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The New Westminster News Dec 30, 1913

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 M  '*
'j**. .       ..-���
, :H Ntws Classlflsd Ada
'-* Jk'jlsve proven their worth by     i
^HBts   they   produee.     Tbey ^
Isrge   or   small   wants   at    g A
New Westminster sud the lower
mainland: Easterly winds, chiefly
cloudy with rain today or Wednesday; stationary or higher temperature.
VOLUME 8, tifg    _R 249.
Cross the United States    NELSON PURCHASES
Run from Commanders and
Swim Rio Grande���Number Killed.
Presidio,-Tex., Dec. 89.���Part of the
Mexican federal army tonight was report! d to have deserted from the fort
at Ojinaga, Mexico, opposite here, and
after going up the river, to have cross-11__,
Ni Ison, B.C., Dec, 29- The people
iof Nelson tcday again declared their
I adherence to the principle of municipal ownership when tliey voted to
purchase the street railway system
Whieh has been operated for some
years by a private company, the vote
being 404 tor and 84 against.
The city  also owns  its own  waterworks system, a    '.1000    horse    power
hydro-electric plant and on Thursday
over   the   gas   plant   which   has
Famine   Will   be   Relieved Woman Who Wrote Letters
But Conditions as Yet
Defaming   Characters
Is in Jail.
Dynamite Not Necessary to Extinguish Blaze Which
Threatened Entire District���Two Three-Storey Buildings Gutted���Sixty Autos Destroyed���Total Loss
Will Reach $285,000.
Lack    of    Water    Seriously    Affects .Ingenious Method Devulged���Reported
Operations of  Laundries and She Made Complete Confession
Many Close Down.
[been operated as a private enterprise
fur the past    len years,   but    which
! was recently purchased by the city.
Kelson   Is  the  only   city   in   iiritiah
. Ccluiiibia owning its gas plant and
soon will be the lirst and onlv one
owning  lis street   car system.    It    is
j also one of the few cities owning its
;��n electric plant.
(d  to the American  side
The. federals were said to have become demoralized hy the threatened
attack of the rebels who had marched
from Chihuahua and running away
trom their commanders, to have
plunged Into tho Hlo (jrande to reach
safety In the United StateB.
Cross Boundary.
United States cavalry received word
thai   the   federals   were   crossing   at
various points, and troops, command
*��d by Major McNamee,  were Bent to i
arrest  nil  those  who eame  over,     iti
was reported that a number of fader- j
als   had   been  killed  on  the   Mexican
Side before  the exodus  began.
Owing to the fact that Ojinaga
stands In an angle of the river about
a mile from Presidio and no Americans were sllowrd lo cross, it was im
possible In thS darkness to determine
liow badly the federals had scattered.
Among tbe 40(10 federals who represented   the  northern  division   of   the ���        .       _   ,_, . ._ , ,
..extern, army and practically all that |?_���_"���Adto����*."-"J*!1. *!!!___*?:
to Police.
Oakland, Cal, Dec. 29.���A five
years' search for a woman who wrote
hundreds of letters defaming the
characters  of  prominent   women  and
.Montreal, Dec. 29. -Without being
too definite. Controller Godfrey expressed the opinion that water might.
be turned on tomorrow. The situation at present is the same as lt has!demanding money from otnersTroded
been since tlie pumps were shut down ! nere ton|j,ht when detectives arrested
Chrlatmaa night. Water carts supply ! j1rg. Mary __ c'hristman, wife of a lo-
Bltizens with water and some relief \_i p|umber. She Is said to have made
In certain sections has been effected i_ complete confi-ssioii.
by the Montreal water and Power | The slanderous letters were distinct
company. I from those demanding  money and  a
The   lack   of   water   has   seriously   motive   for   the   slanders   is   lacking,
affected  the laundry  and the drivers the pollce say.
have bad to advise their clients to | It was Mrs. Christman's method to
hold their orders until Kriday. At j copy the names of society women from
laundries where water is available the columns of local papers. She
the management has been supplying would sign these names to letters
tin ir customers with water. i when   writing  slanderous  attacks  on
To protect the territory adjacent tc ! the object of her envy or hatred.   In
McGill   university  arrangementa have;all.  the  woman  Is  Bald   to have con-
been made by the Canadian Northern i fessid   writing   500   letters,     signing
railway tunnel engineers whereby the j many of them "Black Hand.''
lumeroua springs running across and j    One  woman,  prominent  in  society
was left of the Huerta government in
the north, are nine or ten generals,
including Oeneral Francisco Castro.
(leneral I'ascual Orozco and General
Marcello Caraveo,
Succession of Defeats.
The running across the border of
the federals as a laat move in their
succession of defeats by the rebels
had been anticipated by the United
States troopa. One squadron and two
troops of cavalry had been posted on
intimations that the federals had uo
intention ot weathering a fight against Resulta
the rebels
Before the federals recently received their pay, some of then* went to
the river bank and yelled across to
the American soldiers that they surely would desert If attacked. Discord
al.-<n was said to have broken out be-
tween the volunteers under General
Orosoo and the regulars, many of
whom had been forced Into military
If   tho   federals   have   crossed   the organisations
I'ekin. Dec. 29.-A revolt of three
regiments of the Chinese army under
the leadership of Oeneral Vang Hu
Pin. was reported today from I.all Ku.
'" !.hl fa.r...^.Utl,*,''R.t���(;.l prr��.Ii."C<>, ��I' hcring' throu'ghRMount"'l?o>"aT"c_.n"be I clrcies inT7cUvVi"n''club workTha's
tapped. I becn   the   particular  object   of   Mrs
Hesidc the 60 foot  breakage of the j Christman's   series   of   scurrllouB   let-
conduct Independent engineers report j 'ern.
that    other   damage   exists,    among!    The two women had no social con-
them cracks along the celling of the j neetlona with each other,
conduit,    ln respect to the repairs to I T���p Revealed,
the  break  all  the    sections    of    the |    An ingenious method whereby    she
steel tubing havc heen placed escept |CI^ted^ to   bring   disgrace   on   this
one and that can not be placed until
everybody Is out of the conduit.
Montreal, Dec. 29��� Handicapped by,dynamite on hand to raze adjacent
the woeful inadequacy of the water; buildings lf the fire got out of control,
supply the fire brigade by heroic ef-' When the flre broke out the firemen
forts succeeded in getting control of; and policemen saved 22 autos but 60
a destructive fire which this afternoon Iwere destroyed.
gutted two three storey buildings in | The buildings destroyed were owned
the eaBt end, destroyed 00 or more' by Jos. I_aurier and occupied by the
automobiles and other valuable pro-'- Auto & Garage Co., the Decbul Tools,
perty and which for a time menaced I Jmited, Montreal Portrait Co, O. Joly,
the whole surrounding district which j trunks and leather goods, and M
ls closely built and thickly populated.   Marechal and M. Belliveau. who used
The total loss as estimated by the  the  top flat as  a residence,
various sufferers is placed at $285,000, j Will Sue City.
with about $40,000 insurance exclu-; As a result of the blaze and the ab-
sive of that carried by the individual isence of adequate water supply for
owners of the burned automobiles the firemen, some of the sufferers
which were valued at approximately have announced their intention of
$150,000.     A   probable   sequel   to   the  suing the city.
fire will be. the entering of damage Owing to the fact that tbe books
actions against the city by the chief and papers In many instances were
losers in order to recover the differ-  destroyed in the fire or were not ac
Aid. White Reports Total
Amount Spent on Harbor Improvements.
Earth  to  Be   Removed  from   Broken
Water   Pipe  Today���Annual
Civic Statements.
: Yunnan, about  100   miles    from    the
: frontier of Ilurma
The soldltrs on Oec. 8 shot down
I their officers, raided the armory, kill-
���ed a professor and several students
|Of the Chinese college, as  well  as  a
ed the Independence of the province
In the name of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. formerly provisional president of China
of   Research    Described
Papers at Meeting of American
woman by setting a trap in which a
wealthy banker's name would figure,
was ravealed by the police tonight.
To the banker she wrote a letter
demanding that $1000 in gold be deposited in a certain vacant lot in the
Rome, Dec. 29-Deputy Ferrl, law-1 residence district. To the woman
yer for Princess AlUeri said yeaterday I?he.w,?>t��, ****** valuable papers would
be had little hope of finding Cardinal | he delivered to her if she would visit
HampoTla's will. A second search of j the vacantlot ** an bo-ir named. To
the cardinal's  room  in tho presence
Assurance tbat the leaky water
main at Essondai-a would be uncovered by the provincial government at
once; submission of names to make
the gas bylaw petition valid; appointment of Aldermen BryBon and Henley to act with the board of trade and
Progressive association in an effort
to havo the C. N. R. open its Lulu Island line into this city; resignation
of A. E.  White as an alderman and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^._  __   his  formal  appointment aB  a  harbor
ence between their insurance and their cesaible afterwards, it was impossible j commissioner; these were among what
total loss, on the ground that the neg-1 to obtain an  exact statement of the j transpired when the city council met
last  night.
Government Paya Cost.
That the government is to pay the
cost of removing the great quantity
jof earth which lies on top of the
troublesome water main at Essondale
came as a snrprise since at the last
meeting it seemed Improbable that
the province would share any of the
cost.    Work on this will likely  start
During t'be'course'oTthe' blaze one!cov���red by insurance. " itoday-c   N   R   ^ ^^ Une
fireman was injured and the brigade '    Auto & Oarage Co., equipment, etc., *    The board of trade and Progressive
laid  7000 feet of hose  with  two en-ilo6s $25,000;   insurance $5000. | association  both  have   favored  open-
gines relaying to bring the pressure j    Decbul Tools, Ltd., loss $70,000; in-  ing of the recently completed C.N.R.
of the single stream  up to efficient i surance,  $10,000. line on Lulu island.    This was first
strength.   It was the longest hose laid.    Marechal, loss $2000; Insurance un-1 suggested by Alderman   White    last
in  the department's history- I known.
The firemen succeeded In prevent!   .Belliveau, loss $2000; insurance un-
ing the flames from getting down to j known.
the  tank  containing  2000  gallons  of j    Montreal   Portrait  Co.,   damage  to
gasoline, six feet under the basement stock $2-900;  insurance unknown,
of the doomed structures. O. Joly. damage to stock $500, cov-
There was an adequate supply    of|ered  by  insurance.   |
llgence of th. city to provide water loss or insurance but the following
was responsible for the major portion list gives estimates of those con-
of the damage done. ;cerned:
The firemen  with only one stream ;    Jos.   Laurier,    property    destroyed,
of water owing to the break In  the loss $25,000;   insurance, $18,000.
city's main conduit which has caused
a water famine since Christmas eve,
Damage to adjoining building, loss
, $6000, covered by insurance. Personal
fought for an hour and a half, at the! belongings, $1,000, covered by insur-
eiid of which time the buildings were I 9t1.g
in ruins.
Fireman   Injured.
Automobiles   lost,   $250,000;   partly
of the heirs will take place tomorrow
when tbe seals are removed.
Tbe Vatican lias withdrawn tbe opposition to police with regard to a
Dr. Battlstlni today issued a detail
Philadelphia. Dec. 28. Results
their research and experiments
the    last    year    were   described
led  diagnosis ef  Cardinal   RampoIIa*.
of disease,   which   waB  angina  pectoris.
In 1 John Dot Inquiry.
other persona she wrote asking them
to put In an appearance at the lot.
The principals, however, turned the
letters over lo the police and the plot
fell through.
Mrs. Cbristman. probably will be
turned over to the postal authorities
who also have been working on the
papers by many noted scien'isis here)    New York, Dec. 20.���District Attor-
which    compose     the [day at his Johti    Doe    Inquiry    into|    Windsor,    Ont,    Dec.    29.���Oeorge
fcderaiion of American societies    for
rlvi r they wlll bc disarmed and plac- j ,       . , ., ,
tM under arrest by th�� United States 'experimental biology.
military authorities.
-Films    for    Moving    Pictures    Taktn
trom Room of Operator���Newspaper Man in Jail.
Calumet. Mich.. Dec. 2��. -Moving
pictures taken of yesterday's funeral
procession probably will now be exhibited. The operator reported that
Ins room In g local hotel had beeu
broken Into and the illins stolen. The
aa* < wrs found rtveral blocks away
from the hostelry, but beyond this
circumstance Hie local police said
tbey had no clue to tbe details of the
At    tlie    federation
Dr. W, A. Dandy, assistant professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins university, wbo waa a speaker at tbe
session of Uib -society for experimental
pathology, described experiments on
dogs by metheda on which be had explained that hydrocephalus Is cauaed
! by the blocking of certain ducts and
cunals of the brain. He bad produced
the disease artificially In the animals,
he said, and hoped the experiments
would enable physicians to effect
cures In human beings.
Dr. Priton Roua, of the Rockefeller
institute. New York, outlined expert
ments in transplanting of tumors In
chickens and rata In an effort to determine how the growths mny be retarded. The use of copper or cololdal
devices to retard the advancea of extreme caaea of cancer was described
by Dr. 1-oeb, of St. l,ouls.
Nanalmo,  Dec.  29.--Coroner Thomson empanelled a Jury Saturday after-
i   . i,.   .. *    nrKm to conduct an Inquiry Into thn clr-
.-      ���    -_   .. "0'aq.uarty, * I ctimstances attending   the    death of
here waa no hesitancy In laying the  .,,������ Bsnd,    ���MleHi , ���ouie.
Illume for the disappearance of he !k(1(.peri who waB tom* lylng ,n , poo|
Hlm, upon the saino spirits In the [of h���r own blood on 8aturdliy -���,,.���.
community who sent Prealdent Moyer ;,������ ���- __e kitchen of thc residence oe
(iit of the dlatrlct. The theft was |cupted by herself and II. Mlldenhall.
denounced aa an attempt to stifle As the yrmng WOman never regaln-
puhilclty for the strikers. ,,j consciousness aud never made a
Another employee of Tyomles. the statement It was deemed necessary to
I'liuilsh Socialist paper published In]hold an Inquest and after reviewing
Hancock, was arrested today on a Ifhs remain* tho jury adjourned the
warrant Issued ut the request of hearing. All the circumstances point
Sheriff Cruse. None of the newapsper to suicide, but as the unfortunate, women have obtained release on ball, man made no statement, and no evi
The editors, printers and publishers'dence was taken at Saturdays'session
nro charged with circulating false]of the coronnr'a jury, It Is impossible
statements calculated to Incite riot.     to say what led to the fatal shooting.
stale highway graft, of alleged crimes | j.|ett, nged nine, died this afternoon
committed in Ulster and Monroe counties and announced lhat be would
turu the evidence over to Jamea W.
Osborne, Governor Glynn's special
graft investigator and to the district
attorneys of those counties, for prosecution.
Rev. F. YV. Kerr of Prince
Rupert Gelled to St
Rev. L. a. Crosby. D.D., ef Winona,
Minn., May Be Paator ef Ollvst
Baptist Chureh.
in the Hotel Dieu, aa a result of a
bullet wound inflicted by Stanley
Craig, a nine year old negro boy. last
night. The Craig boy la held by the
police, although he declares the shooting waa accidental. It is the theory
of the police that the shot which was
from a .22 calibre rifle, was Intended
for a man, but struck Flett Instead.
Aak 'em to Surrender.
Pineville, Ky., Dec. 29.���The plea
of the wife of "Happy" Jack Hend-
rickson, leader of the Hendrickson
clan of mountaineers who are besieged
in an abandoned mine near here, may-
cause the fugltivea to surrender tomorrow. Mra. Hendrickson learned
that preparations were being made
to smoke out the clan and aaked that
she be tlrst given a chance to talk to
her husband and beg blm and hla followers to surrender.
Peace Itlver Crossing, Alta., Dec. 29. |
���"I'll lind them and don't forget It,"
���were the parting words of Sergt.
Anderson as he pulled out of the
crossing on the flrat lap of hia long
���iui hazardous trip In search of hla
lest comrades, Sergeant Harper and
Constable Stevenson, who, with a
guide and peek ponies, left In October for the Porcupine river and have
not been heard from since.
Present Indications point to another tragedy In the annals ot mounted pollce history.
Two trappers arrived In Grande
Prairie recently reported hsvlng seen
the police patrol In the vicinity of
Nose mountain, on   Uie   Porcupine,
still In search of Asa Huntingdon, who
is alleged to have abducted a 15 year
old girl. Ths party waa then In good
health. Several days later the trappers found two of Uie guns known to
have belonged to the patrol. They
wero expeoted to return In one
month. Nearly three montha have
The trsll to still patrolled, ud Is
vjry rough, sad with no trail to go
by, the search party wlll meet with
difficulties tkat wlll tax the mth to
their utmost.
It was three years ago thia winter
that Fltsgerald and his comrades
perished on their trip to Dawson,
down near Fort McPherson oa the
McKsisle rlYW,*.^
Kev. A. C. Cameron waa Inducted
at Jubilee last night to the charge
of Henderson Presbyterian church before a large congregation of church
members, and at the aame meeting the
call sent by St. Andrew's Presbyterian church to Kev. F. W. Kerr was
sustained and forwarded. A reply to
It Is expected within one week.
At the Induction, Rev. A. M. O'Donnell preached and Rev. K. J. Wllaon
mid reus; d the minister. Rev. G. C.
Pringle of Colllngwood, addressed the
people, both telling the respective duties and olalms the minister
and peoplo had on -each other.
Much Intereat centres about the
cnll to Rev. Mr. Kerr by -8L Andrew's. Mr. Kerr ia a graduate of
Manitoba university, and hsa 'aken
post graduate courses at Glssgow and
Warburg, Germany. Hs has aerved ln
the ministry st Winnipeg aad Golden,
B.C., snd hla acceptance -at the call
to New Wsstmlnstsr Is hoped for by
the St. Andrew'a congregation.
For Ollvst Baptist
Rev. L. D. Crosby, DJJ�� ot Wlnons,
Minn., was laat nlgbt teat a can to
become paator of Olivet Baptist
church here to taks thai plana ot Rev
A. C. Lewis, who rsstnad aboat Dec.
IB. This ts ln scebrTfcKk the vasal-
raous decision ot churoh members at a
large congregational meeting on Bus
Mr. Crosby Is shoal 45 years of age
aad aaa been In the ministry tor a
good number of years.   Ho was
Ninety-four Ruthenlans Charged with
Inciting Rebellion���Chief Prieoner
la Russian Msnk.
Trunk Containing Body of
Man Left in New York
Waa    Dumped    Off    Push    Cart���No
Trace of Murderer*, But Victim
Budapest, Dec. St.���The trial of 94
Ruthenian* on the charge of Inciting
rebellion against the Austro-Hun-
garlan government -was begun today
at Marmaroe-SiigeL It is expected
thst Um trial will laat flre weeka. The
chief prisoner ls the Russian monk,
Father Alexius, ot Mount Athoc,
whose real name ia said to bo Alexander Kabalyuk.
Great political interest attaches to
tko esse, as tt Is alleged that the
seditious movement was largely promoted and financed trom Russia.
Priests ot Rnsstaa tnonastortss aad
Count Vladimir Bobransky. president
of tko Russian Constitutionalist Conservative party and a member ot tbo
duma, are alleged to be concerned ta
tbe movement, which undor tho gutos
ot a propaganda to consort tho peasantry to tko Orthodox Greek church,
caused the clrculstloa of kundroda of
I thousand* of f<**lg�� printed pawl*
nets denouncing th* emperor sad tbs
lllapsborg dynasty, with toe Intention
"of   drawing   tba   Ruthsnlana   trosa
tkttr altaglaoo* to Hungary aad aalt-
Ing tketn with Rosoto.
Tha okvUBlaattai ot ono ot tho. ao-
    Vet-owns**   Seouptod
New York, Dec. 29.���A mystery
which promises to rival the famous
Barrett murder of a dozen years ago,
waa brought to the attention or the
polios today when a boy notified them
tbat he had watched a trunk which
two men bad unloaded from a push
cart and left In the gutter In Pitt
atreet on the eaat side.
When the trunk waa opened tbe
body of a man about 40 yeara old,
shabbily dressed, and emaciated, was
found In It. The body, which waa still
warn), was identified tonight by
Joeepn Malloy, a former room-mate
of John Krauienz, a Russian Pole,
formerly employed tn a ooal mine at
Charleston,  ... V.
According to the coroner, death
had been cauaed by strangulation,
though in forcing the body Into the
trunk the neck of the man had been
broken. Ropes held the head and
neck to the knee* sud teet of the
body. A large bandanna handkerchief
had been used aa a gag and a
woman's petticoat, wrapped about the
head, had been used aa sn additional
prevention of return to life.
About 10 o'clock thia morning,
Joseph   Cooper,   aa employee   of   a
puah cart atable" on Sheriff atreet,
nearby, rented a cart to two mea answering the description given by tbe
boy. They had asked him to take,
care ot the trunk after It ba>
dumped Into the gutter.       IB
At a lata boor tke police had not
learned where the trunk waa obtained
or picked up by tha push cart, nor
had either ot the mea who carted It
away beon apprehended.
Announcement  May  Alter  Aspect  of
the Quest for Cure���New Kind
of Toxin.
Paris, Dec. 29.���Announcement has
been made by Dr. Pierre Roux, director of tbe Pasteur institute, to the
academy of sciences of a discovery
by Dr. F. Marino, a bacteriologist at
tbe Institute, which it is thought may
entirely alter the aspect of the quest
for a cure for tuberculosis.
Marino observed that all other
germ* which multiply rapidly together
die if cultivated with tubercle bacilli
after the lapse of 10 or 15 daya Hls
experiments have established the fact
that cultures of tubercle bacilli within that period give off a poison fatal
to any torm of microbe. A few drop*
of a 40 or 50 days tubercle culture
sdded to sny culture medium prevent*
the propagation of other germs.
Thl* toxin, which haa been laolated
haa characterUtlcs different trom
other toxin*, aueh a* those from diphtheria aad tetanus. It restate the action of heat and la neutralised neither
by antituberculosis serums nor ordinary blood serum. If anything it to
leaa affected by the former than by
the latter.
Further experimentation haa ahown
that thl�� toxin whon Injected Into animals forms no counter poison and tt
la deduced that because of tola both
vaccines and serums Intended for tb*
cure ot tuberculosis ars without effect
week and haB been promptly taken
up. A conference on the matter will
be held very soon with the railway
The additional  names  for  the gas
bylaw petition go to the assessment
commissioner.    When first presented
eight names were lacking.
Harbor  Report.
Annual statements from the chlet
ot police, the police matron, the harbor engineer, and the publlc librarian
were read by Alderman White.
i   The harbor report, which waa rather lengthy, first gave the history of
the  work, and  continuing  sahl  the
one and only trouble so far had been
the dredge bucket chain.    This waa
to be remedied.
"The cost of the plant has run somewhat over the first estimate but what
has been provided wlll pay for Itself
in efficiency," said the report. Up to
Nov. 30, ���300 yards of filling bad
been put among the piling. The total
expenditure so far was $284,464.81, of
which $43.8116.07 was for travelling
and otb.r expenses.
For tbe 11 month* of 1913. tbe police report said there were 1211 cases;
289 fines, which amounted to 111,-
In the public library there are now
15,674 books and 1292 readers registered. In January ot this year there
were but 759 readers.
In resigning Alderman White both
gave and received praise for what
had been done thl* year.
A apeclal meeting la to be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock when
the commiteea wlll wind up matters
preparatory to election.
Two Negroes thoot Man.
Jessup. Ga., Dec. 29.���Glover Manning, a bridgekeeper, waa shot to
death todsy while attempting to arrest two negro** who were being
pursued tor an alleged assault op an
old woman at Tortenae, Oa., laat Saturday. Manning sought to stop Us*
fugitives on the bridge. ||^|
Eldorado, Kaa., Dec. ��.���Seth Goodwin, a tanner living near here, waa
bunted probably fatally while iss-
paraonattng Santo Claus at a belated
���Chii-stmee celebration tn a country
school boo** tonight Goodwin's oot-/
ton covering caught flre from a oaadw
6a the Chriatmas tree.      H_____________i
Industrial Dispute*.
Ottawa, Dec. K,���The sixth report
ot the registrar ot boards ot oca-
caiattsa ]ust tsataod statoo that attst
tho iadustrlsl disputes investigation
aet bocem* tow la March. 1M7. Itt
appttoatioM tor tho appointment of
boards hav�� boon rsostved by thp i
tbes* rsgtMsto 117 boards were ��stab-
Saa Sebastian, Spain, Dec* t��.���K
bhtoh of halMtaga. Including a the*.
tso and variety baa aad maay tea*-
���sat bouses, waa today destroyed by
flt*. It waa feared tbst tho military
barracks woold.bo destroyed bat tho
Oame* wsro oattafntohsd before tbey
iid be fasti
No Usage woe* lost but three ttoo-
~ a pallsssasu wot* tajaiod.
Tha civil governor had a narrow ���*���*������
lho too. which started in tho than-'.
***** to tSMSTSd to \-m*% beea csssid
saw|   9w   **m***as-*~r*ia'*~-   ****���   vw^w   **w**^wmm ��� m~m*-mt***^**tm
by   a   Mfbted   itosiSSls fnltoMl '
thrown ante tho sto��*.: Th* ��os�� -
__g|g    ^M    t^il||^H^|. -\ __4____mP''i.tW^__ ' ,'.
oatad at Acadian ooltogo, Nova Beetle, Intost of th* ****, Hs ptasdpd
aad at MeMeoSar antteiwfty, Toronto.'but said bs kai dmo misted.
-.... ft*""*
sfffWMft?J1a6y    *'  OU_��� ..
*wm *.BMW* *t*tw^r^m   ***m**mi ���i******, ^
whieh   has  boo* to
j_______mm' '"tthoni
' a. end-******* ��l toe
-. :<'V
*������* ������h4..*;-._v
_a* *_t
sa _____m tha
_____U__J I *_**______________*''
\w__\_\_w ���PAGE TWO
an 1-ndVj*,. jidrnt morning paper devoted to the Inter sts of New W_.tmlti8ter and
Ite Jr-ratfr Valley. _'_-li_*ed every mornlnfl except Sunday by Ihe National Printing
and Publlthing Companv, Limited, at 63 McKensle Btreet, New Westminster, British
OatamtXe. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communications sknuld bi addressed (o The New Westminster Newt, and not
le -tadiridua! members ot th* ttaff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
mailable to The National Printing end /*ublishinn Companv, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Butln*** Office and Manager, M; Editorial Room* tall deport-
tnsnt*), 191.
