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The New Westminster News Jul 30, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Have  proven  their  worth by  the
results   they    produce.     They   fill
large   or   small    wants   at   small
Weather Today.
N'ew Wesiminster and the Ixiwer
Mainland:  Light to moderate winds
with sho �� era.
on this m
*      FOR IHE PICNIC     ,N m mm
Hon. T. VV. Crothers u^es
Rosy Outlook for Canadian West.
Crops, Building and Harbor Improvements Alt Look Good to Ottawa
Ottawa, July 29. lion. T. W. Crothers arrived borne this morning from
hiB trip to tbe Pacific const, when
he went particularly to Inquire Into
the long Standing labor difficulty on
Vancouver Island. The crux of the
trouble, iald the minister, is the recognition of the United Mine Workers'
union and neither side seems disposed
to give In.
The minister appointed Samuel
I'riee, K.C, of St Thomas, to muke a
detailed Inquiry, and before taking
any action, will await bis report.
"Notwithstanding the pessimistic reports tlmt occasionally reach the
east." said the minister today, "I fall
lo find anything In existing western
conditions to cause any great alarm.
���While Ibis year's crop may not be
a record one. It will be far better thnn
was expected some weeks ago. Building operations are giving steady ein-
ployineni, while not over-plentiful, at
least fair wages. A splendid cIiisb of
Immigrants from the old county, and
the United Stales bringing with them
In many cases a more than average
amount of wealth are pouring Into the
country nnd. therefore, I believe from
whut 1 have Been that, everything considered, the west today Is as prosper
OUS and ils people are contented as
ill any section of the country."
Nothing to Cry About.
The   minister   of   labor   refused   to
look at western problems through blue
glasses and while he realizes that
there are certain   problems   arising
which challenge solution, he believes
that they are Inseparable from a
young and rapidly expanding countrv
and wlll gradually be adjusted or adjust themselves on a proper IibbIb.
Mr. Crothers was pleased with the
marvelous development of liritish Columbia and everywhere he looked he
saw the earmarks of prosperity. Willi
the great harbor developments proposed, the outlook Is generally very
rosy While on llie Pacific const Mr
Crothers looked into labor conditions
and. ns acting minister of the Interior
dealt also with a number ot impor
tant questions which nre under the
jurisdiction of that department. Including the disposal Of lands in lhe
Indian.-" to the government of Britifli
Por lb'' interior department be Incidentally looked into a scheme for
reclaiming lew hinds in the railway
bell of iiriiisb Columbia. An elaborate plan hag been evolved by a Vancouver engineer. W. I. McKay, and
is under consideration,
Westminster Will Be Full to Overflow.
lng With Visiting Merchants snd
Their Friends.
A new nntliem of rojolclng
Today wlll Btnlte the morning air,
Father,  mother will be  flnging
"We wlll  Meet  Our Qrocer There.'1
Then shall  the butcher, the baker,
jthe candlestick maker (n<<w known as
tne gas man)  Join In the chorus, acl
I thus with loud aeelalm will the gn.ni'
street parade of the merchants' picnic
j move off up Columbia street ut 10:30
1 this morning.
Just as tiie comic section of the pr*
eeaeelon pusses lhe Intersection nt
MacKenzie street, Little Johnny, who
W'll be ent 111 force, dolled up In his
new sailor suit, is scheduled to
scream out, "Ob ma, there's brother
Willie all dressed up like a clown.''
Farther up the street little Mnry, who
I will be down to see the fun has been
requested to t:ay so that everyone can
hear: "Look, there's tbe fellow whl
walls on ua, with bis girl." If she
does nnt ttie day will not be n success
Hut she will surely, and this picnic
will be tb" best ever.
Tli" order of lhe pnriide wlll be.
Seaforth Highlanders' hand; autos
wiiii committees, cltv officials and
guests; Industrial floats: wholesalers'
floats: retailers' floats autos; retailers'floats horse drawn; advertising floats; express, transfer, and rigH,
1 horse drawn; comic; citizens In autos
nnd rigs; city bund; Vancouver Retail
Clerks' association; fire department
The procession will go up Columbii
streel  nud  then  follow*  (lie car traik
'to the park, where the first event, a
ball  game,  Is    ailed  for   11   o'clock.
The Victoria excursion boat will arrive afterwards and the picnicker,!
will form a parade of tbelr own, .md.
headed hv the Seaforth Highlanders'
band, will at once go to the park.
Persons without lunches will lie accommodated at the Y. W. ('. A. tent.
where dinner wlll be served lo 1.5 i
people at one time,
The sport events will be run off in
lhe afternoon and at night lbe Ida
clerks' dance will bring the daj to :i
Estimates show* tbut the attendance
at the picnic will be about lO.nnu.
Michigan Mine Owner Says
W. F. M. Never Will Bc
Couldn't Walt to Die.
Moose Jaw, July  29.   Joe  Little,  a
| farm  band,  banged  himself at   Bernard Siding while temporarily deranged t nluy.    lie came from Ibe east last
Copper Strikers at Calumet Becoming
Ugly���Conference  to   Take
Place  Today.
Falls 600 Feet.
St. Petersburg, July 'i'i While flying today at Oatchlna, a summer re-
sort near St. Petersburg, a military
aviator fell 800 feet with his aeroplane and was killed.
Feeling in Eastern Empire
Influences Britain's Balkan Policy.
Forty      Thoucand      Hands     Wnated
���Preparations for  Harvesters'
First of  Harbor Improvement Fleet I >ea ves Ways
This Afternoon.
Calumet, Mich., July 29.���Operators
. jof the Lake Superior copper miner,!
will be asked officially tomorrow
whether tbey will Bend live of their
number to Lansing to confer with
Governor Ferris' officers and five
representatives       of      the      striking
General P. L, Abbey, In command
of lbe state troops here, so announced
tonight after receipt of a message
from tlovernor l-'erris, iu which tho !
sta'e executive Intimated thin he was ;
willing to use bis good olflees in
bringing order out of the Industrial
chaos which has kept 15,000 men Idle
for over a  week.
Crowing   Ugly.
Tbe news of tlm governor's notion
followi d reports of a serious fight be '
tween factions of miners near the I
Superior mine on the South Range
and of slugglngs in various locations
en the northern end of the strike
The initial arrests of the strike re-
selted   from   the   Superior   fight.     in
which  two men  of a    party    of    ten '
were   so  badly   beaten   that   there     iit
little chance for  lhelr recovery.
At North   Kearsarge   mine.   Oust j
Olson,  a  fireman,  was  beaten  on  his!
way   home   from   work   and   required
hospital treatment, a squad of militia
chased the attacking party, but made
no arrests.
Farther north there were numerous
fights, especially about the Mohawk
location, where ten men. who had
been conferring with the mine man-
!>g"iii""t v-vere set upon i's tiny left
the mine office. None of tbem was
,, r'nosly  ininred.
Mine owners wi re non-commlttsl
as to their reply to the proposal,
stating tbat they would consider It
Improper to announce a decision unci after they had talked wltll General
. Abt,��y tomorrow.
"Kven   if   the   grass   grows   in     the
.streets of everv    mining    town,    the
Western  Federation  of  Miners  never
wlll  be   recognised,'!   aaid   one  aam-
psny today.
Dean of Reichstag Dead.
Sasbach, Germany, July all. Rev.
Ur. Franz Xavler Lender, the oldest
member of the reichstag, died today.
His death occurred on the lioth anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.
Grilled Then Soaked.
Hrandon. July 'in.- Following what
is said to be the hottest day of slimmer, Brandon was visited with a terrific electrical and wind storm tonight, in which street lights were
blown dawn. Rain fell in torrents for
about an hour.
Sir Wilfrid III Again.
Ottawa. July 29.- Sir Wilfrid Laurier has been Indisposed for the past
few days and has been confined to IiIb
bed wiih a severe attack of Indigestion He expects, however, to be recovered sufficiently to go to Montreal
about the end of the week.
The Eternal Topic.
Toronto, July 2'.). -Pressure is high
over lhe (ireat Lakes, on the Pacific
coast, in Manitoba and In the western Btates. The weather has been
fair and warm today for Manitoba
and in the Maritime provinces, and
cool, with a few light showers in
Saskatchewan and Alberta.
In Their Pyjamas.
Nelson, July 29.- At Krie early Saturday morning fire broke out in J. J.
Hickey's hotel, which waB desti lyed,
together with four other buildings.
The guests of the hotel were asleep
and were obliged to escape In their
nighl clothes from the windows. The
cauBe of the fire  is unknown.
For Panama Fair.
Melbourne, July 29.- The Comm-m-
wealth government announces that  It,
;will   contribute  $100,000  towards  the'
erection of an Australian building at
jthe  Panama  exposition,  provided  the
! state  governments contribute sufflet -
jont sums to Insure their adequate representation at the exposition.
France   In  Peace   River.
F.ilmontoH.     July     29.���The     sixth
���party  of settlors which     hare    been
taken   into   the   Peace   river   country
I this season by Father C.iroux, the not-
 ���        i    Winnipeg,  July  10.���"We   have
  i splendid   crop,   In   fact   the   best   for j
i many   years,"   said     Andrew     Kelly,
Six Months Hence Prince Will be No-j president of the  grain  exchange and   Wifs of  Mayor Will  Be  Sponsor for
minated to Rule  In  New
President of the Western Canada
Flour Mills company, this morning,
Who has Just returned from a western
trip, full of optimism over tbe prospects.
"To come down to hard tacts," said
Mr. Kelly, "1 Baw barley being cut at
many polnta. Barley harvesting will
be general at the end of tbe week. It
ls a splendid crop.
"1 saw wheat turning color in all
districts and there will be much wheat
Vessel, Which Will Be In Commission by Early  Fall.
London, July 29.���The ambassadorial conference settled today the
status of new Albania. A prince will
be nominated six months hence to
rule over the new state, ln the meantime a commission of control, com- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
posed of one representative of each |cut next week, and wheat harvesting
power, will organize the udministra-, will be general on Aug. IB. Tbe bulk
tion, with the aid of a Swedish officer of the oat crop will also be ready by
of the gendarmle. that time.    I  saw  little flax, but the
The  conference  has  done    nothing!  little Is good,
officially In the direction of coercing j    "This weather is ideal for filling and
Turkey and. as the strongest  feeling' maturing, and  a  few  weeks  more of
is manifested at indignation meetings  it, will sec western Canada with the
North   Vancouver  Wanted   Mcre,
Failed  to  Cut  Hole   in   Munici
palitiea' Source.
BUT All'S Wfll
throughout India against any attempt
to drive the Turks from Adrianople,
it is not likely that tlle British government would be anxious to initiate
such coercion.
Fighting Anain.
The Creeks still are operating by
sea and by land. The Bulgarians.
who were defeated recently at.
Kresna Pass, turned upon pursuing
Greeks Io the northwest of fljuina.
Fierce lighting occurred, the reinforced Bulgarians making a desperate attempt to recapture their lost
positions. Tlle battle lasted through-
;out Sunday, the Creeks thrice beiiiH
ejected at the point of the bayonet
from one position. Ihe tlglitin*.,
took place over an extended front
and  both  sides suffered heavily.
According lo a Creek account of
the battle, neither side had gained a
decisive advantage at nightfall Sun-
,day. but under the cover of darkneBa
' the shaken Bulgarians retired, after
: abandoning and setting tire to the
: town of Djuma. which later thq
Greeks  occupied.
A   correspondent   with   the   Greeks
says  lhat  their  losses  in    their  previous  battle  for  the    possession    of
Kresna   defiles  were  2000   killed    or
wounded,    lxiBBes  in  Sunday's  battle
���are    not    given.    The    correspondent
ladds that,  except  for rear guard ac-
: tions, the   Bulgar.-*.  can  make no fur-
! ther stand  this  side of Dubnitza,  22
I miles to the Bouth of Sofia, aud that, |
now no Bulgarian soldiers remain in
Macedonia, exeept as prisoners.
The Greek  fleet  has occupied    th
I biggest  yield  of  wheat  she has   'ver
'had. I base this on increased acreage
and the genera! satisfactory condition
of the crop.
It Ib estimated that 40.000 harvest-
era will be required to get in the crop.
Although it is impossible to fix any
; exact date, experts have come to the
conclusion that the harvest will be
general between Aug. 15 and 20. It
therefore has been decided to recommend to the railway officials in the
east that the first harvesters' specials
ibe run from Ontario and the Marl-
tlme provinces Aug. 15. so that the
men will arrive in Winnipeg Aug. IS
antl be distributed through the country within the next two days. Other
excursions will follow as rapidly as
possible until the country has been
cleaned up.
In order to get those men Into the
'fields who are already available In
the west the railroad companies have
At 5 o'clock this afternoon the $80.-
0UO city dredge will be started down
the skids at the foot of Twelfth
street and, as she takes the water,
.Mrs. A. F. Gray, wlfo of the mayor. ,
wlll break tbe bottle of cham-pagix ���
over her bow and christen Uie first
of the city's harbor improvement
fleet the "John A, fjee." Mayor Gray.
Alderman White and others erlll give
addresses at the launching.
The new dredge Is the first of Ute
frame dredges to be built here. Th��
hull, which Is being built by the Westminster Marine Railway company.
costs $11,000 and tho deck house.-*,
about $3000. It is especially strum;
and is of heavy timbers all tbrougli-
There will be three spuds, two a.-uid
s-iiips and one, a walking spud, astern. .
She will be double decked and, besides the usual engine room, ther**
will be accommodation aboard for th*? v
crew and on top an operating hottsc.
much like a pilot house, will be set.
The crew is expected to consist or
nt least 15 men. The hull is 100 feel
by 40 feet and has 7 feet 6 iniftc-K
The machinery Is, of course, the
most, expensive    part,    costing about
Mr Mercer has rushed his part of
the work along at a fast rate and il is
expected the new dredge will be hs
eommtsston by September of this year
or by  October at the  latest.
The  launching cf the John A. l*v
arranged to issue cheap rates of one  wlll   be  the  first   publlc  function   at
cent per mile, from the principal wert-   which Mra. Gray has taken part.
ern cities to take bona fide harvest- ���
era. These rateB will be in force for
the first two weeks of August, and j
'will be in accordance with the special I
'rate from Winnipeg which will be in I
jexiBtence throughout the whole of thel
I month. I
AT PRINtt mm
together at
empire's heart
f,d. -r.BUi.,,.^��l?"l^I'.. ?!8!!d,i.,!!r���oug.tl! P0^8  of  Lagos," Maronta  and  Makri
Burnaby's  source of  water  supply
was threatened yesterday morning in
Vancouver,     when    North   Vancouver.
I oi its ait. mpt to secure u few hundred
I miners'  Indies of water on  llie north
slier,��� nf Burrard Inlet, questioned the
right   Of   Iliirnaby's.    South     Vancou-
| ver'i; and   Richmond's  source of supply    the  Seymour  creek   basin.
The bonrd of water commissioner-
had several matters of Importance to
deal wiih when It met at the court
! liouse Iii Vancouver yesterday morn-
; a-, practically all of these cent":* n-:
:-.- und Vancouver. South Vancouver.
North Vancouver and Burnaby.
citv  Solicitor  Hay,  of  Vancouver,
practically  represented the    munlcl-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   palitli s  mi   the  lower    iiialnh'.nd.
  i Iliirnaby's case being assisted by Mu-
Arrangements  are  now    completed julclpal Clerk Moore.
for the entertainment of the officers      After hearing  the different   claims
of   the   battleship   New   Zealand     in   get   forth,  the   water records  held   by
this city next Saturday.   At the meet- Burnaby,  Vancouver,  Richmond  and
of the executive of the Progres-1Bouth   Vancouver    were    confirmed
the city Ibis morning on iheir way to
Athabasca. The party, which conslrs
of 30 settlers from tlle Duluth district,
travelled In two special cars. Father
Ciroux is enthusiastic in bis advocacy
of the Peace river country as a location for French speaking seltlers from
the Slates and eastern Canada.
on the coast cf Thrace, and a Greek
force has captured the town of
Guiuuijina, 12 miles inland frcm the
Aegean sea. und about 75 miles southwest of Adrianople.
Earl   Grey   Behind   Plan   for   Londcr.
Headquarters for Self-Governing
City,    Sub-contractors   and    Railway
Builders  All   Paying  Different
Bey   Has   Narrow   escape  at   Picnic���
��'jccessful Outing of Et. Peter's
Arrangements Complete for Entertainment of Guests from Battleship
New Zealand.
ive'association yesterday  afternoon | while  North   Vanoouvi
Secretary   Darling   repelled   progress
and outlined tbe program,   ah thai
Is lacking now is the auto contingent
lo take the 4�� officers and the 86
c'tUens who will accompany them on
tlie trip to Fraser Mills and to the
asylum  farm  ul  Coiiuitlam.
No trouble is expected, hov ever
along these lines, but. If It should I"
found Impossible to get BUfflclent
autos, Mr. Ooulet, cr.it. agent, lum
vilunteered to run a special train, or
(be Senator Jnnsen may be utilised,
The executive passed a vote of
thanks to Becretary Darling for Ills
efforts which have ended so BU0CBSB
Appreciation was also expressed
for the cooperation received from
the 11. C. ES. It., Dr. Doherty, of the
asylum, and the management of the
Fraser mills The latter have agreed
to keep the mills running so that tbe
visitors may Bee the large plant In
The Gueits
30ii Indies on Lynn creek was treated
Another   cn
Its   Way   to   Washington
With  California   An'.i-
Allen Law.
Washington, July 20. still another
note from Japan In Connection with
the California alien land law Is on Its
way to Washington, This is a reply
to the last  American  communication
which administration   officials   hen
���     .hnd believed  would close the confer-
[following is the list of officers who enM| ,lt |eall untii ,|���, California law
will viBlt New Westminster on Bat- became operative and a test case
urday I could be carried to the courts.
Captain  Lionel  Halsey. Commander .    secrelarv  Bryan snld today h" had
il. k. Grace, Engineer Commander T, learned tin t the note was coming, but
II. Turner. Fled Surgeon C. II. Hock.   mill ,,��� |aca ,)f w|,at ������ m|gh)   ������lti,|,,
Japan'i'  contention  tbat  the Call-
Rev,   .1.   II.   BCOtt,   Lieutenant   IC.   It,
Jones, Captain Harold Blount, K.M
a., Lieutenant D, B, N. North, Lieutenant C. VV, Walker Jones, l.ioiiien
Hilt A. D, lloyle. Knglneer Lieutenant
li. c. Marshall, Lieutenant J. s
itoviii. Assistant   Paymaster   D,   H
Thiiri-itnti, Sub-Lleuteiiant P. It. Bar
ernfl. Si'b-Lleuteniint II. S. H. Prince
Grorge cf Batlenberg, Mr. C, S. I egg,
Mr. A, Lewis, Mr. .1. C. Will's. Mr. .1
Laniond. Mr. A. K. Ellloll Mr, VV, .1
Reynolds, Mr. P. It, Brooker, Mr. W
p. fend. Midshipmen a. 0, Cunard
Ht. Hon. Lord Bnrghersh, C, 11. Unburn WntHiin. P. It V. Heard, A, 11 C,
Harlow, II. It. Anderson, 0, ('. Vvner.
Ilt. Hon. Enrl of Carlisle, (J. T. A.
Scott, C. S. Miller, K. O, 11. t'yore, C.
F. Howley.
Tw,�� accident features, which were j
not  included   in  the  printed  program.
occurred yeaterday at Bowen    island j
where the annual picnic of St. Peter's
parish   was   hi Id.     The   llrst   mishap
was  of    a    minor    character,    when,
Harry   Heatmi.   win  was    out    in    a j
canoe, attempted to shift further to I
the   stern,   with   the   result   that   the!
erift   began   to   take  water,  at   which |
Harry jumped,    lie van rescued and
I. n ei| to parade in B bathing suit
for tlie rest of the day.
The second affair was fnr more ]
serious and nigh cost Maurice Fltz
Herald bis life. He and (Ieorge
Feeney were canoeing some distance
claim for from shore when lbe boat overturned
Feeney had Hie presence of mind tu
bans on io the craft, bnt Fitzgerald
exhausted   himself   trying   to   keen
afloat Some ladies In a boat tried
in reach him. but failed and he was
unconscious when one of th" boal
bouse attendants rescued him. Ni
��� II Bffectl are looked for from lii.-
narrow  escape.
About ITB made the trip frnm this
city l"avlng on bpeclal cars for Van
couver, win re' tbey boarded tin
Baramba fir the island,
The sports committee was over-
I gi nerous and only half the events
I iv re run off. These, however. Croat
led no little Interest and were well
Tlie events and winners were a*,
Girls' rac under eight, won by
Miss C. Walsh.
Boys' race, under eight, won bv W.
Boys' race, under 11, won by MlBtt
' N. Murphy,
Fat  ladles'  race,  won  by  Mrs.    T.
Voung ladles' race, won by Miss
Nora Byrne, Mins Agnes Harwell second.
Married  ladles'   race,  won  by   Mrs.
They Want to Strike.
St. Paul. July 89.- Returns to date
on the strike vote being taken by the
telegraph operators of the Northern
Pacific railway Indicate that tliere is
an almost unanimous sentiment In favor of a strike, according to a statement of the union officials here. Between 90 and 95 per cent are in favor of a strike, the officials declare.
Tlie men are asking for increased
wages and improved working conditions. No action will be taken by the
operators until final results ar" received, however, which probably will
be on Thursday.
Youth of  Four -Secre   Puts Crimp
that "Go West Younn Man"
  J.  Fraser.
forniii  law violates treaty obligations 1    Little  tol.i'   race,  won  liy  G.  Swell
as well as Infringes upon the rights of'ciskl.
Japan  under  the broad   principles of,    si   Peter's picnic handicap, won by
international law, waB replied to at|Q. Feeney,
SncK nice, won bv
Baseball game, K.
tor's club, won by
length lu the last american note, mid
Mute department officials hoped that
the mikado's government hRd 1" en
Convinced that nothing further could
be done until occasion amse for a lest
of the law  In the courts.
F. Walsh,
of   C.    VS,    St
^^^^^^^^^      latter, S to 10.
'ine in>tv returned heme about 9
o'cldck  Inst  evening.
H"i Father Beck, pastor of the
parish, wns In charge of tbe outing
while    Hev.     Fathers    Blssette    and
Swenceski  also  made the trip.
Big  Masonic Temple.
Edmonton,   July   29. -A   Masonic
temple to cost  half a million dollars,
stnndlng eight storleB in height and I Goes to Regina,	
located at the cjrner of Sixth stree' | Cobalt, July 29.- Hev. H. J. Mac-
nnd Jasper avenue, Is to be erected jdonnld of the Presbyterian church,
by lbe Kdmonton Masonic Temple as- hnl received a call to the Carmlchael
Bociatlon. church at Regina, and will accept.
Department     Does     Not     Anticipate
Strike cn Intercolonial Rail-
Ottawa, July 29, "We do not anticipate any strike or serious trouble
on the Intercolonial railway," was Uie
Statement given   nit unofficially ut the
department ef railways this morning,
regarding the threat conveyed through
A. P. Moflu r, from Halifax.
"Tlie matter is In Cue hands of Mr
Ciitiliiis and Ills commission and is
being handled from the M One ton end.
The minister, however, is expected
hack tomorrow and may have some-
tl|i"tr t" rnv nl 'lit the trouble."
The department is inclined to think
thnt the conditions are not serious
and thinks the odds and ends are behind the request for recognition.
It Is believed that tlle main branch-SB
of the service am not behind the
movement. The department further
believes that the men supposed to be
Involved are much Un jealous of their
positions te risk losing them to others
who are waiting for them.
"The department has not been officially notified of the dispute nor
bus any application been mnde for n
I "iird of arbitration," said Hon. T. VV.
j Crothers, minister of labor, today In
!i"i'wer to an inipiirv regarding the
j Intercolonial   labor  dispute.
I y- (V'thi rs explained that the intercolonial  did  not come  under  the
I Industrial Disputes and Investigation
act. Another act, however, the Labor
and Conciliation act, could be applied.
In the case of the former disputes on
the Intercolonial, however, Mr.
Crothers explained that an endeavor
had always been made to bring the
dispute with the consent of both parties under the former act.
When a one-time Ontario fanner in
his SOt li year conies to British Columbia and buys a farm ut Langley
the time haa come for frock coated
politicians and publicity agents to
Wipe that hackneyed quotation "Go
west, young man, go west" off their
slates and think  up another ono.
This really happened, William C.
Sw eel man, now living iu South Van
couver, until recent years was one ot
old Ontario's farmers. Whether or
not he got the western fever from
that "go west" quotation is not
known, but anyway he got It, and he
got it bad. None of your Winnipeg*
or Calgnrys for him; he was coming
to the real west; he liked the B. C.
country and he stayed.
He didn t nc d in work, but still,
doing nothing is tiresome fnr a man
just in bis prime. Atler living in
this district for some years he was
taken with another fever: this time
It was of the "back to tbe land"
This, like the western fever, was
Incurable and now he has bought a
nive five acres with barn, house and
a well out at Langley. and unless his.
more youthful neighbors are careful
he wiii be showing them a few tricks
ubout farming.
Best of all he paid cash, to be exact
$2150 was the figure the agent asked
and that was what Mr. Swectinan
paid;  no installment  plans for him.
Nevt week, perhaps. Langlev folk
will bave a new neighbor, and whal
lie doesn't know about gardening and
Ohloken farming you could put ou
the back of a postage stamp.
