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The New Westminster News Jan 31, 1914

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 J-m*r,       ,
Volume 8, Num> / 277.
Price Five Cents,
Bill ,& WEEK
Premier Borden  Intimates
Measure Wi!! Be Introduced at Once.
Probably   Some  Time   Before   Successor to Late Lord Strathcona Is
Steve Michek Puts Up Almost Watertight Defence
���Joan of Arc on Stand
In the trial yesterday at tbe special
Rebels to Abandon Practise
oi Executing Prisoners
A Few Exceptions.
$1,000,000 -BOND ISSUE
Juarez, Jan. 30.��� General Francisco
court (I  assize of  Steve  Michek,  tbe!Vilia   announced   today   that   Civilized
|warfare,   particularly   with   f-eferenci
Steamer Monroe   Rammed
by Liner Nantucket and
Plunges to Bottom.
Ottawa, Jan. 30.���With the debate
on the address disposed of, the parliamentary decks were cleared fcr i
general action today. Consideration
ef th.' civil government estimates, or
in other words, the salaries cf the
civil servants In the various departments, afforded an opportunity for a
discussion of various subjects and
(lie opposition look advantage of tic
situation to criticize and to ask numberless questions. Nevertheless geod
headway was made, with both, the
various sums aggregating approximately  tun million dollars.
Redistribution   Bill.
During the preliminary proceedings
Premier Borden inj minted that the
redistribution bill might be brought
duwn as early as next week. He also
introduced tbe government bill to increase* the representation in the sen-
att* by nine members, two each from
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
and three from Uritish oClumbla,
Successor to Strathcona.
Early in the afternoon there was
an Interesting discussion en the 0.111*'..
tiou oi appointing a successor to Lord
Strathcona. Mr, Borden intimated
it would probably be BOine time b-*
fore a successor was appointed. In
reply to a question from Mr. Graham
In* said he had heard nothing ot a
report that Lord Strathcona wished to
hi succeeded by lion. Adam Heck.
Naval  Estimates.
Tin* only estimates over which
there was any discussion were those
covering the salaries in the naval
branch, The Liberals insisted that
il tin re was to be no naval service
this  vote  should  net be  passed.
llin. .1. D. Hazen explained I':*.:'.'
onlj M1.000 was for the naval branch
tli.* its; being for the hydrographlc
survey < tficers and other.-'. Tii opposition persisted in their objections for
:��� !,**:.* but finally decided to allow
tin   *������ te to go through.
'two principal features were the ver-
dicl of acquittal rendered by tbe jury
land the brtpging Into the limelight
jot' Mrs. Charlotte Schavardi, us an
: Extension Joan of Arc by Robert Lou-
: den, one of the witnesses for the defence.
The ease ran the course of the
J whole day the charges being the usu-
| al six of rioting, etc., on all of which
tho accused was acquitted.
Mrs. Charlotte Schavardi, who during the different trials has been one
jof tiie mainstays of the prosecution
1 and who bas, next to James Whitn,
been the strongest witness to take
the stand for the* crown, was shown
in fresh colors yesterday when louden stepped into the box for the de* '
fence. This witness stated that the
pretty young Extension matron had
not. only shown a brave front to the
strikers and rioters wlren the wrecking was going on in the Vancouver iB
iand coal settlement, but she took an
active part in resisting the onslaught
of the? union men to the extent ol
arming one of the strikebreakers. I*ou
den stated positively and repeated the
statement to counsel for the crown
tbat he had s'cn Mrs. Schavardi take
a non-union man up the hill and provide him with ;i gun. The strikebreaker, Louden said, was an Italian, but
the  wltnesB did not  know  his name.
At the conclusion of the eas�� for
Hie defence Michel; went into the box
for himself and closed an alibi that
was nearer to watertight than any yet
i fejred by the defence since the
Christmas adjournment.
jto the treatment of prisoners, would
I hereafter be adopted by the rebels,
!lle procured a little book from United States army officers dealing with
j "the ethics of international warfare,"
I which he said would be put Into
1 practice in the rebel army and he add
ed that henceforth no federal officers would be executed unless tbey
previously bad been captured and on
being released had broken faith not
to fight again.
Tbe statement of the rebel leader
was of interest because of the impending attack on Genera] Regugio
Velascc's federal garrison at Torreon
which is looked upon as the probable
scene of the next big military movement in Mexico. General Herrera,
;one of Villa's commanders, with a
I brigade- today moved south from Es*
icalcn. Escalon is more than half way
���from Chihuahua, the present base, to
TeiTeon. It may be a week or ten
days before the rebelB actually open
the attack, although they aro moving
towaru the federals in great number.
Meantime Chihuahua City, with 35.-
000 population, the largest rebel
stronghold, is rapidly being transformed into the provisional capital of the
republic. A mansion has been provided there as the executive office
of General Carranza who is expected
from  the  Pacific coast about   Feb.  1.
Mayor Gray Announces Sale of Debentures at 85 Net to
the City Bearing 5 Per Cent. Interest���Sapperton
Sewer Scheme Will Be Proceeded With-Money Also PASSENriERS ASLEEP
Available for Hospital, Schools, Water and Light Ex
tension, City Stables and Street Improvements���Will
Provide Work for Unemployed.
Bishop of London Visits Suffragette in
Prison and She Denier
Mayor A. \N. Gray yesterday announced that a deal had been completed
for the sale ot $1,000,000 worth of 5 per cent, debentures at a price of 85
net to the city. The bonds are for thirty and fifty years, and the interest
figures out to 5 9-10 per cent. The ImjiuIb sold include water and light extension, street improvement, hospital, schools, city stable, Burnabv sewer and
.Sapperton sewer by-law issues.
Negotiations have been going on for about a week with Glasgow. Harrington & Co., a large financial concern in London. England, and yesterday
the deal was completed, the transaction being approved bv the management
ol the Hank of Montreal
As soon as the detailB are arranged by solicitors, which will take about
two weeks, the money will be forthcoming.
Coming at a time when there Is little work going on in the city, the
sale will be all the more gratifying  to the council  and encouraging to the
citizens of New Westminster,  work  for many of  whom  will  now  be given
on the Sapperton sewer scheme, which will at once be proceeded with.
Oi the bonds sold there is considerable already spent. This applies
to the hospital, the water and light extensions and to the street improvement ifcue cf $200,000.
Not all of the money for these purposes has been spent and this will
enable the civic fathers to proceed with plans that have been awaiting the
announcement for some time. The sale means that the debt to the Bank
ol  Montreal will
Sinks in Few Minutes After Accident
Which Ocurred in Heavy Fojj���
List of the Dead.
Norfolk, Va., Jan. 30.��� The story of
bow forty-three persons went down to
death In the chill waters of the Atlantic when the liner Nantucket rammed and sank the steamer Monroe
early today, waa brought to port tonight by the eighty five survivors of
the sunken ship who were rescued
and brought to shore by the Nantucket.
Plunged  to  Bottom.
It was a story of awful and sudden death, sweeping out of the dark
and fog and taking unawares the
doomed half hundred with the heaviness of sleep still upon them. It told
how the stricken Monroe, with her
Bide gored deep by the knife-like prow
of the Nantucket, filled rapidly, rolled over on her side, and In a few minutes turned over and plunged to the
William   Saint   Succumbs  to   Injuriet
Received on Tuesday���Leg Was
London. Jan. 30.���There is no truth
in the allegations made by the militant suffragettes thnl three* oi their
comrades imprisoned in Holloway jail
arc subjected to excrulclating torture
while being forcibly fed, according to
the bishop cf London, Rev. Arthur
Foley  Ingram.
The bishop, accompanied by another clergyman, visited Holloway jail,
at the request of a deputation of n,ili-|
taut suffragette* and with the con-|
spnt  of  the   home  secretary.     While
 m j there   he   spoke   with   Miss   Itnchael I
i Peace, one of the suffragette prison-;
Mayor and Aldermen of Port City Re-   ers. about a statement made by Miss
, Florence Ansell, who, after her release
duce Stipende-of Own Accord���      , from    Holloway,    told    a    suffragette
meeting that while she was Incarcerated she had heard shrieks and moans
twice dally proceeding from Miss
Peace's cell.
The bishop in a letter to the women's social and  political  union, says:
1 "I  found  Miss  Peace in  the 'remand
1 hospital,1 which is 300 yards from the
j 'convicted  hospital,'  where  Miss  Ansell   was   lying.     Miss   Peace   lay  on
a comfortable bod, fully dressed and
: in a warm cell.    Her face was fully
1 rounded and she showed no signs of
', emaciation."
Miss Peace Informed ilishop Ingram
l that s'.ie had never shrieked and had
; never  been  put  in  a  padded  cell  in
j th*   jail   where  Bhe Is undergoing 18
month-'  Imprlse nment.
Unable tc withstand the Bhock caut
ed by having his leg areputcetd, W
Ham J. Saint, the 16-year-old
Mr.  and  Mrs
, ..    ,,       -,.,.., .      , .bottom, carrying with her the passen
he practically wiped out, that the loan to the city for the ! ��� ,   rnPmher��.
purposes   ol   furnishing   the   new   Royal   Columbian   hospital   will   be   paid,1
that  is  if uny  of  the  money  has been  used,  and   that  the  mudh-talked-of
Sapperton   sewer   scheme   will   be  constructed.
The sewer scheme  Is  provided  for  in  two by-laws,  the  extra expense
I required to give the residents of  East Burnaby connection with the sewer
1 being under ono by-law on which Burnaby will  pay the  interest and sink-
! ins fund, and the by-law for the scheme necessary to give Sapperton proper
The plans are all ready and have been approved and it Ib expected
that as soon as the money for this purpose Is in hand the work will be
started and those citizens of New Westminster at present out of work
will be given first opportunity on the job.
It is also expected that a number of water extensions, as well as light
extensions, applications for which have already been received, will be made
ts soon as the weather permits of outside construction.
The bonds for the proposed city  stables are also included  in the  list
�����  tools sold and the construction of a first-claBs  building  where
, .   '.',! eft)  horses can be kept is now  in order.
, !   ,in" lor 'i ,,  on '        The price obtained, while not as high  as has
injur, d   in   .he   sleighing  ace dent  on �� considered  very  satisfactory,
Tuesday f^oo'i,  s icpu.i.b d    o l, s ! - fi!'t.>ycar  bonds  were sold  at  88 net   to
injuries  at   the  Itoyai Columbian  Mo, : '* Wt,stnlinster botlds are for thirty
pita   yesterday morning. :' J ',.    ,,���.-, "������_
An  Inquest   < n   the  body   was  held j to-   tne  d^n-mce.      	
yesterday afternoon, the jury bringing i . . .
verdict of accidental death add ,
he par- !
shea Id
all  the
been  obtained   in
North   Vancouver
the city this  week,   but
years, and this accounts i
Bylaw Introduced.
Port Coquitlam, .Tan. 30.���Mayor
.lohn H. Mackenzie's policy of retrenchment affects himself and his
colleagues on the city council, as well
as some civic officials.
A bylaw has been introduced which
bas as its object a reduction in the
indemnity of the council members.
This year the mayor will receive $1,-
000, aa against $1,250 last year, and
the aldermen $350 annually instead cf
$100. nt, was the rate last year.
ing a rider to tha effect that
ents   of   children   in   the   city
assist  the   police   in   preventing  s
a dangt rous  practice of sleighing
the steep hills.
The burial will be held from the
family residence, 330 Hospital stree'
at 2:30 Sunday afternoon to the Fraser cemetery, Rev. Mr. Greaves officiating.
Charles Hill-Tout  Issues Writ for  Li-   Last   Night's  Session  Was  Final  One
bel  in Connection with   Recent
cf Week Of Stormy Meetings.
