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The New Westminster News Jun 7, 1913

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 NSWB Classified Ads.
I luve  proven  their  worth  hy the
results   they   produce.     They   I'll
law    or    small    wants    at    small
The New v\'t-itml^iter News Is
the only niorniiu: i*-|s*aptT 'published ln the City H 2N��V- .*��*"*��*
minster and the i*li .PU*4. T'��t-'le
FraBer Valley.
I ftj f<$
Progressive Association Elects Allan Purvis President-
Reports Show Good Work Done in Past and Possibilities for the Future-With Cash in the Bank and Other
Resources There Will Be an Active Campaign.
8(0,000 CASES   foop fou PULPITI        AT C0!JIJIllAM
B. C. Pakers' Association Preparing to
Handle This Many Fish-wui     j Rev. Dr. Chown Emphatic
Riverbed Fouled and Broken
of  the
KJectl"n/of officers for tho ensuing
year, alterations In the constitution
and the reading of the reports of tin
various committees were thi
items at the annual seuslon
New Westminster Progressive association last night. Allan Purvis, In-
terurban manager of the B, C. 11. H-.
New Wert minster, succeeds lo the
presidency vacated hy l>r. Smith, who
WU appointed the first honorary vl-OO-
prpBldenl on retiring, Three regular
vle-e-prei'lilents were also elected for
the first tlmp.
Officers Elected.
The office bearers were elected  hy
acclamation and ore us follows:  Honorary  president.  Mayor  A.  W,  Gray;
Vice-president,   Hr.   K.   Smith:
Allan   Purvis;   first   vice
W,   T.   Held;   second   vice-
.1    It.  Duncan;   third  vice-
Sheriff    Armstrong;  hon.
J. riorgan; hon. treasurer,
km largely due t��
conducted    by
for your
ff  wltli   a
hon ^^
L. M. Richardson: chairmen of committee!: I'lilillclty committee. Robb
Sutherland: finance. t>. Kennedy: entertain���"in, w. i-i. Sinclair; municipal,
W, J. Kerr; membership, A. Shiles;
camoalgn nnd statistical, J. W. Cunningham! Industrial, 11. Schaake; agricultural k ii. Cunningham; ship
pint. M. Knlitht.
The nhnndonment of the publicity
work hy the association and the consequent termination ot tho engagement of Kenneth Myers as general
secretary at the end of June necessitates some reorganization In Hint part
of  tho   work
The   appointment  of  secretary
therefl re likely to be merged
Industrial   eominlssionership   and
whole  business  was  referr
In  Ihe
1  to  the
to  net
executive councll  with  power
Mr. J. Qraham was granted nn hon
orarlum of $20 for his services as audi
tor last year nnd reappointed for this  r"',','"Vr'   ""_", ,"~ ",,*   ',
year, his remuneration  to he srrsng-   J^J* J***?" ������'___�����_.���_
Iteve their passage
the active    campaign
this association.
Since that  time our activities havi
that 1 can do little more than enumerate some of them  briefly
Information,    We started c
membership campaign which  resulted
in Increasing our membership roll to
over three hundred, representing some
11,850   In  (lues;   wo  secured   for  this
city  a  visit  of  the   liritish  manufacturers up the Kraser river, after their
Itinerary had been establlshi d to the
elimination of New Westminster; we
secured a visit of t'i" pharmaceutical
convention; we initiated negotiations
tor the l'ort Moody carllne, which has i
in i  as yet heen tlnully achieved, but
undoubtedly, with the construction ofj
the pew North Road bridge early con- j
BtruQtlon will start;  wo were Instru-I
.mental   In   sending  delegates  to   Al
berta to look Into the elevator question ami I am tree to Bay that to the ;
efforts of this delegation was largely
due  lhe  visit  of  the  Dominion  grain *
ci mnili slon    up    the    Kroner river a
Short time ago. and despite rumors t" [
the contrary I have every confidence In
the ultimate decision uf the government to place the terminal elevators
in   the  most  logical  location  on  the
COOSt,  namely,  Ihe  Fraser river  main
cii'iunel     between     CoQuttlam       and
Woodward's Landing.   We raised nve
thousand dollars by voluntary contributions towards the objects of the association.    Hundreds of dollars have
heen expended hy us In the distribution of accurate Information respecting  the  Kraser  river and  the  Olty  Of
New Westminster, not only through-
nut America, but to those in authority  In  London, Ottawa and  Washington.    Our  weekly  news  letter?  reach
the  most   influential   and   commercial
shipping  and   farming   papers  in   tho
Can Only Cost Quality.
Preparations to handle In Ihe neighborhood   of   (00,000   cases  of   Balmon
during Ihe hlg summer run are being I
made hy  the  1). C,  Packers' assocla- [
tlon and, of this  number almost  all
Wlll  be  high   grade   fish.     At  present
there are plenty of salmon of poorer;
quality on the market and packers Intend   concentrating   their   effortB   on'
the bent flsh offered.   Kxpectatlons arej
that  the  run  will  be  similar iu  size |
tn that of four years ago, hut because
on Need of Men for thc
Western Fields.
Robert,    Aikens,    Injured     Yesterday I Lines on
Mrrnlng,   Dies  In   Afternoon��� ���Trouble  Shooter and  Staff
Companion  Escapes.
Work  Day and Niflht.
Pol.ce  Arrest  Three Fart
Couitlam Men on Charge
of Stealing.
Methodism   Requires   Men   Who
Sacrifice Much���Veteran Warns
Young   Ministers.
l'ort  Coqultlam.    June    (.���Robert     Telephonic  and    telegraphic    com
Alliens was killed today and another: muuication betwien New Westminster! 1      	
man  narrowly escaped death when a: and  points soulh of the  Kraser were
wlll ! blast that they were preparing at the j suddenly  cut off  yesterday    morning  Other Warrants Likely to Be
Coqultlam   dam   exploded,     breaking : snout 5 o'clock by what is thought to '
Aiken's two arms and  badly lacerat-; be a  fouling of the  submarine cable
tha river at the Kraser river
Saskatoon, June 6���Rev. Dr. Chown,
in a message to the Methodist confer
I of the number of low grade flsh now] ence   today,  Btated   that   the  general
| In storage not so many ealinon willIconference had Keen the needs of the
he handled as at thai time. j w-t-Bt and that Ilrillsh Columbia more
The   spring   Balmon   run   Is   so   far ��� than any other province had need ol
'something of a disapopliitment.    The  supervision    at    this    stage.    Church
numbers   brought   In   are   Btnall   and | Sites in Vancouver had been readjust
'the fir.h poor in quality.   Although the led  In  thc Interests of more effective
    Iron Bllll continues It seems to he the 1 work.
this | general opinion that the supply of: Dr. Chown spoko of the necessity of
spring salmon will not be large this 1 greater remuneration for summer sur
vear und puckers are counting on lhe; ply m[U. -phe sum of $2u0 was In
mid-summer   catches   for   the   major I adequate   to  m'-el  their  needs.    The
Ing tils body. The accident occurred
it about 10:60 a.m. and Rr. McQuarrie,
of New WeBtmlnster, was called ,ri-
nedlately, The Injured man passed
away about  5 o'clock  this  afternoon
The other man who was working
1 ! with Aikens escaped with a few
No Inquest will be held.
part of their supply.
crossing ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
bridge. The flickering of llghtB In
the local telephone office was the flr3t
Information the II. C, Telephone company received of the trouble, which
indicated a I.reak som -where along
Its line.
lha: net Foreman Brown and Wire
Chief Hudsou were immediately called out of bed and Boon discovered
thut the trouble existed underneath
the water at the bridge, which meant
hurried action if the wireH in the
leaded cable were to be saved.
A8a.s*iince waa forthcoming from
Vancouver iu lhe shape of several of
the head officials familiar with submarine cable work, so that after work-
More Than Forty Box Cars Have
Been  Ransacked.
Ab a result of a close watch lerfrl
to break up the system of wholesale
stealing from freight cars in the f*\nrt
Coqultlam yards, C. P. It. detective*,
assltted by the l'ort Coqultlam police.
yesterday morning arrested two janJ
foremen and nn assistant, chargiu-R
them with theft from the cars. The
thieving has been going on sinco the
first of May snd It Is expected ttatt
more arrests will quickly follow those
made yesterday.
In all It Is stated that at lead $3000
Wl.h   Arrival  of  Hot  Weather Water
Mains Play Out���Danger of Drinking  From   Unused  Wells.
BdmondB, June fi.-Following the
break in the 24-inch main in Norm
llurnahy yesterday morning, the Pat-
terson pumping station went out of
lommisslon early this morning, which
made matters all the worse, as this
'huts off the supply of the Central
I'crk area which was thought to he
The breakage in the large main easl
f I'". North liuinai y station has been
"mind to Ih more BeriOUB than at lirst
Imagined ami. according to Superln-
'endeot Stevens, tiie repair work wllh
the small gang of men he bus at his
lisposal will take several days longer
Services of probate men were d
sired by the conference and theii
Deeds inuj��t he met. Another problem
was securing capabl' men for tie
ministry. If Canada were having but
a normal  growth of population  there
, would be found plenty Ot men for the
fields, but, with such an incoming of
people from all nations, it required a
sweeping   revival   of   religion,   net   of
1 the wildfire sort, but a deepening   of
! consecration.
Mjst Sacrifice Much.
"We can't get a supply of suitable
men from homes where    real    estate
prices form the Btnple    of    eonveraa
' tion," Bald Ur. Chown. Methodism
needed nun who wonld sacrifice much
for religion
Millwcrkers  the   Latest  to   Fall   i
Lint���Officers Were  Elected
Last  Night.
lltill another labor union was added
to the long list iii this eity last even-;
ing in the Bhape of the International
Ctilon   of  Shingle   Weavers.   Sawmill
Workers and  Woodsmen, .No. 28.
This union plans to take in all the
workers In the wood industry throughout the city and district and, according to Organizer U. Knudsen, enough
enthusiasm has been shown during the
,      ,     ,,     , ,     . ,.,    ,      i worth of good.i havc tern stolen anii
ng hard all ct yesterday until day , more lhan 4fl h,,x car8    ,mvu   bem
light t.its morning the brea* was re |broken ,nt0.   unknown to the rcfinbr
paired.   Ihe lines again were Wnn-MtjUorlpne_, a number of spotters hare-
ed up and it is thought the cable will bee- P-RaRed ln ,he yards for g^^.
he  lowered  to  the   bed  of  the  river |tlniP bRck and ��� ,B thr;���-h lhelr rf_
forts and the co-operation of Cliiel
Thomas and his staff of the city police, that the three men were landed
later this morning.
Cause  Unknown.
Just   how   Ihe   trouble   started   hat I
yet to be ascertained, although it    l��ijp  jail.
probable that an anchor from a passing Preliminary Hearing,
boat fouled thc cable and in tryi"ff li The three men held were given a
ri lease, wore t'uro-.igh the heavy \.lre quiet preliminary hearing last ex-eniau
strands and lead pit ing enough 'i lnd remandrd on the request of tbe-
allow water to short circuit the lir.��!   cpecial     service     men.     Two     wcre
About 50 lines were effected a' the
outBet, although    temporary    conne'
liona were made on the bridge, which
carried  the  load  throughout  the u i|
with  little interuption.
"Trouble   Shooter"   Smith,  of   \an
���hareed with having In their room
'n o hotf 1 In the cltv a raincoat known
to have been obtained in au unlawful manner The third man was
charged with having a 0. P. R. SUKson
wrench  in h's posse.-slon.    Owing to
ed   by   the  '-veeiitlve.
Presidents Report.
Or. Smith, the retiring president,
submitted hiB report for the year ns
(lentlemen:���It Is with unqualified
satisfaction that I present this report
Of tho work of the New Westminster
Progreslve association during the flrsl
year of its existence, and as I will be
followed by the Becretary, chairman
the finance committee and the
chairmen of the varlouu other committees who will treat with the details
nf their work, 1 will confine my remarks largely to reviewing the circumstances leading to the organizn-
tlon of this association and Ihe early
Struggle!) to obtain nn established footing as an influential factor for the
furtherance of the Interests of this
city und district nlong progressive
lines, and. finally through the confidence established by the disinterested and unremitting work of your executive, and the support extended by
the business men of the communltv
has placd us in a position, where, I
believe, we are Justified in being looked upon ns a permanent and efficient
Instrument for tbe benefit of the community as a whole imd which, wielded by a comnetent and efficient management, will result in bringing about
an industrial activity on the banks of
the Kraser river, which, in a short time
will make New Westminster the first
Instead of the third industrial Canadian centre west of the great lakes.
A   perusal  of  the  early  records  of
the association demonstrates that th
organization of this association.
regularly *"*"  nUakV.'*  ^ ! ��jm 'expected
1 will leave th. details of the pub-,���8' PJKSfifc all the water in
licity work accomplished in the hands "^ l"r^e s,,,<a t***kt< ']**'* bf�� lir;lw"
of our chairman of the publicity com-, '" byeonsumers. so that at the pres-
niiltee. Mr. Cunningham, to deal with *nt,�� "*'? faiitne exists and all tl.e
j,.r1l���.. 'wells   In   the   neighborhood   are  being
"       A la Canadian Club. brought  Inio  (l��a.    The  people  have
l". the Inauguration of our monthly
midday luncheons we have to some
extent assumed ths functions of the
Canadian club as established in Vancouver and other centres throughout
Canada These luncheons have always
been a popular feature nnd well attended and we have had a number of
verp prominent men address us on a
(Continued on Page Pour.)
laBt few weeks to indicate the lornia
"I  look  across the seas." said    the Uiem of one of the strongest organiza-.	
speaker, "and I see what Lloyd George j lions affiliated with  the local Trade?'couver, arrived early on the scene ol jthe fact that the trial was In Uto	
and Labor council.    The meetings of  the   accident  and,   with   his   debt tote j ture of a private hearing, the names
the   new   union   will   be  held   lu   the' instruments,    succeeded    ln    lo^jtinslof the men arrested were withheld.
Labor Temple on the first and third : within   three   inchea   the  exact   tpotl    The  three prisoners were remand-
Weduesday's of every inonth. where the break occurred.   This work led until Thursday evening st 5 o'clock.
Organizer Knudsen was in the chair  was  all  done from  the-  span ot    th��|The  special  service   man  conuuetinR
when the meeting waB called and. fol- ��� bridge when the cable was still lyinj
ashort addreBB by ihe chair- al the bottom of the river,
man, Vice-president D. S. Cameron, of' A tug and scow were in attendance
the TradeB and Labor council and ��� throughout the day and late lis"
others, the election and installation of evening n start was made splicing the
officers wos proceeded with. Those, ends of the wirea, electric lights he-
elected wcre sb follows: President, C. ing brought into play so that the scow
H. Rurtonshaw; vice-president, A. R. |on which the gang were working wai,
Worley; secretary-treasurer, O. H. ��� kept as light as day.
Holmes; guide. O. K. Hall; gtumtan, Owing to the sharp response n'. thl
J. M. Rogers. Delegates to the TradeB : telephone men. only about four fee
and  Labor council  will be elect-sd atlof wlre    hall    become    BOaked    vitb
has done In placing on the statute
books of lhe L'nited Kingdom the
most perfect expression of the sermon
on the mount that ever went on tho
Bt&tute  books of any country."
A stcrm of applause greeted thlB
statement, "Thai sort of legislation I lowing
will have greater permanency than
iny naval hill or army ibll could have
It is for us in Canada to locate an
atmosphere enabling statesmen to
carry through legislation which makes
for a vitalized nation."
Dr. Chown warned the young ministers fiofrt llie danger of thinking
th--y were too big for ihelr job. There
never was a mun quite big enough to
he a Methodist preacher, be told
tbe nrcsecution intimated that li��
would then have enough evidence to
-onvict those held and probably cause
'he arrest of a number of otftere.
^o-ce Witnesses will be brought train
The accused are  all  married
the next meeting.
Lack   of  a  Quorum   Brings     Anglican
Synod to a Clo6e���New Diocese
to Be Established.
The recent sessions of the synod
of Wesiminster which opened Wednesday . in St. Paula parish hall,
Vancouver, with 120 clergymen in at
tendance, died for lack of a quorum
yesterday at high noon. One by one.
rector, or dean,  fell  the grip
been urged to boil all water taken fr.un
V( "-.
Th�� situation is Buch that, according  to  the   w-iti rwi-rkn  engineers,  it.
is essential that another main be laid
across  country  fr^m  North  Riirnahy.
which would '" ah'e to carry the Jnr.d
In   event   ef  the  first   main  br< aking i
dl wn.    The p-ic nt  trouble exists In :
���i marshy rtist-r/ct whrre tho high pres- I
i-ure  cf  Ihe  water  nnd   the   tnotithle
'inter,,   ef   th"   fll   ha- fl   worked   In
conjunction  to  force  tho pipes    to |
lie*- 1 - rt  the l-lrls.
Cli veland and Cameron, the engi- |
doers in charge of laying the water- j
..���rr'-,-  rvptp-*i   f-tcommendsd  to the*
council last fall the necessity of hav-I
ing a second main laid from North
Burnaby. but, owing to the financial |
stringency, lha o uncit did not deem
li  ndvii  hie to float another loan at
that   time.
The ratepayers will he called upon
���"������"Tr w. Saturday, to p-is�� their vote
either for rr agnlnrt another watfr-
w-rrke hvlaw amount lug to 1200.000.
Fit ��� hundred indications are Dt
-ireyro, m fit,, ji the municipal hall
tor �� iter connections which. If made
this vear. will mean nn ndh'tional
revenue  for next   year nt  least.
This Is the Day People Have a Chance
to Contribute to Furnishing
Port Coqultlam Makes Grant for that
Port Coquitlam. June tl. -Providing
there is no oonfllct with the municipal
act. the city council tills evening de
cided to make a grant of }2fi00 to-1
wards furnishing a private hospital,
whieh will be run by Doctors Doherty 1
and Sutherland.
These gentlemen have leased the!
old Marshall place on the Pitt river
road and propose to establish a j
modern hoapitul for the use of Coquit-1
lam residents and others from sur-
roundlng territory. Uy making this;
grant the council will obtain a special j
reduced rate fur all patients who arc I
waler, so that with the hundred jpniel
feet of cable laid across the river, the
operations were    made   all   the   less
Inside the telephone cables are the
lines of the Western Union Tel0; unit   _
company  and  the   United   Pic.-   but'
these were little if any damaged ow
!: Ing to the heavy Insulation.
H   B. Noble, district chief uf main
tenance. Is in charge of tli" work.
WacRorie Takes Special Car up
thc Valley and Is Impressed With
What   He  Sees.
Fifteen thousand dimes will hr col-
'������ctcd hefore 10 o'clock thl" evening,
f the Women's Auxiliary o' the iloyal
Columbian hospital achieve their ob- , ... r      ^^^^^^^^^^^^
iect. The dimes will be used toward las the property of the city and when
the expense of purchasing tae linen!-he proposed city hospital is erected
for the new hospital nnd, wiih such a I these will be transferred to
Development  League   Exhibits  Aston
ish Strangers.
Otway   Wilkie.   Becretary   of   the
Kraser   Valley   Development     league,
haa  had  during  (be  past   week  largi 1
numbers of daily visitors at his office, j
hailing   from   the   old   country,   India
ii charge on the city.    The fitting.- to Lnd Now Zealand among other domla
he purchased by tho $2500 will be held
Acej-mpatijed by Allan Purvis, in
tiri'tliaii manager of the B. C. K. It..
.' ���i Murray, manager of the Katik
of Commerce in Vancouver, II. R. Wi-
viiin n, local manager of the Bonk or
Commerce and Ed. Stirling, superintendent of the B. C E. R.. D. S. M**r-
Rorle, a prominent ScotliFh banker
and millionaire and a heavy sbs-rr-
holder   in   several   British   ColmnHs
K.   H���
the new-
n,any others cilIs similar nature   was curate, tightening  abOU
Tilw /u^trrneal.s_uTotoeu? " One' / he'las,' and me., hnport.nl
awakened us I"   h   , '      ������       ,        ���cl:���,l8   ,���;<,*���   ���,   the   gathering   WS.
^Toumlvel' so "speak,   we the passing. Thur.dav afternoon, ol
were   moving   along   In   a
scions state;  but with the advi
ii,,,      Canadian      Northern      railway  provlnc ^^^^
rn.i-,1.   our  cltv.   and   the  maturing  nry of the Kootenay diocese and   O*
of wr ambitious and magnificent,har- tending fron. the International bound-
.... the passing, Thursday afternoon,
aeinl-con-  a resolution lo appoint n new   bishop
enl   of   to have charge of all that  part ol the
east of Agasslz to the bound
Court  Order    Made    Yesterday    a.-.d
Purchasers Will  Receive Their
Papers In Due Course.
worthy   oblect.   the   ladies   expect   to
'ind   no   difficulty   in   collecting   the
ipcessary   sum.   New    Westminster
ltl".en8 have always risen to the oc-
.ision   when  cailed   upon   for assiBl-
ncc of tl-.ls kind, and  it  is expected
that they will do so once more today.
Voting  ladloa  will  be  stationed  on
Columbia stroet in the morning and
evening    and    in  the afternoon  will
make their attack on  Queen's  Park.
wh( re   the  Minto  cup  lacrosse  game
wl'l bo In progress.
Small pink badges will he given
��� vi ryotie who contributes his mite and
t Is honed that every last man. woman  and  child  on  tlie  street  will  he
I'icii  wearing the badge  before  the
jlad'es cmplete their day's duties.
Jus', ten cents- -or mere IT you de
sire���a  rum  no  enc  will   miss,  but
wh'eh, If (-.cry one contributes, will
swell  to a handsome total and make
possible thc furnishing of the new ho*.-
Jpttal Is proper etyle.
Department   at   Victoria   So   Notifies
Trustees���Lists Will  Be  Furnished on Application.
��~h-~i-ft  a  stagnant,  unprogressivo  ,lMj   sinillkameen  districts  and  forin
community   set  In   the   midst  of   the  ���,K |, |nt0 a new diocese,    llishop de
mn��t raoWly    developing section    of  pencltr Bnid  there  was a gn .it  need
hi. world's surface. for more personal supervision of these
Progress, Not Boosting )ong stretches of country.     Ihe reso
The DTOPle were called upon to au-  ixiVmu was unanimously earned and a
��� ho-Hre   heavy   expenditures   for   the  Bch,,m��� tor the fulfilment Of the plan
���h��rh(>r  work,    street    Improvements,  win  bl, brought In  at  the next meet
��nrt -aeneral civic advancement  along  (n_   ,���   February,    The  new   bishop's
modem and up-to-date UneB and nt a  headquarters  likely   will  he  at  Kam
complimentary banquet tendered May-   ,      B
or Tee  �� number of  the young  and      ���v an ov
more enthusiastic business men wore
badges  bearing  the   words    '1   UB  *
booEar."   After the banquet an Intor-
ml gathering was held and a "ton-
club organized-    It   wub  quickly
thill   the  word     boor
Closely allied to "boomer"
���^���^���*^*^*^*^*^--  from
A court ( rdcr appolntlug the West. I Killed hv  Fall
minster Trust company as permanent Vall(,0UVt,��� .-,���,���/ g, Through the
liquidators of the People s Trust com-, ' ,     d  J^    ���
piny   which recently went Into lique ;     �� Km ���10oV. ��n  eight-storey
(lation   to advance $15,000 to pay;;olt  Elding in course of erection next to
part of the Indebtedness to tho Nor gj  ,,^ hotol.  Hastings street
iiieru i rown bunk In order to relieve |, t ,..'Axhl���d, a carpenter, fell 90
securities held by the bank, was f ,��� ,np ,,mm(i ���ml WM tak(,n t0
made in supreme court. Vancouver, i ��� g���n���R|' hospital suffering from
yesterday by Mr. Justice Murphy. hroke- |eR9 and Internal Injuries and
The order also allowed lhe liquids    ���PVMe WOUnda on the head.    He died
tor to sell  certain  really of the Peo-Uhls evening
pi- b Trust company In order to pay
There will he DO shortage of tench-
tb for the tall school term, according
o the announcement Just made by
he department of education at Vie-
OrlS. The school board of this city,
is in other cities and municipalities,
vMl hive no difficulty therefore Id
'llliiig all vacancies With highly qunli-
".td Ua'.'herc,
io m^^^^^^^f-ggg...-^^^^        companies, notably the B.  C.
SUSS\�� _?e8eoa__S.aMdr.ft^ fi*& ����-�� -*-��-��� �� ~
of which astonished the visitors as
well as gratified the exhlbilora. One
specimen. 7I,Lj inches in htight, waB
from II. L. Sharp, Port Haney. cut on
May 23, Another from Port Kelis
measured 711'-j IncheB and was sent in
hv Mr. Martia, who cut a whole field
of  it.
Larger Stipends.
Winnipeg, June 6.���The morninr
���ession of the Anglican synod or
Ruperts Land considered some important matters, particularly the question of the salaries of the clergy and
the report on the work of St. John's
college. It was resolved, that dating
from January 1, 1H14, the minimum
stipend of a married priest in active
-lerv'ce In the dlocrse of Ruperts
1 and would bo $10uO and a house.
pleasure jaunt  through the Canadian
west, this being his first visit to See*
Westminster and the Prasi r valley.
At chiiiiwucii automobiles too': ��������_��.
party over the roads near thc Vodti-cr
mountains and through *.W' rich rami   -
ing country of the Frs-ssi-.
According to membeia 6l' tho party.'
Mr. Mac Rone expressed hirtiFelf ma
well pleased with tbe trip and Ji'mi
���(poke highly  of the  farming poun'-*
surrounding New  Westminster,    h*
left  last evening for Vancouver.
Foreigners Flow in.
