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The New Westminster News Apr 16, 1913

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t attracltoiiH does N't
w Vt
r offer
Industries?   '
uud waterfront rites, railways
rial luu.
X^6  *Ut   harnJ
Weather Today.
New    Weatmlnster    and     Lower
Mainland:  Light to moderate winds;
generally  fair  with    stationary    or
highei  ti mperatures.
Afternoon Spent in Discussion of Labor Question���
Criticize Minister.
Bringing   cf   Photo   Engravers  to   Re
place Toronto Strikers Discussed
���3top Prosecutions.
New Buildings for 0. C. Electric Railway on Twelfth Street Will
Cost $23,000.
California Anti-Alien Land Ownership Hill, Designed to Prevent Japanese From Acquiring Title to Real Property in the State, Passed Yesterday by Lower House
I which usually arc conservative, have
Iassumed an extremist altitude on the
projected alien land ownership ligls
lation in California, The Kokumin
Shimbun la almost violent, while the*
Asahl is pessimistic.
The lurgeat building permit taken
out this month was issued by the
building inapector yesterday morning
for tho erection of an eight track car
Inspection bam on ihe B, C, B. It.
property on Twelfth street. The value
���if the permit was $21,000. Tho new
airucture will bo built on a bloc'-s of!
land recently purchased by the H. C. Tokio, April 15, The leading news
K   It   between Twelfth and Thirteenth I Papers of Tokio, the Asahl. tlle Koku
Qttawa, April 16.���The first break In | Btreet8 and adjoining the present car|m.,n Bhimbun and the   Jiji   Shlmpo
Bhops of the company.
Tbe new barns will be of Immense
sUe. The plans of the oompany tiled
il the building Inapector's office ahow
thai they will occupy an urea measuring 240x104 feet .", Indies.   The height
at the walla will be 23 feet 9 inches \   The younger element  among   the I   Assemblyman W,
and  from  the floor In the centre to  political   factions  which   incited    the |proposed to put the
ih.. apex of thc roof 35 feet j recent rioting have called    a    mass
The drawings alao show that the meeting for Thursday next. It. will
building when completed will be one ; be held In a building the capacity of
Of the most modern cf iu kind in [which is 15,000.
the province and equipped with all ' Lengthy apeclal dispatches from
the latest time saving facilities. Con- San Francisco and Washington indl-
nectlon can he made at either end -ate that the situation is hopeless.
��� f the barn, one entrance leading to but many of the Japanese assert their
ihe cut-off lino of tbe B. C, B. II.. and confidence thnt the Americana, par-
mother tbe Twelfth street city line, ticularly California-is, surely will deal
Pour massive movable doors will be Justlv and fairly with the question,
erected at each of the entrances. He-! Delegations representing various
iween each set of tracka n well will bodies are calling on the secretin* of
be left open to enable workmen to Ithe American embassy, Arthur Blanch-
make repairs under lhe cars without ard, almost hourly in an endeavor to
raising them. bring about an amendment of the pro-
Construction on  the new barns has |rosed measure,   All American firms in
-ilreedv   been  atarted.    The  olearing  Japan strongly oppose tbe bill.
was finished a few weeks ago and now Bill   Passed,
the pile and concrete foundations Sacramento, Cal., April 16.���An antl-
which wlll support the frame con- .,���,,��� |gnd own(?rilhlu blU dHS|K���ed
Btructlon of the building. ar�� being nrimr,rlly 1o pr6vent Japanese from
Will   Build  City   Hall   and   Two   New
8:hools���Wiring  and   Health
1'ort CoQUltlam, April 10
Ing  of  the  council   today,
Despite Reassurances of the
Physician Careful Watch
Is Kept.
of Legislature by Vote of 60 to 15-Tokio Editors Write Scathing Articles-11��� ^"""'""""'
Younger Element Among Political Factions, Call Mass Meeting.
the debate on the closure resolution
since it waa Introduced by Premier
llorden on Wednesday laat occurred
today, the entire afternoon being tak
en up wiih the consideration of a labor
Mr. Carroll, Cape Breton, moved the
adjournment of the houae to discuss
tbe action of the department of labor
and Immigration in connection with
the bringing Into Canada of photo-
engravera to replace engruvera on
strike In Toronto and Montreal. He
contended that they had been allowed
to enter Canada in contravention of
the law and that Hon. T. W. Crothers,
who has charge of both the labor and
immigrate n departments at present.
had failed in hla duty to the labor
The minister denied the truth of
these alii gationa. lie said that everything   within   reaaon   had   been   done
by the departments, whose action had
been affected by a judgment given In
the courts, He bad administered to
the best of hla ability this law which
had been paaaed by the late government anil which waa being enforced j
by offlolalB appointed by the late gov-1
���ernment He auggeated the possibility thai amendments to the law might
bo advisable.
Stop Prosecution.
Mr. Ciuthrle, Wellington aald the
preaent government would not prose
cute manufacturers for evaalotiB of
the law a prosecution inaugurated
by the late government had betn
stopped,  he  said.
Mr  Vervllle, the Labor-Liberal mem!
ber for  Mataonneuve. did not make u
Hct speech but simply entered u pro-1
test against what he described na the
inaction  ci  the  government  und  the,
matter was allowed to drop. 1
At   the  evening  aeaalnn   the closure!
debate was resumed  by  Hon.  Charles
Marcil. ex-speaker of the house, whose
criticism   of  the  new  rules  waa  that j
they were more drastic than the Ilrlt
lab   closure;   that   in   the  event   of  a
decision t*> cul off a debate aueh ac-!
tion could be taken on the second day
even if th ��� debate had not been resumed     in the British houae the matter
would he left to the discretion of the
Mr    Marcil   said   the  action   of  this
Important measure aa a party measure
was a mistake   A aecond mistake had
(Continued on rage  Five.)
; tbe period of one year after attaining
| his majority, such alien shall become
a citizen of the. United StateB or shall
declare hiB Intention according to law
to become such a citizen.
Section S.���-It shall be the duty of
I tbe   dlttrict   attorney   of   the   countv
wherein   the   property
Premier    Slfton,    Leader    ot
Party. Makes Statement���Con
fldent of Victory.
Calgary, April l". The following
final message to the electors of Al-
berta was given out '.his evening by
Premier Sifton, leader of the Liberal
party, at Manvllle, Alta Pinal re
pi rta fr. in all constituencies abov. as
follows: I apply only
In bIx  ridings the opposition baa a  citizenship,
better chance   than   the   government Sutherland
ight   seats   are   doubtful \ located   th
acquiring title to real property with-
ii the stale, but so worded SB to
prohibit any alien from owning land
"ior ��� than one vear except ufton b
declaration of IiIb intention to be-
*-.-uie a citizen, was passed today by
the lower house of the legislature by
a vote of 60 to 15. The measure waa
drafted by a subcommittee of the
judiciary committee aa a substitute j and cents.
for other h'Us, all of whloh Bpeeitlcally jgood. it
Liberal : provided  that    "aliens    Ineligible    to
I CltlsenShlp" Bhould not hold lands.
i- The committee, however, proceeded
on the theory that such a statute
���night h" held in violation of the
treaty rights rf Japanese subjects and
Ibroadened the measure to Include nil
aliens who had not declared their in-
tention i f becoming citizens. In
order not to embarrass foreign corporations of large interest In the
state the committee did make tbe corporation clause of ih" bill, section >-.
roll call, and voted againat the amend- j title or in the case of a minor, during
ment 64 to x.
Could Evade Law.
Assemblyman Flnnegan claimed the
Japanese could evade the law by
transferring title among themselves
within the year of ownership permitted, but a viva voce vote defeated this
\. Johnston then
bill hack in    its
primary form by amending it to read
I throughout "aliens not eligible to
citizenship, lie received considerable
support on his plea that foreign cap!-
! tul hnd done much to develop tiie
state and that word ahould not go
abroad that California did not desire
t foreigners to come within Ita boundaries, and aUo that an alien sometimes desired more than a year to decide whether to remain after coming
to the state.
"Many a young Englishman," be
Baid. "coming to America with money
to invest, has promised hia parents
that be never would surrender his
allegiance to the mother country. But
. he made no worse neighbor for tbat,
and his children have grown up aa
good citizens as any of ub."
"America for the Americans," replied ABsemblyman Scott. "If these
young Englishmen do not think
enough of the   country   from    which
, they make not only a living, but frequently sufficient to return to the old
i country and live In ease, to become
patriotic citizens, let us have men who
j will."
Race   Problem.
It la a question greater than dollars
land cents." said Assemblyman Blood-
amounts to another great
race problem. Ten miles trom Sacramento 1 saw a Japanese man and a
white woman living together. There
was   a biby.    What    waB   the babv "
Bronchial    Symptoms    Present    Ne
and Grave Features���End May
Como Any Time.
At a meet
would In
uce a bylaw to borrow {J5.000 for
the purpose of building u cily hall and
a bylaw for $3,r).000 for school pur
poseB at the next regular meeting of
the council. Notice of several other
bylaws was given at today's meeting
and a number previously introduced
were  reported  complete  as amended
On the recommendation of the box I sudden change for the worse" In
Ing committee It waa decided to per-
mil  boxing contents  to  be  staged  in
the  municipality  provided  they  were
carried out under the  supervision  of
Situated, or | 'be police and all applications for the
the attorney general of the state, I Bame bad been paBsed upon by the
ahould the attorney general fail or ne-1 boxing committee,
gleet to act, when he ahull have rea-! with t,le money raised under tho
sou to believe that any real property school bylaw it is proposed to build
in the state is being held contrary to jtwo schools, one a central school and
the provisions of this act. to institute illle olll('r nx James Park,
suit In behalf of the Btate in the su- Alderman Welcher gave notice that
perior court praying for the escheat bt* would Introduce a building bylaw
of the same in behalf of the state, and |atl<1 Mr* langan gave notice cf a road
he shall proceed therein as in cases tax bylaw and trades license bylaw
provided by law for escheats of land Iat  the  next  meeting.    The  following
property where such property ha.s
' no known owner, provided, that due
���service of process shall be made and
service  upon  the  holder of  the  title
be had as provided by law.
The burden of proof shall be on the
owner of the lands alleged to be held
contrary lo the provljioua of this act.
Said   court   shall   tax   aa   costs   such
!fees aB shall be reaaonable, uot exceeding 20 per cent of the amount which
j shall be bid for aueh real property at
! any aueh sale thereof.    Any such proceeding ahall be suspended upon proof
| that the alien owner of the real pro-
* perty involved haB become a citizen of
| the   United   Statea.   or  haa   filed   the
| certified copy ot his declaration of intention  to   become  such   citizen  provided for in section 2 of this act, or
that the title to Buch real property has
beeu conveyed by such alien in good I nt~th
faith  absolutely  to  a  citizen  ot   the;
United  States.
! bylaws were reported complete
| amended and given their final read-j
:lng: Wiring bylaw, Health bylaw,:
Temporary Loan bylaw. Indemnity by '
j law and Liquor License bylaw.
Mr. Seabrook on behalf of the board
of trade said that the board had met
| the previous evening and diBcussed
jcity planning and asked the council
to co-operate with them by appointing
ian alderman to meet them.
The mayor Bald the council had
, already a committee which waa trying
to secure a Bcheme for the beautlflca-
I tion of reeidentlal lota and advised
I the board of trade to prepare aome
i tangible project before approaching
| tbe council again in thiB matter.
Mr. J. D. Wilson intimated that his
offer of two acrea for school and park
slteB in block 14 was made on condition  that  he  receive  ti  clear  recepit
Home, April  15.��� There haa been a*
condition of Pope Plus X. Notwithstanding the reassurances of professor
Marchiafava, a careful watch Is helms
kept on the Vatican, and there Is no
doubt that tie satisfactory general
ccrditlon of the pontiff, as reported
by the doctors, is borne out by tbe
The temperature rf the pope which
throughout almoBt the whole -day remained at 97 degrees, in itself, indicating depression and weakness, roie
In the early evening to 100 and later
to 102. The bronchial symptoms.
which at the morning oramtntitions
were found to be diminished, presented new and grave features tonight.
The affected zone on Ihe left side of
the chest was further congested with
a nosslhle nrea of consolidation���oni*
of the signs of pneumonia���and thf**
sounds within tho bronchial tubes.
were more pronounced.
The attending physicians ordered a
special bacteriological examination or
the spuctum in order to ascertain
wbether It contained infectious matter and the nattre of the detritus that
[ threatens to block up the lunss.
Tbe darkest reports are being circti-
j lated, one being that the pope is   at
������he  point of death,  and  that  Father
JAgostlns, nn AugiiBtlnlan monk,   hast
been ordered  to be in readiness    to
bring to the  natlent the    laBt    communion, thia being the prerogative of
his oiTlce.
on the  property  to the , Brother Arrives.
end of 1913.    A committee will inves-1    The arrival in Home tonight of An-
tlgate the amount ot  arrears on  the', *?, io  Sarto.   the  pope's  brother,  was
Section 6.���This act -shall not apply I -property betore the council goes tur-1 interpreted   tn   -aome   quarters  as     m.
to real property now owned by aliens   ther. 1 certain  siRn  that all hope  had been
so long sb tho same shall be held byi    On the motion of Alderman Welcher'abandoned.    It    was    forgotten    that.
ithe   present   owners,   their   wives   or j it was agreed to establish a nine hour' ,\r.g.'lo Sarto left b's own vtTiage on
Not an ocioroon. lt was the beginning | children, and the right, title or Inter
An'J-Free  W-iol   Element   Endeavor
Havc  15 Per Cent.  Duty  Placed
Raw  Material.
wl b ih" chances In favor of tbe government. The remaining 4i> are considered safe, ten of them with majorities ranging from 50 to 150, and 30
with majorities ranging from 150 to
Three or four will probably do better than this. These estimates are
safe, providing voters who favor the
government caBt their ballots and
confidently to ask all to ahow that
lorlttes   that   a   campaign     of
to "..hens not eligible to
*    althougb    Assemblyman
one of the committee, ad-
.  striking  out  of  the  sec-
the  mo
and  misrepresentation  is no
tu good work and good legis-
tion entirely.
Assemblyman Gary's amendment to
thia effect was lhe lirst taken UJT. His
'.nipp' iters urged that Japanese cor-
poratlons imd not appeared as land
owners In the atate. and tbat to avoid
olTending other foreign capital this
question might safely be left to the
nexl legislature. Opponents feared
the delay incident to the amendment
would open the way to the defeat of
the  measure, impatiently  demanded a
of a new race problem. A problem of
; the fusion Of races unasaiuillable."
The amendment was lost 56 to 20.
Assemblyman Bradford, spokesman
for the bill, waived argument and the
! roll   call   followed.
Important features of the bill are:
Section 1. No alien shall acquire
title to or own real property within
this stat", or take the same by descent, devise or purchase, except aa provided In this act.
Section 2. -An alien may acquire
title to real property by devise, descent or purchase ami hold the same
for one year from the date of so acquiring such title; and if any alien at
the date of BO acquiring title be a min-.
or, he may hold such title for one���
year after attaining his majority. At
the expiration of said period real pro-
perty so held by an alien shall escheat
to the state of California aa hereinafter provided. unlesB during the period of one year after acquiring such
eat ln or to any  real  property here-
I after acquired by any person entitled I
| to bold  the same shall  not  be ques-!
.tloned or impeached by reason of the
alienage of any person through whom
such title may have been derived.
Section 7. -No contract, agreement,
lor lease of real estate for agricultural
. purposea for a longer period than five
years shall be made to any such alien !
'and no contract, agreement or lease
of another town or city lot for a longer
period than five yeara shall be made
to any such alien, and any lease, agreement or devise of real estate made to
any such alien contrary to the provisions of this section shall be null and
Section 8.-��� Every corporation, tbe
majority of the issued -capital stock of!
which is owned by aliens who are ineligible to become citizens of the Unit-!
ed S'atea under the naturalization law j
thereof, shall be considered au alien
within the meaning of this act.
day. with a half holiday on Saturday
for civic employee:
Would    Be    Violation    cf    Agreement
and $3.OCO.000 Deal  in Treasury
Notes  Is  Off.
Tlle most
Washington,   April   li
strenuous   flghl   by    the
Democrats on the provisions of
tariff bill now under consideration be
fore the house Democratic caucus is
expected  tomorrow  when    the    wool
schedule will be reached.    The anti-
free wool representatives hav,. organ-jo"cneraj   Hospital,    shortly
ized for the contest with Represents- 0>*|���ci, thin morning
tlve Ashbrook of Ohio as chairman,
and although the odds against them
nre gruii, they propose to make a do
termined struggle to bind the caucus
to a 16 per cut duty on raw
Calgary, April 16. Carl Zwlcker, a
chauffeur living at 214 Thirteenth
avenue east, was killed, and G. McCarthy was seriously injured wben a
five passenger automobile driven by
charl.s Carlln, crashed through d
fence and down an embankment on
the  Riverside boulevard, opposite thr
wool as
a substitute for the raw wool provision Inserted in the bill at the request
Of President Wilson. Should the opposition representatives fail to obtain
their object In caucus, it Is possible I jJ0Hr v-h.-n n turn In the road wai
they may ask to be released from tbelr reached, The steering gear refused
pledges in order tbat they may con- ,��� operate, nnd the car crashed Into
tlnue lhe fight againat free wool on j,-.,,, (-,,���,.,., All the men were hurled
the floor of the house.. 10pt of the machine which was badly
Carlln and U B, Howey, the
fourth occupant of tbe car. escaped
with sen,, minor iujuriea. They have
been plic. .1 under arrest nnd will be
held ms material witnesses pending
the coroner's inquest. According to
the statement made by Carlln to the
police, the car was running along the
boulevard at a Bpeed of 16 miles an
hour when a turn in the
Claimed That 100.000 Have
Ceased Work���No Serious Developments.
Visitors   Will   Have   Excellent   Opportunity   to   Visit   Westminster,
Fraser River and Steveston.
Brussi Is. April 16 II was Impossible tonight t.. Btate definitely tbe
total number of workers who have
joined the strike throughout Belgium
for manhood suffrage. Independent
estimates place the numl.nr between
230,000 and 300,000, although the Socialists, who are responsible for the
movement, chum 400,000.
Kxcept |u the Industrial eentrea the
Wheat, citrus fruita nnd cotton were
the chief targets of the opposition in
the caucus today, the cotton schedule
still being considered at adjournment
No changes were made in the commit
tee'B bill as a result of today'a discussion, advocates of Increased duties on
Wheat sh well aa those who favor placing it on the free list being voted
down Members who urged Increased
duties on citrus fruits, pine apples,
cotton varus and other nrticlca met n
like fate,   Representative Underwood
wrecki d.
Cities   as   Bankers.
Toronto,  April  16.���At  today's sea
i sinn of the board of control. Controller
! roster moved that the treasury board
Ibe  requested  to consider  the advisability of t king immediate measures
to  provide  the  requisite  machinery
.seeking  legislation  If necessary, for
Inaugurating a  system   whereby  the
I city can accept a.iving deposits from
loltlicns and allow- Interest thereon at
strike   bas  no  apparent   effect.    The  shortly.
Mr. W. I.. Darling, Been tary i r the
Progressive Association, at the regular meeting of tne executive commit-
.'ee last evenwt announced thst the
arrangements for the inauguration of
"ie duly excursion trips between
Vancouver, New Westminster and
Stoveston by way of Uio Fraser river
were practically  complete nnd that it
was expected that ll contract bctwo.-
the B, C. K. It. and the
B'enmnr Tronsft r
ew ners
would     be
if  the
Chairman of the ways and means coni-|(|u, nit,, ���f say 4 per cent per annum,
lies been indisposed, was
conl roi  of  the  bill  In  th
mittee, wl
to resume
caucus, v ,    , ,
Representative  llhiussard  ot   l.ouh.
Inna, vigorously assailed the propose.'
dutleB on nhickory, chocolate and
oocoa, dandelion root, acorns and other
substitutes for coffee proposed In Ih
committee's bill, moving to pine.
on the free list as a boon
fast table.
Democratic representatives an
Ing besieged by representatives of Insurance    companies     who     protest
ngnlnat the Inclusion of Insurance eom-l
���panics aa taxable organizations under I*
the corporation tax provisions of the
tariff hill on the ground that they are
not profit making organisations, The
matter may be brought up in caucus,
but Democratic leaders declare that
Ilia protest will not avail.
lt was carried.
A *
gen. ral public haa not been I neon V
I eticed and consequently la not lin-
I pressed, and, aa the strikers generally
maintain admirable discipline, they
! have not alienated tbe sympathies of
i the liberal capitalists, who are contributing to their funds The proprie-
i tor of a large hotel In Ilruasela will
give $11(1,000 weekly until the strike ia
l lost or won.
The aituatlon was the subject Of a
debute In the senate which reassembled today, Answering attacks by Mb-
I erals and Socialists, the premier said
'the government, wna and ls ready to
take conciliatory action, but that II
has uo intention to abdicate before the
the break-
1.PS I'almna, Canary Islands.
Aprll 16.���The dirigible balloon Suchard, in which Joseph
llrncker, formerly of Milwaukee, proposes to make a trans-
Atlantic flight, is being Inflated. Captain llrncker saya he
.will start for America tomorrow or Thursday if the preaent
favorable wind continues. Oreat
crowds watched the work of
preparation  thia  afternoon.
*\ Navigation Open.
��� Saitlt  Ste.  Marie,  Mich.,  April IB.   -
��� | The steamers Drummond and Saturn
+ passed tho Mttle Rnpida CUl below the
��� Soo uphound at 7 o'clock tonight, the
��� [first  boats to  make  the  paasage of
��� jibe  Soo river since    the    St.  Ignace
��� | broke through the ice Saturday after-
��� jnoon.    They tied up at the dock nt 9
��� p.m.   Their arrival confirms the open-
��� jing of the lower river to navigation.
��� |The Saturn has a much needed cargo
��� jof coal for the Algomn Steel company.
��� | There  are  no  new   developments   In
Mr Darling also expected that the
excursions would be atarted on May 1,
the fare for the round trip being
11.50, which would be divided between
the 11. C. K. H. and the owners cf the
Transfer, retaining enough to pay a
man to net as guide to tlle excursionists.
The excursions  will bo run    every
day.   At 1 o'olcck the car carrying thejafe to embody the wbol
ig'.tseekers will leave the B, C. K. U.
depot, Vancouver, arriving In thia city
at 2 o'clock.   Thn steamer Transfer
will leave this e'ly from the 11. C. tv
U. wharf al 2:30 giving the excur-
aiensia's half nn hov.r to spend here.
The water trip will be completed at
Steveston at 4:30 and after allowing
the travelers half an hour to Inspect
the cannereB at the estuary polnl an
[excursion car wlll carry them the remainder of their Journey tO the Terminal City.
Excursion Route.
The route by which the excurslou
car will travel to New Westminster
from Vancouver haa not been decided,
but either the llurnaby
Architects Enter Worldwide
Australian Capital.
Ottawa, April 15.���Canadian architects In common with members of the
profession In all parts cf the world,
will shortly be given an opportunity
to compete In the designing of tbe
principle publlc buildings for Canberra, the capli.il city of Australia,
which wns officially designed s few
weeka ngo.
Canadian Trade Commissioner D, II.
Ross has forwarded to Ottawa from
Melbourne u report on the subject in
which he Btates that the sites for the
principal buildings for the capital having been determined, It Is proposed
that competitive designs shall be invited from nil parts of the world.
Instead of Inviting designs for each
separate  building,   it   is  the  Intention
of the government to offer plans which
official block
parliament house, the capital, administrative offices, public library,
etc., ns by thia meana il ia hoped a
uniform scheme of architecture may
be obtained.
It la desired by the government that
all the buildings be architecturally
barmonlouB. Aa was the ease when
competitive designs were invited for
the laying Out of the city, full details
nnd specifications relative to the com
petition for the designs for the parliament buildings, etc., required by
tlie Commonwealth government at tlle
federnl capital will be forwarded Immediately tbey are available to department of trade and commerce, Ottawa, where they may be inspected by
Calgary, April 15.-   Mayor S'nnott's ,
deal   with   New   York   financiers  who
had practically agreed to take J:! 0*'
00U of the city's treasury bills is off.
The mayor's counsel having advised j
him that the placing of the bills might I
be   construed    as   a violation of the i
city'a contract with the Rank of Mont-
real, by which the bank is giving the
exclusive right tn place city securities
within the 1'nited Kingdom and while j
tbe  Issue  was  taking  place  in  New
York, the financial men through whom
the loan was about  to be made, were I
negotiating for the money in London..
Mnvor Simiott telegraphed his aaso- j
elates here today that he was about |
to leave for Toronto, where he has j
proBpectB of placing about $300,000 In ���
treasury bills with the approval of the
Hunk of Montreal.
his journey to the holy city long be-
1 fore the present set-back of thi?
[patient occurred���in  fact,  when  the
' -oT.dition of the pope was greatly Im-
Angelo was received with open
arms by his s:3ters. who wish to seethe pope surrounded by members or
his own family.
Professor Marehiafavn's visit to the*
sick   room   tonight  lasted  40  minute.-;.
When he left the Vatican he was    besieged fer details, as the aggravation
of   the   pope's  coalition   already   wis
known,   but   he   renewed   bis   assurances that    tbe    situation:    was    not
This statement being received witlj
(Continued on Page Four)
Clamor for Preemption.
Mci.se Jaw. April 15. An exciting
time was witnessed at the Dominion
land office here last night and the
early hours of this morning when lf.fi
men gathered In the hope of gaining
concellatlon on a homestead and preemption near Assinlboia, a new Canadian Pacific railway town south of
Mouse .law The police were called
but no blows were struck and In the
end the land was made over to II. C,
Perkins, formerly of Owen Sound.
Continued Washouts.
Wynyard,  s.aak..  April  15.���Owing
to  the  continued  washouts    on    the |
C. P. R. track In various places, this
town haa had no train service since |
last Thursday.   Travellers with urgent
business  are  driving   2.ri   miles  north
to the C. N. II. and 40 miles north to
the 0. T. P.    No information is available pa to when the train Bt-rvice will
be  resumed
rmar.  Monarch Issu-^ Warning    to
Officers���Says  Self-control and
Restraint Manly  Virlues.
Berlin, April IS.���Emperor William*
Is earnestly endeavoring to reduce th*-*
number of duels fought bv Germany's
army officers, according to an announcement marie a committee of tbo
imperial parliament today by Oeneral
Von Hoerlngen, minister of war.
ills majesty. s:iM the minister, admonished the commanding generals at
his New Year's reception to give their
attention to the matter chiefly tn thi;
way of improving the training or
officers. The emperor followed tbis
up wllh a ircript to the army eallinii
attention to the number Of duel;
caused by officers iusultiug their com
radas or c.'flHans.
This was in lhe nature of 8 warning to the officers to strive against
such practices. It concluded "seir-
control and restraint must be cultivated as manly virtues."
��� ���������������������������������������������������������������  the Ice aituatlon ut White Pish Point.
Lake line or
the Central Park line will be aelected. | Canadian architects.
The advertising which Westminster
Will aecuro through the regular excursions, it la expected, will bo well
worth the trouble spent In Inaugurating the trips.
{Continued on Pag* Eight.)
New York, April 15 -Col. Roosevelt
wsb ln conference today with leaden
of the Progressives from various parts
of tho country, making preparations
for tho committee meeting tomorrow-.
Winnipeg, April 15 From
Montreal to Vancouver In 79
hours Is the ohji Ct of the Canadian Pacific railway, according to n statement made by
C. B, Poatcr, general p-issen
ger agent today. This will be
the fastest transcontinental
train on the continent It is ex
pected that the company will
be able to make thla time for
the whole 3000 milea. The calculation Is based on the following estimate:
An average speed of 50 miles
nn hour for 60 houra. with lii
hours allowed  for stops.
Le Pas, Man.. April 15. Several
firms are now tendering on the con-
ract to erect the wireless station to
be built here in connection with the
.instruction of the Hudson Hay railroad. Construction of what will ba
the Beoond largest wireless station in
��� {Canada will commence ns soon as poa-
it win probably cost $100,000, in-
ili'dlnR four '.'50 feet steel towers and
1, 'J:!0 horse power engine. Mr. Hoche
ind Mr. Km h found the conditions at
this point ideal on account of tho
gradual and continual depression of
he hind toward the Bay.
Federals in Strong Position.
Guayamas, Sonora, April 13. -Al-
I hough evacuating Kmpalme which im-
iiedlately was occupied by state
troops, the 600 federals here late today fortified a strong position to a
suburb of Ouyamas. There ara no
.-uses of meningitis here or at Kmpalme Only one is said to have -developed on the cruiser California uae
time before its arrival here. The fm
tieui died and waa buried at sea.
^ ���Pledl.   IVfO
An liujoiwuejrtvt morning pnptr devoted In the inltre.its al Sen- ll istminster and
the f inset Valley. Published every morni-it; easoepl Sunday to; t'i" Notional PrtnMnj
and. rublwhrnii Itomimiii/, Limited, ar Bl IScKtnutt Btraot, Sen Westminster. Britttli
O^Utnxltia. ROBB BVTBSRLASU, Uanaglng Director
AU oommunicaltons should be addressed to The Sew ir. ���.! ���m.i.-.l. r .Ycir.s, and nol
te ftinuiu.it mtMlMri o) thi ttaft, cim/ios. drolls nnd moneu.nrdert should be made
���fttgaUle <<i   The  Saltan.n  Pruilino and  Pulilishn.il  t   .**ij.i.i
. in  by  I.udy Franklin  In the "Pox
yacht, discovered  on  tbe  west coast
i.i King William's Land, Which is near
the mouth of the Hack or Great Flsh
river, traces and records of Ihe mlaa-
Ing explorers, from which ii was learned that Franklin bad died on June 11,
Some people, however, claim for hlm
the honor Of having discovered lhe
passage of winch he wub In search.
