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The New Westminster News Nov 25, 1913

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News Clitaintd Adj.                 1
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or    small    wants   at    small 1
-- StfcF"
1     Nnw W
1 mainland:
1 and  south
with rain.
The Weather.
ustmlnBter and
Winds   moHtly
erly,  unsettled
the   lower
and   mild
VOLUME 8, NUMEER 220.  .���*.'
pbice rive CENTS
Gen. Sala/.ar Breaks Skirmish Line of Constitutionalists.
Labor Men Protest
Terms Given Strikers
By Westminster Judge
Island Strike Cases
In a manner thut left no doubts sa
lo tiie reeling or the gathering on the
subject, a resolution protesting against
the sentences Imposed upon the
miners ol Vancouver Island was passed at a meeting of workinginen
citizens held In thc Bugles' hull
exercise or the Iran-
Supreme Court for Third Time Find
Against Starvation Doctor
| Olympla, Wash., Nov. 24. Kor the
j third time tin- supreme court today
j ruled against Mrs. llu/.zard, common
Ily known as the " starvation doctor."
' In her appeal from the sentence ol
'two to twenty years In the state penitentiary Imposed by the Kitsap county
superior court tor causing the death
Iby starvation of Miss Claire William
| son. a wealthy Kngiish woman, who
.died while In Mrs. llazzard*. care
| more than two years ago.
The supreme court had previously
Arouses Great Interest
bin through th
The remark lhat there was no law
for the Hlrlkem on   Vancouver Island,
was made by Mr. Poster,   in exempli- isuKtalned'the lower court and denied
Ocatlons of bis assertion he charged a rehearing. The Judge held that no
and] that where Htrlker�� were lined from [federal constitutional queation wan
last; %it, to $75 (or minor orrenc.es -strike-  Involved.     Unless   Mrs.   llazzard   can
breakers were lined $10 and sometimesIObtain an order from one of the fed-
With  Mr.
bench,   the
���Many Killed���Americana Ordered Out
ct Juarez by Rebtl Leader-
Many  Reports.
ICI Paso, Tex., Nov. 24 An enveloping attack thia afternoon hy Generals
Silazar, Hennas, t'arraveo and 1-antla
drove In the skirmish line of General
Krancisco Villa's constitutionalists
and developed separata engagements
below llauche on the west, al Tlerra
Win. a on tba front and along the
bonier opposite Helen Ylsleta. Texas,
to lhe eaat. Tin- engagements con- j
tinned into the night with more than
10,000 rebels and federals engaged. Of
this Dumber General Villa claims to
hav, 7000, while the federals were reported to Dumber about 4000,
V'.lia'B men were Bpllt Into three
divisions, 'be centre near Tlerra
BlSDCa and two wtbgs extending to
the left and right for 12 mlb's.    With
General villa oonusaudlni the centre, i
the  right  wing  was    under    General!
Brodlrguet and Colonel Porflrlo Tali
mantes   The left wing wub command-1
ed by Generals Ilnswlo H'-rnnndex and
Benevldes       General      lierrera     audi
Colonel   Ortaga   wire     with     General';
Villa at Tlerra Hlanca.
The  federals claimed  to    have    at
leasl ill pieces of artillery, while    thej
rebel  artillery  division   was  made  up
ot about lu held guns and lii machine
The frontal attack began at 4 _0
about U, miles south uf Juarez, according io an American chauffeur who
reached Juarez at <i o'clock this even
leg from T'.eim laianca. The artll-
ler> cm both nides was engaged
Flank Movtment.
A   -i port  lhat tlie redcrrilB were at
The resolution was submitted fol- went off free for similar Infractions of.'eral supreme court Justices directing
lowing a general condemnation of the'the law. The men were not permit.! Hie Washington court to Issue the
judiciary o( Hritish Columbia and ited to do picket duty, u work that they writ she must serve her sentence.
Judge Howay of thla city tn partlcu- hud tx perfect right to do. In ract. de-1 ���"'ounsel lor Mrs Hazzard sought to
lar. the Mcllrlde government, and thejclan-d tbe speaker, the forces of thei overthrow the verdict of manslaugh
minister of Justice, by speakers prom- provincial government were united to"'1' returned by the Jury In tbe lower
Inent in labor circles In the-province drive the men back Into the mlnealPourt on *-**��� ground tbat as the de-
and sympathizers with the miners.   It; without any organizn'lon. I ^    .,nt   w.a*   accUBed  9*   murder   In
was directed to tlle minister of Justice Out of Prooortlon. ^e f'm degree a  verdict    of    man-
and read: Mr. Wilkinson maintained that   hls |��J����.Hhter was illegal, murder being a
"He It resolved that    thin    meeting conviction and the conviction or labor
held  under the auspices or the New  men everywhere, even    although    the
IWestminster TradeB and  l.abor coun-'men had clone what they were alleged
I Cil and c.ltizeuB of New Westminster to have done, was that the sentences
protests against the brutal severity Of I were out of all proportion. Willi ref-
tho      MBtenoes    Imposed    upon    thejerence to the minister of labor'H at-
! miners of Vancouver Island and re-!tltude on Ihe strike, Mr. Wilkinson
oueBtH ol the minister or Justice that|said that tli.
deliberate crime,  while manslaughter
Indicates only carelessness.
Was Temporarily Insane.
Edmonton,  Nov.  24���The coroner's
Jury at the Inquest held on the body
of Kred Grant, the l_educ farm hand.
minister had offered an jwho,  following the savage attack on
1 Continued on Pare Five.)
Council Grants Extension of Time
Engineering Co.���Engineer  Reporta on Bridge Scheme.
in   IiIh   report   upon   the   Brni-etle
river bridge City Engineer Blackman,IIbmbts should unite and abolish
at ihe meeting of the council last eve- i present conditions  in  BrltlBh  Colum
ning,   stated   thut  In  his  opinion   the j
council   oould   do   nothing   until   the*
11   C.  V.   U   hud made furl her Invostl-I
gallon   regarding  tbe  grades  or  the;
proposed Hurnaby Lake cut-off. which
will irons ColnmbU street about 1150
teet south of tlio Brunette river
Also if Hie propoBecl viaduct is proceeded with It will either have to be
Taised above the new* OUt-Off to give
clearance ol i'i reet 6 inches or intersect It on the level. It Is a mutter
of how much thc city wns Interested
Thn Paciric Chocolate company's
application ror u renewal of Its leaae
on water lots 84, 85, and 88 waa referred to the harbor oommlttee,
W, J. HicharclBon's gomewhal Indig-
nanl third rc-niie"! tni a water ser
vice    n lot   131. Ke"t street, went to
the  water commit tea
He��os f/lsw Passed.
After   stlklrt  out  clause     4.     the
Heaps K;iglncerlng bylaw  was finally
Aldermen Juru .-" and Ilryson with
Mavor Gray will fu m a court or re���
vision to consider the voters' list. They
"Will meet on Wednesday.
The gas bylaw petition wbh neither
���seen nor heard and the meeting, which
was a onerniind afralr, adjourned be '
Tore 9 o'clock
they be released at once" investigation    and    the    miners    had ! Mrs.   J.   J.   Hood   and   lur   daughter
In  addition It   was    aBked    in    the  agreed, but  when  the time came the ;committed suicide by shooting hlmBelf
resolution that the minister of Justice .minister. Ihe Hame ag the admlnlstra-1 through Ihe head, brought in a verdict10/ spectators
write tha secretary of the trade coun-j tors  In  this    province    had    done In of auictde while temporarily iiiBane.
cil what SOtlOn he proposes lo take       reference to the  enquiry  act,  backed
Kvi ry chair In the Eagles' hall was down.    Mr   Wilkinson alleged that the
occupied   and  standing   room at    the judlriarv of B, C. had heen stampeded
rear of the hall  was at    a    premium land panicked and that the action    nf
when President Cameron opened    the Judge Howay was Inexcusable
meeting.   There was a number of tbeIeasy, the speaker maintained,
ladb I In tiie gathering. cure evidence that  would  RaGsfy  the
Very   noticeable   also   among   those j prejudiced mind  of the Judiciary.
1 present were a number of miners from That Interview.
I the Island who are here either as wit-1    Mr. Wilklnwri cynically referred to
neases or Interested spectators  at thei tho action of Judge Howay in Riving
special USlee,    Tbe speeches    of   the'out nn Interview to the press on thn
I evening were  listened  tn  with   latent', subject ot the trials al Nanaimo. The
Interest and the remarks of the vari-ijudge be alleged had trad to come to
cus speakers were punctuated    every I this city to   give    a reason    why    he
occasionally With apelause. 'found it necessary to act as severely
Ter.tence .   Birbaric 'as he did.   The Judge   had apparently
Thnt Uie judiciary of B. C. had been j suffered pangs ot contrition. The-slabor
stampeded  and   panicked,   that   there) leader  would  not  be surprised  If he
was absolute ly no law for the Btrlkere,saw   hlin  standing   on   Boap  boxes  at',*.. Innei-i    Wilsnti    Wm_��
on   Vancouver   Island;   lhat  the aent-1 street corners further endeavoring to ."HIM.     Jl-����ll     vv iibuii     vv ���cus
encea Imposed upon tin- miners   wero (justify his actions. \
barbaric, that an abnormal lltuaMon | Bam Atkinson urged the workers to:
Of alfnlra existed In the province; that, kick out against tlieir enemiee and'
the mining nets cf British Columbia, they would with united action bring]
were being violated regularly, and that)'changed conditions. Ile expressed nur-
the leaders of ihe miners were being; prise that Judge Howay, a Liberal In!
i hrown Into prison to force the men; politics, should make himself a tool,
luck Into Uie mine-, without organlsa of a Conservative Bowser. It Just!
tion, were among the grave assertion*.1 showed that the labor men could ex-
and charge s made bv the speakers.       Ipect    no    consideration    from    either
The *neakera. 'party.
!    The speakers were:    President Reb-!    Rev,    W    S.    A.   Crux,    the    flqal
!,'t Poster, U. M   W. of V, cliHlrlel 28.!speaker, rlassed  the situation of    af-
Vancouver Island, whu Is na��Htlng in   fairs in the province as being abnormal  at present.    There   waB too much
barbarism, he aliened, ond. as for the
sentences  handed   out   to   the   miner"
they were out of all nro portion to the
crimes committed.    The onlv way the
workers could belt) each other would
be by trusting tacli other.
President    D. S.   Cameron,   of   the
Trudes and   l.sbor council,    presided
over the gathering.    At the conclusion
of the meeting small booklets got ur
bv a Vancouver ifilnnd clergyman and
Justice Morrison on the
special aBsIze court, for
the hearing of the cases arising out
of tbe Vancouver Island strike
troubles, commenced In the court
house yesterday morning. The morning session was taken up In carrying
out the usual preliminaries while In
the afternoon the retrial or the
brothers James and John Connors was
opened. The Connors brothers are
charged with taking part In an unlawful assembly at Cumberland on July
19 last and of assaulting a provincial
constable on the same day.
The court was adjourned about 4:30
p.m. until this morning at 11 o'clock,
after a portion of the evidence for the
crown had been taken.
Court Crowded.
When the assizes opened every
available seat ln the public section of
the court room was tilled. Although
lhe jurors and witnesses in the case
set down for hearing immediately, oc-
��� veraclly of certain statements mode
by counsel tor the crown when a previous application tor ball was can
sldcred by chief Justice In chambers.
Mr. Justice Morrison consented to
examine    the    evidence      presented
j formerly In Cowler's case and render
a decision on tbe application later.
James and John Connors, who were
arraigned at the afternoon session on
charges of taking part In an unlawful
assembly and assault upon Jeffrey
Hannay, a provincial constable, at
Cumberland on the evening of July
1�� last, .came up for trial at the fall
asBlzes, but owing to the Indescretlon
of a Juryman a verdict was never returned In their case and subsequently
the trial was traversed to the special
assizes. In the former hearing the
jury had retired to consider their ver-
I diet wheu the attention of Mr. Justice
Clement, who occupied the bench,
was drawn to a remark made by a
Juryman  in  public with reference to
[the  case   and  the  jury   was   recalled
Bruce Walker in Winnipeg.
Kdmonton. Nov. 24.---Bruce Walker,
commissioner    of   immigration,   with
lt was headquarters at Winnipeg, was in the
to pro-;Pity ,0(iay conducting    an    Inspection
: into immigration matters.
Francis Bowes Sayre
Council Has Unique Experience but Refuses Million
Will Hav* Money by December 1���To
Revise Water Rates at Special
Who ever heard of a financial house
prominent ia London trying to force a
Canadian municipality to take over a
million dollars or more in return for
treasury certlftcstes bearing 6 per
cent interest and rnnning three years?
it mlgbt bave happened before but In
this province of British Columbia the
movement ls said to be unique and
Burnaby gained further distinction
last evening by being either the lucky
or unlucky party.
A letter was read from Corbould,
Grant and MeColl, representing John
A. Macdonald, of the Scottish Securities Corporation, Limited, who is ilso
prominently identified with the London house of the B. C. Transport Co.,
of New Westminster in which it was
made out that on N'ov. 10 the Burnabv
the fight nt t resent be inx made for the
fn, dom of Hie miners at the assizes;
.1 W. Wilkinson, of the Vancouver
Tiscles and labor cnu'iel!: Sam Atkln-
s n. o  prominent labor man  who haw
bi en investigating the nosltloo of th��
miners OB Vancouver Island, nnd Itev.
W. B. A Crux, of this cltv, who conducted a private Investigation Into the
troubles 00 Vancouver Island
BVery  speaker expressed  the sentl-
rn.nl  thai  tho workers at Hritish Co;
Rehtartal    Yeaterday���Will    Be   Bril
liant Function���Diplomatic Corp
Will Wear UelferQUU.   '
cupled a good portion of the available !and discharged.
room there was aleo a large turnout ]    The evidence  given  by  the crown
while friends and rela-1 witnesses    at   yesterday   afternoon's
tives of those coming up for trial were]hearing was practically a repetition of
prominent among the crowd. (that given at the previous assize trial.
A. D. Taylor. K.C, ls conducting the i Mr. Leighton conducted the defence,
prosecution in all of the miners'cases'Cross-examining each witness very
and he is assiBted by T. B. Shoe- closely and checking up on the previ-
bctham, the attorney general's repre-'ous testimony given,
sentative. Kor the miners Arthur I Jeffrey Hannay, the constable whom
Leighton, of Nanaimo. J, W. deB. ]the Connors brothers are alleged to
Farris. of Vancouver,    and    Israel   J. jhave assaulted, was the principal wlt-
Rublnowltz. of Vancouver assisted by | ness. He described the happenings IttUnmctTaVa special meeting agreed
omclalB of the United Mine Workers\Cumberland on the evening ot July ID, to sell its treasury certificates at a
of America, are appearing. Mr. Leigh-(stating that an excited and noisy | certain price. Since then it ia under-
ton is conducting the defence in the. crowd had collected on one of the'stood that, the municipality received
, cases traversed from the fall assizes,istreeta   and   were  causing   a  demon- la better offer.
I while Israel Uubinowitz and Mr. Far-1 stration over the presence of a man The matter was left In the hands ot
.riB are representing the accused in (named Cave and a few others, alleged|tne municipal solicitor, W. 0. Mc-
laome of the new cases coming up for | to be  strikebreakers, in town. IQuarrie, the councillors feeling cor.fl-
1 hearing. i _t-m_*r��__-_ arrest I dent that they were well within tbelr
Mr.  Rublnowltz has been  retained     Hannav stated that he It'enrw-rt .-.-rights in turning down the otter mad*
by John  Place, the Socialist member Le crowd tc^sist   a    h���5S? I���   by Mr   M������on-��w-
ot    the    provincial    legislature    for  H,Ih?���j���,-.lTer��r^it0 ^ h   w Ro0B H,w�� MoM��-
Nanaimo. and IS other Nanalmo men 8taMe' Joseph McCarville. who he had At the meeUng Reeve McGregor
who aVe IndlctU o^chMge. nuXr' Men.*S8aUlted' *hlle iU_,lhe T ��M made it known tlit the treasury certl-
ina no less than 40 The ^oBc"to�� on arrf".tmK a man uained Re!rnold�� ����r Wtcates were In tbe printers' hands to-
the defence a'Se are vvorWnsTomtW ,strikin�� Cave- He trled �� ���* �� thei gether with the coupons and that once
At thJ II rf remrt v- n���..,'mal1 *'ho wa8 �����������"*����� McCarvllle. printed, a draft would be made on tbe
infers anT lerlnd u,rn�� ^ but was restrained from doing so Toledo. Ohio firm for a portion of I be
1    n  -?��?,         g J a 'through James Connors catching hold amount which will run well over the
swern. Thirteen men were summoned L, hi_ coat   Turnlng around he ptaeadU_l-ion mark.   It 1. expected that tba
lor the grand jury, but two were   ex- Connors under arrest and while hold-,money will be In possession of Burn-
; cused     Seven  men   were  elected  to | ln|_ Jameg Connore the brother jobn I aby before Dec 1.
constitute the grand jury, the   1st of    ^^  ln ^ freed  h,���  brother by j Brunette River Trouble.
���'"���"          "���'  "      Ex-reeve C.   F.  Sprott  and  Claade
termed a true account of the situation
on the island, were placed on sale.
Washington. Nov. 24���There was a
flutter of happy anticipation of tomorrow's weddinu of Miss Jessie Wilson
and Francis Bowes Sayre at the White
House today
Through the twilight hours, in the
softly diffused light of the east room
the entire bridal par'r rehearsed in
detail the ceremony of tomorrow.
Later the young people were entertained at a dinner and dance by the
officers of the United
I Mayflower,
j knocking the witness' arms down, the;
,: net result being that every attempt at
arrest was frustrated.
I    Tbe two Connors, Goodwin, the man
Uvho attacked   McCarvllle,   and   Rey-
1 nolds all disappeared.    A   coat   was
produced by crown ccuusel and when
Hill of Burnaby lake, appeared before
the council with a request that something be done to remove obstruction!?
and log JamB where the Brunet'e river
leaves Burnaby lake. Tbey exp'ainel
that during the recent rains, several
roads had flooded the district and tha*.
Westminster Y.M.C.A. Has
500 Points in Membership Competition.
Will    Use   Tracks   of 0. N. R. from
Cloverdale to This City.
Following a visit by prominent offl-
���clulB of lhe Northern Pacific railway
it Is understood that arrangements
have heen perfected to operate trains
Hirotigh New Westminster to Vancouver by the flrst of the year. Kor some
little time negotiations have heen progressing in order that the .\merlcnn
read would have access to Vancouver
and New Westminster, but difficulties
-appeared ln the way bd as to prevent
the trains being operated.
It. is understood   tliat   an   arrange-
������i inrnt has been entered Into bot-veen
the N. P. R. and tbe Oreat Northern
Interest* for the use of the
from a point near Cloverdale running
<iver the Fraser river bridge to this
-city and Vancouver. *-.��*,
From Cloverdale to Sumas tho N. P.
r will use the tricks which have
been used very Utile during the past
few yeara since tbo White Rock route
waa completed. ."'.';._'__    .
A party of officials headed bv President J. M. Hannaford and W. P.
Clough, chairman of directors, vis ted
Vanoouver on Saturday, travelling;
over the proposed route trem Sumas.
From Sumas aonthwarda the company
has been Spending several million dollara improving the route.
Ily beating thc gun.nt the start the
teams of V. M. C. A. men here last
night stole a march on Vuucouver and
Victoria and after the opening banquet at C.15 o'clock got 590 points
bi fore the night was much older. Today Vancouver. Victoria and thlB city
start out In earnest tn the membership race for the lieutenant governor'**
There wero ninety men and boys,
Including .the eight teams of ten each,
at the opening banquet given by tho
ladles of St. Andrew's church at thc
"Y" last night. The captains spoke,
and In reply to a telegram from Victoria that, that city would "wipe the
mud with Westminster." a wire waB
Bent challenging the capital city teams
to do It. The men's team captains are
Messrs. Casselman, J. Carter Smith
Canfleld, Mills and Wm. Held. Tht
boy captains are -Gordon, Sutherland
and Haverstock.
Tho result:, of the llrst day's worl
will be published In this paper tomor
row morning and aleo displayed at the
post office.
On Thursday night the   men   will
be dined    by ladles   of the Anglican
tracks.churches, on Friday by Olivet Baptist
names beiu% as follows: Leslie E.
I Haynes. foreman; J. A. Higginson. H.
IW. Harrison. Frank Jeal. W. L. John-
��� ston.   R.   Hunter.   Kobert  Jardine.  A.
Hoy, W. H. Hodglu, Wm. Holmes and
: Regis lludon.
Return True Bills.
Immediately on    being    sworn    the ���
grand jury after being addressed by wltnesa waa asked if the coat was theiuniegs something be done, the fitua-
his lordBhip on the serious nature of:one he wore on the nlght- of the Itlon might become critical. This mat-
the charges on which the miners aretrouble he answered that it was. The Iter has cropped up in the council on
to be tried retired to consider the evi-'coat showed a tear alleged to have previous occasions but on account of
dence given at the different prelim-:bee" ��a"s6d wh?n Jamt' Connors Hack of funds nothing had been done.
inarv  hearinEs grabbed in an endeavor to hold Han-      Engineer Macpherson waa Instruct-
Durlne the afternoon thev returned ' ua>'   back-     Witness  himself did  not Jed to take a maintenance gang to the
tbe next meeting.
| Councillor Macdonald mentioned
that an appropriation had been included  In  the estimates of the  Bur-
the     president's     yacht.  !er et B'- Noting at Nanaimo; Cowler, ICcunorg Jumped   ln    to    release   his
aboard   tint   vessel   anchored   aSH-ie aggravated     assault.     and     Thomas j brother  James he  cried   "That's  my.
navv vard "shored   at   the ^  Ptfc��lvjllg 8tolen property. | brother.    If you want to get him you
I The elders, that is the relatives and The otber cases and the charges in.you will have to secure a warrant,"
i members of the Immediate family of! each yet to be found on by the grand or words to that effect.
the   bride  and   bridegroom  were  the [jury are:    Anderson, et al. noting at Only Wore Badge.
Kuests or President and Mrs. Wilson j South  Wellington;   Cartwright. et al,
at dinner at the White House.   Secre-j rioting and  destruction  of  property;
Cross-examined   by   Mr.
Constable  Hannay    stated
that    his.
Application to City and Burnaby Councils for Motor
Bus Franchise.
church, and on Monday the boys will
bc dined by the ladles of the Methodist churches and St. Stepben'a Presby
terlan church.
By getting to work last nlgbt Ne*
Westminster has a good start In the
race In whloh 500 men and boys ot tbe
three cities are participating.
tary   McAdoo   was   the  only   official \ John   Place,   rioting   and   receiving bat|ge WBS t_be oniy emblem of office
stolen goods knowing same to be,he wore on the nlght ln question. His
stolen: Jchn Harkle. Extension, re- headauarters were at Courtenay, but
eelving stolen goods; Richmond, et|ne came down to Cumberland quite
al. rioting at Nanalmo; H. O. Connell, |otten and knew a |arge number   0r
present. The guests were grouped together in the state dining room amid
decorations of palms and Utiles and
under the brilliant glow of silver
chandeliers and crystal pendants.
Resplendent Uniforms.
The news that the members of the' Wellington
last minute to wear tneir respienaent b   ,     several  who  were refused .��� dnr. o,   ovpreoat he wore on   the
uniforms  heightened  Interest   in   the ....    ���h, .,.,���, .,jto oon tne overcoat ne wore on   toe
event and it promises to be as bril-!b���ai1.,^ ^JJnili ?_" ���*_.�� ^��f P1^1 ln ^e9^?. to.B^ow .h.��* h�� ^
aggravated assault, snd Morris,    imprisoning two men Illegally at South
people there. He had spoken to the
accused on several different occasions
previously, but did not   know   their
Pell Through lee.
Tofield, Alta., Nov. M.���The llrst
drowning In nearly twenty years ln
Beaver lake occurred whan Clifford
Sutter, ten yeara old, slipped through
a bole In the Ite. The body waa recovered.
As stated In The K'ews yesterday a
number of prominent Vancouver financiers made application last evening to the city and Burnaby councils
for n franchise to operate a motor bus
service throughout the districts In
conjunction with the proposed systems
In South Vancouver, Point Orey, Richmond and Vancouver.
At both meetings the matter was
considered of such Importance aa to
necessitate tbe calling ot special
meetings ln order to go Into tbe question thoroughly.
The clauses in the application were
as follows:
1. The applicants will Incorporate
a company under the lawa ot British
Columbia, with ample capital.
2. The company will, within six
months from date ot agreement, commence to operate motor buses on the
roads and streets of the municipality.
The said motor buses to be similar to
those tn use In London and New York
nnd to be first clasa design and workmanship.
3. Fares for different routes to be
agreed upon by the council and the
4 Routes to be agreed upon between the council and the oompany
and to bp extended from time to time.
5. The company to have exclusive
rights to run busses on roads and
streets of the municipality tor twenty
yearn. .
6. Hotel and sightseeing buses and
motors not carrying more than ten
persons to be exempt
7. The applicants desire to have a
bylaw with regard to the above application submitted to \**i* electorate
tor approval at the coming municipal election.
