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The New Westminster News Sep 8, 1913

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 Newe Classified Ada.
Have proven their, worth br the
results   ther   produce.    Tbey   fill
large   sr   small   wants   at   mall
The Weather-
New Westminster and tfm Us*
Mainland:    Winds mostly    ���
and southerly; cloudy with
���as -���-i.i-ji- .is..
Motorman H. J. Flews Killed and Five of Crew Hurt
When Two Freight Trains on B. C. E. R. crash Head-on
Near Abbotsford Yesterday Morning���Jos. Leckic Is
Seriously Hurt���Cars Smashed to Matchwood.
Viewed From Both Sides
Japs Howl and Rage in Kf
fort to Force Government's Hand.
one man is deud, another perhaps
fatally injured, und four otherB not su
seriously hurt because two trains of
the ll. t'. 10. It. yesterday afternoon
collided head-on about three-quarters
of a mile east of Abbotsford.
Thu dead man is Hudson J. IMews,
of Kdmonds.
The Injured members of the crew
P. R. llt-edi McMillan, broken thli?h.
fleorge McMillan, back dislocated.
-nines Kraser, slightly cut abiut
the head and bruises on body.
Joe Ijrekle, fractured skull.
W Kckles, badly shaken up and
The accident happened at IV45 yes
terdey morning, wben a westbound
milk train. No. 1700, consisting of two
express cars, rounded a sudden ettrvs
In the rond nnd bore down upon an
���a-ssthnund freight motor and caboose.
NO. VTi.
lt wits directly under the 0, N It
tresrle that (he trains met. both going
nt about 'i'i miles an hour and tbe
impact wan so terrlflr tbst the front
trurks of the milk train were wrench-
efl loose and Jammed hack agnlunt
the motor slung under the centre of
the    ear,    Ihe    front    crumpling    np
against    the    steel    freight    motor
Hews, the man who was Killed, wns
motorman of the milk tmln and his
'leg was lammed agalnsl tbe front ol
lbe freight motor The MrMTsn
brothers were of the crew of No ITbO
and James i'raser was rondurter Th"
man whose name was given as Eddes
was motorman of th" freight. Ji"'
Lrckle wna alao one of the fn*�� of
In lesR than IB minutes after tb"
collision  Dr     Swift,    or    Abbotsford
with lir Dalton and Dr Thompson, of
S ii-i'S. were on the scene and im
mediately all Injured were liken tn
lha- Psltrn private' hospital nt Sumas
���Motorman I'lews was. from th"
tint. fTinnrTrt to-br fatally linri. n-i<1
n'tboiigh ull wns done to save htm lie
died at S 4". last night
cf the others the only one whes"
Injuries are considered en-Ions la .1""
l.ecki", Of lfi'il    Fifth    a-venue    whi
;;;ze  Opportunity  to  Vent  Spite
Ministry for Weakness in Cali.
lornia Affair.
Arthur   Hill,  of   Vanceuvcr,   Crowned
in Still Creek, Burnaby Yesterday  Afternoon.
I Vancouver,   His -skull was fractured
und to relieve a serious compression
ij- the brs:n It wan necessary to trepan.
Ueorge McMillan was in much pain
last night, according to the doc ors
who said lhat he bad suff'-red a d sic
<at on ul the vrtabrau, but apparent
ly of their own accord the boms had
'slipped back into place, lie now har
��� ���very chance to recover. Thc other*
are In no way seriously hurt.
Trom early yesterday afternoon until
this morning the staff of tb" Dalton
hospital worked Incessantly and
everything possible was done for the
] patients.
I     lt   would   be   hard   to   find   a   worse
* place on the whole line of 'he H.C.IvH
I for a  wreck  than  Just  where yester
; day's look place.    The grade Is steep
,vnd the cut through the banks makesI
ilt  Impossible  for a train to be seen i
i ven far ahead.
PiVltli nee of the great force with
��� Which the Iwo tnins came together Is
given by the condition rf the cars, not
only lhe two which met but also the
second car of the mill; train which
was smashed to the back of the fore
vestibule and the empty milk cans
thrown and stacked ngalnst the front
as If plied th-re by hand.
This car did not leave the rails, and
���torn after the wr-ivl; win ���nncoiipled
and takin to Abhotsford by the uuxil
lary. The freight motor and 'he other
'n.llk train car were thrown from th"
track but both remained upright and
after being Jaok-ed up, were put on the
rails about 8 o'clock.
It is said there were between 500
and BOO empty cutis in the two cars
and these were piled along Ihe mink
nenr the wreck.
Wliil.. he wna being given first aid
Motorman Plews asked that his wife
li" notified of the accident, and every
effort was made by the railroad com
p.'inv to fulfill his wish, liefore word
���came that he had died the eoiooi-tnv
was nr-raTiglni; to send a special train
to Sniuas with  Mrs   Tlews
It Is understood that an inouest will
bo held and a rigid Investigation mnde
into the cans*!" of the wreck.
Attempting to emulate tiie feats of
���OZ rolling cost the life ol Arhtir Hill,
21 years "f nge, or Vancouver, who was
cn drowned in Still creek, Hurnaby, yeBterday atternoon, while his two eorn-
jp.inions had difficulty In saving them-
Hill, who resides with two brothers
|at Ihe corner of Twenty-fifth avenue
and Main street, Vancouver, and is an
assuBs.nutio:i   employee of the David Spencer store,
ct    t.ie [with two companions, one by the name
ol A
Huerta Not Looked Upon as
Presidential   Possibility,
Tokio,   Sept. ".--The
tf    Mortlaro    Abe,    d. rector
political  bureau ur the Japanese for
.en o.nce. hus iutlamed ine masses,!creek, near Koyal Oak avenue, about
and a dramatic chapter In the history 12:30 in the afternoon. None of them
oi the new Japan was written loday. j could swim and. from the slory told
Fifteen thousand persons gathered Ithe Burnaby police by Wicks, it ap-
in maa.-a meeting in Itibiya park, call-j pears that all three got on a lug and
���ng for military action against Ch.na. I commenced rolling It In the water.
A majority of these marched to tlu
foreign   office  and   clamored   for    ad
Trevino   to  Succeed   Blanquet���Dynamite Allowed in fer the
Arguments to Be Advanced Strongly   Against   Weekly
at Couneil Meeting-
for Women.
Mean Big Ixjss.
Following sre some of the points
mad" by the advocates of tha weekly
half-holiday which will te presented
at the city council meeting this evening:
Arguments for It.
The city needt unanimity among itt:
Washington, Sept. 7.���While no announcements were made ai any of the
J. Wicks, went In bathing in Still  governments departments    today    cf
any change in the diplomatic side cf
tlie  Mexican controversy, two phases
of the  situation  attracted   much    at -citizens -workers and employers���ir itI entertaining the  propcaal the t*Uy
tention in olficial circles. . Is to progress. i being made the laughing stock of tit*.
One   was   the published disclaimer)    Merchants   should    be    willing   toIbusiness men all over the prorlnoe.
on the part ot Nelson O'Shaughnessy. I make concessions to employees. If thej    "]  rneak oficlalfy, ao a'
"It would be the greatest k/tUm ���>*-
Nev; Westminster hae experieueed hi
20 years," said a city retailer yestes--
day in giving his reasons for opposing.
the proposed weekly half-fsnUdac.
which ���ill again be considered al tl***
counc'l meeting tonight, "and ��y ******
body lies and will complete their work
at sunrise.
An Inquest will probably be held in
this city.
mission. They demand, d the dispatch
of trjopa io China to lake such measures as were necessary to obta.n satisfaction for the killing of Japanese
ul Nanking, or, railing this, the r. Blg-
nat.on cr lhe minister of foreign ar
faira, liaron N..buaki Makino.
Tbe Bptakrrs denounced th? empti-
tt( =s oi Japanese diplomacy in connection with California and China
ind insisted that the Insult to the
Japanese flag at Nanking should be
Wiped out. The manifestation clearly
was en explosion cf popular res nt
n< nt against the ministry In its
treatment of the California and
Chinese questions.
Profiting by the lessons of the rio'.s
which    followed    the    conclusion    of
peace between Russia and Japan, the
government     reduced     the    risk    of
violence today by refusing to allow a
single   soldier   or   policeman   at    the
seine.    The   maniftslants,  many    of'
whom were students, were orderly the
i early part ol the proceedings. A Be*;re
jot aglmtors, Including a g.rl, deer ed
I Japanese diplomacy and declared thai
| it in ver had contributed to    th
j build.ng  of  tiie empire    aud    ���
; had  ended  In  failure.    The inclden
'in China were unbearable.
Become Ancry which   1600   spectators   had   gathered
, Buddenly lhe WJ tu'mareh on the i-collapscd. Twenty-flve persons were
ifereign office wus raised and there hlJurHl1 ������������' ���" r"|da:ie fl.Kht proved
[ wbb a general stampede, maay per
isons barely escaping being crushed.
i Tha: crowds surged through the
I streets, headed by the gesticulating
| leaders, and reach-ed the foreign office
Th" waler at that point is rrom eight American charge d'affaires at M"xicci I clerks did not get a half holiday their jthe Retail Business Men's armciaxian.
to ten feet deep, with the bottom cov- City, that    any    pcs.tlve    assurances  friends and co-unionists might resent   when I say that body is unainsKnrs ft.
in Mexico City stal people organized opposition might de- '��� business man has estimated It sroattfl
���ral Gtrinimo Trevino' velop. If workers are not to be con-! mean a loss to hlm of fCSjW* in a
le minister of war soon'Bldered in framing laws, why should year, while another estimates It -waaSd
ered with weeds, so that It Ib thought; had  been given him  of the intention   this treatment and make a practice of: Hs dirapproval. but more ffasttst �����
thai the bodv is entangled at the bet * of Vlclorlano Hueria not to be a can- ', trading in   Vancouver and elsewhere ' one who has interviewed tlie inthten
ot the stream. ( didate in   the approaching   elections, j    H the city council turns down the , tial men here, I can say that 1b* ��aes-
Dragging   operations   were   carried  The other was the receipt of private  clerks and Trades and Labor council | tacturers and professional men mm mil
nn all arternoon and evening. The po- telegrams Irom sources close to   the I*'ben other bylaws are put before the "���'liin''' such a    move.    In    *-������    	
lice have located the soot where the  administration ' "'"   "  	
lng thai General
would be made i,at���.n,. .   ....   ��.,,   _->j��� ,        . ,       ..,-   ,,
io succeed General Blanquet.    U had ,th_>'  vote ,,0,r  measur���S    t0    benefit, cost him TW.OOO  ��._
been suDocsed here that Trevino waa other people? Why here we have been -tary-mrm
ordered    back    lo    Mexico    CUv    bv      The Trades Council represents overland years boosting this city en* wrrf
Huerta to be given the reina of eov   50OT consumers, and  they should ho'ing tbmsands of dollars for pofcHeft..
while Huerta entered the presidential '.outsirte people. undo all our efforts, ft * the ����mt foot-
Mr. O'Shaughnessy's statement wae
not  surprising  here,  as  it  had  been
pointed   oui   from   time   to   time
Washington officials that they bad re-
Grandstand    Breaks    on    Guadsloupe
and Earth Trembles on Martinique
Vort-a I'itre. Guadaloupe. Sept.
If this  bylaw   ls  passed  it  will  be ish pron"��,Mon I've hear* In ��sy Wte."
easier for all B. C. to get some bene-' concluded the speaker,
fit.     Steps  are  n /w   being  taken   to 1 Another On*.
.present the matter to the Vancouver1,    Another business man spoke ia
* 'city council -the same vein.   TMity-Bre pel
,    .     , ,, ,   ,        v.    i   -,    i    Clerks  would  be  willing  to  make,of the  trading  done fn IWs tMy tm
lied only on the repealed emphasis by Wetoe,da, cloglng hour 2 o'clock.; done by people from the district wr
lederico Gamboa, Mexican minister H_y_ aJ, BWreB clo8e on Wednesday- -mndinir and to deliberate* turn
of foreign affairs, of the statemenl hardware gtore8 alone ci08ing on aSt. there hovers nwav is nothing start of
that    Huerta   was  ineligible   by   the  ������,.���. Ico-cmerclnl  rnrcide."
constitution to succeed himself. wSinen employees should be coneid-
..    ���.-.       _e no   ,    .'_       ,,    _,   'ered.    It is not a trade union move-
Mr. O Shaughnessy incidentally dis- ,mem  but a humanitarian one.   Bone
closed the    fact   that   the    Mexican iempi0yer8 do not think women work-
officials had  supplemented  the argu-:,,-,, are  entitied to the consideration
,    upl While a Krench aviator. 1,-ybaud. was ��� ment of the second Gamboa note. Mil-u^y Would give to a horse or a dog. places  to  bu
lway8 making an attempt for the first time ,ng attention to Huerta's iiiellgibiliiy. |tncy Letter on Subieet sured of -beii
,denu,in   the   history   of  Guadaloupe to  fly   b    verba,  references tu thal p8rt of I editor  of The  News  Is  in  re- of the week.
.over  I'.iint-a-Pitre  today, a  stand   in   ,hp  ������.���     Thla    f,,rther    encourages '.������'. J .ilJ tnimLinm SateSt.���      "Thereat
Th's Fame refall'er went on to sfao*.
hnv;, if rtnehers and out of town peu-
D'e cime to New Westmlnet'or osir*'
cr twico end found every store etoswJ-
thev would without doubt ��e<* otfca-r
oi'. where they were mn���
eing able to trade nny tSuy
lailure. for the machine had scarcely
risen from the ground when it caught
'in a wire fence and one of the wings
!was broken.
.Temblor Here.
shocks numbered 30 but no material
Charge of  Mixing  Politic* With Civic
Euliness Denied by Port Coquit-
lam's  Mayor.
T'ort Coqultlam, Sept. ' -There is
absolutely do truth In it and it te Impossible to Imagine how anyone could
thtnk there is. In view of the fnct
thut I am the only Conservative and
the only member of the old Conservative association On the council." declared Mayor Mars when Interviewed
by Thi' News correspondent In reference to the charge made by oiie
epealcer at the recent meeting of the
Independent Conservative association
that a member of the city work* -staTf
hnd been threatened witb dismissal if
he Joined  the new association.
Apart froni tlie above statement, (he
mayor had little to say on the subject
"The charge Is so ridiculous." he oli-
terveil. "that ll Is hardly worth paying
attention to and I tor one am not losing any sleep over It " His worship
added that under no olroumstaHoes did
the   ('(mncll   mix   politics   with   civic
That the charge was given fair credence by nt least a percentage of the
members ot the independent association was admitted by a member of the
executive of Hint orgniilgnllon.
The alleged threatened dismissal,
thin gentleman Intimated, was the
method the old administration used In
expressing disfavor for the new or-
genlUatlon. As a matter of fact. Mayor
?.lnrs has not made nny public utter-
snees nor hns anything been said at
the council meetings either In favor or
Against tbe new organization.
Tbnt the rtatement made at the
council meetings either for or against
the new organization.
Thst the ftstenient made at the
meeting of thc Independents wns regarded ns r"rh end Indiscrete Is evident from the fact that a motion was
passed that all mention of the matter
be removed from the minutes und
withheld from the press.
t'"rt Coqultlam. Sept 7 While proceeding westward on Saturday morning ill" engine of n C. P. It freight
trni'i slipned off a Bnft section oT the
'ruck i"v' "f and near the Agassi?
tunnel, end dumped right Into the Fraser rl- 'T The engineer and fireman
es"-ped  with their lives  by jumping.
The peculiar feature of the accident
Is t!i-l the cars rollowing the engine
remained on the tracks when the spill
ncenr'-e-*'. The engine is completely
nui of liiiht. Special apparatus Is being pent oul trom Vancouver to re-
cove;* It.
to find that the high Iron gates were i
Scores of the demonstrators pou*
I'd on  the nates and called for them
lobe opened, but hlA   The ntid-r- ���a ,��� reporte4
( ff dais   refused      A   delegation   -was j
appointed,   the    members    of    which
climbed tbe gales, and then ensued B
long    parley.     Meanwhile   the   crowd
was    cheerful,    but     determined.     It
Sunar Magnate Dead.
New  York.    Sept.    7.���William    F.
Havemeyer.  one ot the organizers of
,       , ,      ..,,,, ithe American Refining companv that
showered wmpltaenU on a biaut.rui abll0rb8d the lmsiI1C58 of   ,����� ������.���.,.
as'tba  girl  struggling by  in    a  rickshaw,  bUt  antTily     stoned    a    photographer seeking lo take sntpshots of
meyer brothers refineries, founded bv
his rather, who once was mayor of
New York, died suddenly todav at the
heme or his son-in-law, William R.
Wilcox, former chairman cf 'he New-
York nubile utilities commission. He
was 63 years old. Heart disease waa
the  cause.
Mormons for Alberta.
Calgary,   Sept.   7- Tlie   large   Mor-j
mon colonies ln the states of Bonoro
nnd Chlhimliim. Mexico, may be abandoned by the Mormon dhtirrjh and the
colonists moved to CarflSton, Alta., ac-1
corlnc  to the statement id  lt. J.  McKlnley. a recent  arrival   from    Salt |
l.nke City.   The Mexican colonists nre|
said to have   suffered   considerably
from the i ffeels of the two revolutions In the southern republic during
the pnst three years.   The Church has
In large body of land neur Cardston.
bought from the Dominion government
' ii'ii'" years ugo nt $3 per sere, now
worth practically ten times that figure
Which is tn be glvi^n Mormon settlers
���at the original cost to the rhitrch.
the chief delegate, who. having returned, mounted the porta's to report
pngress. Perched unsteadily on the
pickets, be made a fantastic p'cture
and in a harsh harangue declared that
the committee demanded ether the
despatch rf troons rr the retirement
of the foreign minister.
"We told the Officials," he shout"'!
"thst the voice of tbe people sp-i'Xs
thst the aeitatlon will never eud until
our demands sr" granted."
The extrriordlnnrv sltuatie" on-
tinned for five hours, the d-bgnt's
emerging periodically to pacify the
crowd. Finally, when the discussion
ended,    they   repor'ed    that    Baron
Maklno had promised to receive them j Going East Aga'i.
S"n'* tuber ir,. This wns greeted with | \i00!,e jftWi gept. 7.���11. V. Mere-
howls and cheers and menv marched i^,,, pre8j_ent 0f the Bank of Mont-
lo ihe foreign minister's house, tbre" _;,-, railsP(i through her" todav with
m'li's d'stant.    Police, hov ever,    pre ia -,..,.av 0r friends." after tcmrlng west-
the note. This further encourages , ceipa_ ���; lbe following communication : "There are in the lower ranrtf mtmrry
Washington officials to believe that'settlng forth the cause of the women little settlements, each wfth Ua tw****
the   lluerta   cand'dacy   will   not   ma- iWOrkers: ���", stores,  and each constat!Ur (nvw-
teriallze. They realize tbat Huerta ( oear g*r���] t,aTe been reading with'lng stronger. As it is. wx- tare tx>
could circumvent constitutional cb : much interest the controversy which I hustle to draw the country fradf*. ��ik*
staples by resigning in advance of na8 arisen with retrard to the Early j to play Into the hands of ottr co��nj��ff-
the elections, but such an act, it has ' closing bylaw which is. I believe, ti) I tltors in this way means onfr orr,**-
been  openly   stated  by   high admiuis-  come up for Its third reading this $Te-1thing:   that all our money   spent    to
- -   ���- bringing per.ple to New Went-mtn/TaT
would be thrown away, ��tvt all ttisB
trade lost for good anil all."
Another mnn said that to Vanrwir-
iliminated. At the present time these clerks work  ver the  huMncss men  wen* UutJiitK*
The atory that Trevino would be ap- from 5�� to '2 hours per weeb and sure- | at this city for ea-pn entertafrifnr- tmttr
pointed to the cabinet and General iy evervone will agree that these I -i proposal. "Vi-haf's the mutter." rlM-
Blanquet, the present minister or war. hours are altogether too long. Forty- man said they are asking*. "Ts ts*mine>t*
sent to the rrom. is in line with the|elght hours per week should be the; so good 'hat you can turn ff smy, *mri
various reports thai have reached maximum time any woman should be I'M vou have to lock the door an pron-
here of the alleged intidelitv of some  compelled to work and in this opinion pectlve customers'?
Huerta's   military   chiefs.   When '-\ cannot but think every humane and ;    Fnw.efflolfcr stoteme��>ftofls��*r*ra-m
is-iued   an   order  re-: right thinking 'jerron. m*ile or female. I men hi r��. the ncosing or the fr-rf fsnJf-
wi'l concur (''>v mcir"re  "-cans  ''eoofinfirlnj!- Iter-
1 cannot agree with lhe merchants: ��'hole   eommtrcial     fufurR    or    mmm
'ha'   thla   enforced   half   holiday   will I Westminster      A   petition   signed   fi%
Itration   officialB,   would   be  regarded :_iing. and l should be grateful if you
Fort de P*V!rTZ'0XA*?Titrlvr,Txm Rem   -. Ia* a breach of faith and a subterfuge, would grant me a little space iu your
��� I-A "erles of e^hoaakes MCTmd at  and the>' stl11 are V���****** ��**   th�� {valuable paper in whicb to plead the
"fl Ian   ear,;���?!,r   "ilil    morSS     The  af.*">niptlcn  tha.    Huerta    has    been leapse of the women clerks of this city
Huerta  recently
(Continued on  Page Four.)
Trading Visits.
Edmonton. Sept. 7. Port.v-��tit public men of the city or Fort William
Irr^reseni'ng the commer"1*'!. business
and manufacturing Interests nud head
jed by Mayor Graham, arrl-ed In Edmonton by special trim over the Qrand
Trunk Pacific from the T>st yeslerd.iv
morning and spent the day as guests
'of the city council.
Montreal and New York Both Reflect
Stronger Feeling on the
vented their near nprroacb.
Another mass meeting "-ns mil d
f-r Sunday nig,'t nt the Young Men's
Christian association ball.
err Canada.
Local Aviator Probably Wlll Put Hie
Machine  on  Exhibition at the
Big Show.
Husband Spurned Kills Woman and
laos Angeles, Sept. 7,���Henry
Shnrpley and Mrs. Frank K|sor were
shot to death here today and FrunV
Klser was arrested on a charge of
murder. The shooting occurred In
Riser's house.
Klser nnd Sharpley had been rival
admirers of the woman, then Mrs. Oer-
trude Brooklnger, a boarding housekeeper In Wichita, Kas. The two men
hsd lived In her house. Klser admitted
today he had been the least favored.
It may be thst at the coming provincial exhibition of the R. A. ft I. bo-
ciety there wlll be on exhibit the first
aeroplane ever built ln New West-
minster, but which, If the present
plans of the builder are realised, will
be the forerunner of an Industry,
imlniie In this district.
Chris Roseneagle, expert aviator,
pecond pupil of the famous Wright
brothers, and one time holder of an
American flight record, Is the builder, and, as reported some time ago.
he hns the parts of a large biplane
'inllf. -ind fered here nivn.ltln-f an op-
inrtunitv  to assemble them.
Questioned on tbe matter, Mr. Ros-
enrngle said, providing arrangements
wllh the authorities could be made he
would like to show this machine here,
The aviator says, however, that it
'�� "ery unlikely that he wlll make n
flight at present. Other matters have
iceupled his time, and it will probably
he In the early spring that he will
nuke a flight tn hla machine.
Kdmonton. Sept. 7. -McDonald end
Tit-he, solicitors acting for C. I* Rich
ardson, formerly city auditor, have
been  Instructed  to  issue a  writ  for EvcrybCT|y who V/ent to Court at Ed
la mages against the city, as well as|
the mayor and Individual aldermen,
voting for Mr Itlchardson's dismissal
It hss not been decided the amount
of damages to be nsked for nlleged Illegal dismissal of Mr. rtlchardson.
Another nctinn will nlso be taken
against the mayor and the same aldermen, charging conspiracy on their
part to Induce the city council to dis-
mlrn the former cltv auditor and
claiming damages. The mayor and
ildf-rmen have been notified of Mr.
Itlchardson's Intention to Institute
therfe proceedings. Both writs will be
Issued on Monday.
Elevator Burned.
Saskatoon, Sept. 7.���The Goose
l.nke Grain company's elevator and
coal shed at SCealnndla were burned on
Saturday night. There was little or no
vraln ln the building. Part of the
C. N. R. side track was also damaged.
Crer> All Burned.
Moore .Inv. Sept. 7���Excepting 8 few
scattered f|-hls, harvesting hss been
completed In the Moose Jaw d'strlct.
Sittiirrtav night manv feared that it
would freese, but the official minimum was 35. All that now remains to
h�� cut In this district ls some of the
late sown oats.
First Through Train.
Moose Jaw, Sept. 7���Late this afternoon tbe firBt through train from the
west since Thursday, arrived, the
trains having been held up by rock
slides and washouts ln the mountains.
