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The New Westminster News Jul 26, 1913

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��� -Faaaa
News Cl
Have proven
results   they
large   or   aj* ,1
co��L            ���*
v fled Ads.
eir worth by Ihe
oduce.     They   All
wants   at   small
TTi* Weather.
New Westminster and the l��rwer
mainland.  1-igtil to moderate winda.
��� generally fair, and not much rJi-isge
In   temp-eratu-n*!.
1 .
ANDlfofAVORi   3 BRITBHNAVyi     GEORGIAN BAY!     mtmm
11. S. Now Inclined to Sell
Arms to Both Sides in
Mexican Row.
President   Will   Consult   Ambassador
and  Then   Announce  American
Believed Athabasca  River Sandt Will
Be Big Cource of Cu-iply of
Ne-.v  Fuel.
Ottawa, July 2&.--if the Dominion
ol Canada is to contribute toward the
supply of oil fuel'for the British admiralty in furtherance of the latter's
scheme for operating warships by
that method, the sands of the Atha-
b.isca river will be the principal
source, Is the opinion of James White,
deputy  head of the conservation com
"If the tar sands of the Alhabusc:i
mean anything." said Mr. White today, "it Is that below them are guarantees of petroleum. On three
occasions wells have been sunk, but
this was always done on the wrong
principle, lhe borings were not of
BUfflclent size. It Is wholly probable
that If the examinations were mad
under proper conditions, the supply
would I. ��� forthcoming in paying
quantities, We are endeavoring la
intereal capitalists in tlie proper development Oft tbe deposits. The oil
iu the eastern wells is too valuable
as an lllumlnant to be used for fuel."
Increase in Canadian Canal
Traffic is Unanswerable
Probable  Visiting  Dittleshli  Will   Be
Cent to Mexico to Watch British
Washington, July 86.���While ad
ministration officials here believe
tbut the crisis wlll not be reached In
Mexico until the northern rebel
arm.en press cloBer to Mexico City
and .the federal strongholds, indications tonight were that an effort
would be made by the Washington
government to pursue a well defined
policy before eventB reached a critical
No Pertinent Questions.
Tbe Brat steps 111 tlle formation of a !
policy   will  be  taken  tomorrow   when I
Ambassador  Henry Wilson  wlll  bring
to the president and Secretary  Bryan
llrst hand Information of the situation
Ibere.    Mi    Ilryan announced  tonight
emphatically   that  there  was  no  disposition on the part of the admlnistra
i on   here to   interrogate  Ambassador .
Wilson   about   thc   numerous   reports
alleging activity on his part in con* j
flection  with the downfall of Madero :
aud  the establishment of the  Huerta
regime.    He added that the ambassa
dor had been called merely to throw
light on preaent conditions.
After Ambassador Wilson bas conferred wllh Secretary Hryan. he will
talk further with President Wilson
and probably will be aBked to appear
before the senate committee on for-1
eign relations. 	
That   Ambassador   Wilson   had    expressed  on  his arrival   In   New   York [    WeBt   Hurnaby, July 25.-
i ppoeitlon to the proposals for media-  of  hurnaby  schools  must
Every Waterway in Dominion But One
Showa Big Jump In Tonnage to
July First.
Ottawa, July  25.    The    volume    ofj
America and Asia Are Now
in Direct Communication.
Will   Be   a   Delicate   Job  to   Make
Arrangements for Commercial
Ottawa. July  26.- That tbe    battle
cruiser New Zealand may be detallied
in   liritish   Columbia  waters    beyond
her   planned  Itinerary and  until    the
Mexican   situation clearB,  and   that  a
crew may be found for the Canadian
cruiser   Rainbow  from   those   remaining on  II.  M. C. S.  Nlobe at  Halifax
and   the  Canadian cadeis,   Is  thought
not  to be unlikely here.
^_^^^^^_^^^_^^^^^_^^^__      It is known that Oreat Britain has
traffic through  Canadian canals from   offered   friendly   assistance    and    co-
Ihe opening  of navigation  until  July  operation     to  the   United   States  and  anr* AalaMs now an accompli!hed fact
1   was the greatest ,n  the history of  j^^m^^x^tJ^J^\the United States army signal corps
Cunada, according to statistics which
have  Just   been   compiled   at   the   de-
Canadian Vaudeville Circuit Launched
with House to Be Opened in
Thlt  City.
New WeBtmlnster Is to Le Included
in Ihe new chain of vaudeville houses
which will itfStCh aorOBI the Dimln-
lon from Victoria to Halifax, while a
local man has been appoiiiKd wer'ern
representative of the company, tlie
Canadian  Provincial Theatres, Ltd.
Vesterday Harry Tidy, lhe manager
of the local opera house, closed a deal
with tlle secretary of the company
whereby he received the appointment
Fables in Slang at Washington on the Tariff
Republicans Declare  Democrats    Are
Tyinr Millstone to the Farmer's
Nome, Alaska, July 25.   Direct wire
less communication between America ,ot British  Columbia  manager of the
The  Canadian   Provincial   Theatres,
don  to   Washington    to    this    efrect.il"e lJnlleu BlBleB arm5' SIKnal corPf
British aB well as Canadian capital Is I station here being in nightly commu
heavily  interested In  Mexican  Becurl-! ideation  since Sunday with  the  Bus- ; quarters at Winnipeg.    W,   K. Morri
partment of railways and canals. ! ties, and the state of anarchy beyond |sin���   station   at  Anadyr,   Siberia,   50ui?on.' form<-*Tly wlth K1;|W aml Clanger,
milcB weBt of Nome.
The total traffic from the day that
lhi; KTuntti thTflrat^th. ^bl��^1��nMMl|h>" ^KESXta who8vl.?tSItaJSTto vaSS
present month totalled 15.7SS.08J tons against all  foreigners.    Great  Britain I province of Kamchatka, Who visited , known   In   laudeWH.
tlle southern border    of    the    United
Stales has Imperilled all investments.
as agalnsl 13.06:1,422 In the corresponding period of 1912, an Increase
of 2,719,817   tons.
Traffic through the Soo, Welland
and St. Lawrence canals show tremendous Increases, with a gain In 'the Soo
and Welland being particularly elg
nificant of a leak In the main artery
of Canadian transportation.
The volume of tonnage Io go through
the   Soo   waa   13,008,976  as  compared
Washington, July 25.���Senator Williams, of Mississippi, said in tbe tariff
debate loday that the Democrats bait
Limited,   was   recently     Incorporated I *������"*& It dlfffcolt to deal logically witb
under  the   Dominion  act   with   head-jthe taritt because it had been placed
'      '    on atirt-s by yeara of Republican pm
, Is the president of the company;.It. H. I '"C'0D"
A message fromLMoQnnnon, secretary, and   H.   I'.   Hlll|     -Thfa prompted Senator Cummins to
All    are    well  ask   wby tke Democrats had not cutoff a little of both stllte.il lega.
is without warships nearer than th* I Nome a short time ago, was trans- I Mr. MoOannon arrived in Vancouver
China squadron which she could use j mltted, extending congratulations on yesterday morning und completed ar-
In a demonstration' which would ���**���" establishment of wireless com- rangements with Mr. Tidy, which had
not conflict with the Monroe doctrine. I munlcation. been   started  by   Mr.   Morrison   when
It is believed that New Zealand would \    Tne "��Bsian government operates a  that gentleman was out on  the coast
readily give permission to the mother chain of four stations between Anadyr!about a month ago.
country   to   borrow   the  colony's  war-'a"d Vladivostok and for the last six |    When   seen   last  evening   Mr.   Tidy
ship.    She would be, not excluding tin
with   11,000,000   for  the  same   period  collection
line vessels of the United State?
Pacific S'luadron, the biggest and
most powerful fighting machine In the
months  the    signal     corpB  operators .stated  that plans were already  made
here  have  been   trying   under  orders | for opening a house here and in other
Burnaby School Principal! Must Live
In Municipality���A Teacher
last year and an increase of something
like two million tons.
Traffic through the Wetland lnore-is-
ed 815,035 tons. It is well Known that
the  great  proportion  of  the   tonnage
through these Iwo canals Is carried lu
American  bottoms, routed  via  United
SlatcK   to   American   seaports.
Strong   for   New   Canal.
These factB are held as unanswerable  argument   In   favor  of  the  con-I
-Principals   Btructlon  of  the Georgian  bay  canal
The suggestion that the New Zealand may be used causes interest in
Ottawa, and shows to what    use    an
imperial squadron, of which the Cana- �����^-^-��^^���,^^^^^^^^^^���
dlan gift ships would be a part, could I Nome,   Alaska,   and   Anadyr.   Siberia,
be   put.     If   the  New   Zealand   is  de-ihut said that a diplomatic agreement
from Washington, to establish communication with the Itussian station.
Delicate  Situation.
Washington. July 25.���Officials here
were gratified by news of the successful- wireless   communication   between
cltleB of BrltlBh Columbia, in fact 72
have   been   signed   up   between   here
Senator Williams replied that they
were "afraid it would kill the poor
thine" tu walk straight along.
"You have put tbe country on
stilts," said Senator Williams, addressing the Republicans, "we can't
rtduce the duties in one bill all that
we would like to on account of Umt
chaotic artificial condition yon luve
created.   We can not run a thread of
and  Halifax,  with prospects of going j 1_��Kl_<Lth.rou|-* thu fcin for that    **"*'
talned, it will show also that tliere
are emergencies ever recurring in
which the Dominion could be of service.
Hon and had indicated his sympathy
with the desire of the Huerta government to be recognized were communicated Informally to Mr Bryan, who
made no comment.
immediately after his conference
���with the ambassador. Mr. Uryan ia
scheduled to appear before the senate
i n foreign relations further to presi at
the administration's plan for u protectorate over Nicaragua, but on thi
sum.' occasion, it la expected  that  he
will be asked to outline the developments toward a Mexican policy. Mem
ber-s t f tiie committee, as well us tlle
Senate generally, are strongly In-
eniit-il ti .,ard some executive action
by which all factions in the Mexican
dispute can get arms from the,United
No Ulterior Motive.
It is I lived that afier the president and Secretary Ilryan have ob-
I mud trom Ambassador Wilson his
own Ideas and interpretations of tha
present Situation In the Mexican capital, the American government in a
measure will reiterate views expressed  Iii tlie  Latin-American  statement
made    hy     ('resident   Wilson    short lj
after his Inauguration, in which ho
proclaimed that thi' United States
bad nothing to seek in Latin-America
but the welfare of its Bister republics.
With tbls in mind, the suggestion of
an American offer of mediation may
be followed as an
good inte'itions of
g. ���vernii!
municipality. This rule bus beeu in
force throughout the present year,
but the question was again brought up
at the board meeting hold yesterday,
following the reading of a letter from
Principal Eaton, of Vancouver Heights
school, who preferred that the ruling
should be optional. He was support-
ed by Truslee l'altt,'rson, but tlle majority ruled and all those in charge
of schools In llurnaby must either locate inside the border or run the
gauntlel of the school board's displeasure.
lie* trustees ft It highly pleased al
the resulta ot the recent entrance examinations as applying to Hurnaby
Students and special mention wav
made of the w-ork of Misi (iray, ir
the Hamilton road school, all of w hose
pupils uiul through with Hying
In view of the financial stringency
the board decided    to    lay    over    tie
building    of    tlie    manual    tralnli
school at  Alta  Vista  until  such t!
as more money Is in sight.
A set of Judge How-ay's "History
liritish  Columbia"   Will   he   placed     i.
each school.
The names of the following schools
were  altered:     Alta   Vista  to   Nelson i
Avenue school;   Broadview to Schou !
Btreet  school;   Kast  llurnaby  to    BdmondB  Street  school;   West  Burnaby
to   Kingsway   school;   North  Burnabv |
vidence    of    liin  k, Howard Avenue school:  Dundonald
tiie Washington to Rlverway East school; Lake view
nt. information from federal [to  Douglas  Road  school-,   Vancouver
which would retain to Canada through
her own channels the millions of tons |
of freight    now    proceeding  through
American channels.
The Increase through the St. Lawrence canal waa also very great, but
hardly sufflclenl to offset the gain?
made in the Weliainl and Soo. The
Hideau canal Bhow-ed an Increase ln
traffic  for the  period of  ISO  tons.
Following are the figures for a',1
Canadian canals elnce the opening of
st. Lawrence
St   1'eters   . . .
���St. Andrew's
��� Decrease,
. 13,088,978
1 078,066
(if, 571
1,946 !7.r.
415 li"*".
Merchants' Picnic Procession Promises
Big   Things���Boatload   From
would have to be reached before the
Nome station could co-operate with
Russia for the commercial use of the
government owned station in Alaska.
While it is expected that a satisfactory
agreement can be reached, lt was
pointed out tbat the problem Is a'delicate one, Involving the question of the
United States granting a concession Ml
Russia, which would place that government in the field as a competitor
with American companies.
The achievement was hailed as a
fc.ieiitilic uchi��ve-m��-at, but officials
for the -present and tor some time to
! come, Siberia would be limited to an
(exchange of congratulatory messages.
over the century mark before the falf
The company will be run along the
same lines as the Orpheum and the
Pantages circuits and the fact that
booking offices have been opened in
New York and London ensures tbe
Canadian theatregoers a continuons
change of program.
According lo the new B. C. representative, his dutleB will not Interfere in any way with his present connections.
Chert Legs and Lcnn.
~*\ agree with thc Senator fron
Mississippi that the Payne-Aldrich lav
gave the American legs stilts lbat
*��r�� tao high, but I think the way to
eerreet the trouble is to saw off a
tair l��nsth trom both legs. But Hi��-
senator Cram Mississippi would saw.
oft one tag entirely and leave tbe
other where It waa.   He should leave
the  agricultural leg  no shorter than
* the manufacturing leg."
\    "Wel." said Senator Williams, "se
Ccuad the poor thing' with one leg *H-
\ ready longer than the other aad we
��� tE��k off proportionally from the lose
nncii/mr h-MUU ,**** but ���un the i*moT ^ppied tiitasj
BRf AKIN6 B0WIH ta" ����������.����������*����� **��*-
Left  His  Money  Behind.
Kingston. Out.. July 25.���The Italian
land I consulate    at    Toronto    has    applied
Lobbyist Shows Btraln and Begs
Mercy at the  Hands of
Transportation    Hies    both  b,   ~~-1throu(fh j,I0Jre pr|oa to bring suit for
and   water,   radiating   trom   this   :tj., dl t.s for ������, accl(lem which occur-
MU be taxed to their utaosl iu    w  ^ _��� par_   _e        _, ,������
all  who wish   to visit  here  ��1,-ii  lh. .,������,,��� w���re kl���,1(J  ,)V premature ex-
180 merchants' p lenic Is held next W ed-:   -06iima ot  dv���a,���l,i-  in   the  railway;
,ssra st& K^ii'r'pui^toi^^ e     l0      ;��� corwl(I
$1000,  all   in   bills,  near the  Bcene of  >*ne** of the   -Iobbyls
.lie accident  and It  is supposed  that
it belonged to cne of the men.
.... well us constitutionalist sources t
day, howevi r. was to the effect that
neither side would consider mediation
by a foreign government. The national
pride of the Mexicans, il was pointed
out, would not allow Interference.
Free for All.
If il develops thai overtures of tin,
United States toward peace are not
favorably received, II Is expected lhat
the   Washington    government
Iheruupon   pronounce  Itself    on
ones ion ot arms and ammunition
all probability lifting the embargo si
lhal all B'.des can buy  munitions
war,    Such a development. It '���
1 loved   In  many  quarters here
so   strengthen   tbe   constitutionalist!'
cause as to bring matters lo a crisis
Heights lo Qllmour Avenue Bchool,
Merchants    Awaiting    Definite    News
From Plains Before Placing
Long   Sault   Dam   Project  la  Job   For
Government   and   Not   Private
Masson Drops Bombs.
HermoBlllo, Mex.. July 25. tiodier I
Masson succeeded yeBterday In mak-1
in* a boml dropping flight over (luuy |
mas harbor, according to advices re-1
celved here today.
It was reported here that the *
Krench aviator dropped bombs near
Lie imerrero, forcing tlie federal gunboat lo change Its anchorage Many
of the crew were reported as fleeing
io tne short In fear of another vIbII
of the aeroplane.
Celebration  Of the reported   taking
Ottawa, July 25. The whole Question Involved In the Long Sault dan:
project has been under Investigation
by engineers for the part two years
and their report will be Issued soon
lt Is now being revised by Hon, Clifford  Sirton,  chairman.
The report will te In the nature of
a comparative history of the scheme
the department proposed, the legisla-
tlon obtained at Albany and London
last year and the unsuccessful attempts made nl Ottawa
From an engineering standpoint it
bv constltullonallBtB   of Torreon was deciared that the dam project
ontlm.ed    here   today.   There   were M     tllo(,gll   .,u���ml���d   by  ele-
areet prooeaalons and pubi lc iPeaWM L,ent8  ,lf rtak  ������  wrui  flooding
in the capital city last night, Tn(, proposal, however, of allowing toe
" development of such a vast quantity
iof Canadian  waterpower and permit
ting Its export to the United States Is
).-.,ln�� left Juarez maay iu. v, | condemned  and  emphasis laid on  the
over the Mexican National railway l,ue ���f ���,��� power aa ��� natural re-
Thts afternoon Oeneral Agent J. A- source. If It is desirous to harness it
��uii��ht at the railroad company, an- ^ 00mlmttee will suggest that It be
nnunced the trains hAl reported pro dn ��� n BtaU-owned undertaking
Sing Bafely, , rather Ihan by a private corporation.
''I.    'Kt, are the llrst trains to be run  M ������, s,���m, tInw ������, view wlll he exilic road Blnce the early part Ot pre8Iod     that    other   power  projects
Troops by Trainload.
ri   Paao    I'exaB,  July   ��?.���seven
'''    len Juarez today for Chihuahua i
Montreal, July 2,".. liispatclies from
leading citioB of the Dominion indicate that little change In business
conditions has taken place during the
past week and that conservatism remains the dominant feature ln trade
and   Industrial   circles.
Montreal reports fair activity In the
Shipment Of fall orders of dry goods,
little new business ls being placed
There is a searonalile distribution of
groceries. Footwear manufacturers
are not very busy, but prices ot loath"'
remain firm. The Iron market is still
Conditions nt Quebec are much the
same as a week ago. both wholesale
and retail traders being fair for Ihls
season bnt in some directions there
Is sllyhtly less activity.
At Toronto while there is a fair
trade In seasonable lines, the placing
of future business Is arrested by nion-
efiry stringency. Prices of merchandise generally are firm and In numerous departments the volume of the
s.iles Is equal to that of last year.
The most favorable feature Is the
continued promising agricultural outlook, as good crops will probably Improve the situation.
Trade conditions are normal for the
spipon nl Hamilton, though 1 general
tona of conservatism is evident.
in the fur west and northwest husl-
ners Is not very active, there being n
|T(ticrnl tendenev pf merchants to
await crop reports before malting any
! l-.irge future committments.
6SH  service.
67,8S8 !     Victoria   / ople are  especially anx-
Ioi'b  to come.    So  much  so  that  the
7U0   passages   reserved     aboard     the
| Princess   Solis    have   all   been   taken
and  another 5rt0 or COO    have    been
nsked for.   To meet this unexpected
I demand an attempt  is being made to
charter another vessel for t'le day.
Many Vancouver picnickers will
come over the H. C. Electric, but s
more novel means of tranrpcrtation if
being arranged by other" This Is a
long procession of automobiles de"or-
:it.*d with I'iacs and banners which
will run over to New Westminster In
lime  to join thP big street  parade.
Much attention is being paid to this
oarade.    The Ketail Grocery  Clerks'
association of Vancouver will
come in a body and, mounted on many
erocery and delivery rigs, will be a
feature  of the  procession.
The lust minor arrangements are
to be made nt two meetings on Monday. One will be held here at 4 p.m.,
t which the presence of every tner-
ihrnt is expected. The otber will be
held In Vancouver at night, with all
committees on arrangements on hand.
Washington.    Ju;y    25.���With    only
about  liluu more    of    Martin  M. Mu!-
hall's  letters  to reud   into   the  record,
the   senate   lobby   Inveatlffatipg   com
mlttee adjourned  today until Monday.
Toward the dpae of the d 'y's seq
b'.lii Mulhall showed signs of the
strain be has bee:i under. ..:. became
confused during the reading t.f one\
letter and. When Senator Walsh suggested that hu needed a rest, exclaimed: "I am just about broken
down. For God's sake, do have mercy
if you can. I don't want to say I'm
breaking down, but I don't want to
answer questiens if you'll let me go."
Senator Overmau announced today
that the attorneys for the National
Association of Manufacturers and the
American Kederaticn of Labor would
be allowed to queBtion the witness
through the committee, pn vlded they
submit questions 24 hours before hund
  and receive the committee's approval.
Senator  Nelson  had    a    talk    with
Ottawa.  July   14.���Alexander    Bva- Democratic  members before  the    de-
Ifiiko. John Konkin and M. Cassakoff.  clsioti was announced and it is known I
representing    the     Doukhobor     eom-|that   he   protested   vigorously  agalnsl
i.      . i, i.i i   n i ���v.i���  ��. a a,-   allowing    MiilhuH's    storv    to    stand
m��..ity of British C olumb.a and ^s-( wlthoutB <.xamilla,lon   ,,v'lht,  ^^
katcbewan, had a two hour interview   for tne  organizations involved,
with Hon. Dr. Roche, minister of the      At   the   hearing   today   a  sharp  de-
this morning and pressed onibate occurred among members of th
Russian    Settlers   Talk    to    Minister
About that Half Million
then kius mm
ever ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���""vdcr.il commanders at JuareB
nounoed that they expeoted
t iin  regular service
bua and the border
lo main
between Chihua
I'r ifessor Harties. of McGill, reports
on  lhe  proposal  In  regard  to Its ef
Brld^eman Injured.
���Vcr\   Cemnlov"d m&i'pttl  river [fotli Ice conditions on thc St. Law-
%X,''��, -I    ��J''r'd hera t0 ''""<���<��� ����" �� '" ��"<^'���'���9,"t,', to express
S��  "when" ��'    PlW��   of   B,P' ?�������� vl"w tta1
xvhK'h   lie   was  handling,  crushed   his adjacent   territory
and  bodv.    He W8�� Ink"" to the | corporal lon
Only a Rumor.
Christiana,    Norway.   July 25.���The
s'enmer Grosser Ktirfurst.  which    arrived today  from Spltzbergen  waters,
may very well be proceeded w'lth"b�� |reports  that   the   recent   wireless  de-
fore the  Long  Sault   Is  touched.    Interference of n serious character with
navigation   on   the   St.   Lawrence   is
foreseen   as   the   Inevitable
carrying out Iho project,
Foreign Laborer Ends Row by Putting
Himcelf and Enemy Out
of Business.
Saskatoon. July 25.���A tragic shooting affray, in which a foreign laborer,
without warning, fired three shots at
his foreman and then, turning the
gun on himself, blew out his brains,
occurred yesterday at mlddav al Handel, 26 miles southeast or Wilkie.
.lovnti Vllovlck W88 the man who
did the shooting and Mik" Itrunnle.
the foreman. One of the three shots
wounded Brunnie In the arm,���another
entered his side with serlofts effect.
Milovlck then turned the weapon to
his own head, and fired, death resulting almost instantly. Brunnie,
while badly Injured, Is expected to
The shooting resulted through a row
between the two men.
# ����� *!
him their claims for compensation for
improvements made on land relln-
nn.ahed by them in the latter prov-
: ince.
They went away pleased with the
i result of their conference and will
j further explain to Or. Roche the
1 merits of their case tomorrow or on
, Monday.
Seen tonight.  Kvulenko stated that
' the minister was favorably Impressed
| with the work of the lloukhobor com-
1 mutiity and didn't see any reason why
| certain compensation should  not    bc
granted to them  for tlle work which
they had  done  on  the  Saskatchewan
land.    He declined, however, to    give
any  de Unite promise and stated thai
the matter would be referred to    the
cabinet couucil at a later date.   In the
meantime he would give their claim*
his closest attention.
Tlie delegation claimed compensation to the amount of $4511,000.
Peter Not Popular.
Another petition, s'.gned by three
members of the so-called independent
Doukhobors, is also In the hands of
Ihe minister. The petition, which ta
i it behalf ef 1000 persons, comes frjui
Thrums, *>H.C. und objection Is taken
to giving money us compensation tj
the so-called society ruled over by
Peter Veregln.
The petition slates lhat the money
wonld simply be divided between
I Veregln  and  Kvulenko.    It  asks  that
committee about whether foreign
manufacturers and importers had influenced  tariff reductions  in  the bill.
*xt******** m���iw. <��s��iiss>-��� aa ml-
iSfK��� *lts*******m*m tm a -auty *m ���*******.
start*. wMh sat oa potato**, aaft-ea
Senator WUllani why the Draomt��
put a duty on rice and not on pota
toes. Senator Williams declared thai
oue reason was that rice was ntu
such an "everyday food" as ootato-ps
"WKy do yon put a duty o:t
baaana-s J" Senator Itrislow aakedL
' I'um."    -said      Senator     Williuui.-t.
"becuuae  It  ie  not a   basic srt'cle or
food  umt oe-oond  because the  banana
trude of    tMhs    country    fa abi-Kilutely
coiilrolleil   by   Uie   l/nfted   Krult   com
pany. which aleo    Is    buying    up    ih.-
b.uianu  lands abroad.    Asa In.  (he tux
is mad., hu small that it can not pou-
slbly a feet the retail  price and    th��"
fruit trust will bave to pay it."
Partner Cuffere;
Senator    Hristow    finally    declared
that ip the pending bill the Democrat-*
had deliberately aad outrageously <tis-
criminiited against the farmer iu favor
cf the manufacturer.
"Hoes the senator mean to say,"
asked Senator Williams, "that th-i?
Democrats of the house and senaf**!
deliberately got up a scheme to injurs*-
the American farmer ?"
