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The New Westminster News Feb 24, 1913

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 New   Westminster.
Han thi! largest  Industrial output
for  Its   population   of   uny   city   In
western Canada,
l{ :-yWeather Today
i.ii.hi\;to moderate vrufisJAUfrally''
'4, '
-le    le'ill    , _     .
fair,   w^f^npderato  temperature.
'"^���'���|-.'>A,  g. **
,L 7,  NUMBER 298.
Bulgaria Refuses to Consent
to Formation of Neutral
Turkey   S'.lll   Defends  Tchatalja   and
Bulslr Lines���Roumsnla Agrees
to Accept Offer of Powers.
Of C. N. R. Will Be Commenced Immediately ~ Ferry Terminals at
Wocdward's Slough.
The work on the Canadian Northern
railway branch line between here snd
Steveston will be started this week
by tho (Canadian Construction Company who hold the contract for the
building of the line between a point
a mile and a half east of tho mouth
of Annacis llOUgh to Hloveston, and
It Is expected this lino wlll be com
plated this summer.
The contractors will- establish their
main   camp  nt  ltoud   5  und   another
Deposed President and Vice-President Shot to Death While Taking Midnight Ride
Under Guard 4o Penitentiary���Huerta Makes Statement���Allege Attack by Party
IN PORT MOODY      m mt
Mr. P. D. Roe May Be Elected  Flrat
Mayor by Acclamation���Candidates for Council.
Ghastly Tragedy in Montreal Is a Mystery���Two
By  the final  passing of the Incorporation  1)111,  Port  Moody  is  now  a I
Endeavoring to Liberate Prisoners���Tragedy Shrouded in  Mystery���Relations Ifu" blow" clty and onl> awttlt8 tl,eFr.d Michaud, Brother of Murdered
"r  * receipts of the letters patent to pro-
Between Mexico and United States Are Strained.
London, l''eb. 23.���The mission to
London of llakki  Pasha, tlm Turkish
������� grand vizier, thus far has Tiad no'supplementary camp at lload S. After
definite result aud the position be ithe camps are completed four bund-
tween Turkey and the llulkan alllea red men will be put to work ou tin
remains unchanged. Hue.
Vague rumors    aro    In  circulation ;    Some  engineering   difficulties   of   a |
here  of an   Important   Bulgarian   vie   minor  nature  are  ahead   of  the  con-
tory at  llulalr.  but Sofia Is silent   re ! tractors   in   the   construction   of   tht
gardlng It, and, according to an offi
clal statement issued tonight in Con
stanflnople,   nothing    Important   ha*
happened either at llulalr, Adriahople
or along Uie Tchatalja linos.
Bulgaria has refused to consent to
the formation of tho neutral zone ai
Adrlanople. Therefore, the consuls
and foreigners must remain inside
the cily unless the porte reconsiders
Its refusal to penult them to past;
the Turkish lines.
Stick to Lines.
An undensored dispatch from Constantinople received here brings the
interesting news that the porte has
abandoned Ute Idea ot making an
offensive or Hanking movement   and
will Confine the operations of its
troops to ih feuding the Tchalulja ami
llulair lines, hoping that time will
operate in Turkey's favor either bl
brlnglng about complications In
Europe or the exhaustion ol the allies
At the same time the dispatch says
Turkey, by making small concessions
concerning Adrlanople, will endeavor
to persuade the powers and allies of
the advantages of an early peace. Tin
porte asserts that Adrianople will bi
able to resist another three weeks.
Quiet at Galllpolll.
The Daily Telegraph's correspond
ent who has just spent a week In the
line which will be 10 mile In length.
To cross Annacis Slough It will be necessary to build a trestle 12,400 feet
in length. In this structure It Is expected that 110,000 lineal feet of lumber will be used. The Kraser Kiver
Mills will supply the lumber.
' In addition lo the construction of
the line the ferry terminal at Wood
ward's Slough will be erected "and
ready for use when tho tracks are
At. Steveston the branch will be connected with tho B.C.E.R. tracks run
ning to Vancouver.
ceed to the election of a mayor and
aldermen.   The letters patent are expected within a few days. a |
A cily clerk will be advertised for
by  the  Incorporation  committee  in  a
Woman, Arrested���Contradicting
Stories Told.
Washington, Feb. 23.���Ambassador him; tho otber Is Ernesto Madero, the 'escort descended from the machines
Henry Lane Wilson telegraphed to- former minister of finance, an uncle, to offer resistance. Suddenly the
night to the state department that | though only a year older than the late ! group grew larger and the prisoners
Francesco  de   la   Barra,  minister for > president. tried to escape.
foreign affairs, had Invited all foreign | Gustavo Madero, a brother, was I "Au exchange of shots then took
diplomats In Mexico City to take; obliged to. submit to the fugitive law i place, In which two of tlie attacking
luncheon with him tomorrow. The am- the day after the deposition of the [party were killed and two were
bastador stated that none of the dlplo- president and was shot down In the I wounded. Both prisoners were killed.
mats would  attend  the  luncheon  un- ��� arsenal. I The automobiles wuro badly damaged,
less the tragic death early today of Seuora Madero, and the two sisters i "The president and his cabinet have
former President Madero and former iof the ex-president, Mercedes and An- resolved that the affair shall be con-
Vice president Suarez Is cleared of | gela, are tpnight al the Japanese le-'signed to lhe military judicial authorl-
mystery. I gatiorj, j lives, having to do with the attempts
This   decision   on   the   part  of   the I    Not far from the penitentiary, there ' against   military   prisoners,   such   as, .
diplomatic corps in the Mexican capl-! are two small plleB of stones some 20 ': were Madero and Pino Suarez, so that  assessment   o ine eu> uui u is nopeu
lal Indicates the gravity of the situa-1 feet  apart.     They   mark    the    spots |they ma>  make a strict Investigation I1-'"1    ''"'   "'"""   ������"���������l;l-   """    tt!"
tlon  which   wlll  confront the  Huerta I where the men who a few days ago j with   the   direct   Intervention   of   the
ruled   Mexico   had   fallen.     Holes   In! military  prosecutor general.
the   wall   of  the    penitentiary    show |    "The mlnslter of JuBtice has Issued
where some of the bullets lodged.        an  order  that  when  these  lnvestlga-
Twoi Pitiful  Monuments. lions are over���the case being of so
The stones were piled by groups of  exceptional    a    character���that    the-
persons    of   the    lower  proBeculor general    of   the   republic
curiosity early drew them , make a further  Investigation
Montreal, Feb. M.���Early this morn
few days aud nominations for election  '"K,,ln ll,"!,,nome uf '���'""l-""1* Vautour,
lV      .   _,'-���-..!     '1    r,      ,.*,       _.*-..,..�� ll..lnl      .1. f,l	
to civic office  must  be given   within
three weeks after the date of the letters patent. The government will appoint the returning officer and that
functionary will appoint his subordinates,
TO finance the new corporation nt
Its  Wart  the  government has agreed
i to turn over a proportion of the year's
government should it fail to clear the
mystery In which the killing of Madero and   Suarez  is  enveloped.
No official comment was forthcoming tonight on statements relating to
the tragedy made by Senor de la Barra I sympathetl
and Provisional President HuerU, hut J class, whoi
Coming  Civic   Election   Awaited  with
Interest���Candidates for Aldermen���Mars May Be Mayer.
be turned over to the new corporation.
As tn the perronnel of the council
It is expected Mr. P. D. Roe will be
elected mayor by acclamation.
Kor the position of aldermen, the
citizens' committee have not been
able to agree upon eight men acceptable to all and there will almoBt assuredly be a contest.
At present there are 12 citizens who
are probable candidates or at least
] will be urged to come forward,.
They are Messrs.  Alexander Latta,
R. Otticy, J. H. McNlece, Captain
Clarke ,  H.    Abernethy,   JacMaclean,
The passing of the incorporation
bill constituting the new city of Port
Coqultlam will necessitate a froth
election of civic representatives. The
Dardanelles    dlstrirt.    telegraphs    by
way of Constanta Ihat there has been I ��jQCt|0n is calculated to    take
no fighting nt Gallipoll 1 within a month  from date.
He sayB the Turks hold the llulalr T|loro iB no likelihood of opposltlov
llnes In grout strength and that, ac I ,��� neeve Mara, who has been chief
cording to most reliable information. ;cxecut|Ve of th��� municipality for tlie
the Bulgarian* havo enlr-Mi-rthed them- '
selves in front of the Turkish positions snd appear  to have  no preseni
Intention of taking the offensive.
According     to     the    correspondent
nearly 20.000 splendid Turkish troops
have been landed in the Dardanelles
region  from   Etivcr Hey's armada.
Roumania Willing.
Bucharest, Houmania. Feb. 23 ��� The
cabinet accepted today tho offer of
the powera to mediate In the frontier
dispute between Koumania and Hul
garia.   J"hn only  member of the cab
from the national palace to the penl-;
tentlary the? were killed.
The circumstances surrounding the j
death of the deposed president and ]
vice-president of the republic are un- j
known, except as given in official ac-,
counts which do net conform In all I
cases. The only witnesses were those \
actually concerned In the killing.
D. Mackay, Ar-
asMr.t  it. II.,- Mention of "this difficult!UlU(1 White  Cote, P. Clarke and Hal..|��      fl   ,
ran.    The first three gentlemen have   ;"a"u -V",    .** ..Or.,    ,
definitely announced their intention to, '"formed Lieutenant    11,11. Ihe r
come  forward.
Eight aldermen for a new eity. with
Comparatively so small a population
as Port Moody possesses at present.
was demurred to by the bills commit
tee of the provincial legislature ami
only consented to after Mr. Abernethy
chairman of the Incorporation committee, had pretsed for that number
ns being the expressed desire of the
citizens at a public meeting.
Among the burning questions affecting Port Moody and which will
occupy first attention from tho city
council are the water, llghtltig and
sewage systems.
laat three years, elected twice by tic
ciamation, and this year by a decisive
vote over Councillor Marmont.
A different state of affairs obtains
as regards the aldermanlc seats fol
which it is almoBt certain there will
be a contest. Several of the present
couiic'ilmen. it is asserted, owed theii
majority 'to the west end vote and a!
thai factor is excluded from the forth
coming election other aspirants for
office will undoubtedly thrown down
the guage of municipal combat.
Councillor  Atkins  will  of  nccesaltj
lnet to "dissent -arts the minister of . vacate his seat, as his property quail
agriculture, who left the council chain- [flcatlon lies In the rural part of Co
ber with the declaration that he had  quitlam.
decided to resign because of the lack |    The   incorporating   act   states   tha
of   energy   displayed   in   the   govern-  tho council  Bhall consist of a mayo)
mont's policy. -and five    aldermen.    The    city    com
Musi Pay Up. I prises 0200 acres with  an  estimated
Soda,    Feb.    23,-The   ministry   of '.population of 1500.        	
finance states that the payment of an
Indemnity  by Turkey is an essential j* ������������������������������������������������
rendition    to  the.
peace.    It In said,
elites  will
establishment    of
howeveV,  that the
inBist  on   Immediate
Double Track by June.
Moose Jaw, Sask., Fob. 23.���Announcement ls made that double tracking of the C. P. II. between Kegina
and Moobo Jaw will be in operation by
June. It ls expected that the lino
from Moose Jaw to Asslnnibola, formerly Lave He, will be completed at
about the same time.
London, Feb. 23.���Mrs. Des-
pard and other militants wen-
howled down by the audience
al a suffragette meeting at
Thornton Heath tonight. The
police were compelled to intervene to protect the women
from violence. They cleared
the hall.
A Scott memorial Bervice was held
In St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal
church last night.
Thc church was crowded, A contingent of tho local Orangemen was
In attendance under Mr. Otway Wilkie, M.C., and tho city council was
represented by Alderman DryBon and
The music was excellent and specially appropriate to an impressive
service. The hymn selections consisted of "Dead Kindly Dlght." "Kock
ef Ages." "Come Weary Souls" and
concluded with the rendering of the
"Dead March In Saul" on the organ.
tho congregation standing during Its
Miss  I_.  Johnson sang a beautiful
solo In  the course of tho service.
Thou Haa Been  Faithful.
Rev. 0. E. Wincott delivered an
eloquent sermon, choosing his text
from St. Mnthew's Gospel, chapter 26.
part of verse 23, "Thou hast been
fruitful." He thanked the members
of the city council, tho Orange lodg'
nnd others who were present for their
���no-operation In that solemn service
raid as a tribute of admiration, re
snect and honor lo tho gallant Captain Scott and his brave party, who
while lighting death In the desolate
Antarctic thought of their duty and
homo, stood together like men and
died like heroes.
The Hour of Victory.
After dwelling upon the application
Of the text to Captain Scott and hia
it waB taken for granted' that If the ' to the scefce. From the top of each: "The government deplores the event
late leaders were brutally murdered as i pitiful monument tonight flickered 'and, wishing to attend to the necessi-
the roeult of a plot, the preaent gov- j candles, placed there and lighted by : ties of the public welfare, had asked
ernment wlll be called upon for an (those who came to offer the last rites the minister of justice to formulate a
explanation when lt seeks political of the church to the souls of the dead. ' plan of legal action against the pris-
recognition at the hands of the United I From the ground had been scraped oners for their several responsibilities,'
States I away blood saturated earth which wasiat the same time making an effort to,
Thus it may be brought about that, I carried off by the morbid. 'have some of the friends of Madero t" ;*":"" ���"���"�����"'����� \.
In adltlon  to showing Itself equal to j    After the engagement on the road
tin'  Immense  problem  of  reconstruc- j to the penitentiary, Commandant Car-land dangerous question
tiou before  it, Including the rc-cstab-   deuas   reported  to  the  military   coin-1 Facts of the Case.
liniment of law and order ln states |mander, who conducted him to General | "The government promises that so-
so long torn by revolution, Mexico may i Huerta. The president summoned his oloty shall be fully satisfied as to the
be askul to ehow that the blood of, cabinet, and after apprising his min- facts in tlie case. 1 he commanders of
Its late rulers Is not upon lis hands, 1 titers of the occurrence, issued an of-1 the escort now are under arrest and
Killing of Madero. ficlal  statement. Ithe  factB   above   recorded   have  been.. ,   ,     . ,
Mexico City, Feb. 23.- FranceBCo I. Full  Investigation. ascertained so as to clear up this Uh-l^e,..��f_^*_?J?���?2iJ?K^SLJLS5.Z
Miidero   and   Jose   Pino   Suarez   are L  Both president and ministers deeply i happy event."
dead,   In a midnight ride under guard  deplore the affair and decided  upon':    Large  crowds  assembled    at    the
a full investigation to fix the respon-1 scene of  the  killing.    White  women
sibility and to punish the guilty.    Al-  wept and  there were signs of disap-
ready formal action has been taken by   proval;   the   city   generally   is   quiet
the   authorities,   us   the   members   of The guards at the penitentiary have
the escort are under arrest pending ' been Increased and no one is permited
the Inquiry.    In his capacity as  min-  to see the bodies of the slain.
Ister of foreign relations, Senor de la ,    Major  Cardenas and  two other of-
Barra addressed a note to the diploma-\fleers commanding the ruraloB escort-
tic representatives, giving an account I Ins the automobile have been lmprls-1
The  provisional   president. General lot tho killing and assurances of a very *oued pending an Investigation by tbel
Vlctorlaio   Huerta,   says   the   killing 'thorough lAv��fit\gatlon. J-attortiey general. > "' \
of the two  men was incidental to a I    There  were no  signs of a  demon-! Another   Rebellion. '
fight between their guard and a party titration loday in the central part of' llermoslllo, Feb. 23.���Inflamed by
attempting to liberate tbem. The i tho city. The news was received the killing of Madero and Suarez, the
minister of foreign relations, Fran-1quietly and aparcmly philosophically, deposed president and vice-president,
cesco de la Harra, adds that the pris-' One hundred representative mem- members of the Sonora state congreBB
oners attempted to escape. Neither I bera of the British colony have sent a assembled here tonight for a Bpecial
makes a definite statement as to memorial to the American am bassa- session tomorrow to decide whether
which side fired the fatal shots at|dof, expressing "appreciation for the they shall formally declare the state
the escort out of the darkness. The'able manner in which the ambassador in rebellion against General Huerta,
rurales closed in and ordered the pris- has handled the delicate situation the provisional president of Mexico,
oners out of the car. Thirty of the caused by the recent disturbances." i Intense excitement prevailed In the
guards surrounded the prisoners while!    The memorial extended thanks "for city.
the Remainder disposed themselves to the help afforded all foreigners hy tbe \ Many of the congressmen attended,
roBlrt an attack. About SO men. some American embassy, without dlBtinc- a secret session tonight but none was?
afooi and some mounted, threw them-, tlon of nationality, and more espeel-! discovered who would make a state-1
selves upon the detachment guarding  ally British residents." ment regarding the events at the City
the  cars  and  the exchange of shots; Huerta Makes Statement. |of Mexico.
lasted 20 minutes, when the attacking , The following official statement of j Conflicting reports were current
party fled. The dead bodies of Ma- [President Huerta was given out at the * concerning the secret deliberations
dcro and Suarez were then found.        palace: : tonight     It   seemed   apparent,   how-
One Shot. "1 called together the cabinet to re-(ever,  that   Sonora would   not  be  de-
Th�� tody of Madero shows only one > port that Madero and Pino Suarez,; clared a rebel stato without opposition,
wound, a bullet entering the back of j who had becn detained at the palace ; On the other hand, there were state-
the head and emerging at the fore- at the disposition of the war depart-: ments that the state would surely re-
head, ment, were taken to the penitentiary I fuse to fall Into line behind Huerta
The body of Suarez Bhows many ; in accordance with a previous decls- and Diaz. Rojas, a rebel leader, has
wounds, entering from the front. * ion, as the result of which the estab-1 appeared with a body of northern in-
Of the male members of the Madero lishment was placed yesterday after-; surrectos from Chihuahua, avowedly
family only two are now in the capi-; noon under the charge of an army ot-* with tho intention of aiding those
tal One ls Francesco Madero, the fleer for its better security. j who want Sonora to secede from the
father, who bitterly opposed his son's j "When the automobiles had tra- Mexican republic. Rojas, it ls under-
conducting a revolution in 1910 and ; versed about two-thirds of the way to stood advocates the establishment of a
rode across northern Mexico in an ef-jthe penitentiary, however, they were ������ new republic comprising Sonora and
fort   to   overtake   him   aud   dissuade | attacked by an armed group and the I Chihuahua.
Harbor  Masters to  Have  More Complete Control with Handling Ex-
plotives in  Public Ports.
intrepid band. Mr. Wincott 3ald he
could think of no nobler words more
applicable to their tragic end than
"Thou haat been faithful."
They had died in lhe hour of vie
tory, In the service of tho civilized
world. Faithful to their duty to the
death, as Nelson died on the Victory
at Trafalgar and Gordon at Khartoum.
He had boon very much Impressed
by the character sketch of Captain
Scott In one of their local news
papers (Tho News, February 11) writ
ten by ono who had served under
Captain Scott, then lieutenant on ;\
torpedo boat.
The writer spoke of him as respect
ed alike by officers and men. and had
never heard an angry word from his j
lips In dealing with  his inferior offi |
corB, or men.    There was no reason
the writer aald, for from  ship's hoy j
upwards,  everyone  was  willing    and
ready to carry out his orders.
Quoting Captain Scott's last men
sage the preacher said only a true
gentleman could have written these
words while facing a alowly creeping
���starving death.
Afler a further eloquent tribute to
the death of other brave men on Canadian pralrlo, South African veldt
Arctic and Antarctic continents and
other quarters of the globe, dying In
tho discharge of their duty, the reverend gentleman concluded with an Impressive recital of Tennyson's "Crossing tho Bar."
By Arrangement with G. N. R. Northern Pacific Wlll Operate Trains
Through City.
The Northern Pacific railway have
Secured running rights over the northern lln., of tho Great Northern, it Is
announced, and wlll operate trains
through Westminster to Vancouver
Mr. George T. Held, assistant to the
pre'sldont of the N.P.U., with headquarters at Tacoma, Is the authority
for the announcement.
The N. P. It ts stated, will connect
with the Great Northern lines at Su-
mas and from their operate their
trains to New Westminster and Van-
Tho N. P. has an arrangement nt
present to enter the Terminal City
over the C.P.lt., which reciprocates by
operating its Seattle trains over the
N,  P,  lines.
The N.P., accordlug to Mr. Reid,
will inaugurate a regular service over
the Greal.  Northern  In about a year.
With the coming of the Northern
Pacific trains, five separate railroadi-
wlll operate In or through New West
exrlosion which occurred on board
the launch Timothy in English Bay
late on Friday evening.
Mr. Beynon was In the launch alone
at the time making preparations for
a trip up coast with some friends
The unfortunate man was blown right
through the roof of the boat into the
shallow waters of the bay when the
accident occurred. He was removed
from the water by some people who
had heard the explosion and taken to
the hospital as fast as possible. The
cause of tho explosion ia not certain
though it is presumed that It was due
to tho gases from the 150 gallons of
gnsoline on board becomiug Ignited by
a stove in tlie gallery.
Tho Timothy was completely wreck
ed by the explosion. She was a fifty
footer and was valued at 14300. No
Insurance waa carried on the craft.
Mr. H. D. Beynon, commercial
traveller for the Cunningham Hardware Company, of this city, ia lying In
the Vancouver general hospital suffering from nasty burns to various parts
of his body which he sustained ln an
l British Birk May Hoist French  Flag.
The  Br'.isb   bark  Dumfriesshire  Is
jexpectid  up  river    sumctlme    today
from the ROyal Roads on her way to
'the Fraser Mills where ahe wlll leind
' lumber for Capetown, South Africa.
It Is nnderstod that the wlndjam-
| mer before leaving the mills ou her
! long   voyage  across  the  Pacific,  will
hoist the French flag as it is report-
I ed that she ins been sold to a French
I firm during the pat:l few days.
1     Some little delay Is expected when
she arrives as her top masts ure> understood to be too high to pass under the
i wirc3 crossing the river at the Fraser
bridge and her crew will have to strike
there  before  being able to  pilot tho
boat  to  the  wharf at the  Canadian
Western Lumber Company.
The Duinprlesshlre If a four masted
steel bark of 2483 tonB reglBter, net.
She was built in 1890 by Russell ft
Co. of Port Glasgow, and was owned
by Thomas Law & Co.
Tho bark is 313 feet In length, 42
feet beam and draws 24 feet of water
when loaded Sho Is credited with
being a smart sailer.
Resident Engineer Reports to Publlc
Works Department and  Makes
Resident Bnptoeer Wotsfold has reported the suspension ot operations on
the jetty at the mouth of the river
to tho Ottawa authorities, and in order that the work may be resumed
again with as little delay as possible,
has suggested that a new contract be
let Immediately or that the Improvements be finished on the day labor
Mr. Worsfold ls confident that hii
suggestions to the public works department will be conside. ���! i-iinudi
ately and expects that ono of tha two
will be adopted.. The firyt unit will
be completed sometime in June, he
state's If either of his suggestions nre
adopted. As soon OS the first unit if
constructed the contract for the second, estimated to cost $800,000, will
be awarded, states Mr. Worsfold, who
hopes to Bee the entire jetty completed with ns few delays as possible.
Tho engineer has specifications ou
hand for the unconstructed portion of
the first unit which he ls prepared to
Ibbuo to prospective tenderers should
he receive Instructions to proceed
with the work.
Mr. Worufold expects that provisions will be made In the supplementary estimates for the Bectlon of the
first unit that remains to be constructed.
IS Grand Trunk street, Point St. Charles, directly across the street rrom
the Grand Trunk Btreal police slatlon,
Mrs. Vautour, 32 yeurs of age, wa*
found murdered In her bed, and her
husband, who died later In the day In
lhe Notre Dame hospital, was found
.Talking around the house with 'a:
gash in the aide of his face, his Jaw
broken and  teeth  knocked out.
There was blood all over the houae.
The be��d on which the body of tho
woman lay was saturated with blood,
and there waa a large quantity of
blood on the pillows in the bedroom
which the six children occupy, ranging in age from three to nine years.
Captain Coleman, of lhe Grand
Trunk street police- Btatlon, ia holding Alfred Michaud. 35 years old, a
brother of the murdered woman, In
connection with the tragedy. Tbe
husband of the dead woman was Msu
under the surveillance of the police
until he died.
Terrible  3cere.
Early  yeStSfday  morning Theodore
Vautour, nine yeara old, entered   the
station and
his mother was dead and  ills father
badly Injured,    The police found Mrs.
Vautour lying dead ln bed with three
wound*. In  her throat.    Vautour wa3
standing in tlie kitchen with a blood
stained   towel   wrapped   around    hla
face.    I!e was rushed to the hospital
and although hardly able to speak. In-
formed    Captain    Coleman    that    he
conld not tell what had happened.
