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The New Westminster News Nov 19, 1913

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 -'  mn a at*** i �� .��� ���  *****
News Claoelfled Ada
Have proven their worth by tbe
results   they   produce.     Thoy   fill
largo   or   small   wanta   at   small
The Weather.
New Westminster and  the lower
| mainland:   Winds   mostly   easterly
and  southerly,   unsettled  and  mild
wiih rain.
carranza Demands
Of ll. s.
.Minister of Foreign Relations for Constitutionalist Cabinet Asks William Bayard Hale, Envoy for President
Wilson, for Credentials Before Proceeding With Conferences���General Villa Pays Indemnity.
Message Received at Ottawa
from Southern Party of
Northern Expedition!
Little   Credence   Placed   In   Reports
from Seattle Indicating Loss
of Ships.
Negates, N. M., Nov, 18.���Francisco I government is standing firm for what-
Kscud.ro, minister of foreign relations ''v<ir guarantees or concessions It ask-
.... ,, ...       ,.     led of the constitutionalists at the out-
for the terrausa cabinet,  this after-,.,,,_ ,��� r(.(urn for ,������ prlv|IcKe freely
noon    asked William     Bayard    Hale,
President Wilson's envoy, to present I J' .'"
bis credentials before proceeding wllh
the Conferences which have been going on for the past few daya.
ThiB ls Interpreted by many as a
virtual demand for recognition of the
constitutional revolution before diplomatic exchanges between Carranza
and Washington are concluded.
to    Import    arms    from  the    United
El Paso. Tex., Nov. 18 A detachment of loo rebel troops were tonight
-dispatched from Juarez to attack
Maximo Costello, an Independent
rebel,  who,   with   50   men.   Is  holding
Patomas Chlhuahna, a border settlement opposite Columbus. Costello's
men bave been in Palomas for two
Joseph II. Francis, a former alder- i
man    Of Chicago,    reported    to have
hern killed In tlle battle In Juarez, ls
still  in Ternuas,    rebel    officers    In
Juarez said today.
Five hundred dollars was paid today by Oeneral Villa to Mrs Christopher Bsggerson, of Bl Paso, as indemnity fur the death of her son, an
Ann rlcan chauffeur who waa killed In
the buttle at Juarez.
Another Failure.
Nn ales, Sonora,    Mm.,   Nov. IS.���
As s-ooi-e-as the parleys with Hale
aro concluded, Carranza plana to
move his civil and military headquarters back to Heremoslllo, the
capital of Sonora state, where the
constitutionalist movement waa born.
This move, lt was announced, would
be followed by a vigorous prosecution
of the campaign against Cuaymas,
the flonora seaport of the Oulf of California, which Is still held by the federals under 'leneral Pedro OJfda. Car-
ranza'a military chiefs already are
planning other campaigns In the Interior.
Oporis today to Carranza told of
the virtual capture of Victoria, capital
i of the stale of Tamaullpas. where
(lem ral Qoosales said he had driven
lhe federal garrison Into a convent.
The constitutionalists, according to
the official report, declined to lire
upon this convent.
Waiting in Washington.
Washington, Nov. IS. Absence of
any evidence that fresh instructions
had gone forward from Washington lo
John I.ind or Charge O'Shaughnessy
was understood In official circles here
today lo mark the advent of another
Annth.-r conference and another fall- period of patient waiting for eome de-
ure to agree on points at Issue re-; velopment In Mexico,
suited todav from the conference be-1 In spite of all thc rumors of block-
tween President WiUon's envoy. Wll-jades and Intervention coming from
Hard Bayard Hal*, and Francisco ! Havana and Vera Cruz, there has been
Kscudero, constitutionalist minister cf uo sign of any such activity at the
foreign relations, who represents',navy or war departments as might be
Vcnustlano Carranza. The final mil- [expected to precede such radical steps
come, which must be decided within by the administration. Moreover. It
a day "r Iwo, was made more uiicer-jhas been Intlmatid In official quarters
tsln ly tl.e announcement that Car]that only by direction of congress
rauxa ��as preparing a manifesto set'would Buch a step be taken,
ting (orth hls position with regard tol Officials still decline to give any In
boih the internal and international re-1 formation as to what has been ac
tatlotis of M'Xlco compllBhed by WllUSm  Bnyard  Hale
The indications tonight were that In his conference at Nogalee with
the Washington government was de- ;fiencrsl Carranza. the coustituticnsliit
Uiandlng   guarantees   in   certain   mat , leader.
ters which the constitutionalists ap- ', State department advices made pub-
patently believed vitally concerned lie today indicated lhat the Insurrec-
ihi-ir dlgnltv ami their independence lionaiy movement Is spreading rapid-
of action. Contrary views held by Ily, not only in the north or Mexico.
Hale and F.scudrro deadlocked the but to the south and east. This last
proceedings. The negotiations will bo j development Is regarded here as very
ended, however. before Carranza Important because the success of the
makes public his manifesto, which. ItIconstitutionalists In obtaining posses-
was announced, wlll be given out to-;slon of the rich oil llelds In the east
morrow or the next day. -innd some deep water port on the gulf
Reports of continued trrllitarr sue-1coast would strengthen them from a
CSSSes noticeably Increased the con-'military point of view, the former In-
fersnes of the revolutionary leaders 1 Sttrtng them a full treasury, and the
nnd their estimate of Iho dignity of .Inter an easy means of supplying
Iheir cause, but on the American side themselves with munitions of war
ll   was  evident  that the  Washington'from Europeans In Ihe West Indies.
Ottawa, Nov. 18.���Little credence is
placed by the naval service department In the newsptaper reports from
Seattle indicating the probability of
the Iobb of some of the Bhips of the
Stefannson expedition. Indeed tbe
feeling of the department is that "all
Is well."
Evei) If a ship were caught in the
ice and crushed, the men would have
little trouble In reaching shore, possessed as they are of every convenience for travel upon the Ice, including ilugs
The department received a message
from Dr. Anderson, on board the
Alaska, near Circle, Alaska, date as
late as Nov. 10 last. Dr. Anderson is
In charge of Uie southern party of
the expedition. The telegram read:
"Canadian expedition schooners Alaska and Mary Sachs, winter in Colllnson Point, Alaska. Heavy lee conditions prevented further advance
eastward. All well. Scientific staff,
AnderBon. Chipman, Cox, Johnson,
"Karluk did not reach Herschel island. Last seen off Flaxman Island
about Aug. 14. Had no ships able to
get east of Demarcation Point this
year. Whaler Elvira crushed and
sank off Humphreys' Points Sept. 13.
Belvedere caught off Icy Reef but apparently safe."
The telegram  was sent by carrier
to  Circle.  Alaska    and    telegraphed
from there.    The department haa re
celved a message trom Steffannson on
board the Karluk of tbe northern party
that he had got around Point Barrow
on Aug. 8, ahead of the others.   This
Is the difficult point.    The message
stated  that  all   were  well  and   it  Is
not expected that any news would be
received from Steffannnon after that
|    Dr. Anderson la to explore the district around Banks Island and Victoria
land, while Stelfannson will go north
Into a territory or sea which no white
man   has  ever   sailed.    Tbe  Karluk,
8teHannson's ship, left Victoria, B.C.,
June 17.
Tbe scientists with tbe Steffannson
portion ot the expedition are V. Btof-
fannson. Ueorge Malloch, Ottawa:
Hjartm Mammon. Norway; B. M. McConnell, Vancouver; Dr. Forbes MacKay. Scotland, and Jas. Murray, Sect-
The scientists with the southern
portion of the expedition are: Dr. R.
M. Anderson, J. J. O'Neill. Ottawa;
Kenneth Chipman. Ottawa; J. R. Cox,
Henri Bouchet I'aris, and Dr. Jennes,
The government will take advantago
of the lirst opportunity to get word to
the expedition. a
Efforts Will Be Made to Secure Renegades by Peaceful Means.
Washington, Nov. 18.���In tbe hope
that the excited K'nvajo Indians wbo
are now defying tbe government authorities at Beautiful mountain, New
Mexico, may be Induced to yield
peaceably and surrender the eight
renegades sought to be arrested, the
war department today ordered General
Hugh L. Scott, commanding the second cavalry brigade at Fort Bliss,
Texas, to proceed In haste to the
Navajo agency to confer witb the Indian chiefs.
General Scott is singularly influential with tbe Navajos, whose
language he speaks. He always has
been regarded by them as tbeir best
friend and it Is believed he will be
able to placate them.
The general's Instructions are to
confer with Major McLaughlin, tbe
Indian agent, before beginning his
conference. To back his mission witb
a show of force, orders were sent to
Fort Robinson, Neb., to entrain and
dispatch to the Navajo agency a full
squadron of the Twelfth cavalry to
serve as General Scott's escort.
Labor Convention Discusses
Situation in Calumet-
Ask Investigation.
West Virginia Coal Strike���Opposition
to Enquiry of Colorado Coal
Mine Trouble.
Trustees   Are   Endeavoring  to   Hsvs
Building Ready for Occupation
at First ef Yesr.
Seattle, Nov. 18.���The attack on the
alleged Illegal holding of copper lands
by companies operating ln the Calumet, Mich., district, forecasted yesterday during discussion of a resolution urging support of the striking cop
per miners, wag begun by the American Federation of Labor today when
a resolution was introduced on the
floor of the convention demanding
that the federal government begin legal proceedings to recover tbe land
alleged to have been obtained by-
fraud. Unanimous consent was required to Introduce the resolution and
this was given instantly when Thomas
Van Lear, representing the Machin
ists' union, announced that the resolution had been prepared.
Fraudulent Posaeesion.
The resolution, after reciting that
it has been charged in government reports that the copper companies had
fraudulently obtained possession of
more than a million acres ot copper
land prior to 1852, instructs the executive council of the Federation "to ae'
cure such legal assistance as may be
needed to go over the documents connected with the fraudulent seizure ot
the copper land, to obtain evidence to
enable them to preeent same to the
Acton, Ala., Nov. 18.���An explosion in No. 2 mine of
the Alabama Fuel and Iron Company here at 3:45 this afternoon imprisoned a large number of miners.
At 8 o'clock this evening six dead had been removed
from the mine and three had been rescued alive. Some
of the victims are negroes.
The normal quota of men employed in the mine ia TO
but some did not report for work this morning. Twenty-
three entered the mine this morning, but how many more
reported later is not known.
Ceremony on November 28   at   New
James Park School Port
Coquitlam. ,
Port Coqultlam, Nov. 18.���Hon. Dr.
Es&on Young, provincial minister of
education, has consented to lay the
corner stone of the new James Park
school now under construction. The
ceremony will take place In the afternoon of Friday, November 28, and will
be attended by the members of   the
A.  M.  O'Donnell   Will    Now   Be   in
Charge at Gordon Presbyterian
Church, Edmonds.     -
Before a large gathering of parish-
oners and an equally representative
assembly of Vancouver, West and
South Vancouver and New Westminster Presbyterian ministers. A."'it.
O'Donnell was last evening ordained,
and later inducted as pastor of   the
Fees for Issuance of Letters    Patent i By-elsetion Will Be Held Next Month
Totsl $140,163 for Nine Months��� ��� Indspendsnt Conssrvatlvs Rs.
Shows Decreass. fuses to Withdraw.
Ottawa, Nov.  18.���That the Domln-1    Ottawa,   Nov.     IS.���The     Evening
lon rcapa a ;;oodly revenue from thejCIUseo nays:    "U is said that tbe by-
companies which neck  Dominion    In
���corporation    Is evidenced    from   the
Qgur-S) of Hie first nine months of ^jwl^'n^bT^tSiwr^rs candidacy
r ending  IJ'*1^!'J-.__,,n.__�� "'"'  against Dr. Hanna, the nominee of the
vt{    'Conservative convention.
"The animal meeting ot tho Smith'-*
election In South l,anurk will likely be
'hold during the second week In De-
iiber, Colonel  liable rson being   re-
-dull' no less than fl4n.lti.r> was
into the Dominion   treusuiy   tn   the
shape of fees   for   tho   Issuance   of
Dominion  letters  patent,  and  supplementary Dominion letters patent.
The feiiB are fixed according lo tbs
���capitalisation of the company. |60 being charged for the first $1000 cap!
Estimates Totsl t5O.0CO.O0O.
Ottawa, Nov. 18.���Estimates totalling fifty million dollars have been
prepared by the public works department This is about two millions ln
excess of last year. The budget will
have to be revised by tbe treasury
board. Not many new works are provided for but those in progress sre already so extensive and require aueh
a large outlay that It Is difficult to reduce the amount Harbor Improvements, dredging and the construction
of dry docks provide the principal
Duke of Connaught hlgb school may
yet be occupied by tbe flrst of the
new year. The school trustees are now
endeavoring to have advanced them
money ��� nough to furnish the Institution and a special meeting of the board
Is lo be called in a few days.
Every part of She building la finished but what Is lacking Is furniture,
desks and laboratory fittings. It is
tbe money for tbls tbat tbe board is
trying ao have adven<--d !��� by a loeal
bank. Just how successful the quest
has been ls not known but, according
to some reports, tbe outlook ls bright
For months past no more money
for maintenance than la necessary has
been spent, ln the school offices the
same operation as in the city hall,
that of paring accounts, has been going on. No money, however, is forthcoming from tbe city.
In comparison with actual construction the furnishing will cost but
a small amount, the most expensive
being the commercial and s'cience departments.
school board and other civic digniur-1������., ,   .,
lea. Arrangementa for the event are 0������on Memorial Presbyterian church,
now being made by the school board. f^?��nd*- *e\\ D ,J-ames\ BA~ nwd-
Constraction on the new nrhnoi is erator ��' the New Westminster pres-
presldent of the United States and to "2 ��n ,^-^1 and the bytery- nad char*e cf ���**��� ordination
each congressman and senator and de- f���Xa��on. are tha^Twill be readvW"1 inaucti��n ��ervtces. after *t,tM.*%
mand of them that the legal depart- l2?2"K_ta? _ttt nJLmber 2l!Rev *��'�� *<*�����. *^*��r ��f ��oUV-
ment of the United States be tart^i^^1^*^WhUfc^fcLcral H���' We8t Vancouver church, preaeh-
totTAnArW^ 0l     ^     "'l*    <**���� *
legally by those copper companies."      *m ����.  *> Put J"0 u*�� uniU���fter     Foilowing the services the ladies ol
The reflation wa. referred to the  the Cht.stma. aad New Year holidays. L.*��� h ��rved re?reSme^i
Repairs to the Pitt river road bridge H*  J*:    ,      ,'     .."    V , '. ''.P0!.?'
over the Coqultlam river which mL-V**- M- |��*��*etlou chaplaintor the
Emperor Forbids Tango.
Berlin. Nov. 18.-Emperor William
haa forbidden officers of tbe Herman
army and navy, while In uniform, to
dance the tango, the one-step and the
two-step, acoordlng to tbe newspaper
The Sslem.   His majesty also  haa Instructed tho officers to avoid visiting I Herschell lslsnd. the farthest
families    where    these   dances   are point
Packages for Steffannson Exploration
Party Will Bs Tsken Over Ice
and Snow.
Edmcnton, Nov. 18.���All tbe mail
consigned to Mr. Stelfannson and
members of his party lies at the Edmonton pest office. Dog teams will
receive the mail from Athabasca
l.andl ig aad tram tbere convey It   to
Kails Conservative committee fnr the
election of candidates was called, and
It was postponed for fear tbat the
Balderson faction would oust the present officials. The executive of 21 Is
said to be Id to 8 In favor ot Colonel
taliintlon and a sliding scale as   the, u���Iaerg0ni ana t|,0 proposed annual
capitalization Increases being the system, the amount per thousand, how-
-over, decreasing ae thc big figures are
As compared with lhe revenue of
thn corresponding period last year
there Is nn apparent falling off this
yesr. In i-i* the revenue for the
first nine months was $175,187.90. an
Increase of $35,000 over this year.
"This, however, wss accounted for by
a fee of $24,000 In July for tho
llraslllan Traction and Power com-
* pany ard bv another large tee cf 113.-
1)00 In Aorll of 1912. These were exceptional In slse ot capitalisation.
meeting promises to be a lively one,
"The Liberals naturally lean towards the Independent Conservative
candidate aa against the choice of the
convention. Dr. Hanna.
Ends Ufa In Vsult
Derby, Conn., Nov. 18.---Samuel H.
I.essey, cashier of the Birmingham
National bank, committed suicide In
a vault In Oak Cliff cemetery today.
Ills body, lying In a coffin box. wu
found In the vault. There was a ballet
hole In hls temple snd he held a revolver.
Dlatrlct Engineer ef Q. N. H. Holds
Confsrsaee with City Englnssr
Sydney, N.S.W., Nov. 18.���Wireless disnatches to the
Commonwealth government state that Dr. Douglas Mawson, Antarctic explorer and members of the party endured
the winter successfully, but are anxious to return to Australia.
Mr. Haaty, dlstrlot engineer for the
Great Northern, held a conference
with City Engineer Blackman yester
day morning In regard to the oonerete
retaining wall wblcb tbe elty desires
the railway oompany should build
along tbe Columbia street embankment which adjoins its tracks opposite the penitentiary grounds.
Tbe city is at present applying to
tbo railway commission for sn order
compelling the O. N. R. to build a
concrete retaining wall along the embankment for a dletanee of about 100
feet. The hank It at preaent cribbed
with wood, but until tbls been replaced with a eonerete wall It win
be Impossible to continue the paving
east along Columbia street Tke
engineer's department does not eon-
elder It advisable to plane permanent
pavement on top of a wooden cribb.
Tbe nature of the work deelred by
the city was made known to Mr.
Hasty by Ue elty engineer.
There sre severs! psckages and
they are addressed "The Steffannson
exploration party, Herschell lslsnd."
The mall will leave 4or Athabasca
Landing on November 28, then If the
Athabasca river ls sufficiently strong
the dog team will atari on Its long
Journey to Herschell. Prom Athabasca tba dog team will go along the
trail until Oreat Slave lake Is reached.
Then In a northwesterly- direction
It will go to tbe north ot McKensle
river, down tbe McKensle to , Port
Smith, 1300 miles to Fort McPberson,
then tbe mounted polios wlll convey
tt to Herschell, arriving about Feb.
The discussion over the advantages
of congressional Investigation of
strike conditions wss brought up today again when a resolution was carried Instructing the executive council
to continue its efforts ln the West Vlr-
gtnis coal strike investigation.
William Green of the United Mine
Worker*, speaking for the resolution
referred to the opposition made on tbe
floor of the convention yesterday to
tbe demand for congressional Investigation of tbe Colorado ooal strike.
"The same arguments have been
msde against the investigation on the
floor of this convention aa were mads
against tbe Weat Virginia investigation by representatives of the Cltlxens'
Alliance, the Manufacturers' association and the representatives of the
coal companies. It sounds strange to
hear the arguments used by these foes
of labor presented by a delegate to
tliia convention."
Rapid Progress.
The convention made rapid progress
with the report of the committee on
the report of the executive council, Instructing the connell to continue its
efforts in securing limitations ot, injunctions, seamen's legislation, workmen's compensation. Increased compensation for postofflce clerks, more
facilities for the federal department
of labor, a federal bureau of health,
additional safety appliances on railroads, Including automatic stops, abolition of convict labor and commending the council's opposition to the
Tsylor system of scientific management In government shops. Referring
to scientific manssement, the committee's report ssid: "A more dla-
bollclal scheme for reduction of the
human body to a mere machine never
waa contrived.
damaged yesterday when a heavy
steam truck crashed through the
planking were undertaken this morning by workmen in the employ of the
provincial road department.   It is ex
Presbyterian church in British .Columbia; Rev. R. Vaomuster, MJL, Vancouver; Rev. J. Jx. Petrle. of St.
Aiden's church. New Westminster;
Rev. R. Robson, Vancouver; Ber. W.
stft-Ss'&strjs sstisjfTtSii farTcUz
ed and open for traffic in the course    ���    ���  ���_,__ ���..,���.   ���_._.  ���>rv���,
Drawings fer New Oovernment Buildings in Ottawa to Bs In by
April 2.
of a few days. Tbe repairs consist
of removing several of the surface
planks which were broken aad replacing them. Tbe bridge was inspected
yesterday morning by Councillor At-
kin. of the municipal board of works
department and it is understood that
it is the intention to have sign boards
poated at either end of the structure
warning drivers of heavily laden
vehicles of tbe strength of the structure.
Road Improvement
A few men in the employ of the provincial district road department are
also engaged in keeping the Pitt river
read between Port Coquitlam and
New Westminster in good repair.
Tbe new pastor. Rev. O'Donnell, is
a native of Glasgow, coming to Canada tea years ago where ha entered
Queens university, Kingston, ~*ft����
graduating from the Lake Ontario Institution Mr. O'Donnell came weat to
Manitoba where be studied theology
at the Manitoba college, later preaching at Langenburg and Russell, Man.
After six years in the prairie province, Mr. O'Donnell come lo Vancouver where he entered Westminster
Hall    to    complete    bis    theological
Ottawa. Nov. 18.���Fenian raid veterans se n. to multiply as' tbe years
roll on. Forty-five years have passed
since the invaders were repelled and
lt has been estimated tbat not more
than 10.000 men took up arms in defence ot Canada.
Now over 4000 veterans bave been
paid the sum of $100 by the government under the Bounty act of a couple
of seasons ago. There are 10.000 applies tions for the bounty still to be
passed npon. The bulk of these will
likely be rejected.
Tbe greatest number of applications
tu proportion to population comes
trom Nova Scotia, wbere special commissioners nave beea appointed to
look Into the numerous clalma.
I-ondon. Nov. II.���"I am sotting the
opinion of large merchant shipping Interests tn saying tbat we rely oa bur
costly navy to prepare measures to
keen the Panama canal always open
to British shipping," declared Charles
Stuart Nalrne, representing extensive
Scottish shipping interests, ln aa address before Ute Royal -Halted Service
Institution, here today.
"Despite the HayPeuncefot* treaty*
eald Mr. Nalrne, "the wortd Is note
faced by a fortified Panama oanal, 1*
stead of one egftirely lor the benefit
ot oommeree et aH nat-boa. 1 sen
nothing to prevent the un-tel
sennte from elating tho ceui at win
against tboee navlng equal rights ln
Us use, y snali * course appeafa ��o
tbelr Interest.  I reBard this a* a
Defeated by MotbeHn-law.
Phoenix, Aria., Nov. II.���Vtce-prest-
dsnt Marshall's favorite vaeatlon diversion Is croquet He plays It every
day at Scottadale, the foothill town
be te visiting, and today be was deteated by ala mother-in-law, Mrs. W.
B. Klmsey.
studies and receive his degree, graduating from that institution some few
months ago. He married a deaconess
of a Winnipeg church during his stay
on the prairies.
Rev. O'Donnell will preach his first
sermon in Gordon church on Sunday
morning. He and Mra. O'Donnell havo
taken up their residence on Wedge-
wood street, off Douglas road, Bumaby.
Throughout his whole life he bas
been interested in athletics, having
played association football both la
the old country and also In Canada.
Two years ago he played tor the Vancouver all-stars against the pick ot
the old Vancouver and District leagtte.
while he waa also connected wltli a
championship team in Manitoba.
He Intends to  renew  bis  athletle
prowess wtth Burnaby assoclatioaa.
 ,  j
Saves Oregon (M4M.
Salem, Ore., Nov. It.���To eavo Oro-
gon 160.000, thirty Chinamen, tamatea
of the state Insane asylum will ho **-
tuned to their aattve land. Governor West and Dr. Steiner. sopertaUa-
dent ot the asylum, have found
preeent Chinamen could be i
China for about IXM. while tt
tlmated that tt woold ooet
about W1.000. allowing a Uto
taaey of 10 yeara, to keep theae I
Tho Chtaamsa are aax-ooa.to i
Ottawa, Nov. ll.���The public works
department has granted a throe month
extenaloa for tho thee tor the receipt
of competitive designs tor the new departmental blocks at Ottawa.