"I would not like to attribute to tin-!
senator from Mississippi and his colleagues such an unearthly purpose,"
replied Senator Hristow, "but I saw
rhaaj they have framed a bill which
An amendment by Senator liiintui.
to reduce the proposed duty dexti:*�����*���
made from potato starch from one-halt"
cm per pound to one cent was nt
jected hy a vote of 29 to 46. Senators Hrandesee. Oliver and Lodge. ��t
tbe minority, voted with the Democrats. Amendments by Senator Burton to strike off the duties on seuttan
licorice root and aarsaparllla root
were rejected.
Senator Hristow wanted to kaow.
why. with wool on the free Hut, the
Demorrats began to tax the by-products as socti aa the wool left tb<*
sheep's back.
Arrested In Everett Confesses ts
Murder of Three  fears Ago���
Will  Invectlgate.
Everett, July L'5.- When Sheriff McRae arreBted two men several dayi
ago because they would not leave the
centre  of  the.  highway   so  his  auto-
I mobile conld pass, he did net realize
that he was picking up a man wanted I
ln the south fir murder. One of thr
men, John Sexton, alias "Jack Smith,"
confessed to the authorities today
that he was a fugitive from justice.
.    Sexton  Is charge with  killing Join
i Birch  at  Knoxvllle, Tenn.. in  March
1910.    After the crime, which he con-
ifessed  orally  and  In   writing,  Sevtoti
came to the northwest.    The killing
! confesses lhe prisoner, occurred dur
lng a squabble over the division of
money paid for the delivery of a wo-
lethbridge.   July   25.    It   waa   au-
.louucid  here this morning that Kii
lon ia ta be the next station ou tbo
eth bridge -Weyburn lino of the Oana-
llan  Pacific and it ts expected tkat
f hei will be laid to that point this
��� ear, bruising tbe Altorado farmers
"ii miles nearer the railway than had
icen  expected.
The    roosr; ruction     work    officials
point to tho fnct that the road will I*-
|tisvrf for passengers from Minneapolis
fn iiie .-��att, the roadbed being of the
WsC ami the Hidings of standard sUf-v
Two ster I gangs will be brought down
���';-' :m the Huffield branch within ���������
..eek to niKh work on steel laying on
[tSa l.'.i-v 35 miles to Kndon.
serious flooding or the
wlll   result.     As  a
undertaking   the   Schema ^^
"'���,,;,;;  ,vllere hi��� Injuries! generally speaking. Is condemned and   In   transmission  from
C��8?SSttSl��3 A DTwK 'sUiti-deVclopment mildly suggested,     'statement of fact,
spntrh received from the vessel from
Bremen   indicating   that   Lieutenant
Schroeiier-Stranz, the missing Norman
result   of  Arctic explorer, has been rescued, was
| erroneous.    II was statu! by the ofl'l-
c '!����� nf  the  vessel  that  tlie  despatch
sent  from  the Grosser Ktirfurst  wus ,
based on n rumor picked up off Spitz-
hercti.    for    which    there    was    no
foundation.    The   officer  added   that
the wireless was sent as u rumor and
that  It   evidently bad  been  mutilated
rumor to    a |
Constantinople, July 26.���
Turkey continues Its defiance
of the powers. Today the porte
delivered an ultimatum that if
Kiissln continues her advances
Into Turkish territory grave
complications will arise. In
the meantime orders were Issued for Turkish troops to continue tlieir onward murch Into
Hulgarian territory.
Oezd  Letters Grow.
OlUwa. July  26.   <3.  J.   Hints,   su-
ior!:iten<*tenl    of    the    dead     lettei
' rinch of fb�� postofflce departuwm'.
will band fa his report of that brase!��
   mi Thursday of next week.    The re
worked to make the fortune now pos- IqTimlfe and that lie, Sexton, to defend loort wHI show a tremendous lncrc��s��'
sesBed by the heads of the community lh|mii,.lf struck his partner with * a -'n the way of letters being retunw-rt
nnd who now desire freedom from the j brleV
    --��,-,���,--, , ,    j mnn to a resort In Knoxvllle.   Sextc
compensation be given _to_ those Who (���,,, IUrth wag approaching him wltb
Sheriff Mcllae found Sexton's picture in the rogues' gallery and after
persuasion. Sexton confessed.
Sexton, James Warden and a woman
>:;= i, tt tt tt tt tt * tt tt �� tt *�� tt tt *   1st.
:;i  bonds of slavery
������-.      Referring to the claims of the inilo-
:���::'pendents   tonight,     Kvulenko     said:
H> "There can be no such thing aa   an
���"���  independent Doukhobor.   The religion ]���**-**   ln   the   party   arrested   ou   the
'-  of the sect Ifl based on the communal  country road ns a result of a dispute
:! principle     Once  thev   abandon   that with the sheriff over road rights.
;:   -orlnclule' they reject their faith." The woman was found to be a rest-
"-      He claims that  the    petition     was'dent   of   Arlington,   who   disappeared
��  signed by a llusslan-Amerlcan Journal-1 from home July 2, and for whom her
This Is due. no doubt to the uiaoy
foreigners who. after nrrfvfng in Can
ada. move about from place to iibici-
wilhottt leaving any address, with th<-
rcrnlt that the letters are returned
to the dead letter branch, who lu turn
notify the aendera that the letter ha"
teen returned.
'family and friends were searching
Brack Reported Destroyed.
Saskatoon.   July   25.���The   town of
Brack la nported wiped out by fire- PAG*  TWO
SATURDAY,  JULY 26,  1913
A. mtSmtymmtX-tSt mmrnittg (hiper mt-u.it.tt ta IS* inter -sts of .V.'U' Westminster ant
t** H.isei V*U��*. P**A*tt**t everv morning txotipt Smidnu In; the Katluunl I'rlnting
...l fitt'lm,*,** Cum****, lAmltut, *t SS Jfrifearle Street. New llc.'.tmoi.il.T, liritish
Ootamfrta. ROBB SlITIHiRl.ANI), Managing Director.
All cmmamiotttit** ihould be addressed to '/'lt�� Sev Westminster Newt, nnd not
to nifliiid.nl mmwt*er* of the staff. Ch*i*iu��s. drafts, and money orders thould be made
payable  '���>  The  S*tio*al  Printing and  I'ublithing Oompany,  Limited.
I I I.e. fllllNKS���Uusinsti Offiot aad Huang, r, B'J'J, Editorial Rooms lall ilennrl
.���,ii,l,  991.
HIWHVItll'TION RATES���By oarrltr, M per |/(!��r, 11 for three months, ll)c per
month     lis mail, $3 tier yaar, 2bo per month.
AliVKKTIBlNU  RATHS nu appHiall.m.
Son beci me n num for love of you;
thut this man, the Hon of Cod, ia the
prlncn nnd master of men, and that
he lias prepared In heaven eternal
Joys for those who obey hlm, and
kindled the tiros of hell for those
who wlll nol receive his word. If you
reject ll, know that Jesus Christ; who
Inspires my heart and voice, will
plunge you one day Into hell."
Two years ago today President Taft
approved the Canadian reciprocity
Sealing Commission Listens to Method
Prepared on Actuarial Basis by
Warm   Weather    Pleasea    Chllllwack
Farmers���Advertising District���
New Settlers���Notes.
A part of the British fleet, pretending it was the navy
nf Germany, or some other power with a handsome collection of armorplate and shouting irons, descended on the
shores of Albion the other day and, in spite of the strenuous opposition of another section of the senior branch of
the service, landed men and occupied their seashore towns,
thus demonstrating that it was no trick at all to smash the
bewhiskered illusion of Great Britain's "splendid isolation."
The story of the sham battle was played up in the old
country press and it was pointed out that what had heen
done in mimic warfare easily could be repeated by a determined enemy in a case of actual hostilities. The peculiar part of the whole story is that everybody, or at least
a great many of the people, showed marked satisfaction
nt the discovery of Britain's vulnerability.
All this is perfectly inexplicable to the man in the dominions beyond the seas unless he has made a practice of
reading the papers from the heart of the empire and has
followed the campaign of Lord Roberts, Lord Charles
Beresford and others for efficiency in the navy and army.
Back of these two doughty old warriors and their henchmen stand the blood and iron stock of the country, the
men whose creed is, for God, for the cause, for the church,
for the laws, a two-to-one strength in the navy and wartime strength in the army, with heavy emphasis on the
last two. Typical of the men who have been thrashing
everything that has showed fight all the way down the
! line from Crecy to Paardeberg, this stock, set as it is in its
opinions and bigoted as it is in its beliefs, nevertheless in
times of storm has proved and is proving itself the anchor
of the Empire. It would see its opinions justified and its
beliefs vindicated, no matter what the cost, or how great
the trouble, but, when once satisfied, it would turn right
around, open its purse and defray expenses and fight
like a fiend from the pit to shake free of the trouble.
That is the explanation of the satisfaction expressed
from many quarters of the old country at the ease with
which it has been possible in the naval manoeuvres to
"land" troops and "occupy" Britain's shore. Lord Charles
Beresford, Ix>rd Roberts and their following said it could
be done because neither the navy or army is efficient and
they smile when they have been proven correct in their
statements; but just let some outsider, Germany for instance, lett them thc same thine;, or try the "landing" feature and see what would happen.
B. C. Telephone Company May Force
City to Keep Agreement
Vlctrrla,  July  SI,- Once  again   the
II. C.  Telephone Company has voiced
Ils complaint nt what It claims Is unnecessary delay upon the part of the
| city lu carrying out tbe agreement between   tho   company   relative   to   the
placing underground Of overhead wire
in   the  downtown   section. i
I The city Is hound to provide rights
Iof way Into lhe various blocks Into
which Interiils from lhe street con-
dulls wlll be run. Though the agreement was entered Into in lull there
ute still a number of blocks into
which the company cannot enter because the city bus not, as yet, secur-
led the easements from owners.
Laat year the company, through Its
Bolicitor, P. A. Mciiiarmid, threatened
action if thi' city did not proceed and
] secure the right* of ingress, but the
matter has since been hanging fire
umi recently, when the city propos-1
ted   lhat   where  rights  of   way   cannot
jut  once be secured, the company he
permitted to erect piles for the wires
: until  such time as the easement  cun
be sccttri d.
in a communication to the city, lhe
I company's    solicitor    urges    prompt-
! ness on the pari of the cily In carry-
ling out  the agreement and threatens
legal action unless prompt action be
j taken.
Ottawa. .Inly SB.   Constable Arthur
Luniothe, of the ('. I'. It. force, lias resigned his position because of the ac-
j tlon of Magistrate O'Keefe In dismissing   a   charge   Ihe    constable     made
|against    two    men    who were    found
J walking on the ('. I'. K. tracks.
When  l.ainothe tried to explain the
i case In courl, Ihe magistrate said that
he could    not   understand    a word of
the evidence, nnd admonished the con-
Istable to speak louder. Lamothe made
la further attempt to explain thc case,
hut the magistrate still could not understand   and   dismissed   the   cases.
; Worse that that, the constable was or-
idertd to pay the costs of the case. And
! low the ('. P. It. company has refused
i to reimburse Lamothe the four dol-
j lars he had to pay.
It   Is  only  since   Monday   that   Lamothe has heen a ('.  I'. It. constable,
lind  he does not like the experience.
| That is why he has resigned.
Lamothe blames the whole affair on
Ithe magistrate,    He declares that he
spoke In court just as plainly as he
speaks at other times, and cannot see
>*hy the magistrate could no: tinder-
' stand  him.
Victoria, July SI,���For nearly a day
the sealing commission was occupied
wtih the study of a method of com
puling claims on an actuarial basis
prepared by an accountant of the city,
and while acknowledging the Ingenuity and usefulness of the methods
employed, found It based to some extent on erroneous data supplied wblch
detracted from the value of a portion  of  It.
Arthur .1. Patton, counsel for over
one hundred claimants called J. s.
Floyd to explain the met hod by which
he had, as au accountant, irom data
supplied to blm by tin* counsel and
other quarters, prepared an Bctuarial
estimate of the average or th-' earn
ings of hunters, their losses by the
regulations and consequent justification of claims made, 'ihls was to be
common lo many other cases yav m
come in, and he put l'n a chart showing h's method of compulation, from
Inrormation supplied to bin, hut of
which he knew nothing at first hand,
Basis cF t~aLul.it.c .
lie had, be explained, taken the total number of vessels sealing from
1888 to 1S114, and found it worked out
at 4a schooners a year, the average
catch Of which, per vessel, was 1S03
seals, and dividing this by the number of hunters which he was informed
eacli carried, namely ti, he placed each
hunter's catch at 800 seals. From
1895 to lllll the average number of
vessels he found to be 43, with a total catch per vessel, of 966) and assuming again six hunters to a vessel,
the hunter's catch would work out
at lall seals, showing a loss of 20.51)
per cent to each hunter, when compared wllb thai he made before ls'al.
He next took five vessels which
alone he bad found bad sealed annually for the six years, both befoni
und after 18114, In the former period
the average catch of skins per hunter
in   the
loss   to
Canada is distinguished among nations as being the
only one with a sailorless navy.
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst seems determined to help
ihe suffragist cause by starving herself to death.
All the provinces are awaiting- the redistribution bill
next session, each one making up its provincial mind not
to be satisfied with it when it does come.
Somebody should take up a collection for those poor,
ill-treated Doukhobors who are stopping at the Chateau
Laurier in Ottawa and boning at the government for half
a million simoleons.
The Canadian Pacific and Canadian Northern are
scrapping over a stretch of right of way on the prairies.
More power to thc both of them. While they're trying
to get ahead of each other the public has a chance to
The roads in the Balkans will not need any steam
rolling when the Turks, Bulgars, Greeks, Serbs, et al get
through chasing their armies up and down, though there
likely will be a few towns along the main highways that
will require some patching.
RMuted Mayor's Retlanatlon
Cobalt,   (int.,  .Inly   26.��� Mayor  Tru-
lel   | r  - d.'d   at   the   lust   meeting   of
.'he   Cobalt   town   conned     held,    the
: councll  having  refused  to accept  bis
.resignation   and   the   mayor   agreeing
I to   revoke   his   decision.     The   plans
land   specifications   of   the   new   town
hall   were   again   under  consideration
hv Ihe council, and as on the last occasion, further alteration -will be necessary.
I six carried) was "222 skins
latter period W.I, making a
the hunter of 26.57 per cent.
lie again took the eight
which had made the best
over the two periods, and the aver
age loss worked out at 36.38, and hu
also took the catches of three Individual hunters, Colllnson. Stoker and ('.
Kiel, who bad kept, notes of their
Catches, and found that their los I
worked out at 32,03, On all these
grounds he computed that a fair average of loss to each hunter would bt
Mr. Justice Audette. who began by
expressing his distrust of actuarial
figures, which he said might he manipulated to support any statement,
ended by complimenting Mr. Floyd on
the way this chart had been prepared
and the method of its compilation,
also Mr. Patton on having obtained it.
Much of it would be of help to tbo
commission, but he p.diiied i ut a serious flaw which deal roy. rt tie value
of the greater imr*,on of it lhal re
lated tr hunter's catches, in it iii"
assumption waa made that the whole
of each schooler's catch was to he
credited lo six white hunters, whereas it was proi en by official figures
that the majority of vessels carried
more  Indians  than  white  men.
Mr. Patton attempted to prove that
this w-as not so, but tlie commission*
er from official figures, showed that
In 18118 42 vessels carried hid an
crews and only 20 all white crews.
Another point which was made by-
Mr. Floyd, was that the longer the
business was operated, the greater
would  he  the  proportion  of the  loss.
j Chllllwack, July 25.���The warm, hot
i weather of tho past week baa been aa
'good as receiving thousands of dollars
Into the district. During those days,
hay by the hundreds of tons bus been
made and housed or stacked in the
very prlmest condition and the top-
notch price for this crop should be
received by the fanners of the Chllllwack valley this full.
The hay crop of Chllllwack this
year Is probably one of the largest
since the settlement of the place.
I The acreage under huy hern can be
conservatlvelyy estimated at 10,000
acres, Tho yield will average al
[least Ihree and a halt Ions to the
acre, and valuing this crop at $12
ill   ton   it   can   easily    be   figured   th"
amounl of dollars this crop represents.
Of course,  not  one  half of this corp
I will l'e sold to the hay dealers; It will
ibe  largely   fed  at   home  lo  he  turned
into dairy products of mutton and beef
'and iu this way can hi' considered of
I more market value than when sold off
| the farm.    The crop when fed on th"
i farm Is turned back on the land, enriching  it  for  future crops, and  only
the cream of It, BO to speak, goes to
the markets.
Advertise Valley.
That Cbllllwaoll is becoming widely
known and attracting continental at
lenlloii was shown Inst week when an
expert, Irom the ('. P. R, natural resources department with headquarters
at Calgary, visited the valley for the
purpose of procuring specimens of the
grains, grasses, roots, fruits and ee
reals grown here. IU' was directed to
Ci. I. jhortiton, who took hlm In hand,
and an automobile was procured and
a trip made around Ihe valley, (has.
Allen, the natural resources man, alter his trip had to admit that he was
amazed at the fertility of the soil and
the rank rrowth of vegetation In Cb I
llwack. The oats and hay particularly
impressed him, and 'everal times on
the trip he stopped the car to take
ramples of the grain to measure the
growth of straw and lo more closely
inspect the wealth of head on the
New Settlers.
Three families with settlers' effectl
have tirrivid  in the valley this week
by way of the II   i'. E. It.    They are.
Colin McNair, from Lytton, Kd Robinson, from Vancouver, and ll. T. Olson
of England.   The latter has purchased
86 acres or the J. W. Hill place, at
Camp    Slough,    known as  the Armstrong property, and is taking possession this week
The C.   N    !(.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
NKW    WK.Sl.ilINNTIOH    LODGE   NO   t
II. A   P. I)   "f KlkH of the D. >if Cm 111"!'
ihr rii-st umi tiitiii Thursday at s p. m.
K. of P. Hail, Eighth street A Weill
limy. Bzaltod Hulur; P. II. Hmlth. Hue
���     I).     I).     M.,     NO.     III.���MKKTS  Ol
flrst, seoond, third and fourth Wsdnes
day 111 each month at s i> m.
in tho Moose Home. II. J Leamy
dictator; P. K. Jonas, secretary
Headquarters nf lodge In Sea House
comer of Pourth and Carnarvon streets
. O. O. V. AMITY LODOB! NO. 17���Th
regular   meeting  o(  Amity   lodge   Ni
27.   I.  tt)   O.   F.,  Is  hi/Id  every   Mnlida:
night ut s o'oloek In Odd Fallows' Hall
corner Carnarvon ami Rlghth streeti
Visiting brqthern cordially tnvtteo
It. A. Merrlthew, N. O.i J. R-nhertsot
V, O.I W C. Coatham, P, Q., record
lng secretary; H. W. Bangnter, final
clal secretai-y,
ter ft H.iniiH. Ltd.)���Puneral director
mid embalmers. Parlors -mr, <*.,tumid
���treat,   New  Westminster,    Pbone tfti.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    116,000.000.00
lirancbi's throughout Cunada and
Newfoundland, and In London, (England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department -Deposits
reoelved In sums of (1 and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over J186.000.niiu no.
O.  D.  BIIYMNER.  Manager.
W B. PALES���Pioneer Funeral Direoto
and Bi-ibalmer, 612-lis Agnes ��tiw
opposImj Carnegie Library.
II    J.   A.   BURNETT,   AUDITOR     ANI
\c mtant    T.I.  It.   I'm.  Knoin I,  Mar
p. n Smith. W. J. Qrovei
Wink undertak -n In city and outild.
points. 211-12 Westminster Trust Bldg
Phone  364.    P. O,  Boi  607.
Sal.-. Deeds, Business Letters, eta, circular work apeClallsL All work strlct]>
oonfldentlal. II Harry. riKim 418 West
minster Truat Hlk.    I'hone 7112.
Uncle Sam is having an interesting time during the
hot weather, barking his shins in the Philippines, scratching his knuckles on the Mexican problem cactus, poulticing the California!!, anti-alien boil, and now the Michigan strike rash has him scratching.
Uruguay, which is considered a fairly prosperous and
wealthy country as South American republics go, couldn't
get a four and a half million loan in Paris last week and
"Winnipeg had that much thrown at her before she could
finish asking for it.   Now blow your horn, Payne.
The American Democrats are batting a thousand
per cent in the tariff ball game. Republican pitchers are
putting their amendments right over the plate, but good
team work by the government is piling up a long
list of safe hit's. Rain and darkness don't affect thia
IN CANADA'S STORY I ��� *real '" "m:! 'f ,hP nv'' trlb��. M��-
hawks,  Onondagas,  Oneldas,  Chayu
Most eloquent of all the Jesuit nils-  ��"�� and SenecaB.    The Jesuit orator
Sionarios who played so lari;o a part
1n the early settlement of Canada was
Father Chaumonot, a Frenchman, wbo
had   been   reared   in   Italy,   and   who
came, to Quebec about the middle of
the seventeenth century.   His rhetorical i?ifis were so ^rout nS t(, entrance
the  Indian;-*, and   put tlieir own    ira
tors to blush, and  on several  occa
dlons redskins who came to i lay were
no charmed bs  the voice of Iho mlt
sionary  thai   Un >   n mained   to  p
(liaurnonol's   masterpiece   was   dell
ered on this date, .lull    5, IK53, bi
is -Kiried    miraculously, he declared
lu the Indian tongues, and his wind.
aroused emotions of awe, admiration
mil   feur  in   liis   listeners*      "It   is  not
trade   thai   brings    us    here,"   sal.:
Chaumonot.   "Do yon think your bea
ver skins enn pay ns for all our dan
gers   and   hardships?    Wu   seek
Ihe things  thai  perish,  bul   Immorta
souls,   It Is tor Hi- faith thai ��    havi
: *   to yi ..* hovi Is ol bark, anil eat
rood I hal   * * nven the bi ai ts i
I touch    Wo aro *���
nl i > C tl to '' il ..."ii tl      11
Association    Appoints    Committee    to
Inaugurate Campaign���Say Parcel
Post Limit Too Low.
Nelson, n. ('., July 25. - With the
abject of demonstrating the good
qualities and increasing the popularity
of Ilrillsh Columbia fruit the directors
ot the British Columbia Fruit (irowers1
association, at a meeting held here
this week, appointed a committee to
lay plans for an advertising campaign
on the prairies and at the coast. W. C
' Rlchardo of Vernon is chairman of the
committee, The other members are
!���'.   B.  Nicholson  of  Salmon  Ann  and
' W. s. Foggo of Vernon.
That the limit of ll pounds per
package imposed by the parcels post
tact nt the last session of the Dominion
house is t* n low and that both fruit-
���grower and consumer would benefit  if
ranchers could ship by pan-els post
���ascs of fruit weighing up t" 25
pounds, was the opinion of the directors who, by resolution,   authorized
the   executive   of   the   association   to
'ake Ihe matter up with the Dominion
government with the object of securing the amendment  desired.
Six "Co-Ed��."
On a tour of liritish Columbia, six
fair "co-eds" from the university of
California, at Berkeley. Cal , reached
Nelson this week, and registered at
the Hume. Mlsa Polly Young is lhe
leader of the parly, which Includes
Miss Sadie H. Bromley, Miss Alice
E. Jones. Miss Annie S. Jones. Miss
Edith J Jones and Miss HazPl
Ore  Exhibit
To he shown at. the en stern and
Ipnirire fairs as part of the British
Columbia exhibit, but retaining Its
identity as ;>. product of this territory,
a display of ores from producing and
dividend paying mines of Kootenay
lnd Boundary has been forwarded by
the publicity bureau to W. J. Brand-
ritb. provincial exhibitions commissioner. Mr. Brandrlth Is now In Toronto where the mineral specimens
will hi first shown at the hlg fair In
thai city
Thief Steals $91 and leave* Large
Amount in  Easy  Reach
Hamilton, July 2a -Shortly before
7 o'clock one evening recently tho
police were notified thnt the offices
of the Canada Steel Company, Sher
man avenue, north, had been entered;
a large safe blown and a large amount
of money, involving tho pay for the
employees, stolen, a squad of constables, as well as the officials ot the
police and detective departments, responded. On their arrival, however.
It was discovered that the report had
heen greatly exaggerated, The safe
had tut been blown. It was thought
lossly lefl open by ono of the employees, and the amount taken did not
r. ach $100.
As far as could li ��� burned, the
theft was committed between fi and
6.25 o'clock at which time the safe
uus discovered open by the nighl
watchman His attent'on was attract
ed by a silver box lying upside d* wn
. ii the floor In front of the safe, and
a hasty Investigation proved that a
thefi had been committed, lie immediately notified the superintendent
and   Ihe   police.
l.at.-r he wenl Into the yard nnd
found a pay envelope with the top
torn off, It had money in it. When
the authorities arrived on the scene
it was discovered that about $n:i had
been taken, a peculiar incident In
connection with the theft was that a
large amount, in pay envelopes, had
been lefl untouched, and that they
could be seen when the door of the
safe was open. Another was that only $". had heen abstracted from tho
pay envelope found hy the watchman,
and about $1R was left inside.
Short of Water
lihiiiie. Wash., July 25. - The steady
increase In water consumption Is baf-
fllng the local management of the
lllaine Water compnny. An additional
Inflow into the big reservoir was ef-
fei ted a few weeks ago, but tbe Increase in consumption together with
handicap under which the water pump
is working at the reservoir compels
Manager frilly to stop garden sprink-
lini--- This step was announced some
lime ago. but some persist In using
gardi ii hose, and as the situation is
alarming, it  will be strictly enforced.
i Sink Hole,
have undertaken the
work of filling in Duck Slough. It has
proved n lamer task than anticipated
and already tons of gravel have been
dumped in only to disapepar beneath
the surface.
Shipping to Fairs.
1 11. Kipp has shipped aeveral '-uses
of cherries to the provincial exhibition
commissioner, who Ib attending the
fairs in the prarle provinces. .Mr
Brandrlth, yho has charges of the
provincial exhibit, welcomes small exhibits of fresh fruits from thia province, and due credit Is given the grower for samples so forwarded to him
The Dominion fair was at Brandon.
Man., last week, and there an opportunity was given the natural resources
department to gain publicity.
Pri-r Lists Ready.
