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The New Westminster News Mar 13, 1913

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 New Westminster.
What attractions does New Westminster offer Industries?   Trackage
and waterfront sites, railways and
ocean transportation.
Weather Today.
New Westminster and I-cw-r
Mainland: Light lo moderate wind ;;
generally fair and mild during tbe
Many Protests Against Application of Lulu Island Hotel���
Will Again Apply at Next Meeting of Commissioners
When New Bylaw Will be Complete���Mayor Says the
Hotels Should Purchase Goods in City.
Will Prevent  Overflow of Banks and
Flooding of Farm Lands at
High Water.
The application of Harold  K. Fair-1
woather for a liquor  license  for the
Strand  hotel,  BSweo   avenue,  Queens-
boro, was withdrawn temporarily last
night at the quarterly meeting of the j
license commissioners.
The mayor deprecated the practice
of some hotelkeepers or restaurant
keepers under their control, buying
their Bupplles outside thc city and believed It Bhould be Impressed upon
those caterers that It wan averse to
the Interests of tho city. He considered the local merchants should be
The clerk was also Instructed to notify the license holders of the udvis-
ablllty of their attending the meetings of the commlBslonera, personally,
or by representative, hr matters may
crop up of material intereat to them
upon which lt might bo desirable to
hsve explanations or an expression
of the Views of the hotelkvcpers.
The  mayor presided  and  the "other
Commissioners  present    were    Alder
num  Kellington  and  Mr.  D.  W. Gilchrist, with  Mr. John Smith, clerk
Protest Application.
Mr. J P. Hampton flole. on behalf
of Mr ll B Falrweather, presented
his apllcal ion for a liquor license for
the Strand hotel.
The clerk reported that a petition
bad been handed to him by Mr. Hole,
signed by 4f, residents of Queensborough, In favor ot the license being
The mayor stated   thut  there  were
protests   against   the   license being
granted   Irom   the   secretary   ol   the
Cj. T.  I'., the secretary of the local council of Women, the manager
of thi B. ('. Manufacturing Co., the
manager of the British Canadian Lumber (lo., and a petition signed by 75
n-e 1,1-witt, and owners of property In
the  district.
A litter from the city solicitor was
Mr. GilchriBt -The petition
the license Ib signed by a
number than for it, at the
The Mayor���We can't consider the
petitions for or agalntt We are not
suggesting anything fer or against
the license.
Mr. Bole���I believe the new bylaw
ls much taBler to conform to than
the present one.
There were a number of minors'
names on thc petition against, the license.
Alderman Kellington���If all QueenB-
borough wanted the license I would
give lt to them.
The Mayor���Do not misunderstand
thc eommlBslonerB. They do not say
they wlll grant thc license but they
will give It every consideration at
the next meeting.
Mr. Hole- -It would be a great kindness to my client and every other hotel
keeper If you were to ask the solicitor
to hasten the bringing up of the bylaw
Protect Merchants.
Alderman Kellington said he Under-
Stood thnt the late proprietor of the
Klngr, hotel bad left the city without I
paying some of IiIb billB and he understood there was a certain amount of
money coming to him from the present
license holder. Tbt; commissioners
wished to protect the merchants of
the city.
The mayor said he would notify the
present proprietor.    He believed they  feet   long
The Dominion government has resolved to dredge the South Lillooet
river. This will prevent the swamp
Ing of the surrounding areas of valu
able farming land, which are flooded
at seasons by the rising waters s\teep
ing over the banks, wblch have been
demolished In certain parts by the
hauling of logs Into the river, and
other timber operations In the adjacent timber limits.
Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.P., has notified
the Interested municipalities of the
Intention of the federal government.
Dr.  Friedmann  Gives  De
monstration of Tuberculosis Cure.
Canadian  Doctors,  Unlike Americans
Refrain from Criticism���Tragic
Scene When Patients Enter.
Many Ships Receiving Alterations and
Repairs on the Various Ways���
New  Tug for Capt.  Myers.
Ot'awa, March 12.���Before a large
I audience, consisting of the members
of the medical profession from Ottawa and many outside points, nurses
and prominent members of the Cana
dian Association for the Prevention
of Tuberculosis, Dr. Friedmann gave
a demonstration of his alleged cure,
in the general hospital here today.
Dr. Friedmann arrived at lhe bos
pltal shortly after noon. Some 37
patients in ull stages of the disease
were awaiting hla arrival, hoping to
be treated, and from these the docior
Belected 10 for treatment. These
were Innoculated.
Tragic Scene.
It was In many respects a tragic
scene which furnished the setting for
the clinic. The hall admitting to 1he
study room lu which the demonstrations were conducted was lined with
patients, pathetic figures moat of
them, and many of them in the ad
vanced stages of lhe dlseaae, The
moat advanced case3 Dr. Friedmann
did not attempt to treat. While making the preliminary preparations, Dr.
Dan Mackenzie Meets Death in Accident on C. P. R. Line at Harrl.
son   Mills.
Harrison Mllla. March 12.���A rear
end collision between two eastbound
freight trains on Ihe C. P. R. early
thin morning caused the death of Dan
Mackenzie, a brakeman, tbe crash
taking place near thla point.
A blinding snowstorm caused thf
rails to become Blippery and the en
giner of the extra, while seeing thi
freight train in front of him, was unable to bring his train to a stop In
Four cars were derailed, but thc
engine of the collided train kept on
the tracks.
A wrecking crew was sent out from
North Bend and the traces were again
in running order shor.ly beforo-noon.
None of the other employees on the
two trains    were    injured.    Engineer j
Crosby sticking to his post when tbe
Impact came.
Alderman Dodd Gives Fellow Members at Trades and Labor Council Heart to Heart Talk and Former Resolution Is Shelved���Varied Opinions Expressed���Majority of Shew Houses Not Fit for the Public.
Tlrb shipbuilding yards on Lulu Island are very active jtiBt now, a number of vessels receiving repairs and
ctherB in prospect.
On Dawes' ways the Dominion government have a new fishery cruiBer on
the Btocka, which Ib expected to be
ready  for  launching in   May.
She  is   82   feet long,   14   feet   wide I Friedmann   was  visibly   nervous   and
and 9 feet deep and will be propelled ! constantlv Interrupted the attendants.
by twin screws and driven by two en-      The ftrs,  caM ...aa ���, a ....... nbout
tines Of 100 horse power each. 28 vear8 olcJ     ���,, ,vas 3Uffcrin    fn,n,
A tug bout for Captain Myers, New
Westminster will -shortly be com-
mi need. Thc lumber is already in the
yards  tn   BCOWS,    The  tug  will  be bo
Burnaby  Residents  Will   Petition  for
Paved  Road and Cement Sidewalks  West  of   Kingsway.
Should have the hotelkeepers or some
one representing them at some of the
meetings In case questions Bhould he
he asked affecting them It waB only
right hotelkeepers should have an opportunity to reply.
Should   Purchase   Local   Goods.
"1 also think." said Ihe mayor, "that
thn  liotolkeep-ers  sHnuM certainly  *g-
elrat the merchants ot New Westminster.     1   believe   there   are   a   number
17   feet   wide   and   S   feet
read which nd vised that the board I��� receiving their groceries from Vancou-
could not consider the application un-1 ver. probably through- their restau-
less the. applicant satisfied them that ' rant ki epers. We have not a high 11-
be had conformed villi the require- censa hero and they should protect
nients of the  Liquor  bylaw the city.    It ls the only way  we can
Alderman   Kellington   Baid   the  bo- have a olty.
Ilcltor   hnd   told   hlni   the   application       The clerk   was  Instructed  to  notify
In Mercer's yardB the St. Mungo
cannery's tishboat Clutha is being entirely remodelled., a new deck, new
bulwarks and new deckhouse comprising  some  of the  vessel's  alterations.
The St. Lawrence, a beautiful guso-
litie launch, Ib In course of a general
overhaul and a large scow for the B. C.
Transport Company Is being constructed
Besides these Jobs there are a good
[deal of repalrB to smaller craft being
1 executed.
did nol conform w-ith the bylaw
Mr. Bole whb of a different opinion, lie believed it complied with
the requirements of the present law,
which governed the case, although he
understood a change was to be made.
Tbe city solicitor had condescended
upon   particulars.
Withdraw Application.
Alderman Kellington said he would
not feel Justified In voting for the 11-
cense in face of the solicitor's advice.
After the new bylaw wub passed and
lf the application waB in conformity
with It. they might consider it.
Mr. Bole understood that the feeling of the meeting was, ln the present chaotic state of the bylaws, agalnBt
the license. Ile thought therefore
that In the beat Interests of his client
he would withdraw the application and
renew 11 at the commissioners' next
of  the
the   license  holders   that   they
be represented at the meetiu;
c mmlssfonern.
The   mayor   thought   some  audi
rangement   might   be  provided   ror
the bylaw,
A dlscUSSlon  also  took place ns to
I the expediency of merchants advising
'hotelkeepers. monthly or fortnightly
of the indebtedness of their restaurant
keepers   to   the   merchants,   to   avoid
; the  restaurant  men  slipping out and
] leaving unpaid hills behind.
Mr Bole raised a discussion about a
| bill  of  5.28G  due   to  a   waiter  of  the
' Cosmopolitan cafe by Its keeper, an
amiiiiut that somewhat astonished the
i commissioners, but on its being revealed that the defaulting cafe keeper was a brother of the waiter the
meeting was abruptly closed by Alder-
| man   Kellington   moving   its   adjourn
i ment.
Arrnnge  to   Have  Stations at  Several
Offices Where Citizens May Register on Voters' List.
jan incipient case of tuberculosis. The
i next case was a young girl who was
I suffering from muscular tuberculosis.
| The affected part, her leg, showed    a
severe contusion which was open and
clottfd   with   blood.     The   flesh   was
emaciated.    A  middle aged  man was
next   treated.     His   right   ankle   was
badly swollen and plaster cast treat-
men!   had   only   served   to  aggravate
the condition of the member.
After the operation he walked out
of the room with th" aid of the
Quick Methods.
Dr. Frleduiann's methods were very 1
precise and he  lost no time  In  per-1
forming the necessary action.
Noticeable the doctor's methods
waa the klckuess with whicb he work
ed. The least sign of wavering on the
part of attendants brought forth a
' sharp exclamation, and no sooner was
one patient attended to than he was
ready for -he next.
He worked for the most part In
silence and scarcely ever glanced at
his audience. When the operation
was finished there was noticeable also
a relaxation in his nervous manner.
This was quite apparent when the Injections were completed, No critic-
Isms  of  Dr.   Priedmann's    technique.
Kdmonds, March 12.���A petition is
being circulated among the property-
owners of Kdmonds Btreet requesting
that the council  have  this thorough-
! fare west of Kingsway to Sixteenth
or Seventeenth avenue, properly payed  and   concrete  sidewalkB   laid.
Quite a number of names have already   been  attached   to  the   petition
and it is expected that in
all the  property owners
signed up
i Contained in the petition is also a
request that the council pave or ma-
After a heated discussion in which clared that Sunday wan tho only Aay
a number of delegates partleipa ed |on which workingmea had time fcr
aud by an almost unanimous vote the  recreation.
resolution passed some time aso favor | The motion to consider lhe rcsolu-
Ing the opening of moving picture | tion was then; pot ami carried wltb
shows ou Sunday was practically only six kancES raised in oppos tiou
abandoned, by .].<��� members Of the in a gathering of about 30. The s;il>
Trades and Labor council at a meet ! sequent motion that it be laid on the
Ing last evening.   In the worda rf the j table waB passed wllh only one vote
against it.
President of B. C. Federation.
During the evening the council vis*
honored by a visit from Christian
Sivertz, president of the D. C. Federation of Labor, who haa lately extend?*}
his offices as an intermediary in the
settlement of the Vancouver island
coal miners' Btrike.
Called upon by Prealdent Stoney to
coiiBti'.ution, on two votes It waa re-:
considered and laid cn the tabic. i
DuriRg the discussion on a motion
made   to  reconsider    the    resolution
many amusing arguments were put up !
and some   harsh   things   were   said i
about    the   ministerial    associations, i
church people, etc., by those who still
beld out in support.
lt was Delegate Dodd, ccting on the
Instructions of the Street Railroad j
Men's union, of which be is a mem
ber, who moved that the resolution
be reconsidered. He said that it had
always been the aim of union men t?
eliminate as much Sunday work as
A few years ago the Canadian Fed- j
eration of Labor endorsed the Lord's
Day act. and now the local body would
act Inconsistent with the Trades   and
Labor Congresa of Canada.
They Bhould be consistent to their
laws, he argued, declaring that they
were only providing work for themselves.
Theatres  Unfit.
in conclusion be affirmed that most
moving   picture   theatres   In     British
, Columbia  were  unfit  places for  peo-
slion time j pie to go to.
Will have \ Delegate Chockley: "Delegate Dodd
says these thealreB are not fit places
to go io; why doesn't the city council
close   them   up ?"     Another   delegate
cadamlze   the   land   surrounding   the I asked at this juncture why the B. C
B.  f,   B,  H.  depot and   freight sheds | g   r   cars were allowed to run    on
and the aproaches thereto.
I    The petition  will  be  forwarded
I the reeve and council.
I Sunday. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
**\ Delegate Knudsen, who was the
chief supporter ot the resolution, de
clared the greatest opposition to the
1 opening of moving picture theatres on
\ Sunday came trom the Ministerial As
say a few words, Mr. Sivertz declared
he appreciated being amongst them.
He noted with pleasure thai the labor
men were represented on the city
council by Alderman Dodd and that
Mayor Gray had been endorsed by Vic
working men.
Ho touched briefly on the convention of B. C. Federation of Labor
which will be held here next year.
and declared that Victoria had gladly
assented to New Westminster as the
next place of meeting.
Coal Miners' Strike.
Referring to the coal strike ou Vancouver Island, Mr. Sivertz slated that
every effort had been made to bring
the  dispute  to a point where  setti
ment waa possible, but the employers
had   thrown   down   the   gauntlet   :u��l
had declared for a fight to a finish.
The miners, the speaker stated, were
convinced  that they could hold their
own and were determined to stick tu
their guns at any cost.
|    At the conclusion of his speech, Mr.
, Stoney extended the thanks   of    the
council to Mr. Sivertz    and    assure it
him that thc Victoria delegates to thi*-
annual convention of the B. C. Federation ln New Westminster   next   year
would get a royal welcome.
Mr.   C.   Hill-Tout  and   Mr.   K.   Myers
Bring Matter of Markets Before
Vancouver Progress Club.
sociatioii.    They   did not kick  about 1 Grievance Committee
Sunday meetings ln the theatres. He \ Delegate Chockley, reporting for the
also understood that moving picture '��� grievance committee, told of what had
shows were being given in churches been accomplished with respect to the
on  Sunday. recent complaints made as to the nr.i-
Need   One   Day. ployment of outsiders on city work in
Delegate McKercher held that mov-  preference to local residents.
ing picture people were entitled to a ,    A special committee was appointed
  I such as were made in New York, were
A well attended meeting of tbe Mb-1 advanced by the doctors preaent. The
eral executive and prominent Liberals j German physician waa aided by iwo
of the city was held last night in ihe,of his own assistants, while about thi
offices   of   Kennedy   Bros..    Columbia ! platform  were grouped hla audience.
street. | ������ '
The meeting decided to tak" Bystem
Ottawa, March 18.���Mods notable by
lhe presence of Dr. Kreidmiinn, the
celebrated (Herman who claims to have
diHCovered a serum for the cure of
tubnreiiloals, the annual inciting of
the Canadian Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis opened in the,, , . . ,
llUBBcll hoiiBi. today. Dr. Freidinann I kl,ow" ann recognized fact that ln the
the convention,
other  Canadians   parks  than  ut
In Florida, California and other United
Srhtes points."
No  Endangering Effects.
Dr.  Friedmann  lu    addressing    tbe
convention, said: "Since the discovery
of tubercullne    It    becomes    a    well
addressed the convention, and this
afternoon conducted a clinical demonstration at  Water Street hospital.
lu his address he outlined his 22
yeara of research work to Hnd a
tubercullne that was not toxic and
virulent, a substance that would be
absolutely harmless even In large
doses. He Anally discarded human
tubercle bacilli which had been rend
bacclllus Itself were to be found antl
genes -that iiiimns the substance
which contains or produces tho corn
tlve bodies.
During these .ast 23 years all efforts
were therefore direcied toward tht
I extracting and Isolating Ihe effective
I elements with different methods h
chemical, thermic, mechanical and
'biological proceedings,    mu    all  pi-
aHc and energetic steps in the work |
uf  registering   voters   up   to   April   7.
.vhfiii the Hat will be closed.
Tbe ldoa was expressed and unani
monsly endorsed Ihat In view (f thr
redistribution of scata. Dominion ami
provincial, In the near future, every
ffort should be made to get as main
names on the list as possible, regard
less of party.
Special arrangements were madi
whereby the following business place.*
were fixed for the purpose of taxing
iffldavlts of voters, during business
hours on five days of the week: Ken
nedy Ilros.' office. Columbia street; K
Gotilrt, C. P. U. office; W. McAdim'.-
offlce, room 1 Hart block, l.orne
street: John Hold's office. Westniin
ster Iron Works; Bryson & Suns
store, Columbia street; IS, J. l.ou-'lien's
office, room  -ti Hurt  block.
These offices wlll also be open ev. r
Satnrdnv night from 8 to 10 o'clock.
except  Mr. Raid's office.
Arrangements will nlso    be    mnde
of Abbottbford, speaking before the
members of the Vancouver Progress
club on "Agricultural Problems of
nr.tisli Columbia" ut a luncheon held
this noon.
Mr. Hill-Tout suggested that the
government supply stumping powder
free Of charge or al greatly reduced
prices to bonl-fide Beltlers, that some-
  thing out to be done Immediately   to
^_^^_ 1 stop llle best workers and the clever-
| est  fanners  leaving  the  agricultural
Expect Developments at Fort by End' districts  to   settle   in   the   congested
1 cities.
Vancouver, March 12.���Serious questions affecting the people of New-
Westminster. Vancouver, and those
living in the Fraser vallS? were
brought up by Mr. Charles Hill-Tout,  most certainly support the resolution
rest as well as anybody else on Sun
day and declared against the resolu
Delegate Cameron, who strongly op
posed the resolution when it was car
rfed previously, affirmed, thnt be
favored the motion to reconsider Ii
on a matler of principal. If the wcrket
did not have an opportunity to visit
the theatres during the week he would
of the  Week���Turkish  Cruicer
London. March 12.���News from
j Adrlanople, the Invested Turkish fort-
Iress   Ib  meagre,  but  dispatches   from
Constantinople say it is believed there
I thut   the   end   of   the   present   w eek
will see either the capitulation of the
l fortress   or   a   desperate   attempt   by
jShukrl   PasbB   to   break   through   the
i lines of the enemy.
|    The reply of the allies to the pow-
later, to cover outlying portions of tl.ei;'r8 r!B?r?1?g  ��''-'<ii��tl0''    '������� ,**?���]
Mtv- teen delayed and will not be delivered
I before  Friday.    There Is little doubt
| that  before  European diplomacy  can
j get to work on the problem Adrianople
! will be in possession of the allies.
The Turks, while seemingly prepar
h-.( i vlous methods for the preparation of
| remedies for tubrculoals originated
from toxic virulent baallli of ihe
human or bovine tubercle and in
Bplte of all efforts nobody succeeded
ln removing the virulent and toxicity
of these cultures.
"Consequently,    It   often   occurred
that the vano'ia tuberhnea had a dim
ered   virulent by artlflcal  means,
the r'-siilts were too dangerous.
Thn desired end was attained when
he succeeded In finding a bacillus
which originates from a cold-blooded
animal���the turtle���which bacillus be
came a virulent and a toxic after fre
quent transplantation. "When that
condition waa reached. I first Injected ,
it  Into   myself  and   then   to   patients  "Ring or nt  lpa8t   endangering  effect
Infected with tuberculosis and healthy UI>��" the Patients.      " *��� ' - '-
children In tubercular surroundings. 1
have found the remedy invariably
harmless." said Dr. Friedmann.
Ho affirmed that the Bpread of
tuberculoBlB would be prevented by n
method similar In principle lo .Tenners
vaccination and ho had already vaccln
nled 350 children In tubercular sur
ronndlnga between the ages of onr
and three years. The first of these
wns 17 months ago and all are well
Duke of Connaught,
city" ^^^^^
Mr. George Kennedy, prealdent of
the Liberal association, announced
that In an Interview with Mr. S A
Fletcher, registrar of voters, the lat
ter Btated that, although he had no'
been Instructed to do so from V'c
torla. he proposed on his own account
to open his office In the eveninv dur
Ing the last week prior to April 7 for
the purpose of registering voters.
^^^^^^^^^^^ Uesides these Incisive measures damaged the very
delicate and easily destructable uuti
"Therefore arose the task of finding
a substance which would prove absolutely harnilesB even In large dosea
and which contained, if possible, all
specific properties of the bacillus excepting Its toxicity and virulence. It. 4
therefore, had to he nn avlrule it and
ntoxl baccilus. But one more thing
had to be accomplished and that was
that this  avlrulence,    this    lack    of
Another Strike. .
Bt Catherines, Out.. March 12.���
Stone cutterB employed on the Wei-
land canal In preparation for the introduction of the Gowan safety device,
went on Btrike today for au Increase
of wages.
The Duke' "of Connaught   endorsed '?a!ho?tnlc lualltieB, should not be ac
(he work of the organization to Btop
tho Bpread of tuberculosis nnd referring to the great assetB that Canada
hnd that could be tiBed aa parka. Bald:
"It would be hotter for Canadians 10
spend millions at Banff, Jasper    and
quired by a proceedure of thn cultures
by chemical additions.
"There had  to be found a bacillus
of natural avlrulence and  It bad    to
remain a virulence and atoxic In the
(Continued on Page Four.)
Skagway, Alaska, March tt- -
Dr. Young, provincial secretajv
cf HrltlBh Columbia, arrived today with dogs and supplies to
make an investigation of Ihe
reported strike of placer gold
at TeBlIn Dake. All the steamships arriving here are crowded
with prospectorB.
Nothing definite concerning
the value of the new diggings
is known.
Ing for another revolution, aro utillz
ing their fleet In nn attempt to prevent the Servian army fro masBisttng
the Montenegrins in their attack on
The Turkish cruiser Hamldleh bombarded Durazzo and San Giovanni di
MedU today and probably Ib watching
for the Greek transports with several
thousand Servian troops aboard.
It ls reported that the entire Turk
Ish fleet has heen repaired and con
cenlrated at Naghara In the Dardanelles.
It Is confirmed that Austria will
disband only about 35,000 reservists
iu Gallciu.
Bombard   Ports.
Belgrade,   Murch   12.���The  Turkish
orulser Hamldleh bombarded the port
of Durasio at noon today, although it
is nn unfortified place. The cruiBer
then proceeded to San Giovanni di
Medun, which also was bombarded. It
is not known whether any damage was
The Hamldleh disappeared finally
ln the direction of the Italian coast.
Her activity caused alarm here, as a
largo number of Servian troops now
are being transported to the Adriatic
to assist, the Montenegrins in attacking Scutari.
He declared it waa of little use of
s..me people talking themselves hoarsi
nbout this "back to the land idea" un
less something is done to make t
farmer's life more attractive and allow
| him to market his produce.
Why ?
"Why. with the wonderful land that
we have in the lower Fraser valley,
should we of Vancouver have to send
out $15,000,000 a year to the American farmers for produce that can be
grown at home ?" asked Mr. Hill-
In answering this question he stated
that the farmers received no encour
agi'inenl from local consumers and the
average farmer can not afford to
Bpend the money to dear extensive
acreage and still make a profit. He
suggested that It the people of Van-
lContinued on Page Four.)
Ottawa, March tt.���It is expected that Hon. I.ouIb Co-
derre, secretary of spate, will
appear In the houBe of commons Thursday afternoon to
hear the charges which Mr.
Gauthler wlll read In connection with alleged Irregularities
in the bye-election of Hoche-
laga, when Mr. Coderre w.Ib returned   to  parliament.
It Is stated that these irrpgu-
laritlen included personation,
the matter wub first brought
up tn the house by Mr. Gauthler on Monday last but owing to the absence of Mr. Coderre due to Hlnetis tho premier
Induced Mr. Gauthler to postpone the presentation of the
caBe Mr. Coderre was expected
to be here today but latest advices stated that he will not
appear In the house until tomorrow.
��� ���>������������������������<������������������
Its Wrong to Work.
Delegate Peters 'declared that Sunday was a mythological idea, holding
that If it wbb wrong to work on Sunday it was wrong to work any other
to thoroughly examine the l-cmieux
I..*ibor act. Secretary Grant was instructed fo secure a copy of the act
to read at the next meeting.
The  delegate from  tbe  Bartend.ts*
���-- -epoi'ted  that despite tbe  f.iet-
lliat they were working live or six
hours less every week now, under Ibe
provisions of the new Mquor act, they
were still receiving the same pay as
in the past.
Mr. J. N. Hogg was seated as a delegate from tbe Carpenters' union in*
place of his brother, Archie HOSE,
Premier McBridc's secretary Bent-
acknowledgement of receipt of the
resolution passed by the council at
Delegate Grant, a strong supporter  previous meeting with respect to thi'
of  the  resolution  from  the start,  do-(ncw school act.
Ottawa,  March   12���Shortly   before , think it  was given fairly and  iinpar-
tho conclusion of the speech of Dr.