Montreal, Sept. 7.���Local stocks
oloBed strong Saturday, the general
level of the prices at the cud of two
hours' seasion being the highest of the
week, but the markel was quiet except in a few issues. Oue of the f-.n-
tures was a rise of it1* points in Quebec railway which sold up to 15V,, as
compared with last sales at 12 on Friday, and closed at the best. Concurrently there v.as some activity in the
company's bonds, transactions
amounting to a par value of $$8,000
being recorded.
lrcn attracted Bome interest in view
of lbe sharp breuk Friday, but showed
little change on a' light volume cf
business. The priee range was 46>*
to 46 7-8.
Toronto, Sept. 7.���That there is not
much local butloni to the stock exchange for some slocks, was indicated
by the   way   these   slocks   dwindled
_nws 'ormed a great conglomeration I uown Saturday with the Loudon mar-
of evidenoe tn the Burnaby police court | ket close.
Siturday   morning  before  Magistrate
mentis on Saturday Paid into Hie
���Gents, firearms, autos, wagons and
Beatty, n conviction being registered
aifslnst every person summoned.
Oscar Scott owns two goats, which
hivp shewn a tendency to stray
Ihrcnph the municipality to such an
"Vent that lhe�� got the Angora of the
patrolman. Oscar paid the costs of
the esse and w'sa let off with a caution.
Murray Brown, for obstructing the
street with a waven. htituled over two
besnlets and a half, together with
In the esse of 11. II. Holmes, for
driving an suto pn thc wrong side of
the street, the offense In the magistrate's eyes wss a little more serious.
Mr. Holmes wss requested to come
tlKntirh with a double V.
P. J. Atkins wt\s also mixed up ln
���lie matter of highway work. His offence was p'lowlna a cow to stray on
the road: |5 and costs.
Perhaps not straying, bnt at least
���"���niderlng. was fhe offense of Wlll
McCormick and Nick Munro. Wandering Is permlssable, but not wtth
firearms for whieh a license had yet
to be taken out. McCormack added
a five and costs to the exchequer.
Nothing wss seen of Munro and he Is
likely to be asked tha reason ot his
Rather Inactive.
New York, Sept. 7.���Speculative
] conditions yesterday did not favor active movement of the stocks and the
market was a dull affair. The holiday on the Iaondon exchange deprived
this market of stimulus from that
source. Uncertainty of the weekly
statement and the forthcoming crop
report also tended to keep down
sepculatlve committments to a minimum. The undertone was distinctly
strong and cbanges were generally
The showing of the banks on the
week was better than expected. Although fears had been expressed that
the surplus reserve would be eliminated, leaving   a   deficit,   the actual _  _         ..... ��� ...���..���
table showed a shrinkage of less than |exclaimed" "I have"lost "one~of
be In any wav detrnion'.al    to    tin-Mr i
trade or to the city til genera!; on th�� l
contrary, I believe -hat it will **��� nsld-
erably add to the prestige of the Koyal
City when It becomes known that she ;
h-j-s Inaugurated this rep'.nrd and pro-1
gresalve   movement.     This   bt_ey   of
drMng trade away has been brought
up ln everv c'ty when the FUblect of
an  enrly  closing  day  has  !,-st  been |
broached, but 1 hive r.e--er yet heard j
of a city or town having had to revert
to the old order of things after hav- j
Ing once started the weekly half-holl-
day.    I have said that 1 nm  writing
principally   on   behalf  of   the   women
workers and as they  have no  direc
representation on the council. I would
appeal  to all the  women  of the city
who can. to attend the council meeting tonight and support by their presence, at leapt, this very important and
much-needed bylaw.
score    of business    and    prtrflpsitwrwil
���en. protestfns ag-ilust the brtaw. ��->"TI
' *���  "-f.ented  to  tie city cmtneil to-
Prominent Member of College of Car-
dinals Passed Away at Rome
rn<i.o>"i notwithstanding a cash loss
of $5,000,000. This was due to a
scaling down ot loans by 110.000,000.
The average table, on the other hand,
disclosed a loan expansion ot $17,172.-
000, as well as a cash loss of $8,850,-
000 showing that tt was due to a
heavy reduction of loans late ln the
week tbat a deficit was not shown.
Bonds   were steady.   Total   sales,
par value, $$80,000.
Rome, Sept. 7.���Cardinal Joseph
Calasanettnus V'ives y Tuto, prefect
ot the congregation for religious affairs, died today. Recently he had
undergone an operation for appendicitis.
Cardinal Vlves y Tuto was born al
San Andrea de Llevaneras, diocese of
Barcelona, Spain, in 1S54. Early in
the summer it was reported that he
had become insane, but later
physicians diagnosed hls case as
neurasthenia and he retired to a
The cardinal acquired a prominent
position at the Vatican after the election of Pope Plus X, and had even
been considered as a probable candidate for Jhe succession.
The pope was deeply affected when
he heard of the cardinal's death, and
best friends, the ehurch one ot
greatest supports."
They Weren't Drowned.
Athabasca, Alta., Sept. 7.���Inspector
Bayles. of the mounted police, who
returned today trom Qrand Rapids.
says that reports ot the drowning ot
Waugh Dennis and two others while
running the rapids wtth a seow wm
S. Democrats Have Few
Deliver at Real Rulers *f American People.
Washington. Sept. 7. -The prograo,
cf anti-trus:  railroad    and    am-mssr**i
legislation that faces ooneresa for thn
rnsuing 12 months bas been fisfrty w*B
outlined In the last week.    PneMieil
Wilson and tbe Democratic liiidua -fei
the two houses of congress spfn**wHj
have agreed upon an nmbftieiw pitxa ���***���
legislation which will liriag aft mt *ti*#
most Important reforms ���oiMnBptiKttl'
by the  Wilson adrntafstfatfan vf-TV-fc* ��
the period between now aad' Om> end
of the  next  regular a-maism at
The tariff hill will be
senate and fn the hands ors
tee of the house and
the end of this week. (Jammer TvSsfa-
lation promises to doo__sstt�� ^^|^^^J_
slonal activity within a few ttaj-a. Sn-
ate leaders are annouoefng: ***-. */***
trust legislation and rarthwr i**--*tsr-
tant amendments tn the rsffrnag" usi_ -
are to be afhong the flrat aad -****
Important subjects take* a* at ifa*:
regular session at oon*nc��a. aent ��W
owt of (fie
Mob Chases Negro and Offlcera Sa -she*
r Lynching.
authr'.e, ovia.. Sept 7���WMfc an ��a-
clted mob b' 11 on lyncMaw t
oner on their heels, Shtrfff
of Guthrie, and two
laewls Green, a neero, im
alsht,. abandoned their i
Mulholl and took to the l
Ing to a report reaching 1
Green shot and killed
lice Lon Mnxlow and
Caldwell today.    The
killed bv Green wftea  ,..
make a liquor raid oa tliasafki
business. ^^   '
Another Stag* ..
Panama, sept 7.���Tto
tlon of the canal has dm
the steam shovel
bra eut, hevtng
yesterday. JP1
caul win to
""irrTrr"^ ���
MONDAY,  SEPTEMBER  8,   1913.
A* independent nmrning paper devoted to the inter-.its of Sew Wettmintter ond
***. Frater Volley. Fublislted every morning except Sunday by the National Pr-towinfl
a*%t lP*t*btitt*it.ia Cumpanii, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Slreet, Sew Wsstmlnstsr, British
f.,.���_..��>.i,i ROBB  8UTRKRL.ASI),  Slanuyina   Director.
Ail ooia in ut:'cation.? should be addressed to The Sew  H>��mi��i.itrr .Yews, ond not
art tmd**4t*t**l iiiteibers of the stuff.   Ch< t'litx. drafts, and tunney orders should be mnde
....- to   The Sational  Printing and  Publishing  Company,  Limited.
HUmttPMONBB���iiuaiitrsa Office and Uanager, SS9; Editorial Booms (all rfrpiirt-
txix), ML
fCBUCitll'TlOS RATKB���By carrier, H per year, Jl  for three months, 40c per
By mall, t;l per year, 26c pur month.
AOYKt" t iSfSti I'ATKB on application.
Iceman who threw himself in front ofj
the   ear.    The  speeding;   car   stopped j
Within  t"n  feet  of  President  Wilson.,
The policeman received warm tlian'.ts
| for   bis   promptness.
The president and his physician. Or.
[Cary  Grayson, had  been out  for    a
I short wniic snd wer.' returning to the
j White House.   Unmindful of the traffic regulations, they bad started diagonally across Penslyvanla avenue.
.lust as they wero crossing the track
a trolley ear came along at a lively
clip. A policeman, seeing the danger
to the president. Jumped in front of
tbe ear with both hinds upraised. The
motorman brought the car to an emera
gencv stop less than ten feet from the
president aud Hr. Grayson.
President Wilson was deeply oe
grossed In conversation at the tli*1"
and was not awsre of his c^ose eiii
until a secret service agenl hurried
across the track behind blm. The president took the blame himself for the
Wonderful   Growth   in     North     Coa-s
Mining Centre  During thc  Past
|eota cf  Mikado  Havc Their  Eyes
on South America and Thousands Arc Gcing There
Archibald Hurd, editorial writer of the London Daily
Telegraph, has sounded another warning to Canada arid to rimo  enn
tbe Empire as a whole on the question of the Japanese nie-\ NfW (jUf|S fOR
mice.   His remarks are quoted freely in the August issue;
of the Literary Digest and are grouped with similar state- j FDFMfH  ADTIII FDV
ments made by a British Columbia authority, Dr. Frank H. I I KLIlUI Ail I iLLLft I
V'rooman. of Vancouver, whose call, "Red Lights on thel
Pacific," issued some months ago in the old land, was the 1 __.h
means of focussing for a time the attention of the empire j
tin the peril which exists in this part of the world.
That the "occupation of British Columbia" is a part of j
thc Japanese program is an opinion openly given and, com-j
ing from such high sources, it is calculated to make the av-
j   Will   Pe  Capable  cf  Throwing
100-Pound   Projectile   Distance
of Five Miles
terday, say that the place Is rapidly
assuming the proportions ot 'i town.
Last summer Granby ftny was but a
small village. There were only a few
bunk hotlBes, a small dock and a trnil
up to the mines in short, it was one
i of the most isolated plaoes in this
province. This year, however, a big
wharf has been built, and the big three
: stack steamers Prinee Georce and the
Prince Rupert ean dock there without
difficulty. Fine houses have been er-
ectrd and there are many stores, to-
wlth a first class botel,
Great Push Exnected
The Qranby Pay Smelting company
is spending about $3,500,000 at Its new
mining centre and the si/.e of the venture is expected to give Granby Bay
nn enviable place among its sister
towns of the coast. As soon ns the
grcit smelter is working to its full
capacity and the miners are ripping
open the sides of the mountains to
get out the mim mis. ther.. will be a
great rush of people to tV-it part.
At th', present time there are several thousand people there, the majority
.of whom are cmploved on the construe-
ed or frontly fortified positions, but; tin, worit at the mines. All the boats
range being comparatively short, the j going in to that pin-" are carrying
Germans have now adopted a heavy raany passengers. There Is a tremen-
150mm. howitzer and a 210mm. mor- dous amount of frfelghl  moving in'o
Victoria,  Sept.   t.���Within a Bbort
opine of time a nev.* town lias sprung1
Into prominence In Northern  liritish
Columbia.   This place is Granby Bay,
situated  at  the head of Observatory
inlet, and owing to the fact that it is
the centre of a great undertaking on j
the part of thn Granby Bay Smelting
company, it will attract still further
sttentlon  in  the next few  years.  Mil-1
lions  of  dollars  arc  being  expended
there, and the gre-.it mineral holdings I the Japanese Immigration agents ft
are being worked considerably al the j a further Introduction t.> that country
preaent time. (lf bapanese laborers lo the number
Officers   of   Lhe G. T. P, steamer 0[ f|ve thousand,    In September   a
Prince Hupert, which wns in port yes-  butch of two thousand will leave for
The movement of Japanese to South
American ports appears to promise
reaohlng serious proportions, particularly In the case of Brazil. Exchanges
to hand on the Sanuki Maru give considerable space to the situation which
han arisen.
A contract has juat been entered into   by   the   Brazilian   government   nnd
Hi" Japanese immigration
ii i'urth
adopted    for    the
opt.  7.���Now  that  the  new
erage dweller on the British Pacific coast pause and think. Isystem or military service is about to|gethe
While Mr. Hurd is correct in his statement that theib<> introduced into the French army
people on this outer boundary of the empire are alive to the ja:i",the b,J"��7r "eKe��ly.f"" JT
*,     r ,...  .. ,   , ,    *..,    a _a     _     ii _i -j      .        e i or loss achieved, the attention of the
danger, still it must be admitted that aU the residents of L, orf|ce ��� belng turned ,0 artniery
British Columbia are not nearly so appreciative of the gra- > At present the only gun which the
vity of the situation as circumstances demand, and it is French possess more powerful than
further to be regretted that in the eastern provinces there' ���'���������- ~5m>-\ ���* ^ Remaimo, somewhat
.  , /.!���_��� _i_aa.iT j        i"      heavy nnd  kicking  in  mobility.    For
���exists a feeling of sympathy for the Japanese and a dis- many years past Germany has had
tinctlv marked opposition to anv move to exclude them batteries of light howitzers otioomm.,
_ *. . -_.'      ,-,   ...  ,     ,      '.   . with  a  view    to    counteracting    the
from this part of the British dominions. French quick firing 75mm. The drop-
Both Dr. Vrooman and Mr. Hurd are men among the i ping shells are able to search an mask
last to be influenced by uncalled for anti-oriental hysteria
and the fact that they have pronounced so definitely on
the question furnishes food for thought to the white man
���on these shores.
With no attempt at concealing the impertinence of
their demands, the Japanese refuse to grant to foreigners in Japan the very privileges which they seek in this
country and Canadians arc putting up with such a state
of affairs without making a move to improve conditions.
The Japanese question and, in fact, the whole matter
of oriental immigration have reached a stage at which it J^a^tt..aSX rt*fS5l a!
is necessary for some public body to undertake a course a target at a distance or seven kiio-
���� education for the people of the Dominion.   So lon* as SUKn1 ^h^He^iuMThta0?S,cSa
the present feeling exists in the eastern provinces of Can- the Fj-ench 75mm. gun, which has not
ada there will be no support forthcoming from them to any j Bt��J��*u noUtMbe raercy'Vsm'h' an
move which might be made bv British Columbia to bar the i adv.-��,'iry, and the war office again
undesirables from these shores. The desired end can be^nM&���tSSlM b&
gained onlv by education, and the founding of a fund to ter.
knd through the country lecturers on the subject. whoL^f^^^ ���*M
would place all the facts before the people and give them a firing a iooib. projectile at least five]
view of the situation as it really exists, would be a long11"11"   �� :? ln'"""pfl tn f"n,ish ���"*
with carriage
rougheat transport.
It was in response to this move tbat
the French minister of war, after giving a trial to various types of howitzer
I offered by private Industry, determined to adopt the ingenious invention
of Commandant Malaudrln fro transforming the 75mm. nuick firers at
need into howitzers.   The Berlin staff.
|however,   bad   fores'nlled   th*s   retort
Granby Bay at the present time, the
Prince Rupert having hrr holds filled
on every nothbound voyage. Cement,
steel, iron and general stores nre lielng shipped north in  large quantities,
Brazil by the N V. K South American liner Wakassa Main, through the
Tokio Immin Kalsba. Bomewhat later
in the Bame month another three thousand wlll be sent by the Suzuki liner
Telku Maru through the Takemura
Immigration compnny.
Supplai' Otherr
The labor In the cane fields nnd
coffee plantations in Brazil has hither
to been chiefly Biipplled by China ami
Italy. Japan's share hss heen verv
limited,   As a result of tiie Turko-lta-
linn war the f'lllan government Ins
heen alive to the inconvenience arising from the ever Increasing immigration of her youths to South America,
and the outbreak of the Balkan trouble
has cai'ped Italian statesmen to feel
more acutely the disadvantage of setid-
Ing the flower of the nation overseas.
tv government has in ennseriiience
nut a ban on Immigration to South
Vmer.tca. The Japanese immigrants
to be sent under contract are to take
the nlare of Italians.
Till l'n-1 vear very few Japanese
���������fit to settle In the Bast Indbs or
Sooth America, but according to tha
nre'ectnral returns of Tokyo-fu, over
fourth of the passports for foreign
travel granted during during the three
months ending June 30 were for travel either In the Bast Indies or South
\n*""rica. The same returns add that
In July passports were issued for travellers in th" Kast Indies and South
America. Besides these there were a
considerable number of applications
for passports for travel in the Kast
Indies and Sooth America which were
rejected on the ground of pecuriary
i Incapacity,  the greater number being
All ll/nniir rnAT'"' laborers. Tlie settlers from the
flN W/!?llft!li rllflT '"irulttirsl districts almost all go to
Vli TT llVlllI I UUl ; M"\ico or lirazil. while those from the
I Industrial or commercial towns go to
; settle in the Kast   Indies.
Newly   Incorporated   Municipality
Located  in  Wrcrg  Placo and
Error Must bc Corrected
step towards the goal that must be reached if western
Canada is to be kept for the whites against the rising tide
flowing in from the cesspools of the orient.
Hog cholera is reported to have killed a man in an
cistern American farming district. Well, why should the
.disease be confined to the four-footed kind?
at  le
1st  two
of this
Back in Montreal they don't pinch criminals, thev bit'1
"��m. The other day one of the big city's cops found that
the onlv way he could hold a man whom he had arrested
was with his teeth.
corps tl'ai nice with
tions of four guns
tvpe. It will be one of the effects of
the three years' service that It will be
possible to have a completely new* organization of field artillery without
toucbina the evlstinT "fimm. batteries,
whieh are rhe g"i>- thnt en distinguished themselves In the Balkan war.
"WE  ARE  N-i-r  OOING
Front page newspaper stories tell us of three bandits
in North Carolina getting away with $16,000. Since Bill
Miner died anv old ki ,d of a cheap thug can get his name
in the news columns.
Seattle, Sept. 7.���On AugUBt 4  last,
bright  pleasant day, citizens of the
enterprising town of   Ravendale   repaired  to  their several  voting  places
Fee-' and by  the conclusive vote cf 63  to
new| 39 voted to incorporate their community  as  n   municipality  of  the  fourth
class in the virgin forest, six miles east
of Ruvenadale, win re no mnn dwells.
As a delicate compliment ro the state
the municipality was located on land
belonging   to   tlie   state   of   Washington.
Having  accomplished   this   purpose
under the Impression  that Hoy were
incorporating    Ravensdale   wbere    it
| now  stands.  Mayor  B.  YV   Shaw  took
Governor's Message to Mother of Con-' rnntroI  of affairs,    Hue    Ity    council
demed Youth adopted a set of town ordinances, and
Psin-n, Ore. Sept 7.    Governor West \ Mat Starwich, the genial deputy sor
yesterday  afternoon  cummuted     sen. j iff. opened a saloon In a tent     Since
fence of Robert Morgan, IS years old.) Aurust   4   the   town   has   beep   doing
sentenced   to   be    hanged     tomorrow i bnslness as a municipal entity under
morning for killing  Vergie Hart, his authority of a mandate of the people
swee'heart. In Condon, October,  1912, j locating the town  iust six
to life Imprisonment. Jof where it really i��.
This action closely followed a tele-1    Th-" ''rror was discovered yesterday i dett
Dawson. Sept. 7 Christ Henry and
Frank Hansen have arrived from the
Shushanna, via Donjok, bringing letters dated August 22, one from Billy
McLennan, who prospected the country before the strike, and found traces
of gold a few years ago, but could
���mo git grubstaked to return until the
laieen discovery. Letters and arrivals
at Dawson agree that two or three
creek, show pay, and others have yet
to be prospected. Considerable pros-
I pectlng is being done on the creeks
land in rhe deep canyons at many plaices, especially at Ilonjek. Considerable claim jumping is reported, but It
!s confined to ground which, tho men
j contend, was taken by men w-ho a!
'��� -earlv had staked the full allowance.
-' "i" gun plays resulted nut no shoot-
The Fairbanks crowd  begins to arrive  in  good  numbers.    One  16-year
Inld  lev arrived  with  only $2.50.    He
I hiked hack Quietly.
A pre-.**-, correspondent    said    there
wen   SOO stampeders  on  the  ground
miles eaat 'rom Cordova,    A launch which Don-
j 'ek yesterday reports the st' amers Viand Paulino stalled twenty miles
Several men have been landed in San Francisco with
opium hidden in the heels of their shoes.   It wouldn't do
them a
recesses of their think tanks.
ii i ���_ i i   ���_��� i     i   -      _i_     .spared,   were  manv
much harm there as it would if concealed in the muting hia i
reasons  for  cum-
i sentence," said the govern-
I or tonight.
Morgan's   hair   has   turned   from   a
  raven  hlack to a light Iron  grey  and
A Montreal report states that Americans are not liked I '���*��� !,r" rr"**'n two inches in stature
s*       ��� tin     .ii ia.       -n        ��� 1      a.  .ir-1 i during his imprisonment.
���in Mexico.   W hat could you t xpect after President Wilson i   Morgan and the airi had bee,, sweet.
has talked to Huerta like a Dutch uncle to his nephew who i��e��rta from childhood, and when he
,        , i _ ���    ai      ��� ii. '.met her on the street in the company
has been Caught in the jam ClOSet. jof another young man. he killed  her
,  ""  wi" n  deserter  from the United
States navy.
gram saying: "We are not going to-fand Ravensdale is now face to face
hang your boy " which was sent by the j wl"' "to necessity of unscrambling It-
governor to -Mrs. Susie Morgan," mo- self as a town and resolving itself
ther of thc condemned youth, of Rich- again to a component par' or Kinir
mond. Ky, countv.    Mat  Stsrwlch will he oblig.
"The youth of the boy and the manv ! p'l to take down hi* tent and throw hls
petitions and  pleas  that  liis  life  be I httr Into the discard, and Mayor Shaw
Treasurer [I. McDouvell and the very
competent members of the town council will be obliged to divest themselves Of  their rol*es  of office.
���lohn W, Pott, of Tacoma. preparer)
the proposed plan nf Ravensdale. lo-
entlng It on ranee 7 ln��'aad nf 6 Every
official "������'��� ii"-1 anything to do with
!'. faithfully followed Pott's faux pas.
Ibelow Doniek. They were unloaded
onto launches to take the freight the
rest nf the way. The steamer Xastit-
lln, thirtv miles below. Is continuing
"lowly. Stampeders continue to leave
lu.re, msny taking polling boats from
tbe mouth of the White river. Ten or
���""���'cn rn daily. Arrangements are
being mnde to freirrht te-rse teams
from the mottih of the White tr, the
Chifsnn, as soon as the river freezes
lr November,
��� ALL
The next time thev get a man of the Diaz calibre in the |
presidential chair of Mexico they'll probably let him stay
a while. It takes some weight to keep the lid on in that
warm republic where things boil over so easily.
Following the opening of the peace palace at The
Hague. Italy bounces into the spotlight with the announce*
ment that her navy is to lie strengthened. Evidently she
���expects a row to break out at one of *hose peace spiels.
The biggest gun in the world is to be located down
along the Panama canal to help protect the ditch in time
���of war. The cannon is reported to be capable of carrying
farther than the sound of Teddy Roosevelt's voice at a bull
moose convention.
Piece  in  W~r!d  V/ill    Guard
���Wt Heco-gnlzed on Program of Anti-
Tuberculosis Conference
Itreant progress in the world-wide
fight against tuberculosis will lie clearly set Torih at 'be eleventh Interna
tional conference, to be held this year
in Berlin from October 2'i to 26, One
���evidence will be the attendance. T��*"i*
Xj-eight states wlll bo represented by
-Wtegates. and although no "cure" for
Uberculosis can be reported, enoour-
vnrSm* progress will be reported to-
wsn) tbe control of the disease by na-
Xstrsl roeto,alive means, food and fresh
mir and by modern methods of sanitation, disinfection and  Isolation
mlsBlon of the Friedmann serum to
the conventional trst*! before taking
"i" doctor'B pretensions seriously.
Visitors to the enp'erence will, however, have opportunity to see the pa-
''iits on whom Dr. Friedmann based
his origin"!  claims of success, e'gh-
teen  nthi to two years aft"r treat-
��� 1* run. and to lodge how
'��� flalmi have been borne out by
Pfcsid��nt WUron Saved tiy Cop V/hen
He   Dlscbeyr   Traffic   Laws
Washington. Sep-  , -President Wilson had a narrow escape from being
New  Yorii. Sept, ".   -John I'ondr'ca, \ t'U'i
waiter In the  Hotel Shelhume, Co-   the
���y   Island,   might   have   lost   his   life   ''On
I while bathing yesterday al the foot of j''re
! Ocean Boulevard  bul  for the  assist-   '' '
ane of a net d"g belonging tn  Mrs,'are
I Martha llaberland, a guest of tbe ho-
Condrlca swam out a long distance
from the beach and because
trying to get  ba-k against  the
! tide.    His actions attracted tin
Marge hound, and unusually Intelligent,
It  plunged Into the water and Bwam
out to the struggling man.