The prize lists of the forlv-flrst annual exhibition of the Chllllwack Agricultural society are completed and
out of the printer's hands, and will be
ready for distribution by the secretary
in a few days. This year's exhibition
will be held on the mth. Kith and 17th
of September. The first day will he,
devoted to the placing of exhibits and
special attractions. The list of special
attractions, while not yet completed.
promises to be much hi'ter than those
presented In the past.
Blaine. Wash., July 25.- The viwn
lng chasm between Mayor Wllllson
and the opposition party councllmen
was by no means bridged at the Is ���'
regular meeting. Councilman Kings-
ley, of the third ward, wub nol pres- |
ent; Councilman Fox was also absent
being on an extended visit In California.
That four of the councllmen have
absolute control was conclusively
proven In Monday evening's session
Councllmen Danielson, Wiimot, Pren-
dergast and Wilder, the controlling
factors, placed on the official records
motion after motion that is antagonistic to the policy of the mayor and thai
of Councilman Neher The argument18
offered were brief, especially so with
the latter, who evidently realized thi
situation from the outset. Councll-
man-at-I.arge Danielson and Councilman Wiimot presented most of the
arguments for the councllmen. Councilman Neher voted against all bc
tlons that might, be termed lhe dell-
rnti. Issues.
Monument for Dead Policeman
Brooks, Alta., July 25, The par
cuts of "Happy" frank Davis, the
young R. N. W. M. P, ofricer who
was murdered near here last year, nre
on their way to Brooks to visit the
scene of their son's activities and to
meet with Ihe many friend* Ihe young
man hnd In the district. They Intend
following the trail along which Davis
took his last ride in pursuit of the
Indian who shot him, and who is now
serving a life sentence in jail for thc
crime Mr. antl Mrs. DavlH will then
proceed to Calgary wbere Ihe monument erected by friends of the dead
officer over his grave will be unveiled. Tlle Canadian I'acific rail
way, aware of the circumstances surrounding the death of the brave young
constable, are showing Mr nnd Mrs
Davis every courtesy nn their Journey from their home In England,
ster B.iird of Trade mei-t/i In the honrt
room, City Hall, nm follows: Third Vr*.
day of each month; quarterly me��**itn->
on tbe tlilrd Friday of February, May
Aiikus! and November nt 8 p n. An
nual meetings "n tha third Friday o
February. C. li. Stuart Wade, neer*
connnci.li. UltANT 4 MoCOLL, HAP
risi.'rs. Sulk-Horn, etc. id Lome Btreet
Sen Westminster. O. Et Corbould, E
C.   J. R. Grant.   A. K. MeColl.
t-sr-at-law, solicitor, etc. Telephoa
1070. Cnhl*. nddrefw "Johnston.
Code, "Western Union." Offic-n. BUI1
Block, Itli'' Columbia street. New Went
minuter.  B. C.
Hl.fe ��� Barristers and Solicitors, West
minster Trust Blk., Columl.la str-f��l
New Westminster, B. C. Cnlde addr-eat
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69 W. 3
Whlteaiifc.. K. C.; M. L. Edmonds, r
J. BTH.WELL CLUTK. Barrlster-at-lav
solicitor, etc.; comer Colombia an.
McKemie streets. New Westmlnstel
B. C.    P.  O   Box   112.     Telephono   711
COAL MINING rinhts of the Domlnlom
In Miiijltiilia. Kaskalchcwan aud Alberta,
Hi.- YiSt.in Territory, tbe Niirilovst Ter-
t!t<>rl>-H and In a portion of ttie Province
*>f British Columbia, may be leaat-d for a
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of tl an acre. Not mor., than Zttt
aoroa will be leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a leaae must be mads
by tlie applicant In person to th" Agent
or Bub-Agent of the district In which tba
rh-i.'s applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must b.
described by sections, or b-Kul sub-divisions of sections, and In unsurvey.Ml territory the tract applied for snail be
staked out by the applicant hlinuslf.
Fact! application must be a.-cimpanled
by a fee of t& which will lie refunded tt
the rlKhts applied for are not n\ .Untile,
hut not otherwise. A royalty shall tie
paid on the merchantable output of Um
mni.. at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agent witb swsrn returns
accounting for tlie full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated such returns shouM
lie  furnished  at   less!  once a  year.
The |.-use wlll Include the emal mining
rights nnly, but the leasee wlll be per-
. mltted to purchase whatever available
surface rights mar be considered hit*
fuiry for the working of tbe mine st Um
rate of 110  an acre.
For full  Information application should
be  made  to tlif Becretar/ of the  Depart.
men!   of  the  Interior,  Ottawn,  or  to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  (.anda
Deputy  Minister of th..  Interior-
N H.���Unauthorised publication of thla
���olv.Titsement will not he paid for.
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Har
block. 2R l��rne street. New Westmin
ster, B. C.
Barristers and Boilcitora, -8*16 to ll-
Weatmlnster Trust Block.   Q, re. Mar
tin,   W.   II.   McQuarrie    and   Oeorge   I
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all  kinds.
; I'rlces right     Satisfaction guaranteed
59 McKenzie  St
To Port Mann and  Port Coqultlam
Wlll Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New  Westminster for  Port
Mnnn 8':00 a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  Now  Westminster 8:00 a.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster for Port
Mann and  Port Coqultlam  1000 a.m.
Leaves    Port    Coqultlam    for   Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster  for  Port
Mann 5:30 p m.
Leavea   Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
Mann and New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
.Schedule subject to change without
For further Information Inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 803 Columbia SL
Transfer Co.
)fflce  Phone  186.      Barn  Phon*  117
���egble Street.
HanKSKe Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Publlc.
i Curtis Block, 657 Columbia StreeL
New Wettmintter, B.C.
I  m
Telephones  Office 53, Residence 429
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     nrot.'   Oasoline
| (-Cuisines,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Wettmintter. B.C.
B.C.Coast Service
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles &
p Official
\. Ue j   Agenta
ij'fu'CH Vancouver Cor Victoria 10 t*. m
..: [i. in   and ll :45.
Leavea Vanoouver for Heuttta io a. m
nnd 11 p. m.
ixTtvcH Vancouver for Nanaimo to a.m
find ti :80 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern pointe io o m WeJnea
days  and   Saturdays  at   u   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a. in. Tuesday,
Thursday imd Saturday.
Leaves Westminster H a. m. Monday,
V-, i dnesdoy  nntl   Krlday.
We now bave four trains ilally and
will givo you lbe cheapest rate KoinR
not only to Eastern points, but to
Kootenay, and other points We are
also agents for all stennisUlp lines.
Por reservation mul oilier particulars
:i|i|il;   to
B. OOULET, Aivnl.
Now Westminster
ED. aOtJLlBT, Agent,  New  W.'stuiliwtnr 'II.  \V. Ull01)1 M   d,   P   A    Vancouver
���i   w. BRODIU, o. P. A.. Vanoouver.     ' SATURDAY,   JULY  28,   1913.
<�����&(   THRC*
During July and  August our  bualnesB hours are  from  H
o'clock till 5:80.    Saturday, 10 o'clock.
Wc Furnish Your Home   Complete.
Throuehout the store the blue pencil goes leaving a trail of remarkable bargains.. Summer Frock* and Fabrics, Summer Waists, Parasols, Men's Summer Underwear Summer Socks, Straw
ind Es of seasonable merchandise far too numerous to mention here have been marked down to undreamed of prices.   No woman can afford to miss the opportunities in this big store.
Hats and
Ladies' Gingham Dresses
These are aspoclaly attractive, both
In light colors aud fine dark Kngiish
cambrics.     Former   values    to    $-1.60.
Allover Embroidery Dresses
Kor both ladles and mlsaes: also fine
lace and embroidery trimmed Lingerie
Dresses.   Former values, ts.5o.
Fancy Silks.
A magnlflcint array of rine SllkB
temptingly priced. Cords, messulines
and JapB Included Former values to
75c a yard.
Ladies' Shirt Waists.
In a beautiful range of colors nnd pal
teriiB. Soft collars and cuffs, fully tailored.    Former  values  to  $1.50
Ladies' Lingerie Waists
Charming effects with high  neck and
three-quarter sleeves,   Former values
M.50 and $8.75,
Ladies' Cotton Blouses.
Neat Jesigns In fine pin stripes with
soft collars and turned back cuffs of
white  repp.    Former  values to  tl.'iti.
Lingerie Dresses.
Elaborately trimmed with wide lace
und embroidery. Ideal for summer
wear.   In sizes for women and misses.
Former values $15.00.
Ladies' Lingerie Blouses.
A pleasing assortment, daintily trimmed with Insertion and embroidery.
Delightfully cool for the hot days. Former values to $1.75.
Cream Serge Suits.
Fine Kngiish cream serges with hair
line of black; satin lined, tailored
skirts. Thoroughly worth their former values of $26.00.
Ladies' Tailored Blouses.
In fancy striped madars and pique or
in plain white with self stripes. Former values to $3.00.
Priestley Serges.
Full 54 inches wide. You know their
absolute dependability. In cream,
brown, gray and navy, etc. Former
va'.uea $1.00 yard.
Ladies' Lingerie Dresses.
In fine white mull, neat embroidery
and lace trimmed; easily laundered.
Former values $4.00.
Vou will surely keep   "cool under the collar"
when  you  buy at these  prices.
Summer   Underwear,   pink,   blue,   gray,   hello,
former  50c   values,  for   35C
Summer Balbriggan  Underwear, natural color;
all  Kizes;   former BOc  values,  for    .  37'-2t
Athletic   Underwear,   short   sleeves   and   legs;
former   50c   values 40C
Soft   Summer  Shirts,  detachable   colarr.;   former $1.25 values, for S'5t
Negligee   Shirts,  laundered   cuffs,   neat  stripe
effects; $1.00 vaiueB for 7Se
Especially priced  l:i cream, navy and
brown;  former values $1.20 yard.
At a great saving. Odd pieces in
French gray, old rose, pale blue and
black.    Former values $1.25  yard.
Little Girls' and Misses Colored
I'leasing  assortments  In   Kngiish   Cambrics,
Scotch Oingharas and Percales.
Former 5uc values for 39c
Former $1.00 values for 75C
Former $1.25 values for 95*
Former $2.00 vaiueB for $1.15
Former $2 50  vaiueB for S1.9S
Former  $:'..'i'i  valuea for       $2.65
Boy's Cotton Waists.
Just  the thing  for    the    warm  days;   very
easily laundered.
Furmer   65c   vaiueB   for 50c
Former $1.00 value* for 85C
Former $1.25 values for Sl.OO
Former $1.50 values for  $1,20
Little Boys' Wash Suits.
The little fellows are cool and happy in these
natty little Euits.
Cotton Dress Goods
Cotton Drers floods and Cotton Voiles in an
endless variety of colors and effects. Make up
very prettily into cool, comfortable garments.
Selling   for   about   half   you   usually   pay   for
Dress Crash, 27 Inches wide, in pale blue and
fawn;  former 2f>c values, for, a yard..l5i
Striped Reppi, 27 inches wide, champagne, sky
and grey; former 35c values for, a yard.25*t
Clrcassion Muslin, 33 inches wide, charming
new designs; former 35c values, yanl..2SC
Scotch Zephyrs, 27 Inches wide, in every design and color; termer 15c values, a yd IOC
Former  $1.00  values for.
Former $1.25 values for .
Former $1.50 values for.
Former $2.00 vaiueB for.
Former $2.50 values for.
Former $3.50  values for.
674-678 Columbia St.
New Westminster
Lillooet.   Kamloops.  Nanaimo,   Revel-
,toko,  Ke.owna, Ladysmlth,  Penticton and Port Alberni.
i ook ���, late of Yorkshire, Kngland. thi
price   being   $11,000   cash.   Mr.   Cooke
Us taking Immediate possession of the
property.    Mr. Driscoll will remain  In
tlie city   for  tbe  present.
The Okanagan Mlaslon Supply Co.,
Ltd.,  has  been  gazetted   as an  Incor- ���-^*mm^^^^mm^^^m^^^m^^m^^mmmmmm^mm
pi.r: ted company under the companies 	
| acl, with a capital of $25,000, divided '
llnto one hundred shares, to take over   increased  Offerings  of   Both  on   Yes-
i as a going concern the business car
i rled   on   at  Okanagan   Mission   by   F
I). Taylor and F.. \V. Chater under thr
style of tho Okanagan Mission Supply
His Excellency Monalgnor   Stagn'
tcrday's  Market���Farmers Busy
With   Haying.
steady,     wiih
lident made one of the. keenest elections ever held in labor circles in Toronto.
A letter was read from Deputy Inspector Archibald. It was a reply to
the protest of the trades councll over
language he was alleged to bave used
when referring to a witness aa a dog. ! ,	
lie stated that the language wus used
in conversation    with    Mr.  Roblnette,   Salvation Army
and  did  not refer to any one In par- i
tictilar.    The trades council  is to get
In touch with the witness in lhe troll-
ble  and   Mr.   Roblnette.    The  answer j
of Inspector Archibald was looked upon as an evasion by the delegates.
Non-Unlcn  Labor  Employed. 	
The builders' laborers union Will be  Army  has just refused  an    offer
SSJ Church Notices
Site Turn Church Into Store
New Fraaer Institute.
detective force, searching for missing
dogs  and  other  pets,  frequently find
,'them   m  these  shops.    It  is  said  that
a considerable  trade In  buying  misa-j
tog doge Is carried op  in some shops.     CATIiBDKAI.     OK     THK     IIOLV
In the city. / riilNlTV���Rev. Canon G. C. d'Easum.
m^mmmmmmmmmmmm-^m\ New  Prater Inrtltute. i M.A..  r. <���(< r.   Kev   Cecirire A. Kay.  Ht
  /     A   modern  home for the  Fraaer In-/A., ansiutant curate. 8 a.m��� Holy Com
/stitute within the next couple of years ' munion;   11 a.m.. Matins.  Litany    and
Refute    $150,003 for | Is not unlikely, according to the pre*- , terincn:  7 p.m.,    Eveaaong   and    aer-
!ent  aituatlon   In   library  circles   here.   mon.
Nothing   very   definite   has   yet   been!          	
(decided, but there is every likelihood,'    ST.   STEPHEN'S  PRESBYTERIAN
 ....,   with-/ -***    ��� *** ���*���*��      mn*
I'ommt nccm
���n   the   construction
Z  ,i.i.,iinwn  to connect
sa ���� toe sur*
ti0ml Truf the west side of the Fra-
,h"T,- I car S. porlntedent J. B.
ner river    ^^/j^agon road built
decided, but there Is every likelinooa ;     ���****>��-   u�������...  	
of a new structure being erected with- [CHURCH. Corner Fourth avenue   and
  | in a  short  time  for thc work of the'Seventh street.    Services II a.m. and
Praser  Institute.     That  course of ao-|7:30 p.m.;   Sabbath    school    12    a.m.
Montreal.  July   -5.���The     Salvation   tion has been made more probable by   Evening  subject, "The    Value    of    tx
l ne uunuci.-   .���  ^^^ ���        o{ I the breaking cIT cf'all negotiations he- '������-����� "     ����   finiMnn  Melvin.  n.A.,  mln-
asked, o ewla^n tte accusation of the    '-���-         ���                                           twe��   the   Mechanics'  Institute,   the
**.""..'     )'"  non  .r.i * *-* ~.i   Ummrioal     society   and   the
mere  to
find  another  place for their
e lirnuisi'i  ���������� -
organization    of the mer- I
Vegetables, Retail.
m,Htress  of    ,nB  ^'^resignation to
���,���! Mrs. Kgan Is Ol ine uy Une
^^de'bebrpi^lxHS      At   a   JS-   ^?ZtW^*it''Z*l   -
flowing     Noticeable      among    those  r,,,,,   ,���      of   itarngo 1(ul)l)pr ag,mon   per ,b
never seen at """"";.��� ���
chants of the town"Into a'retnll asso- I BeetB, per bunch 	
,  of  mutual  Interests hus been   Onlonfl,  per  lb.	
cm nmimated     At  the  meeting Evan   e.rrnU. per bunch 	
7 love is   was  appointed   secretary   Cabbage, per lb ���������
���    ,i ,, rmnlov of the association and    r���rnH.��  aarh .....	
[x    % i,  .1,1   of    Somerton    Bros., , Rhubarb, per bunch .....	
"V' Port  Alberni. \ Butter retail per lb       35c
10c ;
Hamiltcn Official Favcra Decoration of
the Upper Lip and Young Officers Take the Tip.
Committee for $400,000 Estate.
,.,.   |   Toronto. July  26   -An    application        . ���.���������,._   , ���
���ansform Church. , . ^ at osgoode hall for a ��� worshlp   with  us.     N.  J.   \V.   Nelson
Dominion Square Mettwdlst church | ^*nim|tt(ie u, ,ook llfu.r the affairs of; ^.or. residence 61G Fifth avenue
o  nnu  iiiiiiiiin   |,WH,   ...
work.    Some lime the place might gol
; for other uses, but not now '
Transform Church
Eleventh street, between Fourth
and Fifth avenue. Sunday aehool 11
[a.m.;  preaching 7:30 p.m.    Comeand
:   Dominion Square Methodist ihurch . |ttl>e u, ,00k ilfu.r the affairs ot pastor, reside
Will be turned into a block of BWres. ��        \������\t. who has been known in* 	
I Tlmt bus been decided by  the owner,    ���     *, ,   lg for ,ome time. Mr. Nor-,
:i m ('...rein.   When tl,.; congregation ,St Cathejin ji **^ ^ | Jo|n1
Hamilton,   July   26.���"Does   it
���    - - -egiition ,. x.    ��� - ^^^ ^       n of B|le_ wUh two
,; ��� .."�����.. ��� ������ r ass.-* k^Jsj \^s*f^^-ifwswAti�����-��-��-
, to the dignity of the police force for  place of buslnets. There will be made      ^   hallucin���t|���
,  1 constables to wear moustaches-  j,,,t at least a ����gL���?���<*."��
cms   that
Joint  Route  Feasihfe
Hamilton, July 86���That the sclmnie
for a common route for al Ithe steam
i is fuiu w  <���    thoroughly
there   is  a ;f. a-iible is the asjiiranoe Mayor Allen
the iMnstauien iu  w^.��	
Au official high up at the police sta-   Some of these will front on uorcnes-
llon stated this morning  that  in his tPr 8tri','t' *���"���   ���*������* ���**r^r number will
have   naiiucinauwui   ��ii��.   .....������   ���-   -;- 	
oremlum   on   IiIb  life,  and    affidavits t nc,.|Ved   tnim   City   Enslnccr   Uacal-
' .    _ . j         ....biiiii    ot    Ma. i _      ... ���**.  t a t_
present   were   m**x,   ���������---            . (j ������U).,nv,   the   price   Dfing   tx.xv   ���������. ��� , ,. iohhiu-���. i�� ��� .-	
ever seen at ordinary me -t Ings i ''"���"? ' lmn,lr contract was award- ; sturgeon, per lb	
oarl   bu,  who. seen lng so��<th ng ���, .    A ��W^ _n,,���,,���, ��� lb     ���8l:,���t, ,���,r   ���	
,,���,. out of the usual run_of ou�� ; it ot               _ am, BUtn t    lrl   g     ��� por ,���	
���nI,  looking,  perhaps   for  some ,      on.     .                 ro(,,          ordered ; Herring  ..���.������;������ "'���"������'
ciement.'  'came np to  NJ^�����     r���;, ^ ,,^ Ci,n,dlnn ('onsollilat.'d com-,                       Retail Meats.
After the president had SWW      m_ _^          A       ���
KOns  the   meeting  nan  lv                   rppl  s0  th.,t
'preiiii.iiii   tm   ..."           ,.,,*     *  n,  '    "~_
,PP ...in lhave    been placed  on exhibit at us- u_   ,n fdct lhe (5ly efjgliieer, who is
  ----- ,      .     Th���    'itcreil  BOOde  Hall   which  contain   the  opin-       r        nlied   rvilvi-sj    expert,    after
IOC .opinion Qt tu> pro    (,hurc���p!! 0���st, Catherine street which iTh_    gffl(1|ivl,    of    CWef      Constable   assured  the mayor that the T.  H. -.t
lBcWmMnt, or law and order would sport.have   passed  through  the  same  P��- ()f S(   Catherines  statei  lhat   ���   b    joinlng ,���,, oth,.r ^^ and fo,
IOC i Tim I Of  sagebrush  on   their  upper  CCM. on the night of July 2 Norrls '"
I,.��� * l"*p e A Full House. .. . ..Kk,,(   to spend the
'       '^'A mourtache makes an '.nicer ap-I    T, '  Chinanien  placed   _Umm  ����� ."!.".    !    .tsmtrn
lbs. 25c
clement:   came __ 3-^ ������ refl.  fr(������ tb- rsnadtan Consonoaieu ..,. , ^ ^ ^W-HJ-*
Ion of th" l>��lin1' SSiMtad" 'and the   ,    .UP nf necessity. Sixteen hvdrants  Roittng beef	
-���l,,'��-l-i=; Er4d�� ?ouovrfor aml! ha ������	
I        ..  ,.,v,..-���  ..e- i      .     ,
ir   ,   ia   poar more Important and   takes   the in the hands ot Mr. Couydon, account
i.,<- to 1 ic ; yov,uiful appi'iirance from his face. 1  ���m in the rmirthousc, and ."ie t'hir- homo
the cells, ns he  was
���l tne night in  'o*1"": the Grand Trunk r'8hl of w*-v
afraid    to    go  would easily have a better grade than
it has al present.
.ISc. to 27c.
mini api' ."......   	
In favor of all constables wearing j*e   chuiig   J"nu
making  B  total
  ne b
and  passed.
22c. ,0 ��c.|S"onUe��er-U^ ^ the of- ^0 i,, <;o,d cilsi, -ff-^
"iko'tn 170     t'i e auhlect of  nose-ticklers  wash,, ing present nnd looking on a a sup-1
'tic 'to lie.1, brought1 wticn one of the younger ,��� -red   gambling  pm_*1_I **g��_ |
'   .... ... .>a��� 1   ���.   r__   ...1... 1.-0 I.,,,.11 i.mleavorinc fnr.tl.re 1 treet WSPt
mend that the ���"���������? were read
of 111 fame be suppn>s��< '������
Ccrnfr Stone of Church.
Nanalmo. whoha��l    ivinnineir July 26-  The corner stone Hens, large, per dos
T1" TjAM^Iaii eneCkitSou..- Un.tar.an church | Ch.cttens. ���er dosen .
- ��� ���      schiol.   ti""    ""
j8imS%i.�� *__ taken
^^SSllKAtS university
of^itlicrn raUfon,ake
Pork    IHO. IU uv,   |r,.;ii."ii   ii,.   ��	
Nl��tlon 12c lo 20cIoftlcern, who bus beeu endeavoring fur
Poultry. ��� somo time pnst to cultivate a growth
'���ns. small, per div.   ff. to $7  ���r alfalfa,  passed  along  the  corridor
.t�� to $10'nibbing his  fingers  through  the  rurz
.$���1 10 $fi*tll.lt j,,,,, llt |Rl)( jhown signs of life.
..$3  to^ >B,-phe officer In  question has painfully
������ ~:'0 ; Inhered  and  slruggieil   for  nearly   a
-,'.c to LMc   month   to   produce   the   necessary
Jr.' to $16 j growth, and at lust his efforts bave
,20c to -3c hciii rewarded by the appearance ol
,28c to 80c j many strands of eiderdown.    A few
-...Broilers   per doz
rn       lie"-,   live,  per  lb	
Ch'ckcns. live, per lb. .   .
nnckn. per dozen   	
Ducks, live, per lb	
Ducklings, per lb	
Live Stock.
Voung pigs, each 	
Hire itreet wert  Sunday evening. The
Prisoners do not represent half of the'
men who were in the bottle when the
notice arrived, thc b'g crowd of over
fifty gettlna out. while Lieut, mint Sri -
viini and his men were reaching lhe
basement where tlte gambling was
going on.
Buv  Missing  Dofl��.
1    Owing tn ihe discovery that one or I
Uwo second-h.-inil dealers   are    In  llr
nblt  of  buying  pet  dogs  and  ot'n
.$4 to $
! weeks ago he was In great glee When, num.   ...   ">�������������, ������;-   *-������.���������
HaSnes appeared on bl. upper lip, hire stock rtrttaj*
mst   'The remains we
!��^lst0kc for^termeni
,v M���yc- Deacon. The pastor Rev
Horace WestWOOd, presided at w��
ceremony, while the MWcrtw Tn^
rtrers wus delivered by the Rev. J. u
Su of Central Congregational
Ichurch.    The ceremonies opened With
lhnt'a*m1oroicoplllMamlnatlon'.hoW.|"from their owners, notice of motionI
USE  MON-tlNION   LABOR      ^_\_^F ^ "^ ^ Sff W���^ ^VFr
ON NEW LABOR TEMPUK  priddg^��t       ]1���mninCcn,ent of ..."  Iii.rvlnced  for compelling dMriM
Toronto, .ulylu-nie trades and]*iZ %L!>*i&*J*-*^^
rP forwarded
Icon^ratuhited-the  Vongf��ation ^J-S^K^SInS
their new edifice and .expressed P^aa-1 ejection 01 u^ ^^ ,n Montreal
     ld ����r?h8S??e��  tab crCO ng  '. a convention in Montreal
^e,0������.. . , , ,h��� advance which their church | taoorooue^^ _ f) ^ |,nn|(,Bt for nreg.
laiuir congt-bB cun..;,,.,...	
In September and the conteBt for pres- lies ted.
cers will make an attempt to get a
Btand-ln   with  their  superiors  by  al
lowing  the  bristles  to  sprout  unmo
"������ "i" ,���.���...   ...
police department. ]ust the same as
other second-hand dealers who conduct a pawning business have to do.
The complaint Is that officers of the
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
^^^^^^^^^^        Made  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake Machine Wor ks. ',
\*\a*t**\**\m\*Wa\\ I fAutt raw
Fresh Water and Salt
no m mus
WANTS II) SEE ! Social an^ Personal
-Fithtrmen Think First of Run Is Due
Here   Just   After  First  of
It is the opinion of local fishermen
that while more salmon may be caught
/inlay and Sunday night, the run will
not bQgln ill earnest until after tlie
l'irs<t of Angaet,  about a wcea  nn-ay.