Winnipeg.    June      6.���Among    the
IHKIW1��� , European   Immigrants   arriving   this
The iargc- Influx of eastern teach- j mcrning waB another large party of
rs. during the current year," Bays the
lepartmental dispatch, "justifies the
education department In notifying all
228 Russian laborera for railway con
struction work lu Western Canada. In
addition to the Russian party several
Wall.  They   Mought   Ee  Batter,    But
This Here Warm Spell Seems t��
Be Helpin' 'em Along.
the school boards throughout the pro- gmaller parties wlll arrive at ti,. c
vince   that   tliere   will   be   an   ample |,,   ���   ^ . ,h|g       ^      f ,
uupply of regular y certified teachers | Euro cmmtrlea    The8t,
ter'       ^^^
Been, however
ter" was so cl--^^__^_______
that there was n great danger
the unfortunate nomenclature being
the means of defeat lng Its own ends.
Therefore nl a public meeting celled
on Aorll HOth of last year the present New Westminster Progressive as-
ociallon was formally organized, The
  rwhelmlng majority,    the
synod decided to forward a memorial
to the general synod protesting
against any changes In the doctrines '"'
or principles of tbe prayer bonk The
Opposition to the memorial moved a
substantive motion expressing an
academic  approval  of  church    unity,
which was quite acceptable to those
present, but which had lo be defeated
by the majority In order to pass tiie
memorial, The latter having heen
passed, tlle lynod unanimously adopted the principles of the substnntive
motion.   Tho matter caused much (Iiu-
off part of the indebtedness u tl."
An overdue payment of ISS,'111 ���-,
Mr. U. Cowdry on u real esM." trult-
nc Inn Involving Jllfi.TuO wad :i so (ll-v
sed Of, the $(8,118 being dijjw.d to
remain as it loan to Mr. Ooyilry ut
15 per et nt. interest
to fill all vacancies whlcch may occur hefcre the opening of school In
\ni'ii:-t next.
"As  trustees  will  In  consequence
meet wiih little or no difficulty In Be-
I curing properly qualified teachers for
their BChools, the education deport-
I ment specially requests that no applications for the issuance of temporary  "ertlflratcs  be   made  during  the
The employment of the ofTice PiatT light wire carrying 2200 volts
will  be continued    and    conveyances* *
and  titles to  persons who hold ' pur | Moote is Safe In ->eattle
chase   agreements   with   the   Pionle'.ii     Victoria.    June
Lineman Electrc-utcd.
Lethbridge. Time 8- M Ul�� this
morning George McKeWe, an electrician in th�� emnloy of the city, wns
electrocuted while working on a pole
directly In front ot the old Caledonian  hall.    The direct  cause of death ,,,,.   .....
w-i��  contact   with  t>   primary  electric I nlenied to Mihnitt  on medication the
Boomerang for Wilson.
Washington, June tl. -An uuexpect-
| cot"''u: term
'The education
6.���UntesB   J,
nulla-.'--.,           - ,i���l������,,���l 1,,   w,it million.      nm  U4-��*vw���   ^����m^��   - - i.eiiuun.   tfin,,-   w,���naiuivn    wwu-cv'
ftrW-sttectWework^rtlclpatodlnwaB ciifl8lo_ i UfUd fof *������ t0lllRht   Emppro
the campaign for the passiigii YeBlerday   morning  was   spent     In j wmium   h��a Jixed   the   morning     o
money   bylnws   covering   ine  niaroui c()mnlit|0(, work   wh|ch went on until June 1�� to rect-lvc hlm and his assist
Improvement   scheme jjntl   "" ,h    lack o( a nuorum    automatically | ants, who are lo present a coiiRrautla
_?!_S_;.0,V'_,Hv1,nSS ind I  be brought all proceedings to a Cob,-.	
recollect, were all  passed and
     __   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       lt.
Trust c'oinpn'|iv"will be'givon tolSoMIHonfe, who acted ns stock  salesman
who have completed  payment. of  the  defunct  Hankers    1rust  coin-
 ��� pany, and wns arrested In Seattle last j
I week, on InstructlonB Issued by Vic-
And  Andy  Used to Work. torla   authorities   Inadvertently   ven-!
London. Juno  6.���Andrew Carnegie  tures Into Canadian territory, ho will
Emperor not have to rtand trial for conspiracy.
of   Moore denied the charge and resisted
- I extradition.    The crown nrtcr inveB-
  ligation st Seattle haB decided to drop
tory nddr-ss. I 'tho charge.
names of teachers anxious .t0oi��?u^|0.0peia," that the investigating com
oor't'nna in the reliools of the prov-i       ��
Ueglna.   June   !.���Telegraphto   t*-
aI porta  on  general  crop  prospecta  Pax
party" of 46 Roumanians, 79 aallclans, V*\ P���t'n"  of  Sa^at^howar.    senl
40 Swedes and 6 Frenchmen. ' '' the depar ment of asr.oulture -tm**
 _J  'that the grain Is making satisfactory
' progress.
Although not so far advanced ss .at
ed turn   was   given   the   "Insidious ���**<��� ���������� Ume 'a9t >'p��r' ""*. *K
lobby" Investigation today when Sena- �� week to ten days later due to tte
tor Townsend said that the undue in- f >' ��M��' *Mth, with the showers tkat
llnence which    had    been    given    by  h'1^ *>^} P'ovalent and the wuws-
Presidenl Wilson and the Democratic <**���>'* llf !hf P"st *_���* ll',! V,,^__J!Hrs
ting of the tariff improved in growth    and   is hwinac
nearest approach  *���}������
������^���^     -'    The average height of the wheat t*
from  four to bIx Inches.    At   itti-xlt*
Creek thc wheat ls eight Inchea *****
at  Nelfort  seven  Inches, aim-re    *bt*
None of the wheat aene-tp*
partment will be!0*-1'"-1'3 uP��n the making of the t
, i,ui    w* i!,,i, ,i the "nearest aimri
bill, constItuted the
Si- John A.'n Anniversary.
Toronto, June ti.- The 22nd anniversary Of tho death of Sir John A.
Macdonald was observed this afternoon. The Conservative and other
associations placed flowers on the
statue of the great statesman1 In
Uueen'e Park. Tributes to his memory were also paid by several speakers.
in  undue  influence upon members of
eSB," that tlie investlgat'
mlttee would be able to find
Shuts  Down  Plant. 'ground.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Eureka, Oal��� June 6 -The plant of llas had lo be resown and there **>
the Pacific Lumber company at Scotia I*"0''9 to be plenty of molsturo in tba
was phut down today ns the result of ground with the exception of m
a  walkout of  DO  trainmen  who  de-  Isolated spots,
nianded that lhelr wages be Increased!    Eighty per cent, of thc barlny
to the scale In effect on the North-  age Is now In the ground and *i
western    Pacific    railroad.    8lxteen an Increase of 25 per cent to SI
rttrlkebreakcra brought in yeBterday by cent.
tho company  refused tc  replace ths     The crops   generally   are
strikers today. I good progress and are very P*
luakiDC 1-p.tVE TWO
Je-'^tr^j'. I :V\.
*-Xt*t-    -.j-* -���'���' ��� * g
X ri miti-nee*'.' el morning paper tieeoted to the inter-sts of  .Vete   l|-f,i(min,.l'-r and
th. iemser Valley.    l',.litish.:t every mrimiili; exei pt Sunday bit the Sational 1'rintino
***tt PntltsMng -Company, Limited, at (13  UcHeitStt Street, .Veil*   Westminster, liritish '.
Oit*n..t.,o ROBB  Sl'TllFfl'l.ASfl,  itantialnr,   Hirector.
Ali eomtnttnie^tlitins ste,old he addressed to The KetO  Westminster Seies, nr.it nnt
tUl inttr-.MmU tnemhers ttf the stuff.    Cheilites, drafts, antl monejl orders Ahould  lie made
-pasrttl/Xe to TUe National Printing and Publlthlny Company, Limited.
T'fif-Brl-fOrVRS    llusincss Office and Monayer, itt; Editorial Dooms lall depart-
���UTMlKl.     SSI.
tftjeaXTtttPTlOS RATHS���Ity carrier, Jt per year, $1 for three monUis, -tdc per
IWMlli     Iin mull, l.t  per t'-mr, 2,1c per month.
sintmyrtBOto batbb on duplication.
Permanent Foard Confirms Action of
Provisional Directors���Park Board
and Coal Harbor.
Vancouver, June fi. Permanent directors representing the different municipalities Interested In the Burrard
lnh t Tunnel nnd Bridge company were
named yesterday. They are as follows;
I-'. Carter-Cotton West Vancouver;
Alderman Vance. North Vancouver;
Councillors Brldgeman and l.outet,
'���'��� rth Vancouver district; Alderman
Weodside, Vancouver.    Mr. R Carter-
Cotton was ih" unanimous choice for
president  of the hoard  of directors
and  Iteeve  Mny, of North  Vancouver
was   chosen   for   vice-presi-
It appears that up to the present very small quantities
-of Alberta wheat, as compared with lhe shiploads of grain
received from other parts of the world, have been received
in the British Isles, and that some haziness in respect to its district,
qualities exists in the corn trade circles there. :,!' ft\M 6fMl. ���, lav ov,,. untll lh���
The reason for so little of thc Albertan yield finding next meeting the selection of a sec-
its way across the Atlantic is not far to seek, for a very
large proportion has to date been absorbed by the great
tnillinp interests to the south of the line who gladly use it
In their mixtures. There are two factors which may be
looked for in the immediate future and which have a bearing upon the position which Pacific ports will occupy in
relation to this question. The first is that the acreage
under wheat in Alberta is now about one-tenth of those i
proportions it jnay be made to assume, and again,
A Breakfast
in Ceylon
would not bring you a
more delicious cup of tea
than you may have at
your own table by using
Black, Green and Mixed
��� t-iry and treasurer.   I'ntii a permanent treasurer is named, Mr. 1-1. Million, of the provisional directors, was j
named  for that  position,
With the exception of a clause in the
agreement made with Sir .lohn Wolfe
: Marry and partners, consulting engl-
neers of London, tlie permanent directors confirmed everything undertaken
or done l.y the provisional hoard.
Labor and Coal  Strike
That two delegates would  be sent
the  t0 the congress club to confer with
Opening of the Panama canal will ensure for prairie wheat ��ft&mffi��S, ^uT'^lJ-l
���g rowers, as far east as central Saskatchewan, a conveni- "�� question and that of the Musician
.ent route for the shipping of their produce to Europe.        J^VL'^Vb^w'S. d*
It is an established fact that the further north wheat elded at the Trades and Labor coun-
can be grown the harder and better is the quality of grain ;;;'.;;' ^deTtS" mS ^11���
produced.  It will lie remembered that wheat grown in the tions to the local members cf pariia-
Peace River district took first prize at the St. Louis international exhibition, and that today a flour mill is operating in the wheat belt where this seed was grown, over half
a thousand miles north of Edmonton.
Alberta wheat is not of the somewhat soft nature of
that grown in the American Pacific coast states, rather it
is the equal of the Manitoba hard wheat which has established so enviable a reputation in England. I	
Once the canal route is opened for its transhipment hoard tf works "yesterday
we have no doubt that the millers of Europe will be com- c"Kinr*T AMOrdln8 '"
peting for this brand of wheat which, we trust, mav bear
the name of "Fraser River" as its point of ocean shipment
fc the same way that Argentina's great river, the La Plata
or Plate river, has given one appellation to South American grain shipments.
Island    City's    Development    League
Gets   Busy���In   Market   For
As a possible solution of the sex
���qnarml in Bhlgtand, somebody has
propoaed a. parliament of women. A
wriur in the London Daily Mail says:
"lt would be possible wllh the en-
"t.liiii-.a.irii and wealth which the suf-
JkSgettca command to organize a woman's parliament or senate, elected
���on representative liiir-s by the women
erf the whole country. Such a body
��� could di-vug? proposals and draft una
���sii.'.K    I'iieu though if possessedfno
an etiie ���.uthnrily, if it acted with
Kuiilv.. jud.rrmmi and moderation it
would speedily acquire ' immense in-
Slueaae ita recommendations would
ami he littiity disregard d by the
house of commons when iln-y had pub
lie opinion behind tin-in. Ill lhis per-
Verify orderly and legal manner women .-iwilil obtain (lislinclinn, sway
ithe legislature, and demonstrate alike
their capacity and the justice of Iheir
Tie- objection tlial such a parliament would nol iKiHsess executive or
���even legislative power is serious, but
not ulmolutriy destructive, The Hrlt-
isb  house of commons at one time
tuxA no power to decide I lie fate of
i ni in it.'its. and lline was a pi rled in
dts ��.".irly history when it enacted very
few  la-ftR.
The confc-deraliii-r, (if the Canadian
prov incel waa brought aboul by a
-co*, fcronce. posBFBBlTtg no legislative
poi. i. A corn-mi I a lory, deliberative
.and advisory body is not necessarily
impoU'tit. and sm-h a body.  If wisely
coiidiieii-d, at��a.ys tends to accumulate power.
Thr real difficulty is that these wo-
-������nvn who earnestly desire the fran-
<tiirt' would noi be satisfied with the
���Women's parliament and would re-
jtard i' simply as a trick Intended lo
*.idenic"x tbe suffrage movement. Tor
Ibis reason we should he surprised
��i> n< e tiie new movement making any
greal   lieai)way   -Toronto  Star.
but there is Utile enjoyment in talking about rights when a child is mangled or killed.
It is a notable fact that Ihe smooth
asphalt affords an alluring field for
play. Boya play baseball in the
streets which surround the playgrounds, simply because the asphalt
is smoother than lhe field available
on the playground. The asphalt la
also ideal for roller skating, and a
boy with roller nkales in a street
vlior-i there is traffic is an extra hazardous risk.
Whatever may be ihe shortcomings
of drivers of pleasure and business
nu t ir vehicles, and whatever restrictions are placed on them, the boy
playing in the streets is in danger all
He* time and a ci rtain per centagc
will manage t" ii"t injured. Anj person whu has ridden in an automobile,
no matter Imw carefully handled
knows Hie Blckenlng fear i f tho possibility of a youngster turning up Instantaneously ami unexpectedly in
front   of   the   wheels.
As lung as the boyish fancy la for
roller skating it might be a wise plan
for   thi'    playgrounds    to    he   equipped
with'asphalt rinks, where the skit is
can Indulge in the pasttlme without
any more Ihan the usual risks that
hang over boyhood.
Il there are districts too far from
playgrounds provision should he made
barring automobiles from certain
Btretches of roadway. The huy .cd
the motor vehicle cannot occupy the
Btreet at Hie same tliiie, and parent?
officials and vehicle drivers will do
well lo come to a reasonable under
standing about it. Seattle Posl Int**1
ligi neer.
ment asking lhal body to Interfere
in the coal Btrike on iir* Island, Afier ihe usual routine lied been gone
through, Mr. Wooley of the Bakers'
and Confectioners' union, who is visiting here, addressed Hie council.
Ccal Harbor Plans
The  board  < f park  commissioners
held   a   private     meeting     yesterday
morning, at which ii is belli veil they
discussed  the plan for the treatment.
of coal Harbor presented to the civic
by (he city
stati ments
' of   the   members   of   the   park   board
the city  will have to go to the beard
with  any  scheme  they may  have  for
tho  Improvement  of Coal   Harbor,  as
it   is claimed the commissioners have
full control of the basin, and anything
that is done can only be carried out
with  their consent.
Seaman's  Institute  Opens
The in w- Seaman's Institute, 1171
Seal on street, will he formerly opened tomorrow at :; p. in. The woman's
auxllllary has arranged a garden parly on the institute's ground, and in
the evening an al frrsco concert wiii
he given by Miss Maude Scruhy, assisted by local professional talent.
Organizing   Officer   Wanta   to   Know
How   Many   Are  Going
Tlie cadet camp which is to be held
at Sidney, B. C, for all the cadet
corps from the 21st to the 26tll of
July inclusive, will he open for this
year only lo all schools, bcya brigades and hoy scouts as well, lt is
desirable thai Hn* principal ef each
sei,, ,,i shall Inform Maji r A. B. Snow,
( rganlzi r and Inspector of cadi ts. Victoria, as mon as possible th" nuiiib-^r
of hies intending to lake advantage
of tin- camp,
All   teachers  In  possession  of cadet
instructors   certificates,   alao    thos
taking nn interest In the cadet movement  are heartily  Invited  to attend.
All  those attending  will  be issued
their transport tn
rations during th
Nanaimo, June tl. An invitation
was extended last night by wire from
tho Nanaimo Industrial Development
League lo iho citizens if New* West
mlnsli r to le 11 their annual civic
excursion to Nanalmo. li is altogether likely that lhe invitation will be
accepted, in which i vent the league
v. ill prepare a fit 'in:; 11 ci ptlon fer
the   visitors.
Tlie league Is now in correspon
deuce with several organizations, who
ii Is bellevi :i can le* Induct d to hold
excursions lure during the summer
months. Nanaimo is jus. He- right
distance from the mainland to muke
a favorable excursion run. and the
fact thai the Patricia is on teh run
adds al the more lo the popularity
of the run.
Tlie league haa appointed a large
entertainment committee and wlll ask
a similar committee from the hoard
of irade and the automobile association to act in conjunction with them
and ;;u after as many excursions as
possible this summer.
The ('. I'. K. has offered to lend
every assistance, and ilis confidently
believed that more excursions wlll
cine here during the Eiiiniiier than
has during the last Eeveral yeara put
koeplng and vegetable and small fruit
growing, lt la thought that this type
of woman Ib especially Biiited to Canada on account of physique, love of
an open-air life, and training iu the
Bubjecta  above  named.
For them it is highly neceaaary to
have Canadian experience before in-
vestiti what capital they may possess,
and this experience will be acquired
during their twelve months' stay In
the settlement.
It Ib believes that ir the first settlement In Vernon proves successful.
government aid will be granted to future settlements. The purchase money for the land has been found by
sinunch supporters of the scheme, the
ailo having been selected by the Hon.
Mrs. N. fjrosveiior (chairman of the
Colonial Intelligence league) and Miss
Cohen (vice-chairman) who visited
Vernon  last year.
II is anticipated lhal the coat of the
erection of Bailable buildings, the
laying out and planting of the farm,
and running expenses for two years,
will amount to about $1,1.01)0. and It
li believed that after about two years
the farm, under proper management,
will  he self supporting.
Mixed  Farmin-p  on  Small  Scale
Miss BneluB Btates that the trained
women .horliculturists who will be
s"til mil will nol he charged fees during their yrar's residence at the settlement, but ll Is possible thnl a few
hoarders will be I aken In at first to
help  llle settlement   to   pay
Miss SneluS  is an  experienced Iv-
lieiilturist, having been for some time
head of the Colonial training college
Stoke Prior, Kngland, and she iris
lie assistance and advice of a lor*,'
committee, which Includes Mr, Oeorgs
Haggle, -Mr. and Mrs. Kldson and Mr.
Gilbert Parker. She proposes to utll
ize the land for mixed farming, cn 8
necessarily nud rate seal", -it the
start to grow fruit and vegetables,
nnd lo keep a cow, poultry, and, pops!
bly. bees.
'I'liis being in the nature of an ex
perini' nlal station, the Bt I 1 tment will
naturally be run on the soundest com
niercial lilies, producing whatever will
h" most popular in ihe particular locality. In 111" Wl ids of (lie Hi n. Mr::.
Norman Orcsvenor, "We want, if possible, to Bhow that womi n ean mak
a living oul ef the land and to givu
them an opportunity of seeing how lt
can   be  done."
Numerous  PoslbHItles
Mlsa Snelus has been given com-
plete control of the administration
of the settlement, but she will take
a broad and comprehensive view- of
the possibilities and give her com
mlttee a full account nf Hi" ooneltis
lona to which she arrives.
In a letter lo Mias Snelus. Mrs.
Grosvenor states, "We believe this
experiment to he one fraught with
immense possibilities for good both
to the women themselves and the
country where Ihey will settle, and
we haev every confidence in your
eagernesR and ability to carry I'
through to a successful Issue."
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pasa Standard
Specifications of American and  Canadian   l-lngineern'  Ai.sociailiiii.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
tin. to 114-lu. ln diameter. This ia also made In lhis Province und we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry  a stock of Crushed  itock,  Washed  Gravel, Sand,
Ume, 1'laBter, etc.
1   See ub before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shinsles ON TIIE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Colonial   Intelligence   League      Starts
Training Station���Hope For Aid
From Government
Vernon,  B,   C,  June   6.���Believing
thai there Is In Canada a good op n
ing for girln and  women of the educated classes, In horticulture and the
minor forms of agriculture, and that
there in England a considerable number of glrla  anxious   to   lake   up   this
kind of work  overseas,  the  Colonial
Intelligence league, of which the president  is It.  II.  Princess Christian, of
Schleswig-Holstclu,  bas  established a
md from camp and  settlement at  Vernon,  ll. C,
six  daya' training.       Here It is proposed to give English
girls, who desire to embark on enter-
MOW COMPLETED I prists  of   thia   nature.   Hie   necessary
Property owners and residents on
First and Second strels and Third nei
Fourth avenues are congratulating
themselves en the fact lhal the bltulithic paving on theso thoroughfares
is about completed. There have heen
numerous expressions of satisfaction
with tl"- paving, which has wrought
a remarkable Improvement in the appearance of these Btreets, and will
have, it  is raid, a beneficial effect on
experience of local methods of farming and margeting their produce. Thia
is ie : io Iii* a training college bul an
experimental station whero thoy maj
learn local conditions and gain ex-
perience before -tar ing on their own
Miss Sr.ilus, the superintendent it
the first settlement to lie established
liy the league, arrived at Vernon n
few days ago and la now busy super-
Intending the erection of the house
and the laying oul of the fifteen act-
1   ..
Wtust thia empire ol cms ni t 6
Organisation.   H faces Bome of
ii��-Ht organised empires iii history,
the organisation will l"- a bug
���for of aueci-sa win n llie final
corn'-i. As a matter ol tact, we ahall
ncn. lie required to make any rl
f'tf*.i*A iii order to bring about thi.- or-
va ni--iii ion rather the contrary but
�����e could well afford to make BOme
very eerioiu sacrifices it thai were
Kor lack, or organization, Uie Brit-
ish empire may easily be shattered
thy home fuUire, contact with a more
���solid rival; and the shattering of the
���empire means Hh.v end of Canada's
���dream of a national immortality.
Surely two of the first ateps to-
���ward such an organization are a ain-
Xle navy and a single foreign policy.
And we should chare in both, Our
���share, to begin wiih, will he small
We are few p-i'-ople and we are learners. Three dreadnoughts will make
u very good beginning as mi'- n pr
n-enfativet) in the one navy; ami a
miniiaU-r sitting oa Uu committee or
imperial defence, will f.iirli launch
u�� on tbe imperial policy.- Montreal
in    reciprocity    treaty    between
i  Hi ii iin   mil  tii,- United Stati
tiated  i v   I ie,I   1*11.:in.  regulatlni
relation between Canada and the
Cr, :*.
l i-    d Btates ':i regard to trade, (lsb
erlea   eti concludi il    tiit> nun*
yearB ago loday     H  waa notable nt
1 elng the flret of i 'id', treaties, lnvo!\
:���;- I.' leal li n i>: ri mi, ir t.irifl
r.i, i, Into *��� hich in,* Utiiti il Statei
haB  enti nil.
l hla n clprocal trade In 11 rtaln com.
modltleB, principally i;: ���*��� ni iterlal or
half maufncturecl products, continued
until 186H, v\in*ii it waa terminated bj
tho United Stati n Hopkins, In hlf
History of Canada, points to thlr
treaty as "tin- ono diplomatic develop
ineiii in the histon of British Amerlci
where Canadian interests were fully
ami adequately guarded."
The abrogation i f tho treaty, which
was largely duo to anti-British feeling
In the l'nited States, was afterward
a source of regrel in that country
and too late Uncle Sam realized thai
ho had "cut off his nose to spile his | gate
; property    values.    Those    who   have! of   land,   cn   tin-   Coldstream   ranch
observed bilullthic elsewhere any thai
'in addition to giving horses and automobiles a  perfectly smooth and non-
slippery,  noiseless Bervlce,  It  stands
tii" wi nr and tear of traffic in Btich ex
ccplii nal degr.ee lhal there will be no
repairs lo annoy the people living on
these strei is.
The work of tiie Columbia Bltul thlc
company   is  now  being  concentrated
on Sixth avenue    Aboul ono hundn ���
nu n an* i mployi d by the company in
Ni  .     Wi * tmleter.     A     considerable
number "( thi se are cltj   ��� mployi ������-
Municipal   work   li lng   i' oi,   a   i nc
*���   i:i"  *.. i    ii .oi.* th ii  ���',..-    mi ii  bi
;,!i! on the bitulithic v ' rk    The ��� nm
o my ir* ��� the municlpalitj halt v .".* in
ihi     "rl ioi- finding the arrangement
.i verj satisfactory one, for tie- reason
that ai! "I the city emploj ��� i s ar.* do
goi (I  work.
which has been purchased. She iB al.
present staying n ihe Orange hotel
li.it Btali i thai she will camp out on
the rain li sin rtly In ordi r that she
mav bn in a b po il   on to super-
vii e tin   ������ orli of pn paring the settle.
mi nt fl r Ua f ttlTl   ' cccp Ill's.
Will Send Tr-oiicd Women
li :-( | romiBod . ,*. *h var to send
.-;t i Ighi i r ii ri . omen, who have
hi i ii Ira'i "ii in I: r* e* I ural ( olb *-"-
n lln* i nl i" ul:* mil *aIio will h ���
iin "!*, "M "i* "nei il in iiie minor agricultural   ars   poultry   rearing,   bee
Beard of Trade  to Apprcach Government With Object of Establishing
Ecna  Fide  Industries.
Prince  Rupert,  .luce  li     Tli"    pro
vlncia)  government   will  be  urged  to
throw  open  tli"  governmenl    waterfrontage in section two, ro tint bona
lido Industries may become establish
ed, action along thi- lie" being takei
by die board of trade lasl evi i ng
The matter was brought up !i\ I
Sidney Smith, of the Atlin !���' sheriei
Mr, SuHili dcsIrcB waterfroi ige In
order to erect ., oold Btora te planl I ii
is no nearer to accomplishing thlp
now than he was when le- arrived
hi re months ago.