I Ottawa. July 29.���There has been
I forwarded lo Canada a handsome
[booklet, outlining the plans for the
erection of a great structure In London io be headquarters of all the self- j
governing dominions of the Britiah j
There Is a site available at the central meeting place of Kast and Wesi
London, and tbe proposal is that thlr I
site should be purchased liy the sev-1
eral dominions acting together and
that buildings be erected to contain
the offices of the dominions in London. The business advantages of this
scheme are said to be ns great as the
apparent advantages from the standpoint of imperial unity.
the scheme
What should be the Btandard wage
of a city, ihe wage paid  by the city.
ihe  wage  paid  by  sub-crtitraiit-u-rs of
'be city or tbe wage paid by cuilnay
construction companies T
This  question   K-as   frr-ututfit   up  bs
I Prince   Hupert   last   free*   Bufore   tha
I royal comnilftrfdft on labor:
The city of Prince Humeri is piiyiiif.-
1:1'-ers it cents per Hour tor an
.ht hour day: the sub-contractzf-fs
* paying .17 1-2 cents per hour for a
ten hour day, white Foley, Welch Ji
Stewart, contractors for the tlmriri
Trunk Pacific, doing a large amount
if work in Prince Hupert, are paying
only "fi cents per hour for a ten haMC
The mayor of the city, giving evi-
dence, said Unit Uie city council ��as
in a quandary as to the standard wage.
Win n Been lust evening K. i*.
Stiney. the local member of the euro-
mission, stated he was in Cavor of
placing the prevailing wage as Uisut
paid by tlle city as the standard and
n lhis he wns supported by a majorit;,'
The prime mover in the scheme is. ...
Karl Qrey, who is chairman of a syn-   "f "'" %vl"kiMS'nen anil alao, AMe-ci	
dicate. called the Dominion Site, l.im- ' * Bullock-Webster, a cont.racuir-at
lted, which holds an option on the site. I ''rllu'*-' Rupert Mr Webster..ifc.siv-
The other directors are Lord Ply- ! :"P testimony, said he paid/ uttssttr-W
mouth. Sir Starr Jamieson. Sir J. II
Heaton, (',. M. Brown and Harry Brit
tain, nil men well and favorably known
in public life. An important pnrt of
the scheme Is that concerned with the
promotion of inter-Imperial trade.
from  45 to 75 cents per hoar Ter la--
11 or    and    thought, any other |KtrUe&
::uld afford br.
' During the trip whtch ended last
evening, tiie commission visited New
Hazelton, Hazelton and Prince Ru-
���i rt Mr. Stoney reports that condi-
tloni in the upper oountry are about
'.be same us on the lower mainland.
quiet, owing to the money stringency.
The provincial commission wflf probably finish Its tour of the provfnci'
early in October, after whicft u
lengihy.report will be prepared tu Ik
presented ut. the uext session of t*tt*
Tries to Study Mexican Situation, Cut
Chautauqua  Platform Call  Has
Hie Goat.
Washington.     July
Wilson and  Secretary
themselves   tcday   to  n
voluminous   report   at
Intend to FigM '�����
Washington, July 29.���The Nfesnr-
gUM-totwatJC proposing an American
protectorate, was tho centre of a *n*t*w
stormy ceSBton of tbe senate foreign
"olatlons committee ' today. Senatnrx
'Irriih and Clarke took a pronounced
-tind against it and indicated that
'hey would carry their opposition 1����
'he senate. Tho terms, modelled af
er llie so-called Ptattc amendment
iropos"d by Secretary Bryan, would
>ot in* hlblt Nicaragua from joining
Ihe Central American union. Action
was postponed until Saturday.
London Julv 20.--The subscription
list of ��510,000 of 4V4 per cent, city
of Vanoouver consolidated Iuib been
fully subscribed, according to an announcement in The Times this morning. The issue was placed on the
market ut 95.
Other Canadian securities officially
li3ted are: City of Port Arthur.
��415,700 5 per cent, debentures,
��100 each; cltv of Victoria, scrip,
fully paid, ��482.876 of 4V4 Per cent,
consolidated stock.
Bryan devoted
study  of  the
 ^^     the'r   disposal
on  conditions  In  Mexico.    Indications
were that with the appearance before
the Benate committee on foreign relations tomorrow of Ambassador Henri
Lane Wilson, the last stage In the pro
gram of the administration to ills-over the facts of the Situation before un
nouncing a  policy  would  Le  reached.
While   a   resolution   In   the   b-tise
called for a joint committe to obtain
.documents  In  the   Mexican  situation,
and another in the senate sout-ht the
! opinion of that body on the question
|nf resngnlilng the belligerency of the
I Constitutionalists, administration officials again declared thnt there would
be no haste In formulating a definite
policy towards  Mexico.
Back to the Talkfest.
Secretary Bryan stated that no preparation for mediation had been submitted  to either of the two  factions
In   Mexico,   and   Incidentally   he   re-I breast.   A pocket knife is said to
marked that he might go back to the be--n   used.    Hunter made  hia
For  Infanticide.
r.cpd-n. fn'y 29."- Carrie Liley. a IS-
���<>ir-rld ctrl cf Dorchester, was arested ihls morning on a ehaiw of
"���"iirderlng mi Infiint born to her ou
'one  It.  and  of keeping secret  t^M-���
��� tli Th" I"-dy wae exhumed tfciR
"orning fr-im the back yard of Cluw.
'.t'f' rti -.-, fbr whqm Uie gjrl wu houKe-
Stabbed Hi* Daughter.
TV'', ville. Julv  2��.���At a late boui
'art night John Hunter, aged 41 yearr*..
was arrested accused of stabbing; hM-
daughter, Mrs. II. Storms, of thla city.
twice in the tires: and In    Uh��   left
(Continued ou Page Five.)
'with his daughter. *���*.<; t vwo
WEDNESDAY,  JULY  30,  1913.
An inttt-tiendtTtt nt.nyiimp ***er ttVOttd tn tke inter-.sts ol S'eie West min tier and
ttui Ititser I'.lltti). Put****** tmery morning except Sunday l'n llie National PrtnMnfl
��nd ruhlitStntl Cimttany, Ltmitesi, t 63 McKcnuc Mreef. Neic IVcslnilnjiti r. liritish
CoUxmtm. ttOBB SOTHBBLAND, Uanaotng llireotor.
All ���  .".isxsuimltti*. *Ko*ld Set atUressr-l In The New WMtmllUtSr News, ami not
to HilieHrfnuJ members vf th* ttul*     Cheques, drafts, and tnniieii order* should bt limit'* |
suii"-" "   I"  ThS  *-aiLtt��%- l-riuiina and I'uttlisKing Company, Limited.
���t'Kj.t.'1'iiosii.i���Uajmvts Office and Matwaet, 9'j3, editorial Booms (all depart.
���v-.il>. SSI.
HI H.Ktllll'TION IIATBa���Ru carrier. 14 lier year, Jl far three months, 4Pc per
oi..,'.-',      Hit mail. $3 |wr ytttxr. tic per month.
MllVMlriKINQ  UArtlS o�� applit udoH.
Five  Senstcr:   From  the  "Get  to   Be
Shown" State Visit
Hy his recent stand taken on the Mexican situation,
Beattle, July -!>. Impressed with
tiie effectiveness and desirability of
iVcahlngton's industrial Insurance act,
Ivo state senators from Missouri,
members of the compensation oommla-
sion of that state, Sre in Seattle to ln-
oetlgate thoroughly the working of
he Btatuto, with a view of gathorlng
data to be used In the formation or a
ultablo   compensation act lor MIs-
President Woodrow Wilson of the United States has ' Benjamin u White is chairman of
stamped himself as totally ignorant of the first binding ,^re^mlsTten0^erXmembeGra0(1��e
principles of international diplomacy and entirely inca- Benators wuitam o. Bushby,a, c. mc
pable of carrying on negotiations in anything like a civ- ����inh^q��?2Si,I5 th?VS��
ilized and approved manner.   Hy taking any cognizance ington,
of the probable moral affect of United State. rccogni4b;j;8/����8hfv;^d^0m^���0"^
tion of an administration such as Huerta s, which came credit of your compensation act," aaid
into power through events so questionable as thosei sur- ^^B^%n^^^�����^
rounding the assassination of Madero, President Wilson nm laws tor the protection or em-
has proved himself lacking in a-proper appreciation of raee8  '""'     ' ,:    :"": '"  '!
his responsibilities as measured by the European stand-jognized
Pootal  Officials    Report    That
Sums Are Being Sent���
Other News Notes.
:-i these two states are rec-
belng in thn van ol leglsla-
ui nts of this kind. The compulsory compensation and state insur-
anco features of the Washington act
live ell::
ards of diplomacy.   In other words he has shown by his!
actions that to him the doctrine of "might is right" does
not appeal and that a crime, even though committed in JgJJ*1* Z-lTtio' Sw^thw-
high places, still remains a crime.
Such unorthodox beliefs are not looked upon with
favor in European circles. The murderers of the late King
and queen of Servia did not prevent King Peter's recognition as the rightful sovereign of that country, even
when he went so far as to reward and extend his royal
favor to thc men who turned cut-throats to clear the way
for him to the throne.
What would happen 11 President Wnson s ideas were meeting with Auditor mnednie ami
injected into the European concert goodness only knows. SSr^MnSfSiimmtwim'f'* """"'
In such an event the world might have a vear or so of! informal sessions win be held h re
peace, free from war talk and international complica-h18 w,,"k' ""' Mis
tionSj but Such a thing is not even to be thought of, for,  ployers for the purpose er hearing ex
with the application of common   sense,  the  circuitous p^101   '
methods of the diplomats   would   become   obsolete  and days,
many a good man would find himself high and dry on the!
barren shore of uselessness.
"The comparatively small opi ratins
"xpense and the effectiveness of your
compensation act. havo nlso Impressed
me. I understand that within the
twenty-one montha Unit the act han
1 ei n in for ie nun-" than 2,300 cases
have been bandied. The remedy is
Fhown to be not only certain but
spi, dy."
While at Olympla Saturday tha Mis-
Winnipeg, July 89. Much good
money which would otherwise stay in
Winnipeg Is lieinK sent away at the
present time as a result of the long
struggle in th" Balkan mountains. The
linhi has naturally had affects in many
directions, and there hns been wide-
spread suffering In districts quite remote Iroin the scene of battle,    llun-
.dreds of Winnipeg working men havi
I friends und relatives in the stricken
una, and they are compelled to send
funds to tlieir relief, postal officials
and others interested in the tritismls
Ion of money to Europe suit" that
large sums are being forwarded each
week for this purpose.
A Little More Light.
One good sized chunk of tho money
to come from London was jam d loose
for new work by the board of control
I when li was decided to proceed with
ornamental lighting amounting to $49,-
000. Tho new lights will go on Main
btreel north, from the subway to Redwood avenue; on Osborne Btreet from
| Kiver avenue to Ciiydon and on liar
grave from Broadway to Assinlboine.
| Tin Main street standards will be
similar to tbose ni w on Main and
Portage avenue, aiiii will carry two
are lamps each. The Osborne standards will lie of the same type, hut will
carry only one lamp, In both cases the
ed tu cam the si reet
expects  to  lie  lure   four
You're the best fellow on earth, Mr. Weather Man
and for being wise you've got Solomon and the pilot board
borrowing ideas to make a showing. You're handsome
and you're cultured and your wife's the best dressed woman between here and the place where the tracks come
together. There; that jolly should get us some kind of a
fine day for lhe picnic.
money FROM HOME:
Re-ina  C
cil Wakes
Morning   and   Discovers
Owns  Valuable  Lot
L'p    in    tho
After trying for months Didier Masson is reported
to have dropped a bomb on the Mexican gunboat Tam-
pico, with the result that the war craft now is said to
be decorating the bottom of the ocean off Guaymas. It's
lucky for his reputation Didier did ii when he did, or
j-^he'd have dropped to pieces with senile decay.
Col. Sam Hughes who occupies the right hand top
in imperial appointees for the post of chief of staff in the
Canadian citizen army and he has named the next mar. for
the job himself.
Port Alberni has turned the electric lights
Itegina, July 29.���Old iroperty sales
st 11 furnish council committee with
subject for debate, and the
state of the city's records In tin*
lineties render accurate tracing of
affairs rather difficult.
in the dim past two lots beside W,
M. Williamson s In.use on Victoria
avenue wen* either sold to Mr. Williamson Or were not sold, ,\ form Of
.... .    , agreement is found relating to lot 22
corner ol the militia department, doesn t believe any more  n   n, but nothing relating to -"���   Mr.
son had i aid >������'��� on lot 22,
r il ���.' hih lol 23 waa al ��� nti red in
Ins name In the city rolls there *'as
no ��� '��� '*.' nee ui  any sale of it.
Tho matter caine up some time ago,
nd the city solicitor sent a registered
letter tu Mr, Williamson asking him
to s ate any objection which he may
lune to the cancellation of his titlo
io 22, the citj having claimed :;.'; on
the ground that there was no record
ui show that it had ever boen aola.
Mr. Williamson did uol reply to the
litier of the solicitor, and the city
oek steps to recover the property
and cancel his title, This having been
accomplished, the property was this
year sold for taxes, bul the city will
have the option of redeeming their
propertj for the ground they now
take is that  it   was never sold.
Unwell Smith, who has a building
on ih" iroperty. wlll be compelled
to pay rent tor it and the City wlll
take every necessary step to establish its right to the property. Tlii:v
was the decision of the finance com
milli e.
It is Interesting to note that at the
time these  lnta  were  supposed  to  b
sold   they   were   Hated   at   J1L!.",,   and
ire now   worth $10,000 each
p.des will be
car trolley guys.
Hospital  Appointments,
Seven doctors have recently been
appointed to various positions at the
gem ral hospital. Dr, .'��� Udn n Itch
was appointed outdoor ���-*.��� i ecol a
i peclallel: Dr, D, s, Mackay, Indoor
:*.*,: 11 * Icgli.:!      i pei.: I outdoor
nu dlclne, Dr. Oeorg *    Sti phi ns;    Indoor  medicint.  Dr.  Spurgeon  i
em-ibell:  indoor Burgcry,  Dr,    Drandson;
eye. ear aBsistanl -p I lialisl   i u*   Herbert   Bell:   nose    and    thn at,    Dr.
Tb teh rr,    These app Inti n nts were
n ade by the board of trustees * * thi
hospital upon applications sent in following the publication of an ad: ei l
ment   for   tenders   for  th ���   positii ns
They last for one year, l ul at the end
of that time the holdi rs i ( th    ;���  *
tions ; re usually n appointed been
f satlsfactor]  work
No  Sunday  Picnics.
,\[ the ihei ting of the pul !' * * irl
I' ard on the motion   if Aid   W
'n  resolution   was  passed    prohlb    *
the holding of organic d    pi< nics  In
tii" parks on Sundays, as wel
pin; lng of games, and it ���������> is orderi -l
that all sporting outfit! I nfli i ati d
if  persons  persited   In   playing
a warning,    Th" prohibition    will be
t made an addition bylaw No   S��� Bee
tion   14,  and   ii   was  di eldi 1   thai   a
code of regulations bo drawn  up for
Winnipeg Mayor Says There Are Too
Many Fires Which Could Easily
De Prevented,
Winnipeg, duly 29. Imprisonment
for workmen or Others whose carelessness may be responsible for tires is
strongly advocated by Mayor Deacon.
Hefore lhe board of Bbntrol, while discussing the early morning lire on Dominion Btreet, last week, Mayor Deacon declared that while he did not
know of the circumstances surrounding this particular lire, be was convinced thai there was altogether too
much carelessness on the part of
workmen engaged aboul new buildings.
There  were, he said, altogether too
many (ires due to criminal carelessness, and In- believed lhal any n.nn
guilty of such carel ssness should Ls
sent to jail lie ventured to say that
If they were bo punished there would
be fewer tires In Kurope, he said,
fires were kepi t.i B minimum In this
way. In iVeuiia. i' was rarely thai a
fire did nol reBult In sum" one being
Imprisoned, as careful investigation
showed that in the large majority ol
ease.-. Bre8 wi t" due in criminal carelessness er negllgi ll'*'*
Close Investigation of all Urea In
Winnipeg, with tho objeel of definitely settling responsibilty, wns urged by
the mayor, and all the controllers con-
 -i-.d In t'i" recommendation,    Pire
Chief Buchanan, who happened to be
present, was Instructed to make a spe-
clal Investigation and reporl on the
Dominion strei t lire, especially in
view of his stati nu nt thai there were
at bast 30 workmen In the building
ii '!'���* Li a.- thi   lire Btarted.
Mayor Di aeon and Controlli r I lou
gles held  thai   there  were  too  many
tires bi nt' ii  i .   can les -. handling of
plumhi i* '   :. '��� h Chli f   Bu thanan
Bald Hi it in his e: pi rieni ������ it was the
"  ll BS     :    *:"    9   Who     threw      a\ ay
matchi s with **.: Beolng that they
were evtlnguishi d, who were laru, I ���
'������ i p a Ible, Controller McLi an took
a whirl at ih" careless cigari tte, evi-
dentlj with the Ides thai 11 is fair
game anyway, but chief Buchanan did
not   seem  to  think  thai   the  cigarette
 Burners   wen-  any   worse   than   the
othi r ..inokers.
Eull concrete basement.   Hot air furnace; on
corner lot with $400 worth of new furniture.
ALL  FOR  $2,800.00 CASH
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
NKW    WBsi'iUNSTBR   MiihIH   NO   I
B.  A   P   O   of  Klks ���f the  11. ��r C.  meu
the rirsi nml third Thursday at �� i> m.
K.   of   1'.   I lull,   KlKhth   street.   A   Well
Oray, Exulted Huler; P. II. Smith, Kit
,. O. II. M��� NO. 864��� MEETS ON
tlrst. second, third and fourth Wednes
day In essjh month ut s .i. in.
In the MOOSfl Home. It. J. Leamy
dictator: !���'. K. Jones, secretary
Headquarters of Iodse In See House
oorner of Fourth and Carnarvon hi recti:
. O, O. lr. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Tb
rcjrular meeting of Amity lo-dks Ni
���il. I. 0. O. P., t" hold every Bnnda
night nt 8 o'olooK In Odd Fellows' Hut
corner Carnarvon and Bjlffhth streeti
Vlsltlna Hrethsrn cordially Invited
It. A. Merrlthew, N. li. j J. Robertsm
V.   O, ;   W.   C.   COOUiam.   P.   O.,   record
Ina secretary; H. \v. Bangster, flnai
clal secretary,
(������r * Hanna, Ltd.)���-PAinora! director
nnd emi'iiiniers. Parlors -tor, Cotumbb
sinet.   Ni*w  Westminster.   Phone svi
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) $16,000 000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branobea  throughout Canada    uud
Newfoundland] and in London,  England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
! U.S.A.,  and   Mexico City.    A  general
banking buainess transacted,   Letters
Of  Credit  ismied,  available  Willi  cor-
respondents In all partn of the world.
j    Savings Hank Department-Deposits
received in sums of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per cent. ���������
itiniiiii (present rate).
Tuial Assets over $186,000,000.00,
O. D. BRYMNER, Manager,
.  1-:   FA LES -
mid   B*~>balm-E
I'H.iisi     Cann
Plonser Funeral
r. ��l *.' 01 x Ague
gie Library.
1    Btree
II.   J.   A.   BURNETT
Accountant    Tel.  It.
rjs. Room i
I*. 11. Smith. W   J   'trove*
Work   undertaken    in    city   and    outald*
liulnts.    "J I 1 -1 J    WeBtmlnster   Tru.it    lll'lf
Phone  3r, i.     p,  o.   Box   f,07.
Sale, Deeds, Buslnass Letters, etc.; eir
1'iilar work specialist All work Btrlctb
confidential. II Harrv, room -Hii West
mlliKl.r Trust Hlk.    Phone mi.
of giving * !��� ��� * to tli" h> -
:ng car-
Cpckane   Val
and Fl
cy   CrC'Crs   r -
nd Nev Market
Its business street and already the folks are beginning to
.sniff contemptuously when an outsider happens to mention Broadway, the Strand, the Koenigstrasse or any other
.of those formerly well-known white ways.
Down in Australia it's quite a common thing now-
run up against pies and dumpling? made from B.
the purpi
Must   Stop   It.
,\ determined campaign i
rled on by the C. P, R, po]
ment In an i ffort to stop tii
trespassing on the tracks of the oompany,    Six nu n  were fined by Magis-
ii'.iie  Bonnycastle  for  trespassing   In
tin   i-.eiphl   rhocd nf the depot trucks
It v :,:; poll ted ' in I     ";���  prosecution
that in i '.���* past   i ii :       .' d":iths had
occurred  on  the  ,*    I*        system  as
:i i*. suit of tn s| issii        People were
killed on an averag i cf nm   ;i dny on
thi   sj stem, and wi uld in ; have hap-
l" n* d if the peoplo who had no rinlit
on the tracks had kepi off 11
Bicycle Thief
In order to be able to bti al ind Bell
bicycles disguised in such a way as to
make their Identification ImnosBible.
Theodore Zchymyscynyn, Stella avenue, according to his own confession,
haa hee,, making a practice of taking
several wiii! Is apnrt nnd int. i niin-
i 1 ue, the pints. It was discovered on
Ills residence being raidi*d recently I
thai  seine of the" parts had heen un- j
From one-firth of an acre an (Xkanagan man this season took 1700 lbs. of strawberries. That's making old
mother earth work overtime.
The liquor men of Ottawa are going to take a hand
in tho publicity game and start a scries of meetings in an
attempt to offset the work of the temperance advocates.
A Washington man has paid $"i0 into court for the
privilege of walloping a judge. He didn't say whether
or not he thought he had got his money's worth.
The  modern   conatltTrtlon    of    the
Order    of   Reformed    Cistercians, or
tit the Strict Observance, wus ad pt
��d eleven yearn uco today, and  >���
cms  tbe   five   Trnpplst   monasteries
in Canada   The  first Trappirt  monks
tame  to   America  early   iu   tin:  nine- ;
itfBnth   century,   havinj;   been   driven'
(mm iraiue.    In 181S Kather Vlncenl
tie Paul und seven brothers eatablMb-
<>d   n  mission  nmonK  the  Indians    ol
Nova    Si otla,  and  ten    years    Ii.ut
Found id  the monastery "I  1'elil t'tnir
in tha' province.
The moist celebrated ot the munis
(cries ot the Trapplst is thai at  Oku,
on the Ottawa river in Quebec, fuiind
��d in 1SS1 by monks trim Prance. The
members of this community, known as
lhe Abbey of Notre dame ilu  l.:u\ are
Subjected  tn  the  Benrereaft  discipline.
Mosl of tbem are engaged in agricultural  actlvtltlea,  and.  atfliongli  t>iei7
hour.*  are  long and ttuir toll revere j
they  Bubelsl  on  a  pun ly  vegetarian
<liet.    The   ure  'if  meat   in   permitted
t until noon
and i ri '" I nnl I 6 o'ch ���!*.. md retire
*'l 8 o'clei '���. Breakto il coi lists Of a
��� up uf ti a, bread and fru . nnd two
*,tli"r meals, ol vegetables,'rull bread
and milk, are part il i n ol I hu ing the
winter th" morning meal Is abolished.
I "*   |i  '*    fh  B BB1 "le   re:*:'!, ill r  piil'Si-
l.ly i-i cause ol ii    mi'-' of Ihe monks
reach a ripe old age.
���only to th se wVi are very lb
lute silence  is the rule tor all
a few *���   *  mui-i meet visitors and ear
ry rn 1 u hits eflairn witb the nutslde
werid.    A sien language is UBed to di-
rpc.t the monks nt their tanks.    Strict
obedience tn superiors and an absolute
regard for all or the rules o! the order
llwmlltnn, July 29 "No observant
citizen ut ull in touch with actual conditions will deny thai Hamilton has ;>.
[���housing problem," says Hr. Roberts,
M. 11. 0��� in his annual put lished report, recently issued Continuing the
report Bays:
"The Influx of artisans and laborers
i from the United States, Great llritain
j and other conntrlea of Europe and the
; mlgrp.t-'on f f workers    from    outside
pit -i" has lnrile the demand for nldi-
i ��� nnl Imuvins accommodation steadily
Abso I more urgent and pressing The Inflow-
>rcupt|lng army of persona peeking employment, "ir.: :t'nv, largely of thoso with
little c.r nu capital and   very few temporal possessions, is driven inside the
city as the direct and indirect consequence ol the prohibitive land  values
Bl   Its circumference.  With  what   re-
Sokane, July 29 Di ".din*--, thai the
rn.Hie ordlnanco which makes it nee
ssary at times for them to keep their
lutomohiles at Isolated points is an
njiiitlc" to the medical practitioners,
he Spokane Medical society al a spe
���ial meeting named a ppecial commlt-
ti' ti wall un Commissioner D. C
loatcta today to sc k concessions.
The new trattle ordinance nukes it
eccpBary for tome of the physicians
n leave liieir machines several bl icks
rom their pfflceB, il Is alleged. II was
leclded al the meeting that the auto-
ticblle has become nearly ns essen-
ia! "is a medicine case," and that
"tee reli' f provisions should he
li*. T M Aluulst, Dr. B. I). Olm-
���'t"d and Or S. 10. Lambert were nam-
"d 'i members of the committee to
'lifer with Mr. t'oates. While It has
been announced that no atien.pt will
he made i i secure permission to use
"iverside avenue the physicians will
u-i'-t that they be given the rights to
the use of side streets from which
thev are now  restricted.
"We are nol asking to get back on
Riverside, bul feel that the present ordinance is unjust, and thnt we should
have certain concession," said Dr
Mi'iiuiil last night "Many protests
have been made hy membera of tho
������: clety physlelana in tho Empire
State llv,le PIbhIh, Trailers and various olher buildings.
Interchangeable nnd ns a result he
was f ireed to throw them on the scrap
In ap, lie llrsl of all went at the junk
with .in axe The accused was arraigned before Magistrate Macdonaid
at the city police courl On his pleading Kiiliiy he was remanded.
Concrete Lanen.
Thirty thouaand dollars will be
snent by the board of control thi- year
In concrete lines The i.-r of concrete
over a   'tr.-i' ��� :   fi ��� ,*i lat on  nnif with' Ut
!"n    (.,'" ���    ti .,   ";-    . ,  . .    h ^      bee,une
very popular In  t lanj   American   ill
'���"-��� ���'''     ' * years, and it Is elalmi rl that
this Ftyle i '   :   .*ii, *���   for    euburban
: tn "t    -"ul i ini i is thc cheapest and i
l�� si   vet  ib" 'I *'d  iv  the  road king
experts One lane In the rear of Kings- ���
way v i'*  done In thla w ay by t'i" c ty
mrly   this   snrlnsr,   nnd   bo   far   c ves
pvery promise of being entire!) bsiIr-
factory, it is now the Intention to pro- i
ceed  wiih  o  numbi r of lain a  In  all
pans of the cltv, and thla will be In
the nature Of a fair experiment. Should j
It   prove   satisfactory   a     very     large
amount ol this work will be dune next
year if money is available, as ihe city
hall authorities are now quite certain
it. will  be.