Altbougli y-oKterday nnd Thursday
-good hauls were made al Bellingham,
lhe icniainder of theae runs has sol
reached thr Fraser yet. One reason
��� or iheir failure to appear may be
the -storm.-! which have takea pis'."
in ihipulf this week. YeatenlaF'�� re
polls from oanuerics here ah on- jirac-
tic ally ik> .sock-eyes taken.
The report of the B. C CMMDf ��is-
siniial i/m  is sSven below.
Bellingham Rat 70,000 from M traps
AnaCoTXES K'>t 17,0OI) from all
eonrces yesterday. Seiners not iiniiiR
nuch. I
The mn of, salmon In the Fraser
riv,r was very slack yesterday, Canoe Ta-sH boats averaged 15; af river
rlmais avirngod li; lower main river
boats uvrraKod 18; North Arm boats
averaged   14.
Reports rrom Skoena and Na?j this
morning are still unsatisfactory -and
the   weather  bad   for outside  risbing.
Small amounts of driftwood coming
down river yesterday caiiM-d fishermen some annoyance.
Seattle,  July   25.���C.   M,   Pettibone.
Seattle agent of the shipping firm of
\V. K. C.race & Co., managing owners j
of  the  Atlantic  &   1'aclfic  Steamship I
company, was advised yesterday from
New   York  that  the  steamship Santi' |
(Mara, nearlng completion on the east
coast, will lie delivered to her owners |
on  Aug. Ifl.    The vessel  will load  at
Philadelphia on Aug.  10 to 14 and at
at New York Aug. 15 to 20 for Seattle
and other ports on this coast.
The new steamship Santa Catalina, |
upon whieh the finishing touches are
being  made, will be delivered  to tha
Atlantic & i'acific Steamship company |
about Sept. 10.   She will load at I'hil-   ver, Hon. Mr. McConnell said that the*
adelphia  Sept.  10  to   14  and at  New  beavv    emigration    from      Canadian
York  Sept.  15  to  20  Tor  Seattle and  points to the United States had caused  a"(1 Mrs  l-awley, of i .inr.wack
other ports on  this coast. ;hls government to institute a special
lt   is  also announced  that   the new ehQU.ry as to lhe economic conditions
"pecial  Representative of Uncle  Sam
Visits Coast���Cecond   Narrows
Vancouver, Juli,135.���Conducting an
investigation into, labor conditions
md particularly .with relation to Immigration to the TJnited States, Hon.
W, J. McConnell, special representative of the department of labor for the
United Stgte8 government, is in the
city today..
Discussing his mission lo    Vancou-
K. O. Patterson, of Klk Creek, was
in town a few days this week.
W. S. Dickie Is registered at the
Windsor from Mt. Coqultlam.
Miss Beatrice Hardman ba3 r��tur:.-
ed from a holiday In California.
0, T. Albert, of Now Westminster
is a visitor at Uanff and is registnred
at The Chateau.
Mr. and Mrs. (J. Fird, of Winnipeg.
are visitors in the city and are
registered at the Russell.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Beck, Twelfth
avenue, Kast Hurnaby, are entertaining Mrs. P, Durant and daughter, if
Amity, Oregon.
Herbert Wade, superintend "it of
schools In Honolulu, is in the coy or
a visit to his parents, Mr. an I Mis.
C. H. Stuart Wade.
Klwyn Cawley, of the land registry
office, spent a few days last week
wtth his parents, S. A. Cawley. M.P,?,,
steamship Santa Cecilia, Hearing completion for the same company, will
load ut Philadelphia Oct. 20 to 24 and
at New York Oct. 25 to 30 for San
Francisco, Scuttle and the north Pacific.
Buffalo    Bill    and    Pawnee    Bill
Financial Difficulty at Denver-
Combine  Bus't.
Thc wreck Ol the Ophir, down river,
baa been marked by a single red spar
limiy set im mediately off the steam
Thr auNiliury cannery lender ls-
bum, from r.reweBter's cannery, Vancouver island, docked at the C P- It
wharf laut  night.
The tug Fearless arrived al the
wharf or her owners, J. Mayers and
company late yesterday "nd procteoori
=it once f.ir Pitt lake, with coal.
The coal bunkers of the Bearer, al
ihe lower end of the C. P. It freigln
wharf, were refilled yesterday afternoon  by the Trader, of Victoria.
The Heaver and Senator Jansen
were the only vessels passing
.-hrnngh the Praser river bridge draw
yesterday. The gauge (here shows
the level ot the  water statitmary-
Tbr liRhoriucn1 on tbe Fraser river
.rn- of ihe opinion ihai some steps
should be taken to bave the hair seals
whicb are so numerous just now. de.
staved, as tliey are doing nwij with
i lorgi BiOmber of salmon.
A-��i,frier BUffpose-A thrtt ol a TlKhini*;
met \h rt porti .1 l.y the Cam-iiVi-an Vni-'i-
-.'!������ cannery Thin company suites that
>,v*   :r: i ig .  .*. "re cut oil a nei in the
nit. Tho n Isslng net is ol :< W, 51)
��<-.- ti and haa P.S. marked on tbe
Secretary    M-aqptnran of the -piint
board   has   staled   that   body's   inlen
lion of today taking evidence of of-
rfteSES of lhe government  boats Sam
don  and   Fruhllng as  part of  Its  in-
(r-asUgKQon Into the groundings til the
iHerakleB.    This hearing  wonld  have
taken   place   yesterday,  but rtiiricnlly
was  met  in   bringing  tbe   witnesses
together.    The Samson arrived here
fro;n   Ml.   1^'hman  yesterday  and the
Vriihling  will  also likely  ba in port
Woodward-l-adner  Ferry.
I'ambie, Lulu Island, July 2T>.   The ,
Y, fry   Berriee     between     Woodw-inl's
l.-Mid'init  and   ladner  will  Iw  -gUtrtefl
.�����   HHin as the planking on So t'i road i
Denver. July 26.���Buffalo Bill's Wild
West and Pawnee Bill's Far East
show is in the toils of financial diffl-
iOUlt.es and is disbanding.
| The fourteen Indians with the show
'were sent back to their reservation
nt Pine Itidge, S.D. Part of the show's
possessions were stored at Overland
ijtark. Many of the employees, idle,
wanted to get out of town and appealed to the state labor commissioner to assist them in getting their
The "freaks" with llie show, also
idle and many without money, besieged Commissioner of Finance
���Pilch, r for permits to open shows on
.Denver streets. The horse.s, tho ele
phants and the rest of the animals
remained at I'nion park.
Receipts Seiied.
> Commissioner of Safety Nlsbet held
���on to lhe $12.iinfl Denver show patrons
paid into the hox office of the show
Monday nighl and Tuesday, under thi
attachment issued Monday by DiBtrlct
Judge Perry at the request of the
I'nitcil stales Lithographing & Printing company, of Cincinnati, for a
claim of $66,000 against the show.
Added complications arose when II.
11. Tammen and F. (1. Honfils. of the
Sells-Pluto shows, (lied a suit for attachment aga'nBt the show for a claim
j 1 $20,000, suiii to be a loan made hv
Tammen and Uonflls to I olonel Cody
niur'mg b\�� -slay \n Denver laat spring. 1
. May  Remain  Indefinitely.
When  the  -show   will   leave   Denver
is something Buffalo Bill and Pawnee
lUill. joint owners,   say they   do   uot
know.    Those  Interested  tuke  it  fur
prawn] that the facl that part of the
property  is  stored  ut   Overland   park
under guard  of deputy  sheriffs  while ,
the rest is guarded at    Union   park.
mesas ihat the aggregation is due to .
.remain in Denier Indefinitely. An em-1
jjloyee���or rather an  ex-employee    ol'
lhe show said  it   was the genernl  belief lhat   the   show   will   remain   here
until reorganized    under   a different!
.Most of the concessions not owned
hi the show the lemonade, popcorn,
f.-aic rack and target stands���have departed  for other places.
which were responsible for lhe exodus. The Influx Into the Slates from
Vancouver had heen particularly
heavy during the lasl few months, he
commented) This Immigration n>
the United Slates comprises persons
newly nrrivinl in Canada, generally
from Europe.
Second Narrows Bridge.
No difference will be made with regard to granting a Dominion subsidy
towards tho. Second Narrows bridge
project if the provincial government
assumes control of the llurrard Inlet.
Tunnel and Hridge company, as probably will be suggested hy the directors of lhe company which has the
inter-municipal enterprise in hand. It
is stated that the board of the bridge
company contemplate asking the provincial authorities to take over the
stock of the company and proceed panying
with the building of the structure,
Al a meeting of the directors this
week the financial position of the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge company
wus outlined by F. Carter-Cotton,
president, who urged that it would be
Dr. A. DeWolfe Smith nnd Miss De-
Wolfe Smith, of New Westminster,
motored to Chllllwack last week and
visited Captain aud Mrs. A. I.. CootO.
Arthur II. Clarke. K.C. M.P., ut
South Essex, Ont., and Mrs. Clarke
were the guests this wei k of Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Welsh.
Hev. A. II Anderson, pastor of 'he
Baptist church ut Sapperton. left yea-
terday to spend his summer vacation
at Claybitrn.
Rev. II. (1. Cairns, of Welsley. Saa
katcbewan. Is in the city He will occupy the pulpit of llle Queens Avenue
Methodist church during tlie past.i's
An interesting visitor on the coasl
at present is Major W. J. ottley. of
lhe 34th Sikh Pioneers, with head
quarters at Lahore, India. MrB. Ottlev
a former Vancouver girl, Is accO'n-
her husband and they have
taken up their quarters in the Roya'
Alexandra apartments, Vancouver
where they will remain for a month.
Mrs. McAllister entertained at a
very jolly luncheon on Wednesday a1
the    Georgian    club,    Vancouver,    in
advisable  at   this   stage   In   the  com-  honor of    Mrs.    Morris,    of    Vernon,
pany's affairs to proceed further with  Covers were laid for nine.    Those in
the project in view of the present
-financial stringency, as the estimated
cost of lhe structure was nearly
$2,600,000, while the company had
only $1,600,000 of Its stock subscribed.
Accepts Position.
At. the regular monthly meeting of
the board of directors if the general
hospital last night, the secretary,
Oeorge Hadoon, reported that Dr. M.
T. McEachern, of Montreal, had accepted tlle post of medical superintendent of the hospital, at a salary ot
$2.*"'0 per month, and would lake up
bis duties on August 1. Dr. Clements
is at present performing the duties of
acting medical superintendent.
Unionist Member in City.
In the opinion of Sir Oeorge
Doughty, Unionist member of the
British bouse of commons for
Grimsby, who is in the city at
present on his way north to Prince
Kupert, the leadership of Mr. Bonar
Law has been a distinct success, lie
scouts the reports that have been circulated declaring that the Unionist
party is nol well equipped wiih lead
ers and asserts that the party is united behind  Mr. Jloiiar Utw.
TMcrtairt C-irl Ttraniers.
The Children cf Mary Sodality of
Holy Rosary parish ar" arranging a
aeries of weekly home parties for the
benefit of girl strangers from Great
Britain. The social evenings take
plac at the residences of various
members of the sodality, and are
greatly appreciated by those for whom
they are Intended.
1' red
it- completed.    ThiB
Sfllhln  six   weeks.
will be RnUhei
fcrrango   Launching  Ceremony.
Either   Tuesday   or   WedneedftT   la
���in* Mme Bet Ht tho launching ol the ,
>,. *   <u.\   dredge   being   limn   bj    1-. \
M.ircer near  Cue    foot    ol    Twelfth ;
slreet.    Work  is now almost finished I
.���ml il  is likely  that the Limnihlng I I
ih* addition to the city's harbor h
prov-i men* fleet
nsome coremi ny
now briny,  made
will   be   inarke-fl
Plans   for   this
by lhe linii-.V-e-i.
On  Sick  Leave.
Chief iCnglnt "i- K. CauUleld, ot
"Bnaghoat Bam son, has been niveu   ,ne
month Kick leave and UlS place is lie
tag taken bj   Flunk Creeilmaii, 11 1
���engineer ot the dreoge Fronting    Mr |
Cant-field hns nol  been in toalta L'i
���one months  ami hia Weeds alone i
the waterfront hope to wc bun bad '���
���at his old  post   nineh  irnprovn!  BltHT
itiir real
Flspa Leaves Port.
The power cruiser Kispa dropped
���down stream from her moorings above
the 11 .N H wharf yesterday to the
��iity mark.l wharf and, after inking
���wat-cr and completing supplies she
Willi   to   Vancouver,     whence    at     2
��� ��t'r.Ioch tbis morning, she sol onl for
Prince  Re-perl   with  Chief  inspector
���Connlnghnni The Kispa will return
to Now Wc: I minster harbor aboul
Aug.  17.
Fer On* Week Ending Sunday. July 27.
\V<stinms'it        Sand Heads.
n,tc.   Time. High. Low.
High. Low. Time. Ilgt. Time. Ilgt
*'Se��   All   tbe   World:   See  KonlaM,.
Ancient   Proverb.
V." -Treat urcliaeolocical iiuthority, |
- ir William Ramsay, considers tin
oldest i ity in the world t" be the city
���of Iconia,ll, or K"nin, us it is callc-J
te-day. The modern Iconium has very
snoch lo interest thc traveler, nml
���probably no placi in all Inn Minot
could leave a more lasting Impression
I upon   "lie's  loin,I.
Tin* city derived its nama from the
Kik'.nea or images ot mud, which, according to lhe (.orient legend .���! th"
place, were made l.y Prometheus anii
Mi' vi ii! ih.- i .Hiimiii.i ..( Jupiter,
uli. , alter the -jrea'. flood, caused the
winds I*, blow up.n th. l*'.r,.."in,*s ami
i1--;. I' *'ni' livina men und women.
Thus, according tn tin- tradition,
was :'. in -t i lace settled after the
flood. Bui the traditions ol the place
gu back, even beyon I the ll 1 t" tin'
time "I Km.' Naiinak"-, wli" win told
l.y 'In* oracle that when he died tliere
should come a mighty deluge in which
all men should perish. Thereupon
lie mil,"l nil the people together to a
great temple and cried so bitterly ami
with such a flood "I tears in which
his Phrygian subjects joined, that
"the weeping in tlie tun" nt Nan-
nakos" became *i proverb even among
lhe Greeks "I later days.
The  Gold
ver, both commercially and political'
was uut in tin' time 'i N'annakos
even of  PI.   I'aul,  but many  bun
'( years later, wh ���    the Selju
Magistrate Had Reasons of His
Own for Feeling Nervous.
The lat,- P. .1. Nolan, of Caleary,
whose resemblance to Hon. T. Mayne
Daly was frequently remarked, was
an Irishman with a spontaneous and
irrepressible wit. an excellent storytell. *r and an original ami daring
practical j"kcr. His fund "f anecdotes
was inexhaustible, and tli" number of
Stories told about himself was lei?ion.
Hire tx one of them :
Like most  Irishmen,  "Paddy"  Nolan  had  a   big  heart.    He wns  easily
touched by a tale of distress and generous t" a fault.   About th" beginning
of tin- century,  when Calgary was a
good  deal   smaller than  it  is  now,  a
railwayman   win.  lived   in   tin-  town
was   killed   in   a   wreck   nn.l   left   Iiu
widow penniless.   Hi- estate consisted
oi nothing imt  a gold watch.    It was
little it would bring, but some friends
"1   tli"   widow,   among   wh.nn   was
"Paddy," sought t" increase tin- pittance    by    disposing   "f    tin*    watch
[ through a raMl"    "Paddy'   nnii porno
'others  uiiri'Ttni.l!  t"  sell  tlie  tickets.
The  affaii   had   ii"t   gone   very   fnr,
however, when nn nflli inns policeman
swooped 'lown and n t- r. - -1. - -1 the widow
��� ���ii a chargi   * I  lm tinu a lottery.
She wns haled nf! to court, bnl "Pad.
I and
I two of the tickets I
j crisn flve-ilollar note.
The   ease   came   into   court,
"Paddy/1 w*h" was acting for th
fence, hnd the woman uu ir a i
' breast ti everything. Tl en he
; ceeded to lecture tli" I�� icb    II"
vited were Mrs. Morris. Mrs. Swan.
Mrs. Homer Adams. Mrs. Knox (K"l
owna), Mrs. Yeungling, Miss Mac
Kenzie. Miss Corbould and Miss Nora.
Mrs. W. .1. Armstrong entertained at
the tea hour on Wednesday, of iasr
week fn honor of her daughter, Mi-
Osborne Morris, of Vernon. Anion**.'
those invited were Mrs. d'Easum, Mrs
Corbould. Mrs. T. .1. Armstrong. Mrs
McAllister. Mrs. A. J, Hill. Mrs.
Hill, Mrs. C. N, Macdonald, Mrs.
son, Mrs. W. Norman Bole.
Charleson. Mrs. Yuengllng,
Beatty, Mrs. Iloway, Mrs. JamnF
Brymner, Mrs. Gaynor'* Mrs. Homer
Adams. Mrs. (iraeey, Miss I'hillips
Miss Wright, Miss Jean Cliisliolm and
Miss Nora Armstrong.
Quite a number of people from thin
city went over to Vancouver diirin.'
the week to enjoy the tennis tournament, among them being Mr. and Mrs
Sutherland. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Lewis
Mr. Allan Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Haines
Mr. and Mrs. Eddv, Mr. and Mrs
Swan. Mrs. Russell. Miss Shildricl;
Mrs. James Brymner. Mrs. J. C. Arm
strong. Miss Freese. Miss Corbould
Miss I'e.'l". Mrs. McAllister, Mrs
Morris (Vernon), Miss Nora Arm
strong. Miss Lewis, Miss Blind, Canon
and Mrs. d'Kasum, Mrs. U'-ini"
Adams. Mrs. Vcenglln^, Mrs. Slacey
nnd  Mr,  Dougl is Wright.
Mrs. Homer Adams entertained on
Tu. sday afternoon at a bridge party
A number of non-plavers taking part
In a "putting" contest, the winner being Mrs. Diamond. Among those pris
ent were Mrs. Camble . Mrs. Swan.
Mrs. (laynor, Mrs. Corbould. Mrs. (i
II. Corbould, Mrs. T. .1. Armstrong
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tin. Miss Armstrong and Miss
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heard  nothing ot it. hi   told a  came to visit  the old  h^me and see
mn vi ry ..I the wnmnn - pnvertj   how  all   vou  boys  ar��  feeling."  was
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th-  rallle
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It Is said thn wntlding wlll take place
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\��e "I ic.nium, how. '< iR"'" the  -t'-ry "I the woman'!
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the law, and when reminded lhat that
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22: U.
4: (HI
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B21 10.1 2.09 8.4
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Fatal Initiation.
Birmingham, Ala., Jul) 25    Donald
a   Kenny, a chauffeur, and ChrlBto-
pi ir Otistln, an    iron   moldor,    wen*
killed last mull! bj an electric shock
at   Hi.*  li i nl   hall   "t   il"    Loyal   Old' r
Ol   Moi * '      \n   Inti lation  was In  pro
I'd  it  is said  lhat an electric
i pari ol iii.  ceremony, tn
i  nu ,  nol  yi t  oxplalin d, K nnj
and Otis!       I       Bald   i celved    too
in'icll cut    at,
Kim, knowing tl"* law, should Jnrc
tn i*.in.in i n lottiff) or raffle or a< i '..--
agenl Ior it. or buy tickets in it. ut
have anything tw do with so damnable an enterprise.
The magistrate had sen, quitn early in "Paddy's" ilpcDch, how tliin'M1 P.uml
were trending and hml I*., "ti squirm-
un,' on his l.ciirh. Here, however, he
.'ni the advocalovshort, n:nl giving
tlie wnmnn n v,*iy mil.I r<���;.rir,-���.111��� i.
h : In r ��� i "ti suspended scnteiii a,
riicn, hi    ��� nib '1 i'T "P..*i*i*.   '
* ii        you '" I xclaime I, sh 1U113
in    ������:<������    :'ll'-**    "I    t1        I"'' *::   ll I
1 , ,      "T expi   ted ' *   . in:   1I.1
���   :           .          lnd your II .r 1ms
��� * *        il                 11.1- ' .ii   ���,������'..���
.in *    it 1     . * .
-.i" t- .iti* then coated with a killi .1
���pir I flux. Tiny nr" next .placet
' pon a holder laid nt an nngle ol
forty live degrers to the tinning pot.
���-. thai the excess oi tin will return
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cs.- wiped off with mops made ol
t iw. The oxide formed nn
the reversi side oi lhe sheet from the
heal ol the molten tin is r. moved l.v
'innt'* sulphuric acid pickles. The
-'"���'������- arc wn I ed nnd dried nnd Ihen
if 111 tiry rolled again Io guuge and
I" i. '" ���!. I oi eli unsing tinned nrti-
1 ia    111 'hin*:    better   '.inn.
' * ��� I with a little lo rosi ��� 1
irlnce hi Ing pi lished niter-
Win        Hi n  iittli   o| *.i:   dry whit
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Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
Phono 323.
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550 -Throughbrecis in Action-550
- =s��*i7T-~jc^r��r3ir'.arrjB3rsiTBinrr
���xsBKTrac-s.; SATURDAY,  JULY  26,  1913,
FA��il flVi
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads ����W
LACROSSE   :-:   CRICKET   :-:   BASEBALL   ;-:   BOXING       k* �� ���**������� **tr��*
Indicator   Holders   In   Moose-Electric
Game  Were  Hardly  up  to  the
If the magnates owning franchises
in the Westminster city baseball
league hope to retain the support of
the publlo In lhelr games at Queen's
l'ark, they hail butter hire a scout for
Hie express purpose of locutlng competent umpires of a brand superior lo
those who officiated at tlle Moose-
ISIectrlc contest yesterday  p.m.
Lome decisions have been handed
out from lime to time this season, but
tiie fans huve accepted these when
���lhere has been an even break. Tli"
sl tiff peddled last evening was still of
tin- even break type, but it wa�� poured
out    wiih   such unceasing monotony
thai what might have been a close
contest  was turned  Into a  farce,
Incidentally  the  Moose  won  B-2.
Tin- trouble started In the second
inning when McCabe, Howe and Wiilk-
�� r were pul mil on close decisions,
Which to tlie average fan should have
netted two runs.
The feature of the contest was the
arrival of Manager Robinson of the
Electrics at 7: If., which meant his aggregation taking the field In Balmoral
The retirement of Art Sinclair as
umpire was accomplished after the
second inning In favor of one named
Kinblctoii. Mr. Peck retaining his position us base umpire by the skin of
his teeth The fact that the game wis
not started until 7:10 meant only five
nud ii hull Innings. The lack of form
was notlied in .luck Oentry who was
lotted for six stolen bases.
Sere; I!      II      K
Electrics       -'      fi      *i
Mo ise       S      li      4
Halt.Ties; Fisher, Silver and Walker; Horn.' and Gentry! umpires, Art
Sinclair. II. Embleton and T. Peck.
Both the first and "A" eleven* of
the local cricket club will bc in the
game thla afternoon, the first team
meeting l'ort Coqultlam on the asylum
grounds, while the second eleven will
journey to Central Park.
Both games should be Interesting
encounters, us Port Coqultlam was
one of lhe first to defeat thn Itoyals
at Coqultlam, while Central Park got
away with a victory over the bccoihI
eleven last Saturday.
The teams selected ure as follows:
Klrnt  eleven--C.  C,   B.  ('ave   (cap-
li'lnl.   W    A.Wells,  Rev.   K   11.   Bartlett, L. H.  Miller, Canon d'Kasum, T.   _
V. Hebron, II   A. Sparrow, It. M. Clark, | tennis   trophy
E. T. Dunford, V. A. Hose, A. N. Other. | today   with
Park Defeats McLoughlin While Williams Wins Over Dixon���Doubles
Are on Today.
Wimbledon, Bngland, July 25. -The
United  .States  lawn   tenuis  team  attacking   the   Kngiish   holders   of   the
Iiwighi   L.   Davis   International   lmVn
d rn w
him In the finer points of the game.
All members of the American team
except McLoughlin, refused to discuss his defeat by Parke, whom he
defeated handily  In  the open  Kngllsli j
McLoughlin  proved  himself a  good
loser,    In an interview to the Assocl- '
ated   Press  tonight    the    Callfornlan j
said;   "Parke  proved  lbe  better  manl
en ground strokes, and as It happened
suit of todays' match  with him I
Challenfle Cup at Blsley���King's
Prize   Today.
Ilisley Camp, July 25.���Private Den-
holm of the Tilth Cameron Highlanders, Wlnlpeg, is the only Canadian
left In lhe second stage of tbe St.
George's challenge cup, 15 shots at
900 yards, which will bc.Bhot off tomorrow, lie secured thlB place after a tie shoot-off.
The National Challenge trophy, opon
to teams of 20 from Kngland, Ireland
Scotland and Wales, seven shots at
200, 500 and 600 yards, was won by
England with an aggregate of 1906.
Ireland    was    second   with   1K87  and
      Scotland   third- with   18S2  and  	
, tlm result of todays' match  wltli him I laBi. wlth ls''"*'
to   content   Itself  depended  largely on  this  department!    l?a   mat''h   Wn��   ��Pp��   to   retired
,.���    , ,    ,  .  .   i mx*---m battle ttftor IWO Uf the game.    I do not want to com- I1,"-"-"-1"1'-11-1*1  from   Ireland    or    Wales,
A    eleven    A.   H.   I Igar  (captain), | very hind  fought  live-set matches in i pia|n, but I dn not feel that my ground        r ('a,la,1lii��s. Stafr-Sergl. Freeborn,
which J. ('. Parke, Ihe lrlBh champion, ] Btrokes  were  up  lo the  usual     I  do!S,'r,il' S,',,'l' Pt*' Hawkins and Sergt.
beat  Maurice  K.   McLoughlin  of  Sun j not attribute my defeat to stale'ness as ,'iirr Bnot on ,h<* ,r,sh "'��"> and were
T.  D.  Curtis,  V.   B,  Andrew,  F.  Arnold. T,  E.  M.  l.awson, (i.  Walton, W.
B, Hirks, a. Milledge, p. Graham, W.
it. Hamilton. .1. W. Annandale.