Mr. Smith told of going lo Victoria,
hut he svas unable to see M- Uoss.
Mr. Smith said ho wuuld require some
u-iistunee in the Becurlng of a sii".
ami he solicited lhe eo opi r.i'ion of
the board. Ho proposed imt' ng up
a plant. There would In* a r*"",! pay
roll. Ile wished a hast of al hast
twenty years. He would he prepared
to pav a ficiire that would I" in ;i
per with what In- wuuld have In pay
in lhe cities fn the south,
Ho represented also    'hat    anot'ier
party  that stood  pre pan d  to ere<    a
plant   four  times  ihe  size of wb it  he
Iinii   In   view   himself.     TheS"   ent( r.-
prlees would ho ready to start   is so n
as   the  lease  was    secure1:      l-'amili s
would com" Lore, and there would 1
regular payrolls.    Ho needed 200 fed
of waterfrontage ami would guaranti
in   have   $40,000   Bpenl     within     si
it was finally moved thatt hi  board
of trade request  th" provincial  gov
ernment to throw  open  tbe     vator
frontage fnr bona fide iiulustrii   . sub
ji et to timo limit as lo imiroM  .lenls.
ami  that  a  commltti e of tie   board
take   this   matter   up.    'i his    asscd
iiiritilmi uflly
From  1 nose Who Advertise
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advertise. Thoy will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   It helps us.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
SI'-AV Vi-K.-m ..II.NSTI'ol LODCS N-O !
II & I'. O. (if Klks of th" I>. "f '-������ iM"-
ilu- flrsl .'nnl thin! Thursday at s p. rn.
K. nl P. Hull. Eighth stri'K A Well
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P. II. -smith. Hoc
-.. (l. fl. M. NO. USI. MKKI'S (IS
PrM, second, third nnd fourth Wttht-e*.
day in ,nc!i month at B p. m..
in ihr- Moose Home. II. Jt Left-ray,
dictator:      I'.      1-1.     Jones,     sum-iHry.
Hi li iiiu.irl, rs    of    loilK<*    In    SSfl    lloufu'.
comer of Fourth and Camaimon streets
1. O. O. [���*. AMITY LODGB NO 17���Th
rt'Kular mfMHtng of Ainli> isdffe Ni
���^7. I, o. o. P., is h*-i<l every Mon-in*
nlitl.t al �� o'clock In Oil.I IMlo-wK- H��l
enrner Carnarvon nml Kiwi,rli ntr"*-tf
Vlnitllif; l.r.lhi'rn conllnlly Invlt'T
It. A. Mi ri lini'W, N. (!.; .r. Kohf-nso:
���*. O.; W, C. Coutliiiin. I' il.. r��-coiT
Iiik secretary; tl. W. Bansster, fmai
< lal secretary,
.    BOWELL,    (HUCCBSSOiR   TO   <*ny
tor   K    I Iiiiuii,.    Ltd. 1 *���Funeral   <llr"(Mo!
noil . ii halmers     Parlors 406 Colnnihl
street,   New  Westminster.    Phone  tin
W   E   r-A LffiS���Pioneer Funeral Dlrer<
,n'l   Kinlmlrner,   GlU-filf   Affiles   mr,*
opposite ('urni-trle Library
rlsters, Solicitors, etc. it, Lorne Street,
New Westminster. <*.. B. Corbould, K
<���    J   It. Grant    A. B. MeColl.
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. Telephdn-s
|li70.       Cable       tifldre-ss       ".lohiiHton."
1 Co-do, "Western Union." Offices. Ellis
Bloak, 668 Columbia street. New vvcet-
minster.  B. C.
sufc - ��� Barristers (Liid Solicitors, Westminster Trust Hlk.. Columbia street.
Mew Westminster, Fl. c.   Cable address
! "Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
1'rawer    200.      Telephone    69      W.    J.
', Whiteside, K. C.: n. L. Edmonds. D
J 8TILWBLL, CLUTK. Barrlstar-at-law
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia an-i
McKensIS streets, New Wi'Hi inliiHter
ll   (.'.   I'   O. Boi 112.    Telephone   710
Solicitor nml Nolliry. Ofrics Ibirt
hiiieu, 2*-! Lome street, New WestmlD-
so r.  It. C.
Barristers und Solicitors, noii lo fil��
Westminster Trust Hlock i; Ri, Mnir-
i'ti.   W,  ii.  McQuarrie   and Qeorge L
' '.iHsioIy.
With tin; acreage within til" city il"
voted ti) plarprounda there in no long '
a. valid excuse for children swarming
in the tdreots nl the risk of their
Hv-o-s. especially in this day ot swilt-
ly moving vehicles. True it affords
a. crrlaiti aiminul tif iniml satisfaction
to asBcrl a claim to Iho use of Iho
jctreet an agalnsl thai cd iho vehicle;
Qoldwln Smith, famous educator, o*
Bayist, editor and  historian,  tiled  in
Toronto three yean   ago today.    For
noaily  forty  years   Proi   Smith   wat
i tie "i tli" mosl brilliant flguri s 1:1 (la
: '."* 11*. literaure.    1 n ring 1 ;i il  period
he edlti 'i Hi-   Can idlan Monthly,  i'r
Wi el   . : il the Bystandi r. coi Irihul
t 1 ''"' gre 'i  revlev .*   of En ;lai d a  rl
\n ��� ��� lea,   * *      nrote   man 1     tilumfii
1.   ilin)    * Ith I'   ti rj. I Ioi rap <.   i"*..i
1 1;. r< llglon and ei tilci
Kortj ��� '���'. 1 n j ears ago today  l,i	
Penlani 1 rosi ��� il Ho* boundary in'" -1 1
��� . ��� rn iov nshlps of Quebec, 0111. 1 n
li 1 nn* - 1,1 tii" concentration ol a
for . . : . thousand regulars and mllltla .ii   Huntington,  backed  hy  n   re
gervi    1.1 rn Mi ntroal, ilu- leadi 1
decided nol to give bal tie, and the in
vadcrs dispi r: el.
Victoria,  .lini" ii     \  new    logging
mp i'  i' ported hy tie  tlml pr offi i
''!'* *::i! ���   to !:im*  op, in ii   up  ill    -tdll'h -
river  at   tin*  h ad  of  Bute  Inlet.    Sixty men, in tie- employ "f the '
-'"iitli-'-it"  Logging  company,  .-in-  n' ;
���.-.oil; in 'hi* camp, eli aring a r ghl of-
������ ��� v tor 1 logging railway, to run thn 1
miles in' 1 Mi" I mh.
The company it*- composed 1 1 Seal
��� '" I*,, i nnd nil th" tlmbi r "at om thi
prop    ri  to  li* exported    t"    th *
Vr-1 ��� r-��� ��� -(   Bide.    As  th"   prnpert)   i*
lu M   under  ono of t'i      old    c
��� ii    1 >r 1"r   t '   March,    ' Ifl I,
Ihi l"   ll    no  ii*. l-ii lion   I 1   un   *��� .* '   "*���*
,11 rt, .       ;   l'i* tlmbl r lias paid  ro;. al
Lost  $23000.
N'annlmo, June 6     foseph Walla"'.
manager or  ihe  Wilson   pool   rooms,
and  former proprietor of  lhe  Palace
::������, I     :i   I'd   cily,   Ioi 1      a   lortlllio   of
t2':.i,'o hy reason cf Craganour being
dlsqt   litii (I   ,n   th"   Derby  on   Wed
nrrdaj   I sl     Mr,  Walla :i   drew C'ra- '
m ii In * * Balm ���  ewei pstake.
Baking Powder
is the greatest of modern-
time helps to perfect cake
and biscuit making. Makes
home baking pleasant and
profitable. It renders the
food more digestible and
guarantees it safe from
alum and all adulterants.
s.ii,. Lii us. Business Letters, "tc.; ch
culir work speclnllst. All work sirlcil
confidential. It Barry, room lil West
min 'it Trust  Hlk     limne 7n^.
Accountant, Tel. It 1-K. Room 2
Hart blink.
P, II   Hmllh. W. J. r.roi,:
Wnr,.   ilia!, rt. .(m    in    cltv    and    oulslit
i-oiiif.   21l-ia   Westminster  Trust   Bldi
Phoi (i 3i,i.    i'. o. iiox r.'ii.
it I'.iii-H of Trade meets In the has
i -am. City Hull, as follows: Third !r'
i* iy oi each month: quarterly me+tlt
��� il Uu- ihlril Friday of February, Ma
VIlKUHt snd Nnv(*inl���r al H |>.in Ai
jual n "cllnKS on Hi,* third Friday l
-'I'liruii y, (:. II. Btuart Wade, (,-cri
P.O. B<    34 Dally News Bldg
nf all  kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarantee
69 McKcruic St.
COAL MINING rights of (hf Dominion
i in Manitoba, MuHkutclu-wjui and All mrt*,
the Yukon Territory, tho NoriliwcRt T��r-
I rltorl^a ami in a portion of H*"* I'roviooe
I >f Writ lnh Columbia, mny lm leaaed for t\
��� u-rm of twf'nty-otu* yoarn nt :m annti��l
, rnntal nf $1 un am\ N'it more tlmn 2[>tft
. tcrt'H wiii ho Leaded to oaf. applloant<
A|)plltMllnn for a Ii-kwi mOflt be mads
��v tim applloant in parson to tbo Agnnt
>r Bub-Affortt "f thc rllHtrlct in which tb��
rlgbtfl applied for arc situated
Tn surveyed territory the land must be
Inscribed tv nectlonH, or leKtU Hiib-fllvl-
���<lonn of Bet tlons, uiul In unsurveyed ter-
Htory the tract applh'il for shall be
utoltnd <nit by the applloant himself.
EQacli apm lent ion imiHt h<�� acoompAated
hy a fco of %b which will be refunded If
ihi�� rights applied for aro not available,
but not otherwise. A royally shall ba
paid on tin* merchantable output of tha
mlnf at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person opnnith'K the mine eha't
fornl-h tf'<* AK't-nt with sworn rctnrna
accounting for tin- full quantity of m<u*-
ehantable noal mined and pay the royalty th i' ��� ti Tr tlu- coal tniuliiR rlKbla
are not Im��� 111�� operated sueh rc-turnHHliould
he  furnlehru   at   h-ant   once a yetir.
The kriNt w\\\ Include Urn Coal mining
rights   t'tily,    bul    the    1'ftMirt   will    be   \WT-
mlt'i'il  to   purchase   whatever   available
kui face  rlehtfl  may  be considered  noc*'��-
���ary for the working 0( toe mine at the
.ate of fio tin ncro.
i     I'Vtr full  inlormitlon application Bhould
he mini.' to ii*- Ri'cretar/ tif Uie Depart-
I nunt of iii" Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent  or Suli-AJBent  of  li-Miilnioii   I>ainl��.
Depuiv  Minister of the Interior..
N. n.���TJnauthorlsed publlcntlmi or this
i advorUBCir.'.ut .vlll uot he paid lor. SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1913.
Irresponsible Idiotorials
Suggestions, Queries,  Bricks ard Bouquets Are  Invited.     AddieS3 Al
Correspondence to The  ld.;ter, The News,  Mw Westminster.
A record political splelfesl
wan thai staged in the horse
show arena here lust Monday , veiling. Aidid and abetted hy members
of IiIh cabinet, the premier, once familiarly known up and down the Kraser
valley as "Dewdney Dick," was the
guest of honor, speaker of tho evening and favored native boh on the
10th auulversary of his acceBBlon
to office and tho establishing of party government In the province of
liritish Columbia. There was no
"mounting in hot haste," for it wasn't
the eve of battle, but, nevertheless,
"bright the lamps (electric) shone
on fair women and brave men." The
gathering demonstrated the strength
of tbe ruling party In Ilrltfsh Columbia also the almost general satisfaction of the land under McBride control. Liberals were cordially Invited
to come and celebrate the fact that
for ten long weary annums, they had-
not had a monkey's share ln governing this banner province.
The Presbyterian church In Canada
doesn't si-em to bo much of an adept
at counting noses within Its fold. Tho
census man has beaten the pastors
and elders to it with a total of a guar- '
ter of a million self-eunfesied bellev-
ern In the shorter catechism more
tlmn th�� kirk llrhls could account for
All this was taken ns a text by one
member of ihe general assembly now |
In session In Toronto, who remarked
that, while the financial affairs of the
church never had been better, the
spiritual showing was most unsatisfactory. Since the "spiritual showing" Is gem rally conceded to be the
church's main business, it would seem
that It has suffered somewhat In the
development of the dollars and cents
side Hue.
They're always doing something out
in llurnaby When they're not laying pavement, eilling roads or electing school trustees, they're making It
lively for one another ln a social way.
Kvery now and then they meet in
small gatherings on the sidewalks to
compare notes on bow the council
ia getting along���or otherwise���and
every other now and then Ihey pool
their Interests and descend on the
municipal hall with a few straight
opinions to air for the benefi- of their
chosen representatives. Thursday
evening saw one of these descents.
A twenty and forty mill tax rate recently struck Is proving as comfortable to some of tlle landowners In
the lake section as a bumble bee In
a Scotchman's kilt, so they are demanding to know the whys and where
fors with appropriate accompanying
lng, Interpreted means "hear, hear,"
"hodi," or "boot mon.") Then ton,
says Huron Chlnda. who sports the
chrysanthemums ahout Washington,
this .lohnson, California, antl-allen
business is a blow to our nutionui
pride sad blow lo great pride. Perfectly honest Japanese schoolboys are
hurt muchly in the, region of the
heart thereby, expurgate hc, Chlnda,
Wheresoever, nevertheless, we demand to know. And Wilson and
Ilryan bow and scrape to keep the
diplomatic teeter from tottering, while
California, lhe oauae of all the trouble,  looks on  with  a Btand-pat grin.
Hard tlm-eu, money stringency,
shor1 .',e ot cash, note falling due, etc.
are as prominent theBe days as soup
on tbe dinner blll-offaro, but perhaps
a little moro real work on the part
of the afflicted one and considerably
I��bs waiting for his corner lot to go
up In value might help the situation.
Sitting around wears out the nether i
garments, but lt doesn't buy much
Of the Great Bankrupt Selling Out Sale of the Vancouver stock cn sale at 605 Columbia street, near Sixtr.. Fine Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes, Dry Goods, Etc., arc being practically given away. Thousands of people have been here and saved in their
purchases. . It's your turn TODAY to save but get here early as many hundreds of people had to be turned away last Saturday evening.  Heed and read the items mentioned below.
Men's Suits, positively worth to
$12.50 or your money refunded. Any time during the sale..
Or.   M.   MacKenzie   Spent Quarter of
Century  In Chinese  Mission
Suits worth to $15.00   or   your
money refunded; at any time r no
during this sale
The naval bill Is a dead one for
thin BesBlon. The 1-aurler undertaking society In the Senate burled It
so deep for this glorious year of 1818
lhat there Isn't a Conservative steam
shovel In the country big enough to
exhume it. Hut ghosts will walk In
spite of what Sir (ieorge Ross and
oilier materialists have to offer to the
contrary and this one ls likely to
como back In pretty healthy shape
lor a chain-rattling bee. Hord n, el-
eclid to the posl of premier of Canada ami therefore supposed to lu re-
presenting lhe country, asked the highest uitbority on naval matters in lhe
empire what would be the most efficient and serviceable form for Canada's contribution to assume. Three of
Hie host ships that could he built and
added to Britain's modernized wooden
walls, was the answer. So llorden.
still believing that he represented the
people, because he had been elected
so to do, Introduced his proposals at
Ottawa, Now It turns out thai the
Liberal minority In the commons and
tlle Liberal majority lu the senate
ute tin* people. The olher few odd
millions of free and Independent electors scattered through Canada do
not count. The Liberal party in power and in opposition has niude some
good moves, but It looks as though It
worked bad medicine when it killed
the naval bill. A few years fron. now,
how or when il was done will noi enter the head of the elector; he'll simply remember ihat when Britain said
lhere was an emergency, the Liberal
party refused lo help, and nntl-itnper-
lal will be the label he'll pin to lhi
name of Laurier.
Kven an Irishman will tire of potatoes, and too many "tag dayB" peeve
the people. However, there is one
dm-for liiis dale, that has every right
to hold down a spot In the calendar.
As soon after breakfast as they can
make it. tliere will he bunches of
young ladies down town taking anything from ten cents up In exchange
for red cross badges. Nobody is wishing you any hud luck, but, perhaps
some day you'll he glad to crawl Into a hospital cot and have a little
lady In blue and while pack Ice on
your fevered bean and smooth out
the pillow. Think It over. A hospital's a mighty good thing, and two
bits or so will not make any dreadful
void In your right hand trousers pock
Seems as though there'B a dim memory haunting the brain bucketB of
pome of the cltljena that the city has
levied tnxOB to keep certain boulevards paved below tho standard
height for grazing land. Anyway.
some of the grass patches on the hill
are like Samson's whiskers, uut rimmed, but then there may have been
no provision made for the cutting.
How about It. Bill ?
Japan Intimates that Bhe knows
more about diplomacy than the hunch
who are paid to direct llrltiBh affairs
from the old town on the Thames,
Well, perhaps Bhe (Ioob; you never
can tell from where you sit how the
baby's going lo look In the picture.
It was suggested from Lun'on that
Japan stow the "national pride" festive and go afier the California an|i-
nllen bill on a straight question of
law. Not so, opine the Mlkkydoo's
ministers, Five feet five inches of
bronze Jap are as good any day as
sis teet of white American humanity
���maybe better.    Banzai!   (which be-
Toronto. June 6.��� In Massey hall,
crowded almost to suffocation, and
at the elose of a meeting of Intense
spiritual enthusiasm, the Itev. Dr.
.Murdoch MacKenzie, for twenty-flve
years a missionary of the Presbyterian church in Honan, China, was last
night selected moderator of the Presbyterian assembly, and he will have
the distinguished honor of presiding
at the various meetings of the most
memorable gathering in the history of
the chureh
llr. MacKenzie was elected with
great unanimity and was conducted to
the crowded platform amid the plaudits of the audience. He was welcomed
by the retiring moderator, Hev. llr.
I). Q. McQueen, and took charge of
the  subsequent  proceedings.
Hr. MacKenzie, the new moderator, w-as born in Scotland, where Pres-
byterlanlsm has thriven greatly for
three hundred yeurs. He received
his education partly In the old land,
but chiefly at the theological seminary in Montreal, He went to Hon an
in 1SSK. and hi��B been actively engaged in the work of the deiionii:i:>
tion in that country since that time
He Ib well known to the church in
western Canada, and has preached in
many of the larger churches.
Ills election exemplifies the general
spirit of the assembly, which lookp
forward to a great forward missionary movement, both at home and
abroad.' The general undertaking ol
the work ot the church at home was
considered at a great maFS meeting In
Massey hall last night, and the Bubjeet of* foreign missions will be taken
up al a similar public gathering on
Friday night.
The sermon of Hr. McQueen the retiring moderator, in which he opened
the regular proceedings of the assembly, dealt with the power of the gos
pel, the theme being "The Confidence
of the Apostle Paul in the Gospel of
Ji-sus Christ."
The pressure in Massey hall for the
service was very great. The congregation began to gather before 7 o'clock
and long before 8 o'clock nil the seats
were filled. Practically all the delegates from all parts of Canada were
present. In addition to the regular
members of the congress, there were
present hundreds of leading business
nnd professional men of the city in- ,
eluding a number of men in puhllc life
whose names are known in all pans
of Canada.
Men's Suits in high grade dark
silk, mixed Cheviots, splendidly tailored, regular   price   to C
$18.00.    Price
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75c; now   wC.
Children's Suits, worth to $5.00;
Children's Suits, worth to $3.00;
Suits, perfectly tailored; it seems
a pity to sell them so low; reg- A QO
ular price up to $25.00. Price..   J. 30
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grey effects; finest hand-tailoring,   worth   up   to   $35.00.11 OO
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Men's Boots worth to $3.50; now 1.49
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���Shrift unH SCR no mako- nnw L.JO
$5.50 and $6.00 make; now
ulen's Pants, worth up to $2.00;
Men's Pants in grey stripes and
plain shades, for dress wear; -i A{\
regular price to $3.50. Price..   ����"J
Ladies' High-class Tailored Suits  A AO
��� worth to $20. Sale price from.. ^'J0
Misses'    and   Ladies'    Novelty
Coats, worth from $12.50 to 7
$25.00; now $1.98 to  '
Hats, soft, stiff and straw, worth AQ-
to $2.   Sale Price now  **~~*
Big line Soft Hats, worth up to i AC
$3.50.   Price  ��� *���
DRY GOODS GIVEN AWAY. ! Men's Suspenders, worth to 50c. Sale price Hc
15c. Flannelette; now per yard  7c.';Overalls, worth to $1.25; now 49c.
25c. and 50c. Dress Goods; now per yard.. 16c.: *TieS) Worth to 50c.   Price
., ' ,  ���,. . ,        -      ,   �����, r> ���      na    14c. and 25c. Ribbons; now, per yard  7c. ,,   ,  TTtidorwenr worth to 50c -
Men's Shirts; regular prices to $1. Price. .29c. ghawlgi W(jrth to $350; now 98c> Men s Underwear, worth to oue.,
Men's Shirts, white and fancy  patterns; $3.50 Fancy Vests; now	
prices $1.50 to $3.00.   Price  89c; NOTIONS GIVEN AWAY i$3.00 Suit Cases; now	
Men's Underwear; worth to $1.50. Price ^i^^ to $2.00 Razors; now 	
Men's Handkerchief's, worth to 15c.; now.2c.|Pick 'em Out. I &0c. and $1.00 Cuff Buttons; now 10c
Big Bankrupt Sing-Out Sale
605 Columbia St., Near Sixth St.
Welsh's Old Stand in the Building Formerly Occupied by Reid &
McDonald Clothing Store.
Wanted:���Extra Salespeople on Saturday for   Clothing,   Furnishings,   Hats,   Shoes.
Store Open Evenings for Working People during the week till 7:30, Saturdays till 11.
He sure you find the right
place. Do not confound this
sale with other no-callo-d
Bankrupt Clothing Sales.
You must Icok for tho number above the door baton
1 nt, -ing (605 Cntuiabia St.)
then you will know you are
In the right plaoe. We are
warning you against an -unscrupulous merchant that
will try to lure you in through
a similar sale since this sale
has been announced.
Nanaimo. Juliet D.���On Monday anp
Tuesday of this week the U. M. W, c-V
A. paid nnt relief to the striking miners of Nanalmo and disirict amounting lo $8,000, All members Who up-
plied for relief, whether members of
the union or not, were paid at the
rate of four dellors per week fnr himself, and two dollars for his wife, and
one dollar per week for each child, thf
pay obequeu averaging ten dollars per
Relief was not paid In cash, but In
orders "ii any business firm the applicant   desired,  by   far  the   large   ma
jnrily being on grocery stores.
Wlll  Spend  $75,000 on  V.  &  S.  Roadbed This Summer
Victoria. June 6.���Within 8 few
days there will be marked activity
along (he line of the Victoria and sld
n-py railway. Information wns obtained at the local offices yesterday
to lhe effect that an engineer had
been Instructed to make a Careful Inspection of lhe roadbed from Victoria
to the Saanich terminus ai d to prepare, without any delay, a report as
to just what work Is nce-es*-ary to put
It In a first class condition.
Immediately the result of his Investigations Is In tho bands cf the
proper officials the ne.-essary contracts will be awarded. It. b-elng the
company's avowed del, rnilnuticn In
have the Improvements decided on
completed this summer.
The statement that 11 will be a
short time before unngs ef inn a-e
busily engaged on Vancouver island's
BUrburban railroad applies only to the
right-of-way, for already one of the
changes planned Is In progress. Large
turn-tables aro to be Installed both
al Vlclorla and Sidney, and on these
there Is now a force of men employed,
As lhe gasoline-propelled engine,
which will handle the passenger trains
as a result of the re-arrangement, has
been op* icd from the factories at.
Syracuse, N. J��� the sincerity (if the
company's management In Its declaration of the Intention to havo a first
class transportation system In operation in n few monthB, is unquestionably corroborated.
Church Notices
TRINITY- Kev. Canon Q. C. d'Easiim
.MA., rector; Rev. George A. Ray. M
V, assistant curate. S a.m.. Holy Coir
raunlon; 11 a.m., Malins, l.ltany and
sermon; 11:30 p.m., Sunday Bcho-ol; 7
p.m., Evensong und sermon.
CHl'Hi'll. Corner Fourth avenue   ��n*
Seventh street. Ri.v. M. (Jordan Melvin pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
p in.
CHURCH, Corner Carnarvon and
Blackwood. Rev. Jas. S. Henderson,
minister. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m.; Sabbath school and Hlble class
2:30 p.m. Rev. E. S. l-ogle, of St.
Paul's church, Nelson. B. C, will
preach morning and evening. Morning subject, "Tho Transient Symbols
.of an Eternal Truth"; evening sub
'Jeet. "How Could Jesus, a Divine Ho-
lng. Be Tempted with Evil,"
Children's day. Special service 11
a.m. for children. Large chorus choir
of children. Illustrated sermon by the
pastor, subject, "Shining for Jesus."
Parents and friends heartily welcome.
Floral decorations, Sunday school
H:3(i p.m. At 7 o'clock special servic-
for young people. Chorus choir of
young people. Sermon by the pastor.
BUbject, "Our Companions." All young
people invited, with the centre Rents
of tlie auditorium reserved for them,
Siraugera welcome.
Fraser Valley Women'! Institute Hat
Third Largest Membership.
Victoria, June 6.  -At the conference
of Women's Institutes, now beMng held
hero, W, J. flonavla, Beceretary of the
'department of agriculture,    gave    a
iBtatemnt of tho requirements of the
ngrlcu tural department from the various   nstltutoB.