The drawings were to have beea In
oa Jan. I. Tbey will aow bo reoelved.
up to April I. The eateaatott was made
on the suggestion of Lord Stratbeoan
and also a number of British areht-
teem who coaaMered that there wo��M
tto mora eoaapetttere aad better re-
mite tt the time were leagtheaed. The)
probabilities aro that designs will he
submitted ant ealy hy Caaadtaa aad
Seattle. Noe. H.-Seorthh_g verbal
sbotsalmed at the higher ape in the
two fmiilms hilssnnlslort with  '
lean, hilospolsiofl wtth sheets
                  V^______*m f    **VdMa*_n___' * ^*mt*_t_t_h^l*s * h^
fuSiyr^SttTmsriiHI^ftillnrV gwlii   M*t.
elk beet oketoheo wffl be selected for
devotopmeat aad at these tho ttm
*W gat the Job of deslgalng tho bandings oa a flvo per eoat baeis. Iho
���thor five wm eaeb get a ttttt petea.
mm*m*mLm*m-tmm "** u mmtwm ; ���'
-   Mfettri V_m___I YtMhtf 0flfl____k
!!____�� Qtuaamb
I11___S_-_mS   ML' hit ___fe
]TnSrS^u^ht * i
Wae stasfcara*fl_-_-_la.i
tto awettoa ahoat haa* aa I
tt i-tsri-T-t tfri Bsmnsl������"
to oB-Maoar la Mac ahe
rj* ^SmJI^Ji-ms.*
1_N________________  M
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I'lil III* III* I
��A6t TWO
An independent mnrninff paper denoted to the inter ���its of New Wettmintter and
Sk* Prater Valley. Published every morning except Sunday !>._ the National Pristine
twn* Publithing Company, Limited, *l 68 HeKenel* Street, Sew Wesf-minnler, Brilish
CoJamfnn. ROBB 8VTHBRLAND, Managing Director.
AU oommuni-ation. should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
*S Induuduiii members nf the staff. Chcauet, drafts, ond monsy orders should be made
ms*tati** to The National Printing snd Publishing Company. Limited.
T BLR PHONS H���Business Office and Manager, lit; editorial Rooms (all depart-
assnts), 1191.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By carrier, tt per year, tl for three montht, 40c per
asonth     By moil, t'i per year, 'iiie per month.
employed in a down town hotel.
Mayor Says "No."
Seattle,  Nov.  18.-  The   mayor  sent
!to the city couneil this afternoon his
veto of a bill creating the position of
milk collector in the health and sanitation department, at a salary of Jib",
a month.    The mayor says that such
an appointment is intended as au evasion of the civil service rules.
Humor and
�����- ��vacaa it. intra
hereabouts   to  Tacoma   to    have    it
��� ���    . . . , "We were driving from Kapowsin to
Reports ol the annual meeting of the Vancouver Ex- Beatonviiie about s o'clock." said nan-
hibition association, which was held the other evening in l^^wVe rKhSM�� 'i'Zt
the neighboring suburb where.thev stick the prefix pn the power and we soon saw lhat it
"Greater" to everything but their debts sound a note of ]%_��&_ T*\- U0&&2
warning to the Koyal Agricultural and Industrial society j that i would give Mm a run for his
of this city, the pioneer exhibitioivorganizatipn of the pro- m<.Sd(,nly h9 tuniP(i and came niRh.
vince, under whose auspices the best agricultural and in-'ing toward us. with lowered head, he
dustrial fair in the west is being held annually and which j ST^^SSftSk to" A
has stuck to the work through thick and thin  for so j the front of the machine, with his
manv  VCirS j hoofs.    The  momentum  of    the    car
V>   .'���     '    .,        -  ,, tt   . -_v | swept him beneath, and the connecting
But in Spite Of the SUCCeSS gained by the  R. A.  &  I. I rod of the steering gear was broken.
While he was still fighting I got out
and finished his struggles with an automatic pistol."
COME persons nre so unlucky that
Tacoma, Nov.lT-~While taking   a I       *W ^^ ���� ">��� ���� ���� th�� cur
party of musicians from Kapowsin   to ne3rt to lhe lur-��e ludy wUo *****- *****
iKatonville for a dance Saturday night ; eating oulons.
I in his automobile, Q, W.  Dantell bad ���
his machine run down by a six-point It Is bard to make some people un-
buck. Yesterday his friends dined on | del-stand tbat what la yours isn't all
venison steak and Dantell brought one thetr own and that things that are
if  lhe  finest  deer  heads  ever  seen   oisagreeable to tbem  may  be odious
JThey   Get   Married   and   Then   Eride-
groom Breaks Newa to His Children  Over  the  Pbone.
society in the past, there has been a warning sounded and
unless it is heeded the big annual fair in New Westminster, the fair that has done more to raise the standard of
British Columbia products than any other similar organization, will find itself warming a back bench instead of
polishing the upholstered seat up front.
Allowing for the bombastic broadsides which accompanied the oratorical volleying in Vancouver the other evening anent the Terminal City's show being the second best
in Canada���which everybody knows it isn't���there was
displayed at the annual meeting of the Vancouver association a determination that spells earnest work in preparing future fairs there in an effort to wipe out danger- jket'at
ous rivals, and, since the Royal City event at present'
stands at the top of the tree, it is only natural to suppose
that the annual show here is the principal target aimed at
by the fair people along the shores of Burrard Inlet.
In this fair business it is a case of the survival of the
fittest and by fittest is meant the show that draws the
crowds. That's a point nobody will dispute, for crowds
mean money and cash means big prizes, which are the
things the exhibitors are after.
To begin with, there isn't an exhibition west of Toronto that puts up an agricultural and horticultural display that can commence to compare with the one here; with 3,000 pounds
the stock exhibits are the pick of the province so are the    Var>'-"K weather and varying luck
h^mnnr. nV. :.. .t.__ .:���...  ..Iii. i     ,\   i*V     V    .   '        . L"c!were experienced,  as  the  catches  in
dicate. Where the steamships Chicago and Independent made large catches, the Starr, with even larger capacity, only got 40.000. due to weather
which made fishing impossible the
greater part or her time out. Nearly
all of the larger boats were as far
north as Yukatat and these fishermen
all report plenty of fish, but only a
few daya of good weather in which to
work.   The smaller schooners were in
Minneapolis, Nov. 18.���A pretty ro-
I malice with uu elopement came to
'light today when Adolf Schreler, a
grizzled bridegroom of 70, asked for-
jgiveuess from bis children.
Hy  his  side  stood   ilarnuni  .Marty,
iaged 70, now Mrs. Schreler, gray hair-
led and  light hearted.
I    Tho aged couple went to Ihe home
of Adolph Schreler, Jr., -'.'12 Newton I
,avenue,    north,   today    nnd   received
congratulations on  their marriage.
!    The ceremony wns performed yes-!
terday   in   the  home  of   Itev.  llothiff
Kaihle,   lti0'_    Dupont    avenue.    Thel
J- bridegroom left Ills home at .1012 Oil-
We bate to bave onr friends pity ns   ver avenue, north, where he lives wltli
to you.
You bare to show up the cocksure
fellow occasionally or there's uo living wltb blm.
Anyway, the people who nre ln the
limelight can't bavo ninny dark secrets.
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
other children, early eysterday  morning.
I    "Goodby,   I   may   not   bn   back   tonight," he said wllh a smile.
Members of lhe family gave little
heed to the remark and busied themselves with their work. The father
was left to go down town, as was bis
habit each day.
I    Straight from home he walked with
does your work better than yon do It   buoyant step and quick beating heart
to  Sivteenth  street   and   Hrvant   ave-
end think them hnrd hearted If tbey
Don't find fault If you must work
off your meanness, Just get some
sharp tongued person started oo tbe
subject you want to see ventilated.
Don't  feel  hurt  lf  somebody  else
Pres aad (Hal. Mgr.
W. r. H. BUCKUN.
���so. sad Traas
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Seattle, Nov. IS.���Approximately
750,000 pounds of halibut arrived at
Seattle from Alaska banks yesterday
and the day hefore and prices which
had been ranging from 7 to 9 cents,
immediately hit the skids for lower
levels. Not since rough weather set
in, about a month ago, making fishing
in the north a rather ticklish proposition, has such a large amount of
halibut been dumped on the local mar-
one time.
The arrivals included the steamship Chicago of the Chlopeck Klsh
company, with 260,000 pounds; the
steamship Independent, of the Weiding & Independent Fisheries company,
with 210,000 pounds! the steamship
Starr of the San Juan FiBh and Packing company, with 40,000 pounds: the
steamship Northland, of the Northland Steamship company, with 245,-
000 pounds of boxed halibut, and the
following independent schooners: Tro-
denskjold. with 70.000 pounds; Albatross, with 60,000 pounds; the I'acific
with 30.000 pounds; the Annie Larson, with 25,000 pounds; the Bertha,
with  10.000  pounds,  and  the l_lef E.,
-Where can 1 buy
Montreal, Nov. 18
a jail?"
This was the amazing mission on
which Dominion Constable Martin
Two-Axes, of the Caughnawaga Indian
reserve, came to Montreal this morning.
It is not every day that some one
drops into the city to purchase a full- j mind over niniter." said u���. professor
fledged Jail.   It was not Bordeaux jail, i   ..Vo(| ,  ���, ., ,,���.���,._ .
however,  that  Martin  was after.  Bor-1 '        "
deaux jail would accommodate almost
horses shown in this city, while both these last are improving every year. There, certainly, is a standard to live up
to and to improve upon, if possible. It is not with the exhibits at the annual exhibition in New Westminster fault
can be found; in that line the R. A. & I. societv has set a
record unsurpassed, but real attractions must be secured
year after year if the crowds are to be drawn and held.
on,.  TJ6 Cr��WdS*  HS  h'T  !��fP  ��?   aJreaC,y>  mean  V0���/ southeastern  Alaska,    where    hallM,
ana in. average crowd at the fair does not come simply have been decidedly scarce
and solely to see the wonderful products of the soil or the
breeding pen. The crowd takes these in, but the spectacular attraction is the drawing card; therefore, if a fair is to
be a success a real attraction must be provided, so that
there will be money in the treasury to pav the farmer,
the breeder and the manufacturer,' the prizes to which
they are entitled for the work thev are doing to help the
fair along and improve the standard of the productions
of the province. The more conservative maintain that the
annual exhibition in this city is a purely agricultural and
industrial affair and as such should not be marred by the
running off of a spectacular program on the grounds Ii,n ���*������' In<-1:i��s in the reserve,"andhas
The idea is a good one for Utopia, but in these davs of ^.n^UlT""3 the Bum
keen competition it fails to stand the test, that test being What ���"' wanted was -�� RPt a mo<i-
an ability to draw crowds and put money in the treasury. fcT,Stf&W^
lt doesn t bring vour small change back to shed tears " ' ���' ���-*-> reserve. The first thing
over spilt milk, but lessons in how not to spill milk mav be ! i I ' 4��meTaa".Ka���"\Sa
gathered from a little afterthought. With the fine weather flnaUs informed ""��� people in the court
this year's exhibition enjoyed, if there had been some real , \ u . bfrd7nted "1"m "fe"slze'
attractions engaged with that $4500 instead of the moss- Manln Two *�������� recently received
grown lacrosse feature that was spread on the oval it is a ' i ��� * Sr_._t&JSf he ���
safe bet the turnstiles would have travelled twice as fast ��������������� right mace  to
Lacrosse in some past years has been a strong puller, but ' " 	
just at the present it is and for twenty-four months or so '������'-'��� captain shows
it has been frayed at the edges and absolutely useless as a SPEED AS miisher
means to get spectators past the gates of the fair. m ���  ���- *. -,-   .    ,a)n,  -,- |,,���,
The exhibition in New Westminster is everybody's _.! '' " Blvlra
i_ _   ���     _i i-i i ��� ,,'.,-.     '������'������'' '   ' '"* I mnhrm   l',,l,r
business, not in the sense which makes it nobody s busi-  n  ��������� vn ,. ���.. ..',,
ness, but because every man, woman and child in the citv ll.! ������   .  ,    ,
t..,UL. ;.i i ��� i ���        ���_ t,  i -    l1'1""'*!   Dy  Dial    - ���. ���     -       ,   memher
should he interested in making it a success.   It has a won- of the .   :
derful record behind it, but it has a bigger name to make '';:,!.'' ' _\'.
ih the future if it is to maintain its place as the premier
fair of British Columbia and it i.s up to everybody in the
city to get out and help.
and gets your Job If you dou't properly
attend to It yourself.
Some people wouldn't be satisfied
with a chance to go to heaven unless
tbe; were furnished wltb a return
Probnbly the chief difference between lielng a schemer nnd a dreamer
ls merely one of practicability.
Tbere Is no sense In being a fool,
for tben you wouldn't be a fool.
Man of Blood.
See the mlsliiy hunter
l-'rom the city
Without pity
Coming forth to il.iy
Just In play
Wild, feroclnun quail,
With no salt on the tall
Of a blngie one.
To have fun
With lh* plover       Ht
That hover "j
Over the stubble.
To bubble
With enthusiasm
Over prulrle cliickens
While the plot lhickens.
W.lll there tie tjnnie left
When ha Is IbroushT
Will each hird ramlly be bereft
By what he Will do'.'
Well, not
Kxuclly.    Ills plot
fciiiiinds large,
Hut when he mnlies the charge
The blrils may be ela.wheie.
Peeling prelly fair.
Willie the owner of the
Neiuhy cow
Alay allow
Thai he'll have rn tie paid a lot
Kor picking nu. me bfrdshot
From tlosey's v, tin
*��h, ihe city tiun'rr
Wild, ferocious man
Thut he Is; hli plan
Hues nti usi ray.
J''or. say,
JnMi-ail of picking lbe prize
He is in IticK lo vet
llut li Ib nice
Tn know lhat n few blrrta may -_.>nernliy
be bought al a reasuimLle price.
nue, where lived Ills bride-to-be. Bur
bara Marty, In a new dr��8B, already!
waiting. Arm In arm. the pair hurried to the court house anil gol their
license. A merry twinkle played sbout
the eyes of Adolph Schreler as he
brought his "girl" to the home or Rev.
Telephones Children.
After the ceremony the father tela
phoned his children, and said: "We'll
be over tomorrow to see yon." This
was the lirst knowledge the children
hnd that their father hud taken n Becond wife.
lietnlls of the romance eame oul today under cross-questioning by members of the family. IlarVi-i '' rtj
came to Minneapolis from N lm
,i vear and a half ago.   Of a religi   ...
nature,  she altended   the  North  Qer-
' man M. K. church.
Mr. Schreler was a regular attendant at the church. The elderly couple
met mi" day as he stooped to pick up
a handkerchief drooped by his present wife. A casual glance Boon rip*'
ened into a closer acquaintance The
COUple   managed   to   see   each   other .
.every Sunday, and soon Adolph became a caller at  the home near Six-
; teenth and llryant.
Last  week the two lonely old peo-
!pl" decided to get married. But what
would his children think' rYdolph'S
quick faculties soon devised a wav.
They must slope!    And elope they did
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln II. C. viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Hraud, gimraeteed to pass Standard
Specifications of  American  aud  Canadian  K.iiglueeru'  Association.
Wb would also call attention to our Vitrified Bewst Pipe from
4-ln. to -4-ln. In diameter. This Is also made lu tbls Province and wo
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Itock, Washed llravel, Sand.
I.line. Plaster, etc.
See US before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and It.
902 Columbia Street W.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
C    <
ln 11.
ly 101
.    KIS HEI!.
harmony n
sHfuly   pri-i-iii
A. M. nnd ll
Third svanui
fur  -xan
M.  1 hi  1.
,'   RAROT
; .43 Keary
���w u
He Knew,
1  enn prove  to yon the power ot
P.O. Bok 34 Dally News Bldg
of sll hinds.
Prlcss riKbt.   Satisfaction guaranleeo
ft McKenzie  St.
Accountant let It. US. Houro '. ii.,. t
P. It. Smith. W   J   Drove*.
I Work   un.l.-, !,,k --ii     in    city    anil    OUUId*
l-.lnU.   211-12    WmmiiiImxi, ���>���   Truat    III,is
! Iliune  til.     P    O.   Uus   607.
Mini tlle big,
(at run n.
"Itut you mny not understand it."
"Ves.  I dol    My  wile  n-elgbi only
slgbty-Ure pounds."
"All the world lores a luver."
"Is that bo':"
"Huh!    Wby?    Because be Is such
nn easy marU!"
�� New Wellington
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
I ���   i    i.,\
iiiking the
journey    i hla Inforn   ��� on t*. ,-,,i tali
eti in ii telegram  received  here yea
Sfrtay,   Thi , have n  �� none rrom
ralrbiinks  by Btage,
The Elvira was stuck In the v.- tor
twenty days before she eapilzed and
��    (t
Not s Clsar Title.
"DoeH Thimi|won
bi'iir n -guud rf initial un 7"
"I.e I  me see ���
I llnlll|is<)ll."
"No.    1   don't
think so."
"\\ li.V;"
II.'  run   fur nf-
l ,.* . tire"
New Imported rail Suitings nnw on
-Isplay     See  them.    Perfect   III  ami
l workmanship guuranteed. I'rlces from
7lil   Kront Slreet.
Ivlnclal Constable  Edwards, who lm- It was nnt until October 31 that Can   '���''''��� "''"",|
'    '   "   ' "What in
Couldn't  Oi.
i pie ol the law
firm are no
mediately took a party np to the rap- ,aln Psderson and Swensen were
Mils In two canoes,   Tbey called out t0 H!a''1 out rro,n k'-v R,'nf'
Macdonald'B name, and beard a faint
answer from the bank. Macdonald was
found one bundred yards from tho rlv-
!er   In  an   emaciated   condition,   with
hands and feet terribly frosen. He had
Hardship   From buried himself in ths leaves and soil
in an attempt to keep warm.    Ile wan
curried   two   miles   over   portages   to
White river, but restoratives falfed to
keep  him  alive,     lie   had   killed  ami
| eaten four partridge In the bunt. H"
iwa�� without any  particle of food  or
Toronto, Nov. 18.- -After wandering , w,ii"r for eight days.
Story    of    Terrible
Northern Ontario���Another
Man Misting.
News of whal may be another hunting tragedy in the north country was
reported by m. J O'Leary of tbe Sloan
Hunt club, a Toronto hunting party,
. who have a lodge north of Harr*.
The rook ofthe camp has been missing  since  luM   Friday.    He  wandered
Dccsn't Get  Alimnoy.
Olympla, Nov. is.--The noted Jones
divorce sense, instituted in Seattle liy
Harry a. Jones, a Vancouver millionaire, was dismissed by stipulation riled in the supreme court today. Mrs.
Clara H. Jones, the defendant and
ctobh complainant, Is granted the decree of divorce, but the $:iid.ikio Judgment for alimony and atorney's fees
awarded ber by the King countv court,
is dismiss. A
nkes \
"Ht"   1,1','   llieV   nil   tin
-������".nr I'olli'Ku sornrlty,"
I'ev belong tu tie
Hit Ruse.
"He doesn't i.iiuiv iniii'b."
"lie talks ns ll  lie did "
"OU, Hint's lusl to con ruse
foil won't lind loin out"
yuu an
Hamilton, N'ov. 18.- Judge Snider,
tilting .-in arbitrator, heard the evidence of r sidents of Ferguson avenue, who ask damages to propertv pur
chased prior to I!Hi4, the railway board
ordered   lhe  Q.  T.  R,  to  pur-
Hit Viewpoint,
"What are you doing for n llvliig?"
"Is tlmt the best yuu enn do?"
"Nu; the worst."
for twclvo days without food or shelter lit--the bush, to have both feet
fror.en and found alive, only to die it
few bonrt after warmth and nourish
ment had been given, was tbe hard Int
of Michael Macdonald at White river.
Macdonald was u bookkeeper for
Chambers, McCralg and company, who
nro engaged In double-tracking the,off In the morning In search of deerlehpae all properties on the avenue on
.Superior division of the C, P. It. A and has not been heard of since, whloh the track Is laid, which were
couple of weeks ago he went lul" the Search parties havo been scouring tbe purchased Blnce 191M Mrs Martha
luish to shoot partridges. When he woods for days, other camps ln the Jones, who kenps a boarding house
failed to rctucn, nine Indians were neighborhood lending assistance The said Bin hsd difficulty In 'keening!
employed to find him, but searched provincial police have been notified boarders because of the noise made1 Washington, Nov. 18. Presldenl
wn houi success for ten days. and wiii continue the search,    it Is by trains,   Trains shook the bouse so Wilson today made ttfess nominations!
On Tuesday laat au Indian named , thought that the man shot a deer nnd much thai the end of her kitchen Stove Register of the land office Sun Dance
Louis I'orter was running the third followed u bo far Into the woods that] was shaken oui last week. Mrs Scul-iWyo., William .1 Wood of Wyoming:
rapids In a canoe on the White river  h-   m*" his way. |ly nald  she conld  get  J30 for houses  chief of ordnance, with rank of hrlgn.
and  thoughl  ho heard cries In the   Jtls teller*I that Uie man had rela- she now rented for $20 ft month were dler general, Urlgadfcr Oeneral Wll
lush.   He reported the matter to Pro- tlvea  in   roronto,    He waa  formerly. It not for the trains. |liam ('  Cro.Ii-r
Hsd Doubts.
"I nm dying to um up In nn airship.'
'Td Korl of IlltP tu du Unit, lm,   unit
I nm afraid that lbe dying mlgbt  ihn
Thst Hater.
"|)ne�� your hull,niul pl-ff hit enr?"
"Well,  lie Shu ves  lilim-elf *���
When you take your
Eastern Trip
you may as well travel lu comfort
and at minimum cost. Wc can prove
this.   Cull ou
New  Wesiuiluste
II.  W.  HIlODin, II.   H    A���  Vancouver
COAI.  MININU  rltbta of Ih.-
In   Mulill-biL.   HiuikHtclii-wiin   ...
tlm Yutit.u Territory, tbt Nortt
tit,,il.-H an.l  In a  POTtkm ef  tie,  I'r,
,if HritlHii Colnmbls, may bt ItMed f..r"i
t���rin  of  iwenty-one  yeara al  un   tosui
lental  of  tl  un ncre.   Nut   rniil--  ll.un   .'   I
acri-8 wtll tw, leased tu unit appltoojK.
Applkatlim for a Pas., mutt bt mid
hy tht applicant In penton lu in,. Agen
er Hnb-AK-nl of tbt ilttrldt In vililcb lb
rlshia sppUSd for ar�� tttuated.
in ��ui-vi*��u itrntory tbt land mutt i.
detcrlbtd by saotlont, ,,r legal tub .llv
_lenn of MOtlona, and In tuunirreyad ty
ritory the traet appUtd fur Hhall I,
_UiKe,l out by lhe applicant hlmttlf.
naeh applloatlon must bt ocoompanlo
by a fee of |f, wlilch will l���- itfundn] I
llie rlKhm applied for are not avallabli
but not olberwlse. A ro>i*Uy -shall b
paid on tbe merchitntnhh, output of th
mine nt the rate of five oentt p,*r ton
The person operatln* tbl mine nlia,
furninii the Agent wltli tworn return
accounting for the full nuanllly of mur
i liiiiital-1,- coal named and tiny tlie roy
alty thereon, lf the coal mtnh k rlKiu.
are not belns operatrHt eueh rStnrni sboub
lie  turrit-lieu  st  least   once  a   year.
The lense wlll Include tbo ctal nilnlni
rlKhm only, but the leasee wlll be per
mltted to purchase whatever avullabl
surface rlxlun may be conslderril necet
sary for the working of the mine at lb
rule of 110 an acre.
l-'or full Inforiiatlon application ahouli
he made to lhe Hecrotar/ of the IMparl
menl  of the Interior. Ottawa, or to an-
Aaent or Rub-Agent ot Dominion Lands
W. W. COItT.
Deputy Minister of ths Interior
N. tl���Unauthorised publication of thli
..ilvertl��, mem wlll not M paid for.
Transfer' Co.
Office Phons UB.      tarn Phone 1��;
���sable ttreet.
i     alius   Ktisllieers,    laical    B.S,    nieeu   1|>.
l-ilor   Teiitpte   every   Prut     uiul     tblr,!
,      '] lltlliel.iv   tit  tbe   month     II    -!>'I.:lllg!lllll.
I nratlaenl W, c. Saunders, tterttary,
p ii ii,,i t,:s.
Inf.W W-BHTMQfBTan I^ilsiB NO I,
It   A V   O. of Rlks of th,   I,   of <;.. n.eet
I the flret and third 'l'liiir^day at t p. tTX.
