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The New Westminster News Mar 29, 1913

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 Nsw Wsstmlnstsr.
What attractions does New Westminster off or ludustrles?   Trackage
and  waterfront sites, railways and
ocean  transportation.
Winds   mostly
erly;   temperaturi
��5    .1-
��� I
Brighter News From Ohio
and   Other   Stricken
Thrilling    Episodes    Recited    Where
Men and Women Risked Their
Llvoa to Save Friends.
jspltal   Board   Reject   All   Tenders
and   Will   Qlvo City   Firms  a
Chance  to  Did.
Tho board of directors of the Hoyal
Columbian hospital at a meeting yesterday rejected all tendera submitted
for tho furajBblngs of tlio new hospital
on the grounds that local firms whu
gave (luuuclal support towards the
erection uf the new buildings should
be given an opportunity to bid un tht
Now specifications for tho furnishings wlll be prepared alter which a
call for tenders will be advertised for
Thla Ib expected to give New
Westminster firms sufficient tlmo ty
Flood   Maters   receded   sufficiently
last  night  to  show   that  the number
of persons drowned In all the affected ISO days
cities In  Ohio and   Indiana may    not j
exceed 500.    While many persons are tinder bids,
still missing to friends and relatives. |    The special
Investigations  made  today    Indicated | examine  ���	
that  many  wero Bafe  wbo had  been  Previous call recommended that a To-
thought lent ronto  firm  by  tho  name of  Murray-
ln Dayton' careful estimates placed   Ka>'  *"-' K|ven  tho contract.    The, re-
the number of deaths at 200 or fewer, I commendation  was blocked   however,
.by   Alderman   Kellington,   Mr.    J.    J.
| Johnston  aud   Mr.  T.   J.  Smith   who
When British Columbia Entered Federation Agreement Was Made That Federal Authorities Would Build Wagon Road Across Province Which Has Not Been Done���
This Was Important Announcement of J. D. Taylor, M.P. at Board of Trade Meeting Last Night���Post Office May Be Placed in "A" Class.
of ths    regular ; In connection with the post office. !,Ir. | maikit extension  was constituted as
of Trade    last  1). 3. Curtis drew attention to the fact j follows:    Messrs. I). S. Curtis, J. W.
wagons : Cunningham, Otway  Wilkie,    ***     ���
committee appointed to
the tenders received on  the
although a meeting of undertakers us
sorted that the total might reach 800
Relief work went ou rapidly In Dayton
and all flirts of the city were
ColumbuB wlll havo the next largest
loss of life, GO bodies already having
bi-on found lu tho Inundated portion
of West Columbus.
Unverified figures for Minnilsburg
Ohio, give 50 dead, but In all other
flooded cities the figures fell off rapidly as relief expeditions covered the
Mount Vernon did not confirm    Its
took the stand that tho directors would
be fully Justified In granting the contract to a New Westminster firm even
if it were 10 per cent higher than that
of the eastern concern, chiefly for the
sake of keeping the money in the city.
A tender from a local firm which
! ran 10 per ceut higher than that of
the Murray-Kay concern was received
aud on this the argument ensued.
Miss Wright, Mrs. Reid, Mr. T. J.
i Smith and Miss Scott were appointed
| a special committee to prepare uew
specifications   which   when  completed
During the course
meeting of the Board ..   .     .__        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
night  Mr. J.  D. Taylor   made    some  that In  Vancouver new mall
vary  Important    announcements    and i were bulug used tor tho collection of   Butcher and A. 1'. McDonald.
suggestions.    He stated that he would   let era,   while  New   Westminster  had
snertiy  urge upon the postal authorl-  none.
'.lea the placing of the New Westmin-:     Mr. Taylor stated that tho preaent
atcr post office on a full  city stand- contract for tlie collection of mall lu
this city  was let on  condition    that
tlio cou:ractur supply Uie regular rod
wagon  aud     theu  launched  into  his
scheme for the Improvement of   tho
standing  of  the  post   office.    He  dc-
W.    F.
Ing; announced the enactment cf a
good roads bill by which every province would be granted a certain sum
towards road building; revealed the
fact that at thc time British Columbia
threw In lt�� lot with the federation ��t, ^ma^ma^mmmmmmmmmm^^^^^^^^^^^       _ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Canada   the   federal   authorltlea   had; superintendent  of   posts!  matters   In I^ ^ Ne^'WesUninstar branch  be
Home Re-unlon,
It was decided to organize a Home
Reunion branch In the city on the
recommendation of the special committee appointed to Investigate the
proposition. It was stated that aueh
an association would be of much benefit to the city and suggested that It
be formed with 2G guarantors $200. It
Anchors    and    Hsad    Sails    Gone���
Crtw Run Vssssl  Ashore Near
Halifax, N.S., March 28���The American achoouer Quickstep, Captain
Mathews, Is ashore at Bpoech cove
near here, after a terrible night's
experience In Ihe Hay of Kundy.
All day yesterday and well Into thr
night the crew battled with thc gale
In nn endeavor to bring the Quickstep with her valuable cargo of flsh
Into port, but finally with both
anchors and head sails gone, they
were compelled to beach her. lt Is
thought that the Quickstep Ib not
seriously damaged and will be ablo
to resume her voyage to Eastport,
lared that he would shortly visit the  "r���""",'"~".,'���""" r"j",v,���VVi.��     .. .-,,-
. ._,  __..    ,_   was also suggested that the activities
previous report of 50 dead and no oon^ftfjji b��� presented to tbe full board of
flrmntlon   was  had    of    32    reported [directors for approval,
drowned at Venice, Ohio.
Chlllicothe  and  Tiffin,  Ohio,  where
'hero bad been reports of DO or more
diad. each had found  100 corpses up
to midnight.
The best figures from Plqua give u
death toll of 50 persons. Fremont and
Middletown. Ohio, each hns 11 d"ad
Troy 9, Maasillon 5, and Zanesvllle 4
The Indiana total drowned receded
to fewer than 50, distributed as follows: Peru 20, Hrookvillo 16, Fori
Wayne 6. Terre Haute 4
No bodies have been found In West
Indianapolis,   where  at   one time    us ���
many an L'UO deaths were reported.
Rivers Rltt.
With   the   aituatlon   somewhat   nlle- I
vinted in the flood swept districts of
Ohio  and     Indiana,    a  new    menace
threatened   tonight   In    tho    rise   of!
rivers In the southern volleys of both j
states.    At Cincinnati the Ohio swelled  by  Its    tributaries    caused    alarm
and,   although - the   situation   hau   not I
yet   reached  nn  acute stage, reports
from neighboring Kentucky towns In
dlcatsd thnt warning had been issued
lo  the  Inhabitants  to  seek  polntB  of
snfety  frnm   the  rising river.
In   Indiana   alarm   was  felt   In     tlie
valleys    of  the     Ohio.  Wabash    and i
White    rivers,    but    ample    warning '
Kirv.il   iu   a   measure   to   reduce   thf" i
Whilo  no less  of life has occurred j
In the pew  threatened districts,    In j
dlcatlons  from  Cincinnati    are    thnt
conditions   are   becoming   worse.     At j
Covington, Ry., more than r,no houses
are under water.
In Boutherh Indiana fear cf a new
flood wsb especially felt at New Al
Inny.   Bvansvllle,   Terre   Haule.   snd
Vlnoennes.   Ample warning, however.
(Continued on Page Four.)
Engage   Band   of   Roughs
Armed With Bad Eggs-
Exciting Scenes.
promised a construction of
road across the provimv, a promise
that had not so far been fulfilled; endorsed Mr. D. S. Curtis' project for
the establishment of a large local Industrial exhibit at the annual fair, snd
promised that if such were made that
he  would   have one of    the    federal
n-.lnis'.era open the exposition. ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The member further stated that the : would be much improved.
grain commissioners fully realized the | Gocd Roads.
possibilities of the Fraser river and I Discussion on the good roads bill
New Westminster's harbor and he was by ths member was ralBed through
convinced that In thjlr report to the I tbe statements of Mr. W. J. Kerr re-
govern rnent they would ur^s that New'porting for the good roads committee
Westminster   ba   taken   Into     serious'   '"     ~ ���-.**���*.    ... u- ,.,
connideratiori when It came to the al-
standard.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
If his mission  wero successful and
he had every reason to believe it
I would be thc employees of tho    post
ofrice would got better wages, a New
I Westminster postal guido similar to
I that issued ln Vancouver would be
'published    regularly   and   conditions
C. N. R. Line Through Citjr
Is Decided on���Expected
1,6,003,000 Will Be Spent In Port I
and This City���Farry
wagon | Vancouver to urge the raising of tho  coun,7ed'within ^following bounds:
Highland Park cu tho west aud north
Abbutsford on tho south and Pitt
river cn the east.
Land Settlement.
Introducing the land settlement
problem President Lee suggested that
something be done to see why the
people were not comtng Into the valley. He did uot wish to leave the
Impression that the land was not
settling up. It was settling, but not
settling quickly enough. He said that
thc B. C. E. R. offered splendid trans-
Son Follows Father to the
Electric Chair at Rich-
mend Jail.
of the Board of Trade.   Mr. Kerr said  portatlon  for �����*�������.,JA"***
that the  Victoria  people objected  to  PrlcrB _m>hA b? t0�� hlgh.
Richmond, Va., March 28.���Mumbling a prayer and crying half audibly
that he was ready to go, Floyd Allen.
lawless     product  of   the  Virginia
location of the grain tcrmlnala.
Market Scheme,
ln addition to receiving and
epon Mr. Taylor's suggestions
business of a most Important
wai transicted nt the meeting
market and produce committee
ed f r the purnoRe of furtTirrir'; the
Scheme for the broidenlng of the
scope of the New Westminster market was constituted; the organization
of nn Imperial Home Re-unlon Association branch In this city wns de-
e'di'd upon; the problem <f land
settlement ln the Fraser valley was
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  d^cussed   and   the   market   and   pro-
���  jduce   committee   Instructed   to   thor-
,.,���,,, . ,        ' roughly   Investigate  the   reason   why
London    March 88.- Protected by Bk,  farni   lande  ,n  thft FrRS6r v(lUe,.
bodyguard of bosky   duck   workers. \       nol bM.om,     Mttled n3 fM, M
M.ss Scott-Troy, of    ban    I-rancisco. lth     Bhou,d; am, Mr r       e Ku���nt,d,
the granting of the    Dominion
sidles for road buildln
of    population.    They
on the basis lings by President Lee for the excellent
desired    that iwork he had done for New Westmlns-
meney be given according to area toter  ln  Ottawa,   following  which   the
which  course,   however,  the  Ontario  member gave his address as already
nature  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The:people had raised objection
Cow  Testing   Stations,Wll  Be  Established In tlie Fraser Valley���Visit
Of Officials.
Mr. Henry Hive, provincial dairy Inspector who Is nt present engaged in
establishing cow testing stations In j
the various agricultural districts of
the province and .Mr V. lljorsen who
Is muklng a tour of the Fraser valley
classifying breed stuck, owned by the
farmers, for the Dominion government
were visitors to the city yesterday
and held a conference with Mr, 1). F.
MacKenzie, market clerk.
Mr.  Hive has already arranged  for
the establishment    of   several  cow
testing station In thc Fraser valley.
Two will be situated about Chilliwack.
one at Langley and another ln the
Delta. He expects to leave on a tour
nt Vancouver island shortly and en
gage in similar work there.
The stations aro being established In
order that thn dairymen may bo in n
position to have uniform and regular
IobIb made of tho product of each lndl
vidual cow for the purpose of finding
out  the merits of each animal
The Idea Is to educate the
to   Intelligently   build   up
wiih valuable cows instead of feeding
and milking cattle that may not be
worth tho time nnd trouble. An offi
cer will he stationed at each Station,
Mr. HJorsen Is a member of the mil
mal health department of Ottawa anil
la touring the Fraser valley at pros
ent examining the record and performance of pure bred dairy Btock.
More Immigrants Arrive.
Winnipeg, March J8,���This morn-
lug's train from St. Paul brought in
1F,0 Immigrants bound for Saskatoon,
Kilmonton, Hoglna and other points.
A largo number of Iliitisliers also arrived today and left tonight for the
west over the Grand Trunk Pacific
and Canadian Northern rnllwayo.
In ailing a delegation of American and
English    nntfnigct'os.    tonight   seven-1
id, d   Miss Zulle  ISlhorson, of Detroit,
the  militant suffragette who is on a!
hunger  strike  In  iiolloway  Jail  set-zing  out  a  two  months'  sentence for '
bn nklng   windows.
The   antl-euftrojlsts   bad   hind   a]
hunt of roughs wbo were armed with
had eg;;s, stale Vegetables and other
, objectionable things for use  as missiles.   They were on the ground with '
the intention of breaking up the demonstration of sympathy with    Miss j
i Emerson, but  the    presence    cf the i
j stronj? armed dnekmen deterred then:
| from  making  the slightest manifests"
j lion of hostility.
The   Buffragettes   had   sntlclpatod:
trouble and had hired a deaf coruetint.
.who could not be disconcerted by. the I
hoots or jeers of the anti-suffragettes.
Baron Von Hoist, cf San Francisco,
acted as master nt ceretpontes.
Standing close to the wall of the
jail and accompanied by the eorn"'!st
the serenaded sung the "Star
Spangled Banner," "Dixie," "Wiv
Down Upon the Swanes Kiver," "The
Battle Hymn nf the Republic," and
other patriotic American songs.
After the serenade Mlsn Trov war.
presented with an illuminated honorary membership in the dockers' union
as ii testimonial of the gratitude of
tlie men for her support during the
dockers' Bjrllto two years airo. when
she fid  thousands of their children.
Ill striking contrast to the demon
stritlnn ui Iiolloway Jnll was n
suffragette meeting held across the
street wlthoul the protection of a
b> dv guard. The speakers al this
meeting were howled down by tha
mob. At the conclusion of the soren<
repiftlng on  post office,  matteri announced thai flip    rates    on    postal
orders would be reduced shortly.
Post  Office  Matters.
A discussion on post office matter*
llr. Taylor explained that the main
reason why the subsidies had been
based on the population of each province was to avoid it being thrown out
as had been done last year.
Mr. Kerr thought It would be a
good Idea if the money was spent on
the construction of the Canadian
highway, to which Mr. Taylor replied
that it was the idea of the Dominion
government to co-operate with the
provincial governments in the spending of the money and that the provincial governments would havo the
allocation of it.
!    The   b-^ard   received   the   member's
suggestion    favorably    and Instructed
the good reads oommlttee to take up
the mattpr.
The market and produce committee
J. ll Taylor was extended greet- i raounta'nB' *hoBe frefuB111 ,t0 MC'��* a
.. . i short prison term for a minor offence
led to the wholesale court murder In
Hillsdale one year ago, limped to the
death chair in the state penitentiary
today, eleven minutes ahead of Claude
Swanson Allen, his son.
The Bentence of tlie court, held up
for six hours while desperate dramatic
A  letter from  the   Progressive  as
soclation urging that the different or
wnlzations in the city endorse a "Bu>J-or;'~-re ^        -d ���
B. C. Produce   campaign was referred | condemneu- mpn bBy pleventh hour'ap-
to tho trade and commerce committee
Industrial   Committee.
It  Is very  probable that  an  Indus
trial  investigation  committee will  Nl^ja to~tita~onarge of the situation,
formed  shortly.     Mr.  J.    IL    Duncan^ , superintendent,    acting
stated that he had approached Mayor , "h   ,       Uad d      * 0.c,ock
Gray on the matter who had suggest-    h     mornlng t0 ntfer the  execution,
ed that such a body be composed of    m      AUorney Generai Williams an
Within the next few days annoanee-
i-u'iits are expected in connection with
the arrangements the Canadian Northern railway has made In regard to
their tracks running through this eity
from Port Mann. The plans have been
completed and will te forwarded immediately to the minister of railway*
of the province for his approval. Mr.
F. tl. Gamble .the provincial Inspector is acquainted with the plana and
it is expected that they will meet with.
the approval of the Victoria authorities within tho next few days so that
they can be filed at the land registry
office ln this city.
The route frcm the Fraser river
bridge through the city via Prout
Btreet has been marked out stakes being located along the line of route.
The tracks will pass through the
C. N. R. property formerly owned by
the Royal City Mills and following.
along close to the waterfront west or
the Trapp ranch where a bridge will
be constructed over the North Arm to
Lulu Island.
The land known as the Trapp ranch
will be used as freight yarda. Jtust
what kind ot a bridge the company
will construct across the North Arm
has yet to be determined. A high le��el
bridge Is considered the best way of
bridging the river but the high cost
of the samo wlll enter Into the dia-
cussion so that a low level structni-w
may be built. Thla, however wonld
ni.an a swing span in order to allow
the niial ltug boats to pass up and
down the stream which the company
hope to obviate.
The . line  will  continue  from
peals to Lieutenant Governor Ellison.; tjie Trapp ranch to a point near Road
speedily was ordered to proceed when | Ftvf, on , ���,,, ]siaDd where a site haa.
Governor Mann hastened back to \ ir I be(.n selected for a ferry terminal eon-
necting  the  mainland  with  the  lines
on  Vancouver Island.
Mr. Swau. the resident engineer of
the company, informed The News that
the location ot the wharves are Ideal
a committee from the Progressive aB-  opportunity to pass upon the constitu- \ tor the purpose as something like 3&
soclation publicity committee of the
council and u committee from the
board of trade.
Messrs. Kerr, Small and Curtis were
appointed to make arrangements for
a luncheon to be held in honor of the
new mayor and councillors of Coquitlam   and   Pert   Moody   to   be   elected
preceded   Mr.  Tuylor's  announcement   which   will   further   tho   Bcheme     for!shortly.
tlonal right of Lieutenant Governor
Ellison to interfere.
But the son of Governor Mann
reached his father in Philadelphia by
telephone leBB than an hour after the
delay had been ordered and the gov-
ernor was back in Richmond nt 11:30
In   hiB   office   at   the   state   prison
feet of water is available at that point.
Clearing work has ttarted at th&
site tor the wharves near Wocdward'a
Slough although the wet woather or
the past two days has hampered operations.
Tbe work on the trestle Is proceed-
In;., some Ii00 feet of piling being already   in   place.    The  piling  work  is
Miss  Strong  Will  Receive
$2100 per Annum���Lcrd
Lister School.
The municipality of Fraser Mills
came Into existence last Tuesday.
March L'I. when an order In council
was passed by Ihe Hon. T. W. Pater
son, lieutenant governor of the province, creating the unorganized district into a municipality.
Nomination day for the first election has teen set for Friday, April li
.it the gent ral store of the Fraser
Mills company and the polling, if necessary, will take place on Friday,
April 18.
At a Bpecial meeting of the school
board held at tho residence of the
chairman, Mr. T. J. Trapp, lasl even
Ing several matters of Importance
were discussed in connection with the
schools of the city.
A communication was rend from the
; provincial department of education ap-j
proving of the appointment of Mtssjlo
Margaret Strong as niiierlntendent of
schools in this city. Mim Strong's sal"
lary was established at .'MO a year
jMIss Gray, who has bi"en first assistant to Miss Strong at the Girls' Central
school, was appointed preceptress ol
'the bchool, taking the place 0' Ml'is
Strong. Just who will take Miss
j Gray's place win probably be decided
I by Miss Strong on-J the seorotarr,
, they to report late- .'> the b( n"d.
A communication   was   read
Coquitlam Electors Will Se-
lect Administration���
Keen Contest.
Voting for the election of councillors and reeve lakes plnce today In
tlle district municipality of Coquitlam
The greatest Interest Is in the content
fur the reeveship between       " "
Superintendent Wood nervously await-|w;mt i3 termed bent work, four pilcB
led developments. Precisely at noon i *t)t.|ng driven parallel with each other
ihe was called to the telephone.    "The|th,lg  making n strong fcundauon  for
governor  of  Virginia  is   lack  at   his ' thp truffle cn the lino.
idesk"   was   the  message   lie   received;     Although the line will run past Ster-
and Instantly preparations were made , estonp ,\ir. tlwan Is of tbe opinion that
to obey the mandate of the court.      |'ittle   will   materialise  at   that   point.
Father and son. occupying separate (,f,e nmin location ou Lulu Island being
**;ell->, heard the death  warrants read |  hp f,,rl.y terminals.
la  tew  minutes later.    Tears  were ln |     Appropriations have been made for
Floyd Allen's eyes as he looked uponian expenditure of $3,000,000 in this
Ibis boys, and as the old mountaineer city,  which  includes the purtbase et
Surroundod   by   Thcujand
gentj���Govcrncr     Rivera
ported  Lest at Sea.
| ade   rf   Miss   Emerson   the   deaf  cor
netlsl  ��������� 11  Invited  to rrosi the Bt^	
nnd plav, the suffragettes hoping Ihat 'Oity Clerk \V. A. Duncan statim; lh
his  tuna"   v-*tm<X  R*othi>  the  bv \ tho council had passed the estimate!
breasts of the rowdy element    The of the school board ror the conitni
Cornells!  accepted the InvltMloO, but.year    with    the    exception  of $04211
he  had  no  sooner begun  the n'r    of   which Item was
"Th" Star Spangled Bonner" when the I nary expenses,
hoodlums pounced upon hlm, smash |    A  vote of condolence
���or   i'U   cornel   P"d   forced   the   si'f-
tragettes to abandon tho meeting.
Xaco,    Ari^..    March    2S.    :'.enir:tl
OJeda  with ���H"' federals, Is Burr.nni!
ed by loco insurgents ten miles below
the boundary at Nivo, Sonora, where
he  Is making ���"���  last stand     " '
from I Obregon, commanding all
ig lint
classed as entruordl-
their herds
Curi Nct Yet Proven.
London, Ont., March 2S.    Absolutely
no change In the   condition   of
patients   inline.ilated  with   the   s
nf   Pr. I', v. Friedmann,   of   Berlin.
'lov'vny.   during  his  recent   visit  to
I ond,in,   wis   uot-'d   by   Dr    Ress.   ef
Urvon sntmtorlnm, who made his fl-s;
official   tests  yesterday  since  the  Injections.
  wan  past'od
by the board  regarding the death  Of
Mr.   W.   \V.   Forrester,   who   has   performed   Brvcrnl   school   contracts   for|
the school board and had  Just about
completed   the  erection   of   the   Lord j
t;^ j Lii tor Bohool.