Iviuph aa ���������������������������������������������������
,��� *
��� 0
../ C
ind manager, BUB,
I'.diioiiol itonms inti depart-
r, tl  for three months, itle per
rKl.KPIIIISh-tt���llutlne.ss On
eifBBCRtPTlON RATKB���Bg carrot. J4 per va
th    llv  nunl.  i.i  per  near, 'Jlic per  month.
A nVKftl ISISli   PATHS  on  aii}iliealion
to OORttBBPONDKNTB���tio leturs letn le- publitked Is The Newt except
The editor reserves the right  to refuse the publication  0/
the u rtter's tngnature.
WEDNESDAY   MORNI   10,   APRIL   16,   1913.
Staffordshire, Kng., was the birthplace fifty-one years ago today of
Icaptoln Ernest .1 chambers, famous
.,., a journalist, author and senator.
Whi II he was a mi re lad hla parents
emigrated to Canada, settling in Montreal, where Captain Chambers was
educated In the public schools.
For many years he was engaged in1
ilontreal Journalism and made a name
:'i r hiinsi If as a brilliant writer. Then !
��� he responded to the lure of the wcsl
nd weul lo Calgary as the editor of
he first daily newspaper In what were!
then the Northwest Territories.
liis appointment to the senate, as|
[Gentleman Osher of the   niack   Rod,
I was a recognition by tho government j
i .f  hia  long and  useful  career In the]
! ranks of the fourth estate.    Ills liter-1
ary works oT a permanent  value    in-:
i elude contributions on the history   of
Canada and on hunting, yachting and
u 11 tary topics.
to experiment with vacclni
a  specific for smallpox.
His first successful demonstration
was made in L796, while Jesty, it is
alii --i il, performed his experiments
twenty-two years earlier. The evidence for Jesty Is to be found Inscribed on a modest stone In the grave-1
yard nt Worth Maltravcrs, Dorsetshire, ami Is aa follows: While
"Sacred to the memory of Henja- I lalklni:
niin Jesty, of DownBhay, died April and tl:
16,   1S16,  aged   79.     Ile  was  born  In  Club a
Ye'ininster, In this county, nnd was tion the Fraser Valley farmers nre
in upright, honest man. particularly losing money hy the stagnation In the
poted  for hnvlng  been  the first  per-1 market  ill regard to certain  kinds of
the people of Vancouver are
about the high cost ot living
. New Westminster Progress
.. discussing ihe market sltua
son known that Introduced the cow-
pox by Inoculation, and who, for his
great strength of mind, made the experiment from thc cow on his wife
and two sons in the year 1771."
Today  is tho
wrecks at sea
anniversary    of    two
ln    which    Canadians
board, was cast away near Bardsy, and
Yirty persons were drowned. Two
years later the Experiment, from Hull
..mi bound for Quebec, was wrecked
icar Calais.
As an example of real co-operation the arrangements
which are now practically completed tor daily excursions
to this city and the Fraser river from Vancouver are deserving of the highest commendation. The Vancouver
Progress Club, the New Westminster and Fraser Valley
Progressive Association, and the B. C. E. R. have herein
done a very real service to the communities they respectively represent or unite.
There are thousands of people in Vancouver who have
no idea of what the Fraser and Westminster really stand
for, while the attractions of both from mercantile, from
pleasure, or from other standpoints are to them a closed
book. This being so, it is small wonder that thousands
more of visitors to Vancouver scarcely know of our existence.
Publicity is always in the air hereabouts, and perhaps
the best form of that many sided subject is that in which
people themselves are enabled at little cost to inspect a
place for themselves, either for business or pleasure or for
The arrangement by which a round trip between Vancouver, Westminster and Steveston on the B. C. E. R., with
a segment cf the circle supplied by a Westminster steamer
running down the Fraser, is one which will be taken advantage of by many thousands of people during the summer months.
This step is notable for two reasons among other-'.
First it is to be welcomed as the forerunner of many other
equally delectable trips which may be arranged in this district. We grow so used to our own magnificent heritage
-nf river, mountain, forest and lake, with their innumerable beauty spots, that we have not to date fully appreciated the fact that others would also like to enjoy them, if
they be approached.
Secondly, it points the path along which the Create?
Vancouver and the Greater New Westminster can alone ,, , ,. ,,..,
press to true greatness.   The time may not be yet when mond, the  pur. st  form  of carbon
forces, that have much to do with the present shaping of r^Tjudge Fell's day
the destinies of both, will I.e really unanimous and work in caned "none-coai," ai
perfect harmony, but wo believe that that day will come,|?n\ruXgt8inVltheltir8Sht
and the sooner it does the belter will it be for both.
One i f the moat Bpoctacillar incidents i f the American civil war occurred half a century ago today, when
Admiral Porter, with the Mississippi
fleet, ran the batteries of Vlckahurg.
Both sides of the river at Vlckshnrg
were strongly fortified by the Confederates, and their heavy batteries
vere  al  Iturned on  the  Union  boats.
It waa plainly shown several months
ago that while the Vancouver whole
Balers were bringing cabbage in from '
the American side thai there were
plenty cf that vegetable going to
waste throughout the valley; now It
is lhe large potato crop of last year
that is -causing the farmers worry.
One man alone in the Fraser valley
has seme 300 tons of potatoes In the ;
OltS that he cannot sell at a price I
commensurate wllh the cost to him.
Last Friday n Mission farmer took
three sacks of potatoes to the market
at New Westminster and secured the
for the three
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Severe as was the fire, nearly all of
���he   gunboats  and   transports   passed (handsome figure of JI
without serious Injury. I sacks.
Th's   movement  -was   followed     by j    A locnl denier was buying potatoes
Oeneral Urant'B march southward, his! aome time ago at the  rate of J4  ner
crossing the river, and hla attack on ' ton,   btlt   had   to  shut   down   nt   that
Vlckshnrg frnm the south, one of the'price aa It was impossible for blm to
re vitally interested     On 11 Is dateI decisive conflicts of the long struggle ; handle  all   that  was  coming  to him.
1830, the Newry, bound from New- between North and South, Yet In the coast markets it is under.
to Quebec with 860 passengers on   j8,00(1 thlU ,llp wholesaler is brlmta*
Today is the anniversary of the bat- in potatoes from the American side,
In of Culloden, In 174ii. when the! One says: "Verily, the wholesaler
iroteh, headed by i'rlnce Charles, the Is going tn make the Fraser Valley
Pling Pretender, were completely do- farmer either lose money or else sell
.-ited. This was the last effort of
he  Stuarts to regain the throne.
David Robertson Forgan, who gained In Canada the banking knowledge
that later enabled blm to become   a
financial power in Chicago, was hern
In Scotland flftyone yeara ago today,
nd at 18 emigrated to Halifax, when*
partly through the influence of his old-1 Ana'o'e
er brother, he secured  a position in
Ihe Hank of Nova Scotia.
For five years, from 1NS3 to 1888, he
* is manager of its branch In Fred.r-
Ickton, N". S.    Later he went to ihe
United States, working his way up tol
the   presidency   of  une   of  Chicago's (
eadiug banks.
���, * * * * * ***********
* * * 4 *************
Anthracite Coal.
The first man to Use anthracite coal
.h a  domestic fuel  was .ludge Jesse
Fell, who was hern  in    Buckingham,
Pa., 162 years ago t iday.   Experiments
Ith  anthracite  had   previously  been
made hy two Connecticut blacksmiths,
named Gore, In  1768,  bul  it  was not
1 until 1808 thai .ludge Fell demonstrated the greai commercial possibilities
anthracite was
rl  the early ex-
imestic fuel are
l.t   llle   present
with  difficulty.
furnaces,  grate
������������**x ****** ********
��� (By O. Trrenro.l ���
Fnnce,  Nobel   Prize  Winner,
Bern  69 YearB  Ano Todav.
Jacques Anatole   Thlbault    France.
who won the 1912 Nobel Pri?.. for 111
rature,  was born In  I'aria sixty-nine
. ars ago todav. April 16, 1S44. He
was de third Frenchman to capture
lhe Jin ono reward of merit for supremacy In letters. Sully-Prudhomme
and   Mlstrel   having   previously   cap-
ui-ed prizes. Three Germans, Mom-
���"sen, Eucken and Heyse, ar.. Inclnd
ed In the Nobel literary bst. in which
Jludyard Kipling is the only English
** i] resentative,
Anatole  France  was  the  son  of    r t
bi . ksi Her  In   the  City  of  Light   and
"-ag reared In an atrhosnhere of pnv->
I rty.    He studied at Stanllaua Colleg ���
and in his young manhood was a journalist and librarian in the French sen-
-le.    Th" first hook to hear his name [
was "Alfred  de  Vlgny,'  a  blogrnphl- j
cal study.
This was published when M   Franco i
ia-* twentv-four, and was not without
merit,   although   crude  and   common
nlace when  compared   with   the finish ;
.1 and artistic style of la'er years
V   volume of  verse followed   In   1873
S product at the wholesaler's prices"
Here is work for some market commission and also for the agricultural
���'.mmlssion when it sits In Mission
in   May  next.
There Is no uro talking, the coast
cities, while the legitimate market for
������'est of what la grown in the Fraser
Vallev in the lino cf vegetables, yel
the farmers will have to seek faraway
markets unless the present methods
of the wholesalers are changed.
Thc fruit season will soon be here
and H is claimed by manv that the
cast cities could handle th" frul! of
the Fraser Valley, bul this paper
makes a conservative estimate
lhat enough small fruits are
shipped out of Mission ab ne, to say
nothing about Ilalzlc and other place.-?
to flood the markets of both tie.**
WeBtmlnster and Vanoouver fer the
whole week following. Fraser Valley
Record  (Mission City.)
* |&b��
to   compete   In   the   markets   of   lhe
world on fairly even termB h
Tlie   people   ol   Toronto   mode  the|terested In Canadian method!
-rtvsicimi-y   n   few   seasons  ago    that a settled policy In Australia that thi
isero  wss  not a public  dock on  the | ���'* *   Id   .*.:ii   the  railways,    Ho
���waterfront to which a Btrange vi ... I believed that this was In the Interests
which bad crossed the ocean with a of 'he farmers.
cArgo could tie up and unload. The The state-owned railways had result-
final, had to lie oul In the ba} and ed In a large debt, bn| 'he state had
unload") by teudcrs. The plans a splendid assel and ihe railways
harbor moke ample pro-, were paying a magnificent prof' m
I As anthracite kindles  with  difficulty.    ' "      r,'r;   "! , s,v ^   r"   ,     ,l,",r
ind   requlrea  special   furnaces   grate   ''";,br" ''" '���   instltut,    published In
bars and . ther fixtures, ii was consid-  ,MJ   mad ' ,np ,y(,""*T ttv'lhor fam����3
���r ,*', absolutely worthless before   tbe  ""1   ".""  r"r **'m  the  "v:lri  "f  the
was In   experiments of Judge Fell and other  F!' '" ���A,"",'*m>'*
It wai   subsequent  Investigations proved    ItB      0ther book*> no,p'' r"T tne'r hf*'>",v
grent commercial possibilities '"'���   Perfection  of literary  Btvle,  fol
The beet anthracite  is  found  in  a *'' '*"���   ���*���   r,''*rt succession,    In   ISM
comparatively limited field in Pennsyl- M-  ,'rr""'p became one of  the  forty
|vanla.    The annual   produbtlon  Is In I ftnmortals of the French  Academy.
ior  the  ll
vision for public docks.
In l.c article ill Industrial Canada.
>t is urged Uint the government
i.liould se-e that uny steamer, comply-
tag ��ith the regulations of a harbor.*
- an dock for in.- purpose of discharging or loading  cargo,    lt   says:
"Before the M. reliant Marine committee al Washington last mi nth II
was suti-d that the ral;. ad- control-;
led the waterfronts ot practical!) all
of the big lake ports of the Unlti 1
tcStates, sjid that, by allow:i.i.- . i
������hi ir own boats to dock, tbej kepi
vip  rates   and   neglected   li:.   Ben
"At present in Canada water ;ra; a
i*. r -.ticn  Is  a controlling  fact
ri   ��� adjustment oast  of Port  Arthui
iv i   there   at ������   .1.': cationE   thai
��� i-pilwayB in this countr> an   beglnni
ie ,io *��li��i   th. .rail way a In  the  Uni ���
i t it  Futieft  have  done,
���i/t would be a nu lanchol) i ighi
ty F.ee Ihe millions of dollars now b���������
)i:�� spent In Canada fi r harbor Im-
-provement diverted from their origin-,
i.i purpose to assist In the creation
/J si menppcly for tho railways,
There *S no n-al competition In
���rates between railways sns mi re, In
unci, public policy no longer encour
���ar.eH it. but does quite tho opposite.
There in. b) the railway board, regu
Ssilon of rstea .wi thai they maj bo
uniform and equitable, not compel!'
I Ive   astt\   unsci. Ml I
But there is. and th'r. oughl to be,
-Competition In rales between the rail
\��H.*��s and llie wai.rways The Gl al
I akeo should be lo us a great boon
rftbnHna a naiiual highway for com-
incrce. The waterways should carry
fw.exvy freights that are not in a hur-
iq -awd the rales ought nol to de
(n'tid In any way on whal railway
rM-i'-s on the same commodities I. ���
t-wcvti the some points would le* It
���ahtiiild be enough to pay a reasonable
���profit on the cost of the service;
nad  tills ought  tr.  be  tlie principle
Btrrornlng railway rates as well.
\}S the railways on Uie American
liiih- uf tlie Great Lukes hnve BOCUr-
\-t* control of lhe waterfronts In or-
Act u> suppress boat competition, we
<��ay rest assured that railways on
this side, are not unaware cf It and
nol unwilling to follow a paying ex-
n-m-ple. Bnl the government of Cana-
etx, wit-eli sp-endi vast sums on liar-
born. Hliowld see that Ihey are kept
frwa-nd open.    Tortnlo Star.
the neighborhood of 90,000,000
and the value at the mines about $176,-
tens ;     "*   '"isoiuti   aopearanco
'Mr polished. Br.holarly and
be li ans.    Al  the    Bame   time   th
fn ighi   charges  and. the  fares  would
Btand  comparison   with   those < f any
country in  the  world.
Mr. Rcaddan said that the state in
Australia owned 3000 ratle-i of rail
vnv which had a yearly earning of
C20.0I 0,000.
Ar" the Canadian people less intrl
ligent or progressive than the men
of Australia thai they should continue
io sav to the world "we cannot go
Into  tht   railway   business  like   Aus
*      SCRAP BOOK  FOR TODAY.      *
Birthday of Late Wilbur Wright, to
Be Honored by City of Dayton.
Dayton's recent disaster has temporarily stopped the work on the monument tn Wilbur Wright by which the
people of the city proposed to commemorate fhe fame of the senior of
the two famous aviation pioneers. Today is the anniversary of the hlrth
trails New Zealand Africa er Hus- 0f Wilbur Wright in 1S17
��� a; wi have to leave such matters while a native or Indiana, mo-t of
to our ra Iway magnates"? ihls life was spmt In tbe now stricken
le railway corporation, not   r-jtv of Dayton, and It was there
the largest one, Canadians have. In
- * -.'-.. grants and guarantees eWen
: ,. ' . ill.- enormous amount, of i'lZn.-
000, anil ih" people do no. have even
a sid" Station house to show for it.
Th.- same companv has its eyea . n
the Ottawa treasury al the present
moment for $17,000,000 in cash. In ad
dition tn the $���*���),nnn.nno secured ns n
L'ift ai the last session of parliament.
The people nre watching premier
llorden Reports from Ottawa are
'. * lull Lug.
Premier Scaddan is lust a plain
her with a Blrong mind, a strong
character and the splendid courage
i f n fine Australian citizen,
'.*,' . would Canada give today to
have a plain progressive fearless man
r the h.-ol of aff.vrs who Instead
nf permitting capitalists to stick both
hni da Into Ihe treasury and help
lu :���*-. Ives   t"   millions  of   lhe   hard
* arned   r.  j   of   the  people,   would
stand un and declare that the money
"ie sco'fp ,md Jeers of the natives that
he and Orvlllo completed the first successful heavier-than air flying machine
While Dayton's misfortune will compel
a postponement of the memorial plans
'  is certain that they wll eventually
M. France
Inti ll-ciual
-i representative type of the French
literary man. In politics li" is a So-
Clal'st, in religion a sceptic and ng-
nestle, whose vast cowers of cat're
have efteti been turned against Christ
lanlty and the church.
lie  is a little  less  sceptical  of the
Claims of science.     Ills  literary  s'ylc
I's simple aud direct, and these ni*;ll-
ties give It both  force and beauty.
Sir Charles Assheton-Smith, a prom
Inent figure among English Bporta
men nnd the owner of a number of
famous thoroughbreds, will be sixty-
two todav. Sir f'hnrles was Charles
Garden Duff until some eight yenrs
when I", changed his name to Asshe*
ton-Smith, He has heen married three
t'mes. Ills first wife having been a
daughter of the second Uird Vivian.
he carrhfl out The
lined by the Wright
mission Involved a n
which there 'h to
bronze to mark the
first  aeroplane  v.nr,  r
scheme as out-
Memorial Com-
emorial park in
be n figure In
spot where rhe
nde In Si ptem
ber, 1904, hv the Wright broth .
Despite D-n ion's umt.* natural In
credulity when tho "crazy Wright
boys" first bogan tinkering with their
'or.Ilsh "contraptions," the city Is now
intensely proud i f iheir achb verm nta
The recent flood came vnr destro)
Ing the Wright  ci ii* ctlon  of m .|. 11
litis.   >*<*c '* <      ind    *'-* '** ll -*;    Iho   ������   i*
ers stopped just  short nf the building
u  which the priceless collection was
it, -,-,\
The unpretentious home of Orvlllo
Wright and  hla slstir and  ihelr aged
ir.   Blahop   Wright.   ��ns   flooded
bishop was transported tn sifetv
while Orville nnd his
was   Collected   frcm   lhe   people   to   he
used  for  lhe  people  ami  then acted *���;,.*.,
' ...; lhe progressive Australian lines The
so   worthy  of  being  followed   bv  Can- |n ��� bmu
oda   and   other   countries  that   have ���sf.,.lr,,,,* -n n motor lr.,rk   uh|rh
'' '""   "<<'���'���    '���"'   ,!"""h   rt   powerful, to plough through  four feet of water
private Interests?    Winnipeg Tribune
Justice Willis Van Devanter,
United States supreme court, Is a na
live or Indiana nod was bom a' Mar
lon fifty four years ngo tomorrow. He
followed the example of his father I"
adnnting the law n<: a profession Ad
milted to the bar nt twenty-one, he
practiced in Marion abet three yc-irs
j when he hi*..! west n���fj hung out hir,
���-fhlnplc '., Cipvi.    Wyo
' '. Ion? fn '''.-"t*- ponied
���vltli '-'lo to Its rdnt young att'irn
ov -i'-'1 ���-������' '���'.��. '* ���*"*. o'n'e legists
turn and la,-*T made him cUv attorney
I He <��� t* st'll in his twenties wher
!'������> ���'��� . t ''���.-��-'son snnolnted hit"
.-h i f Justice i f the li frltorlal Bupreme
I vi r he ������ i ct to Washington n* ne
assistant attorney ginct-al and Ihrei
years ago he was elevated to the s**
preme b"rch of the remibllc Justlci
van Dovantor is a robust, virile, up
standing man. with o youngUh 'lea',
shaven. Intellectual  face topped  with
In  Great  Britain.
1 ��� ndon,   Vnr I l*hc    Interview
which  the prime minister grants .--ach
vear to a det-'iia' :-i of the parllamen-
��� ��� committee " the trades uni' n
congress was held recently In Mr As-
:*.:,,.'s room In the house c.f commons.
The subjects reviewed were, as ns
"al. verv numerous, including hous-
nc electoral reform, bakers' working
���nnd;tions, and compulsory paym
if wages on statutory holidays. A
I-., -I'i-.i rr the more general interest
wns the iintlonnllzntlon of railwnvs
."���I of mines, hut Mr. Asquith'a attl-
ttite towards the suggestion of the do-
-.n'-i'Ioti   vv-is  not  encouraging.
Mr, Asqulth said be a*cd h's collea-
*"ii*s were heartily In sympathy with
the desire ef the denization tint the
necessan- nnd compulsory expenses I
pf elections should be transferred
from the candidates to the cornmun-
'tv, He di'l not quite share the view
thnt It wcnld be possible to hold all
"lections on Ihe same day.
Thortcr   Polling.
lie I1'ought tlint thev would find
In practice that would add very much
tn the cost and lead to a good d'-al
nf Inconvenience and embarrassment
But that the reriod of the polllne
ought to he very substantially curtailed be entirely agreed.
���\s  regarded the  nationalization  of
mines,   he  did   not   whether  attention
had been called  lo Borne Information
j recently laid before parliament in re-
' '  <*  ,arf(  to |)1P operation  or nationalization  ln  Prussia
lt wns not of a verv satlflfTVorv
kind, nnd did not tend tn encourage
a verv sanguine hope ai to what Hie
-epetitlnn of the experlmp-el .*n-��de
'hern would produce in Great Britain.
When thev had regard tn the enormous variety of cond'tlnns under
| w-hl"h the mining Industrv wm carried on, the highly speculative Ingredients which entered Into it. nml the
complexity of the wholn system or
production and management he con*
fess.si lhal he should look with very
COns'derabla hesitation upon nny pro
possl to transfer the mines, ns a go*
'ng concern, to the mnmigem. nt Of
the  state
Railways   and   State.
He quite ngreed that railways stood
I on n different rooting In  Ihls respect
fr. m   mines nnd  moat  other  produc-
large extent controlled and Interfered
with iheir operations, In fixing rates
and so on, and It was quite true lhat
it was contemplated by parliament at
the time when railways were originally built on a large scale thai under
certain conditions, they might be ta-
ken ovi r by  the  atnte.
That contingency has always been. *'
] at any rale, a possibility which those
Who invested  their money  in  railway
enterprise   were   Invited,  and   indeed. ]
bound, to contemplate. But there were;
practical difficulties of a very serious j
kind In the anpllcation of the prlncl-,
pie of nationalization to the railways
lie   was   quite   sure   that   any   such
operation,   carried   out   on   reasonable
and equitable termB, would be Immed
.lately followed by verv large demands
from two entlroly different quarters
frrm   the  trsders   in   the   matter  of
rales  and   from   the   workers  for  better conditions as to wages and hours:
of labor.
Tli ��� i n -.!���'��� -'iv advance In the net i
receipta which had been forecast that i
day  very  likely   might  come,  but   'ti ]
* Istll *.* Iltloi -   would,  ll"  sTO""'v
suspected, be swallowed up before the j
railways had been  In the possession
. f the slat" for much more than 12
When our fathers crossed  the ocean,
In   the  glorious  davs  goto*   by,
Thi *���  breathi d their deep . motion
In  manv  a   t.*ar  and  sigh
Though  n   brighter  lav   before  them
���rt"i>i "... . Id, ol I l md that bore ihem,
uicaiioiiH. agreements of sal*- .i.*.*,in.
is   I, UrrH,   etc.;   circular   work   iip��*-
All  work  strictly  iM.nfkl..nihil.    H.
room 41 s Westminster Trust nik.
Mil. !���' T. I'. W1CKETT, A. 11
I.. I.. C. M.. Supervisor or Mus
Westminster Schools, Organist
Avi ie��������� Methodist   Church,   Van
r Ives puiiilK fnr tin pianoforte
singing and  theory.    610  Fifth
New Weatmlnster.
C. O.,
V..   NO.   H!,i     MEET!
and   third   Wednesda
in k. i.r p. iinii ai ������>
dictator; J. ll. Prloe
i ON first,
,s In each
*,.,,.     II   J.
1. 0   O   1*. AMITY LODOB NO   n  -The
regular   i ling   ..f   Amity   lodge   No.
11. I. i). ii. P., la held every Monday
night nl t. o'clock In Odd Fellows* Hull
corner Carnarvon and KMhth stn-vi*.
Visiting br.tl.ern cordially Invited,
ll A. Merrlthew, N.O.; J. Itoberison,
V <; ; \. c\ Coathom, P. Q., record-
Ins Beoretary; H. W. Sangster, fiuaii-
dal secretary.
>r a M.mim. l.i.l I���Funeral directors
in.i . tni.iiiintrw Parlors 40B Columbia
treet,    N.w   Westminster,    Phone  -JliS.
i: PALES Pioneer Funernt
id Bmtmlmer, m:-cis A��me
posit.- rurriegti' I.ll.riiry.
i  st reet,
And  all   the
That  laud
wide  world
*.* as Canada.
kni ��-������  now
Id ftt-litu,    sollritnr,     etc.
1H70, I'able n-lilrews
|     Code, "iVemirn Union "      om
Block, '..'.J Columbia street, N.
mliiHier.  11. C
Ti iepbone
:-"'���  line  up  nMd   try  us,
Whoever would deny ns
nt Th" freedom of our b'rthright.
And they'll find us lile a wall
For  we  are
Canadian    Canadian   for-
forever    Canadian    over
BTILWBLL CLUTE, Barrlster-at-law.
Bolicitor, etc.; c.rn.r Columbia and
McKensle streets, New -Westminster,
B   C    P.   O.   Itox   112.     Telephone   710.
Solicitor    and    Notary.    Offices     Hart
l.!...*k. It. Ix.rne slrti't. New Westiiiln-
ater, B, C.
Our  fathers
This land
came  to   win   tis
beyond  recall
And  the aame blood  flows  within  us
or Briton, Celt and Caul
Keep alive each glowing ember
Or our alrelnnd.  but  remember
Our country is Qanadfan,
Whatever may befall.
Rn line up and 'ry us,
Whoever would deny us
The freedom   nf our birthright,
And they'll find us like a  wall
For   we  nre   Canadian    Canadian   forever,
Canadian   forever    Canadian     over
Who enn blame them, who ran blame {
If  wi   tell   ourselves   with   pride
How n thousand yenrs tn tame us
The  roe  has cPen  tried
And Bhould e'er the Empire cord  us.
She'll   require   nn   chains   to   bad   us,
For  we are   Umpire's  children  -
Hut  Canadians over all.
Then line up nnd try us,
Whoever would deny ns
The freedom of our birthright.
And they'll find us like a wnll
For we are Canadian   Canadian forever,
Canadian   forever    Canadian     over
William   If.  Drummond
Iin.   vV.   r,
.     MARTIN     ft
and   Solicitors.    *
r Trust   Block.    .
McQuarrie   and
06 to fill
; I-: Mar-
Hi-. . i ft  L.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Tnitrt Blk. Columbia siren.
New Wr-st minster, B. r. Cable address
������Whiteside," Western Union. P. Q,
Drawer ?nn Telephone r,:i W. J,
Whiteside, K. '*.. R L. Edmonds, I>.
H    J.   A.    Bt'UNETT,    AUDITOR    AND
Accountant,   Tel. it l*n.   Room U2
I    Hart block.
Bter Hoard nf Trade m��-ets In the l���.���ri1
r.wnn. City Hull. BS follows. Third F'rl-
day nf ench month, quarterly meeting
on the third Fitduy ol February, May,
Aiiirtist and November at i p in. An-
mini mei-tluKs on the third Friday of
February. H, IJ. Btuart Wade, Bccra-
"l hid
the day,
of toil
five coiirsea for ma denner
" boasted a born handed run
n the top of n Hridge of Don
Five coorsos. What wnr
asked    hia    fellow passenger.
Hon.  John    B ��� id 1 -....    11. mb -    ���
V ,..,i   -tnslral's    giv-ps  Bee  valuabl
ir'f..mint ion to I be i tlzenc    ho he u ���'
liis Kildrci-.s befori   tl    '  ��������� ��� '   a Club
on Wednesday,
Western Australia, he said, was o
ltttl*" time ago looked upon na an al
���m��mt barren area But this Impn b
skm h;u been lar gel) dlf.countennnced
nud good progress was b Ing made.
tv speaker quoted Btatlstlca lo sho��
tlie ili'vie.pmeul  ol   llle state.
tt di pi ndi d  lar ��� ily on agrlci
.unit as  farmers  the world over bad
Thia is the anniversary of the hlrth
of ttint "heroic sailor soul." Sir .lohn
Franklin, who was born in IVSit at
the little markel town of Splllsby in
Lincolnshire about live miles from
the  birthplace  of Tennyson.
He em. ri d  lhe  Royal  navy ..    the
i age of fourteen, and  waa present at
the   battle  ot  Tr: falgar  at '   at   th
! disastrous a ' '������'���< on ..'��� w i   loan    li
i ,��� ���.ibi ���,  I -11.    lie command, d ��� ��� *���*
ml   c-,i lorlng    expedii ...    Am
, ,.,    *. < ���     m   last,   in   '. ���''    *.t Ith
iwo tii,ps lein.t .1  ihe "Brebui      and
������ i. rror" to seek tbe fatal nori
paei   gc
HIb vi ss. Is were lasl spoken In the
same summer, off the entrance to I.i
.*, ���   Sound.     After that  tliere  can n
-       ,,f  tho explorers,  and  between tin  years 1841 and 1857 thirty-
  Spi ditlons v ere dispatched from
Kngland and America In search pi tli>.
(OBI ''I
Finally,  Captain   McCllnttjck,    sent
Jenner'a Claim to Fame Denied
Nlnety-Beven years ago today ther'.
died n' Downshay, England, n poor
farmer named Benjamin .lesty. to
whom, in the opinion of many, Im-
longa the credll rot discovering vao-
cinat'on. Dr. Kdwnrd .lenncr, an Kng-
lish  physlclnn. was the first  scientist
Bister Rr'ny hlllr
He   Is   about   the   handsomest   in an
that hns sat on the sunTeme bench e'
I'ncle's Han's l-iel fr r ninny moons
He Is fond of outdoor snorts, espec
lally golr, hunting and fishing. Noth
ing thai Is human la alien to hia sympathies, In which he rt'ffrr, frnm
many men In which the judicial tern-
perment ia strongly developed,
*      THE MANAGER'!