The application'was signed by
Frederlok Buscombe, 3. ��� 07 Woods,
Joseph Martin and J. W  Weart.
liant a function as has ever taken
place in the executive mansion The
corps v-re conventional dress at the
Roosev-'t wedding. Jules Jusserand.
the F'nch ambassador, at present
dean - " the c-roB, sent word today to
the r" Me tint ���? that sb a special com-
n!!m-��nt to th" president the ambassadors and mlalsters would be expected
to rpoear In their full uniforms.
Today's rehearsal took place In the
-led room where tomorrow hundreds
of guests In handsome dress will be
Tbe bridal party assembled tn the
state dining room and to the strains
of the bridal chorus from Lohengrin,
played by the United Statea marine
ln the provincial jail (waiting trial.
Witli the exception of tbose men in
whose trial the court is lumtdiately.
concerned the miners who are out on
bail at the preeent time did not ap-
band.  they  issued  by  twoa  moving  iected to the requeat being granted
rpeta that se- ' r__f_,n_._>    mnnm>l    Questioned    t
been caught hold of, but his lordship
objected stating that all witness was
required to do was to answer questions.    With reference to the arrest
ef the Connors brothers Hannay testl-
pear in court  yesterday,   their  pres-jfle(1 that he \m_-_-4 their names sev-
ence not being considered necessary. |eral __yn ��fter tne trouble.   It might
Apply for Bail. jhave j^^,      week or te��� aftyg-   Ho
A. D. Tsylor, K.C-. prosecuting at-jhad ^^-ni mm out t0   a   spec|ai
torney, and Mr. Rubinowlta, counsel | poUceman who wu hlm what their
alowly down the red carpets
narstea the blue and   green   rooma
to the historic eaat room.
Charlea Evana Hughes. Jr.. and Or.
Gilbert Horrax, the first two ushers,
ware escorted by a uniformed aide.
They were followed by Dr. Hewitt Sco-
v|| Clark and Benjamin R. Burton.
First In the procession ot bridesmaids
were Mts�� Eleanor Randolph Wlleon.
the president's youngest daughter,
snd Mlsa Agnes White ot Baltimore,
then Mies Agnes Mitchell Scott ot
Princeton, N J., and Mlaa Marjorie
Rrown of Atlants. The maid of honor,
Miss Margaret Wilson, walked alone,
followed by the bride leaning on tbe
arm ot the president. The procession
wag repeated twice. On the exit march
the band played Mendelssohn's wedding march.
It became known today that th*
double ring service would be weed.
Wedding gin* continued to arrive
In noxe* and package* Innumerable.
Over the presents a guar* stood all
day and nlgbt. It wee leaned thtt
the gift of the President and Mn.
Wllaon I* a dining room Mi ot furniture.
A aecond wedding oak* waa presented by the eentor ��huw of th* national school ot domestic aria and aeV-
�����****. *A delegation reprnee-atlng 500
factory glrla, pceaepted MVss Wllson
wlth an embroidered petticoat
for tlie defence, had tlieir preliminary
skirmish yesterday morning when tbe
latter made application for ball for
Cowler, who ia Indicted on charges of
rioting and aggravated assault. Cow*
lor haa been heretofore refused ball
and wben Mr. Rublnowlti made tbe
application Mr. Taylor strenuously ob-
Defence   counsel
namea were.
Joaeph McCarvllle and Ray McTag-
gart, apeclal constable*, also gavo an
account ot the occurrencea on the
evening ot July It*. Goodwin, tbe man
referred to aa having asaaulted Countable McCarvllle, waa sentenced   to
(Continued oa Pag* flvesl
rard ePninsula Sewerage commission
scheme to deepen the Brunette river
and  Still creek,  but that    no    work
(Continued on Page Four.)
Mlaa O'Meara Leaves for Eaat at End
of December.
Misa A. I. O'Meara has resigned her
position as librarian at the Carnegie
publlc library here and at the end of
December leaves for her home In
London, Out The resignation was received by the city council laat night,
accepted with regret, and a near chief
librarian will be advertised tor at
Mlsa O'Meara's work here has been
appreciated and since taking chars*
about one year and a halt ago the circulation has been tripled, a live Intereat aroused ln good reading and
much benefit done tbe city. Besides
students at city schools and colte-go*
the general public baa become interested ln good reading and although
demanding a certain amount of notion haa showed increased demand
tor standard works ot all kinds.
Miss O'Meara will leave tor the *e*t
at the end ot the year and ��� fM-hon
to take her vino* la wanted hy Dee
IS. in*/
He m*y have to elide down the pole Um* haa ln his heart th*t t����U**t
to do it. hut Santa Claua Is coining to make* the whol* world kl��. JJt**}*
avoir flre h*ll in New, Weetmlnator jwhrt th*y ar* going ta do thl* Chrtrt-
this Chrlatmaa *y*.   WlU he ��tt tha -1"
Uremen'a etocklngs T Oh. no, the Or*
me* sleep with their stacking* on, Mt
the m*rry old saint la going to t*av*
present* (or all tb* children and he-
stdes, a big dinner, all that can eat.
Oh. haa coming all right.
Firemen h��v* alwaya keen thoughtjtair*
heme* by the rlalag genwatlon; ttm
hav* bee* ooaalderd t* hlg Wjdt t*
low* **t*�� wear capa with N. W. P. D.
on thw*. sleep with thete twam*
���nd whrn th* gong ring* at tight
ilid* down * poi* tato a ***r ot rubber eoato and to��r away In * rod
wagon to I**** wrtty Hit* ttmi toa,
���ur*y buMlnts. Bat be*M* being g��
thla, ow Iretnen w�� ���****. T**->*t*
th* Wadart Mtowg aad evwryon* c!
Firemen are not mtlHonalree.  Uke
moat people, they gat their rew*rd In
heaven, hat every man la th* department ot this elty I* going wag 4*Ma
deep Into his bin* to��M*r* *ad   1*
going togiS^.-*d-��h*.W^%1w
big dinner for *****>*** ��
a hm wfc> ��tt # _a W
hail* ear1   ���      ������
gelag to..���.
Alio their wl****!* h* ther* to *****
th* child viator* wltk thing* to ��**.
at ao Umt* Osm tftHw wtwt
to totog wettato tor. Ptoa Chlel Wkt-
aea haa aakad Mia* Suom, mnatotoat
I nbmil iMasnlns In Isaae t______-_t_T____a
to the !_____. __n ____r____s___s 4     ���
Il_____i ***__*'fca____c_EL____^
tor?   ~?V-  I
* V;
1��K;-nlllMMI--_*��tai��>,!IW>V.i.. ' U. -��>*-,*),.����*_ PAGE TWO
TUESDAY,   NOVEMBER   25,   1913.
in tnde.t������,/,-,il ��i,,ruing t>*per demited (n the inter-sts of New Westminster -mtici
t*�� Praser Valleu. Published every morning except Buintaii tin the. .\n r;.. mi I Printing
mat Pul.llshing Company, -.���imilcd, at 63 IfoE-tnaM Street, New Westminster, liritish
Oolumtiis. ROHU  SVTIIRRCANl).  Managing  Director.
All rc,mmU7ilc-flow�� ahould bs addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to (nelli< I dual iiiei.ii-''.i ui' the staff. Cheques, drafts, and nionet/ orders should bc made
payable tt, lhe  Ntitior.nl Printing and Publishing Company, Limited,
TK'I.liPllUNM'���Husiness Ofllce and Manager, SUS, VIMtorlal Rooms lall depart-
aunts), SHI.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By oorrier, 14 per yenr, tl for three months, 40o per
month     lln intiil.  *���'.  per year, _;.<- per month.
ADVERTISING RATHS on application.
An idea which originated in England and which since
has spread to the l'nited States is one to do away with
jail sentences for those who cannot pay fines when convicted mi minor offences. Governor Foss of the state of
Massachusetts estimates that of the twenty-three thou-
san persons sentenced each year there to prison terms,
ten thousand are those who have really no criminal tendencies and go to jail simply because they are poor, too
poor to pay the fines imposed. For such the institution
of another system, which would allow the man found
guilty of a bylaw infraction or a similar minor offence his
liberty to earn his fine, would prove a boon and, kt the
same time, would repay the state a hundredfold in self-
respect saved its citizens.
Out here in the west there is not nearly so much of
this kind of thing as in the more thickly peopled centres
of the east, but it is a condition that is bound to develop as
the population grows, so, for that reason, the stitch in
time maxim is particularly applicable.
No man should be sent to jail to herd with hardened
criminals simply because he has not the ready money
with which to pay a fine imposed for a breach of a bylaw
or some other small misdemeanor. The law may read that
way, but that isn't a principle of justice and an early remedy would save a lot of useless trouble and heartburning
in the future.
Veu Can  Rent Them  in  New  York as
Low as Then Thousand Dollars a   Vear.
New York. Nnv 24. II in questionable whether anything can rival ths
apartment sulte-i to be found al No,
mis. Fifth avenue, New Vork. Tin'
structure, which is passim; Into tbs
hands   of   ne-w   owners,   was   liuill   l'\
ihe Century Holding company, from
plan* by MoKlm, Mead a  White, li
I Was Hie aim cef Un- designers anil
builders to reduce household cares to
|tbe vanishing point, if possible, An
occupant who is going abroad ��r expect* to be away from Hie premises
lor a long eir short stay simply notifies i'.h' superintendent of the building
of iii" hour of hls departure, ami the
superintendent then takes full charge
of the suite vacated. On a few hours'
notice, tno, tiie apartment is ready for
tin- return of the occupant.
Nol only Is the building fireproof,
but it is equipped v. itli a standplpe
bose on each floor, both connected to
lire pumps. There Is ample water Btorage on tio* roof. Special night watch-
nnn make periodic rounds of the building. The apartmenta are simplex anil
duplex, ih1' rentals ranging from $lu,-
000 to $26,1  a year.
Other notable features of the building ire 2,000 square feet in each apartment available for entertaining, concealed radiators, vacuum returning
heating system, open fireplaces, for
coal   or   wood   fires,   safes   tor  jewels
or Bilvermware. waste Incinerators In
Itltchens, Bervant hall and six servant
bedrooms in each suite, ami Individual
cold storage compartments in tie
If they persevere in their search for prehistoric animals on the prairies they may yet discover the rare specimen Diogenes burned so much lantern oil to locate.
France sets the fashion in everything. Now she's leading the styles in national debts with the biggest of them
After seventeen years careful thought, the Booth
brothers, Ballington and Bramwell. have decided to practice what they preach and kiss and make up.
If they get that motor 'bus service working out in
Burnaby it'll be a case of "Hi sai Bill, 'ow much from
'ere to there?"
That was one time fire got into the right place, when
it played heck with a cold storage plant in Moose -Jaw on
Saturday night.
London    Merchant      Disappears    and
Leaves  His  Bail.
London. Nov. 21 When the eaae of
Emmanuel Blgyer, the eity merchant
-.vho was charged with defrauding Italian silk merchants, was called at the
Guildhall it was announced that the
defendant had absconded, The matis-
trate ordered thai hail be estreated.
Two sureties if Line each had been
accepted. A fresh warrant was immediately Issued for lliR.ver's arrest.
Harry Myers, who represented the
defendant, said that no one was more
surprised than he was, because Bigyer
'i.ld told him that lie had a perfect
mawer to tli' charge.
The defendant, whose age -vas given
is 29, was described at living In King
Bdward road, South Hackney, and
carrying on business in Ilutler street,
.���ity. The iinii alleged to have been
wrongfully obtained was estimated at
A Professional Love Leiter Writer.
In tbe American Magazine appears
onder the title "A Handy. Man With
the Pen" the confession of a uian wbo
Is a professional writer of lore letters,
lifter dinner speeches, obituary poetry,
etc. The following Is oue of the stories he tells ubout writing love letters
for a customer:
"One day last fill �� handsome young
man. much embarnwssefl. appeared uud
after some hesitation confessed that be
. bad ueglected bis educntion und was
j corresponding  with  a  young  woman
Well, this is the dav the daughter of the president of; witb whom he was very much in love,
the United States take's unto herself a husband.   Here's1 Bl,e was a ^--^ k���<1"->"-'- <>��<- "<-��� ��*���
anv Mexican
luck Jessie and may you never
lems in your married life.
,    : -sired tu have bis letters as well writ ten
pi Ol)- '��� us |1(,rg were so he wanted me to write
i tbem.    1 advised him to write simply
I and as he talked, bul be persisted, and
I twice a  week  be cume. Informed  me
If Rip Van Winkle II. went to sleep this vear, the conclBel> u"'! bM]-' whnt **e "���"ll,-"d
__.. i    i     u i.        it        i      l  ��� ,   , i       ,     , ' i to say  to  Inr. and   I   wrote  tbe  frills
first remark hed make after looking at the papers when )lltl) ������,,���    ,,,_<, Itl��� MtBn ������������.
he came to in 1933 would be, "So Huerta hasn't resigned self, blushing rr ientiy as be rend
Humor and
Sr ovncjxj* ft. SMITH
VA'!-. tee lhe. mlruclo ot spring
**     L'llfoW
As nf old.
And vol we tnsrvtl not
Nor suy: "Oreal Scolt!
Tl.is i- -""cnr.e nifty slKhtl1*
W�� sas Uie new delight
And mu> l'n etriint
Approval became* we have been wont
To s��.,< II ilnre the morn
V he'll eve Weue born.
And yei
V> couldn't rc'I
As crand a uhoev and fair
Though lire mlKht pay a price as high
As llie- blue rcioC of lhe iky.
The Krnsie appears,
rrom where uo elo not know.
We evntili It Krow
Ah though II were
A IhlnR lhat mlHht occur
Al nny lime nnd place,
wiih mate-tblesi grace
Buds open on lho trees,
And blossoms swaying on the bre-eis
Are- nn". SSCh one. ond Brand.
As thonsh tt master hand
Had pointed ihem with cure
And In such wild profusion
Sei  thetn there.
In modes! wayside plan-*
The violets show their facta.
The bungler, mun.
Might labor lor a span
Ol yenrs
Wllh loll and lears
And noi a one produce��� 4
Jn facl. h-Vel Fay.
������Whale lhe Usui"
Ilefnre he made ft try.
We ouuht 10 atund In owe
And wonder a I thp lew
That gutdas ench tprlngtlras blad-a
��� llut I'm afraid
We don't.
"I feel rusty."
"Ves; sort of rtU
dusty In the brain
don't you know
I guess 1 slin li
hare to do some
thing to brusD U
"You mlgbt cm-
ploy a vacuum
(.,-.������ i Advice. 1
"Can yon tell me tbe best way to
commit sui. Ii'.e'-"
"What  Is HV"
"Take a Rood doe* of Ipecac out of a
bottle ueavily labeled ���PoUon-l'ruai.i'-
"Hut why IpecncT*
"Ob. you will nnd the results ever so
much   pleasanter   ueit   niiirolnu.   nml
Spokane, Nov.  L'I.    A11hcmj.li he  re*
Itired without removing his trouaara
jfor tear of being robbed, Fred Panua
| found yeaterday morning   when   ba
I arose' from his bed all he Ohio hotel
���lhat   ho   had   been   relieved   of     $1110
I whets be slept He bellevea a Btrang-
er whu Bhared his hed picked his
pockets ami eieaped with u��' roll,
���*i waa a stranger ln town," Panua
told the poiioe. "and win n I met a
uian In a saloon who said I could call
hlm '.liin' wu spent several hOUH
rambling around ami I finally Invited
him to share' my hod. He consented,
I was rather nervous about the sum
of money, as It represented niy savings rm- the summer
"I dldn'l *-a> anything to blm about
the money, hut  he must  have suspect'
ed i imd considerable when I did not
remove  my  trousers.    When  I awoke
It   was  li  o'clock   this   morning,   my
friend was -.cine anil so was iny cash
Pan us nave tiie polios a good dssi  lp
tlon nf his "friend "
Montreal, Nov. lm    Mr. Justice i. -
llellf. Of the Circuit COUrt, cloes nol
want liis time wasted and two litigants had au Inkling of it Saturday
The court was crow deal to stilfoeatiifii
at ii'ii ci'clock when the' clerk called
the   case   of   K.   llachand   agalnsl     A.
iiaohaud.    The parties are brothers,
and both hall from St. Philippe.
Eilmer     Baohand,    the    plaintiff.
claims that five of his turkeys, which
he values at %'i a piece, wandered with
his brother's flock, and lhat the lat
lor had refused to give them up. Kx-
pn*: were heard to determine tlle cost
of raising a turkey anil the pleaders
ami the lawyers expected the judge
to mako ii dissertation upon tlle real
worth of tiie Christmas bird anil say
whether the' claim of Kximer Baohand
was loo high. Instead, Mr. Justice l<e-
Ih'iif stated that no case had boen
made ami it was a shame to come and
bother the court with such futilities.
The bearing lasted over an hour and
it half.
Both litigants were condemned to
pay their own costs, his lordship add
tag that tliey ought to understand better, since they were brothers, and Hint
it would be a good thing if they were
tied back to back to one another for
a fortnight to bring them to agree.
Robbers and
Over-Stockings in One.
Ko ��� v to put nti ai"I lit- Ot
-U-.k w-ll���\\>ar well.   Ai
PajtfetmMd protect7*
niil/fjinn WUftdl Ut*.
Canadian Consol.diterf PtuUeiCo.
liT'tc.t Mon'tr- I
AM Dealers
P.O. Box J4 Dally Newa Bldg
.......   ,  ul all  kinds.
you'll bave had all tbe esiitement you ; I'rlces right.    Satisfaction guaranteed
desire!" W McK��n,,�� 8t-
"I know no easl or south or westr
exclaimed the excited orator.
"Where did yon go to school?" In
quired a butter In.
���What difference does that make?"
"I only wondered 11 you got as far
slong as geogrupby."
Transfer Co.
Office Phone IBS.      Barn Phone  '���
Begble atreet.
yet, eh?"
Viscount Goshen says the money market has an attack of nerves. That may be so, Imt the attack isn't a
pimple when compared to the complaint of the individual
businessman with a bunch of paper coming due and a
bunch of white space on the deposit side of his bank hook.
what 1 had a.til.d In tIie"WiTy ..r M-iitl-
ment 'Hint young lady received some
of tl.e most wonderful love lei ters ever
written, 'lhey were married during
thu winter."
What Happened When Papa Connected With Epistle Ful' -"
supposed to know as mucb as theii
elders. One of the missives, which
contained many crosses for ktsaei .* tl
Beveral pictures of animals at t!'." ho'
torn, road as follows. freely translated rrom th" French by laughing
��� ourl attaches:
"My Only One 1 hope you are ver.
well. I ano* 'he same. I tntss you ver;.
much, and hope' ynu miss no* I don'l
know why you dldn'l come out to meet
im- la.-t nighl I fell ver> bad aboul
tliis.     I   imi     a  noli' under your door.
i but maybe youi* mother got it I am
sending you a lot of kisses X X X
IX X.    Now, I would like to take you to
'Montreal.   Nov.   24.���The   assertion j
that   human   nature   never    changes
through all the ages found some found-,
ation In the Juvenile court today, when I
a  youthful  and   primitive  lover   wasi
arraigned   before  Judge  Landed.    As
the aborigine of  the stone age drew
love pictures with a flint chisel on an l
���unfeeling stone, so the young Romeo
before the Juvenile court today traced ,
pictures   of   love   scenes   and   shoved
them under tho door of his Inamorata's
He accompanied the drawings with
letters of a refreshingly Innocent type
for these days  in  which  Children  are
Good All Round
aids to good health���and to the
Btrength, comfort and cheerfulness which depend on thecondition of health���are the famous,
time-tested, safe and speedy
Said .ftfjvktr*.   la **��*���*, 25cento.
a moving picture show Iin you think
you could go" They uaj we are- too
young to love each other. I don't see
why. Do you'.' 1 send some more
k:s:.es. Leave a note tor ine under
tny door. I hope you get this and that
your father doesn't. -Your True
On the bottom of the missive were
sadly-drawn a lamb and calf. The writer's worst fears that hls loved one'B
father would receive tnis letter, instead of herself, were- realized. He got.
it. Neither the text nor the artistic:
embellishment Impressed him, and he
had the writer, a slim, pleasant-looking fifteen-year-old hoy, several feet
too tall for his age, taken Into custody and brought to juvenile court.
Judge Lanctot, who presided over
th.' children's judicial climain during
the absence' of Judge f'hexjuet today,
read the missive. The prisoner seemed somewhat embarrassed, hut told the
judge bis plight was the result of love.
After attempting unsuccessfully to explain to the lad that love at Ills age
was a fallacy- the prisoner did nol
seem to believe this at all Judge
Lanctot allowed the boy lo go on hls
promise at least lo refrain from putting notes or drawings under his little's friend's door hereafter.
Bengal and Its Language.
I'he people or Bengal number seven-
ty million- and I.oust of perhaps the
best culture in India at the present
time Tbe language as a written Inn-
gunge is only fifty yeara old Though
for over a thousand yenrs il has been
a dialect, there is in Indian history
tmfortnni'telj no lince of Bengali hnvlng been an Imp-nrtant literary tongue.
The   louguugu   originates   from   Sun-
akrlt,  tbe  mother  lougue  t i  willed
every oilier   Indian  language  has  bor
I rowed lis alphabet, grammar and ne
eabulnry: but. unlike utbi i -. Bengali
never nUrlnks irom gathering new ma-
j terlals There are num.too- Persian,
t'reii.h \i*ni.i.* und Kngllsli words Incorporated In it. and the wonder ot It
Is that. Instead ol baring been degraded Into some, vulgar form lii... pidgin Kngiish. Bengali has become ifle
most literary, scientific nnd perhaps
Ihe most philosophic of modern Indian
languages.���A rgnnunt
Read - The - News
TT mny be that a million dollars would
be a Hue thing to Dave, but cerium-
ly the acquiring of It would necessarily
eut out most Une tblngs ot life.
It Is a good thing to bave friends, but
not for tbat reason.
Listen lo reason lf you have a
chance, but dou't tbluS every chance l..
a reason.
Don't keep the olher fellow waiting
unless tbe advantage la all ou bis side���
and then dou't.
Help ibe otber fellow occasionally,
Just to see bow It feels lo do something
without getting or expecting any pay
for tt.
Oeccncy and honesty nre a splendid
double team io draw you along the
crowded thoroughfare of life.
The man who has time for work and
play but Hint- ���-' tire.
Important Point.
"How  old did  you  say  you   were?'
thundered tbe great lawyer.
 **\   snld   I   wna   twenty seven,"   re
sponded the lady witness.
"Ktrst or second cliildhoodT*
An expert looked lino ms eyes
And   thinMnx of lh* comlns checSi,
Althoimh h�� found ihem good and strong
1'ies.ni.eu  Ioi   nun  aoni�� guld  rimmed
Some men tell us continually wbat
Ibey are goiug to do while olbers dn
il ami forget It
Worrying nver past fslliires Is n pow-
i-i tin method ol preventing future sue
It is wearisome work being friends
wllh ii nu wbomi spec-tuny Is gel
Hug mn, trouble.
It   s is   shortsighted   In   our   nett
dooi   neighbor not  to bave the lawn I
mower in _,,.,.i order when ours won't
Adversity is h drastic remedy to take
and n is as apt to kill as to cure.
Walt tin ren get there before you
begin to brng, Maybe nfter ynu bave
arrived you will i,e so chastened tlmt
you wlll ba willing to let your frleuds
praise yon.
Don't pay any attention to the Inngh-a
unless you nre drawing n salary Tor It
A good start Is the hest thing In the
���  worlel to have, provided you mude it
Come men play the baby so effectn-
| ally that women with a strong meter-
I nal Instinct hitch up wltb them and
i  tnke care or them all their lives.
Some men can't help helna sentl
mental when they see a pretty woman
with a four leaved clover, anrt when
ahe Is a widow their Dulsb la In sight
Baggage Delivered Promptly te
any part of tbe elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
i     ^      _.o*_-5_-La ._       ���������_���
New Imported Tall Suitings now on
display. See thetn. Perfect Bt and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
lis.nu up.    701 Kront atreet.
Italians Visit American Warshir*.
Va-nlas *i���" 'it Tt'e *meri|.|in warships In the harbor continued a strong
attract'nii for the peopld of Naples todav. Many visitors wfnt aboard the
ships and were warm In their praise
of the appearance of the crew.
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TUESDAY,   NOVEMBER   25,   1913
Demand for Canadian  Register Calls
Up Memories of Great InJtitu
, tion  of   Old   Land.
building vessels which hnve lomethlng
more than popular features tc> recom-
iiio'iil then, 'lln-lr i-oiicern Ilea not In
transatlantic tennis courts, swimming
baths '���'"'* gymnasiums, but in bulla
rn llm south coaal were privileged to!
hiillil ships. In whieh u twelve ycatii'
lease of first-class life wan given but
l.lvi'riiool unci Ilriatol were considered I 	
t.i he capable of  producing only  ten
yeara1 ships,    The craftmanshtp   of amalgamated slumber
I indSi Of tha OOlonleS   anil    of   foreign
Following the recant Hhlwiliig di��as- countries ��a�� also dlaoounted,
tara on tbe greal lakes ami the demand : B'ft in the Lute.
for a Canadian Lloyd's a brief history I   This caused the ship owners to take
mav be found one or more repraaenta-14.698,000 acres and tba total value of 11/11I    sjri rx  -wrx   _t_uc
tivi-i f' Lloyd's The committee of ,iie products fro.n this area at '1-7 Wll I fl| I K III |VlAfll
Lloyd's stands high amongst those ,.,,,.,,,������, ThH c.s,,,���:,,..r| tow fMla ""��������� ������"*> ,v �������"����-
bodies  contributing  to  the  safety  of i '
ll, bile.    It Insists upon shipowners   ����''   **-��** ��< '-'<'��"  ***** -*--'   -'*>-���*���
toes, 76,720,000 bushels, value $37,379,-
000; turnips and other roots, 73,090,000
bushels   value  f20,103,000;   hay   and
clover, 10,050,01)0 tons, value $114,789,-1
^^^^^^^^^    340.300 tons, value
111,273,000; alfalfa. 181,700 tons, value
$2-895,600, and sugar   beets    lfil.oool
tons, value $969,000. These figures are
prov.""'0"3-''  a��  finally  corrected    rc-
.       .turns,  bab-'-l on  the  census of  1911.