SUBSCRIPTION RATEB���By carrUr. M per near, $1 for three months, 40o per
By mail, 13 per year, 26c per month.
 VO ��  '���    ���'
News of Happenings
In Other ProvincesjwS,".
through William Gorgeson and associates, who in.nie partial arrange
ments to pipe gaa irom Bow island
to the latter points, received a divld-
1,-n Premier Slfton gave
against the project.
_-_t.-_.-l on application.
Napoleon stole the Mona Lisa from Italy and Napoleon
is called a hero; Peruggia stole the Mona Lisa back from
France and he is in jail; vive Napoleon, a bas Peruggia,
or, in other words, hooray for Napoleon and raus mit Peruggia
Seven Chinese were up in court at'
Saniia to answer a charge of gatnb-
The   Toronto     harbor   board    will j
establishment    of
front  through  t'.ie
university military corps.
Belleville    had    Ita first
of  the raid  of an alleged opium  den
nn  Sunday  night.    As a result three
l'ort   Hop?  Chinese  and   three  Belleville Chinese were arrested.
spend  J2H4.000
William   Scott.
Orangaman In t
Itose  Duggan,
dropped del on	
home in Toronto.
/tld. Mellrlde, of Toronto, said
there wits enough vacant laud in that
c.ty for 50.00U houses.
Chatham   ratepayers  defeated   both
tho   industrial       site     and   Saginaw
Match company bylaws.
-l*^----���*^*-^******************************���*^*************^***********************^***********************^**********************^���^^^^^^���^ Hunter   Blair,   found   dead   in   his
In his calculations Peruggia, who says he stole the'���<>m st Toronto, belonged to a
great masterpiece from the Paris Louvre simply to W^ftSSSup'S'thi flan Indus-
trieve the Italian national honor, made one big mistake���!tr> is said to be a suggestion at the
he didn't go about it the right way. When Napoleon stole p\Te%X"^vf beenWisked to i���-
the Mona Lisa he stole a lot of other things too, some of veBtigate the burning of a residence
which he was forced later to return like the lions of SttoJ1||J||^d^%^0f?g^tall.
Mark and some of which he kept, like the Mona Lisa, "but j ley. died at the council meeting, drop-
before Napoleon did any stealing he first conquered &e StX" "" Bt00d ,,i''" rei!" the min'
COUntrV. '    Almost   .2,600   Immigrants     settled
Nowadays it mighn't do to go careering over a ^- ��? ^^.effi^ ^fed'Tt
try and otherwise capturing it and subjecting it as thej $si6.ooo.
"Little Corporal]' did, but one never can tell and if the con-1 BSj^W^f'^tt^JS
queror could deliver the goods in the same kind of a wagon use it fer lighting purposes in place
as Napoleon used he might be able to get away with any- ofM��r��Pete���' Gould, of oueiph, died
thing, even a Mona Lisa. of heart failure, having  dined with
In these days of high class theft and finance the*��� ^ ��_*�� USUi" K0J" ho;"t"
methods adopted are not nearly so crude as those of the!   The London city council passed a
time when the motto of the French was "Beyond the Alps^.,1;'* 'everyTigKui
lies Italy," and this too may account for Peruggia's down- next morning.
���fall " " .lames   Simpson.   Toronto,   told   the
" . .       'Canada  Forward club that the trades
At any rate the misguided Italian patriot is eating council would appeal tor government
bread and drinking water behind the bars while his fa- p,'nsi0"s
mous example lies under a costly monument up in Paris.
Circumstances certainly alter cases even when it comes
to getting away with great paintings.
at the mouth of the I Announcement is made that Lieut-
(lol. J. Maesie, veterinary surgeon in
probably the oldest'conn*.ctlon with the Ituynl Canadian
inada, died at Mil- Horse artillery, Kingston, will retire
January l under the age-limit clause.
30 vears of age " '*���** I"''11 decided tbat during the
the doorstep of her 'oml,1R session of parliament the ma-
stores    at  7
5 o'clock the
Newspaper headline. "Burnaby
Hopes."   It may be a poor living for some, but it's better
than nothing.
F. D. Monk had nothing to say when he was asked if
he would enter parliament at the coming session. "P. D."
must be a Trappist monk.
for old age.
A donation from   Mrs.   Iliiidmarsh.
of   Toronto,   with   other   funds     paid
off  the  mortgage  on  tlie    Children's
shelter in St. Thomas.
Miss ( harlotte Hlackburn. 70 years
of age, who for the past 20 years has
, ,     been  living    alone    in    London,  was
Council    Living. Ill found dead in her house.
- ���" Mr.  Stowe-Gull n,    Toronto's    lead
ing woman suffragist, asserts that
"without the vote being granted to
women thfre ean be no proper
home*.' "
The parties in the suit of llie Bain
Wagon company, vs. City of Woodstock, fir alleged breach of agreement Iliads' .0 years ago. settled
out oi court.
By  the  death  of  Robert   Voung.  in
his  77th   year,   at   his   home   at.   Ful-
f   Minto,
iias be
rine ami fisheries committee will be
asked to lake evidence and Inquire
Into the recent disaster on the great
Charles K. Bonlstel, aged 95 years.
who was probably the oldest resident
of Sydney township, who died of a
paralytic stroke, died in the home in
which he was born and had lived all
hls life.
William Hunter, a young man who
took "leg bail" from the Brockvllle
police station in July, after being
committed for trial on a charge of
theft, returned tfrom Indiana. and
was arrested.
The number of warrants Issued by
the department of militia for Fenian
raid bounties of $100 each now total-
75,900. Tliere arc almost as manv
more applications for bounties still
to be passed upon.
At Cornwall James Grundy and
his wife, Alma Grundy, were tried on
a charge of stealing from r. Hidences
in Cornwall verandah chairs, jardin
leres, etc. Grundy was acquitted; hlsj
wife, who pleaded guilty, was paroled.
The Kingston Evangelical alliance,
after a long period of dissent, finally
gave Uev. A. Leroy Itlse. paator of
th*>. First Congregational church, its
sanction to his performing the nuptials of K. F. Sam, a young Chinese
K'undrvman, and .Miss Ethel Salter, a
girl of 18.
The international cngress of geologists last summer erected at the
free Rock in (laspe and in front ofj
th*' Victoria Memorial museum in Ot-1
tawa. tablets in honor of Hr 1/ogan,!
the pioneer of Canadian geologists. I< I
has just been discovered that the in-1
BCrlption on the plate was improperly *
expressed in Latin and muat be re-
mot ed at once
plant of the E. Cottle Leather
.companv,  Woburn,  was  destroyed  by
..perlence |fir4 with a los_ of J250.000.
The first convention of the farmers
and lunn.' makers' cluhs of the dlstrlcl
was held at North Battleford.
The death sentence of Jesse Hammond, a religious maniac, who was to
have bi en hanged at l'rinee Albert for
murder, was commuted to life Imprisonment
The  new  building of  the  Farmers'
Dairy company was formally opened
by Mayor PasOOS at Moose Jaw. It
Is equipped throughout with the latest devices for the handling of milk.
Humor and
Sr DVACAA ft. Sit I Ttl
OII, wouldn't you lust hnte It���
Whal could i��e the excuuY���
To be u Willi it reet broker
And get tlm world's abuse,
To roll around In money
And huve. pet nape, the gout
And be the find example
That people pointed out?
Jt must be very trytn*
And really quite a (-Haiti
To handle only inilllons
And ride by Bpeclal train.
And when there was a panic
That came without upplaus*
To listen to the people
.Declare you were the cause.
It seems to rank outsiders .,
To be a pleasant thing
When there must be a merger
To sit and pull the string.
Uut when you noto the murmur
About election time
lt Isn't nuts and candy
To hear it culled a crime.      | *?.*
Life Is not milk and honey wl
Ur some such fancy drink
To those who git In Wall atrret
And make the money chink,
Nol In this modem era
When people hove a vote
And When lhelr leaders ever
Are looking for a goat.
���miDMUNOB. oiuep. M.P., PBSSIDSNT.
C. A. BOGE-RT, General Manager..
Use The Mail For Banking
You need not make a special ti ip lo town to cash a cheque,
make a deposit or draw some money.    Use the maiU instead.
You will find our system ot Banking By Mall a safe and
convenient way ol transacting all your banking business.
Deposits may be made and cash withdrawn by mall without
delay or trouble.
Call or write the Manager lor (uil information In regard to
Banking By Mail.
Onr Interior l-'lnlsh Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat Grain.
We tire ulso specliilUIng In Kir Doora with Veneered I'anela,
which nre better In construction, mole beautiful and uo more expensive than the old solid raited panel doora.
Oet our prices before placlnK your orders
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Order  Your   Suit  at
64*0   Clarkson   St.
We guarantee  satisfaction.
Colllster   Block.
A snowfall Saturday put "gay Paree" on the ticker.
You can't get up much enthusiasm in a boulevarde cafe:,f��i���i"s,ri." Mte^owieV
with slush up to the second button of your spats. removed      <'���'''	
  I    Guelph's  hopes
Portland, Ore., is a cheerful hamlet. They've got hard whisper that the Rovemment wouui
times down there, but they grin when they say things ffi^H^Jam" b?dS�� '" c de'
aren't so bad as they were in 1907.      , There arc signs of prosperity in the
  I factories   ,-it   Ayr.   all  of   which     ure
��� ,   .  ".'    t-i 11       ��� i j working  full  time.    One  factory  has
Talk about the irony of fate!  r ollowing a heavy pro- resumed its .4 hour day; another has
hibition movement in Montreal the town has gone dry, but out off :'"' Saturday hau-hoiiday.
it's the water that's scarce, not the booze.
.'rani;  I_ewis
pleaded   .uuiltyj 	
was  sentenced  at  Ooderlch   to    one'
___ , ,   .. -i ...        _i      _,      r-.   ���     _  i.   j 1.1     [year in the Central prison.   The rom-
Who WOllldn t be Sailing tor the Orient today on tiie pja.naut was a farmer who befriend'
S.S. Minnesota? She's pulling out for Hong Kong withK*��. <v(,. ^ fleath of w�� �����
twenty-two Chinese lunatics aboard who are being cle-iwiio dropped dead is months   ago,
nnrted hv the II  S  Government ��� '���*������'��� a 'cog-standing illness   caused
poneu uy  uie  u. o. vji.veiiiim.i-L. William Boyle, aged 73 yearn, an old
'' Hind   respected   resident   of   Amherst-
A press dispatch says there is much destitution in the Pu��* to 'akf;bla ��wn "f"     , , _
.     " '     __,,       ,��        ,. . ,     ...    ,. .     ,1 Teh minister   ol marine and fish?r*
Mexican towns. That s nothing new; destitution is the ieB i9 directing Fishery commissioner
principal product in most of the republic's centres even in *���** f?y^jM u^sLcoenc0ou*t
the piping times of alleged peace. Uing and Muskoka. to boost salmon
___________ i .letting  In  Ontario.
_. i   ���   ��� _��� _i     i     i      _��� .,      ,-. Janus Kirkup. aged 64, a telegraph
Jews are complaining of the lack of sympathy they operator, was found dead in bed at
experience in Canada.   Of course this shouldn't be, butlhi,a home >" Windsor.  He had work-
1 -   --      **���^^     *~******m**m -       -       'ed the key In Every city of importance
in Canada and the L'nited States and
was a native of Gait
While i n her way home from school
Clara Morris, Montreal, aged nine,
was Btruck by an auto unci killed.
Henri Bouchard and M. Beauregard,
young farmers of St Hyacinthe,
Que., were drown d while skating on
the Vomaska,
Brophy, Parsons and Rodden, limited, wholesale dry i^oods merchants,
of Montreal, went into liquidation
with  liabilities cf J21S.000.
A    Quebec    shoe    factory, that    of
Tourpny A.-  Marols,    wiih burned, loss
I$200,000,  including 140,000    pairs    of
for    an  arena  for  shoes readv to be shipped next week
are not bright.    The]    The   firm   of   Richardson     &     Co..
Ftock brokers -of Montreal,   consented
to assign on  tlie  petition  of    George
't.  Hart, a crditor, who has a claim
of $'7.01)0 against the concern.
Hon. Cyril Delagea,   speaker of the
Quebec legislature, was appointed representative of the Dominion In  I'aris.
^^^^^^^^^^            He will bs succeeded ln the legislature
formerly a bartender,!by Honore .Mercier.
to  stealing    $20,  and J  , ,	
at    v.
An  Assimilative
"Don't muke so
many enemies"
"I don't uialte
"Geo whiz.
mnn: you have
mure enemies
than I could
shake a Stick nil''
"But   I   didn't
in ii k e 'fin I
have so Illumed
in a n y friend*.
niul they nil Klve
uie theirs."
Grand Trunk Pacific
Monday Dec. 29 at vi midnight,
to I'rlnce Rupert    and    Qranby
bay with connections fur Masset
Saturday, Jan   3, at  12 mid
night, io Victoria and Beattle,
Grand Trunk Pacific
I'assenger tralnB leave I'rliii"
Ilupert, Wednesdays and Saturday! at 10 a.m. for Tern- \
Hazelton and Hinithers Mixed
service beyond to Hose Lake
(Mile 800.)
Kast modern I rains ciiniiHct at
Chicago with all lines from the
West for all points Kast.
Through  tickets  lo  Kurope
Your choice of rail and oconi
W,-   will   l���-   Ki.ui   i_   submit   nn   Itinerary  for yuur upi>ruval.
W.  E.  Duperow,  O.A.P.D.     H. G. Smith, C.P.  * T.A.
S27 Granville  St., Vancouver. Phone  Sey. 8134.
still the "chosen people" used to make it pretty hard going
for thc misbegotten gentile,
The Dominion department of aj.ri
tur�� has Issuiil the following circulai
to farmers on the   subject of sprin*.
Now is tht time for farmers to con
sldor the question "f a good Beed
grain  BUpnl)   [or ii'-M spring.
The greater part of the grain In thi
we-st was harvested under ideal conditions last tall and little difficulty
i-liou! I ! nnl with ni getting need ofj
sine- Htalty, Notwithstanding Ibis
���there axe e une individuals and even
sections or the weatern provinc.s that
wc.-e not bo fortunate at harvest time
and imw have b ed of doubtful variety |
in their granaries for tho spring seed
Seed   of   strnn!,'   vitality
���good start, ii Ips to   keep
v, ds and finally gives thl
while seed i f poor vitality
loan. I
Therefore every  farmer    who    sus-i
pects the  vitality of his seed  should*
Bend a sample to the Dominion govi
���ernment seed laboratory, Calgary, fnr
a germination test.    In order that the
report of this test may be of grei ti*t
value to the sender, preparatory    to
sending  the  pampln   he   should   tlrst
dean his seed as for seeding Too of
ten  seed  that Is badly contaminated
with weed seeds ls sown.   Kvery year]
the proportion of western
id reed which tho farmer sows, and
ince It is generally grown on new-
breaking his land ls practically ruined
il the Btart Formers who have clean
'���irma, or farms free from some of
he most troublesome weeds -wild
'.ats, stliikwied, flase wuax, hall mus
'ard, tumbling mustard, etc., should
he very careful to sow only clean
The reed laboratory at Calgary Is
it lhe din pm-a I of the farmers nr
public, and  It  Is imped that they
efforts to ob*
^^^ snd It I	
make use of it  In thflr
tain a pure seed supply.
In  former  years   most  of  the  samples   have   cnnie   in   to   be   tested   In
March and  April, overtaxing the capacity of the  laboratory and    Bofne-
, tiui _ causing a delay In reporting on
: thn samples.
I! is therefore urged that samples
be Bent In as early as poseibl ��� to avoid
makes ti | th'n delay and to enable the fanner to
dnv.n the replace his Beed who thereby finds it
big yield; I unfit for use.
is a   sure; .
The Dominion government may appoint a commission to Inquire into the
high cost of living.
Vi. II. Giddy, a l'ort Hope cattle
buyer, was seriously Injured by being
! gored by an enraged bull.
The congregation of the First Bap-
Jtist church, Brockvllle. has extended
a cal Itu Kev. James Strachan of
Legislation to be pasH��d at the ap-
proacblng eeaslon of parliament Is almost certain to Include a Dominion
mini s act
A definite announcemoni that the
parrel post _y_tem will be Inaugurated during the inonth of January le
madi by tie* Hon I.. P. Pelletler, post-
master general,
An expert prohibition upon fish
t:il<in in Ontario waters as a weapon
to curb the fish combine his been Be
riouM*. suggest d to memberB of th ���
iiniirin government,
Ii is nol known hew Queen's unl-
verslty senate will view the question
of militarism   >!ilcli has come to the
Manitoba may   adopt   Ontario's hy
dro-elettrie policy.
Oeorge Jackson, a prominent wholesale butcher of Umdon. died in W'ln-
inlpeg, while on a visit to    his daugh
ti ���
i    Hev. \V.  M. I.oucks. formerly at St.
iMatthew's  church.  Ottawa,  was    in-
:dueud as rector of All Saint-.' church
1 Winnipi *.'
Because the evidence was   such   as
j to rais" a reasonable doubt as to his I
guilt the cabinet has commuted to j
life imprisonment the death sentence!
passed upon Victor Popple, a Winnipeg man, found guilty of murdering
his sister-in-law's Infant.
A*   the  first  session of  the Grand
Trunk  Pacific conciliation board's In]
qufry  Into tha claims of the  machln-1
lists and  boilermakers of the O. T. P. i
;iit  Winnipeg,  c.   \v.   Robb,  superin
"lie   seems   li
i   he   a    l'i
-i y
man "
"You might lie
Willi   lllll!
for a
nml   imt  know
lie   was   worth
���'Put if you Ml
w bis baud
"Then you wi
mill know
I, r i
sura no
"She seems In
be nhle In
young "
"Well. 1 think
she ouptit '
"Yon do."
"She tins been
working ni
1 11 s
ll U
Phonea 15 and II. MI Columbia Street W.
Wholesale and retail dealers tn the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton of this coal will, without doubt, boll more water
than any other coal on the market.
We also have a limited supply of Old Wellington (l-adysmlth)
coal for stove and grate.
We carry a good stock of building material, Including Vancouver
brand of Portland Cement. This cement ls being uaed by the Dominion and Provincial Governments and all the large corporations
and contractors In the province, lt Is ground very fine and Is very
uniform. Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
sew, r pipe, drain tlle, common aud pressed brick, fire clay and tire
Undent of motive power, said that the
of the men would mean an
ln    operating   expenses    of
Jami n Twohey, a well-known cattle
dealer and contractor, of Medicine
Hit. formerly <.f Calgary, died sudden].-
Two hundred dollars was paid Into
the police d> partment as fines for
violation Of the Motor act at Kdmonton collected from four offenders.
Oscar Anderson, agid __. well
liiuw:i as im ithlete In Alberta, died
after suffering frightfully from burns
all nve   his body    He had tried   to
l!j-ht  a sieve ��ith gasoline.
The Calgary Ministerial association held n meeting behind closed
dr-ors, at which It was decided to
Btarl the flght for tha abolition of the
bar in   tha  th ee  prarle  provinces.
Tile threatened inroads on tho natural gas fields of Alborta by parties
lu  Moose  law, Regina and Winnipeg,
8oma Difference.
"Yon look ns li;i|i|iy as lliougli ynil
hail ts-en klsseil.'
"MaylH- I have "
"Hut there Is nn man around."
"I might have lieen kissed by a w>
nm ii "
"Nol with that effect."
Deep Grief.
"Why ilu you cry':"
"My grent aunt Una iust died"
"Pear  up     Maybe  she  icuieiiil'i'ird
you In tier will.'
"Slu- illd. She left llle her cut ami
ber eiiiiury,   Tlmt s w li.v t cry.''
Mam Croo.
"I would like to mII you no eulnia
In  Mellen"
' U hal wlll grow mi If;"
"Anything '
"How iiiiinv revolutions con yon
raise to Hie in-re':"
I'd ni'.i' in tourney round the wnrld
Ar,,-) travel too umt riu;
tlm. in.ii defied, I'll *.'��� in tea
I he, finuvllig i<ii ini. sliuw.
(Subject to change without nolle*)
Sunday schedule���Trains leave New Weatmlnster at ��, 7. 7:80, 1.
8.SO and H am., and every 20 minutes    thereafter    until    8:3*0    p.m.
After 8:30 service every 30 mlmtei wltb laat ear leaving at midnight.
Week day schedule���Tralna leave New Weatmlnater St 6. 6:45, 6,
n 15. 6 SO. 6*45. 7. 715, 7:30, 7 45 and 8 a.m.. and every 20 mlnutea
until 4 pm.. Krom 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a IS minute aervlce will ba
glvm After 8 so p m u so minute service wltb last car at midnight
Saturday service ��� Early morning schedule the same aa on weekdays, out utter 8 am. a 15 minute service will be given until midnight
Through trains for Chllllwack leave New Weatmlnster dally at
9 Si) a m and 1:m. 3:35 and 5*45 pm. Tralna leave Chllllwack dally
for return trip hi 610 a.m, and ��:30 am. and 1:10 and 6:45 p.m.
Dally ICuprcss service to t'hllllwack from New Weatmlnater at 9:60
am  snd 3 35 p.m.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
P.  O.  BOX  44?
cats  which  colntalns  wild oats  is  in .
creaeiriK. Such grain must take a lower Rrade because no satisfactory meth-;
od of separating it has been devised.)
Samples of tinx containing   15    psrj
cent, of weed seeds are only loo com-]
mon;   this amounts to approximately j
200 bushels of waste per cart   Wbi it
the cost nf threshing, handling    and
���frcipht on this useless-material Is add
������ed  to the loss occasioned  ly the  In-
jury to the growing crop, t'te net p:-of
It per acre Is very materially Ies_c:-i ,
ed. I
J-'ldx is tbe most badly contaml.iat |
.O^w^ag ��   ]IV*?\^^ '
mXae-- -*   ~::_,. *___ .
.DAY,  DECEMBER 30,  1913.
pianoforte; 'ill K.-my St., Ni-w VVest
H.   J.   A.    BUHNIS-rT.   AUDITOR     ANI
Ac. .imlant. 'Ill   It.   US. Kouiii 2, Kar
Block. *
P. H. Bmlth. W. J. Orover
Woi-k   undertaken   in   city    and   outsld
-points.   > 11-11   Westminster   Truat   Itiui
Ptioui!   364.     P.   O.   Hns   607.
mm:; EBn*tlneersi 1-ocnl B48, moats It
lAibi'i- Tempi* every tir.i snd tliirf
Thursday of ttie month, tl UcLaughtln
pr,. iib-iit: w. o. Baunders,   seorstnry
1'   0,   tlnn 62S.
Tt. �� P. O of Elks of the 1) of 0., inei
the tni-i and third Thursday at tl p. ia
K. of P. Mall, l.ik-tith street. A Well
Cray. Exalted Ruler; P. H. Uinlth. Sw
r, l.iry.
I.. O O M��� NO. .64 - MEETS Ot
flint, second, third and fourth Wednes
(lay     lu     each     month     *'t     8     p,   m
in iin* Moose Hume, it, j. Laatn.
dletstor; w. j. Droves, locretan
tlesflquarters of lodsi* In goa How-m
comer of foui-th and Carnarvon streeti
I O, O. V. AMITT LODOB Nil. 17���Tt*
r��i{,uar inee.itnK of Amity peine N<
27, I. O O. B\, la held every Morula
nlKlu nt t o'clock In Odd Fallows' Hal
cy-in-r Carnarvon and Btehth sireeti
Mailing br them cordluliy Invite.
n. A. M,-rrilhew, NO.; H. W. H,ui��atei
V. 0 ; W. C. Coatham. p. (], n ri
lint secretary: J.  W. MacDonald, ftnaii
clal seoretary,
W F, FAI.ES��� Plnni-wr Eneral Direct*
anil E'-Umlmer. sr. lis Agnes airee
opposite curm-aie Library.
ter H Hanna. Ltd.)���Funi-ril din-dor
and iinbalme-m. Parlors 406 Cotnitibt
atreet.    New   Weatmlnater.    Phone  III
Prophet   Who   Knows    Hit    Business
Says King Will Lose His
Royal Job.
le !��rade. Dec. 29. South nf the
Danube, between Its Junction with th'
il-iuii and the Hlack Sea. lies u ruKKetl
mountainous region, where the it-range
land marvellous Is often more familiar
than the commonplace. For some Umi
; it -.va. the fashion for the up-to-date
novelist t'i establish Bomewhera then
'a mythical kingdom, wherein the cas
bal American visitor, cool and taci
iturn, finds himself the double of the
kins iii appearance and by soma time-
i iy and heroic personification chocks
a revolution and Kalns tin- hand of
'the princess as Ills reward.
sur Hourd of Trade meets In the boar-
roocn. City Hall. a> follows: Third Fri
day of eaeb moulh ; Quarterly meetln,
on llie third Krlday of February. M.i:
Auffiiat and Novcmtier at 8 pin. An
nunl meetings ���-, o,,. third r'rlday o
February, li. H. Btuart Wade, aecr.
Sole. l-lenln, Hustneaa Letters, etc.; dr
culm- work specialist. All work strict!
i "i.r.*!. n't ,1 II. Barry, room 4 IS Vital
minuter Trust 111k.    Phone 70J.
rlstars, Solicitors, etc 40 1-orni- .-'.tree
New W.-stmlnater. U, E Corbould. E
Q    1.  K. (Irani.    A. fe. MeColl.
lil-law. Solicitor, itc. Solid or for tin
ii-nk   of    v hiicouv.t.     Offloea:    Mer-
i-Ii:iiiis   Hank   Rull'llnK.   New   Westmins-
nr. HC. Telephone No. 1070. Cabl.
sdorcsa "Johnston." Cudt* West, rr
w p itANSPORii. RAititisrr.it. so
11, nor. .tc Colllster Block, oorner fol
inr.Mii ano McKenrh* streets, New West
minster. B.C. P. O Box 2Hi. Tele
plione 344.
al.le ��� Hnrrlsters end Solicitors. West
minster Truat Blk.. Columbia streel
New Westmlneter, B. C. Cable addrew
"Whltealde," Weetem Union. P. C
Drawer see. Telephone ft." W. .
