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The New Westminster News Jul 11, 1913

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 * Xl'l
I $.*
News Classified Ads.
Hnve proven their worth by the
results    they    produce.     They   fill
large    or    small   wants   at   small
The  Weather.
more \m
14 -ti
lt .t '   "
.. ^ct'tniiiif'er and  the low-dr
v-yj\���� ^toimaii^: rftt^it to moderate wiods.
generally late^kM warm.
UJl firm* 1	
Business  Men's  Excursion
to Westminster Grows
in Proportions.
Merchants Picnic to This City on July
30 Promises to Be Bigrest of Its
Kind In the West.
Willi im ws lliat Nanalmo will Bend
a contingent to the merchants' picnic
here on July 30, comus the announce
iiienl that ibere will be between SOU'
and l'i,nun people, Instead of 3000
as was at first estimated, celebrating
that day lu New Westminster. Thi--'
was given cut at u meeting of the
merchants' committee yesterday arter
neon, and negotiations are under way
for excursions here from other places
Another feature, bound to udd lc
the success of the day. was the pro
position made that all local manufacturers and lurger wholesale and retail houses he asked lo enter floaiH In
the parade. To muke this a reality
the secretaries ol the Retail Business
Men's association and the progressive
association will canvuss the city to
Becuiv entries In the procession. Suggestions to improve the list of Sports
were  received  and  considered.
At the meeting of the newly appointed OltltenB' committee, formed to
ass st the Retail Business Men's as
���soclation, were present, and these
were warmly greeted by the merchants for their public spirited move
In surrendering the Idea of a citizens' picnic in order that all possible
be done io make thc local celebration
a success,
Money From Old Land Will Move Canadian Wheat Crop and Relieve
Stringency Here.
London, July in. -London wil! ail
jvance money on the Canadian wheat
icrop and by a financial arrangement
���will ease lhe money tightness hitherto prevalent Whilst the western ortipa
��� are in irausll to Europe.
it is understood that arrangements
have been made whereby several
large banks here wlll come to the as-
Blstanoe Of the Canadian Institutions
during Ihe mouths when the great
wheat movements take place In the
prairie provinces, and when there is
a greal slrain upon the Canadian
The system hitherto !n vogue may
-be Briefly stilted thus: Kor months
prior to the harvesting of the rapidly-
Increasing crops of the wen the
banks have been compelled to cur-
tall credits in almost every other
branch ot lhelr operations In order
that lhe movement of the grain from
the  wesl mi   areas   might   be   handled
expeditiously.   The method   tdopted
to obviate this necessity will he similar to that exercised i:i respect to the
financing of the l'nited States cotton
crop. When llle crops Are harvested
the demand for money asi nines large
proportions in the west, the Canadian
banks will draw on their London con
net-lions three months' bills, selling
lbe exchange at a time when the de
iniinfl is 1 .w. When these bills mature it is probable tliat a renewal for
three months more will be arranged
for. no that by the time the wheat
Is actually In Bngland, or en route 10
lhe market there, the banks will be
in a position lo pay tlieir obligations
in London by hills drawn on the Kngiish consignees of the cargoes.
The London banks wlll in fact
simply guarantee the money involved,
���sufficiently ahead of time to ease the
inoney situation In Canada They are
In a position to sell the bills drawn
by lhe Canadian banks and accepted
hy themselves, on the London mart-set,
where they are readily negotiable.
Opens   Hostilities  on   Bulgaria and Troops Cross
Local  Menier  Will  Drop  in  on  Provincial  Government wllh Some
Pointed Que6'.ions.
More    Villages     Reported     Burned-
Heavy  Fighting All  Along Firing Line.
London, July ll.���The King of
Rumania has declared war on Bal-
, aria. The Rumanian minister at
Sofia has been recalled. The correspondent of Thc Times win s ihls an-
Over the Border.
Vicuna,  July   lu.- Rumanian  troops
began to cross the Bulgarian frontier
at 4 o'clock this afternoon, according
to latest advices received here.
Relations Broken Off.
Hack-Brest, July 10.- The Rumanian
government has Issued orders to the
army to invade Bulgaria and has in
s-ruclej tilt; Ruiua.iiaii minister ai
.-Jcliu to notify Hie Bulgarian authcrf
lies cf this move.
In an i Itfort to hurry up the pro-
v.ncial authorities in connection with
the add.lien to lbe laud registry builJ-
:r*-< and also to discuss the present
court home Ljilding. which has bee:.
the source of complaint hy jurists dur
lag the I asl year on account of the
li ud no s:- caused by the passing elec
trie eais, Tliomas (iliTord. M.L.A.
leaves (or Victoria today where he
will Interview the government official-i.
Although an appropriation of $ilO,000
waa made at the last session of the
legislature ai.d events moved so far
as to produce Instructions to Oard-ier
ard Mercer lo prepare plans, -little
eor dominion!     0f us- m
Canada Will Withdraw from Fisheries
Forts tO Be Built in Neigh-        Treaty Unless Congress Acts In
borhood ol This City and Ccmi"E Se"ion
Reported Result of Recent Inspection
by  General   Ian   Hamilton  and
Col.  Sam  Hughes.
Ottawa, July 10. -Forts will be built
in the neighborhood of Vancouver and
Westminster, according to an announcement in the Ottawa Free PrcBS,
and this action will te but a part of
the comprehensive
policy on land, since
that the defences al Halifax and Es
b-'en heard of the project for the  quimault will be greatly strengthened
past few weeks.
Battle Raging.
Belgrade, July 10.���Reports are cur
rent lhat a gnat hatlle is raging at
!<;islmd,l. the it suit cf which will
hate au Important bearing cn the
present war.
Rccte and  Grasses Above   Average
Backward  Spring  Hard on the
Cmall Fruits.
T. Proctor, Well Known B. C. Mining
Man. Mysteriously Kilted In
ORANGEMEN Will      |
Vlctoricus Creeks.
Allien?, July Id.-Official dispatches
repcrt continual pursuit of the Hul-
guian army, u desperate, battle raged
al Bells and on the mad between
D' rian and Stramlpza, resulting in a
complete victory for the Grraks aud
'''*�����' ausolute rout i f the Bulgarians.
The capture cf tbe passes will enable
the Greeks to attack the rear of the
!���': ���ih nrniy corps of the Bulgarians.
The enemy, hastily abandoning the
fcrtifiid positions, fled headlong be-
���fare fhe onslaught of the Creek
fantry, leaving behind nine gnus.
Chilliwack, July 10. -The wel
weather of May and June has ensured
splendid crops of fodder, roots und
grain for this year. All lhat is required now is good harvest weather
to give to the valley one ot the
heaviest crops in its history'. Haying
ls later ihan usual, owing to the wet
weather, and clovers in consequence
have gone down and to an extent will
be spoiled on the bottom land, the
wetness and dampness underneath
having a tendency to rot tke stock.
Timothy bay is stretching out
aud w ill be a heavy crop.
New forts will also be built at St.
John and Sydney, which, like Vancouver have an adequate naval reserve.
It is understood that General Sii
Ian Hamilton's mission to Canada includes an Investigation on behalf of
the war office of this phase of the
Dominion's defence scheme.
A few days ugo a careful Inspection
wus made ty Oeneral Hamilton and
Hon. Sam Hughes of the defences at
Esquimau. This week the inspecting
party will look over the defences at
Halifax and also will study the prob
lem of the coasl defence works al
Sydney and St. John. Later in the
summer Colonel Hughes will eo to
England to again witness the British
army manoeuvres, and It is    under-
Ottawa, July 10.���Unless the Demo
cratic party at the sessicn beginning
at Washington In December takes up
the ratification of the treaty with
Canada regarding the Joint protection
cf fisheries In international waters
the Canadian government will withdraw from the treaty. This announce
ment was made bere today.
Early   this  year  Hon.  J.  D.  Hazer
went to Washington and  interviewed |
President Wilson as to the attitude o. :
the Democrats towards the measure, j
which    was originally    a  Republican I
one.   The reply obtained was that a.- i
naval    defence  the present session of congreRs was r. I
it Is also stated   special  one to deal, with  tariff    only
there   was  no  possibility  of  ratifica
tlon coming up before the Decembe-
session.    Since Mr.  Hazcn's visit    11
has  been  learned  that  owing  to  the
fact that in  the  United  States tliere
are  no  uniform  fisheries regulations,
each state  being allowed to pass Its
own  fisheries laws,    the  treaty  will
meet with  much opposition at Washington,    lt is five years    since    the
treaty   was  first  drawn   up  and    the
Such Is Result of Boxing
Bout Reported in Burnaby Council.
Macpherson  Said   to   Have  Come  off
Second   Best  In   Fist  Fight at
Sewer Meeting.
The  Burnaby council    chamber    is
said to have been the scene, of unpri
jCedented doings yesterday afternoon
j when, following a sharp argument between several of the councillors over
j the appointment of a sewerage com-
; mlssloner to repn-fent Burnaby mh
the Burrard peninsula sewerage hoard.
! Councillor Coldicutt Is reported to
have earned the declBton over Councillor Macpherson in four rounds, scoring a knock down in each, and threats
! of further trouble were hinted at frocri
another  quarter  before   the   meet inc.
finally ended In adjournment.
The    gathering    was    a    harry-ap
j convocation of the council to select a.
: Burnaby representative for the sewer -
In  Full  Retreat .���,  ���., ��� , ���_,.
   July   1X.-A   Sakmiki   dis-1    t)rain crop-* also promise well, the |wa�� not  ***** at, lhlt  ��'me;  DlU ,<l I
paich to The Times gives the Toltow- Erowth   betna   rank  and -fall .urates Inow ****** % certainty that it was In
,   ,  , ...    , * ,        iage board, following the receipt of sr
continual  delays at  Washington have  wlre frorn ,lon   I)r   Y provincial
caused  the Canadian government    to secretary,  requesting  that immediate
now consider its abandonment. Btcps be lak(.��� t0 gelect a Ina��� r<J|. tUe
At many places along the bord", posl a8 the other municipalities lathe state regulations, espec'.ally a- terested had alreadv chosen their rep-
regards close seasons, are very tax Iresenlatlves and the plans were beinr
while the uniform Canadian regula held up at Victoria pending wort from
tlons are strict and this works a greal i Burnaby.
hardship   in    Dominion     waters    ad j    The emergency call for the mectinr
Jacent to the boundary. The practical jdid not allow the news of the gather
stood that he will also confer wiih tho  failure of the United States to ratlfv i ing to be known by the genera* pub-
war  office   and   the  admiralty  ln   re-i'he treaty causes much regret in of   lie and the press until the affair wan
gard to joint action in securing ado   ficial circles and will, lt is felt, work  all  over,  but,  from   an   authoritative
quate defence works at the ports-men- a hardBhip on the Canadian industry   source,  Tbe   News   is   informed  that
tloned.    It  is  likely  that a  generous  as Dominion regulations, espec!ally a3 jone of the best four round goea ever
appropriation  will be asked by    tho regards   the   protection   of fish    re leeen in Burnaby was staged by Coon-
government  at  the   next  session    of  turning fo the spawning grounds arejcillors    MacpherBOn    and    Coldicutt.
parliament, to carry    out    the    con- 'n Canadian territory, bo that Amerl-1 with the decisiun going to Uie latter
templaled   program   of   land   defence  can   fishermen  directly  have nothing
for Canada's principal Beaports, *�� WW-
I    When visiting the coast quite    recently Oeneral  Sir Ian Hamilton aniii,..,,,--,,   -*������*-a a   fix
Colonel   Hon.   Sam   Hughes   Blended   lNVlTlA   IHrM   Til
the  military  camp  at  Victoria.  B.C. UllHlLd   lllLltl    IU
'fln'j and also spent time at Esquimau. Ot
w-hat significance tbeir Inspection was I
tttlP m UNPACK
Victoria. July 10��� Lying In the
roadway In such a position as lo liidi
cate that lie bad either been struck by
���acme rapidly-driven vehicle us Ue vus
crossing the roadway, or bad fallen
as be dismounted from a street car,
lhe dead body of Mr. Thomas Proctor.
one ol ihe best known mining men
of Ibis province and founder of the
town of Proctor, lu the Kootenaya,
was found about Vi.'ii, midnight.
The hidv v.-us lying along the street
railway uuck, the lefl leg badly shat
tered. The cause of death is a niys
tery. It is hardly conceivable thai a
���person the size of Mr. Proctor, who
wan a heavily built man. could have
heen knocked with such violence as
to be killed without the driver of the
oar being aware of it. Mr. Proctor
is survived by his wife.
Well Known in Interior.
Nelson. B.C., July 10.���Coming to
Kootenay In ISM, Mr. Proctor lived In
Nelson until two years ago when he
went to Victoria, where be oontinued
in the real estate and mining business,
lie was general manager of the Lucky
Jim zinc mines, of which W, B. Lani-
gir.i. Hon. Hugh Armstrong and other
prom m-iH Wlnnipeggers are directors.
He waB a prominent member cf the
Nelson board of trade, of which he
was past president, an ex-meniber of
Die city council, and always to the
L>re In politics bb supporter of the
Conservative party. Mr. Proctor was
one of the moBt popular and widely
known residents of British Columbia.
He was born 51 yiars ago in Lancashire. England.
Drought and Early Frost Bring Conditions Below Average In Some
Parts of U. 8.
Washington, July 10. -Drought and
earlv frost in some parts of the countrv brought the average condition of
irons ln the United States on July
1 down to nearly 1 per cent., lnwe*--
than on the same date last year and te
1.7 lower Uian the average crop condit ions on .Inly 1 for pome years pasl
ten yenrs in most cases.
ConUtlens ore  below   the averag"
(he department   of   agriculture n��
nou"ced   today   In   the   Atlantic   anil
���enrth  "ee'rul ptntes, except  Virginia
Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nn-
jiraskn. They are above average In
(he   soulh   central   and   far   wester"
states,   except   Kentucky. Alabama
Mo-Muni  Ulnh and (,'allfnrnla
The lowest conditions are fnunil ���"
Cnlifor"1-! where Julv 1 found t'i"
crops Hi.7 per cent below ttvcrngn,
Wvom'ng Is highest nhnv" nccr-ice
wllh B.R per cent, followed hv Ne.
hraskn, Texas, Washington and Oregon.
Corn shows the moBt flourishing
conditions standing al 103.R. or 2"i
per cent, above Its ten year average.
This  Dlttrict Wlll Send Six Hundred
to   Big   Annual   Gathering  In
Orangemen of this district unmb-er-
ing 000 will gather here bright am!
i ailv Saturday morning and will go
to Vancouver in a body, there to par-
ticipme in lhe time-honored walk
early in the afternoon of the Twelfth.
I'Y.-im Aldergrove, Maillardville. Has-
elmi re. Surrey Centre. Tynehead, Port
Hammond and thin city, tin y will go
with life and drum to be a unit, rep-
mrntlng the New Wesiminster dls-
district, among the 20,000 who will
Meetings will be held early in the
niornVng in all the lodges, and lh��
orders In this district Will come here
hy tram and if they with the local
Orangemen can be provided w!:h
ears all will make the trip together
In any case, the Orangemen of this
district, including the Pc-t Coqiiltlmn
representation, which will go by the
CVR   will join in Vancouver.
About 300 will go from this c'tv
L.O.L. IUiO, wlll send 100, L.O.I.. 1B93
and Ihe True Blue lodge a like number
earb. After meeting In 'he brige
rooms nt 9 a.m. they wlll march to
the B. C. K. It. depot nnd take tbe
Iram there for Vancouver to join in
the parade
Tli's pnrnde. which It Is expceled
will have over 20.000 Orangemen enm-
pi-irln? over 100 subordinate lodges In
line, will avsemble nt the Oranee h->U
corner of Core avenue nnd Hastings
sire* Is. end adjacent streets at IT
*nnr, on Battirflftv, All-wine half an
tl "v In ret the bipje p-irr-.de In l'ne
-"ol started off, 't 1" ovpnetert thnt
the e-eeesslon will reach Ihe Bmek-
'���'ii T' 'nt groom's at 1:S0 and the
sneeches nre Urnerl to commence nt
���1 ��� ... Th�� sneeelirs WH| onlv last
thriii an hour ns ^here w'll be on BX-
>e.,,i.p m-cram of sports to dispose
nf '''trrwarOs.
flip pno'tl<p-e w'll bn Hev. A. K.
Cnrl-e ef the t-Cltc'l-ino Co'icregallonal
-ii-*"''. H. H. Stevens, M.P,, J. W.
ii*ti'ieiey. nrovincitl n-fgsnlsor of the
���1���iri-i order   nnd  F.  H.  Hhenhord.
M P, for N'*mjli"i. Pnv, Mr. Cmke
will pi-sit pti "Home Rule." nnd nr
i,��� 1, frnm B'dfast nnd pveentlonallv
**vrl| n--ctr(1 rn {bn Home llnle nues-
Mn��i lei jifMrnr" TV'nm'sen to be ln-
ir-,-"--       Ml".   ptr-Pfir   v.-ill   fioa1'   on
i'i,. ''ftpin-Hen nf rs-fliuln In lhe V,*n-
.,:..������   ..,,,,   ...:ii   \.*ta   rs  t1!^  Vns's   nf
bin   ���"!.'  '���  *'. it   Tinvftn., nf '"l   Oi-niT^n-
 '���   '" '���"lt'( -1    "-bleb    ri*'i-"s   1*   thn
mj*,l'!t'-i""*"-*n    nf    Canidi    n"    mid    ��� '
H.p p..*.i,.i, ���,.,���!..��� -,,. \VI,Ur1rv w*'''
--irnk   e:    ;',n   U"'>| el lt|po   ,if   the   O^"-* M n.**
,,.���,-,.i���|-r., I*.--.! I'm nnnnssity for Its
-vi.-triK'e in  the n-uninlon.
A column of.Bulgarian tmops en-
dbuvorlng to pans Petrich wag repulsed by the Greeks, who captured
lii guns
The Servian occupation of Hado-
vlta Is confirmed and the Bulgarian
retreat from lstit is cut off.
More Villages Bunted.
Belgrade. July 10���Official dispatches mention Bmnll engagements
���en the Servian frontier in which Ihe
Bulgnrian Iroops were repulsed. Situation In lstit district remains unchanged. Tbe Bulgarians are reported to be burning more villages.
Ten Thousand Wounded.
Wsshlngton, July 10.���The American Ued Cross has been appealed to
for aid in relieving the sick and
wounded In the Balkan witr. The
American consul at Salonilii today
cabled the Bed Cross society ns follows:
"Ten thousand wounded soldiers in
Salonlki.   American missionaries wish
I to npm hospital and appeal for fund-".
j Urgent  need for nurses and doctors."
Advices received bv the Red Cross
I Indicate-that there are many thous-
iar.ds of seriously wounded Boldlers i'i
lb lirrnde, where there Is a great lack
iof surgeons and hospitals, Tin- society announced tonight tbnt it would
receive and forward contributions for
relief work in the Balkans.
show a heavy head. The root crop Is
well starttd. the m'.lot ts-eather being favorable for a splendid catch of
turnip and mangold seeds. Pasturage never was better, and dairymen throughout the district are wearing broad smiles over the prospect
of fat milk cheques. This is certainly a season for the dairyman and
heavy shipments of milk are being
made to the distributing depots.
The   fruit   crop  is     the  only     one |
showing   light.    There  is  a   plentiful
supply oT small fruits, such as berries ,
and  currants,  but  strawberries were, j
In many cases,  injured by the showers.    Raspberries    and.    blackberries
are shaping well and promise a good
crop.    Cherries are a very fair crop,
lighter  than   tho  average,  year,    but I
not   a   scarcity.     I'lumR  and   prunes
will be Bcarce. and    apples will    be
very  light excepting    hi  certain   Isolated   sections.     The    reason    eiven
for this shortage of tree fruits is ill-
formed fruit spurs and the backward
wet  spring.  On  the whole  the crops
of the  valley  are up to fhe average
and In the case of grasses and roots
above it
this connection that the visits there j
and to Vancouver were made.
Ramsay,   of   Ottawa,   Misunder
standing  Situation, Sends  Humorous Letter to Board.
Proof    that    even   school  trustees.
{behind  the  reserve and  dignity  that
befits   persons   of   their   standing   ii
t*mi.mMtmm d._ a ....l.t i���� ���j ia/  i- Ith' coiuinunl ty,  like a little fun anu
Canad.anPre��s Association and W.C..rather   r(,���Bn   ���le   thrustlll(.  agide  ol iti.re-tened anctlie
that official dignity was shown at lai!
Will   Unite  Under'Name  of
Winnipeg. July 10.���At the seventeenth annual meeting of Ihe Western
Canada Press association held in
Winnipeg u��ln> it was decided to
merge that organization in the Canadian Press association. The two associations have been affiliated fer
some time and the decision to effect
closer union was made in view of thc
recent decision of the Canadian Press
night's meeting of the school board
when, after a letter had been read
from J. A. Ramsay, of Ottawa, In
which he familiarly Invitid any of the
trustees who visited Ills city to "drop
around" and assist him on moving
day, those same trustees ohueklou
over the frankness of the communication, and said Ihey liked it.
How It Happened,
it would seem thnt Mr. Ramsay applied for the position as head of the
commercial department to be opened
in the new Duke of Connaught high
school here, and that he was notified
on points.
Councillor  Macpherson  ia aaid
I have taken offence at a remark 1
Iby Councillor Coldicutt and, wits the-
1 statement, "1 will slap your faee." to
lhave  marched around the table and,
(despite  the  efforts  ot  Acting  He-eve
1 FauVel to preserve peace, to have s*V-
1 tempted to make good hia. threat tas
<hls brother councillor's  front eWr.it
I tlon.   Four rounds are alleged to faerte-
I been pulled off. at the conclosioB of
(which,   it  Is  said,   .the    taffy   canl
showed  the points in favor of Coun
jcillor Coldicutt, while bis opponent is
'reported   to  be  wearing   nu-urtiing  oi��
hlr, optics.
The trouble was by no means over,
for Councillor Macpherson later, it te
1 furthiV   averred,   charged   CounciJIor-
MacDonald,  of  North   Burnaby,   wfth
underhand   work,   trying to  boost hin-
stock as sewerage commissioner, with
Ihe  result  that   the  latter gentleman
lix-up.  this time,
t'i" law court route.
Th"f ended fie gathering and. with
the adjournment made until ne-it Monday evening, many predict another
warm time before the wishes of thf
provincial government aro complw.-d
v'th bv Ihn appointment of a sewerage  commissioner.
association to    employ    a prominent ot  ^-e   appointment,   at   a   salary
Hair  Pulled  in Bunches.