FOR BABIES IN SCHOOL'win be available for publication at thej
lend  of the year.    Tth average yield
Which   "'" preserve life and property 1000; fodder corn,
and material*. **W** Kl,a" "'n *"' fou"d
wanting In time d Stress.
I matters Into their own haiicls. and Issue a set-off to Lloyd's "Red Hook,"
a     Shipowners'   Keglstry    or    Oreen
��� Boot.
The two books continued until 1S2...I
of a unique Institution win
i mini,.
lhe rciniiiiice oT Lloyd's Is not Wide
ly Known. It Is a story that beam re
petition  for ll. tolls of the urowth  of
i-niull  coffee  house _____________________^^________^^^___^^^^_^^^^^^^^_
and  Instllutlon whose Intelligence de-' llcatlona were a hindrance to progress
partmenl   has   I a   lusllv   gUtad   to   A   J"lnl   committee  of    Inquiry     was
have no parallel anion.;* private en ! formed, hut two years ol' Investigation
ti rprlses for wrtdanau of range -end if. Proved of but little avail, for the gov-
ficient working. 'ernment  failed  to give the proposals
Lloyd's,  which   now    provides    the   financial support
afternoon | pared   with   172.19  bushela  last  year,  to take up a military appointment in i Instinct, and If they join the same di-' forma, when the patient usually s��"ems
London i304.12  bushels  for turnips atld other |the ^g,     -,���-.  Jennings,  who, during i vision wllh their father���of whieh .Mr. I to be disturbed by an Idea that there
Jennings has hopes-Canada will only [ Ib someone in the room whese' pretk
I nil m, Nov. 24 --The proposal to | per acre for the Dominion are reported ,'***��� a pul
provide hammocks In tbe schools so j as ltlo sr, bushels for potatoes, as com-1 is about
that lhe bable�� could  take
naps   was  discussed   by  th  	
OOUnty  council   education  committee. I roots, as compared  with  402.61;  1.32
The committee, however, was unable j tons for hay and   clover, as compared |a P��rlion of Uie ""miner was on the
to come to a conclusion, so adjourned I with 147 ton; 8.B4 tonB for fodder corn'staff   of   The   News,   has   had   aome
",;'i���-7,'/ru��� "Inr;   when It was decide that the rival nub-1th"  mu,"'r  ���P��uUn�� a m"r,e a,lwiuate \ as compared with 10.20, and 2 44 tons I nnlc|ue   experiences   In   the   imperial
nterprlse  Into , ��� n ��.w.��"_a' *>��"[__^iJ?fJl_*_J__ \ report  from  the subcommittee. | for alfalfa as compared with 2 79.    It
To enable the members tn see exact-j will   be  recalled   that   last  year's  wet
ly how the babies would sleep a little ��� season   was   especlaly   favorable   for
table was turned upside down in  the   roots and fodder crops.
council chamber at Spring-gardens and |    _       ,���    a��� thegf. _ ar(, maj.k.
a canvas hammock  was fixed to tne -  -- - --
Irum has again inove-d the fiilem. splr- side world at the time of the filicide
it Into military activity am. after a I Of his brother. He can hardly have
few weeks with the Westminster Tu-j ever realized that he was king of Ba-
-iliers. Mr Jennings goes east fo,-,-] va rla, as the mental paralysis was
duty with General Lessard's division, j'hen complete. He doee not seem tu
It Is perhaps worthy of mention , be affected even by the ordinary needs
that 11. JonniiiKH, Jr., now with the I of Hie, and never eats a meal. Food
forces in Ireland, not only has a gol-1 and drink are always left in all the
dler father, but nis grandfather was | roome he frequents, and he eats and
drum major on the ath Liverpool*. I drinks at odd momenta, apparently
while his great grandfather fought | without consciousness of what, he is
with the Hlack  Watch In the Crimea I doing.
and the Indian mutiny.    This veteran j     Nevertheless     the   patient   Is   well
was the father of M. Pringle. a well-1 nourished and Is In the main physlcal-
  known resident of this city.   Tile see-Ily in excellent health.    He wlll stand
ond will also probably Join the forces ] for  hours  motionless  staring  fixedly
Jennings, who has been working lot ""' Dominion  when the family is into a corner, while at other times be
stenographer in the city   r-"un"'"'    l'orn of a Canadian mother, shows signs of exciteme��t and  nrat-
"  herself a soldier's daughter, lt Is small  ters a few half-articulate words   TW��
wonder these  lads have the  military j excitement occasionally takes marked
H.  Jcnningi,   Formerly of The  News
Staff, Leaves for the East���Has
Had Eventful Career.
be  getting  back   some   of
its    own
moot valuable hallmark of fitness for
vessels of all descriptions, grew out
of a gathering of merchants who assembled dally for gossip in a coffee 'muslin Tower streel, London, Kdward
Lloyd, the keeper of the house, had
nn eye to business and startled (whether on hls own Initiative, or that of his
In IMS, Lloyd's fearing that the
shipping community would be left
without any systematic record of
events, agreed to an amalgamation
of the existing registers. The old
Scheme of classification was abandoned, and arrangements were made that
awards ihould be made after a due In-
four l"gs. The Idea put forward by
Ithe sub-comlmttee wag that by turning all the tables In the classroom up
aide down and stretching hammocks
1 from the legs a whole class of forty
Children or so could go to Bleep slmul-
i taneously.
ed as about 90 or above 90 per cent
* forces, and a brief summary of his ca-
1 reer may be found Interesting
j     At an early age he Joined the volunteer  forces,    and    then    entered  the
I Royal  Sussex   mllltla  from  which
of the standard, excepting fodder corn, I transferred  to the 76th.  Weat Hiding
cllentg  we do "not" know)  records "of !???_*?; _yJ*?_5??J_!__f-e. *** *^' **
shipping termed "Shipping LlBts." Th
original lists were probably In manu
script, and were passed from hand to
band.     In   172-f,,   however,   they   were        ,       ,     ,     , ,       ,
printed in type.   No copies of the first  ?��d_..?r_nc.?aL??rl_��_,��f
printed re-glster are known to exist
Earliest Classification*.
The oldest existing  Register, dated
1764-5-6,  shows  that  vessels   were  al
C;,rll  Jackson   remarked  that  there-
was something ludicrous In the Idea of
, ..   , .the   subcommittee   that    the    babies
ports of their surveyors. ���    could   be   put   to   bed   simultaneously
During the last century the commit-   , ��    �� ,    th(1 .ifternoon   N() rlas;
ee of Lloyd g Register'wu expanded L, bablW) woul(1     t0 Bl     together by
to'enable   the   shipbuilding  districts \    A       ,   h    ^ d Jnt * ,f
which la 86j^^^^^^^^^^^^
The potato yield ig highest In New
Brunswick, 244 bushels, and lowest in
Ontario, 119 bushels. The area estimated to be sown to fall wheat for the
crop of 1914 totals 1,006,700 acre*, as
re glment and served In Ireland Bermuda and Nova Scotia with that battalion���afterwards proceeding to Jamaica where he Joined the general
staff. In 1898 he accompanied General Hon. N. G. Lyttelton  when  htat
compared with 1,086.800 acres. The ( officer headed a Br. ish brigade in the
area estimated to have been sown In:���1"" force of British, Egyptian and
1912 for 1913. ThiB represents a net i ^.udane'8e <r0?P" Z^t. W,hich, J_��? I
diminution for tiie five province* of I K>toh���er, br,?k? the hack of Man-
Ontario, Manitoba. Saskatchewan. & ��*"�� In *�� Suda��-���In th? [ol owing
berta and   British  Columbia of 80.100! year'  a8alnBt  wl,h   f','neral  Lyttelton
Sad Picture of Bavaria's Deposed Monarch���Never Site Down to
a Meal.
,^^^^^^^^^^^__ the    United
Kingdom to havo fair representation
Today local  committees exist to deal
with  matters  requiring instant attention  and   special   local  treatment.  An
tVady .iasi'lffed BOOOrdlngto their "sea-1 ^^"LlfTf.!?.-^. fi__.C._! I��� .*'.'.?,',,
The mere idea of sleeping in ham
mocks suspended from the large table
leas waB totally against all suggestion
���of amalgamated slumber on the part
of the tiny mites.
acreB, or 7.37 per cent. Ontario, where
! and this time to South Africa, he waa I
going qualities, their tonnage, and
equipment, and that the vessels carried Indications of their classification
upon their hullg. The merit of Ihe
bulls were Indicated bv the capital let-
tars, A, B, I. O and U, and the quel-
Itj of the equipment by (1, M. and II.
signifying respectively, good, medium
unci bad.
In 1788-6 figures were substtteel for
leite-rs In order to Indicate the condition of the equipment The fIr-st vi-b-
S"l to receive the familiar symbol Al
appi ars In the Register for I77"e-i;. The'
Reglaters of those days were strictly
confined to the use of underwriters.
lleai y penalties wete imposed for the
crime   of  showing  a   copy   to  anyone
who was not a  member of the frater-; "'at  B
nit.'. *��UU
In 1799 Lloyd's   had its first setback.   '���1��>'1
So far the Register had been entirely
much to maintain for Lloyd's ItB proud I
position amongst foreign Institutions
of a similar character was the establishment a few years ago of a technical committee, whose principal duty Is
that of keeping the institution Informed upon progress within the several departments of the shipbuilding Industry.
Strict Supervision,
i'nder the present system of classification It Is not Bufficient for Lloyd's
to Inspect the plans of a vessel and
the finished product as ready for sea.
Tho materials used must come from
approved works, and must be submit
teel to testB and Inspection. Kvery
precaution   is  taken   to  make  certain
Federal Bureau Places Root and Fodder Yield at One Hundred and
Eighty-seven Millions.
nearly seven-tenths of the crop t, In the fighting on the Tugela heights
grown remains practically stationary. ���round Ladysmlth. on the Blggara-
the estimated total reduction being gS'J** *}ifW 2���� .. P ��
nnly 2.000 acres from 696,000 acres. Kop he held the end of the telegraph
There Is a diminution of 1,100 acres ['',"" which communicated between Sir
In the two provinces of Manitoba and f!,ar,esH barren and General Lyt el-
Hritish Columbia, offset by an Increase '���ton' and rece'vf.d the messages which
of 6.00(1 acres, making 78.000 acres in i Bradually unfolded the true situation
Saskatchewan. The bulk of the re-i��n that dl.?aBtr��f *���*>��� There has
duction is therefore, in Alberta, where ibcen mwh eon'roversy over these
the acreage Is estimated at 229.000. as, messages and Mr. Jennings took a
against :il2,000. ���r a decrease of !!,""�� '" shorthand, which he has kept
000 acres-nearly 27 per cent. Corre- ?ver s "ce,,f.,Th .n f?ame .*uer'1,a war'
sponden.s attribute this decrease to >?*'��"�� (!ery 9,C',riu"'���!5d Si
the excessive  amount of  winter  UU-17��*l_?A��^^!.*\Ln*7-$*T_rt
; ing of"falTwheiTduring"the lasT three | ^iZ^n.^.^^.i.^ J!___il
years, in conBe-quence of which many
'farmer;''h'aVrglverup";his,crop"a1to- Tlhen  5ack ,,0( F^j"1', wnere fc,h��
^ ��� .^   tm     . I Dhl 11 r.fe.1       'j ti il       lotnofl       t lu.      fAFnn      w*��i*��_.
gether. The condition of fall wheat fih!pped aml jol"ed the orce w-hich
for all Canada averages 9?, 74 per 'J,le"'ed th^ ,W(:8lern p,ortlcm ���.*��***>
cent,  of  a  standard.    Manitoba    and ���olony and huilt a network of block-
I  classified   is  absolutely
of   that   classification.   Al   at
is sufficient to give underwriters full confidence In the craft whose'
ire prepared to share. Il Is
to   juggle,wllh   the   world
Ottawa,   Nov.   24  -The census   and
statistics office  has issued  the  usual
bulletin upon agricultural conditions
throughout Canada a* reported by
correspondents at the end of October.
The report gives estimates of the
areas,  yields and  values of root Snd
^^^^^^^^^^^    Manitoba
"k-iirh-vi""! showing the best eondl-
French up and down, and around the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. Cape  chasing  the  slippery  command-
The  percentage   of   fall     ploughing  anl9 Fouche and Malan.    When peace
completed   compares   well   with     last!can,e he assisted In the Q   M. gener-
year. when, however, condiiiona were  a)'s department at Pretoria    In
exceptionally   unfavorable.   The     per
Munich, Bavaria, Nov. 24.���The new
King Ludwig III. has Issued a proclamation declaring that for more than
27 years tbe ruling house and people
of Bavaria have felt with profound
sorrow that King Otto Is prevented
from ruling by a severe Illness.
"The nature of the malady," proceeds the proclamation, "excludes all
prospect of an improvement. Our earnest solicitude for the welfare of the
country has determined us to take
the grave resolution in virtue of the
consttiution to declare the -egency
ended and the throne vacant. We have.
therefore, taken up the reins of government as king "
|    The medical report on the condition
of the insane king has been communicated to the chamber.   ThiB is confidential, but parts of ils have leaked
Into publicity, and lt would appear that
King Otto has scarcely known a lucid
I interval since his internment in 1873.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   the | For over thirty year* he has been in
work of removing the surplus troops I a   state   of   unbroken   apathy,  uncon-
Roberts'   men   from   the   other
ence is disagreeable to hlm,  but tbe
excitement   Is  never  malevolent.
The sufferer Is described as a picture of misery. Two deputies sent to
the Schlos* Furstenried, where King
Otto Uvea a* representatives of tha
chamber, were allowed to see hlm
yesterday, and they found the king
plunged into a profound apathy and
murmuring unintelligible words. Tea
was served for the visitor* In an ad-
Joining room, but tbe deputies, who
were deeply shocked at the condition
of the king, left It untouched. They
had scarcely quitted tbe apartment
when a crash was heard! The king
had shattered the porcelain tea service.
On the occasion of hla accession tho
new king has granted an extensive amnesty for civil and military offenses.
A royal decree declares that tbe accession of King Ludwig III. In no way
affects tbe title and dignities of King
houses ln an endeavor to hold the elusive  Dutchmen:   then   with   Sir  John
We are continually hearing irooa'
grateful people wh* bave had experiences like that of Miss Alice B. Cooper,
of Niagara Falls, Ont, wh* writes:
"I wish ta express st; giatitadc to
you far tbe benefit I tM-aamm fran yaur
most    wonderful    Dyspepsia   TaUets.'
I Having taken other med-ciam wMhaat
| having received the slightest nlief, I
heard  of   your Na-Dt-a-Co   Byipipala
give thana
tion   with   95   and   96   polntB,
tively. ���	
Tablets ami thought 1 would give I
a trial.   1 have been completely cond
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ____________________________________________________________________________________ I dyspepsia.   1 will be only la* plrsaad
under tbs control of underwriters, the   risks they are prepared to share   It la j correspondents at the end of October,   exceptionally   unfavorable    The     per-   work of removing the surplus troops i a   state   of   unbroken   apathy,  uncon-i to advise any one troubled wtth d-yapapsia
ship owners being  prepared Ic. accept  a   symbol   to   Juggle,with   the   world   ��� ,,   .,     _,   ^^ (,a,*maU,g    of    the   <"en'aSf ranges from ne lowest of td   anrt   arranging  for  the  quartering of I acious of what ia passing around him' to gire them a fait trial."
the underwriters' eondltlone     The in    ove.'. I ���-���-_   .i-i*.  ������d Mines nf root  dud   ���    7a"kva'-ctlp*'an,'�� }*)'* highest of   fO the   seml-permanen.   garrison   left   to   and   in   which  he   remains  today,   ln I     Na-Dra-Co DyspepsUTableU mat owly
Introduction of new   symbols of <las-      Lloyd's   committee,   however,   does       ,_*  ' , .��� .    , ii   �� Q,,eh''* JB  Manitoba and  Alberta   paClfy the country.    For his services   the   earlier   years   ot  his   illness   his! g>e the immediate relief fro* heart-
i,'....von  was mud.- the occasion  for ! nol tonrine itself to the shipping reg    f",lll"r "n!>B' of ���h" arpa Bown (" faU  the respective percentages are 58, as   ,n South A?Hca Mr Jennings was men-   mind occaisonally reacted upon exter-   burn, flatulence, acidity ol the itnawk
lsler.    By B network or stations It  Ib   wheat for next  year'B harvest, of the   compared   "JW-C"   >aBt   yei��r   and   44 .tloned in the dispatches.    He left the! nal stimuli.   Sometimes these were of i andbiliousness.whtthissomuchnaad**,
active army with four war decorations j a   musical   character,   and   the    king > tint if taken regularly tor a few daya or
^  fcnd   with   the  rank   of   warrant   offi-   would  hum   the   whole  of  the  music 1 weeks they completely enre th* Best
inderwiitars and others such   fallowed In  1913. ince s devoted a smaller area to sum-', ce.v (from an opera, and showing a prefer-    aggravated  cases ol stomach troaWe.
bad news as It may be thetr      The total ni-ea under root and fodder   mer  fallowing,   excepting   I'rlnce   Kd- ]    For  nearly   seven  years he  settled i ence   for  Verdi.    Even   this  forin  ot ; When for ysc. yon ean get a bocs lien
fortune or misfortune to hear.    Wher-   crops   (potatoes,    turnips,    mangolds,   ward island and  the- three northwest; down  In  a  comfortable berth  at  the'mental   activity,   however,     gradually    J00' druggist,   why   go on n-Benagr
matters of International   etc    hay    and   clover   alfalfa,   fodder   provinces,   where   the   increased   per-' staff college bul away from the sleepy  disappeared, and he was entirely sun"; National Dnig and  Chemical  Ce.   al
undi r dlsrusslon there  corn  and   sugar beetsl   is  placed    at  centages are from 2 to 5. j Influence of Camberley, the call of the  ken in apathetic ignorance of the out-1 Canada, Limited, Montreal. 144
an awurd of preference lo vessels built
on the Thames, at the royal dockyard*,
or in India. Tlie-.e were nicn n flrst-
claas lire of thirteen years. Whereas
vessels built on the Clyde. Tytie or
Te-c-s, and other parts of the l'nited
Kingdom   we're   only   granted   a   first
ClaaS  life* of e'lullt  ye-.lrs     C.-rta,ll Jeeirt'e
able to
traffic ,
ow iter!-.
tra< s
if   the
_____________________^^Uh   27   last   year   and
day   by  day  the  whole   proportions   of   ploughing    completed   compared with 24.
oce-ans  and  convey   to  tbis fall  and  of the acreage  summer      As compared with 1912 all the prov-
ever nnrltlme
Importani e are
-    ��������� ��� ���t
We have been requested by a large circle of friends to inaugurate another contest sale, and the wholesale people have Mndly consent     to assist us in moving our large stock.   There is no -
use in going into details re this mode of increasing our output, suffice it to say that everyone of our numerous customers vfrho have obtained pianos in the past from us by this method can
testify to the genuineness of this bona fide proposition. We do everything we promise. All our pianos are marked in plain figures.   Prices are not boosted for this contest.|   If anyone can
prove otherwise we will give One Thousand Dollars in gold to any public institution in this city. It is co-operation with the wholesale people that enables us to do this.   Wo ��*"a *
- ... . ,._>.______��� .._,    _._   i,      _i__ _i :  ���i ��� j. _. i_i ��      iir.   _��� l_.   *_	
We are under contract to
take ten pianos for every endorsed (by customer) certificate we'return to them, consequently they increase our output tenfold.   We* increase our sale ten to one over the old-time methods
ut the same expense, and'the customer saves from $75 to $150 on the price of the piano.   Just to think, $75 to $150 actual saving.  Isn't this a benefit?
To all tho; e sending in the gxact number of dots, $150 cheques
will be given.
To all those nearest the correct count $125 cheques will be
given, and so on down to $75 cheques.
All cheques will be accepted at full face value to apply on any
new Piano or Player Piano in our stock.
Remember, please, cheques apply only on new Pianos or
Player Pianos, not on Organs, Victrolas and other musical merchandise, because the Wholesale Music Dealers' Association are
spending their money to advertise their goods and thereby increase their sales.
We repeat our former challenge that we will give One Thousand Dollars in gold to anyone who can prove that prices have
been inflated for this sale. Our prices are all marked in plain
figures, which are as low as possible to be consistent with high-
class quality.
Only One Answer Considered from One Family.
Our V>atchwo��d: "Quality First"
We handle a'great many varieties of styles and makes of
Upright and Grand Pianos and Player Pianos from the great
manufacturing centres of the continent   Look at this list:
Chickering Brothers, Chicago; Hardman, New York; Heintzman .a
& Co., Toronto; Wormwortn, Kingston; Columbia; Mezart; Can-'
ada, and many others.
Count the dots, write your name and address plainly, mail
or bring your answer to our store without delay and we will   *
mail   your  cheques as enumerated and explained above,  and
please state whether you have a Piano or Organ, and how Wig
yeu have had the instrument
Try hard for the One Hundred and Fifty Dollar Cheques,
but if vou'only receive Seventy-five Dollars, you wiHT be well '****���  >
warded for your trouble.
Our terms are so liberal that a good Piano is within the ^
reach of all, even though in moderate circumstances. And laitly - ���
���Don't forget to count the dots.        ��
N. B.���Remember thia advertisement will not appear again.
RM* ROSS. Sonerinteftdeat ��f AnadM. ** - *
.*������"��� ���^���^^^���IfJ ***tWIJP*t^-*m*-M***mjte*^ -
teral Manager
���yas *'��� *-*t"~*e ���*"-.
T.    He
Wholesale and Retail Dealers���Player Piands a Specialty
���*��.*   .**)���:*
*n* .�����*fcA....-.lrt_
��� v * *"
i y. *.
���i^WiM r   PAGE FOUR
TUESDAY,   NOVEMBER   25,   1913
254 LIVES 10ST
Last   Count  of   Disasters
Waters Tells Awful Story
Over $3,000,000.
The last count of Hi'' dead in Hi''
(ireai Lakes storm is 'in-l: tliis total
was in in is ships liisi ami one ashore.
Tbese lost  ships were worth    $2,995,-
000. which wiih four vessels which
Kround.-il brings the monej l".-s away
above  lhe  $3,000,000  mark.
Those dead were members of i*i'i*��"
of the following vessels:
1. M.   Seeitt    	
Charles rf. Price 	
Henry li. Smilh 	
.lanes Carruthers 	
John A. Median  	
Harf.e Plymouth  	
Barge Halstead 	
Lightship 82 	
sented at Olivet Haptist church last
night fonui'd one of the most delightful muaical evenings given in New
Westminster ties season. P. T. lliil
was conductor, nml the accompanists,
MISS V. M. Vat-., and Mr. I'. 1'. Hell.
besides the chorus and orchestra, the
following took pari: Mrs. Hinshaw.
Messrs. Mackness Bros., W. Bracher,
A. B. Aid.irdyce, .1 Graham, Mrs. t_.
ft. Godfrey and Miss llyrl Smith.
(would operate bus
service in montreal
Ministerial   Association   Passes   Reso-j  ���
lutlon Against Burials on Sabbath,    j    Montreal   Nov     24
WInlpeg, Nov. 24.    Sunday  funerals l':lnattiHI)   Allt,   ,
were unanimously   condemned   tins
morning by  the Winnipeg  Ministerial   lhe city  was liniie_,*il  in
association   and   ::  resolution  to   thatj ihis uflei noon,
effect,   was   unanimously   carried.
Hev.  Mr.  Whiting proposed the fol ,
lowing   resolution   wilh   reference   ,��� , eit'T to euuip nml o|.er.i:e
The'   offer
,:s company
Briefly summarized it consists of an
a Bufflclent-
ISnnday   funerals*.   "That  as  a   Minis-  ly large subway system to take ample
An orchestra mil l��- present al the tartal     association     we     pronounce' oun, 0f n���, congested districts of the
sale of work which takes plac at BL against Sunday funerals except where oi,v ,   raturn r,,,-
Mary's church, 8apperton, tomorrow iu is deemed absolutely neoeasary and    ������:���������;
afternoon and evi nlug.
(0000) Ithe   oopy   of   this   resolution   be   for-
| warded   to   the  Undertakers'  associa-
Don't forget Hie ice carnival which: tion."
lie  felt   that   it   was   unfair  to  ask
will take place on Friday evening.
November 28. Special prize* will be
given to the best costumes worn that
evening. (242,1)
:i 30 year franchise,
the city tei receive one half of the
earnings of the systi'in ami lhe company to provide [he plant, cars, power
houses, lighting and all other details
Tramp Goes to  Penitentiary.