K of P. Hall. h'lHlith ttreet A Well*
Gray. Bsaltsd Jluler; P. II. Smith. t*a*>
r�� tary.
IU O. l) M., NO. Hit - MKKT8 OM
flret, steood, third and fourth Wedneaday ln each month itt 8 p. m..
In     Ibt     M.x.se     Home      11.  J.     Unm),.
dictator;     v.     E.    Jonea,     Mcrttary.
II. adii'inriere   of   Ich1k>-   In   Baa   Hous��,
rv.rrn-r of Kuurth and Carnarvon street*.
I   O. o   P   A MITT LODOB NO. n���Tha,
regular   meeting  of  Amity  lodst   No.
27. I. O O P. It held every Mrmrlar
nlKhl nt * o'clock In Old PellOWS* Hail
eyrii.-r <:urniirvnn and K'shlli etreeta
yltlUng brethtrn cnrdlallv Invlled.
It A Merrlthew, NO ; ll. w. Sanetttr.
V. O.J W. C. (.oslhaio. P, 11. record
Ins tterttary: J. w. UaoDonald. financial eeereiiiry
w. tt tPALDB��� Plantar Funtral Dlraolsi
niul    IWlbalmtr,    tlSllS   Akii>*��   mrett.
eppoht.. Carntala Library.
8. noWKi.i, (HUCOBBBOn ri> I'KN-
ler A lllilini. Ud. I- Puntrtl .llrectort
end  eniliulmere      Ptriort  -tut,  Columbia
���treet.   New wtttmlntttr.   Pbont nm
ster Himid of Trade tntatt In ih�� lioard
rreisn. City Hall, as follows Third Krlday nf each montb; quarttrly n, -��tne
on Ibt third Krlday of Kebniary, Muy,
Aiin.n*. an. 1 November ut h p.m. Annual tneetlnaa on Ihe third Friday Sf
February. 0. M. Btuarl Wade. Decretal v
Hsssass I>a1lrers4 1'romptly t*
*nj part of tbe elty.
Light aod Heavy Hauling
(Subject to change without notlcs)
Stinihty schedule-Trains have New Westminster nt 6, 7. 7:30, 8,
S;:i0 and B a.m.. and every 'Hi mlnutns thereafter until 8:30 p.m.
Arter 8,'lfl Bcrvlcu every 30 minutes with last car leaving nt midnight,
Wee's duy schedule���-TrnlnB leave New Westminster at 5, 5:45, 6,
fi'.Ui, fi::il), ��;^r,. 7, 7:15, 7:80, 7,45 and 8 a.m., snd every 20 minutes
until 4 p.m., From 4 p.m. to K;So p.m. a IB minute service will be
Klven.   After 8:30 p.m. a 80 mil ute service with laBt car nt midnight.
Baturday service���Early Burning schedule the same ns on week-
(Invs. but after 8 am., a 15 minute service will bc given until midnight.
Through trains for Chllllwack leave New Westminster dally at
9:80 a.m. anil 1:10, 8:86 and n:4B p.m.. Trains leave Chllllwack dally
for return trip nt. fi:10 a.m. anil 0:30 a.m. Rnil 1:10 and 6:45 p.m.
Dully KxpreSB service to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:50
a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
fini,*, Deeds, Business letter*, etc.: circular work specialist. All work strictly
confidential. H. Harry, room 411 Weatmlnsler Trust Blk.   Phont 703.
rlsters, Hollcltort. eta. 40 ixirne Hlreel.
New Westmlntttr. O. K. Corbould, K.
C.    1. R. (Irant.    A. B. MeColl.
iii-law. Hollcltor, etc. Bollpllor for the
Hunk Of Vancouver. Offlqjt: Mer-1
chants Hunk Hulldlng, New WeBtmlnster. B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable-
iiddrees "Johnston." Codu Wettcris
W.   P.
.   SO-
etc.,  Colllster
r i*ol-
urn! McKensle
r.   B.C.     V.   O.   llox
tide ��� Bariiattra and Roltnlturt, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
New Weatmlnater, n. C. Cable addresa
"Whltnalds," Weattrn Union. P. O.
Drawer 300. Telephone IS, W. J..
Whlteelde, K. 0.1 H. ts Bdnumds. Ol
J. 8TIt-W__I--- CLUTB.  Harrlsler-at-law,
solicitor,   etc i   oornsr    Col,mil,In    an#
McKensle   ttreett,    New    Westminster
B. C.   P. O. Boa 111.    Telephone   7IS.
���Solicitor and Notary. Offices HarS
block, 2t 1-ornt ttrwil. Now Wettmta-
tler, B. C.
Banisters and flolloltors. SOt to Sl*
Weslmlntttr Trait Block O. B. Mar-
tln. W. a. Moguarrts and Ueorge L>
*���* ,1 ��� ..
���-.���   1
~ZX=Z*       .   ���
��� *���***�����.,   ' ' m*i* ���a.m.m.r^..
Gompers Peeved When
Asked About Retiring
President of A. F. of L. in the Fight to  Stay���Head  of  Hoboes'  Union  Arrives by Blind Baggage Route���U. S. Government Urged to Set Example  to  Other   Employers of Labor.
He is a Product of the "University
President Belt."
Kova Hi'otiu in the rrudlii of university president* just hh it is tlm
cradle�����n its own boast���of nearly
every other form of ip-Mlal aptitude
fur administrative office. The records
ahow thut the houat hus u tolerably
good foundation.
When Daniel Miner Gordon left his
Halifax I'hnrrli and took up shield nnd
battlaass ns principal ���( Queen's 1'ni-
plexitis   und  nieri-iloss  duties the  tiur-
den  of   which   hud   delivered    OsorgS
driint   lo  his  (jrave  yeurs  bofora  his      Seattle, Nov. 18.--"1 am not a writ   "Kirn;" .luff Davis wus thrown (iff prac-
tirne.    At u period  of   life  when ug- at-*-., am a fighter.    My hat Ih ln the: tlcally  every  train  which  hn "rode,
greasing is usually a meninry nnd men ring." except one wherein be poned an a pas-!
settle   bar!  into   reflection,  bo   under.      Buflb   was  the   answer  of    Samuel  senger Whose ticket had already been
look   to   mit   as   teacher,   ninhassatlor, cioniporn, president of the    American  taken   up  and   henee  persuaded    the
businsss    supervisor,    agent     generul, Kedeiallon of Labor, to the assertion  roiidiiftor to permit him to ride across I
confessor,   and   lookout   mnn.    Those of a morning newspaper that the grand ! the chilly stretches of Montana,
who  did  not  understand suid  that mi ���|,i man ,,t \a\mr \* _��� J,8 shelved as |    But for the fact that he la recognl*-
niere Miiritimu I'rovini'.e prsechar could j historian und editor of a monthly labor led ruler of the hoboes, he might havel
run   a   university   on    business   lines. | publication and lhat John Mitchell, re-1 been   languishing   ln   lall   Instead   ofj
Tliose who knew better   suid   thut   ajt|r|ng representative of the miners, is In   attendance    at     the    convention,
minister    who    hml    generalled     the to be given his place in the prealden- When hc arrived at Minot, N. I)., he
church s battles on tbs frontiers of tbsltlal chair. was about  to  suffer  arrest  as  a  va-
���west,  changing  his  frock  for   a   sol      -pne Gompers  eye  turned cold  and!grant when be manage.-! to make his
critical   when  a   reporter  asked   html Identity known and waB permitted to
whether thern was reason to believe j continue on Ills way.
the rumors set afloat as to his retire-     King Davis boarded the train at ('In-
ment.    The Oompers  Spins  Stiffened elnnatl on October 28,  bound for the
land the scribe for a moment realised .federation's convention at Seattle.
QordOn   knew   Western   Canada \*_-t   wonderful   dominant   power   that      "I resolved to get to Seattle or bust."
it know itself.    He   proachsdjhas kept Samuel Oompers In the fore-|Davls   nald,  "aud   you   see  that  I'm
sermons lo St. Andrew's Chureh, Win-lfront of labor's   ranks  for  so  many here."
nipsg,     when     Wmnipegers     reachodlywlrg. II,,   was  thrown   off   the   train   at
boms by wuy of Chicago und perused     The Gompers voice, so often heard Batesvllle, lnd., and again at Gretns-
���skeptii-nl reports of a company culled |n  jOPu|ar discussion,    contained    no . burg.
iiie  c.i'.it. running s Use round theUote of peace and good will. The appearance of "Jeff," as he Is
humps of Lake Superior. lie walked "I am a fighter." declared the veter known to the delegates on the conven-
over Calgarj twenty years before an president "My hat Is in the ring." Hon floor, was the signal for a demon-
< algary    started    to   wnlk   over   ths Mitchell's Statement Istration little short of an ovation.  A
Dominion, sad knew Edmonton when j0-1B Mitchell, asked fnr an oxpres Fal�� of friendly laughter broke forth
vou could saline the whole population (|on ;is t��� thP rumors, said Incisively: as. smiling broadly, he made his way
by waving u han.) st tho Hudson Hay     -|  i,a,i no knowledge of any such to a scat.
stors.     Tins    gentle-mannered    imfi I pi:ul anu a,,. Btory was given out with-      At Oreensburg he met a man drlv-l
srchal   Bgnre,   Has   In  yeurs  snd  tholout my knowledge or consent.    I doling an automobile who carried him to
joys of line scholarship und the knnwl- n0,  ,,a'r0 to dlSCOSS the incident  fur-  Sln-lhwille, where he climbed aboard I
edge   of   cr''"!   .Innes   greatly    done, ther." >a train  at  night and   made his way I
i��  one  whoso  life  will   lie  taiessd   if.     Mitchell, be It, known, has announc-  safely   to   Indianapolis.     During    the!
the   chapters   preceding    his   ofltdal U4 that he will retire from the official daytime he was obliged to keep in hid-1
career  srs  given  secondary  attention, position he has  held  for aome  time,  lng and could ouly travel at night,
(in.,  of these  preceding,   und   Indeedjanfj declines to make any statement     After  a  brief  visit  with  "Brother;
.'.:. io.li  clnip'.i-rs,   has   to   do  with | lhal can in auy manner be construed  Thorpe," in  the  Indiana capital,    the!
ilier's coat lo take toll of l^iuis Kiel, a
minister who hnd an iron cored patriotism and personitl grncos of a very
attractive kind could and would make
a principal of (inordinary calibre.
jr ******
bin ax a Canadian   of   ExtraordinaryIju a qualification of ihat announce-1king hobo tools to the road again, andI
Ilatnoti ni,     lie   waves   no  tlni;��  andjmenL    Thnt  Mitchell, or any    other was tJrown off at Lafayette, the home
si'U.  no songs,   but    bis   heart   gripslman   prominent   in   the   labor   world, of  Purdue university.    Many of    the
hold of Canada   like   the   heart of   s cmild be convinced that he should ac- students of this institution are mem-
lover.    On his  return  from nn  Aiisira-; ,,(.p,  tho highest honor labor can  of-  hers of the hoboes' union, because of!
linn tour not long ago ht met a fri'-n.l  ,���,.  Mm_  j;01,8  without saying.    That  iheir Itinerant journey in the summer!
Mitchell Is to willingly appear as a seeking work to pay expenses through I
candidate in opposition to President I the next year of ooUege and with thetn
in th
t ssi
"Hit  isn't  it
rotunda  of u Toronto hotel  nnd
he  hnd   told   him    how    he    ml '
Australia  and  New   Zealand  he
n    tins    IrreprSSibls    reflection;!
i  line lliink,   nfter
"King"   Davie   visited   for    a    brief.
Oompers Is hard to conceive
Strong  snd  Willing. ; while.
Samuel   Gompers   was   ill     a     few      Leaving Lafayette he caught a Big!
to uy vou re s Canadian! months ago.    Possibly he was nearer'.Four freight which took him to Chica-;
Ho preaches peace. No public mnn ,n death's door than ninny realize. To-' co without mishap; and from lhat city'
in the Dominion (iisasbes more kinds, <)av ^p ������ Btroiig and well Ills domi-;he managed to cover Wisconsin and I
of pence, or hits ut war with ��o per jnan( pPrponality Is as remarkable as!arrive nt St. Paul. Just outside thej
suasive blows. Shrinking nmtral'I<m the day when he stood before one city limits he Mi his freight and took
blooded mea sometimes preach peace 10j ,),,, country's great murls and de- toa street rar showing his union eard I
ni the voice of their personal bland I dared he would not violate his const!- to the conductor and obtaining a free!
i.-- and timidity.   He probably holds Uut|0Qal  right  of  fri-o expr-sslon  of'ride into the city.
nol far from Norms] angell that until !oplnloll at lhf. btd-icst of a:iy man At Minot, tt. 1}.. his travel threat-
ii revised philosophy of the wasteful whom accident had elevated to the SO- ened to be Interrupted by a railway]
Beat "f nil wars perineals the skulls I R|t!oll where the Judicial ermine mode.official who wanted to have him arrest-
of European mu lords Britain should lllm th(, arbiter of man's destiny. icd for vagrancy. Davis produced his
not thins ,,f reducing het preparations! At -Mt) -im(. \t |B Baf,, lo 8Hy that, card, No. 1, of the Hoboes' union, and
by n vnglo shll-lag. 1'orty or tnnr��.|f , nPW p-resldenl of the .American was permitted to proceed.
years �����,,, Dr. Gordon, ua ir young mm   yt-deratlon of Labor is elected at the I    While  riding  along  smoothly  on  a
later, was becoming zealous in tl seas \,.\ol,v  0f  the   thirty-third   convention. 1 rake beam past Glacier national park
Of rivll aad international pence. Whin J i��,-p��i(|pnt (tamper* will have gone the locomtlve and baggage car ran
the eall cams for Hritish loyalists to\_Q~n l0 defeat righting as gamely as off the track, and a wreck caused
match th.ir llvei again the .rn/.v reb. 1 |���ver a g^dlator ot old contended ln ;l_*avU new trouble. He managed to
lion of Biol, Oordon marched as ihnp jth(. llr,.:1��� (or tf,,. honors of his world, recollect that he had a wealthy uncle
plain of the inith of Winnipeg und pssa- ��| am a tighter, My hat Is In thc living at Dayton. Mont., and he bum-
I through n fairly drastic baptism of  rinSi"  declares  President  Gompers.     ; med a ride with a deer hunter for fifty
Krgo.  Ihe supporter* ot other than: miles  to  Dnyton.   IKre he  found  his
President Gompers have a fine young | uncle.  0.   E.   Proctor,  for  whom   the
battle on  their hands,  and  the con- town of Proctor was named, and a roy.
tt-nder must be wore than a mere pre-.al welcome was given him
t,��nd''.\ From   Dayton    he   "boed" his ride
  down Flathead lake on a steamboat;
uein aml fr"m there on posed as a passen-
EIG MAN AT meau  \r���r ������   ..,,,,,  CUBh!on"  of a   Pullman
bueksbol and Winchester nm fire*.
Whaa lie had thua tasted war lie went
buck faithfully and with fuller knowledge to tuH[_nify tho truths of "seek
poses sad pursue it."
With Dr. Gordon's Caiiudiaiiism
stalks a vigorous ��nd latslUgeot imperialism, the sort of iinperialn-m thai
v.'.i.l.l smell as sweat under nny other
name, coming down to him as it did
tlir-.u^h his l'i,*i,,u birth, his Win;:i
I'''g rough rilling, his world wide observation, and his calm reading of
of present day tendencies.    Tlie lit > of
and deceived the conductor to such an
,    '      ,      _._.��_,_,-_,   ! extent that he was permitted to ride to
Logically the man wjio,������."�� Cohntfbns Falla He got int.. Spo-
office of president of lho largest or-i,._.i(> M_, Su.ldav ���,(,���!-,��� ftni1 ieft
ganl-atlon of mechanics In the world*., j. almott l"*��ing his hold at
should   be   a  large  man.     Therefore.. N-.wm!_,    ,y.,fh      Whcn   he   was   or-
( lod's    baporiaiism   burns   with    a I James Klrby, so far as physical am- Uersd  off  thr  train  at  this point  he
clear strong (loine- nndi-monstrative, jplltude is concerned. Is the logical r), ,,vm| ),���( wmti| a rear ear on the
no doubt���but yet it Uiy"*- president of the International Hrother , __,,;��� t"ratx�� and came through  to Se-
Dr.  i.orilou'a loggett   olhciiil   lint tie  hood   of  Carpenters   and   Joiners   ofia,(1_
came when Quean's sought permission IA marl on   The further fact that he has 	
ol  tlie Presbyterian   General Assembly  served   several   terms   in   office   and ���_.��� __#__,���__���
to  untie   nsrasH   from   the    church '* | that, at the present time, no Internal | A BUNCH OF DELEGATES
domination,    Winn the light got under lor external controversies confrout'the WITHOUT A KICK
win th" opinion of yuei n 's best friends '��� brotherhood, is evidence that Mr. Kir-
stood, roughly, siitv per cent, to fortv Ibv possesses other thsn physical qual-1 Delegates to the A. F, of L. conven-
par cent. In favoi of the step.   Prinoi-1 Mentions for the Job. jt'.on who have como to Seattle with
iml (lordon thrashed out the project on The Brotherhood of Garpenters nnd ;no union grievances to bc adjusted, no
the lloor of the SSSetnbly nt Montreal, Joiners boants of a membership at Resolutions providing for better condi-
but it failed to gain a majority- Then 1 present Ot 858,000. Mr. Kirby, Its pres- tions in their particular unions, no
ho carried it to the noxi general ns jident, while nol lhe largest official .fights of any kind on their hands and
sembly at Vaaeouvsr. loaded his artil-lln attendance at the convention, is,no desire to dig up a bone of conten-
lon   with double primings and  swept  nevertheless of sufllclent   proportions i tion, can almost be counted on  the
physically to be termed a big man. He fingers, but such a delegate ls Thomas
comfortably fills ono of the largest I.T. Williams, of Pittsburg, represenl-
. hairs In the lobhy of the New Rich j lng the International Tlle Layers and
mond hotel nnd his Jovial demeanor i Helpers' union.
accords with the general belief that a "All I* as calm ns a May morning
fat man must always be Jolly. with us," said Mr. Williams.   "The tlle
His organisation being represented layers' union hasn't on its whole horl-
by other officials and there being Uon a cloud the slxe ot a man's hand,
nothing of paramount importance to|No union connected with the build-
draw him to the convention, Mr. Kir-1 lng trades is receiving higher wages
tho floor clear of objector* ill n speed,
���c.ii.irai'terizi'd liy remarkable euse, good
hlunor, and earnestness. There never
van any doubt about the wisdom of
separation from thut day down to the
passing of the federal Act.
Bear Ron Away, Too.
Owing  to  dry   wc-uthc;   and   lack   nf
ve:.-. ral.i.   nourishment, bears are num
<*r,.i-   iu   some   BSStlouS   of   Frniiteuac,
Onr.,no,   end  tl.ey  have been  causing
no eud of trouble ,o residents. Andrew
Craig, of BrtghtXiffS, had a trilling experience  ,*.iih a boar,   Crnig wa* accompanied by bis dog, but did not have
kit gun, aim when he went in smirch of
two milch rows he caiue ncioss u s'uu
licnr and two cuba in the woods.   Send-
inn her tubs up a tree, the henr inude
un attack upon the dog, but the lattei
wns game, und stood the attack ns Inn*.
s he could, then he and his master tooh
> Iheir heels.
Craig'�� foot caught  just a*  hc   was
titling  over the  fence, and  the  dog,
ear uud man fell in a heap.   Craig felt
arc uniither attack would oo uiatlti nn
ia part of tho bear, and had vision*
f being torn to pieces, but to hi* sur
.-ise the bear, after this tumble, took
to her heels snd  ran back  into ihe
a ond* to look after her cub*.
Oil on Msnltoalln.
Keen interest is being taken la th*
development of thc Msmtoulin oil Held*
by Senator Poirer and renre��entstivc*
from all tho chief centre* on tlio Island
a��aenibled tho other day nt Green Uny
to witness the shooting of *ome of ths
*"K--��- .     ,       ,
A IVtrolea export wa* on hand, and
�� fuse wss lighted, and a sharp shock
was felt snd ths enrth trembled, from
the mouth ot ths pipe a -pejlsh liquid
*hot into iho sir to a height of nbout
eighty foot and foil graeofully to tho
ground. Thl* was followed immediately
fcy a second gu��h *t * watery liquid
which ascended to a height of shout a
hundred foot. About nttoon quarts ot
iiltro-glycerlss wsts uss4 la shooting
tbo well.
Wife's Osstb Killed Him.
Stockholm, Nov. 18.���Baron Bonde,
speaker of the second chsmber of the
Swedish parliament, Is dead after being Informed of the eudden death of
hla wife. Apoplexy was given as the
-cause of bis death.
bv did not arrive until Friday evening. When asked as to matters which
his union had to bring before the convention, he replied that the dove of
peace fluttered benignly over the carpenters antl Joinoru, hence they would
have no controversies which tho American Federation of Labor would be
called upon to settle.
Improving Conditions.
"We are gradually   Improving   the
than the tlle layers, nor are the men
In nny union working under -better
"The Installation of tlle, acoustics
and ceramics In buildings of almost
every character is constantly increasing, owing to tbelr decorative and
sanitary advantages, and not an office or business building ln tbo country is being erected but provides labor for members of our union.    Thr
condition*r��nd�� wWbhThe enters "J" f "����* '�� residence. Is dally
."",",,Ti., ���,.,.win. " he said last becoming more and more apparent and
nlrt      "We, eVToY gstttag "SS b?g ��'���'"��� �������� more and more widespread,
night.      vve arc noi (suuta  ���***  *"*.n-ltl������ ���, ���_..������,������ ������_, ���_���,i ,_ wit_.k.
wages that some other trades are get
ting and are not really getting as
much ss wo should get. but w'e are
gradually Increasing the wage scale of
our men and hope to bring things to
the point where they should be before
we quit. Last year we inaugurated
110 trade movements and succeeded
In winning all bnt two ot them. These
two disputes sre now being settled.
All of the strikes which we began
were settled either by arbitration or
mutual agreement."
Mr. Klrby maintains his headquarters at Indianapolis, but states thst he
left that ctty to attend to business tn
other sections before the recent car
atrlke wss Insugurated. During the
remainder of the convention of the
American Federation of Labor, Mr.
Klrby Intends to remain In Beattle,
and wtll be reedy to take part In any
matters that may require bis attention
Tiling of ceramics are used In kitchens, bath rooms, entrances and elsewhere, .while the beautiful ttockwood
or Zanesvillo decorative designs are
ever growing In favor tor mantelpieces and similar work.
"King" Jeff Davis, monarch ot tbe
hoboes snd president ot the International Itinerant Workers' union, reached Beattle yesterday to attend the
contention of the American Federation ot Labor, atter thirty-three days'
travel through a multitude ot experiences from Cincinnati. His trip cost
him exactly 81.86. ��
In his long Journey to attend tho
convention as delegate of the hoboes,
Legislation calculated to benefit dl
rectly every workman, clerk, stenographer and official in the service of
the government wlll be Initiated as
the result ot the action of the American Federation of Labor yesterday
when resolutions calling upon the government to set a new standard ter oth'
er employers were unanimously adopted by the convention.
Congress will be called upon to provide for accident and death compensation wblch will be a decided Increase
in excess of present statutes; Presl-
dent Wilson, and Becretary Garrison
and Becretary Daniels will be naked
to issue executive orders promulgating
Baturday half holidays throughout the
year, and congress will be asked to
make this half-holiday universal In
every government department
The compensation resolution, whieh
was concurred ln hy the oommlttee
and adopted v" ****��� federation, em
braced three benefits. Employees under lt wlll receive compensation tor
every day they are kept from work
by Injury; the death benefit will bo Increased troth this amount of one year's
"Before you light your
cigar, smoke a PLAYER'S
It refreshes the mouth and
will improve the taste of
your cigar wonderfully."
The full, satisfying aroma and grateful smoothness of these
cigarettes has made them known as England's richest and cool-
est smoke.
There are literally millions smoked all over Great Britain every day.
The exceptional leaf quality and manufacturing skill have given them a world
wide reputation.   Enjoy them today.   All dealers sell them.
