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The New Westminster News Oct 21, 1913

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 News Classlflsd Ads.
Hsve proven their worth by the
results   they    produce.     They   All
large   or   small   wants   at   small
Ths Weather.
New Westminster and the Uiv.pt
Mainland: Light to modern'" winds;
\ generally   fair with   stationary   or
lower temperature.
After a week of campaigning the two factions of the
city council divided on the two bylaws and plebiscite voted
upon Saturday, made an "even break," by both winning
and losing on one of the two main issues, that of the Coquitlam dam agreement and the Gas Purchase bylaw. The
entire city council favored the Interest Conversion bylaw,
which carried, but the split was clear cut between Alderman Bryson who opposed the Gas bylaw and the Coquitlam dam agreement, and the rest of the council, who favored them.
The number of votes polled was fairly large. Both
the interest Conversion and the Gas bylaws required
three-fifths of the total votes cast, and thus, while the
latter had a majority for, it lost by 36 votes, while the interest measure carried by 93. The Coquitlam dam agreement had a straight majority of 158 votes. In this last
both ratepayers and householders had votes. The figures
by polling divisions were:
Proposal of First Lord of j British Militant Suf fragette Rev. W. W. Abbott Would
Admiralty Received Without Sympathy.
Defend Coasts Against All  Nations���
Question of England Accepting
Canadian Dreadnoughts.
Will Be Free to Tour the
United States.
President Issues Order After Conferring with Secretary of Department of Labor.
Ask Council to Enforce
Criminal Code.
Gas Bylaw.
Polling BtaUlms
City hull
Nn    1    	
No, i 	
West  Knd   	
Kor Against
Went   Knd
Tot.'il   .     nti      275
Lost hy ..u on three-fifths regulation
Interest Conversion Bylaw.
Polling Stations Kor Again**1.
Clt)  Hall
No. 1        110
No.     ____B"
Total       441      138
Carried hy 93 on three-fifth regulation.
Coqultlam Dam Agreement.
City Mali
Polling Stations Kor Against
No 1      1C9
No. 2 ...
Sapperton .
Wesl   Knd   .
461      208
for. 166.
Total   . .
  I     Majority      	
the Poll. |the bylaws, commenting on the result
Of those who voted on  the Coqult-jof the voting, eald that II  was appar-
lani  dam agreement    412    ratepayers | ent a larli
were    fir    and    186 against, and    4'.*
householders for nnd 10 against
.Sapperton more than    doubled    the
igaliiHt the gas bylaw, recording
-. for to 46 against.    Ratepayi
that  section    of the elty    also
against thS I'miulibiiii dam agreement
Jiy 32 to 29. hut tlle tour householders ,..._ 	
who  voted   lined  up In favor nf    the j passi-d ll almost   appears    a miracle
ii��� .hi.  i_ .��� evidence that lbe peo
ilerlln. Oct. 20.���Tho proposal by
Winston Spencer Churchill, lirst lord
of the liritish admiralty, that England
and Germany should declare a "naval
holiday'' in 1914, waa received without sympathy hy the Oerman government which regards It as not calling
for a reply, it is generally considered
doubtful whether any official nctlce
wlll be taken of the suggestion, although It Is thought the imperial
chancellor may perhaps refer to the
subject later on in lhe course of the
debate in the Imperial parliament.
Thc naval authorities lure consider
tho proposition ihat Oermany should
not buy any warships while England
is constructing at least three, cannot
be discussed.
Different Opinions.
London, Oct. 2"     lhe    llerlin    cor-
Publicity as Weapon to Wipe Out the
Segregated Area in New
Rev. \V. W. Abbott, pastor of the
Queens Avenue Methodist church, referred on Sunday to a petition which
is being circulated among the Methodist, Presbyterian, Haptist and Keform-
the  British  militant suffragist led Episcopal churches, asking tbe-clty
council  to  enforce tbe criminal code
Washington, Oct. 20.���America's
doors were opened today to Mrs. Em-
meline I'ankhurst aud during tlie few
weeks covered by ber lecture engage
ments   ^^	
leader ia free to go where she will in
;lie United States. An order releasing
the much discussed visitor from detention at Ellis Island and revoking the
deportation order of the special enquiry board was issued today after
President Wilson had conferred with
the secretary of the department of labor, and a formal hearing before Immigration Commissioner Caminetti on
Mrs. Pankhurst's appeal had been concluded.
respondent of the Daily Mall says   "I
of Canada and wipe out what Is
known as the segregated area ot
social vice in the city.
Thc object, he said, should commend
itself to every right thinking man, and
1 he  hoped   every   elector   would  avail
j himself, or herself, of the opportunity
; by     signing     the   petition.     Recent
| changes in    the   criminal   code    had
;made it much easier than before    to
deal with the matter, and the work in
the churches would be followed up by
a general canvas in order to present
as strong as possible a case to    the
council.    None but electors   will    be
Albany, Oct. 20���A few minutes after the Progressive convention met In
New York tonight that nominated him
for the assembly, William Sulzer Issued a statement, telling why he had
"consented to come back to Albany."
Throughout the evening he was ln
communication by telephone with Progressive  leaders In New   Vork.
There never was any doubt that he
could have the nomination if he wanted it, he declared, nor does he doubt
that the first of January will Bee him
back where he began his political
career 20 years ago. He, and his
friends also, are convinced that he will
go from there to the speakership and
thence back to the governor's chair.
Some time tomorrow Sulzer will go
to New Vork. He will begin a campaign
for the assembly seat at once and
speak day and night up to election
time. After that he will accept some
lecture engagements up to the first
of January. If it Is then necessary for
him to come to Albany he will arrive
here on the opening day of the legislature to start his fight which he hopes
will put him back ln the executive
Mr. Sulzer promises to make the
"fur fly" if he is elected. He also says:
"Not only will I make it warm for my
enemies in the assembly, but I will
make them take notice in other placesr,
Nomination Unanimous.
New York, Oct. 20���The nomination
of the Impeached executive wu
brough about against the desire of the
state and county leaders of the Pro-
groasfve party. The sentiment of the
Progressives throughout the state and
other statea generally was against the
move, according to State Chairman
T. D. Robinson and County Chairman
P. W. Bird. Mr. Bird In a letter to Mr.
Staindler, before the meeting began,
cautioned him regarding "the unwisdom of nominating Mr. Sulzer."
However, Mr. Bird pointed out that
although 3000 voters ln all parties, ss
he was Informed, out of a total of 69flO
voters, had signed a petition favoring
Mr. Sulzer's nomination, such a nomination "if brought about In this way,
would be more of a neighborhood than
a party nomination. It would not be a
strictly Progressive designation bdt s
nomination by the voters of all parties
in the district, nsing the vacancy that
happens to be on the Progressive ticket for their purpose."
After Sulzer had been nominated
there was a demonstration in the
East Side hall tonight. Bands in the
streets outside played national airs.
The nomination was made unanimous.
(if interest prevailed among
jlhe   voters   who   favored   the   bylaws.
while the opposition mustered strong.
i He   was  pleased   that  the   Coqultlam
i dam agreement carried so splendidly.
In | Alderman Bryson.
"After considering the efforts of the
,���, M  __,     iombiueil forces 10 have the gas bylaw
tour householders I lhal it was turned down.   In my opts
lined  up  In  favor of    the I passed  ii almost    appears
| lon  this  Is
Secretary   Wilson   announced   that
he and the president had agreed that I asked to sign
Mrs. Pankhurst should be admitted "onl    The subject, he aaid, was one that
her own cognizance" with the under-jhe would much rather bave 6a-id noth-
.    ji      ,_.,   ,,     v    ij j -.   .    t-   i lng   about,   and   it was only   from a
standing that she should depart when : _,*  ��� ,,   .���,,. ,*,.,    . *    .   .    ,
I sense of duty that   he    was    led    to
she had fulfilled her 1     _re   engage- j speak of it.
Publicity as Weapon.
Short Vlsi |    The hideous vice was in our midst
_____________ ,n
pie  are    again    becoming    conscious
total'after having been In a delirious con
total J dlnon  for some time caused by
; 'high'
or In lieu of   a better
The Interest conversion  bylaw  had
a majority  at  every    poll    and
"lors"  more  than  doubled   the
"agalnsts." m	
It is Interesting lo note lhat at thc i "speculative" fever.
ci:>   hall both  Nu. 1 and  No. 2 polls, i    "1   think,  however,  that   with
headquarters for TOters tn    the - busl-' proper   nursing   and   proper   exercise
dsss district,   the   majority    favored j ths  electorate  will  soon   be  around.
ivit) Inlaw,    ln lhe outlying sections ��� Bound In body and mind."
this hiand was ri versed on the gas by-      This   was  the  statement   of  Alder-
law, but upheld in the interest and in! man  Ilryson, the lone member of the
im st cas 8, the Coqultlam dam umas   city  couneil  who opposed  the  bylaw.
lire. when mn rvlewed last evening.
II   Is   nut   known   yet   what   course :     Alderman   Bryson  further said  that
Ihe   elty   connell   will   follow    In   vli*w . he   was   not   sorry   that   the   '
turt-.ng down of Uie gas plant | e,"'version  hylnw  had  been
en suggest*-*! I sad thst bs was not surprised that the
tha:    the, Coqultlam   dam  agreement  hud   heen
money voie-u u*a* >�������. .��� by-',iindorsed, lie was of the opinion, how
. _��� -.��._.. r.,,ri���.S(.s I ever, lhat If the vote had been taken
hns i two  years  ago. when  lt  should  have
the authorities,  It    la i heen  taken,  that    the    result    might
unofficial quarters ihat havo been different.
i  ui  ���_....      111  bs tnadS      "I  hope, however."    he    concluded.
lo have the gas money, formerly voted, '���   thnt   New  Westminster  wlll not    be
arranged so it can he used  for Other I troubled with deadly    grrnis    III    the
purposes. water that have caused serious trouhle
Mayor Gray. . In olher parts of Canada as a result
Mayor Cray, who fought hard for all ,of negltict at the proper time."
purchase bylaw   It has bi
that   Metis   lie     taken     so
nted last y<ar for the
law   may  he used for other purpos
While   no tatiinantin   whan
liiin made by
I'.inii d in some
un  effort  of some sort
have excellent  reasons   for  believing
that   Winston   Churchill's   latest   proposal of a naval ship building holiday
will, like  his proposal  of  March  2G
fall on deaf ears in Germany. M^^^^^
Whatever fate awaits the speech in j ments.
press in inform ^^k        ....��,.   ......     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ed circles in llerlin justify nie in pre      Commissioner Caminetti tonight is-!���in our city���aud we could not afford
dieting    that Mr. Chjn chill's    newest Uued a formal statement outlining the t0 8but   our eyes   any   longer;    the
project  will be pronounced what    its  -��������������� for w    decUlon ,n ��,��� caBe   P��"cy of keeping silent has been pur-
predecessor    was--namely,    undebut.      ���_, , .... . ,.    |sued too long, and tne only  way  we
able. There Is nothing in the record be-.,.,,^,*, rid ourselves ot this foul thing
This is unquestionably    the    vlewi'ore  me," said the statement, "to In-1 was by  letting ln the light upon it
held  In  those service quarters which (dicate that the British government de-. for  it  there  was anything  that    the
have hitherto    contrived    to    Impose lRlres ,hat MrB* Pankhurst shall be re- workers of Iniquity could not endure
their opinions on the imperial govern- I'urned to England, and the evidence of Ut was publicity, and the best weapon
ment.    Grand Admiral    Von    Koster,  record   indicates  that  while she  *oe'tor the defeat ot wrong and the estab-
pre.ldcnt    of    the    Germany    Naw ���*** nndw*^^"^^^^""liahment of right was publicity,
league, responding to a request for an ]**>"*' ,Tlll\ *?',?.? "3_ !        ���,.    y
opinio,,  telegraphs.      The Idea of    a �� �����*>   ����rt S<$a,,<!t ******' ?nd ��?"
holiday  year  is  inccmprehenulMe    to P*** >  *�� *��* h" 22.2rt��JS
'      .,  . ,        m,    *     ki >, _,,_,  compel her to Eerve the remainder, but
me as applied   o a Hee   which must jag al ()( fact        M ,en
defend our coasts against all enemies, i h       be<m   shown   lov.aTa,   fhe   ,  ���*[
���On  the other  hand  Captain    Per- icant by ,hp En)r,jgh authorities.   Shall
Sins, a well known tiaval expert  con-;thU government deny even temporary
iders  Mr. Churchill's    proposal    not ;asyium when bv ���, do|ng ie8s consid-
only  debatable   but capable oT being ipral)on   wouid  t,e   shown  Mrs.   I'ank-
carried out    I'.e says thai If there islhurst then England displayed.
i wlll there'R a way. j    "Mrs. Pankhurst states, and counsel
"It is felt by    some    that    If    Mr.| throughout the case    have    asserted.
Churchill  Is permitted  to  except  tho Ithat  she  Is  coming here  only  for a
or thc'.r e'liil-i short visit for the specific purpose of
to deliver lee-
Startling Evidence in Trial
of Mrs. Eaton for Murder
of Husband.
Conjecture Rife as to Who Will Succeed P. D. Roe as Chief Magistrate of Port Moody.
Mayor P. D. Roe has definitely
1 elded to throw off the cares of
Report Has It That Enormous Ditch Will Parallel
Would Run Through Colombian Terrl
tory���Cost Not Offset by giving
in Tolls.
Toronto, Oct. 20. Charles Gibson,
tlle youlhtttl slayer of Joseph Rosenthal, yesterday began his life sentence
In the Kingston penitentiary, havini
heen taken down with as little pub
llcity as possible on Saturday. T. H.
Lennox, K.C states that he has not
yet given up hope of having Uibson
declared nn Innocent man.
"I am busy endeavoring to gather
information respecting tho two much-
needed missing men, who sre alleged
to have participated In the murder,"
said Lennox.
Canadian dreadnoughts
vnlent. also the privilege of unrestricted U.il'.ding in case of International
developments a position might arise
where Germany would be compelled to
stand w Ith f ilded arms In tho pres-
encij of a proportion of live British to
one German ship."
General Aged 72 Issues Chsllenrs
Enemy Aged 77���The Legion
of Honor.
London,   Oct.   20.���The   announce
ini'iit inafle ln several Hritish papers
today  that British Interests are    ar-
ranging  for a new canal  to parallel
the Panama   canal,   to   run   through
Colombian   territory,     huB    aroused |
much comment here. In most quarters
here it is held that the enormous expenditure for the digging of a second
"big ditch" would not  be offBet by
the saving In tolls lo shipping In less
than half a century, and It Is held to
be  doubtful  If  the promoters  would
lind British capital to v arrant such   u
.stupendous task.
On the other hand, the report   Is
welcomed as a sign that Britain Is not
Evades Guards and Succeeds In Hsng-
Ing Himself to Cslllng��� Hsd Mads
Several Previous Attempts.
I'aris, Oct. 20.���A challenge to a
duel was sent today by a Krench
septuagenarian warrior. Gen. Bosck,
aged 72, to another, still older,
Georges Klorentln. aged 77, the granil
chancellor of the legion of honor.
The cause of the quarrel was thst
legal proceedings had been started by
Gen. Florentin to present the members
cf a military society, the Society of
National Merit, founded by Gen.
Bosck, from wearing a button among
Its Insignia, and thus Infringing the
privilege of the members of the
Legion of Honor. The seconds of the
two aged officers met this afternoon
to deliberate aa to whether a combat
would be necessary.
fulfilling engagements
Hires, that all that Is desired Is that
she may be allowed to carry out these
"Upon carefully considering the entire record and all of the circumstances of the case. I conclude that the
hest disposition to make of the matter
will be to accept the assurances of all
parties concerned and admit Mrs.
Pankhurst on her own cognizance, to
depart from the country at the termination of her engagements and so recommend.
No Occupation.
in hls memorandum   to   the secretary, thp commissioner described the
case in hand as follows:
"Alien Is a native of Kngland, aged
51; travelling alone. Is a widow, with
three children in Europe:paid her own
passage, has no occupation; has been
In the United States twice before, once
In the autumn of 1909, and again from
October, 1911 to Jsnusry, 1912, going
to friend. Mrs. O. P. H. Belmont. New-
York city: has $2000. The hoard ex-
clui'-d alien hy unanimous vote as a
'ne-on vttn has becn convicted of a
te1 *\y, or ' 'her crime or mlsd��menrior^
ch In the opinion of the board In-
vc'.ves moral turpitude."
to sit down quietly and allow
Evading ths guards for a short
length of time on Saturday afternoon
at the Insane hospital In thla city,
Adolpho Marcand, a Frenchman by
birth, was later discovered hanging to
the celling of his room and wss dead
when let down. The man had formed
a uoose with pillow esses and  thc
lining of his coat.    ^	
This Is said to have beon the fifth
Railway Installs Wlrslsss.
London. Oct. 20.���The Midland Railway company is Installing wireless
signal apparatus which wlll enable
communication to be established between engineers on trains and signal
Crown Prines Hai  8oms  Explaining
to Oo���May Not Have Bsen
There was a disposition In some
quarters to ignore the matter and to
hold that so long as this thing did not
invade our homes and blight our own
Immtdiate friends we could leave it
alone, but surely ihat was not the
part of a patriotic and christian citl-
nen���it was a mean and narrow cut-
look upon life and its responsibilities.
We were apt to conclude, in the
security and seclusion of our homes
that after all it was not so widespread
and so serious as It. appeared, and the
whole subject was so obnoxious that
we would much rather forget it. But
it bad continued to grow aud if permitted to pursue its devilish course
God only knows how soon it might
touch and shadow"nur own homes.
That there was    a  well    organized
traffic in girls for immoral purposes
too clearly demonstrated to require
further proof.
In New Westminster today it waa
well kuown we had a segregated area
of social vice and the festering canker
upon the life of tbls city was sending
out its poisonous Influence, corrupting
our manhood, destroying our domestic
happiness, and imperilling the health
of women and helpless children. It
was told by one who had visited a
section of the city and watched the
door of one of these houses of ill-fame
that no less than 38 men were seen to
enter, and It would be surprising if
the names of some of these men were
mentioned���how they would pull down
their hats and shrug up their shoulders so that they would not be recognised.
it might be said that our city was
no worse than others, but were we to
be satisfied to be told that when we
might be much better ? We were told
that segregstion was the best thing,
but the evil wss not segregated, but
simply acted as a centre from which
it was scattered throughout the city
and helped the very evil we would
To recognize It was to encourage
lawlessness and was a confession that
the law could not be enforced. The
situation is that those la authority
are either ln (avor of this thing or
they must confess themselves Incompetent to enforce th* "��� ""* ���**���
One Dose of Poison Alleged to Haws 1 chief magistrate ot Port Moody and.
Been Adminl.tsr.d While Msn        fi* "���*��������� ��*��  a holiday    **
I Europe for an indefinite number   of
I Wss Unconscious. 1 months.   The mayor feels that after a
I ^^__ I strenuous career in North America���
Ithe United States and Canada���tor
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 20.���Rear A3-'[ne��riy"w years he Is entitled to revisit
mlral Joseph G. Eaton died from ! Scotland, the scenes of his Infancy���
poison, at least one dose of which wasjIul<1 t^e adjacent kingdoms of Engr-
administered within six or eight hours 'nnd. Ireland and the continent ot
of liia death, during which time, the Europe.
testimony   showed,    he   was   uncon-1    tt uaed to be said in the days of Dr.
scious. I Johnson, of dictionary fame, that   th��
This, the statement of medical ex-1finest road in Scotland waa the on��
perts, 'was the principal evidence in-1 leading to England,
traduced by the government in ita| It might be said with greater truth
efforts to support its charge that the [that the Atlantic passage to North
admiral came to his death at the | America was fraught with greater
bands of bis wife, Mrs. Jennie May I possibilities for the brains and sinews
Eaton, now on trial for her life. of Scotia's sons.   Certainly Mayor Roe
That Mrs Eaton had many times I la a standing illustration of his own
said that she wished that her hus-j modest aphorism that if you catch a
band   was   dead,   was the statement
made on the witness stand today by
William Cales, of Rockland, who
knew the family in 1910.
Testimony as to the finding of
poison in the admiral's body and indications as to the time and manner
of its administration, was given by
Professors W. F. Whitney and William
Balch, of Harvard medical school.
These experts, retained by the government, had analyzed the contents of
the organs removed from the body of
the admiral. Sixteen grains of pure
white arsenic was found and a greater
amount probably was thrown oft from
the admiral's system before death, according to the testimony.
Both professors admitted under
cross-examination that tbe presence of
a large quantity of arsenic has been
accepted by experts as an indication
that the poison wss self-administered.
District Attorney Albert Barker, in
re-direct examination, brought out
testimony to show that the poison
might hsve been administered equally
well by some other person, lt Is the
contention ot the government that
poison wss given the admiral ln tsa
and other beverages by his wife.
The defence failed today to secure
any confirmation of their contention
that ths admiral used Intoxicants
freely and then resorted to drugs to
overcome the after-effects.
law and glv*
place to better men.  The speaker was
persuaded that It the city councll had
ieu xu** *,. ��.-. ....
| reason to believe that they had   the
I solid backing ot the moral forces ot
- ���*���*����������� ���..M win.
the United States to Impose dlscrlrn- attempl of th��� de0essed, to end hls
._..   �����n_    unnn    British    vessels  , ..!,_,��
Inntory tolls upon British
without making sn attempt to overcome this unfair attitude which Is held
throughout Europe to be a violation of
International treaties.
Build Into Prinee Albsrt.
Saskatoon.  Oct.  20.���Rbports
/p.'Wakaw, Sask., state that construction
engineers frnm a Chicago firm have
placed orders for sand and gravel and
 -'��� "" ������������� rtrond Trunk
piaeeu ono-m .... ���_.	
state that wnrk pn the Grand Trunk
bridge, crossing tlte North Saskatchewan river st St. Louis and completing
the entry of tho rosd Into Prince Albert wlll stsrt st once.
life. A few months ngo he wss taken
Into custody by the local pollce after
he hsd tried to drown himself In s
bath tub st St. Mary's hospital. At
thn pollce station he made another
attempt by swallowing a quantity "'
An Inquest aver the body was con-,
ducted by Coroner McQuarrie on Sat-
iifilny evening, a verdict of death
while of unsound mind being brought
In by the Jury with a rider that ths
hospital authorities were not to blame
for the successful attempt of the man
to end hls lite.
Reports ot a fatal shooting
accident which took place yesterday In thc Fraaer valley
reached this city late last evening.
Ross W. Howard, night yard-
master for the C. P. R. In Vancouver, Is said to be the victim.