New York. July 10.���The home Qf
the wavward. at Uyckman street n-.d
the river read   came  near going the
way ot the wayward when loo cirl->
engaged in a hair-pulling, face-scratch
lng and  fist   fight.     Helen  Conley,  IB
v��nrs  1 Id.     was  the  ringleader,  and
was  reinforced    by  live others.    The
HzM   developed   Into   the   real   th'ng.
and those in charge of the Institution
were  powtrleas  to  quell  it.     Special
iOffeer Hartignn. who got enough ot |45 eattern railroads
the mix-up In about two minutes, call- >rj   assume   the
lod in two more policemen, and when
they sailed 1n there was a sca'terlng
Of hoits nnd a hustling off to bed as
fast us the girls could be handled.
Trainmen   Say   Overtures to   Preven
Strike  cf  100,000  Men  Must
Come From Companies.
New   Vi rk,  July   10.���No step  was
taken   t -day  by  the  conductors'  and
trainmen's representatives toward ar
bltratlng their wage differenced
Whc?t Market fitrcng.
V 'nnii'nr.*. luly 10.���-The v.brat mar-
i-ri rnniinl rtrcn- on hlaher Liverpool
-nhlnR and ihe United States government rennrt nf Wednesday being
cnnrtruid ns bullish, following which
thnrn wns a slight easing off on
we.nknrss in coarse cralns. Lnter. with
continued stronc cables from Europe
there were further fractional advances. Winnipeg opened 1-4 higher
fnr all months and closed 5-8 to 3-4
Judge  Rules That Confetti  Throwing
Is  no  Excuse for Assault  and
Fines Pieved One.
Walla Walla, WnEh., July 10.--Peo-
ple who get a handful of confetti In
heir faces, down their throats or
necks cn holidays must grin and bear
t, according to the decision of Judge
T. M. McKinncy in Justice court. A
C. Hall accused Robert Cunningham
cf assaulting him late In the night of
July 4 arter he. Hall, had thrown confetti on Cunningham. The court said
the throwing of confetti on festal days
Is customary, but should be regulated
iby law.
He said If every person upon whom
J confetti was thrown assaulted the
1 thrower, the court would be full. Cuu-
'ninsham was fined 15.
union lead
attitude that peace
overtures ihould come from the railroads Tiny disclaim present interest
In the developments at Washington
where 111 >.t Monday the National Civic
Federation proposes to urge modifications pf the Krdman arbitration act.
amendments to which are now before
The scheduled meeting for next Saturday of the committee of one thousand', comprising the local chairmen
nf the nr u'/atiens' Individual lodges,
'f 1 > i-ec 1 ,! to ratify the strike rote,
hv' thif iir"" not mean an immediate
v--i':.oi''.   Ttm Issuance of an official
Btrike order would at leaf, be delayed unl'1 lh* delee-'es return to their
respective headquarters, and some of
ihem would require -4 hours to make
tlu. trip
f ':i!l on Currency.
v    '  " 'on. July    10.���The   Democratic majority of the house commlt-
i.n  r���   banking  and   currency   made
fa'r progroSs on    the   administration
 ���������������     bill  todav.    No changes of
substantial importance were made
���ini a j| literal disposition to get together as quickly as possible was
evlnoedi Committee ��� members Bald
that, at the present rate, consideration
Of the bill might be completed by the
middle if nnxt week, to be followed
in ull probability by a Democratic
caucus i f the liouse with a view to
binding the house Democrats to the
m-uisurc as It comes out of committee.
Becretary for his full time and greutly
extend the scope of its activities. Its
plans In this direction were explained
by J. H. Woods. Calgsry Herald, a
member of tlle executive committee
of the Canadian Press association, a:..!
Its secretary. John M. lmrie. Toronto.
Tbe members of the Western Canada Press association will -continue
iheir local organization under the
, I came of Manitoba-Saskatchewan divis
ion of the Canadian Press association.
This division will comprise in its
membership the newspapers of Sas
katchewan. Manitoba and Ontario.
west of the (Ireat I a'.-teB which are
members of the Canadian Press association. These newspapers now number approximately 150, but that number will be considerably increased
Bhor'lv us a result of a series of district press conferences which il was
decided today will be held throughout
Manitoba and Saskatchewan during
September and October.
Strong Organliation.
The merging of the Western Canada Press association in the Canadian
association ia the flrst step toward the
solidifying of the various provincial
and Inter-provlncial press associations
throughout Canada in one strong national organization. Several cf these
associations are now affiliated with
the Canadian Press association, but it
ls proposed to negotiate with them
the closer bond of up ion that was consummated today with the Western
Canada association. When this ha9
been accomplished the direct membership of the Canadian Press association will Include the great majority
of tho newspapers of every province
of Canada. They will also be members nf local provincial and inter-provlncial dlvlsiciiB of the Canadian |
Press association.
Before returning to Eastern Canada, Secretary liurle will discuss this
and other work of the Canada Press
association with the newspaper publishers of several  western cities.
{180-U per year. Mr. Ramsay therefore resigned his position in the Ottawa collegiate, packed his books and
furniture, leased his house, took thc
gas meter out and left.
Then he was notified later that, for
a time at leaBt, until the course could
be opened, he would be asked to do
some work in the publlc schools. So.
not understanding all the ins and outs
of local educational administration.
he wrote and It was hi9 letter that
the board really and truly liked.
Mr. Ramsay apparently was not sure
how things stood and thought perhaps
he would have to go back lo Ottawa.
At the end of his letter be wrote:
"PS.���If any of you fellows visit Ottawa within the next six weeks 1
would be glad to have you drop
around und help me unpack those
books." after saying further up In his
letter that "packing up was no joke."
Then too he said ihat In The News
he had read lhat the salary was to be
Just $1200. "This Is not very much,"
he wrote, "and 1 might as well play
���hookey' as work for that." However,
the board, ln order to secure an efficient teacher, had later raised thif
figure to $1800. and Mr. Ramsay will
be made a vice-principal until thc
new school Is ready. This will likely
be satisfactory to him and he war
wired last night Bnd told of what action had been taken.
Wllhal the letter was so good na
Hired, that Dr. (Ireen thoughl he was
a first rate man and worth having
and suggested that instead or playing "hookey" he bc given a job playing lacrosse.
Other members of the board. Trustees Mrs. Cross. Return nnd Chnif.
man Trapp, all pasred the letter
around the table, admired the writing
and just laughed.
Mount   Tamalpias   Fire   Is   Out  and.
Evidently, Reports Were Exaggerated. -.*.--���������-
..              ""*'?*ltj
Mount Tamalpais Summit, Ca!.,
July 10.���Tbe forest fires on Mount
Tamalpais are out. Here and there
linger a few smouldering embers, but
after four da>6 and thr-ee nights of
fighting, Mill Valley. Larkspur, Oort��-
Mndcra and the Mulr woods are -definitely beyond the return ol danger..
Not a liouse has been burned. a����-
Ihe cottageB of the Nfount Tamal-pais
railway company at the foot of the
Redwood Canyon. Not a life was t-psL.
TheEe are tlm facts shown hile thiB
afternocn by the first trip to tbe summit since the TamaJpatS tavern waa.
Isolated on Tuesday night.
Two   Dozen   Nations   Are   txftraett	
Creat Britain and Germany Are
Colonel Little III.
London, Out., July 10.���Colonel
Little, ex-mayor of London, who Is
seriously ill at hla country home,
Sprlngbank, waB better last night, but
his condition today did not show Improvement. Dr, Little, his son, of
Montreal, was called home this week
to consult with local physicians.
Anrther Delegation Goes After Old
Vancouver Court House.
Vancouver, July 10.���A delegation
represnntatlng Vancouver and to-n-ns
and cities of the adjoining districts
haB been appointed to wait upon the
government at Victoria and to ask
for the much discussed court house
as a free gift to this city.    Falling
Washington, July 11}.���Tweuly-four
nutlons, including Croat Britain and
Germany, which have had repr-con-n'ta-
tives ut the opium conference at TU-
Hague, have agreed to prohibit all
trade In habit  forming drugs.
State department advices say thaf
Oermany and llritain are symp-itlmii.
with this move, while Austri.i ia lilw--
ly to agree. Peru, influenced by Iter
Immense Irade In such drugs, tool: a.
stand against thc popular vote.
Not Like Hard Times-.
Wlnuipeg. July 10.���A total of   *t*x
that they wlll make an offer or $250,-  Canadian corporations increased Ow-ir
000 for the property.   The delegation dividends  during  the  first    half    at'
goes to the capital tomorrow. 1913. *����Gfc   TWO
FRIDAY, JULY  11,  1913.
An independent .miming paper -devott*d to the UUersatt of Seu- Westminster and
the fremtW Valley. I'ublimh'-d every morning except Sunday by the Xntinnal Printing
ri".,! fubliahing Company, Limited, et 63 McKenzic Street, New Westminster, Britiah
C-oiumbia. ROtttt 8UTIJRRLAND, Managing Direotor.
ah communication* h-tmid be AMrMaod ta The New Westminster Newa, and not
���fa ind ���> vidua t members e~f th H*%tf. C'htii^tt:.*, drm.fi.hi, and money orders should bc made
���p*t\*a*at*le to The National Priatt'ng and Publishing Company, Limited.
TNLRPitONRti-~R*a*wit%eee Ofiivc and Uunuocr, SOB; Editorial Hooms (nil depart*
��l*��UH).   091.
iSiHSCHIPTtON RATR8--By carrier, %-i pet year, XI for three montha* 40c per
m<.*-if*.    fly mail. $3 per year, thc per month.
AnVRRriSiNQ  RATR8 on apptitYUMH.
Illy  (1.   I.  SOVEREIGN".)
Newspaper   Man   In   Record   Breaking
World Girdling Tour���Arrivee In
Victoria on August 2.
men of sti
Some of those who have been caught by the failure UUT B na
of the C. P. R. to develop Empress, a prospective prairie win invigorat
town, as a divisional point, now are raising a hulabaloo
THERE Is no past
time or pliy thai
is more democratic It.
Its nature than swimming. Where a number of persons arc
gathered to enjoy this
Invigorating sport, only une line is to be
dra * n and that is the
waler level, and thc
aristocrats  are  those   who  ran   keep , ,        , .,
iheir heads abov, water. In its lar- \*-W of next m""th " -vm,nf
kit aspect, BWlmmlng haa an oconom P'iln la expected to arrive in this city
���r as well as'a social value, in con In the course of o rocor-8 breaking,
serving  health.    Kvery   city   should   world-glrdllng   lour,   which    started
ii villi.   meariB   for   this   form   of   ex    from New   York jusl  :i  few  days nui'.
ercise aud contests held  within  rea j    The young man in question Is John
the staff of
Victoria,   July   10. -On
t'.ie   second
young man ... .
Isoaable limiis turns putty youths Into ; Henry Mears, attached
..id  age.
hard  day's  work  a   swim
om* and help ward ofl
Many   an   i njoyal:
i swift (lowing river, plung
InK in and swimming down with the
current, taking In s-.ich ranlds as wert j
......   , j ,,-     .       ., ., j,   -i     j-       ,i        ! hnve I spem running up the grass)
about their loss and blaming the railway for leading them bank of
astray.   The men who are making the outcry seem to
forget that they invested in subdivisions adjoining Em- ���ot dangerous with a delight no to
press, not at the suggestion of the C. P. R., but on their
own belief that, as a coming railroad centre, the proposed
���town would handsomely repay their efforts and their ex-!���� stm in an cffiee hair your lire
j��enditure.   In other words, they bought a chance in the tet? thanarthfmarathonal?acenortha
fame of speculation and, temporarily, have drawn blank, [trip through Africa.
The railway, according to reliable reports, merely j J^s'no S'UStl
stated that it would make a divisional point of Empress, swimming as it brings into activity
Avhere it has a townsite of its own to be sold.   Outsiders 5S"S ��%*% .ufl1
invested in independent subdivisions there and because | oiea.   swimming keeps the muscles
the company finds that its plans for Empress must be'
postponed, some of the get-rich-quickers are registering
.strenuous kicks and calling the transcontinental things
that are not found in home circle dictionaries.
Empress is not killed, it is merely postponed, and,
I supple, enlarges the diaphram and
the thorax, wards off consumption,
stra'Rht. ns   spinal   column,    correct
! humpback  nnd  evils  thai  arise  from
I the use of improper clothing.
It strengthens the skin, tlie muscles
iof which are  bronchi  into action  be
since the C. P. R. made no effort to interest the pubUc^^^^/^^tr^^r^ls'no
in their plans there, preferring to follow their own course system of motion so powerful for cor
in their own way, those who acted on the initiative for *������ Tw^fsTAnXV���'
themselves cannot reasonably blame the company for lungs and nervous system, swim
their temporary loss. !",inK wil! aispei "that tired teeiin*'
I,,*    .      ���" -   ,. , ,, ,      ibecause  il   is  induced   by   too    much
n the language of the poker game, the man who rest.   Everyone should know how to
makes a noise when the other fellow's four of a kind beats jawlm for at -"ns' lhrw reasons.
��� -    x*   ni u ��� -i, ll   Is   a   splendid   form   of   exercise
JUS IUJ1 noUSe IS a piKer. j Judged   from   the   standpoint  of  phy
Aside from the question of fraud, real estate specu- Biology, resulting in improved health.
lation is a gamble, just as much a game of chance as ajj^e^'iri'mpartf wir%5tanee0f and
isessiori at poker. Vou buv vour chips in the form of a Wira-ge, which become elements in
lot or a piece of acreage and you bet that the hand yon>X^ tclT^^ii^ 1%PZ
hold at the price you paid will beat the market value in | finally, it may prove the means ot
saving life.
It  may  not be out of rlace here lo
place  befcre you  the  following  when
Hm New York Sun, and it Is Irs intention lo do the worlil trip in thirty-
live days, and In so iIoIuk smash the
record which was created by Andre
Jaeger Schmidt, a Parisian newBptper
man, who went around the world in
39 days, 1!) hours and  lil minutes.
By  dint   of   fast  connections     and
more thin an ordinary amount nf hus-
boggau  can  experience. I tie,   Mr,   Mears   hopes   to   show    lhe
There   is  no  harder  strain   on   tht   world just how far speed ln traveling
human constitution than Inactivity. To   haB progressed.   Ile will follow a care-1
] filly laid itinerary', which, barring un-
foreseen circumstances, should brine
him back to New York on August 6.
Tlle Ftart w-as made from the office
'of the .New- York Sun at 12:45 on July
2. At that time Mr. Mears. with n]
camera, a light overcoat and a suit- I
case hopped into an automobile and,
was whizzed up to the Cunard liiif
pier. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
for the trip, which gave the traveler
just one minute to leap out of the
machine, grab his pul tease and sprint
up the gangway before the lines were
cast off and the great liner started
for London.
Wav Is Prepared.
At th
Will kill every fly in your
house or store. Allyouhaveto
do is toget thefliestothePads.
���  Directions  in each  packet
show how to do this.     '   .
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
mattef  to  submit
the near future, ���-*----------*.-----**.----***-------.
If you win you displayed foresight; if you lose,you
showed no judgment.
Any line of business is the same. If you own a store
you are continually betting that you can sell your stock
for more than you paid for it. If you can't, you're a
The element of sympathy seldom enters into the busi-l t0 keep afloat.
���ness game; when it does, business ceases to be business;   Don't swim in water unless you as
and passes from tbe commercial to the social field. P��dmim ���imPtoo tar out m bay 01
It appears to be a hard rule at first glance, but',*"with- lake without being accompanied by a
���out its enforcement there would be no banks, no markets, r^., balhe t00 B00n af;,r eat)ng
IIO Stability. Don't go out In a boat with anyone
capable cf rocking  it  for fun.
: their   vacation  at  some  summer   re
Don't   bathe  alone  iu  unfrequented
; ipots.
Don'l  take  fright  if -nu taapnen  tc
fall  into lhe water  with   your clothes
' on.    Clothes  float  and  will help you
A communication from the deputy
attorney-general    conveyed    to      the
council a bill for $890, and a polite in-
Kourteen  minutes was allowed | tlmatlon that prompt payment was re- ,
quired.    This sum Is one-half of the
fines collected  in    ihe    municipality !
from 1896 up to the time a stipendiary :
magistrate was appointed In all cases
except   those  brought   under  the  by- ;
laws.    A  similar demand    is    being
made  upon  all  municipalities In  the
present time Mr. Mears is In I province,
London, where he will just have time!     .Nothing was done  in  regard to.the
to take a stroll to the American em-  request for payment at present, hut i-
bassy  and purchase fresh linen before   will   he  pointed   out   t>   the  attorney-
taking the train to Hover and the boat; gene ral thai during the years in ijues-
for the continent.   From I'aris he will  tion the cost of administration of Jus-
proceed to Merlin where he will stay ties was greater than the amount cov-
Iwelve   hours   preparatory   to   setting   end   in  tines  and   this  will  he  urged
cut for Moscow    a two days' trip. Red las a  reason  why tin. demand Bhould
tape always harasses  tiie traveler at   no: be pressed.
the  Itussian   border,  so  grea*   Is   th" ��� ���
Muscovite  fear of spies, hut  the  way HAMILTON   RAILWAY.
has  been  smoothed  for    Mr.     Mears  ���
even though   he carries a camera, an   Commence   Construction   of   Toronto-
unusual privilege for those who cross. Hamilton  Line Soon,
the land of the czar.                                     Toronto. July 1��     A prominent otfl-
At  Moscow  Mr.  Mears has allowed ; cial of the Canadian Northern railway'
for  a  ten-hour   stop.    Then   he   will   states that Ihe commencement of the.
hoard  a  train   for  St.   Petersburg  al , Toronto-Hamilton  line now  rested on
10:30 p.  111.  July 11.  leaving on the when a settlemenl  could be reached
transcontinental express for  Vladivo- ! hy the ('. N. R, and the (1, T. It. with I
slok.    This is by far the hardest anil, the T.  II.  ��  11. on the  Hamilton  en-
worst part of the journey.    For nine   trance question, and he predicted this I
would l.-e brought about at a special
meeting in Hamilton of the Dominion
railway board in about two weeks
line .
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
A Modern ttnd
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
rr.illwork. We have all ready
in stock panels, mouldings and
aM necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as ws are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone  473,   Queensborough.
many   are' thinking   of     spending ;days and nights the express^traln w
shoot  across  Siberia  for 5,000  miles.
The country all the way is uninteresting, hot and dusty.   It is at the end of
this long  run  that Mr.  Mears has to.     He said that the C. N   It. were per
make his most Important, connection,   foctly willing to enter Hamilton on a
Here   he   will   board   a   small   vessel I common  trackage   with   the  (1.  T    It.
which will take him to the Japanese' nnd the T. II. & I), and that th" (',. T
town  of   lsnrga.     Here be  will  hoard ' R. could also be induced  lo go in  on
the train for Yokohama. iiii.*; plan.    The T.   H.  &   ll. however.
Must Catch  Express. | were  satisfied   with   tlieir    Hue     into
The fale of the whole trip depends   Hamilton,  and  strong  pressure wonld
ion  his  getting  to Isurga in  time tolbe  needed   to  Induce  them  to  go  In
oateh that  express.    Mr.  .".lours muat  with the joint plan, which would also
be there bl   I'iO P* m, of July 22. oih- I mean llie abandoning of the present T.
' T. It. stations, and the |
union   station   by   th
J. H. Todd's Music House
419   Columbia   Street,   New   Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical  Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE 694.
Faith cbes not appear to enter largely into the calculations of the  Western  Canada  Irrigation  congress, I
which collection of agriculturists believes more in ditches i
ihan in prayers for rain. . |
Now they're blaming the ragtime craze on soil conditions. Figuring along these lines, the poor, benighted
weather man migth be held responsible for the high cost
of fixing or the hair in the restaurant soup.
A representative of the Mainland Fire Underwriters'
association is making a thorough inspection of this city
and if he knows his business he'll recommend a stiff reduction in insurance rates in New Westminster.
Some of the leadine men of Can
ada were the guests of Oetroit for
ty-elght years ago today, when an in
ernattonal reciprocity convention wa?
opened in Ihe Michigan city. The
purpose of the gathering was to plead
tor the continuation of the recipro
-itv trenlv between Canada and thf
Slates, which had been negotiated b>
l-ord Klgin in 1SS4, and which pro
vided for a free exchange of the products of the farm, the forest, the sea
mil the mine. Tlie proposal of th-r
fTnited State*: to abrogate the treaty
and re-establish a tariff wall along
lhe border was due more to anti-Rril
ish feeling growing nut of the Tren'
affair ihan to any dissaMsfaction with
reciprocity. At ihe Detroit eonven-
tii n the commercial interests of mini)
j cities nf tlie l'nited States were re
. presented, and joined with the Cana
dians in the resolutions asking foi
fresh negotiations and the renewal of
jerwlse tip will not arrive in Yokohama
| in time -o catch the Empress of Rus-
jsla. which will leave at 4 p. m. on
Julv  24   for  Victoria.
If he can catch the Kmpres of Hussia he will find comfirt again. The
ship on which he will travel from
Japan to Victoria Is tiie fastest craft
on the I'acific anil ls luxuriously fur-
II. ft II. and (i
building   of   a 	
thrco r?ai!s.
A? the C. N. R. and O. T. R. arc
vvilllnc to wield their influen0e along
with the city of Hainilfnn when the
question eomes beforo the Dominion
board, and as the C. ,N'. R, are willing
o do anvthlng within reason in order
nlshed.    Ilarring ivphonns  the    Km-[to rnd the long delay which his met:
press of Russia will arrive In Victoria the'r,efforts to secure a satisfactory
on August 2 at 8 o'clock in the morn-  -nlutlcn "f their entrance into the city ;
to j of  I'-iini'tor,  he  wis  stronglv of the I
ing and he will have half an hour
pinion thai something definite would
, "e t'i" result  as soui  as the railway
board takes a hand in the matter.
Should   BuiM   Re-ervoirn
Iiv orniere,   tl.   ('..     July     10.-The
.members  of  the    royal    agricultural
j ceinmis**i!on. who are tonrlne this nro
I vince, held two sessions in Ihls neigh
Seattle proposes to limit the height of its buildings
to sixteen stories.   With that regulation safely on its*
minutes, the council might try putting a restriction onj
the tall yarns that occasionally .sprout in the burg on Pu- the treaty    The   nritish   provinci
<vet Sound were fearful of the result nf the and
***���* ' den  stoppage of  lhe close trade and
���������������- transportation    relations    that      had
With the C. N. R. getting ready for big doings here, SocVandCre XV*Tth"
lne harbor improvement work well under way and the;if business ruin, financial panic, and
myroll shops hammering along as usual, this isn't such afe dtl�� ,n^,ie!:;;;em''s^ee'i,n^
ihls career at Oetroit. and he was abll
seconded hv Sir I Inch Allen. Adam
Drown, William  MeMaster   Isaac Flu
���lianan. Charles I'Tsher anil other em
Min Canadians, Afterward John A
Macdonald Oeorge Iirown, \ T. (lal1
���iml Oeorge E Cartier went to l.nndoi
in appeal i" the Kngiish government
in avert the great "calamity." In
1886 delegates from Canada and the
maritime provinces visited  Washing
um for a final effort toward negOtla
ting a renewal, but It was useless.
ibad little village in these days of the seldom dollar and the
infrequent four-bit piece.
get the Seattle boat, which will take
him hack to the United States in a few-
hours. Here again he has a chance to
.stretch his legs and get an Impression
Iof a stationary town, for he will arrive
lln Seattle at 1:45 p. m and will not
leave until 7:1(1 p. m.