The   Becond   eleven   wlll   leave
Central Park on the 1:46 car.
Francisco and the other Americai
contest,  H.  .Morris Williams, gained a
I victory over the veteran, ('. P. Dixon
I McLoughlin w-as nn intense disappointment to his friends, showing only
occasional   flashes  of  his  usual   brll-
[llant playing. Williams on the other
hand beat, the Kngiish veteran at his
own   game   and   proved   much   cooler
I than    his    opponent,  out-generallliig
Baseball Results.
Maillardville  Lacrosse Boys Lost, But
Are  Improving.
Before a crowd of nearly 300 spectators,  the   Burqultlam  lacrosse  team |
again defeated the organization from j
j Maillardville al   Burquitlflttl  last evening, this time to tho tune of 7-0. Although  0111  sconced  and  out weighed
the  boys   from   the   French   Canadian
village   fought   a   game     battle     und
showed     considerable    Improvement
sine.'   the   two   tennis   last   met.
About to made the trip from Mail-
lardvllle, thus showing that (he Cana-
I'an  pastime is meeting  with  favor
lhere.    The teams lined up ns follows;
.Maillardville .lim Dunbar, K. Lam-
oreaux, L. Boileau, II. Booth, II (!au-
thler. J. Wilson. T. Gatjthter, W.
Booth, It. Boileau, T. OoutU, A. Hulme,
and J. Decalre.
Burqultlam- A. Adkins. M. Haker,
llishop, 11. Bpeckman, A. Wiltshire, A.
Ailayre,  I    Wiltshire,  .1   Cohin,  Fltz-       	
Patrick,   T    Deacon,   A.   Ailayre   and i    ���������<���,,, contegt was  pitchers' duel  he
N'uhitiks. tween   Ingersoll,  the  star  heaver  for
.1   Mackay officiated as umpire with Vancouver, and Iron Man  McGinnity,
L. B. Marmont as judge of play Time. |wlth   lll(.   donors   going  to  Tacoma.
Standing  ot ttie  Clubs.
VV.    I,.
Vancouver    1)2    88
I Seattle    60   41
i Portland    51    43
I Victoria    -15    56
Tacoma  45   58
Spokane    118    68
Monotonous Iron Man.
Vancouver, Julv 26. ���In a tenth Inning rully the Tacome Tigers nosed
���out a win over the Vancouver team
ithls ufternoon by the close score of
17 lo 6.
feel   quite   fresh
Although Williams never seemed
really In danger before the veteran
j Dixon, nevertheless hla coolness.
sometimes verging on 'recklessness
gave his backers many anxious
moments. But whenever necessity
arose, the youngster showed his real
The Kngllsli experts who did not.
count on winning each of today's
slngb-a, naturally are lubllanl and
feel that the Kngiish doubles team
has more than an even chance to tak*
tomorrow's match.
Parke's victory over McLoughlin Is
attributed  largely  to his  system   plav
and also to the taci that the Callfornlan was given Little chance ti��
make  Idling  smashes.
Although a majority of the spoeta-
;tn palpably were anxious to see the
I Britisher win, generous applause was
given to the Americans who were
loyally supported by an enthusiastic
Contingent of their countrymen.
the top scorers of the 20 representatives.
Concerning custard, or "custnd." et
It wns formerly called, It was a com
mon Joke nt civic feast* ln tiugland Id
the olden time to place an enormous
custard In Ibe middle of tbe table. Intu
which at Biune stage of the proceeding!*
: the clown unexpectedly Jumped     Ben
.lonson   useH   Ihe  term   "custard   leap
I Jink" of one who "In tall of a KherllT'a
i dinner" took  "his almaln leap Into a
custard" to "make iny lady niayorera
and  her sisters laugh all tbelr hoods
over tbelr shoulders."
Our Business
We invest money for clients on first mortgage
security, careful valuations are made, and in this
way we protect the interests of our clients.
Every branch of a trust business carried on by
competent and experienced men.
Deposits accepted and interest at 4 per cent, allowed on daily balance.
DEPOSIT BOXES for rent from $2.50 up.
INSURANCE in all its branches.
J. J, JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Medals   and   Special   Prizes   Are   Be
Ing  Hung   Up.
Preparations   are   going
Wanted Na Jealousy.
I.lttle Ixita bud received u doll and a
kitten among her birthday presents
'Wblcb do you like beat, your kltteD
or your doll?" asked ber mother.
Lola weut over and whispered Id ber
mother's ear. "I like dollle best, but
please don't tell kitty."���-Chicago Newa.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
keepers, A. Boileau and F Stanley.
Victoria Amateurs Wire for Postponement of Today's Game.
New Westminster will be minus
n snorting fixture, either baseball ir
1 icrosse, this afternoon, due to the
facl that the Victoria amateur club.
for reasons unknown, yesterday wired
Manager Turnbull they were unable
to make the trip and asked that the
scheduled dale be postponed until
later In the season.
While such a late request would undoubtedly give the local club grounds
for Claiming the game, such action
never yet has been attempted In the
Pacific Coast Amateur league and
among the fans It is hoped thai il
never wlll be necessary.
I low.v.r, the locals were not a
llttli   pul  out  yesterday  by the wire
from Victoria, as today gave them
an excellent ch.-mce to replenish their
depleted exchequer, especially as tha
\ rather Bhows signs of continuing
fine. Had the Capitals given notice
. it!.' r it their Inability to liriin-' a
learn over it would have allowed the
hasoball club a chance to slug., an Inter-clty game with one ot/the Vancouvi r teams.
These  Will  Be Attractions at
Bt h Burman and bis Blltien  I
v. ill    be    the    feature    attraction
Minoru    park   this     afternoon,
officials of the race track having pre-
vailed  on  the speed  maniac to make.
.ui attempt    lo   lower   the   Canadian
record, for which a prize of $f>iii)   Is
. (Tered, and also the American record
for which $1111111 Is offered.   The latter
stunt is an    impossible    feat   on    the
Minoru track, owing to the course not
being banked,    but    a  few
clipped   on   his    previous
record made last Saturday can b.
in    addition    to    Burman
horse races will be   r*.;n   olT
Bhould furnish no little e .citement to
the  crowd    and  alto    caU89    a
gloomy looks on those who play
Special cars  will  mnke the trip to
l.ulu Island both from Vancouver
News ot the tlr8t broak ln ihe,
ran ki of the Vancouver professional
lacrosse team floated over yesterday
to the effect that, following todays
"game" between lhe green shirts and
the V A C, Hnrry Hyland will ask
for his divvy in the receipts of the
Iwo games and board the Imperial
Limited for .bar old Montreal.
Hurry played only one game Tor
Con .Innes. that on Oomluton Day. so
that taking It for granted that Jones
< ame through with car fare, the
former Salmon Belli has been an expulsive Item In coast lacrosse.
Whether llyland will attach himself
lo i ne of the Hlg Kour teams remains
lo bc seen, although It Is understood
thai the $���:���-, a week envelope dangled
in front of liis visage by Bob Fleming
did not appeal to Harry one bit.
Just to give thc affairi a change
from the tie game of last week when
no overtime was suggested) Lionel
York- and Joe Reynolds will take a
rest from officiating and turn over
the rains to Ueorge Tuck. The latter a
agnation with the Y. M. C.,Jx. over
In the Terminal City and his close
connection with tbe B. C A. A. U.
leaves many to believe 'hat the city
champiviishlppurs will get off with tx
clean slate as far as expenses for a
n feree are concerned.
If ever  a  sport   magnate  pulled    a
good one over the rest of the bunch
that   man   Ib   Robert  James  Fleming,
head   mogul  of  the Toronto  lacrossu I
team. '
Ilere Is a man, who knowing the
liig Four would go bust unless the
league officials weakened on their determination to expel the Torontos, refuses to allow his aggregation to
play   against   the   Tecumsehs unless
they drop a certain defence player
named Yeaman Truly a nice state
ot  affairs  for the national  pastime.
One lias lo wonder what would happen in a baseball league affiliated
with Mhe national commission, should
any club owner lake it into his cran
lum lo refuse to play agalnsl another
team unless they dropped a certain
player, possibly a star twirler or batter 'I'he president of that league
would promptly see that the offending
club was placed iu new hanilB and unless the objectionable player had
created enough trouble to Justify hla game was devo
suspension, be would lie noticed
cavorting around the bases as if
nothing  happened.
Tin*  Teeuinselis  backed  down   from
ther perch "for the gord of the game"
and just think of all the nice things
( harlle Querrie has been writing
the   Toronto   News   ahout   the
affairs are handled out here on
All  Suspicious.
The whole trouble In the    lacrosse
world today    is    lhat    each
ill oks   suspiciously   on   the
low.   Westminster looked    ^^^^^
upon Con Jones and the supporters of
the   club  backed   them   up   in
[contentions, with the   natural
things  got  so  hot   ior  the  Van*
r    promoter   that he pulled    up
slakes and  left  thn coast league    In
such a moss that  lt may take a year
or more to patch It up.
In the Big Four organisation the
powers of the president were looked
upon as a joke by tbe four club
i wners. Their constitution was such
thn each clause contradicted the
other, which left President Percy
Quinn no pins In stand on.
Close    followers    of    the    national
game  predict  that  lacrosse will soon
be a tiling of tlie past in Canada
some extent they
professional game
over the  rocks  du....���  ....   r_.
years  to  a ���"��� "  -111  '��k��   n��9ton
Doth men had perfect control and
kept the crowd on edge throughout
the ten  stanzas.
Score: It.    II.    E
Vancouver     <���    11      R
Tacoma      7      !��      2
Hatteries Ingersoll and Konnick;
McGinnity  and  Crisp.
ead   for j    "My  valet gives me a  bawtb every
tagiiik' the post series^ games In Uie j morning," said Cbollle.
"Ah." snld Slickers, "he's a sort ot
rnrnuin cleaner, 1 suppose."���Harper's.
Victoria   Shut   Out.
Portland. July  26.���Stanley  pitched
shut out ball  for PortTand today and
Victoria lost 2-l\.    Stanley fanned ten
ty league between the Moose, two
time winners, nnd nn all-star team selected from the Balmorals and Electrics.
Twelve bronze medals have been donated by a well known eastern firm
of outfitters. Oeorge Speck comes
through with a handsome glove for
the best base Bten ling average, w(iile
Sid Malcolmson, president of the B. C,
league, has promised a substantial
prize to the best batsman In the series.
The city league will end its schedule probably next week, which wil!
mean   the   post   series  games,   five  in
Look beneath the mirfnce \a*I not
ti" quality of a tbing nm its wortb es
ii I ia tue*.���Man-us Aurelln*
B. C. Market Co., Ltd.
677 Columbia St.
Phone 1315.
and allowed only four hits,    lloatman,  r,nm|,���rh';,""",_',',���", ".,���"."'  '.'"   ",
the University of Washington athlete.  "1  AuguRt *
pitched for the Bees and had two bad	
Innings. The hitting of Mohler,.
Qulgnl and Heilmann meant runs for
Portland. Meek was put out of the
game for protesting a strike decision.
Score: H.    H.    E
Victoria       ��      4      7
Portland  .1     ti     u
Batteriest lloatman and Shea; Stanley  and  Williams
oilier fel-
that    way
Seattle Bunches Hits.
Seattle, July 'i'i Seattle bunched
bits in the fourth Inning and won today's game with Spokane 4 1. Tlie
id of features. Meikle
retired at the end of tlie sixth because of a sore arm and Fullerton finished   Ihe   game   for   Seattle.
Score: R.    H.
Seattle   4    11
Spokane         1      I!
Batteries:      Meikle.     Fullerton
Cadman;   Kraft and  Hannah.
When tlu    ^	
created   to   fill   the   gap   between   the
lightweight and middleweight  classes, I
there were a number of    good    mer
Rooms ana Bowling Alleys.
Three    English    Billiard
'Tables, seven Pool   Tables,
six    Standard    Continuous
Regulation   Alleys.    First-
(By  "Gravy.")
"Mysterious   Billy."
welterweight division was^class reading and committee
Finest     equipment     and
ready to contest for the new honor best lighting and ventilation
"Mysterious   Billy"   Smith,   a   down   j of any Pool l'OOm Oil  Pacific
.���list    Yankee   from    Maine,    was   the   CO-HSt.
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
first to become the recognized welterweight  champion.     After  holding   the
So lead  me straight to where  you got th^t nice tender
Sirloin  Steak at   22e.  per  Ib.
Spring Chickens at   32c. per Ib.
Swift's Premium Milk-fed Chickens at   35c. per Ib.
Pure   home-made   Lard    2   lbs.  35c.
Finnan   Haddie    2 lbs. 25c
Kippered   Herring 3   lbs.  25e.
Spring   Salmon    2 lbs. 25c.
Chicken Halibut, half and whole   7c. per Ib.
TheBe are special  prices for  Friday and Saturday,  July  26 and
'il, so do not forget to call or phone.   -Your order will receive prompt
B. C.   Market Co., Ltd.
1 Hotel Dunsmuir
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet the Times.
WEEKLY  RATES���All outside rooms J4.00: Court roomB, $3.00:
daily rate 7r.c. and $1.00.
Newly   furnished.     Hot   and  cold  running  water and   telephone'
in all rooms. .
Standing of the Cluba.
W.    I,.
New   York    61    26
Philadelphia   50   24
Chicago    46    42
Pittsburg    4G    A2
 29    12
 27    40
., 86    F.4
 35    56
.4 M
-----w---~-m. To
are about right. Tho      ^^^^^^
^^^       has   been   hauled . Washington
rocks  during   the  past  few  Chicago
point   where it  will  take   "    '
St. I.ouis	
Yesterday's Game*.
A* Philadelphia: B.   H,   F.
Philadelphia     2      6      4
Pittsburg    12    -8
Batteries:   Seaton.  Chalmers.   Marshall and Killifer; Hendrlx and Simon
Only the one game in the National
Standing  ol tbe Clubs.
W.    I,.
Philadelphia 64
than natural efforts to bring it  Oetroit
back again to Its former plane.
Professionalism did not do all this
People can  be    heard    yelling
St.  I.ouis   .
New  York
heads  Off    that
their I
sports I
title a little while over a year he lost
It to Tommy Hyan. In a battle pulled
ofl' in Minneapolis just nineteen years
ago today.
The  Flour City  was then a   famous
sporting   centre,  snd   many   were   the
great   battles   held   there.     but     the
Smith-Ryan alT-itr was  the fastest  of
them all.    Smith  was a  rough,  hard,
���igressive fighter, but not equal to the
French-Kngiish   Syracuse     boxer    in
cleverness or generalship.    They met
in   six   boir i before   the   .Minneapolis
battle  for the championship, once at
Coney Island, and the second time at
Boston, both resulting in draws. Thc
title  go  in  the  Minnesota metropolis I
was  at  142  pounds,  with   f ur-ouncr i
gloves.    .Joe Choynski  acted   as  ref-I
'eree.    For twenty  rounds  Smith  and!
,  Hyan went nfter each other hammer |
1  and tongs. In the end Ryan wis award- ;
ed tl.e victory and became the second
welterweight  champion  of the  world
"Myster'ous  BPly's"  friends    always
declarer, thr.t th" declr-lon \v>s a raw-
deal,  i .il   that  It  -thould  have  beer,
called .. d-nw.
Afur '.'.at Dllly kept challenging
Ryan for a return match and they met
a- Coney Island less than a ycir later.
6081Ryan agreed to weigh 140 pounds in
Rfjf, the afternoon of the day set. and had
531 to torture himself to get down to that
477'weight. Ile entered the ring in bad
,4il6 condition and for eleven rounds Smith
.395 made him a chipping block, and In
.310 the eleventh round knocked Hv.m
down and apparently out. The police
'interfered just at that moment, how -
ere, and  Hyan  was not counted out.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
White Rock
" The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co.. Official Agents
July   Clearance
1     -oorts I               Yesterday's Games.
pr^Pt^end^  "j   \\   l|&5^��Wi5&��
".'I'," balLTXi%eunen\o��a���S  and  Schn.k. Kuhn;   Bedient. Leonard Jest ot ��j^ ��&     ���,      Tlm
Clt"fl     aTrosse games in New West- and(Carrlgan. 4     ,  ]|ur8t   ,np r(,f(,rP,, ���,���������,    down    a
'   '''        ^      j     a  draw   decision
Only a Few Days More
attend lacrosse games
At   Detroit
When   Rvn   retired
, *Vhr,��C^r^  'na=    nubne-nnd-   Btanagc;  ^.^er^.^dMsl^SmUh
ST "thi" men rlbe-head of    af-  M�� -J*-* R,   ���.   ,   c.tt baat him to   It	
fairs and until these same men take a   ^   L<mJB      g    14
Five-piece Parlor Suite; regular $35.   Sale price
Set of Diners; leather seats; regular $30.   Sale price
... 22.50
Innible   and   believe  that   Ihe^llr   ^ft8^on- \\\'\y   |    14
wants to see games, not hear of argu-      Batterieg,    nnumgnrtner.    Well"
��� -v..  ���  Easy for Corngtalks.
ments. lacrosse In Canada ls dead.       ���     "��� l""'<""- . ,""l,'"*""vi;"-' , V,~Lv��� j    Hamilton,   Bermuda,  July   25.-The
  nw^\;tuiurl8r:A?B"An^ Australian   cricket   tean.   defeated   a
Johnson and   Ilenrv   Alnsmlth. Game    , , b
���ailed at end Of 16 h.    Johnson wen    �� m The Australians
in box in fourth inning and struck out m;l(,(> a��� ^ nms ,n ,h(> ������,  ,n.
\\ i"i\,.���i������rf. ���,    u    minings, Colling contributing    128    of
*�� Cleveland: '\   "���'   B.lthem.    The locals made 121  in their
Put on Clean Shirt.
Troy, N.Y., July 26.-Tlie 1 rov
New York State league team defeated
Hrooklyn of the National league In an
exhibition game this nftcrnoon with n
halting rally in the ninth.
More  F.niy  Money.
SasKatootr, July SB.-Freddle Welsh,
*��� *i*  h l ������!,.weight chump:*'". IS proi
i, .ii,* matched  to  meet Mii'k"y
i    ,,.   |n   ii   IB-round   bout   here
Nui;. 7.
1R94    George Dawson, the Austral
Inn   welterweight,  knocked  nut Cleveland
Danny   Needham    In    the  29lh '    ���
round at San Frinelm. D'w- |
eon came to America in that
year, and his battle with Need-
ham, for which he received $2,-
000 was his second bout on this
side. He was next matched with
Tommy Ryan, at New Orleans,
but Tommy failed to appear
and claimed to be 111. Although
he did not win the title, Dawson was one of the best men oT
hiB Weight. He was the tutor
of II ih Fit/Simmons, nnd much
of Hob's success was due to this
iSii-l Mysterious Hilly Smilh lost Iho
welterweight,    title   lo   Tommy
Ryan at Mliineapolls. 'nml
���V   H.   E
            2      8      4
New  York      2     9     2
Hatteries:   Mitchell    and     O'Neill;
Fisher,  McConnell and Gossctt.
International League.
Baltimore 2. Montreal 2.    .
Jersey City fi, Rochester 13.
Newark   2,  'I'oronti   1.
Providence 7. Br.ff'ln 4.
firrt inings and  102 In the second.
Wednesday, Aug. 6th, 1913
To give New Westminster people an
Carl Morris, Wblte Hooe.
Jopliti. Mi., July 25.���Carl Mon-ln. |
llm Oklahoma heavyweight, knooked I
out Al. Benedict of Hrooklyn in thel
fifth round of f. scheduled fifteen I
round linht here tonight. Morris was <
not forced to exert himself. Bene-
did  being at his mercy at all times I Randolph
m^.,,----��� n-pportunllv to
Bteamer leaves c. p, it. wharf at
7 ii.in. sharp.
TIcViBts for round trip fl.SO. Ticket-,
can be obtained from the committee.
George Blakeley,   F. Maxwell,   J.   J,
F.   C.  Caller,   A.  .1.
clinching whenever  possible.        Ichrisp and 12. Could
Extension Tables; 6 ft. and 8 ft. extension; solid oak; reg. $19. Sale price 15.50
Ladies' Writing Desks; regular $9.50. Sale price  7.50
Brass Beds; regular $19.00.   Sale price  15.50
Brass Beds; regular $17.50.   Sale priee  13.90
Iron Beds; worth $11.50.   Sale price     950
Iron Bed; 4 ft.; regular $7.00.   Saleprice  5.25
Dressers; regular $12.75.   Sale price  9.25
Dresser, oak; regular $25.  Sale price  1950
Dressers all reduced; forty different styles to choose from.
We certainly sell the rugs.   Note the reductions.   All room-size  rugs  in
Wiltons, Axminsters, Brussels and Tapestry at a saving of ONE-FIFTH OF
Remnants of Linoleums and Oil Cloth at less than Cost Price.
Entire Stock of Lace Curtains,  Portieres- and Couch
Covers at a Discount of 25%
Coy. b'ixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 56! PAOB   SIX
Classified Advertising
celvjed lor The News at the following placea: F. T. Hill's drug store,
-.28 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
quoonsborough. Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
��� ���������������������.������������������������
classified���One cent per word per
dny; 40 per word per week; 16c per
���...nth, i.OOO words, to be used aa required within one year trom date of
nmirMt, $85.00.
pay a salary of $60 monthly on
yearly contract to one man In each
locality to send us names and addresses for mailing catalogues.
Work can be done in spare time.
The Consumers' Association, Windsor. Ont. (1788)
branch store on Sixth Btreet will
require about August 15 a llrst class
titter and alteration hand on
women's suits. Apply by letter stating experience and. salary wanted.
Application confidential. Address
Dept. W��� l.adyware Co., HaBtlngs
street west, Vancouver. (1794)
ware branch store on Sixth street
will require about August 15 two
bright, smart saleswomen, thoroughly experienced in the suit trade.
Apply by letter only. Application
confidential. Address Dept. W.,
Lady-Mire Co , Hastings street west.
Vancouver. (1798)
quires one year's support for wife
and two children in return for any
mining interest gained by the advertiser Highest references. Aptly box 1784 News.
roomed cottage, Edmonds, large garden In vegetables, cheap. Leaving
city.    Apply Hox 1800 News.
good condition, everything oomplete,
Apply Hll! Fourth avenue,        I17H0)
Reports of Asylums In Manitoba���In
terestlng  Figures���Civil  Condition of  Patients.
FOR SALE���J1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; overy oee guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
itialled (J. L. C. Finder kindly return to Goo. L. Cassady. 60fi
Westminster Trust building, and receive reward. (1798)
Winnipeg, July 95.���Insanity Is ou
the Increase In the province of Manl
toba, according to the reports Issued
by the department of publlc works
In the report of 1912 It was stated
that the two asylums iu the province
- ut Hrandon and at; Selkirk treated 1455 patients during the year, This
figure shows an increase of 47 over
the preceding year, and when It ia
remembered that last year Alberta
did not send any patients to be ireat
ed, II is evident that Manitoba supplied a large Increase. The total number admitted to the province during
the past twelve months was 177 males
For a License to Take and Use Water. Iaml n' females, making a total of
Notice Is hereby given that Dawson! Si'4 patlenta, When the figures for
and Graoe, of South Westminster. ,lhe >'ear lHOW are compared, il is seen
will apply for a license to take and that the increase for last year is 243
use ono hundred inches of water out1" tha Selkirk institution alone,
of an unnamed creek, which flows In ; Forty-Six   Deported   '   ���
a northerly direction through wild; The figures for the discharges dur-
land, owner   unknown,  and   empties ...��� ,,,    ���    . , ...        ,. ,    .
Into a ditch on subdivlslen near Scott ln�� ���**��� >eBr Bra 'nM>' satisfactory,
road. Tbe water will be diverted at During the Itme covered by the re-
a point south of Ladner road and will port 118 males and 56 females, mak
be  used  for stock and  domestic  pur-  |���K a u,tal  ���r  lvV pergonBi  were ul8
charge, lt appears that the boy In
question, who is sixteen years old.carried away everything belonging'To his
sisters that wasn't nailed down. His
wayward tendency at last brought blm
within the little square ln front of the
magistrate's seat. He was remanded
for a week.
Cunningham streets. Apply J. N.
MacDonald, 201 Agnes street, 11198)
two furnished rooms, sleeping
porches, separate dressing rooms,
with hot and cold water ill each,
suitable for two gentlemen.   Apply
v 41H St. George street, cily.      i!7Sll
poses on the land described as a
division of fractional section 25,
N��� R. 3 W,
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 8th day of .luly, 1913.
The application will be tiled In the
office of the Water Recorder at New-
Objections  may be died wllh
said  Water Recorder    or    with
Comptroller of Water Rights,  Parlia
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
(1718) Applicants.
B. 5
You will benefit by our knowledge and
selection. Our large list of properties are carefully inspected. Proper
ties for sale at sacrifice prices. Fire
Insurance written, strong companies
to pay losses.
For Exchange���Six room fully modern
bungalow, nearly new, situate Second street, large lot. Price $35.10.
Owner's equity $1300. Will exchange same for close In lot and
assume. Balance payments due $26
B  month.    Note,  this house  is now
l     rented at $2t> a month,
rooms, south exposure, with use of
bath and tei.-phone, in modern
home, one hlock from car line.
Gentleman preferred. I'hone 119-4L.
housekeeping rooms. 31 Amies
���street.    Phone 638 L. (17821
keeplng rooms; convenient. Apply
K. P. block. (1765)
Lot tor Exchange���$1200, high side
Eighth avenue, near Fourteenth
stri'.'t. l-'ine lot r.'i\l;!2 feel to lane,
commands a good view. Will trade
same as cash payment on house
here in city. Owner has deed and
title, etc.    What have you to offer ?
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bulildlng.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
street. (1722)
rooms to rent; every convenience
Apply 619 Hamilton Btreet.      (1692)
board and rooms.
the Sterling hotel is now
under new management; rooms
from $I.5u and uiiwanli; married
.and single men are welcome to
come and enjoy all comforts of
homo. 117721
 s   __   i	
where.     No   collection,   no  charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver, Eye. i ii'i7s)
Province of British Columbia, County
of  Westminster.