The fourth annual convention of the
C. Feberation of Labor came to a
Seattle, aJn. 30.���Jeremiah Winkle, j
2209 Ninth avenue, was the victim of     interesting developments   ar?    foil
two highwaymen who scorned weap- iowmg tne recent election in the mu
Mnrth^jA^Sd* BlancnS W��*** of ***** tbcp taie" bel"! close in Eagles' hall last evening with
at   hourth    avenue    anu    uiancnara (jj^en  yesterday   when  Prof.   Charles. ��
street last  night.    "Hands  up."   said . Hm.Tout   of   AbbotBford,   who   made  Nanaimo being the objective point tor
oue of the men. as they sprang out au unsliccessfui reeve-ship race, order-  1915.
upon  Winkle.    One of them  pointed  f,d   a   wrU   t0   b(?   i83Ued     for    ,ibel
something at the victim. Winkle ele- a^,,,,,   Reeve   Merryfield   and   also
against  Thomas   l.��hman   of   Mount
hands  and  the   men  took
Then, as they turned to."���; *nd"A,��� cruikshank, a well K** was ,ak��� "�� in a discussion as
License Commissioners.
Port <'oo,uitlam, Jan. 30.���Word was
received by City Clerk Smith today
of the government appointments to
the police and license commissions.
Alderman Hawthorne and A. B, Tigar
were appointed to the police and Alderman Welcher and A. Mars to the
license commission. Mayor John R.
Mackenzie completes the membership
ot each commission.
Launch Vessel Today.
Port Coquitlam, Jan. 30.    Owing to
the Inability of Lady McBride to at
Honor for Typo.
A sinnal honor was bestowed upon
Harry Oiijb of the local Typographical union at the labor convention
which closed yesterday when he was
elected as one of the three trustees.
Mr. Oibb polled the highest number
of votes iu the election for trustees
being  chosen  on   the   first   ballot   al
vated  his
away $32.
run. Winkle noticed that the man who
had pointed what he supposed was a
gun at his head had nothing at all in
his hand. The highwayman's index
finger and a little Imagination on the
part of the victim did the trick.
Yesterday  morning's session and  a
greater portion of the afternoon gath-
known farmer residing in the municipality.    Mr.   Hill-Tout  asks   $20,000
to whether  Financial  Agent Irwin  of
the   United  Mine  Workers should  be
damages  from  Reeve Merryfield   and allowed the floor to speak in connec-
Edmonds    will    have
$10,000 each from Messrs Cruikshank
iand  Lehman.
|    Earlier in the week Heeve Merryfield caused a writ to be filed against
iProf.  Hill-Tout and a farmer named
H.   M.  Phillips.    All  the  actions  are-
based on statements alleged to have
a been made during the election cam-
in  Hatsqul.
heavy  decket to face when he opens       .       recen,ly concluded
police court at 9:30 this morning. no|K
.less  than   21   cases   b.'ing  scheduled.
I Fourteen  of  these   will  probably   be
tried in one batch, a body of youugs-
though  it  required  several  ballots "to  ters being picked up yesterday in con-
nection   with   some   pilfering   alleged!
decide the other two from a host of
nominees,    Another  feature    of    his
tend, Mrs. J. R. Mackenzie,' wife of election is tbe fact that Mr. Gibb be-
tlie mayor, will perform tbe Christ- longs to the Straight labor party and
enlng ceremony at tho launching of has kept aloof from the personal at-
the "Coquitlam City" in the morning. [ tacks which bave been flung across
The ship will take lhe water promptly : the floor throughout the week In the
nt. 10:30 o'clock, providing no hitch fight between the extreme and mod-
occurs. |crate   Socialists.
to have taken place at a secondhand
Btore warehouse. The boys will hi
tried In juvenile court.
Of the remainder, four Hindus and
one white man will tell their version
of a short but furious scrap which occurred ln the Merchant's hotel bar
yesterday afternoon, umbrellas and
sticks  figuring as missiles of war.
Grant  Reprieve.
A reprieve of 60 days was granted
Jerry Mulvihlll by Mr. Justice Murphy coming year
in Vancouver on Wednesday in order J  ���
that an appeal to the supreme court
of Canada can be taken. Mulvihlll was
scheduled to be hanged in the Kamloops jail yesterday, this being the
second stay of execution.'
tion with the Nanaimo strike and
also the time consumed by Mr. Irwin
folic ing a favorable vote being had.
Al the eve ning session the recom-
mei dations of the reports committee
weie pass d at a rate on a par with
the spied taken on the last day's sitting of  the   United   States  congress.
The newly elected executive will
hold a meeting in Eagles' hall this
morning to wind up the convention
business   and   prepare   plans   for   the
The  action  of  the  1913  council   in
'dispensing  with  the office of publicity commissioner was endorsed by the
new city council at a meeting of the
of committee held  yesterday, the  ratifi
That G. N. R. Depot.
Failing  a  satisfactory  outcome        ��.,.,,.....���	
   the negotiations between the city and caUon of the matter being held until
The white man was badly battered the Great Northern railway in resp<*ct Monday evening next.
up and was forced lo engage the ser- to a new depot in this city, George E. I    rh]a wiu mean a considerable sav*
vices of a doctor who plac d several McMartin, city solicitor was delegat- lllK t0 tho citv although seme assis*
stitches in his head. ed at yesterday's meeting of the city tance ma). Dp g*ven to the industrial
'I    All  five  of  warlike disposition  de council  to proceed  to Ottawa   where oommlwioner whose work is directed
posited  $50 each as ball money call- l,e was to lay the whole proceedings j t0  the  [nQUCIng  of  Industrie?* to   lo-
������������������ Ing for their appearance In court this before  the  railway  commission.  The cale   nere   rather   than  attract   set*-
morning. reason  of  Mr.   Martin's  visit   at  this U(?r8 wllo probably would find it hard
London, Jan. 80.���The New Zealand i were again supported.    Canadian Pa-      a young man. said to be of good time was explained that the railway t0 secure employment at this period
loan for. $22,500,000 was oversubscrib���  c.fic  was confident and  well  bought, appearance, will  answer a  charge of commission   will   not  again  visit   the    f the  year
ed  In  two  hours  this  morning  with closing  at   221  3-1.     Grand   Trunks obtaining food and lodging at a local coast until sometime in May and wiUl 	
the result that  tbe stock market was wore speculatively dealt In and were  hotel   without   having   the   means   of pending negotiations with the C.N.R. ; F   c. Cook as Witness.
very   animated   during   the   forenoon  buoyant,  with  gains of  from  1   to 2'paying  the bill,    lie was taken  into in regard to passage through this city, j    Vancouver,    Jan.    30.���Franklin  C.
nnd prices soared gradually, but a -set-1points. custody yesterday afternoon. the desire to have the G.N.R. dispute Cook of  victoria,  late manager and
nt 4 7*S premius.
settled Is necessary. vice-president of the  Bankers' Trust
 , .Limited, and now a prisoner in New
Member  Denies  Rumor .Westminster jail,  was an  interested
Ottawa, Jan. 30.���Regarding the ro-.witness this morning of a trial In the
port that he would resign his seat to supreme court In which H. J. and J.
Dominion scrip was quoted I per ci*nt treasury notes to a valuo of party were seriously hurt today when make possible the re-entry of Hon. W. T, Mutrie, real estate brokers of Yer-
baek came later on the announco-
ment of a South Australian 4 per
cent for ten millions. Consuls touched 71 3-8, the highest for many
inonthfe, but closed unchanged at
75 lr.-lG.
The city of Medicine Hat is offering a 5 per cent loan for $815,000 at
investment activity in Berlin waa
very   pronounced   today,    Brussels  4
Boy Dies to Save Tiny Girl.
Honesdale,  Pa.. Jan.  30.���One boy-
was killed, anotli r    fatally    injured
and ten other members of a coasting
Brokers welcomed tho check after over. A Russian 4 1-2 per cent rall-
the ten days' rise. Home rails ad-; way loan is duo In Paris very soon.
vanced but reacted on post dividend;If the negotlationa for the Turkish
realising. American rails were nar- loan In Paris breaks down, financial
rowly dealt In and changes were con- [difficulties are threatened In Constan-
fusing.     South   African   gold   shares .tinople.
i $S7,500,1)00  were subscribed  50  times  Donald   Partridge   who   was   BteertnglS,   Fielding  to   the  house,   Mr.   l^aw,  non are suing for the return of over
in order to avoid striking a tiny girl iM.P. for Yarmouth, N.S.. today Issued 1300 acres of land in the Osoyoos dissent the sled crashing into a tele- an emphatic denial. "I have no more trict of Yale, and ten lots in the city-
graph pole. Partridge aged 14, was idea of rcB'.snirg than the man in the of Vernon. The property was given
almost Instantly killed and Leonard moon," he said, "and what la more by the plaintiffs In July. 1912. In re-
Rubin, 16, was bo seriously hurt that j I never heurd  even a whisper of a turn   for  $S0.000  worth  of  stock   In
of the crew  who
had failed to get clear of the wreck.
Tonight  the revised   lists  prepared
by Captain Johnson, who survived the
sunken  vessel, showed:
Lost--Passengers. 36; crew, 55
tal   43.
Saved���Passengers,  36;   crew,
total. 91.
Revised List of the Lost.
MRS. \V. L. BOLTON, Newark,
FIRST LIEUT. LE GRAND B. CURTIS,  Second  Coast  Artillery, Water-
vllet arsenal, New  York.    Died after
MRS. D, GIBSON, New York.
.T.   HASKELL, Cortlandt, N.Y.
W. H. INGRAM. Sumter. S. C.
CHARLBS    M.     JELLIFF.   Marcia
j Theatrica' Company.
some i r)ri(]geport. Conn.    Died on    steamer
five Nantucket.
J. OKAKAMATO. Japanese.
Gray,  Sussex  County.   Virginia.
J. F.  RAY, New Vork.
J. EDWARD, D. S. N. .
0. WAGNER. U. S. Marine Corps.
Steerage passengers:
!     J.   GILBERT.   .
M.  BOLEN. New  Vork.
C. ROPER   New Vork.
1. WILSON. New Vork.
A.  SOVDIN, bow  lookout.
T. JUVICH, deck watchman.
L. ward, galoon watchman. :
FERDINAND J. KUEHN, first wireless operator.
BRAXTON HASKINS, third assistant engineer.
MRS. GOURNEV, white stewardess.
PATSY WALLACE, negro steward-
I. WHITE, second cook.
JOE BRADROLF, third cook.
P. DAVIS, head waiter.
.1.  DELK.
\\.  A.  GARDNER.
Heavy   Fog.
XTnder the thick bank of fog that
hid the heavily running sea, both big
ships were making their way slowly
and with difficulty in the early morn-
ingn. The Monroe, with Captain
Johnson on the bridge, and a double
lookout peering into the fog ahead.
was edging under half speed to the
northward, having left Norfolk for
New York last evening with a nerve-
racking fogbound voyage In prospect.
The Nantucket, heavily laden with
freight and with but two passengers
aboard, was nosing her way southward, bound from Boston to Norfolk.
Urged through the dripping fog the
two vessels were slowly drawn toward each other while the death spirit waited and watched.
Many Asleep.
The crash came about 1:40 o'clock
without warning. Out of the gray and
black fog that shut out even the
waves from view, the gleam of the
Nantucket's search light scarcely
touched the side of the Monroe he-
fore the high steel prow of the southbound vessel cut into the Monroe's
side with a ripping and crashing of
plates that threw the stricken ship
aback. The Nbntucket, with her bow
crushed in, backed out of sight in the
fog, as Captain Johnson, seeing treu
his vessel was fatally stricken, shouted nn order for the lifeboats.
When the crash came those.aboard
the Monroe were in bed and asleep.