He will get to St. Paul on August 3
'��� at   7:55   n.   m.  to  Chicago  that  sawie ���^^^__
i night at 11:30. to Buffalo-at 11:45 the ! borhood, at  each  of  which  the
!n��xt   rtnv,   and   will   leave  Buffalo  an la fair attendance     The chief BUbJectS
hem- and a quarter later. bri-light   up  by   the   witnesses  iu   thr
On Angus* fi at  in: If p. in. lie will  discussion of lhe district were its ra
I arrive at New York and In ten minutes | pld development;  the fact that  in ar
an automobile will have brought him outlying part like  thia lhat the nro
hark   to   the   Run   hulldlng.   which   he! vinclal government should glv." aM to
i left r", davs and 21 hours and 35 mln-  a   veterinary   praclioneer,   and   alao
| utes before. j asking   that   the  government   lake   lt
  'nto Its hands In the case of isolated
PLUCKY WOMAN. | settlers to go to the exn-onae of mak
  ; :ng  storage  reservoirs   for    tbem     tr.
Drove Burglar From  th'  House  With   held water fer irrigation.    Still nnoth
Unloaded Revolver. ier   leading   subject   was   ask!n��   that
Toronto, July 30    The plucky action the government  he urged to give as
!-if Mr��. Frhroi-*? paved her home fromUiotonce to the settlers lu th" wav nf
being tin-^|-,r'-.'ed and was also largely drilling arte��:an veils to supply watei
<t o' for domestic  purposes.
Hill __   . 	
He Thr   Bold   Bald   "i-lc
^^���^^���������..���     1'0-
ller o cira,.-, wli'le Intoxicated, and.
a charge of housebreaking  wis  hM
Mo Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
FVhaake   Machine Works.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
inslm ��� en'-*-]   in  oi   I'lir  the  arre
r,\,^rt,-    rin,.pp    ,F   Plrhir1 **'!
some hcurr later en Vonre i tr-. ���
was caught on  Y-ge street  ti\
Some people have strange ideas nf enjoying themselves. When Stefansson leaves Nome in a few days
he'll drop off the edge of civilization for at least three
years to freeze and shiver in an effort to find some land
tbat has been coated with ice since before Methuselah
itvas put in knickerbockers.
If word comes along that the majority of the single
delegates in the Trades and Labor council are ahout to
���be married it will be no cause for surprise. This buying
���candy for the lady members, electing fair ones to the
trustee board and adopting that orphan, "Votes for Women," look, altogether, pretty fishy.
Chalk   Up One.
Montreal, July   10,    Instead  of  ten
dering themselves liable t ��� -i  fi '
$4u fur neglecting to register the birth
of n chilil, Citizens are to he paid ."
quarter fnr every registration they
make, accnriling In the new health bylaws, which wil Ishortly come before
the city couneil for disepsslen "-.il ->.-.-
proval. It is Hie Intention of the authorities to completely r^organlre f>-"-
healMi    department,    not  ns regards
rsonnel, hm  as  regards Ihe system
to be  followed.
'Secretary of State Bryan, of the U. S., has been per    ���_��� _.
auaded, in the course of his wanderings over the face of jof administration
the republic, to stop off long enough at Washington to At the Chautauqua
prepare an answer to Japan's protest against Califor-    "   '���'  stanton, who is to
" -   j ,-     v       i      ���  ,   .- ,, -n i ���. i     ��� , morning   hour  lecturer  at   tin
mas anti-alien legislation. He will nave it ready in a day tauqua, has been engaged in
���or so if he doesn't feel duty calling him in the meantime work f��f ii number or yenrs.
to open a pie-eating contest in Swamp Hollow.
iissiarl h'rn when ha was taken to the
poller station.
It appears lint the man cute-*.|| t'n
house and managed t-i git to the sc ���
ond lloor. when he was *teent\o-\ I -.
Mrs. Schrolg. He threatened lh" worn
���oi. and seeing lhal she was iii danger
the woman gradually backed up to the
wall whi re rhe knew she could la-
her 'iand on -I re-e]ver. As soon as
she reached the spot where the pistol
lay ihe qulcklv grabbed it and shoved
:t tn O' .ver'v f-i'-e
Taken unawares -he intruder lost
his ner- e. and when ordered tn hack
up and leave the hnupe he did so with
hands up and without the slightest
resistance, She followed th ��� man to
the street, and seeing that he not
away re'iirmd to the house. The excitement was too much for her. h >w
""er iiv' sbe h'ld n i more thin reached   the   hall   of   her   home   when   sh-
hy some  people  living In  the  house
s>.    Catherines,  Julv  in.    \    bald
eagle   weighing   sixteen   pounds   wat
captured   alive  on   the   farm   if   Wm
Peaeook, west of St. Catherines. Sev
eral  chickens   had   heen   stolen   by  an
ur'nnwn     marauder.     and     a     trap '
���villi   a   d",-id   chicken   for  a   hall   wa
sH, cat/dilng  the eagle  hv  one  foot
rhe prize was brought to st   rather-'
ines and  disposed  of to ex-Alil.  Hobt   .
Powers,  of  Niagara   Tails,   NY.,   who i
purposes taking  il  across the border
It   is many  years  Blnce an  eagle  was
Beet)  In   this  locality.    The  mate  was
observed,   but   It   immediately   disap
peared and has not been seen since.
when you enn get as good or better, manufactured In B. C��� TU.I the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American  and  Canadian  Engineers'  Association.
We would also call atrention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 2-t-ln. In diameter. Thla is nlso made ln thiB Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock if Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Band,
I.line, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
.. O il M. NU ��'.( - Mr.KTS i
flri.1. second, third hii'I fourth W'-.ln
day In --nch mnnih al ii p
In Ihe Moose Horn.. II. .1. I..*
dictator; l-'. t-1 Jones, secre
Headquarters nf lodge In Bee ll
comer of i-'nurth nml Carnarvon hu
The Brazilian Bpeclal envoy, who has heen shooting
backward and forward across the United States, says the
East impressed birn with its culture and the West with
its scenery. He probably assimilated the first mentioned
idea in the Chicago stockyards and the latter on 'Frisco's ln B0Clal ���nd eoonomlc ,ubjecta  ThlB
Jiarbary Coast.    Its a Certainty be Wasn t piloted Ulto a feature alcne in our Chautauqua pro-
turkey trot emporium, or thfl! culture feature would have ^mnfro0ndsnTkoosr��"f i"h,;'4" .'o     	
died in its youth. cur community this great Chau'a  ;*.:*i |this could bo dom
the simerlntendenl of the c'ty scb -l
of Ashland. Kentucky, nnd fir i'v
veers haa p-'vcti lhe i et>i-e-i :*. thi
aummer school of Wonster Unlvor
slty of Win. ier. Ohio He is iml new
in   Chautauqua   work,   as   he   has   lee
tured in a number of Chautaquas in
'he eastern stiles Since his college
days al Oherlln and later at Harvard
Mr.  Stanton has had a deep intern it
be thr \ *���*��������� 'ori and the description furnished
by the woman was accurate enough
to cause the  man's arrest
Oak  Day feuncil  Make Arr-i-gemcntr
���Time   Honrrcd   EMI.
Victoria,     July        10,      Iteeve        Writ -
tenburg    has    Informed    the    other
members   of   the   Oak   Hay   coun.
cil that a proposition was being made
hy a paving company to do an am unit
of work In the municipality, taking
its bonds on favorable terms In payment. This would enable the mun'oi-
nallty to get a lol or navlng done thr
there was a demand for. it would
have lo be carefully leokcil into, and |
cn he hud a fulll
Save Time!
Time lost because of headaches,
lassitude and depressions of biliousness, is worse than wasted.
Biliousness yields quickly to the
safe, certain home remedy���
1. O. O. F AMITY LODOB) NO. 17���Tt
renuliir meeting nf Amttv lmige N-
27. I. o. o. v.. Is held every MnnHn
nlKht nt N o'el.e k In Dili! I-Vllnws' tl��l
corner Carnarvon and BIHrhth strict
Visiting brothern oordlally Invite,
K. A.  Merrlthew,  N   (1.; J.  Rohertsoi
V.   (1.:    W.   C.   Coilll.nm,   I'.   II.   roeor--
Ing secretary;  H.  w. Sangster,  flnai
clal secretary.
ter * Hanna, Ltd. i ��� Funeral director
and einlinlnicrs. Parlors 405 Columb!
street.   New  Westminster,   Phone B9f
w. tc. KAI,ns���Pioneer Funeral Dlrectc,
t-i ml lOmlialmer, (11 2 fi 1 S Asnen nlrie
opposite Carne-ffin Library.
nter Hniiril of Trade meets In the beard
roam, City Mall, as follows Third Friday of cjich month ; -Quarterly moving
on tlle third Krlilny of February, May,
AugiiHt niul November at H n .,. Annual meetings mi ths third Friday of
February. C. H. Htuart Wade, m-cr*-
rlsters, !!?ullcltors, etc. 40 Lorne Hireet,
New Westminster,   o   D, Corbould* K.
f.\    J    It   Orant.    A.   K. MeColl.
In limes, 25 i-.-r.li.
il.   .1.   A.   BUUNBT1
Accountant,    Tel.  It.
Ian. Room 2
I Inn
tcr-at-law, solicitor, etc Telephone
1070. r'nhlf. iuiilren-1 "Johnston."
Code, "Went-frn Union." OffloeS, Kills
Blnck, D52 C-tiluiiibla streot. New Westminster. B. C.
slno - - Barristers and Boltoltors, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
New Went minster, B. C. Cable address
"Whltoslde," Western Union, r. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone fid. W. J.
Whli -Pic, K, c.; tt. L. Kdmonds, D.
II. *   I'.  II. nf  ICIks nf the  Ll. nr C,  nine
ihe first ami third Thursday at s p. m.
K. nf 1'. Hall. Blghth sti-eci. A Weill
llnv,   Kxallc!  Itiil.-r,   V.  II. Sml'li. Sec
! I'. II. Smith.
W   .1.
Work   imilertiik -n    in    cily
ik.Iiiim.   211-12   Wnstmlnstcr
t    lllilg
Ph.ine  364.     P.   O.   Box   t.07
Snle. Deeds, Business LotI
rn,   c
a ; dr-
culur wink ipeclallst.   All
Ml Icily
confidential,    II. Barry, rm
mi  II
1  West
rolnstor Tumi Blk,   Pnone
i.i.   STII Wt-l.t, CLUTK,   Ilnrrlmer-at-law,
solicitor,   "ie .   oorner   Colombia   *n$
McKi nsi-a    wlreetfl,     New     WcHlinlnntwr,
R.   C.    1'.  O,   llox   112.     Telephone   710.
P HAMPTON lllll.M.
Sulicllnr nml Nnliuy.
hlock, 2* Lorne ntrset,
st' r, 1*  i-
OfflCOB      Hart
e��     V. eiitnilD-
\i''.ir -iitut*.
Uni* * ri ���
"-��� Klmlnmm
i"1   "nllcltnl .      i  i5   to   -SIS
" '-' I"���"���li '. K. Mar-
.\iei.i iiurle   ami  <,,.orgs  I*
.mmtl*. FRIDAY, JULY  11, 1913.
We respectfully ask for the payment of all
accounts.   May we send your bill?
During July and August our business hours
are from 8 o'clock till 5:30; Saturdays, 10.
Big Values Hitched to Small Prices
Neckwear and Gloves at a Great Saving
Neckwear. Ladies' Gloves.
Regular 20c values, go at 1S<5
Regular L'Gc values, go ut 20C
Regular Mc  values, go at 30c
Regular BOfl values, go at 40c
Regular 90c values, go at    ...75c
Regular 75c values, go at 60c
Regular 50c  values, go at 40c
Black and White Silk; extra length;
regular $1.50 values, go at   $1.25
Blank, White and Hrown, 2 dome; regular $1.00  values,  go at   *JSt
Silk and Lisle In black, white, grey
and brown; regular 66c values, go
at    .....�������<
Children's Silk Cloves in white, gray,
navy and tan; regular 40c values,
Ko  at    25C
Ladies' Sleeve Frilling.
White and Kcru;  regular l!5c per yard;  now, per yard 25c
Needle Hooks, regular 5c each; now    3 tor 1C6
Package l'lns;  regular 5c each;   now    3 for IOC
Hair l'lns;  regular 5c eueh;  now    3 for IOC
1,adieu'  Side Combs;   regular  o5c;   now        25c
Ladies'  Hack Combs;   regular ?.5c;   now    25 C
Ladles' IlarretteB;  regular 35c;  now 25ft
Chamois  Skins;   regular  $1.00  Size;   now    80C
Chamois Skins;  regular $1.50 size;  now   ���� **rx
ChamolB SklnB;   regular $2.00 size:  now     $1,60
Violet Talcum Powder;  regular 25c;  now    20c
Ladies' and Misses' Suits, Coats and Dresses
In this department the stock is large and varied: the prices extra small.
Little   Girls'   and   Misses'
Colored Dresses.
Regular  $3.00  values;   now, jjjj.-ga;
Ladies' Suits.
1.rules'   Whipcord   anil     Kine    Serge
Teilorcd     Suits;     regular     $35.00;
now    $17.50
Ladies'  Whipcord  and    Fine    Serge
Tailored     Suits:     regulur    $30.00;
now    $15.00
Ladles'   Whipcord   ami     Kine    Serge
Tailored     Suits;     regular     $28.00;
now          $14.00
Ladies'   Whipcord   aud     Kine    Serge
Tailored     Suits;     regular     $25.00;
now    $12.50
Ladies;' Hlue Serge and Tweed Suits;
regular $23.00;   now $11.50
Ladies' Hlue Serge and Tweed Suits:
regular  $20.c*;   now..... $10.00
Ladies' Coats.
Ladies' Pongee Coats, Batin trimmed;
regular $30.00; now  $15.00
Ladles'  Whipcords  and   three-quarter
lengths; reg. $25 00; now.$12.50
Indies' Panama Johnnie Coats: re?u-
lar $15.00:  now    $7.50
Regular   $2.50   values;   now..$1,95
Regular   $2.00   values;   now. .$1.15
Regular $1.25 values;  now 9��C
Regular $1.00 values; now...... 75C
Regular 50c values; now 396
Little Boys' Wash Suits.
Worth $3.50;  cut to $2.95
Worth $2.50;  cut to... $2.15
Worth $2.00;  cut lo     $1.65
Worth $1.50; cut to $1.20
Worth  $1.25;   cut to $1.00
Worth  $1.00;   cut to     85ft
Boys' Cotton Waists.
Regular $1.50 values', now....$1.20
Regular $1.25 values; now... $1.00
Regular $1.00 values,  now 85C
Regular 65c  values;  now 506
Convincing Prices on Men's Wear
Regular.2  for  25 Cotton  Socks;   per
P-'ir   106
Li culur 25c Ulack Socks;  pair. .Jgf>*
Regular 35c I.Uma Wool Hocks;  per
Pa"-   ���-���-- TT/zt
Regular 3ac Wool Heather Socks; per
Pair    27'/2*
Regular    50c.    Cashmere  Socks,  per
palr   **a*t
Regulur 65c,Wool or Cashmere Socks:
per pair .' 50-6
Zlmmerkntt Balbilggan; Juct the right
weight;   cut  to. per suit 756
Penman's    Two-Thread    Halbrlggan;
best Ior wear;  cut to, per suit. .$1
Zlmmerkntt Fine Porous; knee length
pants;short sleeve thirts; cut to
per   suit    g5c
Regular $1.00 Hats go at 656
Regular  $1.50  Hats  go at      Sl.OO
Regular  $2.00  Hats  go  at $1.25
Regular  $2.50  Hats  go  at $1.75
Regular $3.00 HatB go at      **9 9SB.
Genuine Panamas.
Regular    $6.00   Panamas   go   at _ S4.50
Regular     $8.00   Panamas   go   at $5.75
Regular  $10.00   Panamas  go  at   $7.SO
Regular $15.00 Panamas go at	
674-678 Columbia Stieet,
New Westminster
Irish  Lace Drew Valued at $213 Was   Appalling Figures of Loss of Life and
Not  a   Preaent for   Favors Devastation ror One Month
Rendered. in Montreal.
* a ���    .L . .     '
of the fire department, tor this week,
with the arrangements for the fuller- .'
ais  of  the   firemen,  and   also   for   the i
opening of the Theatre FYancals next j
week for the benefit of the Firemen's
Benevolent association.   "Worked out"
was the expression one of the leading
officials   of   the   fire   department   used
when talking about  the rush.
Montreal, July 10 Senator Clo-
ran must pay for hia wife's $213 Irish
lace drets. This was the decision ot
the court of review in lhe suit in
which Messrs. Hevastle, of Marseilels,
Prance, claimed that sum from the
senator; Louis llammon and Ernest
Hess, intervenants.
lu opposing the suit. Senator t'loran
pointed out that at about the middle of
N ivember, 1!I07. he had been approch- j
ed by EJrneBt llesB. of the linn of Ha-
mon & Hess, who usked ibe defendant !
to  interest himself In hla father-In- ,
law,  Mr. Goodwin, the contractor for
the   building   of   the   Victoria   Hoyal
museum, Ottawa.    Hess, Ile explained,
was desirous uf securing the sub-contract for the flooring work in connection wltli the building.
in compliance with the request so
mado,   defendant   declared   that   he
made   several   I rips   to   Ottawa,   and
bail  unite a  few  Interviews with   Mr '
Goodwin;  as u result   Hess had  been
put into communication with Goodwin
for the purpose of discussing the basis
of a contract
Senator I'lnran represented that
Hess, desiring to recompense him for
hla work, had offered to buy Mrs.
Cloran a dress nnd cloak. Senator
Cloran declared that ba refused. However. Inter he and Mrs. Cloran had
been Introduced to a Mr. RoaellO, a
representative of a Krench firm. Mrs.
Cloran hart selecled the articles of
wealing apparel, Defendant stated
that he believed nt the lime lhat Hess
owned the goodB and thus had a right
to make a present of tbem. He averred that he never agreed to purebnae
them. Hess, on the other hand, main
tilnid that he had simply Introduced
Senator Cloran to the agent of th"
l-'rench lace llrm, He admitted that 11
wns understood that If the senator obtained the (le-rlng contract fnr hi-'
bis firm would pay for the drops, as
well as pav for the commission men-
Mr .InvCee Pnint-P'erre. wlin t\l'.\
-.i-i'il ei- thp rate) In the court nf first
inft-"ee September '>o. 19H, held that
it was iiie eeiintnr himself who >""l
p.,,1 rent Hi" renrcrr"Hi11 vo of the
pln'xtlf" ;���! th" Ptiwel ll"UFP; It Wll"
tothe senator tint the snle hnd hem
p-iade; tn hlin dellverv bad been m">d'>
As l* 'he leT'erstanillei' lipi"'"" ���'">
r--nnt"r and Hess, neither the Canadian *>*ei)< Of t'i" plnlii'iff.- ee-" ll'e
nlalntlffs lh"t"pelves nnenr"'1 t" h-vo
hnd anv knowledge of It. Under th"
nlroumitancei, Judgment was hand'd
down for thp full amount elal'.-"d
���with Interests nnd cobIs. This ruling
has now been confirmed In review.
Montreal, July 10, -Devastation to
human life and property has swept
through Montreal and district during
the piisl month to un extent that is
appalling. The coroner has Investigated one liundred cases of sudden death,
thirty-nine of which had been caused
by violence, while the lire department, which has had a month of continuous rush, with sixty-eight calls iu
one week, has fought outbreaks, the
total damage attaching to which can-
iml   he  far  short  of $750,000.
Of the cases dealt with at the morgue
drowning was responsible for twelve
verdict of accidental death bein*g returned; trains killed six people: four
men and two boys were burned to
death; street cars were responsible
for the death of four people thlOUgh
three others met their death through
auios.    of the  remainder two men
were asphyxiated, two were shot and
killed by accident, one man was electrocuted, one committed suicide in
rr"nl ef a slreet car. and In one ease
(that of a man found crushed between rolls of pap-tr In a c. N. U. box
car) murder was suspected.
Numerous   Flret.
The  early  pari   of  lln-  month   wat
about a normal one for ihe fire de
partment. but  the second  week sav
li-.-v ei-t-ht  calls, anil  fr mh  lhal  Him
tl mi have had little rest    tferlou*
lip's have been a feature nf lhi- period, the climax being reached en
Pllndav, when feur brave fellows nf
Ihe brigade met their death while fol-
lowlnaf their occupation. Early in the
month an outbreak nt Notr" Dinu
east, the propertv of the Dominion
Tortl!" eompany. caused a loss of $5.-
III. aid n few davs afteewnrds the
spontaneous combustion of some gasoline at the rear of the premises of
m,,,,,.,..,   McArthiir,  Ramsay   ���*.'���    t'n
strrfed 1 fire thnt was controlled .lust
ti��\-'r,��.(, Jl  'tapir**'pd  renl'e lar-n nreoor-
ttonr.    Nevertheless $in.ooo damage
iTt vert' was particularly full o'
, 1.     .-    ���     M,0        flf.T,ai-tili"M�� Sl|"r(l.,'*
��� ������i.l, (I,.. .';t.;iSt**-eii.t Oil*!"-"*-1* "'l L't
"������el    v-rr.t        wb'ell      roqillted    l'i    lbe
deaths   n'   the   two     little     hmihen-
i --n0   ,.,���!,-, .,-nre turned before thi
Ihr'-rsrlr  oould   reneh   them.   Ilres  day
...j -��� i-v,t worn tbp rule, and Hie week
���e.,i���iwi|)   v-"h   the   treniendeiiH     out-
I'-e.V  e���  pi    i.awrenee boulevard, on
""'������������e'lv  night,  w'-ien  d-i'iiac"  In  thp
..,,.���. ���> ev,nut fisnonn wnn done, nnd
ittlfh   fie  Pee  at  St.  Ciinegonile  wben
-���'���"���'t   J80.000  damn-zo   resulted,   wllh
"���"   loss  of  f"iir  liven.    On   Monday
���i'"'it   Hi"  Catholic  school   nn   l-'nllum
street was burned, with 160.000 dnm-
���"-*. a"d during Hip wtjpk there have
been several fires with  damage from
$1 0D0 to $5,000.
Not alone have fires becn the work
Ontario Asylums Will Grow and Make
Own   Preserves.
