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The New Westminster News Aug 19, 1913

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Newt Classified Ads.
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Have proven their worth
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reuults   they   produce.     T -
large   or   email   wants     ,-*���'
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cost                     -              N
VOLUME 8, �����'/*    3ER 138.
Seattle, Aug.  n* -The    records    In I
WHERETOD&YJ      m mm
Citlrcns Will Tell Him What He Can \ 	
co to Make This Port Troops Surround Nanaimo
Building and Search the
Steamer State of California' &��^��55^��S^!   T"" "fA*, "-yj�� !*�� '
'"���'     T   ' ������ u.,.,,1 ..... iha dead : I'TS to visit the Hoyal City this yea-
Sinks   Near   Juneau,     ^'^iX^TCJ^- ��� ��� win ��..*��. Hubert tam, ,������������*.!
American  Labor  Leader    May    Havc
Been   Thinking   of   Nanaimo
When He Gaid It.
i.hip stnte of California.
Mr,  nnd  Mrs. .lohn  Van de  Lass
were   from    Uik   Angeles;  Blanche
t'ruld and Mlnetle ll;..rlan, were from
Pacsengtr Lists Lost���Of Seventy-six   Jjtlw��u5��
Aboard Only Thirty-six Are
ter of public works for tiie Dominion
who will arrive in the city at ncou today.
Arrangements were completed yes-
Ore- \V A Dyer was from : terday afternoon at a meeting of the
��� ��� M'lss Alice T. Johnson WM Public bodies to entertain the mlnls-
trotn Vancouver, B.C., and rMs. C, B. tor on his arrival here, a drive around
Bptthlll and Mies Lillian F. Norman jthe city and an informal luneheonat
were from  Port Bolivar, Tex
March  Them In Squads to Jail
cover Ammunition  Hidden Under
Labor   Hall.
HI tt tt i
ft ft ft *
Naaaimo, Aug. lis.���Special -Follow-
the Hotel Hussell being on the Itln-jing a mass meeting called    by    the
i-rary,   before  the   party   goes  down United Mine Workers last evening in
C-other and Sister Lost. | river to inspect the. work goiug on at] the athletic building, iiO arrests wero
l.os  Angeles.    Aug.    1��.   -Relatives j the_ mouth of the Fraser. | made and more are expected  to fol
The name of Ben. A. Wade.
Is among those reported missing wheu the steamer State of
California sank near Juneau
Wude has for two years been
a window dresser at Johnston's shoe store here. He
left on a vacation one week
ago Saturday for Seattle, aud
was on his way to Skagway,
ahd wire to return to work
next Monday.
Ills home is in New York
stale Wado boarded on Dublin Btreet, here, and is 28 or
'it years of age.
It waa rcinored that SherlfT
Armstrong with his wife and
daughter were on the State of
California, but this is not true.
Seattle,     Aug.     18.���Fifty-four p��B-
here declared tbst Jack Terrass, a l.os
Angeli s high Bchool student, und his
sister, Miss Clara ('. Terrass, sailed
on the State of California, Their
names did nnt appear In the first lists
ot drowned or rescued.
Two Teachers Missing.
Monmouth. Ore.. Aug. 18. MIS86S
Mlnette Harland and Blanche Fridd,
reported among the mipshig iu the
wreck of the Slate of Ciillfornla. off
the coasl of Alaska early Sunday
morning, wire teachers In the state
normal school here. Miss Harland's
famllv lives In Indian! "nd Mlrs
Frldd's family resides In Valley ("Sty.
N.D. They had been Instructors h<>re
for two years. The two young women
had gone on a vacation trip to Alaska.
The     government     fisheries    boat, low before daylight.   The troops sur
Petrel has been prepared to take the
i narty down tiver and after an inspection at Steveston and the Sandhead.-,',
[the minister will be landed at Stev-
letton where a Bpeclal car will le In
I sttendaoM to take him direct into
Among those whom It Is expected
will form the party greeting him on
behalf uf the city will be Col. J. D.
Taylor, MP.. Mayor Oray, Aldermen
White and Kellington, Messrs. Thos.
Olfford, M.P.P. and F. J. MacKenzie,
M.P.P., Hnrhor Engineer Powell,
Messrs. Worsfold and NelBon, nf the
publlc works deparlm/nt, W. 0. Mc-
'.Juarrle, ('. II. Stuart Wade. D. S. Curtis.   W,   It.  GUlev,    Dr.    Holmes.  G.
rounded the building ar.4 when the
meeting was over proceeded to march
the men In squads of ten to the provincial Jail where they were searched
for weapons. This proved a tedious
'url: and as the building was crowded
the troops art still busy, many men
being kept in the building until their
turn tomes to be marched to the jail
tor examination.
Discover Ammunition.
Information was r.lso received here
that the police had discovered 20,000
rounds of ammunition hidden under
the lubor hall at Ladysmith. This waB
confiscated and was afterwards found
Trinidad,  Colo.. Aug.  18.��� A strong
; denunciation of the  policy  of    large
i coal companies of importing    armed
Dis* .guard.*! into districts where labor cca-
j troverBleB  are  in progress,  wus contained  in   the    annual    address    of
President John Mclennan, before the
eighteenth annual convention of   the
Colorado  State   Federation  cf  Labor,
which  held  its  opening  session  bere
The  guards  were  characterized  as
("paid assassins" who were given em-
I ployment   Bolely   to   defeat  the   pur-
I poses of organized labor. The declarations of President McLennan coupled
with the expressed determination    of
Frank J. Hayes,   national   vice-president of the United Mine Workers of
America, to call a strike of the union
miners in district No. 15 unless   the
operators will grant recognition of the
union,    haa    apparently still further
complicated the labor situation here
and  rendered hopes    of    a    peaceful
settlement more remote.
Hope for Settlement.
State I-abor Commissioner Edwin
V. Brake, special envoy of Oovernor
Amnions, spent the day in acquainting himself with the local situation
and conferring with labor leaders. He
Prices Paid for Tug Here and City Dredges Called Kxm--
bitant, if Nct Scandalous, by Alderman BrysMi���
Mayor Gray Anxious That* Whole Matter Should Be
* �� tt ?; 8 H *9
to be the property of a hardware mer  .
chant who claims that he had stored Ill0'-'es t0 8ecure an agreement to post
Passennere Trapped,
lunnu. Alaska. Aug 18. -The State
of California was going full speed
when she struck the reef and a great
P' rtlon of tin ships' bottom was torn
eft. letting In  a  greal   flood of water 1
J. W. Cunningham and It. Sutherland. .������������������ _V,���K ,.���%.���,.�����,���m������    invest!.  Journment of the federation of labor
R. JL km I. OfflCfRS
tenpers   who  galled  from  Seattle  on! which quickly mgultad the boat, KM)
board the steamer State of California
were booked for Juneau and Skagway and presumably were with the
ship when bhe struck a rock Just
ninth of Juneau and sank In many
fathoms et water. Heeause of the losi
of the purser's passenger records, the
names of those on board the sunken
vessel cannot easily be learned and
it will take n long lime before the
comnlete lift of the doad can lie
Twenty-two more passengers were
lakm on board at Prince Rupert, Kel .
chekan, Petersberg, Wrangfil and
other points and these also were on
board, making a total ol 78 paaseng
i rs
After the wreck 43 were picked up
from the lifeboats o4 the California
by the steamer Jefferson and taken
to Inn.* u, b'living 'i'i persons prob
i biy drowned Seven members or Che
<���������* w are known to have gone down
end Uttl brings
dend to an even forty
Those figures of the number of passengers  arc  from   the offices of    the
i'acilic Coast Bteampshtp company
mid cannot be verified, since tbe
purfi. r's records' nre lost.
It is pi sslble that some of (be 54
wl-.ii booked passages from this purl
may bave changed their minds at the
last minute and not bave sailed.
Among those missing from hero are
It. C. Terktss, the flrsl wireless opera
tor of the California, and the son of
u wealthy San Francisco family, and
Mins Mav Dixon, a school tench
this place.
f (he passengers and members of the
I crew   \>.ho  perished-   were     In     tbelr'
I state rooms and there was not time'
to gel tbem out before the boat went 'Trip
down, Tlie cr w numbered r.2 men.'.
Captain Cann aud 41 men an. on t'.ir j
1, A. ,���..,, retarnlog to Seatfl*. seven I
perished and First Officer Abernathv I
and three win are standing by the
Lies Deep Down.
Tbe ship Is sunk In deep water end
��� here Is nd hppe    cf   salvage.    The
Jefferson   was  onlv a  shori  d'ttauc*
-.., i)  ��� hi ������ ��� ';i   )���'���'.��� d "������ 'i " B, O. B ,
i ill and when sh��   arrived    at   the i
scene the i":;i \ i :  were In the III
boa's and 'n life rat:--    Ii was broid
,!*>vii.'i*    There Is no pobi blllty thai
anv of the missing reachi d shore,
w. a. |Hv,-r, h studenl at Marq ti
medical  college   was drownpd  whin
his room mute. P, Neary, ef the same
the supposed  list of .college,   was    rescued.    Miss    A.    J.
'Wilson,  who  was drowned,  was  from
Princ'-  Rupert.  B.C,
Mrs. Nellie Ward, of Seattle, was
drowned after gi ttiug to tbe deck
from her stale room. I ier datiehter
Lillian     v.as    Blruek    V.v    a     fall'n"
steamer mast and died several hour*
laiir on bonrd  the Jefferson,    J   ll
Holnian, one of thc drowned oansen.
gers, was from Cornwall, Bngland,
Survivors  Returninn.
The 4r, surviving passengers    ���> !ll
season, which ls approaching
gallons are being made.
i No   Firearms Found.
I st'AUte
The oames ot the men arrested Vol   .
I lowing the mass meeting could not be!
nmur  mm ntrmtp!'1*""* "^! ��'cll>ck tht "otk "'ln'
UlUltVj    UnVll   IlLJULl vJ'anil the number of arrests    was    In-1
(creasing rapidly. I
j    No tire arms could he found on any'
of them, but this was not to be expected as the men had been warned.
Chargen of unlawful assemblage wlll
be laid against thoi e arrested.
Arrest Leaders.
Yesterday afternoon    the    first ar
rests   of  the  leaders   in   the   miners'
���strike were made by members of the
provincial    police    force.    The affair
[passed off peaceably but with all the
accompaniments ol" martial order aud
The two i-en arrested were Chris.
Pattlson. the local organizer of the
United Mine Workers, and another!
erowler, a big strapping six footer wh
Alderman Bryson at last nights council   meeting  attacted* O51- tt
tain Powell, the harbor engineer, for his failure to draw up pro-pas- 0*
plans for the dredge, whereby the city was put to an extra expense ��
cf $1578, then suggested be should pay half Uk contractors' percent- V?
age of 15 per cent, on the reet fled job. **>
Later he spoke of the city's tug Hero, bought by Captain I\i�� U **������
in Seattle, and said that it had bten offered for *$3U00 to a. local mf.Jl C-
and this boat had been refused at this price. **���
Aldermau Bryson also threatened to  bring  to light transactions: tt
regarding scows Tor which exhorlitant if not scandalous prices had Zr
been paid by the city. --.
The mayor took up the gaunlet and welcomed    anything    Alder- **f
man Bryson could bring forward. *t
l'i   -";   :"<  .";   ill  :"-   :".   l"t  ;"<   l"c  ���":  -.":   i's  :,(:   DtUt  ���"-  ���*'���   ���"���  -"-   -"-  t**  tk  SS SS  *. Jm m* **, m-. *^
:e  -iv   -,r '.s  -n-  :t  :.   -..*���  ������-   ���*���  -.(���   -..���   :e  :t  -���--,r   :t  -..-   -..-  -..���   ;r  ��,.-   ���>*   ^-  v,-  -J �����  *r  -w  -m- -^--
i    Interior    Responsible   fer
Large Entries and Great intereet
In  Exhibition.
After visiting the chief centres in
the interior of the provluce. C A-
Welsh, presidenl ef the Koyal Agri-
culmral and Industrial society, Nela
Nelson, vice-president, and 1) B Mac-
Kensle, manager, have returned to iio-
Olty and report Iheir trip In the Interests of tbe provincial exhibition, which
opens in this city on Sept. ?,D. a complete success.
Tlie manager of the exhibition
makes Ihis trip annually but it is :;ig- ,
nlflcant that tha president and vice-
president this year accompanied him.
Everywhere lbe trio were received
with enthusiasm and meetings were
called at each place. Informal meetings were usual at the small centres,]
and nl the larger ones the officials
were   moi   by   the  board   of trade  or
In moving the approval of the report! specifications and Uiad wns mtatrtxtH
of the harbor commute of the city here as extrea. Mercer sat IS ***s-
council last night, containing the ac- ! cent ou those extras. Ot course- he-
counts. Alderman White mentioned had to see them pnst in. TTtaear west;
they included the item of $15"8 for not extras ln the true sense ot the
convention, when he hopes the owners i extras on the dredge whlc*h had been'word, lt was a change in His ata-aus
and men will arbitrate under the state (queried    by    Alderman   Bryson    last land fpeeificattoss.
I week. \    The    Mayor���Captata   Powell   t*%.
I       Bay*  Expense was Necessary.       I plained all this to tha tartar ensmnit -
I    Alderman White read a report from-tec.
Captain Powell, harbor   engineer,   In*    Alderman   Bryson���H��  atiendd  -pxie
\connection with this item.   The report Part ot tLat IS per *s*tt**.
1 was to the effect that the Item was for ,    TYie acconirta were
n%f   Tni 11    TX\I    i|tr����il extra steel and wood.   The extra steel'    Alderman Bryson su
111    iHlM    111    lllUl    '*"''���  lltuted two-third   of the en-   counts  of  the  �� n.-r  roromUuie.  -
m. io Bt wm
tire sum.    Provision had  been  made Hem of which waa tent ot Mav. ��125-
Nixcn vs. Investor Investment Co. Set
Down for Sept. 24���Other Cham-
ber Court Cases.
At the chambers court yesterday his
honor Judge Howay disposed of a
number  of  applications.
\V.  J.  Whiteside,  K.C.,  applied  for
the cancellation of subdivision plans of other it
ie i   unknown   to  followers  of  the ! a portion of D. L. 172, 5.41 acres, on | longed to the installation of the enuin-  were ccir!? t0 be ci,3T1;ed fSM a dn-,
ring    Hia companion   l'attison   is a behalf of J.  H.  McPhail and othors, ment on the dredjje and it was thought  ( . t),��� seow,    u Ia}- ��,���,. ������,-��� jfr
short lame man and tbe two made a * Vancouver. The application was grant-  'utter to have there tnings put in Ly
for such extra cost ��b alterations were
expected to be made. The engineer
was satistied that the extra eost would
more than pay for itself. The shoes
were placed upon the dredge for pro-'
tecticn when dragging upon the river
l,ed or in shallow water and wouid
prove economical during subsequent
ir.anoeuverlng. The extras were fer
ihe ourpoEi of strengthening and Improving the whole.
Eelorscd  to   Equipment.
Alderman   White  added     that     the
ms In tiie extras really be-
A'.deman White, artleasly���Rent oC
scow? How many day* wnntaJs ae����
T'.iev thcught the seow belons-ttl *v
the Royal Ctty Mills, which verr; that
down. It wrT? a tnlsuDdersfcuiding. Tht-
scows had hern Mild to Harvey Johnston.. One of Wooton's meu. it spemed,
went to him and saM they wanted m
scow for a short time white putting
down pipes snrl wns &,-Id fo taSie ft.
Tbey used it tr-r Uire-e or four tley,*.
nntl then tfecf it up -If tlu* brMgv
Knowing lhe ftoyml City Mill **t* tutu
unninf Mr. U'ooton did not know tlioy
fine contrast as they were le
to the .ei1 nud the subdivision reverts to acre
I age
The arreets were made on board tbe
Princess Patricia just as she was about
tr, sail to Vancouver on the afternoon
run from here. As the boat was about
to sound the last whistle Chief Stevenson nnd Constable Qeorge Hannay
An application la Fix the trial in the
icase of Niv.cn vs. tiie Investors In-
veitment company, was heard and his
honor decided to try the ease by jury.
The  iriai  was  set down  for  Sept.  24
leave Juneau for Seattle on llie North-
agricultural society, Prominent cltt- [wenl on board and after a brlef-examl-
dlrectly Interested in tbe f&lr nation of the cabins came forth with
also Interviewed. 11lie"-two   prisoner}.   The   men were
Get R��cults. ' rought ashore, no resistance being of-
As a result ol Hie trip large num-.if' red. A section ct the guard station-
bers ot Individual and district exhibits Ied further up the wharf was sum-
will be entered and In manv places morted; a crdon formed around lhe
the  work  of  collecting  the  exhibits  prisoners and they were marched to
hnslx-n came and rooke In bini Itin-
the derdge contraetor as the construe- snciker) abcut It Th".' MHVhefini
tion was- In process rather than have,),, tnow at,0nt ft. He nfeW tior.-n le*,
these particular parts put In aftet-, Wootci and the. JMTeris** v**y ttm***
wards. surprtred to learu the fifrw bfloitserl
Not  Al'cgether  Satisfied. t0 Johr*��-t. -i and thev h.id m p��y for il
Alderman Bryson said the explsna-|jj. ,... *- ;; l;p wjth ,Mr. fohmatoa attri
tiDn was par'ly sat:s.'a:'tnry.    Tender?  -v-, litter 'ok two or threw days oft
Claimc $400. I had  been  called  for and  te.it  in  andU[f   brought  .Mr. Jchnt-ton  before (ln-
B.   K.  Nixon,  local  manager of the (Captain   Powell,  hr.rbor enginier,  re- ' re .,-.���,.,,. ,,:,.i  H-a(eP iioiimiae" aod not
Dominion    Express   company, claims commended the contract be given to j,*,., to ejptafo] thr whol-B mattes-,   lit*
Hon from S. Fader, T. C. Lever and J. I Mr. Mercer.   They adopted that. After  v,*0uld  nol  O.K.  the  titynient cnril a
Ft. Coon*. the members of the defendant I Mr.   Mercer had  -signed the  contract reroldtion to pay rt harf bean t����rspd
company. ih" noticed some changes were uece?    ��� hnstnn said thej- eoatf bnve it aBiiu.
Plaintiff  allege?    lhat    during  the i sary.     He  could  not  make  tiie  BCOW  for 1 wpelr free,
month of June, 1912, the defendants properly on the  conditions    in    th"
western tonight   All   sre   aide
r ol  travel,  having    recovered    from
effects ol their rough experience
wards   the   police   station   through   a
<!i tiEO crowd of people.
Unlawful Assemblage.
l'attison  will  also  laco  tb
There is every prospect ot the wesl
SI VlrR fflNNffTl*fiNvv,'lnp "f "u> Royal <t��lumblBn ,,"si,":''
has been commenced.
The wide acquaintance of Mr. Welsh
and Mr. Nelson with the citizens o'
the diffen nl cities and communities
visited  was t'.ie means .if gctti,''y an
Immediate    audience    whicb assisted |J��e vice-president of the union wboltbt'rds!    The propertv  was stated to
them  ln  Obtaining  th"  very Lett  re-  wag nrrcsted at Victoria on Saturday. jhe  n \.- acres in extent.    PlalnUH
*���'' i He wlll be. brought up tomorrow  foririiieKe5 these representations were un
til.lawful assembly
represented to him that they were
agentr for the Eale of certain property In Burnaby and that they had secured a purchaser of one third in the
person of James Andersen. In c.uise-
Charge  quence of their representations plain
specifications. He mentioned it to
Captain Powell and they agreed to
make the change. The principal Item
was caused by heavier timber and
heavier iron bolts, lie had spoken to
Mr. Reid about the iron work.   It was
The Mayor��� Aeoor-tfins lo ytear new-
sou ing Slir, cf this jr.'."". s'ejula ae> pttiii
by Mr. Wooton.
Alderman Bryson, sbarpty --This if
because I brought m�� the accotiut ha
(Continued on  fate Vtmr.,
Pr-:��;djnt  Huerta  Gives    States
Few Hours to Reco-^nire His
Washington, Aug. IS. Administration  officials   were   puzzled   late    to-
night when ihey received thc announcement through press desiiatches >
lhat Provisional President Huerta had
delivered an ultimatum demanding
recognition of hls government In
Mexico by the United Slates.
Secretary Tumulty ut the White
House read tlie press despatch from
Mexico City, received shortly before
midnight, stating the intention of the
lluera government, nnd Immediately
communicated It to Secretary Ilryan.
Pres dl nt Wilson had retired early
and wub not awakened.
Secretary Bryan said he had received merely cablegrams announcing
the rejection of the Huerta govern-
iiH>nl of the American suggestions for
a peaceful settlement,   in the   ab-
sence of oll'.ctal coiillrmatlon Secretary Bryan said no announcement
would be made by this government.''
Mexico ("ty, Aug. 18.--The United
States government has been given
until midnight by President Huerta to
reci gi,i;.e Mexico, it is Off ciully
The government Is not specific In
the public announcement as to what
cjur.'e then will bo pursued, bit It Is
understood that tl means the sev ring
if all relatione between the two countries, President Huerta in his reply
(old the United States that he would
being completed und furnished In tin-
very   near   future.     At   a   meeting   Of
the hospital    board    yesterday   after |
But i neon tlie question of providing fund'I
[fer the completion of the portion of
the new hospital now under construe j
Hon was the chief matter broughl up I
f.j-*- d'-d'ssion. I
AccordlnaUtO Mayor Cray 11 i* prob !
able thai the contractors will he In I
structed to complete the portion now
in course of erection sn thai arrange-1much l
ments can   be  made  to   furnish   thU  n,,, ,.r,
portion nt  an early date in order    to
relieve Ihe preBent congestion at  th"
I     Among the places lhey visited were
| Penticton. Summerland, PeacMind,
Kelowna, Ver.ion. Armstrong: Salmon
Ann. Kamloops and Revelstoke.
Kvervwh'-re the people appeared interested In the progress of the big
provincial exhibition and expressed a
willingness to do iheir share to make
the affair n success.
Fruit Crop Good.
Asked  about   conditions throughout
the province.  I)   B.  MacKenzie, manager ef the 11   A. K, |. society. Btated
[that the general outlook was good.   Pi
fact the oualltv of the fruit cren was
Iter than list year. sRtkOUgh
wou'd not be so heavy,   Tnl��
wlll lessen the necessity, however, of
Ihlnniiic cut the trees, wh'eh tend towards Improving the quality,
in the mixed farming commirnltTm
the fei-igo and rent crops are exceptionally geed. The hay Ins all been
Islren In and with reasonable weather
'he r-,-1 ot the crons "lie,ihi be eoua'-
Iv well t.'ikin cin, of. ami the pros-
noi"���-��� f. r exhibition purposes look
veil Indeed.
will Taylor, | ,jff agreed to take the remaining two ��� principally because the Iron was larger than It v.as before. His hill waa
now in the neighborhood of $800.
Thoughl Jcb Easy.
What struck him was that Captain
Powi 11 mentioned that he had his
loubts when he drew up the plans and
but in the jail at the Capital.        | true, and also that the title was not
To Appear In Court. 1 uood.    He paid defendants $400 as a
Thi?   two    men   arretted    will    be | deposit  ani  now   wants  it  returned.
rough!, op in court this morning audi    Defendants gave a specific denial to 1 specifIcatious whether they were suf*
rralgned before Magistrate Simpson |plaintiff's allegations. polen'.ly strcng and he afterwards al-
Acted ar. Agents. 'tered   them.    He  considered  a  man
They  further stated in explanation j with the reputation of Captain Powei
bnt the case will in all probabilities
be remanded for some days for the
securing of evidence.
His Name Suggested for Lord Etralh
corn's     Position,     Should
Letter Retire,
tolerate no interference, even
that Interference mlghl be characterised as friendly mediation, The character of the reply of Washington to
Pres'dent Huerta's note will determine the next action in the Inter-
natloual drama.
Ottawa. Aug. 18. -The l-oi.d'ii oiblo
announcing anew the probable n i rs
ment of Lord Strathcona in regarded
here In a similar ligln to the numor
uus reports to the same i ff^ct In the
Lord Strnthconn's retirement i.a'ur
ally Ib only a question om lime, but
so long as he Is able to fill the position the Dominion government wishes
him to retain It. A BUCOBSSor will
not. be considered until there I3 a
vacancy of which thero is yet no
offc'nl Intimation.
All that can be aaid aboul  Mr. Slf-
tr.n is that his name has heen  men
though I tlonod fer the ponilion since the 19.11
election.     The   selection   Assuredly!
would net be unopposed.
Sir   Hugh   Oraham.    Sir   Kdmv.nd j
Walker. Sir Hlchnrd Mcllrldo and Sir!
Kdmond Osier have  also  been  mentioned.
eleven Die from Heat.
De'rolt,  Aug.  IK. -Eleven deaths in
Michigan  resulted  from  the past    2-1
hours' hint wave and Indication are
tor high temperatures today, six d.ed
of heat here and live are reported
d "d at Qrand Rapids. Tbemometers
resist! red nearly 100 yesterday.
"cme Councillors Not Calisfied with
Few Items���Labor Council Given
Use of Arena.
that the sum of $400 was received by
them ns agents for the plaintiff and
paid over by them to W. M. Hought,
owner of the land ln Question on account of the purchase price, and that
they reported such payment to the
plaintiff in due course. Plaintiff refused to pay the balance of the purchase price and Mr. Hought declared
the amount  forfeited.
The defendants have notified Mr.
Hought of the action, with due legal
formality, and their Intention to claim
indemnification In the event of their
being found Halle to plaintiff.
Government Engineer Sec& Unfimcted
Possibilities in River���V/ork to
Serve Wiruiipeg.
Le Pas.  Man., Asg- W-���Ttat   Uie
Saskatchewan river, woduoc fei *ne-
��������� >:,' ���::��� a �� ���.������ * v 4,1 ���:���; 0 ������;��� 9 *::-= * ��
�� ��
Ottawa, Aug. is.- it is prob- *
w   nb'.e that the venue In the ao 9
���,'.i   tlon of the Dominion    govern- -5
C-    ment against  Mr. Justice  Cle- fi
*"������   ment. of the supreme court cf ' 0
���:���    liritish     Columbia,     will     bo 5
changed to Vancouver. It Ib an ���.';
ncticn to recover an ^xceas of 0
-.'*   travelling fees alleged lo have *
O   been charged hy tho Judge.    It ������*=
tt   la claimed  that  while residing 5
���.:-   lu Vancouver   Judge   Clement *9
!',:���   put In bills und  wna paid for flt
O   constant    trips    from    Orand #
#   Forks to thnt cily. Thc amount tt
tt   Involved Is $3000. *
tt =,')
tt ������* ''i * tt tt tttttttttttttttttttt
Incept for a tew squably minutes
over the passing of the accounts the
rnnting if Ihe city counc! last night
waa unimportant.
When the chairman of the finance
committee, Alderman Kellington, submitted hia report  items were submitted which had be n  Included in the
estimates and    which    after    having
been adopted in   open    council   now
only remained to be administered, Sa
at least the mayor and the majority I
of the a de.rmen contended. Aldermen tt
Ilryson und    Dodd   took   a contrary |=S
view nnd dissented  from  the  follow- tt
ing sums  voted:   Columbian  College, Itt
?11LV>; St. Ami's oonvent,   $420;   Bt tt
I.ouis college,  $347. Ui=
Alderman Rryson alone negatived Itt
$100 tn the Providonce orphanage.       tt
The mayor directed attention to Itt
this curious procedure on the part of;"
tlio hostile aldermen. All these esti-'jO
mates had been brought down at the O
same time and adopted by the coun-,:":
cil. The finance committee only ask-Itt
ed authority to pay. Itt
Under the head of new business tt
Alderman Jardine moved that Mr. tt
UacKenxle, manager,of the It. A. &'.-.':���
I society, be notified tuat the Trades sliand ljibor council had been granted *
permission to held their ball In theltt,
arena on the night of September 1, Itt
The motion waa curried. >l!i tt
Heaviest Rain This Year.
Medicine llat. Alta.. Aug. 18.���The
heaviest rain storm of the year occurred here early this morning, but
so far as can be ascertained there has
been no damage done lo the crops,
owing to Ihe straw being short and
strong. The rain was accompanied by
lightening and deafening thunder and
during the two hours lt lasted the
streets were converted into rivers,
and gravel and mud waB piled high
on the sidewalks. The rainfall was
one and a half Inches.
Kernie, B.C., Aug. 18..���John
Kempen. an employee of the
Fernle Fort Steel brewery, has
been notified by a solicitor in
Holland that he Is one of seven
heirs to an Inheritance of forty
million marks, left by a relative for equal distribution between all his descendants.
The family, contrary to the
usual rule, has been decreasing
liiBtead of Increasing In numbers, until there nre only seven
left. Mr. Kempen still retaiiiB
his position at the brewery
and intends to do bo until the
final settlement.
tt tt tt *���!:��� * tt tt
���l! tt
should be able to  draw  up  plans of
scows and dredges, and if not. he was
getting 6 1-2 per cent, he could afford
to  hire  somebody    else    sufficiently
qualified to do so.   They were there
to look after the interests of the people who had generously voted 5500,000
for harbor works.
Capt. Powell Should Pay. .....
