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The New Westminster News Jan 4, 1913

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 The New Westminster News is
the only morning newspaper published in the' City of New Westminster and the rich and fertile
Fraser Valley.
Turkey   Must  Find  Way
Out by Monday at the
Victor* Want Crete,  Islands In    th*
Aegean and Adrlanople���Turk*
Pinal Offer.
London, Jan. 3.���Although the word
"ultimatum" wa* not pronounced,
what practically was final dictum.
waa presented to Turkey on behalf of
tbe Balkan allies at today's session
of the peace conference.
l.azar Miyusltoviteh, head of the
Montenegrin delegation, who presided
after the Turks had submitted a proposal wblcb wa* considered lnaccept
able, told Recliad l'aslia, chief dale
gate of the Ottoman empire, that Tur
key must find a way by Monday to
renounce to the Balkan allies her
rights over tb* Island of Crete, cede
the Islands In the Aegean aea and
present a rectification of the frontier
of European Turkey which would In
elude Adrlanople In the territory of
the allies, or tbe allies would consider
further neogtlatlons for peace useless
Immediately after the minutes   of
the previous session had been    approved,     M.     Mlyuskovltch     a**ed
Rechad Pasha to present to the   dele
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F��llur*   of   Fr***r   to   Freeze
Held* up Work at End
of Steel.
End of Steel, B.C., (G. T. P. Cradei
Jan. 3.���A man coming Up trom down
;he Fraser says provisions are becom
Ing so scarce tbat some of the camp:
have already reduced their forces. Tin
.rouble Is tbat the, Fraser river has
not yet frozen this season and const*
quently there 'Is no freighting down
tbe river on the Ice.
All the contractors were confident
ly expecting to do their winter freight
Ing in tbls manner, and ln th* face o.
the present situation sre bitterly dis
sppointed. The Fraser was frozen a
year ago solid more than a month be
fore tbe holidays.
Experienced trappers who have
been in this region for years say the
reason is so far advanced tbat the
river will not freeze up at all this
w'nten If this proves true. Grand
Trunk contractors will have their win
tor's work considerably curtailed.
Six Person* Are-,8sld to Hive dssn
Wilmington, Del., Jan. 3.���Six per
ions are believed to have been drown
"d bv the sinking of two oyster boats
In the Laurel river during the storm
today, according to reports received
here lato today from Laurel. Dela
ware. The names of the victims are
not know*.
Burnaby   Busy   With
Municipal  Elections
Meetings Everywhere
Edmonds, Jan. 3.���-Surprises (n the
political fight now raging in Burnaby,
came thick and fast yesterday and
tbe complexion of the whole situa
tion was changed somewhat following
a meeting held in More ton ball in the
evening when Councillor McGregor
received the endoJtatlon of the Cent,
ral Ratepayer*' Association by a vol*
of twelve to tbra*.
But three associations were repre
���anted as tar as voting was concern
ed, five delegaua being present trom
tbe Edmonds organisation while five
each came from two associations In
North Burnaby, regarded aa a McGregor stronghold.
Mr. P. B. Brown, at flrat an interested spectator ln th* proceedings, waa
called to the chair while the *ecrct*ry,
Mr. W. S. Vivian explained tb* cause
ot calling such a meeting; tbat ot endorsing a candidate for th* reeve*hlp.
North Burnaby, through Councillor
MacDonald. started tbe ball rolling
by naming Councillor McGregor aa
the moat suitable candidate. Tbl* wa*
seconded by Mr. W. J. Holdera, also
of North Burnaby.
Mr. B. 0. Walker'* name wa*
brought forward by Mr. W. S. .Rose,
aeeonded by Mr. Dickson.
Thi* brought Mr. H. 8. Seymour to
hi* feet, be expre*��lng the opinion
that Mr. Walker'* bam* should not
even be submitted to a tote because
of what he described as hla vindictive
personal attack upon the private life
and character of Mr. McGregor at a
meeting held at McKay hall on Dec.
Oa a vote being; token, the ten
North Burnaby delegate* voted solid
for Mr. McGregor a* did two of the
tire Edmonds dentation.
Following tbe result of the ballot,
tbe chairman Intimated that he under
Stood from Mr. Walker, tbat If the
latter 'did not' get tne indorsation of
the Central body ba would not ran.
Thi* could not b* oonflrmed at a
UU hour.
In East Burnaby.
But Burnaby, Jan. 1.���The political
melting pot ln Burnaby began to
slsst* tbl* evening when five candidate* tar councillor, and one for reeve
faced the music of a Urge audience
ln Foresters' hall and kept the plat
form occupied for three solid hours
to the general edification ot a portion
ot th* electorate.
All the ��peaker* were listened te
with grave attention .by th* audience
while not a tew of tbe latter took ad-
vantage ot such a large number of
candidate* being present to question
them *n pertain project* contemplated    , , ���.__.��� v_. ,���
and also* certain projecte which load\��> JS^Sr^SdS- the meetina
been accomplished to ward Three.    Iter councillor ended tbe meeting.
N*w*ome   wa* chairman,
the reeveshlp, logged aolng In his
usual style, citing facts and figures of
the work he had done for the municipality during the past few years even
though he had not held office. He
was now engaged In a comprehensive
[electric lighting scheme patterned after that or Haw Wetvtnrnata*. aa* ass
saw no reason why Burnaby should
not enjoy tbe benefits sucb a* are being reaped in the Royal City.
Mr. William Bevan, a candidate for
councillor ln ward One, took the platform for tbe first time In the present
campaign. Mr. Bevan mentioned tbe
fact that this wa* his third attempt
for aldermanlc honors and, said that
whether defeated or not he would
keep plugging along, Working tor
Mr. Alec. .Macphereon, wbo is running for councillor In. tbe Edmonds
district, waa next called upon. Mr.
Macpherson seems likely to be elected by'acclamation, but none the less
he fired oft a few rockets regarding
his stand'on municipal matters, .his
interests In Burnaby, and what he had
done U building up Edmonds during
the past two years.
The speaker ot the evening, Mr. G-
II. Leaf, in whose Interests the meeting had been- called, received a warm
welcome wben he mounted tbe platform. This waa the tint political
apeech made by the East Burnaby pioneer and by the way in wblch he
banded out municipal food to tbe audi-,
ence, tt stamped htm a* being right
there when it come* to emergencies.
Mr. Leaf took up hla abode In East
Burnaby in 1890 and bad seen Burnaby change from an unincorporated
district to th* municipality it now
Is. He bad no past political record,
no one could barp back to tbe days
wben blunder* bad been made, for
this was the first time be bad sought
the suffrage ot the people.
Ho was In favor ot a civic lighting
system, good roads, Joint sewerage
system wltb New Westminster, of all
municipal work being done by day la
bor where possible, and, on contract
work, favored thelnsertlon of a fair
wage clause.
He was not,going to majie any rash
promises before election because the
same promise* were hard, to fulfil after election.
He wa* tor, Burnaby tlrct. last and
all tne time.
The last speaker of the evening
was sehori" "Trustee-T. F. -Monrbton,
wbo, while not running for re-election,
���poke In favor* ot th* school bylaws to
be submitted at the coming election.
A ���Undlng.vote in.favor ot Mr. Leaf
Mr. W.
and, with the exception of announcing
the different (peakera and an occasional rap for order, had a very eaay
time.' ...
Councllolr W. H. Madlll, who does
not believe In the single term Idea;
was the first speaker and gave a brief
resume ot the work, don* in Ea*t
Bumaby during th* past 12 months.
It waa very evident that the three
candidates tor th* honor of representing ward Three were not on the
friendliest of term*. While on the
platform Councillor Madiill managed
to get in several dig* at hi* oppon
Mr. T. D. Cold.cutt. who retired
from municipal politic* l��st January.
was next called upon and to the sur
fse of all did not get settled down
one of tho*e fiery, breety epeechen
yore. Mr. Coldlcutt brought back
to the mind* of his bearer* some of
th* Work performed in the ward daring the time he wa* on tbe council
hoard and *l��o mentioned a tew major
Mid minor details of the work, which
he thought *hould be done during, th*
coming 12 months.
Mr. D. C. Patterson, a candidate for
At Joint Meeting of Representatives of Royal City and Burnaby, Reeve Weart and
Councillors State That If Passage of Westminster's Bill at Ottawa Is Hampered
by Measure Put Forward by Municipalities Interested in North Arm, Burnaby
Will Withdraw From Latter Scheme���Closer Relations With Westminster.
One harbor commission for the entire Fraser river was the keynote of
sevoral speeches made at a luncheon
in the Terminal City Club, Vancouver,
yesterday noon wben the Burnaby and
New Westminster councils met to dia
cuss certain defi'ls connected with
lnter-munlclpal matters and wltb
which the present councils have been
dealing during the past few months.
Mayor Lee started the ball rolling
when, tn responding to the toast "The
City of New Westminster," he drew
attention to the difficulty which ts being experienced at Ottawa at the
present time ln securing a harbor
commission for the Fraser river owing
to tbe fact that three of the municipalities adjoining the North Arm of
tho Fra3er were seeking a similar
commission for the control of all Improvements on the North Arm alone.
Is Causing Hitch.
There Is a divergence of opinion at
Ottawa where the authorities do not
altogether care to adopt the New
Westmlnater suggestions on account
of the North Arm scheme.
'Some years ago," continued the
mayor, "the Westminster Board of
Trade engaged Mr. Le Baron, an eminent engineer, and told him to go
ahead with the work of surveying the
Fraser river from New Westminster
to the sea. lie went over both arms
of Ihe river and made his report.
Later on we engaged Mr. A. O. Powell
and told him to make a plan which
would be of value to the city, th��
province and the whole Dominion.
We also had one ot the most eminent
engineers on the coast, Mr. Bogue, to
look over the ground, and receiving
his approval, we then made plans t��
have a bill passed by parliament at
Ottawa creating a harbor commission.
Chanoe or Suffer.
- -ns* .sta*sVj'*na��a��*r iUmd r>
t'ntied bis worship, "when three raunl-
clpalltiPB on the North Arm came
throm/h with a proposition for a
commission and two bills are await
Inp nnssia'te at Ottawa today.
"Unless we make a change we mtts'
all suffer. Burnaby and New Westminster arc working hand In hand
The Interests of both are Identical ao<t
It will not be long before they arc
amalgamated. Once this Is done we
���shall be a happy family," said Mayor
In closing his worship na'd a tr'hntc
to the work which  Burnaby ts now
performing. "Its Klngsway paving
scheme will be one of tbe biggest assets to the municipality," be sala,
"and If Vancouver gets one hundred
more Industries, Burnaby and New
Westminster will benefit to some degree. If we ln Westminster get tbem,
tben Vancouver aud Burnaby will also
benefit by tbem.
"What we must do," concluded the
mayor, "is to forget this provincial
Ism, tbls sectionalism which will bear
beavy on alt ot us who attempt It and
will retard the growth or other*.
He wa* given an enthusiastic reception when he sat down.
Besutlful Burnaby.
"Beautiful Burnaby" was the toast
proposed by Alderman Kellington, who
outlined tbe geographical position
which tbe municipality holds on the
lower mainland. The toast was responded to by Councillor D. C. McGregor and Reeve Weart.
Mr. McGregor, the "heir-presumptive," as he was dubbed at a former
meeting, supported the idea of Mayor
Lee ln having one barbor commission
for the entire Fraaer river.
When the Burnaby council voted
financial assistance towards tbe North
Arm bill, the councillor felt sure that
It bad not been properly enquired
Into, and tbat South Vancouver and
Point Grey had already promised assistance to the committee at the back
cf tbe scheme before the latter approached Burnaby so that It was felt
that to keep good faith with her slater municipalities fronting the North
Arm, the council must vote a nominal
sum towards the expense.
The speech of Reeve Weart, prob-
ablv hts last one at such a function
n the capacity ot reeve, was a ringing
one and well ln keeping with his reputation as a public speaker.
Ths Kingswsy Paving.
tribute to' the provincial authorities
for tlie spirit ln which they had entered Into a project which will eventually link New Westminster with Vancouver.
Everything was shout arranged for
the starting of the work, he said, pro-
vid'iig the electorate endorse the sc-
tlon of the council, and a commencement would probsbly be made when
the spring weather breaks. Turning
to the harbor commission or commissions, be told his hearers that the remarks of Mayor Lee had come as a
thunderbolt to blm.
"I was away in Europe at the time
when the council passed th* grant to
the North Ann committee," dated the
reeve, "and when I returned th* first
Ihing I asked was 'How about New
Westminster ?"
"I was told by Mr. B. 0. Walker,
president of tbe Burnaby Board of
Trade, that New Westminster was In
full accordance with tbe North Arm
bill and tbat they would not oppose
tbe move.
Burnaby to Withdraw/
'Now in Justice to ourselves and to
New Westminster," continued the
reeve, "I bave no hesitation in saying
that if a letter is received from th-
mayor or city clerk of New Westmin
Ster, explaining that tbe North Arm
bill will endanger tbe chances of New
Westminster, I will move a motion ai
the next board of works meeting, with
drawing Burnaby from th* North Arm
"We have no right to Jeopardize e
bill which will be a benefit to the
whole of the Fraaer river. We, wert
tn good faith when we gave financial
assistance to tbe North Arm bill and
thought we would not hurt-New Westminster. ' '/
Points to Fusion.
"There ought to be more of au
imaginary boundary between the two
municipalities and a better feeling existing. Joint meetings are far reaching and I hope to sea a Joint governing board of tbe two municipalities
before long, wltb more, work and
less cost."
Tbe remarks of'^he ree^e-were weil
Councillor Madlll asked'sttietber tt
would be possible for the New Westminster council to change the   name
umorsa; ��*re*t,.,Jlrew
Westminster.    Tbls Will probably
taken up by the city council.
Other speskers were Aldermen
White and Lynch, of New Westminster; Councillors Feu Vol and Mac-
donald, of Burnaby, and Mr, O. P.
Napier, assistant enginee�� of the provincial department of pi.*Jllc works.
Among others present were Councillor Brltton, Burnabv: f'tv Engineer
J. W. B. Blackman, New Westminster;
Municipal Engineer Macpherson, ��� Mr.
Arthur Moore, clerk, and Comptroller
Griffiths, of Burnaby.
Steps on C. P. R. Track and I* Instantly  Killed���Hold  Inquest
An unknown man was knocked
down and Instantly killed by C. P. R.
train No. 820, due here at 6:10 last
evening at tbe Junction of the Pitt
River road and the Westminster
branch of the line into Coqultlam.
It Is understood tbat the man stepped on the tracks without observing
tbe fast approaching train and the
accident occurred before the engine
crew had time to pull up. The train
was brought to a standstill ln the
space of a few seconds after the man
was struck down, but hi* lifeless body
was picked up alongside the track.
The remains were placed on the train
brought to the city and removed to
Center ft Hanna's undertaking parlors.
An Inquest will probably be held.
York and  Philadelphia  In
Grip  of  80-Mlle  an  Hour
New York, Jan. 3.���The first severe
storm of the new year and tbe most
destructive ot the season, swept along
the Atlantic coast today and caused
great property loss. Simultaneously
came reports of storms of equal violence ln sections of the south and
middle west and along a part of the
Atlantic coast. Wire communication
ln all sections ot the country waa
crippled. At times only five score
of wires were working between this
city and Chicago, and all wires south
of Atlanta were lowered. Damage to
shipping on the sea and lake and barbor cannot be estimated tonight. One
death was reported here at a late
hour,  that of  a Brooklyn  man  whi
irotherhood    of   Railway
Employees   Still  en
Presldsnt Mo��h*r Say* Men Will lasssau
Publication���Will Put Care
Before Public
Ottawa, Jan. 3.���-That the
hood of Railway Employees la atiU ass
strike was the statement matte by
President Mosher today of Use
Brotherhood, who Is registered at thae
Windsor hotel.
Furthermore he says the project of
the establishment of a striker*/ areata
ban reached fruition and a number at
publications wblcb will be printed la
Ottawa will be called "An Appeal far
Justice." and will be Issued next Saturday. He maintains that tbe railway
company la still In a very had way
for lack of experienced mem and a��
making overtures to the striker* Individually, though tt will not accept
the report of the board of aiMUaitun
recommending wholesale reinstatement.
"Yes, the strike la ea again, car
rather still on." said Mr. Mealier.
"Tbe C. P. R. have not carried out
the terms rf the report of the soar*
of conciliation, and I am here to eeaa
mence a campaign ot orgqnli��tsrmT
What is ��nore, the C. P. V <s In m
very bad way as the merchants' or
Ottawa are now transferrins; their
shipments to the Grand Trunk. Them
Is two million dollars worth of freight
outstanding on the company's boornt
at Fort William which tbey cannot
collect because they have not the men
to do it. They can't strike a hahmeet-
either. They have In many eaaea offw-
ed to take back some of the stri
at Increases or to pay them for
structlng the new men, but our raem-
bers have so far refused to Slo It.
Some of them bave got other Jobs an*
others are bidding their time.
"Next Saturday will nrobably seethe first Issue of "Appeal for Ju*t1c��V
hs- *
mum velocity ot 80 miles an hour.
Tbe storm lashed high waves, from
Sandy Hook to the rivers entering
New York harbor, sank tugs and
Mr. Mosher fur
���e government which had mane xrsw
.. T. P. take action hi the ���**���**���� e��jj.
�� machinists shovld do eo wff* **���*
C. P. W.  In the case of   Me    freJa**
I*. Disquallfhsd,
Edmonds, Jan. ��.���It appears after
all that Edroond* 1* to witness no
polttical election campaign as tar as
counclllorshlp I* concerned un'elcs another candidate appears on th* ho-
risen to face Mr. Alec' Macpherson.
Thi* morning It was discovered that
Mr. Harold'Dlsnay, wbo had announced himself for councillor In ward
Two, was disqualified owing to his
property qualifications not. coming up
to the mark set Sy the Municipal
Clauses Act.
A rumor was *et going thi* evening
(bat Councillor Brltton bad changed
hi* decision and would again enter
the race, but thi* could not be confirmed,        i
Flooding of    Maglsin**    When    Fir*
Bresks Out Prevent* Blowup of Ship.
Paris, Jan. 3.���It Is reported from
Toulon-that the French cruiser Jeaune
d'Arc, while proceeding to tbe Rio
de Janeiro with a number of naval cadets in training, narrowly escaped being blown up.
On arriving at Maderta tt waa found
that tbe temperature of some of tbe
powder magazines was very-high, and
orders were given to move all the
stock to the after bold.
Towards half-past one oclock In
the afternoon snd when out at light
of land, nu alarm sounded. In consequence of a short circuit fire was reported to have broken out In tbe electric conducting departments,. and the
vessel was soon filled with thick,
stifling smoke.', , ���
Seeing tbe Imminence ot the danger
the commander ordered the after magazines tb be flooded, but there -was
the greitVit difficulty owing to tbe
smotte-rh approaching the appartua
for letting In the water.
1 Finally, one officer, with a sailor.
'succeeded, with the help ot an electric pocket lamp. In turning on th*
flooding .machinery, thus undoubtedly
saving the Jeanne d'Arc and her
whole crew trom. an awful disaster.
Vcvt. day all the ammunition was
thrown overboard.
Burlesque Company Roundly Scored in Montreal
Montreal, Jan. 3.���Last week the
whole of a burlesiiue company wa* arrested charged with immoral and obscene conduct. Today the four leading male members were lined $50 each
and Ave day* in 1*11, The defence
lawyer, however, argued that It had
been agreed that tbey should he let
oft on suspended sentence If tbey
pleaded guilty- To thi* the magistrate
agreed, aad they war* ail 1st out on
suspended sentence. Judge Leet said
the, show they were giving ara* not
fit for any plac* outside ot hell.  ,
"God help Montreal," he exclaimed
"If we are to bave police who allow
auch show* to b* produced and lay
North Burnaby, Jan. 8.���The Ward
Four Ratepayers' association came into being last evening when a number
ot ratepayer* around Capitol H1U
formed the newest organization in
the municipality.
Councillor McGregor wsb endorsed
tor the reeveship, Mr. Mark. Lnmley
for councillor, and Mr. W. 0. Holdom
tor school trustee.
Automeplt* **ridtfe tteMfi* with Tray
cf Diamond*���Policeman I*
Rev.   R.   Wallace   Collins.
.. mlnslter of St. Aldan1* Pres-
��� byterlan church at the corner
��� ot    Fourteenth    street    and
��� Seventh' avenue, haa resigned
0 his charge presumably for the
��� purpose of going into business.
��� Mr.  Collin* has' been pastor
��� of thi*  church  for the past
��� two year* and his resignation
��� will be generally regretted.
��� Though It Is not definitely
��� known, it Is believed he ha*
��� - left tbe ministry tor good.