Under and by virtue of warrants of
execution and a warrant under chattel mortgage, to me directed and delivered against the goods and chattels
of the West End Hardware company
at the suit of Kelly, Douglas & Co.,
Merrlthew & Ramsey and A, Hard-
man,  1  have seized and  will sell    at
Ithe West End Hardware company's
store, Eighth street, New Westminster, on Monday, the 2Mh day of July,
[1913, at 9:30 o'clock in the forenoon,
the folio** ing, or sufficient thereof to
satisfy the judgment debt and costs
herein, etc.: All the Stock of hard
ware, tools, plumbing goods, ranges,
heaters, granite and tinware, ammunition, paints, varnishes, brushes, etc.,
amounting as per Inventory to
Terms of sale cash.
T. .1. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff
New Westminster, July 16th, 1913.
charged us recovered, whil
and 29 females, making a total of 86,
were discharged  as  Improved,    Only
21   patients   were   discharged   as   unimproved,   seventeen  of  these   being
males,   and   the     remainder     female.
Forty-six persons were deported from
the country, the majority of these go-
! lng to the old country and the United
, States.   The deaths amounted to 87 In
jail,  41  occurring at  Brandon   and  46
'at Selkirk.    The  death  per  coinages
I for  these   Iwo   Institutions   being   5.4
jand 6.52 per cent., respectively.    The
| medical officers declare that the gen-
leral   health   of   the   patients   is   good,
and no Infectious diseases or epidemics  were  noted,   while  the  accidents
extremely rare. The reports also deal
with  elopements  which  were  not  at
all  numerous,  seeing  the  amount of
freedom   allowed   to   the   patients.
Improved Facilities
Improved  facilities in  the handling
of the patients is noteworthy.    At the
Brandon  institution  the new   quarters
were entered at the close of the year. ,
and these nre  proving  to be Of much
greaier   value   than   the   older   place.
and the officials are able to carry out
the necessary  work and  give greater'
comfort   to  the   inmates.     At  the Sei* ���
kirk   Institution   a   new   home   -amble
has recently been erected.   This gives
accommodation   for  sixteen   animals,
and besides it has harness rooms and
feed   cooking   rooms.     Electric   Unlit
and  waler  pipes are to  be  found In
the interior, and the management has
found   that   the   large   loft   for    hay,
straw and feeding grain is very useful
The  old   horse   stable   is   now   being'
used   for   cattle   barns.     At   the   rear
of  the  power  house  there   is a   new j
coal  shed   which  has  saved   much   la- j
bor.   while   Ihe   lean-to,   erected   last
winter, gives more room for the stor
age of turnips, grain und the like. The
and  gardens  belonging  to  the
proved  to  be of great
patients   and   have   lm-
intally and physically
Large   Sum
i large
on the
Rank and Remuneration ef Clergy Ir
Great Britain.
Which is tlie biggest gun���a canon,
an archdeacon, or a rural dean? How
many ..I them are entitle.I to wear
gaiters? The intricacies ol ecclesiastical posts in the Church ol Bngland
often give occasion for the question.
At tiie very top comes tlie Archbishop of Canterbury, who draws tlie
nice little stipend of J 1.5H0 �� week.
The next place is occupied
Archbishop of York, who is i
ated at the comfortable rate ol 1050 a
week, and, like the Archbishop vt
Canterbury, is sddreesed as "Your
Grace." Then, In order, ooms the
bishops of tlie various dioceses. Their
incomes run Irom Kimethlug like J***10
a week down to j.w or so. according
to   the  diocese      I'luy   are   spoken ol
as "Right'' Reverend
j    Another  step  down,   and  we  reach
the suffragan bishops These are the
I assistants ol the diocesan bishops,
'ami their remuneration Is ��t the rate
lol   JIlW  a   week   an.l   upwards      Like
the diocesan bishops, suffragan bishops arc addressed as "Right Reverend.
The next step down brings us among
the deans. Their incomes aro much
I the same ss those oi the suffragans,
, but they arc not nearly so exalted ec-
Ljesiastically, being only "Very" Reverend.   Contrary t.. what is generally
supposed, it is the dean, and not the
57 males i bishop, who controls the cathedral,
Another drop, and we hnd ourselves
among the archdeacons These dignitaries arc neither "Most," nor
"Right," nor "Very" Reverend���only.
"Venerable." An archdeacon presides
over one of the two or thre ��� parts
into which every diocese is divided;
but Ior undertaking this work he gets
little  or  no extra  salary.
He, by the way. is the least exalted
of the gaiter-wearing ecclesiastics, all
clergy beneath the rank "I archdeacon being compelled to wear trousers
like other men.
Next come the canons ami prebendaries, who are only plain "Reverend." These clerics have to preach a
certain number ol times every year
in the cathedral to which they belong,
often getting im remuneration whatever for tlieir trouble.
The next place is occupied by IIm.s
entitled to call themselves rural deans.
Every diocese is subdivided Into
many small divisions, each e.insisting
Of  twenty  or  thirty   parishes.
Next, come  the rectors,  vicars,  and
Aged  Ten,    Stays
Days and Won't Tell
He  Was.
Away    Two
Ottawa, July 20 Ten-year-old Ian
Stewart, Cooper street, has returned
like a prodigal after keeping away
from home for two days and causing
his mother, IiIb father, his aunts, his
uncles and his other relations much
anxiety. Iau refuses to say just where
he bas been. Inn was jealous of the
by the'new baby nt home, nl least such Is
nuiuer-   the surmise.
And now little Ian Stew art v. 111 not
get his Salvation Army band horn.
That band horn was to have been a
prize for good conduct To win It Ian
had tO be good for three mouths. The
Ihree months wcre almost up when be
fell from grace.
lt was Tuesday afternoon when
young Ian disappeared. He was sent
with ii message to Riverside park, and
when he did not return nt nightfall
his parents became worried. They
began a search for hlm, but it was
vain. He did not return home that
night. All Wednesday passed and still
there waa uo sign of the boy. Wednesday night came and the parents
were well-nigh distracted.
At last a man appeared at the door
'of the Stewarts' home, leading little
Inn by the hand, and respectfuly asking that ths1 boy should not be whip-
. ped. He was not whipped, but when
be heard that a policeman was looking
for hlm he became scared.
This was nnt the first time that Ian
Stewart had stayed away from home
all night. About a year and a half ago
;he played the prank live times In two
months. At that time he promised he
would never, never do it again ���and
he did  not    until  Tuesday.
prlel.ors should be able to puy lhelr
waiters, and so not only do away with
the men looking for tips to augment
their wages, but the temptation to
Bhut their eyes to things thut ure wrong
for the rake of gain, would not appeal
to them In the snine manner."
"Spot"   .las Just   Naturally  Adoptee
the "Foorce."
In the centre oi the bias street cat
intersection   at   College   and   Yonge
streets. Toronto, stands six-toot-live ol
traffic polloeman (counting his busby) wjni  w|,0   for  the
and a  big  black  nml white dog.
Tbis   particular corner  is about  as
dangerous  as  a  rest   lor  the  sole  ol
Official From Saskatchewan Goes East
to  Pass On  Applicants for
Toronto, July  25.    Hev. R   O,  Dar-
past eleven  years.
baa been  superintendent of  Missions
in Saskatchewan, for the   Methodist
your rubbers at Toronto holds, since church, arrived hi the city this week
the imminent ear threatens you diag- trom Itegina.   The purpose of his trip
miallv with a cross between a head-on
Is to vlfllt the conference at Toronto.
collision   and   a   hit-vou-in-thcbaok. , ...
llut the big Englishman and Ihe col- London,  and   the   Hay  ot  tMuitu,   ti>
lie are as unconscious as though they consider the applications    of    young
|men for the ministry in tin
Mr.   Darwin   stated   that
conditions in  the west are
rapidly, there Is still a gn
* west
while   lhe
at deal  to
curates- the ordinary parish
about equal
is anything in it,
��� a vicar, snd a
perpetual  curate;  but
is   almost   ml     Tlieir
These three classes
in dignity. II ther.' I
a rector ranks al
vicar abov
tie* differ,*
Incomes vary, according to the parish
���irom nothing a year up t" substantial sums in lour figures.
Next we have the curates in charge1
riny superintend mission churches
etc., and are nur'- .*r less their own
masters, hut can !"��� dismissed by lln
vicar win. appoints them.
Then the rank and Iiie ot curate-
attached to churches and after them
unattached curates.'���London Answer-
hospitals bav
value to the
proved many
Costs Province
Insanity costs this province
sum. The total amount spent
two institutions amounted to $-jr,o.-
756.2S. und towards this great sum
Saskatchewan contributed 1111,756.68
', The Dominion government mnde a
grant of H462, while the authorities
Wants School of Empire.
it is an extraordinary fact that,
while France in her Ecole Coloniaia
ami Germany in her Kolonialinstitut
have created special institutions for
the study of colonial history, Britain
witli In-r great Empire, has none.
It whs with the object of rem dying
; 111 r- deficiency anil establishing a
school "f imperial and colonial studies
i I
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the city.    Private
bats, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per iiii iilli and upwards
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
A sitting of tho Provincial Labor
Ci mmisHion will lie held ut I.adner
Thursday, 31st July, io a.m.
The  Commission   Is  empowered    to
inquire into ail matters affecting the
<��� 'ndltloiiB of labor in  liritish Columbia.    All  persona Interested    are    Invited to attend nnd give evidence.
II   (i. CARSON.
Secretary. (1775)
Re  Lot "B" ot the  South 39 Acres ot
Lot 377, Group 1. Except One Acre
Theretofore  Conveyed,   in   the   District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property  will hi' issuod    to
William McBrlde on tlie ISth duy    of
August. 1913, unless in the meantime
a valid objection  thereto he made to
nie in writing hy a person or persons
claiming an estate nr Interest therein.
or in any part thereof,
District Hegistrur of Titlen
j Land Registry office.
New  Wesiminster.   B.C.,  12th  July
The  person  or  persons  having    In
their custody or possession the follow
ing Title Deeds relating to the    Baid I1
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
80th January, 1SS9, grant from th.
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue.
19th July. 1KS9, conveyance from
Charlotte Adele Rougue to Ilobert
Scott Moncrleff.
'174.1)       Disirict Registrar of Titles.
were able  to sell some of th
produce   for   $30,194.08,   thus  leavlni
tlle   province   to   raise $114,  834.50   tc
meet   tin-   expenditure   hill.     The   revenue received l'n m some of lhe gar
den produce is certainly cf interest ao
it indicates a time when they will be
able to make u certain sum of money
in that way. 'i'he salary list ut Bran
don amounts to $36,414.46, while
Selkirk   it   reached   the   total   of
s;iu.6><. Tiie maintenance is ihe big
gest item, us at Brandon for the past
year this was $88,150.16, while the
other institution needed $7.1.249 X2. tin-
cosi of the farms beitiu J:'2.9!..-, nr. nnd
17,180.03 respectively Th,. returns,
ol the farms nml tl,,. gardens
slight!} reduced ouinm to the
rainfall experienced last season.
Tin* civil condition ol those taken
Into the hospitals is worthy of notice. During the year 1912 there were
200 single men am] ;,*. N,.,S|,. ���,������������,
a total of 259: married men number
I'd 84 ami married women touched
the   mark   at   ins,   making   a   total   of
192 married f.-iks: of the .:u widowed
peoplo accepted,  14  were  men and  K
WOIIieil,    While    tll.'l.'    were    ���,|ly    7    ������
known on.- ,,f these being a woman
Tiie ages at whloh people g0 Insani
seem to lie tlli.se from 2'l to 30 as
in that period of life  16S people wer.
admitted.   The next ac was from 30
to 4ii, and 156 people whose ages were
In this circle were admitted; next
came the people from 4'. tu :,n   there
hlg   Ml   or these;   the l.'St UK'S See.,,
to he under lu and over
wen-  only   three   m   the  t
and  ont   in  the  latter
London that Mr. Sidney Low read
fere th.' British Academy la-t month
a -paper of singular lot?" and e!o-
I quence, which has now been rendered
! accessible to the public.
Tin-  author hope.- that "the  British
i Academy   ....   will us.- its influ
11 I ence to establish an organization f..r
th.- study nf imperiel history an.I in
Btitutions in Loudon." Tins should le
";i school nr faculty of tie- University
ul London." Tin- num required [*.
ridiculously small, an.l Mr Low show-
that an incline nf ��ii.'-Hi -,i year would
sufiiee at tie- outset. For some part ol
thia lie would look t" tie* India Ofllce.
at j tl.e Colonial Office, and th.* Dominion
$29,-1 Governments. For tin* rest I,
appeal to the publii
pttawa Report Says It is 17 Per Cent
Ahead  of  Last Year���May
and  June
(Ittawa. July 26.���Summer tourist
business in Ontario, taking the three
roads- the Qrand Trunk, C. P. R. nnd
Canadian Northern���Into the calculations. Is about 17 per cent ahead of
last year for May and June. July ir.
dcing well, hut no reports are compiled yet. Last year was cold and
business was poor. This year is cool
also, and the northern resorts have
net been as thickly populated as they
might have been otherwise. Hotel
bookings in Muskoka are heavy from
now en through August. 1 it many
have not been doing as much as the
proprietors would have liked so fnr
'lhe week of Dominion Day wa-* hot
j and there was a hot wave early it
May, but otherwise the weather   haa
, been COol. The sleeping cars from
Philadelphia, Washington and Cleveland. Buffalo and (ther C. S. points
jhave been well filled of late, (!. T. R
men say. Muskrka Lake business Is
good, and bo is tliat of Georgian Bay
Temagaml is further north and cooler
The season up there is short, and
traffic has only been fair as yet. Al
gonquln farm is getting more of tin
fishing fraternity than ever.
The C. P. B. officials report that
tourist business to the Rocky moun
tains and transcontinental traffic by
the Croat Lakes tu be heavier tills
year than ever. But to the summer
resort, pure and simple, especially
the more northerly points, business
has been only rlightly ahead of last
The C. X. points in the Muskoka
region are comparatively new mul
growing. They show nn increased
number of passengers ever last  year
The main summer resort traffic
from U. S. poinls is to the .Muskoka
Lakes, and the (Irand Trunk claim
an increase of about 7o per cent In
that region  for May and  June.
were sitting on a park bench.
The Englishman you can understand. Kven thc Toronto Street Rail-
way would hesitate to mow down the
majesty of thc law*. But why the he done, and nt least thirty men will
collie bears a charmed life is a mys- be required this fall to carry on tint-cry. i work   now   being   done   by   students,
"No, sir." thc officer tells you. "lie who will have to return to college In
doesn't lieliuig to mc,  nor yet to the October.
switchman. No, nor he doesn't live With few exceptions, Ile declared,
in any ol the stores. Fact is, we the missionaries were being well re-
don't know anything about him. ex- celved wherever they went, and the
eept that he lands about eight o'clock work was progressing favorably. Ni>
every morning, coining (mm the east, such conditions exist in Saskatchewan.
He's here ull duy, and usually goea lis Rev, C, M, Wright, of Fort (ieorge.
off duty  about seven  or  eight. IB. Ci In n sermon at Knox Church on
"We cal| him Spot," tlie switchman  Sunday,   June   8,    declared     prevail**
cuts in, "don't know his right name, throughout the western portion of Al
but that does.    Say,  he's tiie jolllest herta and  many  parts of liritish  Co
beggar you ever saw!" lumbia. In Saskatchewan, Mr   Darwin
The subject of conjecture extricates says,   the   foreign     element     has   the
himself   from   under   tlie  wheels  ol   a deepest  respect   for missionaries, and
City Dairy cart to attend to his police nre always  ready and eager to hear
duties,   which   consist   in   keeping  all  the gospel,
canine trutlie on the move.   Should a' Outlook la Bright,
strange do,' so much as show Ins font- Through the Influence of the
Steps in thc neighborhood of College churches and the publlc schools, they
and YongC, Spot L'rnwls his "Move are being rapidly educated In dctno-
on, tliere," and the field ia cleared. cratlc ideas, and, considering their
i "Every day we get bones t��r him nt f irtner moral and political ideas, thev
Davles,    the officer went on, "some- have  made  wonderful  progress,  and
times he goes in himself and harks
lor them. Everybody round here
knows him���been coming regular (or
near a inonth."
The rep.uiers curiosity gol the better ot hi
to  prob,
if tlm right influences are brought to
bear upon them should make excellent
citizens,     As  n   whole  they  are  law-
abiding thrifty citizens.
Touching the question of the salary
breeding, and he determined I of missionaries, which caused a great
the  secret  ot  tins dog  with  ileal of discussion at   the  various do
the wanderlust, who cam., (rum tiie
dawning and disappeared into the
misLs. It would he Sherlocky to follow him home. But it was much easier to tell linn what a heart-smashing
doggie he ��a- until lie rai-ed his
shaggy Innd and allowed one's lingers
to get int.. the thick fur under his
throat, where the city of Toronto had
put a brass number on him, the corresponding name fer which would be
register.'.I iit in.* all-recording City
In Dn* afternoon the rc|*.,rt"r traversed what would h ��� a fifteen "T
twenty minutes' dog tr"t to the southeast, ami ealled ut Split- home. Thnt
name, id .-nurse, wa- inly an alia-,
but we didn't want t" -trip the jolly
old fellow's secret w. tie* bone, did
"He was a- normal as could he till
six  monthl
owner,   wl
"Ihen he tool
nominations!  conferences held  iii To
ronto In  June,  Mr.  Darwin  remarked
thai as far us the Methodist missionary work in tlie west Is concerned* the
question of pay should prove no bar
rier     For the past  year a system  of
salary  known  as  the  minimum  hasps,
has been In vogue.   ThlB system provides   a   scale   of   wages,     which   in
crease  as   the   terms   of   service     are
lengthened, tinder the minimum basis-
ati ordained married missionary receives $1,000 per annum, together
With R house An ordained single missionary receives JSHII per annum exclusive of expenses, while the salary
of an unmarried young man is $Cm��
exclusive of expenses.
"'. as  then
irmer i las.
Concrete Buoys.
Buoys ol reinforced coi * retc buill
lor Kingston, Jamaica, uei(;ii each
about five tons, curry allllust one ton
nl ballast, and are said to cost a Uttl,
less than hall a.- much as steel buoyr
ol the same Bise, 'I he buoys are cyliu
.Ire ul in -I.ap.*. Willi the bottom con
caved to give pr..te lion t lite mooring chain ey.* bolt. 'I he -eh - huvi
curved horizontal ribs, with bottom
reinforcing bars huilt up inside tie
-hell, ami waterproof cement on lln
outside and inside builds up the t t ,i
thickness el tlie sides l" three inched
'Ilu* t.ip is a solid slab with reinlorce
ment extended down tlie aide, A in,
porary manhole sirve- h>r removiny
tin- interior centering and lor cotivoni
ence in lowering, but its cover is scab
��� ���.I in place when the w>rk i- finished.
As water sometimes leak-, in .lunn.
tin- lir.-l few days a buoy i. in use, a
$30,000 Police Station.
North Vancouver, July 26.- Thc city
council accepted the report and recommendations of the police commission of a by-law to provide $30,000 for
the construction Of n police Btatlon and
court house on Ihe proposed site on
Second streel, just east of Lonsdah
avenue, The council first heard Commissioner Paine, who stated thai tin
city had passed Its transient days
when something more than mill construction was demanded In the hulldlng of the new police Btatlon. After
careful consideration it was decided
thai a building lo meet the present
and future requirements of the police
nnd city hall for sometime could be
built for $30,006. ThlH would provide
a building !)0x80 three storeys In
height of pressed brick.
normal a- i ould b
>," said the wanderer's
-   very   proud   of   him;
to following policemen,
lie's   been   all   over,   though  his   last
heat   before  this College .'lie  Wll.i down
on   Queen.     He   even   goes   after   lhe
mounted police. My own theory is
that lie mii-i have been brought up
with men in uniiorm, soldier- perhaps, and thai now he's reverting to
his youthful love, I bought him
three years agn in Montreal, and lie
must have been about a year ..Id
Anoher  strange   freak   in   the   story
of Spot is, that through he leaves ins
College heat at 7 or t* he d<
home till in or later.   Here i
lein  for  tho budding  Burns.*-     11
does the clever collie put in his tine
between    -seasons P    Another   cracker
jock In canine psychology i- the ques
tion of who orileri him to change hit
Nelson  Council  May
from    $300 to
ncrease  License
$500    P, r
N'.lson, II.
licenses   as
Converts   Always   Enthusiastic.
It   is   seldom   that  anyone  attempts
to tell a story In the Commons chamber.     Possibly   tie   sight   of   Speaker
Sproule grimly presiding over tie <!������--
times of tile House d'Spels all thought
of humor, and It's only the more venturesome spirits like I'r. Michael
Clark, of Bed lieer, who occasionally
take up tlie role ot humorist, in the
recent debate on the trad" agreement
Willi thc West Indies, Dr. Clark twilled Mr. Foster, win, hud charge ..(
the hill, with deserting Irom Ins allegiance to the "home market." It
reminded the man (torn Red Deer of
iwo Scotchmen win. were out riding
one day, am) met a man hIihiii they
both knew. The Scotchmen had always seen this man in kills, hut upon
liiis occasion he was observed to be
wearing an extremely wide pair of
trousers. i>ne ol the "Scotchmen commented    upon    the    Strange    .-ireuiu-
('., July 26,   Changes
are  transferred  to  In
city,   with   the  probable   Increase
������n't get  hotel liquor licenses from $:ili|i in J
a prob-   per  annum,   were  discussed     at
meeting of the city council when	
motion of Alderman I. A. Austin, si"
otidcil   hy  Aid. rman   Bell,  the  finance
committee  was  asked  to go  into  the
matter and bring down recommends
tlons regarding a new consolidated li
eetise by-law which it is proposed to
pass.    Cpon the Increase In the hotel
licenses  there  seemed   to   be   no  dlf
ference    of    opinion, although  ther"
was very little discussion of Ihe pro
At present a saloon pays $500, Inn
In January next nil such licenses 1"
Come extinct, as a result of which ill"
city will drop u revenue of $2 50 I, les-.
the license fees paid for such saloon
licenses are are transferred to hoti I
hitililiniis as provided In the act,
It seemed lo be tbe opinion thai
the increase In liquor license fees for
hotels was justified by the probable
reduction in the number Of licenses
and by the growth of the city since tin-
present   fee  was set.
First passul in 1900, the city license
by-law bus since been subject to Bei
intendments, and the idea of tin-
ith   brass
HERBERT,!!, vidal&cq
Ottawa, July 25     What promised to
be a brief session of the Juvenile court
developed into one of 'il" longest Of
the year the other day The most in
terestlng case was thai which concerned two little girls With tears
In their eyi b and proti Btlng quaverB
in their voices, they denied with much
vehemence a charge ol I' i- Maloney
that they had set lire ��� i ii shed This
Is situated on Stoneyliursl avenue.
Deputy Magistrate   Vakwltb did nol
consider that the two little glrla could
be guilty id such an , tiormous offense
and dismissed the cum* Every one else
Ishared In his poltn of view and a sich
MERCHANT TAll.On of relief went up as the two little tots
New Spring and Summer Suitings were led away from the court room
now ou display,    See them.    Perfeoll    One of those rascally young things
| fit and wurkiuaiiBhlp guaranteed.   701 who cause all sorts of annoyance to
Front StreeL ibis Bister, answered to an Incorrigible
Pertume Tipplers.
"There are scores of wnmi
I don who drink can d logne," -.���;���>.-
' a doctor. "Several society women are
I known to make lurt'c purchases i l
j this perfume, and the sellers uevi i
for a moment imagine that their lush,
ionablc customers buy it for drinking
Instead it perfuming purposes. It i-
pi ssible to become quite intoxicoteil
by Inking can de cologne. This -.*,.l
is really alcohol, and many women
drink   it   neat.
"Essence ..( lavender is also drunk
by women ol Kngland. umi it ha-
tnucli the same effect upon the aystem
as .au de cologne, ruining the lining
of the stomach and undermining the
health."��� London  Answers.
The Assuan Dam.
Tlie Assuan dam. in Egypt, with
its associated irrigation works, hai
cost the large sum of tM.i/m.iKKi. bul
it is estimated that as a result ..( th,
expenditure the value ol adjacent Ian,!
has increased more than J1.00C.UX1.00C
Low Wages  Paid Waiter  Leads
to  Expect  Tips.
Montreal, July 20. "That In some
of the up town cafes and bar rooms
the waiters receive as low wages np
rrom fifty cents to a dollar a week,
and have to depend on the tips tlie:
get from those lhal patronize the establishments," Is tlle statement made
by M. Brown, the business agent of
the waiters' union, now known as Ilu
hotel and restaurant employees' union
of America.
"I do not  mean to say that in our
good ileuses this system prevails, but
look what lt means to a man who If
employed In uptown places, where we
know thnt tb'ngs arc hot sn strict a;
tliey should he. The pian earns his
living by following thin occupation,
ami If he receives such a miserable
pittance as Ihia for wages, lie not only
accepts the lips offered him, but he
rellly   expects   to  he  'tipped.'
"Our union, which Is now about lfifi
strong, and affiliated with the Inter-
tional federation of Labor, is milking a special effort to get all waiters
on our roll of membership, and to
Improve Iheir conditions by getting
them a respectable living wage. We
are opposed to the tipping system, nnd
Contend that the price paid for meals
nnd refreshments Is such thut all pro-
and   his companion  repllt
���rt-  are always enthusiastic,
Cup  For  Women Curlers.
Apparently winter1! Indifference
Ontario to sporting enthusiasm bus
not had its counterpart in Manitoba,
says Tin- Canadian Courier. The
bonspiel in Winnipeg Is a leading excitement at present���-and the women
curlers ure quite as keen as tlie men.
Application made hy the LadUs'
Btrathcnna Club Ior representation i.-*
the open events was denied    hut. lite
era I
council apparently Is to put throueh u
consolidated by-law which win cow,
those already passed and include such
,|,| changes as It Is considered advisable
,to make.    All license fees will I. i
ered by the new by-law, the finance
committee having been empowered to
III |gO Into the whole question
Two-Inch Vein is a Heavy Nlccclite-���
Not Continuous.