He said that some time during the
aight he received a heavy blow. When
he regained consciousness ha found
hla wife dead In bed beside him and
his face smashed open. He could not
.say who had committed the crlr.i-'. A
ibot le i'.ontain',ng brandy Was found In
I the house. Vautour admitted he had
1 hee�� drlnktna. .   -   .
1 Theodore Vautottr, the nine year olrt
| son, told Captain Coleman that ha
was awakened about 2 o'clock in the
morning by a man with a lighted
lamp In his hand who walked into tha
room occupied by his brother and
The man placed the lamp on tho
kitchen table and turned the Ilsrht
down low. then he came back into
their room and caught him by the
'threat and threatened to kill him and
ithat he had also caught hold cf hla
' bro:'it Victor, two years younger,
threatening him In the same manner.
Theodore said he recognized the man
as his uncle, Fred Michaud, hla
mother's   brother.
The boy told the story ln the presence of hia father, while waiting for
the ambulance. Captain Coleman asked the father If he had seen Fred
Michaud around during the night,
he  could not  telf.
Ottawa, Feb. LJ ���An order in council has been pas- ;d amending the
regulations which have been in force
up to the present time relating to the
administration of public harbors, it
gives a harbor master more complete
control with explosives or Inflammable or dangerous goods.
He shall have the power to decide  Vautour  said that
whether any    particular    goods    are  he thought he did, but was not sjre.
dangerous -and   to   direct   when    and Conflicting Story,
where they are to be loaded or un-1 When his father had been taken to
loaded. Any one disobeying the i the hospital, Theodore lold the police
orders cf a harbor master in rcgird that when he saw Bis tir.cls In '.'. .
thereto shall be liable to a penalty house he had nn axe in l.'-* -"Vwrtre't
not exceeding $101), and in case cf a . and that he had used the axe to-
continued violation further penalty \ break open the door at the head c.f
not exceeding $1000 for each twelve;the stairway leading from the street,
hours." (Continued on Page Four.)
Victoria, Feb. 23. ���Salmon canners,
packers of cured and pickled salmon,
manufacturers of whale oil and the
by-products of whaler, hanks and
churches are affected ln the shape
of increased taxation by the provisions of the bill to amend the Taxation act V hich was introduced in the
legislature Friday  night.
Under the present act the cannerr.
of salmon pay tax ot two cents per
case of output lu aditlon to the
taxes they pay on real property, personal property other than salmon and
The amending measure raises the
tax to four cents per case on canned
salmon, aud while the owners of canneries are also required to pay an additional tax on their real property,
they will not hereafter be required to
wy taxes on their personal property
used lu coanection with salmon canning, neither will the Income they derive from thlB business be taxable.
Tax All Engaged.
Mild cured salmon la to bo taxed
75 cents per tierce of 750 pounds or
under and the taxes for tierces exceeding that weight will be at the rate of
10 cents for*ach addition 100 pounds.
F,very person eugageel tn the curing
or pickling of salmon is to be taxed at
the rate of 15 cents per barrel of product up to or under 200 pounds weight
and he will also pay a tax at the rate
of five cents por 100 pounds oh all dry
salted salmon.
Manufacturers of whale oil and the
products and by-products ot whales
will be taxed at the rate of ten centa
per barrel of 46 gallons or under for
whale oil and at the rate of 20 cents
per ton or under of 2000 pounda to the
ton on fertilizer, whale bone and bone
Banks Pay More.
All banks engaged in business in
British Columbia in edition to being
taxed on their real and personal property���In the latter case property
from which no revenue ls derived���
chall pay, In lieu of any tax on Income from business transacted In the
province, or nrlsing therefrom, where
only one banking ofrice is carried In
the province, the sum of $1500.
Up to the present the charge has
been $1000. ln the case of banks operating more than one office ln tho
province there shall be paid: For one
of such banking offices the sum of
J1000, and for each of the remaining
banking offices $250. ln the past the
tax for additional branch offices has
been $125.
Exit Poll Tax.
In accordance with the promise of
the government, made some months
*'.&.o, the poll tax of $3 per head on all
male inhabitants of age tn the province Is abolished.
The manufacturers of coke will h*
benefited by a third reduction In the
tax on their output when the bill is
passed. Today coke makers pay a
tax of 15 cents per ton ot 2240 pounds
and this is to be cut to 10 cents.
The churches are affected In that
under the exemption clauseB of the
old act "every place of public worship
with the site thereof" Is declared to
be free of taxation, while the amending bill strikes out the worda "with
the site thereof" making the site ot
the churches taxable. ThlB applies, of
course, only ln unorganized districts.
;-v. 3
MONDAY,   FEBRUARY   24,   1913.
Im I.
A ii oi.1. -,,,i,l, at  m-i,��in,f |)U|,,r ^ri'iiliil In thc interests nf Sew  llV.lmliml'i
lhe r'ra\er Valley. Puhltthrd cocrg morning SSSOpt  Hundau bu the Sail 1 l'n
tnd .'uMi.i'HH0 I'omoanv. lAmtted, at  ii  UcKemie  atreet, Seie   ll'n.ltmlmtiT,  llrltinfl
OolUmbla, ROlilt IVTH9RtiA.il:>, Managing Director.
All ,'M,ii>��ii��ii-.iti<ii.> t.k���til.l tt a*ar*l**i I" The New UValmlii.iliir .Wu'.i, and nol
(a ImIiiiiIiiiiI m,i,i(>r,�� of Ihe staff. Oh*****, drafts iiiul mown orders Should ba miiili'
-pavabll I" The National ISnnting tint I'uhlinhlnii Companu,  /.nulled.
TBLBPBOBM*- iintinrts Offlot and Manager, li-Dli; HdUonal Boo ml tall depart-
���mi-nt.i), 0��I.
By -oarrtsr, tt per gear, $i for three month-., toe per
l*c per MOHth,
H   llflfllil-OlKIH.
-So Itttl rs n'i/1 be published in Thc News errepl mien
nisi l'i" right to refu.ie the piilwieeillnii of imv
���nieiit'i   BU mall. Is per %t*ar.
fhi-" ,i'��'U,T .-,  M,!n,ilnr,i   f*t odilur ri'ft
being peculiarly enterprising aud Independent,   would   have   made  excellent
colonists, Under tha company Bsnv
iii i de Champlaln. was continued as
Governor or Canada until bis death,
lint upon Uie whole ibis expsrltnonl
In oolonlsatlon was not a SUOOSSB, Alter a period of thirty yours nf the company's management, the population
of Canada soarcely reaohed two thou-
a struggle between the offloers of
the oompany nnd ths Jesuits over the
question Of ths brandy Irulfle v>it!i
the Indliins Inn ti in il the end, anil iu a
document dated February 24, 1863, the
oompany resigned its charier Into the
hands Of tbe King, anil New Kranee
was henceforth counted a Royal I'm-
Anthropological Society.
The firat meeting of ths British Anthropological Soolety, tlie pioneer or-
gnnltatlon for "promoting the Boienoa
of man and mankind," was held lu
l.indiin half a century ago today, Feb,
el, 1888, llr. Jamas Hunt was the
first president
The first number of the Anthropo
logical Review, tha firsi publication
of lis kind in Hie BJngllsli language
appeared In tha following May, In
1S7I th��
Tourlnfl     Province     Systematically���
Four  Eloquent   Missionaries  on
Stump���More   Coining.
The reports upon the various branches of Industry
with which New Westminster is associated and which
were presented before the Hoard of Trade on Friday evening last are in themselves documents of the very greatest
interest to all our citizens and to the outside world. Their
compilation was undertaken by men who have the details
of their callings at their finger tips and the result of their
labors is at once a compliment to them and an admirable
illustration to their fellows of the great potentialities for
yet further development this city possesses alike
harvesting of the products of the sea and the forest, and in
the many branches of manufacturing which have their
centre here.
It is satisfactory to note that Now Westminster,
through its Board of Trade, has decided to fall into line
with other cities of consequence throughout the Dominion
by instituting here a branch of the Imperial Home Reunion Association. By this means men now living in the
city will be enabled to have their wives and families who
are now resident in the British Isles, come out to them
much sooner than would have been the case had they to
wait until they had sufficient funds of their own to pay
for the passages of their relatives. We hope to see the
population materially increased by this new move during
the coming year.
This, however, is but one of many steps forward that
fie Hoard of Trade has effected during the year nasi. In
fact the time at Friday's meeting was insufficient to take
up many matters of prime importance to Westminster,
such as the suggestion of the outgoing president, Mr. John
R. Duncan, that the creation of the office of industrial
commissioner for the city would result in a healthy impetus to our present status as a manufacturing centre.
Here we would point out that the Hoard of Trade.has
accomplished much work of sterling value to the community it represents, and we feel sure that under the direction of Mr. John A. Lee, who for the second time assumes
the office of president, the Hoard will go on doing still
further service to New Westminster and the Fraser
��� I
> (By O. Terence.) ��� '
��� ���;
(By O. Terence.)
rifui siH'ieiii's wern amalgamated under tho name of tha Anthropological
Institute, with Sir John  l.ulihock  aa
Tim first International congress of
anthropologists was held III I'aris In
1S78. Anthropology means "lhe science of man" and denotes lhe natural
Dr. Du Bols, 45 Today, Moat Scholarly | history  of the  human  nice.    In   tho
of Afro-Americans. I general   classification     of     sili'iillflc
ln tho half-century  that  hns pass- \ knowledge II stands for the highest
ed since the emancipation of tho uev j section of zoology, or tho science of
groes of Ihe United States, the race lanlninla.
has produced no man of who It has |    Various Hcloncos, having Ihelr own
greater right  to he proud than l'rof. I Independent   fields,  contrlhiile  to  an
t'algnry, Feb. IS,    The Mormons are
KbOUt In open up a vigorous campaign
Vnthropologloal and BUmolo- in Alberta for oonverts,    The   first
Win. Edward llurhnrdt Du Hols, who
easily stands foremost among Afro-Am
orient! scholars and authors.
It   might   almost   he   said  of   him
that  ho  Is  the only   rationalist  ever
produced by a people in whom emotionalism, which oft ens finds express-
ill the Il(" '" ���'"' wom-mI supertttlon, is a
marked racial characteristic
l'n f.   Du   Hols  was  horn   at (ireat
Qarrlngton, Mass., forty-five years
ago yesterday, Keh. 88, 1888, Ha was
educated si Kisk University In Tennessee, and al Harvard, nnd from the
latter university received the degrees
Of .  All.,  A.   M. and   I'll    II.    I.nler he
studied in  lhe university of Berlin,
I Germany,
I'Vr a nice lie was assistant professor in sociology ut the university of
j Pi nnsylvanla, and Inter became professor of economics and history at
Atlanta University, His scholarly attainments won ror him full fellowship in the American Association for
lie advancement of science,
The author of many books and magazine articles, Dr, Du Bols won his
greatest rame with "The Souls of
Black Polks," p work in which the
Inner consciousness and mental processes of dark-skinned humanity are
sympathetically portrayed, Through
it all runs a note of tragedy the trng-'
edy of genius denied nnd transcendent ability frowned upon.
Capitalists who exploit a new Held,
who invest in an enterprise Involving
much risk are public be-m factors and
are entitled to more than an average
profit whin thc enterprioo proves suc-
Bul the merger of old-established,
rasy-running industrial activities, for
t le solo     purpose    of creating    new
: ock issues, wholly unrepresentative
of money invested, aro as indi fensive
; ; any other form of thievery.
Tho ennsumers pay all dividends.
Unnecessary stock which jjoi* into
the pockets of the promoters must
earn a dividend. Thus excess profits
are required, and thus the people are
plundered. There is no Justification
Whatever for the cxistenc-o of a mass
of stock whoso face vnliio may be two
or three times the actual money invested   in   the combined   enterprises.]
Slock market manipulation, industrial exploitation, in the- financial
sen*-o, and all the other activities of
the modern buccaneers grow tiresome
Robbing 1'etcr to pay Paul falls as
nn amusi ment when Peter knows that
lie is being robbed. Capital, quite as
line-', as labor must recognize its duty
to if*   public.
Every capitalist, ivory financial wizard in thc country has peace and
tranquility, freedom to pursue his
wizardries as far as be may desire
so long as he follows legitimate me>-
tln-ils. He is indebted for this, not
Jo the government hut to the public
���which makes the government, to the
unexpressed but potent national de-
.sire to give everybody a fair chance
jn the battle of life.
If the capitalist, presuming on his
liberty, and heedless or his responsibility, uses his power lo plunder the
public to his own advantage- and g""s
Jack-Sheppardlng up and down the
country, lie will some day repent il
bitterly in dust and feshee. No decent
man after being entertained for a
week-end in peace and OOmforl will
rifle the plate chest uf his host. He
owe's something to his host Capital
owes something to the public. Tor-
���onto  News.
One of Canada's most   picturesque
titles is thai of Baron de Longueuil,
This title was issued to a distinguished Canadian iu Ihe days of the; French I
regime by  Louis xiv., and  In  isso I
Ralph Everett Wilder, whose work
in the Chicago Record-Herald haB
wen for him an International reputation as a cartoonist, wns burn In Worcester, Mass., thirty-eight years ago
today. Whatever may be the fate of
prophets, Mr, wilder Is not without
honor In his own country, for a grate-
f'tl Worcester people have marked his
first home with a bronze tablet hearing the   inscription, "Birthplace   of
Ralph Wilder."
Mr. Wilder began liis artistic career
by drawing a number of cartoons advertising a brand of laundry Boap.
The ads attracted wide attention, and
when McCutcheon left the Uncord-
Herald Wilder was appointed his successor. Mr. Wilder was educated In
the public schools of the Windy City.
j at Morgan I'ark Academy, the Art ln-
Itute   Of  Chicago   and   the  Chicago
was revived and recognized by Queen
Victoria, and thus is again n legal
Canadian title, The action of Queen
Victoria, by the way, was very generally appreciated In Quebec, for the de-|been very popular, and hav
licate and thoughtful recognition of
the old regime it was intended to be,
Other Important members of the
Peerage are Huron Mount Stephen,
Huron Strathcona, and the Baroness
Macdonald, widow of the late Sir John
A.  Macdonald.-   Ottawa Free  Press.
Art Academy.
His connection with tho Rerord-Her-
ald began ten years ago come June.
Mr. Wilder's osrtoons of "kids" have
often ben
based on the pranks Of his own youngsters. Cartoon about the kiddles always make a hit, he says, "quite a
lot of people have children."
Rumors are heard from Edmonton
that it is proposed to strengthen the
Bchool V- -lolling force of the province
by inrjwtlng Gno or ono American
Eehool teachers fer service in the public schools.
Let us hope the report is not true.
We havo every admiration for the United States, for Its school-teaching system'.- and especially for its young ladies, 1 ut wo do not. want HOn or fiOf*
Americans training the minds of 10,-
000 or 15,000 Canadian children.
This country is very busy assimilating new population, its powers of assimilation are taxed to the utmost tr
absorb the Europeans and AmeTican-?
who come in by their tens of thou
sands etch Beason. Were It. not for
our knowledge that lhe second am!
third generation of these people
be    thorough-going    Canadians.
The   society   pf   Lame   Pucks   will J
I gain    n    distinguished    inltlnlp    next
| week  when  Jonathan   Bourne, jr.,  of
Oregon, retires from the I'nlted States
senate    Mr. flourne will celebrate his
fifty-eighth   birthday   today   In   -quite I
i cheerful frame of mind, despite the i
Impending decapitation of his e-ffle-inl
head, for, as he admits, he has had a
lot   of   fun   while   senntorlng.     Also,
with  no  public  duties  to  occupy  his
time, he wlll have more leisure to follow his trade, which is that of a philatelist.
In   other   words,     Senator   Tlourne,
liko King George V., is an enthusiastic collector of postage stamps,    and j
his greatest joy is to add a rare stamp
to his collection.    Ile was born In New
Bedford, Mass.. Feb. 23, 18r,5. nnd land
ed in  Portland, Ore.,  by  accident, as
a shipwrecked  mariner.    Ilesldes collecting  stamps, hc has a fine, collec-
t'nn   of   what  Is   vulgarly   known   as!
"long   green"   eir  "kale."   and  he  has :
spent   much  of   it   In   building  up   a
will I reputation as the most liberal enter-1
wi Italner  in  Washington.
Ihropology, Including anatomy, phy-
chology, philology, ethics nnd soclolo-
* *
* 8CRAP   BOOK   FOR   TODAY.    ���
* ���
"Six  Min or DoroBt" Honored Today,
70th Anniversary of "Martyrdom."
ai Tolpuddla, in Dorsetshire, Kng
land, a monument has just been erect
i .1 in the memory of the "six men of
Dorset," also called "the firBt martyrs of trades unionism," and tnotu
orlal e'-'.oro.sc.. will be held there in-
day to mark the seventieth anniversary of their "martyrdom," it was on
I*', Ii. 34, 1843, that the six labor union
pioneers were thrown into prison to
serve a sentence of seven years im
posed them by Judge Williams, who
had said:
"Nol for anything you have done,
lor as 1 can prove you Intend to do
but as an example to others I cousidei
It my duty to pass this sentence upon
each and evey one of you."
The "Six men Of Dorset" who are
now enrolled  In labor's hall of fame'.
were oommon laborers, Reaching the
point where they could no longer support their families on their scanty
j wages, they joined In a demand for
: an increase of one- shilling twenty-
four cents- a week.
This ������Impudent demand" was forthwith refused by Ihelr masters, and tin
i Blx men held a conference on tin- situ
lotion, This meeting was held lo con-
;st;tulo a deep, dark and devilish con-
| splracy against the peace and pros
i perlty of the British empire, nnd the
'men were arrested, convicted aud Hent
: into transportation for seven year:,
in hardly more lime than It takes to
tell It.
Oeorge and James  Loveless,    and
Thomas stanfield, all local Wesleyan
preachers who toiled on farms for a
living and served their flocks without
charge:   James  llrlno    James     Main
i mutt   and   John   Slaudfleld   are   the
| names of the men  inscribed on  the
I Tolpuddla monument.   They were described   aB   "honest   and   Industrious
i men. whoso only desire was to obtain
better conditions of Hviiig for themselves and their neighbors."
As farm laborers, the six men of
Dorset originally received nine shillings a week. Despite tbe fact that
ithe price of food was advancing,
their wages were reduced to eight i
shillings, and then to seven shillings,
or about $1.76 a week. With this in'-
'como they could gel little to eat but
coarse bread. The straw was placed
' on the eyimel's back when the em-
; ploying formers held a meeting and
decided to reduce wages lo laborers
to six shillings a week.
This   conference   of   the   landlords
was not considered any offence against   law  or Justice,   but  when  the  six
the sub
work will ho done In Calgary, anil four
of the most eloquent missionaries of
the Cttrdston colony lire lo spend some
tlino in Calgary, a force of missionaries are also to bu sent all over the
There Is probably not another do-
Humiliation ill tlio world ao virile ns
the Mormon organisation, Every mem
ber of tho church Is an exhorter, trained from the days of Sunday Bchool,
where he learns to speak In public
Tho result Ib Ihat there are probably
more orators of the church of the Latter Day Saints as they prefer to be
called, than any other religious Organisation extant.
And tho word of the official at the
head of lhe organization is law. If
some clever business man. known as
a good speaker, Is wanted to do missionary work, ho Is simply told to go,
and that Ib all there Is lo It. lie goes,
If   his   biiHlnisu   Interferes   with     the
purposes of the church, he cuts out
! ths business,
And he goes forth into tha world,
I across the seas, anywhere Hu' great
I mother cllUt'Ob says, like Ihe disciples
of old, without scrip or staff, living
i'ii ths country from which he seeks
jhis oonverts, In Utah, the home of
I the church, when one is sent abroad
i on a mission, he In supposed to remain
I away three years.
The plan Ihih been very successful,
III litis resulted in the conversion of
thousands, particularly In Europe, Converts are helped out of the church
funds to gel to Utah, nud. In many
Instances, especially if they happen
to bo experienced agriculturists, they
are equipped to transform the raw
prairie Into a (arm, The ohurob also
maintains an agricultural department,
employing experts to make a ("ireful sludy of the soil conditions, and
seeds, and the myriad schemes Of
culture Ihtit go to make the farmer
The Cardston colony, one ot a dozen transplantations of the faith stretching over a wide area of the country
from (he statu of Sonora. In Mexico,
to Canada, Is probably lhe tnosl nn'
cessful colony e'ver thrown out hy the
church. Thousands are on Its roll of
: membership, and several prosperous
towns have sprung up on tin- broad
'acres that have been brought under
I cultivation by these men and women
i who have made a success of business
i and  religion.
Chicago, Feb. 38, Mrs. Ella Wood
Dean (a well-known author), Is posing
for her tombstone'. That it wlll be j
emblematic and not religious is a pari
i if ii movement Btarted by lur to re
Iniovi- tin' element of sorrow from tie
grave yards and ehe |b placing tin'
tombstone contract Ii) the hands of
artists Instead of quarry workers.
it Is the purpose of this movement
to Change the grave yard into a museum of arts. Flowers and crosses, also terrifying figures which are now
the forms of decoration are to be re-
Iplaced by Statues and statuettes rep-'
j resenting nrtistic conceptions. "The |
grave yard should Inspire people with
tho idea of the beauty or eternity and
the hereafter," said  Mrs. Dean.
"My tombstone, of which 1 am dear
ly  fond,  represents  the  figure   Hop
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Fishing Industry Estimated at $2,500,-
000 Per Annum���Better Methods
Proposed By Commission.
Dublin, Feb, S3< "The fisheries of
Ireland und particularly tin' salmon
fishing constitutes a national asset of
very great value, and the present conditions   iis   will   us   profitable   future
developments demand very speolaland
stn nuous efforts for the prevention
and development of the fisheries, both
on the pari nt thi' publlo and of the
responslbls authorities."
So runs ihe report of the commission whieh his been Inquiring into
the effect ot the change or ownership
of th,' land on Un' fishing Industry
\paii from ths Incidental and by profits. tin1 value of the salmon fishing
on ths rivers snd estuaries is estimated ul half a million sterling per annum
Bight thousand men fish on com-
mon law rights, nnd iii these tuny be
added those who work private weirs
and dragnets, and many mnn' who depend on tin' fishing in various ways,
The commission recommends a now
board of control and a 'system of cooperation amongst the new owners of
the fishing rights, who nre not always
awake lo their full  Value,
The considerable trout fishing in tbe
chains of lakes conneoted with the
Shannon, th" Innumerable small lakes
dotted about in Connemara, the elus-
ti rs of lakes iu Monaghan and Far-
tn,nigh, ns well as ihe important ones
In ti separate ri port, which brings out
the great Importance an an attraction
to visitors and the need for better methods of preservation.
Candidate for South Lanark.
i   Perth, Ont., Feb. 81.���John ('. Ebbs,
a prominent farmer of Drnmmond
I township, was chosen by the Liberal-
Conservative Association of South
Lanark iu convention Ibis afternoon
ns candidate f >r tbe vacancy in the
legislature, caused by the death of
the late Colonel A. J   Matheson,
a, hkiim-i
a. He ;
tetter*, Mt ; circular work ��|w
!,\.iii.-,i. All work Mrtetly uiinflilrnllat li.
Hurry, rgenm 111 Witiimlimici* Trust HIS.
iVnw ifl.
I,.  0   ll   U .  NO.  Ill    MI'IHTH UN  (Iml,
sie-uinl   anil   .1,11.1   \V, <ln< h.lajM in   each
month in k. of p, iiii.ii ,u m nn,   u, j.
Leamy, dictator; J. ll. I'rle**, -m-civliiry.
I.  O   f)   l'\   AMITY   l.Dlllll'l  NO.   17   -'Ol��
ngulur   lIUVtlllK   of    Alnllv    lueur    Nil.
117, i. o  0   !���'. in held even Miuuiny
nlldil ut  k D'olOOk 111 llilil Kullnv. h' Hull,
corner Carnarvon umi  kikiuii  strests.
Visiting     hrt-lliiTli      corillolly     lii.lt,,1.
It a Merrlthew, N.Q.; J, Robertson;
v. U,; w. c. Coatham, P. Q��� r-apord-
inn saorstaryt  ii. tv. gangster, rinun-
cliil   m-eietHfy.
In >\V 111.1. (SUCCESSOR TO CUN*
ter .'.* Hanna, Ltd.) P-unoi-al directors
unit i NitiiiliiH'iH I'mi*i,,ih 4n.', Columbia
street.    New   Westminster,    Phone III,
W.   tl    .-'ALIilS     I'limw'l*   I'lini'iiil   Dtri'OtOr
nml   Bmbalmer,  111 <H*   Agnes street,
opposite Carnegie Liu-ury.
ti i it law, solicitor, i to Tell phone
1070, Cable nddress "Johnston."
rnit,-. "Western Union," Offloes, Kills
ltl.iek. t,li2 r.uunibtu street, New West.
lIllllHiT.   ii.   c
J. 8TILWBLL CLUTB, Barrlster-al hiw.
solicitor, hc . earner Columbia the
McfCenste streets, Ni w Westminster,
it  C,   P, o   Bos 111     Ti lephone   .10.