������^NAVY CUT
for 10
,�� i*. ���$ �� -*h
.4- t...
pay to a more adequate figure and
when injuries are serious, or total or
psrtlal disability results, the pay will
extend tor more than one year.
Prcsldout Gompera made a apeclal
point to Inquire whether tbe Saturday
half holiday would cover all departments ot the government before permitting the convention to vote on the
committee's report favoring that reeo-
The departments of war and navy
were mentioned particularly, lt being
suggested that the two aecretarlee be
urged to lssos executive orders granting tbe receess In nary yards, arsenals, stations and other branches. The
committee, In reeponee to President
Qom-pers's query, aa to tbe otber departments, announoed tlmt Preeldent
Wilson would be asked to leaue an executive order covering all other departments. The motion wna carried
Montreal, Nov. 18.���B. Baraks to not
a man It le prudent to sseot on the
streeta when ho carries paint, aoeort-
lng to R. Udub. Tbe latter ls suing
htm tor damages because, be alleges.
Mr. Barabe spilled a can of colored
liquid on hlm on August 14 when both
were walking on BL Catherine street
Barabe, noeordlng to tko evldenoa
eame toto eollleton wltk Udne ***
tried to prevent hit point being spilled
by lifting Mn the air. He wan not
successful to We attempt, however,
nnd only etJSweded te thwwlng tt all
over Leduc Leduc asks UsciW..,.....
French Canadian Father Makes Judge
���it Up and Take
Montreal, Nor. IB.���Records
broken In Juvenile eoort today when
Antolne Lebelle, It yearn old. of IS
Monetu tone, brought *te two tittle
eons belore Judge Choquet on ebargae
ot dledbedlenoe, and nt tke same Ume
aaMuneod to tko court thnt ke was
the tether of Sl children.    ���
I bate bono married three tlmee,
yonr lordship." said U-baUe, "and nm
the father of Sl okt-tm. Tuts to the
first time 1 hnve kad nip tmMe sUte
,tth any **{ thorn, ee 1 has* Mn*t
them to ��Wrt-"
"Tklrt^oM chMmr ookoed ledge
Choquet  *1itot.a Mite a reootdT
"Well," ooottaned M-Mfc ml
persons from tko eosrtder neda* te
pour to to tit* * teak, nt hlsa. ���# fc
true. I have Mend ta thleetty " -~
,' Ur < ���rW^4.^*>;:''
- ;.*i\'-rv t-ti^mjfjms
years.  I am now working fer n sewing machine company."
Tbe boys label-to brought Into court
were ten nnd eleven, respectively.
They wept ae thetr father addressed
the court
I waa born ta the Uke of Two
Mountains district" sold Ls*alle, "nad
later eame to Montreal. I Hved trttk
my flret wife SS yeara, during wklek
time we knd elgkteen ekUdren.  After
more.   After ssy
again married, and kftvo had oovon
ehlMfen In fourteen yaare."
Labette stated that of the St ektt-
dm St more ten *** threejUte Tea
of tko cklidreiVe Itvtag, The eMeot
ohlhtrerdteuri Lobe-He, to n reeideat
UbeUe ta well known to Bt Joaoph'e
ward. Who* tho dtotrtat wee baown
os tho m. Antetae dtrt-flm ho mm no-
tie* te pottttan thor* '
tee hope to ehep t
te eehool '     ''   .
to go lnme wite.fjito
being reported to the police. *
J. Johnson ot the Moodowbrook
dairy. 1410 Third uwenn* reports*
tost night that n thief bad filched U
ia email change from t��hted *tgft
counter on hie eeU-bllshmoai��Mlfc-
day wnUe tke proprietor's hM *****
toned. <-**rSr
3. a Bptngue. M4T LakooM nveano.
_j�� hook O-Moyed by n prowler ter
��ntghu and aahod ten peltae ^m
hlm in fleeing the tatrdnem
MMMHMik   _____h ___________ft __________________l____^___ft m**W
r^SSv^Slxil. m*m
ker death I mnrrted nanto. and In nine	
****** of married ute hnd six children I tH*i**if*t Unas, d hngaet pin intend
*ff.^J n�� W ^te taWST^left7SS
���W     w^^^^x~**^**~*   Wft    ^*-^     esWrnftW-if       *mw*m
*___.____. m**.^**,      ������,**,*x.'*a���    ''  ^i_al_____i'�� -V_-___kj_k^___k
aTehu.^. 'Tho koKtor e��|itsd wtte
*'f^'**if.\   ���l.'.-K'-Kj.l'll.n    .. _J.
__f_r%SSjJ_^''tamtt  '*my* -*������
^_W'S:'!P''tW.,^P: ,t
: aa oeereoet to ���
'    '-V ���"Hjkj**')
*   ...    -   i> ���-    t.
&���;**���' :i. ii
-  .**.* ..���:
I     . .
Fresh 'Water and Salt
Shipping Men Would Request Government to Place Better Lights on
Some mariners living in N'ew Westminster are of the opinion that the
present is a mo_t opportune time to
press tin- government for further
lighting facilities fur the mouth and
inside of the Kruser river.    They say
that after BUOCI Ins in  keeping the at two previous trials at two previ
, _  assises  were unable to agree upon a
lightship al her present moorings and [����*���     ��   charge conoml_ ��� *m
while that question is still fresh in the
minds of the departmental heads at
Ottawa  this other request should  be
one of the important questions that of flowers, tied by a large ribbon of
will come up for discussion at the next purple, the national color of 1 Union,
or one of the later meetings ot the on whicli was written In golden let-
executive    Last evening a letter was | ters the following:    "Wc    remember
received from the sponsor of the pe- you,
tition asking the association to inter-1
est   itself  in   the  movement  to  have
the bvlaw resubmitted.
The interest should take the form
it was suggested, of securing signatures to the petition- The sentiment
wns expressed by one member of the
Iexecutive that the matter was entirely
CDFMfFD DADIIICnN I out of lhe province of the association
Jl LNILK   KUDIIwUIi*"'" ll was decided to defer action un-
Former Chairman of South Vancouver
School Board Charged with
Some further eorresponilenee from United States Consul at KHipston Tells
Kelly, Douglas and company was referred to the special committee. Secretary Purling In his weekly report
mentioned the visit of the members
of the firm of  Yarrow's  United
Young Men of His Country to
Avoid Canada.
also touched on the action of the
council wltll reference to industrial
Vancouver, Nov. IS.���The last cuse
In the trial list in the assizes was
called this morning. It is the charge
or forgery againat Spencer Hobinson,
of Soulh Vancouver, on which juries
brought to notice.
At yesterday's Progressive association meeting this was brought up and
the question will be further discussed
later, because men of this port showed sound reasons and gave expert advice on the lightship matter the ship
was kept where it would benefit, the
Fraser most. After this success the
other matter should  be brought up.
What is wanted most, say these
skippers, is first of all a stronger
light    on     the  Sandheads   ship.     In
Therefore   Adjourned   Indefinitely   by   Judge
Howay   in  County Court.
The charge concerns a
oi.eqne made out    in    the    name   of i
Broom & Pattinson. contractors, which | A_tion   for   Damages
was discovered   to have   been   over-:
Issued,  during the  government audi:,
c' the books of the municipality. The
cheque was cashed by Mr. Robinson,'
who    was    chairman of ' the   school
board at th. time. Robinson's defence
Is tliat he had cashed the cheque after I
banking hour_    for    some    unknown j
young  man   wlom   he "believed  came
trom  Broom   &  Pattinson's  office.
Double Decked Billboards.
Champions of the high double deck
billboards won out  before    the    cily
Additional Locals
Missionary Movement.
Women of New Westminster dlB-
triet interested in the missionary
movement will gather this afternoon
and evening in Queen's Avenue Methodist church. Mrs. (Rev.) Helta. Vancouver, Is to give a report of the recent W.M.S. board meeting in Toronlo; Rev. F. \V. Langford. Vancouver, will address the evening session
anil MIbs Preston, Japanese missionary for tho lower mainland, will speak
of her work in the afternoon.
Get your skates sharpened at Oco.
Speck'B, 6116 Columbia Btreet.      (2353)
Washington, Nov. 18. A warning
to American young men not to venture into the Canadian Northwest to
seek  their fortune, unless assured of j ��� ,
employment or possessed of adequate | even ng.     Band   in   attendance   every
means to   maintain    themselves    for evenlnfl'
some time, is contained in   a    recent
report of the United States consul at
Kingston, Out., S. S. Johnston.
Mr. Johnston says lhat in the last lsay' h"*1""
four years thousands    of Americans,
Skating sessions at Queens park
evttry week day from 3 to 5 In the
afternoon and 8:15 to 10:30 In the
Band   In  attendance
Tor plumbing, hetttlng and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Hum
and Carnarvon Btreets.
Phone  586. (_M63)
Y. M. C. A. Membership.
The  second   weekly   report   In   the
northwest   V.   M.   ('.   A.   membership
penetration of this,council last night, when the aldermen
heavy weather th.  ,   -���-���    	
light  is  not  more than  five  miles at | voted down,   by   eight    to   seven,   a'through  the defendant carelessly and
most.  When heavy fogs sweep in fronv clause in the   new   billboard   bylaw | negligently driving his auto into the
and especially young men, have pass
ed through Kingston on their way lo
the agricultural districts of the north
he adds, to find in the Canadian land
an Eldorado, but. lie declares, only a
  | few have succeeded   in    establishing
! themselves satisfactorily.
Owing to the non-appearance cf the!    In the last spring and summer, ac-
plaintiff his honor Judge Howay yes-: Cording   to   Mr.   Johnston,   thousands
terday Indefinitely adjourned a Jam- of  Americans  havc    passed  through
age   action   which   is   being   brought   Kingston on their way    back to    the Spokane, 1969;  Walla Walla, :14
against Mdarman Trimble of Vancou- United States, unable to find employ-1bany, 241;   Haker,  287;   Eugene
Robins   Haver-man.   of ment in the regions where they had!The   Inter-clty  contest   between   Vic-
i torla: New  Westminster and   Vancou
Iver starta on Monday.
Wednesday nor ugaln this season.
Mrs. Q, T. Bradshaw, 87 Lorne
street, will be at home on Wednesday
afternoon to the members and friends
or Iloyal City Chapter N. 7, O.E.S.
Mrs. Wm. AlllBon, 513 Tenth street,
will not receive on Friday, nor, again
until further notice.
The whist drive wlilch wns to have
been held under the auspices of St.
Stephen's church, Burqultlam, in the
agricultural hall, Austin road, this
evening has been postponed until
Thursday evening, Nov. 20.
Ottawa Street Railway Prevented from
Doubling Rates���Interested Par-
tiea to Be Heard.
"Get Thc Hal)it"
Extra Special Today
Xmas Post Cards  at
lc Each
Xmas Cards at 1/2'P��ce
Don't forget everything in
the store is reduced from 10
to 50 per cent.
The Fair
Ottawa. Nov. IX. - The board of railway commissioners met today and in
a few moments disposed of tiie case of
M.0St���_��[ .th,J.m  !'.ave .eX-P^*ed' IcampSlgn arrived at lhe local associa-j the Ottawa Street Railway's announce
tion offices last night It gives lhe ment that on Dec. 1 next the fare to
total memberships of cities of this points on the Britannia llne would be
coast as follows: Tacoma, 1583; Be- doubled. The board decided to sus-
attle 435H: I'ortland. 4075; New West- pend the tariff of the Ottawa Btreet
minster. 351; Bellingham, 1153; Ev-|Railway company until Jan. 1 in order that all parties Interested  might
ierett. 220;   KUensburg. 249:   Iloqiliam
:2C0; North  Yakima, 523;  Koslyn, 177;
;  Al
: ver
by   Ml__
Bradner, for injuries to a mare own- hoped to establish themselves,
ed by her. alleged to have been caused |
the gulf it is difficult to make, and
with winter setting in another reason
for better signals is given. The Sand-
head lights could be placed to advantage along ihe river and stronger
lights put outside.
It seems, these men say, that the
ilepartmont of marine has found out
that New Westminster meant business when It went out to keep the
Sandheads lightship, and this impres-|
sion should be driven home now by
the request for a stronger light. The
arrangement suggested above would
be the least expensive.
[limiting  the  signs  to    14    feet,    the!
.height of one deck.    From eliminating
' billboards in the city entirely, the by-;
jlaw in its six months' of life vvas re-:
duced last night to one in which 'he,
Icnly Improvement on the preBent con-
diiion is the placing of them back to;
the house line on residential streets.
i The bylaw was not finally passed, but
j was left to be redrafted.
Liquor License Valid.
Ily the unanimous decision    of   the ���
court of appeal today, the Point Orey
licensing commissioners were upheld
in their action In granting a license
to the Grand  Central  hotel,  Eburne,
and the license was declared to be a ]
valid   one.    Chief  Justice   Macdonald
and  Justices  Irving  and   Martin  submitted    lengthy    judgments    favoring
the  appellant,  which  were  concurred
in by the remaining members of the
  On the Lookout.
Instructions have been issued by the
Local   Man   Has  Theory  for   Wrecks  police authorities to all the constables
in  this city  to keep a  sharp lookout
animal. The accident took place on
the public highway near Abbotsford
some time ago. The amount claimed
Is $150.
Although she was notified a week
ago of the date of the trial Miss Hav-
erman tailed to appear in court yester-
London, Nov. 18.���Greal  Britain has
acquired  what the war office considers the ideal aeroplane gun.    It is the
latest   model   of   the  air-cooled   gas-
1 operated   Lewis  rifle,  already  experl-
day  when  the  case was called.    On j mented   with   by   the   United   States
the suggestion that the letter may pos-  ar2,"1 ,      .,,...
siblv not have reached her, his honor      Firing upwards ol    000 shots a mln-
adjourned  the case on application of  ute.  --  **  -" be  made a weapon  fur
the plaintiff's solicitor, (1. Cassady ot|Mwlanes in the British service
Martin.  McQuarrie and Cassady.    On
For Sale���Complete restaurant set
Including one large range, tables,
chairs, dishes, etc., for sab' very
cheap, Hoyal Mercantile Co., (11 Sixth
have an opportunity to present their
views to llie board. The matter must
be disposed of  before January.
This  means that the compuny can-
nut now   impose Its ten cenl fare on
j Dec. 1 next.
The action wns taken as the result
of a letter whicli Mayor Kills sent to
Ithe chairman of the hoard of railway
commissioners, protesting against al-
Ilowing the Street railway to Impose a
ij-1,1 ten cent fare until the views of the
Interested  parties hud  been  beard,
A Few of Our Prices Today:
3  lbs.  rine Tea    90c.
No   1  Coffee, per lb 35c.
Mooney's Biscuits, all kinds.
ordinary    price    25c,    for
loday      20c.
Come   and   see   us.     We   will
save you money.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone -434.
the request of Mr. McDonald, of Vancouver, who appeared for Alderman
Trimble, the costs of the adjournment
were charged  against  the plaintiff.
In the case brought against Mrs.
Wheeler by the City Furniture company, of Vancouver, for $40 due on
some furniture purchased by the defendant on the installment plan last
August, his honor gave judgment lu
favor of the plaintiff for the full
amount claimed.
on Great Lakes���Recent Investigations Support View.
Discussing the many wrecks of the
for ,T. Van Hurst, wanted on a charg
of robbery in this city and on a murder charge (it Victoria. It Is alleged
that Van Hurst and James Lester.
who was arrested in Victoria by Sergeant   of   Detectives   Mcl.eod   and   is
past week on the (ireat Lakes a local held in jail here, were with thc Jap-
man, conversant with ships anil ship-'anese Oswago, when he was last seen
ping, yesterday slated that in his opin-, and some of his personal belongings.
lon one reason for ao many ships fail-'|t |s said, were found amongst the ef-
ing to weather the severe storms and fecta of the mail Lester, or as he is
going to pieces lay In their construe-1known In Victoria, Leicester,
tion. I  .	
Many a hull built nowadays is a
fair weather hull but Is not built lo
���withstand the worst storms, according to this man's way of thinking.
Coastwise and inland vessels were
sometimes slighted in construction
and more than ono inquiry into
wrecks had brought  this  to  light.
If this is true of the vessels lost in
the  recent storm on  the lakes someone has mucb to answer for.
" Here is a list of the number of men j
either    missing    or    known    to    be;
drowned*.   Crew    of    steamer  James;
Carruthers, 25; crew of steamer Wex-|
ford, 24; crew of steamer Leafielil. 18; 	
���crew- of steamer Itegina, 28;  crew  of
steamer  Angus,  25,  crew  of steamer:    London, Nov. 18.���Lord Emmott
Charles S. Price, 22; crew of Bridge-1 Oldham, speaking of the reception
port, 30; crew of tug Wiarton, 0; crew cordl ,* tbe   parliamentary
of U. S.  lightship, 6;  crew of steam their  recent   tour  of
Barge Butters, 20.
Bodies washed ashore- Kettle I'oint
12; Port,Franks, 7.
Officer's  and   sailors  rescued.  219.
unofficial test of the new gun is to
be made at the Blsley ranges on Nov.
The aeroplane gun invented by Col.
Isaac Lewis was first successfully
tested nt College Park, Md., in April.
1912. From the simple experiment of
seeing one officer pour service rifle
bullets into targets while travelling
50 miles an hour, aeroplane strategists foresee that armed forces below will be at their mercy. The effectiveness of the flre reminded one
of a gardener playing a bose on a
flower bed.
The gun weighs only 50 pounds and
shootB with no recoil or flame. The
gun Has an automatically air-cooling
device whereby the barrel Is kept continually cool by a blast of air. and
after a certain temperature Is reached
increased rapidity of fire tends to reduce the temperature.
Purchase a book of fifteen tickets
costing $5 for evening skating ses
sions at the Arena. This reduction
makes the rink the most popular
priced arena on the Pacific coast.
Buy  your  lamps    at   Iirown
and get tickets for handsome
ft   Sun
To Address Ratepayers.
Want Four ratepayers. Burnaby,
will hold a meeting this evening at
Which Councillor Fau-Vel will be the
principal   speaker.
Klectric Vibrators, 119.75 each. A
handsome Christmas pri .."lit.   Tickets
given.   All goods guaranteed.   Brown
ft Son, Columbia street. (2430)
Tenili rs will be received by the undersign, ii. wiur* drawings and specifications may be obtained, till Monday,
24th November, for the erection of s
fram,. dwelling on Fourth street for
John  U. Kay. 1. -1
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
W   a   PET-BHB,
G57 Columbia street (Curtis block I.
Residence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
Royal Intelligence Bureau
���415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M, GAWA. Mgr.
Exclusive agent for 11. Ohashl __
I Co., New- Vork. manufacturers of
Typewriter Backing sheets, Carbon
Papers, Ribbons, etc Mall address,
I Drawer no  New  Weatmlnater,
Remember the sale of work in aid
cf St. Mary's church, Sapperton, hi
their parish hall afternoon and night
of November  20th. 12425)
District Road Superintendent Inspects
Highways at Harrison���-Some Immediate Requirements.
Drill Hall for Ottawa.
Ottawa, Nov   18,���The $100,000  the I charges
Corrall   Vagi-
Two vaga were corralled by the police last  evening and  will  answer to
before   .Magistrate   Edmonds
British   Parliamentary   Party   Returns
Home After Trip of Eighteen
I!. F. Bonson, district road superintendent for the provincial government, left last night for Harrison
where he will inspect the wagon road
between Harrison and De Roche ami
decide on what Immediate Improvements are necessary tc put it into a
(airly passable condition.
Mr. Bonson  has just return!d frcm
i Mission where he looked into the road
requirements  of  the  settlers  located
!<:n government land north of Mission
government   placed   in   the   estimates j in court this morning.
last year for a new drill hall  for Ot- -���
tawa, and  which  was voted  but not.    skating boots and skati
expended will appear a-s-ain In the eiti-|.l|ld gen,]���[���(,��� at o0   n
mates   this   year.     The  Bite  has   not Columbia atreet.
yet been decided upon. 	
9 for la.lies
Speck's, g:m
1 and P
Collegians Give Skin. _50__1_1
Alton. III., Nov. 18.���Bight persons, I "^
six of them students of Sjurtleff col-l'"
lege, today furnished skin for a graft-! The nurses of the public health doing operation on George l.aokeba, 15'partment gave an afternoon tea at the
years old. Three weeks ago the boy's'Toronto Graduate Nurses' cluh. Slier-
leg was burned and torn by an explo-1bourne street in honor of Miss Scad
For ths Week Ending Sunday, Nov. 16.
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. lit.
8:68 13.2    1:00   0.9
17:2!) 11.6 14:12 10.8
!l:4(l 13.2    1:42    1.0
*    ���'* Time.
H.gh. Low.
9:55 4:25
18:30 15:10
10:45 5:00
19:10 15:15
11:35 5:45
20:10 17:30
12:20 6:25
21:45 IS: BO
13:00 7:05
24.00 20:10
13:40 7:GO
1:50    8:40
14:15 22:45
IS*. 12 11.2 14:10 10.7 dominions, said
10:34 13.1
19:00 10.5
11:19 13.0
20:46 n.7
12:00 13.0
23: ud 9.2
12:88 12 9
pa rt y    on
ths .Dominions,
said the tour bad more than come up
ti expectations In even' possible way,
lhey had been received with the
greatest kindness and hospitality
wherever they had gone and found
that the people of the overseas dominions welcomed anybody who wenl out
there with a desire to learn something
of overseas affairs. All the party
agreed that ihey ought to do their
besl to induce other mi mbe|-s of parliament to visit the dominions,
What  was complained about In the
0:51    9.5
16:28 10.!
Lord Emmott, wss
at home were more Ignorant
conditions than we ought to
City.    There are about 20 settlers In ]
this   vicinity,   which     is     known     as i
Steelhead, and the means of access
and egress to their lands are practically nil except tor what trails' they
have cut through the bush themselves.
A wagon road runs a considerable
distance up In the direction of Steelhead from Mission, but after leaving
it settlers have to make their own
trails. The land occupied is a portion of that which was issued by th(
federal authorities early thia summer
as homesteads.
, According to Mr Bonson the gov
ernment authorities are anxious to
furnish new roads Into Steelhead. but
owing to the lateness of the season
it is doubtful II much work will bi
done ilu.; seasi n.
ding, who Is leaving for Mew Westminster. B.C.    Her alumnae presented her
with a beautiful bouquet of pink roses.
Toronlo Globe.
Frank  E. Aiken and  Mrs.
Aiken, of
To  Open  Sundays.
Ottawa,  Nov.   18.���The national
gallery  at  Ottawa is to be open
Sundays.    During the last season the   UllooeL  are  guests at  tin
subject was    disctifratrd   and    several ,hotel, Victoria.
members urged that   it    Is done    In ;    Q       e  p |f)  act,      aBglHta���,
similar  Instances elsewhere,  the  Ot,.itv  clerk   ,���   th(.  ,-,������,.���-,,  of   ,,   .,
tawa art gallery should be   open hun   Thomas, who met with a painful ac-
dajs. enabling  people to visit it  who  oldent while jumping from a Btreet cur
have no time    to do so   during    the last Saturday morning,
week.    Hon.  Robert  lingers bus just
authorized the board of trustees to Among the new arrivals at the Rua-
open the building from 2 p.m. every sell yesterday were A. C. Day and
Sunday and ii  i.i believed many  peo-   Miss G.  F.  Astle, both  of San  Diego,
641 FRONT STREET. Out of the high rent district. Come in and
get our prices before you spend your money at uptown stores.
Men'B 'Box  Kip  Boots,  regular  $3.50  for    $1.50
Ladles'   Dress  Boots,  value 13.  to  $5,  every size      1.95
Hoys' School Boots, slieB to 5a    1.45
Girls'  School  Boots,  sires  to  10..    95
Slatsr Booti, Leckle Boots, Hartt Shoes, the fsmoua K Boots, etc., etc.
pie   will
avail   themselves   ot   the
lliat wi
of   111
2.2 be.
9.2     The   British   parliamentary
3,21 reached  Kngland yesterdaj  af:
13:14  13.0 20:18
Brings Rescued Passengers.
New York. N'ov. 18.���With 103 passengers rescued    from    the    burning
st��-au|er  Balmes,  000  miles    east    of
Bermuda    last    week,    the    steame
Panouia arrived here tonight.
eighteen  weeks tour of the    empire .
the   Whole tlma  having    been     spent
practically on  British soil.