A special meeting of the board will j
be held   next   Monday nfternoon at 4
o'clock  nt   the  Lord   Lister  school to
make final preparations for Mie opening of the new Institution.
The reason the meeting wns held al
the residence of Mr. Trapp w:;s given
out ns that he had  been confined to
         his   room   for   the     past     two    days
*****************  through Illness nnd also the fart that
4 | the boiler room of the school building
* | was  being pr.lnted  thus stopping the
the  Sum rs
Insurgeut troops, is on hiB way from
Cananea with 600 insurgent reinforce
men tr.
Rivera Reported Lost.
Nog lies, Ariz.. March 2S. -Governor
Felix Rivera cf Slnaloa, Is reported to
hive teen lost at se-1 while being
taken on n military transport airing
the Pacific coast He was arrested at
his state capital by Huerta's military
authorities and was being brought tti
Mexico City for trial. After thr boat
left Masntloh, word was Edit back that
the governor "had  fallen overboard "
Rivera previously had declared
against the Htlerta national government,  his  action   being  sustained   by
the state congress.
Canadians W're Funds.
ARMY  TO 870,000 MEN
llerlin, March 28.���A bill Increasing the German army hy
���WOO officers, 15,000 non-commissioned officers and 116,965
privates was adopted by tho
federal  council today.
The peace strength of the active army is thus raised to approximately 870,000 men with
tho colors.
operation of the heating plant at (lie
school   board offices on  Sixth  street
...   --^Bmmmmmm^,^mmmmmmm-mmmmm^ x-Council
lor L. l-l. Marmot and Mr. Peter Ilarth.]
Both Eldcs are confident and a close !
contest is expected, llcth gentlemen!
are so highly acceptable to the eiector-
ate that it seems to be really a case |
of "how happy could 1 be with either
were ths Other dear charmer away." i
Both candidates have been concern
tratlng  their  energies   upon   what   Is j
evidently the considered the keynote
of the Situation, the vote of the French ;
Canadian element in Mllliardvllle,
Mllliardvllle, Is roughly speaking. In
th" centre of the municipality and
which ever way it goes predominantly,
it is supposed to sway the election.
Mr Marmont Is generally accounted to
derive his niuln support from the
western section of the municipality,
while iVir. Barth Is conceded lo have
the eastern majority.
j Tiie candidates are: For councillors
Messrs, lt. J. C, Atkins, Kwon. Martin,
W. Whiting, \V. Walker, J. Foster, J.
iF. Partington, B. A. Atkins, II. G.
| Mounce.
The three polling booths are: The
I Agricultural hill, Auetln road, Bur-
quitlam Millside school house, Pitt
River rend ami the Agricultural hall.
' Port Coqultlam, formerly known as
i Westminster  Junction.
I was Ud away he said n pathetic fare
well.    Two minutes after he entered
I the  death   chamber  tho   current  was
| turned on. H	
���    When    the   prison    physician    an- j
iiounced that Floyd Alien was <l':i ll|ri\|riii llfAlliar
the body was hastily removed and the A [H I'll 11 Ull WllMflN
guards sent back for Claude Allen who ,nilll.lllV/Wl lIVINnll
walked In briskly and with measured
stride, glancing coolly at the wit-
neses3. There was less delay in arranging the straps for the second
execution, one minute elapsing before
the power was turned on.
Floyd Allen was muttering a prayer
as h" was pineal In the chair, but his
son waB stoic.
Rev.  George   P,   McDonlel,  spiritual
adviser to the prisoners, had to be
lifted Into his carriage as he left the'
right of way. A similar amount
will be spent in Port Mann where tlie'
freight terminals will be established-
V.illtant Suffragette of Michlf; i.i Sentenced to Imprisonment Is in
Sen'.us Condition.
Toronto, Ont.. March 88.���The electors of Peel county will , ni leaver to
make the whole county "dry." Delegates from all the municipalities held
s meeting at Brampton when the question was decided whether a Canada
temperance act or local option should
be voted on. A vote was taken nnd
It was unanimously carried to petition I
for a temperance act.
A petition with 26 per cent of tho
voters' nameB will be presented to tbe
lieutenant governor and an election
will soon follow.
Civil Service Retirement.
Chicago,   March   28.���Tho civil
i vice retirement society of Ccok county
Mother cf Seven Children Suicides
Windsor, Ont.. March 28.���Mrs, Ben
��� Normand succeeded In ending her life
i this morning by drowning in the
I river after being frustrated in suicidal
| efforts last night by her husband. She
| had been 111 all winter. She leaves
[seven  children.
Toronto, March 28,���One thousand I wm mc,ct h���ro clln(lav preparatcry to
dollars collected from the Canadian I the national civil service retirement
branch of tho National Cash ReglBtoO COngreeS to Le held April 4 and 6 In
company was wired this morning to'Washington, The national organUa-
the company's      . ^^^^^^^^^^
umlius who will turn the money Into   ���     .       ., ,        ,    ,
food  tents md urovlslona to ba hand-  a,cd employees on a system in keep
"" ''��� '  '"' a l>rov'B!on8 t0 ?* nina | i���g With the merit and efficiency sys-
��� .,      !���  r.~i   Hon plans to submit a bill to congress
.r<".?.r::80".tali!!.,!?. ?nt I providing for retirement of superannu-
Two   Fatalities at   Medicine   Hat.
Medicine Hut, March 28.���Brakeman
Frank Marshall, of Medicine Hat, was
killed at Maple Creek today while
switching. Thomas Hardy, Canadian
Pacific railroad yard foreman, was
fatally crushed here today between a
car and some timbers, while loading
steel for tho new bridge. Ho dlod
late tonight.
ed over to the relief committee organized by Governor Cox. Another
���$1100 Ib expected to come from the
representatives all over Canada tomorrow. This will bo sent to the committee of the eastern representatives
of the National Cosh Register Co., who
arc sending relief to the sufferers.
Two train loads uf clothing, tents and
provisions havo been sent by them
tem of the civil service.
Hon. C. P. Mitchell Nominated.
Medicine Hnt. March 28��� Hon. C. P.
Mitchell, minlBter of public works,
was the unanimous choice of Medicine Hat Liberals at a big convention
held In the Monarch theatre here today. No other candidates were mentioned.
Lyons, France March 28.���
Kugene Gilbert, a French aviator, flew from Purls to this
city today In a monoplane, a
distance of about 318 miles, at
an average speed of 93 1-2
miles per hour, a French record
for  long  distance   flying.
M. Corabrez, another flying
man attained a speed of 114
miles an hour during a flight
from RhelmB to Tournai today.
London, March 28.���The a! ten Lou
f Senator Alden Smith, of Minh(Ban_
was called by cnble today to the eon-
lltlon of Mlns Zelle Rmerson, of De-
toit, Michigan, a militant s.ilTragetto
low In Jnil in London scrvin-" : term
>f two months' Imprisonment for win-
low smashing.
Mis*.-. Scntl-Trcy. of San Francisco..
aabled to the senator that the Anwri-
������an women In London expect him tax
lo something toward the relenao ot
Miss Emerson. The cablegram sti'-es
hat Miss Emerson has been tortured.
'bat she Is emaciated and bniiaied
frcm Iliad to heels while her sight te
The prisoner who started a "bunker
it'ike" on being sent to prison has
���ince been forcibly fed.
Mrs. Emerson, who Is now In IjOI��-
len, tried again today to obtain pep-
liss'on to see her daughter, but flail-
��d. The United States embas-say ha*
declined to Interfere In the matter
until It Is definitely convinced tbat alt1
'he customary steps provided by law
"nvn foiled to secure Mrs. Bmeraon's
i admission to the Jail.
Mrs. Emerson saw her daughter
���Celle this afternoon in Hollov.-av *Js0
hv permission of the home offlcera.
she later Informed the American em-
bassy that she was not alarmed l��]r
the condition in which she found her
daughter whose principal trouble
the disordered digestion brought
by the forcible feeding.
Return Eighteen Indictments.
Chicago,   March   28.���The   special
grand  Jury Investigating the allayed
'arson trust" is Bald to have nluinu*
18 Indictments today. Sixty wltn��� em
testified la connection with six alleged ln��endlary flret. SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 191*.
'.** ' * .
* FIRST THINGS.       ���
An %nde-e-Aemt at******* ***** ******** to the interests of New TTSSlWfHStSr ("id
th* Pratrer Valley Ptt*Htm*ti everg morning exeept Sundaii Ini (h�� .Vfrttein! IJrtnttK0
m*tt Pablithlma C*t****e, Umtoe*, *t ** UcKentte Street, New IViratm-Marer. liritish
Colamtna ROBB SUTHNRLAND, Managing Tllrector.
AH nwmilMUiiM thould be srtlWSd to The New  H'cj�� minster Nairn., ru.rt nol
ta tattieutuat mrvilrfr. *f <A�� ����nff. CWo v, dr'.fl�� and ******^}*jB*, *?",uW " """**
i.,.*.' ������    ���-���   rl��   \-~li.ral   l'rltilO',1   aod   P�� SWMM   I a.nsmn-l.   lAmitt**.
TfiLttPHONKB���MttaSSS Otfioe and Uanager, ����9; Bdifoiinl Ronmii fnll depart-
m*ntai/BSCKIPTION aVareS���By carrier, 14 per j/����r, |1 for rttrtm menths, *tlc par
MOM*   BV  tnail,  U per ��***. ���*��� P**  **��nth.
^%*MBWJ^WTO^*7W��r�� �����*" ��' piimsM <" T���� Vfto�� pespi BOW
I",L*. ��-^i-���   TTW ��t��(.r r-sMrMS t*�� rifiiSI tu reiuta (M> (luMlenllon of oil./
ed lleerbohm Tree, and later starred
' ln   the   liritish   provinces   and   South
1 Africa aiid played in vaudeville.    Kor
j several years Bhe ban lived principal-
Life-Saving  Service. I *Y   al   Staines,   England,   where   she
The flrbt American organization tor | has  a pretty  villa,  and  has  devoted
is...-.". .      'ing���������SHwrr-ei
Antarctic   the I, st  of which endded
lu ao grim and t.r.lble a tragedy.
���nruoi-'a nanatwre. The ��t��or
the salvags of lire and property in (lis
asters to shipping was tho Life-Saving
llenevolent Association, incorporated
In New York sixty-four years agu today, March 29.1849.  Kb establishment
was   tho  result   of   puhllc   sentiment
aroused by the terrible disasters   on
the Atlantic coast.
In the year of ita organization the
association was instrumental In inducing the United States government to
establish a lite-saving service. Eight
Stations along the New Jersey   coast
much of her lime to the Btudy of llln-
That the differences between Eng
land and the United StateB over tlm
Panama canal aro "trifling" and "can
easily  bn  adjusted  without  prejudice
du lore, undent Egyptian mysteries Ito either country." Is the opinion recently expressed by Professor Qeorgt
G. Wilson, Harvard's authority on international  law.
Prof. Wilson is a native of Connecticut, and is fifty years old today.
Ile Is a graduate ef French, German
anil Eugliah universities, and has recently delivered a scries of lent urea
before the lending European Institutions of learning.
and the occult generally
Mrs. Potior was largely responsible
for the great social vogue recently
enjoyed In England by Frederick
Thurston, who claims to be a reincarnation of Sethi I., the futlier tf Rain*
ones the Greal. Thurston, lives a secluded life in a houseboat on the
Thames, but holds weekly meetings In
Louden, which are attended by scores
of tilled ladies, who listen eagerly to
wero built and manned hy llto-Bftvins lht�� weird lectures.
crews, and was rapidly extended. The]     (fl-f,   Potter la his most devoted de-
Each year sees Canada approaching nearer to the
coalof true nationhood, even be that nationhood one with-ithe nm institution for perpetual tug
in the empire, and whether they are appreciated or not"1'- movement ���� iou��.i..i m i* ���
BritiBh maritime colonies scon took up  gtple, nnd Bho has become so enthus
the movement and provided means for i&g'lc that she   hns   abandoned   all
: living life and  shipping along their  Btage  WOrk  and  devotes herself    to
dangerous coasts. j itudvlng   and   expounding   to   others
In England the rirst lifo-rnving sta-|;llf, ��espterle truths" which Dr. 't'hmi*
|tions were established In nsio,   and|^el)a QUrr"W&eman irreverently call
the privileges of that state are being enjoyed by her people, j
The  Life  Saving  llenevolent   Asso
ciation recently presented Its nieilal to  Uan monMohi aml  wh0 ���aid a |org'
('apt. ItOStron for his rescue work fol
lowing t'/.e Titanic dlsnster
TJron March  29. 177S. Captain Jas.
Cook,    the    world-famous
1 In the first year of Its existence, the
liritish  Institution's  ere.ws  saved  124
ThatThese privileges are real and of great worth is K^ w��ereUe" "v'r * th��UEand
recalled by the statements of the forerunners of a settle-!
ment of Austrians who arrived in Westminster only this
week, and who told among other things of the stringent
regulations that have now been imposed to restrict emigration from that country.
European nations also have privileges but in lesser
degree, it will be admitted, than have those communities
flying the British flag, but their perception of their responsibilities is at the present time a matter worthy of
our attention and emulation.
Austria, like her ally of Germany, needs every one of
her sons today perhaps more urgently than at any previous time in her history. There are untilled fields, resources calling for development even in that country, and
man power, backed by wealth, is just now the card upon
which all the nations of continental Europe are resting
their hopes either for the keeping of the peace or for their
aggrandisement by war.
A nation, even a nation within a great empire, cannot
expect to enjoy privileges, great or small, without shouldering its share of responsibilities And the first of them
is that it should be able to defend itself. Enthusiasts for
a world of disarmament and brotherly love may dislike
the truth of this statement, but, if it be recalled that for
nearly two thousand years the gospel of peace has been
preached upon earth to a section of humanity, and that
there are still "barbarians" in the world, the present futility of their laudable desires may be appreciated.
European nations are forced to compel their people to
be ready to defend themselves and their country. In the
far off history of the British Isles, men held their land
from the state by being prepared in return to defend that
state, but today British communities���in those same I5rit-U��\
i��h Isles as in the oversea states���have it left to their own
judgment to work out some system by which they may at
��11 times be prepared.
There appears to be plenty of room for improvement
in this direction within the British Isles, while, judging
from the report of the minister of militia and from the
present naval deadlock there is an ocean of room for progress in Canada. And coming nearer home, it is of significance to note that while provision is likely to be made 1 federation," these were tor the most
,1 eir . ������.��� ,      .     f r*    -    v ***t*     ���     'mrt, amicably settled.   Sir John Mae-
Ill the near future for a regiment of C anadian militia m| lonaid-s proposal, in the first drati
Nanaimo, the military situation in Westminster continues
d "Astatit mental mildew
ThOSO  who have  read  Harry  '���������iVctera Mul, Register on New List by
W.l-.rn's  latest   novel,  "His
Bunker   Ilean,"   have   enjoyed   much
laughter al the expense rf the youthful In re who Imagined himself to be
���\ reincarnation ol Ramtab, an Bgyp-
April 7���Every Opportunity
Fly an act passed at the recent session of tlie provincial legislature
every voter ln I). 0, irrespective
of party, creed or position was disfranchised.    Entirely new voters TlBtn
wSre opened 'amiI on thus OT-M*  w,th """* ��"d ^'"'.n.tratl.
sum lo a chnrlantnn for the mummy of
his former self���n mummy manufic-
tur-rrl  in  Hartford,  Conn.
Thurston, the  Englishman, holds a
ir^Tr^'b^t^^rnir'n,,.^.,.. -.,,.,. -,., -���.,*,���
my of Sethi 1. Humorous as tills may
seem,  llle rlalm  Is accepted  serious-
ly bv dozens of titled Englishwomen
navigator, j and bv American women who reside
then on his third and  lust voyage of' in England.
discovery, anchored oft Vancouver in | Thurston is no mere fak!r cf the
a large Inlet which he named "King fortune-telling school. He is a Cam-
George's Sound," but which was culled  bridge man, and won a gold medal for
hy   the   natives   Nootku,   Us   present   poetry   at   that   Instlt'tlon.     He   ho'| i|Sts long before ttn�� date above men
name. visited   places   in   India   nnd   Thibet Ujoned     A number have already per-
Whilst here, Cook overhauled his never h-fore readied by white men, forme0" this duty but others falling to
vcrsils, the Resolution and Discovery | Rr(j ���pont years ln Studying the lore rMjiM the importance of the net or
and numbers ol curious natives came j pf the Indian adepts,   The ambition | bBlng unacoualnted with  the neces
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do work equal lo brand new machines.   Ounrnntced
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Canad'in   Tyce-writ-tr Exchange,  Dept. 4, 543 Hastings Wect, Vancouver.
st  the   topnotchers,   MerrHhew
Ramsay are prepared  to back  It
a i
and .
his name by April 7. or lose his power
to vote In any election, provincial or
Dominion that might occur during thr
next few months.
OlUsens  of   Netf   Weftmlnster   by
the appointment ef a score or  more
of special commissioners by the gov
ernment  have  every  opportunity   to
and to place their names on the new
Siwelfleiillont-i. usrwue-nls of Hill*- deeds,
tmsln-Mw lett-nrs,  eir-;  circular work naSr
1,-nllH'     -
I ctal-lnt.   All -werk strlrtty oonttei-ntlHl.
Although the damp and cold wenth-   *��*��� ***��* ��18 W**alaeur Trurt
f  the  occult   from   nil   parts ef  the
tn visit the ctrangi rs und to examine
their possessions. When the ships
were again in proper condition Cook
sailed slowly up the coast, Investlgat-1 ej0^a T-,1!U *���*,,, ���,nv accomplish that
ing every inlet in the hope of dlscov- (lrean', Beemg probably, fnr he hns en
erlng the long-sought passage between llgtp(1 ,)lp |���,,.rrs;t ,.[ ,,:,������������ people of
the Pacific and AtlanUc oceans. ', ,, an(J innuence besldeB Mrs. Pot-
He thus explored n long stretch ot ,
tho coast of what Is now British Col-      '        	
utiihla and reached the entrance   to j
Bsrhlng strait, win re be particularly ****************
ixamlned the Ice, and came to the con- ^ 0ur FOET'S CONNER. ���$
elusion that, if there was a passage +***<,*.*********.
between the t ivo oet ans it would   never      w w ���
be  free   from   ice,  end   therefore   for THE  NEWSPAPERMAN.
practical purposes would be uselesi
. .  unacqualntet
���f his lite Ib to found s "sacred city  |,(tv ot registering have not done so
F.gypt, tn be peopled by students |t0 q^* \n^,,r apeoial attention is call
lie then sailed along the coatt of
I liamschatka, and south to the Sandwich Irlunds (which he had discovered in the previous year); imd at Haw-
ail In Im bruary, 1779, though ct first
received with delight, Cook was murdered, whilst trying to oblige pome
uiiivis to restore a stolen boat.
nit>fix years ago today, March
1867, the liritish North Araer >r.
Act, providing for the organlzatlt .i of
i confederation of the colonics, was
passed by parliament Such a union
had been suggested as early as 1800
by  It. .1.  I'nlaeke. in  the Nova Scotia
'.< glslatlve assembly.
The  project  continued   to  crop   up
occasionally until is(!4, wben. as thel
remilt of n meeting of Quebec, theory i
egan to ta'.*;" the   nami' oi   action.
While many differences ot opinion d"-, when all of the tolllnE Is ended
In the temples which nun have build-
In  the  haunts of  the  mighty  few.
Where the son of good  fortune has
All tl.lngs with a prosperous hue,
3 aud  ib" men of the  moment,  the
The popular, power and proud;
The n lers and preachers and writers
The men who are gods cf the crowd
Behind Is a shadowy Bymbol.
Unhonored, yel vibrant and strong;
The ghost of a fantasy nimble.
A Bpeechless, unrecognized throng.
A gianl of old, now a pigmy,
A powerless despot of voroj
\ mere Indispensable evil
An  average  newspaper ber*'.
veloped   among  "the   fathers  of  con-
Public lii'altb dtp-ends on education.
S.'iilciis the people appreciate the
need f.ir maintaining sanitary conditions throughout the community, the
jiaaa'ng  of  legislation  can  be of  no
deputies for 1100,000,000 to accelerate
: national defence measures.
In explaining its motives tlie ministry nolnts mil that iu the present
disturbed slate of affairs a nation
must maintain adequate or face n situ
alien thai it would be difficult to re
mody   ufler   hostilities   bad
of the act, to make the title "Kingdom
of Canada," was opposed by Lord Stanley, thi n foreign seen tary, as likely
to offend the United States, and the
name was abandoned In favor of D:i-
minlon of Canada.
The original net provided fnr the union of Canada, Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick, with n parliament to con-
slct of a senate of seventy-two members and a house of commons of I SI
members. As Lord Monck as first
commenc | viceroy, the new government was for-
Minlly Inaugurated the following July.
In 1X07 the Dominion had a population of about three millions, and    Its
When all of the niches are filled:
Jn-U B tho'iirht for the man who pretended
Thai genius never wns stilled,
Who   worked   'nr   the   man   and   the
Whose hand wns uplifted In aid.
Who labored and lied In the conflict.
But  never a s"rret  betrayed,
d to the list or commissioners and offices given below from which application forms can be secured and properly
tilled in:
The Conservative club rooms, day
ind nli,;it.
Offloe of The British Columbian.
Cray & Gilchrist
T. J. Trapp * Co.
City Hnll.
PlOkel -ft- Hunt corner Rraid anil
Colombia streets, dny and night.
Cltv   Market.
M, .T.  Knight f-  Co.
J. K. Hrown & Co,
Lees Limited.
The Labor Temple.
Thomas      Uutledge,
Trust block.
Mr. T, Gifford, Jeweler.
Messrs. Wm. l'ope, W, S.
Percy Hunt, .1. B. Iirown
Rlaki |y, Clarence 11. IVele, 1).
ECenzle, D. W. Gilchrist, R. A
lames Ferguson, Charles
Math, w J. Kuiglit, John A. Lee, Thus,
flutkilge, Ralph ('burton, William (iir-
ford, Nels Nelson, Alexander (larrett,
'diaries M, Nicholson, Ceo. Kennedy,
T. B. Jardine, II. Gilley, Geo. Mackie.
Rd. Goulet, J. S. Bryson, I). Douglas.
D. Macpherson, w. Maoadam, R. Buck-
land, W. B. Johnson, E. J. lloughen,
A. H. Hauler, It. W. Une, P. B Mn
-ib,  A.  L.  I/avery, M   W.  Mlntherae.