According to the story told The
Nows. Howard was out with a
shotgun yesterday morning and
while'on the banks ot a stream
watched a fisherman cspture a
trout. Howard droinni hi* gun
in order to aislst the fisherman, ths gun exploding as It
hit the ground.
Berlin, Oct 1.'���v.fowo Prince
Frederick William arrived hi Berlin
from Munich and was summoned to
sppfsr Immediately before the emperor at Potsdam. The subject of ���
two hcur Interview * whieh followed,
was the recant announcement of thi
crown prince's opposition to his
father's policy regarding the Brunswick succession. The crown prinoe,
according to aa Inspired statement
before the intervtpwi .wss prepared to
deny responsibility for ths publication
ot hls letter to the Imperial chancellor. Dr. Vpn Betblsm Hollweg, aad to
disapprove the ��M made ot It
In this letter the prince has ***>
tested against* permission being given
to Prince Krnset ol Cumberland, hoi-
band bf ths emperor's daughtsv. Princess Louise, to occupy Ute throne ot
Brunswick without express reoeneh*.
Uon ot his prem^tons to tho throne
ot Hanover. ^^^^^^""���"���mm���
SOUa  oacawe v. ���-. 	
this city behind them they would wipe
out this evil. If we were prepared to
say lt must go It will go, but not he-
���  - . -..��fc___l and
say ll nun ����� ���������... ,-.
tore we rise In righteous manhood and .
say this foul blot upon our city must I
be removed. Other cities have banished It and we could do the earn*.
In conclusion he urged hie hearers
not, to allow business or any other
consideration to stand ln thetr way,
hnt he knew that It everyone did his
duty the evil would soon ����* driven
away trom Ute city,
Praotlcally Certain There Will Ua Ne
tension ef Honae ot Cemmene In
Scotsman young you may make sortie-
thing of him.
He left his "ain romantic todn,"
Auld Reekie, the modern Athens, Edinburgh, when he was two years old.
His parents first settled in the
western territories of the United
States where young Roe acquired his
knowledge of the lumber trade which
stood him in such good stead when
he finally made his way to British
Cams Seventeen Yesrs Ago.
Thoroughly equipped in all lta *
branches, the mayor established himself In Port Moody some 17 years ago.
With his partner, Bob Abernethy, the
present chairman of the North Ann
Fraser river harbor commission, he le
Jointly responsible for the flourishing;
state ot the lumber Industry there���
Indeed synonymous with the . solid,
some say phlegmatic prosperity ot ths
When ln the beginning of this year
the ctty was incorporated the mayor
waa elected Its civic head by acclamation.
It ls too early to prophecy the dee-
tlny ot Port Moody as an Industrial
centre, ubt one thing that Mayor Roe
will always he celebrated for la hln
stern unequivocal stand against tho
unscrupulous boosting of the hew city
by speculative land sharks. His Motto
hae always been that Port Moody Is
good enough to stand on Un own lets,
and while not adverse to legitimate
advertising he sternly repressed any
attempt to represent aa the hah ot ***
Pacific coast ..,,
Recently tho mayor hnl a fonr
montha' trip to the prairie prerinooa
nad Ontario, and eame book tfcoraufe*-
ty opUmleUe an the result ot what ha
eaw aad heard.
Mr. and Mrs. Roe and famlW,
two conetas ot Mm. Roe. Mine 1
^**********m.. m.5^_��� _
he   driven
Fatality Uet Seventeen.
Mobile, Ale.. Oct *>.���Unleee others
ot the 90 aotdlera in local hospitals die
ot Injuries suffered tn the wreck ot
the Mobile end Ohio troep trala near
Btate Uae, Mlaa* Bunday afiernoon,
the llat of deed wm stead at IT, according to tht ralhfoad undertaker's
report tonight Oftctala ot the railroad oompany tonight any there are
- ���    ..,-*a__. Tj.* .^ *      *   __-__.
Ottawa, Oct go.���While no official
nnaonneement haa heen asade hy tho
government tt Ie now practically certain that parliament will act meet until January. It to eoatomary ta givo
thn members ot the honae at leant��
daya notion ot Uto taaeatloa of Che
*"���'������ together,'
.. Ontario, and Mine lanee, of
torla, will leave tor Europe oai
May nest year, aad expect to
h-dndmn a
io^ernmeut to call ��to tamo tn��eth��v
The length of the Interview, ho* no other ^���'.VT-uTi. tk,-, -ml
"   ' ... _._.__JZtS ..���>;_..aiit-Si.. 'jured. ^���^^^^���M^^M
were not entirely ea:.sfactory.
until nv lite, ta
wonkl not ee worth while
members to Ottawa.
Practically aothlag oould be
lished before Us Christmas
meat It ta certain, however,
government will tbt tke data
opening as aoon* otter tho a**
ae  peanut*  the expeetUt aa
thnt tho partlr-ic-NHi t /r-3**.
ha raanlug by Jaanair 1*.
tkat ft
Who Will Be nwseeei
The taiganthm of tha
hy Mr. Roe la already tka aaHtact at
���mlMlnia la Vat*. Moody    Two aa*.
W^fwewa   n-H   ��� vo m   ^���vn^Bf ���       ��� ******   **t^tr
******** aro teataUvely itiaUanl aa
meet prohahto tw the oBoa.   R. 7. *
Tkanfoa. at ttm Thomaa. flavon��<
oompany the saeeseeor* et the *a*
 1 Lasher eomanmr la ana. ______
]________���_���_ iMlaamaii ___���____/_���_
*aW*fm\*^^*^**   ******   'W'^Mm .^_^^^won)   ^v
,W% '���   - ���
...    .1W|l,''0<rtfel ifltfttttM  '
ess* PAOe TWO
An i*t\tt*e*dent morning paper devoted to the Inler'nta of New tPcilminstrr aad
CO* t*ra**r Valloy. P-ubli-Sod every morning except Sunday by the national Printing
-md Pxtblitking Company, Limited, st 61 McKenzie Btreet, New Westminster, British
Volambi*. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AH communicaflona should b* addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
t* trxdividual members of the tls*. Cheaues, draftt, and money orders should be made
*ayt\ble to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, 999; Editorial Kooms (all drpart-
stt), 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By carrier, 14 per year, $1 tor three months, 40o per
ttth.   By mail, $3 j"i year, tic per month.
ADVERT1SINO RATEB on application.
That the Hindus who have come uninvited to these
shores still are laboring under the delusion that they have
a proprietary interest in Canada and particularly in British Columbia is shown by the agitation which they are
carrying on at present to secure free entry of their wives
and children and official recognition of a guiding principle, so that they shall not be subject to what they have
the nerve to term the "vagaries of departmental administration."
For unadulterated gall the Hindu is entitled to first
prize and, had the gentleman who penned the "ways that
are dark, tricks that are vain" reference to the Chinee
known the brunette skinned one from India, he certainly
would have substituted him for the comparatively guileless product of China.
There seems to be only one way to treat such a specimen as the Hindu and the government will have an opportunity to apply the curb when the poor, downtrodden
Bengali B. A. from the coral strand comes forward with
his requests. It is almost needless to state that the line
of action referred to is to have the Hindu turned down so
flat that even his resilient egotism will not rebound for
some time.
British Columbia is about getting tired of the Hindu.
The common, or garden variety, isn't so bad, though his
morals are too much like his personal appearance, but the
Bengali babu, the insufferable burnt umber pinhead with
a B. A. from an far eastern university tacked to his name
is past all tolerance. There are a good many of his calibre on the coast, who talk sedition and treason under cover and then come out in the open with the hypocritical
mouth, to tell everybody who doesn't know them, how
they and their countrymen are being ill-treated in this
land. Some of these very agitators might be surprised to
learn that they and their anarchistic tendencies are known
in that very Downing street to which they are so often
appealing, and that their names are familiar to the Imperial secret service and that they have been "mugged"
along with a lot of other would-be politicians whose plot-
tings help to keep the guardians of Britain's peace earning their pay.
British Columbia doesn't want the Hindu any more
than she wants an epidemic of bubonic plague. Those
members of the race who are here have come uninvited
and they may go home at any time without a single resident of this province heaving a sigh of regret.
Their ways are not our ways and if they don't soon
learn that British Columbians rule in British Columbia
the one effective method of teaching the lesson will be
adopted and this province will be freed once and for all
of these human scourings of the Orient.
Only   After   His   Death   in   Prison   Is
Charles Gilbert's Innocence
Hartford, Conn.. Oct. 10. After forty-eight years iu the state prison.
Charles Gilbert ol New Uritaln died
in that institution last Tuesday protesting thai he was innocent, that Ills
father was guilty of the murder of
Henry Cadwell, recruiting ollicer und
civil war bounty agent, in ixt',4.
Charles hail never made this assertion about his father until that man
died several years ago. Since then lie
persisted steadily in it.
He was not believed, hut startling
confirmation came today from the
clergyman who attended the elder Gilbert on his death bed. This clergyman
said Oilbert made a dying confession.
Though it was placed hefore the state
board of pardons, the clsrygman added, the younger Gilbert was not released, because the necessary unanimous
vote of the board was not obtained.
Warden Ward tx. Gardner tonight
explained why Gilbert's body was not
claimed by bis daughters or relatives,
but was permitted to so to the ills-
seeting rooms at the Yale medical
school. Gilbert had askeil that his
brain be examined after his death by
scientists, in the belief that the Investigation would corroborate his claim
of innocence by revealing lhat such a
brain as his could not have conceived
or executed the Cadwell murder.
Brain Like Photograph.
"If I had committed tliat, murder,"
he argued with the warden, "the action would he stamped on my brain."
Thomas Gilbert, cousin of the dead
convinct, living on Shuttle Meadow
mountain, in Southington, told a newspaper correspondent that he believed
his cousin was Innocent and that the
deathbed confession was true.
"i harley knew considerable of the
teachings of Lombroso." said ThomaB
"and he once told me that he thought
exoneration even after death was better than being buried and leaving this
world with the name of murderer."
The. Kev. George A. Lester, of 19
Williams street, this city, formerly
pastor of thn Chesterfield Haptist
church, said John Gilbert, the convict's
father, confessed to another son the
day before he died that he was the
murderer. This son informed the Rev.
John Lester, who thereupon interceded with the members of the board of
pardons and with members of the legislature.
Wanted More Proof.
"But 1 understood that some members of the hoard stood out against
the petition for pardon because thev
wanted witnesses of the confession."
said the cleryginan. "I feel sure that
another brother, who later committed suicide, was implicated with the
father in the murder."
Charles Gilbert escaped from prison
twenty-five years atro. He was kent
concealed in Colchester, disguised in
women's clothes, for two months. Then
lie ventured to New York state and
was arrested. He was sent back to
prison fron' 1'tlca.
Tliomas Gilbert says he believes two
daughters of Charles live In Springfield, Mass. They were Infants at the
time of the crime and did not know
who iheir father was until 'old by their
mother when she was dying. After
that the two daughters and Gilbert's
twn sisters, who lived in N'ew Haven.
visit, d him frequently in prison.
Body Cast Up on Bar.
Creston, Oct. 'ill. The body of Ce
lestin Noel, who disappeared from his
ranch near Kootenay Landing on the
night, of September ll! has been discovered by Richard .luhllng of the Ca
nailiiiu I'acific railway bridge and
building department Jobling was in
a boat reoovrlng a pile tliat had gone
adrift, when he noticed the body lying
on a sand bar 3d feet from tin. shore
of a small island one-half mile below
Kootenay Landing, Constable Forrester of Creston was notified and wen!
down and took the body to Sirdar,
where an Inquest was held by Coroner
Henderson of Creston. The jury
brought in a verdict of accidental
drowning. Tlie body, which was in u
badly decomposed state, was taken to
Creston for burial. The deceased's
parents live at St. Laurent d'Orleaiis.
luces are there Increases In actual
numbers Tor IMS over 1911. There
has been an increase in actual numbers and In proportion of the population or unsound minds In every province excepting New   Hrunswick.
The highest proportion is shown by
l'rinee Kdward Island with 41.701 per
1,000 of pnpliiatiou. followed by Ontario wltn 4-t.OHS; Nova Scotia, 83.815,
and Quebec wltll 'Vi.1141 per 1,000. The
number of persons of unsound mind
for this census are classified under
two heads. Insane and ldottc.
The greater Dumber of the Insane
are In public Institutions, as are ulso
the majority of the idiotic Although
the totul Dumber of unsound mind (in-
sane and Idiotic) nre greater in 1911
than in 1901. yel the proportion per
1.000 In 1911 was .*-"���. 847 as against
11 i 14 in 1901 .nnl for Canada there
were 868 mentally unbalanced women
to every 1.0(10 men.
Nelson. Oct.  80,    Iv   11.  II   Stanley,
editor nf the Slocan Stir, died suii-
Idenly   this  week   from   heart   failure.
The deceased was 60 years of age, and j
had   been   a   resident   of   Nelson   for
about   two  years,   coming   hern   from'
i Fernle
On   arriving at   Nelson   Mr.  Stanley j
| was employed for a short time on Ihei
Staff oT lhe Daily News, then entered
business for himself, conducting for a
short lime a slore on Chatham street.
Fairvlew, and afterwards on Victoria'
(Street.    About two months ago lie or-!
ganiied   and   began     publishing     the
Slocan  Star at Slocan City.
He was a native of Dublin, Ireland,
and   coming   to   Canada   took   up   his
resilience   in   Winnipeg   where   for   Iti |
| years    he   was   connected    with      the
printing trade    Hi* then moved to Pi r*
nie and latterly to Nelson.
|     Mr.  Stanley Is survived by a broth-1
er, IC. A. Stanley, of Seattle, Wash.;
la   daughter.   Mrs    W.   Moore   of   l.os
Angeles, Cal., and two sons. a. b. s.
tStanlev, editor of the Crest.I Hcview,   ^ ^^^^^
and  W. S. Stanle;  of the Daily Newel Premier of Canada, who it Is expi
staf.'. will again  introduce  the  Naval
Mr.   Stanley   was   a  member of  the i     at the next session of tlie hOUS
Masonic and Orange societies. parliament.
The Island of Tea
The choicest tea in the world grows high up on  the
mountain-sides of Ceylon. The native purity and garden-
1 freshness of this superb Ceylon Tea is preserved by the
sealed lead packages used in packing.
Hlack, Green or Mixed
About two hundred Spokane school children have the
mumps, but in spite of the enlarged heads the teachers do
not seem to be able to cram in any more knowledge.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British  Columbls.
Savings Department at all Branches     Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards  received  and interest at  the highest  current rate  paid or
credited hall yearly.
Crafts and  Travellers' Cheques sold, payahie lu all  parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Weitminater   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Managsr.
Market reports say that poultry soon will be plentiful-. Now if the banks would only ease up on the wherewithal to grasp the opportunity we might have a Christmas yet.
The man who smiles, says that business i.s good, and
forgets the hard times guff, is the the one who's making
money.   The grouchers are the ones getting it hardest.
Number of  Defectives  in  Dominion  in
1911  Totalled  23,611,  Increase
9.42   Per   Cent.
BOILERS   Riveted SteeH��ipes
The Tammany tiger is looking sleek and well fed
these days following its meal of Sulzer. The meal isn't
Reeling half as perky as the tiger.
A man of sixty married a girl of twenty the other day
and got away with it without the newspapers saying anything about December linking up with June.
October twenty-first and four labor candidates for
aldermanic honors in the field already. The fall crop
promises to be more plentiful than ever.
There was a little gas plant
Sat on a little hill
As cute a little gas plant
As ever filled a till:
But the people didn't want it:
They said so mighty plain;
No, the people didn't want it
k Because, you see, that $10 option didn't seem
to line up properly with the owner's valuation of the property.    .,
The Duchess of Connaught has been anything but
yell of late, but it'll take more than the sickness she's had
to keep her away from Canada.
Ottawa, Oi.'. 20. Thi' census bureau has jusi Issued a bulletin dealing
with lhe Infirm people in the Dominion. The bulletin, however, states that
n strict comparison of the number of
infirm, especially In the case of the
Insane, cannot be made between the
provinces. For example, the Insane <>f
Saskatchewan and Alberta are to be
found in some Instances in the litis-
piiuls of Manitoba and Hritish Columbia.
Tin- number of blind In the Domini
ion in Hill was-8,328; nr deaf and
dumb, 4.r,S4*. of Insane, 14.702: of
Idiotle, r..:is7 making a i"t:il of defectives of 86,811, or whieh 16.630 were
males nnd 13,081 femdles. Prom 1901
to 1911 thi' population Increased by
34.17 per cent.; fori the same period
the total numlier ol* infirm Increased
from 26,148 to 2S.G11. an Increase of
9.42 per cent. In Ihe decade.
Blind Decreasing.
The statistics of the blind show
that the number is steadily decreasing.
For each census period there was a
greater numlieriif males than females.
In 1911 for Canada there were 100
males to every 76 females Incapacitated by blindness. Although tin' actual
numbers of Mind have Increased during the lasl ten years In every province exception in the maritime provinces, yet there has been a decrease
for every province ln the proportion
per ten thousand of tho population.
The proportion for deaf and dumb
per thousand of population Is smaller
for every province In 1911 than It was
in 1901, and only In Ihe western prov-
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Room 14, Smith Block.
Mas. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,  ThSory.
For Terms ami Hours Apply nt
Studio, 1011   Hamilton. Street.    Phonn
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Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
\,'hat with the harbor Improvements, the run her
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Ladies' Tailoring Branch
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tills suodesstuly prepared for examlna-
tlnn Iii ll. a M. and H. C. M For terim
iil��|.ly ii'.:: Third avenue.
Miss KM.A
2.3  Keary BL, New wast-
ilAIIHAKKT    A.   citoVKS.    PUPIL   OF
.k_.    ���-._    professor    Allnn    Macbeth,
the   Glasgow   College   or
the    I.n
Principal ..f tha Glasgow college nr
Music, and Professor Grassland Hirst, oi
the Glasgow Athenaeum, begs to Intimate thnl she will accept a lew pupils
In singing and voice production, Extensive repertoire of IiIkii class -".rn:*.
For terms, call or write t.i lln II.null
ton street.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    ��18,003,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New .ink, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letter,
of Credit issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department��� Deposit.,
received lu sums of (1 nud upward
nnd interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186.000,000.00.
(i.  D.  DltYMNFIt.  Manager.
Accountant Tel. R. UU, Boom :. Mart
P. H. Hmlth. W. J. droves
Work   undertaken    In    city    aril    outiildi
points,    'ill-l'i   Westminster   Trust   Bldg
Phone  364.     P.  O.   Bos  607.
atiiiK Engineers, Local 5i:i. meets In
i-iijor Temple every flrsl mni mini
Thursday of the inonth. II. McLaughlin,
president: w C. Saunders, secrstary,
P. O.  BOX 5*.'8.
B. * P. O of Elks of the I). of C mee*
the first ami third Thursday at 8 p. ro.
K. of P. Hull. Eighth StreeL A Weill
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P. H. Smith. Bee
f.. O. O. M., NO. S54���MEETH ON
flrst, -Mcond. third and fourth Wednesday In >uth month nt 8 p. m.
in the Moose Home. ii. j. i.enmy
dictator: P. E. Jones, secretary
Headquarters of lodge In See House
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon streets
I. O. O. F. AMITT 1.0DOE NO. 17���Th'
regular meeting of Amity lodge No
27. I. O. O. F., Is held every Monitaj
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tnt,   .-ml    '".er-       "Psrlnl-s   40*   ColllrrtM'
StreeL    New  Weatmlnater.    Phone  til
ster Board of Trade meets In the bear-**
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Frl
day of each month; quarterly meetlni
on Hie third Friday of February, May
August nn.l November st 8 r. m. AD
t.iial meetings on the third Friday o)
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, secre
Bale. iH'.iiH, RiisiniMis letters, etc.; circular work '.p. .Inllst. All work strictly
ronOilenthil. II Barry, room 418 West-
minster Trust Blk.    Phone 701.
rimer* Solicitors, etc. 40 Lome Street
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the Yukon Territory. Ihe Nortliw-A Ter
rltorlis and In a portion of the Provlno*
of British Columbia, may he leased for *���
terni of twenty-one years st an annual
rental of 11 an sore. Not mora than itt*
acres will tw leased to ons applicant.
Application for a lease cunt be mad*
by tiie applicant In peraon to the Agent
or Sub-Aaent of the dlstrlot In which the
rlKhts applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must b-e-
descrltied by sections, or legal suh-dlvl-
slons of sections, god In uneurveyed territory tha tract applied for shall be-
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanls-Ci
by a fee of 16 -Jhlch wlll be i.-fiiiuled tl'
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be '
paid on the merchantable output of tlw
mine at the rats of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mlns shall
furnish ths Agent wltb swsrn return*
accounting for tbe bill quantity of
te���It-law, solicitor, etc Telephon
UTS. Cnble address "Johnston.'
Coile, "Wi-etern Union." Offices, Kill'
Hlock. r..V! Columbia streeL Nnw West
minster.  II. C.
charitable ooal mined and pay tha royalty thereon. If the oosl mining rlgntf
are net being operated suoh returns shouM1
mi.in ��� Barristers and Solicitors, West
niliiMier Trust Blk.. Columbia street
New Westminster, B. C. Cable addrest
"Whlteiilite." Western Union. P. O
Drover 200. Telephone ����. W. J
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solicitor, etc.: corner Columbia sai
McKensle streets. New Westminster
B. C.   P. O. Box 112.    Telephone   714
Hollcltor and Notary. Offices Har
block. 'iH Lome street. Now Westmin
stir.  B. C.
Hiinlmi 1 1 nnd Hollcnors. (0B to (It
WiHimliiHter Trust Illock. O. E. Mar
tin. V.'. (1. MoUuariie and Ueorge L
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The Daily News
be furnlsheJ at least once a year.
The leaae wlll Include Ihn csal mloln��
rights only, but ths leasee wlll be p��r-
mitteil to purchase whatever available
surface rights may ba considered nec**K
sary for the working of tbe mlns at tk��
rute of 110 an ser*.
For  full  Information application ehool*
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to anjr
Agent or Hub-Agent of Dominion l-anda.
Deputy Minister of the Interior...
N. B���Unauthorised publication of thta*
advertisement will nol bs paid for.
Transfer Co*
Office Phon. 116.     Barn Phen. Iir
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SI McKensle tt TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1913.
Cociuitlam, Sister City on This Fresh Water Harbor to Have Grain  Elevator  Costing $1,250,000��� Men Who Know Pick Location in
Preference to Site at Vancouver.