Medicine Hat. n,>v. 24. - a. Nelson,
a tramp, goe's to Edmonton penitentiary for five years for firing at Engl'
near Qraham of ihe C. P. it. The
charge was attempted murder and tin'
of fence on which ihe jury returned a
verdict of guilty occurred a!   Paahley,
Alta.. on Nov. 7     Engineer Qraham I
was in charge of the Imperial Limited at the 11 im- lhe shooting took
'(Jet The Habit'
For thc Week Ending Sunday. Nov. 30.
Westminster. Sand Heads.
They  Get the  Vote
If ihe decision of judge's at a debate
-s in Bapperton Methodist   church   last:
���"night  becomes law,  ail   women  will1
-"  have th" franchise al once, for in de-
-'  bating the subject "Resolved that the
*-*   granting  of   the   franchise   to   women !
23 ; would he in tlle best interests of the I
-*'*'   wurld," the affirmative won,   The vie-1
tory was due to subject matter only
for in style and  presentation the ne-
s excelled.    Miss (luthride, Mrs.
Wiggins and Mrs. Hardy defended the
subject, and three Columbian CollegeI
Students,   Messrs.   (libson.   Pike    nnd j
Hall,  formed the negative.    Members
of    the    Queens    avenue    Methodist
church Bpworth League attended.
20 :
���] gatlv.
ministers to take on more work In ad-0' lh>*  equipment   at  an  approximate I
dition to the regular Sunday routine cost of 33 per cetft, of the total    ex-
work and that it was a had thing from penditure or 130,000,000 needed ror the
B spectacular point of view.    If the as-  project.
soclation  would  take  it  as a  body  it -���	
might do a good deal of good     It was
carried unanimously. 12,000   Men   Strike
.  Schenectady, N.Y.. Nov. 24.���It was j
voted tonight to call cut all union'
workmen at the plan' of the (leneral!
i Electric company here at 7::'.u tomor-l
i row morning. Trades union officials |
in 11 statement announcing the strike
said 12,000 men would be affected by
the order.
Well-Cooked EARLY
Can   bo  bad   at   the
Minister of Education Will Preside at
Ceremony  in   Port Coquitlam���
Other Notes.
High.            Low.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
3: 20    9: lo
2:20 10.3    7:32    6.9
14:50 2:!M.i
13MS 13.0 20.57    3.0
4:30    9:55
3:30 114    s:37   8.0
14:21 13,1 21:37    l.ti
5:35    0:45
4:34 12.fi    SM0    9.0
16:56 10:50
14:53 13.1 22:17    0.5
6:35    1:40
5:34 13.3 10:40   9.9
16:2,i 11:50
15:20 13.0 22:.iti    0.3
7:30    2:20
6:31 14.0 11:40 10.5
17:00 12:40
16:00 12.7 23:36   0.5
8:25    3:00
7:25 14.4 12:42 10.8
17:45 13:40
10:45 12.3   -
!���: 15    3:40
8:15 14.5    0:17    0.4
1S:10 14:50
17:12 11.7 13:49 10.8
I    Skating boots and skates for ladies
'and gentlemen nt Geo. It. Speck's, 626 1    Port Coqultlam, Nov. 84.���The cor-
Columbia street. (2352) jner stone laying ceremony in connec
, ,. | tion with the new James Park school
Money to loan on  first mortgages,     .
improved  eity  and  farm   property.  9  wnlch wIU ue "eM on  Friday  v.,I!  be
per cent.  Alfred  W.  MeLeod     (2337); made the occasion  or a special cele-
 . (bration  by  the    school    board.    Win.
i ! Manson. M. P, P., and Colonel Taylor.
Once   Moro   Remanded.
Toronto,   Nov.   24.    Once  more  the
seven   men  accused   of  making   hand
books,  arrested   last   week   in   a   raid
were remanded, this time to Thursday
One case, however, was disposed of,
John Campbell pleading guilty to tak
ing some bets on tlie streets "FIti
Inn,dred dollars and costs or 30 days,'
decided the magistrate. The other
cases called were those of John and
.lames Chadwick. John flitgen. Thomas
Smith. (Ieorge Mo.'ailane, Sylvester
O'Brien ami Fred Elliott, all charged
with keeping common betting houses
What with the harbor Improvements, tho further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Weatmlnater Is coming to
har own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Extra Special Today
Xmas  Post Cards at
lc Each
Xmas Cards at ^-Price
Don't forget everything in
the store is reduced from 10
to 50 per cent.
The Fair
Additional Locals
1 and P
W. II Bullock-Webster of Vancou-'
ver, Is assisting A. II. Taylor, K.C, in
the prosecution of the miners' cases
at  the  special assizes.
banquet in the Commi tela! hotel
A deputation composed of Mayor at 12:30. This will he attended b\ thi
Cray, Aldermen Kellington and members of the- school hoard, civic
I.ynch and City Engineer J. W. H. ofilcials and the visitors. At 2:30
Hlackman left last night for Victoria ;0-dcck ti���, gathering will adjourn to
to take up various matters affecting ���,��� B..il0(l| sit., .������, ,,���, .,���,���   vvi��� ,,
Sl? Clty JJ}*1 '\e,T iJccomt,an,e(1 ^ laid bv lion. Dr. Henry Esson Voung.
Thomas Gifford. M I..A. minister of education.    W. D. I'. Ood-
The Educational club vvill meet at ��'"- trustee-secretary of the board, Is
the home of Mrs. George Adams, 732!'" charge of all the arrangements.
Kingsway, on  Thursday  afternoon  at j Oil Tank Complete.
3 o'clock. Miss Hand sf ord will address     The big oil fuel tank in the- C. I', lithe cluh on the Montessori system of yards is now completed and in opera-
I tlon.    The tank has a capacity of 35,-
000 barrels of oil and will be used tor
M. P., who represent this riding, and
the mayors and reeves of the neighboring cities and municipalities will
be invited to attend the ceremony
The actual ceremonv will be preceded morning for murdering Maxlme Mon
,... ��� ,,_  ,��� ,,,,. ,,.,. ...,.., , ,   talvo. a hack driver.    Montalvo is Bald
ai 1
WHI Be Shot.
Douglas. Ariz.. .Nov. 24    Lieutenant
Jose Castro, of the Agua Prieta federal
garrison, was sentenced tonighl by   a
court martial to    be    shot    tomorrow
to have been shot in a dispute over .,
cab fare.    Castro's execution will b
Municipal Loan Fund.
Breslau, Prussia, Nov. _. The
municipal council has appropriated
25,000,000 marks ($6,250,000) and will
establish a municipal department to
lend this money on first mortgages oi
late building operations bavi fallen
oil In cause of the difficulty oi borrow
ing money even on real estate.
storing fuel for C. V. R.   oil   burning
Resume Sunday Service.
Contrary to arrangements made previously it has been decided to operate the C. P. It. Agasslz local as usual j education
on  Sundays.    Announcement  to  this I
effect has just been made at the local      Mrs.   Edward   I'.   Ball,   510   Fourth
office  of  the company     The change street   will receive- today and on tbe Tocomotives in operation  between the; Two Workers Killed
back to the old order has been made' 35th of each month during the season  r.iIV       , ..    .,   ,.'    .     .   .    .,. ,._������������. I
on tbe representation of the dairvin?n iof 1914 J���_,,, ' LJ, i. ' ' T Toronto. .Nov. ii The body of
and milk dealers of Vancouver who fillt'd ,r"n ��"ca��� brJ,,,plu from V ttn" James Brook, who was killed by nil
feared a curtailment of Vancouver's Mrs. W. T. Reid, 51 Royal avenue, e��uver, but it'? the ultimate intention ������-��� nine Btor|es (lmvn ,*���. eieva.toi
milk supply through the discontinue- will receive on Friday. Nov. 2S and\\�� V"mP -">' u>- mU> the tank direct shaft of the new Dominion hank build
tion of the Sunday service given by on the fourth Friday of each month from steamers lying at Port Moody. i,li{i King and Yonge sin. is. thli
���tho Agassiz local. |during the remainder of the season. An ��" P-P** "ne wl" ���"' constructed afternoon, had barely heen talon fr m
 _                                                                                                    between this city and Port Moody and  lh(.   building   when   William   Sommi I
Fred DaviH will   sell bv public auc-1    Mr, and Mrs. John Fraser are Ieav- the pipes for this are now lying in the  uHe. 28 years uld  a stone' cutter  was
tion    at    the    Westminster   Auction Ing N*w   Westminster  tomorrow  for yards being threaded. There are about struck on the bead by a falling brick,
Ilooms. King's hotel   block,   on Wed- Australia aboard the Niagara, and at 1500 pipes making a  total  length e.r
nesday,    November    _t>,    ai    2    p.m. the  Pacific Canadian  printing offices, ..about folir miles,
sharp, a large Quantity of household !where   Mr.   Kraser  was  foreman,    a Golden  Wedding.
furniture comprising iron mid brass formal goodbye was said. His fellows ' On the occaalon of their golden wed-
bids, springs, mattresses, dressers, presented him with an illuminated ad- ding Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hoy will
ranges, heaters. Ice; box. kitchen [dreSS and a ease pipe, and for his wife be at home ai there home, Dewdney
��� tables, kitchen Utensils, etc., etc Par-l' work bas',.ei._fllleil with choice con- Trunk road, ou Thursday afternoon
tlculars at Russell's Westminster Auc- fectlone-ry.      Proprietors    and    staff and evening
tion House. King's botel hlue* , Colum   spoke ami Mr.    Prftger    replied.    Mr,      A social service will be le 1.1 In 81
bla atreet, (2470)   Fraser has been in this city three or Andrews Presbyterian   church,   Rev,
  four years and a short  while ago mar-   Mr.  Raynes, en Sunda)   next.
For plumbing, heating   and    sheet ped Miss Schwenck of this place.   He|
metal work consult Merrlthew k Ram-  is :'- native of Australia,
say, Eighth    and    Carnarvon Btreets,
Phone  5S6. i J3C3I
In view of the industrial    development    in!
Greater Vancouver, actual antl in prospect, and
to the fact that in the;
past many manufacturing  plants  have   been
lost to the community;
owing to the exorbitant
prices    demanded    for
land,  your careful  attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing   sites,   all   clear;
and level, with trackage j
and ample waterfront-;
age at from twelve him-'
dred  and  fifty dollars!
per acre, also home sites
for   employees   at   extremely low rates, with
excellent   school   facilities, city water, electric
light, ete.   Address enquiries to
Monday's Plums
641 front street,   om or the high renl dlstrlcl    Come iii and
net our prices before you spend your money at uptown Stores,
Men's   Rubbers   from      50c.
Ladies' Rubber footholds   25c.
Mens  llox   Kip   Hoots,  regular  |3.50  for    11,50
Ladles' Oress Boots, value $:t. to J.',, every size    .  1.95
Hoys'  School   Hoots, sizes to as    1.45
Oirls'  School   Hoots,   steel  to   10Vi    95
Slater Boots, Leckie Boots, Hartt Shoes, thc famous K BootG, etc.. etc.
receiving Injuries 'ha'  will prchahiy
prove   fatal.     Somniervllle   was   ijinj: I
,tn a platform in the trcnt of the build,
ing  whin Injured.
Fifteen tickets for $5 at the A
commencing   next   Friday.     Two   ses
sions daily with competent instructors
paying   special   attention     to     beginners. I'il'iii
Shuttle Service.
Eighty-five per nent. of the work on
the extension ol the Hastings Btreet
east car line tn North Burnaby has
been completed. This line will mean
. cn additional two miles of track in
Hurnaby. It is expected ti.:it a shuttle
service from Boundary road will be
operated once tbe trucks are open for
traffic.     -.
(Continued trom rage One i
could possible be done until next sum
Car Line Extension.
Tie* proposed extension of the Sap-
perton   rnr  li:...-  towards  Burqultlam |
was  further advanced  by
Will  Create  Large  Block cf  Preferred
Shares���Fur Trade  Expand-.
Stock  Company  Coming.
From all accountis the Howard Fds-
ter Btock company which opens :..r an]
indefinite  engagement   al   tin1   Royal
theatre Thursday  ofiatlnee, Is one of'
the le*.-- organ! atlons of the klud that
has ever plaj * .1 in this r'ty.
The personnel of th" compan] con
i i.sts it Mlsa Avla Minor. :i young
li ailing woman of gseal promise and
ability; W. s Van Dyke, a :���:<���*. "������
young actor, wh" Is well' known in tiie
northwest; Wm, Raymond, a Btage fa-
vorlt2 from California; Jack Doud, a
capdble young light comedian, Miss
l-'lon tup* Munro, Mi^s Adeline Rlndle,
Waiter aMlott and Howard Foster
Granville Street.
Vancouver, B.C.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchet Throughout Ihe  Province of  British Columbls.
Savings Department nt all Branches Deposits of One Dollar mi.I
upwards received and Interest at the. highest current rule paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of th*
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK, General   Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Committed ter Trial.
Saskatoe n, N'ov, 24,    In the trial ol
the alleged-railway department ilm". ���
1:11    Whli h   '*:   II   * '   eleven   I III ;.|l.;. eeH   ul
the cii  are undei  arrest, ihree were
Louden.   Nov.   24.    li'i'lson'*-
the report company shareholders today resolved dealt wuh mi the police court at
,    .. . t .    ,     ,  ...        ���    ll'.i''   ���'.   iont   held today.   J.  I.enyck
made hy Engineer Macpherson to thc to  Increase  the  capital  of  the  cum
A Few cf Our Prices Today:
::  lbs.  fine Tea    90c.
No. 1 Coffee, per lh 35c.
Mooney's Biscuits, all kinds,
ordinary    price    26c,    lor
today   20c.
Come   and   Bee   us.     We   will
save you money.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured trom timber specially select
ed Tur Flat drain.
We' are also sp. clnllzing In Fir Doors with Veneered I'an'-ls.
wblch are better In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive-  than  the?  old  solid   raised  panel elours.
(let our  prices hefore placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
and A, Mather ., ci nductors, were oe.;n I-_-__.
effect that the B, C. K. R. had agreed pany ��1,000,000 by th" creation ot I;| ,, , , ,. ,, a, ]im, A K EUer ���
Klectric Vibrators, tlH.Tr, each. A to start operations one month fol- 200,000 five per cenl preferred shares I motorman, who pleaded guilty to sl al
handsome Christmas present. Tickets lowing the compietlon of tin- high (lf Btock i.r a face denomination of |ing 73 cents, will b< sentenced by thi
given.    All goods guaranteed.  Brown  level  bridge over  th"  Brunette river offered   to   exlstini   "*;'  *r;i1'    tomorrow
&   Son,  Columbia  street. (2430)  "n tbe North road.    Tin* engineers of
  New   Westminster,   Burnaby  and    lo   shareholders.
Have you seen   the   $l.i0   diamond quitlam had agreed  un a  plan for a      Lord Strathcona, who attended tin*
ring Olfford is giving away?    (2370)  bridge   which   would   be  brought  om     Betlng, ' it  whose si"*'* h  was read
  ,w'it::���, .;..* nexl rew days.   It was ex- M   ..-.,���.   u.,������.,���, capi
Thrown from Car. plained  thai  the  proposed cut oil  of
Thrown  rrom a u. C. K. It. motor the Burnab. lake lii. nnectlng with  tal subscribed In .in,*.. 1912, with t.i.*
while making   the   turn   at Leopold  ':"' Millside llne would have to cross   ��300.000 Innd Bale proceeds has been
plac,., .lames'i'atterson. a conductor, '���'" Burqultlam line, whether by level
was badly shaken up yesterday aft. r-  crossing or under the tracks by a v,a-
being   taken  to   the   hospital. 'd
Bnqulrlai made at tin' Institution late
las', evening Indicate that the injured
man ib well on the way to recovery.
With every t'i purchase you get a
chance on th" $15Q diamond ring 'I'.
GlfTord, the jeweler, * __::* T��* >
Musical  Evening.
Maunder's "Song of Thanksgiving"
and a miscellaneous program as pre-
Choice Candy Specials
The   report   of   Engineer   Macpher-
:   ���',    une.  :l*.U    lhe    planting      uf      tl'ees
along !<:������  sway, was left out fir the
1914 counc I iu I.ai die
Labor Question.
A petition signed hy W, II ��'"hll-
outl and 64 other residents ..; North
Burnaby wai. read protesting againat
the syatei i of i nploj menl now in
force in i.e municipality, it was al
leged thai some uf the- settlers were
nut given tu" ih.nn*.��� uf employmenl
even for two nr three days al a time
Help   Up  A-lartment.
v    nl|. ���*..  '.<���*.'.  21.   Fur' Ing    theli
*.."���  a'  1' ���   ;. Int  of r.e*i lve r:*  .*.!     I in*
*���: :.**'*i. ni uf Mrs. .1. la nuox, i ���    ��� le
l:.   i     ���  hi     ��� block, on Asi nil mu*
a*.. .*.*      last i  ght,    maski 'l    thlevi:
expended    in    Btren  then ng  th"  fur |,, | ,   ,,, aM(j ,. j.|,,.,| Mr>   |.,T,,K,.S and   tlons of tlm Associated Hoard of   tin,
trad" ami reorgat    lug thi   itore busl   her friend       i Don las and departed  Royal Academy of Music nnd Royal
It has been ff und advisable to    :;''   ipward   <i    �����:,'"   lu cash   and College of Music,   Also
I    jewelrj   ���  naping unmolested through  Diplomas, Teacher or I
and Miss1
L.lt.A.M..  A HUM.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
lng,   Voice    Production,    Theory    nn
class or privately). Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared
if you wan: to oat well, sleep well and fee.
It's   prepared   from   IngredlontB   that   the
systi'in craves when you foe] a hit run down,
tired and nervous   take it aa directed and
(eel good again.
A  I'., un. .��� bottle for    Sl.OO
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
fur   tin-   examine
a  depot at  Edmonton to I s
he ' ot    .* ���     if the build ng    A bi
pect Ii
wllh the i   '
;   all. Bt< d   111  oennee! 01
. ���*;,  ami is being hi Id b)
a   bi Iter   position   to   Bupply   cm,torn
. rs throughout the dlstrlcl
"The Bites  purchased  ror the ereo
tlon of new stores, or exl nslon to ex   tbe police
lot ������;. ones, have Involved an expendl -- ���
ture   of    E341.900      W die   much     of
this    outlay    neceBBarlly  has  so  far Ccnvcction  of Sheriffs.
been  unproductive it   is a source ol      Gdmcnt  *���.   I-TOV.   24,   Sheriffs   and
gratification to be able to stati   that deputy   i   c-rlffa  I'rum  Edmonton, i'al
the estimated present worth ol t'i"'"*  sary,   i etasl jvln,   Red   Deer,  'Letti
Bites shows considerable Increase ovei   brMgo and  Mwllclne Hal  have been
Kor lerma,
-hri'e't,   Phone
itc  apply
111 It
Professional j
_l  DuBerln
BOILERS   Riveter! Steel Pipgs
 BURN OIL     ���
).   BOX   4.2
��� Turkish  Delight, pe; lb. ��c-|Work.    A copy of tha report will be
Chocolate Caramels, per lb   25c.  .,.,-.,,.,,,���. e petitioner
WIxihI  Chocolates,   per   Ib 25c.      v_._,,   M,,���,,.,,   ,v,  councli  w|*|  hold
These are all fresh iu this week and  a Bpeclal meeting commencing at 9:30
regular  40c.  vaiueB. in  th<   forenoon     A  deputation  from
Canned Plneaple, large tins, 2 for 25c. ithe r council      l be
Engineer Macpherson In a lengthy re prices al h they were- purchased, call' I to thia city by J, I). Hunt, in
porl denied that Buch a system exist- "in the land departmenl consider- apector nf legal offices, i'or their first
ed stating that everything was being able expenditure on drainage and road annual i nvontlon. All tbo sh"riffs
dune to relieve am*' such cases as making has been guaranteed In con- ot thi pn Inco are In Edmonton ex-
were alleged and thai many Blgners of nectlon with tii" Btib-dlvlslon al Ed* eeptlng ::. rli Campbell, being here
petition had not  even asked  for monton.    Tlie  undertaking given  bylfor ihe purpose ol receiving various
- mutters per-
Canned < lorn, t for   25c.
Canned Tomatoes, - for  25c.
fanned   Pi'iis.  per tlu    10c.
New   Navel  Oranges,    lurwe    and
juicy, per dozen   35c. and 50c.
Jap Oranges, larfte boxes   60c.
I i i.i.riir Grapes,  per lb 15c.
.! i agn Crapes, per lb   25c.
Nik    I i.tm,   hulk,   per   Ib    10c.
'I al le l alslna, per pkt  25c.
.      ce Kai tern Ilutter, �� lbs $1.00
Ni        .   land  Butt*, 2 lbs 75c.
t.. n     Presb Eggs, dozen   63c.
Bastern Beleel  Eggs, do.cn  .  ...40c.
Springfield   Egga,  doien    50c.
present to dlseuBS the proposed sew-
!. rage i ��� ;' m ol f ��� ������ Burnaby and
' Edmonds A rei Isloi of the existing
I water rati    vi   1 also I e gone Into lo
gether with financial matters,   There
vvill  be uo evening  session on  that
fi r ihe
our company to execute    that    work Iorders and to talk over
wae ia b greal measure the means of taining to their calling.
Becurlns the satisfactory    prices   at I	
whlfli  sales had been effected of thl _,     *..
property.    When completed this work _      ,.   Tl,e *_e"on W.hy.
will  have  th"  effeel   of still  further San Franclec^, Nov   it.   v. I ,-,,,
enhancing the value, of property ro '''"'" houaowlvea and others will have
maining  wltliln  the  subdivided  an a "xpwlncd to to Ihem at a mass menl
The expenditure bo far insured In re.   '���>��*���' tomorrow olghl tha t on    why
cent undertakings is   CS1B,3S2 and  It eggs an   retailing al 70 and T'i -sv.i*
Is  estimated   thnt   the completion  of "  dozen,    Severn!  dlrecl  to tbe cm
the*   program   will   Involve  a  further tomer talks will be given by t;." rr*
.,,, 1 1.11.1 1   '     ... Ann     -..     ,.,,.> I.n    .,   ,...,!...    .    .   I*
um .!'   ::.;." i     In addition during Inrodue-srs unde-f. the niiBplei < rf   III
tho    tmi   period t'.e* capital engaged  Poultry Pn it' **��� ��� * i' Protect  *   asaoc'o
nn  extending the  fur trade' and  flu': Ion,   Tho prodlicen wll) (ell cf vari
Appealed to Kino in Vain .,;,    B],op huslnesi hsa been Increas i   'i'i *-* ������'.���i**s r.   :*it..l to ji} lhp ni'dtfe
London.  Nov.  24,     IF"    on of  Lo-  ,.,i by   61,010.000." men   In   llflndl'h-
bfrlgula  died  today  In  povert;   In  a;    T',,e Increase in cap1''!  was unanl   dfqvor to e plal
mously approve el. I. f n,    farmer.
We '. onn  yuu   well
i"'.'        tlon.
nnl guarantee
Dean's Grocery
Burr Block
Phone 388.
Columbia Street.
Manchi ster suburb.    He had  been  a
worker in one of tho Lancasaii" eoi i
mines.    Por some years he has bc n
working In a coal mine and death was Chirg"d  V/ith  Murder.
caused by consumption, wblch was ac pal, Nov. M    Hermann (mode
.h ruled by the liitues of the under-|v,,n urrested thla morning charged
ground wprklngB. The prince appeal-| with the murder of special constable
ed for aid to Kins Kdward and the | Kzldpre Derboiiovltch on Dorchester
colonial offlc but ills petition was Ig- J street on Haturday nighl Tha prig,
nored He was supported during hlsjoner der.led all knowledge of the
illness by his while wife, an Irish crime, but the police d.-clare he is Hie
woman. , guilty man.
*s   and wlll . n
the  true  situation
Residence Y. W. C, A.       Phone 1321
From now until Dec. 31st
we will sell any English
Brass Bed at cost price.
You can get a $30.00 Bed
for $18.50, guaranteed for
25 vears.
We also offer the following Household Furniture
at a reduction of 20% for
China Cabinets
Extension Tables
Dining Room Chairs
Office Table and Chairs
Parlor Furniture
Bedroom Furniture
Easy Chairs,  Couches
and Davenports
Thc BiK Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. ^���l :%/���"*-P^m
TUE90AY,   NOVEMBER   25,   1913
OHHIf..* ****. i ���_**,
��� , Nee riv��
federal assaults, General villa report.
ed tbat the federals withdrew lo mi
from their position at Sainulayua
early this morning, re-occupied tli.
position at. '���', o'clock and immediately
bewail an advanr,. on the* rebel posl
lions Keverai miles north,
Late ad-floes said the red rals wer  ,
reinforced in tiie course of the- day Bj ���
federal troopa frcm Chihuahua and r.
port.-i   reaching  Juarez  tonighl.    were j
that G< ii.ijI Paacual Orozco and Gen
eral .Salvador Mercado    had    broug II
2000 additional    federal    troopK fro:.
the ttute capital and were engaged in
the  battle.
The  United States    border   patrol.;'
I'aBt. of Juari'2 heard tonight that Gen j
Hu-jh Lehman to Captain Team���Mallen, Trehcrne and Oatman Out
in   or*
tu show conalderabli
der to gel  by him.