He claimed that part ot this work Junction  wuh  the  Hwteoa ttajr   imiV
should  be  paid  by Capt.  Powell,  be-; way from Le Pas, will -prase' xtT   ivx-
cause  It was not extras  In the truelmpnsa value to   farmers   and   ��Ums-
sense.   ll was for enlarged timber and I
Iron.    They paid Captain Powell 6 1-2 , .
per c^rt and Mercer 15 per cent, which
ran up to 21 per cent. He still thought  lc>"
captain   Powell  should  pay   part of ���    .... ...
that because It he had executed pro-1*11" l!l"    ���''**K:������iit>    ����   **���*���-. a**
per planB and specifications at first It
shippers 03 tar v, cm as Rdnsautais. ��
opinion ot U. A. VoltcMr. Uf in
government eagtsunr.to ctaar&e irt
the surveys aud works.in nnnmIt-an
with the uavigahilila. vt
would not be necessary to have these A "hannel W to 20 feet deep
extras. There wan $2G5 owing to Mr.'found the entire way trom Cwdier-
Merctr and Captain Powell should pay land House, and hardly may cam
half ef it. j work   wad   neceaaary   though   iit
Should He Let It Go? |dredging will be re-qnicc-d ahuvt Motn.-
The mayor asked Alderman Ilryson lake and Cedar bike, and UvU -will he
If he would rneomniend the engineer started imtuBdiately. nv. win also U����
who had found out that he had made constriction, ot is v.hart at tics -pstni
a mistake to let It go rather thin to (The  government  iowated  on  Pi-toe,'
make a change, raLlier than make It Albert building   a  lock   at   Iji ColS-
good. fat-, and this indicatca tliat   tlte fail
Services Rend-red. est use S3 ta he made of tke   Notts
Alderman Bryson���If he had failed Saskatchewan aa aoon as ���noasiU*-
to do It right and got somebody else | Finish in Five Yeara.
to make it. right he shouW pay blm,    I    Vcligny  estimate* that    Xise erttin-
The mavor also pointed out
from dipt. Powell's 6 1-3 per cent he
hp.0. to pay Mr. Spencer, another engineer, a stenographer, and office rent.
He considered the engineer had done
what was richt in the matter. John
Reid was the luckiest man in the
whole outfit, lie made a mistake ef
$300 In his first tender and when Cant.
project can be* carried ttumsgh wrtii-
,n (lve yeart, aui) no dacbt, eventvuGft*
the    waterway    will    bo    MMHmfl I
through   Winnipeg.     la   ejmfimmia/x
with the Rovcruaient rami ta Mm ****���',
this navigable channel.    t,;p-piit*p    ml
thc   northern   pnrt  of  ttm  Cuaii ��
prairie west, will ro ��� ttsng *������? t >
Powell saw.larger Iron wis required 'educing Hie coat ot bmUMMV K������>-
he got the chance of putting himself ttnd  ���������p cheaper water ratea sfcoKVi
right the second time. ,bring freight tariffs ct the transport.
Thought Percentage High. tl0�� companies into Uae.
Ahlermnn Dodd said he never heard     T1,e engineer teet* mnltjeiit nl*i 11
of a contractor getting a percentage the navigaWTity of tbe moth tataor.li
on the material.   He got 10 or 15 per; of the Saskatchewan, -which ha MV*
cent on the amount of thc labor, not Will soon recef-fw mtteaOoB.   All   liiir-
on the material. ; railway   bridges have  keen tafft  t<��
Not Extras. ithls cmf. and an tbat 1a umiiIwiJ te as
Alderman   Bryson���Eight   hundred demand Uy nlHewast* tawus bbbbb it*.
dollars more on the second plan and course. ^^
...   ...   ...   :. . MGt   TWO
lUESDAY,  AUGUST   19,  1913.
S* t-*4-t?ewie*e tnorulnff paper devoted to tht inter-sis of New Westminster anil
tt** &*rt*H**i ,"���*..'���"<������/.* ruolixh-stt every morning except Sunday by the National Printing
*xm*\ **uhlithi*AT Cmpany. Limited, *t 63 McKenzie Street, New Westminster, liritish
CwjMnt.tui. ROBB SUTIIKRLAND, Managing Director.
AU cv-K-NN-MM-ia-Uio** ��fc<mld he addressed to The New Westminster Newt, and not
t,- ,-, iie.ii.-jt nt.mbt-Tt af ih* ttaff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should bc made
ps-.i/t ��� "���  ts The Natttn.nl Prtmlitig and Publishing Company. Limited.
lEl.tiPHOKKX���UusimMis Office and Manager, D99; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
*mut*l, SSI.
SVItSCRirTHJN RATES���Bu carrier. 51 per near, Jl for three month*, 40c per
mmriUlt.    Hte mun'. .Z per year, 25o per month.
.! IH BBTtMNO BATHS on application.
Town Tickled   at   5:curin<j   Irrigation
Meeting���Marketing Thera
Well Handled
Sir Thomaa  Holland   Undertakes
Tell Canada What Fine  Fello\>
is  Native  of  India
TUESDAY   MORNIN3,   AUGUST  19,  1913.
Penticton, B, C��� Auk. 18.���There is
a general good feeling here aa thn
i result of Penticton securing the Western Canada Irrigations convention for
j 11114. It is felt that owing to its location in the centre of one of thc
'largest belts of Irrigated lands in U.
j ( .. no better place could have been
'chosen. The management of the Hotel Incola have guaranteed accommodation for Die three hundred dele-
gateB expected to bc in attendance.
To meet tiie demand for a local or-
A gilt-edged opportunity will be knocking at New
Westminster's door about noon today when Hon. Robert
Rogers, minister of public works for the Dominion, will
arrive in the cily and take a trip down river, accompanied B"ization which wm nave control
x -..       j. ,,        ..   L .,        .  ,,     ,    '    ,     ,, of the various water Bystems, \v. ii.
.by a committee from the city council and the board ot Grunsky, of the united states depan-
irade. The opportunity lies in the fact that Hon. Mr.."���"��� 0( agriculture, ami at present
Rogers is head of the department under whose supervis- ��,^-J^iil-^i^^li'Z
ion the Westminster harbor works are being carried out valley studying irrigation conditions
and, if ever there was a chance to hit a real big nail right \?^*;t���^:T^:^^
.square on the head, this is it. ties.
The minister of public works, it mav be taken for!   ,,    n���3"1" Water District
.    -,   . i    -i     i   ,      ,       ,     i ��� e    i      t-> Mr. Grunsky  paid a  tribute to
granted, knows a whole lot about the opening of the Pa- energy and push of the people of tbel
nama canal and what influence it will have on British Col- munlclPa,lty of Penticton who already
 i-   -     ..       -l ixtx.   l  ti t>   i      ,   t-i i , ' own  their  own  water    system.     He
iimbias trade. What Hon. Robert Rogers has not yet states mat tt is altogether rmb-ibie
realized is how important it is for this particular fresh that a law win be enacted at the
water port to be ready for the opening of the canal. If he j ���-f7Jm?i" owner?'TZ-iX)
knew all the ins and outs of the case, the jetty and dredg- themselves into a water district tor
ing plans would be travelling faster, but that's not dto- {^��^ * ***,��'��.ffi
gether his fault and, for the length of time he has been for the installation of the necessary
at the head of his department, he has done very well by the syf.nm8,
,, . v,       r .. ., i    ��  11 ��� " ,. One  cf  the  greatest a faculties,
r raser river. Now comes his opportunity to do full justice said .Mr. Grunsky, "is to get the own-
to this harbor, but he will not be able to see through this k" ot first- *eoona an<1.,llir(1 water
u    ���, i        i_    i        iv       ���!_    .j        ,i iii"       r.ghts  to  settle on  a  fall
city s eyes unless he has the situation thoroughly explain- ���,.,,,, bagls, Tbey i,.lV(, pienty of wa-i
���ed and that's where the local committee can make history ter as they are and seem to be afraid |
this nineteenth day of August. ������I I ������    	
Unless the minister is made to realize that the claims j or. Samuel porter, of Washington.
of New Westminster are not ordinary claims, to be dealt �� L'VS*ISld'tCbS T^k
with in an ordinary manner, unless he is made to acknowl-1 a law which win meet the general
edge the emergency of the case, he will depart with the m:':<1 ��'���<> bring more satisfactory con-
- , ��    .��     '    .,      B        J   . '. .,       l        ,     .       ,.     'diticns in the irrigated districts where
idea that the present program is rapid enough for the jthe water systems are stin m the
needs of this port.   .   When the committee gets the head hand8 of "rlvat" ccmpanies.
m .,        j .a        uv il \*u . i       JV     The   fruit   growers   hire   arc   well
���ot the department of public works down to the mouth of Leased with the results of their martins river and he sees, as he must see, the immense possi-Ueting operations so far this season.
bilities of the Fraser then there should be a chance to im-1 oSL o^ow^'staLs^tbat ��"'t���e
���press on his ministerial mind the fact that the completion'result of a deal which he has closed
���f the channel two years after the opening of the Panamafc^'^^I^t ��5lo^
canal, instead of simultaneously with that event, would box f.o.b, valley points win be paid
be nothing short of flying in the face of the Providence   ,       _,     ,      .  .   . .,..
.... ���r,. ... -      ���....        ,   -       , , ,      .,     ,t'ie second grade, and about ��1.00
that has given this magnificent fresh water port to the third grade, cherries sold at prairie
Pacific coast of Canada. . points have brought as high as $2.76
f.T a sixteen pound  order.    Apricots
  are in  good demand  at Orto per ho..
Those self-righting aeroplanes mav be perfectly safe, t.o.b., the wimrf here,   At this price
hut for most of us they're too far away from these ��reen|they are a very I'rotltttble crop"
pastures to be considered healthy toys.
This br*isxg the time of year when folks are thinking
������of laying in a winter stock of coal and wood, it would be
aa fine lhing if the fuel men would start a fire sale.
"Nobody need worry about being shot up by Harry
Tterw, since he has escaped from the asylum for the criminals insane atMattewan, unless he really is crazy.
K (Governor Sulzer of New York looks anything like
the pictures of him published in the papers, it's a wonder
ihey didn't impeach him long ago on general principles.
In answer to a question as to whether he did not think th��
v. omen were becoming very original in the matter ot dress,
a New York tailor opined that they were almost aboriginal.
A German scientist says he believes after all that Dr.
Cook did reach the north pole. Now it's up to somebody
to enter a defense for Ananias; perhaps he was a George
Washington in disguise.
The man who's-always kicking about his wife's cooking will put his vest up against a bar-room lunch counter
and use a glass of beer vo wash down a meat
.almost sink a gravel scorw.
Advertising pays.
itself as a summer rt
io thc neighborhood from a
might be called jLTood company,
Victoria, Aug. 18,���Some inti resting
facts on pests to which the tall and
stately trees of liritish Columbia are
subject were made last night by J.
N'. Swalne, assistant .nomologist for
forestry department of Canada,
Is here al the present lime study
ing timber diseases 111 en-operation
with tho provincial forestry department.
Mr, Swalne, who has just completed a tour of the lower mainland,
brings in reports of extensive timber
losses through the ravages of certain
Insects, and having corrected some of
these outbreaks, he is now on the eve
of making a tour of the areas of timber on Vancouver Island.
"The Idea of making this study,"
said Mr. Swalne, ".s to asc rtaln what
Insects are doing the damage, how
exttnslve it is. and how it might bo
av ilded by tho application of proper
methods. While i n my trip through
the Interior, 1 visited the ('row country, the Okanagan nnd the Slmllka-
meen, and op < unlng through to the
asl 1  made a visit to Stanley park
great speclmons of
, ,        ,.,...i,.^.n  ....���,,��� dying tlici-.    Inr"
corners.     1 hey re not What  gard to the latter, I would like to aay
pie that would.
Chase. B.C., has been exploiting
sort and the black bears are flocking ��ni'Te,Cw "
1 i I11LUt K    T llclT
but they're interesting
Engineers are suggesting altering the course of the
S*reat ocean river, the Gulf Stream, to improve the climate
���of Greenland. Next they'll be trying to make the earth
ltvolve in different directions on alternate days to keep
Mg from becoming dizzy.
-rwatve Workmen UHhurt When Boiler
End  Brer***  Out.
Cardston, Alt,!., Aug. 18.
to* "SB.   T^l" employ j citemen.  has been  caused
Much ex-
Voabml. Aug.  IX.    Tvecltn employ-j citemcm   nan   ecu   uuuseu   at   Wool-
ol the    Met���Jtry    SJutiulacturlng [ford by the disappearance nf a young
company, 93 Kins Stuart, had a narrow I man named Joe Fisher, In the employ
mtmtV* from rti-ash when th* end of a   '���< John A. .lonannfon. farmer of Wool
ttatti i thut �����.;.������ U-uij; t-galuantzcd, Bud
wt****g bU-w  nit. tie "BSplnrtcn   Rllln:!
���H��e akop with '.,nu)k�� muJ R'.eain, and
ttkrawlDS huge piecer. ol molli n mclal
ta ercry dlnction, not one of tii,   e'en
-worklnK      tbcru,      however,      bi-ln-j
Tfce **Tocf*.-n was being curried on'.
fa ��. nhtap where twelve men w'e
work in;'., and It is thought a minii'e air
txxAe tn tae boiler plating was r*
"    for the e*.plosion.    The   faliu .
and the eat aping uteam which
alted cbufkI i<niv>- ol  ihe men  to
.Montreal, Aug. 18.���"Somewhere,
f.ot.ie day, the fight for supremacy between the Oriental and the Caucasian races must take place. It would
not surprise me if one scene of cou-
fl.ct, perhaps more of the nature of
.un economic 8'ru.itglu than actual warfare, would he tbe I'acific coast of
The speaker wus Sir Thomas Holland, one of Ihe most popular professors of Manchester university, and
ja mini whom the entire civil service
of India was very sorry to lose when
���he retired after over twenty years'
service of tbe geological survey, of
j which he wus tor uituiy yoars the
Sir Thomas was in Montreal on hls
I way to congress.
I And it was with twenty years' e>:-
Iperience in all districts of ludia, m!.;-
iing villi all classes of natives, as a
i basis, that he built his foundation for
the statement that at once brought
., |these almost forgotten words, "yellow Peril." to the minds of the hearer-.. According to Sir Thomas, the
Yellow* Peril is still very much of a
I.ve Question until it is settled either
cne way cr another.
He Haj Qu^cn Taste
"Personally, 1 like the natives of
India.' said lie. "1 really cannot understand why, outside of the economic problem, the people of Canada
c-bjecl to them. And 1 am very much
inclined to believe that this talk of
vicious habits which thoy might Introduce, Is all poppycock, and that
th ���  laucr  problem   ts  underneath   it
md legltl-|    ..But   jt   |fl  reft]ly  qulte  pujjul    )()
watch  the  lackadaisical  methods and
.��������� ,,        .      ,        .manners of the Europeans, who tread
that any change would not be of any | ,h(1 s,unp p;ithg VRa]. .l,((,|, y(,ar  w)th.
out realizing In the least the terrific
struggle that is surely coming.    The
! people ivho should have children don't
and those who have them are not the
j best cf the race.    And when the con-
I test does come, "
S.r Thomas shrugged his shoulders,
and   showed   that   the   Kast   with   its
| fatalism had not lefl him wholly untouched.
"And yet, despite your bellef3, you
like the native?"
| "Why yes, they are very fine f '.
lows indeed, very fine when you know-
how to treat them-. The man who
gets on best with them is he who
takes tin in by surprise,   l'e must do
^_^_^^      .      ...     ., ������  ,     the unexpected thing, and be uacon-
for  the  first   rale  of  fruit.  $1.30  for jv,ntional  al  ,i|m,B      ���,.  ,.iust  ,���.,,.,
occasslonally without servants, and
do other ihings that are not altogether dignified."
May   S'Jbjufjnte   Whites
Returning to the poss b llty of Or
len.nl subjugation of the white races.
the Interviewer brought ap the question of sedition.
"Oh, ii is there." said Sir Thoma3.
It is undoubtedly there. Bul it is kept
well in hand. Continually it Is belli.;
fostered, But there are othtr condl-
ons that have a greater bearing on
the case than the acts and teachings
of the seditionists. If the home government will only leave India alone,
trusting to the civil service, which Is
the best and the greatest In the world
to govern the country, and to suggest legislation, everything will be al!
right.    People talk nf democratizing
India. When they obtain nsponslbil-
ity they forget all these things, bow-
"The great thing is that India is
now aroused. Por centuries the better classes have lived in an atmosphere of mysticism and alleducation
hasbeenlnlite sbrdl hrd Ir dlrdlrdlur
has been In literature. No one can
beat the educated Hindu at literary
analysts. And now the government
is teaching industrial and technical
learning. All Industries an- booming,
in fact no nation in the world. Canada alone excepted, can show* such
remarkable progress as has been
made in India during the past few
Accounts for Stringency
"All this prosperity has undoubted
ly had much to do with the present
money stringency, lnd a far yen- has
lu en absorbing a greal deal of gold
but of la'e the amount his Increased
Immensely. You see. the natives
sei-i'i unabl ��� to drop the old habit,
which inld through centuries of burying their belongings either in t'.ie
form cf gold or |ewels, The pertlna
city of sueh customs, especially concerning the peasantry of any country,
the tenacity with which they cling t i
the customs of tl eir fathi rs. The ne
gligibi" change, .ven in the torm of
the skulls of skulls In thousands of
years, Is one ef the moBt fascinating
phases of anthrop-t logy
"But to return to the gold, which Is
n custom that all people, whether
whim or yellow, hav. the prosperity
of the country has broughl more money In the hands of Bl! classes of people. Thus there is much moro, Infinitely more In fact, burled than ever j
before An effort Is being made to
lead the people away from thla cus-1
torn and eventually lo invest their
money. Wben that is done, when the
the youths are trained In technical
Rc.hools, and when Ihe duties are tak-
off Imports, then Match out for
Ambition is being engendered.
It is the only thing the Hindu has
needed to make hint gnat."
Messrs.   Welch   and   Mackenzie   Scat-
terina Germs of Enthusiasm In
Provincial Exhibition.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruity
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
Kamloops, Aug. 18���C. A. Welsh and
D. B,  Mackenzie, president and manager, respectively, of the Hoyal Agricultural and Industrial society of Brit- I
Ish  Columbia, called  at   the  ofllce  of i
the Kamloops board of trade yester- j
(lay   wltll   reference  to  arrangements
In connection with the provincial fair1
at New Westminster, on September 98 \
ami October 1. 2,-:i and 4.    They expressed themselves as especially wish-1
ful to have an exhibit of fruit, vege-'
tables and olher produce from Kam- !
loops and neighborhood, and spoke iu j
terms of high appreciation of past ills- j
plays made by the growers and Institutions cf the locality. Mr. Mac
kenzie declared thai las: year's exhibit was photographed on an enormous scale, and that copies of the
photograph properly labeled to show
the display was from Kamloops, were
sent broadcast over the North American continent.
Indian   Exhibit.
There two gentlemen also paid a
special visit to J, P. Smith to arrange
ror an exhibit of Indian agricultural
and horticultural produco as well as
of Indian manufactures. It would
seem, unfortunately, that the past
glories of Indian manufacture are to
rome extent fading, and that the basket weaving, and the making and embroidering gloves, moccasins, coats.
etc., are not nearly so common as formerly. Nothing, liov. ever, could be
better Cllculati d than such exhibitions
���is these to revive ihe old Interest In
the activities once bo general. !t is ,i
pleasure to record thnt in former years
the Indian? of the Kamloops reserve
have carried .".ll before them for a t-
ricv.ltural produce.
Aa emergency meeting was held at
tlie mayor's office, and it. was decided j W
ti. hold a Bpeclal meeting of the agrl.
'.uiiural association to discuss the wisdom of sending an exhibit tn the West- i
minster  fair,  and  the  other  matters |
brought   forward   by   Messrs.     Wi
and Mackenzie.
B, -S P. o. of Klks of the I>. of <?... mee
ih" flrsi and third Thursday nt s p, m
K. of P, Hall. Eighth street. A Well
e'.rny. Exalted Ruler; P, 11. Huilih. Bm
U 0. 0, M.. NO. 854.���MBET8 O!-
first, second, third an.l fourth Wednoi
day In ' .-ucli month at 8 p, in
in tlle Mtie.se Home. It.* J. I,.*amy
dictator; l*'. R. Jones, secretary
Headquarters of led**.* In See lloust
corn.*!* of Fourth und Carnarvon street!
1. o n F AM1TV LODGE NO. 17���Tb
regular meeting of Amity Indue N<
���il, I. Q. I). t'\. Is h��ld every Mnn.la
night ut 8 .,'el.K'k In Odd Fellows' Hal
corner Carnarvon and Etehtll Htreetr
Vlsltlns hn there cordially Invite.
n. A. Merrlthew, NO.; II. W. Sangster,
V. o.; W. C. Ooetham, P. o.. renor.
lng secretary: J. \v. MaoDonald, financial secretary.
BOWK1.1,    I8UCCESH0R   TO    CET
ter &  Hanna.  Ltd.)���Funeral direct ol
hihI  "mh-tlfn. rs.    Varlers  4.15 folunil.t
street.    New   VVeHlniinster     Phone   Uk
E F.M.12S���Pioneer Funeral Direct
and Bfbalmor, ��i2-6;n Agnes stre.
oppOBlvo Carnegie Library.
11.   J,    A     Hl'ltNKTT.    ACl'ITOR     AM
Accountant.     Trl.   It-   128.   Room   2,   llur
P. II. Smith. W, .7. Orove��
Work   tind.-rtnk'il    in    city    nnl    outRtd*
iniinu.   211-12   Westminster  Trust   Bl.it
hone   36*.     P    O.   Box   607.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16.000.0011.00
RESERVE    $16,000.00(1.00
Blanches throughout Canada md
Newfoundland, and ln London l-'.-.n.
land. New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking buHiuess transacted. Letter*
of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents In all parts of the world
Savings Bank Department- Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
nid interest allowed at 3 per cent per
annum  Iprenent rate).
Total Assets over J188,O00,Ono.O0
O. D,  BRYMNER.   Manager.
iRoyal Bank
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,500,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A General Hanking
Business Transacted.
Mew  Westminster,  B.C..  Branch.
Dominion    Official    Investigating    Insects That Work Havoc in B. C.
that the. plac waa on ftte. and
bripwles <>r the central division
TOHtr-ici Chlel Mann, were call-
[ **t -waa Ttranfl, however, thai
of the men hail been bil hv the
and that- "be hiitim *. had nol
��re.   altltwrti   tlir liuiiej   >vas|
iford.   lt seems that the young man
had driven over to the canal In a wag-
!-, with two lai-po barrels for the pur-
noBe ef hauling water, but had lacked
. s team too near thc edge   of   the
j    As .i consr(|uence, wngon. team and
man went  into the water.    The miss
ine man must have worked hard In a
frenzy of desperation, as the harness
traces  were found  cut   to pieces.    He
succeeded in getting one horse out und
turned  It Into the pasture of John  A
j.Iohannson,  which  wns close by, but
[the other horse was drowned,
and wagon seat were
Bome distance away
of the accident. Of the
that I suspect caterplllers of being
the chief agents In the destruction of
the trees, but as 1 did Bol Iw*. time
to make a thorough Investigation, I
intend to go back again. On Vancouver island, it is reported to me t^it.
there are one or two outbreaks of disease among the timber, and on Tuesday I am starting out for Cowichan
and during my trip I shall go na far
as Alberni on the west and Campbell
river on  the  north.
Work of Insects
"How do the Insects affect the
trees? They do It very effectively,
as is evidenced by the destruction
they bav.* already wrought. There
are several varieties In the weBt, and
I am making a study of their habits jnAis
now. Some of them breed In t>'n
slash, where of course tbey do little
harm, but whon tbey become too
crowded   thev   take  to the  ereon   tlm-
ber, and thai is where the trouble he
Ins.     Yrrv  rft'n   we  ore  nl.'"   )n  tell
frcm  thespeclos  what Its Imblts nre
and In lhat wa" we can follow their
movements a'ul trace certain  ravage
to   them.    but.   as   I    sav.   there   are
"thor specimens  that  W9  are not  sn!a fe
familiar with, and sn we have to make , with
a   close   studv   of   tbelr   work   In   or
der to understand ihem.
"Ill Rrtish Columbia tin n
Th. barrels
found floating
from the Bcene
vrnderfnl snnplv of timber, but I am
flndlne nut that there Is also a very
wonderful supply of Insects In con-
Junction with the officials of the pro-
vine!;.1 forestry departmenl. 1 am now
Auto  for   Priest.
'   ronntlon,    Aug.    18    Thi    mem-
t.���. and rrl-nds of the local Roman
Catholic church hut  week completed
their (tin*, ars for the raising of money
to purchase an automobile for ihe Itev.
(father Leconte. with tho result  that
dayB ago an order was placed
Pier   de   Soucy   for  a   new   car
which Is expected to arrive In a few
Idnys.    With  the exception ol  Father
ft very Leconte,   of   Mldnaporo,   Father   I,e
s   IT
Is   the
to le
Catholic priest
thus honored.
Robbing cf Vancouver Island Orchards
Rewarded   With   $10
Victoria. Aug. 18.    S'lanich orchard I
owners have complained to the police ]
of that municipality that al this time |
of the year, when the fruit Is ripenii.it
on the trees and  vines, people are  in |
the habit of helping themselves to It,
especially    on    a    Sunday.    Orchards
(where  the dwellings of the owner is
close by oi*within  the area are  free;
! fnea   troub'e,   but   where   the   fruit   is
| cn".' 'i, - out of sight   of a  bouse  the
depredations are sometimes serious.
As a resull of a watch kep' on Sun- |
day last by Chief Constable Little,
Constables Owens, Mclntyre and
others, some three or four persons
were caught in the art of Btealtng
fruit., and they were brought up before Magistrate .lay on charges of
| theft and tresspass. The prosecution
was conducted by the chief In each
( a:-*1
v Cars was charged with stealing
a quantity of cherries from ar. orchard on Reynolds street. Constable
Mclntyre stated that he found the
man in the orchard picking cherries,
lie had a leather satchel which w-as
half full of the cruit Carsa told hlm
that he was only picking a few to eat,
bul he had four or five pounds' weight
i f the fruit in the satchel.
Cares repeated his statement that be
was only picking n few cherrleB. The
evidence, however, was against this
Clnlm,  and  lie was  fined  $!��.
':us Terry and I.ouis Itedio were
both summoned on charges that they
wore trespassing on enclosed ground
In search of fruit.
The magistrate pointed oul that this
did not bee,mie an offence under the
acl until the offender bad been requested to leave by or on behalf of the
owner or occupier of th" land. Thlr
did not appear to have been done In
these cases and tbey mini be dis-
missed At the | ame time bis worship
warped tbe nun that no one had any
rldit. to enter upon the property of another person for the purpose of tak
Ing bis fruit, and that they bad better
remain outside after this unless they
had  business with  the owner.
Seattle, Aug. is*. Linda Burflold
Hazzard was surrendered by lei
bondsmen, the Southwest Surety in
surnnce company, of Oklahoma, yesterday. f)n a warrant Issued by Judgi
W, M. Trench, of the Kitsap county
superior courl, Sheriff Howard Shut
luek took Mrs. Harzard from the Hotel
Georgian, where she has been staying since she came to the city from
Olalla two days ago.
Mrs. llazzard, who was convicted
of manslaughter In connection with
the death of Claire Williamson by
the fast cure treatment, ls under sentence of from Iwo to twenty years. She
had made all arrangements to deliver
herself up to the prison board before
she could be arrested, bul this plan
failed, the bondsmen yesterday delivering her up to the court.
Mrs. Hazzard said that her attorneys, .lodge Milo A. Root and Carr fi
C.rcgory, would make an application
for a rehearing of the case before Ihe
supreme court which recently affirmed
her conviction.
At ',', o'clock Mrs. Hazzard was taken to the county jail. If she can
raise a new bond of $20,000, she wlll
he allowed ber freedom pending the
answer for a rehearing.
Bale, Dee-da, Business Letters, .'to.; clr
culur work specialist. All work strlctll
confidential, H Barry, room 418 West
minster Trust Hlk.    Phone 7(12.
iter Bonrd nf Trsd^ meets ln the hoan'
r.Kim. City null, ils follows: Third Crl
Uny of etxeh tiiojith; quarterly meflllai
on the thjrd KrldAy of February, May
Auiffiiflt nnd Novemb��"r nt 8 run! An
nual mtwilnKS _on the third Fi
Iiv binary- O.
COAI. MININO rluhts of the Ilnmlnloi,
In Manitoba, Hjiakutchewun un.l AltMTfA,
the Yukon Territory, tho Northwest Ter-
rlteii.-s nnd In a portion of the Province
of Urltlsh Columbia, may be leased for ��
term of twenty-One ye-ars at an uimual
rental of II an acre. Not mot**' than Z6f#
aei.-s wlll be leased to on�� applicant
A pt'llcut Ion for a lease must Im madv
by the applicant In person to the AKent
or Sub-Agent of th-e district In whloh tli��
rlntits applied for are sltirattMl
In surveyed territory the land must b��
d.aerlbed   by   sections,   or   le.Ru!   sub-dlvt
]sl,.ns of -e-etl.ins, and In unsun
rllory   the   tract   applied    for
yed ter
^_^^__^^_^^^_^^_^___     .. -      hall    bt
H    Btiiart   Wade    secre   i staked out by the applicant himself.
Kach  application  must  be noontnpanled
    1 by a fee of 16 which wlll lie refunded tt
' ihe   rlffhts  applied   for  are   nut   available.
cut not otherwise, A royalty ihall b��
nald on thu merchantable output of the
mine r.t the rate of five cents per ton
The jwrson oi-eftitlnx the mine shall
furnish the Ay-ant with swam returns
accounting for the full quantity of mer-
ohontable coal mined and pay the roy
nltv thereon. If the conl mining rlKhta
ire not being operated such returns snOUM
l.e  furnished  at  least  onoo a  yes.r
The lease wlll Include the .'���ill rnlnlt.f
r!f;hls only, but the leasee will he permitted to purchase whatever iivallnhle
surface rl��-htn may be conslder.-d neo.ii-
sitry for the worklnit of the mine st tht
rate of 110 an acre.
Kor full Information application ��houl-J
be  made to the flecretar/ of tha  Iiepurt-
ni.*r.t  of the Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to any
AK.mt  or  Sub-AKent of  Dominion   T.and��
W.  Vf. CORY
Deputy  Minister of tb-  Interior.
N. B ���Cnauthorlted publication of this
(idvt-rtlHoment will not Ite
riHi.'rs. Boilcitora, otc. 40 Lome stt.-o.