I     Reiterating W. B. Scott's figures as
to the growth of the organization during the last few years, and which he
said showed an increase or 37 per
cent.. Mr. Bonavla mentioned the
six following institutes as having the
largest number (if paid up members:
Nelson, 107; Kuslo, 90; Chllllwack, 80:
Royal Oak, 83; Langley, 69; Rummer-
land, 07.
Purine the year, on the other hand,
six Institutes had fallen to less than
the minimum membership of ->ri originally required fer Incorporation
These were: Surrey. Sooke. Agassi/.
Coqultlam, Tynehoad and Qordtta
During the year 282 meeting hud
been held hy the Institutes through
the province, and although in this Instance his Information was not accurate, 191 addresses hnd been given. The
highest number of board meetings had
been held at Uoyal Oak, (24) and
Chilliwack and Cranbrook  (21 eaph),
As to the llnanclal standing of the
various Institutes the highest cash
balance carried forward by any one of
these was $304.95 by Kaslo, after this
came Metchosln with $209.90; Lake-
hill with $113.80. aud Salmon Arm
with $101.68.
Public Wharf Appreciation Made���
Install Large CoM Storage Plant.
Summerland, B. C. June 8. -The
news that $23,000 Is to he sp��nt in the
near future in the erection ot n publlo
wharf at Bummerland by the Dominion  government   same  ns  a  pleasant
surprise to the municipality, althougb
this has been asked for n considerable
time; this will be a great advantage to
there boats and barges, the owners of
which do no own private wharves.
A lirge cold storage plant for fruit,
etc.. Is t" he put In as soon as arrangements can be made, probably in
the Union packing liouse. this with
cold storage nl different points In tho
northwest, which lt is hope will bo
erected later will go a long way towards ensuring a constant supply ot
fresh fruit of the best class from
Summerland for consumers at Calgary
and other points during the summer
Easterners Undertake to Decide Question That Is Purely Western One.
N'ew York, June f> -The New York
chamber of commerce received a letter from S. Uakano, president of the
chamber of commerce of Tokio. In
which he extended the thanks of his
organization and all other Chambers
of commerce In Japan to the New
York chamber in connection with its
opposition to the passage of the California antl-allen land law. The let-
. ter was written on May 7 and read as
"I beg to inform you that Dr. Juichi
Sayeda, honorary member of this
chamber, formerly vice-minister of
finance, and until recently governor
of the Industrial bank ot Japan, accompanied by Mr. lladao Kaiuiya,
; honorary chief of the Chamber, Is pro-
: reeding to your oountry. per steamship
Shlnyo Mam. due at San Francisco
on the 88th day of this month.
"Both gentlemen are authorized by
this and all other chambers of com-
tmerce in Janpan to convey to you the
deep appreciation of the service of
i the chambers of commerce In your
I country In tho California alien land
j bill and to seek yi ur further co-opera-
itlon towards arriving ut a complete
: Solution of lhe (iiiestiou whereby we
[may well establish a perfect understanding Of harmony between the two
'peoples and serve to promote mutual
I friendship and harmony between the
; two countries."
In reply, President Clnfton of the
. Ne>w York chamber of commerce, sent
the following telegram to Mr. Makano:
"Your letter highly appreciated.
Will cordially co-operate with your
representative* to promote mutual
friendship of our respective countries."
No Come-backs.
���YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start-
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT."
Made   In  ttmm Westminster*.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Buy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
South Westminster
Attention paid to special dinners. We serve
meals at all hours. Private dining rooms for afternoon teas. We have our own gardens. Fresh vegetables and eggs.
On direct line across bridge on Pacific Highwaj.
R. M. BURNS, Proprietor. ���.... ���.->..^v���-*���*
rtXrQl  fOUB
He Grinned, But the Court Was Next
Jlo the  Opium  Game���Bibulous
Ono  and   Motorists.
j was added lo the Insurance account
during the year, hut $891,000 was added in 1911, making tbe net profit for
the year $3,787,911 against {4,509,629
for ihe yenr ended Deoember 81, 1911,
During the year $i.r)0,U00 of the company's live per oent. debenture bonds
1 were retired and it is planned to retire the Bame amount on August llrst
this year. The company has several
large steamships under construction
which wlll he added to ils fTeet which
inow numbers 167 vessels.   Klrst class
I traffic west and east bound fell off
considerably during the year, but sec-
iltng year.   It was from the public | city enjoyed no small distinction, i'.r
Standpoint    He could  tell  them  that! this fainouB explorer refused Ii iiidied.-i
the general public appreciated their
labors. The association had stirred
up the city ntid had done some real
gord work and the general public
wished lo thank them.
The officer1- cf tlie association were
thereafter elected.
The amendments to the constitution
were directed chiefly to the more expeditious Handling of business and the
alterations rendered necessary by the
n<-" office of Industrial commissioner.
Following  are  further    reports    of
With smiles that were childlike nnd
blind. Ah Joe endeavored to persir.de
JUaglut-rate Kdmonds yesterday In the
-police court that lt yas the "other
relish" who tenanted the room and
owned the opium outfit confiscated In
a Arm on Mclnnes street, readed by
Drt-ectlve   llurrows.
Thp charge was keeping an opium
.Joint and Ihe court found it proved up
to the hill and fined the culprit JFiO.
Ah Joe protested the whole outfit
was "'old sliiTf." with the air of a
eonnnVm-'cur. and nodded approvingly
an chief Bradshaw demonstrated  In
court th�� way the pipes were filled
Jfoe- declared he was a Christian and
reee-ivnl the oath nrthodoxly, but Mr.
Kdmonde, took no chances and put
him thrtnieh the form Of burning the
���paper. Informing the unabashed Joe
h-e -would burn up similarly if he told
lie**- Despite the double oath and his
risk ot future combustion, Joe per-
���aSateti In his mythical narrative of tint
"other fellah," but all In vain.
Bibulous Tailor.
Daniel Campbell, tailor, Interdicted
���nntlia the Liquor act. wis fined $20
atul costs, or one month's
ra��-nl for Indulging lo excess In the
* fatal fluid. Campbell evidently makes
aa eccentric drunk. Forms of his dl-
werttons, while in the blissful state.'
vary liorri praying Ier the reals of
the Salvation army soldiers, outside
their citadel, to tripping up pedostrl-
jtne, gyrating on th" pavements and
^Timae'r-Mv al Ihe police,
tliier Brndrhaw added another va-
j;ary to his playful little wavs when
he Intorraed the court that Campbell
had a. worrying habit of pleading nol
-polity tn ihe charges of Intoxication
���(.hat he had been up many times, and
that regardless of his sinful condition.
The  court  tried  to elicit  from  the
bitiuleim one where he got his liquor.
tint only received vague answers, that
it was frcm .'mother man somewhere
aroimd n down town har.
Mr. Edmonds, in sentencing Camp-
b-p-11, -paid he would double the penalty
every time he was convicted, until he
bt-d reached tlm maximum,
Three Autolsts.
���"M-cincy talks"  is an  accepted  tru-
lism, ami the chauffeurs who defy the
rules  of  the  motor  vehicle  law.  are i
having the aphorism applied on them j
prirtty  freely ill  the  police court just
at prp-aont.
Thro-e of them. V. K. F.rooks, George
Frietliand and W. Oray were fined if-'n '
and costs yesterday.    Two had failed
to stop  their machines    while    tram
ears were stationary  for tlie purpose !
of taking up or dropping passengers,
ami tho third for having a spin along
Columbia street at a speed exceeding
It   miles  an   hour    In   fact  about  Uf> j
Tho court Intimated that Hie practice rt breaking the motor law must 1
be stopped or made an expensive lux- I
Charles Cavin vis flruyl .-$.10 and !
costs Tur using obscene language on !
Columbia plreel ami threatening to |
-punch anoflu r man's head.
ond and third clasa Increased a great officers and committees:
A six per cent, dividend was paid on
tho preferred stock.
iContinued from page one)
variety of topics.    In this connection
I   might   mention   that   we     secured
Captain It.  Amundsen, the discoverer
luncheon  contrary  to his  well  established  rule to lake  no  part  in  these
functions and after turning down Invitations  from    the    Canadian    and
Progress  clubs of  Victoria and  Vancouver.     We  sent   delegates  to  Calgary to take, part. In the Panama canal
convention In that eity and they took
:i very active part. We also sent delegates to the 11. C. Development league
al.  Vernon.    We were largely Instrumental  In  the establishment    of    a
freight service between this city and
imprison- , Victoria.   <iur   efforts   have   largely
furthered the project of a direct shipping  line between   Kngland  and  New
WeBtmlnster.   This question we have
been unable to make' public for busi-
ness reasons, but I might say that our
Eecretary nnd executive devoted a lot
[ time and expense In gathering (lata
for a very large Kngiish shipping firm,
We took up the matter of registration
of   vel ers   and   succeeded   in   almost
doubling tin Blste of the old lists.   We
took up tho matter of the land registry
office delays and  succeeded  in  having    tin-   building   enlarged and   Hie
Staff increased.   We have secured for
the cily of New Westminster the establishment of a well defined tourists'
route which this summer will result in
the passing through this city of many
thousands of tourists which will mean
| not only the expenditure of oonsider-
al I*- money among the merchants, hut
will he an advertising force whieh can
hardly be exaggerated.    Just this last
| week we have closed a very successful
j campaign  for the  purpose oi   inter-
lestlng  th"  citizens  in  Hie    products
made in their own home city.
Somo  Few Only.
These,  gentlemen, are only a very
few of the many things accomplished
hy  lhis  association,  but  the  greatest
work that we have done, and were It
the only thing that we had succeeded
In doing, it alone would amply justify
tlie  money  and  energy expended  by
this association during the past year
and that is the awakening and fostering of the spirit of progresslveness,
the spirit  that sends out  a dollar to
bring back two. the spirit  that  is replacing muddy, tinkept village streets
with   modern   pavements,  and   boulevards, Installing up-to-date hospitals,
erecting   horse  show   buildings,    and
skating rinks for the healthy recreation   Of  cur  young   people,   Improving
our  parks and  enlarging  our  school
facilities,   in   other   words,   propelling
Ni w Westminster rut from the back-
waters of ihe world's commerce and
'.ROSS TO NICOLA activities Into the broad, steady stream
  I of  Industrial mni  civic progress, that
will . ventually result In tin- achle	
ri.-nt of lur greal destiny, that of the
greatest fresh water seaport of the
Pncifl *
In conclusion, gentle,nr a. I wish to
I "it testimony to th" hard, faithful
and conscientious work performed by
Hi,, (idlers and i xecutlve, Beveral or
these ii iv.- signified their Intentions of
giving way to other members of the
asocial Ion and I would Im Dress upon
nil members accepting nominations on
the hoard the facl thai Huy should
he prepared to devote considerable
lime to the iiffnirs of the association.
Our meetings are held vvoPkly at the
same hour and on the Bame day of
eaeli week and thai linn should he
reserved for the business of the as-
poclatlon I (in only give voice to
the slncerest hone that the succeeding
executive will he as eilicii nl and
vards. installing up-to-date hospitals.
held Hie office during the year just
On in* tion of W. 1. Kerr, a hearty
vol * <���:' thanks was accorded the president for liis good work during his in-
cumbency of office, lu seconding the
-eli*. Mr lllcha'dson said 'In' a.-nei
��� 's expected to return to atlon '������ " tl te Justlflablj proud of Its
I  about    the    end    of the   "i.il.      He   alluded   lo   the  difficult]
Secretary's Report.
The president ln his report has reviewed In a general way the work
accomplished by the New Westminster Progressive association during
the past year, but a brief resume
hardly gives an adequate idea of the
mass of detail work Involved which
required the active attention of the
secretary  to do full justice to.
An association of this kind largely
creates Its own work, that ls to say.
It Is necessnrily an aggressive organization and the more itB activities are
extended Ihe larger is the Held opened for the introduction of progressive
and energetic exploitation.
The publicity wcrk naturally has
monopolized a considerable portion of
tlle secretary's lime and the association's funds, hut, with our withdrawal
from the advertising field and the confinement of our publicity work to our
news letters, special articles, nnd our
endeavors to bring tourists und financial interests to the cily the expense
originally devoted to advertising will
be diverted to the support of an Industrial commissioner.
To Attract Farmers.
While I am on the question of advertising I wish to correct an Impression that appears to have prevailed In certain quarters that our adven ising would be lhe means of
bringing unemployed men to this city.
The advertising we have dune has
been along industrial and agricultural
lines appealing to the moneyed in-
torests and to the well-to-do farmers
to come out and purchase farms In a
country were ihe climatic conditions
are more favorable Ihan those of the
of invitations ln other American aud
Canadian    cities.    It    was    In    Xcw
Wesiminster that Captain  Amundsen I
first gave out. the news that hi;, veil-
sei, the Fram, would go throng.: th.
Panama  .ainal  before --ailing .     t.,o
next northern  polar expedition. This i
information    was    (iegraphed    from
this city and published under a New I
Westminster date  line  In  nea-ly  all \
he    large    American    and Canadian
The "Huy Home Products' lunch
eon, at which Professor HIUTon- wai.
the speaker, was In every way a S'lif-
ce38. although the attendance ��>' :-o'd
have  been  larger.
I ihlnk it would he in O'der for ine
'a mention the satisfactory manner ln
which Messrs. Seabold and Jonea, of
the Itoyal cafe, have managed these
The river excursions, already
touched on by our secretary, form a
good   combination   of   entertainment
and publicity, and we hope these will
be  well  patronized  tb,is  summer.
1 trust, Mr. Chairman, thai my successor wlll have a large measure of
success (his coming year, and that
the Progressive association will bo
called upon to honor and entertain
many distinguished guests.
For the publicity committee J. W,
Cunningham presented an interesting
report, reviewing thoroughly the BBS'''
ciation's work for tlle year.
in part, Mr. Cunningham's rcpo.'.
In  reviewing the publicity  work o(
the   Progressive association  for    the
past twelve months, a brief statenisa
.of the considerations which have ir.
fiuenced the conduct of thla r*-(jpirt
j ment   will   serve  to  enable  the  members to more justly estimate the vain
'able  resells  obtained     The  aim  has
]h"en to first bring before the citizens
Of  New  Westminster,  and  of  British
Columbia an well, news   of   the   pin
I gross of the city from dav lo day an 1
jto give prominence tn all events and
I questions   thai   would   emphasize   the
|advancing and progressive community
spirit of this city.    Kvery use possible
has  been  made of the local and  Van
^^   l I***-1l^r j t&o i^^��        *^
Tremendous   Price   Reductions   on
Women's High-Grade Tailored Suits
Think of it! Your
chance to buy this
season's best suits at a
great saving, at  $29
Twelve only llrst quality man-tailored Suits;
made  from   best   English   serges;     coats
lined with  Skinner's satin;  this season's
new styles; regularly $45.00;
fr    S29.00
AT   $24.00    eighteen   only   Suita;   strictly
man-tailored;    splendid   quality   material
and  best  workmanship;   coals lined  with
Skinner's satin;  values up to $116.00.
'���'���-*"���  S24.00
AT $9.50 Twenty-flve only in thiB lot; developed In this season's latent styles of
tweeds, serges, whipcords, etc.; excellent materials, well made; regular values
up  to  JIT, (in.     Vour choice $9.50
I couver press bv putting  forth persist
rhe special committee appointed for ent effort to supply them with news
of ihe day when its value to il"i
' miners is tho greatest, and the pub-
llleitv committee would express appreciation of the work of Secre'arj
Myers nnl \etlng S"cret-irv Darling
in perfecting this policy and carrying
Remember, do your shopping ea rly.   We close at
June, July and August.   We want you to help us.
o'clock  during
the purpose nf revising our eonstilti
tion will bring in a number of amend-1
ments which are considered advisable
for tlle purpose of expediting our
work and meeting conditions which
our past year's experience demonstrates were noi provided for iu tlie
ccnstltution as originally adopted.
The question of llle employment nf
an industrial commissioner liy this
association has been one which has
occupied the attention of our executive, for some little time, This whole
question was referred to the members of the association with a statement of the argumrnts for and against
in a fair and unbiased manner.
it out. lf lhe initiative and activi'
ef the secretary and his successor had
not been at all times available, no
recommendations of the committee
would have counted fnr much. The
ready co-operation of the presB men
of the cily must also be acknowledged.
Secondly, in the wider field of publicity, the aim has been  to make use
of   Die  opportunity   and   the  demands
day to bring New Westminster
the    manufacturing,    slipping
Campers Stezials in Staple Department
Gray Linen Towels; size 22x48 inches; with white
and red cotton stripes.    Today, per pair..58C
Cray I'nion Blanket; 7 lbs.
Today,   per   pair	
;   will   filled;
in weight; large
i/.e pillows
i.   Today, i
Size 6x6;   nd  chintz Comforters, filled with soft
cotton filling; fast colors.   Today, eaeh.-JX.48
18-Inch heavy grade of all linen crash; border. Today, per yard    ll<t
12-4 dray  Flannellette  Blankets;  best Canadian
make.  Per pair, today	
The result, of (his plebiscite was an lot th
overwhelming majority    in favor   of befor
the change, therefore, it was Incum-1 moneyed interests of Canada and elsi
bent upon this executive to take lm- where ns a fi-ld for Industrial enter
mediate    stop;!    and     advertisements : prise     and     investment.     Some     176
columns    of    news    and    descriptive
articles have been  published  in lend-
No*e These Money-Saving Items
Minister Will Re;;cri cn Methods and
Value of Dry Farming
I I ria, .lune 8.���Hon, W. It. Koss.
sgi-aistcr of lands, who is a keen slu
-dent if the BUbject, has gone into
the Nicola country on a short visit
of Inspection, rom lhis it may be
gwHwred lhat particular attention is
beifll paid In dry fartnin gllirongh-
ty.il the j,ret ince.
Dry farming is at the present time
great],-*   in favor  in  certain sections
��� of -T). </.. and it claimed that In the
Vale country the conditions are of a
���store conducive to its cultivation.
or some time past experimentation
Ma>5 Ij'ti   made in progres.-.. and it is
��� ���claimi'd that tin   resultB obtained are
���v of a  tighly  satisfactory  nature,  und
,'ih*: ������ith proper attention and with
ith-T aplication of scientific methods
the Industry might be placed on a
���more   stable   footing.
iUta"  minister  will  unci   with  some
���iSt the lending men of tlle Nicola coun
try and will discuss with them the
������qui sl nm of dry farming, bow far it
iu developed and what steps might
rtftt be taken to further its develop
mi 1
the   l
have  been  asserted  in   the   Winnipeg, j
Calgary,  New  Wesiniinstrr,    Vancou-;
yer,  Victoria. Seattle,    and    Portland
newspapers   which   have   resulted  so;
far in 115 applications which are    on
file to be dealt with  by the incoming
Our financial condition is satisfactory. The delinquencies in the pay-
-' ��� ��� ��� of notes now amount to about
Work in England.
As you are aware, our secretary, Mr.
Myers, has In en in Kngland on an ex-
ti nihil leave of absence and is being
relieved in tlie meantime by Mr.
Darling, who will continue to act until a permanent Industrial commissioner lia.i been appointed, I Hiring
Mr. .Myers' absence in England he
has given considerable  time and at-
ves V
tjirn   a,
l* ic!
Is  sure to have with
Ive   report   upon  his
liOndi n Tune 6 Com Icted nf thi
pra.ein e of cannibalism, and Iin ia.n
���serifli . In membi r of the "I i op
*>re aoclt i\," a bi ��� ret or tanlz
���have been li-ini l In Slerre deone, a
British colony on tho v.e.-t e iu ' I f
Hir Wiin;'!]. Brand-ford Griffith
tioe of the Gold Coatt, who prosld ' al
t.h-er trials, arrivi d al Plymi uth today,
He. declined to discuss ilu* en.-'*, i ut
Bellow travelers said that I"') mem
hern of the dread society had b 'cn
arret-ied nnd lhat 40 of them had hi I n
i'-han-Riii, while many were sentenced In
The "Leopard society" has long ��� '���
isti-d among the Mendi tribe and his
fonr.   caused   trouble   fo  the   govern
merit.    All natives failing to conform
to its rites or Bubmll to ltd demands
are subject to death or slavery.
New v.;rk. June 6, In spl'i nl ilu
tsmt} loss sustained C'.\ the Interns
���Menial Mercantile Marine oompan; I ���
the tinl-ing of the Titanic a year g
lapt April, Uie gross earnings if Ci*
company for the yen- ending n i m
ber 31. 11112. were (42,560,(93, or (3,
;M7.147 more than in 1911.
This did not Include the earnings of
the Ix'yland or the National lines, in
which tlm International Mercantile
TBarino has important holdings, 'iin*
total earnings lor ihe year. $43,726,608,
as eo-mpared with $39163,343 fnr 1911,
while the balance after charges was|
ftJteTJtZ agalnsl $8,082,911.   Nothing
''i, \ hi I il ihe I tart nml tlie k-. <! ��� f
flees ni Mr sh, riff at im Inauguration
Mr     H Tgan,    honorary  socretan
iibmltled   his   annual   report   which
������ *      . d '!"������!
n-ink  Salance.
,,    The flnan * i * inn* ttei '*��� ��� eporl n ul
bj t'i" chairman, G, Kennedy, i bowed
' a balance in the hunk ef 81464,
'I he financial i lati menl -imw ing assets B d liabllttii . ' **;ii blted a sur-
-,, i M- ;;��� :��� 18 'i! n e ';* lusand ��l-���> 1 -
In i,  �� h ch  'I*    : * Inqulshlng  nf  th"
��� '*.: licltj work release i, <��� II hi* utilized wardt ���'.-��� ��� ilur> and olher ex
|i In n 1 itlon to Hi ��� employment
of tie* IndUFtr I i '<<'i' II :nn.*r. while
'���'��� ii * ,!li ci ii fm- niiin salaries al
pret - ni. v.ill i e available fnr th- i 11
;ilo\ nn tit m sn assistant secretary or
olher purposes which may be deemed
Mr. Kennedy wns awarded a vote of
thanks ami the ri porl adopted.
Aflrlcultural Remarl-s.
Otway Wilkie. ehalrmati of tlie ag-
rlcultural committee, handed in a re.
p,-r'   giving valuable statistics  reia-
tlve to iiie agricul tur" I position nf the
province,   lu Now Westminster die-
; 'riot   there   were   *l 900.000   acres   n'
* land : I H" ir doors, yel thev Importi d
I lerthly   ovi r   $16,000,000   worn,
:   rie.iih nr il   produce   \ B-srly,    Tn
d;   i;'     ,*,,���:     "elation h is   "������
-   ���  -i :���'.' , ,, j,,," th" vtrli *.��� ������ pub-
led'      mil I   ��� ���     itcd  ' "'-in t'
'n  '   v hich h*"-  t '"t   --��� Ith
������''���..  in",1' **. * i  '���* m
nl   '  ���   Ih'niiahotll
tin* province.   Among other things af
feci   :   wi rn   thai   New   Wei i nlnstot
i city ci nm il bi ii !���' *u-'i ei ir.-!',* I .*,' appointed   "   marki i   comi illtee   ��liloti
��� .���null] wi ��� inertly upon tl ���* premier
nnd itrga the govei n ��� i*. ml ie , v-
ti iding mark*-'i  facilities or organize
"tieiilim  amoeu   fat    i r.
Ir.   Dadds  raid   b i id   III e   i"
saj i ee Word before ih*     ���  ���    ��� pro-
,   ���  ,, ,i  ri i I" i  cilice  hciii
t' in Ii ti 'o mntters of Interest  in
city  from  industrial  and   wheal    "\
pm ting standpoints and these letters
have  been brought  down  for the attention of tbls meeting.
Sine' the inauguration meeting of
(his association held on .May S last
yinr there have been held 70 meet
Ings including general and special
meetings and the minute record
shows only two cases where an adjournment has been necessnry by reason ef there being no quorum. I
lliink you will agree with me that Ihia
speaks volumes of faithfulness for ihe
executive who have fulfilled the
Entertainment Committee.
\v, .1. Kerr reported for the entertainment committee as follows
In presenting the tlrst annual report "f this committee, 1 wish lirst
of all tn thank th" officers am! members wim have helped so   much   iu
making  nnr   wcrk   successful.     ',''.   i-*,.
Sinclair,   I ne    ef     'he     lie n h rs    rf
thi   committee,  has always    been    a
l-. **ii  worker,  ee'  only   iu  arranging
fin*  "iiti rtainments,   but   also   in    at-
t ndlng  the   weekly   executive   meetings win n the chairman  was absent,
During the year nine luncheorls wer
hold, with an aver igo atl ad   * ,.    *
,-, persot       V " ii:-." h ��� i
tm I',*  in  *."*ting  good  speaks*
Uus"   luncheons,   and   we   feel
mm ii  i." * -I  ban  re i Jt ,1   fn ni
gatlu i-nig-
hi entertaining Captain  Am .*
i'i*  '!*������   .  rer of the Souih I'm
ing newspapers and journals. This
estimated at the low rale of $:iu a
column would represent a value of
ML'Sn. Apart from this direct value
as publicity, tliere is an indefinable
value In keeping lhe city before the
men of affairs of tlie Dominion and
in making the editors of standard
commercial ami financial publications acquainted with the city's many
advantages an.l possibilities. The
weekly news letter to various IlriUsli
Columbia and other journals has been
particularly valuable in periodically
presenting the activities nf New
Westminster to a certain secliou of
the reading public.
News Value.
By   lhe  News   Bureau   the  purpose
Princess Slips. Night Cowns, Combinations, drawers Chemises and  White Skirls;   made up in a
fine quality  ot  white  cambric;   trimmed
lace  and  embroidery;   regular  values  t"
Today 93c
About, three dozen white Underskirts; slightly
mussed; made of excellent fine nainsook, prettily trimmed with lace and embroidery; regular
to  J8.50.    Today    at** go
Gloves and Handbags Reduced
, Silk Gloves;   in  black,  naTy, gray and
tun dome  fasteners;   with double  tip;
clearing of odd sizes; regular 60c   Today 38c
We want to clear out this lot;  Imitation seal and
patent leather; with silver and gilt mountings;
colors, red, brown, and  black;   values In $2.75.