Belaud of Benuce, Premier Burden entered the Chamber nnd drawing Borne
papers from his pocket sat down and
assumed a walling attitude, lie was
followed by Eeveral ctherB belonging
to the cabinet. Dr. Belaud cat down
and the prime minister got to his feet
He did not intend, lie paid, for any
great length of time to deprive the
honorable gentleman opposite of the
privilege of talking which they appeared to prize ro much. He himself had
considered that the Information waa
sufficiently complete but the opposition had demanded that it be all
brought down "1 did not like," said
the premier, "to lie under an Implication of motive of concealment I therefore got leave to lay the balance of
tho correspondence on the table.
"Now," di clared Mr. Borden, "the
wrath of the members opposite hat
turned from me to Mr. Churchill 1
as prime minister, thought lt best to
get the Information which I wanted
from the tnott reliable source. So I
turned to the admiralty. 1 consider It
waB not only right but the absolute
duty of the first lord of the Sdtnlre.lt>
to reply to my request and to furnish
the Information requested. It Is not
conducive to the Idgnlty of this house
to  blame blm  for doing so.
Honorable gentlemen should real
Ize thnt Mr. Churchill was bound to
give the Information and he gave It lu
,i fair and Impartial manner, What
ever wrath there nmy bo regarding
this letter should be visited on my
head and not on that of the first lord
or the admiralty."
"DoeB my honorable friend take the
responsibility for all the information
given by Mr. Churchill?" asked Hon.
Mr. Pugsley, amidst cries of "Hoar,
hear" from the opopsltlon.
"1 take the responsibility of asking
for tt," replied  Mr.  Borden,  "and  I
tlally." ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Dr. Pugsley explained thai the premier wus laboring under a misapprehension when be thought that the
tnembers of lhe opposition had blamed
Mr. Churchill for replying to the letter
Criticizes Churchill.
"I intended." he said, "to criticii����
this memorandum, hst 1 do not intend
to condemn Mr. Churchill for reply
ing. The prime minister cabled on
Sunday for leave to make it public
and Mr. Churchill probably thought
���hat the prime minister had got to the
last ditch. I don't complain that Mr.
Churchill replied to my right haa.
friend, hut I do complain that he teat a
memorandum full of childish criticism
tnd that he displayed such intense ignorance of Canadian affairs and Caam-
dlun conditions aa almost to make a
horse laugh." (Cries of Oh, Oh, frun��
the government benches. x
"Do I understand my hon. friend to
lay that the Ignorance of Mr. Churchill ir, enough to make a horse laugh?**
.skid Hon. Martin llurrell. minister
if agriculture.
"I snld his Ignorance of Canadian
ifuirst was enough to make a horse
laugh,"  rt piled  Mr. Pugsley.
"For li'.ttuiu-c. ono of the reaaonn
he gave as to why Canada could not
i ulld verselfi was that It required 1T��
'.on enms for lifting work and solid
oil upon which to pat the blocks
Wonderful crones, those," said Mr
"Why we bave hundreds of them bt
operation hi Canada at the present
Mme and surety wo on Had aoM soil
nough to bear the weight ot the
blocks. I
"Does tbe right ham.
think thai In view at 1^^^^^^^
the suggestions of the first sard et
the admiralty are enostfl lo testate ���* P*Gt TWO
THURSDAY, MARCH  13, 1913.
bedded in the flesh, and knows him
and it aa X. . .*.      ., . i
The doctor, too, Who discovers af.or
years of work, a remedy for a disease,
aa did Pasteur, with the result that
hundreds of thousands are saved frcm
suffering, and from premature death,
get... honor, but little more. Indeed,
tho world turns in anger or disgust
on the doctor who attempts to got
the. monetary reward for a discovery
fully accords thc invon-
Mr. Kdisui gels not only wealth
but honor from the discovery of tin
gramophone, The doctor or sciential
la allowed but honcr.
Certainly wealth ia nol the chief
aim of life, but when a nation, by it-'
laws, acta out to determine who Bhal'
bn given the prize Df.wealth to en
ctmrage them to effort, it sets its
ideals pretty low, when It decrees
that the big prizes shall go for the
1 ttie, antl  very material things.
Dr. l-'riedtr.ann is, it. would seem
. .contrary to the custom, and lhe spirit
consid'.ration the solution of the problem of the land, by|of his profession, attempting to make
often re-
 , ..er twenty-
:seventh birthday, which falls on Monday next, St.  Patrick's Day.
Patricia Helena Klizabttli,
ferrcd to affectionately as
Pat."   She is now nearlng h
An ia.lt -lottdrnt montiM* p**er denoted to the interests of Seiv Westminster and
.-ht Fraser Valley, fubttstuvt every atornintj erre.pt Sutitto" bit the Sational I'rintina
and I'lMuihtny Company. Liautei, at S3 McKenzie Street, Sew Westminster, liritish
ChnmHll ROUB BUTHERLASO, Manaainy Director.
AU commanications should be addrrssed to The Sew  Westminster Sews, and not
to **Srtt*Uxal members of (he ���faff. Cheetlft. drnlts and mon**) orders should lie made I t.ha.t   it   clmorfl
m-i...ihl.   to   The Sational I'natiug and  l*ubli*hinn Comuano,  Limited. .. .        -,,.,���
TKLKI'llt'SKS���IJunat Office and Manager, 39S ,' Kditorutl Rooms (all depart-   ll��n   '���'   a   ""*-
tiUlllickll'TlOS RATHB���Bv carrier. 14 per yonr, f I fur tfcrcc uunlhi, 40c per
mt.mlh   Hv mail, 11 per tj*ar. lie per  month.
AOVKItTlSISO RATKS an application.
TO CORIlliSI'ONDKKTS���No letter* witl he published
the writer s stynature.  Th* editor reservet 1*0 riflKl to re/a
The Seies exeept over
thc publication  of any
For some time now the Board of Trade has had under
doctors who so fall below lhe high
ideals of their profession as net. to
give open handedly the fruits of ali
their experience and knowledge without reserve and without reward, are
Many will immediately put Doctor
'Vni-'i-inn in thla category. The fact
that he saya his remedy "cures all
cases cf tuberculosis except those lhal
are on the point cf death" and duo:
not give il to the profession to bt
��� tei
lo the world, ii
which millions are affected with th'
disease, that thoy may all he cured
canno! bnt create a strong teeUr;
agalnsl him.
On ihe other hand he would nov
havo been teinptad to do so belltUlBg
a ci ,:i io i f conduct had the nations
ui unres i+cted Nobel commission only to reci mpense the world's benefac
tt rs for their efforts and skill.
which we mean the rectification-of those matters W^|^*^$#^Ttta^
are retarding the development of the Fraser valley and are The experience of the world is thai
making the lot of those who are upon the lard very far
from being a bed of roses.
Therefore the expressed determination to take one
step in the right direction, namely to provide an adequate
market here for all that can be precluded in the valley and
in time in the province, is a matter upon which they may
be heartily congratulated. The doings of the new standing
committee upon Market and General Produce which has
in hand the lining up of every board of trade in the valley!" wioprf and perfected i   ������
no . , I-,- mi  i .   i     i  Band scholars and
to an effort to better present conditions will be watched
with interest.
Granted we have the idea of co-operation rooted firmly in our heads, the next thing is to have men who will
lake the initiative and work out the details of this co-'
operation. One thing appears certain and. that is that
the farmers themselves must get together. This we trust
will be brought about through the agency of the valley
boards of trade, who are to be approached by the committee named above.
One cheering thought in the evolution of British com-)
munities is that whenever the man or the men have been
needed to meet conditions he or they have arisen.   Westminster and the Fraser valley, in common with the whole Im
province, are passing through a very serious stage at the
present moment. It is of no use crying over the mistakes' Afterward he dsicovered oth
of the past, but it is of use to set our teeth and go ahead ^t^li^L^SdhwB?l..a
towards achieving relief. Better conditions will come if Ud by the natives on the island of
jve not only talk about them but if we work for them, and ; ��^Tsp^Ld thi fEKS
the business like proposals of the Board of Trade both in claimed the iBiandB, the former can-
regard to the market and to the steamer service to Vic & &�� &"& g^ot'iSS
tona should enlist the services and sympathy of everyone de onente upon their discovery.
in the city.
We have always to remember that in other parts of
the world conditions very similar to those which are now-
becoming oppressive here have been experienced by other
countries and communities. The co-operative principles
in every day use in many European countries, in Australasia, or, nearer home, in the Pacific coast states, can
be put into operation here.
Men who will work to see them adopted here are
wanted and we believe that we have thc men.
Time sometimes givis rare value t<
old  datrli s  filled  with   mere  details
for they enable the historian to recon
. i struct  the life of a bygone period as
Perhaps the high compliments to the resourcefulness nothing else can do.
and enterprise of the local press forthcoming at the Board; kJKStaf during6 a*Zi*-SotZ
���of Trade meeting were unconsciously given, when it was!17��� f" Kp know whlt happened on
-asserted that thc newspapers had set'a pace in advance S^^^T^��S^.'SiiSS
of the programme laid out by certain committees. ln8 a Rrcat snowstorm, which obliged
We desire to assist committees or public organizations j '���Zi^oX watu."��lear away """
in every way possible and will be doubly glad if they ini   "A party of twelve seamen were sent
"" -      ��� ....-���_. ��� -out at Cape Diamond to see what the
Fairfax Harrison, Youngest Railway
Head, 44 Today.
One of the youngest executive heads
of Important Ami rican railways is
Fairfax Harrison, president of tbe Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville, who
waa lorn in New York forty-four years
ago today.
Unlike most transportation chiefs hc
did not begin ns a telegraph operator
or section hand und work his way up,
but found the law a stepping stone to
greatness, lie graduated from Yale
and Columbia and began the practice
of law some twenty years ago, as a
member of a New York firm. He entered the railway si rvice as Bolicitor
and later assistant to the president of
the Southern system. In 1906 lie became vice-president of the Southern.
As  president   cf  the   Chicago,
Gla3s   Chambers   fer   Working    Factories on Sahara���Shores cf Old
Oceans ar.d Oil.
London, March 12.���The civilization
,f the Sahara defeert as a hen.-producing centre for industries is a suggestion made by Mr. .1. Astly Cooper
In a paper on Northern Nigeria read
before the Royal Colonial Institute.
lt   has  almost   been acc< ptcd  as  B
truism, be said, that our coal suppllei
hire giving out, but the Sahara deserl
receives  an   amount  of    solar    beat
In-1 every day equivalent to that produced
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
diiinapolis & Louisville he has supcrvi-i hy 6,000,000,000 Ions cf coal; and In
sion of about 600 miles of railway in I this arid region, with great supplies
the richest section of the middle west of products available from the wen-
liis brother, Pranches Burton Hnrrl-1 dcrl'ul forest land nearer to the coast,
son, has represented a New York dis- and the Country traversed by a net-
Wot in the United States CcngresB for hvork of railways, thoughtful sclent!-
ten years, with the exception of one fid men say that If some economical
'erm. I method can be found to utilise    tbla
solar energy, there Is no reason wh)
Congressman Clarence JB Miller, of the factories cf the future, factories
Duluth,   Minn.,   wsa   horn   torty-one enormous in extent, with glass cham
**f*�� today, in the state which , bi-rs Insiead of chimneys, and reflec
represents in congress     Mr.  tors Instead of furnaces, all designed
j to receive and transmit the dlJlv g'fl
hi' now
Miller's  wife  recently  secured  a div-
iorce cn tho ground of desertion, alleging that whin h" first went to
Wi Ellington four years ago he refused
; to t.,ke her with him.
\* FIRST   THINGS. ���
Discovery  of  Philippines.
The first while man to set foot on
I thiB Philippine Islands  was  Magellan,
who landed al Jomonjol, now Malhou,
li t  In the strait betwei n Satnar
�����nd   Dinugat,   392   years    ago    today.
March 13, 1621.
Afterward  he  dsicovered  other
Thc death of Mr. Lculs BeCke iv
moves a remarkable and original personality from the world of writers.
Horn at Porl Macquirrle in Australia.
he began at the age of fourteen a career of adventure at sea and among
Pacific natives such ns has fallen to
Hi    lot of few men.
His rirst book, "By Re
was published   In Mr. 1
win's "Autonym LIbrarj
tn ductlon  by lh ��� Earl of
Mr.   Brt-ke,   wrote    Lord
"knows the Pacific as few
t and Palm,"
Fisher   On-
with an In-
:'  Pembroke,
men  alive
or dead have ev r.known it."
Ile is one of the rare nun who have
led a very wild life and have th ��� cul
ture and talent in cessary t" give some
account of it. As a rule, the men who
knew don't write, and the men wbo
������> ril ��� don't know.
f the sun's heat, should nol be os
tahllshed there.
Illimitable Fuel.
.London, March 12.���There i:. only
ono Illimitable fuel, and thai comes
from the sun's energy, Bald Prof. Vivian B. Le ' i ;. lecturing on "Liquid
I'm 1," at Ihe Royal Society t f Arts
recently. We Bhould find thla in thi
��������� ar i iture v hen we should It i lefl
face to face wltb the problem of what
fuel to adopt.
Thero was only cne was  to regen-
v.t" lhe sun's energy to make it
tvallable fi ;��� i ov er, and thai was
by alcohol. In vegelatlon we could
find the em rg) absi rbi ,1 b) the planl
Authors Are Not the "Slue Stockings"
Some   Suppose���Some   Varying
London, March 12.   The Idea   that
I famous women novelists are veritable
"blue stockings," whose literarj   recreation cousins of reading ths  mosl
j profound and classical works, is soi	
. hal of a fallacy. Miss Marjorle B >���
���wen, for Instance, the authoress of
those popular romances of history,
"The  Viper of Milan," "The   Glen o'
Weeping, Hie Sword Decides," etc.,
candidly confesses thai  among other
things she likes to rend the ad\  rtlsi
nunts nml the answers lo correspondents in the beart-to-heart and besuty
������|  love catalogui s," she   continues,
scntod  for  consideration  In  Kl. John
during the last week.
I     At  the  annual  meeting  of  the  81.
John Railway company nn offer of $1..
200,000, or about $ifit) py share, was
made  for  Ils slock.     In   behalf if a
group of capitalists which include the
* presidents of the Portland and Hnngor
street railway companies, tho direc-
. tora expressed themselves as unfav-
i orahle to tho proposition.
A factor In llie situation is the New
BriinSWlck Hydro-Electric company
I which   controls   water   powers   In   St.
John and has Becured legislation en-
I aiding  it   to transmit electric  energy
to St, John for light, and power pur-
! poses.
the sun. Thai energv would "of old bookebnps and museums, and
i regenerated as coal or oil Nonconformist religious papers,
i alcohcl,    VI  i.ii-nt  this wa    which are so full of vim and go."
���, ver
bnl h
pr! itlcally oul  < f the i uestlon
���*. 'Uhln   lhe  1 i it   few   years   petrol
prcducts, ii had been shown wore ai
ibsi !  :    ni ���*   ��� Iti  i ' "iod im c'vlll -i
Hon.   We "or��� i niy yet i n the trlntd
i* the Improvements.   The day would
undoubtedly   com"   when   tbe  sunolj
i i uld give out, but it wns nol yet,
Origin  cf  Petrol.
Minding  to tht ��� rles i f the t rigli
nf  petrol,   Prof   Li *.��� ea ss'd  that,  tr
his opinion, this was mainly from d
The d i   me,
far wld
old history books, foreign literature and the mystical English . poet,
.Donne. Crashaw and Yauiii.in, are
Includi d aitong her favorite ri adlng,
while she also confesses a weakness
for reading crimes, trials and mysteries; "but only the'gorgeous hearty
mis not anything sordid Or morbid."
Noveli3t   Who   Does   riot   Read.
Mlaa m P. W'illcock, too, appears to
have a wide and varied taste In rending.    "The one unbearable thing   to
Spain eventually made good her
claim, and held the Islands until Ihey
wore Frld to the United Slates in lsus
for $20,000,000. For a brief period.
between 1TH2 and 17<H the city of
Manila was held by the English, but
they surrendered it to Spain upon
payment of a ransom of $5,000,000.
, sH i of i inrlt e vegetatli n
trlbutlon of petroleum waa
than ni first Imagined.
Traces of ii had been found even
at Willesdi n, Eng.. while the old o!l
fields won- becoming exhausted If
jeologls's would only trace wbere
,,.. re once the shores i f the b's
oceans, thev wonld Jind areas which
would probablv promise h- st for the
finding of crude oil.
AT   COST   OF   $1,500,000
turn will manage to keep up with the breakneck pace (to
some) that the press appears to be setting.
Silence is golden���generally. Dut the silence of those
who in private conclave went on record with a recommendation that the press be excluded was far from being of
pure gold.     The light Of publicity  may Sometimes daZZle I enemy came In and said they had pa
but we trust that those who would hide their flickeringliT^^SSSf'ti^SiSi they con-
beams from the publie gaze may learn to let them grow
bigger and brighter.
rebels were doing at. the Anse de Mer."
"The Rebel Prisoners were this day
moved to Ihe Uec.ollets Jail" perhaps,
as a sailor explained, "to make room
for more prisoners, as we are going to
make another haul In a few days."
Lastly   "a   flag  of   truce    from    lhe
In inverse ratio, as rarAorr raxs be
���ciome cheaper in their purchase price.
their maintenance bpcow.ei, mm-e expensive. If present rrmfiiUrms inn
Tinne, and gasoline contlnm-* lo in
��� rease two or three renin n gallon
in price inch Tew months, n tmit- will
���_-��H>n arrive when the npt-nuinK of a
motor ear will. Onto mon-, come lo be
m wealthy man's occupation.
A short time ago the 1/nidon lav
���drivers went on Btrike, at the les
���iiive  and   growing  prlr-  of  gasollni
'The) claim, d they wen- charging all
��� he traffic would Bland, and yot. hi
the Minf  time, thev  v.v.r-e making no
money, seeing their ********** ,,--, r,r
all   their  profits,
Thc liritish newspapers. In ci p,
���ment.ng on this, agreed that a ��oar:-h
ing national or liitcroMJinu'l tnvestl-
'���gaiion was necosra-TV tti ord'-r tn as
���certain thr causes which rnnt.-i.l the
jirir-e of  gasoline.
The New Ycrk Th-OPS recently of
fen-d n prize of sinn.nixi to anyone
who will invent a siibititutn for gaso .
line. Thc only conditions imposed ���
;itv th-at the BubsHti.tc Dual he clii-;? i
sand plentiful. '
The Tinn s  poln's  r.ot   thst  ln   Ihei
past yonr and a ha't <V- price of gSSO j
lin-p to the entire wcrltl has increased
-..Imoiit n hundred r��>r tim.   whin al
the same time there h��n hern no cur
taiimrnt  Of  the biivv.Iv  cf  crude nil
has  no oil   wells of her  own, nud  n
war might cut off her fni I supply of!
this  kind.     At the   present   Unic cor
��� ain   claases   of   naval   ahipB   depend
Wholly on oil as n fuel.   Thin may h"
���n*ne  reason   "hv   nr',ta.in  has  not,  to
lhe patent of some other nations  As
veloped   the  oil burning  ships   in  her
I. it r-art  from  the naval n"d nal
u '   iV.fenne  utpatH  <i  the nsn of
ofl, it baa hcoome Buch a nit-Kasity in
niedi-ni commerce, thM the w-xn-ld wlll
Bl i rest long tinder the present ln-
iU'Talde ooinloions. and at the mer-
�����> of a heartless combine or American   millionaires.
Almost anything can le manurae-
ttrred synthetlcallj Whin ihore was I
i tbance  of the
Jdiscovered how to manufacture rub
j ber in the laboratory, and now the
prrcess Is gradually being brought In
i to commercial use.
\ Thc difficulty lu the case of oil b
I probably not lhe discovery of a will
of manufacturing it, but to manufac
I ture it al s price ihat will allow thi
I manufactured product to oompeti
i with the natural i i e.
Alreadj    hi    Ini n ase   in   gasoline
! prices    is    air cling    trade     Ottawa
| feels It, all other cites feel It also.
I'he  (in in, ii    are   al   work  In  iheii
���search   T: r   a   ch":ip  artificial   BUbstl
Mite.    When   things  are  sough I    for
earnestly   enough,   they   ara   ususlly
found, ospcclall)   when  a  large  par:
i  the  wi rid  la awa ting  the discovery and willing lo paj  for It,
A Vear or two more may ��"o the
gasoline truBt'B absurd prices and
their millions of annual profit broke]
and  dispersed,
And when thai time comes, few will
feel any sympathy for the oil trust. -
Ot'awa Free I'ress.
talned  supplicating  terms,  and  exhib  On this  date  in  1X78 lhe  liritish  fri
*      SCRAP BOOK FOR TODAY.      *
Mariners   Fear   Thirteenth   of   March.
March is the mosl fi ared in  thc
who go down tn the B-ea in ship.*, and
in   ancient   superstition  of  mariners
makes th-^ thirteenth of March tbe un
luckiest day of the nautical calendar.
That storms are usually most preval
��� t ,n this time of ih ��� month prob i
bly accounts  for the frequency  with
which marine disasters havo occurred
in   this  "hoo-doo"  i!nt*\
One of the worst of those son tra'-t
���! *s   was   Hie   less  of llie   President
a passenger steamer from Mew York
0   Liverpool,   which   went   down   s.-v-
���nt-.two  vear* ago  todav.    S'-.o  sail
ed from New York on March 11, 1K11
I encountered  a torriric storm  on  thi
| thirteenth, and was never afterwards
heard of.    All of the Lifi nersona or
[ board   perished.     Among   the   pa.ssen-
* -'is   was   Tyrone   Power,   the   coined-
ian. and a son of the Duke cf Hich
| mond.
On March 12. 1783, the fount Hoi
giolOBO, an Indiaman. wont down with
117   people   off   Dublin   bay.  Another
Kast Indiaman, the Kent, was burned Ichased for the Oakwood High school
In March. 1.82.r>. The City of Glasgow, Ion st. CMuir avenue for $.1(lfH) an acre
wltb nearly 500 souls on hoard, dis j is now worth $16,000 an acre, and that
appeared from human ken In March, j |.in,i purchased for the Frankland
ISoi. school for *24ntl an acre Ib now worth
Over   a   dozen   merchantmen   wen ijiniino an acre
lost on the thirteenth of March. 1862 1    The same applies I" the Bite for the
and the toLil toll for that month num* (Karl Grey school, whore the price paid
bored  over   throe  score  vessels.    On  WaB  $8000  an  acre.      That    land
March   13,   1874,   twenty   lives   wen
lost in the wreck of the Queen Eliza
beth. a Glasgow  BteaniT from  India. \* * * *************
the Bays,
Paris, .March 12.- A man is living
who was held in the urniB or Napoleon
as :���. small child, having survived two
li li   emperors   and    three    kings,
lived through the term of ten presi-
it' nts, and witnessed two revoluUons,
one coup d'etal and one civil war.
M. Pierre Schatnel, nged 106, lives
in Xetiilly. Paris, happy and iu good
health, on Is. :!d. a day allowed him
by the poor law authorities, lie has
lived on milk since he was lixly
SpeolflcaUena, agreements of sale A-eda,
business letters, etc.: circular work spe-
olnllst. All wurk strictly confidential. IL
Rury, morn  .18 Westminster Trust ink.
i' i- Tu*;.
��� I
Winnipeg, March 12. For the B06-
c!;il committee of the Hoard of Education which Is to consider the purchase  of sites to meet  the  needs of
'the city a few years from now. Superintendent  Bishop has prepared a map
showing  that   forty-one   new   schools
will be required, one-half of which will (lately
be outside the present, city limits.
The Board of Education has the
power to purchase these sites, and it
is eslmated that, the cost will be between  $1,2511,000 and  $1,500,000,   and
I that, if they are purchased this year
: the saving tn the city  in   five   years
will be upwards of $3,000,000.
It is pointed out that the land pur-
wns  $3000  an  acre.      That
worth $10,000 an acre today.
ited a true sense of the hcinousm
Of their crimes, and a wish lo implore
the king's mercy they would not. be
received, on which the party that ad
dressed Major le Maitre made a low-
how and marched off."
gate  Enrydice left Bermuda on  what
j was destined  to be her last  voyage.
and her 300 officers and crow perish- IthH
On   March   V,,   1886,   the   Gunardet:  This
i Oregon  collided  with a schooner audi
I went   down,  but passengers and crew! Thin
j were rescued.    Manv were killed and
i Injured on March 13, ls:',(i, when the
river   steamer.    Benjamin  Franklin,
exploded  near  Montgomery,  Ala.
Marine records nlso Bhcw thai thlr
ty-one years ago t.idaj  vast  folds nf
Ice were reported as extending over
1200 miles BO"theasl of Newfoundland
occupying  the  entiro  zone   ofNorth,
��� OUR    POET'S    CORNER.        ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
big excitement   of   their
toymaker who patents a dlscoi
cry gets a very largo reward if the
idea proves popular; tho man win
patented the little woolen Imli with
an elastic attached, made hundreds
of thousands of dollars out of It,
The machlnlsl whi patents a nev
mechanism has the possibility of milling millions of dollars, nnd the mon
simple ii is. the larger are his pro
fits likely to be, as for example Ihi
'"���'sti'd wire clothes hook. The nov
ilisl. who copyrights B popular bonl
jg.ts wealth) overnight, SS does l'n
��� ���in who copyrights a taking play,
though neither the book nor the i la;,
has anything i levatlng In It,
I On the other hand, lhe Bclsntlst
who makes n now basic discovery like
thnt of Professor Roentgen, gives to
tho world uu Inestimable treasure, for
which he receives no monetary rucom
pensu, and an ungrateful world even
withdraws  his   name   from   the   new
world's  rabhrr Blip-1 light thai helps the BUrgoiui set u dl
���pt}   being exhsuvtet,  M-it-sustu mum  flcult fraclurc nr locate a bullet
��� THE   HUMAN   PROCESSION.    ���
��� fBy O. Terence.) ���
Duke and Duchess of Connaught Thir
ty-fcur Years Married.