O O ��� ����� ��� ��� ��
, CORNER.     ���
S rf the mi ,|
Id i ti Ivertb
at Ini Irti ��� i
vour   goi d��.
Of nil the teen: huslnrsa i i
ine Is the gn nl
Vou   bpjlevi
Ti II *..'    ii  In ' ��� ve,    Belief
com in'*, i
A dow n rlghl I ict may be
told In n  ph .  and   wo
want downright facts at the
pn Bi t.t n or. than .anything
It la nol how many words
yi 11 have in *,, r advert!: e-
11 ' ''I. I .' In **. *��� el] those word.'
1 I  *���  ur i rl,. li
And   Does  Not   Reg-M    It���Views   or
Home   Rule.
London, April 15 Referring to thc
fnct that, he took up nrms ngainst
Oreat Britain during lhe liner war, A
i vneh M P for Wi st Clare, told a
meet'm- ef Irishmen at Stanley, calmly if Durham, thai "net only did I
���������-ht whit I consiiii r< d the battle  i t
liberty,   but   never   for   mie   mi m
from ih it time to thla have 1 regretted
thiii  I took up the rifle.
"Althi ugh I did fight for the liners
In South Africa, yet ir England were
to i .* n't.o I.i d by any foreign nation, I
\ ��� io lil he one of the flrsl til take up
lie* rifle for Kngland."
tlve  industries.    The state  to  a very
"Four boatlcs o' beer an'
cheese," wns the reply
biscuit nml
hi gll
' lai
for (
��� Scottlih emigration Season Ins
I, and three liners have left
;ow with nearly 2,000 passengers
an ida and the United Htates.
A factor
for pure food
ante-dating all state
and national food laws
IP puce's
Rxf] ��i   M     at****.*** m nan
- . -faCREAMTf:���^
No Alum���No Phosphates
Be on your jjuarrt.   Alum Powders mny be known by their
price    10 or 25c. a lb.i
or one eenl au
rr>,\\. MINlNf, rlKhts
ii Manitoba, Boakatchew
die Viikon Territory, tlu-
il.s and  In a j..,iilon
if the Dominion
n   und    \...... in.
Northwest Ter-
r ttie Provlnoe
of British Columbia, may be loosed for
term of twonty-ons years at an iinnuai
n-nlal of fl an lien.. Not more than l;!i6S
���nn h will be li-iin.-d to one applloant.
Application for u laaas must be mads
by tn.* applicant In person to the AK'-nt
or Bub-Agent ot ihe dlatrlol In which the
illjiilH applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land mum bo
described by sections, or legal iub-dlvl-
il.tns of Meet Ions, and In unsnrveved tivr-
rltory the tract applied for .sliall Im
staked out by the applicant himself.
Qach application must la- accompanied
l.v a tee nt tn which wlll be refunded If
the rights applied fnr aro nol nvallahlo,
'���nt   nnt   otherwU-k     A   roynli v   -ball    be
naid on th�� menftiantabls output of th��
mlnfl nt  thn rute of flvr crntn ih>i  ton.
Th�� pemnn operating the mine nhall
furnish ihe Agi-nt with aworn returns
acoountlng for the full quantity nf m-nr-
Chaptable coal mlni-d and pay the roy-
illy thereon. If the conl mining rights
ire not being operated sjoh returns sfululd
be  funilsherl  at   least   once  a   -year.
The lease wlll Include the oiitl mining
rights onlv. but the leasee will he per-
mlttid to purchase whatever available
snrfsce rights may he considered nnveft.
siny for lhe working of the mini, at tho
rate of Jin an lu-rn.
Per full Information application should
be mad.' lo the Secretary of the Depart,
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Ag.-nt or Bub-Agent of Dominion Uindo.
W.  W. f'OltY.
Deputy  Minister i.r  the   Interior..
N. ii Unauthorised publication of thta
advertisement win not bs paid for.
PHONE   R 1031.
Fmployment Agency
l'nunpt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New WeBtmlnster, B.C. WEDNESDAY, APRIL  16, 1913.
No partial    payment
*     accounts  until  -further
Have Oot To
During the Coming Fourteen Days
To rai�� thc balance of the HM* **tx*xh**e by May Is,  !���������. Ag^*-* ��S\^Samt^mfm\t^i ^Trrp^rff^^^^^ta
��!*3 !��&S^��&S SS SfrS��& - * Trl S&3U now until fnrtber no.ic,, so don', led offended if our salesmen refuse you credit.  	
AAcso    f*-i*jr^ ^raaiR-flK
IlllWlW^mmmm -J^^^W
Our Immense Stock of Carpets and Rugs
Are. offered to yeu at prices lower than you havo ever seen in this locality:
$i.r>(i Wilton Carpets ant offered at, per yard          $1.85
$11.50 AxiniuHter Curpi'ts are offered at. p.-r yard $1.85
|2,00 llrussells Carpets an. offered at, per yard $1.60
(1.60 Brussells Carpets are offered at. per yard $1.25
$l.an llrussells Carpets are offered at, por yard        $1.00
$50.00  Hums, Wiltons or AxmitiBlurs  .  $41.50
$40.00 Rugs, Wiltons er Ax-minsters       $31.75
$36.00 Rugs, Wiltons or Azmlnstera $27.75
$25.UO Hugs, Wiltons or Axminsters       $19.75
$20.00 Rugs, Wiltons of Axmlnsters $15.65
$16.00 Hugs, Wiltons ur Axmiufclers $11.75
112.00 Ittigs, Wiltons or Axminster $9.50
Ingrain Bedroom Rugs   ��� $3.50, $4.50 and $5.00
$1 60 Nairn's Linoleum; special cut price        $1.20
$1.25 Nairn's Linoleum; special cut price $1.00
Remnants of Inlaid Lino, at, per yard ...   70c
All Our House Furnishings
New Mea'sFurnishings
at Cut Pricts
Very special low price on Dress ShlrtB;
300 coat styles made from an excellent
cloth, in strlpeB, mostly blues, black and
hello: each $1.00, or 6 for $5.50
200 Hats, soft folt qualities at $3.00 and
$3.60; what is left of them go at    .   .  $2.00
Heavy Work Box;  2 pairs for 25c
Finest  Llama Wool Sox,   3   pair   for $1.00
Heather Wool Sox; per pair 25c
Men's Thin l.'uderwear at 25c
Men's Medium Weight Underwear at 50c
Men's Balbriggan  Underwear;  por suit 90c
Steel   RangeB  at  $40,   $45   and   $50.
Mull, utile Ranges at $45, $50, $30, $65
and $70.
We have everything for the Kitchen���Dishes. Cutlery and China and
the cut prices represent great BavingB
to you. .  .
Dining Tables
At   Big   Reductions.
Solid Mahogany Dining Tables selling for $'30.   Cut Price $48
Fumed Oak Tables selling for $60.
Cut Price       $38.50
Every grade of Extension Tables at
Cut Prices $35, $23, $23.50, $19
$15.00 and $9.50.
Everj piece nf Parlor Furniture,
every piece of Den Furniture, every
piece of Sitting Room Furniture is
cul in price, Borne 20 per cent., others
30 per cent, so the BavingB to you nr"
Sanitary Couches. Il.-.l Couches,
Lounges, Cedar Boxes, all at cm prices
for quick Belling.
ThiB Iron  Red at $3.95
Spring at    $2.75
Mattress at  ....       $3.00
Just about one-quarter less than regular prices.
No house in B. C.  will sell you   as
good  beds for tho money as vou  wlll
find here    $15.00, $17.50, $23.50, $25.00
and $30.00.
A new lot of   Baby Cabs   arrived   on
Saturday last: nil go at cut prices. Wu
are bound to raise the amount we need
on May 1st
Baby Cabs .it $6.50, $7.50,   $8.30   araf
$9.50, $10.50.
Carts at $12.50, $15, $18 and $25.
Extraordinary atttractions iin our dress goods section
72tnch Twilled nnd Plain Cotton Sheeting:  per yard 35c
80-lucB Twilled and plain Cotton Sheeting; per yard 37','2c
90-Inch Twilled and Plain Cotton Sheeting; per yard      40c
Dainty H   8, Pillow Cases, 42 inches wide; each   35c
42-Inch Circular Pillow Cottbn; per yard     19c
Three-quarter size Grecian Bed Spreads        ...$1.00
Crash snd check Towelling 8' 2~
Whlto Washed Huck Towels      IBs
Large size Thick and Heavy Dice Hath Towels, each 25c
Useful White Hath Towels; good size        ...  Two for 25c
6-Inch  Kngiish Long Cloths in lengths of 6 to lo yards.     Taking   the
Curtain Bungalow Nets
45 inches wide In Greek and Scroll design; per yard 37' ^c
Pretty Sliell Pattern Bungalow Nets; reg. 65c. for 45c
Spi clal Clearing lot of Cold Madras; regular 45c 25c
Charming lot of Colored Madras Muslins in rich and box patterns; reg. $1.00; Sale
Odd lot tf Quipure Nets; per yard
10c and 12' jC
Lntest patterns of Scotch Ginghams; per yard 11c
34-inch Best Scotch Ginghams in stripes and checks all at 18'/^c.
Pretty selection of Hurd Wearing Prints; per yard 7' 2z, 10c and 12'/:.c
Remnants of Prints, Muslins, Tapestries and Flannelettes at half price.
674-678 Columbia Street, New Westminster.
'We Furnish Your Home Complete."
Cash only; credits
Stopped until further
whn can spnre a little time in ti good
cause for the children and for the
olty will h ��� heartily welcomed
Durum  tne   week   the   various  com-
Imlttees have been getting into shape,
}the chairmen have   been    selecting!
I their  assistants  and preparing   their
Our  May   Day   festival   ia   year   by   estimates,  and  these will  he  submit-
year  gaining   additional   charm    and 11|1|1  in dlln (,0,,ra(, t(, tha m,.etlng to-!
Interest throughout the  province and   ,,-,.,,,
The Sword Dance
A feature oi the dancing
which wlll
'"""," while at he same time the
Canada, while �� J��� work.
factl. never lost sight OndyBimpiy  ^   	
j    -m. Mnlteard   Sword   dance,   cue  of  the
Iscences  and    sug-1 BWprd   t]anoe8  0f   Northern   England
time���, native sons w|)) ()ii described more fully nt a
om   British   Colum- (h((i   )]n( ,���,,.,, ,,  ���,.,.,. i���, noted
er.' tha?" Is  purely  and  simply    ^y^n'May'Day  is  <lm Klrkby]
children's festival.
Therefore   remm
oestions from old
"nd   ^Ylaewhe'ri..  from  any  one
bians ben' ���,(??JWor hir fellows some-
who can tell hia.or n ���
thing that may be o   help ��
,ur'hCr he^t'general or historical in-
0f Twill be welcomed a. contribu-
Sotl column by the New West.,
This  evening  at  8   oclock In  the
���amenta   and   getting
ready for Friday
May 2.    It
Is hoped ft""
Umi six boy.-, from St. i.ouis receiv
oil their fir-.*.', lesson on Saturday last, |
and  won  lhe highest  commendation
from their i acher, Miss Lena Cotsworth,
The origin cf the sword dance If
wrapped Iti tho mists of antiquity,
but there ts sufficient evidence extant to show thai the custom was
associated -..iiii religious rites.. The
sword and the sacrifice sre Inextricably Interwoven, and with this In
mind  It  Is  worthy of note lhat  this
11 known Scottish sword dance
The Ribbon Dance,
tif the three country dances  whi. h
will he Been on May Day, the ribbon
dance is perhaps the most simple. Below is a description.
Ill  sets of 24.    Twelve girls and  12 j
boys.    Hoys on    right,   girls    on left.
Number off in  ones  and  twos.
Ones face down; twos face up
Ones go over, three step* and turn,
twos under, three steps and turn.
Reverse coming back. This Is repeated.    Last couple stands still and holds j 	
up ribbon. (They are called the Arch)
Leaders turn outwards and skip! Cloverdale, April lii. Following a
down the line, each girl throwing her complaint laid by residents on the
ribbon to her partner as s)io reaches i American side ot the international
he place where the top couple and boundary that the sale of liquor at
succeeding couples turn outwards, and the hotel iti Surrey municipality near
not  until  this place Is reached. iBlalne was being conducted illegally
Excuse that Council  May Find
Necessary to Build Own
Council could not see their wa> clear
to assist in the building of the new
hospital an tliey were ol the opinion
that the municipality wc-uld before
long Hnd it necessary to 'unild a ni w
Of 16 applicants for the position of
municipal engin'Wr, Mr .loin, Mcllugh.
of North Vancouver, was successful
in landing thc post at a salary ot
$1511 per month, services to commence
at once.
ready lor rriuiij, .....,,  -.
Hint as large a number of citizens usi Umi
possible may be prr-""1 '
i sldi
will be performed for the first
. as far as can be learned, out-
of Ita native moors and fells by
Boys hold ribbons up In a!r as they
,kii down to moot partners. Oirls
ud boya meel at bottom, girls tnk<
ribbon, both pass under arch and
k';i to top again, holding ribbons up.
First couple face opposite way and
ikln down under ribbons of ail line
to bottom, whero thoy form aroh In
next repetition ot whole dance.
Repeat   whole figure, ones now
lOmlng twos and twos ones.
  ,^_        .      .   M.rt t0 be the boya of St. Louis College,
uat week's meeting is earn w      , wpn, ���,���, ar   ,ls
, word  in i'""11 v;;r "."'n H and "ally performed by grown men. but
tbe first of these yearly event t evla8noed by the West.
thf more ****����*��&���& beSer  minster hoys gives   wuruca   tbat
lie se<
n around the
noiint of dc
they   will   not  suffer  at  tbelr  hands.
K is an enomjua amou. ��om��|���>   ^Ka are totally dissimilar to
tail  to  be   a'tenopu   i",
A marriage has been arranged between .lamei, Currie, C. M. t!��� Prln-
i clpal of the tlordon College, Khartum,
and Hilda Beatrice, only daughter of
the late Sir Thomas llanbury, K. C.
V. O., and of Lady llanbury, of Lu Mor-
tola Ventimlglla, Italy.
the Surrey counc I at It; last meeting
received  a  communication  from    the
attorney general, Hon. \v. J, Howser.
stating  that he had received a letter
from  bis    majesty's    ambassador    nt
Wnshlngton asking that an Investlga-I
linn bn made and if the complaint was'
well founded, requested that steps be
taken to remedy conditions,
i    A  letter  from   Mr. J. H.   MoCallum
on behalf of the Brand Council Royal
Oak Templars of Temperance was received regarding tbe same matter.
The clerk was Instructed to reply that
an Investigation had already taken
place and no broach of the. law had
I been found.
The Iloyal Columbian hospital board
I aro to bu advised    that   tho    Surrey-
North Yakima, Wash.. April 15-
Five hundred Creeks, working on the
concrete lining of the Wapato ditch of
tho Pacific Power and Light compauy
quit work yesterday and threatened
the lives of an euglneeri and flagman
whom they beld responsible for the
(loath of one Of their number. A dump
car of cement went over a bumper on
the bank of the canal and was overturned on Drakos Karajos Parojakles,
crushing htm. Standish and Burns, the
flagman and engineer, are blamed for
the accident liy the Creeks.
Hans Heltner, the Greek consul In
Tacoma, telephoned Coroner Fred
I Shaw yesterday afternoon asking tbat
lhe hold an Inquest to determine If the
death was due to criminal carelessness
| and the enquiry will bo held Thursday
I morning at tho scene of the accident.
[The accident occurred a mile above
I tho Nachee power house.
Winnipeg, April  15- F.  F.  Bradley,
bookkeeper for  the  Empire  Sash  &
ikior  factory  is  under  arrest   In   the
Central   station   and   will   appear   In
! court  this  morning   lo  plead    on    a
charge of burglary.    He was dragged
I from   tinder  a   bod   In   a   fashionable
South  End flat last night  about 9:30
' by  the tenant and a friend  who had
Just returned after spending the evening out.
When brought out of his hiding
place he put up a pretty strong plea
* for liberty, saying that he had a starving wife, was out of work and had no
money. In spite of the prayer he was
taken to the police station where the
first search revealed a huge roll of
bills and an  electric  flashlight.
Bradley is about 27 years of age and
come to Winnipeg from Toronto and
Oshawn, Ont.    lie Is married.
they wish to sink a well on their prop
They send for a local "diviner." wbo
surveys the laud, twig in hand, ajid
locates the presence of water by ita
means, the. twig making a distinct
Percy C.rifflth. secretary of thn Institution of Water Engineers, explains
that once, wben he waB experimenting
with a twig, he found that tho move
ment to which "such esoteric influences were attached," could readily tie
imparted by the unconscious action
of that wrist muscles. Ho has little
doubt that the movement is so produced In cases where a person may
have a reasonable or even a subconscious expectation of TindiuK
, water.
Water Diviners Ready to Make Claims
Good  Before Scientists.
London.  Aprll   15.    So  much  scorn;
has been poured  upon  the claims   of;
the water diviners that some of these
gentry have   undertaken   to   demon
strnte  their   powers.    Several   scientists  of repute  have promised to at-'
tend the tests.
In  several  country   districts   land-
owners never think of calling   in the j
services of a   water  engineer   wben I
-I   i ii ���������������-'
Women's commonest ailment
���the root of se much of their
ll-health���|promptly yields to
the  gentle  but certain acBoi
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's
-NATIONAL ONIM MID ******** **.
OF CANADA, USUTIB. ���**&*. www
���Confer-E    with   Japanese    Ambassador
..Over  Proposed California Alien
'���Lj.-ri Holding Bill.
Washington, April l.r>. BSorU to
Drov. r.i friction between tlie United
-Stites and Japan over ihe proposed
California alien land holding bill were
continued today by Presldanl Wilson
and Secretary Id'yan in oonfei 00068
with Viscount t'blnda, the Japanesi
ambassador.   The ambassador called
first nt the White House tti talk with
the president and then proceeded to
t*he stale department where he conferred  with Secretary  Bryan.
Therr wa3 no announcement as to
���the natnve of the conferences, but it
van admitted that the California problem  was under discussion.
Without o-ffendinR the people of
California by any official interference
with their legislative proceedings, the
president and the secretary of state
unofficially have conveyed to certain
influential persons in California the
hope that the projected legislation
would not be permitted to -take a form
that would justify the Japanese gov-
ernment in asserting that it cons-tit ntod a breach of the treaty obligations. The purpose of today's conferences, lt is understood, was to us-
C-fertain whether the Benate bill as
iunendid still is objectionable to
J-.U.-.I. ami if-iso. In what respect.
The ambassador is said to have indicated that further changes must be
made in the bill before il can be said
to bo acceptable to Japan, and that
tin no changes must take the form of
amendments to place all aliens on
even terms. The Japanese government contends the h'U In its present
state does not do this, in spite of the
assertions of the promoters of
measure In the California senate,
the discrimination contained
firs!  bill lias been removed.
It v.fls polnled out today that as
it stands, the hill would permit the
subject nf a European state to ac
���quire land in California by lhe simple I
process of declaring his purpose to
become n citizen rf the United Stall ta,
vliil > the Japanese cannot acquire .
Cinrensliip. It is admitted thai il ;
���wo!.'.' b" difficult to amend the meas* J
tire to moot this objection, without j
developing strenuous opposition from
tfce larR" European colonies in Call-
flj i io
Tie negotiation!} nre being carried
on very cautiously, and i! Ib assumed
that the Japanese ambassador ts com
rani Seating with his government al
ev, . -.  step in the exchanges.
NEARLY $14,000,0(10.
(Continued (rum pane onei
Incredulity, ths physician remarked
that if there were any real danger he
would have remained al tbe Vatican.
or would go Ibere during Ihe night,
which he did not Intend to do. Still
unconvinced the correspondents arranged to watch his house to ascertain whether ho returned to the Vatican before morning,
The Spanish Bmbisssdnr tcdiv
vlslt��d Cnrdlnal Merrv Del y*.| tie*
pnnal secretary of state, nnd li-n-iir."'
regarding the progress of the pone Iii
"...   "   of   Kit"r   Alfonso,     At   r.e
same fine, he said he btiil bee" dele-
sated to express the fepllngs of the
Spanish royal famllv for tha kind
thoughtfulness Of the holy father, who
while ill a nil while the whole world
was trembline for his health had sent
his congratulations to the king for his
escape In the recent attempt against
hl�� life.
Each change for the worse which
lias occurred in the nnpe's condition
hns decreased llle feeling of optimism
regarding his recoverv as It is realized
that each relapse withdraws some,
thing from the vital forces of the holy
Its-sue Bulletin.
Rome. Aprll 1"*. Mrs. Marchiafava
���*>d Amici Issued the following bul-
lei'" tonight:
"The  pope's tetiiporMuro  tonight   is
above toll degrees.    The bronchial affection Is somewhat  worse.    The uen-1 be chart
.ral condition of the patient continues
llr. Amici remained in lhe slrk rnnn
until midnight, lie made hourly note
of the sviniitoins, which wero com-
municated by telephone to Ur.
Marchiafava. Both ngreed tbat the
eot-diticn of the pope practically was
Toward mldnighl the pope slept, and
���'"���rtIv afterward Dr. Amici rvt'iril
to the ante chamber. The pope's
s'stors I. f: the Vatican, but his
nephew. Father Parolln, remained on
watch near the pontiff's bedside
Owing lo the increase. In ihe
perature and    a    frequent
pulse, the pope gave signs I
able restlessness, and at
d difficulty in breathln
Time  Limit for Filing Claims Against
nlc   Expires and   125  Added
to thc List.
phla  manner
the   stirring
oh   occurred
in   the   slricl
ken  dls-
"The Prince of Pilsen," lhe tuneful
musical comedy by I'ixley nnd Dialers,
Will   be   lhe  atlraclion   nl   lhe    opera
house ibis evening.
II   has  been  Ihe lot  of  few  musical
��� uin d.es lo survive the vicissitudes of
:i half dozen seasons,
���f Pilson"
alone and
bul "The Prince
New Ycrk, April I.". There were
116 clailPB filed today before tiie time
limit expired for registering claims
against tbe Titanic   These amount to
$2,132,807,   and   bring   lhe   total   now ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Claimed  for loss of life and property I '���' Pilson" seems to stand in
and Injury  tn nearly  $M,nno,non. alone and  Its  re-current   visits
Among the large claims submitted I '0 add lo Ils popularity
today Is that of Ellas 11. Nalseh, who
is executor cf the estate of Charles
N'atsch, who was drown, d. The claim
is for $150,0(10. Corn E. Fox asks
$100,000 for the death of her husband,
Stanley Ii. Fox of Kochesler, N.V.
::.����� York, Apnl 15. With the
serving of subpoena on Mr. John l'
Archibald yesterday ii was learned tbo
Slate Of To.*:.is has begun a .'"lil
against tho Standard oil Interests to
recover approximately $1" 1,000,0 li
for alleged  violation of the anti-trust
��� latutea t f that Btate,
The substance of the allegations of
the attorney general of Texas is that
��� lies Strndard Oil    company   of New
York,  New  Jersey,  Kentucky,    Ohio
lis familiar story has always an nlr
of freshness, its songs are dainty nnd
ooetic and the Luders music suggest
ipoutaneity and Inspiration rather
than    the reminiscent    pilfering   of
 made-to-order compositions.
 . .  |     Manager Henry W. Savage has kept
MEMORIAL the company well up to the standard
DEDICATED YESTERDAY I llxed by the originnl performances. In
! vocal slrcnglli the present company Is
one of the best yet heard Jess Dandy
will aga'n be seen as llans Wagner
with "splintered speech." Lottie
Kendall Is tlie widow. Norma Browne
the Sidonle, and Fred Lyon Uu
a'*.,I it,diana practically ure under one
Ci ulr"!     in  short, il  is set  forth tl''!
the   Standard   OH Trust   still exists
and operates the Magnolia Petroleum
c,impany as its Texas branch,
The suit is declari d to be the out
cii.te    ol   disclosures    made    at     the
hearing ou    the    Waters-Pierce   Oil
eoi-.ip.i..;- litigation in this eity n few
months ago. The action Is not for
i.am.ig.-s.- but for penalties for alleged
infringement of Texas laws.
ost ueiicious
Sold iiulj la IraA ruclKi.    Uf ��ll Orocrra.
IIM.IIZHl   Aft litU   ST. IOI IH.  IHL
New York. Aprll 15.���Today, the anniversary of the sinking of Ihe Titanic,
men prominent in church, business
and Shipping circles assembled in the
Seamen's church institute, on the lower waterfront, to dedicate the Titanic
memorial lighthouse tower, erected to
the memory of the men and women
who   went   down   with   the   ship.     It
Btands on the corner of the Institute "Kerry (low" in the title of the tea-
building overlooking the harbor and "*r" n\m at the Edison theatre today
will have a range ot 12 miles. It will and Thursday. This photo plav was
1 by the government and a produced by the well known Kalem
time ball will drop from the flagstaff company right en the "Ould Sod" and
at noon each duy for the convenience brings in the actual scenes referred to
of masters In adjusting shlpB'chrono- in the book by Joe Murphy from
meters. ' which  the drama   was  adapted.    The
The dedication ceremonies consisted  production  is In  three reels, all    ol
of brief addresses by Bishop David H.  which   are   cf     exceptionally     bich
Greer and others. quality both   from   an entertainment
��� ������  ' standpoint and  In  the manner which
Underground Conduits.
Calgary, April 15.- According to It. i
A. iirown, electrical superintendent, it I
iB the intention of the city to replace
ull overhead wiring in the downtown '
section of the city with underground :
conduits. Fourteen miles of these
conduits have been completed.
Bitulithic Paving
���������������-a-aiim nn.  in������i *-*-x-x---m--------m���������-------ammaa-amm-^*------m--*m������
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
ie meeting wltb Iho greatest favor  wherever laid.
meeting - f
lonist   club
niont. the ii
April 15.- Addressing ;.
the Belfast Students' Un-
recently,    Major    McCal-
*...  mi tuber of parliament
tern-1 ���r��r East  Antrim,  sa'd  that  speaking
Irregular more as a  sr'd'er than  a  politician,
, f consider- be wanted  to tell    them    that    they
times again  -fust have erKani'sllou end discipline
Now    York,     April     lii
physicians who yesterday
Hospital  tor Deformities
IMaoasea  to  inspect   the
visited the
and Joint
casoi which have received tbe Fried
nans tn atment found a patient of an
cith. r port wbOBQ progress toward ri
c-ovei*}   astonished them.
She was Rather Harris, a young girl   .,..,,..
who al the Triangle fire had her nei*..
j-inil back brokon ly a slide and plunge
clown the elevator shaft. When picked
��p Bbe was thought to be dead.
Whin the physicians arrived at the
hospital she was going through her
dally exercise. To their astonishment
.���thev saw lier walk calmly up and down
stairs and then write at a typewriter
wil.h ber right hand.
For weeks she was strapped to a
flat hoard with heavy
<*A to her legs aud her head and steel
.-.Hirl i.ailn r harnOBS holding each bone
-in pla-Be. She could not speak. The
fractures that were interfering with
Tner spinal cord wore induced to heal
and whal had been regarded ns a hope-
lews rase was changed by surgir.il darling into a convalescent one.
Washington.    April    16,    President '
Wilson cut away from his regular afternoon program of receptions today
aud  consulted  a  number of  senators
about the prospective appointments.
Senators Vardaman of Mississippi,
Lafolh He of Wisconsin. Martin and
Swanson of Virginia, Fall of New
Mexico, and Warren and Clark of Wyoming, wore among those summoned,
to   the   White   House.
Tlie president Is understood to have
discussed only minor appointments.
Senator Lafollette said he had mentioned no other Eubject Senator
Vardaman, however, chatted a tew
mlnut.s about expediting the tariff
bill in the Benate, commending the
i president tor his effort to get prompt
Mr. Wilson is giving Ills attention lo
b of minor appointments and ex-
nectp to i*..ik.* rapid Inroads this week
Into the list ol postinasli-i ships, many
nf whieh wi in io the senate today.
Above all things they wanted to avoid
disorders. Anoth��r important matter
which he wanted to emphasize was
hit rt nutting every   confidence   in
their leaders.    If Ihey could not  keep]
they are produced on the screen,
Th.- story relates to the time when
Ireland was in trouble with the crown
soldiers. Patrick Drew, without his
children's knowledge, n irtgag i h
farm to educate his son Five year
later, we find Drew haa been unable
to lift the mortgage ai I knows nc
way which to turn for relief. Vali t*
tine Hay. a land agent, In love with
Drew's daughter, Nora, believes he
can win the farmer's daughter through
Die father, and to make his course
clear Iie plans to eliminate Nora'E
Bweetlieart, Dan O'Hara,
Hay.  with  his  hi nchman,  O'Drlve,
An  Eclair headliner entitled
In three parts. A true picture
ef   Parisian   stare  life  worth
going mili s to si c.
The la.l from the land of the
Blarney Stone an.l his
in a Refined Irii h Conn dy
Singing  Sketch
Special Scenery.
��� *         1        ���                       ���*
Cr**  ., 1 ���
. ���
'. hi'-''  .    *
���    1  -**M'i'i^'
Ift W $*��Sh   y^^Le\mmmm\\\
*j7m*a\��**��� *^*"-^-*^-****sa^sa^sa^sa^sami*a^sa\
MW ���**
Bitulithic cn   Seccnd Street
Nei. Westminster with
the Centre.
Boulevard   D'.wn
l: liillthb
hi ���**.. -' fei '
Bllullthic is
Is   nois.'li
;*.. d. abov
and city
���ss. nnn slippery, practically dustless, easy on
b all, particularly durable, I-'i r these rea ions
d highly l>;  owners of automobiles and horses,
officials.    It has hen adopted liy fifteen -v'ltieB
IU li ���
WOUld   lose
which   was   necessary   to   successful
action, v. 11 (her military cr civil.
iie had much too high a regard for
the traditions of tho British army.