Enqineer Averted Strike
Montreal, July 2'.i B\ the discharge
of two employees at tlie main pumping station city engineers believe that, |
they have checked nn Incipient mutiny againat Mr. Vallquette, tha engineer  In  charge.    Some time    agq
stricter discipline was ordered enforced  In  this department, and  Mr.  Vali-
quette  went  to carry out hla Instructions.   The result was lhat two of this
men as ringleaders roi  up a petition
and laid t before the eity council In '
lhe form of an affidavit charging Mr.
Vallquette  with  neglecting and  lacking  knowledge   of   his  duties     This ;
was sent  to  the  board of control.  Inquired Into, found contrary to the fact,!
of the case, and tho two men resnon
side   for   the   charges   were   notified
that   the  eity  could   do  WltbOUt   their
S; ui.ane, July 29 Ci mplete returns
have Juat I ������ n made on a carlo,ul of
apples shipped from Spokane to Ham
burn, Germany, lasl winter, and after
defraying freight and ether charges
the growers of tbe Spokane valley
realized a net profit of about 65 cents
a box. The carload Of 630 boxea real
Ized grosB $'.>71 :tT.
The apples were shipped through
the Ann rican Uxpresj i ompany, wuh
ilu co-opi ration of ErneBt Wlensa,
German consular agent cf the s.h.ii
ane and Eastern Trust company. Thi
express compapy handled the ship
ment all the way, even to Us distri
button oul of Hamburg to Us various
consignees and the collection of tlu
accounla, the final remittance of $20.
Hi being mnde recently. U R, Parry.
local general agent of the express
company, and otber agents of the coin
pan., gave a great deal cf time to
the Bhipment,
"This was an experimental shipment thai was made by the Spokane
valley iruit Growers' company, ul
Otis," said it. I. Knlter. vice-presl
dent of the trusl company, "it ��ns
made to demonstrate th" practicabil
Ity of shipments to the German mar
kets from ibis section.
"Considering the time of shlpmenl
iand the general conditions of the ap
I pie markol   in this country  we  think
the shippers   have  reason   to   be   well
satisfied with the returns, and ii  baa
been  our  hope  that  this  Initial   ship
ment would had to the opening up ol
a   profitable  and   dependable   market
���for I'aeif.e Northwest apples."
ster Beard ol Trade ni",'tfl In the l.imrt'
room, City 'lull, ns follows: Third Krt
day uf en-', month; uuurtudy meetlni
nn ihe third Friday of I'l-liruary. Mn>
Aiipust and November at B pm. An
nual meutliura on ilu- thlnl Friday e
l'>l,ruftl-y. C. II. Htuarl Wiele. Hecri
rlsters, Solicitors, etc. 40 Lome Sti,-e
New \\',*i<tinlniter. Cl I*t I'ortiou'.'l, I-
C.    J. II. Qra.nL    A. K. McCdll.
ler-ai-law. solicitor, etc. Tel-aphon
1070. Cable mhlri'sa ".lohnsion
Code. "Western Union." Offices, Bl!1
Hlock. 662 Columbia street. New Wen*
minster, B. C.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitor's, Weir
mlnHtT Trust Blk., Columbia stree.
N<rw Westminster, n. c. Cable ndiircs
"Whltoslde," Western Union. P. C
Mrnwer 2no. Telephone -su W. :
Whll.slde, K. C.; 11. L. Kdmonds. I
| "- "	
| J. BTILWBLL CLUTE Barrlster-at-Ia.v
solicitor,, etc.; corner Columbia en
MeKf-mle fltreetfl. New Wesl-mlnst-***'
B. C.   P, O   Box 112.    Telephone   711
COAL MINING riulus of tha Domlnlos
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and  Alberta,
ItlO Yukon Territory, tint Norlliw-dl 'l'er-
ritoiies and In a portion of the I'rovliios
of British Columbia, may be leased for *
"im el twenty-one years at i.n annual
rental of Sl nn acre.. Mot more thnn ifbst
iicrew will be leased lo one applicant.
Application for a lease must be tnadt
by 'ii'* applloant In person to tl"- AKent
or .-nti Agent of tbe district In which tbe
ni.In ' applied for are situated
111   surveyed   territory   the   land   must   be
described  by  sections,  or  legal  lub-dlvt-
slons of sections, and In unsurveyod ter-
illo.-y the tract applied for shall be
Mt'ik**'l  out   by  the applicant  himself.
Bach application must be accompanied
by a f"" of ir. whieh wlll be refunded U
it,,' rights applied for are not available,
lm* not otherwise, A royalty shall be
paid on tho merchantable output of the
none i.i tiie rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mln" shall
furnish the Agent with swern return*
i.������-uitliiK for the full quantity <>f nivr-
chantable coal mined arid pay tll�� roy-
niv thereon. If thp conl tiuuliiK rlKhta
are not being operated sueh returns should
oe   ritrntshnd  nt  best  once  h   v, nr
Tho lean,, will Include tin. o��n| mlnlna
rlRiita only, nut the leases will be p^r-
n-*'!',! to purchaw whatever available
siirfii'-e rights ma)* lie consul' pa neo-a-
*ury for the working of tin; mln,' st th��
rat" of lit) an acre.
Kor full inforro-iti'iii application should
he made to the Becretar/ of the I>'j*rt.
meat   of   the   Interior,   Ottawa,   or   to  any
Asent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  [.amis
W. w. CORY,
Deputy  Minister of th" Interior..
N B.���Unauthorised publication of this
irlvertlsement wlll not he pup] for
Solicitor    an.l     Notary.
block. L'n Ixirne  street,
ster, B. C.
Offices     Hai
M w  Weotmb
Barristers umt Sollaftors, 0oS to 61
Westminster Trust Block. O. E Mar
tin.   w,  u.  MoQuafrte   and Oeorge  I
l 'assaily.
P.O.  Box 34 Dally  News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Satisfaction guaranteed
McKenzie  St.
To  Port   Mann  and   Port  Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves   New  Weatmlnster  for  Port
Mnnn 8:00 a.m.
I eaves   Port   Mann   for  New   WeBt-
mitiPter 8:00 a.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster  fur  Port
Mann  and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 a.m.
I.eaves    Port   Coqultlam    for   Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leavea  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann 5.no p.m.
Leaves   Port  Mann  for  New  West-
j minster 7.00 p.m.
I    Leaves New Westminster for Port
i Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:SO p.m.
Leaves    Port   Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann nnd New WeBtmlnster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
, Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia SL
Kelowna, It C. July 20 July L'I
marked au epoch in British Columbia
fruit growing Inasmuch aa Kelowna
dispatched the llrst straight carload of
cherries ever shipped from 'he prov
Ince, and Stirling and I'ltcalrn tire tn
be complimented upon being tbe lirst
tu lav claim I i this record,
The varieties constated mostly of
M u rii lo and the famous Olivette cher-
rles, which have acquired such prominence in recent yiars an lhe product
of the Kelowna Land and Orchard
company's well known orchard near
Kelowna, I-'rom the same sources also
came, the Hlack Republicans and Lumbers, which were Included in tlle
Some Idea of the magnitude nf the
car lot can be gathered from lhe fact
lhal a minimum car wuuld contain oni
thousand cases containing four baskets and lhe cases themselves held
eighteen pounds of cherries each. The
fruit presented a magnlfllcent appearance when viewed before shipment,
The cherries this year have been of
remarkably line quality owing, perhaps, to the light crop and Ihe warm
weather of lh" last few days bis add
eii greatly to its attractive appearance
by  the depth  nf  lhe coloring.
This car  lot  was di'slined  for Van
couver, and  th" const  city  h;iH    done
much to stimulate a demand for nnd
appreciation of the fruit of ltn own
I'rlces right.
Transfer Co.
)fflc��   Phons   18S.       Barn   Phon*   IS:
Bsgbls Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any pert nf the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
B.C. Coast Service
���M    VHP.-
(.ml 1.1
�����   Vtim
��� nvt-r for Vtrtorta  10 a
��� ���liver   for   Shuttle   Ifl   ii
M  Vmiw
tiivMf rn  Nanatmo 10
���Be exacted, and pnnlshmcnl and pen , ���suits? Kvery available four walls Hml
ance fol it nv the minutest infraction of under ordinary conditions or "iiv
the laws growth would never l" accused '���: le*
During ib" summer montha on all |lng part of a home is eagerly Belzed
-working days the nymbs rise at 21 upon and occupied, no matter how out-
x*'i-lock, |)-a;, and e&gago in otlie.- di    rafiBDUS  ...    rental."
White R
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co.,
in>l  Q  30  p.m.
t��f*RV*B Vancouver   fnr   prim-*   Rupert
nn.l   Nnrthft-n   pnintn    10   P    m     vVodnei
days  and   Saturdays  nt   11   p.m.
Ctiiiiiwack Service
Age nis
Leaves  Chilliwaok   7
Thursday and Saturday*
lifavf'H  Westminster  fl
Wodnesduy and Friday.
a. m.   Tuesday, i
m.   Monday, I
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Publlc.
i Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Weatmlnster. B C.
Telephones:  Office 53, ncnldenee 429.
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Calmer     Urns,'    Casoline
' Engines,  Marine  Engines  and  Auto-
uiolille  Itepalrs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
=>0. Box 474.    New We,tmln��ter. B.C.
We now hnve four trains daily and
will give you the cheapest rate noing
not only to Eaatern points, bul to
Kootenay ami olher polnta, We are
alao agents for ail steamship linen.
Kor reservation and olher particulars
apply lu
E, aoULET, Agent.
New   Westmiuefi-'
BD,  I
fl.  W.
IHH.irr,  AKent.  New Westmtruiti
BHODIB, U. P, A.. Vancouver.
r.  ii. \v. QROD1E, Q, P. A.. Vancouvor. WEDNESDAY,  JULY  30,   1913.
Winnipeg, July 29. -Bleached by Ier pieces, An attempt was made to
years underground and by contact ��� (lnd the other thigh bone, but without
with tbe elements, a goodly portion j success. If this bone could be located
of a human skelteon waa recently ills- lit could be definitely Bittled whether
covered by (Ieorge Mawer on a Band lor not the skeleton is that of a man.
���dune belonging to hlm, but a mile and It Is believed the remains are those
one-half  from   biB   farm   and   about   of a mail- person, but this cannot be
nevin miles from Bardwardiiie. The
discovery of these bones has awakened in the memory of many of tbe old
timers the sudden disappearance 26
years ago of Basil Walter Bull and A,
Charli s Ttillock, young Englishmen
who bad come out shortly before "to
learn to farm."
Bull was the son of uu Kngiish clergyman und  letters left by blm  ut the  ,   	
time of his disappearance show that'fair anil also told him of lhe unlnvos-
he came from somewhere In England, ltlgated disappearance of Bull and Tul-
alflloiigh bis address Ih not given. One loch. He gave hlm tbe names of par-
tetter, written apparently by his iis- |tlcs who bad known the young men
ter, Is dated August 10, 188ti. The:and It Is likely tbat after they have
writing is still very legible, is in a been gone for twenty-flve years an in-
good tlnn band, the spelling is per Relitigation will be mane. An attempt
feet, and tiie sentences ure well com- Will be made to communicate with any
posed.     Hi"   letter   ia   written   from \ relatives   who  happen   lo  still   be  In
stated positively at present. 11 has
been ascertained beyond a doubt, however, that the ground waB never used
as a burial ground by the Indians and
���In- cheek bones of the skull would indicate that lt was that of a "pale
face." ,
Immediately after discovering the
bones Hr. Tlsdale notified Attorney -
Ceueral Allen In  Winnipeg of the af
Vanccuver  Council   Decide;  to  Carr,
Out Paving Scheme���Mutterin-gs
cf  Storm at  Meeting.
Bngland. In the meantime the coroner
is holding Hie bones and an Inquest may be held ou them.
Industry  Making    Gccd    Progress
Saskatchewan���Making   More
Ballyfarnon, Carrlck-on-Shannon, Ireland. It describes the trip across the
channel irom Kngland to Ireland, and
many if lbe places of Interest the
writer Ivlsited. There Is also considerable nu ntlon of an uncle In Devonshire led several aunts In llublln.
Tulloch was the son of an army officer     friends  who  knew  blm   rtate
that lie had lost the sight of one eye
and had  been  unable to  get Into the,
army   un   a   result,  so  he  decided   to
come west,    tine id the letters left by
him   W   ; igned   "mother"   and   dated '
from 50 Grange l'ark, Baling, London
west,  July  27,  1SKG, and  contains an
appeal   to   Tulloch   not   to   forget   his
Bible because he Is away out from civ- I
Came to  Learn  Farming.
The   young   men   were   brought   out      1;,,M:l;l,  ju,v  29.    Substantial  prog- I
to Bradwardine by Herb Hensley, of' ,, ,        ,
Alexander, a distant relative of Bull's, recB ln a" branches ot the dairying in-
who offered to teach them faring for dustry has been made in Saakatche-1
a ceri.iin  amount, the young men  to * wan since the opening uf the season
pay thell   hoard and nl  the same time I,  .  |llc, Bhowlng of ���,t. r,,(,(,r(ls of lh���
to do w ,rk on the farm.    After a time: , ,    ,. 	
be Becured  then, jobs on a fan -i'1  I'"-'"'"'"- of agriculture.   Ibere has
longing   In   Ueorge     Mawer's     father.' I ��<'ii  Bti  increase or  in  tlie neighbor- i
where lhey worked fnr a considerable   hood of 40  per cent, in the output of
time    They finally decided that they!t*j,o   cooperative    creameries   doing
had had enough of    that    p.-irt of the   .     , .. .   ,.   ..
< mm,*.. .. lording to oeorge Walton bu,ineM ln tnP P""1"'"--*'' ������������*��� �� the
who was well acquainted  with  their present ratio of increase Is conUnued,
and wbo atlll resides near their former thi  time Is not far distant when the
home. Ke states that the voung men production of butter, cheese and other
appeared to tie well lived financially,
receiving a certain allowance from
home at Intervals, besides owning a
large amount of personal property.
Tulloch prepared to leave first, ac
cording to Walton, and had a small
sale of his personal property, getting
rid of h's rifle and shotgun, which still
nre owned by a farmer living in the
community. lie then disappeared and
no one bus heard of him since. Mr.
Hensley. at Alexander, states that he
believes he went to Mexico, hut is not
positive and has heard nothing from
Shortly after Tulloch disappeared
Bull also dropped out of sight without
a warning and leaving all of his
possessions behind him. Hensley
thinks that l'e also went to Mexico.
hut Oeorge Walton heard that be bad
gone wesi to the mountains. Neither
parly has ever heard a word from
Personal   Property  Still  There.
Many of the personal effects are still
In Ihe possession of Oeorge Mnw-cr.
wbo Is living on his father's furm
Am,-ne thetn are sheets and other bed
clothing-, tableware, linen. Bibles,
prayer books, an album containing
pictures ef Hull during different stages
of bis life and also portraits of his
rpotber and father and other relatives,
nnd lh" old chests lu which the goods
were originally packed. it Is
stated thai members of the Maw.
er family have been wearing various
articles if his clothing ever since the
young men left and still have a considerable quantity lert.
A re- ��� Iver which Mawer Is said to
hnve frequently shown to people ex-
ni'iinh"; that It belonged to colonel
Tulloch a lempass and expensive pilr
of "eld iilvcs, are also among tha
nrtioles yel kept In the Mawer home
Some of the articles have been disposed of i't various sales which Mawer
hn�� held "' different times The revolver and compass are kept by Ma Wer
under lock and key whenever he is not
at home
Old settl"'-s 111 the vicinity of Brad
ward lne differ widely in regard to
where the voung men went. Some
state they went west to the Rocky
mountain:- nnd Joined a surv: vor's
party Others snv thev went to Mi ��
lco, All declare that tbey have heard
en word from them since they left,
Ti""-" have been unlet rumors circulated in r gard to foul flay. There wns
no Investigation   of   tho   disappearance.
Discovery of Manv Bonec.
On" evening three weeks ago Vnwc"
(iv>i.'il,"-eii  n  crowbar and  struck
creamery commodities will form one
of the most Important ot the industries oT the west.
Uurlng the month of July, 1912, thel
total output of all the creameries or i
Saskatchewan wus 121,lino pounds of
butter, During tb" month which
closed on July Sn last, more than 169.. I
000 pounds of butter were marketed,
.in  increase of 4S.(ld0 pounds.
The number of farmers supplying
erenm fo the various factories eFt.ib-
lifhid throughout lhe province has increased from 155:', in June of last year
tn 2,10n In June of the present season, while tliere Is every pros poet that
hefore the close of tbe year more than
300 new producers for the creameries
will have been found
Mixed  Farming to Fore.
According to W. A Wilson, super
Intendent of the dairying branch of
the department of agriculture, a widespread luterest In tin' possibilities of
,i,,, industry is being manifested in
Saskatchewan. Wheal "mining" bas
become a thing or ihe past. Mixed
farming is coining to he recognised ns
the only basis of permanent agricultural prosperity, and lhe farmers are
becoming less and less dependent on
the market for grain.
Hiiilng tbe past few years Cnnnda
bas imported large ouantlli"s or dairy
products from Ni w Zealand and Aus-
t'-'iiii. When Dominion statistics for j
1913 enme to be compiled. It will prob- ]
nblv le found that home production Is
gradually narrowing tlie market for
Imported farm products, and thut In
regard  to  foods  at  least,  the  west   Is,
rapldlv becoming a self supporting
Vancouver, July 29. As city bonus:
to the amount of $2,500,000 have been I
sold in London, the city council ItiBt j
night unanimously adopted a recommendation from a special meeting oi ,
the bi.ard of works, held yesterday j
afternoon,  that  paving costing  $221),- j
000 should be commenced at once.
Qlves Up Ito Dead.
Floating    face    downwards,    l'eter
Peel,   president   of   the   Longshores- ;
men's   Association,   discovered   the
body of an unknown man near I'l'.li
shed No. 5 this morning,    lie immediately notified the police of the discovery and Captain Anderson of tbe
police patrol, assisted by I'ollce Constable   Cameron   were   dispatched   to
tiie scene of the discovery and lifud;
the  body  from   the  waters.    Coroner'
Diploek viewed the body and ordered Hi
removed to Undertaking rooms.  From ;
tbe appearance of the  body  it  must:
havo   been   in   tlie   wutor  about   twoi
weeks,   The. drowned man weighs 160
or 170 pounds, is about five feet seven
IncheB tall, stout build,  fair hair and
.slightly   bald,   clean   shaven,   suit   of
���lark color, with striped overalls, and i
elastic side shoos.    In ihe pockets of
the clothing were found $4.30. a razor,
compass,  pair  of glasses,  pipe,  knife '
ind   two  addressed  curds,  cm*  bearing the card of "Tb" Alters," room-j
iiig house. 020 Powell street, and the
other cf the ���'Vacuum Cleaners,"  540 I
Hi i rgla streel,
Stcrm   Parsed   Over.
Mutterlnga of in angry storm were'
audible  11  the  city  council   meeting
last nighl when Alderman M. McBeath,
rising to a question "f privilege, pre-
i*i*.-' ���! charges of Inefficiency, disre-!
gard  of order.!, unbecomi' g conduct, ���
and others of a more eerious nature.
againat Water Works Superintendent
S.   Maddison,  and  asked  for  bis  dismissal if the rllegati'iiis were proved.
tut  under  the  soothing  Influence  of
the  mayor  the  menace  pasBed  away *
and 'lie question was referred to the1,
water committee.
Upheld  Decisicn,
The court of appeals upheld the de-
ctslon  of  Mr.  Justice  Murphy  in   ih"
"use  between   I.  J.  Grant  and  Alvo
von Alvensleben regarding the matter
of coal lands purchased by the Van-
couver-Nanalmo  Coal  company  from*
lhe latti r party, aud which Mr. Cranf
claimed   were partly his.    The action
lbrcusht by Mr. Grant wns dismissed.
:    The cafe revolves around the fact
'hit   Mr.   Oram  agreed   to  give  over
i two tracts  of coal lands for development  by   Mr.   Alvo  von   AlvenBleben.
���\tf- r operating en  one  tract  it  waB
! fr und there was no coal and therefore
abandoned, but Mr. Alvo von Al ensle-
ben sold  the olher tract to the Vancouver Nanaimo Coal company      and
Inr.ld Mr. Oram some $5000.    This Mr
Grant  argued was an  instalment, but
the court decided otherwise,
1 S. S. Taylor, K.C, appeared for Mr.
Grant  and  Hart  McIIarg  for Mr.  von
1 Alvensleben.
Children's   Exhibits.
Among the many booths Included in
.the women's department at thp forth-
comlng   Cunada   Western   Exhibition,
children under Hi will be represented
by an exhibit of needlework for whieh
I   fecial   prizes   have   been   offered   by
, the   l.oenl   Council   of   Women.     The
' wards bave bei n offered with a view
ltn encouraging  local  school  gtrls  In
the   art   of   needlework,   a   work   that
will prove of Immeasurable advantage
to Uiem  in  liter life.    All  the prises
offered  are  (or  girls  under  10  years,
of age and the children are soendtng
thetr spare tune, during the holidays.:
lu doing work for ihe contest
Chinese  Editor Arrested.
i'er Incurring th" wrath of Yuan Shi
K 'I   president of the n'l w Chinese re-
nubllc, whese nrestige is- now threatened,  fling.  Tse  Yau,  wl-o  formerly
edited  the local Chinese  Daily  N", ws,
bus teen arrested on charges or political consnlracy by orders of Yuan Shi
Kail nnd h's fate lies in the hands of
'.he   president,   according   to   advices
received   here  yesterday  liy   the  local
Chines I newspaper.
Interesting Theory
of Westm'nster Man  I   proin TWe Wno Aivertise
I By W  .1. BOYD.) (patent for this engine was taken out
The evolution of steamships, unlike in 17S6.
that of the sailing ship, which barks' The celebrated Hudson river steam
back into the misty darkness of eight er paddle was built by M. A. Allison
centuries, covers but a Bhort period of New Jersey in 1S61, developed a
of time in the world's history, yel speed that was never eclipsed by any
considerable contention has arisen as vessel uniil torpedo boats were built,
who   was   the   actual   inventor  of  She frequently travelled 2" miles per
the marine steam engin..
Tlie Marquis de Jouffrey. Jonathan
��� Hulls.  Ji mi   Fitch.   William   Symington and Robert Fulton are each claimants, and each has his own set of ad
vocales. through the concensus of op-
, inion  and  proof points to Symington
I as being the genius who first successfully applied steam propulsion to navi
>.u,on.     ui":,*   there  he   manv   who
do  say,  and   ihat   with  considerable
degree   of   reason,   tbat   Fulton     wa.-.
merely   u  charlatan,  ��   pirate purloining  ihe  conception  of other  brains,
and.  aa  is  too   frequently   the  case,
filching  the  reward   from  the  logitl
mate worker.
Commmltted Cuiclda
Symington's great rival and d ntem-
porary was thai brilliant but ill-star-
���en mechanical genius, John Fitch,
who like Symington, gained nothing
but ill luck from bis inventions, und
who, In the end. having failed to ob
hearing  on either side of tin
Bris:s   Fights
The Carron  line originally  was    a
fleet   of   sloops,   heavily   armed   with
ii.. ,,.,..,,,Mn.*'* til-nous Carronades, be
tween Carron Wharf and London, and
I many   a   or,.-...   !��� .nt   ensued   between
these   shops   and   French   privateers, j
fights   that   mostly   ended   infavor   oi
the carronade, or as it was known lit
these days,  smasher.
So long ago as 1779 the compan***.
advertised in the Edinburgh Advertls
er the "Glasgow, Robert Pater'
son muster, mounting fourteen twelve
pounders, with men answerable, and
will provided witn small anus'' would
sail on the nib if March. 1779, for
London, All steerage passengers accustomed to the use of firearms, and
wbo would engage in defending thetn
selves, were given a free passage, ou
paying ror their provisions, which
w. re guaranteed not to exceed Ins Od
We  are   also  told  that    the    firm
They want your trade. That's the reason why lhey
advertise. They will treat you courteously und.supply
your needs'at reasonalile prices.
When dealing- with those who use onr advertising
columns don't forget lo say that ytu saw their ads in Tht*
News.   It helps us.
Speculation      as    Regards    Montreal
Ecard of Control���Friction
With Council.
md n
th" geld to the pi i| of land one
lit'lf miles from his bulldlnga
Montreal, July 29.   With the civic
elections  still  nearly    nine    months
away, there Is already  much speculation at to possible candidates foi* tin
1 next 1 it'.rd of control.   At present, It is
fe" regarded  ns  unlikely  that  either Dr.
Off I Lachapelle  or  Mr.  Dupols  will  stand
again,   Both huve frequently express- :
ed a wish to return lo private life. Mr. i
Godfrey mny stand again, but has not
reached a definite, decision.   He takes |
R keen Interest In    municipal    work.
however, and It mny be added Is one,
f tbe most assidtofls nrembers of'the j
"I!   Is  loo early  fer ne to express I
myself," he remarked,   "H Ib a matter j
which   needs  very  careful  eotis'dera- |
tion. I mutt say. however, that I have
always round thc work very Interest-
Mr. Ainey expresses his willingness
lo accept nomination, If offered to
hlm a-rnlu.
i p'lci'i'.'*i-  rf rccwring  good
��� of the find. Together with i'ii-*,,!il:'ti n   fnr  th"  1 < i'"d    are   many
When !"��� returned he said to his hired
mnn* "Gnras what i have found over
there en the field tonight." "I don't
1,'io-e. Whnt was It! A ten dollar
bill"" ..was lhe rnoly. "No. I thong*!