Charlie  Tobln   who   has   been   nurs
lug hlmaelf throughout thi' summer,
never looked better and had thnl color
on hi�� cheeks which speaka well for
a successful seaaon, Kan McDonald
was alto the're with the speed and al-
first   time   the   team   had . thl ii"h   UtmcCUStomed   lo  a  new  Btyle
of ikataa, worked in some pre'tty combination stuff. Lehman took things
easy, thla boim. tbe flrat time Blnce
lam winter that ha had trleel on tbe
Bti 11 blades. Corrlgan, who will play
Bapperton White' Rooks   thin
waa nut  lu  uniform  gaining
At tne Theatres o
Remarkable speed considering that
it was the
turned OBI thin season, was shown
ut the rfark yesterday afternoon when
Hugh Lehman, newly appointed cap-
lain of the New Westminster Kep.
tatte, had four of the aggregation on I for th
the   Ipc. 'winter
Krnie Johnson, weighing in the I knowledge by mixing with tbe mars
neighborhood of 200 pounds, although1 Ken Mullen. Eddie Oatman ami Ike
takiii,,' an oath to Th" Newt thai U5 Treherne win he- oul with the bunch
leoiindH  Is  bit  limit.   Kit*,  ilier.- with; this  afterminn.   while   Art  Throop  Is
era by a vote e,n the Held promised to the vlaltora has been cancelled,
stick by .lone.., did they not 7" aaked I   This   afternoon's   game   will com-
Is. s. Taylor, K.c. appearing for Jonea. Imence at 3 o'clock sharp at Brockton
"Ves, lhal la so, ' admitted lon, who  Point grounds In Stanley park, this he- eral Pascual OrOZCO with 4000 men
further confessed that In addition to,ing the last game on the schedule for tempted  a charge from  Bamalayuc
the 11000 Jonet had promlted to give.; lbe AJl-Blackt. around tbe left wing of (leneral Villa
army to enter Juarez, but    tli<-    eon-!
stltutionalleta   were     reinforced    uy |
roups from   Villa's main    body    and
Orozco't forees were driven  back.
It also was reported that Chlhuahin I
"The Lady of Ostend." 1,ad   '"'*'������   evacuated   by   the  federal.
The eaat supporting Lawrence ani1 *-***- ���������*- �����">' ,,ad -�����<���" occupied o,
Brough in his Canadian tour when n'1'"1 tr'��ps under Genernl Manual
that well known Kngiish actor viBltsi<nao'
Ihis  eity   playing   "The   Lady   of  Os-i Americans Deported,
tend."   will   Include  MIbb  Olga   Bame,]    Americans    were    ordered    out    cf
jthe dainty little comedienne, as lead- Juarez tonight by the commander o.'
lng lady. Uie  rebel forces there.
Miss  Ksme has  been  associated  in      Detachments of rebel soldiers went
| roles wit,i Seymour Hicks. John Mare
I and   other  actors  of   repute.     Otber
members of the cast, all of them direct from  Kngland, are Alfre-d  Hem-
key players in tht eity who have  yet   ming,   of   the   well   known   Hemming-
to announce themselves?   if so, a gen |Heaton family, who was producer for
him  1200 for a nip east, at the end Of
Ull   I en.-,, I,
Tbe cuse* wai dlamlaaed,
Unices   Mcre   Material   Shows  up  the
Mocse   Will   Drop  Out  of   City
Are   there  any   more  amateur  hoc-
, ra! request has gone out from the I Wlaon Barrett pantomlne, as well as
his old tricks and although not preated expected Wednesday morning. In time' memberi of the local leagui  for such ! "s  larrHH' r��r a m"n,-"'r
... .,_.. ., .......
|. inonstrat';.!   that   Van-itO be OOt  v, ith Ills new  te-am ths same!   ,
couver  and   Victoria  teams  will  have after-noon p _>.����   to   make   themselves   know,. Heading roles In many of 0
To ii Flanagan, who managed Toml    "c.i\e' the people what they want
Longboat,  Hi"  Indian  sprinter,  aome  good Iscroste   ami the gum.* is here to
years   ano.   gol   It   In   the  neck   from   slay  and   expand."     Bo  stated   Presl-
ihe- i'   a   \   i;. oii Baturday when It]dam Caron of the Mitlonali ol Mont-
was decided tint ail boxing champion-
Bhipa hi' he.il under ainaleur supervision.    One has lo wonder what  Nor
lon rr..*.. the* secretary of the ("a-
ii'.iii.eii union was iioing al the time
Flanagan wat mannglng the chain
ploiiship houts in Toronto laat winter.
The N. H. A. made a good move ��!
Its nn1. ting on Snlurilsy when It was
decided to appoint uu official board
of six referees at a
umt  expennea     if
will only come ont flatfOOted anrt sup
port the officials, mueh of lhe bicker
Iiik whieh lor a time threatened the
very  existence of tba eaatern orRani
ration last winter will be eliminated
rea; the other day when commenting
on Hi-" presenl position of Canada's
rammer pastime'. Incidentally the Na
tioiials  cleared   $17';u uit.'r paying  all
axpenaea.    Tliere ie;   some   common
Sonne to snob  a remark but  It is ey*.
de nt that tiie lacrosse' moguls have
uot heen paying particular attention
lo It during the past few years.
Skene Etonan and Oarl Kendall are!
lury or %?,on each  te*  ii In a quandary as ,u what leagne
Prealdent    Qulnn  toy   really   belong  to.    Ronaa   was
traded to the Patricks hnt refuted lo
make  tbe  trip although   the-   weetern'
ers  hold   lhe sale  pape-rs     Now   Ke-n
dan is wondering whether lie. will have
to plHy   with   Vanoouver  or  Ottawa.
- seeing   that    Hoiian   refuses   to  blld^e
How  nro they  going to stop  ticket   fnim  the-  tt.  II    A
aeatpert working at tha big sporting 	
���events'1     At   the   Harvard Yale   gems       Rocket   I'mvc   who   wn��   mentioned
���nn X.iMtrila*. the ttndontS were hand as having sigue-d with a Toronto team
ill tickets bearing their own nam*|has quit thi' garni' for keeps nnd re-
which prevented an, old man sny li", fuses to leave- a good paying position
yriii-H of age. posing as a fr���-hinan way  up  in   lhe-  backWOOdt of Quebec.
In order that, they may he given a trial
land p. rbapa holster up one or perhaps
two of tin; weak teamB In the organi-
| cation,
The Moose club Is badly oft' for
players nud unless more man rial is toured there is a danger of this organisation dropping out eif the league.
Such a move would create a mix-up
thai would practically kill what pre-
ii rati ens have already been made by
the officials. It. would mean that a
:.. w schedule would have to be drawn
up with the elimination of the Tues-
day  "-. ��-ninv  double-header  idea;    a
i" .i agreeme-tit having t , h" made
with tire arena company and many
loll do liars expanded so far in prac-
the'     V,'. II    Smith has t: ken over the
management of the Moose team replac
I.ii. BIT! Graham whose duties during
the assize court prevent him taking
an artft-e interest in the early stages
of the present schedule.
Mr.  Hemming has  played
II. SiriiB'
through the   streets   arresting   every
American they met and escorting them i
to the Intel national bridge where they I
were deporti'd.
Colonel Medina explained this ac
tion as necessary to protect foreigners
in case of rebel army meeting with
Many Wounded,
farced ���    A  train  bearing eight dead and  IT
Amy Singleton, who was releaaed by wounded     constitutionalists    reached
Mr.   Hrough  to play  in  New  Vork In Juarez tonight.    The   wounded    were
the original "Bunty I'iiIIb the Strings'' cared  for  at hospitals and  tbe  train 1
eaat, and who has since rejoined  Mr.  went   back  to  the  front  for  another!
Brongb;   Miss Patricia  Hanne and  ll;  load.
others.    .Mr.   Uroogh   wlll  be  seen  at      Robert Dorman. an American photo- i
opera house on Thursday evening  grapher who was with Villa when thel
battle started, returned on the train. 1
He Haid Villa's men began the battle |
this ufternoon by opening fire on the |
federals as they advanced near Tierra
Ulanca. The federals immediately retreated to await reinforcements and
later they returned, both armies 1:p"i>
lng up a continual artillery duel dur-
I ing the remainder of the afternoon.
At dusk Villa started a flank move- j
ment in  the direction of Bauche and
the  federals  did   likewise.    The  two
armies met at tbe little hamlet and a
:desperate hand to hand fight resulted
������  with heavy losses on both sides,
fall |    General Francisco Villa reported to
ithe Cuanel general    In    Juarez    late
I"). .last night thnt hia forces have driven
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Hearing of Vancouver
Island Strike Cases
Arousts Great Interest
(Continued trom pace one)
City leasee delegates wiii meet in
Fans    Want    te    Know    When    Local
Can-net Are to Be Played���Here
Are the Date*.
Art Wllaon, catcher for the- Harm
Ye.rk Glanta, who in wintering in
Blooming-ton, III . hm- gol himself in
Fir.etiK with the Lad lea' Aid aodotj of;
l-ia M.-thodiM r-huroh. Wilson learne-.l . I., Hi.- bl the roof of the arena hu.ld I
that th" society needed a telephone Jpg I iyvl bavi>c (tit-) 'hi' Ice cl urine j
In the e'li'iii-li, but wai i.bort of f.milh Bunday and yeaterday An attempt nJHi
He ordered tho ptmno InMatled and 'be- mole, lo tit Dp matt"r-> today Imt
guaranteed payment for two yearn. i In the meantime- th.- Arena company j
  , in  facing  a  pretty  stiff  powei   bill,'
Hub" Mar-quart] if again eeen on the canned by having to wort the mu
raoderlTle .tags     Kvery town  Ftnbe ehlncs overtime
appear!  In, he tella  the natl-res  how 	
be "ieive> their fair olty."   Quit.- a     >- Nee  Yorker recently paid $15'">
nlunt.  bnt   sereral   placea are g��ttiiiR  for an   ECngJIah   bulldog     Those,   kind
wise and nfuw to accept of  .inlinalu   are   not   to    be    Kicked
Dr   ('   I'..  Doherty,  Mayor Gray and '
n. J. FUctunan an- mentioned aa. bfinft:   After trying out a bon-Sh of young
life Judge* at the earnlval to he- hi'lrt rteri On tin- -r��|i team* Die Vancouver
In the rlnl: on Krlday evening .ludc- Hiigby union ha* none bark to tilling from Uie Intereal being taken, .veteran* In an attempt lo ptirp the on-
Ihero   wl'.l   he   nome  pretty  nifty   co* ,��ard   march   of  the  New Zenhinden*
lumen worn  that evening. 	
  !     Cafllale  Inellan* look to be the one
H.ui McDonald will play for Vaneeni- best hid an an attraction on the
ver againat Victoria on I'llilay even-; American football field. They have
lng. The- new offside rule will be turned down forty offer* for post-
given a try-<>ut. I season game* already.
Toronto,     Hamilton     and     American
Teama to Form Strong League���
Play Home and Home Gamei
Now thnt lhe Dominion Football as
aOOlatlon had thrown down the gauntlet to the ('��� A. A 11 , pro.����blonal soccer In tbe eait In going to boom nexl
��eaieeii. aceordliiR to advice* received
from Toronto nml Hamilton. During
the past summer arfulrs of tho pro
org:inl7-��tloii have not heen In the
best of shape owing to thc D. K. A
Ernie Murray Falls to Recover Alleged
Salary from Former Vancouver
Lacrosse Magnate.
It cost Con Jones Jusl Beven thousand plunks when New VVe*linlaiter
refused to play IiIb aggregation at
Hastings park last summer at a time
being  affiliated   with    tho    amateur whon ���,r-tn{h and loI1 were un()er ,���,.
union and for this reason the plW����|pension,
liavp thought twice before accepting
any offers from the managers of pro
Just how the fight between the two
bodies wlll pan out Is as yot hard to
Imagine, but the crowds that have attended soccer games In Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal this Beason. demon-
atrates the growing hold which the
Kngiish  game Is gaining In eastern
Tho league, which nt present Includes the two Toronto teams (Toronto and Queen Olty! and Hamilton
So Htnted Mr, Jones while on the
witness stand In supreme court In
Vancouver yesterday morning answering a suit brought ugalnst him by
Ernie Murray, the Vancouver lacrosse
player, for alleged arrears of salary.
The point at Issue ls whether the contract, verbally entered Into betwten
Murray, lon and others called for a
seaaon salary or at the rate cf $50 a
game for each ikrlng the Beason.
"I would not have dreamed of
making any contracts for the season.
I Insisted that I would do no such
thing, and Mr. Cowan was even more
citv ind Hamilton United, will branch Insistent than I was. My expenses
out and tak" In two American cities, | for the year 1911-12 season were Wl.-
Rochester and Buffalo. Both ol these, 000 and I could not aee enough In it
cities have witnessed a revival of soc-.to Justify me In making any contracta
cer during the past six ye��f�� B0 th*1 for the whole season. It cost me $7000
now a crowd of 3000 at Sundny games j wi,0��� u,e New Weatmlnater team rels no uncommon sight on the other I f,|S,.,i t0 oome over here to play, and
fide of the International line h ���M de termlniid that I waa not going
The action of the C.A.A.U. In turn- to put myBeif   |n   such   a   position
Ina down the proposition of allowing
*   l*   . __._,     ......1......1*    e_   num.
amateurs and professional to compete with or against each other Is by
no moans finished. In the province of
Quebec and especially ln the city or
Montreal amateurs and pros have been
allowed to compote with each other
and to all accounts aueh action will
not be dropped In a hurry so long as
the publlc, who are tho backbone or
���vary kind or aport, patronlie tha
fames. ,
again," said Mr. Jones In his ovWence.
lon got In wrong on the witness!
stand while giving testimony for Murray when he stated that the suit was|
practically a test eaae and that what
had brought about the break-up of
the game this year was because Con
Jones had refused to dismiss Harn:
Griffiths and hlmaelf out of ths game
at Hastlnga park.
lo r.-.any enuiiirje-s have been marie
The   N, wn   us  io  the   pro   hockey
ii. in  Ry all's office  this  evening  to j a^oflule tor thla season that It mlghl
HrrBnge  ror SalurdaV* soccer pamr-s j *"' *'"n "' 0****�� publish the- dates and
; place* where the names will be played
Six   game*   will   be  stax.-d   on   the
Qiieeei's   l'ark  arena   ICe,  commencing
on Tuesday, Dec !���>, when ihe world's
champ,on   Victoria septette  srin  in-j
fade the city     The opening game of]
the  IBS-Son   takes  place in   Vancouve-r
��� -we-ek  from  Friday  wilh the  Koyals)
at-  ;h>'  opposition  to  Frank  Patrick's j
hand-picked millionaires
He-re-  is   the  schedule   paste   it  on!
ihe wall: I
Friday, Dec  .',    Westminster at Van-1
Tuesday. Oec. 9.���Victoria at West-
���m meter.
Friday,   Dec.   12.    Weslinmwter     al
Tuesday, Dec K.���Victoria at Van-
,*' ']*>**.*.
Friday, Dec. 19���Vancouver art Weat-
Friday. Dec, 26.���Vancouver ct Victoria
Tuesday, Deo. SS,���Westminster at
l-'rlday, Jan. 1���Westminster -at Victoria.
Tuesday,  aJn.  fi     Victoria  at   Tan-
Friday, Jan. 9��� Vancouver at Westminster.
Tuesday, Jan U.--West-minster at
Krid.iy, Jan. 16.���Westminster at
Tuesday, Jan. 80.���VaaJjouver at
Friday, Jan. 23 ���Victoria at Westminster.
Tuesday. Jan. 27. Victoria at Vancouver.
Friday, Jan. _0. -Westminster at
Tuesday, Feb 3.���Vancouver at
Friday. Keb. 6.���Westminster at
Tuesday, Feb. 10. - Vancouver at
Friday, Fob. 13���Victoria at West
Tuesday. Feb. IT- Victoria at Van-
Friday. Feb. 20.���Westminster at
Tuesday. FW). 21. -Westminster at
Friday, Feb. 27.���Vancouver at Victoria.
nine months Imprisonment at the
aaalsea for the assault.
At the opening of the case.    A.
Taylor,    crown    oorm-se-1.     urged    the ithe federals from their attack on the
;r> to treat Uie trial as an ordinary ';centre and that firing has ceased. Tbe !
i rial and to leave am consideration ot! attack rm the rebels' right flank was j
the labor troubles. T^ie right of anv 'also repulsed. v:ila reported. Oeneral 1
mim tu strike- was n-mignlzed. he said. Villa ordered bis cavalry to pursue the !
but the law also Tocr.gnize'd the right I federals who retired to their trains1
ol any man to work if he wanted IX* south of the battlefield. He wishes to
do so. cut the federal forces to pieces by the
The juty in the case ia composed n'mht cavalry charge. Constitutional
is fillo.es: W. T Groves (foreman), ists in Juarez and la'e tonight rein
l_. II. Qarraway, Thos. niHette, And-. fur-cements were sent Rancho Flores
row (Iarrett. .lames A. OledhlU. Louis (to hold the west pass to tbe town.
..;!:art.  Qcrdtfn  s.  Greaves,   A.   E.
nedhtll,   Wm.   A.   ilrafjn.   Win.     F.
liratiaoi, Oii. Gi!ehrl��t. t\ Qnatafaon.
The Finest Wheat in the
Jfcia,-   World
under the
sunny skies
of Alberta
and Saskatchewan
is selected
for ROYAL STANDARD FLOUB.   Wheat bursting
with goodness, poured in a goldm Btream into our
elevators.   Washed, scoured, polished, ground, many
times over and over, untouched by the human hand;
finally sifted through silk  mesh  until it emerges
ROYAL STANDARD��� sweet aad soft as the breath
of harvest.    Your grocer sells tt mrfer a money
back guarantee.
<Continued from page one;
W. C. T. U. Plan. Grand Rally Week i
Commencing December 7.
To instill and arouse the temperance j
spirit in the people of New Westminster the members of the W. C. T. I'.
at their regular meeting yesterday decided to arrange for the holding    of
special temperance gatherings at    the
different churches in the city on Sun-
days throughout the winter.
tempting a flank movement  from the.    The  lirst  special meeting    will    be
we��i  reached Juarez  about   the  houi  h<>ld    In   Queens   Avenue    Methodist
tiie  frontal  attack   was   reported  antl  church  on  Sunday,   December  7.  the
IPS  men  were despatched  to  llancnu  beginning or what will be known    as
Flores lo hold tbe western mouth tf "��rand   Rally   Week."    Churches    in
the pass which enters the town. different districts will be selected for
Later   reports   stated   that   Geneiil the meetings each Sunday.    The sub-j^
tilla's right flank under Oeneral ___.- .acts to be treated will have relation
rlque Hodrigimz and Colonel Talami-i- to temperance and moral reform wcrk.
te* had engaged  the  federals   at    r> Arrangements will be made for special
o'clock.    These reports    came    from speakers.
American employees of the Mexican ; It was also decided to start a can-
Na-lonal Northwestern railroad *a_ vass of the city immediately to secure
reached Juarez tonight. They said tne the names of women voters. The city
federals were llrst repulsed In an a. will be divided into several different
tempt to break through the rebel {%***, -nlatricts and each district allotted to
but returned with reinforcements and the care of committees of ladies. The
a desperate battle was on when tho canvass will be most complete and
Aimfricane left. 'comprehensive.   The various commit-
On the American side all tr-*).-* t-titees engaged on the work will submit
Fort Bliss were made ready for im ia report on the canvass at the next
SBe-Hate acliuu and troop C, Thirteen..!;regular meeting which will   be   held
A   Vancouver.NewWeshninater.VaBaiaa.'
All-Blacks Rugby Team Will Clash en
Brockton Point Grounds���Unusual Intereat.
Vancouver will be the mecoa of rugby football fans this afternoon wben
the Terminal City rep team stack up
against the All-Blacks cf New Zealand,
who have yet to lose a game during
the present teur of the Pacific coast
which commenced In October.
While a win for Vancouver Is almost out ot tho question, the selection committee appears to have made
a wise move in choosing many of the
old playera In Vancouver who have
gone up against the beat In the game
and who therefore are generally apt
to know all the tracks which make
the game so Interesting.
Owlnr; to the unfortunate fatality
(which marred the gama at Viotorla on
cavalry, and a machine gun plaiooa
were ordered to El Paso to reinforce
the border patrol.
At 7 p.m., word was received from
General VOla lhat he was holding the
federals at the front, but wanted ammunition and provisions at Tieni
Auxiliary hospitals were fitted up in
.Inure* tonight, a large quantity J."
medical stores -being exported rroal
-Before    the   development    of    eh-
Girls'  classes, Tuesday  7:30  p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
Sewing classes, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals aerved to ladies and gentlemen.
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30.
For particulars call phone 1324.
Jones aluck by you, and the play- Saturday afternoon, all entertaining ot
Royal Intelligence Bureau
41* Weatmlnater Truat Building.
J. M. GAWA, Mgr.
Exclusive agent tor M. Ohashi 4
Co., New .York, manufacturers of
Typewriter Backing Sheets, Carbon
Papers. Ribbons, etc. Mall addreas,
Drawer 110 New Weatmlnater.
two weeks hence.
Grand Re-Opening
Lawrence  Brough
and hla all English company In
preceded at 8:30 p.m. by the comedy
In the West End.  Corner 7th Ave and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months,
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westwnster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85E.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
SS   "Priacs *i*t*n*" Ml "Met Ranrt"
MONDAYS���IS midnight for Prince Report, Stewart
TUESDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria nt Seattle.
THURSDAYS���It midnight tor Prince Be-part. Ornaby Baj.
8ATURDAY8���12 midnight for Victoria m*tt Sea-ttla.
MONDAYS���12 midnight, Dec. 1. for Maaaet
FRIDAYS���12 midnight. Nor. 28, for Owna Opilotte Ulead potato.
Mondsys and Thoredaye ateamera ssaha daaa eeaaeetlon at PrtM*
Rupert with Grand Trunk Pecffle trams* tat Tarreee. Wnr Hw*
Rupert with Grand Trunk PaclBe trrtw _��____ jmrnm**.
and Smithers; mind trains to Roae t-aka ntrMlle.)
Tickets to all polnta eaat aad to
llnea.     \
H. O. SMITH, C. P. �� T. A.
IS7 QraaTiiis Btnat, Vaaoeufer,
Furniture Exchange
In ��1 Sixth atreet for real bartatea la tf IMto'<K lai��l-_m ���>��� M��
Uhlnga.   Pletura rramlng, Upktfataatac. W*mm>fw�� Wwalrtm, ��j>' ** *
Try aa for Window Sfcadea. " . ti 4 *.?;-.:.���;*:**
Royal Mercantil* Co.
Ptttm: fiJO te ns, '
Seat.Mlt la open at HUl'a Ptunaaeir.
ColumWa Stmt.
rnwrrwia -tim**m
*.      . MEN'S
TW Cubrth 8t
�� ��� ���*�� j
,; ' *!'l-f " l-'h-i ���*���,*'
'*������ Wm%\---m* "___y___i
..������*!.���- ������"���A-ae *****
TUESDAY,   NOVEMBER   M,    1��13
Classified Advertising
calved for .'.-_. News at the following, flaciii: t-'. V. llul's drug store,
���OS (V-Iumi'.i .-_ streel; A. Sprice.
���Queer*.. *...*,r:iv .i*. t Ida Island; Mrs.
E. !__.-o.',. Dij-.hLriid '.'irk; Mrs. V.
Lewis, Alta \imu_
��� RATtb ���
Ci-MalftcJ���Uoti cent   pet   word   per
-May 4c per *c>-nj t>�� weuk; IBc per
o: lh: h.wi�� words, to be used as re
dred  * tl in nee vm from   date of
���eraat. jza.wi
FOH    SAI.K    SELL     YUUR     PROP-1
erty through an ad. In thla column, j
finished, and larse cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed.   Cheap fer cash, j
Apply owner, Oeorge War*.. Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds,       (3324)
Raises Fine  in Appealed  Liquor Case
and  Reads  Rict Act to  Defendant and  Lawyer.
KOR SAI.K���ll.oti DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ratines; every one guaranteed. Market square, (2385) |
frr��� 2 to 3 afternoon nr 7 to 7:30
weal rigs, Mecca I'sli:. I'iit'i)
wa-it a home i.f yonr own ? Will
���sell niy three- itoih borne, five minutes tn car. five cent fare, for $15
o-OT-thly. J. V. I)., Alta Vista P.O.,
llurnaby. (2465)
housework, Kixxt coot, disfJiKaKod.
Drew, lit Fourth * venue.       <_.4_l
.OS by tfce -Say. Two or three days
���* week. Apply MrsL Clifford, Oen-
���ertl Drlivery. .-..*.
tare to large nr small quantities for
���pot cash. Will give full value or
���will cell your fimwebotd -Roods and
**Hnc\a by auction. Will guarantee
to realise valini or no commission
charged. II. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction Hn-i-H*. King:* hot id block,
Columbia etreet. (2-34)
please return to News office and receive reward. 1-473)
ply box 2488 this office. (24I1S)
bedroom and sitting room with
meals In private family. Liberal
compensation. Apply to Box No.
2466  News office. (2466)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (2332)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
hought for cash P. B. Brown, 17
Begbie street, New Westminster.
Wenatchee, Wash., Nov. 24s���Judge
Grlmahaw, ye8terday fined Mrs. Willi, lniina MVtrallV. convicted of violating the liquor laws, MOO     The costs
amounted to $100.
On the original suit brought by the
city for selling beer In a prohibition
unit sac waa fined $100 and costs, the
same as Judge McCoy assessed In Justice court.