3.   I'.   HAMPTON    BOLE),    ItAllltlS'l Kit,
miiieitur   tm,I   apiary,    v.io   Cohlmola
nre,i.   owr C, Tv It. Ti lecraph
Mei.LAItnit,     MARTIN     &    I'AHSAHY
Barristers und Bollcttors.   Rooms 1 unit
8,   (liile'liuii    lilock.     New     Wi-i.liiilnnt.-r.
ll    l*.    Man III,   \V.    li.   Me-liuu.nl,     .,110
Oeorge L. flnssndy
nml Bellcltors, Westminster Trust ink.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, ii o.
Cable   address   "Whltesldo,"    Western
t'ulon.     P.  o.   Drn-wti   100,     'IVleplmne
II,   w. j   Whiteside, ii.   l. Bdmonda,
She Is surrounded by poppies, carved
out of solid bronze and Is facing the
heavens. Nobody will weep when they
see my tombstone.   They will rejoice."
men at Dorset conferred
jeot of maintaining wages, and attempted to form a union of farm laborers, Ihey were promptly clapped
Into prison.
Eminent Catholic churchmen of
both North and South America will
join in the observances to be held
In aSn Juan, I'orto Itico, this week
(o commemorate the 4i)0i.i anniversary of the creation of the first Ca
tholic diocese In the New World. The
program began yesterday with solemn
religious services, and will continue
through four days.
The diocese of I'orto Itico was crent
*d   In  1513, only
the   discovery  of
would   fear   for   our   national   future.
Li ord"!' thai our hopes in this re-1 The following curious advertisement
spect may be jnslified it ia necessary appears in an English paper: I.lter-
thal our Children should be taught ' irv man u-ill write several unusual
by Ilritish subjects, imbued with Brit-1 and profitable works in the name of
Ish   Institutions and  with   Hrllish  traditions.
Nothing could be more disintegrating to the national life of western
Canada than the Introduction of hun-
any ambitious person advancing ex-
.ii-u.e of gathering necessary data
through tar east.
London, Keb. 2n. A forward step of
great moment In connection with the
length of the working day is under
consideration by the Trades Onion
Parliamentary committee. The movement In favor of a shorter working
dnv eff 1 ts all Ihe staple trades and
In the engineering and shipbuilding
trades the demand Is for an eight-
hour day, or .R hours n week, In
the mercantile marine and the transportation IndiiFtrles the demand will
be for such a manning scale, or ar
twenty years after rangements or gang work, as will settle island hy Col oure reduction in the labor of any one
bin second voyage, man during il.e week.
Leon van the firm to The plan of campaign Is for eaeb
Rico, and became Its separate Industry to urge these de-
founding the town mauds by negotiations between em-
of Caparra, near the present site of ployers and employees, in March
San Juan. j next a review of the situation will be
it was Ponce do Leon who Induced taken, and the organized forces of
the church authorities to establish the trade union movement will be pre-
the diocese of I'orto Itico, which had ! Dared  to  bring to bear the Whole of
ni:- bus, during
I Jean Ponce de
:, exi ii n Porto
, govt rnor In  1509
teachers from  the  American I*
into its schools.    If we must 1 ���
s, as we probably must
them  form  Or eat   Brl
Tho recent public discussion  as to
the  advisability of  titles  being  offered or accepted in Canada, has le-d to
a compillatlon of the number of these
British honors of Canadian origin.
There are almost one hundred Canadians entitled lo nign "sir" before
their name, while cf the lesser titles
the letters after the name which carry with them no -general title, there
are at least 200.
(If course all the facts as to Canadian titles are yearly repeated in De-
brctt and Burke. Nevertheless these
books with thetr thousand pages ol
closely printed information, manage
to conceal admirably tho Canadian it-
les. and ii requires considerable compilation to unearth the main Tacts as
to thi te.
The higher! title hold by a Canadian is that of the Karl of Klgin and
Kincardine, K. G., who was born In
Montreal In 1849. Baron Ayltner
holds  an  historical  Canadian    title,
While II iron I'irrie. head of the great
Shipbuilding firm of Harland and
Wolff (a branch of which the old Liberal government had about succeeded In locating in Canada nt the time
of its defeat) waa horn in the cily of
(JUebi c and so is a Canadian  also      I
Import teacher
let us import
Lit  us    use every  effort   and  go to
every reasonable expense to develo]
Canadian teachers, but do not li I ut
add further to the disintegrating in
fluenct s thai surround us by permit-
ing our citizenship to he sapped at itf
very  root.  Calgary  Herald.
��� ��� ��� ��� ��� *T*~* * ** * * * *
��� ���
��� THIS   DAY   IN *
��� f-
That notable trading organization.
the "Company of New Prance" or of
"th" Hundred Associates," WP3 form-
1 il in 1(121 I .* :- ('... il'.i ll [i li hi : '*" '<
colonirn !":'l govern Canada.
To it w us granted a mom poly of all
tr ob 1 m�� pi Hi a of the -fit in ries
and sovereign rights In nn immense
vagiu ly di scribed territory stretchingI ���
from Florida to tbe "North Sea" in*
one direction, and indefinitely west-1 ���
ward  In  the other.     Conditions as to ��� ���
' ���
Mere business men in New
Westminster are using The
News tor publicity purposes
every day.
They appreciate the fact
thai they cannot reach nil
the people of New Westminster without using The News,
which goes Into more homes
itt the city today lhan any other
single papt r.
AKk tha men who advertise
in Tii" News what they think
about it
to the settlement of ihe country we're
laid   down   In   the  charter,   but   were
rendered   difficult   to   fulfill    by   the
stipulation that all settlors should belong to the Roman Catholic faith,
This shut out tho Huguenots who,
A min requiring furnished
housekeeping rooms called in
Friday 1 ftnrnoon al four different nddressi a where rooms
were advert'-erd In The News.
The same reply awaited hlin at
eaeli place: "All rented " One
advertiser informed him that
she had four applications early
in the morning from one in-
si rt.lon of a little classified ad.
in The Nl WS. The moral is
plain Mii'-ii your wants known
through The .News.
jurisdiction over all  the Spanish   set-
lemints of the West indies.
The second Catholic diocese In the
Nl W   World   was   that  of   Peru,   also
-.'labllsheS In the sixteenth century.
following the conquest of that country and the founding of the city of
Lima by Francisco Bizarre The con-
-1 :il of rit. Francis, built In 153fi. and
ii" Lima onlvers'.tv, founded In 1671,
aro the oldest Institutions of their
kind lu the Americas.
The first Catholic see of the North
Vmorloan continent was that of Que
bee, of which the famous Mgr. de
Laval was the first bishop.   This dio
their  forces on  any  trade  eir section
of a trade which has refused   to enter
Into negotiations on this point.
��� ���
* ���
Our birth is but   a sleep   and a forgetting;
The K011I thai riM-s with us. our life's
Hath  had  elsewhere  its  setting,
And Cometh from afar
Not in entire torgetfulness,
And not In  utter nakedness,
But  trailing  clouds of   glory  do   we
From Cod, who is our home:
Heaven lies about ub in our infancy!
Shades  of the  prison-house  begin  to
upon the growing Boy,
But He beholds the light, and whence
it flows,
lie sees It In hiB Joy;
The   Youth,   who   daily   farther   from
the east
Must    travel,    still    is    Nature's
And by the vision splendid
Is on  his  way  attended;
At length  the   Man  perceives   it die
And fade Into  the   light   of common
��� -William Wordsworth.
Is Awarded Tironess De Rothschild���
Life Service to Sick.
London,   Feb.   2'.',    Baroness   James |
le Rothsohlld has received  the CrosH
Of the Legion of Honor    It Is   super- j
fluOUl  fur those who know her work
to say thnt the honor Is merited.
She has spent her whole days In the j
Service of those  whom  life   has,  In
mind and body, bruised or broken. At
to which de Laval was formerly IChantllly, at Couvieux,   at  Illlgny,   at
d nearly the | ��reck-SUr-Mer,    her   name   nnd    her
deeds are a house hold word.
The sanatorium at Bllgny was largely the result of her generous Inspira
tion, and many children whom nn enfeebled constitution and the air of
cities had robbed  of their  strength,
��� we Ihelr resoratlon  to health  to tho j
bounty which enabled them to stand
the winter months by the 11:1.
Thf h"?pitril nt. Derck-sur-Mer, In
di ed. was, and Is, ine of Baroness
James de ttothschild's especial cares
Another Institution In whore fortune
she takes a particular Interest Is the
Nurses' Training College, In the Hue'
Verolngetorlx, of which she has been
ITU 1  11I11I 'n 1674, COV
whi 1" of thc Norlh American continent,
lie 1 avnl founded lhe grand semln-
iry Tor the education of priests al
(Jin bi'c in 1C62. and Laval University
-1I10 serves In commemorate the name
of the first bishop of the Dominion.
The diocese of Baltimore is the old
eel In the United Stales. It was crea-
���   1 in  1789.
London,  Feb.   2.1.-American    Baptists will  be surprised  to learn  that
An    echo    often     have    our    singers
And Ihey that  bend above the saddened strings;
One hue of all the hundreds on her
Our painters render, and our men of
ln  realms  mysterious  her  fare  have
Her shadow  gathers and  her fragrance clingB
To  all  lhe  loveliness  that   man  has
Tho   wind   of    lonely    places    Is   her
Still sbe evades us, hidden, hushed,
and fleet
A star withheld, a music   In   the
Beauty and death her speechleBS llpe
Where   silenei'   is,   and   where   the
surf-loud feet
Of armli s  wander on the Bands of
- -Oeorge Sterling In North American
II.   J    A     njrHNKTT,    AUDITOR    AND
Aaoountanl Tele, it us.  ituum Trapp
BOARD  OF TRADB���NKW  wksimin-
mit Board of Trade mssls in Uw Board
room. Cily  Hutt. u��� JuIIowh      II1I11I-Krl-
d.iy of eue-ti month; quarterly meettius
en tin- third Friday of February, Mar,
August un,) November ni H l m ah-
tui.-il meeUngs em the ttiiiei Friday of
February,   s. 11. Stuart   Wads,   Becre-
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St . now at
C��7 Front St.    Phone It lu.tl.
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  and  Choice  Fruit  Lauds  a
members of their faith in  RiiRela are ! the main support
now being subjecteil to similar persecution ns Is meted out to the Jews.
Their places of worship. According
lo the story of a Well known diplomat,
aro being stamped out by the political
��� secret police under orders of thn Holy I being aware, she has brought succor
��� \ orthodox Synod. | where It was needed.
These are only one or two of the
publlc rhiuine'ls through which Baroness James ib' Rothschild's purse has
overflowed, Besides, there are. numberless  cases  where,  without, anyone
Old folks wlio need something
cf the kind, (Ind
most effective without any discomfort.
Increased doses not needed. 25c. t bos
at yonr druggist's.
milinil Dim an-4 Ckialcu Co. it Cm.,, |MM
CO A I. MINING rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, HfUtkatch��wati arid AIUtio,
tbo V-uhcn Territory, th�� Northwest Ter-
Hf*i-|e��i and In u portion of the Pruvlnc*
if tlritlflh Columbia, iruiy lie leiutid for a
* rni of twenty une y-vnin at (in annual
rema-1 of tl an tore* Nut mon* than 2t>t0
icrv* will tx- 1v.i.;*m1 to one av'l'ilcnilt.
Applittatton for a leune mum ho made
by Che u-ppiu^mit in i>��.r.ivn to the AR-wit
ar Sub AjC'iit of the ths tr let In whloh lh��
riKhtn uDptletl for are ftltvatctl
In iurv0y��d terrltqry the land muni Iw
described ny Motions, nr legitl raD-rttvl-
fllnnfl of KecttunH, aud ln imsiuwj;t<l territory the tract applied for nnn.ll Imb
ataked ont by the applicant  htm.self.
fcnrh application niiiHt he accompanied
by a fv of %*, which wlll he refunded If
the tlghtH applied for an' not avallalde,
hut not otherwise. A rnyaWy shall he
paid on the tnerchun table tint put of the
mine ��t the raw of five oents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agout with sworn returns
locowiting for the full quantity of mer-
lhantablfl ooal mined and pav the r��y-
tity theteon. ir the cot\l mining dghtg
,ire not being operated suoh returns sDottld
t>e furnished at least once a pour.
The lease will Include the cam I mining
rights only, but the leasee win (��������� permitted t��i purchase whatever available
^nrfac* rights may be considered necessary for the working of the inhi" at the
rute  of  $10  an  ai'.re.
For full Information application should
be made to the HeYretai/ of the Impart-
meat   of  the   Interior.   Ottawa,  or  lo  any
Agent or sub Agent of Dominion Nmds.
w. w. t^ortY,
Deputy Minister of tlw Interior.,
N. H.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
For Rent
7-reomerl house, fully modern
with furnace nnd kitchen miiK-a,
linoleum and blinds, l.inse It
required, $25.00 per month.
8-room house, one block from
car, t16.00 per month.
Broom hotine, modern, with
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co,
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.      East Burnaby. MONDAY,   FEBRUARY  24,   1913.
r.'tm lied   to  lilH   K',*> out heart  an he  ho
in iiifuiiy promised,  in the meantime,
iliHtroHU haa vlalted lhe houie of poor,
diHiippiilnli'il Juliet, llemrti d und In
actual want, hIio vIhIih the euiup of u
tin' title of which in' jiiHiiy iio��erve�� railmaot of soldiers quartered nearby
owIiik  to  the  faet   thut   hu    portrayH and Iiokh uhhIkIuiici'.    While she In bo-
mer thirty ehariielerH during IiIh act.   Iuk cared for, tho    pretty    face    and
, olrouaos in Amsrloa and ii haa imi>
, been IIiIh piinl Heaiiou Hint thoy have
appeared on tbe vaudeville itim*
Charles Varley in known from ooast
I to OOgSl as lhe "man of many fncea"
With every eharai'ter hu kIvoh a hIioi'I
entertaining monologue whieii is uurn
to please ail.
Three  ri iiIh of  eni'luulvo  IIIiiih  will
complete tho performance.
The KukIIhIi comediennn who wlll ill peur in "The Hosts Maid" al the Opera
IIouhii, Monday,  I'ebruary 21,
Wonderful Frocks and Gowns in "The
Rose Maid."
New Westminster will be visited today by Hoinei ram folk, and they are
niarveloiihly      reckleBB     with      Ihelr
money   and   other   peoples,      At    the
(ipera  House, when- under the man
agemont  of   Werba  and   Lueicher, I
they wlll be Been In "The Hoho Maid,'
Whloh   h ih   been  tho  Beuaon's   Beniia
tlon of  New   York and of San   Kran
Clsoo  and   thn   WibI,   they   will   call |
themselves Blngllih and (lennana, Ha-
variaiiH and l''reneh, and they will pre-1
lend to have constituted   tin- vialtlnni
acquaintance   of   a   young   English
Uiikn   and   aro  lavishly  (pending   hla
money    I'li'tiireaiiuo of flreSS,  roiiian ,
tic, given to HwattKer, iuuhIc and love; *
unblessed with a superfluity ol iife'H
more material things and unhampered In the bidding of their hearts and
lighter feet, their ways naturally lead
to Intrigue and iidvenlnre.
Cutting   out   all   reference    to    the'
story of life they tell and the Joyous
niualc they elng In "The ltoae Maid,"
and getting down to concrete. factB, It
OOSt $19,000 to buy the frockB for the |
play    They are new, wonderful In de- ,
Blgn, and ho much up-to-date that the
beholders wink    but wink quickly lest
they lose something,   Pannier gowns
so awfully pannier like that lt Ib a
matter of wonder how tlii-He beautiful
creatures walk; laces, fluffy things
whieh cost a Week's pay per yard.
hats, millinery creations with more
lace ami feathers and piiHHainenterle
trimmings and chenille fixings anil
bugle* and mousseline de sole and bat
isti and all these tblnga they huneh
upon u hat to mnke ItB cost Boar ,
Werba and l.uescher have had to pay
for (hem all.
Tho salon In the first act which Is
Just an golden and splendid as can be
conceived iu stage craft, gives way In
the second act to a greal seaside lintel :
stretching far up Into tho files with
massive pillars, porticos fit for stroll- j
lug lovers, and grand staircases and
mirrored halls, and In front of all thiB
expensive grandeur is a wide lawn
dotted with tables covered with foeid
and fruit and wines enough to make
tho man across the footlight swallow
lt takeB a train of seven cara to
carry thiB lively little "Hose Maid"
over the country. That coBts rome-
thing and Ih a great help to a poor.
and struggling railroad, but think
what has been tho cost of the contents of those cars, furniture, costumes, scenery, lighting equipments,
all In all.
And without the slightest Intention
of slandering, it Is quietly said on Inside circles that even after the kindly
Messr-a. Werba and l.uescher have
bought these housi<8 and raiment so
fine that no fashion plates in the
memory of thc oldest Inhabitant ever
had anything on theso wearers, that
those queer people by no means al-1
low the expense to end. There is gratitude for you. They have, to the lowest man (the one who sings "G" below���or it Is "X") fallen Into the habit
of holding out their hands with regularity and promptitude every Saturday.
A  goodly   number   of   pcoplo   you
nover heard of bob up with dexterity
at that time; women who tako charge
of the gre-at trunks of costumes  and ]
watch each one, scam by seam, that
tho proverbial etltch In time may save
many more than nine which it might I
number If lt ever got started in an ex-
hlleratlng  moment.    Men   wbo  build
this foreign world for you, also, and |
later tear lt down to build again for
other people many miles away. Here
Is also the orchestra whoso members j
are on your side of tho footlights and
oeri only look hungrily across at tho;
Ostend  Hotel scene and  Its frivolity
and food and drink ]UBt beyond their
reach,    But they put   away tempta-l
tlon and make melody ooze from their
finger tips, bo they, too, aro down lu 1
the long Saturday pay list. i
The champagne flows $12 worth at |
each  performance, but does not get,
far nnd it can be seen whoro that goes,
and someone eats a lot of  expcnBlvo
fruit which it Ib believed can bo de-1
blt-rd to tho stage hands, who are said
to  ha7e   a   wonderful   capacity   for
work���and other things.
Carefully added up, the figures look
like a sheet of election returns, and it
really equals tho weekly payroll of a
fair-sized manufacturing establishment Today, unquestionably the largest theatrical touring organization In
' the country only tbe fascinating power' of "Tbe Hone Maid" could make Its
ulveiit possible outside of New York
mil ChloagO, hut cheerfully the won-
ii r'ul lady travels at thi' call uf those
.vim would sen her, and nlwayB In Ihe
luxurious Mate lo which Werba and
i.ui'H'her  have  accustomed  her.
Coming Friday at the Opera House in
"A Nl-jht Out."
May IIoIihiiii Is a true comedienne
of rare grace nnd Charm whieh is evidenced In the portrayal of "Aunt
Mary." Her methods are clean cut
and without tho efforts to secure a
laugh at the expense of a good last",
nor does r.he fly from one extreme tu
the other.    Her acting  Ib   consistent,
maintaining rigidly the character even
to the curtain falls Miss HobHon will
appear at the Opera House'on Friday
evening, March 7, In "A Night Out." of
which she is co-author. Mrs. Wlnni-
freil Woodbury, one of those fortunate  women  who  never  grow  old.  Is
passing the summer at her beautiful
Country place' on the Hudson, not tar
from Ni w York. Her daughter, Mrs.
Marie llaslam and her two grand-
seniH, Jack and Paul, with her. Hc-
twren Mrs. Haslini and "Oranuiiim,"
m:   Mrs.    Woodbury   Ib   nffeicltematcty
e"'iiil. there is a strange contrast.
Qranmum i�� alwaya merry, bright and
full of life. Her daughter Marie is
solemn, rlr'ct nnd Puritanical, trails
sho Inlii rits from her father. The
hi ys, as Is often the case, by force of
heredity, resemble in temperament
and   disposition   their   grandmother,
Their li'i'thrr rules lb m with a rod
of iron, denies them the usual iivno-
cent pleasures of boyhood, and   they
naturally rebel. They hive more
than once slipped out of the house
and  gone to the City  to visit  a Jolly
Bohemian sort of a restaurant, where
thero is good food, fun. music and excellent dancing. Qranmum discovers
this and begs the boys to take her with
them Just once, so rhe can hoc for
herai If. If it Is really a proper place
for Ibem to visit. They finally consent. Unfortunately, on the night of
thi Ir visit, the place Ih raided for selling   liquor  after    midnight,   and    the
names of the boys get into the papers.
Troubles thicken about Qranmum and
the boys. A thousand dollar bond has
been stolen from l.rnnmutn's safety
deposit box in the local bank. Ah
'he has entrusted the key to them and
to no ono else than her grandsons, It
seenia as If ono of them must certainly be guilty. Complications are
piled up and the net grows closer and
clorer around them. How it is ull
finally cleared up and the boys ngaln
enjoy Cranmum'H confidence and
gain the love of two charming girls,
ftimlrhes a story replete with comedy
and Interest An amusing sub-plot Ih
furnished by the alliance formed by
Qranmum and the two boys to snve
Marie from a palavering bad fortune-
hunter who believes Mrs. Ilaslem to
be rich.
While comedy prevails, there is also
an excellent lesson for parents and a
careful study of the Interesting question of heredity. Mail orders are bong received now.
Vaudeville wlll again be the main
attraction at the Royal theatre starting with thla afle'rnoon's matinee.
Manager Qlllis went to Seattle and
personally selected the entiro program
for the now show which opens today,
and alao the mid-week change.
An act that has been featured over
lhe entiro circuit (and played return
engagements In several houses) is tho
one presented hy the Truehart-lA-
Velle Trio. Critics all along the line
say that this Is one of the most am rutin i; sketches that has ever been seen
In the West. Tho name of the act is
"The Cowboy, thc Girl and thc Coon,"
and wsh written for the exclusive us?
of tho Truhnrl-Lavello Trio, there-
fe.re everyone can rest assured that
they will see something new. This
clever little trio of actors carry their
own entiro stage selling which represents a log cabin ln the wild west. It
Is a singing, daucing, comedy and
dramatic sketch.
There Is nothing under the sun
that will strengthen a program like
a good circus feature and, tho manage,
ment was lucky enough to secure an
excellent novelty ono when they engaged Poole and Poole, who-, are
known as. the original Indian-Rubber
Man and tho Death-Defying Teeth
Spinning. Girl, ,.Pof several seasons
this duo waa featured with the largeet
eliai'iiiiiig manner of the girl attract
tho attention e,f Si igeunt Andre who
sympathetically listens to the Htory of
her  past  life.     Shu  tells hlin  of  her
misfortune, bul fails to reveal to him
tho name of  her  falsn lover.    Andre
becomes  iiifatiiai.il   with Juliet    and
PRESENTED ON THURSDAY I after an ardent  wooing wins lur con
��������� sunt to marry  him and to make hnr
The acts Ihat will make up Thnrs- home with his mother In I'aris until
(lav's program at the Itoyul theatre his return from the wars.
urn as follows: The Knur Italian Bur-1 Pour years later, Napoleon is nt his
diallers who offer a high class Inst in- magnificent puluce, at Kontulnbleu
mental und Hinging turn wlll he about: surrounded hy a brilliant suite of oiTi
thn ehiHiui'iit musical act that has curs and their wives who delight to
ever appeared In New Wnstmlnstur. promenade In the beautiful gardens.
Anyone liking good music Bhould not Among the guy throng are Andre, who
miss the opportunity of hearing tbla him been promoted to Field Marshal
quartette from lhe land Of the olive, and his wlfo Juliet, the latter very
There are two ladies and two gentle proud of her gallant husband who hal
mon In Ibis net, all of whom have ex become ono of the emperor's most
ei'lliuit   voices  and   slug   nothing  but  trusted officers.
operatic selections. j    A magnificent reception takes place
Itoxln and Wayne aro real comedy  st the palace during which Juliet Ib
sketch artlBta who urn sure  to leave ' to realize one of the most cherished
a good Impression.    The name of the Iambitions of her life   to he presented
net present! d bl  tbum  Ih "The Cow-  to the great sovereign.   And it Ib   In-
! boy from Texas.     This Ih uu interest-  deed a scone of great Hplendor;    the
| lug, exciting and calchy little comedy   ladles arrayed   lu  their costly  gowns
Plot, In which a romantic, novel-read   and  priceless  Jewell contrasted  wllb
, Ing young lady fulls In love wltb the tlm glittering Uniforms of the officers
hero of  her  slory,   who  Is  a  cowboy   present  a   ri'inarkuhle  Hlght.    All    Is
from the wild and woolly west.    She extravagantly gay and the hum of con
insists  that   her sweetheart   shall   he-  versatlon   ls  ut   Its height   when  sud
come a cowboy, but hc positively do- deitly tho   magic   words   "The   Em-
dines. peror,"    arc    spread    lu    u    whisper
ln the meantime he Invents a story,  throughout  the assemblage and Napo
Of a friend In town, Just from Toxus,  leon enters bowing right and left    to
who will probably answer all require- bis awed guests,    Juliet Is Boon Intro-
1 mollis. Ile then Impersonates the cow-  duced and her  happiness Is supreme
I boy, and with his wild rough acllons when all at once while gailng radiant
completely takes the fancy of a cow-  )y into the gay throng, Hhe in shocki-d
hoy out of the young woman the    In-   at the  sight   of the  face  of   Marshal
Icidinlally   Introduces  a   singing    and . Vldar, her fal��e sweetheart, and when
dancing,     larlat-spinnlng     specially),  he la brought up to be presented, she
changes costume and returns   oaten   faints away, und bas   to   be carried
albly  io bid IiIh sweetheart good-bye ' from the room.
saying he is off for Texas to become ,    The nex��  day, Andre announces to
u cowboy lur her Bake, his wife that he has invited Marsha!