His Hoyal Highness Prince Arthur
William Patrick Allnrt. Duke of Con
naught, and Princess Louise Margaret
Alexandra Victoria Agnes. Duchess ot
Connaught,  win celebrate today the
I thirty-fourth anniversary of thi ir marriage, The Duchess was bom In 1880
the daughter of Prince Frederick
Charles of Prussia, nnd was a beautiful girl of eighteen when she he emu
the bride of the Duke, who is   nearly
| ten y-ars her senior.
The Canadian  Governor-General  ir
tin* seventh Of Queen Victoria's chll
dreti. who were nine In number, four
nf whom rtill live. Two terlous ill
nesses have threatened the life ot the
Duchess since her arrival In Canada
in October, 1911, and for this reason
the Duke may relinquish hiB posl at
the  expiration  of  his  term  next   uu
The Duke and Duchess have thref
children Tile eldest, Margaret Vic
torla Augusta Charlotte Nor-ih. Is now
thirty-one. Khe was married eight
years ago to Crown Prince Oustav
Adolph ef Sweden, a groat-great
grandson of Marshal llernadotte.
i founder of the present Swedish royal
She Is the mother of three sons and
a daughter, Prince Arthur Frederick
Pal rick Albert, only son of Ihe Duke
���md Duchess of Connaught, is now in
his thirty-first year. Ile has becn
prominently mentioned as his father's
luccessor as Qovernor-Qencral of can
nila, l,ol tin' proposal has not met with
a grent (leal of enthusiasm, either In
government circles at I-ondnn or In
the Dominion.
Ills youth nnd the fact thnt he Ifl t,
bachelor are against his appointment, j
although lie is a young man of marked I Ulnce the first motor show was held
ability and highly popular throughout j In Ti ronlo automobile factories have
the empire. The "baby" of the Con-1 heen stnrted In seventeen Ontario
naught family Is thn Princess Victoria j towns and cities.
Bb   hour    six   o'clock
I never
Atlantic Bleamshlp travel,    Over
dangerous  bergs  wi re  counted    between Cape Rac and Honavista.
How St. Euphrasia Vanquished thr
In the calendar if the Roman C<i
ilu lie church It day is dedlcsti d tn
the memory of St, Euphrasia, virgin
ti woman cf van! piety who lived In
the fourth and fifth centuries. It was j
this snlnt who originated the penance
of currying stores fn in one place to
another and bti'-k again.
When   the   dev 1   tempted   her���as
c:i one  cccaslftn  h  hqndsome 'young
senator  offered  ber  his  hard   if  she
! would   forsake  her pious  companions
Und  return   tn   'ho  world- Euphrasia
had resort to thc rock pile,   it is related thai on one occasion, when Biih-
Mooted to an obstinate assault of the
tempter, Bhe "continued this employment thirty davs logether with won-
'dcrf'il simplicity, till the devil, being
qulsbed hy her humble obedience and
chastisement of her body, loft her In
San Marino's Election Lottery.
In the little European republic of
Sin Mnrlno the semi-anni'iil lottery
for the nomlnn'lon of cnndldstea for
.',., 1.���������-,e" win v,��� hold t'dav A
I- *'ep mnrnhrirs of the grand council,
chosen bv lot, wlll place In nomlnn-
Men as m'tnv candidates for the regency, and at an elcrtion to be held
Inter, two of these will he selected
in o"rv" s'y months' terms as Joint
heads of  lhe commonwealth.
with their flaming candle
may  read  tbelr
is  the
at. night
I never saw such tired
saw such faces,
So weary at the close of a hard
Those   bright   electric   blubs
thundering Subway
Ilring out  the tragic  lines   on   their
tragic brows
Girls old  before   their   time,   dizzily
In that awful conglomeration of human
hi illRH.
iThose   merciless   lights!   hiding   no
single blemish,
j Placed then1
So   that   the  tliron
evening papers.
| But some of the girls are far too tired
to read.
They only hang on the straps,
Sick with tlm noh'o of the train speeding uptown.
Yet glad to hear It, slnco It means  to
tlu rn
That every moment   they are   nearer
their snd homes.
It Beems to me they are always rush
The forlorn sweatshop   workers,   the
tired sales girls,
The pale clerks who light a Cigarette
The   moment   that    they    leavo    the
crowded Subway
Hurrying, rushing,   pushing,   shoving,
Always moving In a monotonous procession.
In the morning Ihey rush   to perform
miserable occupations
In  factories  and  lofts ami   darkened
And In the evening when the  whistle
They ruih for the same inevitable can*
That   burl   Ihem   to   their   undeslred
Always these tragic people nre rush
Ing, rushing. .     . .
But 'some  day  they  shall  go   slowly,
very slowly,
One at a time, to   a   distant   quiet.
The only leisurely ride they shall ever
Ily Charles  Hanson Towne In Colliers,
n an Interesting symposium article on the subject publish-
I d in The Hook Monthly, "is to havi
nothing to read, for I can enjoy a
seedmen's CStalOUge or a cookery-
book." Fielding is her favorite novelist, and George Eliot she knows Ly
In art. "Bul Dickens nud muffins can
still yield a thrill, though, for that,
nothing I have ever read can approach Wilkie Collins' 'Moonstone.'"
"1 personally," writes Miss Elinor
Glyn, "hardly ever read a novel from
one year's end to another, and do not
know what other novelists like. Any-
ihings. 1 should think, as a change
from their own. At leaEt, that would
be my view IT I had time to read any."
Mrs. W. K. Clifford also confesses
that she reads very few novels- "only
those written by my friends, or that 1 w
am told are exceptionally good, I have
been unexpectedly delighted
With quite a short one called "The
Temple on Ihe Hill," by Elsa de Szasz
���a really wonderful achievement, and
in English, for a young Hungarian
"That Amazing Book, the Bible."
Biography is the favorite reading of
Miss Beatrice Harraden, and the
stories told by Thomas Hardy and
Jane Austen her favorite novels. "And,
of course, George Meredith's poems
and Shelley, and, of course, that
amazing book, the Bible. Rut I ddn't
read nearly as much aB I used to do.
For the moment active life interests
me more than books, and 1 learn
more by taking part in at than by
contemplating It."
Another great admirer of Thomas
Hardy's works is Mrs ('. N. Williamson, who. referring to her husband and
herself says that they are both united
even in their love for certain authors.
"We both care more for George Meredith's novels than any other.. A most
Olympic person! We are agreed, too,
on the subject of Hardy's earlier novels, and could never read 'Far From
the  Madding Crowd' too often.
I am a great read of novels, though,
and  my husband isn't.    I like to keep
I up with what ia going on In the world
���of novels, ami whenever i see a splendid notice of a new hook 1 buy it.
Sometimes, alas, the result Is rather
disappointing;   hut  1  have had   great
I successes, too."
"A   Varied   Diet,"  Says  Sarah  Grand.
"A  Judiciously varlul diet," wrltee
j Mine. Sarah Grand, "is recommended
as bent, for the body, and 1 find in in>
own ease thai the same recommendation holds good for the mind. Thi
i subject docs not matter; that It Bhould
ihe readabli - that is to say, made In
I terestlng- is all that 1 ask. The crltlci
! unite In condemning a long book, and
I understand why, from their point ol
| view ii long hook gives them so much
more trouble. Personally, 1 like a
long book one that I can deal with
day after day, and far into the night.''
Mine. Alhnnesl confessed that she is
a great reader, while In novels her
taste is catholic, "But I have moods
and fancies, and certain hooks which
delight me at one time wlll leave me
cold at another.
I love Pelt ltldgo, and I am never
without Jacobs Anthony Hope, W.
J. Locke and Eden Phlllpotts satisfy
me In varying moods, and long ago I
knelt at. the feel of Olive Schrelner;
but every now and then 1 slip away altogether from the moderns and go
hack to my Dickens and to Thackery,
to Walter Scott, und to George Eliot,
and then once more through the pages
of ".'ess' and ' Far From the Madding Crowd' to 'tho Ordeal of Richard
Feveri 1' and other masterpieces of a
master mind."
*. O. M., NO. ��S4 -MI'.HTS
'"iv.1 anil iiiinl Wednesilaj
mth In  K, of P   Hail at  8 |
amy, dictator.; j. ll. Price.
OM first.
I In each
ui.   11. J.
regular meeting of Amity h
21. 1. O. O. F.. Is heWi every Monday
night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon und SigtiUi streets*
\1shluK bri'tlicni cordially Invited.
H. A. Merrlthew, N.G.; J. Kobirtson,
V. G.; w. o. Costham. P Q., recording s'-cn-tary; 11. W. t-ianKsn-r. financial secretary,
t. r & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral directors
;in'i smbalmsn.   Parlors 40.', Columbia
street.    N��w   Westminster.     Phone  SS3.
. K FALBS���Pioneer Funeral l>iwtor
an,l Hnibalmer. (112-618 Atfm'H ���tn-ut-
onposlte Cameal'i Library.
ter-at-luw. solicitor, etc. Toleph-gMM
1070. Cable address ".lohnston."
Code, "Westorn Union." Offices, Bills
Hlock. 552 Columbia Street, N'-w Westminster, B. C.
J. STILWELL CLUTK. Barrlster-nt-law,
.utltellnr etc. , o*nu-r Columbia ana
UoKensle streets. New Wenlirilnsler,
B  c.  P. O. Box 112.    Telephone  7i��.
solicitor    and    not
street.    Over C. P.
itiiry,     6111     Columbia
R. Teleirraiill.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7 and
I. Oulchon block. Nrw Went minster.
Q IS. Martin, W. O. McQuarrlo and
George  L. CoMUUly.
WHITESIDE h EDMONDS ��� Barristers
and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk.
��� Nihinililii mrret. New W'OJo.lnHU-r, B.C.
Cable addmn "Whlteslfle," western
TJnlon. P. a Drawer SSS. 'g.ilnphimo
69.   W. J. White-Hide,  H.   L.  Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. It 128. Koom 22
Hart block.
ster llniinl of Trade m," -*,*. in thcboald
room. City Hall, as follow* Third' Friday of each month | mmrlirly inii-llua
on titQ third Friday of F'*!,riiary, May,
August and November nt K [,.m. Annual iii'*'II,'kh on llie Ihlnl Friday of
February, a. H. Htoart Wade, ane.r*r
fin y.
Ht. John, N. II., March 12.- A company with ten millions capital to develop hydro-electrlc power, operate
the street railway lines In the city,
and extend them Into the suburbs,
and also to provide more power at a
cheaper rate for the manufacturers,
Is the proposition that ban been prc-
COAL MINING rlrht.i of the Dominion
ti Mouit,i!,'i. Saskatchewan and Alberto,
lie Yutinn Territory, Oui Northwest .Ter-
ntoiirs nnd In il nortlon of ttie l't oVIneo
if British Columbia, may be loasftd ft��r a
term of twenty-one years ��l an minimi
rental of 11 an acre. Not more rhan S6SS
seres will be leaned to one urHillcnrU.
Application for a ISQM miml he mad*
ny lhe anpllcant In person to the Agent
Of Sub-Aireiit of the rtfttrMl In wliliSl the
rlRhtS, applied fnr are sttvatcd.
In surveyed rerrlttiry the land mmrt bs
descrltH'd by sections, rn- bual mih-dlvl-
slons of aectlonn, und In unieirveyed territory the tract applied for rfhafl be
staked out bv the applicant  himself.
Each appneailon must be Rcc(mtpsnk'd
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded It
Hie  rights  applied  fol*  aro  not  avallihle.
merehnnt'Lblo  output
A   roynlty   shall    ha
of ths
of five oents per ton.
niierntlna   ths   mine   shall
,    , -,   it mer-
I'lianhilile coal mined and pny tho royalty thereon. If the ooal mlolnit rttfhts
ore not point operated such reiurna alftuld
Do furnished nt  least  mice a year.
Til"  lease will  Include   the  cast  miring
loaaee   will
tint   not
[��ild  on  the
mini' nt II
The   person
furnish   the   Af-i'it   with   sworn
tinting  for the full  fiuiiutll-y
be  per-
rltdits  only,  hut  tlio
miffed to pinch,im,. whatever available
surface rlirhts may Iw considered na-t-He-
siiry for the working of the mine st ths
rHte of 11(1 an acre.
Fnr roll Information application should
be  made  tn  the  Bcnretary  of  the  Hejmrt.
ment of tbs Interior, otlnwn. or to nny
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion l*hd��.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. 11 ���Unauthorised nuMlcatloa of this
advertisement will not be paid for. THUR60AV, MARCH 13, 1913.
Argument Btarted in the companies'
case before thu supreme court at Ottawa
The next annual convention of the
New York State Bankers' Association will have Its headquarters at the
Chateau Laurier, Ottawa.
The Canadian Medical Protective association's Incorporation bill was
passed In the Commons with two
amendments, after a stormy passage.
The minister of mllltla and defence
Ib arranging for another general conference of mllltla officers from all
parts of thn Dominion representing all
branches of the service.
Hon. Dr. Roche, Minister of the Interior, Btated In the Commons that 7,-
323 South African volunteer warrants
have been issued up to date. Of these
6,889 have been registered.
The remains ot Mrs. Martin, wife of
Ibe Hon Jos. Martin, M. P., for St.
Pancras division in the BrltiBh Parliament, former Premier of British Columbia, arrived in Ottawa, for Inter-
The monthly summary of Industrial
and labor conditions throughout tho
Dominion states that a feature of January, 1913, was the unusually mild
weather which prevailed In most parts
of the country
Jonathan H. P. and MrB. Ferris of
Hath Road, near KingBton, celebrated
the 50th anniversary of their wedding.
All children, seven, were present, with
20 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. They reside In the same home
In which Mr. Ferris' father celebrated
biB golden wedding, which has been In
the possession of thc Ferris family for
115 years.
Thomas McAndrews was killed at
the Alexander mine, Cobalt, a crosB-
head dropping on him.
According to the official statement,
74,8411,000 bushels of grain were shipped from head of the lakes, Sept. 1 to
Jan. 1.
Iten Goldberg, aged 23, single, of
Toronto, was found dead ln his room
In the Lelatid hotel, Fort William, having shot himself.
There Ib every possibility of navigation opening on April 1, according
to Fort William marine men, for there
is little tee In the lakes.
All transcontinental trains are running from 12 to 16 hours late, as a result of the heavy freight traffic and
the very cold weather which has
been prevalent along the north shore
of Lake Superior,
Miss Carrie McMurray, aged 25,
graduated from Victoria hospital last
year, went to her home near Thorn-
dale suffering from typhoid fever, and
while in a Btate of delirium ended her
life by drinking carbolic acid.
Weatmount Ib to be run as a business concern. ScoreB are apply for
the position of General Manager.
The Methodists of Montreal have
Becured $236,691 towards thc $250,000
needed for a new Wesleyan Theological college The campaign has been
going on a week.
For failure to return property belonging to the plaintiff, Marcus F.
Stoddard, through hiB lawyers, has
entered an action for $38,000 against
Sir Adolphe Forget, M. P.
The news that McGill Medical graduates are to be allowed to take the
New York State Board examination
has been received with a feeling of
great satisfaction by students at McGill.
Henry Logace, the Hochelaga bank
clerk, found guilty at Montreal of embezzling $35,000, but who appealed
the decision, was again found guilty
In the court of the.klng'a bench. Hc
will be sentenced next week.
Tbe coal mining Industry has becn
active, the mild weather and lack of
snow enabling the Nova Scotia collieries to maintain extensive outputs
and shipments.
People   Withdrawing   Deposits    From
Banks���War   Rumors   Cause
"Jumpy"   Feeling.
Berlin, March 12.���Germany is developing a bad case of financial
nerves. The outward symptoms are
political   and   Beem   to   be   rooted   in
Lady Constance  Stewart���Richardson
Was Objected to In London-
Great Sportwoman.
Vienna, March 12,-All Vienna "society" is talking of the coming appearance here on the stage aB a dancer
of Lady Constance Stewart-Richardson, daughter of the Karl of Cromar-
tle, and niece of the Duke of Sutherland.
A drama entitled "Judith" has been
prepared for h*f from the Apocrypha,
and the performance will take place at
the Volksoper, or People's Opera
House, on Tuesday night, when Lady
Constance will dance the part of Judith. The tickets were all sold days
ago, mostly to a high-class public.
Since her arrival ln Vienna, Lady
Constance Stewart-Utchardson has
been a constant and much desired
guest tn the families of the Austrian
nobility, which Is known to be the
most exclusive ln the world.
The drama of "Judith," is based on
an incident supposed to have taken
place during the Maccabean wars, after which Judith becomes a famous
Jewish heroine. Tbe music is extremely Interesting, consisting of a
number of old Assyrian and Hebrew
melodies. There are five principals, a
chorus of 50 voices and a ballet of 24
The performance was originally intended for I-ondon, but there were objections ln high quarters, and to these
Lady Constance gave way.
Huntress  Above  All.
To an interviewer who asked what
induced her to take to dancing she is
reported to have said: "1 am a Highland woman from Tarbet Castle, where
In my early childhood I ran wild and
gave myself up to all sorts of BportB.
"I am one of the best swimmers in
Kngland, and have three times carried
ofr the LadieB' Sliver Challenge Shield.
I am alao a first rate Salmon fisher,
and am above all things a huntress.
"I have hunted in Africa," she continued, "with my huBband, and on my j
own account    I have hunted and killed  lions in Tibet.    I  went out   after
tears and stelnboks.
"On   my   return   to   London   I   happened to see Isadora Duncan, the clas-
Steal dancer, whose art haB been ad-
mired   everywhere.    She  made  danc-
ing all the "go" among young Kngiish j
women.    The craze took hold of   me, |
too.    I bgan to dance, danced ln Kng-1
glish  aristocratic  families   with   suc-
The question ls naturally of great
est Importance to Britain, for Britain
another ellciled the same reply, I.e.,
that every available nurse was already booked. One association which has
500 qualified nurses on Its books hrfs
not a single free one, and the same
stcry la re-told of most Institution:!
which advertise that nurses on their
staff are available night and day.
The Idea of a hospital for women
In South l-ondon w!*:h a staff compos
ed almose exclusively of women, that
was originated by Dr. Chadman, bid..
fair to be realized soon In the neigh
borhood of Clapliam common.
The plan has been well supported
by medical men, and an anonymou
gift of $125,000 haa now been snbsoiib
ed on condition that the medical atafi
be composed entirely of women.
With the help of thin money it Ii
hoped to have lhe hospital ready fp]
treatment of patients by the summei
,f 1U14. ,
An engineer and two opposite mem
bers of the board of management will
he tbe only male members of the staff
It Ib even hoped that It would be po.
slide to find a capable woman hall
porter, and If possible the elevator?
will  be run  by  women.
Wealthy  Man Stabbed by Ballet Girl
He Jilted���Ranging Episode
Ends  Badly.
Rev. Dr. Rlgby, headmaster at Trinity College school, has resigned.
Colllngwood officially celebrated
the advent of tlie Hydro-Electric power.
Jos. Fleming, of Arthur, was caught
in Ihe helling at the rlax mill there
nnd ljlgtantly   killed.
Plans ( r the city nnd the Yark Radiol call for two electric railway.-) to
skirl older Toronto.
Some 175 employees of Iho Doon
Twine and Cordage Warks are on
strike. Many have Joined Ibe Gait
A new church for St. Ann's Roman
Catholic parish, Toronto, will be modelled after the shrine of S. Anne de
At a meeting of citizens ln Guelph
It was decided to hold an old home
week and reunion the third week in
August   with   a   summer   carnival.
As thc late lion. J. P. Mabee died
incslate,, his estate, amounting to
$42,000, will be divided amongst his
two children, Lionel and Mable.
Chief Sharpe. of tbe Sioux Ixxikout
district, was sentenced to 18 montha
In the Central prison with hard labor for smuggling liquor.
Hans Peterson, a young Norwelgan
a ructural Iron worker, became dizzy
on his first day at work at Port Col-
bourne and fell 60 feet to his death.
Judge McDougal, In Hull superior
court Bel aside tho election of W. G.
Mulligan ns mayor, and ordered a new
election, on the ground of Irregularity
Death came very suddenly to Mrs.
Mary Denton, widow of the lale Win.
Denton, and mother of Judge Denton,
of   the   county   court,   Toronto.
Passenger and car ferry traffic between Port Huron and Sarnia was
stopped as the result of the second
break In thc Ice bridge at the mouth
of Lake Huron.
Albert Mornlngstar, of Arkona, well
known fruitgrower and founder of
���the Arkona Telephone company, waa
seized with a stroke and his recov-
( ry  is  doubtful.
The Toronto city council decided
In favor of a twenty storey 260-foot
skyscraper at King and Vonge streets
which Win. .1. and L. M. Wood propose to errct.
Controlliv McCarthy of Toronto,
charged thnt well-to-do persons were
receiving hospital treatment at the
clty'B expense. One free patient, he
Bald, had made $12,000 In real estate.
Charged with obtaining money under false pretences, Harry Ralph, giving Montreal as his home, and Kay
niond Cook, who says he belongs to
plttBburg, were arrested at Ingersoll.
The annual oratorical conteBt of the
Women's Literary society of University college, Toronto, was won" by
Miss J. Lamont, who carried off the
shield with an address on Day Dreams
Dr. It. M. McVey, dentist, Toronto,
was found not guilty by Judge Denton
In the county criminal court on a
charge of committing an aBsauh up-,
on Miss Cassle Sellon, one of his patients.
deep uneasiness over the International | cess, so 1 was seized with a resire to
uncertainty felt as to the future. appear in public.
This, together with the tightness of j "But the very Idea naturally shocked
money und the scarcity of gold are the j my relatives. In her swimming dress
chief features of an uneasy situation, a high aristocratic lady may he seen
Following the failure of his bank and {in public. To that nobody objects,
the suicide or Banker Fritsch of Stun-'But dancing In public���that would in
garL Ferdinand Stern, banker of Han-1 English opinion, be an outrage on so-
over, committed suicide at his home | ciety. That would mean comprotnis-
yesterday when the failure of his hank i ing my family and Imply a loss of
was Inevitable. I favor with  the Royal family   forever.
The hanks are making efforts to j All that I had to consider, but 1 could
secure  more  gold.    While   It  is  said [not give up my pet idea
that only }.r>00,000 Is en route from
New York It is reported that arrangements have been made for the
shipping from America ot $20,000,000
gold If it Ib needed. The banks gen
erally   ure   perparlng   for   the    settle
'I came to Vienna to dance, because
Vienna Is known to be an artistic city,
of refined taste, and because here
j people'B vlewB are less straltlacid. All
(the aristlcratlc families know that 1
jam going to dance, and yet my recep-
Berlin, March 12.���A couple of
strange���and in one case tragical���incidents connected with carnival balls
are reported from Alsace-I_orralne.
A fashionable carnival ball at Col-
mar was broken up tn confusion bv
the acl of revenge of a ballet girl,
who, dressed as a Spanish dancer.
had already been elected the "belle"
of the evening. After dancing a tarantella sbe sat beside a well known'
wealthy  motor car  dealer.
They began an animated conversation, when suddenly tlie dancer stoop
ed, and drawing a stilleto from a
shoe, plunged it Into the man's heart,
death being practically Instantaneous
The girl allowed herself to be led
away ouietlv, and explained to the
police that she had recently been jilted  by  the man.
At Saarbruckan, an infantry recruit
who had been favored with special
leave to attend a costume ball tlm?
aroused the Jealousy of his elders,
and when he returned an hour after
his leave had expired he was Immediately seized l.v his angry comrades,
who announced their intention of administering so-called "punishment."
After a couple of blows with a whip
the recruit, seized with fear, sprang
across the room and jumped through
the window of a second floor to a
concrete paved court. He was picked up with both legs fractured, and
his condition Ib desperale. His four
assailantcs are In the barrack prison.
ment in April and looking forward to]tion among them has been of the kind-
It with uneasiness. est nature."
War   Is   Certain. Fond of the Bible.
The warlike leader of the seml-of \    "And  why did  you choose  Biblical
Iflclal    Cologne    Gazette    of    Monday i drama?''
evening declaring that war with I "1 nm very fond of the Bible," Lady
France Is a certainty  Is  regarded   ae ' Constance  replied,  "and  read   it very
j undiplomatic,   and   Is   much    deplored i much      The  figure of  Judith   has  alio financial circles. I waya   fascinated   me   as   one    of    the
The combination of the effect of this   most   splendid   female    ones    In    (he
feeling    together    with    press    Btate-   Apocrypha.     I  happened  to  pass   the
hionts that the International situation [Great     Portland     Btreet      Synagogue.
I appears less hopeful has again brought j heard singing, nnd went ln.    The He-
I about a panicky feeling. At the open-! brew melodies 1 had never heard being of the Bourse, after the recess on j fore thrilled me Then and there I
Monday, Canadian  Pacific   lost  6  1-2 I was seized with the Idea of dancing as j
.points,   Bank stocks  lost  two  points. 1 Judith   in  a Biblical dnyua.     1   saw I
Hansa   shipping   shares   declined    six! Scarli.se.  and  got  him  to  write   for
points  and  Stetttn-Bulcan   Shipbuild-, me the music to a Judith libretto.
Ing Company fell to 39. "If I succeed In Vienna It may help
' Kven consols slipped back underline to overcome the prejudice of so-
heavv  selling pressure.    Toward   the  cicty in l.nndon."
close dlsputches that Russia would de-1 Kady Constance added. "It is In Kng-
moblllze within a few dayB caused a I land, and not America, that women
slight reaction in the selling move- j feel the greatest longing for Independ-
ment and prices improved. ence, and for liberation from conven-
| Enquiry in banking, Industrial, mer-1 tlonal fetters, and It Is there that they
cantlle and business circles elicited! are giving the loudest expression to
the Information that the situation   Is I it."