Toronto, July 10. -The provincial
farm department is launching out upon a new section of the comprehensive plan the Ontario government is
working out for the Improvement and
maintenance of the various provincial
institutions. The government Is ar-
rf.nglng to establish canneries at at
least two of the provincial asylums
Hamilton and London -where fruits
and vegetables sufficient to supply ali
the   institutions   will   be   put   up.
The details are yet to be determined, but the preliminary Bteps have
been taken by Parm Director T;��1d in
the laying oul of over thirty acres of
fruit  trees.
At the Hamilton hospital for the In
sane 22 acres of peaches, cherries and
plums have been planted. Pifteen
-cres have been devotd to ten varieties of peaches. 5 acres to six varieties
of cherries and two acres to eight
varieties of plums. Another eight
acres will be added, which will be
planted  to grapes and  plums
The Hamilton farm, on account of
'Is location, has been chosen as the
nl ice where tlle tender fruits will be
raited, while London's acres will be
used fnr the growing of apples and
vegetables. There are nt the London
hospital fnr lhe Insane some twenty
lores of old orchard. Ten in ire acres
have been planted to apples there, and
���itllii'-"e'y another twenty acres will
ho added
Tberp trees have been ptnnted tiy
what Is known as the filler system.
The permanent varieties have heen
-ilanted forty feet npar' In Hi" een-
���re ef each srunre haB been planted a
medium -growing tree, while in be-
"���een. making all the trees twenty
'oet anart, have been planted varieties th"t mature rapidly nnd h-par
���nriv. As the standard varieties reach
���"ntnrltv the "t\te*t" hiving peeved
their purpose, wlll be taken out tr,
tlve room to the big trees.
Increase    Educational    Facilities   and
Widen  Interest  in Agricultural
Toronto, July 10.    Ontario is begin-
, ning  to reap  the  benefit of the  ten-
, million-dollar   federal   grant   towards
] the  promot.on   of  agriculture  iu   ttu-
, provinces.    Out of tills sum, recently
i apportioned by the hjuse of commons
at  Ottawa,  the  cheque  for  the.  first
j year has arrived.    It provides in total
i for the expenditure of $196,733.32, and
I follows directly from the agricultural
instruction  act.  by   which  agreement
! '-as  made  between  federal and  provincial ministers towards encouraging
the farm industry.
The grant in no way interferes with
' the amount regularly set aside for the
general  purposes  of  the  department.
This Is purely educational In  nature,
and deals on a larger scale with the
: promotion of interest, either in channels already provided, or In the broader   development   of   instruction     and
demonstration, Procvision is made for
the erection of new buildings and the
expansion  of  those  now   established
.-it the centres    nf    farm  training at
Qvelpll,  and   similar  points     Special
stress  is   laid   upon  the  encouragement  of  agriculture  in    the    public
school', and lhe r, inforoenent of the
!dUtrlol  representatives whi are lay-
lug the ground work of more scientific
methods it. all arable parts of Ontario,
The c-int is appropriated on a basis
of pemilation nnd lhis culls for $700,-
000 lli'n year for nil provinces It has
been calculated thai from vear to year
'thin win mount up by $100,000 annually, and Ihe faster the province '--"owe
the sreater the monetary assists.'��� ,* to
be derived.
Two   Largest  Items.
The two Hems of largest calibre In
��� the specifier! uEt concern the district
I rui-ii-eopntntlvpfl. nndtb" buildings at
the 0'it'irlo Ag''eii"iiral col'eee. For
the forme- tfi 000 is given, but
whether this wlll he v*p-i at ****r.**-
In the apotntmerit of fnrth"r officials
,or In expediting th" wrk under present conditions the m'-ilster is not yet
I Prepared to state. '"'���" district nl-
lotme'ii'   tet"iii"" Ti1 .loo arc made
fer the Oe'nh ii|.'i"llon. These Include a p"nii.-i- hulldlng fnr ndmin,s-
trat'e'i and laboratory nurn-naes; the
tin1' h'n'r nnd eoulnment nt th" bacteriological and dalrv de-vi-'ment.
these   examined   deposed    to    seeing
Johnstone at some time of the night
1 of March  13,  from  7 o'clock  until  a
I few mluutes of lhe time the shooting
They   ali   testified  as   well   to   the
good character of the accused,    both
from   knowledge  of  him   as  a   fellow
worker and as meeting him after bus '
iness hours.
Jonn .luunstone. who Btated that he
, was a  brother of the accused.  Was a
member  of   Hie   Saskatchewan   legis
lature, fanner and member of tbe le-
1 gal   profession,   deposed  that   accused
, was between 33 and 35 years old. hav-
lng  been   bom   in   Elgin  county,  On- j
tario.     He  was  a   married  man  with
one child and lived on Beverley street, j
His character had been of the very I
best,  so  far as be  was  aware.    He :
never saw him drinking, certainly nev-   f
er drunk. 1
Witness  was  also  examined  as  lo  C
the  condition  of  the   fence  and  his
evidence   wus   lo   the   effect   that   itsi"
appearance  did   not   support  the  as- |
sertion  that  anything had been pass
ed over  It In  the nature of cases of i
The argument of counsel is in pro- j
.1* KOMUND *. OS1IH   M.P , Pf-tCftlDtltfT.
General trlsrsger.
Capital paid up
Rewrva Fund ���
Total Auata -
SS. own OOO
For Those Going Abroad
the Travellers' Cheques, issued fey the Dominion Bank, are
both a convenience and a necessity. Their undoubted value and
self-identifying features, make Ihem the ideal cheques ter liaveliing.
Good all over the world���cashed everywhere at Iheir lace valua
���and are redeemable culy by the criminal owner, if lost tr slalea.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
iio Us* For the Doctor.
"Why did yon send the doctor nwny
with,ml permitting Hlm to du HU) Hunt
tor i nu':"
'lie said he could get me up niul oui
in three days," the sufferer git in lied
'nnd iny accident Insurance ani.nini-
In $:in a week mure than my snliiri  ni
mug nt I'm disabled."���Cblcngu Hie
��� ml lleruul
A Biauioit Tip
She Hooking ui pnuln |iroufa<-lii '
vim menn In tell ine thai I lime m|el I
h��� ugly nose nn that? t'tiuluci-iipher |
Mv ii|i|iiinitiin eiilinut He. lluiitiiiii Mil |
-Then fut gomliiens' aske hnve Mwilgl
sense to uii nntl get ou�� inui euul- *
H.ialuii   Trniisirlpl.
Psssimisitlo Thought.
Kvery rose liu.i Ita thorn     And thi
mean part nt It l�� tbnt the thorn Mini
on the Job when tie rose Uus Withered
-Cluiinmit) Kinpilrer.
Folly often goes beyond her hounds
but Impudence kuovra uuue.- Ik-n Juii
Baptists  Build  Church
1'egina.     Julv     Id--Tender**!    h-ie.-
���., i rni\r* e��. ., ,1P... Rqntl-ai church
'o hn ereC'd ;n Ilroder'i Anile*. Thla
-rve  on  the rnrt  ef [������.. [i,i...i.-.., nf\
���he e'tv is the result of a campaign
let on foot bv Hint denomination hml :
'rr'nsr and which resulted in the rals-
'n<t of n lnnee amount for eliurch ex-
tenslon work. In this cltv.    The pro-1
perty on  which the building will  be
Situated wns the gift of Prank Simp- l    Winnipeg, July Ifl.��� Upwards of   a i
kins, nnd thc church will be construe- dozen   witnesses,   fellow     employees [
led  at   the  corner  of   Fifteenth  nnd j were called at the asslzei In support i
Stewart.    A  frame  structure  will  ba of an nllbl for William Johnstone, the
ereoted,   with  a   seating  capacity  of assistant yard master who Ib charged |
2n() to 300, nnd It ia expecled thnt the  with the theft of cases of whlskv from i j
building   will   be   completed   by   the a 0. P. R. box car.   This wns the lino |
first cf  August. of defense that was disclosed, and all
Sit    T*��>!��"n �����P��U��D I*
���*o i��*'!a"��M3 r** ""a i***��i)*n
mo.i iv xoq n -3-sr
���pitrp am pajjn
jo maisXs aip jo jsat aqi
qinisip )ou op .<aiji iciij a3u
-WBApe lueiiodmi *i\\ jaijo
sjajiuxci 03-iuq-bn
Siaqiom Suisiuu 40,,j
Fast Passenger Train Service 6y B.C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550 ttm
fAG*. f-OUH
FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1913.
Fresh \Vater and Salt
1 and Personal
Packers Say  Only  300 to  400  Cockeyes Are Being Taken Dally���
Run    on Next Week.
more by the pilot, Captain Stannard
I said the boat sailed with 12 feet of
j water lu her forepeak. lie said he
I wanted   the  ship  drydockud  at   New
York, but the owners would not do It.
The letter was read today at the board
jof Irade enquiry Into the loss of the
At the Fraaer river bridge last
j night the gaugo showed 23 feet 6
I Inches clearance, exactly the same as
I Wedneaday night at the same time.
It will he some days yet before
tho vanguard of the sockoyes begin
to hrriie at ttye mouth of the Fraser,
rcir, hy Information received last night
tnini an officer Of the B; C. Packers'
-.i.-MM-iiitioti, very few salmon are be-
ins takcu even at the lower end of
lhe Soun-tl, bo few in fact lhat the of-
'���firee of the association nre keeping
no records df tlio catches being made.
"The rnn haa not started anywhere
yet." stated thin official. As far down
as Sook-e the catches so far have been
wry -small indeed From the four
Irate tkere only between 300 and 400
=ii-*ckrycB an" taken altogether each
*Iay, and jfl no other place have the
catAhi-s been any larger in proportion.
The sockcyt'S  are  not   expected   to
run in any numbers until the first otl sailed  laat
ne-xt week, and  tt. will  not  likely  be , Vancouver.
vmtU the full Of the moon, on July 18,
that the run will begin in earnest.
Ttoth her-S anil along the American
���<T,a*t and rivers everything is in reudl-
nrb��. The canneries* here are aome
Of thi ni working and others are preps rinj; to open.
Word comes from Anaeortes, saying
that all the canneries in that city
made test runs at least once this week
to trv -nt the new machinery which
practie-allv every plant has installed
���and nil is now in readiness for the
bla M>okeyo run which Is due to be in
lull awing there by the middle of the
The Alr-t.ka Packers' association expects the run to he under way sufficiently to start Its big plant by Monday momins. .Inly 13, and the Apex
company made a small run the first of
this wr-ek and eipee's to run its full-
rapacity hy the middle of next week.
The managers of various Aancortea|
plants elate that the labor problem
���will she them no trouble this year.
hihi fevirT while men will he employ-
4.ii llian ever before.
Ttlis. however, promises to he not
the case along the Fraser river. Word
haa-come that several bands of In-
iiiutrs from Pemberton Meadows have
nw.cnptrfl work on the P. 0. E, at Ji!
m day nnd will not put In an apnoiir-
���Ane.ej this season, and it is said that
:\n nffort will he made to Induce more
���whites   to   takfe employment,   it is
At lhe draw of the Fraser river
bridge the Transfer was reporled up
and down, Ihe Heaver down nnd the
Senator .luiisen down and up.
With llle harbor Improvement work
going  on   In  the  slip  nt  Hie   fc-.it  of
Eighth street, small boats of the flsh-
, Ing feet, have been crowded out and
! made to find olher berths. Home have
j gone  up stream  to .the other end of
the B. C. B. It. wharf, and others have
I gone both below and above the docks
iof  the   department   of  public   works,
I while some are   now in the slip at the
inort bond of the city market.
Resuming  Schedule.
Victoria.   .Inly    10.���Resuming her
schedule  in  the  Queen  Charlotte  islands  service   lhe  (',.   T.   P.   steamer
l'rince    Alberf.    Captain   Morehouse,
nighl   for   the   north   via
She  was  supplied    with
sufficient oil lo cross the gulf by the
steamer  Prince  (ieorge.    The  Albert
takes a full cargo for the north.
Victoria, July 10. -There was a congestion of snipping at the outer docks
last nighl. i'.e two Hlue Funnel liners, the T.iltyblus ami the Kei"*'iin,
filled :-.ll Hie (pace available al thinner lei-tiis mil ih' Japanese liner
Tacoma Man was moored at the fsr
siie ot Pier vi''  1.
When the Canadian-Australian liner Muranii. came along nbout  i" p.m.
there  was  no pier available -mil  she j
had to in iiie fas! at. the extreme end
T. Hennie left last night for Victoria.
F. F. Kelli, cf Qranby, was in the
cily yesterday.
C. A. Heath, (f While Itock, was In
the city yesterday.
S. Thompson, of the Delta, was In
tlie city yesterday.
Alf. Ashley is registered at the
Russell from Toronto.
1,. V. Stiles ia registered at tho
Russell from Portland.
S. Smith, of Dewdney, visited Now
Wesiminster yesterday,
Sim Hulbert Is registered at thn
Windsor from Cloverdale..
(',. F. O'Brien, of Kdmonton, ls a
visitor In the cily for a few days.
Mtb. F. T. Hill and Bon are spending
the week with MrB. F. J. Coulthard at
iloundary  Day.
Douglas Wright has returned to thn
���ily. after spending the past eighteen
months at  Saskatoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Dafoe are among the
guests nt the Russell and are visiting
the city for a few days from Cal-
Mrs. Ed. Kennedy, of Calgary, and
Mrs. D. D. Winter, of Vancouver, who
have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. 11.
F, Castleman, leave loday for Seattle
and Victoria. r
Itev. C. E. Wincott, pastor of the
Reformed Episcopal church, Is spending two weeks holidays in Victoria.
During hia absence Rev. A. E. Vert
will occupy the pulpit.
W. Sutherland, the official representative of the Sons of Scotland from
New Westminster lo the bi-annual
gathering of branches of tlle society
all over the Dominion, held thiB year
m Toronlo, has returned tn his horn
In Greater
Off to Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Rogers, Frasot
Mills,  have gone  to  Victoria  for    a
few  days.
New Butcher Shop.
^Illller Pare, an energetic citizen of
Maillardville, has built a tine butcher's
Leaving for Good.
Mr. and Mrs. Jules Gravidic are
leaving Eraser Mllla for Ottawa today,
afier over three vears' residence in
the municipality. They return to theii
old home, but their departure Is much
regretted by their many friends.
Fencing Trees.
The Canadian Western Lumber
company are building triangular
fenoes round the trees planted on the
boulevards nf the municipality, facing
Pitt river road, to protect the Hue row
of young trees from pasturing uni
Volunteer Firemen.
A fire brigade liaB been voluntaril>
formed In Port Moody. At a meeting
on Wednesday evening under the
presidency if Alderman .1. Murray tin
following were selected as the firs*
brigade: A. S. Woods (captain I, J.
Tracey, B, Rhodes, P. McKlnnon, M
Knox. F. Woodrow, Dick Button, A.
Alexander. K. .1. II. Thomas, P. Lewis
and Albert Mingle.
in th
after an
i east.
absence of two weeks
of Pier No.
thc evening.
She  cleared   later   in
Dock    for
Million    and    Half
o tawa, ,liil> 10. Tenders for the
largest dock in America to be constructed at St. Josephs de Levis, opposite the city of Quebec,
considered by the department of pub
lie works and it is expected that the
contract will immediately he awarded.
W. 0, Davis, the large Montreal
contractor, is likely to be the builder
and   the   cost   has   heen   placed   at
th.utplit that  the failure of theae In-  $3,700,001).
���tiiinf to appear will not have any seri- !    The dock will he 1250 feel long and
���rare effect on 'he work. 1-" feet wide.
A pretty wedding was solemnized
yesterday' in the First Presbyterian
church, Vancouver, when Misa Annie
Fulton became the bride of John llen-
ning. Both contracting parties live in
New Westminster and formerly resided  in  Belfast,  Ireland.
The bride was attended by Miss
Josephine Helming, sister of the
groom, while Robert McLean, of Vancouver, acted as best man. Hev. Dr.
Frazer. pastor of the church officiated. The bride was becomingly attired In a cream silk luslre dress,
trimmed with silk lace and sash to
match and a white leghorn hat, I
being j trimmed with ostrich  feathers.
Following the ceremony Hie party
adjourned to Hie home of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas McLean, where the wedding breakfast was served, after
which the couple left, for a shirt
southern trip. (Hi their return tb<-v
will reside in their new home at 483
Eighth avenue cast.
Lacrosse Booming.
Tlie Maillardville I acrosse club is
getting into good shape and practicing
ns assiduously us tin- weather will
permit. (Ieorge Proulx haa secured
lhe uniforms fur the hoys and or
Sunday a full dress parade and game
will he held. The lads are making
such progress that they contemplate
challenging some of the neighboring
junior ti tuns to a match.
The tug Fearless sailed for Rainy
Baj yesterday morning *n bring down
a -sepw of gravel for J. Mayers & Co.
She returned early thia mofnlng.
The halibut boat Roman Is expected ��1 the Columbia Cold Storage
whaff Sandfly tiijlit from her regular
trip to the fishing grounds. The
R. C. P. cleared down river yesterday
Portland Judge Advocates Putting
Him cn Hir Honcr.
Seattle, July 10, A forceful plea
tor the commonly-called "bad boy,'
was made at the Bession of the National Society of Charities and Corrections at Plymouth church yesterday by Superior Jin      W. N. (iatens.
Young Lady Helps to Open Australian
Sydney, New South  Wales, July 10.
j ���The   fifth    parliament    was opened
here today by the commission    with
Lord ' Tien man officiating.
A   novel   feature   was  tbe  presence
Thr ;!.i)i:ii."'ii fii ��� of lumber tor th
Herakies is being piled ready for
shipping at the Fast r Mills. After the
vcsBti unloads her cargo at Porl
Manv ������he will cross in the Fraser
Mills wharf, ship the lumber and proceed to Buenos Ayres.
A litll" over a ton of spring salmon
was taken yesterday by boats working
fiir M. Monk A: Co., and over half a
tun <|f springs were brought into the
St.. Mn **o cannery For both concerns MOO BOCkeyeS were caught during the day.
iof the juvenile court
q^and  criticisms
among  the officers
Isaacs, acting    as
ur' of Portland i fa'her. who is one
cf    Mias    Nancy
assistant   to her
of    the   commia-
BestlesB Goes North.
Thp  fishery   protection  boat   Restless, Captain Moore, has cleared from !
N -w Westminster harbor for up coast
*horc she will remain all season as-
���*; sting in patrol and Inspection work.
;She  will   nm   Straight   to   Alert   Hay i
antl for a  month  or so this  will  be
tier   headquarters    while uking the
-.ovemmenl ovnraeers over  the fish -
a- grounds of the district, and later j
i il ro even further northward.
made rn the method
or reform for minors. Judge Gatens'
remarks caused a tilt between himself an.l Judge A. W, Frater, nf tin
King county juvenile court. Tlie Portland judge severely criticized the
"psychologists" attached tb ihe local
juvenile court, who pass upon thi' defectiveness of offending minora.
"Give   them   a   chance,"   exclaimed
Judge Oatens.   "A boy isn't necesaar- '
ily all bad because he tells a fib or!
loots an orchard.    Put them on lhelr!
honor,   these   youthful   offenders   audi
see hew they Come back. We've tried i fro*ni
;*  in  Portland and 98 per cent  of Hie i |.;x,,'t
accused have never come before th   ''
juvenile court   a  second   time
"Probation is net ihe solution. Force
a child to believe that he is under sur -
velllanco by officers of the law and
you will asslat him materially in
becoming a real lawbreaker Put the
child on Its honor. W'arn il and don'-
try lo make it fee] it is a criminal and
you will obtain better reeults."
Sid Dvke ">ines.
The lienor lists of Oxford university
- -iTitly  ei-hi'sheil     in     The     London
Times, give S. C. Dyke as having stained   fourth   place   in   class   1.   Hnal
ehool o( natural sciences, taking his
degree in physiology.    Mr.  Dyke was
. graduate of the fjnlverslty 'if Toronto  in  1909, and, as  an  undergraduate,  proved    himself    a  remarkably
brilliant student.    He was aenl to Ox-
lord in 1910    as    lbe Rhodes    scholar
Hrltlsli Columbia,    and    entered
r   college.     Mr.   Dvke   was   for
time a  member of The    News
Prevcst   Brought   Back.
Oliver   Prevost,   charged   with   the
theft   of   $195   from   S.   Lamnreux   at
Maillardville,     in     August,   1911,  and
.who fled trom trial, is now in the pro- I
[vlnclal jail.    lie  was arrested  in  Ottawa  at  the  instigation  of  Mr.   I.a-
moreaux, who happened to recognize
him on tlie streets whilst on a visit
Ito that city.
Want City Hall.
The ratepayers of Port Moody have
themselves taken the initiative in the
project of erecting a citv hall. A pptt-
tion is being circulated, and alreadj
largely signed, urging the council ti
bring forward a money bylaw fir
$35,000 to purchase the sitea tempor
arily secured for the hall and centrnl
ly situated, from Major and Drew, and
there erect tb,e necessary buildings. It
is pointed out that a city hall is im
perative in the altered circumstances
of the city.
Another Cable.
I    Still  another  telephone cable  is  to
crosa   tin*   Praser   river.     Application
is lielng made by ihe B. ('. Telephone
company I i the Dominion government
for    permission    to lay a telephone
cable across the river at Mission. This [
is expected to cope with the increasing  number of connections and  lines
being   built   in   the   Eraser   valley   in I
and   around   Missi-m.   connecting   lip
wiih the main trunk lines running nut i
nf New Westminster.   The plans have
been filed at the local land  registr,
Ti-spa Will Stay Here.
The   initial   Inspection   trip  of   the
new   -fishery   depart ment   boat   Fispa
1,.ni  postponed   by  order of  the
���chief   inspector   until   the   arrival   of
Hon   i   I)  Hazen, minister of marine
.*. I rii.herif'F. al Hie end of this mouth
The ipm,i ter in expected to spend at
...it   a.  day   i*\   this   city   and   tl   trip
-.Hie-il     111-
farm  experiments
lental farms in Hi
\" li     Work on c1!
f:*-|u   will  likely  be  ar-
���$3,000,0CC In Fish.
Anicorles, Jul:,   lo    Under normal
condition!    tin    value   of   Hie   sockey,
catch hen* Thli   ������'���ar v.ill amount  to
more than ii.n I)    Improvements
ippr-u-VnuiiiiiiL-   1600,1    in   the   shape
���ni new n arhiin ry ami buildings have
been made during the past three
month?  u pr. parai i -.i fer i'u' hir. run
khfa   St B
One  Foolish  Boy.