Chicago. Jan. 3.���Four automobile-
bandits smashed a Jeweler's window
here today and escaped with a tray at
dtahtond*, after a running revolver
fight with ihe police, their e��c*pe
was aided by a fashionably dressed
woman who tainted In the ***** of a
uniformed poUaeman a* he wa* drawing, hi* itevoWar, A* anon a* the
thieve* were but of tight, the woman
recovered and disappeared.
A few minute* later, the bandlta' car
wa*' stopped by a policeman, who
ordered them to drive with mm to a
police station to answer to a charge
ot speeding.
When they reached a Quiet *treev
the robber* *hot. stabbed and alugged
the policeman and threw htm off the
automobile. ���
They then abandoned the machine,
{Continued on Par* Elght.>
Jonescu, Minister of the Interior,
Characterizes Rumcr *���
London, Jan. 3.���The report* thai
Roumanla I* mobilising her army wert
characterised today by the Roumanian
minister ot the lulerlor, M. Jonescu.
who arrived in London last night as
"nonsense." "Onoe mobilisation has
been officially announced," tbe rain
Ister added, "It will mean that Rou
mania haa decided to go to war tni
mediately. W# ahaU sever emploj
mobilisation as a bluff er threat It
Is true thst latterly our army ha>
taken step* demanded by prudertec,
but that 1* by no meant mobilisation.'
Concerning Roumanla'* attitude toward the Balkan war, M. Jonoseu
"Until now wa hav* been neutral.
We bave made sacrifice* to keep the
peace, but I cannot tell what Roumanians attitude may he because !
don't know my*elf."
The minuter declared tbat hi* visit
to London was a private, one and was
not connected with th* negotiations
pending between Roumanla and Bulgaria tor a rectification ot the frontier
Killed by Pallhsa jre*. .
Prince Albert, Bast, Jan. $.-rThe
mounted police here have ju*t received notification of the accidental killing of one Nelson Gllmir, a lumber-
Jack, la the wood* near Big river,
where am located milling Interests
of MacVnile <V Maun, Gilmer was
struck and fatally Injured hy a falling
tree. .
barge and drove other craft Into peril- ciercg and handlers,
ous   positions.    From  several   small     inq^irr at the    labor
crafts, which were capsized, scores of ei|cit,q the informstlon that
persons were rescued. no further action to take.
An     unidentified     three     ma3ted
sobooner was anchored  tonight five,          .��,.��,.��������-��
miles off the. Little Egg life saving       CRASHED THROUGH BRIOOE-
Btatlon.    She displayed  distress slg-         	
nals.    Reports from the station Bald  Two Killed and Many Injured M
the vessel did not appear in lmmedl- road Wreck.	
ate danger. i    Mobile, Ala., Jan. 3.���Two met
The gale swept the Hudson valley ; known to have been killed
unrooting houses and causing a wash
out on the New York Central east-
bound track near Garrison, N.Y.
At Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Pa, Jan. 3.���Wind,
which at times attained a velocity ot
56 miles ah hour, caused heavy damage throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey today. Buildings, trees and poles were blown
down In all sections of the three states
and many persons were Injured.
Eleven persons were Injured in the
collapse of. a four storey building ln
this city and a score were burled ln
the ruin* of a (bad at West Morcland
street wharf, on the Delaware river.
The latter escaped serious Injury.
of persons injured when pat* eg ��������
New OrleanB, Mobile and Chlragn aayaa--
senger train, bound for Mobile, ***"���"'
ed through a trestle at Leaf. **���"**
late today.   The known dead ��*wc_
Oscar Shapard, a new*
bile, and James Porter, a
ter, Mobile.
It Is feared other* may'
the wreckage.
The engine, a new heavy type* I
ed too great a load for the f
plunged through Into a **
lowed by the baggage coach i
coach for negroes.   TWrtesm i
in on* car were hurt badly.
A relief train waa i
Bail for "Dynamiters
Set at $10,000 For
Each Year's Sentence
Chicago. Jan. 3.���Bail in the sum of i represented the >f ��������?��*
,1.100,000 tor 34 o, the .3 union i^\ff����*&$��*& *
era convicted of coneplracy to transport dynamite must be forthcoming ln
order that they may take advantage of
the granting ot a writ of supersedeas
by the United State* circuit court ot
aponals here.
Whether this amount can be obtained waa admitted by counsel tor
the defendants to be a question ot
grave doubt, but they expressed the
belief that at leaat some of It could
be' obtained���enough to accomplish
the liberty ot President Frank M.
Ryan and a few others, until decision
I* reached by the reviewing court.
Sixty day* was allowed ' for - filing
the appeal.
��f>' ���*>'���>,���%������ *>;*>��� ����� ��� ��� ��� ���
��� ���
Cehjary, Jan. 3.���Loat to the
wild* b*yond Bown***, a *ub-
dtvtaion weal of Calgary, Jaa.
W. Thome, about 43 year*, old
and widely kaovm In Calgary,
haa been mUvslng from bom*
���ine* early ytetorday morning. Th* poHee hate been
searching tor htm all day In
response to a plea trom his
distracted wife, but up to 8
e'etock uo trace Ot him haa
been found.
able, but that the *nrety
uie property valued at
amount of the bond.
A basts ot $10,0*0 for
sentence was rued by the eoart a* I
ing the amount of the
Hyan was sentenced to i
year* hi* bond waa ttx** at
and  the same  ratio waa ten
throughout for the other ��osnkt������
Coat of Men**
$70,000���Frank M. Ryan,
360,000���John  T.   Butter,   BafTaar-T
Olaf A. Tveltmoe, Ban
E. Munsey, Salt Lake City;
ciancev, San Francisco
*>������������������ ��������������������� ��� ���
The decliion Involves only 32 of the (CooteyJ New Orleans; FrankC.
23 men now ln the Leavenworth penl
tentlary. aa Herbert 9. Hockln, designated among fellow prisoners as tbe
"Informer," will not appeal.
Judge* Baker and Seaman heard
the arguments and the decisions was
given orally by Judge Baker. He took
occasion to Intimate that undue haste
wa* menit**t*d In committing the defendant* to prison.
. The writ waa iituad largely on the
point raised by th* defence that th*
Iron Worker* were convicted ot a continuing oftenae���a cohaplreey to commit offence* continually.
In fixing the amount ot hall the
court waa Influenced by the tact that
the offense* Involved are not extraditable. Judge Anderson, who pre-
aided over the trial court, waa author
ixed to pass on the lultablllty and adequacy ofeny bond* offered. District
Attorney Miller of Indianapolis, who
New York; Michael JT.
340,000���John H. Barry. ���*.
Peter J. Smith, Cleveland.
30,000���Murray L. Penaelt.
field. 111*.; Wilfrid Bert
sa* City; Paul J. Morrtn, 8t
Henry W. Leglattner, Dearer;
N.     Beum,     Minneapolis;
Smyth,   P*oria;    George
Cleveland; Michael J. Haa
ton; Michael   J.   Cunaasst
phia; Eme��t G. W, Ha*ST.
���1��; William J. McCain. ~
William E, Roddto, Ml
$20,000���Richard   H.
cago; Frank X. Higgthtr,
Ki Painter. Omaha;  aTr*4
tlO.Wfl���William 8.
Jain** E. Ray, Peoria;
Bernhardt ,Clneinm>��
Up*, Syracuse; Charles Wi
Detroit; Fred X. Meaner.
^��jff��w..i*..^yv^fs&tt-j'-? "vSn/.i- '-**:'*/" ~'""v-t:iXSvS!0^wC
'���:-'\-~ ���r*am two
raw wxmBXwmt niwb.
��� sfevotpd to ��*�� iater����l�� of Weic Wrsfminstrr aad
rswimliia sto.1 Sandnv 6;/ fas Noliosal Printing
, ��t ���� ATcflTaasle Slreel, New Westminster, British
B.OBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
AU easasaaaicatiaa* akasdal sto aidressrd (a The New iiv.itmiit.vfi'r News, and not
aadlaataul member* ���' ske ata/f. CAseeet, drafts ana" monej/ orders should 6e made
to Tk��j llaUommt MaMs* oast PaMI'Ms* Company, Limited.
TKI.KPHONEB���nastissss Office an* Uanauer, 999 ,- JSailorinl Rooms (all deaart-
. ��S1.
SUBSCRIPTION RATKB   By carrier, |�� e*r roar, ��1 for three months, 40e per
aaaatt*   ��y moil, (1 per ssssar, Mc per raonta.
TO CORRK8PONDBNTB���No letters will So aahlfsJ.nl is The News except over
t*e strrWor'a siaworwre. Tas asiiter reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
We have constantly made the statement through these
���columns that there is no man, woman or child living in
Westminster who cannot find work to do for the good of
the city if he or she will but put brains and hands to the
task. We together constitute a city and it is a matter of
the first importance to each one of us to see to it that
Westminster, the mother city of the mainland of British
Columbia, should be in no department of life one whit behind any city in Canada.
In some spheres of civic endeavor we have not rested
content with copying our neighbors as we go on growing,
witness for instance the fact that upon the whole Pacific
seaboard of Canada we are first to have a scheme for
Harbor improvement ready to be put into execution. But
there is another side to the picture, for in at least one of
the hall marks of a Canadian city we are shamefully lack
ing at this present time. We refer to Westminster's pres
tige in the militia list of Canada.
Other cities on the coast, as they grew to larger pro
portions followed the example set by that New Westmin
ster of years ago whose artillery and rifles were excelled
by none in the Dominion, but latterly there has been a
great  deal of apathy linked with departmental changes
and so the present conditions have been brought about.
We need say nothing more here than that the city of
New Westminster, the one time capital of British Colum
ilia, is today supposed to supply two full companies to the
104th Regiment of Canadian Infantry. Actually she
turns out sufficient rank and file to make up less than
ialf a single company. This is not all the story, but surely
this fact is sufficiently humiliating. .
What is to be done?
We do not think that the men of Westminster are
made of inferior clay to the men of Vancouver, of Victoria, of Kamloops, of North Vancouver, of Chilliwack.
We_ believe that for too" long already they have suffered
their city to bear a stigma upon its name in military
���circles, and we know that there are here sufficient numbers both of intelligent, and in many cases experienced,
officers and men to establish a four company regiment
together with a band, a unit which would uphold the ,   ,    ,..      ..
-rtvor ot theRoniratjW4 eatavwlViimt to Un againVl^^'SS.a7^1���^
I AHr"--i��Yl ���>"> Rivsitti PoA��s 1\aa aV
-**��aflv bppn nrtded to tne connuestB of
htimanltv. It Is certain tlift. If all has
more waTl, P��.nt�� in Soott/s ernlora-
tir-m "-ill add lsrtfly to Br'nntiflc
knowledge of tbe Antarctic regions
ugas, known as the Five Nations. Two
centuries ago they were Joined by
the Florida Tuscaroras, and the Union was known as the Six Nations.
When the white men first began tho
settlement of America, these tribes
occupied Central and Western New
York State, the larger part of the
ba*in ot the Great Lakes, and the upper valley of the St. Lawrence.
Never friendly to the French, they
became the strong allies of the English. Several times defeated ln battle
the Iroquois made a treaty with the
United States in' 1784, when a majorl-
ty of them crossed the Lakes Info
Ontario. In the last war between the
United States and England, which
was being waged a century ago, the
pnfedoracy was a house divided
against Itself, a part of the Indians
fighting under the Stara and Stripes
ind a larger part bearing British arms
"if the various Iroquois tribes, the
Seneoas have been the most faithful
to ancient traditions, and. It is on
their reserves, that the Iroquois New
Year will he best reserved.
The ceremonies begin at sunrise,
when a company of "Buffalo Heads''
go abnttt awakenlpg the people bv
qhantipg a song which recites that
the old year has gone and a new one
commenced. The announcers light
the fire of the new year, and receive
ln payment a pouch of Indian tobacco,
the giver saving of the Weed that "It
sobers the thoughts and clears the
mind." It Is very strong tobacco, and
the paleface Is not likely to find his
mind the nkarer from smoking it.
"Walking the chalk lin<" Is another
New Year ceremony. Braves and
squaws sllke walk tils line, a half-
mile In length, resolving to wai"
straight throughout tho year, and to
deviate from the line hy a step is
thought to be evidence of a crooked
character. The ceremonies continue
several days, and Include a serrooi
bv the high priest that occupies three
entire davs.
The preacher elonuently describes
���he Joys which will be the eternal
heritage rf the faithful ln the Hanpy
Huntlng Grounds of the Croat Si'rU
nnd the horrors of the other place.
The present religion of the Iroquolt,
hears about the sn^e relation to their
ancient creed as Christianity bears to
Tiida'im. The new revelation from
the Great Spirit was received by Hand
a.r.mo, T ->v<v '���� was born about 1735
and died in 1518.
A year ago yesterday Capt. Robt.
S. Scott, the eminent explorer, set oul
on his perilous Journey with the South
Pole as his goal, and Bince then not
a word has been hpard from him.
Little fear Is entertained for his safe
ty, moreover, and as this 13 written,
the good ship Terra Nova Is ploughing through the southern Beas to
bring the Intrepid explorer back to
-ivlll-ntlon. It was on Jan. 3, 1912
thnt Canton Soott said farewell tr
tome of his companions at a place
10R tv-ties from "the bottom of th"
Ills last messaee was thP express'or
of a determination to remain in the
Antarctic regions another winter In
nrdcr to carrv on his scientific inves-
Mrat'on. It 1b llkelv that the Terra
Nova will find the captain at his sup-
plv Rtatlon on Cape Evans, about the
ifldlo of this month, and    thnt    he
his forty-third birthday. Although his
pulpit I* ln Clnolnattl, the Influence
of Blgelow ha* been powerful throughout America, and has even been felt
in Europe. The adoption of the Initiative and referendum and other radical measures. Incorporated In the new
constitution, by tlie people of Ohio,
was probably due in large part to the
propaganda carried on for years by
the clerical preacher of democracy.
Herbert Seely, the original name of
tho famous clergyman, was born in
Elkhart,.In.', Jan. 4, 1870. His father
was extremely poor and Mb mother
died when he was nn Infant. At the
tender nge of nine Herbert flew the
paternal coop, working for a time as
a bootblack, and later as a farm hand
In Michigan. Rural life palled on him
and he trmped through the southern
StntPB, working at odd lobs. He was
emnloved In a Florida hotel when he
attracted the attention of Alfred Blgo-
low and his wife, wealthy people from
Cleveland. They adopted the wandering lad and educated him at Oherlln
College and Western Reserve Unlver-
He at first decided on a Journnrstlc
career, and for a year was a reporter
on the Cleveland plaindealer. Then
he dete-mlned to become a clergy
man, took a couise at the Lane Theological seminary, and In 1896 was ordained as a Congregational minister.
He was called to the Vine street Congregational church In Cincinnati.
where his eloquence soon made him
popular. In a few years he became
an earnest convert to the single tax
theorv. and to the initiative and referendum as the only way of securing
Its adoption. -
The anti-Imreriallst movement thai
spread over the United States following the Spanish-American war found
- forceful spokesman In B'tpIow. Daniel Klefer. the late Tom Johnson, and
Brand Whltlock were Bigelow's friend*
and co-workers in the polU'cal movement for the overthrow of the alleged
machines and the adoption of the in'
tiative and referendum. The cloiuen'
minister made converts of most of
hit "-ongroentlon. nid pnctlcalh- al'
of thom folio���ed him '���hen he fmvn-1
ed   the  People's Church     -"d    Town
M��������|n,.   qorlofv.  Hap-'-''   ocntre  SIOT"-
mert with Its 0"lr<t a"rt rlac�� of n*
noTnh'v �����> the Grand Opera House of
���the laurels annexed by Its predecessors.
Herein we need the help of the department of militia ]
and we feel sure that its capable head will do his share in
this most necessary rectification. The time is coming
when Westminster will require an up-to-date drill hall
and we have no doubt that a satisfactory arrangement
���can be made with the city with regard to the provision
of a site as soon as the government is prepared to do its
part and erect the ball
It is gratifying to state that throughout the British
Empire New Westminster has won fame as the first city
in the oversea dominions to establish the National Reserve movement; it is also gratifying to state that there
has not been similarly heralded the fact that she is doing
so little in active military circles. The worth of the National Reserve to Canada has been recognized by both the
governor-general and the minister of militia and we trust
that in due course it may be properly organized throughout the length and breadth of the land.
The aim of the Canadian militia is that of its British
and Saxon predecessors, in which every man was trained
to arms for purposes of defence, not defiance. Force is
still the greatest and last of arguments���an unpleasant,
but nevertheless, undeniable fact���and, while we, with
the most rabid peace-at-any-price exponent, sincerely
pray that the time may never come when our militia will
take either the field against an enemy or be called upon
in times of industrial trouble, we would urge the speedy
���establishment of the unit we have outlined above and
would also remind every man, and woman in the city that
in this work each one of them can help.
��� ���
��� FIRST    THINGS. ���
��> ' ���>
The first life boat was given a trial
on the Thames river, near London,
US years ago today, Jan. 4, 1785. 1.
was the Invention of Lionel Lukin
a woodworker and carriage builder.
The craft followed tlie lines of a Nor
wegian yawl, but had a keel or iron
and was fitted with air-tight compart
Lukln failed in his endeavors to get
the government to adopt his Invention, and died in extreme poverty.
Henry Greathead was the next Englishman to patent a lifeboat, ln January 1790, and within fourteen yean,
thirty-one of his craft had bpen built
and put In use, resulting In the saving of over three hundred Uvea.
In 1824 the National Lifeboat Instl
tntion was organized, and, with the
nld of benevolent persons, built hundreds of craft. Wm. B. Rhodes, the
"Honnslow miser" left a bequest or
nearly S200.nnn to the Institution In
1SJ8. Tho life-saving service of the
United States, ns nt rrcient organized,  was founded  In  1S71.
OUYVT BAPTIST CHURCH���Coras* at gcvsstli *tr**t and tjueens
areaae. Servlcas 11 a.m. aad 7
p.m.; ttuaday sch*el-at 2:39 p.m. B.
T. P. U��� Monday, I p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 8 p.m. Pastor Rev.
EDMONDS.���Rev. Reid McCullough.
B.A., pastor. Services, 11 a.m., and
7 p.m.; Sunday school, 12 noon till 1
p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdsy,
7:30 p.m.
vice will be held at 3 p.m. by Bev.
D. G. Macdonald, B.A. Sunday sohool
at 2:88 p.m.
Pastor,' Rev. Reid McCullough, B.A.
Sunday school and Bible class, 8 p.m;
services, 4 p.m.; prayer and praise
meeting, Thursday. 8 p.m.
atrect aa* Reyal avcwi*���B��v. C. E.
Wlneett, r**ter, "Th* Lew Oburos."
fiervieee at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Suaday *��h**l aad Bible class at 2:81)
p.m. Prayer meetiag Thursday, 7:30
p.m. Subjects, 11 a.m., "A New Year's
Salutation"; 7 p.m., "A New Year's
SALVATIOK ARMT, Ensign Stickles and Lieutenant Manning��� Harvest
festival at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7:33
p.m., ln the   citadel,   Eighth   atrest.
are held ln the hall, corner Fifth
street and Eighth avenue, a* 11 a.m.
every Sunday. Testimony Meetings
Wednesday at 8 p.m.
eveiy Sunday at 3:30 p.m. In St.
Paul's Reformed Episcopal ehurcli,
Royal avenue and Seventh street. Sunday school, 2:30 p.m. O. Borge, pastor, residence 1654 Eleventh avenue
east, Vancouver.
CHURCH OF CHRIST, or Christians���at tent, 215 Durham street, between Second and Fourth street*. Services: Preaching and Communion, 11
a.m.;  preaching. 2.30 and 7.30 p.m.
Right In the heart of building activity.. Choice lot on th* high
aids of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Prlo* 11750.00, third cash,
balance six and twelve month*.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
1*7 Prairie, MarrayvlUe,
Strawberry MU. South
Westminster, Clover
VaUei, Coahlan. Bardie, BperUng Station,
Dennteon Station. Brad-
n*r, Belierose, via B.
C. E. R. ttlally except
Sunday)' 8:��0
'< 10:00���Annlevllle and   Banbury
(daily except Sunday) .13il5
16-.*t���Vancouver, Piper'* Siding via NJ. N. B.
Idaliy except Sunday) .14:21
7:30���United Bute* via Q. N. R.
(dally sweeet Sunday).. (. 4t
20:40--Chllllwack via B. C. E. II.
Idaliy axe*** Buaaay).17:S0
11:20���Clayton (Tuaaday, Tnura-
day. Friday aad Bat-
day       14:00
11:20���Cloverdal* and Port Kell*
via O. N. R. (dally except  Sunder) 14:0t
11:20��� Abbotaford, Haatingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
exceDt Sundsrr) 17: SI
20:40���Cloverdale    via    B.C.E.R.
(dally except Saadayl .17:3.
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vlata and Oatalht 23:00
U^J��.J����'W��   ����*
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up) ....��1��\000,000.0��
RESERVE     J,fcO09,0O0.OC
"*A thing ot beauty is a Joy forever."