I saw n stone In lbe Held and I struck
it with n crowbar to turn it up and
I found 'hat it was n skull." No mere
was Bald illicit It Hint night as the
hired   m">n   thought  be   wub  Joking.
The follow ing day. however, he ban-
pencil to be on the land, which Mnwe-
never allowed anyone to work be'
binveir, and saw the skull blinseir
He 'old some one or It and Coroner
Tlsdale ol Dalv minilclpaliiv, w-i"
made swart
Municipal Constable Miles nnd Oe
l/ovntt, desk sergeant at the P"rl
Rouge police station, Wlnnlneg, who
was on his vacation in Bradwardine,
be v""il to lhe pint und wltli '. "tv I't-
tle digging uncovered u IT'at many
Shallow   Grave.
The  body   appeared   to  hnve   hoc"
burled bul n root or two beneath th"
surface nnd the steady wind blowln��
on the dune had gradually rem"- rl
awnv the sand, leaving the I"" "I tV
skull completely exposed, li hsd
turned to a lime white I" Hi' natch
evp"sed to the elements while III" rest
ot lhe bones were of p brownish i-'rny
color Nearly n complete skeleton
was found, although It hnd been broken when Mawer turned It out. There
wns a complete femur, pair of knee
caps, ribs, pieces of the vertebrae, one
thigh bone and numerous other small-
Tho man likely to he attracted by th
P-ihirv   if  '7RO0  u  year  ts  often  tb"
i" in  li"t  likely to lie a runCCSS,    On
the (iinr ifiid. men worth the Balary
are  gen-amity  Speaking,  engaged     I".
nu re r< i'ii"u rat lve work which thoy
wi uld hardly give up for the Bike tif
n  finr  venrs' tent wltll the ellv.
Ii 0- lust there difficulties which tlie
""���ti tiontir'es among the aldermen rs-
���"in!  ns  th"1!' opportunity.    Thry are
looking '" ihe coming Inaulry into the
ti-ni deals for ammun't'on to enable
tin m t" secure a return to the old regime er to obtain n representative or
representatives on the board.
As pointed out they are leaving no1
Irtone unturned In their endenvir to]
rccure such evidence ns will tend to
discredit the controllers. Secret j
meetings are being held: ways and
means of using the Inquiry to their
own ends aro being discussed.
Calgary, July 29, is the olty of dii
gary willing to guarantt a tbo bonds
���>f an Industry to 'he extent of $127,.-
onn providing the concern will pul In
a lik" amount of cash, and will furnish
etepli yment to 800 skilled artisans all
the year roundt And if the city In
willing ii) do ii. can the municipality
assume such an obligation?
The proposition enme over the wlro
fr"in Industrial Commissioner Miller,
who is in the eastern United State.;
spying out the manufacturer who
might he Induced to conic to western .
Canada and grow up with the fastest
developing country  ln  the  world.
Mr. Miller's communication wnn ad-1
ilresred to President Day en Ish of the
jIntiustrltn bureau. The crinkle was'
[not yet oul of the paper en which the
telegram was written when President
Devenlsh had It before the mayor and
commissioners,   it did not como up
olliclully, but was the cause of much
Informal discussion nt the city hall
Finally   It  was decided   to  wire  Hie
"ommissloner to have blm arrange to.
have Mayor Slnnott meet the   repre- i
sentntlves  of the  proposing  company
when  he goes to Chicago next  week. |
The concern making the proposal Is
"lid to be the motor truck maul'l'iic- ���
luring company with which Mr. Miller
V's been negotiating Tor some time. In
tlie event that Calgary dues not ii"-
eni fun proposition the same offer
���vlll I e made tn a city in eaatern Can-1
������'a which is said to be agreeable to
the proposal,
AUantlc for his invention, committed  Bteamer to go frnm Glasgow to Lon
suicide by taking poison;  leavlns in  don  was  the  Thame
his journal    the    following    pathetic
Found Cullty.
Webster Springs, W. Vn., July 28,   -
a. U. Q, Holmes, member of the lower
branch of the West Virginia legisla
lure, accused of accepting n bribe In
connection with the recent election
'or the United States Beiiatorsblp,
was found guilty late todav. State
Senn'or Daniel Smith and Delegates
ltathdulT and Dr. II. F. Asbury have
been convicted also nnd are now
awaiting sentence on lhe same charge.
message: "The day will oome when
s< me more powi rful man will get
fame and riches from my Invention,
but nobody will believe that poor John
Fitch can do anything worthy of attention."
pitch's merits as un inventor were
received by a committee of the New
York legisiatiire, about 20 years later,
when tbey reported:
"The bints built by Livingston and
Fulton were iu substance tbe Inven
tions patented to John Filch In 1791.'
The Llv ngsion bere roferrod to was
Robert Livingston, tiie great American jurist and statesman who wns responsible for the diioloratlon of Independence i !' the United States. He
was a descendant of the Itev. John
Livingston ui Btratnrall and A.neurun*
Cm famous eovcnsiring dMne.tand
b >come Fulton's financial partner t:i
hla steamslun enterprises.
O-dnions Divided
Opinions are divided as to whether
a paddle wheel is the devi lopment
from tb" ncl on cf a man paddling
a canoe or the result of applying to
a vessel un ordinary wheel wltb
hind. �� ic make ll bite the water; and
how the power that caused the revol-
utii.n nf the paddles wub first applied
|g as unknown ns the name of the
man who first thought of making nnv
Igat'on easier hy mechanical menus.
Thut the idea is cue of considerable
antiquity Is proved bv authentic re
cords of vessels being fitted with pad
die win els na early as the middle of
ihe fifteenth century, Indeed, in a
work or Ilobertus Valturus, published
in 1172, there are pictures of two such
bents, one cl' which has rve pairs of
paddle wheels, and tlle Other one pair
Hu. designs being attributed to Mat
ter de Past, who lived at the court,
or Malatesta and died In 1464. From
exiting air.davits we learn Hint tlm
Hrst steamship built In the United
Kingdom was constructed on the Itlver Carron, In Stirlingshire, by William
Symington, In 187S, some eight years
prior to the advent of Fulton's Clere-
mi nt and Ihr.t the engines fer It were
made at tho Carron Iron Works nt a,
cost cf  J:30;i 10a, lOd, although the
.. formerly iin
Argyle. a vessel with 70 tons register
with engines of 14 horse-power. She
Is described by the Times of the 8th
of July. 1816, us a "rapid, capacious
and splendid vessel." Which "lutelj
accomplished a voyage of 1600 miles
has twice crossed St. Georg-as chan
nei and came round the Lund's Bind
with a rapidity never before accomplished."
Spokane,  July    2a.    From    spotted
fever, a  deadly   malady  transmitted
to him by the bite cf u wood tick ii
Idaho county. Idaho, Just IS days ago
Charles A. ltidgway. vice-president i.
the lluinbult .Mining Company, died
at Hie age of riO-Thursday night a.*
bis home, Montgomery avenue,
Mr. Rldgway at the time the fever
wub contracted had been visiting hll
property, and on the afternoon of Jul]
7 while making au Inspection felt th-.
sting of the insect thai caused bis
death, lie paid no attention to It
but finished his work and returned ti
his home In Spokane, The day be
returned, however, he was taken s'^
with fever nnd In spite of all that
could be done tor hlm, Steadily grc.
Dr. J. M. Gunning, who was called
In on the case, recognised the nitiiti
tf tiie Illness, but wua unable to check
il. Spotted lever, while nlmost unknown in this state, occurs In Mon
tana and Idaho and la noted for its
deadllnesa, in the Bitter Hoot valley,
Montana., where sens have died of
spotted fever, the government sustain
cd a station for several yeara to studv
the disease,
Mr. ltidttway, aa ls usually the cuse
became delirious almost at once and
conl'lined in that condition practically all the time until his death.
Buffalo Bill Bust.
Trentrn, N. .1.. July 28,--An Involuntary petition in bankruptcy was tiled
here against the Buffalo Bill and
Pawnee Bill greet fur west and east
Pres and Gent. Mgr. Vlc�� I'rejtdsii. 8��c. a*xd Tree.
Fir, Cedar  and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877..
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific cf all Pavings
Is meelliiRftlth the ere* test fstnr ��� fienrvrr Jafd,
Bltulithic on Second Street Ne ������ Westmlnatei  with Boulevard Oowr
the Centre.
Bitulithic is noiseless, non-ejliiperjr, piwMiwMjr thistiesn. ����*��   oa
horses' feet, und, above all, particularly durable. Kor t!><������� reason*
illtullthlc Is commended highly by owner* of automobiles end horw-*,
householders, aim city officials. It has bees a>S��>pted by Bfteen cHtre.
iu Canada, and over two bundled in tbe United Statea.
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.      T14717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver ���*au** r**xi*t\
WEDNESDAV, ,fULV 30,  1813.
Fresk Water and Salt"*0 ���of
V/'Mrt.ng    Bros, of Seattle,    Aground
off Frederick Island and May Be
Total Loss.
At the Kraser river bridge laat
night at 7 o'clock the gauge showed
2ii feel clearance. Tbe draw there
was opened yesterday for the Senator
JanBen, up and downward bound; tho
Transfer, up and down; und llle tug
Clive with Gilley Broa. sand dredge,
which was put to wcrk off Kraser
Seattle, July 29.--A special wire
rrom Victoria, saya the halibut lisliing
���atsaaaer Welding Broa. was wrecked
ie a stnrm on thc rocky coast near
PretWicS island, north of Graham
island, Qaeea Charlotte sound, last
Twenty-nine of the i!4 men ab- aril
lhe vessel entered the dories and rowed 40 miles to Cape St. .lames where
f.hey round the Canadian government;
.Hteamer ljeebro. which was dispatched ror the five men who were stand-
in;?: by the wreck.
When the 29 men, who rowed to
Cape St. James, left the Welding
Bros, the vessel was in a dangerous
|Kii; lii.'ii and they said there was lit'l".
.���.���banco of her tieing saved.
She had a heavy catch of flsh in
her hold when Bhe went ashore.
The Weiding Bros., which was own-
ed by Wetding Brothers, an independent fishing concern of Seattle, was
���built at Tacoma in 19W. She was
195 fett long, 21 feet beam and had
n gross roaster of 211 tour'. She was
valued at $25,000.
Chart  30 Years  Old.
With a sfeiip'n chart 30 years old and
unable to use it lo locate th"ir position, the 29 men referred to ill the
Seattle dispatch, were tossed about in
the northern seas for three days try-
ins; to make Skidegate. Kor three
���nights tbey camped on shore, building
large fires to attract attention.
An account ol their privations was
brought to this city last evening by
It. A. Stoney, a member of the royal
commission cm labor, who returned
trom Prince Unpert where sessions
had boen held. Mr. Stoney boarded
the O.T.T. i-teamcr l'rinee Kupert at
the northern terminus of the trans-
contlneifta.1 and, belore proceeding
very far. the -ship came Into eoininu-
viirathin with the S.S. Prince John, of
the same line, which was making for
Vancouver  also.
The fact that the I'rlnce Rupert was
aoing to Seattle   was  the   reason   the j
men were transferred from the latter'
���weasel to the l'rinee Rupert, n request i
1'i-iv  this  having  been   made  by   wire- .
It will not be long until the city's
harbor Improvement tug Hero will be
ready Ior work. She returned from
Vancouver yesterday after having oil
burners Installed and the remainder
of the overhauling will be done here.
Yesterday's    Catches    in    the    River
Dwindled to About Half of
Sockeye   returns   yesterday    wi re
ily about half tl�� MUo of those the
day previous. Local canneries report
very tew lish. although outside report!)
! continue stationary and in some cases,
better than the lirst ol the week. No
large catches are expected ill tho
river  until  next Sunday  night.
The full rep;:rt of the B. C. Canners' association i.s given below:
Bellingham -Cot 100,000 sockeye:!
from all sources.
Mining    Men    Condemned    in    Mexico
and   Now  Released  Are  Well
Known In  B. C.
Washington, July 29, Charles Ills-
sell und Bernard Macdonald, the two
mine managers held by Mexican federals under sentence of death at Chihuahua, have been ordered released
by the Huerta government. Charge
il'Afl'alres Algara, of the embassy here,
BO Informed Secretary Ilryan today,
lt wns said Mr. Bryan expressed gratification at the prompt action the
Huerta government had given the
American representations in these
cases, as well as that in the case of
chauffeur, an
chauffeur, an
ordered releai
Inspector      Short.      at
American, has also been
American bus also been I motids,    accompanied
Social and Personal
(1. Kearney, of Victoria, is registered at the Hussell.
.1. I). Henderson, of Montreal, is
registered at  the  Hussell.
Canon and Mrs. d'Easum have gone
to White Hock for a week.
J. V, Meslon, K. VV. Mailer, James
Moss and K. A. luiynes, i-f Victoria,
are  registered  at   the   Hussell.
Miss O, Burr has returned after
spending a holiday with Mrs. J. J.
Johnston at the summer home, Carri-
Senior Constable I). R, Dunwoody
leaves Ashcroft on Friday by Btage
to take op his new duties as head of
the  provincial police  at  Kurt  (Ieorge.
Walter Iirown, ot the Btaff of tin*
local branch of the Bank of Com
merce, bas been transferred to Vic
torla and leaves to take up h's new
duties within the next few days.
Miss Edna Thornton, of Sardis, :
who has been visiting at Edmonds, I
has returned to her bome,  Miss Irene i
Lm, i r**41 rrE:ur\
Of Our Great Midsummer Clearance Sale
Cot   42.iifl(i   Bockeyea
a.    Seiners doing bet-
from  all sourc
Kraser river
better Sunday
Canoe pass boats averaged Sn;
river boats averaged 80; north
bouts averaged  7".
Latest   Skeena   reports   ver,.
* Ashing.
L'p   river   boats   did
night,   averaged   90;
pi or
1. The three men wen
arrested by General Orozco, while attempting to lake American refugees
out of   l'arrall.
Ottawa Will Enquire.
Ottawa.    July    29.    The    Canadian
government,  through  the department
of external affairs, will likely ask the
nritisb minister at Mexico City to in-
i quire Into the facts coiiderniiig the iin -
Iprisontnent   by   Mexican   federal   soldiers of Ilernnrd Macdonald, n mining
engineer, who is a Canadian and liritish  subject.    Macdonald  was  born  In
Pictou county. N.S.. and ten years ago
was  on"  of  the  best   known   mining
^promoters In British Columbia. Seven
years  feo   lie   moved   to   Oregon   and
eventually   drifted   to   Mexico,   where
he Is said lo have lost  large sums of
money speculating In the gold miner
of northern Mexico, the locality from
which his capture by the Mexican soldiers is announced.
and   Master  Huntley   Lyne,  son
daughter of Sergeant  Lyne, of
her    and
will    spend    a    shorl
friends at Chilliwack.
.factory     Reports     Presented
Ce;s,on  of Grand  Poet  in
Thi3  City.
Well Known in B. C.
Nelson, July 29.- Charles Bl
and Bernard Macdonald. captured bi
Mexican federals and since released,
are well known in tli" Kootenay district. Macdonald was prominent In
milling circles at Rossiand during the
boom days and Blasel) was at the St.
Eugene mine at Moyie and afterwards
was superintendent of the Snowshoe
mine, in the Boundary country.
The   thirteenth   annual
the grand post of Native
C. op d   at    ll  o'clock
morning, the grand factor.
S'*s-. I in    Of
Sons of U.
1.  P. Mc-
Wharf   Owners   Object   to   Crude   Oil
Loitering  Abcut  their premises
and Want  it to  Move  on.
���jess by the American consul nt Vancouver.
Although lhe men were forced to
nnilrr**,to many privations during their
three days' efforts trying lo make a
���fmrt. none ut ihem. according to Mr.
Stoney, appeared much the worse trom
their experiences arter th' y had bei n
'entertained lo a firs; clasi meal on
lhe ('.. T.  IV boat.
The Imnch on Ihe boat were in
charge of the chief engineer and the
second officer, the captain, first officer and three of the crew of the
Weiding Itros. having remained behind   with   the   wreck.
The Prince Rupert lef: for Seattle
1 rom Vancouver last evening.
Tha  tug   Karl brought  the  Sydney
var   ferry   No   2   Into   iiii
yesterday  with
tears aboard.
several   bos and
The  Befcrer  took  on
bunkers at tho C. P.  li
���lay iJTU*rniKin.
wharf yesti r-
!:��� r
Captain Fredricksen, of the Roman,
iix port hare yesterday, says Hint halibut iii-iiiiig i.s poor and the weather
bail. Strong wfn-ds have prevailed for
almost tnrfie wcmW now in the gulf
and a heavy sea has been running a
good nan of the lime. The Roman
���cleared early  this nit Tr. ing.
Crude oil floating down the river
and lying In the slack water under
the wharves along Front -treet is tlie
cause ier ecu plaints by wharf owners.
These say that after their offices have
I n closed fer the night and are firBt
opi ned in the m irning the odor that
finds iis way up through the flooring
Is not Just all that could be desired
And wharf owners ar.* nol the only
ones v'i'i complain Fishermen and
owners of small craft lying in the slips
object tn the thick black oil's presence because of the damage it does
in the paint of the hulls
Some thought that the oil would
burn and that it might he the me ini
i i spreading a dl a Tons fire am * p
the docks and warehouses Thej
e aimed II was the same ki -ni of oil
that caused trouble in Parse creek
.-"ine time ag i Fire (lm f Wati in
j when called assured them that it
would nol do so under ortflaury clr-
��� i ::.-��� ne *.*,. and advlsi il tlrera to see
Harhi rmaster A. W  Shiles,
Of late conslderaul' refuse of differ, nt sorts haa founo its iray Into
the disused slips and down openings
behind ws.rehouses ami this ttro in lielng complained of.
Kas:r's  Subjects  Object  to   Proposed
Fifteen   Per Cent.  Duty
Tariff  Bill.
Nc ���
Washington, July
seen lies throughout
Slattfc have sent prot
and lo President
proposed duty of
the     United
sts to congress
Wilson against the
15 per cent, on foreign bocks, (ieiiii.m books are now
I on lhe. li'.i'Jai. hut would lie subjected to lln 1.". per cent, tax under
the tariff bill now pending in the
senate The German organizations
ii"' lure 'd." proposed duty would bo a
tax mi 'scientific nnd literary pro-
'  *
President Wilson Ihls taken a similar position as to the duly on books
In foreign languages, particular!)
tbose 'i an educational or scientific
characti r Dr. C, .1. Hexaraer, of
I'b l.i.leipi./a, president al the National German alliance, and the presidents of the sale branches   of   the
flill. of Nanalmo, presiding. The officers of the grand post present were.
I. .1. .lohnston, grand vice factor;
.lames I. Keary, grand Becretary;
past grand factors, J, Stllwell Clute
and F. J. Stannard.
The following delegates represent
ng tlie:r several posts were Vic
;. ria post No. 1, !'. .1 Hall, Victor
Meslon,   James   Moss,   jr..   Arthur   K
I Haines. William C, Moresby aud
Thomas Watson;  Vancouver post No.
, 2,  C.   W.   D.  (inlanders,  A.  C.  Clarke
land  Roberl   II. Carson;   Nanaimo post.
* No. 3, K. .1. Stannard,    A. J   Randle
|and (ieorge F. Wilson; New Westminster pest No. 4, Minor A. W. Gray,
' M   ,1.  Phillips,  W.  F.  Kdmonds. J.   P.
I I lampton   Bole,   nnd   George   I.    Cassady.
Before the reading of the minutes
: Mayor A. W, Cray addressed the rep.
resentatives and extended to them
the freedom of the city during the
days the grand post uus in Besslon.
Tm ��� mayor said he considi n d the
��� Iflce held was one of great In,nor,
and while he occupied a public position he would always endeav r to fill
that office with credit to himself and
the society. The mayor spoke 'if the
Increase in membership during the
year, the number having been In
creased in I2S, Reference *.*. is mad i
by his worship to the recent di ith of
Mr   Sol  Oppenheimer, of Vancouver
���whom the mayor characterized as an
ardent  member of the order.
An adjournment was then taken
until - 30 p.m., when Grand Factor
.1 P McGill pri bi nted his report. II"
spoke of ih" Increases d ing the
year;   in   his   own   I osl !  id   been
addi il ti iie* memhershii A new
lust was iiistimte'l In Derei Ser last
in Vancouver whose meml lip was
now over 60. New Westn * I ��� post.
No. I [52 members, Vici i i No, 1
226 members. Thi reading nl this re-
pi rt was received with appl *
The grand  treasurer  pus* ntcd bis
Thursday's prices on Women's
Ready-to-Wear Garments are actually
below manufactures' cost, which
means we offer the best, ready-to-wear
bargains offered this season. Odd
stocks, no matter how good, must make
way for new and new goods are even
now arriving.
White Lingerie. Voile and.
Crepe Blouses. Sale
Price $5.45
Models which, by tlieir tttiexi peeled little touches,
show Krench Inspirations; blouses of lingerie,
voiles, crepe, chiffon, etc.; sizes and styles being
broken, bul offering a choice for everyone, as each
waist in of the daintiest description. Instead of
tlieir  regular price of $7.fib, thev  will  sell Tliurs-
-�����>���  $5.45
Linen   Table  Cloths  and Embroidered Flo une ings
Napkin 25% to to Clear at 98c
50% Discount Yard
Seconds and odd lines, slightly soiled by handling;      Beautiful ami dainty embroidery flouncing; suitable
all qualities,   Don't fail to see this remarkable show- f���,   un,|er   muslins,   summer  dresses,   children's
lng at this liberal discount of 25 to 50 per cent. Come wear, etc . 27 to l". Inches wide; regular to J1J6
'I bursday.
yard.    To clear, Thursday
Remarkable Clearance of Bon  Ton
and Royal Worcester Corsets
Ah' ut fifty p-iirs of odd lines, made from the best
quality white coutille and batiste, medium and
low bust, with long skirt; silk ribbon and double
"ig" embroldi ry top, long flossing at each bone;
graci ful contour; regular values to $5.00 pair.
Special       S2.88
A ll   Children 's   Coats
Marked at Half Price
for   Thursday
Wack Silk Coats to
Clear at $7.25
Eight only of these beautiful
Hlack Silk Coats for women;
in repps and taffeta silks: remarkably good value for a
<|uick clearance; regular value
to $20.00,    To clear
���'it    S7.25
Our Entire Stock of
Women's   Cloth   Coats
Women'sSummerCoats       for a   Quick Clearance
to Clear at Actual Half      $5.85
Developed In wool panamas,
wool taffetas, repps, pongee
silks, etc.    Half Price.
A   few   odd   Hues   to   be   cleared
out: developed In broadcloths,
worsteds and tweeds*, mostly
in guild shades of gray regular values to $20.00.    To clear
ai     55.85
will' i.e.,
Advertise in the Daily News
tests  against  the  duly  tio  the   tariff
leaders in aoih branches or congress,
The Bfwa unient ssmgboat Samson
va; ismT- nver tor a lew hours yes
terday morning tis-n with engineers
nf the demiriinent 01 pobllc wnrk-l
Aboard proneedtrf np Btream where
.-"une su itrjiiif. will Yk -done near Pill;
��� ceh
R Broley, ol Broles ft Martin,
eoi.ii.i ung inn, v'i\ ' h haa reid i '*.- -contract for i ie Fr it or
������ "���*��� |i' et. stated lasl night that
tbe writing contracts had nol yel
*".i'*'t,.c. 'tie offices nl his linn but
��� h-.- as ��� ��� f sa bej corns work woulii
hr started
Sh'p  Mover-ients.
s.*:i"!e. July 29. Arrived:
era Sp ikane, Skagway; Arizona Satins
Cruz; Col K I. Drake, San Frsurcfsco;
Victoria Nome; Alkl, Amur towing
' an ". S Dav d, southeastern Alaska.
Sailed: Steamers Awa Mam. foko-
hainii; Cltj of l'uebla, San Pratrefseo;
Jefferson, Skagwaj
Gverett,  July  29    Sailed;   Steamer
Beach]. Australia
alliance,  huve  forwarded! strong  pro.Lrepor'  .'"'"J1 sl""v"' a mosl s:,,'sfi""
._,��  tory balance
James I. Keary, of New Westminster, grand secretary, rend a report
tn which it was shown thai each p**.s-.
'in the pn vine,* i-ad made an Increase
in membership, The remainder ol
I r!ie day vus spent In discussing re*
j ports of the subcommittees.
The grand post  will    resume    this.
ning ai  10:30.
A not i.ei' Kl ,1 I' !���'. '��� "i has le "U
���c..">! l>n,g along the >, re ot \: ���������-.
Island ai.,! the lind rt-rportid to tl ���
Catania] cannery Kurflmr Information
*����>. be gained by cofilng So ith li ll
iii/Jiam i -ii, rles,
Called for Help.
Sarnia, July 29. The Bteamer 9a
nui"*. of the Northern Navigation line.
broke bp i ci end c i trap last night in
Lake Huron, while turning al Polnl
An Raraquep The wireless was pul
to work and a message sent to I'nliit
Kdward station for help The Iftrronlc,
of the same line hnd Just docked here
and returned In give aaslstancs
Afire on  Her Trial.
Kingston,   Julv   29     While   mall ��� *
h r  trial  trip  from  Toronto  to  Pic
ton 'ii" Bteamer Oeronla met wtth an
; id, nt     Klre  st arted    from    o\ i r
in    Washington
poncment of
Falfo'vs    Pout-
Waahlni ������ n,
critli ism  mid
the     HI    illlll"    0
III . :i' Ids   and
July      29     Vigorous
dctermlm d defence  ol
t Alton,i y Oeneral Moth,* administration    In
Two   Vlclent
in>io le. ,." ��� an drowi *
mtKht in the SamiM
,M��y> di. license No ll fl
Tot 'iht  Cat ad lac  I'ai-li.*
lis      V
He worked
hinted boilers, Imt
*.*, itli sllgbi Inmagc
del-going repairs al
was Rxringirisl * i
The vessel is un-
The schooner t c i Woodburn fcama
'tnVo this    port    .,'   ���* ��� "*'      afti moon
with HO.nnii pounds   ol    halibut    and
.JocfctHl at the Column a Cold Storage
���.coTOpaniy's   wharf where   the  lish   will
be dtacherged today.   The Woodburn
ia  rather   n  linear  looking   craft    of
the -rt-S  two masted type, fitted  with
-jut  auxiliary  gasoline  engine,    What
-g*)t*f*i her an odd look is the iib boom,
���which   is   sawn  oil   ahout   four   feet
I frrm    the    bow, and  the  black  stub
looks mnr'.  like a gnu
Week   Ending  'Bunilav.