New Westminster,   o, E. Corbould, h
C.    J.  U.  Grant.     A.   E   MeColl.
ter-at-Iaw, solicitor, etc. Tl lephon
1171. Cpble address "Johnston
Code, "Western Colon." Offloea, Ell'
ttlo.-k. r,52 f'olunibla street. N"W Wes'
minster, H. C
side ������ Barristers and Solicitors, West
temster Trust Blk., Columbia stre��
New Westminster, B. C   Cable addrea
"Whio iilde."    Western    Union.    1'.    C
Drawer    200.      Telephone    M      W.    .'
TVhl.eyl.le.    K.    C. ;    II.    1..    Edmonds.     I
paid for
J. 8TILWBLL CLUTE.  Barrlster-at-la*
solicitor,   etc.;   corner    Columbia    an
MeK,-lisle     plreets.     New     W.-M'jnlnste
H. C.   V   O   Hoi  112.     T.l.phono   71'
Solicitor    anil    Notary, offices     Mar
block.  21  Ixrne   street. New  Westmlr
ster, B. C
Barristers and So,left,.rs. 605 to Sl
Weatmlnster Trust ni:,ck. i;. Bl Mai
tin, W. a. McQuarrie and Oeorge I
P.O. Bos 34 Dally Newe Bldg
B.C. Coast tStirvice
of ull  klutls.
I'rlces rlghl
Transfer Co.
I/fWf'B Vancouvnr for Vlctorlu 10 a. riL.
2 p. in   and 11 Ab.
Lcuvps Vancuuvflr for B^attlo  in a. tn.
and 11 p  tn.
Ii��hv<'h Vnncouver fur Nun.itnm  Ifl a.m.
and  6 :30 p.m.
I����*hv��'R Vancouver for l*rim*t' Rupnrt
nnd Northern Point! 10 t> in Wo4tlM
��� J.   ���   and   Saturday*   at   1 1    p in
Chilliwack Service
Phon*   188.
Barn   Phons   IS
RaKKay.it D��IUer��4 Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN   RRID. Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Tiros.'    Gasoline
EnKlnes,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westmlntter. B.C.
yotitiK man no trace up to th" present gathering in the specimens with a
lins been found, and appearances in view to learning all about ihem, anil
dlcate that he ���.���.im in severely acarert j spreading a more general knowledge
by the accident Hint he left the neigh-'of tbelr  b'.bita  and  powers of  work-
borhood in a burry,
I lng havoc."
White Rock
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co., Z
leaven   OillHwark    7    a
Thursday and Saturday.
I-��'ii mh   Wt'Htmlnat*<r   H
Wndnewday und  Krlday.
KD.   OOULET.   Agnnt.   N< I
H.  W. BHODIE, O. P. A..
*   WttnttnliiMinr.
New Spring and Bummer ShIUiirh
now on display. 8oe them. Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed. 701
Front Street
We now have four trains dally and
will give you the cheapest rato going
not only to Eaatern polntH, but to
Kootenay nnd olher points. Wit are
alao agents for all steamship lines.
For reservation mid other particular*
apply to
E. OOUl.ET, A ,ent.
New Wer    'natur
111. W. DRODIB, O. P. A., Vancouver. TJESDAY, AUGUST  1��, Ml*.
H. 1 lacelle Arrives
In New Westminster
reserve, or lo any of the waters
i where the use of firearms is prohibited by the "Game Act."
And further the lieutenant-governor
in-council has been pleased to
declare that Bectlons 3 and 1 shall
net apply to sections 21. 21a, and 21b
of the "l aine Protection Act."
U.   S.
Ionia. Sbe appeared before the imral-
igration boarding officer, where the
1 first class passengers were assembled
'in the lounge, with two other young
BUT CAN Inti ?*������� ��w**^aaked un- wat?f
Iiu I   vnn   ihu . |(f th(j other two weM tuning with
  !hor and   she  said   they   were.    They
iwere Miss Gladys (lunn and Miss Bil-
Government    Officials    Would da Corral.    Asked if they were related to her,  Mrs.  Watson  said  Bhe did
Chase, B. C Aug. IS.���Visitors in
town from Cellsta report black bears
I very    plentiful    In    that  part of the
  world.    They are beginning to travel
on the public roads, Just, to show there
I is no bard feelings between them and
the rond foreman,    A couple of girls
<olng up to a neighboring ranch the
other evening for milk  met one running towards Ihem, bul 11 turned aside
md gave them the rUlit of way
In   other  ways  bruin   seems
. iptlng Hi" habits of civilization. One
homesteader  a   few   days  ago  saw   a
big blsck bear In the bike bathing. It
vr&S OUlte near the telt'er's home and
h"  mlgbt   has  shot   the  animal,  but
thf mill in- had a gun Ip* had no license
'n il*-.��� it. so the bear Bnlshed his
bath unmolested, massaged himself
for a while and departed In peace.
Like to Help Wachinetcn  State
But There  Are  Doubts
Olympia,   Wash..   Aug.     18.���It.   E.
Campbell,   assistant  attorney   general,
has returned from Washington  where
he   wub   called   by   Attorney   General
W.  V. Tanner aid  Land Commission-
;��� ''lark V. Savldge, and he am.  imo
______^^       ts that the whole question of exebang*
seems to be : ing the lanua wauled by the state of
Washington out of forest reserves f;r
Uie land taken from the school children of Washington res a wltb attorney Oeneral McReynolds, i ,* whom
the ma ter ban been refern d bj President Wilson. Attorney Campbell
states that the gov. rnmeni officials
al the national capital all express a
w ll.ii,*!!* a i to do tl i* fair and h i est
thing by Washington, bui have ralsod
questions as to whether they can legally do so or not,
In event the exchange is nol made
it means that In Washington Beveral
hundred settlors who have gone in
on school l.inda, thinking ihem gov-
.criii'mi'  property, and  to  whom the.
  government   has   in   many   Instances I "astern
Usued  patents, will have to get off.
opos:d to Alter Course of the Gulf   The  State supreme courl  held   in   tiie
Whitney case Iroin BkagH county that
the sta'e has title to  the land.
Elakcs  of  Controversy
While the federal officials are ap-
nr.r"H'lv willing to help out the slate
way possible, they have rals-
questions that mav not onlv
cause a tie up of the Washington exchange, but  would  invalidate  the etch-Jim*-'!; made witli other sates In the
event the contentions of the government ar,' sustained.    Thev have quea-
tiend whether the Btate, hiving once
rec ived  definite  and   certain   tract4
from  the government for school pur-
��� nosers  can   exchange   them   for  other
is  lands,  or. to use a  technical  phrase
Of   lh 'V   h
OU   iu   un,   :uiQ.    ...,...,..,.    	
inot think the officials had the right
j to ask such questions, but she said
I there would be some people on the
pier to meet them and then the inspector would be told the relationship
Mrs. Watson was thereupon informed
that she would be beld until she answered fully, and she left the lounge,
telling her fellow passengers that the
Inspectors would not let her land.
After waiting awhile she changed
her mind, and returning to the inspectors, signified hi r readiness to
give them any information they required.
She said Miss (lunn and Mil I Corral   were  ber  half-sisters,    The.
went to the Waldorf-Astoria.
me for a long time."
Mrs. IUi-.ii was carefnl aat to t -li
the lieutenant lhat tbe saan waa herr-
husband, for she tbat then -rim would
have to wail until morninR.. and get
a sumnwna from  lie dtHccstic rela-
���j^*m*^**^**^-|^l^^^^^__^^^^^^^ tlons cootl
  j    "Well, madame," ssod the lieutenant,   'whv don't yoo tartest Mm?"
Hubby Spoiled His Wife'. Meetin3 to      >���]  wii|- 8aid  **m_ Kuw, ~if yon'.{
r-.. c��~��,i,i,. ������ re. -._., u. send a policeman with oi��.**
Get Somethinc to  Eat and  New ,.  .,        ���   . n ��� ��� ..,. ���_.*
Duffy called Policeman Mctiolal am*
He's In Jail Instructed him to go iritfi Mra. Kupp
���They   walked  to   the  comer    when-
  Rupp   was   standing   li 'mean in,"?    Oka
New York, Aug. 18.���When Law- loss of his supper, and Mre. Kupi>
rence Hupp, fifty-four years old, and took him by Ihe arm.
exceedingly ami suffragist, returned.! "Now then. I^awrence," sbe said.
hungry and tired from hia day's work "you come with mo."
to his home. No. 1100 Glenmore aven-1 Lawrence went. Ife was fockerf *m>
ue, Kast New York, laBt night hc |n a cell en a charge of dffiorffc-T!*-*.-
lound lhat liis wife had apparently conduct. I-ieut. Dotty nearly Tell mrt.
forgotten such a trifling detail as get cr his s- at when be learned tliat thc-
itttfy in hus vital for the complainant and prisorwr were -man
and wife.
'.ream   to   Make   Gree;
New York, Aug. 18���A b.ll hai been In every
lutrodbced In tbe New York legisla <d somi
Hire which may change the climates
, I Greenland, Ureal Britain and Ire
id, Norway, tiiM-d u ai.d Northwestern Rusiiia. Finland, Lapland, aad
iii [act, a great part  cl   Kurope.
The smile naturally follows the
suggestion. Man cannot change eli
mates. At least he never bas. And
o change all the el,.nans nt th ���
North Atlantic shores-the thing
absurd,    it transcends the power
attacked   the   right of  the
Hlllcrest   Has   Mads   Improvc-rUnc   in
Ur Plant.
Hlllcrest, It. ('.. Aug   18.   Although
Canada Is at present  experiencing a
general   business  depression,  this   Ib
by no means the cai" bo f;.r as the
portion  of  th?  Crow's  Nest ,
I'ass Ib  concerned.    Just now  every
mining town in this locality is '.icom-
tag, and the boom does noi originate
(aa do most booms in  western  Canada)  from the inllated prices of real
eBtate,  but  is  altogether  attributable
to tbe ever-increasing activity of the '
mines.   At ilillcrest. It has been found
necessary   to    make    many improve- !
ments  and  additions to tlie  plant.   A
new dingy1 locomotive has been added
to the haulage equipment, and, In order to handle the ccal with more despatch,   another  narrow   gauge  trank
has been  laid  trom  the yards to the
top of the tipple.    A new  warehouse
ihas been  erected to deal with stores
'and supplies more expeditiously, this
1 being fitted throughout with the most
modern lahor and time-saving devices.. _-_
At  the  foot of the  tipple  a  box-oar  the street,
ting supper t
Mra. Hupp is secretary of the Eas'.
. ������.    New   York   branch   cf   the   wi ma l'i
thr <��� suffrage association.
Mr.   Hupp  waited  and   waited  and
.-iiii bis wife did not appear,    S v ������
o'clock, elgbt o'clock  and even  nln
o'clock came and went, and st il Mrc
Hupp did nol  i   pear.
Finally the pangs of hunger became
so gT at thai i; .; p l< (I the boui e an I
at Pi nnBylvan'.a aud Sutti r ;.*. en ,*������
found hla wife exhorting a large and
enthuslaa lc crowd to battle for women's rights.
"Maria," yelled Kupp, "come hem
and get my supper, I'm hungry."
And  th;  Crcvvd  Jeered
The crowd laughed and jeered, bn:
lump came right on.
"Maria, come hom.e That's whi rt
your place is. getting me my Bupper,
and not out bere on a Btreet corner
making speeches for woman's suf-
frage." The scorn with which Mr.
Rupp said lhe last two words wai
"Be quiet,  Lawrence," urged    Mrs.
Kupp, but Lawrence wouldn't be quiet.
i lie wanted his supper and was going
i to get il whether women got thc vote
, or not.
The meeting broke up in laughter
.and Mrs. Rupp made a bee lint: fur
; the Miller avenue station.
"Tin re's a man out there," she told
Lieutenant  Duffy   as   she   pointed   to
'and I want him arrested
Will kin ev��y ftf in yonr
house or store. AHyoobaveto
do is togettheffiestothePads.
��� Directions in ends packet
show how to do this.
auv   man.     Il   might   be
power of a race of genii
lbe genus homo!
And  yet Colonel  Geurgi
ef the I At  the  foot  ot the  tippie  %uox-*..., �����=���"���-"' annoying Be and following
state to submit    the    base    offered,  umder has been Installed to ^Ultjte Hes bun annoj
T en   toe    in event a tract of forest the.  loading   of   the   coal,   while   the|	
J���   lands can  be  taken  tor    the I standard  gauge tracks are being ex
Qoethals,': ediool lands scattered through the n
within   the
but not for
standard  gauge tracas are  ui-m* extended to give more ear aecommoda-
builder   ot   tha   l'anama   canal.  Bay s I serves, it has been questioned as tol tlon in the yards. Not by any means
that  "the subject  warrants InvosUga-   whether or not  the  governmen1   c\n .the least amongst these improvements
tlon,"  and  he hopes  ihu  real  author, take   out   of  the  re��erroa.   or   "with-,Is the erection of a commodious  as-
of   the   scheme,   Qaaro)   1.   Kiker,   of   draw," as tt ls officially known, nro-lsayer's laboratory and office and Mr.
Hrooklyn.  "will  bo   successful   in   BO-1 perty, mid give lt to the state In PeuIDaman, the c. P. R. assayer. is more
curing Cue passage of lhe bill." ;of school lands when the. federal gov-  than pleased at the proBpect of mov
Therefore the matUr Is worth think 1 ei-nmimt has allowed squattTB in sot- ling Into hls new quarters In the lm
,ng ahout. tie. and has given them  C'le.    It thin (mediate future,    ln the town of Hill
Everybody   knows   about   the    gulf   land   can   only     he     -withdrawn     and  crest,   itself,   activity  ln  the  hulldlng
-~  -"--���������"   (hro-wn   open   to   eeneral   settlement, 1 trade  has   been   very   pronounced   all \
Pres. and Osn). Mgr
���K   r. H   BUCKUN,
Sae. ***** Tram*
ii T. Lacelle, the well known Lewis & Co. salesmanager, arrived list
evening In Ni w Westminster and when Interviewed by The News reporter
In regards to what he Intended to do hi re stated ,\. j. Ulrich hsve turned
the r entire high grade stoch of ladles' and children's wear over to me
with orders to unload everything regardless to cost and profit. Now whin
l receive such orders you can bet your last dollar that I will not lei anything Btand In my way. You can t"ll your women readers that they will
mi e   Hi" surprise of thetr lives.
.lum toll them to save their dollars and  wall  lor the opening  Saturda]
morning, August 23, at lu um.
CIcse    reason
Declared    tor    Moose.
h��-). Beaver and Wamti.
pheasants and quail be removed in the
Esquimau,  saanlch.    Cowichan    end
'Islands electoral distrii-ts from Octo
^^���-^���^���������������������p^-���^-^^^^^^^^^^^    j her 1 lo I'ecember 31, 1S13, both dates
4_  Inclusive;
Thai tlie disabilities aB in the Bhoot
The regulations governing Uie game lng of cock pheasants and qual In the
season, which opens on the mainland Newcastle and Comox electoral disco the llrsl day ef September, were tricts he removed from October 1 un-
pul 11: lit d In the last Issue or lh" Pro- til October 81, 1918, both dates Inclu-
vincla' Qaxette. slve.
The announcement ta the Gazette     That the disabilities as to the shoot-
takes the following form: lng Of cock pheasants and quail iu the
Pursuant  to the provisions of this  mend, Dewdney, Helta. Chllllwack and
act. the lieutenant-governor in coun    Yale electoral    districts  be removid
cil  has  been   plased  to order  as  fol     from   Octoher   15   until   December   IB,
lows: 191H, both dates inclusive.
Wapiti   Tbt i a closed season be de- Thai the disabilities pi to the shnol
dared f. r "vapltl on Vancouver laiand iug of cook pheasants in the Strallks-
untll September 1,1816. meen   electoral  district   be   removed
Moore -That a   close season be de- from October IB until October 17,1913,
clared f* r moose everywhere sonth of ''oth dates Inclusive.
the 52nd draree of latitude, except In Provided that no person
the Columbia electoral district, until r  kill   pheasantR  during
Sentembcr 1, 1916.
Heaver    That a cIofo season he declared fer beaver throughout the watershed  er  the  Okanagan    river    and
likes  between  I'entlcton  and  the In
lern-illonal biioiindary line, In the Hl-
elertoral district, until No-   h's   pn
iruu, knows sVmt the gulf
stream and Is effect on tbe climate
Of wcb em Europe. It la the mightiest river in the world -but it flows
through the ocean und not ever the
land. England is as far north as Labrador bu; England is a great para
disc most of the year, while Labrador
i.-i a frozi n desert
Hot   Water   Radiator
The Gulf sir'am  Is tho reason    It
i-i the greatest b-M  water radiator In
the universe.    It (lows out ot the Gulf
lot Mexico, carrying the waters inarm
ed by the liesi ol th,   equatorial sun
and   sets   notheast   parallel   wllh   the;
Atlantic   coasl   of   di--   country   and!
strike. Newfoundland.
Then   i;   is   stunned,   shattered   by j
the land and the shallowB cul, d the
waters coining  down  between Green-;
land   and   I abrador.  and   mixes   with
them in these  ShaBows    where    tlie
i cold water has to come to the sv.rf.u'
to get ever tho ridge of sand, Instead
of   fiowng   deep     down     as     it   doe.i ���
where  It  has  llie  chance.
These ai- ihe  difficulties  met  bv
b ���   Gulf   Stream.     But   in   spit-.'   of
them, it spread'; out  like a great fan
and  warms all  western  Kurope.
Mr. Riker proposes to make the
drifting sand build a Jetty two hundred miles long and r v'-hing from
Newfoundland eastward t" the Grand
Banks. This Jet':-' Is intended ta cut
'- their Journey
tnixrwn   oi"-n    ,u    -   	
then the state would profit nothir.*:
[summer.    Some twenty or thirty new
houses have been built this vear. both 1
tn tbe original Hlllcrest townslte and
on  Hood'B  addition, and    the    wholi-
town is showine marked signs ot its:
j present prosperity.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
-'   - ** m*       Q-fTf
Phone* No. 7 ��nd B77.
LOSE $25,000 completely cue
Investment  Broker   Who    Guaranteed
Civic  Ccrtractcr   Hit   Hard   by
Letter's Disappearance.
Spokane, Aug. IS.- That the disappearance et M. C. Murphy, missing city
hull contractor, will cost Mose Oppenheimer, investment broker, at least
|25,000, as guarantor on the bonds of
Murphy has come oui In connection
with the effort of the bonding companies   to  reach   a   settlement   with   the
Oppenheimer guaranteed Murphy to
the full extent of his bonds, (232,000,
Issued by the American Surety companv and the Title Guaranty company
of New York and Philadelphia. Mr.
Oppenheimer, in discussing the inciter
With Mayor Hindley. estimated that
his loss would be at leaal $35,000 and
I mecnl
October 1R until uciuutu ,,,
may hunt
        nun ,-   the   above.
mentioned dates Ifl here Is three inch-
, s  of '-new en  the ground,  nor  shall
se- perron kill more than six
i,-t<- rt. iv.e've praIrle-ch'ck"ii
"1 guess thai is about right," said
Mr. Oppenheimer lar-t night. "1 went
on Murphy's bond and will make good
; the Iosb.
Took 512,00 Oin Geld.
Murphy disappeared May M. taking
with him $12,0(10 In gold, as shown by
the hearing recently held ln the ted-
I crel court.    He has never since bten
Bf Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
nee day, er have more than llie shove.
mrntloned 'umbers of sueh birds ln
..��� . - 'Slon Without satisfactory
nr-'if of the date of killing and tak-
off  the  old  waters  ln  tlieir juun,,-..   ��� .
south wai* a   bringing   such  f.-'berg,  probably more
as that which smk the Titanic   and "" *1"'
|to  make   Ihem    flow     further    east
whi re it Is dee; er.
Tin re they will creep alonst tlie hot
It  in i f the sea and nol Interfere with
the Gulf Stream.
A  branch ot the Gulf stream  will
Cun   flow   along   the   west   coast     of .
tlreenland���ao   Mr.   Ulker  says���and ?rel .ooun'   "*,u���� .**"-��� ---��,
man5 t'nWB as much warm waiter Wll j^""1 from  fnd  7";l��tures differ as
wash  the  shores  cf  Iceland  and   the'.'0 ll,e ft��*2J* h,s i'SSWftaSS
.  ,. i Seme ot his creditors sav that he took
naions of Europe. ,th, |12,000 and left for aome distant
In view .f the (act that Ae Gulf Lpot to Marl anew Some o( uu
Stream carries 90,000.0000.000 cuh'.c Ufiendii however, hive feared that
yards of water per hour paat Cane fou] lay mav have 0VerUken him or
Florida, with a temperature of .�� that ho mav haYQ entorul BomQ pri.
degrees would be able to melt eight- vate inBtltutlon to ease the mental
heen hundred stjuars miles of tm ten j strain
I feet  thick  prr  hour,  it   is  perfect.v j    f. W. Dewart and B. H, KIser, at
     "anvan An tins    the
We are coat im ally hearing from
ptntcful people who have had csperi-
encea tike that of Miss Alice E. Cooper,
of Niagara Palls, Ont., who writes :
"I   wish  to  express my gratitude to
you for the benefit 1 rt ceivcu from your
most    wonderful    t��y,>pcp.*>ia   Tablets.
Having taken other medicines without  '
having  received   tlie slightest relief, I -
heard   of   vour   Na-Dru-Co   Dyspepsia
Tablets aT.il thought I would give- thrm  :
a trial,    I have been completely cured
cf dyspepsia,   I will be only too pleased
to advise any one troubled with dyspepsia
to give them a f.iir trial."
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets not only '.
give  the  Immediate relief from  heart-  .
burn, flatulence, acidity of the stomach
and biliousness, whichisso much needed,
but if taken regularly for a few days or
weeks thry completely cure the most ;
agg-avatcd   cases   of stomach  trouble.
When for 50c. you can get a box from
your druggist,   why   go on  suffering?
National Drug and"  Chemical   Co.   of j
Canada, Limited, Montrt&l. 144  ���
 ._......��* m -R C. lit*.:
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ia B. C, t\x.: th*
the celebrated "VA.\'COU\ EK" Brand, guaranteed to po���� Suiadard
Specifications of American  and  Canadian  Engineers'  Aaxxocxalioa.
We would alao call attention to our Vitrified Sewer iPlpe from
4-ln. to i.'4-in. In diameter. This is also made io tbis Flrwtoe** ami we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock if Crushed Kock, Washed vlrarr-t Saod.
Lime. Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elst-wtere.
oit r.Ai���mhij ******
Phones 15 and 16.
932 Columbta
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.   New   Wesfmfnafer
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods  of all Kintts.  PHONE  *���*���*-
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
milkameen fifcwra,  , ,���.���.��� of ���,��� 0Bla i*, *   - , --������ lM(,,; lumr, lt �� i;---; i   r. "��� ';ep^BentlnK
V'C;.   ��� rh   "�� etaM "Mon b. Jj- H ' k>        ,.���pt.-Tha�� .he MnbtlvCttta It I. ^doing Ub      ��� g��*
.4SS V mmintain sheep    In   tke        * ��*��� 'J, ��������������� ���, aocki ami tnliw Ua wort In maWt,  i. w����^J t alf
r"' v *n ;lnd Simtlknm.'.'n elec-   tie! W W^ J^^ vanenver \*\- |nM  ,���!,��� and  oa��lng  the
Until     September     1, n mov ^,,
m      r IR   1911, until February N, Ul*
disabilities  is  to.her  if   u Ui  *���
t^r-il   dii tricts
C'eurr    That the
the shnol'i"? of uroiiao of all kinds he |Inclusive
rem-ved throughout the ltilnnils elec- '    That tl
t""al districts. Vancouver Island, and
the Islmiils adlacenl. from Sen'ember
ir> until Dooember tl, iau, both dates
That the dienhUUIes ns lo the shool
I'lR of gri'iise of all kinds he removed
In Ihe Ri'hm'ind, lVwdney, Delia and
chilliwael'  e'octoral dlslrlcts;  In that , ..e,  ���..,   ,._.
portion  of  Kent  municipality,  In  the | Vancouver   Island
Vale district;   and  In  that   portion  of lent thereto, and
Comox ehctrnil district  thai  Is s'tu-
nl"d on tho mainland; and nil Islnuds'her  81,   i*,i.,.   .���..,.   	
rdlnceut to *''i> mainland, front Octo   |    Thit the disabilities ;>�� In the shont
ber IB  t��  Deoember 81,  1918, both  ing of Columbia or coast i-lonr eve" ,"ie
dite" Inrlu-'vc, vear In age he removed througbcpl the
That th ��� rtiF-hilllio'i as to th" "hoot- mainland and lslP"d- ndtawil
lne nf ("'ni'��e of all ltlndg bc removed thereto, except Qii"ep t'hnr'otte nnd
In *he Cranbrook and l'rni" eleel ral i liaaquettl Island" from September I
f*i'titf'r-i�� fr<*'M September 1 to OcUiber i until December 16, I91il
15. 'Ml, hot'l dntea Inclusive. "-'- ������' nnm��_Thnt
Thnt the dlsahiimes ns to the shool- j
Ing of ducks, greae and snlne be r"
moved throughout 'he mainland and
Islands adjacent thereto from Sentembcr 1, 1918, until Kchurnry 28, 1914. In.
Deer���That the dliabllltl��f ap to Ihe
I "hooting   of   Columbia   or   cctst   deer
>ver one year In age be 'emoved on
^^^^^     iland.   the   Islam's   ndln-
nt thereto, and IslandH ebvlo-il die
trlcl from September 111 unt'l IVnrnt-
1918.   both   dntea   lnn|ti��l'*e.
  .  I bonding
companies,    have    Informed  the  city
commissioners   that   neither  the   city
nor the bend-g companies will sue
tain loss, and that lt will full entirely
i n the guarantor of the bonds.   The
 _  >r, dtors nre represented by Attorney
BERI IN'S NAUGHIEST SPOT j C. P, l.und, Mayor Hindley, Corpora-
PUTS GEORGE ADE TO SLEEP | tlon Counsel II   11, Stephens and Areh-
��� I itect Julius Ziltel have been appoint-
Berlin, Ann. 18.���Berlin's claim that J ed a oommlttee to confer with the at-
������-  '���.-   ih���   bonding    companies
Wl ather of sun
ii>��� i .,.,   - Cape Cod���great
a'i  these differences are.
Iference between th<
ipy Inly and stormy
5,  1W1,   nOTH   ll.ii.-r.   	
Thn' th" dlsnbilil'cs aa to the sh'")t-
Iiir ef  pvruiPO of  all    kinds,    excipt
pmir'e chickens, be removed thrnngn-
out t'-rt porUnn nf the mainland not
8lre"(*v sncclfied 'r"m Rente".! er 1st
to Ileieml.cr 81, 1913. both dates In-
rrn'r'e-nhlcti'-n��� Tint   i'v  dls-i.'li.
ties as to 'he PhflOtlng of pralrle-eh'ijk
itli Decemuer m, .*....
Snle or Onme-Thnt tbe disiiblVCe'
"s to Ihe sale of ducks, re-pe nnd
��nipc he removed throuchni't tb,, province from October 1. until October 81,
1913, both days Inclu ' *e.
And further that fl'iv game birds
and deer killed law'ull' i!i'r!"�� the
op'ti seasons may be kept for th" prl-
VBta use of the owner for fourteen
(1.4) days, and no longer, Ininvdlnt"-
Hs nlgbt life Ih the merriest and gay-
alt of any city in Kurope suffered a
horrible  Jar  last  week  when  (
A de fell aateep In the midst of    lb
whlrllngett    whin.     Mr,   Ade   am1
'' eer Sullvan, the Democrat boas of
Illinois, with ex-Mayor HopklnB, ot
Chicago, arrived on Monday from Si I
Petersburg. The humorist had wired
to the Hotel Adion for a room, hut on
h's arrival the manager Insisted on
I hll occupying the Imperial suite which
Mr.  Ade Obligingly  look.
l'e ."M he wanted to sec if Rerun's night life was as Ray and varl-
onlnred  ns   It  had  been  painted,  and
declared he  would take three days'
Irnlnins  so  as  to he able  to  samp!"
"I have been a farmer so Ioiir," h"
F'i'd. "that 1 usually go to sleen with
the chlekena,   You say night light is
orderly, so I'll no to sleep an hour later
-..-,....        -T!,���t
tie."ii to the thooting of pra rle.cn w- W'^^^wKSm** of such
cn be remove In ��.. UWj. t,^1% oU'm on, andi that JM^JSSi
Kamloops anSOkanagan elector^ d
trlcete fmm Bautember IB  i""1
torneys  for   the   bonding    companies
with a view of having the city hall
���org'. | computed and finally BHOcpted by the
Art'  City to  Be  Lenient.
It bos developed that before his do-
nurture Contractor Murphy was given
t detailed list of changes to complete
his contract witli the city, This list
disappeared  when   Murphy  lett  and
has now been lupolled to the bonding
lompabien by Architect $lttel. It rep
resents an mid. d expense ot |l,5d0 for
Murphy's bendrmin. which must he
met hefore the building is finally ac-
An i fforf Is now being "'.uie to havo
'li.. citv beceure of ih�� dtsannQ^rnnco
nf MUTph* and the shifting Of Ills bur-
! |. m- ti the rhcu'ilers of fibers, deal
j"".ily In the demands for the completion of the lob. The creditors, who
lhave filed clalma for nearly $70,000.
In sum,, cnaes. It Is stated, ngreed
close reason, nnd tbat dimks,
snipe nnd deer, If lawfully obtained
during the open Season for sale, may
be exposed for snle and s.'!d for five
Irt ay i nnd no inne.er. Immediately attar
the period of sale expires.
|    In nil cofcs. however, the proof of
thn time of killing or purchasing shall
| be on  thc  part)   In  possession
'lniegsants nutl Quail. -That the. dls-      The aforesaid regulations shall not
abilities as  to tho shooting of cock  apply to Kalcu Island, nor to any game
everv  night  for three    nigh ts.    That '��| ,, , ,hWr clll|ms.   lt Is thought.
will bring my limit to midnight. Lult ���10 Blty hall llahllllles will speed
Thursday night he declared he *IU\   �� '      8,,ttled after the city comin s-
ready  to see  the  town.    Hera li hll   " ,im,   lh(.   bomUnK   companies
verdki:    "It's all very nice, but    too i
slow.  boys.     II   wlll  Ink
this to Icep me awake."