Beveral thousand persons on the
beach witnessed tlie performance and
one of thetn notified Mounted Policeman Edwin Cody, who was on Surf
avenue, while another hastened o"er
\r\ the P.trkwtiy bath'- to summon the
life guards. Cody rode his r.i' unt. In'o
the surf and met. the struggling mnn
and his dog rescuer as thev neared
the shore, both exhausted from their
A breaker washed Cody from the
s-uldto as he retched '"���!' to gra'*''
Condrlca. He held on to the horse, and
tho two men finished the swim shore.
���avil with the animal heroes -horse
red dog, supporting Ihem on either
Three lifeguards In a boat reached
them as they neared shore, and there
was a cheer from the watching throng
on the sand as It  became evident that
Ht.-vTs' Piece  In  W-r!d
���I*,,   i-.r". ���-) --on In ���' ������ wo��1 i Is t'i
i... t'st-d to guard what      perhabii i ie
*:*' *:���   '   ; tati - ni  ich'c ��� menl af tbe
huuinn rac    the Panami canal, snva
the  N'ew  Veji, correspondent of   ii-i��� -
den Btandard,   it Is k sixteen Inch
,ch-loading rifle, ami  |g thu first
irvertl similar great cannot)    ibul
to  be  btllll   for  the  leacoast   defense of  the   l'nited   Stati B,
The total I ���ti'ii'i of this gun is forty
feet, ;; Inches.    At t!v> breach  it  lias
rhausted '. '   Nat."ter of ', ��� in., and tapers from
strong this to 28 In. al lhe miraie   The main
dog, a  hero is ;:" fret   | |.ij *.,   :,���u.  anri it
has a diameter of Ifl In.   The oyftndri
cal  part  ol   the   pt ".<*' r ci'imlor  Is 7
feel, ���"���  in   long   with a  diameter of
I8.9 in.   If smokeless powder is used
It will require ."T'i pounda and if black
powder   Ig   UBed   1170   pounds  will   be
The projectile of ths gnu measures
5 f.-i i I In. in length, wi .nhs over n
toi\ i""' pi unrtfl and Wh n It leave
it". i".o'/-,\i' it can r< '"tra' )2'i In "r
Bteel. The rnngc Is no less than 21
"libs, and the projectile will leave
the gun al a speed of 'i'.iwi feel a sec-
end. In rat'cng this acorn of miles
"-. .1,, 'i reached an elevating of about
?nr,o'i feet higher ihrn Mount Everett, tho loftiest mountain It the world
Smith's Palis. Sept. 7, Consternation was caused In tho home of Mr.
Alex f'iark a recent morning. On answering an earlv cal! at the door, In-
was confronted by a stoutly built man
five feet, six or Beven in height, and
whore entire wearing apparel consist
id of n red pocket, handkerchief tied
around hi'' neck.
Mr. Clark lives near the Hldeau riv-
r. and tlie man said he had nwain
rrorn the other side, his appearance In-
licatlng that ha had done so. Mr.
'lark supplied hlm with clothes and
he was given a lift, to town by a neighboring farmer.
lie was a strange-looking and pe-
"iillar-acttng person, and the chief,
thinking he might he one of the men
who escaped from the llrockvllle asylum, lias made every effort to locale
the man since he was left In town. All
trace of hlin has disappeared.
were out of danger,    ('ondrioa wns
l*r. 1-'. !���'   Friedmann has not applied   killed by a streel can- nere last night, j unconscious and  had  to be tnken    to
Bor a plaoe on  the  program  and.  ac j The danger to the president was cans-I the Coney Island hospital     Cody was
ding to one member of the commit- ed  by  b<s   forgetting  traffic   regula-I hack on post after a change of cloth-
I of arrangements, none would h-we tlons which  forbid  pedestrians  from lng   and   by   nightfall  Condrlca  bad
eiv.ti him had he done so.   The I crossing the street except nt corners   oompletely recovered.   The home and
����rmaii experts insisted on the BUb-      The president was Baved by a poi- dog were unharmed.
Civs Steal Chu-h r-Vney.
Toronto, Sept, 7.���The I'roBbytorinn
church at Broadview and Simpson nve
nee was entered narlv yesterday nnd
$11) stolen frcm the collection box. l)e-
���ectl'-e   Wa'ince ao,|   p|n|n  clothes  Dint)
Norrls noticed two boys spending
money ln*"lv al the exhibition nnd
took (hem In charge. The greater part
of the missing rion"y was found on
the I'vo boys when Ihev ver" examined -t th- statiop. and they w|U appear
In the Juvi pile court.
Most people would be
benefited by the occasional use of
Na-Dru-Co laxatives
Gently, thoroughly, and
withoutdiscoinfort, they free
the sy'iterti of the waste
which jxiiaons tiie blood and
lowers the vitality, sjc s
box, nt your Druggist's.
NiUanal Dru�� and Chamkal Co.
of Canada, Limited.     176
lve and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you cun net as (tood. or better, manufactured In B. O, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANOOUN KK" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
specjflcations of American and Canadian Engineers' Association
We would also cull attention to our Vitrified Sewer l'lpe from
4-ln. to 2t-ln. In diameter. This is also made lu this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock if Crushed Kock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
I.line, Plaster, etc.
See ub before ordering elsewhere.
Phones IS and 16.
902 Columbia Strest W.
ii<-.  SB  Blackie
( '_!
'   ' I
II Hll,
,,l in
1   stni;l
1 1 *. ,*
d   for
V M,
���   M. 1-
or te
*nm :
II Mill
13   K"*l!
St..  New  Wi
'ee iiimiint. Tel. It.
1JS.   Kimm  -.   Hint
P. H. Smith. w. .1. Orovss
Work   undert.-ik-n    In    ellv    snd    ontnld-
points.   211-13   Wsstmlnstsr   Trust    Bldl
Phone   364.     P.   O.   Box   607.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (P��ld-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
branches throughout Canada und
Newfoundland, and In London, England. New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with cor
respondents ln all parts of the world
Savings Bank Department��� Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
snd interest allowed at 3 per cent. ****���
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over I186.000.orm.00.
O. D. BHYMNEIl.  Manager.
H. A T, O. of F.lk�� of the D, of C. loee
the first and third Thursday al 8 p. m
K. of P. Unit. Eighth atreet. A Well
Oray. Esalted Rutor* P. H. Smith, Has-
Call and inspect our
lines and new fall styles
place your order now.
L. O. O. M��� NO. R54.���MEETS (..'
flrst. second, third and fourth Wednes
day fn each month in 8 p, m
In thia Moose Home. H. J. Learns
dictator; F. E. Jones. secretary
Headquarters of lodge In Sa-e House
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon streams
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
. O. O.  P,  AMITY  LODOB  NO.   17���Th.
regular   martins   of   Amtty   lodge    Nr
27.   I.   O,   O    ft,   In  held   ^va-ry   Mono's
night al  8 o'clock In Oild  Follows'  Mill
corner   Carnarvon   and   Etehth   "Ire,.!,
Vlslttng     brsthsm      cordially     Invltiw*
R. A   Merrlthew. N'i. ; II   \v. Sangster,
V.  <;.;   W.  C.  Oos'ham.   P.   0.,   i-eco"
lng aecri'iarv ���  J.  U*.  Mad'oniiM,  financial  secretary.
W, E, FAI.BS��� Plon-wr Kuneral DlrsotO
and E^*��ilmer. ��12H18 Agnes stra��a.
opposl... Camegls Library-
t*r 4  Hanna.  Ltd I���Punwsl dlreeto��
and embalmer*.     Parlors  40R  Oolunlil
street.    New   Wa��stmlnsta��r.     Phone   if.
it.* Lots I and IS er !.���" ".. and Lots I, 2.
;i   a. 24. .'... It, of l.ot 4. subdivisions
nl   l.nl    il.   Sui.urban    llleek   4.   In   the
i'ltv of New Was!minster.
V.'tH'ti-us proof  ,.f Hie l.,sw of CertlfteatO
"f Tills Number B978P, Issueil In tli" teiine
of   Lnchlan   McQuarrie  has been   fll-d   In
uus nrtic*.
Noil,.- ts hereby given that  I shall, at
Ihs expiration of ona inonth from ihe date
of the first publication horeof,  In a daily
newspaper published in the City of New
Westminster, Issue a duplicate of the said
Certlflcats,  unless  In tie- meantltns valid
objection be made to nie In  writing.
J   c. OWYNN,
Dlstriet Registrar of Titles.
Land  Hegistrv  uffic,..   New  Westminster,   II.C.   1Mb   August.   1913 (IHIS)
���ter Board of Trade meets In the hear'
regx-n. City Hall. ���� follows: Third Fr!
ilfcy of each nionth; quartas-ly ii;e**lru
on the third Friday of Fehruary, Ma?
August nnd November nt 8 p.ni. An
nual   meetings  on   the   third   Friday   "
February. 0.  H. Stuart Wada  *������<������*
Sale, fleaMls, Business letters, etc. ; e\r
cular work sp.*eliillsl AM work Stliotl)
oonndcntlul H flarry. room 418 West
nilnster Trust Blk.    Phone 702
Only another inonth to get summer
tourist tickets at reduced rat��n. Observation, tourist and dining cars on
ull through trains. Kor reservations
and rates apply to
rtslers. Solicitors, etc.    40 Ixirne  Street
New weetmihstsr,   o   E. corbould, K
O.    J. R. flrant.    A. E.  MeColl.
ii. w. nnooiE.
B. OOULET. Agent
Now Westminster
O. P,  A..  Vancouver.
t'-.t-lnw.     solicitor     etc.        Telephom
t . Cahte address "Johnston.1
Coda, "Western Union " Offlcs, Ell'
Block. r>r,2 Columbia etreet. New Wee'
minster.  B. C.
sure ��� Hnrrlsters and Sadlcltors, W.-si
minster Trust Hlk., ColuinMa street
New -Westminster, B. C Cable eddrss
"Whiteside,"   Western   Union.    P.   (
Drawer    200.      Telephone    ID       W.    .'
Whiteside, K. C. *  ll. 1..  Edmonds,   I
MININO rights of tbe  Daiinlolot
ml   All
J. BTILWKIaL CLtTTH. Barrister al-l��*e
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia an-
MoKeor.le otreeta New Wa-stinkisiei
B. C.   P. O. Hoi 112.    Telephone   lit
Solicitor and Notary. Offices (far
blnck, 28 Isjrne slraiait New Westmlr
ster.  rl. C
lAarrlsters   and   Sollcflors.     SOU   to   "81(
Westminster Trust  Block.    O,   B.   Mai
tin.   W.  O.   McQuarrie   and  Oeorge
Cna     l
W.   O.
Telephones: Office S3. Residence 428
JOHN  ItEID, Proprietor.
Aeents      Palmer      Urns.'    (Insnlltu
Engines,  Marine   EngiueH   nnd   Auto
mobile  Itepalrs.
OfficeSand Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
Ihs Yi��aon Territory, Ibe Northwest Territories and In u itortlun of Ihs Proylnos
of Hrltlsh Columbia, may be ii.Ha��d for e
term of twenty-one yeare at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not motsi than Hit
i acres wlll lie leased lo ons ni'i'iloant.
Application for a lease musl tea mads
by the ai'tilleant In person to the Agvnl
or Sub-Ageni of the dlstrlcl In which ths
rights applied for are situated.
; In surveyed territory the land must b*
described by snanloiu, or legal ��ub-dlvi-
'Huns of sections, and In unaurveyatd territory Ihe tract applleal for shall be
, stak.il out by the applicant himself.
Each iippilrwtf'i must lie acuompanlet
I hy a foe of If, -aanlch wlll be refundt^l If
the  rights applied for are not available,
j Imt   not  otherwise.    A  royalty  shall   be
paid on the merchantable output of the
, mine at the rate of five cents per too.
The person o|��irattng tlie mine shell
furnish tho A��*ent with main returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the rag.
ally thereon. If the conl mining rights
are not being operated such returns should
lie furntsheal at least once a year.
The lease will Include the c��ul mining
rights nnly, but the leasee will be per-
milted to purohase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for ths working of the mine nt the
rata of 110  nn acrS.
For full Irn irnjatlon application sheulfl
lie made to tie Seeretar/ of the IMpeK.
ment of the  Interior. Ottawa, or to nny
Agent or Bub-Agent of  Dominion  I Anda.
..   -.   ntf'tT Minister of the Interior.
N. B.-���Unauthorised publication of this
ad ""Isement will not be paid for.
White Rock
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co., Z
rants MONDAY,  SEPTEMBER  8,  1913.
Murderous West African Natives Will
i picking, these being emplted later Inti*
the   boxea   provided   by   the  growers. De Exterminated by the
The size of these boxes varies in dlf-
! terent yarda   in some tho bo* '�� a Authorities
jiart-e one, containing twenty-six nnd
o hair bushel train   measure,   for
which tlie picker receives 11,00;  in
Immense fields ] others  a  box  holding  nine   busbela
brings r," centa In payment, while ����� l ganuation of Sierra Leone
ether*  11. m   Ih  paid   fur  100   pounds.   uu  a|1()  ,|UVII   u,t.
Bome growers pay a B per cent bonus
to those pickers who remain with them
men. women umi children, who look j during Use entire harvest.
forward to thin harvest ub th" greatest ,     MoM  growers seek  to employ  -jnly
Men,   Women  and   Children,   Indians,
Negroes and Whites All Ennaned
in Gathering Harvest.
Chllllwack, Sept. 7
of hopn In the Kraser valley around
Agastis and t'hllliwaek ure now being
populated  wllh  an  army  of  pickers,
opportunity they have tor outdoor life,
and eoinhilie business and pleasure
Many InmllteH with no settled income no to the hopficlds yearly, mak
ing wages which go fur in keeping
litem through the winter.   Darnings of
from tti to in a day. and even higher, are made by Bome of these families, al Uleriendlng upon thi- numlier
and blllty Of the pickers and the abundance of the hops.
Indians make good pickers, and llnck  m'uht puzzle yen
to the  vards  In   largo  numbers every '
year.   There nre fully 3,000 of thom
Inthe hop fields thlB season.
It Ih not unusual to see White men.
women and children, Indians with
lhelr pappooses and negroes with their
pickaninnies, all employed in the same
vards. Raeh nationality forms a group
by Itself, however, both In the situation ul the living quarters, and In the
part of the field occupied, and they
rarely come Into any but the most cuk-
ual contact.
In lhe largest yards several hundred
pickers are employed: while In some
sections where tlie yards are small,
the picking becomes a neighborly af
fair, the wives and daughters of pros
peroui farmers taking part In It as u
mailer of course.
Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Bept. 7.- Tbe murderous native or-
known ail
up  and  down  the  wesi coaal as  the
Human Leopard society, is being re- j
leiuleasly pursued by the Brltlab au-1
iihcritieB  to  Its  furthermost    b'd.ngl
placet,   'lhe determination Is to ex-
j t< rmmate It, but the tusk wlll be d:f- I
Ificult for thlB sinister and baneful as-
mociation has obtained such a Strong!
j grip on  the superstitions of the  na-
jtlves in Hh several yeara of exlstenci
that It Wlll  fight and die hurd.
The  moo*.)   ,b a secret organize-1
.tion.   It has operated with particular:
atrocity  Of  recent  years  In  the   nor-'
thorn   Siiirbro  district,  and   most,   if
pot  all,   of   the   principal   natives   cfj
min,. /���iirvitu; B long pole     This ter-Hull   region  belong   to  it
mlnntei In a knife and a hook in one     Between twenty and thirty murden
end and by a quick defl twist, it lift* have been committed by members of
the'wire on which the hops are train-  the  Boclety  Blnce  1907.    The purpose
aud down I undoubtedly   was   to   provide
persons and discourage
drunkenness and lawlessness, botn for
ihe purpose Of making the work do-
livable to the better das of Dicker*
and because It Ib for tluir own Inter
est   ���<>  have  thlngr,  quiet  and   peace-
Call for Hop-Pole Man. j
Should vou viBlt one of these fields,
vou would hear the frequent cry or!
"hop pole!    hop-pole     mall!"      Vltlcll
until you *aw a man ,
rr ihe supporting pest.
human !
���,thin easy reach of tbe pickers, unoiflesh for their fellow members, but
man thua covers a large portion Of the whether thin was done merely for the
f^,,*!,] ' g allocation of tbe taate for canibal-
When a box la Hilled the pleker calla j lam, or whether the killings were a
"Ticket! ticket!" when the "ticket part of some secret rite of the or-
mon" or Inspector answers. He looksIganlzatlon whereby the natives be-
the box ever tn see If ll Ib deal Bnu||leve  their  mental  and  physical   [ ow-
haa not been  eon-
Matters   reached
good measure and if satisfactory anna are increased,
ticket If given for the amount duo for ctusively   learned.
Growth Ir Beautiful.
A healthy, vigorous hop field, under
rood cultivation. Ih a beautiful Bight
The wires stretched from pole to pole,
bear their lovely burden of dark green
vines In long rows, from end to end
of the field. Scattered over these, and
depending In graceful clusters, ar-.'
Men the lighter green of the    cone
work. Th" ticket Is [narked with
: the nnrie ot the Dicker and the num
1 her of the lex. This Is done sn that If
Ithe box Is found deficient In nny way
I It mav he traced to the picker who f ill -
! ed It'
shaped hot>", like flowers among their I loaded on a wagon at once and taken
haves     The   odor   Is   pungent     nnd  to the kilns for their tlnal preparation
healthful, and     many   leml-invalids] for the market
work at hop picking upon tbe ad vie | A', the Kilns,
of thdr phvsloians. that they may :n- |
hale this odor, and also be in the open
The care and cultivation of the crop
affords work to all In the vicinity who
wish It Beginning with the prepars
tlon nnd cultivation of the groiin 1.
though twinning the young vlne_ on
t'.e strings by women and children;
training Ihem on the wires by Ihe
men, and the entire season's care up to
thn gathering of the crop, which gives
work for all from the time of blosfeom-
li :: to the harvest Ib only abou' six
���I. i kr
Busv Times in the  Fields.
���\ hop field at picking time ,s a very
I usy ,-unoe     Boxea, baskets and grain
bags, open by Inserting a barr ���! loop
at   the   top,   form   the   receptacles   lor   to the warehouse lo await Bhipment
such a crisis a few months ago that
la special court waa appointed and
: many arrests were mai',--. Among
tbe members placed on trial were
��� aeveral paramount chiefs.
Eventually,  under  a special   ordin-
'���nice pa��?*d to suppress the society,
seven   men   were   executed   for   murder, two condemned ta life imprison-
"lent and eleven  were expelled  from
I lie protectorate.
In a report of the society and its
i recent atrocities, the governor of
j Sierra Leone. Sir Edward M. Here-
wether, expresses the opinion tbat
while his drastic action wlll tend tol
, '.'.ck the activities of the society. [
' 'et the blind belief of the natives in
Al .he kilns tbe bops are shoveled ��"�� ���K,��Le"?' of ,he, ^J0.0.?8 C��n:
ItttO the drv room and spread ubout,"*1'"1 ��'���>' the organization; the fact
iwo feel thick over an open lattice-1 <tia, periodical sacrifices are consid-
work Boor. The room is very tightly W*> neeeMary to renew tho power
built and when the door I* abut the'of the remedies, and a tendency on
heat in the furnace beneath Is turned | ������������' P-ft Ol some natives to canlbal-
on being allowed to reach 140 or lM|<��n tmro and simple, are causes like-
degrees- Several pots of sulphur ***]>* to eontribute to the survival of the
Hlso lighted In tbe furnace rooms, the j organization.
Tm strong young fellows, call-d
"rustlers' 'then appear. Those weur
���tra|is eer their shoulders to help
thom in lifting the beavv boxes, which
are carped to the side of the road, aft
er first heaping the hops high In tn'-
centra as a sign to the drivers that
they ure ready to he taken to thc
I kilns,  Twelve or  fifteen     boxea    are
fumes entering with the heat and
bleaching the hops. After being kept
In lhis heat for twenty-four hours the
hops, are shoveled out Into the ndioln*
Inr room where lhe final process, that
of bnllne. Is performed     This is done
hy machinery. The press is lined with
tbe canvas for each bale, and when
IV," hale Is turned out tho can1.:;- is
sew'-il on and it is readv to be hauled
Make Their  Money   in  Canada,   Kee-i
It  in  Dominion  and   Refuse  to
Return to Home Land.
the colonists now resident In the dlstrlcl which bears his name Today in
the vicinity of Esterhazy and of stock
holm, originally  a Swedish,  but  now
[almost  exclusively    Hungarian territory,  there  are  some   11,600  people of
'��� thlr. race.
Regina,   Kept.   7     "Hungarian    Bet-1 Are Roman Catholics,
tiers In  Canada  are   prosperous  to  a!     The si tilers  In  this  colony  profess
degree unknown In any other part of the Roman Catholic faith.   At Otthon,
ihe world.   There are 16,000 of them In on tho Qrand Trunk Pacific railway
the nonunion, the great majority real-  fifteen   mil's  north  of   Melville,  there
dent In tho west. In the l'nited States   lire ahout l.oilll Protestant Hungarians.
our people work on construction un- In both districts the Hungarian tongue
dertaklngs and send their savings out is spoken both by the settlers Of th"
of the country. In Canada they take older generation and the new. but lt
up laud. Invest their savings in lmple-' Is '""<t fluently spoken at Otthon
ments and stock, and tak'- steps as i "ll was a pleasant surprise to nie to
soon as they nre financially able to find myself ln the midst Of people who
'���i-ins their relatives across the waler. [can speak my own language," said Mr.
Ninety per rent, of the Hungarians Bsllay. "There's an old proverb to the
In the Dominion are engaged in agrl- effrct tbat whoso passes the boitn-
Cultnre." ,1'nr'os of Hungarv hears no more hll
Such was the nature of tne state- i native tongue. There Is. In fact, nc
ment made bv Joseph Ballay, Hunga- Other place I know of outside 01 my
rian newspaper mnn and financier, own country where Hungarian Is rpo-
WhO Is  spending a few   weeks  In   the I ken.
Canadian west in behalf of the Budal   "I  believe that our language will
l'est  Ni ws and a  number of otber continue to be heard at Hgterhary and
lournala  devoted   to   the  Interests  of Otthnn for nbout  fifty  yenrs.    It  Will
ills people    During the past few davs i vt be until the third generation he-
he has visited tlie Hungarian colonies ; gins to grow up that CAnadlanlvatlOr
ui Esterhazy and Otthon, and nn his    '" become complete,   tn the United old
nrrivnl he spoke with Intense sallsfiie-   States,  where our people    work    torjbpr
tlon   of   the   progress   that   lias   been I wner��   and   are   compelled   to   travel \.)n
mnde during  Hie past  few vears. shout  the countrv
Hsve Made Fortunes. Amerlcnlzed.
"Since mv arlrvtil." he declared, "I | "nidi  slower,
> For-jives Man Whose Nose He Pulled
and   Who  Shot  Him.
Seattle.   Sept.   7.���Maximo     de    la
Mosa.   who   was   shot   and   seriously
wounded  by   M.   A.  Lopez  at   the  foot
of Main street, bears no 111 will toward
tapes    Veeterday de la Moaa. when
j he believed he was dvinK. said he for-
j ? ive Li pez. De la Mosa Is nct yet out
.of danger,
tie la  Mosa's story of the shooting
jdl"ers somewhat from the  statement
-'ade by  l.onez     In Spanish  he  told
I Alex OandOlfo, of 514 Second avenue,
I thnt his name was de la Mosa, and not
Gutierrez, as  hls name was    under-
U-tnod when be w-as taken to the hos-
"Ital.    De  lu  Mosa  said  he     did  not
] threaten to use a knife at the time he
J'>ss shot.    Ile said nn argument arose
i between   himself   and   another   Span-
��� lard,   whose  name  he did   not   know.
while  In  the employment  office near
(he railroad tracks.   Upon going out-
j s'de the tronb'e was renewed and both
he and Lopez foughi with their hands
"'Tra   struck   me   In   the   face   first."
said  he"   "I  grubbed his nose and he
jshot m". I nm willing to forgive him. I
[did not have a knife.    1 know I hsve
-rt to die. but 1 can not talk now. I
hqa'p brothers  and  sisters  In  Pabrla,
iSps'n     I did not know the man."
T. Qulnn, sn employee of Hanley'a
smpl^ymeni offW. at sniu. West Main
���treet, said that the n��ht between the
���wo rtinn sterted In his office. De la
Moss, he saya, threatened to use a
n"cUa,j k-'lfn. Qulnn dlatarmed de la
Mosa and ejected the men from thc
I opc7. Insists that he did not shoot
Itntll de la Mosa produced a long stll-
leto and threatened tn stab him.
