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The New Westminster News Nov 17, 1913

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 News Clssslfled Ads.
Have proven their  worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   till
large   or   small   wants   at   small
cost ���
The Weather.
New  Westminster and the lower
mainland;   unsettled,  winds  mostly
easterly  or   westerly,     mild,   with
Condemned   Men    Fall    in
(iraves When Shot by
Finnic Squad.
Business of Canadian    Home    Investment Company Is Taken Over
By New Concern.
Says    He    Is    Obeying    Orders
Superior Officers���United States
Still Wilting.
K! Paso, Tees*, Nov, 18. Two
lornier federal officials of .lu-trez who
wern taken prlBoner:. by (leneral
Francisco Villa's rebel troops were
executed at Juarez today. They were
Pablo Ebave, an official in the Juarez
police department, and Juan Cordova,
chief of the Juarez secret police.
The executions took place at the
Juan .'. cemetery
The Alpha Mortgage and InveBtnl'-nt
company has now taken over the entire  Iiiouih'kh of the Canadian   Home
Investment  Co.,   Ltd.,   which   concern
had until some months ago an office
established In New WeBtmliiBter. The
last   named   company   has  been   com-
* monly known as CHIC, with Its head
I office In Vancouver, and did business
I In  every  province  of  Canada  except-
of lng Albert* and Ontario.   In these the
contract system used ib illegal.
The contract holderB ln the old Investment company wlll be protected
by the new one, which contemplates a
plan whereby the contract business
will be wound up.
A provincial charter haa been
granted tho Alpha Mortgage and In- (
vestment Co. Its personnel has not
been announced though the understanding Is that men prominent In B.
C. and Alberta will be among the directors.
Financially the standing of the compnny has been quite satisfactory, the
Series of Accidents in San Blew Doors Off Safe But
Francisco Bay Have Fortunate Ending.
Were Captured While
rian FramMbeo, Nov, 16--Thr���� avis.  Both Have Served Terms Behind the
tors tumbled Into Hun Krancisco bay
Bars���Had Bottle ef Nitro
off    the     PMama-PtOlflc     exposition,
grounds today In a series of contestsj
and    exhibitions    with    hydroplanes. |
Their   machines   were   damaged,   but
nobody  was hurt.
Adolph Sntro, grandson of a former' Montrtif, Vflv, 16
mayor and capitalist of this city, was^ofTlce of Webster A
carrying a passenger In a machine of | Wellington  streets,
IiIb own invention when the craft
dived 40 feet Into the water. Both
men were rescued by a life saving
Otto Rybltzki waa competing with
Silas ChristolTerson in a ten mile race
when his hydroplane became unman-
agsable and plunged Into the bay. He
���A safe In the
Sons, King and
was blown early
Saturday night. Two well known
crooks with International reputations
were caught hiding in a sbed In    the  the gulf port city.
While Defending Guaymas
Pillaged Business
Nogales, Sonora, Mex . Nov. It!.���En-
llBted men of the federal troops defending (Juaymas have robbed banks
and business houses of the city of
more than _20,000 pesos, said advices
received today at constitutionalists'
headquarters. It was said that federal soldiera had not been paid for many-
months and that demoralization of
Oeneral Pedro Ojeda's troops might
make unnecessary another attack on
ramm     m 0f m
Himself Injured,    Foremen    Conveys
Wounded Companions to Launch-
William Batt May Die.
rear of tbe building. The. door of the
sate was blown off and the interior of
the office was a wreck. The strong
box   inside  the  sate  remained  intact,
was taken out of the water uninjured
Robert Fowler's engine   went   dead j however, and the yegg-men got noth-
and    he glided to the   surface   of the | j
bay.    A canoeist volunteered to assist I
reasons for selling out being lhat some in starting Ills propeller,  but the  re-1 ���,n"?    men    Save    thelr    nemes    as
financial publications and    provincial   volving   blades  cboped   the  canoe   to | Michael Kelly and Joseph V\ ilson, but
the condemned menl legislatures  criticized   the   system   as
Standing <n  the brinks of newly dug ! ni-tuarlly   unsound.     There   are   6,300  broken
gravel and fulling in when the Bring contract holders in the 0.II.I.e.    Now
squad Bhot    them.    Both    men    were ithe  contract  systems  will  be  dlscon-
sentenced   to death  by  Oeneral   Villa   tinued.     Notices   of   this   have   been
Bplinters and the propeller itself  was
Other aviation raceB ore planned for
next Sunday.
were  carried   out   by
wife of  one  of the
and  the  orders
Renora   F.bavi,
condemned-men,   was   present   when ! amounted to $509,00(>
the  sentence    was    pronounced    and
pleaded with Villa lo pardon her husband, bin he refused.
A squad of 14 federal prisoner was
taken to the Cemetery to hury Sll of
the soldiers who were killed in the
Juarez   battle.    Une ut the  prisum rs.
fearing that hc was t*_ be executed,
tried to escape und waa shot by the
Tlo> rebel officers say lhere are
more execution!! to ia��e place In
Jnarmt und that all of the federal
volunteer troops, federal regular and
volunteer officers will be killed. The
Midlers of the regular army will be
l'nited States Senator Thomas IV
Catron, New Mexico, today called on
Ci n, ral Francisco Villa St Juan/, and
cautioned him against the wholesale
execution of the federal prisoners of
war, which has been conducted by
Villa at Juarez since tlm surre-ider of
the lown.
"I told (leneral Villa that our gov
erniiicil had acted very favoni-dy to
the rebel government and 11 wu my
opinion ihai the executions would
make a bad Impression ou tlle (Jolted
Stales government and probably re-
tard an] action toward recognition of
the rebel government by the United
Stati �����."  said  Senator    Catron,    afier
Ills conference wltll Villa. "H
any tnal he would desist.    H
lliii!  11  ��"as necessary lhat I!
circulated  by the old C ll.l.C. among
Its agents.
The loan reserve was Intact. It
nd the progressive loans to $11,346. The cash
In banks and offices amounted to
1126.459.65. The caBh surrender values
on the contracts extant amounted to
t:tX7.2X7. The loans Issued from October 21 to November 1. when negotiations were opened, amounted to
110,800, and since November l  there
i were recognized at police head-
j quarters aa I'at Malone, a safe blower
I wbo kas done time in penitentiaries
i throughout Canada and tbe L'nited
I States, and Dick Flanagan, a burglar,
; who haa served many terms behind
\ tbe bars.
Malone  had    in  his    possession    a
Smelter Receipts.
Nelson, Nov. 18.���Receipts at the
Trail Bmelter last week were 8,2121
tons, making a total of 305,557 tons i bottle containing enough nitro-glycer-
for tho year to date. Orand Forks! lne to blow up the city hall, a Bmall
smelter receipts were 26.S25 tons for piece of dynamite, a loaded revolver
the week and 1,075.549 tons for the I two pieces of fuBe and a small steel
years to date. I saw.    Nothing was found on Flanagan.
[bave been thirty-nine notices sent out
jthat loans are ready for thirty-nine
1 people.
Aside from Guaymas, ln Sonora, the
federals hold only Mazatlan ln Sinaloa.
All other important points In Sonora,
Sinaloa and Tepic on the west coast
were said to be ln the hands of the
Insurgents. It was asserted today
that the attack on Mazatlan would be
made within a few days.
General Alfero Obregon, whose
forces forces last week took Cullcian.
tbe Sinaloa capital, were reported today as close In pursuit of tbe retreating federal column, which had evacuated the city, Obregon predicted that
the entire federal force and their arms
would fall Into his hands. In this
event he has been ordered to join the
insurgents Investing Mazatlan and attack the city Immediately.
As soon as the pending negotiations
with Washington are completed, General Carranza, lt was announced today, would proceed south into Sinaloa.
It waes given out that this was plan
North, Vancouver, Nov. 16.���-Utile
change Is noticed In the condition of
William Batt, the youth who was seriously burned together with five others
when the oil exploded on the training ship Egeria on llurrard inlet late
Friday evening.
Tbe real hero of the affair Ib William Me!!oT��. the foreman of the crew,
who at the danger of his life, succeeded fn placing six injured men in the
boat and although seriously burned
himself, narlgated the launch to the
North Vancouver wharf, where medical treatment was at hand.
Mellors was dashed against the
bulwarks himself by the explosion,
but recovered sufficiently to carry out
the six men from the hold of tbe vessel, where they were In immediate
danger of losing their lives.
Jumps  From  Moving    Car    and
Thrown to the Pavement���Removed to Hospital.
New Civic Law Will Soon
Be in Force���Now at
Licenses   Will    Be   Required   to   Be
Taken Out���Method of Award.
ing Points.
At any time now the recently enacted bylaw respecting tbe production
and sale of milk in New Westminster
may be returned from Victoria with
the signature of the llentenaat governor in council, and at once become
law. Tbe bylaw was once returned
from the capital to have some unnecessary clauses taken out, and has
been unduly delayed from again being
Bent here by the unusual amount of
work thrown upon tbe department.
Once in force the bylaw is calculated to bring about greater care by
milk dealers, and wbat will largely
affect this Is that regular inspections
of every detail of the Industry will
be made and the results made public,
with samples on display In tbe city
Score Card.
For this a detailed score card haa
been drawn up.    Four points wlli ke
Federation  of   Labor   -kg Ins   Second
Week ef Convention In
Thin   Ice  Causes Two  Deaths.       I Fell Off Train. j
Moosejaw, Nov. 16. Treacherous j Moosejaw, Nov. 16.���Aaron Stewart.1
Ice occurring from a chinoolt that;freight brakeman, was picked up on
blew down the river all night and*'""?-*9 <*- I'asqua, seven miles east of
morning, claimed the death of two here, yesterday morning In a semi-
bovs in the river this afternoon. Tom conscious condition. He was remov-
\Vright, aged 16, and William Hun-H to tbe hospital. It is presumed
ter, a years of age. were the vie-; lhal he fell off an eastbound train.
tlm, I He Is badly, bnt not fatally Injured.
With three others. Including Hunt-iJ��'>n McPhail, who was ran down In
er's brother, they were skating when | the yards her* Friday and badly Inthe Ice gave way without warning.! lured is doing well in spita pf an am-
The drowned lad. Hunter, had pulled i Putated  leg.
  Ihls hrother out to safer Ice before he 	
! himself went In and to his death. Guilty of Brutal Crime.
Seattle, Waah., Nov. 16. The Amer a little Scotch lad. named David- Montreal. Nov. lb.���Guilty of man-
lean Federation of Labor will begin iB���n, nne of the five, pulled his coat off \ slaughter was the verdict returned
its second convention week tomorrow ;Bnd made a brave and Buccessful at- iSaturday night by a jury in the court
with the prospect of having committee temping in rescuing thc other Hunter, iof king's bench against Pierre Va
reporta ready so that no adjournment' 	
Assistant  City  Clerk Thomas  met
with a nasty accident at 9 o'clock Sat- ..  ...���    , _  ���.���  ���,
ned to reorganize the civil government j urday morning .which necessitated j given for the cleanliness and freshet the state. Orders were issued to-j blm being removed to the Royal Co-1 ness of food and water; lt poor
day to open tomorrow the customs jlumblan hOBpltal. He jumped from a i ventilation in stables is evident no
house captured yesterday at Juarez.    | moving B. C. E. R. car while trying to marks will  be given, If perfect two
recover his hat, which had been blown  marks;  if there ia 800 cubic teet of
off by the heavy wind         .air space for eaeb cow in stable two
He was thrown to the pound and marka wiIl ^ awarted; *_e tocation
when picked up be was found to be of atable if ��� d m' ^ frfa from
suffering trom numerous brslses and ���,-,.���_,.._,������ _.,__ __�� __��� r__~__
scalp wounds caused by striking the ^tamlnatory     surroundings,     each
for lack of material need be taken
The convention has adopted a res-
did not Solution asking the executive council to
did say
be done
Aerial  Acrobatics.
Nov.   16���Crowds   *
to the  Hue
and lbat ll was hiB duty to IiIb coun-
Iry ;i,,d orders from superior officer-."
No Agreement Yet.
Washington, Nov. is.���'Negotiations
betwotn Charge O'Shaughnessy and
.lohn I.ind and tlie lluerta government In Mexico are continuing, accord-
lng   to     messages    received     at     the
state department today, but no tangible agreements have beeu reached
William B, Hale, who is Industriously
conferring with tba constitutionalists
at  tlieir  Nogales    headquarters    also
telegraphed at length to tho department
That the bituation was not regarded
ns critic:.! was evident from the a:
titode of official Washington. The
administration Ib cenllde'it rf the uk.
male retirement of lluerta us well ar
satisfactory assurances f-oin the cor.
StltntlonallStS for susrmslon of mili
tary activities, pending the establish
nieni of s-ime sort of a provisional
government niter General Huerta dis
Appears as a factor In the problem.
Strongly ri inforoing the pressure
w hich has been brought to boar on
lluerta from the European governments, the latest evidence of wlllch
was the effort of Sir Lionel Carden,
Ihe BrltlBh ambassador, is tbe unexpectedly Independent attitude of the
Mexican senate, which, at least, temporarily haa defeated the purpose of
���General lluerta lo convene the Mexican congress. The failure to secure
a (inorum In that body Is attributed
to the absence of Catholic senators,
end tliere Is much curiosity here
whether their action In preventing a
���quorum resulted from opposition to
Huerta or waB In pursuance of that
official's plnn to postpone the direct
Issue Involved In tho warning by the
United States In convening congress.
officials are discussing the probability that tbe supposedly refractory
nenalors will c-iiio In the line for the
-purpose of declaring not only the
lileiritv of the presidential election,
tut of the vote for congress as well.
This would mean complete defeat of
tho effort to secure Immedlste congressional spprovsl for various Important and valuable concessions nn-
dorstood to have been recommended
by the Huerta regime.
Churned with Steallnn Grain.
Moose Jaw. Nov. 16.���B. C. Smith,
*n Eyebrow farther, waa arraigned In
thn police court here Saturday
charged with stealing S6���� bushels of
grain. Early In the year It Is alleged
he gave the Sawyer Massey Implement company a bill of sale on the
crop and In Bplte of the fact that he
bad received a warrant of seliure, ho
���went ahead and marketed the grain In
bis own name. After the prosecution
was heard the case wss adjourned
until next Saturday.
f Paris-
seek a federal Investigation of ,he ilans Journey to the ,Buc an Jml^y
|Colorado eoal strike, and the Hani-:aerodromes to witness ,exhibite;.i". n
man system shopmen have obtained|����_*��m*i%**ac,*}T- Ma'jri�� J***1"
the aid Of the federation In an effort I ^���_*���B* 5 .b,pla.ne 8nd V""'
to have the two-year-old strike In tbe|��e_Jto*UaB av ?t0r,' ln * moD?*. ane'
Sh' .������! mediated along with the Te_-S-llH����k�� ".'** uP9lde down several times
railroad strike begun last week. , , . , ,
The   Vancouver   Island   coal   strike i *?u?bf.r_.��f .^���~ntJv.f.��f.r_*1
will not be brought before the convention, but will be left lo the Canadian trades congress.
Man Sentenced to Be Hanged Said to
Have Been Inaane���Cornea of
Good Family.
both  he  and  Chevllliird   made
and went through a variety _,i other
spectacular performances.
lade, charged with causing the death
of 13-year-old Ida Robertson on September IS laBt. The prisoner will be
sentenced some time this week. The
crime for which Valade was found
Kuiliy was one of tbe most revolting
in Montreal's criminal history. Tbe
Robertson girl either Jumed or was
thrown from the fourth floor of Va-
' ides boarding house and the medical
testimony tended to show that a brutal assault had been committed upon
hard pavement.
Enquiries at the hospital last even-
Fout|d Deed In Lane with Head Crushed���May Have Fallen from
count one point, lt the cow is In apparent good health, and ia tested
ing indicate that be would probably 1 *?arly b}' a veterinary inspector, and
leave that institution either todav or h ��*nlflcate posted in the barn six
Tuesday marks will be given.
Tbe following conditions merit
marks as given: Utensils, good shape
and condition, 1; convenience of hot
No New Dev-'opments.
Houston. Tex., Nov. 16.���Aa on p-c-
vinus days, since the strike of trainmen and englnemen on the Atlantic
division of the Southern Paclfle railroad went Into effect last Thursday-
night, only two transcontinental pas
Msy Come Hers.
San Francisco. Nov. 16.���Commissioner General of Immigration Anthony Camlnettl, who with Secretary
pf Labor William B. Wilson, waa a
guest of honor at a luncheon today
Riven by the local employees of tbe
department of labor,   announced that
senger trains on thc line between EI he would spend three weeka on  the
Paso and New Orleans were operated
today. Passenger trains also were
operated on three Texas divisions ot
the road. No new developments were
San Bernardino, Cal., Nov. 16.���
Friends of Herman lk'Urlnds, who Is
under sentence to be banged on Janu-:
ary 15 at New Westminster, B.C., for
killing a pollcmnuii at Vancouver
while he and Frank Davis were attempting a burglary, are preparing to
make a protest to the Canadian
authorities on the ground that lie was
Insane at the time the crime wna committed. Uehrlnds was 'ib years old
and comes from a well known San
Bernardino family.
After a series of crimes ln l_oa
Angeles he was arrested, but given
probation, then Joined the navy later
and was sent to Folsoin prison for 12
years for a Vallejo burglary. He made
his escape from prison over a year
ago. Behrlnds was sentenced to
death under the name of Herman F.
coast  visiting  every    station
Vancouver to San Diego.
May Go on Strike.
Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 16.- The operation of practically a'1 the tv .tile
mllla ln the city may be affected by
the action of 300 firemen, who voWd
today to strike tomorrow unless their
demands for an 8 hour day are granted. There are about fifty cotton and
woollen mills employing altogether
35.000 operatives. The men now work
12 hours. They want the shor, r work
day with no reduction of pay.
Apple Show Today.
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 16���Witb more
than SOO entries and with approximately 2,600 boxes of fruit on exhibition,
the sixth national apple show will
open bere tomorrow morning and wlll
continue through the week. The ceremonies wlll Include Uie throwing of
a switch that will Illuminate the huge
circus tents, where the display ls
housed, wtth several thousand electric
lights, to be followed by street parades and concerts by united bands.
NSmlnatlona on December 1 and Elections Oi-.c Week Later���Mayer
Ajaln Seeka Office.
Vancouver. Nov. 16.���The death of
an Indian, who was found with his
head smashed in yesterday afternoon
[n ��� lane at the rear of 226 Powell
Btreet. is being investigated by the
police department. Efforts are being
made to Identify the deceased. So
far lt Is thought that his name is
Cain, but tbis is not definitely established.
Charlie Douglas, his wife .Catherine
Douglas and the father of the latter,
Capilano Louis, are being detained by
the police pending investigation of tbe
The keeper of the Japanese rooming house, S. Mezusana. states that an
Indian by the name of Charlie engaged a room there on November 14.
When police officers went to tbe room
they found evidences of a carouse.
Several whisky bottles were strewn
around the room, some of which were
empty and others partly so. Tbe
bedclothes were scattered about and
the furniture very much in disarray.
When questioned by the pollce of leers
Capilano Louis, who was In the room
at the time the officers entered, said
the than had fallen out of tbe window.
Hla daughter (Catherine, be aald, had
carried the whisky to the room for
Edmonton Election*.
Edmonton, Nov. IS.���Excitement In
municipal circles ts juat beginning to
grow ia E-dmooton. Election takes
place on Monday, December 8. For
mayoralty. W. M. SlWrt, R. C, the
present incumbent Is in the field
again and Is supported by a ticket
composed of A. B. Campbell. J. K. Mcintosh. S. H. Smith. R. B. Douglass
and Aid. T. J. Walsh for the five va-
Vancouver, Nov. 10.���It ls now estimated that the damage caused by
the flre thst broke out this morning
in the annex to Kelly, Douglas' building, will amount te nearly half a million. Instead of, as first stated, a hundred thousand dollara. It haa now
ber n burning for almost twenty hours,
though sll danger of another outbreak
or an extension Is past. The flre
broke out In the premises of the Imperial Varnish company and soon
reached many of the adjacent stores,
Including that ot Kelly-Douglas, on
Cordova street west
It started near the rear of the
building at the elevator shaft and for
some time, despite the heavy deluge ot
rain and the streams of water from
the hoee, carried everything before
it. lt then extended along tbe different floors and the new atocha of goods
which the firms Involved had Inld In
for the winter, were practically destroyed.
While carrying a llne ot hose along
the roof of a shed, a fireman named
George Maltland lost hls baiancs and
fell a distance of thirty feeL He was
taken to the h��rn'tsl. Tho firms who
are affected are: Imperial Varnish
company, Kelly-Douglas, limited, Hot-
point Electric Heat company, Cham*
bers Bros., Ontario Untern and Leap
Co., and Muisen's, Limited.
Saskatoon, Nov. 16.���Monday, December 8, is municipal election day,
and already a fair number of candidates a.e tn the field with a likelihood
or others coming forward before nomination day, Deoember 1.
Mayor Harrison ts the only candidate ln the field for the chief executive position.
For aldermen the following , are
running: In ward one, 8. H. Mitchell (Independent Labor). O. R. Bolton,
Alex Smith and Alderman Sommer-
feldt; Ward 1, Alderman Maclnnee;
Ward tt Anton Dulmage aad Alderman Fawcett; Ward 4. F. R. MacMII-
lan, C. R. Hill. Alderman MacDou-
gall and Herbert Weston; Ward (, S,
Upton (tabor), J. T. Hull and Sidney
With tbe exectptlon of Ward 4,
where there are two vacancies, the
wsrds have one vacancy each.
Msy Tske Further Action.
A reply from the London financial
house In connection with the propoaed
sale of 6 per cent, three year treasury
certificates and the report ot the delegation which journed to Victoria In
connection with the Vancouver cemetery aite In North Bumaby, wtll probably be made at tonight's meeting of
the Burnaby councll. As regards the
cemetery site tn D. L. 143 and D. L.
148, It Is altogether probable that
Burnaby will take further action, undaunted by the aetback it received la
Victoria last Wednesday, In an endeavor to secure the best possible
rights la connection wtth tke preposition.
water. 1: small top milking pall. S;
milk cooler, 1; clean milking salts. 1.
The milk house must also be dean.
All thla ia graded uuder equipment
for which a total of 40 marks Is sec
Uuder methods, the cleanliness of
barns, barn yard, employees, etc.. Is
placed. Farms will be graded A, B
and C, and the merit 20. 8 and 2
points respectively. Methods if perfect receive 60 marks.
Attempt  to   Rob   Express. This detailed score   card    will   be
Auckland. New Zealand, Nor. 16.��� posted for each purveyor, aad be-
An attempt was made to rob aa ex- cause it would be almost disastrous
press train bere on Tuesday. Twelve for a dealer to be repeatedly lax in
plugs of gelignite, which had been living up to these conditions, is ona
placed on the rails, were discovered reasou why some would' do their ut-
within a few seconds of arrival of the!most to keep healthy places.
train.       no Preservative.
"���"���-���~������������ J    other commendable clauses ln the
bylaw are given here. One which says
no preservative shall be put in milk
offered for sale. It shall be unlawful for any person to deal in or sell
milk without having first procured a
license. Tbis license may at any
time be cancelled by the inspector it
there is failure to comply with the
One peraon having several placea of
business muat take out licenses for
each place. Inspectors are empowered
to take samples of milk from either
barn or wagon, or from train. It
shall also be unlawful for any person
to bave any dairy unless the bylawa
of the city In respect to piombtag.
sewers, drains and water connectloaa
be compiled with.
Also each vehicle for the delivery
ot milk shall have on lt tn good
slxed letters the number of lleeaaa
and name of dealer. No vessels la * ���
dairy shall be used for drinking from.
Doga and eats are not allowed ta
dairies, aad smoking aad chewing
tobacco are prohibited ta dairies. Ho
pigs shall be maintained within IN
yarda of a dairy.
Violation ot thla bylaw or any part
ot It ahall be subject ta a peaalty of
not less than |1 or more thsslMjsd
the summery eoavlcttoaa aet sfeaJTap-
ply la every ptoeecattM aaMer tha
milk regalaUoa bylaw.   *������ '
Tie  Chinese on  Floor of
Cabin With Ropes and
Secure $400.
Tortland. Ore., Nov. 16.���Four masked men entered a cabin occupied by
seven Chlneae gardeners six miles
east of here last night and at the
point of revolvers forced the Celestials to He face.down on the floor
while they were bound with clothes
lines aad gagged the robbers.
The highwaymen then searched the
house for two hours, tearing up boards
and wrecking the Interior. They finally made off with |4���� found In a secret hiding plaoe. Shortly after the
robbers had gone, one of the Chinese
gnawed at the binding ropes of his
wrists and succeeded lo freeing himself and his six companions. ' The
alarm waa given, hut pursuit by ��f
fleers waa futile
A series of 'mishaps oa the C. P. R.|trai a until the elide M dyaaaalte* la
w^teradlvlMyea^dhgea^lO. *.&����    r^. ^
ed through sosee time this svealag.
Calgary, Hev. H.���The
municipal eempalga pr*om_aae le ha
devoid  ef   senttswsat   Mayor *****
probably he rstarasd i
tleelly all of the tweh
stand foe re sleet-on.
he several eaaaiaetse ta i
elty reossvUy shc-Mbad tte ward system, aad att the aldstn
up of trafOe Saturday afternooa aad
yesterdsy. passenger* from (the eaat
being   brought' Ut oyer twenty-tour
Well Known Educator Oaad.