On tlie case of the county for Ihis
same offense Judge Grlmahaw raised
McCoy's fine from *100 to $150.
On the case of the city against the
woman for maintaining an unlawful
place McCoy assessed a fine of |100,
but suspended sentence pending good
Grlmahaw raised this fine to $1,10,
removed the conditions and enforced
the fine. City Attorney Kemp and
County Attorney Sorenson were togetiier on the prosecution. Tiny consolidated the city and county cases for
purposes of litigation only.
"I give fair warning to both the defendant and the attorney in tliis case
(Ira Thomas)," said the court, "that
it will get them nothing to bring cases
of this kind up to my court. This case
should never have been appealed. The
people of Wenatchee have shown by
their ballots repeatedly that they want
the local option law enforced in this
Community. The assessment of fines
for violations Bimply amounts to reversion to high license.
"It Bhall lie niy policy to give jail
sentences in acses of this kind.    The
faci  thai  the defendant is a  woman .
and has small children dependent on
her is all that saves her from jail sen-1
tence at this time: but if she ever ap-j
pears in this court again on a charge j
of tills kind to jail she shall go."
slreet, with use ot pbonn.       <214li |
room, thorousbiy mofierii house.
Nanaimo slreet, at Twelfth street
���car line. Phone 312, Eastman & Co.,
101 Westminster Trust building
Pioneer Books on B.C. anil California by
a pioneer. Canadian Camp Life, 2nd edi-
11.m; Among the Peoples nf H. C.i In the
Pathless West; Nag, or Pioneer Women
and I'n.-i. Tin' sets of flvs for Slum or
"fie. per copy tni Jan. tltli. Address l*'.
I*:. Herring, in" Hamilton Bt, New
Westminster, B.C., or any of tlie book
stores.    Discount to the trade. (2388)
to rent (ry an ad. in this column,
keeping rooms. $10 and $15 per
month al. 22* Seventh Btreet. (2833)
Notice is hereby given that I Intend
to apply at the next Bitting of the
Board ot License Commissioners for
the City of New Westminster for a
bottle license and a wholesale license
for the sale of liquors In and upon
the premises situated upon Lot 9, if
City Block _4. in the said City of New
Weatmlnater, B.C.
Dated this 10th day ot November, 1.13.
I HAVE $250f�� TO lAZtMt AT 10 PER
cent. Security must be gilt edged,
No ns-.__.ts. Apply box 2411 The
News. (24111
tmm pacific
From Vancc-swcs- for Victoria.
'Ifl.tni __.m Daily
2:Cwi   p.m - Daily
_._-.���_&  \p��� Daily
Fanes Vj-mc-ouvrr tor Seattle.
in eo a.n. Dallj
11:00 a.m Daily
From   V-��n_ouv.r for  Nanaimo.
3:'i0   pm Dally
Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.
9:<"9 a.m We-tcewiay and Friday
Vancouver, Union Bay, Powell   River.
!t:-i a.m Every  Saturday
For Prince  H��_p-_rt and Alaska.
21:00 p.ru Kvery Saturday
(Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
Ulnar Point*.
***i*$ p.m    Wadneedaya
<?v Gulf tatamtxt Points.
T:*f�� a n    Tuesdays for Victoria,    ''all
���ja* tn points ia tiie Caff Islands.
Kn.  rjo-t.l ���-���    Xr���tt,  Ham  Wtsimliw-r.
h   w  BSiwa a. r. ___ *s*mssa-*r.
Ke  the .Vr.rli^tjU  <��a**.*rl/_r at  Section
li.. ''.e,-*.r.*h.-i ��. in  Ux*.  fll-LIICf    of
**!*���*   U. t-**M*m*l**T.
UlK-rea..   %A"**t  at  tfce  loss   Of  Cer
I'tcstf   mt   Tut*)   Sntnb'-r   Ul.i
suii-tl in tbe Ml of Jam*- (I
\xr.6 Chmttsm ','. .taw-', ha* be-d t
i.i*'.* ��� tl.'.��-.
******** i.i lit-rc-by giv-n  that   I       ,11
r.i tt.- **m**A**mtm** of oo��; month from
ti,.- date i.f tin- fir*! publication herein-, io a <1j i? mmmmmmmmi pafcHebed In
the City til New Westminster. Issue
m. -di_i_i;<'-xte of lime: said certificate, tin-
���jks* in thi- 111.-antime valid objection
ft* :-;*;���>' tn ��-.-.��   a nrrttfckg,
���Mstrld !'i'cir.trar of Titles.
"_*!>!�� ***t*Atr* OCtee,
Nasi WaatodBaaer. n,c... Octob��r is.
tttri 12269)
NOTKT; rs HKBBBT OIVEN thai I Intend nt ttie next meeting of the Board
of l.tcnn.ip Commissioners in nr��t��tv for ;,
transfer frnm myself, Chnrles Sehwahn.
to Jotm t\. EvtacKensle ini't Bruce Loop, of
th,' retail llipior lwrns,* of the Colonial
hotel in tni.. 1-itv.
Montreal, Nov. a.* The watering of
butter as well  as milk has been  de-
i' cted by Dr. Hood, chief city food inspector, and he, In conjunction  with]
the  Dominion  officers,  is  making  In- j
quirk's about this offence.   The stand-
ard tor butter is nol more than 14 peri
cent, water .but oertaln persons have
i*. ..lied this limit ami are threatened   with   prosecution.    Dr.   Hood  has j
ialsn just found milk that is being sold,
of only two and even one and a half
per cent of butter tat, while the stand-!
ard Is three per cent., and he wlll have;
tliis abuse ended.
S|�� aking of milk pasteurization, in-
said that this was a big problem on
account of the lostllness of the  pas-
teurlzatlon plant, which would cost al
least   $1,500,  but   it   was  becoming  a
necessity owing to the long distances
: which  milk  was carried.    "Suppose a
| farmer bad  a   member of his family
Jill  of some  contagious disease."  said
p lie.     "ThiH   may   be  unknown   to   the
health officers, and as a result Infect-
[ed milk he carried to toivn.    The pas-
lm"-.ziiiion of  milk    would    make    It
(2:'fi*; l
Westminster, B.C.
Nov.   Bth,   1913
Telephones:   Office 53.   Residence 4?9
JOHN  HEID,  Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,   Murine   Engines   aud   Auto
mobile Repairs,
Office  and  Works:   Tenth   6t.
PO,  Box 4.4.     New, Westminster, B.C
To the Board of LIcnse Commls
Notice is hereby given thai al
the n.*xt regular meeting of the Hoard
of License Commissioners for Lang
ley, I shall apply for a renewal of II-
quot license for tl"* Langley hi ti I,
situate at Langley Fori In the i.r��.
vince of  lit ii ish  Columbia.
Langli y Fori
November 7, 1913, (iTiSii
Tak*       llci   thai al  tha meeting of
tbe  Board  i f Lii ense ' lommli
of th      lui     palit)    ol   Burnab)    *
Wedne day,  Di t ��� n ber   10th,   ll 13,   al
10 ..I ....*k .i ii , at the Municipal Hall
iidu:' : da,   I   'lit* i.i   to  :i I] lj   foi        * ���
lo-wal . I ile* llci i. .* tor the Royal oak
li. 1.1, Oakalia P.O . Burnab;    R C
U-lii'.i) '.   M  JOHNSON.
.Montreal. Nnv. L'i it i- not often
thai a hueband and wife are happily
brought together as the result of a
murder trial, bul it would seem that
si uch will be the ending of the Muir
Campbell case, which baa just ended
in William Campbell belgn sentenced
'., death.
Search Is being made by the police,
and ii> tli" clergy of the city, for Lillian milliard, the woman whose evidence practically condemned Camp-
in 11. The cast Ims nol only Interested
Montrea'.ers, but hBa been reported In
English to ivspapers, and now a friend
of William Jackson, nf Liverpool, Kngland, has arrived here with a letter
and money for nn* supposed Lillian
Hlbhard, who is. In reality, Mrs. Jack
boo Tbe pas.om.- money for the worn
an has been Bent, sn that, once found
and the English authorities have uo
��� ctlon to her landing tbere, she
may return Immediately to her bus
band, who has said he is willing to receive her.
Thinking thai the officials   al   the
COUrl   linns.'   would   be   llli'.-it   likely   tO
receive information regarding the
woman, a delegation of the clergy of
the Church of England have aaked
Matthew i ongdon accountanl :n tho
courl house I i .v | for thi m, and hi
will be pleased to re eh any Information possible Lillian Hlbba.vl has
ti it   i. ��� n  bi en  sin ������ Saturda)   morn
Social   Worker   Ranks   IIi_h    Anions
Nineteenth Cent-try Women.
When the roll of famous English
women who, during tho nirtct i-.-utt
century, rendered distinguished pul.lie
servii'e, comes at length to be seen in
its true perspective, wiiose names, it
may be asked, will stand out most prominently 1
Queen Victoria snd V! ironno, wt
take for grunted.
We nmy, however, venture to assert
that in thc next funks n place will certainly be aooorded Miss Octavia Hill.
Her work belongs to the history of
the nineteenth century, bul lias not remained tliere. Its abundant harvest
we of the twentieth century enjoy, as n
legacy which she in person banned on
to us, that we may yet further its
Octavia Hill  is   a   name indissolubly
associated  with one of the most  satis
factory  solutions  of   the  housing   pro
idem ��� in  this she hud   the   heartiest
sympathy   of    Mr.   Raskin��� nud   witli
the   allied   benellcience    of    providing!
open   spaces   in   the  Crowded   districts j
and preserving   to   our   own   and   succeeding generations, not only the com i
mon  land  of  England���our oommerola)
heritage���but  nlso sites of historic Interest and of picturesque beauty.
Though born so long ago as ISilH, we
must go yet further bnck to learn tlis
secret of the forces for good within
hor. Her grandfather, Dr. South-
wood Smith, Born iu 17KS, und intended for the Oalvlntlti- Dissenting ministry, nt length found his sphere, not
by finishing his course nt a Baptist
i ollege, but in becoming a doctor, taking a London practice in Trinity
Square, by the Tower, and identifying
himself   with   all   the   sanitary   reforms
of tlie Metropolis, with a Sanatorium,
in which he had the cooperation of
Dickens, and with a scheme for im-
proi ing the dwellings of the industrial classes, and begun operations in
old St. Pancraa Road.
Married at au early age in Bristol,
tv o children were lorn to him, Caroline and Emily. The elder married,
in 1835, Mr. James Hill, and had five
girls. The eldest. Miranda, nnd the
tiird, Octavia, naturally link thetn
selves together, for though the latter
stands out most prominently, the two
���,*,..,. , w-������;���.' natural partners in the
-. _rk of i*,*f"i ..I.
These girls were deeply imbued with'
the grandeur of their grandfather's
work. For some years their mother,
it may be mentioned in passing, bad
kept house for their grandfather,
who waa early left a widower. l*'n*_t
one and then the other of these grand
children wound tlieir way round tii"
old man's heart; and, as they grew
older, found liis influence strong within
The early years of Octavia Hill were
spent in an atmosphere favorable to
the   consideration   of   social   problems
' and the duties bf citizenship; and,
needless to say, her lympathies were
richly developed beneath such influences, as we <'nn ser   ii!   the   splendid
i volume of her "Life null Letters," so
ably edited by lier brother-in-law, Mr.
C. li. Maurice (Macmillan and <'"..
Ltd.. l'.s. net.) A volume which ali
who are Interested in Social Reform
should   make  a   point  of  reading,    for
I it is the record ">f a singularly attrac
live woman  who s; snt   a   long  life  in
ithe service of humanity, and one who,
according   t..   Carlyle,   was   giving   a
good  SCCOUnt  of herself.
One of   the great   Influences   in   the
life of OetuviH Hiil wus .lohn Itu.kin ���
an influence both arti-'i,* and -��� ��� ll,
for he h.-lped her iu her bi ng
Bchomes, on tho one hand, and, i ��� tbe
��� ' r, encouraged hor in io.r pa mting
and even engaged ber to copy t'"r him
lOme of tin- Old Masters in tbe Ion
don   galleries.
It Ifl in a l.-tter to Ruskln in the fol
I lowing year that Octavia gives a lively
little sketch of her own personality:
"Ah to sentiment thoro are few ������<*,
pis who have not stronger feeling than
I bave. I assure you, I am consider
eo th person in the family h ho is
without imagination, poetry, feeling,
affection, 'food only to do a ��� ra,
carry a weight, go a long walk '-i ll
rain, or decide any dllticult qui Btion
about    tangible   things.     Vou    happen
tO   know    tile    other    Hill''    of    111". A,
that's ke|it in, that I may do my woi
mil you don't ktio-.'. whut a life of ,al
iculation und routine and steadiness
| miuii is. 1 um told that tiie besl de
j iido*"' I organ thai 1 lune is that of
! caution.''
One Use to Which the Parcel Post In
England May Be Put.
An BSngll-itininn wished to pencil a
customer living in a remote part of
BtllbuUl, one of ibe suburbs of London, and It was very urgent thut lie
lind blm quickly.
Knowing nothing of Hip locality, ho
called at St. Martin le liriind lo consult a directory. Stating Ills cuse lo
a clerk, be was amazed to learn tbat
Iie could lie sent to tbe add less by
parcel |>ost by paying a fee of threepence a milo. The gentleman had
never hoard of such n thing, and it Is
snid thut very few ln Engluud know
that It enn be done.
Accepting the offer, the gentleman
was placed In charge of a messenger
familiar with nil parts of the cily and
wns soou on bis way. The boy curried
a printed slip ou which was written a
description of tho "parcel" In charge,
under tlie heading. "Article required
to be delivered." and before leaving
tbe customer's house both the customer anil Ihe gentleman were required to pluce Iheir signatures ou the
The limit In weight for anything delivered by parcel post in England ts
generally understood to be eleven
pounds, hut there is one clause wblch
reads. "A person mny he conducted
by cxpross messenger to any address
on payment of mileage fee."��� Argonaut.
1     New Vork, Nov. 84,   Hope that tlie]
knife will  furnish a solution of the
problem of saving victims of mercury
poisoning is entertained by New York
phisiclans as llie result of two roienl
[operations here,    Dr, Alfred Thomai
performed B week ago what is known
a�� "Kdeholil's operation"    upnn    Mrs.
Helen Janlu of Staten laiand, a mar
'cur>   poison     victim.    The    kidneys,
whicli are the chief polnl of attack for
the poison, were brought to the sur
face by the use of the knife, the cap
sule removed, the organs washed with
Imagnesium   sulphate   and   replaced.
I Mrs. Janlu has improved rapidly.
Dr.   Alexander   Nicnll   of   Kordhatu
college performed yeaterday what he
said waa an entirely new operation.
but Intended to produce a similar re-
'.ault. upon Mra. Agnes Plesants. lie
|cut into each kidney and inserted a
Ismail tube through which a salt solu-
itlon at body temperature Is paaaed,
j washing  tho  kidneys,  and   being  dis
charged by the natural outlets. Mrs.
ll'lesants was reported Improving to-
pianoforte, harmony and singing. Pu-
ioi.i Huocsssfuly prepared for sxamtna.
lion Iii  ft, A. M. and It. C M. I'oi' I. nos
apply SOS Third avenue.
Pianoforte; :M3 Weary BU, .".ew tVsst*
II.   J.   A.    BURNETT,   AUDITOR     AND
Accountant, 'ivi. It. lis. Room -'. Hint
P. II. Smith. W. J. Urnve-s.
Work   undertaken   In   ctty    an I    mitslda
polnta.   -tt-i_   \v.��tiiiiiiiitiT  Trust   IlldC.
I'hone  914.    P.  O.  Bos  107.
Ths Playwright's Fame Clung to Hint
Better Than His Riches.
Dion Bouclcault received f.'iuo for his
short: In the authorship of "London
Assurance." The way In which lie
spent that sum wns nn Indication of
things to come. Ile bought two horses.
n cnli nnd seven new coats. Ills ex-
trnvogance reached s climax over
"Habll aud Hijou." produced at Coveol
Harden In August. 1S72. Tlio money
was found by Lord I.onilesboriiiiglt,
nnd B0U''|caul| (wilh liltti Pln|i"t'C]
was under ionlracl to |i|'ih1ii.*o Something thut might he called dramatic.
What wns produced was a gorgeous
nnd Incoherent spectncle. with red lob.
sters recumbent nt tho bottom of the
sea. Bouclcault who bnd run up bills
to the extent of 110,0110 or so. did not
stay fnr the production, but betook
himself abroad All that persists of
this magtillii enl linsco Is tbe boys'chorus, "Spring, Spring, Beautiful Spring."
which was retained nlmost by rbmire.
But Hou.-lrnult was better known by
his Irish dramas thut an1 fresh today,
as    "Ttie   Sbnughrntin,"   "Arrah    oa
Popup, i in. Colleen Bairn" and tbo
like. By these he became rich snd in--
moils', but Ills fame clung to blm belter thnn bla riches.���London Tost.
Uo Landlubber.
Voting J.'i"k Tnhba bas only boon In
the nny for a few months, hul there
Is not a more enthusiastic sea dog ill
tlie whole of bis majesty's service Ile
recently made application for and re-
I celved tbe usual leave and proceeded
to London and Ills mother's bouse
Mrs '.'abbs lives on Hie third door of
a   bouse  in i amberwell. aud  when  lis
arrived at ber address be Ktuud lu (bo
i doorway and bawled up tbe stairs
"Mother, aloft there! Jack's como
limne:   Open the window!"
"Why. Ja.ky. my dear." i ried tbo
old lady from the landing, "wbateiei ��
�� rong wiih tin- stairsV"
Stairs:'' iued lhe weather worn tar,
with Ineffable contempt. "What do I
I.im.iv iilxiut slabs? Ju-t you oi'.-u
the window and lower a rope tu lhe
main deck, and be quick about it:" ���
London l-Xprcss.
m PILLS Brought Relief
Larder Lake, Ont., March 26th.
"I had been suffering for some tuns
witb my  Kidneys and Urine.    I  wm
constantly passing water,  which   was
very   scanty,   sometimes   ss  many as
I thirty times a day.    Kach time the pain
: was bomelbiug awful, and  no rest ut
I   licird   of  your   CIN   PILLS   and
decided to give tbem a trial at once.
I sent my chum 60 miles to get them
' and I am pleased to inform vou that lu
i less than six hours, I felt relief.
Iu  two days, the  pain   hail left tne
' entirely.   I look about half a box and
today  I  feel  as w-.-ll as ever and inv
1 -.idaeys arc acting quite natural again."
OIN   PILLS soothe the irritated
1 bladder ��� beal tbe sick. weak, painful
��� kidneys���ondstrengtlu-u laith the-scviU'
organs.    Money back if lhey fail.
���nr. a box, ti for f.j..so. Sample free
if you write National Drug end Chemical
Cu., of Canada( Limited, Turouto.     179
ntiiiK   Engineers,  Looal  t,43.  1 its in
ljit.nr Temple every llrst and third
Tliuisilay of the month. II. Mat-aiignlm,
prasl-dtnl : W. C. Huiinders. secretary,
P, O.  lloi t,2��.
H * P. O. of Klks of the D, of 0 , mast
Ihe flral and third Thursday at * |i. nv,
K. of p. Hall. Klirtiih street A \v.|is
��� Iray. Exalted Ruler: P. II. rtuilth. Das-
re tary.
Ck O. O. M.. NO. 164���MKKTri <"*
flrst, aecond, third and fourth Wi-dnea-
day in each month al H p. m..
In the Uihih Home. II. J !>wuny.
dictator; w J. Qrovee, ���ecrstary.
Headquarters or lodge in H>�� Houm.
oorner uf Fourth and Carnarvon atreeta.
I. O. O. F. AMITY I/ODOR NO. 17���ThS
regular meeting of Amity lodge No.
27. I. O. O. !���*.. la held every Monday
niclit at H o'clock In Odd Fellnwa' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Klghth streeta.
Visiting hrolhern cordially Invited.
II A. Merrlthew. N.Q.1 II W. 8��ng��ter.
V. O.: W. C. Coatham. P. <_., record
hiR secretary* J- If, lleeDonald, financial eecretary.
w. n, fa lem���Pioneer Fun<-rnt DlraotM
and Ki-itMltuier. I1--S1B Arm-a atreai,
oppost .. Carnegie Library.
.    HiiWKt.I.   (ItTCGBBBOtl   TO   f'KN-
t-T A Hanna. Ltd.!���Furiersl directors
nnd embalm, ra. I'artora lul, Columbia
_ireet.    New  Weatmlnat.r.    rhonn  til.
ater Hoard of Trade meeta In the Itonrd
roam, city Hall, oa follnwa: Third Friday of eneh inonth, uiinrt..lv tti.-i^liic
011 tti" third Friday of Febitmiv. May,
August and November at X j. tn Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February. 0. H. Htuiirl wada aecra-
fi,�� t*t** mailer of th,- .-slate of  Augustus
Kre-drrle tfcinie    M.   I>     lal" of the  City
ol New Wantmliwlcr, .!<���->.****
TAKK NOTIOK CM yr.,l��,ie ���( ti���   <v|H
AnguxttM ��"red.Tu- ll.ino    ,1", ���
i.j.-n Iwud to lm-*\* arlffllh Mi-I'lillllns
tml Ov-nrge ll-m-cla* Brymner, lie execu-
. ors in rlif -mid will nam.it
And   further   lalue atnttre   thnt   -ll   >-1
havtn-g a-nv clalma agalnsl   1 11.1
,rr  ,,,|uir,.l V* ���end Tull pari 1      1
...te. t-eilY vi-riflc-d. to thi- untl'i-Mt'M--t
**,   ,���   |., Tore   lh*'   IWIl   *lav   "T   tier, mini.
.il all o-enuma Indebted to the       1
-.<   aire **ttt**i**TStt I* pnv flic amount ot
������ Iii.iIiii-ks foTthwilh.
��TJ.r   flv'   enlrt   lMh   day  or  Hifemher,
i.e snu .-s'wiit'ttrii wni nroossd to
. .   tl,,-  .-Mate of Ihe  Baid  deceased
M.M.Ti,-  i��i.   smrmssm i-ntltle.1 thereto,  hav-
���1     d noly  In lh,- cl&imtt they  shall
���    -���   o.���1 noli,*,-, of.
* I'h day of Tfiwrmbor, A. IJ.
. Ml I.I.I rs  *   WOOD.
I'.irka   Hon,lum    (iranvllle
. .s- r.   B.  C,   KolltJInrs   for
S.ICAI.KI,  TENDKRS addressed  t
lunderslg I  on.:   endorsed    "Tender    I.e*
Drill II.ill. \ let  B   1'.    nili 1..   rec. Iv
ed until 1 :(I0 r   M    on 'I I ursd iv. Dec m
! ber 11 1813, I*, lhi ,* mi Inn tlon ol n
Drill   II. n   ,i*   Victoria,   B.C
I     Plan 1,  specific] I.���'���.���- and  form  of c in-
tract - 1    i" 0  ind fot   11  **i ti ���> i* ������ nl
talm-d on appllcailon i" He* offlc ��� oi Wm
Ifendi 1 ion, n si ,. 1 nn *iii* cl, \ 1 1 irln B.
C.;   "i:   appllcailon   to  tr,    1 osi ������ 1 ter  al
��� \ ���������������i, it. i *. ."ei .11 thin I*- part tm nl
Per   ina tondei lng aro notlfli -I iho '��� o-
I .I. is 11 ill not 1." con ildei 1 unleas madu
on th.* printed forms supplied, .110! *   * 11 *1
.wuh Ihelr actual signatures, statins ": Ir
occupations and plai ���* nl i*. siil--i, lo Me
crss  "I   firms',   to,-  actual   signature    ih-*
I no 111 re of the occupation, and placi of res-
idence of each member ot* Uie llr,.   ���
11.** ui*.' 0.
Each tender must be accompanied !**. an
aee 'ptcd cheque on n chartered hank pn
noi. I., lie- order of th" I Ion. hum l.i" tin
Mlnlsier of Public Works, equal '.��� len pi 1
cent (10 p.c.) of Un- amounl ������! th,- 1 nilei
��� ' li h 111 1 o* forfeit, d if Hi" person t'*o
dering decline lo enter im.. n control*'
when   fulled   upon   to   do   so,   ,,,-   fall   1,,
I complete tin* work contrfacted for. lf lhe
o i,,i. 1  I,.- nol accepted the cheque will b��
Olnriii .1.
'lh'    Department   does  not   bind   ils'll   10
accept   'he lowest or uny tender.
By 01.1.1,
l;   c,  DESROCHEHf
In eiefll V.
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa,  November  II.  191.1.
Newspapers   will   not   be   paid   for   this
advertisement   ir   they   Insert   It   without
authority from tin  Department.���4943S.
By instructions .>:' I ���* m nl ter ol
.hi Iculi hie a distribution of . uperlor
son * ' .".iin and potatoes v.ill be
made during thi 1 .ming winter and
spring to 1 !ana II in fi rtnei ��� 'I he .''.'ini
plea for general distribution will con
,.-1 ' ( *;i* ���* 1 hi at, ���". pounds; white
oats, i pounds; barley, 6 pounds, nnd
iit*i.l 1 '*,.s. .', pounds These will be
si 1 ' ' ni fro 1 Ottawa a distribution
of potatoes in 3-pound samples will be
carried on rrom aeveral of tho cxiiori-
men,tal farms, th" central farm at ot
'1 nuppl: It niy 1 le provinces of
Ontar * and Quebec    Ali sample! will
 0 fn ", bj  mall,
Vppllcai ta 1 iust give particulars in
*��� nl to the    " 1 on thoir farm'., and
I some ncci uni 01 their experience with
such 1 Ind - ol grain or potatoes as
thoy have grown io ihat �� promising
sort  for their condition!  may be sc-
ilectt d.