WratininBt'ir.        Said
Dale.   Time.
HiKh. 1-ow.
0:05    icr,4
16:M) 19:lir.
O* it 11:0b
17:40 ZXdt
1:80 12:10
18:15 22:25
2:25 13:05
n tt) 23:25
��:�� 14:00
Time   llrt
August 3.
Time  Hal
15:-1S 10,5
23:30 1! 0 18 38
16:M  11.4    V'l*:
8 54
���; i
2 I
1" 8
1:111 i
n 28
17:13 12.1 21:24 10.0
1 26 12.1 9:41
17 4! 12.7 22:24
2:80 12.0 1" 24
18 hi l"..l 23 18
3:38 12.0 II 08
)���; 3!i 1   1
4*11 i "<\
i:    :��� 13.E 1.1 19
Washington, July 29 Martin M
Mulhall, practically Itnlahed today
hiK Identification of lettirea be wrote
and received In the ten years he
claims to have I ecu tha lobbyist for
tin- National Association of Manufacturers.       The     Benate     investigation
committee will turn Its attention tomorrow io examination of Mulhall,
and attorneys ior the Association and
for the American [federation of Labor,
also involved in the correspondence,
will begin their crow-examination of
the witness.
Roberl   McCarter,  counsel  ror    the
aaaoclation, has about Hin questions
he  wishes In ask   tfie  witness:   Attor-
nej Jackson H. Italston, tor thc Federation of Labor, has prepared about
100 more, nnd no one knows how
manj separate queries mi mbera t r
ihe comm tti ���* will stibmll lo Mulhall
ii fore In la alii wi d i" qull the n n
ness chair In tii" s'uiit. ��lng of tho
capital and fai ���* tin* >���)������ cinl hi usi
��� minltli *��� that Ib waiting Ins appeal
ai.- *   across th * rotunda.
thn Dlggs Catninettl wblte bIbvc caste
matked ours ol political debate in
thc house toda) I ept d lent all <
K " ��� Cn'll ii a, 'l*' lured that "in
��� ii ms in lltlcnl leiliienci b" had
Bomel bins to <l" with the post;,* ne
i em "I ibe ca tea In < al fornla, and
Cl airman Claj ton, of tbe honae
Jud clary com mil toe In -i spirited d ���
fence "i ll"* attorney general, s lid
thai thn attacks growing oul ol tin
Caminetfl case were ,i pari or a gen.
eral "conspiracy ol the special' Inter
,*sts to discredit uu honest public
official!" -
Chairman Clayton declined: that the
"special Interests" wi **e Instigating
the attacks on the attorney genernl
because or bis "fearless prosecution
of ajl. offenders, high and, low."
A* an   iiistum*    of  these     attack:;
there was placed on recent an
article which sei forth that the attorney general had Issued instrur.
Hens  to   Culled Stall's  attorneys  not
to. proi d     under     llin    Mann  while
stave act except In cases where thn
offenders profit tod commercially from
the     transactions,       Representative
. jrrou"-idln
Rock  T-icoma
Tl*.:y Went Cheap.
Brandon,   '  ;*   29    T iday  the c
council sold $5 I,  5 pi i conl   debl
litres at 88 to iie   Canadtau Phoenix  pulp and paper entry hIiicc thai  pro
iin-1.rape.' company, n ston sranted to Canada,
Clayton   tend   a   vigorous     denial     or
tbis article In   an   oral    statement
from the attorney general,
Rusisia   Not   Favored.
Washington, July 29 Secretary
Mc\doo today announced that wood
pulp and i aper wi uld nol fie admitted I rei of duty front Hussia under
He* nui i favored nation" treaty, the
treat) of commerce and navigation
between thn United Btates and Rus-
sia lulling been abrogated, Tiie customs court reoently decided that
European countries with favored
nation trcalles with the United
Stati s  ��i re entitled    to   free    wood
T.ie ma, Jul .**' '.'. " viol nl
caj: liiiiiuki sl."'*'. i-i M ring an area
��� * more than n Inn dii i -���i:< irn mili -
sir ek Mount Rainier ab ml B: 15 thl
ne ming, rocked tha sati housi t a
the   innm use   cottcri te   structure   ot
T icotna's   ���'.:    00   i owi r  plant    ai
i.aginiule, 30 miles to the loutli ol
Taci ma, and creati d alarm In hun
dreds of homes, Thn disturbance last
ed aboul 30 ascondi nnd was strongly
feii at the National Park inn, at Ash
ford nnd Lagrande,
The telephone opora'or, Mrs. Curry,
al  Asl,ford, was sitting at  Ihe switch'
bonrd and  was thrown  violently for
ward,  lhe chair  lurching  toward   thl j
desk.   Officials at the city's Nlaqually
power plant, after g speedy eXBtnlna
tlon, reported al not n ihey had found
no crinki. Hundreds from Taecmn
and elsewhere nr" on tli- mountain
camping and tramping over glaciers
but no reports of Injuries wen
brought  In,
Ethan Allen, superintendent of the
National park, says the shocks came
cloae together nnd were bo violent
ilure could be no doubt tbey wen
seismic disturbances Shocks wen
ii'ipan nl nt Kibe nud Entoiivllln, In
Pli ii ' count ���* and nl Lewis. In Li *������ i I
count) where the slu ek appeared to
h    Ilu*  heaviest.
The Popular Shoe Store
The   Home   of   Low   Prices.
641   Front  Street.
Specials for this Week
7.",c worth ur Packard's   Shoe   PollBh
f"r 25:
Barefoot  Sandals;   double  BOles;   any
pair in  store    75c
Fleet-Foot Running Shoes; a clearing
fine;   7  to  2      40:
Ladies'  White Canvas  Shoes;   leather
sides;   all  sizes    bOc
Men's  Fleet-Foot   Rubier     Soled    Oxfords   75-.
Boys'  Heavy   Leather Soled    Cauvaa
Shoes;   Biz.es 1. 2. 2.  I, 5   95;   ���
Men's Heavy    Leather    Soled    ilrewn
Canvas Shoes;   all  Blzes    ,.$1.2j   **
Ladies' Snappy Tan Hutton Oxfords;
every Bize,    Per pair   $1 9-j
Ladies'  .?;,   Loots;   onl)    $3.95
Ladies'   dress   Hoots;     broken     lines,
every size, value to J,^  $195
OentB' Uox Kid Blucher Boots;    every
-ize $1.95
Cuts' Dress Itiiiiis;  stm-b too;    glove
leather;   every   size    $2.9">
OontB'  Tan   Willow   calf  Bott d
Blucher   Boots;    $6    up   town.   Our
price   $3,93
slaier Hoots, K. \V., Iv Bonis, Leckle
Boots, etc.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department lit all Branches Deposits of Ono Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts nf tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W. BLACK,  Msnagar.
we have just recezivcd a
euipm!:nt of
Funds Run Ghcrt.
Prince Albi rt, Sask., July 29 At a
special session of tbe clt) council this
afternoon n was resolved to suspend
operations on t'i" Lncolle Kails dam
owing tu tho avalloble funds tor the
purp"!' helm: exhausted Excavation fi r tin* spillwaj and tall race will
i *   .nntl: ut d.
E. Z.Jars
per Dozen
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
DEAN'S GROCERY 550-ThroughWs k Action-550
Phone 3D6.
Burr   Clock, Coltmbb   Street
- | a 7r/TtlPgr;triA.,::.-*ir.iL",.-ifry gg 3GE��Mfc! WEDNESDAY,  JULY  30,  1913.
**\ui rtvm
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
The professional   laoroase
not n  at  Vancouver,  when  the  world1!)
champion Balmon Hciiies dash for the
Pert  Coquitlam   and   Moose  Will   Get
To-cther  This   Evening  at
season  one of which waa a lie and the other;
���tarts once again ou   Saturday   alter-  "   victory   for  the  green   shiriB.    Ou
real form the Minto cupholders should
go through  them  forty different wayi
and   return,   but   the  Salmon   Bell lea
lirst  time with lhe newly turned  pro   have not lifted a stick since the break.
team, the Vancouver Athletics. with Con Junes and therefore wlll be
yesterday morning a meeting   waa at a disadvantage,
held  in  Vanoouver, with Tom Olfford,!    Yesterday's  move  is understood  tq I
Harry Pickering and a representative be just a Btepp.ng atone towards Van-'
Of the  V. A's In attendance, when Idi couver  being  hacked    hy    Influential1
was decided to bury the hatchet  and  citizens nnw  that Con Jones Ihih been
get  together. | relegated   to  llle  has  beens,  although
lhe linancial returns to the players  this move nil! hardly materialize thin
from  the city championship games of  season.
Vancouver have not heen tlle BUCCSBS      Tlle locals were out a
ut lirst estimated and for Unit reason   for  the   llrst   time   last
the two   Vancouver  teams  were  only  though only light training was
too willing lo   hitch   up   once    more;gene.
with  Westminster, who are ihe   cum:    Wednesday, August 6, wlll lind th"
best   bet  mi  the coast as far an    a green shirts antl Westminster fighting I  .!'"',   <'"",,''::!    wi"    Kt:'rl
rd is concerned, their hattles on the Oak  Hav erounds. 1�� cl'"'k  wlth   ""rl"' a,l<l  1{I1>'1<
Queens,  Park.
The premier sporting event of tin
week is scheduled for Queens purk
this evening when the Mooee and Port
Coquitlam luck horns for the third
time this season in order to settle
the question as  to which is tlle    best
So far the honors lie with the. Pert
City, as lhey have taken the previous
encounters, but. according to Manage:*
Queens par'-t l(irallan'. or the Mouse, tunight Ib the
evening     al-ltlme when "'" '"'���My Huylc and hit:
unijar. j confreres will take the   trail wearing
International League.
Baltimore, ",: Rochester, :;.
Providence,  4;   Toronto,  5,
Newark,  :i:   .Montreal. 4.
Jersey i ity, 2;   iluflalo, 7.
i tlieir  hlack   uniforms    with
1 meaning.
The    contest    i
drawing card is cone
Saturday's game at Athletic park
will be the llrst in wblch the fi rmer
Mann cuppers have mixed with the
Westminster twelve, and the llrst that
the Hoyals will have played On the
new hall grounds uf tlle Northwestern
league club,
Just what sort of showing the V,
A i' will make againat the Royals is
as yel prohleniatieal, very problematl-
csl In fact lo local lacrosse fans, who
have heen looking askance at the
Bcore sheet of the previous games be
tween  the  two Terminal  City  clubs,
their hattles on the Oak Hay grounds,
Scheduled at a time when the carnival will be In full swing at the ''apltal
City imt) also un the date when thf,
annual citizens picnic will be held
there from the Roval City, there l��.
every reason to believe that a record
breaking crowd, so far aa Victoria
lacrosse is concerned, wlll be on deck.
on that afternoon in witness the
national pastime worked out,
The rest uf the schedule for the
season wlll be mapped out on Saturday afternoon In Vancouver, following
the lacrosse game.
at    6:15
as the
opposing twlrlers.
After Revenge.
New Westminster cricketers will
make an attempt this afternoon to
get back a little revenge un the Ab
botsford eleven, who were the flrst
to duwn the local team ihls season,
A strong eleven has been gathered
for this afternoon's contest, which
takes place at 2:80 o clock on the
asylum grounds.
iContinued from rage One i
Baseball Results.
Charlie   Qusrrie    Backs    Dcwn    from
Kis  Perch,   But   Fights  All
the Way.
Toronto, July 29. Charlie Qurrrie
announced officially today that he
will  nut drop out of lacrosse.
He resigned frum the management
ii the Tecumsehs last Friday, bul
the team refused to play without him.
lie has accordingly announced lhat
he will guide, their affairs until the
Closi of Ihe pri sent season at least
though he still multilines to assail It.
.1 I'li ming, on tin* ground that lhe
owner "f the Torontos is trying to
li ���    the Dig Four.
olher ttiii tn England, and knocked
cut Harry Croiton at Liverpool and
defeated i'at O'Keefe at London, Hack
ion  thia iiilc   he was ag; in challenged
iby Jaek Dillon, and easily defeated
lh " tloostcr nt  N'ew Orleans. Early in
il'.H'i he fought a poor bout with Hul)
Moha,   the   human   balloon,   in   New
| Ynrk. and defeated Dill McKlnnon in
Boston, lie then returned to New
York lo meet Have Smith, and put the
Australian champion on the blink in
fine round. A little Inter'he made
equally quick work of Jack Harrison,
tn" middleweight title holder of England He was then matched with Mike
Gibbons, but tin* bout, uf whieh so
much  was expected,  was very  much
.to the llmburger,    Eddie stepped  into
jthe ring, walking lirt-t on one fool and
then the other, and Qlbbons did likewise. Thev fiddled around awhile, and
then walked off again Thai boui put a
crimp Into Eddie's championship as-
nlrattons,   and   his   defeat   hy   Jimmy
l Clabby at Butte last inonth put In an-
I other.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
W.    L.
Vancouver   65   ill)
Seattle    ��:i    4li
Portland   55   44
Victoria   46   50
Tacoma  .46    61
Spokane   lis    66
Yesterday's Games.
Bees Going Down.
Vancouver. July 29. The Heavers
retained tlieir lead in the Northwestern race this afternoon when
thoy again defeated Victoria, this
time to the tune uf S to 2. Ragged
fielding behind Toner was responsible fur several tallies, while Ingersoll  kept Ills  hits  well  scattered.
It,    II.    E.
Vancouver   S      '.I      1
Victoria      2      5      '.<
Batteries: Ingersoll and Lewis;
Tom r and Sln-a.
lecture  platform   in   a  few  days.
Some administration officials suggest that the United States shuuld first
I refrain from Interference while the
j Mexican leaders themselves endeavor
to compose lhelr differences. The attitude, of the l'nited States against
recognizing the Huerta administration
I already I.s being uutlined in Mexico,
I according to reports here, as indicating that the abdication uf Huerta in
favor uf a compromise provisional
president is inevitable.
Should al! efforts by the Mexicans
to adjust the dispute fail, it is proposed by influential members of tho
Benate that the embargo on arms be
lifted and the two factions be permitted to obtain munitions of war un
an  equality.
Again, should peace he delayed, the
suggestion is made that the United
States offer to mediate through a
As a last resort, it is suggested that
a tripartite commission, composed of
representatives of the l'nited States
and Latin-American nations, could
endeavor to bring about a settlement
by peaceful means.
A declaration from President
Huerta that no American in Mexico
shall suffer injustice or violence with
his cognizance was made public by the
state department today.
Wednesday, Aug. 6th, 1913
To give New  Westminster people an
opportunity to
Steamer leaves C, P. It. Wharf at
7 a.m. sharp.
Tickets for round trip $1.50. Ticket**
can be obtained from the committee,
George Blakeley, P. Maxwell, J. J.
Itandolpn, Capt. F. C. Carter, A. J.
Chrisp and E. Goulet. (1779)
Retail Merchants' Day
^Extra Special Attraction
Moose, City Champions
vs. Coquitlam
Two of the fastest teams on
the Mainland.
Featuring Ruell, with his
dazzling speed and Horn,
with his tricky and cool delivery.
Queen's  Park,  Wednesday,
July 30.
Game Starts at 6:15 p.m.
Good Seats for Ladies.
Our Business
We invest money for clients on first mortgage
security, careful valuations are made, and in this
way we protect the interests of our clients.
Every branch of a trust business carried on by
competent and experienced men.
Deposits accepted and interest at 4 per cent, allowed on daily balance.
DEPOSIT BOXES for rent from $2.50 up.
INSURANCE in all its branches.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Mccte   Trample   Them   Into   the   Mud
and  Rub Their Ncses  Eleven
to One.
In :���- slow, listless, Beven Innln game
Hi.* Moose again trampled mi thn Balmorals but evening at Queen's Park,
Cn., tlmo in thr tune if 11 1 Aboul
ih,' i niy redeeming feature of the
whole affair was tlw performance of
Mr Huhnke; Who did not allow the
Hals n slugh hit throughout ih'- Beven
Innings, and  but  for a Hub'  wlldneBB
in  ii,.* Blxth,  when  he walked  Hu	
men straight, he would probably bave
escaped with a no-hit, no-run feature.
Horne, Hi"  premier pitcher of the.
was  plac. d  ill  tin-  outer  Bar- j
order   to   save   him     fur     to-
1,nitl" agalnsl l'ort Coqultlam,
:   lliiluike  and   Gentry   lo   per-
the   battery   work   against   th"
poo:*,   ib'spised   lials.
i harles   Peck   was   on   th
for th"  Balmorals and althoii
twlrler  did   make   a   Bplurge
opening of the Beason, hi
last evening look
Big Doings on Lulu Island This Afternoon.
X w Westminster and district trap
shooters meet this afternoon at the
l.ulu island traps when' nn extensive
List of prizes will be placed fn competition and which it is expected will
cause  no  little  rivalry.
This is the lirst of afternoon shoots
this season and Secretary Jim Price
had nnly the weather niiur to take
Into his confidence last evening to
'Usui" one of ihe best attendances
of  the  season
The Queensboro cars ink" th i
members right :o tlie grounds, which
are located opposite tlle Bohool llnuse
on the  island.
A   Pitchers'  Battle.
Portland, July 29.���Portland again
defeated Tacoma today by ninth
inning circus work, 1 to 0. Mahoney
was the star when he clouted a hard
one into lift Held, scoring lleilmann,
who bad placed a clean hit to left.
McGinnity for Tacoma and Stanley
for Portland furnished a pitchers'
battle roval.
R.    11.    E
Taecma   0     7      -
Portland      1      6      0
Batterlea: McQInnlty and Crisp;
Stanley  and  Cunroy.
Nothing in It.
Edmonton. .Inly 29. The statement
that Kngiish emigrants were losing
faith in Canada as the result uf pessimistic pamphlets circulated by trades
and labur councils and similar bodies,
was characterized as absurd by A. J.
Jury, Dominion land agent at Liverpool, Kngland, who is on a trip through
the west and who arrived in Kdmonton  today.
Edison Theatre
Wednesday Special
"'Tis only noble to be good" is the theme of thiB two-reel film. A French Duke secretly marries
a dancer, and is subsequently ostracized by his family. His wife later has an opportunity to prove
that nobility of heart is above nobility of birth. And because the Duke's sister profits by the
dancer's   sacrifice,   the   mother forgives.
Nobility," One Day Only
Tillicums   Use   Whitcvash.
Spnkane, July 20.���Seattle's errorless playing won today's game from
Spokane 7 to 0, Fullerton was
good form, while the locals were hit
hard. Fullerton's triple and double
resulted  in  four  runs.
E.    II.    K
Seattle   7   16     ii
Spokane    0     s     2
Batteries:    Fullerton and Cadman;
Kraft, Smith and  Hannah.
Pigs Is Pigs.
Calgary, July 29.���During the firBt
six months of this year Canadian Pacific stations shipped 118,000 head of
hous tn market. The same stations
shipped 72,000 during all of last year.
It is estimated that the total swine |
,��� I crop this year will be considerably in
White Rock
"The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co.. Official Agents
Standing of tne Clubs.
W.    I
. New   ^ ork    65    2,
Philadelphia    53
Chicago   l'i
i Pittsburg    4a
I Brt'oklvn    12
B Bton    '..39
gii   this
at   th"
ed guud to the herd.
Englishman     Shows     Bad    Taste     in
Criticising   the   Smashing   Service
of McLoughlin at Tonnis.
Pel |
. 7Uii
. 411-1 I
,4S.' I
indon, July 30, -An anonymous
Behind 1 tn r appearing in the Standard today declares that the Kngllsli com-
pi til irs in the Davis cup tennis
ma ches wi re llie better all around
players, but tlle Americans won tho
trophy because McLoughlin had mast
gel on, forcing in Tyler, who| ered and
in slide .ner    ii 'i.dfiird fin- smashing
lo ihe extent of seven hits
him   there   were   five   errors.
I'p in the sixth ll looked as if
Huhnke wuuld notch a thut out, hul.
after walking Tyler. HfUldford and C,
Peck,    an    error by Gentry  allowed
Ished ilu inning by
third, "ih Chapul ce*
n nn- i garner in gn it
pei. 'ed
Batteries     Huhnke
Peck and  Munn;  umpl
���.; caught off
lng up The
p tin ara ap
uu a
It     II     E
,..11     7     1
l     ii    r,
ind    "Untry;
.,  Silver.
(By  "Gravy.")
Champicn of Othkosh.
Eddie McGoorty, champion of osli-
koah and president of the Oshkoah local of the international l'nlon of Middleweight t hnmplona of the World, a
large and nourishing ijr^ui,ization, will
celebrate* his iwenty--foiitih* l.lrtbday
tomorrow, Eddla was born in pin-
kosh-i'ii-the-Winnobiign, July 81, 1889,
Moreover, Eddie Is proud of being a
native of Oshknsk, and sume of these
daya snme newspaper humorist is going tu gn a little too fnr In easting
asparagus as OBhkosh, and -well, nave
a care, vllllans, have a care, and unhand thai lady. .
McCeortv Is an Irish-American, and
took to lighting aa naturaly as if ha
had boen burn al notinybrnuk. He WM
.nnly Blxteen when be engaged In his
first professional battle, winning by a
knockout, Ills "rst lung light was with
Jack   Sullivan   in   1908,  going
iHiiniis to a draw.   Early In
defeated    Tony    Campi
rounds at Hillings. Mont
vimr vl.-lted tin
concentrated  Ills  play
service. In which any
ber of   Kngllsli   players    0 uld
equally  perfected  themselves.
"Thua the cup was wen.'' the letter
continues, "by a trick. I hough a perfectly legitimate trick within the
rules,   which   does   nut   further     the
best   Interests   of   lawn   tennis,  and
unless   this   smash   service  is   barred.
like tbe pot stroke In billiards, tennis is within measureable distance of
Cincinnati   87
St.   I.ouis    :it>
Yesterday's Games.
Ai Pittaburg �����   H.   E.
Philadelphia     ���    t-i     0
[Pittsburg ., '4     7     2
Batteries:     Mayer, Alexander    and
| Killifer:   Hi-ndrix  nnd  Simon.
ai i Inclnnati: it-   11.   E
Hrooklyn    6     7      0
Cincinnati   6    fi
Batteries:      Walker    and    Miller;
Johnson, Hrown nnd  Kllng,
At  Chicago: ll.    H.    E
Huston    !���    1"      0
Chicago       '. ...  1      4      1
Hatteries:     Dickson   and   Whaling:
Averhiii, Ultchle nnd Bresnahan.
I     Al St. I.ouis: It.    II.    K
' New   Ynrk    1      5      tl
St.   i.ouis       0      5      1
'     Hatterles      Demaree and    Meyers;
Duak and Wingo.
'     Second game: It.    H.    E
New   York        1      8      1
St.   I.ouis    '���   1      Ti      3
Batteries:    Fromme   and    Wilson;
Sallee, (lever and McLean, Wingo,
Jim John Tourney.
Much  Intereal   is  being  shown  In
ihe Jim John tourney now in progress
al the Club alleys. The rules allow
any bowler to compote, although iwo
bowlers can only team together twice.
MoAdam and Cnrhett, with 1062 and
McAdiini and O'Connor, 'with 1023,
are leading In the race, but theso
will hardly stand the test before tho
week Is over. C, Ackley, B, McAdam
and McGill were tied for first placo
In the live pin tourney last week with
Max Fotlierlnghnni taking high In
ten plus wllh 226 to his credit.
Standing  of  the Clubs.
W.    I
Philadelphia    06
Cleveland    58
Washington   55
Chicago  61
Huston    -46
Detroit    40
St. i.ouis   39
New York  29
I     At Philadelphia: R.
Detroit    0
Philadelphia 8
II.    B.
6      4
13      0
It.    II.
twenty I
1909 he!
twenty i
and lute tliat]
ould sod Of bl�� ton*
������ fhura II was an Irishman In Dublin   whn  taught  McC.uurty   the   mean
ing of defeat. Ho was Tom Lanoaster,
.-;���,i ho outpointed Eddie ta tw��n��
, ,������,i.'., but before leaving Ireland M -
<;,���������,v turned the tables. He also
knocked oul Joe White at Liverpool,
( iic.v McFarland In Umdon.   upon|
roturnlng to America he fought draws
with Hugo Kelly m Milwaukee. Ton>
Campi "I Oskhoiik, and Jack Dillon at
Winnipeg,   Early in WU he made an.-
.lark Dempsey won llie American light weight championship
by defeating (ieorge Fulljames,
the Canadian champion, In 22*
rounds on a beach near New-
York. The bunt fur the lightweight title and $2,000 a side,
was fought with kid gloves.
The Canadian was a game fighter, and   protested   vigorously
when hla seconds tnssed In tlio
sponge, although Fullgames was
I lieu bnrely able to keep to his
feet. "Nompareil Jack" remained nl the head of tlie lightweight until lie outgrew It.
-"Australian Billy" Murphy and
Frank Murphy, English featherweight champion, fought 28-
round draw nl San Francisco.
Hatterles:       DaUBB
Iirown and I.npp.
At  Washington:
St.   Louis      1      3      4
Washington    2      S      2
Batteries: Leverens and Alexander;
Kngel nnd  Henry.
At   New  York: II.    H.    E.
Cleveland    6     7      1
New   York     2     9      1
Batteries:      Kahler   and   Cnrlsch;
Keating.  McConnell and  Sweeney.