1     She hegB him to remain home, and   Vldar to dine with them, for he and
I tin y are finally engaged to be    mar-   vldar have become close frlendB.   8h"
lied.    This act Is up to the standard ' Is greatly shocked and exclaims that
{ and Is out of lhe ordinary. I she cannot  receive hlin,  thus reveal*
Johnson and Honnell are a pair   Of Ing by her excuses thai Vldar Is the
'excellent vocalists and Introduce Just' man  \\m\ ho  cruelly  wronged her In
I enough comedy and piano-playing    In   t|lc past.   Greatly incensed, Andre Im-
their act to make It a Utile bit differ   mediately  HcekH out   Vldar and  after
] ent from anything yet Been on   the
i vaudeville Stage,    Mr. Johnson also is
an extraordinary eccentric dancer.
I     Three reels of  exclusive  Illm   from
Inclining him.  dial. M.ges hlin  to defend his honor.   A duel Ih arranged,
bul In thi' midst of the encounter, the
emperor  who  bad  been  secretly    In
itio Gaumoni company Will round out  formed of    the affair,   appears   and
u most enjoyable program, J sternly commands the officers to re
turn to their regiments.
The rumble and din of war resound
I throughout  Prance  whose armies are
campaigning   against   the   combined
1 forces of ileal ly every monarch In
1 Kurope. Victorious over one nation
I after another, their leader,  the great
_T> . m      K-...
Not long   afterwards,   preparations
are In progress for a great battle. The
enemy outnumber the French  forces
but  Napoleon   frantically   exhorts  his
II Idlers    lo      light     doHperately    for
France and   their emperor.    On    the
eve cf battle the great commander retires to IiIh tent  where he haB vision
Emperor Napoleon, Is astounding the  after vision  of the glory that success
I world by his military genius and   In-   will bring him on the morrow.   At the
j domltnble ambition.    All of   France's  break of day all is re-ady.   The mass
bravest sons are needed to replenish   of the army move forward toward the
I thu emperor'B    fast    depleting    regl-  enemy's    line,    the    emperor himself
ments which necessitates many a sad  seated upon his white charger, direct-
departure  of  husband   or   sweetheart   Ing and Inspiring his men to victory.
| from their homes.    It is with a scene Tlie advance is followed by a desper
Of this kind that our story begins.        ate charge which cauBcs thc enemy's
The   gallant    Lieutenant    Vldar   ll  line lo waver. Heavy guns are brought
home on leave, but his pleasure is of  up from the rear nnd the slaughter is
short  duration, for but a    few    days  begun in earnest.    A terrible shower
have passed when he receives n sum-  of lead streaming out from the angry
loons lo join his regiment without de-  mouths of the cannon wre-aks fright
lay.    With solemn pledges of love and   ful carnage, and soon    the    field    I'
of n sure return to his pretty sweet-  literally strewn with dead and dying,
heart, Juliet, he embraces her tender-  Ing.
ly, and hurries away  to mingle with      Napoleon's wonderful nerve and tm-
the vast crowds of soldiers inarching  erring strategy In directing his troops
to Join Napoleon's main army. , have their effect.    The  final  bayonet
Two years elapse und Vldar has not j (Continued on Page Four.)
Truehartl-aVelle Trio, a sketch with a flavor of the plains, at the Royal
theatre today.
An Intensely Interesting 2 Reel Imp Drama
Rex Comedy
Cines Drama
"An Energetic Member ef the S.P.C.A."
Imp Comedy
HARRY TIDY, Manairer.
Werba and Leuscher, America's foremost
musical producers, present England's foremost
��me Alice Lloyd &&
**Z'***IU . . . IN . .  .
A Sister Play to the "Spring Maid."
New Westminster theatre goers will remember Miss Lloyd as being the leading lady
in "Little Miss Fixit" of last year.
PRICES���Same at   in   Seattle and Vancouver.
*2.C0, $1.50, $1.00 and 50c. :
As you are no doubt aware, we are doing a
lot of booking by mail orders and we would
strongly advise all our regular patrons to send
us mail orders NOW for the big production
HERE on 7th of March by the famous actress,
May Robson, in a new play entitled "A Night
Out." All orders must be accompanied by
cheques, dated March 4th.
Harry Tidy, Manager.
1 Big 1
An Act That
Starts With a
Smile and Ends
With a Scream
Today and Tuesday
In Two Reels���Spectacular War Film.
Portraying the great Emperor Napoleon in the
midst of his court and upon the battlefield.
Klein-Cincs Feature.
The Man of Many
fi     A STAGE"
1 =========
A Circos Novelty
The Original
Exclusive Films
from the
Gaumont Co.
To what end we are born no man knoweth. Time
brings great changes. There are two pictures in
this one. .You must see both to understand.
MONDAY,   FEBRUARY  24,   1411
In  New
Play Houses
(Continued  (Tom  Page TUree) Intereatlnfl   Sermon   In   8t.   Andrew'!  Mr. B. G. Walker, After Fifteen Yeara
charge al the enemy's moil vital
point, proves a total blow, and n great
vletorj ii won,
Unil call ri ��'< "i�� tin' vaoanolei in
lha ranka oj tlie various regiments
and tin< i .mi ti��� -iii marshals are num-
Herod among tho missing offtotra,
Juliet gearohes fur ber husband upon
tin' ii.i'.tir Held umi u< luxl HntiH blm
ni tin- point ot di'inh und near blm
Vldar, who li alao desperately wound'
ed, wii.n tbe two otftoari are laid
aide bl aide, Andre bagi i> itt wife to
forgive Vldar booause be attempted lo
save 'tis llja diirlng the battle,
ah they are lying tbare upon tho >
Ueld, tin iperor and bli army are
aeen to mardi pa-si and on into tha
dlltance, And hero wn mtiBt loavo I
these two bn-nl oltleera who. Inspired
by Hit! light ol "The Little Co*pom|i"
their beloved leader, are content to
forget their wounds and apend thptr
Ihbi expiring breath In shouting "Long
Live the Itoperor '���" '1'1118 rti,',l'l;i1'"
lur film will be shown at the Bdlion
theatre, todny and Tueaday.
itiim Sterling Ih n orlmlnal. He tires
of tin' lite and determines to reform,
ills associates Induoa blm to take one
mini) fbiiiff. riti'y ttiHH a penny to dv-
itin.tno who shall rob ti bouse, ii
falls m John's lot, He enters the
house,l��eoures Joweln and monoy,
anid titfii goes to the nursery where
hu find-* :t little t'liiltl In Ha t'rllt. The
Utile one ton-Albs blm and awakens
nil the manhbod that Ir latont In him,
lie makes up his mind to reform, The
child's father oaplurea John just sifter
he has written a note lii which be
U'Mh him that be returns the Jewels.
Babj pleads tor John, Tba father re
leases John, who promises to lead a
fttniiKiit lit'' SI* years later, John
U marrlt il and the bappy father of u
darling girl, He Ih in legitimate business iml Ih loved nnd respeoted. Having ii" " nominated for alderman of
liis ward, in' ih elected, He takes his
seat tni Un' board of aldermen, when
the street oar franchise comes before
tin- board John refuses to nni>iiort li
on principal. Two corporation lawyers
Bend fer him and try to bribe liim. He
refuses, They try to ooeroe blm bV
bringing him face to face with orte of
IiIh former associates, John tolls his
wife of his paal life and she advises
htm to make a olean breasl of every-
thing to t'i" dlatrlct attorney, which
he il i.   The district   attorney   ar
ranges for htm to lay a trap for the
lawyers, and they are oaught red-
handed trying to bribe blm. John la
reinstated In the good opinion of all
na he had proved himself to be an
honest man. He takes up the now lift'
nml continues down the straight nud
narrow path to honor nml happiness,
ThlB Interesting Imp. drama film
will be shown ut the City theatre today and tomorrow.
* *
�� ���
* ����������*$*������������������������������
Opera House    Mav   Robson   In "A
Night Out," March 8.   "Alma, Where
Ho   Ynu    i h" n"    "Tho   (luml.U'i'H,"
Mut and Jolt."
Royal] Theatre - Monday, Vaudeville; Thursday, Music anil Comedy.
Ed -Acin Tlic'tTo Beginning Monday.
"At Napoleon's Command."
Presbyterian Church by Western
Field Secretary.
Residence on Mainland, Decides
to Migrate to Victoria.
No government bad the right to dlo-
lute how u man should spend the Bun-
day nor wai it the function of tbo
Lord's Day Alliance to do that; but
it wai their function to laoure every
man hia Inalienable right to a r��Ht
day so thai  If be did not get hiH
Sabbath, he K"l one duy In the week,
Stated Uev. C. II. lluestla, wtt.tern sec-
retury of the Lord's Day Alllnuei!, during the ooune of n sermon delivered
before n large congregation In Bt,
Andrew's   Presbyterian    church    last
Hev. Mr. HiieatlH took IiIh text from
the third chapter of Mark, "Ih It lawful to tto right on the Sabbath day, to Walker baa held the office of munl-
���iiive life or kill ?" in opening he en-'clpal clem, pullce magistrate, prosl-
larged on the advantages ot the Bab- dcni of the Burnaby Hoard of Trade
bath tluy'H rt'Ht to the physical, men- and also ehnlrinan of tho North Ann
tal anil Spiritual nature of man. He joint harbor committee,
then proceeded to outline the ftmc- Mr. Walker resigned hla position of
tliniH of the Lor.d'1 Day Alliunre and police magistrate In January InHt In
governments wtth regard to Sabbath order to make the run for tha reeve-
day labor, Bhip agulnBt Councillor Medrogor, but
During the oouria of hia sermon ho was defeated,
Edmunds, Feb, IS, After being n
iiH.iitnt on the lower mainland for
the paat.   fifteen   yeori,   Mr, B,   <'���
Witlker haa decided to locale In Vlctorlu, und Is already preparing to
move with his family lo the IhIiiiiiI
cily, where he believes It will bo more
lieiieficlnl to hla health This decision
waa only reached IuhI week and his
handsome lioime at tho corner of
Kingsway and Mdiiiond.i rond has b-wn
placed on the market.
During hia atny  in    ilurnaby    Mr.
drew nt tent ion lo the fact Ihat Ihe
President of France In a letter to lhe
���eoretary of the Lord's Duy Alliance
had cinnmenileil the law lu t'unuilti regarding thi Sabbath stating that It
wuh the liet-t in the world of which
be hud knowledge,
The congregation listened with muoh
attention to tbe visitor's speech which
wuh of u nioHi temperate umi sane m-
ini'r throughout.
one of the Interesting features of
the service al st. Andrew's lust even-
lug wuh the music provided by the
regular members of ihe choir nml
three members, Mr, Roberts, Mr,
Rloh tni Lord unil Mr. David Thomas
of the reputed Welsh choir of Vancouver. Mr. KolierlH presided ut the organ with effect, while Mr. Lord and
Mr. Thomas eaoh sung soloa which
wire much appreciated.
Albany,   NY.,   Feb.   23.- Governor
und  MrB   Sul/er t'titi r'nlui'tl ul dinner
touighl in lienor of Premier and Mrs.
Borden of Canada, Other guests In-
i-iiuii d L, K. .li in s, deputy mlnlBter
11 Canadian railroadBl Lleutenmt
Governor and Mrs. Martin Olynn nud
Mr. and Mrs,
New York.
Mr. and Mra. Borden nre guentB nt
the executive mansion. They attend'
ed Bar vices today nt the First Presby-
'terlttn church. The premier Will il
liver nn address at a dinner of tho
University   club   of   Albany,   after
Whloh he will return to Ottawa. He
Haiti  today he believed  the people of
Canada would not change their opinion on  reciprocity.
������A lieu keen by the Newa laat nvon-
lng Mr. Walker Htatetl that he would
Hevef his couuecllon with the firm of
Walker Bros, & Wilkie, which has
otficoB in New Westminster, Vanoouver und Edmonds,
li wuh only las! week that he waa
again elected delegate from the
Burnilby Board ot Trade to the Joint
Imrnor oommlttee, but according lo
Mr. Walker Huh will have little bearing on liis going away, as thn work
in   connection   with   Hie   North   Ann
harbor commission in about completed,
Chrlittanta, Feb,
ning of St pit nil er
director- gem ral
i-iute  telegraphs,
In the bogln
laat   M. T. Iliftye,
of the   Norwegian
oommuntoatcd   to
the Norwegian press the fact that be
had i iicci i tb ti In arranging with the
Miii'i'iinl    Company    to   construct     n
great duplex station to facilitate wireless telegraphy between Norway and
The station waa built on the western
ooaat of Norway, near Btavanger, at a
cost of $866,000, to be paid to the
Marconi Company for the patents,
Carl von Mayhoff ot Tho station waa to be ready for use'tn
1914, when Norway celebrates the
icentenary of hi r conetltutton,
This coincidence wltb un an Import
onl data In Norwegian history wan obviously u (actor in favor of tho enterprise, and the whole Norwegian prell
congratulated M. lleftye upon his bargain wub the Marconi Company. The
result of the   Investigations  of  the
Select   Committee   appointed   by  Ibe
lloiiBe of Commons  into the  Kngllsb
i Marconi  contriict   seems,   however,  to
have placed the bargain of the Norwegian Government in a new light.
The London correspondent ot the
Conservative "Aftonpoaten-" who biiH
submitted the atatemt nt of the Director of Telegraphs to nn lOnglith an-
ithority tm wlrelesH telegraphy. RtatcH
thai tbla expert declares that though
the complete terms   of the  contract
have not y< I been made public, It IB
clear thnt nn important purt of the
'criticism which applies to the English contract applies also to tbe Norwegian contract.
M. lleftye announce! that, in the
near future, he will put before the
Storthing all the particulars regarding the Norwegian  Marconi contract.
London. Fib. 28, Ono of the most
Interesting floral novelties shown at
the exhibition of the Iloyal Horticultural Society in their ha',1 al Westminster wns a new rose.
Tbe flowers were ent a fortnight,
prevhvsly in the 1'nited Stales, and
had nol been unpacked on the voyage.
The color was a rich rose, shaded
with purple. The blooms were very
rull and delightfully fragrant, In Hpite
' of their age.
CitV Theatre���"JOhn Sterling. Alderman." Imp. drama, runs today antl tomorrow,
Alice Lloyd, who comes from a fam-
ilv of seven, each of whom is familiar
to amusement lovers of Kngland, ls
the bright, twinkling star of "Tbo Hose
Maid." In London music balls ber
Joyousnees, saucy mischief and the
.ability to sinr sweet songs in an appealing way", made ber the idol of the
theatre-idlers' In art; in the greate-pt
of Christmas pantomimes she was always chosen to create the leading
roles in such Important works as
���'Goody Two Shoes," "Little lied Hiding Hood" and "Hues In Hoots." When
Titie came to America, an unknown
figure, it Is told thai her success was
InEtantinfous antl that now only
Harry Louder can share with ber the
fame of being in the highest salaried
class of entertainers. Last, season
ehe tnurtyd the 1'nited Stati s fro1"1
New York to San Francisco, nnd
from Haifa's to New Orleans as the
star of a'mrrry musical comedy. "Lit
tie Miss "Fix-It," which wus clasfi'
ns one ofjjthe very few great theatrical
successes'of the past season.
Sbe nnw comes in "The Hose Maid."
an opera by a new Viennese COmpOlter
whicb was brought to this country bv
Werba and l.uescher especially for
Miss Lloyd's use. Her great PUCCP88
ln "Little Miss Fix-It" prevented haT
appearance in the new work unt'l to-
���ward tho last of its wonderful New-
York run. but the eritlc:t there, as well
as over the country, have cre'dltcd
her with bringing tn the role of the
demure little rose girl a delightsome
quality t f insouciant mischief thai has
proven Irresistible to audiences,
In "The Hose Maid'.' Miss Lloyd
���f-du-rs "A Monocle Girl" which was
���written for her Use as well us several
other members thai have only been
rung i" (no opera t ince her coming
into ber  own.
"Th" Rose Maid" begins and ends
���with a romping scene of musical
gaiety, v.hiie the Intervening two and
one-half h-rr-- sre flllpd wl(h dainty
�����-,-.!��� ,...   I-.. ..*-te*ps tti -1 Ptarl the i"es
a-tani '��� id    I rill aid     .*    .   .
r\. n! tbit rt ii".' i -��� .i Hi ni' to
volume:* if apotsuae. The thorns ban
t>f rn ib ��� "p! i tl ns a rosebud garden nf
Kirls with every girl a veritable fade
ion-plate Front the point of scenery
and modish costumes the production
Ib without a doubt the most spectacular and impressive that has been furnished alight opera success. The
company, with its ohorus, ballet and
apeclal orchestra, embraces nearly flfl
people und requires three of the largest baggage ears to carry Its equip-
; Succeeds In Writing Plots for. Movies
Turned Down by Stage.
I'aris, Feb 28. An EngllBh marchioness, the Marchioness Townsend,
whose husband has been adjudged Incapable of managing his own affairs,
has written a moving picture play.
The picture play, which Is of the
melodramatic order nud Is entitled
"A Strong Man's Love," has been produced by a Uritish film company, the
Originally written as a four-act play
whloh could not find a producer, the
marchioness decided that with its dramatic situations and swift action it
was more suitable for a picture play,
and as such submitted-to the Clarendon company, who accepted it and pro-
duced it. The peeress supervised the
production of her play, witnessed a
private performance of it und approved it. The theme of the play
deals with the career of a daughter of
a country clergyman who wishes to
tee life in London.
Tho Marchioness Townsend, it will
be recalled, is the daughter of a bo-
i licitor   named   Sutherst,  who   figured
largely   in   the    London    'bus    strike
; about elghtei n years ago and who bas
I since  b(on   declared  a  bankrupt.
Los Anj. lea, Cal., Feb. 23. A burglar who went to rob Mrs. Fred Morris remained lo save her baby's life,
aecordlna to a report she made yesterday  to the  police.
Mth. Morris said her baby was
strlrktjn with croup. She started to
run for a physician. .Inst as site went
out of her front door, she met a masked man, who ordered her to keep
quiet at the risk of her life. Hhe
screamed "My baby is dying. I am going for a doctor."
"Let me help you," said the robber, dropping a revolver in his pocket.
Mrs. Morris, frightened, led him
bnclt Into the house. He asked for
vinegar, sugar and water and con-
cocttd a. mixture which he forced
down tlm Infant's throat. Then lie
rubbed olive oil on the child's chesl
and worked for an hour before he told
the mother it was out of danger.
"You inui't have a baby yourself,"
remarked Mrs. Morris.
"I have live," replied the man.
"That's why 1 came here tonight."
Tin ii lie left and Mrs. Morris re
fused to give the police a description
of him.'
ills honor Judge Howay bu awarded Hie Hum    or (088    with    cuhIh    hi
(hinder Lande, fisherman, ns damages I
for a broken jaw, an Injury Inflicted
by Nell 0, Nelson, another fisherman,
In tllO course of a quarrel al Annie-
vllle, Delta municipality, last September, over the bunching of Nelsou's
net, Lande sued Nelson for flilutl In
the county coun.
Nelson, Ihe defendant In the can*,
had been previously tried for assault'
by ihe magistrate at Ladner and acquitted. Liande, the plnntlli, then ln-
ulltuted civil proceedings.
The etiBO raised a novel point In '
law and hinged upon the clrcuinslunce j
whether the magistrate In the criminal proeoedlngH bud tried and decided
tho caBo iih one of common assault,
which would hnvo barred a HtihHequont
civil action, or as an assault oooalloh-
Ing actual bodily harm.
The Judgment,
In a lengthy Judgment bla honor
stated: "At the trial I held, on the
facts, thai thn defendant had committed Iho assault alleged. It was certainly an assault occasioning actual
Uutbly harm, for Ihe plaintiff's Jaw
wan broken.
"This would (llaposo of tbe case but
for lhe fuel thai criminal prot illngt
were taken beforu the magistrate and
dismissed. 11 Ih certlllente of dlituilti-
sal, though most liiartlsllcully pleaded, 1 admitted as evidence, nud lhe
question for consideration Ih whether
the certificate Is a bar lo tills action,
Couniel agreed thut the aniwer depends whether or not these proceed-
Inlgl were for a common assault. In
Ibis view I conctir.
"The question Is, I take it. one of
fact to  he considered  lu   view   of the
documentary and other evidence.
"The lummom Issued charged (before the magistrate) that tbe defendant did assault (iunder Lande at the
11   O,    Cannery,    Helta    municipality,
by hitting him about the head, breaking his jaw and causing him set-lout
bodily  harm.
Form  of  Statement.
The  form  of Statement  Of common
assault     under    section     'J'.i     of     the
Statute is that at tbe time  and place
stated "A did assault or assaulted nnd
beat 11." For an assault, causing actual bodily harm, It runs "A clicl make
an assault upon and heal and occasion
actual bodily harm to 11." Thus the
statement of the offence by the mag-
| latrate agrees with neither, yet as he
held the   judicial   Investigation   the
question is which one wan he trying'.'
if the former (common assault)   tbe
cerllllcate of dismissal Ih a bur, if the
latter (aHHault occasioning actual
bodily harm), his certlllente  Is of no
I lake   II Ihat   Mr. McKee.    before
whom the proceeding! were taken, is
a Justice of the peace for tho county
Of Westminster, and police magistrate
of Delta municipality, He seems to
have been In doubt in which capacity
he was acting.
The certificate of dismissal refers
to him ns .1. P. for Ibe district of
New Westminster, nnd ts signed by
him as police magistrate for Delta
municipality. The denosllions arc
signed John McKee, I'M .and bear n
memo of the date of tr.al sigqed J.
McKee, J.  P.
Haw  No   Power.
Neither as 3. V. nor as 1*. M. would
he have power to try the Indictable
offence if an nssault occasioning ac-
tunl bodily harm nnd If he did so the
trial would be a mere nullity and no
Even if the power to try summarily
a charge of assault Occasioning actual
bodily barm was within hiB adjudication, there Ib no bar to further civil
In determining the nature of the
[charge before the magistrate, It must
be noted that it Is not necessary that
the charge bn. laid In Ihe ejact words
of the statute, lt Ib sufficient If It
Btated thi! substance Of the offence In
popular language. Now a reference
to the Imperial dictionary shows that
to occasion means to cause. I can
see no substantial difference.
I, therefore, hold that tbe charge
the magistrate was Investigating was
a charge of assault occasioning actually bodily harm.
Tho atatement in the depositions, In
the evidence before men. that: the
magistrate took the election of the
defendant tn be tried summarily, a
totally unnecessary proceeding, Indicates tbat he considered ho was dealing with an assault occasioning actual
bodily hnrm.
In any event this certificate being
pleaded In bar the defendant must
establish thai Ibe map'str-ite, was
dealing wltb common assault end ns
he has not cho'-n that tha magistrate
was so acting, he most  fall.
\c tn damages 'he plaintiffs   Jaw
wan hroken.    For nbont Blx weeks lie
was fed  with liquids   having his Jnw *
w'red toaethpTi    D"r'ng ihat time be
could  rot speak  wllb  any  ease.    His'
head was   encased   In   plaster!   Six ���
weeks work was lost, to hint and that.
during September and October, when
the Into llshlug wuh on.
Kven ufler, owing to thu effect of
the wuter on thu HUifuce of Ibe Jtiw,
he could nut work at IiIh orcu.union
I'm .*u ii ue liiillier lime. 1 inn s:iti��Ui cl,
ou Iho evidence, thut plaIntlB'l*l0ll
would ho. ill leant j.100,
I'ulti   und   ipfferlUg  lire  of   greltfer
difficulty to estimate, yel they are im-
portant faotors,   After ihe very beil
conHlderallon I have been uhle In give
to it 1 think tho minimum I Hlinuld
allow on thai  beud U |800,
Tho award wltb medloal fees totalled $U.IK.