Word has hern received in the eity i nnd tin- BL Lawrence canals anil
thi,' A group Of Capitalists In Kort WU-1 again ��t Montreal to ocean liners. If
Haro, Winnipeg and Minneapolis, head
Sbe Must Take Ilcr Own Chances and
May Hot Involve Her Oovernment.
As subtle ns   In !.lah, as eonseienee-
lem. ns l.ui-ri'iia l.iorgia, as raviahlogly
j beautiful us Venus, as dariii|{ ns h sol-
j dier, as keen as a diplomat, as brainy 	
; as a military genius, sueli is the woman
spy, whose machinations threaten avery  N_i3on  People Say  Wily  John  Oper
: nu\ al and militant office in Snrope. The
whole service is noaeyeoiabed witli the
! insidious   designs   or   these   dustiing,
pretty women on tbo hearts of luseepi-
i ihle subordinates iu the service. The
1 bravery of these women is realised
j when it is understood thut, although
j tliey sre in the seeret qervige of their
j country anil uiiiIit its salary, their nets
' are disavowed by their home gov
meats  liinl   tliey   must   tak
eiiiiii.-es nf nrrest
ates Garden   Produce
Ihe uraln were sent via Buffalo it hail
'to   be   handled   four   tiroes   before   it
��d by R. J. Henderson of Fort William, I reached   the ocean  liner     All  these
havi   decided to exercise lhelr option | handlings added greatly to the coal of
on   teveral  acrea of properly  on  the
Pitt river in Coiiuitlam.    The land ls
to be used for a large terminal grain
Mr. Henderson, who was formerly
superintendent of the drain Growers'
association elevators in Kort William,
was in llie west a few weeks ago In-
ipectlng proposed sites for the elevator. The dual choice was Coqultlam.
Whi a here he expressed his conviction tlon after the completion 'if the
Pananb canal a great deal or prairie
wheal would he Hint to l,iiro)ie via the
fraser river and the shipments to the
Orient were bound to Increase largely.
Western Route Best.
SUbloet doing this secret servi
Vet there are never lacking beautiful adventuresses who are willing to
risk   tlieir  lives  in   this  perilous   work.
transportation. j Kvery   war   brings   into   prominence
Mr. Henderson also pointed out Chat] their tinmen. Hut in Kurope, where a
although the shipment to Kurope via state of armed neutrality exists ull the
the Kraser would be much longer by j tim��, it is their work to ascertain mili-
waler  than   if sent, by  Montreal    or | tary and naval Secrets, details of fort)
I New  York, the cost of water carriage i
; waB iiiih li less than that by rail.    As
an Illustration, he said    that   grain
OOUld be sent from Calgary to Hung-1
kong for only fio cents per ton more
;thnn from Calgary to Coquitlam.
There would be elevator and weigh-
lng charges there, but tliey would be
the Bame aa those ut Kort William or
. l'ort Arthur now.
To Ship During Winter.
Another advantage of western -ship-!
[ment over the eastern route or routes I
lie pointed out that one of the great I was that grain could be shipped from
est  advantages of sending wheat  this   here all winter.
Nelson, Oct.  20.- Recognizing    the
desirability   of   a   course    of     action .
would  would  secure  for white ranch-;
their  own  ers the vegetable and small fruit mar-
A spy is u spy.   No k(,, n. lhe cilVi W|,j,.|, *s declared to be !
lit im   nun, un it v   fur  a ,._,.. _l
at   present,  in the liainlH of a ring of
"boss" Chinamen, who apportion ter-1
ritory and set prices In 'he moBt approved trust fashion, tin* city eouncll
decided to askril A. M. Johjson, city
solicitor, for an opinion as to the pow-
ers of the elty to establish a public
market ami to regula'e peddling of
Unsanitary conditions under which
vegetables were grown by the Orientals, the manner In which they had
succeeded In capturing by clever bask j
door salesmanship and modern com-
bine metbpds the local market for'
They  small fruils and vegetable! and the lm
mense   benefit   which   i'   was   believed
would  follow the establishment of a
way Instead Ol by tlie great lakes was
thai of having only to tranship it once.
In sending grain eastward, on the other hand, there had to be a transhipment at ihe bead of th" laker, another
at ll*.. Welland canal to smaller hor.ts
In . nler lo i.How passage through that
Mr. Henderson has had much experience In tin- grain business, having
ilt*.''till live years lo the export end
alone. Tin. company which is to build
at Cooultlam is capitalized at $1,250.-
000. Work will be started a: an early
fleations, of armament, of new navnl
Oonstruetlon, extent of forces, new
arms, ammunition and moeheaisi'ns.  In
short tlie women spies are expected to
learn everything of the inside workings of tlie military and naval estal
lishtnetits of the hostile power
may have unlimited funds to spend an.l
they may get the information in any
wav they see lit, so long ns tl.ev do not I"11'1*1" market In ���-���"��� Cjty and the regie
Involve their governments, fllev get lr"'"n -t by-law "f '���""' ( Mr"'*<* *****
high pay, but thev risk their lives'. rllPrR   ��'"r,i'  touched   upon   by   several
Tliere' vvas  Bose  I'ntrovirh, the tall,  ��Peaker��  Who  appeared  as a  delega
beautiful,  rnvisl.ingly    lovely    Hussian
girl,  who has  not  been  heard of hiuce
the    war    with    .lapun.     Hhe    was   a
tourwt in  Manchuria   at   the   time   of  solicitor the information required as to
the  war and  displayed n  girlish  inter
tion from the board of trade to ask \
the city fa'hers to support the idea ofl
the market and to secure from the city !
est in everything that was going on.
A Japanese oflicer fell victim to her
wiles. Maddened by luve for her he
was about to place at her disposal in-
formation regarding the strength of
tin- Japanese  forces and  certain   plans
goes on probation irnliflnitely, and
with his narrow, long brown eyim half
closed lie promised the commissioner
fallhfiily never to Bteal again.
Ollle was remanded tint il called on,
ami went out as quickly as his wobbly
little legs would carry him.
Little   Toronto   Youngster*   In   Police
Court���Police Nabbed "Chief
of De Gang."
', ������ "Swlpers* Union" came very
near losing 'heir chief this morning,
and feeling run high, bul be escaped]
lm -. ��� mer- chlttCe to behave himself
and 1' nl "'1'* gang" Into ways of peace
and quietness, or else disband alto-
;   '   ��� .*
Three small hoys wllh old faces and
cotlarlen sweaters were led in oharg
nl v. ith stealing gum and randy from
tin- Sweet Acorn (luui oompany, and.
after ihem came th" tiniest Oliver
Tw, :  thai  ever shivered himself Into
tli.. Juvenile court.
"I told his father they needn't send
hlir il.iwn," said Detective l.eaviu.
"Ihi: this morning he caine marching
in ail by himself."
l|i Blood nt Ihe md of the row with
his face Utile face all puckered up between a desire to tell the whole triilh
and defenses, when another Japanese
oflicer beeame suspicious of the attachment between the Russian beauty
and the soldier. One morning Bose
and the officer were summoned before
the commandant. Neither has since
been heard from.
Sometimes they are successful and
get away with the information, leaving their informants to suffer. Only
n few weeks ago George Herbert Parrott, a gunnir in the British navy, vvas
heavily sentenced for giving away
naval secrets to a foreign power. lie.
is conceded to have been thc victim
i.f a spy, Margaret Tyrrell, whom
met in a London mush- iinii.
Jeanne   Henoe,   uliits   Bourg,   was
legal gtepa wlilch might he taken tow
ard regulating tho Chinamen and
wresting from them the control of the
local market, which they were Btated
to have secured
Several speakers touched upon the
general desire to retain for British
Columbia the reputation of being a
white man's province and the importance of the ranching Industry as a big
factor in the upbuilding of the city
waa emphasized.
Good for Ranchers and City.
SpeakerR also pointed out that many
ranchers  had  gone  into  the  businesa
with   the  impression   that they  could
make a living from vegeiables while
their trees were    growing    into    the
bearing   stage,   but   had   found   great
difficulty   in   securing   a   market   for
their produce on account of the domination in Nel?on of the Chinese combe bine.    If a public markel  were estah-
; Hatted the belief was expressed    that
���a  it   would  solve   this   problem   for  the
Rabbi     Deplores    Militant    Tsctics
Woman Can't Tell What She'd
Do  If   In   England.
Toronto, Oct. 20.--Tlie Jewish Huf-,
fragettes who Interrupted the service
at the St Patersburg-h Place synagogue in Bayswater won't get much
sympathy from lhelr coreligionists In
"I consider it an act of unwarrantable sacrilege." Itabbi Jacobs told a
reporter. "1 have preached in the
Synagogue myself, and know it well.
The congregation Includes the most intelligent and Influential members of
h" Jewish community, and the build-
beautiful denizen of   an opium den in : white ranch��r and give the consumer]
Toulon,   when   she   met   Ailrien   Julien,' produce  grown   under  sanitary  eondl-;
a naval apprentice, of France. Work* | "ons and at pricea which would be.
��� ing   on   Ins   sympathy    and    devotion j if anything, lower than those now pre-
Jennuc was on the point of securing I vatllng. lf a public market were es-
, secrets of French sumarinea, when tablished competition between the
1 thc    youth    disclosed    the    attempted   ranchers    would      immediately    take
bribery.    Jeanne   is   now    languishing   place   and   make   impossible   the   Chl-
in a French prison. i aeae trust prices, it waB suggested, if
There  arc    hundreds   of   women,   all   the market could be conserved for the
wonderfully   beautiful   und   attractive,  white  scttlirs  'he  revenue  would  be |
I who follow this Vocation.   They are tol expended   in   the  district   InBtead  of
be found in ull parts of Kurope, living   being shipped to China by tho Orleans  peasants,  waitresses, social  Uaders   tals, it was urged.
Beauty,    vivacity,    rulture    are     their I -
principal  assets.    Without  these quali
ties tliey  cunnot   hope  to  win  the eon-
..deni'c 'and  affection of  tha. men  wuo
best can  furnish  the  information they
and terrible apprehension as to his fu*  ,���� *** <\T'"'d **$*   *��    '���?*rd
tun   life in th- bunds of "il" gang" be-'1'""' swathing'and  l..!:<   V    Inmkiin.
aide whom h>> stood
'A lint  church do you go tot"
"I   don't   go  to  no  church."  he
vear old   scorn
and cannot talk our
.ponded  in nln
people lire  I'ole
i.iiit tags vi t
Used  Nail  on   Stick.
"Tliey was n window broken, an'
thl v told tne to gi" In an' tliey shoved
in I stick Wtth li nail on It an' lhey
pulled "Ut the boxes when I got them."
quivered Ollle, one terrified eye on
"Red." wim stood next to hlm.
Red and Itlll and th" flil"f had lust
blushlngly   confess, .1   tu   having   "had
i .a .. candy an' gum give to me" Th"
chlnl pleaded an "UIW In Ctaal ha had
in. r> Iv be"!! ���tending nualnst the door
post, but he knew a boy named Israel.
Everyone seemed to know this toys
tartnua boy. bul a chief in the land Ih
vhi' i two Istya hiding under lh
In tin- utile, so hla c.'ibo vvas allowed
1m n .v ut  further developments.
Two card board boxes of apparently
"all day luckeri" ami aaveral pack-
both  of tbem  uncles of  Mr   Herbert
1 Samuel,       the      postmaster-wncral,
re.jagainst whom the demonstration   was
]UB   mad".    The suffragettes    must    have
known  thai   Mr.  Samuel  vvas In   Mon-
teeii   at   the  time,   but  hls  wife  nnd
children   are   regular   attendants   and
' would certainly have been there.    The
mlglsttr, Dr. llochman. is very much
in  sympathy with  the militant tnove-
i ment, but I doubt If he would countcn-
1 ance Bitch nn act."
When   asked   If   there   were   manv
Jewesses In the    Kngiish    sisterhood.
Rabbi Jacobs replied that he was bot-
. ry  lo say there were Rome.
"It  is acts like this that make the
eventual success of the woman's move-1
!nient   problematical."   the   rabbi   said.'
Rev.   A.   M.   Sanford.   D.   D.,   la   to
nreach at Kelowna-and Rutland ln the
Okanagan valley on Sunday the .first
m,4.    ti Messrs.   Alan   Marwood  and  Austin
Tne wntte x_tne. Bailey, both  of  whom  have  recently
The  ln*te  David  Christie  Murray  on   heen operated on for appendicitis and
one   occasion    told the   story   of    the; are   *|yjng   in   the   local   hospital,   are
champion printer's error of  hia ejperi-i maii|nK  good  progress  toward  recov
care to this effect: er".
"I wrote at thc close of the story of j prof j j Alnfiley opened his classes
'Grace ForbeaCh't 'Are there no trou ���(_, ,he theory of music on Wednesday
Lies now I' the lover usks. 'Not one, |ng( /yiranced pupils nre being
dour Frank, uot one.' And then, in i taueht at 2 p. m. and beginners at 4
brackets,  thus   I    ]   I   set    the   words ] p   m
[Wliite line). This was n technical ia- j TtlP tenn|s championship of the col-
struition to the pr nter and meant that J )r,Ke has j,pPI1 lvon (i,|s year by Vaughn
one line of space should bc left cle-ir.! jj00re> ],t3 runners-up being Wm. J.
The genius who had the copy in h''-*['l j Beattle ant, ri Stanley Rennet:, whom
put the lover's speech in type correctly | he jpfpatert by scores of 6-4, 64, 61
und then, setting it out as if it were a ; an(j (j.o, 10-8. 6-2. respectively. Alan |
line of verse, he gave me: j \jarwoo',*i was unable to finish, owing
"Not one,  dear  Frank,  not  one white
Made It Easy.
���An Irishman wns one duy engaged at
"Ther" are some    Jewish suffragettes i     ��� -���-.,- , ,-    .    .,,,���,,
here l" Toronto, but I aro glad to **,{***** breaking on ,he r.0,uls". . aud n0_
��� iieil j'hey ar" sensible ones, and do not approve  Of  the  outrageous   conduct  of
their misguided sisters."
Mrs. II. 0, 1-pvetus, former president
of the Jewib-h l.ocal Council of Women, la a member of the Toronto Suf
produce,!,   the     0B"��     ^M I ���,������.���,   mrthodl.
beta shown ther hid-ig pace by Ol-      -,   ,hlnk  they  ar(. jugt  putting the
He     They had been burled In a Mel^ back.. Mr_   Levptu_ *���,.���,
in the ground und covered o>er ��'��!���..-Ve who wait quietly In Canada will
-esrth m*i*ma* Ret the franchise before the English
"0o�� de rhlef. ' milltBnts "
I    -I nlcht when the last of the bovs  ""'"��"'";
..... ,-f gum In police Wttf t_envriopU. ws aK!(ooiat|on, but ha8 n0 use for
... ,    , ,>,���i    Miss Elizabeth    Neufeldt   wouldn't
I height to rt*E*S^Uj5 praise or condemn.
was overheard to remark,   lie s     ���gj) f>r g_ Canada ,��� concerneai i
no' ue c'llef."
With lhl" clue the detective Slier-
looked out the fact that they had In
tbelr clutches four members of the
Swlpers' union, Inrtudlnjj^no^jeiw jx
person than
lb. union Is self-evident.
Tho chief was a meek and subdued
person Ihls morning, but he was biding hln time. Rome one ts going to get
a disciplining at some time In-the near
future. He had been In court on a
previous occasion, and has been twice
irrosted for the theft of bicycles.   He
feel quite peaceful and constitutional,
but I don't know what 1 might feel It
I were In Kngland. ln Russia 1 did
a good many things that 1 wouldn't do
".[]��� ,���nhiT,"The"obIe"ct o"f here.    We mustn't  be hasty In   our
tho chief.    I he obit.i i oi Jlld(.ment of wonu,n who i)ve under
conditions with which we are unfamiliar."
being used to the work could not get
on very fast. A friend of hia who
chanced te pass by as Pat was belaboring a large stone with renewed vigor,
tried to show him thc right wny, and
taking thc hammer from him broke the
stone with ease.
Said Pat, "Sure, now, and it bo easy
for ye to break the stone afther I have
been softening it for the last naif
hour.''���1-ondon Answers.
Victoria, Oct. 80.���R. H. K. Prior,
who ia well known to hundreds of residents of Victoria Ihrough his long service with the Esquimau nnd Nanalmo
railway, und who for the last six years
has been employed ln the department
of lands of the provincial government,
died Saturday morning of apoplexy at
his home, 1184 Port street.
Mr. Prior was born al Rlpon, Yorkshire, England, ln Mav. 1849, and emigrated to the United States at the age
Of 21. For thirteen years he lived In
Colorado. Wyoming nnd on the borders of New Mertco, sheep and cattle ranching, trading with the Indians
and cow punching.
He came to Victoria in 1883 and entered the commissariat department of
tho K. & N. Railway, rising eventually
tn Ibe position of general freight and
paBienqer agent nnd superintendent.
Ho was at work until lhe end, being
Rt hls desk as lato as last Thursday.
Cancel Proposed Ascents.
Brussels, Oct. 20.���Because of the
disaster to the Zeppelin dirigible balloon, the minister of war haa counter
manded ail the proposed ascents of
the dirigible sodlac and Belglque for
ithls year.   The minister baa alao de-
Two Octogenarians.
Sir Thomas Roe, M.P., and Mr. Jeass
Collings, M.P., are the only octogenarians left in the British House of Commons. The oldest member in the House
is Mr. Samuel Young, who is ninety-
one years of ago. Mr. Collings is eighty
two, and Sir *fhomas Boe his junior by
oue year.
Yet art thou  touehed  by heaven,  Oh
earth, though only touched���
Thy pleasures are but rainbows, which
unite ,
The glad heavens with thee   in   their
transient beauty,
Then   melt   away  again  upon   the
clouds. ���I" K- I"
to sickness. Fred Day and Ewart
Henderson each defeated two opponents before being beaten. There were
twenty-four competitors in all.
Winnipeg. Man.. Oct. 20��� bate Saturday afternoon, with a crash that
could be heard for miles, the million
bushel elevator located at Transcona,
four miles from Wlnnineg. Just completed and filled with half a million
bushels cf wheat, sank ten feet on its
foundation and then burst asunder,
spilling the grain all over the tracks
and tbe adjacent ground.
The elevator wns built of steel and
eonr-ete, nnd was the property of the
Car-dl-in Pacific Railway, and waa lo-
est-d ci tl'elr new cut off. which runs
th-e -illr f north of Wlnnlnee. It was
>>������ it 'hls -/ww to enable grain trains
f<- tv-rt villlam to reach lake porta
without -ning through Winnipeg.
The r'e'-ator hnd onlv been receiv-
'nr w'H less than n month, and lt Is
������.el'i-ved that the district all around ta
ur-'Tl-'d by a st'ita of quicksand.
The iocs to th1* ral'wnv companv
wlll be two bundred thousand dol-
Attended Her Funeral, as a Bale.
Leave to attend his mother's funeral
was thus appliri fur by a Lahore Baboo: "By the ' icissitudes of time my
mother yester J ��� wont to eternity, and
as a rule hsf to attend her funeral
ceremonies."���Times itt India.
A Vhllosopber.
Frances Willard once wrote to e
friend who had just lost a daughter:
"Dear Sister Anna, how much richer
are you Ihan 1! Herw I sit alone without a child to die. while you are
mother to an angel.'*
Well li Safe.
Bt. Winifrido's Well, famous for lta
many roportcd cures, is not to be endangered by the drainage scheme for
ths llnlkyn lead mines in Flintshire, tt
bas been arranged that the new tunnel
ehall uot drain water from the well.
No Turkeya H.r*.
HRH   PRINCIM PATRICIA      [*-}}*J***-   �����_,J""""JJ����S" *?*I   Windaor. Ont., Oct ZO.-Few tables,
Duke and bn'chiM of Connaught, to
ie '-"���""���T."nniir'Hlahneasos  the abandon altogether the Intended pur- ._____���
enta, Thclr^ Bpysl ��'��^����.��,1^ chMt of ,nofhw 4tri|iM, 0f tbe Qer-'giving turkey today  tor  tU msoa
man rigid type. I lhat tbere waa not a turkey to to had.
iiT Johnston wm ���������* ,2*22
Dean, charged wltb robblsg VS*
��nk of Montreal In tbl. ���� **
Sept IS, Ull. when ov* 9MMM
was stolen.
Real Bargains
Royal  Mercantile  Company
Cliff Block, Sixth Street
Our stock of furniture is too large for our floor space
and we will clear it out at prices that will' give you
genuine bargains in all lines.
Don't Forget the date of Opening, Thursday, 23rd inst.
Royal Mercantile   Company
Bring 3 Coupons and 25 Cento
To this office and receive a handsome Pennant in three
* colors.   Size 15 x by 36 inches;
Bring three of these coupons and twenty-five cents to The New* office
and receive one of the heentiful Westn>inst��r Penntttts. In ����* youMn nofc
nant Address all mail orders, to The Nt*s,;#ew, ^��Mi^:^lf>i||PO
6c extra fer mailing.
��� -Mir
fc��c#r* r    PAGE FOUR
Fresh MVater and Salt
Assailant Still at Large.
Moose Jaw, Oct. 20���Harry Basc-oni,
who was shot on Hiver street on October lo last by an unknown assassin,
died at the hospital lhis morning, An
inquest  will   be  held  tomorrow.    The
assailant is still at large.
Myrtle   Endresen   in   Seattle  to   Com-; Diver Goei Down 128 Feet and Finds
pete   With   Vessels   From  This
Port in  Fishing.
Word conies to this port that the
new halibut schooner Myrtle Endresen, built under the direction of Capt.
Chris Endresen. is now in Seattle preparing to join the lleet of halibut boats
which go northward from this and
other ports.
All the frame and planking of the
fore being placed in the hull, thus
Endresen were soaked in creosote be-
raaking her able to withstand any
kind of weather and preventing rot
The schooner was launched in Aberdeen ahout a month ago. She is 90
feet long, has an lS-foot beam and a
���depth of 10:3 feet and is built specially for off-shore cruiBing.
For the Week Ending Sunday, Oct. 26.
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht.
Time. Ht.
20   11:00    5:20
10:02 12.0
2:05    1.9
l!l:35 16:00
18:36 11.4
14:5S 10.4
21   12:05    5:55
11:03 12.0
2:51    2.0
20:05 17:10
19:06 11.0
16:12 10.6
22   13:05    6:50
12:03 12.0
3:45    2.3
21:05 IK:50
20:06 10.4
17:51 10.2
23   14:iio    7:50
13:00 12.1
4:4S    2.7
23:19 20:20
22:1S    9.6
19:13    9.3
24   14:40   8:46
13:42  12.2
6:00    3.2
20:06    8.0
25     1:35    9:55
0:33    9.6
7:10    3.8
15:15 22:30
14.15 12.4
20:48   6.4
26     3:05 10:40
2:06 10.2
8:10   4.4
15:45 23:50
14:46 12.6
21:23    4.7
Old Wreck Containing $2,000,000
In Bullion.