Seattle.   Sept.  7���While    a    grief-
���trlcken mother lies prostrated nt her
V'-ne. mourning the loss of ber 2-year-
boy,  police dntectlves  nnd mem.
of the United states marshal's
ins-  ��� cour'ng the  ellv  for .lohn
thev soon become Schluep, the father, nnd Adolph Nleth
Ilere   the   process     Is  an   uncle,   both   suspected   of   having
I  am  sorry  that  our kidnaped the child fmm the Abbots-
Of the Sale of Lees Limited $140,000 Stock of Fine Grade Merchandise
Commencing Monday morning, Sept. 8th, we enter upon
the last week of our sale. During the past two weeks
we have satisfied some thousands of customers. Keen
buyers have bought goods in wholesale quantities, and
they have certainly saved money on their purchases. To
any of you who have not yet visited this saleweurge upon
you to do so before Saturday next, Sept. 13th, on which
date the sale will positively close. Every department is
still crowded with bargains; we held large reserve stocks
and these have been drawn upon very liberally. The
same deep price cutting has been observed throughout
every department. Every article in the store has been
marked down to prices that cannot be duplicated in any
store in Canada at the present day,
have reel unite a number of my coun
irvmen who em I era ted fifteen or twenty years ago without a dollar, who are
todsy Possessed of fortunes as (treat as
���100.11(10. I i"n told hy every farmer
l meet that 'here ls no other country
���iii'ie.aap |q iie-tlti'd to ovt'mollon In
f'it\n.'i. I o* t| is, -of course. Inevitable,
The Hungarians are not ions loval to
the erf-try of lhelr Bdoptlon be-inso
thev clInL- to their own traditions,
Ttu" thej keen nil their monev in the
In the wrl-l where the earth yields so I cou"'"
nlentlfully for so little effort ns In Sns- sary t
katchcwiin. The British settlers of Ks-
torhar.y inform me thst their Hungarian neighbors are all first class farmers, thriftv snd Industrious. They are
verv grateful lo Canada for the opportunities "hleh she has provided.
"Four or five years ago the Hungn-
r'nn govc-imont awakened to the fnct
"int ill of our neople who come to the
rtomlnlon stav here nnd keep their
monev horn. Then It wns thnt the au-
thnrlttoB determined to check emigration. They did nil that conld be done
Imt have now rome to realise thnt the
i"ovcmen! ennpnt he stopped, and they
have aoartdoned the attempt. The tem-
pornrv measures which have been
ndopted during the pnst few months
hsve no'hlne at all lo do with tho gov-
erornent'o pc'fliitnent iwlicy.
"The wr In the IVilVntia hns crested ��i> ahnnemni condition, and the
n���at.^-ift,.n, while the neceslty of mo-
bllMtlon seemed Imminent, did not
wish I'f't snv flght'ng men should
lenvn the copntry. tn normal times
llune'rlnns who leavo lhelr countrv
travl on i nasspnrt Issued hv the civil
powers. The ministry of war of the
Auetrln-Hiinimrlan empire rerentlv
lm|-**"��rd special restr'ctlons which wlll
doubtless be removed In thc near future."
Thoro nre In Saskatchewan two largo
settlements which, while not exclusively Hungarian, are mainly occupied by Hungarian farmers.   Twenty
ord apartments Mo) Eleventh avenue
rarntca nnd Portland authvltles have
ils" been asked to n'd In the search,
Three vears uco in  .a'i w  Vork c!tv
'he nether became lhe w|fe of  Toh
��"b' ' her sweetheart of scliool dayi
Hun i in Swltaerlend.   Bhortlv   afterw-wu
"ii when they hsve mad.- '.���-  I thov came to Seattle,    The marriage
cotivlneliiK evlilence of Ihelr I proved to be an unhappv one nnd three
Office Furniture
Carpets, Rugs
Dry Goods Hotel China
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Hardware
Gents' Furnishings Stoves, Ranges
Trunks, Valises, Etc. Electric Lamps and
Crockery Fixtures
Remember every day is Bargain Day at this store during tlie sale; not
a few lines knocked down for leaders, but price cutting on the entire stock
has been deep and incisive.
Furnish Up Now.    You'll Never Have a Better Opportunity*
McAllisters Limited
Successors to Lees Limited
Columbia Street
New Westminster*
rod decline tn return lo
oapaoHv for oltlssnshlp.'
Falling Off In Immlqrstlon.
During th�� nast few years there bas
heen a falling oft In the volume of
Huneir'ti'i Immigration In spite of the
fsct thet tbe iroveHiment has removed
ill restriction''. The movement continues, and will continue to be an Im-
liprtsnl one for manv venrs to come,
'Snt tbo pTSditnl dlsappenranee of the
hnmestcsd lands, the (llWeultv which
Hungarian* sre now erperlenclnn* In
securlne Innd in the vicinity of their
"orn'-vmnn, bnve in ?nmc 'measure
-beet-cd the rnte of Immigration.
Th" onenin" nn of Otthon by the
Orsnd Trunk Pielflc rnllwiiv hns boon
n great hoon to the settlers of thin district, Mr, Ballsy averred. Kor ninny
ve'rs thev bnd struggled on ng��ln��t
adverse external circumstances, li-ml-
Ing their prn'n to Yorkton nnd hnd
���oimd It pvtretnelv difficult to melt?
"einls meet," Thev nre now enjoylnf;
iine-tt mnled prosperity.
Tsday Mr. Hallny Is rnn-klnit Ininlr-
left   In   re(M,"d   to  the  mt-n'-'ior  nayl   onn.
dition o' Hungarian wn'Mni'men |iv-
Ine In Petrltm. The outcome of the
prerent tour will he a aeries of nrt'cles
on western Onnndn In the Ibida l'est
News, a ne\vf>pnn*��r In the Hungarian
tannage, nnd The Hungarian, pub-
Used in Kngiish. Mr. lb-Hay's visit
was arranged by l<o��ls Kon of the
publicity department of  the    Grand
years ago Count Esterhazy Introduced Trunk Pacific railway.
weeks tiro Mri. Schluep petitioned for
n divorce on tbe grounds nf crne'tv
and noti-suptior'. Since t'aer the
voung woman hae supported herself
by working in a restaurant.
"I hnd been leaving the bnby at ihe
Iny nursery." said the nother. "hut
veii'erdav irnrnlng I left him with his
uncle. Adolph NIeth. who called to sne
him Just as I wss lonvlpg for v-ork.
This was about 11 o'clock nnd when
mv sister etme here st 3 o'clock, the
bnhy and all b'n clothe�� were gone."
II Is the belief of detectives work-
inu on the case that Schlnen and Nieth
conspired t ��� kidnap the child, SohUiep
according to his wife, had thre��t��ned
'o steal the baby unless ahe would return and live with him.
Mosquito Pit* Killed Him.
Montreal, Sept 7���The bit- of a
mofitit'to p'oved fatal In tlie eoue of
fel"l II. IJa-ie.i who csme to Moirr-al
I 111 lie pa.or ���! week ago and ��������)' V'"-
'tis fl "MO Mince street. Whrn be
nrrivrd Diner bad a mark on h!l forehead no larger thnn an ordinary tins-
oiilto tlte. He scratched It so vigorously, however, that he soon had an
open aore In Its place Then his head
began to swell and he went to the
reneral hospital. Hc died yesterday.
Danes waa 48 years of age. Coroner
McMnhon decided the facts of the case
did not warrant Ihe holding of an Inquest.
Tremendous Increase in Consumptko
of Intoxicants in Czar's
St. Petersburg, Sept. 7.���Startling
prcuf of the tremendous Increase ln
tbe consumption of intoxicants in the
paBt ten years, and incidentally ol
the enormous finanoul success of tbe
government's liquor monopoly, is presented in official statistics publliked
today In connection with the new
budaet. The liberal press calla It the cent official inquiry
���drunken budget."    The annual sale |children of Ekaterlnodar.
establishment of this system the gov-
eminent has sold to the people ol
Russia nearly three billion gallons ol
rodka alone, and soclalogtsts agree
that the amazing prevalence of drunkenness and crime tuning the lower
classes is attributable almost solely
to this fact. At the time the government piously announced that in taking over the liquor business lt was
actuated less by the hope of financial
advantage than by moral aud hygienic
considerations. They said the private saloon keepers were ruining tbe
people and that the government must
step in and prevent ao much intemperance.
Syatsmatlc Alcohollaation
| The result has been juat what the
j opponents of the project predicted���
i systematic alcoholisatlon of the Uus
slan people. Graphic Illustration of
the system was furnished In the re
among school
Out ot 6,
of alcohol ls stated to have grown
from 170,000,001) gallons to 240,000.-
000 gallons, und .It Is estimated that
<n the current year the total income
from tbla source wlll bo $400,000,000
or more than one-fourth of the entire
revenue ot the empire.
" When the government monopoly of
the aale of spirits was established In
I8��r., It waa confined at flrat to four
governmental departments, but within a decade It haa bean gradually extended to the whole of Russia with
the exception of a half doxen of the
the  masses   Is    becoming    evident" and destroying their clothes:
Figures are gives showing that in dis      Robley, who made a lengthy '*0mmS.
tricts    where    the    consumption    of��d who kept the court llatertwg,for
.,_... _ ' .    nearly half an h-.ur, emoiiatlcaRy -de-
spirits Is above the average, there is | nted the statements.    He swore Oot
always an increase ln crime. lat tbe time or the alleged
Tlie  appalling  increaae  of  suicide I was in h's bed and denied thst
also ls attributed to the government's ��� '"'>. "���" "h'B���em ��������*��
systematic aicchollsatlon  of the em-j ��* *������  h����� && ,
pire   It being almost In direct ratio |f        fc     f th   . ^
to the aale of intoxicants.   In the past.      M     , h       commhfcd tat* ***-m-aL
ten  yca�� suicides have risen   from com !aln.a of.
twenty-three ln every million to thlr-,   The ^rl bore evld(,ncP of acid bmel^
721 pupils It was learned that sixty
three por cent, drunk. Ot these 25
per cent, had taken to drink at the
age of eight; twenty per cent, at the
age of aeven, and eleven per cent, at
the age of six, while many wore
found who had been supplied a steady
diet ot vodka at four yeara of age.
A recant medical congress here ascribed the alarming spread ot mental
diseases among all classes to excessive uae of Intoxicants, and tbe official journal of the ministry ot Justice
admit* that "the general connection
Montreal. Sept. 7.���George Robley
appeared before Mr. Recorder C.eof-
frlon on a charge of assault and after
the evidence had been heard the recorder reserved his judgment
Robley was charged with having
thrown the contents of a bottle of
carbolic add over two young girls,
causing them very serious bodily Injuries and damaging their clothes. The
assault I* alleged to have taken place
at 43 Sangulnet street last night Robley haa a room on the upper flat of
the house, and on the ground floor resides a young girl of lt yeara of age,
Roaah Vlneberg, who was sitting with
a friend of her, Barah lie*, aged 16.
who live* at 141 Vllleneuve avenue,
on her door step. The girl* told Ihe
court the accused had deliberately
emptied tbe contents of a bottle of
carbolic acid    over   them, ��ever*ly
���mailer outlying province*.  Sine* the of alcohollam and criminality among burning them oa tke back and limb*.
and thetr clothing produced In
also gave evidence of the effect
some strong acid.
Smallpox Breaks Out.
Milver no, Ont. Sept 7.-���Tb�� eW-
r.ens of Mllverton are somewh.it atax-sa-
ed over the outbreak of smalfuKX *t
th. villsee.    Andrew  Back,  mtm. ***-
sides with bit employer. U BtmL\~ta%   '
a contractor, haa been omplsiaiwtinr.,'
home dt>"s ol not feeling w������.    I.��s��
evening Dr P. 1.. Tye, medintl ttr** tk
vflccv of the village, dlngt-osnl bis
cuse rs snallpo* end h?d him r-Miirv-
ed t'i a vacant shack.   The hot*** ���%���*-
iinr'ne to Mr. Schmidt, who bn* siw
children, ws* put minder qamrransw-
atter  the  Inmate*  bad  beet
Frank Ranstad.   divisional
keeper tor the C. N. R.,
bert. wa* seriously turned
bodv when na alcohol Ism
while ho waa aatng
for shaving.
It ta *Aaft ���f-otw
monday, -September b, i.ii.
Fresh Water and Salt
$1000 PER BOAT
turned down by the committee are fori -o
the most part results o alleged defec- 3
five plank sidewalks or streets and
amount to about J-IO.OOO. The only |
claim allowed by the committee was
that of the "Washington Route" for
injury to the Sound steamer Norwood,
whieh was rammed by the firelioat
DuWamash, August 5, 1911. This
claim was for $25.65.
land P
gfaWes Vien Said to Have Done Well ' u. S. Revenue Cutter Officer's Idea of
Ttm Scaior.���Day Set Aside for
Only Safe Way to Navigate
Among Ice Eergs
How   to   navigate  safely   in   waters;
Miss 'Stella Croll, of  Albernl, ar-
rived on Saturday und wlll attend Co- ]    Tbe  New  Westminster  News  does
lumbian college this winter. I not hold  Itself  responsible    for    the
Miss D. Postlll leaves tonight tor (opinions ewressedj^oorrespohdence.
Monlton   college.   Toronto.     Miss M.
Postlll also leaves for Verncn and will
accompany  her    sister    pari    of the
Lacrosse at the Fair.
Disreputable Cur    Hopes    to Wriggle
Out    of    Mire    by    Aid    cf
F.  Drew
escape the
Tiie- fishermen who have hern drift-
i:v.t up rlvar ihis season are reported I where icebergs are frequent, ts told J
ni~have marie an average of $1000 alfey Captain C. B. .Inlinston. command-
tv��r. TIktk will bo a day set aside j,;g officer of the 1'nted States reven-
na whir* the fishermen will hold all ue cutter Seneca, in his report just re-
UtsdB of ���sports and a good time is celved at the United States navy de-
rfjiirinK ttor anyone who wishes to partment, following his return from
.itail himself of the opportunity. the ice fields, where he did patrol duty
lr is about ten    years    since    N'ew i The Seneca vvas accompanied  by the
VO^fj-ntaiaer  held   fishermen's  sports  Miami,  under  Captain   A.  S.  Gamble,
.ind msny will remember the occasions  Tlie ships  were out  from  the  begin-.
iiB��in which Columbia street was turn-1 nine' of April.    Captain Johnston's re-  ln   Betting   this   verdict   reversed   by
e| into n race course and the greasy  port takes up virions phases or his pa- the   l'nited  States  court  of appeals,"
r.m-JK-a lovme upon the public. The kinds, numlier and str.e of thr Icebergs the said, and  this is the opinion    of!
To the Editor:
Sir    In   rending   your   newsy   sheet
] this morning I  was. to say  the  leas'.
surprised to read that our fair management wants to pay ��4500 for la-
-���* ��� - I crosse during fair week.
Wilson-Drown. I   anticipated   from  former  expert-
A  pretty  wedding took place at  the (ences that  lacrosse was a dead  Issue,
home of tlle bride's parents.  Mr.  and   as one previous vent* we  wore nhy  a
Mrs. Wm. Brown, at Luman, on Thurs- few thousand dollars, nil due to the
'day   last  when   Miss  Etta  Hrown   be-(enormous   amount   paid   for   lacrosse,
came the bride of Enoch Wilson, of which dismally failed to draw the
I l'ltt  .Meadows, B.C. I crowd.    The public in general has had
The  ceremony  was  performed   byi enough  of  lacrosse,   especially    lhe
Elder J. L. Wilson, of the Adventist professional hind, and, lf the society Is
i church, father of the eroom. I flush  as  far as money  is concerned,
M-out   ISO   guests   were   present   at i there are a dozen belter drawing cards.
Sail Krancisco, Sept.
Caiuineiti believes he will
penalty of the Mann white slave law
under which he and Maury I. Diggs
were convicted in the United States
|district  cour..
"I believe we shall have no trouble
lhe ceremony and B dainty breakfast
was partaken of at  the liom
The young couple were the recipients of many handsome and valuable
gifts.    Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are spend;
lne the honeymoon trip nt Okanagan
lake points.���-Armstrong Advertiser.
I  say. and  I  think I am speaking for
of the! a large portion of the cltlsens, cut out
Ithe lacrosse, enoourage tbe exhibitors
in   general   .md  get  larger and   better
common SENSE
New Westminster, Bept n. 1918,
.meatac u-verits took place upon raised | encountered
piattbrnm and cracker, pie nnd water-
rro-lrtn eating contests were held  Kven
>'�������� i'hmnrnan was made to tuke part
s&adb ���will be thc scene at  Hammond
_����� unw date in the near future.
A   feature   of   Captain | William A. Heister, a member of tl
Catiline: t.    who
a\m***Qfm Shoe, Stocking and  Pedal  Extremity  Found  in  Stomach
cf Shark.
fie-v. York, Sept. 7. - Added to the
���ilil IJ mysteries of the Bea is the Iden-
ii:y of the woman whose lett root waa
���kVooii in the stomach of a shark that
faafcaaw enmeshed in one of the nets of
tixs Barnsgat Fisheries compnny two
tSayn agxi. ��\nd in the reason for this
ia a. wMmslcal hit of humor for the
Tna-'-n Wfto i'otmd the fool In the Bhark
t>.rrvr away lho only possible means
tif identification, the shoe and the
tt ���would not be Impossible, however,
Ihikt the foot belonged to Miss Consue-
la KmlrwTiiez, the young Mexican worn
Ramble's report is his description or i Jury that   convicted
the  effect  of a  six pound  shot  fired i now says h
into a Inrge terg. I conviction.
Regard'ng  safety  In    the    regions
where Icebergs may be found, the com-1save his father nud his motber irom
mandlng officer of the Seneca makes' a lot of useless counsel's    fees,"   de-
the following statement: iclartd Holster.   "I bilieve the verdict
"In my opinion the only way to safe-'will be reversed. Tliat is one of the
ly navigate regions of icebergs is to; main reasons I agreed to it.
Flop during thick weather. In clear! "When we began to deliberate, the
weather Icebergs are not dangerous.! question was put up to the Jurors that
I believe that a vessel might drift up there was not a man among the
against an iceberg in ordinary weather twelve who had not at some time in
without much damage. |hls career done the same thing young
'"The Brltllh"lteamer Mount TemDle Camlnettl had done. This was de-
is the only one 1 hnve heard of this bated, but it was finally agreed that
sesson that sustained any consider- the jury could do nothing but ccnvlct
able damage from i""bergs. She is in tlie face of the Instructions b>
reported ti hav drifled against one Judge Van Fleet."
while stopped during a fog. The  thought    of
"In sheering eff
A quiet wedding wns solemnized on
Saturday niornlna
chapel   when   Mis
regrets having vcted f.r>ame the bride or O. II. Stefflns
'are  of  this  city,   Mr.   Stefflns
Another of thc same.
To the Editor:
Sir I was mucb surprised to read
in your columns this morning that the
agricultural association Intends to pny
nut  $4600  for  lacrosBe  matches   be
ll St.  I.ouis crllege
Hazel   Colton   be-
, ,       -   ,   . ,   ������  being I tween the V  A. C. and the Westmin
1 *"���"> l!' 1:: *��� lumttntii guilty to | BBseppor of the Burnaby municipality. | ter K��am  during  fair week.    Sure!
tic Father neck, of st. Peter's parish,
performed   the  ceremony.     The   bride
v-:'s attended by Miss Agn.es Fltrger-
ald.   while   (ii'orgo   McDonald   of   the
���"-���tuff at St. I.ouis college acted as best
Mr. Editor, there must be some in -
take I consider that tbe money wiii
be wasted, as t'.ie V. A c. mow professionals) are not a drawing card. I
read in your paper some weeks ago
they and it:" Jones team did not i*"���
celve enough gate receipts to pay the
belp around the fence.   They couldn't
draw a crowd In the large city of Vancouver, then how in the name of good-
Girl   Arrested   for    nd��cent   Drossinn       . ��� ,v u ,,,���,,*r:1H . ,.rnv,- ,,.,���- ,���.r���
is Particular. ���. pe_ple have been humbugged I nough
Tucson, Ariz.,  Sept.  7  -When   she ln lacrosse and everybody knows (ex-
was arrested for wearing a  dlaphan- pept those Interested)  that those tw i
ous gown of the X-ray variety,    M'ss  _-,,,-,,* will nol draw half tbe amounl
raring    sentence  Claire Simons demanded a trial hy a  the teamB are recolving.
avoid a berg it next  Wednesday fails to worry Cami-  Jury of women
must be home In rilnd that witb thelnettl. lie says the case was one of
engines working ahead the vessel is "territorial morality."
pivoted bn Iut rtem ro that aa soon 'The only t'.. ::_ the jurors could
as the bow is clear of the berg the nnd me gailtv cf," he sad. "was In
'mini should be shifted in order to leaving for fleuo with laola Norrls. 1
throw the stern away from the beg. would bave been guiltv of no offence
Ki night and ln thick fog I should post if i had not crossed the Btate line
th" lookout a3 low down as circum- with her it Beems 1 am made a vlc-
tanceB would  permit.    In addition t.i  Um  ,,f  this  Mann  law because of    a
this Ihe vigilance of the officer of
watch Bhould be unremitting.
matter of geography."
Her request was graun d and the
trial will take place Monday -the firs'
with a jury of women In the history
or the state.
The girl appeared on the Btr ���'���' in
the filmiest of llltny costumes and lm
[mediately was surrounded by i mob
or several hundred nun and h ys.
She was arrested under the cltv ordinance relating to "indi cmii  dr.. ss."
Remember i nlj a few moons ago
tbo rair management It il a tew thou
Band after the ihow was iver, why? Be
,.-,.- -.. tjjey paid oul all their profits for
lacrosse. Pul the money to a sane exhibit ami encourage lhe farmer, stock
raiser and manufacturer.
\.*w  Westminster, Sept. fi, 1913.
the liritish  steamer Algoa  sailed to--j
day from this pert for Sydney, Australia, via Tacoma.   The Algoa los:d~d j
3,300,000 feet of lir, valued at 54
.  at   Linnton,   while   the   remainder  of  Mcntreal Man and Girl From Vancou-  n   round  dozen  game  hunters   tor  in-   the highest class comedies and dram
Algoa  Ha5  Record Lead.
Portland, Ore.. Sept. 7.���With 8,048,-
"75 feet of lumber, said by local shippers to' be the largest cargo cf    thai.
an wbo disappeared rrom on board the. ��� ocmmodily ever set  afloat  anywhere,
aSeiieo. of the Ward line, on   her voy-	
���ajre.  from   Vera  Cruz   to   New   York.
*M\*s*. ltmiriqne?. disappeared some time
itiirtna Augusl IS and several passen-
ijs-tb (in board the Mexico told ol hav
tH*R j-r-fn a school o! sharks near tlle her cargo, consisting of 2.74^.275 feet
team-ship an date that    N'o description  of redwood,  valued  at    $83,868,    was
���of the  clothing   worn   hy   'he  young (loaded at Eureka, Cal.
���anex'tisit woman could he given at the 	
t.'ffiw ivf fhe Ward line yesterday, but I -   Ship Movements.
mi Merttftufe detail was brought out!    Seattle, Sept, ".���Arrived:    Steamer
b-y Mr. William I   Omher.
Mr. Omher. who is living at. the
Eju-gbuiire cdttage in spring l.nke. N.
���T. . was fishing close by when Captain
Voiwbes ot the fisheries company land-
��) the shark.
Tie-scribe-  the  Shoe.
Mt. Omher explained thst the stom-
At the Theatres
Carne Warden?  BuSV.
Port Coquitlam, Sept.       Tiie game i
laws of the province are being Btrietly Stock at the Royal,
enforced  In  this  neck   of  the   woodi When Chas. E. Iloyal and his rom-
this season,   Last week A   Bryan Wll- pany of popular players were at lhe
Hams,   provincial   game   warden,   and Royal   theatre   last  June   Mr    Koyal
five special provincial constables from stated al Beveral performances that hi
Vancouver,  made a Burprlse  v - i  to  would return in the all for an extend-
Pltt Meadows by launch and corralled ed engagemenl and would present only
ver Disappoint Vicar, Curs
fringenients of t'i" shooting regulations, The charges against the men
will probably he heard In Vancouver
They are liable to penalties -if (50
Den of Ifuthven (liritish), Vancouver;
Sakkarah  (Qorman), Hamburg.
Sailed: Steamers Navajo, Nome!
Humboldt, Skagway; Meteor. Southeastern Alaska; Argyll, Port San
I.uis; "Willamette, San Krancisco;
barge 93,  San  Francisco.
San Francisco, Sept. 7.���Arrived:
���win ��T tla- shark  was all  hut thrown  steamers Admiral Farragut,    Seattle
���crverticmr dwhen the stocking show
���*-i*l. s\r-d fine of 'he men hooked it as
>i*it? rifrau "lipped Into thn water.
"IT thoy had found the foot before."
be rsiid. "they would have examined
'.-[���aire <-h.a��c'v into the contents of the
9tn<x*rb und something more might
bsve Y"ev"n discovered. As it w-as the
��(����� T>i'**i"il the foot around. We had
saxne nn to thom by i'iis t''mo and I
"niul a clwi' look at the shoe. The
frxtt wan a lert one nnd the stocking
was 'intac-t. r-avp lor several punctures
uatwre ihe teeth of the shark had cut
'The vh-ae was a little out of the or-
-efinarv The too was longer than i"*ual
���\3%-i the vihole last Blenderer than
-KTrnvntyn in American shoes" it is
Oiis. Seocrtptton that gives rse to 'he
v*+*li*:f thi\t  ihe  toot  may bave  beep
IIIT-I fTraTI  Mlf-S Undriiine-a'q  (body,  fnr
Vr Orahf r"s idea is that the shoe was
���    1  toreirn manufacture.