Mr. II. L. Kduumds. Of Wblteildl Hi ���
t'.diuuntiH, represented plaintiff.
Mr. J. S. Potter, for Adam S. John-
ui'iii, appeared for defendant,
Defendant'! oounial state tbe eaae
win be appealed,
Imposed Penalty of $1,
A private prosecution for Illegally
priiciiHing midwifery in lliirnnby
iv.uiiisi Mrs. Hodges, at thu instaneu
ut thu 11. C. Me.Heal ;.-Uieloty, has ro-
suited In Mrs. llodgea being lined the
minimum penalty of (1 without 00111,
Judge Howay tried the ease about
ten dayB ago nud leBinved IiIb de
Id the Judgment, now pronounced,
IiIh honor quoted the Medical Act
which enacted that only those whose
iiameH were on the reglaier Hhouhl be
ml nt 111 <'il to he qualified and licensed
to practice uiedlcitie, surgery and midwifery for hire, gain or hope of re
lie   could  not   treat   BorloiiHly     the
luggeitlon Unit Mm. Hodgei' oonduoi
was In Mill of urgency, antl he was
HiitlHlled Ihat u physician could have
been obtained in either of tbo In-
nanoei laid before him, after iho defendant bail arrived on the scene it
wbh a clear case of an linroglati red
person practicing midwifery.
Neither oould bis honor treat seriously ihe luggeitlon thai midwifery
wuh not defined by the act,
The learned judge stated in the concluding part of hla Judgment, thai ho
regretted exceedingly he was compelled by the Medical Aci to Impose
a line upon ihe defendant, tor the evl
deuce showed thai she was thoroughly
competent arid performed her oltlcc in
a highly satisfactory manner.
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Phone 656
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CONTRACTORS roR prices on :--
Lumber Lath and Shingles
������a��� ���������������������������I���a���
State  Prisoner  May    Answer    Parliament If Questions Are  Sli'-htly
Altered���Appear This Week.
Ottawa, Peb. 23, The case t f it. C
Miller, thf itata prisoner, will quit<
probably come before the house again
thm week, CotiferenpoB were held on
Saturday between Miller, hIh Montreal
Dounsel, A. K. Harvey, K.C., nml Mr.
R B. Prootor, barrister ot Ottawa
who hae been retulned, it la Intended
iu njiiirotich the authorities ot tin*
house tomorrow, With the sugestlon
Hint, if thp question In Bohwuhiit ol-
| tci'i'd Miller tmiy answer,
The Httihd hu t.-iktvt Ih that In hi
il flings In the matter the publlo In
.i rial was nol Involved and nny <\
.iml ture t-f money in connection with
In- IttattW wns niutli" to n prWato liv
illvitinul whose engineering experience
' was requisitioned.
lt Is alleged thai the rnrty wn�� a
former t mployee of the govern then I
at the lime the contracts were enter
til Into, hnti left the government ser
vice nntl bis since died,   No action b>
1 wny nf habaes corpus has been   In
slituteil and Miller hopes that his
third appearance before the bar will
be his last. If anything like u satis
factory explanation as to the payment
of money in Question is given tbe
house, it will be accepted and the
prisoner released.
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Chas. Mannering     34 Begbie street.     phone 393.    Ed. Allcoclc
Double filirdtr
Eaffas Police
(Continued from puRc onO
An examination of the door disclosed
no sign of haviiiR been tampered With
The boy, although questioned closely
maintained that his story was correct
Alfred Michaud, brother of the nttir
dcred woman, was located by Captain
Coleman. Michaud declared he bad
not been nt bis sister's house foi
weeks and that be had not been out Ol
his boarding house Saturday night
Ills s'atcmeiit of not having left thi
bouse duritiK the night was corroborated by Mrs. Duverney, the boarding
mistress, and several boarders in the
Captain Coleman look Michaud to
the Grand Trunk street station. The
police regard the case as one of the
most mysterious with which they
have bad to ileal in years.
For Vancouver, via Central Park
At D.UII and C:40 a.m., and every
15  minutes  until   9   p.m.     l-'nmi  9
p.m. until midnight half hourly hit
Sundays���At 0:0(1, 7:00, 7:30,
8:00 and 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby At
5:4S, 0:46 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., und late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���Klrst car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne At
7 00 a.m. nnd hourly until 11:00
Sunday���first car nt 8:00 am.,
regnlar week day service thereafter,
(Connection with cars to Slevee-
tim and other points on l.ttlu Island Is made at Kbitrne.
For Chilliwack and Points In
Scuth Fraser Vallay���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:1-8 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
-  At 4:05 p.m.
������   ������&$��
'������-'������ '��������� ;:-'���.--���...
The third of the Bisanlic structures ly completed viaduct at Outlook, et'er
that have been built * western Can- three tlffctinnnd feel in length, the lat-
nde by thc Canadian Pacific Hallway terjjbpeifclj for traffic In 1912.
company In the past few years, thn ��� The length bt this bridge at Kdmon-
othcr two being the viaduct at l.eth- ton between abutments t,r north and
bridge, one mile long, and the recent-  south approaches  Is 2!>6(i  feet.    The
extreme heiRht above the mean water j    The upper deck will carry n rail-
level  Is IBS feet, while the piers are,road track and double street car track.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
Tc Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
Tc Ahbolsford and Mission for 35 cents.
Tu CliilHwack for 45 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
103 feet high.
the lower will  be used for vehicular
Thn bridge consists of an upper and i nnd pedestrian traffic, the sidewalks
lower deck, thc width of the upper ' having a clearance of eight feet and
being 39 feet and that of the lower 43 i tJhe roadway 23 feet.
(Above rates are subject to change without notice)
��� S MONDAY,   FEBRUARY   24,   1913.
t��AOf  FIVS
Suburbanites Defeat   Sapperton   Ons
Gosl to NH in Slowest Qsme of
Season���Poor Ice.
S'andlng of Amateur League.
I inula
W.   !
\    M   C. A   3
Humility   1
Sippi rton  1
Heavers   o
Fraser Mills   0
Moose  n
Noxl     game    Wednesday
I i liiiiaiy Jfl,  Heavers vs. Moose.
Although iiiiriiahy osptured tha
gnuie hy one itum goal, ths amateur
hockey contest on Saturday nlgbt be-
liti'i'ii Sappirlnn anil llnniuby win,
i ne of  the  slowest   seen at   the  local
ui etui this season,
liiiitiaby,''Us true,  showed a    little
eoiiiblnutlou at times, but   Sapperton
failed in gel going throughout ihe an-
nro liiiy minutes of play, their for- ���
wauls   were   following   each   other
ull ovor lhe Ice, at Utiles even (ii. . li
mu iii'h  oilier on  Unit  when an  opportunity presented Itself for a passl
across Ihe loe, there was DO mnn    toI
in 1,'pt same,
About the only feature of the game
uus Hie racket kicked up hy lite blow
Ing nf Uu horns nntl lhe nulling of
* * u in lis which, while pleasing to
those Who were innkliiR the din, did
little  to  comfort   the   spectators   who
enjoy watching a gams where cheer
Ing features good plays,
This Kind ot business has been out
ll in he Vlctorlu link and It might
i well tor the arena management to
ri ne -i lhe supporters of the dlftereul
teams In eliminate this feature at the
gantos In this city.
The only foal of the contest was
scorod In ths llrst period by Kelll,
who played bis llrs' name for Hurim*
I . This player worked his way past
tho Sapperton defence from the hall
uny   line   heating   Campbell   with     u
i ' n in shot,
Hall, oi Burnaby, v-ras the onl)
player lo Kain the enmity nf tlie oiri*
��� als, giving l'.riom u cross check nfter
Uie former hud bumped him against
Hit- fence.
11,,-   ii*,-   following  Ihe  skating  bcs
' ii. was In  poor condition and falls
uif     frequent,    even    the    officials.
i ' iii lo   i'oblt.    and   Han    McDonald,
��� mlng croppers,
i be line-up and Hiimnuiry  was    as'
llurnaby Goal, Btandlsh; point, Mv-
iugBtone; cover, Kelll; rover. Madlll;
i * mu*. Hull; left wing, Corriden;
mil' \\itiK, J. Mutch.
Sapperton Ooal, Campbell; point,
Welsh; cover, iinem-Roberts; rover,
Dunsmulr; centre, Dnird; left wing,
Viiiioui���;   right wing. Smith.
Iloteree   Hun McDonald.
Judge of Play   Charlie Tobln.
Goal Umpires)���Doe Wells and Art
Game Timekeepers Fred Lynch
ond Tlm Mahoney.
Penalty TlmekeBper���O.-H. Bourne,
ileal Summary:
lirst   Period    Kelll. Burnuby.  10.36.
Second   Period -None.
Penalties���Hall, llurnaby. 3 min.
��� B. C. A. A. U. HOLD
��� An Important meeting nf Ihe
��� local brunch ot thn il.C.A.A.II.
��� wlll  he  held   lu  the off lco  of
��� W.  II.  Kcuiy thla afternoon lit
��� 5  o'clock   to  taku   up   mutters
��� connected  with the  WestmliiB-
��� ter   Amateur   Hockey   ussoelu
��� lion   und   the  status    of    two
��� players who with lo pluy with
��� teams In the league.
��� F.very    club    alliiuletl   with
��� union is requested to have two
��� delegates ut the meeting as Im-
��� mediate action is Aeoessary in
��� conii"ctlou with Ihe mntlerii lo
6 be in nu h. il
cetiuiuiy  a  remarkable und  unique
trail   lu   a  pugilist
Morris' first ring contest of any Un
pi rtance wuh hack in 1910, with Marvin Hurl as his opponent Hurt wuh
never much ot u tighter, and was then
on tbe down  irade, und the big Okla-
human won easily in three rounds,   i
Incidentally it wuh seven years ago
today that Hart and Tommy Burns I
fought  10  rounds iu   Los  Angeles  for \
the  "heavyweight"  ohamplonshlp  of I
ths world.    Hums wan the victor anil
held the i ii in against nil comers until
lack Johnson  wrested  It from his ln
Australia, Deo, ID, 1909,
Jim Thorpe, Meyers und Chief Bender, among others, havo won great
fame  as  athletes    ami     upheld     tin"
prowess of tint red nice on truck und
diamond ami athletic field, and everybody is acquainted with the llara-
: thou accomplishments of Tom Longboat When It OOmSS to the ring, how-
lover, the SborlglnlSS urn simply "not
Jimmy Coffey, who Ib part Indian,
Ih a fulr boxer llcrreni, the Mexican
boxer, also boasted Indian blood. oJe
Qregg with about the only full blooded Indian to show much ability as it
boxer, also boasted Indian blood, Joe
und clever fighter, aud waa the victor
���lln  a    ^^^^	
We Sell Skates and Skating Shoes
Mi C'.iilliu.li and Automobile Tube Skates. Aleo Urge aiaortnient of
other makers such as Starr Manufacturing Company .mi Bokers
Special Boys' Hockey Skates at 75c per pair. McPherson's Lightning
Hitch Hockey Boots, $4.00 per pair. Skatea screwed on boots free
of charge.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
����   ���.-,-,.,   o-rncc-r PHONE   237.
PHONE 237.
��� ANNALS. *
HALL MIX MATTERS ���������������������������������������������������
��� ���
��� ANNALS. ���
tF number  of  contests   Willi   good
you wish U) havo a pluce to meet a friend.
Quebec Hangs on to Stanley Cup
Roughhouse Game���Ottawas
Down Wanderers.
N. H. A. Standing.
W.    I.
F.    A
��� I
��� Thn Y. M   0. A. basketball team re
���������������������������������������������������   turned  from  Hflllnithniu On  Saturday
morning where tbey were defeated by
n Hiutill score the evening previous b)
the Belltngbam y.m.c a. aggregation,
the  final  count  being 32-20.
Tht- American quintette bail It nil
their own way In the first half but
the local boyii cutne buck In the second anil were only beaten three points
As u preliminary the Washington
Btate Normal niris' team defeated thi
Vancouver Normal girls by a close
Mr, Sovereign, who accompanied lhe
team reports the best of treatment
bunded  out   to the  boys during  thell
short stuy lu the Ainericni city.
New Westminster ourlers mads i
good showing In Vancouver on Batui
day afternoon  wben Uny  nicked
Ogalnsl  three Terminal City splks.
The aggregation under Mr. Wilson.
consisting of Alderman Kellington, i>r.
!���'. i'. Smith and Bi rt Hendry made a
runaway match Rgslnil McKay rink,
the it ere being 13 B,
ihe ntiiir win teams lost oui on
points, Martin nlving Moore u close
i*.ice, the total points showing Villi-
coiivi r in tin- lend by one point.    The
soon s ��i ro ns follows:
J    Westminster   Martin,   B;    Wilson,
13;  McQuffln, 6,
Vancouver Moore, Bj MoKay, r>;
Doran, 14,
The so r team of tbe Iloyal lily ;
hli'h school won a great victory on Saturday afternoon at Moody Pars when
they defeated the St. Andrew's uk
gregalion of Vancouver, the present
league leaders. The final score was
���6-1, which Just about Indicates tin
1 Play
l.ouitheitl was Iii a scoring mood,
going up on the forward line and bagging three goals through himself,
while assisting l-'ccney In nailing two
' more.
Bhlldrlck made a good showing on
ithe defence, while Allison also played
ill great game.
The victory of the local boys give
them un excellent chance for th
championship and during tbe rest o
the setson ttie battle between tb
Saints and New Westminster will be
watched with interest by followers
Of the Junior Alliance league.
_ ~ "liFJ	
School Socrer.
After a long lay off the City School
league started operations once more
on Saturday morning, two games be
in-K played The John Hobson BChol
art- defeated Lord Kelvin to the tunc
Ol 3-h while the Herbert Spencer aggregation piled up five goals against
kit-herd   Mellride'-g  one.
��� (Ily  the   Poller.) ���
The scheduled game between Prater
Mills and the V, M. C. .A. In the hockey league on Saturday, March 1. has
lien changed our to Tuesday even
ing, March 4 til  S o'clock.
This will give Ihe two teams a great
chance to show their speed on fnsl
Ice and with a free skating session
I'nllt wing,    a    record   crowd   will   no
doubt be in attendance,
A meeting or the Cily Soccer league
will be hehl in Hyall's office on Tuesday evening to arrange games for the
following Saturday, A full attendance
is desired.
Quebeo 13
Cunntllena    8
Wanderers  b
Ottawa    8
Torontos    8
Teoumsths   fl      ^^^^^^
Montreal, Feb. 18,   Quebec   fought
Its wu) tti victory over tbe liiiiudleiiK
en Saturday night by u score of 7 lo 0
before ihe record crowd of the season,
lit  lining   so  they  secured  for    litem
selves tin- title of champions of   tht
National Hockey Association Tor the
ISOond lime. Tht' game was tht
roughest   played here this winter, tin
players slashing, oross-oheoklng umi
roughing It generally regardless ol
Ihe penalties handed out by tin
Bad Man Joe Hall.
Personal feelings between ihe play
srs cuiuc out prominently to the front
und au exhibition of rowdyism wus
enacted by iinii am! Lalonde,   During
the greater part of the game these
players were nagging one another tin
Ul matters were brought to a climax
In the second period when Lalonde
cut  Hull's eye open.
Lalonde Dirty.
The QuebSO player refused to retire
and  Lalonde was given a major penalty.    The Quebec player's Idea of re
innlnilig   on   the  Ice   wus  soon   made
apparent.     When   play   wub   resumed
lie   started   In   roughing   It   up.    The
lirst time  l.ulonde came down on the
ice   Hall   handed him  a  severe  crosscheck.    This  he followed  by  deliberately    skating    across    tho Ice    und
Struck   Lalonde   over   the   head   with
his slick.    He then jabbed Lalonde In
lhe face with the butt end of bis stick
for which he    was    given    a    double
inajor  and  ruled o(T for  20  minutes.
The penalty  was too lenient, but under the playing rules the referee could
do nothing mon
you want to writ,   a letter t paper, pens ami Ink at your disposal
IF you  want  lo  USS   a  telephone.
IK there Is any  wuy  we can be of service to you we shall bn very
pliust'd If you will make use of  this office any  nun* during office hours und cordially  In vile you to do so.
Off leu hours:    9 a.m. to 5    p.m,    Saturdays,  0  a.m.  to 1  p.m.
Baturday evenings, 7:30 p.m. to i) p.m.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
1880���Jack   Dempsey,   middleweight
champion, defeated l'ete McCuy
In Blx rounds at Jersey City,
l'.m'.i Jack Dillon knockt d out Kid
Clark In tbe sixth round nt Columbus, Ind.
1910-Abe Atlell outpointed Frunklo
Nell, former hantuin champion,
lu ten rounds nt New York.
1911 Young Britt of Baltimore, de-
defeated Sammy Kellur lu the
16th round nt Baltimore.
1911 -Porto Flynn, American, defeated   J.   Curran,   Kngllsb.   In   101
rounds   III    Plymouth,    filmland.
1911!    Jimmy   Clubby,   American   und
Dave Smith, Australian, fought
L'e -round draw at Sydney,
Yeaterday'a   Annlverearlea.
1KS7 Carl Morris, the Irlsh-lndliin
heavyweight of Oklahoma, wub
born In  l''ulton, ��Ky.
L903 Kill McCoy won on points from
Jack McCormick ln six rounds
at   I'hiiatlelphla.
19114 Jimmy Walsh stopped Tommy
tjulgley in the 18th round ut
19011   Marvin Hart, who claimed the
heavyweight chuuiploushlp following tin- retirement of Jim
Jeffries,    wus    defeated     by
Tommy   Mums  ln  HU  rounds at
Los Angeles.
1909    Ad   Wolgast     defeated     Dumiy
Webster, lOiigiisb featherweight,
in  ten  rounds at   Los Angeles.
1912   Mike Gibbons,   the   st.   Paul
"phantom," knocked OUt Willie
Lewis In the seoond round at
New  York.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general bunking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable In ull parts uf tbe world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WILSON, Manager.    .
under new management.  Quick Service, Good Meals,
Reasonable Prices.
Draw   with   Harlem   Murohy,
But His Day Is Over.
San   Francisco,   fob,   23.    Ad.   Wolgast    and    Harlem    Tommy    Murphy
I fought to a draw  on  Saturday afternoon although the former lightweight
1 champion   was  on   the   point  of    collapse by the time the twentieth reutid
| was over.    Murphy  too,  was  in    the
sume condition nnd Referee Jim (Irif-
lln was unable to raise the glove    of
' either man to denote a winner.
Wolgast. although he fought a greut
fight, lacked lhe stamina which he
featured before bis Illness and operation, and the old timers at the ringside state he has lpst It, never to return.
'res and Oent. Mgr.
Vice Presides*.
Sec. a.id Trees.
Six   Lancashire  Cljjb;j,   Newcastle   U
Sunderland and Aston Ville Re
main  In  the Race.
Comiskey's  Bunch  Arrive in  Oaklan:
on Way to Training Quarters���
Cia3s to Spe.ial Train.
<   u.lat.j. CBl.,   Feb. 23.-The White
St v h .-.nil trom Chicago to con-
i una car. ,in_. the Chicago American
League uis.li.Ul team to Us SPOM
training garters at Paso RobleS,
Cal., arrived in Oakland early in.s
tn,in,, ui, and left al midnight for
I'aso Hobles, v.lure the next ten days
will bo spent wprklng put the orainp-t
nnd rheumatism picked up In the win
ter bllizards at home.
The lirst prsi fcce games are sclict
ul, ,1 to si,ni ten days hence, w In n
the So* party will be divided Into tw
learns, one ot which will com" to sa
Francisco end Oakland to play tnt
���Coast League teams, and lhe olhei
going to Los Angeles and Venlco, ln
Southern California,
B, vent,, n i-acinc Coast League
players who had been spending tne
winter In The Blast, returned on tn ���
special in- company with the White
Boston Beats McGill.
������,.,������,   ,,'eb.   112.    The  Boston  Athletic utmicialit'll won the second gam
df the season from Mcoin University
hocJtey seven nt the arena tonight uy
a Bcore of 6-3.
Monarch's   Run   up   Big   Score���Dolly
Gray Tallies 11 Goals and Creates
a Record.
Winnipeg, Keb. 22.���The Monarchs
I ivkt tit- ir long string of defeats and
also broke the long string of vie
toriis of the Winnlpegs when thev
downed the new champions In a decisive manner by the score of 14-7 tn n
| see or league hockey fixture at the
Auditorium rink Saturday night-
In defeating th" new Allan cuph lid
erB "Holly" Cray, the clever little center player of the Monarchs established
S new league record when he netted
the puck 11 times during the 60 mill
utes of play, he scoring all but thvet
ot the goals tallied hy the winners
It was not Individual rushes which
was responsible for Gray's wonderful
record In scoring goals, hut it was ins
line shoot ing and always being in the
right spot to take a pass or bat the
puck In off a rebound.
The Winnipeg*'were without thret
of their regulars, but even at that
would have had their troubles In atop
ping the Monarchs on Saturday.
Sydney, N. S. W��� Feb. 28.-
Kan'ny Diirack established today a new record for a 800
yard swim by a woman. Her
time wns 4 minutes, is
seconds. The former record, 4
minutes, 25 2-5 seconds, was
held by Daisy Curown, an English woman.
��� (By "Cravy.") *
��� *
Although the American aboriglnles
have become prominent In many knitb
of sports. "Por l-o" has never taken
kindly to the biff game. No man wllb
Indian "blood in his brains," as 11
Togo would say, has ever como
within hailing distance of a pugilistic
Carl Morris, who will celebrate his
28th birthday today, is part Injun,
but whatever gladiatorial prowess hi
posseees le like!) '*... to Ui? !Hsl�� narl
ot 'ti"t. ���"- "a American nucoaio.sj
were CUerokecs, and tbat tribe has ���
prodUOl tl many men eminent as statesmen, politicians, professional and
business men. Hc was born nt Fulton, lu the Blue Grass state, Feb. 24,
In appearance he Is more Hibernian
than Indian. Standing six feet and
four inches, well built and muscular,
he looks tho Ideal fighting machine,
but ho him \et to prove It.    Morris
(By the Bolter)
Some   great   games   are   yet   to   he
. played   before   the  ownership   of   thi
j English  cup  is  set  at  rest   for  this
* season.
The games played on Saturday after
j noon demonstrate the class of the first
{division clubs against  the rest of the
I leagues, Burnley being the only team
1 outside the senior division to remain
in the race.    Whether the Lancashire
club will make much of au effort to
remain ln the series is yet to be seen
as    they    stand an excellent chanct
along with  Preston  North  End  to bt
elevated   Into   the   first   division   and
while  gates  in   English   cup   ties  arc
always good, the club directors might
look upon next  season's gates ln se
nlor company in a bitter light than at
the present time.
Both the northern clubs, Newcastle
United and Sunderland are stilf in
Ibe race, the two Liverpool clubs, Liverpool nnd .Overton have yet to be
reckoned  with
The fight now lies between Lancashire, with its six clubs, the two
northern  clubs  and   Aston   Vllln.
In the tie games Sunderland should
account for Liverpool at Hoker Park,
while Manchester United should beat
Oldham Athletics on the Fnllowfleld
The results of Saturday's games are
as  follows:
Heading 1, Blackburn Hovers 2.
Liverpool 1, Newcastle United 1.
Sunderland 4, Swindon Town 2.
Bristol  Rovers 0, Everton  4.
Aston  Villa 5, Crystal Palace 0.
Burnley  3,   Middlesborough   1.
Oldham     Athletic     0,   ' Manchester
United 0.
Fifty Dollars a Crack. M
In the second period things warmed j
up considerable and Lalonde, who Clin    Ulin  .PAIll-H
���(taily   bad   a.  major   penalty   tt,     blaifMH   tlMM   nlllNIl
credit, started In to use his BUck foi \* *****   "���'l WyllSJII
ross-chec'.lng purposes rather freely I
and drew   the   second   major   which I
meant his being ruled oft for the    re- j
utalnder of Uie game.    Dubuc, Lavio
lelte and llovey were others to draw
majors for roughing it.   Mummery for
li.nn his weight lu rather an unneces
BarJly rough manner wus given three
Although the play was rough i'
furnished more excitement than any
f tbe previous local games, due to
iho see-saw manner in which the goals
were scored. Tbe Canadiens start..1
off without the services of Pltre, who
iB under suspension, whicb did not ap
pear to weaken tbe line, Berliniiuette.
iiis substitute, played a very useful
game for bis team.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
A Real Joke at Ottawa.
Oitawa, Feb. 23.���The Wanderers
and Ottawa played a joke game be
fore the slitninest crowd cf the sea
son at the local arena Saturday
night. It ended in an eary win for
the Ottawas by 9 goals lo 3.
Crunettcs   Repent   Folly   of   Bathing
Locks    in    Bright-Colored
London. Feb. 23.���According to
scientists, whose theories do uot generally affect the great public very
much, as they mostly apply to what
our great-great-grandchildren are
likely to experience, the blonde ls
doomed    .