Major MoCalc^Et vent to put forwnrd the Idea that there should not
i * nnv f ���-������I of d Baffect'on among the
',:-. ������;'�� !'*.* was satisfied that any
r, i���', i -,: seal ont (o do a jcb do Its
duty, but speaking deliberately as a
inior . .*'-.- '-il officer, he 1. :rl not
the sllirhtesl hesitation In Bavlng that
ihe prospect of being ordered to
Ulster to take action againBl
Ulster m. ii, was already having :
oo -*t ;-.. rlous effect on the foundation
of the British army.
to themselves, then they Bchemes to have pikes found In Dan'a
thai element if Biirprlse. shop and carries out his plot with tho
result that though Dan wins Drow's
consent to his marrying Kora, 'he i i
arrested by the crown sold'ers. Raymond Drew, ,0 sister (���' N'nra, learning nf the mortgage fn bis falher'-i
farm, determines to enter his horse
for the Kerry purse, hoping that he
will win the race and win sufficient
money to pa,y off h's fathi r'a d I t.
And from this the Btory goes on in
a myriad cf com plication 3. Raymt nil
wins Hie Kerry purse and ; at - ofl the
mortgage. Hay. through the conies
loyal ',slon cf a drunkard who is a confed
eralo of his, is Bent to Jj',1,
Another big f* nture nl  thi   Edl ioi
tin aire today and  tcmorr   ��  are  thi
moving  pictures ef tbo horrible Ohio
flood disaster,   These are particularly
OF JAIL  clear and    distinct   and    show- ln    a
One Of thi
aide CO
. i, *.v really enjoy
lortd  com.-ilia.is
iu Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
I Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Singing the latosl  New  Vrrk
song BiiccesBes,
A rip i* : ring Keystono
 C* medy	
Afternoons: 2 to4:30
Nifjlits: 7 to 10:30.
.Matinee 10c. and 20c.
Night, 10c. and 25c.
Children 5c. and 10c*.
at all Performances.
Phone  Seymour 7130.
717 Dor
on Trust Building. Vancouver.
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Hide.
London. April IS. During the de
%jat'* 'n the conimonH yesterday on f'ap-
���tain f, Sandy's motion aiming to adopt
-ennpulsi ���.-> military training in England, r..|. Seeley, minister ol war.
���Si-'lur.ii that Die people v,ould never
tu-niitt   the  forcini; ol  such  training
Auburn. N. V.. April 1',.-  At a mass
meeting of cltlzcna tonight which hundred! of strikers attended the threat-
.   -      . ."ind removal of lhe International llnr-
ighta fasten-1 .,.,,H,rr company's tv. r'l  ..as d s-
: cussed and plans proposed m amellor-
i ite the strained industrial conditions
' :ti Auburn. Labor leaders in charge i f
the strike at the International Har-
: rester and ihe Columbian Hope companies' mills defended Iheir poaition.
The manufacturers were not represented.
The meeting adopted a resolution
expressing tin- opinion that with a
little moVe patience and effort on the
part of both sides the differences conld
be adjusted and thus save the citiy
from the great financial loss due to
the moving cf the cordage mill to
Tin- resolution also urged the Inter-
nat'ona! officers here lo delay action
npo'-i th.-ni and the government therefore would nol adopt il.
Mr.  Bonar i*nw declared thai  new
need!-   required   new   meamireB,   and.'
therefore,   he   doubted   very   much   it
��� he people would really seriously ob-
MiA to universal training.
Wh,',* speahin;;   on    tho    measure
i.or.1   chniles   Beresford   referred   to
..he i.,mr.- danger during war time as
like y  to result  from tlie use of aero
liHMtrn     lie believed  that  the likell-
feoo-l  of  danger  with  aircraft   would
���afiHi-.  not fmin lhe me of bombs, but
CrORl  the dropping of petrol cylinder; ;
nhii-h would be employed In attempt
��nft  to  *e\   fire to the arsenals,  dock ,
.yar^'r   nnd  barracks ol  the . mn.y. i . ,
fun UlO deckB of bat ;ii .:.,).:*.
until tin- enure strike matter could iie
nubmltted lo Hie state hoard i f arbitration ter Bettlemi nt.
Winnipeg, April  IB,   Two    hundred!
j tailors 'i'i.. have been on stris" so>ce
\i r11  l  will go to work   again    this
morning as lhe result of an sgreemenl
* .. hi u I.'*: *... n tie- strikers and the ���
'mt reliant   iijlors    whereby    th" men
���a ll   receive  an   incn asi    i :    I .   per
; :ent. en  th" previous price on  pit *
., tk
j    The strikers asked fer an  Increase
, of  17  pei* e.uit   and  were offered    a
jrai��e   u > per   v....,   ;" ���} iii'.;   ;,.
, frlendlj  . m1u,i,,;c Of letters the above l
San Francisco, April 1" The estati
of lohn A. Benson, who was said t >
be worth over a million when he was
Involv d   in  the  Oregon  land  frauds
amounts lo onlv $431, ".'���* .u'l'ti-- to tli,-
filial account of his afTa'rs til* d in th.
pn* hate court here today. This la thi
amount that ihe public administrator
will turn over to ills widow, .Mrs
Grace Benson,
Mr. Benson was servit.:: a f leral
sentence of one year when li" was re
leased hy reason of the illness which
ended with his death two vars ago
It was found by the administrator
that Benson had spent the hulk of tho
wealth trying to keep out of prison.
Accuse Each Other of Murder.
Prince Albert, Sask., April 16
-Some weeks ago, following the dis
covery of the dead body of Charles
Bruggencoie, an Italian, on the trail
outside the east end of the city, tin
oilier foreigner, I.ouis Itaiz. related
to the authorities a slory today thai
he had witnessed Ihe killing of Bruggencoie, t.y a compatriot. Emery Ki
vinch. Kavlach was committed for
trial. Today, however, he turned
around and telling practically the
same story that Hat-' had told, accused   llatz   of  the  murder.
French Aviator Drowned.
Nie.. France, April ir,. Louis Oau
dtirt, a well '.cn'ovi! French a *i:.t r
was drowned while making a fllphl in,
.-��� hydro-aoroplane in rronl of lhe
pigeon shooting rr. ���,������.:.-���. where a large
number of special rs were admiring
hi . evolutions Th** hydroaeropl .till Bl i's equilibrium, ihe b ri wing i ut
the water, the spp :������ it.ua fit d a".I
plunged in", tit" di pths Gaudarl 'e
body has not been recovered
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts mid letters of credit
Hold pajable in ail pane uf ihe world.   Savings bunk department hi
all   branches.
New Westminster Cranch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D.  D.  WILSON.  Manager.
Wednesday and Thursday
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Ireland by the Kalem Company.    A     Magnificent
Reel  Production.
*w.-|Uith Replies to Hardie.
lomlon, April 14. Keir Hardie, th.
firrtei! Socialist, asked I'retni. r Asqulth
vo fhe house of cnmmotiK today
wh�� ther in view of the proposed gift of
���bfttiUtj-hipH now having become n mat
���'trr -.)T scute party controversy in I't.ti
.uli, In would take thc opinion of the
<ayai��i"i concerning the advinaliillty of
��w,r.��-stim; to the Canadian govern
fnor,-t thai tbey drop the proposal, Pre
inuo Asqulth replied: "I <in not thin!
it wodld lie proper for the govemmenl
to interfere in a inattor which is en
tirilj one for the consideration of tbe
fauaiiun government." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ii.iu- -ci-ii,. Pint. Former Hotel Clerk Jailed.
Italian Strike Riots. J     M( r.,. i ..... .\���nl ;:,     The short bill
Mnmarook. K v..  Aprl    ir.        Mljlnterettlnj  career of P   l   Rarnbreck,
Southeastern WestehfBtnr   ct i    I    formerly   i hotel clerk at  .^oioitoon.
Wick patrolled today I :��� armed (juards came to an abrupt termination today
nod di-puiv  sh. rirr-i    to i" enl    :i ��� ���    whon  In- w;n- rciitenced to one year'B
petition of yeoterday's Btrike r'ota In imprlBonmen! wllh hard labor, -���������"'���r
T..),i,.i, ,���.,. ...riv,..* was viHed and - pleading p'.tll'y to * i rnunta of ut
deputy     tnorlitlly    wounded     Siierlff  terlng  ivortllless    clu hroughoul
settlemenl wa8 reached Tba friend
|Ileal rclallona   were   maintained   be.
tween the two parties throughout the
I -strike.
Dynamite   Ice   Jam.
Calgary, April 16, -To forestall the
possibilities of a flood in South Cal
' gary. the Ice jam in the Elbow river
A.m dynamited today. It took eight
Bticks of ihe explosive t" dislodge one
Immense pi.ee of Ice and when It fin
.ally commenced to move ii pwept one
of th,. pj. rt. "f the I.owes bridge with
it It is now believed that all danger
haa bi en averted.
the ,3
CrltU-e nivrce Bill,
Ottawa, April If,    There iiu-  hi en  J
much criticism In tho i "ivm ��� I,ilia com i"
tniitie  "iin  Beeclon om r  iio- dlv
.bills which come recommended by t
jevu*"-   'I'-'ir'-"  committee,    Oa  bcv
eral 0(d38lonil ttt'.'."���'��� rt* of the com-
laions have registered their opposition
io bills fcoiny; on to the house without
j further evidence heiPE heard to estab-
j lish   JiiBliflcallon.
Boyle :.aid Hub mon,ine thai li
the s'tuatlon well in hand and
pi cl. d DO further ontbreaks, Tho
atrlhers, mostly Italians, demand In
creased pay and shorter hours, The
mm '.noiit in directed not only agalnsl
road contractors, laetorion and tho
New   fork,    New Haven and  Hartford
railroad, hut against tin- country
-estates oi a number of millionaires
whore Bold forces are employed.
i.   i   the proi .in-.*.
Broke Her Neck.
Ottawa, Vpril 16, MIsb Fern Wll-
loughb;, 21 rear's old, eldest daui hter
of Mr. and Mra s J. Wtllougbbj in
Instantly k lb d this afternoon on the
lawn In li out of her home, when hi r
motor en which ehe was cranking,
suddenlj started, pinned her agalnsl
a irei and broke lut ui i k,
Hang "Human Tlijer."
San Francisco, April 1" itUSOl
Oppenheimer, known lo ('-iliforn ,-���
:,r,-.on officials tin lhe "Human Tiger,'
and aald to be the mosl danger ua and
'vicious convict In the country, mus1
hang for a letiK series if crlmoB, In
eluding three murdori. according to a
decision of the United Btati ��� supreme
*-'ii,*rt received by Ihn ma 'Ini i oun i
court ti day. F,v cutlv ��� cl
ill lha' can savo Oppenhi .... :* ni i
P^^rccni Wlrrlcrr. Enquiry,
London, April li, M t dny'a enquiry Into the cabin) I di tillngB In
Marconi shares, Oodfroy Isaacs was
again i xamlned in n gard I . the .-.I
leged campaign ngalnsl members of
iio* .* iblni t whieh in* ��� aid i n Vprll 10
It-id he.-ti engineered by iwo members
of parliament tin mi '��� tho I'oulson
bj dlcate, lie nanu d Major Vrcher
sheeii in and .lohn Norton Orlffllba n
tho tv.. membera he referred to. Both
ih...e men deny his statements,       I
of-llg's Timely Topical  Special
Floods, Fire and
Ruins of Dayton.
Vivid, Realistic Motion Pictured ����  th��  Nation's    Greatest    Calamity.
i r����   tnd i,��nl   Mir.
Sae. a.-Ad Treat.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Store Fittings
Ws  am  gpccially  equipped  for   manufacturino   store   fixtures
I  be  pleased at any  time to submit   free   of   charge   drawings
modernizing   yr'-'-��^>-- **
Phone It!!
"A Day that is D?ad"
/,   Drama   Adapted
Tennyson's  Famous  Poem
' Erea��      Break
"Tightwad's Predicament"
F t\-zc Comedy,
Miss Frances Hamilton:
"My Wild him Rose"
OUT btore.
Beach St., Lulu Island. J
Tickets at Lowest Rates
To   p.ll   Eastern   dcetinationa  and   to
ic* ftupori
Btowiirl, MnsBett,
nnd Soattlo.
Unlit*: i, Granby Day,
Friiiayi   Alerl Bay, Hardy liny, Rivara Inlot,    Oot
Charlotte Island (direct Bervlce, fnst lime),
i.iturriayti    Victoria  and   Boallle,
'i'h.tu* cooni ellon al Prince lltipi
wa> traina (or points i*;.i. i
L'U l*ill
oan    I'ftlln,   (juprn
rl  with nrand Trunk  Pacific Rail-
to ii,-i,-i it'ti.
B.MIT11, t'   P, n.
t Seymour 8134.
A. \V. R),
527 Granvllh
A. P, U.
w**s***ass**m*shwshhwa*asm*memm WEDNESDAY, APRIL  16, 1913.
PAGE  *!�����
B. C. E.
R. Enter a Team in Place of
Independents���Allan   Purvis   Honorary President.
*        OVER   THE   FOUL  LINE.        ���
be    waa    prealdent  of the Atlantic
league, and conducted fight clul.s iu
Philadelphia during the winter. With
.lake Wells, the old time ball player.
Harrow built the first vaudeville
iin:.ire in Richmond, Va, Altogether
tin- career of the International league
prei id. nl has bi .11 one of varied interests nntl spectacular commercial
ail ventures.
lie litis gniie broke many times and
os often has refused to become a millionaire because or his love for the
"rolling stone" life.
'lhe Inlc rnalloniil league has as good
a bunch Of managers as either of the
majors, Joe McQInnlty's detection
leaves Newark, which finished third
last year, a somewhat unknown factor. Joe Kelley, who grahed the flag
for lhe Ontario metropolis last year
Is still at tlie Toronto helm.
Qanzel continues as the peerless
leader of the ex-champion Bochestera
and Jack Dunn again heads tlie Haiti
UK-re bUOCh, (Mytn-er at Buffalo, Hran
rield at Montreal, Smilh at Newark,
Sohalfly at  Jersey  Cily and  Donovan
at Providence completes the managerial roster.
Wallace's   aggregation   of   ten pit
  Iartists received a trimming   on   Hi
Club   alleys   last   evening,   losing   two
withdrawal of the Independents' ""��� ,;f three to Peterson's outfit.
High   score   was   notched     agalnsl
Wallace with 200.    The scores:
i      2      ;i
Tlmmer nm   mo   133
Sinclair ut
in favor of (be B. C. 10. It., the election
���of officers and committees to arrange
a schedule and playing grounds, form-
<d the features of the annual meeting
of ihe city Baseball league held last
-evening In Nat Jameson's pool emporium.
Tlie decision of the Independents after making a strong plea for admission
ut a previous meeting came as a Utile
surprise but the dl legates of the il. C
E, K. wlio were present, stepped into
the breach with the Btatemenl that!
they felt capable of holding their own
wiih any aggregation so tar announced   BO   tbat   Iheir  admission   followed
The secretary's report showed ihat
tlie schedule of is games la.-t season
had been completed without a hitch,
lhe Moose winning nine aad loBlng
three; tho Maple Leafs won fhe an,I
lost seven, while the Balmorals were
found at the foot of the ladder with
four  victories  and  eight defeats.
Mr. Allan Purvis, interurban man-
nger of tlie ii. c. B, It., waa the unanimous choice  fof honorary  president,
Mr. L. A. Lewis was elected president.
the other  officers   being  as   follows:
Vlcepresldent,    Harry    Cibb;    second I
vie,* pr. sid, nt, Dr. Carswell; secretary-!
treasurer,   T.   II    Wilson; executive,
Messrs, Ryall,, Welngartner, Graham |
and  Bellows,
The committee on the schedule and!
also to arrange with the parks committee of the city council for plav.
Ing space were instructed to lose no
liin.. BO tii:.: an early start, ean he
��� All clubs win he limited to 16 play
ers while no player will be allowed to
compete unless he has been signed at
least 1-1 d:iys previous to a game, this
rule tn apply immediately following
ii:.* opener.
Why take spring medicine when you can buy a
baseball, a bat and a glove at our store made by the
famous A. J. Reach Co. in Canada, from 25c. to
$3.50 each.
(ret into the back lot and bat that spring fever
out of your system.
Also a full line of Lally's lacrosse sticks. They
make you hard.   Ask the boys.
55 Sixth Street.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase   and   Sale  of   Real   Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that a Dividend at thc rate of 10 per cent
per annum upon the paid up Capital Stock of this Company has been
declared for lhe six mouths ending the 31st March, 19111, and that the
same will be payable at the Head Office of thc Company on Columbia
Street, In tills City, on and after the 15th day of April, to Shareholders of record at the close of business on the Slat March, 1913.
Hy order of the Board,
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbia Streets, New Westminster.
<;;rr rd 	
Peterson   ....
Hatlson   187
Wegley  IRQ
r 109
Chaput .
V N. Ot!
160 476
71s 2143
3    Ttl
126    391
166   472
133   "12
120   r.tit;
sat;   713   km 2217
Hou3e   Lea-puc   Ptandinn.
IV t
Peterson  ....
Ingi  ���"  ....
. 565
Wall ��� ���  ...
 1 ���:
Whitlam   ....
. 238
Alderman  Kellington     Elected     Presl
dent with Ken Mallen Manager���
Game Saturday.
j Bonier and Stallage.
At Washington-Philadelphia;
Washington .
j Sl.  Louis   . . .
Cleveland ...
New York  ..
' Boston	
. <jOU
Alderman A, B. Killington entered1
a new ride last evening when be wa.-
elected president of the Balmoral
Baseball club for the coming season.
Although in bis choice of sports, ta
croaae takes lirst plate it was f. it
that his stand taken on several occa
Blons for clean athletics wuuld work
In harmony with the baseball game In
this city, his election to tho presl-
:   dency of the I...1, bi Ing unanimous.
Ken Mallen, better known In the
hockey world, but, who, it is whispered, has mad" quite a rep in caste.-:,
baseball, will manage the Hals this
season a d has called the first prao-
tlci tor this evening at Queens park:
On Baturday afterncon the team from
Players and Officials Will  Visit Club  drew;   executive,  Messrs
Oregon   Bey  Defeats   K.   O.   Ercwn  In
Fifteenth   In   Heavy   Stuggi-.g
1/os Angeles, April 15.���-Cud Ander-
Columbian college and tho Balmorals son, the Medford, (ire., lightweight,
will hitch up at Queens park in an ex- knocked out -Knockout" Brown ol
hit. tlon :t::tnc. V. ,v  York in the 15th round or tlieii
'lii    officers ''    led    laBt    evening  scheduled  20 round battle at
were:    President,    Alderman    A.    E   arena tonight,    .lust a month ago
Kellington;      vice-president,   W.     1."   day the same boys fought  20 round
Maid tn; Becretary-treasurer, V. E. An |to a draw in the same ring.
Transmutation   Claimed    by    London
, At a met tine of the London Chemical Society recently papers were read
by Sir William Ramsay and Professors
Normal) Collie and H. Patterson,
which assert that the authors have
done one of two tilings. They have
achieved clearly and definitely the
transmutation of elements or they
have  evolved  matter  from  energy.
At the outset of hia paper Sir William referred to "the mild incredulity
with which some years ago tlie scien-1
tilio world received the announcement
that  he  and ��� Cameron  had  obtained
lithium  from copper."   He then de- i
scribed further the expeniiieiit.swiiii.lij
resulted m tbe discovery.   In gold X
ray   bulbs he  bad  discovered  helium. I
The   joint   paper   of   Messrs.   Collie
and Patt.-r.-..n dealt with the discovery
of the presence of  neon  m hydrogen
after tiie 'passage of an electric dis- ���
���charge through hydrogen at low pres- j
.sure.    Tlieir  experiments  carried Sir I
William Ramsay's work to the further!
point that both neon and helium had
��� been    produced   from    substances     in
���which they were previously uot known I
Cor. 6th Ave. and 12th St,
Headquarters for all kinds of Furniture, Furnishings, Stoves, Ranges, Washing Machines, Wringers, Dishes, Glassware, etc., etc.
Headquarters for the famous "Sunset Sewing
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
CONTRACTORS ��r,����t,?
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Rooms  Today  and   Arrange   fer
Equipment and Hourr.
id Jimmy Price
Herb   Ryall
r. Kea Mal
The j!:i> er =i and    officials   of   the
Salmon Belly team wlll visit the club
al  Qui * ns park Ibis afternoon
In order to figure out   just   what   is
wai,ted in the way of equipment.
Manager Olfford is expecting every
Standing cf thc Clubs.
Anderson bad Hrown all but out in
the Ilth round of the contest but thi
:;, w Yorker recovered and pounded
Vnderaon into a state of collapse in
the final moment.
It was to decide the supremacy that
the battle of tonight was arranged
with ." match with Joe Mandot or Joe
Hirers in May or July as the added
prlxi   to tbl   winner.
N'o player resil!   :g and  workl n ; ���.���.iJorTtVm-Tmi'io'ho "on "deck when .vancouvi
the city will be allowed to play with
any other team in the il. C. league
other ihan with New- Westminster and
iii the City league.
. 000
arrangements for practice nights will | victoria   1
bi  made. Real training wlll commence I geattje  ......'.  o
t.t  Monday ovenlng at 6 o'clock on   Portland 0
��� the Bame time play with any te.ito    ;,,. QUeena park oval.
Vny  ord r  f. r equipment   by    thoi 	
BBSS | players moat    be accompanied by   a c-mvert Win Flrat.
signed ord.r. according to Mr Olfford, Tacomil| Aprll i8 superior pitch
who. while not planning to stint the , bj ,,.,,, fnr vanoniivrr won the
purchase of material In any shape, It   (     Qj 0 c,f [Vli BCBOn ������ ,,,,, ,,,
determined   to  run  things  on a  busl
i.i 5j mcthi d.
I Continued from p-me one)
Main   Store    193-4-43
Sipperton  Store    373
Went   End   Store       650
Club I.c-iking fer Whippets.
I* iston, April IB M( ml i rs of the
eastern don club are scouring Km
lend, Canada and tho United States
for whippets to inter In the big handicap race to be held by the olub ahout
June 10, Already there are n entries,
enough to assure four heals and a
flni 1. Kvery dog entered 'oust bo own
i d Iv a member of an eastern dog cluh
bul th" number of entries that each
may make is unlimited.
��� pi ning gnme
cal * roi nd      He lefl Tacoma t*> four
hiis and war, never EeriouBly In din
Ci ncanni r.  was found m
��� tune   times   by   tho   visitors.
The crowd wan the largest ever at a
baseball it.une In Tacoma. Lieutenant
Governor Hart pitched the first ball
The usual opening day parade wae
held  beforo ihe game.
Score: R.    H.    K.
Vancouver    4    io     1
Tacoma      1      I      '
Batteries: Hall and Lewis: Con can
mm and Crittenden,
Spokane  Takes  Opener.
Spokane.  April  16,    With Governor
Brneat Lister pitching the first  hall
thereby   inaugural inti   tlie   Northwest
Vernon   ""''-" *"*> "'
0 tl     to be present.
i   There were various possibilities.   It
mipht   be   that   the   elements   of   the
tube in electrolysis gave neon or helium under the influence ol the discharge.    This   gave   ten   or   a   dozen
elements to choose iroin as the source.
Again, there was a chance that hydrogen was tlie source, or it was possible  that  they   were  dealing with  a
primordial furui of matter, the primordial  atoms of  which, when produced.|-
lifd all the energy necessary for form-1 .
ing   a   world   by   the  combination   ol j
these atoms. \
Atoms ol elements which will be!
lound in heliuin mid possibly In hy-1
drogen were present in a nebular
Btate, and they were present in ttie
experimental tube. Possibly the elec-
I trio current directed the Uow of these
atoms with the lull force of its energy |
���;i and, with the phenomena of heat and
light, the elements came into existence.
At any rate, one thing seemed certain- elements could  l��- changed, and
they could be changed in a way very
different   from  the   way   t..at   radium
was changed.   In ita case the proce&c
could  neither be hastened nor retarded,  but the present phenomenon  was
artificial, and a  further progress was
occurring at the other end of the sys-
of   atom   producing   elements   of
The discussion waa I low atomic weight.
Messrs.     Michaud.     De-       The   old  idea  of  the   transmutation
(Prince Edward Island) I of elements had to be altered.  We are I
of Moose Jaw,  and  the j coming now to know  more of subato- 1
was  moved   by   Mr.   Mc-   ">ic matter, and it had to be realized
j tliat the old order changeth, yielding
' place to  the new. i
of!     Frof.   Arthur   Smithclls   began
A full line of Spring Tweeds, Serges and Worsteds for
both ladies' and gentlemen's suits.
Eighth Street.
Dunsmuir Block
bei a   made   in   trying     to     force
through the house under closure rules.
The adoption of this course const!-
���iitiii ti great Imperial tragedy. Kven
f the I illVas finally passer] the ralue
.f the gift  would he mucb  impaired
iy the facl ihot Canada's action had
ippor i *..,.,,��� taken, not by the unanimous con-
i tn of the people lut  In spite of the
vil ws of many.
He  predicted  thai  some    day    the
.-ii!"s would be Invoked to deprive the
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122. Q. E. GILLEY. Phon. 2��>
Phon-aa, ORlcg IB ��n* ta.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we wil] sell for cash only   I
their prlvilef
continued by
mors. Hugh. I
and Knowles
Craney  of  Saskatoon.
Ventilate Grievances.
t. h. Mccormick |
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B. C.
' his i i made right h tre
i ��� i,t mo, from Fraaer Val
ley .: ilry herd i, and for quality an I rlel tn ss is excelled
by i ine, Vou ean buv thin
milk li. large 20oz. Una at
;...>��� or our Btorea for, per
tin        IOC
Mi ont y'a Cream  Sodas, per
pall  30-C
Canadian Wheat Flakes, per
package   35C
Swill's   Mincemeat,    per  lb.
Foster Clarke's Custard Powders . |0�� I5< '"���<��� 25e
Schopp'fl Cocoanut.... \Ot
20c ������'"��� 35C
Ralston'a Health Cocon, per
tin   35C
.Tr.ck Johnston defeated Randy
Ferguson In 10 rounds at Hoi.
i: nny Vanger deflated clarence Kngllsli "in 10 rounds at
Kansas City.
Harry Forbes defeated Bis Mac-
wey in 10 rounds al Findlay. 0,
���Packey McFarland defeated
Kid Goodman In I." rounds at
Davenport, la
Rani     Langford    outpointed   Al
Kiihiak In six rounds at Phlla-1leagui
Sam McVey knocked out Jim
Stewart  in six rounds al I'aris.
Mr   Knowles Raid that  he knew ...
cases in western Canada, where home-   discussion winch followed the reading,,
steads had heen taken from men. even   of the  papers by saying that he was  '
though  thev  had  performed   the  re- breath]ess    at    the    announcements )���*
ern league baseball season here today I quired duties on them, because they   made,   lt required courage for sclent!
the   Rpokane   Indians    captured     the | had voted  Liberal, and given to Tory   flo workers Ut bring forward such, re-  .
opening (tame from  Portland largely heelers. aulU.   The obvious crIUSlSm.was lDai.1,
tlironi-'Ii  the Inability  nf  the  visitors I     In   view   of  such  circumstances  as. in   tlie   experiment   enormuus   weight |
pitchers to df-'.lver tlie goods.    A Ugh! | those, the opposition did  not propose! was   necessarily  laid  cm  tlie  spectro*
rain   fell  throughout the gr.rne.
Score: 11.    H.
Portland     8     ti
Spokane   6      T
Milti S'.ore, 005 Columbia St.
Snppcrlon  Store, 317 Col. St.
West   End   Store. Sixth  Ave.
and 12th Street.
* ntv "Gravy.") ���
This is getaway day for the int< r
national   league.  Kdward  Grant   Har
row's gnat  organisation  of baseball
talent, and. unless all signs fall, II  is
| i going  to  lie  "some race."    The   I'M"
11 Champions, Toronto, naturally want ti
I repeat, and  Rochester, having formei.
I  lhe pennant  habit In  previous years
Ib Jur.t as anxious to come back.
Baltimore, the metropolis of the eir
! cult, which knew the glories of tho
major league Orioles, is filled with
I fans clamorous for another flag, and
l the ninnagement is doing Its best to
', oblige. Five other tenniB, according
to tin ir managers, arc reasonably cer-
jt'jln  to  finish  In the  first  division.      Ht. Louis
Ed. Harrow, the president of the ln-  Boston
' Icrnatlonal league, is one of the ablest | Hrooklyn
dictators  that   ever  ruled  a  baseball, Pittsburg
���league circuit.    Heforo bo reached his . Chicago
present   position he  wan  successively
'printer's devil, cub reporter, manufacturer of Boap, hotel clerk and  manager.  Instructor nf boxing,  fight   pro
inoler,   hush   league   president   anil   a
manager or a big league club.
Never a  player, he was yet always
Interested In baseball and the game
li, i ever bi en the gri ateal passion
of his life. In his younger days, as an
amateur) he was a crack boxer and j
he  has
ChampionB  Defeated.
Seattle. April  If.     Victoria celebral I
ed   the  opening   of   tbe  Northwestern.
baseball season here today by i
defeating Seattle, the 1912 champions,
7-0,    Smith  pitched  a good  game  fori
Victoria,   holding   tlie   locals   to   three!
scattered bits, while Meikle for Seattle*
was bit often and hard by the visitors.
In spite of threatening weather the
game was wltnesed  by a big crowd.
which filled the stands and overflowed
in   to  the  field.
National  League.
Al Cincinnati: It.    H.    E.
St.   Louis      fi    11      1 I
Cincinnati     3     6     2
Batteries: Burke, Salle and McLean;  Packard. Works and Clark.