Today,  al
this has heen to supplement Iho publicity
which along ninny valuable lines has
been given by ihe city publicity commissioner, tlie organization of tbe
office work of the association along
newspaper lines by the secretary having gained much effective publicity
when the value of lhe news was of
the most use to the newspapers and
Uurlng the year, for advertising
and printing thc sum of $892.70 has
beep expended. The sum is nol a
large one and ihe economy is more
striking when the results are estimated. The largest appropriation���
$600���has been for advertising in
leading commercial, shipping and
financial journals, Many enquiries
have been recelvi d from tlie classified
advertisements running in firm
journals, and Bome gratifying results
have been obtained from the advertisements in financial and trade
paper*! '-i i in tne Investment oppnr-
t inltlei   her *
Rf.1l   i   Vc-l   Help.
Use has bei n ;. *l** ��� t the real
i i:,'< agents gI II - c'ty * hn have
many (iiuuiri"s mil large clientele in
i nr mi:, ih* places t r tile dlstrlbui lon
of 1 terature "r n ��� i��li *��� cniiil Investment opi nin.: 'I'I,,* ti' id fnr publicity is a wide ��� " and yi I your
committee f 11 that a sy.-' matte
Btudy and endeavor to make tli" uae
of everj op| oi tunit) ami to reach mil
ami take edvanta *    of i very m enlng
liny* aided very   erir.lly in having
New Westm nster represented in her
i    ri
proper place before the public in
Eastern Canada and iii England.
The cooperation of tin- B, C. Else
trie In establishing summer tours to
include this city has been secured, j
and this lias led to the issuance by
the railway company of a special ,
pamphlet iu which will be i inbndied
Information as to the attractions of
this cily and vicinity for tourists.
In  view  of the change in  policy of
the   association,   the   committee   bas ;
not deemed it advisable to make any:
extended recommendatlona as to the1
continnencp nf publicity  work, in llle
Industrial commissioner musl  largety
adapl  publicity to the ends    ot    his
special work,   but   your   committee
would  recommend  thai   weekly  i -ws
letters be continued ami tbelr us,'illness  extended   to embrace   a larrer
issue, nol only papers bl lng Btippll d.
but   news   agencies   and   railway,    n-
il istrial  and  other devi lopnu m   b r-
caus.    Certain information from each!
litter could also be Bupplted 'n mai ��� I
commercial   and   trade   publication   !
and shipping journals.    Prove    ii ha   '
1 n mud" to supply guides and yeai
books witih authoritative data, In
ord r thai New WeBtmlnster and il"
national harbor developments nay
nol be overlooked In those rei renco
Pholos, also a very valuable means
nf   publicity,  have   I ������  n   mid"    ISO   ���
nny  in  many  publications  Me,   We
ininsier has thus been  given    rom
ence.    Some  $50  lee: bei i  si  at
ibis feature reci ntly.
J. H. TcdcTs Music House
���419  Colue-b'a   Street,  New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods of all  Kinds.   PHONE  694.
Saturday Specials
1 Popular Shoe Store
' e
r., ti. 7
v 0.  1(1
ii. ii'.
i. -. ���'.
<! to   11
deville  stage  tcday,
VENUS"   r-nd   her
Lci-kic'B   Boots   Made   in
Roy's   Mennonlte  Boots  .
'en's Oil Tan  Bluchers .
"ii's  'I in   Rliichera,
i n'B Hi CutB,  10-ln. leg
I.  -klc's Standard  Logger
W. Slater's "Strlder," the
that  Prank Slater tn tde fa-
black and lan. button and
nvery Bhade for the par-
i hor
tioiilnr man
fei t;
und 4.
'iluinty     for
hI/.i k onlv, 11
8, ll'/a,
A golosh . line that will polish
like patent leather, with dull kid
r   Tl
TaniK il in the Fraaer
tops and  nl ub
The I'rice:
toes;   half  Hi-.-.en.
Heavy Leather Seles.
Ktildii d" 7 to It)   $ .85
Mlsei :���    and   Youths,   hI/.os
II   t'    2          95
Rig   Hoys'  sizes  lo  5       1.25
Men s,  , very  Bize      1.45
The Wi -id Famous "K" Hoota,
hla* k and tan; light and heavy,
hitii and low. We are sole
"���' nlii 111 Mew Westminster for
tni  e.
ind (liriR'
sizes 7, 8,
A hip let of boyB'
Tan and lllaek Boots;
0.  10  and   in ti.    Tho
Men's Tan Willow Calf Button
and I.ace Roots, "The I eader";
Pug Toes, sizes nnd  half sI/.or.
Big Boys' Box Kip and Vici
Blucher Roots; Saturday only.
The I'rice:
at.ier Hebs wiih snap and
���i- in them; look cool, aro
un 1  wi ar like boots.    The
'all I..
athor lined
men.    Saturday  only.
ii, m %s* &'
7,    fl-��
JUNE 9, 10, 11
STOP HERE���The Wi ;ncr Saturday���All I��ay.
Cents a P-iir Ladle's W>ite Canvns Lace Shoes.
n b. els, cool,, comfort-
HEK33SS5 T^528S3SraEl����KfflSHHS^fe^ii
I, 3, 4, r.
6, 7
:  leather poIob,
and i
for i
varm am!  tfred
cr,sia'JKwtiir^iit3icr--Bs--!Bj!risr--^r.-s  oimb agaBBsteaenawM������aswK���a��! SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1913.
PAGE nva
For Sport Readers
Vancouver-Westminster Pro. Lacrosse
Fiesta Promises Excitement for
i      the Crowd.
New Westminster, Vancouver and
till the i urroiiiidliig towns und villages
will Bend their quota to Queen's Park
this ufternoon when the Salmon Bellies will defend their own fort against
Vancouver  for  the  second  time  this
Today's game Is generally regarded ;
us a crucial one for the Minto cup
holders and whether they can hold the i
speedy home of the green shirtB to a
small Bcore, while their own attack
can work havoc on the Vancouver defence, wlll  be  tested  to the  limit.
The terminals are coming over
brimful Of enthusiasm. They believe
they have the boys from the Kraser
on the run and are planning to give nil
the support possible to Con Jones'
hired help, po lhat they Will be In the
lead when the teams meet In Victoria
two weeks hence.
Team  Changed.
Two chances were made by Manager
Gifford last evening which he believes
wlll turn tlie trick In today's contest.
Punk Wintemute, who has yet to hit
his Stride, will be moved lo second
home, taking the place of Cliff Spring,
who goes to first, Pat Feeney will retain his old position at centre, the
other chance being on the di fnnce
where Johnny Howard goes back to
point in place of [tuck Marshall,
Only ooe change wlll be made in thc
Vancouver line up, Dot i'liilnii lak
lng a nlace on the home which will
miaii Oeorge Matheson going hack to
bin old position at centre. Whether
Phelsn will make much of a hit re-'
mains in he seen, but heretofore his
weight has been a factor in preventing
hlin from boring In.
Special   cars   have   been   arranged
hy the ii c. E H officials both on the
ini- rurban and also llie city lines.
The  Lineup.
Vancouver \\'( slmlnster
II. is     Clarke
���Griffith    *    Howard
West    Marshall
Defenco .
Pickering     O.  Rennle
I'rlngle       T.   Rennle
Ion           H.   Olfford
MatheBon   Feeney
Onrman  ....      W. Turnbull
Allen         Wintemute
PI,' Ian           C.  Spring
Lalonde     L. Turnbull
Adamson     G. Spring
BUCCesSful In the tug of war. In the
same year an Austrian athlete, Steln-
buch, won tho one-hand weight lifting event.
Three aquatic events went to Oermany In the gumes at Stockholm last
year, but that was the limit of German triumph. In the mulii events two
Oermnn athletes finished second -
LieschO In the running high junij,
and Braun In the. 400-metre nm..
The awarding of the 1916 games to
llerlin has led to a great revival of
Interest In athletics, and, with the aid
of a llherul government subsidy and
the adoption of the best features of
American training methods, Herman
athletes hope to get together a world-
heating aggregation. This much is certain:
The American athletes aro going to;
have rough sledding at Berlin In 1916.;
YOU  remember how the Swedish and
Finnish   gladiators   together     copped
nine  main   events  at  Stockholm   last
year, as the result of improved train-
lng methods and to the enthusiasm of
having   the   Olympics   right   In   their
midst    Oermany lias a lot more ma-
terla] to draw from than Sweden and
Finland  and   It   will   be  surprising  if
the l-.alsrr's sublects don't make them- '
selves  Irresistible  In  the  three years
that wiii elapse before the great trials
of  sperd,   strength,    endurance    and [
The Swedes and Finns knew practically nothing of truck and field athletics until the revival of the Olympiads, Having failed In the first
games, they sent a man to America
lo study training methods, and after-'
ward;-, Imported American trainers.
The result Is history. Sermon Interest In the Olympiads has been slower
in awjiki ning. hut. now that It Is
aroused, the whole country Ib In a
fever of excltenii nt over the coining
Athl, ti B Of the universities will hold ]
a big preliminary meet this summer,
and the athletic clubs have also
iil.'Mi,' 'I numerous meets to take place
during the next few months,
Electrics   Fall to   Stop Herd in Spite
of Their Port  Fllnger's Ability
on   the   Mound.
Nice Juicy errors, five of them, together wltli live stray hits, allowed
the Moose outfit to Blow away another city league game last evening
the Electrics being the victims, losing
by two runs. Errors appear to be an
epidemic among teams competing
against tbe herd this season.
Corbett, the dinger for the Electrics, was again In line form, allowing
hut one man to reach second In four
of the eight innings. Home cam"
back Into the limelight aud had stiff
control over (lis offerings.
The Moose opened the scoring with
two in the Becond and followed with
two more in the sixth and three In
lhe eighth.
Tiie Electrics were held Bcoreless
until the Hixth, when a couple uf
doubles and a walk brought In three
tallies, followed by two in the eighth,
The score board gave out the fol
lowing figures:
It.    II.    E.
Moose   7      5      3
Electrics    5      6      f.
Batteries; Home and Oeutry; Cor
belt and  Howe.
Baseball Results.
-Golf Club Has New Home���Members
Build   Nearby.
The n. C. Golf club has resolved on
tiie building of a spacious club house
���on their properly off \urdln rond, Co-
quitlam. The i-iti of the new building
wlll ii n little farther Iti a northens*-
<��� ���:\ direction from the present premises
lhe establishment of the beautiful
links on the Austin road promises to
make this quarter of Coqultlam municipality a most attractive residential
settlement, Som< housea hnve been
already erected by members of the
Club In  the vicinity     Tips summer it
is expeoted that 60 new cottages will
he bulit, as that number of lots have
been purchased hy members who have
announced their Intention of immediately constructing habitations lh croon.
In this connection application has
hern made to Coquitlam council on
behalf of the club, fer a water Bupply
from ihe Burnaby system on the
North   road.
The (Inh Is also building a ro-,,!
extending from the Smith rond aoi'OBB
the links lo the Austin rond which
will prove a boon to Coiiultliiin settlers na well as afford convenient access to the grounds for members motoring from Vancouver via the Johnston  road.
Enjoyr.ble    Evening    Spent   at    First
The Thlstln Sec;ul club held    their
llrst  i ..lertaintri nt  In  the  form  of a
convi rsaclone last night in the   new
h'dge room (f lhe Labor Temple. 'I'he
hall was crowded to the doors and at
the close nf the function the membership was considerably increased.
David lloyle, president of the club,
und li. S. Cami ron, vIce-presldenL ad
dressed the gathering with appropriate  speeches  of    welcome     in   which
they outlined fhe objects of the
society, An exc llent musical program was rendered. Refreshments
wen* served nt Id o'clock and the
"veiling was unanimously voted a
thorough success.
Thl program was ns follows: Songs,
.Miss Land, Mrs. Howes, Miss Keldie,
end Messrs, Lewis. Hrown, Speedle.
Ferguson and Cunningham; violin
���solo, Master Cameron; cornet solo,
Mr.  Rushton.
The performers wcre splendidly ac-
companted by Mrs. Logglo and Miss
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    L.     Pet
Se-ittle    21    20     .605
Vancouver  2D   Hi    .ds*i
Portland    26    21    .55:1
Victoria   25    27    ,480
Tacoma    23    30     .434
Spokane   19    ?,4     .358
Yesterday's Games.
At Vancouver: It.    If     E
Vancouver 9    12      2
Tacoma   S   ll     2
IlattcrloB: Hall, Ingersoll and
Lewis. Helfnrd. McGinnity, Gl'ot and
Orlndle, McMurdo.
At Seattle- It.    H.    E
Seattle    ,   2      8      2
Spokane  3     7     l
Batteries: Meikle and Cadman;
Cadreau and Atier, Altaian.
At  Victoria: It.    H.    E.
Victoria     2     6      '.'
Portland  4    lo     2
Hatterles: Alberts and Shea; Callahan and Murray.
Standing of tne Clubs.
W.    li. Pet
Philadelphia    25    12 .675
Hrooklyn    23    17 .575
New   York    21    18 .534
Chicago   22    22 .600
Pittsburg   22    22 ,600
St.   I.ouis  .< 20    24 .454
Boston    16    23 .410
Cincinnati    17    28 .377
Yesterday's (lames.
At Pittsburg: R.   H.   !���:.
Phiiladdphia      3      f,      n
Pittsburg   1     r,     o
Batteries:    Seatou and Dooln;  Hen
drix and Simon.   .
At Chicago: R     II.    E
Hoston       6      7      0
Chicago      4    12      4
Batteries:     Dickson    and   Whaling;
Pierce and Archer.
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
W.    L.     Pet
Philadelphia  34   hi   .774
Cleveland    34    13     .723
Washington   25   20   .555
Chicago    26    22    .541
His on    20    24     .454
St. Louis   20    32    ,884
Detroit  18   SO   .375
New York 9    34    .214
Yesterday's (laiuea.
At   N,w   York: It.    IL    E.
Cleveland    2      8      0
N'-w York     1      6      0
Hatterles: Knhler and Carlach;
Fisher   and    Sweeney.
At  Hoston 112 Innings): R.   II.   E.
Chicago      3    10      2
Hoston      4      5      1
Batteries: White and Schalk; Wood
and cady.  Russell.
At  Philadelphia  110 innings):
11.    H     V.
Detroit   "   13     ���'���
Ph'ladelphia     s   IB     1
Hatterles: Lake and Hall, Rondeau;
Plank.  Bender,   Brown and  Lapp.
At Washington: 11     H     It!
St. Louis   0      5     0
Washington      1      4      0
Hatteries: l.everons. llninlllon and
McAllister; Johnson and Alnsniiih.
Buffalo, 8;  Toronto. 5.
Rochester. 2;   Montreal, 0,
Jersey City, fi: Newark, 1.
Providence, 6; Baltimore, 5.
Heaviest    Score    of    Present    Tour���
Arnott  Mal<e Century���Homesters 78 All  Aut.
Prince Albert. Sask., June 6.���The
Australians In their opening match
here today overwhelmed the Prince
Albert eleven by a score of 472 foi
seven wickets against 78 all out for
the local combination. Play was car
ried on In ideal weather, the pitchers
being fine and the sunshine, brilliant
The visitors batted tlrst and at the
adjournment for luncheon had com
pleted a total of 191 for three wickets
8U of the runs coming to 0. G. Mac
Carty'a bat.
In the afternoon, C. W. Bardslo)
ran up a score of 95 and In a brilliat,'
innings lasting less than three-quar
tors of an hour. P. J. Arnott reachej
lhe century, being bowled by Corporal
Chancy when al 101. Al 4 o'clock th"
innings was declared close for Sevan
The innings of, the Prince Albert
eleven was over in an hour and a
half. Ihe batsmen being unable lo
meet the deadly bowling of the Con;
sialks. The best stand was madt
when Captain Kenneth Weaver and
R. W. Klrby gave a good display ot
batting, securing n six, a four and a
three in succession, and with 23 'c
his credit was caught by  Mailey.
The visitors were hanquettrd in thf
evening by tin  local club.
Davis Cup  Preliminary at  New York
One Big Surprise���Antipodes
Not In  It.
New York, June 6.���American lawn
tennis players paved the way for a
trip to England by defeating the Australian team two straight matches in
the Davis cup preliminary matches a'
the West Side Tennis club courts 'o-
day. Maurice E. Mcl-oughlln defeated H. M. Rice, 51, 6-3, 6-3, anJ R.
Norrla WllllaniB scored the s'-cond
victory, winning from Stanley Dount
captain of the Invading team, 6-4, M,
All that Is needed lo clinch tne
American team's victory is to win
one of the three remaining mate 1 -s
and experts look for this to be accomplished tomorrow afternoon, wneu
McLoughlin and Harold 11. Hat-kitt
meet the Australian doubles team.
consisting of Ilousl  and A. B. Jon .-J.
Should the L'nited States combination win, the team will sail for E inland late this month to meet the
Onrman team, which already has
eliminated the French racquet *-rld-
ers In the quest for the International
<endrick Goes to Jail for Forging
Hie Name.
Clinton, B.C., June 6.���William
Kendrick, accused of forging the
aame of Tom Rennle, the lacrosse
llayer, Of New- Westminster, at Lytton
tbout July Of 1912, v, as found guilty
n the assize court yesterday and will
tie sentenced at the end of the session.
Kendrick, gave the proprietor of the
Lytton hotel a cheque purporting to
be signed by Tom Rennie, but this the
latter denied when the holelman paid
1 visit to New Westminster. Kend-
"ick'B arrest followed.
Kendrick was known in this city as
��� cornet player of some repute. Fol-
owing his arrest by the provincial police he created no little notoriety by
twice escaping from custody, once by
lumping from a moving train near
Mission and the second time making
his way out of the Lytton jail..
Homo   of   the   Cinematograph
Change of
Willing   to   Meet   Wolgast   on   July
for   $17,500���Not   Yet   Decided.
San Francisco, June 6.--Tom JoneB
managi r of Ad. Wolgast, returned today from a conference with Champion
Willie Ritchie's manager, Billy No
Ian, and reported that Nolan and Ritchie were willing to take on Wolgast
for a 20 rouud fight on July 4 pro
vlded Promoter Qroney would concede  the  purse of $17,500 he offered
I Ritchie for tiie fight wltll Joe Rivers.
Oraney  took  the  matter under ad-
i visetnent.
Ladies  Play Cricket.
Today Moody    park    is    to be    the
I scene of a mixed cricket match. At
eleven   from   Central   Park   Is   to  be
'entertained  by  a  mixed  Westminster
I team under the captaincy of Miss
Klrby. The local eleven Is as follows:
The Misses Klrby, Pelters, Morris
Cotsworth, Mrs. Harris and MeBsrs
Charles Klrby, Jack Klrby, N. Haven
'port. II. Goldsmith, Dr. Watson am:
.1.   W.   Langford.
'nspector of R. N. W. M. P. at Calgary
Transferred to Saskatoon���Yukon
Days and famous Case Recalled
to the efforts of Inspector Duffus that
John Flske was eventual; convicted
and hanged at the mounted police
Inspector Duffus was chosen to go
to England with the It. N.  W.  M.  P.
contingent to the coronation of King
Oeorge and Queen Mary. On this occasion the members of the contingent
took their own horses and were given
the unprecedented honor of acting as
J the royal escort to tlieir majesties on
I the second day of the coronation festivities when they made their triumph-
! al progress through the capital.   This
is   the  first  time  that   any   colonial
j troops   have   ever   acted   as   a   royal
escort,  the  privilege  always    having
' been given to the guard regiments.
During the nine yearB that Inspec-
i tor i.nd Mrs. Duffus have been in Cal-
: gary they have made a host of friends
land they will he greatly missed by a
1 large circle of friends. The inspector
I Is a member of the Ranchmen's club,
where his geniality has made him very
; popular with the members and the announcement of his departure will be
j received with many expressions of regret.
Inspector Duffus will be succeeded
here by Inspector Worsley, who has
been stationed at Edmonton.
Wireless Men Go Back.
Seattle, June 6���The strike of the
wireless telegraph operators on the
Pacific coast, which waa called more
than a month ago by the Commercial
Telegraphers' union of America, wae
settled today and the union operators
began  to return  to work.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale   of   Real   Estate
For Rent
July and August
Beautiful furnished
house of ten rooms.
Nice lawn. Good location.    Close to Sixth
St. carline.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts ot the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
(By  "Gravy")
According to II dispatch from Her
lln. III" great nt'idium ll) which llie
silxlli revival of lhe Olympic gameB
will he held In 1910, will he dedicated
oil Sunday with exercises In wmch
lorne iir>,ii(in Gorman athletes wlll take
part. The structure occupied a wel]
(located site on the Qrunewald raco
course, jusi outside Berlin, and will be
the f'ni'Hl stadium yot built for such a
Oermany   has  only  ono  victory   In
an Important event to its credit Blnce
the Olympic  gameB  were  revived.   In
1906 ut  Alliens the fatherland    was*;
11. c. 1*. A.   Vancouver   vs.
Westminster ut Queens park.
nig Pour ���Teoutnsehs vs.
T( ronios at Toronto; Irish
Canadians ' vs. Nationals nl
Ml ulreal.
Wesiminster vs. Vancouver
Moths at Brockton Point; mixed game with Central Park at
Moody square.
Westminster at North Vancouver.
intlh  regiment  and  Civilian
association at the Brownsville
1: w :1!: -,',��� -,',i --,'? -il- v- W ���-,'.! *\* iff -*'��� --,',i
1824���Tom Spring, heavyweight champion of Kngland, defeated Jack
Langan, who held the Irish
title, ln 77 rounds on this date
at Chichester. England. The
battle raged two hours and a
half and was, of course, with
bare knuckles. Spring had
claimed the title on the retire
mem of Tom Cribb. and defended It agalnBt Bill Neat.
Langan, a County Kildare man
who had been n soldier, pul up
n game light. The bout was
staged In an open field, with
��� farmers' carta as points of vantage for the spectators, who Include d seme of the leading men
Of  England and  Ireland.
1910���Matty Baldwin deteated Paul
Kohler  in  12  rontlds at   Akron
1912���Pocky Mel-'arlnrd knocked out
Crank Rrennen In fourth round
at Muskegon.
P. M. Licks Burq.
A lacrosse mnfr-h l">t"----i tho Port
Moody and Burqultlam clubs at Port
Moody on Thursday evening, resulted
In a victory for the home team by "-2.
The game was spirited and clean.
Calgary, June 6.- Inspector Duffus,
who has been stationed iu Calgary for
the past nine and a half years as second in command of the It. N. W. M. P.
las been promoted to command the
-ub-dlstrict of Saskatoon and will
leave the city on Thursday afternoon
to take up Ills new duties in that
Inspector Duffus, who has been on
the force for 17 years, was first sta-
iotnd at Regina and came to Calgary
c 1896 when the preeent city was but
* small prairie town and there were
hen only six detachments, whereas
hi re are now 22. Tlie number of men
:i the fore, however, was about the
nine as i' Is ai the present day.
In ISPS, the year that will always
ie associated with the great rush into
he Yukon territory, the inspector
raveled into that wild land with ISO
sembers of the 'force who had been
ent there to enforce order among the
'0.0t"0 people, drawn from nil parts of
he world, who had rushed there niad-
y after the newly discoverrd gold.
This  was  the  biggest  stampede  of
iny gold camp in the history of the
vorid and the old time gamblers, who
lways   followed   such   camps,   never
aw so much hard cash, or mere eor-
eotly speaking, gold dust, as was cir-
lllated  at tint  time in the northern
���territory   of   Canada.     The   members
if the mounted pollce were scattered
is far as Skagway, near where a small
���nst  was situated, to 40 miles below
Dawson City.
Lively   Yukon   Days.
lu the two years during which  the
rush   lasted  no  lers  than  seven  men
were executed  hv the mounted  pollce
for  murder  and   the    pollce    passed
through so-ie anxious times   at   thai
period of tlieir history.    Many  well
(now" cr^ok'- rushed with the pros-
,,'eti 1   i'-ito   the   Yukon   from   every j
'm.ie'nal le r' -"e and Inspector Duffus
tould no doubt tell of manv thrilling 1-cn
-iti- 'it"-es experienced while Btatlon-
��� il  in   Hie   Yukon,  whose  history  has ] '"""
seen rn bound no with the history of
western c'villsstion nud made famous
by the pi' t. Robert W, Service, who
was liiui.-i lf in the territory di. lng
���le   rush.
1 rter Inspector Duffus returned to
Regina for a rhort time and after
(pending a few years on the American
boundary line he returned to Calgary
in December, 1908, only H tew davs he-
fore Cashel, the notorious murderer.
escaped from the guard room nt the
harraeks, lust before the time scheduled for hla execution.
The Inspector wub in charge of n
party which, after n long search, discovered the murderer, hidden In a
cellar at Pitman's ranch. After ex-
changtng twenty shots, for the murderer hnd two ftillv- loaded revolvers
in his possesion, the police found lt
necessary   to   set   the   place   on   fire
laud the convict then surrendered, lie
paid  the extreme  penalty of the  law
! a few days afterwards.
Notorious Cafe.
One or the mest Imnortanl Invest!-
���-'���'tions that Inspector Duffus was called upon to handle was the murder of
Tucker Peach, the memory of which
IS still ripe Ilt the minds of niOFt of
the residents o," Alberta. It was to the
Inspector thai Robinson confessed to
assisting John l-'iske In the murder of
the rancher at the time of the Inquest.
It will be remembered lhat the hndv
of Peach was found in the How river
and n year nfter It had been buried
was exhumed and the Inspector succeeded In obtaining the extraordinary
confession from tiie accomplice ln one
Of the most gruesome crimes In the
history of the west. It was largely duo
Would Retaliate.
Washington. June 6.���For several
hours today the senate finance subcommittee discussed the paper
schedule of the Underwood tariff bill
and it Is reported tonight that an
amendment to put a retaliatory duty
igainst Canada on print paper valued
at not more than two and a half cents
a pound ls being seriously considered.