Calgary, Nov. 18.--Dr. Joha fiur*-
wash, tor many years connected with
the Victoria university at Toronto,
and well known all over the Domialon
as aa educator ef worth, filed here
te|s*y. '
���v.  ..     ���������
hours lata last evealag-
The first aoeWeat eoaurred at I_yt-
tea oa Saturday noon when a psaaea
gar -eoomoti��c_bioke an axte,_daretl.
lai eta cara,
fifteen hoars
hM?WuffTtwo miles sad' a half
creek, which Uo^ed e^
taftaaa s
Salem, Ore., Nov. II.���Captain
Heary K. Metealf, commander of a
state mllltla aempeay. stationed it
Cettsge Grove, has been detailed by
Qmremor West to go to Ptorenee to
investigate the alleged depertatloa of
���WM Industrial Workera et the WhrWL
to allow
m*\s\^^*m* ���"* *^*^rw ^"-^MtW *M li
The elide reached a height of aver
sixty .feet, aad tt was eeveral
before a path couid Be atadc |a cfder
pessengsn te be tieastwaed
to a waltlat trails
_. _ .   .,- aaJRr was*j*e
Two Day* May.    *
' Vaaaaaver -Kor.   il-^atonutioo
reaahedFthis city this i
a serh-M reehmde had
seat North Bsad st
a Moult the
���sfe. FAOE TWO
Aa (nd.r-riidi'st mnriting paper denoted te thf oiler'.if* ol New Woalminsler and
Sbe l*rsser "Paltry. Publithed every morning saespt Hundnu by the National feinting
aad I'uhlisninv Companv, Limned, at 63 IteKsssts Street, New Westminster, Brilink
Columbia. ROMS BVTIIKRl.ANll, Managing IHrertor.
All communle-fioiw should hs ndiliT.s-fil lo The New Westminster News, and not
Se tndlvidual member, ot the staff.   OhSQSSS, drafts, and mossy orders .ihnulrf _o made
able to The Motional .'rinlnit. and  /'iiUbtttnil Company,  Limited.
TBLHrilONHB���llutiness Offtce and Manager, Dis; Editorial Hooms lall depart-
��(��), !;. I
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By carrier, tl prr year, 11 for thres ���monltu, 40. per
StS.     By mall, t'i per year, *__c per month.
TUB on application.
The farmers of the Fraser Valley, or rather a number
of them, who met Hon. Price Ellison in this city on Friday, have asked the government to stop killing and
quarantine dairy cattle under the tuberculin test. The
request, which comes from an influential section of the
farming community, seems to have developed from the
fact that untested American milk is finding a market in
this province and the other a conviction which is gaining ground in the minds of those most interested that
the tuberculin test is not sufficiently positive to warrant
the destruction of cattle on its decision.
The first point is one easily disposed of. Untested
American milk should not be marketed in B. C. to compete with the home product that is forced to run the tuberculin gauntlet. The provincial government throws the
responsibility of barring it on the municipalities, but it is
just a question whether or not it is a matter for federal action. At any rate, as conditions are at present, untested
American milk should be barred from sale here.
The second point involving a suspicion that the tuberculin test is not the health safeguard it is supposed to
be is more difficult to handle.
While reliable authorities uphold it as an absolutely
sure method of discovering disease, still the fact that
some of the most prominent dairy herd owners in the country have questioned its worth appears to be sufficient warrant for a thorough investigation of the local value of
this means of prevention. The situation looks like a
grave one when viewed in the light of the heavy investment in cattle involved, and its gravity is a strong argument for only deliberate action to be taken. The idea may
not be a practical one, but it might be possible to use one
of the provincial government's asylum farms as a testing
base to determine, if possible, the true facts of the case.
Well, the harbor commission has been named; now for
the harbor.
The stand Carranza takes in Mexico with respect to
Huerta seems to be: Let me at him and watch the feathers fly.
Greek met Greek on Friday evening last when members of the United Mine Workers of America attended
Attorney-General Bowser's meeting in Vancouver.
Cheer up, though the banks haven't loosened   their
hammerlock on coin, the price of eggs didn't go up any
on the market last week. _^__
When the weather man sent the rain on Saturday he
didn't forget to turn loose a few puffs of wind -to be sure
the drops reached the right place.
Temperament is the latest thing to be blamed for the
erring ways of young girls and boys. Next we hear they'll
be holidng Santa Claus or the home rule bill responsible
for youngsters who travel wild because their parents don't
look after them. WB*.
Redmond ns de facto Irish prime minister. Then the Irish ministry will be
formed by Mr, Redmond and bis Irish
colleagues will still be members ot
tin' bouse of commons, but, ns pa-em
���is tt ������:. ti ���:. tt tt tt ��
I *'.
tt �� *
rs of the Irish cabinet -to be-  will!
be right honorable* and rank with Oa- "Tq dream of peace amidst a world in
naiHan,   Australian   or  South   African j arms." Whitthm
statesmen who may happen to bo in!
Nationalists suggest that Mr. Redmond might. In the Interval, become
chief secretary, In succession to Mr.
Blrrell, and enter t'ie British cabinet
as a crowning event  of hlg career at
Westminster and a nttim; introduction
to Ills duties as head of ths first Irish
That the creation of the cabinet position quoted above wll lcause complete reorganization of departments
In Ireland, goes without saying. One
Irish writer says: "Any tendency to
create Irish ministries merely Because
they exist nt West minster, should be
eschewed. No tieslltatlon Should be
shown in the dismemberment and re-
allotment of the present functions of
the departments. Tliey nre obviously
ill-assorted and out of date. There
are many duplications and over-lapping of authority."
Mr. Redmond and Ills advisers must
have given Ihe mutter careful consideration. Ireland Is like no other countrv upon earth and only tlie future can
tell whether "government of the Irish
neoDle, by the Irish people -for the
Irish people," will be a success.
While congresses and Carneglss are
preaching peace .the nations 61 Europe
are Increasing Iheir armaments    and
beating the war drum; and as ln ths
matter of national defence we cannot
afford to lug.'we ought lo Uuow just
what our city regiment Is doing towards their share of a very necessary
Early In 1911 tho present unit was
formed In place uf the 1). C. (I. ltlfleB.
first as a rural mllltla regiment of
four companies, and subsequently as a
city regiment of eight companies and
bearing the name of the 1041li
ment of Canadian Infantry, Westminster Fusiliers, ami ihe organisation of,
tilts battalion is now being proceeded1
The officers who have    undertaken I
P:uifi=  Great  Eastern  Will  CemplstS
Cor.tracto Within Specified
Tlie Pacific Qreat Raatsrn is rush'
lng construction, and, In spite tif unforeseen engineering difficulties on
the northern section of the line, wlll
complete Ils contracts within tbe si-lie-
du', d tiiiie limit, according to D'Arcy
Tate, viee president and general m.iiia-
ger of the lino ,who lias submitted to
the premier details of tha    progess
,,    , jtna'V dining Ihe last six  nionlhs.
���   'The rumors thai  ws have lately
filiated a bond Issue Is untrue," said
Mr. Tate, "nnd the bunds ure mytlil-
cil.     "We   have   made   no   issue   for
several months and do not Intend to go
Into the market until next spring.    In
-,,          .,-._,.  , i., ___�� i
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street C. S. Keith, Manager
norxux-TriUiMJHWii MH
_______________________ ____ of "lis we nre pushing develop-
lhis task are already well known, so | ment work harder than ever and III"
we will turn to the men on    who8ft|monthly payroll which I received todaj
aggregates ever (500.0(10.
"The section between Point AtWn-
officers, .loan Iteid Is : ���,-,��� -nil Newpor| premises to bs mi"
one of these broad-lmeked men, and a lot the most cOBtly pieces of construe-
N. ('. O. of the best type, As a man!""" "'< the entire line, and will Involve
of business he needs no introduction. ^r^''CZfiTSI���?��%��
broad backs the
rest���the N. 0
structure of  armies
John iteid is!
I will mean practically tha laying of the
road on a bed of solid rock. In tha
1 upper Praser country there will be big
'., rock  fills, but  the nature of the sub-
hut  bis long and honored services in
the military forces are not eso familiar
Ito some, joining as far back as 1S78,
'��� Paymaster Sergeant Reid has a period
Of nearly  36 years to his credit  tor,
which  town a    istlnctle  aonor !lim,      ��� . 1<M.gVan  one-
  i   now^    s\,u,ch" il^'a SWH tiT S 2VM 7.'"" "
C. Copper Company Sets Off Giant | -n living and U a mine of tnfiirm:, j N*��M ^aS^^'S
miles In length, will be completed this
| week and will be a boon to the settlers
who have entered thi_ diftrlet.    It la
H    tmCKLIN.
fran snd Ileal.
w. r.
aad   Ireat.
Pir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Charge and Development Work
Because she is able to bake the best loaf of bread
and do the neatest needlework in the state of Washington
a North Yakima girl is getting all kinds of offers of marriage. Those men who want her would probably get as
much as they deserve if they married a bread mixer or a
sewing machine.
Selections Already Made for National
ists Government After Home
Rule  Passes.
some circles it ls felt that it would he
much mere effective to have the latter
na leader of an opposition.
Many Possibilities.
There are many possibilities assuming that the home rule bill becomes
law by next .lune. In the bill as it
Btanda now is a clause "that the Irish
parliament    may    meet    within
Greenwood, Nov. 16.���In the first
eight months of the year 5,590,000
pounds of fine copper were produced
by the B. C. Copper company, as com-
pared with ll.14ti.jill for the twelve
months of 1912. The monthly production this year has averaged only G9C-
000 pounds of fine copper per month,
and with the blowing in of the third
furnace and the more facile handling
of ore supplies the monthly production should now be in the vicinity of
1,050.000 pounds. On this basis the
year's production of British Columbia
copper should be elose to 9.400,000
pounds, which exceeds by 1,500,000 the
production as estimated only a month
Big Underground Blast.
This favor;.'.le development in the
plans of the British Columbia Copper
company is due to the big underground
blast in the mother lode mine early in
September. This blast, which was
Ihe greatest set off in mining in the
history of the world, broke down 45n,-
000 tons of ore Instantaneousely, at
the pressure of a push button. ���Twenty-five tons of 40 per cent, giant powder had been used, and 4.123 fifteen-
root holes had been drilled. In 1918
the banner year of the company, the
consumption of crude ore amounted
to only 4411.00 otons. so it is seen that
at one blast from this one mine alone
there was broken down considerably
more than a year's ore supply. The
eost of this blast has already been
charged against development expenditures, and must result, therefore, in
a low operating cost for mining and
copper production during the forth-j
coining months.
Lowering  Operating  Costs.
The mine workings have been clear-i a
ed since the blast to make It possible'
to  mine very handily  the  additional
tonnage, and hence the blowing in of
the third furnace.
The year 1914 should witness the
production of at leaBt 12,500,000
pounds of copper at the lowest operat-;
Ing cost in t'ie history or the com-j
nany. And nov.- that the British Co-1
lumbia Cunp'T comnanv is coming in-;
to funds through Its holding of New .
Dominion Copper company stoeks and I
'niuls the linancial outlook is the rosiest In several years.
Activity Elsewhere.
Deports received from Prlncton, in-
dtcate that there is considerable ac- \
tlvlty In the Volght came and on Cop-
iper mountain,    tn 1912 the British Co-!
lumbia   ('upper  company  admired   a:
Marge interest  in the Frisco and thirteen   other   Volght   claims, and thel
^^^^^^^^^^    | gun  as any |
living und Is a mine of informs-
tlon and remtnlsceno on the subject!
of shooting; he has made many good
scon, s- many of them unique and
holds quite a number of trophies.
Many familiar faceB are to be seen
around  the drill hill since the reorganization of the regiment and many,
| who, till lately, beld high non-commissioned rank, can now be seen  footing
| It as  full bucks     Amongst these are
iCrii'fo,    Ted     droves.     Neilson    and
Bumpy  Burnett.    Many  have  gone to
the  married  quarters since Ihey  left,
;and in consequence Cue sergeant drum
liner is  wearing  the smile that  won't
1 come off.
By   the  way.  talking of that  same
| sergeant drummer. "Les" is there with
I the goods again, and is making things
I hum around the band room. There are
j ten drummers hard at work blistering
their hands and raising the dickens Of
i a row. and fife and bugle can- also be
heard in "accent:! sweel and low." 1-es
has said that he's going to outshine
anything yet seen in the way of a
drum  and  fife band,  and things are
certainly lookini: that way.    About 30
buys  have been enlisted  so  far and
'. there   are  vacancies   for    ten     more.
Through the kindness of one of the
I senior officers of the regiment, a complete set of drums and 24 bugles has
been  ordered  and  should  be  here  in
:a month or so, and then we shall hear
something without a doubt.
Lieutenant Swan has iust returned
! from six weeks' leave, which he spent
' in tho east.
The Officers' Badminton club held
1 iheir annual meeting on Wednesday
evening. Captain Corbould was elect-
led president, Lieut. Motherwell, secretary, nnd Captain Haines and I.leuts.
'linmond nnd Swan on tlie committee.
probable that Sir Richard McBrlde will
io north this week to open this small
length and at thn same time the op-
portunttv of malting a personal Inspection cf the progress made in construction.
'"The North Shore section will be
ready for traffic by January 1 of next
year." said Mr. Tate, "and the nexl
section by the end of t'.ie following
luly, in accordance With the terms of
the contract."
when you can get aa good, or better, manufactured lu II. C , viz : tbo
the celebrated "VANCOUVEU" llrand. guaranteed to pans Standard
Specification! of Americas and Canadian  Engineers' Association
We would also call attention to our Vltrltled Sewer I'lpo from
4-ln. to 24-ln. in diameter. Thla U also made lu ibis Province and we
cousider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry s Btock of Crushed Kock, Washed Orsvel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phonea 15 and 16.
���02 Columbii Street W.
companv how owns or has under option at least fifty claims In Volght and
on Copper mountain, and is still said
to he on the market looking for more
Ito "round out" a good mining properly of substantial acreage, Four diamond drills are busily exploring the
ine (ground and 100 men are finding active
Several challenges have been received, amongst them being one from the
Sixth regiment.
It is understood that Colonel Taylor brought glad tidings from Ottawa
with reeurd io the issue of tlie service
dress (drab) clothing now due to the
A complete set of signalling appar
tus has arrived for the use of the regiment.  Including lamps,    heliographs,
flags, etc.   Flag-wagging will no doubt
soon be quite "de riguer."
It  is  rumored  that  Tom  Kelly  has
asked for his discharge, and that he
has been told to take three yearB    to j
think  it ovei.
A   N.   C.  officers'   course,   for   men I
���2'iiiin in for the rank of sergeant was
commenced   on   Thursday   evening   by !
the adjutant.    Several  officers and  a .
i;c,i'd many attended the lecture whirh i
followed  the exercises at squad  drill |
and  rifle exercise.    Speaking  of  the j
division of the company Into sections,
Captain   Haines  dwell  on   the  import- j
ance Of the latter unit  in  action  for. ,
lie said, it  is the tactical unit and  on
It the whole brunt of the battle rails.
Ile gave special emphasis to the necessity  of  the    section    commander
knowing his duties  thoroughly,  being
careful  In  passing orders and  information   from   sectionto  rei Uon.   How
he must be careful In observation, for
instance, a slight tyavertog of the en
emy miclit be tha phyecbologlcal moment for    the   a��Hu!t.    Commencing
with   the  preliminary  training of  the
Walla Walla, Wash., Nov. 16. - Isadora K. Dowden today filed suit lu
the superior court against the Northwestern Benevolent association, an organization bad-ted by Christian churches of Oregon. Washington and Idaho,
to recover $3,750 alleged due as salary for work done In th" last five
years. She alleges that prior to 1909
she was employed in charitable work
obtaining pledged for subscriptions
and  for this work had  (1,881.31 com-
j lng.
She alleges she received (288. Between 1908 and 1911 she said she was
' employed as corresponding and I'mati-
eial secretary at 1100 a month and
actually Ket $114.95 for the whole period, while she alleges there Is still
due $1,988.40,
In   lull   she  says  she  worked   two
! months as secretary of the association at $100 a month and got nothing, i
! She  asks   an   account   of   lhe   moneys I
Ialleged to have been received, The as-;
soclation a fsw davs ago dedicated a|
home for the aged aad children in thlB]
city. I
Call and inspect our fall
lines ami new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St
MItH.    C.   C.    KISIII it   or
pianoforte,  harm I'u-
PUm suooessfuly   ; nnlna-
ii,,n In It. A. M i, nu.*
Spply 602 Third ic
Pianoforte ;
C.   II.'. i.
213   Ki
P.O. Box 84 Dally News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Prices right.    Satisfaction guaranteed
SH  Mr.Kenile  St.
ft   J.   A.   BURN-NT,
Accountant, Tel. it
Most people would be
benefited by the occasional use of
Na-Dra-Co laxatives
Gently, thoroughly, and
without discomfort, they free
the system of tlie waste
which poisons the blood aod
lowers the vitality. 25c. a
box, at your Druggist's.
National Drill and Charatca] Co.
of Canada, Limited.      17a
New Imported Pall Suitings now on
listilay.    See  them     Perfncl  lit  and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
HS.1111 un     7'H  Krom Street
per comnan-B
be much  more lively
nany's  finances  In  an
Dublin, Nov. 16.���So certain Is Nationalist Ireland lhat the home rule
bill will become law next Juno that
already suggestions are being made
here as lo the details of whom and
what the Redmond cabinet should
consist. From a man wbo Is in close
touch wllh Nationalist plans, word has
been obtained of the following "cabinet."
Premier   .lohn Redmond,  M.  P. ���
I.ord     Chancellor" Hon.       Ignatius
chancellor of Exchequer���John Dillon. M   P.
Attorney-General���J. B, Moriarity.
K. C.
Minister of Local Government Hourd
������Joseph  Devlin.
Minister of Health    M. J*'. Cox, M.I).
Minister      of    Education    Stephen
Gwynn, M. P., or Professor Kettle
Minister of Industries T. W. lius-
Minister of Public    Works- I.
month of the passage of the bill, but
"it musl tin*,'! within twelve months"
from that date. Another clause gays
that the lr:**'i ministry may be appointed I."'ore the Irish parliament Is
elected So onee the bill is passed
there may be an appointment of a.
ministry i,i August an dthe assem-
bl ng of the nexl parliament in the
following February, or the ministry
may not be appointed until tha six
months prior to the assembling uf an ^^^^^^^^
Irish parliament in 1818, Prlzsell, aged .1.
According to present prospects���and ,tbe ''",nl"v "r th
this ia the wish of the Liberal allies ! ,n.B company
ere the
easii r
I ment will not assemble before June of
1915. This is the earliest date tho
Asquith   ministry can  use the parlia-
'meiit acl to pass tlle plural voting bill.
If Ireland's new parliament met before that date the Irish vote at Westminster would automatically be reduced from 103 to 42. The Liberals would
I lose,  about   fifty   votes   before  the Ti-
!nal division on the plural voting bill
and  also on  other contentious ques
I tions.
____^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^���.recruit,  the  lecturer  dealt   with  estl-I
1 employment.     It   Is   believed   that,  the   matIon   of   range*,   marching   and   en  :
activities of the British Columbia Con-Urenchicg:  then, when he takes his
'n the Volght camp would piaca In the company, of Bklrmlshin-s
com-  i,y word if command and by slg
eondl- and extending under fire.
 H The "Section  In  Attack"  was  tbe
main  fi iture of the lecture an 1 Cap
-Pimun -rr ncjTu *;i'-"   Haines  '''in   with   th's  BUbject
i,r.Uo.iLj   ',,���������  ������   lu.nnu   '"''���   ���'"'   v' '"  "'   '���''"  building   Up  Of
UNDER   ORE   WAGON ,������  r,,|;.  ,   ���.  ,,   ,,  ,..,,��� ()- ,;.,,._ f,v
,.,       , ,    ,,.   ,  " .. ,.    ...   iklrmlrhen   to the moment of actual
Cbewelah,   Wash.,   Nov.    16.- Fred  .,,,_���,,,    ,, .  a��� .���...,  ,.,,������, ,��� ..���.
lees, ful ly flre aline, btlt mint be eul-
' mln ti il   In a 1 1 irge a. sault with tlu
bayoni t,
In the si*-"' mi's uu is there is
strong competition for the appointment of r' *'i ��������� -it 1! -Vnanlas. The other night the drum major told of a buy
elor   wh-,   fer   ihe   flrsl   ttoto   Raw   a
When you take your
Eastern Trip
COAL MININO righta of th- Oomlnlo.
In Miiniiutiy. S'iMviiH'iit wan iin-i Albert*
thn YiAton Territory, lho Northwest Te��
rltorir*8 iiQ��l In tt portion of th�� FlOVlDC
uf flrltlsh Colombia, may bo leased for I
term of twi'iii, ���, ii-- yt'iiiH at an annua
rontal of $1 an acre. Not room than *5I
aom will Im I no noil to ons applicant.
Application tor a l<*aso must be mad
by Uie applicant In parson to the Agm
or Kub-A*i<nt <>f tbo fllitrlot In wblcb lb
rlffhti applied for nr�� tttaatefl*
In surveywO territory the land muft b
deaortbad uy nations, ar legal sub dlvl
tilons of sections, and ln unsurveytd ter
ritory the tract applied far shall b
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each  appllrjitlan  must  bo actotnpanlw
by a fee of $5 which wlll be refund*! t
the  rights  applied  for are  not   u\,i!I��Mi
but  not  otherwise.     A   royalty   Hhall    ���)���
paid on  the  merchantable output  of  tht
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The   person   operating   the   mine   shal
1 furnish   the   AKent   with   sworn   returrn
r accounting for the full quantity of mer
��� charitable  coal   mlfp-d  and  pay  the  roy
, alty   there.m.   If   the   coal   mining    right.
rire not being operated such returns should
he  furnished  at   least  once a  year.
The it'll!:-' will Include the ctal mlnlnt
right*  only,   but   the   leasee   will   be   per
1 mltted   to    purchase    whatever    availabh
tiirface  rights  mav  he considered  necea
, Hiiiy   for  the   working of  tho  mine at thi  I
( rate of  $10  an  acre.
For full Infornation application  shook*
he  made to the  Secretary of the Depart   I
ment   of  the  Interior.  Ottawa,  or  to an;  I
Agent  or  Hub-Agent of   Dominion   Lands
Deputy Mlntnler of the Interior.
N.  H ��� Unauthorised publication of thli
sdvartlasmaat will not be
p. H. Hmlth.
Work   umh i tiik.n    lu
points.    .{11-12    Wsstnil;;--
Phone   364.     P.   O.   Box
W  .i  Orovsa*
' Vt'.S.
--, i    outstd*
llU.-l     l* lil*.
nil UK    KngiueeiH,    LoOal    ���������'���'������
Labor  Tamplo every  tint    and
Thursday of the month   It   Mrt
prealdent!   w. c. Saunders,    *���
P. O. Boa 52 8.
B. * P. O. of Hlks of the D. of C
the lift nnd third Thursday at I
K.  of  P.   Malt.   Klghth  street.   A   ^
Uray, Kxalted Ruler; P. H. Smith,
.. t-t
., lis
L. O. O. M.. NO. 854.���BC1SBT8 ON
flrst. second, third snd fourth Wednesday in each montb at 8 p. OL*
in the Moose Home. if. j. Leumy.
dictator: f, B. Jonea, isorstary,
!���{�� adquaj ters of lodge in Bet Boom,*.
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon i-ireeta.
I. O. O.  F.  AMITT LOfKIIC NO.   17���Th*
regulur moating nt Amity lodge No.
27. I. O. O. P., Is held every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hull.
corner Carnarvon and Kitrhth wtr^eta
visiting brothers oordlajlr invited
n. a. Merrlthew. NO.; ll. w. Bangattr,
V. ti.; W. C. Coatham. P. O. record
Ing secretary: J. W, IfgoDOtuUd, financial  secretary.
paid for.
_m_m_^_m^_mm   Fred
an ore handler, in
Copper Kirit.* Mln-
tmmmmm^_^_^_^_m,        iitt-t:t:itly  kiiitd  M
11   o'clock   Cilia   morning,   when   th��
tt - -* tii he was driving became frighten*
led and ran away, throwing Mm tn tho
ground under the wheels of tlie heavy
lore wagon.   Tlu* Occident occurred ot
a Btcfp grade near thp United C'oppt
you   nmy  a��  Wfifl  travel
ami at minimum cost   We
this,   Call on
in  com for I
can prove
Transfer Co.
Offlc*  Phor,��   1SR.      Ba-n  Phon*  117
Sight* ���tr.,��
W    I.    KAI.BB--MOPMI  Junwnl  DlrtOtM
an,I   K'-i.-iliniT,   113 III   Akik*��  ��Intel,
oppo-lu Carnr-fl. Library.
tat 4 Hanna. Ltd.)--���Funernl dli--_ctnr#
nnii iMnhiilmern. Parlor-, 405 Colnir.l.la
���treat.   N|'w  Waatmlnatar.    Hionii III.
tter Board of Trade mo-Ata In the board
room, i.'lty Hall, aa follow,: Third fc'ri-
i!h>' of dach month; quart'-tiy ni'-nlnf
on tlm third Kriilay of February, liny,
Auffufll nnd Novomhur ut H p.m. An-
nuiil m-*�� Mr.** on th*, third Friday of
February. 0. H. Stuart Wade, aeere-
N'ew Weetmlnitei
P,  A.,   Vaucuuver
liaxnax* ����llvet��4 Promptly te
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
ompanyi boarding house. Uu, ., ,,,._���   .,.,���,,.��� ���,���.. ,:;li(1 h    ,.,
rtioae who ,aw  the n^i.lfnt    say ���      ,,t , ���,���,,, ,������,������      ,���,,,,     ���,���,
bat as Frlzzell drove down   he bill th)g  tlf.r|r,,���-  hM    ,,,mvn    hl.    ,������ ! I
\V. M.