The truth or the above line has bnen
keenly folt by everyone who is sen-
sitirr to the curso of iiglincas, Ihe
saeedlcss blight which has supplanted
mo much lovdinrsa In tne world.
sjicly houses, ugly stn-rts, uply
-clothes, ugly furniture, njrjiness multl-
adied In dull variety afflicts ths eye
persistently till pessimism sometimes
w*ii��p*rH that everything manuracTiir-
nd try man is essentially ugly, and is |
���tamped and marred and debased by \ ...:,.,.���,    ,.
.. .   . .      -   orlglnes  means  the  dawning of    the
as ugliness which is ss pereoaial and j 463rd year of the   Iroquois Confetlera-
ansconquerable as original sin. tion.    In the midst of the civilization
Why is there so little art In some   of the Empire State nnd Ontario,    In
��* the goods "Made-lc-Canada"? Can-   �����m"!>Ul" n��ar K���< cities the ft*
,    , ,. .   "      cendnnts   of   tho   original   Americans
atban manufacturers art. not dellber-] have clung to their old custom* and
��� ���
��� ���
�������������������������>�����. ��.��.��>,>��
Iroquo.'o Indians Celebrate New Year
With Ancient Rites.
Rites and ceremonies that have re
malned unchanged through the centuries will mark tlie celebration of
New Year by the Iroquois Indians of
New York State, Wisconsin, Ontario
and Oklahoma. The quaint obser
vanens will have thoir culmination
with the rising cf the first sun of tho
moon, Nls-ko-wult-ni, which to the ab
ntriy ma'-ihr; ugli "-'r They r.re
���OW!vir.,',- to | r. ��� !.rc. .'ttractrrt- ffvod-
-Which will attract the popular ey-.
The truth Is that there arc too few
able and experienced Canadian deBlgn-
cr* who poBseas a wide knowledge of
���ansll nl art. We want artists who can
���Deeializo in commercial art. Before
-���a can get such artist* we must pro-
waato means for their education. Then
wt> must educate the public.
.Paris goods are welcomed all over
Una world because they are beauti-
fxdL "Mado-in Canada" goods, IT they
���.re ambitious to receive a similar
welcome, should have the quality of
�� "iotty aa well as that of srlilitjp. In
' Canada.
religions and remain aa corporate na
In vain the ralffnces have sought
to drive them toward the land cf thr
letting sun. ThoBi! virile peoples, pos
sessed of a racial vitality almost
without parallel, have withstood all
the powerful Influence brought to bear
against them, and only a few have
been Induced to make new homes in
Oklahoma. Except for business purposes the Iroquois tribes have not
even adopted the modern calendar,
but continue to observe New Years
Day according to the aystem in vogue
among them for four or five centuries
Tho Iroquois Confederation was originally composed of the Mohawks.
(Onfidss. Onondagas, Senccas and Cay-
The first diplomat to represent the
.United States at a foreign court was
Uenjaniln Franklin, who arrived ln
Pari*, as ifr'nial "agent" nf the Infan
republic In France, Jii3t 1T.6 years hi?'
today. The crossing of the Atlantic
In the sloop "Reprisal'' had occupied
over a month, and Dr. Franklin had
had many thrilling escapes from pur
snin?   I'ritlsh   vessels.
Franklin was given a cordial reo.->p
tion In France, although hW refusal
to wear sword or wig when presenter!
at court shocked the fashionables.
The greatest writers and philosnher*
nf that golden age In France delighted to honor Dr. Franklin, and even
the venerable Voltaire paid tribute to
'he genius nf the American. Franklin remained In France nine years.
At first he was merply the agent of
the "American Rebels", and had nr
nffieial diplomatic standing, but even
In that capacity he had sufficient in
riuence to bring about tho tmnty r'
alliance between Franco and the c"l
miles, which had so profound'a mora'
������ffect nn the revolutionary struggle
With Thomas Paine, he raised a lot
of money 'n Frarce.
After   the   treaty   Franklin   bfcai".
the first American minister to France
��� ���
��� THE    HUMAN     PROCESSION.   ���
��� (By   O. Terence.) ���
��� ���
Herbert    Blgelow,    Political    Parson,
Celebrates HI* 43rd Birthday
To  disciples of Henry  George  tho
world over the name of Herbert Seely
Blgelow is known and honored, and
many and sincere will be the congratulatory messages that will pour In on
Cincinnati'* "political parson" today
After this week those church notices
only will be published in this column
for which changes have been Bent in
or arrangements made with the busl
ness office.
TRINITY���Rev. Canon G. C. d'Easura.
al.'A., reeter; Rev. Qeorne A. Ray, M
A., aaalatant ournte. * a.m.. Holy
Communion; 11 a.m- Matins, Litany
and sermon; 2:30 p.m., Sunday school;
7 p.m., Evensong and sermon.
f��s��ta atraat���War. B. R. RartlaU,
M.A.. rector. Matma ana Holy Communion. 11 a.m.: Evensong and ser
mon. 7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m
Club meets Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
ST. MARY'S CHURCH (Church of
"hxglaad). Sannertbn���Rev. _ Franli
Plaskett, M.A., vicar. Holy communion
8 a.m.; MatlnB and sermon 11 a.m.
Evensong snd sermon, 7 p.m.; Sunday
school 2:30 p. m.
nest Burnaby���Rev. David Dunlop
reater. Matins and Holy Eucharist
11 *.���.; EvenBong and sermon at 7
p.m.; Sunday school at 2:80 p.m.
Westminster���Rev. C. J. Leans, d.
reeter. Matlas, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday
���xlheol. 2:30 p.m.; Evensong and ser-
mnn, 7 p.m. The church is fire minutes' walk frem South Westminster
statiea, ea the B. C. E. R. Chllllwaek
Mae. /
���Rev. J. 8. Henderson, paster. Ser-
rises 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath
seheel and Bible elaas   et   2:3* p.m
nerner ef Fourth Ave. and S*v*ath St
Rev. M. G. Melvln. B. A., minister
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Suntlr./ aehonl and Bible class, 8:86
p.m.; Guild, Monday, S p.m..
ton���Rev. E. n. Thompson, M.A., min
Istsr. Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m
Bible Class 1:20 p. m.; Sabbath
school at !:ro p. m.; Y. P. On'M
Monday, 8 p.m. Prayer meeting YV>d
nesday, 7:30 p.m.
earner Fourteenth street and Seventh
avenue���Rev. It. Waiace Collins. BA.
paster. Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m
Guild Tuesday 8 p.m. Sunday school
2:30 ?.m.
Moreton Hall.) W. J. Gordon, pastor
Services, 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m.
Rev. W. *V\ Abbott K.V. B.D.. pastor
Sesylcss 11 s.m.. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
school at 2:?n p.m. Subjects, 11 a.m.
"How We Can Help"; 7 p.m., "Is tht
Soul Immortal ?"
Rev. V.". S. A. Cm*, U.A.. p*3tnr. Ser
vines at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Bu��itla>
snhool'at 2nd p m.; nrsver and pralsr
service Wednesday ot 8 p.m.
K. T). nraden. pastor. Services si
11 a.ijs. snd 7 p.m. The paster wll'
preach nt both services.
CHURCH���Corner Flphth street an'
Third avenue, Burnaby. Rev. W. C
Frank, paBtor. ServlOeB 11 a.m. anti
7:30 p.m.; Sunday school aad Bible
Class at 2:30 p.m.
S. MoKlnlcy, pastor. Lovo Treat
9:45 a.m.; preaching. II a.m. and
7:15 p.m.; Sacran.^.-.t, 12 ?,oon; Sun
day school, 2:3*J p.m.; praise service.
7 p.m.
HobpIUI street���O. B. Anderson, pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m,;
Sunday school and Brble class 12 toT
irrtval: Closing:
10:&0���Vancouver  via  O.  N.  R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake   and   Vancouver via B. C. E. R-.. 7:46
16:45���Vancouver   via   O. N. B.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
: 40���Vancouver via B.. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).!::IB
-8:00���Vaaeouver via. B. C. E. B. 	
(dally exeeat Si��*day).l*:**jlert ���. Cr*dlt .mum,
18:00���Vansouver via B. C. E. R. 1 correspondents In   all   par** ot
(dally except Sunday).2��:J*j world.
10:00���Port Mann  (dally except Saving* Ban* Otpsrtmaat���Dapoalti
Sunday)   ��:46: recel-ed  In sum* of fl ami upward
(: 40���Victoria  via B. C.  E.   R. '*i��.1 Interest allow* 1 at 8 p*r aeat V*
(dally except Sunday). 11.16 [annum   (pr*s*��it rat*).
I Branch** throughout Caaada
i Newfoundland, ant. In London,
1 land, !<*w York. Chuage and
U.8.A., and Mexico City. A
1 banking    buslnsis    transacted
Ph��m* R524
0:80���waniston Islands arrive*
Tuesday. Thursday ana*
Saturday, and leaves
Maaday, Wednesday
and Friday 13: li i
0:60��� Victoria via 0. N. R.
(d��Hyf-xcept Sunday) .2��:J��
18:80���Edmends and Central;
Park (dally except Buav
day)    x��,-.ae
11:20���Tynehead   ( Tuesday   aadi
FriOav)  14:09
���8:10���Atihotsloid. Upper Bunas,
MatBquL      Huntingdon,
etc.   (dally exsept Suav
day)    T;li
6:16���Crescent, Whakt Uetk and
Blaine     (daily    asaept
��unday)   8:46
8:16���United States via G. H. B.
idaliy exattiM   Sunday>..18:0(,
6:16���Haifa Prairie. Rasa fUd-a
end   flail tan ore   (dusty
except BuBstarl ��:46
11:50���Sappertan     aad
Mills      dall>
Sunday)   7:H
11:50���AU paints east aad Europe (daily) 7.-��
18:10���Sapperfcn     aad
Mills     (dally
Sunday)   ".18:18
9:26���All    poiute eact aad    Km-
rope (dally)    |M:1��
11:50���Coqultlam    (dally   ex****
Sunday)   -f:H
"2:00���Central Part, MaKar am*
Edmonds  (dally ��xe*(H
Saaday)       nit
0:00���Ladnet.     Pox     Smtetxia,
Westbam   Maad. mm
VtBa M:15
13 00��� East Burnaby (dally except Sunday)   13:0S
0:00���Tlmnensnd fTnesduy aad
1 .-.a-.. ?Jda^ aa.1'',,'- .���**���� Mineral Waters,
1:20���Rand. Majnba Httt via
��. C. E. ft. (Mewttay
Wednesday aad Frt-
rt��y        *:����
1:20��� flhllliwack. Miner. Mt.
Letiau, ��� ideismraa. Otter. Hhortreed. frcirey
Total   A**et* over  ll86.00O.tWO **
O. I)   rtHVMNKR.
Second Hand Store
J. ��. SMITH.
Buy and sail new and   set***)   bead
���roods ot all kinds.   Tools eaasectally.
SO Mclimes Street. Pttow, too*
618- Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweaplng,
Kavetrough Cleaning,
Sawsr Connecting,
Cesspools, septic Tantta, Etc.
whs de not receive
8 a.m. should
The News befar*
sad make complaint. Only in tbl* way
may an efficient delivery ae main
.... 1   ..... r.
COAL MU11NS ricbU at tb* Dominion la Maalteba, Baakatcbewan and
Alberta, tke Taken Territory, th*
Merthwast Taniterl** aad In a por-
Hen of tha Bsavma* at British Columbia, may ������ leased ser a term ol twen
ty-ens year* at aa annual rental of
81 aa acr*. Met mere than 2,510 acres
will be leased to* ass* applicant.
Application fer a lease mast be
made by the applicant la parson to
tb* Ageat or Bub-Agmat of tb* district
In which the rights applied (or ara
la survsyed territory tke lend must
b* deseribsd by sectleas, or legal subdivisions of sections, anal in uusurvey-
sd territory tb* tract applied tor shall
be (tasted out by the applicant himself.
Each application mu*�� be accompanied by a fee of 86 which win be
relanded If the rights applied tor are
net available, but not e-therwlsc. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable eutput of the mine at tbe rata
ef five c*ats per tan.
Tha Mason operating tb* mine (hall
furnish tb* Ageut with sworn returns
aeeeuailag ler the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined aad pay the
reyaltr thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights are net being operated such returns should be furnished at leaat
ease a year.
Th* leas* will include the coal mining right* uby. bat the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available sus-fase right* may be conaidsred
���eeesaaay far tba working of the mine
at tb* sat* of lid an acre.
Fwr fall Information application
should be made to tbe Secretary of
the Department of tbe Interior. Ottawa, or t* aay Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Land*.
w. w. cony.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B��� Baautborlxed publication of
thla advertisement a 111 act be paid
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Table* la tba ally. Fine
line ef Cigars aud Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
it's ths Wsrk.
Us* V*ur Phone.
MS ClarfciM GirsM.
ad ***d tsai
Eighty R**i
rib* ��a**t
elay.   Km 1
��� ��� sstl.Aa.   (ma
la tbe
���ad *taam
aad Snt elais
Pre** nit ������**���� ��������   "heri
Phen* 1M
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
TslsDhons a  118  Office Princess Si
for Ladies taw Men
Htm  Waavrln-tar
We Will Show You Hew!
If you have Ideas���if yon can think���we will show you th* **eret�� ef tbl* fasclnstlng new profession.
Positively no experience or literary  excellence  necessary. -No  flow*ry language" I* wanted. s
The demand for photoplays Is practically unlimited. The bib film manufacturer* are [(moving heaven
and earth" ln their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever Increasing demand. They are of-
terrlurc $100 and more, for single scenarios, or written Ideas.
We linve received many letter* from the film manufacturer*, such as VITAGRAPH, WpifiON, ESSA-
NAY, LUBIN,. SOLAX, 1MI' li-lX. "r-.IANCR. CHAMPION. CQM*T, MBLlaW, ETC,, urging us to send
i.hotoplay* to tham.    t\'e want moree wrlterB and we'll gladly teaclih you th* secrets tf succas*.
We are selling photoplays wrlten by people who "never bsfors wrote ��� Una f*r publication.
Perhaps we can do the some for you. If you can think of only one good Idea *very week, and will
write tt out as directed by us, and It sells for only $25, a low figure,
FRFF 8END Y0UI, NAMB AND ADDRM'AT *NCi ron ���F''M''oopv ��F
Don't hesitate,
and your future.
Don't argue. Write now and loam Just what tbl* new profession m��y mean for you
1543 Broadway
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable in all parte of tha world. Savings bank department at
all branch**.
���S^���s���s^������ I     I I     �������������� I    II
New Westminster Branch. Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
0. D. WILSON, Manager.
New Tram Regulations
On and after fan. 1, Ilia certain alterations will be made In the regulations of this company oorerlng tha transportation of naascneora over lu
tramlines. .
. ba Company la doing *>��� that "men and money" can do to provide an
adequate tram service wnlci will guarantee convenience and safer- for Its
paoaengits and this policy will ue continued In the line of the provision of
additional cars.
After New Tear's Day riding on tbe ateps, bumpers or fenders of cars
will be a violation of the - rovlnclal regulations and sue, action cannot be
permitted by t,.e Company. Aa apeedi.y as possible, with due regard to public
convenience, tbe platforms of a.   cars will be equipped wiui gates or doors.
Riveted Steel Pipes
P. 0. BOX 442
UttRS and'PHONE 890
Lumber Lath and
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Mrs. T. J. Armstrong has Issued Invitations for a dance next Tuesday
��� ���    ���
.Mr. James Walker entertained a
few of his friends last evening at
cards snd games.
*'   a ��� a
Mrs. J. Franklin Ellis will receive
with her mother,, Mrs. A. G. Cotton,
on Monday afternoon, Jan. 6th, at 418
First street.
��� ���   ���
Ths Misses Gertrude and Margaret
Rand and Master Carrol Rand enter
talned a number of their friends at u
Jolly dance on Thursday evening,
��� as '
Mrs. Frank Elllsfnee Cotton1) will
receive for tbe first time since her
marriage on Monday afternoon at her
mother's residence, 41s First street,
��� ���   ���
Miss Bryant, who has been the
guest of Miss Marlon Martin during
the Christmas holidays, returned to
her borne In Vancouver on Wednesday.
��� ��   ��
Mrs. George Casssdy, Sixth street,
will receive for her daughter. Mrs.
LyaJI. on Tuesday, Jan. 7th and afterwards on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.
a    a    ���
Mrs. C. C. Worsfold entertained at
a luncheon on Monday when covers
were laid for twelve. The Invited
guests were: Mrs. Mallns, Mrs. Coul-
thard, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Crelghton,
Mrs. MeColl, Madame Gauvreaii, Mrs.
Clute, Mrs. Marcon and Mrs. Gaynor.
��� ���   ��
Mr. and Mrs. S. n. Tidy announce
the marriage of their daughter, Miss
Annie Tidy, to Mr. Sidney Herring
of Pitt Meadows, son of Mr. A. M.
Herring, of this city, to take place at
3t. Marimbas church on the evening
of January 14 next. Miss Tidy is one
of the royal line of Westminster's
May Queens, her reign six years ago
being signalized bv the raisins; of a
fund of nesrly a thousand dollars for
the furnishing of a children's ward in
the new Royal Columbian hospital.
Miss Tidy organized a society of some
fifteen young ladles who collected this
��� ���   ���
Quite the largest Bocial event of thr
season look place on Monday night
when Miss Rand entertained about
one hundred and fifty of her friends
at a very enjoyable dance. The din
Ing room, drawing room   and    hall,
I which were decorated with evergreen,
holly and red Christmas bells, were
used for dancing. Harper's orchestra
was stationed st one end of the hall,
and   Miss  Hand   received  her  guests
I with her father at the foot of the wtd?
[staircase. Among those noticed present were:    Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Grant
I Mrs. Pyne. Mr. and Mrs. Malins, Mr
and Mrs. Co'ilthard. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Hill. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Allen, Mr. and
Mrs. Sutherland. Mr. and Mrs. Ardagh.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank,. Kills,   Mr.   and     Mrs.     H��roia
holly and white chrysanthemums. The
table was centered with the wedding
cake, surrounded with chiffon, smllax
and white mums. After the toasts,
etc., the happy couple motored to
Vancouver en route to the south
where the honeymoon will be spent.
The wedding gifts were numerous
and handsome. '
Among the out of town guests were,
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Byrnes, Langley
Prairie; Bishop and Mrs. de Pencler
and Masters Theodore, John and
Joe de Pencler, Vancouver; Mr. and
Mrs. E. A. Haggen and Master Alfred
Haggen, Kevclstoke, B. C; Miss Wrig
ley, Shaughneosy Heights; Rev. Mr.
Edge, Coqultlsm; Mr. and Mrs. D. D
Munro, Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Smith, Grsndvtew.
Amarlean Gretna Graen May Come to
Sudden Bad.
Cumberland, Md., Jan. 3.���"Cupid's
combine," ����� the organization of
trainmen, cab-drivers, and ministers
who hav* banded tn the common
cause of aiding the many eloping couples who come to Cumberland to "get
hitched," is called, today came under
the notice of tbe Allegheny commissioners and an Investigation was ordered.
Tbe alleged facts as pished before
the commissioners set forth that the
trainmen "steer" the eloping couples
Into the bsnds of their cab-driving
partners, who In turn speed the couples to a selected list of ministers
where the nuptial knot is quickly tied.
The fee Is "split three ways" according to the commissioners' informers.
This matrimonial monopoly Is said
to be extrem'ly profitable, as Cumber-
land is the Gretna Green of this section, lying, as It does, close to the
borders of Perinsvlvanla and West
Virginia. An average of fifteen couples come here daily to get married.
33 Hears to Prince Rupert
41 Hoars to Hazelton
Connecting with 0. T. P. Railway for points Bast;  also with 8.8.
"Prince John" for Stewart, Oranby Bay, Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
8.8.   "rRINOB ALBERT" for Prinott Rupert and way- ports,   3rd,
13th and 23rd ef each month.
TlokiKs to all n**t*ni destinations and to Europe.
. i    . . ' . i . .,   	
H. O. 8MITH. 0  r.tT.A. W. p. DUPEHOW, O. A. P. D.
Phon* Seymour 7180.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Qranvllle Street.
i    i "i
w. n. oilley, Ph*n* 122.
0. E. OILLEY, PtioM 111
'Man**. Oltleo 1B and f*V
GMey Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited *tock of C0M0X- CO AL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use,' which s^will sell for. esah oaly
��� il   ill" 1 i
Lenrnv. Mr. "and" Mrs. ' Diamond,' Mr.
and Mrs. Clute, Dr. and Mrs. Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Bourne. Mr. and Mrs.
Haines. Mr. and Mrs. Ballock. Mr.
and Mrs. M. M. English. Miss Freese.