As th" supply of send Is limited,
farmer! are ad Ised to apply early;
ion iin- applications win not necessarily bo fillid in the exuel order In
whloh they are received, Preference
will alwaya be given to the most
thoughtful and explicit requests, Applications received after the end of
January will probably lie too late.
All applications for Kraln should be
addressed to tin. Dominion cerenllst,
Central  Experimental Kami, Ottawa
Sinli  applications require no postage.
11 otherwise addressed, delay and disappointment may occur.
Amplications for potatoes from far
mere in 11 C, should lie addressed to
tb.- superintendent of the experimental
farm at Agusis.
He Pinched the Egg.
An  extraordinary Incident   which  rs
-,i ed   ii.   a   very  abort-lived    railway
sirike.  occurred  at  tin.  North Eastern
Hstlwny   joint   station   at    Leeds,   the
: other day.    A jiortor in moving a er:ite
��� ���f iiv  1.ons  noticed that  01 f the
lord- had laid an egg, and, slippm*,' his
hand through the bars of the crate, he
look tie rim* out nnd placed it on bis
barrow in safety. At tlmt ms.no', bow
over, :t railway detective who lind
.*. ;i 1 actions .. opi 'I d is n
upon *   ���   porti       11 *-t"it linn, :i?i-l 	
.....' I , Mil I ' ������ *, r ,.1 I ., ��� 1..il in*.
OOUI '*    -    * IV  t li' II   :.    11*.-.    uiili  :le.
. .te   .\ :        '*   r:: I .'.li)   staff .01   dull
at the      tion teased work until ths dis
r, ���   no hi,   l\ ah   1:1 lm nieil   of
��� ie      1 ;   I.I     lit     Olo e   Ol*,|. f i|    Hie
111:111  .,   I iii use.       Tbl    alalf   lit     once   re
turncd to ���.���.'���rk.
A Violin Prodigy.
Tl ������  "Wonder   Child,"   Korrkjarto,
gave   1  musical  recital ."  Ho*  Londt .,
I Iji.-lll    II" ; ���<���     "II     a     leee.it    lifteinooli
Little I. 1 1.jarto's violin playing once
moi" hit   iio* very ile.,iiite Impression
that ii" :- 1.0 prodigy���in the 1 eptod
sen ������ of the term but rather a sin^u
larly maturo youthful artist. The sure
n.**.��� "i his execution nnd intonation is
astonishing, while lie phrassa with an
intuition and knowledge little sii'*-' of
wonderful. Naturally his tone sounded
n litth- small amid sueh spacious surroundings, but it wai beautifully pure
ami liquid.
Moro Euras Holies.
Thu  Hums'  relies  in   the   Monument
jat the   Kay   l'ark,   Kilmarnock, have
lately been added to,   Tho addition con-
isists of a drinking   glsss whicb  wa
bought   at.  th"   salo of   Hums'  effuct
______________________________ IToct"
en   hi)   removed    from    ESlllsland   to
Dumfries,    It  is a tftft  from   Mr. .lohn
MoOregor, Dunedln, New Zealand, acting  on   in.half  of  tho  BXSGUtOr   of   llle
estate of Mrs. Margaret Qusylo, wboie
grandfather bought it at tho salu of
tbs effael.s of Klli.'.I.-uni Farm.
Well  Kno"m Actor Dead.
Cleveland, Nov   24, -H, M. Holland,
Br, yours  old,  a   widely  known  nctor,
died here today of heart, diseaac Holland starred In mnny production!) and
'created leading rolel In inany others,
(ills home was In New York.
Our noimin words have nil expert
en. ed vh Is-Hodes of fortiiii" * I* e-
ni.iie," like the rest, bus had lt�� dny.
('buuoer Introduced it undet Hie ttins-a
of ' lerneib-" nud Sbukespenru us.sl it
:i teiv Umes Instead nf "wuman." Hut
llfwas ihe early novelists who t'lolliert
it Willi ies|.e.'lability by nuikiii^ all
their women "fi-.noties." So exceed-
Inirly respectuhle imd 11 bwuiiie in the
lime ..t I't .lohnson tlmt 1 tinny ixr-
111-y .iilled the prin.-ess i.iyiil ' lho ���*���-,���.���-
.nd fi-innle In tb." kingdom " Kveti so
l:lIt-  us  the |iubl|. .itlon  of  'I'enui-oos
"I Ti ii--ess" Mrs. Browning wns able i"
write wllh perfe. t propriety thai tiis
p.ietii deult witn "1, university attended by lonniles' Then ib1' inb-n* e ->-t
in till mnv no shred of tes|u-. lability
.s nil in 11  - l.onili.u Sl.'inilard.
Near Fame.
A   young   toon.   <<*n-tini   In   bis   at-
i.-nilau'e in 11 ��� 11I0  u Ini,; llle nil  -toll nt -   .'olii-reiMte   III   I'.iils.   snl   in   his
1-1l.1l ,-ortlei  nud sui vevnl  llie ^,-^���ln'
"\\ In. is (hnt 1 h ip'.'" nsked 11 1 l-allnr.
1-   iio  n   piilutei   or 11  si oiptot.  <>r
11 hut V"
Uli. no: noiie of I hosp," suld :i hnlll-
'00. "Hi- bus a 110,-1 engaging ond
lliipiil innl culling ��� to- 1- tlie lirnliiei of
1 |, .et ' - s.itoidiiy Kveulng 1'osL
Good Security.
Mllllgnn   lr I be 11 filler nulns seetir.
Ity ,-.|iill Ier ivhiit I take uwity win .ws
iliiitst  me till nlxt woke.   Sands 11 Iiv
lit en   ���   Cerlninly.    Milllgnu -   Well.
1I1I11. sell me tWO IIV tllilli llliois nu'
[II|ih wnn uv II11111 till I como agin. -
Tt ndt rs addresn d to ihe undet
ilgned, ot too.pin. and end-dread on
iho  envelope  "Tender  for  Bleauici
will 1.0 received up to noon of the
EIGHTH HAV OF J \M'AitY. 1:.! 1.
for lli>* .1 '1 tructlon of a S:i" 1 Twin
Jorew Icebreaklng Steamer of the fol-
���   1 lng leading dlmi 1  Ions
1' *i -'ii B. i' _;:. :���, ������ o inobt
Ureadth  extreme    ���    67   "   *>
lir.if. Moan    1!<    "    0
Indloated Horse Power.8, 0.0
, to b,. delivered _J tin- Kings Wharf In
;ii- City of QUI I" C
Plana, tendt r forms ami spi
tions of iiii.. steamer cm be seen at
;tin- office oi tii** Purchaalng Agenl of
iio* Marine and Fisheries Department,
Ottawa, nt tin- offices of tin. Colleo
tors 11 C istoms, Toronto, Colllnt 1 od
and Porl Vrtl ur, 1 od .1' 1 he Vgi 1 1
1 f tbo Dei .nnii' :n 1 f Marine and
��� ' s 1,1 >s iii ... ntreal, Qui bee, st
John, Huiii.i ��� and Victoria, B C
All tenders mut 1 be madi ��i'h tba
distinci understanding that the
steamer musl be built in Canada,
Plana,  tender  tonus ..od  specifications ii.11  b.   procured upon appllca-
11 on it ,01 mo   1 '  chasing   and   1 on-
tract Agent, int.; ������,.
Tho tender form is embodied in the
Each  tender musl   bo accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
Hank  equal   to   10   I' 1   1 "i.o   "f    the
: whole   amount    Ot   uo*   t* oil   :*,   v li 1 ,li
chequi ������������ ill bo foi i.ii. d ii tie* iui ' "-s
'��� ful tendt r.r ii. 1 llm a lo 1 nter Into the
contract prepared b; the Department
or falls to complete the steamer la
accordance with the contract.
' Cheques accompanying unsuccessful
tendt rs \* lil be retumi d.
'i he Departmi 111 dot ��� not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any
I tender.
flala, li Is. Business Letti ra, ata, tat**
eiil.ir wmk ipealaliat.   All wrk atrk-lly
OOnfldsntlaL    M   Hairy. riMiui lit  Waal-
mlnstar Trusl Htk.   Fnoaa "n-
CORBOULD, GRANT * MeCiu.l. iiah-
llateis. rMillcltois. etc. 40 LonM Hli-Aet.
r.-.-w Weatmlnater. il B. Corbould, K.
C.   J   k QraaL   a  k McCoii.
.11 low.   Solicitor   eti*.     Sullelior   for  the
It ink    ,.f    1 in var.      Offices      Mer-
rimnts Bank Bulldlngi Nsw Westmins-
1. r. 11C. Telephone No k.t.j CoOla
slilr.ss     "Johnston."     Code     \\'.-��ti rn
i.v    r    HANSFORD,   BARRISTKR   f>o-
���   1-   . 0-. Colllater  Block   coi m 1  Onl-
1    umhtn onu McKensle streets. New -Wfeat-
1 ilnnti r.   Me'.     P.   o    llox   tli      'IVI.--
phonc 144.
k',1-*- ��� Baritaters ami Bolleltors, Weat-
mlnstST Trust Hll... I'oliiinl'ln Btreet.
N.w Wsstmlnstsr, H. C. f'al.i" ���\,u,-a*
"Whlteaiii"." Wastarn Onion. I'. O.
Drawer HOO. Telephone f.tl W. J.
Whiteside,  K. C.;  II.  I-  ntmonda,   D.
I PTII.WKI.L fl.t'T'K, Harrlse-r-at law,
ai.lO'ilor. etc ; corner Coinoitua an*
McKenzie Btrssta, New Vi, siinkialar,
R  a    P.  O.   Hot   11 J.     Telephone   7 IS.
Bolloltor and Notary. Offices Hart
block. !8 l-nnie atreet. New Wealmln-
atir. H. C.
Ilnrrlsi.is and Sollellora. 101 10 SIS
U-'Stinlnslir Trust Hlock. <:. F. liar-
tin. V. (1. MiQii.nrt.' am) Oaorge U
1 'naaadv
Newspapers copying tiile advertisement Milhout aniborllj from iho Departmi nl u hi not be paid.
Deput) Minister Mann'* and Klsht rlea
Departmenl  Marine aud  Plsberles,
50306      Ottawa, Octobi r .'.'.. 1913
Notice Is Inr.-by given that 1 Intend
to apply at the n, \t :,,i* inn ol the
Licensing  Board  for lho  City of New
Wesiminster ior n renewal of license
to sell liquors by retail on the prem
ises  known   :in  lho   Royal   City   Hotel
situated at corner of Customs Houbi
Square and Columbia street, in   tin
Hit ������! i'ity of New Westmin star,
New Westminster, Nov. 8, 1:11:1.
COAI.  MININU rtgbtS uf lhe  I ...01I11I0.-
tn   Mini 1    0.1: mite!" wnn   ami   Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Ter
rltorlea and In a portion of the I'ruvlnoa
of British Columbia.! may as laaasd for *
term   of   twenty-one   y.ula   lit   nn    nnnual
rental of fi an aore, Not mora than itt*
'it-res will be leaaed lo one applloant,
Application for ,*. I.use must oe mad*
oy tb" applicant lu p. raon to Die ak to
ii Bub-Agent of the dlstrlcl In v.l.l li the
'h.'hia appllbd for are uttlUlted
In Surveyed territory the land must ba
���leRcriiieii by seotlons, or lagal sun dlvt-
���lons of seotlons, and in unsurveysd ter-
ritory the trucl aiiptl.il for sliall ba
- ki'd out by thn !i|ipi|.*.,iii hlmaelf
An Unreasonable Man,
"I sbould think you would like hlm."
��� WhyV
"Ile hns done so much for you."
"I know ho hns, lint he wants me to
icknowledfc'e It"���C'lileugo Record Her-
of  Joseph
From Her Standpoint.
Rlsle��� I illdn'l know he could afford
n trlve you sueh an cipenslre PllBllKe-
nent  ring.    Kserhi-Ile  couldn't-hut
vasn't It denr of hlm?-Life.
Proof Positive.
William Hoiinrd Taft. took occasion
the other dny to pay a glowing tribute
tto Orover   Cleveland,   Bvory   little
while Mr. Taft says something which
Indicates that he is a broad statesman
in more ways than one.
In   lb"   matter   of   the   .-stat
Dunn,   ll.e.iised.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt nil peraona having elnims against the estate of
Joseph Dunn, Int. of tin eity of New
Westminster, In th" Province of Britiah
Columbia, deceased, litters of inlinlnlstr;i-
jtimi of ibe estate and effects of the aald
d iis.'ii. iiiivi,,fr been granted by the Supreme Courl of Hililsh olumbla on tie*
nth itiiv of November. i'n:i. to John Donn
lor  'be ellv  of  Viniemne..   Inlnirer.   the  inl-
mlnisir.iior named therein. 1i1.1t they are
hereby i"|.oei.l In semi In nil iMi'tleiilnrs
Iof lhelr Halms to tin* said .lohn Dunn ut
the office of hls solicitors, Matheaon &
Carter, r,:w Muslim-.* sin, 1, Weat, Vancouver,  11. i'.. "ii or liefore  Hn- .on), clay
,,r   llei'l'lillil'l,   1913,
Onir notice  Is horeby  tflven   Hint   iifiei-
thnt   dnle   the   Admlnlslililor   will   hr il
lo ili'-'ii iliiile thi' iissils of l>n aald il"
ei'iised iimonn the pnnies entitled thereto,
buvitiK regard only to the claims of whieh
the -h:i 1.1 Administrator shol! tlnn bave
had noilce. nud be will noi I.o liable for
the assets or nny pnrt thereof nn illstrl
billed to any person of whose elnltn he
shnll   nnl   tlnn   have   hud   notice.
Dated this 1Mb ilny of Nnvemher, 19I.1
Administrator of tho  l&Btate    of    Joaeph
Dunn (.12.)
Baofa applloatlon must be nccooipantfi-g
��� tiy   a   f'-e  of   |.'i   ivhlrll   will   he   refillldeil  It
! ibe  rlKhts applied for urn not  nvittlabl-%
out   not   otherwise.     A   royalty   ahall   ba
��� nald   on   lhe   merchantable  output   of lha
\  nine nt  lbe rnte of rive centa p. 1* lon.
The   peraon   "l-.-rul lnix   the   mine   shall
'urnlsb   the   A��ri*ut   with   sworn   returns
1 looountlng for the full quantity of mar-
ohantabla  ooal   mined  and   pay   ihe   roy-
I ally   thereon.  If  the eonl   nilm-iK   righta
I ire not betnk onsratod aueh returns BbouW
I be   furnished  al   least  once h   "enr
'lhe base wlll Include lhe "oil mining
I rights only, but the leasee wlll be p_r>
oltt.'d to purchase wbatevi r available
lurfaoe rights may tie consliler.-d n��ice��-
itiry for the worktlig of the mine al lha
-nt,- nf 410 nn acre.
For full inf.n tuition applloatlon BhotUd
he made to the Secretary of the  D.-|mrl-
msnt  of the Interior, tittnwn, nr to any
\geiit  or flub-Agent of Dominion  l-\n,la
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
n. n��� -Unauthorised puMicntinn of this
iitvertleament will nol be paid fo.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new tall styles and
place your orden now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St. TUESDAY,   NrWEMBER   25,   1913
Coroner Beaberg Baid the
was apparently shot ain
.tni ,fiu
the brothi ra earlier In the even-1 to think th-it t.iu-y must crowd all man-
hut retreated when thoy threat- i nor ot publlo works lato a short a time
lined to do him harm if he did not ass possible It haa followed that there
leave them. jhaB imt been anBicIenl  new eapital
dead mas to i . round and io aatiafy thu demand
r   be m.* mad-  mr It.   We mu: i also remember
; in-fiu ii  down     The  bullel   entered tiun  the war In eastern Europe bas
ar the oollar bom and ranged down- dislocated trade and cauaed a greal
Ivard, severing a lar:*.- artery, Death [for money.   The result has been thai
Young   Homer.teader,   Charged   With [etvldently occurred five minutes after :, *.*. issues have followed ono another
Ithe shooting, which  took place   be-Un such dlsoomfortlng haste that the
Fratricide,  Filled With Re- I tween 7 and 8 p, in. The body will be digestion ol Un
burled mtir .Mica. |aet and caused
! Sheriff Stone and Bpeclal Deputy A.
' .  el nili To it the cabin to determine If moonshine whiskey was re-
sponalble for the crime A slid was
seized In lhe vicinity two years uro.
the offlosrs my, and frequent sprei
tni't  liis'
Malmsey !
morse i'n Hla Cell.
Bpofc&ne, Nov. 24, With his h-mllicr
John dead in tha cabin In tha foothills
near Mica peak, .Mitchell Naaoe, uo-
OUMd of the murder, has been brought
to the county jail by Sheriff Oourgn
81' oui and deputies, wlio liurrh-d lo
li ii Wednesday night when a report
of a shooting reached them.
On reaching tin* Nance cabin on the
furin of Julia Phillips the officers were
told by a group of lerrorstricknn worn
en that John Nance had been killed
by  hla brother, who. it  wiih said, was
in a drunken itapor in an adjoining
room Unused from his sleep by tbe
officers, Mitchell Nance was unable
to comprehend that hls brother was
dead YVhon he realized what he had
done he was owroomo
Prisoner Remorseful.
"Oh, my Ood." be repeated time and
ni;niii iu> be restlessly rolled baoul on
his 001 In .������ small cell   "i can't be
peve It. I can't, if nnly some one had
taken the gun an.l thrown It awav. ||
���ome om* bs i bad sense enough to tak.-
lt and    kick me I  WOUld not be here."
Clarenoe Is supposed to Ravi
death tin n, in a butt   of
In a dark littln room In the bloody '���
tower 'he tw i princes an- said to have
biin "smothered." But the greatest
thrill Is to be found In tbe torture
chamber of the tower, lbe walls of|
wblch were pain i with representation! ol men bearing and Inflicting terrible tortures. Aiin.n,': tin* dark dun!
market has been   up    !'ons which tli" public Will see In lu i
veakness and depres- ture are chambers  wblch, according
Cor which I t.i lion* a rest is only io an historian, "were specially oon-l
needed to restore its strength. tructed with a view to ihe torture of]
"There is one feature to which we th ��� inmates, " Ono of these is called
may look with satisfaction, Lut enn- "Uttle Base." It la u cell so small thai
tury we wero accuftoraod on an aver it  was Impossible for a prisoner to
ige  tn a  financial  crisis  everj   ten stand   up or lie  down  exeept  In  a
of some ot the homesteaders have led Iyears, always attended by some fall- cramped position.   Another was called
them to believe a private still may be
lu operal on
Mitchell Nam*
in i ks old, is "
bin brother wan 82 and a I
who Iuib a baby six
years of *.i)t,i*, while
pit."   it wi's a frightful pia
which little llai'A came, and pi-is-
-i   were   little   better  than   buried
Others Wera full Of rats driven
in  Mores al  liii.li  tlUe from  tlie river
an";, but it iB not a little remarkable "the
thai although we bave paaaed through it""
times of trouble since then, yet they onei
have  not  been  attended  by  any  seri- allvi
ons failure     May not  this be largely
attributed to the financial Instltutioni Thamea Into the dungeons
whloh  have acquired  such  power In	
the world of limne thai al the mo I RECORD prices paid for
merit   when   credll   appear:*,   to   be   in j WALLA WALLA APPLES
iiiitiii and speculation unhealthy they 	
are abb to r. ll let credit for other j Spokane, N'ov. 24. Record pries
than legitimate trade purposes and sol for summer apples won- received by
impel those disturbing forces to mark I the growers of the Walla Walla dis-
Vi.count  Goachen  Says   it  Has  Indi-
geatlon. Is Weak and It Needs
a  Rest Cure.
I lime. It not to halt until equilibrium
is one ��� more established? It is a fact
that some months ueo the English
bunks generally shut their eyes to any
bur pressing needs, and thla attitude
produced a most salutary effect on the
*,'.. retrelnid market"
While reports were circulated that
the brothers bnd been on unfriendly
terma, Mitchell Nance denied tills.
���'Winn tiny  say 1  wanted to harm
him they lie." said lho prisoner when
asked  if he fell  hla brother had ever
wriiiiR.il him.    'I  never had any troo
ble   wllh   him   and   would   not   have
harmed   hlm   for   the   world   and   al!, ,
thai is lu it    It was ihe whiskey and d,n flu ot *t*r*-*--n.
alcohol  be broughl   from  town  thut |    Referring to the Increaae <iurine the
made a fool of us.   If I ever get out of ; past <|.iart. r of a century In moderate
this a Jur of whiskey will never come Incomea and the growing desire to ob
up the trail to my cabin." tain a lareiT return for    investments.
Beaberg visited   the the speaker said that the Bonaequenci
dead brother lay. ami  had   been   Increased   capital  seeking
firstly, .unlit.*-,* outlets, and. secondly
i    London, Nov. 24.���"The   Increased
pace at which the world Is living has
I given the money marked a fit of nerves
lor  which   It needs a  rest cure,"  Baid I
Yisioiini Ooacken, in Speaking on the
conditions of the financial world, and!
tin- stiito of the money market "The
market' 'bo added, "is finite sound or-'
ganlcally, but its digestion is weak,
,n:id It in consequently subject to aud- j
Grin  Sights in Ancient Pile Will
Viav.ed by Visitors After the
New Year.
Coroner B    P
-cabin where tiie
att.-t sweariiiR a Jury oT homestead
prs and neighbors heard the details
of the tragedy from relatives and
friends wbo, whon the shooting 00-
Tiirred, had been in an adjoining i
Jury   Places  Blame.
The coroner's lory found that "John!
Nance same l<> bis death from a jrun- .
���shot wound from the band of Mitchell i
Nmice "
Mrs.     Phillips,     mothirTh law       of'
Mitchell  Nance,  and  his    18-year-old
wife testified tbat the boys drank   a
Irirj-ri* quantlt)   of liquor early  in  the'
afternoon      Mnv     Phillips  said    John
left iiie bouse for a short time, bul
s"en returned     Bhe and other  wit-.
Si eases said that when the trouble oc >
torn 1   th.-v   were   so  frightened   they,
dared not Interfere
Cyrus Decker attracted by the "hots,
started to the b"tne. it was aald, but *
fl.-il wh.-n be heard the bullets passliiR
In h's direction. He later roi word
to Hell that the authorities mlRht be:
iiKtifieS Joseph K. Stratum, an ar**r\
man  in the house, attempted  I.. m-pa  .
London, Nov. 24.   liy the beginning
i f tlie now year visitors to the Tower
iv ifl have access to the duiiR_,.ns beneath  the  White ami  Bloody  lowers.
The work of unearthing the dungeons
Increased returns    A curious, and. he j for the benefit of i'he public is about
bi ii. red, unTorseen consequence   had to be started by the office of works,
arisen that Wtth the supply of capital jand not only are the dungeons to be
tlieir appetites had lo en Whetted until (opened, but the Rrlm torture chamber
It  had  become  a craving  difficult   to  in the White tower   may in future be
satisfy.    That  was on" of the reasons Iviewed by those who wish for a thrill,
of tbe preaejfl ouudltion. "On  th.* walls of aome of the dun-
"The public, en lhe other hand, can    geona,"   said   an   official
trlct, who shipped through the North
Pacific Fruit distributors laat summer,
the average net price per box to thu
I. ioi dealers being 11.20, according to 1
II. Q, Barnes, manager of the Walla -
Walla subcentral.   During tbe summer!
the district Shipped I1."> cars of Dalian  prunes and T.i carB of peaches.
"poach prices were satisfactory, everything considered," said Mr. Barnes,
I "und the growers feel that the distrib*
lulors did exceedingly well.    The mar-
kiJliiK conditions this year made Rood I
Dnces for prunes hard to realize. Wai-i
li Walla pruiii s are the earliest on the
I market and the early prices were not
BO Rood as the later.
'"! lo- Rrowers generally are satisfied j
Be | with   the  results  of  Ihe  distributors'|
Operations this year, and wc will hold
io.ir percentage oi  the tonnage next
year nnd make some increases. New
orchards are coming in and we hope
Ito have organizations Immediately con-
[tlguous to Walla Walla next year. The
Mliton-Kreewalcr district wlll have
about 801 cars thiB year and the Grand
Rondo district about 5o. Dayton and
Waitaburg will provide the remainder
of our tonnage, which will run uuout
tub  cars  this  season."
not b" rreed from nil responsibility in the names of Boms of the historic per
the matter." Lord Ooecheb continued I sonnies who -were prisoners there."
"Undoubtedly in the presenl ur" then-! i..r some time the question of open-
is B tendency towards extravaRanre j 'ns the white lower and the bloody
among all classes of Uie community 'tower have been under consideration
The vtandard of living is higher, tastes 1 by the office of works.   The former
and   InCbltS   have  become   more  liixiir- | was   trail)   ahout   D'TS.   ami   the   first
inns, and the temptation to spend more j prisoner was Italph FTambard, or Klre-
Is  very  grant.    There  Is.  I  think,  an- . brand, w ho escaped through a w-indow.
other reason for the greal demand for lit was strengthened by Kdward ill..
capital at the present moment a de who Imprisoned there, among others
mand greater th-an the supply -and I David, king Of Scotland, and John.
that is Ihe spirit of rMlleMSeil which king of France, and his son, Phillip.