I causing much worry.    The armament'    Lady    CoiiBtance     Stcwart-Ricbard-
I program  of  the government,   calling ] son Is one of the most interesting per-
I for an initial expenditure on military sonalltles In society. At almost overextension of $250,000,000 Ib reacting form of sport she Ib an expert, and
on all buslncsB. The withdrawal of I she has traveled far and wide in pur-
savlngs deposits Ib being accentuated, i scuit of big game. In 1909 she danced
Withdrawals, which In the last quar- j for charity In New York society draw-
ter exceeded deposits by $17,000,000, Ing-rnoms, drawing fees, It waB said.
It ls reported, are again Increasing, of $600 a time, and It may be recalled
Nothing like runs exist In the sultiia j that early ln 1910 Bhe appeared for a
tlon, but the persistent Increase of the I month in a series of classical dances
Shocking Conditions Revealed fn Nor-   j
folk���England   Lacks   House   Provisions for  Rural  Workers.
withdrawals Ib greatly decreasing th
available money.
Merchants  Fearful.
Enquiries in mercantile Hues Indicate that the public ls fearful of the
future and Ib cutting down expenditure. One largo piano mnnurarturct
suld business had fallen off 60 per
cent. Jewellers and fifty department
stores said that sudden stagnation had
come upon their business. One prominent financier said:
"It is more a case of nerves than a
vital defect in the financial system, lt
has heen caused by the unprecedented
demands   of   the   military    program.
at tho Palace Theatre In London.
j which might have been launched In a
more skillful manner."
I    The pessimistic International situation,   together   with   war-baiting   be-
| tween a portion of the   German   and
j French  press  and  the  lack   of   pro-
\ gresn in clearing up nny of the numerous  inflammable  points of conflict
has contributed greatly to the general
| uneasiness.
I Finally, the constant harping upon
I the gravity of the times as equal In
' BcrloUBnesB to that of 1813 has
, brought Its natural result in a dlstur
banco of feeling. The sentiment at
preeent Is to await developments.
I The Army Increase.
I The flnanco ministers of tho Federated States met In conference here
Tuesday aud Wednesday and unanimously agreed to the army Increase.
The government's proposal to cover
the Initial expenditure by a non-re-
I current general property tan met with
general approval.
The conference further adopted a
plan for taxing he wealth of the country for the purpose of meeting tbe
greater part of the permanent Increase of expenditure.
Respiratory   Diseases   Rife���Hospital
for Women  Run by Women  Is
Now Plannsd.
London, March 12.���Owing to the
prevalence of disease, there is Just
now an almost unprecedented short-
ago of nurses In lonodon. Practical
iv everv mirae of recognized qualifications ls engaged on the same case,
and in many Instances where the ser-
;ieo* of nurses is required are lm-
pOBlble to Immediately to Becure their
The "���'Idemlc of measles, which has
affected London for many weeks past
-h* ws no sign of dlmluuation. and despite the general aspect of the wea
ther there are a large number of
cases of Influenza bronchitis pneumonia and other diseases of the res
plrntory  system.
The Invest returns from the Metropolitan Asylums Board and I ondon
Fever Hospital show there arc 834
cases of measles and 1167 cases of
Bcarlet fever under treatmenL The
expenses of persons In search of a
new result to take charge of a case
which wlll not brook delay have been
In some Instances very disheartening.
Inquiry at one nurses' home after
from which gasoline Is manufactured,
ior Increase In the cost of production.
London. March 12. -Painful housing
conditions are revealed In a report
presented to the Depwade. Norfolk
District Council. Forty-nine cases are
recorded of families mixing Indiscriminately owing to lack of bedroom
The following are n few instances:
Girls aged 20 and 9. and boys aged 15,
14 and 13; boys aged 18, 13, 9 and S
and girls 17, 16 and 5; man, wife and
four girls; man, wife and two daugli
ters; man, hoy, nnd three girls.
A large proportion of the laboring-
class cottages are very old, worn out,
and structurally defective. Some have
remained unrepaired for years. Some
cottage walls are so thin that the
wind drives through, and heavy rain
soon saturates them. Cases have been
brought to light where the whole family has crowded Into one bedroom for
In some instances thc ceilings of
bedrooms and living rooms are so low
sb to make Btundiiig upright an Impossibility. Occupiers are forced to
move about In a stooping position.
Outer walls have settled to such an
extent that bedroom floors have gradually taken various shapes: one Is
semicircular in form, and another is
at such an angle as to make walking
Bedsteads have to be levelled up
wtth blocka of wood. In one cottage
a four-post bedstead 1ms apparently
become the manstay of thc roof, and
in another, where tho thatched roof
has sagged, a large portion of the
bedroom door has had to be cut away
to allow It to open.
Other defects mentioned are lack of
pantrleB and cupboards, no coppers or
ovens, broken fireplaces, rickety stairs
dark and unsafe, and bedrooms wllh
out windows, or with small lights
placed on the floor line
In many sections of Kngland there
are absolutely no dwellings for the
working classes, and If dally complaints In lhe newspapers are any
criterion, this "right little Isle" Is going to the dogs ns fast ns poBBlble.
London, March 12.���Tho Westmin
ster Gazette (Liberal) tonight ex
presses regret thnt Winston Churchill's correspondence with Premier
Borden has been used by one side of
Canadian politics against their opponents. "The last thing we desire," declares the Gazette, "Is to try to force
Canada's hands.
"We hope It will be understood that
Mr. Churchill's letters to Premier Borden were only written at the request
of Premier Borden himself."
Effectiveness  As a Medium-
Daily Home Confident
(From an address delivered by F. St John Richards
for the Six-Point League, of New York, before the Convention of the Association of American Advertisers:)
We believe daily newspaper advertising to be pre-eminent because it is universal, prompt, flexible, effective
and economical.
By universal and prompt I mean that any desired selling story can be told in any town or city in any section of
the country in one day by use of the proper choice of daily
newspapers. Any individual in the towns and cities of
the selected territory who does not read some daily newspaper would not be of much use to you or any other advertiser.
Flexible because selected classes in the desired territory can be reached by choosing such papers as directly
appeal to the kind of readers you need- You have no
fear of misdirected efforts.
Newspaper advertising is at all times under direct
control of the advertiser. It may be started tomorrow in
one town or everywhere. It may be stopped as quickly if
need arises. It is most effective when it is timely, and although that phase of it properly belongs to a consideration of proper use of newspapers, rather than a consideration of their value, I cannot resist the impulse to say that
no advertising medium offers such a favorable opportunity for timely advertising as the newspaper.
If a great fire destroys a town, advertisers of fireproof building material tell their story and point a moral
in the same issue containing the news story; a story of a
bank robbery suggests surety company advertising; a hot
summer day with sunstrokes suggests cooling drinks,
while snow and sleet on the streets inspires the automobile
tire advertisers to tell us about wobbly treads, etc.
Now if it is admitted that daily newspapers are read
by everyone worth reaching and that an advertiser may
choose his readers in any desired territory by a judicious
choice of papers, in other words, if you reach them effectively.
Are you welcome visitors or do you force yourself upon them ?
When you advertise in newspapers, do not your readers invite you to come to see them and pay for the privilege of welcoming you ?
Do they not usher you into their homes and libraries
and dining rooms and introduce you to their wives and
Can you find a more effective medium than the colr-
umns of the favorite daily newspaper?
Can you have a better introduction than that given'
by a welcome daily visitor, friend, and confidant?
The effectiveness of all advertising is measured by
the confidence and belief inspired thereby. This introduction by a favorite daily newspaper invites the readers'
confidence for you.
Now as to economy. Newspaper space can be bought
at prices ranging from one cent to one-tenth of a cent per
line per thousand and lower. Probably one-fifth of a
cent would be a fair average. At the lower price a ten-
line advertisement would be carried to a thousand homes
for a cent. But low price does not in itself always mean
If the space bought for one-fifth of a cent were circulated in territory unsuited for any reason to the advertiser's needs or opportunities, that would be a high price.
Newspapers, however, allow the advertiser to select suitable territory, as we have seen, so that the circulation he
pays for is where he wants it, and the low cost thereby
becomes economical.
Now the most amazing thing about newspaper advertising is that its value is universally admitted, although
subconsciously in some cases. - Even the most pronounced
advocate of some other medium will turn to the newspaper when he has some acute personal need, which brings
from him instinctive expression and immediate action.
Take the elementary needs of life. If you want a
cook, where do you advertise?
If you lose a valuable dog or your pocketbook, or in
any of the many emergencies where you must have quick
action, which of you would neglect the newspaper?
Is not your business need as important and as urgent
as these?
Is the principle different?
Gentlemen, two and two make four. That isn't new,
but its true.
\ I a* t***t**a - ss aaaham
paqk roun
Says Statement that Commission Men
Work to Detriment of Producer
is the Truth.
A tetter lias bfi-n received in tlu
News office from a prominent re��:
den! in the Delia upun the auiUul.
Ol tha Vancouver coiiini.ss.on nun L
wards the farmers and fruit growers
erf liritish Columbia and approving
heartily cf tha standpoint of mo pros,
dent of the Board of Trade snd others
who exposed the dealing of tbose men
���with farmers and horticulturist^ a-
Thc writer says: *lt strikes noarc.
thc truth than anything 1 have heard
from any business man from any 01
the cities and 1 have talked to a niir.'.
tier on this question.
"Mosl of them will quote figures, ti
no end, on our importations, and cii
deavor in that way to show that tht
produce is not being grown in tht
city, while, at the same time, tha
produce is rotting in our fields, foi
vant of some system of distribution
other Ihan what  we have.
Evolution in Australia.
"���During a 10 years' stay in Wester;
Austral.a 1 saw tbat stale go througl
tho    same    evolution.    Kariners   an.
up the administration of the embryo
One duty, however, sacred to every
true son of Coqultlam, and tianded
down from reeve to reeve and from
councillor to councillor,  is never ne-
i glided,  the  hallowed  one  of  "celebrating"  en  every   conceivable  occa-
[ sion.
lt was net to be expected therefore I
that the Obsequies of the old council \
' and  the christening of the new  cor- ]
potation   would   be   allowed   to   pass
without jubilation
On the suggestion of lU'eve Mars it!
was resolved to hold a banquet tol
which all ex-reevea and excouncillors
and municipal officials should be in-'
rited to "wake" the expiring munici-,
palitv     "I.e   Hoi   est   Mori;    Vive   le
(Continued from page eno)
Will Hold Session in New Westminster���Arc   Locking   for   Suitable
Locations for Elevators.
horse laugh?'' asked Mr. Pugsley.
A  Marc's Nest.
"Have   you   discovered   a   mare's
nest?"  remarked   Mr.   Burrell.
I    "I have discovered a painful reality
of the ignorance of the man who drew
iup  this  memorandum.    I   do  not  be-
llleve  it   was  drawn-up  by  the  first
(lord of the admiralty.    My opinion is
[that it  was drafted  by  a third  class
Continuing Mr. Pugsley said that
the absurdity of the document was
shown by the statement that a fully
'rquiped shipyard wonld cost ��15,000,-
ono. while in another part the asser-
-gardeners selling at tt loss or not sell   i\pn was made that a shipyard capable
ing at all, for want of a market.
"The apple growers of Tasmana, th.
hay growers if South Australia, t'i
onion and potato producers of Vic
toria with the assistance of the com
mission men mf West Australia madi
the Western Australian market:
"dumping' grounds for their snrplu
products and supplied ihe market
fully, while the West Australia pro
ducts remained waste in the fields a-
ours are doing here now.
Lost Their All.
"I sa* this n.ade good and know i:
can be done here and 1 trust tha
your Progress Association will taki
some steps to get to tbe bottom of
this trouble. Under present conditions
���we cannot continue doing business at
a loss.
"l assure you ihat 1 can name you
at >ast a dozen persons on the Delts
���who have lost their little all on las
year's or.-i. In conclusion let nr
say I a-n ready and Willing to do al*
] can to help out."
Mr. (',. 1,. (burchnrd bas been a:
pointed returning oIT'icit for the Por'
."Hitdv city elections,
Mr. Chitrchaiil has been notified b)
the iiiiicaiion department that three
���ehool trustees must be elected to ad
iiitnis'iT educational affairs ill the nev.
���city, ihe trustee receiving the hlghes
number pf vqtt's to hold office for t\v<
years and Ihe other two for one year
The election of trustees will tak'
place on the same day as mayor am'
alrio-n.cn, April 8.
Tho Orain Commission of Canada
ls expected to arrive in Vancouver on
Widnetday next and sittings will he
held in Vancouver, New Westminster
and  Victoria.
The duty of the commission is to enquire and report upon suitable locations for the establishment of terminal grain elevators, in view of the
expected .grain storage and shipment
of cargoes from the l'acific to Europe
via the Vanama^ canal.
Arrangements for the New West
minster visit are in the hands of the
board of trade and Progressive association. Every person with any suggestions to make to the commission within the scope of its inquiry will be
heard aud noted.       .
The commissioners are Messrs. R.
McGill, W. O. Staples and F E, Gibbs
and Mr. C. Burkett, secretary.
Thef commissioners will probably be
entertained to a puhllc luncheon.
li'ontintiea irom page one)
coitver would insist thai their wholesalers and retailers should supply
ihem with nothing hut liritish Co-
lurabla produce that they would do
much to I,'iild up a greu' city and a
prosperous surrounding coinmiinilv
and al the same time break the back
of the American trade.
Mr. Hill-Tout was given great applause at the conclusion of his remarks and a vote of thanks was
unanimously carried.
Messrs. Kenneth Myers, secretary
of the Progressive association; C. 11
Stuart  Wade, secretary of   the
from this source.    The earliest    Immunizations were made LT months ago |
and ull the children are  well  today
and are free from all symptoms    01
scrofula or tuberculosis.
"There is a well founded hope.
therefore, that this will prove the
right way aud the one to which pur
future efforts will bave to be directed.
Manager Gillis, of the Iloyal theatre,
promises a bill equally us good the
lntter part of this week as he has had
the first throe days.
The program will consist of three
ac 8. any of which could easily be
called the feature. Charles llorvath
will preseenl a musical act that is entirely new to people uf Canada. The
Instrument he plays is one of his
native land. Hungary, Tlio-Jl.tiiguriat'
^e"v | symbalum Is an instrument composed
Westminster Hoard of Trade, and   0. ����������.��'��"�����" ���JJfStaJ'SSt.^
Wilkie.  secretary  of the  Kraser  Val-1tw0_.��aMe(J s,icks ,0 bHng forth ,hC
ley Publicity   bureau,
from thc Royal City.
were    visitors
Procrastination is evidently the.
slogan of the (!. N. IL it is now un
ilrrsli.-ud that they want to change the
location of the subway ordered by Uu
railway commission to a point oilier
wise than ihat arranged and accepted
by the commission. Hie railway ami
the people generally in While Rock
some months bark.
A petition    to    have    tbe    subway
placed  at the  point agreed  upon    i;-
being circulated and freely signed.
As evidence of the rapid growth 0
\ ihia portion of Semiahmoo  Ray    dis
* trfel   it  might  be mentioned  that    ;
large and up to date general store i:
��� expected to be built and -operated by
a joint stock company near the pros
-ent railway  depot    and    governinen
A further stile of iwri lots rear Ilu
depot won pot tbroughon Saturd n
lart and It is understood that buslnes
promises of Borne importance will
liki ly lie liutll in that site.
lit v. llr. White was a visitor lien
on Tuesday to look Into matters con
ni ted wiih the proposed Union
of turning out  large ship's had been
built for Uss ihan   C4.o00.000.
Mr. Borden interrupted to point out
that in the first statement, Mr. Church* j
ill was alluding to a plant including
machinery   for  the  making of  guns, ���
armor plate, etc.
Mr Pugsley r tort.d that Mr. Bor-
din himself had to make thai expla
nation to the bouse. Mr. Churchill
had not made it clear.
The first lord of the admiralty
should have known that there was only
one plant in Kngland which makes
sverythtng required for the equipment
nf a battleship. The deslgif of Mr.
Churchill. Mr. Pugsley said, was to
induce the people of Canada to enter
upon a policy which lie himself no
doubt believed���a policy of perman
ent contribution to the imperial navy.
Vet this was the mnn who only a few
months ago advised the overseas dominions to build local navies. He was
now evidently determined to do his
oart to extinguish the ambition ot
,he people of Canada to have a navy
of their own. lie was doing just what
lhe prime minister of Canada wanted
him to do.
Mr. Pugsley next commented upon*
the statement In the memorandum to
the effect that the construction of|
warships requires a special class of
riveters who could not be secured In!
"Now think of that," said Mr. l'ugs-
ley. |
"It cannot he done. I know what I
am talking about," remarked Mr.
Mr Northrup went on to say that
bushels of rivets ffll out of ocean
liners after evi ry trip and that then
Is only a small class of workmen who
are able to do this kind of work.
Mr. E. M. McDonald declared that
he hod hundreds of capable riveters
in   his   constituency.
"1 am speaking of intelligent rlv-
itirf,"  same  hack  Mr.  Northrup.
Mr. Pugsley contended that no difficulty would be experienced at any j
rate in betting the best class of riv
eters to come to Canada and that1
they would soon teach Intelligent Canadians to do this special line of work.
He said that the chief mechanic in
Charge   at   the   construction of the
United States wan-hip Oregon was a)
Nova Scotian, and that hundreds nfi
Canadians from the maritime pro-1
vinces wire employed iu the ship-1
|building plants in the United tides
In view of the fact that the English
I shipbuilding firm which proposed to
liuild vessels in Canada under Uie
terms of the tenders called for hy thc
late government had one und all Insisted   that   they   would   bring  experts
Report    Mysterious    Happen
Regularly���Many   Gigno   of
Real  Tension on  Csrder.  /
Another novelty that 13 not seen
every day Is a trick cottage which
proves a wonder for doors and windows Into which two tunny clowns
���liase each other turning marvellous
flip-flaps and doing all kinds of odd
acrobatic stunts. This act is said to
(be one continuous laugh from start
to finish.
i Johnson and Honnell are a lady and
gentleman who offer a refined singing.
I musical and eccentric dancing turn
i Three reels of dim from the Canadian
i laiimont company will'complete the
I program.
Vienna, Austria,   March   12, -News
- Percy Gcott Retires Af'.tr Over
Ye:r3  Service���Invented   Many
Appliances. ���*,
London, March li!.-Speaking at the
banquet of the chamber of commerce
tonight, Vice-Adininil Sir Percy Scott
said: "At the end of this week 1
will be out of the navy. There is nt
reason for ine to remain when I only
block the path to promo, ion cf these
my junior."
The admiral declared that the liritish navy was never more efficienl
than at the present time, ln the last
two months the admiralty had made
grea er strides in gunnery efficiency
than in live years previous.
Vice-Admiral Sir Percy Seoll was
for a long time director cf naval gunnery practice. lie is the inventor of
a night signally apparatus now used
In the royal navy and of various appliances for improving heavy gun
slionihig. He entered the navy In
Dives  Into  Cafe   When   Circus
r*.:rne���Leopard  Still  at  Large-
Ten    Hurt.
has come from St. Petersburg and Russian towns along the Austrian border, j
.-how ins that Russian newspaper
readers are daily p rturbed by war
alarms, due to the critical situation in
the Halkans and the difficulties in
Au.��� tro-Kur.sian relations. Bcar
Many  Russian papers  arc  serving!
the people daily with alarmisl reports
from towns along the Austrian  iron-
tin-.    Mysterious aeroplanes and air
���ships, always equipped with   a high-J
I power searchlight, hai e a habit of appearing nightly, turning their search \
'lights upon the city halls, railroad sta-|caught
tions  and  other buildings   and   then'
'disappearing in the direction of Austria or Roumanla.
I    Or a band of Austrian   or  German
[emissaries will visit the cabin of a
railway section hand, bind and gag
him and then make an elaborate tur-
vey of the bridges and culverts in lib
section, presumably to ste if they will street One of the hear';, attracted by
bear the weight of Austrian rolling a savory smell, entered a restaurant
stock and there was  a general  disappear-
Sometimes  the  reports  have   tnon   ance_of the visitors under the tallies
substantial foundation, ns in the casi   and   counter,   while  others   made   for
jjutt reported in an order of   he
Tripp & Linton
Two    Rubes   and    a   Trick
Chas. Horvath
Hungarian Cymbolum Soloist
Johnson & Bonncll
Bccentrlc   Dancers,  Comedy
sing' rs.
_ Program  for  Wednesday    and
Song by Mlsa Frances Hamilton
Knlem  Special
A   story  of  modern   times    in
two parts.
A Western Drama.
G. Mellcs
A Btory of the South Sea
 fOcand 20c
it   . .
    10: and 25c
Ural la Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best In the Market.
85c. per sack 100 lbs.
TURNIPS, per sack    50*t
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front St. New Westminster.
Lisbon, .March 12,���During a fair at
Vii una do CastellO a travelling circus
fire, and the cam as tent was
soon a mass of flames, The terrified
spectators, Including many women
ind children, made a rus-h tor the ex-
Its, and several were  badly crushed
To add to the terrifying disorder, an
elephant, two hears, and a leopard
broke loose, and (lathing through the
spectators, rushed  Into the principal
?    ?    ?   HAVE YOU SEEN    ?    ?    ?
Our assortment of Royal Victoria China consisting of ChOQOla'.o,
Cocoa and Tea Sets, on display  In our window.
We are in a position to furnish your home from cellar to attic,
supply you with Stains and Va nish, all kinds Garden Tools, etc., etc.,
and onr prices defy competition.
I.et ub show you our Linoleum and Floor Oils, ( r patterns are
Belecled with care, and we hat die only the latest styles appropriate
tor the different rooms of the house.
C. N. Edmonson & Co, Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street
Lady Dentnan Names New City���Canada  Sends Greeting  to  Australia���
t    A   Beautiful   City.
I hy the commundc r of the RuBslan
! frontier guard, A Bentry on the fron-
| tier noted a group of Austrian gen-
darmes at some mysterious work In a
little copse on their side of the-boundary.
Investigation showed that they had
managed to tap the Russian mill tar 1
i telephone line at a point near tin
border. The case was reported to tin
Russian emperor, and the intelligent
Sentry received the imperial thanks
|and a substantial gift of money.
Another verification of the Austro-
Russian tension Is furnished by the
removal of the highly venerated miraculous image of the virgin from   the
[Russian monastery at Pochsletf to a
place of security at Zhitomir,
Sydney, N. S. W , March 12, Tuesday was a momentous day in the history of the Australian Commonwealth
1 Tho new federal capital site was for
mally christened by Lady Dentnan
who named the city "Canberra." Tin
firBt steps li^ve actually heen taken
I towards the building of the capital
Lady lietiman, the wife of the (lov-
Iernor-ueneral Lord Denman, perform
ed the ceremony at noon in the presence of a large and representative
gathering of citizens. The new capital, which is a complete new town,
will lie laid out after the most modem of plans.
Canada's  Good  Wishes.
Ottawa.   March   12.    The   new   fed-
to Canada, the statement of the firt-t  eral capital of the Commonwealth of
The hears and the   elephant   were,
easily recaptured l,y the keepers, bul
the leopard disappear, ri Into the stir-'
rounding   country.      A   hunt   is   being
organized for his rapture.
Ti n persons were more or less srrl-
ously injured In the fire.
Ibrlin,  March 12.���Joseph  Bruck'T.
the   German-American  aeronaut   who
plane to cross the Atlantic In the hal-
! 'oon Buchard  II,-is In Merlin saying
I farewell to his friends prior to start-
j ng ter the Canary Islands where he
xpectB to begin his voyage between;
J. H. Todd's Music House
���419  Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods of all  Kinds.   PHONE  694.
Pocbsieff is only five miles from the! J'<!ril  *? a",,,\4* .    ,   ,, ,��� ,    ���.
Austrian border.   By a standing onl. r \... Brae*". ���*������'< the balloon, will leave
dating from the time of Nicholas I. the 'n
lord of the admiralty was absurd.
Ile had presumed to say that we In
Canada have no experts, no riveters
and nol even the right kind of soil
upon which to reel a battleship. Mr.
Pugsley went on to say that the present government had foresh.idowfd a
plan under which it was
build cruisers and other i
AustrB.Ua at Canberra hus Just been
founded. Premier llorden has dls,
patched to Right Hon. Anrinw Fisher,
Prime Minister of Australia, the fol
lowing message! oveil the Pacific
"On behalf of the government and
proposed to; a,,, people Oi Canada, I big to tender
mall veSBelslour warmest congratulations upon tin
monks are required, in ease of dan
ger on the western frontier, lo removi
the image to Zhitomir, and In more
serious cases.to Kursk.
Port  Arthur Wants Art   Ross to  Play
There on  Way to Coast.
Port Arthur. Ont., March 12.���An ef
fort will be made to have Art Ross
and his all-star N, II. A. learn stop in
Port Arthur for a game while on the i
way west. Port Arthur could put on
nearly the whole team which represented Mnnetnn In the maritime
league this year and which at tlie end
of Ihe season there wus considered
the host in the league.
The forward line and cover point
would remain intact need ng only
point and goal lender.
���fie for Las  I'almas hy steamship
inn  March 27.    Thn 8Uchard II is the
Pargerl   balloon   In   existence.     lis   diameter is sn f<-< t_    Mr. Hruoker will
ibe   accompanied   by two assistants.
They are taking three weeks' provisions, but If they have the luck they
expect, they will land either ln the
West Indiis or on the northern const
I of South America In five or ten days.
Cannot Colect Wages.
Toronto, March 12.    Holding thai   i
person  cannot  recover  in  a  Toronto
l Continued rrom nag* one!