San Krancisco, Oct. 20.���What is believed to be the wreck of Ihe City of
Hio de Janeiro, which was sunk inside
the entrance to the Golden date on
the morning of Feb. 22, 1901, with a
loss of 122 lives and bullion valued at
$2,000,000 has been located by Herman
IStelnser, a diver, who made the descent in 128 feet of water In a patent
[diving device. If Stelnzer's story
��� brings about further attempts to un-
I cover the sand-covered hulk the mystery which for more than 13 years has
| surrounded the exact location of the
steamer will have been solved. Attempts to learn the position of this
boat have been made by divers from
lime to time, but all have met with
Faithful Services of Westminster Man
Recognized by Dominion Government���Successor Appointed.
Farmer's  Brother and   Heir   Already
Has Dug Up $10,000 of
Hidden Cash.
Another Westminster citizen has
been chosen to an important position
in the province in the person of C. N.
Macdonald. wlio for years has been
accountant of the public works department of the Dominion in this city, and
who now takes over the position of
agent of public works in Hritish Columbia.
Mr. Macdonald has served the government of Canada for 39 years, entering the service as a junior clerk in
Victoria in the year 1875. He haa
served under no fewer than eight
I administrations.
The position is a newly created one.
II. A. Wilson lakes the position
vacated by Mr. Macdonald from that
of assise ant.
St.  Louis. Oct.    20.���When     Henry] inougm   lea   a   Panacea.
Reliant,  a farmer living    two    mitest     In  the  British   Museum  there  is  s
from   Shlpman,   til.,   appeared   at   the! broad sheet issued by the founder ol
bank st Shlpman a   week  ago  to de- ��� Garraway's  in which it Is claimed for
., ... ten that it    helpeth the headache, re-
posit a bag of mouldy gold coins there y. Uie obstructions of the spleen
-was   little   comment.     When   he   re>, Meareth the sight and purifieth adult
turned   two  days  later  with  another* humors and a hot liver,   lt prevents
hag   of   tarnished gold gossip ensued. I and cure3 ����ues' surfeits and fevers;
... . * prevents consumptions,   is   good   for
And   when   he reappeared    yesterday   P.ld9( ^    ,���   &. aaaMosfalod ���
with a  third  bag of gold caked   with! peJjeth  infection."
mud,   together   with   several   rolls  off .���____________
mildwed greenbacks, a sensation    fol-1 Educate the Left Hand,
lowed. I    Dr. Hnenkel, a well known German
The gold deposits amount to about   physician,   writing   In   the   Hamburg
$9,000.    In addition there was  $1,000 j Nacbrichten,  recommends  the  educa-
In bills, besides a quantity of war-time1 Uon of the lcft bilnd lls n meth(xl of
.���,   .     , ... , ,-   ���-   -,,      ,   mental   development   bv   brlnjrliis  the
bills in denominations of la, in, oil and    , , .   , ,       , '., ,-   ,   '       2  ..
,...,.        .      ,, , right lobe of the brain  Into activity.
75 cents tola   ing about $100. �� ... .    ... ���    '
�� I He says thnt In this way we can odd
Eight days ago Henry II. Kellam,' 50 per cent to our power and that the
aged So, brother of Henry and a child- |eft haD,i ]s actually more deft and has
less widower, died. He was regarded , a more delicate touch than the right,
as eccentric by his neighbors, but was The violinist nnd the pianist exact the
believed to have left an estate of' Bame sen-Ice from both hands, and
about $26,000, consisting of his farm I m!i,*v ot the Breatcst artists, such as
and money in the bank. Henry Kel* | _.ha__'_> da V1.Y.' llolbeln ���d ,;an(1
lam had been summoned from California before his brother's death.
Jt was learned that on his deathbed
Clayton Kellam confided to his brother thut at various places on the farm
���was buried a considerable sum of
money, which he could have for the
Jdigging. Kellam's practice of concealing the money in the ground  be
! seer, were ambldertrous. The Japn
nese are taught In school to use both
hands alike, and, says Dr. Haenkel,
"their astonishing manual dexterity
and military genius, I believe, are
trn.cc.iblc to this alone."
hochefort Wae  Reckless.
The late Henri Itochefort was a gnod
Td-'l l".ri"i..hci���cii"i.*:1..���wh.('" ,t.1..'Lr_' - ie**- ot '* "���*������*��� although we mny smile
at some of the Gallic eccentricities tbut
marked his cyclonic career. Itochefort
did one of the finest pbyslal fenls on
record when he escaped from Cayenne.
to wlilch Inferno be bad been sentenced for life. Ile was by Do means 11
young mnn nt the time, but he swam
for over three miles In n sea infested
with sharks, some of them following
, him nil the way nnd actually snap
' pint nt hlm. Six years later he fought
a serious di'el In defense of his son
and was badly wounded.���Argonaut
was no bank  in  Shlpman, and afier
ward became a habit.
Shipman eagerly js f^-ppr-ilng other
lielus of burled wealth. No treasure
seekers have invaked the Kellam farm
na yet
Frr.m the condition of the money,
officials of the Hank of Shipman said
yesterday that most of it had been
buried a long time, and that some had
been   interred   since  the  sixties.
Some of the greenbacks were so decayed by moisture or so worm-eaten
they will have to be exchanged for
no'os of more recent Issue. The "shin
plasters," which have no value as cur.
rency, have been sent to New York
to be sold at a premium as curios. Kellam has several brothers In California
and says lhat soon he will transfer the
treasure to lhat state.
We Serve
You Well
Premium  Hack Uacon. sliced, lb..35c,
Ajax Uacon, sliced, lb 30=
Plontc Hams, per Ib  ise.
Ideal t'ream Choese, per drum. . . ,25c.
Identifying Himself.
It Is said that nt certain seasons In
I Scotland when the fishing is not very
. brisk the fishermen act ns caddies and
, nre easily recognized by their costume.
*a woollen Jersey and trousers braced
! up to the armpits. One of tbese was
' asked bis name by the gentleman for
: whom be was carrying nnd the reply
'was, "Weel, hereabouts they uinlstly
| ca" me 'Breeks,' but mu 'maiden' uuuic
Is 'lirouu.'"
A full  aaaortmeni  of  foster Clark's
Boupa  in   tins at  2 for 25c.     Large
tins,   each  25c.
Heinz Tomato Soup. 2 tins  25c.
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Sweet Ptrttftoes, 0 lbs ' 25c.
Spanish  Onions. 4  lbs   25c.
Table Raisins, per pkt 25c.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 388.
Bur- Biock Columbia Street.
An Apt Retort.
"Tools sometimes ask questions thnt
wise   men cannot  answer,"   remarked
tbe professor lu the course of his lecture.
| "Tben thnt explains why so many of
us get plucked lu our examinations,"
said the flippant student.���Hume Notes.
Spring Cleaning.
Jlmson���I   do spring cleaning nt  nil
seasons of tbe year.    Jackson���How's
that?     .Ilmsoii���I'm   a   watchmaker.���
Londuu Tit-lilts.
rtewltt���Opportunity knocks once nt
every   man's   door.     Jewott���And   It
ought   to  hnve enough  sense  to  ring,
tbe bell-Judge.
Nothing Is troublesome thnt we do
willingly.���Thomas Jefferson.
Tbe story of the man who converted
Ireland from tbe religion of tbe drulds
to Christianity dates back so far tbat
we are dependent for It upon legend
banded dowu through fifteen centuries
Une nlgbt ln tbe early part of the
fifth century wben tbe good people of
tbe little town of l!o*ionia, on tbe coast
of Gaul (Francel, were asleep in tbe
rude dwellings of tbat day tbere suddenly came frum the shore a shouting
and tbe clatter of arms. The citizens,
composing a itotnun colony, knew thnt
some enemy was upon them and sprang
from tbeir beds and seized tbelr
swords and shields to mnke a defense.
But they were soon overpowered by
pirates. Bononla was destroyed and Its
people either massacred or sold Into
Among the killed were a Briton wbo
belonged to tbe Human army, his wife
(a beautiful (.ullic woman, who Bad
been a slave, but wbo bad been freed I
by the Briton In order thut he might
marry hen and all their children, except a son. a youth, wbo was taken
aboard the pirate ship lie wns car
rled to Ireland and sold Into slavery In
what Is now the county of Ulster nnd
was s"t to work attending tbe pigs ou
his master's estate.
We lirst henr of the young slave by
the name of Patrick, but wbether tbls j
wns his original Itoman or Gaelic j
name we do not know. Ills dress wns ,
a goatskin, his shelter a cave, his food I
onts mixed In warm wnter.
Adversity Is the most potent cause
to turn men to religion. Patrick pray- j
ed long and earnestly. Being the son
of a Roman, it is probable that from
his father be derived the religion of
Tbe announcement that was made to
St   Patrick  that  be  was marked   for ',
divine   favor   was   made   to   blm  one j
night when he was asleep.    Ile heard
strains of music,   a soft light lllumlii-
ed bis cave.    A young man tinged with
celestial   brightness   holding   a    harp
bent over  blm.    "I   am  the angel  of j
victory." be said, "and I bring you con- *
solatlon."    Then  tbe  angel   vanished.
I and there was only the dark walls or
the cave.
But from this time Patrick found
happiness. "While feeding my herd
upon the mountain." he says. "1 prayed a long time ere dawn. Snow might
cover the earth, rain fall, the frost
freeze my limbs, no III I felt or numb
ness. The spirit warmed me. I beard
spirits singing within me." The an-
gel of victory often appeared tu him
and one dny said to him:
"Hitherto thou hast wept only for thy- j
self.     When  thou  weepest for others '
thou Shalt behold the sun of everlasting life."
The   wretched  state of those about
blm,  the poverty,  the slavery  of  the
people, had n marked effect on PL Pat- |
rick,    ne was moved to rid Ireland of
their social nnd religious thraldom, the
latter   being   In   the   keeping   of   the
druld.'i.    But when he considered that
he wns nothing  but a slave and  a
swineherd he knew that he could sc-j
compllsh   nothing except   with  divine ���
Thia  Is  how   he  became  convlrced
that such  assistance would  be given
blm:  One evening while be  slept  he j
saw Jesus  wnlklng before blm.    Hi'
figure tv.19 radiant, and n beam of '. Rht
Shot  from   his  heart  and   filled   Pat-
rick's with heavenly Joy.    When the
youth   awoke   be   wns  iiwnre  of   bis
mission.    "At  last,"  he exclaimed.   "I I
hnve beheld hlm with my eyes.    I hnve |
received hlm Into my heart,    lt Is be j
The Christ has rome to my aid    I om '���
free,   and   1   will   make   my   Lrettrenj
But lhere Is n break In ihe leg.nd
before be set aboul Ihe work. Being
by Ihe sea, he saw a ship, wltb sal ors
aboard, who were about to set sail for
his old home In Caul, lie persua led
them tn take ntm with them, tin the
voyage hu wns recaptured by pin tes
nnd this lime was wild Into slavery In
Caul. Ransomed by friends, he retired
to a monastery But bc did not forget
tlie sorrows of the Irish people aod
while in the monastery was preparing
for the great work of his life I hell
liberation 'Ihen, when be was ready.
he wenl bnck a free mnn to Ireland
The HrltMi Isles were at that t me
subject In religious faith to tbe dni.ds
At Stonehenge. In Kngland, tbere remain today Immense rtx'ks, some standing upright on one end. some a Hat
stone supported by others, like a table,
which are supposed to be connected
with druld worship. What these huge
monoliths meant hns passed at ay
with the melting of the centuries sl ire
the primitive worshipers adored tlieir
gods and made lhelr sacrifices wlihln
the somber forests of llritain nnd Ire
land It was the mission of St Patrick to place In lhelr stead the em
Idem of the cross. This work he accomplished lis n preacher and 11 ten I)
er Fie worked upon the lowei usies
Women, children, outlaws, lhe leiser
grade of chiefs, all listened to hlm
The legend gws on lo sny that 1 ne
dny Rt. Patrick met two daughters ot
King l.negalrp washing their wedding
robes In a pool, snd he converted thiol
to Christianity. Their father was tne
chief ruler nf Ireland, snd his psb ce
Htond overlooking the plain of Tnrn.
Every third year nt Uie vernal e-q-j.tioi
1 pyre covered with flowers waa built
upon the terrace. Tbe king and Ova
subordinate sovereigns witb tbe drulds
at midnight set flre to tbe pyre. Un
the plain below tbe chiefs, with tbelr
armies assembled, witnessed the religious ceremony with acclamations.
The fire wna extinguished nud other
Ores lighted all over Ireland, marking
the beginning of the Celtic year.
At one of these ceremonies, wben the
druld high priest, Dubtuk. was about
to set flre to the pyre, tbe king noticed a wblte light tn a fleld where
slaves were burled. He asked the druld what It meant. "It is the light of
the mail wltb the crooked staff whose
coming we have predicted," replied tbe
priest "Do not permit blm to come
here or he will have dominion over us
Tben the king directed St. Patrick to
be forcibly brought before blm. Tbe
holy man appeared bearing a taper, attended b*f bis disciples holding torches,
and wben the king angrily asked him
what these lights meant he replied:
"Thy pyre means Idolatry and hatred.
We Christians, who worship tbe true
God, carry wax torches on tbe nlgbt of
our Lord Jesus Christ's resurrection."
"Why do you come into my kingdom?" asked tbe kiug.
"I cnll God and the angels to witness that I bnve no other aim than
that of proclaiming (be gospel and its
divine promises In returning to the
Innd where I wns a slave. Who forced
me to come? Is It not through love
and pity for this nation tbat I labor?"
St. Patrick's words and Influence created n division among the chiefs, some
siding with him. while others sided
with the druld priests Nevertheless
King Laegnlre concluded to burn him
to denth.
Now. the druld priest, Dubtnk. hnd
a daughter. Bridget, who was used to
accompany ber father nt religious ceremonies, playing upon tbe hnrp und
singing tbe deeds of the heroes, as
American Indians were wont to sing of
Iheir owu deeds When the pyre that
was to burn St Patrick was read}
Bridget snld to hei father:
"I know the Mower uf Joy (the ver
benai which Joins hearts. I know the
Mower of geld (the ielagoi which opens
the eyes and the mind to lhe future,
but tbls man possesses a mysterious
Mower which suveth from dentb���the
Mower of everlasting lire If you burn
him let me be burned with blm. for I
have seen his crucified Cod He bath
overpowered me wltb his sorrow; he
hath thunder stricken me with bl.-.
The people were convinced that Bridget was a prophetess and saw wltb dl
vine eyes.    Rut Kins I-iegalre was not !
minded to give up the religion of bis j
forefathers.     "Wilt   tbou   suffer."   be
said to Dubtnk. "this wizard to seduce \
the souls of our daughters?   Cu thou '
and  wrestle  with blm on  tbe  Eagle's
mountain and  let our gods overthrow
So tbe saint and the druld ascended
the mountain, and the Intter command
ed the eagles, which whirled about the
bend of the Christian, shrieking and
threatening, to tear hlm. But thej
were not able to get near enough tu
him to do so. Tlivu a tempest arose
tbe rocks of the mountain were cloven
pbantema of dead heroes appeared and
glared, while Dubtnk called upon them
to "put tbe man of evil omen to flight'
Bnt St. Patrick put forth h's hand and
a rny of light darted from each flngei
and the thumb Tben lhe tempest and
the phantoms vanished, giving place tu
a warm, starlight night. A perfume
emanated frum the mountain, n Hock ul
while doves Dew by. sod a great star
appeared In the heavens
"Is yonder world Inhabited hy thy
Cod?" asked  Dubtnk.
"It Is the throne whence he descended," replied SL Patrick "It Is the star
uf the Magi dra wlin; tbe wurld after It
It showed the dlrl.'ie child to the wise
men of the ensl and the west."
The druld could not draw bis eyt-r-
away from the star, so bright had lt
become, and he confessed tbnt the god '
of the Christian wns mightier than the
god of the drulds St. Patrick thsre
upon asked him lf he would bc bap
tlr.fi], Uut before lie would consent he
nsked what would Become of the he
roes, tils ancestors���wbere would Finn
and Osslnn dwell? St. Patrick told tilm
thut they would remain In hell, where
upon Dubtnk declared that he would
hove nothing to du with the saint 01
his god, but would abide with his
friends. Willi tliis hc left the snliii
nnd was never seen again.
With the departure of the most fnlth
ful of tbe drulds the religion fell Intu
decay, being superseded by the mure
vital faith of Christianity.
One day Bridget, who became nn In
defatlgoble worker in the cause of the
new religion, saw St Patrick coming
toward her, nn old man.
"I have converted Ireland." he said
"nud my work is hetshed. My limbs
tremble; my eyesight Is dim Take lb)
ruirp. Bridget, so ihat In thy sung I
mny once more Ond n ray of light hc
fore I find the sun tbut never shall be
And Bridget said:   "I have sting long
enough    Thousands of my sisters bnve
I liberated, but no more does my harp
give me comfort.    My soul Is snd. for
tbou hast doomed tny father, Dubtnk.
and the old heroes sleeping under the
sacred    stones    to    the    everlasting
shades "
To this Rt Patrick said sadly:   "The
I time la come.   I must go my way onto
1 them     Farewell, my daughter."
Rt.  Patrick left no trace other thnn
n spiritual one on Ireland.   His grave
��� even Is unknown.    Rrtdget In a dream
[ saw hlm Kitting tieslJe her father In a
1 hark, while Osslnn and Finn surround
! ed them.   The nngel of victory wss the
1 hclmsmnn.    Then the bark spresd lt��
' sails like a grent bird and sped awny.
After seeing tbls vision Bridget died
Fashion Frills.
Paris skirts sre reported as dinpha.
nous. Let It he hoped Unit this is 1111
error. If a skirt must be this, then
why is It tl skirt?-Loa Angeles Tribune.
Earrlngs for men are now on sale In
New Vork. One hopes they will lie-
come fashionable so thnt the sort of
men who would wear tbem can be
Identified at a glance.���Cleveland Plain
Our Inclination is to make no further allusions to the funny kind uf
clothes the women wear, but we feel
it necessary to observe that tbe present modes nre not adapted to the
kitchen, nursery or tbe polls.���Houston
Current Comment.
Tears shed today will not put out tho
flre lu the denth trap of tomorrow���
Washington Post
They are evicts ting Vesuvius to ernpt
ngnln. It has been seven years since
the last time���ample Ume for hulldlng
new villages In the danger zone nnd
setting the stage for new tragedies ���
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A dealer lu cocaine and opium hns
been lined 13,000 and sentenced tic two
years In the United States prison nt
Atlanta.     No  lawbreaker  looks better
in jaii Hum 11 practitioner uf this iu-
futnuus trade.���New Yurk Sun
Pert Personals.
An Illinois court lias decided �� man
������an be beautiful Watch I'niie Joe
Can Uon and Colonel Jim Ham Lewis
nlusb-New Vork American
A man wbo Insisted upon proclaim-
ug Jnbn 11. fl "good fellow" has been
-cut to 11. Philadelphia hospital fur p*��.
imiiiathiii us tu his sanity.���Pittsburgh
President Wilson's "tut. tut." may
ne ull right fur unit, hut what does be
.ay when he lifts nut the pan beneath
rhe Icebox and it uverflowa down bU
��� bin from'-    . . indl Free Press.
Archdeacon Lucas Pays Visit to Winnipeg to Be Ordained a
Winnipeg, Oct. 20, Archdeacon I.u-
ciis. who left Kngland twenty-two
years ago,
Immediately alter    being
from     Islington     college.
id take up missionary work
iu the hinterland of Alberta for the
Anglican church, has arrived here, ae
conipanled by Mrs. Lucas, who has
been lu the north country since 1898,
to be ordained bishop of Ihe Macken
7.ie river diocese, with lieadi|iiarter�� al
Fort Simpson, on the Oreat Slave riv
er, 1,800 miles north of Edmonton.
This Is the missionary's first visit
to civilization since 18(1, when In-
left Kdmonton with a dog team for
Fort Chlpewytin.
"Kdmonton was a trading post with
il population of a few hundred when
we came through hero twenty-two
years ago." the missionary said. "Today we find SX.OOO population The
old   trails   are   paved   and   lined   with
Important business houses and Instead
of dog tennis und ox carts wt) riml
electric street cars und high power
Archdeacon Lucas will return to bin
diocese as bishop next winter. The
population of lh" district In about !),.
000. Iin re are forty white men and
live while women, (lie rest being In
illan. and Kskimos The Indians are
Of the Slavey ami Tiikudiih tribes and
they iind the Eskimos are friendly
With the while people. Mrs. Lucas'
nearest white woman neighbor In the
north country lives In the Hay river
settlement, 860 miles fniin Fort Simp
Indians Stricken.
Archdeacon Lucas reports lhat since
some of the northern  Indians have
Iabandoned   l��>   tepee   and   the   chase
I for   the   white   man's   mode  of   living
I most   of   them   have  developed   tuber
j miosis and scrofula    The missionary,
��� who   received  a  medical  education   in
i Kngland, lias intended    many of the
Islok,   assisted   by   Mrs.     Lucas.    The
1 Anglican church has a thousand uiem
hers among the Indians and Eskimos,
"The relutliiiis between the Indians
ami  the  Eskimos  were not  nlwaytc as
friendly as Ihey are today, when lhey
j kneel   together   at   communion,"     the
SPOhdeSCSOn  said.    "This  would   have
been impossible a few years ago. The
suspicion with wlilch the Kskimos for
merly   regarded   the  redmen   was  not
j without   reason, as several  massacres
had taken place."
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Winnipeg   ,   Man.
Foreign Affairs.
Turkey   must   be   beginning   to   feel
that she quit the gains too soon.-Omu-   '
ha  Wurld Herald.
The German eagle doesn't look like a
love of peace, bnt he Is doing his work
pretty well.���Philadelphia Hecord
The I'..ilk an disturbance shows that
tbe dogs of wnr enn quarrel over a
cone like the hungriest mongrels.���
Hartford Times.
After  China's  civilization   gets   well
established   Japan   may   not   have  to  '
ravel quite so fnr In search of nn out-
el for its energies.���Wasblnetna u'~.".