Berkeley. Cal.. Julv   lu    Unrequited
affection drove Franklin C. Reynolds.,,
lfi   years   old.   a   former   high   Bchool ] '$?��.,   tt
boy   of   this   eity,   to   commit   sir *ide
last   night     He   was   found   deed   in
bed by liis mother, wh >m he had kissed   good-night   a   few   hours  before
Close ai hand was a bundle of letters
addressed to tlie cirl th,'.! told of his
youthful longing for lier. of hia pur-
h.ase of a revolver, nt Irs tlnal d"
��� pair of ever winning her and hia dc-
.*'.: lon   to  take   his  own   life.
Washington Getr One,
Bellingham, Wash. Julv 10.���Negotiations were closed today by tele-
���.rani. whereby lhe United Stales department nl agriculture will establish
a 160 acre experimental farm In this
county, Yi miles north of here and
thai dfstanci from the Canadian line.
I'he farm will he devoted  to general
I. W. W.'s Jailed.
The I. W. W. Organization received
a setback in Burnaby yesterday
morning whon Ihree of their member*?
were sent down for one month's Imprisonment, with hard labor for sleep
ing in tlie freight shed of the B. C
E. R. at Highland Park and bav'pg
no visible means of support. The
men, who gave their names aa George
McGovern, George Phillips and Joaeph
Tliomas. were picked up hy Sergeant
Lyne and P. C. Jeffrey. All cf the trio
were young men and were well sup
plied with I. W. W. pamphlets and
Other   literature   uf   the   wont   work
The only expert-
��� western states are
Cal.,   and   Mandot
taring the land will
begin ai once. Tlie department ex-
���lects to employ 7", men on the farm
including experts m various depart
Fot for Armslronn.
I'.-rf nui. Ore , Julv in. Witli Detective Robert Craddock testlfvlns
li r ���-������ i'm. grand lury nearlv all dav
with pi lice officers voluntarily rush
ing io the i [flee of tin- district attor
ney, offering to tell what thev know
and with suhioenas mu for other wit
nessea. the municipal BCandal ce"tre
''in at present around Countv Scboo!
Superintendent A. P. Armstrong aa
sumed     greater     proportions   todav
Irregular   at   Montreal.
Montreal,   July   10.     Pries     moved
irregularly  in   the   local  Btock   market
today and   the sum  total of the day's
movements offered little on which to
base comment, Issues hv which fluc-
[tuatlons are determined, largely bv
'outside markets, notably Brazilian ami
"   P.  R.. displayed  a sllgbtlv  better
tone; purely lm
hand,   reflected
���nl Issu
little   *
on the c'her
no  improve
A  Phantom  Auto.
Missing,   the   auto  owned   by   Constable Maxwell, of th" llurnaby police,
"Owner"  haa  no  reward  to offer  hut
he la just  anxious  to locale the buzz
wnitr-i   and   really   And   truly   believe
that he I.-  tlie proud owner  -f a  machine, instead of just being quoted as
sueh.    Yesterday  a  Vancouver paper
reported Mni Maxwell had been haled
before  Magistrate  Beatty in the  Bur
naby courl and fined jr. and costs for
driving   an   auto   without   having   Hie
necessary   lights   turning  to  comply
with  the bylaw      Autos are O K .  hut ;
having lbe rep of being soaked by tin
beak  for driving and owning an Bill
he has never seen nor heard of la Ioi
much like cheap notoriety     So soldo
qulses Hie policeman.
O'hers who
, tsins Slcver
;i f  the  civil
are to nnpetir are Cup
and Keller, of the police
W.  A. Tapper, secretary
commission, and Roberl
May Raise Curacoa.
Th*��t .an attempt may he made to
rslse tie leainer C'uracoa, wrecked on
Prints <���' Wales island, i:; Indicated
l��y life t.i ��� Hi d Captain Blssett, of
ahe Vaiiei.iivi ; Drpdglng ami Salvage
company, h * ne fo Seattle to conifer with v. C  Ward, representing the.
owners,  the   Pacific Coast   Sleumshlp1 A-"mstrong^	
���eompsp), ami Captain Ceneranx, rep-
minitirii* Tie underwriters. Big Hotel for London.
London, June 10.   A colossal
David Evan- Arrives.
Thn ("ir , : Br ��� -ii schooner
I>avid i* ii - Capt'lt Saunders, has
been lowed Inta Vancouver hv lh"
l^-riie n* I      uni ii ired In the stream
SOtie   IS   fn,];:    I ,)   ,:-   :,.,. \   v. ill   l'i,I   1|1"1
To  Investigate  a
Washington, July 1"
Hon   nf   the   financial
New  York Central lines
An InvesCga
iperitiom*   ol
liy th" inter-
b��T .al. i'
Tli" tl-1'
Vim-'-. ������
i.-.   mill   I' r   I 1'i-iUa
'  wire   Captain l
.     11 -I her lumber '**argu
for th-  l'ii;t'*d  Kingdom
llle eosl of which, together with thi
value of Hu* site, will approximate
$6,260,000; ia about to be erected on
tie* eroiiml now occupied hv St
George's hospital on Constitution bill
e;<|n!sie the entrance to Hyde park
Tl,e majuilflccnt site will he purchased
state Commerce commission waa proposed in a resolution passed bv the
senate todav. Thla aot<"ti wis t iknn
without debate when the resolution
was introduced by  Senator Harris cf
���-������ niiiei'te, tlie governor of the
hospital ai a meeting this afternoon
agrei lng to ihe sale.
Orphans tore $201,000
Fresno, Cal., July 10.���John Walch- J
er, a hermit of Hivei-da'e, Frerno
county, failed tn sign hia wlll and hi"
fortune of $200,000 which he wished j
in go to the Fresno county nrphanaee
wlll be administered hv 'he cen-'*
administrator and the orphnnt!"e w'Vt
receive nothing. H 's s"'d H,*'1 '���-
bas an aged sister living In Swltzor-
Mcunt   Oswald   Missing. ,.,  -rr��,i   a���,i_
..-            .,      ,���     i      i    ,   i     ,7,     ,��� Me  Tried   Again.
tfewcaitii . Em li ��� 'i. 'nu* in    i aii "
tain Btannard, ol the ship Mnnn' Os s!   ' ���",:'' ;" ���-��� 0nl * ������"���>' 1"    ���'""
wulrt  which sailed froi    Baltlmon  fori' ;i  '*"    '    leaidonl    of Thorld,
mmtniT '''*   }" '" '  '���������'���'" ' """'��� "' l':"1      ���'    ltE '''K-v wllh " r'"-'"lv"r*
since becn heard of. 'iin* '���'' "''' '' ��� friends lie Intended kill
I'thy    when     he lng himself   -Hi  had tried a few* flays
Ht, h*\n nol
���V-P'Ttl     V. ���>���
Mite, v
letter tn  *
uni .. b in al Hii.   >
ago,  bul    i
ears uld.
deterred,    lie was
Sneak Thief Is Correct.
Winnipeg.   Julv   li.     \   sneali   thief
s'nie lbe contents of sn alms hav at
St. Boniface cathedral ihia mornlni
but wis placed under nrrosl almost
Immediately, When tak) n in charge he
attempted In gel < h ar by putting nn
a smooth story, bul ( oi Id i*"t i *"'���'
it go, ii" gave tin- name i f Isidore
Nlcklcs to the police.
mm. tf proim
Mon.. Wed., Fn.
Ml Seats 10c
Children 5c.
Matinee, 2 to 5 p m.
Night, 6 30 lo 11 n.m
It c.r
Ftiday Bargains
Great Midsummer
Clearance Sale
A veritable harvest of bargains are ready for early shoppers���all seasonable.
With the splendid values that are offered every day in this great Clearance
Sale, extraordinary values must bc prepared for Friday, and here they are, including many Wearables in the Styles of the season, Furnishings for the Home,
and other needs of the hour.
Clearance of
Coats at
Half Price
Sixty-five beautiful new Summer Coats to be cleared at this
remarkable low price. Developed in light summer fabrics,
such as repps, Panamas, puisee,
etc.; iu fawn, gray, tan and natural shades; to fit l'i misses' to
Women's 4u bust; just such garment as would add copifort for
present, wear. Come today, only
| Proof Coats,
ft* Friday
m.   ... I   ft,1
Triced for a quick riddance;   in
three-quarter and full lengths;
materials are paramatta, tweed
coating, etc ; well made garments; sizes up to 40-Inch
bust; Just the correct weight
fur summer; regular values as
high as $17.50. Today S6 85
See the Window Showing Today of Wash Goods,
16c   Yd.
Lot  of  wash goods composed of suitings,  nurses' cloth,  voiles, crepes, pique, vestings, etc; also flaxen
glri  in   white  and   colored;  widths 2* to ?,1 incheB.    Sale Price XtZt
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tawn and brown shadings;
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Sale   I'rice         $7.85
Another  Rush   Opportunity for Umbrellas, $1.12.
About five dozen to clear at this
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rod and frame; elegant, assortment of handles for both men
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il I si/o .-lareeih, Bed Spreads; msde of very fine
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Sale    I'lil*.
Ptxiit wrn
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
West Enders Play Ten to One Tattoo
on Lacrosse Boya from the Very
Near East.
lt looks as though Westminster hud
ihn better of tho argument. From
reliable sourceH of Information It Is
learned that Coin Jones in about on
IiIh last legs as far as coast lacrosse
la concerned, and that even had the j
league gone through as scheduled that
Cop Jones would be through by the ,
time this season was concluded. This
ll exactly what the Westminster dispatches maintain. Perhaps tbls la-
eroHBe trouble Is but a graceful way ;
for Con Jones to back out of lacrosse
promotion.���Calgary Albertan.
���:   BAgEfiALL   i
carried a banner "Organized February
16, 186S."
While a few delegates wcre going
oVer the business of the afternoon,
the uniformed patrols of many ledges
were competing for prizes in a drill
at the park.
Ope beautiful trimming was the reception   handed   the  Sapperton  Inter
niodlatoa  lust evening  by   the    West
Ends,  tlm   final   score  belug  10  to  1.
The lone goul of the east enders was
scored early In the tlrst quarter and I
from   then  to  the  flnul  whistle    the I
prospective champions kept piling on
the ugiiny   until   lu   tallies   were  reg- ,
tstered. ��� >
Sapperton    fielded   a   weak   team. |
That   lets  them   down.   Avithout  the
services  of  their  regular  goaltender. I
Ham Sclater In  tlle    Held    and    lllll
I'atehell on  the defence,  the  attack'    Nottingham, England,i July 10,   The
overbalanced  the defence to BUCU an   A���.(.rican    , wcn  thelr firgt u.0
extent  that it  waB a question as    to i
Just how many goals would be scored j matches  loday  against  Oermany    in
In thi' three last quarters. .Uhe Beml-flnals of tbe preliminary con-
Hugh    Stoddart,  in  goal     for    the   tests  lor the selection of a team    to
West Ends, played n Stellar game and   (.haMeni.��� Kngland  for the  Dwlgbt F.
ndicationa    Point    to    England    and
America   Finhting   It  Ojt  for
Davis Tennis Trophy.
he was responsible for the small Bhow
ing made by Bapperton. Stoddart had
all thc ear murka of a Hun Clark
yesterday p.m. and frequently got the
crowd in picking out the ball from
several  mix-ups  in  front of the nets.
Cameron scon d the lone goul for
Sappertdn, the scorers on the West
Bnd team being a3 follows: Storme,
2; Murray, il; Feeney, 2; Huff, Sang-
kit and Pentluiul.
Sandy Cray und Kred Hume handled
the game before a fair sized crowd.
Local Lacrosse Boys Take no Chances
It ���Jones Asks for Meeting of the
B. C.  L.  A.
In the darkest hour, there Ib still
hope, thinks Con Jones, for yesterday
the Vancouver magnate came through
with a wire to Acting Secretary Gil-
ohr.st, of tin. Ii. c. I.. A., with a re-
il'iest that a meeting of tbe association be called in the immediate future.
That looks like business, lt certainly looks as if the adding machines
put in use by Jones in the earlier part,
of the week huve completed their
taik, with the result that the credit
.side la Bo underbalanced that a break
up at tbe present time would mean
disaster, not only to the lacrosse club,
but to tin' subsidiary concern, to wit,
the billiard and pool emporium.
The Victoria Trip.
Veaterllay it became known lhat the
trip to Victoria made by Jones the
day previous was not for the purpose
it trying to laud a team In the Capital Ciiy. as given out by a Vancouver
paper, but reallv t\i test the feeling
i f the Victoria delegates before Jones
would aak for an association meeting.
li was given out that Bome of the Vlc-
tcria ih legates were inclined to
���switch over their support to the Vancouver manager, so us to let him down
easy when it comes io facing the
music of the Westminster club.
When seen regarding thiB, several
of the Westminster executive were
(irmly of the opinion that they would
stand fur no such monkeywork and
.[unci would have to whistle for lacrosse games a long while before they
would submit to any woolpulling of
such a nature.
Meanwhile, Mannger Clifford is preparing for a game on the Queens park
i val Baturday arternoon. No Intimation has come over from Vancouver
regarding what action they will take,
but a strong suspicion exists that
Jones will appear on ihe grounds with
bis hired help just In time to play
the scheduled game, bo as to queer
tiie rr.-m| that would attend should
it be Known dellniti iy that there
would be a game.
Severe', of tha Salmon liellles would
gladly take the opportunity of having
;i lay-off that day. Tom Hennie even
suggesting lhat the UbIi In the North
Arm would be quite friendly to hia
bait thai afternoon, but orders are
i tilers ami  the team  Will  lineup.
President Kellington yesterday appointed Hi b Dewar und Stanley Peele
as officials fur the game.
Still   another   feature   cropped     up
yesterday when Manager Gilford received another letter from the Calgary sport promoter regarding the
proposed barnstorming trip of tho
Hoyals through the prairies, ln hia
l.tter he stated that he could command the aervlces of Hilly Fitzgerald.
Sport Murton and Beveral other well
known stnrB of the east If the deal
vent through. The local club will do-
c'do definitely next week when the
coast situation will be more clearly
Meanwhile, (ieorge Hennie and Eddie McCarthy have been appointed
special nldea to Manager Olfford,
watching tliat $.",('(10 cheque, which
several Vancouver lawyers are trying
to pint li from Westminster.
Davis international lawn tennis trophy
anil stand more than a good chance of
qualifying for the final round.
It Norris Williams if Philadelphia
ami Harvard university, after a little
trouble In tho beginning of his match
wiih Oscar Kreutzer and the loss of
tlie third set, pulled out a winner in
What after all was not a difficult contest. The German pul little lire into
the game, but made gome pretty back-
hand Btrokes.
Williams, on lhe other hand relied
in volleys and long drives, which at
hist   were  not   strong   or  well  placed.
bul later Improved marvelously, The
German won his set by keeping the
American In the back court wbere
tliere was no chance of volleying. Tho
more exciting match was that between
Maurice B. McLoughlin, of San
Francisco, the American champion,
und Otto l-'roitzheim, who is rated as
the   beat   player   in   Germany.    Thc
crntest for a lime seemed lo he all
the German's. Froitzhelm played
brilliant tannin although he was suffering from a -sore hand. McLougn-
ltn did not show his term until later
in the game.
Gave McLoughlin a Ccare.
In the beginning the German was
able to get many back-hand Btrokes
over wiili great speed and also picked
up ihe American's service coolly. McLoughlin showed u a reak of brilliancy
in the second set. but not until the
middle Of the third set did his turn in
the game come. Frcm then on be
went ahead and with his famous service and finely placed drives wore his
opponent down.
The weather cleared after the first
match, The attendance was about
Grand   Circuit   and   Winnipeg   Races
Furnish  Excitement to the
I Crowds.
I v ''���*���]?
!    Dleveland,  0^,  J\lj}"10. -With  ap.
I parent -taae, Marig-jiklvAtodney driving,
carried off the Ohio stakes, today's
big event,  in  straight  hcatB.
The veteran "Pop" Geers, who until today bad not rimi a heat, took first
in   Uie   championship   pacing   sweep-
slakes and  the  'ii-ln  trot.
���" ���*���'
Fine Winnipeg Driver.
Winnipeg, July 10.    Heavy rain and
|the consequent hpavy truck marred
the third day's racing at the exhibition here today, but the atendance
was greater than on other days. The
hlg race program "t the day was the
Hotelkeepers' purse of $5000, which
waB won by Grand Opera in straight
heats. Tbe local crack, lhe Reaver,
appeared for the first time in faster
company and gave a good account of
himself. Hai-nes, Ihe driver of the,
latler was fined %2d by the judges who
considered that he could easily have
driven Into second place in the final
heat. The helping for second and
third place In thin mob was cancelled. |
Negro Fighter Rays He Intends Never
to  Return���U. S. After His
Bonds, $45,000.
Baseball Results.
Standing  cf  the  Clubs.
W.    1..     Pet
....49   24     .871
...48   89     .697
Chicago    ,
...41    2d     .539
. ...:15    2d     M'i
Pittsburg   "'.   .
.... 37    38      .490
.32    40      .44 1
St.   I.ouis    ��� ���
 30    45      .400
 30   4��     .884
At New  lork:
It    II.   i:
   3     !t     0
New   York   	
   2   li      2
Halteries:     Smilh
and  Bresnahan;
Mathewaon   and   Myers.
At  Hrooklvn It.    11.   E.
I Cincinnati  KI    13      1
Brooklyn  5   il     0
Hatterles:   Iirown  and  Kling;   Hue- I
! ker. Wagner, llnll, Kent and Fischer.
At  Hoston: It.    H.    B.
St.   Louis   1      ti     4|
. Boston      8     7      1
Batteries:     Harmon    and    Wingo;
Perdue  anil   Itarldrn.
At  1'ittsburg: H.    H.   B.
I'ittshurg   8     4     0
[Philadelphia :..... , .'.'.... 2   10    1
Batteries: McQuillan   and   Slmonds;
Chalmers and   Howley, Killifer.
I'aris. July 10. -Jack Johnson, the
nkgro  heavyweight prise fighter,    ac
opmpanled by hia wife ami his nephew
arrived toda> in Paris. The pugilist
drove to a number of hotels before
he was able to find accommodation.
Johnson said he intended to make
I'aris his headquarters in the future,
and that never on uny account would
be llRlit again in America. He added
that he had arranged for a number of
fights to take place iti Kurope ln the
Referring to hla recruit sentence
under the white slave act to serve one
, year in the Leavenworth penitentiary,
i Johnson declared he would carry the.
1 case  to  the  highest court  fully  confident    that    a   decision    ultimately
| would be given in his favor,
generally   believed  here  that
will be deported from France, but the
French  authorities have not yet    arrived in  nnv permanent decision with
regard  to that  phase of the case.
His Bonds Are Shaky.
Chicago,   July   10,    Iss'stanl   H's
trlct Attornev Harry A, Parkin, who
had charge of the prosecution of Jar',;
Johnson for violation of the Mann a"'
declared todav tliat nothing could be
done  at   pres, at  n  compel   tho  for-
f Iture Of Jack Johnson's bond.
The neuro is Under (80,000 bond,
which he signed personally for in-
"i-t nn nts cn which he has not yet
been tried. H�� is also tinder a bond
of $15,000, signed bv a real estate
dealer, which gave him his freedom
pendoig the hearing of his case in
the United Slates circuit court if
"An investigation probably will be
made by the department of justice to
determine whether anyone Instigated
.1 hnsoii to make this movement of
leaving the country," said Mr. Perkins, "lf Johnson was induced to go
by a second party, an attempt will be
made lo punish the offender."
(By  "Gravy.")
Harrj Wolter, the star outfielder of
the New Vork Americans is, like bis
chief, a native son of the golden wett.
Wolter was born in Monterey, Cal..
twenty-seven years ago today, July 11,
1886. ne played ball three years on
the Santa ("ara college team, from
which Hal Chase was an earlier graduate, liis professional debut was with
Fresno, fumed as the "raisin city"
and thi' birthplace of "Peerless Leader" Chance, and also at one time the
home of "Hlg Chief" Meyers. After a
year in the Pacific Coast league, Wolter was promoted to fast company,
but didn't make good. The Pittsburg
Pirates llrst gave him a trial, and
tur',ml hun out t.i Cincinnati. The j
Reds decided thry could get along
without him, and gave him to St.
At   this    point    Harry    developed j
homesickness   in   an   auto   form   and |
hiked  back  to California, refusing to
report   in   the   Minnesota  capital.   In
Ihu*! he played with San Jose In the j
California State league, an  unlaw organization.     There   he   made   such   a
good record that the Boston Hed Sox
brought about his reinstatement and j
Wolter.   after   paying   a   line   of   $50, '
found himself back In fasi company, I
but this time in the American league. I
During the lim|l season  with the lted
Sox Wolter wna tried out as a pitcher .
and   at   the   initial   bag.   but   wasn't i Seattle
highly successful.    When he went  to  Portland
lhe  Yankees  in   191(1 he  was sent  to   Victoria
th'.' right garden, and as an outfielder Tacoma
was a star almost from the start. An   Spokane
Injury  t<> his  leg put  hlm out  ot the Yesterday's Games.
game nearly  all  of last  season.  Dur- |     At Tacoma H
innti'.e winter he played  with  a coast
team,  and   returned   to   the   Yankees
this   spring,   apparently   no    fast     as
Standing ot the Ctubs.
W.    I..
! Philadelphia 86    10
Cleveland   49   30
Washington    46    38
Chicago 42    88
|Boston  2~   37
St.   Louis   85    53
Detroit    82    51
New Ycrk  .21    51
Yesterday's Games.
At.  Potroit: Ii     H
Washington    v.-  1   8     1
;ili >trolt    4      '.
naileries:  Hughes and Henry;
and McKee,
At  Chicago: It.    H.
New  Vork      2     9
Chicago               1      8
Batteries:   Warhop.   McConnell
Smith:   Hussell and  Schalk.
At St. Lou'.s: It.    H.    B.
| Hoston       6    11
St. Louis     2      2      3
I     llatteries:     Foster    and    Thomas;
Baumgartner and Agnew.
At Cleveland: H.   II.   E.
j Philadelphia    V,.,,,,  1     >     '
i Cleveland   .. . .->   <- -. *-.'.... 4     9      1
Hatteries: Pltmk SOT Lapp; Falken-
I berg and Carlsch. .
Vi -Wi!
International League.
Montreal  1, Toronto 6.
Buffalo o. Hoi!h'($-sler"4.
Newark  2,  Providence 8.
Jersey  City  5,  naltimore  1.
They   Will   Try  and   Break   That  Tie
Thir. Evening.
The Balmorals and the
will attempt to settle tlieir little dif- 1
ferences at the ball yard this evening
and. incidentally, break the tie now-
existing, the two teams having battled on two previous occasions with-
] out a decision.
The nines have nothing on each
other, comparing recent performances
the Electrics and the Bals having
emerged from the fight with tht
Moose, both with the long end of the
Either Peck or Sayce will essav to
dn the hurling for the Bals. with Corbett on   the  mound  far the  Electrics
Tonight's came will commence n'
f>:45, with tli- weather report being
all to the good.