Is abroad,    A  greal  development  lnlRichard ll. t.n-k refuge in the white
foreign DOUntriee and onr   colonics of   tower during the rebellion of Wat Ty
railways and enterprises needing capt- br. and lie was deposed while impris
tni is t.-ikinR place, but one which hasloued In s small room Henry VL wns
been at npanled by a aplrit of haete | twice imprisoned, and    died   in   the
White  Kock.  Nov,  'il.    Reports  are
freely  circulating  that   tiie  reeveship |
'are  carved   of Surrey municipality will be contest- j
<;. rernmenta   all governments- seem j wblte tower in n.l. and tbe Duke ofj board.
���d  by  no  less than four aspirants at
th.- coming elections.
T. .1. Sullivan, th" present reeve, has
Btated his intention of standing again.:
II   T. Thrift, or White Itock. has been!
���elected by the rate payers of Wardj
1, l'ort Kdls. l'ort Mann and neighbor*!
hood, as their candidate, and it la ex-1
nected  that this Selection  will be ei-
domed by Ward 5. which includes the !
Semiahmoo bay district;  Charlea Car
[neroas,  of Cloverdale,  will  probably
run  atid his supporters state that hc
stands to win, whilst the latest rumor
1 ia to the effect that A. (',. Marshall, of
. Sf ub Westminster, Is also s candidate
Mr.  Marshall  at  present  hold  the of
flea of chairman of the Surrey school
e Poor Maris
'ONES knows more about muter
cars than any other man I
know," said a man to his
friend. " He has obtained Ins
knowledge chiefly from motor car advertisements, and the catalogues and booklet*
circulated through them. "
" All I know about photography," declared a
known amateur, " I have learned from the aea
advertise cameras, plates, papers and fikm.**
Advertisements have been
well called "The Poor Man's
University," but other than
poor men have been schooled
// yon are i*i*t s lusl bsiintst
talk over your edverti.inf problem! with the Advertising Department of thia newapaper.
// ynu art doing a  provincial er
natitnul buiiaen it would be well
lor you (o nave the counael aad
���iiisuoce ol a tood edvcrtitiaf
afency.    A litl of thete will ba
lurnithed. without  cott or obligation, hy the Secretary oi Cao-
adien Frett Atftociation, Room
503, Luiri-.o Building,Toronto.
Much of what the average individual
cerning personal and   domestic  hygiene,
office methods, books and authors, electricity,
cious stones, investments, and almost
he has learned from advertisements.
Advertisements have   stimulated our _~
added enormously to our knowledge, and ���.  __
aspirations which have raised us to higher levels of
thinking and living. Advertising is indeed "The
Poor Man's University."
Bring three coupons clipped
from THE NEWS and 20c. for
any one of the pennants, or
send 25e. if to be mailed. You
will want one of each of these
pennants if you see them.
m��$& '��� '-*-!
if* a
:��� *   '������*%������;���
' -rMtA'i-'Mi"?-:^
-      ��1   u
TUESDAY,   NOVEMBER   25,   1913
It. <\ Milk is niL'd hy lho -Dominion government analyst ia
bis laat bulletin, as a Men) grade
produc.  meeting  tho standard.
ld.it nn   it   abovo  a  number of
others f'.r quality.
When ordering canned milk.
.mi wan: :. lii��li grade milk, lie
.���.���ar-*** -ind ask for B. C. MILK,
ami incidentally help to buiM
ua >i Pra-ser valley industry;
20 ox. tins, 2 for 25c.
I-oral AppleB, Rood quality and
park, pff bo* *1'65 *nt- W*7-*
Model Grocery
MB SUth St. Phone 10012.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Local News
Close Postcffices.
Official notice of the closing of t)i>'
Haselmere ami Ntcomekl poBtoffices
is contained in th>' current issue of
ti,,* Canada Garotte. Both offices are
,., i:,.   sev,  Westminster district
8pecial prices mi Electric Toasters,
$:, each. Tickets on each dollar pur-
ohased. Brown & Son, Columbia
street. I-430'
You can pass In a crowd if yon wear
George's Corn   and   Bunion   Shields,
Mad,- tu til  am  nun or bunion.    For'
���nie only by Hill':. Drift Sion. (2898)
Mayor  dray,   past  ohier   Sons    of
Scotland, has kindly consented to net |
as chairman at tlte St. Andrew's con
earl held In St. Patrick's hnll on Friday, -stb. ^��s> :
New Transfers.
s^sii'iii of transfers is now
id on the B. C    K.   It   linen.
slips aro moro compact with
and printed matter on
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For ful] particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
raid   Up Capital   and
Surplus t Z.SOfl.WKi
Assets     4,'.i7-,-M K
Trusteeships  Under
Administration over   S.Odfl/ttki
���*,   ,:.:', " fOr liOlld-
hohtert* over     2!,.0(i0.oao
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offtasl ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
.tHf-a,- Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, ('harlnttetown, Ujii-
doo. Eog.i   Antwerp. UelgiuoL
���New Westminster
60.   Columbia   Street.
Open   Saturday   Evening*   from
?   to 9.
A   ne
being  t
The lltt
Ip.ks numerical
the face.
Our Dairy Company.
Nine   quarts  of  fresh   bottled   milk
for 11.00, delivered daily,    i'hone 155. j
For sickness nothing equals an i
electric El Comfo. In aluminum or |
felt. Preferable to hot water bottle, i
steadv warmth as required. Tickets
riven, Hrown & Son, 620 Columbia!
street. (2��0) j
Purchase Snow Plows.
Preparations are being made by the
R <'. E. R, for clearing of snow from
the  tracks  of both  city  and   interurban   lines  this  winter,  the  company ,
having ordered three new snow sweepers, the first of which arrived In Vancouver yesterday.   The other two will
be assigned  for  work  in  New   West-1
minster and Victoria respectively.
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
Canned Goods
Now that fresh vegetables are
scarce and will be, lay In a good
stock of canned
Peas, Karly June, extra small,
2 for 25c.
Teas, Standard, per tin, 10e.
<'orn, No 1 quality, Quaker
Brand, 2 for 25c.
Corn, No. 'i quality, Quaker
Brand, 10c. per tin.
Tomatoes. BOlid pack, large
tins, 2 for 25c.
Tomatoes, solid pack, small
size, each 10c.
We make you special priceB on
case lots.
New Nuta
We have a fine lot of new
Walnuts. Almonds. Brazils, Filberts and Chestnuts To sell at
20c, 25c, and 30c. per Ib.
In Full Swing
Visit the Bargain
The New Westminster
Department   Store
In Full Swing
Visit the Bargain
Everyone this year is trying to make a dollar take the place of two or more, and it is no small problem.
Some things we must have at any priee, others we may possibly get along without. We realize that times are
hard, and it is our aim to try and ease them for you as much as possible. We are not giving goods away, but
we are conducting this store on the principle of small profits and big turnover, and we wish to convince you
that our prices on all lines of goods will stand your closest inspection and measure-up, quality considered with
prices anywhere on the coast today.  The following prices on seasonable goods should appeal to you.
Don't forget the date of St. Andrew's concert held in St. Patrick's
ball, Friday, 28th, at 8 p.m.     (8468)
Native Sots. Post. No 4, will held
an informal dance as usual after the
regular meeting In I. (>. O, F. hall tbie
-veiling. On account of changing date
of meeting it waB not possible to send
regular notices, Business meeting
7:80. I'-'407.1
Hoyal City laundry is now in :i
position to turn out "Hough Dry" at
the shortest notice, special reduction
in prices. Adults 60c dozen, children
:i..e a dozen. Telephone 183 and'we
il will han* our driver call. 12447)
Divine Service,
The wotnans' auxiliary of St. Al-
ban's Anglican church. East llurnaby,
| will meet at the rectory, r>o;;g!a3 and
Edmonds roads, tomorrow afternoon
at -' o'clock instead of i o'clock. Next
Sunday the members will attend
divine service in conjunction with
other auxiliaries in the diocese,
yqr Sale���Complete
Including ont*   largi
chairs, dishes
cheap.    Koyal
restaurant  eel
rang",    tables.
etc.,    for    sale    ver\
Mercantile Co., 61 Sixth
Many Sign Petition.
The petition iigainst granting bottling licenses under the amended
liquor license bylaw will be presented
to the board of license commissioners.
} not to the police commission A good
many namea are being secured and
the Citizens' league feels confident of
having a petition signed by a large
body of ratepayers.
I-Ycd Davis will sell by public auction (absolutely without reserve) the
furniture and household effects of Mr.
II. Bedard, on the premises, 42 Bush-
by   street   (near   Leopold   placei,   cn
Phursday, November 27, at _ .'���to-
sharp. Mr, Bedard was formerly the
manager of   Lees   Furniture   depart-
nent and is now leaving for the east,
and iie has given definite instructions
that every article must go regardless
of price offered. (21711
Purchase a book of fifteen tickets
costing $5 for evening skating sessions at the Arena. This reduction
makes the rink the most popular
priced arena on the Pacific coast.
(242.. I
Arrested in Coquitlam.
Wanted  In  North  Vancouver on a
charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses. John .Mitchell was ar-
rested in Port Coqultlam on Saturday
by the police of that city and taken
to -N'ort.h Vancouver. It is alleged
that he passed a worthless check on
a firm to which he owed money for
goods  received.
Klectric Hair Dyers guaranteed. A
uniit boon to ladies. $3.60 each. Tickets for each dollar purchase Iirown
&. Son, 620 Columbia St. (2430)
Cot your skates sharpened at Qeo.
Speck's, G_G Columbia street.      (2363)
Water Discolored.
Residents of Burnaby need fear no
harm irom drinking the slightly discolored wiiter whicb is coming tli ren*.* I*.
the pipes from Capilano and Seymi ur
erei ks. according to a test made by
Cltj Analyst Vance of Vancouver
Bt i * i�� said to be the cause ol the
dlsi oloratlon.
For all building supplies and fuel
nil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd.. 606 Westminster Trust building
Office phone S2G,  wharf phone SS0,
Maunders' "Song of Thanksgiving"
nt the olivet Baptist church on Monday evening, Nov. 24 at 8 o'clock.
Chorus of 60 voices and full orchestra.
Collection. . (2483)
Cost Him Ten Dollars.
For committing an assault upon
some fellow workmen an Italian em-
pi- veil at the mw c. P. it. Pitt river
bridge was rined $10 and costs in the
Port Coqultlam police court yesterday morning. Another man waa irn-
I plicated in the trouble and a search
warrant is at present OUl for liis ar
res' lie w;is arresied previously and
It t i ut on nominal ball,
In Our Glove Department.
Wo have a special showing of Gloves this
week, for we bave just put In the well-
Known and highly recommended "I'errin"
Clove. For perfect fit, good style and
general satisfaction In appearance and
wearing qualities tliere are none better
Among these aro a splendid line of black
und white Evening Glows, in the sixteen
and twenty-two button length, in the best
grade of "renins." Also a fine line of
washable chamois in white and natural
shades All the glovea come In assorted
shades. sizes and prices, Is OhiWfen'a and
mlses' and ladles'. You will do well to
come and secure your Christmas cholc" of
these gloves. Prices are from, per
pair Sl.OO to $3.50
Ladies' Suede Elastic Bells, with dainty
oxidized buckle. Best quality and In
similes or black and gray; each 75*C.
Royal Society Packages.
We have a nerw shipment of Hoyal Boclety
Packages just to hand. In this lot are
Combinations, Corset (overs. Sight
Gowns. Dressing Bacques, Morning Caps.
Baby and Childs' Dresses, Aprons. Blouses,
Baby Bonnets, etc.. in made and unmade
garments.    Tliey   are  all   stamped   ready,
snd the material for working is included.
Prices from     3SC to $1.25
Our Corset Values Can't Bc
We are now carrying a full line of tho
famous "K. T" Corsets, and also the American Lady Corset. In this store, special price
bargains arc offered lo fill your corBet
These are made of good quality white Cotllla, with medium Jjtn-t and long hip. A perfect fitting model made and shaped exactly as the better corsets, and finished
with four strong hose supporters. These
corsets are splendid value at $l.uu each.
Sale  price    75C
$1.50 CORSETS FOR $1.00.
Heavy White Cotllla Corsets, made with high
bust and draw  string, lone hip and extra
smart  shape, adapted  for all  figures and
finished with four hose suppoters; regular il.'tii.    Sale price   $1.00
$1.75 CORSETS FOR $1 25.
' R T." Corsets, made of good quality Cotllla
with medium low bust, long hip. buill on
extremol) graceful lines and finished with
six hose supporters. Our regular Jl 7.",
corset     Sale price       $1.25
$725 CORSET   FOR  $1.50.
A   splendid   model,   made  In  very   fine  quality French Cotllla, with long l.ip and finished  with  i '.  hose supporters    These
come In all sizi r.  regular $2 2:,.   Sale
P^ce        $1.50
Prices Will Attract Many to Our
New Basement.
Mack's No-rub; regular 6c for 3 for     lOt
Cake Turners;  regular 10c;  each 5C
Clean-Cot Jelly Tins;  regular 15c;
each    10��
Fibre Banlnster Brushes;  regular U&c;
each    25C
Imp Soot  Destroyer;  reg   15c ; ii for 25C.
Toilet Paper; regular 15c; packet   10*
Japanned Pire Shovels; reg. 15c; for.  JO*
14-quart Granite covered  Broad Pans
for    Sl.SO
lu-i|tiurt  Granite   Dish   Pans;   regular   75c;
for   60C
3 quart   'intuit"   Coffee   Pots;   regular   75c.
fer  60C
No   9  I   C   Tin  Wash   Hollers   $1.35
Nn   sic    Copper  Wash   Bottom   Boilers
for    S1.75
Liquid  Veneer  Furniture  Polish;   per bottle  25C *t\i SOC
The  Ht.   Clair   Malleable  Steel   Hange.   sold
with a gaurantee to be a perfect baker
snd economical fuel burner. Hundreds of
satisfied   users  sing   its   praises      Let   us
show   you.    Price,  connected. .S68.00
! int Lawn  Handkerchiefs, in scalloped and
embroidered   border  and  ��'dge.     A   choice
���election  ol dainty patterns     .lust   S   few
doses  left..    Any two for   2SC>
An Indisputable fact���our values and prices in the toy dept. can't be beat
Skatin-j sessions
, every  *cek day  fro
thc afternoon and 8
. ven:r.g.
Insure with  Alfred W. MeLeod. tin
insurance     man,     All   kinds     written
- Hundreds of millions to pay losses,
at    Queens    park (23371
n  3:30 to  5:30  in . 	
'5 to 10:30 in the ,    The Pythian Sisters will hold a sab
attendance  everv if work on Tuesday afternoon, Novi n
".:��� ;   :*'
1ng  al  <>
(2423)   bi r   5, In the Labor Temple, corner of
Royal  avenue,    and     Seventh     stre, t.
.knte sharpening and rivet   Afternoon lea   wlll    be   served    snd
icar  Swausoon's,  13  Begble  home cooking and candy offered for
(2:'.';rii   Bale. 12457:
AH kinds of groceries for
Christmas use in stock at the
store ol
I Successor to Ayling * Swain.)
m*7 C.'.umbi-   St. Phone tt)
Pigs $1.00 Each
That Are Useful and Are Sure to
EL BTOVO���Electrh   Stoves  in '-' sizi
EL TOSTO���Toasts your bread in a moment
EL tostovo���A combination electric stove and toaster, $6.00,
EL GRILLO���Broils,  Bolls and  Toasl       The handiest and  most
useful electric appllanci   sold $8.50.
ELECTRIC   IRONS���With   10  yen*  guarantee      Put  up  In   neat.
Christmas  package,  $4 50.
New   Westminster.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established  1(91.
Ws wrltt Fir*, Life, Accident, E mployers'   Liability,   Automobile   snd
Marino  Insurance.
Men Need   Warm   Underwear at These
Best quality tTeeced-llned Underwear; regular 66c, n garment   for         50C.
"Penangle" heavy ribbed, all
wool Underwear, double breasted. Sonic also have double back
.lust the garment for hard war.
Regulai value--, to (1,60 Now
selling  at   per  garment. 35c.
"Imperial��� natural wool underwear. A fine garment for
men wanting medium weight
Underwear. All sizes to ti: now
per garment $1.25
"St. eOorge" heavy, pure
wool, ribbed Underwear, 'iio.*
ii excellent finality; all sizes to
ti: regular $1.76 Now selling
for         S1.45
"D.r Shiles" natural cashmere
Underwear. A splendid garment for men wanting a better
urade of underwear; all Blzes
to 16    Price, garmenl   52,50
"Penman's" tine natural wool
Undi r- ��� .ir for boys, In sizes
iron 20 to 32. Priced aee rd-
itiK to Bize at 66c. to . $1.25
We also h i'" Beveral other
1 ::��� - of .Men's Underwoar, In-
i lud ng Wolsey and '-it inf t Id
i .... - ��� mr undi * *��� ** i I re
I |   .        mf   : ,..,, ������ ,.,,-,- '.,    ���,,-
���  .  ���* : i    bt   I  value
for j une;      Bee our   *
Headquarters   for Art
\ * ! snd complete assort-
met -    ol    Art   Nt i dleworlc,  re-
qui  nts are nt s  b! iv n *    i
mr A Needlework Departmenl
'I '* di p >j(tn���-;>' Is now niul' r
the nranag'emt nt of a fully com-
peti ni lady, �� ho v.-i; 1 help and
insl n t those �� ho �� Ish any advice In Art Needlework problem iree of charge, if it Is
an i 'in wanted for Art Needle-
work we ti:i '* tt.
Art Needlework  Dept.
Fee I,."- n< *.\ line of Stamped
Centre Pluses, In sizes from l-
to 54 Inches, They are Btamped
on good quality ������������ bite linen [or
i." neb, i-.yi let, Punch and Bouillon Btlch, Also a nl"* assortment of Tea and fancy Aprons.
Prices from . .. .2B*. lo 75t.
Stamped Cushion's, Scarfs and
Centres, oii gray linen and repp,
it:  Rambler  Rose, Conventions,
Fuschla, do. er, Coronation and
Mil     Flour    designs.      Prices
from   75��. "' 51.2^
Instruction-* -given free of
Charge Oil any of these goods.
iii woollen goods for children
we havi.. a nice assortment of
Petticoats, Jackets, Caps. Mitts,
lii ��� tees,  etc      Prices correct.
See the mw Leather Cushions,
Pennants ��i"i covers. Alwaya
so BuItaWe  for    old    Country
Christmas gifts,
These Prices and Values Will Sell Lots of Furs.
Call and Inspect, our Pur Stock We carry a big BSSoHmeni of
Natural Mink. Sable- Pitch, Natural Raccoon, Squirrel, Asnlrlan .Mink,
Marmot, Black caracul. Pointed Hare, Hlack opnssuin. Hudson Seal,
Coney, Belgian Hare. White Thibet, Angora, and imitation Ermine.
i',fi  our fur prices and values.    You ean save money right here
Natural Raccoon Set; large shawl collar, with low: tab fronts, finished
with four tails. Large billow muff in match. Spei lal price 535.00
Pancy Near Seal Set. with imitation Chinchilla trimming.   Long scarl
and pillow muff to match.   Special ner set  515.00
liiai k Coney Set, lartie shawl stole and fane*,  ruse   muff;    regular
��26,00     Special   S17.S0
imitation Chinchilla  Fur Bet    $4.75
Angora  Lamb  Sets;   large collar and  muff,  per Bel   .....   .    ST!)11'!
V, bite Thibet S��-is; long shaped stole and plain muff; per set J5.7R
Handsome Hudson  Seal Bet,  having  long straight  Mole,  lined   ���������i'li
rich zray messaline.    Larue bolster muff with "birred grey messaline
finished ends.   Special, per set S45.00
A beautiful natural Sable Fitch Bet, having large stole with square
effect  in  the back and  long ends ii.  front   finished  with  natural
tails and claw-.    Large fancy muff to match     Nicely lined  with
brown satin.   Special per set     575.00
Natural  Racoon Set, having  large plain shawl stole, finished with
four tails In front. Large pillow muff to match. Bpoclal, set, $40.00
Natural  Mink  Stole, ��ith  large plain shawl effect lu black'   low;
��� *i"ls iu front, finished with natural tails and claws,  regular $1.60.
Sale Price $    5135.00
.Mink  Muff to match,    Tliirf Is an  extra  large pillow  m>:!'7i trimmed
at iio* fool with tails, regular silt,.   Sale Price    $110.00
Hudson Seal set; long scarf nnd large semi-bolster muff to match;
per  sei    -$45.00
Beautiful  White Tibet Stole;   extra large, with long ends in  fmnt;
regular J12.60,  for   59.85
Large Pillow Muff to match;  regular $10.60, for  $8.75
.Mink  Marmot  Stole, cut square In  the back and finished with tails.
Long   i.iii   rronts  trimmed   with   tails   and   load     Regular  $16.00.
Large fancj   Mink Marmot  Muff to match   stole      Regular   ISOiOO.
'���"���  $14.85
i ii"*.*.  Near Seal Bet, having lon-i; scarf finished with silk fringe and
bro d or**.:*  ���        an i ml.-    run;  muff to n. itch;  per set. .. $15.00
Evening downs Much Reduced.
Wi have a number of hand una Kvening Gowm all reduced for
tbe Chi   I it .* it' :ni"
Pale Blue Ninon, made over blue messaline. The bodice Is
br.idi nd spin  through It,  regular J:!.r,   Bale price   $22.50
Palue Blue Nil in, madi over blue messaline. The Bodies Is
nice!) trl imed with ruoh ngs, a fischu and collar finishing neck This
Is 11 'ible fnr * * luwt miss; regular $80.   Sale price $19.85
cream Voile made mer a silk slip, wiih trimmings of Satin
covered buttons and girdle   ol    messaline.   Regular,   $:',u.oo.   Sale
I'riee    $19.85
Cream and dray Voile Dresses, nloely trimmed with cream sml
gray messaline;  regular $16 00 for   $11.00
Cream Duchess Satin, with handsome overdross of spangled bands.
Regular $60 00,    Sale price   $37.00
Evening Coats in Velvet and Broadcloths
Greatly Reduced.
Brocaded two-tone Velvets, lined with colored natin messaline;
regular $36.00   Saleprice  $24.00
Hlack Bilk Velvet; coat In new model, richly trimmed with silk
liraid and satin Hind;  regular $30.00,    Sale prico  $21.00
$15.00 Ladies' Coats for $9.50.
A big selection of Ladles' Coats In all new ifall styles, made In
Iirown tweeds, diagonal cbevlotti. plain hrown and tiui blanket, cloths,
also in black and Whits mixtures. These are all good warm winter
coats. They i;o|l In (lie regular way around $ IB 00 each You cat]
choose any one of tbem for   $9.50
"**%&.,. ^__        [***-******���        ' Lim/tec
About   Draperies   and
Have you ever considered that
Hie ImiiBlnKs in a room are one
of lha most Important furnlHh-
inns? On first entering a room
your most vivid Impression ll
gathered from the hangings, no-
cause tliey are on a level wltli
the eyes. Vou notice the hum-
lilt;:! before either the runs or the
Discerning women vim- particular care to the room hang
ings It is, or should be, the
a.m of every woman to limp
her windows nnd portieres With
materials that are not onl) pleat
lng to the eye. but also it troion-
Ise with the rest of th turnlsh-
;nga In each room.
Prom our large stock 0( h um
'ngs we can supply ynu* leouire-
1'ients for any or all the rooms
in your borne.
Tin- portieres or heavy b ing*
itlf- wc have velours in all
COIorS. Regular %'i 50 per ."ard
for  51.50
Double-faced Velour   n green
or rose. Reg. $3.60 for. $2.9$
Tapestries, regular M.i* and
$1.75 for,  in i   yard     .    Sl.OO
por lighter hangings >ve nave
.lust  received  a  new   i'i or tl..'lit
or Bungalow Nets, Voltes, Mar-
��� lutsi Ites  and  Scrims.
Bungalow Nets In white
:>ory. cream, ecru and tlrab nt.
per yr.rd   25*.
Pandora Voiles, wita hemstitched and colored b.i.'I'T at,
per yard       45c.
Broderle Voltes, with hemstitched border nt per yd  50C.
Mercerized Marquisettes, In
plain cream. Ivory and ecru at.
per  yard 406.
Fancy    bordered    Reversible
Scrims,   In   several     new     and
dainty patterns at, per yard
35e. 45e.  �������������� 50c.
New Waists Just In.
We hove Just received a new
shipment   of   Ladies'   WalBtS
something stnart for the Christmas trade.
Dainty Hand Kmbroldered
llatlste and Marquisette trim
med wllh flnn Krench Valen-
clenncs and Maderta LaceB.
Prices  from   ...$3  "$7.50
.,lso  a  new  llne of  the  new
two-toned Messaline Bilks, made
in plain nhlrt and also fancy
styles.    Prices from $4.00 *��
$7.50. i
flood     warm    Ceylon     Wool .
WalHts,   ln   gray,  navy,  Iirown,
cream,    cardinal    an!     strlpi-e
Prices  $2.95 to $3.25
m.-    I.
1 ;>��


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