641 Front Slreet.    Out  of  the High   Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Now Selling Stock of M. E. Price & Co. of Vancouver.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Tlrst English Book Paper.
The lirst book printed on Kngiish
paper, "He ProprieMtibui Berum,'" ap
peared in 14M. the paper having been
I made at Hertford by John Tate, who
subsequently bocame lord mayor of
London. It in ot excellent quality
and boars n watermark consisting of
uu ei^'ht pointed star inclosed in n
double circle. At ths end of the book
are printed thc lines:
And John Tate the Toungcr doo mak.
thin Taper thynne,
That now in our Knglysch thit boke ia
printed lune.
Oll for British Navy.
Ths publiu declaration made in I'��r-
llHment by Mr. Churchill of hii belief
io oil aa find for warships hu caused
somewhat of a sensation. Hi* predicted
nothing less than the abandonment of
coui ua fuel und the substitution In iill
cases of oil, which he declares not only
makes for greuter speed but ensures a
Substantial saving of labor. There aro
now 160 ve����el�� burning oil and 100 destroyers built nnd building which will
uae usl-c oil fuel.
An Easy E|| Dish.
Mil equal quantities of wnter nnd
good veal gravy, two table-spoonfuls ot
each, with a teaspoonful of vinegar
snd a seasoning of pepper and salt
I'ut the whole In a stewpan, and stir
In gradually the yolks of two well-
benten eggs. Wben lt thickens, and
before It bolls, hsve ready half a dozen
nicely poached eggs. Pour the sauce
over them, garnish wltb parsley and
serve promptly. Tbla ts an excellent
emergency dlsb, and only takes abont
ten minutes to prepare.
A Girl's Bedroom.
French grny wall paper In soft sstln
���nlsh Is exquisitely charming for a
young girl's bedroom. The background
"f gray ts lovely for plpk and blue
Dowered bnnglugs nnd furnishings.
learn the secret of this
delicious home made bread
Whenever friends drop In I serve
i' a and home-made bread. As s rule
I dont bother with cakes becaui 1 my
il. nd 1 prefer mj brei d It's quite a
juke with ui" snd Bob ihe way they all
������ r lhe recipe, "How do you net
BUCh flavor any way," they ulll ask.
"Whal makes it so uniformly dell-
cloua." I tell thi m as 1 tell you that
the seen i's In the Hour I use ROYAL
STANDARD.    Tr>   ic and  woe.
Vancouver,   New   Westminster.   Nanarno, Victoria,
Form Grain Exchanoe.
Moose Jaw, Oct. 2(1��� A meeSfng for
the purposo of completing the organisation of a grain exchange will be
held here tomorrow morning. The
membership fee li (250 and alreadv
over 60  train    growers    and    other?
Interested have signed up.
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Vancouver Oarsmen Nose Out Win by I half.    Church  equalized  early  in  the
I Becond period, Hell Irving turning the
i tide with one minute to play.
One Try���Surprises in Week.
End   Fixtures.
Crusaders  Defeated.
The one big surprise of yesterday'i
Cen  Robb Comes  Out of  Hiding
Talks���Officers Are
Holding their opponents scoreless In
tho tlrst hair while Westminster went!
over for one Iry, the Koyals were fore '
i:d to take a defeat at the hands of lhe I
Rowing Club yesterday afiernoon when
Hell-Irving went over with a try which
raised  many doubts among non-paril-
*an BPOCtators on the sidelines.    (Julie :
an argument look place hut Referee
Woodward leiualnlod stubborn.
The winning points  were sent over I
wllh  only  one  minute  to play   which
demonstrates ihe splendid battle the
Royals put up    Wllh less than a mln-1
ole lo play Westminster pressed lo the:'
finish, three of the visiting ihree-iiuar
ters   falling  on   lhe   bull   whieh   Stav-I
eiisoii   ami   Andrews   had   dribbled
across thi   Hue.
Yesterday's game was about t'ie best
display  Ihls season  although  a   thirl*.
to   nil   defeat waa freely  predicted
wben  the iwo fifteens look  llie  li.-W
Btaarl Saunders scored   the   three-
points   for   Westminster in the tlrst
rugby was the defeat of the Crusaders
by     MoOlll     college on   the   Brockton
Point grounds by a
Converted try, three points, to nil
This   was  the  first   meeting of the
The  truih   will  out   ln  tlm".    Ben
RObh, who up till now hus maintained
a mysterious attitude In regard to the
imt0!,. "... "n" U" ! Heaver hockey club, emerged from his
hermit's    abode    on    Saturday    long
Tho liouse league will start operations on tbe Club alleys this evening
when teams captained by Hert Pike
and William Sloan will oppose each
other in the Initial contest.
Saturday evening Burnett defeated
('Ornish in un eight game series by 147
pins. Burnett had 1460 to his string.
with Cornish trailing with 1313.
Chas. t Royal
teams and although the ball waB slip
pery  thus  defeating    all     efforts    Ol
classy three-quarter play, tha collegians were on top of the hall every
minute und never gave their opponents a chance on the breakaway.
lu the other game, the Welshmen
romped away from the V. M. C, A. by
B  scon   of  14-0.
Saturday'r Games.
Saturday's garni' went to McOill of
Vance over,   by   a   score   of   8-0,     The
Royals   with   a   reorganised line-up
never seemed tn get going well, the
three unconverted tries scored by the
visitors   ail   being of a type which
should   have   been    stopped     bv     the
In Ihe other Saturday games played
in  "
Sacred Concert on Sunday Appreciated
enough to impart to The News .),'��� li. ��� by Lai'fl' Audieni:e'
of officers of Ihe club together  with   |nA "J"1*" entertainment was given
lln    the    r.dlson    theatre on    Sundav
the prospects for the coining season.      , veiling under the   auspices    of    the
With the return of "Happy" William-  local Moose lodge, In aid of the Royal
son,  who  made the  Hoyal City  from (Columbian hospital.    The sum of $3n
the prairies on  Saturday, the  Beaver | will  probably  be  realised  when    the
septette Is now complete and fror:
now until there Is ice at Queen's par'.
tbe players will take their time shar.i
eniiiK their blades, healing old sor-j.
sustained during the lasl season and
planning a nev.* line of attack.
Hera Is a list of the officers of the
club: Hon. president, A. EJ. Hand;
Hon. vice-presidents, A. Mahns, (',. 1).
Brymner. 0. ll Matheson, J. .1. Johnston: president, J. H. Diamond; vice-
president, ii. V. Ardagh; secretary-
Vancouver, lbe Crusaders defeated I treasurer, Ben Robb; manager, B. N.
Rowing cluh 18-0, while the Welsh i Sl,,ll,,i"land:  executive, J. p., Price. W
I a decisive vide,rv   over   th.  ��' Swlln' ��   Macgowan, I.. B. Lake;
Highlanders by
tory   o
a score of 1"
Iraine;', Tom  Mahony.
outstanding tickets an' handed In.
Vocal selections were given by Mrs.
Groves, M. .1. Knight, H. Allerdyce.
together with instrumental by the
Cameron trio and the Moose orchestra.
President George Small, of the Iloyal
Columbian hospital board, addressed
the meeting explaining the aims of
the directors as to furnishing the new-
institution, while Kev. M. G. Melvin
preached the sermon.
Thanks are due to Frank Kerr, uf
the Bdlson theatre, who placed the
building at the disposal of the society
free of charge.
���*��. THFATRF. *****
Mooae    Bmoker    Brought    Out    Slim
Cro'-d���Interesting Events, But
Few Vancouver Contestants.
The loam
ef)' in the
I nre now tied unci will play j
course of a week or two for j
the provincial ehampionshlp.
Moose Jaw Defeats SasMtoon.
Moose .law, Oct. to. Outplaying
Saskatoon during the first half or lln
game. Moose Jaw piled up a lead of
IS points and Ihls proved sufficient tc
win the "Mme. the nual   score   be
j Men se   1 T, Saskatoon  'i.
I By the  Potter!
A very sparse attendance greeted
Ihe -efforts of the Moose Athletic club
last evening at St. Patrick's hall when
a smoker was carried out under the
auspices of the Moose  Hockey club.
With the exception of one wrestling
bout, all the events were local, and
while up tu the' average, could have
been Improved upon had the commit
lee been a success III securing Van-
.couver material.
Snowball O'Connor, who was advertised as a headliner agalinst x Vancouver wrestler, was missing, lhe an.
OOUncer giving it out tbat he bad been
called  to Tacoma.
Ill   bis   place   was   a   fellow   named
A' fi**a***, who gained a decision over
Burgoyne, of the V. A. C The latter
was placed at n Disadvantage owing to
nn Injury in one of Ills arms, Both
Issiu'd ii challenge to O'Connor ami it
is probable that a match will be arranged in the neat  future,
Matthews and MoOee, of   Burnaby,
were shown In a high class luni or
���cluh swinging, jul-jltsu and band balancing
A ihree reniiei boxing bout between]
McOlbbon and Mavis created no little i
Intereal, no decision being given, al-l
though Ihe former had lhe better of;
the affair.
A skit hy "Doeoo" Weldemann, (Mar !
ence "Doc"  Wells and  E.  K. Kast man
created a Ilil fronl the start, the first
two winding up the turn with a fenc-
log display.
George Levis featured with a song.'
while the Moose orchestra was also j
in  attendance.
Kred Smith handled the wrestling
events, while H. Timms looked after
the boxing bout.
Ht. I.ouis college soccer teum continued their victorious career on Saturday morning last when they defeated the Herbert Spencer team by the
heavy Bcore of 8-0, George Feeney officiated.
American Rules Here.
Ottawa,  (Jet.  2d.    In   the  exhibition I 	
of football under Canadian and Amerl. Dug Hardman, who placed New
in riles this afternoon, the Ottawa Westminster on the map ihis summer
football team defeated that of Bt by driving an auto from Mexico ti the
Lawrence university by score of 20 toJRoyal city, and Ansell (Happyi Wll-
'-'��� Damson, the  well  known  Beaver hoc
  'key star, arrived  buck from the  pral-
All '.ame Vancouver. [rles on Saturday. Hardman leaves for
Winnipeg. Ort. to.- The rowing club Portland this week where he will drive
rugbylata won tbelr first senior gamete car to Los Angeles and spend tb"
this season here today, defeating St | Winter.
Johns' league leaders. 2b to 8, after
ti highly interesting exhibition of th
First Battalian  104th  Regiment Canadian Infantry.
Battalion   order  No.  6,   Lieutenant-
Colonel J. li. Taylor, commanding.
Officers, Appointments ���
Recommendations for the   appoint-
��� ment  of officers have been approved
hy district headquarters as follows;
To h? major, second in command. C.
i E. Doherty.
[    To  be  major,  second  in  command.
j Captain a. l. Coote.
To be captains,. Lieutenants G. Cas-
k��y, I). E. Carleton. G. B. Corbould, P.
! H. Cunningham,  L.  E.  Haines.
I    To be captain and paymaster, T. H.
To be lieutenants. .1. IL Diamond. M.
J. Knight, C.  Lord. J. A. Motherwell.
I W. G. Swan. T. J. Trapp.
I    Increase of establishment���
I    Consequent on authorization of    Increase  in    strength,    two    companies
have been added tor headquarters,
gridiron game.
A suggestion ha? been made that the |he known respectively as G and H.
boys of the John  Hobson school, who ;    Officers, posting-
won  the  Joe  Lally  medals    for    the i    Officers are posted for duty as fol
school's    lacrosse    league    champion-  low
ships.  Should   have    tho    medals   an '
Vancouver  Scrapper   Defeats  Charley
Turni at Steveston Arena���Poor
The New Zealand rugby team have
yet lo be scored npon Last Saturday
Itbey again defeated Stanford university by the score of 68-0, making 110
points on the Calilornians ln the two
games played.
W. II. Wilkinson, a prominent Vic-
In one of the poorest fights yet seen torla citizen, Interested in all classes
on the 1. c. const this season. Frank of sport, has come through we'll .1.1
Barrleau of Vancouver won the de-,offer of a handsome cup to he com
Ulslon over "Hough House" CharleyIpeted for annually between the lades'
Burns of San Krancisco at the Steves-  field hockey teams of Vancouver. New
Tlgeri Won Again.
Hamilton. Ont.. Oct. 20. -The Tigers
defeated the T. It. and A. A. team, of
the senior Ontario Rugby Kootball
union here today 13 to !��. In an exhibition game.
ton arena yesterday afternoon. Neither
of the contestants showed any class
and although Barrleau had It over his
man forly ways In the mutter of points
the Vancouver scrapper will have to
Improve considerably If he ever hones
to accomplish anything with the Callfornlan welterweights.
Burns was n distinct disappointment
and was never in the running which
lert Referee Jimmy Hewitt nothing to
do but give the former Sapperton boy
tlio decision.
ln the first preliminary Joe Hill of
Tacoma, beat Charley Martin of Chicago in four fast rounds. Two well
known coast bovs. Kid Lee and Martin
Murnhy. showed about the best class
of the afternoon. Lee getting the decision ln the sixth.
The attendance waB very satisfactory to Promoter Halstead, some 1500
fans being at the milling.
Westminster and Victoria.
The city soccer league will hold a
meeting in Ryall's office at 8 o'clock
this evening.
Out of ten games played in the first
division English football on Saturday
eight of these were shut-outs. The
contests were exciting throughout.
The Adanacs defeated the Tigers In
a friendly basketball    game    at    the
V. M. C. A. last evening, 32-31.
contest was exciting throughout.
Thc girls' field hockey team of the
R. C. H. S. were forced to accept defeat from Coqultlam at Queen's park
on Saturday afternoon by a lone goal,
Freddie Welsh Knooked Out.
Winnipeg. Oct. 20.���Freddie Welsh,
the English lightweight champion,
was knocked out In the ninth round
nr a -scheduled .12 round bouf with
Young Savior, of Indianapolis, here tonight The referee said the knockout
was iluc to a toul blow. Welsh waB
Riven the decision on a foul.
Baseball Played in Snov.
Sprlngflold, Oct. 20--Tho New York
Olants defeated the Whlto Box In the
third game of the world's tour here
today by a score of 6 to 4. Bnow was
falling while the contest was being
Regina Grabs Couple.
Regina, Oct 20.���Regina won both
Saskatchewan rugby championships
today. Saskatoon's defeat at Moose
Jaw cinches the senior title for Ruler's Butiad while the intermediates re-
Ulned the Bcott cup sa the result of a
win over Moose Jaw seconds on the
local grounds.
A New O. R. P- U- Club.
Toronto, Oct. 20.-Maklng their debut in O R. V, >'��� senior competition,
the Hamilton Rowing club team were
beaten by Parkdale. at the University
of Toronto stadium today, 24 to ..
Joe Keeper Repeate.
Winnipeg, Oet 20.-Joe Keeper the
noted Indian Olympian athletic long
dlatance runner, won the T. M. <u a.
live mile road race here today for
the fourth year in succession.
**   Must Have Bsen Some Osme.
Kdmonton, Oct. 20,-Wlth each team
fighting desperately to win, Edmonton
Kskimos defeated the Calgary Tiger,
here today In the proving rugby
inaguc by the close score of 13 to iz.
St. Andrew's and Saints Break Even
���Rovers Defeated���City League
ln a well contested and clean game
at Moody park yeaterday afternoon,
City and Bt Andrew's of Vancouver
played to a two all draw, thla being
the tlrst Inter-clty game of the seaaon
between Westminster and Vancouver
league teams.
Porgle for the Saints scored both
goals while McAllister converted a
penalty and McLaren notched the
other for the City.
A fair crowd waB on hand to watch
the game which started at 1:30 with
Tlm Mahoney handling the whistle.
Immediately following the Intercity
contest, the Rovers and the Native
Sons clashed In a friendly game, the
latter winning by a score of 2-1. Manager Grant's aggregation fielded with
Beveral of the regulars shy.
George Cadyslcn scored the lone
goal for the Rovers. Keeney and
Storme turning the trick for the Native Sons. Tlm Mahoney handled the
Sapperton Romp Away.
Siipperton, had an easy time with
Burqultlum on the former's grounds
on Saturday afternoon, the former
champions winning out by the heavy
score of 8-1. At no stage of the game
wcre the suburbanites dangerous with
the exception of the last half, when
wtth a comfortable lead, the Sai i�� rton
hunch crumpled In one Instance.
Electrlcr. Loee.
At Moody l'ark on the same afternoon, Burnaby pulled out ahead of the
Electrics by a 2-0 score. The nickel-
chasers put up a better exhibition
than at any time thia Beason and bore
out the statements of Manager Hulme
that his eleven would be stronger than
ever, when they took tho field on Saturday.
The withdrawal of the Moose left
the City eleven idle, although a practice game wbb Indulged In between
two picked teams.
High School Defeated.
The Junior Alliance team of the
Uoyal City high school were forced to
take the count before the Kltsilano
Baptists in Vancouver on Saturday afternoon, the churchmen nosing out a
win In the last two mlnutea of play by
a score of 3-2. The high school boys
had It all their own way ln the flrat
half, but fell In the rear when the
teams chsnged ends. The victory allows the Baptists to take the lead In
the league race.
Bankers Win.
Port Moody waa the neutral ground
chosen for a well contested football
match piayed on Saturday afternoon
between teama representing the clerks
of the Bank of Ottawa Vancouver and
l'ort Moody branches, and the Barnet
team. The bankers won by two goals
to one. A return match will be played
next Saturday.
A company. Captain T. Cunningham,
Lieutenants Airth and Sangster.
B company. Captain P. H. Smith,
Lieutenant* Groves and l.ord.
D company. Captain G. Caskey.
Lieutenants L. J. Thomas and G. Hornby.
IC company, Captain f>. E Carleton.
Lieutenant J. W, Carmlchael.
G company. Captain P. H. Cunningham, Lieutenants Knight and Trapp.
H company. Captain G. B. Corbould.
Lieutenants Diamond and Motherwell.
Lieutenant Swan will be attached to
li company for duty temporarily.
Captain L. E. Haines wiH-aet���a��
Officers' duties���
To be orderly officer for week ending October 20, Lieutenant Sangster.
Next for duty, Lieutenant Groves.
Battalion duties���
B company will find battalion duties
for week ending October 26.
Officers commanding companies will
render to the orderly room, not later
than Friday, 24th Inst., tx return showing name and date of attestation of
all N. C. Os aud men at present
effective on the establishment.
The staff and A and B companies
will parade on Tuesdny, 21st Inst., at
8 p.m.. ror the purpose of signing the
pav list.   Plsin clothes will be worn.
All subaltern officers who are unqualified will parade on the same date
for instruction under the adjutant.
Band practice���
The band room is allotted for practice bs follows: Mondays, brass band;
remainder of week, drums.
The regiment will be open for recruiting from Tuesday. 21st inst The
same will be carried out under company arrangementa until further
notice. . __
Captain and Acting Adjutant
First Battalion 104th Regiment, Canadian Infantry.
Wednesday Night
Paid in full
Thursday Matinee and
Friday Night
Saturday Matinee and
the Desert
Phone 1068
And Reierve Your Seats.
Wc. and 20c.
Our Business
Investments for clients on First Mortgage security.
aged, payments collected and forwarded or invested.
Estates man
H'very branch of a Trusl business carried on by competent and
experienced  men.
Deposits accepted and Interest
at 4  per cent allowed on daily
We act as Executor and Trustee under Wills and alwaya ready
to advise and assist you in drawing up your Will. We prepare legal
documents of all kinds, search titles and attend to all kinds of notarial
work. Act as agents for the sale of real estate. Insurance in all ita
branches.    Safety Deposit Boxes for rent.    Apply
J.  J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets.
Buy Your Farm Direct From
Company's generous offer to bona fide settlers re selling farms at
prices ranging from (11.00 to (30.00 per acre, unimproved or ready-
made: making a loan ot (2000.00 for farm Improvements and a loan
of (1000.00 worth of stock to approved settlers, all on 20 year colonization payment plan at 6 per cent Interest.
Detailed Information, literature, settlers transportation ratea. etc.
furnished by D. E. Brown, Hope & -Macaulay, Limited. Canadian Pacific   Railway    Company's Official Land Selling Agents.
D. E. Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Financial, Insurance and Real Ettale Agents.
Rentals and Collections.
General Railway and Steamship Agents.
apetenad   Germany   l-lkely   Would
Take Up Churchill's Offer ef
"Naval Holiday."
Berlin. Germany. Oct. 20.���The pro-
posals of a world wide navel holiday
made by Kt. Hon. Winston Churchill,
llrst lord ot British admiralty at Manchester on Saturday wlll be taken up
with more sympathetic consideration
by Oermany than prevtoue suggestions to thst end hate been.
The evening papers Saturday received report ot Churchlll'a apeech too late
tor comment, but street talk Is much
In favor of suspension ot armament
The tact te the whole nation ts still
dumbfounded at the terrible aerial
catastrophe of Friday and there Is a
realisation that It was the result to
some extent ot Germany's never-ceaa-
ing ambition to control the earth aad
ky and sea. if Mr. Churchill's unofficial offer ever reaches ail ullk'1-.l sti-
tus and is submitted here Germany
will likely be found ready to consider
it now.
Invitation Repeated.
Manchester, Oct. 20.���The invitation
to Germany to indulge In a "naval holiday, was repeated by Mr. Winston Spencer Churchill, first lord of
the admiralty, who, In the name of
the British government made a specific order to delay the fulfillment of
Great Britain's naval construction
program next year If Germany would
consent to do the same.
Mr. Churchill's former suggestion
of a naval holiday was made In the
house of commons, at Weatmlnster,
on March 27 last, ln connection "with
his presentation of the naval estlmstes
for the year.
"There ls, I fear, no prospect of
avoiding large and continuing Increases in the naval estimates." he
said, "unless the period of acute rivalry and of rapid scientific expansion
through which we are passing, comes
to an end.
Of all the nations ot the world
we are, perhaps, best sble to besr
such a strain It It should continue.
We have greater accumulations of
capital than are found elsewhere. We
are treed from the need ot maintaining an army of continental scale.
Usefulness Ceases.
"TbA Btrength of one navy Is Its
strength compared with another. The
value of a ship depends entirely upon
the contemoorary ship It may have
to meet The usefulness of naval Invention ceases when It Is enjoyed by
other power*. Tet we see the ship
types of every naval power superseding thorn of the previous year. With
remorseless persistency scores ot millions of dollars are being absolutely
squandered while every year all the
naval powera are making hot only the
fleets of their rivals but their own
fleets obsolete without adding to* their
rels tlve strength or actual security.