In Connection With   All
To and from EUROPE
Excellent facilities for the prompt delivery of
tickets to bring your relatives and friends to British
Our European Agents save you all trouble and
expense in securing accommodation, etc., etc.
II. tl   SMITH. C   P. IT. A. W. E. DUPE-HOW, O. A   P   I)
Phone Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
In   tin
Port Coniiitlam City has as yet be
��� r.iycd no rTcitement over the tn w
election lor mayor and aldermen.
Unless pomp dnrk bone is sprun?
noon the electorate the present mu
arid-pal council, with ths exception o!
Voimcilliir II -I C Allan;,, who Is nol
qualified,     will    simply   change  lh'ii
designations from reeve to mayor am
from  councillor to nlriernviii. and ad   tlm
in Canada He would ask the leader foundation Of the new federal capital
of the house wlii re they would gctjan(1 our earnest wishes for the con
the guns. \ tinned and increasing developim nt and
Mr. Borden said that the guns would profcpaffty or our great sister   corn-
got in c.reai Britain,   The Liberals\monweaith.
suggested that all the money should
Ibe spi nt in Canada, llin own opin-
, ion wan lhal it was no more disloyal
to Canadian Interests to procure the
(ships outside of th" Dominion than
the  giir;:*.     As  for  the  dispute   i i   re
e:ini to tie* experts, he was assured
that this clasB or workmen wi re verj
scarce i.i Greal Britain al the present
minister the  civic affaire of  the cit;
for one  yt-ar  at   least
Rx-reew D, Y.. Weloher is the defl
nite candidate for Councilor Atklni
Mr I.. K Marmnnl and Mr. Peter
Barth, the two candidates for the
reeveship of the district municipality
of Co-qultmm, have not yi t addressed
public fn��tinr�� hut it ia expected
that now HishIhiiIIisi and polling dayi
tiavi. been notilieri thi t.r meetings Will
tie helri in due course.
Both gentli-min have publicly tin*
nouncr<i their Intention to contOBl for
the honor for over a week, and hue
been organi/ln-g theli supporter!
niiirtly but efficiently itoring lhal lime
Four ca.ndiilnli'S huvii definitely in
limated their riuolmiim to sei k civic
honora ns councillors and ot'iiirs ur'
tentatively mettU-smed.
Their namen nre W, Whiting, l'*
cheater road; E. Martin North reel
f. w. Partington, Bast CoQUltlam am
ex-Reeve B. A. Atkins, Westmlnetcr
Junction. Other gentlemen report"1
lo lie hesitating are Councillor K. J.
AtVins and J    Kimter.
Le Roi Ett Mort; Vive le Roi.
The CoquHlaro municipal council
met on Tuesday last lint. In view of
their civic powers expiring on March
29, all bur.iui-'..��� Inn routine work was
laid over until the new board of mayor
und  aldermen  are.  eleelei!   and   lake
At 4:36 ii .in. Mr. Borden lefl the
���hanilir bul Mr Pugsley continued
to pursue the theme tor a tune ll,
wen! on to say that Canadians would
be (blighted to gel th ��� additional im
migrants from tha old country required for tho construction ol wa;
vein Ir.
Toronto, MarcTi 1:1.    Robert Wilson
'. big, I rond shoiilderid piano mover, - and 69(09
stood   In   the  prisoners   'dock   in   the|"',",l
nolice  court  this  morning and  heard
���ils wife, a frail, delicate woman, tell
the story of his brutal treatment, He
had struck her repeatedly with his
fists and kicked ber on the hotly, the SARAH
asuiilts being committed 111 the pres-|
nee or a mission worker, who de-
- crib' d  Its nature to tbe court.
"1 am going to give you a little of
yonr own medicine," said the court.
"I am golHg to H'lid you to Jail for :in | serious Injuries
[lays, nnd us soon as you go in you
will ne, ive tin lashSSi and another
��� :; * II le liven you ten days before
,  ur , * nl ie ���-��� exptrs.   -
"Though far removi ri as miles an
mee.i ured, wo are v, ry close to yoi
in id'-ttls and aspirations of democ
racy and ln tho common tie whlcl
binds two kindred nations In firm al
hj.lun.i- to our great empire."
Ottawa, March 12 During the li
mi nt'ns. M r I I, lt'U. to March 1
1013, of the current fiscal year ;i..7.:::',
.milligrams arrived In Canada. Thlt
total Is made up or 133,711 [Jrll ah
i��! "!������< from the United States, nnc'
tn.22'2 from all ether countries coin
'nn il.
The Jorrosponding il iscuths cf tl
1: r ceding year gave a total of 3,
Iimmigrants, and of these r.i.-ivi
I llrilsh. lll..r,S from the l'n
tubercular as  well
tuberculin- Individual.
Cold Blooded Animal.
"Inasmuch    as it    Is    natural    thai
every   method   deadening   the   licilli.
even  the  mildest    alters    the     lines'
molecular structure "f the bacillus i:
fellows that   only   a 'live'    bacclllua
could ho used. The qualities nee- s-ciry
court an election wager, chief Justice |for Bllf'11 retnedy, therefore, had to be
Meredith   has   dismissed   Andrew   ll   as  follows:     "It  had   to  consist,    ol
Harris' action for $1000 against Dr. J.I8eni     ��� '���'"   ���''���    :!      !    '    '*   '���
I'lliott, both of Toronto. Mr Harris,
���naniifurturi r, Sued Ur. Elliott on IliiH
ilb gallon: "On or aboul the Mth day
the . defendant
plaintiff $1000
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
of   September,   It'll,
��� Timlt ��� i' to pay t'i the
Imalned intact from all additions and
' alterations and bud lo be of nature1
l and  complete avlrulence and  atoxtty
"In   former    years    1   used    human
tubercular  bacctlll  which  had    been
immediately upon the  return to the
ii '
:> ii-i'iiii, ni , *r the Consi rva-
party with a majority of 20,
1 Suite:
from all    other    countries
lied     Percentages   of   Increase
liritish 7 per cent, American 6
��� ' ������ e.,iii   other countries 4 per cent.;
total lj per cent.
\ Prpi-'s  Health  tmprcving.
I     Rome,   March   1J.    Pope   Plus   con-
jtlnoes to Improve In health slowly but
steadily. The pontiff now takes regular nourishment, Ths decreased irritation In the throat and the bronchial
tubes enalilid lhe patient to talk with
his sisters and Mgr. Clovanni Itreu-
Hiin, hiB secretary today, Without In-
creating his cough.
Los Angeles, Cal., March VI. - Sarah
Ibrnharilt, the noted French net reus,
sunt,lined painful but probably nol
in an automobile accident here tonight, She wns nu her
wny to l.os Angeles from Venice for
the evening performance at it local
theatre when the aul imoblle In which
she was riding collided iM"h a motor
The machine wns wracked nnd the
actress suffered two wrenched ankles,
a lacerated lip and bruises about the
body. After receiving, medical attention she insisted on playing tonight,
but lier_.net was placed last on the
vaudeville bill so thai, she could regain her composure afier lhe Bhock
of Lha aicldcnt.
rendered avtlence artificially, bul    I
discarded this method completely   l>
cause it was too dangerous -owl tho re
BIlllS   gave      to   little      em II il'.fil gelnent
These deferred results I obtained Immediately whin I succeeded In Rndlna
a bacclllua which originated from a
cold blooded animal ibe turtle,
Turtle Baoellll,
"This strain of turtle baoellll was
originally almost avlrulenl and atoxic
and It. loses Its lust traces of virulence
by frequent transpUinta'lons, When
I had lliin tbnt condition ami not before, i applied the remedy to human
beings, At llrst I Injected mysell
with It at different times. After lhal
I gave It to adults Infected with
tuberculosis, Later one or two tuber
cillar children  and  filially  when    thi
curative effects were found Invariably
the same to healthy children of luber
nular surroundings fur Immunizing
"I have found this remedy litirml's'
whenever I used It. for patients frnm
the earliest childhood to tlio most ad
vanoed stage In all forms of applies
tion ��� subciitaneously. Intramuscular
and Intravenous -even In big doses
and equally efficient in all forms ol
tuberculosis, pulmonary, bone, Joint
glandular and skin, Aside from ab
solutely hopelssB cases v. hose fate
were already sealed the remedy hat
]. roved Its efficiency In most in
"To  obtain  tho  i'i' al, to  nrod'nab
tuberculosis as an epldt mlc d BeaBe, ll
Jealousy. Is necessary  not  only    to    cure    Ihi
Mnrjnrle-rie nrottosad ss soon ns he ; lubereitlur Individuals living, hut also
heard  me warble.    Krina-I'd  l.tite to  [�� P��>tact the future generations from
Ihls  Infection  by  B  method   following
One Year for Manslaughter.
Wlnnlpi v. Mar, I, 12    Fri d 'i   Hofl
man, f nnd guilty n( m mslaughter In
" mm ctlt u   w 'h   lhe  death   ol   Inhn
:��' f '' the Msgar hotel, Selkirk,
on Feb. IK, and strong recommends
tlon for mi rcy by the jury was this
"fti rnni n i ontenci d by Mr Justice
Oall | one year with hard labor. On
bt Ing asked if he had anything to say
i" n piled: "I am wry sorry Tor what
hnppi ie d. I did not wish to kill Clemens when I struck the blow "
Mrs. Pankhurst III.
London, March 12, The condition
of Mrs. Emmallne Pankhurst, tin
suffragette leader, still Is eauslnr
*,,me concern. She was announce!'
as one of the speakers at n meelinp
at Kensington tonight, bill the chali
man explained thai she vss ttnnbln ti
come, although she was not serinitsl'
ill. The speakers declared th:it mill
laut  :actios Wptlld "ntitlnii",
A Watch Under a Tumbler.
Plnclng  n   watch   under  ��   tumbler j
nenr the bed of s sick person wlll glre i
him  relief from the ticking  which  Is
frequently very trying to highly tenti
tlve nerves���Woman's llotiie Compiin
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
For Vancouver, via Central Park
��� At ti:fK) and 5:45 a.m., and every
15 minuteH until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service..
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00, 7:1JO,
8:00 and 8:.10 a.m., woidi duy service prevailing thereafter.
. For Vancouver via Burnaby At
G:4G, fi:15 and 8:00 a.m. wllh hourly H��rvlce thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and Into cur at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
With   week  day  BSfVlOS  thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:06 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 n.ra.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to BtoTee-
ton and other points on l.ulu Island Ih made at Kbiirno.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraaer Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
-At -4:05 p.m.
ml tti It I pit my husband for a wins.���
AS siiuill letter* K-eiiry llle eye NKIlt
mi nlxo lhe munllcst ufTulrH dlslurti ui
most.- Muutnlirue.
In principle Conner's vaccination,
"So fnr I have vaccinated 850 children varying in age from one henr to
three yearn. Most of these iliiltlreti
were living In tubercular environments and much exposed to iiiicct'on
Ladies and gentlemen's tailoring.   A fine stock from
which to select your Easter Suit.
Eighth St.
Dunsmuir Block. THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1913.
page rtvt
Clever Display at Edmonds Last Evening  Goes to  Former V.  A. C,
Boy���Record Crowd.
Ernie -Barrleau, the former light-
weight champion in the amateur ranks
giiini d a clian cut decision over
Mammy tlood of the Hastings A. C. at
u battle held lu the llurnaby public
hall at Edmonds laFt evening, the finish coming early In the eighth round
whin Barrleau had Good banging help*
lees over lhe ropi s,-raining blow after
blow until Referee Hewitt thought it
was  tune  to quit.
Willi the exception of the third and
fifth rounds tlood wns never lu the
running, being outpointed and out-
boxed by tlie former Winged V ex
ponenl of th1.' boxing game so that the
decision could not have been other-
i*. l8e,
This was the flret time in th,i his-,
tory of Burnaby that a professional go
had been staged and to say il was
popular Is lirne out by the fait that
;i packed bouse greeted the content
ants, standing room being at a premium a few minutes before the pre ,
liniinary  was started
Bandeau's showing was a surprise
t" many who were expecting Good to I
Bend ina ( pponent ovir the K.O. route,
but whether it was lack of training or
knowledge of the game, thc fact re-j
mains that the former Sapperton boy
bad  it over Good like a tent.
Tin- seventh round just about finished Hood, liis opponent going at it
hammer and tongs and only for the
bell, Good would huve been finished
A few seconds in the eighth was quite
plenty, tin* sponge Icing thrown In
Hie ring while the crowd gave vi nt to
tbelr fillings when "Shamus" Hewitt
raisid the arm of Harrieaii, denoting
the viol ut* ��
A tame bout between Kid Lee and
Jimmy fisher both of the Hastings
a i' <f Vancouver, furnished the pre
llmlnary, Referee Hewitt leaving it to
the crowd  to decide the winner.
Barney Hofs acted as announcer
Introducing several would-be artists
of an unknown character.
i Brockton  Point Grounds to Be Taken
Over by Park Board.
Vancouver, March 13.���After having
had control of the    Brockton    Point
grounds for the paBt   26    years,    tbe
directors of the Brockton Point Ama-
! teur Athletic  Association have made
a request to the city council for the
latter to again  tako over control of
; the grounds and relieve the associa-
j tlon of all liability of rentals overdue.
It Is believed that the request wlll
i be acceded to by the city council and
Ithe  grounds  placed  under the  direct
control of the parks board.
Last year Mr. Con Jones offered to
lease the grounds for lacrosse games
n.l stated be would link after the
amateur sport, bul opposition cropped
UP which prevented the deal goin.'t
Jimmy Gardner, in iniper-captaln of
the Hoyals will probably handle the
championship games between Victoria
and Quebec at the Capital City at the
end Of the month. A Quebec man will
doubtless be '.-elected as judge of play.
A correction ls made as to the
���-'������iii;' In the H-.aver-1'raser Mills
game at the arena on Tuesday evening Lake was mentioned as scoring
all tbne goala for the Beavers, while
as a matter of fact, llastie, the left
winger, notched the first two, the
speedy rover, Lake securing the third.
produce a stroke which took as little
as possible out of blm to produce the
best results, His bread depended up
oil It, and when ho reached the front
it   was because he  rOwed  beat.
The professional today teaches Uk
college men the stroke which he work
ed out In years cf hard practice, am
he knew how to take advantage ol
every opportunity. He was not guesi
Ing, he knew. Further than this hi
is still learning and never neglects
a chance to pick up anything show]
by S&other coach if It appeals to bin
as a gain.
Best Methods.
Much has been written about tin
Oxford and Cambridge coaches at tlie
start of the season, and how the men
are worked and taught watermanship
on fixed seats before they gel the
slide, and this is given for the alleged
better form of the English crewB In
a race.
England does not have a monopoly
ln thiB respect, for there art! college
crews ln this country, and good ones
too, that begin on the fixed BeatB.
and on rowing machines.
Candidates get a couple of weeks
on the machines until their blade is
right and they get Into something like
a swing. Then the sliding seats art-
given them and Ihey have a pull
i-ainst the light waightB until their
form approaches that which Is sought
for, and afier that the weights are
Increased until, they go out on the
water, when lt Ib just about what the
men would get on the river.
There Is no haphazard work in this.
Il ls all calculated cut beforehand,
and when the men get Into the boats
all   they  have   to  do   Is   to  learn   to
Vancouver and Westminster Thinking
Seriously of Quitting C. A. A. U.
In Favor of the D. F. A.
Within a very short time the soccer
players of liritish Columbia will settle
once and for all whether ihe clubs
shall affiliate with the Dominion Koot-
ball Association, the newly organized
body which will cater to the wants
of football alone and sever all connection with the C. A. A. U. which
carries with it the B. C. A. A. U., a
minor body of the Canadian Union.
The matter waB discussed in Vancouver on TueBday evening by the
delegates of the Senior Amateur Soc
cer League and while no action was
taken, enough ground was covered tc
give the delegates an insight as tc
the bom-fits and perhaps some disadvantages which might occur should
they decide to cast oil from the amateur union.
Up to the present time tlie amateur
union as far as soccer football h
concerned, has been one huge joke.
Ostensibly with the intention of doing good among the budding player:,
and protecting them from the ravages!25c.
���_f tlie-so-called professional crowd,
has established
A good program wlll be rendered
(under the auspices cf the Knights of
Columbus) on the evening of
Monday, March 17, In
St Patrick's Hall
Admission for Adults 50c.
the B. C. A. A. U. has established pre
',���������   ��������� ; then Ihey are gradually I cedent after precedent each overlap-1 the lucky stroke.   Gambling produced
rounded  into  shape,   'outside of the | ���:'���"-  the  other    so    that  today    the j a  hardiness  in  character  and  a  sel
greater  length  of  time  on  the  fixed
ills there Is really little difference
between the training her and in Eng
land. <
Sevi nil disputes will likely be aired
'by the delegates of Ihe amateur hockey league at a meeting to be called
within the next few days.   Petty grievances   have   not   caused   the   best   of
.feeling between several of Ihe teams
so that the atmosphere is likely to he
thickened  somewhat until these difficult! s  have  been  Ironed    out.    The
V. M  C, A  have two protests to hand,
one    against     Pearson of the  Kraser
Mills as to his amateur standing and
also claim the llurnaby game of Sat
' urday night (which was never played.)
Dentistry and hockey go hand in
hind. Lake of the Heavers created a
furore at the penalty bench on Tuesday p.m. when he politely requested
one of the timers to take care of a
tooth, coming back a second time with
another gold molar. And they say is
: such a dee-ah  giame.
The Rovers meet Westliam Island
on -Moody Park Saturday afternoon in
a replay for the National cup Man-
agi r Grant is selecting a strong team
and  is hopeful of downing thc farm-
ordinary laymen  who might    be   the flshness  in  nature
best  supporters   Cf   the   soccer   gami    does   not   give   hiB
tni **.** nothing   whereof   he   opeaks
when he mentions soccer and the 11.
C. A. A. U.
Just why an English professional la
and  the  gambler
neighbor a  "quid
oro   quo."     lie   is   getting   something
for nothing;  something for which h(
has not worked.
\s an  illustration  he  told  how  he
lllowed io come out to this province had rowed at Cambridge and upon
and play with the amateurs, when a one occasion rowing in his boat as
Canadian pro. oven a suspended ama- stroke, he also woul by a neat ar-
teur, is told to keep away, has heel rangement Btcer the boat with his
land always will be a perplexing prob ! foot by pressing on a device attached
Two   Northern   Teams   Still   to   Settle
Supremacy in English Cup Race
���Extra  Time.
London. March 12 -A goaless draw-
again resulted in tlie football game
between Newcastle and Sunderland al
Newcastle this afternoon and for thc
second time both teams are on even
footing and have still a chance to
break into the semifinals for the Eng
lish cup.
Stubborn defence on the part of both
teams prevented the forwards from
scoring and even alter 15 minutes ot
extra time no result was obtained.
The following postponed league
games were played off today:
First Division-Sheffield United 1.
Everton 0; Aston Vila 1, Derby County
1;  Manchester City 2, Oldham A. 0.
Second Division. ��� Huddresfield
Town 2; Wolverhampton Wanderers
1, Grimsby Town 2, Burnley 0.
Southern League. -Plymouth Argyle
1, limit lord 0.
j lem to fathom, which has a touch (',
"nulla bona" lo the average fan not up
in legalology.
Once llie amateurs join the 1). P. A.
an amateur can still retain his card
even though he pla>3 with or against
The scheme works will in Greal
Britain and there does not appear U
be any outstanding features just why
il cannot well be put in practice ln
���bis province
drop out.   of
by  catgut  to the  rudd
At one Important race, when nil
wns going well, the catgut suddenly
snapped and they were forced to pull
into the shore, and upon examining
the catgut found that it had been
neatly cat through, all but one strand
It was not their opponents who had
done this, but some miserable man
who,   having   a   bet   that   their   boat
would not win, had taken these means
Should they d-cide to'to insure his money.    There was one
the    B, C.  A- A. U.    a I Instance of the result it had on sport
possibility exists if forming a      "Let our sport be clean and man-
lirst and second'division league in tho Uy," said the speaker.    Beting result
Westminster having   a wl in coveteousness.   it was all vers
well   for  those  who  gambled  to  say
"it   is  not  the  money."     It   was   thc
��.������������������������������*������*<>������  money.
r vince with
earn in both divisions.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale  of   Real   Estate.
Two large lots on Fifth Btreet,^05xl48'6, all cleared. Price $3800;
one-third cash, balance arranged.
Two good'lots on Seventh avenue, close to Moody square, all cleared; high side of street. Price $2100; one-third cash, balance 6, 12,
18 months.   Size 66x132 to lane.
A fine corner homesite on F'rst street facing Queens park, paved
Btreet; size S4xW4, all cleared. Price $3000; one-third cash, balance
6, 12 and 18 months.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, Naw Westminster.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122.
Q. E. OILLEY, Phone 2*1.
Phones, Off lco 16 and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd,
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
Matched to Meet at Steveston on
Night   cf   March   29���ShculJ
Draw Big Crowd.
Announcement was made at tha Ed.
monds boxing exhibition lasl evening
that Jon llayhy, the Canadian Lightweight, and Charlie Iti-llly of San
Kranoit*co, have heen matched for a
15 round po which will be staged at
Steveston on tbe evening of March 29.
This will be the first. meetiiiK Ot the '
pair antl while lirilly gained tho do-
clston ovi r Barrleau at Co<|tiltluin a
few yveeks ago the question Is open
as to how ho will shape up against
the Victoria ohamplon,
ThlH will be the tlrst 15 round battle
to be ttagod in II C. for some little
time past and no doubt will Interest
many oi the Westtnlhster sporting public together with the Vancouvt r and
Victoria crowds,
��� ANNAL9. ���
190.1���Mike Ward defeated Harry Fa-
pin in in rounds Bt Detroit.
1908���Joe Rivers and Jimmy Austin
fought; n Blx round draw at 1-ot
1908���Johnny Summer!) English, and
Bert Keyes foupht a nix round
draw at Heheneotady, N.Y.
1911���Harry Lewis, American, knock
ed out Harmon In two rounds
nt  London.
1911���Joe Mandot. defeated Gene McGovern in eipht rounds at Mem
1912���Young Dyson knocked out Bis
Mackey in fourth round at New
fli dford. Moss.
1912 -Joe Jeanette defeated Nat
Dewey In seven rounds, fight
stopped ut New York.
1912���One Hound Hogan was disqualified In first round of bout with
Leach Cross at New  York.
Lessons For America
From English Re wing
Now   ', or',
vine f sources
t amhi'id ,,   ol
Harrow  and
rowing there
M* rch 12.-Two or the
i om which Oxford and
ilaln their oarsmen are
Kton, The hoys leurn
and then oome up to
the colleges well founded in the rirKt
principles of rowing, so thai tbe
i, acbi .-i pel im n well broken iu to
lhe spurt.
In  tbls coiu.ry thorn Is nothing of
the kind, but there is every Hklihood
ti Harvard and Vale drawing their
oarsmen ft" m the Exeter and And-
civer academies before many years,
for a plan Is on foot at those schools
fi r crow raci.*. ou the Mnrrlmac rlvor,
Speaking of the Kngiish stroke
those who watched the stroke at
o'" " wondered, for there has
beeu little difference of In e. As i
matter Ol faot, the stroke ef last vein
was modelled to Rome extent upon
Ihat used h> Ihe Belgians, for nflei
Hie fine showing of the llclpinn crews
in ii.,n ui coaches watohi d .he Bi I
pinns at home for some time and thei
taiipht a shorter stroke lo the Dark
ii is also Interesting to note that
tho HclginiiH has previously adopted
In some part the American stroke, s-
that  Harrlinan nnd  Rodgers of Yale
near  Uiwnnce,   Mass.,    this    spring,   who went over  to  watch  the Oxford
and If Ihey are aa successful as It Is  rowing, brought back with thorn Idea?
will becoms
hoped they will be, tin
nu annual fixture.
Now   thai   is  now  needed   lo  bring
about the contests la the approval or
the   Audover   authorities,   for   I'_..etcr
has already consented    to the plan.
Andover Is slrongly  In  favor of the
race, and If the crew ls got  togelher
it will bo couched by one or thc fac-  vailing here
nlty.  Mr.  Piper, who wan a  Rhodes|some years
Scholar ai Oxford, and rowed on thu
At Exeter, rowing was taken up
las! lull, aud work on the rowing machines will begin soon. Graduates of
which were a modification of the old
American    stroke,      coming      down
through   Belgium   and   Oxford.
Copy English Stroke.
The American stroke UBed in mnnj
colleges Is nothing more than an Bflg
llsh stroke, ndnpted by men like Cour
lenav and Rice to the conditions pre
The English  stroke pi
ago,  v.* 11li  its  long  bndv
swing, wns  tried here by  l.ehmann.
nt Harvard, and pretty nearly ruined
the crew.   The men were not nblo ti
stand the terrific strain on Ihe atom
nch nnd muscles ns the English ours
BChdolS go to Harvard and Yale  men, who had been brougbl up In lha'
iis a rule, nnd  many  have made the 1 style of rowing from schoolboyH, and
���varsity eight in Iho past. thev fulled to do their best wllh it.
With a well founded knowledge of Rice and Courtenay both preferred
rowing, Ihe chnnct'S of more Kxetor the shorter swing and the longer leg
nml Andover iii"ti ln tho Harvard and  drive, ns learned in days of sculling
A well known coach said In me the
other day that there wus no reason
why tho professional sculler should
not adopt the best stroke. In his racing days he was confronted with the
proposition of winning In order to gel
Yule crews is belter.
Not Same  Advantages.