Whltealde. K. C., if. !_. Bdmonda. I
J STII.WEI.l. CLUTK. B.rrtiler-at-l����
solicitor, ete.; comer Columbia so*
McKensle streets, New Weallntnate:
B. 0,   P. O. Bos 111.    Telephone   7It
Solicitor    and    Notary. Offices     Har
block, .* Lorne   street. New Weatmtr
ster. B. C.
Barristers and Solicitors. SOS to 41
Weatmlnsler Tnisi Block. O. B. Mar
tin. W. Q. McQiisiTta sod Oeorae I
In   dealing   With   the   Balkans,   however, ther'.* la little need t.i fly to Hotton for the plot.    Hard fact tti: ni has
, a rich stnre of great events, many of
* them, in ail seaming so wild and improbable tlmt they would never In- per
mltted in a novel. And first and Fun*
moat among theae must in- reckoned
ihe amazing prophecies of .Meta, a
peasant from a tiny village. Krenina.
in the southwest.
To   this   peasant,   moreover,   ��*a.i
granted possibly the   highest   honor
iwlilch can fall iu a prophet, thai  of
being  believed  a mom;  his own  folk.
I The usual reception of a Beer's words
| at honi" ha. become a classic phrase,
| yet tha sayings or visions ot this un-
lattet ���! rustic are solemnly preserved
even  today  In  the secret archives of
I ihe nation; they have heen consulted
by   premiers,   quoted   by   princes  and
are nnw a national heritage.   The law
strictly enjoins that no story or novel
I should be based on this subject. Small
j wonder  at   this   prohibition,   for   tin >
are one unbroken tale of endless tragedies,    The climax has still to come,
More  than   forty   years   have  not   ex
ihatisteil the ll.t.
Foretold Death of Prince.
On an afternoon In -lune, 1867, the
worthy folk nf t'jiisa, the nearest
���town to Kremiia, were suddenly as-
toniahad to see a ragged, unkempt
["���asiin coming running down the straggling main slreet trying "Help, brethren, help! They are k.lliug our
prince!" He was promptly arreated
hy the police for causing a di.turb-
lance, bnt some of the older men. not
Ignorant of the strange powera pos-
|sesaed by Meta, wore a gloomy and
anxious look. What they had not
dared express In words was known in
Hi- "veiling to be a fact. Meta's
Strange appeal was justified. The beloved Prince Mttoeh, probably the
beal ruler modem Servia has known,
had bean brtftally assaeslnaled by-
two members of the Karageorgevlch
faction In the deer park Just outside
With that charact ristic Seamen
which has become proverbial the police at once altered tho prisoner's
charge and accused him of complicity,!
although they were unable to suggest
a reason why he should betray himself publicly In this fashion and gratuitously assume the odium of being
concerned in a plot against the
prince, who was universally popular. This error was soon corrected,
however, for a number ot prominent
citizens told the prefect of Meta's uncanny gift
The prefect n month or so later men-
tlon'd the occurrence In his report,
and the regents of the child prince
t rdered thi' peasant visionary to be
examined by a group of well known
men. The result* If satisfactory were1
tn be written down and preserved.
This record is th-e document that I
holds an honored place ln the minis
ing iB an additional remark of Meta,
apparently made in confirmation of a
Statement When he was being ques
tinmil on this period.
'And during this time," he said,
"the king will talk fioni Belgrade with
his prefects at I'irot and Vraniii, Just
as you and 1 are talking now."
"Hut thoae two town*, are Turkish,
not. Servian." objected  the  examiner.' labor
"Ves, they are for t'ie mouif nt," was
Hi* reply, "but then they will be Servian "
"Hut talk from Belgrade, t.iat's impossible." put in thi: prefect. "Vou
nn sn telegraph."
"N.i, 1 don't. He will sit in hls room
In lhe Konak. and the prefect;, in
their offices at I'irot and Vraiiin and
liny wlll converse and hear each other's voice."
This   remarkable  double     prophecy
waa fulfilled, fur the telephone has'
been with us for years, and both the'
towns mentioned were added to Servia ;. ,:i i' tin years later.
urn th" biopsy fend of ObrenovitchI
ami Karageorgevltcb is not yet over.
The grim story rolls on.
"He ',m!1 In- followed by    l'eter Ks',
rageorgevltch, who will  be tho prey:
of entiles:*, worries, though  the nation
will wax strong under his rule. Though
momentarily popular at a time of na
tlone] victory, be win never gain the
affection of bis subjects.   Kor a brief
moment the Balkan nations will unite
ami again Increase tbelr boundaries. I
Hut then  -.-.ill oome a time of trouhle'
and   discontent   for  Servia,  and   griel
and misery  will be lhe people's lot. A '
foreign army will occupy the land, and
Peter  Karageorgevlteh   will  be cast,
out. and his houae will reign no more.
li.it  amid  tills gloom there will arise I
a   deliverer  from   among   the  people,
and he ehall be of the stock of Ohre-1
in.viich,  as  if au  oak  tree  had  been
cut down and foiled had thrown out a
tiny shoot  before    Its    death.    Then
there   will   be   a   time   of   peace   and,
rest and   the  nation   will  grow  great
anil  powerful, for he  will rule  wisely
anil establish order."
Hare's a  Definition  of the  New  VoiS
High Life Brand.
A  restaurant Is n place where you
pay .<l tor IT, cents' worth of food, nc I
couipiinied by about $'.: worth of light
light   Cblna   nml   light   music,
which you bare beard befure, After
leaving your but with n Wall street
syndicate yon pay all the wny from
10 cents to 2.1 cents for tho privilege
of getting It buck niul wearing It once
Old Egypt Richer
Under British Rule
new strains by crossing European
birds, especially brought out for tha
purpose, with the native fowl. Kven
with things as they are, the fellah
manages to make his chickens and
eggs pay, and if he can be shown how
to produce a better article he will
have a  valuable  source of income.
Klve years ago the conversation
amongst all classes in Kgypt turned
invariably to one subject. The fellah
groanded about it as he tolled in the
cotton  fields;    the    pacha    grumbled
Seattle,    Dec.    29��� Shedding   four
more.    The difference between a uino  about It at his cluh; the foreign shop
ready   buy   furniture.     They   do   not
mul woman Indeed today is quite sim.
pie. a woman pays *.7J all at ones
for ber but, while a man pays $:. for
bis uiul $56 more In tip Installments
fm- storngo at restaurants while lie Is
vainly trying lo obtain enough nourishment to sustain lir,; between times
'i'he object of all restaurants Is to
furnish you wllh everything you want
exeept nourishment Tills Is carefully
extracted from till food before It
leaches you.
Kvery restaurant nowadays has attached to It a homeless hotel .-yid a
drugless drug store, n newspaper stnnil.
Where jou can buy a paper for not
over twice what you can get It for
across the street, nnd n box olllce (lis-
pensary,   where you  cun  get  theater  prosperity of the country and enabling chase land and retail it In plots to the
keeper, the English official,   all    had
something in common. Tliey were# dismayed at the "crisis through ��:hich
the country was passing." Over speculation had stagnated the market;
many were ruinid; business was at
B standstill.
This condition of things lias gradually righted itself. The prosperity
of Kgypt lies with til" cotton crop, anil
tbe cotton crop depends on the .Nile
flood, wbbffa rises during the summer
months and overspreads Its hanks.
The building of the barrages (or
dams) al Asousan. Assiout, and Esnerj
Immense  engineering  feats,  of  un-
told  service to the country -make It'.ra    ,m*a'/-''��
possible for the Nile water'to be stor-  n,on''>'
ed in huge quantities, instead of run-'    The
with   which   I ondon   Is  financing  his
cotton  as quickly as possible.    Some
build houses liberally, and with their
own   hands,   spending   any   available
cash on building materials and shap-; "vtrcoats as he fled. John Carrasco, a
ing them into crude dwelling houses, j Mexican,   raced   two   blocks  with   po-
roughly    designed    on    a    Kuropean I 'icemen   last   night   and   lost.    H% ia
model.    Those who have  houses    al-1 now  ln  thft  stl>'
and  lost.
Jail  and  still  wore
four or.ats when he was booked.
live In the houses thus adorned, but1 <-arrasco was found looting rooma
keep them for show. Their poss.s-1,n thp Snoqualmie hotel, 217V4 Pike
sion. however, Is a source of joy and' strett <'f p* "adin, the proprietor. Fo-
prlde lice Sergeant K. I_. Hedges and Patrol-
The  word  "fellah."  it  must  be  re-  ma"  S' .W'. P��""p��   *T  ��"m,uone'1
membered.   Is rather  loosely  used   to!'""1  arnVe"  ab0Ut  the  tlme (arra3CO
mean "peasant" and "countryman." A   '
fellah   may   be  a    poor    agricultural'
laborer, or he may own large cotton
wanta are
was decamping.    The chase followed.
The   Mexican   found   It  difficult   to
keep ahead of the policem.n with the
added weight, he was carrying, so hn
ii.egan  s  disrobing  stunt as  he fled.
poor and  ends  rich.    His  -.-.���.in..-,  i,-,   -,,���,. ,
few.    He Is quite contented to live it. U*,"        -.? ^-t .   u  ,     SP  ^   "17
a mud hut and cats beans and "dour-l*"    '"".""J*"1 ck"  kn ves  "*"  *��
carded   by  tho   surdpci  as  hp  raced
amassing  rrom _e ���c(.ne of  *^_
; Third
New    Egyptian     company," he
avenue and
was overtaken.
ning to waste, adding greatly to the; whi'11  makes  it  its  business  to  pur-city jail on an open  charge.
robbery    to
Pine street, where
He Is held at the
ticketa for almost any night you don't
want tbem nt the same rates. Kvery
restaurant also has a wine cellar which
Is tilled with native cobwebs. European labels mu) California grape Juice.
it to recover from  the effects of the  peasant  proprietors, reports a steady
In  addition.  Lord  Kitchener,  since
he lias been  British agent in  Kgypt.
progress in this respect. In certain
months of this year over 220 foddans
(a feddan is 1,1185 acres) were sold in
has set on foot several projects that Small lots for an aggregate price   of
all  help the business of the country.
and ar ��� especially of assistance to the
Charlie Love, janitor at the Maple-
wood apartments, S14 Minor avenue,
was arrested yesterday by Police Detectives H. M. Bartin and I). J. Hart.
suspected of having committed a number of  robberies in  the    .Maplewood.
Spokane, Dec. 29. -Dlto Victor Nac-'
zuto, aged 25. an Italian, was brought
to ihe emergency hospital last night
,with a laceration of tbe scalp and a
[puncture ot the lungs from which
he wouid bave bled to death but for
Immediate attention.
Just as he was placrd In the ambulance it is alleged a fellow countryman ran out of the Omaha bar, Trent
avenue and Bernard street, and, catching Nai.7.uto'fi eye. gave the sign of
silence and a thrrat of punishment
and sank from view in the crowd. Th I
pantomlne was seen by Policeman
Scott, who made the arrest.
Every pressure hrought to bear failed to Becure a statement as to th.
identity of his assaijant either by
Naczuto or any member of the crowd
assembled at the scene of the asstull.
An Italian, arreated by Deteetlvis
McCloskey and Harris, with a bloody
razor In his possession, was taken to
the Sacred Heart hospital to be confronted by the patient in the presence
sf an Interpreter. Nactuto denied that
he was the man. They professed
friendship and at parting kissed like
A   fellow  countryman     volunteered
Information   that   the   vlctom  or  hls
friends would vindicate the Injury in:
hi-  Own way.
The cutting was don? with a razor,
and the hat. coat and undergarments
penetrated by the weapon were    slit
or nearly a foot.
Lucky   Rescue   of   a   Boy   Who   Was
Lashed to the Branch of a Tree.
A sailor tells n tale of peril that is
jut of tbe ordinary. He wns one ot
the crew of an Kngllsli ship bound
from British (J Ida Da tu Itlo Janeiro.
When oil the mouth uf ihe Parana
river there came on u calm, followed
hy n dense r-og
At If) o'clock iii tbe morning there
���ame out of the fog the voice of a tin-
nan being, culling lur 4elp. A noise
Hi il fog Is very deceptive, und this ono I [a���
t-iitild not be lucnted. but an answering "bellu" was given.
Suddenly something struck tbe ves-
<el on Hie port quarter, and it wus
jintle out to be a tree, nnd in its
"..undies was tl native boy. lashed lo>
i linili and nlmost unconscious The
tree whs caught with a ru[ie aud tho
,ioy taken on board.
It was half a day liefore hc milled
tnough to tell his tale. He und nis
lather bnd been hunting twenty miles
jp the Puraiin river when a sudden
'resliet cume down. Both climbed the
���utine tree, lint It was rooted up and
Mimed down the river. The father
ded his son to n limb with his loin ._
-loth, but before be could thus protect |f00 '��;;"  "^
himself  the  tree  tilted  over.
��22,296  ($111,475), or an average of i Love is said to have stolen property
$602.16.     Since   the   last   report   the ; valued at J250 in his possession at the
once down-trodden  and  wretched fel-j board haB purchast-d another large es-ltime of his arrest,
lah. I late, which will be cut up for sale in I    Dr. C. T. Cook, 413 Lynn stroet. re-
The drainage  works  set    on    foot'small plots. iported that his residence was broken
since Lord Kitchener's arrival have! The deficiency in the American cot-]int" last night and a gold watch val-
enabled vast tracts that were former*'ton crop has led to an increase In the !ue(l.at -MM stolen.
*y desert to produce crops, and it|price of Egyptian octton, which, ofj -Ooorge Anderson, of the Northern
must be remembered that such is thel course, has benefitted th? Kgvptian ' hotel, reported to the police last night
marvelous fertility of the Nile mud -* ru-tivator. Although the Nile flood of!ttiat a sneak thief stole clothing and
that three crops in one year can be 1913 has been exceptionally low, the]iewolr>' valued at $120 from his room
taken  off the same  piece of land.  A  cotton crop is of good  quality. iyesterday afternoon,
road has been made from Cairo oul to      Various fairs, or "mouleds,' 'as they'    A turkey was stolen^from J. (���'. Fry's
the little town of    H.lonan.    sixteen  are  called,  take  place   in   Kgypt    at"
miles distant, and another from Cairo, stated  times during the year.    They
to Alexandria, where before there was' are generally in honor of some Mos-
only the railway. lem Balnt.   At the great moulee] of the
Schools have been opened, agricul-  town of Dessonk, in October, in honor
tural syndicates have been formed, a  of a certain Sidi Ibrahim, a great lo-
sum  has  been  granted   to  the cal    saint,    the    attendance  was far
| provincial councils, and land has been  above  thc-  average.    A  hundred  and
distributed amongst the peasants. fifty thousand fellaheen poured into iWnen examined at the city hospital he
These reforms, added to the golden this small countrv town from all parts. |was ,ound t0 be suffering from an ugly
fact of Beveral satisfactory cotton This shows the fellaheen to have been knife w0��nd IB the back. He could
i crops in succession, have gradually) more prosperous than usual, as the,giv0 no description or his assailants,
'put  business  affairs  in   Kgypt on    a  visiting of fairs costs money. !
' firm basis.
butcher  shop.  5S19  Thirtieth  avenue
northwest, yesterday morning and 8.
K. Springer's grocery store, adjoining
I the Fry shop, was entered and $4.50
! stolen.
Theodore Anest   was   stabbed   and
1 robbed  last night at Twelfth  avenue
south and Jackson street.   He lest $5.
Laborers Have Gold.
A remarkable example of the prosperity of the fellah today is the fact
that change for a pound sterling cannot be had without paying a commis-
lmportant   amongst   reforms   under j
[way at the present time is the work,
being done to improve Kgyptian poul-
try, which has been in a wretched condition  for  generations.    Tbe   egg  of!
the  average  Kgyptian  hen   is   barely i
sion of 2 to 5 Kgyptian piastres (10 hair the size of the same article in *
but little silver, so large has been the'other countries. At the same time, j
to 25 centsi. Everybody bi\s gold and the native hen is a most prolific egg
much gold was sent from London of producer, comparing in this with the
late. Between the middle of August, best European strains. Two years I
and the beginning of October ��6,000.-, ago a modest poultry farm was insti-
bcen withdrawn | tuted at Khanka, under the auspices
nnd  he'in Ix""ion' Kngland. for Egypt.     The;of the Khedival Agricultural society.
���.,     ,       ,   * ,        lamount   imported   into   Egypt   during I and  various  experiments  have  since
.vas swept away.    The boy had been Uhe corresponding   period   last   year: been made there under the auspices of
floating three duys and nights when he! was onlv  about   ��20.000   ($1,000,000). ithe poultry expert in charge.
whs picked up.-St Louis Globe-Uemo-
8YNOP818   U��   COAL  MININO   Rl
COAL MININU rlthU of the Uemlntc
In Mmill nti*. Saekstdiewan and Albeitr
��h�� YUkon T*rrttory, the Northwest Te:
rltortea sml In M portion of the Pmvtnc
���of British Columbia, way be leaaed for i
term of twenty-ene yeara al an annus
rental or tl an acre. Not more than III
acres wlll tw leaaed lo one applicant.
Application tor a lease must be mad
by the applicant la person to the Aaer
-or Sub-Aaent of Uia llatrliU In which tt
righta applied for ar* situated
In surveyed territory the land muat I
���described ny aectlona or lesal auh dIV
��ktas of sections, Aid In unaurveyed tei
ritory the tract appl!* I for Snail t
stake! out ty tb* apr'ieant hlmaelf.
rjiih ** ilex tlon must he aocompanle
��y a fee ot $( whi-h wtll be refunded I
-tha rialiis applied for ara not available
ami aot otherwise. A royalty ahall b
paid on tha merchantable output of tb
-mine at th* rat* of flv* oent* per too.
Th* person operating the mine aha'
furnish the Agent wiih sworn return
accounting for tbe full quantity ot met
-ehaatable coal mined and pay tha roj
elty thereon. If the coal mining right
���re not being operated such returns shout
be furnished at least once a year.
Thc leaae wlll Include the cent mlntm
righta only, but the leasee wlll be pat
mltted to purchase whatever avallabl
-surface rights may be considered necae
msry for the working of the mln* at th
rate of Iio an acre
Por full Information applloatlon about
���*��������� made to th* Becretary of th* DSpan
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to an
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion I_andr
Deputy Minister of til* Interior
N. B-���Unauthorlaed publication of thl
advertisement will aet 6* put for.
4>,0. Ion 14 Dally Newt *ldg
of all kinds.
I'rlces right.   Hatlsfactlon guaranteed
M McKensle It
L..LA.M.. A.U.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Blng
Ing, Voice Production, Theory (In
class or privately), Harmony, Counter-
ipolnt, Muaical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for tbe examination* of tbe Associated Boarf ot tb*
Royal Academy of Muslo and Royal
���College of Music. Alao Professional
Diplomat. TfBobar or Performer.
Par terms, etc.. apply (I Dufferin
rfitreet.  Pbone IU R. u-
Montreal, Dec. 2��. ��� No fatalities
Wew registered over the week end
and with one exception, a case of
asphyxiation, the accidents were not
of a serious nature.
The asphyxiation case was that of
Miss Rosana Loclaire, 26. found In an
try n Belgrade today, although those, uncongc|ou(1 eWte ,��� her Mprtment,
privileged to see lt are few. :32 st   Andre gtrect   yeBieriZy aller-
xi,      V?}!    J?   J, *. ,,  '��oon'      whPn   -*-*���   ambulance from
Meta,  who despite his  remarkable j Nrtre Dame hospltal arrlvedi the doc.
�� I,��� Trn ,,*3��*ett' one" J0"??! tor who accompanied It waa In-
great difficulty In expressing his vl- formed b mi_2t Oauthler. with
sions in  words,  had  reached  middle whom Mlgg Uecllrtre ,lved on the tlni
Our Longest River.
Our longest river Is the Mississippi
1 here Is nu other stream  within mir
borders that ean stand a moment's
' i-oiupiirlsou -with the "Knther of Wa-
j ters." To be sure, there are some who
dnlm tlmt the really great river Is the
| Missouri, thut tlnn stream Is tbe main
j ine, of which thc Mississippi Is only a
J tributary llut the rliilin is without
' foundation.   The   Missouri,   from   Its
-jnurce In the northwestern Uocklo-s to
Its Jiinctlou with tlie Mississippi ut SL
! Louis. Is n distinct stresiin from the
I Due into which it empties near (but
j point. II Is epiite true th.-it from the
, bend waters of tlie Missouri lo the gulf
llie distnnce Is greater tbun It Is from
I Ihe headwaters of the Mississippi to
I the irulf. but lu the one cuse It In two
streams. In the other only oue-NetT
Vork American.
nge, and but for a curious look In his
eyes was not distinguishable from a
thousand of his class. When interro-
i-iiti'd he said he often "saw things,"
and when drinking at a fountain the .
afternoon of the murder waa warned
by tbe "familiar mist which passed
over his eyes" that.another moment
of clairvoyance waB imminent.
Ite then saw Priuce Mllosh. attended by a lady, an officer and two servants, walking In a wooded place. Two
men were approaching from the opposite direction, but on getting close to
the prince they respectfully stepped
out of the way, and taking him unawares, fired three times, two bullets killing Mllosh, the third wound-
lug the officer. The servants and tbe
lady fled, while the assassins lingered
to hack the body with their knives.
The exactitude of Meta's vision Ib
borne out hy the fact that the body of
Mllosh had no less than foity-hlne
Future of Servia Predicted.
But even moro Interesting and famous is hls description of the future
history of Servia. The following words
are practically an exact translation of
the record Itself:
"His  son, who succeeds him  (I.e.,
floor, that the young woman had been
found lying unconscious on her bed,
the gas Jet in the room turned on to
its fullest.
A note waa found by the Janitor
bearing the words. "Mon beau Lou, Je
ineiirs pour tol." and then tn English,
"I love you." The note waa found ln
the courtyard beneath Miss Leclalre's
window and the Janitor stated that a
man whose first name la Louis had
been a frequent visitor at the apart-
-ment of Mamade Gauthler, that Miss
Leclalre had called thla man "Lou,"
and that he wss a hotel keeper.
It was reported at tbe hospital this
morning that the condition of the girl
wan critical.
ter and the sweet. He wlll know the
extremities of fortune. Brilliant, restless and ambitious, he will enlarge
the boundaries of the Btate but later
Montreal, Dec. 29.���Statistics recently compiled by the infant welfare
committee, which la composed of ladles interested In the work of the Victorian Order of Nursea, are of more
than usual interest to thote who share
tn the effort to Improve social conditions In this city.
Nothing has  been  more appalling
the boy prlncel, will taste of the bit-'than the tremendous percent, of the
Infant mortality about wblch the publlc was thoroughly Informed at the
time of tho child welfare exhibit. In
1911  seventy-three per cent, nf   the
will be forced by outside pressure Into'deaths In Montreal were of children
a disastrous war. He will marry for
love, and for a while enjoy great happiness. Then differences will arise between hlm and his beautiful', wife,
who will bear him one child only; a
son. His enemies shnll In vain plot
ror bla death, but they will bring
about hia downfall by a more cunning
trap, and he will go Into exile. For a
brief period he wlll return to aid hi*
Bon, but ence again hu wlll be obliged
ta leave and be wlll die tn a strange
land, and there bo hurled. He wlll be
followed by the aon, who Is destined to
an evil and tragic rate. He will marry
foolishly, allying himself wltb a
woman of tbe peoplo. By wayward-
nea* and stubbornness he wlll lose tb*
affection of hte subjects, and both be
and hla wife wlll be horribly murdered before hla thirtieth year."
Every Prophecy Came True.
Word tor word, detail by detail.
t^eso prophecies have been fulfilled.
History Ic wltneas.
������More curious and quite aa Intsreet-
under five years,
Mrs. Blrkett and her oommRtee have
enclosed nearly two thouaand carda to
mothers who have during the year
been patients of the Victorian Order
of Nurses. Exactly SO per cent, ot the
bablea who had been under tbo care of
the nurses were in good health.
Tbe latest figures published by tba
city health department which are tor
1911 show that out of 1T.U7 children
horn during the year, 44178 died under
one year of age, making the death
rate of Infanta, under ono year, M per
cent.' Tbe decreaae from 14 per cent
lo 7 per cent, meana tho saving of 17
out of every hundrod bablaa and may
bo credited In large part to th* work
of the Victorian Order ta Montreal.
Th* Dream Lien.
A Vienna professor la credited with
aiiylng that dreamt are usually wish
fulfillments. Maybe so. What nbout
that childish dream lii which the ferocious lion comes bounding aloug lie-
hind yon, and you run a* boy never
run before, and the Hon closes the gap
little by little, and then-nil of a sudden-your legs frow limp nnd your
muscles turn to water and your t*a*t
fray out. and Ihe Hun leaps-ttnil you
awnke wltb a yell. If your robe Isn't
pnmiyxed. and everybody In the bouse
wake* witli you? ��� Cleveland Plain
was onlv about
The fellah  is
pending the  money l    Efforts are being made to establish
Women Who Take
this universally popular home
remedy���at times, when there
i3 need���are spared many hours
of unnecessary suffering���
Sold ��-_nrwh��r��.   Ia b_*e��, 25 c
An Egoist.
"Here   ia   ii uol her  definition   of  as
'���lef* hnve It"
"An fciilct I* a man who never dls-
ii|i|HiiniK himself, no matter bow often
in- dl-iiptiiilnts others."- lilrimaihsui
Age llrriuil.
Ssm* Answer.
"And so you married a poor msn
nfter all.   What are you living InV'
"A little flat"
"And how du yon And married lifer
"A little flat."- Pittsburgh runt
Rapid Pataag*.
"Oo any of the good tulnga you hope
fur enme to pas*"''
"They all com* to pd*a. but they
come aud pass so doggoned a win I
ran t grab 'em."-Houston Puat
Real Fame.
"My grandfather flow his own peo-
nent aa a roratnodnre lu tbo nary."
"Yah! My grandfather helped cap.
nre on* to a world's **rlee."-Pttta-
burgh IS**.
Dnrraa-Voo any tho hero was dtsap-
Muted In tore?   Dorothy-Ta*.    Ho
thought lhat after marriage Ms fathor. )
.u law would aupport Mtn.-Jodge.
To-day's Impressions
To-morrow's Sales
Moating at Prmtrnt*.