"Tb<" -shoe v.as ��.ei and 'tie fir-t nro-
can t��T iVigewion had bagun on It The
ftM ��;.; in an excellent stale of pres-
Whitesboro, Greenwood] Willaps.
Willaps; Peclan (British), Antcfa-
gasta; Santa Cruz, Norfolk, Va.:
Queen Louise (BrltlBh), passed this
port and oidered north. Norfolk.
Sailed: Steamers Norwood, drays
Harbor; Maverick, Seattle; Beaver,
San Ramon, Yellowstone, Portland;
Captain A. F. Lucas, Payta, Peru;
schooner C. F. Hill, t'coks inlet.
After failing to appear in Christ
Church cathedral, where one hundred
gltests had assembled to see them
married, .H. C. Morley and Miss K. ,
Brook, formerly of Vancouver. B, C,
have both mysteriously disappeared :
from their rtsptctive places Of residence, and cannot be found.
The occurrence ls one of the strangest remembered by the clergy of Mon
treal. Never in fhe history of the
eathedral had such a thing happoned,
The ceremony was to huve beep celebrated at -.ib) o'clock i.i tbe af.e:'-
noon; but at nine o'clock In the morning the groom had left his lodgings,
wuh nearly all his possession.!, tor
places unknown
(Continued rrom page onei
distributing his generals to various
frontier parts of Mexico, the mova
was interpreted as of a military character only, but since then off.clals
have been led to believe that Huerta
tears the instigation of plots and in-
No intimation  was  trigues among  bis  generals  and    Is
The Royal stock company opens
tonight at the Royal theatre In one
of the mosl pleasing plays ever staged.
"Under tbe ulack Flag," a comedy
drama In four acts Mr. Royal claims
to have the best repertoire of plays on
the market and he will present them
a' the rate of two each week as long
bs the Westminster public wants
them. The prices charged will suit
everyone's purse and when one stops
to consider that tliere |$ onlv one per-
fcrnmnce a night nnd that all the seats
are reserved, tliey are getting a firit-
elass show ror very little monev. The
Spat.-< mi on sale at In o'clock this
morning and phone orders wlll be attended to. thus suing people coining
down until it is time for the performance to :-lart.
gaven to ihe gu��-sts that tlie marriage moving  them   aboul   to   prevedt any
would   not   take   place   thai   dav,   and concerted action against him.
the   Uev.  lir.   Herbert   Symonds,   the (ieneral  Blanquet    was    the    right
vicar of the cathedral, and the  Rev. hand man of lluerla In the days juit
Mr.   Mclireer, the curate,  waited  for preceding  the  overthrow   of  Madero.
Mtjirtreal, Sept 7���When little Solly over an  hour for the couple.    Then The war department received a report
swallowed the cent!   What an incident one of the sidesmen announced  that of the killing of Lieutenant Aeo.-uu. u
In the life of the cosmopolitan Hebrew j the groom  was indisposed and could Mexican federal officer, by Arntr.can
population of St. Dominque street
l.a.*wt nigh' crowds of excited and ges-
tlcitlating Hebrews were standing
round the door cf a house whence is-
not   come.
Didn't  Till   Landlady
Mr.  Morley, wbo had charge of ilu
sample   rooms   of  the   Hrodeur   com
sued still louder cries, mingled  with puny en St. Peter Btreet, was
the bawling of a child.     Soon an an- 45  years  ol  age.    His  financee  was
xloua  father, a  more  anxious  mother  slightly   younger,    'lhey  bad  evident-
and chili: excited brothers and sisters "ly known each otber for many years
came out of the houBe, the father lead- but Mr. Morley never mentioned
ensstm. I could tell this by the ""' *��� '* ''|n l'"rly ���r*llr"1 '"">' "���' KPV"n
^���zxee, whan- It bad been lorn from the|or PiEl11 >'f*'irp "f '���'*'"��� wh�� '���"�������� hawl-
Iteb, tor the ligaments and fl> ah, al. '"'���' :l' !' '"��� aa '"' wa* nBle, and rushed
v.'n>'nKh frayed, were not decomposed." uo *be fronl steps nf the general hoa-
Mr Ohti'ir expected Cantain Combes 1 pltal.   Tho
*w and  his  men   wouid   bring  their  **�� "" ;*:" *"*""'' '"" hul
r���t snrttove ',��� l.avaletti . their Btfelon   ' url5 .' "'���' r''.'s '*" r" ""fflcient to stem
���ager following wanted to
three or four
Snecials at the Edisin.
"Th" Power of Conscience." a strong
and thrilling photoplay of the Ks-
penny brand is to he pictured at the
Fdison todav and tomorrow. This
should appeal to all lovers of scenes
ih-it 'limb with sentiment, powerful
pathos and ginning situations.
Francis X. Bushmin. although be
doc; not appear until the sceond reel,
is the feature of the cast and this rising star among movie theatricals Is
seen at >iis best, pictured as Rev
Stanley Waters.
The plot hinges on a  love affair In
was  killed  after  be  had  crossed    to a coal mining town, where a girl falls
about  American    territory    and    lind    on In iove with a mine foreman, althoutrh
Americans    1 he affair is in the I audi  this affection Is not cntintc nanc.ed by
of  Hi"  civil authorities  at   El   Paso,  per father.   The mine foreman Is kill-
though the   Immigration   departmenl led and suspicion falls on a miner by
his   here   Will   make   careful   inquiry   Into   the  name   of   Hale.     A   confession   as
the occurrence. n,,. closing feature of lhe play results
( Dynamite Goes. from a strong sermon on "The Power
The state department announced to-  of Conscience," delivered by the mnr-
night thai shipments of dynamite and  dered man's brother.
Immigration agents at  El  Paso, Tex.
The report confirmed press despatches
of  the   incident,  stating   thai   Acostu!"
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c to $1.50���Now from 15c  to 45c
Contractors for Every   Kind .of  Electrical  Work
Sl. H.  BOCKLIN, N. UKAUDHlaKB,        W. T. H. BUCKUN
Pres and G��al. Mgr.       vic�� 1'rssidsnt. Bac. and Traas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
New Submarine
Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for:
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
V*--.h I'v wns sunTpoBed f" find y>������������ ��� lay
Bud Ih*-y hud thrown the shoe antl
a-t/acUiri-  oterboard   and   burled    the
M Lav-alette, where Captain Con bi B
iWa-"-* su.1 the Toot i>; burled, n i ��� ���"
.naani'ai-Ar'.oti h-ts been received asking
Vrar intormniiain iilnnii the fool, onr
h*v* tis> oi the lire saving Btatlons In
:���> iVf-Vm i- nf twoiu> miles up or down
T-.a-. ran*.'. r'Tviriil any Inquiries.
MurfhlH'id Ore, 3ei I 7 \ thrll
Uras rssiou* by government Ilfe-savcri
\����'�� *m%Tuiuied on Coos bay bar hiai
B>f_kl, srben n crem of f re'gn fliher
-even in ;*. Columbia river boat were
rBtrwvMk  trom the  ver     -dRe of    thc
the tide Nevertheless, all the rels-
thi*!* of the little hoy got In, and knols
of frli nds ind aci uaintan ies stood oul
tide ai ' a < * 1 s oueBtlon evident:
ly verv Importani nnd requiring grave
onsldi -.'i'i' :.
Ini di tba hospital *:' was learned
thai iio- ynungstrr had swallowed a
* nt. and lhe doctors in the outdoor
���li I'.'f " '',��� were Boon able to in;*ki*
the budding human orstrlch disgorge,
much to the relief of Mio parents nnd
the |oj ni the lad Bul what of the
crowd; one of the few calm spectators
I nf the scene was sufficiently callous
in pxpress n doubt ns to whether ilo*v
were discussing the condition of the
lad, or the loss of tbe cent.
Intended marriage, and liis landlady
only learned of it on Wednesday,
wlion Mr, Morley was indisposed and
his   fiancee   railed   to   see   him.     On
learning   that   her   Inteded   husband   other explosives needed  for  workln*;
was  111, Mlsi Brook exclaimed, "And  the greal   mines in  Mexico  will    be
authorized a.i heretolore.
lonrorr'iw my wedding dav," She
S'aVBd some hcurs with Mr. Morlev
preparing medicines, and then [eft,
Whether the two had a dispute or no'
Is not known. At nine i 'clock In the
morning  Mr.   Motley  left   his lodgings
without Baying when' he was going,
A press representative called at
Miss Brook's residence, but there was
neemtngl) nn person in tho house. A
neighbor Informed hlm ihat Miss
Urook had left and had not. returned.
At tbe offices of the Hrodeur company on St. l'eter street it was learned that Mr. Morlev hud taken ten
davs' leave from his duties for his
boltdays, He Is regirded ther" as <m
energetic and capable BBl0snian. Mr.
Morley   is   of  Kngiish   birth   bin   has
Inb rpreti d,      I'r* a denl
ssat <���   ti ci ngn ss   Ind i;
No Dead Ones There.
Port Coqultlam, Sept  7.   In  order
to  reserve  the olty hall  for  lhe  pur-
In til  f",s'" f"r "liMb It was originally bulb
U'il. oil's
cami    th u    tbe    expi ri itlon
.*...,... ,.. i;, ,��� tt, . riiii-.i dates  i ven     "lat of boosing the civic administrator industrial purposes would ba dis-!'1"11 headquarters, offices, police qui
continued,    Howufer, whrn r preen
tatlves of  the  mining  Interests  told
the president through tho state department thai this would work a pr at
hardship,  lhey   were lold  that   sui :i a
step was not conteinplati d
Kvery precaution will be taken by
the government to guarantee thai
none of the explosives permitted to
be shipped from the United States
shall be diverted from Industrial
us, s.   it is understood that President
Wilson   also   w II   authorize   the     ox
ters and lall the city council Is seek,
lng a place to creet a temporary
morgue. The matter ���������������.m dl ionised
at the bod council meeting and Alderman Morgan was Appointed to provide
the best  morgue facilities procurable
for   SIO"      Whatever  on'irters   are   ye
cured will only be used temporarily. It
befng the Intention to ereol a permanent, morgue at a later date.
been  'for  manv   years    In     .Montreal.  Potation of limited quantities of arms ;
Miss  brook is a native    of nourne- 'or Americans iii Moxlco for B��flf'de-
T*>'* Columbia river boats had
coim- ri'van lhe coast, and as the
-mm- vasttlng the bar the engines c
itw TjtuV*-.' down. The ether two "'g
nsllacl vigorously fir heln and the life
as-nrvrs ri-spor.ded. rescuing the dr'fl
tag boal. just as il nearod the bresk
tf*nt cn ihe spit. So strong was thl
lii!***- that th��. life-savers could not re
��:srn ug.uiiKt it and were forced to g'
rs> fx-sx, retin-ning thia morning.
Seattle,  Hep'
claims   to  the  ti
mouth. England, and has been some
Personal iniurv *wo >'pars in Canada but only rerent-
Of  1190 BOO   filed 'y ra,n,> to Montreal from Vaneouver,
,   against thee jtv during the past Hire
Mr.   McGreer  sa'd  that  he  did  not
and Third avenue north, where an
automobile containing Ftaynor D., Wai.
tef B. snd Cedric Whtttlesley, Mr"
I llllan Whittlesey, t;ieir mother Mis'
Dori ('nines and M'��i' Myrtle Beach,
~ . . went Into D ravine Murch 30 l��8l r��-
IPcr Vie,**   Erdinq   Sunday,   Sent.   14,  ,���-,,,   ,. , o)  M.u   v,,,,,,���
months,   were   releeted   Saturdav    hy know the tvehereahouta of the ro"nle.
tbe flnonoe committee of the city coun- bnfhe had evidently reson to believe ,.,_,,,     ,    ..   ,    .,.,.,,
ell.   included In tin* lot were six elstms they are still in the olty.    He gave it  [*]*...?',.   ..!, f.?8-! f      .
for alleged negligence on the par! of "s his opinion    that    the    marriage
lho elty  for  falling   to  properly  pro- would he performed next week
teet the street end al Crockett stre *
11 4 . n*.7,tl \  13:46 i'2.0 5:26 It.4
23*11'' iv.:*i 21:6(1 in.S 1S:50 11.5 ,of ,
IS ff ��;36 15:02 12.0 6:30 2.61 T],
v.' io    28:06 10.1 21:52
n K t" -in (115:40 12.7 7:32
Thev'rc About  Rlnht.
Como, Italy,    Sept. fi.   The    p'l'e*
have prohibited a cimeograph representation   of   ihe   charit'n   murder,
Ti.a-v  t'(t(p the eroi'nd that sueh     an
exhibition   would   enuse   morbid   cr1-, ar"'s______
cs'tv  in  connection  with  tiie ifodi
Early  Crawford  Freestone  Peaches
pev nnd Injury to the other occupants t-Ini    -f   Pertnr   Charlton,    who    it
,.l,.,r���.i|    ��� III,    hn.-tail.    I l']od    '.'--���    -'f .
and thrown her body Into Lake Dome,
gg-.M *:'i li.
\   V.Ta   11   30
rt-.v) '������������ rs
a it 12 os
17   4T,
���4-.2H   0:26
IS H�� 1" Ml
5 17.    I: on
il r,4 H.7 R:2S
16 21   12.7 22:30
2:21 9.7 !l:10
10.47 12.6 22:66
:: 22 0.9 10:03
17:09 12.3 2::  16
4 li 10.2 10:39
.ii niitnl ui $350,466
i��-l]Mrp. Una W .1 Bell, mother of Mrs.
2-7 | Whittlesey asks for (12.600 because
0.3 |of the death of her daughter and the
2 9 ; son asks for $60,281 for the same cause
8.5 IFor their own Inlurles the sons ask
3.1  to be recompensed by lhe city to the
7.7 extent of $12.��75; .Miss Beacb asks for
3.4 i $15.0011 and Miss Hayes, who was tha
fin I most Herlously Injured, auks for $60.
8.8 000,
He  Died,  Nct the  Sotiirrel.
Nelson. Sept. 7, -Striking with a
long steel rod at a squirrel, whieh was
on one of the poles of the 20,000 volt
electric current trunk Une, l'eter Mn-
Fachren missed the squirrel, hit th"
line and fell lo the ground dead. The
acoltlent occurred at the Silver K'm;
-���.inn.   i,one   v|e|soti.     Ile   leaves   rela-
fence, hut any such orders from ih
Wliite House w 11 be exceptional.
Soon after thi  president announced
In  hia    message    that    an    embargo ���
would  be placed on all arms out of;
this country,  Mexican   constitutional '
Texas, petl- i
tloned In behalf of Ami nouns In that ]
country   that   they   be   permitted     to
equip  themselves  for  defence    with |
arms purchased in their own country
but officials doubted the disinttrest.il t
ness of the motive for    the   const tu-|
tlonallst  petition  nnd  it  was  denied.
In Innumerable instances in the past
for tba defence of Amerl- I
cans have been taken from them and j
used   by   both   sldea  of  the  opposing I    -r!lr���, ���rf, choice, firm peaches, Jusl
Mexican factions. right f()r preserving,
The state department has been ask i
ed  to determine  whether  a. Nevanda j    Fruit jnrs of all kinds In pint, quart I
company can sell the  Huerta govern    and half gallon sizes
Mi Seats Will be Reserved
10c������ 20c. 30c,
Seat Sale Starts MONDAY MORNING at 10 a.m.
_���__��� 13:_S    17:29 "12,0 21:3(1   6.1     The   other   personal   Injury   claims I Uvea at gVebster's Corners, P.E.I
ment a dirigible airship without vlo
lntiug the neutrality net which forbids the exportation of "munitions of
war" Into Mexico. The question bat
not been passed on, but officials today pointed out that an airship for
use In the Mexican federal '���ainpilgu
clearly fell within the definition of
"n.iinitii lis of war."
Economy Tops, per dozen 	
Extra IC. '/.. Jar Tops, per dozen
"Under the Black Flag"
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nights
Burr Block.
Phons 380.
Columbia  8trect.
Chas. I Royal's
Stock Company
... OPENS AT THE ...
PA.JI wvi
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   i-i   CRICKET   >.*.   BASEBALL   -,-:   BOXING
|     The  seml-fliiuls   lu   thc  mixed   foursome competition  ai   the
, mon ton Y. M. C. A., 4 feet 7 '-i Inches;
8, S. J. l'lerce, Edmonton Y. M. C. A���
4 feet OVi Inches.
Putting 16-pound Chot.
,���u     ,,,    ,. ,.   Burqultlam     , ^ MpDlannld, V. Jx. C, 89 feet i
Armstronp,  Benten  by  the  Msnn Cul  llnKf Of the Vancouver (,oif and < oun-   ,    .'.  ���   .,  f-llliH   {,   .   ,.   .,��� [get ju
try club  were  disposed  of on  Satur-;,   ". '    ' 	
Holders Sixteen Goals to Two day  arternoon,  good  plays  lielng  tbe
ifeatuie of both events. ^^^
in Vancouver. |    m|b���   Qgilvle    m���|    *���   H     N���rman
  went Into the finals hy defeating MisH
Peele and P, ii. Brooke, while Mrs
The   V,   A.   ('.   Mann   cuppers   were   K.  A.  McKenzie    and   V.\   Hone    also
qualified for the finals by winning ou'
from Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stewart.
The competition will be concluded
si me afternoon this week and, Judg-
Im; from the Interest being taken In
the event,   there  wlll  lie a  large    at*
tendance preeent
International League.
Providence 7, Newark it
Baltimore 'i, Jersey, t'ity 0.
Wholesale    Reinstatement   of   Soccer
Players Is Effected by B. C.
Amateur Athletic Union
up io lhelr uld tricks again ou Saturday afternoon m the matter or do
[ending the ruinous amateur lacrosse
trophy, whin the) swamped iho Arm*
-���i i,.'. hi',   aggregation,   iti   goals
lo 2. The score is on a plane with the
iai.li rn hockey ot lust winter and also
t.ia, i our lacrosse tins summer, ai the
dopesters were BO far our with the
s '.:i mat ihey have yel lo reach
xr< und In order lo lind out just where
MO)   were  al.
Armstrong looked good for Just 20
minutes. They notched their only iwo
tallies in the flret i-unrtir, against
i ie b> Vancouver. Alter that there
was   nothing   to   it   bul   the   shouting
ami the muse was all in Vancouver's
Lacrosse fans on ihe lower main
land,   after   the   performanei s   of
s    a   C   against   New   Weettnlnsl r,
bad   il   all   doped  OUl   that     lhe    firal
step  towards the  departure of    the
Mann cup from    llie    Pacific    shori
would   be  taken  Baturday  afternoon.
It   was  simple   rule  of  Ihree,   If   New
Westminster could defeat V a. C. 18
to .'. then how could Armstrong,
i hamplons of ths Interior of the prov-
ine-. score over lln-  Miami cuppert
Fred Lynch and I'ut Feeney I.a !
ilu* biggest cinch of a job, especial!)
llie latter, for only one penally was
band d oui during the whole game
Uet, ree I.ynch perhaps wit kid a lit:!.
harder and perspired more than did
ihe Salmon Belly centre. In having to
Hop, Ctep and Jump.
1. K. llallburtun, Kdmonton Y. M ('.
'i.. i'i tool * Inch; 2, W. Halpenny,
Montreal A .. A., 40 teet 11 inches;
11, Q, C. Heath, V A. C . 40 feet IH
Throwing 56-pound  Weight.
1. A. McDlarmld, V. A. ('., 'i'i feet
014 inches; .. i>. OilUt, v. A. C,  ?.t
feet 5 inches; 8, It. C, McDonald, New
[Westminster, t.i reet iut,_ inches.
Pole   Vault,
l. W. Halpenny, Montreal A   a   a.
! I" feet;  2. W. Sproule, V   A. <'.. !�� reet
IX Inches; :!, I.. C. Johns'on. V. A. 0.
Ctandmg of Clubs
ran- oil lhe rubber BOine 1* odd l.m* s
11   tin re  iimi   i   i n  any  financial
. ipl I t   lull ������ ,!,*b,  ll   '.'...uld hava- be, n
a  shame  to lake the money.
The Iwo learns will battle attain on
Wednesday afternoon wlo-n a new
alignment may be expected among tin
Royal City  High School Athletic Club
Will Govern Sports in
1 i order to plac- athletics on a firm
,,,.111:1*1 sound basis the Hoyal City high ���,
school Athletic cluh baa been formed:
1 wiih a membership covering the entire
: ehool and with officers worthy of I
commanding attention when the call;
for candidates for the different lines
of sport goes rorth.
��� During lhis '.vnter football, girls'
field hockey ami basketball will be
the main features in the sport program all i* ugh In the ipritii; other
games v. *n be entered Into.
Ni w t' :' 'io rchool work *s in full
swing the new organization, which was
organized lot Friday evening, will
��� * n tni nee ��� I 1 nei- to stir up interest
The contains ami managers or the dlf-
fer. n( lu nohes of 1 por: will ask for
r  ��� lidates this week.
Vancouver A
Kdmonton . .
Winnipeg . . .
Montreal   ....
Westminster .
Total Points.
Tne  expected   haB  happened.    The
Iprovincial executive of the B, C. A.
1 A. I', has taken a tumble aid, at a
j meeting held in Vancouver on Saturday evening, a motion was paHsed to
\ the effect that ail applications frcm
way  outlaw Boccer players received  up  to
hair  d_ii. have  been    accepted    and    lhat
to '1 n.'ssldor, thf
Uiy the Potter.)
Jack  Hoult    made    the   Vancouver
runners look like thirty cents at  (he
Canadian championships meet in Vancouver Saturday afternoon.    Th
the  Itoyal City  boy trotted  the
Hole,  keeping  close   .-   ......mw.,  uk*  .. , .      ,
Torontuslar, until near the ,ape   was'the"B   vX&y"*   may   ""W   C��mp*te   '"
a  surprise  to the  big  crowd  present  amateur  soccer.    Another  point   was i
and gave Joy to the Weetmlneter folk,  added to the motion to the effect that \
 , any players who have not sought rein-
Inn   Maliony   lias  received   notifies- , ,     .a.     .,_
tion or i���s appointment as one of the �������"����� ���" *���-> B'J u" ,0 the *****
rugby referees for this winter. Tim ls,o( th" annual meeting or the B, C. A. j
much In demand, having been appoint-  A.   t.'.  to  be  held   in   Victoria  ln  the
near future.
This action can be regarded    as    a
great victory  by Boccer clubs In gen- j
eral in the province and ends a fight ]
which haB    been    waged    unceasingly
during the  past few months.
As a  matter of Tact  that  B.  C.  A.
A. U,    was    practically    forced    Into j
making such    a move.    It    saw    the 1
handwriting  on the  wall.    It  remembered  the  action    of    the    Manitoba j
Boccer official by the Vancau-
Kast Hurnaby sliowid the way in
the matter of getting playi rs acquainted when they gave a rousing smoker
laHt Friday evening. The suburbanites are after the city league championship this winter and. if enthusiasm counts, they will be heard
trom later.
Baseball Results.
The offi* 1 rs of tbe new association
nr" as follows: Hon president, II A
I Ittle lo-'ucinal of hich school: preei.
dent, f, K Have-stock; vice-president.
Mbs Oraham; secretary, fleorge Curtis;    football   captain.   A     Annandale;
manager, Miller Lougheed: girls' hoc-
kev captain, Miss Beth Qilley; manager, Miss Ethel Brown; basketball,
captain, George Curtis; manager, D
Rob    *i
I J.
This week should see the real start
in training for lhe winter rugb) season. So far several promising young
sters have appeared ai Queens park
while additional names have been
n ��� nl ��� ie d bs i" Ing anxious to make
Hub h. aeon's team
Altho igh It cat m I be said thai tli ���
Royals will have an eaay tuna' in th"
Vancouver league, the prospects or a
good seaaon wsre never brighter than
i.ow and a fe�� weeks of hard. Bolld
practice al ihi park should enable
the team to bo on a par with eitbet
th.- Highlanders or tbe Vancouver Y
M   C   A.
Ti 11.1 rrow evening th" executive of
tin- local club will hold a meeting In
the y M C A . when plans will le
discussed and regular practice dates
In si me quarters English rugby is
1 ��� garded    as    Just    as dangerous    aa
aither    tlie    Canadian    or    American
������   when, accidents to players are
prevail nl
iJMl season the local club went
through tlle season without one player
bi ��� -   incapacitated, while  Injur)   1 1
:ni\   player in the league was unheard
Standing  of the Clubs,
Vancouver 87
Portland  "���>
Seattle   70
Victoria   71
Tacoma    86
Spokane  H-
Just About Grabs Pennant.