Second   game: It.    H,    B,
Cleveland    6    11      1
New   York     3     5      1
Hatterles:     Mitchell    nnd    O'Neill;
Scliultz, Warhop aud QOBiett,
At Boston: R.   H.   E.
Chicago  o    4    o
Hoston    2 7     1
Hatterles:    Scott and Kuhn; Foster
and Tliomas.
Second gnme:                     11. IT.    E.
Chicago   3 S    7
Huston    5      5      3
Batteries:    O'Hrlen,  I.athrop, Uenz
and Schalk;  Leonard and Carrigan.
Has sold out their entire stock of Pianos,
Organs, Sheet Music and Musical Merchandise
Commencing Friday, Aug. 1st
We will offer this choice stock at half-price.
Further  particulars  in  Thursdays papers.       ,
Walter F. Evans A Co
61 Sixth Street
New Westminster, B. C.
r~m~mT---tTsr*a.-w--it JKBMl   , PAUE   SIX
WEDNESDAY,  JULY  30,   1313.
Classified Advertising
ceived for The NewB at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug Btore,
6l!il Columbia Btreet; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island,
��� ���������*<*��**��������������������������
��� RATES. ���
CiSMined���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required within one year trom date of
contract, $26.00.
help In small family; good wages.
S19  Fourth  avenue. 11814)
Christmas cards. I.adieB or gents.
Sample book free. Largo profits.
Ohipchase, "Cardex," Darlington,
England.     US1"'
Apply to Dawson & Grace, Scott
road, South Westminster.        (1809)
wishes to work In a good  family,
rfpeaka    gcod    English and    understands cooking. P. O. Box 9C6, city.
branch store on Sixth street will
require about August 15 a first clus.i
titter and alteration hand on
women's suits. Apply by letter stat-
ing experience and salary wanted.
Application confidential. Address
Dept. W., Ladyware Co., Hastings
street west, Vancouver. (17B4)
ware branch store on Sixth street
will require about A'ugust 15 two
bright, smart saleswomen, thoroughly  experienced  in   the    BUit    trade.
Apply by letter only. Application
confidential. Address Dept. W���
1-adyware Co., Hastings street wast,
Vancouver. lK95)
two furnished rooms. Bleeping
porches, separate dressing rooms,
with hot aud cold water in each;
-suitable for two gentlemen. Apply
418 St. Oeorge street, city.      11791)
Choo leave3 for Alabatn; Row-Row-
Row ; WO other popular sungs, with
music; postpaid, 10 centB. Address
Bond Music Co., Lock Box 82, Station A., Boston, Mass. Your money
back if you're not satisfied.     (1806)
roomed cottage. Edmonds, large garden In vegetables, cheap. Leaving
city.    Apply  Box  1800  News.
SMABEUSCHlTCHaT autobus service
New Scheme May Obviate Submission
of  Another  Bylaw���Private
good condition, everything complete.
Apply HV2 Fourth avenue.       (1790)
FOR SALE���*1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every ose guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
around Colonial pool room, a black
pocket book. Ten dollars reward.
Joe Pippo, P. O. box 007 city. (1813)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings Btreet west. Van
couver, B.C. (1678)
For a License to Take and Use Water.
Notice is hereby given that Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster,
will apply for a license to take and
use one hundred inches of water out
of an unnamed creek, which flows In
a northerly direction through wild
land, owned by Mr. Patterson, and
empties into a ditch on subdivision
near Scott road. The water wlll be
diverted at a point south of Ladner
road and will be used for stock und
domestic purposes on the land described as a subdivision of fractional
section 25, B. 5 N., R. 2 W.
ThiB notice was posted on the
ground on the Sth day of July, 1913.
The application will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at New
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Bulldlnga, Victoria, B.C.
(1718) Applicants.
rooms, south exposure, with use of
bath and telephone, in modern
home, one block from car llnej
Gentleman preferred. Phone 11941..
housekeeping     rooms,    2i   Allies
street.   Phone 638L. Il78'ii
keeping rooms; convenient. Apply
K. P. block. (1765)
Bradley Apartments.
Mobi up-to-date in the city.   Private
bats, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
}20 per month and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
WANTED���6 <>r 7  Room Modern    liouse
close In t"i  rvnt.    Have client who will
Calgary, July 29.- Au entirely jiew
scheme for the housing uf small industries is being talked of which may obviate the necessity of again submitting
a by-law to raise funds for the erection of an Industrial building, a bylaw -for which was recently defeated
by ,t'he ratepayers and which it has
been proposed to reuubmil.
The nev. Idea is to have the building built by privut,' capital. Alderman J. 11. Garden, chairman ot the
new industries committee of the council, bus been approached by parties
with a proposal that they be allowed
to build the building and lease space
to small manufacturers under the
same plan as that contemplated by
the city authorities and the industrial
Inasmuch as the provision of such a
building is nil that has been aimed
it, if the pmit'6 in question are.pre-,
pared to put up a suitable building under a guaranty that the rents will be
sufficiently reasonable tn insure the
small industries locating here, it is
likely that the plan will te approved.
The Idea ef private parties putting
np the building was once before suggested, but us no one came forward
with an offer to do it the idea was not
much considered since it did not appear likely anyone would be likely to
be willing to Invest the necessary
amount cf money on the basis of very
low rents. Now. however, the parties
In question have Indicated tu Alderman Garden tliat they will be satisfied
to accept very reasonable rents, and
if tbey make a proposition it will without   doubt   receive   consideration.
"1 would not like to say anything
definite about lhe matter," said Alderman Garden, "as the parties did not
make any definite proposal, hut If they
bring in a proposition that will accomplish tbe end we are aiming at. I
shall feel disposed to favor it under
the existing condition of the money
markel I would prefer the city to own
the building, but conditions are such
now that if we can get parties to put
un the building under a guaranty that
the rents will be sufficiently reasonable it seems to me to be tlle best way
out uf the difficulty."
Alderman Garden stated that lie was
in receipt uf an application for ^,iion
[feet more uf space  In  the building if
.e is provided, which makes about
80,000 feet for which applications have
been made.
Laborers More Useful in Development  Reports of Rabbles in Spokane Much
of Country���Have More
Exaggerated���Some Dogs
Very Peeved.
Spokane, July 29. The heated spell
has, as records of the humane society
barn attest, developed a  fine crop of
Saskatoon, July 29.���That the English gentleman as a factor in the development of a new country is far inferior to the ordinary working men
of foreign countries is the Btatement "mad dogs." To be sure, none or the
made by Commissioner F. Mnclure! cases reported eo [ar lias shown any
Sclanders of the heard of trade, upoii;(race of rllbbies, but the telephone
his return from  Balfour. B. C. where  ^ (() ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ,H,(.n
The Woman Who's Determined to
Please Too Much.
New   Tervice   Will   Be  Oicrati.-'
C'.reeto  by  Autumn���Some
Ke has been spending a few weeks.
During his visit Mr. Sclanders
spent much of his time visiting the
prospective fruit farms of the Kootenay district and constantly came ln
contact with English gentlemen of refinement. That part of the country is
full of them, and  while they  are in
none the les frantic on that account
According to the people in charge
at the society's barns there are about
a dozen reasons why a dog may act
peevish and unsociable In but weather.
ills food may not agree with hlm, he
telligent men of the best education, he , may be thirsty, with no relief In sight,
declares  that  he   finds   them   lacking | Kons wh       d foanl at th(. mmUh
in tbe initiative and vigor that char- .
acterizes the workmen of lower classes : fr"In hilvi"S chewed a piece of soap,
and which is so essential to the sue- , Indeed, there are a great many rea-
cess and development of western Can- ,EOns why a doy may foam at the mouth
These men are of wealthy families
and   care   little   whether   their   fruit
without being rabid or dangerous.
A   few  dayB  ago  n  humane official
farms prosper or not.   Tliey pay from | was called toa residence where It wub
$200 to JGOO per acre, for their land ! declared the family pet bad gone mad.
and then must wait six or eight years
before their trees bear fruit, but it is
a pleasant life and they are content.
In the back yard a fluffy white poodle
was found running frantically in clr-
The prices of.land In that district are cles,   larking  and   frothing    at    tho
prohibitive to the men who depend en ' mouth.    On  the  way  to the hiiinaiu
their own efforts for a living and th'
success of every new country depend!
barns In the wagon a digital diagnosis
uf the dog's condition was made and a
entirely upon immigration of this lat- small piece of bone was found stlck-
ter class. ing In the throat. When this was gone
. . I tlie "madnesB" disappeared also.
Works Versus Words. Another  dug  that    had   to  undergo
suspicion of ralndni'is  was    a    large
Rev.    Dr.    Rankin,    a    prom nent aplu ownea bv a  ������r,i,  si,*��� family.
Methodist minister m Ontario, tells "I  ,,  wag finiIlll ,i,i^ins ,-,���, hottest part
a rather interesting incident that hap- of the day lylng on a porch far fr���m
pened in Ins church on a recent Sun- ���K ,,nme an(1 Bnapp|ng at everybody
���ay. . who came  near.    It  resisted  capture.
He  was approached  by  one ol the i,.ul  ���,  ho  ,alir,���   wi.h  a nooBe an(;
church   members    after    the   Sunday
fought all the way down town,   it wa
hold for a few days, and as no owner
"Dr. Kaiikin. 1 wish that yuu weul I  appeared it was sentenced to go "th
preach a sermon un  Heaven some ol ga8 rMUte." which is the humane bo-
these Sundays.    I confess that I have Ulety's term fur death by chloroform.
many doubts as to the orthodox d
trine about Heaven, and 1 would lik
to   hear   yuur   views  a,-   U
anil where it is."
"All right," said the preacher, "I'll
du  it."
But lust before the proposed execution the owner came. II" said that the
jui-t what|morning tbe dug had dlsapepared be
had turned a garden hose on it. The
animal became frightened and Bed, It
resentpd approach nf anv stranger and
Tliey conversed  Inr a  ue ment anil  wnul dmake friends with no on
HAVE CLIENT with new 6 room cement
block In,us,-, large lot. 18th avenue nnd
Kingsway. Equity taoim. Will exchange for small chicken i*:ini*h .
HAVE CLIENT with clone In deeded lot
to exchange for revenue producing property,    win assume,
thoroughly modern, largo lot. Owner's equity J1300. will exchange for
cIobo In lot and assume. Balance payments dii"  tilTi  per  month.
HAVE CLIENT wiih deed to fin.' large
lot, high side Eighth avenue., near Fourteenth. 11200. Will exchange as payment on house.
as tliey were parting, Ur. Rankin rall-
i".l over another member and said
"liy the way, there is a pour woman
living at No, ���. street, and Bhe is
sick, and lias little or no food or Iuil
in ber little bouse. I wish you Mo
men wuuld go down there this afternoon and see tliat she ami iter children get some  assistance."
Tbe two members promised t" do si
After the evening servic
its master apeparcd at the   humane
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed "Tender for Addition tu Land Registry Office,
Mew Westminster." wlll l��- received by
Hi- Honourable, lhe Mlnlstei ol I'ul'lu*
Work., ne i" noon nl ��� i ��� " ������ iiuh
day of August, 1913, tor ��� ��������� Hon and
completion 0t adilltln * lo Land llegistry
Office,  New  Wfhm
l'i.ms. s\��� ciflc.'ii Ioiib. raci    nil forms
of ti nder may  bn   -< ��� ���*,  on    ��� I after tho
���"iiii  dav  of  July    1913   al   lhe  ofl if
.-i    A,   Kl'i'-'i' i.   ��� ��� :���������.   New
Westminster; .1 Matmny, Oovernment
Agent,   Yum-in*.-1      iml   il,,-   tVpartment
of   I'ullllC   Work-.,    Vli lorl l,    I'.
Intending lenderers ctn, bj   ipplylnS lo
the  undersigned,   ubl dn  oi p>   nl   tin
ilrnwtngs and i ti    nl   " .  flon
lions for the Bum of twi nl r-flvu ' JJ., i
Bach proposal must be itccnuipuriled by
.in accepted bunk chequ* nr certificate of
deposit oo ,i chin '* red tiai k "i < lauadu,
mnde payaffis i" the Honourable thn Mln-
Istor of i-i.i.llr Works, for tin   nini of 10
per out   of the amount  "f Ih nirnet,
which shall h" fni-r. n-.l If tin party ten-
��l"i-i?*.i: decline '" < ni- t Into conti ,. ��� when
called iiiH.ii in do so, n- if he fall lo eom-
I'lit" t''��� work contracted for 'ine cheques
or certificates of deposits "f m lui
���r-Bsfiil tenderer-* will bo returned i>. them
upon  Hm execution  of  the contracl
Tenders will not be considered unless
!����� "I" out mi tiie forms supplied, signed
with th" in Mm, i signature of the tenderer,
and enclosed  in  tin* envelopes  furnished.
The lowest ur ftny tender not n ssarlly
,i   r.   mu'-'i-'Mit,
Public Works Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, in'. SSth July. 1913.    i mil in
FOR ItKNT���eight room fully modern
liouse. close in. ISO per month. Wlll
lease or sell,  $l5u oash, balance $30 a
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust  Buiildlng.
Successors t" Eastman nid Wamsley
New  Spring and  Bummer Suiting!
im  on display.    See tbem,    Perfect
��� ��� .ind workmiiiiBliip guaranteed.   701
I 'out StreeL
"Creditors' Trust Deeds Act."
Notice is hereby given that George
11. Leaf, carrying on business as "The
Qeorge II. Leaf .Supply Store" at East
Burnaby, in tin- Municipality of Hurnaby, Province of liritish Columbia,
anil as the "Keofer Supply Store'' nt
Keefer, in tlie Municipality "f llurnaby. Province uf Britiah Columbia, has.
liy deed dated ihe 17th day uf July.
All, 1913, assigned all his real and
personal estate, credits and effects,
Which mny hu seized nr sold under
execution to Walter S. Roae, of the
City uf New Westminster, in iiie Province of liritish Columbia, Accountant,
for tli" purpoae of aallslylng rateably
and proportionately and without pre-
ferenee nr priority, nil his credit! is.
And notice is also herebs given that
a meeting of tin* creditors of the said
George H. Leaf will he held at tlle
Assignee's Olllce. Room 508 Westminster Trust Building, New Westminster, B.C., nn Munday, the 4th day nf
August, Al). 1913, at 3 o'clock In tlie
And notice is alao hen by given that
nil persuns having claims against the
saitl (lenrgo H Leaf are required ti*
forward particulars of the Bauie, duly
verified and accompanied by sworn
affidavit, to the said Walter S. Rose,
New Westminster. IU'., nn or before
llie :tlst day of Jtily, IOi::, after which
date the assets of tlie said (Ieorge II.
Leaf  will   be   distributed   by   the  said
Assignee among tiie creditors nf
Whose claims he shall then havo
Hated   at   New Westminster, B.C.,
this 21st dav of July, A.ll. 1913.
|1M7| Assignee
Winnipeg, July 29.���The extraordinary conduct nf Chief nf Pnllce A. J.
Itaker, of Selkirk, has resulted In his
being suspended from duty for a fortnight.
Lending a tin-ready ear to tittle-
attle, the chief nf police, it is said, accosted E. F. Comber, a prominent citizen, nn tlie public street, accused Mr.
Cumber of using a filthy expression
aboul him. and. not gi-Mimr th�� Instant
apology demanded, knocked the astonished citizen Into a ditch, nnd then
jliieeecl  him  to the police station.
.Mr. Cumber at once sent a letter nf
eumplalnt lo the council, th" matter
w-as Investigated by tho watch com-
[ mlttee, which strongly recommended
th�� council tu reprimand the chief of
police, and the council concluded tha'
his end net was most unbecoming and
ronrehens'hle. and ordered his suspension  fT the period Btated.
Mr. Comber is a hanker by profession, an ex-counclllor with a reeord
of useful service, and a citizen held in
general r^-pccl In the community, Hip
assault, therefor". Iiv the head of thc
department which ovists for the pm.
teetlon if the tilllilie has hi"*n thi
chief ten'c of dlseuBRlon iii S"ll;irk
ns has the sequel to the amazing incident.
(By "Gravy.")
Great   Indian   Backstop,
"Chief" John Tories Meyers, the Indian  backstop and demon  slugger of
Ur.  Kan-Ithe Noo Yawk .lints, will celebrate his
kin  was  rather  surprised   tu  Bee  Ins * thirty-first birthday today, that    val-
questioner   uf   the   morning  walking pant redman having been burn in Itiv-
rapidly   up  the   aisle  tu  greet  him. 1 erside, Cal., July 29, 18S2.
Smiles  chased    themselves    over  the      Meyers, whose Indian name is Tor-
happy fellow's fare.    He grasped thel tea, is a full blooded redman and a
preacher's  hand. ; red   blooded   gentleman.     He  enjoyed
"Say, Doctor," he said, "yuu need- better educational facilities than must
n't preach that sermon about Heaven j pale face ynuths, and his bead is filled
now.   I did what you asked me to do|wlth lure and learning.
Fresno, Cal., is proud of it:; raisins
:iiid of being the birthplace of Peerless Lender Chance, and It also boasts
of the fact that the "Chief" made his
hareball debut in that city. After
leaving the Riverside high school tin
descendant of old Chief Qua-Quo st*'
and  I've  been   in   Heaven   all   afternoon."
New   G.T.P.   Towns.
During the coming spring nnd sum
mer  a  large   number  of   new  towm
will he placed on the map of Westen
Canada  along  tin*  I t tlie  Grand lout  tn earn  a  living  by  "kicking"  a
Trunk i'acilic Railway and the town-  Job  press in a  Fresno raisin  packing
sites will  be opened to the public  hy ��� house.     On   Saturday   afternoons   and
tne Transcontinental Townsite Co.,
tlie official agents of the G.T.P, Wlnli
many of these ar- still unnamed and
by uo means definitely located ovei
forty have been finally decided on at
present, nnd it is probable that ail
lownsitcs on the company's existing
lines will be locaturl and named tin-
Sundays he played ball, and soon
earned a local reputation as a son
of swat.
After spending snme time in the ral-
sin city. Meyers set nut tu see tbl
world. He secured a Job as internre-
li r In El Paso, Tex., and alsn hold a
Blmllar position In Clifton, Ariz. When
not engaged as acting as a verbal go
The new  towns  decided  on  are as between, Meyers played ball, and bis
follows: Prongua, Gallivan, N
Sj.riiiu'wutiT.   Ruthilda,  Adim
land, Millerdale, Beaufield, Coleville,
Driver, Smiley, lk'*ar Lake, Stratum,
Lnveriiii,   Gedoux,   Raintnn,    llrougli.
lines, lluiitoon, Viuwfleld, 11.11 Hull
rmriiiM, I fame spread throughout the south-
|ii,d- ���wrt. He was one of the stars it!
basebal ItournBments held annually In
Albuquerque, N. M., and there mot
Ralph Glaze, later a big league pitcher,  but then  a  Dartmouth    Btudenl
Tenders are re mired for alti ration!
and additions to the Merchants hotel,
Columbia street, New Weatmlnater,
Plans and specifications can be ob
talned from the undersigned and
tenders received up to noon ol
August 8th, Tbe proprietors do not
bind themselves to accept ill" loweal
or any tender.
(1H12) Architects
Sunder. Mmanl. Breeze, Steelman, f;,llz<> perauaded the Chief to gn tn
Deborah, BBperanto, Elcott, North- Dartmouth. He was nol eligible to
cat", Areliydiil. 1-urgrnv. Row I.-tin, i Pl">' on the coUege nine, and devoted
l.iiistroin Esbank, Darmody, Mawer, himself to his studies, In many of
Keystone and Stony  Beach, which ho excelled,
  After leaving    Dartmouth.    Meyers
Strikes   In   1912. Joined the HarrlBburg club of the Trl-
The   loss   in   working   davs   trom state outlaw league, and led the clr-
strlkcs  in  1912, according to the  Do-  ,'ult  in  hitting.    From  the  Pennsyl
partment ol Labor" record, was onl> | vanla capital he wenl ������   n *������*      :-io
about   half   the   Miiiiliu   loss   in   1911,
..,.���,,. ...,,..���  went to Itiitti1
I nid thence to st, Paul    There bis hil-
Tenders are invited for the pur
chase uf two pool and Un billiard
tables wiih stuck and fixtures of thi
Peoples Pool Room,   East   Buruaby
Tenders to he addressed tu W. S
Rose, Westminster Trust btllld'n,'!
and delivered not Inter than Saturday,
August 2. 1913. The lowoat or anj
tender not necessarily accepted,
(ISIti) Assignee.
A Hitting nf the Provincial Labor
Commission will be held at Ladner
Thursday,  i'.lst  July,  10 am.
Tlie Commission is empowered to
Inquire Into all matters affecting the
conditions nf labor In itritish Columbia, All persons interested nr" in
vltcd to attend and give evidence.
il. (i. PARSON,
Secretary. (177!J)
fle  Lot "B" of the South 39 Acrea of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acrt
Theretofore   Conveyed,  in  tho   Die
trict of New WeBtmliiBter.
A Certificate of Indefensible Title ti
,'tbe above property will be Issued    t*
William McBrlde on the 18th day   ol
I August, 1918, unless In the meaiitlmi
a valid objection thereto be made ti
me in writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate nr Interest therein
or lu any part thereof,
.1. C OWYNN.
District  ltngisti.tr of Titles.
Land llegistry Offtce,
New Westminster,  B.C., 12th July,
The person or persuns having In
their custody nr possession tho follow*
lng Title Deeds relating to lhe said
property are requested to deliver th"
same to the undersigned
:ii)th January, 1889, grant frnm the
crown to Charlotte Adele  Rouf,ue.
19th July, 1888, conveyance from
Charlotte Adele Rougue to Robert
Scott Monerleff.
(174,1)        Dlatrlct Registrar uf Titles.
though   amounting   to   our   l,0CO,.)Ui ""�� attracted  the attention of    M*
dav-      Tins  covers   the   wh"l"  "f   the Or8w *���""���   NVw   Y'""*<  bntlghl  him   for
Dominion    There v.as a greater nun, ��6'��<")'   ll(> -started in with tin. Giants
ber of strikes, although they involved In  1!,ll!'- '""' ���'���   -Lirlin s. I a  record
only  a  small   inn,mer  ol  men,    To- *8 * spring hitter_by awattlng the pill
gether 40,600 employes  went out on for Iwenty-nlne home inns within b
strikes  in  1012,    The  Industries  Dis- mo..
pules Investigation Act applies to dis-     ,*) v,'rs IH ��� 'ftlwirt. swarthy chap
nui.- In  industries involving  public with the typical Indian cart of countmi.
Utilities and practically all the above a�����; "'' ����� '���* n'\**^HJ f'f; "'';id'*':ti I;
ment d  disturbance^ were  outside J lll! ,v  ���""���  sneaks Spanirh with  nl!
its jurisdiction.   Altogether  about  19 'he fluency of n BUbject ol Kim;  \l
threatened   strike-   wen*   referred   un-['*>*���*���"���
Ier the act ol nil;!, settlements being
thereby effected in all but three cases.
Saskatoon, July 29 - What is believed t i h" the first Rutiienian teachers'
convention ever hold In Saskatchewan
I will take place on the last day of July
I and the tlrst daj ur August, at Rosthern,
Principal J. A Snell, nf the Saskatoon normal school, win attond as tin
representative if the provincial gov-
ern:,."::' which IB doing all ia its power to encourage this desire for education among this nue.
The Ruthenlans Bra organising the
convention or lh ir own frcn will for
Hm purpose of bettering tlio education   their children may obtain,
Their teachers ln thla district number about a dozen and the imports i-
they attach to seeing thai tho children
obtain n fair education In tho revi rn
of the view of education taken by lie
ordinary foreigm r.
Matters relating tn the Improving "I
the education of the children will be
discussed wic; a view* tn enabling tlie
leiiehers to  work  with  better results.
This being the first convention of
the kind in Saskatchewan, its BUCC6B8
will  be watched  with no small  inter
est by educationalists in tlie. province.
Bftlgaiy, July 29.-*-T**M��t Alderman'
II. P. Ads-hciid is nnt as hidebound lr
the high Incline plan for the Centre
street bridge as many have gathered
since discussion of the new by-law to
he submitted hns been under consideration, he gave evidence of on Monday evening.
At the conclusion of the council
meeting the forcing through of tho by-
aw fur the high Incline bridge wltli -
mt giving an opportunity for consld-
T.-ilion of the question of n plebiscite
to enable the ratepayers tn decide til"
kind of a, bridge Hen should bo buill
vns the subject for much animated
Itsctisslon among tho aldermen und
spectators assembled.
During   one    Of    these  discussions.
Vldcrman Garden wns heard to remark to Aid. Adi'hrnd: "Well, ynu
have won, but I am seriously afr.tlo
your by law wlll be beaton."
"If It is." replied Alderman Adshoad,
"I'll second yi ur motion for a by-law
to tm Hi) the Mawson bridge."
Which reveals sonic elasticity In the
composition nf Alderman Adahead of
Which he had not been suspected, anil
which may probably be taken to Indicate that In the event nf the defeat nf
the by-law for the high Incline bridge,
Alderman Adnhend and bis constituents will be disposed to accept a bylaw fnr the Mawson bridge.
Chafing Dish Set In Crash Toweling Is J
Just  the  Gift  For   Hostess  Who  Is
Fond  of  Entertaining  Informally  at
Supper or Luncheon.
Dear lilsa-I bare Juat conic back to
New Vork from a week end spent wltll
Margaret W�� and I never leave her
charming country Ijonie without the
uncomfortable feeling that I have been
extremely rude. Miirguret Is one of thc
few remaining specimens of politeness
left to us In this rude, busy age Indeed, she is so anxloua to bc uice and
to bnve her guests enjoy themselves
tbat she defeats her own good object
by being Uh) solicitous of their well lielng. In other words, she Ls one of tlinse
"pressing" people who make the average woman feel like "Buying things"
at times.
Here ls an example of wbnt I mean:
"Won't you havc one of thqse| cnUes.
dear?" she cried one afternoon ut tea.
ber bright eyes falling on my empty
"Thank jou very much, but I've
quite finished."
"Oh. but ynu must try one nf these
They're homemade."