Only Captain Johnson and the crew on
deck were up. But the shriveling cf
the stricken vessel and her listing motion, as the water poured through the
gash tn her side, awakened the sleeping passengers and sent them clam-
boring toward the deck. Warned hy
the officers, they hurriedly adjusted
life preservers and made for the tilted deck.   But the time was too brief.
doctors say he cannot recover,
suggestion thai  I should."
the Bankers' Trust company.
(Continued on Page Bight) PAGE TWO
An Independent morning paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
tiie Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by th* National Printing
and Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 MoKensle Street, New Westminster, Hrltish
Columbia, ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communications sb&uld be addressed to Tho New Westminster News, and not
tn individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should bo made
payable la The Motional Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
'   TKi.Kl'lit *\'i:s���r.u.-iiv .<s Office and Manager, 99!); Editorial Booms (all departments), 991.       ���
sri'.scuiirr"f(i\ RATES- By currier, $4 per year, ft for three ni..iulis. 40c per
month.   Uv mall.  *������ per year, 2Sc per iiit.iilli
Vcdticr Mountain City    Wlll    Reduce
Cost   of  Street
kktimni;   rati:*-
chilliwack. Jan, 30,   The new con-
trad between the city and the B. C.
E. it. officials can now be said to be
j formally signed, sealed end delivered,
1 and within a few weeks a now light-
j ing system  will replace the present
(in* in  use on  Hie city  steeds.    This
agreement waa practically completed
before the retirement of the old council,   but   that   body,  rather  than  take
.. i       i      i ���    i    i        * :;ll the responsibility for it ordered it
which are most intangible, the kind that force a man to|to be withheld until endorsed by the
new one.
it was brought up at the Initial
meeting of .Mayor Barber's council on
Monday night, and i x .Mayor C.ervin.
in speaking upon it. stated that it
ve.is yel in the power of the now council to reject the agreement, it was
agreed  ly
Often the best, evidences of conditions, whether social!), politically or commercially, are those indications
say, "1 don't know why I think that way, but I do."   This
is the sort of feeling that appears to be in the air with regard to prospects for the year which has barely begun.  It
is too early as yet to expect a marked change in affairs as j
they have existed for twelve months or so, but, neverthe-1SritVSitw.s'.erfby\lZl
the proper
officials. Apparently no other alternative proposition was before the
board, and although the tea year contract was considered a long term, yet
In view of tbe fact that it waa as good
a contract and In some respects better than many others now existing be
tween the B, C. E. It. and tin* various
municipalities on the Lower Mainland
the agreement made by the old council will Stand.
less, since the passing of 1913 and the opening of 1914, a1100VignTAn^Viive'r ltu.
pervading sentiment of optimism has made its appearance | officials.   Apparently
and business men generally are looking for better things
in the days to come, a forecast of which has been given
in the bond sale just completed by the city.
There is no gainsaying the fact that the money stringency, caused by the tightening of the purse strings on the
London market, has had everything to do with the slackening of Canada's development speed during 1913. It also
is plain that Canada has been made the scapegoat in lending circles and has been blamed for offenses against the
rules of the borrowing game of which she has notbeen
guilty. This attempt to impair the Dominion's credit for
some reason which as yet has not been made clear has had
results and up till a few weeks ago the thousands of smaller investors in the old country who look to the bigger men
for guidance had swallowed holus bolus without thought
of questioning such pronouncements as the one of which
Home Payne delivered himself some time back. The public, especially that part of the public with money to invest
and protect, always is ready to believe evil in preference
to good report, when both views are placed equally to the
The Home Payne and other similar utterances did
their work, but in the face of Canada's evident solvency |has beeu conipilpd is cnn ,in(il jt
and immense resources that work could be only temporary! need never have been collated at aii.
in its detrimental character and the result of sane inves- g* S8th0ef%y?TOPtao?toetotoM
tigation of the Dominion's real standing now is bearing ot chaff,
fruit. Men of substance, men of heavier weight in the fi-, w�� Jg�����" X^onetaTcom-
nancial world that Home Payne and his brother detrac- mission, it gathered together ami had
tors, have looked upon Canada in her time of stringency j ITZ^ ^ruT7n\Zyhy^Z^Z
and have found her good to the core. They have gone j were studies of every banking system
home to Great Britain and have told what they saw and, ^g^JFi^1^ 'SjertT"?
the result has been that the small investor, ever readv, as | was ai icoiiated in order' that the
has been said, to give credence to evil report, now thinks j jg2�� ^fZ oSSoSTw*
hard things, not of Canada, but of the men who told him j could have the material with which to
that Canada was a dangerous field for investment. The ^'th�� V^Tt^��n'Z��
small investor's line of reasoning is simple, but it is true man who ever used this material eith-
to human nature: He heard things against Canada and, �� �� ��""��^J^����&
because he had money to look after, he believed them; bin which the house committee sb-
now he learns on indisputable authority that Canada is i"11^ feem no practlca] ^g&t_
as solid as the rock of Gibraltar; he puts two and two to- tions, save that of the bureau of edu-
gether and the conclusion he arrives at is that somebody S^tiW^��� ot itto��S ����
intelligent use of the vast masses of
material printed, ostensibly for the
public benefit.���The Post-lntelllgen-
A recent bulletin issued by the federal bureau of education states that
there is a matter absolutely invaluable lo the teachers ot the country
hidden away in the government publications which come yearly from the
press. The bureau has investigated
:ind classified a portion of these publications, giving a guide through
which the teachers of the country may
select those publications bearing pertinently on their work.
it is a fact, that, scattered through
the tons of publications printed at
| enormous expense to- the public and
carried free through the mails at very
heavy additional cost, there is an immense amount of valuable Information. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent in collating this
Information and printing it, but so fains   the  public,   for  whose   benefit  it
"How Thankful I Am I Tried GIN PILLS"
Everybody in Hartfield, New Brunswick, knows Mr. Wilson, ami everybody
knows how lie suffered from Rheumatism, All his neighbors offered suggestions
and tult I blm to try all sorts of remedies���but nothing gave him any relief. He had
been tortured with Rheumatism for several years when he read iu the pnpers
about GIN 1T1.I.S and the wonderful cures they were making. Mr. Wilson
read of a case so much like his own that he decided to give OIN PILLS a trial.
IIarti*ii*:ld, N.R.
"It affords me great pleasure to convey
not only to you but to all sufferers from
Backache and Rheumatism, tlu* great relief
I have obtained from the use of GIN 1'II.LS
I fed thankful to you. I recommend
GIN TILLS to everyone sulTenng as 1 did."
Are you as Mr. Wilson was? He as he
is to-iliiy. All you need is ('.IN PILLS.
They will cure you because they nre the
greatest Kidney Remedy known to science
to-day. ('.IN PILLS instantly relievo the
burning, biting pain in the back. ('.IN
PILLS relieve tne irritated bladderand cure
Incontinence and Suppression of Urine,
GIN PILLS Btrenghthen the weak
kidneys, GIN PII>LSneutralize uric acid.
GIN PILLS purify the blood.   GIN PILLS
reduce swollen, painful bands, knees,
ankles and feet, nnd GIN 1'II.LS CURB
We don't ask you to buy GIN PILLS���
buttotrv them���and we let you try them
free. Write us and we will gladly semi
you a free sample of GIN PILLS.' Take
them as directed and a few pills will prove
that you have found the right remedy at
list. GIN PILLS are sold by dealers ut 50c, a box���6 for fj.50. If you can't
get GIN PILLS In your neighborhood, write us enclosing priee and we will send
tnem to you direct. National Drug and Cheui. Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto. 192
MANGA-TONE BLOOD AND NERVE TABLETS regulate the whole system
���purify the blood -and increase the upi>etite.    50c. a box.
Accountant. Tel, phone it 447. Room
j    22 Hart Block.
P. M Smith. w. j. Droves.,
' Vork  undertaken   Ir,    city   mil   outside
it.lntH.   811-1S   Westiutlnstw   Trust   Kilt.
Phone  864.    P.  O.   Itoi   607.
ant. 826 Westminster Trust building.
Phono 128. OiG'.il >
atlng Engineers, Local E48, meets lu
Labor Temple every first and thit-d
Thursday of the month, 11. McLaughlin
president: w. C. Saunders, secretary.
P. o. Box tie'S.
B s) P, 0, of Elks ,��,- lie* D. of C, inco-
tha first ami thir,] ThurHtlay at S p, o��.
K. of !'. Hall, Eighth direct. A W,-\lt
Dray. Exulted Ruler; P. H. Sini.li, Seo-
,. O 0, M.. NO. S'.l -MEETS ON FIRST
and third Tuesday In each month at *<
P. ui. .n tho Labor Temple, 11. ,j
Loamy, dictator;   \V.  J,  Orovos,  lecru-
t 11 y.
riKiilnr meeting of Amity |(itli(r ;,���(*,
27. I. O. O, T'\. Is held every Bond*!
nlttlit at n o'eloclt In Odd Fellows' Hal]
comer Carnarvon and Btghth ntreets
V'xitinK brethern cordially invited
11 a. Mprrlthew, N.'i.; ll. \v. gangster
v. il.; w. c. Coatharn, P. u. record
Ing aeoretary: J. W, MaoDonald, financial secretary,
OO   AS   I  DID     OE   M
Let us demonstrate antl explain their many advantages.
10 Sixth Street
New Westminster.
���V. K, FA LBS���Pioneer Funeral Dlrectoi
an.i Embalmer, 112-iig Akiu�� street
e't'i'osl.d Carnegie Library.
tt-r d Manns. Ltd.)��� Funeral director!
and ombalmam, Parlors 405 Col urn Mc
Street,   New  Westminster.    Phone  vii
ster Board of Trade meets In tli. board
room. City Hal!, as follows: Thir,I Fri-
duy of each month; quarterly meetlna
on the third Friday of February. May
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on the third FrMny of
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Sale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly
confidential. H. Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.   Phone 702.
fibers. Solicitors, etc. 40 Lome Street
New Westminster. O. E. Corbould, K
C.    J. 11. Grant    A. B. McColl.
��t law. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for the-
Banlc of Vancouver. Orfices ��� Mer-
chants Hank Building. New Westminster B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable-
address     "Johnston."     Code     Western
told him something with an ulterior motive in view.
However, while it is interesting to follow the workings that brought about the change of feeling, it is more]
important to know that the change actually has occurred, ] " ~
��� hat the Dominion has been able to hold her commanding president gompers is
position in the credit market from which somebody would \       ACCUSED o^m^kennsm
have ousted her and that she is due for a re-awakening I   Indianapolis, Jan. 30.���That Samuel
and consequent development that will astonish the world
and confound the prophets of evil.
Tha1 Georgia ministei who was accidentally shot
when a pistol dropped out of his hip pocket, evidently believed in carrying other arms than the sword of truth.
A California farmer found in the heart of a baked po-
tato a sapphire ring his wife had lost two years before. Always maintained there was money in spuds.
Hamilton, Ontario, announces that it is in favor of a
good roads scheme. In that stand Hamilton hasn't anything o;i the other cities of the Dominion. The main trouble is tt�� get the money to make the good roads.
I, nek' Sam is
fields for himself.
money and blood,
be missed.
ting of buying the Bull Run battle-
they already have cost him a lot in
ittle more spent on them hardly will
It looks funny to see one of His Majesty's shij
to Seattle to get a new propeller.
The Victoria city council expects to have all the money
it need- for municipal work in the near future. Now
where hat; that story been told before?
. In u heated debate the other evening an Edmonton
alderman said he would kill one of ids colleagues on the
Itoaru for two pins. As the threatened civic father is still
alive it must be presumed that nobody present had the
: i'i deration of Labor waa "gloriously
I drunk" at the Seattle convention ot
tiu* federation, weir, the charge math
by Duncan McDonald, of Illinois at the
convention of the I'nited Mine VVork-
t*rs r>f America today. During the
prolonged cheers, "liar and Slander"
er" went hurled at McDonald by Gom
tiers,  who seit. on  the platform.