In spite of whnt may be regarded
a promise from Mr. Redmond to l'rc-j
mlpr Asqulth, thai the government
will noi be embarrassed in thin way,
N'atioiiiili)Is will demand the shortest
possible Interval between the passing
of the home rule bill nntl the tranB-'
far of buslnese to the new Irish ministry. Once the bill becomes law, declare Nationalists, the treasury bench
at Westminster will cease to regard
Irish demands an matters for Imperial
-.interference. Nationalists also point
declared that the exchequer^ and jom deltty wll) i���crc,ase the fueling In]
",a  ___________________________________________
be throw on the brake, which. becaUBt
of a hroki n rod, did noi respond properly and allowed the wagon to run
| up on the team, frightening the anl-1
i mals
thev  became unmanageable, i
J.    .1
MiHtater of Communication..
Murphy.      ��
Minister  without    portfolio
Clancy.  M.  P.
lt Is generally felt here that both
Mr. Dillon and Mr. Devlin should In
given their own choice of offices, but
_______________���______________-________���   ________
the local government board would na
lirrally   fall   to   these  lieutenants    of
Mr   Redmond,
The department of Industries would
ia the natural order of things include
an agricultural hntlncb. and 1. is pn��-
���Hihle   thut   Mr.   He  mond   would   ask
��;r Horace Plunkett to return, but in,
Tho ierk of t'ie team as Ihey started to
run tbTBW Krlz/ell from his suet to the
ground under lh* wheels, which passed over hls head. Dr. II, 0. Dahleen
was summoned and want Immediately
to tlie scene of tli" accident,
Prlzzell, until n month ago, wan t
brakeman In bbe employ if the Brett
Northern rn the .Marcus division and
was well known among ths trainmen
on that division. II" was a son of
Mr and Mn l*. F. I'lizzell,
residents of niowcl_.Ii,
pprlrher   '.ias    blown     his     ont
straight,    Tli" 0, Hoom scribe, a raw
recruit of uncertain pedigree though
he bas the wnlk of a flit-foot  tried. I
Drummy looked at him with witherlpi
scorn.    "What wss your regiment?"
Bald be.   "The West Riding." renlled
tho Ink-slinger.    "Well." aald  Driiro-I
my, "I belong io the Bufts, walklni:
in OTI C E
Interesting Situation. Nlobe May Bo Transferred.
It will bean immensely Interesting Ottawa, Nov. H.���The Evening .lour-
parllamentSry situation that will ex- nal claims to have learned that the
1st at Westminster Immediately on theitrnlnliiR ship Nlobe Will i��ven>i'qlW b"
p;isslng of the bill. Mr. Hirrell will.|transferred to the raolflc coast.
continue IO gover.  Ireland  wltb   Mr.  used aa a fishery cruiser.
���tsuB:-_a_Ji-K��3MrA-��Jrsi-*,-:*;7,��-._a_i(Bi-_ *7.**
New Wellington
Office,  D"i4  Front Street,
Fcot cf Sixth Street.
P. O. Bex 3'13. Phone 105.
(Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule -Trains leave New Westminster at 6, 7. 7:3ft, 8,
8:80 and �� a.m., and every 2') mluntes thereafter until S:30 p.m.
After H'.'Mi Bervlce every 30 minutes wllh last car leavlni? at tnld-
Week day schedule��� Trains leave New Westminster nt S, 5:4S, ft.
6:15, C:30, 6:4ii, 7. 7:15. 7:;!0, 7:45 and 8 a.m., anil every 20 minutes
until 4 p.m.. Krom 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a IS minute service will Iio
given, After 8:80 p.m. a 3ft minute service with laBt car at midnight.
Saturday service ���Early morning schedule the same as on week-
diivs, but after 8 a.m., a 15 minute service wlll be given until midnight.
ThrniiKh trains for Chllllwack leave New Westminster daily at
fl*39 a.m. and 1:10. 3:35 and 5:45 p.m.. Trains leave Chllllwack dally
for return trip at fi:10 a.m. and !):3U a.m. and 1:10 and 6:45 p.m.
Dally Kxpress Bervlce to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:50
a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
Bale, Deeds, Hualnnaa Letters, etc.; dr-
miliii* work s|���*i'liillAt. All work Mlrletlr
-otintl'-ntliil. II. Harry, room 4IH \V,-ai-
lliltister Truat Hlk.    'Phone 702.
rlsters. Solteltora, uto, 40 Lorne HtrucL
New \v< stiiilimiiT. t). K. roil,,,uhl, K.
0,    J. It. (Hunt.    A. K. MeColl.
at-tnw. Solicitor, ei,'. Bolicitor fur this-
Bank of Vancouver, Offices: Merchants   Itank   Hull,!l,IK.   N'i*W   V.'< Si 1,1111'*-
i, r.   B.C.    Teleiilionn  No.   IH70.    Cabl��
iuHivhh      "Joliiistnll."      Ciitu      \Vt'��ti-ll��
-. etc, C
r   III,,,
i nun Mi
e sir, ,
er.   n.C.
O,   111
!-.*>.     '1
Blile ��� Dnrrletere and Solicitors, Weet-
mlnster Truat Blk., Columliln etrwt.
N,w Wi Ktmlueter. B. C. Cnliln mlilrefHl
"WhltPHlde," Wmtern IJTilen. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone .��. W. .1,
Whlteslile.   K.  Oil  H.  U   Kiliiinnila.    D.
J. STII.WELL CLtlTH, flnrrlalnr-at-law,
solicitor, etc: corner Columbia sna
McKenzie etroeta, New Wnntmlnster,
B, C.   P. O, Box 112.    Telephone  71*.
Solicitor and Notary,
blnck. 28 Lorne street,
eter, B. C.
Offices Her*
New Weatmln-
Barriaters and Bolloltora. 801 to (It*
Weatmlnater Truet Block. O. B. Martin,  W, a.  McQuarrie   and Qeorge L.
Cassady. .��:'.."**
���.���*-<! fi_*iipim>*sHi-will
Toll   fer   Wachlngton   8tate���Printers
Luckier Than All Other
Olympia, Nov. Ifl.���Two years' expo
rlsnoe under the workmen's compensation aot shows a ooaslderahle In-
oreass in accidents for the   seoond |
year over the first, SOCOrdlng l��  the!
annual  report of llm Industrial insur-je
SHOO commission, now in preparation, j 2
The   lumber   Industry,   which     fur-1 e
niaiii'ii approximately hair of all the'
aeoldents in th" slate covered by the
law, demonstrates th�� Increasing cost.
Kor ths first year a rale of |1.46 per
$100 of payroll was sufficient lo meet
all claims    I'nr tlio second year a rate
n< |" ok iviib necessary.
,Dut for the large number of single
men, lacltlag dependSnts employed In
the Woods, the rate uould have been
still   hinhi-r.     During   the   two   years
whicli ended OotOber 1, Ull, 2fis men
were killid In this Industry, but only
lit) of  these hail  dependents)  re'iulr-
l.C6Umcs Flight.
Cutu'ttintlnople,    Nov.      lii.    I'ierre|
ii��� t. the French aviator, who li-ft
arts 0 I 'in r -I  in   an   aeroplane
light to Cairo and landed here No-
ember 1. resumed his flight to Cairo
*. ii rdaj     li" was accompanied by
p issenger, ntoux.
I His Start!
h.'ilift-fn feel his pttlso, but 1 remembered  umt  i   miKbt get  nearer his
heart  than  Ills fetlock, so   1   put  my
! bund behind bis tore leg,   There was
Mill a faint beat and I  knew be was
not yet quite dead,
My Ignorance Of wbnt was tlie matter with liiin and what to do for blm
was surii that I stood doubtless looking lis Ignorant ns I felt.    Mr. I'lirl.Ill-
Down%and Outs
Find Joy in a Dollar
He Got It by Luck and
less, jobless
few days at our place on St. Patrick i lie und the expert In charge of opera-
i treet, where .we collect odds and ends I tloni now predicts that oil wlll bo
from all over the city. While he:found at 1,200 feet or bo.
works there for his meals and hla; "The Kas flow haB been capped and
hod, lie is In line ror one of the Joha ;drillrr�� are preparing to tap lt for fuel
in which we are continually placing (g* the st'-am engine used in operat-
ttttttttttt^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_tni-,\. i���g their machinery.   Tlie seepage of
_  "Uurlng the past .year, I find accord- 0|) encountered for far has been light,
lng to the report I will present Bhorl-  but  encouraging.    The drill  men  be-
this   that   nerved   me   at  the  turning  W " '>y ""   *0���1 between them.    Ii,- had cabled  home;'  ������?:,Z*n.   ,:;,   ,"1    1'''���P  ,,.     a  '-orporation, composed of conservative
,    The answers are as various as the for  money,   but it bad  been  Blow  ln !,,������.   arTout is the man who comes <irayH Harb"r "U!"nes8 men  who Put
minds of many men. oomlng, I   ��,  ', .   , ,n     ���       man who comes   h , { _ ,   _.   {QT _9
A Local philanthropist, tired of con-!    with the dollar he received he ...rt '     .   _   ,l\    a f n ''aH  pose  of   determining    for    all    time
ventiona. giving,��dd this week with ' ,/fiir 'the "ca!^ office^ Vad "i^d [ ZVnlToo &?2.2M** &��� ��� P?" a"" ��?3  'D   >*?)"* �����!��*��
HU first subject .M  befor(,     Th_   h,   fuund     *__    ���, j g^ggW,g��ft ����**���. M^mu*^.
the  past  year.    We_lCMp eurjpros-1 jv,_t r(,turned fram , t%p made to _.
ap<-ct the prospect,    lt Is undeniable
���I, .     ���    .that there Is a large seepage of high
Telling of It the day after,'penitentiary during the month of n"'*���"  I*'*"-1"-.*"* ���� &> ����� .vlcl��"
"your borse
point of my life.
"Mr. Parkinson," 1 said.
Is dying of diititniis." ���	
I  was obliged to choose a  word so   mixed  results.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
suddenly lbat 1 lilt upon tbe name of   a soldier, newly released from the Im-  pound's  had Just arrived"for him!
ii drug nml feared my man would know   perial army after _0 years In the hot-]    HIb flrat care  was  to  take a car! pects" booked, and so we know that
tlmt It wns a drug and not a disease.     Jest places to which the llrltiBh arms  home to the flat to get his wife. Then ��� there  are  seven   long  sentence  men
"Well?" he said somewhat more con-   ,,avi"   Progrcssi-d  during  that   period, moy went at once to an exclusive res- coming out  of  St.
fldcntlally. |Ho had Btartwl for Canada witb little  laurant     --
I was tempted to make an excuse to
At a meeting of the Booneton Jledl
ral society, there not being a quorum,
hslf a doten doctors sat around chatting. The conversation fell upon tbe
new science of medicine, whli'b practically bnd Ha beginning In tbe Investigations of M. Pasteur, snd ls making
������^������_���_���_���_���������_������������_���-, , grent  head-Way  in  those experiments
lng a pension, i       , .        ,        ,_���___.��._____.
The apparently Increased numbsr oflnt��� on b�� **-�����*-- w"�� d"ot��
ac'Uli'tits Is attributed by thn commls-	
slon partly to the fact that durlnit tb"', nientiiig on the greet change scientific
flrst year under the act many con��� rHBMr(.h bus wrought In the medical
��-erna w ere not brought under the law
more than his passage money, and, on  he said:   "The waiter's  eys  popped
mn ,n th. A.nmmi.,   ,n _�������� ��� A��** tr..   **** "econd day In Montreal,    he  was out at the way we ate, but ba became
*o to the druggist, to get a dose for  wtlat he called "stoney.     Ills last bet: n,���rh calmer when I handed him a 12
���eaaeeeeeeaaeee.eeeeoeeeee brute, but seeing the effect of my  wag a chance of winning a "schooner" tip."
1 Ilnit bluff I resolved on another. j or a pickled tongue or hard-boiled egg I ���...  .     Bn__n aiul n���it��
1 don't like to leave him," I aald. by the recounting bis Bhare In battleai ���A1, _* i^wn and Out'" This
"Wonld you mind getting me a mes-   lost "J *oo. ! phrase,  coined  In  a  song  popular a
eenger.   1 wlsb to send for a remedy,"      Hla medals the soldier had sold to f ' ,   ���k   _.*_*��$__ one,
"Not s bit I'll call Tom. I don't I'Z^-r^Jhi*^ , l.^���*" "A Stanger In a Strange Und." to that
know wh, he I. not here. This.. M. feT*��� ^'��tw% S {Lis 2*_* " ** ' ���" ��f
place, especially at snch a time" ' i��rew��ry   mission   or   tho    Salvation i th"B* who UM {t
tie went to tbe house, a few hundred   Army Metropole, with a plate of beans i    ,f     anything,   the   modern     slang
yards distant    He wss absent aome ;as a Bleep-lnducer. | pbraBe, boon of tre ring, Is   more ex-
time.    Not being able to find his mnn i    "Just have one drink with me. boss," Passive than the beBt the Bible can
; and while he wss gone I upset s peck  he  pleaded  when the    philanthrope j provide.    It would have pleased    the
  .     _ measure  u*ed  for carrylnir oats   but   "slipped"  him the dollar.    "Then  I'll! ��* Mr. Dana, who, lt Is said was ae-
themselves to original research.   Com- \P^^^_���,*^Z\\v'Ottb* COT.   *�� end feed and get a place for the, customed to demand when he saw   a
1 ��� ������- ��� -���>��� ���'���*'*-   '"'w n"'M WIUI **���'*���   Bonle or ,ue C0D    -,Kht ������ .Btrlklnjr phrase In his paper, the name
By the time the drink was Berved,!of lhc SoMy reporter.   "That's Horn-
three newly-acquired cronies had cume!"   he wouM Ba>'' when th* "brlnklng
now filled with salt   Bome of tbe coo-  8�� ana-  feed **<-*��� Sol a place for the
tents fell on the home's tongue, which [   S?"-m,
was  protruding  from   his  mouth.    1
, . Ity of "the drilling operations.  I  my-
��..i�� i .*j tn. n-.n i nnnmtn ,n * ni   ��('lf saw more than a hsrrel of fine pe-
u.'.���,'�� hn�� S^SSdw'SfiwSl^Itroleum Uken out of the shallow old
can be. and, to go further than that,  *_*_, 11U, rf.v
what lt Is to come out of prl��on  to  t,a",H<I "ut *__ .   ,       ���-__.'
-I "But whether our drill will find the
oil Bauds Is another matter. Tbe
l'nited States geologist wbo was seat
to the scene to make an tnapectioa
frankly informed me thai the Indications were most encouraging.
"The company has material on the
'ground to sink five wells and if the
one being drilled proves a failure boring will be done In otber places."
find one's wife and children starving."
and ihat many accidents were not. re-j I'"''**"'00' 1>r' El(,erl,ln' * retired phy- not|Ce(j t[iat the member quivered. 1 \T\"r\'T\ j��" ftaUaa h~ouMate"r,The"phii-jpencll-pusber had been haled before
ported.   However, thern doubtless hasia'clan, told the following story: j pirked ���,, a little more salt from the  anthroplst, walking Into another "blg'hlm-
beon a considerable Increase In the ac j When I started to iiractire. though : floor and dropped It on tbe tongue. |beer bar," In search of a good Bubjeet, j "But it is the man who has taken
lunl percentage of accidents, The com , ��� _-,, ,n ,lie |nltcr b,if ���f (|)# nine- ', Klowtv It was withdrawn Into the ; found the ex-soldler talking loudly of'the count who appreciates the elgnlfi-
mtttlon has urged the organlratlons of | contari   onr nrofwslou had Iss- ! tome's mouth    Taking up s handful I j Rangoon, in the centre of an admiring icance of the words.   He does, anyway.
lumbermen to appoint safety commit   ,'^1" '��" ,r' ��� onr t^oT-sniot  nao isg   , swsand th rust I tin clrcle. P��l8lnB gla����eB on the strength  If his perception has not been dulled
lees to devise meanB of reducing aod-1 ��ed far beblml the progressive spirit    ��P*n ��� '" ���J'_** .",���,,,"!..,',,.���  tMj,   of the case note. by recurrence of the experience which
,nl fhe hie sal, "ll Mr.  Parking !    - * Th"��* 8?��"' 'th" ��b��� lD""'e��'    There are m���
| teenili century, onr profession had lag-
    ged far behind the progressive spirit
dents   which WOUld result In rrduelnK; of  the   times.     Though   we   are   still
retnrned.   The other had disnppesred.
th* assessments for thn industries.
The printing Industry has had less.,,,,,,  _,,���,���  ,���r���. .������  _._,-���.   �����.��-. H   , _,-
tecldents requiring payments ihan any   ��� ,-,���.,. ,(l,t we had at thst time but I *eub,,w-" thinking he would be blamed  jU8t aa far ,jown and out aB the other. I these are known as "bums."
other In proportion to tho number Ofj ,���,._,���,-����� ��,.,���������<..-! i__von/i iho imlrer  I ,n tbe matter of the loss of tbe borse |    <"| can  have a good  time for  four| Pauperiilng the Poor.
woefully li-uiirnnt, we know far more
tlmn  we /lid then, and when we re- |
The next recipient of a pbllanthro- j whose senses have been so dulled.   In
pic dollar was s thrifty   soul, although | another   fine   vernacular   expression,
Victoria, Nov. 16.���One of the
important matters considered by thw
council of the board of trade was that
of fruit Inspection. Simon I_eieer
wrote vigorously protesting against tbe
methods being adopted by the inapec-
_,   _. ,       ,    , , . ,,      ! recently advanced lievond the uulrer-
nien   employed.   Assessments totnllnK i     , ,      _  ,,    ���" ., ^_,    ,,
t'i cents in the |10D was sufficient to Ml ri'm,'''-T "f ,,lo,"'1<,ttlmt- originally
meet all Ctstmi the first year and this! practiced l.y the bnrber who shaved
yenr only 8 cents has been called on ' our nui-estors. we get some Ides of tbe
the $100 of payroll. low condition of lbe science of tuedl-
Next to the lumber Industry railroad j cine half ii century sgo.
construction work has been responsl-      n,.|UR niitiinillv of s scientific mind,
bl.- Tor the greatest  number of fatal-1|   r,.���!i,.���j   this      Upon   finishing   my
..t'n", ,"r''lVh-�� \*'��.,?"���',"��� m.U'* I ��'�����""-��� ��t the medical college I was
men being killed.    In al   cIbbsps there, ,   ,   J_. *V*\,   .    ���
were 63 fatal accidents reported dur. anrprlsed Hint there was ao little really
lng the two years     The following in! knowiii    Indeed, Iwyond tbe fuct that
dustrtee were responsible'for no fatal-] vaccination win prevent smallpox. I
Hies    House wreckliiK. dredging, laun-ldon'l  remember n single certainty In j
dries,   garbaRe  works,  asphalt   manu j medicine tbat 1 bad learned In iny col-
factoring, creameries,   printing  esUib-,ipKe course     WlWt a difference from 1
llshments, les manufacturing, theatre] tlu, ,,r(WPU,  wtK.��� we |luVe antitoxins ,
I Unit work with SltsnlUtS certainty: the :
j X rnr. hy  whieh to Us.k Into the bu-
! niun imdy, and have proved tbst dls-
'elites are  transmuted  by   the  Ily  and
| tbe mosquito!
���tano employees,   crsoaottag works.
'Deputation Waits ond Municipal Council���Other Business at Last
Af  thc last regulsr meeting of the
Langley council John RanUne   and
others, forming S deputation from
P-ruflvale and district, requested thai.
tur tf,f socommodatlon of the eiecturs
In that portion of Ward 4 lylni; sooth
and wesl of I.aniiley I'rnlrie station,
a piKilln^ bootli be .'Siiibllshed in tho
vicinity of UtiKley I'ralrl" Btatlon
The matt) r was laid OVSf for consld-
<-ratinn at the time when other polling
atattoha would he named and bfTtoers
appointed, Mr RanUne to be Informed
I settled In Ibis very town ond hnns I
out my shingle. Kxpcrlence was then
the doctor's be��t curd A bnld bead.
a pnlr of miittnn chop grny whiskers,
a presence that bespoke wisdom-these
were sure to tiring auccess to any practitioner. Tbls impressive lersou of
half a century sgo did not know one-
tenth as much ns tho pooreat student
In a class graduating In a medlcsl
school todsy. Hut since there was
nothing hut experience on which to
tinse confidence, the old practitioner
bnd It all bis own wsy. and the young
nnn had no show nt all.
I looked like a boy and wns treated
es n t>oy, for never did a patient
darken my doors. I wns socially well
received by the young people of town
and formed the acquaintance of a number of young girls, who thousht me
"a nice little fellow" and snickered
when they called me doctor, their Idea
,f  the date  ofthe  meeting at   which   of a physician being tbe elderly pnrty
tula would be settled. | I have mentioned.   Oue of tbese yOung
H U Harker waited en the councll,
atatlng that there being no road to
M( Kenzie station. C. N. I' railway, a
portion of his properly was being com-
monh used as a road, and that as he
Intended fcnclni' his property he wish-
<���<] that some steps be taken to have
a road opened, suggesting thai n temporary rond be nlvcn In the meantime.
lie alio Btated  that William  Marrlot
"Why. he seems to be better."
"Do  you   think  you  can  pull   blm
"I think I can."
"What's that you're glvlug hlm?"
"A  saline remedy  I've found  beneficial In such cases."
He didn't ask where I got It or I
wou'd have told him I bad lt ln my
medicine case.
Well, It happened tbat my knocking
over the salt hnd given my patient Just
what be needed I dou't know even
now whnt bis trouble was. but 1 dn
know that snlmuls must have salt At
sny rate s few baodfuls of It effected
a change tn his condition, and he Improved rapidly. I followed up the
treatment by giving him water to
drink, and it wns not long beforo be
stood up on bis feet
"By Jove!" exclslme-d Mr. Parkinson.
"That wns thc most marveloua cure 1
ever met with. 1 must tell Swlnbourne
; nliout tbat   What did you call tbe disease'?"
"Mr. Tarklnson." I said, assuming an
Injured tone. "1 have cured your borse,
but I object to furnishing medical Information to one of these old school
doctors. I beg you not to mention tbe
matter to Pr. Swlnbourne."
"Why. It mlgbt lead blm to take an
Interest In you."
. "Not nt nil. You. as a layman, are
not swure of tbe Jealousies existing In
: our profession Should you tell Or.
Swlnbourne ef this cure he would
doubtless assert that your hoiwe would !
hsve recovered Just as well without
my treatment ns with It."
I shot a glance at hlm to see how the
Looks Like First Real Good Showing
in ths State of Washington.
Seattle, N'ov. 1*.���Unless experts of
lifelong  experience  are  greatly  mis
taken  the  first  real  oil  well  In  the tor of  this  port.' asserting  that "the
state of Washington., will be produc- present occupant of the office Is "al-
lng within the next sixty days, is the t"5et.h,er t0�� "*lt���ry__u> J*1*"�� .&.
____�����.     ____  .    * ___m    __.   in*   r   situatfoa properly."   He claimed that
report brought to Seattle by W.  J. fruU  conJelrmV -^a haB  ,*���-,  ,,.
Patterson, cashier of  the Hayes    & \ shipped to Seattle and thence to Vancouver, where lt was passed.   This, ba
pointed  out.    seriously    affects    the
prices in (bis ctty.   Tbe question waa
referred to the  board's    agricultural
committee,  whicb  consists of Dr.  S.
F. Tolmie and Messrs. F. Norrls and
E. A. Wallace, for report
In   this  discussion   the   suggestion
was made that there might be anoth-
_______________________ j er side to the question and that the
few beera out some way. i will be real assistance. (now down 900 feet boring through the (Board's members could not be expect-
"Food, bed, beer, fine surroundings I    "Suppose a man is absolutely home-i..hard       ., wj,)c). i. n,_._i,i .��� .��._���J��d to act until having before  tbem
and good reading   What more can Iless and friendless, with no Job, and ��_-__-_.
want.     Anything   might   happen     In  does not know when he wll leat next Ia>' the ��" ssndB. |vestIgatton might   disclose.    It
snd   tbe   msster   was   abusing   blm (days on  that," he said.    "Ten  cents |    "Never give a quarter to a man who I Hayes bank at Aberdeen, who arrived
to me  when  be caught sight of tbe   will buy me a meal at the Old Brew-lis good and down and out," says Ma
patient licking hls chops with his eyes  pry. and another ten  will buy  me a i Jor Hay, head of the Hotel Metropole.
lest night.
The Jefferson Ofl company, wbicb
for the past two months has been drilling ln Jefferson county at the mouth
bed. Ithe Salvation Army's Montreal branch
"Playtimes and even'ngs I can spend of the world's greatest "helping hand"
In  roaming about the city   and    the system.
wharves on the chance of meetlni? an      "If you give a man a quarter or a I of the Hoh river Bnd about haif a mue
|old friend, and in Bitting about Notre dollar you pauperize him.   That is not, ' ._..    _,_ _,_.���,,  .
Iliame church and the Fraser institute I the way to hand him a real gift   We|from the oeean  Demch' ****** ""*"*  a
[library if )t gets cold.   I can work a'; give only assistance which we know j powerful flow of gas at 800 feet and Is
' ;
th^-ee or four days." 1 or where he can sleep.   We first give j    "So far." says Mr. Patterson, "the (pointed out that the Inspection regula-
The eccentric philanthropist's third ihim a bed and something to eat but i predictions made by oil experts auditions were designed to protect the or-
dollar  went in a  stranger wav  than ino money.   This is provided he has no!geologists who have examined the sup-jchards cf British Columbia. It being
Ihe others.   Thc recipient was another money at all and we know that he Is posed petroleum field have been ful-1necessary that both the rights of the
Englishman,   a   Bon     of
clergyman of some  means.
Cheshire i not a profeaslonal 'bum.' j filled to the letter.   The hard cap was {consumers and  the growera be  con-
who had      "Then we send him to work for a j struck at the depth they said it should j served.