"I'm sure they are delicious, but
"Just one. now: Just to please me."
So I was obliged to meekly dispose
of the cake, and as soon ns 1 had come
to the last crumb Margaret began
"Now I'm sure you will bave another,
won't you 7"
"No, thank ynu. really. Margaret."
"Oh. do; I have not nearly finished
yet. Do keep me company. Or perhaps you did not like my coke?"
"lt was splendid:" 1 managed tn reply, quite honestly, for Margaret Is a
fine cook.   "Hut. truly"���
Well, it was nil oft. Margaret smiled
n sad, wistful smile, whieh suid na
plain as words. "I'm su surry yuu
didn't care fur It. for lf ynu bad ynu
would bnve tnken another une."
She doesn't seem to realize that, however nice a cake mny lie. there exists
to tbe vulgnr tulnil such n thing ns-
well, repletion Is the prettiest term 1
can cnll it. though very small people
bnve expressed lhe same meaning by
announcing that tliey are "full now."
Tben one day Margaret began talking of new spring frocks, and I was
foolish enough to hay that 1 wnn thinking of changing my dressmaker.
"The very chance for yotl to try tbe
little woman who mude my green
gown. She's so smart nnd su eheup.
Sbe lives at��� Tliere. I've furgutten.
hut I'll look lt up In my nddresB bonk
niul let you know."
Now. aa n mntter of fact. I don't admire Margaret's green Rown In the
lenst. nnd Dick said It wus a "shriek
of fashion."
Trying tn he tnetful. I nppreelntlv.'ly
Inoked nt Margaret and replied: "Don't
bother, dear I think perhaps after ull
I'll give Mine. Itlank another chance."
"Yes. hut ynu may ns well hnve the
addreas, mayn't you? And I'm going
to her this week, and If Bhe snyn she
cftnnot tuke any more orders just now
ITI mention Hint ynu are n friend of
mine. Or���or may lie It would be bet
ter for you to comp witb me."
Margaret is nlwny-B full of plans, nnd.
knowing Hint to raise ber hnpes to let
them full again wlll hurt her feelings.
I temporized by saying, "I'll think it
And so we went on every minute nr
the time I spent with her, I feeling the
must ungracious creature nn tbe enrth.
fur Margaret never enn see Hint she
hns said enough. Vet Bbe is a dear
nud does menu so well.
Why dont 1 go to t'ernclllTe next summer? Why don't 1 take her remedy
fur sure throat? Why don't I take n
ticket rnr the current event talks'/ Why
don't I gn tn her dentist 1
And indeed I donT know why I don't
dn many of these things, except Hint I
don't particularly want in
lib U nnd I never look forward Io
our visits lo Margaret, altnpl.v because
we   lind   it   so   hard   to   gel   nwny       We
plead tlmt we have engagements in
town.    "Won t tliey buhl uvor?"
Hu inn remember Sum Waller's re
ply  lo his fattier when Hint  clour uld
gentleman suggested tlmt his letter tn
Mary, the hnuseniulil. was rattler Khurll
"Not tl lilt of it." suit! Sum "She'll
i ish tliere ins more, und that's the
great mt "' letter wrltln' "
Somehow those words always come
Into iny bond as I travel bnme from
I wonder, Lisa, bow yon will like Hie
doilies mid centerpiece 1 am making
rnr a friend who does n lot of Informal
entertaining -chafing dish pintles nnd
the like.   The set Im of blue nnd white
hatred ten toweling,  A yard and live
eighths nf eighteen Inch wide toweling
mnkcM the twelve dolltua, which ure
nine Inches square.   A  sqniiie uf Hie
toweling was too narrow to make n
good looking centerpiece, so 1 compromised nn un oblong table runner,
The edges of both dollies nntl center-
piece nre finished will) heavily padded
liiittniihnllng dune with mercerized cotton the simile of lbe blue bur In tho
crush Across the center of ench dully
ami at Imtli emlH nf lbe runner center
pleee wlll lie placed the Initials of the
le.vner In emits Htllcll. curried nut lu
two shinies nf blue. On n polished ma
hngiiny table the wt Is stunning.
Time's ui1. ho uuf wledersehen
Buried Instead.
Windsor, Onl., July 2H. Dr. Frank
M. Singer, nf Detroil, who wan to
have married a Canadian girl nf Ox-
ley, Ont., wiih killed In an automobile
accident Sunday, when his machine
was Htruck by a train,
Montreal,  July  29, The  Canadian
Autobus Company has notified til ���
city that it would not be ubln tn run
its inotorbuses until all the oondults
for overhead wires were put duwn
and the city was asked tn prepare a
report on when paving on various
streets wus going to be finished lu
permit I liis new variety of wheel traffic.
Tills Is Btated by ex-Aldernian Dan
durand,   a   director   of   the   cniupai.;.
lie said it waa quite correct tlnn. the
company should have begun operating
ita cars on St. Catherines street, but
owing lo conditions, said lie, il wiut
not deemed advisable tn run tli" mot-
orbusses until the pavement is all repaired and the wires underground.
"Uut,' said ex-Alderinan Handur-
and. "we Intend to have one hundred
cars in opergtioj on Hm Craig, Sl.
Catherine, Park avenue, St. Lawrence
and St. Denis routes by this autumn.
Then we shall be ahead of cur contract. We are by Its terms, hound to
begin a service. In June and to put u
new route into being every two months thereafter. If we took the time
stipulated ill nur contract, il would
give us a year to fulfill it. hut Instead
we Bbal| have six routes in servico
six uiunihs befure the full lime allot
ted io us. We may bo delayed also
by tiie paving that is being la.d on
Beveral sir' i Is.
"D. McDonald, prealdent and general manager ul the company, ..-. now
lii Kngland and I expect a cable trom
li tu telling us wben the f.rsl conslgn-
ilo nt of cars is In be expected. Wo
are buying them from ih" London Qea
eral Autobus company, wblch baa
6000 busses running in the Btreets of
London. They will arrive twenty-flve
nr thirty at a time, but we sliall nut
put them en regular runs until we
bave one hundred. It in deemed ad
visahl" if we want tn be nf any help
in relieving the congestion on down
town streets to have a sufficient]
number ofllnes ln operation to enable
us io give a sufficiency of aervico
with transfers."
Ex-Alderman Dandurand said ale >
that the tearing up and restoration
nf pavements and the building of new
tracks by the Montreal Tramways)
Company, also hindered an early HtarL
with  the  new  Bervlce.
"We do not expect any grea: difficulties from snow In winter." Bald
ex-Alderman Dandurand, "Each ear
will make Its own track and the service wlll be ao frequent as to enable
us to keep our paths open."
Controller Godfrey aald that lie wat)
aware that ihe motorbus servlcei
shuiild have begun in June, and Ile
had nnt been notified of tlle reason
It hud not, but he supposed thnt tha
difficulty uf getting enrs was at tin-
root of the trouble. 'This mat'.i r i
so Important," said he. "lhat I shull
not attempt to deal with It alone, bin
shall wait until the Whole hni.nl of
control is !������ the city again befure we
do anything.*
Little Girl Attached ie Recovenn-i and
Han Given Three Descrintio'-s
cf   Man
Montreal, July 29, Little Miss Florida nun-, lbe girl who was brutally
assaulted  in  the bUBh mar her homo
a wiek ago is on the road to rocov->
i ry, nnd is able tn tell the pollc I
more about tin* assault. Unfortunately, siie bus given another dlscrlptlon
ul  her  assailant,  these  being  sn enn
tradlotory   that   they  plac  the  pul:'-"
iit u il sadvantage in hunting for the
This makes the third description
given   by   the   girl   anil   Iho   hnpes   of
foul.ll ,   tlle   guilty
lng hourly,
Another suspect
the police, tint  the
man  ure d min h'i
wan cornered   by
mnn gave a satis-
factory account of hlmtalf, and had
IiIh Btory corroborated hj rellabla
Detectives Walsh and Tlerney work
ill nights on the cute III lhe hope ui'
coming acroBB tlm man among tho
many laborers who live in tha dis
; trlct, mu) rour men from No. ":; s'u
' Hon under captain Murwlck kept up
ii search around the bush and nearby
suspected (iwiiiiingB.
New developments have (akin
place, tbe police being up againat a
hard propuHltlon on account nf tii"
��� girl's wavering Htateuieiits, especially
her description or lhe man, and wha:
be was wearing which is not a ver/
satisfactory due to go by, Tho man
hunt will be kept up milli every cluo
is sifted  to  the  bottom.
Captain Provost's celebrated dog)
"Prince" who hun several captures ttu
bis credit, and one time drove a man
to the Btatlon house while Constable*
Brooks had bis hands full with an
other, was given a BOCOnd fry ul trail
lng the man from a number of fool
prints, and succeeded establishing i v
the satisfaction of his muster the dl
rectlon  taken.
Snme  suspicion   that  the  girl   may
have mnde  a  mistake  In   deciding  BO
quickly  tliat  none  of  the  throe  moi
arrested was her assailant, wan clear
oil  when  "Prince"  In  going over tha
last  bunt  marks  followed  a  direction
jiiwuy frnm that known lo huve been
taken by the men later arrcHled.   The
dug  circled   the   bush   wllh   bis  nosct
,lu the ground, and finally brought up'
Jut a polnl near the home of Mr. Den-
Is,   the   glrl'H  rather.    The   hint   huh-
plcion  against   the  three campers  In
the bush  disappeared  with  the allent:
verdict of the pollce dug. WEDNESDAY, JULY  CO,  1313.
.Advertising and salesmanship arc today  lino  arts.
There are schools on both sides of the Atlantic that teach 	
them in all their bearings to crowds of the youth of both oriental Quezon m saskatoon���May
sexes, who in due course will be let loose on the general
Some few of them may find their way into the drug
trade, but the greater number are absorbed by the great
departmental stores, and the result is seen year by year
in the increased returns and the widened influence of these
mammoth concerns.
tbo employment ot Chinese help at
the city hospital for domestic pucpos-
es will be renewed aa the result uf
i, i ���    i    j- j-       ,        ���     i-   ��� i      i  .        i       < i      .      action   taken   by   the   council   at   the
It is high time for tne individual trader to awake to laM meeting. several members spoite
the urgent necessity that is put upon him to follow, in emphatically in oppoaition to the em-
many ways, in the footsteps of the department-Store man. ciar^tbemaefvea'^s being anything
In the studv of advertising and salesmanship he may well bui satisfied at the action taken t��-
take a leaf out of their books, as well as from those of the ^t^ScJS&g" ""StoSiSSi
great captains of business who are pushing their wares g'ven i>y president Talbot, it is likely
for ail they are worth, be they offering soda crackers orte^^Co^wllh^^S
Cigarettes. labor to bring about ths dismissal of
Is it possible to analyse the methods of successful lo- g^SEJSS acun,,.1"^"1"
cul and national advertisers in making appeals to the eye, in referring to the excuse offered
ear and mind of the buying public, that a few basic prin- &^J* tZn&At news
ciples may be evolved upon which the individual druggist laum mr ��iiit�� help but have been
fir.   Ulil'lrl  onmn   Unrl   ,\f   .i   c-ctnm   fin'   Hivvi'-iiH*"/ UlK'ble   to   obtain   ally.   W.   Ilroi'.dwuy
can im iti some kind ol a system toi himseitr (,,,,i,rwl ���,,��� the ,.ilv hogplta] offl.
I think it IS, and I am going tO try tO dO a little Of thlS p.lals never advertised In the local
���-iTil-ir'/inir htiyn ami  nnu; newspapers for white help.
, '.,,1,/iti,', iit'K  ai.il nnv. Ho|d Up c.ty
That  Information bas been laid before   the   City   officials   to   the   effect.
gards refuse and as a result condi-
lii.ns arose which wer. decidedly ob-
Jectlonable trom a sanitary standpoint. Orders vore given, however,
which will rectify these conditions,
and, il is hoped, prevent their occur.
rence In ths future.
Two Opinions
Tliat the death of .1. Dutton, the
city lineman who was electrocuted In
Nlilana, was caused bv liis coming
ill contact with two ends i.f a high
voltage wire while connecting a thorough primary, thus causing a complete  circuit,   la  the   statement   made
by James I'orter, line superintendent,
Saskatoon, July EB.   The protest of following a personal Investigation, lie
ths  trades and  labor council against Btated  lbat  the alleged  Btatement  of
Hll   Dond3   In   Chicago���Lieu'..-
Governor to Open Fair
A. McClelland, secretary of the International brotherhood of electrical
workera, to the effect that Hulton's
death was caused by his foot coming
In contact with a live wire below is
absurd on the face of It. and that if
McClelland made any such statement
in* jumped to conclusions Without being acqalnted with all tbe facta.
First   Papa   Was   Wrathy,   But   Later
He  Welcomed   His  Scn-in-Law
With Open Arms.
Itegina. July 29.���To charge with
abduction the mun who bad eloped
with liia daughter, and before the case
could be disposed * f by the bench to,''
welcome him as a son-in-law, was ihe
course followed in I le Mounted Police
court by Mrs. Vigeant, of the baska-
toon   district.
Mrs. Vigeant bad instituted proceedings against Charles Rice of this
city, who in lhe spring of Hie year
formed a runaway match with Miss
Vigeant. The genuineness of the marriage certificate had nut been pruved
dowager's satisfaction, and a
of trouble had to be passed
125 years of age, who Is at the mounted
I police barracks,  awaiting removal  to
: the asylum  at  I'nmuka,  after  having
! been declared of unsound mind by a
doctor.    Last Sunday  the young man
appeared   at   church   at   Spring   Bay,
Alta., with a loaded revolver, declaring that he had come to find tlie devil
and give him his due.    The alarm of
the   congregation   may   be   imagined.
After   being   overpowered     he     was I
handed over to the mounted police and |
removed lo Calgary.    No cause is as- j
stgnable   for  the   unbalancing  of  the |
young man's mind.
NaDru Co Laxatives
are especially good for
children because they are
pleasant to take, gentle in
action, do not irritate the
bowels nor develop a need
for continual or increased
duses. 25c. a box, at your
National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada. Limilad.      177
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURIN OIL     ���
Step  to  Prevent   -"rection  of  Political
Machine���City  Foremen Cleared
of   Chanes
that an attempt is being made tn hold
up the city by asking exorbitant price
for land which lias been selected as
tlle site for the proposed government
elevator,  is  the  Btatement made  by
demanding as high an
$4(in per lot, and that the city will
not stand fur any such prices. He
naked the corporation of the real estate board to bring about the purchase of tbe land al a reasonable
No 'Buneay -Cmokinn
As the police commission takes the
same attitude as Dr. Rochester, general secretary of the I-ord's Day Al-
1 ance those addicted to the use of
Un* "weed" will be forced to lay in
n supply on Saturday or elBe abstain
from the nicotine habit on .Sundays
in  lhe future.    Following the receipt
Broadly speaking, all advertising, as well as the more
direct and personal salesmanship, may be divided into
three parts, each part depending upon a basic principle
upon which the advertising expert or salesman works.
In the first place, the appeal is made to the more positive part of the mind of the prospective buyer, that is, t0|M��ror Harrison.    Mayer Harrison de
, .      ' ...      a     1 ���     ,1 i"        ��� I      0 i.u clared that lie understands that sum
his reason or will.   And again, the negative side oi the na-| per
ture may be appealed to, such as the desires, emotions,
ippetites, etc.   And then, too, there will be found appeals
Lo both these together, and often these are thc most suc-|
cessful ai the three.
A few illustrations will make my meaning more
���clear. What is known in advertising as the "direct command" is an example of the fir*>t. By this kind of advertising the will of the prospective buyer is worn down, or
weakened, by repeated commands given in an authoritative manner!   Although it is assumed that all men have
free wills, those who reallv have are the exception rather of reports regarding open cigar Btand
than the rule. The great mass of mankind is swayed Sd^K'to^^t^dlS
and influenced by the more positive minus of its leaders in on a private investigation during
politics, religion, philosophy, or what not. If a strong Jjw��* "������ corroborated the charges
man, with a forceful personality, makes a statement in an seirem in chica-o
authoritative manner, be it true or false, and continues to a J���. --7 .���->'- �����^or��ir\
do SO for a long time, the Wills of the majority Ot his hear- 0f the en's debentures,  Mayor Har-
ers will be made captive and they will accept the state- -"j.,;^���;>���>.,��' J-��|8h-^
ment   and  act Upon it. an offer from a Lig blinking firm for
It is precisely the same in advertising.   Make some ����� ?��'" whlch �����>" **--vt>\y u�� muniei-
' ���   ���>    ���   , i     ..i        i    ii pallty a immediate needs and as  the
strong, direct, forceful command, either to the eye or ear, rate is not unreasonable considering
and continue to make it, and the harvest is almost sure to the present state of the money mar-
���   ,, ���,, .        , ,,,   ���      ���   i i   ,       i .    ���      aet, an agre nn nt will likely be made
ft,How.    The   man in the street   is told to do a certain 8ome- minor detaiia, however, have
thine:, and he does it. "Take home a cake of Smith's soap.'.y"- to be arranged and it is to deal
��'    .. ,     ., ,,  , u'lii ]    ��� J..'witli   ihese   matters   that   tlie   mayor
your wife needs it,   he sees on every billboard, in every lini, AK1 yoanb ar��� maklng ,lle tri���.
railway car, and in electric-light signs on the sky-scraper., win open Fair
., ,' .��� a .i       a     ���        Z. J xC���  ���������,���A  I     H's    Honor.       Lieutenant-Governor
He takes no notice of the first command, or the second, Brown ,,.,��� consented t(, open the sas
but when he sees it wherever he goes, he eventually does katoon exhibition on August a at 1.30
'p. m.. according to the -*������	
as he is told.
This is known as suggestion by authority and repetition in the advertising school. The appeal is often made
in another way. All are familiar with the type of advertisement in which the picture of a man���strong, virile.
magnetic���is shown, the finger upraised, in the act of
driving home some direct, authoritative statement. Very
often in this type of advertisement an appeal is made to
the reason and a command given to the will as well, and
the combination is very effective.
Take the opposite type of appeal, that i.s, the one to
fthe senses, appetites, desires, etc.   This is less direct and
���tore subtle, but in the end stronger than the first named.
���*Somehodv's beverage is smooth," is posted on the board-
:|lirig. and everv one who sees the statement immediately
��macks his lips and images the "smooth" feeling in this
--mouth or throat. Or a maker of liquid refreshment shows
'$B pi
made by the author:
paratlons   a.ie   now
house the    various
les. Active pre-
bcilng mad" 11
exhibits,    which
thus far promise to exceed In number
and quality those of any previous
y ar.     The
In ve nrt fi''d the authorities thai they
will Install a pay telegraph Btatlon
1 1 th grounds this year, The location has, however, not been chosen
Heavy   Fine
W.   Blum,   a   trapper   residing   near
li aver Creek, will nay a fine of $300
or spend  six  months  In  the  Prince
Albert   prison   as   the   result   of   his
plea of guilty to the charge of selling
b  ���iver  (skins.      The   charge   against
Blum la the outcome of the contlsm
tion of five beaver skins found in the
pess��83lon   of  Samuel   Bonder,   a   local  fur dealer lasl  week.
A Nice Mix-up
The Armstrong-Gordon assault cis"
Calgary, July 29, -"We don't want
any I'amniany hal! In Calgary and
tins is tiie very thing that will prevent there ever being any such a political machine built up," was the wayi
the joint committee composed
of members of the finance and legislative committees of the council expressed themselves relative to a measure adopted at a session on the Mcintosh and Hyde report, while cou-
h.u, ring tl.e reruinii.i :,.iui,oii of Audi-
toi i*. 41. harvoy, concerning the lining and discharging of city employees.
In the past there has been more
or less of hiring and discharge cf
employees by officials having thai
authority, but who under ordinary circumstances are supposed to delegate
that part of the work to their superintendents and foremen, ll was re-
cognised lhal in the system there iu
opportunity for the building up of
very much of a political machine municipally, and accordingly when that
phase ol the organization scheme was
reached there was a wide range of
discussion which resulted in the
odoptlon of the recommendation of
the auditor with amendments to make
the provision even stronger than the
original  suggestion.
Foreman Cleared
The   city   foremen,   against   whom
charges  were filed some Ume ago b>
Attorney   Stanley   Jones  111   behalf of;
a  number  of  foreign  laborers, alien,
ing   that   they   had   used   their   positions under the city administration, to
further  the  cause  of  the  Conservative party in the recent provincial el-
ectinn,   by   giving  laborers  to  understand lhat lhey  must  vote Conserva:
tlve  if they  wanted  to  work  for the
city,   were  cleared   by  the   report  of
Police   Magistrate     Sanders,     before
whom   the   investigation     was    held,
which has been filed with Mayor Sin-
nott.       An    interesting  circumstance
was that when the Investigation came
to be held the complainants who made
specific charges agalnBt the foremen.
were found to have left the city and
tac.r  cases  wrre not   investigated.
48 Babies Los*.
"Oe-ah. 1  wanl   my mummy!" The
-,        - , .     - *   , ,        ... , the  result   of a   dispute over  the  nd-
cture of a bottle of his famous brand, witn a glass, a mission fee ot a picnic bascimii gam
Illock of ice, and simply the
is all that is required
lame of his specialty.   That
will  furnish   food  for thought for the
attorney-general of Saskatchewan, an
the   result   of   a    lead-lock   of   three
Notice how'artfrllv, in the advertisements of articles justices of the peace who sat upon
in tbe
to eat or drink, words are used that create desire
minds of the readers.   "Sweet,"   "refreshing,"
auenching," etc���how suggestive all these word
How do they act?   Try the following and see.
picture of a man squeezing a big, juicy lemon, and
derneath it place the following: "A big,   juicy
strong and acid; I can taste it now."   What is the result? j J
Does not one's mouth water as one thinks of it, to sav
nothing tif when he looks at it?   When this feeling is
induced the rest is easy.
But perhaps of more interest to the man behind the
counter is the principle which embraces both the above,
that is, desire on the one hand, and authority on thc
other, assisted by other suggestive ideas.
Have you ever had a smart book salesman call upon
vou who knew his business? You well remember how
he got to work. First he gained your attention by his
opening remarks, and so your mind grew more receptive
to ideas.  Then he aroused your desire by his description 	
of the book, and his exhibition of its good points, and at, pnin
last when the psychological moment had arrived, he gently, nnmtn
but Rrmlv gave the positive command by placing a foun- A ,, ,
tain pen in your hand and indicating the place where ^jfffi^.KM
were to sign your name, saying,  'feign here, please, ���    Ml. fjPOr��e has arrived in snaka-
i irmn/11 tenn  and   In   the  course  of  the  next:
;;ntl you s.gnea. , .    , .- n,-    few months win visit the agencies in
The four steps in salesmanship by suggestion in tnis|;;, .,������ ,������.������ nm, <.,tics of lhn tW(1
���rase were first attention, second desire, third command, provinces, The purpose of the super.
<ca.-'.   vvtil.  iit.il.  al, ���, '. . ,   i ��� ,,  j������! vision  of  the  government,  ns  stated
ar..d fourth sale.   These four steps are taken everv aayky Mr 0aorgei ������ ,��� Bngure proteo.
hy an army of men who are trained most carefully in tion and fair treatment to the 1.....1
psychological principles before thev take the road.
' But there is another way often used by salesmen
which should be mentioned. Tt runs thus: "You like this
style, do you not?" "This is a beautiful pattern, is it
not ?" Here thc command is given first, and the question
nr suggestion is put afterward. And it is frequently
successful, because it is generally easier to say yes than
wail  was  sent  forth  from  forty-eight
1 :��� -. tidal    government disconsolate infants, lost, strayed and
stolen, temporarily from their parent!]
in Luwr.v park one afternoon.
There were lost babies everywhere.
The thick underbrush of Lowry park
Is a fine place fur Iiabes in-the-Weeds
lu get lost; and lt was a wonder thai
out of the hundreds upon hundreds of
hungry tired little tuts who trailed
Iheir more agile adult parents, cou-1
sins, unt'ies and aunts over the un-
ev n ground, were not mislaid. That,
nn accidents occurred to them waa
a  lucky chance.
It was due almost entirely to the
Indefatlguable efforts of the Hoy
Scums of the Church of the Redeemer
that these tuts were su quickly re-
s.on d to their parents.
Trace Typhoid
T'le source of one of two cases of
typhoid that have becn reported in
the city during the month bas been
traced. Or. Mahood. city health cffl-
cer, thinks, to a well at Ogden. When
the case In question was brought In
from Ogden Or. Mahood investigated
and found the family were using wa.
ter from a well at Chamberlain's livery barn. A sample of the water wa .
Bent ti Edmonton fur analysis, and
the rt ��� nrt cn-ne back, showing the
presence of colon bacillus in the wa-
Dr. Mahot d is now confident hn
has located the source of the typhoid
and has ordered the well closed, He
Is taking samples of waler frnm all
the wells ill that district and tlm
wells frum which these found to be
Impure were taken will be closed. Also connection with the water system
, will be required,
the  second  case.    After  bearing  the
evidence against Wm, P. Armstrong,
'thirst of  Saskatoon,  who  is  charged  with
assault upon L. Cordon, of Harris, one
; justice favored acquittal and the other
Get   a: two  were   undecided   what  action  to
,,���     take,   according   to   the   solicitor  for
UI1"itbe defense.
emon, I     According   to   (lhe   evidence   Ami'
strong   was   witnessing   a   ball   game
few   weeks   agn   when   Oorden   approached blm and told him tn dig or
A   fight   ensued     following     wlilc1'
Armstrong   laid   a  charge  of  assiiul'.
against    tlordon,    before    Alexander
Smith,  .1.   P.,   of  Saskatoon.    Cordon
was found guilty and fined $20. whereupon he returned tn Ills homo m Harris and Inld a similar charge against
Armstrong,   before  a  Justice  at  that,
plaoe,     Three   Justices   were   present
to sit upon the case and the disagree
ment   and   the   referring  nf  the
tn the attorney-general followed
Protect  Imml-ranti
Another proof of the stragetlc position   Saskatoon  holds  both  from  the
in*   nnd   centrally   Incited   view-
t ia seen  In  the  decision  of tli"
lon   government   tn   make   this
he permanent headquarter-* for
A. I,. Oeorge, who wll
nspert alt the
hroughout Sas
itrnnts, an I m in I grant being anyone
who has not becn In tho country for
three years,
Dlrtv Market
That the condition of the city market   at   the  present   time   Is  far from,
satisfactory Is Ihe conclusion reached. I
���  Rl.