"I am glad Mr. Gompers Is here so
I (*���:!! say what i want to," said McDonald, In beginning his reply to the
ipeech made yesterday by Gompers
"I said ther.** an* booze-fighters In tin*
h; I". 1������!' the American Federation of
I al or. and I'll prove it. At the Seattle ci nventli n ! had a r.t m with ray
wife al a hi tei nexl to the r 10m rt:
prved by t' ���* resolutli ns committee,
'! in* fire* s tturday nlj u v. ������ c mid ni I
sleep for the n *'* mad by a bunch
if tie* ti, links In the nexl  ri im
"I appe tied to the clerk of tie* hole! and the nolEe gn ". I tuder. Thi n
I went dov :i to tii ��� hoti 1 office and
the uiftlit manager called Jim Duncan
��� th pit ni and told him they would
1 :��� re Lo get out ol t.'ae room, that they
vet re disturbing all on the floor.
"The  I    I  '���   e*;*i vi   fierce,   and   i   fin-
nlly knocked on the door of tho room
and   was  a:-ked   io  come   In   and   have
a drink. When the door was opened
there sat Sam Gompers at the head
of the table, gloriously drunk, with
��� bottle of booze iti liis hand."
The statoment ti;'-. w the con n ntlnn
'���i'i- i n uproar and i; was Bonie time
'.efcre order was restored    While the
. ��� Pus "i was at its height, Gompers
'."l r-d M< Dona <! a liar and a slander-
How do
you do
each bake day.
Do you get perfect bread with
every batch ?
No question
about it if you
use MY flour.
They   test
R O Y A I.
over at the mill
by actual bread
making with
various wheat
samples. Only
grain that
makes delicious
bread is purchased. That's
is so uniform.
1 Wii T,'   "*NSE��,.,D'   BARMSTBR,   SO-
loltor, etc., Colliater niock, corner em-
iimlilri anu McKenzie atreets, New '.V*��l
r. o. Box is,i.   Tti,*-
mlnster,  H.c.
[tin.nc  34 4.
.,    7~ B">'rl8ler*�� and Solicitors,  West-
n'Tw  Tru,8t. Blk.'    Columbia  street.
���Whiteside,"    Western    Union.    P     O
w,in,v'r,, 20?;     Telephone   ��3.    W.   ll
whitesuS:,c c-; "' U Edmond,,��� D
��. .' fcL' CI.tJTK. Barrlater-at-lnw,
���JOUMtor.   etc.;   corner    Columbia    tint
U   l.    P.  O,   fjoi   m.     Telephone   71��
SnilPlM,M^r9N x ,n��'E' BARRISTER,
b *k s�� ?"J No,ur''- ��f"c��9 "��*���
��� ter   U   C * '   NeW  Wa<,tm^-
Barristers  and  Solicitor.     .06  t���  ,7*
Westminster Trust  Block,   u. B. Uu.
c��,'��Td, U'   McQu��rr"'    ""I   U<-orK*   U
Vancouver Hilling & Grain Co., Ud.
Nobody seems to want to be a school trustee i'i C >
quitlam. which says either a whole lot far the modesty of
the ratepayers there or a very little for their public spirit-
$4,000   TO   LOAN   ON
746 Columbia St.      312 315 Westminster Trust Hid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
COAL MINING riKht. of the Dominic*
!n Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
:lu* Yukon Territory, tho Nurthweut Tdr-
fltnrlcH and In a portion of the Provloo*
>f llil'ish Columbia, may be leased (or ��
.erm of twenty-ono years at on annual
rental of Si an acre. Not more than li-:t
lores wlll he leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must be mad*
ty tit:* applicant in person to the As nl
>r Sub-Agent of the district In which tlm
iKht.t applied for are situated.
In mirveyed territory the land must h��
Jescrlbed by sections, or legal Bub-dlvt*
tli.DH of sectlonif, and In unsurvey.-d t.'T*
Itory 'he tioct applied for fin,11 b��
itaketl om by tho applicant himself.
Eneh application must be acenrif.^nle*
oy a tee of IS which wlll be rerimilw! If
(he rights applied for are not avaJlal e
hut not otherwise. A royalty shnll l.tr
paid on the merchantable output of !h��
mine nt the rate of five centa per ton.
The person operating the mine slmll
'ii nlsh the Agent with sworn return.
iccountlng for the full quantity of ni :-
itlantablo coal mined and pay the rcy
illy thereon. If the coal mining rlsh'*-
ire not being operated such returns shOUl*
ie  furnished at  least once a year.
The lease will Include the conl mlnlr.a
Ighls only, but the leasee will bs per
nlited to purchase whatever available
mrface rights may be considered necoa
lary for the working of the mine at Ui��
���ate of 110 an acre
For full Information application ehoulit
io made to tbe Secretary of the Depart-
nent of the Interior, Ottawa, or to an5*
Kent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  t.anda
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N, B.���Unauthorised publication of thU
.'VBrilsement will not be paid for.
A cheque which was an important bit of evidence in
an eastern lawsuit has been lost and the court has decided that a photograph of the missing paper will do as I parties
well.   The likeness may satisfy the bench, but it's a eer-1{*,;*��
tainty it wouldn't go at the bank.
i'i n . Nov., Jan. 20.    " teps  \i, ������ s
he i.   ��� ti'r.tlnrality < f the. neve Nevada i'.i oroe law,  r< nulrtn^  a    y* ������'.
... ���   e [.*   ,* mf t .Ini '*'-::.* i *n   wi re
;;]<o"  yesti rday  In  tbft  fling  in  fie
''*'  ti ��� ; ������(������   e.iiri.   tf  the  r:ir:ip!,iint
nf  Pear!   !'.  Culpen  against  Lee    I*'
Culpen.   " ::i   t":'ti':* wore married In
irsm f'ounty (' 11 fornla, three years
���oZp. and   Mrs.  Culpen  sets  forth    a
-. 3ldence  of  :���-:.*<  months.    Culpen   Is
tie!   ti   resident  of  the  st it<*.
The new law t'cc'inip effective January 1, and provides that when both
live in the state, a residence
months is Bufflclejit, but when
lives    here    he   must  be  a
uona-flde resieknt for twelve months.
Order   Ycur   Suit   at
CIO   Clarkton   St.
Wa  guarantee   satisfaction.
Colliater   Block.
New Wellington
Office,  55*1   Front  Street,
Foot oi   Sixth Street.
P. 0. Box 345. Phone 105.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust ttldg
Residence T. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
-a**���-��� ' " II WtTTT
trnY",*m.T r m *
���aarj*s3���� jsamnBaBranrij yi,njut'^wasma^r'^a
We Can Furnish Any Room in Your House Cheaper
Than Anyone Else in This City or any Other City.
Don't go to Vancover and then try to make youraelf believe you
have saved money, give nt* a chance to figure with you and we will
show  you huw  to  save  money at home.    '
JANUARY SALE BARGAINS���Genuine Reductions
$404)0 Solid Quarter Oak Pressor for  $23.50
132.00 Solid Quarter Cut Oak  Dresser  $17.50
$28.00 Solid Fumed Oak Dresser $16.50
$18.00 White Enamel Chlnnonler for   $11.50
$32.60 Mahogany Chiffonier for $19.50
$42,50 Solid  Quarter Cut Oak Chiffonier   $25.75
HlOOSolld Quarter Cut Oak Hall Racks  $10.50
I*'iie piece Parlor Suite, 1 nly $29.60
$86.00 Fumed Quartered Oak Dining Room Suite, Buffet, Pedestal Bxteslon Table, C leather upholstered  chairs,  all Quar
tered Oak   G9.00
Remnants of 60c, and 50o. Linoleum, to clear at, per .vard 35c.
Odd Window Shades; good Quality; to clear at ,each  S5c.
Catholic Paper  in  Quebec  Mu:t Gpa-
cicfy   Cha.-ces   Made   Against   Lc*
Pays���Suit foe Damages.
.Montreal. Jan. 80.���L'Acthjn '.'toll Sociale, tin* Catholic organ of Quebec,
a- h result (,r a decision handed down
by -Me. Justice Charhonneau, must
give specific 'details regarding the
i !i irgea which it. made Bomt
CHURCH,    corner    Carnarvon      mid
.   iiioiini-e iii:i,-uwtjod streets.   Services ll a.m.
ago that  I.**  I'ays  ;, un ann-relie*,..,..*   .im|  uo  p Sab, H(.
paper.   Le Pays sued the Quebec pa-  Bible class, iftfO p.m..   Rev  It .1  Wil
���per for $10,000 damages on account of
charges  nude,  whereupon    L'Actlon
Sociale repeated With more detail thi*
Le Pays replied  with requests for Church -Public  worship   ai   11  a.m.
place and other minute lnfortna-1and 7:30 p.m..   Morning subject, "Ou
ari d as ordinary matter!?   What la
iin .i* anti-rellglous In such  lo
Wherein is the depreciation
llles antl-relJglouB?   Why are Balzac's
romana 1 ant religious, and which ro-
mancei are such?   Why are the works
of Rosreau anti-religious?
in rree-iovc antl-rellglous and why?  '   	
What  are  the errors regarding  the
1 rj�� 11 of man and way are Jhey antl-      Wmlilngton, Jan. 80.   After a brief
!' .'.''.""-  _ _., I debate   opened    hv    Representative
mo ia Bebel and why is Belgian Shirley ot  Kentucky,  with a speech
socialism anti-rellglous?   Why is the deprecating war scares but urging the
ig 01 Ferrer antl-rellglous? necessity of adequate attention to the
countrj s defences the house yesterday
passed the annual fortifications appropriation hill carrying an appropriation oi $5,176,200.
Provision   is   made;  in   the   measure
for the system of laud defences in
Church Notice!
Will    Ccst   Mere   Than    Provided   to
Complete  Street  Improvements
Started  Last Year.
Bon of Vancouver will  preach  both
morning and evening.
Victoria, Jan. 30. -Just what action
will  ho Uiken  by the city council  in
regard to the completion of those pav-
Hawall asked  tor by the war depart-   tog contracts  which   were let to  t'.ie
Canadian Mineral Rubber company,
la a question which the finance committee of the council Is considering in
connection with the financial problem. The paring work still to be done
E I is .estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $260,000, and. while it is not
men I as essential to guard the great
naval base there*.
and other minute Informs-1 a
tlon, on subjects running alomst Into Mission In Houan
every branch of knowledge.    Tester-1 ing the Truth."   Bible class n     1. m
day Mr, Justice Charbonneau decided Sunday school, 8 p.m.    Guild meets
Battalion Order No. 5, by Major C.
Dohtrty, Commanding.
Extract    Oeneral    Orders   Extract
'. ii.ng "On ii*i(- f,'ul11 general order 2u2, 1918, 104th
regiment, provisional captain,'H, T,
Ooodland,  is. retired,  oth   December,
thai ,1 large number of these must be Monday at s p.m.   Strangers w Icome 1;,1:i
answered.   A few sample ones which m. Gordon Melvin. B.A., Minister. Extract District Orders   The follow-
inn.' be treated a-e;                                            _ ing   extrac)   from  district   orderB   i.-
Questions to Be Answered.             OLIVET  BAPTIST CHURCH- ('or- published for Information; 24th .laiui-
What .ire the condemnations meted  '* '' Beventh streel and Queen's ave- ary, 1.914;
i.i to i" Pays, by what religion' au-  nue.   Services ll a.m. and 7:80 p.m. Board of Officers   A  board of of-
thorlty.'                                               Sabbath Bchool and Baracca class di tiers, composed as under wlll be as*
Rev. c.   w,  Turnbull of sembled at Chilliwack, on a dale tg
���"ill   preach  morning  and  h.*  na d  b)   the  president,  for the
purpose of Inspecting and  reporting
Sixth and CErrsarvon Streets
Phone ��88
'unuBuocr^ ��-Tc^T.riiii��r?Ts."!3hAr
old Out in Thirty Days
French p volution and wherein do Buch Vaucouvi 1
principles Justify the epithet anti-re- evening.