The Drink ��� Young Business Man Hsd
te Have Before Lunch.
In New York city tbere la a man
wbo once paid $0,000 for a cocktail.
Be did not know It then, and be never
wlll know It unless he happens to read
this story.
A certain prosperous manufacturing
company needed a new departmental
manager. The salary was $0,000 a
year. The officers of tbo company
considered a great many candidates
i and at last decided to offer the position
to a clever young man of unusual business ability. He seemed to be exactly
tbe man for that particular place. The
president nnd general manager Invited
tbe young man to lunch with tbem at
a downtown club, ostensibly to talk
over a less important business matter.
Tbey wanted to -look blm over" just
; once more.
Tbe mnn met them at the appointed
j bour,  and  the president  anxious to
I mnke the occasion a pleasant one, or
I dered   sn   elaborate   luncheon.   The
j waiter was a long time In bringing
tbe first course, and the guest began
i to appear 111 at ease.    He seemed absent-minded  and   uninterested   In  tbe
! conversation.   Iio twisted nbout ln bis
ll is not j chair nnd tapped his fingers nervously
' ,!" '" ! upon tbe table.   Finally be turned to-
: ward  the president and said almost
| desperately, "Would  you   mind  very
j much If I ordered a cocktnll?"   Then
I he flushed n little nnd offered a laughing apology for making the request
I    The other men exchanged surprised
i nnd significant glances, but tbey called
Ithe  wnlter nnd  ordered  tlie cocktail.
: Wheu It came the guest drank It eagerly,    ln a few moments he had become another mnn���the  man of keen
vision niul quick  mind, who could be
so useful In their great business. There
was no more preoccupation lu his mnn-
i ner, no shifting nlimit In bis cbalr.  He
was alert, eager, clear bended.
i    But as the lunrheon went on neither
the president nor the  mannger  mentioned the real object of the Interview.
, Each was thinking the matter over se-
��� rlously. nnd neither conld be sure of
the  other's  secretly   formed   opinion.
The situation bernme awkward. Flnnl- |
ly  the president excused  himself on i
, tbe pretense of going Into the library I
to speak to s friend who had Just en- i
i tered.   Bnt after speaking to bis friend
I he went straight to the desk and wrote
n message on a telegraph blank.    He
gnve the message to a  uniformed nt-
i tendant and went back to thc dining
Electrics I ro,,m-
ln n few minutes a page brought a
telegram to tbe manager, who rend It
hurriedly, while the president finished
telling their guest about n shooting
trip In Maine. This Is what tlie tele-
cram said:
The  lob Is inn  bin   for s   ti-aowr ,. W*
-an 1 run our business by cocktail power
r ��� Youth's Couifiaiilon
..* in
ii i>*
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, subject to cheque withdrawals. Handsome Metal Home
Banks for children supplied to depositors.   .,
for the safe-keeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per annum
and upwards.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeta, New Weatmlnster.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX 442
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery %a> ,
THE ALASKA COAST  (STEWART)    .*... .$4-6.00
Including Meals and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route of Grand Trunk Pacific Rall-
ay at small additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW,  G.  A.  P. D.
1-hone Private Exchange 8184
Cleveland Naps Jcin Baseball Players'
New York, Julv 10.���Sivt��en mem
hers of the Cleveland busrball club of
the Amerioan league todav joined the
Baseball Players' Fraternity.
Thp election of the Cleveland club
players gives the fraternity representation in every club of the two mtiinr
leagues and a membership of a trifle
In excess of 400.
Standing of the Clubs.
June Bond Sales.
Winnipeg, July l'i.---Municipal b-nfid
sales for June in Canada tndav tot.il
led $2,435,726. making B total f-w tb"
six months of $11,422,011, Following are the particulars by provinces
Ontario, $S12.406; British Columbia
$497,500; Quebec. $400,000; Alberta
$281,820; Saskatchewan, $278,000:
New Brunswick, $150,000; Manitoba.
Total  $2,486,726,
Swift Water Beat Hi-n.
Torr'ito. Julv li).--Charles Sprad
vrow. 301 Spaiiimi road, was drowned
nt Sparrow take yesterday. With two
companions he was endeavoring U
climb the swift water chute lending
from Sparrow hike Into the Sever'
river. ills friends managed to
Bcramble ashore, but Spradbrow was
never Been again.
A remarkable similarity exists -between the careers of Wolter and Hal
Chase. Both were b.irn in Iho western pnrt of central California, both
were educated at Santa Clara college,
both played In the Pacific Coast
league before going into the maiors,
both Jumped to ihe California State
outlaw lengiio In 1008. and both became famous ns members of the New-
York Americans.
Wolter Is five feet ten Inches In
height and weighs, when In condition,
ahout 170 pounds. Ho uses his south
paw both In batting and throwing.
Ills best stick work was done In 1911,
when he finished the season wllh an
average of  .304.
II.   B.
Portland    2    o     i
Tacoma    11   16     "j 	
Batteries:     llyner,     Martlnoni   and |
Murray; Giro! -aftd flarris. It Comes to Canada.
At Vancouver: H.    II.    E>      1-os  Angeles.  July   10.���To  Canada
I Vancouver    ,  n     *     ''   ���)*s bee" gi**x} the next meeting of
I Spokane ,....'  3    11      fl   the  international Christian   Endeavor
Batteries:  Hall anil Konnick; Kraft I biennial     Convention.     Although    no
and Hannah. | clay of the Dominion has succeeded In
Second game:-'   [' It.    II     E   securing  the  conference    for    Itself
Vancouver      ....   1      6     6
Spokane      6     4      (I
Schultz.  Hnty  and  Kon-
The accounts of the lacrosse trouble
ut the coast are BO ctinflotlng thai It
Is hard to decide Just who Is who, and
why. The Vancouver reports state
lhat the WeBtmlnster people are a
lunch of outlaws, who go ahead and
make fillings which please themselves, while the Weiitminster reports
v.iiicli have arrived justify the action
of the league In suspending a couple
i f rowdy players, and Btate thai Con
Jones or his p-ils were not represented  at the  meeting only  because  they
iiid not. want to come, for thi y realized what was up.   Prom thlB distance Hunter
Eiit Burnabv Defeat City a' Billiards.
l-'a-l   Bumaby  l.'Illnrd  artists came
back Into their own lasl  evening, defeating Hie lio.vtils three cameB out of
five,   The ganie between Coldleutt nnd
Cooper  proved   Ihe  most  exciting  of
the evening, the former   finally   winning oul with 19 points to spare.
The following are tho scores:
Best  Iliii-ii.-iby. Royals.
Coldlcutl 2,'t'l    Cooper ISI
Douglas 200  Grant 1;52
Murray  200    McAllister is:t
Lunn 147  McLaren 200
l(i(i    Iieniditt 201)
nick:   Smith  nnd  Hannah.
At Seattle-Seattle 0, Victoria 6
Winnipeg and Toronto have both Bent
strong delegations In an effort to secure tho prize.
-Charley Lynch,* American, nnd
Sam Finlghty, English, fought
al. Kentish Marshes. England.
for 'he featherweight championship of the world. Lynch
was the vlcto- in 43 rottntls, and
received a purso of $250. Thin
was lhe scviui battle Intweeii
the men. the Kngl'.shman having won (he Iir.-,: on i foul In
Ihn nr,th rutin 1. Three i-years
later (ieorge Holden recovered
the title for WngtShd by defeating Lynch.
-Tommy Warren sloppeJ tVndy
Hanly in the fifth round at Chicago,
-Carl  Mi !- '.-""tV'cl    nut.    Con
Cuuiiskcy in the Bret round nt
Sapulpa, Okla. Morris is now
trying to get back into the
"white  hope"  class.
Will Celebrate It.
Everett, July 10. -Woodmen of the
World will hold a meeting Thursday
next to celehrale the burning of n
mortgage against the camp's real
estate. With the passing of the mort
! gage the Woodtiipn will he out of debl
1 and In excellent financial condition.
Genuine Reductions
Hello Bills Hold Big Parade at
KodioKtcr. N. Y.. Julv 10.���Ten
thousand Klks, It is estimated, par
tlcipaled in a parade today in connec
tlon with (he forty-ninth reunion ol
the grand lodge. They came friiin
every city of size In this country,
from Juneau, Alaska, nnd Honolulu,
Even Manila had a lone representative, who rode iu an automobile, The
parade was led by (Irand Esquire W.
The mother lodge from New York
Circassian Walnut Dining Room Set, consisting of Table, Buffet, Set
of Diners and Dinner Wagon; regular $221.   Sale price ;.. .$175.00
Five-piece Paripr Suite; regular $35.00.   Sale price  29.50
Set of Diners; leather seats; regular $30.00.   Sale price  22.50
Extension Table, 6 ft. and 8 ft. extension; solid oak,   regular  $19.00.
Sale price   \5.[Vi
Ladies' Writing Desks; regular $9.50. Sale price  750
Brass Beds, regular $19.00.   Sale Price  15-50
Brass Beds, regular $17.50.   Sale price   13.90
Iron Beds, worth $11.50.   Sale price  9.50
Iron Beds, 4 feet, regular $7.00.   Sale price   5.25
Dressers, regular $12.75.   Sale price  9.25
Dresser, oak, regular $25.00.   Sale price  19.50
Dressers all reduced; forty different styles to choose from.
Rugs and Carpets
We certainly sell the rugs. Note the heavy reductions. All room-size
rugs in Wiltons, Axminsters, Brussels and Tapestry at a saving of one-fifth
regular prices. itfarifc^
Remnants of Linoleums and Oilcloth at less than Cost Price.
Entire stock of Lace Curtains, Portieres and Couch Covers at a Discount
of 25 per cent.
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588. wk\A ��1X
FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1913.
Classified Advertising
LAS8IFIED AUS WILL nE Received for The News at the following places: K. T, Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
gueensborough, l.ulu Island.
�� RATES. ���
classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
inonth; 6,000 words, to be used bb required wlttln one year from date of
contract, $26.00.
GIRL       WANTED,      APPLY      1420
Seventh avenue.   Phone 755 L.
eight roomed modern house, nearly
new, 130 a month. Lease. Phono
;;12. WW
bungalow, 317 Fifth avenue.    (1734)
pleasant front rooms. Apply Mrs.
Cooksley, 422 Eighth street.  (1731)
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
street. ("22)
rooms, all conveniences. Apply on
premises, 434 Seventh slreet. (1708)
saltable for lady or gentleman. Apply 66.Sixth street. (1705)
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.      (1692)
furnished housekeeping rooms at 37
AgneB street.    Telephone 638 L.
room and board in private family.
Rox  1720 News. (1720)
Btrett. Everything new and first
class.    Terms reasonable.        (1G90)
FOR    SALE -14
boat,   Apply 18
21 Third avenue.
Large  Area  of   Province   Denuded
Trees���Creative Work of
Forestry  Station
era, oak dining table; 206 Columbia
street. (1724)
$1000, with 300 records, $500 buyH
the lot. Also other furniture for
sale. Ncukerchln, Sixth street, East
Hurnaby. (1714)
milch cow, seven years old, with
calf by her side one week old. Apply 513 lllackford street. (1715)
Not much more than a century ago
Ontario was an almost unbroken forest. Now the southern portion which
we call "Older Ontario'' is all but do
nuded of Its woodlands. The settlers
axe made the clearings which were
necessary before agricultural
try   could
Attendance fer Week  Was Over 100.
000���Clear of Deficits from
1911  and  "i9U*.
"Drys" Plan Attack on "Wets" in Ontario���Rowill-Alliance Pa;t
goods    iu    good    condition
5-^9 Columbia street cast.
flourlBh;   ihe   lumberman
cut of the valuable timber;  and now,
where  the  log  heaps  blazed  merrily
in  the  "clearings"  within  memory of
even   many   of  us,  the  fanner  burns
coal,   not  from   convenience,   but  of
Apply  naeesslty;   and  manufacturers are bo-
(17131   ginning   to  tell   him   that   it   will   be
 ���  cheaper to build his barns of corru-
OREGON,   CALIFORNIA  RAILROAD  gated Iron than of lumber.
timber land. If you want to learn , llut scarcity of wood, either as lum*
particulars of this I can tell you, ber or as fuel. Is not the only reason
and help you file application to buy wby reforesting should be considered
at $2.50 per acre. Box 1707 News a matter of provincial or national ec
office. (1707)   onomlcs.    In the timbering and clear-
���������^������������^������-���  ing operations vast ureaa of soil were
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER  laid  bare  which  were  really  suitable
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable for producing  little else  but  forests.
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar- It is one of nature's apparent myster-
ket square. (1677)  les that the mighty trees will grow
    where the much Btnaller plants, grains
~"*"*^"*gg "'and even grasses can Bcarce find sub-
FOR  TRADE. j Btance.    Some o." this land was crop
ped  for a  time, but the accumulated
cleared for house in city.
for house and lot. Apply Box 1719
News. (1719)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (1678)
neck ruff, on Fourth avenue, at
Columbia Btreet train station ur on
Sixth street car. Finder phone Mrs.
Charles Cliff,  phone  1170,      (1730)
ACRES  humus made by the dead leaves and
Curtis fi  decayed plants was soon used up and
11732)   the  soil  became  blow  sand  ready  to
  drift like snow to every blast of wind.
Teaching Students
Reforesting operations In Ontario
had their beginning in the establishment of a forestry department at the
Ontario Agricultural college in 1904.
Here the agricultural student was
trained in tree planting and care ot
woodlands, and nurseries were established to produce young forest
trees sit'tPble for reulanting. From
these planting material was distributed throughout the province to replen
ish the farmer'B wooalots and to bpi
out land unsuited for agriculture.
The opening of the Norfolk forest
station in l!lu9 enlarged the scope ol
the work, because it took up the act
ua] reclamation of waste land by re
planting. The province now owns
about 1500 acres at this noint. Verv
extensive nursery work is carried on
here In addition to the actual plant
No. 1030 Fifth avenue, city, seven i Inf.
room, fully modern house, large lot' The rearing of the young trees from
to lane. Owuer's equity $1300. bal- the seed is a somewhat delicate pro
ance eaBy payments, will take a lot cesB. The seedlings are first grown
for equity.    See us about It. 'o carefully screened seedbeds where
.^v^^^^n^w. . -^^^~^. the conditions of the foreBt as to lighi
Six room modem house at the corner aud sunshine are reproduced as nenr
of Tenth and Belleville streets; ly as possible. From the seedbeds thi
lot 66x120. Owner's equity $2500. I young trees are transplanted to the
Balance   payments  small   and   easy,   nursery   lines  where  they  remain  un
No. 708 Seventh avenue, city. Ave
room, fully modern,, new house.
Owner will take lot as caBh payment. A good deal for few days
Calgary, July 10.- -The Calgary fatv
has been a financial success. This
fact marks an epoch In the hiBtory of
the institution, and. according to Manager Richardson, not only has the fair
paid its way this year, but it will at
the same time suffice to clear off thn
deficit of 1912 and perhaps 1911 as
The figures of tiie attendance at the
fair show that the attendance for the
firBt time reached the high water
mark of UiU.Oiii), though tlle margin
beyond was not a great one. The excess of tlv attendance over last year
wat. 4,425.
Eigger Receipts Made.
Tlie increase In tho gate and grand-
Stand receipts, however, the manager
states, will Bhow an Increase In greater proportion over last year than the
figures oi attendance would tend to
prove. For example, the grandstand
receipts of 1912 were $82,000, While
thfs year they will le $36,000, This
is without counting th sales at the
various stores in the city, which have
yet to be estimated, as the returns
not yet beeu received from these.
Less From Concessions.
Tlie revenue thiB year from conces-
eisons was slightly less than last year.
The tightness of monev, was the reason for this, as people did not have
the money to lay out for the purposes.
The revenue from the pari-mutuels
was greater than last year, and much
business was done there. The reason
for the large increase In the grandstand receipts Is thai last year the
weather often Interfered with the performances and kept people .from the
stand, while this year the weather
was all that could be desired, and
there was never a time when tiie performances were really interfered with
for any lngth of time.
Mr. Richardson said he was highly
delighted with the great success attending the fair, as wore all tbe-directors of the institution. All the farmers
and exhibitors staled that they were
very well satisfied with the way in
which the fair was conducted.
iel, black and white. Reward. Address F. Ray, 815 Tenth street.
IN THE MATTER of Ihe Navigable
Waters Protection Act. being
Chap. 115 of Revised Statutes of
Canada,  1906, and
IN THE MATTER of an Application
by the British Columbia Telephone Company. Limited, of British Columbia.
Take notice lhat an application will
li�� made to the Governor-General-ln-
Council one month from the date of
the publication of this notice for an
i rder approving tho plans deposited
with the Honorable, the Minister of
Publlo Works, and in the l��inil
Registry Office at New Westminster
for the laying of a telephone cable
across Fraser River at Mission, B.C.,
which cable is more particularly de-
RCribed and shown on the plafla registered with tlie said, the Honorable,
���he Minister uf Public Works, and in
the Land Registry Office, at New
West ininster.
Per McPhllllps &  Wood,
I172S) Their Solicitors.
being only $250 every six months.
Nos. 207 and 209 Seventh avenue,
cily, (wo fine new houses for exchange. Owner will take reasonably
priced property for equity, investigate at once.    These are good buys.
Phone 312. Room 201
Weatmlnster Trust Buiilding.
Separate tenders supercribed,
"Tcnde-fr for Residence of Heatf'Oar.
"Tender for Residence for Engineer,"
"Tender for Residence of the Bursar."
" Tender for Residence for Assistant Medical Superintendent,"
respectively, will be received by the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works up to noon of Monday, the 28th
day of July, 1913, for the erection
and completion of the following residences at the Mental llqspital, Essondale, B. C:
"Residence for the Head Gardener,'
"Residence for the  Engineer."
"Residence for the Bursar,"
"Residence for the Assistant. Medical superintendent."
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of lender for each building may
be Been on and after tlie 5th day of
July, 1913, at the oflces of J. Muhony,
Government Agent, Vancouver; S. A,
Fletcher,     Government     Agent,     New
Wesiminster; and the Department of ,,, reclaim
Theatre  Building  Columbia   Street.
Sealed tenders, superscribed Tender
for general work, plumbing, heating
and electric light as tin   case may In-.
and addressed to th'- uud rsigueii will
be received up to noon <>( Wednesday,
16th July, for tbs erection and completion of Theatre Building to be
erected on Columbia Btreet, New
WeBtmlnster, B.C.
Plans and specifications ran be obtained by responsible contractors on
application lo lhe architects,
The company do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any
(1702) Architects.
Furnished three room suite, with
bath. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Public  Works, Victoria, B. C
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of drawings und specifications
of each building for the sum of fifteen dollara ($15) for each sit required, which will li.. refunded on
their  return  In  good  order.
Each  proposal must be accompanied  by au accepted  bank cheque ur
certificate of deposit on n chartered
[bank nf Canada, made payable in the
Honorable   the     .Minister    of     Public
i Works, for (lie sum of *, per. cent, of
the  lender   price,   which  shall   lie  for-
felted  if the party  tendering decline
to 'titer into contract when called up
on to do so, or if he fail to complete
Ithe work contracted for.   The chei|iiea
lor certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them
upon   tlie   execution   of   the   contract.
Tenders will not be considered un-
: less mado out on tbe forms supplied,
'signed   with   the  actual   signature   of
the tenderer, and enclosed lu the envelope:! furnished,
Publlo Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C��� July 4th, 1913. (17121
til they are ready to set out.    At pre
sent the forest nursery contains about
500,000   seedlings  in     Beedbeds    and
980,000  plants in  lhe nursery  lines
Hundred   Acree   Replanted
Waste   land   to   the   extent   of   100
: acres has now heen replanted at  the
forestry   station   chiefly   with   white
pine, white cedar, larch, chestnut, red
.oak,  black locust,  walnut and  butter
; nut.   When the young planta are first
set out they are usually covered ovet
wltll   brush   to   keep   the   wind   from
blowing  all   the  soil  away   from   the
roots.     As   a   hint   to   would-be   tree
growers it has heen pointed out that
the young pines set in the hare sand
usually  thrived, bnt those planted  In
portions   where   grass   was     grow'nR*
were   done   to  -death   by   the   thirst-,
grass-evidence   enough   that   sod   is
not the    proper    surrounding    for    a
young orchard or any young trees.
At present the varieties in the iv il
bed at the Station are chieflv white
Norway and yellow pine; white o-d
ar, larch and white spruce, while t'i"
nursery hues contain the additional
varieties i f black locUBt, black wai
nt, butternut, chestnut, soft maple
elm and white ash.
During the last season 375.000 plants
wero sent out to 35 different coun
t'es, and since the organization ol
tlie forestry department about one
and a half million plants have b en
sent out, so that there tire now ex
perjmenta) plantings In 45 different
counties or districts of Ontario. These
planting are made to fill vacant Bnots
in existing woodlots, to protect sunroof water eiipplv und springs, aud
or pul  in'o use wast" "or
Band ridges, hillsides
Over   1000   Grain   rievatorj   in   Cask-
atchewan   With   Total   Capacity
ct  29,500.003  Bushels
Toronto, July 10.���Another big tern
perance battle Is being planned foi
l.y the Ontario drys. It wlll be a g.Mi
oral attack by the provincial execu
tlve of the Domlnli ��� Alliance, ol
which Rev. Canon l.reene la presi
dent, and Rev. B. II. Spence secretary
and campaign manager.
The mosl Important feature Is lhe
fact (hat the Rowell-AUiatice pact on
tered into by provincial convention
at Masspy ball Is being shelved, and
n new policy with respect lo local op
Hon substituted, i'he latter Is the sub
stitutioii of the Dominion fur the On
tarlo local option uct.
Mr. Howell's "banish-lhe-bar" plan
Is found by the Alliance field utafl
to evoke practically no active support
in the constituencies, The re-election
by acclamation of Hon. I. B. Lucas
was u case In point. The temperance
leaders (here were content to treat
the temperance issue as a municipal
rather than a provincial issue. Thai
and other developments have, the al
Mane? executive assumes, justified
Rev. Ben II. Sponce's attitude in thr
Allancc convention committee. The
Alliance secretary, althougb opposed
by his brother F. S. Spence, argued
that the Alliance should continue to
operate on local option lines, by mean
cf field secretaries, in co-operation
with the local temperance bodies, ra
ther than by organizing a provincial
campaign for the enactment of the
Rowell "banlBh-the-bar" proposal. The
Alliance field secretaries find that
this policy keeps the Whitney temperance electors in the ranks ��idp hi
Bide with the Rowell men, while Ihe
organization on Iiie oilier line would
cause an immediate cleavage.