Ahout 1 n. iu. In Berlin's most fa-
mouse "Palace ot Rln," as the big cafe
Is often called, Mr. Aado composed
himself lo sleep, murmuring "I will
give you boya my Impressions tomorrow."
Mr, Ade loft fur Paris Saturday.
Burners    in..,    >.>..	
agree on what remains to be done to
complete the contract.
New Yotk, Aug. 18.���Mrs. Rdlth)
Walscn. a young ami nretty blonde |
English  woman, arrived on the Cur-1
The want ad. is an ideal salesman.
It is direct but courteous.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It speaks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
The want ad. cannot be turned down because of a de>-
cisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The rosultful want ad. is an appeal to common sense;,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are mado.
'PHONE 999
TUESDAY,  AUGUST   19,  1913.
Fresh Water and Salt
flGOffiS BO.Vf LIE
ream and Faloma
-amc Time as Three
in  Port
Partial Stranccrs.
Leaves New York Tomorrow
The Isthmian steamship line freight
er   lluenaventure.    Captain     Fitzsim
mona, is now on berth at New York
loading steel  for this coast, and ac
cording to the present Intontlons of
the charterers,  will leave  Nev  York
on  Wednesday  for this  port   via  the
Magellan  Straits.    The  lluenaventura
reached New York on August II from
the  river   Plate,  after  a   most  creditable  performance, accomplishing  the
voyage  from   Buenos  Ayres  via Barbados  in    twenty-one    days,    eleven
hours und ten minutes.    Her average ;
speed was 11.67 knots per hour.   The!
voyage   established  a   record   in   the j
River   Plate-Now   York   trade     The
Buenaventura will arrive ln this port ���
early in November.
| Early on  Friday  morning    a
\ meal wus secured on reaching
| cabin, near Mexican Tom's trail, from
��� which point the  castaway  made  for
Skidegale.-arrivlng on Sunday.
Mr. Herrlck, who left for Prince
Ilupert tm Tuesday, upon being asked
I what was his destination on leaving
Mussel, replied with a laugh: "I didn't
'know myself. Had the weather continued line I might have attempted to
;s::il  over  to  Prince   Hupert."
oil m fiStl CLOSE
S&lttj thtat* must be something
pis iflllil' hi the *:r when In the same
���port} io lhp Bsnip day, and just 30
yant* frrc.�� trxth other, three vessel:;
��*r tam* t3am ��nt! three of another,
-.it-Mom aerw feaon oven singly, are
if* op.
Bal thi* van   flu*   .case   yeBterday
nhxti  at the tttj  market  wharf  the
Kispa, Foam anad FnlumB, all names
i::vrt>.r, uitb Ihr.   letter   "F,"    were ]
mtircd, -jshile juat a rtort    distance!
*r*t**vrm strajua. lhe Triumph. Kingsway   Dig New Ships Will Bid for Passenger
mat B. C. V., a] I halihut boats, lay at
the (!��.���)m-iibia. Cold Storage company's
. ����� ha.rf.
The Klsp-A had juat come Jip from a
HI 11 tli1 I'TUffWllrw trip .tn Boundary
bay. wi��h Vh'uf Inspector Cunningham
-iboani, aisd tl��e- athor fishing cruisers
-nue hm* cn general business.
The B. C. r. unloaded her halihut
���r-ateli e-arly in the* day, and the
Triirmph with 150,000 pounds of hali-
Floating Offal Cause Trouble in Vancouver��� Many  Foxes Brought
South���Charge cf  Fraud.
Trade to This Coast Via
inat disv-b-argefl y-etftordav, while the
K.-.ncaway ��.ith ��0,409 lay moored out-
aide hex.
At the present time the Uoyal Mail
Steam Packet company has four r. su-
jlar steamships on tbe high seas heading for this ccast from  Kurope.
These vessels   are    all  lirst    class
freighters, and tor the time being
j will  be  adequate  for  the  trade  and
will be operated via the Suez route
Iuntil such time as the Panama canal
���is opened,  when the huge passenger
and freight carriers now building   in
liritish yards will be pressed into ser-1 Skagway, wav a consignment of black
��� vice.   In a recent Btatement B. J, M. land  silver grey  fox  cubs,  valued at
Nash, of London, representing the It. |about  $40,000, and a number of mar-
I'apcouvcr,     Aug.     1S. -Complaints
have been  muile by Chairman Owen,
of 'he   park   commissioners,   of   the
leakage of oil rendering the wator at
'the bathing beaches filthy.
Although he had not been able to
ascer aln ihe source of the leakage he
j stated this morning thai so bad was
It on Saturday afternoon that th.��� \
had to refuse to iss'.ie any bathing
suits or to take any money, and he
'was anxious that something should be
done as soon as possible to remedy
the evil.
The question will be broughl before
the hat her commission and probably
also to the notice of the Hon. J. D.
Hazen, minister of marine and fisheries, on his return to the city today.
Commissioner Owen further stated
that it cosi the park board M00 tr.
clear the beaches of dead salmon last
Takina Fc.es East.
Included in the cargo of the C, P.
R. steamer Prince33 May, which arrived  in    pert    tin.--    morning    from
square | the company would pay all the cla ms
White's  immediately.
It was argued as an explanation of
the fact that the company had not
yet paid for nny of the damage done
ihat the claims made by the residento
wero too exorbitant.
Mayor Baxter considered   the   proposition  a   good one,  as  the    award
would be a fair and    Impartial    one. |
and  he  advised    the    people    whose j
homes had been affected to accept It,]
Fully Qualified.
In  some quarters    questions    have.
Ibeen raised   as to   Captain   McSpad
den's right to the title of captain Of ;
Ithe new Irish regiment, bul he gradu-
! ated   from   the   Uoyal   school  of     in- j
ifautry, Toronto, under Colonel Otter.
I who has  since retired  with the rank i
of general.    lie received his comm's-j
sicn as second lieutenant in thc 12th I
regiment, York Rangers, ou June    S !
lSSH, his brother William at the sime'
t'.rne being appointed  to a captaincy.
Oa September 11 of the same year he |
was promoted to captain, retiring with *
permission to use the title, in Octo
ber,   1904.     His   commissions   appear !
with the signature of Lord S'anli y of
Preston, who was governor general at
the time.
A List of Money-Saving
Specials for Tuesday
Whan we wish to effect a quick clearance
its contribution, and as
antees every one of t'.iesi
we lay our plans openly belore you. Kvery
widely as we know how to publish the facts and figures. Thl
attractive bargains and invites your presence.
department nuikes
. Smith Store guar-
Aug.   18.
Contractors Will Allow no Person But
Wcrl-cnen to Trespass at the
Fiphth Street Slip.
The t*i*.,mr*n*m (Ta t.1 11��� harbor   improvement    work    must    be of    tbe
upstiiun   thai a stitch   in   liir,"  saves
"lint', or  nvlhi-r that a  sign  in time
Area  lives,    for they,    very    wiBely,
alive  put. irp a notice  warning    tr, .-;���
���aisiifrs a^aitiNt climbing  on  thr* cap-
Bins  nun  Liing  built.    Blnoe  almost
the  lirst   pile was driven  Idlers have
been   viry  aoxloua   to  display  tbelr
gjsuwiujn a-nd level   heafleSness   by
walain-g eut un the t'mii..K s.   Tho con.
��� haeten ***** no doubt aware lhat they
��utd  their misi uri, nit the only per-
. *rms who am bir'l  u  log or  walk    a
stt-t'-k oi timber without practical de-
BBMBBCfHBfS-tni,   and   Htnr,**    llieyYc    too
bufj- making New Wentiabister's har
der, to he hauling poop
'.oater wtth i.  -priie   pel
orderi*! -pvcrvtrm; ..ut wr
.. *m.
OUt   or  the
they    have
;:n? to keep
M. S. P. company on this continent,
said: "The terminus of our Kuropean
line via the l'anama canal will be
British Columbia. Each tf the steam
ships will have accommodations far
about 2uiii) passengers of all classes,
ami capable of carrying from 12,010
to 14,000 tons of cargo." The drfft
of these ships will be something like
?,0 feet when loaded.
New Boat This Fall.
Of the seven steamers the Iloyal
Mail company Is building for service
In the Oriental trade from 1'ucitlc:
coast ports. Mr, Nash says that the
lirst will be ready to be placid in
the route in November, the second
two or three months lati r and the entire fleet during the following vear.
The early completion of theBe ships
was expected, but the liritish shipyards are so crowded with work that
they are far behind in their deliveries. In the meant line it is the
intention of the Royal Mail company
to give the I'acilic coast shippers all
the tonnage they require, and fast
ships will be dispatched from Hull
and London at regular intervals.
Within the next five weeks the Royal
Mail company has three big freighters
under schedule to touch at thjs uud
Other ports on the North Pacific, and
a fourth will be right on their heels.
���   I
N-Vcrr Lota in    River   Sunday    Night.
But Numbers Jjv Constantly
Becoming   Enwller.
Tbi   U. C,  mmnu-s'  report   of  Mon-
ajr'a Baking in the   river,   iineni    io
"���.brut sitae up the situation.   ST-be re-
jnort a*y��:
Word  frx-m the  up  river  were not
mw  ���� ���aUafactovy nu   anticipated,
ju) Oa -enaaotee there will work full
lij..^'.    Snme t.f the boats, caught 350
i.**X thr average  was ubMirt 200.
' r'nir *m*3i':  river    ant!   .Ciniue    pass
���a ���>  .���.aruriB oul idt. und near Point
4 '.iv - .lid ��v'H.
It.*.. rU from Vancouver island are
to the effect thnl llle run lias blacken-
���cd off antl prttiipally hninjibar'ks are
' eDlngtnun gut shout 100,001) sal
man ... rday, TO pea somft -01 which
Uteri  hun1 pU'.cV.*.
Canners ;.i Anacurtes havo all the
(in",i they can handle InrcTuSlng ton-
aiderabl-f oiunbnas til liumpbac'ts.
The following regulation has been
passed by the lieutenant gov.'mnr In
council In order to protect tho cities
from infection by plague-infested ves-
'sols, it appeared in the current Isbus
eif The Provincial Qazette.
1. All vessels arriving at British
Columbia ports from ports Infected or
suspected of being Infected with bubonic plague shall conform to the
following regulations.
iai Vessels shall be moored or
docked at a distance nol less than six
feet .nun wharf or land.
ibi Ropes or chains   connecting   a
vessel    wiih wharf   or land shall   lr
protected   by
shape  satlsfactorj   to local  und  pro
| ten, ail alive and In caged boxes.
The shipment belongs to (i. P. Cold
well,   of St, John, N.B., who   is   a:
present, in   Vancouver, and  will  take
the animals back easl  with him this
afternoon.    They  were captured and
brought down    here    from    northern
liritish Columbia territories by A. M.
Vlckery, who has been  busy collect
ing this consignment sine Hi" begin
ning of last March.    This forms    the
third shipment   of   foxes   from   the
north and will be the laat this year,
as the trappers are now  all through.
About $160,000 worth of animals hav,
been  brought  down for tba east   this
year and  excellent  success    has    st
tended   their  transportation   t:i  their
destination.     During  the  conveyance
of the last lot,    Mr. Coldwell   states
, that only  one died.    The    pelts    ar
worth  nothing unless killed at    t'i.'it
prime  and   the  owners   are  taking   a|lng
considerable risk   and    expending    a
large   sum   of   money   in   transferring
tho  foxes  to  tbelr farm  In  SI.   John
Some  of  the  frno3  In   the  last  shipment bave alreadv been sold in New-
The marlin are tbe first lot brought
down from the nonh and the breeding
and rearing of the*-..' little animals
will bo an experiment.
Cbarned with   Frsud.
A charge ot fraud, paid to consist in
representing themselves tn b" collect
Ing advertising for the Trades and
Labor council was brought against
John Hedbury and W. S. McQuaig In
the police courl this morning. Hed |
burg was allowed ball in (1000. and
McQuaig in $600, the ease being rr-
tnandrd until next Tuesday.
The arrest  was made yesterday b
Sturgeon Hay, W
message supposed to have been written by Captain Charles Nelson of the
Rouse Simmons, the "Christmas" ship
which went down with all on boarl
in Lake Michigan last November, has
been found by Frank Lauscher, the
son of a fisherman.
The message i.s datid November 'H
and rends as follows:
"These lines wcre written at 10.1>n
p.m. Schooner Rouse Simmons ready
to go down ahout twenty miles southeast tf Twin River Point, between f.f
te n and twenty miles off Bhore. All
hands lashed to one side. Goodbye.
Captain Charles N. Ism."
Young Lauscher was playing on the
b'aeh several miles north of Sturgeon Bay when he found the bottle.
The net", written roughly In pencil,
was inside.
Local marine men are of lh? opin
ton that the note is the laRt word
from the ill fated ship which sank
during a terrific storm last winter
wben loaded with Christmas tiroes
from the northern woods and bound
for Chicago.
land P
William Allison, auditor general
spent the week end with his family ln
the city.
Mrs. J. E. Reid, cf Salmon Arm, Is
the guest of her mother, Mrs. Lewis
Williams, of Sapperton.
lir b' rt Macgregor, II. B. Macprcgo.-
and A. ','.. Gourlay, of (ialt, Ont., an
guests Of Hugh Kennedy.
Miss McBrlde, of this city, is spi nd
the remainder    of    the    summer
wiih Lady  McBrlde at  Victoria.
Rev. C. K. Wincott and Mrs. Wincott are spending a holiday at Cres
cent, the gu.'s.s of Mrs.  L. Wilson.
W Km bury, of the Union bank, of
Pincher Creek. Alta., has arrived In
the 'city to succeed J. O. Hunter as
manager of the branch  here.
Mrs. I".  W. Anderson, of Kamloops
I who  haa been  In  ill health  for some
!time. is at  pres"n!  tlie guest    oT her
father, Q.  K.  Corbould and  Mrs.  Cor
bould,   sh.' is accompanied   by   hei *
: two children.
Ills Honor .Itidge Howay returned
to the city on Friday and held a
chamber court yesterday. Hia honoi
has been spending bis vacation cruising on the coast and exploring the
many  beauty spo's on tho west coast
Blanket Values
Well Worth
Heavy dark gray union blanket,
full sizes 60x80 inches; weight
7 pounds; values regular $11.75.
Sale price, per pair. at..$2.93
Blankets of finest Canadian
yarn; white with blue or pink
borders; weight 7 pounds; sl/.e
��',1\S2 inches; guaranteed pure
wool;   values  regular,  *f,7.    Sale
price    ��5.03
Best grade nf iinu Scotch
blankets; extra full sizes*, at
worth-while reduction; weight 7
pounds;     regular    $8.00,      Sale
price    S6.98
Weight 8 pounds;  regular 19.00,
Sale price     ��7.93
Weight 0 pounds; regular $10.f0
Sale price       $9.33
11-4    white    cotton    blankets;
best grade; slightly soiled; blue
or     pink     bonier.       Per     pair
at  $1.28
Sterlinc; ' Quilt    Values
Best grail" white honeycomb
quilts; made from good quality
Egyptian cotton; soft finish;
double bed BUe; f''ingc<l edges;
regular value, $2.75 Sale price.
each $1.98
About four different makes of
Grecian honeycomb cullty; 3-4
and double bed size; regular
values at $1.50 and $1.7". each,
Sale price $1.28
Three -quarter  and   single    bed
rlze; pure white Grecian; made
f r good quality Egyptian cotton;
hemmed ends; regular $1.00
Sale  price    *J*HC
In the Vanguard
of the Army of
New  Cloakings
Tbey form no Inconsiderable
body in themselves, Ihis advance
guard of a mighty host, and here
already, they are spread out for
your delectations *in the dress
goods department. This, at a
time when tailors are least busy,
enables you to have your suit
made in ample time for autumn.
Draperies and Curtain
Fabrics at August Sale
A Great Final Clearance When
We Offer These Very Strong
Values for Today's selling.
The cholci st loom productions of
scrims, fancy nets, madras muslins; In natural colors, two-tone
effects and colored borders;
With plain centre, regular values to 7.1c yard.    Sale price, per
>���"-'>  36c
This lol Includes some of tbe
cheaper lines In scrims, muslins
and casement cloth; a grent variety of patterns to select from,
and suitable for any room; regular values tO 26c. Sale price.
Per   yard              14e
Heavy    brass    extension    rods:
knob ends; length 30 to ".4 in:h-
es;   regular     50c      Sule     price,
each   . 34C
Half-inch rod. . xtendlng    from
24 to 46  Inches;    with    screws
complete. Sale price, each.JH
, w* Ma***
Table   Padding
Lower Priced
Than Usual
r.4 Inch    heavy    quilted    white
table pad.ling, sold regular!) at
$1.26, Sale price, yer yard,
nt    99e
72-Inch extra heavy plain table
padding; excellent for wear and
washes well;. value regular
$! 26, Sale price    99e
Chintz, covi
60x72 in.
Sal"  price,
Sateen covered comforte
110x7^ Inches; well filled; values
regular $2.00. Sale price, eaeb
iU    $1.48
Good   Bargains.
red comforters,   size
ties;     good     weight
eaeb   at, ..  $1.23
Detectives Crowe and Sunstrom. aud
, is said to have resul'ed from numer
oils complaints being received by the
police. It is alleged that McQuaig
nnd Hed burg gathered advertising fot
an office card, which they arrested
I was being printed under the auspices
of the labor body. In all $200 was
(Said to have been collected. Heilb'.re
I was said to be the principal, and Mc-
size and Qual�� dld the soliciting,
local   and   pro Dor''* Want Orientals.
' the Central ttat<>-
at itt meeting In
the city ball lasl Saturday ovening
adopted a resolution advocating thp
nxcli .*..n i r Orientals from British
Columb,a and appointed a delegation
to wall upon the Hon. Robert Rogers
v ill regar i to this "latter.
..Injunctlcn against G T P.
An ani llcatlon f r Injin ctb n v ��� *
made this m< mini lu I ��� upr me
court chambers by the counsel to
certain pro] ��� rty holdei - I i Fori
Qeorge restraining the I; and Tr p '���
Pacific to t n,<���-���< d with their ab ng ti;-
waterfront, across lhe ci rners ol
ihese properties  Tin  a] plh itloi   wa
of  Vancouver  island.
I Continued from ra-ge One I
The i-sj; I, ���,.',. , i. M vi'sai*.*day for
Seattle I.-, bring coal I* ������ her owners,
.4. Mayer? company, y.tc vP.l likely
v-fltim >*,n Vein .-..   : ,
���Hwa-.i*- ut ll"* s ' ol the cnfreni
���when th* i**.i'* was o i' the tugl Cheer
till mud Pearlul wer" forced to li" to
���imlcr  the   Viascr    bridge     yesterday
iiflii in W "'.fn then tows of several
���Oonati t-I logs later in the day the
lftarmsa ttstt* moved up.
Thr -st'-amer Selkirk, ot Victoria,
wm nt. to.- It. C. VV It wharf yester-
*\?.y  tah'niT ivi rsxiin
Th.* panrefe cruiser Fispa of the
Sab-- ... <ifp?.rtaient, -waa down river
���smU onl I*. Ito-rndan Viv on Sunday
���Witt! CaV." In-ai-ecior Cunningham
���aboaid    ' n- irip war. made for Een
���eral fnspecfticn   ��A
vincial boards of health I    Tho ^ecutive of
u*i  All gangways shall    be    lifted  P:i" ' "   '!
when not In use.   Gangways when in |
use shall be guarded against the G*H
of rats by a person specially detailed
for Ibis purpose.
idi    All vi Bsels   chang ng r mto In
solely  British Columbia    ports   shall
give satisfactory evidence of dlsinfee.
tinn and extermination cf vermin to
provincial board of health.
2.    Every owner, agent, nr captain
of anv  vessel, and  ever      otber  pel
s.-.n vlola'lng or Instructing, authorlz*
in-, (.rderiu v. permitting or otherwise
suffering any pers in to n olato any nf
thn foregoing   regulnth us   Bhall    be
liable,  upen  summt rj   conviction  bo
Ion. any two lustlces . ( the p   f* r
i verv such offence to a Une nol    t ���:
c edina $1D0, with  or  wlthonl '��� i il i,
rr to Imprisonment,  with or   -vlthmii
bard  labor,  for a term  nol  excei ding
Bix months, or lo both (Inn and    lm
prlsonment, In tho discretion or
convicting magistrates
connection with Captain I'owell.
A Serious Matter.
Then bursting forth the alderman
Bald tiny wire ii danger of becoming
siagni.tit. "1 an bring up other things,
and I will bring up olher things," he
said. "Whal a1 i it Uie SCOWS costing
Sllli 0. 1 h . ��� I'm ; id we i light only
to h ive had to pa; ''.'"'���, and thus save
$10')0. 1 i n hrli .* i "��� man up here
who said It." Tb i Vldorman Ilryson
r. fi rn .1 In h ' 1*"-' 1 ��� at Hero and said
It cosi >6 too, when is II was offered to
i Itical mill c"in;ia.". for $3000. They
. man :.* i ii pi cl ber and h" said
it was nnl w irth It They had leiter
ki ��� p thi Ir i     a*    In thi ir poclcc ta  He
li'" vast area more money    fnr    reel imatlon n'.T'i must be forthcomlni
"1 dl nct believe Oregon has it";
received anywhere near what is due
her in reclamation apportionments,''
declared the Bec?etary, "but railroad
bulling muat precede reclamation, It
would be era, .nal to reclaim lands
and put people on them, without
transportation so thoy can reach the
markets with their products. Oregon,
with railroad transportation, will get
her shar" of reclamation funds and I
ain not unacquainted with the fscl
lhat great areas in this Btate can be
reclaimed and produce amazingly."
Secretary l.ane lefl at midnight for
Eastern Oregon to inspect the \v s!
Umatilla project
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchei  Throughout  the   Province  of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department nt nil Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and iuterest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Traveller*' Cheque* sold, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK
enlarged by Mr   Justice Morrison nn    "'"    I bring those Ihlngi up
iii Thursday to givo the counsel foi       '*    ln8V"r :'"- ther0 wai
the defence time to procure affidav ���      "V ' '"  Vr  ''' ���<���������-*'���" llu(l
TIDE T*��l
Easterner    Has    Exciting
Sh:res of Curen  Cha-lott
*js**ff -.'*��� -V  -- '     -, ^.grri-iv
W(��briinsi��r.        Snnd
**mtM.   Ttm��. High.
HlpH. \b*k. Time. 11 rt.
���*t    ��:�����&    2.10       *���> 45 10.5
***Mh IVfiHi      19:06 11   ',
1$    T*3��   -7:r.ri
20:25 15:25
it**,    8-.3W    "���"'>
-a  ��-.i5 4-.tn)
31:(K�� .16.00
���a i��-.\* sin
���a.i** .*>*.**
m*X ��-.!��   6:Or,
***���*�� 1K-.20
***%..** ��-r>"
I ��rio in .�����:.
'.i*''      *^T~
6:3! 1"
W.88 IS
7:25 10.6    1
19:Ar. 12.1 13
8:14 10.3    2
80:06 12." 13
'������ITO 10.1    I
20.27 11.6 M
I a 12   6.9   "
2U �� 11 ,g 14
II 16      mS      4
21:19 1l.�� UB
au-T-t :'
Tim". Hgt,
0:39   7.1
12:09   'i.'i
1:10   6.7
12:41   3.9
1:: 11
i-i.,.,... I-- ,.    11 .. Aug. IS    Tho wesl
... 1,   tn breed  In the    eastornor   a
spirit ot contempl for Its dancers afl-
.'r having Hv.d In it a few months.
on Monday ther.. arrived In Queen
Charlotte, after a three davs' tramp
from Rose spit, A. Horriclt, who spenl
the season fishing at Lamar* island.
heaving Mas; et Wednesday we.lt In
a 16-foot dugout canoe, ho had sailed
twenty-six tulles when a southeaster
came on with all its fury, BWampIng
the frail craft within eighty rods of
the shore.
The Bhoro reached, a lent was secured along with Jam and cheese from
the curling breakers, nnd Thursday
spent  In drying clothes and resting.
from Wlnnipi ** relative to tbe ens
Must Knee, r-ood I'out,
o*.. Ing to the 1 rote sts . t 'day. i
Baxter Saturday afternoon, work 011
lhi new police h adquartei s ��n 1 Btop
pi 11 1 *.y the contrai tors 1 isl S iturd .*
about 2:30, 'll.is work hi.- b en
rled oa t.he previous week end and
the mayor exacted a promlso thai It
should not occur again. Hcwover
tha pier..-" was not fullllled and on
Saturday afternoon, when his attention wa called to it hie worship went
at one. in hi* automobile and In
sisteii thai ui ri. should erase.
Miners Drawn North.
When the C, r It, steamer Princes
or. I Sophia left for Skagway on Sunday
morning al I o'clock she took among
ber passengers cany mere miners
and 1 ri, 1 a t.is for transport to the
nonresl polnl cf debarkation for th
S'siiann 1 diggings, or "Chrlsana," n*i
the ; '.nt,    in :.n "ti to manj of th
��� -i r.   ', ho   .'������"'     1    adv   up   IllPr *.     A I
numb r of prospectors booked  theli
pas-ac" .a tu- Princess Sophia from
Victoria, and all steamers going north
from U, C, and I'uget sound perls are
carrying 1 b'c percentage of old
tlmi rs who have again bei n attract.-tl
to the ii rt.li bv tho new strike,
O. N, R. to S-ttle.
The claims agent Of ths Oroat
N. r'h. rii Ka ''..ay company waited on
tiie mayor this morning and told him
that if the civic building Inspect >r
would visit all tho houses said to have
1 a damagi ���! by tlio blasting operations in connection with the out
through Grandvlew, nnd the people
Mould tn opi the inspector's Dgures,
'    t.r ���    uv.n.
a p
rl *
Ottawa, Aug. 1X. According to com-
Dllntlons recently made, Canada's min-
"���-nl production for tho lasl fiscal
var amounted to over $133,000,000,
which Is an Incraaee of $30,000,000, or'
. n-r cent, over the figures which
were  prpse.ntod     for    the    preceding
';    -I.-'    contention   aboul v'*"    Thn figures show that the per
Capt   I*  .*   11 hi  tl   nghl the aldermai      *; '". production of minerals for the
���* uld ha     1  * 1 *   ���'.;������ report him ell '*��� r  ��as nbout $IH.
to   the    luu
���it   bv   Alder
raid     "Can'
the hull for
that this 111 ni ������   ' mid
Wo ton, water -sup"
iion had t" uet h    nrni
ni'.v the clt*)  sle uld ba
for this $116    Ths clt)
to pay it al all
Referring presumably
boat   ' '*:ins !<��� Inn   fp ���
man  Rrysnn, thc  m: *������ r
'nsnph  M ������ a*. ��� pled
the '���':;.* nf  M -v   Wi   t tor "
f I ' ���!��� in "-' :** " ' d'e.'t cii'-e It tb'
pri ildent of the United States accept
ed It.
Thc Mayer i don't suppose Captain
Mayeri *,*.*. uld report inylhlng s-galnsi
the i" sl Intnrcsts of th" ,.;tv. iir nVl
he was quite prep-red tn como before
the "��� e'.e'l at anv time
lie. thi  mavor told him what Alder.
���*.   I'.r.   ' n lind  '���-���'it     Tb" mryje   * I
ilineaa  In.se.i broughl nn these mi'
lers thn more he, lhr mayor, would b'
,   The incident then closed and again
the accounts  were  passed.
paid bv Mr ' The stai sties credll 46 ner cent,
id.ni John ' 'il minnral output to metals, while
1 bin it wav a  '-ii' remaining ".I pi r cent is compiled
B been let in 1 for non-metallic substances.
had  ao rlgln . _^_������
Yeu v/ill make no
U3 your orders, a
m.stake in sending
} you will gst the
Portland, Ore.,
quel ii't'tuled h)
Bncctary i [ th ���
I.rne      e   e,-| ss. d
Ai'", Jl      M    a ban
"-11 nTrnni tonight
In'nrlor Kranklln K.
himself    as     over
whelmed by the VftStness of irrigation
possibilities In the Central Oregon
country which he had insnected today and declared that with the supplying  el   railr.'i'.i   [iicilltles  to    tap
... AT THE ...
Lowest Possible Prices
tier 'leas at 35c per Ib, :: lbs. far
1100; 40c pi r lb��� 3 lbs $1,10, and
iOo pi r lb., 3 Ib ;. for $1.40, are' lha
Inosl value 01 the market. Wo guar-
mteo them to give satis/action.
our Coffees also at 35c, 40c and 46c
per lb, are oxlra good values, snd give
pci teet satisfaction to all userB,
Order a pound of our Tea and Coffee, we would like an opportunity to
prove to you lhat thoy are good.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr Block. Columbia Stiect.
Fast Passenger Train Service by Li. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Thwhbreds in Adion-550 TUESDAY,   AUGUST   19,   1913.
PSsyitl   PI***
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :-;   CRICKET   -.-.   BASEBALL   ���-.   BOXING
Saturday Afternoon an All Star Team
Will   Oppose   Westminster
strong for the Interior championship,
lt brings to mlml the objection of the
V, tx. C. last year against a player
named llarri?, whose amateur standing
with St. Catherines was not of lhe
soundest. Harris did not play against
the V. A. C. last full.
tered their first victory of the season. I Montreal
Tliere was nothing to it but Krench
town last nlgbt, for after Burqultlam,
through   (1.   Wiltshire,  had   tallied   in
the opening quarter, the homesters got
together with their combination stunts
  , which   netted   then   three  goals   in   a
Tlie ways and means of a big league row and held the Burquitlams to the
ball player raising a loan are dark ! lone tally until a few minutes of time,
and uncertain these days. Hay Cald- j Only one penalty wus handed oufby
well,  of  the  New   York  Highlanders, I tho referee. Huline incurring the dis
Toronto   5G
Proyidenoa  54
Jersey City   15
Yesterday's Games.