Hgloug being applied to the one hold-]
Ing them?
Where, when and under what eir-
1 iiui.siani t - h is Le Pays praised the
persecutt < - of religion?
Where, when and under what circumstances did !.(��� Pays attack the
; Pope, the Archbishop of Montreal,
tht v tbblshop of St, Boniface, nnd
wlitn.n are BUCh attacks anti-relig-
V. hen,  whi re and  under what
t umatanci .. did  Le  Pays commit the
religious   errors   imputed   to  it;    of
����� 1,11 Christian    virtues did Le Pays
make   a   mockery;   wherein   are    Lei
Pays'    principles     In    tiie*    matter of
and why7
education and  morale',    anti-rellgloui
IA ;..  i.   M01 mi lis..  : amoral?
Matter or Lcve Affairs.
What are tho love affairs and drunk
* ti bouts ol \"f. i; ine and why are nol
these love affairs, etc., to be con. id-
dents meet in thi Ir hall, 1 orner 7th
avenue and till stree* Sunday morning. Service subject "Jerusalem," ll
a.m.; bible study 2 p.m ; Btudy, 7::{u
p.m.   All Interest d cordiallj   Invited.
Seats  free,  no collection.
Spokane, Jan. 30. * While playing in
th Jamleson building last night little
Ralph Montellua, aged i, son of John
i*i. Monteilus, accidentally Btarted the
elevator and was crushed betwi 1 n thi
1 levator and the shaft.
The lad was rest uc I unci nt 1 lous
and hurried Into the of ci .- ol Dr.
c. O. Under In the same bulldln:.
ilis injur:, s w< re :-��� en to b serious
and lie was quickly removed to the
Deaconess hospital where i< was dis
upon the alterations and litting of tli
drill ball at chilliwack, B, c, as au-
thorlzi ii by II. Q. letter 14, 291-2 dati d
18-10-13, President, Major A. L. Coote,
104th regiment; members, Captain T.
I-:, t'askey, Captain D, 1*:. Carleton,
104th  regiment.
Command LleuL-Col. J, D, Taylor
having proceeded to our,* a on leave
Major C. E, Doherty will command
lhe  battalion,
Officers' Duties To be officer tor
week ending Feb. 8, Lieut. Lord;
next for duty, Lieut. Motherwell.
Drill���Notification has been received   from   headquarters to the effect
the Intention of the council to hurry
this work tills year unless .satisfactory financial arrangements can be
made, there are some streets, notably
Pandora avenue, Upper fort street,
Fairfield road and one or two others.
which will be completed If possible.
The present outlook Is favorable to
an  early   flotation  of treasury     hills,
whereby funds will be available for
carrying  through  the  unfinished  program of work, bui a point to be considered  is the suggestion  by  representatives of the paving company that.
a higher figure than  that bid  when
the contracts were let will be a.-iked.
The company points out that  when
i* hatd Its full plan' assembled here
last yeai and the year before and its
. working force all ready to start, tho
I city  was unable  to finance th"  work.
In consequence, the company's fore
1 has  been  disbanded  and  some of  Its
i plan', moved, and, the claim is made, to
carry on the work now, reins tal the
necessary   plant, etc.,   will mean   a
I greater outlay on the part of the com-
; pany than before.
The Financial Position.
The ri cent discussions between the
finance committee nnd the represen-
that the movement "order trom slope" tatives of the City's fiscal agents nay-
will bj made In three motions as laid   indicated that then* is a much belter
(i.-.a  :a  ;:.    Infantry training, para, j prospect of securing funds that formerly.    This  outcome  was,  some of
oi) and not as heretofor
Attestation���All drummers will ;:a
rade ai 8 p.m. on Tuesday for attes
L,  I*:.   HAINES,
- |e ll '��� order of the Creditors and you can buy al your own price*.
EP*8.   GRILLOS,   VACUUM   CLEANERS,   ETC.     Bargains   lor  .every*
red   that   liis   left   leg   and   arm   Captain   and   Adjutant    1st   Battalion
,104th Regiment,
Westminster Fus
!"AND, Corner   Sixth   St.,     rnd     Victoria
, S. FADER, Ase,ijnee.
BQ1L5IRS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURN OIL     ���
vulcan mon works, ltd.
Na-Dni-Co Laxatives
are different in that they
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness. Vou can
always depend on litem.
25c. a box at your
Druggist's.    178
MiUmul Drof ind Chemical C*.
et Canada, Unite*.
ci \ 1
[were broken arftl thai  he may  hi v
int. rnal  injuries.
The father, who is night janitor
at the buRding, was engaged in mop-
pins out the elevator and had it sta-
tloned on the second floor. Suddenly he felt the elevator start upward.
The  father  threw  over the  lever but
not before the lad  was between the ,,
floor of the elevator and the side of ������< the armouries on Wednesday, I*
(1](, s|ia{1 1 at 7.-in.   Dress, drill order with hav-
7!i is here-
ili-  aldermen state, materially assisted  bj   the stand  taken by  them  that
If the fiscal agents are not In a position to supply the funds or negotiate
the city's securities, then other financial concerns  might he willing  tei do
so; and it stated that tentative offers
have been received by the committee'
from parties who have expressed their
willingness to deal  with the city.
Alderman   Porter, chairman of  th.;
Orders by Scoutmaster R. P. Deiy for I streets  committee,  is now making    a
Week  Ending  Feb. 4. j study   of   those     local     improvement
1,    The  troop  will  parad-j  for drill   works  on   which   considerable    sum i
have  already   been   spent  anel   which
P.   O.   BOX   V.?
Missiles for Aeroplanes. ���    -���   Scout H.Logan. No
Paris.  .Ian.  '.',u.-~The  petrol  anew, by struck off the strength of the troop
cylinderically  shaped,   weighing   two .from this date,
I pounds "and containing a quarter ot a     '������   'll11'   new  arm
; pint of petrol, has just been Invented   sewn on as follows:
[for use as an aeroplane mlBslle by an
win require but a comparatively small
amount to complete.    A number of by-
la" s are* held up because a piece of
side-walk here or there has yet to he
completed,     it.  is  the  desire  to  com*
bad-   s   will   be   piet,   these works at the earliest pos-
The  centre ot   slble moment, when the work can he
tiie  badue   to  be   two  and   a  quarter 1 assessed  and   e. e debentures    issued.
Making a Flat
When  Columbus  set out to reach India
by sailing west ward, lie met with opposition and ridicule.
He believed the earth to be round.
Vise men held that it was flat���that Columbus was mad
���and that he'd fall off somewhere if he departed from
established beliefs.
But Columbus' belief found him a continent and made
him blessed of memory.
The Business World is flat to some men
Their profit-bearing shore.* of Opportunity stretch only so
far as their grandfathers trod. Custom,-superstition and
apathy have set them conflnes which they may not pass.
For instance, they believe the business year is a flat one���
not an all-year; round of trade, with East joining West,
with Spring merging into Autumn���but just two distinct
���seasons, wilh sa wed-off edges gaping into space.
They confine their nelivilies to a Spring trade and to a
Fall trade. To them there is no intervening continent
with stores of waiting wealth. Their world is flat. They
have not explored tho mid-year months of Summer trade.
June, July and August are never-never land.
Surely this conception of Summer as a "dull" season is
ns fallacious as the delusion that the earth was flat.
People have just as much money in the hot weather and spend quite
ns freely as in Spring and Fall. Granted that they are not buying
���skates and snow shovels in August, yet they tire buying staple articles.
Furthermore, they have aa eye on luxuries and comforts they are
counting upon purchasing in the Fall.
The modern Columbus has discovered this
Summer trade���this golden West lying between the known
continents of old beliefs. Departing from established
habit, many have made their energies and their Advertising an all-year-round proposition.
Keeping up Advertising during the Summer months not
only links your Spring and Fall, but produces rich harvests from the Summer months themselves.
Advice regarding your advertising problems is Available through nny recognized Canadian
advertising agency, or tho Secretary of the Canadian l'rcs.n Association, Itonm 50:) Lurasden
Building, Toronto.    Enquiry involves no obligation un your part ��� ro write, if interested.
. ,,,,.,.. , iert Querre Whin the Inches below the shoulder strap, and) it the bonds cannot be immediately
arrow Btrlkes au object an IgnlUon the badge is to be sewn all round. 1 sold, at least treasury bills can be
apparatus tiros  th?  petrol
ventor  savs  a   fleet    of
aniit d with these arrow s <
a pewder magazine or fin
The  In-
a iroplanea
..; b     .   e.,;
a city.
4.    Next  Wednesday    will    be    the ! floated against ttu*..i and In this way
regular   monthly   subscription    nisht j the overdraft mi constntcttem account
and   it   ia  requested   that   all  scouts ' cut down  and a considerable  javlni^
in arr* ars pay all bach dues at or.ee. 1 in interest charges made. In ?Vii, ah'"at
ijv   Ord.ar, $500,00.   expenditure   W��uM   '        .h*,3
W.   M.  CHAPMAN,  Adjutant  work carried  through "
���  '..ne- list of arts*1"
TEACHERS   WITH   BRITA.iN   TO   ���**���"*
ud   wiped   off
! ondon Jan. 30.���The  1
1 tercliane." of school i*
j the njotht r ccunti v
��� dominions,   wh1   ��� '
*e&er8 between      Montreal, Jan. 30.���-Representatives
and the overseas   of striking garment workers formed a
;,, -as  its  strongest  deputation which wmii en tbe board
come^an aecomuSsht, t'l*, ^ t0 be l��f co,,tro1 >eK '^ d"" Wed tha?
"   oniPlished fact    1 h,.,.,,,.   members of the police force oveftteti-
had   be-   pod   their duties-   in   connection   with
done  educational   commltti
,ore them the case of a New Zealand
certificated lady teacher who through
tii"   high   commissioner   of   that   do-
thd recent strike.
Deputy Chief Grandchampa was Instructed to hold an Inquiry. The del*
minion had expected to be appointed I egation was headed by Aid. Blumen-
temporarily to the infants' depart* . thai. Mr. Peter Bercovitch, K. I'.,
ment in one of the* London schools. I said that the police would' not al-
j The committee finally recommended Ilow the strikers to place pickets in
I her appointment for six months at a ' front of the factories and stores where
j certificated teachers' salary. They j they were employed. Picketing, said
[pointed out that the board of educr Mr. BWCOVltch, is legal, so long as
I tion would probably only rfcognize" I Strikers only u�� , -luasion to keep
In view Of the illdus- her as an "uncer'iflcated" teacher. I non-union workers away, and the po-
f,.,"ol /loirolr\**nm/mf {�� ' '" tlle general discussion that fol- j "ce could interfere only in such cases
Llldl development "l lowed Mr. Gautrey, the chairman of! where violence was used. In this
Greater VanCOUVei' aC-'tlle committee, said this cculd be i strike there had been no violence and
fuol nnA in nt-nananr' anA rightly regarded as a beginning in the \ the Pickets of the strikers, he said.
lUdl etna in prospect, dnu m0Vement which had been so vigor- j had ���> right to stand near their former
tO   the  fact  that  in   the  OUBly   supported   In   Canada. | Places of employment.
nn<sr mnnv mnnnfnetur.!    "t'a-���<Ja." be said, -took the lead.!    Deputy   Chief   of   Police   Grand-
pdbl many manuidtiur- am, shortIv wc expt,ct ,0 rec.,jVp sev.   champs, who represented Chief Ctnm-
ing    plants    have    been Ural applications from Ottawa, Mont-  P6*4" be!ori' the b��ard, said that he
ln��r   to   thp   pommnnitv real  and other cities for the  Inter- P"1 "ol prepared to admit that his
lose 10 tne community. chan;,e o(, teachers ��� men had overstepped their duty. Fl
owing to the exorbitant!    Mr.   Liverslde,  chairman    of    the ' fore censuring any person he would
prices   demanded    for ter an-* staff committee,   promised PSe^S^^S' Thecon-
j ��   1       i     evtry support at the same tune admit-   lro"ers oiaerea an inquiry.
and,   your   careful   at- tjng that a great many London teach-  ___ _._, ,.���eeB Ml .