Tacoma, Sept 7 Superior pitching
won two games today for the Vancouver Heavers from the Tacoma Tigers.
The locals were turned back time and
again With men on baseB while their
pitchers weakened in the light placi s
Firs!   game: It     H.    K
Vancouver     6   1"     4
Tacoma      2     6      1
Batteries: Cadreau and Konnick;
Kraft. Belford and Harris.
Second game: 11     H     V.
I Vancouver      '2    11      II
I Tacoma     1)     fi     0
Batteries: Ingersoll and Konnick;
1 McQInnlty and Dunn.
Here's a litil" inside Bluff to the
hockey fans. Lawrence Lake, the star
fprwaid on tin- Heavers last winter,
Is being sought alter by the local
hockey company to go into the pro.
game ln the same manner as a pinch
hitter. Lake has remarkable speed
and is aome artist with the stick, bo
that. Bhould he decide to make the
jump, lie will lind ready support trom
local ians.
The release of Ernie Johnson from
the Montreal Wanderers' list probably
means that Sam Llchtenheln has dripped liis suit against :he Moose.
Come to think of It, The News vvas
the lirst paper on the coast to sugsiest
that Frank Neighbor, of Toronto,
would be with the Patricks this winter. Thai was Beveral weeks ago
when hockey talk was just beginning
to simmer, Neighbor is not a Johnson or Cyclone Taylor, but, for combination stuff, he is alone.
Three  Records  go  by  Boards  at    the
Toronto  Athletic  Meet���Hurdrtd
dispelling   the   Idea  thnt   tto
a  more  dangerous one Ihan
in  9 35  ".rcondo.
Toronto, S. pt 7. Three c.inad an
track  records  wenl  hy the  board    at
the Canadian national exhibition athletic meeting Saturday afternoon. The
United stales cracks outshone the
beBt that Canuda could produce In
most oi the events,
Tho records broken were in tbe 10 ���
yards dish by Don. P. Llpplncott
Philadelphia; the 44" yards race by
Ted Meredith. Philadelphia, and the
three mile handicap by HiiniH'S Kohle
malnen.  the  little Finnish  runner.
Koblemalnen only finished fifth,
but he starW'd from scratch, while
Harry Tressider, who won In 16:61,
had a handicap of 60 seconds.   Kohle
mninin's lime was 14:41. I.ipplnc: 1'
did the luo yards In 'j. P.-f> seconds, hi
the quarter mile event Meredith set a
new Canadian record by doing It In
47 In seconds.
Portland Gets Theirs.
I'ortland. Sept. 7 Portland's pennant gathering hones received 11 bsd
setback today when Seattle look both
games of a double header, :i-i and 3-2,
thus giving Seattle an even break in
lbe scries.
Williams used thric pinch hitters in
the seventh innings of the rirst game
with Melchoir and llellman on. but
Kelly, the Seattle pitcher, tightened
and Portland oould not add to its lone
Ih the second game Knstley and Mc-
Ivor battled for eight innincs in a 2-2
grapple, but In the ninth lames' single
and a two bagger by Klllllay gave Se-
at'le the game.    Score:
First   game: ft,    HE
Seattle       :i      8      2
Portland     1     7     6
Batteries: Kelly and Wally; Carron
Martlnoni and  Murray.
.Second game: II.    11.    F
Seattle    3     9     0
Portland   !    7     1
Butteries: Mclvor and Wally; East-
lej   and  Murray
At-iletes  Cop   Points  at  Canaan Ohimnionshio Meet at
Piling up a total of 72 polnta agalnsl
lhi nearest Competitor, Edmonton,
with 2S, the Vancouver Athletic cluh
wm, ,, lug victory on S���tur.lay afternoon in the lirst Canadian champ on-
slop meet held wenl. of lhe Hockies
rn Beveral years.
Ull   .ut ��� ,,nd 1.ons ol the  previous
days caused tlve track to be In poor
1 ��� ndltli '1 for the fool races, although
0111 te, ord was smashed by It. Sheppard, of l.dmci'.toii, in the standing
high jump.
"'estminster Does Well.
New Westminster did remarkably
well in the meet, scoring Blx points
witli thr intrjes, Jack lloult running the best race ill biB life, wheu
h, .railed TYeMldor, the Toronto North End A. A. t
crack Hoult, b> hls performance in
Saturday, made himself known as one
of 1 be b. st hair nillers iii British Columbia und with a little more experience and training, will be In a position in meet the best In Canada.
Oordbn, also ot the local Y. M. C
A ____________________________
taking third place from thc Vancouver entries.
Hailburton, Y. M, C. A
^^^ Time, 22 4-5 seconds.l^^^^^^
120-yards Hurdles.
1. W, K. Sproule. V. A. l',;._. (1. C.
Ilialh. V. A. C.    Time. IS 1-8 seconds.
1-Mile   Run.
1, A. A. Cupping. V. A. C.J 2. A. I)e-
coteau, Edmonton Police A. A. I'.; .:.
J.  Bepkett, North End  A. A. C. Winnipeg.   Time 4.:U1 8-6,
100-yards Run.
First heal    1, J. N. Leggatt. V.A.C.;
2.    K.    Sheppard,    Edmonton,    Time,
lu :;���;> seconds.
Second heat 1. II. B. Biasicy. Victoria; 2, J. A. Howard, Winnipeg.
Tune, 10 seconds.
Final heal 1, Howard; t, Ilenslcy;
,3. McConnell. By vlrture ol being
third In the fastest heat run, McConnell. V. A. ('.. was entitled to run In
the tlnal.
3-Mile Walk.
1.  Stirling,  V.  A.  ('.;   2,  K. Hawle,
Winnipeg.   Time
123.45,      ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^
880-yarda Run.
1, J. TreBsldor, Central Y. M. C. A..
Toronto;  2, Hoult, Y.  M. C. A.. New
Weatmlnster; 3, 0, tlordon, Y. M. C,
A., New Westminster. Time, 1.59 2-0.
5-mile Run.
Charlie  Swain Again.
Spokane, Sept. 7-Victoria took Ihe
: ertes from Spokane today by landing
, the second game of tlle double header
ibv a    score of 2-1.    Barbara pitched
! almost  perfect  ball against the locals
I end deserved a shut out.   In the rirst
; game Spokane hit Narveson and Fits-
jgerald   hard   and   took   advantage   of
the visiting pitchers' wlldneaa to pile
I up a total of 14 runs agalnsl six.
Charlie Swain established a new
I home run record for the Pacific Coast
'and Northwestern leagues by putting
, two hits over the fence and raising
I Ills total for the season lo 32. Scores*
Flral   game: H.    H.E
I Spokane    14    13      1
j Victoria        li      8      fi
Batteries:  McCorry   and   Hannah;
Narveson, Fitzgerald. Slaton and Shea
Second game: li.    H.    E
Spokane      1      2     4
Victoria     2     6     2
Batteries:  Smith and Altman. Hannah; Barham and Shea.
3, It. 3.
V. A.  C
Time, 60,
Four Men Team.
~m ".-    i��� ,h��� h��lf mile '    1. W. R, Chandler. V. A. O.J 2, J.
,ui. a good race In the half mile, ^.^ ^^   ^   A  A  c   _,.,__,
peg; 3, O. Wnttence. Edmonton Police
It   c. McDonald secured third place A. A. U. ���ne. M.M ���*
in the 50 Pbund wAfht: JtaWJ^gl    j, j. fte,ffi WW* Toronto;
MiTiarmld    and    Dune    UiB'"'    ��nB ��� **\ "*.   . .__.,,
tor,,,, r Canadian champion, Gill s, ap- ��, XN.  Leggatt,
pears to be going back and was forced Jictoa. Calgarj
*�� ' moo* P'������ t0 Mc01nrm,d '"l   iftKoJKS\tMetlo club; 2. Ed-
t0tAB m^TowAtV     ���&�� Bh! ���0C-T.me' sM.T  ""*
220   >'��rd��   �����ta��t  ������k0"er       Calllls. V.  A. C;  9, R. C. McDonald.
'���;';,�� *loltrXkeyl. I' wS done by New Westminster. 152 feet 6 inches.
.ho    'ane mer'   S    when    they. Running High Jump,
ewltched the five nSe run, schedu.nl'    1, A. O. Sullivan, V. A. C.. 5 feet 5
.     .  _     .,���?.. fiatween the half and Inches;  2. W, Halpenny. Montreal A.
ninner .nife e "ont.   UiiZr back on A. A.. 8 feet 4 Inches;  3. L. Blades.
h    prog am.-which thus allowed the Edmonton Y
V   AC. quarter rollers to comp_ete
Standing of the Clubs.
New York S6
Philadelphia    75
Chicago    .74
Pittsburg    70
Boston   .56
Brooklyn    !55
clnrlnnr/1    55
St.  laouls    46
Sunday's Qamee.
At Chicago: B.   H.   B,
St. Loula    1      4     1
Chicago      4     7     0
Batteries: Sallee. Perrltt and Wingo; Smith and Archer.
8econd game: R.   H.   E.
St.   Louis      1      7     fl
Chicago    7   10     0
Batteries: Oriner and HUdebrand;
Pierce and Needham.
Plttsbtirg-Cinclnnatl game postponed; rain.
Poor old  Matty;
Tale of woe;
Big Six got  his bumps
Three In a row.
School soccer got away to a s'art
on Saturday morning when the boys
from Richard McBrlde school defeated
thp Herbert Spencer school 6 to 5.
The Sapperton segregation was in the
cellar position last season and the
victory on Saturday has raised much
football clubs: of some weeks ago,
when a split with the amateur body
was  narrowly  averted.
From now on the Westminster City
Football league can go ahead with its
plans for the coming season, which
bids fair to be the best in the hiatory
of soccer on thc coast.
The wholesale reinstatement means
that all players who have figured with |
the  Rovers  are  now eligible  to  play
In the city league, which, cens deritig |
the fact  that  the  Rovers    have    nod j
the cream of the    city    and    district j
during tbe past few years, means that |
these  players  will  have  a  chance  to j
win  the  championship  aud  challenge
for the McBride trophy.
Nev; Wesiminster will not enter the
Vancouver and District league under I
any consideration this season. Flatly
refused admission in the -senior
division, the men have disdained the
offer of Dave Leith, at present czar
of Vancouver soccer, to enter the
second division, and will therefore
Bteer clear of the Terminal City
With the McBride trophy in tbe
'hands of the B. C. A. A. C. it is only-
reasonable to expect that this city
'will be eligible to compete at the
close of the season against the best
in Vancouver and Victoria.
On Inside Westminster Property
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
... At Reasonable Rates and Terms . ..
-: APPLY :-
J. J. JONES, -Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Ritchie    Offers    Former  Westminster
Boy Nice Pay and Chance to
See the World.
Following his showing against
Leach Cross, the New York lightweight, a little over a week ago.
Frank Barrieau has bten taken ia
hand by Willi,. Ritchie, who has oft'er.
ed the Vancouver boy $70 per week
to travel with the American champion ns Ins sparring partner.
Ititchie was in attendance at the
Cross Barrieau light when the latter Fosse 1
just aboul made a punching bag of
the Gotham dentist and it is very evident that Barrieau's science and age
impressed lhe American champion to
the extent of offering the former Sapperton boy a flue chance to see
Ixifldon.    Sept.    7.���FolIOWifig    are
Saturday's league football  resnlfe:
! First Division.
Blackburn Rovers li, Liverpool 2.
Bolton   Wanderers 6. Oldham    Athletic 2.
Brandford City. Aston Ville 0.
(    Chelsea 1, Tottenham Hotspur. -
I    Derby County ;i. Sheffield  United 5.
Everton i, Preston North Eud 0.
Manchester City 1. Middlesb.iro 1.
Sheffield  Wednesday  1,  Manchester
L'nited  1.
Sunderland 1. Newcastle l'nited 2.
West Bromwich Albion 1, Burnley 4.
Seccnd  Division.
Birmingham  1,  Bradford  City  2.
Blackpool 2, Hull Cily 2.
Bristol City 5. Ssoekport Town 0.
Clapton Orient 1, Pulham 0,
Grimsby Town u. Notts County 0.
Huddcrslield Town 1, Bury 1.
Leeds City 3, tilossop 0.
Lincoln City 2. Barnsley 2.
Notts     Forest    1,    Wolverhampton
Wanderers 3.
Woolwich     Arsenal    2.      Leicester
��� _��� ���   ��� ��� ��� ���i
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550
Southern League.
West Ham United 2. Swindon Town
Plymouth  Argyle 2. Cardiff City  1.
Southampton 2. Exeter City 0.
Reading 8,  Millwall Athletic 1.
Crystal  Palace 3.  Portsi .oulh  1.
Coventry City 2, Brighton 1.
Watford 1. Southend United 2.
Norwich City 1, Northampton 1.
Gilltngham 1, Queens l'ark Rangers
_______________________________________ thc I
world  and  also  to  glean   experience
in the way ot going up against Ritchie j
in his exhibition stunts.
Should  the deal  gu  through it  will I
be a feather in the   cap    of    British ,0.
Columbia boxing. Tor    Barrieau    was I
practically unheard   of   three    years
ago and came to the front only two
yenrs ago when he waded through the
best   that   have   been   turned   cut   by
Seattle,   Portland,   Spokane  and   Vic
Bud Anderson, lhe Medford, Ore.,
lightweight, who was locked upon as j
a coinln.' champion until ho waa ta'ien j
down w th an attack i f appendicitis,
is now rounding into shape following
an operation mid is altogether likely
to meet I'.arrii au at an early date.   __
After tha experience of Leach Cross I Sir Thomas Leaves Party,
at the bands ot the Vancouver boy It | Moose Jaw, Sept. 7.��� When Sir
s likely that Anderson will not enter Thomas Shaughnessy hurried east on
the ring unless he Is In the best of I Saturday afternoon, owing to the seri-
shape, but with Frank in the best ofloua illness of l.ady Shaughnessy. the
condition, the Oregon Bcrapper will j rest of the directors and officials of
be tested to capacity should ever they the company continued westward on a
meet. special  train,    lt  ls  understood  that
With two weekB to go, both Ultchle I^ady Shaughnessy wlll undergo an op-
nnd Welsh have got down to real eratlon. J. G. Sullivan, chief engineer,
training  and,  unless  the  unexpected '** ��'" ���""""���"��� ��������������
Scottish League.
Rangers 6, Aberdeen 1.
Queens 3, Kilmarnock 1,
Hibernian 1, Celtic 2.
Clyde 0, Raith Rovers 1.
Falkirk 0, Hearts 0.
Airdrieonians  0,   I'artlck  Thistle  0.
St. Mirren 1, Third Lanark 2.
Morion  4,  Hamilton  2.
Motherwell l, Dundee o.
Leicester IT, Bradford T>.
M. C. A., 5 feet 3 Inchea.
Throwing Discus.
1, D. Glllls, V. A. Cm 122 feet.
Runnlnn Broad Jump.
1, R. Hailburton, Edmonton Y. M. C.
A.. 21 feet 3 Inches: 2. N. nillnlough.
V. A. C. 20 feet 7 Inches; 3, W. Hal-
winners ttnd time fol- penny. Montreal A. A. A., 20 feet 2%
i inches.
Standing of the Clube.
Philadelphia   R6
Cleveland 80
Washington  71
Chicago  08
Boston  66
Detroit R7
St. Louis   ....61
Now York 44
fresh agaltwt Tressldor. o'J��ro"��'
nnd Hoult and Oordon. of thli Olty.
Hoult refused to compete, but Oordon
���was nosed Into fourth place by Jack
non. of Calgary.
Tlie events,
220-yards Run.
1  .1 A. Howard. North End A. A. C
Winnipeg; 2, J. N. Leggatt,
Standing High Jump.
1, R. Sheppard, Edmonton Y. M. C.
A. O.j A��� 4 feet OVi Inches; 2, L. lllades, iid
Sunday's Games.
At St. Louis: R.   H.   E.
Chicago  0     8     0
St. Louis   1     6     2
Batteries: Benz, Clcotte and Schalk;
Baumgartner nnd Agnew.
At Cleveland: R.    11.   B.
Cleveland    6   12     3
Detroit  4     7     3
Batteries: Williams and Comatock;
Dubuc and McKee.
happens, both lightweights should be
in the pink of condition when they
enter the squared ring cn the afternoon of September 20 to decide the
lightweight championship of the
The Lonsdale belt, which waB stolen
from Freddie Welsh a week ago, was
located in Seattle on Saturday when
the police ot the Sound City placed
under arrest a man who was found to
be wearing the emblem of the British lightweight championship.
Punctures ve. Pipes.
In order to settle the question of
supremacy and also give the professionals a chance of getting Into shape
for tho Minto cup games, the chauffeurs and plumbers wlll meet on the
green sward at Queens park this
evening at 6:30 o'clock. Something
big ln the matter of auppers In hanging on the result.
Swiss Are Good Shots.
Camp Perry, O., Sept ���*.���Tho International team match shooting trophy
remains In Switzerland. The Swiss
team, which has held the trophy for
many years, was again victorious today, defeating Its nearest competitor.
Prance by _86 polnta.
Columbian College
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia Street, New Weetmlneter.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE *9*.
The Musical Department last, year
under the leadership of Mias Clara
M. Smith. A. T. Coll. M.
ison Theatre
Essanay's Feature Dram atic Attraction in Two Parts.
Mabel   C. Wlntera, A.
and   Miss 	
achieved success very gratifying, to
the pupils and to the college. Affiliated with the Toronto College ot
Classes Re-opcn Sept. 9th.
This excellent drama quivers with human appeal and throbs with
strong pathos. A picture everybody should see. It teaches a, leason
you will never forget. U SURE AND COME.
' ,,|i   ' ,.
a i ii
Miss Lillian Walker
"The Final Justice"
> , , .1.,��
White Rock
The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, "SHILES ft Co.^ Official Ajent* ���"aue tm
MONDAY, 8EPTEMBER  8,  1913.
Classified Advertising
I.ASSI.'IED ADS WILL BE Received for The News at the follow-
.ng places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
62* Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queeujborough, Lulu Island.
> RATES. ���
aa************* ������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 160 per
month; 6.000 words, to bo used a* required within one year from date of
cm tract, $26.00.
four room suite or cottage; state
terms and location (immediate possession); address room DO Russell
hotel. U996)
tang ln Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan. Free fare. Apply Central Employment Agency, 14 Powell
street, Vancouver. (1994)
lure in large or Bmall quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Wlll guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
housekeeping rooms, 1020 Third
avenue. (2009)
ern houae. No. 208 Agnes street.
Cheap rent and lease if desired.
Enquire 14 Begbie street.        (2003)
finished, nnd large chared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Chi ap for
cash. Apply Owner, (Ieorge Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN. ��1.U0 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (1983)
ers, 716 Queens avenue. (19271
News office. (19651
tish Canadian cannery wharf, bcow
loaded with engine, boiler aud saw
mill machinery. Information wire
of Its whereabouts will be rewarded. Vancouver Junk Co., Dun-
levy and Railway streets, Vancouver. (2019>
\ HOME BARGAIN���6 room modern
bungalow, close to sixth street; $100
cash, baiancs t'il* n month.
Exclusive property and good contract lo
right party.
FOUR WELL LOCATED  LOTS In  Hurnuby to trade for house.    Wlll assume.
Deer, Alta., to trutli' for 7-room thoroughly modern house.
WB  HAVE  110,000   fur  good  agreement:
of Hale.
rooms furnished, ��30 per month;
and a 10 roomed house %lo per
month. Also a general Btore with
post ofTice, fixtures only to be
taken; Immediate possession given.
Apply A. O. Marshall, South Westminster. (1999)
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary, Labor Temple building.
Phone  403 R. (1984)
keeping rosins, $10 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1986)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. (1982)
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Board of
License Commissioners for the City of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
be held on the 10th day of December,
1913, or at any meeting prior thereto
tbat tiie application can be heard, for
a transfer of tbe license to sell liquor
by retail issued in respect of the
Occidental hotel premises. Columbia
K'rect. New Westminster. B.C., from
the holder, Michael Gowan, to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this 26th day of August, A.D.
(1979) License Holder.
Notice Ib hereby given that an application will be made to the board
of License Commissioners for the City
of New Westminster at their Bitting,
to be held on the 10th day of December. 1913, or at any meeting prior
iherrto that the application can bn
heard, for a transfer of the license to
sell Honor by retail Issued in respect
<f the Merchants Hotel, in the City
of New Westminster, B.C., from the
holders, I'aul Root and J. A. Malm, to
the said J, A. Malm.
Dated this 20th day of August, A.D.
MS.��I License Holders.
Ho r__u ni,.  ��03, r.m. finr,, tur,, st}, ��!j,
(i'.'t,   tU    .'iH.   **,-,   6:S,   G'Jd.   630.   431,
ol   Lot   BTI,   Droop   l..Mlii>   114.   In   the
Dlirt-ti-l    nf    N'ew    Westminster.    Port
It a ram'��nd   Junction,
Whereas proof of The loaas of certificate
of   tlrle   Niowtacr    V't,*')   f.   Issued   In   the
name   of   Kit win   O.   SltntnondS   has   l.pen
filed   In   tliln   office.
Notice Is herel'V given Hint I shrill, at
the expiration of one month fronl the
date of the flret publication hereof, tn
ia delta nnWSPS1Uar published In Hi" Cltv
of New Westminster, ISSUS B duplicate
of the s.-'td OrtlflCHte. unless in the meantime valid oh)i-ctlan he made to me In
*?C   OWYNN.
District   Registrar  Of  Titles
Lund   Rcgtstrv   Office,   sv-w   Westrntnn-
ter,   B.C..   2nd   AubiihI.   1913. (lStTO
Tenderr a". Invited up to and Including
Slept. 20th for aale of'grocery business
.-instating ������' stoe't, furniture, i,uIIiIInk ind
property situated in South Westminster
nnd  lately operated  hy Simon  Svendsen,
AW,y     KBLLY-DOt'OLAS  r\,   LTD..
,2012) New  Westminster.
Thc statutory meeting of the Board
ft License Commissioners will be held
.-���t tbe municipal hall on Wednesday,
September 10, at 10 o'clock In the
i_002)     clerk to tlio Commiuloniri,
FOR RENT���CHEAP���7-room thoroughly
modern house, close in. Will lease or
sell; $_00 cash, baiancs $30 a month.
NVESTIOATE THIS���%*!(,���5:acro ranch
cleared   anil   close   to  Cloverdale.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
TAKE NOTICE, pursuant to section lt
of the "Companies Act," that the above
named company Intends, one month after
the Anal hereof, to apply to the Registrar
of Joint-Stock Companies to change its
name to "Standard Discount Company,
Dated  at   New   Westminster.   B.C.,   this
thirtieth  dav  of July,   1913. (18701
Says Canada  Doesn't Want Her���Unenviable Record of
Spokane, Sept. 7.���Nora Lout, possibly deported more times thnn any other woman lu the world. Is now Inform- j
lng Jailers and doctors at tho county
prison that she is sick nnd can not appear III tbe federal court 011 Heptctn- |
her ii,  when it wlll he determined I
Whether she shall be deported again or
he sent to the federal penitentiary. The
occasions upon which she has made
escapes have been from hospital wards
when she had ailments sahl by government officials to ho similar to those
she now  suffers.
The officials who know her record
unite in giving her credit for cunning.
She is American horn, but married a|
Canadian and lost her citizenship.
When she was found to he an undesirable and deported thc first time her
husband, William Lost, was nlso sent
over the line with her.
Since then her arrests hnve been co- |
Inoldeilt with theso ,,f several men of
different nationalities. Including Japanese, a mulatto prize fighter, a Greek
and others, which, government olll-
cinls say. appear on their rocorus.
She is well supplied with aliases,
such ns May Earle. May Hammarslv,
May Howard. May (Irani. Map SUtmpff,
Sum! and Hamilton.
She will he prosecuted under the acl !
Oi' 1910. which provides a two-year
sentence ln the penltentinry for the
return of any who has been deported.
She can be tried for but offense. If
she does not receive the sentence sh��
will he deported, pre'ding Canada
has no objections.
The prisoner complains that Canada
will no longer have her and that Bhe I
Is a woman without a country.
Her Record.
Following is a list of the woman's
arrests: ���
Deported frcm San Francisco April,
1909. to Canada.
Deported to Canada from Montana I
March, 1910.
Deported from Seattle to Canada.
June, 1910.
Arrested for deportation in Helena,
August. 1911.
Arrested In Walla Walla Aprll,
Escaped from Walla Walla authorities same month.
Captured in Great Falls, Mont., June.
Now In Spokane county jail waiting deportation or two-year sentence
In government prison.
P.O. Box 84 Dally Newa Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
89 McKenxle 8L
Transfer Co.
Office Phone ISS. _  Barn Phone IS'
Baggage Delivered Promptly te
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
New Regulations Asked to Govern Ottawa's  Bakeshops  and
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display. See thetn. Perfect fit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
J18.00 up.    701 Front Street.
B.C. Coast-Service
I-saaVAs Vancouver for Victoria It 1. m.