In addition to thepo commissioners
declaration may be made before the
soayor, any Justice of the peace, no
tary public, government .agent, as
wmeor, mining recorder, judge of any
!-wurt, oounty  clerk or aseeesor.
Applicants must be male Brltlrh sub
leote und 21 years of age That they
hold such qualifications must be de
etexed on oath before nny of the com-
Mlwteaers or ethers Ruthorlr.ed to
���r of the nast week has hampered
the movements of auto salesmi n In
���i"tllng prospective buyers Into town,
Mersrs. McLean nnd Burr express
������very confidence tbat this season wlll
be the greatest from an automobile
Jtat'dnolnt tbnt hns been seen In West
minster  and district,
Another   carload   Of     the     famous
Studebaker machines arrived in the
olty on Wednesday from the main rae
; I tory. nnd  these are now out on  the
new owners express
11   | leased  with pre
rnuds. while Ihi'
'lu mselves 'is '
sent  results.
Althougb the majority or sales made
so fur this ��� iSBOn have been with
city people, Mr, McLenn states thai
the runners of the valley are begin
ning of the mi lit.*! nf tlm Studebaker
Tim traffic s'lund Is monarch ol nl1
it surveys. Never argue with a po
lici man.
Joy riding Is strictly taboo. Sspec
lally when ih" demonstrat r hasn'
given you a diploma.
E. Mac-
MR.    I'.   T-   C.    WU'KICTT,    A.   It.   C   O.,
I,.  L.  C,   M.,  SupirvlHiir   (if  MualO    Ni-w
Westminster Behools, Organist suth
Avenue Methodist Church, Vancouver!
reoelvea impllH for the pianoforte, organ,
singing mul iie*'iry. iho Fifth avenue,
N'*w wi Btrolnster.
I.. O. O M.. NO 114 ���MBBTS ON first
-(���<-eiv1 nod third Wsdnisflaya In each
mnnlh In K. of P. Hull nt S p m. II. J.
Iimmy. illctutor; J. H. Price, aeon tni-y.
i ua.
I. O. O. F. AMITY I.OIlflK NO II -The
���e*tl!ar iil'-ftltiK ef Amity ImlK"" No.
21. I. O O V. In held rrer��
nlulu >t t o'clorU In OM Fell.<�� s* It
n|rii*r C!eni��r\*en and ffiHfbth SttMAta,
-n��'t1nK hre-Mi^ni oerSl-MW fn>-1tfd
R. A. Merrlthew, NG , J. lUihertoon,
V. d : W. G. Coaitmra, P. (i . record*
ins **fr*tUiry. H. w. -pmiBHti-r. flnan-
otel  ne-aretnry.
jT�� THE
l(��r L ISnenn, LIS.)���Fun-��rnl director's
���..i  ..,..,-., rtii.r. 401  ' '-luinlila
K'r*ei.   h.v.-  W-MSminster,    i-iion,* 993.
at    the
April  2;
8    p.m.
��ruil.   Consequently, every effort that led,
is put forth  to enlighten public opin-      Th0 government (if Prance (Uclnre;
Son in this  very  vital matter should  ";"'" h.M ""'"'""'I t"" luternatlon
,,   ,_.  M nl situation and ihni it lies fix'd nnon ���suhseniieni. growth ha
receive undivided encouragement        j ���U,S(, eynendlturoa for defencs which small  pnrt to the    wisd,
An  interesting  experiment  in   this  are   particularly  urgent  n-'.*i   that   it'"fathers of confederation."
line  was  tried  In  Groat  Britain  last wishes parliament  to expedite Its re-      Of their work, John Clark Ilidp-it.h,
\   National  Health Week  was'enmmendatlons   as   delay   should   be  the tTnlted  States historian, has said
that "the Canadian government is not
jted aud the rrs.ilts were so sat
In shirt, thr. ministers "de-nnd e
Isfnctorj that it will probably remain tpmnorarv n"d exceptional flnane'nl
an annua] Institution. Tbe National effort" fnr tin* nation's safety. Fnr
lltalth Week Committee outlined tho one thing it is proposed to Increase
���gt'iieial programme for the week but the s'7.e nr the French Brtnv by ex-
th* details were worked out by local tending thc time of -service from two
ivee��*�� *i�� r* prosenl   to three years.
fnr removed from a model.1
Gmrce Herbert Locke, Toronto Ll
brarian, was horn nt Beamsville, Out.
forty-three years ago today.
The rorks that he hewed for the build
The work that he Inbored so long;
How be painted the word3. and the
He cave  to the speaker;   the song
i \nd the singer; the man with a
How  be  helped  Ihem  and   warded
Although not really in the automobile  business,  the  firm  of  Merrlthew
past. | ind  Ramsay has made Itself known
--Cyril Arthur Player.      i n th�� city during ttie nast few -months
 ���  as the headquarters for all kinds of
^**. +  .-~.^****** * "lls used by motorists snd marine en-
*****************   R|n(,  mpn
��� THE   HUMAN   PROCESSION.   ��� j     |n  connection with  their plumbing
��� (By   O.  Terence.) ���|snd   heating   business   Ihls   establish
been due in noi  .        the blast,
��dom    of    the mnde the men with a future.
While he's just a man with i
Tin- trnn-i will parade
armouries Wednesday next,
juniors 7 p.m, and seniors
l'ri-in drill order
Mr. T. Little in be physical Instructor frnm thlB date. Bugler Rowley
irnnsferri d to seniors from ibis date.
Bugler Oaborna and Scout T. Whlt-
law having left troop are struck from
the troop's rolls from this date.
Scouts are reminded thnt next Wednesday Is sibscription night, and
Scoutmaster Bowker would he glad if
scouts would pay any back subscription so that bo< ks may be made up.
Through tbe kindness of Manager
Tidy, the scouts have been invited to
attend the Kinemucolor picture^ ef
the Durbar at the opera bouse on
Monday night. The troop will there-
fore parade nt 7:lii on Monday even
ing at the armouries. Dress drill order
without staves.
By order
V. K   rAl.fX-v   Plea.
not   IBmbitlmer,
llle l'i
Ineeer   1
��� l.S'i j
Funeral  rnrj-etor
*S   A*,'ii-��.i   ptn-et
aoam   niXTB    Johnston.   n\nrtis-
lrr-ul-law. eelleitgr, etc. Tell plume
1071. ("able aadrees "JehltStSn.1*
roSe, '"-Western rulee," OKlee-e, Kllta
mark. lb*. Columbia ilreet. N w West-
mlneter. B. C.
I raXiltKBLL CI^ITTC, Barrlet'i nl-liiw
ratlrtter. etc.; cen*er Oolu-nibla imi-ii
WoBSuMa   ctiu%ui.   New   WflsCsninKar,
B   C.    P.  O   li*x   UI      T>1nfh..ne   710.
.1. p HAMPTON HOI.17.
Bolicitor and Notary,
block, -*��� l>irne Plret-t,
so r, H. C.
ll MIKISI-Kll.
Offlc-,      Hart
New  Weatrotn-
eOmmlttees.     This   mnde   it   possiblt
in take the gr��*atp.(t advantage of lo
ci I poaslbilities.
Thus BOTM sch<x>ls wore more high
'i> lra.iiK<I than others, and tlie schul-
inrB frum thi :\e were enlisted to give
-gymnastic and ether displays, whieh
-I i-.il.- rntf<l one branch of physical
training ror the young. In other planes I vice to two
Jin (Ileal health officers, sanitary In-
nractors and nurses gave valuable as
elstance, and their "popular talks" on
lii-altli  matters  were listened to with
Kreal Interest and profit.
&I, nn.   by   means     61   sermons     In
churches; addresses In Sunday school. He
addre-Mss to school children by their
nwn   teachers   throughout   tbe   week;
17ie t:"4" of health films in the moving
picture shows, having ratepayers visit th" water, gas anff sewerage works
vf tbe municipality; and by carrying
cm deincnslrations In nursing and
-QOAkiB-JC very many people were made
In understand something nT the meaning and value of health.
\f)f course it may bo urged that such
Kpamnodic   efforts   are   apt   to   hnve
mere  transitorv
be eWectlve, th
Tba   French   parliament   is   -*i.-,/i
bv tbe government in avoid political
nons'ileratiens  a*'(l  to concern  itself
with   the   need   nf   fogging  a   wenpon '
fnr  thn  defence  of the  country     Ii :
���s  e-*-li;"i"i  I'-.it   the  Froncb   ormy:
la wef 1906 reducing tlu* term nf ner
ars was adn-.ite-d i-i r.*i"d !
falth. but eirrip-isl-inees both at home
ind abroad have shown Iho necessity
r  rn   extension  Of ��erv;r"
This   law,   establishing   two   ycnr-V j
tervlce, ��ss '-oted on March 21, 19115,
nd on  March  "1   the Emniror  Wll-
am :'"' ed at Tsnrler.   Since thm
'hen- had I i'  \tr,i*r'rns, Casablanca
ind Ai'xli- and ibe rterman military
laws -r ibu and 1911! B"d the Cler
msn plans fnr 11111. To the oollcy of
retrenchmenl on the ran of Prince.
cittisiiv in,! responded by a policy
��� [ tension,
Here wn have Prance, the rinse nnd
���-"a'thf'il nllv cf Great Britain, Inerens-
rt llr. land armaments ags'nsi the
same   aggressive   fee   whieh   the   Brit-
**************** *\ '" '" decided to make .-, splarh In the
��� oils   business,   Installed   a   self-tilling
"Bottle   Babies"   a   Crying   Evil,   8sys I gasoline   pump   at   thc  corner of one,
Amelia Burr, 82 Todiy. I if the busiest streets, for motor traf-
*****************      Amelia  Edith  Parr, for nearly half! fie   especially,   In  Ihe  city   and   took
���     SCRAP BOOK FOR TODAY.      *   t  oenlurj   one  ot   the  most  popular Jon er tiie agency nf n well known firm
r*rlt"rs cf flotlnn, was horn in ijin-
eoi(liire. England, oichtytwo yeira ego
today, Mlr.s Huddlrston -which was
her Ifaaid n nam -������������m educated in
ClasROW and at ("���'-ti-pii married n
.Scotrli clergyman Roben iiarr
! Tim young o/>uple went to Oalves<
ton, T''\ns. and thnre reared six chil
rl  Potter  daughter ef n prominent  dren, three sons nnd throe diughti rs
eltlren  nf  Ne'v Orlei ;i  wlfi   of Then came a  tragedy ns terrible at
"io of the wealthiest scions of New ever wrung the heart if a woman
York plutocrocv. '��� was nn tl e Btn *.* Yellow fever raged in Texas, claim v
r the Hayrrarkel Theatre, In London, many victims, among them the hu-
that Mrs. Potter rir<t anpenrrd a�� - bund and all three sens ol Mrs. ll-irr
orofesslrnsl netriis. in a play r-.iied Boon afterwards, the heart-broken wo
Cera Urquhart Potter Now Student
of Occult Lore.
lt wai twentv-slx *.r*ni-s ago today,
March :n. 1887, that American and
[European society wns startled by th"
professional singe debut nf Corn I7rqu
��� f oil and  greese dealirs.
When   they   mii'ii.   the   claim   thnt
'alvollne  oils nnd  greases are among
8ha it naw.
"1 hare-er���eemethlng te ask yen-*
tr*���something very dese te my hesrt,
"I'll bet 1 can guess wkst tt la!"
"Ah, yen hsve divined! Too lrsswl
"Tee; yen went te sak sse where I
put yenr hst when fee oans ln."-<
Uoustoa Tost  ... ���:
"Man and Wife."
As the bride of th" mill'cnn>��
tomes Hrown Potter, the b^aut'ful
;irl who hnd been the belle ' f Now
Orleans, had been given a cord'nl wel-
h   ir;nii"ire  fiiC'H  in  the  North  Sea. i
results, and  Ihat, to  if French and English unite for their;
work   must  be con-  rmnmrn   safety  in   their  two  mother:
Unuons, Bnt It Is well to remember countries, why should ihey not do so
that it is often necessary to shout |n this daughter state?
lo n'laken a nlorpiiiT mnn, and even ��� There Is every danger of a mighty
w Idnwoke people nre interested by International Struggle In the near fu-
Iho unusual. ture, and ir the r��rivnl of Canada's
While no central ergatiir.nlion ex- battleships In Ihe fighting line is deists in Canada for carrying out a Na- i&yed n few weeks ton long, we shall
f'onrt Health Week programme, it i,nvn (���,u* tha angry Oppositionists at
���hn-nld  be  fi aslhle  fnr  many  munici- Ottawa  nml   their    petty    snleen    tn
psllUee  to accomplish  Bnoh  a task.
And the spring season, when the snow
blame,   In their eagerness for pniiti-
t i-v* i'-i. ii" Ir are ready to sacrl-
1"vs melt'-d end i""-ovi���������ml ibe refuse fir��� the security and nrosnerity of t>><-
-i  the  Integrity   of  the
of -f'-nths .11 '-n I'nte Tir Burn work.
T-,..t-*h and cleanliness go hand in
i intnlnloi
p.--*r,. || ��� If
Why nol lik'- France mnke "n temporary and exceptional financial effort" to meet a grave situation
abroad? That ts what Mr. Borden
proposes to do.���-Toronto News.
man. with hir t'.irr*e daughters n
moved to N'"w York, where for n I'm
she eked out r Blender income writln.
artielps nnd stories.
Gradually   her   fame   snread.   ent
come Into the Inner clrelo < ���' metro   the author of "A llm-der Rbephprdes"
politan society, and her social triumph i"The  Bow  nr  Orange  Ribbon"    and I
extmded to Europe     She "'is famed   some    two-score    other  novels,    war
n two continents fnr the clei&nce of  known nnd loved throughout 'be Fine
her rontiimes, nnd  was In n fair way  lish-speaklng   world.     ".Tan    Veddor> i
:o Income nn arbiter nf fashion when Wife" was her first attempt at. long
���^he  suddenly abandoned her nredes- fiction,   nnd   was   written   while  the
tlned enreer fnr thnt of an actress.        author was confined  to her home be-
A long experience In amateur th-i   rnui(. of nn  Injured ankle, ***ft wltb
trlcals   hnd   paved   the   way   for  the 'little hope that 11 would ever be pub
London  premiere, nnd from  that  Mrs!   lished.
nighl nt the Hsymnrkel Theatre   Mrs       Mrs. Parr recentlv d��"lared th��t '' ���
Poller  wns a success     Her ndontlc  "crying  evil"   of  the   limes,  ami   the;
of  the   stag"   alienated   her   husband  one  that   most   needs   reform.   Is   the :
and runny of her friends. substitution of cow's milk for the eat i
Early In ber professional career she urnl food of Infsnts, To "bottle bah !
nnd her husband renewed tbe nartln* les" ns n primal cnuso she traces I
ol the ways, although 11 wns nol until most or r.ie Ills ihat afflict s- ������! 'ty *
ten years nvo that the mnrrln v*i  She  holds  Urn  theorv   that   ch'td"��n ���
legai/v dissolved, tbe custodv of Ihelr bv Imblbins; (���������������'. milk. int<r nn h--
one ehi'd being given lo Mr   p t, ir  tai characferlsties,  nnd   In  maturlrj
Mrs.  Potter's  greatest   fame  as an|lhey are only half human.
actress  wns gained  with    ihe    inn
'those   imclfiiits   who   declare   Hint
there  Is    no    Kuropean    emergene..
fi,������^ irform themselves hy Btudy-1 On this date In 1873 the Royal North
ine conditions in the Old "World. Take. West Mounted Police force was or-
for instance the acllon of the French panlzcd, and for forty years has been
rovernwunt II asking Uie chamber of the pride ot western Canada.
Kyrle Bellew, who was horn in England fifty-eight years ago yesterday
nnd died In 1911, For eleven years
Mrs.   Hotter and   Mr.  Bellew     toured
Dr   John  Recti Kelt'e, the eminent
British g '-grnpli'-r, will pnss bis sev '
snty-iblrd   milestone  ("dav.    He was
'���   -    ���   n-.,'. *.   ;.t,.-.i, 29, 1840, and
the   world,   playing   In   England,   the eilur.i'ed   at  Ht.   Andrews  nnd   Edin-
I'niteii Ktntes. Canada and Australia, bnrch    Ai* secretory of the Hoyal fleo
their repertory including Bhakospear- graphical Society hr ban taken n lend
ean dramas, nnd other plays. Ing pnrt in  toin.u I ting the plans for
Fifteen years ago Mrs. Potter Join- thn various Iliiiish cipedltlonB to the
king Powder
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable to finest cookery and to
the comfort and convenience of
modern housekeeping. Royal
Baking Powder makes hot breads,
cakes and pastry wholesome.
Perfectly leavens without fermentation.
Full instructions in the " Royal Baker and Pas-
try Cook" book for making nil kinds of bread,
biscuit and cake with Royal Baking Powder.
Gratis to any address.
Mret'AWUg    MARTIN     *     CASfiAST,
lid r��iKtmn, itnri NotloHm-- Ronnie 7 ynd
I. ���ntatian Mack. Uev W.-stmlnsur.
���.   BJ.   Mnrttn.   rf.    ft.   MoQtmrrln     und
���n-wrmsiwi! * KBMONns ��� Barristers
��-n�� ����leit<>r��(. W��wm>n!ner TrnSt Wk.
ttebiai-SIn strwit, Wrw wertmlnster, B C
rwfil* ariiSAxi "WMmiittlf." TU'eKtvni
Wretma.    Y. a m*t***r lie.     Tetejihene
��e. -w. i. vmiuiisMi, n. 1. Bmsbas,
��f. J. A. BtntNBTT, AUPIT/R AND
Aeoountant. Trt. It 12S. Hoem 22
fTnrt Mntflt.
mor "noiird of Tni*' mi-els In  the board
Snnrn, f'lty Hall, un Mhrwe; Tlilritrrl-
iry of wieb fnOitth; quarterly meeting
��n (he thlnl Fr1*ijr of >vlirnnry, May.
Atj-yust and Novemti*r n* I p.m. An-
rrtul mw-Hiuw nn Die thlitl Frfday of
r^inuiry. 8. IL Bttiart Wade, oeere-
COAJ. mikino rtghts nf ths Dominion
In   Manltdha,  BaKVntnSewun  anel  Alhertii,
Sn Yifkmi Territory, the NorthwbSl Tur-
ilrrt^K anfl In ft tiortlnn of tt i* Prdylnoe
of firltlRh Col*imma, mny bs lnoee-S Pir a
"crnl of *t**XBt*f*VK** yeurs nl nn iimuiiij
-i-niftl of tl iin serf, Nm men ituui .it**
tores win !�������� leasod to ons applicant.
ApplleAtlnn fnr a laaSS mncl li*> made
���y th'- li-ppllfiiTii tn person ti the Agent
r Knt, Aio-ni of thu dNtrlri In whlrli thf
iglilH lirplllil fnr lire Hllmilv,!
rn fatHe-bo territory iin- land muiit t��
iMenbetl ny H^'llnnn. nr lagal siih-illvl-
^tnriH nf Hivitnn��. nn-1 In unsurvwofl tcr-
ItniT,- the truet nppllrd ror Hindi Iw
���inkcil "ul  hy Hip nppllrji.nl  himself.
l:ncti iipfinrntiem uiumi tn- fuscumpanled
n* n fi* nf ff. which *��iii be refunded If
hn rlchlK npplini fnr nre not uvnlli.hle,
nil lint Otherwise, A roynlly Shun he
wtd on the ni��'rl".hnnlnhl,' output Ot (AS
-line nt  tin, r;l��f or five prnl/t pt'r ton.
Th,. pt't-Mnn operating (h* mine whall
���urnlah the Asvnt with Hwnrn rcltirne
nv-iiiinttnu fm* thi- full tpintiltfv nf nwr-
'Ii-snlHttlT- nnul ntlnnl mul -pny thr r��v-
H"0- thptwin If the ooal intnhiK rtiihts
irp not Ixdng njwwitwi rtnrh n'PirniHiimliild
>S   rnrnndtPd   at   hntju   neve  a   y*nr.
Thf Irnw will fiwhldr. th-�� ("ini mining
-iBltm enty, hut th�� 1��un>��> will Imi p��tr-
���ntftt^l tn -firi-i-eliaae whlitrvi-r aValtatile
**nrfana rlgtita ir-Hy h. ennnldereti nnrcn-
wry Tor tlir, wrrrttjng of th-n tnlnr at tha
rMs ��f 111 an iiw.
For  flifl  tnfnrniiitlnT!  Sppllcatton  flllO'lld
DS  tnnAo tn Ulp nrcrntnry  nr  thc  Iippart.
nni^it  nf th* Tgwrttir, fntnwn,  nr to dny
Agent er ^..b-Agpnt of Urmilnlnn f��indn.
W. W. r-OKY,
IJaPUty Mlnlstrr of th" tntrrlcr..
K. *B,_TVuitithortitrtl publloatlos nr tula
aavsftissinini win noi t*�� pnni for.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention Riven tn orders.
607 Front St., New Westminster, B.C.
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news. SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1913.
The Cash With You
For no Goods Are to be Charged
We're Going to Raise $40,000 in 30 Days
From this magnificent $175,000 stock. FIVE GREAT FLOORS filled with merchandise. Two large warehouses full and $25,000
additional merchandise en route to us. This store is going to be the busiest one in this neck of the woods. When you can save 50,
33 1-3 and 25 per cent, you are going to shop at home. Tell your friends of the splendid bargains awaiting them here, but be sure to
tell them to bring the cash, as all lien and credit purchasing is positively cut cut until further notice.
All Our Baby Cabs,Carts
and Perambulators Cut
in Pi ices
$30.00 Cabs cut to $22.50
$25.00 Cabs cut to $19.75
$20.00 Cabs cut to $15.25
$16.00 Cabs cut to $12.50
$12.00 cabs cut to $ 9.75
Every One of Our Famous
St. Clair Ranges and Stoves
Marked Down
Now is the ideal time to get that coveted St. Clair Range, the highest type of
economical bakers and everlasting
ranges on the market.
$80.00 Ranges marked down to. .$72.50
$70.00 Ranges marked down to. .$62.75
$65.00 Ranges marked down to. .$58.50
$50.00 Ranges marked down to. .$43.50
$40.00 Ranges marked down to. .$35.25
Every Stove and Heater in the Store
Marked Down for Quick Sales.