Could sny proces be more stupid- Ths
tuestlon that should bo asked of the
gr��"��'�� nowers Is this:
"If for the spaee of a year nr
n.w warships bn built for any navy,
would your naval Intereet* or national security be prejudiced In anv
conceivable wav? Why should wa all
not take a naval holiday for a year at
tar as new construction, or new oonstructlon ot capital ships Is eon-
"This Is no appeal of weakness
panting behind which wa make, but
of strength striding before. It ts aa
appeal which wt addres* to aU nations aad to no nation wtth more pro-
New Submarine
Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for:
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
���_/^j\/^^/\j-U'\i-W'*W%,V,Y''ii*i***i* ���**�� ������^i* ��� f* ** *> ^^^^^^^^#��^^^^^^^^^^^^*%^��
Ntw rtoh
Haa Dona Good Work
Thi gis^af this etahonte ladder waa
W.MT aad It Is tha ssoat peeteaUoua
aadertaklng of Ua MM la British Co-
tumble. -t Jt waa dast-sjaad   hy   Joha
t to Boa. W. J.
at '
at a rock oat IM fact ks
of VS
Victoria. Oct W.���Tha bow Uka
,n the Mealadea river. eoaatructetty <����*�� *��J��* '
the provincial foveramoat under aa 2
ipproprtatloa tram the Domtalsa as>
torlUes Is tulfllltna Its object
ably, scoordlag ta Cbattaa 9.
_       ^
����? �� m** �������* ka fc��| aasatal ***
maa. inspector af Usfcarlaa
province, who haa just rets
tha spawata ffaaais ot tl
0f hte JSWt
  _.���.t---��� fww#''��� --_������
way, aa-JTbaia waa ao ceaaM
number of sakaea aatow those
fan* ***m wa
I Classified Advertising
txi.tnl lor Tne Nows at tlie follow-
tas placea: K. T. Hill's drug store,
CIS Columbia street; A. Sprice,
���Queensborough, l.ulu Island.
t��*m**** ***********
**} RATES. ���
CUMaiflcd���Oue cent per word per
*s*f; 4c per word per week; 16c per
Mouth; b.D'iD words, to be used as re-
��a1r<<<]  within oue year from   date of
ntract, $-R.0n.
al servant, must be good plain
cook, no washing. Apply Ml Sixth
ami Slxtb Btreet, (it! feet on Sixtli
anil 132 on Bt Oeorge, Must be sold
as owner wnnts to go soiuh. Apply
Curtis ii Dol san. I'i'ini)
length 52 inches, bust 38 inches,
cost $150; will sacrifice, Suitable
for an automobile coat. Apply 333
Strand avenue. Bapperton.       (2230)
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone,   llox 2222 News office.
Raise Fund to Fight for Life of New
York's Condemned Police
New Ynrl<, Oct. 20.���When Ihe police or Philadelphia rounded up ns
giinnu n four New Yorkers anil a number of lhelr Philadelphia "pals." there
was found in the possession of eneh of
the prisoners subscription lisis Indicating that an organized movement was
on foot bv members of the underworld
or  New   York.  Philadelphia  and  other
eastern cities to raise a fund  for the
Police  Lieut.
Many Attractive and Smart Models to Be Found This Season.
Milady This Summer May Pay Anything From $1.50 to $60 to Ward Off
Oust While on an Automobile Trip
at Home or Abroad.
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply owner, George Warns,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (2140)
t< r. about 20 feet
���street cast
317   Columbia
housework. Write T. Haruke, P.O.
liox 414. I-237-1
man, odd jobs, anything. Apply Box
2'itO News ofTice. (2240)
bouse near in. Communicate with
4 IS First Street    I'hone 227 L.
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride
on IS. C. Electric trom New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder just
back or rrontage lots $luti and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for I undersigned
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents Curtis & Dorgan, New West
minster.    Phone 466.    No trades.
(2*'*) 1 local defense of former
I Charles Pecker.
II wis also found thai subscriptions
from dentsens of the underworld were
bains solicited to raise money with
which to huy a tombstone to be placed
nt tho head of "llle .lack" Zelig, former sangster. and victim a vear am or
�� bullet fired hv "lied Phil" Davidson,
lust before Zellg was to tesiiry In the
Becker case.
In the nocket or each or the orison-
ers was found two subscription lists.
���To of them here the following heading;
I'h'irlrs Decker defense fund.    The
hereby    subscribe    the
FOR SALE��� $1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
Uet square. (21601
strictly home cooking, can accommodate about eight gentlemen with
room and board. Tonus $6.50 per
���u.eek.    oUa Columbia street  (2227)
ers' -supplies. Oriental Contracting
Company, 413 Westminster Trust
building. (2120)
face and feet.    Anybody    harboring
same will be prosecuted.    Return to I
A. E. Davidson, No. 2 lire hall.
ttire in large or small quantities for
��poi cash. Will give full value or
ah! sell your household goods and
..ffecls by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. II. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, Kings hutel block,
Columbia streeL (2164)
house, furnished, right party. Apply
-3? Sixth street. (22:..".I
trade   protection   specialists.   J. M
Gav.a,    general    manager,     P.    O
drawer 110, New Westminster.
minster li
of Public
New YV
ut the City of New \Vo��l-
i deposited with tb ��� Mlnlstei
.'orks and In the office of thi
if Deeds for ine Dlstrlcl of
nster, British Columbia, plans
umount set opposite their names for
defense of Charles Decker. All subscriptions will be personally acknowl-
ort'-od by his wife, Mrs. Helen Becker."       r
The other subscription tore this
"Memorial fund for a tombstone or
onr late friend, lack Zellg, to be erected November 5."
When the police tried to get (he ar-
-ested men tn tell more they replied
'here was nothing criminal attaching
lo possession of the subscription papers and that It wns none of the business of the Philadelphia police or of
any one els***- how much money hid
been collected or to whom it had been
Money Sent to  New York.
Detectives Lynch and Isaacs, who
brought four of the men before Magistrate Carey, have information going to
show that for two weeks Now York
srunraen. with tholr Phlladelphl
rades. bad collected considerable su ns
which bad heen forwarded to this "itv.
They eame from the pockets of Philadelphia gangBters and fr.im men and
women or the "submerged tenth."
it ls the season of dusters,  both
those who busy themselves within
doors lu making all things spotless and
those which are Intended to protect tbe
frock from the dust of tbe road while
motoring.    Automobile   dusters,   of
wblcb lt Is Intended to speak particularly, have certain properties In common wiib other kinds of feminine auto
garb. Ibey bnve an endless variety
und an almost equally endless price
range. The fair motorist who got a
stain on that favorite linen (luster last
season, before the era of the dependable self starter, wblcb bas almost revolutionized tlie motorcar, from the woman's point of view, need not hnve
uny trepidation about being able to replace it with an attractive counterpart
or variation.
Trice in dusters, as in other toggery,
depends on several factors. It Is Influenced by material very greatly, by
style somewhat and by trimming a little. Just plain dusters of the loss expensive sort nre made of linen. Others
of the more costly kind are fashioned
of rajah .silk, pongee uud halt u dozen
other weaves, glossy or dull of llnlsh,
but all stamped with a certain quality
of swaggerness.
As to cut. this season has not
brought out many Innovations. The
garment In the nature of the case,
must bc a full length one, since Its
function ls primarily tbat of protection for the dress. Dusters nre full
enough to be comfortable and snug
enough not to be In the way or to conflict with the present styles In worn-
en's chubes generally. Some of the
specially smart ones have a suggestion
com- j of draping, ns an echo of tbe gowns,
and others have wide or kimono
sleeves, a fashion both practical and
good looking. Pockets aro usual a id
are of several  types,  with  the patch :
Struggle for Trade  Follows  In  Wake
of Battles and Austria Is
Losing Out.
Vienna. Austria. Oct, SO, Tlie end
of the war has proved the signal lor
the beginning of a fierce commerolal
struggle in the Balkans, Austria Hungary has awakened io the facl thai
Oermany bad grasped six months ago.
Today she realizes the splendid opportunities opening up In the Halkans.
.She has also been faced by ibe very
unpleasant sight of the German traveler already established with a rirm
footing in the regions wlllch she re-
::*:rdi d as her own.
The German army has not been
mobilized, tbe contusion wl. i'h has
prevailed in every branch of trade
and commerce in Austria-Hungary as
the result or tin absence or s large
percentage of men wltb lha colors during the past year has effectually prevented anything beyond the most
Beci BSary work bl ing done. Even were
this nol so. the Austrian Is proverbially lucking in th.it spirit of enterprise
which is no marked among the Germans'.
The heads of the various industries
now blame the leaders of Austro Hungarian foreign policy. They Bay thut
an up-to-date policy would have conci rued Itself wllh lhe acquiring of
fresh markel* and of new utitleta for
Austrian goods. Instead of this
: Austria-Hungary his made enemies nil
round. Purlin- tho Industrial party
Is right in it. ���.���nn.-eiitii.il ih tt territory
Is only won Commercially nowadays
Conquest of new land Is un antiquated
method, and will be Iilile employed by
ihe great powers, although necessary
in Hie case of an ancient  regime, such
as ihe Turkish administration, where
nothing   in   tha  way  of    Improvement
vvas permitted.
It Is clear nn ll oktng back over lhe
last 12 months thai Austria-Hungary
his pursued n very old fashioned
policy Indei d, n I mu *h more advanced than thai or Turkey itself.   Put it
Is easy to laj Ibe hliiine en tlle men
at lho helm. Tin y are, however, rather the victims of a system than of Individual lack of Judgment, for when
ihey oame Into power 'luy Inherited a
discontented Balkans.
Also the Agrarian partv has bei n n
sponsible for Irritating Servia almoal
beyond endurance. H ha i alwavs pre
vented the Import of meal. The industrials bave always supported the
Agrarians in this policy and ibis hi i
rendered    the    Servians    desperate
When lhey clearly Saw that there was
no hope of doing trade with Austria-
llunciirv tin".' turned lhelr land into
an agricultural Instead of a pastoral
country, and the Immediate result Is n
shortage of meal in Austria Hungary
Itself. Thai shortage is likely to in-
i rease In the near future,
Servia Ercrgetic.
The   Servians   are  pushing   forward
negotiations with the Montenegro to
the end that lhey may use the harbor
Of Antivari as un outlet for their trade
and Ilu re Is little doubt lhat they will
come tu some kind of an arrangement
wllh Nolenegro. It Is not believed
lhal Ihey will be able to lease thi' hur-
i hot, but that some kind or commercial agreement win bu made.
This will mean an outlet for their
trade to Italy, who Is always short of
meat Austria-Hungary will thus have
1 to seek bsr meat elsewhere. The meat
! question Is one of the causes or social
unrest ill Austria, and It Is likely ihat
lhe trouhle that commenced wllh lho
return of reservists, many of whom
have come home to rind that their Jobs
have bren taken by others In lhelr
absence, or arrangements  made    to
ri*i:ib r their services superfluous, Is
likely lo Increase when Hie annual
shortsgs of meal   makes Itself felt.
Meanwhile Italy is very bury on ihe
shores of Uie Adriatic. She is watching for possible markets for her goods.
II Is probable lhat she wlll go great
lengths   oi  guard   her   political   Inter-
"sis in Albania ami her commercial interests iu Greece. The keenness of
competition in  this quarter   of    tbs
world between members of lhr triple
alliance mny  lead  to  lis undoing.
The Austrian Industrials, while blaming the foreign minister, know that
their goods will not stand comparison
wiih tiie Oerman article. ���:, petal of
price.    Tbey ;lre responsible for   the
I dltioni   which   have   made   It   so.  a
ib sire lo retain more than a fair share
if profits and lo get rich quickly have
lirongh; both Industrial and agrarians
io an ImpasSe, and tiny should be
"��� -i>lv lo shoulder a part of tlie blame
Do 111. "IveS.
���even roomB, two blocks from  post
office.   Apply Box 2252 News ofTice
hc-rping rooms, 410 Ash street.
ami descriptions ot centre lie* <>r prbpog.
cl Sapperton Sewer outfall (Missing Hiu-
nette   Itlver  in   sni.l  district.
ihat ih" Corporation nf the cm- of New
Westminster will after one month from
th" first publication "f this notice apply
to the Oovernor General in Council for
approval  nf  sueh  works,
DATED ni New Westminster, n. f'.. this
27th day nf September, 1013.
Solicitors for th" Corporation "f tin*
City of New Westminster.
The four Nov.- Yorkers arrested gave
the names nt Sam Gordon. Sam Rer-
ger. Jose Harris and Sam Roth mer.
Th" Charges agalnsl them are assault
���md battery and carrying concealed
Th" N"w Vork undesirables, accord-
������*.- tn th*' Phlladelohia noilce, have
for some time had their heartnuarters
in a boarding house in the Washington Saiinre district of New York Here
'I Is said, th" i-ib'n to raise money fer
'hn iief, nse of Becker was formulated.
Th" police declined to make public
rhe s'reil number ot the house, hul
"aid that th�� presence In one dwelling
of so many susniclous Characters had
aroused protests from neighbors
which led to inrormation being given
the   Nn.,v   York   police,   which
beeping rooms, $10 and tl* per
���month at 224 Seventh street. (2163)
�����b��re. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-
eoe?. 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver, B.C. (21G-'l
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. It. Drown. 17
__egbic street, New Westminster.
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
E&ftiiaes,   Marine   Engines   Bud   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Weatmlnster, B.C.
A totem -Wmmmm ��
Tho Only New unabridged dictionary in many yenrs.
Oaataij-8 tho pith and essence
f*f  an   authorit:ttivo   library.
Co-v:r3 every Hold of kno-.vl-
etlgo.   An Encyclopedia in a
single book.
Thi.- 0:ily Dictionary with tlio
Bfew Divided Page.
400,000  Words.     27C0  Pares.
finoo I ill.stri.lions. Cost ;-early
h~lf :i rail ion dollars.
Let OS i: !1 you about this most
re_nar__;.b!o siaclo volume
V'--'.tc f st s:iTr*^\o
I-.:* :���'.)   .1 ,-..:-.
PURSUANT to Section 50, Sub-section
i. of the Hritish Columbia Railway Act.
1911. notice Is hereby Riven thnt thert
has luin deposited with the Registrar at
New Westminster, it plan shewing pro-
(kis.i1 extension of Hook Spur from Road
No. ID to Canal street. Mileage .': '��� A to
Mileage l.1) A, l.ulu Island Branch, end
under th. powers given to it h statute
t!v Canadian Northern Pacific Railway
company win take, nnd if necessary expropriate the lands required for its right-
T.  11.  WHITR.
(*1S0) Chief Engineer.
perhaps In Hie majority.
Color in dusters does not permit ot
very wide latitude. Tbey must adhere
rather closely to some sluidc which will
not sbow Hie murks of the rond, nnd
therefore drub ami a sort of sage green
ure the prevalent lones. Tbe collar nud
lapels Rlva nu opportunity, however, to
relieve this severity of color, anil on
these may lie found solid shades BUCb
ns red. purple nnd green, mixed pat-
terns of various sorts and embroidery, j
often of n Persian nature. Snme attempt is also made to relieve ihe sim
pllclty of tbe garments by Hie use ol
large buttons, either spherical or disk i
Some   of   the   most   useful   dusters
wblcb   the  eurly  season   has   hrought
turn, resulted in the vlcllance ihat hid | out  are  nt  the same  time   raincoats.
Ile  Lot  5,  of Dlnoks  118  and  149,  of
l.ot  92, Croup 1, Map 17.".7. in the
Disirict of New  Westminster.
Whereas proof if the loss of Certificate ol Title Number 2133B, Issued In
the name of Harry ('line,    has    been
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of (he first publication hereof
n a daily newspaper published in the
City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
J. ('. OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, D.C, October !)
1913. i'i'i'ii)
heen exercised bv the Philadelphia po
11 is believed that from this houce
members of the ganes associated witb
��� he i"-��ual .-i*"*er of the .ambler. Herman Rosenthal, wh" are under death
sentence In Sins Sing, scattered to
Sever"! eastern cities for the purpose
of raising money fnr the defense of
T?eciter apr| {() commemorate the memory of 'Mia.
Salc-nTier-i Give Money.
Among the subscribers to thp twn
funds in Philadelphia n**e Bald to have
been several saloon keepers in the tenderloin district, as well as those who
heio Bupporl  these .saloons.
It was the finding on the New York
gunmen of 'he Becker and Zellg subscription ii-: that led to the arrest of
local tali nt in lhe gunmen line and on
'bese were found similar lists. Cordon, Berger, Harris and Rothmer will
be arraigned ia Philadelphia on the
assault and gun carrying charges.
"Big Jack" Zellg was shot on a Second avenue car by "Red Phil" Davidson. Davidson said Zellg had robbed
him. It was the belief cf pollce officials 'hat Davidson hail been paid lo
kill Zellg by gangsters or had killed
him heoau��n Davidson hoped therebyi
to win a niche in th. hall of fame of
Mrs. Ileli ii Meeker, ei her home. 3239 j
Ollnvllle avenue, the Bronx, said
"I have never heard of this or any
fund beinc raise,) j,, defend my husband, and If surh a fund is being rain,
ed it is entirely without an*, author
Izatlon fr.:m me. Neither have I . ver
heard the nsme of any one of !!..��� men
under arrest."
Made of hardwoven English cloth ul
treated to make them shower or water
proof. Ihese coats serve a double purpose and make ii handy addition lo
auy motoring kit Naturally, they nre
not to be hnd nt the low prices of slm
pie dusters, but some of them are reasonable enough, and $30 (o J3.. will bu>
nu excellent one.
The  Magazine  Pillow   Dag.
Onlesa you have n magazine pillow
bag your motor touring equipment  Is
Incomplete   It should be from twelve
lu fourteen Inches square and be made
of leather or leathcret to match the
upholstering of yonr car. have heavily
padded sides, stitched edges nod strong
strap bundles. Do Uot muke Ihe pillow so thut Its mouth extends only
serosa one side.
Open It at least a third of the distance down, so lhat there shall be no
struin upon It when you hunt hurried
ly for some article in Its dark Interior,
for the magazine pillow bag. besides
being the Ideal back or bead rest,
should have live separate compartments for the stowing away of periodicals, toilet alleles and the innumerable small things which tbe motorist
always seeuis to need.
B.C.Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m., 2 p. m. and
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m. and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo, 3 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for
: Prince Rupert and Northern
| Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays
'and Saturdays at 11 p. m.
| rut. <!ui;i,i.t, Ag.pt, n..i�� Westmlnstel
II.   W.   BIIODIB,  Q,   P    A..   VHtHOTlvsr.
would   be
the occa-
Most people
benefited by
sional use of
Na-Dru-Co  Laxatives
Gently, thoroughly, anil
without discomfort, they free
the system of the waste
which poisons the blood aud
lowers the vitality. 2,nc. a
box, at your Druggist's.
NaUonal Drue and Chemical Cn.
of Canada. Limited.     i?_
Dsbcinus  Dainty.
���Soften niicfiiurth uf n   package of
gelnllii in oiH-fouriii of a cupful of cold
, waler     Remove (lie  sklu  and  course
threads from  four small  bananas and
press the pulp llmiURll a rieor.    There
should   I   ncnemiis  cupful   of  pulp
Scald the pulp over n quick (Ire. add
the softened gelatin nml stir until dis
solved,   add  nnehalf  Cupful   of  sugar
Re  the Southeast  Quarter of Section
25, Township 8, In thc Dlstrlcl    or
New Westminster.
\. oeieas prool  of the loss of Cer-
j tlflcatu  of   i llle  Numuer   l.,li.n*'.   i��
j tir.ed In the name of .lames ('. Foriong
1 uni Charles Ilummol has been nied In
this ofrice.
Notice Is hereby given lhat I shall
lat the expiration of one month from
ithe date of tlle llrsl publication here
rf, In a daily newspaper published In
the city of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the Bald certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be maib  to me ln writing.
District Kenistrar of Titles.
Land  Registry Office,
Nev, Wesiminster, B.C., October IS,
1013. (2269)
Havana SPONGE.
nnd lhe juice or a lemon nud stir over
Ire water until the mixture thickens
Slightly, then full) In tbe whiles or two
I cgns. hcnteii dry. says the llortml
Cuoklug Hehool Magazine. Turn into
���i in..id lined wllh slices of banana
Squeeze a little lemon Juice over lhi'
slices uf banana to keep them from ills
When 8swinp.
The Use of colored cotton Instead of
white for basting white material makes
It much easier to follow the seams nc
ciirately on tbe machine. The bastings
nre also mure easily nnd "julckly re
<~-roior cf Plays Dies.
London Oct. 20���Charles llrookfleld.
crisor of plavs, died today, aged B6.
Because of bis opposition to certain
plavs of Oeorge Bernard Bhaw, Brook-
field and tho plnvwrluht were engaged
Iii a  lon;' s'liuibbto In  the press.
The   Koyal  Columbian  Hospital,  which wlll soon be ra/ed to make room for
a large wing of lhe new building, n IW being hull!.   By the passing on Sat
urday of lhe Interesl Debenture Bylaw, tiinds will probably soon be Obtainable to carry out the complet .on ol the new hospital.
In Advertisin:
se The News Tuesday, October 21, 1913.
j Ways of Preventing the Sufhmer
Home From Becoming Hot.
It Is Particularly Important That Attio
��� nd Cellar Sbould Hava Proper and
Sufficient Ventilation���Neglect of
This Cauaet Trouble,
Keeping Ihe bouse cool In summer is
Dot always an easy problem to solve.
People who huve large houses aud
money enough to equip them with elec-
trie fans nml other appliances can. of
course, keep very comfortable, but It
is more difficult to manage lt lu small
Windows must be shaded with blinds.
Shutters or awnings und bo well
screened. All the heavy hangings
should be removed and where possible
tbo carpets should be taken up anil
Cool colors, such as white, gray, light
greens nntl blues, should take the pluce
of tbe warmer eolora. Then white muslin curtains soften the light though
many people object to even that much
The coolest hours of summer nre the
night hours. Therefore the nlgbt air
sbould be allowed to circulate freely
through every part of the liouse. The
best circulation Is obtained by having
windows open at the top und bottom
Instead of entirely lit tlle bottom. This
lets out tbe hot ulr ami lets In the cool.