2 p. in. and 11 :45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 11 l m
and ll p. in.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo IS a.m
*ni 6 .30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Polnta 10 p. m. Wednt*
days  and   Saturday!  at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
I .eaves Chllllwack 7 a. m. Tuasdar
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves Westminster I s. m. Honda?
Wednesday and Friday.
BD. OOULET, Agent, Nnw Weatmlnater
H.  W   BIIODIR. r��.  H   A..  Vancouver
What with the harbor improve-
*"      ments, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
Burely WeBtmlnBter is coining to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
j Westminster Trust Block.
Ottawa. Sept. 7���The hoard of health
has requested the passage by the council of a by-law regulating sanitary
conditions In city bakeshops. confectionery nnd ice cream manufactures.
The by-law will give the M. O. H. authority to prohibt the use of unsanitary buildings for such purposes, and
provides that all places where bread,
cakes, etc., ice cream and candy ure
made, shall be kept scrupulously clean.
The working clothes worn hy person.',
employed in these shops shall le
chan. as shall he all the utensils used.
It Is provided that all rigs In which
the products of these shops are de
llvered mimt be kept clean and not
usid for other purposes, and the owner's name must he on each. No driver
of rigs shall curry his wares in his
arms or hands unless the articles arj
securely wrapped.
No animals except necessary cat3
shall be kept in hake shops.
Regulations governing launderies
were also approved by the board. They
provide that only porcelain, earthenware or enameled tubs shull be used
In laundries, and the walls In the vicinity of the tubs shall bo of Blmllar
Among oth��r things, sleeping In
laundries Is prohibited, ns is tho Bprav.
ing rif clothes witii water from the
mouth. No person suffering from 11
communicable disease Khali be permitted to work in ;i laundry.
Tn make il possible to enforce thos"
regulations it Is provided that licenses
to laundries shall he issued condition
22 */
Seattle, Sept. 7. Because one of the
witnesses in-fore it. Mrs. Helen Katie,
became hysterical while testifying nnd
screamed so loudly us to arouse lho
entire federal building yesterday, the
federal grand lury adjourned its morning session without reporting any results and look up fresh matters when
U met again at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Mrs. Kane was subpoenaed in connection with a cuse the government
is seklng to press against one. ,7, W.
Welch, alleging he had violated the
Munn net. J. J, Sulllvnn, assistant
district attorney, had hardly asked the
I first question when she started to
! scream, nnd afier several mlnuteB hnd
! passed, she was carried from grand
jury room and Dr. It. F'rance. prison
physician, was summoned. After ministrations lusting half nn hour she was
finally calmed down but was not taken
before the grand jury again during
the morning.
ln additlnon to finding a true bill
against Samuel Cross, charging hlin
with pertury while testifying before
it yesterday afternoon, the grand jnrv
investigated alleged violations of the
Mnnn act during the entire dav, except for the temporary Interruption
caused   by   Mrs.  Kane.
A true bill was returned ai'ainst
Joseph Breast, charging him with violating naturalization laws In hls petition for citizenship. It was alleged
that Ilressl had killed a man while In
Italy before coining to this country
and had served Imprisonment for Beveral years on the charge.
Will Sell Your Property
Rent Your Vacant House
Rent Your Rooms
Bring you Boarders
Find Lost Articles
Get you a Position
Bring you Help
Those Who Have Tested
Their Power Know That
Bring in your copy, send it by mail
or telephone
Downtown Office at Hill's dru�� store -tx-t^smata-mm
MONDAY,  SEPTEIYDER   8,   1913.
Consequence to Imperial Government If This    Is    Refused���Poojible
tiiat First Reforms   of Enfranchisement May 8:
Moulded by Tory Government.
.  (real  pilgrimage of women ar- j real  grievance of  wblch   they  coop
��� ,i ,1 in London g week ago, after bav-
marched trom Wales and Land's
Knd, and  from   Yorkshire nud  Bail
"The day-to dny report  of the n-
.  ;, ion acoorded lo the several con-
lingi 'its supply," nay i tin   Now Sttit.'M
LU, "till
most conclusive proof so tar democratic
ggla ri the progress made hy thel   or on a 1
���  ,H i  causa in th
;        ;,.l'_rllliK   hturlod
i. ��� iings ha��e i -i io id in praetloally
,  i   wn throughout tin* country nnd
lundredl of villages,
Appeal of the Roads.
.,. polnl baa inou  missed lu the
��� r.nl ,*i|ipe:il of  the Bttdlish  roads
- tout.- followed h\ tiie pllgrimi
owded with hist nv; mosl of thorn
, m< morli a of heroic women whose
Hint to the Premier.
II    V.   Mini-.,ni,.���n;,   In   tli..     Dally
Ni wi. i uggesta a way in which the
prime minister, who opposes tne suffrage, might net.
"Supposing he stood salde from   a
gorernmenl Mil, based, if possible, on
tho Dickinson  bill   I, s��� on  a fairly
settlement of the question
r il option lilll. which would
��� bare no mandatory force which did
not proceed from tha definite will of
five wee�� alio.,i,n electoral group Supposing ilu- Liberals could face thc genera] election
with a pled:!" that Mr Aniulth was
witling io give 'lie predominant view
of  hli   followers  IU   Mill   place  In   the
ps * ���' ons. i I t'ailnk '��� ,ii is a tra
A ��� mi I lead ir's sttltude, tl is the
kit ' ��� ittitude '"������ '��������� hich *i prime mln.
l-ior holds ii cal it.��� i together.   There
historic Justification  for  II     And
lea sIiik in tbe traditions ot the then   Is uu urgent need, which time
Iryi do  Not the dullest pollcltlon esn onlv strengthen, ard every sign in
aged in suoh a demonstration could  the politics! heavens forebodes
Indifferent lo the memories called     "ii |. ���,, t possible, nol thinkable, for
I   tin   .'owns   ami    hamlets, ths  i I'raiisin   to   harden into an sntl-
ties and tavern-signs, the streams suffrage society, and that it will In
. bridges, the downs ami commons, due time become unless it can convert
.h preservi  In countless ways the  iv  chiefs to tin, necessity of a gov-
:������!�� of   English   cltlzenshln;   and ernment hill" adds Mr. Mi��slngham.Jo! h��f It      ���
" hi accuse ths women suffragist* "it is in,it., possible tint it will convert     i ndv Wolseley   supervises   every
,* *. ink or the historic or pictorial I them too late, and thsl tbe lirsi forms thing,'bin lh" organ tr-atlon nnd i [reel
management in in i'.e bands of an cx-
riagocd   CornfieidB   Are   Transformed
Into Veritable  Doners of
cf   Eiocm.
London, Sept 7. l.ady Wolseley,
who, since 1904, ban been conducting
a school at (llynde In Sussex, for
training women hoitlcultnrists, has
iwii.e students iiiis summer, all ot
whom are rapidly becoming expert
Tlie opoprtunlty lor women ox-
parti   in   gardening   in   manifest   from ,
i.t.- r i whlcl arriv a st the aehool aak
itiK. "V.iii you ii no -. lady gardener
to look i.i my roses''' or "Can i have
i lady l"r three months to gat iny
garden into ordei ?"
When    l.ady   Wolietey    began   her
work tin- place In queation was a poor
Icornfield,  had;.   Infested  wltn   wire-
worms,    it   was   fittingly   christened I
Ragged Lands, but artir -even  rears
.of -vork   and o'i iau the s tverer manual labor has been done bj lit" women
Students    lhe pluce is a '.'t'.ii ami Tiir-
lureanue garden, ooklng snythlng hut
ragged,   Bach student has her own set
,r 'riols, wlilch she must keep clean.
Each f"i ������ ll' r work for the day posted
on fie oth'" wall ami keeps a diary|
i*. Th'*\ haie, Indeed, mads iin- of women suffraae will be moulded, not
-t of every landmark and every by Liberalism, imt hy a Tory govern-
mory." | ment "
Steady  Demand for Freedom. _
The   |aat   fortnight   has   added   an- i T^r��  Four Celli to  Pieces.
her to th" long series of Impressive|    Woodstock,  Ont,  Bepi   7    Having
nonstratloni hv which th" constl  .discovered that the Oxford county jail
cells were Absolutely unfit to hold on-
erKotlc prisoners, th" property committee of the county entic'ii has pur-
chmed n rteol cnll, wh1"'.! wlll he In-
stalled Immediately. An Insane man.
H Midgely, wbo was confined In |all
this summer, tore four cells to pieces
t",| their    freedom    from    a innd  tiearlv due his wav through   th"
i *','   generation needed no less I outside wail, his sole Instruments be-
Iptable a spirit than the classes | Ing his hoot heads.   This was the cause
gmanicpated themselves in Ihe I of ths purchase.
if oligarch]     The Liberal Bag
���   ���r.-\ suffragists have given teatl-
i uy to the Btrength and reality   of
,  r   convictions,"   t-avs   lhe   Nation
.  *.**  displays   will   throw   color and
' V into lh" pages of a grout  reform
, menl  and the) will show the his-
��� irian of the future that the women
rn 11 Mlns More, v ho has found that
non students are frequently so ism-rant oi first principles lhat It is neces-
sary to allow $30n a yiar for crops
spoiled hy beginners
Puilos Own Fires, Toe.
T,o i.tivi-i'.' of 'be greenhouse ',;������:������
iii   winter   is   don"   hy   Ihe   ttudents.
while   as   plcasnntar   diversions   they
edit a magazine   aclled   the Ragged
Rambler, have a chorus and keep up a
team which plays ihe old Sus'irx game
of stoolball.
'���'ruit, flowers and vegetables from
Ragged Lands find many private customer! In London, BHgUton and Kast-
bot rn".
I Want
To Tell You
A downward revision of prices goes into effect this
morning. Still bigger bargains in every department. Another deep cut of the entire stock. We are
positively retiring from business, and must close out
everything in double quick time. Come expecting big
values-they are here for you.
Toques, all  styles and  colors,
values to 75c.
Handkerchiefs.       best
and   colors   regular  10c.
Ladle.'   hosiery,
and   white;   values
both    black
to  50  cents.
Children's   hats
values to J2.50.
and    caps;
Art  Cushion Tops;   values to
been  (lying  for seven  years, nnd
nothing  has been done 10 touch the
11. .-   thai     Inspires   thesi*  sacrl-
ih ��� 1"
��� ri," movi menl for enfranchisement
>,'  going lo  flicker nut." add'.'  the
"II   Is   not  n   fashion  of  the ,
ur, "r a passing fancy.    The Liberal
part;     - 'a '.* 1 I face with a steady de   I
11 ' ' 1 :r loci aud ihe consequence
if, refusing  11 Is  precisely  what  the
quence rf refualng freedom has
In . :i   it  is no longer a ques- *
merelj   ,.'  delaying  a  reform.  1 r
���' * ling  ror it to ripen    ir Liberals
��� ������   Roit .*  ������* lake the view  tint  i'r
- ��� ,o!   1 efore 1832, thai  heaven
iiatur'   1 1- drawn a  line between
��� who   hs ���'���   the   franchise   and
��� , ut    i 1    lhe   rolil.   thoy    wlll    I e
1 1  to  ��� i" ni""' ,i!s hv  which  the
1   rlei if. fended their theory
"A large class of people cannot be
excluded from the f ranch is,- when once
"-   Inter! sl has been aroused either ln I
ihis country or any other, without dis-
-��� rbsnee or disorder, and the govern   !
menl   tries   to  deal   with   it   Is  drawn .
i.n.ni    government     coercing     anl
unenfranchised class makes itself rl- j
dlculous or odious, or both
Denied  Suffrafle.
"II is not too much to say tint half,
i" reforms achieved or pr isecuted
ihs last balt-century have heen dl-
��� ted to removing or mitigating the 1
��� - onseqnences that have followed 1
��� 1 i" liritish nation fmm the calamity :
.:,'   left   the  artisan  class    unrepresented during    th"    revolution    which1
��� , it,-.I the new  Industry and th" new |
The   shadow  of  that  calamity ,
��� '    today oti the health, tit" phvs
When   Hts Majesty  Goes  a-Travelling   the Intervening space, at distances not
exceeding a quarter of a mile, is guard-
,'.���. the niiiid. and the homes of the | person  who may
or):Ing 1 lasses, and therefore of the
���  II
Legal Interference.
"Today    the   life   of the nation In
1    in:   through   another  revolution,
��� Insurance acl Is part of a general
heme of state Interference with the
lives  aod  habits and  property of the
��� sss "'. men and women. Mr. Balfour
('Id not exaggerate when he sahl that
II touches more sets of people In nm.-" |
��� I   cure  nnd   unanalysable  ways  thin
.���.v.   measure  which  haa  been  tried.')
kmong the persons whom  It directly
afTi "ts. not as wives and mothers, but 1
as ".ago earners themselvc-*, are three I
:��� : a half millions of womnn,   The,
wages of thi >o women are taxed by a (for the rr.y
parliament  of men r*-pro-  tiling men]'
alono.   Por th" admlnli** ration of the'
acl a hnge sl i'.e department has b"en
"ni 1   and other departments have
boen one- .nut'., a" trnndlscd. Iu these
n partr-i'iits. touching the lives and
���������<"���,I Interests of women at a thou-
1 ind points, I' certain number of Women officials ire employed.
What lhey sluill he paid, what pow.
��� rs shall lhey en|oy. win ther tliey arc
10 have any Influence on decisions of
-"-"at moment lo the women ot Kng-
Isnd, depend entirely on the discretion
of  ministers  responsible to a perils-
��� ' >.: representing men alone, indeed
lhe organisation of the new state, In-
v living, as It does, the rapidly Increasing employment of women by govern
n "tit, raises In an acute form the
������ idle question of the relative renv.in-
u ration of men and women.
Laws Made for Women.
Thus, directly and In other indirect
v ivs lbe state Is coming more and
'tore lo regulate the wages and eondl-
1 ons of employment. We can all see
lie Injustice of allowing a parliament
representing the employers to crush
lie efforts of the working elssses to
maintain a civilised rtandard of life s
rentnt'V ago. To Pitt pnrt Kldon and
< Mtleroagb "nd virtually the whole
1 ' the go"ruling classes there seemed
no Injustice nnd no dancer. Will It
n it 1 pnear lo lhe future historian no
I Sf eyirao-dliinry that the Liberal
nartv should nlle law unon inw, pro-
joo't upon protect, for Increasing the
���viwer of the stite over every woman's
home, and tell women, ns Pitt nnd
't asllereat.'h told tho workmen, that
they must trust to the wisdom and
��� r'oo cf th" privileged class? con-
clinloB the Nation.
"it is onlte certain," nays the pally
flail, "that ir tho organising ability
nud nrKiimctittitlve skill, the eloquence
and charm which these ladles devote
' i the suffragist cause were applied
lo the edvnoncy of definite and needed
"forms affecting the lives and Inter
Every Care Is T-iken to Prevent
Unto-vard Accidents.
London, Sept 7 Comparatively few
people have any idea of the rigorous
pn Buttons that are taken hy the
Ilrillsh railway companies to insure
the SBfetJ "f the klne when he travels
mi their lines. When hia majesty
went In Haiti,nal a 'ew days ago all
thai the public knew was that the train
left  Kuston,  and     reached     Aberdeen
and then Balmoral at a particular time
after a twelve or fourteen hour's run
Hot   the  Journey  of   6  0   odd   miles  engini   hails tha
means the successful accomplishment oo.s'bllity thnt
���of  an  elaborate  scheme  of arrange-
! ments. in which not onlv the chief of-
fldals of the line and th" staff of the
royal  train, hut  nearly every  railroad
servant   nn   the  route,  has  had   a  re
1 spnnsilile share     To begin  with, with
ithe times if   departure   or   paaalng
I through  every  station  and  of  arrival
lal Balleter ithe terminus of the Oreat
North (f Scotland railway, nine miles
I from Balmoral), calculated to the tick.
Is prepared; aid a copy, together with
, i" exhaustive lii' of "general Instructions," is placed In the hands of every
be In any way en-
1 In connection with the working
of the   train,   including   englnemen,
guards, signalmen,   crossing-keepers, I
flagmen  .".nd  foitmen.
Geld  Bordered Tlme Table
These teen are Individually  warned
that they must read the sheet careful- ;
Iv  aud  striftlv  obey  the  Instructions.1
SS no want of knowledge of them can
1 ��� acepted as an excuse for any fall-*
ure o- neglect    The sheets contains'
a number of general directions dlctat- '
I**.; speeds end times, emphasizing the.
necessity  of  travelling  wtth  caution j
over sharp curves and  throiiRh  June- *
tloni, and In-pnsslng the fact that anl
absolutely   clear   road   must   be   kept
I train.   When Queen VI". I
torin used to travel from Windsor to;
d by a line of plate layers with hand
-signals and detonators. Kach man cn
his heal carefully examinee the track,
hefore the royal train approaches
Each keeps in sight of ills fellow on the
rlghl and on tii" left and this living
link of British workmen stretches all
Ihe way from London to Ilallater, ln
the Deeslde Hlghlanda
Hut with all thi se elaborate precautions Iiie anxiety of the railway managers is not satisfied. The line on
which i'te king travels is kept under
surveillance for at leaai ten miles
ahead, the distance at which the pilot
way. Hul there is a
tram passing southward as the king travels nothward
mny break down within the limit of
this   jealously  guarded   ten   mlies  and
oi struct th" parallel line.
At  Level Crossings
So on the up rail or the down ptir-
allfil w'lh that  which Iho king travels
travtl   is   temporarily   suspended,   not I
only at th" actual hcur ihe royal train
will pass, hut for a precedent interval. J
Tor thirty minutes before lt is due to I
pas   sa  given   point,  no  engine,  train
or vehicle Is allowed to proceed alone,
or cross toe line.    It  la also decreed
that for a similar period all shunting
operations on lines adjoining the main
line must be stopped.
In Ihe early days of Queen Victor- j
'a's Journeys to Bcotland, when these
rules were drawn up. It was ordered
that  no  trains  or  engines   might  be.
permitted   to travel   between  any  two t
stations from the time the pilot engine
was due to the time Ihe royal  train ,
had passed, but lhat drastic order 'nasi
since been  modified  by  an  exception
In favor of passenger trains and of fish
But while thefo trnlns moving south-,
ward are allowed to proceed, the driv
I'errln's  gloves,
aU colors
Children's  Straw   Hats,  extra
special bargains; values to $2.50.
White find colored waists and
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bargain tables and snap up hundreds of bargains. It's the liveliest bargain scramble you've ever seen. Be one
of the first at the door this morning.
Doors Open
9 a.m. Daily
News of Happenings
In Other Provinces
Joseph Dettlly a turnkey in central
prison,   Montreal,    was    murderously
assaulted   last   week by  two    prison-
E. Fleming, a prominent barris-
of   Windsor,   and   other   financial
of that city have purchased from
Toronto Oeneral Trusts corpora
Captain von Vohrcn. of the Canada
Line Bteamer Barcelona, was served
witli six Bommonses charging him
with bringing immigrants to this country via Quebec that were Judged unlit   for  Canadian   citizenship.
lion  RMgewood park, the vast estate
of thc late H.  Y. Attrill.
In an effort to stop trespassing on
Its tracks, the C. P. R. hai twenty-six
hrickmakers at Milton fined a nominal
sum for going by the tracks, as had
been done for twenty years, on their
way to and from work.
Albert Chamberlain. Toronto, was
unanimously nominated by the Kast
York Liberals for the legislature. Oeo.
S. Henry. Lansing, won the Conservn-
! Lieutenant-Governor Cameron was fin
' ed $1" and costs lor negligence.
I Clifford Robertson, who takes the
'part of Whitney Barnes in "Offtcer
! *i*>b." ivas struck down with apepndt
cities shortly nfter his arrival tn Fran-
Hon. Dr Koche, minister of public
vorfls, met a delegation from the lo-
;a hoard of trtjdf at Jraudon on V. ed-
lay regarding an application fer a
"rmiiial elevator in Brandon.
tor which is to be established at Saskatoon by the Dominion government
has been definitely chosen.
Livestock Commissioner Smith,    of
Regina.   has  announced   his  intention
of having Saskatchewan stock exhibited at   the Chicago International livestock show this year
Montreal, Sept. 7���Storekeepers who
sell cheap jewellery by adding carats
to gold rings and chains and dealing
in watches in which the "jewels" are
firm  of Cumming8 &  Day.  land  sur- j discovered to be bright blue bits of cel-
veyore of Medicine Hat. was drowned 1 iui0|d, will have to beware from now
Kred Campbell, an employee of the | (n w.
Sunday    in    the    Saskatchewan
Mrs   D.  \V.  McMillan died at Piedmont, N. S.
Recent    rains,    general    throughout; ,.,.-��.-.
southern New Brunswick, have    been ��� tlve nomination in a stiff contest after
>t untold value to fnrmers. j'01lr "���ol<'s'
Norman     S.     Chadwick.    of    New1     The   death   of    Ingersoll's     oldest
G lai row.  N.  S.
har,   becn   appointed ' merchant
justice of the peace for 1'ictou county.
The nineteenth annual meeting of
'ho Maritime bonrd of trade opened
ln Newcastle, N. B, Wednesday of
last week, and continued in session
on Thursday.
Miss Kllza Therlault, who has heen
ers are Instructed, when approaching [ |n p00r health for some time, died at
any point towards which the royal the home of her sister. Mrs. George
train is advancing, to bring their train ��� Dogirert. Arthur street, Truro, N. S,,
wh"ther containing  fish   or human|on the 18th,
Considerable inteerst has heen
aroused In Montreal by -he announcement, m'de simultaneously that Hall-
fax is 1 ice nice to be a winter port
of call for the Cunard liners.
Robert Stuart, occurred on
Sunday, after an Illness of several
weeks. Mr. Stuart was in his 79th
year, and had conducted a grocery
business there for nearly fifty years.
W. .1. Cage, of Toronto, the founder of the National Sanitarium association, has received official notice that
his majesty tbe king his approved of
his appointment as a Knight of Grace
of the O-dor of the Hospital of St.
John of Jerusalem.
It is anticipated by C. P. R. land
j agents in Lethbridge district, that
j more American land buyers will nr-
: rive nt southern Alberta tbis fall titan
during any part of the past three or
: foi ;��� wars.
At the nixt session of parliament.
I Ella Rose Morris, formerly of Cal-
1 gary. now or Horley. Surrey county,
i Kngland, will apply for a divorce from
I her husband Frav k Harden Morris s
j government clerk, formerly of Calgary, but i.'f of Edmonton.
torla  travelled  from  \\ndsro     ah; (o exceeding  20
moral,   a  nent y  gold   borederd   time ml���,9 Bn hmir    Nor must there be any
table was provided for he'     11 ��� h  we.I     , whistling when anywhere near
Main,   the mileage and UnH^H lW-   ^ ,t       -.������ fa,     ,
els and Inclines 0   the I In       he i ar- p forbidden
lou. sections of hills and valleys be-    w
lng Indicated nil the
which is 868 efel above the sea level.
The roval train Itself carries tele-
graph and telephone instruments witli
all norocssary appliances so thnt communication can at once be established
In case of emergency; and there are
special telegraph and telephone colls
ore-arranged for this emergency ier-,.  , ,
��� ce    To Ihese pre-Brrango-T ttgnalt,I***" ��e r">"V
,.��� _..i.......   ,_._..ii,i,.  nm.       *<*r the use of
passage of the royal train
Ordinary traffic is completely para-
Ivred hv the bolting and nad-locklng
of e'l fnclng-noitits or switches over
which the pilot engine or roval train
Moose Jaw's new $100,000 publlc
library has been officially opened by
Mayor Pascoe.
A trifle more than $2,200 was raised Monday in Regina, by local Jews
for the erection of their new synal
John   Hunter, a  sailor,  was  struck I    In ,he province of Saskatchewan   a
by a train and probably fatally injured | movement is on foot to make the pre-
while walking the tracks at Kingston
Thn Canadian  Druggists'    associa-
Toronto may get a new fruit market.
The citizens of Glen  Williams are
iml ns for the gates of level or I holding an old boy's' reunion on Sept.
>., viu.�� """-������r.-��� ������,.,j ���. in ,m). tno pnot engine
re b of women they could set in mu��� ��
of course, the strictest possible pri
eeddice must be given. The prlncl-
clpal officers of the railway, including the locomotive and carrlnge superintendents, always accompany the royal train so as to bc on the spot in the
event of anything unforse��-n hnnpen-
Ing. On ono occasion when Queen
Victoria. In her later years, was travelling south, the engine driver of the
royal train was killed nenr Aberdeen,
H�� had recession to go on to tho ten-
i..r of his engine for aome purpose
nnd while passing under a bridge his
hend struck the nrch and he was ra-1
tnlly Injured. But the train wrs not
stopped, for the locomotive superintendent wss on the footplate nnd he
drove It on to Perth, where the bodv
of the unfortunate driver was tn'-ten
off tho engine. It was not till then
thst the Queen wns made r.ware of
Iho accident.