At   Chicago: It.    H.    B.|
Pittsburg      4     9      f��
Chicago     5      6      2
Batteries: Cooper, Camnltz and Gibson; l<avender, Cheney and Bresnahan.
Brooklyn at Now- York; rnin.
Boston at Philadelphia;  rain.
to surrender their rights to ventllati
grievances of tlieir constituents with-
, out putting up a struggle. The govern-
: ment was afraid to go to tlie couutry
i because they had not Bucceeded in ce-
jmcntlng the alliance with the Nation-
Cincinnati      0
New  York     0
W, L.
2 0
1 0
2 1
2 1
1 1
alists, and would he afraid to go into!
the Oranga ridings as long as the present   postmaster  general   was   in   the
cabinet. |
He snld  that  it  w:is unprecedented,
and  un'air thai  the  rubs should  be'
amended wlthottl going to a commit-
ten ami without the speaker being consulted     lie Intimated that it was his'
belief that the closure would be adopted because of things which had been!
lone by the minister of public works,'
when minister of the Interior, and the
ihings he proposed to do In the fuHir
as minister  of public  works.
His Fifth Grandson.
Washington, .\pril ir,. Secretary
Hryan Is receiving congratulations today on the birth cf his llfth grand-
child, Reginald Hrynn Owen, at Bl-
phlnstone. Kent, Kngland. This newest grand aon and namesake to the
secretary of state Is thp son of Lieutenant Heginald Owen of the Royal
Knglneers. and Mrs. Owen, formerly
Ruth  Hryan.
scope evidence, and his experience
had taught him caution in this respect. He felt sure, however, that
otliers were too experienced to iail
into the pitfalls. He expressed his
gt.at gratification that other research-
i, had taken ui> the,investiga.tiou.
Used Mails to Defraud.
New York, April 16.���M Jacobv. n-
nvestment broker, was found guilty
tidav of using the mails to defraud In
connection with floating certain worthless securities. The government
charged that he had made (250.0 10
thereby in the last 12 years, A Strong
pica for clemency was made by the
jnrv because of the prisoner's illness,
lie'will be sentenced Thursday.
Menier Buys a Castle.
Paris. April 16. 'i'1!" Ma"" Fa>'s
that Henri Menier Is the purchaser
Of the historic Chateau of Ctienon-
ceaux, which was sold Saturday for
$264,000, H had been reported that
tbe buver of the chateau was W, K,
Vanderbllt, but this was at once denied by Mr. Vanderbilfs secretary.
I in friendly bonis such Chicago
imils as .lack  McAuliffe,  Bob |St,   Louis
American  League.
At  Boston:                           H. II.    B.
New  York    :t 7     2
Boston      2 S      2
Batteries:   Keating    and    Sweeney;
Hall and Nunaiuaker.
At St. Louis:                       It. II.    B,
   5 111
    H !>
1000 ! To Drive Off Raiders.
1000 j Hm hire, Persia. April IS.���Owing
.667'to an attack made recently on Bunder
.607 Abbas by a band of 200 Bahaloo
.600 iaid?rs. a party of bluejackets from
.500 hla majesty's ship Pelorus. was land-
.000 ed and sent to the British consulate
.ooo ior ihe purpose of strengthening the
!consular guard and helping the anther., 103 drive off llie raiders.
Greek Civil List.
Athens. April H..--Thp chamber today voted King Constantino 1 a civil
list of $400,000 and the Dowager
Queen Olga $60,000. The Grecian
blockade of the coasts of Eplrus and
I Albania has been raised in consequence of the International hlork now
in effect on lhe Albanian and Montenegrin coasts.
Libel  Suit  for  $150,000.
San Francisco, April 16.    A $150,000
libel suit was begun  In the United
States  district court    today    against
John  Hays Hammond    bj    William
Acceptable to Bulgaria, Hammond Hall, a civil engineer and
London.    April 16.    The    Hulgarian   prominent clubman here.    The action
govt rnmeni. according lo 1. Sofia    de-j is bused upon a telegram said to have
spaicii to the Post, has notified the been sent by Col. Hammond to a local
2'other   governments   or   the   Balkan banker,
;i league thai the terms of the last note 	
FltMlmmonB, Peter Maher and Denver     Batteries:  Walsh and Schalk
Ed Smith,   Harrow waa for some time cliell, Alexander and Agnew.
manager of lha old Staley hotel In     At Cleveland R.   11.   B,
Pittsburg,    Later he had  the  Boore Cleveland    9   11     1
card  privilege of the Smoky City. Dotroll           6      I!      '.'
Iii 1897 and the two years following     Butteries: Blkenburg   and   Garish; [week.
of the greal powers are acceptable to
Bulgaria and asks the allies to asaenl
promptly to the conclusion of peace,
lt is probable, otitis the despatch, that
an  armistic  will    be    arranged    tills
Commission  Government.
Jersey city, April 16,   Jersey City
voted today to adopt a commission
form of government   Jersey City is
the first large municipality In the east
'to adopl thin form of govcruiui nt.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
V\5    YOU      .
: F E R.     IIS
"TUIC"      "Fi il*^     EFER     IN
-^      I    lIL        fillip ZINZINNATI?
Jess Dandy
Ma notable company
Prices 50c to $1.50.
Columbia Street.
Seats on sale  now  at Tidy, the Florist's, 739
I Ml
Classified Advertising
. -IA7fc.b. ���
Classified--One cent per word per
liny; 4c per word per week; 16c per
mouth; 6.1100 words, to be used as re-
'ntired wltl.ln ono year from date of
cntract,  $25.00.
llirth or Marriage Notices 60c.
1 tenth Notice 600 or with Funeral Nonce $1.00. Card of Thanks 6oc per
desk, nearlj now. Room 4W Weatmlnater Trust building. Rutledge
Brokerage Co, (losu)
house wiih every modern convenience, Situated pn Eighth avenue, between  Tenth  and  Twelfth    streets.
Apply owner,   ii. li. Morgan,   1040
Hamilton street. (10K-.'|
British   Contention   Upheld   by   Presl
dent  Wilson  According  to
The Want Ads. are
Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Iioss-ad-
justors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operators
with the man who haa property
of any sort to sell���with the
business man, or housewife, who
Is "upset" by the loss of "help"
--with the anxious work-seeker,
uRainst whom the rest of mankind sometimes seems to be bos-
tilely arrayed-with tho landlord! who unexpectedly lose tenants���with tlie biiBlness men
who need more capital���with
all who have confronting them
1 "want ad task!"
They are as completely at
YOUR SERVICE as are tho
street cars or telephones-���but
their capacity for serving you
is much wider, while just us
numbers 833, 821, 801. 881, 796, 774,
792 and 1015.
cheap,   llox 17 Kdmonds P.O. (1088)
coated Scotch collie puppies. Sire
and dam both registered In A. K. ('.
KiKbt and ten dollara. James Nlven,
Surrey Centre, B.C, (10841
Columbia street, In good location,
with three years yet to run; 22 feet
frontage by 77 feet and full Blzed
basement. Apply Dominion Trust
Company. (1063)
at Edmonds, cheap for cash, or easy
terms.   George Warne, Edmonds,
on the Gulf side on (laliano Island,
lot 29. William llutclieon, llrutm-
wick   Hotel, Victoria. (1068)
Stove,   Canada's    Pride     Malleable j
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.��0 per week. |
Canada Range  Co.,  Market square.
the West End restaurant, 863 Columbia street. (1066)
ing by day.   Apply P. O. Hox 966.
furnished housekeeping rooms. 37
Agnes street.    Phono L638.    (1091)
lahed housekeeping suite. Phone.
326 Fourth street. (1079)
room;  suit two (rteiida.    720 Ariios
street. (1075)
810 Ontario street, corner of Slmcoe.
keeping room. 1020 Third avenue.
room for light housekeeping, or two
young men boarders. Apply 213 7th
street. (1039)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufacturing purposes. Will leaae for two
or three year term, Blngly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
She's Bound to Go!
Three-room house, lot 50x
138; good garden.    Price!
$1150, $250 cash.    No. 87!
New modern cottage, four!
rooms and basement; lot!
66x100.       Price    $2100.
Easy terms. No. 86.
House, two rooms, all plastered; pantry and closet;,
large lot, on Eleventh ave.
$1250. Easy terms. No. 57s
Fine building lot- on  Four-j
1    teenth ave., 57x132 to lane.
j    $800 cash, $850 on terms.
No 82.
Real Etate and insurance.
Notary   Publlc.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
where. No collection, no charse
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver, II. ('. 1-376)
Unfurnished, three roomed buIU
with hath, hot and cold water; Su:
per month,
Bradley Apartments.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
land, New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted, l^tterf
of Credit Issued, available with cor-
respondents In all parts of the world
Savings Hank Department���Deposith
received in Hums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total AssetB over J186.000.Ono.00.
0. D. BRYMNER, Manager
1218  Fifth  Avenue.
Phone 750 i
Sealed tendera marked "Tenders for
Equipment" for the new hoapltal build
ing will be received by the undersized  up to  noon
on Friday, April 25th, 191.1.
Tenders must be submitted on the
forms of specification which may be
i btalneil ai tho bpspital, The lowest or any tender not noceaaarily accepted.
BJ. S. WITHERS, Secretary,
Royal Columbian Hospital, New
Weatmlnater,  , (1007)
New   Spring  and  Summer  Suitings
now  mi display,    See Ihom.    Perfect
iu and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street,
who do not receive The News before
h *i 111  should
and make complaint. (July In this way
may an efficient delhory be maintained, a'
Week Hnd tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trip
on Tridays,   Saturdays  and   Kiinilays
l-'or rates and reservation apply   to
New Westmloste
Or H.  W.  Brodle, OH.A ,  Vancouver
London. April 15. The report sent
by .lames llryce. British ambassador
to the United StateB on the results ol
a recent  conversation  with   President
Wilson foreshadows, it is understood,
a favorable termination of tiie oontro*
versy between the two countries over
tlie question of the Panama canal
The Manchester Guardian under
stands thai President Wilson wlll
shortly make an Important statement
on the question,
President  Wilson.
Washington, April 16.���While Presl-.
dent Wilson has never expresed himself publicly on the question of l'ana-,
ma canal tolls, he has informally In- *
dlcated to his friends that lie believes ;
in an Interprei at Ion of the treaty
which would make it improper for
the United States to exempt. VeBSels
In the coastwise trade from paying
He also Is  understood  to  take the
position   that   the   exemption   as   now
proposed  Is In effect a subsidy and,
he always  has been opposed  to sub
The statement that president WllBon
had Intimated to Ambassador Bryce
that the settlement of the question
would be favorable to Great Britain
is credited generally in official circles because it is thought that Mr.
Wilson's personal friendship for llie
retiring ambassador would account
for their Intimate conversation on
this point just before Mr. Bryce's departure, although Mr. Wilson has heen
urged not to give formal expression i
to his views until the tariff Is disposed '
of In the present session of congress. I
Mr. Wilson is said to realize thai
the tolls question might, if brought
up at  present, divide the  Democratic:
majority and cause embarrassment to.:
the tariff question, which he-regards
as  paramount.
Gave Indication.
The inference drawn from the Lon-;
don  report  Is that  the  president  has j
seen fit. informally, to indicate to Kng-'
land that a favorable adjustment will
be forthcoming so aa to forestall early
representations   from   Oreat    Britain
and so thst the British  government
might understand fully the strategic
reason for temporary delay.
The scope of any understanding the
president may have reached with the j
liritish  ambassador    concerning    the
Panama   canal   controversy   was   not
known today liy members of the sen-'
ate, who are chiefly interested in the.
fight over free tolla.
Senator O'C.orman. chairman of the
interoceatiic canals committee said he ,
had no information as to any prospective announcement by  President Wilson.
Senator   Root's   bill   lo   repeal   the
free tolla  provisions of  the  new   law
1 will be the subject of consideration by
Ithe committee within a short time,
English Farmer Rescued After Exciting Experience in Water.
London. April 15. -Reginald Dutton,
a farmer of Austerson, near Nantwlch,
has just gone through a experience,
the memory of which will remain with
him while life lasts.
About eleven o'clock at night be
was returning to his homo when In !
the darkness he fell from n stile into
the River Weaver. The stream swept
him dowu Into the sluice which pas-sen
under Hatherton Mill. The branch of
a tree which hud been brought down
by the flood and had become wedged
across the center of the Stream saved
him. He managed to graBp this as he I
was being home along the torrent under the mill and hung on to it, shouting loudly for help.
Hour after hour he remained. Not
until six o'clock the following morning were Ills cries heard. Assistance
was secured and tho mill floor over
the stream removed. Then a rope
wub lowered and Mr. Dutton was hauled up safely. He was benumbed und
collapsed, and It was some time before
he could be taken home.
Protest Against Experiments and Resign In Body.
Dublin, April IE a Kreal Bonsn
tlon has been caused In Ireland by the
Biidden resignation of all the physl
. lans attached to the Royal N itlon i
bo pital for .. !.: umpi on  in Ireland
The trouble, it BOi>m d..'**.. I :n k to
Aprll, 1911, 'Ahen the ���. Islting doctors
were asked lo discuss a proposal to
Invite uu ..inside iiieiii *.ii man to tr>
hi�� M lal  treatment  of tubi i
al the hoi p I il, two wards to be plai i d
al his disposal; but the projocl was
disapproved and was dropped In
Ma. of the same year the medical
staff expressed the unanimous opln
ion that medical treatment was a mat-
ier solely for ihem. and "that, In any
eaae, it was undesirable, In the inter-
jest of the hospital, that methods unproved by scientific research should
be adopted."
in December last the visiting physicians were Informed lhal  the medical
man  referred to bad  b i   appointed
as an additional physician, The con
suiting and Visiting staff then re-
signed, the reasons given being that a
! marked   sllghl   had    I n    pul    upon
them by this appointment, and thai
the general action of the authorities
had made it plain thai Ihey were re
sohed, when ii so pleased them to
dictate the medical treatment In the
The 1 luchess of Sutherland has returned to Stafford  House from  i'aris.
Captain Mouhray has heen appointed the King's harbor master at   Ro-
s>th Naval Base.
It   Is reported  that   the   mysterious
ail-ship  has  I n  seen   at    Rroughly,
Kerry and at Craigo village,
The Rev.  James  Roy.  M.  A .  1>.   IV,
senior minister of the   United   Free
Church, Kvlo, died at Aberdeen.
Ur. James BarniH has JiiBt resigned
after fifty years as medical officer under the C.ovaii Parish Council.
The School Hoard of Edinburgh
have agreed to sanction a system of
voluntary day continuation classes,
Lord Balfour of Burleigh has
warded Scottish miners nn Increase
In wages of 12's per cent., or 6d. a
Mr. M'lntosh of the Ballochbui Forest, trapped a fine female otter near
the old Bridge of Dee at Crathes.
II is rumored that M. Baillle of Ikich
four, has disposed of liis Kingussie estate to .1. 1). Fletcher of Rosehaugh.
The Hon. Alexander Shaw was
adopted by the Midlothian Liberal
Association as llie parly candidate for
next  election.
The death took place of Robert
Philip, headmaster ot lluicheson's
Hoys'  Grammar School,   Glasgow,  a
native of St. Andrews.
An old man named Malcolm Macpherson. a shepherd, was knocked
down and killed by a train at Inchyra
level crossing, near Perth.
Lord Loval has let his forest and
grouse moor of Stronelalrg, In Central Inverness shire, to Ln' -it lln-
stone  for  the  rominr       u >n.
Lieutenant-Colonel K. A. MacKar-
Ian, who served In the Khartoum
campaign of 1898, vacated command
of the 1st Cameron Highlanders.
Captain J. R. Blmaon, Highland
Limbt Infantry, is returning to regimental duty after three years' ser
vice with tho West African Regiment
Rutherglen Town Council have decided lhat the by-laws relating to
places of temperance refreshment be
altered so as to provide for total
cloning on Sundays.
At the Dufftown Burgh Police
Court, John Stuart, distillery worker.
waB admonished for being drunk and
Incapable, and using bad language In
the Square, Dufftown.
Tliomas M. 11. Sinclair, who served
liis apprenticeship In 'tiie Kirkwall
branch of the Commercial Hank, has
boen promoted accountant In the Go-
van branch, Glasgow,
Alter an animated discussion. Ayr
Council havi' rejected, hy 1-1 voles to
:s. a motion to pay a minimum   wagi
of  24b   per  week.  I"   male   adult   employees of the Corporation.
Mr. and  Mrs   Wm   Kelly,  Port William, have jusl celebrated thetr golden  wedding      Mrs   Kelly  is  75.      Mi
Kelly who Is 85,  is still   working   at
trade as a shoemaker.
Northern Infirmary, Inverness, Bl,-
000; Highland Orphanage, Inverness,
EBOO; Northern Counties Institute for
the Blind; Inverness, ��260! Blrnam
Institute, ��100,
in the London Daily Tlalegraph
there appears a description of an Important printing maohine Improve,
ment, the invention of w. R. William.
sun, nf Caithness, who Ihib patened
an Ingenious device f'.r increasing Ihe
efficiency of the present-day newspaper  printing   press    liy    providing    a
continuous,  unbroken  supply of ink
from tho ink fountain    to    tlle    type
Washington, haa emphatically denied
lhat lhe iiiiislciaiiB of tlie Titanic
played 'Nearer, My God, to Thee,' or
any Otber hymn hh the ship won!
He says thai Hie last the musicians
played    was   'rag-time    music,   which
ceased half an hour before the Titanic
sank, ami lie himself saw the bands
nun throw aside tbelr instruments, re
ali/.ing that their time could he much
better spent in helping to loud the
boats, colonel Grade further shows
how ridiculous tlle whole slory In
When lie says, 'If the band hud played
lhai familiar hymn, panic would have
resulted, Fixing tlie minds of tbe
passengers on the possibility "f their
being nearer lo Cod, and 1 aay II Ben
ously. would have been tbo last thing
"Thus  we have a  final   witness   to
i quiet the myth or the Titanic  band
Of course. It Is very unfortunate lhat
such a nice dramatic story Bhould be
pricked like a bubble, but truth lias a
nasty habit of Interfering with sentiment."
Bylaw No. 156.
A   liy law  in enable Tho Corporation  nl
ih.i  District  ,,r  Burnaby   to  rain.-   by
way ot  1..iiii  He* sum ef  $500,000.00  I'm*
Hue t  purposes,
\yiii:ui:as it Is
Children For Canada.
Official   (inures   iu   London,    Eng.,
show 31,000 applications were received
Entombed Men   Comparatively Happy
and   Well. 	
London, April 15.- After spending i |rotn Canadian householders, etc., (or
over five days In the flooded Town-1 Uie 2,6*19 boys ami girls sent here lust
head mine at Bgremout, Cumberland., year. Seven hundred went to Ontario,
the two imprisoned  men. Cairns   and | !,,.*��   than  ball   a   dor.cn
Transfer Co.
Offlei  Phone   185.      Barn  Phon��   137
Bsuhla Street
Baggage Iiellveje* Promptly to
any part of the city.
A marriage has been arranged he
tween George James Campbell, Sheriff-Substitute at Dornoch. Sutherland,
and Anna, daughter of William Chalmers, The Knox Forfarshire.
It Gunn Davis, of the G. P. O. telegraph service. Edinburgh, and formerly of Kirkwall, has been appointed
to a position in the new telephone
service at St. Albans, in Kngland.
The membfrs of the Wick Branch of
operative Bakers met and presented
a token of esteem to one of tlieir number, George Klrlck, on the occasion of
bis departure for Canada
A surfaceman engaged at work on
the Caledonian ailwav between liar-
burn and Cobblnshaw Stations found
Hugh K.-lly Of Ad.lleiievelle hiilg beside lh" main BOUth line i:i a semi
conscious "tato with one of IiIh arms
broki n
Mr Howie, divinity student, son of
Kev. M Howie, ^established Church,
Ernie, has been appointed assistant
].���*. iir Semple, Established
��� b, Hutnly, In succession to Rev
r i; Donald, now minister of Lum
nhnni i
i hi  Olasi iw Orknej A* Shetland as-
* ii Ion sp nt another very pleasanl
in.i ��� I,|i *.al e ma: leal evening In the
i *  the Christian  Institute.
Th.. musical evenings of the associa
tlon hi,.* I., come Increasingly  popu
j W Wlitlama, M. A. I.itt. n.
(Oxen), at present lecturer In history under the St. Andre ds l'rovlncial
Committee for the Training of Teachers, has been appointed to the lectureship in Sociology ill St. AndrewB University.
ll has now been asc-ceriainod that
John Graham, tho golf caddie who
was found In an Aberdeen lavatory in
an unconscious condition, and who
died later, was suffering from cerebral hemorrhage, and that death was
due to natural causes.
On the occasion of lier departure to
ink, up an important scholastic appointment in Canada, Miss Nan Shearer, a popular member of the teaching
staff oi lunulas School, Grangemouth,
was presented with a gold curb bangle as a token i,r the regard of hi r col
flasnlliie has gone up KM per cent in At a meeting Of the Hanffsshlrc
ilx months. Best news pedestrians District Lunacj Board, held at Uidyn
have bad ln some time. - .New lork bridge Asylum the question of extend
ij(.n,i,] Ing the prisem  buildings to provide
extra accommodation for the patients
and for the nurses and mal ron, came
Automobile Kuns.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Do not forget to carry a pencil and a
i pad of paper, so Unit you may lake
! down tlie number of Hie motorcar lhat
I runs over you.���Chicago News
After this chauffeurs In New York
innst keep sober while running en in "'
1 eo to Jnll.   This measure H regarded .
I 'he light of ii lirst nid to til Un
i Baltimore American,
to   a   definite   issue,   plans    for    thiB
scheme, prepared by M. Kelly, of Kelly
and Nlcol, architects, Aberdeen, being
The late Klnnaird Blrnam, whoso
funeral took place in Inverness the
other dny, left legacies, which include:
City and County Infirmary, i'erth .111,-
000;    HillBldo   Home,   i'erth,     1600;
Wood, were rescued. Tho third man,
llowlay, who wub known to have per
ished. was found by divers clinging to
the top ot a ladder,
The poor fellow having worked In
the mine for only a few days, had
climbed the wrong ladder, and was
submerged by the rising flood. Cairns
and Ward, who wero greeted with
many hearty cheers on leaving the
mine, were in splendid condition and
In cheerful spirits.
They remarked that Ihey lacked for
nothing but sleep, and that they dure
not do. After a bath, a change of
clothes, and a meal the two men
went home.
Althougb they were entombed so
long, the two milierH were quite well
and comparatively happy. Tliey had
plenty of food and liKht, plenty of
room for exercise, and carefully censored the newspapers to help pass the
Kvery day they chatted with their
friends and relatives, All tbe local
news was shouted down a narrow
pipe  227M>   feet deep,   the one  means
of communication with them. But for
this pipe a borehole they must
havo perished long before.
have   since
Ik'oii lound In unsatisfactory surroundings. Poor law ttutluirities are
being   officially   urged   to   send   tlieir
children to Canada.
Classifying  Him.
Mary Mild���Cholly    says
great will power.
Carrie Caustique���All donkeys have.
Ostriches   In   South  Alrica.
Thc South African Government employs  a  veterinary   surgeon
the  diseases  ol  usVriches.
lie    liHi
to study
Legislation   Concerning     Holidays
Cause of Trouble.
London. April   IB,    Hotel   and   res-1
taurant cooks In London havo adopted |
a  very   effective  method   of   getting
their grievances removed by going on
Strike or threatening to do bo at  mo- i
ments most inconvenient to the man-
By this means the kitchen staffs at ]
tho   Savoy,  Criterion.   Cecil,   Coburg,
and other hotels have  bad  their   de- I
mauds satisfied.
The   trouble   haa   followed    on    the
heels of the new shops act, which was
passed at the end of the last session I
Of parliament, and  modifies  the shop I
hours act of Ihe previous session. The j
later act  provides that   assistants   In
places   where  refreshments  are  sold
shall have :I2 whole days holidays In
the year,  of  which   six  shall  be  consecutive,   and   2"',   Sundays:   thai    two
half holidays shall count as one whole I
holiday.   and  that   such   half  holidays
may begin at 3 o'clock iii the afternoon,  provided  lhat  the assistant    is1
not employed on that day more than
six hours. Including meal times.
Slue Taking 64N PUIS
Lyo��s Brook, N.S., Feb. Jtth.
"You are perfwtl/ free te nse my
name in my way to benefit GIN PILLS,
for tbey deserve the highot* praise.
My bock bas never trouMe-4 me since
taking CIN PILLS, ami my wife tml*
much better after taking OIN PILLS
for her back. She thinks GIN PILLS
will nuke a complete cure."
GIN PILLS wi'.l slways relieve Umt
Back, Sciatica in hack and Irtgt,
Rheumatism, Burning aad Scalding
Urine, Painful Urination, Weak or
Strained Kidneys, aad alwayn prevent
taking cold in the kidneys and bladder
livery box is sold w-i'.li a positive
guarantee to give prompt relief or
money reiunded. 50c. a box, 6 for
f,).t,n Sample free if you write
National lim^ and Chemical Co. of
Canada. Limited", Toronto, t-i'
Mew Westminster District.
to the
Not the firct From Facile Pen cf Baron
Henri  de  Rothschild.
London. April la. Huron Henri de
Rothschild, millionaire, dramatist, doctor and philanthropist, has written
a play about a millionaire called Croesus, which will shortly be produced In
Tbe play treats of the old theme
the hardship of being B wealthy man
Sorbler is a rich young man saddened
by suspicion of hiB friends, who, he
thinks, like him for his money, not for
himself, and so for a few weeks passes
as a poor man and finds .frlendB who
like blm for himself alone and not for
what lie possesses.
The versatile baron has himself
translated his play into English, and
negotiations have been entered Into
for a theatre in London at which to
produce It, Croesus has never yet
heen performed, but if its production
In London justifies It, I'aris will see
;!..* play, ami thon New Vork
This ia nnt ihe flrsl play Baron Hem
De Holhschlld has written. A previous
work. La Itampe (The Footlights),
dealt, as ihe name   Implies, wiih   the
life of the Bt&ge.
Hyr-in   Was   Nct    Played   on    Sinking
London, April 16, "A
rector" sends the tollov
Ing statemenl if�� the Yorkshire in
"It wlll he remembered how the ac
count of the Titanic baud playing
Nearer, My Cod. to Thee' us lhe ship
sank into the angry waves was sent
broadcast throughout tb" world, as a
substantiated facl. Then a rumor wai.
whlsppred that the story was, to Buy
ihe least, u flight of Imagination,
"Now- cornea an authoritative contradiction, and Lie whole affair has been
branded liy Colonel Archibald Oracle,
one of lhe survivors, ub an entire fabrication, Colonel Archibald Oracle,as
I have Bald, was one of the survivors
of the awful ocean tragedy, and in an
address before the   University   Club,
How ini; apnllea only
New Westminster Dominion
Squatters on Dominion Lands in
the New Westminster Agency who
! are no: located in Timber Berths will
he given until Monday, tho 19th day
of May. 1913, within which to appear
and mak" application for entry.
Squatters v. hose claims bave been
allowed, who havo not yet secured
homestead entries, will be notified
hv tiie Dominion Land Afconi ai their
last known address. In the even: of
; any such squatters failing to appear
and make application before the date in
1 mentioned, Vieir claims will lapse
and ihe landa will be otherwise dls
nosed of on and after thai date. If.
however, coed reason Is shown for
failing 10 appear and the Improv ���
inn-tils on tl... land un. of substantial
value a fnrther period of protection
may be allowed by the Agent it. cases
of merit. Claims not yet dealt with
must be  filed  Immediately,
Squatting on Dominion Lands with-
oul tin- authority of ihe Department
will no? henceforth * be allowed and
will r. sill' in loss of claim and forfeiture of  Improvements,
S    MAIII'.ll,
Bupt.,   II.   C.   Lands.
Ottawa, '."li  April.  1913, (10S9)
mry  and  expodl-
eiit Umi iii.* 1' .111t.11 ..r ihe sai.l Corporation 1..- aiitlu.i,/.. .1 1,. borrow tho sum
ul l-'i.,   Hundred Thousand Dollars ($600,-
..."  1.. prov Ids fur Improving .011 oon-
���iruoilng certain reads an.l strcata wltliln
ih.- limits ..t in.. Munlolpallty.
ANU   WHHRBA8    11   Is   11. .siry    10
ralau Ills moneys required tu defi-ny the
above expendltura up.ui Hie oredlt of tlio
AND WHBRBAS 11 will be neoassary to
ilils.- annually bi special rats tin sum ot
i*-ivi* Thousand Two Hundred nud Hixty-
..11.*     Illlll.llN    and     N.'VrUty - live    .VIllS     ($5.-
281,76) principal and tho sum <>r Twenty-
five tliiiuNiiu.l Dollars (126,000.00) Interest makliis' togiltlior a I..I11I am.,11111 annually er Thirty Thmmuii.l Two llim.tr,d
on! Sixty-one Dollars and Boventy-ffva
Cents ttl0.Sll.1l) f..r He- term ..r r.irty
years for ihe repayment of the said loan
ami Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned,
ami WHBRBAS He- net vain.' of the
whole rateable laud in in.. Municipality ue-
I cording lo the last rovlsed assessment red
lamounta to Twenty-two million one hundred mid eighteen thousand three hundred
and seventy-five Hollars ltS2,US,316,00).