Baltimore 6, Montreal 12.
Jersey City 6, Rochester 7
Newark 2. Toronto S.
Providence C,  Buffalo 2.
Soccer  football,  which   bids fair  to
outrival all other field sports In New
Westminster this coming season, will!
he k'ug on Saturday afternoon, when
an   t.ll-i-tiir   team   selected   Trom   the!
city league will oppose Uie Westminster  Itovora  in  a charity    game    at'
MotJBy   park.    Although   enrly   ln   the
year to make a.start for a winter sport
lh" playi rs appear anxious to get Into
training   immediately,   following   the
prediction   that  there  is  a  possibility
of a plethora of players In the field
Saturday's game win be *��� benefit
one. ibe proceeds going to th" coffers
.if tbe local branch of the British Columbia Amateur Athletic association,
whicb appear to be In dire need of re-
i.li nisbment
Chose City Eleven.
At a meeting helrl In the office ofj
Herb Ryall last evening the city league
delegates made a selection of their
eleven, together with a reserve player
for each position, so that there will
be no possibility of a break in th"
Some Real Surprises.
'Jus; what line-up the Rovers will
place in the field Is yet pr-obletnatlcal,
but their manager comes through with
tli" Information that some of bin men
will '.pen the eves of soccer fans In
tin "��� part.-. Miller, the Scottish Inter-
natlnnal, Jurt out from the old country, is almost Fure to be on the line-up.
Jimmy Craig, who at this period of
Ilu* ."iir comes over with his annual
address of bavin? quit tbe game for
keeps, and ne'er again will assist s-tp*
pertoi) in winning cups, medals and
championships, has been selected tn
handle tb" whistle, although ttatB by
no mean-", indicates that the veteran
has quit active footbal, despite hls own
Tb.. All-Stars wlll line up in tlie follow :n�� order:
Goal. Blrchfleld  (Phillips);    backs.
touched another player for $16 and
just because Kay did not come through
In any great hurry, the National commission gave aim five dayti to straighten out thn mailer.
If Russian sport fans love a referee
In thc same way as t. ������ ball fans regard the umpire, tbat minister of
sports, a post recently created by Km-
pi ror Nick of St. Petersburg, has no
sln<��� cure, football Is mentioned as
���me ..f the new sports, Pretty soon
.... s'riil read of some crazy guy kicking a bomb along the main Btreet.
pleasure of the  officials    The  teams
lined up as follows:
Maillardville -W. Mitchell, [.. Boileau, H. Booth, VV Rocbon, 0. Wilson,
ti. Cauthier. W. Booth. R. Boileau, G.
Coutu, H.  Holme, J.  Decalre.
Burqultlam W. Patchell, M. Baker,
A. Speokman. A. Witlshire. Q, McQee,
G, Deacon, <). Wiltshire, W. AAdklns,
(1. Pltzyatrlck, ti. Urbantz, J. Walker.
Referee, Dr, Scott; timekeepers, K.
Perry. J. A. Proulx and I.. K. Marmont
Cf.il scorers 0. Wiltshire. ,T, Walker. Buraultlam; Hulme, R. Boilcat:, L,
Boileau, Maillardville.
The Nanalmo soccer teams are not
taking kindly to the present situation
over on the island. Tba order of tbe
military authorities, prohibits meetings iu public places and Ihe managers of the soccer outfits are afraid to
schedule a game  for  fear of  running
foul of tiie mllltla. a I
Tiie New* Westminster Rugby
club wlll hold an adjourn, d
meeting in the office of W. p.
Kdmonds, Westminster Trust
block, at 8 o'clock tonight to
d'ecuss the question as to
whether Westminster would be
able to field a team In tb"
Vancouveer league this coming winter.
Kvery member of the club is
requested to be presenet in
order lhat there might be a
full  d;sci:ssi':n  on  the  matter.
Baseball Results.
Standln��� of the Clubs.
mxsx*****^.**------*.... I
_^_^^^^_ I Vancouver  72
Tin   proposition  to stack  up  Eddie   Portland    67
Mny  against   Willie   Ritchie   at  Brig-   Seattle   7ll
house on Labor day Is not taken very   Victoria    CO
bin-Sly ly the fight fens on the lower,Tacoma  57
mainland.   Why, they s-.sk, can't the]Spokane  4it
; I
promoters get some "boy who can]
nearly hold his own with the champ,!
Instead of putting up a third rater? !
The Vancouver and Histrict league
holds a meeting in Vancouver tomorrow night. From all accounts there
Will be a warm time at the gathering
it's New Westminster delegates claim
they have a little say in the matter
as to the distribution of the trophies,
follow lng the break up of the organization.
If Vr. Weather Man is in good hu-
mor, the ell-stars and the Mocse will
battle again at Queen's park this evening. Taking previous games as a cri-
terlon, the Moose should cinch the
series  this  p.m.
McAllister   and   Patterson   (Ixird   <-..... ; . ,.....,
Shildrick); halves, Lambden, dpeedle C,NAL *C,T, 'Vr ��f��l thriller
nnd   Hamilton   <L-ewlS,   McLaren,  and! SHOULD BE REAL THRILLER
:'     ":     ��ZT P^lrnUr,i'w".a0n.      Th rtn.n  will  rine  down  on  the
O'Malley,   L.owls,   O'Malley,   Walker.) I intermediate
Ri   erves are given In brackets.
(By  the  Potter.)
Chewing gum aa fishing bait This
.ti.nt is unknown In these parts but lt
* is trli d . iit by Hen Rowland, a Call-
rnla millWhaire sportsman, last
week He ordered BO cartons of the
rubbemld with the remark "Best trout
bait I ever tried."
Peek-a-boos, bobbles, silt and the
>'  ray kind have been or are tho rage.
ow comes bar. foot golf. We learn
thai ping toes an.l dew Bpattered
ankles are popular among the feminine por'ion of Pasadena's younger set.
Yes, we can jui-t fane) the procession
oul to tiie Burqultlam links every
morning If such a stunt was tried out
~    -1 City
by any in the Hoyal City.
Not a murmur is beard from P.-e-
retary    Milton    Oppenheimer, of tlie'
Vi'ii * uv, r Athletic club lacrosse team
and also secretary or tb" B. C. A. A. U .
in connection with th" challenge of the j
Armstrong team for the Maun cup. Of;
course  such   players  as  Dol   Phelnn,
George  Math. sen.  Fid Cummins. Ran,
McDonald are amatcurs*ln the strictest sense. All there players bave been
noticed nn the Kamloops lacrosse llti-
up this summer playing against  Ann-
lacrosse league at |
Queen's pnrk Thursday evening when
be West Ends play Burnaby in the
final match of the season. On form
Ihe Wen Knds should have a walk
away from the suburbanites, but the
bunch under Manager McMurphy have
proved themselves to be stayers ami
have also come through with a few
surprises so that it is quite possible
that the genial Oeorge will rout out
h'.s strongest line-up for the occasion
X. t tn 1���> outdone in any way by
the baseball crowd, tbe league officials
bsve arranged a post series gam" |,e-
tween ihe present champion West
l'i.ds and a picked team peleeted from
Sapperton and Burnaby, t<. be staged
at the park a week from Thursday.
Tin* different managers wlll get to-
i'eili* r sometime this week and select
the all-star team, wblcb should prove
more than a match in Individual dis-
"la** but a little Inferior to the West
, Enders in team work. The game deserve.; support
Giants Take thc First.
Seattle. Aug. IS. Seattle hit Hall
at opportune times today and wen the
first game of the series with Vancouver 5 to a. Fullerton was a little
wild, but was effective in the pinches,
holding the visitors to three hits.
It.    II.    E.
Seattle      5      !)      1
Vancouver     2      'i      1
Batteries:    Fullerton   and   Watty;
j Hall and Konnick, Crindell.
?->okane 5, Tacoma 3.
Spokane, Aug.  18.���Spokane bunch-
led  hits off Cirot  in  the third  Inning
, today   and   secured   enough   runs     tr,
��� win the lirst game cf the series with
, Tacoma  5  to  3.    McGinnity   relieved
I Cirot In  the third  inning and  at the
beginning of the sixth  gave way  to
JKurfuBs.    Mc.Carl  and    Hannah    did
iinost of the hitting for Spokane, hav-
��� lng  seven  of    the     11  hits    between
them. |
n.   ii.   E I
Tacoma     3      8      3
Spokane     5    11      2
Batteries: Cirot. McGinnity, Kur-
fU88 and Harris, Crisp; Peters and
A filuonttig Match.
Portland, Aug, 18.���Hits when hits
meant   runs   won  today's    game     for
Victoria  against   I'ortland.    The  He"?
, coralled  no less  than  L'I)  safeties out
' of a total of 3ti hits.
n.   h.   e
Portland  l-   16     ���'
Victoria    13    20      ?.
Batti ries- Eastley and Williams;
Tl n.r.  Barbam  and Shea.
Leach Crocs Offers to Fight American
Champ at Brighouse���Wolgast
Stands Pat.
Standing of the Clubs.
A vlotory of the Montreal Nationals
over thplr enemies, the Irish-Canadians, had nothing on the unalloyed
toy which filtered and flowed out of
Maillardville last evening when the
French-Canadian boys turned the trick
on Burqultlam anil incidentally regis-
New York  ..
Pittsburg   ��� ��� ���
Brooklyn . ��� ���
Cincinnati   ..
St.  l.ouis
i Yesterday's Games.
!     At New York: It.    II.    E
Pittsburg  3   io    2i
New  York     5    10      2
liatleries:     Camnitz,    Cooper    and
Simon, Gibson; Demaree and McLean,
Second game: R.    H.    E.
Pittsburg    1      h      1
New York    5    12      2
Batteries: Robinson,        Cooper.
O'Toole and    Gibson;    Tesreau    and
At Hrooklyn: R.    H.    E.
St. 1/OUis     1      4      2
Hrooklyn    7      9      0
Batteries:    Doak, Perritt and Hilde-
brand;   Allen and  Miller.
Second game: H.
St.  I.ouis     2
Hrooklyn      6
llatteries:       llearne    and
Ikib Angeles, Cal., Aug. 18.���Leach
Crisi' manager, Sam Wallach, telegraphed tbe Vancouver promoter?)
that he could secure a release from
the Labor Day fight here if given
S7500 for Cross' end of the projected
bout  with  Willie  Ritchie.
In the meantime Tom Jones learned through a long distance telephone
talk with Ad Wplgast that the "Wildcat'' would not alter his date to box
Joe Azevedo on Labor Pay at Oakland. Wolgast added that he considered the Oakland bout good training for his match here on Admission
Hay wiib Johnny Dundee.
Welsh on September 20.
San Francisco, Aug. 18.���"Will box
Welsb  '-ii  S"pt"mher  20.    Hc  claims
his ankle will be all right.    On Labor
Day   Ultchle  will   box   the   best  man |
that can be secured by the club here."
1     The foregoing telegram received to-
l ivght   from   Harry     Foley,    Ritchie's
1 trainer and manager,    by    the    Asso-
'ciated Press indicates the course laid
out by the  lightweight  champion    of
the world  to meet the situation  that
sickness and  accident  have produced
in the l.os Angeles    and    Vancouver,
B.C., light zones.
Ritchie   is   open   to   box   the    best
man the northern promoters can    induce to sign a contract for   the Labor
Day date. Sporting writers here agree
that   l,each  Cross  Is  the  logical  can- j
didate among the  men  available, and i
there   is   nothing   in   the   Foley   tele-j
gram that bars him.    In fact, all signs !
print   now   toward   a   match   between !
the  conqueror  of  Wolgast    and     the
eastern dentist.
Cross-Rivers Scrap Off.
The accident which wrenched 'h"
Englishman's ankle yesterday left I
Ritchie without an epponrnt for j
Labor Pay. As tbe promoters were]
lamenting their lurk the wires I
brought news that the Leach Cross- j
Joo Rivers tight in l.os Angeles bad |
been called off on account of the ill- j
ness of Rivers.
Cross  was offered  the   match  wltb |
[Ritchie and    now    Ritchie    indicate? j
Hint be ls not averse to meeting him j
Murphy   is  out  of the  question.    He
Iwa8 offered a ma'ch in this citv    re-
'cently. but wired from New York that
he could not cross the continent and
prepare for a fight by September 1.
New Ycrk, Aug. 18.���On a comparatively small volume of buying stocks
advanced in all quarters of the list
during the first part of today's session. The supply of the stockB appeared to be scarce and under the
lead of the coppers and grangers the
market forged ahead easily. In addition to tlie standard issues, the oil
ajid electric stocks made substantial
gains. In spite of the improving, the
New York traders were not willing to
fellow up the market. Profit taking
together with some sellers cut into
the day's gains bringing back prices
in some cases to the opening level,
ln the final dealings quotations were
lifted again, but at the close they
fell short ol the day's high figures
J.  J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Head  Office:   New Westminster, B.C.
709 Columbia St. aWestminster Trust Bldg.
Exposition  Still   Popular.
San    Krancisco,    Aug.    18.���Of    the
14.000  persons    who    subscribed    for
stock  of   the   Panama-Pacific    exposi
tion three and a half years ago,    only
til) have  been unwilling or unable  to
meet payments for the stock up to the
present    time,  according  to  a report
published today by Rodney S. Durkee
controller of the exposition company
Suits have already been filed against
14 of the 60 who are delinquent, and
I In  eight  of  these    cases    judgments
:have been  returned  in  favor of    the
exposition company.
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Baseball fans of the lover main**l, tbe time *�����'���J.7.*��
Sr^l^^'S     ^rSv'eC^coutln-uedi
���J'i an open evOit with Portland, for the weak deve   .�� . iu:n        	
Vancouver and Seattle In *�������,, �����&&^2kta ** ^etotore Kueker and Miller.
The surprUo during the past week the possime    " , ,h(, pmiadel-     At Boston*.
������� '""  ���'"    ^'V  ?,bo I- of ohlParAgmerl ��� 'u^gue warn. McQraw'. clnolnnatl 	
,.orUand Qiul   which at the time o    ,,,    A >'^  !    >  ��� .,���,, u.st one Bogton 	
\:J:li. Irov.dfng n  of their pitch- onPW*^  ^ ,
��?,jrateEZ ��dr Cleveland  both
I taking three OUl   of four.
A  better  balanced  week
one Just passed In th<
probably has not
rure th'-s  season
H.    E.
7      1
14      1
R.    H.   B.
< r..  go  wn ng
Tbe Rose Ctty club was considered
ii middle place team three weeks ago,
l.i" luce then the hurling of Stanley.
Concannon end Todd, together with
fnult'.BPS support by Ihe fielders, haa
i���:������ ught them Into second plac and
only n gain" and a half from the pres-
. nl   ll id 'ts,   Vancouver.
While   Seattle  and   Vuncouv
6      1
than   tbe
Amerlacn league
been  furnished   be-
('level ind.  Chicane
HattTies:     Ames
due and Rarlden.
At  Philadelphia:
iiait. ties:    Humphries
Alexander. Mayer, Itulny
K 11 ier.
and  Clark;   Per
Slavery  In Canada.
Canadian** are inclined to as?ofisti>
slavery wltll the Southern States. Th*.
lollowing extract from Tho York (To
ronto)   Oracle  of  V'eb.   19.   lett!,  is  s
reminder  that   Canada   \ as   once   u
slave-holding country:
"Peggy," tlie colored servant nl Pel  \
r Russell, ran swjay seme yenr.�� |.re
t" IBM,   She returned ami  will
1 for sale.   Ihe nd
Edison  Photoplay
Drama, a  Detective Story.
Miss  Julie  Swayne  Gordon  and
Mr.  Robert   in   the  Vitagraph-
Comedy Drama.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from trie start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Mad*  ln  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reasen why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
jour needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising:
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
Song  by
It.    H.    B
..in is 2
and Archer;
and Howley,
���*,. f itlon i.r.
lhe hopes of NioK
'I ha pai*' |w"
defeat after
fore tn:s  Betwuu.    ��� ,-
and Washington each broke bul n little
Winning  three and
. two and two and
three   out
Oh Ynu Walter John��en.
The w-e!;'K star In the twirling was
Welter Johnson, who ran his strim;
up to 12. a record fnr Ihe season. Johnson, asltln from this achievement has
n'tclicd Ills way to tlm front In the
malor leagues. Ills 12lh strnleht vle-
i tory was his llfith triumph of the sea-
against five defeats.
Purhcrs Corce Hlph.
I non,
t fitting it out tills week, Portland vvill I tetter than
Victoria where the slugging as- i |0Blna two.
liable to put a crimp In       Dotrolt split even	
Williams' l"am. (.he Athletics and the New Yorks won
��eeks  has I n  one  two and  lett  three.    This left  the
anrllur Tor both Seattle]Lo,,), (.i���|, winning but one oul of five
-..���id Vancouver, the former only taklngl .,,,,���*   thi.   Bostons   winning   "   --   ~""
three out of  IB games,    while    tho , OI ,-;v,.
Heavers can only claim one better,
Th > buttle betwoen the two during
tir.fi wcrlt will probably make 1918
hit tory In tbo Northwestern.
Will Probably Stay There.
Victoria, Spokane and Tacoma appear tn le going along In their same
jtwei t  way,  losing games with  their
"beet twlrler;. rn the mound and com-
Init bnck With the unexpected the fol-1 ������������.��� ^.U1, _ ...^_^^^_
lowing afternoon, smashing n few cogs     |.|��� pricrs f,,r fi���,]s in ^e smaller
���out of tha first division clubs.
. A  peculiar feature of the past
vuk'.i play In the league has been the
numerous defrn's handed pitchers who
have been purchased by major league
Clubs,    Kantlehner, Schmut/., Ingersoll
nn��l n few more havo all received their
Callahan Is Some Twlrler.
Callahan of Portland came through
with a real i urprlse on Sunday by taking a double victory over Seattle.
These ttylce-tn-the-aame-place evontB|nlnt
by a twlrler In the Northwestern are
n novelty. Perhaps Joe McQInnlty
���will got peeved at Callfthan usurping
his copyright on BUCh a deal for the
iron Man's specialty hack in the International, wns to go through the
whole day on the mound, and manys
'.'���tunes continue to be announced.
Mannger Chnnce announced the ex-
���"-nillturn of Jrtnoil for l'itchers Mr-
MhIp of .I.'i'nev City, Cooper Of I'eters-
'���.uri*! nn] l'lch ef Dayton, and one yarn
V'l It thnt flrirrith. or Washington was
nreinreil to offer Jinn.non Tor Ty (Iobb.
The week saw 108 Stolen haBcn. CO
nf them In the National circuit, Pitts-
httrg loading with 13 nnd Boston hnv-
lng 11, In the American league Cleve-
t'ud  lead  with  10 and  St.  Louis had
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    L.
Philadelphia  73 84
Cleveland   69 45
  Washington    -. 6'J 49
gt. I Chicago  61 55
Hoston    58    bti
Detroit    411    6?
St.  Louis    45    71:
New York   UK    6!
Yesterday's Games,
Al   Detroit: R,
Philadelphia ....' 4
Detroit       5
j    Batteries:   Plank and Lapp;
I nnd Stanage,
At Cleveland: II.
Washington   i. 6
Cleveland   :i
Boehllng, James and Perry,
lug, Cullup and O'Ncll.
At Chicago: U.     ^^^
Hoston    0     5     2
Chicago     1     6     1
HatterloB:     Bedient,    Leonard    and
Carrigan: Hussell and Schalk.
At St.  Louis: R.    H.    E.
New York     4    10     Q
St. Louis     S!    10      1
Batteries:       lord    and    Sweeney;
Mitchell and  Alexander.
her sor wn* off"
lertiscierit res'ls:
Black Woman, named Pe?t:y.
about I irty yiars, and a black
;..v. her s"n. named Jupiter, age.i
���bout II'teen var-.. both .' them tlie
propel I y of tlte subscriber. Ihe wo
man is a tolerable cook nn.l wn-ini
woman and perfectly understand*-
making soap aud candles,
"The bey Is tall ami sttonsi of hii
age nnd has been employed In country
ljusiness, but lu ought up     ��� *->������*!���
m a liouse servant
them servants f. r
the woman is on
JI Bitulithi
they are each ol
life. The price lot
hundred and tidy
dollars, i r tbe boy two hundred dn|.
lars. payable In three ye irs wuh In
terest from tbe day ol sale, and to he
properly riecured by bond, etc. Hut
.uie-lout'th less will he t��kr& in ready
A Horrible Libel!
Homer nods, and even Hansard ne-
'���asi.inally takes lorty winks. Tlie
other day Major lohn A. Currie, -Mirer oi the 4Jth Highlanders and Parliamentary representative for the ruling ul North Slmcoe, entertained the
House with an analytical and well-
reasoned exposition on tbe much-debated Hank A"1. The major defended
the Finance Department, and, in support of his contentions, reviewed con-
i.lerable financial  legislation in
orl.l.    "1  direct attention '
Week   Beginning   Monday,  August 25.
Matinees Tuesday, Thursday and
Henry W. Savage's Tremendous
Dramatic  Spoctacle,
150  People. Symphony Orchestra.
Nights and Saturday matinee 50c t.i
$2.00. Thursday matinee 50c to $1.50.
Tuesday matinee 'iiie. 50c, 75c and
$1.00. Mall orders tilled now. This
is the original New York company.
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
PtSOball  Lost a Good Man.
Death  removed  a prominent figure
���-i b'nehall during the week.    William
11.  Locke,  president of the Philadelphia National lengue cluh. died ThurB- ,
day.   W. Pi Haker Is mentlonod as his llaltlmoro  	
successor. | Buffalo  69
Standing of the Clubs.
v W.    1..
Newark    J��    "
.rid       1  -aireci  uiv.-n-���-.     --
said, "to ihe system recently promul-
Whether        "'"'.... is'mU9t remain
Wft8 8lr o dispute and uncertainty.
4 matter of <"spuw following
,!<. that a����r?,^;ve)J qlloted l.ini
Tl"w" Xntfon ^ ?he system
"effiy promulgated  in  my   land.
UTh.'.'re were wigs on the green when
the'gallant Scot^subsequently sought
friends "he demands^, "to think I
am t *D��go?"-CanaJfan Courier.   ,
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
Bltulithic on Second Street. N.w W��tmln.te, *lth Boulevard Do��r
the Centre.
"*"" Bltulithic ls noiseless, non-slippery, practically duaUeaa, eaay on
horses' Set and. above all, particularly durable. For these reaaon-
mtulithlc la commended highly by owner, ot automobiles and horses.
Eg^uuet. wans?������'"������
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone Seymour ?130.      714-717 Dominion Truat Building. Vancouver
White Rodi
The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, WHILES & Co., Official Agsctt
\    -
TUESDAY,  AUGUST  19,  1913.
ceived for The News at the following placea: V. T. Hill's drug store,
t$8 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
yueensborough, Lulu Island.
�� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
.lay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required wlttln one year from date of
contract,  $25.00.
sires work by day.    Box 11)14 News
office. H"4'
private family for married couple.
iSox WOS News. (IMS)
hotel, a few resectable citizens
who apprepciate a comfortable and
up- to-date room. Rates $1.50 and
upwards weekly. Also three roomed -suites furnished, gas, electric
light, hot and cold water. Only $1.".
pur month.       Uj"H)
Aldan's Presbyterian church, corner Seventh avenue and Fourteenth
Btreet. Apply to Qeorge Halliday.
1410 Tenth avenue. (1S%)
Apply    evenings    at
212    Queens
six; married woman. Apply stating
wages and references to hox 1895
News office.- ' xWt'
keeping rooms; every convenience;
$18 up monthly. Knights of Pythias
block, Agnes street. ll��0l)
one-half hlock from Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Applv 224 Seventh street.      (189T)
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, sec
retary, Labor Temple building.
I'hone  11280. 11876)
keeping rooms. $10 and $18 pel-
month at 224 Seventh slreet. (1S21I
housekeeping rooms, 81 Agnes
Street    Phone 038 L. (1886)
naby, 69x180, Will sacrifice for Immediate sale. Apply C, 11. Patterson, owner, Edmonds. (11)12)
close In. Owner, apply box 1315
News office. (1915)
and other furniture, nearly
Line,    Wedgewood street.
Sixth street car to Douglas
one block  north.
new. D.
Good   Looking   Broker  Gets  Widow's  Secure  Ten  Thousand  Dollars Wlth-
Money���She Tumbled to His Game out Having to Blow Safe���De-
and He Was Arrested.
tectives Spot  Everybody.
Eats Restaurant Meals and Has Tailor
Measure Him for New Suits
of Clothes.
Philadelphia, Aug. 18. Locked up
at the city hall is Cornelius C. Street,
who is not only a fashion plate In the
engine, 1321 Third avenue.      (1890)
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1S20)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Van
couver,  B.C. (If25)
New York, Aug. 18.-Hugh M. Montreal, Aug. 18.���A sensational
Creighton, manager of the investment | rubbery of $10,000, taken from the safe
department of a Wall Street houBe, i0f Tooke Brothers, limited, at their
was arrested on the steps Of the He-' St. Henri factory, is reported, the per-
publican club and locked up in Lud- petrators getting possesion of papers matter of dress, but. is probably    t ,.*
low  street jail, charged  with grand and seourtleB to that amount without moat' high-toned   pn: <��� ��� -. ��� ���*,
larcenv. the aid of dynamite or nilro-gylcerine ; into custody In
���    *_  ���..���., *i... ,...t..    'in,,.
Inland Empire City Would Hold Peace
Centenary Next Year���Century
Old History Retold.
lhis city upon such a
A  second  after the yellow  taxicab ' to blow open the safe.    The lock was'serious  charge  as  burglary,
which carried the prisoner to his cell  opened bv working tha combination. The prisoner has admitted to Act-
had passed In Ludlow street another , The daring burlar or burglars made lng Captain of Detectives rate and
rounded the comer. It was Mrs. tneir successful attempt during the Lieut. Wood that ha robbed the house
Ida Morse, a very wealthy New night undiscovered by the watchman, of a millionaire and the oountry home
Orleans widow, now living at No, 547 the discovery of the robbery taking1 of a rich woman, but that does not
Riverside drive, wlfo had  made    the   place In the morning, when the certif-1 seem  to worry  In :*.*;       ,     ir
charges which caused Crelghton'8 ar-  Icates, and, it is alleged, currency to
rest. the amount of $10,000 was found to
Smiling, she watched the huge Iron be  missing  from    tho    compartment
doors close behind him. where it had been  placed the night
"I wanted to see tbem put him In before,
jail," she exclaimed eagerly,    "lf he     The robbery has bad  Its effect on
hns to stay there all night I will he I the employes, who have lived In fear
satisfied." land trembling, the news having gen-
Then, standing before the bleak old j orated from the office to tlu
jail   with  Imr attorney,   Major  11.  C. where every  man  haa  been
I'AKK NOTICE, pursuant to section tint the "Companies Act," that the above
named company Intends, one month after
Uis date hereof, to apply to the ReKlstrar
f Joint-Stock Companies to change If-,
num.' to "Standard Discount Company,
Puteil iit  New Westminster,  B.C.,  t  It
thirtieth .Inv of July. UU. 11970)
for B full sized 1ms, in
n exchang
located   i
Deer. In exchangi
Iv modem house,
fnr 7-r..e
Well  li.e.ll'
���  near  Red
n lln.i-t.UKh-
.1. Oils city.
situat1* on
house. 7th
tt.. $H
shed -  1-mem tnudeni
IS.*. .-Ins
��� lilt   lei
thoroughly  m
���ap i*. nt and le
Allen,  of  Nn.  527   Fifth   avenue,  she
told this story:
"Mr. Creighton first called on me at
my home In May, 1912. lie is a big,
handsome man. and immediately became attentive to me, lie became interested in my finances and after 1
bad come to know him well, assured
me tli.--f fer every $2,000 I would allow him to invest for me he could
nay a return of $10 pi r day. He said
he was drawing a sabry of $iu.ooo
i year besides 156 per cent, on all his
Gets Her Esnk Acccunt.
"'!' gained mv confidence
fore I left for Hattle Creek
personal comfort and appearance while
in a cell.
Barber Shaves Him Daily.
Tho burglar Insists upon having a
barber sent to him daily und upon having all his meals prepared at a res
taurant near the city hall and sent to
him. lie was stylishly attired, and
:������������*, had several suits of clothing when ar-
worklng rt Bted but later requested that a tailor
���lav after day wltl the knowledge bo cent to him because he thinks he
that he is beiiig shadowed to and from "needs about three more suits ol
his work. clothes"   one of very light material to
At noon the same espionage is kept wear while In a cell.
up   the sleuths  who are on tho ease.       Street,   who   Is   probably   24   years
being spoiled in turn by the employ-  old, and according to his story, was
ers. who are living ln dread of the out-  following a plow- on a big farm near
comc ISridgeville,  Del.,  a   few   months  ago,
The exact amount of the robebry is according to Tate and Wood, whose
not known, but the figures which the experl questioning ���r street alone tn-
sxclted employees heard of were $10,- dnced  him to talk, Irankly    declared
How   lbe   office   was   entered   with
the watchman on guard and the Bate
rifled,   without  the   use  of anything
and he-j but the knowledge possessed  by the
Mich.. I   burglars of the combination    is    thy
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
SB I **** **************
made out an order which gave hlm
control of my bank account and allowed hlm to invest it as he saw lit.
On my return to New York I was astonished when Mr. Creighton told me
that I had suffered a loss or $1,800 in
Cincinnati (las stock. He had told me
thnt Hutton .1. and \V. Sellgman and
A. 11. Leach 5 Co. had Jusl put more
than $1,000,000 Into this company, and
tha the stock could not fall below thi
$86 per share which I had paid for
"It was some time before I realized
���hat 1 was being robbed Kven then
I might not havo brought tbis eom-
nlalnt if I had not learned that Mr
Creighton had likewise gained $601)
rrom Mrs. Bessie Waggaman, who
lives in the same house with me. and
$200   from   Mrs.   Murphy,     a     dresB-
Mrs.   Morse alleges  thut  in  all  she
trange feature of this case, as the
combination was known to bul a trusted few of tbe firm's employees.