Mr, Donald McMaster, one of   the
pany, said a vigorous policy of Immigration ought to be pursued In South
Africa, where the Mai ks outnumbered
the whiles four to one.
P. C.  Leonard of Seattle, is staying
at thu Uussell.
His Ship Nct Yet In.
Mouse    Jaw.      Nov.    18.    Mounted      H. Miles and .lohn l>. Clum, both qf
police an  pc,** seeking (or Alfred Nei-  San  Francisco, reglsti red al  the Bus
sen. a hotel porter from Itouleau, Who,  'ell yesterday.
on tbe Etrengtb of a fortune be was to |
recti'.,   from a deoeased relative   In
.1. .1.  McKay, city treasurer,  Is con
. ,        , fined to his home owing to an  Ulnsss
England started to buy up tbe town UurUli, hla ,.,,,,,_,.,.��� ���������,.,.,.,. f      ���
'�� purchased the hotel and a number 8tftnley onchrlst, one of  his assist-
residences which were to be paid ants Is acting as treasurer,
when tli,- fortune eame.   However,
ho got awev with three diamond rings,     Mrs. George Cunningham, Br��� B0I
a gold  ��atch  and enough clothing  " Ml    Andrew's street,  will  not  receive
Some of the Steamship Lines We
Anchor, Atlantic Transport, American, Allan. Austro-Amerloan,
Canadian Pacific, Cunanl, Canadian Northern. Canada, Donaldson,
Fabre, French, (Ireek, Hamburg-American, Holland-American, I'.il
ian. Leyland, Lamport & Holt, N Ippon   Yusen  Kaisha,   North   Oorman
l.loyd. Norwegian-American, oceanic, Ked star, Russian-American,
Hoyal Mail Steam Packet Company, Scandinavian-American, Union
Castle. United Fruit Company. White Star.
Surely we are in a position  to satisfy the most fastidious.
\V. E.
C.P. &  T A.
527  Granville  Street
Phone Sey 8134.
Many   Prominent   Figures   of
Shelled  Walnuts,  per  lh SOC
Shelled   Almonds, per  lb 50c
Fancy  Bleached Sultanas, 2 lbs 25C
Choice Cleaned Currants, per lb.  IOC I
And everything else you  require for
your Xmas baking.
83   Picscr.t���Services to  Louis
I lasl  an ordinary   lifetime.    Warrants
70 and; have been   .s:u.i d for   bis arresl tbl
To Give Address at Columbian College
and also at Progressive Association Luncheon.
We have just opened up a keg
These sell at 15c a dozen or 2
dozen for 25c. We would like
you to Include a dozen or two in
yo��{"heXt order.   Ttey are fine.
New   Dates,  In   bulk,  per  lb 10c
New   Table Mgs,  per Ib lfjt
Malaga Crapes, per lb 25C
Choice  Crape  Fruit,  3  for 2S��
Choice Table  Raisins,  per pM ���-XSt
Dean's Grocery
Phone 886.
Burr Q:--k Columbia Street.
I Dr Wesbrook. president of British
Columbia university, has accepted an
[invitation to speak a* one of the Pro-
gri ��� ..ive   association   luncheons.     The
president will deliver an address at
the Columbian college on -Thursday,
Nov. '.'" and an endeavor will be made
to have hlm speak at an association
, liinchi on at noon on the same day.
if the distinguished educationalist
Is unable to meet this arrangement
the iii icheon will be postponed until
the, following week or until such a
date that will be convenient to him.
A letter accepting the invitation to
speak at pue of the luncheons was re
celved from Dr Wesbrook at the
regular meeting of the executive last
Whether the Progressive association should interest itself In the petition being circulated In favor irl the
rcsubmissal of thc gas bylaw will be
Winnipeg, Nov. IS.- In memory ol
the death of Louis Rlel, the leader of
the Insurrections of 1K70 and 1888, n
solemn requiem high mass was held
at the St. Boniface cathedral this
morning. Judging by the large num
her who atti nded the memorial ser
vice, the leader has not meen forgot
ten by hla people.
Many prominent, figures of '70 and
"86 were present, including "Dumas
Jljlm" Leplne, first lieutenant and ad
jutant general In the provisional government, for Carry. 1S61I-70; Andrr
Noault, Roll's captain and councillor,
now In the nineties; I'.l/.. Lagbnodiorc,
councillor of the l.agiiriodiere family
of historical fame; also P. Proult and
It. Neanlt, councillors of Rlel's gov
ernment. The above mentioned fought
side by Ride wllh their leader and
were his advisors In the government
I established by Rlel at Fort Garriso-i
|in the lSiill-70 rebellion. The services were said on St. Joseph's alia:
donated to the cathedral hy the Unlo.i
Mellsse of Manitoba.
Hev. Father Bouillon officiated am.
was nsslcted by Rev, Father KeBselei
and Uev. l'n ther Demaree. Bishop
Bellveau nnd Mgr. Dugas assisted at
Ihe throne.
After the services Ibe members of
the association In procession went, to
the grave of tielr leader, which Is In
fronl of the cathedral In the St. Boniface cemetery and a beautiful wreath
Snattle, Nov. 18. A council bill !
creating the position of collector In
the milk division of the department of
health and sanitation, passed by tlie
1 council two weeks ago, wan returned
[yesterday to that body by Mayor Cotterill with his disapproval.
! Tha measure according to the veto
message of the mayor, is nn attempt
Ito evade the civil service regulations,
I In that, it prescribes dutie,; for the
i new position Identical with thnt. of a
vacancy now said to exist In that de-
I Partment. but lowering the salary fioin
| $111 to ?!t-r> a month.
Chinese PollcSmsn.
Los Angeles, Nov. Iff,- l.os Angeles
acquired the llrst Chinese policemen
I in the United States today, according
I to Chief of Pollca Seb'i itlan, who
Inridi' i.un:; Yip, a member e.f a
Chinese business firm, ;i spec ial
Wholesale   Slaughter in Prices of
English Brass Beds, Guaranteed for   Twenty-Five
Years at Actual Cost
Look Here, Never Before and Never Again
Co-I  Pcurinn De-ins.
Philadelphia. Nov. 18>-Tbe groand
work of tlie Investigation of tha Interstate oommcrco commission    Into
ithe anthracite coal roans to determine whether Iheir rates are reason
able or  whether they are  observing
;the interstate commerce laws, was
laid yesterday With the calling of witnesses before Commissioner John  11.
j Marble to testify as to tlie facilities
Of the roads for handling coal.
Brass Bed Kngiish, guaranteed 'iti years.
Ilrass lied. Kngiish, guaranteed 'iti yearn,
r,rusH Bed, F.nglish, guaranteed 25 years.
Brass Hed, Kngiish, guaranteed ur> y��arB.
HrasH Bod, guaranteed  10 years.    Itegular |17.-ri(), cut to   	
llraiB Bed, guaranteed 10 years.    Itegular $21.00, cut to	
Brims Bed, guaranteed 10 years.    Regular J..G.00, cut to 	
Twin Ileds In Brass und Iron, HALF PRICE.
Regular $no,oo out to .
Itegular $47.50,  cut   to
Regular $50.00 cut to  .
lingular %     	
The Big Furniture Store
Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
**> WEDNE8DAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1913.
! challenges "Queen Zerilda" to prove
i that she really IS the "Queen of Bonbon Land." This was not taken seri-
|oii's!y at first, but the east Ia3t night
i by general vote at the rehearsal
agreed to Invite the mysterious lady
, In question to the city. It is hoped
Igbe will comply and thereby convince
, all that a Utile matter of knowledge
Iof Persian history cannot disturb the
tendency of "Bonbon I_ttnd" panic';
j pants to give an exceptionally high
.class show Thursday and Krlday evenings, Reservations for both nights
i are now being made.
Lsague  Officials   Will  Tske   Decided
Stand In the Case of Willlamion
and  Corrigsn.
Home Interesting developments are
liable to crop up following the action
of the registration committee of the
II (.'. A A II. In notifying Secretary
Maiili-n of the local hockey league of
the suspension of Williamson and Cor-
rlgsn nn nccount of their activities
ut thp looal arena
A general storm of Indignation wan
voiced among lhe fans yesterday following the report of tho amateur
union's action and matters will prob
ably be brought to a head at a meeting of th" league io be culled by
Presldenl Fred i.ynch ons evening this
Beveral of the scsptlcs mentioned
that Th" News report was Inaccurate
to the extenl thnt no such letter had
ever been sent to Secretary Maiden
but the latter official bucks up the
report anil still retains a hulf Nelson
on the communication which he has
I'iasseil  ns  BxhlbH Une.
Kven the officials of the union ar.
not  In accord  with  the action of the i
registration  commltte and  several  of
these   made   It  apparent    that     they
would have something to qay on this
and other matters at the next meeting i
of  the  union.    That all   Is  not   well I
among   the   ranks  of   the   U.C.A.A.U. I
members was made known yesterday ]
nrui  while action may be delayed  until the return of the secretary who Is I
attending   the  annual   convention   of
lln- c. A. A   U. In Montreal, some Interesting sessions are on  tap  before
the matter is finally cleared.
The action of suspending  William- |
son  and Corrlgan  has probably done '
real   harm   tu  the   movement   to  have
baseball placed under the fold of the
union  lu  tliis  city  next summer.
Meanwhile Williamson and Corrl-
!g:,n Intend to turn out with their re-
; spectivo teams at practice, taking a
|chance ihat the strong pressure to be
brought on the union will bear fruit.
In event of no retraction being made
by the local branch, the hockey officials niail" it plain yesterday that they
would carry the case to the provincial executlvs anil If necessary, to the
highest court in the Dominion among
amateur athletes, the Canadian Ama-
' teur Athletic union.
Texas Cily, Tex., Nov. lb. William
C. txii-.j.�� Vnllnnanuit. giant of the
aecond division of the Dotted States
army, now encampi-d in Texas City,
Is looking for a trainer lo groom him
as a "white hope."
Tiny Is In many ways a remarkable
man. ile Is tbe giant of the army In
stature and physique, Hs stands *.���-.
fort nine und a half Inches In bta
shoes, anri welgha, -stripped i*-l
pounds. Other nieasnreui'nts nre:
Waist, 40 Inchea; bleeps, 16 1-1
Inches;  reach, Ji*. Inches:  wrist. BV4
Inches; knuckles. io-% inches; length
of  palm.  4  inches;  thigh,  'i'i   Inches:
c-aif. u,\ Inchea
Tiny docs not know his strength,
As chief packer of par* train No. D
1 ���> frequently carries as many as five
bales ef hay. whereas the ordinary
husky struggles under two Out of
patience once with a balky army
mule.  In-  picked   llie  animal   up  nnii
carried him bodily to the picket line.
On another oc-cesion it was desn-,',1 to
move a mess bouse. Nine huskies
took one side, while Tiny alone carried the other.
Vullaucourt has Baser been iu a
boxing mulch, except in burlesque. Hi
has in lhe couri-e of his army career
been In many n ugb-aiid-tunihle fights
wbere he stood oft many men, but h<
hn never consideratel) faced an an-
tagoatst wllh gloves fur the pavpeat
of sparfjng on points or far a knock
'1 never hit a man in my life ex
cent when I was struck flrst. and 1
have never struck any ir-in but one,"
said Tiny to a crowd of nswspapel
linn the other dny.
Hid yi u ever kill or seriously in
jure a man by striking him '."' be was
' I don't know. 1 never wait to see
I hit 'em once aad walk away," he re
ing in tbe I.uke Ontario eity, which
spreads out as far as Buffalo und
Niagara Kails, NY.
Arrangements     have     been     made :
will) the  Y.  M. ('.. A   Officials for llie
use  of  lbe  gym  on  certain  evenings
each week    whereby the rugby -.quad
will  be able to indulge in  light  prac- |
tice.   The first of such work-outs will i
take place on Thursday    evening    at
The Fraser Mills Hockey club are
preparing a fine program for their
Smoker to be held at the Mills on
Monday evening. December 1.
Indian summer has past and gone,
hut not before the NavajOB In New
Mexico have made an attempt to
escape a shut-out in the way of gcing
an the warpath and attacking either
'heir neighbors or the I'. S. mar-
40.000.003 FEET OF TIMBER
General   Invitation  Extended    to    All
Sport Enthusiasts in the City���
Monday Evening It Time.
Russell Bowie, one of the greatest
hockey stars who ever breathed, is in
lavor of allowing amateurs and proE
'o mix in the eastern hockey leagues.
This important question will come up
it 'he annual meeting of the C. A. A.
U. tO be held In .Montreal In two
w.eks' time.
The Moose Hockey club will hold
Jan open hones in tlieir lodge rooms,
oornsr of Carnarvon and Fourth
j Btreet, next Monday evening whieh
'premises to eclipse all previous events
| pulled olT by thc club.
Manager (Iraliain and a strong com-
mlttee are working hard to gather together the best athletes in the district
for ihat evening,   and   refreshments
will be provided.
The Moose club have issued a general invitation to every sport enthusiast in the city und it is hoped
lhat the fans will be present on Mon-
day evening in such Btrength as tc
make it a success.
Portland. Ore., Nov. IS.���A sale of
I approximately 4n.00O.coo feet of saw
j timber in the Olympic national forest
I in Washington has just been awarded
by the Portland land office of the
United States forest service to the
Snow Creek Logging company, of
1 Seattle.
Ihe contract allows a three yei.3'
1 cutting period.   Time Is allowed, however, for    Improvements,    since    the
period  does not start until June.
The timber is located in the north-
1 eastern part of the Olympl-- peninsula,
ilt will be marketed in Seattle, The
! total value of the timber is $67,1.0,
iand 86 per cent, of this sum will be
returned by the government for local
juse in sebocl and road improvements.
Local  League Adopt Spaulding'a Official BoleB 1913-14���Two Changes
George's Father Puts    Up    Thousand
Plunkt fer Pool Reom���Mananer
Savage Awaits Worth.
So far no word has beep received
from (Ieorge Itochon as to whether Ile
will come out lo tbe coast and play
wltll the Hoyals. Manager Kd Sav
age is patiently waiting for a repl)
lo his olTer, but rumor has it that
Rochon started a pool room BltabllSh-
8hoe Wcrkers Strike.
Milwaukee, Wis.. Nov. lis.���Five
hundred boot and shoe workers of the
L'nited Shoe Workers' union struck at
n local shoe factory yesterday because
of a change in the piece-work BVsttem,
resulting iu a decrease in wages.
Arvid Krlander and J. It. Oldham, of
I.ynn. Mass.. officers of the United
Shoe Workers' union, arrived here today and have taken charge of the
workers' cause.
At ��� meting of the executive of the
City   Basketball   league   held   in   the
Y. M   C. A. on Monday night. Spauld-', ment   In  Swifth  Current,  financed  to
Ing'e   Official   Rules     1913-14,     were!"10 extenl *���' ',000  b>  Hi 'a,h*r "-���
adopted   by   the   league.     There   are
only   two  new   rules  for  this  season
Niagara Tails, Nov. 18.��� Rochester
SOCSer fans will be afforded n chance
to see a game lu the second round or
tho national soccer championship play-
cd In their own cily. The draw for
the second round has just been announced by the l". 3. A. K. A., and ths
Rochester MacNaughtona have the
luck of the drawing and wlll meet
Niagara Fulls Rangers In Rochester
at some date between now and December 1, probably November 18,
Thirty-two clubs were drawn In the
second round, the complete result being ss follows:
Southern New York district -New
York Celtics vs. Germans, at New
York; Hudson United va. St. Oeorge
Field club, at New York; Clan Mc-
Kenzio vb. Columbia Oval, st New
York; Brooklyn Rangers vs. Brooklyn P. C, at Brooklyn; Brooklyn Celtic vs. Hollywood Inn, of Yonkors. at
Brooklyn, .'nitons vs. Yonkern F. C,
at  Kulton.
New Jersey district-Babcock anu
Wilcox, of Bayonne, vs. Wat Bossing nt
Cayenne; West Hudson J. S. vs. Alley
Bovs. nt Harrison.
Northwestern New York district ���
Rochester MacNaughton Rangers va.
Niagara  Kails Rangers, ol  l-tochestei1.
Pennsylvania district���Braddock v*
Bethlehem, al ritisbuTg! Wlssinomln-.
vs. Peabody. at Philadelphia; Wes'
Philadelphia vs. Kensington, at Phlla
New Kngland district���Winners of
New Bedford vs. Holyoltc Parr Alpaca
(replav on protest) vs. Bridgeport
Detroit, district���Detroit Rosea vs.
Chlr-igo district McDuffs vb. I'vde
Park Blues; Campbell Rovers vs. Pull
All games to be plaveil on the
ground of the first named club.
.llifmv Oardner, last year manager ,City may possibly play several games
if the New Wesiminster hockey team. ,1. Kngland and the continent. Sounds
but now manager of tiie Canadiens. is about as natural ss thst of an Eng
Ecoutlng for players In Ontario. Now '���������> ),���������<������**������ ����������" i..iiHiib cunaita.
that Jimmy has fixed up matters with
George Kennedy he Is likely to mske
some splash In the Stanley cup race.
1.1I1 lacrosse team touring Canada.
linsiern fight critics are looking for
.'Inuuy Duffy, of l.ockport, N.Y., to
muke a stir In tho lightweight camp
1: the near future.   During the past
Harty Hyland and Art Ross have _,, ���,��� near future, miring tne paat
as yet failed to sign with Sammy 1,-ix months Duffy has been cleaning
Uchtenheln, of the Montreal Wand- ������ around the circuit and a trip to
_._.,--    Rnth nr.. nln vers of a calibre ,t,, coast this winter Is possible,
erers. Both are players of a calibre
ns to make it desirable for the Mont
real magnate to arrange terma
Mere are some things   that   won't
  b ,ppen ln hockty this winter:    Fred
Piddle Oatman pulled Into Vancou- -tt-ylor't name being kept out of the
ver yesterday, feeling fit and sound r,<.wspapers: Sam Uehtenhsln declln-
for a strenuous season. Oatman waa |,,K t_0 give out Interviews; Ernie
tbe star man on the Royal line-up last lohnson sitting on the sidelines as an
winter and states he is good for an ordinary spectator; Pat l_ake turning
even better one this coming winter. tVll wtth the professions! team.
He will probably move over his traps 	
to this city some time today. The puW1(, 8re bcglnnlBf to forget
the great characters wbo have failed
���o retsln reserved seats tn the front
row, where the limelight throws Its
starching rays, for example, what
has become of Mrs. Pankhurst or
Home Run Baker T But a t<** days
ago they bad ths stsge to themselves.
Today their names sound a bit un
Perhaps ths flrst Instance of where
an American newspaper covers tha
English soccer results together with
the stsndlngs of all four leagues Is
that found In ths Rochester, N.Y.,
Democrat and Chronicle. A strong
local and Intercity leaguo is nourish
The Arena Co., Ud., Is the latest
company to b�� organised In Seattle
with a view of establishing an Ice
rlnk in the Sound City. Frank Patrick,
who srrlved back from ths trip
through the Western States, made arrangements wtth Seattle monled men
to have a rlnk erected before next
winter, when It Is possible that Seattle
will be given a franchise In the Pad-
Oe Coast. Hotkey league.
lhe annual tale about a Canadian
hockey-team touring Europe1 has arrived from Toronto, to ths effect that
gh* Bt. Michael's team of the Quaen
which will affect the players In this
The fir. t one says that players jump-
Inp for the ball when tossed up by
'he refefed must face the basket into
which their players are throwing. The
MMSond reads that the ball must be
batt-ed not ra light when tossed up by
the referee, between two players.
The executive decided that this ser-
ind rule meant that if a player batted I couver.
the ball when thrown up. that the bal!
would have to be played by another
player before the first player could
touch It.
.the promise that Ueorge would forget!
Manager Savage will wait a few-
days more in the hope that Rochon
will change his view and failing this,
will work with Frank Patrick to w-
cure a defence player from thi
prairies or around lhe Oreat 1-akiH
Art Throop Is a possibility for tin
Westminster   team,    although   unti'
final   word   iF   received   from   Kochon
the Toronto boy  wlll be kept by Van
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster la coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Weatmlnater Trust Block.
Hockey League  Liable to Have Hard
Road Unlet-*; Clubs Pull Together.
The time has arrived when the
members of the different hockey clubs
comprising the local league must pull
together if the present schedule is to
be fought out this winter without nny
changes being  made.
Tho present financial stringency,
the arrangement with the Arena people and the consequent heavy drain
on the finance* of each club before
even a cent can be brought ln from
gate receipts, all of these'make It absolutely necessary for everybody to
pull together.
The Sapperton-Whlte Rock aggre*
gatlon dropped somewhere between
fit) nnd |40 on thetr dance held recently -ifhne the support accorded the
Moose on Thanksgiving night was
barely enough to pay even for the
hall. Such Instances are disheartening to the clubs and already there ts
some talk of one at least of the clubs
pulling up stakes which would disrupt the league to such an extent
thst thc schedule would probably have
to be rebuilt
Let everybody pull together for the
amateurs, lf New Westminster Is ever
to be placed on the map as far as an
Allan cup team le concerned, tbe time
to start matters Is right now. If all
the members of the four clubs would
pull together on the street and fight
out their battles on the Ice there would
be no necessity for such sn appeal.
Patricks Deny   They   Have   Released
Star Player to Canadiens���Mont.
real  Papers Say Yes.
Bowlsr( Will Organlss at Masting to
���s Held Next Monday���House
Montreal papers and hockey mag-
t.ntes are trying tbelr best to have
Newsy l_a!cndu remain in the easl
ibis winter and although they fear
the results of a raid by lhe Patricks,
should the commission Idea go by the
board, lhey are working so near the
limit that anything might happen
within the next few dsys should the
roast moguls nee things in a different
The Montreal Star, just to hand
conies out with a ribbon head 10 the
effect that l-Sionde haa been released
by the Patricks, but Interviewed ye��-
terdsy. Frank Patrick denied the
��� mor and states that the wily French
Canadian will bave to come to the
coast unless a deal ran be completed
whereby either Pltre or l_avlolette
can bo turned over to Vancouver for
cne season.
Hei e Is what the Star has to say on
the matter:
"Noway Lalonde, the well known
hoekevlst. over whom so much near
trouble has been caused through his
emphatic refusal to return to the
coaat this season, will remain ln
Montreal, and haa been given his release by Mr. Patrick.
"Newsy received a telegram from
Frank Patrick thla morning explaining
that tl wss understood at the coast
that l_alonde had wanted to return
tnere, but when It was learned that
he wanted to remain In the east
things were different and be (Frank
Patrick) had decided not to make matters disagreeable for him, and would
send him his official release st once.
"Tbls means that I blonds will be
a free agent. Aaked where he would
play, be replied.
"'Frank Patrick Is a gentleman. It
was very kind of him to give me my
relesse without any trouble. I hope
to play with Canadians.'"
"The Rancho"
Reserve your Seats.
On Monday night, November-24. a
meeting will be held at the Olub alleys
to form a commercial bowling, league.
All entries are to be In by Saturday,
November 22. The teams already entered are: Held A McDonald, C. A.
Welsh, A. 8. Mills, Onlbralth & Sons,
school teachers, Columbian Printing
house, Native 80ns aud the American
Can company.
Officers will be elected and a schedule drawn up on Monday.
Tonight two house league games
are scheduled. Marshall will meet
Walters and Burnett will meet Sloan.
On Friday night, November 21. s
tournament wlll be held ot all house
league teams. A cash prise of $16
Will bs divided among the two high
teams. Bowling wlll commence at 8
o'clook sharp, and all tho alleys will
be engaged for that night
On Monday night, November 14, *,
meeting of all tke house league captains wlll bs called (or 8 o'clock at
tbs Club alleys.
At tli e Theatres
Stunts galore, novelties. Innumerable, songs of every variety, musical
numbers of tlu liveliest kind, drama,
minstrels, the funniest kind of char
actera and laughable situations,
charming oostumes and many otbar
features that caa only be explained
and appreciated when seen, Will constitute tha avant reopening ths
opera bouse for the season of ltlt-14;
Tbls Important occasion will also
have added Interest when It Is considered that It la'to ba achlsved by a
large company ot New Westminster's
best local talent and aa a benefit for
the Royal Colwfclsn hospital, tomorrow and Friday ���vsalng.      .