Chicago, Dec. ��.���rtve moottags ot
pro-toot by labor men againat tho st-
tack mm Charle* H. Moyer st CalMMt
wore scheduled todsy hy Imhm %'
Wsanr, proi*** ot th�� llttaoto Wtt
eratios of Labor.
Many a September purchase is really decided in July.
Many a woman is gathering information to-day ihat will influence her selection of a stove two months hence.
Many a man is thinking right now about the store he will patronize for his Fall suit and overcoat.
Many an October piano purchase is really ttetermitud on the
porch of a summer hotel or home in August.
Bow unwise, then, to put off the Advertising of these and
similar articles until the actual time of their use arrives.
One advertisement seldom makes a sale. It is
the repeated impressions created by Advertising
that develops purchases by a discriminating public���aqd these' impressions are seldom built up
in a day, a week or a month.
Yet some manufacturers and merchants still'
procrastinate until the first nip of frost is felt���'
and then besiege tbe public with belated announcements of Fall clothes, kitchen ranges,
home furnishings, winter underwear, and other
articles usually purchased in the Fall.
Putxfated in the Fall���oh. ves-but decided upon
in the Summer. ' Dferided in favor of the goods
that are continuously advertised.
It's the Advertising read ip July that bean fruit in September
and October. For to-day's impressions inevitably lead to
to-morrow's sales.
tf/   K   -     -    '
?���*' '^$��!*&I!l
.��!,*-   .
���'^ .
f     PAG'. FOUR
Cocoa is :i delightful drink
during cold weather, containing
nutritive qualities���lt ia to be
recommended. Drink liberally
cf it. . It'll not affect the
Van Houten's, tin 30c, 50c, 95c
Snchard's, tin .. -25c, 50c, 95c
Ralston's Health Cocoa, tin 30c
Fry's  Breakfast  Cocoa,  per tin
25c and 50c.
Bourvllle Cocoa, tin 25c, 45c, 85c
rowan's  Cocoa,  On   ,.10c,  25c
Dp Jong's Dutch Cocoa 25c 85c
Drelssen  Cocoa, tin    25c
Mums' Cocoa, tin   25c
Nabob Cocoa,  iin    50c.
Stall work   Milk Cocoa 35c, 65c
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed-
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
We Heartily
Thank the
Public for Their
During the
Past Year,
and Desire to
Express Our
by Extending
Our Kindest
Greetings and
Good Wishes
Dominion Trust
Open Evenings from 7 to 9.
Local News
Erginccrs Visit City.
Th-' vii.il of tl. I'. Napier, assistant
public works engineer fm- tin' province, ami it. K. Bonson, to the city >es-
tdrday culmlnat '1 in the promise, reported ai tne council meeting, that
tli,* provincial authorities would pa;
!all cost of uncovering tiio leaking
water main al Kssondale, which is
threatening to destroy the hillside
ther ���.
The hand will he in attendance at
Ithe rink every evening this week ami
also Thursday. New  Years afternoon.
Sn,���! ial music and special features.
(_��lil I
Another Special Market.
in anticipation of many Bumptuous
New Viais day dinners another special markel is being held nils morning at which poultry will likely he llie
main ottering. -Nn quotable change in
prices is expected ami last we k's fig
urea should rule. Butter at 40 cents,
eggs at 55 centa a dozen, dressed turkeys at  35a and 40c, af.   1:1.. l.v  lo be
some of Uie prices.
Ot yonr shales sharpened
Spick's, 1,-jii Columbia street.
iit ueo,
Resolution of Thanks,
i    A  resolution thanking the firemen
; for their efforts in raising ami dls-
I posing of the Santa Clans fund was
paaaed hy tlie elty council last night
Repair Market Building.
Chairman Henley of llie market
i committee last night reported that by
spending Hi', the roof of tbe market
building COUld be repaired 111 last for
lat I'-ast one year. 'I liis expenditure
ils io he made.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
j Insurance    man.    All kinds   written.
Hundreds ot millions to pay losses.
Purchase Dredge Equipment.
To provide Ihe dredge John- A. Lee
(with an additional clam shell bucket
jthe chairman of the harhor committee
at the city council meeting last night
recommended Uie purchase of one
from a Seattle firm at a cost of practically $1703.92, This recommends-
| tion was adopted.
Again Reduce Service.
Commencing on Jan. 1 a S0-mlnute
service will be carried on the B.C E.R.
on tho Sixth street and Sapperton-
Kdmonds lines after 7:30 at. night
This wlll apply every evening of the
jweek except Saturdays when the
regular 15-minute service will he op-
crated   until   midnight.
The Hoyal Cafe, Dominion Trusl
block, lias re-opened. Best of meals
at reasonable prices. (25341
Death   by   Drowning.
A verdict of accidental death by
drowning was brought in by tha Jury
in connect inn with the death of William Henderson, whose bodj was picked up in Victoria harbor last Wedm 8-
da\. Deceased v.as formerly superintendent of the waterworks department in this city. Robert Hendarson,
a nn mber of the llurnaby police force,
attended the funeral whicli was beld
Saturday afternoon.
���'Open House" at Y. M. C. A.
New Year's day lhere Will be "open
house" at the Y. M. C. A. all duy long.
The association building will be Wide
open to all comers and at 8:1! a free
lecture will be given by Prof, Hetherington of Columbian college on "Six
Hundred Miles by Saddl. and Canoe
through New Caledonia."
To liiiish the season, a smart trim
med   bat   for   $2.50.     Shapes,   velour,
felt, beaver wc-rth to $8.00 for $1.00,
at  Mrs. Agret's, f,:i Sixth street.
A-rangc Annual Meeting.
Arrangements for the annual meeting and banquet of the local council of
women were made at an exeeutive
meeting of that body yesterday. The
meeting and banquet will be held on
Jan. 12, in St. Paul's Reformed Kpis-
copal church. Au all day s ssion will
he held. Election of officers for th.
ensuing year will take place at 1��
o'clock when tbe meeting opens and
in the afternoon Ihe reports of coai-
mittees and affiliated societies wtll bs
received. The grand finale will lie
th" banquet at ti o'clock when speeches
will be delivered and a musical pro-
mam provided The mayor and council  will  be invited  to attend.
A. Welsh
Ihe People's Grocer
City  Store    193  and  443
Sapperton   Branch     373
West End Branch ��� 650
Stockings, Half Price
We have a f w nice Christmas
stockings left over anil le clear
Ibem all out we are offering
them al half price.
$1.25   Stockings   at    65c.
$l.iiil   stockings  at    50c.
BOc,  Stockings at 25c.
5c Stockings al    2 for 5c.
This is a good chance to give
Ilu- Children a New   Year's pres-
Bacon, Sliced, lb 35c, 4C:.
Strictly   Fresh  Kggs dot....50c
Robin Hood Rolled Oata, per
package    25c.
('���rape Fruit, California 3 for 25;.
tl ape  Fruit,  Florida,  each. 15c.
Yeu will want some for New
Year's dinner. Crawford's, per
II.   50c.
I. o.
O. tr.
Tlie offlcera aud members of Amity
Lodge No. 27. I. ti. ti K. are requested in assemble al lie* I. O. O. f'. ball.
Eighth street, on Tuesday, December
30, 1913, at 1:30 o'clock, for the purpose ui attending the funeral of their
late Uro.  Iluucan  McLean,  which  vvill
be held from tin' Odd  I'YIli ws' hall al
. o'clock,   Members   ef   Royal   city
Lodge, No. ;i, and   visit ins   brethren
ale requested to attend
(2889)     W. C. COATHAM.  Rec.-Sec.
Xmas~ranicure Se,s
Brush Sets
Fry i
',  chUuiiCs   Lowney's,  itnwn-
Webb'H, etc.
Columbia Street
(Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Will Exhibit in Vancouver.
New Westminster dog fanciers will
exhibit at the Vancouver dog show to
In- held in Dominion hall N'ew Y'ear's
day. Entries for all breeds exe.pt
Airedale terriers. Boston terriers. Fox
terriers und Toy dogs will be receive-.
I until 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. .1.
i.T. Jackson, Kdmonds is one of the of-
i fictala at th;; show.
Constitutes Record.
The greatest parcel post from the
old country ever received in one tlay
at the postoffice here came on Sunday
when 36 baskets, containing 791 pack?"
ages were delivered from the customs
house to til- postoffice. This con
slgnment came with the big Christmas
letter mail, but had to be inspected
liefer    distributed.
crowded the great, prisons and penl-
tent;arii>*'Of Lisbon and Oporto, from
which men are daily taken away who
are gibbering idots. ddftttned to spend
the remainder of their days in Insane
asylums. The history of ibe Portuguese republic thus far i.s really one
of the world's great?st tragedies.
Social and Personal
Grand Scotch dance will be held in
St. (leorge's hall on New Year's
night at 8:30 o'clock. Cents' ticket
$1.25.    Ladies by invitation.        i2C'.iOI
vote on a bylaw which if It is passed
will exempt Improvements from taxation.
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ham
say, Eighlh and Carnarvon streets.
I'hone  5S6. (2526)
of  the
ill hold
ie  club
St.   l'e!-r's   social
assembly w
social iu t
rfck'E hall.
.i'aul   Bellows,  late of the  B.C.E.It.,
; left for his old home in Lewiston, Me.
May Exempt Improvements. last evening where he will spend the
the  forthcoming civic  elections winter months.    Mr.  Bellows ivpeets
ratepayers   of   l'ort   Moodv   will  to  re'urn   to  British   Columbia  about
June.  1914.
Mists O'Meara who has resigned h"r
position as chief librarian at the Carnegie public library her-?, leaves for
Ontario tomorrow night. During her
somewhat short term of office 'acre
Miss O'Meara has done good work
and has doubled the number of r aders
at the library.
M:s   T. Roberta and family of this
city are spending t'te holiday season
with  relatives In Clearbrook, Wash,
The Edmonds' Saturday Night cluh
Toklo, Dec, 29.���Japaneae in tha pro-
' vinces of l.omorl ami Hokkaido a:e
i Buffering from the worsi famine since
<1K(.!1. On account ot the failure of
sons  are  starving.
Many parents are reported to be
Billing their daughters to keepers of
brothels In Tokio, where batches of
girls are arriving. Others are Baid to
have been sold to white slave dealers
for Bhipment abroad. Ther.' have
been runs on many local banks and
the government Intends to appropriate |3,000,000 for the relief of banks
and  the starving peasantry.
Reduce Number in Council.
There will only be six aldermen in
the next  Port Moody council Inst ad ,
of ci;'!)! as the council of 1913 is com-!
pesed. A motion Introduced by Aldermen McNeice and Murray to reduce
tbe personnel of the council to six
members was unanimously carried at
the  last meeting of the council.
vvill hold its annual New  fear's
dam-   in Moreton hall.   Arrangemi
have  icon   made  to  have   the   .'
Westminster  guests  taken  home
special B. C. K. H. car.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved city and farm property. !i
per cent.    Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    I2a24l
'Get The Habit"
Ry the time Pandah Singh go
of jail Hie  daisies v.ill    b"    in
bloom, the winter    rains    will
passed  and  things  will    bs    1
s out
II Watch Our Ad. for
Specials in the
Next  Few
Jails Packed With Prisoners Who Are
Held  in  Dungeons Without
Specials for Christmas Time,
Hefflz's Mincemeat, per lb 25c.
Jap Ol angl 8, large boxes   45e.
Sunkist Oranges, dozen . 30c. and 40o
Mixed   Nuts,  all   kind.-,   and   trosh
P'-r   Ib 2...
Fresh Cape Cod Cranberries, 2 lbs. 35c
Ti.h!e Raisins, per package 2oc.
Candles, Blockings, etc.
Lisbon, Dec. 29. -While a large part
of the world fancies that Portugal Is
now one of the homes of liberty and
a place where speech is unrestricted
and freedom of thought encouraged,
yet lit reality the three years of Re-
pulliean rule since Macbado Santos,
an officer of the naval commissariat,
drove   K'iik   Manuel   fr'nu  his   palace,
| hav reduced the country to a fright*
j ful condition,
The Hepublicans are mere autocratic Ihan any king could be and Lisbon   and   al!   the   big  cities  are   filled
with  spies,  representing  ihe govern-
I ment  and   known  as  Carbonarles  or
perky fer a good summer, v.hen 1'an-
dah Singh  gets 'Jut of jail.
Pandah is the panhandling Hindu.
He has $<!_���'. lu 'be bank and has
been peddling a poor mouth about
town gathering ether annas and
rupees frcm soft hearted citizens,
using a well polished tale of woe to
aiy the mazitiea from said soft heart
ed householders' pockets. The police
caught him at the game once and last
week, when he add-rt the theft oi an
overcoat and a watch to his list of
misdemeanors, he was grabbed _ second lime. Yesterday morning Magis
Irate Edmonds rubbed Pandah's nese
Into a six months' sentence nnd ofT
he went to the official cooler, where,
in all likelihood, thc medicine man
will examine the Hindu's bumps and
corrugations for symptoms of insanity.
William A. Fc-wler had been drunk
and admitted it. so. when the court
told hlm to beat it back home to Kamloops, lie stood uot on the order ot
hi., healing.
Nadah Singh, accused of stealing 2"
bones from Ind^r Singh, will conn-
up later for a hearing.
The Sealing Enquiry.
Victoria,   Dec.   29.    Mr.  Justice   Audette  sit  every day last week except
Christmas  day. hearing    the    Indian
Iclaims  (or sealing compensation and]
i will sll  i very day tills w.ek bnt New j
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for,
land, your careful attention is invited to the!
The Coquitlam Termi-
nal Company have for!
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfrontage at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
Granville Street,
Vancouver, K.C.
One Night, Tuesday, Dec. 30
The Highland Comedy Success
"Bunty Pulls
the Strings"
Most fascinating play ever written���the favorite of
two continents, with
Dawsey McNaughton
as "Bunty" and all the original Scotch Players.
Prices: 50c. 75c, $1.00, $1.50.
Seats on sale now at Hub Cigar Store, phone 82.'?.
Also at theatre todav.
$500, $800, $800 AND $1,500
to loan at current ratal nn right leourlty.   Iliing In your application.
746 Columbia St.      312-313 Westminster Trust Bldjj.,
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Only for a few days
Cam of corn, "peas and Beans
10c. per can.
25c Jar. ol fluent. Jam 20c.
Robson Grocery
Corner (th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
I'm lhe mnn who pui-tt
riiifnrini.y into
I came tn Vsnco-uvn fiom the
lafgest null in l.'ic woi Id N.y
lolc |ob u ��o lest ROYAL
STANDARD product. _Ly
in and day out. I du my
t-voik to well that a pool latk
i�� impouible.
I first ten in my  labors,
tory tlie chuu-cil umplci I csn
Civic Free Employment Bureau
City Hall, Telephone 852.
Is  prepared,  at  short  notice,  to  sup
niy the citizens with help of any description   for any   purpose.        I-.G5I
proi uie oi Canad,. i bumper
wheal ciip. Thrn I male
bifid from i*:ach. Only when
d-In,inn bread results---light,
wliite and velvety--do I order
wheat like   my -lamplei.    My
uniformity   of
iiince       nevet
! tie   delicious
royal    standard
nevei varies.
lo your grocer Itij
Vancouver MilliipGrain Coltd.
k Vancouver NvwWmiai niter Nanaimo Vtetorb
jH# "%.
GIG Columbia St.,
New Westminster
��� : mi kid '"'"' ���" ''IV Two hundred more claim-
���usui-, "nls arrived Saturday and Sunday
���p-j-.-. I from west coasl points and tlie north
tsr -r.nl,,
���hl��   Sl
Phon* 98  !
Now Is the Time
to buy Hot Wnter Bottles,    We
have them wltli a two nnd [ive
year guarantee,
Thermos Bottles $1.50 up
|      RIGHT
l.>> trading yitli uk.   We guarantee you
I i ; ' quality er goods at lowest price-
Good    service,    courtesy, and  In  tli
words  er mir slogan,  "Satisfaction  isi
Our  Aim.".   Let  US  have  yuur   lut  Of
'lie month order today.
Wa are clearing out our stock of
[Christmas goodn al Rreatiy reduced
prices. If you require anythiiiK in tha
way cf Crackers or Chocolates lor
your partlec   ���' me In and tee us.
Dean's Grocery
STOBART The funeral or the lat-
Mrs. .lames Stobarl will be held thin
afternoon rrom tl, residence, __-
Fifth avenue to the Church of Bng-
land cemetery, Kev RJ. lt. Hartiett
will   perform   the  Bcrvloos.
lurr 3iock
Phone S86.
".lumbia  Street.
"white  ants "    Tli *  Jail
with  men  arrested  mer	
eion and kept fur months before being fr"m wesl ''"���''", i'ol"'B ali<1 ll"
tried,    Speech, religion and all form-.!''1"1 "'  ,:'" *��-*>-A.
ot expression are check d if they are
against tii" views of Alfonso Costa, a
lawyer,   who  Is  now  prime  minister
Spies search the houses at will and
it i'p tin- p ople iii a -star- of terror
by dogging ihe foosteps cf anj one
Buspected of royalim cr syndicalist
tendencies, constantly framln*; up Indictments against tbem.
Kept   in  Dungeons.
Two paragraphs In the Sam i newspaper the same day show a typical
contrast, Franc eo Olivers wub sen-
tenced to six fears' nol'tary confine
ment and twelve yeara' banishment
because he sympathized with royalists
who had explosives In their possession, bul Jose ile Ameldla was get at
; lil erty. although ho had bombs In hip
possession bpcause hu said he was a
'di fend, r of tho republic.
Tin re ar*- nil sorts of stories of men
nf hieli rtandlng lielng kept In dun
geons, being nail I" to cmnmunlcate
with friends or relatives, seeing no
on.- and reldom Iri'-lng a r:y of Hplit.
except when the Jailer thrusts In food
through a narrow silt General de
Castro, a soldier uf lilali rank. "'-'! __ _
l kept f, r menthB In tli" prison ofl"'
Oporto among th ��� vllnat types of Qrlm-I CARD OF thank?-.
Inals, unable to find out whv be was 	
arrested, and when he was finally ro- >   Tl1" Providence orphanago    wishes
leased no explanation was given,        to enttend thankB to those who donated
It is absolutely Impossible, excent thing-, for the Christmas tne, also to
I at great length, to recite the terrible tllMi helping especially thu ladies
cppresslcn." and shockingly wrong ar-,��ho collected from the different
roets and  imprisonments which have stores. 12684)
Mel.KAN -At 'i'.i'M this aftnioon the I
funeral of the lal: Duncan Mel.ean )
will be Inld from thn Murchie under-1
taking chapel to the I O. f). P. cmc
tory, Amity lodge No. 'il will conduct i
tin, eervlcns.
M.-rjITA It H1I-: YRterdny afternoon
he. funeral of the late Lachlan Mc
Quarrle was held from the resid nc<
���if hls eldest non. N. II. McQuarrie,
17 Albert Crescent, to th. I. O o. P,
cemetery. I':v. M, Oordon Melvin
p rfcrmed t.n eervlcrs, Many old
ies dents nttmded, The pill benrers
wire: I,. Williams, Harry Hoy, It. W.
Bhllts, Thos. (lifferd. M.P.P., George
Mead   nnd   11    B,   McGowan.
A reduction on every article of furniture in the store   until   December  31.
Our Specials are:
$18.00 Brass Bed $14.00
Brass Bed, Spring and all wool
Mattress for  21.00
$25.00 Brass Beds $19.75
Iron Bed Spring and Mattress
complete for	
Big reductions on Blankets and Quilts.
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"You lose if you go elsewhere."
The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Ste. ���
-**-���"   ^'A;:-     ��� "'iWmm ��M m*r��**.,m,mmwi* -mt*      .- -.f-,. .    ��� ���-���   *.
Tuesday, December 30, 1913.
_.    page *****
99 1
Moose Will Try and Defeat Circle F��� Victory for Locals Would Place Th'm
8appcrton Likely to Go
Illlli-Hs   111.'   .Mm Se   nun   the   tallies
on tiie Kraser miMh this evening at
the rlnk the standing ot the amateur
teams III Hie nice lor the Mi-ltae
trophy should show tittle CbSOge from
tiiat of ia.it ��i*"k. Manager Qrab&m'i
exhibition agalnsl tbe Beaveri last
week has raised ilu- hopes ol the bard
to tin- extent lhal a llrm belief exists
that tlie Mouse will lie able to nose
nut u win over the Circle 1' In ihe
other Kauie Sapperton will hardly he
ell-inn', enough lo repulse Ilu- spi-edy
With   the   Hoyals   playing   In   Vancouver that same evening  President
Lynch will have to scout  for I
111   order   to   supply     inulglit'tt     Kauie
with competent   officials.   The   Brtl
game, Praser Mills vs. Moose, will
Stall  at  8 o'clock  sharp.
Spectators at the mime wlll lie sup
piled with bulletins or the mum- in
Top ot  Leanue���Came   in  Vancouver Tonight.
The chances are thai   New  West-
nilnsli r will defeat Vancouver on the
Terminal City   h"  llilH evening,  Much
is th" estimation of promlheni Royal
City fans who have taken an Interest
in tbe doings of the local team dur
Ing ihe past  fi w   weeks.    Even    at
thai it win in- some game,   ah three
teams in the league are tied fur top
position, and whoever breaks mil iu
llle lead will lake some beating hefore  llie end of January
lliilth Lehman the skipper of the
Hoyals, can be likened to Connie
Mack, of the Philadelphia  Athletics.
Hugh, when askid yesterday what Ills
the real Japanese manner,   Tbe stage
settings were will chosen and. allo-
K'ther. "ilouxlit and Paid For" is en
titled to recognition by the Hear'.'
going public.
declaration thai uone of lbe feminine
sex would be permitted to affiliate
wltb the union The New York"*-
aspires to political worlds n>> was
pi. ated for county clerk if kihk_
eounty   in  Hi"  la-it  election,    Ifs a
lafe bit ihat ii enr ihe militants get  ���
Hu- ballot .1. B. will cash iii bis !-!���! tl 'IVANHOE" AT THE EDISON,       !
cal chips. The old story of the Crusaders will I
be presented al   the   Kdison   today!
Judging from  the numerous   hc; , wben the feature film of that name, In I
dents  Hii.-i season  tbe tnanagstaeul  ol   three reels, will  be -given.    The Htury j
In- Koyals would do well 10 take i ut   In pan  follows.
player,    in  ihe dajs    when    the    Christian
knlghta were finhtinK for tbe Cross in !
  tba Holy  Land,  l'rinee John held thel
Soccer teams representing   Seattle reins   0f   governmenl    in   England.
Insurance    policies on everj
treating ttu* arange and blacK
unit' d and the -Victoria all stars will
clash in the Capital City on Thursday
itti ni'ii.ii The chances tire that the
Win ricins will take tha game agalnsl
a picked Canadian team.
Battle to  Death  Is Being  Waged  Be
tween Outlaws snd Organized
Someone Is  RoiiiK  lo go
baseball  thla  coming  summer
things change   considerably
the call for players is Issued
is apparent to any person who takes
un Interest In the American national
game and who has been following the
doings ef the Federal league Owners
in raising the ante of several well
known stars, to wit. Tinker. Hrown.
SloveH. ItiiRon Krom now on Its going to be a finht to the finish be-
Tween organised ball, meaning the
National and American leagues, and
thn Federals, who appear to have
lotB of money to back up the lalk clr
dilating through the pii-vs
Perhaps  there Is  room  for
big league in ihe   earn    und
went, looking al  It from a ap
and  there
faraaa line-up would be, refused to commit
himself, winch lend, to ihe impression that Ki'iilc I Moose) Johnson will
be hack in harness along wltb Qeorge
Itochon.   which   would   allow   Cliarlie
Tohiu to move up to lh" attack
SI.ould  the    olub     physician    allow
I Johnson to wander out on the Ice.
the chances of the Hoyals winning
the mulch will be increased fourfold.
llm linn bar. been working Innd during the past few days and is In pood
condition   to  hold   Ills  usual  position
I close to tlie iietn.
01 the Vanoouver team little need
h" said. Prank I'alrick comes through
with the announcement that be aspects his team to take tha gain" hands
down.    That Is for the fans to digest,
hut to New Westminster supporters
the fact cannot be forgotten that the
I Terminal!   have   played     two    Kamei
straight and  canti  !, according to all
unless  irnlnliiR traditions, keep in shape    lo
before   lick   a   team   fresh   after  nearly     two
This weeks rest.
Quite a large contingent Intends no
Ing ever to Vancouver this evening
to support the Hoyals and the register
is lengthening bo that enough names
to guarantee the chartering of two|
cars will be in order this morning,     |
Skinner  I'oulln  and   Walter  Smaill j
will bc the officials,
Mainland   Cup   Competition   Interests
Three Teams This Week���Bankers
on   New  Year's   Day.
broke     iu
No city league games are arranged
f* r Saturday afternoon, the delegates
laat evening deciding thai the attrac
tlons at Moody and Sapperton park*;
In connection with the Mainland cup
competition were well worthy of the
support of every soccer Ian iu lho
Oii New Year's afternoon the Hank-
era will clash ut Moody park with
Lonsdale United, Ol North S'ancouver,
the same team which the Itovers de-
teatid four goals to nil in the Iroquois
Saturday afternoon the Hovers meet
Cedar Cottage at Mcody park at 'i'.'M
o'clock. This battle should give the
local team no little trouble to get
away wilh, although Manager (Irani
feels hopeful of tlle result.
At. Sapperton park the Cily and
Sixth regiment clash in a Mainland
cup buttle with the chances favoring
tbe citv if a representative team ia
The game played last Saturday be-
Al Hatch Made Good.
Vancouver.  Dec    2.. -Although    be
lost the match ngainsl Oeorge Walker.
Al  Hatch who entered the profession
another  al ranks of wrestlers, more than made
middle  good   this   evening      Walker   secured
���etalor's' the  llrst  fall  after the two bad been
bul dunbis are expressed, [sparring for 69 minutes and SS seels  some   weight   to   them,  onds   Match was particularly fast and
John's greed was gri-ater I han his
fraternal affection and h" sought
every means to support his claim on
the crown against the time his
brotln r, the rightful king, should return.