Wife Determined to Ac: cm pany Husband  to Colony for the
Escaping Tariff by Locating Plants in
Montreal. Aug. is.   Observers of the
St. I.ouis, Aug. I1-    A test of a wife's
devotion has presented Itself hen* In
the strange case of George Hartman;
lost $3,000 through Cretghton's invest-1 who on applying to a hospital of thiB
ments for her. I city   to  have  a   skin  disease   treated,   tion
Creighton  is a handsome man.  six   yesterday  was told  that  lie  was suf-
feet five inches tall.   He is prominent
socially, and a member of the Itepub-
i lican and ottier clubs.    In his cell In
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date In the city.   Private
baths, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per month and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
South Westminster School.
SEALED TENDERS, aubscrlbed "Tender
for Smith Westmlnst-r Pchool." will be
.... Ived up to noon of Monday, the 1st
.inv ,.r Beptember, 1913. by the Honourable
lh Minister of Publlr Works, f,,r the erection :tinl completion ���>( a two-room school
and  e.tln.nlriie. s.  etc.
plans, spFeltlcatlons, contract and forms
ol tender amy bo s,-. n ..u and after the
lilt: .! IV of "hK'i*". UU. at Ibe office
nt Mi V O llarshall Secret iry, School
li... .1. Bouth Westminster; Mr. S. A.
Fletcher Govii ment Agent, New WeBtmlnster; ..r it,.* Department ot Publlo
Ynrks, Victoria   t: C,
Intending tenderers can, by applying
lo the undersigned obtain one oopy <>f
plans .ii-l specifications f,,r the sum <��r
ten dollars ijini, which will l"* refunded
on  receipt  nf plans  In  good order.
Bach proposal inunt be a-pcompsnlod hv
ran accepted ban's cheque ..r certificate nf
deposit nn ix chartered bank of Canada,
".,t.. pavahle ... tbo Honourable ibe
MinM.r ..i I'm.;*. Works, fnr ., sum equal
to i�� p..r .-..nt .,' under, which shall be
fm*'. ie .1 II th    party tendering decline to
etit.-r   lei.,   contract   When   lalle.l   upon   to
Ar. ,*, oi it he 'el to complete the work
r..ii|.:e-i..| f-.r i'he cheques nr certificates
nf tepostl -e ui ecossrul tenderers wilt
tie returned to them upon the execution nf
ll am.a.
Tenders  will   nol   ' onsfderod  unless
m-"'' ,..it ,,,.. ->.,. forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature of tne tenderer,
nn-t enclosed !.. envelopes furnished.
The lowest oi any tender not necessar-
llv accepted.
J   E   e' r-TlTlt.
Pi w    Works Engineer.
rvponmcnl   of   Puhllc   Works.  Victoria,
lie    AuKnm  nti.  1313 < isr.ru
workings of the new tariff law, even
before many of Its provisions have
been definitely agreed upon, Slave
noted that Its seems destined to work
to the distinct advantage of Canada as
against the L'nited Slates. These observers note that Canada Is going to
be a handy place for the American
manaufacturer to drop such of his Industries as are unfavorably affected
by American legislation, and the pro- ,
cess bas already begun, says a Chicago despatch to the New York Commercial.
Only recently the Washburn-Crosby company of Minneapolis has made
au agreement with the city of Port
Arthur. Ontario, for tlie construction
of an elevator to cost $860,000 and a
$600,000 Hour mill, the city guaranteeing Hni.buu of bonds.
A more significant thing Is the plan
of Willis 11. Booth of l.os Angeles, Cal..
lo erect a manufactory of electrical
beating appliances at Toronto. The
company back of this enterprise is
now doing a prosperous business in
Ibis country, but its president says
that they are obliged to go lo Canada
to escape the tariff of 30 to 36 per
cent imposed by tiie Dominion government, while the pending tariff law
of the l'nited States will open Amerl* I
can markets to Canadian products.
Mr. Booth echoes the recenl utterances of ex-Governor Ross of Massa-'
ebusetts, one of whose enterprises  Is
fering from leprosy. He was forcibly
detained and orderd to lifelong con-
linetnent on an isolated farm several
Ludlow street jail he refused to make j miles from St. Louis,
any statement, liis attorney. Horton j The young wife then rushed to the
TOmklns, of No. IE Broad street, de- I hospital sobbing that no matter wbere
"hired his client had been unjustly her husband might be taken ber place
Imprisoned and that everything would was by bis side; that sbe would go
be straightened out within the next i wherever he went,
day or so. Dr n c Woodruff, whose diagnosis
 |has  been  unqualifiedly given  to the
thai within the short space of a few
months he mastered the details of
lining export second-story work and
cultivated a desire to shine as a Beau
Caught Pawing  Loot.
Slreet was caught by Detective liar-
bridge while trying to redeem a valu-
able watch which had been taken
from Laird's house.
Street's request that he be allowed
to have his meals served from a restaurant did not surprise Tate anil
Wood nearly so much as hia request
abcu the barber and the tailor. Street
thought he should have a very light
weight suit to wear while ln a cell,
and he thought that he Bhould have
two extra suits, because he "needs
them." "You see, you fellows
arrested me without giving me a
chance to arrange for a proper change
nf clothing, and yen hive no idea
how hot it is in a cell." he said to
Tate and Wood said tbey bave received descriptions of a uian suspect-
e,i in connection with the robberies
lat Narragansett pier, and street answers in some respects that desci'lp-
Street denied be ever was ill
He will be taken to Wilmington.
Del., first for trial.
Spokane, Aug. 18.���At many polntB
on  the long  boundary   between    the
I United States and Canada appropriate
ceremonies will be held next year in
celebration cf the passing of 100 years
of unbroken peace between this nation
. and (Ireat Britain, On the west coast
steps have already been taken by the
I Pacific Highway association to erect
an enduring memorial arch   at    the
! point where the I'acific highway
crOBSes the Washington-British Cil
iiinbia boundary.
The spirit tli.it promps theBe manifestations of cordial friendship between the people of the United States
and Qreai Britain and her dependencies is highly laudable and it Ib hoped thai so fellcltloua a centennial will
not lie permitted to pass unobserved
in the Spokane country, A celebration lure or at some point near tba
llle boundary would be most appropriate, for the issues of llle war of
1812 bore closely upon this broad region. One of tbe results of tbat war
was tin* temporary lowering of the
American flag at Astoria, Okanogan
and Spokane House, and the lining
in Ils place of tbe liritish colors; but
happily Ier tl.e Stars and Stripes, the
treaty of Client, signed ChrlBtmaB i ve
,1814, restored American rights.
How War News Went
When war was declared in 1812
this country was under joint American and British occupation, John .lac-
i (ib Aster's I'acific Fur company held
1 posts at the mouth of the Columbia,
i the mouth of the Okanagon and Spo-
i kane House, at the mouth of the Little Spokane. Bul British interests antedated us at Spokane House, where
the Northwest I'"ur company of Canada had placed a post at least one
year, and possibly two years, before
the arrival there of the Astor party
sen: ln to the interior from Astoria,
News travelled slowly then, and As
tor's people at Spokane House remained In Ignorance of hostilities until
late in the autumn of 1813, A party
from Spokane House, n turning tb'ti
from a voyage to Astoria, net at the
Cascades of the Columbia a descending party ol' lhe Northwest Fur companv. under the leadership of .1 Q
McTavlsh and Angus llehutie, wbo
imparted the news tbat tbe two nations were at war. Tlte Astor party
returned with the Northwester.-, t.i As-
i torla, and the latter to the number
of 75 went into camp on thc> beacli
near the Astor post.
| McTavlBh, for the Northwesters, delivered to McDougal, iu command of
the Astor post, a letter from Angus
I Shaw, his uncle and one of tlie part-
liters of the Northwest company, advising lilm that the ship Isaac Todd,
blaring letters of marque, had sailed
from London ln March under convoy
,of the liritish frigale Phoebe, with orders from tlie government to Belzo
the American establishment at Asl ir-
la, which hud been represented to
the British admiralty as an Important colony founded by the government of tbo United Stat...
, The frigate Phoebe failed I i i it In
an appearance bm in her Bten I 'be
British Bloop ef war Raccoon arrived
en Novenfher 20. When Captain '.'.'..i ]..
having brought Hie Raccoon to I ;*.
chor in front of tiie esta'ollslinii .:.
saw the . rlmltlvo appearance i ' iii"
fort, be e mid scarcely bi Ile ��������� bis
ey. s. He bad been led to bell ".>' thai
the Americans had built there , ��� il
and wealthy establishment, and ail
through the long voyage be and hla
fellow officrs had Indulged aiitlclps
lions of the rich prize  money  thai
would come to Ihem with Hie t.i 1 of
He inquired if there were uot larger and more pretentious buildings
somewhere in the vicinity, anil when
told that be bad seen the entire establishment, cried out;
"Is this the fort about which I bav!
heard so much talking? D ���n tue,
but I'd batter it down In two hours
with a four pnundet*."
Called it Fort George
;     Cat.tain   Bl.-.ck   look   possess!   "     of
IAstoria in ibe name of his Britaanic
majesty, floated Uie British flag abovo
it and rechrlstenod it  Fort George.
As this uct carried with it a claim
to all territory in tin* p ssesslou of
British subjects, Spokane passed un
ib r the British flag anil continued
British territory till, the war ended,
by the treaty of Ghent the contracting powers agnail to restore the status ante-bellum, and surrendered each
tb. territory it bad acquired by con-
ones: or oeciipatioii from the opp -���
ing power.
Astoria was tben theoretically r. -
tuned to tb" United Stat, a, I it tb"
Northwest company remained there
in undisputed possession foi* a. number of years, and afier it bad      hi a
io tb.- Hudson's Bay compan:) tl ���
latter ruled for many years the broad
region tliat is now comprised In ;' ,.
states of Washington, Oregon,  Idaho
an.l   Montana.
Toronto. Aug.
year-old Chin.
Advertise in the Daily News
Beotlon 348)
' -dice Is hereby given that on the
10th day of September, A.D 1913, ap
l Iir;.'Ion will be made to the Hoard of
License Commissioner! for the Muni-
rlp-a i of Langley. for lhe grant of
a lie ��� ' for the sale of liquor by re-
tall. ;i and upon iho promises known
ns th. 'Langley Hotel," Bituate at
Knit I angley, in the Municipality of
Langley In tbe Province of British
Columb ... upon the lands described
more particularly ns follows:
A portion, containing bv estimation
thirty onc-hundredths (30-100) of an
;'cre. of lot bi *.ent} nine (79). group
���"wn (2), New Westminster District,
tn the Provlnci of British Columbia.
nnd a portion containing one hundred
snd nil i, ii, insat dlh I    (119-1000)
rf an acre In tl:.. said lol ic-venty-i 'ne
i79��, group two Vi). New w. stmlustr
Dlttrict,   I''  II   * * .    nfop*sn:,l
Dated this 7th day of June AD.
tl8M) Appl   ant,
to move to Canada for the Bame i'"a
son. one bears similar talk by manu
faclurers In tbls city.
I��lts   802,   (10.1,
814, 686,  628,
nt   Lol   J7S,   li
Dlstriet     of
. Oar.. 806, 62
828,  129,  631
I.    Map   111
Ilaiiiinniul   Jlinellnn
Whereas proof of the loss ..r certificate
..f title Number 12641 !���'. is-.,,,.,) in tie
name of l-hlwin O. Slmmonds bas boen
Mliil  In   this  office.
Notloe Is hereby flvon that 1 shnll, at
the exptralloH of one rm.nth frnm lh.-
rtute nf the first publication hereof, in
-a .Lilly newspaper published in ihn .'uv
nf New Westminster, Issue a duplicate
nf lhe wOil Certificate, unl.-w. In the meantime valid objection bo im.il.* v.. in.- in
niirtriet Registrar ..f tup ..
Land Registry orfie...  New Weetralnn
ot,  nc.   lnd August.  1013. (ISC. i
London's Restaurant Thst Caters ts
Domestic Animals Only.
One of the most Interesting restaurants In the world ls oue in which tlie
only diners are domestic animals. Tin
restaurant Is In Westminster, London
The sign on the window reads:
The restaurant 1*3 arranged so that
the domestic animals which patronize
It may be perfectly comfortable while
they are getting lhelr meals. Those
tbat Wish to do so may sit down while
eating. Tlie women who serve tlie
diners nre very fond of animals and
know tho wants of each particular cus
tomer One of Hie regular .tillers at
lhe restaurant, a dog. prefers having
his meals In private, so instead of eat
lug bis luncheon In the restaurant be
walks from bis home to lhe place ev*
ery day. buys his luncheon nud currie!
it borne. He pays bis own bill tit the
end of each week, carrying the money
tied In a little wallet uround Ids neck
Cats, canary birds, goldfish, parrots.
monkeys, squirrels and gouts arc nlsn
provided for lu tbe restaurant, '(here
is a braie b of the establishment at \'i'.l
Vork road, ltatterseu.���Ni'W Vork Her
i*-* -ting Jun, the 12-
��� bey who was fouud
dering critical':.- ill on York street
I last Wednesday night and taken -o 31
: Michael's hospital, is dead.
efteel that Ilartman was a leper, gent- . ,v-., ,,,,,, hny waS| or wllu h*3 pavnnts
ly toll  Mrs. ilartman tbat  she would : v, .���   wl.���u f���, came ,0 Toronto  am!
do    well    to   give    her   resolutions    the;,,   ,.���.,   he   1(ved   .���.,,   B   mvstorv   t���   -I.e
���met careful consideration. policf.   From the moment the lad was
"If you decide," he said, "to go wltll admitted to t'n hospital every nfl irt
hlm you wlll have to stay. Vou can- woa lliaae t0 discover the Identity of
not oome and go at will, and you can- hta -oiatives ami friends. Both t'i"
not have at any time, even after his j I!c(, .lll(i ;l!1 interpreter were unsuc
death, unless it Is certain that you are ct.Bsi,il, and even though the report ul
free from the disease. \ ,y,K ..,.,, lcili condition was publish.-1 la
Ilartman went to the hospital wltll tjje papers ,i��� ona came forwan: to
no suspicion of having    leprosy, but claim tho boy,
when he heard  the diagnosis  he re-     The lad was unable to give the po-
army experience ln the Phil-  j|ce ,,nv information, for the great pain
he suffered rendered bis speech ine...
pul on duty guarding a leper  herent, aud even the interpreter was
admitted to the ser-   lm;lble to understand what he trie] t
called lii
"I wa?
camp tb
��� lisea*-
' Well," sail! Hartman fiercely, "if I
am sent down the river lhere to k"rp
company with    that   Chinese leper
well, there  will be two less; lepers  in
If Mr
farm, sl
er to In
and  that's  where  I  caught the   ^j     Thc ^ody is now lying al an in
dortaker'B, but tli" chief coroner lias
I . "ii notified, and will probably order
'lie remains to be removed to tin
The case is one of the most pathetic
���hat has becn reported by tlu* polic
In a month. On Wednei dav nighl the
la.l was noticed Btoggerlng like n
drunken man along York Btreel near
Richmond. A constable took him to
Station No. 1, and tbe sergeant had him
removed to St. Michael's hospital.
There he was found to be suffering
frcm tubercular pneumonia Until
lungs were doubly congested and from
the  slart his  case  was hopeless.
Hartman sbould go to the
may never approach near-
husband  than    twenty-five
Re Lois s an.l 13 n' Lot ''. niul Lou. 1. :.
:i i, '.'4, 'iu. 26, ui Lot 4. subdivision!
of   I...1   0.   Suburban   Illock   4,   in   lie
citv nf New Westminster
Whereas proof ..r Ihe less of Cerllfleal.
of rule Number l)'..73K, Issued In the nam"
.���I Uichlan Meguarrle has been flle.l in
ibis office.
Notice Is hereby glv.n that I Shall, at
the expiration of one month from ttie date
of the nisi publication hereof, lu a dally
in wspapei published in the City ..f N.w*
���tVesimlnslcr, Issue a duplicate of tho sahl
t-ertlflciit. unless in ile* meantime valet
n .J ctlon bi made tn me tn wrlihuc
.1. C. OWYNN,
District U'-Ki-trnr of Titles
Land   Reatstrs   urn....  New  Westmii.-.
t.r.  H.O .   ini,  Ampim,  1913. I 1913 i
Clop), against wblch the Ijincnshlre
mill girls are rebelling, were al ..ne
lime worn liy wuuien of all classes
The inure retlned variety of the .log
hud   ll   thin   woodeu   sole,   which   wa*-
rut transversely lu two piece*, attach I
ed to each other by a binge     Iialnly |
brass   nud   polished   leather   uppui'te '
iiiinees   gnve   a   Oulsh   to   the   article
Aline   Hiaceglrdli..  the  most  beautiful
ii. trews of her day. was n  wearer ol
'logs     Horace Wltlpole relates In on.-
nf  bis   letters   Hint   "Mrs    Braceglrdll'
breakfasted with me litis morning.   A:
she went out and wanted her .-logs sbe
turned to me and kiiIiI. 'I remember it���
the   playhouse   they   Used   to   call   foi
Mrs    Old field's   chair.   Mrs     llarn'-
.Ings nnd Mrs  Hrneeglrdle's pnticus   '
- Loud.ui fcUieotator.
Rags. Like Other Dogs. Had His Day
Kansas I Ity, Aug. 18.- Thai day
lhat every dog has! It came to Rags,
u black emker spaniel belonging to
Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson of Seventy-
first and Holmes streets, the other
day. Like a good many things though
it came too late to be of any use to
Itags. lor il was the day of his death,
hog biscuits, chicken bones and Indian blanket beds. All that and more
which might have been dag language
for 'flower. ..is." was the portion of
Bags in life, in,; when It came to
death, thai daj i f luxury and long
awaited honor came with it.
a specially constructed coffin of
plush aid silver and Hllk, costing $r,r>
enclosed all thai remained of u once
lively dog. Plush Covered the Inter
ior and tlie lining wns of allk and sa-
tln.    The cask, t  handles were of  s.l
Bags   vas   buried   o
Mrs. Jackson,   In. J.
dog  nnd   cat  hospital
Tbe dog was tin: t.i n
i   the   estale  of
*. Flynn, of the
attended   Itngs.
years old.
Kort   Plain.  N    Y���
content   with   th"  dam
big Holsteln bull did !
ing car of Joseph Coff
auge. N. J., the owner
Aug. 18.���Not
age which Ills
, tlie red tour-
���o. i'.' Kast Or-
ef the animal
Baker Mas Hard Time With His Animal   Farms.
Montlcello, Ind., Aug. in. Wiley K.
Bailor, a wealthy farmer living six
Tillies east of this city, near Idaville, Is
starting a deer farm. He has enclosed
twenty acres of woodland wllh a tenfold wire fence and will otherwise lil
II lo care for deer.
Mr. Baker has bought three deer
from a farmer near l.ogansport, and
others wlll be bought as soon as lb. >
can be found. The ones bought hav
been   raised   in   ciipllvlly.
Mr Baker and one of bla sons
slarteil a skunk farm hear Idaville sev-
eral years ago, but the neighbors ob-
jected and closed the farm by letting
��ll the stock escape 'lhey think, however, there wlll be no objection lo the
deer farm.
caused the arrest of Coffee for Injuring a valuable cow of the farmer's
Coffee, with hls wife and son. who
ire  on  a  tour of central  New   Vork.
encountered the herd near Canajobl- trott, telephoned  the    prisoner    that
rlo   Tlie    cows were slow In making  Governor Haines had pardoned lum,
way  for the  automobile,  and one of
Madam Pavlova Boxea Her Partnsr's
London. Aug. IS- Mm". Pavlova
finds herself again without a dancing
partner. The blow on the shoulder
which she administered to Novlkolt
Thursday night on the stage ol the
alace Theatre win have ii sequel similar to that which followed ber quarrels with Mardkln two years ago
Novlkoff explains the Incident bv
saying that he Intended to ppear wllh
Pavlova in the United States after a
Ihree months' tour In Germany, but he
told her recently that he would be unable to carry out Ibis plan, as bis pby.
slclan had ordered hlm to lake a long
resL Pavlova, whose nerves, he said,
are highly strung, was Incensed at the
Information and slapped his face. She
did not allow her anger to Cool even
on the stage. He said he will dance
with her no more, and is going book
to Kussla at once.
Leaves Prison After Thirty-Four Year
Thoinaaton, Me., Aug. is. Samuel
II. Haynes, of Detroil, walked ont of
the prison gales, having served Ills
sentence of thirty-four years for the
murder of .lames L. Bobbins, a nol. .*
man, at Rockland In 1870, At midnight
his sister,  Mrs.  K.  II. ltogers, of He
Montreal, Aug. 18.��� Prank Piso, of
Davidson Btreet, is at the general hospital with a bullet In liis leg and Ihe
detectives are looking for Gurino Olzzl,
a brother of Toronto Cirzi. who was
shot and killed last March in a yard off
Clark Btreet by Carmine di Lucca, wbo
��� liii'-'l th. ;:..;; *.- and has never been
local, il.
The circumstances of the shooting
������'��� i.et ven clear, the theory of the
deteptivi -* .'.ml police being thai a
"vendetta" has been resurrected in
this case, for avenlng the death of Tore;.to Olzzl ���.'.���lii wns shot down being
: ���',���'���. three times on his wav home 'rem
a   saloon   that   he   would   be  killed   by
di Lucca.
Constable Lauron. of the Chabolloz
Btreet station, saw a group of Italians
on SI. Antolne street, at 1" o'clock
last night, ond tho man, Piso, was
found to I e phot inthe lei;. The Italians we;o willing to tell where it bap
pened on SI Genevieve street, adn
Krank Pen7.l, of 44 Lusignan sin et. directed 'he constable to whero Querlno
GI7.ZO went after tbe shooting tool;
place. Reinforcements wen* made to
tin- pi.li.*. . Captain Rlopel telephoning
to police headquarters, Detectives
Walsh and ern ma* 11, with Constable
1 'oh ngi lo were nril red on tii.. case,
and after seeing Piso al Hi" hospital,
the pursuing partv of plain clothes
men found one of the two Glzzl brothers at home in Tessler lane This
was Miguel, who told all be hn, w of
���be shooting, whieh. be claimed, took
place in a house on Sto. Genevieve
Btreet after the two brothers bail met
some friends and were Jollied by Ponzl
atul Piso, with another man whom he
did not know. Tho men were leaving
the house for their own homeB when
the two shots were bred, after the
threat 10 get the "same medicine as
your brother" was made.
tbem  wns struck, causing her to bei
low  wllh  pain and  fright
Infuriated by ihe cow'i
complaint und seeing lbe red tar. tbe
bull charged, breaking llle lamps and
otherwise damaging the machine before being driven off by the herd tender.
The justice of the peace before
whom Coffee was taken for examination, adjourned the case to await the
development! of the Holsteln'i injuries.
"Tlie battle Is won." Hayes told
Warden Ham, "but 1 hale to leave."
Outside the prison he held a recep-
bellowod Itlon for a big crowd who knew hlm an
j a model prisoner.
"I am willing tn forgive and forget,"
lm said. "The prison has been a good
thing for me, bul 1 reel that I have
paid my hill lo society, 1 have been
In prison since 1 was seventeen yeara
old, but I have spent the belter part
of my life here trying to be useful.
There lu no failure In such a life nB
Says Life Policies Were Given to Aid
His Release.
Atlanta, Aug. 18,���Prom his cell In
tlie federal prison here, Prank T Arnold, the wrecker of the first National Bank of New Rerll, N. V., who
began last year Ihe serving of a ten-
yeur sentence for defalcations mount!
lug Into lhe hundreds of thousands
of dollars, has started suit here to
recover two Insurance polb les which
have an approximate cash value of
?!),ui|(i from Ills niece, Mrs. Elizabeth
A. Rex, and his nephew, Howard S.
He alleges that 111 the time of hls
exposure and disgrace lie transferred
Ihese policies to Ihem so thai tbo
cash realized could be used for his
benefit, but that now Mrs. Hex and
In r brother. Wright, refuse to recognize his right to the benefits of the
policies and are trying to get full
possession of them.
Tli" niece and nephew nf whom llie
imprisoned bunk wrecker complains
were lhe favorites of Arnold of In Ihe
days  when,  as  the  magnate of  New
Berlin, he occupied the stone mansion,
the (Inest residence In the place and
buill beside it a $10,00') bungalow,
where the young people could entertain their friends. He and his wife
were childless and on bis nephew and
niece he lavished gifts and entertainment
The exposure of Arnold, a pillar of
tho church, lhe confidential financial
ageiils of widows and children, came
ahout. through his attempt tn blurt
out a coterie of blackmailers who had
learned things concerning his life Hint,
he knew It meant ruin to have revealed.
Wife  of Titled Canadian  Cays Che is
Inveterate  User  cf
Chicago, in . Aug. is.   A Cana I . 1
wife, whose husband bears a t t'.e ar.l
who is. hor��e'.f, a iMiispici.oiis leader
of Canadian society, in a cigarette
fiend, according to her letters Bhe
bas written to Lucy Page Gaston 1 1
the antl-clgarette league of thla city.
That the cigarette habit, once it , 1
Btarted, fastens its grip more strongly on women ihan on meu, waa the
opinion expressed lure today by Mlsa
Sine.- her free clinics for the cure
of those addicted lo the "tu,.kings"
and the "tailor-mode" whieh was opened a week ugo, she has bl en kei p
Ing a close record oi ibe average ages
of those who appear for trsatment,
and of their BOX and sl Itlon in life.
Fully 1 ft' en p. r cent of iho ... who
have ashed 1,1. duail aid. either by mail
or in person, ure women.
"One woman, whoso husband la a
prominent  Canadian,  possessor of  a
ttie,   and   Who   II.lives   ill   the   mist   e\
elusive society, bas written for li: ���
cine."   raid   Misa  (las on   today.
"She contracted tlie balnt unknown
10 her husband. I was astonished to
find that some of the women have
been   using  cigarettes   f'r   20     > ea:1..
This  is remarkable, considering  the
fact   that  Cue  habll   among   women  in
society is a iml of practically reconl
Miss Huston administers the treat
ment through llr. II. S Hess, who in
connected with lhe society und is as
squally enthusiastic as she. Hls treat
ment consists of one-eight of one per
cent of silver nitrate used as a inonth
wash, and a dletry program. The
mouth wash ls used after meals for
the first two or three d:i>s. If tho
pntlent smokes during this treatment
lie becomes nauseated.
1 Dr. Hess declares that Ihe silver ni
trate solution which ho gives as a
mouth wash la not so Important to
permanent cure as the patient's wlll
power and  a special  diet.    This diet
' consists of fruits for the first three
days and a light vegetable diet (01
a week, together with a few cereals
and milk. Coffee, tea. highly seasoned   spiced   foods   and   meats   in   large
quantities are to he avoided.
Plans are being made for I rea'
lng over HOO patients dally this week
Cranbrook Baby Show.
I Cranbrook Aug. IS.���The Cranbrook
Agricultural association has again arranged for a baby show al lhelr fair
In September.   This hns always been
[one of the lending and most competed events on the program.    Prlxefl
I are  offered  as  follows:     1st,    Singer
I sowing machine, value $71, donated by
1(1.   R.   Powell;   2nd,   Wagner  go-cart,
lvalue 116, donated by w. ts. MoFar-
lane; nm. silk umbrella, value $r.r do-
inated by Brook * Co., of Calgary. Mr.
j Warrington, of Cornwall, Ont, who I"
traveling the weat wllh a carload m
prize    poultry,    haB  written  that   he
j would like to show his fowls at Cran-
I brook, Nelson nnd other city fairs in
the Kootenay dlstrlot, nnd It Is practically assured Inat he will be hero lo
I compete In the various poultry classes TUESDAY,   AUGUST   19,  1913.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 170.
A Bylaw to Amend Bylaws Nos. 120a, 121a, 122, 128, 129,
143,144 and 145.
WHEREAS the Municipal Council <*i the
Corpovutl ii ol th..- Dlstrlot of Burnaby
did with tn- asient <��f the i-ci-hh on the
fourth db.v ��ii November, 1912, Anally pass
By-lnw .���.'��>. 120A, being :t hy-luw to enable the i !orporation tit rdlse by way of
loan thi   sum of Two Hundred and I'lfty
Tl ious .m'i Dollars i $260, 1.00)  For street
uuri |'��, the said by-law being known hh
''Burnabv Roatl Imp'rovomenl l debenture
By-law   1912 "
AND WHEREAB tho Corporation by the
:-.f.' Bv-law autnorlsod thi Issue of deben-
���i ��� ��� to i ����� ;i mount of Two i lundred and
Hfts Thousand D'ollurs ($250,000.00) to
h- |.iv;.ii. on the Thirty ���Anil 'lay <>r De*
<���!.'. 1062, and to bear Interest at the
iii' ��� ��� four ,ni l "ii- -half per wnlum
u ���.. i"' cenl i per annum payable half-
> ��� ������
/ T' WHEREAS tho Municipal Council
of tli < Jorpomtlon <��f the District oi Burn
ubj ��������������� '���'��� ������'������ tln�� djuh "i of thi '���] ctors on
thi Fourth day of November, 1012, tlnn Ily
pass By-law No. i:i.\. being a By-law
tn i name i ho ��� Ioi poratlon to rata" by
w iv "i   loan  thr sum ol   Fifty Thou     id
Dolla:     ��� 150, .00 I   i >r   the   purpoa      f
pro* idln ��� and building additional m.l' -
WulkH within the limits nf the Municipal
t|2,830.87)   having   been   mlm-d   for   the
first voar's sinking fund.