Tin re can be no doubt tbat the rage
for golden hair, which prevailed for
long In Paris, is dying out, and the
brunettes, who hastened to bathe their
locks in dyes of brilliant hue, have
now repented, aud not content to wait
till nature bas restored their hair to
its own color, have tinted it back again
to   its   pristiue   chestnut   or   raven
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122. 0. E. OILLEY, Phone 281
Phoriee, Office IB ��n4 It.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
In the lirst period the Wanderers' I shade
line started well but ihelr defenct , As ��� conBequence, there are very
���n did not appear to try to check {***, fair heads to be seen now' in he
1 r men with The result that before theatres and other places where the
Lpomnma session was half over th. arbltresses of the mode appear, and
^^1^^^ five ,0 not., j specialists are lamenting overdo en- j
via   11.11   ...v   _..	
Ing. Boyes let several easy shots get
by him and Boss and Cleghorn were
so weak lu their eftoris to stop the
Ottawa forwards that the forward ent'
of the rink shouted "Play hockey
Wanderers," The visitors taking
Boyes out tf the net when it becann
a ruua ay and putting Cadotte in. He
did   better  and the  defence   in   froni
f hit' s'eadi.'J down. In tbe second
period it was almost aa bad. the Ottawas adding three while the Mont
rcaltTB got ono.
Thc Wn'ilererB, who hnd substitut
ed Russell for O. Cleghorn. took off
Russell, Hoss. llyland aud Roberts
and put on Carrie, Atkinson, Miller
and O, Cleghorn.
The third period was the only one
in  which the Wanderers could at all
lOpe with the home team.
lotions  left
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   Westminster.
Singer Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Good, of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
Ts h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Scotland Wins In Rugby.
London, Feb. 22. -In the interna
tlonal Rugby match at Edinburgh to-
day Scotland defeated Ireland by a
score of 29-14.
Oilier rugby results were as fol
lows: Cambridge University 12, Black
heath nil.
Rugby Union- Northampton 8,
Gloucester ii; Dath 19. Cheltenham 3;
London Scottish 33, London Irish 9;
United Services 12, Harlqulns 5; I
Uosslyn I'nrk 24, Oxford University
ii; Swansea 8, Newport 0; Coventry 28,
London Hospital 2.
Torontos Win.
Toronto. Feb. 23.���Thc Blue Shirts
again defeated the Tecumsehs last
evening, tne tlnnl score being 5-3.
Tbe game was devoid of much Interest, although the Indians tried
hard to escape from the cellar position. Only a small crowd witnessed
the battlei
urinous  stock  or  uuused
on their shelves.
Still hope Is not lost, for there have
been crisis belore, which the blondes
have EUccisBfully survived, and come
to life again after a long or short eclipse, lt would certainly be a pity if
there were only dark beauties upon
earth, for, without disparaging them,
it may sately hc said that they do not
offer the same pleasing variety aB the
At random one can remember at
once the "Fulvide" blonde, slightly
redder ut the roots of the hair. Then
there is, or was, the "Flavescent"���
the ripe corn color of Rubens and Wnt-
mane tint. Again, we recollect the
"llutibaret," or Titian red; and even
tbe "Maryland," namid after the popular French tobacco. And how many
lt would be cruel to condemn all
these cunning blondes to vanish, and
a writer who ts evidently a lover of
I fair hair, remembers how in 1SB7 they
were wept over by Aurellen Scholl;
��� who said that (iml had given blondes
to the men of the grey northern
climes to console them for the absence of the sun."
Prince Albert, Sask., Feb.
22.���The Victoria hockey club
has made an offer to Harry
Hogarth ot Frince Albert, to
play with the coast team
against Quebec In' the forthcoming Stanley cup gameB.
Hogarth has not yet given an
answer. Ue if i husky defence
man but dislikes to turn pro.
K.  O.
In  Tenth
SS. "Prince Rupert"
3,500 tons, 7,000 Horse-power.
Sailing Every Monday (12 midnight)
M For Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway tor points east of
Prince Hupert.
Connecting with S. S. "PRINCE JOHN" ou certain dates for Stewart, Granby Bay, Uassett and other Queen Charlotte Island points.
8ATURDAY8   (12   Midnight)   for VICTORIA AND SEATTLE.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and way ports, 3rd, 13th
and 23rd of each month. >
 1         ��� '
Through tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe. Your
choice of rail and ocean lines. . .. _���,���������,..������.-.,
H. O. SMITH, C- P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. U
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER, B.C     527 Granville Street.
Nelson, Feb. 2"-Two .loukbbborM
were killed and five were seriously in
luted, one probably fatally, when
three or four sticks of dynamite
which wire thawed out on tip of a
beatar In on c the hu uouor'..
buildings at ihe pumping Etlt'on ��t
Brilliant exploded yesterday.
There wire probably a dozen Douk
hobors sitting uround the stove whea
Brown  Put to  Sleep
After Game Fight,
i-otj  Angeles,  Feb.   23.���"Knockout"
Brown was sent sailing over the K.O
route   by   Joe  Rivers   at   the   Verne
arena    yesterday    afternoon   in    thr
10th round of a scheduled 20  roun*
battle,    lt  was  Rivers'   flgh'   all   the
way   through until   the   ninth,  when  hobors smuia uruuuu -...<; .,  .,	
the New York boy gathered himself the explosion occurred and the havoc
together after receiving a terrific wrought was feared. In addition ttf
pounding and held the Mexican even ^   '
��� ����I.S   nnA      al
Brown made a game finish nnd although knocked out for the count of
nine followed by one of ten spring
to his feet a minute later and walked
unssalBted from the ring.
This was thc first  occasion Brown
���   ���sh woman. h,�� M**���^^* ��� , ��� ^ ********** I \ hai ���een dropped during his career
************** \
killing W. Rebln and P. Planiden, one
man lost a hand on one side and an
arm on the other and also suffered
terrible injuries to the eyes. Two
others had their legs broken and
there was hardly a person present
who wlll not carry Bears as momentos
of the tragedy.
Do You Want To Build?
Wc bpocittiize in steel and reinforced fireproof construction, but we'ean build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia-Stmt
Phones: Offtce, 624; Res., 755 PACE   SIX
MONDAY,   FEBRUARY  24,   1913.
Classified Advertising
RATL3. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
ity; -4c per word per week; 16c por
a.onth; 5,000 words, to bo used as in
, nr��d wllLiu ouo year Iroin date of
������ nitnicL $25.00.
Ilirth or Marriage Notices BOo
ath Notice 50c or with Funeral No
o $1.80.   Card of Thanks  50u   eer
taking care of a flat or rooming
house In return for living expenses,    llox 7111 News. (7131
WANTED llOAltni'lltS A Nil ROOM-
era; ono large front room downstairs; lernis reasonable 233 Sixth
street. (TOM
downstairs work. Apply 227 St.
I'ntrlck Blrcct,  phone  11340.    (7141
able room with    board In    prlvato
homo.    Address    llox A  13,    Tho
News. (703)
A N T K 1) ��� BY
dressmaker work
StS News office.
by the day.    Hox
experience wishes for post In office.
Apply llox t',',12 News office.        (692)
with housework,
st root.
���/ANTED   TO   TRADE������ EIGHT
roomed modern bouse on lot 33x16(1
feel, on Main street, Chllllwack, for
liouse and lot In New Westminster
or vicinity; value $3000. Federal Investments, Ltd., 3o5-6 Westminster
Trust block. (693)
to Join mo in a syndicate to pur-
chase Now Westminster property;
price Is low and 1 can convince you
there is money in it. Hox 671 News.
Langley and Matsqui acreage. We
nlso wish to have the exclusive
handling of * subdivision of 5 and
10 aero blocks, in the neighborhood
of Silverdale. None but owners
need apply. Scandla Investment
Company, 315% Cordova street west,
Vancouver, U.C. (704)
separate entrance, nil convenience;
mod.in rent. Apply 230 Eleventh
street i7i��)
ed rooms, furnace heated, use of
telephone,  ou car  line,    Apply  433
Twelfth street.   Terms moderate,
$16 per month,    Apply after 5 p.m.
I'. J. O'Connor, 317 l'rlncoss street
furnace heated.
phono 1.6.18.
Agnes street, or
Ing rooms. $15 per month, at 'i'H
Seventh street. (6110)
furnished,  $23  and  up.    845 Royal
avenue. (6111)
housu partly furnished, 205 Ctirnar
von. (695)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner F.ighth street ami
Agnes street. (603)
small rooms over tho Nowb office
Suitable for club or light manufac
turtng purposes. Wlll lease for tw.
or three year term, singly or en bloc
Apply to Managor tho News.
Sealed Tenders Will hu received up
to noon of March 3 for the erection
and completion of a two storey trams
store and apartment building, to be
erected on the corner of Thirteenth
street and Fourth avenue, for Messrs.
Chung Nye ami Tom Him, New Westminster. A copy of thp plans and
speclllcatlons can be obtained from
tho undersigned. The owners do not
bind themselves to accept the lowest
or any lender.
(701) Westminster Trust Block
ers, one $3.00 and one $4.00. Apply
230 Eleventh street. (718|
to city limits and Twelfth street car
line, owner forced to sell, price
$325 each, Inquire Room 419 Westminster Trust block. Thos. Itut-
ledge Brokerage Company,      (679)
Stove,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1 oo down. $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
Three and four roomed suites with
bath, steam heat, $25 and $30 per
month unfurnished. One 6-room and
one 7-room house to rent.
Bradley Apartments,
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
After   Eight   Yean   Operations���Madrid Police Catch Ringleader
London, Feb. 23. According to Ibe
Madrid correspondent of the Dully
Ncwh nnd Leader, the police have succeeded in discovering the gang of
swindlers responsible for "the Span
lsli prisoner" frauds.
Tho gang, which Is admirably or
gaiil/.ed began operations eight years
ago. Tho chief was lOnsteblo Rico,
proprietor of a house at 18 Luchane
street. Ho wub assisted principally by
Ills hrother. his father-in law, and his
prlvato secretary, (lulllermo San
Rico's house was specially built for
the purpose of fraud, lt was provided
with false doors und secret rooms, and
so on, In order to baffle the police.
Every day hundreds of letters were
despatched to the four corners of the
earth, Inviting foreigners to lift Unhidden treasure hidden somewhere by
a bankrupt prisoner in Madrid.
Tho victlniB were Invited to telegraph to some bogus address here.
Then au outdoor agent of tho gang,
Antonio QallegO Ortega, a former telegraph messenger, was directed to
bring tbem.
Ortega's task consisted In bribing
the telegraph messenger boys, who
received a crown for each telegram
delivered to Ortega. Ills task was
greatly facilitated by the miserable
salarit s whloh the messengers receive.
After several weeks of hard work
by the police, Sergeant Ltitone buc-
oeedlng In arresting Ortega, at the
vi ry moment when he waa receiving
In an obscure strict nine telegrams
from a messenger boy. On the way to
the police station the prisoner tried
to brlbo the sergeant, but the boy
made a confession.
Adrianople Older Than
Sermon on the Mount
The wonderful city or Adrianople Is
a visible  link  between  the old  World
and the new, between the Roman
empire ot yesterday and the concert
of Kurope totlny. Here the religion
of Mahoinined, ol Which the sultan Is
tbo high priest, raises its fantastic
antl magnificent moui|iies besldn thu
synagogue    of    lhe    Jew    and    the-
church.a of tho much divided Christians,
Adrlunoplti was a city before Judaism had come out of I'alestlne, before
tbo Sermon had been  preached
the   Mount,  before  Mohammed
ing. plundering and burning with nil
the ruthless energy of a revengeful
Time and gain they were driven
limit hy the Roman legions, but only
to await further opportunity  for at-
taek. Al lust In the early months of
378, when th" llnlkiins were passable.
Ihey came back in greater strength
than ever before supported by Huns
aud Alans.
Tho emperor oolleoted an army ut
Adrlanople, anil  refusing to wull   for
fromI reinforcements   which   were  coining
bad ! from   the   west,   moved    against    the
begun the great missionary labors | Onlha with all the precipitancy of a
Whloh brought hundreds of millions I leader contemptuous of his foe. Ile
within Hu folds. would brook no delay, nud on   a hot
Little or nothing is known of this summer day threw his troops, tired
ancient cily. It Is generally admitted | with much marching, against the Into  have  been  called    I'skodama,  and ' vatlers.   The wearied Roman Infantry,
considerable  im-
* lime when   Paul
and   fro In   the
Attar of  Roses Costs $45 Per Ounce
In New South Wales at the
Present Time.
Sydney,  N.S.W.,  Feb. 23.-How far-
' reaching are the effects of war! Who
i would  have thought  that  the  battles
in   the   Balkans  would  mean  a scar
, city  of  those perfumes  whose subtle
fragrance reaches us when some ex-
was   evidently   of
portnnce, even In tin
was Journeying two
At any rate It riveted the attention
of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who
of all thu rulers of his generation,
knew most of tlie cities of the world,
for he was n great traveler. During
one  of  his  many  Journeys over   the
fuce of Europe, tie visited Uskodama,
and finding its past glories uutliminetl.
he ordered the city to be restored and
named after himself.
This Imperial edict went forth. It
may be, while the great Itomnn was
actually on IiIb passage to llrltnlti,
where he threw across tbe island Ihe
great rampart from Tyne to the Sol
way, which for centuries the Roman
Wall remained as a memorial of his
It Is curious to think that Hadrian
was busy restoring the city, which to
this dny bears bis name at a time
when our heathen ancestors were still j weak
bowing hotly and mind to the tlruldi-
cal priests.
There is no record that Hadrian saw-
any city In the British Isles worthy of
restoration, but Adritinople's fine
runner, seated in the plain thorough
which the River Marlt/.a flows, appealed to him as a place wltb a past
and with a future, nnd when he ordered the restoration he also directed
that the boundaries should be thrown
out farther field
Where  Rome's  Legions  Last  Fought.
Here ln the days of the Emperor
Yalens. what was known in history as
"the last battle of the legions" was
fought near the end of the fourth century.
Tbe doths had been permitted to
crosB the Danube Into Roman terri
tory, on account of the pressure of
the  Huns behind  them.     Becoming
dissatisfied with their lot in the Hal
kans they rose In rebellion and
streamed ab a mighty host across tlie
Balkans Into Thrace and the fertile
country around Adrianople slaughter-
huddled to getber In such close forma
tion Ihat they could hardly use tbelr
swords, were literally mown down by
the onsweep of the enemy's cavalry,
ami thus began a slaughter famous
even lu (he annals or Europe In those
limes of fierce warfare.
Not only was Ihe Roman nriny annihilated but thn emperor himself
either died on the field or was burnt
in a neighboring oottage, which the
victors set on  fire.    Exactly  how he
met bis death  Is not, as a matter  of
fact, known.    Hut from the day which
he ill. tl. Ihe Roman legions were seen
no more In that territory south of the
Kingdom   of  Qreece    Defeated   Here.
Another decisive battle In the vicinity of the cily of Hadrian finally
decided the fate or the (ireek rule
which In the fourteenth century was
confined to the shores of the Marmora, the Archipelago nnd Thrace.
Muratl I. declared war against the
Crock emperor, and, flinging
his valiant army Into Europe, conquered without great loss the country right up to Adrlanople, ami at
length this city for many years the
second capital of the (Ireek emperor,
fell before tbe resistless onslaught of
the Turks and became lite seat In Europe of the fast extending Turkish
After the fall of Adrlanople, In 1361,
nntl the capture of I'billppopolis tbre.
As an authority says-"Truth well expressed
makes the best advertisement" -then here's one
of the best advertisements in the paper.
Is the best flavored and most economical Tea in the World*
Beware of high profit bearing substitutes.
Sealed Lead rackets only.
King's Hotel Pool Room!
Host I'ool Tables In the city. Flue
line of OlgarS and Tobacco. Sporting
���veiils bulletined.
A. G.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
McKemie St.
Prices right.
Come to the Bankrupt Sale Today at
Thc People's Friend
708 Columbia St. Opp. Westminster Trust Blk.
years later, the pope preached a holy
war against the oncoming Turk, and |
eventually some sort of union was ]
formed between the young Slavonic i
races In the  Balkans, and  It was de-
termlned to drive tn- Bultan out  of
An  army  of  60,000  Merits,  Hungarians, Moldavians, WaUaohlans ami all
manner of people moved forth to thej
attack under the leadership of Louis
I, King of Hungary antl Poland, Muratl himself undertook the conduct of
the now Inevitable campaign and he
sent forward an advance force of 10,-
000 to meet the enemy.
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house.   Will give two years' lease.   Apply
to Manager Thc New Westminster News.
J. a. B. Benzie, (IMS Clarkson street.
Live stock and General  Auctioneer,
llotiso Furniture, Ileal Estate, Marine.
Fruit or Farm Sales conducted any
whore. Consult me; my experience al
your disposal. kj7i')
tell that lot for you.    Try It.
white and brown with white ring
around shoulders, white tip to tail.
Finder rewarded. Dr. A. L. McQuarrie, 407 Third avenue.       (6G.1)
���a .-������
Curtia Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
$3800 cash buy* two full sized lots,
each 66x132; two house; one four
rooms, one eight rooms; scmi-mod-
orn. $4000 on terms. This is one
of tbe biggest snaps in tho city.
S2800 DUy�� six roomed house in
West Hnd, Lot r,0xir,0; all cleared.
One-titiarlcr cash.    Terms.    No. 75.
$1250 huys small, all plastered
house, larg�� cleared lot in Kast
llurnaby, on .eleventh avenue. $:if>fi
cash $20 per month, Renting $10
per month.    No. 3T.
$4000 buys good eight roomed
fit **...* near Six'th street car line
an.; Fourth avenue; excellent condition.    Terms to suit.    No. 72.
$10,000 and $9000 respectively
will buy two of the choicest modern houses on Third avenue. Fine
lots and generous terms. No. 66
and No. 78.
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability  Insurance.
���jtravagant mi'tubef of "the" sex pusses
by. Yet is lt possible we may have to
do without these nasal refinements.
Nearly all the best scents have, as
their base, a volatile oil which Is extracted front roses by distillation, Bulgaria has pract cally the monopoly of
this attar of rose.    She exports some-i _     	
tiling like $800,000  worth every year.,     ,' ���,,, ���    .. ,    .,-.     .,   ,.
Ober  countries,   particularly   Austral-!,.   ''   ,   ' '  J      "'9 tte��� "   **
la, have tried in vain lo extract the ll8u BlrI lllttt POSSBhses absolutely the
genuine fragrance for their flowers, Perfect figure of the Venus de MUo?
The esst nee. drawn from the ros s | Tho question baa been suggested
_ Notice Is hereby given that the j grown in profusion in the low parts ' by the discovery of un American girl
Semi-Annual General Meeting of the of the Balkans, has always been pro-].Miss ElBie Scheel, cf Cornell univor-
Bhareholdera of the O'kanagan Tele claimed the acme of fragrance. When shy, who has been acclaimed all over
phono Company will be beld in the tins Halo-Turkish war broke out the i tho United States as the American
Hoard    Room    of   the    Westminster prloe of attar trebled.   When the Hal- [ Venus.
I i ust.  Ltd.,    Columbia    Street,   New I kans became embroiled. Paris, London j     When   the   measurements   of   Miss
February    83, land  New  York,  lhe  three great centres of the perfume trade, realized the
Directors'  Re-' crisis   that   had   arrived,   and   their
I agents bought up all the stock avail-
I able,  paying up to $4.*.  the ounce.
If Australia, however, cannot sup-
j ply the genuine attar, ii sells no Inconsiderable quantity of a substance
I that, we believe, is extensively used
to create substitutes, "geraniol" to wit.
This is contained in a high percentage in the oil of Eucalyptus Macpuaril.
and figures among Australia's exports
If the war will bring that more into use, this part of the world may
reap a little profit, as we will never ....
rut, out of the raw material iabout hPr un"��le ,,Bure
Is There a Venus De
MUo in  Westminster ?
Westminster, n.c, on
[1918, at X p.m.
Business,  to  recelvo
port and any other business tbat may
regularly como before the meeting.
By ordei  of the Hoard.
New Westminster, B, ('.,
February 18, 1913. (67S)
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New Westminster, B.C
lligliest authority (25 years experience) on the treatment or the
scalp for the prevention of Dandruff
antl stimulation of the hair by VIHIU)
MASSACE. My assistants are experienced In every branch of the barber business.    85  EIGHTH  STREET.
Phone R524 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks.  Etc.
Thought Key Was Gun When Making
Escape���Had Stolen Prison
Head   .
I'aris,   Feb.  23.    A   daring   attempt I Neck
to escape from the Sante prison   was ' chest
Bust .
v\ iten   tne   measurements
j Scheel's  figure   were   published   here
a few days ago, Miss Margary Watson
' of Southflelds, took up the cudgels on
behalf of her English sisters, and had
j her  figure  measured   by   Mrs.   i'orier
Bailey, the well known artist ln Chcl-
Isea.    Her proportions were much nearer those of the famous Venus de Milo.
i In tho Louvre at PariB, than those of
| Miss  Scheel.
hi even more remarkable example
! of a perfect figure was discovered In
that of an English girl of 21,
Is  Modest  Aleo.
Like Miss Watson, she was modest
about her unique  figure, and it  was
only  after a considerable  amount of
1 persuasion from  her friends that ahe
1 consented to be measured by an expert.
One condition only she made, and
that is that her identity should re-
nain a secret. She prefers to be
nown us Miss X. lt can be stated,
however, tbat ahe ts well known In
the social world, and that her family
is one of the best known in Scotland.
She hnd her figure properly measured yesterday by Mrs. Bailey, at her
studio. Here are the measurements:
Venus. Watson. Mias X
ft. in. ft in. ft. In.
PoBing as Burglar���She
Him in Jail Quickly.
Ixts Angeles, Feb. Hit. John How-
man, a young business man of tbis
city, sought to test the lovo, of his
fiancee. Miss Alice Young, and in consequence was made aware of two
things -that the promise of a $'J."ti> re
ward could vanish Cupid in the case
of Miss Young at least antl that the
police do not tiiie lo have young men
pose as train robbers just lo test the
love  of  Ihelr  sweethearts.
Bowman induced two relatives,  Mr.
and   Mrs.  A.  W.  Hint's,  to  tell   Miss
Young that he was a train robber, and
that there was a reward of $'J.*.n posted   for  his  capture.    When   Bowman
called   soon   after   the   young   woman
telephoned   for   the   police,
for mv i     Uowinan spent several hours In Jail
I before lie  was able to prove that  he
I was no train robber.
Miss Young could not see the Joke
and when she appeared at the police
���station she introduced Bowman to an-
, , other young man  whom  she said she
seem  quite   long  enough   in'
B.C. Coast Service
Has  No  Fancies.
Miss X, when interviewed, said,
laughingly: "1 have no fads or fancies
regarding diet none whatever. I am
fond of music anil was recently at Berlin for twelve months to study singing, 1 havo been abroad a great deal, [^promptly
and once 1 sat to a sculptor
I usually do a few little exercises
for about half an hour every day
when 1 get out of bed, but lately I
have been reducing the time.    Fifteen
was   going
Lci-hth Vanoouver f��>r victoria 10 a. nt,
'' p. in. and 11 .4 it.
U'livi-s Vanoouver for Seattle 10 a, m.
nnd 11 p. ui.
i-ravrs Vanbbuver fur Nanalmo s p. tn
Leavea Vancouver tor prlnc Rupert
umi Northern  Points   I" p,  m.   Wodnes*
till vn.
Leaves Vanoouver every Wednesday at
10 p. tn
Chilliwack Service
Loaves WoatnUnitar *>  bl  m.  Itond-iy,
\V< tlnnmlny and Friday.
Lravu ChnilwaoH   1   ������*.  ra.   Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday.
ED. aOULiDT, Agent, N��*w Westminster.
11. w. uuoihk, a i*. a.. Vanoouver.
the morning."
Knowing that she possessed a good
fittgre she went Ui Dr. Kosmeo, physical culture expert of New Bond St..
to have It  properly  developed.
In tho meantime letters continued
to pour in from girls from all over
the country, and show what a tremen
dons interest Is being taken in the
to   marry   within   a   few
London. Feb. 23.���The editor of a
newspaper in Tomsk, Russia, has been
fined $15(1 for publishing an article
dealing with the destitution of the in-
Imperial Limited loaves at 7
Toronto Express leaves at 7
St. Haul Express leaves ut..
Instead  of sending  money
p in.
a in.
. .2 p.m.
for your
habitants  of  too   district   of Tomsk, | frlend'e  passage  from   the  Old  Cotiii-
where hundredsi ol persons are on the try you will lind il to your advantage
verge of starvation as a result of fail-1 to purchase tickets from
ure of crops.