Up to Date.
Victoria. June 6.���The Pacific
Chocolate company of New Westminster, have appllid fer and been given
the right to use the Victoria carnival
porter  on   the  top  of  their  choeclate
Lights up the countenance of the
���an who tries a bottle of "WINE-
���VEISER" Beer. It chases away all
fatigue both of body and mind, lt
Itienches the thirst, pleases the palate
ind tones up the system. You'll
never know what a delicious drink
hops and malt can be made Into until
vou try "WINEWEISER" Beer. Try
it today.
Sctr Them  Thinking.      ^1^
Washington,   June   6.���Japan's   lat- I
est  note  in  regard  to  the  California |
land   legislation,   admittedly   furnish-
lng   problems   calculated   to   tax   thej
talents   ef  the   American   negotiators. !
was read at  the cabinet  meeting to   j
day  and  later  was  the  suhpect of a
conference between President Wilson
and   John   Bassett   Moore,   counsellor
of the state department.
Discuss Debentures. ^1^
Port Coquitlam. June 6.���The city |
council held a private meeting this
evening to discuss the financial situa
tion and also* the debentures, which
were voted upon favorably by the
ratepayers a few weeks back.
Nice Quiet Prince.
Toronto, June C.���Prince Albert,
?econd son nf King George, quietly
slipped Into Ihr city this morning and
departed as qui,tiy as he came. He,
with a party of cadets, Is on his way
to take in the sights nt Niagara. He
trrlved at tl this morning and \er;
'ew of the curious at the station g"t
1 glimpse of the prince. He and Ills
companions returned to the city to-
nlght and left Immediately for Kings-
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bide
Queen's Park Oval
Saturday, June 7th Face Off 3 p.m.
General Admission, 50c.
Next Thursday
Charles  Frohman   Presents
In Her New Play the Great St.
James Theatre, London, Sucrtss
"The Witness
for the Defence"
(By A. E. W. Mason, M.P.)
Mail  orders  now.    Seats on
sale Monday.
Prices $2.00 to 50c.
Next Wednesday Evening
iW m* ���_*��,,.
Mad] orders now.
I'loriut's, Phone L 184,
Scots on sale Saturday morn In J at
PRICES: 12.00 to Shi- PAC1G   SIX
******W**ta*\*t ���trsssmBseaixamst
Classified Advertising
flljn   TUCU   rUlklTE of the season which Is to become ao
hlVr   IRlM   I llAIVl I tlve directly.   The usual preparation
UHL   iiilhi   iiiHlllL ot oans has been prooUoally completed
land Uu* staffs are assembling trom the
cities tor the annual rush.   In   fact,
,   ������������>  �����   ****** * ���  V   4
. HATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
<lny, 4c per word per week; 15c per
month! 5.000 words, to be used as rewired wittln oue year from date of
contract, $26.00.
education for outBide position. Box
1475 News office.  (1476)
day.   Apply Box 1477 News office.
women in Sapperton. Apply Japanese Mission by phone. (1436)
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet In length,
rto 9 Inch tops.   Can take in
or on cars.    Nestos Timber
Co., Ltd., Bellingham, Wash. (1868)
hods and pIllowB. Address Box
1136 News office. (1383)
Apply 703 Agnes street.
od rooms for young married couples.
Apply 70S AgneB street. (14Stii
blocks 13 nnd 14. I). U 172, cheap.
Apply I). I). Ilourke, HUG Cariboo
street, (I486)
Housewives Were  Many    on    Market
Yesterday���First Gooseberries���
Strawberries Soon.
Montreal Port Authorities Are Miking  Victoria Stock Exchange Urges Coup-
The woman with the market basket
was out In force at yesterday morning's  city   market.    In  fact  this  1m-
pen of highly   bred   utility   Rhode
Uland   Hods,    in   prime    condition.
Hens 1(2.110. rooster, $3.50.   Apply 301) ,
Pino street. (1413) . Portnnt person was bettor represented
���.������ | than the farmer and market producer,
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER ! so much  bo  that   all  offerings    were
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable j cleaned out early in ihe dny at prices
���Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-; practically   steady,   with   last   week's
ket square. (1451) 1 quotations relglnlug.
I    Two  causes nre  advanced for    the
*******^'*****~^'^**^^*'m^^**r*errn***3**^l shortage of vendors;  one, the atreBB
LOST. | of tbo spring work which necessitates
~~~w^-^-^-��� *-^r**s~^r���>���,: mora than the UBual amount of farm
LOST A-j>   jj  {.    ELECTRIC   STA-' labor, and the other the fact that at
Gig  Effort to Get All  Grain
to Issue  Small  Denominations
For This Purpose.
most of the travel is northward and
few passengi rs are coming down ac
yet Further north the hul.l.ui Industry is in operation.
Included  In  tbe cargo which  went
out last nighl were two "Iron chinks,"
machines tor cleaning und preparing
the flsh tor the cans,   These go to the
Balmoral cannery on    the    Skeena,
  j while two machines or a siinil.-ir character went up to other canneries last
Montreal, June fi.    Over seven mil-i     Victoria,  June  6.- -The  advisability  Beason.
lion bushels will he the storage cupa-   of the city  permitting the local pub- j    Tho Camosun brought 21! passengers
city of the three big elevators in tlio  lie to invest in city bonds by the Is-[for  Vancouver and  nine  for  \ ietorin
harbor when the additions now under nuance  of   Buch   bonds   In   small   de-  on  her  southbound  trip,   while  there
construction are completed.   This ca-   nominations bo aB to make Ihem read-   were  about  a  dozen   taken   out   last
paclty will be divided as follows:    O. Uy  accessible  to  the  small  Investor,  waning   when   the   Union   Steamship
T. R. elevator, 2,000.000 bushels; har- i |S u,Ked upoI1 the city by the Victoria  -Sot away.    There    Is a    considerable
bor commissioners    'elevator, No.  l,:Btock exchange, a communication 0f .amount of settlement gol ig forward
about 2,600,000 bushels; harbor com-'wlllch hag bwu r9oal*ed by the city1*1  various points,  both 01 -	
!. about 2,-i.i���.v ������..!������ �����..i, ... ���.,i���i������ ���f ii.! Vancouver iBland  and  ou  I
misslonerB' jelevator No. 2, about 2,
clerk setting forth its opinion of the
550,000 biiHltels. 'exchange that by some bUcIi arrange-
ThlB will mean a gain of almost live menl victoria Investors  would avail
the maln-
mllllon bushels within a year, for when
navigation opened In 1912 there was
only provision here for a million
bushels ln No. 1 elevator and about
the same quantity in the Grank Trunk
store house.
Last fall No. 2 was completed, add
tlon on Monday, small seal purse ! preBent the articles for sale are llmlt-
conUinlng money and Rebekah | ed. However, the absence of people
lodge  receipt.    Reward  for  return from the country did   not   affect the
to 817 Tenth street. (1484)  market seriously, and trade was brisk.  ,     QV(>r , B00 000 bugheis to the har
The Increasing proportion of citizens ibor Btor Then ln ei)cember a con
Mi'    '' sit^smsma*********** at tbe market each week is noted and '
COLLECTIONS. [very seldom is It of late that the pro
ducer cannot dlBpose of his wares.
Columbia street. New Westminster,
will collect your slow and bad accounts for a mere trifle. No membership fee required and commission charged only on the amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. Collections made everywhere. (1365)
TO     RENT���HOUSE     AT     WHITE
Rock.   Enquire 211 Seventh avenue.
nlshed, modem, convenient, central.
Y. M. C. A., Royal avenue..    11468)
First Gooseberries.
For the IlrHt time thiB season gooseberries were offered, the first lot being brought in by J. Thomson, of
Ilarnston island, wbo disposed of hiB
stock at 2 lbs. for 25 cents. These
are said to he the first of the local
berry crop to be offered. The yield
of berries of ull kinds this year is expected tn bp somewhat better than
that of 12 months ago. and the box
factories are receiving unusually large
orders for boxes.
Straws Soon.
In conversation with a grower from
The News was told that
whero. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile As
eucy, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (1449)   Maple Rrid
in nil likelihood the first strawberries
" '. would be ready in two weeks.    It   is
said that some difficulty is being experienced  in    securing    pickers,    and
Furnished   three   room   suite,   with  farmers say    that    after   paying
bath.    Hot  and  cold  water. usual ?���
Bradley Apartments.      very
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 758
tract was awarded for the erection of
an addition to the old harbor commission elevator, capable of handling 1,-
500,000 bushels. Last week the railway broke ground for a million-bushel
wing to Its plant at Windmill Point.
In other words there Is storage now iu
the port for 4,500,000 bushels of grain,
while structures to accommodate 2.-
500,000 bushels are under way thiB
An additional feature of Interest is
iliemselveB of thc chance to secure
a higher rate of Interest for savings
than is at present available ln the
To fully consider the suggestion a
special meeting of the finance committee of the city council wlll be
called for this afternoon at 2 o'clock,
to which representatives of the exchange  will  be Invited.
|    In Its communication    to the    city
j tbe exchange calls attention to the
success of the recent flotation of debentures by  the city of  Philadelphia.
| There, bonds to the extent of $4,000.-
1000  were offered  "over  the couuter"
I to the public.
They were In denominations of $10)
iand  tho  Issue  were over
' the  great   bulk   of  thc
land,  while  business   at   Bella  Cooln
Is  reported to be good.
Wenatchee   Grower*   Lead   Flpht
Victory   With   G.   N.   R.���Will
Flood  Alberta
Spokane,  June  6.���Calgary,    L-ih-
ubscribed,   bridge and Edmonton, to Bay nothing
subscriptions  of   British   Columbia   marketing   ccn-
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes street.    Telephone LC38.
rooms,    1020    Third
or vacant lota for rent, sale or exchange; splendid position on beaeli
front.   Winch, Wbito Rock.    (1323)
ed complete, electric light, bath,
phone, etc.. $14 and $18 por month;
also one partly furnished roem $8
per month, with other accommodations, at 224  Seventh street.  (1450)
wants work, by the day. Box 1401
News office. 11492)
and customer. 411
Phone L793.
Eighth    street.
the fact that all three elevators are being for amounts ranging from $50,treB, will be able to purchase Wsah-
at deep water line, so that ocean go- to $2000, nnd the opportunity was ta- ington fruit more cheaply Ihls year
ing ships and tramp steamers can load ken advantage of by scores of per-. than ever before, according to a stg
with the least difficulty and at lowestisons who invested lhelr savings, thus nal concession just obtained by the
COBt securing a rate of four per cent where  growers of this section from th"   Ireat
At the present time there are six  they   had   hitherto  secured   but   the  Northern railway,
grain "legs" -the machines by which   bank rate.    That issue was a four perl    The fight for cheaper rates   K f.'lllt
the wheat is scooped from the holde cent one, but the local stock exchange  shipped   into   Alberta   has   be 'n   lod
of the grain carriers���in operation  in   members feel thnt the city's four and  by  the  Wenatchee  Commercial   club,
the port, hut the fleet of floating 6le-  a  half  per  cent  issues  would   prove  The
vators adds much to the unloading ca- ' even  more  attractive  to  local   inves-
the I paclty of the harbor as thousands of tors  having    comparatively    limited
52,00 a day for pickers there Is,bushels of grain are transferred daily  sums for investment,
little   profit   left.     The   currant   by them directly from lake vessels or. Let People Subscribe
and* raspberry crop is also shaping up  barge to the ocean  freighter. The communication  sols forth  that  dealers and have been  Informed that
well and a plentiful    yield    is anticl-j    Two of the "legs" are at the marine | at a  recent meeting of the stock ex-   largo   quantities   of jieachos,   piar
Nora Scotia Man ami Wife Doth
Benefited  By GIN  PILLS
SS5S9TJST   how   much
|J     difference   cIN
I;   PILLS can make in
the bome life can lie
guessed from the
letter lie^'w-.   Where
formerly   both
husband and wife
were in mor-? nr less
constant misery Willi
backache, they nre
now delighted to he
almost free of the old
Lyons Urook, N.S.
"Vou are perfectly
free to use my name
in any way to lieuefit
CIN PILLS, for Ihey deserve tlie hitrh-
ext praise. My back lias never troubled
���ne since taking OIN PILLS, and my
wile feeli muchbetter after taking OIN
PILLS for her back She think. CIS
PILLS will make ��� complete cure."
Why shouldn't you or anjr of your
friends who may lie suffering witl��
Backache. Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Sciatica, Weak or Strained Kidneys,
Burning or Scalding Urine, Painful
Urination or frequent colds in the
Kidneys and Bladder, get llle same
relief that so quickly came to the Nairn
home when thejr started to use GIN
Remember, you buy GIN PILLS on
our standing guarantee thnt they will
cure or your money will he -promptly
refunded. 50c. a box, fi for $2 50.
Sample free if you write National Drug
and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Torouto. 151
Wenatchee   valley   proline-
great   proportion  of   the   soft
grown in this state.
1    The Washington growers have
In communication with Alberta
tit .
For Rent���Beautiful    home,    has   six
rooms and fully modern, extra clean  cents per dozen, while    most
Very little change in    prices
recorded   and   butter  and  eggs  were I least  four  more  wi
certainly    no    cheaper,    the    popular Ithe  new   portions  now
quotation   for   fresh   eggs   being     SO
I jetty off elevator No. 2, two at No. 1,
was 1 and   two   at   the   Grand   Trunk.     At
change the mutter of the inability of  cherries and  similar fruits wot
and new. Pine garden already in.
No. 42S Thirteenth St.. city. Lease
to careful  tennant.  $110  per month.
brought 35 cents per lb., or II lbs. for ji'>'
$1.00. Live poultry was plentiful, pullets being quoted at $10.00 per dozen,
large hens at an average price of
$12.00 per dozen, and otlur fowl at
last week's rulings. Another consign-
mid young
the former
For  Sale���Owner  leaving    city,    will
sacrifice fine  home, has  six  rooms
and is modern. Lot is 52x132 feet, ment of day old chicks
No. 325 Ash street. This ia $500 turkeys was well received
below value. Wlll arrange excep- going out at 75 cents a dozen, while
tionally good terms to right party, young turkeys brought 76 cents each.
' It must bo sold. See us about It at and in some eases $1.00 was asked.
oncPi All meat prices were steady with last
vvwv����v, ~>^~~s~-^~v  week,  and  good  trading    was    done,
Wanted a loan of $1800, have $4000 of especially in veal, which was offered
Security. Will pay 12 per cent, in- in quantities. Flsh quotations expert-
terest.    Will  pay back lo suit. Pull  enced no material change, while vegq-
be installed
in course
The additions to the storage oapac-
Montreal are not before thev
are needed. With almost live million
bushels of grain coming through the
Lachlne canal this month, almost double that of any corresponding month
for the last half dozen seasons, there
Is great need for more grain room
The port authorities nre making a
big effort to capture the western grain
trade for Montreal, and with its 7,000,-
000 bushel elevators, other harbors
will be given a stiff race tfor the chief
grain shipping Irade in Canada.
purchased   here,   provided   more
able rates were secured.
The new Irarlffs which will apply
to tlie above named comiuo'i ('es are
Wenatchee to Calgary. $1.13 I '',
year $137; Wenatchee to Lethbridge
i)7 1-2, last year $1; Wonachen to Edmonton  $1.16  1-2.  last   yenr  jl 22.
In order to secure theBe rat   1 ship-
made via S" u-3 g'.iss
particulars upon request.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Builldlng.
Tenders     will   he  received   by    the
' undersigned up   to 6 o'clock p.m. on
Saturday, June  14,  for the supply of
linen for the new Royal Columbian
hospital.    AIL particulars can be obtained  from
(1432) 90 Sixth Street.
Th" statutory meeting of the Poard
of License Commissioners will be
held at tho Municipal Hall, on Wednesday. June 11, 1913, at 10 o'clock
In the forenoon.
(145X1      Clerk to the Commissioners.
Wanted teachers Tor the city
schools, including high school
teachers, commercial teachers (with
academic teacher's certificate), public
school principals, vice-principals and
assistants, manual training and
domestic science Instructors Application forms may lie obtained at the
offices of the Westminster News
liritish Columbian, Vancouver Province .uni Victoria Colonist.
(13701      N'ew Westminster. B.C.
Advertise in the Daily News
Notice Is hereby given that at lhe
next sitting of tho Board of License
Commissioners for the City of New
Westminster application wHl be made
fnr a transfer of Ihe license to sell
liquor by retail in the Central Hoiol
premises Blluate on Lot One ill.
Illock "G," Merchants' Square, City of
New Westminster, from Jos I. freeman to Henry Freeman.
Dated    at    New*  Westminster, B.C.,
this 6th day of May, Al). 11113.
Holder of License.
(1331) Applicant for Transfer,
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN RKii). Proprietor.
Agents Palmer Bros.' Gasoline
Engines, Marine Knglnes and Auto
I  mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
At Edmonds, a lot 66x113.6, fully
cleared and levelled, close to car.
A snap at $900; one-half lot for
$500.    Terms.     No.  06.
At Edmonds, short block from car.
Ixit cleared and in garden. 33x121.
Small house newly built; $650.
Terms.    No. 33.
In the city, 75x300. facing two streets,
$1500; $150 cash, balance to suit.
This is a line building proposition.
No. 55.
Lot on First street. 44x141, between
Seventh nnd Eighth avenue, partly
cleared, runs to lane, $800. Terms.
No. 5ti.
This is one of the biggest snaps we
havo to offer. Kight room house,
well finished and well laid out In
the hear: of the city, near ear line;
fruit trees and poultry house. $3000,
on very easy terms.    No. 72.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
tables  went   at  figures  given   below:
Apples, per box   $1.00 to $1.26
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per sack    75c.
Carrots,  per saek 65c
TurnlpB, per sack 09,-
Potatoes,  per  sack    75c
Potatoes, per ton $8 to $10
Onions, per Back    $1.25 to $1.50
Vi-inrtahles. Petall.
Itipe Tomatoes, per doz 30c
Beets, per bunch 5c
Onions,  per  lb 5c.
(-arrets, per bunch 5.
Cabbage, por lb 4c
Turnips, each  5-
Rhubarb, per bunch  10c
F.no* and  Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per doz 27c to 20o
Kggs, retail, per doz 30c. to 35c
Matching Eggs, per doz. . ,50c to $10''
Hatching duck eggs, doz . .50c. to 75c.
Eggs, duck, per doz.  ...
Butter, retail, per lb,  ��� ���
Butter,  wholesale, per lh 30c
Flsh, Retail.
Pink Soring Salmon, per lb.
White Spring Salmon, per lb.
flounders. 1 er lb	
S'urgcon, per lb	
Halibut, per lb	
Steelhead, per lb	
Smells, per lh	
Cod, per lb	
Retail Meats.
Beef, host rib roasts
Beef, loin  	
Ueef.  round  steaks
Boiling beef	
Perk       16c  to  20c
Mutton      12c to -11,
Spring lamb, fore-quarters 23c. lo 25c.
Spring lamb, hind quarters 30c. "1 115c.
Wholesale Meats.
Dr. Young Tables Report of Commission on Schools Before Provincial Executive.
Victoria. June fi.���There was a
lengthy session of tlle executive ooun-
cil of the provincial government Wednesday upon the return tn town of the
I foil. W. .1. Bowser, attorney-general.
A great  mass of buslnesB was under
the cily to dispose of Its debentures
except at a high rate of interest was
discussed and a resolution passed
that it should tie suggested to the
finance committee of the city council
that when it contempaled making another Issue of debentures the local
public should be Riven an opportunity to subscribe.
Many   thrifty   people     in     Victoria  ments are to bt
would,   It   was   felt,   gladly  subscribe   Mont.
for a  twenty  or  thirty  year 41-,  per 	
cent di benture at par, or perhaps at
a small discount, provided the debentures were issued In denomination
of $100, and while this would involve
a little more clerical work than the
present system the city would be a
distinct gainer by the higher price
Tho exchange offered its assistance
in arranging such a so-caleld "popular loan" and. for the public benefit, offered to list such an i sue on
the local stock exchange . through
which the certificates could be dealt
In at a nominal brokerage fee of, say,
-5   oenU   per   $lu0.     This   would     a
market   for   the   bonds   and   provide ,        . ,   .  ,
holders  with the facilities of dlspos-     *&n Francisco, June 6.-Assisted by
ag of  their  debentures  should  they    '^ police t oronerl-eland ,if   his c>
'  began today tbe disinterment of the
bodies of the Schall family. Mrs. Schall
Notice Is hereby given that the un-
fruits derslgned will apply to the Hoard ot
License Commissioners at its next
regular sitting for an Hotel License
for the premises known us the "Hotel
Dominion." situate upon l.ot 11, Illock
5, corner of 8lxth and Columbia
streets, City uf New Westminster,
Hated this 9th    day    of Mav,    A.D.
(1234)    EDWARD JONES.
I  b-
San Franciscan Accused of Murdering
Wife and  Family for the  In-
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches   throughout  Canada    antl
.Newfoundland,  and  In   London,   Rug-
laud, New York, Chicago and Spokane
. U.S.A.,  und   Mexico City.    A  general
hanking business transacted.    Letters
of Credit  iBBiied,  available  with  correspondents in all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received   In   sums  of   $1   and   upward
, nnd Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
I-annum (present rate).
Total Assets over IlKfi.OOO.ono.OO.
O. D. BR TONER, Manager.
an  issue
per   cent
d sire to do so.
Rates Increasing
The city has at present
of about $110,000 of four
local improvement bonds which, when
the 4 per cunt debentures were dis-
I'osed or in the fall of 1911 were over,
looked in some manner. As the work
for which these debentures were Id-
sued Jias already been assessed the
rale   cannot   be   advanced   under   tlr
taken, but little of its was of a public 1 authority which the city si cured from
30c. to 40c i nature, or rather  little of it
35c. to 40c   that stage whereat it would
. ,15c
All persons supplying provisions or
goods of any kind to Stewards of ven
sels owned or operated by the Depart
ment of Marino and Fisheries, or to
any other person cr perBous who
may have contracted for the boarding
of tho officers aud crews of such
vessels, are hereby notified that the
aforesaid Department will not be responsible for any accounts contracted
by tlie Stewards or Contractors above
referred to.
Deputy .Minister of Marino and
Department  of  Marine nnd  Fisheries
Dated at Ottawa, llith May, 11)13.
(1454) ���42346
Veal, large   	
Veal,  small	
Ueef, front quarter
Ueef, hind quarter
Spring   lamb   	
Pork    13c.
iienn. small, per dozen
Hens, large, per dozen
Chickens, per dozen .
Broilers, per dozen ....
Hens, live, per lb . . .
Chickens, live, per lb. . .
[ticks, jier dozen
Ducks, live. P'-r Ih 30c to 32c
Thin*   $1
Ro;i for Censoring Feeo
la Too Much
Victoria, June 8, The censorship
of moving pictures recently inaugur
ated in the province of British Columbia was tbe principal topic of discussion at a meeting of the provincial executive yeslerday, when a deputation Of  theatre owners  and  film
I with
t nu ���
No definite answer was given the.,--���.,.
deputation, bul it was agreed that
the matter should be presented in
the form of a memorandum to the
Hon. II. E. Young, minister of educa
tlon by Mr. .1. A. Harvoy, tho solid-
j ior for the deputation.
The rate for passing pictures at the
1 present time in the province la $1
a roll, A roi generally extends more
than  1000  feet,  and  the  rate  Is sup-
that stage when
able to publish.
One of the things taken up waB the
normal  school   question,  and   the  six
bids recently submitted to the department of public works were opened and
,15c 1 briefly considered, but  in  view  of the
jOe j many points yet to be dealt with be-
.15' I fore any decision can be arrived at. it
10c I was decided to   withhold the contract
lOo   for a few days more so that the neci B-
sary  Information   desired  can  be obtained.
While this course has been adopted
it must not be understood that the
question of httiug the contract has
heen delayed, Aa a matter of fact ii
is freely stated thai the contract will
be ht very shortly. Another meeting will I ailed at an early date and
the  question   will  then  doubtleBB  be
finally  disposed  of and  the contract
awarded  to ene or other of the six
competitors.   As to the nature of tin-
tenders submitted it was deemed in
: nilvii nl'.lo yesterday to sav anything,
but Hon. Dr, Vi ung. minister of education,   announced   that   the    mailer
would be broui ht up again and dir
posi il ot  vi ry shortly.
Another matter affecting the eduoa-
,"*,..   tion   depnrtmenl   of   the   government
"      Ut    tt   "'���'���'������  v- '*     considered at  yesterday's
11 rn t' t* ro '"'' !i"K waB ""' ���"���?Pr,r-*' "f the commls-
*  '    t-i iaM   *,.,,��� to ii]qHire *, .0 it,r conditions pre-
������'J0/1 vailing In the Bchools of North Vancouver.
Dr. Young t-ibied the report which
had been sent to hlm. but after briefly tlipetiii|i|ng Its flnilings it wa�� suggested that Iho attorney-general
should IlrHt take the matter up, and
Hi's was ngre- d to. so that tho report
j will not be released for perhaps a (lay
or two.
lie   to 16c
14c.  to  17c
,9V6c  to 10c
.   lie. to 12c
13V4c. to 13c
to 14c
:'.',c  In 24c
$12 to $15
the last legislature permitting an  In-:
crease  In  llie Interest rate on bonds
from 4 to 4Vj per cent.
With   the  increase  In   the rate  for''
loans in all markets of the world, the
I city  has  little  if any, chance of (lis-
posing of this small Issue at its 4 per
; cent. rate.    Uut, It Is believed, if the |
1 bonds  wi re  Issued In  denominations
|pf turn tliere are local Investors who
would be quite wlllin*.- to Invest their
savings  by subscribing for a part or
the issue,
With   Issues  bearini-  4'^   per  cent,
the  response  from    local    Investors
would  be,  It is believed, 1 ven more
Australian   Born   Photographer    loins
Stefansson Expedition to Arcli:.