Suits, Coats, Costumes, Blouses, Muslin
Underwear and Knit Cotton Underwear
Each and Every Department Gets Mark Down Prices
We Are Going to Raise This $40,000 in 30 Days
$1.25   White   Mu��lln   Waists
cut to
-13.n.   Ladies'  Johnnie Coats,
13  grades,  cut  to
$65.CO Satin Suits cut to
$1.50 Lace and Mualin Waist
cut   to
$4.50   Navy   and  Black   Mes-
saline Waists cut to
$15.C0  Silk Dresses cut to
$4.00    Taffeta    and    Pongee
Waists cut to
WE    MUST    RAISE    $40 000
IN   30  DAYS.
$35.00 Cloth  Suits cut to
Ladies'    $1.50    Combination
Suits cut to
$27.50 Cloth Suits cut to
ALL     OUR     LADIES'    AND
$20.00 Wccl  Suits cut to
La'.iles'   $10.00   Cilk   Jersey
Mess.  Dress Skirts  cut to
Every Article in Our Great Furniture Steck Recced in Price for This $40,000 Sale
cut to
One of the Special Bed Bargains
$7.00       Jr    �����=���>
Beds      $
cut to
Solid Oak
cut to
Tremendous Cut on All Pricesin Our Rug and Carpet Stock
$1.50 Brussels
cut to
$38.50 Axminster
cut to
$2.50  Axminster
Cut to
72 inch
cut to
|          25c
$1.25 Brussels
Cut to
. $1.10 Nairn's .
Famous Linoleum cut to
18 inch
Stair Oilcloth
cut to
Nairn's best $1.50
Inlaid Linoleum
cut to
tiff'L    20
Prices Riven here only show what wc are doing on this immense
!wk .-overinif five great floors.   We shall continue the sale dur-
StheIX thirty ��ays.   The biggest event cash buyers ever
saw in New Westminster.
Our Collector is out collecting all back account��.-We muat insist on prompt payments of all past dues on partial payment purehases.
Medicos  Say   It  Reduces  Stoutness���
May Be Varied by  Kissing the
Knees Walks.
and young woman alike are to be seen
In  close-fitting headgear.
Hate  and  Gowns.
The large tint la preserved for tto
p'cturesiiue trailing gown, and even
'���ith r 11 rli a frock It la not often sees
except ou women who will not bow
*o tlm dictates of fashion and hide
Ihelr burnished and carefully marcel-
I'-d hair under caps and hats that are
drawn down to the brow and the napo
of the neck.
Skull cap hat with the now fountain plume Is one of the latest style*
for early wear. The fountain pliimu
will be very much worn this spring.
They are white and In two parts. IC
can be fastened Indirectly In the front
and no other decoration Is need by
tho way an trimmings thla spring
must be placed exactly In one or two
ways���either exactly In the middle of
the back or exactly In the middle of
London, March 28.���The beauty I
crawl is iho laust feminine craze In |
It must be a proper crawl.   No half j
measures,  but  down  on   one's  hands ,
and knees with Iho energy and thoroughness of a small boy searching for
a marble undi-r the dining-room table.
The devotees of the goddess of beau-ithe front,
ty  crawl  round  their  bedrooms,  and I The Fountain Ptume.
sometimes In the afternoon they crawl I    The   fountain   plume  can   alio   be
In oompany with their women guestB. [ worn as an cvonlng decoration If oue
Their doctors have told them that wishes to be a bit unusual.
crawling on their hands and knoe3 Straw turbana look as If they were
for fifteen minutes after every meal i a swathed headdress, and some of tho
Is a splendid exercise for reducing (turbans are stiff little affafrs that
stoutness. Moreover, crawling after i bear the resemblance to the Rnsi'an
luncheon Ib one of the finest aids to ihat.    One such turban cornea In fine
That Is the reason why, fer the past
fortnight, many ladies have constant*
Milan braid with the soft draped
crown made entirely of bright colored
Bulgarian   ribbon,  a  trimming  being
Ily   and   assiduously   been   exercising Iate*- considerably In millinery. Speak-
themselves in  their  homes  on  their, lnR of the ribbon trims It were never
hands and knees. [more beautiful, because of the exquis-
Drawlnp-Room Crawlers. lto "hades and waves and weaves that
"Onlv yeBlerday I waa at a well- ttre employed in their manufacture
known'hostess' tea-party." said Miss tllls season. Some of the wide rlo-
Cecll Mar. "where crawling was the bons trimmed on tho bright hued tar
craze as noon a* tea was finished.      |BeI braids with tiny bouquets compos-
" Among   those   who   crawled   were; ed of small roses and fine flowers of
several  ladies  and  one  well   known I contrasting shades maVe the  beautl-
Afrlcan explorer.   After tea they went ifuI spring and summer hat.
into  the  drawing-room   and   gave de- Mallne Is Popular.
monstratlous In crawling. ;    There are the Mallne hats, icores
"They had become quite expert and , ��t theni. ever so dainty, chic and new.
most of them could keep on crawling !Som? tlme9 tl*e malines Is put over
briskly round the room for fifteen,8 Bma11 BhaPe of velvet. Again It I
minutes at a stretch. Hut. of course.;combined with a brim of straw. Som<*-
theBe women had secured much prac-!tlme3 the Bma11 turban is all malines.
tice during the past fortnight."
It appears, however, that aa a rule
A good suggestion for the refurnishing of an old shape or tor the fner-
the women only crawl  alone In the ,Pen��ve making of a dressy'��ft�����
morning or with feminine company or theiatre bat ls the usei of'jtW-Oum.
: after af'ernoon tea. Never do they , ***** ����� *PV��*"> f>,�� *?"-'"�� *��
1 allow their husbanda to see them prac  rlc.   to   fancies.   Pelting*   ��Otup*
... comb'ned  with ostrich  aid  feathers.
"It Is    purely   a hen    convention." One large hat a waving brim^nam^
ind   Mlsa  Mar. "and  those  who  prac- \**�� black  mallnes*��������J��J*��
tice the crawl never mention the f act j ���� surfaces <*(*"��������*�� a blr
i to Iheir husbands or men friends.       Urn of Hoovering ^��"��v ��"=
i i/i���i��� <h. ���*-�������.. French   bouquets  of  for-get-me-nots
"I wc.ndeXeVnotK,ry"o combine  ��d  pink  rose, are mt around the
some  useful  work  wltb   their beautv i"a*** ot Lhe  cr0W_-
orawL Kor Instance, they might pol
Ish the floor with some beeswax while
on their way round the drawing room,
or clean the grate wheu they reach
that part of the room where it is situated
Demure Decoration.
With all the beautiful shades thla
season we wlll find some who are still
faithful to black and natural shades.
A black straw hat of a moderate slxe
adapted from the second empire mod-
,    Still  another   method   which   is M^^^J^S^
Kra^UpparbeK^IS pmme between the brim an*
ticed at HaniBtead Heath.
the crown on one side or the other
with a trail of closely packed first-
nipred tea roses.
The production of Bitch a variety
in the new hat designs of colors as
well as for natural shados sneaks vot
limes for the cleverness of the mllUnr
"Thc competitor for supple limbs
and figure," said Miss Mar "takes a
daily walk on the Heath, and at regular Intervals stoops and kisses her
knees. When she enters for this exercise Bhe wears no forests."
The  Idea  of   crawling  after meals lers-
seems   to   have   boen   imported   from j
Paris, where a few months ago portly
; men   were  advised   by   their   doctors |
; to crawl round dining-room tables.
A doctor stated that all these ever- j
icises would have a beneficial effect'
'on the persons practicing them.
"These-e.\erclses that women adopt"
tie said, "are extremely Rood. thoue'i j
they seem strange performances. ThP |
doclor probably orders them to do peculiar actions slniolv because anv or- _^^_^^_^^^^_^^_^^_
.dlnary form of exerciBe would bore I CATHEDRAL OP TUB HOLY
them, and thev would not continue "RINITT���Rev. Canoa O. V. d'Easum,
to do lt for very long. j W.A., rector;  Rev. George A. Ray, M.
A., asiistar.t curate.
���V, assistant curate. 8 a.m., Holy Cora-
munloi.;   11   a.m..  Matins,   Hcly  Communion nnd choral; 2:30 p.m.. Sunday
Bohocl; 7 p.m., Evensons and sermon.
I Toques and Turbans Again in Favor
Modish Ostrich Plumes and
CHURCH���Pastor, W. W. Abbott. R��.
The pastor will preach at both services. Morning subject, "Thy Kingdom Como";  evening    subject,    "The
��� Disaster in Dayton. Ohio." Youas
peoples'   meeting   Monday   at   8   p.m.
| Prayer meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m.
Fashions and tea���that is the ejm-
binaiion that now possesses womankind. And at the teas one aces all
���sorts of weird  people as  well as all
CHURCH- Rev. W. S. A. Crux, pastor.
The church is near   the    corner   or
Twelfth  street.    Services at  II a.m.
and 7 p.m.;   Sunday    school    it 2:3>
p.m.;   prayer meeting Wednesday  at
s-rts   of   prettv   people.     The   latest,8 Pm-    Morning thought. "Tho Work
freaks cf fashion may be found tliere,  of th<"  Holy  Spirit";  evening, "first
���mil over thu tea and cakes one grow-': Study of the Greatest Rattle In  Hfs-
i��ss critical    of    extravagance   and \tor* **���> Experlenc*."  This study wiih
"'rangeness.     The   ostrich  feather   lsbu followed  by two  other studies on
.decidedly in favor again, a very tall. | ���UOO��a��lve Sunday evenings.
: thin, palc-colond thing, waving weakly In the air over a toque of regal o"'_
i satin.
Pale rose  color,  palo  amber,  be.,.. ^^^^^^
or cream seem to be more general on   T P���**������   lublp *-���H and Sunday school
toques or black, khaki or cream. ,2:S0 P-n>-   ��ul111 -***-**-������* Monday at 8
i    Toques and  turbans  are again  IheJP-111-
l favorite headgear. Until recently nine | ,-.__     ~ 	
Uut Of every  ten  women  ued to ap-      ST.   ANDREW'S   PRESBYTERIAN
1  -Rev. .7.  S.  Henderson, paster.    Ser^
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue   and
'Seventh s'reet.- Services 11 am. and
In   large  hats  i.i   all   occasions.
vices  11   a.m. and 7:30  p.ni   Sabbath
Now they have taken a leaf out of the I , ___
fashions book and have admitted tho ! ��*��} "'"��� J����*������ ,!'Ih>'* class -:;">-
small   hat   to   special   favor,   und  old   Morning subject, "Our Bwoouragement
In   Service  :   evening  subject,    ^"he
, Unharnessed Power."
vices    Interesting.
Seats free. Ser-
Strangers    wel-
A kilt ���( this uid a taste oi that, sll day
long, iJoa the appetite aud weakens ths
RmUrt your steinach t�� healthy vbor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tabid
alt��r each meal���andcut&ut tho ���pieoing'.
Na-Bra-C* Dyspepsia Tablet*
are ths best IrienUs lor sufferers irom
IndlgMtUn and dyspepsia. S0o. a Box
tt ysur Bnm*tot'3. Mada by tha
NaUonal Drug and Chemical Co. et
Canada, Limited.
Sapperton���Services 11 a.tn. and 7
p.m.; Bible class 1:30 p.m.; Sabbath
school 2:30 p.m.: Young People's
Guild Monday 8 o'clock; prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Meeting of
board of managers Tuesday 8 o'clock.
Morning Bubject, "The Mysterv or the
Cross"; evening subject. "Christ's
Reverence for Cod's House." Uov. E.
G. Thompson, MA, minister.
A. S. Lewis, pastor. Morning worship
lt a.m.. sermon subject. "Ond's
Memorandum." Sunday school, 'i:3D
n.m.; Baraca clasH for vonng men in
the auditorium. At 7 o'clock a a-rvfeo
specially for men. Women not excluded. Ijirge male chorus, malo
quartet!*, male soloists. Centre sents
and gallery reserved for mon. Tho
nastor's sermon will be to men, subject. "A Man's Worst Enemies." A
kindly welcome to all.
The Theosnphlnal Society. A public
meeting every Sunday evening at
7:30, Conservative Club rooms, Columbia street Subject for March 30.
VHave we lived on earth before."*
, r#rO��  fWJft
SATURDAY,  MARCH 28, 1913.
Tl>reo Thousand  Men  Commence    to
Cltar Dtbrie and Repair Houses
Dsnagtd by Storm.
Omnhs. Neb.. March 28.���Nearly ��
thoutwiid carpenters went lo work today repairing the buildings only
.partially wrecked by tho storm and
:3ft00 laborers began clearing away tho
debris ef demolished structures, llun
drnda of roofs wero being restored
and the work of replacing mnny
homes to the foundations from which
���they hnd been twisted wns bosun.
That ihe destroyed portion of the
city will be rebuilt belter than ever
wan tbo general Impression and the
alacrity with which this task waa begun bears out that belief.
Members of the various building
trades unions held meetings todsy and
ft was decided that nny attempt to
���raise tho price of labor at this time
would not bs countenanced. The
T-cgolar scales cf wages in vogue
among three unions waa made public
with the statement that any attempi
nt extortion would be frowned upon
bj the unions.
Steps to raise the "restoration fund"
io nn amount that would be ample to
���reconstruct the destroyed portion Ot
tho city were taken today. Low rates
cf Interest for reconstruction1 pur-
���poses have been tendered and large
anvmnis Ot money ure being math
available for loans to rebuild wrecked
Chorus girls of various theatres
���sold papers in the streets today fur
the benefit ol the general relief fund.
Fr-sh Grain Without Cutting.
Kansas City, Kan., March ii.���C. C.
Baldwin, ol New York, lias Invented a
machine thai threshes standing grain
In the Held, without cutting jfour
horses push the machine over the
lit id. and n small gasoline engine
drives the thresher, lt only requires
two nun to operate; one to drive the
liorscti and the other to tend the
<maehin<. and the tie the grain saciis.
fn a trial, thn machine threshed i't to
:S8 acres ln a day of ten hours.
lowu for the full count. Hack on the
farm he officiated as tx pitcher for a
rural nlue, nnd the opposing tear/
ur.de up cf country lads, knocked hlm
.ut of the box.
Young's remarkable physique, his
Indomitable will his extraordinary
teneralship apd his good habits wero
responsible for his staying ln the
<rnme ns a pllcher for nearly a quarter
of a century.
l'e stands nearly nn Inch over six
feet, weighs '2'io pounds when In the
best trim, and is possessed of a
strength that plight, If H had been
'���lr-nl In another d'rectlon, have
made him a heavyweight champion of
the world. His eyes, large and grav
and slightly protruding, sparklo with
keen   wit. ills  straight,    firm    mouth
shows his grim determination,
Young's youth was spent on sn
Ohio farm. Ho worked hard, end
nluv. tl  hard,  and   nn  n  boy   fM    the
baseball star of his community, Oy
was 23 when Ills fame reached thr
manager of the Cnnton, 0.. team of
the Trl-Htatn league, who offered hlm
a job as pitcher.
When the Canton club went on the
rocks In July. 1890, Young was given
a trial with the Spiders, the fsmctl'
Cleveland team in the National
league. He pltchod 17 games for
Cleveland tbat year, and dcmons'rntnd
his right to stay In major league com
t^n- -ic-n Cv rivo seme advice
to voting players, in which ho charged
them to avoid liquor and tobacco
While Cy hns lived up to the tlrst par'
of his advice, he is a constant smoke;
of big black cigars.
It is really too bad that this indulgence should have cut short Cy's
athletic career In his prime.
(Continued trom page onei
bodies were to be seen anywhere. Kor
the moBt part the residents have
becn taken out.
ln a number of places throughout
the city camps have been established,
and families have set up housekeeping in tents, cooiiing over open llres.
Perilous tr'ps around the coping cf
burning buildings wllh the yawning
water Of the flood belo-.v them, marl:
ed tho escape of 30 men. women and
children from the flumes that destroyed the structures rn the north
Bide of Third street from Jefferson
to St. Clair Tuesday night.
When the alarm of fire was raised.
persons In the building rushed lo the
j windows to seek aid In the streets
below. None was available and driven
!by the flames, the refugees retivat"il
Ifrom the east and west toward tl"
I Cooper building, In tho centre /if t'.ie
I square, forcing Ihelr way through nt
11Ic hatchways, and climbing over
Iroots*and around oopings. in thla
i manner the Cooper building hcciine
(the common place ef rCuge. Hemmed
n by tires, a way was sought out
��� across Third stroet. Harvev Kirk
bridgo organized thc men. Under his
|direction one of the pnrtv wns let
down with a rope to tho water. He
swam to the opposite s'de, fastened n
rope cable In a staircase opening cr
the side and then signalled his com
Supporting the w.-neu and children
the men let themselves down fron the
Cooper building nnd struggled throng1"
the torrent swept street to the other
'sido. The stairs led to safety on the
upper floors. Thence the entire C4
made their way to un alley and across
It to a place of safety. There they
remained until Thursday, when they
were rescued.
Analysis cf Conditions.
I Chicago, March I!S. Alonzo Hurt,
'vice-president of the Chicago Telephone company received by wire tonight the following analysis ot flood
conditions In Ohio compiled by K. A.
Heed, general manager of the Central
j Union Telephone company at Colum-
i bus, where he has been directing relief work:
Delaware���'Without light, water and
I telephone service.    City  and  country
people who are not affected  aro relieving  tho  locnl   situation     No  out-
clde help needed  nt present.
Washington- City slightly damaged
and railway nnd telephone facilities
somewhat crippled. Sending relief to
'other places.
Newark - Telephone,  telegraph   nnd
transportation facilities crippled. Planning to send relief to Zahesville.
j    Cyclcvlllc -No  suffering   that  can
l not be rr'. eved locally.
Lancaster���No flood conditions re-
���quiring outside help.
Ms.nsflcld���Telephone nnd trans-
; portatlon lines crippled. City without
1 water nnd light hut this will he re-
| stored In 24 hours. No relief needed
Sidney���Merchants taking care or
Ithe peenle. Both reservclro consid-
! ered safe.
Chlllicothe���Flbdir"conditions very
bad. Five thousands people driven
from their homes aild uvt) families require assistance. Provisions available
for one day. Outslt-ili), help needed,
principally food^A tJloney probably
could bo used more ���advantageously
than supplies shipped    from    distant
l.,ognu and Nelsonvillc���No help required.
Piqua���Needs one adltlon-.il company of mllltla east of river to prevent
looting and protect property. Supplies being forwarded daily from
(-.reenville, Union City and Winchester, Ind., on the west and from llrhana
cn the oast. \Vell -organized citizens
in charge of relief work.
Fremont Some loss of life and property.    VIctlniB taken care of locally.
Tiffin Suffering being relieved by
local citizens' committee and supplies
being rent from Toledo.
Ottawa���Securing relief from Lima.
Lima and Defiance���Moth cities are
nble to Hike care oi their own conditions. ,   .
May Not Exceed 200.
South Dayton, O., Marph 98.���Day-
ion loss of life probably /will not exceed 200. This estimate Is based on a
personal canvass of almost 100 of Pay-
ton'B leading citizens,, men of unquestioned Judgment and reliability who
havo been engaged ,in relief and rescue work In every section of the city
ever since the rising waters invaded
the business section.
The  property   loss   purely   tangible
I and real will probably exceed $50,000,-
lOOO.    ThlB  Includes  damage  to  real
j estate and puhllc works In those parts
lot the city where these forms of property are most valuable;  to automobiles  stored  In  two  leading  garages
j aud other personal property, much of
which wan owned by the more prosperous   citizens;   to   manufacturing,
mercantile and Jeweler's stocks which
were  swept away and  to public  utility  plants and equipment.    The  cost
of rebuilding miles of asphalt Btreets
and walks which literally were ripped
from their beds, ls alBO included.
The loss ot life was confined almost
entirely to North Dayton, Inhabited by
foreigners and laborers, ln West Dayton which comprises districts of a
more substantial character, In Hlver-
dale, In Daytonvlew and other residence districts, there was almost no
loss of lUe. Several lives are known
to have becn lost in the business ills-
'Hot, but none of the rumors that
human beings had perished In lhe fire
which swept two city blocks would
stand the test of searching Investigation. In fact, a score of cool headed
men who were ln some of the buildings and others who watched the fire
from across the street assert positively that every occupant of the burned
buildings eBcnped.
The floods assumed dangerouB proportions early Tuesday morning before most people had started to work.
Consequently the loss of life at River-
dale, North Dayton and West Dayton
was occasioned when dwellings most-
in.. '     .i   _J      ������ -J
ly of light construction were swept
away und shattered by the swiftly
moving water, leaving the occupant3
who had fled to saftty In the second
Stories, to fight for their lives in tho
There are not more than 30 such
houses In Itlverdule and possibly 75
in North and West Dayton. Many
houses were moved from their foundations but remained upright and their
sheltered occupants safely remained
until tliey were rescued.
Governor Cox telegraphed today to
Secretary Burba:
"Sergeant Lilly, one of the best
health experts tn America, detailed by
Kupert Blue of the United States
health service. Is on the troop train
on the road to Dayton, ln addition
Allen, VimHiiskirk. Lambert and Long
of the state health department arrived at Dayton at 7 o'clock. They reported that tho work of reconstructing the city waterworks had begun.
"Mr. Patterson Is entitled to every
consideration. The whole Btate is
speaking in praise of his work. I'leuso
tell Mr. Patterson thnt the telegraphic
orderB sent to me this morning for
funds aggregate 1260,000. Contrlbu-
j tlons also coming from Canada. Rations sufficient to feed 300,000 for ono
i day will arrive In ColumbUB from the
j government this afternoon.. We will
i have them ln Dayton tomorrow. Ad-
j vise Mr. Patterson that thn state will
'. take charge of the railroads If neces-
jBary In order to prevent slghtscerB and
robbers going to Dayton.
Ambulance Drlgsde Responds.
Toronto, Mnrrh US. The Toronto
St. John's Ambulance brigade have
volunteered to assist in the work of
resell" et Dayton and other places af-
tcct.Pi! by the floods. A meeting w is
held last night and the entire corpB
responded to the call for volunl en
should dry be needed.
Germany's Trade  with  Drit-iin.
llerlin.  March   28,    Trad'*   statistics
fro IM'.! show that Germany la again
Great Britain's best cuatt mer, li	
Ii-mi--'ed  (.'-���-lish  i-ot.ds  In  the value
��r $47,917,000 marks, or $211,979,250
Lawyer In Murder Tri?.l O'es.