Next in Importance to the shelving
of provincial prohibitory legislation
as an immediate issue is the re-adnp
lion of (he modernized Old Canada
temuoranee act of ISIS. One of the
main reasons for tbls is that it onl>
requires a majority vote instead nl
three fifths, but It only recognizes the
male vote. Its adoption in Manltoul
In Islind caused tiie Alliance to be
flooded with letters for information
from the drys nil over Ontario, The
Alliance executive has IsBued a d'gest
of the Canada Temperance Act. and
a comparison in' it.i previsions with
thVse of the Whl neyllanna local op
tlon act. The preference is for the
latter where a preponderance of tern
perance sentiment  is evidenced.
The Alliance official organ is out
with a leading editorial on the Ontar
io situation, and baa the significant
conclusion, "it will be practically
Impossible to have ine Canada Tem
perance act voted upon ln time to
take effect in May 1. 1D14, unless ac
tion to secure a vote Is undertakes
immediately aud pushed through within a very  short  time,"
Made   In   Smart
Styles, Suitable
For Every Outdoor
You Mlghl As W.ll Gsl
slon will have made provision for thi
accommodation for over sixty ocean
freighters. None ol ;he ships will
be narrower than 200 feet, but u mini
ber of those especially rei|iiu.d bl
tho ccial firms will bo considerably
larger on account of the amount of
machinery required for lunn ng snu
unloading purposes.
The bay at this polnl will 1 e dredg
ed to a depth of thirty feet, iu enn
formlty with the depth of (he Wel
land canul. The construction of these
extra dockage facilities will entail an
expenditure of $5,000,000.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned for the construction of portions of the Canadian Northern Pacifir;
Hallway on Vancouver Island. Prov-
inc ��� of British Columbia, as follows:
1. From Ihe City of Victoria to a
point near Deadman'H River in tho
Dlstrlot of Bsqulmault, a distance of
approximately live miles.
2, A line leaving the above at Regina Avenue, Victoria, and extending
lo Union Buy, Saanich I'eiiinisula. n
distance of approximately 15'4  iiiilus.
Tinders lo Include clearing, grubbing, grading, bridges, trestles, culverts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will be required to submit two (enders for that portion of
the work Included In the grading, one
being   on   lhe   bails  of   (he   following
Solid rock,
Loose  rock.
Hard pull,
und the other on Ihe basis of a classification for "solid rock" and "all other
Plans, profiles, specifications ami
forms of contract may he seen, ami
forms of tender obtained at Ihe office*
of Mackenzie, Mann & Co. Ltd.,
M 'ropolltnn building.
street west, Vancouver,
nil ices    of    Mackenzie,
Ltd., Pern barton block	
' Tenders to Include clearing, grub-
nTice" of Mackenzie, Mann & Co.,
ltd,, Metropolitan building. S:!7 Hastings street west, Vancouver. B.C., not
later than noon on Saturday. July 19.
1918, and to be enclosed In a sealeil
envelope marked "Tenders for Construction."    The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
July 5th, 1913. (1700)
SH7 Hasting*
B.C., or at tint
Mann & Co.,
Victoria.  B.C.
Toronto, July 10.���The police commissioners decided that Constable
Chapman should be reprimanded for
bis conduct In addressing unnecessary
remarks to Charles Gibson in the
death cell at Toronto jail, chapman,
secured admission to tlie sell and advised iiibson tliat be had biter prepare for eternity. Tlie .'all authorities
were censured for ali,,wing Chapman
In the cell.
A complaint was made by lhe trades
and labor Council thai Assislant Dep-
utv Chief Archibald had Insulted one
of their men when he refused to take
the nath on the Bible, Inspect ir Archibald contended tha1 he had not meant
anyone in particular w' mi speaking
of the validity if evidence not takun
on a Bible oath. The board thought
that the pollce In general should show
more courtesy   to  the  publlc
bnly n
|.\ has
1 Advertise in the Daily News
Telephones: Office 53.  Residence 429.
JOHN UKlii, Proprietor,
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    (Jasollne
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
tlons of  farms,
and the like.
A  M.an cf Vision
There are few persons lhat hav,
|the broad vision and enthns'asm "I
B, J. Zavltz, the director of forestrv
for the province. In an address be
fore the Dominion forestry convention
he pointed out that Southern Ontario
with 20,000 si|iuire miles has only 0
per cent of Inferior woodland,
Saxony with 57V square mil
27 per cenl of lores: land which yield
an  anual   revenue  of  $2,299,000,
Prussia with 10,420 sip are miles,
one half the size of Southern Ontario, has 23.6 per cent of forest land
which yields an annual revenue of
seveuteen mlHloQ Hollars, In addition to the value as a financial in
vestment, reforesting will protect tho
head waters of streams, provide breed
ing ground for wild game provide <������!>*
jeet lessons in forestry and prevent
c'tlzens from developing under enn
ditlons which can end only in failure
argues  Mr. Zavitz.
j   Considering Southern Ontario as a
I whole,  it  Is a  region  of  remarkable
i fertility  and  yet  the examination  nl
a  map   cf  "waste  lands"   which   pre
faces   an   early   report   on   reforesting
shows  a  number of  blotchy  patches
which are described as "sandy areas
unfit   for   agriculture."     It   is   on   one
'of  such   areas  lhat   (he  young   pines
and trees of other varieties are growing so healthily at the Norfolk slat inn.
The other areas of considerable  extent are found in South Bruce, l.anib-
! ton,    Slmcoe,    Northumberland    and
Durham.���The Canadian.
There are few stations in Saskatchewan at which there are nut om- oi
more elevators. A farmer may deliver   btS    Wheat    tn   'be   ,.),., -"tei-   inH    -
ceive cash: or. if he prefers to hold
IiIb wheat for a time with a prospee.
of obtaining a better price for li In
muy store it In the elevator and se
cure a storage ticket setting torn,
that he is entitled to a certain num
ber of bushels of wheat of a ceruiti
grade; or if he prefers to load his
grain into a car without dealing with
the elevator he may do so.
Loading platforms on which the
farmer may drive with a load nl
wheat and load directly Into the car
have been erected at nearly all shipping points In order to facilitate the
handling of grain, and givirtg anv fainter having even a few hundreds ot
bushels of grain to sell the privilege
of an alternative method of shipping
ln 1901 the capacity of all the e!e
vators in the area now comprised In
the province of Saskatchewan was
2,987,000 bushels. This has Increased
annually, and with remarkable rapidity. At the end of Hill there wert
1000 elevators with a total rapacity
of   29,500,000   bushels.
The average price received by tin
farmers for the wheat crop (all
gradesl cf 1M2 wns 67 cenlB per bush
ell of 60 pounds, which means that
the wheat crop was worth to the pro
ducer $71,802,359. The oat crop 11
1912 at an average price of 25 cents
per bushel) was worth to the produc
ers $26,904,987,
Published or quoted prices are lis
ually for grain in s'ore at Fort Wil
liam or Porl Arthur, thn cities on
the great lakes wiure He termlnnl
elevators nre located. Consequents
it is necessary to deduct freight, Inspection,  weighing charges and sell
ing commissions from piiillc quels
tii ns in order lo arrive nt the cash
value of grain at any local polnl In
The tarlfl of freight charges on
grain from stations In Sas'tBtchewn'
In li.-t William or Pnrt Arthur Is
from IE to 20 cents per hundred Ihs
or from 9 1-2 to 12 cents per bushel
for wheat, frrm 5 1-2 to 7 cents per
bushel for outs, from 7 8-4 to 9 21
0"tits ner bushel for barley, and from
9 1-4 to 11 cents per bushel for flax.
Thp Inspection and weighing charges
and commission together amount tr,
about 1 cent per bushel of grain.
Is hereby given that the second
half yearly payment on trade licenses
for 1913 Is now due ami payable al
the office of    the License    Inspector,
ICity Hall.
Anchtr: Manitnhs Min Hunt
(ili-iii ll.-i. Man., July 10.���A would
he murdert r is at large in (lie bush
In re. A man hunt Is lielng organised
under Constable Hansen of the urn
vlnclnl police to try and round bin
up, ii is known that he ;s armed ond a
snuggle is expected bpfore he is con
tured. Pollce and civilians are scour
Ing in all dlreoilons. T'n* f'rst word
nf tiie attempted killing came when
a farmer nf tlm Olenells dist-'et dn	
into town bringing Pete Zdfln, lb
had found thn man besldn 'ho road
with four bullet wounds in bis bodv
Zdan was still alive and was rushed
to the Dauphin hoBult'ii. A young
fellow culling himself Wapcnlv Woz-
ney claimed thnt Zdan owed him
money. Without any preliminaries
Wozney armed himself with a revol
ver and waited beside the Irnll until
Zdan passed. Four shots WOW fired
all of them taking effect.
New   Building   in   Toronto   Will   Cost
$2,503,000��� Labyrinth   of
Toronto, July 10, Immediately following the announcement that thr
viaduct construction bad been agreed
upon by the railways and tho city,
the fact is broughl to l:ght that con
tracts approximating $2,500,000 fot
the erection of the new union station
have been let to the Canadian Stewart company, which is at present doing the major portion of the construe,
tlon work of the Canadian Pacific
railway. Messrs. Peter l.yall fc Sins
have completed an immense amount
of work for tbe railway.-;, and are al
bo reported to have Obtained Ibe con
At all events, whoever des the jut,
the work on the new sation will not
be commenced this year, because tlie
railways themselves are going to construct the superstructure nf the ed
fi.ee up to the viaduct surface lovel,
nnd the contractors are to proceed
from there up.
An elaborate collection of plans
have been prepared liy the railway
engineers nt Montreal, ami i very
known modern convenience has been
Included. Tin- building wil! be Ire.
proof throughout, Tin- mail extcrloi
walls of wlnie stone will li" Inld aim
strengthened by a mnsalve stool skei
Myriads of Subways
Approach lo the trains will lie facl
Hinted by tin* construction of a labj
I'lnth of subways which are to be onti
iiectcd with the platforms above by a
aeries of freight and passenger anil
freight elevators nt hotb ends of each
individual through truck. Local trains
going east and west wlll be located
nt the terminals north of the through
tracks. An elaborate baggage trans-
fer system has been devised. There
wil be no carrying of baggage through
crowded waiting rooms, and lhe day*,
of ihe rptl cap are numbered, Small
baggage ordlnnrily carried by the pn ���
Bengers will be transferred over ine
chanical   porters  to  each   departure
Spacious subways will lie construe
ted under Bay Btreet t" connect tl t
station with the new customs rffict
to he erected nn tiie cast side of Hay
Preparations fm- the coni'metlon
nt the extra 120 pores of winufagi
facilities which will stand soulh ol
the present Hay front water line will
he commenced ns soon as tin. Dominion Railway board bus declared when
the work on the viaduct shall b ���*
start ed. but no material progress wlll
be mado this year.
Ocean Freighters
Tlle summer season will be will
spent ere tbe expropriation proceed
Ings have been concluded, but before
the time limit of the viaduct construe
tion haa expired the harbor cumtnis
For a License to Take snd Use Water.
; Notice is hereby given (hat Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster
will applv fnr a license lo take and
iiise one hundred inches of water out
I of a.i unnamed creek, which flows In
a northerly direction through wild
land, owner unknown, and empties
into a ditch on subdivision near St,u
road. The water will be diverted at
a point south of I.adner road and will
be used for Btock and domestic purposes on the land described as a subdivision of fractional section 25. B 5
N.. H. 2 W.
I This notice was posted on the
ground tn the St li day of July. 1913.
The application will be flled in tlie
off'ce of the Water Recorder at New
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or. with the
Odraptroller  of   Water Rights,   Pallia
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
(171S) Appl.cauls
COAL MINING rights of thi- DomlnloD
In Manltoliii, SanktitctifWHti Hml Allmita.
the YiAiun Territory, the Northwest Territories und In a portion of ltn- i'rov%ic#
uf British Columbia, rimy Ik- leased for a
term of twenty-one yeurs at -,.ri .annual
rental of II un acre. Ni.t mors than IrfB-SS
ucree will !��������� lejuied to one aiipllc.itil.
Application for a l,-in��- mum be made
hy the applicant ln person tn th-? Agent
or Hub-Agent of the district In which the
' rights upplled for are Bltuated.
In surveyed territory the land muat be
ileecrltH-d by section*, or legal suli-dlvl-
hIoiih of w-ctluiiH, and In unsurveyaQ ter-
ritory the tract applied 'or .-.hull I**
���.l.'ik.-,l out by Uie applicant himself
Kuch application musl tie BOOompanl-sfl
by a fee of 15 which wlll be n-funded If
tbe  rights  applied  for are  net  uvallable,
. but   nol   other-wine.     A   royulty   shall    be
i paid on the merchantable output of th*
mine at  the rate of five cents per ton.
I Tbe peraon operating the mine ahall
furnUti the Ajt-nl with swum return*
accountlns for the full quantity of merchantable conl mined and puy the royalty thereon. If the coui mining right*
are nol being opeciiled aueh returns BbSuM
It*  furaluhed  al  leant  once a  year.
The h-aitc will Include the c��ul mlnlns
righta only, hot the leuaee wlll he permitted lo pur-chune whatever avaliabl*
���urface rights mni lie considered necea-
���ury for the working of the mine al the
rute  of  110  an  acre.
I*\*��r full Inftirmutton application ahouh)
be  made to tla�� Secretai/  of  the  I>epart-
i m^nl of the Interior. Ottawa, or lo any
Agent  or  Hub-Agent of   IMminlon   I-undii.
W. w cour,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.,
N.  B���Unauthorised tiubltcullon of Ihle
���irtverlleement   wlll  not  be  paid   for
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, C57 Columbia Street.
New Wettminster. B.C.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  $16.000 000.00
RESERVE    $18,000,000.00
Drancbea throughout Canada anJ
Newfoundland, and In London, Kngland. New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A genera)
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department -Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 |>er ceuL per
annum (present ratei.
Total Assets over 1186,000.000.00.
C.  D.  BRYMNER,  Manager.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all  kinds.
Prices right   Satisfaction guaranteed.
S9 McKenne  St
We now have four trains daily and
will give you thc cheapest rate going
not only to Kast, rn points, but to
Kootenay and olher points. We ur"
also agents for all steamship lines.
Kor reservation and other particulars
apply to
E, GOULffiT, Agenl.
Now Westnitusf-t
il. w. BltODlE, (i   P, A . Vanoouver
B.C. Coast Service
lA-th-vett Vancouver for Vlctorlu 10 a, m
2 p. ni. and II :46,
Leuvt*s Vancouver Tor Seattle 10 a. m
ami 11 x*. in
irf'jivfH Vancouver Tor Nanalmo )f* a.m
ami ti ;80 p.m.
leaves Vancouver for I'rlnce Rupor
and   Northern   Pnttitu    Hi   t>   m     vVadnsi
daya and  Baturduyn at  11  pm.
Chilliwticli Service
t^nvt'H Chllllwndi T a. rn. TuMmiiix
Thursday and Saturday.
Leavrfl Weatmlnater 8 o. m. Mondaj
Wednesday und  Friday.
KD.  OOULKT,   Agent,   Ni'W   UVBtmlTWtni
H. w. BRoniK. u  P  a.. Vancouver
New  Spring  and  Summer  Suitings
now on display.    See them.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street
To  Port   Mann  and   Port  Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves New Weitminiter fur Port
Maun   8 mi n in.
Leaven   Port   Mann   for   New   Westminster 9:00 n.m.
Leaves New  Weitminiter for Port
Mann and l'ort Coquitlam 10 oo n.m.
Leaves    Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann and New Westminster i.oo p.m.
Leaven  New  Westminster  fir  Por!
! Mann !i:30 p.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann   for  New  West-
l minster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  Weitminiter  for  Port.
Mann uiul Port Coqultlam '1:80 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
Maun and New Weatmlnster 6::io p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further  Information  inquire:
Fraaer River Kerry & Navigation Co.. Ltd.
Phone  16-1 L.    Office 903 Coltirnhla  St.
Transfer Co*
iWlcs  Phone  1B5.      Darn  Phons  117
Begble Strait
Baggage l)ellvere�� Promptly to
sny part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
�� FRIDAY, JULY  11,  1913.
PAQ�� seviN     ��wrr*
Honeymoon   Over,   She   Admits     She
Can't Ccok���Hubby Haa to go
Back  to  Hotel
Sii,i" thai memorable day when
Adam and Eve returned from a sborl
honeymoon in the country, und Evo
afier kissing her husband, gave hlm
bis imoklng jacket uud carpet sip
pers,  and  wenl  to perform  thnl  must
trying duty preparing tho tint msal
vi uug husbands have undergone much
at ilu- hands of wives Inexperienced
in ih" culinary art.
tti -iietimes, after a few disappoint
ments tbey have gone bach lu the lm
1-1; sometimes she has gone buck If
nn tin r. but seldom since Adam began
to pay $10 down and $10 a month, has
true I've put aside domestic troublei
with loss ado than did a local coupll
lie. i,ther day but here is the whob
t.l ry, so bulge for yourself.
Just  Last  Monday
I.as' Monday a pretty little woman
and a man who tried lo look slern,
but couldn't, because he was so happy, entered the office of llie manage!
i ( W. .1. Kerr, Ltd.. Columbia street
lie cleared his throat; she blushed,
then, wiih a hurst of confidence, both
���spoke at  almost  the same time -they
bad   just   returned  from   their honey.
moon and wanted a nice, quiet, little
home.     Not   too  big,  vou   know,  Just
room   fur two.    And   had    they    anv
[houses  like  that'.'    Indeed   thev  bad.
It was the manager who said this  and
[lie rang for an auto and readied for
[his hat.
When tbey came back, after an In
Spectlon of the four room dove-cote
^hey wire pleased. And so tlle head
Df lhe house reached 'way down Into
bis pocket, licked Ills thumb, pulled
mt a roll and pei led off some bills,
lbe first month's rent. Then they
ent away and the brusque manager
hilled and lighted a fat cigar: an
|tl.er genii stroke of business done.
Two Days Roll By
|Tlme, almost two days In fact, went
The Ftage setting was the same
well groomed manager sat In his
pli appointed office, and smoked an
well-made cigar. Hesitating
try footsteps came down Ihe cor-
A shadow, or lather two shad-
f'lled the doorway--then they
The  ycung husband crossed to the
nager's desk; the young wife stcod
the  door,  then  shut  it  softly  and
ned   her   face  away,  and   fingered
Imeis'   ball of a handkerchief    Thr
fan twirled his hat in his hand tier
ously;   then   spoke.
Now  we  must  leave  him   standing
'then   for  a  few   momenta  while   we
turn back to tlle second of this threo
act  drama,  for  itis  truly  a drama.
The Tragedy
Tho  time   was  the   morning  of   the
si cond day. Wednesday.   And (he setting   was   the   four-roomed   dovecote
5     '
l -���   ,r ii.,
��r'  ^ a
.-��� ��  **
% ~Jm' -*%
'"* '     ^HP^
; ���>���'���'���
The young couple bad returned to
again look at ilu- little place. Mm
like, the husband was pacing off thi
kitchen lo find wh( re the st- ve *.'*ould
go v hen hn heard niteady focts'ep*
echoing away down in the other end
of the house.
"Oh. Mary." be called. No answer
only a low subdued nob, then urn
lie was alarmed;if anyone had dar
ed���and be fairly flew down the lit
tie hall, to find Mary sitting on tho
stair, a disconsolate 1 rl�� bundle, cry
lng. heartbroken, wl h ber handkerchief at her eyes.
Then ull the bare pnvarnlsbed
truth came ont, She had deceived
him, yes she had, and be should have
nothing more to 1!" with her she said
She had never told, but site could not
ciiok, no not tlle simplest thing.
So. like a nal husband be sat right
do��n on the stairs beside her and
told her that be didn't cafe; in fact
he jusl haled carrying OUl ashes, and
mowing t*"* lawn ���������������l doing all these
thugs. They wonld go right down
lo the hotel, He would much soonei
live tbere than take care of a bother-
s* ine  liouse.
Back   Aga;n
So they went back to the real es
tale manager's office as was said
above, and as the wife stood by the
doer and v Ired ber eves, the husband
said lhat they had thought the matter over and had decided that thev
would much ralher live in a hotel, foi
a   while at  least
But the manager like a cold le-arted
business man wanted to know whv
and the little wife blurted out be
tween sobs the reason while h-r hus
band Poked as If be didn't really care
The closing scenes showed the
manager as he rang for the offlci
boy and sent him with a hammer and
a "to let" sign under his arm to thf
little house In the suburbs, and the
young couple In the hotel dining room
eyeing each other fondlv over theii
teacups while the other diners looked
Fcr.str/   Branch   of   the   Dc-iartmerit
of  the   Inttr'cr  Takes   Up
Imocrtant Subject
The pure food laws protect the purchaser Of toodstutfl from dishonest
substitution and governments everywhere are limiting legislation to pre
vent substitution of various kinds
With the increasing scarcity of lum
b r comei an increas. in th" s'lb-t -
tntlon of inferior woods for the more
valuable kinds.
In many eas"s this runnel be -i--1''>'i
dishonest substitution, nB the purchaser is either aware cf 'he sub* Itutlon
or indifferent concerning it. The
slainlng of woods for ornamental purposes haB been a common practic-i
for ages. In many in?tancis a chea"
Inferior wood is stained and finishe 1
to imitate a more costly wood, but as
long as the result Ib pleasing to the
eye and purse tto harm Is done, pro
vlded, of course, that tbe wood Is s-ald
as a substitute and at the price t.f a
Kor purposes other than ornamen'al
where the actual value of a wood de
pends on its structure more than its
appearance, ibis suhst'tution becomes
more Important. In the majority ot
cases the purchaser Is familiar with
tiie annesmnoe of the wood he uses
and can detect substitutes. But even
the expert practical man Is not in
fallible. There are many kinds of
wood that cannot be distinguished
In*-*-* < ne another without the aid of
a miscroscope. The forestry branch
of the department of the Interior at
[nttftwn :s undertaking study of the
commercial woods of Canada and the
lid. in.f ra ion, and a laboratory Is be
ing equipped for this work. Enquiries are frequently received from wood
im ra concerning the Identity of d f
ferent kinds of wood and preparations :
are  being made to handle thla ciaat-
of work efficiently.
Bome woods can be distinguishes
bv the ox.-iininatii n of comparatively
small samples; with others more ma .
terlal is required, pieces showing both
S'ipwood and heartwood being need
ed in some cases. The more informa-
tirn that can be submitted with each
sample the easier its identification I
will be. lt should be borne In mi-i
that it ls sometimes impossible by
any known means to distinguish certain kinds oT wood, hy their structure
alone, With others It Is a compara
lively simple matter and the separation can be carried out tc d'fferent
spee'es of tbe same tree. It is "xppc
ted that this new- branch of stud)
will be of considerable benefit tc,
wood-users in Canada.
Definitely Established That There Are
Telluride Ores at Hurricanaw
Successful Woodstock Student
Woodstock, July 10.���Oeorge L. D***r-
tinger. who for the past two year-;
has beep a student at the D-'rolt
Jesuit college (now the University o!