AND WHBREAS It will l��<- neoessary
under said By-law No. 121 a to raise annually hy special rate the num of Two
thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-seven
ami   06-100   Dollars   ($2,497.Ofj)   to   for
.. jlnkliw rund fo.
principal and tho -sum of
fave Hundred Dollars ($2
tei�� st mnklng together a t
nuallv 'if Four Thousand
d    r.'lw ty-sev n   and
aymenl "f the
Two Thousand
600.00 > for fatal amount an-
Nine Hundred
-IHO     Dollar!
bntng   kn
....   as (and
ttl.907.06) for the term of fourteen (14J
yeurs for tht repayment of the said loan
and wit'i'i 8t thereon 'is hereinafter mentioned, the amount of Twu Thousand Four
. lundn tl nd Mu- is. v* n and 05 ]'"���
11 .1! irs 1 I 1,19? 05 �� having bt en raised for
tho ||m(  y fi��*'n sinking fund.
AND A'FIEREAS it will be necessary
nd snld By-law No. 122 to rai.se annual! . bv so- clal rate the sum *-t 1 *\������
iii' 1 : in i :*l\ Hundred ami Tnlrt and
��7* 100 Dollars 1 $2.680.87 I t'i form u
slnklna; fund fur the payment of the prin-
cl ial and thc sum -nf Twi : ������ Thous md
l*' ��� Hundred Dollars ($12,500.00) for In-
terpflt mak Imt together u total amount annually nf Fifteen Thousand On-- uundred
ben tures authorized by Haid Hy-law No.
uk by special rate sufllatettt therefor
upon nil the rateable land within the limits
of the eald Mublclpailty (including l��is-
trlet Lol One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172) Group One <i) as mentioned Ui
���Mid By-law No. 128) In addition to the
annual pums required t��y the sal J Bylaw No. i:S the Hum of Seventy-live Dollara f$,.i.u<i> to pay the additional In-
t it st authorised hy this By-law. the same
to to" In addition to all rates to be levied
and oreated  In  the Bald  Municipality.
There shall be raised und levied annually (iurioK ti"* currency of the Haid debentures authorised by said By-law No.
129 by special rat" sufficient therefor
upon all the rateable land within tbe limits
of the sahl Municipality (including District Dot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172) Group One 111 aa mentioned In
said By-law No. 129) In addition to the
annual sums required by the sahl Bv-law
No. !-'��� the sum of Three Hundred Dollars
1 $800.001 to pay Hi" additional Interest
authorised hy this Bv-law, the same to h<-
in addition to all ratns to t><> levied and
created in the sahl Municipality.
7. Th re shall he raised and Levied annually during tin- currency of the said debentures authorised by wild By-law No.
142 by special rate suftteh'tit therefor
Upon all the rat. able land
of tha eald Municipality it	
annual sums required by the said By-law,
No.   142   tnt    sunt   of   One  Thousand   Five;
(11,600,00)   to  nay  th~
What it Costs Commonwealth tor Fleet
Training  Establishments,
Cadets,  Etc.
Melbourne, Aug. 18.���In a retroipec-
time memorandum on the work of his
department since lie has had control
of defense, Senator fearce bays that
the total personnel required for the
fleet until was li.iJOU approximately,
and   the   complements   of   shore   and
 ,  -.harbor establishments,    Including the
within' the'lSSj : lumber under training, would be about i wWch moT
n addition to the 1850 by June, 1918. ! was  thought
lt v.as therefore necessary to provide 3,000 additional officers and men
Don't Put Off
seeking relief from the illnesses
caused by defective action of the organs of-digestion. Most serious sicknesses I" t tin ir start in troubles of
the stomach, liver, bowels���troubles
quickly,  safely,  Burely relieved by
kU ...rymh.,..   Io boiu, 25 cu>u.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job. 	
Enquire about our special stockes, they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Hundred   nullum   <Sl.r>i.0.n(i>   lo  pay  tnei--���,���-
iddltlonal Interes! authorised l.y this By- by  .lnne  SO,  1913, and  to  make  pro
law. the same to be In addition to all rates villoo   nlso   for  wastage   in   the   two
'ml created In ths said l��i-|yearB   i9U.j:..    steps   were  taken   to
secure  recruits, and  the numbers  re-
i*,'i..*'i i
ilclpallty. .^^^^^^^^^
'here sliull l��* raised an.l lev!
,1 an
nu illy .lnrlnu the
Corporation by the
.1   in..   Issue .if de-
i,i Fifty Thou and
. ba payable "*. the
,* in.,, r,   i'u .'.  and
. rate of  Four and
o, in. i  per
entiim   14 "4  V
he Municipal
III.. District
��senl  "f th
Iiv,   the   .-mi*'    By Inv
"B    naby    Sidewalk*.
sal', By-law authorial
l>. ntur.'S i - the amoun
Dolla      * ; ......mi i	
Thlrty-flrsi day of I
I., bear in!- r.'Ht at tl
..ii.- i, iif .
anlii.m   J ay.ilil     .  	
AND WHEREAS the Municipal Councll
..'.' the Corporation ..:" 'li" l.lsti-Sci of Burnaby did with in. assent .,r the electors
.,ii the T.v, niv-s. .-un.! day <>r January,
iai2. liii.'l. pass By-law No. 122, being
n B ' i\. i . enable tin- Corporation to
rals. by way of loan the sum ..f Two
i:     Ired   aud   Fifty    Thousand     Dollars
i 1250, .HO ���     for    ll..-    liiiri'.is.*    ot    con-
hi *   t|ns extension "i   the general  wuter-
'���        .  ������ m  throughout  tli"  Municipals'        I .    said    By I iw   bi Ing   known   an
"Burnnby   Water   Works   Extension   Bylaw   1912."
AND WHEREAS the Corporation by the
By-law  .null irlsed  the  Issue ..( de-
i    .* .i  *- i" tbe amount  ..I  Two llun-Ir.-.I
und Fifty Tho iwmd Dollars i $260,000 00 i
i" I"* payable on  the Thirty-first  day of
December. 19(1, and to bear Interest at th.*
,Iil!t-   of    four   an.l   one-half   per   r.imin
.1'.. per cent.)  i�� r annum payable halts', arly.
ami WHEREAS the Municipal Council
"I    thu   Corpora i   of   Uie   District   ..I
Burnaby did with the assent of the eleo-
toi on the Twenty-sixth .lay of February,
ri- Itnally ���,., a By-law N.>. 12J being
a !*.,*-;,iw I., enable tho CorporaUon to,
I i i*. way <>r l.'.m the suin of Fifteen
id Dollars 1115.000 00 i f..r se ool
i ,...-. the said By-law b.'inn known
a- iiitii.*... Bchool Board Loan No. 1
r   * *. .  10   . *���
\;;i.   WHEREAS   tho   Corporation   by
i       said   By-law  authorised  the   Issue  of
*.:���- to the amount <��f Fifteen Thou-
*   I loltai -   * 115,000.00 i   to  be  payabli
tu.   Flrsl  'I lv .*f  March,  1��82, and to
��� t. -.-   ii the rnte >.f Four and one-
,T i. ���  .  ���,���.:���.*.   11 *..  i�� i  .*. in. i  per an-
irn payal      half-y. arly.
AND WHEREAa the Municipal Counoil
*    -* .    ,* ��� pornl .a    lh.    D strict    "i
rlld  ��nti the ass. nl  ������:  the elec
In-., on the Tw. nty- ilxth du) ol  F.
*,'.  ..  ..ii.;i,   pass   Bj law   No    129  Ixlng
a I .-'a., to enable thaCoipomtl in to ralsi
.....   ol   I lan  t'i" ^iiiii "l   rtlxty  '! hon
I, .Uurs     I It "' 00)     far    School
!��� in : . lht' said I'.* law Is '-.;; kn *.. n
... i: irn ib' .*-���:. I 1*. ..,"! I....rn N-> 2
By-lav,   191
ANI' WHEREAS tho C irporatlon by Hi"
- ,   i   By-law  authorised  the  Issue  "f  de-
.. ill*;, . :i   I   ,   lhe   ���' 'IH Hltlt   Of   SlXt;.    *l ll MIS., Ill
lai . i |o     ioi I., be payable on thc
day  ..I   March,   1952,   an*'   to  beal
rf-m    t  t* .. rate ot Four and one-half
I1,   ;,. r   .-. i.i i   i" t   annum
rib!,   half-yearl)
SD      WHEREAS      the      Municipal
.. ��� i     ,.,     tta-     <Corporation     ol     tl-
i   of     Burnnby     .li.t     with
iisi-i'ii.   ..r  the   ��� li ctors  on   th"  Tw
das of .inn..,  ..  IOU. Bnally I
N,,   l ll !������ a,4 ii '.*��� law '
l"-..'i..ii to raise bv ��""
of   Thr. ���    11..ml I      im��� 	
, i . ������      f-,*    Stroet    Purposes,   the
*���:!   M----1.v.   being   known   aw   "Bun
1;     '   improvi in. nt     l.,-h.*i
\M>   WHEREAS   the   Corporation   l>y
the sai.l   Hy-law   authorised   the  Issue  ,.f
  to thi   ..rn..nnt "i  Three  llnri-
Thousand   Dollars   fl.100.000.001   to
. ,-Bble ..a Ha* Thlrty-ttr^l day
n i    1952, and to bear liit.*r��'...t
t   Four   and   one-half   par   i
i., r ,*. ni i  per annum payabl
i   -
I Usi
...nil   lh
,.'na'ble the Cor-
of loan the sum
Thousand     Dollars
1.1 ���
i I'
.   1>
at thi
���  half
. ���
Council <.r tn.. Corporation of
i > utrlcl ..r Burnaby dl.l with the
. isenl of the electors on the Twentl tit
day ni' January. 1913, finally puns Bylaw
No 148 l.. lm: n by-lnw to enable tin Cor.
i >. ntlon t . i ,.,.* by way or loan the sum
ot O ..* Hundred 11 ousand Do'lars 11100,-
000.00) In tti.- purposi nr ennstructlng
further extenslins or it*" an* .1 wnt��r
.... rl i system throughout 'la* Municipal-
ity. the s*. ia By-law bete known hh
������!!-ire ���)��������� Wator Works E.ttenslon Bylaw,  IK'" "
',:-.! viit"*.i*'.AS Mi" .* irporatlon l.y the
said ;��� li" luthorlxed the Issue ..f .1. b��n-
tur it itn- nt >-���' Ono Hundred Thousand I'"' irs f $100.000.00) i.i la- payabl.'
on il" Thirty tirsl day ..f December. 1952,
nnd t" ben' In' rest nt tho rate nf Four
aii'l one-half r ' centum 14 uj per e.-nt.)
per annum pi \.ii.l��> half-yearly.
AND WHEREAS tho Municipal Counoil
ol tti* enrporatlon of tho Dlstrlot of Burn-
. .iid witli the assenl nf the electors on
iho Twi ntleth day ..r January. 19H. finally
pass H,-ia\. No in being a by-law to
ei ibb the Corporation to raise by way
..i loan the sum nl Elgbty-four Thousand
I) .1 *.i -      .-     f..'  S.-!i..nl   1'iirp.is."I,
th. '.ii By-law being known an "Burnaby
School Board Loan No i By-law, 1918.
AND WHEREAS tho Corporation by
the said Bv-law authorised tit.* lump* ..r
debentures to th" am,.tint <>f F.lifhiy-f.uir
Thousand  Dollars jm.ooo.no>  to be pav-
nhle nn to.. Thirty-first day ol D iiii��t
1952, an.I to lam* int.-r.Ht at the rate of
Four and nne-half i��.r osntum 11 '*j per
cent i  per annum payable half-yoarly,
i, ilng
AND WHEREAS the Munlcl
<.r   the   Corporation   "I   the   hlsni
liuni.it.,- did wiih tb.- assent of th"
tors  ..n   the   Tw.-nil.-lit   dnv   of   .Ini
i!UJ. finally pass By-law No.  ur.
a  by-law   t., onahlo  th.*  t'ofiKirniL	
raise by wav of loan ths mnn nf Twenty-
eltrtn Thousand Dulim-s (138,000.001 fm*
School j'urposes, tho said By-law Ii"Ihk
known us t'nurnnhy School Board Loan
No   '.:  By-law,  KU."
AND   WHEREAS   lh*  Corporation   bv
tho "'ial  By-lnw au*thorlsi'tl tho issu.. ..r
d'.brnlUreS I I tho am lUllt "f 'I'W'nt v-< lirlit
'Thousand Dollars (|:��,ooo.ini) in bs
paynhlo on the Thlrty-flrsl dnv nf Do-
.���������ml" f 11...'. and to near lnl.r"Hl nl lln
. rn... nr Foil* and nn.--half per .'"ttlutn
I4i-'. ..,-r cent.) par unnum pnyiibl.. half,
AND   \vi'i;it|.',��H   Hi.,   debentures   nu*
thortsod la* the said By-laws hnvo not b.-.-r
Hold and ..whin l.i nn advance In Hie rut'
of  interest   f t   moni'v  sine"  tb..  passing
of tlio sell  Bv-laws ths said debentures
Iktereby atithnrlsod ennnot bo sqjd or iiu
poe. d  of  eghopt  nt  a dlsonunl   Involving
a ini **t-.i,tii] reduction In lb*' amount ro-
rnilrrd I*, be pr.nl b.I for and H Is nee
'siin-v   to  pass  tion  iiv-lnw  authorising
tb, drbentures to tlie ml.I amounts to bear
Interest  :,t  the rate .��f l-'ive per oentum
15 per cent > per annum.
AND   WHtSnEAB   ll   will   I"'   l unary
under suid iiv i,iw Nn liOA lo rnlse annually I.- special tin.* llm sum of Two
Thousand Bis llnnilv.'.l nnd Tlilrlv and
���S7-HHI I...Main (12,1180.87) l.i form a sinking   fund   lm    lb"   |..i'.ini nl   nf   lb"   prim I
I *il and tti" ��� i ai" Twolvn Thousand Five
Hundred Di.iiiuh (112,500.00) for Interest mnlllitit togollll r n Intnl niiinmil nn-
Tiuniiv ,,r Fifteen T''ii'*Hiinit ono Hundred
ami Tit'tv an i s; iiiii Dollars i ��m.-
i'10.171 for ths nrm of thirty nlno (III]
v< nrw for lh" i"i iivni.'iil of tb" unlit loan
nnd ini'-ri-Mi thereon nt* hereinafter mentlonod. ihe amount of Tw.. Thnuosnd hit
l|,,i,.!.,,!   nnd   Thirty   nn.l   87-100   nullum
.....Thirtv and 87-100 Dollars (815,-
130.87) for the term of thlrtv-clght .usi
������ars f,���- the repayment nf the said loan
and Interest th. reon ns I* n Inafter tm n-
';���"���..*.'    i* ���   amounl   nf     Five    Thousand
���-'��� Mm i...i ,,���.! Sixty-one nnd 74-100
'..il*,-.* HB.261.74) havlna been raised
foi   tin- first   iv.    years'  Pinking fund.
AND WHEREAS ll wlll bc nee Bsary
under said By-law No 128 to nils., an-
nuallv   by   * , i lal   rate   the   sum   of   One
' ': 1 *"*.' anil Flfty-Beven and 85-100 Dolors (816 t i '.. imiii a sinking fund for
''��� envmenl or tli.- prln.-'pai and the sum
of Seven Hundred nn.l Fifty Dollars
(8750.0 for Interest mnklng together o
total omounl afinurillv .,-* Nine Hundrnd
Seven and  sr.-tnn  ilollars   * 1007 851
the   1,-rr-n   of   t'l-tv-.|i{bl    I US I    y.-nrs
[or the repas-ment of the said loan and
interest thereon a- h��rclnafter mentioned.  Itt" ti.Tionnl  of Tlir.-"  'Inn.lr.d  and
Plfb ��� >    I 70-100 Dollars 'til'. 7f> hav
imr been raised for the flno two years'
s|nk'ia.r fund.
AND i\..oRl*:.\s it will be necessary
under said By-lnw No. un to rats.- annually by special rate the sum of six
Hundred ami Thirty-one and 40-100 Dollars (8831.40) io form a slnklnr fun.l
for tbe payment of tho principal nnd tli.*
s*''ti of Three Thousand Dollars i*.i
000.00) f'.r lnt.*r.-nt muklng
total   aim.i tit   annually  ,,f  Three   liiousanil.
Six Hundred and Thirty-one and 40-100
Dollars (13,831.40) for the term of thirty-
eight ins. years for the repay men I ..f th.- ���
said loan and Interest thereon ns hereinafter tm ntloned, the amounl of One Thousand Two Hundred and Blxty-two and
80 100 Dollars (81.262.80) having been
raised for tin- first two yenrs' slnklni;
and  WHEREAB it  will  li-  necessary
under said  By-law No,  if:  lo  raise annually  bv sneclal  rate the sum of Three
Thouaand  One   Hundred  and   Flity-seven
!   04  100   Dollars   (18,157.04)   to   form I
sinkliiK  fund  for the  payment  of  ile-
ptluelpal and tla- sum ..f Flfl��.*n ���rhousand
Dollars  (816,000.00)   for Interest  making
together   a   total   amount     annually     of
Eighteen   Thousand   One     Hundred    and
Flfti seven    and   04-100    Dollars    '���>!-���
167.08)   f,,r the term of thirty-nine   rtfi
..ars for the repayment -if the -..td loan
ind  Interest  thereon as hereinafter m n-
tloned,   lhe   ai muni   of   Thres   Thous mil
In.   Hundred and  Fifty-seven nnd 04-1 -no
Doll irs    ��� 83,167 i t '    having   I n   r.us ������.
r..r tti.* (irsi year's sinking fund
AND WHEREAH li wlll be necessary
under said By law No. U.'i to raise an-
nu .11%- by sp. clal rate it..- sum of I lne
ind nnd Flftv-two and 85-100 Dot-
trs (81,052.35) to farm a sinking fund
for the pavment of thr principal und the
um of Five Thouaand Dollars 115,000 01 I
fnr Interest making together a total
im nint annunllv of Six Thousand an I
Fifty tw ��� an I 82-100 Dollars i 86,062 36 i
f.,t* the term of thirty-nine (39) years
s.r th,- repayment "1 the said loan and
Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned,
the omounl of One Thousand and Fifty-
two and 86-100 Dollara (31,062.35) having been ii'i-ied f.-r the tlrst year's sink-
inn fund.
AND WHEREA8 H wlll be necessary
under said Bs'-law No. 144 t" raise annually bv st",*i*.i rat" the sum of Kn*'i
Hundred nnd Eighty-three and 97-100
Dollars (3883.97) to form a sluklni; fund
f..- the payment *.r ttie i rinelpal and t'i*
Bern of Four Thousand Two Hundred Dol
lars    (34,2 "i    for   Inter, sl   making   to-
��� ���'-! .i total amounl annually of Flv.
Thousand and Eighty-three and 97-100
Dollars (38.083.97) far the term Df thirty-
���on. i ::u v:.rt. far ill" r.-puvmetit of the
sold loan and Interest thereon as herein-
iftrr mentli I. the amount of KIkM Hundred and Eight) three and 97-100 Dollars
. "-   1.97)    having   I i   raised   f.n*   the
(lrsi  year's sinking fund.
and WHEREAS it will be necessary
under said By-law No. nr. to raise an-
nuutty bv sp. rial rate th" sum of Two
Hundred and Ninety-four and 66-100 twin's (3294.65) t" form a sinkinK fund
for the pavment of the principal nnd it*.
sum of One Thousand Four Hundred Dollars (31.400.00) for Interest making b.-
gether a total amount annually of One
iThousand su Hundred and Ninety-four
and fi;.-lllu Dollars (81,0114.fir.) for the
.f tbiriv-niiie years for the repayment of th" sai.l loan and Interest thereon
.retnafter mentioned, tl"* amount or
Two Hundred and Ninety-four nnd fir.-too|
Doll.us 11894.06) huvl- be. 11 raised
III*, llrst v.-ar's sinking rund.
AND   WIIKUKAS   tb"  ml   Value  ol   III
Whole   nil.able   land   lu   lb.*   Munli-lpalll
ac 'ding   lo   the   Inst   revised   assesmoii
roll amounts t<�� Twenty-two Million t>a
It.indr. d uiul Eighteen Thousund Thr.
Hundred ami Beventy-hve Dollars iy:2
118,875.00) for Ken .nil purposes and it
riu.ling Distri.���! Lot One Hundred
ii.o.biv two i it') r..r school purnos
Twenty-two  Millions    su    Hundred 	
Twentv-nln-B Thousand Two Hundred and
Five Dollnrs (832^28,806.00),
Corporation of the District "i Burnaby
enacts as follows
1       Thai    Hie   .Itihentures   autllorltted   by
���aid   llv-luws   No.   120A.   121A.   123,   188,
139, 14J. til. 144 nn.l 148 shall bear Interest al the rate of five per centum (l. per
eenl) per annum computed from nm Fr-rsl
lay >.f July. 1818. ami such Interest si.aii
be payable half-yearly on  ths Tliiniiii.
dav  "f June  and  the Thirty.tlrst  dny  of
Deoember   In   eneh   year  during  the  our-
nui'v   thereof  nn.l   lbe    suld    debenture,
shall bav.- attnohefl to them coupons foi
the payment  ..r tho said Interest  whlor
shall bear the signature ..r the Reevs and
Clerk  nnd  sueh  slKiuiture  mav bo eliti".*
written, slumped, printed or lithographed.
2     There shnll he nils.-.I nml levied nn-
nually during tho eurreney or the suld .1���
hentures autnoVlgofl  hy  sold  llr-law  No
120A    hy   .'.peelal   rale   sutllel-lil   Ihen fn'*
upon nil  lbe rntenblo. lund wlihln th* Hm
Ils of lhe sni.l MiinlrlnallD   In lutillll "i th
the annual sums required bv the snld Bylaw  No.   ijoa  the sum of O'i" Thousand
Two   Hundred   nnd   Fifty   Dollars   i��t.-
350,00) to tm" ih- additional Interest ntt-
thorlr."'  by  thli'  llv-lnw    th" sum" to I."
In   ad.llll.in   to  nil   'ni-<  lo  I."  levied   nnd
orented In the said Municipality.
j Tliere sluill be raised nnd lovl��d *.n
"nnllv dot'nv the eorr- nev of the snld debentures nidi".fined by said Bylaw No
121 -\   by   speetnl   rale   sutfolent   therefor
 .., nil tbo i'it"'il'l" lnml within the limit"
of the sni.l Munlolpnlttv In addition io n--
���i.inmi' sums required nv the ��eild Be-Tn*
V*.   131*  ih" moo or Two Hundred
Fl'tV    Dollars    (1260,00)    10   nnv   lb"   -ol
.'Ittomil   Interest   authorised   Iiv   Ihls   llv
'fiw   lhe i-ieie in he In addition lo n" r	
t   levied  nnd  ereated  111  the said   Mu
4      There She"! ne raised and lOVled n'l-
nuallv ilnr'i": th�� currency nf tho snld .i"-
i���...i,,���., ,i"tiio'lr"d I-* sold Bv-law No
122 l.v sp.elal rate si.nieieei ihor*for "ton
nit    Hi I   .il.|e   lnn.'s   .elllllli   III"   ll-ills
.r in ��� sold Munlelnntllv In n.l.llHon io the
annuel turns remil'ed 'v tb" snld Bv '��
Vo 1?? lit.* F��ii"i or do" Tbousnid Two
lltmil'-.d nml  Fiftv  Dollars  I 31.'-'50 00)   lo
��� ��� "���   " 'dl" .nnl   lnl..'esl   "utli"'*l..".l   l.v
Hits Hv-lnw ihe snme in he In addition to
nil   - ���. tn I". levied umi ereated 111 the
suit! Mtttili'lpnllty.
r,     Thsrg shall TW ralgOU and levied nn-
nually during tho ourronoy of the said de-
���������.���..��� authorized by a.ild By-law N
148 by special rate BUfflclent therefor
ai on all the rat able land within the limits
if I ��� said Municipality it. addition lo tn
tnnual sums requlrfd bv the said By-law
S'o 148 ita sum ..r Five Hundred Dollars �����","" 001 tu pny iii** additional In-
i i ' authorised by thla Hv-lnw, the
��� im* to lie in nddttlon to all rates to be
��� .1 and created I" tin* sni.l Municipality.
0. Th.-i" shall be raised und levied until'.- dtirine Hn- currency of tha said debentures authorized by said By-law No.
in bv spcclnl rnte BUfflclent therefor
un in all th ral al le land within the limits
.,r iii- said Murlclnallty (Including District Lot On" Hundred nnd Beventy-twn
' it': i Group On�� ' 11 ns mentioned in said
Bv-law No, 111' in addition to tha annual sums required bv the said Bv-law
\'o. Ml tl" sum *.r Four Hundred and
Twentv Dollars (8420.00) ta pnv tho additional Interesi authorized l.v this Ilv-
law. the name to Iv in addition lo all rnt...s
t*. >������ levied and created in lhe suld Munlcl ralttv.
io. There shall be raised an.l levied annunllv during ih" currency *��f the said .1---
bentures authorized by said By-law No.
lir. bv sp, clal Vat. BUfflclent therefor
iinon uii ihe rateable land tt-iibiti the limits
..r Ha- suid MOnlclpalltv (including District I.-'l On". Humlr.'J�� and Soventy-twn
1172) Oroup One i ! �� as mentioned in sni.l
Bv-law No lir. in nddltlon to the annual
sums reoulred bv ihe said By-law No.
145 the sum or Om Hundred and Fortv
Dollars (814^.00) t* pav the additional
Interest   authorized    by    this   By-law.    Lhe
s-.'-v  to I...  In addl i  lo nil  rates tb be
l��vkd and creati d In the suid Municipality,
11.   This Hv-law sliall com" Into effect I
......   ....,- | on its receiving the consent of the Lieu- i
together u   tenant-Oovemor in Councll.
TJ.    This   Bv-law   may   be  cited  for  all !
nurpos��s i.s  "BURNABY    DEBelSTURE
DONE  AND PASSED in Open Councll
the dnv of is 13.
RECEIVED  the  assent  of  the  Electors
the (lav   Of 191H.
PASSED the day Of 1913.
gion, and that about 40 of them were
brought over from Asia. But the object in view was characteristic of the
period and very different from that
the Texas enterprise. It i
. .,...   then   that    the    camel I
would be of great aid to the BOidlerBI
on the plains in their campaign
against the Indians. The civil war \
ensued, the camel enterprise fell out !
of sight, some of the animals were
sold, others were allowed to run loose ,
^^^ date  an,i r]own  even to the cowboy period |
      Hoys  for  Tlngara,  236;   and  stray humped animals were oecasaion- '
men and youths for the naval depot, ally Been on the plains. The preaent
Wllliamstown, 860. It was anticipated project, althougb It cannot be entire-
that in June, 1913, the total personnel I iy freed from the romantic In the ;
of 3,360 would be made up. Reserves thought of many, is purely and pro-
and senior naval cadets now number gaically Industrial. The aptitude of
Just under 4,000, the camel  for work that needs to be
The  naval expenditure for the last; ,|one ftre the facts that constitute the
three, years was:    1910-11, 1M5H.H71
.  raised an.i ievi.ii an-   	
urreney of the said da-   iruit.ui in Australia In 1912-1!
1911-12, ��1,696,606; and 1912-13, ��2,-1
'',49,5^7. instructions were issued by
the minister for an examination of the
! problem  of  the  naval  defense  of  the
[north of Australia. This hns been carried out by Captain Hughes Onslow,
Commander Thring and Lieutenant
Hardy. It. .V, acting In conjunction
with  the chief of general staff.    The
j report had been submitted on the mil-
I itary Bide of defense.
Cost Ashore.
tliere were in all 925 persons employed in connection with the factories
Established by the department. The
amount paid In wages and salaries for
February, 1913, was ��7,929. Relations
between the management and employees had been most satisfactory. In the
three years 1.500 homes had been purchased, at an average cost of approxi
incentive, and not at all the Oriental
picturesqueness his presence will lend
lo the greal sagebrush and alkali
stretches which, though repellant in
their barrenness contain In various
forms undeveloped wealth that appeals.
They Want Assistance.
Brooks,  Alta.,  Aug.  18.���Determined to secure assistance from the fed-
I eral government for the homesteaders
1 in the Berry creek section which was
. hard hit by drought this year, the ru-
:. ral  municipal  council of that district
| selected a committee of three, Reeve
Winning and   Messrs.  Armstrong and
I Wheeler, to communicate with the department  and  secure an  Inspector to
look into conditions in the homestead
section  bounded  on  the  east  by   the
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
"<���'   M.   C
��� t-i:,o"iii..r  lr.  i''
������ent of th"
Lieu ten
mately ��25 each. This number was Saskatchewan boundary, on the south
sufllclent for the Horse Field Artillery . and west by the Red n��er river, and
batteries at present existing. When ' on the north by the northern boundary
not required by the batteriles, they,of township 28. A good many home-
were available for the work of the
srhools of instruction, antl for other I
! mounted units. With tlie development \
| of universal training further field hat-!
i teries wolud be formed, and additional
horses would be required.
Under the system of universal training the war establishments would be
about 120,000, and the equipment required about  ��2.500,000, of which  ��1
i sx^tWI
Special Excursions
steaders   are   in   hard   circumstances I
and  want the  pre-emption    dues re-||
Still  Keeping Time.
j    Chase, B. C��� Aug. 18���J. C. Adams,
ithe watchmaker and jeweler, fell sixteen feet the other day when the Bcaf-
fold  broke  under him  while  he  was I
working  at   the  building of  his  new
Five     Days     including
Meals  and   Berth.
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain  and  Forest
quired about   fi2,500,WJU. oi wn tw  *...      -������������  - stopped   when
;  000.000 worth was practica  y In hand^  ��*�������.    *�������� J%*��\��  ���  walch ,
TAK': \.iTl''K thai tha above Is a true
copy ...   th.   proposed  He-law upon which
th.   ������ *t*  of lb.   Municipality will he taken
a Rniurday, th.  80th day ,'f August 1*13,1
l���t\v.   ...  '. o'clock  ,i   in   until 7 o'clock p,'
ni .  nt  tin*  j��,lii: cr places
Vim*."-..'  Hall,  Edmonds.