"Tha QueeaoCBonbon Uad" Is tbo
name ot tha vsWcle whloh will transform ordlaaiOy reasonable private
cttlsens and donrers damsels Into
stars of the ��Mt varisty. Including
���any tbs* are ***** the world -rm..
Queries um **m.\mt in from every
direction oonooWlni tho   lady   who
Thursdayand Friday
Nov. 20 and 21
J. YV. Evans' Best Musical
The Queen
of Bonbon
Land  -
Extra largo oast of Nsw Westminster talent Ivory line aad
song a hit.
Prices: $1jW; 7*e In bask of
balcony; No la nailery.
Reserved scat plan at Ryall's
dnc store Tasoday, 11 sua.
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, 8ecretary-Treasarer.
Furniture Exchange
in 61 Sixth atreet for real bargains in all kinds ol furniture aad furnishings.    Picture Framing, Upholstering, Furniture Repairing, ett
Try us Ior Window Shades.
Royal Mercantile Co.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trast BMg.
am eomunoa osurn. is n.. tmstcurr.      at m sutTtmmaa,*stsm-aaaat\*m*\
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.,
On Your Trip Around The World
carry your funds in Travellers' Cheques, -baaed lr lbe DomiDioa
Bank. Afloat or ashore���al every pert of caS���oo all the side trips
���you can have these cheques cashed at their face value. Yoa pay
no foreign exchange. You don'l bave Ss be (dan-Wed by aay
person. You are safe from loss because you���and yam sl*** ran
cash these Travellers' Cheques. If they should ba last or stolen
they cannot be cashed by finder or thief.
These cheques are 'more than a i
positive necessity when you go abroad.
U1UMI.. -UU3.M.
Imm ta PtaMfNMb vwib,
mu.*/at*h  Pre4uaUM,  Thaory   t��
Our Interior Finish li manufactured fraat
ed for Flat Uralo.
We are also specializing in Fir Doors ****   *f<
which are better la construction, nor* beaaUM aa* ma mar* am-
peusive than the old solid raised paael doors.
Get our prices before placing your orders.
Local Soles DepartMent, Phone 8M.
���ir1" ���if
BOILERS Mvetcd Steel Ptoc��      TANKS
      BURN OIL    	
r. o. oox 4��
The Bank of VaflCMW
NCWOOWOO: VAN���UWON. **-        I    ' 1-
____M___-ft________k   TkMO_^___________ft   ^L*s%   &**M^^-t^  ^' *m*���\am*-^   ^_j_^_^_^A }
maW**mtW*e***~f    mm*~*Wff*~^t*~k   -WwsW   'TOS"l^  W' ^^^^^^^���������k' ^jf
ewdltsd halt yearly. ��� -~ '��� * w- wnw *���
___-f____f_____. ___________ YsMM-_________^___f  ________ml_______________ __x ___��� ^_^_^_. ___i____
IUy��l HHwr tt MMta wt
OottHN at MMl%  ���-��
__  um t** awtr ��
_"_______"*-�����> J
'-������." ''���'��� ...
.    T
;���'>-''���".������..    .
.idxWmwm.2 .     -   .-..      ��� ���
**��� ��� mm
���woe -ttm
Classified Advertising
���lassiukh  ads  wha  bs hk
Ceived tar Tue. News at tbe follow-
tng. plat"*: W. T. Hill's drug store,
��28 Coltunbia slreet; A. Splice,
���Qofcn.slior, *.' ��. l-ulu Island; Mrs.
BL l-ar-den. ilkphlauU l'ark; Mis. V.
t-ewia. Alia Vista.
# HATES. ���
********** ���������������������
tm*********<-**- ��*"* p*r word �����"
Aay: 4c per word per week; 16c per
���oi th; S.aeo words, to be used sa repaired wltt.ln oae year from date ot
eon tract. (26.00.
llungaiow, flve rooms and large
attic, cement basement with laundry tubs, panelled dining room,
beam ceilings, built in buffet, bonk
cupboards, fireplace, electrical fixtures,, on Ninth Btreet, between
Third and Fourth avenues, walking distance, inquire of Owner. 908
St. Andrews slreet. (-.17)
In-g by ihe day. Two or three days
a week. Apply Mrs. Clifford, General Delivery. (2437)
like the care of children some
hemrs each day. Muaical, elementary
lessons.   Address Mil office of thia
roomed limnr. -modern, fully furnished.   Apply P. O. Dox 300. (2412)
tnre iu Urge or Email <tuantitiea for
���pot caab. Will gt��e full value or
will MB your household goodB and
effects hy auction. Will guarantee
to re.ali-.e value or no commission
eharg-e.1. HL J. Hansen, Westminster
A net km House. King's botel block.
Columbia -street. (2334)
room, thorooghly modern house,
Nanaimo street, at Twelfth street
car lines. Phone 312, Eastman & Co..
201 Westminster TruBt building.
bouse, stable. ��o Fit! River road,
just eaat of Eraser Mills. Twenty
acrea of partially cleared land belonging to it. Peter Barth, Fraser
mills. (2429)
rooms, 420 St George street (2418)
to rent try an ad. in this column.
keepiog rooma. flO and $15 per
inonth at 224 Seventh street (2333)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought tor cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Ii-egbie street. New Westminster.
out, $160 an acre, adjoining blocks
$100 and $125, Soli good. Terms
one-quarter down. Curtis __ Dorgan.
New Westminster. 1.410)
Tacoma, Nov. 18.���Charging that although lhey signed on for the round
voyage between Portland and the Orient, they were, "thrown on the beach"
at Hongkong and thai the skipper then
shipped  a  Chinese  crew,  live    mem-
berg of the former crew of the (ierniiiii
steamship Kerd 0, Laelsz today libelled thai vessel In the Tacoma federal
[court for $803,   They accused tlie master of  "extereme  penurious    inclinations.    He sent them  back    steerage
; in   a   Japanese   steamship   mi   which
I they had  to live, It  is charged,  with
low caate Hindus.    Tliere was no hed
cloth Int,
I'or thi' physical hardship and humiliation of the trip back, each asks
; (600. The resi of the JS03 represents
wages claimed as due for the return
voyage for which they ware signed by
the (lerman vessel. The Peril C. 1-ae-
isr. is in port loading for the Orient.
erty through an ad. In this column.
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for cash.
Apply owner, Oeorge Warne, Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (2324)
Cornell Is Lucky.
Ithnca, N, y��� Nov. 18.���Formal announcement of a gift of more than $4,-
360,00 tn Cornell medical college of
New York City, has been made by
President Jacob Oould Schurman. It
is understood that the donor Is Col.
Oliver II. Payne of N'ew York city.
This is the largest gift that has ever
been  made to Cornell  university.
TOR SALE���$1.HO DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square, i__.15>
ply box 'ii'.'.-i this office. (243S)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 3116 Hastings streot west. Van
couver, B.C. i__3_)
Noilce is hereby given that I intend j
to  apply   at   the  next  sitting  of  the
Board  of  License  Commissioners  for
the City of New  Westminster for    a
bottle license and a wholesale license j
for the sale of liquors in and upon |
the premises situated upon Lot 9, cf l
City Block 24, in the said City cf New |
Westminster, B.C.
Dated this 10th day of November, 1913
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply at  the next    sitting    of thej
Licensing Board for the City cf New ;
Westminster lor a renewal of license
to -sen liquor? by retail on the prem-1
ises known  as  the Royal  City  Hotel.;
situated at corner of Customs House
Square and Columbia Street, in ' the
said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster. Nov. 8, 1913.
Pionew Bowks on "BSC tmd California Iiv
���a pioneer. Oanadbm Cmp Life, 2nd ofli-
��1on : Amn-ar llie -t-imtrXh-H nf B. C.: Tn the
Vl-nhles-a Went: Mick, -or Pienwr -Women
ami! Rn.i_ The net* ��f five far WOO or
*S*ic. per enpy till ften. I 1th. AVMre-w !'\
>:. HerrlnK. Ill" Vlamllton flt, New
'VVe'urtnin'st'.r. R.-G- tse Hny xrt -the h-n-ok
���stores.    Tn   l i  �� it* the tmtxe. <I3*S*��
From Vao-co-uver tor Victoria.
10 :<U1 a-m Daily
2.00 p.m Dally
11:45   pas Oaily
From Vsauutvarfo** Seattle.
30:0(1 a.rn Daily
11:00 a_n�� Daily
From   \zsctntne- tor f-4afiat.no.
?:W��  pm Daily
M.tnair: j. Union Bay and Comox.
���J:(1(1 a.in Wed-ue-aday and Friday
Vancouver, Unt-ati ELzy, Powell River.
It:45 a.m K��eTy  Saturday
For Prince R,_y_-rt and Alaska.
11:00 pm Kvery Sal urday
Prince Rupert. Crjnby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11 ltd pm   Wednesdays
Foe Gulf Ititmrl Points.
7.(HI in. Ta_____-flB for Victoria.    Call
Int at points _ffi tlie (lulf Islands.
KI)   OOQMWe Aaent. Nu* Weabalratar.
H.  W   flltnntlE. a. P.  A_ Vanonnmr
Tel��p-ion��a: Offlc* S3, Reeldence At*.
JOHN RJVi.i. Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'   Gasoline
KaKinro,   Marine   E'-ugiuas aod   Auto-
moblI��- -tefalra.
Office sit*  Wutit*:  Tenth 8*.
#���.0. B-mr STS.   Nc* Weatmlnater. B.C.
NOTOCfil IS lir-ltV-RY aiVEN that I interna at the next meeting of the Board
of I.leenfle Cemmisstonera to apply for a
ti"iM*H*fer from my��,*lf. Charles Schwahn,
to Jntwi K. Mn-Ki'ii-I** and Bruce l.nop. of
the re-uii! liquor license of the Colonial
"hotel rn ttiis fin-
iiisil Applleaht
Item WeM minuter. n.C..  Nov.  6th,  1913
Be tbe Sontbenst Qaarter of Section
2a, Toam-ibip 8, in the District   ol
New Weatmtna-c-r.
Whereas proof of the tons of (Ier
Ciflcate  at Titttr.   Vvn'.-er   Hit if,   Is
��ued in the name orf lamea C. Korloni;
and Ctaliea Btaamol liati boon filed ia
tbla oHloe.
Notice ia fceraby t*--**'i thai I eiiaie.
at (he ex pi ral loo of one inonth :,���,:.,,
the date of tk* tkl-St ���publlcaliiiii hereof, in a daily a��Mf p��blUiU��1 in
-.he City ot New Weatminater, Uaue
,. indicate of the aaM certMleate, nn
leee In tfce mcanttaae valid ejection
In mxtlc tn ����� im writing.
nistricf R_-ciaUaraf Titlea.
..unit tlraiatry Olfloe;
New ���,..,: 'iM.'.-ii'-v. BC, OttO-Mr 18,
Ull. tOJUlii)
���GrooV Gets  Over $4,000   Before  Victims Wake Up and Investigate
Hit Papers.
Toronlo, Nov. 18.- When Cecil Irwin
was plaenl nniler arrest in the offices
of Uie Trusts and Guarantee company
the othi-r afternoon, wbat is believed
to l>e one of lhe cleverest swindles
which baa ever been perpetrated In
Toronlo wa3 brought to light, 'Dy the
work of Irwin the Trusts and Guarantee company within the last few weeks
has It*.-, nearly }.r>,U(i0.
Recently Irwin's mother died and
lert him :i '.'nail legacy, whieh he
iiuic.klj gpent Bhortly after her death
he start,*,i a small business In the Dl-
neen traflcUng, Belling stationery Btip-
plie-H to down town offices,
Eogur.   Will,
ll is ;ille*_,il ihat recently he drew
up a bogus will in which lie and his
father were named as executors.    Under the tiniis nf lhis will he was ben-
etleiary to the extent of $ir,.(i(iii in
the Shape of real estate throughout
the city, Irwin then drew up an affidavit, it is claimed, by which his father withdrew his powers as executor,
leaving Irwin with the power to administer tlie estate. With these documents he went io the trust company
and explained to them that owing to
the fact thai In* was not conversant
with business methods lie would like
(hem to handle the estate fnr hlm.
After viewing tin* documents that
Irwin presented to ihem they accepted the administration of the estate.
Shortly alter !h,'y had done so    Irwin
asked if he could obtain $3,000, as lie
was badly in need of funds The trust
company acceded to liis request   A
few duys afterward he again asked fori
money,   obtaining   tn'in.     When   this
hml tiu*n spent he returned to the of- I
floe of the compuny and wati able to1
(Main 11.000.
Irwin's requests for money had been
too frequent, and the trust company
became suspicious.    They    examined
the   affidavit   and     "lit   employees   1��;
Inn    rtlfifrent    1   uses    which     Irwin '
claimed his mother owned. They then
learned that they had been swindled,
A warrant was asked for Irwin's ar-
rust, and when Ma answered a call to
the company's office Saturday afternoon tiie police were waiting for him,
Irwin wuh released on $5,000 furnished by his father. It Is said that he
admitted lu the police when placed
under arrest thai both will and uffl-
davit had been forged.
West ls Pull of Stories of Brave
A liripht youpa woman in the newer
pnrt of 13ritish Columbia is the heroine
of n bear story that is quite true. Bhe
is a farmer'h daughter, and one uf her
daily duties is to milk the cows. Ons
evening not long figo she was so en-
gaped when a bear suddenly came out
of the bush a few feet nwny from her.
Tho bucket was partly lllled with rich
Jersey'milk, but the girl left it on the
ground and beat a hasty retreat, which
wns precisely what Bruin wanted. With
much relish he emptied the bucket, and
then ambled away.
The next evening the milkmaid was
hotter prepared, and when she went
to tho pasture she carried the bucket
in one hand nud in the other a shotgun, which she leaned ngninst a tree;
this because she looked for a return
visit of the milk-loving bear. She
was not disappointed. The pail was
marly filled this time when Bruin
appeared, coining toward her in a
very evident hurry. The girl repeated
her flight of the evening before, and
the bear again mnde up to thc bucket.
When his head wus comfortably into
tho milk, the gun, loaded with number
���ix shot, was very precisely aimed,
snd a second or two later Bruin lay
The point of this story is that the
women who live in thc frontier country have need of keeping their wits
about them. And, as a matter of fact,
most of them do. Many talcs are told
of the bravery, fortitude, and remarkable endurance of woman settlers in the remote places nf the West
and North, some oi whom have also
proved themselves the possessors of
exceptional ability and business keenness.
Thus thero is an honor roll nf at least
a half-dozen women in Alaska wkc
played the part of mining prospector
so well that they made good stakes and
won fame and fortune. They were, in,
the theory nnd practice of placer min-1
ing as any man in the North, and
proved it by results. It ia told of one
of these venturesome six that nncc, to
save her husband's bank at Nome from
failure, she traveled three hundred
miles in midwinter, alone and by dog
team, carrying a sulistnntinl clean up
of gold nuggets from her own holdings.
By day and night, through snow and
buzzard] she kept to the trnil, and:
reached Nome, with her golden relief,'.
just in time to avert the threaten,',1 dis .
Another   woman,   not  a  gold hunter.
mushed   1,460  miles  from   Kampart  u
Whitchoise, in the Yukon.    She did  it;
alone, too, and in the dead of a deadly
winter.     With   her   train   of   dogs   she*
made an average of twenty-five miles a
day. and  on  one or  two days covered ,
Uyrtv live miles.    That is good travel-
rag on tin* winter trail, even f>*r n man,
iiii,1 especially good for u wuman when j
for the greater part of the way she ran.:
not rode, holding only by her hands to
thc bars of the dog-sleigh.    For en some'
days it  was too cold to ride; fifty and
sixty   and   seventy   below   zero,   which;
means that one must keep moving.
Just like a man. this woman musber
rode and tramped, sometimes breaking
a   wav   ahead   for   the  dogs   when   she
zero fog   was   too   dense   for   them   to
.-,���-*.   .iust like a man, too, when out of j
reach  of   tin,   road   houses,   she   made j
camp   a-   night time   beside   the   trail.]
and slept   the deep warm  sleep ef tlie
outdoor r-Iorth.   A hole in the snow i",
a  bed,  a few  fir  branches  for  a  ivit
ir,*-s.   and   ber   Arctic   dog-robea    foi
bedspreads,   she   luy   herself  down   ti
sleep, alone; and at grey dawn she wai
Up    iii,I   ,-u   again.     N'Ot   mnny    women
could have d< nc ii, but tins unman did
it,  and  suffered   nothing    re  BOrioul
than the   Loss  ,,f  a few pounda weight
in her two months mi the winter trail.
strung,'  hnnnvinoon  tr)p<  sometimei
fall to ih,, |,,t i.f  northern i,ri,ii*s.    a
newly-wedded   couplo   nt     Whitohnrse
wished  t,, go in   Dawson, their bome
lobe.      Hut  they  were  too  late  iii   it,,
season   to   catch   th,'   last   Bteamer   up
tho Yukon, nnd for a month they wall
cl   in    Whitchoise     When   thi'    first
snow came they set   out   for bome by
the overland  route.     A   Strange bridal
outfit   it  wns;  -logs, and  grub box, and
a   sled   big   enough   for   two;    and   nn
arduous bridal tour ahead of them, via
the winter Yukon trail.    Hut  they lind
a good time    The weather was not too !
sharp,   thc   gmng   was   good,   nnd   the I
numerous road  bouses along the Daw-
tr.-.   train    m#de   convenient   stopping
places.     When  they   reached   Dawaoti I
lhey declured   that   they had not   Hnd
a   dull   moment   or   un   uncomfortable '
experience, and   thnt  dog-sled  wedding j
trips in the North were good.
Wee nre snld tiy some to have hnd
tbelr origin In oerult sources, but more
reasonably Uny ure ascribed to I'ssl-
modes nf Greece, B C. I'.'44. Tllosn j
exhumed at Thebes lire identical Willi
those used today, ami Hit- gurues piiiy-
>d with tbem ure llie simplest umi
most widely kuov.u gullies ot cbUUt'tt
In ihu wurld.
; Curious Methods of faring For Spanish  Fighting  Bui's-
Whatever one's views ma: " ln
j regard to bull fighting there Is one
feature of the national sport of
Spain wblch is particularly Interesting to the visitor and sightseer.
, The bulls for the arena nro usually
kept in large paddocks, wild and unfettered, for, as Sir Albert Kolllt.
who has visited ono of these paddocks near Seville, says, "The a -
nulls know nothing of ropes or chains
during lifetime."
It ls a dangerous business, how-
' ever, entering these paddocks. Sir
Albert stood some fifty paces from
] tho bullB and In hiB Interesting let-
5 tr r describing the scene, published In
l Country Life, says, "We entered with
' our lives In our hands."
The  bulls,   howciver,  nro  kept   In
j order   by   a  cordon   of   tame   oxen,
i wblch, lf a bull attempts to escape, at
! once   prevents   lt   doing   so,   acting
skillfully and effectively as a species
: of bovine police.    "The night before
1 the spectacle In the bull ring at Seville," to quote Sir Albert, "the bulls
are  driven,  still quite at  large,  by
picadors along the boulevards. Inter-
; mixed with the oxen and  restrained
! only by them.  On my asking If there
: must not he danger to the puMlo using the boulevard, the reply was that
' occuflonally a bull might 1 .de in the
: bashes of the central gar lens and fall
foul of a workman In the morning,
: but such  Incidents did not  seem  to
i be regarded as mntterR of much Importance compared with the popular-
1 Itr of the national amusement.     At
times   mauy  of   the   aristocracy   and
others of both  sexes ride on  horseback In advance of the bulls, which
ls regarded as fine, hut  rather dangerous sport.
"When at or noar midnight the
bulls thus enter the bull ring, the
scene is one of great turmoil, noise
. and excitement. In rush the driven
animals, bulls and oxen, belter skelter, a motley crowd of men and
beasts, a veritable pandemonium. The
last scene is most interesting of all.
Stables with open doors encompass
the arena, ln front of each of which
is a sliding door and ;.: ths back a
lighted lantern. These lanterns the
bull makes for one af!>*r another,
s:"*iKlilng then and extinguishing the
lights, and as each light is observed
bv an attendant to !"��� put out, he
slips down the door of the stable and
the bull ls thus encaged and ready
for the Spanish holiday of the morrow. Successively the lU'ht dis-
rppear. and when all am out and the
doors of the stables closed the police
oxen are driven out of tlie bull rine
to return to their more peaceful pad-
doc'-s and to render similar service
to other bulls and other devotees of
! the bull ring."
Best Tea At lis Best
THIEVfcS CAU6HTI "sai-ADA" TEA is alway* the same, no matter
Grey    Bearded   Robber   Waa Leading
Double Life���Exciting Ruse
to Get Him.
when or where you buy it
CTiloroform and stains.
Paint,   grease nr other stains can
be removed from colored garment or
from   materials  the colors  of  whicli
are not fast by   he use nf chemically
1 pure chloroform.    Take ihe garment
Into the open air and lay  it upon a
: flat   surface   with   a   piece   of   clem
I white  blotting   paper   or   absorbent
cloth under the spot.   Then  pour on
: a  few  drops of the  chloroform  and
: pass through the stain.     Do rot ruh
| hard  and  be sure the chloroform  Is
chemically pure.    The spot will come
out  readily  and    without    Injury  tr
Hbrie or color.    This treatment ban
proved    efficacious    where    gasoline
benzine, naphtha and other cleaner;
bave entirely failed.
I'aris, Nov. S. A man alleged to be
"the king of hotel thieves" was arrested In I'aris.
| Tho man-grey bearded, of excellent appearance, fifty-two years of
age. and named Urhaln Thaust Is
stated to have been sought for continuously by the police since June,
1891, Kor the greater part of that
time lie has been living In a well furnished villa at Hois Colombes. a suburb of I'aris, with his wife and four
children, who believed that their father was a jewel broker In the cily.
His earnings as an hotel thief are ul-
leged to have reached between $6,01:0
and  $7,50(1 a year.
In June last the police had reason to
believe that lhe suburban jewel broker   was  a  French   "Raffles"  wauled
���by tho police of nearly every country
In Kurope for robberies of extraordinary during and skill, but It was only-
oil Sunday night that they were able
to arrest him With evidence of liis
thefts    upon hlm.
Detectives Under Bed.
The story of his capture is mors ax-
citing that ninny detective romances.
Thaust, wearing the ribbon of a decoration and carrying a small valise, arrived on Sunday nighl at a large hotel
near the Gare du Nord, He gave his
name as "It;,lie. Jewel merchant, of
Lugano." Pour detectives, win, had
becn able to kerp track' of hlm. engaged two rooms, one on each side of
his. at tin- hotel, There were two detectives In each room. One of them
got into bed to impersonate the sl,, fling occupant, while the other hid i:-i
derneath the bed) ready to spring oul
and capture the thief should he enter,
About two o'clock in llm morning a
noise was heard outside t le door of
one of the detectives' rooms, and the
officer in tnd began to snnm loudly.
Soon the door was gently tried and a
tiny ray of llghl was seen through the
key hole. A noise outside must have
scared the thief, for no more was
heard at the door for half an hour.
Then there was a [craping of tools
In the lock, and the door was slowly
being pushed open when the hotel bell
In the hall rane, announcing th" late
i arrival of a visitor, and without a
j sound the door closed and the thief
S.itisfH d with their night's watch,
however, the detective, seized the man
as lie was leaving thc hotel to catch
an alleged early train a; r> a. m. In
his bag they found a complete sei uf
lock-picking tools and J">" in notes stolen from another room. There was also
a black silk handkerchief, with which,
:l is stated, Thaust was accustomed
to  cover  up his  white  beard
.Mine. Thaust, leading a comfortable
life in her suburban home, professed
horror at the allegation that ber husband Is a notorious thief. "My hus-
bind told me." sh" aaid. "that when
he was out at nlgbt. he had business
with a fruit broker at the market "
ia tha choicest tea -green, black or mixed���from the finest tea*
growing country in the world���Ceylon, with its exquisite flavor
and freshness protected by the sealed lead packages. im
Millions More Bushels;
Millions Less Money
Washington, Nov. 18.-Although the
'wheat farmers of the United Btate I
raised 23,000,000 bushels of wheat more
this year than they did a yenr ago,
their wheat crop is worth $32,000,000
less, according to tho crop reporting
board, of tlie bureau of statistics of
the United States department of agrl
The figures prepared by experts
i-rhow- this condition in spit" of lite
| fact tiiat tiie wheat this year weighs
out three-tenths of a pound to the
bushel heavier than tt year ago and
more than halt a pound better than
ithe ten years' average.