Miss Corbould, Miss Josephine Martin, Miss Eleanor Martin, Miss Brown,
Miss Gertrude Brown Miss McBr'rte
Miss Lorra Fraser. Vancouver; Miss
Laidlaw Spokane; Miss Godfrey, Vancouver; Miss, Lewis. Miss Almn Lewis. Miss DeWolf Smith. Miss Marlon
Martin. Miss Moore, , Peterborough;
Miss Nors. Armstrong Miss Alms
Leamy. Miss Pope, Mlsi Curtis. Miss
Warwick. Miss Drew. Ml��s Watson,,
Miss Peele. Miss Nan Phillips Mr.
Miller. Vancouver: Mr. Hal Wade
Vancouver; ' Mr. James Walker. Mr>
O'Brlsn, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Harry Oreame
Mr. Wnrd, Mr. Pellv, Mr.' Scott. Mr
Ford. Mr. Ryan, Mr. Bill Keary. Mr.
Wnlker Cot ion. Mr. White.id��. Mr.
Slacoy, Mr. Walter Brown, Mr. Knight
Mr. Frank Malor, Mr. Mat Knight
Mr. Frank Hill. Mr. Nanler Smith
Mr. LUok. Mr. Charles Leamy. Mr. Albert I-earny. Mf. Clay English, Mr.
Keith McOowen; Mr. Sellerv, Mr. A.
Johnston: Mr. Augus MeColl, and Mr.
Sholto MeColl.
Strenuous Helpmate.Uses Razor When
"Real  Mad"���Cuts All Clothes
Off Him.
Pittsburg, Jan. 3.���The champion
henpecked husband cf this state revealed himself today to the commissioners of Washington County when
he appealed to those three persons for
relief. James M. Slahl asserts, without bcasting, that he has all other
contenders beaten when It comes to
the real henpecked article. Mrs. Ida
Stahl uses a hatchet, bottle, razor or
most anything that is not nailed down,
the husband  says,  when  she wishes
to see htm make hurried exit from thu
"She often runs me out of the house
with a butcher knife or a hatchet",
he said. "Frequently I have to liswj
, out Mv Use var* aU nissa*. oma it *��*���':���'
I so cola theae ntgata. Recently Ida
got real mad at me and cut all my
clothes off with my best razor."
"I have to do all tbe housework,
wash the dishes and prepare the meal
and If tbls does not satisfy her she
throws dishes at me. Once she even
threw tbe food at me because something displeased ber. Married life
ain't all that some people think it Is.
and it's a whole lot mote than some
others Imagine."
t. m. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B. 0.
fa,. H. BDCKLIN,
Pr*��. and GaaL Mgr.
Sao. aid Tr***.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phon** No. 7 and 877.
You can rent that room,-through the medium of
a classified advertisement,ia the,,Weatmin^^
Daily News at the small cost of one cent a word.
A very pretty wedding took p1ac��
on the evening of Friday, the twenty-
seventh of December, 1912., at Holy
Trinity CSthredral. when Mr. Rupert
Williams Haggen, eldest son ot Mr.
and JJr*. Edward Alexander Haggon.
of Revelstoke, B. C. snd Miss Grace
Irene Wastman, third daughter of   Mr.
Slid Mrs. Henry Alfred Eastman   of
this city, were Halted ln th* bonds
of holy matrimony.   The   ceremony
was performed by the Blshoo of N��v>.
Westminster, who I* * eonstn of th��
bride, assisted by   the   Rev.   Canon
d'Easuni.   The bride, who was giver
away By'her    father,   looked    very
charming In a gown of Ivory Duchesi
ss'tlh, with court train.   8he wore ��
bridal veil with wreath of myrtle ��nd
carried a bouquet   'of   white    roses.
Miss Edna E*��tm��n, lister   ef   the
.bride, and .Miss Rosebud Haggen. sister of the groom, were the   bride*
maid*, and wore dainty dresses' of ap
uie green satin, with silk lace caps
1 and carried bouquets ot violets.' Tli��
little M1**es Pattv and Betty Byrnes
jiieces of the bride; were vfiry* ��weo1
lo Kate Oeeniway frocks at white
satin with lace caps, and carried whit/
staff* mounted with holly.   Mr. Ed
win S. hlBstmftn, Ifrother of the bride,
���supported th* groom.   Mr: Q. K. Bur-
,ntue and. Mr.  \V. A. L. Goldsmith
were the ushers.    The groom's gltt
to the bride Was a diamond hoop; ti
the bridesmaids, pearl brooches;  tt
Uie staff bearers,   gold   chain   am',
cross;  to the -best men *nd ushers,
pearl     stlokplns.     Mrs:     Eastman.
mother of the bride, woro a handBom*.
gown of black duchess   satin    wjtl
trimming* of gold lace and panels ot
Spanish lace over white chiffon, and
a Gainsborough hat In black and gold
with large French plume,   yin. Haggen, mother' of the groom, 'wore   a
beautiful gown Of white satin veiled
with black lace and Bolero Jacket with
a,Paris hat ot black and white with'
After the ceremony, a reception
was held at atormonts, the home'of
the bride's parents. The . spacious
drawing room was a bbwef of palms,
holly and yellow Chrysanthemums.
The dining room   decoration*   were
Half-Conscious Lad Rescued From a
Terrible  Death.
New York, Jan. 3.���There's a cocoa-nut tree drifting dr'ft'ng ahead
off the port bow. I do believe there's
s human being tn tt."
In the trail of the recent West Indian hurricane, while the steamer Fog-
ton Hall was passing debris of the
storm sixty miles off the Jamaican
coast, the vessel's first officer made
ihls discovery, and was go sure of It
that he sent a* lifeboat to tbe tree.
Half an hour later the boat crew
was lifting a half-conscious, half clad
pickaninny tenderly trom Its perilous
position. Th* lad called himself
Willie Gee." He wa* a beach comber
at Port Antonio.
Wben the hurricane came he sought
refuge In a deserted hulk, b-it with It
he was blown to sea. He swan to the
cocoa tree wljere he drank m'lk from
Its nuts snd finally exhausted, fell
s,s|eet> In Its bram-hes. ��� He believed
he floated tor two daya
3 BI G
Saturday  Specials
Here is a windfall of good fortune to every
man in need of an
Over coatyHat or Shirt I
Special No. 1
Any One of Our $18.00 or $20.00
Overcoats, Saturday Only
Special No. 1
Negligee Shirts, consisting of choice pattern** j
of stripes and figures, stiff and soft cuffs; Q5c
worth $1.25 to $2.00.   Your choice Saturday vvw#
Special No. 3
Ypur choice of our $3.00 and $4.00 Hats
Saturday for -     -     -     -
Come to this^ Sale on Saturday, Mr. Man.
���You'll # glad, if you do���sorry if you
tiijif y;'	
Reid & McDonald
...   , .   .    ...   .,
-���(i-    ���    r.   ���',>���,  ���   -
T.^tte<^A^.ilA.����������WWlsSs'|��^|��y��iSi����|^A��>>s%rti-s��ss����s��,, THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
We have made
the prices so
low that they
instantly proclaim an im-
mense saving
to all shrewd
buyers. Come
and judge for
I,     ���    ��� ������..._..���s������n���
J. L Brown & Co.
Men's Shirts
Vfe have eight dozen All  Wool Taf-
feta. Shirt,-;.    These are made by the
largest   shirt    factory    in    England,
Welsh, Margetson & Co.
34.00 Shirt S2.7S
.$4.25 Shirt and  Collar       2.95
Made by Stetson, Boraallno,
Kenmore, Mallory and Hardraan
that are known the world over
as the best makers and latest
$4.00  Hat for      $2.90
$3.00  Hat for      $2.00
$3.50  Hat for      5�� "O
$2.50 Hat for      $1.50
We have only a Sale once a
year, and when we do
This is a bona fide sale. Prices have been lowered
so as to clean out all our broken sizes, inculding Suits,
Overcoats, Hats, Shirts, Underwear, Caps and Pants.
January 3,1913
Our Sales Are Always Genuine
You will find the price and article to be exactly as
advertised and we cannot with our honest prices and,
guaranteed values have a sale every now and then as
some stores do. We conduct cur Year End Clearing Sale
to clean out the odds and ends of the Season's business!
and we cut the prices to the lowest possible limit.
Odd Pants
Here 1b your opportunity to secure the latest cut and pattern
ln Odd Pants In sizes from 31
to 44 Inches:
$3.00 Pant for  $2.00
$3.50 I'snt for   $2.35
$4.00 Pant for   $2.80
$4.60 Pant for   $3..1.5
$5.00 Pant for   $3.80
$5.50 Pant for   $4.?f,
$6.00 Pant for   $4.80
This Sale offers
you the finest
Tailored Clothing made-
Hart, Schaff-
ner and Marx,
McAlpine and
known as clothiers of style,
and quality of
$35.00 Suits lb Clear.
$30 Suits to* Clear.
$28.00 Suits to Clear.
$26.00 Suits to Clear.
$22.00 Suits to Clear.
$20.00 Suits to Clear.
Sale $23.30
Sale < 120.00
Sale :i|9.00
Sale j| 16.00
Sale M4.00
Sale |j l.m
$15.00  Suits to Clear.    Sale $9.00
Every Overcoat
We have reduced In price Is a 1912
model and pattern, and that makes
tbe sale worth Investigating:
$30.00 Overcoat for $22.00
$25.00 Overcoat for $ 19..ir��
$22.00 Overcoat for $ I 5.50
$20.00 Overcoat for $ 12.50
f'    '
mm bodv of
Cruiser    Natal    Arrives    In    Hudson
River Escorted  by American
lContinued from race one)
New Yor*, Jan. 3.���Groat Britain
4teUvered today to h\B countrymen the
body or Whitelaw Iteid, editor, statesman and Amerian ambassador, v. ho
'���'li��l tn I.ondon. Th* British cruiser
Natal brought the body home and it
ilins tonight under the Stars and
Stripes in Ihe Cathedral of St. John
tse Divine. President Taft, dignitaries
of Uie army and navy and representatives of foreign powers will attend
rthc funeral  services there tomorrow.
The Natal was met off Nantucket
by two United States battleships aud
four sSetitroyers, and the funeral fleet
lay off Sandy Hook last night. A thins
fog blanked the hay nnd it was 11
o'clock before the procession got un
��� tier way. A gale that swept up the
rivs'r made landing the casket a difficult task.
^t>n line river the guns of tho Natal
and Florida boomed a salute of ID
Kuds The body was escorted to the
sESstbtstlral by a company of marines.
Tlve tenf petty officer! from the
United States battleships walked on
cither side. There was no mutic and
no display.
At the cathedral the casket wns en
traffrtsA to a guard of 30 marines from
tba Battleship Connecticut ln squat!:-:
of 16 on two hour shifts these marines
watched   by  the  rasl.et     during    th
T* Stop Use of Union Jack for Advertising Purposes.
Ottawa, Jan. 8.���The flag bill of
*Saorge Bradbury, member for Selkirk.
-which makes It an offence to use the
Union Jack for advertising purposes
���s��r to defame ln any way the ensign,
a* meeting with geaersl approval
ttrrniKhoiit the cou'.iJ-"., Mr. Bradbury
fat in receipt of many resolutions from
��� orjsanl/Atimi* of various kinds com-
aaending the bill.
9aa) aor'ctlcs bave written thonlc-
taghtm for'bringing In the measure.
Tbe T)VT1 got a first reading hefore
GrnrhrtTnus and it Ii M-. Brndburv's
tvlentlon to press it after the holl-
There Is every reason to believe
the bill will be passed   this ses
Tornado All Along Coast.
Washington, Jan.    3.���Fragmentary
I to the telegraph    nnd    tele-
 companies here say the storm
sxfaproaelilng proportions of a torna-
ta general all along the south At-
avast and practically paralyzing
lication between Richmond and
P ���
gates the new Turkish proposals
itechad, who had been working hard
over a cipher telegram until a few
minutes before the session was called to order, seemed depressed. Rising,
he said his imperial government, de
suing further to emphasize the spirit
of conciliation, had authorized tin
Turkish military and technical ex
perls attached lo the Ottoman delega
tion to mark on a map the proposed
new frontiers between Turkey and the
allies. The map, he said, he would
present later.
Krcliud read   what   he called   "tlio
last possible terms Turkey can offer.
These were as follows:
First, that Crete, enjoying Simple
.suzerainty of the sultan, but. In real
I Ity, under the protection ot Greai
Britain, Russia, France and Italy, con
stlttltea a question which ean be hand
' led only hy the powers, named espe-
) "laiiv  retarding finance, police   and
i Second, that Turkey shall keep Her
| Islands, that she cannot renounce
' those near tht Dardanelles, because
they are Indispensable to the evourlt)
;of the channel of Constantinople, or
the fiosphorns, as It Is better known
��� nor those farther south because they
I form an Integral part of Anatolia,
'I hird. that the rectillcatlen of   the
Thraosan   frontier,  shall   begin   south
from  Segot   (called   Tort  l.agos),    In
! Karagatoh bay,  and  run almost  perpendicularly ncrthward.
This not only wct'.ld lea-; Ad:!?.:.
eplo In the havnls r.f the Turks, bti!
the entire coas. along the Black sea
now occupied by the Bulgarians, to
Lake Derkos, beyond which Ihe Bulgarians have not penetrated. This
coast, on sn air line, measures more
than eighty miles. In addition to
Adrlanople, this rectification of tho
frontier would leave in Turkey's hands
Mustapha Pasha, Klrk-KHIssnh and
the whr-Jfl theatre of Ihe present war.
Each leader of the allies, after the
Turkish terms had been presented, de
clared them not acceptable and Insisted that Turkey accept those pre
posed by the allies. It was then thai
M. Mlyiiskovltch issued orally whn<
practically seemed to he th* ultima
turn of the allies.
"The  delegates ef the all'es,"  said
IM, Mlyiiskovltch,    "pee   with    regre'
that, the Ottoman  delepn'es tn'te    n"
account of the results of the v��r, and
I the allies consequently would he justified in breaking off the negotiations.
In order, however,    to    afford    fresh
proof of their conciliatory spirit, they
request  the    Ottoman    delegates    to
niako them, at a sitting at 4 o'clock
Monday afternoon, January 6, a proposition on these terms."
Here M. MlyuBkovHcli submitted a
counter proposition tn that of the
Turks.    A summary follows:
"First: Turkey shall renounce whatever rights sho possesses in Crete,
leaving the allies to settle with the
i protecting powers the other points
: concerning the island.
"Second: Turkey shall cede un-
I ciKliiienalry all her islandB in the
; Aegean archipelago, including those
j provisionally held by Italy.
"Third: The allies propose such
< rectifications of the frontier as will
.i.dude. .Adrianople in Bulgarian ter-
I ritory."   .
M. Mlyuskovltch added that the
| allies would wait no longer than Mon-
' day for Turkey's answer, embodying
! substantially such terms as would
{form a basis for further negotiations.
Rechad   Pasha quickly  tried  to an
nul the gravity of M.  Miyuskovltch's
statement by declaring he believed
he would be able to resume Satnrda>
afternoon discussion on the points
under objection. The session then,
wa3 adjourned until tomorrow afternoon.
Immediately after adjournment,
speaking lto the Associated Press.
Rechad PaStbaisald:
"As you see, 'appetite comes with
eating.' as our proverb says. We
I have made the allies incredble con
cessions ��� concessions which the)
I themselves never believed they would
I obtain���while ou their side nothlnc
|hni '."��n attempted even to meet ns
half wnv. JHow, then, can a oomprom
| Ian be nOajilhli! ? By th's lime, the
j allies should have been conv'n"od
.that nothing run make us willingly tc
I renounce our European metropolis."
The allies on the other hand, believe that Turkey In th.e end -mi ".,���
|a way to satisfy them. Already thev
are'preparing to d'scins 'he war Indemnity to he asked of Turkey.
One of the leading delegates ef th����
.allies, discussing the situation tonight,
i "Turkey must take Into eons'dera
I tion that the principal reason we
agreed! to the armistice van that sh-'
Imade us understand she was rcadv f
;nieet our conditions. VV'h'le we desire
to ovoid the useless butchery of men
In forcing the Tcha'alja 1'nca and en
jterlng Constantinople, which would
raise innumerable interr'Uinnal ones
|t'""S now thnt Adrln-oile Is ah!" t'
; fall, sixty thousand of our troons s'-r
rounding that cltv will he tr"** to )o'<
'the n{he*�� 1st.,,T<-v"itn.Hn. Then v
coidd pieVT?#i oh. Constantinople n'
d'ctnlo.cortiSltipns fT-m tfcere. ns Bus
sla did to France In H71 from TarN
Two Children  Die After Eating Food
Said  to Contain
I Re��.  L.  W.  Palnes Ta''es Charge c'
Coqultlam Presbyterian Church.
I Codiiitlaiii, Jan. 3.���Under mod fn
i vorahle circumstances F"v, 1,, W
; Raines, tb.tv.jnew pastor of the Coqult
: lam Presbyterian church was Inducted
last nlgbt.
i    The member* of the  Westminster
j Presbytery   gathered   for  the   Inriuc-
j tion and took part ln the ceremonies.
Rev.'J. 8. Henderson of Now Westminister presided and Inducted;  Rev.   A.
|o.  t'attrnon. preached   the   sermon;
Rev. M. CI! nfe.rln. New Westminster,
adressed the minister, and Uev. G. A.
Logan   delivered   a   spirited   address
to the large    congregation    present,
making a strong plea for support to
the new minister.
St. Albans, Vt��� Jan. 3.���Charged
with the murder of two of her children by poisoning, Mrs. Julius Wells,
wife of a lime kiln worker, was arrested at her home ln Swanton today.
The children were taken 111 on Dec.
2 last, Lewis, aged six years, dying
the next day, and Mary, aged four,
on Dec. 4. It was supposed that they
had eaten food which had accidentally came in contact with poison
| which Mrs. Wells had kept ln the
j house to kill rats. Mr. and Mrs. Wells
and two other children of the family
did n>'t rpenrr"- PI
A   sample   of   Fie   condensed   mill.
I used  in  Ihe  Weils home nn  the da>
! the children were t.ikrn 111 also was
sent to the laboratory.   As a result of
i the  examinations   tho   bodies   of  tin
j two   children   were   exhumed   a   fcv.
j days  ago   hy  order  of  the    coroner
Some of the Internal erjtans were re
moved and examined ly chemists from
the state laboratory.
Today u secret Inquest was begun
*nd nfter several witnesses had been
examined, was continued until next
Mrs. Wells, who Is about 40 years
old, took her arrest calmly. She wns
hronirht to th" Franklin county Jail
In this city. The state attorney said
that she would not he taken Into
court to plead to the charge at pres
ent, but that h" would present the
case at tho Mr>r��h term of ths grand
Jury. According to tho county authorities the lives of th�� children were Insured in Mrs. Wells' favor.
No Money In Sloht.
Cnlmrv. Alta.. Jan. 3.���Major B'ck.
the man who arranged the match-"
between Bombardier ��. Wells and
Tnmmv Burns for Good Friday failed
yeaterday to post the $"7,000. and unless the money Is up within the next
4S hours the match la off as far a��
Burns Is concerned.
Head  of  Oil  Trust  In  Bsd   Health���
Not Able to Appear Before
New York, Jan. 3.���William Rockefeller haa agreed through his counsel,
John A. Garver, to accept service of
a subpoena to appear Jan. 13 before
the Pujo committee of the bouse of
representatives in Washington investigating the "money trust," according
to an announcement made tonight ut
the  offices  of    Samuel    Untermyer,
| counsel for the committee. Mr. Untermyer In  behalf of  the committee,  It
| was stated, has acepted this offer by
' direction of Chairman Pujo.
No Intimation of the whereabouts
j of Mr. Rockefelled was contained In
the statement.
As a result of the agreement, the
sergeant at iinnii of the house has received Instructions to discontinue his
efforts to effect service on William
While accepting service, the statement avers. Mr. Carver advised Mr.
I'ntermyer thnt Mr. Rockefeller's condition of health is very precarious.!
ind thnt It will he Impossible for hlm[
to appear as a witness in Washington
or even to submit to examination at
his home.
Mr Rockefeller has been Informed
that having now submitted to the
Jurisdiction of the committee, he must
present his excuses to the committer
In due form for such action as It may
'���oem proper. If It Is established to
the satisfaction of the committee that
it wll lbs Impossible to obtain the
testimony of Mr. Rockefeller without
Imperilling his life, the statement
says, the commltte of course would
not feel Justified tn taking such extreme action. It may, however, eon-
elude to secure an Independent opinion.
Want School Kitchen..
Toronto, Jan. 3.���Because of a ra-
port that many of the poor children
were compelled to go to school hungry
i tne dietriet. Trades council Intends to
I prosecute a campaign for school klt-
I Rhona in Toronto.
HOCKEY 8.30 P. M.
Vancouver vs. New Westminster
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evening* Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boot*.    Depot for
L-cklt's Boot* and Ahr.n's School Shoe*.