He was notified that a repetition of) EL)   UOULET, Agent
"such    false    reports"    would    bring! New  Westminster
Or H.  W.  Hrodle, O.P.A . Vancouver
three months'  imprisonment,   without
i the option of fine.   The Russian  Mln
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and    second    hand
���foods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
SO Mclnaei. Street. Hi one 100*
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
made on Wednesday evening by a
convict named Eckerlen, who occupied a cell adjoining that of a warder.
During the hitler's absence the man
crept into the ward's room ami stole
his uniform, revolver antl flu
Tlie warder, on discovering hla iocs,
al first thought that a comrade had
I played a practical joke upon him, but
finding that Ecju r' it's cell was
empty, he realist ? what had happened antl gave Ibe alarm.
Meanwhile tbe bead warder noticed a strange warder making his
way towards the prison, exit and ohal-
l.'iig.d him. In reply Eckerlen, for it
was he, point, d the revolver at tho
official. The latter with great presence of mind pulled out a long skeleton key and pointed It at thc convict
as though it were a revolver, exclaiming, "Throw down your weapon or I
wlll fire!"
Eckerlen was deceived by the rue,
anil realizing that be could not escape attempted to end bis own life.
' j As  he  was  in  the act  of firing   an-
SUITS for Ladies and men!("h('r warder who had  rushed  up
iHtruck  him on  the arm, and the bul
receive best attention NOW. ,1,'t jUBt ,nleB"<l the ll",l(l "ft,,e warder.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Witert,   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
r-ilaphom  R  111. Office:  Princess at .
Upper arm
Forearm ..
5    4
Is Unique Decision of French Court-
Dressmaker Can Claim No
Bigger Sum.
Paris, Feb. 23. The ffth chamber
has pronounced a verdict which created most serious misgivings in the
mlndi of hiiBlmuds and wives. A
dressmaker sued a husband for J2!.tt
for toillettes supplied to his wife In
1912. and pleaded that the amount
was "quite a trifle for any lady with
tho slightest pretensions to elegance."
The husband, however, without venturing to break a lanco over this
point, declared that any tradesman
before opening such a large credit for
a married lady ought first to ask antl
obtain  the  approval  of the husband
The  court   more  or  less  admitted
} later of lhe Interior bas approved
j appropriation of 1650,0011 "for the
lllef    of     tlie     famine    sufferers
Ef ery Woman
I is lutormed iinl Ftieulil know
tttie wun'lorrul
Whirling Sp.t,
Billiards and Pool
^ Hlggest and beat lino of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisites!
Wholesale nnd retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
Ask vonT drtKT-lfit fur
It.   If he camiol mtpplv   _,
the   -UARVI.I-, ���eopTM
olber, but sr-iid einmp for 1
tmlfid bunk    n-nl* -    It plvrll l
Mrtlcnlin en-1 etrMtlOM i-i-.iliini.li>
'-OlullM.WI'l list lit Hlll-|>|.Y-r��>..Wlnihor.onl
(IrueYHl AlMUi fur litnail..
4>��Z Clarkson Street. Phone 490.
46  Lorne  Street,  New  Westminster,
I Eckerlen was overpowered
Journalist Seriously III.
Winnipeg. Feb. 21, ||. j. p, Oood,
Saturday editor or the Telegram, who
recently came here from Toronto, and
one of the best known Journalists in
��� 'tinadtt, was taken lo the hospital today Buffering from Berlous intestinal
I    The Venus measurements, It should
I bo explained, aro computed onea. The
I b'g figure in tbo I-ouvre was meastir- this theory, but nevertheless took upon itself the Invidious tuBk of set
tling what credit might reasonably
be given any lady for the adornment
of her person.
Following the fundamental principle
which up to tho present, govern"
French taxation In lieu of the Income
tax, It was decided that as the couple
| In question paid a houserent of fsoo
Ihat amount should serve as a stan
dard, and the court reduced the dress
maker's claim to this Bum, which ll
ordered the husband to pay.
i Henceforth, therefore unless and un
til this decision is upset, every married woman will have liberty to run
up a dressmaker's bill equivalent to
the rent paid fof Tier flat or house.
Curiously enough this new idea
finds no more favor with the ladies
than the men, since ln Paris many
of the former spend much more on
dress than on houseroom, while on
the other hand, an immenso number
of frugal and sensible men would decidedly object to Ihelr wives adopting
this novel legal sumptuary tariff.
ed many years ago by aclentists and
I experts, and the figures given above
I were   supplied   by   them   aa   the   one
I which the figure of Venus would have
possessed had  she  been  reduced    to
normal   proportions.     Th^y   are,
course,  strictly  proportionate  to
measurements of the big figure.
Surprised   Lady.
MrB.   Bailey   was  so  surprised
what she found that she checked her
figures,    ln  the  report she said:
"Miss X has a perfect and exquisite
���figure. It Ib the most remarkabln
figure I have yet encountered. It
closely resembles the Venus in every
detail. The greatest difference is In
lhe ankle; otherwise the figures aro
practically identical. Her skin Is perfect and her limbs are beautifully
woulded and rounded.
"I can only say again that her figure Is extraordinary ���It is the only
word to use. I should very much like
to paint her.
With regard to her head. It Is not
of so classic a type as Miss Watson's"
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up)   $16,000,000 0C
RESERVE    ..$16,000,000.00;
Branches throughout Canada   snd '
Newfoundland, and In London, l.iig
land. New York, Chlcagn and Spokane
'i.S.A., and Mexico Ci��y. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with coy |
respondents In all ports of tho world
Savings Hank Department    Deposi-tp,
reoelved  In  sums  of  $1   nnd   lipwarfl
and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total ASBets over $186,000,000.00.
G. D, BRYMNER,  Mannger
��ho do not receive   The Newe bafnt*
8 a.m. Should
nnd make complaint. Only In this way
niay nn efficient delivery be main-
701   Front   Street,   New  Westminster.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.
Cor. Sixth and Columbia.
Transfer Co*
Mflce  Phone 185.      Barn Phone 13?
Begble Street.
Baggage Dell vets* Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
lly Hen  Hughe*,
���i���-annum m
after    a
(lu T. ruiiio Globe.)
Three    hells    ring;    then
piuno, one more, and the cage shoots
to the sprfaoe. u is tilled with nun
in khaki, stained with rock dust from
the drill boles; each man wears In his
hat a small acetylene lamp, nud lie
Wastes no lime Standing round lu the
Sera weal her of above ground, for the
drift! and slopes In the levels below
are warm and comforlable ln comparison,
At this hour of midday, when the
big whistles at thu Cobalt mines suggest a great liner pulling into Mont
real, hundreds of cages rush to the
surface, and between two and three
thouiand men hurry off to dinner.
This Is a typical scene; nnd by no
means the least remarkable feature of
it Is that of the six or eight men who
are crowded together In the cage It
|l possible that not more than two or
three am of the same nationality; It
is possible, not probable, for as a
general rule Finn abides with Finn.
"Cousin Jack" chooses u brother Cor-
nlshman to be bis helper at the drill
Still, ho long as they can do the
work, there Is uo distinction below
ground made between tlie western
miner   who   brilgH   of   llutte   anil   the
Italian who is still bomssiok for tbs
vineyards of his unt^i- land,
Canadian  "Mould.
l)n NI pissing lllll. where tbe stamps
roar unceasingly, molten silver is
poured Into moulds from the furnace,
ten" gold,     translucent,     wonderful
Smite ore that was cast Into the fur
nace aaihycd as low as $ln a ton, ant)
Hi, re was ore that was worth $8000 a
ton Vet here It Is all run together,
all helping to fill Ibt" mould.
Very similarly all the races of Europe who have been attracted to the
Silver fields or Cobalt  are rilling  the
in.mi.i  of  Canadian  oltlienahlp;   ail
.In not assay the siiiue, but they are
all being call iu the same mould and
nil will grow up under llritish laws.
mi Canadians, Americana, English
in, ii, Scotchmen, Irishmen, Welsh
ii . n  and   Manxmen who work  in  the
mines of Cobalt hav.. a oommon ier
ii.ire and   binding   tie   in  the   Anglo-
Saxon tongue; they are blood cousin!"
Hut the Austrian, the Finn, the Pole
how  shall  Ihey  be melted  down  Into
Die Canadian   mould?
Impassive Finn.
Take this big handsome man who
I as jiiht gone over to the shaft house
In take the dynamite and the porous
sum caps and ruses down In Uie men
below, lie hus cure or the "thaw-
l.iii.M-." where the yellow sticks are
.le.tid iii a gentle heat, so tnat
when the fuses are lighted they will
tear the solid rock apart. Ile is a re-
sponslble man. He is a Finn, Impassive, patient, us all his race Ile left
Finland before the 'hear that walk!
like a man" laid her claws on his native laud, lie was a runner und a
t aiior.
II.* has been In Cobalt three years,
is married, his wile anil children are
hi re, and he is taking out his papers
liis brother writes him: "Country no
good any more; too many Russians
King (he means czar) no good. You
ve him one Hnger. betake whole
hand." It Is certain lie won't go back.
'I here are hundreds of Finns lu the
Cobalt camp, and you can count the
number on your fingers tbat will go
back to the Itussian yoke. A man
u ho knows them well says that during the Russo-Japanese war the little
yellow men had no greater admirers
than the Finns.
Cunning Iron Worker.
Come away rrom the shaft house to
the blacksmith forge. Do you Bee
thai little ma: tbere? That la Frank
Il.itakurek. the Slovak, lie is a cunning worker ln Iron, and he should be,
f.r two or three yearB ago he was a
Bwordmaker in the old country. He
us. il to get us much as tivp marks
apiece for the blades; but trade wasn't
t ery good, and the swashbuckling
young officers who wore them at their
sides didn't always pay very promptly
Here he makes thirteen marks a
���lay, and all he hns to do is to puBh a
puee of paper through a hole at thc
<nd of the month and he gets his
money. Nnw, Instead or beating out
swords on the anvil ror the slaughter
of men in the Kuropean Armageddon
be Is mending the drill with which th.
white metal, the currency or the mar
k. t place. Is being mined. Does hi
think there will be wnr between Hub-
Bin and Austria? He Certainly dees.
Will he go back to tight for the
Hapsburgs? Most definitely and emphatically no. He can rashlon you
anything rrom a pair cr Bcienors to a
candlettick, nnd he much prefers to
hammer rtcel ror a Cobalt drill at
Vl 25 ppr day lha-. to make swords for
the Austrian overlords at five marks
a blade.
Can't Get Him Back.
And here Is Mike Srhultz, the IV
lack. lie Is a naturalized Canadian
nnd he has been for many years. They
can't get him hack "they" In this
case representing the C.ermauB, win
gut one slice nt unhappy Poland. Six
��� .en years ago he wub working in the
coal mines or I'oBen, where he got
$1.60 per day. Now he getB more than
double Ihat. or course, Borne thingB
were .heap, but meat Tor Instance,
you have to give rrom 20 cents to 25
centa a pound tor beer In (lermany
now, and even then you are likely to
id a slice or Fitio.
It wis "Verboten" to teach V'ollBh
In the schools ot Poland, and had been
for many years. They could not, ol
courte prevent them talking It In the
home at Posen, but ir you were heard
using it on the streets In a German
town il was apt not lo be good Tor
yt it.
/Mnl BO Michael Hrhu!t7. came out to
Canada, and drifted from Hrltlsh Columbia to K.nora and from Kenora to
Cobalt, where he has been tor the past
fivfi years, nearly all the time, with
one company, lie wns a foreigner In
bis own land; now he Ib a free man In
tt ii. e country,
There  ure  hundreds of   PolackS  In
Cobalt   German Polacks, Russian relinks,  antl   Austrian  l'olncks.     It   Ib
liloviinnl Mini is running a drill be
slilo  Pete  l-eblnnc,  tlie    FrenchCana
tiian.   Giovanni worked   in   a  ooal
mine nei far from Milan for CD coiits
a day before bo came to Canada, lie
Is one or those wiry   Uiinbardy   men
Unit Un- underground boat likes to get
bold or It Ih Iii bo policed that lli.He
northern   Italians  buve  a  great   con
tempi ror th.ir brethren or the south,
und whenever they are talking to a
sll linger ol themselves It is one or
tbelr llrHt cares to see that you fully
understand that they cannot even un
dsrstahd What these Sicilians suy.
These northern Italians who work In
lhe mines stuy in tho country year
in and your out; tho southern Italians
who work with pick and shovel on the
railroad go home in droves every
year In Italy, to come back wben they
ure wanttd on the grude again.
Within the kinship of the Anglo-
Saxon speech there is no man so picturesque  as  "COUStn   .lack,"  the   Cor
nlshman.  Generation attar generation
even before the Human first saw th.
white cllfrH of Albion, he has mined
tin under the waves of the Atlantic
ocean.    Hut  Ihe undent   Industry  has
not spread ub fast us th" population
hun grown, and lite  young  men hav.
gone forth during the last century tQ
show the world how lo use the single
In the days of Ihe hand drill on tin
I Calumet and Electa it was a wonderful
I sight to see the leanut of fnrnishmcu,
���tripped   to ibe   waist,   driving the
I steel home, every itrc-ke with the
hammer counting. There Ih little use
I for the "slnglajack" in Cobalt, but
j there are iit-out a hundred   of these
I slneklly-bulll.     lair moustache.I      men
I working  In  the camp    Tbey  are  the
i li.a.ls t,r the guild    the aristocracy of
the craft
Manxmen    There.
That little island off the west coa-jit
t.f England in the Irbh sen furnish, s |
Coball   with  about   fifty  of   her    bl Si
miners,    ll Is said tbat at one mine In I
camp you can't get a Job unless yon !
can tell the exact diameler of Ihe Big
Wheel of l.axey and recite the exact j
reason why the Manx cat luiH no tall. I
The  lead   mines Of  the   Isle   of    Man
have almost  played out, the islanders
who grew up under the shadow or
the Hig Wh.ci have scattered rnr and
wide over the new world. Cobult has
her full quota of them.
Every mine la a little world nf Itpi
own. many miners who live some tlis-i
lance from the town only leaving the
bunkhOUBS and the daily round onet
a week. In all cases the staffs are
comfortably boused many have very
comfortable   clubhouses.     Al   several
or the mines clubhouses are provided
for lhe men. Al one of these there is
a pianola, and the men hold their own
They take a keen Interest, too, tn
the gymnastic apparatus ihat has
been bought for the men's ubc nt
aome of the properties.    Hut  the per
manency of th
by the rows nntl rows of little house!
that you will rind on every mine. T111-
���d with married couples and plenteous families,
In n few years a generation will
grow up to whom the rocky ridges of
Cobalt nre home and the roaring of
Ibe stamps a lullaby.
Tried   to   Shoot   Officer,   But   Trlc^er
Failed   to   Work���Pursued   and
Foiled After Exciting Chase.
Edmonton, Feb. 18. Police Officer
(in K'; hud Ihe uupleasunt experience
tonight if having u revolver pointed
lu hia face and the trigger pulled by
a drunken Gallolan named Joe Din. to
Fortunately the gun missed Are.
Dlnelo tben Blurted to run and the
policeman shot him down, wounding
him In both legs with two bullets.
The adventure took place about half
past seven, In a dark alley off Namayo
avenue. Dlnelo had been creating a
disturbance In the district and discharged his revolver at a pedestrian
whom he narrowly missed wounding.
Officer Gregg, who wus on his beat
nearby, started In .pursuit and ran
down liis man after a short chase,
when liln.'to attempted In shoot his
pursuer und   was shut  down  lu  turn.
Austria���Factories    Closed     a
Thousands Out of Employment
Aftermath of War Scare.
Vienna, Feb. 2".   Thousands t.f per
Sons In (inliclu, the poorest of the Ails
triun provinces, ure threatened with
Starvation.     The    bail    harvest    has
caus. ti a shortage or the rood supply
I or the peasantry of tlie country .lis
Uriels, which in the towns tho war
scarce has brought trade and Indus-
j try to a standstill.
Factories are elosed and  thousands
are without employment In I.ent
b. rg, Craoow, Btanlslaw    und   other
cities, tlie suffering is bo great that
the authorities ure distributing bread
from place to place. Tbe municipal
funtlB for this purpose have been exhausted, however, and a deputation
has arrived In Vienna to appeal to the
government for aid.    The president ol
ihe council or ministers has promise.i
thai sufficient support will be given
to the country tor the distribution of
Dulgaria Provides 75 Per Cent, of Al
Centenarians   of   Europe���
All  Use  It.
London, Feb, 2'.l. -A diet ol sour
milk anil vegetables Is In Id, by the
eminent KushIuii SOlentlSt, l'rof. Met-
chtiikoff, who carrleB on Ptisteur'ti
work at the institute in I'aris, to be
responsible for thu long lire of the
average   Hulgarian.
Out of all the centenarians of Europe, Hulgurla provides 75 per cent.,
and the other 2t> per cent, are divided  aiming  the other countries.
Mr. Augeloff, Hulgarian consul-general ut Manchester, Kngland, who ls
at present ln London, attachod to the
llalkan peace delegation, stated to a
representative of the London preSB
the other day that his great grandfather passed away some twenty years
ago. at the age of 132.
"With regard to my great-grandfather," ho aald. "I remember being
at a big family party In Serin on the
occasion or the wedding of an aunt,
1 waB not much more than a boy then,
at any rate 1 was a youngster compared with my great-grandfather, who
was preaent, and who was, to everyone's knowledge, about 120 years of
"Ile waa a wonderful old gentleman,
and he made a Bpeech In which he
-mid   be   waa  proud   to   ace   bo   many
descendants about blm,    lie imd  a
grim sense Of humor nntl I do nol
'hlnk tha young people quite relished
the old initn'a jeat that he meant to
live until ho had lEirled nil bis children.
At that lime be tins the father or
1.0 ihil.Ireii. two or them by a second
wire, whom he had taken lo himself
when he  was over !)0 years or age."
Regarding the same venerable relative Mr. Angeloff mentioned thut
until two years of hia death he never
missed making an annual pilgrimage
lo Jerusalem, and, as the etnstil remarked, "traveling In those days was
no easy matter.   The old gentlemen
bad   to  do  the  Journey  on   the  backs
of camels or mules, antl 1 remember
he told me that every time he set
on the Journey he made his will, because, he explained, he did not know
that be would ever return."
M. Angelofr's rather is now SO years
Of age, and. as his snu says, "is as
active as a man of 40." He frequently spends eight hours 11 day ln lhe
saddle riding around hla estate, and
he has still all his teeth.
London, Feb. 2'3. On the SUggOS
tion of Sir (leurge Hlddell, the Hon
Harry I-awson. M.P., acting chairman
*f the Empire Press Union, protnls-
id to bring the matter of
newspaperm. n to Ihe bouse of commons on special occasions, before the
camp Is best attested | attention  ut  the  speaker.
The reply received, although It does
not go the full length of the colonial
newspaper representatives' wishes,
and include udmlsslon to Ihe members' lobby, grants the privilege of
admission   to the chamber.
According 10 lhe confirmatory letter received by the secretary of the
union rrom the speaker's secretary
the Speaker will, fhenever possible,
provide accommodation either In the
Distinguished Strangers' gallery, or
the Sp. cial gallery.
Were Former Settlers Near Edmonton
���Brother   Appeals   to  Canada
for Intervention.
Winnipeg, Feb. 2a. ��� Strugglins
against the inlquitlous laws of Russia
to free his three brothers from the
tortures and torments of Siberia,
Qtrsa Tarns has come all the way from
Riga, l'ussia to appeal to Canadians
for help.
The men now confined in Siberia
owned farm lands near Edmonton,
and were on a visit to their old homes
for the purpose ol bringing their families to Canada, when Ihey were seized and thrown into prison without any
kind or trial. Since then they have
lost all they possessed, and their
wivts and children nre homeless.
Clrsa Tarns reached Winnipeg this
morning and came here on the advice
ot the British and United States con
nils at Riga, who told him that the
western Canadians would give aid in
the struggle for freedom
Tunis appealed to thc city authorities tor assistance this morning and
the city authorities ure taking up his
PAIR    OF     LOVER8.
to    six
Get Light Sentence���Leniency of High
Court  In  Question.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 2.1.--The lent
ency ot lhe High Court of Saratov in
sentencing Police Sergeant Tsorkovny
and six rural constables, convicted of
torturing a number of prisoners bus
pected of murder, has evoked loud pro
tests from the Liberal press.
One of the victims died as the re
suit of the brutalities Inflicted upon
him. Another made thiB statement at
"Roth my father and I. after belnp
taken to prison, were beaten with
whips, cats-of-nine-talls, Babres, and
Ihe butt-ends of riries. All the other
prisoners, who were similarly trented.
were dragged in a bleeding condition
to a table, whereon lay a confession
which we were ordered to sign.
On refusing, we were beaten again.
When we asked to be allowed lo look
through the paper, or at least to have
Its contents read out to us, the beat
Ing was resumed. Several tlmeB 1
fainted, whereupon they brought me
back to consclouneBB by pouring cob'
water over me, nnd demanding that 1
should sign the paper.
"I do not remember that I complied
With that order, as I fainted again, aud
only recovered consciousness wben a
priest administered Holy Communion
to me, after which I was transferred to
the hospital. The beating went on
every day for a week.
Mr.  Barber.  Who  Was a  Butcher By
Trade.  Lands in Court.
London,   Feb.  21.���A Btrange    case
of the Impersonation of a dead physician was told at the How street pollc
I court, where a man giving the name
colonial 1,,r   Klchard   Henry   Barber.  47    years
old.   wa?   charged   with  causing   himself to be placed on the medical register by making false representations.
He was also charged with forging aud
uttering certificates of death. |
llarber, when ln the custody of detectives in a railway train travelling
from Liverpool to lxindon. got on the
rootboard, and. after a struggle, got
ofr and escaped, but he was rearrested.
Mr. Bodkin, cousel for the prosecution, said the accused had been able
to practice In the name of Dr. II. H.
Harbor, who went to Oregon ln 1890
and was accldently drowned there in
As a young man. said counsel, accused was a butcher, and it is to be
hoped that that did not prove hiB
only qualifications to practice in surgery.
In the course of the prisoners so-
called practice, within the noticeably
short period of about a mouth, Mr.
Bodkin addefl. he gave no fewer than
nine certlfisates of death to persons
he had been attending as a medical
Sentenced to Six-Month Courtship by
Thoughtful   Judge.
Chicago, Feb. 28.-Love at first
sight and all thnt sort of thing Is ro-
miiutic. but sometimes the vision IB
clouded. Judge Newcomer of the mu
nlclpul court sayB so. That Is why h(
sentenced n young couple
months of courtship.
The judge looked benignly down
rrom the bench. Before him were
Loretta Iirown. of Kankakee, and John
Carr. of Chicago. It was a case of a
glance, a smile and "let's get married.
The Judge wanted to know all about
'"Loretta." he aald, "would you like
to marry Mr. Carr?"
The prospective bride blushed and
mummured In the affirmative. He
found both were under age. Hasty
marriages."  ho  aald,  "almc-t    OlW'-yi
result in hasty divorces.   1 don t   ikt
them,    So 1    sentence you   to   six
tnonths' courtship."
The decision was a Bhock   to both.
certain   that  none of them   wants  lo I The Judge requested both to report to
go buck lo fight for his ancient   en-  him once a week,
emles,    This generation  Ib not overburdened with brains, not every man
Clot on Brain Makes Musician Out of
Farm   Laborer..
Itedwood Falls, Minn., Feb. 23.���
While husking corn on a farm near
this city, Frantz SchultS, who recently came from Germany, sustained injuries from a runaway team which
caused a blood clot on the brain, thnt
Is arrecling his mind ln a manner that
tends to haWe medical men.
When brought here for treatment
he asked to be permitted to play on
a violin, an Instrument which he says
he never tried  to  pVy before.
He does not play by note or written
music, because he cannot read it, but
produces good music notwithstanding.
Lord Haddo Vindicated by chief Secretary���Cleared   of   Allegations.
London, Feb. 23���1-ord Haddo, the
eon and heir of the Earl of Aberdeen,
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, wub publicly absolved today from any association with thc disappearance of the
crown jewels from Dublin Castle ln
the Bummer of 1907.
Augustine Birrell, Chief Secretary
for Ireland, in reiterating in the
HoiiEe of Commons today the ttate-
ment that nothing had been discovered to explain tbe mystery of the
theft i r to Justify the arrest and
prosecution of anyone, went on to
"The 1 tory that anyone is being
shielded Ib a lie, and I am sorry lt has
been lately revived In connection with
he name of Lord Haddo. The intro-
luctlon of his name is a particularly
ornel outrage, Tor ho was not In Ireland for montha before or after the
robbery. He had no connection With
the ofrice of arms, and was only In
that ofrice once in his lire."
OF P. G. E.
���can  certainly  remove rock;   and  not
,-vcrv mu,, ,*;,��� be t, skine^laborer^  J^'y parsed Ih^lll^bollshlng
Abolish Death Penalty.