Cobalt,  July   2,r,.    A   good   Bhool   ol
high grade ore has recently heen open
ed up In the west end of lii" firi-l lev, I
of the Bailey mine.    The vein js frnm
Ian Inch nnd a half lo two inches with-
iand  the  point  where  the  strike   wn*--.
Is about l!in feet  below the top
Manitoba Curling Association hai
tinted  a special   cup  for  women  .-on- i
lestants   the ladles to compete amonn |mi"l
themselves.     The   Stratliconii   ladles jof ""' ''���lff*
were to enter several rinks und he re- !    '*'���'.-' "r<' *" f heavy nlceo
presentatlve   players   from   different
towns. ,
Prepare For a Million.
Local shipping asenta estimate that
the Immigration to Canada from the
British Isles Uus ycur will bc close to
a million.
Already the rush nf settlers has
start".I, and tram utter train passes
through Montreal Irom Halifax and
St. John with the newcomers
Each ship coming into Canadian
ports trom now on will likely be
booked up to its fullest capacity, as
the Loudon ollices ot the different
���hipping companies have rotlfled thelt
Montreal agents that already nil ac-
sommodation is sold up on westward
trips till the end of April.
lite and ex
tceptlonaly   high   grade,   and     It     has
been opened up for about 11'. tn 211 fei I
though this is not a continuous shoot
or ore. Kor several rounds lhe ore
Is excellent, again lhere is a lean
i patch and afterwards the good ore np
pears In lhe drift once more Bill
as Ibis Ib in "broken" countrj hi tin
diabase where heretofore no ore hoik
|of any continuity or permaneni value
' aa been discovered on the Bailey thin
Hoy ni-" do
vein on Iho
���d  up  lor
Labrador   lias   an   area   ol   900,00(1
square miles ami a population ot 4.t;ixi
n   is only to he expected.
Oilier levels ou  the  ll.i
lng evi dlngly well.   Tin
fourth level has been op,
130 or 140 feet and rnr lhis distance
the high grade ore will average prob
ably nbout 1,200 ounces lo the Ion
The vein Ih aboul the average width
of the high grade leadn in th,, Coball
camp, On the third level tlte vein In
three to four Inches wide and bm
been drifted upon for sii teet, On thla
88 feel possibly two-thirds Is high
grado ore, the remainder Is cohali
with  low silver values. 8ATURDAY,   JULY   26,   1913.
'      PUM.   BEVEN
Cost Would Be Nearly Half ,,  Million
���Proposal  to  Move  Grain
course than to find Itself up against
a kind of stock-taking.
On the question of Canadian municipal bonds It uus plain to see that
Sir Donald was reticent, but he d'd
not ItcHitatc to show his general confidence In' the bonds of cities which
had overcome the childhood age.
Calgary, July 25. The International .Milling Company Ib willing to ne-
gotlate wltli the city council on ihu
propi Bition of securing u new site for
ihe company's elevator, changing It
from the present location on tiie east
hde i I Fourth street west to Just
west ol the preBent mill between
fourth and Fifth Btreets west, In order In further the construction or the
Fourth street weBt subway. TIiIb In-
11.iiniitlon wus laid before a meeting
i ; tin- railways and new Industries
committee by Aid. .I II. Harden, chairmen of the committee, and Cily Solictor  0,  J.  Ford
The reply came through the firm
, i Clarice, Carson, McCarthy and MeLeod, representatives of the interna
tlonal Milling Company. The compan) staled, however, that lhey feared
ihe city would find Ibe cost of malting the change prohibitive.
Would   Reduce  Ccst
The committee Is inclined to be
lleve, however, thai the cost of cluing
ing the elevator will he less ly at
bust (100,000 than the cost of constructing the Biibway under the pre-
s. nt   plans.    Further, the committee
i.-, unanimously agreed that the present plans for building thn subway
will resull in a death trap. Members
of tiie committee footed up the cost
ul building the subway according to
Hi" present plans. Including property
damages on Fourth street west and
were astonished to find thai it came
to approximately 1600,000.
Will  Negotiate
Aldermen Garden and Tregillus and
City   Solicitor  Ford  were named  as a
special committee to continue negotiations for changing the Bite of the.
elevator. Tlie city thinks it may be
possible to induce the C. 1'. 11. lo;
provide a new site for the elevator
to th" west of the mill, taking in ex-
change the present elevator property.
II the C. I'. B. would make the
trade the cost to the city would be
(hat of providing a new building In
place of the present one, which cost
$110,000, and also damages for loss
of  time and changes  in  machinery,
In case these negotiations fall
through, there Is still another possible
plan, proposed two years ago hy Aid
Garden, whereby the present spur
tracks between Ninth and Tenth avenue might be shirted to the south
id the buildings, along the C. P, 11.
rlghl Of way. lu this cuse, however.
111.* milling company, undoubtedly,
wonld  claim   heavier damages.
SCHEMffESSIBtf    ._
Sir Donald Mann's H��ad For Details
Is a Marvellous Thing.
Ther.' are tew memories eo remark
ehle as that of Sir Donald Mnnn ol
the  Canadian   Northern   Railway.        |
Kor on all Lie seven thousand miles
��.' C.N.R. steel there isn't a mile that
Sir Donald can't tell you off-hand
what it cost lo build, what the grade
is. what's the life ol tho rails anil
lhe tie-; what the ton-mileage is now
compared to whal it was a year ago;
revenues and cost, i peration and
maintenance nml construction���he
lias a memory as compact ai a
Baedeker, So Fie know* tiie magnetite min-.s  at   Mo.se   Mountain;  ore
coining down; d ,rks at. Key Harbor;
.-���"" ter- n| Port Arthur, and ores at
Aifkokon; tunnel under the mountain
it Montreal-where heading nnd at
I,"" many points, auil whnt are th.'
confounded difficulties in tlie way of
iverliea.l hn Ices carrying freight
Irains from Model City way diameter-
me ncro-s three main -Ireels of the
City���how to make said bridge- look
���north while h. a corporation; ships
warning in to the dorks; cost of dry-
ilocking Ihe Royal (Ieorge nnd what
sh" would hse at Montreal waiting
io t.r ice to nnve instead of at
Jliililax crawling nut a month sooner.
It's the practical mind working on
t<-li-. ot hard l��cl��, day ill ami day
out, fir Donald lias one cl the most
remarkable minds in all raflwaydom.
U" i- 'i wslking "ticyc'. pedis ol nien-
t.i! arithmetic. I'p at Sudbury lour
year* agn, occa-op of opening tlie
in w line In.m Toronto, some speaker
en led him l> I). Mstin, Dominion
h veloper; which isn't much like
finder "I Divinity. And when it
i-oiii"- lo computing what it costs t"
iievelop this country oh a basis ol
railroad mileage I,mlt while you
wait, ther- l- no man in the world
nulla so niultittidinoujly competent ��<
S:r II. tia'd  Mann.
When tc wa- a lad nt school he
spent a good share of his lime playing inckey. and avoided Sunday
Scnnol ai Often ns possible bacause
Ht home he wenl tn '
Sunday and at h'lne attended lamily
prayers ey*-""*-.  day.
"I don't know that 1 was "ver sorry
Inr the dlidpline." he -aid on." day
m- he -nt on a long tab!' ill his office whacking his Reels before sign-
liill a lew hundred check-. "Hut I
in ver expei't'l !���* he u preacher."
(In lie wiill-. ol his ofllce are maps,
limps. Map.-, rolled up snd flat���and
l.y no mean-, lor decoration. Because
i-i hi- young days at the Acton school
be wa- apt nt geography; which,
most ef thc lltne since lie tramped
r,cro-3 the Held- upon liis fntlier'-
Inrm In lbe station, he hs- liecn
helping t" mak.* by thousands nl
-te. I miles anj hundred) ol packing
case towns oil the  prairie.
First  Offense   Detected   Clnce  Closed
Season   Law  Was   Fnacted
in   1003
Saskatoon, July H5.
sure of beaver Hkins
since the passage of
law, providing tor a
from IDOli to
ly   when   the
The first sei
in Saskatoon
the provincial
closed Beason
192(1, wiib made recent-
mounted   police   seized
North  Toronto  Residents  Make  Loud
Noise at Stormy Meeting���Free
Protection Criticized.
five skins In tlie possession of Samuel
Iloiuiar, a local hide and fur merchant
The penalty for this ofrence range,,
from Jiio to $300 per bide which mean ;
thut In the eaae of conviction tho'
minimum Cine that can be Imposed
will be $250 while a rine of $1500 may
be imposed. Mounted police officials
of Ibis city today declared that to
their knowledge there has never been
an arrest made in Saskatchewan or
Alb.Tla for violation of this law, although it has been In effect for more
than eight years. The reason for this
is the difficulty or apprehending offenders, us a beaver skin Is so easily
Sell School Bonds
That another $211,0110 worth of public school bonds has been disposed or
at  prices considered eminently satis
factory was tbe announcement made
at the lust school board meeting. The
hoard  had  formerly  disposed ot %ni),-
000  worth  and  prospects are Baid   to
be bright for selling the other $106,000
worth at satisfactory prices.
New Hospital
Plans tor Saskatoon's new  hospital
have now reached the cltv and will be
submitted to the hospital board III th.-
near future.    Wheu tlie time Ib opportune tenders will  be called  ror a reinforced concrete and  brick  or a reinforced concrete and stone Btrueture.
Tlie drawings and specifications were
the  work or  Iirown  and  Vallance  ol
Montreal, who were guided by llie ad
vice of a Chicago expert.   About $485,-
000 is the estimated cost of the und* ���-
taking, and a bond issue covering tbls
amount   has  been  sanctioned   by   tne
ratepayers.     Tlle   plans   call     Tor     a
structure nf the  most approved type,
the details In  every  respect  being of
the most modern  character,
Refund $2000
The   handing   down   of   a   reversed
decision  In  the appeal  case of Brandon Construction company vs. Saskatoon   school   bonrd,  by   Chief  Justice
Newlunds   In   the   supreme   court,   ei.
banc,   will   mean   the   refund   of  $2000
by  the local  board.    The case arose
when the school  board rr fused to refund   the   $2000   deposit   of   the   construction   company   when   the   latter
withdrew  Its  tender  on    an    Nutana
school.     The   Brandon   firm's   tender
; was the lowest, tut they claimed they
had  made an error in judgment, and
ft r   that  reason   withdrew  their  tender.
Toronto, July 2g.���"The city of Toronto is taking from eighty to a hundred thousand dollars a year more out
of us than we ever used to pay belore.
ll ls raising our assessment to unfair
heights. It Is soaking UB right
left! And what do we get for It?
have actually less today than we
before we went Into the city of T 1-
"If there was a Ore In this town tonight, ir the lights set this town bah
on fire, lr any one or a thousand possible accidents, happened, this town
hus nothing more than the little vol
ant] ahe
Calgary Considers   Proposal  for  New
Gravity Water Supply System���
Filtration  Plant.
Calgary, July 25.--"The proposition
or Dr. 0. A Ings to have the city take
water Tor Ub proposed gravity system
In the mountains from the tail race of
power project he Is organising
Is entirely feasible." suld Commissioner A. 0. Craves, "but It Is premature yet for a discussion of the ques-
I tion. The project Is practicable, but
we don't know yet whether the city
Will determine lo gj> up to the motin-
i'uins for a new gravity supply system,
;aa the cost may be found too great
unteer lire brigade which lt always ta comparison with tiie alternative of
had and which it orgnnized tor ttaelf. eatabllBhlng a pumping and filtration
It has really less fire protection aB :B>'BtRm on the Bow river Instead."
part or the cltv or Toronto than us an ! -Mr- Craves pointed out that when
Independent   municipality, i,,u' present big pumping station now
"It bus less police protection.    The  under construction on  the  Bow  river
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
general Improvements to roadways
und sidewalks which the old town
council hnd arranged to make, are
held up by the city council ol Tor into,
which in the meantime Is spending the
extra revenue it gets trom Ihls town
In building fine roads for Kast Toronto and the parts of the city which
have a strong pull with the aldermen.
Before annexation a man could get
his water service put In without much
difficulty anywhere 111 the town. Since
annexation this privihge Ib refused
unless some long formality is complied with and a bond given.
"A contractor who had been given
a contract, signed and sealed, by tbe
old town council, for local improvement work, has been forbidden I 1 go
on with his work by the ci'y of Toronto. While lleer Park, Norway, the
Danforth Boad section, and West Toronto gets all sort or attention. North
Toronto gets less than It bad. Is In
actual danger from lack or fire and police protection and yet Is being assessed ut an exorbitant figure."
Such were the-Berles of statements'
mail., by residents at the ratepayers
or North Toronto at a meeting this
North Toronto, which on December
the in, 1912. gave up Its maiden name |
and   married   the  city  or  Toronto,  Ib ,
practically   in   a   state    or rebe   lllon. ,
From the north edge ol Deer l'ark to
the northernmost limits or the   corporation of Toronto discontent exists.
Criticisms,  complaints and  denuncia- ,
tions of the  city of Toronto, its city j
hall, its mayor, council, board or control,  assessment  department,  department ol works and tax collection department ��� lo say nothing of the Toronto  Street  Hallway  and   the   Mount
I'leasant   Cemetery   board    are   to   be
heard on all hands.   Trouble is uppar-
is completed, all the city will have to
do In the future, II Ib desires to establish  a pumping system  water supply,
will be to add new units and a complete filtration system to the preBent
plant. When the preBent plant is completed, It will have a capacity of 20,-
000,000 galolns of water per duy, which
with the 8,000,000 gallons per day now I
afforded by the present gravity supply 1
system, will give plenty ot water tor j
the   ci'y   for   years   to   come,   at   the j
present great rate of growth. I
LaBt year.  It  will  he  recaleld  that, j
the city Buffered from a shortage dur-
lng the winter months when the Intake
of the gravity system was choked with
frazzle   ice.    This  difficulty   wlll   be,
largely obviated this winter hy a new
arrangement of the intake and special
measures for keeping it clear of ice,
while In addition there will he the lm-1
tnense 20,(100,000 gallon supply of the:
pumping station to rely on.
If the city should eventually decide
to go up forty miles in the mountains
for  a  new   gravity     supply,   the   big,
pumping  station   will   always     be    a
standby, and an  inestimable resource!
for the high-pressure (ire system.
Five  Days
SS. "Prince George" Sailing
every   Monday   (Midnight)
��� to���
(Granby Bay)
(Five Days)
SS. "Prince Rupert" sailing
every Thursday  (Midnight)
Including Meals and Berts.
11. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
Back East
On Sale Daily to Sept. 30th.
Return Limit Oct. 31at.
Variable Routes.
Go One  Way���Return Another.
Boston and return $110.00
Detroit and  return     83.00
Halifax and return   129.35
Montreal and return   105.00
New York and return ... 108.50
Niagara Falls and return   92.00
Ottawa and return    103.00
Toronto and  return       92.00
Other points at.same reductions
Illustrated literature on request. Bhowlng views and equlp-
ment of tralna,	
W.   E.   DUPEROW,  G,  A.   P.   D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
Toronto,      July      25.���Government
house,  the new  official    residence of'
Ontario's  lieutenant-governor,   is   ap- i
proaching a stage of completion. With !
the exception  of  the  elaborate  front
entrance, the masonry and stone work
is about finished and the pile rears itself to the view ot tlie onlooker in all
its statellness.
; A first view gives one the Impres-
! slon of numerous corners, spires and
' chimneys, and one waits a moment to
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Metcalfe's  Cottumet.
banquet In Kingston
Line   From   Port   Arthur  to   Montreal
via Toronto Will Be Completed
In Time.
Brandon, Man.. July in. That there
1- tio possibility of a grain blockade,
' ��� ���' ver large the crop this year may
be, was tiie announcement here dur-
;:,-.- llie course of an interview by Sir
i'i:.uld Mann. The railway magnate
��� !" hired it was the intention of the
1 N, It to construct a line frnm Port
Arthur Io Montreal via Toronto and
' ti lo Halifax and this would certain-
I)   In' rushed lo completion before the
movement of the crop
proportion  Is  already
few   links
began.   A good
completed, and
remain  to  be  con-
��� niy   a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
There  is already a short route under construction via Northern Ontario
but   the  company  realized the  importance of the line now projected.    Hir
11- inld  added  that this  was the  Tlrst
lime  this   announcement     had     been
made  and   It    would    eliminate    the
heavy rush of last year, when there
uus some slight conjestlon but which
was infinitesimal compared with what
world  have heen  Ihe rase this year.
Every  Car  Used
Hi* Illustrated  how  last year every'
<*,*ir  on   the   s\stnm   was  pressed   inti?
Bervlce   and   how   that  seven   million
bushels or wheat bad been shipped by
Un  C. N. R. Ui Duluth when the Cana
dlan   polls  had  all  they could  tnld.
Nn��    he  explained,  the  Idea  wns  to
gel  a line to Montreal and thence by
tin-   Intercolonial   lo  Quebec,   Halifax
and St   .lohn     Sir Donald hinted that
It  was owing lo tbe liberal assistance
tliey  bad   received  from  tbe   Federal
i-   n iiimenl   that   Ihey  had  been  able
t.. oonstruci  the line referred to and
the continent would positively be com-
plated next yesr.
Reverting  to  the  new  line  he said
In   expected It to be completed some
time   in   December  but  It  would  cer-
1 imlv   be  completed  In  time  to  pre-
-.nil  any  blockade that might threaten to occur nl  Port Arthur.   The C.
I'    ll .   he  said,   would  bave  all  they
r uld do to handle the business along
Hnlr own linns the Bame as laBt year,
nnd   with  the  record crop practically
assured, he felt very sanguine as to
Cie success of the new route.
Financial  Stringency
S r  Donald  was also very
In* 1 n the financial stringency,   and
talked in a most optimistic Btrnin. He
Pel* lhat the stringency hna gradually
developed and so long us It does not
iit   loo  hard   the  farmers,
io a world of good.
il is a blessing In dlsgulBe.
to its main causes lie attributed It to
the unrest In Kurope and the effects
of the Balkan war.
���rhe   governments   are
money, the hanks are hoarding money
nnd the big corporations are hoarding
money, simply to provld
iimergi nev," he said  ...
11 1 ually declared, 1 think �� "'"'
- ��� n up, nnd conditions all over tne
ivt rid will become normal again.
,  rtlng   in  Canada  particularly,
in*  i. -I   m !   think  thai   Inflated  real
.    tildes had anything to do wltn
strlngi my, bul he oonsldor d tue
. of the oountry had b<	
marvi lit uslj fast thai
At the muy   _
Ont., "Joe" Elliott, 111 --peaking of Hi..
hm that a pressman often has, re
di.x'. hv. incident st the expense "I
the well-known "Jim" Metcalfe, ex
M P     Mi   Elliott -aid    "it wu.- in t'i
tir-t ol Jim's well-known whirlwind
campaigns lhat 1 was assigned by
i-j chief to follow Mr. Metcalfe in
his nightly visits to the various cn;,
wards. At the lirst meeting Mr. Ml
culle appeared in his customary everv
day costume, anil, by chance, the pu
ner next day mnde mention ol tin.-
Metcalfe, Ihe next eveniii.*
11 a Prince Albert with m
.ilk hat atld a rosebud on the lsp"i
ol his coat, and with a smile and 1
chirp he said. 'Make a note ol lha',
Joe.' i certainly did. Anil the next
evening James followed up with n
swallow-tail and an expansive shirt
front. He was not quite as chirpi
on this occasion as on the prevlou-
- veilings, and at the close ol ttie even
called me aside and said. 'Kor
sake. Joe, don't say anything
this, fnr if you do, to-morrow
othing Inr me tu do
cither borrow Col. Henry
military uniform or wear 1111
nis.'   This."   Mr
Two   Actions   Ansin--   Out  cf  Tale  of
Cciliencs  by   Dunsmuir���Notice
of   Appeal
(act.   Mr
ow these to harmonize with the'
ently brewing, which will one of these 1 whole. But there it Ib, Btanding In a
fine davs descend unon the heads of hollow offf Douglas Drive, with a
Mayor llocken and his men. beautiful  outlook  over  the   Don,  the
   i railroads and  the  brickyards  on  the
"~   _,   .    ~ east, and facing and  fronting on the
Poets  and   Iheir  Pay. .Boulh the future governor's garage.
Doctors are noted tor disagreements, I The building Is construcle-d entirely
lawyers likewise, but the poets eclipse of white Credit stanristone -the pli
both  i>r itesslona  in this  respect.
In n"ing over the poetical wrks of
tin late Archibald Lampman. and ol
('hurl,-- (1 li Roberta, a careful student will ii"!'* a wide divergence if
views "ii tii" topic of poets ami their
the divine utOatu.-, and its rcla-
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C, vis.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe trom
4-ln. to 24-ln. ln diameter. This Is also made tn thia Province and nre
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Band,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
ing In-'
about ^^^
night there
but   to
wife's  pettii
���ne of the tinli- whe
remarked, "was or
1 scored in a lew of the li-thts winch
the  big-hearted 'Jim'  lost.
..go   there   were  over   2,000
tliere are now only 40  Mess-
are the two clue!
it   would   loud
Measles and Tuberculosis.
In the Mackenzie delta, where soni
les and tuberculosis
(actors in this process ol exlirpatn
Measles is a comparatively  new
among   the   Kskimos,
,,ot developed the practical im
nnii.ttv iron, fatality through it w ud.
generations "I the olvilited world have
devi'lnpe.l.    It   works   like   the   black
plague among them. Explorer Motor
Stefansson wants the Government to
lako steps toward* combatting the
���oread ol ths disease by isolating patients Special medical oilier*- should
be sent up. or else the Mounted Police
should  bc  asked to  effect  a sanitary
'"si" Edmund  Osier  is exerting  bit
influence with the Government on Ml
Stdfansson's behalf, and it Is probable
that Governmental assistance will be
eiven the next expedition, especiallv
,, v,ew of the fact that ha is a t una-      _
dian and tlie exploration wirk will be ties
north  ol  the  present known  contlnes
nf Cansdft,    Mr.  Stefansson  is  a  native ol Manitoba.
AccepteT Hl>  Ofr.
The   late   Kev.   Canon   William   of
Toronto, who died the; other day. was
[   describing   incidents  winch
I1111I arisen during
(in one occasion  he
Strachan, in  the  hitter's  own
wuy, severely  scorin
against any
and when peace
bad ti" othoi
HaiJwln lor v'cws which he
nressed Irom the pulpit on the pre
..���din" Sabbath. This and several oth
stories ol a like nature were uftei
related by the canon to friends. It
connection wltli bis work In the St
Clair district he remembered a re
mark which be passed resulting in 1
big siiri
village I ^^^^^^^^
���1., saying that it V
t���  oftlciato    similarly    for   lh
infanta around.    On  his  next
Victoria.   July   25.���Of  the   twenty
one cases on  which the court  of up
peal, at a sitting held Ibis week, gave
Judgment, that  in which thc greatest
amount Is Involved, and In which the
most Interest was displayed, was the
litigation   between   James   Dunsmulr
and   Sir  William   Mackenzie  developing as  the  result of  the sale of  the
Wellington collieries to the latter Tot
$11,000,000.    This and  other  findings
occupied about two hourB.   The court
room  was  crowded,  there  being  pri'
Bent   the   leading   local   lawyers   and
many  representatives of the  Vancouver fraternity.    Mr. Justice Ritchie, of
the supreme court of Nova Scotia, and
a former law  partner of Premier Hor
den. occupied a  place on the bend
on the Invitation of the chief Justice
There were two cases referring  ti
the   colliery   transaction,   one   being
Canadian Collieries Company vs Duns
mulr,   and   the   other   Dunsmulr   vs
Mackenzie.     Certain  portions  of  the
appeals   were   allowed   by   the   chle
Justice.    He spoke of the option given Mr. 11. T. Elliott. K. C, In Januar
1010.   at  which   the   property's   prlci
was tixed at $11,000,000.    He obscrv
ed that the court was asked to plac
the construction  on  the  option  lhal
was understood by  Messrs. Dunsmuli
and Elliott, but this could not be done
The document had to be Interpreted
from what It set forth.   All the shgre
In   the  Wellington   Colliery   ecwrani
were   owned   by   Mr.   Dunsmuir.   une
what he  was  selling     was.    not    tip
shares, but the whole property.    The
property was to remain In the pOBSFS
slon ol the vendor until the purchase
price   was   paid,   when   it   was  to  be
delivered   Intact,   with  the   exception
as to pending contracts.   The proper
ty. In the meantime, was to be main
talned.  and   the  earnings   taken,     li
this lie agreed with Chlel Jusllco linn
ter. before whom the action wns tried
That the  deal  involved  all  proncr
In British  Columbia and Callfor
nla, and all things pertaining to them
wns the opinion  expressed.    He held
that  ships belonged to tho purchaser
under the agreement.    The clause re
ferring to all thingB pertaining to the
business  would  have  to  be tnken  as
Including the vessels used In Ihe Iran
port of coal.    This Included the Wellington, but  not   the  Oregon,   which
llishop was  not  ordinarily  used  for such  a
blunt; purpose.     The   purchaser   also   took
late Canon over  the  stock  pile at  the Canadian
tion t" coin of the realm
Kug.-rs fnuii'l linancial recognition
slow in Canada, and went to New
York to sell ids wares. At the tune
In- wrote a little poem entitled, "Tha
Poel Ridden To Manhattan," explain,
lng bis removal. This is one verse:
"You've piped I"r those who will not
Till   now,   I   trust,   your   wits   are
n 1 er���
Make  no  delay  ���  come   while  you
And   pipe   for   those   who   pay   the
Then turn
Ins answer:
"What do 1
lars   ahout   the   entrance,  the     scroll I
work above the windows and the panelled  chimneys rising from  the roof
being especially  noteworthy.
On the east, where the palace overlooks   the   Don   valley,   the   architect
ihas    arranged    a    balcony    opening
'through   round   arches.     It   is   replete
with stone pillars and llle work flooring.    The lop is crowned with  a railing  carried   out   in   stone.     From   the
rear   of   the   building,   extending   ob- I
IfQUely   to   the   northwest,   (9   the  do- |
mestic's  wing.     In   contrast   with   the
reet  of the  building,  it   Is  unadorned,
thnugb constructed ot the same materials.