Victoria June u The ot'iclal photographer and cinematograph operator of the Btefansson exped Hon arri. -
"I in Victoria yesterday In lhe person
of Oeorge H. Wllklns. T ugh 1 on
nected with ih" well km :i firm or
Qaumont's, of London, Mr Wllklns is
ui Australian and h is h 1 a very
M'tiliiresome  and   thrilling  enreer  iii
the purs-nil of good films 1 ibj B for
lu's company.   He wus bi
rapher  for Qaumont's  t
���-ilnel.-i.  Ceylon.  Northern   Africa,  the
West Indian Islands and most of the
European continent
Ilccently Mr. Wlltflns h had adventure enough ami to spar as special
correspondent for a picture company
in the Balkan war. He was one of
the few Urltlsh eye witnesses of the
great   battles   of   Lule     Uurg
and three children, who met their
deaths under suspicious circumstances
on the night of April 26, when their, Re Lot thirty-four
collage in the Presidio military reservation was destroyed by fire. The
disinterment is being marie at the request of l'nited States Attorney John
Evidence has been given to the federal grand jury here, which 1h said to
Implicate Sergt. Ceo. O. Schall, the
husband and father, with the murder
of ihe family,   it is alleged that he
(34). Southwest
quarter of District Lot eight hundred and sixty-seven (S67l. Municipality of North Vancouver, Map
Whereas proof of loss of Certificate of Title No. 59H42 E . covering
the above mentioned property. Issued
In the name of Sham Singh, has been
(lied iu this office. Notice Is hereby
given  that  I  shall  nt  the  expiration
first Insured his wife and children for of one month from date of llrst pub-
$1111111 each and .hen destroyed them lication hereof, issue a duplicate of
In lhe flames. ���     said Certificate of Title, unless in the
Schall has been arrested by the fed-  meantime valid objection be made to-
eral authorities  In  Vancouver.  Wash    me in writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office.
Vancouver, U.C., this 12th day of
May, AD   1913.
H316I District Registrar.
Victoria, June 6.���F. A. McDiarinid
and Alan U. Beddoe, of the chief astronomers' office at Ottawa, have left
for Northern liritish Columbia win re
Ihey will make astronomical observations In the region between the
Ground Hog llasin and Hazelton on
In half of the provincial government
11 is expected thai their work will be
of great help to tills department in
llie   making of  surveys.
The astronomers had just returned
fr-m a trip to the llanfield cable 11I.1-
tli 'i on the west coast of the Island
cil they will he back from their new
trip 'ionic time In  August.
Commission    Will    Not    Yet    Inspect
Inrilsn Re-erven Nenr Canneries.
Victoria. June r,    The Royal co*"-
I mission  thai   is  now  looking Into (he
operators was In attendance  mall,.,.H ,n������im.  IndlM1  rfSPTVeB ,���
a  pro.-st   against   tin*   present BrltlBh Columbia has decided not to
'       :      l,:<    "��� 'hold   sessions   iii   districts   whore   In
ure employed In canneries during  Julie,   July   and   August.
Cannerymen, in requesting (his ur- i
rcbiitaljn, which wore pm itlcally the
deciding issues of the war Mr. Wllklns hap also taken plctur' t from flying machines, aeroplanes a' d balloons,
operations which are not recommended lo the timid.
This will he Ihe flrsl time that the
photographer hns ev-.-r ventured Into
the Arctic regions, but thi re Is n
doubt that his many experiences In all
���������rt-- or the world have admirably
fllt'd him to ;iccompany tli s expedition on ils perilous voyage
To  Port   Mann   and   Port  Coquitlam
"in ',!i"auh   "ERASER EERRY NO 1"
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Sche'dulo:
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann 8:00 a.m.
l.enves  l'ort  Mann  for  New  West
and | minster 0:00 a.m
Splendid arrangements made thl��
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all  points  east,  commencing  May  28.
Week  End  tickets on  sale to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trip
Oil   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Sundays.
For rules and reservath n apply   to
New Westminster
>r R, W.  iirodle, o.P.A, Vancouver
B.C.Coast Service
Hon.   pointed   out   to   the   commission -���
thai  the Iiiiliiins  were only too ready , Spring   Salmon Co  I'ght  U|)  Nor'.h���
to  knock   olT  work   and   would   Cimp Iron Chinks March Out.
around  places where Ihe commission-       Victoria, June  6.    Arcorilliit;  to nf-
ors  were  holding  session   and    this  fleers of the steamer ranffirum, which
would  naturally   disrupt  tho  work at
the canneries,
posed  to  cover  only  the  figure  men-1 Last  Jail   Breaker Caught.
'Honed, but the extra teet are always      K.-imloops, Juno 6.���Activities of the
allowed In pass uncharged.    The then  provincial   police  resulted  in   the  re-
ilre-owners   and   operators   ooinplial|A  capture of  Kdward  Hays on  Monday
'that   this   rate   Is   too   high   and   the  evening.    He Is  the last    to bo cor-
iibject  of  the   deputation   Is   to  have,railed   of   the   three   who   broke   jail  change in the situation at I the can
ilt   lowered   If   possible. lon Sunday morning. tierteB are all busy now lu   ntlclpatlon I
wns In port yesterday on her weekly
call, lhe Fprlng salmon ha\" beeu shy
in the favorite waters of Pinltl s and
Rivers Inlets, nnd the results have
not been satisfactory to these engaged
in (he industry,
Willi   the   opening   ot   1 e   sockeye
season on June 20 there i muld be a
Leavea New Westminster for l'ort
Mann and Port Coqultlam 10:00 n.m
Leaves Port Coqultliim for Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m
Leaves Now Westminster for Porl
Mann 5:3-8 p.m.
Leaves l'ort Mann for New Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves Mew Weatmlnster for Port
Mai n and Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
1."lives port Coqultlam for I'on
Mann and New Wostmlnslei* C:.",0 p.m
S'lledllle   subject   to  cllUllgO   wltllOlll
Tor further  Information  Inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navi-1wiSneiflay end Friday.
Ration  Co., Etd. ! h;"- QOULBT, Agent. New Westminster.
Phone 16-4 L.    Office 903 Columbia St. I "   w- UKOM1B, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
Lewes Vanoouver for Victoria HI a. m..
* 0   in   and 11 -45.
Linivph Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
nntl 11  b. m.
Leaves Vancouver tor Nanaimo   9-
a.m. and t!:30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Uiqwrl
mul Northern Points 10 p. in. Wednes-
' days.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Chllllwook   7
Thursday nnd Saturday.
a.   m.    Tuomin-f.
a.   m.   Monday,
Specialty Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-Massago and Glover's Kam
"iis Stimulating Tonics,
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Elahth St.
New Spring and Summer Suitings
now on display. See them. Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed. 701
Front StieeL ���SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1913.
From Teaching    of    Journalism    and
Thence Into Arena of Politics-
Valuable   Reminiscence:.
Toronto,   June   6.   That   "monarch
of oratory,1 'as tho Hon. sir George
W. Hoss ban been called, tv out with
a book of bin reminiscences just pub-
llshi 1 by Wm. Hriggs of Toronto, under the title of "tlettlng Into Parliament and After." Sir lieorge la one of
the few remaining members of the
"old   guard"   of   Canadian   Statesmen
that not only was lt highly useful, bu
also highly  palnBtaklng.  lie also de
fends the office of the governor gen
if rei, Baying he performs work of distinct  value and  outside the  conten-
tloiiH  of  the  caucus  and  the  blatant
��� nostrums of party  platforms,  he  has
I an almost unlimited sphere of Influence
Alters Views of French Canadians.
Sir Oeorge has chapters devoted to
i useful essays on "Klectloneering as a
Pine   Art,"   and   the   "Political   Plat-
j form," and he winds np with a chapter on "The French Canadian in Poll-
jlicB."   ills upbringing, he says, caused
I htm to inok on French Canadians with
suspicion, if not distrust, but to his
great   Hiirprlse   hc   found   that   as   a
member of parliament the French Oa-
\ mullan waa a gentleman of courteous
; demeanor, respectful In  conversation,
attentive  to duties, and  In  no  sense
different in dress or manner from his
Saxon fellow members. lie traoeti the
who have heen exercising Influence In ' hlBtory of French Canadians  In  poll-
lien and concludes:
"One thing Is certain. The French
Canadian Is not opposed to the high
est Ideals of Canadian nationality, nor
government! --0 ",e maintenance of responsible government, and all that it Involves aB a
fundamental principle of legislation,
He may not represent all the virtues
on the calendar, hut his record for over
150 years, ho far aa 1 can discover,
proves that he was not the menace to
civil and religious liberty that he was
declared lo be by tho press of forty
years ago."
Charges That  Some of  Northern   Missionaries   Save   Souls   But
Neglect Bodies
the political destinies of the Dominion
almost continuously from confederation  days down  to the present  time.
Sometimes lie was In opopsition at
Ottawa, sometimes on the
benches. For a tlmo he withdrew
Irom Dominion politics, nnd became
llrH. minister of education for Ontario, and then premier of that province. Finally he was elected to the
senate, Of which he Ib now one of the
mosl interesting figures.
Willi such n wealth of experience to
draw upon and with so many years of
Intimate relations with all the great
figures who have shaped and moulded
the political destinies of the Dominion, It might reasonably be expected
that Sir (Ieorge Kohs would produce j
a hook of surpassing interest, He has'
not disappointed us.
His hook  is  nol  only a moBt  Inter.
eating commentary upon his times,)
but is a chafty and racy personal record packed full of anecdotes of great
nn n and great times, and filled with
wisdom Invaluable to the young politl-
cal aspirant   11 will undoubtedly rank
a ig the standard   political   blog- j
raphles of the Dominion.
One Poor School Teacher.
For the ten years preceding the fed- QUcbco .,,���,��� c.���The missionaries
eral ac of 1867, Sir George was ��� aj. wcrklng day nnd nlgh, tor the sal-
eehool teacher In Ontario, and 1 wns,. ��� n [f ��� ��gktmoa, so���,B but arc
the stirring events Precedingi thisi act dol nothi for tne Balvatlon of
wheh   llrst  arouse,    his   Interest   In   ���������,.  1,()(li,.(1���
po tics. Subsequently he offered him- .,., ���                     r    .,        ,,, ���    ,
'  lr                ... ,   /    ..   .,   ,,..., Ths  was one of    the    statements
nif bb a candidate for North Middle- ,    ,    ,,    ,.-,, . ,        a. ,
sev, bul   failing to   get   nominated, ",;ul" �� *'���   ���h��lm" *\-'!;*"��*""
turned to lournaUsbm and bought oul ""', n<*ed   l iUli,ld"1" ,MJSntnl*Xl��*
the sti-uhrov Age. a small weekly of ef .t0   ne ������1����� "'   '>" Canadian
aboul  350 circulation, for 1600, which I c "b .,'"���  *  luncheon  In  his  honor  at
Included equipment and everything, tne Chateau LAuriar.
This did not prove successful, and' ,Hp .,l"1 m" ��������***** �� , ,lis V**s} ('x'
a subsequent partnership lln the Sea- Prorations or of the undiscovered con-
forth Expositor likewise proved lm. i tlnent winch Is supposed lo lie buried
attractive, So he threw up journal- beneath Ihe Arctic snows, or put in
Ism, and 1871 became inspector 0f| a plea for the preservation of the carl-
publlc schools ror thc eastern division i bo�� alui the Eskimo,
of the county or Umbton. Only a! According to Mr. Stefansson. thc
year later he was In the political j missionary in his modus operandi was
arena, an offer to contest the West' not changed, would spread more than
Middlesex riding against A. P. Mc- 'he gospel among the Eskimos, Meas
Donald coming to him quite uhexpect- les and other contagious diseases
edly. He carried on his campaign were a devastating scourge among
with all the energy of despair, final- the nations of the north, and by what
ly made a great point against Mc- the speaker said the missionaries In
Donald by proving that he had voted the polar none seem to display a la-
agalnst the Importation of live stock men table lack of the laws of hygiene
for breeding purposes, and on polling : In iheir zeal to "wresi brands from
<iay was elected by a majority of 56. the burning."
"Thus," comments Sir (Ieorge, "was* Prefacing his address bv referring
verified the means by which a noted to ihe passing of the buffalo, be point
Scotchman declared success could be ed out the danger of a like happen
Drilling by Orangemen Shows No Sign
of   Relaxing���Rifle Clubs  Have
Big  Membership.
Belfast, June 6. The re-introduction of the home rule bill in the house
of commons onco more turns public
attention to Ulster, where tor nearly
a year drilling and mobilization by
Orangemen has been going on In readiness for forcible resistance to home
That the authorities are fully alive
to the seriousness of the situation Is I
proved by orders recently issued to I
the chiefs ol police In the various din- !
tricts of the province to compile detailed reports concerning the Orangemen's preparations. Particularly arc]
the police Instructed to learn the lo-1
"atieui tor the armories In which the'
Orange leaders boast they have arms
.md ammunition for 2^0,000 men.
Most of the drilling lias been done
quite openly, and the .leadIrs claim
that ir the home rule bin becomes   a
law next year they will have a quar-
er of a million trained men ready to
,-ike   up   arms   against   the   proposed
Dublin parliament.    "Ulster will fight"!
s Still the motto of llle northern prov- |
'nee. and the deadly earnestness with
which plans for armed resislance have
iin  hud  indicates  that'thia  is  no
Idle threat, however much politicians;
In Kngland characterize it as bluff.
ic Scheme���Education Its Main
add   something   to   the   ex- j
wan   will
hi bit.
Although ll Is hoped the exhibit
will reach a majority of the fairs
throughout the province lt Is not considered likely that more than eight
ior ten  will  be included.    Those that
  I it has  been  decided  (o  visit are  Re-
��� - gina, Saskaloon, Swift Current, Wey-
Saskatchewan Government Has Graph  burn, Prince Albert, North HatUeford,
Woolseley. Ab many others as possible will be includ(d in the itinerary.
At the present time the exhibits
are being built. The work on the
majority of models is well advanced,
.     .,., , and  ihey   should   be  completed  in   a'
Regina, June 6.-The Bpeclal exhib-  tew weeks
it   being   prepared   by   the  provi icia! I    '    "
government  for use at the Burunj
fairs throughout the province, will be ;
one of the features of ev*-y <\hli-
lion where It Is shown, according to
Mr. Kirk, luad of the we?d anl gams
department which is in , n:^a tf
the exhibit.
The exhibit is merly an extension
of the work of lhe Labor Servl'ic
uioiilhly. lt Is Intended -.-, educate
the farmers of lhe province along eer
lain lines which are of t.i.? utmnt.t
Importance in the development of ag-
ricullurab Industry and whl CO wll
add to lhe productivity of tti�� farms.
The exhibit consists of i number
of models of appliances lor use on
the farm. They Include bUllJiUgs fjr
housing animals, sclioolhouseg for
country districts, and model.) showing
nun hods of grading roads and of se'. ���
eral type bridges and culrertb used
by the department,
In addition to the working models
which are being built in exact pro-
portlon to the real buildings, there
will be a nuiiibi r of enlarged photographs of model farms intended to illustrate the latest methods of farming.
Three of the departments of the local government are preparing models
Lashing Logs on Them Failed To
Avert Disacter���Mills Shut Down
Cranbrook, June 6.���The rivers
around Yahk, west of here, have risen
to an alarming height. Much damage
has already been done. No less than
seven bridges, the trackage and a
large number of logs belonging to
the King Lumber Company, have
been washed away, the latler disappearing down  .he  Movie river.
Quantities of logs were piled on
the largest bridges In an effort to
hold them from being washed out, but
to no avail. The mills have been
compelled to cIobo down and telephone linemen report that people are
moving about on rafts. Not being
able to get logs, the King mill here
laid  off a  number of  men.
The*     WhoU      province     has     bee
tapped (lit Into military districts and ; and photographs to bl
soldiers have heen steadily drill-
their men In squads, with sticks
it present, it Is true, but at the same
Mme confining themselves mainly to
rifle drill. For practice at shooting
Orangemen spend sp.-ire time tlrinj;
on tho ranges of the innumerable rlfli
"lulls which Ihe govi rnment has nol
yet been able to find an excuse for
iided in the
xhlblt,     They   are   the   department
I of agriculture, ihe department of education  and    department    ef    public
i works.
What  Each  Will   Exhibit
The  department   of  public    works
; will have models of bridges, culverts,
: road grades, on the side of a hill and
straight,   and  a  ferry.    The   depart-
,  ment of education will have a model
A mosi elaborate system of. flag and j schooli,ous,,.    The
lamp signalling has been arranged
and the Orangemen boast that even
member of their signalling corps holds
a flrst class army certificate. Thus In
the event of actual rebellion thev
will be independent of the telegraph
and telephone lines which will, of
course, be seized by the military.
of ag-
rlculture will add models of poultry
houses, hog pens, cow stalls, hurdles
and fences and methods of bracing
barns and  systems of  ventilation.
The   model   bridge   is   the   largest
structure of the exhibit,   lt is five or
Golden, B. C, June 6.���After hearing the evidence given by Dr. J. N
Taylor and E. W. Taylor, and corroborated by the deceased's brother, II.
W. Elsick, the jury found that B. F.
Klslck came to his death while under the administration of an anaesthetic, with blame attached to no
When stepping off the train al
Frank, when coming to Golden, Mr.
Elsick dislocated his ankle, which was
set by Dr. ranklin of HcL-eod. It
did not s'and however, and an at*
lempt was about lo be made to reset
It when Elsick died. He was 24 years
old and married, his wife being in
Free Circus Street Parade 10:30 a. ir
9 bands, 25U horses, eiejhants, caSis-a
���looplo of all climes in native costumes will be shown in pr
Two shows daily���afternoon at 2, night at 8, doors opti".
and 7 p.m.  Waterproof tents.  Admission 25 cents to see it r
Duncan, June C.
,ix  feet long, and  illustrates  the me-' preelvo    ceremony
Audacity, audacity, auda-
i Danton said in the French
'Hare, and again I say dare
city,1 or
and dan* ' "
Kir (ieorge preserves keen memories of his flrst Impressions In Ottawa,
to which be received tiie dignified call
lo lay all excuses aside, and come to
"(re.-it, do, act, and conclude upon
tbose Ihings in which our said parliament of Canada, by the (-0111111011 council of our Dominion, may by the favor
<>f il, d be ordained."
Looking over what Qoldwln Smith
had described as lhis "Arctic village,"
he agreed that "no doubt In choosing
this city, then so splendidly isolated,
her majesty had in mind tbe destruction Of the capitol at Washington by
u namesake 1 f mine In the war of
1812, nnd sin- wished to make reprisals
ns difficult as possible,"
Sir  John   MacDonald,
His  flrsl  View  of Sir John   A.  Mac-
-donald, whom be h'ad so mercilessly
"scored" In the columns of his great
weekly, is interesting:
"Is my reading of his physiognomy
corroct? 1 reflected. Did thai gintU'-
looktng man threaten the life of
George Hrown one dark night In the
winter of lK-rt5. and so cause hlm to
flee rrom the capital? Surely not, He
does not look like an Italian assassin.
Did be betray the Liberal party when
he formed the coalition of 1867? Well,
so 1 am I'id, but his countenance does
in 1 confirm the charge. He is not
e-.i n aggresstve-lookin, . . ��� Ob,
imi he is ;i cunning old fox no mistake ale 111 It. Ills eye la furtive. Ile
looks r-.round nnd t'l.uks straight
ahead, He is a winner, He has a
smile fi i- everybody lhat loves him,
and thi ��� apnear to be in the majority; an air of confidence thai he can
play the game particularly if allowed
to deal the cards."
British  Air Woman  Says Gentler Sex
Are Never Explcrers in
Any  Field.
Lntor i" the hooks he says lhal 8lr|llat|
John    Macdonald,    while    extremely
ndroil In debate, did not owe his suc-
ccsa as a leader lo lhal.
"Ho was always looking oul for
men who wcre capable of serving him.
Nor did he necessarily oonflne his researches to his own party. He was
r-.-idy to receive recruits from any
quarter, ami once within his camp
they Wl re lhere lo slay.    ,    ���    When-
, ut a member from the back benches
addressed the house, no matter how
weak or halting his speech, he was
aure of his leader's attention. I hnve
1 een blm turn his chair around and
face a struggling, fledgling In bis vtlln
attempt to rise from earth, and inter
jeet an encouraging 'hear, hear.' to
lhe merest plilltude, when everybody ; men
ehe was wilting Impatiently for Mb
last words."
Hie   Last  Fight  In  Ontar'O.
Naturally quit* h-iif the book is devoted   to  Sh-  George's  career  111   tl'
Ontario Imrlslature, nnd  th
ttOCI lint   which   he  Rlvi
premier will doubtless
nn minis!
lhe  hlBtoMc  P
Sir   Geori'e   is  one
lng  lo  the  Caribou  nnd  the  Eskimo.
Stefansson  Logic
Ills logic was something like this:
The Eskimo roam through the caribou country. Three months every
year ihey hunt the caribou, which not
only provides food, but its fur makes
the only kind of clothing for the extreme northern winters, As they
hunt with bows and arrows, there Is
never an actual slaughter, while for
tlle other nine months of the year
si al  is their principle diet.
Allow the traders to come in with
guns to supplant ttie bows and arrows
and the caribou will be quickly killijd
dur to the double lure of easy game
and fur, commercialized. The caribou gone, exit the Eskimo, for where
lhe food for three months when there
is no seal fishing, and where the
warm clothing? In other words, keep
away the tentacles of any derogatory
civilization to preserve the economical  Indepi ndence of the  Eskimo.
The Eskimo also needed protection
from disense. Measles, lie said, on
i's first visitation upon primitive peoplo, cut a wide death swath. Thl
Eskimo hud not acquired Immunity
fn m measles and hence quarantine
was tbe only panacea.
At ihs Juncture Mr. Stefansson
scored the missionaries.. He related
an Incident which came under hia per
sonal notice, He waa staying with
an Eskimo family who had become
"1 tivor-i d. He noticed sores on the
body of the man while he was hnlh
ng on a Saturday, which he put down !
tn syphilitic taint. The towel thai j
ihls man used waB afterwards used
by ovi rv member cf tho family and
many of the guests.
God's  Spokesman
Tha Eskimos regarded the mission-
is   Ihe  spokesman  of  God,   who
commanded  them   to   bathe on
I Saturday  and   wash    In lore    eating.
[Tills was lhe answer Ihey  gave, said,
Mr. Stefansson, when he remonstrat I
1 d   with   them.
Mr. StefaassOD said tbat when he
' later  sa*1,*  the missionary nbout  It he |
did  nol  seem.to ruallze that  llle dls-!
I ill SB   was  contagious,   but   thought  It 1
was ".1 just  punishment of the- Lord 1
111   ihosc   who   neglected   the   moral
London,  June   6.���For   lack   of  the
right kind of nerve, women will never
be as successful in aviation as men
according to Mrs. Maurice Hewlett,
who was one of the flrst Kngiish women to fly.
She has a pilot's certificate and has
jheen at the head of the aviation school
jand she Is now an aeronautical engineer, with shops of her own, wher
j monoplanes and biplanes are manu
factured under her supervision.
Slu   said:
"The reason 1 feel that women will
never compete with men as aviator-
is because they have not the right
kind of nerve the nerve, that is, thai
unites full knowledge of every danger
and Judgment in handling ditflcultlei
with cool daring and accurate estimate of the risk-; that are being taken
That kind of nerve women don't pos
sess. They have physical courage, nm
some of them have made intereitini
flights, but very few have any practical  knowledge of  flying.
"Take poor Miss Quimby. She bad
plenty of reckless courage, but reall>
knew very little of aviation and nevei
fully realized Its dangers. Of course,
when she was face to face with tin
necessity for Judgment and presence
of mind she failed, and 1 think it has
been so and will be so with the majority of women pilots.
Something Lacking.
"Women have never been as sue
easeful at driving automobiles as men
nor able tn sail great vessels. They
simply lack the Indefinable nerv(
which men possess. Woman's part in
aviation at present is ln tiie constructing processes. Much she can do in
the making oft an aircraft. Her skilful fingers nre needed In the sewlnu
and in the placing of the fabric ot tbl
"In the future, when the mysteries-
of air currents and the manifold
things that bewilder us now are all
solved, women will drive their own
monoplanes as now they often drivi
their own motor cars. In fact, thes
may go in more for aeroplanlng, because when it is thoroughly understood
it will no dotibt be easier than driving an automobile, but just now 11 Is
verv  difficult   anil  dangerous.
"My actual teaching experience has
convinced me of the greater part of
what I have told yon regarding wnm-
en in aviation, and the rest Is deduc
Lhod of building a bridge, with a span
of twenty feet. The road grades are \
strange looking appliances. There Is
a kind of a hill built up to a height
of several feet, and around one side
a small path winds. It Ib Intended to
show how a road curving around a
hillside shoulde be constructed, and
how it should be braced to give the
greatest amount of safety. The model ferry Is an exact duplicate of the
ferries which the government has
placed on a number of rivers throughout the province. At the present time
there are thirty-seven government ferries in operation and there are four
gangs of men building additional
craft. Bach ferry will carry from 15
to 25 tons.
How to  Build  Schoelhouse
The schocl liouse which is bp'.ng
supplied by the department of edu
cation shows how a country sciiuol
liouse should tie built. It Is complete
Ih  every  detail.
The buildings being supplied by the
department of agriculture are similar
in construction to those put out. by
the public works department, All the
buildings can be taken to pieces for
shipment from oue town to another.
The agricultural college will also
provide some educational features for
the exhibit. Il is also possible that
the home buildors' clubs of Sasate-he-
There was an im-
at the Indian
church at Quamicham on Sunday last,
where the Indians had gathered to
make and open and public profession
of their unshaken faith. Besides the
Indians the white people were very
numerous. Victoria and Ladysmlth
were well represented.
They were present to assist at the
annual Corpus Christ! procession. At
11:30 p. m. pontifical high mass was
offered up by his lordship Bishop Macdonald. He was assisted by Rev. Mr.