Advance Pilot Engine
But. It is very rare indeed Hint even
the slightest untoward Incident happens on a royal Journey. Everything
thnt Is humanly possible ls done to
avoid neddent. Fifteen minutes In
ndvnnce of the royal train runs a pilot
engine, so that If there Is any danger
ahead tlmelv wnrnlng will bn given.
Anyone might suppose thnt even then,
nccldently or designedly, tho lino
could he blocked after tho passsge of
the pilot engine and before tho urrl-
! grade crossings where there nre no
ml" keepers, thev nre locked one hour
rsln Is due.
Ills mnjesty In England, there nre reserved three of the
mosi snleml'd l-ilra In the world The
London nnd Northwestern Railway
comnaiiy's rovnl train, built It a cost
jof .CfiO.ono, Is perhaps the finest, of
ihese. although the one btii't bv the
I Grent Northern companv nt rvireapter
'lve yeara ngo, is composed of magnificent conches, and the one belonglnK
tn fhe Grent Wester" comnanv w"iild
���������* hard to bent for elegance and comfort.
Hew Lest Little Tet Was Identified by
New   York,  Sent.   7.���The  police of
n-slac, N. T,, found a 7-yenr-nld child
avnndorlnr shoot the p(r��ets yesterday
���corning, bnt the iisitnl mother's of de-
��� ri-mirtlt'tr ���"'>tn rhe was ond wh��rn aHe
be'nnged did not work, for she could
not  sponv  Flnellsh.    Nor    could    she
ik�� PollFh perrons���of her nationality understnnd her.
Detective Benlnmln V. Turner had
nothing strictly urgent, so hn was given the esse. Turner knows a little of
several Inngtngen.
Hn at. length learned her nnme and
then recsled tb*��t i*n hM ifNis-iod a
���"an of tho snri-- name some months
ngo. The detective took the rhlld to
the rogues' ga'lery and she reeognlrnd
tbo nlettirn of her father.    She waa
would be Impossible, for-returned to her home.
12 aud 13,
East York Conservatives nominated Oeorge S. Henry for the legislature.
Premier Borden laid the cornerstone of tlm new technical school at
Toronto last week.
Reginald Boultbee. retired barrister,
died nt his home. In Toronto, on Saturday, aged R2 years.
W, J. Mlnnls, street commissioner
for Welland, has been seriously Injured In an auto accident.
Mrs. Henry Kelly, living near Co-
henhagen, Ont., was burned all over
her body when a lamp exploded.
Hailburton district ts now clear of
(Ires, and they havo becn practically
quenched around Parry Sound.
Horace F. Jell was appointed pollce
magistrate of St. Thomas tn succession to the late James M. Glenn, K. C.
John A. Hamilton, for the past
twenty-three years tax collector of
Sarnia. died at Watford as a result of
Martha P. McLean, wife of 8amuel
McLean, pifcsed away at the family
home. St. Catherlnea, on Sunday
morning laat.
A considerable portion of the spoils
secured by burglars at Hespeler on
Friday night laat haa been recovered
ln Gneloh.
Lloyd L. Findlay. aged 25, a traveller for the Imperial Oil company, and
Harry Taylor. 28, clerk at the Woodbine hotel, were drowned ln the Rtob-
icoko creek.
tion will oppose the new tax propoaed
by tho inland revenue department.
The death of Dr. Hugh J. Lennon.
fl. A., which took place at Montreal,
enme as a great surprise to many
Kor f'.,'T.00() J. C. Leciere. Montreal,
has purchased the Federal hotel at
Sursex snd Besseher streets, from
the Grand Trunk station, Ottawa.
Percy Garow, Ottawa, was charged
in police court with having converted
to his own use $476.85 belonging to
���h�� South Shore Realty Co., of Ottawa.
Thn labor department has been
adiust matters still unsettled between
ssked for a hoard of conciliation to
the Grand Trunk company and Its
Thn Algoma Steal corporation plant
has been temporarily shut down, the
switchboard have been destroyed by
ill-feeling between the Russian and
French Canadian laborers ln a construction camp on the Algoma railroad resluted in the murder Thursday
night of Pctoo Spurnavlt, a Russian
North Bay was vlatted by Hon.
Franch Cochrane, minister of ..fall-
ways and canals, and Hon. nftr.
Hearst. Ontario minister of lands and
mines, who began a trip of Inspection
over the T. ft N. O. Railway and the
Grand Trunk Pacific to   Winnipeg.
Winnipeg dealers have won their
fight with the express companies, on
the cream rate schedule.
Charles J. Mackie,   chauffeur   for
vailing charge for tho picture show 25
The site for the big storage eleva-
on The government is waging a war
on such petty pilferers and is determined to stamp out such Infractions of
the "gold and silver" act as these.
The man who is carrying out the
government campaign is W, J. Rvan.
inspector. Already many jeweller**
have felt the weight of his displeasure.
Nine were prosecuted in the police
court yesterday morning smd fined
amounts ranging from $10 to $25.
"We have got to stamp out this kind
of thing." he said. "Infractions of the
gold and silver act and the criminal
code in regard to the sale of Jewellery
are too common. Not only must the
public learn that all that glitters ls n it
gold, but the jewelelr must be taught
the same lesson."   -
Most of the jewellers prosecuted
������esterday were fined for representing
gold rings and chains of 15 and 16
carats as 18 carats A number were
penalized for selling the Grand Trunk
specisl watch, un article imported
at $2 net. and sold from $3 to $5. Thfa
watch has the much advertised oellu-
lojd jewels. Jewellers who sold the
watches were prosecuted under tho
-criminal code.
Schedule showing the Heal Property Immediately benefited and the proportion
in wlilch the Assessnu'iit Is made on per foot frontage.
Name of Owner
Sun   Life   .assurance   Co.   of
Hnnkey, Q, Alers 	
Society    for    the    Propasta-
tKntlon   of  the  Gospel   In
P. P	
Society    for    tho    Propngn-
���atlon   of   tbe  Gospel   tn
r. p	
Society    for    the    Propaga-
(.-��� it ton   of  the  Gospel   In
Fnican, Chas. J	
Annandale. T. 8. et al	
Pagan, Chan. J	
Order of Oblntes M.I. In B.C.
Order of Oblates M.I. In B.C.
St. Patrick's Hall Co	
Walker. .t��.|cn N	
Phillips. M. J	
Hnt.   P.   J	
Mil Mnald. J. M	
Sullivan.  T. 1	
Order ot Oblates M.I. ln B.C.
Mcf-ood    John   D.    *..
. Davis.   I.vdlr-t   	
Ooorga. Mlnnla 8, ,*��	
Sub-dlvlslon     Lot
SO  Yenrs
3 2.M
8. 1-:
'.'   S7.50
N 1-1
a pt. is
�� A  10
51  -
Notice la hereby given that ths CnT-watlpn of the City ot tttnr Wtetmlnstrr Intends to pass �� Local Imnrovwnunt Asua-ns-noM Bylaw assessing the peopert'. s In.
Ihe ftchetttue ubove mentioned th>�� sums of money annually ter thirty years set nn-
poslto-Smth lot. snd a Court of n��vlslnn--for th* trial of complaints and n*\**t**M
sgnmst'the assessment so propose*-** be made will be held on Monday. t��"�� """'���>
j)��y of September. 1913. commencing nt 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at the P,-"���"''
���^Thiimhcr. In the City Hall. New tVentmlnstM, British CohunWa. and taaaf**** ***
ifntioMl from such intend"* osiwiismfnt must be served upon the Clerk oFVi-s Municipal Counoil nt bast cUM days prior to ����oh CoWtpf JR-^HSSj.���  _,,    ~   ..
��� w. A. uUTiCARt City "��
I>:itt-a this 3th day'of ScpteMbtr, 1MJ. . <t��T> ?*  FAOB BQHT
-PAY   CASH    IT   WILL   l��AY
Remember the PUce-
33 Eighth Street
and the telephone No. 2
Jelly Powder
rut up in our own label and
tuiiranteed the best on the mar.
kel it is selling very well, but
to rurtber introduce, for two
days we will Bell at the reduced
price ai 4 for 25e.
Armour's Verlbest Pork and
Deans, tasty, well baked beans.
sold everywhere 2 for 25c, for
two rinys we wlll Bell 3 for 25c.
Uuialns���Paradise brand, sold
n t 2 fur 25c;  16 oz. packages,
\'o  1 slock. 3 pkgs. 25c.
Just arrived, new stock, extra
Inrge, freestone. Early Craw-
fords.    Per crate $1.15.
\V'e advise early buying in this
Preserving Plums, 3 lbs. 25c.
I'ears, 2 lbs 25e.
l'eaches, 3 lbs.    25c,
Plums,   2   lbs 25c.
.pples, :i lbs 25c.
(���rapes, per lb   15c.
Conteloupes,  each    12!/2.
Our vegetables are all grown
by WHITE men on our own
ranch. Every vegetable Imaginable.
Public Supply Stores
has no terrors for the
man who is regularly
saving money.
He realizes that he
has money working for
him. When deposited
with our savings department it is earning 4
per cent., which interest
is being compounded
quarterly, but best of all
he has developed the
best of habits, that of
saving. He has that con-
tented, self-satisfied,
self-reliant feeling so
necessary to success in
this world.
If you are not already
a depositor, call today
and open an account, $1
is enough to start.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH. Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $6,000,000.
Trustee-for Bondholders over
Open Saturday. Evenings 7 to 9.
.. f or ..
Greater MVestmmster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, ate, In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents p*r iin*. Please do not
ask members of ths staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Tbe supplies committee cf tlie
Bchool board wlll hold a meeting on
Tuesday evening.
A meeting of the executive of the
Victorian Order of Nurses will be
held at .'1 o'clock this afternoon in the
Y. W. C. A. All members are requested to attend.
All citizens of New Westminster Interested in securing a half holiday for
employees of retail stores are re-
linen tni to be present at council meet,
lug Monday, September 8, at .S p.m.
Rev. it. .1. Wilson, of si. Andrew's
Presbyterian church, of Vancouver,
preached the pulpit vacant Sunday
morning at fit. Andrew's Presbyterian
church In this city.
For all building Biippl.es and fuel
oil apply to the II. ('. Transport Co..
Ltd.. SOS Westminster Truat building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
The Young Men's Baraca eluss of
the Olivet Baptist church held a very
interesting lesson and discussion Sunday afternoon. Kev. A. S. Lewis gave
a helpful talk to the young men, of
whom there were 36 in attendance.
Better than buying agreements of
sale. Pay your taxes in the city before the evening of the 15th Inst, snd
save 10 per cent.   City Treasurer.
Tea acquires a flavor under the
peculiar climate of Ceylon that cannot be acquired anywhere else on
earth. The delicate fragrance and delightful aroma of "Salada" Tea will
please you. Buy a package today
from your grocer,
Try the B. C. Manufacturing company for fruit boxes if in a hurry,
Phone 304. (19931
Large crowds were present nt all
the neighboring summer resorts, the
bright sunshine of Saturday and yesterday allowing the picnickers i another chance to revel In the water or
enjoy boating.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property,
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1989)
A successful dance waB held In the
agricultural hall at Queens park on
Friday evening last ln aid of the
Royal Columbian hospital. The affair
was in charge of the ladies' auxiliary
of the hospital. Although tbe attend,
ance could have been bettered, quite
a tidy sum was realized from tlie
Miss Mabel Dedrick, deaconness of
the W. C, T. O, in Vancouver and en
gaged in the social service .work of
that organization," will address the
young people of the city ln St.
Stephen's church this evening at 8
o'clock. On Tuesday afternoon at 3
o'clock she will speak to the members
of the W. C. T. U. in the same building.
Failure of a half dozen fishermen to
attend the weekly fisheries court in
the Dominion fishery building caused
warrants to be issued for their arrest.
The men are wanted in connection
with alleged violating of the fishing
laws. Thirty-five cases were disposed
of Saturday, two being white men and
the remainder Japanese. Not a single
Indian was found on the docket.
The school board will hold its
monthly meeting on Thursday even
ing of this week. Two members of
Hie hoard nt least will be absent.
Chairman T. J. Trapp being now en
route to England, while Trustee
Stoney is roughing it in the wilds of
Northern British Columbia with the
other members of the provincial labor
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
insurance man. All klnda written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses
boat as Frederick Webb on Thursday
evening ofylast week near Ladner
when the latter fell overboard and
was drown. Steveson's testimony was
disputed by the coroner, who turned
his case over to Macglstrato McKee,
the latter committing the accused for
What mlgbt have been a serious collision with disastrous results to the
occupants of both vehicles took place
No  Ground   for   Assertion   That   His
Case Will Not Be Called at the
Coming Assize.
"I have every reason to believe that
jif the case takes Hh natural course,
I Martin Powell, in event of hls being
| committed for trial, will appear at the
court which convenes
15." This statement
to The News last evening.
un   the   Douglas   road   near   Bumaby  doming assist
lake last night, when a wagon driven j011 Monday, Bepl
bv A. L. Brown, of Vancouver, collld-  J��� ���
* hy   following  the   report   which   was  eir
 the   effect   that   It
ed  with  the  imto being  operated
Adam   Hicks,   also  of   Vancouver.
Brown wub driving towards Vancouver and was in the centre of the road
when the auto, going ut moderate
Speed, bit the horse, tlle left headlight
and fender inflicting a surface wound
on the animal. The rig was damaged
to a considerable extent and Ihe driver bruised Somewhat, but he was able
to wend his way towards Vancouver
The auto was also damaged, the windshield, headlight and fender being
ciliated Saturday t
I was certain  that   Powell's case could
not be taken up ihia full.
Mr. Phlpps bore oul the statement
'of The News of Baturday that, all going well. Chief Bradshaw and his
I charge should arrive hack from Delimit about Friday of this week, along
I wllh the three witnesses from the
j Michigan elty, who picked un Powell
while In the act of passing hills which
hnd bean stolen from ihe Bank of
Montreal In this city.
Several   cases   will   be  tried   at   the
lissizcH   ineludliii-   a   murder  hearing.
that against a Chinaman named Jay
' Knin. po thnt, wllh the trial of Charles
l)t nn, who Is charged with looting the
lineal   hank   here  on   the   morning  of
Sept.   15,   1911.   ths   curl   Will   likely
'last  two  weeks,   which   wlll  give  the
crown authorities plenty of time with
the   preliminaries  against   Powell.
See Advt. on Pa��e 3
iMcAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
No   Alcoholic   Indulgers   on   Saturday
New Wesiminster set a new record
which ought to gladden tlte hearts of
all temperance advocates, since not n
single arrest was made on Saturday
evening for drunkenness.
This was tlle first time in months
In fact some of the older members of |
the force are still trying to remember
when the blotter last presented a clean
bill of health as regards the common
variety of drunks.
Just to prevent .Magistrate Kdmonds
from   proceeding  direct  to  his  office
this morning. Constable Walker picked   up   Andrew   Gabriel   on   Saturday i
evening and discovered  a loaded  re- I "*��� application to the council for a ho
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHILE, SHILES & Co.Official Agenls
License  for   Haney.
Port   Cootlltlam,   Sept.   T.M.ess
I'appas. of this cily. have taken nn on- j
(inn   on  two   lots  opposite  the   Maple
itidge  municipal  hall   al   i'or-   Hanev |
with a view to purchasing them and i
reeling thereon a first class hotel e.t I
Thev  Intend  mak-1
Pack In your bathing suits and a
well lllled hamper aud spend a (lay at
Maple Beach, Boundury Hay. Pleuly
of free picnic places ou the sand
beach or under the wonderful spreading maples, l/ovely spring water.
Take tbo itlver road to Ladner and
tbe Uoudy rond south.
Agent* for Whalen Estste,
New Westminster.
1 a cost of 126,000.
volver In  one of the  pockets of Gabriel's jeans.
Gabriel  a  Bhort  time  ago  was  the
[star witness against William Brownlee
in  the assize court,  when  the  latter
was  charged   with   attempting  to  dol
bodily harm to Gabriel.
tei and liquor license shortly. There
nr�� no licensed hotels In the Maple
itidge municipnll'y at the present time.
Mus. Bac.
Clnglng,   Piano,   Theory.
For Terms and Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone
1319 R. (1U77)
SmioiauNOS. oti_r��. mo. raiaioiNr. w v mattmiw��. vioi embiofur.
C. A BOGERT, Qenersl Manager.
Capital paid up
R.i.rv. Fund ���
Total liaall -
"In The Old Country"
snd In Ihe new. Dominion Bank Letters ol Ciedil snd Tisvelleu'
Cheques, sre good S3 gold snd ssfer lo cany.
They msy be cashed in sny Banking Town lu the wcild. and
sre self-identifying.
Only the owner can cash them���snd if lost or stolen. Ihey ars
ol no value to Under or thief.
Horse  Killed.
An accident resulting in the death
of a delivery horse occurred on Saturday in front of the tram station in
Vancouver. The horse, minus a driver
rushed in front of a belt line car and
was hit In such a manner as to break
two of its legs. The horse had to be
shot later.
Members are requested    to    attend
the funeral of Mrs.  \V.  Farrand. late I
wife of    Brother Vi. Farrand.    which ]
will  take place at  tbe City  cemetery '
at 3 o'clock this afternoon.
(2021) Becretary.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Local Council of Women will be
held in St. Stephen's church at '���',
o'clock this afternoon at which everv
member is requested to be present
The question of the proposed half
holiday for store clerks will be one of
the important items on the program
and lifter discussion a vote will be
taken. Miss Mabel Iiedrick. social
service worker under Ihe auspices ol
the W, C. T. V., will give a short ad
dress at the meet ing.
Why not get your boxes and crate"
at the B. C, Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Others are doing it.    I'hone 304.
For the purpose of organizing a glee
club at  the   high    school,    Q   T   C
j Wicked,   musical   supervisor  Of    the
elty   schools,   will  call   a   meeting    of
the students some afternoon or even-
ling of this week  in order to secure
Ithe namcB of candidates for the pohI-
��� tions.   Enough material to form   a
! first class musical body is already In
sight, with the high school orchestra
recently organized, a concert is to be
expected for the lirst term closes.
I For the purpose of enquiring into
Ithe timber lease held by the North
I I'acilic   Lumber  company   in   lot   439.
group 1. New Weatmlnsler district
]"nd   the  claims  of  all   iiersons  who
have   entered   upon   the   lands.   Judge
Howay, who has been appointed com-
! mission'r by the provincial govern-
jment, will hold a sitting in the c"n"t
house on Monday, September 16, at 11
The Cr'iil Northern railway has
potjirnenced to operate the double
frank between Sapperton and Vancouver. During the summer months the
single track has heen used, the Hwprh
st Ardley being a meeting place, but
, the approach of the winter fugs and
also the rains, which might affect the
bog at Ardley, has caused the eom-
���"inv to onei-ate both tracks earlier
than expected.
Committed for trial on a charge of
perjury al a coroner's Inquest, William
P'evpiton was brought to the provincial Jail on Saturday to await his
hearing.    Stcveson  was In the same
FARRAND -The death of Mrs
Annie Farrand occurred al Central
Park on Friday last. The funeral service will be held at the home of W.
Wilson at the corner of the B. C. E, II.
and Wilson road at 2.M today. Interment will be made in the city cemetery at 3 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Pringle
will officiate.
Residence Y. W. C. A.        Phono 1324.
Bartlet Pears   3 lbs. for 2Sc
Plums  2 lbs. ror 35c
Peaches  :i lbs. for 35c
Canteloupe. each    Mc
Watermelon,  each    Jijc
Malaga Drapes, per lb 15c
Oranges, Lemons. Bananas, etc.
(Successor to Ayling 6\ Swain.)
447 Columbis St. Phone 98.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
The death took place at the Iloyal
Columbian hospital, after a lingering
Illness of many months, of Tillman R.
Herring, fourth of the late John Her-
rlng and brother of the late Samuel
Herring, all old residents of this city.
The funeral will be held Monday ]
morniiiK at 10 o'clock from Murchie's
undertaking parlors to the .Masonic
Home. Sept. ".-The streets of
Rome were guarded today by police,
carabineers and troops, from tie*
church of Ht. John Lateran, where the
Catholic athletes heard mass, to St.
Peter's, to which edifice they marched
to be received by the pope.
A  great   parade that  had  been  ar-j
ranged fur was prohibited by the po- !
lice on account of threatened reprisals i
by  ihe  anti-clericals.    Notwithstanding  the strictest  measures  to ensure j
order,  a  few  scuffles  occurred   amid i
cries from the Catholics of "long live
the pope," to which thn anti-clericals I
responded by shouting "long live free
Four hours were occupied by the
athletes in reaching Kt. Peter's where
tiny unfurled flags and passed Into
the court of San llamaso. They knelt !
when the pope appeared on the balcony surrounded by the pontifical
The athletes, pilgrims and others in
the assembly numbered 8000 and after
tho apostolic benediction had been
Imparted they arose and cave a r.r;;a 1 <
hurrah.  The   pontiff   Inquired   regard .
ing  the obstacles  which    had    1 n
placed In the way of the demonstration
and urged extreme preducnee.
You   know   the   secret   of  succeBS���
Training;  and we   are    prepared    to
give you a very thorough training    In 1
the subjects thut count   in the    business world.
Modern Business School
A.   I..  BOOCK,  Principal.
Phone 853. 610 Columbia  St.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St.  Market,   Phone  1205.
Edmonds   Market.   Phone   L883.
Edmonton, Sent, 7    When President
Jennings calls "Order' gentlemen" to
the members of the Alberta and Hasi
ern   liritish  Columbia  Press association, who are holding their tenth  annual   convention   in   Edmonton,  commencing on Thursday morning, lie will I
preside over the biggest and most rep- I
resentatlve gathering   of   publishers
ever convened west of the great lakes.
From Salmon Arm and Vernon on th"'
west, Lethbridge and  Mag-rath on th( '
south. Medicine Hat and Redcliffe on I
the  cast  and   Athabasca   Landing  on
the  north   have  come  hotel   reserve-:
tions.     Every   paper   between   Wainwright and Edson will send delegates !
and between Lloydminster and Stoney
Plain,  not  an   editor  will   he  absent I
while visitors from Saskatchewan and
Manitoba will also be on hand.
Five     Days
Meals   and
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet (Granby Kay.)
and Return.
Sails Mondays (Midnight),
26th   and   S'pt.   1,
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain   and   Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
L'lBt and 28th.
Boats remain ut PRINCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing tlie new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms,
Beparataly or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an nd-
dltional cost. Staterooms en auite without extra cosi. All outside
Through tickets to all EaBtern points via lhe popular (irand Trunk
0. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
Granville Slreet, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPBROW, (i. a.  P,  C)
���Phono  Private  Exchange 8184
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 5.45 a.m.
and every 16 mlnuteB until ��
p tn. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. wltb late car at midnight,
SATURDAYS���IB    minute   ser
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6,   7,     7,80   I*    and
8.3u and every 16 minutes until
11 p.m. with late cur at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REGULAR  .SERVICE    5 46  and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 111 p.
tn.,   with   lato  Mir  at  11.80.
car at
a m. and 4.30 p m.
SUNDAYS���8 n.m. and
until  10 p.m.  witb  late
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until  11  pin.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and every
burn until 11  p.m.
Connection   Ib   mado  at    Eb-
honr until 11  p.m.
aad olher points on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 aud
fi.'.G p.m.
POINTS���4.05  p.m.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX  442
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on thc Job.
Enquire sbout our special stocked, they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout tne Province of British Columbia,
Savings Department ot all Brunches Deposits of Ons Dollsr and
upwards received aud Interest at Uie highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable In all parts of tbe
CHA8. O. PENNOCK, Central Managtr,
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Managtr.
Tacoma, Sept. 7.���Two supposed
juveniles, now believed by tba police
to he men with prison records,
escaped from tbe city Jail early this
morning by unscrewing the bolts lhat
held the weak bars of the Juvenile
department. They used a wrench
made of the wire handle of a bucket.
The Lair went down a lire escape nasi I rTP1T? Al   THA MC
the Jailor's  window,    and    It  Is V   J ^KM   LUAiNb
lieved lhey limed their escape by the ONE YEAR ON REAL ESTATE SECURITY OR PUR
gong of the patrol, a call for wlilch
would have taken the jailor out of his
(uTIco. The fugitives are Will Ven
Prank and Oscar Tlllery, arrested In
a room of the Tacoma Yacht club
arter they had robbed the yacht Cnr-
aair. They were found asleep w ,h
their kot.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
Wa write Flr��. LHt, Accident. Employers'
Marin* Insurance.
Liability,  Automobile  and
SCHOOL BOOTS-Finest Variety in City
Strong Pox Kip, sizes 7,8, 9,10 $1.2.5
Strong Hox Kip, sizes 11,12, and 13  1,45
Strong Pox Kip, sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  1,75
Ladies' boots what you want for now and winter 1.05
Gents' light and heavy boots, from  1,95
Slater Shoes (P. W.), Leckie's Boots, K. Boots, etc.
A 25c. bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish
to each purchaser of 1 dozen laces at 10c. a dozen.
Buy the laces, the Polish will be given you.
Open Tvenlngt TIM 9 p.m.; Saturdays 11 p.m.


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