A $20,000 Stock to'Select From
Good Buys in City
With Easy Terms
Six roomed house on Alberts' Street, Sapperton, cloeo to Colombia
Street   Price $2800; $500 cash, balance $25 per month.
Six roomed house, new, on Eighth Avenue, close to Sixth Street
car line. Full sized basement, furnace, fireplace, and laundry tub*.
Price $3700; $800 cash, balance arranged.
Three roomed house on Dublin Street, close to Twelfth Street car
line. Large lot tn fruit. Chicken house and runs. Price $1800; one-
quarter cash, balance' 6, 12 and 18 month*.
Five roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace, fireplace, laundry tubs, electric light fixtures, cement walks. Price
$3800; $800 cash, balance arranged over two year*.
451 Columbia Street        Phcne 669 SATURDAY, JANUARY 4,  1913.
, It*JWW*��**&t*-.
��MI PlVf
We Sell Skates and Skating Shoes
McCullooh .nd Automobile Tube 8kat**. Also large assortment of
other maker* such as 8tarr Manufacturing Company and Bokorj
SpeclaLBoye' Hockey Skates at 75o per pair. McPherson's Lightning
Hitch Hockey Boot*, $4.00 per pair. Skates screwed on boots free
of chsrge.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
Record Crowd Will Watch Champions
In Action Against Millionaire*���
Jimmy Gardner Confident.
This evening will probsbly tell the
tale as to the chances of New West
minster retaining a hold on the Peterson Cup. For the second time thlb
season Manager Jimmy Uardner and
big bunch of puck chasers will stacs
up against the Vancouver millionaires
on Terminal City Ice, and the gam
should prove to be one of the thrillers
of the season.
With a rest of over two weeks, th-
Royals will be ln the pink of condition
and tbe two defeats already Bustamti.
will Instill an Impetus that will take
some stopping by the Vancouver septette.
Everything points to a gruelling
game, for both Gardner and Frank
Patrick are determined to lose no
more ground than is necessary tn the
early part of the season. Frank has
visions ot making a trip east In quest
of the Stanley Cup and shewing the
N. H. A, magnates that the "has-
beens" he has picked up are by no
means In the same class a* Battling
Nelson. Gardner Is of the same mina,
ln fact Jimmy Is Just now figuring on
the day when he will invade hla native
town of Montreal and dine at his
favorite cafe.
When seen by the News yesterday
the popular manager of the Royals
spoke highly of the staying powers of
his team mates.
"Every one of the boys Is ready tn
so the limit," he said, "and I look for
nothing else than a victory. The scon
may be close, most probably will be
but with Johnson, Oatman and Lehman understanding each other better,
the Vancouver forwards will have a
busy night of It."
The forward division during Va<\
past two weeks have been perfecting
some combination plavs which will no
douht dazzle the opposition; and, when
combination ts mentioned the fans
must doff their hats to Gardner. That
won them the championship last winter, snd tonight will' likely place
them again in the running.
Walter Sinalll and Goldie Prodgers
will be the officials. Special cars will
leave the Columbia street depot at 7
o'clock going direct to the rink. The
seat sale will continue until noon to
day at ItyaU's store, snd Judging from
the demand made In Vancouver for
the pasteboards, tt will be a case of
first come first served.
Holds Confab with Big Four Officials
Regarding Commission���Say* He
Speaks for Salmon Bellies.
Toronto, Jan. 3.���Con Jones, the
Vancouver lacrosse magnate, arrived
ln town today with Mrs. Jones and his
two sons on his annual transcontinental trip.
On this occasion the Jones family
will return to Vancouver via New Orleans and the Panama canal.
Mr. Jones today was in consultation with President Murphy, of the N.
L. V.; R. J. Fleming, of the Toronto
| Lacrosse Club; Charlie Querrle, of
ithe Tecumsehs, and Percy Quinn, of
tbe Torontos, ln regard to the lacrosse
The feeling In the West Mr. Jones
says, is favorable to a lacrosse com
mission to govern professional lacrosse.
Maritime Players Mix Things During
Game and  Sent Off.
Halifax, N. S., Jan. 3.���The professional hockey season in the Maritime
provinces opened tonight at New Glasgow, wben tbe New Glasgow team
defeated the Sydney bunch by a score
of 3 to 2. The soft ice made fast
plsy Impossible.
Murphy, of New Glasgow, and Scott,
of Sydney engaged In a fight during
the last period, and were separated by
the police. Both were removed from
the game. The game in Halifax was
postponed as there was no Ice.
Royal City High School First art*
Second Teams  Meet Saturday.
On Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m.
lovers of basketball will have an opportunity of seeing the Royal City
High school quintette In action. Their
opponents will be the R. C. H. SI
second team, wblch Includes some fast
players. A cordial invitation Is extended to all the girls of the It. 0. H.
S. to be present and cheer their team
on to victory.
The line-up of the teams Is as follows:
First team���Guards, F. Cunningham
and D. Robaon; centre, B. Sutherland;
forwards, H. Cunningham and O. Curtis.
Second team���Guards, D. Sinclair
and W. Wilson; centre, F. Vert; forwards, F. Mayers and A. Annandale.
Four more delegates were added to
the roster of the local branch of the
B.C.A.A.U. at Its meeting last evening
when the applications of the Sapper-
ton Athletic club and the Westminster
Amateur Hockey association were accepted.
The registration committee will hold
a meeting early next week to go over
the lists of players. Mr. V. E. Andrew was added to the committee.
A meeting of the executive of the
Westminster Hockey association and
the officials of the Arena company
will be held in the Board of Trade
rooms on Monday afternoon at 4
o'clock, when matters ln connection
with the amateur league will probably
be more clearly outlined.
Much progress is being made at the
Horse Show building and a schedule
will probably be drawn up on Monday
afternoon and practice hours for the
different teams arranged  for.
Four roomed flat ln the Marjorlbanks Building on Begble street,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $$0.00 per month. Possession January 1. "".
Store on Begble street, near Columbia; lis* 20 feet by 66 feet
Possession about January 1.  Will lease.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office 28 Lorn. Street,     New Westminster.
Bst Nelson Again.
New Orleans, La., Jan. 3.���FranklsJ
Russell, of tbls city, was awarded a
decision over Battling Nelson after a
ten round fight here tonight. Nelson
was beaten badly.
Will Accept Victoria Call.
London, Ont., Jan. 3.���Rey. John
Gibson Inkster, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church, last night announced to his congregation his Intention of accepting the call extended
to him from the First Presbyterian
church of Victoria, B. C.
San Francisco, Jan. 3.���Mrs. Rita
Dl Rovey, wife of Frank Dl Rovey, a
retired Italian army officer, was shot
and killed In her home here tonight
by M. J. Howley of Scranton, Pa
Howley then committed suicide.
A letter found In Howley's pocket,
addressed to his mother in Scranton,
in which he upbraided her for refusing to send him money and intimating his intention of taking bis life,
supplies the only conjecture as to
the motive of the crime.
Friends of Mrs. Dl Rovey said she
had sent Howley away from her lodging house, where he boarded a week
ago, and tbat they had quarrelled after he had made an unsuccessful attempt to borrow money from her.
Reginas Win.
Reglna, Sask., Jan. 3.���-The Regina"
lecurpd a good lead In the Provincial
Hockey League by winning their game
tonight against Weyburn by the score
of 6 to 4.
Will give New Westminster something
��� to talk about.
African Hunt
Marvelous motion pictures and new
facts about one of the greatest hunting trips of modern times.
9th, 10th and 11th
Thursday, Frldy and Saturdsy
o^S^LmM Afternoon.
UL W. 011X18, manager.
Murphy's Trained
Dogs  '-y
ITO Japanese
Magic, Human-top Spinning,
' Singing, Etc.
Prices 25 and 50 Cents.    All
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
739 Columbia street
Billiards and. Pool
Biggeat and best line of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisites.
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan,'Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
,i ., ii
Any $20.00 $22.00 or $25.00   Suit
���'ill    ijH
In the
!>��� 'i:
These are "Fashion Craft" and "Society Brand"
Suits.    We must reduce our stock before stocktaking
this month.    This is a money saver for you.
>> >.'ii}' ^".ungerMvn 16to60   t"
���*4lfar Ji jsif ^ns*>y sassfc* i
eX^iMMf^jh PAGE  SIX
8ATURDAY, JAWUARY  4,   1918.
j Classified Advertising
* RATE8. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4�� per word .per week; IS* per
month; 6,000 words, to be used a* re-
���lulred wltfcln one year from date ef
contract, $215.00.
Birth or Marriage Notice*- See.
neath Notice 60c or with Kaaeral Notice 11.80. Card Ot Thaalca Seo per
able residence. Furnace heated, 201
Queens avenue. A. H. Gordon. (404)
rooms, bath, phone and fire place,
205 Carnarvon street. (386)
BUcksmlth. Apply Heaps Engineering Co., Ltd. (��08)
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street,  (3*7)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room ��, Knights of Pythla*
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (398;
' housework. Apply Mra John A. Lee,
61S Third avenue. (388)
.'   .. . '
private house by gentleman, ln   or
' near New Westminster.   Apply   867
' Dally New*. (����7)
I   ,
-,.  h- '
Eraser   river   frontage���90
acres, Matsqul, of which 20 is fully
developed; good buildings, fencing,
etc., boat wharf on property. $9000.
Terms arranged. Will trade for a
small home tn the city. Curtis &
Dorgan, 706 Columbia street, New
Westminster, B. C. (409)
Major and Wilson, Sapperton, two
new modern five-room houses. Basement bathroom, electric fixtures,
on lots 45x113 to lane. Price, cor
ner $2000, Inside $1900; cash, $150
oach, balance $25.00 monthly, or
will rent for $20.00 per month on
ahort lease. Owners, Box 567, city.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (399)
School Board Accounts.
All outstanding   accounts   for   the
year 1912 with the School Board must
reach the Secretary's office by Monday, the 6th Instant ,
Secretary  Bosrd of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
rooms, alio two connecting rooms,
bedroom and den; furnaoe heat Bon
88$ News. (���"����>
Heated Bedroom, suitable for one
or two. Mr*. lageraol. Bradley
Block, 12th etreet aad 5th avenue.
I (368)
small r**m* aver tbe New* office
Suitable f*r clnb er ligftf saaaufac
taring assrpaae*. WE lease ter two
er three year term, *m��ly *r ea blec
Apply te Manager th* News.
formerly of Sarnia, Ontario, will
learn of something to his advanta^i
by communicating with A. Weir
barrister, Sarnia, Ontario. (365;
The City Schools will open again
on Monday, January 6th, at 9:30 a.m..
at which hour all pupils will be expected to present themselves at the
school situated in the district in
which they reside. .
Secretary  Board  of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C. '
Block "B," south half of District Lot
1352, containing 45 acres, more or
less,   Municipality   of   North  Van-
A meeting of the ratepayers of Port
Moody will be held in Bennett's Hall.
Port Moody, on Friday, January 10, at
8 p.m., to decide the number of Alder
men to be elected at the first election
after Incorporation; also to decide the
number of Aldermen to form a quorum
at  council  meetings;   bIbo  the  time,
manner, and place of flrBt election.
G. S. Churchard, Secretary.
��jsl��. prool ot loss nt <;.s>r��t\����\s,
ol Title No. 11593 C, covering tbe
above mentioned property, issued ln
the name of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, haa been filed Jn
this offico, notice Is hereby given that
1 shall at the expiration of one month
from date of first publication hereof
iBSue a duplicate of said Certificate
of Tltlo, unless In the meantime valid
objection be made to me In writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
this l!��th day of December A.D.. 1912.
(311) District Registrar.
New  Westminster District. Block
8 of Lot 93, Group 1. Map 1146.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate  of Ttile   Number  2S620F,   la
sued in the name of Lily ltita McNeill,
has been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby Riven that I shall
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof. In a dally newspaper published in
tho City of New Westminster. Issue a
duplicate of the Baid  certificate,  on-
less in  the meantime  valid objection
bo made to me ln writing.
C.   S.   KEITH,
District   Registrar  of Titles
Land Itcg'stry Office, New Wostmln
��ter,   B.C.,  December  22nd,  1912.
For   ICxcellenre   in   Sliavlnfi,   Hslrout-
line: and Shampooing Rivo tlio
35   Eighth   St.    David   Boyle,  Prop,
a trial.    Four skilled  workiuon.    Our
system of treating the scalp f*r dan
drnff nnd  failing h.ilr cannot ks lm
proved upon.   Try It.
Face Massaging s specialty.
Cut tit,  Block, New Westminster, B.C
Telephone 296. P. O. Boa 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
1. A Quarter Section in Saskatchewan
in exohang* for Burnaby. property.
2. A  fine  Three  Storey   Block  iu    a
."llmviug Manitoba agricultural sec-
t-.-u. Portion of block loaned for
$4J per month. Balance in use. This
'., i going concern clearing ten
thi-: sand per annum. Will exchange
for revenue producing II. C. Properly.
3. o full bearing orchards In tha
( I'lkmi Valley, In each case owner.; will trade for coast property.
'i : rn.iiTtir.i an' handy to the beat
e '   -atlonal facilities.
t. tatsqul  ranch  In exchange for
Alberta acreage.
t.      oholce Chllllwack 50-acre ranch
���   t    'i  oholce  buildings,  for revenue
producing city property.
Vviito or call on us If you want to
Iradi' i we have a number of bar-
jcajns worthy of your consideration.
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Auto-
tiobile. Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
In tho matter of the Municipal
Elections Act, Chapter 71, 2 Geo. 5.
Public Notice Is hereby Riven to the
Electors of the Municipality of Burn.iliy
that I require the presence of the said
Electors al the Municipal Hall at Edmonds on the
13TH   DAY  OF  JANUARY,  1913, AT
for the purpose ot electing persons to represent them  In  the  Municipal Council as
Reeve an<l Councillors; also for the purpose of electing; School Trustees.
The rootle of nomination of Candidates
shall be ns lollows:
The Candidates shall be nominated In
wrlllnK. The writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality
ns Proposer and Seconder snd shall be delivered to the R.-turnlnK Officer st any
time between the date of thiH notice nnd
- p.m. of the day of the nomination: the
said writing may he in the form numbered fi In Ihe Schedule of this Act, and shall
slate the names, residence and occupation
or description of oach person proposed. In
such manner aa sufficiently to Identify
such candidate; and In Ihe event of a
Poll being necessary such Poll will be
op-ned on
8ATURDAY,    THE    18TH    DAY    OF
JANUARY, 1913, AT:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Hamilton  Read School, Burqultlam.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Topping's Store, 11th Avenue,
East Burnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. J. Herd's Office, 3701 Hasting.
Street East.
Lakemere Schcol, Lakemere.
Of   wblch   every   person   la   hereby   re.
quired to take, nones aud gov*��� uinumir
shall Be his bolng a male British suhj>,-t
in 1 having been for the three mouths
next pn oaelng the day ��,f Ilia nomination
Ihe Msftstsrad owned in Ihe Ijtnd llegWtry
..!'fl.' , of land or nail prop-rty situate
Within   the   municipality   of   the   aa.-ieaj,e,l
v;iiue, un the lest Municipal or Provincial
v.-.-.^n],i,i Hull of five hundred dollars or
more ovor and above any registered
judgment or charge and being otherwise
duly qualified an a Municipal  Vater.
COUNCILLOR .lull be bis being a male
Mrltish suhj'ct and liavlng been fur the
Ihn-o months next preceding the day ol
his nomination tho registered owner. In
the l.and Registry Of rice, of land or real
property situate within the MunicliKility
of tiio assessed value, ou the last Municipal or Provincial Asjscwuiaent Koll, of two
hundred and fifty ihU'ara1. or mure- over
and above any registered Judjgraurtt or
charge or being a HonawMoarl hjase*
Trom uia Crown, or prv-emuior, who li.i.
resided will,in Ihe Municipality for the
apnea of one >-,;ir or more Immediately
i,ri ceding the flay ef nominal Ion and la
aSBOBsed for five hundred dollars or morion the laal Municipal or Provincial As-
Bflsstnenl Holl over and above any registered Judgment or charge, or being ;i
homesteader, lessee from the Crown, or
pre-emptor who has resided within the.
Municipality for a portion of one year
Immediately precedln-T the nomination.
and during the reiuilnder - ot Said vear.
has been ttiei' owner of said luid, of
which he fornv'ly was a ^homesteader,
lessee from the. Crtawn or pre-emplor, and
is assessed for five hundred dollars or
more on it ho !ant Municipal- Or l'r.>vluu{u-l
AsHesflmonl Holl. over and above nn/ reg.
laton-d Judgment or clairge', and being
otherwise duly nu ilifh-d us ��. Municipal
Voter. .v*    ' ',
THE lillALII-liwrjOI* 1'OH THE
follows j Any person being a householder
���n the School Ulsfrlcl and beliuc a British
Jiibjeot of the full itge of twrnly-une
renrs. npii otherwise .qualified bv the
PUbHo Schools: Act. 1905. to vote at an
��1*6tl0n of School TrUStaes In the said
-ichool District- shall les eligible to be
elected and to serve ns a Bchool Trustee
In such Municipal District.
Given under inv hand nt Edmonds, the
thirtieth il.iy. nf December,  UU,
(373) Keturnlng Officer.
In Australian Wile's Scolding Can B��
When she begins, crescendo, to tell
you what *>he think* ol you. rut of the
'limitless wealth ol her MqUsillUlie*
wit'.i yuur chtintcter durl..��� the term
ol your married lite, yon kn:��w whit
is coinin,'. Vnu either light a ciitar,
like a -enjiblc husband and do s
mirathon; or yon sit there, mum-
chance, until ynu simply can't stand it
any longer, and explode into something which, a* she expressly infnruH
you, is loru than sultloienl groiiml
lor divorce, with an alimony that'll
put a crimp into any more gailvautiiui
to lunch with handsome blond customers.
Is there no hopeP Men. there is.
Where all others tailed, explorers <d
the wild of far Australia have brought
back joyful news.
A little co-opi'Tstlon. s mere tribal,
snd you can make s woman hold her
tongue until the warmest depth ol the
warmest place you so loysliy keep
from wishing her in is frozen ovei ami
lit for skating.
Whore all men has to do is tn say t*
hi* wile, in the Wurrrrr*uiuiua���
doesn't,   it   sound   finer���language:
"Shut up!"
Tiiat's all. .-lo doesn't hsv* to hat
her over her oratorical head with a
club; he needn't appeal to the sympathetic mother-in-law ol rcslity. win
cuted hu'hands more often than Ml*
humorists let u> surmise. He simply
siys, "Shut up!" and she shuts.
Oh. woman in your hours ol ease
the hutdest in the world to please,
oan you conceive of sny land of people
under whose s';y tho p-Jc:le��s privi-
le?J of y c.r sex has been abandoned
at the be'.iest of that piLlcs* tyrant
manP Yet it i* true. Men's eyes have
seen this marvelous thin;; men's esn
have strained in vsln to hearken ,t.v
the protest of tlio afflicted snd the
There are two ot them, Englishmen,
named Baldwin Spencer erl F. J. CHI-
Ian, and they mndo a journey acr*f
Australia in the doubtlul expectation
of coming across some disocvery rr
other which would let them lay claim
to the immortal fame fist goes to P*''-
snns who beat Msrco P ' and Munchausen, and can prove it.
When Messrs. Spencer and Gillsn
encountered the Wnrramntipas, in
Australia's innermost wilds, am. found
half the women acting as f they were
BtrL'.ten dumh. tliey suspected tlicy
wore in the presence of some marvel.
They hastened to get the WBrramtinits
population with the goods, hy rhnt'e-
grnphi: ; the women, not only in the
act of silence, hut also in the instni.t
when thev were relensed from thair
horrible linn. The joyous emancipation came when her husland placed
his right liniul before her mouth, ami.
with a peculiar ccsture, moved it *���>
ehow that she was once moro free to
Those ignorant savaccs, in tlii"ir
simple, innocent way, hail climiniiel
the source of a marital misrry���is the
testimony of the oge snd tlie sacs
c tints���with neatness and despatch.
Yet thev were merciful withal. Nnt.
Via'oUy did tliey put on the Inn. While
II was employed, lor tlie more in...
lierntin-; ..ei-.i-imi.  nt domestic His- In
dire extremity, ns when ( ..cur J. War-
ramunga refused to stand for his An-
nnbelle's kicks on the subject of rabbit for three meals a day, the lormil
occasion ,.>r its enforcement wns when
d��ath came into the trihe. If l-.nr inen,
one in every class into which the Irihs
was divided happened tn die within <
short time, the mm put the silence
ban on every woninn in their district.
Anil not until tlie formal release w*��
(eitursd iliil a sinule woman in the lot
d;'re  utter  a  syllable.
Thus, in   Wsrrsmunf*, the etorna!
problem has hpen solved. I'hus, ts:,
ii man provided food for thought <lur-
inw that vacuous period ol the cu-'niii
lecture when he wishes his wile wore
Somewl eii', but remains too thnuuhL
'ul ol her comfort to ba ipeclllc as
the locnlity lie may have in mind.