ANI> WHEREAS tl..- total existing debenture d.-l.i  uf  ih.*  Municipality  Is Two
Million    Cour   hundred  101,1   twenty-four
Un,us,mil   "ii.-   hundred   and   fifty   Unburn
1 (;.1.1.iiu     1 x.iusiv.*   ..f   Local    Im
provement debt secured l.v special i.ii.h
..:��� oasesamenta ..f which none of Llie prln-
eipai ni* Intorest is in arrears.
a.m. WHBRBAS 1.. provide for the pav
in-ni  nf int. rest and ih.- creation   ..f   .1
sinking l'<is>tl f..r iin- payment .,f Hi" said
principal Bum of Five Hundred Thousand
Dollara 1 J5imi.iiou.doi it will I..* n saarj
1.1 i.-v >* 11 special annual mi.* sufficient to
raise Ua- mini of Thirty Tin.Usui.I Two
hundred and Btxty-one Dollars ami Bev-
,i,i, fi... cents ($30,261.76) Uu- amount
1,1 in- calculated annually on tho wind.' nf
tin* rateable land comprised within Uie
now THEREFORE th- Municipal
Council of iin- Corporation ..f in.- l>i��-
trlct ..f  Burnaby enacts as follows:
1 It shall I.e lawful for Un- Reave ami
i'i,iit of ii..- Council for ihe purposes
aforcBald to borrow or raise hy way uf
Loan from any person nr body nr bodies
corporate win, may I..- wllltnn in advance
Un- sume upon tu.- credit of tin- debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not ex-
coedlng Five Hundred Thousand liulliu*
< |l��-ji.a.oii vo 1 und tn cause tin- same 0.
1.,- placed In lhe Royal Hank uf Canada at
th,- cuy of N,-w Weatmlnster, British <',.-
inmiii.t. to iin- -^e.iit nf ihe said Corporation fur in,, purpose ami with tin- objecta
above net forth iui.1 to iiwu.- any number
or debentures nf tin' said Corporation to
th,. sum of Five Hundred Thousand nullum 1 laoo.i-joo uo 1 in tin' whole la accordance with the "Municipal AcL" And the
eald debentures shall be Indued tn .'-msist
ef 101:; debentures eaeb nf the denomination of One Hundred Pounds Blerltng
id ui uud nn. dobenture <��f the amount
.,r (39 lis 6d being the Sternal euuivu-
i.-nt of Five Hundred Thousand HoUnr*
II6K0.0SS.OOI ut th" rute uf itic :-' to
the nnr pound Storllng, eueij debenture twain also expressed '���> i*-- payable in Ciimi
dl.tn Currency computed at such rale, une!
, .iiicli debenturea shall have annexed th.-re-
j... coupons expressed both In Sterling umt
Currency for th" Interest thereon ut the
rule of Five ' .', 1 p.-r centum l"-r unnum
payable half-yearly on the 80th day nf
Ijum- und Uie Xlst day nf December tn eaoh
I year And such sterling debenturea shall
, ti.- delivered In u..- purchaaora of th-' sunt
debenturea, and both as to principal an.)
j Int-rest shall i,�� payable at th 'floe ..f
Ith,-   Huyul   It.,nk   ..f   Canada   ta   London,
KiiKl.ui*!.   or   III Toronto.   Montr, al  or   Va:
couver. Canada, or In New -fork, at hoi.I
it's option    An 1 'h.- principal ..f tli,- said
debentures  s!;;,:i  l���. payable on the  thlr-
tleth da-.- of June A.  I>   1963.
" Tier., shall be rals.Hl and lev !<-<l ar,
nually l.v a upeciul :at-* sufficient there-
f..r on all rateable land within (he built..
nf th.- ��.u I Municipality tt... sum ..f Five
1 houaand Two I lundn ,1 ... 1 Blxts
Dollars nnd Bcvi nt) '..��� Cents 1 ):.^.;i ;:,.
r..r tin* purpose >���! forming 1 SlnkhiK Fund
for He- puymenl of (he ..'.I debentures
and ih.- aum of Twenty-five Thouaand
Hollo.. . 126,000.001 f..r Ho- payment of
the Int.'rest nt the r.it,' aforesaid, the il 1
Rpeclal !....* . * i..* in addition to all othei
rut.s 10 I.,* levied and collected In 'te- said
Municipality durlni; the currency >>f the
��,ild debenturea or anv <>f thorn
3. Thin Ilv-law sl..ill take "I'f.et 01,
and after it;,, second .lav ..f June A. l��.
1 & 13.
1    This  By-law  may  he cited   tot*   ,11
purposes ;.s  tie   "BURN \HY   101M1  I vl
DONE   \Nli PASSED in Open Council
. BCVI nth day of April   A    D.   1913
Received   Hi"  uns.-nt   of   th-   Bled >rs   al
an   Election   for tin-  purpose nu  the	
d.iv   of  April   A    1.   1013
t.v   III,
ill on
V  ll.
iinoll. sl mod  10
I Sealed with lhe
finally  adopted
ta-  11 eve nn.l
Corporate Seal
\t*sssaaatat   nnii tsssMtt sum
musical   dl-
Ing  Intere i
Every Woman
in Intaroited mul should It&ow
1 about tho wooderfQl
Marvel w^r,,n�� **">
Ask yniir drngrltt i
It.   If 06  CATHsOt ��>![>pty
thn   MAftYj.li, ftCQtpt no
O'hnr. btit ("Mul RtAmp f'T 111 at*
tr:itn<i   tloOrl- MtiOtL    It plve
GiMrulup* nnii dlrocttoni Invnlimhln
liui,CH.WINI>Hi*KS( i>i>|.Y< 0.,WlM(lnor.(>n'
OflUOmJ ASOIltA ior ��� itimilu.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by  Vibrn-MaflHaito  and (llover'a  Famous Stimulating Tonics,
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
Do Vou Want
to Sell Your
List it with the
Phone 1275   48 8th St.
Auto and Marine
] Till..       nOtlP"     l!).,t      til' ''.,,*.,���      IS     .*.      tr,;,.
copy of ti-* proponed  By-law iii-m whieh
thc v,,t.. o| tho Municipality will I... taken
..:.  Sllturdil- .   the  .*��� |h cl ,     ,.'   .',;.: .1    11)1 I,
t.< p..., ii   li   ii eli ok     .  ii    until   7   i I'clock
[ |, in .   it  tho following places:
iinii,..,.   Public  ll.il.   Edmonds
Agricultural   Hull.  Conlr il   I'.uk
Mr    Topping's  Htnro    13th     \ .*       I*:.e-t
::..[ , ;ii.\ .
II on...    ,1-   i I *-*, hool,  Hurqi   *
I',   -,,,���   *    .   l|    .-*,  I.....I      I   ���., ,���  |      \;
I.        ��� : I ,      H.irnil
Mi    ��� ��� ���      North Il'iriial.
, * .   ; lul i'   I, l.iidldlim   .* ipii .1   Hill.
llun Uik    Won    IJ I. ,*.*���
I..K-     . .     ,.     i   ,1.   in   i i>
Publli   N itloo i    her. hj   i    on   lh	
..' * ..r   i*;;..*. ( ...   i.   .* ,,-* ,,. rim -
Vi ni   l���-  1 i ,. Hi      ,   H'lltlol
���I   ll' *'. .v.    -.1       MIL*    nil.I    pi , ihn   ���
mention, d.   mil that .\   (1   M ������* li is In ��� ,
kppolnt, t   Iti I. >*'i.i��  Officer   o.  I ike   tie-
voto ,,r such electors with tbo usual pow-
; ors In  thai  hi half
.     i:*,   order ..f tin* Council
11   c.  Motlregor,  K,.ev...
Aiilnii .;   M...,I,-, clerk
Edmonds,  n   C��� April 7tli,  m:i.
1 (H'lM
King's Hotel Pool Room
Itest Tool Tables In the cltv. Fine
inn of Clears and Tobacco. Sporting
-.vents bulletined.
A.  C.    BEATON.   Proprietor
���'ii Vancouver fur Victoria m a.
and 11 M.
L.iivcH Vnncouvor fnr Seattle  l" n.
ml   11   [>.  in.
Leaves Vnnoouven fbr Nnnalmo 3 i>
i', i
I ��A v
fnr    I'rlnce
10   I),   ni.
tesday ut
Lqavea Vancouver  every Wedi
10 [>. in
Leaves Chllllwack   7   a.  tn,
Thursday umi Saturday.
Chilliwack Service
Lonvr-H   WVh!minuter   8   a.   in.   Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
UD, GOULET,  Affcnt,  N����w Wentmliwter.
1!. W.  liltUim-3, U. P. A.. Vannouvor. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 1913.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
Bylaw No. 153
a By-law 0. authorise tin* execution ut I-mis promises nnd agrees with the Cor-
uti Am.un.nt with 'nn- British Columbia poratlon thai it will fulfil all the oondl-
Kiectiie  itniiwny Cnui|inny,  Limited, for ti.uiH. regulations und undertakings here-
���,,  ,i,,tn,*  railway  system in the   Dls-   Inttftsr contained by   Company to be
.observed and performed
in,i ..i i.iiin.i .>. ;|    T))8 Company oov��nants nnd agrees
WIII-ORISAti  r uiimit Un* thirteenth lublocl to tin- terms nn.l conditions here
day "i October, 1900, tn.* Munlolpal Coun Innfler set  forth o. oonstruci "i cause t..
ell of in.* Corporation "f the Dlatrlol   nf be constructed ihe following lines of eloo-
Burnuby im.(Hv puseod h certain by-law trio railway; namely;
iniini I 87, und known as thq Burnaby link  -a*   |.-,,,���,  the  easterly  term-
Blectrlo Tramway Hy-iuw 1801, ihe mild |������N ,,f n,,. Company's railway on Hast-
by.low li.-inii ii by-law authorlsUM the Ings Street in tho City of Vanoouver, east-
Reeve and Clerk o the und Corporation ���riy along said Hastings Btreet nnd Baron behalf ���.( the aald i orporatlon lo sign. nil RottQ f,lr ��� distune ���r two miieH.
"',''""   ^Mii^rvto ilia^fflThVmmhiS ������IN-'   "B."   rrom   the    northeastsrly
TA';  nie     ��� i��,v    '. , ,..oy     in,          ; "������""""���- of the Company',   railway   ....
I'.irllti       11,1 iiv** ,i >      >   "nil1''11),     i.iimiiii,     ui . '..i.,.,.i.i..   t^i ..... .   i���   ii���    i'u,,   ,,f   M��u   tt'���.i
,                      ,  ,    i��� ,     ,1...   | ���>,,,.,,,,,.., , ,.,,,    ,,*�� '  < Mill M MM   Mli-M    HI   lie   I     I \    ill    ,M'��     it I'M
','���"    his!, V n    in  . .1     ,,   ',',.", """H,"r- northeasterly along said Colum-
Company ror the construction o   an alee. > �����'    '���;   ''     . N/,1'.1, .,;,,;' ",*,
i,l,.  tramway  system  In the  Dlstrlot   of JJ��� t0 thi JunrtlaHf theClark Road
Bumauj . ���,, ���,���,��� ;lM aettlement warrantat nnd tie
AND wil I*: hi*: as in pursusnoe of the Company  win  commenoe   iin-   oonstruc'
authority conferred by He-wild by-law the   ii.,i,s of said Lh A" within ono month
Hiu.i Agreement was executed on behalf of from the date of thla Agreement, and wlll
the mod Corporation and delivered to the milv   complete,   equip  ami   operate    the
aald Company on or about the Hth day of aame   within   eleven    montha    from   the
October, 1009; date .if  thla  Agreement;  and   will  oom
AND WHBREAS the said Company In   mem istructlon ,,f the aald Line 'It'
nurauance of tho lerma of the aald Agreo- wlthn one month after tin- completion of
in.ni  caused  Borne   aoven   nnd   one-half oonstructlon ..r s high  level  i.ri.lie* suit
mlbs   ..f  electric    tramway   to  be   enn- abljo  to str,*. t   railway   Irani.*,   over   the
Btruolod through tlio Dlatrlol of Burnaby, Brunette Itiv, r nnd the granting  ..r any
which tramway haa hen in operation f..r neoessary   permission  from   the  City   ..r
aome time poal N''vv   weatmlnater  to  oonatrucl   tho  Haul
am. WHEREAS In th- opinion of ine }'X '^''m't"g loulo"^^!.^'^.1*',
**** HM**-} w��jj|>oJft��5��^v��=or- ^lnM.TxPlmonZl?romdtheP'Smm^
'"'li" '���!','��� -!"'lh.ox/on     ,    if .       -      .     *      """' "f construction of lie* I I  Lne* "B,'
Hiltlmll/lnK   'I"    I'XM UtMIl   l'i   Mill"   .ire   lit- 1     .   ,                     ..             i,             j        f   .,,,..,,,....,,,1 ...
^?,Mi\iv,r'v;vr;i"(:i^l?;,:^I,r,;r; Sb���mUS'Ini/.. .^.;; S
t,:t'.-,(,  of wild by-law and tho execution J���' ffo"SStrSf"3 ��tfi! ComS&y!   u5
ur ih.- mud Agwment, I(rn,. f,���. oontplntlon Bhall >��  extended ror
aM�� WHEREAS Hi- tald oompany  la no long aa the work ahall havi  b��*n ao de-
of the opinion thai  it waa unnec aaary to layed or ] n v. nted, the lenRth of such ox
Bubmlt   tho  auld   By-law and  Agreement trnalim  i" be  mutually airreed   upon be-
for the approvnl of lhe electors of the Dia tween the Cotni any and flu   C irporatlon
trlcl or Burnnby prior to the final Pan��aKe <     -M ,   Tmrka 1|f ���,���      ,d    trec,  rall.
of   Haid   by-1  w   and    . x..-.ii.w    pf    said wa.  ���, ,    ,    .,     g    gl  ..,  , ,     . ,t ���, M
Agreement, and Lhat the tald By-law and am] :i , , ,  ,  ,.i...   lh(   ri, . nn(1 cnni,truc.
ASra menl   are   valid . tlon 11 he to Lhe reasonable nal    faction <���!
AM'  WHBREAS the aald Corporation j thn C       -i   of tin  Corporation   Thi  tracki
-!    ' cnnJVu 'ii io the gradi a of t! ������ atreetH
��� fin. <i i��v thi   '' luncll and the whole
vldod, however, Umi In no * ;ih#* shall cara other option or options to oonstruci  nnd
be required i" run between midnight and operate said desired  line oi   linos  unlees
B :30 nm.    Hn!  wdhlriK in  ihlw clause ih the  construction  of  same  has  bean  oom-
Intended  to  prevent   the  Companv   from menced  within  u   period   of nix   months
runnlny Ita cars at any other time  or us after Lhe Company a refusal or neglect i"
otten as li  mav see i *l.                              I construct,   and   Lhereafter    continuously
1���   the  even*   of  any  other  llnoa prosecuted In a bona rid- ma.net, and in
l,L.l���g  bull!   by  the Company during   the ;uch case all the Company a powers over
Urn of Il!1" Agreement,   he frequency of aueh streets ahall be In force as u Lhere
K.,., j,-. over such lines shall fn me lo ,""1 h"" "" Sl"'!l ��fu��al or neglwl.
time I,.- determined by an Agreement be- SO,    During tito time of construction <>r
tween ttie Corporallon and the Company, n  railway and laying the ralla or lhere-
;,,,,!   in   case   tin-   Corporation    and    lln after  during  the   repairing   of  same,   a
Company niiaii  i��<* unubie tt�� agree upon free passage for vehicles over u sufficient
the same the question shall i��* referred Lo portion ����r Lhe slreets and crossings sball
arbitration as hereinafter provided. be   m klntalned ,   and   Imnn dlately   after
13,    1,, the event t.r a second track bo- the eald  rails bave been laid   or repairs
i,,. |:ii,|   done the surfi of the streets .shall \>** re*
has commenced litigation agalnsl the said
i !umpun ��� lo tesl the validity of the said
Bj   I   ���     md   Agn i mi nl 1
AND Wl IEREAS ti o aald Corporation
has <��� qui ated the said Company t
struct furtln r r ill way Uihh in th>
tiin of Bumaby under ine terms of thr*
paid Agreement, which ihe said Company
[ tt| ii, cllni <i to 'i" owing tn the contention oi the Council of tho .said Corporation that the said By-law and Agreement
a. i   Ini altd .
\\]> WHEREAS With n view lo avoid
Ing  litigation  and  unfrli ndly  feeling   bi *
��� .- poratlon and  the  said
Li irks   ���' i l l"   i -:i |:������ (������  ���! t ��� ���   ���   ]������ osnn
able RAtlsfnetlon of lhe Council,   bul    lhe
con-   '' -il'"   ipproval shall noL bi   unreason*
Uj.j. ) ably   w in m id
Thi li ��� atlon 'if the line ������( rallwaj
on anj of the streets shall not be mad.
by tin C impany until thi plans thereof
show i'i;'  ���   i ��� '.;""-���' d posh l< n ol thi   ralla
Lne :��������� i   lhe  mil  lo be  uai ���! and th*
other   worka   on   aueh   streets   !. t\ ���    been
submftt '1  '" and approved of bj   i     ilu
Unn <>f  tii-   C mncll  of   the   Corj   ���   tlm
h hlcl   approval ahall not be un   *
Compiinj    ��� ���: ��� ��� i irtng the conatructl tn of j wlthhi Id
furi   ..   rnllwnj   llni     In   the   District   of j    rv     Before  breaktngeup, oimi        o    Ii
Burnabj   thi   prewnl   Municipal Council of   trrferlng with any part ��-f mild stn i is for
\\,(-    |.\l pose    Ol    ���'���:.: tl    i'i.:      Sulll      WOI ���
,t,,. k .< Corpoi 'i n haa auggi ated to tne
H.ii i Cointwin) that it should agree to con*
��� mien further rallwaj llnoa eondl
tional upon n new Agrei ment between
thi said Corp irntlon and the Raid
pin      res ird ns el�� ctrlc railway conatruc
i  ������ i'  . .; sny  shall  give  Iii  thi   Clerk    ol
the < louncll  for the time  i- Inti  I i   da
notice in writing of Its I	
, and  no ni"!-'   than  fifteen  hundred lineal
��� i fpi i on an ���  ��� mi   street  - hall !������   In    ������ n
tlan  in  t . -     (strict  of   Burnaby,  togethei   or opened at any one I Ime unless permls
v'*    .  !*���   lav.   authorising   the   execution     ion   ���     to  do  ahall   hav-  bein   givi-u   bj
t      .,.'   ���   i- -  ���   bmltted  for approval   In   the Council      And when th-   u irk  then
1-,   .!.,��� ,.    ,,*-  the   Dlatrlct   of  Burnaby,   on ahall havi   bw-i   com ill bi
MII,l |f approved I-inv; finally passed and proceeded with without Intermission and
..v . . .. i , ���: behalf of the Corpor ittorl as rapldl) ��������� thi same oan bi carried on
. . ,. . Ruggestlon has becn accepted by ��� with due regard to the proper and efi
i 'i 'ompany
l Authority Is glvr-n hereby to th#
It.-vi and Clerk of the aald Corporation
... .];,, ,i:, i pxec ito and affli the corpor-
���,, Bt-a1 to and fflve delivery tn The British Columbia Electric Railway Company.
1 Hrd th. nln named nr sn Indenture of
���.,. .. ������ , ni t < tween the Corporation and
I. || ,-, Columbia Electric Railway
.-..���, -. tl) 1.In.Hed. ���'-> mnstmrt and Oper-
,,, nn electric railway system within the
District of Burnaby. all ta tne extent, ^n
, , tf-rms and in tho manner set forth in
thi    "nt   ARp-emrT.t   whieh   Is   hereto   nn-
nnted and ftons par] of this By-law aii if
mhodlcd herein,  and thai all as the net
���fiirt r.imnriitlon
clf*nt censtructlon of the si   i.
7.   Thr-   tracks   of  the   said   Railway
shall   until   the  temporary   roadbed of  tin
streeta Is replaced by one ot  a permanent
ration'and the said   character (the question -if what Is repine
Ing a strei t by "ne of a permanent char
actor  to  tie   h ft   to  the    decision   -d   lh)
Council   which   shall   be   final)    be   con
Btructed   in   sued   temporary   manner    as
he approved by the Council or aom
by   the   Council,   i  ������
v i ded  no unnecessary obstacle is of fen d
���\.'   WHEREAS   In   accordance   with
thi   said auggestlon of lhe Corporation   a
,    ,     Kgreemenl   has   been   prepared
u  ��� ii  lh��  ^���',-i  Corpc
, ��� rnr the <   nstmcllon of  electric
, ,   ,',* B    |,     the    District    or    Burnaby.
which i pw  Agn - ment  i" hereto annexed
BE  IT   ENACTED   by  the  Reeve   ^nd
i -,     ��� ,   ;    ,.f    i ni-   (\irporatlon   of   the    DlB-
trlrt  sf Burnaby  in council assembled as   P��'���:n. ;,I:,M.,lnl!.'!
Ing required by the Company t
mi any Htr^etl or rn.nl where a Hlnnle
track Ih first laid, plans hhall be sub-
mltted to the Council for lis approval beforo tin* work Is commenced, but sueh approval shall nol bo unreasonably withheld.
14, *rhe Company shall have th" rlghl
tti make and enforce regulations and
rules for tin proper collection of fares
ami for the conduct of passongers on its
1"..    The Company  shall  have the  rlicht
to aharge and col Uct from every person
<>n or after entering any of its cars ror
the purpose of riding any distance within
the District of Burnaby a sum not Lo exceed five cents for any distance within
three miles from the western boundary
Of the Corpora Unn. ami for -myh two
miles or part thereof ridden beyond the
wild three miles the Company shall have
the rlKht to collect an additional rive
i'i nts. Provided that residents tif or settlers in the said District of Burnaby shall
be given special rates which shall not ex-
c-.'d the rales charged to settlers on the
Westmin ster'Vancouver Interurban Una
for proportionate die tan cos, and with such
similar transfer privileges as settlers on
the Westminster-Vancouver Interurban
line mav have from time to time, provld
I'd; however, that in the event of the City
nf Vancouver purchasing Lhe Company's
railway system within tne present limits
of the city of Vancouver the Company
will exchange transfers wllh the City upon such equitable boats aa may be mutually agreed upon between lhe City and
the < lompany.
16 The Ci impany shall carry infants
u arms free ami shall carry children un-
di r the age of twelve years at the rate of
two children for one regular fare and shall
Issue to school children attending the public schools In the said District tickets at
the rat.- not to i xoeed 2S cents fnt t< n
fares win in the District or Burnaby, but
audi tickets shall only he vised and entitle sucn Bchool children to travel on the
railway between the hours or S a.m. and
5 p.m nnd shall nol be available on Saturdays and Sundays, and other school holidays,
17. The Company shall grant free
Iran portatlon over Ils Byslem within the
instrlet or Burnaby to the Reeve and
Councillors <>r tt e District and to the
Clerk of the Council, Engineer, Medical
H.-alth life i .,'. i (lonstables of the District  .md Provlnci .
15. The Company ahall be liable for
and shall at all tlmi a Indemnify ami savi
hn i mli bs lhe ' !orpoi at lon from and
agalnsl   .ill   dam igi ���     ul Ing  out   of   the
instruction or ope rut Ing of Its Railways
u ithln  the  Mi,i, .it ,i |i .
19, The Company ^'itll not by any of
li ��� works, Inti i fi n wtth Lhe publlc i Ight
of travelling on or tmlng highways,
strt-i ts, brldgi a, w tlen tursi a or na ��� Ig-
abli waters, and tin Company shad not
��� pit anv polu I Igni ; ��� inn one hundn d
and  fifty teet  above  tbe   surface   of  the
treet nor fix an ��� win s h ss than eighteen '��� ��� t abovi   *: ���   bui face ol  the mp et.
and   the   poles   snail   1-    as   nearly   lis   poB
libit straight and perpendicular, and Un
'���"i:! anv snail nol ; lace or permit any advertising signs t" !���>��� placed thereon, and
, rovlded that an) of the works of lhe
Company and the erection ol poles or for
carrying the wires underground, thi sur
!   the  streel   shall   in  all  cases   L
plaoed in a condition as nearly as possible slm .nr to thai In Which they were
before Lhe commencement of lhe work of
oonstruci ten or repairs
31 in ease lha Company shall fall Lo
operate any portion or tic whole of its
linns for'tne period of six it!i months or
Shall  d<> or omit  to du anything,  the doing
ur omlaaton of which under Lhe provision! >'"'
t.r tins Agreement causes lhe forfeiture of Cou
the rights In-ret iv conferred upon the
Company, Lhe Compans shall forfeit nil
privileges, franchises and lhe tights which
it sl all acquire or winch an- o >nf< i red upon It under the provisions of this Agreement over such portion of its railways on
which default has been made, and the
same shall thereupon beoohie and ba vest'
ed in the Corporation al a valuation to be
determined upon hy arhltration; or at
the option of the Council or said Corpora
tion  ttie Company  shall  remove  its  ralla
rrom said tratk or portion of said track,
arid place the paving of such street in a
condition similar to that In which the p-
i malnder of such street may tln-n be; provided this clans., shall only apply to wilful
default  of the Company.
n^.    At the expiration of the term  of
I thirtv-six  years and  six  monihs granted
I hy  this A reement  the Corporation  may,
| upon  giving at least  twelve  il.' >   months
I written   notice  prior  to  the expiration   of
iMuid  terms of its Intention to do so. assume   the  ownership   <>r  all  the   railway
lines belonging Eo lhe Company wit..in the
present   limits    of   the    Corporation,   to-
get ner with all Lhe real and personal property   of   the  Company   actuary   used,   in
USC or   to  he  used   exclusively   |u   tin-  tip.'ni-
tlon nf the railway Hm h and plant within
the limits aforesaid, ujion payment being
made to lhe Company by lne Corporation
uf the value thereof, such value to be mutually agreed upon'Tjetween the Corporation and the Company, or in case "f a failure to agree, then such value Bhall be de-
Lrrmlned by arbitration in lhe following
The arbitrators shall fix the then market value of all the lands so to be taKen
over exclusive of any improvements, machinery and buildings thereon, and I i Lhi
Bum so found ahall be added lhe value of
:!.<���   Improvements,    machinery,    buildln ra
ind  personal property Inclsdlng the i isti
..' construction of  tto- said rail wai   I  i<
and   of   Installing  all   the  plant   and   nn
.        ry  ������ nd dedui I ing  thi n fi im n  n as-
,tj ��� hie sum t i ''���' detprmlned by I he arbl-
' ��� al -i's f. !��� di pn clntion thi ri -r bui sueh
; rn-.' ..*- value shall not includi ai pn>
������ ��� : - for .it.- fr inchlse, for r; ��� iIgnt of
n ��� ��� Ing or goodwill The i !orp*>i U Ion
���MiniI have elghl m intha after the value Is
flnallv determined on to complete *' ������ pur*
��� h i .-��� provided, howevt r, tl at until thp
m ���"��� ��� -��� Is c imph te tho Com pan j al .til
..  rnt ti- d to n t iin possession nf ;'*���   said
��� illway lines and prop* rty and to operat*
��� i mi anu to retain all the profits di ri% i d
then from.
3?.. The covennnts, conditions, regulations and undertakings to \-- observed and
oerl irmed by the Company and the privileges given i" the Corporation In this
Vgreement Bhall be deemed to refer to
in i be applicable only to i lectric street
railways or tramways herein con tructed
hv thc Company up-a: Bt reels within the
District of Burnabv under the terms of
-his  Agreement, and  shall  tn  no wis.-   be
��� h-.'ni. d to reff-r to or be appllc ible to any
part  of the Company's Westminster-Van
Bylaw No. 159.
a By-law in ,-niiiii.- tha Corporation or tha
Dlatrlct of Burnaby to ralta by way of
Loan the mnn of its,000.08 fur Sohool
WHEREAB thaBoard of Sohool Tnm-
i.-h of Burnaby in purauance of lha now-
ii- Kiiiril.it I.. III. ni t.y Seollon 60 of Un.
'Public Schoola Act" aa ro-enactod by
Section > ,.r the "Public Schoola Acl
\ inIni-in  Art   1918"  have .-.uis.-il In  ba
red and laid before the Municipal
uouncll ii detailed eatlmnte of the sum-.
required to meet the anoial or extraordinary axpenaea of ti..* Board.
AM. WHEREAS tha nnlil eatlmate of
nu. li apaolal or extraordinary axpenaea
amounla t,, the tunn of $26,000.00 accord-
Ins to tn,- atatemont followlnjr. whloh sum
together with the nuiu of s.wou.oo eatl-
n��ii..l ooata tn.i.l. niul to it,is itj-iuw and
dhcounl   on   debentl
HUIIIM   of   >'J !i.t" 00.00.
Batlmated   i-..mi   ..f   new   srliuol
Bylaw No. 158.
A Ity-law to enable The ('orpuratlon ot
the District ��f Burnaby to raise by
way  uf  loan  thy num of  JtO.OUO.ttU   fur
tin- purpose of acquiring site, erecting
and equipping a hospital in tha Mu-
anunints    to   the
rtstortd  to tbt   ���   Llsfacttott  ol  the Coun-1 couver  Interurban  tramway
nil>"c|if-(l   herein.   �����������"*��   *���"**���*   '���'���   ���*"   '
.   ��� ,|,..i <,f the said ("orporatlon
Thlfl By-law shall not go Into
Ilv-law   >*! all not  Kn mio run       ppovi.pM     tha
s  been   submitted    fnr  approval    ,jrf,V(.]]f,i   KtrePtS a   track
Mectora nf thc District of Burnaby.
��� .��� mt1tl*d to vote \ipnn a by*law to
, ,.:w, n debt, snd has r*Z\^'* S Jm
.,, nt of i ot less than three-flflhs In num-
I,,,-  of  the electors  who shall  vote   upon
th��bTh?rby-law  msy   be cited as   the
i:  rnaby t5lectrloBallway By^aw, 1913. n   ,	
Done  and  passed  in  open council  this ]f(1(1 rtown  un,i replace   it  with   a  track
Seventh  day  of  April.   1913. suitable to the new pavement to the satis-
Rrrrlvpd  tlie assent  fvf th* rlwtors   or f;irtInn   nf  ,he f'ounell  of said   Corp   -
the District r.t Burnaby on th* ....