Olympln, WaBh.,    Feb.    21.
���get Ihe artisan's pay.
��� ration   that   Is   growing
In    the   'he death
penalty for   treason.   The
. -.i.   -hilt Is a companion to tho bill paBBed
���Ktrieta of Cobalt will work more with  bl'V   *    i,v th�� house abolishing the
Ihelr heads and Icbb with their backs.  Josterdjiy by_the_houM anoiisning me
Italian   Contempt
Ytoi"-""*.'     ���*�����     ���
death penalty for murder.
Not Chickens, But Lust Wedding P.lng
Fowls Scratched Up.
Olathe, Kan., Feb. 23. - After 27
years a wedding ring wnlch was lost
by Mrs. C. W. Fny n1 the home of
her mother-in-law, Mrs. Ollvo Fay.
east of Olathe, has boen found. It
was lost as the bridal couple wero
returning to their home after a visit
In making a visit to the . d home
27 years later lo Iho day. It wn.t found
Victoria, Feb. 21���A great deal of
speculation is being Indulged in respecting the route to be followed by
the Pacific Great Eastern Hallway
northward from the upper end of Anderson lake, ln the vicinity of the
town of Lillooet.
It is understood that representations have been made to members Of
the government that the line should
pass through the town of Lillooet, or
at least the crossing of the Fraser
river at that point should be made
Just below the town and convenient
'o it.
There. Is a rumor current that the
railway, according to present plans
will crosi*i the Fmaer at a point from
two to four miles below the town of
Lillooet and pass through some high
lands opposite the town, thence striking northerly away from the banks
of the river and in tho direction of
the town of Clinton, which the line
may or may not touch.
From a point at, or In tho vicinity
of Clinton, thc line will swing off towards Quesnel, possibly striking the
Frnser again at Ihat point and thenco
on the front steps by  Mrs. Fay her
self, in looso dirt which has just been 'proceeding to Fort George by the rlvcr
scratched up by chickens. 1 route.
This article is just as good and costs less than the X ���
brand because it doesn't have to stand such heavy advertising expense," says a certain grocer. Is he right? Is
it an expense?    Is advertising an expense?
Thc average person looks on the millions of dollars of
advertising carried by magazines of national circulation
as an expense. He believes that it is taken out of the
pockets of somebody, though he doesn't have a clear idea
who thc sufferer is.
Let us see who really foots the bill.
Every maker of automobiles or flour, or any other
article, is using his best brains to manufacture his wares
as economically as possible and to put them into your
hands with the least possible cost to himself. His criticism on every plan and method is merciless, and if advertising were an expense, instead of an investment that
pays him well, he would stop it instantly.
Dead stock or goods that won't sell is thc cause of
most failures among retail stores, (iood advertising is
thc best possible assurance thut goods will sell. Advertising familiarizes customers with the goods, and makes
quick, easy sales. Instead of the retailer footing thc bill
lor national advertising, hc finds in it one of thc greatest
builders of his prosperity.
In everything you buy, you pay for three things��� *
the raw materials, the cost of making, thc cost of selling.
So, if you choose, you can say that you "paid" for the machinery which makes good shoes cost you less than they
did twenty years ago. In thc same way you "pay" for
the advertising which enables thc manufacturer, through
increase of his business, to put better value into his shoes.
So, if you choose, you may say that thc salesman and retailer "pay" for advertising which, while it may lower
their percentage of profit, increases their earnings. So,
if you choose, you may say that the manufacturer "pays"
for thc advertising which swells his dividends by diminishing the expenses of selling his goods. Advertising
usually lessens the cost of articles as measured by their
Hut more. A big business can be run more economically than a little one. Advertising makes business bigger and in this respect, too, it pays for itself out of savings
in running expenses.
Two salesmen travel through Ohio, we will say, selling
refrigerators. One offers a refrigerator that the public
knows nothing about, and his trip yields orders for $4,-
000.00. The other sells a refrigerator which everybody
knows favorably through advertising. His orders will
amount to $20,000.00. Now the hotel bills, railroad fares
and other expenses will be thc same for each, and these
must be paid for out of the profits of the trip. Which
will be able to command thc larger salary?
A certain clothing house eight years ago did an annual business of $3,000,000, and the cost of selling the
goods amounting to 8 per cent. Good advertising has
since then increased their annual business to $15,000,000,
and the cost of selling, including advertising expenditures,
has fallen to 5 per cent. The salesmen are earning much
more money, and the advertising has enabled them to do
it, because while their commissions are smaller, their sales
are easier and more than trebled in volume.
Bill Baker made pies, poor pies, without trade mark
or label. These he sold to cheap restaurants, and little
did he care whether the pies were good or not, because
they were made to sell and hardly anyone knew who made
them. But one day, growing ambitious, he put an advertisement of his pies in the paper which succeeded beyond
his highest hopes. His small plant was swamped by
calls for pies. As orders came in he saw himself in a near
golden future of the peerless pie king. Suddenly a new
thought crashed through Bill Baker's serenity���a thought
that had never intruded before. His pies were bad���so
bad that nobody would ever buy a second one. This flood
of orders instead of being a promise of fortune would
ruin his reputation unless he delivered good pies.
In Baker's place, you would have done what he did���
run to the telephone and telegraph to demand instant delivery of the best pie-making materials obtainable. Just
as you would do, so do most manufacturers. As their
business grows they realize more and more keenly that
their prosperity depends on their making goods that their
customers will continue .to buy.
All thc questions above have been only half answered.
Thc rest of the reply is plain when you understand what
advertising is.
The constant aim of all human beings is to work wise
economics in living. You don't consider the buttons on
your clothes as an expense, because to get along without
them would be vastly more expensive. The manufacturer doesn't consider as an expense a $5,000 machine
which saves him $10,000 in three years' running.
Now it costs money to sell goods. We have auto-,
matic guns and banjos, but no article that is automatic
enough to sell ifeelf. Them: :^t!j ay -" selling
goods is it store them and wait 0.���* purchasers to come.
The toasi rypensive way is to tell *hc public about them
by advertising.
So, you see, good advertising is paid for by everybody and by nobody. By everybody, because wc all bear
our share in earning the money with which business is
carried on, and by nobody, because advertising is a labor-
saving method of selling goods.���Saturday Evening Post.
MONDAY,   FEBRUARY  24,   191J.
Remember[the Plsce
33 Eighth Sf.     Fncr.c2
I :	
Olive Oil, Vettucci's, in pint
umi Quart tins, regular 50c. nntl
iiOc. per tin, today 35c. and 75c.
CrOSSO fi   HlnoUweirs Tickles,
chow chow, Onions, Gherkins,
Mixed. Everyone knows these
pickles. Uegular 16c, today all
30c. per bottle.
Cooking or Dairy Mutter, a
very good product. We havo
been selling a great deal or It
nt UOc. per lb... today we -will
make It per Ib. 25c.
.Honey, White Clover, ln qt.
jars, each 75c.
Table Italflins, regular 30c.
pkg., today pkg. 20c.
Large and Juicy, untouched by
rrost, 18 for 25c.
Apples, No. 1 quality, box $1.65
Lettuce, il heads   25c.
Cabbage,   per   lb 4c.
Celery, per held    10c.
Cauliflower, per head    20c.
Green Onions, bunch    5c.
Radish,  bunch     5c.
Parsley, bunch     5c.
Remember  tbey   ure  guaranteed, per dozen 55c.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       9. K. HHIOOS
We Have
to purchase
of Sale
If you wish to
Discount an
Call  at
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,560,000.00
Have Just ben opened. For
style und quality "The Party
Hox" and 'Chocolates Dcs Arls-
tocrates" will appeal to the
most exacting candy lover. Free
samples tor the ladies every
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green lights.
Tho steamer Heaver will Htart on
ber regular run to Chilliwack on Wednesday morning.
The city council will hold their
regular meeting nt I o'clock this afternoon Instead of tbis evening.
Dick J. I-awrenc.o, teacher of banjo,
mandolin and guitar.   Telephone 0B4
The business of the Central Transfer Company has been purchased by
Mr. A. liaison of the II.  I'. Vidal Co.
The name ot the postofflce at Piper
Siding, North llurnuby, has been
chunged from Piper aiding to LOMlll,
Hxpwt skate sharpening and rlvnt-
Ing. Oscar 8��auson, 13 Uogble street.
Tho Canada Clazetto contains notice
of lint closing of the Kast Chllllwack
and Klk Creek postofrices, which occurred on Jan. 16, on account of tbe
Inauguration of rural free delivery.
Call ln and see Jack Insley, Jr., 13
Begble street, about that marine gnso
line engine. Kagle and Imperial. 1697)
Enquiry at tbo Royal Columbian hospital last night, elicited tho Informs-
Hon that Police Constable C. Marshall
who was Injured by the accidental discharge of his revolver, on Friday, is
progressing rapidly towards recovery.
A. Hardraaa, tho onke man. Ret
good bread. Eighth Street Ilaknt)
Telephone 181. (604)
The next convention of tho Loya'
True Mine association, will bo held In
this eity. This was decided in Vancouver on Friday evening nt the doting session of thu 1913 contention.
Mrs. K. Hardie of this city was elect
ed worBhlpful mistresB.
W. Hay, electrician, agent for Hoi
Point irins; fixtures and wiring ol
all kinds. Phone 1289, US Sixth
street,  opposlto  Postofflce. I6f>:!)
Six Chinamen, charged by the police
with frequenting an opium den In
Chinatown, and allowed out on ball,
forfeited their sureties rnther than
face the magistrate on Saturday at
the police court. A seventh was convicted and fined till and costs.
Thoroughly modern In every way is
the Dominion hotel. Elevator servtct
tlrst class. Cafe In connection. Con
venlent location. Rates 75c per da>
and up. Corner of Sixth and Coliimbi:
streets, (670j
Mr John A. Lee returned from Chllllwack last evening where he addressed some 150 men yesterday af
ternoon In one or the chilliwack
theatres on "Personal Influence and
Responsibility." The nrruir was held
under the auspices ot the PSA. and
was accompanied with every success.
Call lu ��t Oscar Swaneon's, 13 Iteg
ble street, and see something it|vto
date ln the lino of marine gasoline
engines.   Eagle and Imperial.   'tti'.iTi
Hon. Dr, Young, provincial secre
tary, and Dr. C. Hi. Doherty, medical
luperlntendentj Inspected the new
isylum buildings at Coqultlam on Sat
inlay, antl consulted as to the formal
opening next month, for which an
elaborate program is to be arranged
A bmnch of the Union Hank of Can
Ida waa opened for business on
Saturday, January 4. In the premise.*
recently vacated by W. B. Sinclair
611 Colombia street (605)
Tomorrow afternoon will be Westminster, Fraser valley and Scottish
night at the Pure Food and Industrial
exposition being held at the. Imperial
rink. Vancouver. A number or New
Westminster people bave announced
their intention ol paying the show a
visit on  that  night.
Early this morning the police picked
up a man on Columbia Btreet. whose I
mind was apparently demented, lit)
W|is trying to rough things near a
pool room at Iho lower end of the
A number of the ottloeri end men
of the iu4th regiment visited Vancouver on Friday evening and heard
Captain I. W, Dowdlng Ot that city
lecture on "The Whole Duty Ol Man."
On  Thursday   evening  another  party
nmy visit the Terminal City to hear
Lieut. J, drove or the Highland lnfim
try who is it recent arrival from Scotland, deliver a similar address.
Though thn countryside for miles
ou all Bitlea of Mission has been
thoroughly scoured no trace has ye'
I,.inn found of Joe Kam, who Is want
id for the murder or Jim Situ on
Thursday night. The posse of pro-
vincinl police havo been untiring ln
tholr efforts, but so far the search has
beep unsuccessful.
Within the noxt two Weeks the people of Westminster will be able to
place fresh halibut on their tables aa
the steamer Houian left for the banks
on Saturday noon on her first trip of
lhe year. The Roman Is the first fishing vessel lo leave for the halibut
banks using crude oil fuel and her
maiden trip will be watched with Interest by mariners along the coast.
The establishment or bo many fac-
torles In Sapperton nnd vicinity have
created a great demand ror housing
accommodation lor tbe workmen employed In these enterprises In the eastern section of the city. A Vancouver
copartnery owning a tract of land between Columbia street east nnd Ilru-
ttette street, are preparing plans for
the erection of 40 houses to supply
thla  want.
Mrs. T. I). Trapp will bold her postnuptial reception nt the home of Mrs.
1\ J. Trapp on Wednesday afternoon
or this  week.
��� *
��� ���
In qrder to pass the time or quarantine uwiiy all manner nf celebrations
concerts,   leclures,     tie. ,   are     being
held in the Colombian college,   On
Saturday night a sports meel was held
In the commodious gymnasium, one of
the big Hems of which whs a basket
ball tournament between the members
of the various tables in the dining
In IIiIh Professor Davis and Pro-
fessor   Urny opened   the proceedings i
with tlve men a side from their
tables. Arter a close game the Professor Bray team was declared the
winner, the score being 8 to 6.
In tho second game between Pro-
Tesaor C.aun'B and Captain Dolmage's
teams It wus necessary to play overtime before a decision could be
reached. The Dolmnge boye were
successful In the end by S goals to (I
The third game was between the
Dolmagc t*ain and oue captained by
ProfeBSOr Ordway. The professor's
boys won Ibis evening, lhe score being .1 to 2. ln the IlitalH Professol
llray defeated Professor Ordway'B
team by 3 goals to i,
Relay races and till manner of
other physical exhibitions were ulso
held to the amusement of the young
ladles of the collage who wero the
principal spectators.
Yesterday morning Professor Davis
presided at service in the chapel, one
or the appreciable filatures of which
was a duet by Miss Winters and Mr
Profe8B,r Bray gave an Interesting
and highly Instructive Illustrated lecture on astronomy In the afternoon,
while the usual song service followed,
It Is expected that lhe quarantine
will be lifted on Thursday,
��� ���
��� NOTES. ���
��� ���
lUbsTnAiiNt-. EtKioMAL m-.vicwjijrrtrtNS
y   ***^tS^Smmh*f-*.*>ZKh
Pictorial Review   fashion book
*     M**tttt> *a*\*tr a\  SX'm.Wah        J* a*****  w   a.****  e W iiii]"iTna-iiiot-.iiiri,ii>i��i nivitw.*��irrT*iiws
Spring   Fashions
Are Here
The authority today on up-to-date
styles.    Prices only 10c. and 15c.
We desire to call your attention
to our very large assortments of
Wo are showing for Spring: Chameusc Shot
Taffetas, Messalines and Woven Patterns at
ni.oss -Charles Bloss, an old time
resilient of tho Kraser valley, died yesterday morning at Sperling, Langley
I'ralrie. Mr. Bloss was So years of
ago and bail been a resident of the
district   for  practically   SO  years.
He  has  no  relativeo  so  far as  ln
known.    The  funeral  will  take  place,.. ,      ,, ...
Oft Tuesday afternoon at  2 o'clock  to I Westminster,   near  tie*   11   t      Kleetn.-
\i*OKt   I'fingley   cemetery.
Mrs. IC. K. Belli llnena Vista, Iiiib
purchased a large resilience and two
cleared  lots on the  Vale road, Smith
FRANCIS���The  death   occurred   at
tbo Royal Colombian hospital on Fri-
cUiy of Joseph Francis, aged tl-. Mr.
Brands was engaged as an orderly at
the hospital for some years. The fu-
iieriil will tuke place tbis afternoon
at 2 o'clock rrom Pales' undertaking
parlors lo the Roman Catholic cemetery.
death  ol  Mrs. Caro-
Plfth avenui
HOLT���Iq the
line L. Holt, Hi:
unlay afternoon al the ripe old age
of 84 years, an old time resident has
passed away.
Mrs. Holt was u native ol Halifax,
N.S., and came to New Westminster
with her husband and family in 1S77.
She leaves a husband and two daughters, Mrs. J. T. Buttertteld and Mrs
RUssell Smitber, and numerous other
relatives  to   mourn   her loss.
price  Is
line and close to the ne*
house on HJorth road. The
reported  to be JliOOO.
Mr. A. 0, Marshall, has sold five
acres In block is, pn the town line,
near Scott roail station nt $1600 per
acre, lo Mr. William Pike, Yorkshire,
Kngland- Mr. Pike will cotub out
from l-.nglnnd with his family towards
this end of  May.
Tenders bave been called for the
clearing of two acres ror the new
on Sat-1 school on lljorth road, South West
minster. Offers must be in by the end
of the month and the contract will be
deoldcd  by  tlie  board  on   March  8.
- 75c, $1.00, $1.25
Each day brings our stocks more complete with
Spring merchandise, making selections very satisfactory.
New Dress Goods
Showing in handsome Serges, Whipcords, Broad
Cloths, Lustre Cloths and Scotch Suitings
Free Demonstrations
"Try New   Life"
All next week by a representative of the
makers. These wonderful instruments have
been a great help to all purchasers.
Another Railway.
1    h  is announcqd In the Canada i',a-
tette tbat  tiiipiic.ition  will be made
Ito   the   Parliament   of   Canada   at   Its
| Dominion Trust
Company. Lid.
The funeral arrangements wlll be present session for an ag$ to incojpor*
announced later, late  the   Pacific  Coast   Hallway   Com
During htr long residence here Mrs. j
Unit has made numerous friends and!
her death  will  come as a shock  to
those who knew her.
HIGGINSON���Word has been re
celved in the city from Ottawa of tin
death of Mrs. Hlgglnson, wife of thi
late T. S. tllgginson, a pioneer of thi:
city. Mrs. Iligginson will be burin'
alongside the remains of her husband
whose  body was taken  to Ottawa for
I Interment
pany,  with  power to construct, opor
ato  nnd   maintain   a   line  or  railway I
Trom  Hardy Day to liuquash, Vancou-i
ver Island, IK'., a distance or about lii |
miles, with power to own and operate
steamship  lines  rrom   Hardy   nay   to
polntr In Canada and elsewhere; -witii
the  usual  powers  grunted  to railway
tompanles; and to have lhe works de
'land   ror  tho  genet*.,1   advantage  or'
: :|f Will Pav Ymi
��� PORT  MOODY  NOTES. ���   ll        TV III        I   Of I UU
A meeting or the Liberal Association of Port Moody has been convened for Tuesday night at which it
is expected some important matters
affecting the provincial representation
ol the constituency will be discussed,
alrtng with other nnd more rortnal
Plan Improvement!!.
Tbe Oil Refinery Company is contemplation the erection of additional
tankage facilities to their equipment
nt Port Moody. Mr. J. A. Cunningham,
managing director, anil Mr. It I'. Ibgg.
u director, recently Inspected the fae-
tory with a view to selecting a site
ror the new tanks
Numerous  Enquiries.
Mr    W,   I),   Mackay.    real    estate
broker, has had a number or inquiries
recently  from  different   pans  of  the
world,  as  to  watt*   front   properties,
facilities   in   Port   Moody.
One such enquiry came from Glasgow,
Scotland, and another from  the  1'nil-
states, the remainder t�� ing from
eastern  Canada,    A  number of  visitors rrom the prairies have been look
���eular meeting or the W.C.T.U, |!W ovl'r t,1<' eltv at various times dur-
held at 3 o'clock today In the   ��?S the past week,
renin    of    Queen's     Avenue I Annual   Meeting.
Mrs. Pafelieil will give a re j The annual meeting of the Presby-
port or the addresses given at theUeMan church congregation was held
banquet or the local Council or Wo-hart week. Reports trom the differ
men, recently held In Vancouver. A". ,,���, committees were submitted and
ladles are urged to be present. , showed that the church Is In a flour-
3falling condition.    Tbe  retiring  board
Of   managers   were   reelected.     They
New Westminster lodge No. 3. Benevolent and Protective Order of Klks
of Ihe Dominion of Canada will hold
an "Klks Smoker" In the Conservative club rooms on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Mayor A. W, Gray
will preside.
Tho Canada Gazette contains notice
thai under an amendment to the
Dominion coal mining regulations the
maximum area of a coal milling loca
tlon shall be 25t!0 acres, and no per
on shall bu permitted to acquire
more than one location, except by
A number of members of the Business Men's association plan to visit
Vancouver tomorrow   for  the  purpose , ..
ol attending the annual convention of!;_, _,,���,,
the    British    Columbia    Retail    M,,-    ....
,    , , . ,, , ,,.,   .     Scotland, and
Chants    association   and   to   visit   the      ,   ..,. ,  ���   ,.
,, ,-     ,        ,,,.-,, i ed   States,  th
Pure   Food   anil   Industrial   show   now1
being beld there.
The I
will be
< hurch
to bring yonr prescription to us; dons
eot matter what doetor writes it we
can fill and you may ho. sure
of getting oiactly what your doctor
orders at rrlcos based on services
randwed. Thirty years ln bUBinoua.
Biggest and best drug store in city.
Curtis Drug Store
and   SEEDS,
Phone 43;   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
On Saturday last II. I). Morgan took out a building permit to rebuild the house owned by Mr. A.
Jones that was practically destroyed by fire the previous Saturday. The house was insured with
White, Shiles & Co., who last Wednesday paid Mr.
Jones in full for his loss, with the result that on Saturday���one week after the fire���the contract for re-'
building was let, the permit taken out and the work
is now started.
Protect your home by insuring in reliable companies with a record for
prompt and full settlements, whose local agents are
312-315 Westminster Trust Block
or 746 Columbia Street.
BOILERS   Riveted ��teel ��Moes       TANKS
FISH TODAY      VULCAN iron works, ltd.
P.  O.  BOX 442
'' li
Constable Stewart of the Hoyit:
Northwest Mounted police was a visitor ln this city yesterday on his way
to Victoria, where he will take charge
of u man named Qeorgb Dtnkle who
is wanted in Saskatoon in connection
���J with some real estate transactions.
Constable Stewart was well Impressed
with New Westminster although staying but three hours ln the city. 1 l'e
has been on the force for four years.
On  bis  return  to  Saskatoon  he  will
I proceed Immediately to Boise Ida., for
a prisoner wanted on tx charge of embezzlement.
Mr. I.. A. Lewis of the Brunette
Sawmills, who visited Victoria last
week as a member of the deputation
of the ii. C. Lumber & shingle Manufacturers'   association   stales  that   he
are Messrs. It. Abernethy. H. It. Mac
kenrle, E, Metcalfe and W. I). Mac
Delegates Return.
Referring to the recent conferonce
between the delegation representing
the lumber Interests of the Province
anil the government, Mr. P. I). Hoe,
late of tha Emerson Lumber Com
pany, considers tbat the government
had met the timber owners very fairly and that the compromise arranged
was  a  very equitable one .
Principal Mackay of the Port Moody
school has gone east, on a health recuperating trip.
The  Hoo-Hoos.
The Hoo-Hoo Concatenation In New
West minster on March 7 Is causing
j Is satisfied with the arrangements [ some stir here among the feline ag-
made by Hon. W. K. ltoss, minister gregation. A strong contingent has
of lands, with respect to Btumpage arranged to visit tlie Royal ('ity on
dies, lie believes It will give the that date anil hopes are expressed
lumber Interests or the province a that Mayor Oray will present them
greater stability and at the same timo with the freedom of tbe city, extend
wlll increase the revenue of the pro- the hotel licensing hours and give tho
vlnce. I police a vacation.
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
Salmon, Halibut. Oolichan.-s. Cod,
kinds of SffiOked .''ish at
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phsnc 98. 447 Columbia  Street.
Workmen in Every
feol the need of Gla'sc-? today when
EYESTRAIN is the rule and pot ��hr
Workmen who would  have reliable
help for their eyes should oall on
���IN EDMUND ���. OSIER. M P., Pitt '.,>of NT.
C. A. BOCERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
R-a-M-rve Fund
TlUI Aia.li -
348 Columbia Street
Druggist and Optician        fi
Phone 453 ; 701  Columbia  Street Phone 57   fi
Whenever You Travel
���at home or abroad���carry lands In Travellers' Cheques or Lettets
of Credit, Issued by The Dominion Bank. They are current all
over the world, snd cashed at their lace value.
They prevent loss- and save all  ths annoyances  cl being
identified, and the worries of foreign exchange.
SB  1.
Home For Sale
No.  1 - Hero  i��  ft  splendid home for salo cheap.    In a good  locality near Queen's Park and new Bchool.
It has  seven  large comfortable rooms  with  every  modern  convenience;   full  basoment;   on  a large lot, 66x1.11! feet.
This placo Is be,low value and   the  terms  are   aueh   that  almost
anyone can handle it.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH, balance monthly.   If jcu want to buy
a home let us show you this place.
Agents for Pacific  Coast  Steamship Co.
Fa J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers'   Liability,  Automobile
Marine Insurance.
Are you one of the many,
whose livelihood depends
upon thc fishing industry?
If so consult us before
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engines cannot be beat-
in. Economy and reliability.
The SchaakcMachinc Works
Heaps   Engineering  Co., Ltd., New Westminster.


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