.entlOn is invited tO thel*  -^ -;ad  recently gained a great deal ! KtD TAPE  CAUStS  DELAY
���AllnsiMnrr* !<H'   cxperUnce   in   Canada   which,   no
lUUUWUlg. doubt,  would   make  them  reallte  the
! get graphical   questions   as  they
The Coquitlam Tenili- j "m realised them before.
nal Company have for'guarding health of
sale to bona fide busi
ness concerns, manufac-j Rejina, Jan. 30.���All the byl-jwa
Uiring sites, all Clear governing the activities of thfe clty'B
 1 r     1      ���..   ,       1 i health department are being revised
and level, with trackage,an(] overhauled by ur. ite.w in pre-
and ample waterfront- paration tor a vigorous campaign to
airp nf from 1-wpIvp hun    Preserve  the  health of  the citizens
age at irom twelve nun- auring the year    Many   additional
dred   and   fifty   dollars I olauseB are being added  to some of 1
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
Granville Street,
Vancouver. B.C.
'the bylaws increasing the sccpe of
j the jurisdiction of the d partment inspectors, especially relating to tiie
I regulations of Chinese laundries, the
milk supply, dairies and restaurants.
In due course these will bo brought
to the committee of health and public safety for approval and an attempt
will bi made to have all the bylaws
brought up to date before the spring,
Board cf Trade Protssts.
Winnipeg, Man.. Jan. 30,���Representatives oi the board ci' trade and
the trades and labor council protested
to the law amendments committee of
the Manitoba legislature agalnat the
clause In the new city charier far
Winnipeg Which aims to allow corporations aud .irilnt. stock companies the
privilege of voting through their ot
ficers. Mayo-,* Deacon advocate*! this
amendment, saying it was proner that
the taxation levy should entitle big
concerns to voting privileges. Opposition to the clause centered around
the contortion that It aimed to destroy individual voting and made for
i'uii'.ul itlvo yottux.. The? clause will
be further considered.
Regina, Jan. 30.���-Unless a special
meeting of the city council is called la
tho early part of the month, it is not
likely that the citizens will have an
opportunity of voting on the Coste-
MoAulay gas franchise bylaw much
before the middle of March. A gocd
deal of preparatli n will have to be
made before everything is ready to
submit the proposition to the people.
Before the by-law can be dealt with
by the city council, the agreement wiil
have to be signed by Coste and Sic*
Aulay, so that it can be attached to
the by-law as a schedule. Mr. Coste
is ont of town, and is not expected
in the city for eight or nine days. In
the meantime, however, the city solicitor and the special gas committee
will be busy drawing up the agreement, and seeing that ail the provisions are incorporated in correct legal phraseology.
Mu;h   "Red   Tape"   Necessary.
This means that, the bylaw will not
likely be ready for the city council
at its regular meeting on Tuesday,
February li: and unless a special meeting ia called after that date, it Would
not ccme up in the ordinary course
until the following regular meeting on
February IT.
After the by-leiV lias been given Its
first nnd second reading by the council, the act makes a lapse of 22 days
at least neoeseary before the by-law
can be referred after being dealt with
by the aldermen in council. During
this period the by-law has to bo advertised in the local newspapers once
a week for three consecutive v.trks;
so that it Is likely to be well on Into
March before the by-law will ne> to tho *   pm? froim
SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1914. ^.
all orders, be they first of the
month orders or every; day or-
d< rs, according to your say so.
ti ou tell us what you want and
it is up to us to give it to you
without ������:::.nii**i:t. Prompt delivery Is ope ol tiie strong points
, f the Mi del.
Uveal Potatoes, fine boiling potato! b, nice i ml white and dry.
100 Ib. ss ���!.������ only   $1.25
Besl Ni �� Zi aland llutter. -
pounds    75c
No, 1 Cookln   Eggs, S doz..$1 00
Navt l Oram es, dozen. 12V4C up
to   50c
Grape Fruit, 2 for... .25:
itmmonia, - bottles  25c
Our M. & J. Coffee is gocd.
Ground fresh for each ordei;
per  Ih 40;
Have you tri< d  our bast bh .id
Tea;  Ib 45c
' Lettuce, 3 for  25:
loaei tirocery
���V4THESON h jaccuson.
308  Sixth SI. Phone   *001 2.
East Burnabv Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave, Ed*
Mends Branch, Gray Block.
Phone  1111L.
Local News
Gclf Course Playable.
,    All the snow has melted trom th ���
If course  In   Burquitlam,  and  the
'. i un t   Is now ijuitt. playable.
Wood I    Wood I   Wood I
Kiln dried wood, delivered al youi
bouse 55   minutes   after   you phone
your   ord r,    Phone   508.     Superior
Sash and Door Co.,   226    Fourteenth
! street. (285fe)
Weather Today.
X. *.v  Westminster and  lower main
! in ud, light to moderate winds, mostly
easterly and southerly, unsettled and
mild, wit.i rain.
One Lonely Chinese Case.
Only cue case appeared on the police court docket yesterday morning
when, in the absence of Magistrate
Edmonds, Stipendiary Magistrate
Clute toole liis seat. Sing, a slant
eyed Oriental, was called on a charge
of having had opium In his posses
sion, but Sing was absent on twenty
dollars, bail aud failed to appear, so
liis wo: i blp conflscati <l the coin.
A matter of last*. Hill's "Saturd ty
Special' Chocolates 35c Friday aud
Saturday. (2870)
Buy  your  wines  and   liquors  from !
the   old    reliable    Freeman's   liquor
store.,    Family trade a .-inc.ally.
5 an
src:;.7s.. b*v mRMBRSBraws
Taxes are a superior lien upon all mortgaged property. Heal
estate may be sold for taxes,
leaving the careless holder ol a
bond and mortgage with no security. Insurance may Be allowed to lapse; then, should a
fire occur the mortgage holder
lias only the bare ground security. Methodical attention
absolutely averts these dangers.
The maker of the mortgage
may default' ln liis interest payments, lien* again experience*,
and skill are needed lo properly
conduct a foreclosure. Much
mom y has been lust and many
titlis have been Impaired
tli rough lark of skill and ev-
perleuce In such matters.
Vou ������linnet afford t.i be without cur services, an Interview
will cost you nothing.
Dominion Trust
Tht-  !\ilH'lutil Trustee.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Kegui.i, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlotletown, London.  I*,ii>>,.;  Antwerp,  Belgium
.\f\> Westminster
IJ much.
Win   Columbia   fctictt. '���
C   S   keitii, Ma.'��(jer, S
laesamtTMKmaaswraatWMtl   I iiiiii unmtv.
You Like
jooa Tea
V.'o ai i*' y(.u to try our Bpocial blends.
Wo ii.v'e a choice Ceylon Tea at
85s. pet ib ; 3 lbs. fcr $1.00. that for
the average famlly.wo can Bafely rec-
���ci.it:i. ud. h ycu like a little f!n< r
grade try cur 40c. ar.d 50c. blends.
Kino fresh ground coffee, 35c. lb., 3
Ibo. fcr 51.03; finer graces at 43e. ana
45c. Ib.
Choice Table  Butter, 3  lb-.. $1.03.
Rogers' Golden Syrup, 2 lb tins, 15s
it.   C,   Milk,  per  tin,   10c.
Very fine Navel Oranges, p:*.
doz< n, 35c.
Smaller bUq Navel Oranges, 25 for
Dredge   Returns,
"ite having ollburnlng  apparatus
it, talli d and a general overhaul un
I rtoi taken,    tii"   g ivernmeut     dredge
Kin;;   Edward   arrived   back   from   l-is
quimall yesterday In shape to resume
her work dredging the  Fraser river,
She will leave for a point near Nico-
men  island  on   Monday,  after  which
Mil is expected that the suction dredge
[I will be placed on the work going on
11 al the mouth of the river.
Wood !     Wood !     Wood !
11    Kiln dried  wood, delivered at  your
houBe  66   minutes   after   you   phone I
your    order,     Phone    503,    SuperSoi j
;   .-vi-h   and   Door   Co..   226   Fourteenth I
street. (2852)
Will Represent City.
Mayi r Gray and Alderman T. S,
Annandale will represent t'.ie city
council ui the coming conference wltb
the municipality cf Richmond in respect to proposed improvements to be
made to Ewen avenue In order to provide din tt communication with Woodward's landing and Ladner, The
board of trade and the Progressive association wlll also be represented at
thi  conference.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
inproved city and farm property, '.i
per cent.   Alfred \V, McLeod,   (2705)
Wood ! Wood ! Wood !
Kiln dried wood, deliver. <! at your
house 56 minutes after you phone
your ordi r. Phone 503, Supi rloi
Sash and Door Co., 22o Fourteenth
street, (28521
Electric Lights on Trains.
In the endeavor to have the latesl
standard in equipment and service
maintained on the c,:*t*:it Northern
trains running from Vancouver and
New Westminster to Seattle and
Portland, dynamo baggage cars have
now been Installed en f:*:iins Nos. 270
and 273, thus making all trains be
Lween Vancouver and Portland, Ore.,
electrical lighted throughctjt, Notice
t.ti this effect was received by (!. N.
St:., ti .V.i'ii* F. C. .Meyers from Assistant (,: ;,."::1 Passenger Agent Mel-
lrum  in Seattle yi sti rday.
The it* v. E, A. Henry (f Chalmers
church, Vancouver, will address a
mass meeting on Sunday afternoon
in Sixth avenu Methodist church at
3:45, Subjecl "'liit* Burden of Liquor
Traffic."     Special   song   for   1".   in in -
���it. i  1- it re  ate In is,
i J *,;."��� i
Topping Ig Remanded.
A   i  mand   until   Monday   morning
was i . ..���.'��� .1 by Magistrate Beat ty ii
j the   Burnaby   police   court   yestcrdaj
J in  the case against Joseph Topping,
formerly   postmaster  of   East   Burnaby,  whet   v.eis  arrested   In   Vancouver
| on   Thursday,   charged   with   conver-
sion of funds.    The arrest  was made I
.   : ���������   Ct :   table   i 1* nderson,   i ho,   v. Ith
three ether members of the Burnaby
force, had been  looking  for Mr. Top-
j  ping   for  two  days.    The  amount   In-
I  volved is $233 30.
For  all   building  supplies  and   fuel
h o.l apply t't the  n. C. Transport  Co
[ji Ltd., '. i. v.. :-: : insier Tnu i  bulldin ���
Jl Office phone  i-6,  wharf phone .^s''
��       (let   j out'   Ml   itps     i urpeiied   at   '!* ���
I 3| .  i, ������  I . . a  stn et.     ['. 105
At  tht   Cclierjc.
E II ���'. .. ki it V. f \. 're; -
fli tl tecretar.' f the v M c, \
movt mi ' in C nada, d llvered ii pre'
Itable ad. rt i to th V. M, C. A. ol
i . lu ill Ian c illege Tim 'sday night
'I be i pi ni er t is Inl r duo d bj Pr I
i lolmago, i. , i Id ��� olli re companion
Mr.  ( larke's;   the  t! air  being  taken
:���gxtf.'f.-waaB3;afr*tr?ir*:,.-mcg! �����"�����"'���
��������%������" Smart Apparel ;
%Mor the Younger Men 16 to 60.
n's Grocery
"hone   ias.