When this method Is followed put the
screen In the lower sash of oue window of each room aud In the upper
sash of another
As it is Important tlmt sunlight too.:
should enter lhi' house at some time of
the dny, open ull the blinds pud windows In the early morning for a Utile
while. Then darken the house for the
fest of the day.
lt   is  especially  Important  that  thc '
attic   and   cellar   should   have   proper
ventilation,    in  lhe former a skylight
or wir.dow should be kept open nlgbt
Slid  day: except  of course,   when   it
rains.    Tlie cellar windows should be
open only ut nlgbt when It Is coinpara-
| lively  coot    Upen  them  at sundown
ind   close   Ihem   at  8  o'clock   lu   the
{morning.     Neglect  of this method  of
llrlug the cellar causes a grent deal
1 trouble during tbe hot weather.    If
bo windows are not closed during tbe
beat of tbe day the warm,  moisture
���dened tilr enters the cellar and eon-
enses on walls, pipes, metals, etc. Tbe
Older the surface the greater wlll be
be amount of moisture that will con-
lense upon It. and a few days of ueg-
Ct will make the cellar so damp that
it will not be a suitable place for keep-
lug food.
1 Fall   Suit of  Peach  Cloth.
Stunning isn't It this autumn suit ot
i peach cloth? Why, tbe cognomen fash-
lon s.-iyclh not. but the mere layman
Infers   the  derivation  to   bnve   come
kob lOTtma Data.
from the downy, velrety smooth surface of the cloth from wblcb ths costume Is made.
Tin culur Is n lovely aprlrot sbsde
tbst tones to almost purple tn tbe
plushy fiibrlc. Tbe skirt Is d��|wd and
trimmed wltb silk frog ornaments of
��� novel chnracter.
Theae frxtfs also trim tbe smart little
k I mona coot
A Powder Bes Beg.
A pretty snd useful gift wMeb msy
tie made st the Inst minute aa a bag for
tbe powder boss Use a yard of four
Incb ribbon tn a pretty dowered design, cut In tblrts. lay one place over
the other aud fasten together by briar
stitching. Doubts wheu sll seama are
Joined, and gather the ende enough
to be sewn to a circular piece of cardboard two and a quarter Uicbea In dl-
smeter Cut two of these and cow
witb the ribbon. Having attached one
.side, which wlll be tbe right aide aa
he senm will not show, corer with tbe
. .titer circular bit An Inch from the
top set on a lace beading Just wlds
enough tn hold tbe draw strings snd
fenther or brlsr stitch It on. Put Into
It a Imi of powder, snd the whole
makes a rsry acceptable present
Flre st Krupp's Works.
***��� Rssen, Oct. 20.���The steam hammer
nectlon of Krupp'a great works here
was destroyed by lire yesterday. All
the machinery waa ruined. The dam-
Age waa not estimated.'
llow  John   Ksatt.   Knocked   Ont  tbs
According to a French newspaper, the
Cri de I'-aris, Maurice Mtietetliiuk, the
Belgian poet and dramatist, sume time
ugo screed to spar a number of rounds
with t'hnrpentier, thc celebrated heavy-
weight, champion of Europe. The poet
snd tke pugilist appeared un behalf if
s deserving I'aris charity.
The author  ot  ''Pellet!   and   Melis
��� title" is thus following in the steps of
another celebrated poet, Lord Byron.
who prided himself on being a skilled
boxer. He frequently attended meetings nf the "Fancy'" ut Hribb's and
elsewhste, und  in his diary he writes;
"1 huve been spurring   with Jaskson
this morning and uicun to continue und
renew my acquaintance with my mtif
Iters. My wind is in good plight, nud I
nm not iu flesh. 1 uaed to be u hard
Proa Byron's friend and fellow bard,
Persy Byssbs UheUey, such s resolution
WOUld hu\e been impossible; yet, ul
though in every se.,sc tit a retiring dis-
poslttqn. he could when needful resent
un iasult iu true British style. Kcutt-t
used to relate how he once astonished
n drunken uud abusive wutt tmiiu by
pitching into him in such unexpectedly
vigorous ftyle with his lints thut the fid
low soon bawled for mercy.
Kent* himself, altbongh constitutionally delicate, was broad-shouldered, nnd
possessed no small amount of physical
Strength.     He  wuh. indeed,  well able In
take  his own   part,  as  lie  conclusively
proved   when   ussnulted   by   B   hectoring
UUtcbor, who mistook  for cowardice Ihe
poet 'h naturally retiring manner. Quick- ���
ly did he find out his error us hc rose,
amid  the jeering  laughter of  bis com*'
panlons,  from  the  mud  into  which  be'
Innl been s.-ut bv ������ straight!}' delivered
Charles   l-Cingsley,   besides    being   a
le.*..-1!*.;,   WHS   B   p'.et   nf   I.n   IC Aa tl   order.
He   wns,   too,   whut   muy   be   termed   a:
bandy mun with his Acts.   "There was
sii'iilier professor whose lectures wc attended    together,"    wrote    the    Kev. I
Pitcairn  Campbell,  wbo wns u fellow,
undergraduate   with   Kiugslsy   at   Cum (
bridge, "une who tmiglit the gentle art]
of self defence���a   ne^ro  ef   pure   blood
irhq appeared to hnve more joints in
bli hack  time  ure  usually allotted to,
Hubert Burns, besides being an adept
at such athletic exercises ns putting the
Stone, well knew how to tuke care of
himself in a "tutu up";   while nnother
Scottish bnrd, James Hogg, the Kttrick
Shepherd, was  in  his youth  a doughty
opponent  for anyone who fancied him-!
self u* u hour,    iin one occasion, it is.
related, hc contested fnr upwards of an \
hour   with   a   strapping   guardsman,   u
mnn  his superior   in  weight  and  inches
and  one,   moreover,    who   had   fough!
more  thnn   one  desperate  battle  for  n ;
mosey stake.   Despite his qualifications
tins, soldier   was   ttt   length   obliged   tu1
own himself beaten.
Ia  lus youth the ability of Richard
Uenglsi  Horne, the author of "Orion*  I
and other poems, as a boxer stood  him
OU   more   than     one     occasion   in   good
��� tend. Dnring the time he was serving
in the Most-Can Navy he wns one night]
when on shore, uttsi-ked l.v two deeper
sdoes, who. armed with knives, though.
to have an eusj prey. Woefully, how
ever, were they mistaken, for Horne
IJClng whut they were up to, dodged
Iheir onslsught, and, with a couple a*
well directed blows, laid Ihem spriwling
���I  his feet.
Black and White Correct Millinery
Colore Thi* Season.
Sin- Is a very foolish maiden who allows ber vanity to Induce ber tu wear
a tulle but ou tlw beach. Once or
twice, on clear, fresh days, when there
Is n lnml breeze blowing, she may
with safety wear a tulle hat on the
sniids, but If she continues to wear it
the tulle wlll soon lose Its crlspuesa.
u Strange odor will cause ber to wonder If a glue factory Is near, and
the tulle hut wlll become a limp,
sticky, pitiable object To bc sure, a
malines Is offered  for sale which the
manufacturers claim is impervious tu
salt breezes, but how Is one to bu
Curtain that the milliner hns used this
waterproof inalliies? Hotter keep the
tulle bat for the country or the trip
tr, town and choose one trimmed with
ribbon  for tbe seaside.
The all black bat Is tbe Rinart bend-
gcur  of  tbe   hour,   regardless of  the
shape, and It Is a practical choice foi
the bench. A blnck hut does not louk
quite us summery or light ns an all
white bat but tbe sun cannot damage
It as It can one of colored straw, or
even one of tbe natural tone straw,
which may become actually sunburnt.
There ls a fud for trimming some of
the black huts wltb blue ribbon bows,
und a few or the bolder spirits among
Ihe fashion leaders sre appearing in
brown straw bats. When the latter
arc worn witb brown shoes and stock
Ings nud a sash of brown molre or
tulle the effect Is really artistic.     The
Would    Not    Eat    Daintica   Sent
Neighbors and Dlea of
Chicago, Oct. 20.���Mrs. Mary llrach
was too proud to accept delicacies sent
ln by neighbors. Illness made her unable to eat the sort of food her husband was able to provide. After eating   nothing   for  a   week  she  died  of
starvation in her bome at 4410 South
Honore Btreet.
Tin- woman's husband and children
maintained tlie same strange attitude
toward their neighbors and others who
sought :o help them that Mrs. Hrach
had displayed during her Illness.
An Investigator for a Bohemian
charitable organization was refused
admittance, although ho shouted
through the closed door that he wished to help them.
A neighbor who came with a message from Father Thomas liolial of St.
I.udmille's   church   that     the     burial
] would  be furnished   without cost met
.the same rebuff.
Another neighbor who desired to Inform  Hie family that Beveral persons
j in the vicinity had volunteered contributions towards the expenses of    the
: funeral was unable to convey her message.
When the family made no effort to
get an undertaker the police entered
the bome and removed the body to the
county morgue.
Children Not Working.
Hrach is a laborer In a lumber yard.
j He is frequently laid off during dull
periods, atld when at work earns only
$10 a week. There are four children.
Frank, the oldest, Is 22 years of age,
but bas worked only intermittently.
Un told tbe police that he had to stay
at bome to cook the i
mother's two  months'
a pretty pet, with a pink bow, tethered
for effect on a gentleman's lawn.
We believe that all goats without
exception, "smell," and that they are
IvlclouB and ill-mannered and unclean
and   mean      Prejudice    and    ridicule
lhave been sirong enough to drive   at
I least one man entirely out or the busi-
���nesB or keeping goats. Imagination
can supply the back drop and the gal-
: lery gods tor that performance.
Dut when  prejudice consents to be
j enlightened and many people all at
once desire to keep a goa\ It will be
! found that the supply of goats in tbis
country is extremely small, and that,
I Importation prohibited, years must
puss before any largo number can be
offered   ror sale.
Wave of Interest.
A great wave of Interest, in milch
goat cult ure bas swept across the
country during the past year, swamping the hapless owner of Hocks with
bulky and undoBlred correspondence,
asking when and where, and bow lo
buy and keep a goat, and slways, "will
It pay?"
Can (he goat or the comic papers
really be looked to In lhe effort io
lower the cost ot living? Tliere are
vastly more pupils than teachers, and
many more ot either than ot goats.
day, except when a particularly fa-
' tiging journey obliged him to take
a Blight collation, and with his night's
I rest curtailed to three or tour hours'
! sleep upon bare boards, be preached
! throughout Italy, Austria, Poland and
Hungary ror nigh rorty years. Seven
thousand Hussites were prevailed upon
j by him to abjure their heresy and in
j one sermon he converted 120 young
[men and sent them into religion. His
I audience cometimes amounted to
1100,000 persons.
Ile  delivered   himself  In  such   sort
:that even those who could not understand   hls   language   were   moved     to I
|amend their lives.    In 1466, at. the age!
ot  71,  he   confronted  the  triumphant |
Turkish   forces on  the banks or    the
Danube,   with   some   40,00   crusaders, f
enlisted  by himseir,    mostly    or    the |
poorer sort, hair armed but brimrul of |
zeal, and  brought by his exhortations
I to  a  state  of  almost  religious  disci-
Thence he.led on, crucifix, ln hand, j
and shiu-ting Ihe name of JSsus, and!
won a complete victory against over-!
j whelming odds.    He died  soon  arter, j
worn   out   by   his  exertions;   his   one'
arter he had Inflicted a crushing hlirsr
nn the British army at the battle uf
Isandhiwana when practically tin- entire Twenty-fourth Infantry tetriraeial
was massacred. It was during this
war that the French Prince I mpoKal
I.ouis Napoleon waa killed while out
reconnciterine with the British lixxnpr..
Iiirii/.ulu did not become king when
his father died, but was proclaimed
later by the Boers, and led two or
t'.ne rebellions against the llritixh
power. On one occasion when c-_p-
nired. he was exiled on the island of
St.  Helena.
When permitted to return to his native land he took part In another rebellion, after which he waa tried and
sentenced to four years' imprisonment.
He was given his liberty and a pension when tho Union of Sooth Africa
was eBtabllshed in 1910.
fhe crnBus of Massachusetts alnne | ^1^ hft|n)! -that    he   WM    not found ���
ahows that 1.100 counting all the
Bingle ones ln back yards, as well as
ihe tew herds or twenty-flve to one
hundred In number. This Is an Increase
of about 500 altogether over the census of the previous year.
The goat Ib destined to become a
necessity to all classes ot citizens,
when the racls abouts Its breeding and
keep become more widely known. No
one who has sampled that rich delicious satisfying delicacy "nanny goat's
milk." could cling to this prejudice.
The hygienic value of the milk ror babies and for nervous Invalids has been
set. rorth ror years, in physicians' practice, in custom of hospitals, and in the
testimonial of enthusiastic, believers.
Some time last year the war department called for goats, to be placed at
Kort Washington, on tbe Potomac
river, to free the place trom Hies and
mosquitoes. People were astonished
to see  the  goat  In  the  new   light  of
Bait during his ["sanitary agent."
illness.    Mary I Goat titerature  timited.
worthy of martyrdom.
Oinizulu,  tast of   Warrior   Chiefs of.
South Africa, Pacses
who is 20 years old, has worked in a
factory, but recently has not been adding anything to the family income.
Elizabeth, 17 years old. is feeble-minded. Joseph. 10 years old, has been in
attendance at parochial school.
The family has lived for six years
in a small cottage at the rear of another building. Neighbors rarely got
a glimpse of Mrs. Hrach except on
Sunday, when she went by way of the
alley to a Catholic churrh at which
she was a regular attendant.
When she became ill the neighbors
Bought to be helpful.    One gave food
to  the  10-year-old   boy on  the street,
, telling him to take it to his mother,
but pictured ls a blnck creation mnde The boy brought the rood to the donor
It was round that the literature of
the goat was limited to the great English Pegler (for whose book an order
had to be left ror importation at a book
store only last year), learned treatises
In Oerman and some tew small books
and pamphlets Issued by enthusiasts,
chiefly in the west.
The bureau or animal industry followed Its government bulletin on Angora goa's by an illusrated bulletin on
milch goats, which remains the only
generaly available source of information concerning them ln this country
Many breeders ot goats isBue small
circulars designed to answer reasonable and tool Inquiries poured upon
: them by correspondents.
Capetown, Oct. 20.���Dinlzulu. the
last ot the warrior kings or the former
Zulu nation ot South Africa, died Saturday, lie was a eoii of (,'etywayo, the
king who led the Zulu nation against
the British troops In the war ot 1879.
Cetywayo    was eventually deteated
So Bobby Burns tersely deactitm the
rich, but still poor, dyspeptics. Bat their
case Is not now so dcs**rerate as wh-m
Burns wrote. Por the man wbo bas tbe
food now caa eat with oat suf-erin g far
It, if hc jnst follows thc meal sib a
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
These remarkable tablets baaish the
troubles of tbe chronic dyspeptic���the
man who is bilious��� the suCerer from
heartburn, gas on the stomach or act j-
lional indigestion. Yoa can cot iseartj
meals of wholesome food���and digest
tbem, too���if yoo take Na-Drw-Co"
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Compounded by expert chemists, after
pr.bably the best formula kaowa to
medical science, they are quick and
certain in their actios, giving pro-nipt
relief from all forms of stomach trouble,
toning up aud strengthening the digestive organsand bringingabont pu���in ut
A man is no stronger than his stumach.
Tit yourself for yonr best work by-
taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
joe. at yonr druggist's. National Drag
and Chemical Ca. sf Canada, Ijsaiti il.
Montreal. im
attractive with n wreath and a mount
uf gourd feathers.
a little later with tears in his eyes.
"Mv mother whipped me because I
brcug'it the food." he paid. "She told
me to say that we didn't accept charity."
���msoauHoaosLSB,MP. setsotNT.      w. o. aamaws. Mi **mtmas*%
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager,.
of tin
Duke". Privste Army.
llukc    or    Ath dl    occupies
position  of being the only
The    liukc   of   Ath .11   occupies   th
of   bcillt*;   the
king's subjects who maintain!
bu i.rniy of his own. Hy n special acl
ef grace the late Quaes Victoria, short
ly nfter she ascended tbe thron*', pre
���sated tlir .Mho11 Highlanders with re
gmicnliil   ci-lurs,    and   thu-*    they   were
duly   constituted   un   "army "   The
Ibike himself is colonel ef the "TBgl
tneiit," while his eldest son, the Mar
ipicss ef i'ulliburdine, and his two
brothers, Lord .lames nnd Lord (Ieorge
Stewart Murray, are officers. Many of
the lending gentlemen in Pcrthsi-e alse
hold rank. Tbe men, numbering about
2.1(1 strong, are drawn ulmost w'thotit | "mess
exception from tho vast estates of
Atholl. Thej arc sturdy, stnlwurt
Highlanders, mnny of them standing f.
feet ���! inches high.
Kttp ths Pips Hidden From View Absolutely Clssn.
One of tbe things tbut every house
wife should look after carefully Is the
kitchen sink. Mnny �� good housewife
Wlll keep tbe enameled part of tlie
sink  spotless,  the  woodwork  polished
us wblte ns possible and imagine that I 	
her sink Is clean.    This Is right    The;
sink   should   tie   kept   spotless   from |."Nanny"  Nov.  tooked to as Reducer
Next Thursday ls the Feast Day of
St John CapiBtran who vas born in |
,1385. at Capistrano, ln the kingdom of i
j Naples. A; the age of 30 the loss of
[his wife and an unjust Imprisonment}
! opened his eyes to the vanity of lhe
world, and he entered the Franciscan
convent at Perugia.    On one  meal a
Use The Mail For Banking
You need not make a special trip to town to cash a cheque.
make adsposit or draw some money.    Use the mails instead.
You wlll lind our  systim of  Banking By Mail a sale and
convenient way of transacting ali your banking business.
Deposits may be made and cash -withdrawn by mail without
delay or trouble.
Call or write the Manager ior lull information in regard tn
Banking By Mail.
i every stain or discoloration, but thel
i cleaning must go further than this.
Tbe pli* that ls bidden from view
should be kept Just as clean ns thc
\ porcelain part. Crumbs, tea leaves
I and greasy water, matches und little
! bits of this and little bits or tbnt Hud
Excessive Cost
Boston. Oct. 20.���The time is not fjr
off when it will be the ambition or sub-j
tbelr way Into Ibe pl|ie. and It soon ��� urbaniies and country dwellers to keep
becomes Clogged.     This sometimes oc-B0?1*- .���,,,,.,������
easlons ��� plumber, b,��� ��nd makes\j^*gm* ������*3��
carelessness In this regard very ex- �� ,h(? mal-gned lianny, mpcklv in evi.
pensive; but more than the pluml-ers u(,ncp aIwaye> ln the foreign quarter,
bill. Ibe dirty sink pipe may occasion  what )t can    do
" Whiskers" was a word formerly
used to designate the hair on tbe up
per lip. Scott moro than once speaks
of "whiskers on the upper lip," and se
does Defoe in "Robinson Crusoe "
Johnson defined a "whisker" ns "thc
liuir growing cn thc _pper lip or cheek
unshaven, a mustnehio." It BPems to
have tnkeii its mime from a fancied
resemblance to a .mull brusn, tc
"whHk" properly meaning to sweep,
and a "whisker" having been a particular kind of feather brush; also, in
the slung of a former time, a switch
or rod. In thc seventeenth cc.itury n
"whisker" signified, among other
things, a brsrvn lie, a "whopper."
Rival to Panama.
The decision of the Hon. Frank Cocb
rane, Canadian Minister of Railways
antl Canals, thnt Port Nelson shall '<e
'.he tide water terminus of the llnds n
Bay Riilwny���work upon which is
forthwith to be resumed���hns given s
new stimulus to the discussion of the
merits snd utilities of this project. The
Hudson Bay Railway is designed to
bring tba vast grain areas of the Canadian Northwest within a hauling dis
tsne of Liverpool of 3,500 miles, oi
some 1,800 miles less than the eiistin-
rail nnd lake routes through Montreal.
Bt. John and Now York.
Town la the Making. *'
A eity at tbe mouth of the new
Welland Bhlp Canal is no longer a dny
dream. Far-sighted capitalists, seeing
tke possibilities ahead, have taken the
initial step.- to map ont the citythat is-
Port Weller ia to be tbe name of the
new municipality���a name chosen in
honor of Chief J. I.. Weller, the man
who conceived the building of the new
ship esnal, aod Is in full charge of the
construction of the great work.
Satiety Posslbls.
"My Arm opinion is, you can't get
too much of anyfinkl"
"'Ere, chuck it, Billl Wot about
lt cannot help but give ofl
Impure odors, thus vitiating the at
mospbere of the kitchen mid cuutaml
nntlng everything nrotind lt.
A splendid little device for keeping
things out or the sink pipe tbnt oujzhl
not to go In Is a sink strainer. Thl>
StTfllner can be set In the sink and tin
water passed through lt liefore rencli
Ing the sink pipe. This serves to strain
out ull the bits of dirt that would
otherwise Bnd tlieir wuy Into the sink
Care, however, should lie taken In
other ways nlso. In washing dlkbe*
every dish should be cleaned of pur
Holes of food liefore being put Into the
wuter. Kvery dey or so boiling water
should tie [toured Into the pipe. A
piece of common soda dissolved In the
water will help remove any greaslmw
from the pipe. Milk should never
Ik- poured down the sink, because ll
causes the pipe to become sour. Wltb
Just n little care the housewife can
keep the pipe of the sink free from
grense uud dirt Then, with a clean
pipe, spotless ennmel snd polished
woodwork, the kitchen sink wlll be
sweet nnd wholesome and a credit to
tbe one who takes care of lt
Useful Brush Kick.
There Is on tbe market s very usefu'
Httle rack for brushes to be used It
dishwashing. It contains a round brust
for washing glasses snd cups, a henry
brush for scrubbing pots and puns, s
brush for plates snd platters and s
little round brush to reach tbe bottom
of pitchers, rnses snd otber narrow
mouthed dishes. Tbls little rack, with
a printed legend nbore each brush stating Its use. ts made of enameled tin
and can tie hung conveniently over thf
alnk. It costs, stocked with brushes,
less thnn $1.50.
Brashes of nil sorts can be best risen
ed wltb ammonia or borax. If am
inonlii Is used be careful uut to get the
bundle of the brush In the wnter ni��
more thnn Is necessary, aa the ammo
nln removes nnd whitens varnish and
pnlnt. Use ii tnhlespnonf nl to a pull ol
soapy wnter. If bomx Is used add li
to the hot sonpsuds In nbout tbe
towards supplying
milk, meat and clothing, and what are
its possibilities as an industrial worker in the brushlands In place of the Angora generally employed for that purpose.
The Angora, long established in the
west, needs no Investigation. It Is a
recognized producer of mohair. But It
appears that a goat cannot give both
milk and hair, consequenlly in the
east, where great Interest In milch
goat culture is beginning, it has been
worth while to prove that for all other
purposes except the production of mohair, the milch goat is an all-round
Most people know very little nbout
goats of any kind. Very ��� few know-
even one goat personally.