There  lived   at   this  time  also    at I
Hotherwood a Saxon nobleman named \
Cedric.    He was of the fast dwindling
ancient Kaxon race, bul had refused ���
the yoke of the invading Normans, at'
leant in spirit. Wilfrid, his son. rathi r j
favored  the court  of    King    Richard
and Coeur de Lion rewarded him witb '.
the manor "Ivanhoe."    Dwelling wilh
Cedric was a beautiful Saxon girl ofj
the blood rcyal named How-eua and it
was Ivanhoe'B lot that he should  fall i
in love with Ills adopted sister, though
lhe  father objected  on    the    ground
;ilia'  he had knelt to hla enemies.
Ivanhoe bad subsequently Joined
Richard lhe l.lon Heart In the Holy
Land and the years passed on Without news of him Prince John bestowed Ivanhoe'B barony on Reginald
de lloeu, a licentious Norman. Itowena
is sought by Athelstane In marriage
wilh the approval of Cedric. She refuses.
Krom here the scene changes to p
forest where are seen two weary
I travellers trying to gain shelter be*
.fore sunset. These are the wf.tlt.iv
'Jewish moneylender. Isaac of York
.and his daughter Rebecca. Thf
��� former Ib disguised as a poor pedlar,
jthe better to ply his trade of usury
without revealing evidence of bis
Wealth. Thev are admitted to Cedric's
'mansion, though everyone shrinks
| from lhe old man. who is forctd to
eat his food by the fireside. Rebecca,
|a beauty, however, attracts the atten
jtion of de rioiB tluilbert to the extent
that he seals her beside him at the
table and showers insulting attention--
Frank Rich
Comedy Co.
Change  of Program  Every
Other Day.
Shows   Every   Night
7:15 and 9:15.
Matinees Thursday and
,   y   LIMITED
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.
J.A.Remmie. SECr-TRES
Adults   ..
Competent men of many years' experience are at
the head of each department, and our Board of Directors of the leading business men of this city is a guarantee that your affairs will receive a proper business
executor under wills, trustee for investment of
funds, buys agreements of sale, loans and mortgages.
Pays 4 per cent on daily balance of deposits. Life
Fire, Accident, Sickness and Employers' Liability
Our Safe Deposit Vaults are both fire and burglar proof. Box rentals $2.50 per annum and upwards.
Fraser Mills v. Moose Sapperton v. Beavers.
First game, 8 o'clock.
Admission 25c. Reserved Seats 50c
that the calibre ot ths present team* treated thf Iuw crowd io a splendid
wlll   be   materially   m-iikenr-d   aliontd   distilay  of the  Wrestling  art.  Walker
tho  Fed) nil  1< uRiif  (to  through   with
Its threats anil organise an opposition
lo the associations under control   of
tween the    City    and    burnaby    wa*.
ordered expunged (rom the record. jupon her. Ivanhoe. still in his dis
and ihe two teams Instructed to meet :puiSP| comes forward to lend protec
ai-'aln at a future date to settle    the  iicn
argument.    On    that   date   the   City      The subsequent events are thrilling
iiRainst    ��� leven;a���d full of interest    until    the    final
lieldi d    seven    men
secured hia fall with a half nelson and
a bar-arm hold.
Oldier Pltre. the Flying Pteuchmsn,
Who was a close rival to Newsy l.a
londs as a press aRint fnr himself.
lias had an interesting hockey career.
Ilere ls his pro hockey history:
11105���Played with Sauit Ste Marie
three years, forward position.
WOS���Went to Montreal and played
with the Shamrock team after having.
Ban Johnson and Oovernor Tener.
Year by year players are drafted from
thc minors, secre* of them In fact.
but few are able lo produce the
The American publlc has been
catered to by the baseball clubs to
such a pitch that the fans demand
the same class of ball as was dished
out last year.    As-in sny olher kind In the fall, played for Kdmonton
of professional sport the player goes Stanley cup challengers.
whero he gets the most money. That |    1909���Played with Renfrew, forward
Is only natural,   lf they didn't there position.
would be n need for a few more! 1910���Played with Canadiens of
Raaondale farms. Montreal three years, back position,
Taking It.   for    granted   that    the Introduced "bullet" shot,
backers of the  Federal league have!    1913-14 -With    Vancouver   in    Uie
the money to go through with their Pacific Coast league,
scheme the National and   Alnerlcan | ������
league clubs arc going to lose play- New York, Boston and Hamilton ire
era If the Feds get these players jthe latest possibilities to enter the
the publlc will turn out and support N. 11. A. and flght for the Stanley cup.
them, organised or unorganised. This I During the past year Ice hockey haB
wlll mean a loss to the organised caught on In Ootham and the Hub to
clubs which with their expensive i such an extent that Sammy Uchten-
grounds, running Into the millions of j heln figures on the American teams
dollars, spells dlsaater for some one. (entering ln the race next winter.
"Johnny Howard reinstated, and | tbe British heavyweight champion
rode a winner" is the heading on an ship,
���eastern sport page. Our own Johnny
Howard always was mixed up with a
���winner In the shape of Shamrock and
New Westminster lacrosse teams, but
the above Item referred to a Jockey
riding at Jusrei, Mexico.
8oocer among the churches was on
tap st Moody park yesterday morning
when tho West Knd Methodist church
team defeated Ht, Alden's Presbyterian eleven by a close score of 3-2. The
other churches In the city Intend to
A chip off the old block can be ep-j lower the colors of the West Enders
piled to the present Prince of Wales, before the season is past.
Kvadlna    the    close    and   motherly ���
watch of Queen Mary, the eldest son j James Sullivan, head mogul ln the
���kliTned out of Oxford and made hla,United States Amateur Athletic union,
wa, to l-ondon where he took ln tho,Is dead set against woman's suffrage.
Wolls-Carpcntler ��4 second scrap for James recently came out with    the
709 Columbia St Wettminrter Trust Bldg
The Bank of Vancouver
  ., >       *  . *     '
���ranches Thr��n����*ut -**��� P-revlnae ����� ���HIM! Columbia.
������vinos Department at all Branches Deposit* of On* Dollar aid
upward* received aad Interest at tb* blgha*t current rat* paid er
credited hall yearly.
Draft* and tta-*\l**m* Cheaue* **ld. Hjabl* ta all part* ot tka
CHAS. 0. PINNOCK, Osn.ral M*na#*r.
Nsw  Westminster ���ran**:
ILACK. Manager.
turned out by- llurnaby and for Urlalgoane we have Isaac, the monev,
reason, tosether with the slate of the lemler embracing his daughter. She.
weather, the delegates decided to,however, geems not to notice his
order a replay. 'caresses; her eyes are turned toward I
"    ������  I the sunset.   -Before her arises a vision |
. _ ��� Of the knight in the arms of his bride i
i\   *    A.\*.      ' I '__        J- ! and she reflects on the happiness tha'i
At   tllC    1 neatrcS  will be his in the love   of   Rowena!
and thus, iii    that    bitter-sweet   joy
which only self-sacrifice can give, we
Ihe Man of the House
stays home with his family when be
becomes interested in making muBic
himself���most men can't, you know,
but with the Dominion Player Piano:
any man may become a musician.
Hear it today.
25 per cent discount until the New
419  Columbia  St.  New  Westminster. i
I'm aad deal
Vic* President
���*c. aad Treas
Rr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No- 7 and 177
leave her.
Bunty  Pulls    the    Strings" Will
Seen  Here���Crowded  Hous*
'Bunty 1'ulls the Strings." the now
famous comedy, comes to the Westminster opera house this evening and
theatregoers at large appreciate the
fact that they have an opportunity tp
see the much talked of comedy, and
tor themselves Judge of its merits.
Bunty" Is still running at the May-
market theatre in I_ondon to enormous
business, and also played In New-
York over dfteen months. "Bunty" Is
a Scotch lassie whose title of manageress should be written out In
capital letters. She manages everybody and everything in the play without their knowing It, aud to their utmost advantage.
'Bunty" saves her father from an
cver-crlnolined, acid-faced spinster
who Intends to "hook" him. and marries htm to an old love of his early
youth. Sho also marries herself ie,
the young man of her choice: Bave.
her brother Rob from a hard lot, and
arranges his love affairs. In fact,
Bunty Pulls the Strings" go gently
aud satisfactorily that all the characters tn the plsy are overwhelmed
with delight at her successful efforts.
"Bunty" Is one cf the real live
products of the stage. That ts. It Is
not "stagey," Just a visit to "Hleland
folks," They may be strange to you.
but you wlll like them, and as for
"Bunty," she is the cleverest politician
that ever visited New Westminster.
She haa her "hat in the ring" from
the beginning to the end of the play,
and she makes good every minute.
"Bunty" it so thoroughly Scotch, so
tearfully un-American, that the reminds one of eating chocolate creams,
lt 1* "all over" before you get the
taste, and keeps you longing for
Fred Darroch Released    on    Ball   at
Order of Attorney General���
Confined Whole Yeai.
Oeorge Brcadhtirst's "Bought and
Paid For" played to a fair sited audience In the opera house last evening
and wdf Veil received. Robert Stafford as handled by Charles Mlllward,
and Virginia Blaine ln the capable
hand* ot ttrelyn Wielding left but
llttlo to be daalred. while Jame*
Gilley, the bumptious youth full of
Idea* found a perfect Interpreter In
Hobart Cavanaugh. Dorothy Davie*
was exceedingly pleating In the part
of Virginia'* titter Fanny. Clyde
Crawford wu a (air Japanese ���errant,
but ho need* a few week*" Ashing for
salmon on th* Fra**r or shoving   a
After having spent a little more
than a year ln the provincial Jail Fred
Darroch, awaiting Jury trial on a
charge of wounding with Intent to
murder, was released on ball yeaterday on an order granted by Mon. Mr.
j Justice Morrison In the supreme
' Darroch was arrested In connection
with tbe wounding of Alex. Baron, in
Vancouver on October 18, 1912, and
was sent up for trial by Magistrate
Shaw ot that city. Hls trial waa put
off from assise to assise owing to
difficulties experienced by the crown
In securing the proper witnesses.
The application tor ball was made
by J. R. Grant, who produced a letter
from the attorneV general recommending that Darroch be admitted to personal ball of $S00.
This feels good," whispered Darroch to a provincial police constable
as he stood In the registrar's office
In the court house enjoying a quiet
smoke, the flrat In many month*,
while the papers giving him hi* tern
porary freedom were being drawn up.
Minneapolis, Deo. ��.���"A uniform
rate scale tor all railroads ln this
country it not possible, nor la It necessarily desirable," iald B. A. Meyer
of the interstate commerce connotation In an address today to the Hth
annual meeting of the American Economy association.
Government ownership wat T-eferred
lo hy Ut. Meyer aa th* possible final
outcome of increasing government
Regulation, hut even thst, he said.
would aot put an end to rate problem*.
Mr. Meyer .aaid that he wished tt understood that he waa speaking at a
rate expert and not aa a government
S*rl*u*ly Cut and Bruised.
Klleodale. N.D., Dec. ��.���W. H. Mo-
Pharson, marehant ot Sliver Leaf wu
seriously out and buratd yesterday
while escaping from hli burning store.
He wu sleeping ta a amall room ttl
tlie rear of ttie store a*d waa not
���ntu all av*aae* ef ea-saaa
hy tbewiadaw,	
lumber-truck ln oae pf the. local mill off.  A attaf over the window act-riv
ynarto'WmtMm ���mUectoa* fo co*t him kit Ut*. 1%* taaa to nMW
Combines  Poetic Romance with Heroic Adventure
> tiff?* j       v ��� ' ���'
and Character Delineation in a way never before
equalled���"Ivanhoe,r from Sir Waite* Seott. Produced by Imp Film Co. at Chepstow Castle, England,
under direction of Herbert Brenon.    *
Kilem Presents
lhe Chinese
Death Ihom
In Tw* Parte.        .   .
The deaperate battle between tM
telle* aad beak robber*; the run oa
tke looted baah hy aaxtout dt��ee!t
ent; Ike Ckkttita'e dtekottosl attempt te slay hte ketaitae Tk��*a.
with the Daatk Tkora, are tlm* -at
S--i na_rtk_- -isl-i-S-iU    ''^^ m��T:'-
\w^pJm,*\t    *im    Wte^P ' -^l^B^^w J*W^^a*Maa
iT    mr   -i^ii i ii   ii.
,*.-*; I- , ;.*5$5
ijii'nf rjii
;;:ifi|f f      PAG'i FOUR
Cocoa In :i delightful drink
during cold weather, containing
nutritive qualities���11 is to be
recommended, Drink liberally
of It . It'll imt affect tin-
Van Houten'fl, iin 30c, 50c, 95c
Suchard's, tin ...25c, 50c 95c.
Ralston's Health Cocoa, tin 30c
Fry's Breakfast  Cocoa, per tin
25c. and 50c.
Bourville Cocoa, Ln 25c, 45c. 85c
Cowan's Cocoa, tin  .10c. 25c   _
He Jong's Dutch Cocoa 25c 85c.
Dr> Issen Cocoa, Un   25c
Marl's' Cocoa, tin   25c.
Nn boii Cocoa, tin   50c.
Stallwerk   Milk Cocoa 35c, 65c
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St.
We Heartily
Thank the
Public for Their
During the
Past Year,
and Desire to
Express Our
by Extending
Our Kindest
Greetings and
Good Wishes
Dominion Trust
Op_n Evenings from 7 to 9.
Local News
Engineers Visit City.
The vlall of <:. I' Napier, assistant
puhllc works engineer tor the province, and it. P. Bonson, to the city yesterday culmtnat 'I in the promise, reported al tho oounoll meeting, that
tin- provincial authorities would pay
all cosi of uncovering tin- leaking
water main al Essondale, whloh is
threatening to destroy the hillside
ther -.
Tin' band will be In attendance a1
the rlnk every evening this week and
also Thursday,  New   Years afternoon.
spec ial muslo anil Bpeclal features.
Resolution of Thanks.
.  resolution thanking the firemen
���   their  efforts   in   railing  and   dis-
Blng  of  the  Santa  Clans  Innd   was
Phone 1001-2.
Esst Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed-
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
passed by the city council Inst ni>j.lit.
Repair  Market   Building.
Chairman  Henley of    the   market
Committee last nighl  reported that by
spending $126 the root of tlie markel
hulldlng could be repaired to lasi for
at   least   one  year.    This   expenditure
lis to lie made.
Insure with Alfred W, Mcl.eod, the
i Insurance man. All kinds written.
'Hundreds ot millions to pay losses.
Another  Special   Market.
in anticipation of many sumptuous
New year's day dinners another spe
clal markel is being held tbla morning ai which poultry will likely be the
main offering, No quotabl change in
prli ��� i is expected and laat we k's fig
ores should rule. Butter al 40 cents,
oggs ni 55 cents a dozen, dressed tur
keys ai :'.",c. and 40c, are likely to be
.���mil,'   Of   Hie   prices.
(let yonr gkates sharpened at Oeo, j
speek's, ..ii Columbia Btreet,   (2525)
Death   by   Drowning.
A viirdlot of accidental death by
drowning was broughl in by the jury
In connection with the death of William Henderson, whose bodj was picked up in Victoria haiii.ir last Wedm b
day. Deceased ���-���)�� formerly superintendent of the waterworks depart
ment In this city. Robert Henderson,
a nn mber of tho Burnaby police force,
all, nileil the funeral which Wat Inlil
Baturday afternoon
"Open House" at Y. M. C. A.
New Yea's day there will lie "open
house" at the Y. M, ('. A all day long,
The association building will be wide
open to all colliers mul at 8:15 a free
lecture will he given hy l'rof. Hetherington of Columbian college on "Six
Hundred Miles by Saddle and Canoe
through New* Caledonia."
To ti11i_.Ii the season, a smart trim
med hat I'or $2,50, Shapes, velour.
felt, beaver worth to $8.00 for $i.ot>.
at  Mis. Agret's, BO Sixth  streel.
Purchase Dredge Equipment.
To provide the dredge .lohn A. Lee
I with an additional olam shell bucket
the .chairman of the harbor committee
jat the city council meeting last night
recciiiiiieiiiled lhe purchase of one
from a Seattle firm at a cost,of prac-
|tically $1703.92, This recommendation  was adopted.
A-rangc Annual   Meeting.
Arrangements for the annual meeting and banquet of lhe loeal council of
women were made at an executive
meeting of that body yesterday. Tho
meeting and banquet wlll be held on
Jan. 1-, in SI. Paul's Reformed BplB-
copal church. An all day ���_ ssion will
-- ��� he held.    Election oi' officers for th?
Again Reduce Service. ensuing   year   wiii   take   place   at   In
Commencing mi Jan. 1 a id-minute o'clock when the meeting opens and
service will be carried on the B.C.E.R. in the afternoon th i reports of com-
on the sixth Btreet and Sapperton- mltteeB and affiliated societies will ba
Kdmonds lines after 7:..i) at, night, received. The grand finale will be
This will apply every evening of the the banquet at 6 o'clock when speech's
week except Saturdays when the will be delivered and a musical pro-
regular 15-niinute service  will  be op-  gram provided.   The mayor and coun-
%Jm   tto
Ihe People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch  650
Stockings, Half Price
We have a r w nice Christmas
Stockings left over ami tu clear
ihem all mu we .ne offering
them at half price.
$1.26 Stockings at    65c.
$1.00   Stockings  at    50c.
60c, Stockings at    25c.
ae. BtocklngB at   ...   .2 for 5c.
This is a good ei.anc" l'i give
the children a New  Year's pres-
l u,'.
Bacon, sliced, lb 35c, 40:.
Strictly  Fresh  Kgg*-  dot.., 50c.
Robin Hood Rolled Oats, pel-
package     25c.
('���rape Fruit. California 3 for 25:.
(1-ape   Fruit.   Florida.  each.15e.
You will want some for New
Year's dinner, Crawford's, per
Ib.  50c.
I. o.
O. F.
The offloers and members of Amltj
Lodge No. -7, 1. o. ti l-'.. uie request
ni to assemble at tie* I. O. O. P. ball,
Qlghth street, on Tuesday, December
80, ilil".. al. 1:80 o'clock, for tin* pur
pose of attending the funeral of their
late Bro. Duncan McLean, which will
he held rrom the Odd Fellows' hall at
i o'clock. Mimiiers cf Royal City
U'.dgo, No. :i. and visiting brethren
are requested to attend,
lt. A.  MF.ItltlTllF.W,  Nil .
(2889)     W. ('. COATHAM,  Eiec-Sec
Yma^-UT/6 Sel8
AllldO   Brush Sets
abb't, etc.
.owney'ii,   Itnwti-
Columbia Street
(Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
.rated   until   midnight.
The Royal Cafe, Dominion Trust
'block, has re-opened. Best of meals
at reasonable prices. (251141
Cil   will   be  invited   to attend.
Constitutes   Record.
The  greatest  parcel  post  from
i old country ever received  in one
t In-
crowded the great prlsi ns and penl-
tei!tiaricfc*of Lisbon and Oporto, from
which men are daily taken nw.iy who
are gibbering idots. destined to spend
the remainder of their days in insati"
asylums. The history of Ihe Portuguese republic, thus far Is really one
of the world's greatest tragedies.
Will Exhibit in Vancouver.
N'ew  Westminster dog fanciers will
Iexhibit at the Vancouver dog show to
be held in Dominion hall New Year's
day. Entries for all breeds except
Airedale terriers. Boston terriers. Fox
terriers and Toy doga will be received
i until . o'clock Thursday afternoon. .1.
| J. Jackson, Kdmonds is one of Ihe officials at the show.
at the postoffice here came on Sunday, _....._      Tlir ii
when iiti baskets, containing 791  pacto \ I AkVIIVIi      HllY
ages were delivered from the customs Id I fill I Ilil) |    11 IL I
house to the postoffice. This consignment rame with the big Christmas
Utter mail, but had to be inspected
befor   distributed.
1 and Personal
Grand Sei teh dance will be held In
St. (leorge's hall on New Year's
night at MHO o'clock. Gents' ticket
$1.25.    Ladies by invitation.       |26'.I0)
St. Pet-r's social;
a New Year's eve |
rooms  in  St.   I'at
May Exempt Improvements.
Ai the forthcoming civic elections
the ratepayers of l'ort Moody will
vote on a bylaw which if it is passed
will exempt improvements from Laxa
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew �� Ham
say, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone  ..6. (2626)
Reduce Number in Council.
There will only be six aldermen in
tlie next, l'ort Moody council Inst ad
of eight as the council of 1913 is composed. A motion Introduced by Aldermen McNeice and Murray to reduce
the personnel of the council to six
members was unanimously carried at
thf  last  muting of  the council.
! Improved
I per cent.
'o loan on first mortgages
city and farm propertv. n
Alfred W. MeLeod.    125241
"Get Thc Habit"
. Members of the
assembly will hold
social in the club
rick'E hall.
I'aul  Bellows,  late of the  B.C.-- I
left for his old home in Lewiston. M
last evening where he
wint>-r months.    Mr.  Bellows expects
to  return  to  Hritish  Columbia  about
June.  1914.
Mi.-s O'Meara who has resigned her
position as chief librarian at the Car-
neg'e public library here, leaves for
Ontario tomorrow night. During her
somewhat sh.irt term of office here
Miss O'Meara has done good work
and has doubled the number of r: aders
at thc library.
M'rs T. Roberts and family of this
city are spending t'ie holiday season
with  relatives in Clearbrook, Wash.
The Edmonds' Saturday Ni_ht club
will hold its annual New Year's eve
dane in Moreton hall. Arrangements
have I een made to have the New
Westminster guests taken homi by
special II. ('. E. It. car.
Tokio. Dec. 29.- Japanesi in the provinces of Isoniorl and Hokkaido are
suffering from the worst famine since
1869. On account ol the failure or
crops and fisheries thousands of per
sons  are  starving.
Many parents are reported to be
Billing their daughters to keepers of
brothel in Toklo, win re batches of
W, . pfn . '._! girls are arriving. O'hers are said to
have been sold to white slave dealers
for shipment abroad. Ther. have
been runs on many local banks and
the government intends to appropriate 13,000,000 for the relief of banks
atld  the starving peasantry.
Iii view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the;
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Termi-
nal Company have for!
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites,  all  clear
and level, with trackage [
and ample waterfront-!
age at from twelve hun-
dred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for  employees   at   extremely low rates, with;
excellent  school  facilities, city water, electric
light, etc.   Address enquiries to
One Night, Tuesday, Dec. 30
The Highland Comedv Success
"Bunty Pulls
the Strings"
Most fascinating play ever written���the favorite of
two continents, with
Dawsey McNaughton
as "Bunty" and all the original Scotch Players.
Prices: 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50.
Seats on sale now at Hub Cigar Store, phone 823.
Also at theatre todav.
$500, $800, $800 AND $1,500
to loan at current rates on rixht security.    Bring In your application
716 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.,
Phone 85K.
Phone 851..
specials lor Cluislmas Tinm
Helm's MinCemeat, per lb  25c!
Jap (i; angi s, large boxes  45c.
Sunklat Oranges, dozen    30c. and 40;
Mixed   '.'ills,  all   kind.,   and   trash
per Hi 2__.
Krish Cap.' Cod Cranberries, - Ihs 35c
Ti.bi��> Raisins, pit package  25c.
Candies, Stockings, etc.
Watch Our Ad. for
Specials in ths
Next  Few
The Fair
616 Columbia St.,
New Westminster.
Jails Packed With Prisoners Who Are
Held  in  Dungeons Without
**n P.nliimhls  si
fiirinn B8
Now Is the Time
to huy Hot Water Bottles.    We
have thetn  with u two und  live
yenr guarantee.
Thermos Hollies $1.50 up
ly trading yi tli us. We guarantee yon
il,.:' quality or goods at lowest prices,
Good service, courtesy, and In the
words or our slogan, "Satisfaction is
Our Aim.". Let us have your 1st ot
the month order today.
VV ���  are  clearing  out  our  slock   or
('Christmas goodn at. greatly  reduced
prices,   n you require anything in ..'.:,���
���nay  cf  Crackers  or  Chocolates     ror ;raB,ro'
your partiec, come in and sea u. " ''      '
Lisbon, Dec, 29. -While a large part
of th" world fancies that  Portugal  Is
I now one of ihe homes of liberty and
ja place where speech Is unrestricted
land   freedom  of  thought   encouraged,
yet   lit reality  Hie  three  years  of  Re-I
[publican  rule  since  Macliado  Santos,;
1 an officer of the naval commissariat, I
drove  Kmi*,   Manuel   from  his   palace, j
| have reduced the countn  to a fright���
j ful  condition.
The Republicans ure more autocratic  than  any  king  could   be  and   Lisbon  and  all  the  big cities  arc  filled
with  spies,  representing the government  and  known  as  Carbonartes  or i
'"white  ants."    Th -   jail    are   packed
i witli  nuti arrested  merely on  suspl-|
I Hon and kept for months before being
.tried.    Speech, religion and all forms
of expression are checked If they are
against the views of Alfonso Costa, :.
lawyer,  who  Is  now  prime  minister
Sp'i-n Eoarcb the houses al will and
jk op  tin'  p , i>Ir���  in  a state  of terror
by dogging  Ihe  foosteps cf any one
suspected   of   royalist  or  syndicalist
tendencies, constantly framln-; up indictments   gainst them.
Kept   in   Dungeons.
Two paragraphs in the same ncw-s-
I paper  lhe  sane-  day  show   a   typical
contrast.    Franc -co Ollvera was sentenced to six  tears' solitary confine
ment  and   twelve 'yearr   banishment
because he sympathized with royalists
who   had   explosives   In   their   poss?s-
;slon, bul Jose de Ami'ldia  was set. at
Ilil erty. although he had bombs In Ills
I possession because he Bald he was a
di fender or the republic.
Tin re are all sorts of stir:, s of men
Of hipli it iinling being kcpl in dun
Igeone, hi,-  unable to communicate
By the time Pandah Singh gets out
cf jail lhe daisiis v.ill be in full
bloom, the winti r rains will have
passed ami things \-.ill be looking
perky for a good summer, v.lieu i'an-
dah Hingh geti out of jail.
Pandah   is  the  panbatnlliiig   Hindu.