Spokane, July 2!).���Oreen nnples
easel eaten Just before a swim in Liberty
park pond, combined with the hot s
of Monday, may cause the death cf
William Barton, the 12-year old son
of .Mr. and Mrs. B, 11. Barton, I'acific
avenue. The boy now lies in a critical
Condition ln  St.  Luke's hospital.
Mrnday afternoon. Julv 21. yoitnr
Barton, with a number of playmates
went to the pond in Liberty park to
wade nnd swim. On their way tn the
park tliey gathered a couple of hats)
full ef green tipples, which tbey
munched us they walked and paddled;j
around In the water.
The boy awoke the next niornln"
apparently In the best of health and
at 7.:'0 sat down to read. Suddenly.
however, he dropped the hook lie had
been rending and wltll a srream of
pain clutched at his stomach. The
convulsicns lasted for over an hour
;in spite of all Ills mother and the
neighbors conld do. and It was not
until Dr. V. K. Herding arrived that.
IthP lov's nenpv was alleviated.
Per a while he seemed tn rally, but;
lu  tne
whole S'
through   before  Ihe  facts uf the ease
could be made clear.
lt appears lhat un April 28, Ilice.
who was a friend of the Vigeant family, called at the girl's home and arranged for an elopement. The girl
left.her mother's farm by stealth and
accompanied Rice to North Dakota,
where on May 1, the marriage took,
place. Bride and bridgrooui then returned to Canada, and for the past,
few weeks Vigeant has been engaged
as an engineer on a steam plow outfit-in the vicinity of Tugaskl.
The nuptials were celebrated In N".
Dakota because it was feared that in
Canada the mother of the bride might
intervene to prevent tlle marriage.
The girl was little more than 17 yeara
uf age.
With  Much  Pleasure
"It is tlierefure with much pleasure
that   1  urder the  prisoner  to  be  dismissed  from  custody."
With these words Magistrate Mc-
Caualand put a fitting climax to what,
had been a day, or rather an afternoon, of surprises and exciting moments for William Morgan Jones, tho
young Welshman charged with receiving stolen goods In connection with
the Itegina mail robbery.
The prisoner himself appeared surprised. He seemed to have expected
to have been sent up to stand hia
trial, though lie was satisfied in his
own mind that he was innocent and
would be free ill September, But to
be freed immediately was more than
he expected.
Another Auto  Accident
A   serious   automobile   accident,   in
which     the     Misses     Wilson,     Smith
Btreet. and Mrs. C. S. Wilson, Victor-1
la avenue, were injured, occurred here
when  J.   L.   McKillnp's  Overland  car j
ran intu a steam roller, throwing out
the occupants and  wrecking  the  ma-
chine,    C. F. Wilson was also in the
party.    The car was being run south i
of Kobinson street, with Mr. McKillop i
driving.    Just near Thirteenth avenue '
a steam roller, used in the laying of I
pavements, was stalled on tlle side of
the road, with out a light of any description, and before it was noticed by I
the driver, the car had smashed Into
it with such force that the passengers
were thrown bodily to the pavement.
Gilence Crows Louder
No clue to the whereabouts of Rupert   E.   Wilson,  the  Hegina   real  estate man   who disappeared  lasl   week
after writing a leiter from  Winnipeg
to a mar relative In this city annimn-
cing his intention to commit suicide.
has as  yet  been found either by  lhe
police  or the  friends  Of the  missing
A thorough search is still being car
rled on. and relatives of Mr. Wilson
are leaving no stone unturned in their
efforts to clear up the mystery. Mrs.
Wilson said ihut she liaff received no
word from lier husband since he lefl
tbe city more than two weeks ago.
Question of Population
To prove to the satisfaction of the
provincial board of license commissioners that the population of Regina
is In excess of 50,000 persons will
be the object of counsel for two applicants for new wholesale liquor licenses who will appear at the session
of the commission at the parliament
building. C. Kicklestein and J. Ber-
gyl are tiie applicants, and it is anticipated tliat they will submit evidence to the board to substantiate
their claim to licenses on the ground
that the 60,000 mark has been passed.
Little Boy Killed
"That death was caused by the falling of timber on the deceased. We
feel that while the company recognised the danger and took some precau
lions, yet in view of the fact that Ihil
yard lias been exposed fur upwards
of four months, without a fence oi
other suitable enclosure, or exhibition
if warning, tliey are not devoid ol'
responsibility." Such was the verdict
handed out by the Jury at an Inquest
held   into   tlie  death   of  little   Harold
Oldale who was Instantly killed while
playing near a lumber pile In the
yards of the Security Lumber company.
New Cyna^onue
The cunt tact has been let for the
new Jewish Synagogue to be erected
on Ottawa street, bb ck 881, and to
be completed by October 1. The new
Synagogue will be a thoroughly modern brick and stone build ng. with
every convenience of a thoroughly up-
to-date Institutional church, it will
nil Ibe fitted with a swimming pool, shower baths, reading room and library,
rest room, and a club room to accommodate the Jewish Society. These
will all be contained in the basement,
the main auditorium being used exclusively for Bervlc.es. The building
will be :!0 by BO feet, and will be the
first of its kind In the province of
Saskatchewan. The contract was
awarded to Mellville and Dowell, a
local  firm of contractors.
Will Be No Strike
The frightened citizens who have
gone about In fear and trembling lesi
tho street railway men should strike
and lest all the other men should
strike, even to those who produce the
niorlng pnpers, may now go on theli*
way In peace. There Is no strike of
street railway men likely, and. more
Ihan that, the more substantial men
of this union declare that strike talkt
was never seriously held on tills question.
P.   O.   BO/  442
Hotel Dunsmuir
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet the Times.
WEEKLY  RATES���All out side rooms $4.00; Court rooms, $3.00;
daily rate 7Bc, and $1.00.
Newly   furnished.     Hot   and  cold  running  water and  telephone
in all rooms.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT."
Made   In  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americas and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vltrlfled Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-ln. In diameter. This is also made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock Wt Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones IS and 16.
902 Columbia 8tre��t W.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New  Weitmlnster.
Singer Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE 694
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
by Commissi Rilhrr&non end Aet-'soon lapsed Into unconsclouness.    lie
im:  Mayor  Mclnnes,  both of  whouv ��m hurried to the hospital,   Doctors
Visited the nlnce the other day.   The  fenred   complications,   but   at   a   late
< iiiel c nii'liilnt  wns that the propen hour wre unpi'"pnred to sny exactly
precautions bud not been tuken as re-,what ailed the boy.
I    Cnlcnry. July 28.���A sad case of in-
I sanity Is that ol a young man about
Five Days
SS. "Prince George" Sailing
every   Monday   (Midnight)
(Granby Bay)
(Five Days)
SS. "Prince Rupert" sall'ng
every Thursday  (Midnight)
Including Meals and Berts.
Back East
On Sale Dally to Sept. 30th.
Return Limit Oct. 31st.
Variable Routes.
Co One Way���Return Another.
Hoston and return $110.01
Detroit and return     83.no
Halifax and return  129.:t."i
Montreal and return   ior.00
N��",v York and return ... 10R.30
.Niagara Kails and return   i2.')l
uttawa and return  10:1.0)
Toronto and  return       92.M
Other points at same reduction i
Illustrated  literature on    r��-
diiest, Bhowlng views and equipment of trains.
Hi C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
627 (Iranvllle Street, Vancouver.
VV.   S,   DUHEROW,   Q.   A.   I*    O.
l-hone Private Exchange fl3t PAOR   EIGHT
������PAY    CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember the  Place���
33 Eighth Street.
j and the telephone No. 2
Largest, juiciest
fruit in town. Buy
now since the crop
is short.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIOQS
If not then you are
certainly not getting the
most possible out of life
because there is no
pleasure so constant as
the knowledge that
money is safely set aside
for old age or adversity
of any kind.
A savings account
gives a man that self-
confidence without
which success in life is
An account in our savings department earns
4 per cent and the interest is added each three
months.   >
Why not open an account today; $1 is sufficient for the start.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital  and  Surplus
Trusteeships   under   Administration, ovnr 18,000,000,
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
All notices ot meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
ot 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Repairs to the pavement at the
lower end of Columbia street havo
been completed.
All barber shops will close at 12
o'clock noon, Wednesday, July 30, on
account  of tho  merchants'  picnic.
ill take a vacation un-
eek in August, when a
(ieorge   via   Edmonton
The boats wllh the visitors from
Victoria will arrive at the C. P. It.
wharf today  at  1 o'clock.
Wednesday. July 30. being the merchants' picnic day all our stores will
be closed.    P. Burns & Co. (1811)
Because of the picnic today all
stores here were open last night.
They will be closed all today.
Get It at the Hoyal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel.  1253. (1673)
Belyea & Co's and T. J. Trapp &
Co's floats for the street parade were
being built last night on Kront street.
Slaughter sale at the West End
hardware, Eighth streel; all goods at
cost. 11670)
Building permits were taken out
yeBterday by J, Carter Smith for a
garage on Queens avenue to cost
$300; Columbian college, repair to
the gymnasium, $400; Mrs. L, Drench-
ley. Twelfth street and Sixth avenue,
addition to residence, $500.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
A verdict of accidental death, attaching no blame whatever to II. A.
Belyea, was brought In by the jury
at the Inquiry into the death of C.
Mazzodietti, an Italian workman, who
died oh Monday, following the affects
of an accident in which Mr. Ilelyea's
automobile figured on April 17.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property,
9 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1671)
Marked improvement has been
made by Michael Downing, the man
who was struck by a O, I'. It. train
on Monday near Sapperton, and it Is;
expected at the Royal Columbian
hospital that be will pull through.
Downing is of Irish birth and has one
brother a priest and another a doctor.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Small boya playing about the top
of the McKenzie street hill have invented a new game. It's a dandy
They get a good supply of smooth
stones and send them bounding down
the roadway and sidewalk, the objiy-t
I being apparently to see which stone
travels the furthest. Older folk, however, who are forced to labor up the
steep incline can not see where tlle
fun of the game conies in.
Consumers of water not using
meters ure reminded that the date for
saving the rebate on rales for three
months ending September 30 expires
at 5 p.m. on Thursday, the 31st inst.
Showers of ll few days ago have,
i done no damage lo the hay crop in
the district aboul the city beyond
delaying the hauling. This Is true In
only some cases, for in parts of the
valley no rain at all fell. Tliere was
no rain on the Delta or in lower Mud
bay. but there wus in llie upper part
of Mud bav and also at  Langley.
commission \
til the first \
trip to Kort
will be made
At a meeting of tlie Westminster
presbytery, held in Vancouver yesterday afternoon, the resignation of
Rev. J. S. Henderson, as pastor ol
St. Andrew's church, this cily, to become secretary of social service, was
accepted. Rev. It. J. Wilson, of St.
Andrew's church. Vancouver, was appointed Interim moderator of the
local Presbyterian church until the
vacancy caused by the resignation ot
Mr. Henderson is filled. As predicted
in The News last week. Rev. R. J.
Douglas, formerly pastor of Cook's
church. Chilliwack. and now of
Kelowna, was appointed Immigration
chaplain to commence hiB duties
Out for Priies.
Richmond farmers and nurserymen
are preparing to make a raid on the
district exhibits prizes at the annual
provincial fair held here during the
fall, and towards this end, Nicholas
Dahm, whose gardens are located
near the North Arm bridge, and who
ls acknowledged to be one of the most
expert intensive farmers on the Island, has been placed In charge of the
scheme to secure material for such
an exhibit. Last week the Richmond
council gave a grant to the Richmond
fair association, with $100 to the first
annual Richmond poultry show to bc
held on Nov. 11, 12. and 13.
S:hool     Pupils
Their   Ex-
Who   Get
Of the 153 candidates who wrote on
the high Bchool examinations for New
Westminster   this   year,   S3,   approxi- |
mately 50 per cent, were successful
The pass lists are given below:
New Westminster Centre.
Candidates   Passed
Preliminary    course
Junior grade        90
Advanced course
junior grade         45
Full   course,   junior
grade       Id
Advanced course junior grade applied
science           2
Intermediate grade .       l
Senior grade            5
Had It Over Men Who Had to Eat at
This Hotel.
A drummer's life is said to bring a
person Into touch with hotel existence more than any other walk of
life, but the experience told The
News last evening by R. A. Stoney _
gives    an    Inkling into the hotel fare 'Dougherty
of the labor
treated    in i
to   wblch   the   members
commission   have   beet
their travels throughout
It was at a northern B. C, town lt
happened and the hostel, which had
been recommended by one of the
members, was not exactly of the best.
In the front of the hotel is placed a
huge triangle which is sounded at
meal hours a la ship's fashion. This
triangle apparently worries the stray
canines in the town, for they have a
habit of yelping whenever it is
Mr.   Stoney,   appearing   downstairs
on   the  morning   following  their    arrival, noticed    u    rough    looking    Individual   sitting   on   llie   hotel   steps
with all the appearances of just coming out of the effects of an  evening
jag.   The triangle sounded
the  dogs,   which   brought
following     remark     from
valescenl   jag,   "What   tlle
are you hollering about ?
have to eat at this hotel."
Total         153 S3
New Westminster high school, preliminary courBe. junior grade: maximum marks 1000. Number of candidates 59;   passed 32.
Barbara M. Fraser, 752; Annie M.
Archibald. 665; Annie E. Smith,655;
Madeline V. Fisher. 646; Agnes M.
Dockrill, 639; Violet E. Wiltshire, 611;
Ruth E. Agar, 609; Marjorie F. Richards, 609; Annie M. Fraser, 605; Robert 1. Kellie, 604; Margaret H. Loug-
heed, 600; Robert B. Douglas, 595;
Richard 0. L. Parker, 687; Annie W.
McAllister, 5S5; Beatrice M, Knowdell.
577; Esther Love, 556; Gordon K.
iHoughton, 544; James It. Shand, 541:
Ethel W. Maxwell. 533: Vera E.
'sharpe, 537; Vernon M. Murray, 536:
I Douglas A. Casselman, 532; Ethel M.
! Brown. 530; Ernest A. Jensen. 52S:
ICora E. Shaw. 528; Eunice D. Brice,
525; Henry W. Smith, 522; Julia L.
1;  Marorie D. Hull, 517;
674-678 Columbia Street
WEDNESDAY,  JULY  30,  1913.
New Westminster
Vancouver, July 29. Another adjournment, the forth since he was arrested, was made in the case against
Fred Allen, the B. c. E. It. motorman
who was driving the Burnaby Lake
car some weeks ago when it crashed
Into the building at the corner of
'Venabies street and Commercial drive.
Cordon     W.     Howley,  510;   Ruth
Hughes, B08;  Annie E. Gunn, 602.
the province. |    Advanced    course,    junior    grade
"maximum    marks    1000,    Numlier  o
candidates 38. passed 27.
Sarah  E.  W.  Heron. 750;  Ceorge C
Cross. 702;  Belli M. Gilley, 664:  Raymond E. Bent, 657; Florence S. Hailey
657;   Lloyd  E.  Bent. 634:  Charles  W
Morrow, 633;  Madeline G, V, Chlvers, |
618;   Francis    B.    Cunningham,  594;
Henry Castillon. 592;  Alvert E. Richards. 592;  Janet K. Gilley, 583;  Henry
R.   L.   Davis,  582;,  Carl  S.   Hamilton.
5S0; Christine L. Brown. 579; Emeline
A. Wilson. 575; Alonzo H. Lavell. 563; ,
Anne  E.  Dool, 555;   (Ieorge E. Curtis, I
549;    Thomas    11.    McAllister,    549: i
Campbell   H,   Watson.   518;   James   F.
Mayers,  540;   Fred   It.   Meredith.  534; ]
Lois W. Macdonald. 630; J. olive Bod- I
ley,  522;   Miller  Lougheed, 509;   Bes- j
sle A. Nelson, 600.
Full course, junior grade; maximum )
marks. 120". Number nf candidates 7. ,
passed 5.
Alice M. Embree. 682; Gladys M.
Wilson, 676: Wiimot I). Robson, 674;
Charles W. Traves, 646; John McKer-
cher. 640.
Advanced course; junior grade, applied science: maximum marks 900;
numlier of candidates 2, pascd 2.
Clarence II. Wilson, 617; Donovan
.1.  Trapp,   478.
Senior grade; maximum marks,
lion; nmher of candidates 5, passed 4,
Reginald  A.   Moore,  735:   Edith  (i.
and so did
forth     the
the    con-
Sam   Hill
You  don't
The last few weeks have seen thousands of
dollars' worth of bright new merchandise disposed of at sacrifice prices, yet it has made
but a slight inroad into the enormous stock
of this big store. """
Our positive orders are to still further reduce
this stock, and to do so we will slash still
deeper into prices.
In order to fittingly celebrate the Merchants'
Picnic we will be closed all day today, but
directly we open again every item of each of
the five floors will be marked down to cut
rate figures.
This means an opportunity to buy fine new
seasonable goods at such remarkable prices
that no man, woman or child within a hundred miles of us can possibly afford to miss
this great chance.
White Rock
"The Playground  of B.C."
WHIIf, SHILES I Co., Official Ag,*
in  police eourt: Mann
counsel, Elmer j Lane.
For   pressed   brick,   lire  clay,   com
mon    brick,    cement,    lime,    plaster,
gravel, sand, rock nnd fuel oil, upply
to the I). C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office |
phone 826, wharf phone 8S0.      11674) 'MACDONALD
Allen was again up
this morning when his
Jones, raised several technical points
regarding the arrest of the prisoner,
stating that, according to Die rules
of the company, the conductor is the
lone in authority, and that the Information against the accused, that of driving a ear while intoxicated, was laid
iiinder the wrong section.
J. K. Kennedy, police court prosecutor, will bring np several witnesses
at the next session in rebuttal, and
asked that adjournment be made until Thursday morning, which was I
631;   Edith   Liiree. 667;   Laura
Ann's academy -Preliminary
course, junior grade, maximum murks
1000;  number of candidates 2, passed
| Gertrude !���" Gaynor, 643; Gertrude
M. Watson, '������'.���''. Hose ,M. McDonald,
St. Louis college Preliminary
course, junior grade: maximum marks
loon; number of candidates 5, passed
Intermediate grade: maximum
marks 1200; number of candidates 1,
passed  0.
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
dav. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
The Rexall
always the leading store in
every city. We can save you
money on your next pair of
Classes.  Try
Curtis Drug Store
and SEED8,
The Progressive association have
appointed President Purvis, Vice-
President Reid, Secretary Darling, II.
Sutherland and 11. Schaake to act ln
co-operation wiih the reception committee from the city council, the
board ut trade and the Merchants'
association to welcome Hie Victoria
citizens who arrive today on tlie
special boat to attend the merchants'
We make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate carpets and draperies, remake and repolisb furniture, maim
facture cedar dress and waist boxes,
window    seuis    and    do all  kinds of
I upholstery work in leather or tapes
try. We aie lhe largest makers ut
window shades, draperies and Interior     hangings.       Kstimates    given
j Lees Limited. (166'.ii
Prank .Major, proprietor of tii"
��� Frank Major piano and music house
011 Sixth street, has sold liis stuck
and good will to Walter !���'. Evana &
Co., of Vancouver. The new OWnen
will take over the business at once,
Mr. Major, who is a native son and
��� has become well known as one of
tin* lounger business men of the city,
has uo! yet decided what field lie will
enter, bin it is understood that be
intends to remain in New Westminster.
'I'he 66 year old woman, a trusty at
the asylum here, who left the Institution   on   Monday,   waB  found   yes-
���terday morning in Vancouver. She
bud   registered   at   a   hotel   and     had'
'spent the night there, The asylum
authorities had no apprehension or
her not coining back, as she ut other
times bas gone walking and Invariably returned of her own accord,
When she left on Monday It was
without her false teeth; whether she
b came hungry and returned on that.
account is um  stated.
Residence Y. \V. C. A.        Phone 1324
Sin comund b osi rn. m p , prisioint.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Juneau, Alaska, July 29, The case
of Jos. Macdonald, a wealthy mining
man of Guanajuato, Mexico, accused
of murder in the first degree fir killing M. C Jones, a mission worker, at
Treadweil, when Macdonald was superintendent of ihe Treadweil gold
mines 11 years ago, will go t,i the jury
late tontghl nr early Wednesday. The
court's Instructions are tlmt only two
verdicts can lie considered hy tin
Jury, murder In th" flrsl degree, or
acquittal, us tin* statute of limitation
nets iis ,i  barr to a  yerdlcl of man
] slaughter
The  prosecution  allegi s thai   Mae
Idonald  killed Jones because the hit-
ter annoyed the mine superintendent
I by   insisting  that  he close the Tread
I well   mines  mi   Sunday   "to  avoid   the
j wrath id  God "
Macdonald pleaded sell defence and
put several witnesses on the stand tn
testify tlm Junes had ,*i revolver in
Ills hand  when he was killed.
Tbe ir
Post  Nn.
Sons  an
mbers of N'-w Westminster '.
4 and all visiting Native i
cordially  invited  to a ban-!
nuet to the (irand Post Officers   and |
Delegates  this evening, at  s o'clock, I
in the Odd  Fellows' hall.
By order,
Capital e*"i up
M��10rv��   Fuild      -
Total Aiifli  -
ln accordance with a resolution    ofl
ihe city Council I hen hy declare Wednesday,  July  30th   a   Publlc   Holiday,
and respectfully  Invite    'In-    citizens
I generally tu observe "i" same
$1 Gives You A Bank Book
You do nol need to wait until you have a larpe sum of money,
In order to cpen an account with this Ba:-.K. You can cpe,i an
account with $1,���on winch interest will be compounded twice a
year    Thus, your savingi are always earning money (or you.
NEW WE3TM1N31EH nilANCH ;    G   H.  MATHEWSON,  Mnnnjrr.
A    W
Mayor's Office,
July 26, 1913
New   W
Edmonton, July 29, With the hills
of lading for two stump mills now
cn mute from Duluth to Edmonton iu
liis pocket, Merton II. Styckle, old
time prospector, returned to the cltj
on Saturday evening in route to gold
claims he located neatly IS months
ago m tin Rockies, some 80 mlled
northwest of Laurier puss and near
the point where tlle lngenika flown
into  lhe   Kinlay   river.
Tin mills are due in arrive in Kd
monlon the luttir part of the week
atld will he taken In Athabasca am!
frnm tliere In Hudson's Hope, via the
Athabasca and  Peace    rivers    Hen
thoy w,ll  in* unloaded and packed ti
llie   point   will te   they   will   lie  se*   up.
Hlack Currants, pel
GOLD , I'ears,  Plums and  l'i
Watermelons from. >
Musk im Inn,  each   . .
Tomatoes, per Ih.
Ripe Bananas, per di
idles, 2  lbs.
ich  . 46c to
8  ie
Apricots $1.20 per crate, 2 ihs for 26c.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market,  Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   12'J4.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonda  Market,   Phone   L883.
Suits to your
order and satisfaction.
High   Class   Ladles   and   Gentlemen's
(Successor to  Ayling
447 Columbia  St.
Phone 98.
Ladles   and
(itt cur Prices on Lumber, I.ath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Kir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the
Cnnuir-? about our special stocked,  they  ar
money  savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
401   Columbia   St.
Phone 43:   L.  D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
It   A. Stoney, of this city, and   J.
Jardine, nf  Eisqulmalt,    arrived    last
I evening  from    Prince    Rupert     Mr,
iJurdine is stopping with hla brother-
in-law, Thomas Turnhnll.    The other
'members uf the royal commission nn
labor, Messrs, ll '���. Parson, chair
mam .1. A. McKelvie, Vernon; a. M
Harper. Vancouver, nud Becretary K.
,it. Macnamara, uf Victoria, will arrive in ih'- city 'ins afternoon, leaving f'r Ladner nn Thursday morning
where a session will he held commencing in in o'clock, in the afternoon,   visits   tn   several   uf   tlie   can-
I Iicrles  will   In*  paid,  after  which  the
Pack ln yuur bathing suits and a
well lllled hamper and Bpend u dny at
Maple Beach, Boundary Bay,   Plenty I
of free    picnic    places    on    the sund j
beach or under the wonderful spread
Iiik maples.    Lovely    Bprlng    water '
Take the Kiver lead    to    I.adner   and;
the l.loudv rnnd south
Agentt for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Take advantage of tlie Business Mun'H Train and make your
borne at Crescent Beach (Blackie Bplt) fur the summer months,
Train leaves at 6:30 p.m. dully, nn and after .lune 1.',, returning In
the  morning  In  time   fur  business,    Crescent    Hi ach    affords    Ideal
conditions fur summer homes, i'1'iiihiiiini: the best  uf bathing, boat
ing at nil stages of the tide together Wltb line beach.    Arieslun  wall
water to all residents,    Let ub sbow you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established  1891.
We write Firs, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   15   minutes   until   !���
p.m,    Half hourly service until
11  p.m.   with  lal.*  car ut midnight
SATI'KIIAYS    15    minute   sir
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS   r>  and    5,46 a in.
Vice Ix continued until 11 p in.
SUNDAYS- 11, 7, 7..1(1 X and
8,80 and every lfi minutes until
11 pin. wltll late cur ut midnight,
For Vancouver via
0,48 a in   and hourly until IU p.
tn.,  with   lato ear  at  11.30.
a.m  and 4..10 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 n.m. and    hourly
until 10  p.m.  with lute car at
11 80,
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS   7 a.m. und every
hour until  11  p.m.
SUNDAYS    X a.m.    und    every
burn until  11  p.m.
Connection  Is  made at    Bb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other polnta on Lulu lul.md
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6,18 p.m.
POINTS    4.05 p.m.


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