Phones 15 and 18.
���02 Columbia Umt **M.
Riveted Steel Pipes
P.  O.   BOX  442
lo Lampman and list tu
  .     ts  want  with  gold?���
Cringing slaves and cushioned easel
Are not crusts and garments old
for th.'ir souls than these:
Walloped By Son-in-Law
Hamilton, July 25.���It was a mournful tale warbled to the court bv Edward Hrown when he charged his
son-in-law, John (larbut, with assault.
He was ordered out of Garbut's house
and punched in the eye, he said. Oar-
but denied the narrative and produced
witnesses to show that he did not hit
Brown; be merely shoved him out of
the house.    The case was dismissed.
Pros, and O-enl.
W. f. H. BUCKUN.
Bee. and Treaa.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and S77.
tions sl
fire  pr
���ct.t   I ^^^
which the r.ui
To  Protect  Forests.
cretary of the Canadian For-
SSOCiation suggests that a mini-
forest '..re  protective  aaspcia-
niuld he formed all over the
to co-operate guarding against
The l.mit holders in the Pt.'
e val! iy formed a co-operative
Dtective   association   last  year,
themselves   one-quarter   ol   n
���r   in re   tn   raise   funds   with
Bt8 were equipped with j
early ministry
,' to him.    While nt a small  allowed  hy
promised to baptise a bahy,|    Notice
ould  hi
Pacific railway bunkers In Vancouver.
In Ihls Judgment, Mr. Justice Irving concurred. The appeal as to the
stock pile would he allowed by Mr.
Justice Martin. This was claimed by
tlie Canadian Company, He uls<
would allow- the Oregon, claimed bj
Mr.   Dunsmulr,    The  latter, also, WW
Mr. J usi Ice (���alllher.
ippiul  In tlie privy coun
tents,   gasoline   speeders   Inr
use  nn   railway  lines  besides  iiiukim;
possible the cutting out ol trail- and
the erection of telephone lines Lookout stations are to be eroded next
year, on the hi-diest points throughout
'.he territory. Theae will be connected by telephones so that a force ol
men can be sent instantly if a lire
Ia discovered.   .Similar co-operatmn on
the  pnrt  ni  lumberman  throughout
the country would prevent waste of
both labor and valuable property. The
Canadian Forestry Association will
take up the linking together ol the
provinces ol Ontario and Quebec in
tlie co-operative tire protective scheme
and  hope  to  produce  good   results.
A  Merger  In Gloves.
Economy is a blessed thing when
Intelligently applied and an astonish-
ing instance ol its successful application was recently encountered by a
traveler over what used to be tlle o'd
Canada Atlantic Railway wblch ru, s
through Algonquin l'urk. At one point
on the line is a telegraph operator
who has hud the misfortune tn lose
his right hand*, at another there is one
who met with n similar catastrophe
his left hand.   Now to both ol these
ould be mine-
plea- oil was given
visit twenty
(,��i I'ut'lism
-1 m- babies were ptesected
C, for Ilu
pany nnd t
by Mr, ll.
to Mr. W. J. Tin lor. K
Canadian Collli i'les oonb
r William Mackenzie, and
ll.   Lawson  for  Mr.  Huns
men a pair of gloves woi
eessary; yet it is impossible to buy a
single glove. Theae two friends have
therefore forme! a combination fnr niu-
lual interest. They buy gloves turn
about,���one wears the right hand one.
the Other the left hand one. Or rather
the buying is dona in Ottawa by a
brakeman on the train who when-
new pair is purchased throws
the gloves off the train us lie
passes one stai i'm and the other at
the next, It is rather clever ol the
biakiiiiun not I" get tin-in mixed.
The want ad. is an ideal salesman.'
It is direct but courteous.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It spenks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
The want ad. cannot be turned down because of a decisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The resultful want ad. is an appeal to common sense,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are made.
Remember the Place���
33" Eighth StreeL
and the telephone No. 2
| specials
Summer Beverages Cut In Half
All   Cash  Prices.
Rose's   Ume   Juice,   regular
r,t)c. today 35c.
It-see's Lime Juice Cordial, regular Mlc. today  35c,
^Smith's  Grape Jylcp,  regular
::5c��� today 20c.
j Lemonade Powder, Kfficl
���Hower Brand, regular 25c, today 15c.
Union Kail, regular 25c, today  20c.
Cltouot Club Clnger Ale, Root
fleer nnd Sarsaparllla, regular
20c, today 3 for 50c, or $1.80
per dozen.
I     ��� FLY COILS.
Flysac, 2 for 5c.
Viper Fly Colls, each 5c.,�� 6
for 36c.
Pyramid Fly Catchers, each
5c, 6 for 25c.
Sticky Fly Paper, 2 sheets
Plums,   regular  60c   basket,
��� tpday   50c.
,Apricots, preserving, crate.$1.25
��� Peaches, 2 lbs 25c.
'     Crate $2.25.
Pears,   2   lbs 25c.
Watermelons from  .45c. to 80c.
Canteloupes,   each    15c.
Public Supply Stores
U L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGOS   I
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column 'are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break thla
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Nouvelle s de
S.   B.
Un corps de muslque de  14 pieces
"to lay aside money for
future investment or at
Jeast to provide against
poverty due to adversity
or old age.
We invite you to open
an account with our savings department, which
allows 4 per cent interest on all accounts of $1
and over.
You will have every
courtesy extended consistent with sound business methods.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New VVestminster
Wilson   Loses   His   Life   While
News of a drowning accident which
took   place   near   the   China   bar   op-1 vlent d'etre organise il    Maillardville.
poBite  North   Bend,   Thursday   night,  Plusleurs des muslclens sont deja re-
A youth  was fined  $5 and costs ln   reached   the  cltv   last  evening   when  connus  comine  ayant    l.eaucoup    de.
the   police   court   yesterday   for   dla-   |t became known that S. 1). Wilson, of  talent.    I���es  offlclers elns sunt  Hon.
charging  firearms     within    the    city   North   g-end   had   lost   his  Iiie  while  Pres.  Pere Oaron;     Hon.    Vlce-Pr-s.
limits. Ion u fishing expedition. .'5eeve a.an''\.  Ji?!:.J?: *"*-���*??:'
No time Is being lost In construct-
ng Schaake & Co's new factory build
Wilson   with  two  companions, had Treas.  Jospch  Choquette;   committee,
been    lisliing   off   the   river bank for A. E. Beaulieu. 0. Proulx, II. Lahoux.
  ������������*.- ---���     gome lUtle    time    Thursday    evening Muslclens,   Emery   Pare,   Lalioux,   A. |
ing  Just   below   the   bridge   on   Lulu,L^J |h(, ���������,,. ,wo u.ft -.,-,��� to go un lleaublen, B. Proulx, Emery Pare, Jr.,
FROM  8  O'CLOCK   TILL  5:30.
(674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
See Our Ad. on Page 3
island,    it is now almost finished
Mosquito Insurance, Anti-Buzz. 25c.
Hill's drug Btore. (1773)
The framework of the new B. C. E.
It. car shops Is now in position and
the carpenters wlll Btart nexl week
finishing the side of the structure.
Oet lt at the Iloyal Pharmacy. 47
Sixth street.    Tel.  1253. (1673)
All barber shops wlll close at 12
o'clock noon. Wednesday, July 30, on
account of the merchants' picnic.
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman,
proprietor. (1670)
A leak in one of the ammonia tanks
used for ice making at the Crystal
dairy, Sixth street, caused a mild sensation among the near residents when
tile fumes spread over the entiire
For  tents  and   camp  furniture  try-
Denny & Itoss,    the    Big Furniture
Store. (1801)
The W. C. T. 11. will hold its regular monthly meeting In the Queens
Avenue Methodist church parlors at
3 o'clock toduy. The topic for discussion Ib "The Flower .Mission and Ils
Only a few days more to take advantage of the big reductions at the
Big Furniture Store July Clearance
Sale.    Denny & Hobs. 11801)
Plumbers and steainfitters of New
Westminster. together with their
friends, will hold their annual picnic
at Bowen island today, leaving here
in time to make connections with tho
steamer from  Vancouver.
Two brief interruptions occurred
last night in the city lighting system.
Both breaks were of short duration,
one lasting about five and the other
three minutes. The cause was not
local and up until late this morning
tlie operator at the substation had
not received word as to what was the
stream, and on    returning    deceased  C Proulx, J. Marcoux, A. E. Beaulleu,
was missing.    The body was recover- J. B. Decaire. E. ArBenenull.il. Hudon,
f       a       nM.inrtiin     i *      Xli- ii it. . t i       ir
ed yesterduy.
Wilson was born In California, but
had resided lu North Bond for several
yeara where he was well known.
J. A. Brunette, 0. Brunott, jr.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Messieurs. O'Brien et Murphy    dol-
vent commencer a batlr leur salle   do
clnematographe sous peu cette locale
d'amuaement ae trouve il l'eiicoigiiure
FLANAGAN NEXT ON de la, rue d 1'egliB et de is route Pltl
ROBBERY TRIAL LIST r|Ver.    Le Materiel u Hi ordonne   des
  moulins Fraser.
A   general  exodus  ot  ull   witnesses I 	
connected with the Macnainarit trial j Joseph Auger a etc1 donnl un con-1
and also those called tor (he Dean trat pour la deboisage dun grand ter-!
case, which was traversed to the fall rain a Alta Vista. II a commence son j
assize court,    took    place    yesterday  travail cette semaine.
morning.     All   of   the   United   States! 	
witnesses called by the crown left i;ne petition qui a recemnumt clr
direct for their homes lul Detroit and'cuie a Maillardville pour un hotel
New York, while those called by the ljcencie a recu un grand mombre des
defence in the Macnamara case left signatures. On dit qui pas un seul
via San Francisco and will go east cltoyen a r^fus* d'y afficher son num. i
from there. i La  petition  dolt  -Jtre    presentee    nu I
Yesterday   morning   Superintendent  conseil   municipal   mercredl  prochaln. |
P. K. Ahearn, ol the Pinkerton agency
White Rock
"The Playground  of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES& Co.,0fficia! Agents
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
dav. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
received   word  from  Chicago  to    the
effect   that  the   Flanagan   trial     was
M. J.  Pelletler, qui  a  eu  la dolour I
uee janibe ecrassee dans line des ma- I
Swaps Jobs.
'    Moose Jaw, July 25.    R.  N,  Young,
I superintendent of telegraphs here for |
ithe Saskatchewan division of the Ca-
The  New  Westminster  News  does
c��� ""��-1     : ...   ������...  r��.onn,,uihle    for    thcinadian  Pacific and .!>.  C.  ( oons,  Bu-
likely to be    brought    up    before   a chine8 du inoulln ix papier ft Coqult-  not hold  Itself ���BP��nsnD'*    '",d perintendent for'tld Alberta division1
Cook county  judge  this  week. Flan*  ialn. va beniicoup mleux. 11 pent main-   opinions expressed ^corresponuente. ^   (,algary    ^-j, ^chunge   positions1
For everything electrical see W.
Day. Houbo wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
The    Circulating    section    of     the
Editor The Daily  News:
Sir, -Kindly allow me space in your
valuable paper aB to the matter ol
public interest.
Coquitlam council called tor tenders lor a water system In Maillardville and a condition was that there
gan was arrested with considerable tenant sortir de sa niaison pour line
number  ol  stolen   Hank   or   Montreal  heur on deux chaque jour.
bills in  his possession, and, although j 	
the authorities do not believe they j Madame Jos. I.ebrun de Westmin-
will bring out any evidence connect- ster etait ft Maillardville. Elle est
ing the man with the assault on Police j venue faire ses adieux ii toules ses
Lieutenant Bums in a Chicago saloon jamleB, car elle partera pour I'Bst. ffi'ie
Inst fall, the fact of his having stolen U pris le cate Chez Madame Itemee
b'lls in his possession will likely call Boileau. Madame Lebrun s'en va re-
I'or a  conviction. alder a Ottawa avec deux de sis i u-
  Inns.     Nous   leu   BOUhaltOns   hcureux
et bon  voyage.
Surrey Flower Show. 	
The Surrey  Women's  Institute will]     M   j   A   ���runet a ,-���, do p(.imnr(,   1  have  read  and  seen  where tenders
inaugurate the    first    annual    flower I      m,        c'cai plus qu'sa niaison un   have been asked for in   he same man
show  for the district  on  Wednesday. t u   d    viiiage,        ner,  but   I   never heard  Of a  council
August ti. In the agricultural hall, Sur- |ornement >,our        cul" "st        laccepting the only tender Ihat did not
for Delta, has consented to open the  |fl"neinture"chez  ML '3.  A.  Brunei  i)\-hp r<'fl��irt"J  t>h-q,n*.    The Coqulllain
_e,_. I council  did   so.  however,  on  July  16
within a week.'
Suits to  your
order and sat-
should   be  a   marked   cheque  accom-j ���/��!_���
rsfcirt sttswsr&s | lsiaction.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
lgust ti  111 the agricultural hall, Sur- .   i accepting the only tender mat did not
y Centre.    F. J.  MacKenzie.  M.P.P. |     M    v   Fournler qui vieiit d'arcl.cver  comply  with  the conditions Iand send
r Delta, has consented to open the  Ia  p(.intur<,  ohez  M. 'j.  A.   Brunei,  ftl'he required  cheque.    The (oqnlllam
ow.     Visitors  travelling  by  the   H. , jm���K(liuI11���nt   commence   n   peinlure  council  did  so,  however,  on  July  16
C.   E.   It.  should   alight   at   Mcl.ellan ;rancieilIltl maUon de M,  lUiuiillnrd       at its meeting.
station, which is Ihe nearest stopping I   Although  1  was a tenderer myself.
place on that line to the grounds. M   p ,       Bedard    ui ., ,ulssl acbev6  1  am  not  kicking  because  I  did   not
 " de  peinlure  sa   maison  a  ajo.ne  iinelKct  the  contract,  as  I  saw  trom the
AFFECTS  HOTELS S���"***'  valeur a  s" *-*>m*Uti  M   ''    A  ! lP,"1Pr8   PubllBhed   in ����Ur   WL.}.
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201, 1202.
High   Class   Ladles   and   Gentlemen's   Sapperton   Market.   Phone   12*4.     ,
T,l,or- El-jhth   St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
401      Columbia     St.   Edmonds  Market,  Phone  LB83.
itrutiet a    recu    la    visite    dimanchep
was not entitled to lt.   The public will
1 ���" ��� ���ts^JWiaau'SS'r'SRp
I lenders with  deposits as reinilred
ver,  et  de
M.   I.
Port Coquitlam, July  26,���Port Coquitlam   looks  as  though   it  will   be
faced  with the same trouble over Its
hotels or some pf them at least, not
meeting with the requirements of the
new provincial Liquor act, that other
places are.    There are two hotels In
the  city  at the  present  time  that   do
library  will  be  closed  Monday   next, i not meet the requirements of the new
for    two     weehu,    to    enable     Mlaa \-&ct  us regards  the number of rooms
O'Meara, the librarian,    to    get    Uielnn,-|  ���ther  accommodations  and  at  alCathollque
I books  catalogued   and   arranged,   and 1 speolal   meeting   ol   the   license   com- I
I facilitate the work or Internal recon- j missloners,    held    lest    evening, thel
|Btructlon approved of by the city coun-1knotty question of just  how  to deal! MANY SMALL failures
il.     The   reading   rooms   will   remain | wltll  those places cropped   up.     After, TO BE EXPECTHD
The tenders were opened on July
M.  C.  B,  Renaud  qui  est  sous les  a"
soliiB du  Dr. Scott  revient tranquille-
nu.-iit ft la santi1.
Nous  avons  a  peu  pres  reussit   de
forme       une     court     des     Forest iers
<)(H; Columbia St.
Paid I'p  Capital  and   Surplus
Trusteeships   under   Adminis
tration, over $6.1100.000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Residence Y. YV   I*   A.
Phone 1324.
Ped CurrunlB  - lbs. for 25c
I' lima, Pears and Peaches 2 lbs. 25c
Tomatoes, per lb 20c
Muskmellons  2 for 25c
I ime and Crape Juices, per bottle 25c
to' ���!������'
Hinnnnas, per dozen    30.:
t**tiirc<*t"ir t" Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
I open.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
| improved city and farm property,
19 per cent.   Airred \V. MeLeod. (1671)
The O. S. It. have a novel and some-
whal drastic manner of meeting the
health bylaws of the city. They were
given until yesterday to remedy Insanitary premises In the vicinity of
heir depot near the hridge. They demolished tlie premises and tlie prosecution was    withdrawn,    costs    being
awarded against the company.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
insurance    man.    All  kinds    written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
,  (1671)
The 11 ('. B. U. car from up the valley which usually arrives here at Xiliu
on market days has been coming in
in the city aboul one hour after this
tl    and   farmers   sny   they   would
like to see the old schedule resinned.
The present arrangement brings them
lln to market about half an hour later
| than they would like.
[ Take the round trip on the Transfer
this afternoon, leaving B.-K   wharf at
! '��� o'clock. Fare il Also the trip oh
Sunday afternoon leaving n c. Klectric wharf at 2:30 o'clock.    Fare $1.
| To show that ihe basebull game,
one of the features of the merchants'
picnic sports, Is to be no second rnte
affair, a  Bcore  card has been  drawn
. ���''������ wllb the    names    or    the    teams.
players  nnd  their  positions, and    all
ther necessary  Information for    the
fana    These curds will be printed at
. nee nnd glvi ii out at Queens park on
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
0 the II C, Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone K2C, wharf phone 880,      (1674)
Satisfaction     Is    universal    among
i people along lhe new  rural mail route
km   or   .New Westminster,   and   the
: number or mail    boxes   has    reached
110,  with  more  being  provided    eneh
week.    The  carrier uses a  team  and
democrat,  but even with    two    good
horses It takes him from early morn-
n��  until    evening   to    cover the    SI
miles and make 110 stops.   Usually he
gets  hack  to  the city at  6  p.m., but
when the mails are heavy It is some-
timea 8:30 before be returns.
We make awnings, tints and sails.
renovate carpi Is and draperies, remake and iipolish furniture, manufacture cedar dress and waist boxes,
(Window seats and do all kinds of
upholstery work in leather or tapes
try.    We  are  the  largest  makers    of
; window shades, draperies and Interior hangings, Estimates given'.
I."is Limited, (KiCS)
Black hears are suid to be Bummer
lng in the neighborhood, Yesterday
morning Lawrence Lake, while driving iu from the summer home of J
J. Johnston on Burrard Inlet, chased
a bear near Burqultlam, Bruin disappeared in the bush when he lound
: lie was being overtaken, Six hears
are snld to be located In the vicinity
or Cumberland road near Hurnaby
lake, one or which chased a little girl
u few days ago.
d laid over until July 16. the next
meeting ol the council. One or the
councillors told me that the successful contractor would have to put up
his cheque belore signing the con-
Itract Hut that was not what they
called for.
I Now I say that if the Coqultlam
I council had advertised for tenders
without the deposit stipulation attached they would have gol more iffers
a id lower estimates. Why was their
own condition violated?
I  am  ot the opinion  thai  it  is  nnl
in ihe best Interests or the munfcl
some   discussion   it   was   decided   to ���	
shelve the matter until   Aug.  5,  when1     Ottawa, July iii.    A   winding up or*
rull   reports   on   the   new*   act  and   itslder has jusl  been granted against the
workings   will   be   submitted   to   the  Central   Hardware   Company,  owners.ipallty to accept the only tenner eonl
commission. Of a store in Sparks streel.   The chief I ,n   vviltl(Hlt ,h(. accompanying cheque
��� ��� ���  j stockholders iu lhis company ure Aid  I
' Hrethour  and   W,   P.   Shannon.     The '
Old Battle Reviewed. capitalization of the company  Is $4".   I
Port Coquitlam, July 25.- Following 000i    Macdonald  and  Bryan  ar..  tbe I
Tuesday nights station site battle of liquidators.     The   assets ar
words   in   the   council   the   opposing iaml  |hp liabilities aboul
factions nre already unllmberlng their The ,*-,.,��� haa bee��� ,��� bualneBS ab
artillery in anticipation ol n struggle a year
Thanking  you   for  the  space  used.
In anticipation. I am yours truly.
Burqultlam,  July  25.  19i:i.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
and at the next council meeting dell- i
Miss  E.  Desjardlnes,  milliner,  Dal
result is now the chiel topic for curb- \
stone discussions.
nite action will be mapped out which  bougle 8treet  ,���IS a8slgned t0 ,-,,,,,,,
may result In the first skirmish. The   i_,apielri
struggle   between   the     two     parties     "...,.,������.,'.     ,���   ,,f,       ,  ,   f���. ���   , ���
promises   to   be   very   warm,   and   l's|ure,     announced     in     Ottawa     next
month" states a financial man. "The
tight  money period is squeezing some
-  u .  r.        ., of them too hard."
Subway   at   Coquitlam.
Porl   Coqultlam.  July  26,    Work  is |  ^_^____
to be immediately commenced on the ncTDicicn  ennico
subway to connect Kingsway on either PETRIFIED  BODIES.
side  of  Hie  C.P.R.   yards.    This  was | 	
the   order   wired   from   Vancouver   to   Their Organlo Materials Are Replaced
C.   P.   It.     Resident     Engl r     Uoss.] by Mineral Particles.
Other Improvements being planned are i   m answer to tbe query. "Do biologists
he instillation of a private telephone*      _.       ,  .    , ,. ...
exchange connecting the departments "chemists know the process or petrl-
In the railway yards, nnd a new arte- faction or tbe reason why a human
slan well to supply water ror locomo- body or a plant ln some cases takes tbe
tlves. Already the telephone wiring course of petrifaction Instead of de-
hus heen done, but the exchange will  caylng?" we would say:
Pack in your bathing suits and a
well tilled hamper and spend a diy at
Maple Beach, boundary Hay Plenty
Iof Iree picnic places on the sand
i beach or under the wonderful spread
ling maples. Lovely spring water.
Take Ihe Kiver road to Ladner and
the (loudv road soulh.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster   with  Boulevard  Dowr
the Centre.
Hltiillihic Is noiseless, non-Blippery, practically dustless, ensv oa
horses' leet, and, above all, particularly durable. For Ihese reasons
Illliillthic Is comn.ended highly by owners ol automobiles and horses,
liouselioldei'H, anil city officials. II ha I 'en adopted by Dfteen cities
lu Canada, and over two hundred lu the  United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.        71 + 717 Dominion Trust Building. Vancouver.
not be Installed until the
has  heen decided  on.
station  site
Wellington and Waterloo.
Heine. In speaking of Wellington's
food luck at Waterloo, says: "This
inn ll bus the bad fortune to meet with
���roml fortune when tbe greatest man of
the  world  Is unfortunate.     We see in
The process Is at flrst one of decay
slowly and replacement particle by
particle of the organic material by In-
organic or mineral. Waler holding siliceous minerals In saturated solution Is
necessary, the flesh or plant disorganizes, the carbon, oxygen, nitrogen.
hydrogen compounds disintegrate and
escape, and tlie minute portion  Is re
lilmtbyrlotoryofsl dlty over genius p,ttced  b,  the  mlm,nl|  par,k,|e
-Arthur Wellington triumphant whei
Napoleon Honaparte was overwhelmed
Wellington and Napoleon! it is a won
derriii   phenomenon  that  the  buman
mind cun at Ihe same time think ot
both these uuines."
shape or rorm of tba deeujuig body re
maliiliig Intact.
Now. tbe carlion In the bodies doi-
not change to siliceous minerals, it
disappears In Ils combination with the
other elements. No element cluinge*.
��� Into another: ihls would be mutation
Good Excuse. I Heplaceuient   Is   the   word   n-iil   here
"Why do you  keep me waiting on Thus analyze u petrified mini ur plan'
this corner two hours?" demanded the I -no organic matter can be foillii h
Irate husband.    "You said you werehnorganlc, und this  weigh-, rn,    r,
merely  going  to  step  111  to see  hqw   than did the animated  ly     Hi,  en
Mrs. Cabbie was." I tire process of pelritlcinloii is n  inv
"Well, she insisted ou telling me."-   terlous   work   of   nature.-New    lull
Washington Herald.
His Preference.
"Oh, for tlie wings of a dove!" cried
iffe poet with tbe unbnrhered hnlr
"Order what you like," answered the
prosaic person with a clean shave, "but
fell the waiter to bring me the breast
of a chicken."���Cleveland Plain Healer
Willie ���Paw,   do   you   know   every
Jjjing?    Paw���Yes.  my  sun     Why ih
you nsk?    Willie- Well, does Ibe spin
:t the moment cause tune to HyV���Ciu
Cluniltl Enquirer
Did It Under Orders.
Medicine Hat, Alta. July 26.
License Inspector l-lusseljohn, who
was before the public court on 8
charge of theft laid through the fact
of bis having confiscated a bartender's
license, was discharged today, proof
lining obtained to show thai he was'
acting under orders from llie department,
to Pitt Lake
Sunday, July 27
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry Wharf
10 a.m.  Sunday.
Further   information   inquire
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co.. Ltd
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewlna   Matbines.     Small   Musical   Goods ol  all  Kinds.  PHONE  694,
Phone 164 L.
903 Columbia St.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON TIIE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Take advantage of Ihe Business Man's Train and muke your
home at Crescent Deach (Blackie Spit) for the summer months,
Train leaves at 5:80 p.m. dully, on and after June 15, returning In
the  morning  in  time  tor business.    Crescent    Ileach    affords    Ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining  the  best  or  bathing,   boat
ing at nil stages or the tide together wltll  fine bench.    Artesian  w-ell
water to all residents.    Lot us show you tills properly.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marino  Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and  every   IB   minutes  until   9
p.m.    Half hourly  service until
11  p.m.  with  late  car at  midnight.
SATUHI1AYS���15    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS-^! and B.-15 a.m.
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8, 7, 7.30 8 and
K.30 nnd every 16 minutes until
tl p.m. wllh late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until IU p.
m., with  lato oar at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  Id  p.m.  with  lute cur at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  is  mado at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.11) und
C.l.r>  p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
��� "


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