Ulnnoapolis, Minn.. March 28. r.
A. Ahn in-*, a well known criminal lawyer nnd cue of the counsel for C. 11.
Smith, on trial for the murder of Mrs.
Hansoom, died unexpectedly at his
home last evening aftir an Illness t I
-only five days. Pneumonia wan the
���cauuo cf death.
���m ���
��� ANNALS. ���
��� *
��� ��> * X* *************
1901 -'.ti Wolgast stopped Kid Bray
in first  round at   Milwaukee,
.1900 ''-nn Lon rt ord stonped Morris
Harris in seventh round nt
191(1 -'������Yank Klaus knocked ent Frink
Mantel! In ninth round at Iloston.
rltiii ,i mi Wirrv outnolnted Jack
Hums ,in 10 rounds nt Sun Francisco.
ISift Joe Rivers defeated Billy
Cnpolle in  io rounds el    Los
Ul! Frankle Hums km eked oul
JSsiuny Frayne In ninth round
nl '.Ini Francisco.
"��S1? I'm Savage outpointed Al Ku-
bink in 10 rounds al Nev York.
l*l�� Hndy Unhnl-z. outpointed Kid Alberts In 10 rounds nt Cleveland.
Subscriptions and rlnsslfiid adver-
tmuBieuts fer The News for Lulu Is-
tanfl will be received by A. Sprlce,
goaWal   store,  Queenaboro.
The News Is on Sale at
Uctei RbbsoH, Corner Carnarvon
-and Begble.
ll. Morey & Co.. Columbia street.
GnsVell Hook and Stationery Co.,
���Cldtapbla street.
W.  Brewn,  TV  C.  B,   R,  Depot
?ra A He id, Tut Columbia street.
-** ****************
��� ���
���* (By "Gravy.") <>
��� . ��
��� ���������������������������*�������� ������>�����*������*���
Birthday Congratuiatio-s to Old C>
Young, 45 Today.
Birthday congniliilatie:* an- d ic to-
ntlra to Denton Tecumsili Young, the
"Old Of" of blessed memory, Tho
velfcrari of the diamond, who was sent
to the discard laat year ari--r the
to-ftgest nctivi" career in baseball his-
iriry l�� 46 trdav. having been born
In Gilmore, O., March 29, 1867,
Cv ��������� t.i o owt"" of considerable ^ra-
r��;rt}' In Ohio and expects to spend h's
rtnonining yean ns a farmer, Although
it Is Ki'tt he entertains an ambition
ta become a baseball scout. Cy thinks
hi�� would know an Incident baseball
.Atir if he saw one, and he certainly
aufcht to.
Toting tried to live up to his name
laat yesr and gave old Pep Time a
Aartl light,  hut In the end wua sent
had becn issued to those living In thi ll
threatened sections,
| In 111 nois Governor Dunne has been
i nsked for troops to protect the levee
at Shawnei'lown. The levee has
broken near Petersburg, but there lias
been no los.i of life.
Deplorable Cord'tion3.
West Dayton, O.', March 28.- Mem*
bers of the United States life savin-
crew of Louisville, who bave navl
gated along sections of flooded Dayton heretofore unexplored, returned
today at noon, reporting conditions in
North Dayton and iliverdale quite ai:
deplorable as the first estimates Indicated so far as the suffering of f- -���
���people where concerned. The teur.
however, failed to verify fears thai
thorn in'! been a tremendous death
tell In that section.
in  North  Dayton,  privation  amor :
the  marooni d  bas   hi en  Bovere,  but
ctual  suffering,  except   among  children,  was  negligible,    Cruising    the
southern t nd of River lale, where   It
was  feared  there  would   be  found    a
h's death  list,  Cantaln  Olllooly,    In
i barge  of  the crew,  repor sd  cond
lions  paralleling  those  ln  other Bee
tli ns i r the ati cken cltv, but only ������������
rtr-ul bodies ������' :*.��� reported lc- him   as
i ;.< ini" I** -ii ��� 'covered from tlmt d;
trlct.   The flooded territory In Rlvi -
dale, which is a section of a ibalantlal
h i   ��� or nera,    Is   bpi roximately   1
blocks long and seven blocks wide.
in l'ivi rdalo north of the Main
sir i bridge, tha levee wa.. cut In
three i la ies li tiny In an i It r! to
drain that section of t'i" city. V hen
it Is possible "i clear awav the debris there and make th��rni,i,i search
of the hon ss. many of v Hch wnre
Ioverturned and wrecked bv :he flerd
���uldltlonal dead may bn taken ort
ii'i nccordtng to lht* r iat rei able Information obtainable ' from dozens of
men actively engaged in rescue work
and from the headquarters of the sec-
Con now established at Van ("leave
school, there nre only about 20 per
'sons still mis-ing aud it is believed
���many nf Iheee escaped to homes ln
North PayTnnvlaw. which wan not affected by the flood.
ln thai section on the east side of
the Miami riv' r and north of tlm Nad
river rescue work wenl forward tn
day witli the Ullltod States life saving crews In charge, Hundreds of
peonle living 111 upper slores nnd practically without food or water since
Tuesday morning, refused to leave
their homes, believing they Would
have a better chance fur safety there
Ihan elsewhere, Water and fend were
supplied them, Hundreds of others
have lift their houses. In BOme Instances effecting exits by chopping
holes through the roofs, Most of
those rescued In the district which ls
known as North Dayton, made their
way in ,a Catholic college farther to
the northeast, whieh stands on high
ground, Hero they are being cared
Mcther and Child.
\ rentrsl morgue lu.< been established al the Probate building en
Main Btreet and aa fasi as possible
Identification will bo made, Many of
the billies thus far recovered, however, presented difficulties In ihe way
I (,f Identification. One wofean was recovered from the west side, with the
I'ghi clothing she had worn pnmtio
! ally turn from her body, and her face
dlsflguri il.    She was clasping in her
.arms a i.i months old baby.   Another
', woman was found lying across a
picket fence with the fare so badlv
lacerated that her Identification is
almost Impossible, She wore onlv
night cluihlng nnd apparently was not
yet out of bed when the levee broke.
A   report   was  circulated   todav   to
|the effect that an epidemic of typhoid
fever and pneumonia hud developed
,iu Rlverdnle and West Dayton, It
was ascertained, however, that not r
singlo well developed case of either
disiiis,- was known In the sec:ion.*
mentioned, although there wns con
slderablo sii knees among the retugepf
particular among tlm women and children, due to privation, Three deaths
from diphtheria were. n"��-ri<il ii
other met.ops by Secretary of Ileal li
Board  Miller.
A pany made their way in row
boats and canoes through nearly all
of Klverdale. North Dayton and West
Dayton. This was the first lime that
it was possible to actually penetrate
the district. While conditions an- do
plorable, tlio people remaining In their
houses wore not actually suffering to
uny considerable degree, and no dead
and Tuesday
A STUPENDOUS production based on one of   the   world's greatest  tragedies,  Napoleon's   disastrous   retreat
from the burning city he had  conquered.    Along  the way  his faithful soldiers died of cold and disease,
starving themselves,  they  made food for hungry wolves.    The sufferings of the grand army remain unparalleled
in   this  great   film,   made  with   the   assistance  of   the   Imperial  Russian   army,
a^ak^  ��� '0&t'       4      we see not onlV the ill-fed' sick' discouraged followers of the emperor in retreat
a^aJ^^^^i'-^SjJ but also the capture of Moscow  in several magnificent battle scenes  in which
1��^*r^Z^Mly  10,000 people participate. ��.-..���-.    .&��i..A
'�����</��� '      T.K..-M
part I.-���Pharon and Cleopatra; rhe rends him to his death; Iras aavoi blm;
on hla way to Oreeci bo meets VentldluH al the gatei oi the city, and docldee
to remain in defend the Queen If need i( ; Vent llun presents tho queen with
an order from Antony to im ct blm at Tan us .-.;:1 annwer to chiti-K.'fi of conspiracy,
part II,���Antony, at Tarsus, Impatiently waits for Cleopatra to put In aa
appearance; h - sends Egyptian citizens to their execution but beforo they are
taken awaj the bar;-' bearing the (iu<'��n arrives, umi spellbound beforo the
beauty ami wonderful personality of the queen, they, wltb tbelr guards, remain
In the Bcene. Antony accuees Cleopatra of crimes agnlnn Rome; sbs bewitches him with Her beauty and he mcoumht; he pardons nil and releasee
the prisoners; h�� whispers to ber thnt iie will tortnko wife and country for
her if fhe will love him; she lends him away; Ve-.itidins Is disgusted at the
weakness (f Antony, and threatens to kill Dii m<t*u-H. a dlecarded lover ot Hm
queen, for laughing at his discomfiture; I'h.u-ci appears and denies tbe assertions of Diomedes, and virtually drivie him awny; Ventidlus, disgusted
with Antony for leaving him to follow the Egyptian queen, becomes a friend
to Pharon.
part III.���Having followed the quern to the capital Antony becomes b<-r
"   ���    - ���  -   Antony's wife, is dead;
slave: Ventidlus brings m-ws from Home that Flavia
also the Informalien that Home herds Antony's prese
to leave Cleopatra; Ventidlus appeals
nt. once; ho refuses
to Cleopatra to persuade Antony to do
his dutv by aiding Rome In bor" difficulties, nnd the <e.ie<n. her conscience
[O -��i'h  Vi-ntid.ir :  ba leaves.
aroused, her ambition fired, urges Antony  to 8
swearing faithfulness to Cleopatra, who trusts him ful , .
she Is frightened at. what ihe has done and a great rage overcomes her
PART IV.���Many weary months puff, but Cleopatra heers no longer fron
Antony; sick at Imai-l, title endeavors to distract her mind by attending mor.*
falthfuliy to the welfare of her people; a messenger nrrlvrS and announces
that Antony h:*.s married the Bister if Ootarinn, the beautiful Ostavla; sho
beats th" messenger and prepares at (���nee to gn to Rome ord confrniil in*
faithless Antony; another mettenger brings news that Antony desires ber
t" pr' n ire 1.- ** fleet rf war and conic to hin aid al Aot'um, whi re he in i ng iged
in war against Octavius;  reasoning deductively, Cleopatra conoludns tbat
after all Antony is faithful to her or he would net call on her to aid hlm, nntl
that his marriage to (kt.ivla was merely a political move; she leaves nt once
with her fleet of war for Actluni.
PART V.��� Al Arlium, while th" enmhtu rages, she perceives that Antony Is
winning; fearful tint If be wins, Ills love ft��r lur wlll be lost In his love for
power, she turns away her i-hlpn, und Antony, weakly Buspectlng her guilty
of treachery, follows aft< r lu r iu his own ili'p; with him away, his forces yii Id
nnd bin cause is losl; arriving al her palace, Cleopatra realizes the grave
mistake ehe tuts made, nnd sends an attendant to bring Antony to her so that
ehe can explain her course to him; but Antony, disgraced and full of rng-<
against her, drives the maid away, and, acting upon advices of Ventidlus and
several other Unman generals who are still faithful to him, he decides to
lake the queen off the throne hy force and Inflict severe punishment upon
her; however, Octavius tuiK arrived at the capital with his forces, nnd thti
city Is quickly In his hands; when Antony Irnrnn this, he undergoes a complete change of heart    he Is fearful that real harm wlll hefnll the queen, and,
' unable to combat lur, infatuation, he goes at break of day to the pulace and
meets her while fhe Is nt prayers and charges her with treachery; she denies
all and satisfies him that. It. was her love for him that drove her off the field
's'f Aetinm; when Antony's friends, nccordlng to the arrangement be had
made with them, appear to make Cleopatra their prisoner, he Interferes,
nnd In lhe end persuades thorn to Join wllh him In her defence; reluctantly
thry yield and leave lo gather their forces nga.lnrt the young Octavius; tlieir
tank Is a hop^lfps one, Octavius has already captured the city Hearing n I'alsn
nniort that the queen has Blabbed herself tn death, Antony begs Ventidlus to
dispatch bis life; Instead the faithful old soldier, seeing thai nil Ih lost In ilts-
grs.ee kills himself; Antony Inflicts a mortal wound upon himself just before
Kephem arrives from the queen with the word that he shull escape to the
palace; Kephrrn assisted by I'haron, bears the dying Antony to tlie tomb of
lh" ciieen to which Bhe has enciipcd; hew finding that It is Impossible to
win Octavius to lur side, the ntti mpts to assassinate him, but the uhm mis-
carrli ii by the Impetuous ac! of Antony who suddenly recovers consciousness;
Antony dies, and Octavius tells tho queen thai she Will go with him to Rome,
a prisoner; Cleopatra places an asp, provided by I'haron, in her bosom, and
its tiling cauBos her death
"Arab Lotc Song" by Miss Frances Hamilton.
In addition to these feature films the regular program will be run in thc afternoon.   On account of the extra heavy expense
securing these pictures the regular evening admission fee will be raised to 15 cents for main floor seals. SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1913.
f*AOt FIV��
Six man   Game  Not a  Success���Final   4
Score 5-3���Teams Now Tied
on Series.
Stand of Teams.
Western All-Stars
Eastern All-Stars
F.      A.
21 22
22 21
Final game tonight In Vancouver.
1: . . .
San Francisco, March 28.���The Chicago Americans won the firBt game of
the closing series with the San Francisco team of thc ('oast league by a
Bcoro of 7-2.   The score:
R.    II.    E.
Chicago      7    li     1
San Francisco     2     9     3
Batteries Mogridge   and   Sullivan,
Alertt,  Henley  and  Spencer.
With the exception of a few individual rushes which showed up brilliant play, the Bix-man game, played
for the first time In Westminster last
evening between the Western and
Eastern all-star aggregations was not
the remarkable exhibition which local
liockeyisis have been led to believe
by reports from tbe East during the
past season.
Last    night's   game   at   the arena
which was captured by the Knsterners
by  the s.'ore of o goals to 3, provided
excellent opportunities to watch the|
Individual  skill of    the    Btars.    The!
pi euliar  working  of  thn  abbreviated
game allows a captain to change his!
men  al  anytime during its progress.
However, nfter watching lhe Beven 1
man gam! all the winter the spectators ore not satisfied with the Eastern]
style of play, especially on the large
rinks 1 ut ou the coast, so that there
!:���  I ttie likelihood of the 1'aclflc mag* 1
nates switching over from the seven-
man r.anio.
Small Crowd.
Unless a New Westminster team is
In tin* Uajtt iiie funs take little - in-
teres! in nny game and this was do
monstrateq la-^t night when only a*
small crowd pul In an appearance at
the QueenJ park arena.
The first eight minutes of play was'
painfully slow nnd It was not until
thi "lil Kenoru star, SI Grlffls. went
i .hi ii ihe bunch with a brilliant effort and pliici d ihe coast men In
the running that the crowd really '������-'.
warm '1 up.
'1 !��� �� nilqutes Inter Eddie Oatman
mi iii through on his lonesome equalising tbe scire two eaoh.
In the si 1 iml period Grlffls and
Od ��� ��� 1 legnorn divided honors on 1'ne
1 ore board, the tcftms again being
ou ��� *r:ai '��� rms
Thi'   perfect   stlckhandllng  of     tlie
its. however, won out, N* Igh
r,  the    Toronto    boy,    and  Skene
nan, if the ottawas, placing    tbe
on   ice  two   minutes  from     the
Chicago Americans Lose.
Los Angeles, Cal., March 28.���The
Chicago American regulars lost another extra inning game today, this
time to the Los Angeles Coast league
team Tho game was a tie with two
each at the end of the ninth and In
the 11th the locals won out.   Score:
It.    H.    E.
Los Angeles   8     6     ?���
Chicago      2     8     4
Batteries���Cache, Ryan and Boles;
Smith, Scott and Kuhn.
Chinese Team.
Oakland. Cal., March 28.���The all-
'Tilnesf baseball team that arrived
here this week from Honolulu, won
today the first game played here bv
defeating St. Mary's college 12 to 11
The visitors showed a comprehensive
knowledge of the game. The score:
All-Chinese   12 in   ?,
SI. Mary's   11   S    3
Batteries:    Heong. Akina and Kan-
yen; Treacy and Horan.
Elected at Meeting    Last    Evening���
George  Rennle Captain of tlie
At a meeting of tuc Salmon Bellies
held lust evening Tcuimy Gifford, who
has been mi.vhil with lacrosse in the
Hoyal City for many years, was
elected manager of tho team for 1913.
while George Kennie was elected cap
Tills is the second time In succession that a player has been elected
manager, Mayor Gray being elected to
thc post last year and followed up
Ihe honor by regaining possession of
the Minto cup.
Whether Alderman Lynch wlll make
the trip to the EaBt In compluiy with
Messrs. Jones aud Lionel Yorke ot
Vancouver and Victoria respectively,
in order to assist In forming a national lacrosse commlsBlon and also pick
up a team for tlie Capital City, is stilt
in doubt and in a conversation with
Mr. Lynch last evening The News
was informed that business dutleB
would probably prevent him from
malting the tour of Ontario and Que
Manager Con Jones,.,ot the Van
coiners, was In the city yestenla>
*alking over the s'tuatlon with Mr.
John A. Lee. While little would be
givi 11 out for publication The News
was Informed by (ton that better lacrosse than ever would bo staged on
the coast thiB coming summer, that
everything ha3 been settled between
the Terminals and the Salmon Bellies
and it was up to everybody to pull
for Victoria and secure them a team
which would be capable of holding
its own against the other two clubs
in Uie league.
Walk up Sixth street and see our display of tools.
It will pay you.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
K.K,   fltVTU    ftTDIBT BUOUE    OV9
PHONE  237.
it-Rite Clothing
Men's   Furnishings
Rovers and Thistles Will Meet at Sap
pertcn 'cr Gccccr Championship
cf   Lower  Mainland.
final gong.
! i .. feature of tha evening was the
wi :,. of Lehman, tbo Royal cuatodlan,
SI urlffla and Bddle Oatman on thi
Wi 1 ern forward line, and Odlo Cleg
rhlrd period 1: astern, Ronan,
1,    .'.. men.
Lehman showed up In brllliani
si I, and brought the spectators to
thi 1* fm time and again with nil
remarkable slots.
Kept the "Mccse" Off.
SI Grlffls    was    spectacular.    While
Eddln   natulan   earned   his  place  on
the team wllh his ull round play.
,���l���. ('leghorn, of the Montreal
Wanderers, played the best game for
the visitors, his sUokhandllng being
exceptionally brilliant, while Clint
Benldict in goal for the Easterners
was a second Lehman.
Frank Patrick used eight men alto
aether, while  Art  Uoss  Kept   to  Mil
, ,..- ������l  sextette  with  the  exception
.if Cameron who gave way to RflSS In
the second period. 1
Taylor was   a   distinct   disappoint
ment, losing the puck time ami again,
while Patrick was llttla better.    The
Inn,.,- fulled lo respond to the crowd
in  the last period  when  Hey  yelled
oul    for   Moose   Johnsen,   Johnson
broke i" the game Id th' early P��>"����
and played n stellar game, but   was
lake,   oft, and Just why P��triok kept
on himgrll in place of the WMtm'n.
ster   I'-.yer  was   a   mystery   to   mi
spectators. , ,,   ...
The llno-up and nummary follow.
Westerners-Lehman, <���*���'**��� Otmta,
point' Johnson Patrick, cover. Tu  lor-
Kendall,  centre;   Harris,  right   wing.
Oatmnn, left wing. ,.���m.,r
Easterners- Bentdlot, goal;  Camer
on-Ross, poi.it;   8. Cleghorn,   cover,
II, na,..    centre;    0.   Cleghorn,   rlghl
wing;   Nilghbor. left  wing.
lU.fine.   Ilininle (iardner;   judge of
The cr,i"i.il game of tho V.incouver
nnd District Soccer league will be
Staged al Sapperton park Hub afternoon when the Thlstli s of Vancouver
clash with the Westminster Rovers in
Hi- play off for the championship of
iho league.
West minster never did have a better chance of copping the champion
thlp than this afternoon nnd Boccel
fans from Vancouver and all the dis
trlcl surrounding this city will help
the 1 ical fane to che'i r th, ir respective
favorites on to victory,
Manager Grant Of the Hovers waf
in a confident mood yesterday, Informing The Ni ws that he was going
to turn oui the Strongest eleven pot
��� uible, in fact If every player answer!
Ithe call he will turn out the strongest
1 team Of the season.
Harper, Saggle, Hornc and Law-son
j the new recruits cf the loealB will hi*
lon deck while Hrtchkiss who made 11
bit with the fans earlier in the Beason
Is ruining over from Victoria to assirt
'the Westminsters.
The kick-off will take place at 3:IS
i o'clock with Davie Leith of Vancouver
handling  the  whistle.
Although change! may  be made at
ithe last minute   the   line-up   of   the
two  tennis   will   probably   be  as   fol
Hovers Goal, Home; hacks, Lyon,
1 Hotctiklss; halves, Lawson. Urucc,
Melklejohn; forwards. ShawcroBS,
Baggie, Harrop, llomlinson, Caydzlen
Thistles Goal, Lamble; backB, Me-
Ewen, Christiansen; halves. Tood. Irving, Butchard; forwards, Dotill, Anderson,  Matthews, Brass.  Bell,
Queen's Old Furniture.
Queen Mary has been giving her
views upon old furniture, and these
have come as a shock to London collectors. Some time ago the Queen or-
dere'l a clean sweep to be made ol the jij
olrl-fushioneil equipments of her private apartments nt Buckingham Palace an<! Wind?or Castle, and these all
have been replaced by modern articles, with the rc-ult that the rooms
now pro-v-nt an air ol lightness slid
comfort that they never possessed
When asked what should be done
with the furniture thus removed, 'tier
Majesty quietly remarked that ths
best course would be to burn it. The
Queen has only one hobby, and that
Is a lar^e collection of old silver.
Curiously enough, there U no one
in the royal family who displays any
liking for old furniture, though Queen
Alexandra s^me years ago made a
ooliection of articles <>! tlie Marie An-
t' Inette perim!. the drawing-room*! nt
Sandringham being tilled with tlie re-
I suits ol her researches. .Queen Victoria, on the other liui.d, was greatly
devoted to old furniture of every Je-
lacription and all periods.
Satisfaction is the real
test of the worth of a suit.
That is why thousands of
men demand FIT-RITE
If you are a FIT-RITE
customer your wants will
be" well looked after, your
clothing will be kept pressed
by a competent tailor, free
jf charge.