Hichard. an assistant priest; Rev.
Messrs. ttrllngs and Raudeault as deacons of honor and sub-deacon of the
mass; Rev. Mr. Francis acted as the
master of ceremonies.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Transfer C<
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P. O.  BOX  442
Office  Phone   185.      Barn
Begble Street.
Baggage Delivers* Promptly
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are Bhowlng some very pretty designs lu Brass Reds, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 in.
Exceptional bargains at from   $29.50 to $53.75
Whlto Enamel Iron Reds from   $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser ���    $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers In Golden Oak, Royal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. B. plate mirror.' This suiti
is an exceptional bargain at S4S.00 complete.
Our Dry Goods section is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Streot���take 12th St. Car
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic  15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Canada
514 feet long..
(II.)  $50,00, and
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw
.... 582 feet long       Steamers
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. 4 St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St.,
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Westminster Trust,  Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
i if,i   s.iil Genl.
Hue., sicl Trees
"The missionaries are not doing tlon. Women are nct explorers In
what Ihey ought to do for the bodies inv Held, and though Ihey may hive
of the people, and this is where the !nerve, they are practically never gifted
government   ought   to   step   in,"   said I wiih coolness and that entire lack ef
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 end 877.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
la meeting wltb the greatest favor wherever laid.
Mr. Stefansson.    "The mission boards
musl   know   these  things:     there    is
to be demanded  than  the mere
ving of Boula," he added In conclusion.
nervousness of any kind which
acterlsee successful aviators."
very full
1  of  his  work
form  part of
nr education, and then ni*
lords of the province
nf Ibe fathers ol
New <'">nrit>, and he gives a full ao-
,���������l of lb- way In which New On-
lirio came to be opened up. "���' shews
In w the slur of the Liberal party In
Ontario declined, until at lasl the gov
rnmeni was so embarrassed thai on
..in,, occasion a debate had to be con-
���tlnued to an early hour in the morning iill n member who had lnadvert-
ciitlv left without a pair was brought
from his home one hundred miles distant bv special train."
('.iiiulng to his career as
Sir Oeorge said he went
alii   sonic prejudices,
CrnnbrooV Man Thrown From Machine
and  Badly  Hurt.
Cranbrook,   H.   ('.,   .lune   6.���Carl
Johnston, painter, lies in the hospital
;il the point of death ns a result of be-
Ing thrown from his motor cycle this'
The  acoldent  bapened  jusl   below
the public school when the rider
Btrtiok a loose stone which turned i
the cycle and threw him into the air i
about dfteen feet. Mr. Johnston jiiBt j
received the machine from the mak-j
ers n fi w days ago and had travelled'
about five hundred miles since, visiting several of the neighboring villages
this afternoon aad evening.
Seattle, June 6, Tiie Canadian cl'lb
luld an enthusiastic meeting a: ils
rooms In  the  Henry    building    lasl
night   In   view  of   the  coming   festivities of Dominion Day and of the Seattle Potlatch.    It  was decided  lo ��������(
ter a Canadian  float  In the roilutcli '
and to th's end none of tlle merchant ]
clubs will  make    the    necessary    ar
rangeimnts at Victoria, so as to make i
the float In every wnv worthy of lhe
Potlatch and of tha club.
Dominion Day will be celebrated
by a basket picnic nl one of the city j
parks. A special program of games,
exercises and music will be arranged,
which will be nnonnced later. It Is
xpected thai -   '"���'-' coo Canadians
to l hii I body
He has not regained consciousness now citizens of Seattle, will be pres*
nnd the doctors do not expect him to ent. Among the exercises will he
live  till   morning,     Ho  is  u   married -some speeches commcmoratlvo of the
Low Rale Excursion Tickets Now
on Sale to the M and to Europe
I Leave
at  12
"Prince fieorge.'
Mondays for Prince Rupert,  Stewart, Massed.
Tuesdays  for  Victoria,  Seattle..
Thursdays  fur  Prince  Rupert, Oranby  Hay,    Skldegate,    Ixickeport,
Jodway, Ikeua, etc.
Satursdays for Victoria, Seattle.
Close connections at  l'rlnco  Rupert with Qrand Trunk Pacific trains
lor Tyco, Terrnce,  Hazelton.
C. SMITH, C. P, & T. A.
' Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   K.   DIIl'KKOW,  O.   A,   P.   D.
l-honc Private Exchange sin-i
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with  Boulevard Dowr
���.cj. the Centre.
Illtullthlc ls noiseless, non-slippery, practically dusMess, easy on
horses' foot, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Illtullthlc Is commended highly by owners of automobiles nnd borses,
householders, ana city officials. It has boen adopted by Dfteen cities
iu Canada, and ovor two hundred ln tbe United States.
Columbia Bu jiithicLtd.
Phone Seymour 71S0.       714-717 Dominion Trutt Building, Vsneouver.
lull he foundIntan with
c:no child.
, anniversary. PAGE EIGHT
Reri-"-r"hcr  the  P.c
33 Eighth Street.
exrti the tclf pfcone.No. 2
Tamales Euchilades
Chill Con Came.
No doubt you have received a
card entitling you to a free can
of the above mentioned goods.
Please use them and sample
these delightful Mexican delicacies If you havo not received
a card ln the mail call and get
one at our place of business.
Summer Beverages���Cllquot
Club, Ginger Ale, Root Beer and
Sarsaparllla. large bottles and
extra dry. Bottle 20c; 3 bottles
50cl 2 dor. case $3.75.
Red Seal l'ort and Claret, nonalcoholic.    Very  delicious,    per
bottle 50c
Rasp berry Vinegar, full quart
bottles  and  lust  like  "homemade," bottle 50c
Mme Juice, bottle25c and 50c
l.lme Juice Cordial, bottle 50c
Grape Juice, bottle 25c.
Oranges, doz. 30c, 45c, 50c, 65c
Ilananas,  dozen    30c
Strawberries,   per  box   ...,25c
('berries,   lb. 35c
Pineapples, each   40c.
Tomatoes, hothouse, lb.  ..35c
New Potatoes, 4 lbs 25c.
Bermuda Onions. 3 lbB 25c
New Turnips,    new    radish,
new green Onions, bunch..5c
Asparagus, bundle   20c
City News In Brief
The Water
The regular meeting of the Iiaugh-
t. r>( of England will be held nesl
Thursday evening In the Odd Fellows1
Secure your bleacher seats for today's lacrosse game at A. S. Mills
& Co. (1492)
Floridora for the
and effective. Prico
Frank Jeal, Tel. llli'J,
Hair,   fragrant
35c    and    60c.
City. (1442)
New Medical Officer.
Dr. A. c. Cartwrlght, Porl  Moody,
i has been npopinlrd medical officer of
I health for the city at a salary ol' JUDO
per annum.
Will Take Water.
A special meeting of the Coqultlam
municipal council will be held on Wednesday, Juno 11, at 2 o'clock In tho
afternoon to receive and consider Ihe
estimates of the engineer in regard
to the Ncrth road water supply.
Get It at the Royal Pharmacy,    41
Sixth street.   Tel. 1253. (1463) I Lighting   Up.
!     Port Moody city council has resolv
The Women's Educational club have i e<j to f|x 30
arranged for a garden    party    which
Spend     your
values demand.
money    where
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
We Have
the business of Executor and Trustee just as
you have learned your
business and profession
���by years of study improved by years of experience.
The individual executor, acting in this capacity probably only once,
can no more successfully perform the work
than a man totally unacquainted could sus-
cessfullv handle your
Is not that a reason-
ahle statement?
You are welcomed at
our office any time to
or not.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee*
4% o 1 depot iU
Paid   up  Capital  Slid   Surplus
Trusteeships for iioniihniiiers
Assets    . . .
Trunin und ir
Open  Saturday  Evening  7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New* Westminster, Nanaimo.
Calgary, lleglna, Winnipeg,
Montreal,   lAindon,   Eng.,     and
Antwerp, Belgium,
Residence Y. W. C. A.      Phone 1824
will be held on the Columbian college
grounds on the afternoon and even
Ing of June 12.
The Beat sale for Eddie Foy In the
smaBhing comedy, "Across the River,"
opens this morning. Seats are on sale
at Tidy's store on Columbia street.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443)
The Local Council of Women will
meet on Monday afternoon in St.
Stephen's church at 3 o'clock. Mrs.
W. H, Griffin, of Vancouver, will give
an address on the meeting of the
national council In Montreal next
Vancouver will be the visitors at
Queens park this afternoon In the
third game of the Minto cup contests.
Better secure your tickets early at
Ityall's store. (1487)
Special offer up to June 10. Screen
door at $1.50 to $3.00, and hung free.
Lees Limited. (1-181)
The Sons of Scotland, Lord of the
Isles camp, lodge 191, intend holding
their annual Dominion Day picnic this
year at Port Coquitlam. The usual
sports program will be undertaken
to include piping and dancing competitions.
Tickets for the new bleachers for
today's lacrosse game at Queens park
may bo obtained at A. S. Mills & Co.
Emo Lem was brought into the
Royal Columbian hospital last evening Buffering from injuries received
from falling on an axe. Lem's hand
was badly cut, but. after receiving
treatment, he was allowed to go.
Auction sale of household goods at
Vldal's warehouse, Market Square,
Friday, 11 a.m. (1473)
The change in the hour of holding
Sunday Bchool at the Queens Avenue
Methodist church will not take effect
until Sunday, June 15. On that day
Sunday school will be held Immediately after the morning service, instead
of at 2:30 o'clock.
TicketB for tho new- bleachers for
the lacrosse game at Queens park on
Saturday on sale at A. S. Mills &
Co., Columbia street. (1483)
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served st the Nutshell during the
summer. Room 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
It is reported In legal circles here
that Mr. Justice Morrison will probably preside over the assizes court beginning June 1(1. There ie a heavy
criminal docket. 26 cases, and seven
cases to be tried in the civil division,
while there Is every likelihood of the
civil list being considerably augment-
i d before the court overtakes that
part of the asslxos,
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, tho
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Officials of the British Canadian
Lumber company yesterday denied the
rumor that they had transferred the
I property in the big mill on Lulu Island
I to other Interests. A rumor has been
I current for the past few days that
j ihe big mill had been sold, but Ibis
' in   now   denied.     It   is  expected   that
I the plant will be put in operation in a
i wejks.
A Ilardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. 11446)
Money lo loan on first  mortgages.
* improved   city   and   farm    property.
Terms easonable.   Alfred w. Mcl.eod.
I Secretary Darling, of the Progres
slve  association,  is   in   receipt of    an
interesting communication from Ken-
nu.h Myers, at present In England,
In which he tells of an Interview
with ihs president of the London com
1 Tradi   association.    The prospects are
i br gin fur   New  Westminster   as   a
! grain distributing centre, according t.i
' the letter.
Hulldlng material, cement, lime,
; hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
i rock, fuel Oil and all kinds of towing.
II Apply llm 13. C, Transport Co.. Ltd.
Phone 826.   Wharf phone 880.   (14401
Wc make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate carpets and draperies, remake and repollsh furniture, manufacture cedar dress and  waist boxes,
i window seats and do all kinds ol
upholstery work in leather or tapestry. We are the largest makers of
window  shades,    draperies    and    in-
', terior hangings. Estimates given.
:,e.s   Limited. (1481)
Waller   Weaver  was  admitted   Into
thc Royal Columbian hospital yesterday  with his shoulder badly  bruised
'by falling  from it wagon loaded with
; shingle bolls.    The front  wheel pass
ed over his shoulder.    Ile hails Irom
1 Strawberry Hill.
.,.  ,..  ....  ..���  street lights at various
points in the city, and tenders for their
installation will be naked from tho
B. C. E. It. and the Western Canada
Power companies.
"Unemployed Employees."
An open air meeting of Burnaby
council's "unemployed employees"
who were recently discharged en
masse, will be held on Sunday'afternoon at 3 o'clock, near the old power
house, when the situation will he discussed.
141 Needed.
The number of voters on the Coquitlam municipal list Is 703. It requires 141 of these names, therefore,
to constitute the one-fifth necessary
to induce the council to submit the
question of the hall site to a referendum vote of the people.
Beoause of tho unusually high water, it  has  been  fo ind  necessary  to
iv.i.u. the i :- ��� si i- ri i- bridge ror many
or the smaller craft that ordinarily
can pass underneath. Thursday night
there was but 20 feel 9 inches clearance between llie Blirfaqe of the water
and the flooring of the bridge, but
last uight the water wns about nine
inches lower ihan tins. Yesterday the
bridge had to be opened for the tug
Flyer and Blmllar craft. Among the
boats passing up river yesterday were
the Fearless, Ihe Beaver, the Monitor,
of Seattle, and the Scanlon, of Harrison  Mills.
The steam schooner Tallac. of Ran
Francisco, passed down the river yesterday with a load of 1215 poles from
Buskin, and proceeded lo Vancouver
Inland where she will complete her
cargo of 3000 poles io be delivered at
San Francisco and San Pedro for telephone construction  work.
The John 11. Sprott. which has now
been repaired, was towed up the river*
yesterday  and  soon  will  be  put   In i
operation at Mission as a ferry boat.
The boat is a wooden one and ls built
to enrry a large deck load. i
Gilley Bros.. Ltd., are unloading a
barge of coal brought up from Comox
by the tug Samson. While some work
Is being done at the Comox mines,
dealers say that the output is nowhere near capacity. Gilley Bros,
also received another load of crushed
stone from their quarries up the river.
Blast Spoils Wires.
A heavy blast set off on Thursday
night In connection with the double
tracking of the main line of the
C.P.R. just east of Mission disrupted
the telegraph sen ice for a time. Temporary wires were laid on the ground
yesterday and these will be used until
new poles can be raised.
waa    In
D. L. McLaurln, of Victoria, was In
the city yesterday.
W. ,1.  McMillan is In the city
Prince Kupert.
R.  E.  Rogers,  of  Victoria
the cily yesterday.
William  Patterson  is  a  visitor
the city from Kokselah.
Duncan J. McRae. of Coqultlam,
registered at the Russell.
A. R. MacKenzie is a visitor In the
cily  from  Pitt  Meadows.
A. Mouldey, of Port Coquitlam, is
registered at the Windsor.
J. II. Williamson, of Toronto, Is
registered  at the Russell.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Martini, of Missouri.
are registered at the Russell,
Wm. Sohulmerlck, of Nellsboro,
Out., is registered at the Russell.
Mrs. William Murray will not receive on Monday nor again this season.
Mrs. W. A. I'atchell will entertain
Ihe Daughters of England at an afternoon tea next Wednesday.
Mrs. W. E. Pick, of Seattle, gave an
Interesting address In the Conserva
tlve club rooms on Thursday evening
on women's suffrage.
Miss Kathleen Connor, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. James Connor, returned
to New Westminster this week after a
seven months' sojourn In Los Angeles.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rennie hnve had as
Lucia Zora of the Sells-Floto cirrus
has perhaps been justly called the
bravest woman in the world, because
���=he Is Ihe only woman who lias ever
introduced a large herd of trained
elephants and performed tbem successfully In the arena.
Added to this she possesses all the
control of the masters of this strange
and curious art.
The Sells-Floto circus which eomrt
hero on June IS has always boasted
possessing    the    most    marvelously
trained  elephants  on  Ihe  top  of  Unearth, it being conceded by all showmen that thev  work faster than  any
over before the public, and  they  are
handled, educated and Introduced by
Lucia Zora  who. as before stated, is
in a cIiifs  by  herself when  it  comes
to  handling  these  hugs  pachyderms. |
lf   vou  can   imagine  yourself  in   a i
8  small 40 foot ring with half n doyen
of these tremendous animals capering ���
about vou, executing what are annar- |
ently impossible stunts, never allow- ',
ing any of them  to miss  their cues I
and making each perform at  an ap- ,
nropriate   moment   nnd   lit   the   same
i time  seeing  to  it  that  your  are  not ,
trampled on. maimed or otherwise injured yourself, you t re accomplishing i
what any showman will tell yon is one j
of  the  most  hazardous  of  all   feats. |
because no animal of the hippodrome I
or menagerie requires more careful or ]
incessant watching Ihan the elephant.
Mile. Zora will appear at all the performances given    by    the Sells-Floto
circus  and   Will   also  be  seen   In   lhe
parade where  she  drives  "Kas"  and
"Mo." the twin elephants, tandem.
Tiie doors will he open one hour
earlier than the performance commences, which Is at 2:15 and ^:15 p m.
In order that p-ilmns may have the
opportunity of visit lng the menagerie
and horse fair. The price of admission this year is the same as thai of
former years. 25 cents admits to the
men'iirer'e. horse fc'r and circus proper In  their  entire! v.
l**Tnc HARVtr
Are just about the prettiest ideas shown this
season. Made from heavy corduroy effect;
soft velvet finish, wide band trimlmng at
neck and down the front with addition of
ratine laco al neck and sleeves; colors, light
blue, pink and corn color,   and   priced only
at  58.50 and $10.00
Other Wash Dresses
at    $2.00 $3.00. $5.00 and $7.50
Shirts Waists at. 65*- 90C $1.25. $1.50
and  to   ..     $5.00
You can keep cool and comfortable by wearing the new
Harvey   Porous   Knit   Underwear
A  new   idea ln  ladies'  wear this  season  and
prices nre moderate.. . 50C* 7St> $1.00
Light   Weight   Under   Vests   at   ISt.   20ft.
2Se and  - 30e
Muslin Underwear In all the popular low
prices, 236.. 35e.   40C.   50*.. $1. to
Ladies' Hosiery
Our   Hosiery  Department  Is  advancing   by-
great leaps, this year's Bales being twice that
of former years.
Ladles'  FiiBt  Hlack  Cotton Hose
at  25c. 35t. 50-t
Sheer Lisle Hose 50c   75��   $1.00
Beautiful Silk Ho se       75c Sl.OO $1.50
Full  lilies  of  Children's  Hobo
at  20C  25c. 35e
Keyer's  Silk  Gloves..75$, $1.00.  $1.25
..   1        ..I.... tknl 1 1 1 . . I fl'lll
Men   are   learning   that   they     can
get   what   tbey   need   here   ut   much
lower prices.
New Straw  lints nl $1.00- $1.25'
$1.50 t�� $3.00
Straw   HatB,   for   field     and     outing
wear     25C* 50-t. 75C
<i, limne Panama Hals $5.. $8* $10
and $15
Soft,   cool   Underwear     for     men
In   all   sizes   and   qualities   that   are
the most satisfactory.
Splendid    wearing     iialliriggan    garments, each. 50t. or 90e. il """
Porous Knit Underwear 50*. 65e.
II   V.   D.  Underwear    50C
We have the best shirt for $1.90 in the
eity.    You cuh buy G of ihem
for    $5.50
The best Lisle Sock sold anywhere at
the price; per pair. 25C
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
their guests for the past week 11. II
MacKenzie, inspector of schools for
Kamloops district, together with his
wife and family.
Fifty-nine Years Old.
The first y. M. c A International
convention was held In Paris 59 years
ago tomorrow, and, although netthoi
locally nor by a concentrated movement will the anniversary he formally
marked, still the day is bung brought
to mind by the association men, and
a review of the progress of the last
half century has been printed. It was
in 1851 that the movement reached
America. Now of the 8612 associations
of the world 2102 are on this continent. The total membership is 563,479
nnd the 750 buildings are valued at a
little over $80,000,000
Maple Ileach l'ark. being a sub
il vision oT the historic old Wbalen
��� itate al Point Roberts, Wash.. Ib at
last on the market In BOxlOO feet lots iiarg
I outing broad streets and with per-
1 etual beach privileges. This has
l-oen the camp ground for scores of
local  people for year'     The lots are
The 11. C. Transport Company takes
over the agency for the Kllgard
pressed brick for New Westminster.
Tins is the best brick on lhe market.
Samples can be seen al the company's
office,   This company is also handling
tin*    Pi mili*  island    common   brick;
shipments are nov,-  being mad
to  the  company's  wharf
and see us (or prices.
P.  H.    SmlUi
umi w. J,   Droves,
'ogling   fast    many  people   procuring Iauditors anu    accountants,    We   will
tho location's  they  had  occupied    as; keep your books, make out and col-
tenants  for  years.    Prices $330  and j lect your accounts, und prepare your
upwards  ��asy terms.   Sole agents,       financial statements.    For terms, ad-
CURTIS & DORGAN |dress   211   Wostminster   Trust   build-
700 Columbia Street, City. j lng.    Phone 364. (1448)
Building Is Brisk.
Building promises to be brisk within
the next tew days. Yesterday penults
wire issued from the building in
BpeCtor's office to the following: Mrs.
L. Miles, Dublin slreet. five roomed
cottage, $211(10; P. Hollowell, Nanaimo
streel. Blx roomed cottage, $1800; W
Mercer, Duncan street, four roomed
COltage, $1000; Mrs. A. E. Waller. 911
Belleville, si reet, moving house and
Improvements, $500; Patrick Smvtb
Third avenue, new cement foundation
For  Harbor Commisrion.
The appointment of s harbor commissioner to sit  ou  the  North   Aru
harbor commission will be tuki n  up
by the dlfferont municipalities inter
osted  In the ver)  near future,    Tin
hill has been given royal &��seti(  n-"'
once it is received the Joint comnilt-
tee   of   the   four   iniiniclp ,'iit'e *.   Bur
nahy,    Polnl    Orey,    Richmond  and
South Vancouver, will seleii a man tc
represent them on the hoard.   The Ot-
lawa    government     will  appoint   two
members  ot  thc   hoard.
Clearing  Operating  Tables for    FirBt
Further arrangements were made ai
n meeting in Vancouver last evening
for the llrst annual gathering of tin
Graduate Nurses' association of Hrli
Ish Columbia, which will be held in
Vancouver .lune 13 and I-i.
Dr. Proctor will give an address a'
in o'clock on the opining day, and
MIhs Scott, superintendent of thr
Royal Columbian hospital, wlll rend n
ttaiier on registration in the afternoon
The registration of nurses will be the
chief business on  the pro;,nun.
Lunch served at (llencoe Lodge and
a motor ride will be Included in the
s.-coiid (lav's program. A ball will be
held on the evening of Ihe first day-
Hard  to Get  Money.
London, .lune 6. The Canadian Associated Press learns that attempts
to float n new Alberta loan have so
far been fruitless. There appears lo
Ibe a deadlock regarding new flotations which applies all round, particularly to Canadian propositions. There
Is no feeling of actual alarm among
well Informed city circles, but sometimes there aro restless, uneasy
symptoms among actual investors.
Con Eunccman.
Ran FranciSCO, .lune 6.���The ease of
Prink Rsola, a rusnended policeman.
������roii'c'l of complicity with a convict
farmer out of $900, went to the jury
late today. llsnla was one of the
������"inr known ns the Fortv Thteveo. estimated  to have cleaned up $300,000.
Not Incline-) to Ren:w.
Washington, .lune 6.���The principle
of compulsory arbitration written int"
the code that has hound the United
Slates with 21 naiions for the last
five years is in Berlous danger and
uiiliss there is a decided change In
sentiment in the senate, the renewal
of 23 of the treaties may be impossible.
W.   T,   Cooksley   wishes   tc
hone your order in early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will  not find  us there.
always    glad    to    hear
from you and
ever sorry to see you.
o   phone   us   up   whenever you are  hungry
we    will   endeavor   to
satisfy you and your
���i Ihe B.C. Market Co. Ltd.
tendi r hi r sincere thanks to the many
friends for their kindly sympathy and
lnlp during her time of sorrow. She
���ilso wishes to thank those who sen:
flowers. (1490)
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
"Back East" Excursions.
Low round trip fares to eastern I
points on sale daily to September
30th. ID days going limit, final return
limit October 31. Oood on ��� irlontal
Limited. Liberal Btop-ovors allowed
both goinrt imd returning, i'hone 2i .i
ir call nl Bridge Station for rates
routes and particulars. (1121)
Palace  Market, Columbia  St., Phjncs
I      1200,  1201,  1202.
'Sapperton   Market,   Phono   12-4.
Eighth   8t.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone   LES3.
From 46 Lorne St.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class   Ladles   snd   Gentlemen's
Ladies  and
New  Laid Kgg.i.  per di   ill   35c
New Laid Eggs, per donen   36c    or
Ihn e dozen for $1.00
Fresh Ilutler   2 lbs. for $1.15
Cooking Ilutter lbs, fur $1.00
Fresh Sirawherries. per dox  250
Bananas, per dozen  30c
Hid Spring Balmon ....;: lbs. for 35o
Smoked Halibut   2 lbs, for 35c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 93.
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.
677 Columbia St. Phone 1315.
Will sell the following articles at these prices for the
next three (jays. Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
June 5th, 6th and 7th.
5 lbs. Round Steak for $1.00
4 lbs. Sirlcin Steak for $1.00
5 lbs. Roast Beef, rib or roll $1.00
6 lbs. Home-made Lard  $1.00
5 ibs. Pork Chops, loin or rib $1.00
Wc handle all kinds of Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Our Meats and Provisions arc strictly high-
grade, carefully selected and handled in the most
sanitary manner possible.
Your phone orders will be carefully filled and
promptly delivered. Give us a trial and be convinced.
C77 Columbia St. Phone 1315.
Modern Bungalow, Cheap
We have a live room, fully modern bungalow listed below value
for inimedlatn Bale. This place has a good view, on a lot 1111x132 to
a 3:1 foot lune, in a good location below Fourth avenue, and is practically new. The price Is only Sf2��r.0, $600 cash, balance to suit���
monthly If desired.
Lot un show you this place   if you want lo buy a home.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Firs, Life, Accident, E mploysrs*   Liability.   Automobile   and
Marine Insurance,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS- 6 and 5.45 a.m.
nml every IT. minutes until 0
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS -15 minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���i, 7, 7.80 8 and
8,80 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.111. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with   late car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 u.m.  and    hourly
until  10 p.m. with  late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS-  7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.    and    every
liuro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Ih  mado  at    Kb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
4.06 p.m.


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