He  has   $��l_ii0   in  the   bank  and  has
been peddling    a poor    mouth    about
town    gathering    ether    annas    and
| rupeeij frcm    soft    hearted    citizens,
using a well polished tale of woe to
! nty the maztima from said sof. heart-
! ed  householders' pockets.    The police
' caui-lit him at the game once and last i
week, when be added the theft of an
| overcoat and  a  watch  to his list    of
| misdemeanors, he was grabbed a too*
| ond time.    Vi sterday morning Magis
Irate  Kdmonds rubbed  Pandah's nose
Into a six  months' sentence and    off
he wenl to the official cooler, where,
in   all   likelihood,  the.  medicine  man
will  examine  the  Hindu's  humps and
corrugations    for   symptoms   of   insanity.
William A. Fcwler had been drunk
and admitted it, so. when the court
told him to beat It hack home to Kamloops, be stood not on the order of
his lieating.
Nadah Singh, accused of stealing 2."
bones from Unity Singh, will come
up later for a hearing.
The Sealing Enquiry.
Victoria,   Ilea   29,    Mr.  Justice   Audette  sn   every day  last  week except
ChrlBtmas  day.  hearing    the    Indian j
claims inr sealing compensation and [
will all i very day thia w ek but New
day.   Two Ilundred more claim-
irrlved  Saturday    and    Sunday
CO., LTD. !
Granville Stroet,
Vancouver, B.C.
Only for a few days
Cans of corn, -peas and Deans
10c. per can.
25c Jars of finest jam 20c.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
Hivic Free Employment Bureau
City Hall, Telephone 852.
la prepared, at short notice, to sup-
Ply the cltlzen3 I'llh help of any description  for any  purpose.        (2666)
I'm tlio mnn who putt*
1'nifnrinUy into
I came to Vancouvrt fiom the
largest null in tlie woihl .Vy
���ole |ob it  lo  test   ROYAL
STANDARD product, day
in and day out. I jo my
Tttosk io well that a pool Ml k
is impouiblc
I hist test in my  laboratory the choicest tami'lei I can
prrxuie of Canada i bumper
wheat crop. I hm I make
hr-i-.ul from each. Only when
di-ln ,oui bread results ���light,
white and velvely--do I otJIer
wheat like my samples. My
��;;_.._ncc nevet relaxes.
'. lie   d.-liaoui    uniformity   of
never varies.
In runt Jrui-pr l(ij
[Vancouver Milliqg&Grain CaLtd.
���vWmmtnttcr Knnsitno Vuiona
from svesl coast pulntB and tin- north
lend of the Island
Dean's Grocery
i-irr  3lock
Phon* S86.
".iumbla  itisst.
I wltli friends or
I on i and reldom
except whin the
|through a narr
���i soldli
r :*:- ���*
Oporto ami,in: th
inula, iin.il In to find out  whv tm was
nrr vt<>d, and when he wna finally re-
leased no explanation was iriven.
It  Ih absolutely  impossible,  except
at  groat length, to recite the terrible
oppressions mid sho-cklnRly wrong nr-i��ho   collected
rects and in.prlsoauicnts whieh have stores.
relatives.   ._elng   no
li iving n  r :y cr light, I
jailer thrusts in food |
ow  nit     General  de
���  of  high   rank,   war
tlis   In   tli"   prison   of
vilest types of crini-
STOBART Th" funeral of the lata
Mrs, .lames Stobart will be held thin
afti rrii.on from Iti risidi'tiee, _1!_
Fifth avenue to the diurc'i of Bngland cemetery, Itev. B. It. llartlett
will perform the services.
Mil.KAN At 2:30 this aftnioon the
funeral of the late iJunean McLean
will be held from the Murchie undertaking Chanel to the 1 O, 0, P. cemc
tory. Amity lodge No, -7 wlll conduct
tlm services.
Mil jr.Mtn llv V'tstorday afternoon
he fnneral nr tba late Lachlan Mc
Quarrle tvaa held from the resld nei
of his eldest son, N. It. McQuarrie,
17 Albert C'resccn!. to th I. <). O, P.
cemetery, I':v. M. Gordon Melvin
performed t'te icrvlcis. Many old
res'dents nttrnded, The pill bearers
wire: I,. Williams, Harry Hoy, It. W,
Shlltfl, Tlnm. Girford, M.P.P., George
Mead   nnd   II.   li.   McGowan.
A reduction on every article of furniture in the store
Our Specials are:
until   December  31.
The   fri vldeiu-e  orphanage    wIhIic
to exlind thanks t'i thoso who donated j
IhinR.i for llie, Christmas tree, nlao tni
thcao helping    especially    tin?    ladles
from    tlie    different
(2��84> |
$18.00 Brass Bed $14.00
Brass Bed, Spring and all wool
Mattress for  21.00
$25.00 Brass Beds $19.75
Iron Bed Spring and Mattress
complete for	
Big reductions on Blankets and Quilts.
Get our prices.
"You lose if you go elsewhere."
The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. iisijsrmwiiii
nam i.ti*,**.'**"'*"-*'*'*,   , wy^mnwini
���~��������   �������� ������*-**��� ���4k*'1? ���"   "
* -     -    ��� v     >      -.-   *
_i    pAQt rt*m
a.  jj
Moose Will Try and D'feat Circle F���  Victory fer Locale Would Pla;c Thnn
8apperton Likely to Go Top ot  Leanue���Came   in   Van-
Unless   Hi"   Mm se   lurn   llle   tables
nn th" Praser Mills this evening ut
th" rink ib" standing uf ttu- amateur
ti-ains In tin; rue" f'ir the Mclta"
trophy kIhM,1,1 show lllll" Change from
ihai of la.it week. Manager Graham's
exhibition against tin- Beavers last
week has raised the hopes of th" ben)
to the extent that a tlnn belief exists
that tli" Moose will be able to nose
nut a win over tba Circle P, Iii lln-
cither game Sapperton will hardly lie
Kiruiii'. enough lo repulse the steady
With th" Koyals playiuK In Van
couver that same evening President
I.ynch wlll have lo scout for referees
In order to supply tonight's game
with competent   officials,   Tbe   flrsl
utiiui", Kraser Mills vs. Moose, will
Start ut S o'clock sharp.
Spectators at tba game will be sup
plied with bulletins of the Kami- In
Battle to  Death  Is Being Waged  Be-
tween Outlaws and Organized
Someone Is doing to go    broke    in
baseball this coming summer unless
things change    considerably    before
the call for players In Issued. This
Is apparent lo any person who takes
un Interest In lbe American national
game and wlio has been following the
doings Of the IVderiil league owners
in raising the ante of several well
known stars, to wit, Tinker, Hrown.
8-uvel|, Flagon Krom now on Its gu-
Inx to be a light to the Qulfch be-
tween organised ball, meaning the
National and American leagues, and
tho Federals, who appear lo have
lots Of money to back up the talk circulating through the press
Perhaps there Is room for another
big league  In  tl ast    and    middle
���west, looking ut it from a spectator's
viewpoint, but doubts are expressed,
niul there Is some weight to them,
that the calibre or the present teams
will be materially weakened should
tho Kedinil b ague go through with
its threats and organise an opposition
to the associations under control of
Ran Johnson and Governor Tener.
Yoar by year players are drafted from
the minors, accrue of them In fact.
but few are able to produce (he
The American public has been
catered to by the baseball clubs to
such a pitch thut the tans demand
the same class of ball as was dished
nut last year. As in any other kind
of professional sport the player goes
wher��> he gets tiie must money. That
la only natural. If they didn't thero
-would be a need for a few more
Kssondale farms.
Taking It for granted (hat the
backers of the Federal league have
tbe money to go through with their
-scheme the National and Atnerican
league clubs arc going to lose players. If the Feds get these players
the public wlll turn out and support
them, organized or unorganised. This
will mean a loss to the organised
clubs which with their expensive
grounds, running Into the mllllona of
dollars, spells disaster tor some one.
couver Tonight.
The Chances are lhat New Wesl-
minster will defeat Vanoouver on tha
Termluul  City   b"  this evening.  Sui b
is the estimation oi promlhenl Royal
City (ana who have iak"n an interesl
In the doings of lhe local team dur
ing lbe past few weeks. Kven at
thai It will be snme game All llin*"
teams In lhe league are tied for top
position. Bnd   whoever   breaks   out   lu
iiie l"ad will tak" some beating befors ibe end of January.
Hugh Lehman, Hi" Ikipper of   the
Hoyals, can he likened to Connie
..Mai-k. of the Philadelphia Athletics.
Hugh, when asked yesterday what his
line-up would he. refused to commit
himself, winch lead, to the Impression thai Brute (Moose) Johnson will
be back in banns-, along with Ueorge
Rochon,   which   would   allow   Charlie
Tobln lo move up to the attack
Should  the    club    physician    allow
Johnson to wander out on the ice,
th" chances of the   Royals   winning
lhe match will be Increased fourfold.
Ituilii'ii bus been working hard during Ilu- piisl few days and is in good
[condition to hold hls usual puslticn
OlOSe to the nels.
Of the Vancouvei- team little need
be iald, Krunk I'alrick comes through
with tiie announcement that be expects Ills team to Hike Ihe game bands
down. That Is for lhe fans to digest,
but to New Westminster supporters
the fact cannot be forgotten that the
Terminals have played twft garnet
straight aud cannot. Recording to all
trniniiig traditions, keep in Shape lo
lick a team fresh after nearly two
weeks rest.
i Quite a large contingent Intends ao
ing over to Vancouver this evening
to Biipptirt ihe Royals and the register
is lengthening so that enough names
to   guarantee   the  chartering   of   two
oars win be in order this morning.
Bklnner POUlln and Walter Smaill
will he the officials.
Al Hatch Made Good.
Vancouver.  Dec   2'.-).���Although    he
lost the match agalnsl Ueorge Walker.
ai Hatch who entered tha professional ranks of wrestlers, more than mude
good this evening. Walker secured
the lirsi fall after the two hud been
sparring for T,!�� minutes and 56 seconds Hatch was particularly fust and
treated the large crowd tu a splendid
display of the wrestling art, Walker
Secured his fall with a lialf-wlnuu and
a bar-arm hold.
Didier Pltre. the Plying Frenchman,
who was a elose rival to Newsy Lalonde as a press agent for himself,
has had an interesting hockey career.
IHere is hi* pro hockey history:
j 11ID5-Played with Sault Ste Marie
three years, forward position.
, mos- Went to Montreal and played
with the Shamrock team after having.
In the fall, played for Kdmonton. the
Stanley cup challengers.
i 1909���Played with Renfrew, forward
j    1910���Played    with    Canadiens   of
{Montreal three years, back position;
introduced "bullet" shot.
] 19H--4--With Vancouver in the
Pacific Coast league.
New York, Boston and Hamilton are
the latest  possibilities to  enter  the
iN. ll. A. and flght for the Stanley cup.
! During the past year Ice hockey has
| caught on in Gotham and the Hub to
such an extent that Sammy l.lchten-
hein figures on the American teams
{entering In the race next winter.
declaration thai none uf lhe feminine
:*.ex would be permitted to uliillitfe
v.Hii the union. The Nev; Yorker
aspires to political  worlds.    Ha was
I'l'.ii'd ter county clerk of King*
Bounty  in  iin-  last  election,    It's a
.at" in t that ii ever the militant, gat
ths ballol .1. B, wlll cash m bis pollti
cal ciii| s.
.Inditing  from   the  huiiii runs    unci
ii'-nis tii... season the tnanagstneni oi
In* Koyals would do well to tak" mji
Insurance policies on evers player
wm mg the orange and black.
Boccer teams representing   Beattle
united and lbe Victoria all stars will
clash lu the Capital City on Thursday
itt' i not n The chances are that the
tmerloans will take tbe game agalnsl
a picked Canadian team.
the nal Japanese manner. Tin* stage
settings were well chosen and, altogether, "Bought ami Paid For" is en
tilled to recognition  by the theatre
gi.ing public.
The old slory of the Crusadi i.. will
I be presented at   the    Bdlson    unlay
when tie feature Blm of thai name, in
���three reels, will  be given.    Tbe stor>
in part follows:
In the days    when    the    Christian
knights were llgbtlng for the Cross in
the  Holy Land, I'rlnce John held tli.
reins   or   government   In   Kngland.
John's greed was greater than his
fraiernal affection and be sou'.ht
every means to support his claim on
the crown uganiht the time bis
brother, the rightful king, should return.
i    There  lived  at   this  time  also    al
, Rotherwood a Saxon nobleman named
Cedric. He was of the fast dwindling
ancient Saxon race, but had  refused
ithe yoke of the Invading Normans, at
least in spirit. Wilfrid, his son. ralhir
favored the court of   King   Richard
land Coeur de Lion rewarded him with
the manor "Ivanline." Dwelling with
Cedric was a beautiful Saxon girl of
the blood rcyal namid Howena and It
I was Ivanhoe'- lot that he should fall
arranged '" 'ovp w'tn ',l(i ���*-"'nP,''d sister, though
'the father objected on the ground
, ilia- be had knelt to his enemies.
Inst evening deciding that tin- attiai- j Ivanhoe had subsequently Joined
; i n.. at Moody and Sapperton parks I Richard the Lion Heart In the Holy
m connection with the Mainland cup;1"1"'1 ������"-'* lh>- ***** UaR^d "" witl
competition were well worthy of the
suiipi.it   of   every   si.ccer   Ian   in
On New Year's afternoon the Hankers will clash at Moody park with
Lonsdale United, of North Vancouver,
:le* same team which the Itovers defeated four goals to ml in the Iroquois
Mainland   Cup   Competition   Interests
Three Teams This Week���Bankers
on  New  Vear'6  Day.
No city league games an
Frank Rich
Comedy Co.
Change  of  Program   Every
Other Day.
2      Shows  Every   Night      2
7:1S  and  9:15.
Matinees Thursday and
������   .:    ClMITED
J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR. J.A.Rennil. SEC/-TRE5
Competent mon of many years' experience are at
the head of each department, and our Board of Directors of the leading business men of this city is a guarantee that your affairs will receive a proper business
executor under wills, trustee for investment of
funds, buys agreements of sale, loans and mortgages.
Pays 4 per cent on dt-.ily balance of deposits. life
Fire, Accident, Sickness and Employers' Liability
Our Safe Deposit Vaults are both fire and burglar proof. Box rentals $2.50 per annum and upwards.
"Johnny Howard reinstated, and
rode a winner" Is lhe heading on an
eastern sport page. Our own Johnny
Howard always wss mixed up with a
winner In the shape of Shamrock and
Now Westminster lacrosse teams, but
the above Item referred to a Jockey
riding at Jusret, Mexico.
A chip off the old block can be applied to tbe present Prince of Wsles.
Kvndlng the close and motherly
watch of Queen Mary, the eldest son
skipped out of Oxford aad made hla
way to ..ondon where he took In the
Wells Carpentier 64 second scrap for
the Drttish heavyweight championship.
Soccer anions the churches was on
tap at Moody park yesterday morning
when tho West Bnd Methodist church
team defeated Ht. Alden's Presbyter-
Ian eleven hy a close score ot 3-2. The
other churches In the city Intend to
lower lhe colors of the West Finders
| before the season Is past.
I Jsmrs Sullivan, head mogul In tho
United States Amateur Athletic union,
Is dead set against woman's suffrage.
James recently came out with   the
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout tha Provlnes tf British Columbia.
���svinos Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar aad
upwards received and Intereat at tha higheat current rata paid or
eredltad bait yearly.
Orafts and Tim-mMim* Cbeanee "Id, 9WM** ** t*H ****** -* -***���
WOf>d CHAS. O. MNNOQK, Oansral Mmmsh.
Nsw  Westminster SranoiH ���*���> Wi, BLACK, Manaiar.
mil news of hlm. Prince John he-
|Stowed Ivanhoe's barony on Reginald
tba [tie Boetl, a licentious .Norman. Howena
is sought by Athelstane In marriage
with tiie approval ol Cedric.    She re-
From here the scene changes to P
forest where are seen two weary
travellers trying to gain shelter before sunset. These are the wealthy
Baturday afternoon the Rovers meet I Jewish moneylender, Isaac of York
c.dar Cottage at Moody park at 'i.'Mi unj his daughter Rebecca. The
o'clock. This bat. it- should give tbe j former is disguised as a poor pedlar,
local team no little trouble to gel ithe t,,.tter t0 plv his trade of usury,
away with, althougb Manager Oram j without revealing evidence of his
feels hopeful ot the result. iwealth. Thej are admitted to Cedric-s
At Sapperton park the City and ],nanslon, though everyone shrinks
Sixth regiment clash in a Mainland :fr���m Uie old man. who is forcid to
cup battle with the chances favoring eat his fund by the fireside. Rebecca.
the City if n representative team isjg beauty, however, attracts the atten
Balded, [tion of de rtoiB liuiibert to the extent
The game played last Saturday be-' that he scats her beside him at the
tween tbs City and llurnaby was table and showers Insulting attentions
ordered expunged from tin- records!Upon her. Ivanhoe, still in his dis
and the two teams Instructed to meet guise, comes forward to lend prot.c
again  at a future dale lo settle    the   Hon.
argument Op lhat date the City | The subsequent events are thrilling
fielded seven men against eleven Uwd fall of Ifttpreat until the final
turned out bv llurnaby and for Ihtslgoene we have Isaac, the monev
reason, together with the slate of the j i,.nder. embracing his daughter. She.
Weather, the delegates decided to hoyever, seems not to Doticc his
order a replay. 'caresses; her eyes are turned toward
     . |(|je Sunset.   Before: her arises a vision
of the knight in the arms of his bride
nd she reflects on the happiness tha-
111 be his in  the  love    of    Howena
and thus, In    that    bittersweet   Joy
which only self-sacrifice can give, we
Fraser Mills v. Moose Sapperton v. Beavers.
First game, 8 o'clock.
Admission 23c. Reserved Seats 50c
Ihe Man of the House
stays home with his family when be
becomes interested ln making music
himself���most men can't, you know,
but with the Dominion Player Piano
any man may become a musician.
Hear it today.
25 per cent discount until the New
419  Columbia  St.  New  Westminster.
Prss  aad deal  Mgr. Vice President lae. aad Trees
Rr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones Ne. 7 and 177
leave her.
Bunty Pulls    the    Strings" Will Be
Seen  Here���Crowded   House
"Bunty Pulls the Strings." the now
famous comedy, comes to the West
minster opera house this evening and
theatregoers at large appreciate the
fact that they have sn opportunity to
Bee the much talked of comedy, and
[or themselves Judge of Its merits.
'Bunty" Is still running at tbe May-
market theatre in London to enormous
business, and also played tn New
Vork over fifteen months. "Bunty" Is
a Scotch lassie whose title of manageress should be written out In
capital letters. Sbe manages everybody and everything In the play without their knowing lt, and to their utmost advantage.
'Bunty" saves her father from an
cver-crlnolined, acid-faced spinster
who Intends to "hook" him, and marries him to sn old love of his early
youth. She also marries herself to,
the young man of her choice: saves
her brother Rob from a hard lot, and
arranges his love affairs. In fact.
"Bunty Pulls the Strings" so gently
and satisfactorily thst all the characters In the play are overwhelmed
with delight at ber successful efforts.
"Bunty" Is ons of the real live
products ot the stage. That ts. It ls
not "stagey." Just a visit to "tlleland
folks." They may be strange to you.
but you will like them, and as for
"Bunty," she is the cleverest politician
that ever visited New Westminster.
She baa her "hat ln the ring" trom
the beginning to tbe end ot the play,
and sbe makes good every minute.
"Bunty" Is so thoroughly Scotch, so
tearfully un-American, tbat she reminds one ot eating chocolate creams.
It Is "all over" before you get the
taste, and keeps you longing for
Oeorge Brcodhursl's "Bought and
Paid For" played to a fair siaed audience In the opera house last evening
and w��S well received. Robert Stafford as handled by Charles Mlllward,
aad Virginia Blaine In the capable
hands ot Evelyn Wielding lett but
little to ha dealred, while Jamea
Oilley, the bumptious youth full ot
Ideas tound a perfect interpreter In
Hobart Cavansugb. Dorothy navies
was exceedingly pleasing In tbe part
ot Virginia'* sister Fanny. Clyde
Crawford waa a fair Japaneae servant,
but he needa a tew weeks' fishing tor
aalmon on tka Frater or shoving a
lumber truck In oae pf tha. local
.t-m to mm* htm t ****** closer
Fred Darroch Released   en   Bsil   at
Ordsr of Attorney General���
Confined Whole Year.
After having agent a little more
than a year In the provincial jail Fred
Darroch, awaiting Jury trial on a
charge of wounding with intent to
murder, was released on ball yeaterday on an order granted by Hon. Mr.
Justice Morrison In tbe supreme
Darroch was arreated in connection
with the wounding of Alex. Baron, In
Vancouver on October 18, 1912. and
was sent up tor trial by Magistrate
Shaw of tbat city. Hla trial was put
off from assise to assise owing to
difficulties experienced by the crown
in securing the proper witnesses.
The application tor ball was made
by J. R. Grant, who produced a letter
trom the attorney genernl recommending tbat Darroch be admitted to personal ball of 1500.
"This feels good," whispered Darroch to a provincial pollce constable
as he stood In the registrar's office
in the court house enjoying a quiet
smoke, the flrat in many months,
while the papers giving hlm his tern
porary freedom were being drawn up.
Minneapolis, Dec. ��.���"A uniform
rata scale tor all railroads In this
country Is not possible, nor is It necessarily desirable," aald B. A. Meyer
ot the interstate commerce commission In an address today to the Mth
annual meeting of tha American Economy aaaoclation.
Government ownership was referred
to by Mr. Meyer as the possible final
outcome ot Increasing government
regulation, bnt even that, be. said,
would not put an end to rata problems.
Mr. Mayer .said that he wished It understood that he was speaking aa a
rate expert ahd not aa a government
Seriously Cut and Bruised.
Ellen-dale, N.D.. Dec St.���W. H. Uo-
Pherson. merchant ot Silver Leaf waa
seriously cut nad burned yesterday
while escaping from hli burning store:
He waa sleeping In a amall room In
the rear of the store aad waa not
awakened until all avenues ot aacape
eteept ��y the window, had beea eat
over the window neatly
The bee la MM*
Combines Poetic Romance with HerpijC, Adventure
* ^a '\\ .   *        ' '
and Character Delineation in away never before
equalled���"Ivanhoe,'' from Sir Waite* Scott. Produced by Imp Film Co. at Chepstow Castle
under direction of Herbert Brenon.   $
_ .  d
of. A a	
cost h!-a hie lite.
Ktlem Presents
The Chinese
Death Thorn
In Two Fsrta.
The desperate hattle between th*
toliee and hank robbers; tbe run imi
the looted baah hy aniloea de-posit
ore; the Chteatean's   dlatotleal   at-
teat* to aiajrhte Mt*M *$%
with the Death Thorn, are terca mt
the thriUtag taatsonta la thla graat
.- !���:���** ���"���'. W~,.* -n-    *
p r*
:..*'.'::��� i'A,',,. ..,:������ y.iV!-'ir\iv;,ili:.fft:'i*--f'''-.-'...:{;;. :*'*:*V:*'-
'"!_-'*fr-y~_. -tfgffP-*!
ij*��"-'V. ���
pftoa am
I Classified Advertising
eelvi-d for Tbe News at the follow- '
lag places: f. T. Hill's drug atore,
*\_% Columbia etreet; A. Stirice,
<Jl_eenstiortiu.,ii, l.ulu 1-slar.d; Mrs
BL Lardoa, HiKtilaiid l'ark; Mrs. V.
Lewis, Aid Vista.
m BATES ���
##eee *������***������������������
OlMatflo*���OM real f��r word per
day lc per ��nnl per waehi loc per
BUMltb; 6.i)i'�� wotds. to he used as re
���.aired  wltl.lii erne y<wr rrom   date of
vol t. -.. I.   Ki (HI.
FOIt    SAI.K - i.KI.1.     YOIMI     PROP-
erty HiihiikIi an iui. In this column,
Warned  to  Delay  Immigration.
Vienna, ! >������*.-. 29. Tbe Hungarian
minister of tin- Interior has nent ;i circular in all municipalities in Hungary
warning Intending Immigrants to do-
! lay iiu'ir departure to the United
States  until conditions  Improve.
KOR SALE���ll.no DOWN, 11.00 PER j
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
flanges; every one guaranteed. Mar-'
ket square.   (2819) I
Eritish  Minister Gives Figures Showing Advance That Has
Eeen Made.
...... .......*..-..*. x
i.inn sales conducted. Furulluri
bought for cash. p. ii. Drown, 11
HeRiiie street, New Westminster,
position, or as mother's belp where
inaiU is kept  (seven years' experience).       Apply     i'xix     M88     News
office, (2688)
In Probate.
sticker m:in,
WANTKD        Tlilll-.K
door machine men, on
one yard foreman.
Sash and    IX��>r    Company,
avenue and Fourteenth streel
London, Dec, 29, Tha prim" minis-
iter, Mr. Asqulth, and Col. Soeley, minister ier war, received al Down Btreel
j reci in ly a deputation from the councll
of the county territorial associations,
who t'.iiintiitt*. d a scheme devised with
a vn �� in remedying the present deficiency in the numbers of the territorial force, The scheme represented
the considered opinion of sixty seven
county associations, and among the
proposals were the following:
The Increase nf the daily minimum
separation allowance to is. 8d, fm- tbe
wife, and fid. for eaeli child tor every
territorial soldier who attends tbe an-
Kstate of Thomas Inual  camp  for  eight  days  or  longer,
'    ir oi New west-  ,hll ,mym,,m rrom ,-,,,, ,,,,!,]jo fUnds or
aji contributions required from territorial soldiers, either serving or being
sen id. for any governmenl appointments, for which lhey might be suit
able, ranking inr ibis pin-pose Junior
to sailors and soldiers of the regular
and special reserve forces, Increased
Bun mm
It Was an Important Feat
In More Respects
Than One
���a- e-e-e-e ���*���-������������ ~e-i
i .e.-S'-e-e-e- it
good plain cook. Apply 310 Third
Btreet   I'hone lots. (2683)
926.60    RJBWAHD    KOR    IMFORMA-
tlo:i leading to H*0 arrest ami conviction of the party or parti-is who
stole a gasoline     sb>ve    from    the
launch "Cecelia" iriai at the wharf
of the. Ileap-o Engineering Co., I.id.
Schaake   Machine  Works. !-_"!))
in   lha   M.iit.-r nf lb,
Johnson. Intu uf th
in i,-i,.,-. Deeensi'd.