Not only are they up to
the minute in style, perfect
in fit and rich in finish, but
in the every day wear they
are guaranteed to give you
absolute satisfaction.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase and  Sale  of  Real   Estate.
No. 15���Two large lots on Fifth street, 10Bxl4��*V4 feet, all cleared.
Price $3300; one-third cash, balance arranged.
No. 139���Three lots on Hamilton street, close to Twelfth, 44x140
feet each.   Price $950 each; one-third cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Fine corner on First street and Fifth avenue, 84x104 feet, all
cleared; facing Queens park; paved street, etc. Price $3000; one-
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
J. J. J0NE8, Managing Director.
Heaj Offlee: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
The Famous Norwegian Explorer, the Daring Man Who Penetrated
the Antartlc to the World's Last Unknown Place, Will Tell In
Graphic and Fascinating Narrative
With Forty Minutes of Wonderful Motion   Pictures   and   Excellent
Stereopticon Views.
Friday, April 11th, at 8 p.m.
Under the Auspices of SONS OF NORWAY.
SEATS���$1.00 and $1.50.   Tickets sold at Tidy's and Scandla Trading
Trading Company.
Richardson & Humphries
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Block.
Origin  ol the  "Amen  Corner."
The oriein of the exptesion, "snien
corner,' 'is trace.1 to England, where
I prior to the reformation, upon Corpui
| Chri-ti day, a pr'iressinn ol the cler-.-y,
starting   frnm  St.   Paul's   Cathedrnl,
i marching   thrnu'-'h   Cheapside,   coin-
i men-red  at the end  ol  the -treet  to
chant "Our Father/! or "P-iUr N-n-
ter."    Along lhe whole length of Ihe
i tli'-ir'iuzhfarc,   now   known  n<   Pater
i rn ster  row.  they  frave voire to tin*?
ancient anthem, SO timinj themselves
that   Hi"  amen would  be  reached  at
the corner, which to this day is known
I n�� tlie "Amen Corn4r."
The 2fUh century definition of the
term "amen cori-er," however, is
nothing more than a lounging place
consecrated to the discuss-inn of
tliint's and events ol political significance  and  otherwise.
Nearly every tavern, hotel or club
of any importance in Great Britain
has had or has an "amen corner,"
nnd the lii-jtories, recollections and
anecdotes of the tame would fill many
lar-je-s;r.ed  volume.
lt is proposed to impose a license feel
of 55110 with no license to be granted
to any picture theatre not on a corner
with a IS foot driveway at the side.
The contention of the owners is that
.t would put them all out of business
if they complied with the proposals.
.,liv   liillv  Field, Winnipeg-
V Cloai" "nptres. Charles   Tobln    and
timers, BTod Lynch and char
The Score,
period-.Eastern. O, Cleghorn
,;;,ern, Neighbor, Wl *��*
Ken  Mullen. . r.|.nr
Oame timers, Fred Lynch and Char
Ile Young.
The Score
S22;   Eastern,   >��������������<;  ���,,���.,.
ern.    OrilTis, UO;  Western,   Oatman.
1' sernnd    period-Western      Grlffls.
1.02; Eastern, O, cleghorn. 8.13.
Third    period    KnMcrn,    Neighbor,
18.03; Eastern, Neighbor. 10-'-
and Sonoma track team at the meet
by Johns of California   y .m.nn
a second.    D6n  Dawson wow ��
S.tinford record in a   'roa-liump wltn
�� '""�� <lf 2:t f00t, V   Stanford,   won
captain Campbell,   Stanford
both sprlntB, doing the l<"  >a,���, t
in 10 US and the M0 yard I".II flat.
The southerners wore only  al)
take two flrat placcB, the high Jump
and shotput.
Fistic   Fans   Will   Watch   Joe   Bayley
Defend Title Against Cherlle
Reiliy  at  Steveston.
Although the Victoria boy will enter
the ring a favorile, the battle at Btev-
Mton, which wlll be started nt 3
o'clock this afternoon between Joe
llavlev     the    Canadian     lightweight
champion and Charlie Rellly of Ban
Francisco, promises to be tho feature
event of the flstle world the northwest  has  experienced  during  recent
^Seating capacity for 6500 people has
been prepared at the arena which hSR I
been built at Steveston during the
past few days and nny fears that the
battle will not take place should a
ra'nstorm come along were shattered
yesterday when nilly Haddock, the
Promoter Informed the press that a
canvas covering would be placed oyer
the   arena   thla   morning   should   Ihe
weather sbow sifcns of breaking bad.
What  with  special    carR    running
from Vancouver and West minster ovor
th. B  0  E. H. tracks, tho steamer
Transfer leaving the market wharf In
Mt olty at 1 o'clock and the C. P. K.
coast steamer I'rlncess May arriving
at Steveston from Victoria tliere will
Ibo n remarkable dearth of fight fans
lln the three largest cities of liritish
'Columbia this afternoon.
The preliminary between Tlllly
Weeks and t'vclono Scott Is scheduled
to dart at li o'clock with the main bout
following Immediately afterwards.
Dining-room For Dog*.
The rTOnrietres�� ol a restaurant at
Paulton ���Sqnnr'-', Chelsea, F,ng., who
found that many of her customers had
their dogs at tlie same table, nnd in
some oases allowed them to eat from
their plates on the floor, hss established a sepirrate dining-room for
dogs. While their mistresses are having luncheon or dinner the pets are
placed in a separate room, where they
are fed with mutton bones, cooked
heel, ��to. A dog's dinner costs threepence, and the animal is allowvd to
select his dish and to eat his All.
Hit Ancestors.
An   Irish  gentleman   wss   once   attended by an eminent London physi-   greatest
cian, who,   pausing   and   looking
him with an inquiring glance  said:
"I should like to know, sir. II year
hi roily hsve been long lived f"
"Long lived, is it?" rescinded the
patient thoughtfully. "Well, doctor,
I'll just tell you how it is. Our family is a west ol Ireland family, and
the uge ol my ancestors depended
entirely on the judge and jnry who
tried  them."-Strand  Magazine.
Lest  Hours.
TJrgin* the need for spelling reform
n an address at St. Bride's Institute,
London, recently. Prof. Waiter Ripp-
lan said it had been calculated that
lhe English child took on the average
^,,'iOO hours to learn its speech, the
Herman 1,300, snd the Italian child
less than 1,000. We were giving away
I,(XX) hours of every child's Kfe to
mr competitors, and we called our-
selves a business nation!
To Protect Miners.
An electric alarm that gives warning
when a mine roof begin* to move lia��
boon invented by an Australian.
Australia   Now Second.
As n butter exporting1 country Au��-
ttalia now ranks second,'Denmark be-
ing first.
Footlights were lirst put on the Rnc-
lish   stage   by   llnvid   Garrick.   wU/3
b-yrrowed the practice from ltalv.
To those who witnessed them last
Juno the Kinemacolor pictures of the
Indian Durbar need no recommendation. Since that time they hnve
traversed the length and breadth of
the Dominion, everywhere exciting
unstinted interest and the most genuine appreciation.
Four times    did    the    minister    of
mllltla. Colonel Hon. Sam Hughes, witness  the performance  aud  to Mr.  H.
P.  Hill, advance agent,  who was    In
the city  yesterday,   he expressed  hia J
appreciation of the value of these pic-1
tares  not  only  from   a  military,   but:
from an educatloual  standpoint.
The pictures will be at the opera j
house all neit week except on Thurs-
day, and there will be a matinee cn I
Saturday also. Monday is children's
day and the management lias Invited
the ISoy Scouts to a free inspection.
Other steps where are being taken
to interest the children in these remarkably informing views of another
part of the great empire In which
they live, are outlined in another
The Overseas club and the Kilts are
extend'ng their patronage on special
nights to be announced Inter, and it
Is he ed that the members of the
millt��-y and seml-inllitary bodies in
the r ty will Join with the Overseas
club in this project.
Mr.  Harold Meade, whose excellent
descriptions last year drew forth the
appreciation   from   his  audi-
      ��� '    a
61-     greun-ai    ci,,,,--.--  ,
at | "ors,  wlll  again  tell  the story  of
unique    and    magnificent
nrltish history.
! veut
A wonderful production
in three in three reels Thrilling encounters, superb acting,   clever  detective   work.
In Bits of Music and Comedy.
Westminster's Favorite
Phenomenal   Baritone.
Keystone Comedy
Mallory Gravnette Hats
Your Hat is the most conspicuous thing you wear.
To be calmly confident that
you are appearing at your
best, follow the judgment
of well-dressed men and
wear a "Mallory flat."
$3.50 and $4.00
Waterproofed at $4.50
A. S. MILLS & Co.
Smart Apparel for the
Younger Men*-I6 to 60
.    JILL
Moving Picture Men Protest.
London, Ont.. March 28 The owners of moving picture hoiiFes In this
city will protest against the proposed
amendments to the act governing moving picture houses which Is being considered by the provincial legislature
Joe Bailey vs.
Charlie Reiliy
15-Round Boxing Conte��t
for the lightweight championship    of
Canada, on
Saturday March 29
3 o'clock. Good preliminary, 6 rounds
New Ar?na Built to Seat 5500.
Tickets now on sale al Chapman's
Illlllard r-nrlors, 134 Hastings H.i Pet*
Rlngwold's Cigar Stand. Granville St.;
also at Kings Hotel, New Westmin
ster. Special cars leave West minster
and Vancouver over D. C. B. R.
S.S. Transfer leaves Market Wharf
at 1 o'clock. <946>
Westminster  Opera   liouse
The Crowning Triumph of Modern Spectacles.
Presented by Kinemacolor in all its grandeur, with thrilling travel talk by
HAROLD B. MEADE, Soldier and Raco nteur.
Tone of electrical effects; 500 Elephants, 1000 Camels; 50,000 British Soldiers.
Monday, Night, March 31, Boy Scout and School Children's Gala Fete.
PRICES: 25c. and 50c.
Prizes to School Children for Best Essay on the Durbar. PAUE   SIX
8ATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1913.
Classified Advertising
, HATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
u.iy 4c per word per week; Uo per
month; 5.000 wordB, to be used as required wltLIn one year trom date ot
contract, $26.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c
Death Notice 50o or with Funeral Notice tt.��0. Card of Thanks 60o per
roonis, furnished; suitable for working girls. 009 Victoria street, near
News office. (954)
galow for rem at once. Phone
R1283, (955)
The Want Ads. are
Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Loss-ad-
justors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operators
with the man who has property
of any sort to sell���with the
business man. or housewife, who
is "upset" by the Iobb ot "help"
���with the anxlouB work-seeker,
against whom the rest of mankind sometimes seems to be hos-
tllely arrayed���with the landlords who unexpectedly lose tenants���with the business men
who need more capital���with
all who have confronting them
a "want ad task!"
They are as completely at
YOUR SERVICE as are the
Btreet cara or telephones���but
their capacity for serving you
ia much wider, whilo just aB
for rent; use of kitchen and dining
room.    Phone 1129. (940)
store on Begble street Good show
window. Cheap rent. Apply Box
947 News office. (947)
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.90
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, aud in London, Eng
land. New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.3.A., and Mexico City. A general
hanking business transacted. Letters
ot Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents in all parts of tho world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
reoelved In sums of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per cent jer
annum (present rate).
Tatal Assets over $186,000,000.00.
a. D. BRYMNER.  Manager
housekeeping rooms. Apply 314 Carnarvon streeL (934)
Queensborough  Office  Is Now Undor
Control of Postmaster MacDonald
���New Arrangements.
By a recent order    made   by    the
Nanalmo   May   Raise   Unit���Information from Col. 8am  Hughes���
Armories  Later.
Nanaimo, March 28. -A regiment of
modern, cheap, 314 Eleventh street.
keeping rooms, als* phone, $14 to
$21 per month, at 224 Seventh
street. <893)
for Saturday afternoons and evenings. Start today. Apply Popular
Shoe Store, 641 Kront streot.   (953)
cottage furnished for light housekeeping. Apply P. O, Box 492. (938)
in good condition,   three   or   four
rooms, In good neighborhood.   Rent
$15 or $18.    Box 931 Nows office.
responsible firm exclusive listings ot
first class Industrial and residential
property In the city or district.
Write giving particulars to Box 922
The News. (922)
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, NeWB office
i .        m
range and Buck heater, 511 Ninth
street. (949)
cleared and levelled with three
roomed cottage, on Thirteenth
street, near Seventh avenue. Small
cash pay men I wlll secure this, ha!
ance arranged. Room 4IS) West
minster Trust building, Thos. Rut-
ledge Brokerage Co. (945)
corrugated iron water tank, 500
gallons; also small dash churn,
basin, print, etc. Goo. Riiwble,
Jubilee, B.C. (M9>
all pans of (Queensborough, $700 up.
Also good    building    lots.    Queensborough Realty Co., Ewen    avenue
double corner suitable for rooming
house or terrace. Apply Room 3,
650 Columbia street. |9JG)
bath, toilet and basement; very
lar^e, level lot, 50x150, high and
dry,   two   blocks  from   Sixlh   street
tram, Eleventh avenue. Key at No.
His, next door. See this and you
wlll buy. only $2450; $r.oo oash,
balance as rein if desired. Wood-
worth & Co.,    333    Oamble    HtriM't,
Vanoouver,   Phone Seymour 4438.
Stove, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges $1.(10 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range  Co., Market  square.
.. J
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
V/ill take a city lot as a first payment
on a handsome new eight roomed
dwelling house wtth full sized lot.
No. 91.
Will take city property in exchange
for an eight acre farm at Sardis.
Five acres under cultivation, No. 6.
Will take a city lot as first payment
on six roomed house not quite completed and located an Sapperton.
House is all modern and is valued
nt $3300.    No. 37.
Cheap lot on Wise road, size 34x145.
$100 cash and any uld term for the
Will take city property in exchange
for an eight acre farm near Sardis.
Five acres under cultivation. No. 6.
Three roomed house and large lot
near Edmonds for (900; easy terms.
No. S4.
Cwellest house In thc city, on George
street. Interior finished In oak. Excellent plan.   Snap price.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room ��, K��l*hts of Pythiaa
hall, corner Etgkth street and A��
nes street. (763)
small rooms ��ver the NewB office,
Salt-able tar olrt M H-gM manafac
turtag purposes. Will tease for twe
or three year tunsa. slsjly ar ea bloo.
Apply to MaMgw tka News.
where. No colleotiee, w> charge
Ameriean-Tanos-aver Mercantile Aa-
6-ncy, S36 Hastimgs street, west
Vaaceuver, B. C. (T6��)
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. im.
2 p. m. and 11 :*&.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle lt a. m
sad ll p. m.
I-i-iiv.-j, Vancouver for Nanalmo I p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 10 p. m. Wednes-
Leaves Vancouvor  every Wednesday a<
!���   p.   Ul
postmaster general, tho post office at 1 the Canadian mllltla may bo raised in
���Queensborough is now  under control   "     *" ..:....,......,	
of Postmaster MacDonald, ot tho New
Westminster office.
Three letter boxes will be Installed
in the Lulu Island district as well aa
a parcel box, two collections being
made daily.
New offices have alao becn created
at Boundary Bay and Walnut Grove.
The former will be served three times
week, on Tuesdays Thursdays and
Saturdays, from the Ladner office.
Walnut Grove will receive its mail
from Port Kells every Tuesday and
Doctors Use This For Eczema
the Nanalmo district In the near future
with an armory located ln the city.
Information has beeu received hy
Captain Carpenter of the city from
Col. Sam Hughes minister of mllltla,
that Nanalmo has been entered as one
ot the points at which a unit of the
militia may be raised In the near future. Evidently the growth of the
city and its growing Importance has
not escaped tho notice of the militia
I department.
I Should a unit be established it Is
(only a question of time until an arm-
lory would later be erected. What the
I plans of the minister may be for Na-
1 nalmo Is not known simply the bare
Dr. Evans, Ex-Commlssloper of
Health, says: "There Is almost no relation between skin diseases and the
blood." The skin must be cured
through the skin. The germB must bo
washed out, and so salves have long
ago been found worthless. The most
advanced physicians of this province
are now agreed on this, and aro prescribing a waBh of winter green, thymol and other Ingredients for eczema
and all other skin diseases. This
compound la known as D. D. O. Prescription for Eczema.
Dr. Holmes, the well known skin
specialist, writes: "1 am convinced
that tbe D. D. D. Prescription la us
much a specific tor eczema as quinine
for malaria. I have been prescribing the D. D. D. remedy for years."
We ourselves vouch for the D. D. D.
Prescription for eczema and absolutely believe that lt will take away th��
Itch the Instant you apply It. D. D. D.
Soap helps too. Ask us about lt.
Frederic T. Hill, druggist.
Other changes of interest to
district  are that the offices at  South   lntlmaUon belng glvoIl that there was
Westminster.  Pitt  Meadows and Port 1 llkclih0(;d of a un|t being placed here.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves   Westminster   8
W��>dni:silav and  Friday.
Leaves   Chilllwuck    7    a
Tbuisday antl Saturday.
Ii��.  UOULKT,  Agent. Now Westminster
H, W. unoDHH. G. P. A.. Vancouver.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phons 185.      Barn  Phone 137
Bsgble Street.
Bag-gaga HellveiM Promptly to
any part ot the city.
Kells have
been   made money   order ,
President wilson completes
message to extra session
Washington.    March 28.���President
I Wilson yesterday finished the message
[which he will send lo the extra aes-
'; slon ot congress,   lt is devoti-d chiefly
to the tarifT and will be submitted to
the cabinet today.
I    The president had a long conference
'with Secretary Itedlleld at the While
Commence Preparations snd Manufacture of Cans���Many Alterations.
Steveston. March 2S.���It Is expect
ed that can making operations will
start in several of the canneries next
week. Many of the canneries will use
the new solderless patent cans manufactured by the American Can com-1���ji0'uge~ jagt night about the tariff. Mr.
pany at Kast Burnaby, but the change   Redfie](]'3 tariff    views    often    were
will not effect all of the plants, the
Orientals having been engaged ln
several instances to make the cans by
the old method.
This will be the first year that the
hi "    am
ward.   543 Front Btreet, room 10.
Monday on Sixth or Columbia
streets. Finder will be rewarded
on returning Baine to Daily Nows
office. (957)
Four roomed furnished suite with
bath, heated, hot and cold water,
large rooms; all outside lights. ?35
per month.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
Ligbt and Heavy Haulin g
sought by  the  president during    hla
campaign for election.
Politics consumed little of the
president's time, as he was mostly
concerned over the flood situation.
Dunsmulr cannery, on Dunsmulr Kle ^evl in touch over tho telephone
island, between Lulu island and Sea ; nowever, with the progress of tho
island, will have been In operation (jUI.y reform measure In the conference
since the big run of 1909. | committee  of  the  New  Jersey  legls-
Extenslve alterations and additions , )ature and let it be known that unless
have been made to the plant during jjury reforms were obtained ho might
the past few weeks so that everything j make an appeal soon to the people of
Is ready for the starting of operations \;(.w jersey to bring presure to bear
when the sockeye run commences.'       OI1 t),e legislature.
Billiard** and  Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes
ClgarB and Smoking requisites
Wholesale and  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609  Columbia   St.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.
Cor. Sixth and Columbia
HAVE YOU $75.00 ? CAN YOI'
Invest $15.00 monthly from your
salary ? This should appeal to
tho man of small savings and
Wages. We have a few lots right at
the city limits and only two blocks
from the car. City light and water
advantages. Fronting on full (16 foot
Btreet and lane in rear. The price is
$1190. They are finely situated, the
view being excellent and tlle location
sanitary. We wlll give further par
tlculara on Inquiry and we would
be glad to show you the property.
l.ook this up and satinfy yourself.
National Finance Company, Ltd.,
521 Columbia street.
Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.    Satisfaction guaranteed
59 McKenzie St.
Winnipeg, March 2S.���No loss than
I?, long delayed trains pulled In from
the F.ast in the last 12 houra, laden
with passengers from Toronto and
Montreal. The trains wero stalled between 26 and -40 hours at points along
the Superior section, where the blizzard had raged at its height and the
snow had banked up agalnut the
tracks In deep drifts, making railroad-
Despite the adverse weather conditions, business on the market yesterday proved of a most satisfactory nature, tliere being an excellent attendance of buyers and sellers and a good
variety of produce.
Tho coming of spring was marked
by the arrival of large quantities of impossibility,
variegated    vegetables    which    found      *^     �����        ^
ready sale at prices quoted.
The potato market was unchanged.
The slocks remained heavy with the
buying of a sultry nature. Quoted
prices ruled In all sales.
Contrary to expectation and despite
the tact that the stocks were very
good, eggB showed a marked tendency
to advance consequent upon an eager
demand. At the close the wholesale
price stood at 25 cents straight.
The florist stands were well represented  with  cut und  pot   flowers,  al
{most every variety being offered  for
j sale.
Although the season is well advanced for anything in thia line of a first
j class  mitur'e  there  was a little  local
fruit on hand which waa readily dls-
j posed of.
The auction market showed great
'activity, many fine heavy draft horses
'and good dairy cows going under the
The first section of No. 3 from
Toronto had the worst time of lt
when Ihe train got stuck in some big
drifts at Ignace. Ont. The passengers
on the Toronto trains suffered from
the lack of food, there being no diner,
and from cold, the temperature lu the
I cars being down below zero. In addl-
I tion to the ordinary passengers on
these trains there were about 1000
immigrants from the Teutonic and
Notice Is hereby given that th�� first
sitting of the Court of Revision ou
the Assessment Holl fnr 1913 wlll be
held at Hie Council Chamber, City
Hall, Now Westminster, B.C, on the
16th dsy of April. 1913. it 11 a.m.
Notice of any complaints must be
given to tlle Assessment Commissioner In writing at b-nst ten days
previous to iho sitting of the Court,
Dated at New Westminster, B.C.,
the  17th day of March,  1913
ISS2) City  Clerk.
Wee/k  End  tickets on sale to local
soint.s at Single. Fan
on   Fridays,   Saturdays   and   Sundays
For rates and reservation apply    tc
New Westmlnstei
Or H.  W.   Brodle, O.P.A.  Vancouver
        I -i ^*
B, per box   $1.00 to $125
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per aack $1,00
Carrots, per sack    I*1
Turnips, per sack 00i
for Round Trip I Potatoes,  per  aack    toe
1 Potatoes, per ton Js to $10
1 Onions, per sack    $1.25 to $150
King's Hotel Pool Room
Ueat Pool Tables In the cily. Fiiu
lis* af Olgars and Tobacco, Sport Iiu
���tvants builellneil.