Wegt Burnahv School   \v-st  H*i-nnl.v
Ml    *:   ,;.i tnu-s   .--"'"I*.-.   1 nt ti   Avenue.   Bast
",.i  't.,-1 Road Scl I, Burqultlam,
t.,.'..- :���',!  se'*....i   Praser Arm.
iv.-ii. ��� Hull. Barn, t
*"      Hi?..-*   Btore    N,,rth   nn-niibv.
Tb.   s������.- nl Cluh  Building, Capitol  Hill.
'!,,-���,.���.���*  i-ik.   *-':���-���    Burnaby Lake.
I. iie "��� -.   Pel '   Lakemere,
l't HI i ��� NOTICE is herehy nlvrn thnl
��� ��� ... .,t the Electors of the nistrl.-t ..r
". --, i' .ill |m> taken on the above men-
-i ��� ��� Bv law ;i* t'e* Ume and place above
mentioned, and that -\ *'.. Moore h-i* beeq
hi n'eil Returning Ofllcer in tak- the
vote "f -fe'i electors with tho usual powers  in   thai   behalf.
II,  ('.   McOREQOR  Reeve.
A.  *l.   MODilK. Clerk.
Kdmonds. B   C, August 1-Hh. 1*13.
It would be necessary to provide not
less than ��500,000 a year for the next
five years to complete the new estab-
lifhmetit. The annual eost afterwards
should not he more than ��20,000 of
the same establishment should remain
in force, including junior cadets and
rifle clubs. The annual cost a head
of Individuate on the establishment of
the department was ��7, 5s in 1913,
as aeains: ��f* 10s. In 1910. Similarly
the eost her per head of the establ-
mont of the military party of the cen-
*ral administration voles was Gs. 3d.
ln 1913, as against 7. In 1910.
hit thes idewalk, but his watch kept I
going right along. He had lust cleaned
It and put In a new mainspring. Dr.
Scatchard was immediately called and
examined Mr. Adams and decided that
his works were all right and the case I
uninjured except for a few scratches
and bruises. With good usage both
are warranted for twenty years.
Sails Mondays (Midnight), Aug. Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
4ih, Ilth, 18th, 25th and Sept. 1. 7th,  14th,  21st and  28th.
Boats remain at PRINCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of Beelng the new Grand Trunk Pacitlc city. Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost.   Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW, O.  A.  P. D.
1-hone Private Exchange 8134
Berlin    Doctors    Investigate    Charge
Charge Against Him of Unprofessional Conduct.
I  tn
llerlin. Aug. IS. Charges of unprofessional conduct have been preferred
against Dr. Friedmann. originator of a
tuberculosis serum, and It Is possible
that he may have to defend his con-
for I duet before a court of honor of physicians   and   surgeons.
Julius .1. Benjamin is the man who
Is pressing Ihese charges.    Mr. Benjamin is the father of Dr. Har^y Benjamin,   who  went   to  the  United  States
with I'r. Friedmann as the latter's as
islstant, and  who, as a result of his
[association   with   the   creator  of   the |
turtle  vaccine,  was  left  stranded  In j
New York city without means of sup- |
port,   and   without     funds  to  return
home.   Mr. Benjamin charges that Dr.
Friedmann  failed  to keep his agreement  with hia son. and it Is because
of the business relations between the
two that the charges of unprofessional
conduct   have  been  laid.    Dr.  Bcnla
min's  letters  to his  father form  the
basis of the charges.
Mr Bonjamln nsserls that after Dr.
Friedmann had left his son stranded
in New York thc young physician
would have suffered fronl actual wnnt
hut for the assistance of Dr. Fried-
mann's brother and for money that he
himself sent to his son. Up also says
ihat Dr. Benjamin's letters will throw
much light on Dr. Frledmann's trip
It-  America.
Thn llerlin chamber of physician*)
and surgeons have referred Mr. Bimia-
niln's charges anil request to the
standing court of honor of the chn'i-.-
hcr.   Representative! of the chamber
Hated tbey would not discuss the mailer further than lo say the iharges
had nothing whatever to do with the
value of the Friedmann remedy or
Fricdntnnu  methods.
Chcrl/f Boyles of Dufferin
Orangevllle, Aug. IS. In the death
nf Sheriff Thomas Howies, Dufferin
county loses one of Its oldest public
Officials, Mr. Howies, who was 83
years of age ������ ���".. a-ver'lted nherlff
hv the Mowat government at. the time
j tho county was formed over thirty
years ago. The late Mr. Bowles Ib
survived by three sons, Charles \V..
of Mona roatl, Isaac It., of Parkway
avenue. Toronto, nnd Dr. W. Herbert,
of Orangevllle, and two daughters,
Mrs. Thomas McCarthy, of Caledon
East; Mrs. Marshall Oreen, of Orange-
I vile.
Unions C-eing  Formed for Everybody, I
Including Dishwashers.
Toronto,   Aug.     18.���Before     many j
j moons, if plans mature as they should,
all employees in the hotels and restnu-
rants   of   Toronto,   from   the   waitress )
| who takes your order to the dlshwash- ;
i cr   in   the  kitchen   who   washes,   and !
'sometimes    breaks,    your    plate, and I
back   again   to   the   young   lady   who!
smiles   so   sweetly   when   she   takes;
yonr quarter, will be organized.
At the present time there are two
*^-gani?atlons the bartenders' ami
the waiters' with a membership of 375 !
ind 200, respectively���already in a
thriving position. The chef's charter
s bp.ng applied for.
Rut  It  Is computed  that  there nre,
S00 men and women employed in hotels   and   restaurants   who   come   not
under either of these three bodies, and
l!<ese are the ones the organizers are ]
While at present there Is no special
grievance against the hotel and \
restaurant keepers yet said II. W.
Brooker, business agent of the waiters, who with Art O'Leary of the
bart'"..ie-s I" carrying on the work of
orgrn'7l"g lhe >.e\v hnfly, the general
ern^'tir-.s rud"- wh'"h waitresses and
klii-hp" help labor could be greatly Improved.
|H1||| 'j   lllfcfll Jlli^-  "^
Come T-qeth--r for Chat After Being
Thirty-fcur Years Apart.
Spokane. Aug. 18.���After a separation of more thnn 34 years, Alexander
Bourne, a wealthy srock raiser nt
Nanton. Alberta, and lames McAlplne,
chief of police of Spokane, met here
when Mr. Bourne made a visit to the
They cnlled each other ".llm" and i
"Alee," and spent some hours talking
of the days when both were boys In i
���Mvlnstrn. Ontario, and discussed bare i
fopt, sunburned backs, bee stings and
bumps armiirctl st "tho old swlmmln'
hole," as If lhey were things of vps-
Chief McAlplne was a resident of
Canada for msny ypars before coming
io Spokane, where he was in the in'n-
Ing brokerage business before being
aiioolnted to head the police depart
Planned to Use Them In Southwestern Section.
Austin. Tex., Aug. 18. One of the
lending stockmen of Texas Is at thp
head of a company organized for the
purpose of Importing several hundred
head of camels from Asia with the
Iden of employing them as carriers in
the arid and seml-arld districts of tho
southwest, obtaining for thn great
sandy wastes of Texas, Npw Mexico,
Arizona and California draft animals
capable of assisting In the development of mineral properties. The drifting of the sands the sandstorms nnd
the heat���Of the southwestern deserts
combine to render them either wholly
���or partly Inaccessible.
II Is recalled that over fifty years
ago tho government at Washington
gave serious though to a plan for Importing camels to be usod ln this re-
^NCE when King Edward VII. paid a visit to Sheffield,
all the fires in factories and plants were allowed to
die out. Not a wheel in Sheffield turned for twenty-
four hours. CThe primary object of this wns to lift the
pall of smoke that hovers over that wonderful steel-producing city, and to ensure, as far as man waa able, a bright day
nnd a blue sky for an auspicious occasion. Clt was
Sheffield's expression uf respect.
(UT the action was unique���it was unprecedented���it
was unthought of that those hundreds of mighty
"���""" furnaces, raging night and day, and those seething
boilers, with quivering valves, should ever be allowed to
cool. C This extinguishing of fires cost Sheffield hundreds
of thousands of dollars���the price of the effort to get back
r.~ain to high-power efficiency.
OME business men in Canada pay an unwitting homage,
not to a king, but to a superstition���the superstition
that hot weather justifies letting the fires of business
energy go out. They stop Advertising in the Summer
months. By paying homage to tradition, custom, supersti*
tion, they have allowed Summer to become their "dull"
season. CYou know how dull it can be when you don't
advertise. Do you know how brisk it can be made by
Advertising ? Do you realize how much momentum you
cow lose in thc Summer that must bc regained in ihe Fall ?
A.lvi.v regarding your advertUing problems Is available through any tseegnlsed Canadian advertising agency, or the Secretary ol the Canadian l'rest Association, Hoom
��0,1 Lumsden Building, Tui-oolo, Kiujuiry involve* uo obligation oa your part���so
write, ii interested. TAOt ETOHT
"PAY   CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street
and the telephone No. 2
Imported especially for cur
trade after much difficulty ln
procuring It. Delightful for
Sundeas. Especially nice for
Fruit Salad and a doxen other
neat dishes. Kemember we are
sole agents for this product, per
tin 30c.
Sliced Peaches���These are
very hard to procure and only a
limited pack, so be sure and get
a tin, per tin 30c.
California Limes���Jucier than
lemons and far cheaper. For
drinks, lemon pies, etc., they
cannot he beaten, per dozen 20c.
Bon Ton Raisins���A No. 1. The
beet on the market, 2 16-ox.
pkgs.  25c.
'Peaches,  per lb 10e.
Pears,   2   lbs .....25c.
Plums. 2 lbs 25e.
Grapes,  per   lb 20c.
Oranges, doz 35c. and 40c.
Bananas,  dozen    30c.
Oanteloupes 15c.
Watermelons    35c. to 65c.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
is a motto every young
man should constantly
keep before him.
Money set aside makes
a man a better employee, a better man. It
gives to him that self-
confidence so necessary
to success.
An employer generally considers a savings
account as the highest
kind of recommendation.
If you have not yet
become a regular depositor, come here and open
an account. One dollar
is sufficient to start it.
You will be extended
every courtesy.
You will be a better
man every day for the
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Paid I'P Caiiltal  and  Surplus
Trusteeships  under  Admlnis-
(ration, over $fi.000.000.
Trustee fur Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
The executive of the Progressive
association will hold their regular
weekly session this afternoon at 5
o'clock in the association headquarters. A number of matterB of
importance will be discussed.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved city and farm property.
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (1828)
The True Blue I,odge, No. 162, will
hold an open meeting on Tuesday.
August Id, in the Orange halt. Members, Orangemen and their ladies are
cordially invited to attend.        11916)
Iteeve Barth, Coiiuitlam, has appointed Councillors R. J. C. Atkins
and J. Foster representatives of the
municipal council on the licensing
commission for Coqultlam. Two J.
P's remain to be appointed to complete the board.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the B. C. Transport Co., Ud. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1829)
Owing to the civil assizes being ap-
pointed to commence on September 2
this year the county court wlll not
commence sitting until September 24.
September 9 was the date originally
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of milliona to pay losses.
Martin Powell, the alleged accomplice of John Macnamara and Chas.
Dean, will be turned over to the Canadian authorities during the next few
days for transportation to this city,
where he will stand trial for alleged
complicity in the Bank of Montreal
Dad" Wilson's talk at the Y. M.
C. A. last night was worth hearing.
The veteran association man told, as
only he can tell, of the struggles and
successes of the Y. M. C. A. movement, and New Westminster people
who heard Mm listened with genuine
P. B. Brown and Fred Davis will
sell by auction a quantity ot household effects including some ofTice
fittings, on Tuesday, August 19, at 2
p.m., at a store adjoining King's hotel.
Columbia street. Terms cash. Bargains to everybody. 11902)
The Canadian Northern railway is
arranging with the ll. C. E, It. for a
plentiful supply uf uravl lo ballast
the tracks of the company on l.ulu
Island, which line ia nearly completed.
The traction company has a good sized
{travel pit on the Highland Park cutoff and* cars will lie loaded there to be
later taken to different points oil l.ulu
Telephone operators at the local exchange are planning on taking a short
breathing spell this evening, when the
ininial excursion nf tlie employees of
lie l). c Telephone company will be
held. A special car will leave here at
'! o'clock in time to make connection
.villi tlie Bteamer Bowena which will
lake the parly to Bowen Island where
l dance will be held. The party,
whloh will include Vancouver and
New Westminster operators and staff,
wlll return to Vancouver at 12:20, the
Royal City delegation being brought
back by special car.
Tlie report of a drowning accident
which appeared In Tlie News yesterday as having taken place near Port
Haney, was later verified, the man
being .lames Buckley, who is well
known on the river as having fished
for sockeye for many years. Buckley
was formerly a I'. 1'. It. brakeman
and lost one of his legs ill an accident,
so that he transferred ills attention to
fishing. On a previous occasion Busk-
ley was thrown into the river Inn his
wooden leg had saved him. Sunday's
mishap was not so fortunate. The details of the accident as as yet meagre.
TAXES 1913.
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been issued and as the rebate period will expire on August 25,
owners who have not received tholr
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undersigned immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W, H. GRIFFIN. Collector,
(1840) Edmonds.
m taking way bui
Wkil-/>   D***.**\r "The P,ay8round  of BC"
ff nllC I\OCK WHITE, SHILES&Co.,Official Ag*nls
BUTTEItFlEI.D- The death of MrB.
James Iiutterlield, 1311 Fifth avenue,
occurred Sunday afternoon after a
lingering Illness. The deceased, who
had reached the age of Sill years,
leaves ,1. Buttnrfleld, of the Butter-
field. Mackie company, and seven
children. The funeral will be held today at 2 o'clock from the Murchie
undertaking establishment, Elder
Isaac McMullen, of iiie reorganized
Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter
Day Saints, officiating. Interment
will be made in the Odd Fellows'
A petition signed by 17 prominent
citizens, supporters of association
football, was presented to the city
council last night to erect a stand for
the accommodation of spectators on
Moody Square. The position proposed was on the northerly side of the
football ground in front of the dressing rooms. It would be 150 feet long
with four rows of seats.
Thc council was asked to do some
repairs to the grounds in the way of
filling up holes with proper material.
The petition was remitted to the
parks committee.
A verdict of accidental death from
drowning was brought in by the
coroner's jury summoned in the case
of Samuel Nelll, whose body was
found floating In the Coiiuitlam river
on Sunday by Chief of Police Thomas,
of the Port  Coiiuitlam  police.
\t the Inquest, held in the Murchie
he Magistrate too Was Not Impressed
So McGravey Took Himself Out
of   Town.
White Rock Hotel
Under new management: $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Three weeks out of jail, suspected j ""_
of being a pickpocket, ini'l with tlve j    A    .        1 rT,1 j_
previous    convictions    against     him, i XXL   ttlC     JL  liCct-trCS
Arthur Gray, alias McGravey, entered I ~~-^���,	
the   dock   In   police   court   yesterday j UNIQUE AND  PLEASING,
morning to face a charge of vagrancy, j Manager Clillls of the Royal theatre
Arthur has quite a record, according j pickod another winner when he book-
to the list handed out verbally by d ll](J Humanovo talklng nloture com.
'"���"������< "ni.M.aw     In <"'���' ""���>   "���elpahy.    The theatre  was jammed full,
at every  performance last night and I
many    complimentary  remarks    were i
heard regarding this clever company |
which stands  behind  the screen antl j
makes one think lhey are witnessing |
a real    performance    Instead    of    a
motion picture.    Both subjec's Bclect f
ed for the talking end of the program
have excellent morals.    The tlrst one
presented is entitled "She Will Never I
Know," and It is a very pathetic slory i
of a father who leaves his home,    a |
criminal, and  trusts Ills little girl to
the care of a neighbor.    The olher is
entitled  "Jealousy's Trail" and is    a
story of a mining camp.    There will
be an  entire change of program    on |
Wednesday and Friday. Pete Murphy,
Went minster's favorite tenor, Is singing at every performance.
1, pointing a revolver at a man; 2,
carrying concealed weapons; 3 and 4,
vagrancy; 5, theft, sent up for 30 days.
Arthur squirmed when his past life
was enquired Into, and mentally figured that if ever Magistrate Edmonds
gave him a chance to emulate the Bellingham Marathon, he would break
even Aflie Shrubb's record. The timers w-ere not on hand when Mctlravey
hit the -Hassnm -bound for the south.
Not. Related.
The revolution now progressing in
China is not deterrent to Ihe quelling
-if the gambling crave in the lower
oart of the city. A Chink who cannot
gamble or who does not care to gamble
has yet to be produced. The only
'eature about On I.ee, of Mclnnis
street is that he was caught in tho act.
Fifty dollars, and costs was the fine
label pinned on him by the cadi. I.ee
Three Inehrlates thought n treat the
better part, of valor, especially at }a
per. They left the change with the police treasurer.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 5.45 a.m.
nnd every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight
SATURDAYS���15 minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7. 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 16 minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REGUl.AH 3ERVICE���6.45 and
6.46 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m., with  late car at 11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until 10  p.m. wtth late  car ut
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made  at    Eb-
hour until 11 ii.ni.
aud other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 and
C.16 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.
Wheat Options Quiet
Winnipeg, Aug. 18.���Trading on the
local wheat market options was quiet
  iand   prices   easier.     Opening   figures
MONEY SHADE LIGHTER ! we"!  low, ����   '<->y   Liverpool   cables.
ON  LONDON  MARKET i holding steady later In sympathy with
  I strong corn markets.
London. Aug. 18.���Money was a|
shade higher and discount rates were j
quiet todav. Trading was dull on the |
stock exchange. Paris sent lower |
nrices in the afternoon and caused i
Kaffirs to drop while home mils were \
adversely affected by the labor un-
rest Marconi shares and Mexican
rails were firm. |
American securities were quiet and
undertaking   establishment   yesterday | steady during the forenoon when light
buying advanced the prices a fraction.
Later New York buying orders helped
values antl the list made additional
gains.    The  closing  was  steady.
morning, testimony was presented to
the effect that deceased had been
shopping in Coiiuitlam on the even-
ng of December 1, 1912, and returning to his honie at Pitt Meadows was
blown into the river by the gab
whieh wns blowing at the time.
Identification was made cnmpleti
yesterday morning by Uie finding of
napers on the bodv which convinced
all concerned that it was Samuel
Nelll, llr . A. 1.. McQuarrie had
Charge of the Inquest.
The Man Higher Up.
This ls a good time for the mno
higher up to climb a little Metier.���
.New York Tribune.
The graft hunters ln New York ni��
another ftep nearer the uieu "highest
up."���Boston Journal.
In view of recent disclosures Sir...
000 seems to lie a very low price lor
tbe poet of police captain In New York.
Columbian College
Affiliated   in  Arts  with
Toronto University.
Affiliated in music with
Toronto College of Music.
The college will open Sept.
Excellent staff in all departments.
For further information
apply to
REV. A.M.SANFORD, D.O. Eiflhth 8l. Market, Phone 1206.
Principal. ;Edmondi Market, Phone  L883.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phone*
I      1200,  1201,  1202.
Hon. Mr. Pelletier Back.
Ottawa. Aug. ix. -Hon. U P. Pelletler, postmaster general who left Ottawa shortly nfter the Besslon closed,
returned today and attended n. cabl-
iet council. His health is much Improved after two months' vacation.
That the Royal City is determined
to take up tlie mutter of insurance
rates wltb the underwriters' aSBOcla-
tion was made more apparent yesterday afiernoon when a meeting of the
committee of the board of trade discussed the situation with a committee of local hiBuraiieo men, composed
of Messrs. Malms, Hepworth and
While, after which it was decided to
lake up the question wltb tne mainland board of fire underwriters at the
earliest   possible  date.
The meeting ol yesterday was at
tended by a representative body of
Citizens who discussed the proa ami
cons of local conditions laying ban'
the real situation as it exists In Ihls
The question of rates came up al
the last meeting Of tbe board of tratle
when  it was decided    to    appoint    a
special committee to take tiie situation with a view of finding a solution.
1.  -l-denc.e, Y. W. C. A.        Plume 111:24.
Maternity, surgical and
medical cases attended.
V ars	
i 'rapes,  per  lb.   . . ���
Bananas, per dozen
t anteloupo,   each   .
Poaches,  per lb.    .
��� atefcntelon, each .
Oranges, per dozen
.4 lie to
,2 lbs.
.;*,0c to
.2 i)c !
,80c i
ICe, j
,10c |
(illC l
4.1c I
(Successor to Ayling tx Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone I
Divergent opinions   or   the   spei"!
used by Oeorge 11. Leaf of Kast Hurnaby in driving an auto on the evening of Baturday. May 17, when it
si ruck   William   Walts,   also  of   Kast
Hurnaby, formed an Interesting case
at tbe Burnaby police court yesterday
morning wben Mr. Leaf was Charged
with transgressing the provincial mo
tor act by nol stopping hls machine
ii' a time when a street car wus un-
feeding passengers.
Watt, the it i ii ii Injured, wns In New
Westminster on the evening of the
accident und while alighting from a
pixtb strei i oar al the corner or Blxth
street ii ii il Seventeenth avenue, was
slrn ���!( hy 'li" null, in charge of Oeo.
l."iir. receiving nine broken lioni's and
ol r i evere Inlurh n thai kepi hlm
In Hi" Hoyal Columbian hospital until
a i *.'   days ago.
After hearing much evidence roia-
���'**,.��� to thc ."ecldent the case was adit, inn tl  until   tomorrow  morning.
Solidified Petroleum.
Ocean liners may Boon use solid
petroleum as fuel. Not so long agi
ship owners met in London ami ilecid
ed to go int.. the production ol soli.li
fie.l petroleum brickets on a large
scale. The crude "il is boiled and t"
���it is added a certain amount ol stearic
acid with an alcoholic solution ol
COUStlo si.da. Upon cooling, there i-
obtained a transparent mass some.
what resembling glycerine soap, and it
has sufficient cohesion t�� allow ol
making it Into square-shaped brickets
These are easy to handle, as tliey an
not brittle imr do they cause dust.
Sucii blocks have a slow and very
regular combustion owing to then
uniformity oi structure. The weathet
does not seci t" affect them, and
they always remain clear.
The heat production Irom them is
such that a ton of soliditied petroleum
serves instead of two and one-hall
tons ol coal, The great Bavlng Di
space mi shipboard is evident, and
another point is the great all-round
economy realized Ior producing ai
equal amount of steam.
Bome   British  naval  engineers stud
ted the question and concluded that
for a singl" trip of a 1 in.-r frnm England tn New Ynrk and r.'lurii the
lowest figure for the saving would be
The range "f tlie vessel will be much
increased, which Is a capital point for
war vessels.
it adoption may prove lo be rapid
in the near future, Ior liquid petro
leiini would only be able t" replaci
coal In a gradual  way,  owing t.j tin.
rent est nf changing over furnace.-
md bunk'Ts       	
Presence of  Mind.
An englishman In traveling through
Ceylon was the guest ol a dockyard
iilicial at Trlnoomalee,
"The dinner was excellent," he says,
"but when it wus about hall over l
wan startled by hearing the wife of
my host tell the native servant to
place a bowl of mils on a deer-akin
near  lier .hair.
"Although she spoke ns calmly ai
il giving an ordinary order. I knew at
once tliere wbn a snake somewhere
iii the room, Inr ihey prefer milk lo
anything else, As a hasty movement
might have meant certain death we
ail sat like statues; but, f'.r all thnt.
ray eyea were Inspecting every nook
and  corner,   with  a   peep   under  the
Hon.     Joseph    Turned    a     Vigors..*
Enemy  Into a Strong  Friend.
Away back in the early sixties- there
lived   in   Cornwall   a  colored   barbel
named T.   II.  White, a well-educated :
nan. a  keen  politician, und a charac- j
ter all-around.  This  was in time ol |
negotiations  preceding  Confederation, i
and   there   were   many   distinguished 1
men iu the town to see the late Hon.
John SandUeld  Macdonald. who wa* I
among  the  political  leaders  of  those !
Barber  White was the only  mani- I
pulator of  thc  razor in  Cornwall ft
Woman and Politics.
A course In politics for the girl students '.i Vassar lias Det>u endowed.
I'ropiieilcaily appropriate!!���New lorn
Suffragettes nre to hnve a bank of
Ihelr own. He a wild time growing
around Hint bank lt It ever fails.���
New Vork Telegram,
Or. Anna Shaw would rather vote
than be married. Woman's usual lm-
practlcableness! If she were married
die could cuutrol two votes.���Haiti-
mure Sun.
DO   ����H* '
Don'l trine wiih your ayontght Detaj
t;i|i glaascfl imU urtsklUxul Ureal mn\ ���
������ eyea nre Rur-e forerunners <<r iin iin
len BUiioua trouble ����� 11 occur.
,.v are ready to render you expert nl
��� xiimin'iiK the ivi'i, in fumlshln
ifl��*'i  or   ppvctncU's,   In   fitting  them   I
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Seattle, Aug. 18, State Senator II
M. Whlto, of Bellingham, who was appointed commissioner of Immigration
    nt Seattle by President Wilson today,
that time and naturally had the honor 'was a strong advocate or anti-Japan-
of shaving those of the publicists who |ese legislation thai v.as pending in the
needed his services. He was fairly in Ptate legislature last winter when Sec-
his element, and as he was a good ! retary of State Knox Intervened and
talker he acquired plenty of political induced the members to reconsider and;
Information, which he retailed to his defeat the measure. Then White he-
local customers to good effect alter- came a candldate (or the commlsslon-
wartj8 er of Immigration  Beveral  Japanese
Forsotne reason   or   other.   White | societies In Seattle united in a pro
had developed a  great   aversion   to
Hassam Paving Co., cf B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented I
linn. Joseph Howe of Nova Scotia,
one ot the lathers ol Confederal ion.
and was never tired of abusing hlm,
nothing slinrt of murder being too vile
to lay t'i in- charge.
Due morning a stranger came oft
the early train, und as soon as llie
barber shop was open, betook himsell
thither for a shave. It wus not lonv
before White introduced liis favorite
topic, and the name of Howe came up,
"Politicians   is   a   pretty   queer   lot,
itest against his appointment. This
I protest was sent to Washington without comment by the Seattle chamber
of commerce and is on file there. II
is not known whether or nol the Japanese will take any further action
sub," lie said. "Some is good and
ume is bad, but that Howe is ths
worst ut the bunch. If he goes on In
will ruin tin-* country, Oh, dat villain,
Joe Howe, he ought to be in the penitentiary." White was so excited that
the stranger could not get In a word;
whnt he did sny i.nly encouraging tlie
barber to further talk.
The operation over, the stranger
handed White a dollar, with the remark: "You're a good barber, and
your conversation Is very interesting,
even il it is iomewhtt personal. Keep
the change,"
A I.w iiiinnt.*.. later a townsman
catue in and asked wlin the lato customer was
"1 don't know," replied White, "but
he is a peiiect gentleman."
"Why," saitl the townsman, "that's
the Hon   Joseph  Howe, ot Nova Scotia; he has just gone over to see Sand-
"Can't help that,"  rejoined  White,
table.    However, it was not until the   "I'll stick to what I said," and Irom
mill: was placed on the deer-skin that j tliat time forward tbe, apostle of Con-
the soak.*  appeared.    And then, to federation from the Bluenoses had ntf |
-.ur amazement, a large cobra Uncoil-1 firmer defender than the black bar- :
ed itself from my hostess' ankle and   bur from Cornwall.    . J
glided   towarda  the   bowl,   when,   "I!
'���r,ur*e, it was imtpediately killed.
"llut jusl fancy the nerve "f the
woman, though she fainted when the
thing lay dead ou tlie fl""r. How
many could have remained motionle��j
in nuch clrcurostatjcftf"
Pack in your bathing au'ts and a
well fllleii hamper and spend a dny nl
Maple Ileach, Ilotindary Hay. Plenty
of free picnic places on the Band
bench nr under the womb" ful spread
ing maples. Lovely spring water
Take the Itlver roatl to I.adner am!
the Qoudy road houiIi.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St,
That is the inducement we are offering the prospe ���-
live purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shad a from  75c to $1.50���Now from 15c  to  45c
Contractors for Every  Kind .of Electrical Work
Prot. f-'ield'�� Thitory.
A new tlue.ry of the sititiinn Of tele-
graph win* has been offered by l'rof
Field, of the University of Ottawa.
No   explanation   yet   given   seems   to
have been perfectly satisfactory, an.l
tho -suggestion in tw.w mode that
the souiuU represent iii.nute earth vi-
brniiiin*.. which are transmitted to the
wir.-n through the poles. These vibra
tion.1 depend lurgely on varying air
pressure. The song ol the wire*) therefore may give good barometric ci'-t-
naU, a xharp sound indicating that a
change Is oloso at hand, while a low
���.humming shows that present conditions may vontuiuc a day or perhaps
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train nnd make your
home at t'reneent Ileach (Blaokle Spit) for tho nummer months,
Train leaves nt !i:30 p.m. dally, on nnd after June 15, returning in
the, morning in time for business.    Crescent    llench    affords    Ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining the best of bathing,  boat
liiK at all fltaites of the tldo together with fine beach.    Ariostaii v/oll
water to ull residents.    Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 18B1.
Wa write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marino  Insurance.
Out of the High Rent District.
Open Evenings Till 9 p.m.;  Saturdays 11  p.m.
The Home of the $1.45 Shoes
for Ladies
Every size, black and tan, broad and narrow.
FOR MEN���The only shoe store where your
dollar does the work of two.
Men's boots, black and tan   -  /EVERY\  d��1   QC
Men's Oxfords, black and tan, \SIZE    / M> 1 *W
The Spot for Leckie's Loggers' and Fishing
Roots; Slater Shoes (P. W.), K. Hoots, etc.


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