Indies    1    Admired    very    much    and
thought thnt If I could marry ber raw-  ^	
slbly 1 might Inspire some confidence    thrust  struck  him. expecting thst he
nnd moke a beginning.    But she wss
the dnugbfc'r of the principal msn In
the place. John Parkinson, snd tbere
wns nn nwful gap between her snd a
towhesded. blue eyed doctor wbo didn't
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ look old enough to treat a cat   Aa to
was prepared to give the extra 33 feet   being called ln to treat Mr. Parkinson       	
required, to make a full road allow-  c_ ������. member of her family, there ; plTe me a start In a practice which |
anon, on the eastern boundnry of bis   ___,, n(J ���,������, chanM) ���f that than being ! became for hnlf a century nil I conld
property, providing that the   council  .,_,',_fc ,,. ,t���K,���in�� I hsv* desired I reply blind luck, follow  |
would deny thst Swlohourne was any
such   man.    I   was  agreeably   dlaap- :
"You're   vlgbt.   tfly   boy."   be  anid  J
"Never give away anything you've got
unless you're something to gain by It" |
Gentlemen.   If   you   nsk   .me   wbnt ;
council .     11-htntne    _____________________________________________________________________
would so construct the road as toiforin  �� ���J     J          physician.   Dr.   Bwln- : ^ up wltb n dose of concentrated gad
a iiv|i���.   Referred to Councillor >Towle'    *-'*'   ������n,"��   i��ij����������������        *-u *���* _-_..,...   iw__r*__    ,
contrary, ths pstlent loses heart
irst thing tbaf van bap-
\,\w i'1'iiu-t.. Ill��       laDIIIJ       yn***m.mm***       **--*       ���**"��� ��"W   ��|*   ��nn u   **-*���*-   ���*������ =��� i
aad the road   aupervisor.   cTerk��*$ bourn*. In hi. yeungwd.ya bad bled   Bjrid-. the lee-.nl   earned was o   {
write Mr.  Marrloi  for    confirmation  his psttenta for every disease, and so   p-eat benefit   I M^.f!* 'V"
of his offer wedded **%* be te the treatment that ', i knew shout s case the more to pre-
Hev. W  It. Oeorge. se<7retsry of the  ke ��1t1 carried s Isneet tn his medical (imd     And why not?    Does s doctor |
1-anglcy Poultry   association,   asked eM%   ne rarttlnsens revered htm ss j gsln southing by loslsg the confidence
the council for a grant of |50 to en-  , min 0f g~at txpertsnrs��*d be wss | 0f a patient?   By no means.   On tbe
eble the association to he d a show In  miiaw���*ttn \i*a* a wonderful sdvan-
th* district early In January.    I_ald Lz^7kllo��iS    ��� mostltuttoa ot
ovor for further consideration. ���������� ���  "7_"^t ,7m ��_,m����   Incliid
Unlay Macpherson and othore, bc-'i kvery member ef ��*��� ���**'����� "*""*
Ing s dentation cf Ward 5 Ratepay-j tug the lest ehM bave. who wee Ml
ers' n*eolation, asked the council to; eight merths eld sndgeend ss s nnt
approach the V V. * E Rallwsy com- The chsnea at tttf ��B|��lsBUng Ihta au-
psny to establish a road from 1-lnc-nln | r,^ Mrsea sanW'^eAe ^ the house-
.aouih to connect with the rosd run- j,9iflV#t�� aa veanse ss hetig called
ning west from the Blggar road. Clork I to VMt .kaaraeMaat ef the l)#
instructed to write the railway com-1 �����" JJ^^ ^^
pa?y' '    ilia ae aiarter hew ,trm see ta eet-
tle.1 <m sey jsft Sfx* -Irt blm bewsre
of belsg ondwmmed. Hfc very greet-
am is iable t* give Me cen���petltoe.a
list I
were     received
from ^L^^^^^^^^^^^_
Royal Columbian hospital, with an- \
conn is and notices of patients having
fteea admitted to the hospital. Clerk
to return all account* asking that a
certificate of- proof of Indigence bs
attached to them, aa the council can,
not undertake to pay any of them un,
tl) such evldenoe Is given.
James Brooks, re roods In the subdivision of northwest quarter, section
tt, township T.
Surveyor genersl of Canada, re the
metter of the new survey of Derby
tawn.dte, hsvtng cut off D. !_. 20 from
gaining access to roads, stating that
the matter was being looked Into.
The reeve reported regarding tho
medical health efflcer's request for
the removal of certain nuisances In
hftrrrayvllle. Tho matter was referred
tn the reeve and the clerk to look
Ttie amendment to the dogs' license
liy-law wns given second snd third
Councillor Devlne gsve notice ot
motion to Introduce st nest meeting
�� by-lnw regulating the approval of
plana of subdivisions.
The clerk was Instructed to write
tho Beaver River Lumber company
re tho matter of their offer to assist
In the gravelling ef the rosd to the
The clerk was instructed te notify
Angus Beaton, shingle manufacturer,
to Immediately remove a nuisance
complained of by the health department
Hills and accounts amounting to %��,���
��� 680.42 were passed for psymnet.
ehsaeg. atr. ramiaeea *M* fend of
���V ass sn����asa>soss> salieble stock.
Oie ef^HjMmskroe] sired by s
wer s*d hH see* HMO. One day
th's ***** ***** tax** at*. WoeWhh.
e*aewlb*a_l ths great Iwtabenrjthy
eskiag Mm tejreat a harsh? Nevefl t*
T*st**mt**f guftsoh weagallsd In. It m
gtiita Wl**) that he nPe ss muoS
" st sltsd ths hssoo end* bn��
ghottt wtwt sllsd the
to cap Mttss HM M. D.-hs ttt******
** *****%Tnucb se f Cd-hut, deaptte
the anlmsl ftvw
ralunftle efforts, tk
ee and thAterlg
np sa amdtds*_-
Mry lastly gsve
"gsr Pjrttoa sad
i mt theae pee
tils ralunftle e(J
glue material.
HV. Perklssea waehsae or theee pee-
sUteat men who nem say sja. and M
occurred to blm tbat I might not feel
-a-ftJ**** MmltMl styMng called la
to mat s bene. IM hs eonid alford
to femlt me, thsngh he eould net at*
****,*)*> taeult hls phyelrtse> ror It
enfef the fflnlly ***** taten ill and
Ihe,doetor relnoed tp tRat the pstlent
thwe wae likely td he crape" on the
doer. A\t gay, rate. 1 wm called la te
have a tank at tbe horse.
Mr. rarkluson hsd seth the veterinary
swsy snd there wna no one preaent st
my visit to the patient hut myself and
his owner. The hnrae was lying on
the stable floor tn sll sftprarnnrendnad
Mj first Impulse wae-from force st
that Is the
Hot to flnlsY my story. Mr. rarirtn
sea 1st It beAaewn tbnt be would have
lest ble valnaMe horse had tt nut beea
fee my skill. Ynd I was Installed a* '
pbywtrlsa to Aie fstnlly, to be.called '
upon for slight ^dtapoettions. Dr.
Rwlnhonree Ming "immomM to tmit
tmihles nf Importance. Thirled to
seme ootatds practice, and In time 1
aqmsqed sufllctect boldsess te pay st-
seeihea to Mlsa rsrktneon By this
thee I had becora-% known not as the
ama who led enred a horse, bat one
Whe hed ���cosed hemsn beings. I finally
ins tried Miss Parklnmm. but this waa
eet till Ralahimiiie bsd reared snd I
earn lasuUed mt only In his plsce. hut
t*t*H*t*t to the bulk of bh) pia-rtfr*.
Tn fact he Mired because he toted
thet 1 waa f-wglnft shead of him.
la etotmtog precedence In what we
haew now te what we knew then I am
enrry te asy thet In the majority of
canes It Is ayll guesayork with na We
fry a remedy snd if the iviticnt 6i**mt
iMt f-sMrmd we try snother aad aootb- II
er, .ttf eltheViawe hnve tried them aft '*
er the fethsy succumbs or recoveni.
But me hsvA-the setlsfectlon ef know
thsrhoth ta America and Bgrnpe
Sell Your
Rent   Your
Those who use THE NEWS ads. say they do
mR at* engaged In devoting thel? en
tire time te tnveatlgnttoe. and every; j
year we knew more than we knew the
year befjps.. ��
mfi wna never knew haw arcMenta
was the aeeeees that gave me itfy'sm1
i\% we bsd been married msny yeei
Need eBtter Pure Food Law,
Washington,   Nev.   **..������K  confi
ence between state pure food commit
sloners and officials of the departmr-
ot agriculture here decided that '
.federal pure rood law waa lnadequai
land that It should lm repealed;
'-.*���������� mmiti.
Send in your want adse by phone or ije^
send your children with them, flw^^
child receives the ^one io^^
as the Ingest advertiser.      .5
iv- V
">'���-.��� ��� ������'��� '.'������.-���' \    ��M
. ,.<M.
���V'^vj V
t"   >AOE POUR
Fresh Water ana Salt
August during tbe strike trouble   on  planned, If possible, to ^uload Uie bal-
ern constituency of the province, has
Interested himself in this project, and
lis in the i'ity now placing the matter
before the provincial government. He
Intends to briny the matter up at Ottawa al nn early dute, and In the
meantime he is anxious to test the
opinion of the province on the subject.
i in .peaking last night with reference lo ihe matter, Mr. Clements said.
"At i'u- present time American fishers cannot call at Prince Kupert. for
bait, or, for thai matter at any of the
Canadian ports, because bait ls prohibitive lo them, and the consequence
; ii< in relation to I'rlnce Kupert ���that
they have to ro as far north as Ketchikan, several hundred miles, to get
lhelr supplies, and then return to the
Vancouver Island, have been changed
from Nanalmo to New Westminster,
tlle special assize court opening next
Monday, November 24. Counsel for
tbe defendants argued that while a
change of venue was desirable, New
Westminster, on account of the jury
being largely composed of farmers
would not be as suitable as of being
held In Vancouver. Tbe court maintained tbat the farmers wero fair and
Impartial and were In every way tit
lo sit as jurymen on any kind of
Antipodean  Demand   Is  Heavy���Charter Market Shows Signs of
Seattle.   Nov.   lfi.    While   the   I'.nru
liean lumber market  luis been  practically shot to pieces in recent months, Iflghtng grounds, which lie between the
no era of remarkable prosperity    In  two points.    I am contending that lr
Australia has continued a Btrong de- <���"��� concession is granted to the Amer
mand for Washington tir In the Antl-'
podes and the large shipping concerns
of Sydney  and  Melbourne have    had |
lioat-i loading on Pugel Bound almost
continuously  during  whal   local  lumbermen have termed the dull period
ance of the cargo at the Algoma Sleel
company and then tuke the steamer
light to dry dock.
Favorable weather baa greatly assisted the wreckers on the Nottingham and Hutchinson', ln both cases no
efforts are being made to save the
cargoes, which are simply dumped
overboard. Tbe steamers are expected to lie released Monduy or Tuesday
if tlle  weather keeps up.
cant of allowing them free bait at
l'rinee Kupert lt would obviate the
necessity of their going farther north,
and, having established a relationship
of that nature, It would be an easy
step to have them carry on their
At present the British steamshipjb��nainB trade with that port also, In
Hawk,end is the only vessel loading J** J* as J* *��������*{
lumber on l'uget Sound for Australia, jllown ��"> coast _to_ Beattle
but   the   Hritish   steamship   Gleneden
Confirmed Voters' List.
At tlie court of revision on the
newly compiled voters' list for householders on Saturday the applications
of those who registered before the
city clerk were confirmed and ordered
attached to the regular list. A number of namea of people who had be-
I come eligible lo vote as property
owners were removed from the householders' list as were also the names
of tbose deceased or removed from
the district.
Three  Injured  in  Accident on  Saturday���Other   News   From
only recently left With a full cargo for
Melbourne, the Hritish steamship
Auehendiile completed a cargo for
Sydney yesterday and a number of
big CBrrierfl have already been fixed
for December loading at Sound ports.
Seoit. Henderson ti. Co., have the
steamship Auehendale under charter
for Sydney, Australia. She finished
loading a 3,084,000-foot lumber cargo j���
ut Mukiltei) yesterday evening and
left for Comox, B. C��� to obtain bunker
The steamship llawkhead arrived
here yesterday from Port Blakeley,
where she completed a lumber cargo
for Australia with a deck load. She
came to Seattle for coal and will
steam for Australia via Honolulu tomorrow morning.
Between now and December no other lumber vessels are listed for the
Sound, but the fixtures for December
of the British steamships Harpalus
and Strathairly have already been announced and there are prospects of
tithers. Both the Harpalus and Strathairly have been chartered by Davles
& Kehon, of Sydney, and the Harpalus
will load a full cargo of lumber, for
the Antipodes at Kverett and Bellingham. aud the Strathairly a full cargo for the same destination at Bellingham.
Charter Market Easier.
Signs that the local charter market-
may shortly become much easier than
lt has been for some months were die-
���cernlhle yeaterday when a few more
vessels -became open to ngagement
and th charter of ten vessels in the
offshore trade were announced by-
Hind. Rolph & Co.
For the Week Ending Sunday, Nov. 16.
Westminster.        Sand Heads.
Time. High. Low.
High. Low.     Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
17    9:55   4:25       S:56 13.2    1:00    0.9
18:30 15:10 | 17:29 11.6 14:12 10.8
10:45   5:00       9:46 18.2    1:42    1.0
19:10 15:15 . 18:12 11.2 14:16 10.7
11:35   5:45 ,  10:34 13.1    2:28    1.4
20:10 17:30 !  19:09 10.5 16:28 10.2
12:20   6:25 j 11:19 13.0    3:19
21:45 18:50 I 20:45    9.7 17:39
13:00    7:05 * 12:00 13.0    4:18
24:00 20:10 ' 23:00    9.2 18:40
13:40   7:50     12:38 12.9   5:21
21:15 : 19:32
1:50    8:40       0:51    9.5    6:26
14:15 22:45     13:14 13.0 20:16
Memorial Services.
Memorial.services In memory of the
late Nfrs. Margaret I'eers were conducted ln the Queen's avenue Methodist church by Rev. W. W. Abbott yes-
shlpplng It terday morning. Deceased was a
prominent member of the church during her thirty vears' residence In the
1 and Personal i
Owing to continued Ill-health Mrs
P. A. Greer, of 714 Seventh avenue
will not receive formally this season.
Mrs. W. J. Sinclair, ol l'lctou, N.S..
Is expected by her son, W. K. Sinclair,
today. Mrs. Sinclair visited New West
minster five years ago.
Miss   Mildred  Bcneer  has  returned
from    Alberta    where    she spent  the
summer with her   parents    on    their
and  is now staying al  lier old
on    Fourteenth    avenue,    BaBl
6.3.1 farm
5.6 j hem
Additional Locals
Enjoyable at Home.
The   Port  Coiiuitlam   employees  of
the Foundation company, of Montreal,
Mrs. W. ft. Swan will receive on on
the third Tuesday of each montb for
the balance ot the season,
Mrs. 11. Langley, 71 Seventh avenue,
will receive for the first time since
her marriage on Thursday. November
110, from 4 to 6, anil on the third Wednesday of each month.
Humor and
*r VVfiCAj** It. SMITH
SPEED, .peed, -penl,
A demon Is let free
That epuce imd time unnlhllntee,
That tor the whirlwind never waits,
That from the lightnings flee,
A demon that hae legs und wlogs
And wheels and all the moving Ihlnga
ChiiR. chug, chug,
lt rush.- to ttie goal.
As Btrong electric currents race
Without single breathing ppece
From pole to farther pole.
On beds of air It epurne the ground
And In a tw inkling gets around.
Strain, strain, strain.
ln every rod and bolt
It pushes past the starting place
And enters wildly In tho race
As frisky as a colt;
tn scooting ruund a Ave mile track
Front wht-elB almost run down the back.
Crash, crash, crash,
Another victim low.
A mass of ribs and driving rods,
ComlngU'd with thc Inert clods:
A call for music Blow,
A finish that Is lust debris
And what thu croud pad paid to see.
Rev.   Dr.   Chown,   genoral   superin-
thecontractors for the new Pitt river | tendent of the Methodist  church  in
this province,  will address the members of the V. W. C. A. and Y. M. C.
A.  of Columbian  college  on   Wednesday evening.
bridge gave an at home to employees
of tlle company located at Harrison
river and other points near the coast
on Saturday evening. There was in
the neighborhood of ISO people present at the affair which was held at
the Riverside camp of the company
and a most delightful evening was
spent.   The chief item on the program
was a   banquet    attended    by    many
Included In the list  were the sclioo-: prominent citizens of l'ort Coquitlam.
B, O. Matheson. superintendent for
the Foundation company at Pitt river,
presided  over  tlie  assemblage.
Covered metal garbage cans, as required by Board of Health regulations,
all sizes. Merrlthew & Ramsay, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets.
proposed  to  hold   in   the  near  future.
ners .1. Vi. Clise, Forest Home, Se-
liome, Stimson, J. A. Campbell, Noko-
tnis. Alumna and Crescent; the barkentlne Makawell, and the steamship
Drunmulr. All of these have been
���engaged for lumber cargoes. The
United States government has also
Chartered the British steamship Kin*
Toss for coal from Norfolk. Va., to
Bremerton at. $4.74. The Kinross Is i
now  under  time  charter'to   Balfour.:
���Guthrie-feSCo., at 4s. fei. and was re- Arrange for Concert.
let to the navy department. She will The Burquitlam Boys' Athletic club
load lumber on l'uget Sound after dis-, will meet on Thursday at McKee's
charging her coal at the navy yard,     j store, North road, for the purpose of
There are three French  grain car-  arranging  for  B   concert   which  it is
Tiers al Sun Francisco still unchartered, but there is little business In that
line at present  for sailing craft.
Hind-Rolph Charters.
Of Hind-Rolph vessels the Clise is
taken at 48s. 9d. from Columbia river
or l'uget Sound for Callao, for December-January loading. The Forest Home
gets the same price for lhe same loading to a direct port on the west coast.
At. 55s. the Sehome is taken for a purpose similar to that of the Forest
The Stimson. Campbell, Nokomls,
Crescent and Druumulr load on l'uget
.Sound, the Alumna on Fuget Sound, For plumbing, heating and sheet
���Columbia river or drays Harbor and metal work consult Merrlthew & Itam-
the Makawell on Grays Harbor. say,  Eighth    and    Carnarvon streets.
The Stimson is fixed at 62s, fid. for' Phone  :M. (236,1��
February-March loading for two ports 1   -
in 1'eru.   At 60s the Campbell and No- j Get Use of  Hall,
komls are to take bundled lumber to The Burquitlam Agricultural society
Payta, December-January loading. The has granted the Burqultlam Athletic
Alumna gets 63s, 9d., February-March and Social society the use 0f the
-.. .��� .'.�� Vl'r.':lrillS0' ''i*-'*-'*'''1 range- agricultural ball, Austin road, for two
At 42s. fid. the Makawell loads Novem-  Qighu u week.    This has enabled the
The debating club of Columbian has
entered a representative team in the
British Columbia Debating  league.
C. Augustas Brown, of Vernon, and
H. F. Bishop, of Ladner, were among
the arrivals  in  the city on  Saturday.
Mrs. Qrimmell, cf Sechelt, Is a visitor in New Westminster.
Among those who registered at  the
Hussell yesterday wtre Mr. and Mrs. j
Abery,  of Chicago:  J,   W.  Smith and
Mrs, Bmlth, of Bellingham. and A. .N.l
Miller,  of Coquitlam.
F.   O,   Kickbush,   of  Chilliwack,   is j
staying at the Windsor.
Mr.  and
were guest
Nothing to It.
"Green nnd
Brown are having a terrible row
Sown the street."
"Whut seems to
be the mutter':"
"I don't know,
but tbey are cull-
lug each otber
'thief and 'llur'"���
"Did you sny
Greeu uud
"1 thought so.
Tbey are Just
buying a friendly
political discussion. Come ou;
let's go buine."
Vancouver,    Nov.     lfi     Karly    last
evening an automobile driven by M, A.
Arbuthnot, 8(17 Seventh avenue oust,
crashed into one of the steel standards at the south end of the Cambie
street bridge and Injured It. l> llelinei*
and hls six-year-old son. the other no
cupants oi the car. Mr, Helmer was
cut aboul the legs, while his son was
bruised, The injuries are nol thoughl
to  be serious.    Tile  fronl   purl   of the
automobile was damaged.
Ownership of Street.
A delegation Ol  the board of trad"
whicli yesterday walled on F. W, Peters, general superintendent of the C.
P, B. Hrilish Columbia lines, was informed by the railway.official that the
portion of Cordova street, west of
Granville Street,  belonged III tlle city.
Such being the case the compan) did
not propose to spend anything on the
upkeep of the road. The question of
ownership of this properly lias been
a debatable one for a numlier of years.
Building Permits.
About the only comment that can be
made on tbe week's building penults
is that lhey are small. The aggregate for the six days, ending with
i Friday, Is t21,650, The week crowds
bard for the minimum record for
any week. About the lowest the permits have gone for a single week, dating buck over a period of Ihree years,
is about  $20,000,
Committed for Trial.
Charles Matthews and P. F Kelly
w. re committed tor trinl by Magistrate Shaw in the police court yesterday on tiie charge of robbing .1. K
Wagner by knocking a stun of money
from liis hand and then picking it up.
Passenger Subw.y.
Vancouver,   Nov.   lfi.    The  contract
for  building  the  passenger subway  to
the .N'oith Vancouver ferry wharf was:
practically awarded to the M, P. Cotton ',
company   by   the   civic   bridges     and ���
railway   committee   on   Saturday,   its
tender of $30,105  being the lowest  of
fourteen submitted to tbe oommlttee. j
Before being aciually awarded, how-!
ever the city engineer will make a
report lo be read before the city coun- '
cil Monday night of the other tenders received, prices ranging up to!
(52,113  were  named.
Sad Case.
'Tie's a hard man to get along with.
"Well,  why don't jou  do  tbo olher  purchased the stock, fix tur
thing':" and book accounts of ('. N
"Wbat Is that?"
"Get along without hlm "
"Beeuuse lie Insists on  coins along
with uie.   lie's my husband, you see."
Mrs.   Rogers,   of   Victoria,
i at the Dunsmulr yester-
Tbe Only Kind That Will.
"Angelina is u great friend of mine."
"Awfully fascinating, I suppose':"
"Ob,  no;  but  she Is so comforting*
She always helped  rue out of all my
"GeeI  is she ns homely ns tbat?"
The Royal Mercantile Company has
<. goodwill
& Company, corner of Sixth avenu,
atld Twelfth struct. All accounts owing to tlie said C, N. Bdmanson /���
Co., are to be paid to The Royal Mi r
cantile Co., at 30 Sixth street nnd all
claims against C. N. Filmaiison *_ Co.
will be paid by the Royal Mercantile
N'ew* Westminster, Nov. 14. 1913.
Skating sessions    at
every  week   day   frcm   3  to   5   in   the i
afternoon   and   8:15  to   10:30   in   the
Band   in   attendance   every
(2395) !
H. D. Morgan, of AgassiX, and l.  D
Queens    park j Carncross.  of   Cloverdale.     registered
it the Premier on Saturday,
* I
Bridge Completed.
The new treble  track bridge of the
C. P. R. across the Coiiuitlam river at
Port Coquitlam is now completed and
being used regularly.
ber-December for Sydney or Newcastle, N. S. W.    The Crescent bas  I n
tflken on private terms for November
December loading for Newcastle. At
S5s. the Drunmulr is to load November-December for two ports in the
United Kingdom.
Victoria, Nov. lfi. There Is a suggestion afoot fn certain quarters to
hnve the fishing regulations of tin* Pacific coast so altered us to enable
American shippers to traffic wllh the
port of Prince Rupert in the matter
of boat and supplies, and A'lth the
further idea of building up a shipping
connection between that port and the'
prirts "ii the sound j
li. S. Clements, M. P., for the north-
i.'ithlitic club to  take    up    basketball
and prellminarj  practices are now  being held  regularly  in  preparation for J
the organization of a  team.    Boxing |
is  also  indulged
In  among the  metn-
The marriage of Miss Jennie Potter j
and  H. .1.  .Mortison took  place in tin '
Mount   Pirasant   Presbyterian  church
on Thursday  evening in  the presence;
of a few friends.    Among those pres* j
ent  at   the  ceremony   were   Mr.  and j
Mrs,  K.   I'.   Hudson, of New   Westmin  |
ster;   Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.  Me.Minn,  Por:
Hammond;   Mr.  and  Mrs.   Ward  and
Mrs.   Howard,  of    Vancouver.       Tin
couple left for a short    trip   to    thr ,
Sound  cities  after   which    thev    will
take nn lhelr residence In the Mande- i
Tille block.
���       ��� '
Captain   K.  Thevik, master cf    thi
The Way It Goej.
"Some women are born ugly."
"I suppose so."
"And others are both ugly and awk-
1 ward."
"Yes.   and- still  others   wear  pink
tiigh heeled shoes.''
"Have you seen- Mra. Greene's new
; hat':"
"1 havo."
"Wbat do you thitik of It?'
"It   looks  ns  if  ber   husband   bnd
chosen It for her."
Selettion In Suits.
Did be propose to her'/"
Well, he pressed bis suit."
Why wouldn't he suit':"
Beeu use he bndn't pressed bis suit
before he came."
Still   progressing.    Come  and
see us. We can save you money.
Conds delivered t.i any part ot
the city.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
For Sale���Complete restaurant set
including one Inrge range, tables,
chairs, dishes, etc., for sale very
cheap. Royal Mercantile Co., til Sixth
streel. (2381)
-.helled   Walnuts,  per  lh SOC
Shelled Almonds, per lb 50g
Kancy JMSached Sultanas, 2  lbs.25t
Choice Cleaned Currants, per Ib.  10c
Anl  e- pything else you  require  tor
your Xmas baking.