A. O.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
to 4(lc
T'ffE type of men who
wear Fit-Reform
garments, are the men who
have ideas about drees and
other things.
They are "the coming men"
and the men who "have
We'd like to show you some
of the new spring styles in
Fit-Reform Suits and
tft^-r ***v,
�� FIT- *f*\
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   Weetmlnater.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small   Musical  Goods of  all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
Ite Lot 4, of Block IS, of part of 3eo
tlon ��,    Block *> North,    FlanK*    7
West, Dlatrlct ef Nsw Westminster.
A certificate of Indefeasible title to
abovo property will be lsssed to Frank
N.  Trltes,  on the 13th  day of April.
1913, unless in the meantime a valid
objection thereto be made to me    in
writing by a persol or persona claim-
; an  estate or Interest therein, or
in any pnrt thereof.
Dlatrlct Rsststrar or Titles
Land Registry OfTlce,
New  Weatmlnster,  B.C.,  February
2Sth, 1912.
Cottage to rent.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Cuf.ls Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Tho person or persona bavins In
their ctiBtody or possession tho follow
ing Title Deeds rslatlse to tke said
property are reo.ueBted to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
(a) Deed dated the 28th dny of
November, 1893. from Frank N. Trlteti
to Thomaa lionnutt of the above disc r I bod property.
(b) Deed dated the 12th day of
November, 1894, from Thomaa Dennett
to Arnold llennett of the above de
scribed property.
(c) Heed dated the 12th day of
October, won, frnm Arnold Bennett to
Oeorge W. Shay of the above de
scribed  property.
(754) District  IteRlatrar of Titles,
New Sprini; ami Summer Baitings
now on display. Bee thorn. Perfect
nt and workmanship guaranteed, 7>)'
Front Street
Specialty Trent ment of the SOalp
by VibrO-Maasage and Clover's Fain
oua Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
Phone 1277.
Westminster Trust Block.
with Cut-off Price.
The Oriental Contract Co.
Ve-je'ables, detail.
tt'inta, por bunch  	
Onions,   per   lb	
OftrrotS, per bunch	
Cabbage,  per  lb	
Turnips, each 	
Eggs and Butter.
11'l'L'H, wholesale, per dozen  ..
1 Eggs,  retail,   per  doz	
; Dutter, retail, per lb 36c
Butter, wholesale, per lb. ...
Flth, Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb  2ic
White Spring Salmon, per Ib ir>c.
Flounders, per lb 10'
Siiirgcrin, per lb \*e
1 Hal'-biit, per lb Mr
��� Steelhsad, per lb 15c
I Smelts, per lb Hi
Rotall Meats.
Beef, bent rib rtniut.i  Ifie to I'r
Beef, loin I80 to 22r
tieef.  round  Mteni!    iOi
Rolling beef  lie
; Veal   15c to ''fit
.fork    12c to  13'4'-
Mutton   12c to 20e
Whoien.Ve Meats.
' Veal, largo  ldc. t.o 12c
I Veal,  small    14c.   to  lfic
Beef, front quarter  9M-c. to 10c
I Beef, hind quarter lie. to 12c
! Spring lamb  l"ic
i vTn-tniii  Un to 13H��|
; Fork   13c. to 14c.
illena,  fmull,  per dozen   ...$7  to  $9
1 Hens, large, per dozen $10 to $12
Chickens, per dozen    $4  to $61
Broilers, per dor $3 to tti
; "��ii9, live   per Ib 20c, 1
Chickens, live, per lb 20c. to 23c. I
Huckii,  per dozen    %\".  to $1,1
OuokS, live, per lh 20c to 23c |
Berlin, March 28. -The members
or tbo Reichstag will have from today
when the new army bill will be placed
n their possession, until April 7. the
((ate of the first reading, to make up
their  minds about    the    new    army
p'aniire. II is possible that the bill
will be sent to committee almost at
once, and in some quartera It ia hoped
that the bill will be paaaed into law
without  any sperial discuBslon, so as
0 impress foreign nations.
It is probable, though no slnte-
ment has been made on the matter
���hat the bill to provide the expenditure required under the new scheme
vil be placed before the Reichstag
along with    the new army bill.    One
���stiiiiaie et the recurring expenditure
required under the new scheme Is
��7,500,01111 per annum, while the nonrecurring   expenditure   is   placid     at
��40,000,000, This would represent an
Increase or tbe peace strength or tbe
army by 100,000 men. The federal
governments are apparently agreed as
to the principle of the levy, but exactly how the special war tux will be
levied Is nol  known.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Riveted ��teel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
P    O.   B��X  442
Ladies and gentlemen's tailoring.   A fine stock from
which to select your Easter Suit.
Eighth St.
Dunsmuir Hlock.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St.. now al
607 Front St.    Phone It 1031.
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  nnd   Choice   Fruit   Lands  s
Today $200
Frank Major Music and
Piano House.
61 Sixth St.
A Watch Under ��� Tumbltr.
Pllldng a watch under 11 tnmhiw
near the bed of a sick porxnn will tsir*
hlm relief from the ticking vrhich in
frequently ��ery trying tn bl-chly "en"!
tlve niTTee.���Woman's Uoine Coinpiin- I
Mrtrjorle��� He pmtMMd as noon an h.
honrd  me wnrblo.    Edna���I'd  hnte to
iniinlt I got my husband for 11 song.���
As small letters weiry the pti> mi��<t.
un also the smnlleet ufTalrx dlntorii nt
uuwL - M ou talon*.
Of Leading   Montreal Daily
Lndorses GIN  PILL3
IVI} long yearn ��f
Buffering fiom
Kidney Trouble -
two Ikixcs of GIN
PILLS ���and it's
i.i I gone. That bat
been thc experience
of Mr. Kueene
Queinel. ChietCity
Circulation Agent
of I,** l'atric, of
Montreal. He
describes it
feelingly :
May jrd, 1911
"I have been suffi-ring Irum Kidney
Trouble lor over five long years. I
iml nlso Rheumatism in all my bones
ami muscles, could not sleep nights and
0:1  some occasions could hardly walk.
I had been treated by some of our be.t
Physicians but without relief and I lost
over fifteen   |xniinls.    One day I  met
one of our leading hotelkeepers, who
but been  cured liy  your tamous GIN
ril/I.S, an 1 be advi ,eil mc to try tbem.
So 1 bought two boxes at my druggist's
and before I  bad used one box 1 tell a
big clmngc     Before  I   finished the
���econd one I was completely cured.
I can ns'-iire you I can hardly believe
it fur if I hm! only known what I know
now I would not have s|x*nt over One
Hundred Dollars for nothing when two
boxes of GIN I'll,I,S cured mc."
GIN PII,I,S nre gaining a world wide
reputation, by the way tliey conquer the
most obstinate cases   of   Klieumatisin
and all kinds of Kidney Trouble.
50C. s IW't, (i for tlJO, Sample free
if you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Cauada, Limited, Toronto.     144
free  aad Onol. Mjrr.
w. r. H.
Her. r
bl CM,IN,
id 1 rsas.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Thursday, March 27th
SS. "Prince Rupert"
SS. "Prince George"
. InauKuratinR Double Weekly Service to
Every Monday and Thursday for Prince Rupert.
Every Tues. and Saturday for Victoria and Seattle.
R, O. SMITH. 0   P. & T. A. W. B. DUIM5HOW, O. A. P. l>.
Phone Seymour 8134.        VANCOUVER, B.C.     527 Granville Street. SATURDAY, MARCH  29, 1913.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bitulithic on Second Street, New Weatmlnster, with Boulevard Down
the Centre,
Hitulithlc Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' test, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor these reasons
llitiditliic is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials. It has boen adopted by fifteen cities
in t'anuda, and over two hundred ln the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
(Royal   Mail   Steamers  6ailing  Every   Saturday.)
New S3. "Laurentic" and "Meganlic"
(15,000 tons)
S3. "Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
5S-J fret Ions.
S14 feet long.
Now Ir the time to arrange for the passages of your friends from
Enghuud, We Usno prepaid tickets, and our offices in Kngland com-
mimic-ate with peeeehgen, arranging all details aud advancing any
funds deposited with us.   We also Inform you when passengers arrive.
Tor Sailings and Further Particulars Apply
C    ipany's Office, 619 Second Avenue,     Seattle,     three   doors     frcm
C-ierry Street, or E. A. Geulet. Agent  Canadian   Pacific  R.,  and   F. C.
Mc/erc.  Aijent  G.   N.   Ry..  New Westminster.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
W. R. Gil LEV, Phene 122. Q. E. GILLEY. Phon. 291
Phonta. OTlCw IB and II.
s. Ltd.
_L 8J UHill 111-
Queen's Park Arma Closes on Saturday.
Afternoon and Evening Sessions.
New Device  Will   Spoil  Many Happy
Hours for Automobile
the men at the wheels, and it waa
only combination of expert work and
good luck which prevented what prom
ised to be several nasty spills.
"Jackson led by eight laps at the fin
ish, In time, ono hour, 45 minutes and
43 seconds. This ls unofficially stated as being the fasted time ever made
U-indun, March 28.���"Joy" riding Is
iiore than ever a thorn ln the flesh
of those who own automobiles on this
lido of the water. Various devices j
have been tried with a view to di- |
nhilRhing this ni*jBance, hut with title success.
A new "Btop-iiBe-lock" has now been
Took Second Also.
"San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 27.���In a
free for all Washington's birthday hill
climb at San Jose, the McLaughlin 23
took second place, defeating among
others, the Stutz, Jackson, Chalmers
40, Franklin 36, Studebaker, Ha'ies
40,  and the Marathon.
"Tho climb was one of 1.2 milPb and
the time was two hours and eleven
minutes. A large holiday crowd was
out to see the sport."
Bulek moiors are used in all McLaughlin  Models.    The   Model  17  re-
, ,   .       , .       .. .    , ferred to above was used ln the livery
put on the markel and is said to have buslri(,8S for thm, ,0UB g
������oved the problem- from the own-|the race Th(J ���^ , "
���r's poin of Ylew. H is a small fle- M ov(;r 10 ��� ��� bcfore en
vice, which Ib fixed to the change-1 contest
(peed lever in ucBh a way as to pre-1
vent the gears being used, but leav- j
ng the car free to be moved by hand, i
Such devices as looks on magneto
twitches, petrol locks and the like I
v r fairly rasy to render useless by
��� n expert, but the present device can i
mly he made Ineffective by a serious j
-ncchanical alteration to the car, and
vould probably take some hours to
lo It. No attachments, Buch as screw
Vnds, of the device is exposed to the
���i< rson wishing to tamper with it, as
they are contained within the lock
The firm hanllir? this compact and
-heap little affair say they have in-
vestlgated practically nearly every
kind of auto to see whether the stop-
UK'-lock could be fitted to it. wllh the
On   Venetian    Lagoon    or    Canadian
Lake Alike the New Power Leaves
Its Whitened Trill.
-em. are fitted with quadrant, and
'he remaining five per cent, are "various."
(Hiding slowly along the Nile is an
ancient galley propelled by triremes
held in the hands of brawny Blaves.
lit that it can be to the extent of I Upon the deck of the galley, beneath
W per cent. The investigation reveals J a huge silken canopy, reclines the
he interesting fact that no Iobb than form of the Egyptian Queen. Cleopat-
Vl per rent of all well known makes , ra. who surveys the surrounding scen-
f cars are fitted -with a gate, filx per ' ery   with  languid  Indifference.
Two gigantic Nubian slaves stand
at the hiad of the dais, and with large
fans  of  peacock   feathers   waft  cool-
  I ing  breezes of scented  apices across
TELLING AT RATE OF ONE the   recumbent   form   of   the   queen,
EVERY THIRTY  SECONDS [Slowly,   and   almost   noiselessly,   the
  galley proceeds, and at the end of an
Detroit. March 28,���To sell ils out-  hour's time appears as a speck upon
nut ot 2fin.0(10 this year, the Ford Mi-  the horizon.
'or ''empany. through Its dealers and'1 Along the shores of the Persian
branch houses must sell a car every Gulf, manned by dusky Arabs, a small
forty-five seconds during tho comin1; dhow with a lateen sail Is beating its
year. I way  to the  north.    Slowly  and  with
This, however, is not the difficult! great difficulty, these mariners of an-
nsk it mlpht be. Although the com-'dent days, after more than a week's
pany  haa  built  and  sold  to  date  as  journey, traverse the Gulf,
i'nnnv ram as il  did all last year. It.
I has far  from   flllPd  the  orders    that
(have  piled  in  upon  it  from  all  parts
of the civilized world.
If the output took a year to be sold
hen the average would be a car every
On the shores of a new fluiana island there is great excitement Rmone
the natives. War has heen declared
with a neighboring village, and presently there shoots across the white
surf < f the harbor a huge catamaran
forty-five   seconds   during   the  entire loaded    with    warriors      brandishing
their weapons. A few of the party
are toiling painfully at. the oars, but
nroitretM is slow, and quite a long
time 'i:\pses before they turn the
bend cf the Island.
Seated in a coracle on the Dorwont
vrar roint to the order books elosincjls a stra*"i*relv-painted Individual, who.
nven before the time they did the pastjbv the aid of a pole, propels- his llt-
two years. tie craft dow;n the stream to a place
twelve months. But that isn't the
���'���'��� with Ford Motor Company outputs.
I "st   yc-ir   the   order   books   closed
I 'it June, thp vear before that they did
the   same   thiol   and   Indication*   tills
tages, It has been found that thiB form
of pewer cuts the cost of towing. In
some parts high-power engines were
used last year, and manufacturers recently received orders for several
boats, ranging from 60 to 80 horsepower.
Hundreds of orders have been booked for pleasure craft to be delivered
during the early Bummer on the var-
Ioub lakes In Ontario, and builders In
Toronto ami other centreB are working full blast In order that delivery
may be made on time. Ab a matter
of fact, they are so bUBy that none
oi them will guarantee shipment until midsummer, if orders have not already been placed.
The unanimous verdict of the manufacturers is that prospects for trade
were never brighter.
Ontario has the largest number of
builders in the Dominion. There are
some twenty marine'engine builders
In Canada, practically all of them in
Ontario and Quebec, while 50 per
cent, of the United States manufacturers hav'e agencies in this country.
Many old country products are on
the Canadian market, and not a few
of the fastest boatB on the lakes are
equipped with British engines. With
local firms branching out as they are
at present, however, the probability
Is that Candlan hulls and Canadian
engines will have the market to themselves before the country Is many
years older.
May 30.���Indianapolis speedway
June 25.���Chicago Automobile club
reliability  to  Boston,   Masn.
July 12���French grand vrix.
July 1.���Indianapolis to Pacific
coaBt tour: promoted by Indiana Automobile  Manufacturers' asBoclation.
July 27-2S���Tacoma, Wash., road
Nov.   25.���Vanderbllt   road   race
Savannah. Oa.
Nov. 27.���Savannah grand prix.
"The car of the hour" It has been
many seasons I But It's more than
that now. It standi alone���"the uni-
venal car." Nothing but a wonderful
merit could hive created so enormous
* demand for It. Better get yours today.
There are more than 220,000 Fords
on the world's highways���the beBt
possible testimony to their unexcelled
worth. Prices���runabout $675���touring car $750���town car $1000���with all
equipment, f.o.b. Walkerville, Ont.
Get particulars from The Fraser Valley Motor Car Co., Agents Ford Motor
Car Co. of Canada, 343 Front Street,
New Westminster.
MADE 17,000 CARS
Wonderful   Record   Made   in   Production of Ford Car���Season of
1913   Promising.
Another production record in the
automobile industry wa.J shaSterecf
when the Ford Motor Company built
and shipped from its factory in one
month more than 17,000 cars. This
Is by far and away the largest number of automobiles ever constructed
in one month b* any company. It is
more cars than the company built during the entire first year of its existence.
Since   the  beginning   of   its  manu-
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
l *v ihcsand orders b>'h'rd Its nroduc-
t'en. this, remerrber with 7r>.00ft cars
l-lniid'* b'lllt and arid, lt wfll a-eica'
from th'a that to dv�� Fords hsve
li- en selling a great d'nl mere ""Vpldlv
I 'ban one every fnrtv-f've seconds, a-'rt
Pn lc��s than everv half minute would
I mere nearlv hit it.
I A grod Idea rf the tremendous vol-'
I ���me ef Fnrd sales Is Instanced bv
i -hnnp in  California  d"rlng Ihe month
of January,   in the first twenty days
I -f that month 44H Model Ts were ren;-
' stered In that fate. That was an
���"���vcrag0 of twontv-two cars sold esch
day, with nine thrown In for extra
measure. Sab's In other states n"d
' r'tcn conntr'es are in keeping with
��� -hose of California
they   will  grow
JMfacturing year in October, 1912, when vm
<he   evening   this
ti'rns home laden  with the  spoils of
Rl,ht now. tbe company is some tor | where the fishing is pood,    i ater 1., ,(t wag almounced Uie company intend.
''' '    ed building 100,000 this season,   this
the  dav.
Moving  smoothly  along  the placid
waters of the Venetian canals is a
! "ocdola mn-""d bv two gwarthy Ital-
' lans. As they pass one obtains a
jbrcf ilimns" of a charming face cf a
young girl, dressed in gorgeous colors.
ready for the carnival.
t. si. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. De-pot. New Westminster B. C.
Today, unon the ane'ent Nile, the
"���rdcrn m���->���<�����-boat, with Its familiar
chug-chug, li churning the waters that
once were slowly stirred bv the old
triremes. Across the Persian Gulf
lodav, the same nolsv Utile concerrtion
"lews Its wav at the rate of three
And  from  now ] rarssanga an hour.
mil faster unMl | j-** pirns the islands of the Pacific
���lie entire outnut Is exhausted which. ]th�� trader rapldlv makes his way. col-
<n all probabil'ty. will be within the : l-^rtlmr all sorts of Island produce nnd
next  few months. <Wng  In  a  few  davs  n  journey that
 ,  |'"ok   the   old   Islanders   manv  weeks
On all the rivers of Oreat Br'tvti
there Ib net a coracle left, and the
��r--am of the siren has replaced the
ca'l nf the ancient Bri'on. Even in
old Venice the blatant little creature
with the case'lue snort is leaving its
whl'ened   trail.
All ever the world, on Recount of
'ts "t'llty, the modem motor boat is
replacing' the nH^r forms of lccn
mettnn. and. wh-^tbPr H Is a pleasuri
t.nrtv era nur��ly business trip, th
r.io'er'-iat Is a" -owerfvl.
No-'ier�� I"  tvs    mnr"    distinctly
,ner  'h��- v-nt* the bmad wnterways
Fiemhvon.      Pleasure    parties
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold pa^ble In all parts of the world.   Bavlng. bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street.
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
v.'lth the approach of lhe salmon
flsh'ng season 111" question arisen
among Ihe fishermen as to their boat.
onglne or other accessories necessary
for them to pursue Iheir calling.
In comnnny with olher firms In tho
city, the Fraser C.aseline Engine ccm-
-any located on Blgtb street are look
ing forward to one of the beBt seasons in the engine trade and at the
present time several sales hnve been
made to Fraser river fishermen who
are In high hopes of RleanliiK a rich ;of th
harvest when the big cockeye run | and flshlrn; parties that once were
starts. I wort to move along slowlv by the nid
It is only a few years that thn mnr-' of nari e-w rush In a few minutes
'ne engine was unknown among the ncrosg wide spaces that formerly the
fishermen on lhe Fraser, but. ln com-. best part or a day.
tinny wllh other changes in the Indus-1 Someth'ng apnroachlP* a revolu-
trv, the Balling and rowboat has been tlon ls tak'ng place In the fishing In-
relegated to the junk pllo, in place dustry In Canada The old type of
���if motor driven craft. \ fisherman,  with hla oars and his llt-
The Fraser Casollne Engine Com- lie brown sail, is disappearing beforo
pany have equipped their demonatrat-; the Inroads of the up-to-date flBher-
iig rooms with the lnte;,t modelB In man with a motor boat.
gasoline motorB and although a little j With lame stretches "f sea roast
������arly In the Beawin, tho manager of | s great expanse of Inland waters and
���he firm reports business healthy hundreds of small lakes. Canada pos
with  prospects  of  even  better sales  jesseB all the physical features essen
u tss*saaws*mhwswmsa
->    ?    ?   HAVE YOU SEEN   ?   ?    ?
Our assortment of Royal victoria fto*���*** nf   choco,a,c'
Cocoa mid T��a rtels. on display In our window.
,i.i,.��� in furnish vour home from cellar lo nttlc,
sup^ & Wb��5K Voffi al, kinds Garden Tools, e.c. etc.,
and our prices defy BOttpetltJOn.
.   . ,        .,���., ���i,r I inoleum and Floor OIIb, our    patterns   are
H,'r;!.,^!ir:! KCS�� only the. laUist stylos appropriate
r.,r I he dirierent rooms of the house.
C. N. Edmonson & Co., Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street
when once tho wet season breaks.
tlal to Ihe growth of motor beating.
Bo   far  only   the   pleasure  aspects
MUD   FLYING   IN   RECORD Mth  been   developed   to  any  extent.
SHAPE  DOWN  AT   FRE8NO \ To what extent may be gathered from
  the fact that there are B'miethlng like
���he , 25.000 motor boats on  the waters of
The  following    reprint    from
"Flint Journal" of February 27, gives ithe llnminlon.
the ordinary layman an idea of the i The commercial possibilities of the
value of the famous Mcl/aughlln car I Industry will be more apparent before
which dnrlng the past year has crest- nnether twelve months are past. At
-il n furore In automobile circles. present only a beginning has been
throughout Canada nnd tho United made with commercial boats nnd en-
S'uteB. i glues, but the reception they hnve re-
Ttic   article   in   question   Is  ns   fol-  celved haa encouraged manufacturers
lows: Ito   plan  nn  enormous   output  during
"Fresno, Clal., Feb. 27. -In one of tbe coming season.