Well after thii di-covcry hits hoiii
liruiteil nl.out ecnerslly, the woinco
who. while she inws, is tortured with
the il. ulit Hint lie is wlslliliu sll* Is
Blsew.licre, am! leels sure in her own
soul Hint ihe liimws exactly where,
caa take, heart in the tlinu;ht that it
may not he ns bid as sh: llintllses.
lie may only {>>��� wishing her in
Hy the way. the two t*. veers tn-
ticed that, while t'.ie women ol Wir-
ramunga didn't ilnre open liu ir
motitlis so long as the Imu la-teil.
they did the linc-t lot ul tiilkwg t-vcr
leen with their Bngeif.
Msrsdlth  and Wcmen Suflrape,
(Jo irgs Meredith, whose letters havo
u-t 1 -I  published  was una of the
pioneers   nf   wotllMII   >-liffr;t .'������   Ill    II. i
land nml unlike Urnyiplng ho retained
his belief in tin- nioveiiient to the end
Mr. Herbert I'aul ion*siders thnt the
jrcnlct rcrvlco Meredilli"* Ii <k< r,-u
dereil, s;uirt Ironi Ihiir. literary vul
uc, i- their I'ln.titioii^ of.wj. men it-
Ihe eoonotuy of the worhj.: Th ��� i-rr-ct
"f h.- Iicii-i in tl.o po-sfb'c i 'i.i.i.
ni"i:t ot women's sphere, i.nd the de-
vlooinciit ul their iiowcr.i, wa, all the
Kci'Hi r bscsnso it wns subtle. Iiecnu-c
it r nchsd tin; public tliMug'l a lew
m'niis to whom Meredith at .nee ,'i|>
l>ea!i-d, and because it inspired c-mli-
denri- in women without iiariidnij
their claims. The com partitive Ire?
dom and Indensiidcncu which wninct,
now enjoy is due more to Meredith
chair to I'urlisment-tr-to Mill.
Good and Nourishing Dainties th* Wss
Tots Will Like.
Madeleine Kpougea.���Dissolve one-
calf ounce of leaf gelatin ln a saucepan with half a pint of boiling water
and when tbe gelatin bus melted add
tbe juice snd gratvd rind of a lemon
and three ounce* ot castor sugar.
Strain Into a basin aud leave until tbe
jelly begins to sdbere to tbe sides.
Tben best ths jelly up and add tbe
stiffly whisked wblte of sn egg snd
whisk all together until It Is stiff and
spongy. Ill This In two and color half
a pal* pink with a few drop* of cochineal. Kill some small paper souffle
cue* with th* mixture belt whit* snd
half pink, letting It com* well *bor* tb*
top* of tb* cases. A band of paper
should be planed round th* ease* to
keep tb* mixture In. When set remove the bsnds of paper and decorate
the top* of the sponges with whipped
cream and strips ef angelic* tad ���
preserved cherry or ether fruit.
Apart from a general heavy trade
ln poultry and a good wholesale demand for eggs, the city market waa
practically featureless yesterday morn
Ing. The poultry demand Is somewhat unusual for this time of the year
and is attributed to the fact that the
Chinese celebrate their New Vear at
the same time as' the whites. Tho
ranchers were apparently still uuac '
qualnted with this situation, and, expecting the usual reaction after the
holidays, sent In small supplies.
ThlB resulted In the few traders who
d'd have fairly large stocks on hand
ln reaping a good harvest. Business
was of such a spirited nature at onetime that tho buyers were forcod to
sccept any price the vendors placed
It was inot thought advisable, however, to change tho quotations as the
department Is expected to reassert It
self to the normal conditions In the
near future. The wholesale egg supplies were lart-e. but with tho Inquiry
M^^sk^-Tsk;,;;'^. w'��....�� A^ <*. ����*��
and tbelr weight la batter, flour and
���ugar. Cream tb* butter and *egar,
add some of tb* sifted flonr, tben an
egg, then mere flour and th* ether
egg, beating well between esch addition. Hake In well buttered round patty pshs for fifteen to twenty minute*
Wbea done scoop out a hole frees the
center ot esch, wsnn some apricot
jam. Cover the cakes with a thin coating and then roll them In chopped pis-
had little to complain of, as regards
the dav's transactions.
Retail egg vendors found businea*
rather dull no doubt on account of the
Inclemency of tho weather which resulted In a sparse attendance of purchasers.
Pork and veal were the features of
the meat department, both these varieties arrlv'ng In good quantities. Ab
Is usual following the holidays beef
was practically  a  negllble  quantity.
.���,.>,<��� ..���,.    i.... .��� ..��� -old   rh.n  No explanation of this condition    of
tachlo nuts.   Leave to get cold   then | ��        v h [% hM ^
arrange some strips of sngellc* seros* �����'��� repeatedly.
tbe cakes to mske handles.   Kill the,    ,,calt., inspector S. J. Pearce concenters with whipped and sweetened : ^^^^ seven coif carcases received
cream, flavored with vaulla, and *erve at the c|ty market yesterday as being
on a glsss dish. (00 young for   human    consumption.
Apple Iledgeho��.-l>el six apples, | The carcases will be taken to the gar
cor* them without breaking them nnd base dump and deBtroyed.
stew them lu sn enameled saucepan | Mr. Tearce. In accounting for his
with one-half pound of sugsr snd half! action yesterday, stated that the
* pint of water. Be c��reful that they i calves appeared to be much too young
do not bresk snd when don. arrange ^.g^^^ M tho���Kh  they
them on a fancy dish. Cut up Into
thin slices another bslf a dozen spples
snd put them Into the sirup wltb the
notbeen ileked by their mothers," he
A 17�� ef four or five weeks is con
rind of half a lemon and a little of tho  ���|^ere(] necessary before a calf should
juice and boll gently until the apples  De i,i||pri f0r food, he explained.
nre reduced to a marmalade.   Kill the      T(,e auction market was about th*
cavities In the spples with ths mar-1 ���rrsw   "O unusual sales being con-
malade and put some more all around  summated.
the apples.   Whip tbe white of nn egg j Fruit.
to a stiff froth.   Add aliout two tnblc-  App]p3i per box   75c to J1.2">
spoonfuls of caster sugar, then cover I ' veoetqt,les, Wholesale.
the apples smoothly with the meringue, j Bcct8i ,)nr sac|t	
Stick slices of almond nil over, sift a ' carrots. Per sack 	
llftle sugar on the lop sml put ln slow | Turnips, per nack
against P. K. Prank ft Co., engaged
lu the wholesale boot anil shoe business tn Toronto.
The official board of the Central
Methodist church, Sarnia, has extend
ed an invitation to the Kev. W. H.
Graham, II. A., of Strathroy.
Samuel B. Schneider, of Berlin, who
died after a long and lingering Illness
was a native of aWterloo county and
one of Berlin's oldest rusidnuts.
Word was received ln London, Ont.
that the Dominion ha* placed $160,000
in the estimates toward a now post-
office for London.
The Stratford Mlll-bulldlng company
sustained tbe loss by fire of Its main'
factory, with all drawings of mills
erected. Loss, $60,000, two-thirds insured.
No fewer than. 1000 people have
been vaclnated In Hamilton since the
outbreak of smallpox a few weeks
ago. The-total bill tor these vaclna-
tiona amounted to $1,100.
Mrs. Edith Richmond, aged 42, who
was convicted by Commander Starr
In the Juvenile court, Toronto, on
Tuesday for neglecting to provide for
her children, waa found dead In bed.
William Draper, contractor of Caledonia, was found not guilty on all
charges against him of setting fire
or attempting to set fire to the premises of Barney O'Rourke, hotelkeeper,
of Caledonia.
That Windsor ratepayers are optimistic over the future of the city was
made evident by a practically overwhelming vote in fovor. of granting
the usual exemption to new Industries
which will shortly be established.
A large congregation assembled In
the Church of the Sacred Heart, In-
gersoll, to witness tho blessing of
two new altars of marked beauty of
design by tho Right Rev. Bishop Kal-
lon of tho diocese of London.
After sitting continuously for eight
hours and after aixty-flve ballots had
been taken, the Wellington Country
Council finally appointed a treasurer
for next year, the only lady applicant
for the position. Miss B. .L Reynolds.
Choking on a peppermint candy,
Mrs. I. Webster, aged 62, died at Toronto, the strain of the choking hav-
caused dilation of the heart.
oven to color a pule brown.
. .6Hn
. ,75c
Potatoes, per sack
Potatoes, per ton  $13 to $11
Vegetables, Retail.
Bcots. per bunch n(1
Onions, per lb. ...
Carrots, per bunch
Cs bbage, re lb.
Simplicity ths First  Requisite of tha
Costumes For Little Ones.
Simplicity Is the first requisite of the I Turnips, esch 5c,
costumea for the little onea. whether fr0���a anrj Butter.
the   costumes   are   Intended   for   the j Eggs, wholesale, per dozen. .40c to 4fic
schoolroom or for the first psrty.
There Is n certain chiirin In tbls simplicity which Is entirely lost In fussy,
elaborate Trucks nnd which la far more
appealing thuii nuy amount of trim-
\ mlnsi. A ico-tvn. however, may ho aim-
I pie nod ut the ��niuc time smart II la
really remarkable how chic mnny of
Eggs, retail, per dozen  50c
Butter, retail. rpr lb. .     .. .40c to -tar
. .1
, ,.Sc
. .10c
Cold_ Ih
Welsh cohl mines, in (the ol which
n rich vain i* reported to hove been
struck, have la-en syslcmnticiVy work-
ed for over sixty years. Hold was
lir.it discovered in the principality in
1845. in a lodo ou the Cloyuu mountains.
Wearing Chairr.
' It is stak-il hy a lady doctor that ct
In* children in London whom she lias
attended 2b per cent. W3ar amulets or
charms under their clothing.
Free Meals.
In England last year 16,872.000 fres
meals were given to needv school pupils.
Englishman Killed at Front.
Athens,-Jan. 3.---A prominent TMf-
n)raghato, England man, Alfred Palmer, was killed while fighting with
the Greeks near Janina recently. He
was n member of the British Balkan
the costumes fashioned for children
may Its rand* by ualug u cartulu lieu
cut or a discreet suggestion of trim
iiiIiil- There la Just ns much of nn
"air" shout idea* miulittiirv creatlous
��a there la In the carefully ���elected
'.vin'iii-nhc of the older sister ur mother
Pictured la �� wonderfully good looUm:
suit fur the small boy of uury blue
chariot The cunt Is a double breasted
uffulr. warm, loose aud coinfortahle
The trollsers give tbe boy planty ol
room fur piny.
Good Suggestion,
The bouseWlf* will And thnt If s
lienvy pnd Is innde from two or tnorr
Ihlcliiiessex of carpet, (o slip under the
knees wiien scrubbing the floor, thb
BSsentlRI  of  household   work   will   b,
robbed of many of its terrors Have
the pud nnrrow and not long. Just the
sbe ao the knees may rrsl on It com
fortnbly, nnd mors this lilting ns Hie
floor Is washed.
To Kesp Grapaa Till Christmas.
An* of the fall crapes limy tie kepi
fresh till holiday time by dipping the
ends of the stems In parnflln wai nml
then wrapping ench bunch lu tissue
Pftper. twisting It tlrmly to keep out
the nlr and packing the crnpes In lay
era In a basket wltb sheet wadding iu
betwoon each Inyer. Ouly pel feci
grape* should be used.
With her. hair and clothes ablaze
Ss th"6 result of an explosion of coal
oil with which she was striving to
light the fire, MrB. Bobt. Waddell, of
Vernon,-rushed Into the bedroom of
her husband, nn Invalid, and dropped
dying on the floor by his bedaldc.
Butter, wholesale, per
Pink S;irlng Salmon, per lb...
White Sprint; Salmon, per lb.
' Flounders, per lb	
' Sturgeon, per lb	
' eTnllbnt per lb	
Stoetbead, per lb 1
Smt-Ita, per lb 10c
Retail Meets,
riecf. host rib roasu 15c to ISc
n��ef, loin ISc to 22"
fleer, round steak 21c
Boiling beef 10c to 14'
Vesl  15c to 25c
Pork    12c to 13^0
*'i(,-ar cured bacon 2ftc
Mutton  12o to 20c
Dressed Chicken, per b 25o
Wholesale Meats.
Veal. l'ir:r"  9n tn 1(lc
i Veal, small   14c to 144c
3f;cf, frort quarter 9ViO to luo
Fleet. h!rd quarter lie to 12c
Spring lamb  15c
Mutton   10c to 12M|C
fork     Uotol3Wj
tens, small, per doz $t to $9
Knus, large, per doz $8 to $10
'I'.iiikoii,',, per doz $4 to $3.50
Broilers, per do/. $S to $1
'ens. live, per lb 17o to 19o
ClhokenB, live, per lb 19o to 21o
'.lucks, per dozen  $12
limits, bve, per lb 18o to 20c
Turkey*, live, rer lb 33o to 35c
Turkeys, dressed, per lb.  . .39c lo 40c
��� ���
��    WE8TERN   ONTARIO   NEWS.    ���
��� ���
Mrs. Henry Torrington. who was Inured In an accident nt Chatham O.
I'.  II.  crossing,  is dead.
Kiigcna Pacaud of North Day was
killed In a derailing accident on the
:. P. Tt. at Hying Inlet.
Kir Jan-.es Whltnoy and Hon. Dr.
';���;:,! nro I,...;!. !:: Toronto ift*r" :t
icnth's  auy   in  England.
With a kr.lfe, Mrs. John D. Wlgle,
���f Klngsvlllo, uintle a second unsuccessful attempt upon her llfo.
Henri I^igaco, former teller In the
flank of HocboUKa, Toronto, wan
'omul guilty of stealing $357.80.
Mrs. Hrldjcet Hackett, who was burn
Id by an oil lump exploding ln Tor
onto, died at Grace hospital.
H. 8. Muir conli'iuod his tax reform
campaign In Premier Whitney's cou
,'ituency by an address nt Iroquois.
Thomas Humtnell of New (lermiuy,
lied of Infirmities of old age, having
iiiKt passed hia nkiidy-nlnth birthday.
Property   worth S2.J.O0O,   ndjolntpj
Memorial   IlapUst. Institute,  Toronto,
has been donated by a friend of th'
Chester D. Massey contributed $10,-
000 to the Kin;/ Edward memorial
fund for consumptives raised In Toronto.
Andrew Plantz, a well known character ot Berlin, was found doad ln his
room In the Berlin clubhouse by his
Mrs. Mary Heaney, formerly of Mil
ton, was stricken while ascending cellar Btalrs- at Toronto, and died in n
few minutes.
John S. Scott, a well known Hamilton newspaper man, has Just completed a deal for the purchase of tho
Diiiidan Banner.
Writs for over $33,000 were Issued
THB rtOTAL, COMMISSION appirlhtrnT nr
the Provincial Government to inquire Into
the condition*, of agriculture fa tho Province, In Its various branches and ln all
IU relations to Industrial and economic
development, will hold sessions at the following places and dates assigned:���
Vancouver���Oourt-hnuim, January 9th,
loth and 11th.
New Westminster���City. Hall, January
13th and 14th.
Victoria���Court-house, January 17lh
and 18th. �����
All the sessions to be commenced at 10
o'clock a.m. of each day..
Anybody desiring to give evidence before the Commission on any subject within
the, scope of this Inquiry Is hereby .invited to appear at any of the above sittings of the Commission.
It Is tho purpose to give the Inquiry
tlie widest and fullest scope possible,
���while It Is the Intention to take ui> the
Investlioiliun from the IKllnt of view of
the practical producer, be ho horticulturist, (iiili-yiuiin. or stock-breeder, etc., It la
alao the desire to ascertain the views of
the consumer, the middleman, the commission  merchant, and the retailer.
Partlea appearing before the Commission will not be restricted to any fortnul
line of Inquiry, but will be afforded every
Opportunity to take up the subject matter from any point of view they may desire.
_ Chairman.
Secretary.    . (406 >
A Court of Revision cf the Voters'
I.lets will bo holden at the Municipal
Hall on Monday, the 6th day of January, 1913, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, when claims to be placed on the
Voters' Lists, or   objections   to   any
names appearing upon the said Lists,
will then be heard and determined.
Edmonds, B.C.. Dec. 23, 1912.      1359)
Ite Lots 4, 6, 7 (except the southwesterly 32 feet by 54 Vt feet of said
lot 7) of portion of lota 1, 2 and 0
and a portion of 20 feet by 106 feet
marked "l.ane," cf Lot 5. Block 34,
Map 904, In the City of Now West-
Whereas proof of the long of Certificate of Title Number 1286S P. Issued
In the name of Robert Lcnnie, has
been tiled in this office.
Notice Is hereby given thnt I shall,
at the expiration of one mouth from
the ditr? of the first publication hereof
'n a dally newspaper published in the
City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
bo made to me In wrltlnt-.
C. 8. KEITH,
O'strlr* Reglstr r of Titles.
Land Itculstry Office,
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   Januarv
3, 1903. (407)
Province of BritUh Columbia. County of
Wngtminster, to u>it:
Under and by virtue of a Writ of F1 Km
to me directed and delivered tiffiLiust the
roods and chattels of J. C. Keith, ut the
suit of C. A. Croable, I hare wln-d and
will sell at tHunnybrook Farm, Pitt Meadows, formerly known as tho Hlicglnaon
Farm, or Uquhart Farm, one mile north,
of Pitt Meadows Station, on W<.d.ie��dn.��v
the 8th day of January. 1913, ut ten
o'clock In the forenoon, the following, or
sufficient thereof te satisfy the judgment
debt and costs herein:
On* team Clyde horses, 7 yours old.
weight 3IK>0 lbs.; T Clyde mares and h
horses, average weight 1400 lbs.; 2 saddle-
horses: 8 yearling Clyde cslts and fillies;
1 Orade Jersey cow: 8 Holsteln cows all
In raif or milking; I ealrea; 05 to 70 hog*
and a lot of young pigs; 80 nivw; 108
chickens; 408 dueks; 4 turkeys; -.���",.> ton*
potatoes* IB tons hay; lot lumber; 25,008)
shingles; 1 two-seated Democrat; 1
buggy; 8 farm wagons; 1 now Htuds-
baker dump wagon; 1st harness; plows:
cultivators; S mowers; 1 tetter; 1 rake;,
t tilnders; 2 *.<.*ed drills; 1 ditching machine; 1 victor petats digger; ^ thres-
eectlon steel roller; 1 new butcher's cart;
1 Hnwyer and Massey threshing machine,
engine and water tank; 1 hay pn-as; 7
sets double harness; W saddles; lot tools;
scraper, baling and fencing wire, etc., etc.
Lunch   wis.   be   served.
T.   J.   ARMSTRONG.   .Sheriff.
New  Westminster.
Intending purchasers can leave Vancouver on the 7:18 a.m. train, or New
Westminster on th*�� 7 :6B a.m. train and?
get off at Pitt Meadow Station.        (372)
B.C.Coast Service
I .eaves Vsncouver for Victoria 10 a. m.,
2 p. m. and 11 :4&.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
snd 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 p. m.
i-ieares Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 18 p. in. w.'dries*
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
.!��� P- m
EWiliwack Service
Leaves Westminster I a. m. Monday,
Wedneadny and frlday.
leaves ChllUvaek   7   a.  in.   Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Bl). OOULIST. Ac-cnt, New Wostmln iter.
H. W. UROPtM, a. P. A.. Vancouver.
D. McAulay
r*��. 7*1.
NOTICE  Is herobv  (rtvi-n   that  m��Ptlnir��
of the Provincial Labour Commission
will bo Imld ut the following plans:���
Victoria ��� Tuesday and Wcrtni-sdnv.
January Mtlvand ISth, In tli-i Mnt'le
Comniltte.e-rooro of tho Parliament Bulld-
Iuks. nt 10 a.m.
vtincouv��r ��� Friday and Saturday,
January 17th and 18th. CMil-house, 10
New Westminster���Monday. January
20th, Court-house. 10 o.m.
IstiimloopB���Wrdneaday, January 82nd,
Court-house,   1* a.m.
Hnlmon Arm���Thursday, Janflard 23rd.
Revr-lstoke ��� Friday, January 24th
Court-house,  10 a.m.
Other mw-tln*B will he announced Inter.
The Commission will hear evidence on
all matters affectln* labour conditions In
the Province. All persons Interested are
invited to-*, present   q   pARHON
l'.R  McNAMARA, .
< 405 Secretary. J��2
'!' ,_IJIJ
Well Built Modern
5-Roomed Bungalow
lust off Sixth Street car lipase, with
hot water heat ��J1S��.0(>, ;>1000.00
cash, balance to arrange.
Coldleutt Block, Fourth, Avsnu*
��hone 71��. �����*< JBurriaby. B.C.
