy, fleur de  lis, sham
rock,  etc., at    .  $2.20
Kveryday Table Cloth, each    78C
78-Inob   Double   Damask   Table   Linens;   regular
$1.50, for, per yard $1.00
Pretty Japanese Open-work Cloths and  Runners,
each    50C
Dainty 86x18 Ten Cloths, with smart reining
���'**��������������� $1.50
Blankets!   Blankets!
Spun and Bcoured on the bonnle hanks o' Doon.
l.i ���'���ly  Scotch   Hath   Blankets;   soft as down:   Hi
byM.al $7.50
Cosy Scotch Math Blankets, 84x64, al $6.50
Comfortable  Scotch   Math   Blanker*,  84x84;   wltli
pretty hlue and pink border,'at S5.50
Good useful Hath  Blankets, 64x84, at $5.00
Hest Quality Swan's Down Sheets;  In urmv gray
u!,!>-  l'"*-i-',lr $1.00
exhibition Decorating.
George Henry Little, who lias b��pn
selected as tbe official decorator for
the R. A. ft I. society exhibition, has
opened an office in the south come'
cf the Arena at Queens Park, and 1��
prepared to fill orders for decorating
booths, arranging exhibits, draping
;md card sign writing. All worn will
be done by an cxperl-eiiecd stuff and
as Mr. Little's reputation 6.8 an
artislic craftsman and decorator is of
the highest class, he is certain to give
entire satisfaction to thiiso who entrust their work to hlm. -Mr. Little's
work at the Vancouver auto show and
Vancouver exhibition received the
highest praise from the management
Mr. Little is resident nl 238 F'rst
street, telephone l. 14_h. i2097)
Reception at Orohanaqe.
A reception has been planned to
take place at the True Hlue orphan-
age, S18 Milton street, which opened
May l. on Thursday afternoon and
evening, between the hours of 2:31
and S o'clock, which will be open to
the general public for Hi" purpose of
showing just what work has been and
Is being accomplished In caring fol
destitute children. Since May lust l'i
children hav- been eared for, while al
the present time there are n children
under the roof cf the building. Supervisor Mrs Ellen Hanlii and Mrs. M.
S, Rennle, secretary of the commit tee.
haa the arrangements for the reception in charge.
' N'eur again, not In my whole life,"
was the plea set forth by Mike Sheridan belore  Magistrate Kdmonds    yes- '���
terday  when  answering  a  charge    cf I
having connected with several Jorums
of    joy    juice    on  the  previous  p.m.
Mike, wlio hails from Vancouver, can
lay  Ute  blame al   the  teet  of  P.  0. !
liass. tor were it not for him Sheridan
might  have  slept deep and  sound  in
the box of an    auto    delivery    truck
lying on Kront street and awakened In
the cold    grey    dawn    of    yesterday
morning.    Hass. however,    espied   a
SUSplciOUB    looking    giass    recepticle
bearing an Imperialistic sign which
ird to further investigation and Anally
ended in Mike taking a tri^ In the
elty motor bus.
Mike, afiei' e_uri yi sterday, ('.aims
ho is Out one good nigiu's rest. $4.6'
Is  R   court   plaster,  cue quart  bo"1. I
cf thirst quencher, $40 which lie had '
in   his  jeans aud  several  mysterious
recks which he claimed, when tested,
might have turned out io ba a second I
Frederick Ki.pi-land's name was
called In vain. Kred is tht husky
Swede who threatened dire ���destruction to Sergeant Hi-mcc and P. C, Hass
early cue morning last week after being remonstrated wiih for disturbing
the peace of tiie populace. Espeland.
according to the police records, is a
bad actor, so much so that he was
the guest of the provincial government for a six months spell last suni-
mei. Thinking, perhaps, that flight
was the better of valor, Fred failed
to answer his name when called
yesterday morning, thereby losing
$100 aa hail money and running tbe
risk of being picked up by tlle police
on a warrant issued by Magistrate Kd-
We the undersigned agree
to close our stores on Saturday afternoons between thc
hours of 1 and 7 p.m. until
further notice.
M. .1.  KNIGHT t- CO.,  Lid.
T. J. TK.'.I'P & CO., LTD
You are cordially invited to inspect our
^���^   and spacious show-rooms on lhe first flobr, has just opened up a beautiful range of the newest Coats, Suits and Drosses for the coming Season. There
is a very great variety to select from, embracing all the most  advanced  Fall
We would emphasize that consistent with the best qualities, popular prices to
suit every purse prevail in this section.
i 21 88 i
Residence Y. W, C. A Phone 1321
.. for ..