Of  course  Ihe  schoolboys  will  not
lie In  the name position ns those of
Englandj where practically the 'same
stroke Is laiighl at Eton and.Harrow
uh at Oxford aud Cambridge, but at his living
least there will be a knowledge of the      He   went  Into  the  game  earnestly
game, which the frnshman rarely has. land used his best efforts In trying to
you   confess   yourself   an   ignoramus,
for there is enly    one    Baker ���John
Franklin,   alias   Home   Run���and   he
I waB   borne  at   Trape,   Md.,   2"   years
****** ������������������������������ ��� 1'igo this very day and date.
Even  though  they  might  say  they
did   not  care   about   the   money   but
wanted Ihe excitement.    He had seen
an   example  of   this,  when   a   young
fellow was asked to put money on a
game  of  billiards  to  make   it  mon
j exciting.
Baker's birthday will be celebrated j    He said he would, but since all hat5
today   throughout   the   United   States j Baid that they did not care about the
of Baseball and the Dominion of the j money  it  would  be  a  good   plan  for
Diamond.    If you usk "What Baker?"] the  winner to put his winnings in a
* (By "Gravy") *
Rube Signs Contracts.
San Francisco. March 12.���Rube
Marquard signed one contract for lift
today, t'.nd agreed to sign another cci
tor a season. Jusl after he had beet.
married to Blossom Sceley," a vaudeville actress, who has been his par,net
AU tans remember tho6e critical
days in 1911 when the Athletics and
iliants faced each other as contendere
'or the world's flag���how Baker
.mathed Out home runs tb'it decided
mission hox that was on the mantle-
piece. This the players did not care
>        OVER  THE   FOUL  LINE. .-    *
The Y, M. C. A, bowlers bit Uu
two contests���how the New York] dust to the tune of three straight or, 1
' ugs, frenzied with anger, ran amuck the Club alleys last evening, a picked
ind In a spirit of impotent rage threw team of captains of the house league
rocks   through   Baker's  windows. clubs doing the damage.
Other players have made two home \     Lefty  Peterson   especially   was    ll
nips  in  world's  series,  but  never at j good form, taking high individual alio
on   lhe   stage,   he   gave   his 'wo"rd"to | *j��j��_ ?*JS?^_!^^w^_.7^ 5Ht"lUft_B,!S?9?
Dick  Kiuse'lla, scout     for    tho
Nationals, now in winter training nt fuiup Marlin, Texas, that he
would sign as pitcher for the Giants
for the coming season.
The marriage ceremony was performed ut 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
in ihe parsonage of the German
Evangelical Lutheran church, with
only two theatrical friends in attend
inc'e, but with a host of newspaper
men and photographers waiting oul
In the marriage license tbe blp
BOUthpaw gave his name as Richard
De .Marquis. 23 year* old, and hit
bride as (Catherine Kane, 22.
Rube was very nervous. "He wat
so anxious to get her." said the Rev.
1. S. Keix, who performed the ceremony, "that ho answered all my questions before 1 finished them. Now
they're married and as happy as two
Chicago Americans.
Sacramento, Cal., March 12.���Tin
Chicago Americans were defeated to
day by the Sacramento team of the
Coast league, 5 to 2. Erratic floldin,
,n two innings was responsible for tin
defeat of the While Sox.
Score: It. 11. E.
Chicago   11 10    ���,
Sacramento E   S   '.
Ilnllerles    Mogridge.  Wolfgang  an
Easterly; Shultze, Stroud and Cheek.
For  the  Y's the  only  man  to  spll
the   pins  was Storme,   who  garnerec
519. Taking second on the average list
Tbe following  figures  tell  the  tale:
Y.  M. 0. A���       ' 12.'
Storme    179    176    164
MacDonald 138    154    161
Haverstock 147    154    124
Brown 145    115    177
Mackay 88     98   139
Clnb alleys��� 1
Coughlthi 133
Whitlam 169
Ingram . .
Wallace ,
Shut Out.
Austin,   Texas.   March 18.���Bender,
Coombs, nnd Brown, pitching for   thr
Philadelphia  American    league    regu
lars, held the    Aus In    Texas    league
i.o it.
at their mercy today and wot
Third Meeting of Season and
Complete Organization.
The B. C. E. R. baseball club held
Its third meeting last night. The ex
ecutlve list was completed and stands
us follows:
Honorary president, Mr. Allan Tur
vis; honorary vice-presidents, Messrs.
Ed. Sterling, W H. Elson, J. A. Marsh
and T. G. Connon; president, Fred
Rohlnsoni vice-president, II. S. Hln-
mnn; secretary, Q. 8. Corbett; treasurer, E. Marliienu: scout, P, Bellows;
executive, A. R. Mackay, C. Taylor
and  B   C. Sweeney.
Active steps are to be taken toward
obtaining tx large membership from
which to draw material for thc coming
It is also expected that the c.lr.h will
apply to the parks committee of the
city council for the use of Queen's
Park on Tuesday and Thursday of
each week
proved  his  right  to the crown of the
King  of Swatvllle.
The hard hitting third baseman of
the Athletics was born and bred on a
farm, nnd a farmer he has remained
in the Intervals between the practici
of his profession. With the proceedF
of his share of the world's series he
purchased a flue farm In Maryland
and there he spends the off-season
looking after his cabbage trees, hir
pumpkin bushes, and his peach field!
and turnip orchards.
He is gradually adding to his land
ed estates, and by the time when he
is forced to retire from baseball hi
expects to own all of Maryland out
side of Baltimore and a few other
A number of years ago���about eiphl
to be exact���the little village ol
Ridgely, Md., boasted a ball team that
had among its members Charlie Her
JOg, later of the New York Giants:
the late Simon Nlchelli, who died In
Baltimore two years ago yesterday
and J. Franklin  Baiter.
The latter had been discovered b>
Horioi. who thought he saw ill tin
voting farmer the makings of a brilliant player, In 19o7 linker was sign
nl hy .lick Dunn of the I..i!timor<
team. In,I was not given a chance to
dlsplay    his    ability,  nntl  joined  Ilu
Cambridge,   .Md.,   sentl-profeisldnals
Reading, Pa., needed a third baseman
In   19l'N   and   linker   was   given   tin I 	
Ile led the Tri State league In extra I     New  York.  March  12
base  hits  and  Connie   Mack  gobbled I Upton's   challenge   for
him np.    As a' mi mlii r of the $511,000   for   the   America's
infield   of   the   Athletics   Baker   ha
722    799    801
Next game���Ingram vs. Garrett, to
New York  Yacht  Club  Give  Reasonc
for Refusing to Accept.
been a star, and  his  later history
known to all fans.
A Former Cambridge Blue Points to
The End of Gambling.
Rev. Canon Stuart, of Cambridge.
Enplnnd. speklng In Winnipeg, made
a strong plea to tho young man nf
today to lend a clean life In mind anil
body. He spoke slrongly agalnsl gam
hi ing.
l'e pointed out that not only did II
'ier' a business intin but It spoiled
iport and kept It from being clean
md wbolnsome. Canon Stuart said
that he felt he had some right to
sTnU of__ sport since he had Captained Ihe Harrow eleven nm| hnd rowed
for Cambridge, Gambling ami betting spoilt the character.
A merchant In following legitimate
speculation Is building UP his character. A niiin thai Indulges In helling
finds Unit hy a Stroke of good fortune
hc can make more than by a long
grind nt honest work and so he takes
a dislike to work. ThlB ls not building up character.
The speaker pointed out that those
present who were employers would
never trust a man who gambled. Such
a msn preferred to shirk honest labor and try and make his money by
Sir Thomai
another raci
the premier
trophy of the yachtln ��� world, was do
cl Inert by the New York Yacht clul
tonight.    This action  was  taken,  tin
club announced, beoause the oballengi'
did not comply with conditions of the
deed of gift which govern! all con
tests for the cup.
The declination ol the present dial
lenge, however, It was stated by mem
hers, did not necessarily mean that
no America's cup race was In pros
pect, ns the club was in anticipation
of an unrestricted challenge for the
cup from a British gentleman other
than Sir Thomas Upton.
The reason for this action was thn'
the terms of the challenge Impose the
condition that the defending vessel
shall not exceed 75 feet In length nt
the water line. This stipulation
would deprive the club of the right to
enter vessels of from 65 to 90 feet as
provided In Ihe deed of tho gift.
$900,000 For Roads.
Toronto, March 12 An expenditure
of $900,000 on roads or Ontario during
this year, $150,000 more than was expended in 1912, Is being figured on
by the provincial good rohds department. W. A. Maclean, provincial en-
glneer of highways, suld that the work
would start early ln the spring and
2000 men would bo needed. Tho
money wlll be spent in 20 counties).
Free and Q-snl. MgT. VIcrPraslduL Bee. aad Trees.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
The Bank of Vancouver j
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable In all parts ot the world.    Savings bank department at
all branches. ..,;.^r.iwmS*i*%an\**^*aaa*am%\\
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
O, D. WILSON, Manager.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
\   Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
CONTRACTORS i=or prices on 8~
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Do You Want To Build?
We specialize in steel and reinforced fireproof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phones: Office, 624; Res., 755
Ml -'      **'���>'������!      -     .���--. {*-��. * *
I Classified Advertising |
Classified���One cent per word per
ii.iv; 4c per word per week; 15o per
 ntb; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
i,, .red wlttiu one year trom date of
r-.ntract,  126.00.
liirth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.60. Card of Thanks 50c per
Call for Answers.
Answers    to    classified    udvertisc-
mantsare at The News office for Hoxes
648,  790,  774,  S01,  792,  805, 835,  821.
clearing. Property located at city
r.milB, close to car. National
i nance Co.. Ltd., 521 Columbia
Btreet. 1851)
firably in insurance office, by ex-
. erlenced mnn. II. W. Tasker,
Tynehead, B.C. (854)
bouBe. Send particulars to Hox
i!7, City. (842)
day.    Aply  Box 843, Dally News.
fourth class papers. Apply West
minster Woodworking Co.., Lulu
Island. (849)
farm required by Englishman, 27;
4 years previous experience; 16
months ln Manitoba; Ormerod, General Delivery, New Westminster.
ns domestic servant.    Box 831.
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, News office
ings; will call for orders. Mrs.
Warburton, Alta Vista, B.C.      (818)
inet   makers.    Westminster    Woodworking Co.. Lulu Island. (811)
large corner lot, ono block from
12th Btreet and close to city. Price
$2500; cash $250. balance as rent.
Room 419 Westminster Trust Building. Thomas Rutledge Brokerage
Co (846)
ing town.   908 Ht. Andrew's St. (830)
house, modern In every particular,
Extra toilet in basement; furnace,
stationery tubs; lot 66x182, One of
the finest corners In the city. Price
nnd terms Apply to owner, 10. J.
Hangs,   Phone  1.1024. (Kllfil
three, room house with bathroom
attached; lot nil cleared; lurg
Woodshed In roar. $1150. $100 cash
See Asbworth, Twelflh avenue
East llurnaby. (829)
Stove, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada  Range  Co.,  Market  square.
$390��� $75 cash, balance (la.pcr month,
will buy u line lot, right at the city
limits and only two blocks to car.
Every lot bus a splendid view und
bee* on a full 66 foot street and ex-
li nils to lane.    City water and light
adjoins property. We can recommend these lots to the man looking
for a homeslle nr a good investment Thc owner has instructed us
In sell oir the few that are left. Call
Tor tull particulars todsy. A pleasure to show the property as it wlll
stand inspection.
521 Columbia Street.
Piano   Reduced   $10   Each
day until Sold.  Today
Frank Major Music and
Piano House.
,     V 61 Sixth St ��� ,21%
furnished housekeeping rooms, furnace heated. Apply 37 AgneB Btreet,
or phone L638. (852)
Alfred Noyes, One Of
England's Great Poets
ished   bedrooms.    Terms  moderate.
Cliff block.    Apply 32 Sixth street.
338 Twelfth street, corner Fourth
avenue; bath and toilet separate;
done up to suite tenant. Rent $30.
Dtulds &. Blanc, 714 Columbia Btreet.
or two gentlemen. Albert CreBCent.
Apply Box 835, News.
house, between Sth and 9th streets.
Possession given after 15th lust.
Apply 812 3rd Ave. (837)
room, modem conveniences, Bolt-
able tor two gentlemen or two
ladios.    220 Seventh street.      (81i!)
keepiug rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of PythlaB
hall, corner Eighth street_ and Agnes street. (763)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufao
turtug purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
black spot on left eye, one on top
of back. If not claimed before the
14th will be sold Apply City Pound-
keeper, police station. (841)
whore. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street, west,
Vancouver, B. C. (766)
Alfred   Noyes,   the   young   English   boys.   He has been Industriously writ-
poet,   Ib on  bis   way   to  the   United i'ng poetry for ten years, und in the
Slates,  If he has not Indeed  already
arrived.   Poets and artists of all sorts
and lovers of art will welrome Noyes,
for he ts perhaps iho greatest poet
Advertisers    Tried     Experiment ��� of
Making No Comparisons and Buyers   Stayed  Away.
first year turned out Iwo volumes
"The lxiom of Yours" and the "Flow
er of Old Japan."
Ile ls the author pe.haps, of a thou-
of the dav certainly one of the groat- I "and or more poems, the most Im
est three or four English-speaking t portanl being "Drake," an epic in
poets who have sung since Tennyson twelve books.- His single pt'oso work
laid   aside   his   lute "8 "Tlle 1'ife "f William  Morris,'    in
' Of course   there Is no pretence that  the English  Men of  Letters series,
his poetry will e'.cr be so popular as      He also edited a "Poet's Anthology
Kipling's   but   wc   may  venture     the   of Poems," In which he gives us some
opinion   that   Mr.   Novos    can     write   idea of his conceptions of poetry,
such   poetry   lis   Mr.   Kipling   would! Noyes'  Views on  Poetry,
give one of his hands to ho aide to      Ho   takes   Pater's   view   thnt   there
write. Is no  such thing ns had aft. though
His style is mucb more like thnt of 'there may be a very great difference
Tennyson than of any other modern between good art and groat art. "A
poet to whom he might be oompared,Ibroken boot, or an old tree stump,'
and. of course, there nre difforenees ihe says, "will serve for a subject
not less marked than 1
ces. This ls a matter
discuss, and for critics of another gen
eratlon, for Mr. Noyes ts such a great Temeralre' towed to her Inst resting will sell them Just as fast as though
noet that he can he left safety to tho place is a popular but perfect esam- we put a Bpcc|f|c value on tbem ln
Judgment  or   posterity. pie of great art. and the picture be I .��� d        ,   .
He Makes Poelrv  Pay !'"'<"'��   tha*   *']clnn' wd  ,hp  maJ��rlt!'
Mr. Noyes Is not only a great poet, .��$ ����������� P��<��Bftnt *** PjQtMMlis&a*
i is a remarkable ���oc-t.    He lives P>��   " <"<' pwteotlon of the relation
established between the temporal de
tails and the light of Eternity."
ln another place he snys that "all
great poetry, all great art, brines ns
Into communion with that harmony
which  is the basis  of  the  universe
"An officer iu one of Chicago's biggest stores, high up in the councils of
his firm, conceived the Idea one day
of eliminating ull references to comparative values In the ensuing week's
advertising of the Btore," says a writer In the Woman's Home Companion
" 'I will warrant,' snld he In nnswer
to tho vigorous protest of tho advertising man In charge, '1 wlll warrant
thut tho reputation of our house is so
strong that lf we announce a sale of
  r",r  a  subject | women'8   lingerie   dresses   nt   $11.75,
hn reiemhliMi-   for great   art,  If  the artist can  bold        , .. .     . , ,
in   n si mni.ni-, ioi   Kimi  mv,       ,,,,,,���,.,,,���_,���,,���        and  pronounce  them  absolutely   the
for critics to III "0 against tlm light of Eternity. " ,    ..
Turner'B  pieiure   of  the  'Fighting !best  value at the price In town,   we
Have pity on old folks whose hearts
are not yet ready to die!"
The Jury yielded to tbls plea and
found that extentuatlng clrcumstanceB
existed; und when tho court Imposed
u sentence of tne years' Imprisonment
tho Jurors Immediately signed a petl-
tldfi demanding a reduction to five
he is a remarkable pot
on the proceeds of his poetry, a feat
tbat was too much for some i,f the
greatest poets In all historv. How
much a year he makes out rf his
voroes we havo no means of knowing.
and anyway, the exact amount is no-
bodv's business.
The point Is that Mr. Noyes, nfler
leaving Oxford "went In for" poetry
as his fellow-students went in for ln\v
"'How much are they worth?' asked the advertising man.
" 'They cost us, wholesale, about
nine dollars; ordinarily they would
retail at -$15 or $16.'
" 'Because   the    people   have   lost
faith  In  the values recently  put out
ln  thla  town  by  reason of the  reckless boosting of original values on the
part  of the smaller  fry.    And  I  am
firmly  convinced,   If  we  simply   Bay-
that theBe  are  extraordinary   values.
truth   that   there  is   little  difference Ibacked by our   acknowledged   record
between the best prose and the best   tor truthful and square dealing, that It
poetry   when a   real   poet  writes   the Will serve US better.
J,rose '    "'You cant sell them even at nine
"The World's May Queen" dollars If you don't quote   an   actual
It would be n pleasure to quote am- saving In so many dollars and cents,'
ply   from   Noyes'  poetry   to  establish | was the last word of the advertising
able :hing of all.   He has a written I the opinion that he is a true poet      ,
a great deal of very high grade vers"   Readers have soon many of his verses i
���mil   without  nnv  notion   of  pleasing, on this page, but  space permits only j
the  public.    He  has not  been   erotic , one   specimen   of   his   work,   and   Ihi |
or salacious,  nor has he endeavored   following is selected from the Oxford
or medicine or politics, nnd if he haslwlllc,> ls a P���"* f."ir,",a"";1';
the harmony in which all our discords
are   resolved."
Again he speaks of the "harmonies
hidden hy the dtiBt of dally affairs,"
'    of the
not made as much money as some of
them, he has won much greater fame. I
Moreover, he has not had to bend b'n,
art to the important business of writing rhymed advertisements for Bass
beer or  for  Lea and   Perrin's  sauce. |
This ls perhaps tho most remark-
lt  and  see,'   was   the
comment and   order.
"The same   newspapers   were   cm
ployed as mediums to publish the an
Germany Follows Canadian Lead In
Setting Aside Reservations.
Berlin, March 12, Natural reserva-.
tlons are no new thing In Canada and
America, where such territories us
the Yellowstone Park in the U.S.A.,
and tlie Algonquin Park In Ontario,
Canada, have become national Institutions.
But it is of more than passing Interest to note that the American lend
is being followed by Germany. The
proposal Is as old as 11103, when Professor Lauterborn, emphasising the
fact that Industrial and agricultural
progress In the (lermiin empire bad
resulted  In  the  total destruction    of
cer.ain animal und vegetable species.
proposed that a "Naturschutzpntk"
should be established ns a reservation for Indigenous plants and animals.
The Idea was taken up In 1907 by
the Botanical Society or the Palntin
ate, at tile time of lhe anniversary
celebrations for Linnaeus. And now
In 1913. practical results have followed.
Tenders, In duplicate, endorsed?
"Iloapltal for tbe Insane," for the supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's fit
tlugs, boots and shoes, shoemakers'
fittings, meat, fish, milk, vegetables,
groceries, feed, drugs, eto., for the
use of tbe said Institution, und the
furnishings of funerals, from Ihe 1st
day of April next to the 31st of Murcli
1914, will b rceredolvshrdl hrdlhrdl
1914, will be received by the Hon. the
I Provincial Secretary until noon on
|Saturday, tbe 15th proximo.
Lists of the u.-tlcles required cai��
be seen at the Hospital, ut which
place  samples can also be Inspected.
All supplies to be delivered at the
i Hospital  without extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the duo
fulfillment ot each contract will be
Tenders wlll not be considered unless  made  out on  the  forms,  which
can  be obtained from the Bursar of
the Hospital or the undersigned.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office, 27th
February.   1913. (758)
Toronto Associates Refuse to Believe
That  Fathers  Havs Gone  Over
to   Rome.
Toronto, March 12. The report con
talned in a recent special cable despatch from London to the effect that
It   is   entitled,
Three roomed furnished suite with
bath, hot and cold water; heated.
Vacant March 17.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
to   give   a  coarse   tane   to   his   work i Hook   of   Victorian
such as helped make Kipling popular. iQulller Couch
He has' been delicate and Imaginative, patriotic sometimes, but always
musical; and the reading public oi
England has responded hy wllllngl)
supporting him for the specific nur
poso of writing poetry, lt has dont
the same for no other poet In oul
An Industrious Rhymer.
Alfred Noyes Is not yet thirty-two
years old, but there Is nothing remark
able in this when we reflect that some
of the greatest treasures in our language  have  been the  work  of  mere
Verse,  chosen  by   nounc.ement and the same space em community ot Benedictine Monks
| ployed   as   was   their   custom   when-'
The   World's   May   over advertising a sale of this churae
, ter.    The heading    of  the  advertise
j ment read:
When Spring comeB back to England |    "'Two  Hundred   and  Fifty   Worn
And crowns her brows with May-
Round tlie merry moonlit world
She goes thc greenwood way;
She  throws a rose   to  Italy,
A fleur-delys to France;
But round her regal morris-ring
The seas of England dance.
'en's  Handsome  Lingerie   Dresses,   at
Tenders for Furnishings.
Sealed tenders marked "Tenders for
Furnishings" for furnishings und
equipment tor the new hospital bnild-
Ing will be received hy the under-
sinned. Detailed lists may he obtained at hospital. Tenders either in
whole or ill part must be in the hands
ot the secretary not later than 12
o'clock, noon, Wednesday, March 19,
E. S. WITHERS. Secretary,
Royal Columbian Hospital
New Westminster, B.C. [8401
"When  snrlnt comes b:ie
And dons her robes of green.
There's nianv a nation garlanded
But England is the Queen:
She's   queen,  she's   queen   of
Beneath the laughing skv.
?"or the nations go a-MaylnT
When thev hear the New Year cry
of the Island of Caldey, situated   two
mileB   from   Tenby,   Wales,   had   gone J
over to the Roman Catholic church, Ib
discredited  by  associates of  that or-j
$11.76.   These dresses are the pick ot  dec who are now resident In Toronto.!
our stylish seasonable stock, and em-1     Mr. Edward A. Collier, the executor
body all the dainty touches demanded ' and trustee of the estate of the   late
by the women of fashion and discrltn-! Father  Ignatius, the noted   Anglican-
Inatlon.   They are absolutely the best j Catholic        missionary,       universally
values In town at the price, which is ��� known   as  the  "Monk of  Llanthany,"
\ considerably  below  what  would  ordi- j stated last night that such a move on
k to England   narily he asked in regular selling, etc' I thc  part  of  this  community   is   well
Notice ls hereby given that the
I Court of Revision of the Assessment
Roll of this Municipality will be held
I In lhe Municipal Hall. Edmonds, B.C..
un Tuesday, March 25, 1913, at 10
j t'elock ln the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must be
I given to the assessor In writing at
'least ten (10) days previous to the
I sitting of tbe Court.
O. II. STEFFENS. Assessor.
j Dated  at  Edmonds, this 25th day    of
February, 1913. (731)
Phone 1277
Westminster Trust Block.
Why don't you own a pool
room. Clear profit $200 per
month. Located centter Columbia street.
The Oriental Contract Co.
���i.... _ 	
Bank of Montreal
"The outcome of the sale was usi nigh impossible and he has cabled Ab-
Ithe advertising man predicted. The j hot Allfred. the head of the monastery,
sale was a failure, although the   day j for a statement.
" 'Come  over  the   water  to   England
My old love, my new  love.
Come over the   water to  England
In  showers of flowery  rain:
Come over the water to England.
April, my true love.
And  tell    he  heart  of  England
The spring Is here again!' "
the'was  an   exceptionally   fine   one,   an
April day,  clear and crisp,  ideal  for
j shopping purposes.
"The test was repeated with a sitnl-
1 lar sale the ensuing week, with the
same amount of newspaper space, hut
with  this heading:     'Women's   I land-
j some $15 Lingerie Dresses at $11.76,
about     one-third     underplrced;     750
Dainty Garments ln a Rare  Bargain
Sale; suvingB of Almost 3n per Cent ;
i Garments for the Price of 8, etc'
'Tho    stocks    were    cleared    in    s
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned, marked "Tenders for
Supplies," up to 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday, March 19th, 1913, for supplying this Hospital from April 1st, 1913.
to March 31st, 1914, with the following:
Bread   (white   and   brown).
Milk (per gallon) and cream (per
pint), in sealed bottles. Samples to
be  submitted.
Wood,  slabs  (per cord).
Coal (lump and washed nut), anthracite (lump and nut, In carloud
lotB). at  per ton.
Detailed   lists   of   drugs,   groceries,
meats  and  lish   inuy   be obtained    ut
lhe  Hospital.    The    lowest    or    any
tender not  necessarily accepted.
Royal  Columbian   Hospital.
New Westminster, B.C.        (808)
Are you one of those to whom
every meal is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited.       150
"The community are in a flourishing
condition," re declared. "The prop
erty Is virtually In the possession of
the church and Is worth approximately
$30l��,OUIi. In 1SS5 the Abbott Allfred,
successor of Father Ignatius, a priest
of the Anglican Catholic faith, ob
talned a charter from the late Dr.
Temple, then archbishop of Canterbury, to attach the order of St. Benedict to the Church ot England In 19nl
the order wus presented with the Island on whloh It now resides
"Under   the  nuldanee of  the  Abbot
who is liinhly Rifted with spiritual ami
j material ability, the community have
��� prospered beyond hiH hopes and ambitions,   chiefly   through   the    support
given him by the higher   dignitaries
, from the church and prominent mem-
j bers of the laity.