For Kent
7-roomed house, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
linoleum and blinds. Lease If
required, $25.00 per month.
8-room house, one7 bloak from
car, $16.00 per month.
5-roora  house,  modern,  with
baaomont, J20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldleutt Blk.     Bast Burnaby.
Cor. (th apd Columbia
P.O. Box 34 Daily New* Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prise* right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
�� MeKemlo St.
Till i*r Toronto ��nd Nlcols branch.
14:1* far St. Paul and Kootenay
U:W tor Agaasls Local.
11 H for Imperial Limited, Mt.nt-
ssal aad Okanagaa points.
Through first-class Sleepers, Tourist
���naVOIalng Car.
. W*t iteaorvation and other   partlcu-
l*�� **p.y to
New Westminster
*r U. W. Brodle, O.P.A, Vancouver
,< .il11-  ��� s^     ���        .      IU1. '
Advertise in the Daily New*
Ladles' and   Cents' Suits dyed
���vorcoats Cleaned and Pressed '
New Velvet Collar 75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R27H SATURDAY,  JANUARY  4,  1913.
Paul J. Ralney and two Colobut
moneys captured by him, shown In thi
motion pictures of his African Hum
at tbe opera house three nights starting Thursday, January 9.
Specifications, cgreament* of sals
deeds, business letters, etc; clrculai
work ipaclaluu. All work strltUy c*s
lldentlal M. Brolen, Room 6, Mer
chant Uank Bldg.   Phone 715
L. O. O. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second and third Wednesday*
1b each month Id K. of P. ball ai
8 p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H
Price, secretary.
Th�� regular meeting ot Amity l*4g.
No. 27. I. O. O. F��� Is beld every Ha*
day night at $ o'clock In Oi4 Pel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon aa*
Klpbth street. Visiting br��-��iee*j
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryaoa. N
O.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. O,; W. C
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary
I CENTER ft II ANNA, LTD.���Poa*r*l
directors and ambalmers. Paries*
405 Columbia street, New Westmla-
ster.    Phone 993.
|W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Director and Embalmer, 612-618 Agaes
street, opposite Carnegla Library.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 ColusaMe
street, New Westminster, B.C. T**t
phone 1070. Cable address "J��aa
tton." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 and 7 Bill* block.
. 8TILWELL CLUTE. barrister-**
law, solicitor, *tc; corn*r CohaMr
and McKenila ��tr**t*. N*w
minster, B. C. P. O. Ho�� 112.
pboa* 710.
solicitor aad notary. 611 Co
street.   Ovat C. P. K. Tatograpb.
his, i    ��� ��� ���swat    emem^esmeemtmsesemmme^omee,o*mmnmBeemmt>
Barrister* and Solicitors. Re**** f
and 8, Gulchoa block. New W��t*t
minster. Oeerge E. Martin. W. ��
McQuanrle ana George L. Csssssy,
tar* aad Solicitor*, We*t*sia*w>
Trust block. Columbia street, Me*
Westminster, r..C. Oabl* etmtei
"Whiteside," W**t*rn Ualoa. 9M
Dr��wer 200. Tetapbea* ����. W. (
Whlteilde. H. L. Edmoad*.
< ��$s��*4<H��4��M 11111111 n l ���*��.. 11 ���>
: An Incidental
Or. a Too Hastily Drawn \ \
,|..},.|.|..|.|���H | 11 |.| .r | | .H-4..|��M-r*
Olck Morton bud been without ���
care In tbe world until be met Oupont
Roland In Fifth avenue tbat sfternoon.
"Well. I'onty, old msn!" he exclaim
ed *��� be wrung the other men'* band.
"Wben did- you corns back to tb* land
of tb* ilvlngr
"Yesterday," beamed Ponty. whs bad
been tourlug France In his moto.n-ar,
for be was ��� ricb and Idle Individual.
He was bsudsome. too. and as he chatted wltb Olck Morton his gloved On
gers stroked bl* vsndyke pointed
golden beard snd bis smile sbowsd s
glitter of white even tectb'between the
thla red lips.
"You look as happy *��� * king I* supposed to be." remarked Dick *ft*i
awhile, for I'onty'* gsyety wis overwhelming.
"1 am happy," declared Ponty suggestively.
"What 1* ber name?" grinned Dick.
"1 muy confide tbat to you liter," returned I'onty. carelessly.
"If tbe signs do not mislead me you
are about to be married." hazarded
"Quite true. Dicky, my boy. If you
will come wltb me I will show tb* pictured fare of tbe future Mrs. Dupont
AccountniiL      T*l.    H IU.    ~~
Trapp bltvk
minster Hoard of Trail* meet* lu ttu
board room, City Hall, as follow*
Third Friday of each month; qua*
urly meeting on tb* lUlrd Friday *
February. May, August and Np��***>
ber al 8 p.m. Annual mesllaaa tt
tbe third Friday of February. N*��
mentber* may be proposed aa*
elected at any monthly or u.start*/Js
meeting. S. H, Stiiirt Watte, **er.-
-    ii msmitmsatBommBmsBBm
ransf er Co.
Dfflo* 4Ni*n* 185.     Bare) Hism 1*7
������able Itraat.
BawiaH* Dellveisd Promptly to
���ny part of th* city.
and Heavy
1-WtjCtt. IRISH Mr,��, *tc.. Juat
(trrlvfil. Psrfact Fit and Warkman-
hllp Qu*r*nt**d.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
^01 Front Street
��7 laastisa.
Roland." I'onty whirled Dick's tsll
form about snd steered blm toward ���
nearby doorway where * fashionable
photographer displayed portraits In
glass frames.
"Tbls ts sbe-way down In tbl* ror
ner-too obscure * situation for n bemi.
ty like tbs future Mr*. liii|Mint." rattled Ponty. pointing his csne st Cynthia Ludlow's lovely face.
Dirk's heart contracted, leaped and
stood still. It wss only last nlgbt thnt
be hud linked Cyuibls to murry him,
nnd she Und bulf promised. II* bad a*
donbt tout ��b* would nsvt bee* wholly
bla bsd not tbelr let* * let* been In
lerrupted. At this moment he was me
his way te call apoa Cyotbls and get
Iter aaswsr, aad���It could sot be Ibst
sbe bsd bee* ������gaged to t***ty Itolaad
sll tb* while.
"Well. Isn't sb�� ��� bssutyr demand
ed I'snty luijulsltlv��ly.
"Very lov��ly. I'onty." s*ld OI��k at
met. sad bis veli-* sounded very tired
'���Miss l.odlsw I* ���* ibarmisg as ��a��
Is isMiitlfui. slid you sr* to be- ��-oa
gratiiliiled." II* held out his hand.
snd Ponty Isoglssd lightly a* a* shook
It airily. ���
"Us my bast aisn, lllrk," b* urge*
���* tbey went Into lh�� street sgsln
"Tbsuk*. I'onty. but I won't to
her*," **M Dkk wltb �� vague Uw.lt I*
bis ey**. H* wa* sur* h* rouid per
���mid* his rather to let blm hnr�� ibr
management of lb* Berlin uffli-e.
"Wbrr* yoq going r
"tlernisny. Re* yosj lator." snd Dirt
disappeared wltbsul further eer*
I "What's th* matter with th* young
��lrrr demanded I'onty of himself as
he continued on hi* way to bis club.
cyutiils Ludlow asked herself tht
f.kue <|U*stloa ss ah* wsltsd for Did
lo a|i|w*r st lb* appointed ttma. As
th* <lo<-k*d ticked |h* minutes past 4
ber lmi��tlenc* gar* way to Indlgns
tion aud wa* followed by uneasiness.
"H* moat bar* meant It." sh* as
sored m-rwdf with trembling Una
-nii-k Isn't that *ott I would tauv*
���aid 'yea' at one* bat Bight, enly-
��6mi>bow-h* biirrlrd m* *o!" A dim
pi* played la bar pink cb**** for, a too-
ruvnt aa ah* remembered tb* blissful
let* * tat* of tb* previous evening.
"He aald be would Come, and I Itaow
he will." sbe comforted herself.
Rut Dick didn't com*.
Cyatbis met him th* following evening *t ��� little danc* la th* hou** of
his aiiBt Hh* thought be looked vary
whit* and III. but by no outward sign
did she display tb* ���lightest Inters* la
him. Wb*n b* approached h*r and
miked ber lo ami-* she bowed coldly
und displayed b��r overflowing card.
"1 bsve been waiting for ** oppof
i unity to offer my beat wish**,'' murmured Dick oiist**dtly. "Poatjr t* a
fln* faltow."
Refer* Cyntbl* could *nsw*r Mm*
one rurted up and ��w*pt bar away
without ctremony, and Dick** lest
slgbt of met fse* *bow*d it ��� vari
ety or emotions- surprise, bewilder-
ment und anger. As she wss whined
Into tbs midst or the dam-em Dick
found his bnt ami overcoat mid weut
Two days later Cynlhla road In tbe
imper tbst Dick bnd gone to i.i-rmuny
tu assume management; of tbe Berlin
��� itlics of Morton & Blank. Hbe bsd
presence of mind not to faint until sbe
rc-uclii-d ber own room, aud ss she bad
left the newspaper In tbe 'library below oo oue pieced any connection between tbs two.
Cyntbl* bad regained ber color end
animation by tb* time somebody Introduced Dupont Roland to ber. long
after Dick had reached Berlin.
Tbelr acquaintance progressed rapidly. Cynthia liked tbe amusing fellow, wbo bad traveled tbe world over
snd bsd a fund of merry anecdotes to
fit any occasion. Ponty psld assiduous court to th* beautiful girl, but
Cyntbl* quit* Ignored hi* attempts at
lor* miking. Sbe bad bad enough of
love, abe told herself disdainfully.
la spits of Cyntbl*'* discouraging
attitude whenever be approached tb*
tender topic. Ponty on* day mustered
coursge to speak.
"I am sorry. Mr. Roland,'* said Cynthia gently, "but really I cannot marry
"If you only knew," murmured Ponty distressfully.
"Knew wbatr
"I fell In love wltb yonr picture long
before I ever met you," declared Ponty earnestly. "1 was walking down
Fifth avenue tbe day after my return
from Franca wben I glanced Into
Dell'* window and saw you. Such
wa* my enthusiasm tbat I vowed that
you must become Mrs. Dupont Roland."
"Indeed!" cried Cynthia between
amusement snd displeasure.
"Indeed, yes. Furthermore," went
on the heedless Mr. Rolsnd, "1 met a
friend Just beyond snd showed him
tbe picture snd told him it wss tbe
future Mrs. Rolsnd. He congrstulsted
me. and I asked blm to be my best
man." Ponty guaed reproachfully at
ber amszed face.
"Tbst wasn't quite���er���nice, was
Itr isked Cyntbl* quietly. And Ponty felt more rebuked thsn If she bad
denounced blm.   He felt like a cad.
"No; It wasn't nice, and I humbly
spologlze." cried Polity contritely, and
even after Cynthia bsd sbsken bands
with him snd bsd banished the topic
under discussion be felt uncomfortable.
Wben be sros* to depart a sudden
thought smote Cynthia Lndlow and
brought ber to ber feet white and trembling wltb emotion.
"Ab, Mr. Roland, I wonder If you
will tell me *omethlng," she said tn
rather a sbsky voice.
"Everything tbat I know." declared
Ponty eagerly.
"Tben I* your nam* Ponty���tbat la
do your men friends call you tbst?"
"Tbey do. snd some girls who like
me rail me Ponty also," sdmltted tbe
Irrepressible Mr. Roland.
Cyntbln drew ��� long breath, and bat
llttls. bunds clasped tlpbtly before bsr.
"Ynn-yvn spoke about seeing my
pliture nod showing It to * friend."
sbe said In a low tone, her face turned
���way from blm.
"Yes,   I   did.     Awfully  sorry,   yon
"Who was your frlendT"
"Why. Dick  Morton.    Perhaps yon
know blm.    He's lu Germany now. I
"You told him tbat yon were engaged
to msrry meT" asked Cyntbl* wltb
very bright eye*.
"I gave blm that Impression. I merely ssld tbat I would show him the fu
tnr* Mrs. Dupont B land, and 1 took
blm te tba window and showed him
your ���actor*. I didn't 1*11 him I hadn't
met yon even." Ponty wa* fscllng un
vonifortabl* aadar Cyntbl*'* steady
"What did asssyr
"H* rasarrstutstvd m*. I asked Mm
la be best men. and b* said b* couldn't
i -ssbl b* wa* gsdng to Germany."
Cyntbl* wa* silent so long after that
that Peaty grow soilous. Sbe war
looking st blm���nay, through blm���aa
if she ssw something or s*m*body bo
toud    H*r aye* war* misty.   -
"I imps I bavsb't mad* an* rronhts
or anything, et tbat sort Mass Lud
tow." br ventured at last
"You a**." snld Cyutbla, with ��� slow
���smile. "It must bar* puttied Mr. Mor
too fes bare you tnnoiinr* your en-
irap-msnt to m* at tbat time iieniaae
nr wus engaged tu me himself "
"No," siplodrd Polity, blushing furiously
"Yes," *��ld Cyntbl*.
"I'm tb* biggest fool la the world."
monrusd I'oaty. turning lo ths door,
and Uyntbla did not deny IL belt ber
���It.) sht try to stay bis departure.
It wss not until b�� wa* out In the
strwt tbat a solution of tbs difficulty
nt me to I'onty Roland.
"I'll cable old Db-k all a bom It" b*
aald. and ber* use money wa* no object to blm be spared oo adjectives
lb describing lb* situation to lb* sb-
sant Dick, wbo waa csttsjg bl* heatt
out is Berlin.
The next day h* received Dick'* cable reply. "Camlng today. Keep out
of my way lor awhile, Ponty," w*��
all be **ld,
I'onty carrted lb* csblssrram te Cynthia '���".'.'.-,
"I've got on*, too," *b* confessed,
blushing beautifully, ���nd Ponty f*R a.
pan* of regret for b* bad n*��er *r*a
I'ynthl* look so lovely.
But be bad an appointment with tha
little actress to motor In tb* park, and
b* hastened away, quit* forgetting
about Cynthl* and b*r sweetheart tor
thst affair bad been merely >��� tact-
dental romanc* is tb* many hMrt'affair* tn which ������ b*d iHayad th* baro,
bat to Cyntbt* and Dtek tt mA alsaoat
nroved a tragady.
Pity, oh, ptty ths dlgnlfltd msn.
Who never cun set ss ths rest of os csnl
Vou .ml 1, If v.o csrs to, can run half a
But If lie should try It 'twould glvt us a
For him sll frivolity's under Ihs ban.
I'Hy, on, pity ths dlcnllted manl
Pity. oh. pity ths dimmed one,
Who cannot unbend for s bit of mild fan.
Who haa to bs atalily and sober and staid
An<l stiff as a drum major out oo parade.
Who looks Hits a picture of Gsorgs Waah-
Pity, oh, pity ths dltnMad ossl
Pity, oh, pity ths dignified cent.
Who cannot Indulge in undus msnrlmentl
Whenever I see htm I'm tempted. 1 own.
To give him s poke tn vast pocket too*
To see If his marblenrsa cannot be bant.
I'lly, oh. pity tba dlgnlflad genii
Pity, oh, pity ths dignified chap.
Who looks so ridiculous In a mlshspl
lis slips In Ihs mud. snd It glvetb delight;
His tls climbs bla nscs. and ws laugh at
ths sight-
Things for which you sad I wouldn't cars
half ��� rap.
Pity, oh, pity ths dlgalfled ehspl
Then pity, sh, pity th* dignified man,
Who's made sf ��� slsy last's tbs stiffen
hard pah.
Pssr fellow, hs reals hs la slwaya on view
And cannot slouch even ��� minute or ��wel
In bis nightshirt b* must be a vision te
Pity, en, pity th* Signified manl
A Shorter Way.
"IIow far Is It to Neustadt, csptalnT
"Fourteen kilometers In an air line.
"H'm!  There must be a shorter way
across the fields, don't you thinkV���
Lustig* Blatter.
Hs Rssd ths Signs.
On* morning two young women
entered the Saltvllle grocery and after
some discussion linugbt * pound of
dates, two pounds of ginger snsp* and
two pounds of truckers.
"Stopping at Miss Cray's?" Inquired
tbe clerk aa he tied up the bundlea
"Yes." aald one of tbe young women,
wltb evident surprise.
"Csiue shout yesterday forenoonr
Mid tbe clerk.
"How did you know?' asked the
other yonng woman curiously.
������nm-well. 1 ��-����� aaasst weswrstW
tell." ssld the clerk without glancing
st the objects or bis mind reading as
be twitched s knot In tbe string. "You
see. It'* pretty dritsly and muddy today, and I knew there wouldn't anybody's hosrdsr* but Miss Cray's feel
the need of romlng out here such
westher. snd long as you didn't come
till today I knew for sure you couldn't
hav�� been here nmre'n one day." Tbre*
meals Is slkiut th* average."���lautb'*
Cuiupanlo*. .
His Ousrter.
"I approsrb you la a worthy cause.
Mr. Tltewsd. W* want to mis* IIOU-
000: ��� prominent phllautbrapjat offer*
to contribute * quarter of IL"
"Oh. well." Mid Mr. Tltewsd hastily,
"I don't miud giving another quarter.
Can y*u change a halft" ��� Housekeeper.
Easily Influenced.
Pstleace��� Yon My Peggy I* very
muck laluenrad by ber ���iirroondlua*r
P*trie*��� Oh. my, yes. Why. whea
Will bss bis arm around ber she's la-
dueuced by Will, and wbea Jack bss
bis ana about bsr *b*'* InfluaacMd by
Jack.-YeoUrs BUtessmaa.
"Diea your husband object to yonr
taking part lb. pollUc*r ��*k*d Mra
"Certainly not" replied Mra Raring
Bsnne *. f
���Tlii-u wbera'a tbs fun In doing eoT
-Wasblugtou Star.
Well N*m*d.
"Why do you rail ibis new tire of
rours lb* MesU-r.nr asked Hlstbers
"Is It made of II ex lean rubbt-rr
"Oh. no!" Mid tbe Inventor. "I Mil
It that beciiiw It la canatol* of Innumerable revolution* without weariag
HI* Raiment ,
Ijidy it* returned mlMtonaryl-Aiid
now  wa* Ut* kWt ���' th* Mvagss
��iis��ioBsi7-B-����-pribctpally   with
iiitborlty. ���m*d*m. ai4 o*t much dt
tbr,4.-McC��ll'* MMWWla*.
���     h- ������ '.iiiiiir.yi-r.iii   ���:���;
 rUaamv. 'j
Why do you thrak that C��H waam
to unrry m* *ol*iy tor my mo��*yr
����lh. ta* most b*��a aom* waabiir--
I'lieuend* Blatter. '
���Wliat did your unci* hstft ya*i M
his vrilir   "Tbre* guardUn*. * 1st of
sdvli-e nnd a 41lth�� mou*y."-D*trolt
Pre* Pre**.
Btella-Doa* shs ilv* froa hand to
Bella-N*. from *ar to a?***-****
tork Boa.' W.ikakai
Simple, But Impressive Ceremony, Ii
Attended by Fourteen Hundred
Nstives of India���Upper Room le
the Ssnctuary of the Temple and
the Basement Will Bs a Room For
Sunday, Oct. 6. witnessed in Victoria
an event which was to Ahglo-Saion
people an occurrence of much interest. It wss tho dedication ol a Hindu,
or more properly speaki-i., a Sikh,
temple for divine worship. By many
persons the occaion would have been
designated u the dedication of a "heathen" temple, for, to many people In
the Christian church fellowships ol
Canada, the 'Consecration of a place
of worship other thsn a distinctively
"Christian" place o! worship could
n>Mn only the consecration of a building to ths perpetuation of some form
of idolatry entirely st vtrlsnce with
the orthodox method ol saving the
soul and lo be condemned as a Work
of darkness rather than light, says
Wslter W. Baer in Canadisn C-mrier.
Those who witnessed and took part 'in
tbe dedicatory services at ths Khalss
Diwsn (literally "The Place of Divine Worship") on the day named
must hsve beLn deeply impressed
wita the conviction thst "In any nation hs thst ftareth God and worketh
righteousness is accepted of Him."