Our gloves are made from their skin,
and so was Robinson Crusoe's coat
None ot us knowingly have eaten the
The cartoonist and the joke book
like to make us believe tbat the goat
is fnnnv. Contempt and ridicule have
been tbe daily portion of the goat
since once upon a time, lt became a
figure of speech wben "divided" from
the sheep.
We like to believe thst the gost ts
kept almost exclusively by a foreigner
'whose shanty ls the focal centre of
our vlsllon of goats, tin cans, waste
paper, dirt and foul smells."
Or else, ln scattered examples, It Is
Withdraws Troops. On His Honsymoon
!  Paris, Oct 20.���Servia bowed   to     London, Oct. 20.���Prince Arthur of
_v      ....   ��� ��... ��.,_.-. **.* .nn,   * Connaught and hla bride, formerly tha
the WI191 of the powera and sent   a ^^ of p.fe .^ ^ ^ M
submlsslvejotejDromW continue thetr honeymoon on the
draw her troops from Albania at once, continent
Bmum It Tata SIN PIUS
A prominent Consulting Engineer of
Min York Ctty, thus heartily endorses
a*. Broadway, New York.
"I bought aome of your GIN PILLS
at Victoria, B.C., last September. Your
remedy I find, at fo yeara of age, to give
Serfect relief from tbe Kidney and
ladder Troubles incident to one of my
age. I urgently recommend GIN PILLS
to friends ss beisgjht one thing thst
doesmegood.'^TTG. WOODFORD.
By the time a awa or woman la to,
the Kidneys and Bladder need a little
help to keep ta good working order.
GIN PILLS are what they need. GIN
PILLS keep the ��rtoe neutral, prevent
colds settling oo *to kidneys or bladder
and ward o-TKhesssst-c attscks.	
Remember, *-*t*t torn of GIN PILLS
Is sold with a po-dthre guarantee to giva
perfect satUteettssi or your money
promptly refunds!
w.aboMfoefsjo.   Semple fmH
Have you ever noted how an audience
yawns in the face rf an uninspired speaker?
On the other hand, have you noted how an audience
will lean forward and grasp the chair arms when
the speaker reveals enthusiasm P
Enthusiasm is the buoyant expression of truth. To
impart belief in anything, a man must believe it
deeply himself.   We call such a man an enthusiast;
This applies to the written word also -~ parttodtarly
to advertisements. When the iiia���fsrniifr redly
believes in his wares, his enthusiasm will
inevitably find expression in Advertising. And c*��
thusiasm will be contagious���his audience���the
readers of the newspaper-will, figuratively j
'lean forward and listen intently."
To be convincing an
must   convey   aa
impression of enthmNm.
wUl only do when: the  article
advertised haa inherent worth.
.   Thus we havo:
Sincerity -Enthusiasm- Advcftiiing:
Three mighty forces, close-linked.
It-a* an ****** *****t**hms talk ***** star *��*tmtM**t,
*sa t* msmtrnt ******** **i ********* *f * tt**
tam st f-wamhs**, mtthsal ssstmsk
*\^r$ta* am**w*W*W*^**ty   J>SW.SVv*ft
'iJ *���'#,: t-t*4at. EIGHT.
when dealing with tbo Model
Grocery, lf you net anythlnK
from ub that is nnt as represent-
ed or that does nol meet with
your approval we will gladly replace it or refund yonr money, as
you desire.
Our service ia at your disposal.
lf you want anything ring up
1001, and you will receive goo-ds
just as good aa if you had selected  them  in  person. .... .
For your convenience we havo
a solicitor calling for orders
twice a week. 1-ot us know If
you wish him to call on you and
ho will be there.
We sell for cash or credit...
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Mrs. G.  I.. Churrhurd.  l'ort Moody.
and her little son  Master Jack  leave I
All   notices  of  meetings,  entertain-1 Ctlll a Mystery. j tomorrow for Moose Jaw  to join  Mr.
ments, sales of work,   etc..   in   this j   Thr, local     ���ce are   flH Ilnable to Churchard, who i.s there on business.]
column are charged for at the rate ,    te ���,��� clue aa to the identifloatlon Mr- *&* Mrs' "Churchard are expected
of  10 cents  per  line.    Please  do  not | rf ^ w()nmn wh() ���������-���������,,,, suicid(, to return home in the beginning of the
ask members of the staff to break this |in ^ (,Uy s(m.p weclrs a(_()_ under tllp coming year.
! name   of   Annie Krurger.    Yesterday |    Allan M   e,law   a   mCMUi,,.r   ,.f   the
Chief Bradshaw received a letter from   ,oca,        , ofrlct> ,������_<,,,   ,(,uves for ra*
.  !lli..  MiniprintetHlellt   of  tlle  I'-I*ie   COlintV
thl> evening at no��.                           [woman of that name had ever beenigervlce  ril,mi���B   ,*,,,���.  ,���!*,,*,
Concert  and  Dance.                   Identified with the staff of the lnstltu- dlvi,lon pojllt i��� n,e mountains.
A conceit and dunee, under the aus-1tl0n*    ���        ���
pices of tlu; guild   of   St   Stephen's     Mr, w. Sexton, of London, England, WESTMINSTER pennants here.
hurch. BurquiUam, will be   held   i�� | v,nl L,iv��� ��� ���ihl(l ,r(.luro   under   thel
International    llible
\^.KivMcUvycmmc.r'wili meet I *���*���' superintendent of the Erie county ^y thl;, ,���������������,. ������,.,. i���. ���;i, ,,i.,
Mood)   oltj   cum il |hospital, Buffalo, N.Y., stating that no 5VBJ  .  p0BltiOn "n   the  railway  mail
McAllisters Limited
thc Uuniuiiiaiii agricultural
l'"riday evening al S o'clock.
Those desiring a few days rest and
ouietness will lind St. Alice Hotel,
Harrison Springs. B.C., un ideal spot
to spend Thanksgiving Day. Good
Ilshlng and liuniing, situated on Harrison lake, seventy miles from Vancouver. Automobiles meet all trains at
Agasslz station. |2260)
Thanksgiving Service.
A Thanksgiving service was held
last Sunday In Port Moody Presbyterian church when Hev. E. C. W.
MacColl pr. ached an appropriate sermon to a large congregation.
Car Service Blocked.
A breakdown of cily car No. 100 on
the Sixtli street line delayed traffic
considerably on Saturday afternoon,
three cars being stalled on thc hill
near Agnes street, before assistance
could be obtained from the car shops.
Mr. W
I will give a  llible
I auspices of the
Students, tn their hall, 689 1'ourth,
icoruer Seventh avenue, tonight at. 7:-ttt
|o'clock. All Interested in Bible study
i cordially invited. Seats free. No col-
' lection. (22711
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid   Up Capital  and
Surplus $ 2,800,000
Assets   4,973,983.96
T r u s teeships   Under
Administration over 6,000,000
Trustee     for     Itond-
holders over    25,000,000
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
Offices Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Kng.;  Antwerp, Helgium.
New Westminster
60S Columbia  Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7 to 9.
Verdict of Suic de.
A verdict of suicide was brought in
by a coroner's jury on Saturday afternoon in the case of Proliant Decaluvre,
who failed in an attempt of murder on
Twelfth street on Friday morning and
Inter blew out Ills brains with a shotgun. The inquest was held in the
Bowell undertaking parlors.
Well, talk aboul beauties, you ought
to see the Weatmlnster pennants   In;
four colors,  royal  purple,  yellow,  red
and white.    All you  have lo do is lol|
bring iu three coupons Irom The News (
and  25 cents and  you  will  receive
handsome pennant.    If you are not   a I
subscriber,  take  tlie  paper    for    one
month and you will receive a pennant '������
for 25c. Oon't delay, save llie ooupona.
the supply is limited.   These pennants
usually sell for 75 coins to $1.00 each,
lf you desire one mailed enclose live]]
cents extra for mailing.
All wool blankets;  In full double bed siie, 64xK4; six pounds to the   pair
This Ib u grand value al, per pair S5.50.
A special sale of Comforters, In  \arlous new Chintz;  different colorings.
clal for this week, each at 75*.
A full double bed size comforter;  lu new design chintz;   well  mnde and  filled.
Feather Pillows; full size, In art ticks;  guaranteed purified feathers.     Speolal   values at  78t.*  95t.
and S1.2S. ���
Wliite  Grecian   fledspreads. In a good heavy weight;  full bed size.    Very special ralue at S1.25
either   bluo  or   pink   border.
Theso ure well filled.    Spe-
A great value at  each
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ramsay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets
Phone 586. (8148)
News of Brother's Death.
lt. W. Lighterwood. Port Moody, received a telegram yesterday conveying the sad news that his brother
Willimer had been killed in an accident at Mellville, Saskalchewan. Nc
particulars were given.
City Council Meeting.
The city council meeting lonight is
expected to be an interesting one owing to the results of the voting on the
ga_j bylaw, conversion of interest bylaw and the Coquitlam dam referen
Insure with Alfred W, Mcl.eod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millious to pay losses.
For club notices, programs, etc..
secretaries should go lo H. Jennings
who makes a specialty of this work
Typing, Stenography. 607 Westminster Trust building. Phone 361. (226S)
Many Travellers.
Six hundred and fifty people came
in on the late Chilliwack train which
arrived here at. 10:20 o'clock last even-
ing. Three coaches were tilled before
Sumas was reached when another car
was added. Two additional cars were
attached at Mllner. This number of
passengers is said to be a record for
anv one train travelling on the Fraser
valley line of the II. C. B. ft. Only
fair shooting was reported by thc
VAN DEIt VOOI-T The funeral ofj
the lale Charles Alexander Van der!
Voort will take plaoe from his late
residence. 817 Koyal avenue, on Tue
day, October 21, at 2 o'clock, to Fraser |
cemetery. 1227111
Exciting Runaway.
A horse owned by the Pacific Chocolate company made a wild dash
through Columbia street yesterday
noon, tbe driver managing to turn
the unruly steed around the Eighth
street corner where it was corralled.
Little damage was done to the rig.
The Ladies' Aid of the Sixtli Avenur
Methodlst church will hold a Thanksgiving dinner in the chureh on
Thanksgiving Day from 6 to 8 p.m..
followed  by an interesting debate.
Caught   By   Skirt   in   Passing   Wheels
She Was Almost Instantly
New  Vork, Oct. 20.���Sitting on  the
curb in front of her doorstep, ,'I-year* i
old Helen Becker, whose home was al '
Klve drunks, all cut on ball, was thc   ���gnjversjty   p]ac>.  ami  Fourth    streel.
total for Saturday and. Stindnjt   One w v whlrled~to|
lone person of the garden \anet>  was , _.,.,,
lodged ln the cells last evening, which  death  by  an  automobile  wheel  when
speaks  well  for  the sobriety  of    the  her skirt was caught around  the hub;
citizens during this holiday and festive j by the suction as the machine rushed
season. ipast.
  i    The child's body, whloh was held by
Round trip fare $:,9.60 New West-Jthe skirt which wound about the hubi
minster to San Francisco. Cal.. via and in'o the spokes, was whirled about
Great Northern railway account Por- 'dozens of times before the driver,
tola celebration, October 22-25th. ou Frank Huffmlre, a plumbing contrac-
sale October ISth to 20th, return limit tor of 1124 Avenue .1. Platbush, heard
|good November ISth. t21S7l   her ories and  stopped his machine.
A very extensive range of Tapestry Carpets Is now being shown on our carpet floor, both In pleco
carpets and all sizes in squares; Imported direct from England. We can give you thc very best values
and the newest designs and colorings for this year.
Tapestry  Carpets  In  a big  range of designs and colorings;  27 Inches      wide.       Specially      priced       per
yard  at    65e.   75C. *&- 8S��.
Tapestry Hearth Rugs;  In all kinds of pretty colorings and doslgns; size 24x45, each at   $1.25
Size 27x54  inches, each at   S1.95
Tapestry Carpet Squares in a wide  variety of shadings and  large and  small  designs.    These carpets  will
give almost endless wear and satisfaction and are very moderate In price:
Size 9 ft. by 9 ft..    Specially priced   at    S8.75
Size 9 ft. by 10 ft. 6 in.     Specially   priced   at    SIO.SO
Size 9 ft. by 12 ft.    Specially priced at   S12.50
Seamless Tapestry CarpelB, in all shades, and very large selection to choose from; sizes to fit any room.
Size 8 ft. by 9 ft.    Specially priced at   S15.SO
Size 3 ft. by 10 ft. fi In.   Specially  priced at S16.75
Size 9 ft. by 12 ft.    Specially priced   S19.75
Recreation Hall.
Accident Yesterday-
Suffering from inu-nial injuries sustained by a pile of lumber slipping
over him. a man was brought In from
Sullivan station yesterday on lhe late
Chilliwack train and taken in the olty ; tiuHcl111g is expected to be Bnlshed
ambulance to St. Mary's hospital.  Hi:
injuries are not considered seiiou-.
Helen   had   been   playing   about   ln
I front of  the  house  just  before  dark, i
Ihwaillng her mother's call to oome in
The    Port    Moody  recreation    hall   for supper.   While several of her play
has now  reared Its bead in the centre j mates romped about on  the sidewalk
of the city and this week the external jllelen.  becoming  tired,  sat  down  on'
It ithe  curb,  with   her   feet   In   the   gut-
Dr. Shield's Underwear for Men
Wo are making a special demonstration of Dr. Shield's famous underwear This Is considered the bent make shown In
Canada today; made from the
finest pure wool; natural color;
a good fall weight. The vests
are made double breasted and
good roomy garments that fit
comfortably and eaay; all sizes
In stock In both vests and pants.
Priced,  per garment S2.50.
Coat buying time ls right on
us now and this store has a
very large assortment ready for
you lo choose from; hundreds
Of coats for women and children,
smart and useful coats 'n new
tweeds and coatings; leatherette and corded velour motor
coats; rirh costs In silk, velvet
nnd plush, and dainty coats for
evening and senil-evenlng wear,
and for the misses and children.
We give you a broad assortment. In every size and many
pretty styles to select from;
popular rash store prlres on
every garment, lt wlll wel] repay yi ii to vlsll this selection
before purchasing.
Men's and Boys'
Oilskin Garments
The time to buy your Oilskins
ls at hand again. This store Is
fully slocked with all sizes, ln
the most reliable makes In both
yellow and black. The lowest
cash store prices for Ihe best
Men's  coals  and   pants,   priced
at S2.7S to S4.25.
Bovs'  coats;  all    shtes,    priced
at $2.50 to $3.00.
HAVMA.N -The runeral nf the
Florence Mary Hay man, aged lis years.
wife of William Ilayman, contractor.
of th'? city, who died on Saturday
took place yesterday afternoon at 2
o'clock from the residence, '���'.'Hi Keary
street, to st. Man's Anglican church,
Is of handsome dimensions and
certainly be ct great utility to
She had hardly heen seated a mln-;
ute when the automobile, driven    and l
  owned   by   Huffmire,  swept   past     so | ���
Winter storage    for    potatoes    and i dose to the curb that the child  nar-
anoles     We have the best frost proof  ��>wly missed going under the wheel
warehouse.    H. P. Vidal & Co.. Ltd.      Her skirt, caught by the suction of the
(22*44)  "ar,   swept   outward    and     fastened
  ""        around the rear hub of the right   .heel.
She   was  jerked   against   the   wheel
Union Thanksoivmg Services.        jphilo h(;r h(.af] bf,at agajns, the'pave-'
A congregation, the largest in years, Iment with each revolution.   The cries
McAllisters Limited
Bapperton, and    from    there    to    the I attended the union Thanksgiving Day 19! Helen and her playmates
Church  of  Kngland   cemetery.    Rev. services  held  yesterday  morning    in
Fran'*; Plaskett had charge of the ser-  Queens Avenue Methodist church and
vice.   Deceased was a member of the listened to an address by  Rev.    M.
Daughters of the    Empire    and    ihis Cordon Melvin. of St   Stephen's Pros
society took part in thi
grai eside.
service at the
DT_ PAGE���The death occurred at
C'oc.iiill.ini on Sunday. October 19, of
lis rid De Page, aged 26. The body was
rc-ncived to Bowell'B undertaking
establishment, and the funeral will
i .ke pluce this afternoon al 2 o'clocV
.o the Roman Catholic cemetery.
VAN DER VOORT���On Sunday the
death occurred of Charles Alexander
/en der Voort, at 817 Royal avenue.
Deceased had been ill for about six
-nonths, with heart trouble, He had
'jecn a resident of New Westminster
or about two yeara and waa well
mown lure. A widow and one daiigli.
i r, Margaret, survive. The fun. ral
akis place today from the residence
���jo Fraser cemetery, arrangements bong in the hands of n  Murchie .'.- Sun
lluffmire's   attention   and   he   broughl
his  ear  to  a   stop,  fifty  feet  beyond ;
wher" it had caught the little girl.
A call was sent t'i SL .Mary's hospital In Jamaica, ami I>r Paul Fieri,
responding, fonnd thnt ihe child's body
was a muss of bruises and cms, while
she skull was fractured. She was
taken unconscious to the hospital, bul
died shortly after her arrival there
HulTmire  drove   to  the  Ozone   parq
| police   station,   where  he  told  of   the
Money  io  loan  on  first  mortgages,   accident,    ll<- was served with a sun:
improved  city    and    farm    property Lions to apoear In the Jamaica police
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (2159)  courl     HulTmire told the police thai
|he had net seen the little r.irl and had
st"|i[ie<l   his   car  as  quickly   as   possl-
byterlan church. In keeping wi'h the
day. Ml mbers or many city churches
attended and the Bervlce waa presided
over by Rev. W. W, Abbott. A collection taken in aid uf the True
Blue orphanage totalled some ?44.
Fine cooking apples, ."> lbs  25c.
Choice eating  apples,  .1  liis 25c.
Fancy Tokay 0 rapes, basket ...30c.
Oood Creamery Ilutler, li lbs... $1.00
Our Own Ranch Kggs. dozen ... .5c.
Fresh Eastern eggs. doz.,40c to 50c.
Steelhead  salmon,   per   Ib 15c.
Fresh   cod  and   halibut  2  Ibs   ..25c.
Also   smoked
an haddle, etc.
salmon,   kippers,   fln-
Peculiar Question.
I..R.A.M,   A It CM.
'Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (in
���. lass or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and  History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations of the Associated lioard of the
tloyal Academy of Mimic and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For lerniH, etc., apply 01 Dufferin
8treet.    Phone 411 it (2157)
.. for ..
A i" ciiiiur question will be discussed al the Coquitlam district council on
Wednesday afternoon. Whether the
council can   legally extend  llie  rebate
period   fur   the   paying of municipal
taxes for a montb, lias been raised lc
a number of   ratepayers,   through   s
llrm of lawyers in New Westminster
The  ratepayers who bave paid Beem
somewhal aggrieved thai thev forked
over the taxes b montb ahead, to (fel
3HARPE   on Sunday afternoon al   the discount, and don'l feel magnan!
:  o'clock  the  fun'ral   took   place  of  nnii   enough to extend the benefit to
lames Henr) Sharpe, wbo died al his their mure Impecunious rellows.
Some earlv  Friday  morning     Service j 	
.-.is held al the family residence, 330      For all  building  supplies  and  fuel
sinth Sim t  to the Church of England  oll apply to the B. C, Transport Co
cemetery.    Rev, E, It   Bartletl  oftlcl-  Ltd., 606 Westminster Trust building
ued. Deceased, who was a years old,'Office phone 820, wharf phone
md was for 27 years a resident  here.
was proinine.it m fraternal circles.
ind many brothers of 1.0 O. F. and
\. O. r. VV. lodges were presenl l O.
.). V. lodge No. 27 and Uoyal City Nu
1 attended In B body. Mnny visiting
Brothers wire also present
'Successor to Ayling & Swain)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
Pres aad 0**1. Mgr.      V!ce-Pr��aidaat See. and Treae.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 177,
701   Columbia Street
That   for Cold  Weather   there  Is
Nothing Quite so Good as Our
Special Hot-Water Bottle
(Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New  Wsstmlnstsr.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Muaical Goods of sll Kinds.  PHONE W4.
hai. The di ath took place yester
.lay In this City of Koine Hal, a China-
���nan. The body is lying al iiu* S
Bowell undertaking parlors Word is
dxpected from Victoria regarding fun-
. nil arrangements,
���o recognize and seise tha opportunities when tliey come to yun?
In   Ht   yourself  tO  lake   advantage   of
;iiiany future opportunities It in tlie
Opportunity to gain a practleal knowledge.
A. L>, BOUOK, Principal,
'phone 8S3. 610 Columbia St.
Residence   Nearly Comoleted.
w. h Thompson, Clarke road, has
nearly completed his handsome two
Storied dwelling house, mar the lior-
ders of Coqultlam and Port Moody.
Mr. Thompson lias cleared nearly 20
acres of his property there whieh two
years ago was virgin forest. Situated
in a One residential district between
Port Moody and .New Westminster
Mr. Thompson has been pressed to
subdivide and hulldlng along the
Clarke road will probably receive an
impetus, iii the coming Bpririg.
I    .lohn Alexander, of New York, seero
tary of the International Sundaj
Bchool association, author of Beveral
I noted books on work with men, and
prominent In the boy scout movement
ils to apeak tomorrow afternoon at 4
o'clock in ihe v. M, c A. building, All
men antl   women,   especially   Bunday
sehool  teachers, are Invited.       (2281)
Kred Davis will sell by publlc auction   ai    the    Weatmlnster   Auction
House (removed tbere for convenience
Iof Rah i on Wednesday, October 'i'i, at
\'i p.m, sharp, the household effects of
j Mr. .1   Kmeny.    Kvery article will    he
Isold absolutely without reserve Particulars of sale can be bail from 11 .1.
Russell, Westminster Auction   House,
Kings hotel block. l'i2Kn)
In the West End.   Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
lilock from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
716 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust \i\dg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from limber specially selected for Flat Grain.
Wc are lilno Specializing In Fir Doors witb Veneered I'lineU,
which are bettor In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive Ihan  the old  solid  rained panel doors.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Estsbllshed 1191.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employer*"   Liability,   Automobile  and
Marine Insurance.
Single Fare and a Third for Round Trip from New
Westminster to any Point on the Division.
Special tickets may be purchased from Saturday until Monday, good for return passage on Tuesday.
This special rate provides an enjoyable holiday
trip. For sportsmen it will be especially attractive
as the line passes through a country which abounds
in pheasant and other game birds.
Trains leave New Westminster terminal daily
at 9:15, a.m., 1:10, 4:05, and 6:15.


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