We have Just opened up a keg
Tin m i ell m: l.'.i a dozen or i
dozen for 25c. Wo would like
you to Include a dozen or two in
your nest order    Tiny are fine.
New   Dates,  In   buik,   per  lb. . .   10c
New  Table  Figs,  per  lb    jejc
Malaga Crapes, per lb V*c
Choice Crape  Fruit. 3  for JWc
���Choice Table  Raisins, per  pki    J?5e
Boring  for Oil.
Tiie Coast    In velopment   company
which bas been conducting oil boring
operations at  Pit!   Meadows  until  re-
I cen tiy    without    much    success    has
'transferred   its   Held  of  operations  to
Albion, near Maple Ridge, where tliere
are good indications of oil.
Purchase a book of fifteen tickets
costinq $5 for evening skatino ses
sions at the Arena. This reduction
makes the rink the most popular
priced arena on the Pacific coast.
Aopeal for Church.
\ti  appeal  for assistance  v.as read
in   the   churches   in   the   Westminster
diocese of the Anglican church yesterdaj simieii by Bishop de Pencler in
connection wiih plans for rebuilding
S'. Peter's church, Smith Vancouver,
iThis edifice was burned down by an
Incendiary on Saturday morning, Oc-
li iit 18, ih,. Insurance on the build-
ll g jiist being enough te pay off the
mortgage. A collection will be taken
in every church in tin- diocese next
Skating bunts and skates for ladles
mil gentlemen at Geo, it. speck's. fi'_fi
Columbia atreet. (23521
halibut  power schooner  Crescent,  of
Seattle,  who has    just    arrived    ben
from the north, reports thai  halibut
fishermen are meeting with little sue
cess on  Alaska banks.
1     Few   lish nre being caughl  in South
eastern  Alaska waters and  in hoi	
I of finding fish on tlie new Southwi il
ern Alaska banks manv  fishing craf
have gone io Prlncs w llllai i sound
The Meter,    Admiral    Dewey,   QJt a
Northland,  Louise and  the   V'lctr.r ��
[Ethan ar,- all on the Prince  Wllllan
i sound   now   and   a  number  Of   larger
schooners are fishing aa far north a
I Yakutat,  but   Captain    Thevik    sayi
i with  hardly  enough  Ruccess  to    pa;,
operating   ev.pi ns, R.
"Pn, win. is niHHiit by tbt sins ot
omission nnd <��f i 'I'limis-inn?"
"Tho<f thai nn* r^mniltted by a com-
mlsM'Mi bull**, I ;;!it*ss."
W^y Hr Wain't.
"Are yon sti] ������' - tioUtfV"
"Nol ii I'll     i      Putv�� t'llnk bnd Inck
ColJlrs  to   KI1| ' ������ :       ,ii      people."
Maud Mul
Bhe ntufti i
nui raki
Up to Date.
i   I  .     " .-r'n  (j;iy
* '-ii,1 *apd
r Ll KG   ' ||Q   ''iiy,
Ige mMi ad.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,   Theory.
Kor Terms and  Hours Apply nt
Studio.  1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone
1319 R. (2263I
itesldenoe v  \v. r. a       Phone 1324.
Personal Greeting Cards
Should Be Ordered Without Delay
To ensure early delivery of your private cards
place your order ritfht away. We have an extra
large assortment this year, four times as large as
last. If unable to call, we will he pleased to send a
sample book to your home so that you can select at
your leisure.
Our I'hone Number is 157.
1914 Art Calendars have arrived
Also the Newest Things in
Christmas Cards
Call and make your choice while the lines are
The Gaskell Book & Stationery Co.
649 Columbia Street
641   FRONT  STREET.    Out  or  thc  hl^li  renl   district,
get our pricoB beforo you itpt-mt your none]  ������'    ip-l
Men's 'Box Kip Hoots, regulsr I8.S0 for  .. v *..
Lftdles'  OroHH  Roots,  -ralue $3.  to  to. every  aize   ... 1.9-5
Huys' School  Hoots, sloes' to fm	
f'.irls'  School   Hoots, sizes  to   10'^   	
Slater Boots, Leckle Boots, Hartt Shoes, the famous K Bcott. etc., e:
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
12 mlilnlRht for Prince  Ilupert,  Stewart
12 midnight for Victoria and Seattln.
12  midnight for l'rinee  Hupert, Uranby  Hay.
12  mldnlsht for Victoria and Seattle.
FRIDAYS-   IS midnight, Oct. 31st,   Nov.   14 28,   for  Queen   Charlotte
Islands (Direct Service.)
MONDAYS--12 midnight, Nov. 3-19  fnr Massel, via  Prince Hupert.
Mondays and Thursdays steamers make done connection at Prinee
Rupert  with  Qrand Trunk Pacific trttln-a for Terrace. New Hazelton  and  Bmltbers;  mixed service   from   Smilhera   to   Pose   Lake
(Mile 30Q.)
TlcketH to all points east and to   Europe.     Any   rail   atld   steamship
II. O. SMITH. C. P. & T. A.
E27 Granville Street. Vancouver.
W.   E   Dt'PI'.ItOW,   (J    A    P.   D
Ibono Private Exchange (*l:t*t
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Hranches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts snd Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all  parts of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Msnsgsr.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Dean's Grocery
Opt yonr skates  sharpened
Speck's, fi'iH Columbia strutt.
it Oeo
Bui     Block
Phone SS6.
Columbia Street.
i Hold  Trials  Here.
By n decision handed down in Vie
I'oria last Friday by lion. Juntiee
I Murphy, the trials of tlie Nanainm
miners on    charges    of    r'.oV.rg    in
Only the |ie<n
i bills at Hie hm
i li'ct-itiu.
Home personi"
i'iiiim, lhey mi- lu
There nre men
others attain tin
lulling in love.
I i will think of ooal
*   it lie u paying the
Steamer    Major    Managed    i
Afloat in Storm���Will Bo
���'������ in   Drydoci..
a    Keep
n t go f:i
I slow   to
alio lire
���  *ime  i
���tvrotif be-
iiiike iiiui-b
burn foolish
undltlou  by
Sault Ste Marie, Nov. 16, Careful
I'tx.-Hniiintion of the steamer   Major
which   iv:it;   brought to the Soo Salur
day night, showed the boa* sustained
a great deal of damage Her curgi
will have to he discharged here aird
she win hare to be towed to dry docks
"it was fniv iiie careful battenlny
down of her batches, which kept her
afloat" said the chief engineer of
tha Mitchell fleet "About the only
thing else that could hnve been done
was to put In sealing wax. The boat
got a pretty had shaking up and I am
surpriiied that It kept afloat."
Thn linrtwell was released and'
brought to the Soo laat nlgbt.    lt isi
Tlie successful mnn Is the one who
knows when to leu I trumps.
If we wero given ireillt for Ir.rlnj: tn
lie -.niul some ol us would Mill bnve to
pit} easll.
U'lH'ti ii run tt in-i-ts be his nil thrr
iiinney lie WWII* III-, friends begin lo
i-oiislder a iiiiuii') I'tiUlinlMSluil,
The   presidential   raee
is   no  beauty
Most men recrel lhat tbey hure been
rlrllbed lie.tnml (lm point of taking
tbelr pit- in lhelr lingers,
No man Is sure of himself, wblch Is
perhaps lhe reiixotl lie asserts bis oplu-
Inim ho iio*��ilivel.v
[arly Shopping for Xmas
Benefit your pocket book by taking advantage of
the bargains we are offering every day.
Trade with us and get more for your money than at
any other store in town. Every day from now till
Christ.mas we will offer bargain prices on different
articles, it will pay you to watch for these.
GcccI Quality and Low Prices "All Along the Line"
Thc BiK Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. ���"TITM- HP Wi
Hound navy yard for general overhauling loday from the Asiatic -tattoo. Un
tbe homeward paaaa��;e of :s. daya, 'in
were through Itonna varying from
a typhoon ln tbe Japan Bea to ihree
full galea and a storm which had tbe
veHBt-l   -.landing    on    her   ie-am    end*.
while steaming nlong ths Washington
coast laut night. Two men were
marly Kwept away by the heavy ��eas.
but wi re rescued by their shipmates,
I will   eome   Into   effect     next     Krlday
I evi ning. *
t|     The ai'.reement     between    the    rlnii
____^ management anil the amiileiir hockey
league    whereby    Tuesday    evenings
Kitsllano Presbyterians Turn Trick on   v'"I   be  reserved   for amateur hockey
whi n   the   latter   Hei'.Mon   opens,   wan
Sappertn Grounds���Rough j ratified.    Two   guinea   will   be   played
II very   Tuesday   evening   between   the
in spots. [four luuius comprising tbe league,
All Black,   Pile   Up   51    Points   to
Against Pick of American Colleges���Coming   North.
Candidate for Councillcr.
II.    U,    haker.    of   Burqultlam,    la
prominently mentioned an a candidate
for the Coquitlam council at the forth-
*^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_m    coming Haker
ageineiil  waa fortunate enough to ee-  formerly  school   board  Becretary and
itire lii in well known aggregation.      ; ������ K ,]|rc/_tor of the Burqultlam Agrl-
���  fuliural Boclcty.
"The  Diver." __-__-__-_-_-____-______.
"The Diver," a reel In two parts, Is
'  the feature at the Edition theatre for: Improve Roads,
today,   depleting  tin, Jealuuny  of twoi    The Coqultlam   board of  works d,-
haudsome  women ��^_a^professional DarllI���.nl ������ oonductlb| Home read lm-
Iit a rough and uninteresting game,
playing   In  a  sua  of  water  and   mud 	
on the Sappi Tlon    grounds   Saturday ,
afiernoon   lluv soccer   team   from   tlle | ~
Koyal (Ily high Bchool were forced to  Defeated   Vancouver   Rep
lake hi'fond place    to    lho    KltHllauo
Presbyterians    of    Vancouver    In    ii
Junior Alliance fixture, the tlnal More
being il 1 In favor of the Visitors,
Tho Presbyterians were the flrat u_
get away with a tally this coming
after ten minutes of play. Tbe Koyals
soon ei|unll/.��d
Brockton   Point  120���PlS/ed  In
Water and  Mud.
Cal..   Nov.   IC.    The   Si iW
provement work In Maillardville, and
ou AuBliu road, iP.npiltlam. Ab the
work Is mainly of a m&lntencancti
character the number of men engaged
. i.i Bmall.
Vancouver, Nov. io.
{an   all-star   California   fifteen   which
clashed with the visitors on Saturday
p, ,*, r    i afternoon.
,'1>'"K " r'" ! The all-stars never had a look in In
���fiiarkable laBt and clever i:ame con-j the last game of the series, the New
Ten minutes from line the visitors'K"1erlng tbe State or tlie grounds fob Zealand forwards and three-quarters
aent through another tally while thlel'OWiag the heavy downpour of rain. | working with a precision which evok-
waa   followed   by   a   third   when   Hus-'H'e Victoria rugby fifteen downed theJw   ''''"'I���'*-*'''. f���"'   --"'  ��*�� <*<>**-
band was tripped in front of the West- Vancouver team to tbe tune   of   I2|?"l*��,t' Ih" r"'al "���re was ul 1",'",B
minster  goal,   the   penalty  being  don- PointsI to  nil  on   tin-   Broknton   Point; ���" ��� ��� Vancouver
verted     Two of the  three  Vancouver grounds .visterday afti'i-noon ami thus ,,.''"-. ,l!,ll<?rs   *   ' ,     ' \.   ,',.,      '
virt.ii.     iwo oi  im   tine  Vancouver �����    ��        ��� ������,,.,.   M.K.-r 1, ni.-  ,,������'Mcmrla, and an all-star Hritish ( olum
goals were from  penalty klrkB. tooK ine n-au  in  ue  mcnecnnie enn,
Tbe  standing   the  league  is  an fol- series.
diver at a iheatre, who Is Invited by
two male friendB of tlm  former to a
garden   fete  which   Margaret   Hrachlu
has  gotten  up at her country  home.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     The plcl thickens lu the flrsl part
Zealand   All-lllacks are  now  on   their 0f _*] t(���.\t w-|ltn cnf, 0f the women
way   north   to   HrttlHh   Columbia   on   masiiueradi b as a man In the hope of | ____,
board the S. B. CongreBa, after defeat-  bringing disrepute upon the diver. In ; ~
i       ..!,..��      _. ._�����..      the Becond part the scene (mangel to   KS-.
ing thirteen American teams for a to- NlB���� -^ whcr<; _a ,]iV(._Kln M Mr��.
tal  of  r,ut;  points  against ��,  three of alrnf.Ht      superhuman    effort    rescues  and MtS*
which  were scored  by the  University  her daughter from going over the fulls , I,.II.A.M.   A.R.C.M.
f  Californita  and   the   remainder   by   '" a rowboat.    She falls in a faint at    ��EMBEd80F THE INCORPORATED
the door of the Hrachln borne, where   "E   InrfcTv n     mmbTAVnI
the lady of the house, the instigator cf SOCIETY OF MUSICIANS,
tbe scheme to discredit thc diver, ; Lessons ln Pianoforte, Violin. Sing
Changes her altitude and tells the' lng. Voice Production, Theory (in
former lover of the diver or her <|,_. class or privately), Harmony, Counter-
pllclty. ! point, Musical Form and History.
The other films of the show are well      Pupils prepared   for   the   examlna
up to the standard! 'tlons cf the Associated Board of   the
  I Royal  Academy   of   Music  and   Royal
ANNOUNCE PATRONESSES FOR       jCollege of Music.    Also    Professional
THE QUEEN OF BONBON LAND|Dlplomai, Teacher or Performer.
For  terms   etc..  apply  61  Duflerln
jbia team before returning to the An-!.   Patronesses for "The Queen ofBon- j -Street.    Phone 411 ft.
The Terlmnal City aggregatto-. was
\V.   I,
HaptiBts   . .
Cedar Cottage
McLean Park
It. C. II. S.  ..
II. ('.  K   It    . .
I). PU.Icomposed  of   younger    players     wll
o    k perhaps   less   experience than those loiympla club
0     g from the Mand. but  In every depart   University  or CaUto'rall
0    8 l"''m  "r ""' thin* the  ven nun. a-   Barbarians   	
p -j paared to have a shade especially wl'.' Stanford University .....
0 4 tin lr full back Bgencer and (he for Santa Clara Dntvarsity,.
0     _   ward pafk. IStandford   1'nivi ralty. .. .
0    j     Two  New  Weetmlneter bovs  wer'   University or California.,
oul in uniform, .lack Hoult playing aIUniversity ol Nevada...
fine  game  on   the  Vancouver  thr I Univertlty of California..
Iquaiier line, -while It. M, Clarke, who Bt   Mary's  University...
iwas transferred from tbe Iloyal City  University ot 8 California 40
j Dominion Hank branch lo Victoria, ap-   Santa  Clara   University
  I peered an spare man for the Capitals   A"   America   	
The  present standing of the teams J
Friday, November 28, Is the Date Set  In the contest ls as follows:
^^_\ W. I.   I-'. A   I'ts !
Victoria       1      I)     II      n      2
Vancouver 1     1    -l    x
Nanalmo  0     1      s.i
      bon Land," to be presented this Thurs-
Their scoring record Is as follows:     day and Kriilay evenings at the opera
I'or Against,  bouse in  behalf of the Hoyal Colum
I tlpodes.
for Big Time���Reduction in
blan hospital, are as follows:   Mrs. A.
m. t paqz rttm   '
... 4-L-     X
Local Company
Competent men of many years eiperlence ape at the head of *tat*ti
department and our Hoard of Directors of the tendinis bunlnesa men
of this city Is a guarantee that your affairs wtll nscelve a proper 1
nesc management.
Aa executors under wills, Trustees for luvestaenta of funds.
agreements of  sale,  loans and  inert riages, pays 4 per cent on daily
balance or deposits, Life, Fire, Accident, Sicko-aaa and Employers' li*
billty Insurance.
Our Safe  Deposit  Valuts are  both  fiTC
rentals (2.60 per annum and upwards.
and burglar proof.   Bn
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secrstary-Treaawar.
Royal Intelligence Bureau  j
,,     ,. .,       .,,.,,,     , ,    .,      I      415 Westmlnstsr Trust Building.
\\.  dray,   .Mrs.   0,   B,  ( orbould,   Mrs. 1 ,   ,,   _ ._ .   ���__ *
A    J.   11.11,  Mrs   J.  B.  Kennedv,  Mrs.! J' M' GAWA' MSr'
J S. ('lute, Sr., Mrs. (1. Small. Exclusive  agent  for  II.   Ohashi   &
This   clever   musical   and     comedy Co.,    New    York,    manufacturers    cf
feast   rairly bubbles with  good things Typewriter   Backing   Sheets,    Carbon
and the Sonus and drillc are partleu-1 Papers.   Ribbons,   etc.    Ma!',   address.
larly   novel   and   fetching.    After  the | Drawer   110   New   WeBtmlnster.
opening chorus comes "Swinging" (by
Krlday evening, November IS, i�� tbe
date set for the first loe carnival of
tlm seaaon, this being deolded upon
at a nil-, ting of the uritia company
held on Saturday. Although Ihls date
may oome as a surprise to many en
account ot ll being so early In the sea-1
wm. the directorate ret.| ihnt the sue
cees wblcb attended last season's af-
fair was of -Jiuh magnitude an to warrant  nt   least   two and perhaps  three
being "tuned this winter.
Details or the affair will be worked
( * t during litis week and llie prize ll"1 '
whlrli will be even better than before,
and   the   list   i.f   Judges   will   bn    announced  later ln the  -week.
Anotner  feature   vas decided  upon
Sntiird'iy, a redaction in ptioes wblcb
wlll   give   New   Westminster  the  bluest  priced  arena on  the coost
This   reduction   will   take   the   form
Totals   50C
(Anna iieid ami Maude Ad- Fancy and Evening Dresses
Bov-*. and (iirls,      Take He tol J n .   *,��
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
Regina  Fourteen Swamps Challenging
Oarsmen   of   Winnipeg���Repeat
Success of  1912.
Rovers West     Vancouver    Battle
Draw at Moody Park���Locals
Should Have Won F.aslly.
Playing      under    conditions    which        '
Kught 10 have compelled the Sltferenl
[managers to call of the contest aarllei
llona); "I'd l.ou- to be Ixived by a
(iirl Like You" (Precy ..roadway and
tlirlsr, "Ooing Back to Broadway"
1 (Cohan and chorus); "Tho Village
amsi:      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ithe  Carabet"   (Julia  Marlowe);   "Col
le-tro BoyB"  (DeWolf Hopper and cho-1
riiB);   "King on  the  Finger  ls  Worth |
Two at the Door" Llulia Marlowe and
Percy Broadway);  "Kueben aud Hap-1
py"   Ithemseivesi;   "Meet  Me  at  the
Depot"  (I.llllau  Hussell);  "Wonderful I
t0  Child" (Maggie Flynn)
lu the minstrel show will be "Floating Down the Itlver." "Everything Is
;Hagrime Now." 'Home, Sweet Home.
Sounds Good to Me," "Down Among
the Sugar Cat**,'' (Robt. Mantell);
'That  Military  Rag"   (Lew   Dockstad-
Furniture Exchange
In 61 Sixth street fer real bargains in all hiate of furniture and fans-
lshings.    Picture Framing, Upholstering, FomiUire Repairing, etc
Try ua for Window Shades.
Royal Mercantile Co.
Tempestuous Voyage.
Bremerton,  Wash..    Nov.    16.���The
bv'leam   ^nH'it��htit^Macllam-iin   ,h"  dl4y'  "'*  ^'es.minsUr  Rovers ,������,,���.,���, crul:���.r Albany. commander
l.y   team   retained   ita   title  of   (ham lan(J W(,_t Valirouv(.r bwUwj toaone-lT. P.  Magruder arrived at  the l'uget
p'.ons of weatern Canada yeaterday
when ,: snowed under the Winnipeg
Id,wing club by the decisive score of
!9 i�� ints to nil.
The team from the Teg was never
in the running and following a few
tests   made   by   Itegina   early   Iu   the ���
Y.'hat wltb the harbor Improvements, the further
tbe fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Btock.
709 Columbia St. Wcstvimtcr Trust EM*.
lng up a score ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ liegina won the championship of
of a booklet containing Bftoen tloketa Alberta and Saskatchewan on Satur-
wbirh will eost to or al the rate of (day. November 8, when tliey defeated
3.1    14   ci nis   per   admlsalon.   These  the Kdmonton fifteen.
all tie at Moody    park   ou    Saturda} |
afternoon, tho game being called   16
minutes before scheduled tune, t'.ius
necessitating a replay nest Salurday
i:n  Ibe same grounds.
The heavy downpour of rain
game in order to feel the defense of throughout the morning had changed
the vlaltora, the oahmploos began pli- j Moody park to a quagmire and perfect
fcotb.ill    was    impossible    when    the
earns   took  the   liehi   before  a   Bmall
This has been a great year for the
smaller American colleges In the
rugby game. Ily the system worked
ai-itms the line, a victory over the bb;
fellows Ib not credited to the smalle:
fellows when championships are given
out. Father Stanton, of the Ottawa
Combines, Is trying to get the system
In vogue in lhe lllg Four, but will
meet with Utile, success.
Mcdlll's win over Toronto Varsity
was emphatic. The Montreal i-iluca-
tional Institution has enjoyed one o'
lhe best seasons in rugby ever before
Can one Imagine Christy Mathewson, John McOraw and s bunch ot
other big league baseball stars walk'
ing the decks cf nn ocean liner, suf
ferlng from the effects of having been
vaccinated, not forgetting mal tie mer.
Hy nn order Issued by the Australian
government, the New York Olants nnd
thu Chicago White Sox, who sail from
VlbtOtia this week 00 tholr round the-
wurld tour, will not be allowed to
land unless they hRve taken vaccine
owing to the prevalence of smallpox
in< Australia. Wonder tf any of thu
players w III baulk at the proposition,
Frank l'atriclt will bo back from
Salt Lake City, t'tah, this week where
he has been Interesting capitalists to
erect a skating rink In tho Mormon
city. 'Wav back In the days of
llrlgham Young, It would have consumed n small fortune for any husband to have taken hla atrlng of
wives to thn rink not forgetting the
aporlexy (It which the Instructors
would havn taken, when they saw
about seven different Mrs. Smith's
wall Ins their turn to be taught the
steel blade art.
That was a gallant band of soccer
fans who journeyed to Moody Park on
Saturday to see the Rovers make a
draw with West Vancouver. Even at
that thev came through with enough
of a collection to pay the expenses
^ of tho referee.
WUh twenty-one school teams playing tho soccer game In Seattle there
is every reasqn to expect intercity
games with Canadian teams In the
near future. The schools are divided
Into three sections, the leaders of
each division being called -upon to
play off for the championship of the
Twelve thousand baseball fans turn.
od out at 'Frisco on Saturday afternoon to   watch   Christy   Mathewson
Ipitch  lhe (Hants  to  victory  over the
'White   Sox.     The   crowds   thnt   have
attended the games played so far
! during   the   world's   tour   have   been
enough lo guarantee steamer tick"!*
i for the team* and friends most of the
way around the globe.
Ily this time next week a few of
the amateur hockey players In the
city will have heen given their re-
leases by thp different managers.
That Is, unless llie:- profess a willing
j inss to pay their share of the ccst
In practicing with the teams. And
that coBt is going to hit sevornl of
I the teams pretty hard this winter. All
I tbe more reason why public support
i should be forthcoming when the
j Simon I'ures pull off tlieir -double
'header every week.
I Coqultlam retained the lead of the
first division Vancouver Football
league on Saturday   afternoon    when
* the Ranchers scored the lone goal
against lllvcrvlew on Soulh Vancouver grounds. St. Andrew's defeated
the Vancouver Y. M. C, A. 2-l In n
second division game. Owing in the
weather. Ibe other games were can-
I St. l.tvila college soccer players re-
i talned Ibelr unbeaten record ort Saturday morning when they defeated the
1 high school eleven live goals to nil.
Tho game was played In a downpour
of rain.
Tho cltv socc��r league wlll hold a
meeting In Rvall's office on Tuesday
evening for the purpose of arranging
games for Saturday next.
McGill takes Three.
Victoria, Nov. 16.���McGill university
teams cleaned up throe gumes out of
four In a series with Victoria vepf.er-
dny afternoon ant! evening, ln basketball they outpointed the Victoria Y
M. C. A. by a score of 31-2K. At rugbv
the Benlor tenm met defeat to the
.Tnmrn Bay Athletic, club 9-3. The
MeOlll juniors defeated tho Web
school at soccer 2 itoals to 1, while
the Intermediates defeated tho J. B.
A. A.j Intermediates 8-3 ln rugby.
crowd of spectators.
West Vanoouver was the first to
score, tbelr centre forward beating
Samphor with a low shot.
The visitors -were leading at half
time with the lone goal, but after the
two teams had been going again.
Cnrinilufl evened up with a close In
On point of play the Hovers should
have won hands down, the forward
line especially fulling down at the
critical moment t'sdv-ien especially
v.as lacking in finish, having about 20
ihancea offered blm.   lxird, formerly
of tbe Moose, put up n splendid game
for the Hovers at full back. Referee
I'hilli'is called the game after a consultation with the two captainB.
English Rugby.
i.indon. Nov. 16.���The followiug
are the results in Kngiish Rugby
games played Saturdav afternoon:
Cambridge, 8;  lllackheath. 6.
Cardiff. 4; Neath. 0.
United Services. 42;  Monkstown. 8.
London Irish, 3; Guys Hospital, 5.
Cheshire. 0; Cumberland. 3.
Oxford, 5; Civil Services, 0.
Newport. 20;   Oxford University, 3.
Itoslyn l'ark. 28; Old Lcyslans. 0.
Yoarkshire, 38;   Lancashire,  10. .
Richmond, 3:  Moseley, 6.
Harelqulns. 3; London Scottish, 0.