This   condition   exists,   too.   in   spi,"
iof the fact Hun the yield per sere te i
off from  15.9 bushels In  HH: to 15.2
: in 191:1. because there were so many
acres --own to wheat that were struck
by Uie drouth.
Southern   Wheat   Higher.
This condition, also, cannot be attributed io the fact that the Increasi
iii tho wheat crop was in th,- winter
wheat staie... offsetting Hi" decrease
jin the spring wheat males, for tlie
rea on thai the southern wheat is sell
iu  ghlgher  in  the mark, t   today   than
the standard grade ,,! northern grown
, wheat.
Tin* figures of these experts show
���that the 191! wheat crop of the United
States, estimated at 753,233,000 bushels, was worth November 1 77 cents
8 bushel, or about $630,000,000, while
the crop of 1912, i,rily 780,267,000 bushels, was worth Noviinlii r 1 of that
year 83,8 i cuts a bushel, or about
Charge Slump to Tariff.
Critics of th" tU'v.   tariff  law  flatlj
charge the  slump in wheat  prices,  ii,
!iiie face of existing conditions, tu ihe
new   tariff   law.   espeeialy   tn   view   of
the added fact that immense decreases
'in the corn and OatS crops forbid th"
inference tliat corn meal and oat meal
depressed wheat prices, and at lie-
same I ini". the prices of corn ami oats
did not respond to lhe crop shoring"
to anything like the extent that wheat
j vtor affected.
The other crops follow:
Corn,     '.'.ill-017,000       bushels,      as
; against  3.184,743,000 In 1912; a   yield
Iper acre this year of 83  bushels    as
! against   'i<).'i  In  1912  and   nn  average
for  the  last ten  years or 27  bush-Is
The price, however, November  1  this
! year wa* 70.7 cents, as compared wilh
F,S.4 cents a year ago. bo that the estimated value of the 19in crop Is only
slightly less,   $1,741,868,019 as against
Oata Production Decreased.
Oats.       1,122,189,000    bushels,    as
against   1,418,337,000   a   year   age.     a
yield per acre for 19111 of 29.3 bustiers
as against 87.4 In  1918.    In this case,
too. a compensating Increase in price
from 83.6 cents to B7.8 cents offset
part of the decreased production so
that the crop of this year is estimated
ai $425,290,881, as oompared with
$472,779,000 a year ago.
Wheal, -I'i'i.'i'i.'i,, onu bushels, as
against 730.267,000 bushels a year ago
and this in spite of a decroSSS ;:i the
I yield per acre from IS 9 to 15.2 husli-
,els, because the vast acreage where
the ir*,p was almost a complete fall-
' ure.
Although barii'v decreased from 188.-
824,000 hushels In 1912 to 17^.-��l.ooa
bushels In 1918, or about, lid per cent.
th" pric of barley advanced from
Nov. 1, 1912, to Nov 1. 191:',. less than
a cent a bushel, or from 58.1 to fit 7
The rye crop fell off. according to
���I,,- department exnerta, tfrom :if>,t',,',4.-
000 bm lii-ls to 84,789,000 hushels, but
tho price. Instead of remaining stn-
Llonary or rising, fell off mor" than
��� ��� cents a bushel, from 6S.V  to f.S 2.
Potatoes alone of the lariter crops
of tb" country show an Increase ln
their total value In money, for while
the crop fell off nearly one-fonrth, or
from 420,647,000 bushels to 328.650,000
bu in is. the price Increased more (han
one-bait, or from 46.5 cents to 09 6
cents a bushel.
On   Inspecting  Tour.
Seattle, Nov is William M Har-
nuin of Near York, president of the
I'acific Coast company. l"f! Seattle
loday ror Portland and California
points after an inspection tour over
company holdings in the northwest
that has taken hlm to all the mining
properties In King and Pierre counties, given him a new Insight Into local terminal properties and offered
him an opportunity to go over rail and
steamship lines.
Tlie Sun From a Kallonn.
At the height of two miles the sun
nhines with a fierce Intensity un
known below, where the dust and th<
denser air seatteru the rays, which
thus diffused, lose their intennitj
while illumining every nook and cor
ner of our bouses. At heights exceed
Ing five miles this diffused light It
mostly gone, and the sur, shines i
glowing hall, sharply outlined In ;
sky oi which the blue la so dirk al
to approach blackness. At ilu* outci
limits of the atmosphere the sur
would appear a brilliant, star of mis
give size among other stars, and I'
om stepped from Its burning rayi
into shadow he would enter Egyptlat
Watering the (.anion.
If lh" garden needs water badl)
(f,".v regularly cultivated ones do) d(
not sprinkle the surface, as this ger,
i rally does more harm than good
Take a hoe and open a trench along
side each row or around each hill ol
planus, pour water therein, and whei
It has soaked away fill up the tr-mh
es with dry boII. An ordinary sprlnU
ling of lhe siiifare does nol read
the roois, and the sun soon evapor
at"s lhe water, bakes a cmsl on thi
soil, and l,he carden consequently li
In worse condition than bl fore. If y  i
u ��� ,** i" le ,' i u ttoroughly In tb<
evening aid ,*ul ivat. the soil tin
he ���-���     '��� ,,r:ung.
Steer 1 ',r n Goal.
Ar"  j j'.i    jus'    drlfilt g   along,   o '
hav,* you ;. real ambition?   The mat
wlm works bi cause he iriust, wllh ml
higtn-r purpose ihan to live from da!
to   day,   la   little   better  than   a   ma
chine     Work   for  something   heyotu
your  work.  If   It's   only    to  build  i
chicken coop oj own your own homi
and  you  have  become  a  human   be
Ing.    The  world   has  plenty  of  ma
chines.     They   all   go  to   the  scran
Sizing  l p Hie sit mil ion.
"So seh was untrue to the man sh
wan engaged to?"
"Yes. Yi i see, he drinks, smoki
and  rambles."
"Oh, I see. She was too good to te
A Gentle Hint.
"Life at best Is bul a gloomy pri
on," snld the moralizing bachelor.
"So much the worse for men win
deliberately choose solitary confine
ment," remarked the girl who ha,
her trap sot.
The Vote That Counted.
"And what was your family's der.l
"Practically unanimous In my fnv
or," answered tbe young lawyer
"mother voting aye and father dls
Unlike Most.
Wayne���Chesty (a about ono of tho
oddest men I ever saw. I'nyiie��� il,,w
BO7 Wayne���Why, when a fellow borrows n quarter nud doesn't pay It buck
Chesty dually admits thut it Is ilia
(pinner bo cures nbout nnd not tbo
atrtnclols of tbo thing.���Exchange.
Wants $500000 to Fight Hog Cholera.
Washington, Nov. 1-8.���Senator Pom-
crone today introduced a bill to appropriate $500,000 for combating bog
cholera. Ho declared that the loss
rrom that disease th!.. year would ag
gregste $.0,000,000.
No other paper, or combination
of papers, can reach readers of
It is in a class by itself, has a
field all its own, and is read because it is a live newspaper.
Use the only morning paper in
New Westminster and the Fraser Valley for your business announcements.
The Paper that Brings Results 4V-
-",,    if
_   '
i   *
**-*���������* - '    '
Ellis Ber-ilns Hi* Duties.
Olymiila, Nov. IS.���Everett C. Ellis,
of Seattle, has begun  hi.-; duties   as,
assistant attorney general to succeed!
J. T. S.  Lyle,  ���.���.ho resigned to enter]
lbs jirlvatc practice of law In Tacoma.
It Has Tsken 108 Years to Learn How
Ncleon  Went  Into  FamoJB
The admiralty have Issued a report
of a comiiillteu appointed In Aprll,
11112, "for (he purpose of thoroughly
examining and coimldering the whole
of the evidence relating tot he taetles
employed by Nelson at the battle of
Trafalgar." The coininlttee consisted
of Admiral Sir Reginald distance,and
Dr. ll. c. Firth, regiua professor of
modern history at Oxford, with W. II.
l'errln.    tho   admiralty    librarian,   as
The Times, oommsnOng on this re
port, remarks: "It wlll probably sur
���prise many readers to learn that the
problem or how Trafalgar was fought
lias SO 'ar remained unsolved, sud
that we have had to wait. 108 years
for its filial and authoritative solution.
Trafalgar was the only battle In onr
natal history of which the platl of attack was long and patiently pondered
lieforeliand. was first orally explained
by hlm to his flag officers and captains, and then reduced to writing and
���elreulnted to them several days before
the battle. After that it w;ib discuss
nd, oonoarted, snd settled with Colllngwood, Ills second In command,
from day to day. Vet strange to nay,
from the v,-ry morrow of the battle
opinions differed among those who
took part In It an to whether this famous plan this Kelson) Touch,
'which.' aB Nelson wrote to Lady Ham
llton, 'we say Is warranted never to
fail'--was acted upon or not. Within
a very few years the idea became fix
ed In tbe service, and was never challenged until lhe close of the lasl century, that tin- whole plan was discarded at the last moment in favor of one
which no one baa ever [iroiiouneeil was
a better plan, and In which few have
been abb- to discern any trace of that
tactical genius which was Nelson's unrivalled gift. Nuw. if this were really the eaae, it would Involve lhe total I
negation of ail tactical principle and
point to the sheer futility of all tactical study. ThiB ia no mere academic
consideration. Naval officers, Ini-!
tnersed In praotlcal concerns, are far
too prone to say; Why should he both-
i ��� sbout tactics and lhelr Btudy? Nelson prepared an elaborate plan uf attack, and every one knows be never
teted upon It, hut went at the enemy
anyhow Why one of his own ofllcers
said, 'We went dowu In no order, but
each man to take his bird.' Tactics
are a mere fad of the schools ' lf such
a spirit were to prevail In the sea ser ,
rire WS Sbould regard lt as a national
oalamlty.   Yet nothing would be mora
likely to encourage it than tbe eontln-
Itance of a belief that  It  was llie splr-'���
It  which won    Trafalgar    The P'lKiri
Ot tho oommlttee has.  we trust, now I
destroyed such a belief fur evermore.
"No o:n-  would  blame  Nelson  If he
changed  his tactics, even nt the last
mom, nt,   Inr reasons which seemed to
hlm good.    ll�� must havo had such
<   utlngency   iu   his   mind     when    he
epoke In a leiter to Colllngwood about
'tho very  uncertain  position the ene
my may be found In.' llut every one
would blame Nelson if he changed his
plan, even for the best of reasons,
without notifying the change to Ills
subordinates iie waa a commander
who lived, moved and had his being In
an Intimate concord with those who
served under hlm. '1 had the happiness
to command a band of brothers,' he
aald of the captains who foughi under
hlm at the Nile. He was the hist man
In the world to leacMiis oajjUlns Into
artlon in defiance o? his own written
Instructions and to leave them iu ig
norance of hla change of Intention.
Yet there Is no single signal among all
those recorded on October 21 which
gives llle slightest Inkling of any aueh
change On the contrary, we have
ColllngWOOd's explicit statement in his
official dispatch written the dsy after
the battle: 'Ab the mode of our attack
bad been previously determined on
and communicated to the flag officers and captains, few slgnala wore
necessary, and none were made except to direct close order us tbe line
bore down.' Surely theso words are
decisive, llut, inasmuch as lhelr purport has becn disputed and their plain
significance was Ignored for nearly a
century, we cannot but rejoice that
the exhaustive Inquiries of the committee have vindicated their accuracy
once for all and established the fact
beyond dispute tbat the plan of attack
of October 9 was carried out on October 21 In all essential respects."
Montreal, Nov. 18.-Flrmln Jasmin,
farmer ot St. Laurent, appeared before Judge Lafontaln ln tbe police
court today on a charge of having allowed the tails of his cows to be cut
off wltb sn axe. *    *������. i '
The action was brought by thc officials of the Society tor the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, represented by Charles O. Ogden of Surveyor,
Ogden ft Marlottl.
It was claimed by tbe prosecution
that the operatlona were performed
on October 30 and that tbo oowa were
loft In the field all day.
Mr. Jasmin admitted that the tails
had been docked, bat claimed It waa
for sanitary reasons. He said that
alnce there was a general demand for
pure milk It was a common precautionary operation among th efarmera
and milk men of St Laurent.
Mr. Ogden, tor ttie prosecution,
claimed that the cutting of cows tails
waa a cruel and unnecessary measure.
He said he did not seek to have the
aocusetl fined heavily, but tbe S. P.
C. A. wanted a legal decision on the
case for future guidance.
Judge Lafontalne said he would
take the case under advisement and
would give Judgment ln a few days.
Indoor Military Training.
Vancouver. Waah., Nov. 18.���Indoor
military training commenced at Fort
1-awton and Vancouver barracks this
week and will continue unUI Ute in
April of next year. Col. R. H. Wilson,
commandant, Is ln charge of the port
schools for the Instruction of officers
aad enlisted men at Fort i*wton and
the studies will be oontinued throiwh-
odt tbe winter montha when weather
conditions will ut*' permit of field
il Pendleton's
!! !!
j| Lucky Dollar jj
And How It Found
Him e. Wife
Hob   Pendleton  saw   It  gleaming  In !
the dust of llie roatl nml stooped to j
pick It up.   It was it kiiiuII round gold
dollar of the year IS.VJ. nml there wns
a tiny bole bored through It near tile
"Mine for luck." said Dob to blmself ;
as  lit- (licked ll away  lu a corner of;
his card-sane.   "Wonder wheu It be-
At   tbnt   moment   s   motorcar  camel
swiftly around the bend of the road.
Slid Hob having unheeded the Warning
blqat of Its siren was unceremoniously i
burled to one side as (he machine tore
on its way.
It   wns o   matter of a   broken  nrm
snd many bruises, nuil so Mr. IViidle ;
ton. oil'.-ing Uls 111 luck, wns borne to
the nearest bOSpltfll nml placed under
tbe cure of nn extremely pretty nurse
"Iiii glad lbat I  hnve Do Inclination I
in siii-|i  in  the daytime,"  snld  Bob
one   day   to   Miss   Kurulss.   the   day ;
������win-." she naked absently.
"||   would   be sui li  ii   waste of time:
wbeu   I  might  i,e -  he paused sud
blushed      lie  bad   been  about  tu add
'Two months sro," she ssld. glnne-
Ing   lit   her   wuteh   and   rising.     "Ob. ; 	
Mr.   I'chd lei on,   I   iiiii   a f rn id   I   have   Russian Women Demand Ihliu alional
given you u dreary half huurl You wlll       Freedom and Are ��S inning Out.
forgive uie?"  , |f ,,v,.r Alexander II. of Russia met
"I will If you will promise lo let me   on bis walks a girl student In spec-
help   you   out   of   yonr   trouble,''   said   lades and llarlbal' Ian cap he began
to tremble, thinking that sbe must be
a Nihilist, bent on killing hlm. His
hatred of women who endeavored io
obtain higher education to flt them-
lelvces for the service of the masscB
would have been ludicrous If It had
not been -such a furious thing for the
women themselves.
And yet even the prejudice of kings
tould do no more than temporarily
Bhock the feminine march to educational freedom. Itecent cveirtB show
that woman's part In public life has
Hob gravely. "Tell lne wbat It was
Mrs. Wiiiiuii lost uud where she lost
It. I'm sometblug of nn nma(eiir detective.   Perhaps I cun help."
"Vou are very good," sbe snld. with
a tender Iilile voile Unit brought Ills
beart to his throat. "We were driving
on the Merrlviili- rond when she snld
-ibu bud lost Ihe elini'in frum her long
gold natch chain. She valued tbe
charm because It hud been given to
ber by ber husband, who was dead."
"And the charm-Wbnt was ItV*
grown to the proportions of a mass
movement with the awakening of hu- ;
"Oh. Just u little gold dollar of the   man conscience,   and   tbat    Itussian
year ISiii.   Her Initials were engraved   Women are actually making as much i
on  one  side.     Now.   Monsieur  Oetec-   progress aa the women of other Eu- I
tlve. wbat are you going to do nlmut  ropean countries.   The University _f |
Uf  She smiled mischievously dowu at ,'.��,'"Hl< has "*Hl on'"' tBe Mln]*IeI of
,,[���,    i, .   ,, ,     .   ... Education to enable women of S ber- i
Dim,   ber   dnliity   cup   poised    ike   a ,      . ,_.��� .��� ,     .    , ,, , ,
, J: ., .        '    ' ,   , Ian birth to graduate In medicine and
white uiolh on her sunny brown hnlr an  |mp()rlanl congress In St. Peters- |
Hub Pendleton's brown eyes flushed i,UITi proilded over by the ex-Mlnls-
In ii rare smile. ter   of    Education,    and    comprising j
"I'm going to find li and restore It 1,000 delegates, bas BUggested many |
to tbe owner." he said briskly.   "After reforms that wlll render the path of
Hint vou  will give me news of what women'u education less thorny.
t,    l���    .,  I..,...,.... 1    ..m. ...   .
She blushed and nodded.
"ibey ure sure to come to you at
once." snid Hob.
"Oh. you think so?" she asked, with
a qnlck catch of (he brealh
It Ib a psychological effect of tbe
recognition of woman'B advance that
they have spontaneously developed
: amazing ability, courage and organizing power. The fact that there
are now about a thouaand Itussian
women practicing as doctors is Bufli-
IIow could thev help It?" be asked   Plent Justlllcation for their advent In-
nnd turned away 'bis bead so that she :t0 <����* V-'-'^O-).
���,,.     ,        .,,,., "he question of admitt ng women
COUld not see .be [Hlin in Ills eyes *_ _. ,/__ _,_ _.._enlly __.,_��, by ,he
Sbe went uvvuy very softly, and Bob appearance of a lady, whom the St.
threw his well arm across his eyes Petersburg Bar Association had ac-
iiiul lay very still for h lung time. cepted as a member, as attorney In a
It   wns   two   weeka  lifter  lhat  con-   criminal case.   The prosecuting attor-
versntion Hint Hob I'cndleton wus (lis-   ney refused to proceed with the ease,
Pbaraed fruui tlle tio��idtal.    During the   '   '<**-*����� lhat  women under   Russian
period  of  hi-  euiiiineiiient   bis  beard   law, w"u not authorized to practice
........ , ��.      i     i       ���  and he waa supported by the Imperial
hul grow:,. ���,���l now, a ter having It g^, 0w 100 women have quall-
trltiinied lo a careful und most becom- fir,_ as lawvers and they are making
lng vat-dyke fashion, be mude bis way grPat efforts to obtain a fooling in
lo lhe residence of Mrs. Henry Wiu the legal profession. There is urgent
I,,u on Onklelgb avenue. need for tbelr Bervlces In wide areas
"Von wish lo see me?" Inquired Mrs. where the population of the country
Wlnton districts is entirely without legal ad-
"Ves.  Mrs   Wlnton.    1  wns walking  J*?*  Jhe agitation to obtain that re-
. _���_._,__ i ��� _ i form Is powerfully supported and a
along the Merrivnle rood h few wwkv,...,, &nd lnfluentially altended meet-
ngo. iiiiil I found this " Hob held oot ; lng haB be(m hri(i ln St Petersburg
the gold dollar, one side of wlilch wns t0 protest against tbe continued ex-
sin, mt lily iiiilUbed and bore three in elusion of women.
Mills. '���!���'. M   W "	
"My cburm!" she rrled with pleasure j Pity the Kdltor.
ns she siiiilihed the coin rrom bis i "What's the matter?" Inquired tht
Bllgers. i rat ber thought ll bad been i foreman as be entered tbe sanctum
stolen " she snld tor ��*P'< and noted the editor's bwoI-
"I   hope tbnt  if yon suspected  any i >en 'or?he.a0' K'-^i^lYaUSi"
' ' ,,,     .  ,     tered. dusty coat.    Did you fall down-
one my returning It lu you will estub- i ltairs?"
Ilsb  tbelr lunuceiice."  be said, with n ���      ujjfl 0Diy tt_ati", replied the edi-
keeii Kbime tit ber Harsh cutinteiiuuec.   i tor,   pointing   with   bis   finger   to   a
She -.brugged her shoulders j paragraph In  the paper before him
"The person ls no lunger In mv em   i "It's in our account of the Crspley-
plov    It doesn't mutter    No barm bns! Smith  wedding.     It  ought  to  read
... ���!..        -mllk'u       .1
wuat   is  Tint   Murnuir     Hh
SSgB-l (nil Kl'I.V
rnllier a brond eoiiiplliiiciit. but the
pretty nurse was -giiziug sadly from
the window, lier benutlful blue eyes
heavy  witli iinslnil tears.
Hobs heart thrilled us It hud never
thrilled before. He bad never cured
Tor girls, but Miss l-'unilss! She was
quite different, and. by Juve. she
mustn't cry like Hint
"I say. what Is Ibe mat(er?" he asked gruffly. "Any of your folks dead
or anything?'
The tears fell In a silvery shower,
and one warm drop landed ou Hub's
liiiii-Jsiuiie nose, niul be foolishly Imagined that Its preseuce formed u buud
of Intimacy between tbem.
"No." Miss KiirnUs aoblied softly: "It
isn't anything like that I haven't
any   people.     IT"   rather  alone,   you
"If you're In trouble It does a lot of
good lo tell It to aome one." urged
Bob kludly. "Don't you like your Job
"I bate It!" sho cried viciously.
This was rather (-billing Information
to the Invalid, but Bob iK-rslsled:
"What's tbe mutter wltll ll? Wbnt
would you rnther doT" he nsked.
Her reply wh�� so uuexpected tbst It
left blm speei-blewH.
"I-I'd rather lie msrrled!" sbe sobbed.
"Married'.'" Bob asked this question
after u lung, tonu silence,
"Ves. mn riled!" she retorted. "Bounds
horrid, doesn't ttt'
"Sounds rather Interesting." return
ed Bob slowly. "Von ought not to-er-
bnve any worry over tbat, don't you
������It's bls-m-m-motber," quavered
Miss Kumiss sadly.
"Ob. bis mother!"
"Bbe Is-she Is only his stepmother,
snd I waa her nurse during a severe
llluess and long convaleecence. Of
course 1 met hlm tbere."
"Oh!" slid Bob wlueed ss be moved
his Injured arm. "And sbe didn't sp-
prove?" ,    .
������Bbe wsa quite resigned to It. bnt
abe wae a very eccentric woman nnd
of a auspicious nature. One day I wns
wltb ber In tbe motorcar, and she snd
denly cried thst she hnd lost som*
thing. It wns sn ornument Bbe accused me of taking It. Bbe took me
bome and bad me eeercbed."
"And hlm-wbat of blm?" demanded
"PeytouT Ob. be laughed ami said
It waa all Ure. Wlntou'n nonsense snd
I wsa not to mind, bnt I am proud.
md I felt hurt that be did not fly
more quickly to my defense, so I said
tbat t wonld net many Um until tbe
irtlele had bee* found and both be
nd hh mother bad apologised.    He
usde rather a fuss over lt"
-When did it bsppenr
li done    1 am extremely obliged ti
you. Mr-cr" ���
"Smith." supplied Bob, rising to de
���Mr Smith." she Unladed, with n
smile. "Perhaps you will eveuse me
now. but uiy son is to In- married this
evciilug. und I have a lung motor drive
before ine "
"Ah. good morning. Mrs. Wlnton."
snld Hob dazedly, nnd be Went uwiiv
from lbe bouse with a stunned look
111 bis fnce
'Married! Married' Whnt of her?"
he muttered over nnd over again ns
he went back lo Ids rooms "The curl
And lbe ivoinan. of course���tbey will
never apologize to my pour darling''
He piuiil tint tloor restlessly uuiil
lbe evening pipers were In Ills bunds
There was nn account of Ihe wedding
of Peyton Wlnton anil some well
known SOdletf girl nt a niiigtiltlceut
country  place     Bob  PeUdletun  read
every   won),  nnd  then  he  put  on   bis
bat and went to the hospital
lt vvas Ml��s rnrnlss' evening off. and
the attendant told hlm lluit he would
undoubtedly find her nt lhe Nurses
club near by. Presently be was sent-
ed In Ibe empty nveptlon room of tbe
IlKle club waiting With beating heart
fur the advent of Stella Kumiss.