British Columbia will be will represented ai the fllili ain.nnl meeting of
tiie Pacific Logging congress which
opens in Spokane tomorrow morning
'and will continue until Saturday, September .'7.
The object id lhe rorncresR is the
advancement of tha science of longing
| engineering, the field or the association embracing liritish Columbia,
Idaho. Montana, Washington, Oregon
and ('alifiirnitu
Statistics sent out hy 0. M. Cornwall, secretary of the association and
editor ot Timber-men, Portland, Ore..
Indicate  thai   more   than  one-half  of
I the standing timber of the United
States is located on the Paclfle. tilope.
and that cutting continues at the rate
i of about eleven  billion feet, annually.
:    .Mr. Cornwall  is well known In this
| ctty, bavlng during tbe past few years
made it a point to visit New Westminster on un annual inspection trip.
Not Made Public.
Pcugiikeepsie. NY.. Sept. 23. If the
grand jury ot I lutein ss county has
found an Indielineni agalnsl Harry K
Thaw, as report! d uy William Travers
Jerome at Concord today, it has not
been made public here nor handed up
In uny court. The district attorney's
office explained this afternoon lhat
the Ri'aiul juiy had made no report
on the case and had adjourned f< i
two weeks.    It wan added lhat It was
possible, however, Dial an Indictment
had been found and kept secret.
(Continued rrom pane onei
Mus. Bac.
ClnQlng,  Piano.  Theory.
For Terms and  Hours Apply nt
Studio,  1011   Hamilton  Ctreet.    Phone
1319 R. (1977)
I.RAM.   A It.CM.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (tn
; class or private!) i. Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared tor the examlna
lions of the Associated Board of   the
Hoyal   Academy   of   Music   and   Itoyul
College of Music.    Also    Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or Perfi rmer
For terms, etc., apply 51 Dufferin
Street.    P'.n ii" 411 It. (206?)
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Hlock.
TAMBOLINE    The death took place
in St. Mary's hospital here yesterday
evening at 6'.80 of 1,'niin Florence
Tamboline, 17 years, oldest daughter
i f -Ylr. and Mrs. Joseph Tamboline, of
Wi-nth.am Island. Deceased had been
ilil several months. She was bom nt
Westham island. The funeral will
tal-.fi place on FrldttV to Ladner
Methodist church, where service will
bc held at 1 p.m. and burlpl will be
made at Boundary Day cemetery.
fiom 'i p.m. lo ii p.m., and one man
shifted it iM) yards. This might explain the disappearance of the money
drawn from the bank.
The jury found Webb guilty and
sentence will be Imposed ut tbe clone
of the assizes.
Ctole Watch.
(ieorge Marshall wiih convicted of
(stealing a watch, chain and locket
I from Andrew Odell. Agasslz, on
August 'M last. Accused took it from
I Udell's  house,  where  It  waB  banging
In the kitchen, in Odell's absence,
Andrew Odell spoke us tu accused
and he having dinner together. At
nlgbt he went to wind his watch and
missed It,
W. A. Thomson, special constable at
Kosi dale, btated he found the watch
In a cowbell In a stable where Mar-
(shall was resting. He discovered the
I watch by hearing It tick as they lay
! resting on the hay.
Were Old Friends.
i    In defence Marshall slated that he
A few crates of choice!
peaches for preserving left
at 90c. per crate.
Tokay Grapes, 2 lbs. 25c. j
Hed Spring and SteeJJiead |
Salmon and Halibut, 2 lbs.
for 25c.
Smoked Halibut and Salmon, 2 lbs. 35c.
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
1-17 Columbia St. Phone 98.
ank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all lirancties Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received und interest ut ibu highest current rate pa'.J or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager,
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,  Phone  1204.
Eighth  St.   Market,  Phone  1206.
Edmonds  Market Phone   L883.
(iet our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job. _^
Enquire about our special stockes, they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We writ* Flre, Life, Accident, Employer*  Liability,  Automobile and
Marin* Insurance.
Notice to Passengers-City Lines.
CHANGE IN FARES-Effective Sept. 18, 1913
For the convenience of pasengers, conductors
will be provided with strips of five tickets, good on
city lines only at any time, which will be soldi for
twenty-five (25) cents.
Strips of ten tickets (five green and five white)
will be sold for forty (40) cents, good on city lines
only, but the white tickets will ONLY be accepted on
the cars between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. The green tickets
will be available until midnight.
The rates and conditions previously prevailing
governing transfers, school children's tickets and the
requirement of a double fare after midhight will
continue in force.


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