Bedford. IS:  London Hospital 14.
Yale-Princeton Battle to Draw.
New  Haven. Coun., Nov,    16.���The
hoys of Old Ell sprung a surprise on
Saturday when the football squad held j
Princeton to a draw, the scorce being j
3-3 ut  the call of    time.    Princeton |
money was plentiful before the game
with few takers, but the Tigers wore
hard pressed throughout, a seusatlonal
drop-kick by a youngster named Guernsey sccrtng the three points for Yale.
At the Theatres
'*! &r   ���
Advertising space is valuable- because the bobk is
in use by everybody, on duty constantly, every day
in the year.
It is the only medium that cannot be read at one
sitting and then laid aside and forgotten.
The Telephone and the DIr?ctory never part company.   Side by side with the means of advertising is
the means of making the sale-
Do you not think it should have your careful consideration? '" ''��� ''
For rates and information telephone Ij
Advertising Department
Seymour 6070.
Turned the Tsblea.
B��- (iiW'-itlne the Held hockey team
of the King Edward High school, at
Brockton Point, Vancouver, on Saturday afternoon, the ajrls' hockey team
of the Royal Olty High achtol evened un the aeries In the Inter-clty
schedule. Saturday'* score was two
goala to nil played In a downpour of
rain, ������ ***at*i**mh) *",. i
Stock Company Wedneaday.
Por one night only. Wednesday, November 19th, Manager Otitis has Arranged for the Alcazar Stock company
to play the Royal Theatre here. The
Alcaxar company is one ot the best
Btock companies on the const and
during the past three weeks haa received aome very good notices on the
shows they have been presenting at
Vancouver's newest theatre.
They will present the same bill
which they are playing lo Vancouver
all next week, with the exception of
Wednesday night. It ta a high-class
melo-drama and la a'ahow that re*
quires the entire company ot fifteen.
J. Prancla I_enz Is the leading man
and Miss Rose Campbell ls the leading woman. Both of theae artiata
have appeared wtth the beet ot road
companies, such as Mat Flgman, Nat
C. Goodwin and other*. The curtain
will raise at 8:16. Bpeclal scenery
and lighting effects will be uaed. Another attraction will hold the board*
at the Alcasar Wednesday night and
that 1* the reason the Royal man-
Fern Van llarlIngen with Alcazar Stock Company at the Royal theatre one,
night only, Wedneaday, November 18.
THEATRE ������
I Moving Picture* ind
Songs   Every  Day
This Week Except
A��hilta, 10c
CMMren, le.
And Cut of fifteen Preeent
PH***�����c Uie, SO*.
BOILERS Riveted Sfjwfo���      TANKS
��� :���-    BURN Oil..    ���	
P. O. ��OX/4�� ***--^m-^--^m-^--^m
g. ...     w     i  n'li ���*����� tm ..     i*
Entire Chang* of
***** ON tXX* TTtaSBXT.
���     I
l! m
m I.'
���TAGC    ��f��
Classified Advertising
Old Indian Fighter
Brings Back Early Day
CLASSII-'IKO    ADS    Wtf-lv    It?
eesved for Tne News at the follow   t ,,i:    SALE
taK places:    P. T. HOT" *og store,      Bungalow
��3S    Columbia    street;    A.    Bprlce,
QMMSSborough,   Lola IsUml;   Mn
K. iJirdi-u, liinliland Pal*;  Mrt;
I_e��iK, Alta  Vista.
*>*y ******* *
�� v �� ��� ��� 0
CUMlfd-OnK cent   pw  *���-"���<���   P*J
|aj     <c par word poi  vasfcl   Me 9*1
���ci.tl.,  1.000 ����nts. lo !��' nned -" ���"
ft-ift-i: within one year tto*
���mart    1.6.00.
live rooma and largo
:,;;:,*, I'ei.'jeiii basement with laundry mbs, panelled dining room,
beam ceilings, built In buffet, book
i ui In mils, Qreplace, electrical fix-
lures, 011 Ninth street, between
Third and Fourth avenues, walk-
in*; 'i stance. Inquire of Owner, 908
St. AndrewB street, i_ii"i
Edward Stout of Yale Pays First Visit
to Victoria In 32 Years���He
Tells of thc Past.
Ed stout, of Yale,
Victoria, Nov. li;
eighty-eight yeara  young,  prospector
and  Indian fighter, who orossed the
plains in a prarie schooner In the rush 11
house and nunc ot the baker's famous
biscuits, the pioneer waa ofl again, although nui in stfety, until he tiad been
���ii:,., it for several miles by an Irate
Eli m months of ti dlous travel by
ii wagon over tha old southern immi-
grant trail proved, uoi altogether ilu-
void of exciting incident. .Many s
night, with a buffalo robe and it rifle,
anden il out on bis ppny to round
date ut
out, 1150 an acre, adjoining blocks iFraser river stampedi
flno (,:ni $135,    Soil good.   Terms
one-quarter down.  Ourtia A Dorgan
New Westminster, (2410)
,  the  "forty-niners"    to California, up stampeded stock,   And as the aged
Mil KS iIin,| ona 0j (),��� i-lBt -survivors of the pioneer yesterday  retold  the history
of 'fiK. in a vis- of thai trip, with its hardships from
[tor io Victoria on bis first trip to this hunger and thirst and cold, little lm-
iy for thirty-two years. i man touches were again broughl from
"the storehouse of memory and spoken
with' n simplicity that added dignity
to the telling.
California anil the i any a ays of the
greatest gold rati) the world has ever
. member Found the famous discovery
claim or Williams creek and stout's
julch, whli ' a aa named inter hun.
'I lu ; t, rlei of bla travels in the Car- j
.i ui country, the rich strikes and the
washings, "without a trace," would
mean s recapitulation of the mining]
annals of British Columbia To Mr.
-'���I.: Held, provincial archivist, Mr.
Stoul yesterday recounted many of
these finds and tlie dates ot bis now
!!��� im ruble tourneys,
The sini]iie record of these days,
valuable from t'.ie remarkable memory for dates and places which this
evi r-young prospector possesses, form
ed a thiiiiiug narrative. The stor)
will be preserved In the official rei \
cords of provincial history, bul the
human Intereat of the story, the spar
kle of the dear eyas, the flashes ol
Iry humor these nre ilm features
thai wlll leave an (ineffaceable Impres-
lion on those who listened to ths tell-!
One of five survivors of a parly of
Itwenty-ill who fought a running bat-
FOR  SAI.K   KltlllT ROOMED MOD- tie  with  Hostile  Indians   near  China
ern  house.  Sistii  street    car    line, Bar In  1-fiS, wounded  nine times by
close    In.    Apply    Box J38H    News ' poisoned   arrows   and   bullets,   to   be
office. (238ii| I reseucd    when hope was almost ab.-in-
', iimifil,   this   maker  of    history    has
roomed house. mcilern. fully turn
i-shed     Apply P. O Ho* 300. (2412)
WANTF.n HOUSEHOLD FURNISH* In large or smsll sjwsatltle* for
���pot cash. Will give full value or
will wtll your household goods and
���effects by suction.
ta realize value or no commission
���Charged. H. J Hussell. Westminster
Auction House. King a halt* Woek.
C-rtiimliia slreet. ''-'������'���'
renins. 4_0 St. Oeorge street (241K)
erty through an ad. ln this column.
with 80 records, cost (ISO, will s��U
same for $118. As good as new,
very little used. Apply A. M��� -121
Westminster Trust bulling.  (2..MI
Will guarantee   FOR      SALE ��� H0OSE      PARTLY
to rent try an ad. in this column.
keeping rooms. $10 and $15 Per
treonth st 224 Seventh street. (2838)
finished, and largo cleared lot, Ed
monds, Clear deed. Cheap for cash.
Apiily owner, Oeorge Warne, Eighteenth avenue, Kdmonds. (2324)
FOR BALE���fl.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (2335)
Notice Is hereby given that I Intend
to.apply at the next sitting of the
Hoard of License Commissioners fer
tiie City of New  Westminster for   a
crowded Into a long life more stirring
Incidents and more dramatic events
than fnll to ihe usual lot of even the
most venturous pioneers.
Mr. Stout Is a miner by choice nnd
profession. He Is no highly-specialized graduate of a technical school.
w"1k> can reel off the chemical formula for every metallic ore known to
seicr.ee, but a miner who washed tons
of gold-bearing sand on the hanks of
the l-*ras< r and the Thompson and In
Cariboo, before the text-books on metallurgy were written. He has had a
miner's   certificate   for   fifty-five  con
known   form  a  separate    chapter    In
ihese reminiscences, hut the cry was
j "Northward,   ho!"   and   after  building
two flat-bottomed boats at Bellingham,
I on tba 2nd nf May, ISfiK, a party of
I twenty-fix daring travelers atarted
from lhe mouth of the Traser river,
tif.ir Langley, bent on wresting from
the rands of thc rivers In the north
some of that gold whieh prospectors
jsaltl only awaited  the pan.
An Arduous  Passage.
"lt was no easy task  to get these
clumsy,   flat-bottomed   boats   up the
river," snld Mr. Stout in reoalllng this
part of hiB wanderings, yesterday,    "I
, have   heard   young   men   complain   of
secutive  yearB,  und   he   retains  the I the task of bringing thp lightest canoe
simple directness of action and speech | up the river, and Ihls Is ft very differ-
that faint distrust of artificial devel-|ent   matter   from   propelling  a   craft
opment In every form, that becomes
the dominant note of a life lived In
communion with the forces of nature.
Shies From Elevator.
"Give me a rcom on the first floor,
where 1 won't have to ride ln that
bucket arrangement you call an elevator, and I don't want to walk up to
the roof." So spoke Mr. Stout to a
clerk at the Empress hotel on his arrival   yesterday.     And,   later   in   the
built without the least nautical knowledge, which Is crowded with passengers and loaded down with supplies."
It took just eighteen days before the
party reached Vale, and then the tnsk
of washing for tbe cold began. The
slnrlcB of rich placer finds proved
true, and finite a quantity of the precious metal found Us way Into the miners' pokes. Rut the wlll-oft-he-WIsp of
fabulous   strikes   nnd     rich     pockets
��� .bottle license and a wholesale license'day. when he went to the parliament   beckons   the   party   farther,   and
Royal avenue and Tent* street.
Meals 25c or 21 for %*.***: three-
room furnished anitit. $16 per
month; single rooma from $1.75 a
week up. <M91)
for  the  sale cf liquors  in  and
the premises situated upon Lot
City filock 24. In thc said City of New
Westminster, U.C.      i
Dated this, 10th day of November, 1912
upon j buildings to pay his respects to Sir
9. cf | Richard McBrlde, whom he has known
I since tho premier's knickerboeker
]days, he stood for many minutes
watching the workmen erecting the
imposing structure which Is being addled to the present building.
'une 2 of this annum mlrabllis, the
party a'galn starts In its search for
the golden fli ere Pan afier pnn ls
washed In the Nicola and for many
miles up and down stream, hut the
results are discouraging Tlie rich
placer which later parties were to un-
Notice is hereby given tbat I intend
to apply at the next sitting of the
Licensing Hoard for the City of New
I Westminster for a renewal of license
| to sell .liquors by retail on the premises known  as the Royal  City  Hotel,
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for caah. P. B. Brown, 17
Begble street, New WeatmlaeUM-.
    - ... -    -     # , Square and Columbia Street, in
finn-cr Books on ac. and OsMfmula to said Citv of New Westminster.
��� phmn-T.   Canadian ('-imp l.if<% Snd em-1 *s-  KAl.CH.
���tinn; Among the 1'i-opW* of R C. **,  in tlie Wrotmiimler   Nnv    S    1Q11
HVIM.-.1 Wert; Nun, nr rummer Women  it**  wesiminsier, :sov. s, i.n.i.
a<i<l  .Ci-ui.    The wtU of HM tor *x.0(i or j 12399)
Tin   per eojiv  till  Jan.  Ilth.    AiIdrcxK   1'. 1
K.    H.'1-rlnB.    1117    Hamilton      B��,      New i g���         i  ���
WestDrinster.   B.C.,   or   any   af   the   tmok
storm.    Discount to the tnufc-. <2H8<;>
I have never seen a building llkc'cp'er remained hidden
'this," he kept repeating, while the in- Wounded by Indians,
trlcacles of the typewriter and the tei-1 The Thompson river is sampled am!
eplHine. seemed sources of increasing while the party Is at work there comes
wonder, tempered by an almost rever-1 the  dreed   rumor  that  "the  Indians
Added Interest to Y. M. C. A. Competition for New Members���Three
Cities Entered.
lion. T. W, Paterson, lieutenant governor of D. ('., has offered a trophy to
ih" winning city In the Y. M. C. A.
membership contest between New
Westminster, Victoria, and Vancouver.
\ wire from Victoria on l-'riday to
Secretary  Harnes  here  said:
"Lieutenant tlovernor Hon. T. w.
Paterson heartily endorses membership contests anil will give beautiful
trophy to city making greatest number of points."
The campaign starts In tho three
cites on Nov. 21. and this evening
five teams of ten men each will be so-
lected here. Every possible man or
boy who should Join the Y. M. C, A
Will he Interviewed. The captains
will be named then anil each team will
work against the other A reasonable
handicap has been accorded New Westminster. Thc cities are all on equal
'noting and the "Y" here anticipates
victory and the capture of the lieu
tenant governor's trophy.
Humor and
pxcu'siVE Information botongs lo
llie limn who knows It ull, no
loubt, tun lie generously glies It out
ill right, nil right.
The Ills that llesh Ih lielr to have to
pay n big luhertaucs 1st in tba shape
or doctors' bills.
Tho uian who Ih nfrniil to do whnt
he wants uido merits mi thesnubblngs
he gets.
lf the worst Is yet tn come we'd hotter tnke time by the forelock anil send
the sheriff lo meet It Willi n |��is��b nnd
let liiin tnlie It Into custody.
People who make friends easily hare
iH'i'ii known to break them Just as
Baseball Is the only escape we have
from polities, suit  linselinll Is fast ile
reloplng pontics ur its own.
Heenuse n woman snys she likes to |
' darn stockings it Isn't snfe 10 shsuuio
I thnl  she cares lo employ  her  lylsure
time In that occupation.
Being progressive lias become such
s fail thnt the exclusive minded will
1 linro to  become conservative In self
Money Is splrlnm tight when the man
! who has,the bnndllng of it is.
The  Salient  Costume
Point    l��   the    Flare.
ential joy.
Kdward Stout was born in southern
Germany in 1825, and he emigrated
to Milwaukee in 1X4:1. His fight from
the  home  town  with   200  gold  pieces
have broken out and massacred every
man In the low count ry." The retreat
of the twenty-six who 'iad stuck sn
loyally together ie begun, and the little  band   passes down  ihe Thompson.
situated at corner of Customs House "KJ?J^1ffi*U.V7.1,I^,S^? f"d  SfflSL'TS? "U? ?���f *h*' "*,''    Flrs'
     addressed to
���AB DEBTS COU-KTBD BVKRY- the undersigned and endorsed "Tender
where. No collection, ao charge, for Construction of Wharfs at Victoria
American-Vancouver Mectaotile Ag-, Harbor, B.C.," will be received at this
��ncy, tU Hastlnga atreet weat. Van- offlos until 4: DO p.m., on Tuesday, De-
.r.*M*n>*-, B.C. (8832)  cember 9, 1913, for the constructions
  ��� of Wharfs at Victoria Harbor. B.C.
Plans, specifications and form of
���contract can be seen and forms of
���Jender obtained at this Department
and at the District Engineers' offices
at New Westminster, B.C., Vlcterla,
B.C., Confederation Life Building
Toronto, Ont, Post   Office    Building,
Bg-.  r*f\ ACT <S<!   IFUVIfF '-Montreal, P.Q., and nn application tc
.  **,. -xmKJr-txDt  *x*. JtRVJi-L ,iu, postmaster at Vancouver, B.C.
From Vancouver for Victoria. Persons tendering an;  notified that
lOjttti s..--_.  ...Daily  tenders will nol be considered miles.-
1:00  p.im Daily.made on the  printed  forms supplied,
11:45   p.m Bally
From Vancouver for Seattle.
cajoled officials until he got to a sea- one succumbs and then another, anil
port; his short voyage of forty-eight * It ceems certain that the whole party
days, which was almost a record In . will be annihilated. Twenty-one men
those times; his adventures in Mil-1of that, parly were lefl unburled on
wauke--���all these sound like a chap-Ithe river hanks and when Captain
ter In tbe early history of a wander-1 Snyder came with his relieving force
ing cavalier. j rrom   Yale, only five were still  alive.
Prom Milwaukee to Council Bluffs, i Mr. Stout, with eight serious wounds
in Iowa, which was then the "jumping' from poisoned arrows and a gunshot
off spot" into the unnkown, was the ; that was miraculously deflected from
adventurer's next Journey and here! a vital point by a small copper ring,
again he had experience that would I was not expected to recover. And yet.
stimulate the imagination of a writer the following year finds him working
of romance. |at  Yankee bar with the  varying sue
Off to California. Cbsb that Is the charm of the prosper;-
At Council HIulTs nt that time, there | tor's existence.
were   three  Mormon   missionaries,    a J The Call to Caribco.
blacksmith who Flint! the passing ox- In 188(1 Mr. Stout again started out
en. and a baker who produced the his-j up   the   Praser   to  Quesnel,   and   was
Smoke More Cigarettes.
Ottawa, N'ov. 16. -An enormous
'ncreasc Jji the consumption of
cigarettes Is shown by the figures by
the statistical branch of the inlan 1
revenue department. These ft'iir ���%
Bhow that during thn months of July,
Augusl and September there was
smoked :il!i.44G,lS'. cigarettes, which
is roughly speaking, an average of
fuur packages frr every man, woman
and child within the confines of the
Dominion. It Is an increase of morn
than fifty mHIions over the corres.
ponding months in 1918. The increase
is ledieved to be the highest per capita of anv year the department has a
record of.
I'd like lo own llm leniri-rnle ioiib;
Hul. nh. II  would be liorr.il,
If 1 could nei wise! my Ioi.
To only own id,) torrid!
ln celling (rare rnr rwllng plac*
1 would be somewhsl rlsld.
Another zone I'd let ttlnne���
1 wouldn't l.ave Ihe frlcid.
It's fln-s Indeed t9 drop a, teei
itli<* -Rlsi h t ifl banSna
Ami gather fruit Ihst's mire to mlt
The tit tto ernes nnd llnnnnli.
But like nn not 'iwoulil get to hot
J WOuldn'l care ll penny
At tlnu'�� to pick If fruit was thick
Or there wae hardly any.
That nrcllc plnre would be n ens*
Of frequent les cream suiidaea,
But what n bore to linvo It more
Of Juat the same on Monday-*!
A snowball meal it not a deal
Tliflt 1 WOUld euro for Study,
And when the dlsb wm truile,! n_h
1 fear I'd not be ready.
The sons between to which 1 lean
And wlnh lo rtiHke connection
And bring to me In simple fee
Mny not be qulle perfectlnn:
The cold and heal It has them beat
At every rurve nnd station
It uses belli   hul Is not loam
Tu mix wnn moderation.
Xt'Sti n.m Daily
ITI :0ft a tn��� Daily
From  Vancouver for Nanaimo.
3:80   pin Daily
Nanaimo, Union Day and Comox.
ft 00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver,  Union Bay, Powell  River.
mtttti am Every Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
"Jl :(KI p m Krery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
.River Points.
X1:N p.m yitoesdaya
For Gulf Island Pc*ts.
7:C<1 a .ii . Tuesdays for Victoria.   Cal!
in? at .mints in tbe l.ulf Islands.
K-.. OOtTt.BT,   Agent.  New  ��PaMn-ilr__t��r
H.  W    RRODIB.  O.  P   S_.  Vniuvmve.
tttatt nt the next mcetlnir of th* Board
or Lieef-ie Cornmlaston-sni t�� -ini-iy for n
Irna-sl. r frn-ii myself, Clwrbw hV-bw.-il.i.,
tn .folio Iv. MsoKenSle und llru.t' t>Mip. of
.������he, -"-viall !i,|iir,r license nt tbe Coliin:*'.'
9MMI ��-i Ihls ,11 v.
'��!��*"> A��^,li,-:,ni
SIms Weatmlnster, B.C, Nov. Mh,  1013
and signed with tlieir actual signa
tures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, ihe actual signature, the nature
of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the firm
must be gtren.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order tf tbe
Honorable the Minister of Public
works, eijual to (lve per cent. (5 p.r.i
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if lhe person tendering decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or fail
to complete the work contracted for.
If the tender be not accepted the
cheque wlll he returned,
The Departmenl dees not hind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender
Bv order.
���Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 27. 1918,
newspapers will cm be raid for this
advertisement  if they insert  it with
oul authority from the Department
j 46197 ' (8342)
eniis that were the staple article of
diet In that frontier town. A passing
prairie schooner whispered of the El
Dorado in California, and this again
fired the "wanderlust" and. after an
escapade which, sad to relate, involved
the theft of a  ham  froi.i  the smoke-
one of tie party to stake a rlaim familiar to old mining men as Kelthly
creek, so called arter the famous old
Doe Kelthly, whose name is still a
household word In that country. And
better things were stlli to come, fnr
the nexi  party of which "Kd" became
Yonr Guarantee of Goodness
The name "SALADA" on the seeded lead packages is your strongest guarantee of all that is
best and most fragrant in tea
She Doesn't Believe It.
Mr. Dsiley Nues
Kindly sir���I am shown sum readnir
in papar cf sum Queen whieh say
Zerelda Is now there in CltlO from a
Persian Royalty far back, which sny
���oo Is Queen of BONBON l.iinds
Kindly sirs, Plez to say these. I can
no see h'iw be.      Me myself am  from
Old Persia and my peoples lived long
is,*s near Damascus and holl lands
All was Royalist, kings. Queens and
Omars also, far hack aces, our history
i hard for me spei] In Bnglls-Caoada)
but '09t thmne when Omar Khayy.'i'i
hiIci. Me. my families cum Canada
Cloverdale fnr e'ght yenrs n*r>. farm
r_ lisliing some, no ri-h but rree, nn
~o li.ac:; Persia, tl"! Mister NeUS, sir
I no' kno who write unless you Of
'hes* false queen. Mv nehbor Mrs
aliens who sho me paper noon hisfnry
can nnt be right I would glad meet
Mi'y Korelda to see, 1'lese say replv
Nov. 12, 1913.
i Clever Clara.
"I hear thnt L'liira Is getting ready tn
be married Again."
' Ves."
"I hope she Is exercising foresight
this time."
"Indeed she Is."
"I nm gbul to henr It"
"She ls selecting for her going nwny
gown material of a standard cut nnd
quality, so tbnt she nmil not seem so
horribly out of dale lu Heno sbmiln
she ��t nny time In Ihe next two years
conclude tn spend some time there."
Costume, suit nn,l wrap (ssbloBS for
tbo full season lire elinriielerl/.ed not
SO much by novelty nf form us by novelty nnd beauty of ms ter la Is nnd colorings, The oriental form Is still maintained, but tlie eastern Influence is lessening considerably ami I- already en
tlie decline from a novelty standpoint.
Women uf good lasts are demanding
liberation from tun uniform s dresa,
snd lhere will be more Individuality
than heretofore frnm tbe I'nrls flmSS
makers.     Each   big  maker   will   Mil nil
fur what is his conception of iiie prop*
er dress fnr llle fiisliloniililc wuman of
1918-14. Despite this vinieiy, however, there is sn accordance Thus,
wliile some makers show lung cunts
and others iilinrt Jackets, the tini seemingly opposed forms are brought lnl��
harmony through tlie fact tbnt in th��
long coats there Ih neurly always a
break nt the waist Hue. broughl u I unit
by s girdle, the cut of the vest. etc.
tine of tlie new Ideas ls tho hip Bars
or lamp xhudc effect The charm of
this continue ls llie Inmp abnde effect
In   the  coat   nnd   on   the  skirt      The
model l�� developed in bine cloth nml
satin, and the collar ami cuffs nre uf
���clean, whole leaves ���with the delightful flavor
of the fresh leaves brought to your tabfe by the
sealed lead packages.
In the Future.
"Unw nre yuu going to vole this
"Don't know."
"Don't know? Come, rmne! It's
time you were making up your mind.
Now, let mc tell"���
"No use." *
"Why not?"
"I'll hnve to consult idv wife. It'll
be Just ns she Bnys."
Nanalmo Walk-out Wlll Bob Up Again
at   Civic   Election
Ke the Southeast Quarter of Section
?:*.. Township 8, in the Oiatrict   of
til** Westminster.
���SWhjt-?*.!  proof of  the kw�� at Cer
tVanaXf  t-i  Title   Number   MICtF.   is
*fee<l in the name of Jam. -i C. Por-kme
ani5 ('harles Hummel has be��i filed in
���Tie office.
Notice ia hereby glren that J eliali
itt ths expiration of one month, from
<__* Jsi�� irr i_]�� flrst puhlM-_ttjoTi here
**t,'*a i, Ir'.'.j newspaper piiblis*_i��d in
Che *t*tf e,t New WentminKf-er, leuue
���XttafttvaH* of the said c-srtiflcst--. un-
loae ta the meantime valid rjljjwc'jon
Jhe made to sac in writing.
District Iteglsti ,- trl Tidea.
'. -arid Ttegietry Office,
Nnw Westminster, B.C.. Grfolx-r 1*1
y.i'i. i2-_.'ii
Telephones:   Office S3, Residence 42��
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Urns.'    Oasellne
Kngliics,   Marine   Engines   aud   Auto
���motile Repairs.
Office snd  Works:  Tentfc  St.
P.O   Bex 474     New Wee��mlne��er, B.C
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured frum timber specially select
eil for Flat drain.