���Beirr   5I.-..-V
.*'���"*     :lr*.f.
Crystal Dairy
Co,, Limited
Commencing Feb. 1, 1914, the
t .-.vital Dairy Co., Ltd., will deliver to all parts of the city and
Edmonds, 13 quart:; cf the Pv.r
est snd Bast Pasteuried Milk
fcr J1.'30, Tickets cm I c purchased from drivers cr at the
office of tho (���'��� :rnny. ar,." Sixth
street, phone 1150, Ice and tee
C.'oam, Tabio and Whipping
Cream, always en hand.
Fcrbiddcn Literature.
Pome,   .tan    80,    The   Sacred   On-!I      CRYSTAL   DAIRY  CO.,  LTD.
gregatlon 11   Index hai di cldi d thai
ill w ri. i i : :.t wrice Maeterlinck, the
Iii Ian   author   shall  be   classed   as  !i   (2869)
ft. L.Cic-.i Utcratv.re to Catholics ..  ��
by \V, Deans.    With a quii i. earnest- celebration of the holy communion al currence of the trouble,   About h ill' a ttSiswasi
ness,  backed  up  by  telling    IlluBtra- 11 a,  tn., and a  children's service at mile  of  such   timber  and   brush   re 3
tions, Mr. Clarke pointed out tii" op- 2:30 p. m., while at evensong at 7:00 mains standing near the track, all the 8
portunities for mission  work In  this p. m. t te cltclr will sing Jackson's Te other sect;, ns having been cleared by H
generation.   Following the meeting, a Deum  and  the   vicar  will  preach  on tho company, !'j
gathering of the V. M. '.'. A, ex ive tha place of worm a In Iho church.      i                            '
was held, resulting In a determination ������ Fop-plumbing, healing    and "~,7, I
on tin* part of all present to carry out Insure  In   the   Royal,   the   world's metal work eons nil .Merrliliew & Itain B
a definite, practical prcgram f r the largest   fire company,    Agent, Alfred gay   i*:,.^,.|,    and    Carnarvon streets 5
religious   development of the collosejW, Mel,cod, the Insurance Mat'. Phone 688 (270S) 9
i tudent life. (2853)                              ,                    ' 1
DclavJd  Traffic.
W.  H.  Ncfbitt,  Manager.
Th" City Treasurer reminds water I
consumers, who are not using meters
that in ord r to
for first three mot
must   be   paid   by l p.m. Saturday   r��� roin. large trees crashing across
January 31, instant. (2849)    the tracks near Matsqui Prairie, stiap-
  j ping the high tension power lines.    A
Special  Services  at  St.  Mary's.
Insure  with  Alfred \V.  McLeod, the,
insurance    man.    All  kinds    written.'
!��"2 ''"'".''3 i    Tj'8 h��avy ,,iml 8tGrul of Thursday  Hundreds of millions to pay losses,
save rebate,    rales   n!t;ht crusrd r. dclry ln operative-the ,..-,,-,
i.th.i   ot   the   yeai   Fraser Valley trains of the B. c. is.       ~
Smallpox  in Ontario.
Coiirtriglit, Out., Jan, 30   Smallpox  |
/'a,      : gang of men will probably be started ,        ,    , ...
i'^'i.iy   ui.i    .���.   marked   at   St.  to work at this point ln the near fu- 1,M    bmkf'"    out at the village of
Mary's, Sapperton, by special rer*
vice;., it being observed as the patron-
U  festival     There  veil)  be a cfco-sl
ture, clearing the brush and timber a I Wllkcsport  in   Sonibra  township, and
certain  radius  from the tracks BO iik I as   n   result   the   residi tices  afflicted
tc eliminate the possibility of the re-Jars uhtler  iuttruftUne.
dl #1
w .page nvt
a n wi   n i    hi   in ������ i   hi
Score    7 j���Senators    Now    GJcsc    to
Vancouver���Mallen  and   Gsnja
Divid*.'  Scoring  Honors.
V'lctoi t.i,    Jan.    30,    By    def atlne
Now  Westminster this evenlni   7-5 th
Aristocrats remained well in the run
uIng tor the coast champlont hip and
are now \. Ithln half a game of tj In
S'oncouvi r  the prest tit   I ad ra,    '! s
ul i,t b   battle   '��� ub   wi li   fought   t ut
from start to finish with both teauid
hitting  a   un rry  dtp,  tbe  B< natoi i,
however, having a lead of the  three
stanzas with ilu* exc ptlon of two oc
cations when Ken Mallen, ivho was In
.i ;-t al i - ling mood, ti* d up tilt  <���  ii',!
Mallen was the star ol both forward divisions, notching three tallies,
while the sunn* scoring proclivity fea-
lured io ne- , who appears to ban   hit
his i tride In tbe coast  I agui .
thulc Johnson and Oa man I th
played a stellar game, the former
breaking up attack after attack,
while the latter made his first appearance this year on ilu* forward
Victoria's victory this evening give
the si rb b i n Interesting outioi ie ... .
local !,.: i will follows next week's
games b tweue the Royals and Van-
t ouver as a doubl i defeat ot Vane iu
vit would give the senators the i *.'_ ���
iaa*to standing, while an even break
will    : 111    give  th.*m  a  chance  oi
bri al Ing Into the wi rld't   ,-��� -��� ���   P��t*
Westminst er. Victoria.
Lehman       Lindsay
.",    AU    -���-   .���>,   j,;   ;��.    .>',   .��.   AL   j.";   M.   J'*   j':    JL   M
lea Hockey.
Junior I-1 ,r in : ���-'
Iin h   school   vs.   Sapperton. O
arena, am. ���'-'
Central3   vs.   Comets,   arena ���.':���
a ... ���"���
City   League: -.:���
Sappi rt on vs. Blectrics, Sap-   ������'���
pertOU   Park,  2:30   p.m. -.':���
v.:irii ib>   v.-i.  Burquitlam, at
Moody   Park,   2:20  p.m.
Ma.nland Cup Tie.
Coqull am    vs.    Rovers, Coquitlam,  2:30  p.m. :":
Vancouver Normals vs. U. c.
li.  S. Girls,  v. :.i. c.  a., at
7:00 p.m,
\, i.i.*, * r   Normal  "It"   vs.
It.   C,   ll.  S.  "li,"   Y.M.CA.  8   ���������������
p.m, ���"���
Vanconvi r Normal "A" vs.
R. c. ii  s. "A," v. m. c a. 8   ���::*
p.m. ���::���
(By the Potter.)
Arl Airily of Anacortes has been
matched to meet Oscar Mortimer, a
coloi ii scrapper in ,, Vancouver, the
1". round mill tO take pine at Chilli
wack on Feb. '���
Rochon ..
Johnson  .
Ti bin   ...
Mall 'ii   ..
Oatro in   .
Right Wing
Left Wing
    ('.. EX]������
I.. Patrick
....  P  dl
Goal Summary.
i*'ti :    pi rlod   Gent e   I Vic, I   1:16;
Mallon   (N.W.)   3:13;     Kerr     (Vic.)
0:0 *���    0< iu "    i Vic.)     ; 1";    Rochon
(N.W.)  6:56.
Second period���Mallen (N.W.) :24;
Poulin i\ Ic.) 3: ll; Dunderdal (Vic.)
1:15;   Oatman   (N.W.)   13:21.
Third period -Dunderdale . i Vic.)
12:55; Mallen (N.W.) 6:50; Genge
(Vic.)  3:17.
Standing of the Club3.
Gi ala
W.    L,    I'.    A
, ancouvi r   6     ���'���   ��� ���   50
Victoria      fi     ���".    60    r.7
tlnster  *i     7   48   59
Nexl :.....'.(���, Vancouver at Wcstmin-
Bti r, Tuesday, Fi b, 3,
Burnaby    vc.    Ojrqeiitlam    at    Mocrly
Park���B, C. E. R.-Sapperton en
Lattcr's  Grounds.
Bun ,b.e vs. Burquitlam at M od ���
park and it. C, ''.. R. vs. Sapperton al
Sap] ,"i.,)i park are: the two city
leagu games scheduled for today,
liurnaby should Ik* able to garni r lie*
total points ali in.ugh the resnlt In
the othi r game Is a doubtful one r/w
iue; to the recent strengthening ol
th ���   Blectrics.
The Electrics will field the follow
Ing players: Palmer, Kirby, Patterson,
Leaf, Awlard, Donald, Thompson,
K (I I O'Malley, Plaxton, Browne, Rennie Brodle, Probert. Hoth games will
start   at  2:30.
Instead <t!' b ing twice defeated a-
reported in this column yesterday, tin
local V. M. C, A. basketball quintette
came   through     with     flying    colors
agalnm Victoria on Wednesday night.
winning  by  a  score  of  50-28.    This
means  thai   tin*  suggestion    ef    the
president and secretary of tht* Ik c.
A. A. c. taking over the franchise and
Interesting themselves iu at least on"
kind it sport, will not be consummated,    Water poll, badminton  or crib* j
bagi   n:u never been exploited to any |
extent in this city,   There is still a j
' chance tor Ihem.
The police had to cleat tin* i( 6 on
two occasions hist week in New Qlas- ;
'. ( w in a . ami !'-���: .���.* en the local
Black Poxes and ilu* Halifax Socials
t.lut ii pri'.( nti :i iii:* necessily of a
doctqr or coroner in ing requisitioned.
This *..; uld seem to Indicate tint the
Black Poxes are not very social and
t..,.i the Si ola.li are not vi ry foxy or
thej would not act liko this.
Why all this bunk about a Vani ;
v r team going cast in qui si of tin*
Allan cup, Tlu Terminals bavs ye
ito mi*', i a Victoria and also a West-
1 *��� Inster septette, After that they are
i.i,. !y to Btarl making plans to re-
gain tiie Savag" cup next season.
y^y^'V. ^'V*., ^limited v ;���,'���'..��� ' i.. .. -V-  - -
If-f- J^feM NAN-fitRVr :vg.A.RENNiE. 5ECY-f RES
Nine - Roomed,   Beautifully
Furnished House
Five bedrooms, on Sixth Street, between Third
Ave. and Queen's Ave., $30 per month.
Also modern 3-roomed suites, steam heat; close
to Columbia Street.
Safe Deposit Boxes for rent at moderate prices.
Anyway    a    coast    aniat  ur    team
] would have absolutely no chance with
a  Winnipeg league team this winter.
lit  will lake a few  more years before
the coast slmon pnrea hope to get on
a   par   with   teams   who   have   been
| practically born on natural ice.
Sangster Bro6. Defeat Columbian College  fcr City Basketball T.lie-
Unique   Eitua'.icn.
ity a Bcore cf 20-H the Hustler
basketball team lust night won thi
championship of the city league by
defeating Columbian college on the
tatter's court. This was the second
of a series of two games, the Sangs
nr b: /tin rs taking the first with a
had of five points.
For members' of one family to win
ti championship of a city league is
unlqu" and the five SantEitr beys
togethe 1 '.-,1th their friends Were In
hit-.li Bplrlta following their second victory   i.-.t r  tin*  collegians.
With ii. I. Sovereign handling tin
whistle the two teams put up n biii
liant battle In the first half which
went to Hi.* Hustlers 14-B, The si e
ond half In charge of Tim Mahoney,
wax even closer, only one point sep
mat in,;  the  two  teams.
i-ast night's game marked the wind
up of tho city league schedule and
from ncw en thp series of the Pacific
coast Basketball league will hold
looking after the looks of the league,
iii*; resignation yesterday being accepted. A vote of thanks was unan-
usly paseed to Mr. Maiden for bis
Work during the present season.