NOTICE   18   HEREBY   GIVEN   thai   nil
orcdltora and other persons having any
claims ui*  demands against  tno estate ot
ilit>  abova  named  Tliomas  Johnson,   lati
���f Hi.' City of  Now  Westminster,  in  th,
County "f New Westminster, in the  Province of Hi-nish Columbia, deceased, who
 died on He* s ������ md day "f S pti mber, 1913,
iand whose will waa proved in the Sunn-mi
ANI) . Court ���r British Columbia on tin* iniiti.-th   ,-...- ,
'day of October, 1913, ond to whose r,*ail,"n,is  |or Improving  regimental  and
. ii mi pi-rsonal i-itni.* letters nf admlnlatra-1 detachment    headquarters   for social
Apply Superior  tlon wnn the will aim      '
Third   Jamea Johnson ur thc ���        	
   'mlnater aforesaid, am hereby i ulred in  Ing of lioots, shirts and socks to the
���end particulars In writing of tln-ir clatmi
or demandti to the undersigned, tin- ml
mlnlntrator with ih" will annexed, nn ni
before the I Ith day of January, 1914. at. ihi
undermentioned address, after whicn dati
ilm said administrator with thn will nn-
aexed wlll pro 1 t.i distribute the assets
nf the said 'riioaris Johnson, deceased
amongst tlie parties entitled thereto, hav-
lng regard nnly tn thu claims and demands
of which he shall then hnve had notl ind  who   make   themselves   efficient;   an-
the said administrator with the will an- nual allowances to officers In addition
:i;us',ri;";.n.!:i.',^:;;,r;i!,'!i;;.;Sr";ri,nvi'<' the pay and allowances of their
pari iiuii'-.f sn distributed to nnv person rank of .liin io commanding officers,
tni) to field officers, and  X'iu tu oth-
fcuyWiS*_Swllwest* PurPoseB, ,lu' provision during training of lioots, _liii-ls ami sinks to the
territorial soldiers, the grant of a
bounty of l'i to all trained m n and
recruits on the introduction of Hi"
scheme in consideration of their patri
otlsm in joining the force, and after
ihe Initial year the granting of bona-
! ties  of from  ln.s.  to   l'i  to  soldiers
with Breplaee preferred; uae of bath \
and telephone; occupation Monday, December il); breakfast a con
Bideration. Write Dlatrlct Traffic;
Chief B. C. Telephono Co., New
Westminster. (2678) i
anil wire as caretakers or offices to
clean. Respectable, sober, honest,
trustworthy; characters will bear
strict InveeUaaUoa. Apply box
2C.6,. The N'ews ofTice. (26G:',I
sniis nf whoso claims nt* demands hi
shall  not  then  have had  notice.
Dated this nth dny uf December, A.D
Administrator wiib the Will Annexed, 213
Eighth street.  New Westminster,  B.C.
NOTICE   18    HEREBY   GIVEN   lhal   a
Court in   Revision ol   lln   Voter-*!'   Lists
for 191 I will i"  hi hi al the Municipal hall,
Bdmonds,   B.C., on   Monday,  Jnnunry  5tli
1911,  ni   in  i 'clock   In  tin    fi.n-i n.
ARTHUR ii. MOORE, Clerk,
Edn Is,  B.C., December 87th,  1913.
��� _ 'i r: i
ACTS, r.r.d
(ure, or stocks in trade, in large or   ,.,   THE   MATTER   0F  THE   WEST-
small quantities, highest price paid,        M*N3TER  AMUSEMENTS   LTD.
Or Kred Davis will sell your Roods ]
by  public auction  with  guaranteed
results, or no commission charged
Sec the export on furniture before
you Rive your goods sway.   Address
Fred    Davis.    518 Columbia streel,
Kew   Westminster. (.OUTl
nicely furnished room %\S,I) and up
wards at the Sterling building cor- ary (luieral Meeting of said Company
ner Royal avenue and Tenth also duly convened and held at the
street. C.6H5I   same place on the 22nd day of Decern-
 ���ber,   1913,   that  same   resolution   was
*'OH 11BNT���IF YOU HAVB ROOMS,duly confirmed as a special resolution
to v.-M. try an ad. iu this column.
seeping rooms. 810 and $15 per
inonth st 224 Seventh etreet. (1624)
er officers, nnd permission to employ
frs to deduct ��30 from the amounl
assessable for income taxe for every'
qualified territorial officer or soldier
In their employ.
In reply Mr. Asqulth said he was
not disposed t:i lake a pessimistic
vis iv with regard to the territorials.
j As to numbers without a particular
year, but, rather, average years, the
average strengUi of the volunteers
and yeomen for the ten years before
;the South African was was roughly
236,000 of all ranks, and the strength
of the territorial force on October 1
last wag 246,000.
Efficiency In the non-commissioned
officers ami mer had Increased in the
twelve years from 47.(10 to 64.000. This j
year  they  had   taken  over  67,000  re-
crults, il.OOu more than last year, and
the number of men  re-engaging this
j year was 46,000, an increase over lasl
iiTH-i.- ra iii-niMiv .mvi--.- .i  .       year of 7,000.   As to organization and
'>"���      '������ in.i "JB. OIVBJ. that an.ltraining, ,,lc territorial force was incomparably superior to tba old volun-1
teer force The number of men, for instance,   who   went   to   camp   for   the
,,:,...-,  .  longest   period,   was   Increasing.   This,
minster Trust  block,  in  the  city ot year 76 pKr (.em  of th(.   m*        d
New  Westminster,  B.C, on  the 6th 168 per Cent of other ranks were pres-
ent In camp for fifteen days or longer. I
The aggregate number of days In
camp spent by the yeomanry nnd vol-1
uiiteers in 1907 was l.lnO.000, while!
in 1912 the corresponding number ofl
days in camp was 2,970,000. He took
a sanguine and encouraging view In '.
Ihe light of these and other facts as
-"������"��   ���>"���' ���������-���-    -������������������>������   ^-llSat'lX^^^vanc^w'r^
moved and the points to which they
Extraordinary General Meeting ofl
lhe members of tli' above named Com-1
pany duly convened and held at the
offie"  of Gardiner  &   Mercer,  West-
day of December, 1913, the resolution
firstly below mentioned was duly pass-,
ed   as   an   Extraordinary   Resolution,
wbere. Nn collection, eo charge.
Amer.ean-Vaucoaver Mercantile Agency, SU Hastings stroet west. Van-
couver. <2:.18)
low mentioned was al the last mentioned meeting passed aa an ordinary
"1. Resolved that fiis Company be
wound up voluntarily."
"2. Res,lived that Mr. Tliomas J,
Armstrong of the City of New Wesl
minster, B.C., be and he is hereby ap
pointed Liquidator for the purpose of
such winding up."
And Further Take Notice that a
mei'llng of  the  creditors  of  the said
had called attention  received  sympathetic and careful attention,
.Montreal,   Dec.   29.���Still   another |
Montreal physician is in ihe tolls of]
the   police,   charged   with   selling  co-l
caine and morphine to men and boys.
.The  detectives  who  made  the  arrest
Company will be hi Id at the office ofl Claimed  they  found a marked  12 bill i
I tho    aaid     Liquidator  at   the   Court  Saturday on   Dr.   I'lrie  Forget    when j
Pioneer f looks un BC. suit Cal if. irn la by   House, at  the City of  New   Westmin-1 lhey   raided   his   house    at   1205   St
��� pioneer.   Ciu^dian c��.iip_ lafe. 2nd edl- nrr,   B.C.,  on   Monday,  the  12th  clay; Denis street.    N'o "dope"  was disoov-
January, 1914, at the hour of 2.-30 erad on the premises.
ill      The arrest was mad:' by Lieutenant
lion; Among Itie IVoplcs of II. C ; In the
PiataleHH W.-st; Nan, ar Iloneer Women
and Ena.    Tlie tuttn ot five for tn no or  O Clock  in  Hi" afternoon, and  that
W-wlmtaw-tS-.   B.C..   or  any   of   tlie   book \f*"*0  on  or  before  the  U'tli  day  of  laye.'.
*l,,ni*.    lH.tavr.mt tii the trade.
j January,   1914,   to   send   their
names      An attempt to get a light bail fixed
Be Blocks 4. ii, 7. S. 9. 10 and 12   of
part of a W. %, Section 18, Township 8.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above  property  will  be issued  to
Mabel I_auisa I'layfair on tbe 31st day
of December, 1913, unless in the meantime a valid objection be made to tin-
lu  writing by a    person    or   persons
claiming an ejstale or interest therein,
or in any part thereof.
District IteRistrai  of Title   .
Land llegistry Office.
New  Westminster, B.C., November
Mth.  1913.
The person or persons having In
tlieir custody or possession the following Title Deetfe relating <o tbe said
property are requested to deliver the
-same to llie nnclersi-giied.
17th January. I���79. Crown giant lo
���Cordon Partner Dafoe of S. \V. '*,
Section IH, Township K
17tb January, 1S79. Oordon Parmer
Dafoe to Oeorge Mat-afiatl, conveyance
in fit- of the SAV. 10 scree of S.VV.Vi
Section IH, Township S.
31st December, IMS. Gordon Partner
Tlafoe lo Jaclc Killer, ���conveyance in
fee of S. part of 8.W.14; Seel ion IX,
Township 8.
24th September, 1S04. Oordon Partner Dafoe to Jack Miller, conveyance
In fee part o( S. W. %, Section 18,
Township 8.
Ilth February. 1305. Jack Miller to
David Wrigbt, conveyance in fee of
the snulh poi-llon of S. W. >i of Section  18, Township 8. except  19 acres
C2476)        Wslrict Iteglstrar of Titles
(2516) and addresses and the particulars of was thwarted when nr. Forget ap-
their debts or claims and 'he names peared before Judge Lafontalne. His
and addresses cf Iheir Solicitors, if attorney asked lhat it be fixed in the
any, to the undersigned Liquidator, nominal sum of $inn, but ihis was
and if sn required by notice In writing strenuously objected to by Constable
from the said Liquidator, are by their Nassa. The attorney for Forget con-
Solicitors or personally In come In]tended thai another doclor. arrested
and prove the said debts or claims at; last month, had been released cm $100
���-neb time and place as shall be sped-  bail,     and     therefore,     this    amount
fi *il in such notice, or in default thereof lhey will be excluded from tbe
benefit of anj distribution made before such debts are proved.
Dated   al   New   Westminster,   B.C.,
this 23rd day of December, All. 1913.
Liquidator,  by  his  Solicitors,  Whiteside, Kdmonds fi Whit Bide    (2680)
EhOUld  In-  sufficient,  for his  elient.
"Bul that doctor was forced to put
up $1,000 ball," ejaculated Nassa. "I
iiuKlit. to know, bocause I arrested
him myself."
Ball was fixed finally at $800, two
qualified bondsmen of $400 each.
When the case of Dr. Asselln, of St.:
Rose, who is charged with sellliiR cocaine and morphine to young men of
the neighborhood was called, hls law-1
yer announced that he wa*- seriously
ill at liis home. Judge I. et accepted the excuse, the bail bonds were re-]
newed, and the case was postponed.
b. c. coast ss. service MNA-DRU-C0 DYSPEPSIA
Court or RevMun or lhi Voters- lasts
ror l��M wlll be tu-W ii. (be Connell
I'li-nnher, Mailhtnlnlle. on Monday, Jan-
miry 6th, ISM. nl I tfelort In lha afiernoon.
A. li A i.i liritTHN. Clerk
MiUllardvllle.      Il.C.     I in enibor      27tli.
isn. tizni
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a in Dally
2:00   p.m Dallj
11:45   pm < Dally
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 n.m flail'
11:00 a tn Daily
From   Vancouver  for   Nanaimo.
2:00   pm Dallj
Nanalmo,  Union  Day and  Coi-non.
9 on a.m.  . . .  Wednesday and Krlday
-/jnrouver,   Union   Bay,  Powell   Hiver
1143 a.m Every oilier Baturday
I       For  Prince   Rupert  and  Alaska.
11 00 p.m Kvery other Shturdaj
:��rince Ruperl, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
j 11-00  pm     Wednesday-
For Guit  leland Points.
|':0fl an. Tuesdays for Victoria    f'nl'
In? ��t points In the Gulf Islands.
���ttl    llilI'l.KT    A��ent,   Nt.n   H> 11111,1
H.  W.   BTtODtB,  fl   P   A .   VKncnuvor
Proved of Greal Value to Me"
Residence V. W, C. A.       Pbone 1324
There l�� onlj one explanation for the
numbers of enthusiastic letters that we
receive praising Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, and lbat ir, that these tablets
certainly do cure any kind of stomach
Ikre is a typical letter fronl Miss
l'.liza Aruiswortby, C.-inr.o, N.S. :
"It Is with pleasure I write to inform
you lhat your Na-Dru-Co Dtspepsia
Tablets have proved of grent value to
me, 1 tried remedy after remedy hut
without any lasting pou! Having heard
of your tablets curing such cases as I
mine I decided to -ive them s fair trial.
Tliey proved satisfactory in my case."
. Tii': remarkable succrss of Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets is such a success ss
can only rome to nn honest remedy,
compounded according to an exceptionally Rood formula, from pure ingredients, by expert ehemista. If you are
troubled with your stomach just ask
your Druggist abont Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets, compounded by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. cf
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
Uie Dominion st 50c. s box. 141
The wind bowled; the ruin mine
duwn lu torrents. All tbe streams wars
swollen. Nlgbt nunc on. and ihe darkness added to lhe bleakness.
In a faiiiiluiitse near which ran 11
raili-niicl truck 11 woman snt over 11
buhy thai was moaning IIud tossing
wllh I'eM'i Now and ngnlll she Would
dike lbe 1 hlld np In her anus and cn-
less it. luu its Bufferings were uut ill
uiinlslieil. und she would put It down
Willi an exelaiiiatlnn of dl-spillr.
A boy of twelve Btoud by looking
pityingly on hls baby sister lie wns 11
bill I'll y little fellow mul nid enough to
realize that be mlgbt lose ber.
"(Hi. for some one lo send for 11 doe
tni!" wailed llie mother
"Cuu't I g"'.-" nsked the boy.
"Vou uo! Do yun think I would let
yon g'i OUI In sueh 11 nlgbt lis this. run.
ning the risk of losing ynu us well ns
your little sister? If you could go by
tin- ruad I wuuld send you, but you
vniiiil ba\e tn cross the railroad bridge.
The wind would blow you down Into
the gulf below "
"I've 11'issed the bridge. I know how
to do ll in u wind     I mill craw I "
"Vou should mil have done so even
hi di-*. The danger would be far
grea ter at night, mul Oll sueli 11 night
as this il would be frightful Hesldes.
if a Irnln should come along what
would jou do?"
"rlllllg "II Iii II tie."
Tlie mother shuddered.   Beneath the
ties 11 bundred feet below 11 river was
bulling in er rocks,
"There's no train to cress Ibe bridge
till 11 'i-V c-otitln I the boy.
"II,.w do you know, JaUey ."
"I know  all about the trains."
This was true,    .lakey Summers was
much Interested In tbe railroad, ibe
running of trains, and was known to
the employees of tbe company nt tbe
station a few miles from bis bome.
Malty a free ride had been given hlin
bulb on trains and locomotives
"I wish I dare let you go." said the
mother, "but I dim't."
A spasm passed over the baby that
frightened her nml Jnkey too The
bny went nut futn the kitebeii. nud
when bis mother w-as not conscious of
his presence he was standing before
ber with n lighted lantern,
"Oh, .lakey," she enelalined, "ynu iv
nnt going lo cross that frightful bridge
tbis terrible hlgbt!"
���| ean do it nil right, momma Don't
ynu worry nbout me. .lust yon stay here
nnd take care of Hetty. I'll bring Dr
Parker buck with inc. ne's got 11 enr
ami can come by the road. If It is ten
miles around, ns cptielt ns I enn get lo
blm across the bridge."
The mother put ber iirms nbout hlm
snd bugged blm. but be disengaged
himself nnd wllb 11 "Now. don't yuu
worry about me. mntuino," went out
lulu the night. A gust of wind blew
In ns be opened the door, nnd Ids moth
er started up to prevent his going, hill
he pulled tbe lloor tn, null from 11 will
dnw beside It she saw bis light dis
appearing down toward the truck
With a prayer for blm sbe wont back
to her baby.
.lakey soon gained the Irmk und began to walk ou n path beside it toward
the bridge, lie had glanced at a clock
befure going out und saw tlmt the time
was half past 10     It  would be thirty
five minutes before nn express train
would reach tbe bridge, but tlie bridge
was half a mile away, nnd be must
tieeessarlly lie 11 lung while getting
over it. i'or ibis distance he breasted
tbe  ��im'. though iinllnnrlly  It  wuuld
bale   liei'U   e. si    V.  itklll~'   IIII   lbe   path
Ile bud no nu in- ol noting lbe time
mul iii'im lake Ills ��� 'iau l��s as to being
im tbe bridge when the train passed
ovei tt lie nudged 111 its fast us lie
einiiii and wiih iiuiseliiiis nf making
ptetti  good lime.
A  gu-t uf wind howled thl i:h lhe
br,ilielies of the trees and iiiii-ed a
Innd wall aiming the lelegra|ib wires
above bis bead. U lieu II died down
before It tint her gu-l entile, be beard
tlle   hulling   waler-   llf   llle   I'lwr.      lie
paused awe stricken III mder In
bra.-��� bis resolution be thought iif Ills
bain sister mid Ills 11 US lolls mother
mul. moving nu a short distance1, stood
111 lhe end nf tbe bridge
It ��as mm feet long, wltll 1111 nbut :
i) iuil mi eneh bank und one lu the mid
die "I ih,, river Tuklng Ills binlerti
In bis left baud that be mlgbt 1 ling
wllb Ills strnn;;oi right, be begun In
CI'IIWl over (he lies After 11 squall be
sti 11 ul creel mul iiinile 11 distance nl
sume inrty feel liefore 11 nut her blast
inine. when be was obliged to gel
down nud cling for clear life.
Now be was over the boiling waters
Well calculated ttl strike terror Into
1111 older person Hill Ills mlml wns lu
Innl on getting across before tlle intu
lug of tlle train, When tiie wind blewits strongest he crollcbed lielwoon lbe
rails, bracing himself ngnlnst 11 sleeper,
but iw soon ns Its force wns spent be
would cniwl on. sometimes pnrtly rls
Ing. sometimes standing, nil tho while ,
foiglng onwjird.
And  nnw  be noticed  lhat one rail '
was lower Ihan tbe other.    He knew 1
this  could   not   tie  on  account  of  a
curve In the bridge���bridges nro netcr
SO ennstiiicted.    He fenrcd thnt something  was giving  way-    The farther
D1 proceeded tho greater tliolncqun'lty
tii  Ibe height or Ibe rails.    As be up
poached (be center abutment Ibis lu 1
i-junllty   wns   sufficient   lo   tlnnw   11
ti nili olT lbe bridge lulu tbe iher.
Jal.ey ipinlled. Tbe bridge was
livuklng down, nud hu knew tint but
thut further nn n part of It might
liavu been swept nwny. lie hesilaled.
thinking to return In valu be thought
uf bis little sister nml that her life
Eight bang upon Ids getting 11 doctor
He dure not go on. A gust fiercer
Hum nny preceding swept over Ibe
Kti'iiiture. nnd be could bear 11 terrible
cracking beyond.    Ile wns appalled I    President Joseph Bmlth, head of tba 1
He turned to go luck. Imi slopped   Mormon chu rah throughout the world,
Prom a distance, borne ou tba wlud, recently made a visit to Canada and
eame the rattle of a train, wh(|i, ,���,,. |ii,i������1 ,,,��� _,,���  ,,���.
Jnkey  knew Hint  Ibis  wns the ei- f,       M ,        ,   p.,^
press;   that   It   was   passing  on   open * ,    ,  ,
��� ,, I,     1 so   .       he Od is."ii   v .1-.  marked  by  a
I pace snme live miles awav, wbere ha,
bad often seen ll puss before.   But it <'lvlr cl''latum In the town rn Card
was seven lulles by the winding of I bo   ��tOn,   Alberta,   where   llie   event     00-
railroad, within a quarter of ou hour curred. The presldenl came In bis
it woold be nn the bridge. He wos 1 private train with bis counselors, blah-
near Uie center.     So  far ns  he could   opg ;uu| ,���u ,,,,���.,.   ;ilM* M���.���, n,,- |aya
.bulge,  be  WOUld   barely   b.ive lime In   ������ ,.������������������ |ol|
get mi terra Brum by geim: either for*
How Mormnism Has
Grown in Canada
Visit cf Head of Church Recalls Remarkable Spread    of    Faith���Polygamy
Still Taught as True   Principle Though Laws
Force Suspension of Practice.
Spokane,   Deo,
|    D
li uil
ward  or  back     Tbo bridge  wuuld  go
down   wllh   Ihe   train   ami   he   WOUld
(ibly sure that behind  blm lbe bridge   Upwards   Of
realty dealer, who, afier Ins �� te filed
suit for divorce, charged bis y if��- mul
her relatival had cost, linn $-.110,11(1(1
sines their wedding In 1904, ill d Item-
i/i'd accounts W-adnoaday In tba superior   court.     He   also   Med   a   bill   of
particulars showing where his wife in
alleged  in have  uiei  others  without
bla consent.
As   JudgS   I*!    II    Sullivan     derided
The  Mormon people are making rapid   gains   in   Canada      Thej   are   the
,1,,-v 1, ..in, j. ,1,    tie"was rc'isun- pioneers of Southern Alberta, and own thai be should not give ths names of
I  acrea of bind In "���",���'���"���' hi" *���><" '" ��h��r��ad win, ,,*���
siieiatliiK   witli   Mr    Williamson   only
was standing, for be had just mme  nas oountrj     S -tu  years ago  ths nttlnM places alleged
over It.    Abend of hlm he could not see   euunh   purchased   one  trad   Of 07,000 In  tb ��� bill of particulars be nllegcs
through the durknoss                           aorea of land, which Is being colonised his wife met others wlthoul his oon-
with people from Utah ***��� ���'" ��� number on West First ave-
Joseph Fielding Smith was born    al nue   In  the  early   fall   and   winter  of
far West,  Missouri, on  November  13,   1911   and   HUL';   def lain   unable   to
1838. Hi was the son of Hyrum Smith, !���'������'������ tba specific dales, bul    alleges
broth.-: of the original Joseph Smith, thai they were frequent
founder ol  t'i*  Mormon church,  Hls Other places named Includo hotels
mother  was  of  Scotch  descent   and In l^'s Angeles, Ban Pranlcsco, liutte
from her the boy Joseph received Ihs and grills In Spokane
a whirl uf Influences passed through
tbe child's bruin-bis sick sister, bis
troubled mother and now llie horror
iif 11 train freighted with people going
down Intu that terrible chnstn. Perhaps it was litis that decided hlin
lie never knew what decided blm, Ile
only knew that he could not gn back.
All bis nature revolted ngnlnst doing
so.   ile must gn forward.
Ami be did At tbe cen Ier abutment
be found that it bad pint l.v given way
l.v education with the Bible as texl
Father Killed by Mob.
In  1846, at  tin- time Hi ���  Mor 11
w ��� re compelled to flee from Nauvoo
and cute rail  was nt the lowest  point   "'���  .'<nnt  Smith   was   six   ���.rum  old
below tbe olher,   As ho crawled for-  [-"'1 his mother a wldo��     :���     .,*���,
ward it began to rise again   This gave
blm courage.   He saw that tbe damage
was enused by  tbe giving w-iy nf Ilu'
abutment In tbe river, nnd tho one on
the farther bank was likely standing.
A  whistle so clear that 11  Indicated 11
near   prn.\lmlly
hlm on    Despll
In his Itemised SOCOUnl Williamson
-.���ys h - gave his wife money, wearing
apparel and slock in the amount of
$200,244 between the date of their
marriage   In   1HU4   and   the   time   lhey
quit living together In July, V.112. This
Includes an  |8,600 automobile and a
16,800 necklace   He dies tur,,im ex-
Ill., two years be   pended for groceries   and   expenses
while be maintained his wil" and ber
relatives In New Vork and while thoy
Hyrum   Smith,   bad   been   killed   by
mob al  Carthage
fori',     hi   1848,   when   the  1 mg   trek
Was mail    111 I'tali. the .Smith boy. then
eight years of age, drin,- ii team of pater resided In Bpokani
cm n aero ��� tho western plains,    Aiming  in  the  Ball   Lake  Valley, Jo-
f   the   Irnln   spurred   seph  was nine years old  und  became
tiie danger of being a herd buy ot tin- Mormon cattle.   It
Mown ciff the bridge, be atood up and '��� ****��� ,l',;"1"1 l,"a:1" tbal **** "" ,vw ,-'sl
walked 00 llle ties.    Ile was not  now il }\""!
,,   .  .,,                   , .,  . lhe voiiiiK fellow always showed re-
over the boiling water, ami that was a ���,���-;<.,,,,,. ,��� lm.im...     A(  mi,.,,n  ,, .,rs
���"''i'1''- of age In* left hla '.mm'   in I'tali  (or a
Suddenly n bright light flushed abend mission for his church lo tho Band
of him   A locomotive had rounded a wlcb islands    lh* crossed overland 60
curve nnd wns bending on h straight Sm* Francisco wbere bs worked until
track for the bridge   Jnkey begnn to '���" had money em,ugh to pay his pass
swing bis lantern lie heard lbe sound
stteudlng lbe checking of 11 train, but
the head I Ighi of lbe locomotive flared
Hearer .lakey wns now some llfly feet
from the end of lbe bridge and f on red
to be inn duwn    lie could only stand   tur I   again   In   Is'il
bis griiuud and swing hls lantern
Tbe Iraln entile to 11 stop after passing n few feet 1111 t-i ibe bridge The
engineer waited for the ik-hi to nd
vnnco mul. loaning nut from bis cab.
heard .Inkey's report of the condition
of the bridge     A shudder passed over
Ihe big man on the main th engine
ut bearing thut be nnd bis tniluloni!
of people bnd been saved frnm 11 frightful fall to death by the boy wllh the
little upturned face beneath blm
A iFght was coming forward, mid the
conductor approached Here nml tbere
in the ears n Window was thrown up
nml 11 bend thrust out Tbe conductor
heard the story that the bridge was
wrecked, and be, loo, shuddered.