'he most exciting races ever run on \ Reports from niotorboiil centres In
lhe local track, Karl Jackson In a'. all parts of the Dominion tell the
stripped Mel.ntighlln 17, boat out tho, story of s quickening interest in corn-
Mercer In n ino mile race on Wash- merelnl types. Tho bulk of the fisher-
Ington's   birthday. | men's  engines aro  being    made    by
"Tlle mud  was two Inches deep on   firms In  Canada.    Then there Ib thc
iho traok, and on several of the turns I lumbering industry.    Already  motor
II seemed as If pnthtng eould PreventIboats are becoming popular among
the speeding machines from skidding I lumbermen, who use specially deBlgn-
Inlo tho fence. The drive wbb the j ed craft for towing logs acroBB the
more perllmm booaiiBo the fusillade of i lakes.
announcement coming close on the
heels of that stating that the company
had built more than 75.000 cars last
year, proved almost too startling for
those not familiar with this gigantic
i business to prasp
When the announcement was first
made very' few papers quoted it aright
most of them believing that a pardonable exaggeration had been made, or
else thnt the person who wrote the
figures had let hia fingers slilp, and
had not coneeted the resultant error.
But, when nfter the close of December it was announced by the company
that njore cars had been built and
shipped from the factory that single
month than had been built nnd shipped during October, November and
December last year, the hitherto Incredulous began to eit up and take
December, however, was only a be-
g'nnlng. Manufacture began at the
Ford factory with a rush with the
new year. From the first day of the
month until January 13, there was
a rapid mounting of production figures. On this latter date all previous records were discounted. The
company built and shipped out in
this single clay, 1P.36 cars. The figure
was not surpassed during the balance
of the month.
But, those closelv In touch with the
Bituation do not thiuk that January,
1913. will go down in history as the
banner manufacturing month of 1913
for the Ford Motor Company, for the
schedule of 1000 per dnv which the
company haa set for Itself will be entered upon.
McLaughlin servlC" -overs the coun-
trv. That Ifl the cla'm made by the
McLaughlin Carriage Company cf
Oshawn. Ont., and to back up this
statement. Messrs. T. J. Trapn & Co..
local agents for the Mclaughlin cars
are prepared to give that service to
New Westminster and district auto-
The new show rooms on the fourth
floor of the Trapp bulldliiE are now
rbout complete, wbere the latest models turned out by the Eastern Canadian firm are on display.
ThiB Is the first year that the Trapp
companv have embarked upon the auto
sales business, but the optimistic reports from their sales manager Indl
cate thnt Ihey wlll fully hold their
own in the venture.
Telegraph poles nre nocoBsary
adornments to the city. Avoid them
if   possible.
Baby carriages usually contain a
child or two and ure indispensable
to the growth of population. Besides,
a baby carriage may contain a future
premier of British Columbia.
Always use both feet and your head,
mostly the latter.
The B. 0. E. R. Is an Indispensable
means of public locomotion.    Hitting
Fulton Self Sparking Engines
Fraser Gasoline Engine Co*
48 Eighth St. Phone 1275
IT is characteristic of us as Canadians to
prefer the things that have been tried and
found true, rather than to experiment.
It is typically Canadian, the way McLaughlin Cars
have attained and maintained their position of Favorite
among Canadian Motorists.
Tliere may be countrie-i where a Irrskiuh body design����� new
cJutch-or nmt other such "talking point" - will command serious
But here in Briiish North America, we pin our faith to such
tried successes an the McLaughlin Car.    We feel safe in selecting t
McUu��hli�� became 0�� ths 40  years'   success m carriage-making
and the 5 years' success in car building that the name    McLaughlin
Call and see these cars at our new showrooms or Phone 691, 1% or 59 and arrange
for demonstration.
***e*mmsam*sas i���a*
mad kept landing on the. goggles of      llesldos   possessing    other   advan- their cars blocks traffic.   Slow up.
"Yale Engines"
are built in British
Columbia ��� which
means that spare-
parts can be obtaiaeii
without trouble, and
at short notice.
They are also
equipped to burn
cheap fuel.
��4ade   In   New   Westmirstcr.
The Schaake Machine Wo? ks
Heaps   Enclneetlna  Co., Ltd., New Wcitminater. PAGE BIGHT
|   !
-PAY   CA8H    IT   WILL
And it is in
awfully good
working  order.
Demonstration of Cowan's
Cocoa, Chocolate and Icing all
this and next week by Mrs.
Wilkinson in the Delicatessen
Dept Do not fall to try It-
Have yon tried Cerebo's
Health Saline. Necessary to
health and delightful to take
Try a bottle, 35c.
Besto, the gravy maker, necessary to any household,
per ean  15c.
Potato Flour, very necessary
to fine cakeB and pastry, package, 15c ,  ���
Hatlno,    the    Holland  Rusk.
Tasty, nutritious and crisp, in
Banltary tins, each 25c
New   Soft  Edam,  creamy  in
flavor, lb. 35c.
Roquefort, taBty, lb. 50c
Llmburger; you know It; very
fine quality, Ib. 35c.
Camembert, Oregon Cream
and a dozen others, new and
low priced.
Fresh  Today
Headcheese, bowl   15c
Pork,  lb 25c
Tomato, lb 25c
Cambridge,  lb 20c
Ayrshire Bacon, per lb 35c
Wiltshire Bacon, lb 40c
Kippers, lb 10c
Haddie,   lb 12'/2c
Davles' Eggs, 35c per doien.
Maple    Creamery    Butter,    3
lbs. for $1.10.   It's the cream.
Public Supply Stores I
Rev. C. A. Seager, M.A., principal
of St Mark's Divinity Hall. Vancouver, will preach at St. Mary'B church,
Sapperton, on Sunday night.
P. R. Pearse, piano tuning; order
at Todd's or Major's music house.
City Grocery���We are now open for
business with a full line of groceries.
Prompt delivery service. Tel. 1100.
Comer  Second  and  Prlneese streets.
A concert of more than ordinary
merit will be given at Bt. Mary's
parish hall, Sapperton, on Thursday,
April 3, at 8 p.m.
The breach of tke She* et Ment--
resl at Sapperton will he eloeed tor
business on aad after March 29. (845)
The executive meeting of the'Local
Council of Women has been postponed from Monday until Tuesday
afternoon at 3:30 o'cleck in the 8t.
3tephen's church.
We setL reat aad ******** sewtas
maehfaea. All em m**h\am warraat-
<*i_ O. N. Maoadae* * �����-. earner
3icth area** aad Twelfth afreet. (TM)
Mr. and Mrs. Cornborough, of Vancouver, have been spending the week
with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs.
Herman, Austin road.
L. L.
ADAMS       S. K. BR1GG9
It requires great care to prevent your estate being wasted
when you are gone.
Relatives generally are not the
beBt executors. Frequently
the appointment of such, results in the breaking of friendship sometimes by Court
scenes. *
Friends aro seldom experienced in the conservation ot
moneys, though they may be
successful in building tip fortunes. Moreover, your friends
have their own interests, thoir
own families to arrange tor, and
are quite unable to give to your
estate the care and time that you
would wish.
It was the knowledge of theBO
facts built on so large a percentage of unfortunate results
that brought the trust company into being.
The Dominion TruBt Company is organized to handle estates. It is equipped for that
purpose���Just as a doctor Is
equipped by training and knowledge for the euro of disease.
There Ib no more valid reason
for your depositing your money
with a doclor than there la to
appoint a relative or friend aB
Estates handled by the Dominion Trust Company receive the
best Judgment of our Directors
and Officers. It Is their busl-
neBH. Can you imagine any
other hands so safe reliable and
City Grocery���We are now open for
business with a full line of groceries.
Prompt delivery service. Tel. 1100.
Corner  Second and  Princess streets.
The card party which was to have
been glvon by the members of tho
St. Mary'a Hospital society on Tuea
day next, April 1, will not take place
until Wednesday, April 16.
H. Morey & Co. have removed their
business to 43 Sixth street, five doors
above the post office, where they will
be glad to see all their old customers
and many new oueB. (956)
Mr. W. Beleham, late secretary of
the Burqultlam Agricultural society,
leaves today for Kamloopa, In the
neighborhood of which he has purchased a fruit ranch.
W. Day. electrlolaa, aeent for Ho*
Point irons; furores aad wiring of
all kinds. Pkeae 12U, It Sixth street,
opposite PostoKloe. (76��)
The special feature film "Cleopatra"
which will be shown at the Edison
theatre Monday and Tuesday was recently shown for two weeks at the
Grand thoalre In Seattle, where tho
regular admission was 25c.
Se-nd your spare table, oealr, re-
frtgora'jir, sewlas maehine or anything elso you wish ta diapoae ot to
Benzie's Auctlee Mart, ��38 Clarkson
street.   Prempt returas. (7*6)
A deputation from the city council
and the Hoyal Columbian hospital will
wait upon the llurnaby council on
Monday evening at Edmonds to aak
"or financial assistance for the equipment of the new building.
Messrs. Jameson and Segur have
purchased tho Columbia pool rooms,
over Iloyal theatre. The new proprie-
tors will bu pleased to see all the
old patrons and welcome new ones.
The rooms are being put into llrst
class condition. (941)
City Clerk Duncan and City Treasurer McKay visited the South Vancouver municipal hall yesterday with
a view to securing an insight Into the
system of accounting there. If any
new ideas are obtained they will probably be embodied in tli" accounting
-tystem at present in vogue in the
New Westminster city hall.
To Contractors awl Builder-,. We
iro now prepared to furnish you with
land, gravel, crashed rock, cement
-ind lime. Office phone K26. Wharf
phone 8S0.    B. C. Transport Co.. Ltd.
accounts had been met. Mr. Churton
was again appointed vicar's warden,
while Mr. W. Mercer was elected people's warden. The sidesmen for the
coining year are Messrs. W. and H.
Don't kick yourself on Monday for
not taking In the last skating session
which will be held this .evening. The
doors will be closed to the public at
12 o'clock tonight. Admission 25 and
40 cents. Band both afternoon and
evening. (959)
A special general meeting of tho
members of the Progressive Association has been arranged for Thureday,
April 3, at 5 o'clock, for the purpose
of receiving reports from the executive committee and passing on certain
amendments to the constitution respecting the filling of offices vacated
between tbe annual meetings. The
general policy to be adopted by the
association will also be discussed.
Mr. J. J. JohnBton and Mr. T. H.
Smith, members of the board of directors of the Royal Columbian hospital,
and Miss Scott, lady superintendent
of the hospital, wlll visit the 8-fcrrey
council at its meeting In Cloverdale
today for the purpose of placing before them the proposition of contribution towards the cost of the furnishings of the new hospital ln this city.
Today Is the last day of skating at
the Queens park arena. There will be
twe sessions, afternoon and evening,
the lights being switched out at midnight This is your last chance te
skate until next winter. Go with the
bunch and join In the evening's jollification. (959)
The growth of East Burnaby has
led the B. C. Telephone company to
install a pay station in the post office
on Sixth street In charge of Mr. Joe
��� BURNABY   NOTES. ���
Edmonds, March 28.���A meeting between the municipal councils of Burnaby and "Richmond wjll be held In
the office of Reeve McGregor, of Burnaby, In Vancouver on Monday morning, to discuss the boundaries separating the two municipalities on the
North Arm of the Fraser.
The Burnaby Hockey club will wind
up the Beason next Monday evening
by holding
dance in Gray's hall.
Inclement Weather Has Effect on Total for Last Week.
The total value of the building permits for the five days of thiB week
ending laBt evening were somewhat
behind the aggregate of those Issued
during the whole of laBt week. The
totals were: This week, $9950; last
week, $10,600. The Inclement weather
Is the reason attributed to the decrease this week, though the deficit
may be made up today.
The permits issued during the past
two days were as follows: John Graham, six roomed bungalow on Eighth
avenue, $2400; D. Gilchrisf,, alterations to store on Columbia street,
$900; H. Brown, moving house on
Lelth street, $300: H. Falrweather,
shed on Maple street, $150; B. C.
Manufacturing company, dry kiln on
Lulu Island, $350; G, Swan, seven
roomed house on Fourth avenue,
$1800; C. A. Brown, Btable on Princess
street, $150.
-i iri|,;('A*
ARKLE���Christopher Arkle, for
some time a resident of New Westminster 'and a prominent member of the
International Typographical Union,
passed away on Thursday evening at
Phoenix, Arizona, where ho had gone
tor the benefit of his health.
Mr. Arkle was 35 years of age and
widely known In New Westminster
and and Vancouver. Mr. Thomaa Gray
Local Curlers Defeated Vancouver
Press Boys Yesterday.
An aftermath of the Vancouver bon-
spiel took place on the Terminal City
rinks yesterday afternoon when a
New Westminster contingent com-
posed of Dr. F. P. Smith, Alderman
A. E. Kellington, Bert Hendry and
D. D. WilBon defeated the Vancouver
press 10-7.
A good feeling existed between thc
parties at the recent bonspiel and at
the last meeting of the B. C. L. A.
held at the Russell hotel on Wednesday afternooa    Alderman    Kellington
was his   father-in-law,   while   Mayor I arranged matters with Wilbur Bryan.
Gray and  Sandy Gray, the    lacrosse thp aporUng editor of the Vancouver
Read every word of
our big advertisement on
Page 3
We have a message
in every line to you.
The biggest merchandising event
ever held in New
player, were brothers-in-law    of   the
Mr.  Arkle served    his    apprentice-
Sun, who is an ardent curler.
The teams lined up as follows:
Westminster���Dr. F. P. Smith.
ship as a printer in the News-Adver-1 Hen(irv   A]d   Kellington  and  D
User office in Vancouver and worked
ln the composing room of the British
Columbian here for ten years.    He Is
survived by his wife, Mrs. May Arkle,
and two children.
PATTKRSON���The funeral of the
late Mrs. Rose Victoria Patterson,
wife of Mr. W. J. Patterson who died
on ThurBdav, will take place this morning at 11:36 o'clock. Hev. Mr. Collins
will officiate
Wilson, skip.
Press���Sid Sykes. Billy Youhill,    J.
(Shamus) Hewitt and W. Bryan, skip.
Mr. Rochester will deliver a lecture,
under the auapices of the Western
Portland Cement Manufacturers, on
the above subject, illustrated by s'erc-
FORRKSTER���The many friends of j optican views, in tho Conservative
Mr. Wiliam ForreBter in this city and rooms, Tuesday, April 1, at 8 p.m.
elsewhere will be grieved to hear of | This is a chance for everyone to
his deVth which occurred with tragic i ]earn something about Good Roads
suddenness at the family home, cor-iatu*j to pn(j out i,ow they are made
ner of Sixth avenue and Fifth street )n Washington, Oregon nnd California,
about noon yesterday.    Heart failure      -j-^p p���t,ijc are cordially Invited.
"Try New
Life," Just
the Thing for
That "Spring
Our New
Hats for
Men are
674-678 Columbia Street New Westminster
Call al  any
today, and we
discuss  your  i
time, preferably
will be glad to
id'nirs   with   you,
and you may be sure all BUCh
matters are considered absolutely confidential.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
was the cause.
Deceased waB one of the foremost
contractors and builders of the city
and was down town yesterday morning apparently in his usual health. He
(950) \
All-for-lreland League.
London,  March 28.���That the    All-
conducted some business at his bank I tor-Ireland league is making strenuous
and returned home, arriivng there at  efforts to bring about  Home Rule by
about noon.    He uttered a few words|consent is the declaration of Wiliiam
O'Brien. Mr. O'Brien has approached
not only the ministers, but the leaders of the opposition, and though
their answers are guarded Mr. O'Brien
believes that there is a sufficient
body of opinion in the United Kingdom to insist upon a peaceable settlement  in  spite of extreme opposition.
One month's Imprisonment, was
handed oul to George Drown in the
police court yesterday morning by
Magistrate Edmonds for theft of cer
tain 9iiu*ll sums of un,nev from Mr .1.
A. tili'sehen, of the Pioneer ronova-
tory The magistrate was inclined to
Ii" lenient with Brown until his past
record waa brought up in court
City Grocery���Wc are now open for
buBinesg with a full line of grocerleo.
Prompt delivery service. Tel. 1100.
Corner   Second   and   Princess   streets.
An   echo  of the escape ami   subse- .
quenl capture of ossip Dzlclc, a Slav, I entered
from the liritish Columbia penitentiary on March 6, was brought up in
the police court yesterday morning.
when Dzlclc was placed ill the dock
charged with attempted escape while
to turn. Forrester and then sunk to the
���'floor and passed off into unconsciousness.
Alarmed at her husband's condition
Mrs. Forrester called In Dr. E. H. Mc-
Ewen and Dr. T. B. Green who arrived on brief notice, but all attempts
to revive the stricken man were unsuccessful, death having passed over
the body.
Mr. Forrester handled the contracts
for some of the most Important buildings In the city and the Sapperton
and Lord Lister schools, IV C. B. R.
car shops, sheds and substation and
ntlu-r buildings will hear mute testimony to hifl earthy labors.
He wnn a pioneer of the city, having
come here some 30 yeara ago from
Postbrldge, Scotland, his native land.
Mr. Forrester took a considerable interest In politics being a prominent
member of the Liberal association of
the eity.
In the contest for the Dewdney riding in the provincial elections of 1II0S
he unsuccessfully opposed Sir Richard McBride, He was 53 years of age.
He leaves to mourn his loss his widow
and a brother Mr. John Forrester.
The funeral will take place from tho
residence at 3*:i0 on Monday afternoon.
Regina, Sask., March US James D.
Senti. out under 116,000 ball on the
charge of attempting to murder his
partner ln the real estate business, II
It Lewis, figured lu another police
court case today.
Another real estate agent, Dr. Store.
Soutt's office the other day.
Some words followed   and    In   the
rumpus that followed Store emerged In !
a somewhat battered shape,    lie laid |
charges against both  .lames   I).  Scott |
and .lack Scott, while counter-charges
| were pressed against Store.    As a result of today's evidence   James   D
Scott   was  fined  $10,  while  the  cases
FORI! KSTER��� William Forrester,
aged 62, paSsed away at the family
residence, corner Sixth avenue and
Fifth sired yesterday. The funeral
will take place from the resilience at
2:30  o'clock  on   Monday  afternoon.
Thora will be a meeting on Friday.
the 28th, in the Conservative Club
rooms, 634 Columbia street. The chair
will b" taken by Mayor 'Iray and an
addresB by Mrs. Craves, of London,
at 8 O'clock, on the sublect of "H'luul
Franchise.*    All are invited.        (!121|
Wouldn't You Like To Own
Your Own Home
High and dry lots at Highland Park ; five minutes from the through car;
graded streets; sidewalks; electric light; city water. We will build a house to your
own plan, and take a small cash payment down, and the balance can be paid as
rent, $20 per month. This property is splendidly located, with an unobstructed
view of the Gulf of Georgia and Fraser river and will make a high-class residential district.   Call in and talk it over with us.
White, Shiles & Co���
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
���HM* I
Revised and complete to date, show
Ing public, buildings, principal industries, railway tracks and number 'of
lots.    Kvery stre��t plainly marked.
Every  business  man  need
Large   size,   9x3   feet;   all
[against IiIh brother and Store were dis
missed.   Th<
that   Jimmy
evidence  went  to
Scott  landed    tho
firai I
adies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
that an Interpreter of the Slav tongue
waa not on hand the case waB adjourned until this morning.
This ia your last chance to enjoy
skating at the arena this season. The
big rink will close down at midnight
this evening until the fall. Skating
sessions will be held this afternoon
and evening, the evening entertain- j standard, prescribed and recommend
ment   including  a  full   band  with  the
Forty   years   In   use.   20   years   thr
i Rhubarb  2lbs. 25c
\ Asparagus,  per lb ir.e
; Celery, per bead  loo
Lottuce  '.', for 10c
Bananas, per dozen  30c
Groceries,   Msli  and  Produce.
Phone  98. 447  Colu-nbia   St.
���is   Lorne   Strent.   New   Westminster.
For Vancouver, via Central Park
At 5:00 and 5:45 a.m., aud every
15  mlnuteB  until  9  p.m.    From  9
p.in. until imdiiiglit half hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00, 7:30,
8: Ofl and 8:3(1 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby���Al
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and lato car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day servico thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne- At
7:00 a.m. aud hourly until 11:0(1
Sunday���Klrst car at 8 00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and other polntH on Lulu la-
load Ib made at Kburtie.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
--At 4:30 p m.
latest music until midnight.
(959) \e
048 Columbia Street
Phone 453
A meeting Is lo be held In St.
Paul's Reformed Episcopal church on
Saturday afternoon, April 6, at :i
o'clock, for the purpose cf organising
a Y. W. C. A. In this city. Miss
Anderson, Borretary of thc work In
Vancouver, will be prOHent. (Ul ladies
of the city interested In this movement are Invited to be present and
join In making thlB undertaking a
Al Ihe animal vestry of St. Mary's
Anglican church, Sapperton, held on
Wednesday evening, the position of
the church from a financial and
���nombrship standpoint was regarded
In every way sntlufactory. The report of Ihe treasurer showed a balance
..i thu bank of nearly $100 after   all
d by physicians. For Women's Ail
ments, Dr. Miirtcl's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
 1 s
Boundary Bay
Maple    llench    Park,    being a sub-
division of the   historic   old Whaler
estate at Point Roberts, Wash., Is at
hint (ill tlm market In 50x110 feet lots1
fronting  broad  streets  and  with  per
potual    beach    privileges.    This    has
lieen  the camp  ground  for  scorea of
local peoplo for years.    Thn lots arn
selling   fast,   many   peoplo   procuring
tho  locations  they  had occupied    as
tenants fur years.   Prices $330 and up-
wardB, easv terms,    Sole agents,
706 Columbia Street, City.
lom6 For Sale      I See The Man That Knows
-Here   Is  a  splendid home for Bale cheap.    In a good  lo-
Queen's Park and new school.
Bevon   large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modern  con-
full   basement;   (in  n large lot, 60x133  feot
This place Is below value
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400, $750 CASH, balance monthly.
a homo let us show you thla place.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast   Steamship Ce.
nnd   the  terniB  are  nucb  that  almost
If you want to buy
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
Kast Hurnaby property which wlll give Ihe purchasers larger profits than any other lots at present on the market.
Cur line lotH, 50 foot frontage, $900.00; one-quarter cash, balance
to Hull.
Car lino lots, 38 toot frontiige, $750.00; one-quarter cash, balance
to suit.
Car line, lot, 60 foot frontage, with small boutie and barn, $1600.00;
cash $400,00, balance na rent.
Twelfth Avenue. Kast Burnaby, Bmnll house nnd 60x150 fool lot,
one nnd a half blocks from car line, $1300.(10; cash $160.00, balanco
ob rent. , ,
Burnaby Office:  P. O. East Burnaby.
Phone  1110.


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