Ii trc'ti has completed with honors
the first three years of the universlt)
course. For three years before no
Ing to Detroit. Mr. Derilnger attend
ed the Woodstock collegiate Institute j
a"d was a successful candidate foi
junior matriculation and normal
school entrance in 1911. The same
year he entered the freshman Has?
at the University of Detroit and from
there he will receive his Bachelors
degree next year at the unusual age
of 19.
Taking advantage of one of thf
many business opportunities offered
to college men. Mr. Derttnger became
connected with a New York publish
li-.g house by which lie has been given
a splendid apt ointment in Buffalo. N.
Y. His stay in Buffalo will probably
extend over the greater part of the
vacation season, after which he will
return to Detroit for the final year
of the art's course.
Bitulithic Paving!
The Most Scientific of all Pavings i
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Cobalt, Ont., July 10.���It is now definitely established that there are telluride ores at the Hurrlcanaw camp
in northern Quebec. Jack Callinan
gave a specimen! of ore from the Maloney claim to a Cobalt assayer. He
found that it contained petizite.
The specimens of pet.zlte from Hurrlcanaw was taken from the same
vein which produced such very remarkable specimens of native gold.
The high grade veins are still narrow, but within four feet there are
four or live of them.
The Hurricanaw camp was discovered  before  Kirkland  lake had  demonstrated  the fact  that  narrow  rich
gold  veins  might  be  worth  working.
Al]   previous   experience   in   Ontario,
Porcupine Included, had gone to show
that unless gold veins measured sev- i
oral feet across it was waste  of  money
to attempt to develop them.    Therefore little interest was taken in Hurricanaw.    Now that it haB been demonstrated  that  the  Hurricanaw  leads
contain ores somewhat similar In nature to those found at  Kirkland lake
the camp will attract more attention.
The   Hurricanaw     district     is     in
northern   Quebec   and   is   reached   by
water from the crossing of the Hurrlcanaw  river  on  the Transcontinental   railway   about  130   miles  east  of
Cochrane.    Winter  or  summer  there,
will be no difficulty in transportalon.
ln summer all supplies can be taken  |
*in by water, in winter over the ice.
w Westminster with Boulevard Dowr Bltulithic on Second Street, Ne
th�� Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustleBS, easy oa
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable, Kor these reasons
Bltulithic is commended highly by owners of automobiles and borses,
householders, and city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred tn the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Pres. and 0-enl. Mgr. Vlcs-Prsildsnt. Bee. aad Trias.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
The New Westminster Chautauqua
Six Days of Great Feast of Good Things
Senator Burkett, White City Band, Chapin, Stockelberg, Artists Trio,
Georgia Jubilees, Thavin Grand Opera Company, Francis J* Gable, John
H. Andress, Miss Kearney, Marietta La Dell, Bess Coarhart Morrison,
Chicago Quartette, Winona Ladies, Seton Indians.
Season Tickets $3.00-$2.50 until Opening Day- Save That 50 Cents
iirraraocsot PAC5E EIGHT
FRIDAY, JULY  11,  111$.
"PAY    CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember  the  Place ���
33 Eighlh Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Hunt's Supreme  Quality Hawaiian Pineapple in 2  1-2 lbs.
tins, each 35c.
diss Jar ABparagus. Equal
lo the heat and belter than moat.
Larfle cans 30c; small cans 25c.
Preserved Grapes ��� Spanish
Crapes' peeled and put up In a
hfiflvy ayrup.    Very tasty.    Per
U'V ?���>���='.
Raspberry Vinegar���Regular
homemade, per hot. 25c.
Ume Julec, per bottle, 25c.
and 50c.
Turkish Toffee���The coffee
with the delicious oriental flavor, per Ib. 40c.
Our Special Tea���Quality is
good economy.   Try a lb. 50c.
Pette'B delicious Dutch Cocoa
at reduced prlceB 1-2s, tin 35c,
1-4s, tin 20c.
Beautiful, fragrant Carnations
just   in   this   morning.     Let  us
���send you a dozen for 25c.
Peaches, 2 lbB 25c
Apricots. 2 lbs. 25c, basket 50c
Plums,  2  lbs.  25c,  basket  50c.
Heard, 2 lbs 25c
Mliskmelone,  each    15c
Watermelons, each 75c to $1.00
Cherries, No. 1 cookinlg, 2 lbs.
for   25c
Cherries, eating, lb 20c.
Spend your money where
valuei demand.
Public Supply Stores
regularly places in the
care of this institution
will give you the start
toward affluence which
you and every other
man desires.
You will be allowed 4
per cent, and it will be
added every three
>, ��� When your savings
amount to sufficient to
make an investment,
you will be welcome to
our best advice.
We will recommend
investments which we
believe to be absolutely
safe and which will pay
more than 4 per cent.
Or if you find an investment of merit you
have but to draw your
cheque for the amount.
One dollar i,; sufficient to start an account
and you will receive
every possible courtesy.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
GOG Columbia St.
Paid IIp Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration. nvi>r (8,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertain-
mcr.ts, sales of work, etc., In this
column arc charged for at ths rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
.-;6k members of the staff to break thia
rule, as their instructions are pocitive.
Please ncte the change of location
of the Chatauqua. The tent is now
set up at Tipperary park. UT-7)
The On  Wong  company,  Columbia
slreet, has  heen  granted    a  building
permit to  remodel  their  brick  build
ing at a cost of $6000.
Eagle    engine
Begbie street.
station,   Ki
Oet lt at the Uoyal Iliarmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel.  1253.; 116":))
One of the Sunday schools in Hurnaby enjoyed its annual picnic at
QueWI park yesterday. A special car
took the children home about S o'clock
last evening.
$15.00 to $10.00 trimmed hats fer
$5.00, Just received, lhe latest outing hats.   Mrs. Agret, 511 Sixth Btreet.
Ice cream grotlo, Eighlh Street
bakery, telephone iti. A. Ilardman.
proprietor. (1670)
Health Inspector S. J. Pearce ls
calling attention lo the fact that merchants and others holding trades licenses are required lo make their half
yearly payment for the remaining
portion   of   1913.
The change in tho stopping of
street ears from tlie far side to the
near side of the street on paved thor
ouglifare was made yesterday. No
little confusion was caused by the
change, especially on Columbia street.
classes held under the Strathcona
trust. Tne course lasts one month anil
upon successfully completing ii, the
teachers will receive diplomas mak-'
ing tbem eligible as physical culture i
instructors   throughout   Canada.
I We make awnings, tents and Bails,
renovate carpets and draperies, remake and repollflh furniture, manufacture cedar dress and waist boxes,
window seats and do all kinds of
upholstery work In leather or tapestry. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and Interior hangings. Estimates given.
Lees Limited, (1669)
Since the schools of the city closed
a short  time ago,  a  detailed  Inspec-
tion of every class room and building'
has  been   made  by   Miss  Strong,  the |
municipal    Inspector,    and    Engineer
McKenzie. and any  small  repairs re- j
quired  were brought  to the board's
attention al last night's meeting, and'
most will lie attended to.
False Creek Bed Document Arrives���
Dc;k  Tenders Called  for���
Terminal City News.
Take advantage
sale cf millinery.
our  week   end
S. Colllster   &
A manual training centre will tie
opened at Lord Lister public school
and Mr. Greenfield, now teaching the
subject on the staff here, will be in
charge. This was the decision of the
board of school trustees last night at
their regular monthly  meeting.
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
(ire, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.    I'hone 515.      11675)
Owing to the size of the tent not
allowing it to be pitched ou Albert
Crescent, the Moose lodge yesterday
decided to change tbe scene of the
Chautauqua and a gang of men were
busy in the afternoon getting the big
"top" ready for the event.
For everything electrical see W.
Day.   House wiring and conduit work
j. specialty. 1672)
Results of the recent entrance examinations are expected to be announced on or about the 17th of this
(month. The papers are now being
marked and as soon as this is completed the lists will be ready for publication.
Money  to loan on
improved  city    and
9 per cent.   Alfred W
first mortgages,
farm property,
MeLeod. (1671)
This space Is too small to ipeclfy
4 i;r complete linei lor your usi* anii
comfort Bathing Caps. Tbereoi
Bottles, Grape, Mme, Lemon, Uaspberry Juice, Knee Cream, Mosquito
1'owder, Talcum, an- in part what wc
have. Safe lo say we have the best
h'.ock in Ihe city.
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
Phone 43:   L. D. 71;   Rei. 72.
; New Westminster, B. C.
When poultry is broughl to the city
market tlie day before market opens,
as it was yesterday, many local Hindus, Japanese and Chinese find It impossible lo stay away. Consequently.
almost every Thursday some of the
children of the east attempt to improvise a bazaar and do business Ihe
lay btfore anyone else arrives.
Eagle engines are built by the
Standard Company, and are known
for reliability, durability and economy.
(1694) I
N'o notification as to when the postponed melting of lhe coal commission
will be held has been- received at the
board of trade office. The poatpone-
ment was the result of one of the
commissioners being called to attend
ibe spring assizes here, and, wiih mat-
���:; ponding Hiiro, it is impossible
to say when    tlie    meeting    will    be
\\ hen tin- big Chautauqua tent arrived yesterday morning it was i
found impossible to erect it on Albert
Crescent as had been arranged. Arrangements wen- made with the
Bchcol to erect same on Tipperary
park, corner Uoyal avenue and Sixth
I ' The tenl was placed in posl-
iii n yesterday. 11727)
Save lime, trouble and money when
buying gas engines. See Jack Insley,
rn' tl. ��� Standard Supply and Engine
Company, 18 Begbie Btreet.       (1694)
Ot lj  ;i inutile of Inebriates and   a
i iced   Magistrate   Edmonds
rday morning in tlie police court.
1      i     the  bacchanalians  was  lined
��� ' -nl cosi -: tin niiii i* was lee-
"mil   and   allowed  in   gn:   the "vag"
��� '    mi hours in relieve the town of
i'i.' ii '*. failing which In- would
be     nt  to work    Nothing has since
been   i   a i.i* hlm; that "work" threat
; him,
*   k end Bale nt millinery at W. S.
ier & Cn.   Hats worth $7.50   to
$12 :��� **��� ?:,.   Regular $6 to $7 hats for
Ic ire with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
il:*  :.-������ ils of millions to pay losseB.
A ' i v, system of registering fareB
��� i placed in operation by the B.
D. 1*' R within a short time, just as
boi ii is tlm conductors have become
acqi '��� tiled with the new apparatus.
ol lhe paper coupons now in
ue '��� ; ie roglsti rs, of an improved
type .ill be tried out, practically
iv i*. car on the Bystem having been
, ed  wi:!i  those during the past
el         nf tlm new cars is
|i:i nml iii the siding near Ihe
B. C, E. I!, wharf on Front street,
win Instruction classes are beliiR
lul,I dally.
���    For | roased  brick,  fire clay, com-
I 1 'tl    brick,    cement,    lime,    plaster,
ravol,   i.iiil, rock and  fuel oil, apply
C, Transpori Co., Ltd  office
ono 826, wharf phone Mil).      (1674)
i.   day  there are  so  teachers,
���nn   the surrounding  district,
lostly   from   New    Wesiminster,
vim go to Vancouver to receive in-
Hi,  :    i;   in   physical   culture  in   the
Vancouver. July  10.--Mayor  Baxter
held In   his   hand    this momma the-
crown grant of the provincial title to
the centre of the head of False creek
bed. a  printed document, bearing th��
great seal cf the province upon it.   It
b re  I!'"  dale  nf  Julv  i  and   was  re
celved by the city clerk this morning.
With  this  in  its possession, the    eity
ir w has undoubted title to the bed of
that, part of the creek which is lo be
conveyed to the Canadian  Northern
Hallway company for   terminal   pur
poses.    The grant of the Dominion's
title  was  made  to the  city    several
years ago.   The transfer from the citv
to ihe railway company, said  Mayor
Baxter  lias already  been  signed,  bul
delivery���the  final   step   in   the  legal
execution    of    the    conveyance���will
take place only  when  certain  details
are performed by the company.
Call for Tenders.
Advertisements  calling  for  tender;*
for the new dock to he built at Van- j
couver  by  (he  Dominion  government
have  bet n   S"iil  out  and   plans    and
Specifications have been mailed to this
city.    Information  to this effect was!
received yesterday by H.  H. Stevens, '
M.P.. in a telegram from J. B. Hunter,
deputy   minister  of  public  works,  Ot
tawa. The government wharf will be
I located at the foot of Salsbury drive*
and will cost about $750,000. Construction   work  will  probably   start  about
Ihe middle of next   month    and    the
work is expected to take 12  months
The dock  will  be approximately  100o
feet in length and 300 feet wide, with
three railway tracks in the centre and
concrete retaining walls on each side.
Draws Color Line.
Can a license holder refuse to sei.-
liquor to a negro ?   This question was
asked by J. E. Bird, lb a complaint tc '
jthe  license  commissioners  yesterdaj 1
regarding the refusal of the proprietoi
'of the Stratford -hotel to serve drink
to a colored  man.    In  his complaint
jthe lawyer intimated that his ins:ruc
i tlons were to test tho question in the j
courts in the event of the board re ,
| fusing   to  move   in   his   favor.    J.   B
Steveni, the license holder, who was
presi ut  In  person, explained tliat    in
j the   locality   In   which  he   was  doing
business, there was a negro population
of  nearly  500, and  if he  served  one
he would have to serve all who wish
ed to  buy  from  him.    This, he  said
would be, detrimental to bis business
and would hinder liini from keeping a
strictly  HrSt   class  hotel.    After  con
Rlderable  discussion  cf ihe  question I
involved,   the commissioners  unanim
lously   decided   to   do  nothing   in   tin  '
j matter, and accordingly the leiter was
Finally Settled.
Twenty-flve thousand    dollars   wat
recommended by the civic waterworka
committee yesterday to be paid io the j
Wilkinson company,    agents for    the
National  Tube company In answer tn
a  request  for  payment    of    $191,000,
'said to be due on the 90 carloads thai
lhave  arrived   ill   the  city   from   Pitta
burg.   The committee decided Blip li
jeull   the   pipe   with   a   view   to     n-i >;
I whal came up to specifications, it be
iing    reported    by    Alderman    Black
|chairman of the committee, thai  P,
W   Wilkinson  was agreeable to such
n  move.     Keeping   in  mind  thai     tin
elty'g three engineers pronounced    e
large percentage  of the pipe they  examined to le under specifications, tin
oi iiiniiiti-e  was of tin   opinion    thai
$26,000 was a safe amount to pay thi
contractor on  account of  what  pipe
might be found good.
Money   in   Hash.
Oratlfleailon  wns expreisni veal""
day   by   the  members    of    the    park
board, when Superintendent Rawllnga
si-'i-rt'rd   a   renert  showing   that  the
refreshment pavilion  in Stanley park
which has been operated undor   the
direction  of the  commissioners    for
nearly   two  months,  had  cleared    n
net profit of $882 since ii was opened
A Good Idea.
At  the  meeting  Of the directors nl
Iiie   V&ncOUVer   Exhibition   association
yesterday it was decided to make an
effort to have during the exhibition
week special window displays of llr I
Ish Columbia manufactures, tha windows wherever possible to be decora!
I'd with the association colors, green
and gold. An Industrial parade Is
also to be arranged for.
Hi -:��� ���;������ i�� tt o ���::= o ft ���".' ���::��� ���;:* *> * ���;������
A!   this morning's city mar- ii
1-el ihe probabilities are that--- *
Black and red currants will
be plentiful, ���..���
Only tlie lust of the local \.
strawberry orop will be on sale,
and ���"���
American   strawberries   will 0
again   be   offered   ut   $2.25 a ti
crate retail. -���'.':���
Late varieties of. cherries ill-
will be plentiful at 10 cents a. ii
pound. These wilil be of bet- ii
ter quality than former offer- ������'.'���
Ings of cherries.               . O
Good  firm old potatoes will a
Bell   for  $12  per  ton  and  for tt
two or three weeks new pota- '',''
toes will not be plentiful. :"���
The flrst 1913 raspberries itt
will be brought In, nnd will i'he excellent iu quality. **"������
Pork and veal will be plenti- ���.','
ful.        , , ��
Offerings of beef and mutton ii
will not be large. ii
Butter will sell at  35 cents ii
per pound retail. ���.'.'
The retail price of eggs will ="<
be 35 to 37 cents per dozen. O
The lish market will bo well
supplied. '.':���
Other  Market   Probs.
New potatoes will again be on sale
t-dnv.   h "   as at   the   las'   two  mar-
i kets.  will  be loo small and too littli
matured   to   be  economic.      In     fact
, housewives are buying more old pota
j toes  than ever, and   the demand   for
; ir"0(l erodes of these is better than il
has been  for the last five months.
Consolation for tbe par'ial failure
cf tlie strawberry crop, due to v-1
weather, comes In the fact that this
season's raspberries will be evcellent.
While the offerings today will not be
abundant, still good shipments will b���;
on hand. II is likely that today will
see the last .locally griwn strawberries, except perhaps a very few of
the late varieties.
The reason assigned fnr .ti improvement in the ccfndltlou of ohor
ries is that while excessive rain bas
split and blighted some among the
early varieties, the later ones are better able to stand the wet. Okanagan
cherries said to be being sold in Van
couver are not expected oil the market here, as reports stale that thc
rains In that country have been ns
heavy as In the valley of the Fraser
Poultry is being offered In good
quantities, the Heaver bringing down
several large shipments yesterday
See Our Ad. on Page 3
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Day Friday
Stock Exchanges Report Consirl
Better Feeling.
New York, July 10��� Both at home
and abroad there was an improvement
today   in   movements   affecting  stock
market    securities.    The    betterment ,
was   sufifciently   pronounced   to   find
reflection In the price movements, nl-
though the lower point to which trad- :
ing has fallen and the absence of out-
lide interest In the market precluded I
an  extended    and    vigorous advance.
During   the   first  hour  there  was  a I
brisk demand and prices rose steadily.
Canadian    Pacific,   yesterday's weak
feature, bounded up 2 5-8 and  Union
Pacific nearly as much     Other pro- I
minent mediums of speculation rose a !
point or more.   Tlie demand soon fell.
off.  however, and  prices reacted.
The action taken by President Wil- ;
son  in  the hope of averting a strike *
of  conductors  and   trainmen   on   the
eastern railways was rated as the most,
important influence on  the con3truc- I
five side of the market.
Mines Idle.
P'ernie, July 10.���The mines at Coal
Creek   are  idle  today   on  account   ol
the fatal accident to Dominic Astoria
a  coal miner.
ford  Spring.  Hamilton street,    this
citv, on Wednesday, July D. a ami
Boundary Bay
Maple Peach Park, being a subdivision of the historic old Whalen
estate on Boundary Bay, is at
last on the market in 50x100 feet lots
fronting bread streets and wiih perpetual beach privileges. This has
been the camp ground for scores of
local peoplei for years The lots are
selling fast, many people procuring
the locations they had occupied aa
tenants for years. Prices $3��n and
upwards, easv terms. Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street. City.
Summer Sale
of the Year
See-Our Ad. in Tomorrow Morning's NEWS
707 Columbia Street K=vv Westminster
rmh cwsnm
l-'resh Plums 2 lbs. for 25c
Fresh -Peaches 2 lbs. for 25c
Ripe Tomatoes, per Ib 25c
llipe Bananas, per dozen  30o
Kresh Strawberries, . . .;? boxes for 2Bc
Kresh Cod and Halibut..2 lbs. for 25c
Hed  Spring Salmon,  per Ib 15c
Smoked   Halibut   2  lbs.  for  :15c
(Successor to Ayling
447 Columbia St.
Phone 88.
The PopulirShoeStcreJ
The  Home  of Low Prices.
641   Front Street.
Specials far this Week
Barefoot  Sandals;   double  soles;   any,
pair ill Btore    75; ,
Kleet-Koot  Running SIiocb;  a clearing
line;  7 to 2    40:
soles;   all sizes 50:.
Ladles'  While CknvflEShoes;   leather.
Men's Fleet-Foot   Itilbptr    Soled    Ox-j
fords  , 75;'
Hoys'   Heavy   Lcalk-ar  Soled     Canvas
Shoes;  sizes 1, 2. li, 4, 6   95;
Men's Heavy    Leather    Soled     Hrown
Canvas Shoes:  all  s|Ms   $1.25
Ladies' Snappy TajfiBptton Oxfords; j
every Bize.   Per palm $1.93'
Ladles' $5 Hoots,  only   $3.95
Ladies'  Dress Boots; .'broken    lines; |
every Bize;  value to $5   $1.93
Cents' Hox Kid Hlueher Boots;   every
size      $1.93
(leinls'  Hress Hoots;  stub loe;    glove
leather;   every  size    $2.95
(innls'  Tan   Willow  Calf   Hotton  and
Hlueher   Hoots;    $5    up    town.    Our
price     $3.93
Slater Boots, K. W , K. Hoots, Leckle
Hoots, etc. ������
! Residence  Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
��� *.1
Suits to  your
order and sat-
P. Burns & Co. Ltd. isf action.
Havana PoIIpI Claim They Have
Found Plot.
Havana. Cuba, July 10, Representative! of the secret police here have
discovered a plot, headed bv Asbert.
to assassinate Colonel Aurelio Kevin,
secretary of tlle Interior, whom tliey
accuse of attempting to disrupl llielr
party liy ordering a raid nf the Asbert
campclub by Oeneral Rlva on Monday
This probably precipitated the
shooting of General Rlva on Monday
Palaco  Market. Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200, 1201, 1202.
Sapperton Market, Phone 1204.
Eighth St. Market, Phono 1205.
Edmonds Market, Phone   L8B3.
Jigh   Clnss
Ladles   and
IOI   Columbia   SU
Take advantage of the Tins*ness  Man's Train    and    mnke
home nt CreBcemt Ileach (Hlackie Spit)  for the summer month!
Train leaves at 0:.'in p.m. dally, on nnd afier June 15, returning In
the  morning In  time  for business.    Crescent    Ileach    affords    ideal
conditions for Hummer homes, combining thc  bCBt  of  bathing,   bunt
ing st all stages of the tide together with fine beach     Artesian veil
water to all residents.    Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
VV�� writ* Fin, Life, Accident, Employe ri"
Marine Iniunnci,
Liability,  Automobile   and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   15  mlnuteB  un'il   9
p.m.    Half hourly service until
11   p.m.  with  late car at  midnight
SATUKDAVS���15    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WKKKDAYS--5 and 5 45 u 111.
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS 6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.110 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lute car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,  with  lato  car at  11.30.
car at
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS��� 8 a.m. and
until  10  p.m.  with  late
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS -7 a.m, and
hour until  11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and   every
liuro until 11 p.m.
Connection   is  mado  at    Eb-
liour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
C.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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