���I got to go." said .lake)
"Oo where'/'' asked the conductor me
When you take your
Eastern Trip
you   may   as   well   travel
coin fort
age in four montha' time be bad
mastered tie language of the Sandwich Islands, nnd could speak fluently.
He was called home from this mission and at minimum cost.
al the lime ofthe troubh  with John
stnn's armv in Salt  Lake City, but  ra       CHRISTMAS  AND  NEW  VEAR
In the years Intervening Smilh serv-  Tickets  will  be cm  sale December 10
nl on a mission to Oreat Britain it is ,,, January 1 al single fan and one-
related of hlin that  he drove a  nam   ,|ilrd for the mum! trip.    Qood to reef mules across the continent and snld   lum January 5.
tbein at the Beacoasl to pay his pass
age to I'nl,'.ml     Al a later time In his                              ������ OOULET, Agent,
mlsl on wcrk in Britain he was mule New Westminster
prealdent  of  the   European   missions   II. W. HKOIllB. 0. P. A. Vsnrouver
and traveled the whole continent,        | 	
Discovered  Spaulding  Document.     | '?^'*^5^!i^5*^!'S!^!5?!^!^?!i~H!!��*-^SB~
Returning   to   tin- 8andwlcb island
"I got to go 11 piece iij�� Ihe road tor
a doctor     My little sister's sii 1; "
"(let aboard tin*) train     We're going
lo buck up."
The engineer extended a band tn th ���
boy nud lifted  blm  Into (be enl'     As
soon ns be got blm llierc be folded hiui
in his arms uiul kissed llllil     Then be   found
kissed  blm  again  and again  until  be .form,
beard the conductor snv: The Mormon prophet has held many
Joseph Sin itli claimed to have- discovered the Spaulding document This
documen*! Is said by non-Mormons to
be the one on which M irmnnism Is
founded, They allege lhat one Spaulding, a clergyman, wrole a romance of
a religious nature and that his manuscript tell Into tbe bands of tbl original Smith, who. with a man aimed
Hlydnn. adapted it to make thi fl '
of Mormon upon which We:. ...:in
depends, Th "Saints" cfndder the
whole story yf the manuscript ro-
mance nnly a scandalous fabrication,
and to clliicn the argument thai it
untiring energy as an alderman.
Mormon faith, Josepu Fielding Smith
,s .said to have discovered it on h'.s
tliird Sandwich mission. The document that Smith Is alleged to havn
has    been  published  In    hook
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries  and
Ladies' Tailoiing Branch
Hirely Westminster Is coming to
ber own.
Tailor to Ladles and Qentlemsn.
Westminster Trust Block.
"Come; back up "
Jnkey    was   put   off   nt   a   station
which   was   very   nenr   the   doctor's
Transfer Co.
Office Phene 118.     Inn Phene Itt
Setble Street
Baggage Dallvarai Promptly u
any part of tha elty.
I Light and Heavy Hauling
civic,  political and  religious positions
In bis native city, Salt Lake City. In
I860 he served as an alderman in Salt
Lake and  was  instrumental in  bring
house,  but  by  tbls time the news of \__g about many clvlc Improvements In ,
the narrow escape had spread among   tho  city,     lie  started    and    carried
the   passengers,    nnd    lliey    crowded  through  lhe  plan  of  making  a  large
nrounil llie boy oil lhe platform, Imped  Ipark In the central  part of the Olty,. . ���_,_���*��____,�������������� __;.., ������*������������_��
lug  hls  progress.     When   tbey   heard   and  today  Liberty  park, a quarter of | C,TY OF N*** WMTBSINBT1H. BC
that a sick baby's life depended upon   n mile square, ls a monument to hla _
bis further efforts lhey suffered  blm   untiring energy as analdirman. i"-'     "
to proceed When sumo twentv mill I ln *m h" w" ��PI>o"n<"' an apOB-
Utes later Ue passed .be Btatlon wltb tla bv Brlgham Young, ami called as a
.,      ,    .      ,    .,     , .. .. , special  counc  lor.     He  acted    n   tho
tbe doctor in  Hie bitters car be was !��     ,      _. coll������1|or ,��� ,���_���,, ,.
met  by tbe conductor,  who poured 11 ,,,,.���,_    T.lvl���r   Woodruff and Snow
hatful of money into his lap    Then. |    ,��� 1!m, ,ir, wng (.i,���Hen by the twelve
followed by 11 cheer, the nuto sped on Iapostles of  the  church  for  tan  high-
to tlle bnby. est office in  their girt, that of presl-
When lho doctor nrrived be look dent, prophet, seer and revelatnr, the
charge of the little patient, but It was office which lie now ho proudly holds,
snme time Inter, when tbe hitler was | Has Five Wives Llvinfl-
Bleeping, lhal Jnkey luld bis mother
how bi> bud saved the train und shewed her the pile uf bills and gold and
silver pieces lbat had beeu Contributed
for blm by lhe passengers
This was not  ull.    Tbe next dnv an
The  principle of  polygamy  is    still
taught by tbe Mormon church as a
true principle. Ils practice Is suspended because tin- law of tbe land
forbids It. Canadian students In the
Knight academy al Raymond are instructed by the principal in tbe mil
New Wellington
Office, 5S4 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
illlcial uf tlle road cume In see Jake.v    glim  class  that   it   Is  right  to  bave
with a message fiuni Ihe president re
questing blm to enme tu tbe general
offices In Ibe city to be thanked.
Tbe baby being out uf danger.
Jtlkey's Sunday suit was put on blm
mid be took 11 free ride on the train tu
roe lite president The boy was re
celved by n multitude of employees as
be passed to the olllce Of the presiding
officer and found himself n hero. ,\rl
er being nlllilnily thanked lie wns Informed Hint be would thereafter be
���nnsldered  the eblld nf the company
plurality of wives, but the slate '*a>s
It is not, and the state must be obeyed. Of course, neither In Canada nor
the United States have plural mar*
rlagca been allowed since the manifesto, but polygamous wives were allowed In live wltb their husbands after the manifesto had be n Issued.
President Smith has five wives.
Some nf tbem are young and some of
Ibem are old. The Wife who accompanied blm to Canada is young, quite
young. In his addresB while here he
advised young Mormon men to marry
would be sent to school hy It. and when |B��0d   Mormon  wives,  nnd  told  th��m
he desired to enter tin. service of tbe
rotid he wonld lie educated to take tin
Important  position,     liefore  he  went
bnck lie wns handed a check for $...0(i��).
mnde payable to Ills mother.
by wuy of encouragement that he had
tried several and knrw thom to be
Ideal wives.
l'nder President Smith's term of of-
flc-'i the church has had unprecented
growth.   The leader Is n man of hoard
.lakey Is now a division superintend ll xperlene.e. ;t man of vision, an em
i-nt on thp rond. Ile frequently rides jphatlc man, and wlthnl a kindly man.
over the bridge, or. rnther. 11 new one, llle Is 11 man of good business ability
be crossed on thnt tempestuous night   and   his   made   the  church  of  Jesus
ind  every  tlpie  he  goes over  It   tlie
grenter bis horror nt the risk be run.
Christ  nl   I utter   Day  Saints  an  almost perfect organization.
The recent visit of President Smith
is liis second visit to Canada.   He was
Signals from Coal  Mine. here In 11102. whrn another eoeesllas-
H: rlin. Dec. 29,���A mining expert Heal province* was made from the Al-
at .torchum has Invented a wlreleBB berta stake, At. lhat time Taylor
nence of perilous conditions liialdo a stake was created,
coal mine to the station at. the pit! The Mormons of Cn.iada regard the
apparatus for signalling on the Imml-. visit or their louder as a milestone ln
mouth. their religious lifq In Canada.
Telephones: Office 68, Residence 42ft.
JOHN RBIO, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Ossollii*
Engines,  Marine  Engines  and  Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C.
Oirls' classes, Tuesday 7:34 p.m.;
Adult classes. Thursday, 10:30 am ;
Sewing classes, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen.
Special dinner Fridays, 11: no lo 1:30.
For particulars call phone IS...
���     *l.-
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*>', :������
<v r     PACE EIGHT
Fresh Water and Salt
Fraser Big Factor
in the Growth of City
Commissioner White Says Fu
ture of Westminster Lies With
H.rbcr Development
council   lasl
ils ruprew'n
rimimiBBion A. IS.
���.ill, showed wbat
I'onimiiiHinn will
In   rhankia..   in'   Cltj
���ifht tor appointing him
faiivt" on the harbi
Whttf. in a brlel sp<
ttm m.Vin aims ol Hi
b*-.   Up m**t
-Ttsi- honor yon hai
me in appointing me II
��� liinl iiiii ' m iin- Ni
_\_rhnr commission is
vi ry Osepl) appreciate,
������I realise thai it is a position
--���scat is��ponsIbIlity and soma measure
ad difficulty. Tho Interests which It
in proposed t" place undor the control
���',* ih��- conrmlBalon are large am) rarled
���tnd their proper development is of the
HDaast import:;-.!]!-- in eon nor Uon wltli
the futon- progr-saB of Ihia cily ami
.hr- neighboring  i IcipaHUes.
1 realize, and 1 think I may asl ire
���toil that the members of the com-
nti-wton already appointed, alao real-,
tam. thai tha commission stands In the
portion ol trustees for the public anil
mat these Interests must bo adtntnis
.' -t.-.I BOlely from thc standpoint of
tka advantage of the public.
- So fi.r as l am concerned my one
jhub will be to iniBh forward tbe
.cwlr.pmenl of the Fraaer river ami
HM Westminster's harbor as thc one
sri-eat source of Hi.' future pro-cress
..if tM;; eltj anil neighborhood. 1 hope
-,) be fa-rored with your assistance **���
nniial support, which 1 sliall alw:i
.slnvc  to  merit."
protesslon, Arbitration! had become
too expensive, Tiny should be beard
befors an official arbitrator or referee.
The right should be given to creditors
io oompel Insolvent debtors to hand
over  their estates  to trustees for tlle
creditors so that there oould be no
undue preference,
"The number of lawyers practicing
In Ontario," remarked Mr. Ludwig, "Is
Chicago, Dee. li. Mrs. Marl irle
Cuthbert, a souk writer, had her hus
band, John, arrested two weeks ago
on a charge of disorderly conduct Bbe
said that he brought all of hls money
heme all right, but never nave her
any of It. She said her troubles had
Inspired her to write a song entitled ;
".Longing fur the Shore."
Judge Scully read the song and
then advised lier to swim through the
s.a of matrimony for two weeks
longer .md if she hadn't reached the
shore of happiness In return to Court
she came today and announced thst
she still was unable to gel along with,
her husband.    She hsd  written  an-1
other song. The Judge read th
line of the ilii'i-iis: He was lh
who alwaya brought his money
"Enough," eried the court.
beit. yuu are discharged."
Much Construction Going on Preparatory to Elections In Port Coqultlam.
e conferred on
i the city's rep
w WeBtmlnster
one    whieh    1
Findlay   Not  Candidate.
Vancouver,   Kee.   19.   Janu s
lay  will  not   run  for mayor alter
On the aiivie. of his ffhyslolan hs
decided not  to oilier the eontest.
Findlay intimated last night that he
had retired from the field following
warnings given by tha physician. The
advice or the doctor to Mr. Findlay
vesterday was to retire trom the con-
tesl and go south owing to the pos-
sible effects of a vigorous mayoralty
Vtorc Children  in   Attendance at  Porl
Coqultlam  Schools���New Building  Ready   Soon.
r the Week E
nding Sunday, Jar
. A.
Sand 11
High. Low.
Time. lit.
Hah    3:25
7:56 14.8
1��:IW 14:4;,
17:01  11.2
9-...0    4:00
8:2X 14.4
19:l��0 15:45
17:59 10.6
���s.Oii   4:36
S:57 14.2
20.00 lii. 15
19:02    9.9
19:1'.".   4:45
9:25 1.1.9
21:10 17::ill
20:11    9.4
111:30    5: IMI
8:62 1.6
22.25 IS:25
21:24    9.0
11:20   5:26
10:18 13.2
24.00 1��:20
'Si: 00    K.8
11:45    6:86
10:44 12.9
l'ort Coqultlam, nue. 2H.-  Acrorrlliis
to statisties compiled  by  Trustee W.
Ii. F, Godwin, secretary of the board,1
the school attendance of Port Coiiuitlam bas Increased 2u per cent, since !
April when the eity was Incorporated,
Figuring mi the basis of Increase for,
nine months of the year Mr. Rod win
finds  thai   the  school   population    increased 26  per cent, during 1913,
Contrary to the hopes of the school
board the new James l'ark school wlll
not be ready at the re-opening of the;
sohool term In January, Owing to
^the damp weather of hue, much diffi
culty has heen experienced In drying
the plasti r. but il is assured thai the
school will he ready for occupation
' within a month.
The i pening of the new building
wlll imi necessitate an increase in
the li aching stall", the presenl stuff of
five teachers being considered qulti
sufficient for all needs.
The month of January will witness
tin- retirement of Trustees \V. A.
Thursby and W. D. F. Godwin from
the administration of school affairs.
Both are entering thc race for chairs
in the council on Mayor Mars' ticket.
Arthur Mars and Mrs. John Smilh
will be candidates fer tlle vacancies
on  the school  hoard.
The nexl iniiting of the board will
be held on  Monday, January 6.
Humor and
.   Philosophy
TtfONEY may be the root of nil evil,
but it is also the blossoming of
mucb joy.
Happy Is the man who can make
capital out of bis own awkwardness.
It Is easier to be critical than It is to
bc prepared to meet the critical.
It ls something of a surprise to tbe
man wbo thinks lie is the whole thing
to see the whole thing move smoothly
along without a hitch wben be takes It
Into bis little head to drop out.
WITH   $42C'M,00O?
TCxtmto, Inc. 29.���The Ontario Bar
���.snaxw'u'fcm   ;,  _u:i   its  annual   two-day
.*"��� taim, hers this morning.   The. pr6*l-
<l st. ti. H. Ludwig, K.C, in his open-
*.:._; address, pointed out tho need of a
��� .minimi  bar  association    and    the
_i_fel open    to such a body in working
or uniformity    of    lawB among    the
prostneea.   Jit- slated that it was the
int-e.iitioji lo form a committee to deal
with all matters cl   interest    to    lhe
������profession brought before it.
"The jury system,  in    my opinion,
Ottawa, Oec. 2'.i.���Speculation has
been rife during the past couple of
weeka In Ottawa as to what the Canadian I'acilic railway intends to do with
the $42,0fin,O0O nest egg which It Willi
, have by it.-i latest, financing,
i With the c N. k. proposal eliminated there are several possible theories. The most likely and the one
i which it is believed is correct is that
��� the C, I'. H. is planning an aggressive
construction campaign in northern
Saskatchewan, northern Alberta and
northern Hritish Columbia, The only
part of the wist which the ('. P. R.
does not touch is Uie great northern
stretch through the fertile Peaoe river
country and the g eat agricultural
districts of northern British Columbia,
lloili the C. N. 11. atlil (1. T. P. are
laying   ste; I   or   securing  charters   in
Natural gas is always found quite
near the surface���ln the promoter.
A gambler is a man who is willing
to take a chance be knows he can't
He may be called a successful man
who  makes  his family  half as well
���satisfied with bitn as he is with himself.
Women are natural optimists tie-
cause it makes them look prettier aud
doesn't cost anything.
After a man get*, to lie forty he begins to wonder what makes bis schoolmates look so old and to fancy himself
lu tbe same class with the youngsters.
Port Coqultlam, Jan. 19. with nomination day two weeks olf the forthcoming  elections  ara  becoming  the
snle topic of discussion In the cily
first | Since a contest 13 assured, attention
man 1 fnr the time  being  is centred  on   tlle
pinhable platforms on which tbe can
ilidates will se.k favor With  tlie elec
torn e.
Mayor .lames Mars will seek return
Id the chief magistrate's chair nn the
record of hls administration during
thf past year and also the two years
previous when ho served as reeve nf
the rural municipality. He will also
endeavor to carry wilh hlm his ticket
lot aldermanlc candidates on the satin*
platform. This much was Intimated
today by W, D. v Godwin who is
standing on th?  Mars ticket.
���Our platform is a reiteration of
the Mara administration and a-gen-
oral policy of progress and prepara
tlon for the future." said Mr. Godwin j
Retrenchment would also he practised
until financial conditions Improved be
Favors to None.
A square deal all round, with fa
Ivors to none, wlll bn the principal
1 plank in the platform of .1. 1(. McKenzie, Mayor Mars' opponent for the
! mayoralty. Mr. McKensle. it is prom
! Iped will also recommend a fair wage
standard forVutside employees of the
[olty and retrenchment along certain
There has been  a  slight  change in
the personnel of the Mars ticket dur-
*ing the part few days. Aldsrman  E.
8.  Morgan  finds that his business  In
Vancouver  will   require his  constant
attention during next year and he will
not he In the field for reelection, Hi*-
Iplace on the ticket has bten taken by
ill, \v. Hawthorne, a former couucil*
These in charge of the McKenzie
campaign strenuously deny that Mr.
Mckenzie's entrance Into the field has
any connection whatever with the recently formed Independent Conservative association as has heen previously  stated.
Little   Progress   in   Investigation   Into
Deportation of Charles H.
IS rapidly  dying out," he said. "This  every direction and It is generally be-!
���chajijgi- ran be accounted Tor only be- I lieved that the ('��� P. R. also is planning ���
cause  or  the   firm   conviction  of  the! an  invasion  of  the  north.
'profession  lhat our judges    have    no!
ftivoritea,   do   m t   make   bad   law   In ���
tiard casi's and wlll give judgment ac
���curding   In  the   right  and  justice  of |
tlu? case.
"11 is 10  be regretted  that Ihe Eal '
Arvs of such nn 11 should be uo small.
Ihat ro-osl judges find it diffi,-u)l to
live- as ttwir station in life requires
THie-rc is a crying need that this province Fhonld 110 longer tolerate the dis
.ittrascr. ot su underpaid judiciary."
tin regretted that both political
lia/tirs should reward party Bervir***-
���with K. I" appointments, thus lower
-UK Uik eiiiuduid In the opinion of the
Argentine Wheat Enters Free.
Washington. Dec. .9. Dr. Romules
Naon, Argentine minister to the United States, on Saturday notified tli*
slate department and treasury department lhat his country had jnst passed a law which would allow free. Importation of wheat and wheat products
from Argentina. L'nder the new tariff
law Argentina was barred from this
duty free importation because of a
duty of iwo cents a pound which Ar-'
"I'litina imposed on American semolina. Tills hns been removed by the
Argentine congress.
Winning  Numbers
Fir_t.  5.89:   Second  2158;   Third,   1440.     Next   five,   1829.   2262.   1482,
7109, 4177.
otr ��u ci.
Berry Hit
.:r    < 1 ���
na and Glassware,   China   Dinner   Sets,   Chocolate   Sell
:. PlatCB, Sugar and 1'reams, etc.
CLASS���Celery   Tray:-. Sug;,r and Creams,  Pitchers, Vase.
crystal  GLASS���Goblets and Tumblers.
New  Westminster.
_______��___ J____%
No Place Like It.
There's no place like home, saM llie poet.
Or some such expression as li..it.
But that was. 1 feel very certain.
Before they invented the flat,
Before every comer ami crossroad
Along on each side of Ihe street
Had stores lhat were open en Sundays
With goods lhat were ready 10 eat
Ttie home that the poet had pictured.
Thnl had in his mind such a charm.
Was inine little enl In lhe village
Or some roomy liouse on the farm,
Witli vines running over the doorway
With poi-ches both shady ami ulile,
A lawn nnd some trees and a garden
And old fashioned eating Inside.
His mind diiln't hanker for dwellings
Wilh walls thai were bare and severe
Cp three nights of stairways anil maybe
A  few darkened rooms In the rear,
.lusl room for a very small woman
If wed to 11 very small man
And, watting him tliere on tlte table.
A dinner that came In a can.
There's no place like home, said the poet.
Hume modern men say so aa well,
Ktir after they've tried it a seaaon
They quite often seek a hotel
'I'he yearnin*.  fur homo and for mother���
Whal sticks In the memory like that?
But wtll the old man of the future
Revert to lhe two by four flat?
Dowager Queen Reported Dying.
Stockholm,    Dec.    29,       Dowager
Queen Sophia of Sweden, the widow
of  King  Oscar  II.  is   reported   tu    be
dying.    Her heaiih has been causing
anxiety for several years. Th" d'ath
of the king atfected'her greatly and
she has been living In retirement. The
Dowager Queen is in her 78th year.
Police Officials Injured.
Shelton, Conn.. Dec. 29. Three
police officials 1 ere seriously injured
:n a riot a' 'in* Sidney Blumenthal
1 * ppatiy's silk 11,111, where a Btrike
bas I"' 11 In pn gress fnr sev. ral
a eeks,    Rlghl arrests were made.
Expensive Flirting.
Tacoma, Dee. 'in Hocum-
tempted i" Hi 1 with Miss
Oleai 1 n. 1302 South l'ark avi
carried his flirtation to a sta
he followed lir home from
���   ha   ai
mn . itnd
.*i  wiiere
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Eatatlletwd  1*91.
��V�� write Flre. Llfa. AccMent. Employtr��'   Liability.   Automobile   and
Slarkat, laaurs*c*
Btreet and Pacifii avenue Friday eve-
nine,   Snve  Cen ,   Hulgarian.     was
fined $100 and costs in police court.
11 ��� was arrested by Detectives He-
cob anil Klncald after the girl had
notified a brother, who telephoned lo
police headquarters.
. ""~"
"Scntlmi i.t illy I believe the conviction va- correct, hul ihe evidence
sllpptd duwn." remarked Hon. Mr.
Justice Morrison in ihe supreme
courl yosterday while dealing with
the recent appeal proceedings broughl
a-..hi si Port Coqultlam cltv when a
"cn-  1 C'11   n .''-.i. rrtl   bl    Ihe     police
magistrate agalnsl Mrs. Montgomery
was quashi d,
The charge against Mrs. Montgomery v.as that of permitting her
cattle to stray al large contrary to a
bylaw The judge was quite sure that
the cattle did stray 111. large, but the
evidence waa not positive. The costs
except In the case of one application
I were ordered to be paid by Port Oo
i quitlam.
Calumet. Mich., Dec. 29.���I.iltle
progress was made today toward
i solving the circumstances at'ending
! Ihe deportation of Charles II Meyer,
president of the Western Federation
iof Miners, last Krlday night. Union
[attorneys were busy with the coroner's Inquiry Into the Italian hall d's-
'Irict and county officials investigating the case had little to give out
Claude C. Taylor, president of the
Michigan State Federation of l_ubor.
arrived here tonight and at once went
Into conference with the local labor
I leaders  who asked  him to come here
Immediately after Mover's dieportfl
tion. Taylor told them that they
j could count upon the united support
inf his organization for further con-
duct of the strike, and that not only
his own time and efforts were at their
disposal, but that dozens of other
I.Michigan men were ready to lend'
their aid.
Interesl centred in the uutaigle
ment. of statements bringing the nam'
of James MacNaughton, general man I
ager of the Calumet and Hecla Min j
ing companv. into the case. O. N.
111 il ton. chief counsel for the federation, and Mr. MacNaughton each In
I sued statements.
Implicates  Manager.
"Mr. Mover told me In Chicago that
he was thoroughly convinced In his
own mind that the man In question
was Jamea MacNaughton," Mr. Hilton
said. "He did not say that he knew
MacNaughton personally and I believe
that lhe statement that Mr. Moyer
claimed in have mrt the general man
agi r if the Calumet ued ID cla company in conferences Is baaed on mh
appi ehenslon.
"What Mr. Mny ���: told me was substantially this: That when the mob 1
had dragged htm to the depot at
Houghton a man who physically ana
wered the description of MacNaugb
ton, alighted from an automobile,
pursed him and searched his pockets,!
taking two wallets, one containing
money, which was r turned and the
othi-r. holding private papers and a
tin   dollar  hill,   which   was  kept.
"This man was addressed by the
nili r' members or the mob as Jim |
and wore a general air of authority
thai agrees ivith MacNaughton's personality. The man told Mr. Moyer If
the ever came back 10 the copper country he would hang hlm."
Dcniec Charge.
"I.'i me repeat that any charge
made by Mr. Mover connecting tne
In any way with the evi ni at Houghton Is maliciously false," said Mr.
MaoNanghton. "I was In Calumet all
evening,  calling   with   my  wife 011   11
friend and then accompanying him
across thl street from his home to a
New Year
St.   I_culs.   Di".   29.���"To   whom   It
may ooncern;    I.   the   undersigned,
j Stephen Coiln, will sell iny daughter,
J.Margaret, six years old for $2000 and
my son. Stephen, Jr. eight years old,
for flOOO, to any person who will give
jth.tn  a good  home."
This advertisement was Inserted ln
*the local newspapers today by a widower v. iir, Is earning 110 a week as a
cattle slaughterer,   He says h<i Is un-
Iftble to rare for the two ch'Vdren hut
'.a unwilling to part with ihem with-
I cut reeompemo,
lhe New Westminster
Department   Store
New Year
Four Furniture Specials
for Today
One dozen Delight Mattreaieii
made up with layers of while
felt and gray hair the best
you can get. Why not rest
well; you work hard. Regular
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Reg, $42.60. Special.$32.75
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Base, fumed and golden oak
Tahlis; regular $29.75, Special   $25.50
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cushions;   regular $60.00. Spe-
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Electrical Dept.
Second Floor
We now ha*.,- the agency f.ir
the new "Wotan" Tungsten.
Any lamp proving defective
within four months from dale of
purchase we will Cheerfully replace. These can be hung anywhere where ordinary lamps are
used and the jarring of a key-
socket will not harm them. Olve
these a trial and be convinced.
25 Watt
Damp  . .
Lamp   .
Damp   ..
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using   th
once   you
will  al��
ays   ask
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the Ladies'
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Did You Ever
Sit in a Draught?
Many an otherwise pleasant
evening Is marred by someone
being placed In a draught.
Heavy portieres and hangings
not only remove Ihls Inconvenience, but when chosen wHli
tastu also add to the charm
and  beauty of the home.
The present sensible alye of
hanging portieres and curtains,
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Velours In pluln green, red,
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Single faced at, ynrd. $1.75
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Z im/fee


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