We are also speelnllziiiR In Fir Doors With Veneered Panels,
which nre better In construction, more beautiful and no more ex
peiirlte tlmn   Ihn old  solid raised  panel doofs,
'let nur prices befnre placing your orders
Local Sales Department, Phone 890. >''
To '���*" Hoard of Ucaae Comm.s-
Notice ii- hereby glrea that at
%Jnt- next : uRiilar meeting ot the Board
at liitt,,:.,' tlommlaskMsera (br ]_ang-
ley. I shall npply for ��� renewal of 11-
���4in>r lice nr���> Tor the f/aagley hotel,
tituate ai l.nnRley Fort la the pr��-
vtBce nf liritish Columbia.
laatpej vort.
\-  embei 7 1913. (Z3tH)
��� "���'"������JU"
sis cdmuno a. ottsii. �� a. mss******.      * ts. M��rrH-ras, vios-enEstoe.*fr,
O. A. BOGERT, Oeneral Manager.
Don't Spoil Your Trip Abroad
ty losing j��.ur menf-y���losing time In -procuring funds���^orpur.illn-1;
over the Intrleaeles ef foreign exchange. Traveller's Cheques!
Issued bor this baal; are a protection, s convenience, a necessity.
II lost oAtolen, thejr otnnet be cashed by finder or thief, and are
redeemable by you. They are good all over the -world���are cashed
by tanks, hotels and the leading stores. They are self-Identifying,
and are cashed at thetr face value. Our Traveller's Cheques will
certainly add to the pleasure of a trip abroad,
Head ��� [he - News 1
Victoria. N'ov. lS.-nelwcnn thirty
i'li <n rmn mr" hint home by the
authorities st the military headquarters in the rr.nl -strike zone, aeeordlnR
to lhe Intent rrpnrtH. Most of these
? ,*re of the suth iteglment of Vancouver    The troops hsve heen remov-
-���1   from  Cumberland  altogether,  as
'hem ls no rlnnwer or further trouble
'ber"  and   t'.ie  city   In  nn  dhas   been
throughout mn*t indignant at the sta-
tlonlns! of soldiers In Its limits. The
reKular mlilieri nre now at Ladysmlth
mil the members or the Fifth have
heen shifted over to Smith Wellington.
Ths. RJth snd thn Highlanders are still
at Nanalmo snd are likely to remain
���here, lt Is understood.
A. V, Plnntn, formerly mayor of Ns-
nalmo for .lx yenrs, who was In the
city re'ently. stated thnt thn strike
would undoubtedly be nn Issue. In the
mayoralty election,   He expected thst
there would be criticism of Ills netlon
���s s Justice of thn peace In signing
���'-nn requisition, if criticism Is lev-
elled nt him, be says hn wlll prob-
lbln takn the platform and reply.
Mayor Rh.-nv is unlikely to stand for
re-election, It if generally understood,
���-iiked whether he would be a candidate Mr. Planta stated that ho would
remain out of th�� field unless eome
nlher worthy candidate whom he
could suppnrt failed to como forward,
i-lnvlng heen nn.vnr rnr six yenrs ho
'"It thnt ho h:ul done bin duty towards
thn public.
Concerning liin attitude towards the
removal of the troops Mr. Planta snld
that hn and the other men In a position to take nn unbiased view of Ihe
Situation felt that there was still Justification for heir malnenance In Nanalmo at leas. The opening of the saloons, however, had been attended by
no disorder and he hoped that the day
was not far distant when it would be
safe nnd Judicious to remove the soldiers.
Gets Us.
"Here's an  nr
der fr^m t hc j
h e a 11 Ir depn rt -' |
ment to boll all I
onr drlnklns WB- |
"Conspiracy: I
"What do  yon I
"The gas trust
wants   to   make j
laare off us ami i
srF hss   put   the j
health     depn rl
um !
t    on
It    R
Intelligent Psrty.
"Tie hsnn't got good st-inae."
."Ves; Percy.   He doe-uTt know s sin
file thing."
"Oh. yea, he does. Hr slwsya known
whnt kind nf snuee goes with sny kind
of weal"
Often ths Most Powerful.
"One edllOrlni mnde hlin dozens ot
"tVhnt one was It?"
"One be dldu t write."
���file's sn mires" "
"I wondered whnt made her act so."
Real Swsslntss.
He praised her syew ns prnised her no**
Me -"ulrl her 11*r>r* ivftf* SWee* t* honey,
-put nil iiiii time tviiuiit ynu suppime
Thai lis waa ihinsina of her inuneyT
Strike Is Collapsing,
Wellington, New Zealand, Nov. IB.
-The strike or longshoremen nt Auek-
'mid In collaps'ng. The men nre returning to work, and free labor Is being used In loncWng and dlHchnrglni;
vetmels. The Unlonlnts nre describing tho strike as a disaster.
The Acccmmodating Salt.
There   Isn't   u   better   frl 1   In   Ihe
household than common suit, nm] ono
i-un't begin b> remember the hnif of
the things it will gladly do for us if
but given the opportunity.
Suit sprinkled over a carpet nfter It
Is s'Tejit will brighten the colors nnd
kill germs.
A pinch nf salt In the wnter will help
to keep CUt flowers fresh
To clean  o  white knit  sweeter or
shawl put It Intu n tlnur bug containing
equal [mrt.', uf tlnur unit snlt nud shnlwi
well. Nn washing will be required after this process,
I'nr cleaning enamel bathtubs, etc,
rub wllh a cl 'h saturated With kerosene,  npon   Which   ins   been   ��� '-rvuil   n
layer nf snlt. Afterward rinse tub
down with wnrm  soapy watei
Hefore wnsblng snilcd bflndkarchlefS
sllow Ihem lo sonl; In cold wnter Into
which hns lieen put n liiimltui or no
nt snlt. This makes them nun h easier
lo wnsh.
Hefore washing new gnmV lei stand
In unit :ini| water tu set tlie pnlor
Fnr killing iilniitnlii leaves nr weed*
keep wetting With n strong solution of
snlt snd wnter Rock salt nf lojils stilt
mny bo ossd    if preferred, nie salt
mny he sprinkled nn the Weeds nml
then wel with :, hose llnek snlt Is
rh��^beMe|- of llie two fur tlie hitter
method ^5^
Salt In Ihe bottom iif tfw I lines tn
wtntor will help th* CircOlntlon niul
prevenl   the   feet   from   gelling   cold,
Ttis precaution is quite common and
efTcrtlw smongJtjSne woodsmen,
A qunrrer of sTM^poonful In u ipmr-
ber of n gtsss <W wnter token it tin If
hrnir before lirenkfsst Is n ��oud Imn
tlv* nnd gpneriiHy beneflclnl
The band; of  fainting  persona nre
nf��en rubbed with sslt lo help'the clr*-
Hnt of tbe nses ef snlt there neons
no end.
Laee Underskirts.
There sre rmr an aiafij Arenac* for
gmfejr girls with straight er sightly
flniped tunles operttag ever nudemklrts
tsmfrmr-A nt three or four ruffles of
soft Iscc. These ruffles nre sometime*
mnde of fine net edged with n tlu-emV
In snme bright color which Is repeated
In the snsh. or used as s narrow ve^ t
Wt piping for the neck and sleeve*.
This edging of n conple of strands ol
colored silk or thread forms a very
pretty finish for not ruffling.
Nominee for Islande.
Victoria, Nov, lfi.- At * convention
held at flanges Harbor yi ntciil:iy, W.
W. Poster received the nomination of
the Conservative pnrty of the islands
illvlulon. MONDAY, NOVEMBER, 17, 1913.
****** stvik
Canadian Who Knows Country Says  United   States   Mu3t   Recognize   Car-
rsrua or Invade Country With
An Army,
Montreal, Nov,    18,   a   Canadian,
who bas tor many years been in elose
tench wltb .'.lexieo, Interviewed in re
gard to present conditions in th il rs
public, r  ���   '
"Msxlco is in the throes nf a '������������ nl
nml    political   revolution.      Arter   lhe
Bmperor Maslmwlan was shet al
Quen taro, Juarez became in name and
etui Carranza, who now controls the
northern  Mexican  states, and  allow ���
hlm in Import arms and ammunition,   i
Carranzn   boa at present    upproxi-
in:*: ���' ��� 60,000 men in the field, Oftd
,��� rei o| ilz< d by the l'nited states
could i!'H Increase bis army to 120,-
nm  veil equipped ami  fairly  well dls- j
clp'tned troops, with which bs could
probably overrun and obtain control
of  the centra]  and  southern  states;
lint area  In   thai   event    permanent j
peace would nol be assured.   Csiran-
|za b   o!  'be  Spanish  rnther  than of
lhe   Mexican   type.     He   ;iu:<   little  or
no personal Influence wltb the Indian
peoples, and be can rely upen the hos*.
tlllty  or  the  c.itholle  church   whose
Influence permeates to tbs remotes:
���, ii', ments,
On   tbs  oilier  hand   lbe    Auierlean
govt mmsnt   may   decide   upon   annul I
Intervention by the American naval
and military tones, American i'...[t
run easily bloefcade Vera Crus and
Tamplco bul Mexico has every variety ]
or agricultural resources nnd enn jivs
without foreign supplies. Ones war
Is declared the forces of Carranza and
fuel, prihii.ent nf the  Mexican  prn;>i
with Oeneral Porflrlo Diaz as bla chlet I congratulate ilucrta   upon   assuming
military    supporter,     Tho     oontest | the presidency,
Huerta was not personally rssponslbli
tor tbs death or Madero,
Huerta   Recognized.
Upon ths accession of Osnersl Wo-tr
In   tO   tlie   pri'Hldeuey   he   was   reOOg
ni/iii by mi ihe representatlvai of
foreign states resident in Mexico
City, taotadjjjl A��2*|��Jw S'T^IZapatiare bound to unite vin, those
thS  I  llileil  Stlltl-H,  who liea,li'd  a dele  ;    f ',, ,_,     _,    ..,
gutlon   of   foreign   representatives   to
against Maxlmlll'in, wblcb was reully
waged for national Independence and
agniiirt foreign domination, evoked
Hie patriotic support of all classes ot
the Mexican people.   Tin- government
nf the United Htnten gave active tfhV
pathy and support tn Juarez
Subsequently, by means or a sue-
oesshil revolution, Porflrlo Diss nn-
eumed th" presidency, and until tbs
autumn of IHO bs wns the dominant
polltlcnl force throughout the repub-
llc. Diaz believed that he had been
raised up of Hud to rule the .Mexicans.
and he ruled them with an Iron linmi
Personal) tie wan absolutely free rrom
corrupt Influences and trom a desire
for personal aggrandizement. He established peace throughout the length
and breadth of the land. and. under
hiH rule, lhe material ^prosperity of
Mexico advanced by leaps and bounds.
In li'lO. nt the advent of Madero.
Prosldeql Dial sros over S(i years of
age Hnd  SUhJi ".  to i^lstressliiK  physl-
e-iii Infirmities.   Among bis entourage
were such men as l.lmanlmir, Casa*-
suB ami others, who were believed Iiv
many to I e i rrupt and unscrupulous
In their financial dealings. The National IJnnk ur Mexico, and In fact the
national  finasoes or  Mexico,   wblcb
were under the control or l.lruantoiir
ns rinnnce minister, were In a large
nmssur" administers!) by Hugo Seller
er, �� CiMiinn ef Hebrew origin from
Prank-fort on tbs Main, who wu alleged to be a secret partner of I.Imam
Mrdero Not Strong Enough.
Madero was a young man, educated   th
In   Mexico  Bnd   the  United   States,   In   tb
After the death of Madero, Dover
nor Carranza of the stale nf Cuahuila i
tilth,-  north,   ln   which   lie   p.utl/.uiiH
or Madero were in the ascendancy,
took the field to avenge Madero s I
death; while General Zapata, who ih
alleged tO have been ail'ng In collu
slOn wilh .Madero, still held control In
th" smith In the state of Mcreloe
The northern tier of Mexican :!'ate. !
Iiiih become mure or leur Americai,- i
Ized by n iiHon of Its proximity to the |
United States of America, and .<;. the
large Immigrations of Americans who
have found employment In tr railways and in the mining Industries ol
the north. The southern Mexican
Htatts, even during the regime , f Pres
Idem Porflorlo Diaz, were more or
lesn estranged rrom the centrnl government and ever restless and (ilffl
cult to control.
Mexico Ih a great Indian nation,
with a population of some fifteen millions of people, of whom approximately thirteen millions are of almost imre
Indian blood. Juurtz was nn Indian,
Porflrlo Diaz had b large admixture nr
Indian blood. Those men, apart frum
their strong personal qualities were
ablet to rule Mexico eh',-riv owing to
the riiet that the gient majority of
thS Indian peoples gave them an unswerving allegiance as i"-, at Indian
chieftains, ratl.er thn-i as |Kjlltieal
presidents or tbe republic They had
oonflw ited the property ot the Catholic church, wiped .mt religion by stn-
I iti abolished the oaths in the courts,
religious nerviccs for marriage, ami
brought the representatives of
Iburcb to a poHitlo i of abject sub-
,'ort   to   maintain   tin-   pilitlcil   lr.de-
lelem e if Iheir eoi'niry
A-i Invasion by force wtll r iqulrs
���  least 800,000 io 8W,000 American
���r,   p , and duri.-.g the first six months j
or a >ear frnrn the commencement of
hostilities,   the   Americans   will   prob
al.lv   suffer  the  worst   whipping   thnl
whit'* people hnve ever Incurred since'
ithe   lefeat of the Southern Confcler-
1'ny.    Tens of thousands of American
, irn' , i   wlll   never   live   to   return   to,!
I their native soil, lt will cost several]
hundred   million:!  ot  dollars and   tbl
I ruin  or at   leasl   100,000    to    LCO.OOO |
American lives oir the American gov-
[ernment decides upon the pacification|
of  Mexico  by  armed   Intervention.
the  traditions   of  democratic* govern- ml*' nn
nmnt. n political and social reformer, Huerta is a,_o o' Indian blond, and
who thoughl to achieve the millenium ***** i;'" persona!  ���   tendency that In
nt   ono   bound      In   the     presidential dton blind, and  the allegiance or the
election of ItOt, at which Madero was Indian  peoples always  will gtve to a
a  csnilKIi.!,*  In  opposition  to  Porflrlo P��ll|cal head in S great Indian nation
Diaz, he and lhe vice presidential can *--*! OS t'.iat , ,  Mexico.
clidatn wer"  lnprlrnned  at   San   l.uis Moreover.   Ihe   Church,  desirous   of
Potosl:   and   throughout   the   republic ��r'-.:i   <'iJo>ing_ the^ blessings   of   in
nil the newspaper editors supporting
ternal  peace   rallied   u> the    support I
Huerta    or ail possible candidates I
Madero were arrested, and tbe equip
ment or tSelr printing offices confiscated   Iv  order ur the  president   who  ''illv   the   etttmgOOt^ In   popular   favor
Siunker.ness   Costs     That    City   Immense  Sum   Every
Montreal,   Nov.     16.���DmribenneSS
In   the   community   eofts   the   eity   n
���onsiderable Hum each year.    Not one-1
third   cf  those  urrestcd   tor drunken-;
ness on  the  public streets pay  their
fines in  recorder's court, but  Instead ;
go  to    jail sh  an  additional  expense
to the city.
The cost of taking care of them In
jail, added to court costs, makes the
city pay a high price for public "Jags."
The amount of Ones that are paid by
,h, means makeB up the shortage.
The average fine per prisoner In the
recorder's court Is now about $3,60.
The amount in fines collected ln ID'i'i
in the recorder's court was 180,160.36,
and during the y -ar 2-.S03 prisoners
fai ed the court     The average cost per
was declared elected by s tremendous
m.i ier". Then M nd-��rn took the Held
In tlie north, and. with the aid of
fran ami ammunition from the [ttrited
r'ttes, he winded on n successful revolution, r iil"ng In the OSCapO ot
111.17.. via thr  Port or Vent Cms, and
the elevation nr Madero to the position ot provisional prealdent of the re-
, ,    ,. * prisoner, considering all   prisoners of
��Ltt�� _"��____?______ E"^._^__?L*_levw�� sort, whether   Xeywero fined
or imprlson'-d or released,    would be
and In p raonal efficiency, Had Hue
tn hei ' recognized by tbe Dntted
Bl Iti I OS nil as by other foreign
powers, ii' ii'd undoubtedly bars
secured the neooeaary loans rrom
alir i.'.d for Iiie organ'.zatlun an dequtp-
ment i.r his army, and In a short
time lie would have completed the submission of Carranza In the north. Za-
paU  in  the  south,  and  ot the  minor
Madero Soon proved that he was ut- Chieftains it the small insurgent bands
terly lacking in nil the essential anal- '" tbe more remote districts of the
Hies   of   an   efficient     administrator,  ccuhtr.
Kvery branch of t'ie puhllc service be- Wilson   H'-Hs  Alocf.
fame corrupt A few of his relatives Bul President Wilson, as the chler
nnd supporters, Including Oovernor exei ,,��� of the Democratic govern
I'armn'ii >f the state of Coahuila. ment cf the Un-Ue.l States, who had
nccumul.iti ,| rortpnejiin a few months, been elected to office by a minority
Thn national treasury was depleted <'��� th" votes polled at tl.e recent preui-
Tbe oommnn pcoplg who hnd evpwt tie filial election, recalled from Mdxico
imI eo mucli from the elevation of Ma Ambsssndor Wilson, a Republican ap-
d<ro to the presidency, became dis- polnfee, nnii refused to recognize Hu-
beortened snd discouraged; nnd when erta's presidency. This action on the
Oeneral FelU Diaz, ix nephew of the ran of the American executive still
Inte  president,   then   governor of   the  furf
state of Daiii-n, raised thc standard lng to his support the great body of
of revolt nl Vera Cruz, and SUbso- tbe middle clnsrcs who, for two gen
quentlv In the City of Mexico, the eratione hnd been educated to fear
ilnvs of the Mndero regime were num- and hate the "Oringoes" of the north,
berry). Crased by hlH tack ot p-r-' BVfrjr -step taken hy President Wll-
snntl snCCWs Mndero threatened the son has naturally proved most irrl-
���destmction or the city, one of thc most tattotg and exasperating to the Mexl-
Imautlful on the continent: and when cans. They believe that their political
hls rhier sd' iters, convinced thai Ma- Independence Is now al stake, and
dero's res'gnutlon was necessary for that If they once admit the right of
the nol I lies I salvation of the nation, 'he American government to dictate
advised blm to retire, be personally In matters of Internal policy nnd to
shot three <*���! them dead while they vole on personal grounds, the election
wero consulting with him. The lead-,of -Mexico's president, their coimt-v
Ing members of the senate, who were will beeeme a mere dependency of the
called toccrhrr to consider the politl- United States, such as Porto Kico, lla-
enl situation, t'mn Inslted on Madero's | wall, er Ihe Philippines. On the other
resignation; and. in a manner consist-! hand, President Wilson, while really
ent wtth the requirements of the con-,Intervening ln Mexican affairs. It ftp,
etltuMon, lluorta. who had been com* 'parently nfrlad to enforce his dlc-
mander In chief during Madero's ores- tales by armed Intervention.
Idenev became In turn provisional, There appcara to be only two nlter-
prealdent. The test evidence fi vail- j natives open to the American govern-
able conclusively proves that Oeneral I ment -the first  Is  to recognise Oen-
iboul lhe amount stated. Figuring
only those who paid Uie fines, the average would be much higher���about
it must be remembered that part of
the fines go to the federal government
sml part to the provincial govern
ment. The city does not get all. With
the stipends tor the governments de
ducted, the average again takes a jump
���il about 80 per cent.
The expenses of the recorder's
-ourt approximates itO.000 a year. The
salary list is large. Including the chief
clerks, minor clerks, clerks of court.
salaries for the recorders, interpreters, stenographer, supplies, attendants and Incidentals. After the sti-
iend ror the federal and provincial
government is deducted the recorder's
court still meets itr, own expenses
with some left over The revenue of
'he court Is steadily growing. Statis-
- ,ttc�� for the last few vears show:
r strengthened lluerta by draw-1 U12    $80.1!i0.s��
mil       68.100.61
1910      57,328.12
1909       37.352.83
1908       47.94-1.03
1907       38.927.38
1006      39,419.88
The average cost per prisoner is
ipproxlinately about J2.2... The expenses of the court do not Increase as
rapidly as the Increase in business
and revenue, however, and like any
business Institution, thc recorder's
'ourt makes more profit the more
business���of the right sort���which It
Maple Sugaring Has Undergone Many
Now   that  the   maple  sugar  season
.n Canada bas relumed, oM timers
in,I many change- in tbs method ol
leenring Canada's national confection.
'Jl,,-  cauldrons,  or  kettles,  swung
)ver open iires continued to lie unci
!or bulling inr a lung time, but they
were supeiseded by an "arch" or long
lire place ol bti,in. and mortar, over
sbieli was place1 a pan of ihest iroii,
she-'  in,-rage   size   wuuld   I.e  twelve
teet by three. Tins increased ths beat*
ii1* surface covered by ssp snd exp ised
lo the fire���s great improvement oa
tie-   hanging   kettles.
Then Ctms lbs "sugar shanty," a
rude little slinek nl rou^'li boards,
_b',M' whose rnul whh carried a tail
sbimney, the wbole large enough to
bouse tli' 'anii" and pan, Othet utensil-   usi l   iii   sugar-making,   with  a
ibsd attached fur Storing wood.
Having got   that   far   the   cernplct.
-.volution ol tbe maple lugsr-raailng
plant soon followed. To-day it is practically perfect, The lugor-bouss is a
rough but substantia] structure. The
itonj arch lias been replaced by a
rast-ir in range, cr furnace, capable _!
producing the highest degree ol heat
possible from the fuel consumed. The
pan bos given way to the evaporator,
whose bottom contains s number o!
deep   corrugations,   which  greatly   in-
creose the beating surface, and ol
course hurry on tlie boiling and tha
'Ihe evaporator-which is the pan
with improvements ��� is divided into
lections, connected by gates whicli
can be closed or opened at will, ami
the boiling liquid is made to steadily
circulate !rum one end of the pen, or
ivaporator, to the other. At one end
���sap is steadily lb,wing in, snd at tli*
other syrup i? being drawn off about
ivi ry. ten  or  fifteen minute.-!.
And it if syrup ��� clear as amber,
[ragrast with the aroma of the
maple, th" most delicious sweet in
ail  tlie world.
Here the process uf manufacture in
nr..t, cases, ?t"|!.-. fur the irrcat part
nl the product of the maple woods
is now sent to market in the form
ol lyrup and nut in that ol hard su-
ar, although, of course, some sugar
Is still made. The syrup is put up in
square tin cans of a gallon capacity,
and tlie cam, iu lot*, of ten are packed
in crates anil sent to market.
II  .-ucar  is  to  be   made  the  syrup
is put in a small pan, over a separate
fireplace and carefully bniled, becau_e
s. evaporation proceed- the danger uf
burning or scorching increases, and a
;"batch" of scorched sugar is unsal,:-
'ullr.    Tlie   susrar-maker   must be   ex-
[trieneed,  ami   know   just  when   the
iliiling has beiyi carried far enough.
I    When lhat point lias been reach-J
faU   contents   of   the   pan,   which   i*
j i.ow  a thick  batter,  are  poured into
.tin  moulds usual.y    holding   a   little
|uick-shsped cake, weighing a pound.
Alter being poured into the moulds
V.t    sugar    quickly   "sets,"   and   rs
KOt> ss it ia cc4ti it can be lilted from
the moulds, and is then resily fur storing   where   it   is   allowed   to   iurtlier
harden a few days beiure bein*,' shipped to market.
During the brief and busy season
of "sugaring" the sugar-house is th.
scene ol many merry parties, made
up ol young people from neighboring
farmhouses and the nearest village.
A little luncheon is served in the
comfortable and often commodious
sugar-bouse. Eggs are cooked iii the
boiling sap. a fowl roasted on sn improvised spit before the furnace ,door,
ami potatoes are toasted in the hot
ashes below the grate. And for desert there is mapie su^ar. Some, syrup is specially "boiled down" for the
occasion,, and when the proper con-
si.-teiicy is reached the pan. or pot :n
which tbe sugar has becn boiled down,
is carried outside and its contents
poured over tlie side ol a clesn bank
ol snow. The flnid quickly hardens
into crisp, amber sheets which country folk call "wax," snd city visitors
call "taffy." A fork picks the taffy
(rom the snow, and the guests do the
rest. Of all the fortna in which maple
sugar i9 eaten "wax," or "taffy," is
the most delicious!
Toronto, Nov. 16.���Maud !x>dge. a
slight, middle-aired woman, giving her
address as 24 Mutual street, was arrested by Acting Detective Young on
% charge of stealing a chatelaine and
contents from Mrs. Oeorge Phillips, of
Mount Dennis. In the Robert Simnson
.'ompuny'a store. The method adopted by the woman Is bu Ingenious one
and tbe police say thnt It is the first
case of its kind which has come under their notice. Concealing a pair ot
clrsors In her lUiid, the Lodge woman, whose coat has a slash pocket,
would approach a person csirylng a
handbag and c ut the leather hy
which the bag was suspended from
her victim's arm. She waa seen doing
this by an officer of the store, who notified Detective Young, and wben ar-
rosted the stolen chatelaine was ln
her possession.
The woman was arraigned In court
'his morning and. pleaded guilty to tho
���harges. She was sentenced to ninety
lays in jail and at the expiration ot
her torm will be deported.
-Thai-lea S  Thompson with the Aloasar Stock Company, who will present
���Thl Rancho'^at the Hoyal thefttre Wednesday night, November tt.
Mrntrenl. Nov. 16���Joseph Romaln's
thoughfulness ln carrying his ear In
his hind to tho Western hospital has
resulted in the saving of bis aural appendage as the doctors took It out ot
the handkcrcrlef In which tho 22-year-
old Italian laborer had wrapped lt.
and promptly sewed It on his head,
whero tt ls expected to be ns useful
as ever.