A handsome abbey, monastery   and
hostel   has   been   en eted   on   the    ls-
  land.    Nothing Is lacking.    They have
���    . ... .... .     ���,       ,..,,.       ...      the good will of the church and I can
Ottawa, March  12- Post office and   the garment.    The officials found the      e .... reag011 r.,r lh(. rep0rt that the
custom liouse officials in (iroat Britain   legs  of   the   pantB   lined   with   cigars , m<ieT thG ru|e ���f the Vatican"
and Canada, are  generally Instructed  and tobacco sewn to the cloth Thi,   Hen. riictine   Order   represents
to act us leniently as possible    with ��� Hidden in the Hair. Lj., rt.vlval 0, monastic life in the An-
regard to small  parcels sent through ,     Diamonds  are  no   longer  smuggled     ������.��� c-,iurctl whlch waH destroyed by
t l-x     III.,     tilflfnn      Ibninillli      t\��<.      mnllu        B _B    I   ** i
Henry   \lll      It   also  represents   the
.$16,000 000.00
Smugglers Do Roaring
Business At Yuletide
Urancbes throughout Canada and
Newfoundland nnd ,n London. Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.3.A , and Mexico City, A general
banking business transacted letters
of Credit Issued, available with cor-
respendents lu all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department- Deposits
received in sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum  (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
G.  D.  BRYMNER.   Manager.
Engineering  Department.
Vehicular Traffic���Kingsway.
Owing to paving operations thu
above highway will be closed lo
through traffic until further notice,
Intercity vehicles wlll please take
Douglas Road or River Road.
Municipal   Engineer
Engineer's Office,   Municipal   Hall.
Edmonds, B.C., March 4th, 1913.
the malls st Christmas time, lt Is a I into the States through the malls, as
kindly practice, for, no doubt, many they were once on u time. A favorite
make use of the parcels post at the plan now Is to run them in on the
merry season, whose knowledge of the trains from Canada, there lielng no
customs law Is by no means complete, duty on diamonds in this country. All
Unfortunately, however, scheming kinds of dodges nre resorted to, In or-
smugglers   have   taken   advantage   of' der that no suspicion may he aroused       	
this leniency, and it may have to be on the part of the travelling Inspectors IfatterT'ofthe prim
Perhaps one ot the queerest places i    Uev   Katll,,r stai
brought to amend.
Foreign  and  colonial  mails for the j for hiding a diamond  was  found  out
hiEt yuletide season have    Just    been   lately In a train which had just pasB-
life's work of Itev. J. L. Lyne (Father
Ignatius) who was the prime mover
iu the order's re-eslabllshinetit and
wub its head until his death In 1908
The services conducted there nre
Identical with those used by the early
Itive church.
Stanton,   who    for  50
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
t(7 Front St., New Westminster, B.C.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.       Cor. Sixth and Columbia.
dealt with by the London customs,
and in over two per cent, of the parcels dutiable articles were found Be
creted In folded clothes and Stuffed
Into dummy   hooks, and  In  one  cas<
ed Port Huron, Mich., after emerging
from the tunnel which forms an inlet
from Canada. The old gentleman, evidently thinking that the customs men
had  left the  train,, took  off  his  win
a bottle of rare perfume and a rough    tnd wiped his perspiring pate with a
Five roomed houae in centre of city,
near car. $1800; $250 cash, $25 a
month.   No. 85.
House and Large Lot on Eleventh
avenue. $1350; $250 cash, $25 a
Houae and corner lot, Sapperton.
$1900; one-third cash. Lot 65x120.
No. 34.
Comfortable cottage, 8apperton, near
car.    $1600;  easy terms. No. Er.
Two good houses on lot 132
square, Price $4000. West
No. 81.
Six   roomed   house,
end.    Price $2800.
lot   50x150,
No. 82.
Well built five roomed cottage for
$2500; good terms. East end. No.
We sell fire Insurance. Strong British
board companies.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
uncut diamond were reposing softly
In a rich plum pudding.
The market value of that pudding,
plus Its content! wub about ��200, A
representative   waB   Informed    by     a
oustoma ufficini that this season   1
examination Of foreign parcels win-
found to be more necessary than usual
though It was recognized that the send
era that chose this method of getting
large  Fllk   handkerchief.
His finger caressed the artificial
curls for a moment, and then a man
stepped forwartl and aski ri hlin "to
own up." The mild old gentleman had
taken two uncut diamonds Iron his
< lg, aud wus just putting them safely   a hiB pocket. ���
Only a short time ago n sociully
prominent    New    York    woman    was
yearB has been the Incumbent ut St.
Albans parish church, llolhoru, London, Eng.. assisted Father Ignatius In
his efforts to reestablish the ritualism
of the earlier limoB the use of symbolic ornaments, altur cloths, c ucbar
iBtic vestments, candles, etc,
Their efforts were borne iu strife
and crudleri lu controversy and wherever they spoke the disputes raised to
such a heal that the speakers were
often ejected from the churches lu
which  permission wub given Ihom to
Ito Lot 4, of Block 19, of part of Sec- goods |i,t��� Kngland are 110 experts In caught In a trick which h:ul never be
tlon 3. Illock 3 North, Range 7 ,(���),,, |irt ,,( smuggling. Au expert ' fore been seen hy the customs offi
WeBt, Distrktt of New Westminster,
P.O. Bex 34 Dally Newt Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.    Satisfaction guaranteed.
5t  McKenzie  St.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phene IBS.      Barn Phone  137
Begble Street.
Baggage I)��llveie4 Promptly to
aiy part of tbe city.
A Certificate of indefeasible title to
above property will be Issued to Frank
N. Trltes, on tho 12th day of April,
1913, unless In the meantime n valid
objection thereto bo made to mo in
writing by a person or persons claim
Ing an estate or Interest therein, or
ln any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles
Lund Registry office,
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   February
28th, 1913.
The person or persons having In
their custody or possession the following TIHn Deeds relating to tho said
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
(a) Deed dated tho 28th day ol
November, 1893, from Frank N. Trltes
to Thomas Bennett of thn above described property.
(b) Deed dated the 12th day of
November, 1894, from Thomas Bennett
to Arnold Hennelt of the above described property.
(c) Deed dated tho 12th day of
October, 1900, from Arnold Bennett lo
Gcorgn W. Shay of tho above described property.
J, 0, OWYNN.
(754) District Registrar of Titles
knows thut every parcel lu probed by [ OlalS.    When   requested   to   undo   her
men   used   to   handling   almost   every.hair alio smilingly compiled  with th
kind  of package,  men to whom    the
finding of smuggled goods has become
a sixth sense.
Last  week a  loaf of bread  sent to
London    from    an    oversea dominion
order. Reports hud come to the official ears tbnt she had purchased many
gems, but not one was in her luggage.
Hit hy bit, strand hy Btrand, her love
ly hair was loosed uud fell down, ud
Billiards and Pool
Hlggest and best line of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisite*.
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
tot Columbia Bt.
was suspected from tlie tlllle It lay I mired by Inspectors and friends. Every
exposed to view In Its swaddling comb and hairpin had been removed,
clothes of tlBSiio paper. The loaf was and tho chler woman Inspector was
probed, and Inside of it waB found to- on the point of npollglzlng for the de
banco, only a thin layer of flour hav-! talleri search, when Bhe looked at one
Ing been laid over the closely packed i ribbon which bound the last strand of
weed. i ',lilr closo to the head In a cosy little
Found In the Wash. 1 bow.    "You have beautiful  hair,  nu-
Of late yeara the practice of robbing I dame," she admitted, and touched the
the  cui-.tuiiiB  haa    Increased    greatly  ribbon with her hand
owing, it Is believed, to the    rlBe    In      In  an  InBtant she  pulled  the  emit
taxes      Never  a  ship  comcB   up  the of the bow out and the string of tllu-
Thames  from  foreign  parts  hut It   Is  mondB rattled to the floor.
boarded hy the customs officers, who 1 	
still cling to the belief that Bailors are   MAN   IN   AUTUMN   OF   LIFE
inveterate smugglers. One small steam I kills  woman   he  loves
er  which  traded  between  the contln-1 	
ent and London was suspected of! Paris, March 12.-A tragedy of uf
bringing contraband goods Into the fection In which the man was 60 years
country, but It  was only by accident  old and the woman 56 was described
that the crew  wero discovered
Their fuvorlto article for smuggling
wub tobacco, but though every time
they wero boarded they allowed the
���customs men a free and open search
nothing was found. One day, however
it was remarked by an enterprising
Junior thnt whenever the ship came to
port her yards and rigging were decorated with the crew's washing.
Shirts, pants, Jackets, snd oven grent
coats hung from tho line like signaling flagB. On this occasBlon, n gust
of wind blew a pair of pantB Into tbe
river, nnd the customs boat, which
wub making for thc ship, picked up
In the Seine nssl/.e courl on Saturday
Jules Noeppi I, 11 basket-seller, formed an attachment for Murguerlte Hall
Iff, a street Hawker. At first sho returned his affection, but afterwards
left him. "1 cannot live without her,"
the old man told his neighbors.
An attempt at reconciliation took
place, but when Noeppel's advances
were rejected hn became furious,
fired twice at Marguerite Hatllff and
killed ber.
His advocate, Mnllro Camplncbl,
pleaded to tho Jury: "The Infntua-
tlons of autumn leave more regrets because they  must  needs  be  the  Inst.
Vienna, March 12. The violent hos-
tlly of the audience at the Imperial
opera last night drove the Swiss sin
ger Fran Jame, to make an attempi
on suicide.
She hud heen substituted for I'rau
Weldt. who was ill, In the role of
Valentine In Meyerbnr'B Les Hugon
note. Fran Jame had nn attack of
stage fright and made a pitiable fall-
The occupants of the galleries hooted and whistled and shouted; "Away
with her. we have had enough." The
woman retired In a fit of hysteric*
and attempted to stab herBelf with
a hatpin. The manager succeeded li
preventing her from killing herself
but she has since become deranged
and Is now In nn asylum.
The anger of the occupants of the
lllary   wss   chiefly   directed  cn  Dlr
dregor   wlV"   lias   freque.nl'v   dilTfl
pointed the audiences by substituting
unknown  singers at  the  last minute.
Calcutta, March 12. The government of India haa Just ndrtrcBBed a letter to thc local governments In India
In which It reviews tho resolutions
carried at the Simla conforencci ou
European education, 0.111I Invites the
opinions of provincial administrations
The Indian government states Ub op
position to tho compulsory education
proposal, and to tho University Art
College, but agrees to higher remuneration for teachers, adding that a new
government training school for teachers Is to be built nt Bangalore.
ligkt mm\i Heavy Hauling
New   Spring and  Summer Suitings
now on display.    See them.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.    701
Front Streot.
Second Hand Store
J. a. SMITH.
Buy a.* Mil nsw and    second    hand'
g*.e. ���( all klads.   Tools especially.
M Mal���es stm**. Phone ioo��
It's the Wsrk.
Use Your Phone.
i2t Clarkaen Street. Phone 490.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
I'ermerly at 610 Columbia St., now at
617 Kront St.   Phone Ilium.
New Weatmlnster,  B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  and  Choice   Fruit   Lands  1*
Specialty. THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1913.
Miss   Helen   Gould
and Her Romance.
Orientalism to Play Prominent
Part In Spring Styles.
Pretty  Wrap For
Coming     Season.
1 8ilk or Chiffon Blouses Matching tha
Coitums May Be Purchased Without
Trimming and tha Ornamental Touch
Added by Meana of Needlework.
! Orientalism wlll play as conspicuous
a part iu sprint,' fashions as it has iu
: the winter modes. And as embroidery
of this kind Is expensive the woman
1 clever wllh ber needle will set to work
nt once tu decorate her blouses and
dress accessories wltb Japanese figures
snd flowers.
Kven ir you. do not make your own
blouses jou cun purchase them of plain
< silk or chiffon and then add the embroidery, thus giving them the personal touch that Is so eagerly sought for.
On a black crape blouse, for example, have stamped a design of poppies
or cherry blossoms, l'nd Ihe flowers
before you begin to work, then cm-
brolder thom, using the satin stitch.
With silks that match as nearly as possible llie colors found lu the natural
[ted. iu all Its iii li deep tunes. Is dls
tlnctly oriental and can be used for
the popples. The cherry blossoms are
worked wllh white and each petal is
tipped with pink     Leaves aud foliage,
Photo I'y American Press Association.
WISH   Ill'.LI N   MI LI.EH OOCIill.
Tbe engagement of Miss Helen Miller tlntllU, known as oue Ot the fore-
must ol vvultion philanthropists, io I'in
let .1. Sliepaid. II railroad man. of St.
l.ouis was receuMy announced bj bov
brother, George .1 Uould, at his home
lu Ukewood, N. .1.
���| ii-. news ul her engagement was u
Surprise tu inilUJ' ul her closest friends.
M,-- Uould Is now forty-four years uld
Bluet! Ibe death ol ber father, .lay
Oould, uu Dec. I.!. IS'J--.', which left her
one "I the richest women In America,
rumors of lier intended marriage have
la-en so often started and denied that
It had collie to be believed that Miss
���Gould would never marry.
Mi Shepurd. Miss (build's fiance. Is
Just one year ber senior and ls assist-
uut to the president of tbe Missouri
J'aclflc, Iron Mountain and Denver and
Itlo Grande railroads. Besides being a
railroad man of the highest reputation.
Mr Shepurd has many other claims to
distinction. He Is an all round athlete, icing particularly fond of golf,
tenuis and rowing. Is n baseball pitcher
nnd a fool ball player, lie Is kuowu to
liis friends as n lover of literature and
as ii musician and possesses uu unusually good baritone voice.
Mr. Shepurd Is very popular with the
rank and llle of the railroad men and
Since his connection wltb thc Uould
linen tins been un ardent supporter of
the philanthropic enterprises undertaken by Miss Uould.
Although MImh Uould nnd Mr Shepurd have been ncipialntcd for many
years. It was not until last March that
tliey became deeply Interested In each
oilier At that time Miss Uould made
o trip over the Uould railroads to Inspect the young Neil's Christian association blllldltigs Willi li have been
established chiefly through her Influence. Mr. Shepurd 111 his Official ca-
|nir|ty uccompauled Miss Uould and
lier party oil the trip over the Denver
mul uio Urn nde,
Miss Uould'a charities are probably
cn a larger scale than those of any
���oilier American woman. Her greatest
popularity was readied during the
<1u.\r of the Spanish American wnr.
v lion her efforts in liehnlf of American
soldiers and -sailors caused her to be
funked wllb riorencc Nightingale.
Miss Uoulil Is rather shy and retiring In her manner uud not at all fond
<f society! The wedding wlll probably
take place some time in January.
Many of the prettiest wraps for early
spring wear lull lo the hip only. This
little mantle ht White clotll Is gracefully draped under bunds of black velvet caught With pearl and Jet buttons.
It is worn with ll gown uf black char-
mouse, white buckskin oxfords having
jet buttons, and a black hemp bat. This
daring magpie combination is only tor
the devotee of fashion, but could be
modilied to suit conservative taste.
Points to Remember,
Never keep needles lu a iicedlebook
With the "leaves" made of flannel
The dressing in the woolen cloth is
Vei> apt tO rust Ihem. Make the
"leaves  ,,f your needlcbooks of small
pieces of chamois skin or bits of kid
���cm Irom your cast olT gloves. It Is
la -t tn have a small emery bag attached to the book or case In Which
Jour nee lies are kept,    in Case one of
tbem becomes rusted it can be cleaned
Jpy passing ll through the emery nev-
���eral times.
Hefore sewing belling on n wash
skirt shrink the bolting by pnuriin*
lulling water over It and letting II
soak therein for live or ton minutes
Iiry and Iron. If Ihls precaution Is
not token, the tlrst lime Ihe skirt is
���Washed the belt will shrink and In
���till probability wlll have to be taken
������off the skirt nnd made larger before
the skirt can lie worn ngnln. Save
yourself trouble nnd work by shrinking the la-It lirst.
Instead of putting machine stitched
Iiluiis or tucks In u luce blouse or one
of very lino mnterliil catch the tucks
���dowu with French knots. These enn
lie worked In nny shade you desire or
���pan be white nr the color that matches
the blouse. Net and Ince nre sure to
���brink when washed, causing the ma-
���chine stitching to pucker or break
.when lhe garment Is Ironed or pulled
Into shape. In an* case tbe French
knots iiiake a very attractive trimming.
Going by Oppoaltas.
*WhM Is your name?"
"Minnie, mum.
"All right, but we expect a mtil-
frum amount of work out of you."���
Houston Post.
coat DLorsR.
of oourne, must be done with green
silk, using the darker shades for tbe
cherry leaves and a gray green tone
for tho poppies,
i I'.oth wistaria and Iris blossoms lend
themselves   admirably   to   the   adorn
j ment of dress accessories.    These are
| worked wltb shades of violet and pur-
; pie, and both have rather vivid green
In the leafwork.
Japanese Iris mny be embroidered
with various rich amber shades. Am
bor  is   to   be eiceediiigly   fashionable
I during the coming season.
I if you do not wish to All in the en
tire surface of the flowers, they may
be  worked   with  the  long and  short
1 stitch   with   good  results.    Kven   the
! outline   stitch   Is   effective   when   fhe
j blossoms are very small.
Figures representing cranes, dragons
nnd small birds look well embroidered
1 on cloth nnd heavy satin for evening
wrnps French knots and darned work
can bo used fur these and furnish a
quick method of working. In these,
touches of gold nnd silver threads add
a richness Hint Is very pleasing.
Very charming Is the coat blouse seen
In Ihe cut accompanying the afternoon
frock of red silk. The sash arrauge
ment is new, nnd Ihe collar and tbe
sleeves are of sheer embroidery.
Sewing Room Hint
When darning a rent In woolen
goods and It Is Impossible to ravel out
llie   g Is   Itself   for   llirend   to  darn
wllh. use long hnlrs fnun yuur own
head The loose wenve of the wool
loses iiie hair In Its meshes, and *�� the
darn becomes Invisible.
The In-sI wny to clean rusty needles
Is to run Ihem up nnd down In the
���iirlh     Just go out In lhe garden and
stick  the  lies In the ground, tben
pull them out.
When bullous como off shoes nnd
vou sew Ibem ull ngnln run through
nil tlie oilier buttons with the same
thread with which yuu replace the
missing ones.    It wlll strengthen tbem
nil  I  make the next button sewing
n task far In the future.
Small   holes In  blnck  or white  kid
gloves can ensiiy bo mended with
court plaster, Cut the planter a little
inrger than the hole Itself nnd stick It
to the under part of the glove directly
over the hole, pressing the kid down
smooth on the sticky surface of tbe
plnster. This will Inst as long as tho
gloves themselves du.
If the |M)inl of your scissors breaks
the Jagged end may Ik- smoothed off
by rubbing It Oil n whetstone. Tho
point wlll Ik- uneven, but It will cut
sll right   	
For Cleaning Draas Clothes.
Now that the guy social season Is
lh full swing he of thc blnck brond
cloth evening suit mny like to know
how to remove the frequently occur
ring cream or Ice cream stnln from
dress cent (it trousers, if snch a spot
la Immediately rubbed with a napkin
dipped In strong blnck coffee It will dls
appear at once tnd uever more return.
New Dress Trimmings.
Black Is greatly in evidence.
Wool braids lu soft, dull colorings .
are used again.
Sometimes chenille is combined wilb !
shining rlhbou like braids in uuvel cf- I
Serpentine effects nre to bo used ou
BUlta. coats and tailored costumes.
If you are planning sumo iinusunl j
design use the new tubular braids und
work out something original.
Hnve you  seen the  button  braids?
They nre very new and quite different. |
For the tailored suit there are many
j "binding" braids, flat, shiny aud good
| looking.
I Newest of the new Is the astrakhan
1 braid, which is woven to look like aud
| does resemble the genuine fur.
Persian und oriental colorings aro
used lu tbo novelty trimmings and
braids,���Usually the nnrrow widths.
There will be plenty of lacelike tinsels and gold effects iu the evening
trimmings���dull and bright gold aud
silver in the different flnlsbe*.
Beaded trimmings, too. are to he
fashionable, nnd so aim will tie the
heavily embroidered trimmings - the
embroidery done on sheer net nnd
standing out In liold relief.
Cooking In Casserole Dishes Give*
Food a Nice Flavor.
The high cost of living Is u problem
that Is troubling many a wise person
and seems to overtax the poor housewife especially, The meal question Is
one of the most serious, as the Item
cuts are uluiost as expensive as Jewels, nnd the Cheaper cuts if cooked in
the ordinary way are so tough us to be
unlit tu eat.
There Is a solution to this problem.
it is this: Buy the cheaper cuts entirely und cook them "en casserole." Tbls
term may frighten tbe home cook, wbo
avoids French dishes as she wuuld a
Chinese puzzle, but there la nothing nt
nil terrifying about this style uf cooking tf one understands the art.
Fur the henoflt uf those who hnve
never used these "little brawn servants" let it be known that a casserole
set consists of one good sized covered
baking dish large enough fur a four or
five pound cut of meut, two open bilking bowls that may be used for such
articles as have to bo browned while
cooking and so need not be covered
and six squat brown "cocottes," or Individual dishes. The first cost of tbis
set will be saved a hundred times over
by the Inexpensive but delicious dishes
derived frum Its use.
All foods better for long, slow cooking
should lie prepared in one uf these tire-
proof covered dishes Tor Instance,
take an ordinary hot roast. It Is delirious cooked in a casserole.
t'se a roast from the round several
Im lies thick or any lean cul of beet,
for the casserole is to mnke it tender.
Willi a sharp knife make an Incision
like an addition sign through the meat.
In Ibis place ll slice or btlCOU, If preferred several Incisions may be made
ami several slices of baron placed
Braise tlie meal in hot fat until It Is
well seared, then dredge with salt, pep
per and limir Put lhe roast iu llie
casserole nnd pour over It siltttclenl
water to annost cover it. Place the
lid on and set tlie casserole where It
will cook ut a gentle beat for several
lu tbe little "cocottes" many savories may be made. Shirred eggs or
rice ami lamb mixed with tomato sauce
are cooked lo perfection In these dishes Oysters, too. may be cooked lu
these Individual dishes.
Puddings and desserts, which nro
better hot. nre well suited to this style
of cooking, ns the.* may be kept at a
high temperature without danger ot
The Laundry Bag.
Every bedroom should be equipped
with a good sized, strong and. if |H��s
Bible, artistic lauudry bag.
The bug seen tn the Illustration Is
one of the best liked models.   One ad
Western Hemlock's Value
Greater Than Thought
A great development along this tine
may be looked for when British Columbia consumers realize the true
value of the wood, and cease wasting
it at present.
*  wnaa.miA trsiredv    occurred    at Kgcrton   Street   Baptlat   congrcg.v
lihSow when SC5 m* "on, Undon. has -tended a call to
E5, committed suicide by hanging him- Uev. W. C. Riddlford, of 1 otcrboro.
Holf In bla barn. Israel   Kaufman   was   ao   seriously
Uev   lessic Whltlock   for fit years Injured  by being crushed by tx hoist
in Xto mini J         theMethodist In the Beverley Wood Spectality com-
church, died at Toronto, aged 89.      I i-any, Toronto, that he died.
Transparent Effects In Blouses.
The new blouses designed lo tie worn
with coat  suits sfiggest  trnnspiircney.
though  they  are really  quite opaque.
This effect ls achieved by mouutiug
Victoria, March 1'-!.- The Britibh
Columbia Forest Service hus data
showing that western hemlock which
Ib being cut In increasing quantities
on the coast, is a much more valuable
timber than was heretofore thought.
The sale ls increasing throughout
the province, some companies having
placed on the prairie market iu successful competition With Douglas fir,
on account of the lower freight rate
and the relatively smaller danRer of
splitting In nailing This latter reason makes it acceptable for jointing
and siding. At present the principal
use of hemlock In British Columbia
is In pulp manufacture, great areas
in the north being cut over to supply
this growing industry.
Authentic date Is lacking with regard to the durability of western
hemlock as compared with Douglas
fir and other woods. The general
impression Is that Douglas fir is the
more durable. A few experiments
made to determine the adaptability of
western hemlock to treatment with
liquid preservatives indicate that, as
compared to Douglas fir, it offers
about the same resistance to impregnation across the grain, but that It Is
easier to penetrate along the grain.
All Round Utility.
Wcsti rn hemlock Is well suited for
use in all but the heaviest construction work, as shown by results of
tests which have heen made, but up
to the present time it has had a llm-
ted use in bridges and tretles. It
has been used in some instances for
caisson construction.
A considerable amount is cut into
cross ties, Many of the western railroads use Douglas fir, western larch,
redwood and weBtern hemlock exclusively for tie material. A large percentage of those ties are laid without preservative treatment. Occa-
lonally it is cut into telephone or telegraph poles, but Its use in this form
has heen very limited.
ll has the requisite strength for
pole use and grows In such dimensions as to make it very suitable [or
this class of work. With a good treatment with Borne efficient preserving
fuid it should give good service as a
pole material.
Satisfactory Piling.
Though practically all piling in the
province Ib of Douglas fir. western
hemlock is used to a limited extent,
however, for this class of work and
lias apparently given satisfaction.
In liouse construction it is used n
great deal as a framing material Kor
'his class of work it serves as well as
Douglas fir, and locally commands the
same price. Western hemlock dimension stock in cargo shipments commands a lower price, however, than
Douglas fir, because of the prejudice
which exists against it.
When rut edge grain it makes   an
excellent flooring material.   It finishes
smoothly on account   of tho   uniform
texture of the wood and it also wears,
evenly.    It is not suitable for use   In
damp places on account of Its tendency
to warp under such conditions.
Beautiful    Finish.