The Khsliu Diwan of Victoria is an
institutions! structure built sfter Hindu architecture, and though in no
sense pretentious, is s most creditable
sanctuary. Ths main building is 40x60
feet, built of red brick with a commodious basement room fer recreation
purposes, the whole established upon
cement foundations. The "Upper
Room" U the sanctuary, the part nl
the building specifically dedicated as
an holy place. No partitions divide
either basement or temple, though
stout, square pillars of wood support
th' interior and roof. Around it all
runs a verandah some ten feet in
width, supported on square column,
wi'h ornamental capitals. In the rear
of the building, but detached from it.
is another structure, in which sre living rooms (or the priest ir minister.
snd a kitchen furnished thrrughout
for the preparation of food. The sanitary arrangements comply with the
civic bylaws. There are no chsirs.
pews or sests in the Temple cr Worship room, ss the worshipping Sikh
sits on the bare floor, only the Ministers standing. They also sit when not
ministering. The temple cost nesrly
110,000, snd is a monument to the
religious teal and faith of a people
fsr from home, in s strange land
which has not treated them justly and
among a people to whom they are united by but two bonds. The first of these
is their attachment to the throne and
empire of the British people who delivered Indis, and th* st. ind i�� their
unconquerable SMsn-rlsrUon thst "Uors
oat*, made ol on* flesri nl*. the nation.
ol the earth." It is the lsst rather
than the first which mskes the Sikh
tolerant of the abuse and rni-repr>>
stntation to which he hae been subjected.
Three Hindu women were rrofent I
the sole remniin*. of the domestic memories of ��� numerous people who had
been denied the right to hring their
wives into Cana'da. There wss aisn
an English woman', the wife ol a prom,
inent Hindu ol Vsnoonvi.., who h��i|
married the swarthy son of India,
who adoringly called himself ber husband. It was her second marriage,
and. though it is a child!- marriage,
she declares it to b*���save lor this���
a happy one.
In the definitions of belief or articles ef faith th* Sikh rslition approximates more nearly to. the Unitarian
bodies ot America than to any. other.
There is no rach thing in their credo
M vicarious sacrifice. They assert���
M do Unitarians��� that sslvstion must
be by character, and they believe in
the progress of tlie'hunsr. race on-
ward' (nd nrward���to higher plane* of
development��� forever.
Unlike meat Oriental peoples, they
���asembls on given days lor, worship.
In Canada they observe the Christian
Eabbatb as their day for worship.
They "forget not the assembling ol
themsehres together ss th* manner nl
sume Is." Though thsy recognise *
priesthood th* priest exercise, nn au
ihority over ballet or eorduct. He i��
��� chosen officiating minister lur th
reading and expounding of tlie Sacr.'J
Books, the sdmlnistrstio i cl sacra-
ments. - th* cond.-"ting of obn-qmes
���nd performing ol those services tn
his fellows which are functionary iu
their character. He volunteer, his services and receives no official stipend
or salary.
There are adaptations of Methodist
procedure in some of the set* of Worship. The Msthodist "Love-feast" if
nearly approximated in one ot the
sacraments as the distribution ol the
Carta nf hug* bsken waters Is syni-
olical ot th* equality ot-all who partake tho sacrament. They hsve. also.
���n order br service much resemhlimi
th* Methodist "Mtowship meeting1
in which ��� aa in tha case ol ,tl
Friends or Quaker* ** those "whom
the spirit mc-VM'' *ihort, testify. or
The** practice* are not traceable tb
th* *vangeliftio work of Christian
missionaries smnng ths Hindus. Th*y
date from the "retormition" in ludi*
corresponding ��li.iort. a�� to both tint,
and revolt from orthodox religion, to
that ol Ifartin Luther in Europe.
Tbar* c*n be ni doubt that "God
hath rev**led Himself in diver* nan.
tiers" to th* nations ot th* world.
It is tor the psrpetoation of their
reformed religion that the Sikhs hav*
���noted temples in British Columbia.
Th* on* dedicated on Sundty was th*
third to the province, the Siklu evidently tern* determined to kefptheir
t��ith unspoltod troto.tof world. Th*y
do notintend in ha* eWtkgmW
an th* willow* and rejsOTM.sfflf art.
?How can we sing th* songs H wo��
tti a straiej*. I***/*
That Is
Is Advertising
Newspaper Advertising is interspersed
with news.
The readers necessarily see and read an
advertisement if it be there���just as one
has seen this advertisement and is now
reading it
Nobody had to torn to an advertising
section in order to read this.
If that had been necessary, it may well be
said that you never would have read it
Wky Not
Put  Your
liVkere It
Will Be fcead?
Newsboy Dead at 105.
Jolllett. Ul- Jan. ��.���The oldest
newsboy In the woHd, Oreamu* Paige,
died at hi* horn* Here today, aged 105
years. Paige sold hi* paper* ln th*
streets up,.to a law day* ago, when
h�� wa* taken UL        ���   /
Would Racognlx* China at One*.
Washington, Jab. 3.���Aaking immediate recognition of. the new Chinese
Republic by th* UnKed Stat**, Senator Bacon, of Georgia, m*mber of the
60-Mlle  Qala  at  Mai
n. 3.���A
Norfolk, Va��� Jan. 3.���A *txty-mlle
tele with heavy rain whipped tha At
Untie coast tn tbl* vtotntty^ooay with
terrific vtoltae*. demoralising   *Wp-
foralgn r*tatton�� jBommltt**, tatrc4u��|pi��i.   Several sm*U eraft are.wnk, po;
ed a rtsotuUon In the oanato today.   Iwlth lot* Vt life. Itwltt
Awful Coadltlont In Albania.
Hoc*. Jan. ��.���T*rrtbl*
lb Albania, one ot th*
Moeka In th* peac* negotUUonH bo-
tween turkey and th* Balkan Btatos.
���r> told tn a written appeal to th*
Mea.ftf.Jmr* today from I*
..^.iislLstessailA'A,. ; ������s
psJi^Hm  HA.QE KMHR   WW$
W�� are preparing to take
stock, consequently are offering
bargains on odd lots.
Armour's Brisket ot Beet in
1 lb. tins; regular 35c each;
delicacy.   Today 30o, 3 for 75c
Canned Soup sells regular 2 tor
25c; all kinds today, each . .10s
Per doten ��1.10
Try a dozen French Peas; regular 2 for 25c; today, each   10s
Per dozen   $1-10
Turkish Coffee, a delightful
blend; regular 40c a lb.; today
35c per dozen   ��/*^fS
Qur Special Tea we will retail
today at 45e per lb; regular Me.
Very excellent.
Pork and Beans, the famous
Quaker brand; regular 16c;
straight today 2 for 25c, or per
dozen   ....11.35
Olives,  special    bargain    50c
bottle for 30e
Potato Flour, very best for line
cakes and pastry; regular 20c,
today 15e; 1 dozen  win
Pish In 1 lb. tins, Herring, Haddock, etc.;  regular 10c;  today
S for 25c; per dozen 95c
Ralsens. in 18 oz. packages;
reg. 2 fbr 25c; today 3 for 25c
Smith's extra cream Bodas;
regular 25c per tin; today   20c.
S for  5Se
Cowans' Unsweetened Cooking
Chocolate; regular 50c per lb���
today, per lb ***
Head Lettuce, per head ���10e
Celery,   beautiful     stuff,   per
bunch  10��
Turnips, per lb 2c
Onions, per lb 2c
Cabbage, per lb 1 '/a"
Sweet Potatoes, per lb 5c
Apples, only   60   left,   No.   1
Jonathons, per box  ���LOB
These are prize apple*.
Spy Apples, per box $1.50
Cooking Apples, per box..$1.15
Public Supply Stores
Young   Ankers   Injured   in   Collision
While Sliding on Alberta Street
Mr. Tom Routley has consented to
become a candidate tor a councillor-
ship on the municipal board of Coqultlam.
Skates sharpened and set at Oeo.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.     (395)
Mr. W. J. Manson, M.P.P. tor Dewd
ney, was ln the city yesterday on
business connected with his constituency.
Fire Chief Davis, of Victoria, and
two members ot his staff will demonstrate the Seagraves aerial Are truck
when It arrives here.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (394)
Mrs. J. H. Todd gave a very delight
tul dinner party on New Year's Eve
at her residence, 235 Ninth street,
covers being laid for twelve. The
evening was enjoyably spent by all.
Trimmed Hats to clear regardless or
cost. Ready to wears, regular $3.50 to
$6,00, for $1.50. Mrs. Agret, 59 81xth
street. .(391)
%t. J. W. Peck, chief boiler and
mbchinery inspector ot the- province,
and* his assistants are preparing an
annual report on the boiler inspections
conducted during the year. The re
port will be presented at the coming
session of the provincial legislature.
A branch of the Union Bank of Canada will be opened for business on
Saturday, January 4, In the premises
recently vacated by W. E. Sinclair,
611 Columbia street. (387)
The staff of the board of works de
partment of the city has been greatly
reduced during the last few days on
account of the snow. Only the street
cleaning gangs are at work at the
present time.
Mill wood for sale, prompt delivery
*o any part of the city; also Sapper-
ton or Burnaby. W. Rich, phone
D1146. <36��)
Paul Ralney's African Hunt Pictures will be shown at the opera house
beginning next Thursday evening for
three nights. The audiences are said
to be immediately carried by the
magic shift of the flitting films to
the Jungles of Africa, where are seen
the lion and leopard In their native
haunts, and later the rhinoceros and
elephant. MatlneeB will be given on
Saturday afternoon next.
This week's bargain is really surpris-
II      A.  sixteen  to-st   ttonai VsriaUo  UsAr
11 Brush 6��c.
See our window for specials.
Successor to K. J. MacKenzle.
' The first tobogganing accident ol
the season occurred yesterday when
nine year old George Ankers had hit
leg broken as the result of a collision
between the sleigh on which he was
riding and one controlled by other
The accident ocourred on Alberta
street, Sapperton, about 8:30 yester.
day afternoon. The grade on thi
street 1b not a very Btcep one, but Is
fairly good for sleighing and a number of children were out on It yester
The unfortunate boy was removed
to the Royal Columbian hospital where
he is now receiving treatment for his
Mr. Ankers, the boy's father, Is a
superintendent of the city water pipr
line between this city and Coqultlam
and lives on Columbia street east,
next the Sapperton branch of the
Royal Bank of Canada.
After Grand Trunk.
Boston, Mass., Jan. 2.���-Repeal of
the corporate powers granted by the
legislature laBt year to the Southern
New England railroad for the purpose
of extending the Grand Trunk system
to Boston are sought ln a bill filed
In the house today. Representative
Sullivan of Boston Bigned the petition.
(Coatlnuad from page ene)
You have worked,
planned, saved and denied yourself���all that
some dear one may be
fret from want when
you are gone.
What have you done
to ensure that the
estate you have built
up will be efficiently
managed after you?
Let us tell you about
our facilities for handling estates.
Howay School Opening.
Miss Strong, principal of tho F; W.
I Howay school, will attend the teach
ers'  convention  at  Victoria  on   Mon
I day, and her class will therefore uot
I meet until Wednesday next.    The re-
I mainder of the classes at the   V.   \\
1 Howay  school  will  begin on  Monday
as arranged.    No now pupils will be
received until Thursday morning.
Miss Cotsworth Gives Last Lesson
This Morning at 11 O'clock.
St. George'B hall again presented
an animated scene when Miss Lena
Costworth continued her instruction
of some half hundred children yesterday afternoon. There was still a
predominance of girls, but all' the
childrci are gettlug along very well
and now know the outlines of four
charming dances.
A new one was introduced yesterday
aften oon winch is called "Bo Peep"
and S L'titst enjoyable and instructive
hour or more was paBsid, the kiddies
showing the gteates' eat -neas to
learn the measures.
This morning at 11 o'clock the last
lesson will be given by Mies Cotsworth, who is returning to Victoria
on Monday. The children will all lie
on hand and as this Is the last opportunity that teachers and others interested will be afforded of Seeing the
dancoB under her expert tuition, Il Ii
hoped that as many us possible will
which had been stolen near a down
town office building before the rob
bery, and disappeared in a crowdei.
section ot the west side.
PaBsersby near a Clark stree'.
Je.welry store, startled by the crash
of glass, saw two men beating In thi
Bhow window with bricks.
The robbers seized a tray of rings
and leaped to tho running board ot an
automobile moving slowly at the curb
As Policeman Charles Hanson ran up,
a woman shrieked ana threw herselt
into his arms. Hanson could not
draw his weapon, but two policemen
in civilian dresB opened lire on tht
thieves. The bandits returned tht
shots as they olatnborcd into the car
One of the thieves waa seen to fall
Into a seat. Ho Is believed to be
Twenty shots were exchanged a?
the machine gathered speed. The
plain clothes policemen commandered
a passing automobile. They ordered
the chauffeur to pursue the thieves
,-wYio, hoNvevsir, distanced the  officers
Ttass  \mml\tsi-   ��ax  sj|����.    ntoftwd     \��V
Policeman Cretins wifcYtrn in a trnitlr
block, a few blocks from the scene of
the rnbberv. Stlcken arrested tip
chauffeur for speeding.
"Jump In old man, and we'll tak-
you to the Btatlon house," said orie or
the men to Stlcken.
The chauffeur took a wrong turn in
to La Salle avenue. Sticken. wh-
stood on the running board, turned te
protest. He received a stab over th��
ieft eye. a blow on the back ot th'
head, a bullet In the leg and was bur',
ed from the car.
The thieves fired several more shot'
at Stlcken as he lay in the street
I'�� returned tho fire, but without
Good descriptions of the men wars
given by those who saw them aban
don the car.
Turks Make Sllgjit Concessions, But
Allies Are Still Far from Being
London, Jau 3.���The discussions of
peace envoyB today centred on the
questions of Adrlanople and the Islands In the Aegean sea.
The Turks continued to protest and
to indicate their disinclination to yield
while the allieB were equally persist
ent tn pressing their demands for the
cessation of Adrlanople and the Islands.
The Turks offered a slight concession In regard to the frontier they had
previously suggested as the future
line between Turkey and Bulgaria In
Thrace. This concession Includes the
city of Xanthia (EBkeJe) and down to
the sea board of the Aegean.
The allies threatened that, unless
the Turkish offer was made to Include
the fortress of Adrlanople and the
Island of Crete, negotiations would be
broken off. They said they would
-|ve the Turks until Monday to decide
and the Turks replied that they would
be ready to answer tomorrow.
Alderman Reconsidera Decision to Retire, According to His Friends.
Alderman A. E. White has succumbed to the requests of his many friends
ln the city and will seek re-election
at the coming civic contest. Although
not stating bo himself, several of his
close acquaintance;; made It known to
the News that the chairman ot the
parks committee had withdrawn his
announcement of retiring and would
line up with the rest of the council
lors seeking municipal honors.
Mr. White informed the News on
Saturday last that he was still on the
fence, but would likely accede to the
pressure from his friends.
The monthly report of Tr. C. E.
Doherty, medical superintendent of
the asylum, shows that a total of 800
patientB were treated ln the Institution during December. The population
of the hospital at the beginning of tbe
month was 535 males and 205 females,
nnd at the close 544 males and 208
Thirty-two new patients were admit
ted during the month, one was returned from probation, three were discharged without probation, seven discharged on probation and 17 at expiration of probation. Four patients
died during the month, three escaped,
and two were returned from escape
Forty-eight patients In all were out on
nrobation at the e-rt of the month.
Our Big
January Clearance Sale
Began Today
Greater Bargains Than Ever
More Variety
Lower Prices
Read Our Page Adv. of January 3rd
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, v/ill be
given on all ordc.s.   This disoount Is
for ten days only.
Roonri 6
Whether John Maenaniara, known
to ili^ j.'o'.icu of the entire. .*,m��ri<-;i!i
iMnthienl, Is to be brought to' this
city to stand trial for alleged com
pllelty In the Hank of Montreal rob
bery, will probably be decided on Mini
day by the suprome court of Hi"
United States. His counsel has lost
his ease in two courts and is now trying for a writ of habeas corpus.
Martin Powell, In custody in Detroit, is following the same policy, al
'hough his ease will probably not be
decided for some weeks yet.
Charles Dean, who la awaiting trial
In connection with the robbery, will
be taken to Victoria on Monday where
he will appear before Chief Justice
Hunter on January 7, His solicitor
Mr. Adam S. Johnston, recently ap
piled for a writ of haebaa corpus
which will be argued before the chief
DOHEHTY���Dr. Charles F.. Doherty,
medical superintendent of the asylum,
has just received the news of the
death of his mother, Mrs. II. M
Doherty, at the family home in North
Toronto. The Information was somewhat of a Bhock to Dr. Doherty, as at
last reports his mother was in the
best of health. She had Just return*)
from an extended tour of the Oil)
Country with her daughter, Miss Jose
shine Doherty.
Mrs. Doherty was C3 years of age
and svas a native of Canada. She la
survived by n distinguished family 01
three sons and two daughters. Her
sons ire Ur. F, ,I. Doherty, of Vic
torla; M. W. Doherty, of the Maritime
Dredging and Construction Company,
nt SI John*, N.H., and Dr. Charles K
Doherty, of this city. The daughters
are Dr. Agatha Doherty. of tiie did
Aren't hospital in   London,   England
and Miss Josephine Doherty, who wav
wiih her mother at the time of death
Dr. Doherty, of this cltv, Is unable t(
go east to attend the funeral, but 111'
brother from Victoria ha.i already
The wisdom of Soloman was displayed in police court yesterday when,
after hearing the case of Thomas
'Duffy charged with beating Op his
luife. the magistrate decided to send
! the pair home in Uie hope that they
! could settle their marital troubles
without the, aid of the law.
Duffy's wife, who la a frail looking
Collister Block balibretwl, came Into the court "room'
with one of her eyes bandaged.
., i I I      jui.,   ���-.     ii iiiw*     Duffy, as counter evidence, displayed
Ki mtrri t��tTTitxro a bound up finger which he claimed
yOU read  lil.CjJN.ili'VVtb had been caused by his spouse..    .
__x       ii    it.    _^���.���       A real estate transaction figured In
you get all the news, the fracas,
The funeral of tho late Mrs. Kllza
both (Irav. whose death occurred st
Summerlaiul B.C., on December 31
will take place from the residence
of Mr. A. \V. finiy, 23fi Second slreet
on  Saturday afternoon,  at. 2  e'cloe.k.
Friends will please accept this In
vllatliin.   No flowers. (400'
of all kinds In great variety. Try our
typewriter ribbons, our Carbon Paper
In all grades and for every use.
Stephen's and Stafford's Inks and
Blank Books of every kind.
64* Columbia Street
Phone 455
The marriage took place at Belleville, Ont., on Jan. 2 of Arthur H. E.
Beckett of Calgary, Alta., and Wanda,
eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
C. Starr of Homcwood farm, near
WillimanB, Ont.
Mr Beckett was a former newspaper man of this city and Is the eldest
son of Mr. E. W. Beckett, crown timber agent here.
MA.SZER��� PF.ARSON���On the Becond
day of January, 1913, John Ernest
Manser, second son of Mr, and Mrs.
Oeiaol Manzor, Cloverdale, was united in marriage to Miss Una Els'.c
Pearson, formerly teacher In Mission City public Bchool, by Rev.
Alex. Dunn, Dublin street, ln the
presence of a company of friends
of the contracting parties.       (401)
White, Shiles & Co.
from 628 Columbia Street to more commodious offices in the Westminster
Trust Block (Suite 312 to 315.) Their lower office, No. 746 Columbia Btreet,
near the tram office, will, however, be kept open in charge of Mr. D. A. Shiles,
the firm's regular business being carried on at both offices.
312 to 315 Westminster Trust Block.     Phone 85.
New Westminster, B.C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Six Hi Street
���WALL'S Druggist
701  Columbia  Street
Phono 57
These are a'l  In good locations and are   good
they can bs bought for now.
Investments  at  the   priest
1359��� FIFTH   8TRE8T    near  Eighth
iivonun;  5(1x1:12 to laae; a good buy
at $1,009; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH   AVENUE  near  4tn
streetr two lots; upfier side; 50x130
all cleared and gradod; price $12T5
13*7�����8 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
oa easy terms.
66 foot lot in good location; Just off
Columbia street; price $1290 on
ess/ terms.
1398���6 LOT8 ON TWELFTH AVE.,
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'  Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
The Fisherman's Friend
This Is ths Engine that
has crested such a
sensation among ths
Five h.p. YALE, Gsso-
lins Engine.  The most
reliable engine on the
^^ market.
. . . c I. , . v
The Schaake Machine Works
Try One of Our Self Basting Roasterii
The bpst,Qji the market, prices from $1.50 to $2.M >ij
Note the bargains ln our dinner sets which we have Just opened,
��7-plece: Tie "Blue,  worth $15.09 for $18.75
108-plece Dresden Gold Line, worth$26,  for     19.7��
96-plece Greolan Dull Oold, worth $2J, for   21.2o\
97-plece Blue Bandand Dull Oold, worth $30 for  21.M
98-plece Poutraciola, worth $32.50, for 22.00
We ��u\��o carry Blue Willow, Clover Leaf and the Vitrified wsrtu
See ouryCut Glass Bowls, Vases and Bon  Don  lllshss and our
Glass Tab)*) and Water Sets.
Nothing1 Is more appropriate for a Christmas Present than kvt
Electric Iron ��� (I mean the kind we sexry) unless It Is one of our
Hewing Machines, guaranteed for 10 years.
The New Furniture Store
Cor. 12th St. and Sixth Aee. C. N. EDMONDSON e\ CO.


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