Romalnn, who Uvea at 181b Chapman street, was engaged tn working
on the repair of tbe Presbyterian
church, corner of Victoria avenue and
Westmount boulevard, when he fell 25
feet from a scaffold. His only injury
was the clean severing
ear, which was sliced off.
stunned slightly, he was able
Negro Church Incorporated.
A twelve-page bill providing for ths
incorporation of what has been knowu
as the "Darkey Methodists" into a
corporate body to be known as the
British Methodist Episcopal Church,
came before the Ontario legislators the
other day.
N. W. Rowell. K.C, who introduced
the bill, gave a short history ol the
denomiustion wishing to incorporate,
which proved very interesting. He
snid that belore the time of the
American civil war some of the colored people, who fled Irom the United
States into Canada, set up their little
churches, and the result was that today there were nineteen congregations in Ontario.
The bill wiii give the church power
to acquire and bold all land and all
tbe usual powers given in such cases.
Rev. Samuel R. Drake is bishop of
the church.
Labor Disputes Fsw.
A continued improvement was reported to the Department ot l.aboi
during February in regard to conditions from the standpoint* ot indu*-
tr'al disputes. The number of employes involved ftv strikes and lookouts during February was over 309
less than the number during the preceding month similarly affected, whit*
tiie number of working days, lost was
less thftu the number lost during Jan-
uarv by over 16,000. Eleven disputes
actually commenced during February,
only one of which affected more than
100 employee.
Canada, Chief Producer.
Broadly speaking, Canada produces
nickel the United States refines it,
snd the world consumes it Nee.
Caledonia is the only serious competitor of Ontario in the nickel mar
ket. and in 1011 the French syndicates
owning and operating concessions
there exported only I��.��M tons ol
ore and 4.000 tons of matte, to Caa
���da's 018-.U tons.
Assist Movli-| Croiw.
.     WaeWngton, H*v. W.���Almost two*
of bis right thirds of tke ttt.004,000 tha ****���?&
1.   Attbousfc deffti-tment put at the dlspoeH tf the
ible to mike banks to aid In the movement M tkt
his own way to the hospital, and hand W9M hM been taken, according to aa
his ear to tbe attending surgeons.      liftWftncement fcy Secretary Mctft*
As children, our first demand is for nourishment; ov
second for fads.
All through life we go about
searching for information.
We make a new acquaintance;
but before we will accept him
as a friend or invite him to our
home we ask for fads about him.
We visit a foreign land; and (ram
the moment we Step across its
border we are asking question*���
searching for fads.
We are asked to try a new food produd; isn't it iugiuQive
with us to ask at once:
" Who makes this new article ? "
" How is it made ? what goes into it >"
" Is it worth the price charged for it ?"
Facts���we are simply hungry for them.
Strange, isn't it, that we should so often have to search foe
them > Odd, that some manufacturers ftill withhold the (ads
about their produd. Not always because they are fad* to he
ashamed of���for there are many worthy articles yet unadhrertked.
But it will not be so much longer. The fad-hungfer of die
human race is becoming keener and keener. The mote tads
we get, the keener our relish for more of them.
Soon it will be impossible to sell a man or a woman anything
until everything has been told about the goods that cam he told
through Advertising.
The public has discovered that Advertising tells much-needed facts���
that, in fact, Advertising satisfies fact-hunger*
If yoa ore -doing,* local buiinass talk over yaar
Adi.rtning Optrtnenl ol thit newaptper.
U yon are doing * provincial or national Ihu
to have the counsel and auuunce ol * food sdsSrtMSg
l-jr-usbed, without co-it or obli-gabon, by the Secietary of
(10> Room 503, Lumxi-n Building, Toronto.
IbavK-llar yon
A fa .-Ska. will be
A new shipment of Pennants has been received at THE NEWS Office, including "Canada," "Quebec" and "Manitoba." The following are nnw in stock;
New Westminster
Canada Manitoba
Quebec McGill
price mk��.
.    Bring three coupons clipped from THE NEWS ANDjSMb $m aa? ona ��f
the pennants, or send 25c if to be mailed. Yea will want ona of each of I
pennaqts if you see them.
��� i
"_���    "".'.'1. imm���sat-smmsmmmm
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of these coupons and twenty cei
snd receive one of,the beautiful Westminster Pennanta.
a subscriber bring 40 centsfor one month's subseriptieo
nant. Address all Hiaflorferal$$h^^
6c extra for mailing. *  ���
Ty'       !'���       ~jT'
���" ���ti.W_\tP*^TTA
��� *���"������: ::v3ift��
w. C1GMT.
"T  tm sui in -.lay Stowsse
Cm-' Fruit,
���OmtbrMut' Sausage, th. 20c. 25c
CAiHr:     Fruit.    Sultan:'  **-*
Vnrl Ptos
Fresh i
���foci*,   Brtisscll
las. 20c.
1 lough n.i'o***.
par lxiai   -������
Sprout.-*.    Kipe
, lAli
Local News
Interrupted Telephone Service.
Blasting operations now going on in
North Burnaby have Interrupted the
pollce telephone service between Ed-
tnonds and Barnet. The trouble Is
only temporary, however, although it
has caused considerable Inconvenience during the past tew days,
For nil building  supplies  and  fuel
ull apply to the 13. C. Transport Co., I
Ltd., 5(t5 Westminster Trust building.
Officii phone 826,  wharf phone 880.
Edmonds Club Meeting.
A special meeting cf the Edmonds
club members    is   oalled   tor   this
evening when I derision will he Iiuule
as lo whether the club will lake over
larger quarters for the purpose of installing a  billiard table.
C. k Welsh
FTt-r.rh  l'eau, pi
AK-sarngus   Tips,   tin   .
l_Mq x   Mincemeat.  Il>
Friwli   NutS,    Tabid    Itmsins,
nSoopiatss, etc.
Model Grocery
SOS Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Brandt:
2nd St. and 15*ti *.**.
You are invited to the anniversary
sale held by St. Paul's Ladles' Aid tomorrow at ���! p.m., the articles will be
sold at reasonable rates and will afford a good opportunity to purchasers
of Christmas presents. Afternoon tens
provided, also a supper from 6 to 8
p.m. (-415|
Preached at Central Park.
A. M. O'Donnel!, who will he ordained, and also inducted to the
pastorate of the Gordon Presbyterian
church, Kdmonds, tomorrow evening,
preached in the Central Park Presbyterian church last evening.
Millinery Sale.���All hats al half
price at Miss Davey's Millinery Parlors. Carnarvon street, opposite Hotel
RUSSell. (2407)
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you re-
qui re-
Dominion Trust
The Pcrpetaal Trastee.
I'sid   Up Capital  and
���Surplus f 2,800.000
AsKets <^?3,��83....
T r ci s I eeshipe  Under
Administration over   6,000,000
"I r<i��lee     for     Bondholders over  15,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver. VK-triria,
Naw Westmlmtter- Nansimo.
Calgary, Regiaa. Wfamip-eg.
Montreal, Charlottetown, Loo-
<_..c, ling.;  Antwerp. H-dpium.
Nnw Westminster
806  Columbia  Street.
Op-rn   Saturday   Evenings   (rom
7 lot.
Boulevard Highways.
At the Hurnaby board of trade
meeting to be held on Wednesday,
Municipal Engineer Macpherson will
address the members on "Boulevard
Highways." Much Interest is being
taken by Hurnaby residents In the
proposal to have the streets boule-
vanleil ami a large attendance is expect* il.
Ihe People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
Shine Your Kitchen!
Is your kitchen a shining example of what the ordinary
modem kitchen should he? it is
no longer necessary to be a slave
to your kitchen, tolling from
morning till night to keep It
spick and span. Let the numerous cleansing anil polishing appliances now on the market do
half your work.
Fee Hlack .lack Stove Polish and
Silica Soap Paste for the nickeled  parts.
Old Dutch Cleanser.
"Gold Dust" or "White Swan"
Washing Powders. ,
We Have Many Other Brands of
Polishers   and   Cleansers   Also.
Have you seen    the   $150
ring Gifford Is giving away
?    (2370)
Until After Elections.
Tlu> Hurnaby Ratepayers' associa
Itlon, representing every Ratepayers'
association in the municipality, will
hold a meeting in the municipal hall
tomorrow evening. Such gatherings
will take place fornlghtly from now
until after the municipal elections
are over.
With every $2 purchase you get a
chance on the $150 diamond ring. T.
Clifford, the Jeweler. (23701
Change of Teachers.
| Miss Violet M. Wliite, of the Hurna
iby Kingsway West schoul, has tendered her resignation to the school board
land Miss H. Cox, cf Port Coquitlam
' has taken the place made vacant in
Ithe same school hy the three months
leave of absence granted Miss Margarel Gray on account of lll-hcalth.
Expert skate sharpening ami rivet-
Mn*,- at Oscar Swalisoon's, 13 Begbie
street. (236-. i
Phone for Police.
Tlie next meeting of the Coqultlam j
municipal council will he held on Wed-
nesday afternoon at Maillardville. The
question of having a  phone  Installed
In the municipal offices for the bene
fit of tbe police will probably  be dis
New Name for Station.
Hastings Townsite staiior. on the
Hurnaby branch of the 11. C. K. R. has
new been changed to llonie-Payne
station. The company is erecting large
workshops  and   a  distributing   power j
station at that point to be also named Money to loan on first mortgages,
in honor cf the London director of thc j improved city and farm property. 9
B. C. Electric company. Iper  cent.  Alfred  W.  Mcl.eod     (2337)
Port  Moody Council.
The   by-monthly   meeting   nf
Port  Moody council  wlll  be held
Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Insure with Alfred W, Mcl.eod, tho
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
(2337) |
Burnaby Police Court.
Thirty dollars and costs was the
fine meted out to a Westminster au-
tolst in the Hurnaby police court on
Saturday morning for speeding on
Kingsway, A Vancouver firm was assessed $5 and costs for failing to have
| a tail light burning on a car. Patrick
Grady came under the f). and II.
charge. .Magistral!' Beatty sliding him
down for three mouths. Lack of evidence resulted in the dismissal of a
case against W.  Wasterton of Jubilee
Fifteen tickets for $5 at the Arena
commencing next Friday. Two sessions daily with competent instructors
paying special attention to beginners. (2395)
Chilliwack Follows Bult.
The    members   of   the    Chilliwack
board of trade have suggested  that a
clean-up   campaign   he   taken   up   by
the civic authorities in that city.
Vou can pass in a crowd If yon wear
George's Corn and Bunion Shields
Made to fit any corn or bunion. For
sale only by Hill's Drug Store. (239Si
I'or keeping a vicious dog.
Don't forpet the ice carnival which
will take place on Friday eveninq.
November 28. Special prize8 will be
given to the best costumes worn"that
evening. (2395)
Interest in Lecture.
Great interest i.s being taken in
Vancouver in the lecture which will
he Riven this evening by Rev. Father
O'Boyle. late record of St. Peter's
cathedral, tin*- citv, and now of Holy
I Rosary church Vancouver, Father
O'Boyle will spiak in tie* Vancouver
Labor temple upnn woman's suffrage.
taking the "antl" view ul the present
That Gas Bylaw.
When the city council meets tonight
it is proballe a petition for resubmission of the gas plant purchase bylaw-
will be submitted, this of course if
there a_re.enough names cn it, which
was still  in doubt late last week.
Hospital Finances.
The finance committee of the Hirec-
torate nf the Hoyal Columbian hospital will meet the management of the
Hank of Montreal this morning in connection with the financing for tin*
furnishings for tin- ni w hospital. The
resull of the conference will he report "il t.i ilm board ef directors at
their regular meeting on Wednesday
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint    -----    50c
Fev-Quart    -    -   -   - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Fer Dozen     -    -    -   -    35c
.   (Successor to Ayling * 8watn.)
���**a* Columbia St. fiicne H
Ways and Means
To Lessen the Labour of House-
cleaning and Housekeeping
(lil  of Joy   Mops,  *.vi'h  bottle  of oil
Blssell's   I'arpet  Sweepers   ....
l-iiii-'lish   Hair  Brooms   	
Polishing Cloths, for silver, etc.
. $3.00 and up
. $1.00 and up
Also a ("nil line of Pastes, Polishes, Oils and Waxes for Furii.lur
Floors, etc.
New Westminster.
Pigs $1.00 Each
j Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established  IWl.
���Wa write Firs, Ufs, Accident. Employers'   Liability.   Automobile   and
Marine   Insurant*
Bring the Children
on Monday
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Bring the Children
on Monday
Extra Keen Price Cutting on
Furniture for Monday's Selling
Several sets of Karly English Diners, five small and on" large chair.
made In shaped peat and hack. A strong chair fur hard wear. Spe
clal   sale   price,   per  set    Sll.SO
Two sets only, Qolden Oak finish Diners, with padded leather seats.
Special Sale price, per set  $16.50
One set only, Golden Oak finish Diners, to dear at  S18.75
Two sets Fumed Oak Diners, beautifully finished Spanish leather seats.
Very special value  $21.75
Three sets, Fumed Oak Diners, made from the very hest quality allotted oak, Spanish leather seats.   Special sale price $22.SO
One set Qolden Oak Diners, leather seats, excellent quality and finish    $28.50
One  set  Karly  Kngiish   Diners,  solid  oak,  full   leather  seats.    Kxtra
value  $31.50
One set Golden Oak Diners, leather seats; an extra good design, with
shaped legs and claw feet.   These are exceptional value at.  $32.50
Klve sets Fumed Oak Diners, full leather seats, very superior quality.    Special sale price, per set $34.50
One set Golden Oak Diners, full leather seats, beautiful design and
superb quality, per set $38.50
One set Golden Oak Diners, Spanish leather backs and scuts, finest
quality and finish. A very special value at   $47.50
One set Gulden Oak Diners, fml leal.ier upholstered, beautiful finish,   for    $52.50
Several styles of Golden Oak and Mahogany I'arlor Tables. Prices
from  $7.50 *o $12.50
1   Golden   Oak.   Iiouml,  ti   feet   Extension   Table,   pedestal   base,
���'rice   $28.50
1  Golden  Oak,  Round.  6  feet  Extension  Table.  I'rice $18.75
1  Golden  Oak.  Square.  S   feet   Extension  Table;   extra   fin' '*
Prise   -...""
1  Early English  Round, S feet  Extension Table.  I'rice	
1 Early English, Round. X feet Extension Table. I'riee	
1 Fumed Oak, fi feet, Extension Table, extra special, for ..
1 Fumed Oak, S feet Extension Table, light finish. Special,
1 very extra quality Golden Oak IJ feel Extension Table: 56 Inch top;
regular price $100.    Sale price   $67.50
Burrows Folding Card Tables;  regular $6.00.    Special sale
Price    $4.00
I Golden Oak Finish Extension Table, �� feet, with square top.   Sale
Prlcn    $11.75
Several  styles of Library  Tables, from    $8.50 ��' $25.00
II Golilen flak finish I>ressers and Stands, having mirror fix'i'i. also
With  three large drawers:  regular $15.75 fnr   $12.75
'i, only  Kitchen Queens, complete;  r
Bod, spring and  mattress, complete
1 Lovely Brass Bsdl regular $25.00.
1 Surfaced Oak Chiffonier, with Brit!
tlve drawers; regular $12..-.n for
1 lovely  Brass Hrd;   regular $25.00 for  	
One  dozen odd  Springs;   regular $6.60  to $7.5 Ovalues;   for.  $2.5(1
1 Golden Oak Fln'sh Buffet, with large Hritish bevel mirror. Vix'M
inches, also having large linen drawer, 2 silver drawers and cupboard :  regular $20.00. Special     $11.50
1 Quartered Oak Hound Bxtenslon Table, with pedestal base tnd ex-
tendoing to six feet in length, extra quality and finish: regular
quality   figured   tapestry;   regular $"0,000,    Special    $27.50
1 china Cabinet; Fumed Oak finish; Hi', Inches high and 40 Inches
wide,   with   two    mirrors    10x32    inches;     splendid     finish     Sale
i>rlre  S38.SO
"gular ?.', ���",".  Special
;   regular $10.50  for
Special  at   	
th bevel plate glas-s.
l.'io ;,living
1 Beautiful Buffet; quartered Golden Oak; 68 Inches high und 48
inches wide with large china closet on top und leaded glics doors
Also with British bevel mirror, 8x40 IncheB and plain British mir
ror, 10x40 Inches.   Special priced at $65.00
1 Boautlfuly finished Quartered Fumed Oak Buffet, with large bsve]
plate mirror, one large linen drawer, large china space and top
drawer  divided  Into  three  spaces.    Special $45.00
1 China Cabinet, selected Quartered Oak; 68 Inches high and 32
Inohes wide, With plain BrlllslrrorB 8x24 Inches und 10x24
inches, and British bevel mirror on top, 6x110 IncheB, also bent
glass   ends   and   door.     I'rice    $58.50
1 Beautiful Golden Oak China Cabinet, 72 Inches high und 49
inches wide, with two plain British mirrors, 10x10 Inches, also with
bent glass ends and large drawer In base.   Special price . $57.50
1 China Cabinet of Quartered Fumed Ouk. 58 Inches high and HI
Inches wide, with plain British mirrors 8x24 Inches and 10x24
Inohes.    A  bargain  at    �� $31.50
1 Solid Mahogany China Cabinet, fin Inches high und 41 Inches wide,
with bent glass doors and two mirrors, 10x34 Inches. Beautiful finish.     Special   at    $47.50
1 Solid Oak Sideboard, 48 Inches wide, with large British bevel plate
mirror,   18x32   Inches;   regular   $75 00.     Special    $45.00
1 8-pleOS Mahogany I'arlor Suite; latest design and upholstered In best
quality   figured   tapestry:    regular   $50.00.     Special $28.50
1 3-plece Solid Mahogany I'arlor Suite, upholstered In very fine tap
cstry;   beautiful design,  regular  $60.00    Special $67.50
A ,uiu.i)er of solid Mahogany I'arlor (hairs; upholstered In best quul-
--   ity tapestry; regular from $15 oo to $25.00.   S.-^ijil
at rr.       .$9.00 to $12.50
1 Early English Morris Chair, In solid Spanish leu.-"". T_\lkl*o*''
r i_. himiH   and   hox   anu.-      Special     S38.Q0
2 Solid Golden Ouk Morris Chairs with loose velour cushions; reguTlf
$11.25.    -Special    $8.50
A  number of Parlor Tables in  Mahogany nnd Golden Oak;  all  the
latest designs.    Price from   $7.50 ,0 $11.00
1  Brass Bed, new design.    Exceptional value at    $32.50
1 Brass  Bed.  satin  finish,  having  high   p-Aits,  new  design     Sal"
Price       $45.00
2 Brass Ileds. satin finish.    Extra value at   $20.00
2 Brass Beds, bright finish and plain, new design. Special at $25.00
1   Brass  Bed;  dull  finished and  plain  design;  a regular $367000,
for    $27.50
1   White   Enamel   Bed   with   brass   trimmings;   regular   $17.75
for     $13.75
X While Enamel Bed:  regular $17.50, for   $12-75
1 dozen Golden Oak finish DresserB and Stands, having Princess Brit
Ish bevel mirror;  regular $25,011; size 16x36.    Special tor.  $141.75
1 Duchess Mahogany Finish Dresser, having oval mirror, size 18x.fi.
lovely   design;   regular   $15.00.     8ale   price $11.75
1 3 piece Purler Suite, mahogany finish and upholstered In best quality
tapestry velour, having looBe cushions;   regular $27.50.    Special
at   ...."  $22.50
1 3-pii-ce mahogany Parlor Suite; excellent design and upholstered
in best quality velour, having loose cushions; regular $60,000
Special at    $32.50
To appreciate euch furniture values you must visit our third and
fourth floors and Bee for yourself.
The Knitted
Women's fleeceltned vests, with
high neck, long sleeves, in plain
and ribbed, and in natural or
whit,*;  valui i id 76c;  now 45c
Women's fleece lined drawers.
in ii itural an I white, ankle length;   Millies to 75c, now      45C
Women's wool vests, health
brand, in while only; regular
8BC, sale  price       75*
Women's fleece lined combinations, hig'.i neck, long sleeves and
ankle length Natural and
whlto;   regular".!.25." Sale price
Women's Pen Angle pure wool
Combinations, in natural only;
regulur $3.00, now   ....  $2.60
1'i'H Angle Women's pure wool
Vests, natural only, regular
Sl.75.   Sale pries $1.45
Women's Pen Angle pure wool
drawers to match vests, natural
only;  reg. $1.75; now     $1.45
Women's Black wool lights, ankle length. Regular $1.25. Sale
pi:ce    Sl.OO
"Merode" silk and wool combinations, high neck, long BleeVes,
ankle length.    Sale price, a suit
"Merode" silk and wool eonibin-
atlons, low neck, short sleeves
and kneo length. Sab* price, a
Dull $3.50
A  full  line of Children's Underwear    at    greatly      reduced
Keen Price Cutting in Our Ladies'
Ready to Wear for Monday's Selling
Brocaded Silk Poplin Coat: heavily padded and lined with apricot sol-
ored messaline; fastened wilh large fancy frog; regular $60,000.
Sale price    537.SO
Brocaded Silk Velvet, two toned effect, black and lavender, also black
imd Copenhagen, lined with colored messaline; regular $35.00.
Special    $23.50
A llne of Misses and Small Women's Coats In the new cloths; Chinchilla cloth and diagonal tweeds In an assortment of shades. Some
an- in Balkan style, three-quarter length; exceptional values. Itegular $15.00 for  $8.95
A line of Dresses, In navy, plum, Copenhagen, black and hrown. Some
are trimmed  with black satin collars, others have lace collars and
button trimmings.    Values to $12.00, for   $7.50
Sweaters In shades of gray, brown, cardinal, white and navy, Itegular
$3.00 ror   Sl.OS
A line of Black Sateen Underskirts.    Regular $1.26 for 78t
A nice line of smart  Dress Skirts;  sonic are tailored in tweeds and
serges.    RsgUtar $8.SO fnr    S5.75
We are giving 25 per cent  off regular values on Children's Coals. Prices
range   from     $2.75   to   $10.00
Handsome Hudson Seal Set. having long straight stole, lined with
rich gruy messaline.    Large holster muff with shirrril gray messullne
finished ends.    Special per set   S45.00
A beautiful natural sable fitch set, hai log B large stole with square
effect In Hie back and long ends In fronl finished with natural tails
and i laws    i_arge fancy muff to match, nicely lined with brown Batln.
Speoial per set   $78.00
Natural Racoon Bet, having large, plain shawl Btyle stole, finished
with  four tails  In  front     l.arg"  pillow   muff to match.    Speclul   per
sal    $40.00
Natural Mink Stole, with large, plain shawl effect In back nnd long ends
In  front, flnliheil  with natural tails innl claws;  regular $150.    Sale
price ��135.0n
Mink muff to match. Tills Is an extra  large   pillow   muff,  trimmed   at
the foot  with  tails,   regular $1- I,    Sale  price $110.00
Hudson  Seal  Set,  long  scarf  and   semi-bolster  muff to  match.    Per
set  $45.00
Beautiful White Thibet Stole, "xtrn large, with long ends In front.
Regular $12.60 for   $8.85
Large full Pillow Muff to match.   Regular $10.60lor $8.75
Mink Manned Stole, out square In the back and finished with tallB;
long tabB trimmed with tails ami heads; regular $16.00. Sale
price    $12.85
Large fancy Mink Marmot to match Stole; regular $20.00 for. -$14.85
Fancy   Nenr   Seal   Sets,   with   Imitation     Chinchilla    trimming.
Stole  is  in  Btralght scarf style,  with  largo  pillow  muff to match.
Per set   $1*.00
Wc also have a nice range of Furs. Including Mink Marmot, Imitation Fox, White and Gray  Furs, umi a number of otherB.    In this
lot are values up to $10.00,    AH setting at once price $5.85
Big reductions on all velvet anil evening coals:    Ladies who would
like something nobby come nnd Inspect our stock.
Rich silk velour velvet Coats, in full length large collar, with elaborate silk braid trimming, and finished with crochet buttons nnd
having good satin lining;  regular $35,000.    Sale price ...,$23.50
Ti    ^^ w     -p ? '''-'-9 -LimifrcJ
Specials in
Are you looking for a good
heater? If so. Bee our assort
ment, the largest In the elty.
The following are a few lines as
specials for today only:
New "Melrofle" Wood Heater
Kcgular price, $11)50 Special  $15.75
"What Cheer" Wood Heater;
regular price $80.00. Spe
clnl  $20.00
"Fairy Oak" Heater for wood or
coal; regular $19.75 Spe
clal  $15.50
"Washington Oak" Heater for
wood or coal; regular $28.60.
Special    $22.75
"St. Clair Oak" Heater for
wood or coal!" regular $39 B0
Speclul     $32.50
"Retort" Hot Blast Heater for
conl only; regular $20.00, Spe-
��W  $15.00
"Derby Ouk" Heotor for wood
or coal; regular $12.75 Spe-
da' $8.80
"Merritt" Heater; all rust Iron,
for conl only;   regular $15.0d.
Sp<*""  $12.50
illox  Heaters';   mude of all cast
Iron, for wood only; priced
from   ..$8.00  to $14.00
Sheet Iron "Alrtlghts," priced
from $3.25 to $5.50
Two Hose
Boys' and oii-iv ttii wool hose
In two aud one rib, the right
s'oeking for hard school wear.
These we sell in all sIzob at McAllisters special price, pair 30*4
We cell "Little Darling" hose In
nil sizes nt 26c Pair. Our stock
In this well known hose Is complete In every bIzo and color, In-
eluding white, pale blue, pink,
red, tan, and black. At this store
you can buy the cholco of "Little Darling" and "Little Daisy"
stockings for the children In
each and every size at McAllisters.   Price, pair 2St


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