Ml  It  hns
to or ill nary traffic during or after
struct ion. When, howevi r, the roadi" il
on such streets is constructed by tin C'��r
poratlon ������'���'' h solid and permanent basis
then ih* Company shall at the same tlm<
construct t thoroughly good and substan
tlttl street Railway to the satisfaction ol
th* i 'ouncil of the Coi porotl ��� or an!
person appointed by lhi Council, both as
t.i grades, location, width and depth *������
rail and mode of construction, Hut when
th* Council shall t*r> decide to change lh<
road hed from a temporary to a permanent one of any Btreet on which tiie Com
pony's track is laid, It shall give to the
Company at hast time months, prior notice in writing of its intention to 'U> so
11 rnnoedamized or
nstructed with
"tec" rails weighing nol less man fifty
six pounds per yard shall be e insldered
permanent construction until the Btreets
are paved as hereinafter provided, but If
any such street is to be (dock paved, as
phalted or laid down with �� pavement of
s similar character, then the Companv
may he required to remove lhe track firs*
ThlV of   	
finally   passed
implicate ihi- day of  ... ��� ������ ;i
in   the   year   of  nnr   !<oH  on*   thousand
nine hundred und thirl en,
TTIE COUPORATION OF TfTr3 DISTRICT OF BURNABY, In th* Province nf Britten Col��mb|i, h*r*lnut*r
called "the Corporallon,"
(.-��� THE FIR81
AND  ���
U*,U\V<\-    COMPAKV.    MM
I tlon or to some person appointed hy the
I Council for this purpose, nntl In that case
' the track first laid down shall iw considered n temporary one only, but the
' Compnnv shall only once be called upon
, to remov* n temporary track and re
I pine* it with u permanent one.
s The Company shall maintain Its
'ties stringers and rails in a state of
thorough repair and shall for that pur
pose remove, r- new and replace the same
as circumstances may require, and aa the
Council   of  the  Corporation   shall   direct
, and shall maintain nnd keep the rondOed
In ��he ca**e of perthaiienl track tinder the
rails and eight Inches on either side of
Miss of a temporary
s and tt. a width of
tutslde of each rail
f   repair   as   tti
the accommodation  of j agreement any matters or thinn* are to tie
or dumngc the clothing   mutually  agreed  upon  between  the Com-
. in:
ITH')   (VoREloN). being a oompany
Inrorponited under the Companies' Art
IMS nnd   1*98. having Its offices sir
ate in   84   Nicholas   Lane,   Lombard
< ity nf London, England
Ot,  In  tht*
h rail, and in Uv
track between the r,
e|��ht   Inches  ou  thi
in  us  k tod  n state
malnder of the strei t may be,  And In 11
event  of  the  Company  making   any
pairs   or   alteration    lo   the     trucks.
stringers or mils, it shall replnce the por
Hon nt the street flltturbed for the pur
pose of su.-h repairs or alterations In as
good   order   and   condition   :t*   thfi   rest
the street
-Ithout unnecessary delay.
��� Corporation sball hav the right
eil by and at tin- expense of tlie Company.
and provided further thnt wht,n* '������ i in
cas<   of f::-   it  btcomes ntceasary  for  Ita
��� xtlneil m   oi   the   preservatl f   prop-
ertj Ll ��� ��� ��� win dm I i��- cut, ttie cutting under such circumstances of any ol
ihe wires of tp.- Company under the direction of the Chlel Engineer or other Offi-
oer in charge of the Fire Brigade shall
not entitle the * Company to demand or
tilalm compensation for any unavoidable
dam:ige thnt might be so Incurred, and all
��� top. rtr so Injured shall Im- restored lo
its former condltl o soon thereafter us
rtasonably eon be dom at tho ezpenai ol
tin   Coi poratlon
2'.'. The Company shall place and c in
i Inui on sal 1 Railway tracks good and sufficient passenger cara for tin- convenience
and comfort of pass�� ngers EJach car Bhall
���. numbered on the outside and inside and
asstngers only shall be carried in sin:-.
ii ��� a,
Tht Com; any may also operatf
rnfght cars for tin transportation of express and freight In lht said District of
it irsabj
The Compan) shall not be obliged
to carry in passenger -\irt- any packag< ������'
baggage exceeding In welghl 86 n>s. for
mv one passenger, and it may refuse to
illow passengers to bring with them on
tonrd it*; passenger cars any package of
w atsoe\er nature that would cause In-
oonvtnlencf lo othei passengers or occup>
���jpace destined for ti
passt ngers, or soil
-f passengers or the Company's prop
erty and it mav make and enforce sucn
regulations as to packages and baggage
as .. mav deem necessary.
':?*. The Corporation nnd the Companv
shall make By-laws and regulations prohibiting spitting on the Company's Care
under proper penalties.
2i. The cars of tlie Company shall be
entitled to the uninterrupted right of was
on  the tracks of the aald railways,    All j
vehicles, however,  may travel on, along 0
iwrst t\,
upon the track shall turn out at the approach of any car, ho aa to have the track
char for  lhe iKis.-i!:-,;.'  of tlu   car.   pravldcd
thla Bhall not N* taken ta affect or restrict
any I'fr.i' ltsV.ts the Company mav havi
agalnsl any persona ro travelling along or
iicrona the -said tnicks. But In case of
fire, the hose of the Klre Brumde, If laid
serosa ttie tracks on the said atrei ts.
s ail not be Interfered with by the Company and the cars of the Company on the
said streets shall iw stopped to allow the
passage of all fire engines, fire brigades
and appliances.
26 The salu street cirs sliall stup at
crossings when leaving or receiving paJB-
aengiTB In such poslrion as may be mutually agreed upon between the Council of
the Corporation and the Company, and
no cars shall be hft standing on the
Street at any time unless receiving or leaving passengers or waiting at a tenn in us
Liin[ded the location of such terminus
Miaii t.e first assented to by the Council.
26     The   cars   after   dark   on   Lhe    wild
trie -*���:������"������' railway or tramway which the
Companv may construct on lands acquired
by the Companv In the District "r Burnn
by ot ' ��� iny of l ��� property of Th" Com-
i ai ��� oi lo be use I In connection tln^e-
:tv tn tie- event of the Corporation
falling to exercise tti" ri^ht to assume the
ownership of said railway and   plant.
Bxpensea connected with the
issuance of loan including
discount on bonda    4.000 00
Total $:9,otto.oo
am* WHEREAB it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND WHEREAS under the powers
vested In the Council of Publlc Instruction under Section mx <o> of the said
'i'u I die Schoola Act" the boundaries of
the Municipal Bchool District of Burnaby
have been extended so as to include Dis-
trlct Lot One Hundred and Seventy-tWO
(172) tiroup One (1) New Westminster
AND WHEREAB by Section H of the
said " Public Schoola Act" where any territory has been included within a Municipal School District In accordance with
SecMpn 6 ibt the provisions of that Act
:. spotting Public Schoola in Cities and
District Municipalities sliall apply therein, and BUCn territory, for all school pur-
, oh' s, shall b��- d< emed to be united to
such Municipal School District, and all
propert) situate Ln auoh territory, shall t>��-
;i ible  to asaeaament for sohool   purposes
oi the sane manner and LO the same ex-
lent as if the same were Included in tiie
.units ol tiie Incorporated City, Town or
District Municipality, and in tills Hy-law
;it< word "Municipality" shall be construed   and apply   accordingly.
AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rate tin- sum or
rhree Hundred and Five Dollara and
eighteen 1 nis ($306 18) principal and the
sum of Oue Thousand four hundred and
fifty Dollars ($1460.00) interest making
together a total am mnt annually of One
rhouaand   Seven   Hundred  and   1'ifty-fivi
D if and Eighteen cuts i S1755.1 b l for
rn-' term of forty years for the re*pay-
inent of the said loan and interest thereon
is  her< Inafti r mt ntloned.
and WHEREAB the net value of the
whole rateable land in the said Municipality (Including District l/��t Une Hundred
and Seventy*two tiT'Ji Group One tit as
before recited according to the laat revised Assessment Holl amounts to Twenty-
two Million Hix Hundred and Tw< nty-
on- thodsand Two Hundred and Five Dollara  ($22,629,205.00).
AND WHEREA8 to provide for the
payment of the Int.-rest and the creation
d a Sinking Fund for the payment of
Lhe said principal aum of Twenty-nine
thousand Dollars ($29,000.00) it will be
',��� ��� ��� ��� sary to I. vy a special annual rat.'
sufficient to raise the sum of one Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty-five Dollars   and   Eighteen   cents   t tV7E>0.1S>   the
WHEREAS it la necessary and aipedl-
ent tiuit the Council of the Haid Corporation bo authorised to borrow the sum of
Forty Thouaand Dollars ($40,000.00) to
provide  for acquiring site, erecting and
���-pupping  a  hospital   within  the  limits  uf
the Municipality.
and WHEREAB it is neoeaaary to
ralae lha moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon tha credit of the
and WHBRBAS it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rule the sum of
Pour Hundred aud Twenty Dollars and
ninety-four Oantl < J-C'J.m I principal and
Uu- sum of Two Thousand Dollars t |J,-
000.00) Interest making together u total
amount annually of Two Thousand Lour
Hundred and Twenty iNillars and Ninety-
four cents ($8420.94) for the term of
forty years for the repayment of the aald
Loan and Interest thereon as btralnaftar
AND WHBRBAS tha net value of the
whole rateable land In the Municipality according to ttie last revised assessment roll
amounts to Twenty-two million Dim hundred and eighteen thousand three hundred
and seventy-five Dollara  ($22,118,876.00).
AND WHBRBAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality Is Two
Million   Four   Hundred   nnd    Twenty-four
Thousand **>n�� Hundred and Fifty Dollars
i $2.-*J4.l r>o.oo > exclusive of Looal Improvement debt secured by special rales
or assessments of which none of thu principal or Interest Is lu arrears.
AND WHBRBAS to provide for tbe
payment of Intereat and the creation of a
sinking Fund for the payment Of tin? said
principal  sum of  Forty Thousand  Dollara
($40. 1.00)  li will be necessary to levy
a sp rial annual rale sufficient to raise
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred
and Twenty Dollars and Nln��ty-four cents
($2420.04) the amount tO be calculated
annually on Lhe whole of the rateable
land comprlaed  within  the   Municipality
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the District
of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve ami
Clerk of the Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body or bodl$a
corporate who may be willing to advance
tho same upon the Credit of the deben-
tun s hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding  Forty Thousand Dollars  ($40,-
000.00)    and    tO   cause   tht;    same     to   be
placed In the Royal Bank of Canada at
the City of New Weatmlnater, British Columbia, to the oredlt of the said Corporation for the purpose und with th.- objects
above set forth and to Issue any number
of debentures of the wild Corporation to
the sum of Forty Thousand Dollars ($40.-
000.00) in the whole in acoordanoa with
the ���'Municipal Act." And the sai.l de-
beturea shall be issued to consist of 82
debenturea each of the denomination of
One Hundred Pounda Sterling t��100) and
one debt nture of the amount of (19 3s. 7d
being the Sterling equivalent of Forty
Thousand Dollars t $40,ono.oi>) at the rate
"f $4.88 '.'-3 to the one pound Sterling,
������ach debenture being also expressed tu be
payable in Canadian Currency computed
at such rate, and such debenturea shall
have annexed thereto ooupona expressed
both in Sterling and Currency for the interest thereon at the rate of five (5) per
centum per annum payable half-yearly on
the 3nth day of June and the 31st day of
December In each year. And such atflT-
tlng debenturea shall t>�� delivered to to*-
purchasera of  the  aald   debentures),  and
aeveh Dollars and rive cents ($2197.0.*) >
principal and the sum of Two Thousand
Five Hundred Dollars (5Jf.0O.00> Interest  making together a total annually of
Four Thousand Nine Hundred and ulnety-
h.'Vi ii    Dollars   and   five   cents   4 $4!>9��.05 >
for the term of Fifteen yaara fot the repayment of tlw said loan and Interest
thereon ;i* hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS tha net value of tb-
whole rateable land in the Municipality according tO the List  revised ass.sKment  roll
amount to Twenty-two million one hundred and eighteen thouaand Three Hundred an.l Seventy-five Dollars t|22,118,-
AND WHKItRAK the total existing debenture debt of tlie Municipality Is Tw����
Million Four hundred and Tweniy-fouc
thousand One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
($2,424,180.00). exclusive of Local Improvement debt secured by special rate.*
or ussew-saunts of which none of the principal or Interest Is In arrears.
AND WHKUKAS to provide for the
payment of Interest and ttie creation of a
sinking fund for the payment of (l^ mild
principal sum of Fifty Thousand Dollarn
($60,000.00) it will be neceasary to levy
a apeclal annual rate sufficient to mine
the sum of Four Thousand Nine Hundred
and Ninety-seven Dollars and five cent*
t$4s!*7.u6) the amount to be calculated
annually on the whole of the rut cable
land comprised within  the Municipality,
NOW THKKKKOIirc the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the Dlatrlct of   llurnaby  enacts  as  follows;
1. It ahull be lawful for tbe Ilei-yc and
Cbrk of the Council for the purpOMfl
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body or botUM
corporate who may be willing to udvuaco
tbe same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not exceeding Fifty Thousand Dollars (Sf.0.-
000.00) and to cause the same to bn
placed in ths Royal Hank of Canada ut
the City of New Westminster. British Columbia, to tba credit of the said Corporation, for the purpose and with the objects
shove set forth and to issue any number
of debentures Of the said Corporation to
the sum of Fifty Thouaand Dollars ($50,-
���lOO.Oli) la uie Whole in accordance with
the "Municipal Act." And the said debentures shall 1h> Issued to cunsfst of One
Hundred and Two (102) debentures, each
or Uie denomination of one hundred
pounds Sterling (��100) and one deben-
ture of the amount of ��73 lf��s. t!d. being
the Sterling equivalent of Fifty Thousand
Dollars ($80,000.00) at the rate of
$4,86 2-3 to the one pound Sterling, each
lebenture being also expressed to be pay-
tble In Canadian Currency computed at
such rate, and such debenturea shall bave
annexed thereto coupofta expressed both (n
sterling and Currency for the interest
thereon at the rate of Five (5) per centum per annum payable half-yearly on the
loth day of June and the 31st day of De-
Cember In each year. Ami such Sterling
debenturea shall be delivered to the pur-
has, rs of the aald debentures, and both
ia to principal and interest ahull be payable at tiie office of the Royal Bank of
Canada In London. Kngland. or In Toronto, Montreal or In Vancouver. Canada.
>r in New York, at holder's option. And
the principal of the aald debentures shall
b�� payable on the thirtieth dav of June
V  D.  1928.
2. .-ere shall be raised and levied
annually by a special rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the UmltH
r��f the aald Municipality the sum of Two
Thousand four* hundred nnd Klnety-aaven
Dollars and five cents ($8497.08) for the
purpose of forming a sinking fund for
the payment of the said debentures and
'he sum of Two Thouaand five hundred
Dollars <S2f.00.0iM for the payment of the
Intereat at the rate aforesaid the said special rate to be In addition to all other
-rites to be levied and collected  In the said
Municipality during the currency of tbe
said debentures or any of them.
8. This By-law shall take effect on nnd
ifti r the second day of June A. D, 1913.
4. This Hy-law mav be citM for nil
-rnrpose*. us the "m'U.VABY SIDEWALKS  DEBENTURE    BY-LAW  1913."
DONE AND PASSED in Open Council
the aeventh day of April A. D. 1913.
RECETVfeD the assent of the Electors
it    an    Election    for   the   purpose   on   th��
day  of   April   A.  D.   1913.
KKCON8IORRKD   nnd   finally   adopted
loda ot ter (10)  ynra oacl ' M*��       *'
within   Un-.
Municipality    InclinllnK . wila 1
M on th-f  .
, \. Tl.  1913.
day of.
ru c.
Mnntrctil   or   Vancouver,   Canada,   or    ln
. New   York,   at   holder's   option.     And   th
ind conditions h.r. lu contained, and   th.-1     BE   IT   THEREFORE   ENACTED   by   principal of tha snld dMn-ntur��� shall h
Corporation shall hava a -similar right   to ! the Reeye_and Council of the aiu-a Corpor- | payable on the thirtieth day of June A. D.
purch  at the end of each i>-*!!.'"1 ..f ten
<',n,   years .ind lo operate llle  railway or , - ,.     ,  .
iaui. II to i- operated, and lha Baid pur- 1. IT SHALL BE LAW H L for the
chaao to bo In the manner aad on the \ B-eve and Clerk of the < ..unci, for th,
lerma ael oul  In Sectton 32. purpoee ufnri-enld. to borrow or ralaa by
p,���... differ..,,.*.; or queatlonahall^rlao be-   ^..yV,.. r��ml .MpT'the 'credit Sf the
debentures   hereinafter   mentioned  a  num
not     exceeding     Twenty-nine    Thousand
f lii 9,000.00)    Dollars   and   to   cause   the
placed in  the  Royal  Bank of
he City of N.w  Weatmlnater
the cndit of the aald Corporation f
the  purp-t���>���}��������  and   v.itti
tween   the  said   parties  hereto,   tlieir
apectlve  Bucceesors  or  assigns  ����r any uf
them,  touching the construction,  ru'-uning
ur effect of these presents, or any clauat
.r   thing  henrln-coutalned.   or  the   rifhta   ��""!, ._'  .? the ,.,.v o{
nnd liabilities of the said parties   reepoo-   '
tlvaly   or   their   successors    .ml    hhhIkii.s
thc*n  everj   ��uch  dispute,  difference,  deel
slon or question ahall be referred ta arbi
l rat lon.
36. Whenever under the t'-rnia of this
Agf-emert sny matter, dispute, difference or question Is i<> he referred to arbitration or wh. never under ttie terms
objects  above
puny nnd the Corporation and they are
unable to agree, the same Bhall be referred to the J. clslon of two arbitrators,
one to be selected by each of the partlei
and to an umpire who shall iw selected
by   the   arbitrators   before  entering   upon
set fprth and w leauv any number of a.
benturea of the said Corporation to the
num of Twenty-nine thmmand ��� $:s.ooo.ooi
Dollars In the whole in accordance with
the "Municipal Act" An.! th.> aald debentures "hull be Issued to consist of fifty-
nine i59> debenturea each of the denomination of one hundred pounds sterling
(��100) and one del* nture uf the amount
of ��f.s 18a ld. being the Sterling equivalent of $.9,00.00 ut the rute of $4,86 2-8
to the one p��.und Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to be payable in Canadian Currency computed at such rate,
nnd such debentures shall  have   annexed
their dutleB, the award of the majority ot ] thereto  ooupona  expressed  both  in   Ster-
Whom Shall be binding ou ;ill parties and hlng nnd Currency for thi   Interest thereon
Hhall   be arbitrated   under and  according | ��i  the rate of  Five   (M   l*r centum per
:o the provisions of the "Arbitration Act" , annum   payable   half-yearly   on   the   soth
being   Chapter   nine   of   the   Revised   Sta-   day of June and  the  31st  day of  Decern-
tutcs   of   British   Columbia,   any   amend-   ber  in t:\t-h  year     Buch  Sterling deoen-
,mont   thereof or any act  of the  Deglsla-   turee ah.ill ts- delivered to the purchasers
��� the Mid  truckH. but  any  vehicles,   ture 0f the Province of liritish Columbia 10f   the  said  debentures,  and both   aa  to
a,  bicycles,  man  or foo   paaaena;erH  for Ul��� tlme ^^g jn roroa ln British Co- [principal and interest shall be payable at
'    '  '"   " lumbla rolatlng to arbitration and the con-   the office of the Royal  Bank of Canada
iuct thereof In Londor. Engywd. or In Toronto, Mon
37. Any nolle- to be given under thla Urtfl or Vancouver, Canada,
Agrsement by tho Company shall be deem- ; v,.rk. a the hoioera owion
ed aufffciently given and served if de- principal of th. aaicJ T"l"fr Ju���,. a D
llvored at the Office of the Corporation, ' pavable on tbe thirtieth d.u 01 Jun% *-** \
and   any   notice   tc   be  given   by   the  Cor- . 19f��3- .
poratlon to the Company shall be deem- ] 2. There Bhall be raised and levied ail
ed sufficiently given and served If ad- nually by a apeclal rate sufficient there
dressed to the Oeneral Manager of the for on all rateable land within the Limits
Company, Vancouver, li. C. and forwarded   nf   u^   said   Municipality   Including
2. There sliall be raised and levied annually by a special rate sufficient there-
for on all rateable land within the limits
<>r the aa4d Municipality the sum of Four
Hundred find Twenty Dollara and Ninety
four cents 114SO.94 �� for the purpose of
forming a Bin king fund for the payment
t >f the snld debentures and the -sum of
nwo Thousand Dollara t $*"'>oo.o0 > for the
payment of the interest at the rate aforesaid, the said special rate to iw in addition to all other rates to be levied and collected in the said Municipality during the
eurrency uf tlie .said debentures or any of
3, The Council instead of borrowing
the said sum of Forty Thousand Dollars
'$46,000,001 on the credit of the deben-
turcH hereinbefore mentioned may acquire
site, erect and equip the said hospital and
nr ranee for payment for the aome In such
manner and upon such terms and oondl-
flfHi<: an the said Council may deem expedient.
4 This Hy-law shall take effect on and
after  the  seeond day of June   A.   D.   1913.
6 This By-law mav be cited for all
purposes as the "BURNABY HOSPITAL
DEBENTURE   BY-LAW,   1913."
DONE AND PASSED in Open Council
this seventh day of April A. D,   1913.
RECEIVED THK assent of the Electors
.it an IClection for tho purpone on the
 ,   day of April A.  D.  1*13
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted
by the Council, signed by ttii* Reeve and
Clerk antl sealed with the Corporate Seal
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon whicb
the vote nf the Municipality will be taken
���n Saturday, the C6th day of April, 1913,
between 9 O'clock a m until 7 O'clock
p.m., at the following places:
fturnaby   Public   Rail,   Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall.   Central   Park.
Mr    Topping's   Store,   13th   Ave.,   East
Hamilton Road School.  Hunjuitlarn.
Dundonald School.  Fraser Arm.
Par-net   Hall.   Rarnet.
Mr,  Brasee's Ptore.  North  Hurnaby.
The  Social  Club   Building,  Capitol  Kill.
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere Bchool,  I^ikemere.
Public Notice Is  hereby given   that  the
vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned   By-law at  the  time   and   place   above
mentioned, and that A. O, Moore has been
appointed   Returning  Officer  to  take  th*
vote of such electors with the usual powers in that behalf.
By order of the Council.
D. C.  McGregor,  Revv*.
Arthur G.   Moor*,  Clerk.
Edmonds,  B. C, April Tlh, 1913.    '
And    the
all oti tin* .
A. iv 1918,
day of
by regtatered letter.
33. Whenever under thla Agreement
the word "atreet" or "streets" occurs the
aame stall be taken t.i include road or
highway  or roads or highways.
3D. IiOthlng in tlds Agreement contained shall be deem��d to confer or be
cyinatrued oa conferring anj exclusive
ri��;ht.< or powers on >)r to the said Company.
it is agreed by and hetw^n the part lea
hereto   that   the   Agree mon I   between   the
lorporatlon  and  the  Company  dated  th
..nsfter Minted
W1TKRBAB the electors nf the
District of Bumaby have awented to tne
i locution nf this Agreement i
now   thf,uffouf:   THI*    A*H��M*
1 The Corporation In consideration nf
���the premises and of the Company agree ing
to perform nnd observe the covenants
hereinafter contained hereby *�����ts ""J��
the Companv lt�� successors and essirns
tiie right full permlaalon and authority t'i
otnpiete. e<piip, maintain
damage that may be oc-
working of the  Rntlwnv
m nee ted thert with,  but  In
tnecessary or undue delay
n:��i.   cornpi��-o-,   "i'"i.   ���������-���   . ,
i. rrom trie dnte of lha rxfcutlon Mfl
,rv hervot tor Hie perlen ot thW
rnra and al�� montha apfl for any ro
..I thoroof tlmt mav ba granted hera-
���nfter u alngle or rtouhlc ir.^u el'OtrU
r tr,. t railway or tramway, with nil ne��fl-
��� .,,** awltche*. tn-n-otiUi and ��jur tracM
nnd other requlalte appllajcea In eon-
nrctlon tii.-r. -villi, upon and oyer Ml or
,���v nt th, ntreeta within the Dlatrlct of
llurnahv inaorar na the Couneil of tha
anid Cnrporntlnn enn legally grant thi
�����;,������.; provided, however, that t '" ' " ;
pnny aAnll nol ,*.���.-iv.'.-t any ral �����>���������'
li , ���*, ,. nlong King's Way (formeny
aa Wratmlnator nond) bctw'"n
Park and Edmonda wltn;
,��� mai nl "r the Couneil by
unoliitlon bei a first hud nnd
h, , m.|(npr tlna clause nor nnythlng: .-.
,,���.���! ahnll give or be eonatrued
i,, ii���. Company the Power of en-
I In nny other husjneas thnn thalo
, ,, irnctlng nnd operntlng olei tl
ivnva within lhe snld Dlatrlct, tl
linn being I'-nl tbl" Agreement
1.1  on ib.- Compnny H"* rlgni i
wild atrcPla nnd n.. other Intore 	
i��� manner aforesaid, so long n nnd pro
vldrd Ihn Company observes tb" coven
nntn and conditions herein contft "���'f lh0
3    Tb, Compnnv In conalderntlon pt ii
p-rmUea nnd the grnnt p( Iho rightItt UBC
tha streeta as aforesalfl   BoreW  conien
mil 'bring  Uni
compensation nr
caalnnrd  to thr
or ihr worka a
purh event no ui...
or hindrance Bimii t* caused t.. .���- ���*.*- ���
tion nf tbr track .ind In the event of tne
Corporation wertdalng aueh right, it annii
without unneeeasary delay replaoa the
truck at Its nwu proper ooata and ex-
Mneea provided alwaya thnl tha rights
h^rrb-' Knintrd Bhnll bo Btlbject to any
���rlatlng rights, atatntory nr otherwise, or
ihnt tmiv hereafter hr grnnt^l to nny per-
son or poraone or tK.dv eorpornte to .<"��� n
or ink.- iip aald streets of -snld ( ornorn-
nnv of Hum. bul In the evenl ot
���norntlon granting eucli rlTht to
, ���. ,s-n nr t-renns or body corporate it
shall make it a cr.dttlnn nf such grant
thai ..." grantee shall w thoul delav -
pliioo tbr- track nnd m-ik'
'   niaK
the   '
tlicr. In
. .wn
ill ral
. Am*.
**r Ing
���l  therein
urn .-
1(1 The speed of lhe cars shall not c
r>��.d'twenty-five mlbs nn hour, provided
ih-u the sold speed shall, If rooulrrd by
re��olnil..n nf the Council nf said Corpora:
Hon be r-.l.ic-.i to a rate of Booed no ex-
e��adln�� ten milea per hour on buslncns
Btreets and fifteen miles an hour on res-
dentlnl streets,
li     The Company wlll eaus irs to b"
run ia Intervals ,.f not mori  Ihan nn hour
,���,���,,,, Beven a in. nnd eleven p.m. .neb
,iiv istceptlng Sunday, on which day  the
Compnny shall not bo obliged to run tl
cnri  earlier   Ulan   ��� *lgbi   n ������-
however,  ihat  tho Company
nulrcd to do bo by resolution
di of thi- Corporation, hnvl
whnl  the demand for tmffli
n the track or moving towards H
and on tha flr-st appearance of danger the
car   -.hull   tt,'   Bt,.p|H*d   lu   tlir  abort,.st   ihih-
atble siuice of tlnie.
*H. The oonduotora on said c-irs shall
announce to the passenger* the narr\ea of
the strwts and public Bquares as the curs
roach ihem.
29. In the event of the Corporation or
any othur person or tier-sons or biwly or
Unites corporate propoalng or Ik-Ihk ii,.sir-
ous of iviiistniciluK ii atreet railway or
Btreet   railways   on   any   of   Ihe  atreets  or
roa.ts  within   the   Dlstriet   of   Burnaby
other than those upon which the Com-
-pany shall have constructed il sire, t railway or have a street railway in coura. of
oonstructlon in accordance with the provisions herein contained, the Company
shall Is' requested In writing to build
such desired or proposed railway and operate the same upon the terms and conditions in thiH Agreement contained, and
in. Company shall, within sixty (601 dayu
thereafter notlfj the Corporation whether
It Is willing to build nn.l ,,pernio such
atreet railway and In the event of the
Company refusing or neglii'tlug within
sixty ( mil days from such request to slg-
nliy lis willingness tu build and operate
such railway, -or In the event of the Company neglecting or refualng to commonce
the building of such railway within six
months nfter expiration of the aald sixty
(60)   davs.  or I implete   same   wllliln
twelve (13) months from the dale whin II
provided,   signified Its wllllngneaa to build and op
Take nolle lhal the alsjve Is n true
copy of tha proposed By-law utx.ti which
the vole of the Municipality will Ih. taken
on Saturday, the E<th day of April. 1913.
tMMween 9 o'clock u m. until 7 o'clock p m.,
At the foilowliiK places:
Bumaby Publlc Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall.   Central   l'urk.
Mr Topping's Store. 18th Ave., Knal
Hamilton  Road  Bchool,  Burqultlam.
tlundonuM   School.   Kraser   Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet
M-    Brasoo'a  -store.  North   Burnaby,
The Social Club  Building.  Capitol   Hill
Burnnby  l-ike  Store.   Hurnaby   Lake.
Lakomere Sohool,  Lakemere,
Publlc Notloe is hereby given that the
vote of the Blectora of the Plstrloi of
Burnaby win t��. takon on the above-mentioned Mv-law nt ihe time nnd place above
mentioned, niul thai A. O. Moore has
been appointed Heturnlni: Officer to take
the vot" of such electors with the usual
powers In that  behalf
I>. c   McGregor,  Hoove.