She enme. looking strangely uo-
fumlllnr without her uniform.
"I have come to report" he said.
smiling gravely ut her look of Inquiry.
"Vou haven't found It?" she asked,
waves of rose color rising lu ber
"Yes. I found It three weeks ago."
and Bob told ber all about finding tbe
"lucky" dollar which tu the beginning
bud proved so unlucky for hlm.
"So I restored II to Mrs Wlnton toduy." he ended: "but. Miss Kurnise.
she Impresses me as lielng a ludy who
would not trouble to aisiloglxe fur an
uiijusi accusation"
The color In her cheeks reredisl. but
her eyes met Ills bnnely. "Mr. I'endle
umi. yuu will think It strange, but
stiue I bad tlmt eunversiilleu with yuu
���me day somehow I bsve uut eared
whether she-they sisilnittse or not."
"Then ymi don't cure u liaug?" demanded Hub excitedly.
She smiled faintly, and her eyes
"Not a bang!" she snld demurely.
"Then-then I'll linn- ii chnuee Bl
In. I'm rushing lu where angels fear
to trend, but I don't sup|Hise yon could
like me a little bit? I love you. darling. I do. nnd If you only could care-
why. Stella!" Something In the swift,
shy glance she sent at blm brought
hlm to her side.
"When?" be asked.
"Oh. ever slnce-ever since yen ar
rived." sbe whispered softly.
"Dearest!"  This time tbelr lips met.
And tben later be told ber of tbe
wedding of Peyton Wlnton. Bbe amll-
ed scornfully. "Snppoee 1 bad married
him!" she shuddered. "Tbls all happened through that blessed dollar.
Bub. and 1 never thought my road of
hitter trouble would bring me to tbe
broad highway of bapplnesa."
"1 shall always call It my lock* dollar." smiled Bob. "Von aee. It found a
wife for me. and I never knew I needed oue until I aaw ion."
Miss  Smith's  f' ipled.  shining   fac��
formed  a  pleasing   contrast    to  Mr.
Crapley'B Btrong, bold   physiognomy
But see how it was printed."
And the foreman read: "MIbs
Smith's pimpled, skinny face formed
a pleasing contrast to Mr. Crapley's
strange, bald physiognomy."
"Crapley waa Just ln here," contin-
. ed the editor, throwing one blood-
streaked handkerchief Into the waste-
* pn?er   basket,    and    feeling    ln    hls
picket   for   a  clean   one.    "and   he���
I but Just send  that proofreade: man
here!   There's flght left ln me yet!"
Loss ol Musical Memory.
One of the most notable cases of
sudden  loss cf  muaical  memory  re-
��� lated ia that of Einlle Prudent. One
! day in a concert while playing hi?
! own concerto wilh orchestra be lost
! all consciousness of tbe connection
! between the notea, and from that
i time fo had music only as confuaeo
: sounds. Neither from his own play-
i lng nor from  that of the orchestra
: could he gain a distinct Idea and
j found that he had completely losr
I the ability to read tbe notes. Fron
i this attack, however, he soon recov-
' ered. The gravest symptoms dlsap-
1 pesred the next day, but from tha
time he could play only from notes
No Reason To Work.
A large, sloucby colored man wen.
shuffling down the road whlatllng like
a lark. His clothes were ragged
and hU shoes were out st the *.oei
and heels, and be appeared to be It
tho depths of   poverty   for   all hit
As be passed a prosperous looking
bouse a man stepped from the doorway and hailed blm.
"Hey, Jim! 1 got a job for you.
Do you want to make a quarter T
"No," said the ragged one. "1 done
got a quarter"	
Grief and Remorse.
"No." said the stage manager, "you
are the heroine. You are supposed
to suffer more than anybody else ��
tbe play. You must put yourself into a frame of mind wblcb represent*
erlef and remorse." ,,
"1 know." replied the ��e��<��l9f1T;.
man. "I'll try to make myself believe
I'm one of the people who paid |2 tc
see thla play."	
Bride ot Some Montha���My tempers you say are trying.
He���At times.
"I would not have you worn out
with tbem. If you eared to be re
leaaed front���"
���Ob, no; not at aU; not a minute
I don't feel ao even wben I am woes
I'm no ninety day volunteer. I en
listed for the war."
M-SflnTti Kindness.
"Int Bnieby the klnd-heartec
chap wbo buUt Um luxurious paten,
kennel for stray doga!"
"How did tt WM*T"
"Attor ha waa bitten aeven time
while trying to eons tho doga to entei
I It tho Humane society locked hlm u,
tor eraelty to animals."
Vegetable! in Circulation.
Tbe vice-president bas received a
turnip weighing live pounds.
The governor of New York has been
forwarded a turnip - weighing ton'
Tbe mayor of Boston hu received a
bean weighing one ounce.
Colored   MM��'Mvtw
���tore)���I wnnt to look at a pah oV
���akMMkt��**r ��Mr.   _  ������ ���
���aUawomaa       (nonehalantlj) -
What slse and eolort
"tordr. gall la yon bUndT"
"Why did yw throw hla overt"
"Ho wrote to mo In simplified spelling."
"Well; atefMod *��oUtaB to a good
"That may mt: but I don't want my
ilove letters ta It."
A new shipment of Pennants
has been received at THE NEWS
Office, including "Canada,"
"Quebec" and "Manitoba." The
following are now in stock:
New Westminster
Canada Manitoba
Quebec McGill
Bring three coupons clipped
from THE NEWS and 20c. for
any one of the pennants, or
send 25c. if to be mailed. You
will want one of each of these
pennants if you see them~
Pennant Coupon
Bring thi^e af these tiMpM|j^;t����ri�� ��nl^tt-tli
and receive one of the beauttfifl Weettqterter Umimji   te
a subscriber bring 40 centsirttm W��U��> saheeH*li*��_|-_t
nm. Addresssll.mail��i^^1$lJMM*Ni��~~
6c. extra for mailing.
'3-v    : ���W-'\
,:*":.     .**. -������:>:���'   *  '���V:
*"       *
-M* ������*������'���**
Kraser River I agirl Sockeye.
Salmon is boo* a me wor'd over.
It commands tho highest price
on the Hritish market. Iience no
spclngira ih-,4,,1    it's the best
Caught in our waters by mea
wtm live awl upend tbeir ���oncy
hcrR. Bven tii�� tint arc manu-
fac-tared iu B. C
Always ask for Kraser Kiver
Salmon, prr nn 20c, or 2 tins
for 35c
Smoked Salmon, cured In the
dy. 2 lbe. for 25c.
Smoked SteenwMd, very tasty,
per Ib. 15c.
B. CL Kippers* HorrinKB. P��
Ib.   10c
Smoked Halibut, por Ife.Mc or
2 lbs. for 35c
Model Grocery
SOB Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Eki-ruby  Branch:
2nd St. ***** 15th Ave.
Local News
Lay   New  Sidewalk.
The city Sidewalk sang is engaged
on   laying  a   sidewalk    on    Durham
street   between     Kirst     and    Second
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the ii. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 5*5 Weetmlneter Trust building.
Office phone 8-6, wharf phone 880.
Maunder-' "Sung of Thanksgiving"
at the Olivet Haptist church on Monday evening, Nov. 24 at 8 o'clock.
Chorus of fill voices anil full orchestra.
Collection. (2433)
Repair Pavement.
A board of works crew will start
work this morning on renewing the
sunken cement slabs of the sidewalks
on the downtown section of Columbia
Btreet. Operations will be started out-
side the Depot hotel and continued
Have you seen   the   $150   diamond
ring Gilford Is giving away ?   (2370)
Special priee on Electrical Toasters,
$5 each. Tickets on each dollar purchase. Brown & Son, Columbia
street. (2430)
Extend Trunk Road.
A provincial road gang under the
direction of R. F. Bouson, district road
superintendent, Ib engaged in extending the Dewdney Truuk road on Nico-
men Island. The course of the road
is along the north shore of the Island.
With every $2 purchase you get a
chance on the $150 diamond ring. T.
Lilfford, the jeweler. (2370) |
t A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City Store    193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
House Talks, No. 2
Yesterday morning we spoke
to you about the clean modern
kitchen and what to use to keep
it so. Now let us tell yon a few
of the good things to stock your
pantry  shelves  with.
How about Soups snd Canned
Meats for the quick meal when
company comes un-tx-pectodly?
We have Campbell's or Van
Camp's Assorted Soups in semi-
liquid form or Soup Powders.
Canned Meats���Stock your
shelves from Corned Beef to
Pate des Pole Gras.
In Jams you will find us ready
for you; and Olives are our long
suit. In fact try us for anything
in staple or fancy groceries.
You need us and we need you.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full partlcldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
I'aid   Up Capital  slid
Surplus ( 2.800 ��00
Assets   4.9T3.981.SS
T reoteestiips Under
Adrainiati-at-O-Lover 6,000,000
T rustle      for     Iio ad-
bold-efs over 25,000.04*
C. -S. KEITH. Manager.
Offices ���- Vinc-n-aver, Victoria,
New Westmtester, Nanalmo.
CalearF, He-giae, Winnipeg.
Montreal. CfaartaUetawn, London, Ene-;  Aatwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
���806 Columbia  Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings *tr*n\
7 to g.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod. the
insurance man. All kinds' written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Left $20 Each.
Fire Chief Watson, Building Inspector Turnbull and Detective Burrows
played the role of a police investigating committee yesterday afternoon
when the former two were inspecting
a Chinese tenement on Mclnnls street.
They took Detective Burrows along in
order to lead the way In the nooks
and crannies of the anti-free breathing
spaces anil lo and behold a free-for-
all opium session was in full swing.
Four orientals were corralled, they
leaving $20 each catling for their appearance in court this morning.
Electrical Hair Dryers guaranteed.
A great boon to ladies $3.50 each.
Tickets for each dollar purchase.
Brown k Sen, 620 Columbia Btreet.
the joint meeting on Monday evening of lodges Iloyal City No. 3 and
Amity 27, I. O. 0. K.. when Provincial Grand Master B. Dudley was present. Royal City lodge put on the first
degree and following the meeting and
degree work adjournment was made
to the banquet ball where the Rebeccas had prepared a banquet to
which over 125 sat down. J. W, MacDonald, past grand of Amity lodge,
occupied the chair and introduced Mr.
Dudley. Among the other speakers at
the banquet were the following: B
\V. Shiles, l'.G.M.; D. K.' MacKenzie,
P.Q.M.i E. L. Webber. l'.G.M.; J, H.
Glass, I'.G. of Penticton; C. S. Kieth,
P.O., Representative; Rev. w. s. A.
Crux, P.O.; Dr Holmes. P.O.; S. Bowell. N.G. Royal City lodge; G. R.
I Merrlthew. N.G. Amity lodge: ES. J.
I Boughen.  P.C. ;  W. C. Coatham,  P.G.;
  i Robert May, P.O.    During the evening
Don't forpet the ice carnival which   j   K   fleorge of Royal City lodge .en-
will take    place    on    Friday evening.  dered a piano solo.
November 23.    Special  prize�� will  be;	
given to the best costumes worn that
evening. i2123|
Auto Out of Hospital.
Repairs to the Fire Chief's auto
whieh was badly damaged in the collision with a street car a few days
ago, are now practically complete and
the machine once more has entered
the realm of useful things.
Fiist Society of Spiritualist?.. New
Westminster. Ail address will be given
thiB pvening at 8 o'clock by Mra.
Clark at  Knights of  Pythias hall.
Mazda lamps. 16 and 25 watt, 50
cents each; Laco lamps 15 and 25
watt, 40 cenls each. Tickets for each
dollar purchase. Brown & Son, Columbia street, 12430)
John P. Crum will deliver an illustrated travel-lecture on "California" in
St. Andrew's Presbyterian church this
evening at 8:15 o'clock. Admission
15 cents. Proceeds In aid of fhe
choir fund. (24331
Course   of   Lectures.
Capt. L. K. Haines gave the second
j lecture    in    a series    to non-commis-
__     ,   ,.        .  ...    .    ,       ,      ,       ,    Sioned  officers of lhe  104th regiment
The ladles ot  St.   Andrews church i ,���   _a  lirmourU,8   las.   l]im    *,.���,_.,���
wm hold their annual sale of fancy on ri,ro������aisaan<.e and intercon-muni.
work and home cooking on Thursday. | catlon w9ra given th(. non.<.oms.   The
December 4. (2432)   coun-e commenced lust Thursday.
Thistle Social Club.
A grand Scotch dance will be held
tinder the auspices of the Thistle Social cluh in St. George's hal) on Friday
evening. Nov. 21, at 8:30 o'clock. Tickets are $1.25 for gentlemen. Ladies
by invitation. Tickets may be had
at the door or from members of the
Expert skate sharpening and riveting at Oscar Swansoon's, 13 Begbie
Street, (2363)
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property. !',
per cent.  Alfred  W.  Mcl.eod    (2337)
A special meeting of the New West
minsd'r Lodge No. sr,4, Loyal Order
of Moose, will be held 111 the lod-."
room on Wednesday, 19th November,
at 8 p.m.   W. J, Groves, Becretary.
Fifteen tickets for $5 at the Arena
commencing next Friday. Two sessions daily with competent instructors
paying special attention to beginners. (24231
Ton ean pass in a crowd if you wear
George's Corn and Bunion Shields.
Made to nt any corn or bunion. Per
sale only by Hill's Drug Store. (23SSI
Visit of Grand Master.
There   was   a   large  attendance   al
Meeting Postponed.
Failure of several of the delegates
to make nn appearance at the munici-
pal hall, Burnaby last evening caused
; the postponement of what was to have
bei ii n meeting of the Central Ratepayers' association. None of the delegates from North Burnaby were pres-
AU kinds of groceries lor
Christmas uae io -.lock at the
store of
(Successor ta Ayling A Swale.)
-447 Columbia St.
Pigs $1.00 Each
The Most Reliable, Metallic
Filament  Lamp
Burn',:]*- these lamps meant to you B 7n per cent saving of current. Th���*> run bo burnt In an) position -Without fear or breakage.
A large Btock i,i theBe lumps now on band;  18, 25, 32 and 100 watt
New Westminster,       i'hone 59.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established IMI.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, E mploysrs*   Liability,   Automobile  ana
Marine Insurance.
Instructive and
In the Basement
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Instructive and
In the Basement
$15.00 Dinner and Tea Sets
for $8.95.
97-piece Dinner and Tea sets, combined, in
cholee   of   different   patterns.     These   sets
are made to stand everyday wear, and arc
excellent value at the regular priee of 115.00.
Special price for today only
at                       $8.95
$23.00 Cook Stove for $17.50.
(iood strong cast Iron Cook Stove, with four
holes,  made to bifni  either coal  or  wood.
This is a stove that always gives endless
satisfaction and is easy to handle. Sold regularly   at   $23.00.     On   sale   today  $17.50
Reg. 55c. Linoleum, 2 yards wide,
Special 45c. Sq. Yd.
This la a good heavy grade Linoleum snd
comes in block, floral and tlle effects,   lt Is
a quality which will  stand  up well under
hard   wearing conditions  and   Is  well  seasoned  and  very suitable for this climate;   reg.  65c.    8peclal,   yard 45c
$15.00 Ladies' Coats for $9.50.
A big selection of Ladies' Coats In all new
fall styles, made ln brown tweeds, diagonal
cheviots, plain brown and tan blanket cloths,
also iu black and while mixtures. These are
all good warm winter coats.    They sell in
the regular way around $15.00 each.   Today
you can choose any one of these
$10.00 Electric Table Lamps
for $5.00.
In our new Electric Department on the second floor we are having a sale of odd Table
Lamps   to   make   room   for   the   Christmas
stock.   Several of tbe better ones have heen
put on one side to tie cleared out. .Most of
these are marked as high as $10 each. Kor
today only you will be able to pick
any lamp in this assorlmnt tor. . . $5.00
A New Electric Convenience,
Tuesday only, $2.50.
Hot Point Cooking outfit, eonsltlng of a set
of dishes whicli enables one to do a lot of
cooking on  a Hot  Point  Iron.    The whole
set goes Into a small compass, and ls Ideal
for preparing a light meal at very small cost
Today only, this outfit wlll be sold
5c. Notions at 7 for 25e.
Hair I'ins, Paper Pins, Safety l'lns, Darning
Halls, Dome Fasteners, Thread. Hair Nets,
Tape, Kancy Pins, Hooks and Eyes; Darning
Needles.     Knitting     Needles.     Kliiinishing
Kraid, etc., regular 5c each. Any Reven
35c. Bleached Sheeting, 27c.
100   yards   72-inch   Plain     Sheeting,     fully
bleached.   This is a strong serviceable quality in great demand for   hotels,   rooming bouses, etc., value ISc. On sale 1or_\*J**
$18.50 Extension Table for $15.75
6-foot Golden Oak Extension Table with pedestal base, made from selected woods These
sell regularly   at    $18.SO      Today
$2.75 Odd Dining Chairs Each
Plva only odd Dining Chairs in Golden Oak
llnieh.   with   leather  seat.-*,.    These  will   be
;i pnap for some one; they sell regularly at
$2.78 each. We are closing out these
chairs today,  each    $1.75
$25.00 Extension Tables for
S feet (lolden Oak Extension Table;  pedestal  base and selected  woods.    These tables
sell regularly at    $26.00.    Today-
only  $: 9.75
Reg. $1.00 Yutake Japanese
Rugs, Special 85c.
Size 2-6x5 feet;  made from Japanese Klbre
a very durable and hard  wearing rug. In
tbe latest Oriental designs and colors;
regular $1.00 yard,   special for 85C
In Our Ladies' Ready-
to-Wear Department
flail and inspect our fur stock. We carry a good
line of Natural Mink, Sable Pitch. Natural Racoon,
Squirrel, Austrian Mink, Marmot. Hlack Caracul.
I olnteii Har���. B'ack Opossum, Hudson Seal. Coney,
Belgian Hure, White Thibet, Angora and Imitation
Ermine. Vou will find a list of ot:r special values
Handsome Hudson Seal Set, hav,ng lung Straight
Mole, lined with rich gray messaline. Large bolster   muff,   with   shirred   gray   messaline   finished
ends.    Special, per  set    $45.50
A beautiful natural Bable Fitch Set. having lari-'e
stole with square effect in the back and lung ends
in front, finished with natural tails and claws.
Large fancy muff to match, nicely lined with brown
satin.    Special, per set    $75.00
Natural Mink Slole. with large plain shawl effect in
back and long ends in front, finished with natural
tails and claws;  regular $160.00.    Sale
Price     $135.00
Mink Muff to match; this is an extra large pillow
muff, trimmed at the foot with tail;  regular $125.
Snle   price    $110 00
Hudson Seal Set;  long scarf and large semi-bolster
muff to match; per set  $45.00
Beautiful White Tibet Stale; extra large with long
ends   in  front;   reg.   $12.60  for $9.85
Large full Pillow Muff to match; regular $10.50
for  $8.75
Mink Marmol stole; cut suu;ire in the hack and
finished with nils; long tub fronts trimmed wltb
tails and heads; reg. $16.00,   Sa!e price $12.85
Lir:' di:}: Marmot Muff to match Stole:
liar $20.00, for   $14.85
Fancy Near Beal Set having long scarf finished with
Silk fringe nnd braid ornaments on ends; rug
muff i i match,    l'er set   $15.00
Natural Racoon Bet; large shawl collar with lung
i ,b fronts, finish, d v. itli four tails; large pillow
iimfr io match,   special  $35.00
Fancy Near Seal Set. with Imitation chinchilla
trimming; lung scarf and pillow muff to match
Bpeclal, per set $15.00
Black Coney Betl large shawl stoli tp.' fane rugg
muff; regular $86.00.   Special  $17.50
Imitation Chinchilla Fur Set  $4.75
Angora   Lamb  Sets;   large  collar  and    muff;     per
���et  $7.50
While Thibet Si ;s; long limped stole and plain
muff;  per set  $5.75
Splendid Bargains in Ladies Coats
A line of Misses' and Small Women's Coats in llie
new cloths, Chinchilla cloth and diagonal tweeds,
in an assortment of shades. Some are in Hul-
kan style, three quarter length. Kcgular $1050,
for    $9.95
A good assortment of the new two-toned BOUOhe
Cloth; coats made In tbo newest Btyles; values
to , $20,00.     Sale  price    $13.75
We are offering some special
values Wednesday. Anyone desiring to make useful black un.
derskirts these moires are serviceable in wear and are good,
fast dye. Tliey come .18 inches
Reg.   40c   values   for 256
Ueg.   76c  values  for S9C
Reg.  $1.26  values  for 89���
Suitable   for   Party   Dress,   Etc.
.lust now when you are thinking of a neat, inexpensive party
dress, come and see this reduced
price offering. The colors are
In cream, pink, sky, Nile, elc.
There are Nun's Cloths, Merges,
Cashmeres, Lustres, and Kancy
Cloths: all are specially priced
for today.
Keg. up to 50c values for. 35t
Heg up to 76c values fur. 50C
Beg. up to 05c values for. 696
Vour choice of new Veiling In
all the latest and most becoming meshes; you will find in
this lot shades of saxe, black,
pink and navy, In llie cobweb
figured and flsh net, silk meshes, Cume and see and secure
yuur Choice. We liavi no two
pieces alike. I'rlces range
frum per yd. 356 to $1.00
Christmas Baby Ribbon in mis-
Heine, bully and Christmas
coloring! as red and green
satin ribbon. They come in
all widths, in five, elgiil or ten
.vnnl holts.    I'rlces, per
,,h"1'  ��������� 15�� to25��
New Dresden Ribbons In the latest patterns of tan. cadet blue
and cerise, with dainty floral
oentrea and heavy satin edge;
the correct ribbon for Christmas novelties; per yard.75<
See our Sleeping Socks in white
eiderdown if you arc troubled
with cold feet; nice, soft und
fluffy;    per   pair gOC
We have an exceptionally nice
Baby's  Wool   Hood     In   white
only,  In  heavy and   fine knit
with Hllk ties
I'rlces SOe   and   65C
A nice line of Umbrellas in bone,
silver and wood handles; ladles' snd children's sizes.
Fric��   $1.00
Quilts and
75C.   85c,   $1.10-
20x27   at   .each
$1.35 and
Ileal   Eiderdown   Billows;   size  21x28;
for, each   	
regular $2.75
We are clearing OUt all uur
Zyphyrs and (llnghains Irrespective of cost to get ready
fur nur Christmas stock, at the
low   price uf, per yard.. 10*
UU*, ^lli        w   ���***,      ^ Li mi ted
Or look over our stock on the main floor.
To got ready for our Christmas
stock we are clearing out all
our stock of Crum's Print.
This print ls aboslutcly fast
color; 12 l-2c value nt.. 10*
15c Value at  XV/st
Exceptional Values
in Bedding
Our stock is now complete in Quilts, Comforters,
Blankets and I'illows. We have blankets in white
and gray at prices to suit every purchaser. In
white we ero showing that well-known brand
the Skeldon, iu full double bed size; per
Pair $9.98
Heavy welg.it pure white won! Blankets; regular
$7.50.    Special  $6.98
Same   quality   in   lighter     weight;     regular     $5.50
for   $4.95
Size   fiOxRO;   regular   $5.00,   for    $4.25
A very large size, GSxSX, full Sib Blanket. Specially   priced   at     $5.78
Heavy   Dark Cray  Blankets at  per pair $3.75 to
Ileal Eiderdown Comforters ln pale blue, pink, red,
green   and   brown.     Specially   prices   at   $5.50*
$5.95. $7.95. $12.50 to $19.98-   These
are nil soft, light and warm.
We have Quilts in all sizes and colors at the follow.
ing prices.    Single bed size, each 55C.' full double
bed size, ench $1.2$ $1.50   $1.75   $2.00
$2.25 $2.78 $1.80*��nlii $3,787
Special Cotton   Killed  Billows, size  1Sx26, of heavy
Hiking,   each    88*.
Chicken   Feather   Billows;   sizes   17x25,   18x26,   and
All I'lllowg covered with good, Btrong art ticking
In pink, blue and gray. We carry the best assorted
stock of pillows In the elty and can fill your order
whether ll Is large or small.
See Our Window for
Special Prices on
-..    ������


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