As  a finish  lumber it has the advantage ot containing   practically no
oitch; it has a beautiful  grain, works
smoothly,   takes    Btain    readily,    and
when properly dried, will not shrink
ir swell materially under normal con
ditions. It presents a comparatively
hard surface and consequently doeB
, not mar easily.
Western hemlock slabs and edgings
are manufactured, into lath, and as a
j lath material ilTiKcqually as valuable
as Douglas fir'5r"other wood, lu this
form there is no distinction made an
: to species,  all pieces   of   a  suitable
1 form to make lath being thrown in together and used indiscriminately.
j It is used to a large extent for barrels and boxes for shipping foodstuffs.
For this purpose it serves admirably,
since wood ls odorless and tasteless.
London, March 12.--The Canadian
Chamber of Commerce ln I-ondon a.\>
about to institute enquiries concerning the possibility of establishing a
wholly British news service from Kngland to Canada. The Idea Is that tbe
provision of such a service might
stamp out fantastical Inventions regarding royalty and British institutions generally, which, lt Is said, are
repeated from America Into smaller
Canadian  newspaperB.
Single fare and one-third for round
trip, on sale March 20 to 24. Good
to return  up to March 26.
Week End tickets cn sale to local
points at Single Fare for Hound Trip
on   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Sundays.
New Westminste
Or H. W.  Brodle. G.P.A , Vancouver
B.C. Coast Service
I .leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m*,
2 p. m. and 11:45,
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. in.
and 11 p. m.
Leavea Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 p. m.
Leuws Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays.
leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p. m
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a. m. Monday,
Wotinesaay and Friday.
Leaves  Chllllwack    7    a.   m.    Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday.
BSD.  GOL'LET,  Agent,  New Westminster.
H.  W.  UUODIK. G. P. A..  Vancouver.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables in the city. Fine I Specialtv-Treatment ot the sculp
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting by Vibro-Massuge and Glover's Fani-
eventa bulletined. i0U8 Stimulating Tonics.
A. G. BEATON.  Proprietor. DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
Comer of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
vantage It possesses not found lu the
average   laundry    receptacle   Is    thn
I drop button. Instead of being stitched
firmly at the end there ia an envelope
Hup. secured witb buttons, which, when
open, allows the clothes room to drop
' through easily.
lil.i'lIHK or ni.L'K A.1D  OREKN illlFroN.
uie shade of chiffon over another and
putting net underneath This blouse
���oinhluea blue and creuin chilTon uud
Lengthening Sleeve!.
With the preponderance of long
aleeves 111 the realm of fashion, inlbiili
must bethink herself what to do Willi
the icutrtl of Inst season, perhaps a
I s'prl'r,', or, it may be, a lute winter
gown of chilli ur silk she wants to
bring up to date lu thla particular. A
very practical nud wllluil chic and
stylish way Is to remove the cuff ol
litre, silk or other decorative fabrics
from the elbow of the frock nud make
.1 lower sleeve III the form of a deep
nlT shaped to a point or lu rouuded
���iluutow   hue.     Worn   with   ll   tailored j effect nt top to extend over the end of
-uii of blue muhiilr, a nutty I urban oi
nine hemp and neat patent leather
hoots with buttoned tops of blue cloth
it will surely ex. Me admiration.
How to Earn Monty.
One wbo has the knack of sewing
can earn a aum of money by cutting
shirt waist patterns to order. Due woman cama her living In this way aud
began by milking Ihem fur her neighbors She cuts (hem out of cloth ami
ills them exactly, having neck bunds,
wahit line and cuffs right. She cuts
notches In the sleeves wbere they are
lo be si*will to the waist and explains
lust how Ihey are lo be sewed together.
She receives $l.'J."i for each pattern
Hew to Iron Fringa*.
Brush fringes on towels nnd tthle-
���lotlis with n whisk broom lierore Iron-
ng ami they will be light and fluffy.
James Carrol, of Toronto , who>
claims to be a McGill graduate, attempted to commit suicide In Philadelphia.
Fire at Vienna doalroyed eeveral
buildings In the buBlneae district; loss
between $20,000 and $26,000.
the upper sleeve. This may be piped
with silk or satin or braid trimmed at
edge, and Ihe cuff. It suitable, may be
designed to finish tbe sleeve nt wrist.
To Qlaza Linen.
Dissolve oue ounce of yellow soap
with halt an ounce of borax In oue
pint of hot water, add two teaspoon
fills uf glycerin, tbe satno quantity of
turpentine nnd a teaspoonful of coin-
men suit, with a quarter of a pound of
white starch, Then add a pint more
wuler. The great advantage of thla
preparation ia that tt keeps for months,
ind a polishing iron need not be used.
Cleaning Collar*.
When thc coat collar becomes soiled
tt tuny be cleaned In this manner: Dissolve oue part salt io four parts alcohol.
Apply tbls mixture wltb ��� sponge
���nd rub well.
Ontario and the United States have
united to examine the cauaca of pollution of boundary waters.
Montreal shipping agents eatlmate
that the immigration to Canada from
the British Ieles thla year will be close
tq a million.    ^, .,
All Telephones
Lead to
That's the number of the phone in the business office of
When yeu need help in your home, want to find anything lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News. Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
costs little.
We know that News classified ads. do the work, because dozens of satisfied users tell us so���but you can find
cut for yourself by testing their power. PA-OB EIGHT
Remember the Place
33 Eighth St.     Phone 2
Still a full line of Easter Novelties at very low prloes.   Come
. In and see our display.
No. 1 Dairy Butter, good for
cooking, per lh. 25c.
Apples, No. 1 Table, In a great
many varieties, per box $1.75.
Extraordinary Cooking Apples,
all wrapped and good quality,
per box $1.35.
18 Oranges for 	
Nice, large, juicy fruit.
Cross & Blackwell's Pickles per
bottle, 35c, 3 for $1.00.
Celery, per hunch  10c.
Cauliflower,  head    20c.
Cabbage, lb V/t*.
Onions,  bunch    5c.
Kadish,   hunch    5c.
Fresh Tomatoes, lb   15c.
Sausage Rolls, each    5c.
Meat Plea, each   35c.
Sliced Tongue, lb 60c.
Davies"  Eggs, 3 doz.  for $1.00
Public Supply Stores
U L.
If you were to be taken away
now, would lt be easy for some
one else to adminster your business and estate?
Probably not, and that is a
very good reason why you
should immediately make a Will
and appoint thla Company Executor.
When the time comes to adminster an estate, the average
man without experience hardly
knows where to Btart.
He gpents time and money
learning, and even then regrets
the time taken from his own
personal affairs.
Maybe the estate may require
a little money to finance for a
short period, and the average
man needs all his capital and
credit  in his own business.
How long would It take until
your business aud investments
were badly disorganized or Involved if not carefully looked
after, or in the hands of ono
yiithout the proper facilities.
It Is just theso very troubles
experienced in so many cases
that led the requirement and
formation of Trust   Companies.
The Dominion Trust Company
has paid up capital aud surplus
of $2,500,00(1.00.
Its business is to act as executor, and uny other business It
does Is quite us much a side line
to It ub llie handling of estates
is to the private executor.
It has the knowledge, ability,
reliability, capital, energy, experience, lo handle estates in
tin* ablest possible manner,
That is the kind of executor you
should have
It will be well worth your
while to cull in today and havo
a talk ahout this matter as It
concerns you.
Our Directors and Officers
will be glad to answer uny questions pertaining to your problems without cost or obligation
to you.
Dominion Trust
iny, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
The Misses Henderson will not received on Friday, March 14.
The tug Fearless has gone round to
Vancouver to be relitted with a new
The branch of the Bank of Montreal at Sapperton will be closed for
business on and after March 29. (845)
Only two more weeks and the skating rink will close down for the Burner months. Two sessions dally, afternoon and evening. (855)
The B. C. Electric railway carried
lll.H7G.600 passengers during 1912, an
increase of more than 2,700,000 over
the previous year.
Mr. I Spike) Hennessy wlll be one
of the contributors to a well selected
program for the concert in St. Patrick's hall, Monday, March 17.     (858)
Captain Gosse and his daughter,
Stella, who has heen attending the
Columbian college, called at the college yesterday evening.
The regular meeting of the Y. W. C.
A.- was. addressed last night by Miss
Kinley,' of the Girls' Uescue Home,
Vancouver. An interesting account of
the work was given, and instances re
lated showing the practical results
Kfeing gained from endeavors in this
The Y. M. C. A. was presided over
by Mr. J. Wheeler, and B, It. Gilley.
Columbian representative to the
students' convention recemly held in
Seattle, gave a very interesting report
of the three days' spent there in discussions of vilul questions pertaininir
to* young men.
Mr. Fred Taylor, Letter known per-
UapB as "Cyclone'' Taylor, of lhe Vancouver hockey team, and who last
night was the guest of Principal
Hetherington at tea, also spoke a few
worda, which met with high apprecia
Rev. Thompson, of Vancouver, formerly Roy Thompson of Columbian col
lege, also had tea with Principal and
Mrs. Hetherington last evening.
In proof that the domestic science
department is achieving practical re
sultB, the students gave a formal din
ner yesterday noon to Principal and
Mrs. Hetherington, Miss Evans and
Miss Smith.
Miss Florence Johnston wns ho3tec��
and Miss Pennington, teacher in thlp
department, acted as host. Miss Edith
Vlnce wns waitress and Miss Gertrude
Glover was "chef."
On Tuesday an enjoyable llttlt
afternoon tea was served hv the ad
vance students, the Misses Hazell and
Mias Pennington being the guests, and
Edith Vince. Gertrude Glover. Jessie
Clyde and Florence Johnston officiat
ing ln their various eapaci'.ies in the
In  The Courts
The Salmon Queen had a good trip
to the upper river fishing stations
returning Tuesday night with 700 lbs.
of salmon.
Miss Corbould left yesterday morning for Victoria where she will spend
thp week end. On her return she will
be accompanied by her sister, Mrs. E.
O. S. Scholelield and children.,
W, Day. electrician, agent for Hot
Point irons: flxtureB and wiring of
all kinds. Phons 1269, 28 Slith Btreet,
opposite Postoffioe. (760)
A benefit dance will be given in
McKay hall, llurnaby, tomorrow evening. The arrangements are being mad*
bv Mrs. I.avina Warburton, of Alta
Wo sell, rent and exchange sewing
machines. All our machines warranted. C. N. Edmondson & Co., corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. (752)
The presentation of diplomas toitielh "annual session of tho grand coun
nurse graduates of the Iloyal Colum- I Oil of British Columbia of the order
blan   hospital   fixed   for  Friday  even
Polyglottic  Court
Another language was heard yesterday In the polyglottic courts of New
Westminster and a new interpreter
added to the already numerous list of
those who have the gift of tongues.
John Joseph, an Armenian, charged
with attempting to corrupt witnesses
In the trial of two Uussians and two
Greeks for robbery with violence, was
committed yesterday for trial to a
court of competent jurisdiction by Mr.
J. Stilwell Clute, district court magistrate.
The evidence of the principal witness, Ergen Karoff, was to the effect
that accused approached him and Bald
If he did not give evidence against.
thc prisoners the money would he
made up to him threefold, whereas If
he persisted in giving evidence and
the men were convicted they would |
serve a term of years and witness lose
his money. Witness was one of the
victims who had been  robbed.
In cross-examination Karoff said no
actual money was offered but accused
avowed he knew a man who would
give three times the amount taken, If.
the case were dropped The conversation took place In Russian and Turkish.
Members Gather In Westminster from
All Parts of the Province.
The Ancieht Order of United Work
men gathered in the Kagles' hall yes
terday on  the occasion of the twen
Your   Easter   Gown
ing has been postponed until the
evening of Wednesday, March 19, In
the Richard McBride school, Sapperton.
Your last chance to learn to skate
expires at the end of March. Two
sessions at the Queens park rink
daily. (855)
Send your spare table, chair, refrigerator, sewing machine or anything else you wish to dispose of to
Benzie's Auction Mart, 638 Clarkson
street.    Prompt returns. (786)
Tho steamer Westham came up
river yesterday and docked at the
Brunette sawmills where she will
take on a cargo of empty salmon
cases for the canneries. The West-
ham brought a cargo of tin plate to
the B. ('. Cannery from Vancouver.
Now Is the time to build your fence.
We have a few more of those fancy
topped picketB which we are closing
out at one-half price. Walsh Sash &
Door Factory, (838)
St. Patrick's night will be celebrated
in East Burnaby by an Irish concert
in Edmonds public hall on Monday
���evening, Irish songs and stories redolent of the "Ould Counthry" will
ligim- prominently on an excellently
selected program. A humorous sketch.
"Biddy from Cork," will also he given
by a party of artists from Vancouver.
The latest popular music Is played
by the Westminster band In attendance at the skating rink every evening
and Saturday afternoons. Admissions
15 and 25 cents, afternoons; 40 cents
evenings. (855)
Money to loan from $50 to $500 nt
12 per cent. No delay. Loans granted
in rotation. Strictest privacy. Repayment arranged to suit your own convenience. James Ward, P.O. box 666,
Vancouver. (847)
. Does your carpet need cleaning'
Is it full of dirt and germs? We
have a powerful vacuum cleaner
I'bono liSX. Denny & Ross, tile Big
Furniture Store. (826)
Tlie S.S. Trader l"ft tlie city harbor
Iyesterday  for Victoria wiih  a cargo
��� made uii of two carloads of condensed
imilk from the ii  C. Condensing com
pany,   Chilllwaok,   u  carload  of  nsllf
from the Westminster Wire and Nail
company, ornamental Iron   from   thi
Westminster Iron Works und   general
To Contractors and Builders. We
are now prepared lo furnish you with
! land   gravel   crushed   rock,   cement
Three sessions were held yesterday
the majority of the time at which was
devoted purely to business. At tlu
morning session an address of wel
come was received from Mayor Gray.
The sessions will be resumed at 8
o'clock this morning.
The following committees were ap
pointed yesterday:
Distribution ��� Brothers     Davey,
Distribution���Brothers Davey, Ma-
caulay and Cope.
Appeals���Brothers Wilson, Knight
and Gawley.
Good of the order Brothers Mc
Ewen, Harrison and Halliday.
Press    Brother W. Scowcroft.
The reports showed that the order
was steadily Improving, both In mem
bership and financially. In delivering
his address of welcome Mayor Gray
outlined some of the improvements
contemplated for New Westminster
during coming years.
Rev. Owen Bulkeley Gives Fourth of
Series���Next on  April  2.
The Rev. Owen Bulkeley of South
Vancouver gave the fourth of his
series ot lectures on Church history
in  St. George's hall  last night.
The story and pictures dealt with
the stirring dark days from the accession of Elizabeth to the cIoec of the
reigns of William  and  Mary.
Particular stress was laid on the interpretation of church and state, the
long struggle among the three ;artiep.
Roman. Puritan and English for supremacy, the temporary eclipse of thc
church under Cromwell, the dispossession of the clergy and the eomin.!
again into her own uf the church
through lhe restoration of Charles II.
Pressure of time made It necessary
to divide the lecture 4nt0 two parts,
the second of which will be glveu on
April 2.
Civil  Actions.
His honor Judge Iloway has handed
down written Judgments for the defendants in the co-Joined eases of
White vs. Dawson and White vs. Lew. i
These actions were for commission
on land Bales by M. D. White, real
CBtate agent, New Westminster,
against William Dawson, farmer,
South Westminster antl Frank Lew,!
Chinese restaurant keeper, New West-1
Mr. White sued Mr Dawson fori
$275, being commlsion at the rate of,
2 1-2 per cent on land transactions of
$4000, $3000, $2000 and $1000, alleged ;
to have been effected through his
agency or  introduction.
Defendant admitted $75 and denied
that the other sales were effected
through  Mr.  White.
The action was dismissed.
In the case of White vs. Lew the'
facts and circumstances were virtu- j
ally the same as in the preceding action and the suit was dismissed with j
Mr. J. S. Potter of Adam S. John
ston,  represented  the  plaintiff.
Mr. H. L. Edmonds of Whiteside k
Edmonds, represented the defendants.
Judgment for  Plaintiff.
Ills honor decided the action by the
Walsh Sash & Door Factory Company.
New Westminster against A G. Hamilton, South Fort George, in favor of
the plaintiffs for $223, with costs. The
sum sued for waB $243.
The evidence adduced in the case
showed that Mr. Hamilton had regular business dealings with the plaintiff company and had sent a "rush"
order for material to the amount sued
The order was written on note
paper belonging to the Cariboo Hardware Company and the goods were
shipped per th" C.P.R. to that firm.
although the invoice was received by
Mr. Hamilton Informing hitn the goods
were so shipped.
Owing to the fact that Mr. Hamilton was mulfted in $20 more freight
than he would have been lf the goods
hail been shipped to him direct, lie
accordingly refused delivery of the
The court, however, cculd not see
after deducting tlie excess freight I
charge of $20, gave decree for plain-'
tiff with costs.
Mr. J. S. Potter of A. S   Johnston,
j for plaintiff.    Mr.  G.   L.  Cassady of
| .McQuarrie, Martin A Cassady for defendant.
Chinamen   Forfeit   Ball   .
Seven Chinamen forfeited their bails
of $20 each In default of appearing at
the police court yesterday morning, to
answer charges of frequenting two
opium dens Ten chinamen were ar-j
rested In these places, six In one and
four In tho other, but only three
faced Ihe magistrate. They were remanded until today.
Two white men  were also remand-
ed  until  today uu  a  charge of  vag-1
rancy to enable the police to Investigate another uffalr in which they arc I
suspected to have bore u hand.
Swell New Costumes that represent the most up-to-
date Novelties in Fashion Centres.
We call your attention to one in particular, No. 1750.
Made from*a very fine close woven English Serge,
tailor-made, lined with Helding's Satin; slur protectors; button trimmed, vesting cord   <feOO CA   I
and skirt strictly tailored.   Price     ��p*iiO��ovr
Other lines we show at $25, $30, $35 to $50.
Street Suits made from excellent home d>OA r*.rv
spuns and all wool Cheviots, nicely lined ��P��UeUil
A Well-Fitting
Adds materially to the appearance of your costume.
The new style just in of
"American   Lady   Corsets"
we have found to be just
what a great many of our
customers have wanted. In
style and fit they leave nothing to be desired.
Prices are reasonable too, $1.50, $2.00, $3.00 and $5.00.
Has been reinforced this week by new aditions right
from the factory. New Corset Covers, new Cotton
Skirts and Night Robes.
"Try New
Life," Just
the Thing for
That "Spring
Our New
Hats fer
Men are
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
the blasting  bylaw.    T   II. Grant, of
New Westminster, was mulcted $1 and
costs, and Ken Scott, of t'ollingwood.
$2,50 and costs for  peddling  without
a license.    Both wore ordered to take '
out licenses If ihey wished to continue I
soliciting   business   in   Uurnahy.     For
removing a sidewalk without llrst re- j
cetving permission from the municipal
authorities, James Itohertaon, of Vun- !
couver, was assessed $2.5:1.   This cciu-
was justified  In  his  pleading and   prised the morning's list.
Canada'sFire Loss
For January
During January $H,013.385 worth of property waa
lire lu Canada, and 14 lives were lost at these llrea.
the  loss  waj  $1.76��,905.
destroyed   by
ln December
Amusing Program to Be Given by the
Knights of St. Stephen.
After several weeks' careful practice the Knights of Kt. Stephen wlll
give an entertainment in si Stephen's
Presbyterian church on Thursday evening.
Twenty boys will take part In the
program producing "The Old Iiistrict
School," an amusing portrayal of a
country school of 40 years ago. I|   ,,���hll  llm|   ���_,,,,   y���ng   w,.���,    ,
By special arrangement of the paj-U flVa dollars and  costs  for  peddllm
many laughable local  references have   without   a  license  and     John    Chun
boen   introduced,   iimti  of  Uu-  best seven dollars and costs for a slmllai
known  people and  nearby  places  tig- offence,     All   of   Hid  Celestials   wer*
uring   prominently. \{n.lu  Vancouver.
Blasting   By-law.
rosd,   wn
Fletcher Eaton.
Mr. Thomas Henry Fletcher, druggist and MIeb Lottie Gertrude Katon,
both of Vancouver were murrled at
the parsonage of the officiating paB-
lor, Uev. W. W. Abbott, Queen's avenue and Sixth street ut 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The ceremony waB
of a ((ulet nature.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 706 Columbia St.
Burnaby  Court. Forty   years   In   use,   20   years  the
Edmonds, March 12.   A number cf L.    _, .__, ,,._,., ���_.      _,__,
breach  of  by-law  oases  Occupied  ,,���.   Standard, prescribed and recommend
attention Of Magistrate  Beatty In the led by physicians.    Far  Women's All
municipal police court t_his morning !      ,
Pour Chinese, i.uk Sing, Pung Lung !menu-
your druggist.
Dr.  Martel's  Female  Pills, at
Much   cure
training   and   costuming   oi   an   incise i     ,;    ,-,,    ...   (|     iM!  |,,,,
and   time.    Offioe  phone  826,    Wharf j who are to t.Ute pari and the boys are
has   been   taken   In   the
costuming   of   all   those
phone 880,    B. C.
Transport Co.,  Ltd
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 ^ch
Values to $8.50
The Westminster Dancing club will
hold   the  first  of  a  Belies  of  social
I dances In  St.   Putrlrk  Hall on Satur-
iday evening.   Rushton's orchestra wlll
be in attendance, dents $1. ladies free.
Dancing  8:46  lo  11:46 o'clock.   (848)
In  the current Issue of the    Labor
Qazette, Issued by the department of
labor at Ottawa, an  item  appears regarding the sale of the Clirf Can company al  KaBl  llurnaby to the American  Can  com pany  stating "as a consequence a number Of men are out of
employment,    From 40 to    100   men
I were employed In this establishment."
i Just, where the correspondent got hla
| figures Is a little perplexing, llie real
situation   being   exactly   the   opposite,
I more  men  being at  work  in  the  BSSt
, llurnaby  plant  Ihan  heretofore.
Do honor Io    the    memory    of    St.
Patrick by attending the concert lit
181   Patrick's hall on thu evening   of
! Mareli   17. S.r,R)
MS Columbia Btreet     ^
The members Of the New Westminster Caledonian Society nre planning
I another social affair which Ih Scheduled to tuke pluce In St. Patrick's
hall on Thursday evening, April 3.
Messrs. Beaton, Boyle and llorland.
the oommlttee In charge, have gained
| the promise of   s large   number   of
-to'iltlsh people living In Vancouver
who wlll ho over on the evening of
the uffalr wearing the full regalia of
the Highland clans. Many KcoUIhIi
residents are preparing for tho affair, which promises to even excel
Phone 465'th.. soduls ot the past winter.
prepared to give a concert th-ii i
win please their audienoe and do ere- i
dit to themselves.
'lined 12.60 and costs for u branch ol
THE B. C. E. R. FRANC'ir
North Bumaby, March 12.- \ Inn:'
and enthusiastic audience of rate
payers gathered in the Hastings drove
store thlH evening to hilar Councllloi
Fau Vel give an account of hll
stewardship during Ihe past year, i> I
learn the program of the Burnaby
Council for the coming year and also1
take pari In a general discussion ai
to the merits of the II. C. .���:. It. franchise which it Ih proposed to resubmit
before the electorate Home time In the
very near future.
Councillor Fau Cel expressed him
self very much In favor of ngaln sub
milting the by-law, and his remarks
were punctuated by applause from Ihe
Port Moody, March 12, Owing to
(ho IllnelS of Mr. A. Noble, one of the
Jurors and the fact lhal Pilot Ober
chain of the freight train was still In
tlm hospital at Vancouver, the inquesl
Into the death or the five Hindus lu
the recenl train smash here was adjourned again today by Coroner A. I,.
McQuarrie to Thursday! March 20 in
the afternoon.
-Ilmkeninn Abbott who was to have
been reexamined thin afternoon was
In attendance but on account of the
absence of Mr Noble IiIh evidence was
not tuken
Boundary Bay
Maple Beach Park, being a sub
llvli on 1 Hn- historic eld Whalon
estate at Point Roberts, Wash., is al
las: on lhe markel in 60x100 feet lot
frouliug broad streets und with per
pelual lunch privileges. This ha
been the camp ground for scores Ol
local people for years. The lots an
u'iling   fast,   many   people   proeuiin:
the locations they bad occupied   Bl
tenants for yearH.    Prices $880 nud up
wards, easy terms,   Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
Revised and complete lo date, show
Ing public building*, principal Industries, railway tracks aud number ol
Iota.   Kvery street plainly marked.
Kvery buslneaH man needs ono.
Largo size, 9x3 feet; also pocket
Room  2��  Hart  Building.
Have you never heard
about the "YALE?
Gasoline Engines?
Ij-et us send you a.
circular describing
Made  In  New  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Work*
Heaps   Engineering  Ce.,  Ltd., New Weetmlnster.	
Home For Sale
No.   1 ��� Ilere  la  a  splendid home for salo cheap,    lu a good locality near Queeu'B Park and new school.
It  haa  seven   large  comfoi table  rooms  with  every  modern convenience;   full  basement!   on  a large lot, 60x1.12  feut.
Thla plane la below value nnd   Iho  terms  nre  t.urli   that   ulmost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750 CASH, balance monthly.   If you want to buy
n homo let us show ynu this place.
Agents for  Pacific Coast Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1B9t.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, r mploysrs'   Liability.  Automobile and
Marine Insurance.
SUITS for Ladies and men
receive best attention NOW.
<A   Lome   Street.   New   Westminster
Guaranteed  now    laid  cksb,   Ibree
dozen for $1.00.
Oranges 20 for 2Cc.
CodllHh,    l'"renh
l.imtoni  Oysters,
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phone SB. 447 Columbia Strtef.
Lawn Grass Seed, White Clover, etc.
701 Columbia Street
Phone 57


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