Arthur  I*..   Moore.   Clerk.
Kdmonds.  11. c.  April 7th.  1013.
said I
til .trict  Lot One Hundred  and  Beventy-
' iwo   (17: i   ilrotrp  One   lii   New   Weatmlnster   I'litrlrt   the sum  of Three   Hun-
dred and five Dollara and eighteen c-ius
I c*lof..l*i   for the purpose or forming  a
. t-'lnkll)* Fund for the payment of the de-
benfURS   and   the  sum  of  nn.-   Thousand
PW        Hundred       and       Fifty      Dollars
i |l,ttO 00)   for the payment of the Inter-
, s( ht the rat,- aforesaid, the said special
I rate t.. Is. In addition to all other rates to
l���. levied and collected In  the sail   Municipality during the currency of the said
debenturea or any of them
3 This llv law shall take effefet on
and after the second day of June A D
, Tils llv.law mav !"��� Cited for nil
purposes as th. "BURNABY SCHOOL
���BOARD LOAN NO   3  BY-LAW  1913."
this seventh day of April  A.  D,  1913.
RECEIVED the oasent of the Blectora
at  an   Election   for  the Purpose  on  the
 day of April  A.  D.   .913.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopt,st
hv   t .e   Council,   signed   by   the   Itc-ve   and
ci.rk and scaled with the Corporate seal
Tak" notlw thai the above Is a. true
r-opy of the proposed By-law upon Which
the vote of the Municipality wlll be taken
on Saturday, th�� {(th day of April. 1913
between 9 CTeiMk a in. until 7 O'clock
pm. at the following places:
llurnaby   Public  Hall.   Kdmonds.
Agricultural   Hall.   Central   Park.
Ur.   Topping's   Sure,   13th    Ave.,   Eaat
Hamilton Kirnd School, Burqultlam,
Dundonald School, l-'raser Arm.
Barnet Hall.  Barnet
Ur   ltrazis.'s Store. North  Hurnaby.
The Social Club Building, Capitol Hill.
Bumaby l-nko store. Ihinmby l^ike.
Lakemere Sohool, Lakemere,
laihllc N'ltioc Is hereby Riven thut Ihe
/ote of the Electors of the Dlstrlot of Bur-
laby will be tiik.-n on the above mentlon-
1  By-law at tho time   and   place   above
a'.l on the .
A. D   1913.
day of
(Wlnd-lng Up.)
in the Matter of the "Winding Up
Act," Revised Statutes ef Canada
������-Chapter 144, and
In tlie Matter of The People's Trust
Company, Limited.
the Court has fixed the 3.1th d.iv of April.
1813, at 10.30 o'clock In the forenoon in
Chanits-rs at ttie Court House, Vancouver. II c. us the time and place for the
appointment of official Liquidator of the
above-named Company.
THK CREDITORS of the above named
Company are required on or before the
30th ilay of April. 1913. to send In tlieir
names and addreasea, und the particulars of  their debts  und claims,  and    the
mentioned, and that A. O   Moiim has been   names and addresses of their Solicitors, if
ppointed   Ketumlnit Officer  to  tnke  the   tiny,  to the  Westminster Trust.   Limited.
te of such eleotOTS with the usual powera  lu  that  behalf
By  order  of  the Council.
D. C.  Mclrcfi-or.  Reeve
Arthur il.  Moore, Clerk.
BdmOOdS,  B.  C���  April  7th.   1913.
shall.   If
of the com
ut regard   lo
Hon Insllfl.s. onus,-
each of Bold lines nt
Intervals man In th -
bet ween   11
nlKht      '
rs   to   be   run    on
noli mure   frequent
lads.' provided and
himni of 6:80 a,in.. apd mid
elate such   railway,   the  Corporation
tlu-n have the rlghl to .* >n.:t-,*,,< f,t,,i operate so milCll   . '   *'��� * d ::m,,1   hue or llneH
as shall not have been constructed by the
Company, or grant to any person or persons ,,r body corporate tho rlghl to build
and operate snme or otherwise aa the Corporation   may   deem   advisable,    provided
of cue . ibiv exoc-f.tini; Sunday, pro- | Ihat tic Compan)' shall have a further and
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all klndB.
Pricos right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
53  McKenaie St.
Take notice tluit the above la a true
copy of the proposed Hy-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will I"' taken
on Saturday, tha -26th day of April. IIII,
b, tween 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 O clock
p.m.. at  the following places:
Burnnby   Public  Hall.  Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hail.   Central   l'ark
Mr.   Topping's   Store,    13th     Ave.,    East
Hamilton Road School. Burqultlam,
Dundonald Bohool, Fraaer Arm.
Barnet  Hall, Barnet,
Mr.  Ilraz.-e's Store, North  Burnaby.
The social Club Building, Capitol  Hill.
Bumaby Lake store Burnnby Uik.-.
Lakemere School.' Lakemere.
Publlc Notice Is hereby given that the
voic of the Electors ..f the District of llurnahv will be taken on the above montl.
.-���I Hv-law at tl"- til uld  plac
mentlonod, and that A. O.
appointed   Returning  offi
vote of Buch electors with the usual powers In that hi half.
By oid.r of the Council.
D C. McGregor, Reeve.
Arthur tl. Mooro, Clerk.
Edmonds,  B. C, ���fA'JL""1' un'
Bylaw No. 157.
f the City of New Westminster. Province uf liritish Columbia, Provisional Liquidators of the said Company, and If ao
-i quired by notice In wrtlliiK from the
said Liquidators, are by their Solicitors to
c.nie in and prove their said debts and
claims, ut my Chambera .it the New
Court House. Vancouver. B. C. nt such
time as ahall Is- specified in such notice.
>r In defuult thereof, they wlll be pl-
Cluded fnnn the benefit of any distribution made before such debts are proved.
HATED the 10th duy of April, A. O.
Reel Bt rnr.
New Westminster.  B. C.
Solicitor for the  Petitioning Creditor an*
The  Westminster   Trust    Limited     Tbe
Provisional Liquidators.
A Hy-law to enable The Corporation of
th.- IHstrlet Of Bumaby to raise by way
Of Loan the sum of H.O.OOO.OO Tor the
piinsise Of constructing sidewalks In
the  Municipality.
WHEREAS  It  is necessary and cxpoiii-
. nt that the Council or the said Corporation be nuthowaed u*. borrow the sum of
.Fifty   Thousand   Hollars    ($S0.0'.i u0)    to
.1  plac   apove provide ror constructing certain sidewalks
Mon,    KM.   th!   Within  the llinlls of the  Municipality.
   ' and WHEREAS It Is necessary to raise
the moneys required to defray the above
expenditure upon the credit of the Municipality.
ANO WHEREAS it wlft br necessary lo
raise annually '���/ special rule the aum of;
Two Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-: tooaj
Notice is hereby Riven that the flrat
tting of tho court of Revision cn
he Assessment Roll for 11)13 will Ih!*
���'Ill at Iho Council Chamber, Cily
'all, Now Westminster, B.C., nn the
8th day of April, 19in. nt 11 n in.
Notice of any complaints nu:i-t lx��
jlven to the AHSessni.iit C.,...rnia-
'oner in writing at least tell days
previous to ihe Bitting of the 'mirt.
Hated  at  New   Westminster,   B.C..
���he 17th day of  March. 1913
W. A. Dl'w ' v'
City Clerk. PAfJB EIGHT
Rente Ifce Phone No.
Rember   the  Place-33
Eighth Street.
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that today?
Call on our Trust Office. Tell him what you
wish done with your estate, and he will show
you just how it may be
Dominion Trust
Company, lid.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid  up Cai Hll and  Surplus
    $2,800, .00
Ten prisoners wore brought over
from Vancouver yesterday to the pent
tentlary ami provincial Jail,
Kor everything electrical see \V
Day. Home wiring anil conduit work
a specialty. (1078)
A meeting of the Hurnaby board of
trade wlll be held in the Municipal
ball, Kdmonds, this evening at G
Second hand sewing machines for
sale from $10 up. O, N. Kdmondson &
Co., corner Slith avenue nnd Twelfth
street. (1074)
The Sapperton intermediate lacrosse
team wlll hold a concert In Johnston's
hall on Thursday evening at which
several talented local vocalists have
promised to assist.
A. Hardman. the cake man. Get
coed bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. CSG8)
The perjury charge against Partip
Singh occupied some little time in
police courl yesterday morning, an ad-
jouriimenl being taken at noon until
0:30 o'clock this morning.
Oet your lnwn mower ground at
Swansea's. Debbie street. We have
.special machinery for doing this work
Charles Turner, accused of complicity in the Central Park bank rub
bery which was perpetrated some
time ago. was committed for trial bv
Police Magistrate McArthur in South
Vancouver yesterday.
Sacrifice���33x132 foot lot near
Tenth avenue ln  D.  1.. 53, for which
���pedal prizes tills year of $25, $1.1 and
���Jin for lha best Quarter acre garden
tract laid out lu three seel ions and
planted with flowers, vegetables antl
small I'l-till. The prize 'list for the
annual fair was also revised throughout,
'l'n loan, $lii,m.o on Hi-si class busl-
less property, mme other need apply,
',    Peebles,   620   Columbia     Btreet,
I'hone 307,
The lirsl catch of oollchans was
landed by fishermen yesterday morn-
ng and  the  Btnall  members of the
Mr. John Graham, of this olty, and j
Miss Mauii' Bworder, of Bhalesmore,
Linden n-inue, Edmonds, were wedded in St. Aiban'n church, Edmonds,
Hiiny tribe are expeoted io be caught I yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock,
n greater numbers from now on. This the ceremony being of a most beautl-
year for some unaccountable reason ful nature, Rev, Dnvld Dunlop offlol-
tlia annual nm has commenced ten ated, The bridesmaid was Miss Madge
lays lal. r ihan usual. Those which Avllng and the groomsman Mr. W.
hnve been on sale nl the local markets   M.  McCloy.
for the past few weeks have been iin- j    Following 'be marriage a reception
ported from the Columbia river. iwas held a*, the  home of the brides
I parents wh.   i  the happy couple were:
An old Friend ReturnB,- After an ,;i|,jr   the   recipients   of   numerous
absence of six months rrom   this city,  beautiful   presents.     About   fill  guests |
i.adysinith Coal haa again put in on were In attendance,
appearance.   Qllley, Bros.,   the   local      Following   the   reception   Mr.   and,
See Our Big Ad. on Page  3
Anents for
"Try New
Agents for
"8t. Claire"
674-678 Columhia Street
New Westminster
agenls, having received   a   scow load
yesterday, and tliey take It for grant
Mrs.   Qraham   left   on   a   four   weeks'
honeymoon   trip  to  Victoria  and    the
d Ihls wlU be welcome news to many I South.    On their return they will take I
uf their old customers. (10S71 JUp their residence In a line new bun-1
calnw   now   being  erected   on   Eighth!
The  halibut   steamer  11.  C.   P.   left
Adelaide, S.A., April 1.1.    One of the
I most remarkable stories of daring and
impudent thieving has created a great
, sensation   in   this   city.     Several   ex-
for the banks yesterday morning after
unloading a small catch at the plant of
the Columbia Cold Btorage company
According to many of the captains of ,Dom|nion   Ma,ch   Cornp,ny,   Hold   An-
the boats the dirty weather being ex- pua|  Meeting_Elect Officers.
perienced off the west coast of Van-     T))p .imuml meeting of the   share-
couver island and also off the Queen kolder8 (,r th(, Dominion Match com-lp^tYurglaVswhoare'ln the stockade
Charlotte Island.!ils affectingthe price pftny t00k piace at the office of   the here  undergoing  long  sentences  for
of lhe lish which will be scarce until company ln Sapperton yesterday after. ,,,���-,. (.rim,,Ui ,lavl,    been    employing
better woa.her sols in.                          inoon, a large turnout being noted. tbotr Sunday mornings In the peniten-
Millinery  Sale    "0  per cent   off    at       l>rom tlul  reading cf the reports  il [ tiarv   in   robbing  the  officials  of   the
Miss Davles' private millinery parlor, was shown thai the company_was   .... ���,.,,,.
for one week only, previous to remov- a good footing and that  within   the p0r some time  past  the  governor
ine    The  greatest   opportunity  ever next six weeks it is expected that the and wardens of the prison bave been
Offered to tlie public In lhe middle of j wheels of  the   plant   will   be   moving. puMled by tlle carrying oul of a series
ihe season     $3000 worth or stock to turning out 'lie finished product. of mysterious and apparently  daring
select from     204   VgneB street     Sale I    The huge building was Inspected bv robberies in the officers' quarters of
commences Wednesday, April 16. for the shareholders who expressed them- the penitentiary.
one week                                         (1092)   selves well pleased  wiih  ils construe- It  has now been proven after care-
tlon and the work so far performed ful  investigation  thai   tbre,. or four
The Richmond  Board of Trade are |    The directors of the company .I.e! burglars serving sentences have been
asking   the   postmaster   general    to. ed were Messrs. J. A. Lee. A. E White robbing the officers  themselves,
ohango the name cf the pest office at j and   C,   J.   Tucker,   of   Ibis   City,   and The robberies were committed dur-
Eburne from "Eburne    Station    post | Messrs.    T.    .1.    Baker   ami    .lames Ing church hours by one or two of the
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up                ��� $5,000,000
Rricrva Fund       .... $6,000,000
Total Aneti $70,000,000
Savings Accounts
to  "Eburne    post    offlc.
1400  was naid.  $275  cash.    Curtis  & , .
.7 ���',,,,,,     .���,,,      tias-ai order   tu   avoid   contusion.   A:.other
Dorgan.  ,Ob t oliimbia Btreet.      llUftbl
in ; Hopps, of Victoria.
now situated between Ihe Iwo
Rev. Mr. -Grant, an ex-Presbyterian '' bridges over lb" North Arm, and Ihey
missionarv, has inaugurated a move- ask to have this station removed to
ment lo form a Hindu night school | llridgport and called the Brldgporl
and mission on l.ulu island where post office, lt is now called th.
there is a large settlement. The in- Eburne post offic
terest of several local people Is being
prison burglar gang and in all about
$5000 worth of plate and Jewelry was
Stolen. The valuables were hidden
by   the   prisoners   and   then   surcptitl-
may be opened In the name of two individuals so thai either ono
can withdraw and deposit money therein.
This form of account Is especially convenient for a man and wife
or two members of a family.
tTv-PTTOCinV  Vii1"!!THVIi ously handed to confederates on vis-
tiA-^L..n?!iu.> .isni ni-w ,t,ng dayg| WQ0 dIgpoged of lhem out.
(Continues trom pace onei
sought in tlle movement.
Tho special program at the Edison
theatre wlll be shown ln the afternoon as well as in the evening, giving
every one an opportunity to see these
splendid features.
Big Increase in Price.
Kindersley.  Sask..  April   l.Y        The
I    The excursions  will  also    mean    a
According  to   local   river  men   the  regular    steamship    service   between
booming grounds of the liritish Cana-, this city and Steveston.
dlan Lumber company's plant on l.ulu ; The fnct that this is the year of Seymour hotel was sold today to
Island wlll be seriously affected the big sockeye run wlll no doubt re- lingers Pros, for $85,000, an Increase
should the owners of the land at pres- suit In many people taking the trip of }2r>.iK)i) over the price paid for the
ent tenented by the 11. C. Manufactur- for the purpose of seeing for them- same house by W. B, Nix ten months
(1095) ling company on    the    most    easterly  selves the proportions of the salmon  ago.
(point of Lulu island decide lo IIU    in   fishing industry on  the Kraser. 	
The city council will sit in court of \ inp   foreshore,   of   which   notice   has!    The excursions will be profusely ad-   -
revision at 10 o'clock this morning to  appeared  ������  ,hp  reCent  Issue  of the vertlsed.   The Progressive Association   Boundary   BflV
hear appeals on  the assessment  roll.  Canada   Gazette.     Should   this   fore- will  place standing advertisements in   ______������
As many as 25 notices of appeal havelBnore j,p f,|],.j |n tht' booming grounds the Vancouver and interurban can
been received so far The court will |0f lat, lumber company will probably giving the schedule of the trip and Its
be held in the council chamber. |B|it up t0 small depth as there will be  advantages,  while  tho publicity  man-
no current flowing there. ager  of  the   II.  C.   E   IL.   Mr    Frank
Two building permits, one to A. E.
Ridgway for the erection of a four
room cottage on Blackman street at I
the cost of IIFitid. and another to H.
Ryall for additions to his house on
Queen's avenue to cost "l^oini. have
just been issued at ihe building Inspector's office.
Mr��.   C.   A
on Thursday.
Mrp   Warren  DeBeck has just
turned from a t rip to California.
Come to the clock cafeteria supper
and sale of home cooking at St. Andrew's lecture room Thursday, the 17th. I not  receive today nor
from 4 to 8 o'clock. (1060) ; son.
Through  (lie  transfer of  Plumbing Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Averlll    ar.
Inspector Craig  to  the  building    in- leaving today  for    California    where
.-..el-tor's department which was made they will take up their residence.
Ibis  week    the    office    staff    of lhe
health department Is now reduced to Mrs. Albert J. Tyson wlll receive for
three. Mr. S   J. Pearce. chief sanitary
| inspector. Mr.  Walmsley. assistant Inspector, and Mr. G. Warwick, clerk.
On Chong Co.. merchant tailors.
New arrival of spring goods. Ladies'
and gentlemen's suits at reasonable
prices. 41.'! Columbia street, Iiurr
block nnd 24  Meinnis street.      (10G7.
IlarriB. and the Vancouver Progress
club have promised to Rive the pleasure  tripB   prominent    notice    in     tlie
  literature which they publish and dis-
WelBh   will   not   receive   tribute.
The report  of  Mr   Darling on  this
matter was adopted  by  the executive
of the Progressive Association and the
secretary heartily thanked fir his in.
Mrs. Oeorge Cunningham,  sr.,  will  ' 'lag efforts.
lln this sea- Mr. Darling also announced lhat a
meetin? between Mr. Jardine, of the
"tenmer Transfer, ami Mr. Frank
Harris, of tli.' 11. C, 10. I! . would be
held either today or tomorrow to arrange for tlle signing of tlle contracts
at which he expected to be present.
B. C. Produce.
with reference to ihe "Buy B. c.
Produce Movement" which the asso-
Maple Ileach Park, being a sub
division of the historic old Whalen
estate at Point Roberts, Wash., Is at
last on the markel in 50x100 feet lots
fronting broad streets and with perpetual beach privileges. This has
been the camp ground for acres of
local people for years. The lots are
selling fast, many people procuring
tho locations they had occupied as
tenants for years. Prices $230 and upwards, easy terms. Sole agents,
705 Columbia Street, City.
Comfortable  Family  Hotel
Forty minutes run from New Westminster on G. N. Hy. All trains
stop at  White  Rock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Hay und Oulf;
enly live minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged en suite, suilab e for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall In connection. aUo a store containing full  lino of groceries.    For terms and rutes apply
White  Rock.  B.C. p. GREYELL.  Proprietor.
tlle first time Friday afternoon. April
IS, from .'i to 0 o'clock, at her home.
626 Fifth street.
Bananas at, per dozen   30c
Oranges, per dozen   25c to f,0c
Elating Apples  3V4 lbs. tor 25c
Cooking Apples  6 lbs. for 2f.c
Lettuce   .1 for 10c
Spinach  I! lbs. for 25c
elation  is  endeavoring to  Inaugurate  Rhubarb, per lb 10c
two letters were received dealing with   Asparagus, pei   lb 16c
the matt-r.    The Business Men's As-  Celery  15c
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
,   . Established     Assets
Railway Passenger Assurance Co, of London  . . .     1S4U *    8,000,000
Guaranteed by the North British      Mercantile
insurance Co. of London      1S0H lori.onn.onn
Palatine Insurance Co. of London      ]8Sii 9,000,000
Guaranteed by the Commercial Insurance Company of London     ism 90,000,000
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. ot New York     isr.n 6,000,000
Svea Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden  . .    I860 14,000,000
Westminster   Trust   Clock
Phone 52.
soeiation wiote stating lhat they had
appointed a committee to Investigate
the matter L< fore taking any definite
��� steDs with .cgard to it
Tin- 1rn-'*��.. and Labor council, from
whom the other   communication   was
Spring  Onions,  per  bunch    5c
Radishes,  per  hunch    ,r,e
Groceries.   Pish  and   Produce.
Phor.e  93. 447  Columbia   St,
-1 973,161 05
Trusts undi r Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
OFFICE8:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina. Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp,  Belgium,
McI.ENNAN���Margaret Ann, the Infant daughter of  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alexander   McLennan,   Sherbrooke   street,
Jay Kam. who was arrested in Cum- Sapperton, died  In  the Royal Colum-
berland a few davs ago charged with bian hospital at 7:30 laat evening. The
.the murder of a Chinaman at Mission ! funeral will be held from S. Howell's received, informed that they favored a
��� on February ^". will be taken to Mis- undertaking parlors this afternoon at  six-day a we, ,  market where the eon- ;
slon this morning from the provincial  -  oMock  to thc Church of England .mimer could Luy direct frnm the oro-
lall where a preliminary hearing will i cemetery, ducer,   Ih'.is   eliminating   the   middle
hake place before Magistral..' Verchere,' __ ,  nan    This i :arkel the labor men sug- I
of Mission I gest.-d con .1 be operated by the city
W, C. T.  U. CONVENTION. ,,i ti,.. cost u" maintenance.
P. 11   Brown Wlll sell the balance of '   Ther!   was some  further discussion
[mill tre>-3 on the ranch of T. D. Coldl-   Arrangements Being  Made for Enter-  at   the meeting  as to  Mr   .1    A.   I.ee's
cutt, Esq., at East  Bumaby, on  Wed- tainment  of  Delegates. suggestion  thai  the Progressive Asso-
���lesd.y ni  r. o'clock.    These have to      Preliminary   arrangements   for   the elation appoint and support an Indus.
be cleared and this is a good oppor-  entertainment   of   the  delegates  who trial  commissioner,  tl tin  action
tunlty t.i Becure    sum,, really    good  w'"  attend   the   provincial   Women's taken   being  that  of authorizing the'
trees. (1085)  Christian   Temperance   union   annual  president  to  appoint   a  committee to
convention to be held here on Tues- Bcl  In conjunction  with a committee
At ii meeting of the New Westmin-  day, Wedneeday and Thursday of t\.*  froD1 ,),,. Board of Trade on tbe mat-1
st.-r Anti-Tuberculosis Boclety held at   third week of June wcre made at the ter
'I..* home of Mrs. li s. Curtis on Mon-  meeting of the local W  C. T. U  held      Mr  Kerr stated thai the suggestion
day,  it   was  shown   in   the   financial  In    the    Queen's    Avenue    Methodist  ]ru|   originated   with   lhe   Board     of
:"; '"'"''   ",'",. *'���''���'"  l1;"1  ' " 1n'iM;'1   *"  '���''I1"1' >-' '"������'������:��� afternoon T'������,,. antl tha,  ,,���, ���������,,.,. should be
this cltj for combatting the dread Delegati from all parts of the coun threshed out 1 that body It was en-
white plague and that this sum had try will attend the convention and it tlrely ,���;, ,', ,;,. I;���. ,,���������. Progres
been forwarded to the provincial .*��� I* >ped t.. give ih.*���, .-, most hoBpIt- ..... ' .������,,.*.., ., m, Kerr nntued as
Mr.  W.  s   salsbury,  Van-  able reception a tn enjoyable time   h?,uA���^ofa\t orgaubatlon had been
nf 1��   vr\-  ���    ,'��� """'     .'���"""""V""' raised for advertising purposes onl>
("   ,!"r,V'    '     '.   *     A"v "-������"' -'l'i'"-"* He though! thai lhe city or the Hoard   *46 Columbia  Etreet
'             e meeting. of Trade should support the Industrial   _^_
_., commissioner,
takf- STEPS to resume Eiect Vice-President.
WORK ON STEVESTON JETTY :     Mr   W   T. Reid    was    elected    lirst
  vlce-prosldenl  for tho remaining por-
At a meeting of the creditors of the uon   ���f   ,|���.   ensuing  year,   and   Mr.
Fraser  River  Tile  and  Cemont  com- Joseph Dorgan honorary secretary.
pany held In the Hoard of Trade room T1���. secretary    reported    thai    the
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
from   our   newest   department.    All the  latest ant
popular     magazines
weeklies kept in stock,
deliver if vou prefer.
BOtLERS   Riveted Stcei Pipes       TAINKS
P.   O.   BOX  442
The Sellg Polyscope company Imr*
rled several camera men to the floded
districts of Ohio and Indiana where
they secured 1000 feel of thrilling pictures from Bcenea al Dayton and other
flood stricken cities. These wonderful piclnr.-s will I." shown at the Edl-
son   theatre   today   and    tomorrow,
(111-34 .
Mr. J. Booth Kdwarda formerly with iTiV^   ���  i'''" <l"''i',"'l '" -,,r"<'"'M'' luncheon given Captain Amundsen had
the .'.mad:, weekly magazine, London,! ''lml draw-up " !.,r"��"B',"", '" been ..,..��< successful
, complete  th��  work  of  lhe first  Jetty
was In  the eity    yesterdav.    Mr.    Ed- nnii   -,,   u,   ���������,   ���
: wards plans to pnhlish a booklet con- I ��� ,       ,       "'                    ,                w*rd ""' condolences of the nssocla-
talning  no  advertising   but  with  ,11 ""���'��"���"'���" waB appointed to pre- t-on ,,, Mr8, ,���   B  *,),,��������� ln her reo( ���,
ihei,:.,,*:,;,;:     eo^ntU We, ' j'-";; H-, ^,;,.|, ui,,,,,. prv:1,.n.,;;, ,(.   ^p,^,.,,,..,,..    Th,    late    Mr.    ('.    II.
,  minster,   Vancouver   an.l   tin-   varions   aBDr0Dv��a?     ��"   ';"V"ni"i"'"   f*"'     '"",r   J*""   ��" ���    �����*��'������ "r "��e aSBOCla-
! Z'lh "'!!��� ��f  "T  "7"  Ha,n'^d  '  Thl8 *"  lone al one.' so that if ^  	
British 1 v.sor """r"8""*   l"" the consen, of lhe governi ,. I, ob-	
Itjntisn investor, ,.,;,���.,, work v>u|  ,,��� regllmed wlthtn
To  Builders and  Contractors   This ,1'" m'vl  tew  weeka "'  ,h"  m""Ul "'
r,-,rx**r\*<*rf.rx  DADB-C!  1   *-urxT ''* whl" >'��B  liav"  '"'""    l����klng    for, tUe rlvor
TORONTO  PARKS LAWN   now  take  advantage  of   it      We    are
Call now and inspect our
complete line of Sprinp
The secretary was Instructed to for-   High  Clas3   Ladies   and   Gentlemen's
No Come-backs,
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Mado   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
Lome  sire.-t.   New   Westminster
606 Main street, Vancouver
Fresh Garden Seeds
[carrying In  stock  rrom  1000 to 2000 WIRE STEALING
I yards of building material,    The following are out retail   price's   io   con- Oriental   Will   serve   si<     Me-iths���
SUmerB    nt    the    hunkers:      Crushed!        Third Conviction  in  Burnaby.
rock, pea gravel   and   coarse   gravel,     Edmonds, April i.">.   A Bentenco   of
|$1  per yard;    coarse   concrete   sand s'x "'""tl. ;P Imprisonment  was meted
[and river sand. Hue per yard.   We are ou' lo ^'a*1 Sam, an oriental, by Mag-
*-% .        lr\ tr* also    Prepared    to    furnish    English ; 'strata   Boattle   in   police  court   this
i it>*fic    liVllfT    SfrtfO cement, hard plaster and lime   nt   a morning for ih,. theft of copper wire
vUl U9    MJlWr-.     tJLUlC moment's notice,   Bpeclal prices given from the D. C  e. il
*** ,..., ,      ...           .7 ... T.,���   ���.l^,.    , ,,  1      !..,    i...
now in.
Home For Sale
to   wholesalers   liy   arrangement.     We      T'"'  wir'-  v*'l;i  Btolen nt  R  point  be
For  PHOTO GOODS,  SPECTACLES  have the linest hunkers In B. C. and  '"''en   Edmonds  and   Highland   Park
we Invite your Inspection at any time, land later traced to tho habitation of
II. C, Transport Co., Ltd. (1021)   ""' Chinaman,    This is the third con-1
vi,;ion obtained  in a Burnaby court
In order   to    increase   Interest    In during the  past   few  montliB fo wire
���jardenlng  the  Central   Park   Agrlcul- stealing, two hoboes being at present
Miral association tt a meeting ljeld on serving a sentence in the  Westmin-
I .Monday evening    decided    to    award,ster Jail. '
and  SEEDS,
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
No.   1���Here   is  a   splendid  home for sale cheap.    In a good  locality near Queen'B Park and new school.
It  has  seven  large  comfortable  rooms  With  every  modern  convenience;   lull   basement;   on   a  large lot, 68x132  feet.
This place Is In low value and   tlio   terms   arc   HUoll   that   almost
anyone can  handle  It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $7M  CASH,  balance monthly,   If you want to buy
a  home let m. show you this  place.
Agents  for   Pacific  Coast   Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO,,,  LTD.
Established 1091.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance,
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 6:00 and 5:45 a.m , and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. Krom 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
Sundays���At 0:00, 7:00, 7:H0,
8:00 nnd RDO n.m., week day service prevailing thereafter,
For Vancouver via Burnaby At
5:45, -8:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and lato car at 11:30 p.m.
8undayr.���First car nt S;00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7-.00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First cur at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and other points on Lulu Island Is made at Kl.ur   -.
For Chllllwack J Points In
South Fraser Valley--At ��:;!0 a.m.,
1 iZO p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:30 p m,


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