In iiis place, the 1913 secretary, V.
E, Andrew, will again take up the
reins of office and with I'resident
Lynch will look after the arranging
of local games together with making
preparation for Uie srovlnclal championships against the winners of the
Vancouver and Victoria leagues.
It  was  whispered   at  the  meeting
that the Rowing Club of Vanocuver,
champions    of    the    Terminal   City
league, are fighting Shy of the proposition   to  meet  a   New   Westminster
team,  taking   the   stand   that  a  residence clause  was omitted   from the
constitution Of the local organization.
The league officials will take up the
i matter with the trustees of the Savage
itro'ihv,   r��f   which   r,o*,v en   McGowan,
I ot tiiis city, is a member.
Beavers  and  Fraser Mills to  Fight  It
On*  for City Championship.
Tne dropping cut Of the. Moose and
Sappert: n teams with the points of
the remaining games being awarded
Lo tin* iv ting clubs in the league,
formed tin* feature of yesterday's
meeting ot the amateur hockey organization _ 1
Th.* big lead obtained by the Heavers and Kraser Mills at t! a early
part i f iin- i' ason can:ed by moat ol
the Btar pi tyers being signed on by
theee two aggregations made the sled
dins bard '. r the Moose and Sapper-
t ,��� to bu h a i extent that public in-
len   e .' ,'* .a l iw abb. .
���I).,, bi ..��� :.. and Circle F wll) i lash
in whal Is Intended to be t.i* deeding
;-,*." . , r the season on February l"
and ���'. " I the lujnbormen nose oul
;, victory a play-off would become
..ft   :. arj.
For the i' si of Hi" season these
two toams together with Vancouver
,, ptotti e will furnish the rans with
plenty of -aport, the arrangement with
���i.-..*vgt r Savage of the arena company
being   to   Ll ri'ect   that   one  game
ci. b v oak would be played, Bkatlrts
being Impossible for the rest of the
evening. . ,
Si cretary Maiden round It Impossible to give the time to the work ol
Rcvtrs Jcurncy to Coquitlam in Mainland     Cup���Large     Crowd
Going   Along.
A general exodua of soccer ferns
takes place this afternoon, when a
larj i number of enthusiasts of the English game journey to Port Coquitllam
to witness the struggle between the
Westminster Hovers and the l*t>rt Co
qultlam, champions of the Vancouver
and District league, and regarded as
possible champions of the province.
The result of today's game will have
a great bearing on the provincial
championship, and for this reason
there is a big crowd going to board
the 1:26 o'clock C. IV It. train from
a reduced rate having been
from   iin-'   railway   authori
ties city
Managi r Grant of the Rovers was
found i'i an optimistic mood yesterday, lie realizes that there is much
ni stake in today's battle and that the
Ccquitlamltes playing on tlieir own
ground?! wll! enter the contest favor*
it. a, Nevertheless the eleven selected t;i wear the Rover colors repre-
t*n's about the cue best bet of the
it largi.
Mi Iklejohn will be back ou tho half-
I   ei   line,   following  a   month's   ens
pension  tacked en by  the Mainland
Football  association  and  this  should;
Btrength n tie* centre dlvialon considerably,
i ��� , ie, :'-, udfi,'.' i f Vancouver will ;
officiate, there being no possibility oil
t bargi .��� of untlailtj In the nature ol |
appi Intmei t   *:'  official"
lit re  Is the line n;>
I   ll*;*-'
Ni ughton,
Sampher,    Christian,    Mc
lord,  Bruce,    Melklelohn,
Cadzten.    Mcl.eod,   Shaw-
croES, Calrnduff,  Hayes.
Coquitlam   Worrall,  Marshall    Bnd
Miller,   McLellan,   Thorpe,    captain:
��� Millard, Elbln, Harrop, Black, Thomp-
I son and Johnson,
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Collections, All Over The World
Whether your business Is confined to Canada���or you ship
foods to all parts of the world -you v/ill appreciate the facilities ol
the Dominion Bank In making collections.
The Branch In London, England, is In Immediate touch with
the European financial centres���while coriespondenls throughout
the world expedite all transactions.
The Dominion Bank has branches tn all sections ol Canada.
Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Shippers are requested to write the
Head Office for a complete list oi Branches and correspondents.
-WC*-.-.-.. ?HWW
Final Day of Automobile Drawing
DRAWING   AT   9 P. M.
Also the Last Chance to Take Advantage  of  Our
ials to Clear
One lot men's working $1   AA
pants, $1.50 $1.75 to $2 V^W
One lot of men's soft felt <M A A
hats,$2, $2.50, $3 to $5 ��P * ��� W
One lot, men's soft shirts
.25, $1.50, $1.75, to <M  AA
clear for
ne lot boys' white sweaters CA^
<Ji1 OO fn $1 9K   fnv     -     -     OUt
$1.00 to $1.25, for
Come down and get your share of the the bargains and
participate in the drawing.
707 Columbia Street
The Store of Satisfaction-
��� fr
. !
1 ���\acji  at*
I      i
Explores Ruins of
Ancient Empire's Capital
Mixed for The News at the follow
log places: F. T. Hill's ciriiK Bt in
|2S Columbia Btreet; A 8prlc��
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs
R. Larden, Highland l'nrk; Mrs. V
Lewis, Aita Vista
���*�����?*$*���> ��.��<?*5*����i��*��*<
' ��� R A r �� B *
�� ������*�����������**��"��������-*���;.��� ��� <
Cl#����ifli*d--()nt> cent tier wc,.,l p��
<!��*; tc. per word |n*r wnek; 15c I
month; 6,000 word*', to be used di< n
ijUiTd within one yvnr f>;n* ��1an** ������
tontracl    I2t,.:u)
<ijNiO^|yrtACijL>   1
in eifcht minutes walk of Edmonds,
$3000, Hall acre cleared, sidewalk,
light nnd water to ', 1 ice. Box 2878,
News office.
FOTl    SALE���SBLL    VOt'lt     PROP
erty through au nit. In this column.
POR SALE���11,00. DOWN, $100 PF.lt
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
Ut t square. (3710)
nbere. No collection, no charge
American*Vancouver Morcanllle Ag
ency, ^6 Hastings street wee-it, Van
couver, i-7l^i
For the lasl three months Prof es-talent ruin i.i given by Professor
sot- Macmlllan Brcwn, the leading Brown, "There you have the water
scientist of Australia, has been In streets and the main canals. 1 canoed
Micronesia the extensive ocean area along these for hours at a time. On
in which are dotted the Marianne, either side were Immense breast-
Marshall, Caroline and Gilbert Islands works of stone, some of them 84 feel
���and returned to Sydney this week long and rising to a height or 20 ami
the steamer  Willochra enthuslas-130  feet  about tlm reef upon   which
tic ovsr bis .vork ami that of bis as-1
si; tanls.
In completion of his program of the
last nine fears tor investigating the
problems of the Pacific the professor
. n this occasion devot id special attention to these islands as tlicy contained th si 'te; of one of the most difficult  entomological  problems of the
the   city  was   built.
I works altogether an
Theao breast-
miles It length
ami make artificial islands which are
filled with coral debris. On these islands aro Immense buildings, with
stone walls still 30 ami 35 feet high.
rrom the huge stones scatter il about
' 1 conjecture that those walls must
.have   been   almost  twice  as   high   at
There is nothing like a "Tea Pot"
test at your own table to prove its
sterling worth!
HI mm
__ _ m^mJm&MiWm _ __
TEA "Always and Easily the Best"
BLACK, GREEN, or MIXED.    Sealed Av tight Packa^s Only
housekeepln ; rooms near Ci lumbl *
8ti et, in. derate rent, Give particu
lars   I"-. 2873 Ni - - oftlt   .      (2873) \
X V 1*
i: i
li t
; c E
D   1
i :,
:..  .
;.  1*
.   '
��� \\  ��� '���
��� Idi
Btri i
farm sales conducted, Furuitun
it. llgbl (,ir cash P. II. Blow n. I I
Rcgble street, New  Westinliislcr
���'������til. iu investlgatins this problem'one time ror they were from 10 to 18
Prcf.   Brown   visited   the   megolitUlc feet thick.
ruins ��� r Ponape, and advances In tbat | "Tho city on the sea shows that the
connection the first apparently rea- rulers of this empire had como over
sonable and feasible theory i-i expla- the ooean and used tho ocean, le**
nation of their existence, cause they needed their water streets
Languages Different. for their  vessels and  raerohandlae."
"Because  Oi   the  special  attractions 3000  Years  OM.
Inethnology,   1   concentrated   on   this]    From  these  facts  Prof. Drown  do-
visit lo tin  Carolln   i
pi   ���'       *-.    " . lie l   ii
n  rk, 1104 Tei th avi nue,       te. --"
ture in large or   small   quantities;
.i  prices pal 1.    Austion s ih s
conducted.    H,   .1.   Russell,    King's
I i ;. I block, Columbia Btri et, (2778
'u   Hii<:
nd in I    luitlam.    \pply Mr, Gal ���
'    t i (2870)
���'    .        I : i    -   420   SI
���'-.*��� 12872)
telephones:  Office  53.  Residence -421
.JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasollm
: ,-    ��� .-,   Marine   Engines   ond   Ant,-
mobile  Repairs.
OHice  .mr)   Works:   Tenth   3t.
���> n    p.-ei*.  474.     New  Wntrr.ins'.er.  BO
...   ..   REXT     ......    .-   ,,..,     ,   .,,,.    .-
: :  711 (eu* ��� ns av< aue; nice g ,���! ti
and trull  trees.    S.\ ply  7 "���' i!
avenue, t-' '.'���-'
BOARD  AND ROOM. 625 SIX !':i  ST.
Hoi  wati r hi at,    pli isant    i
h< me  comforts.    Moderate  rat
to rent try nn ad. in Ihls column.
keeping rooms. $ln and Si-"* nei
mouth tit -:.'���! Seventh street. (271V)
In New Westminster. EC.
23 dwelling  bouses, all  modern,  I i
���fine locations, closo in em good stroi I
Also one store en Columbia St., and
two on Sixth St,
Apply    to    Cunningham     Hardware
or to Jas. Cunningham.
To  i iie  Board    of    I icense    C mm -
. at rs cf Surrey, B.C.
i ��� Is h.: i by ������-���'-.��� n that i Inl ���'. I
to apply al the ne I me ting of Hi
!'������ ird of License Commission ts ! u-
tli District of Surrey, for a license tt
sell liquors by retail on the premls :
known as the St. Leonard hotel, situ-
al - on lots numbered from 1 to 12
S.W. corner Section 6, Township 7, in
thi   District of Surrey,  Ii C.
2 i:
N'ow Imported Fall Suitings now on
display.    See  them.    Pi rfect   fit   and
*��� irk lanshlp guaranteed.   Prices from
18 00 up.    701 Front Stri r>:
Girls' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p.m.;
Adult olaases, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
Sewing classes,  Thursday,  7:30 p.m
Boarding and room rates reasonable
SileaVs served tei ladies and gentlemen
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30
For particulars call phone 1324.
Blocks 6, 17, 19, 20 and the north
I a!f of Block 21, bi inj s parts    of
Section 33, Block 1 north, Range 1
east    (otherwise    the     southwest
quarter of Section 5, Township 7),
New  Wi stiniaster District,
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 327F, issued
in the name of Charles A. Loomis has
bi ��� n  til. il in  this office.
Notice is hereb) given that I shall,
::\ the expiration of one month from
the date of the lirst publication hereof In a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
tie made to me In writing.
J. ('. GWYNN,
District  Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., January 2%.
1914. *        (2867)
'When going on a long Journey if
���on our railway there will bo no an
n. ....���'.re of transfer nor delay.
Toronto Express loaves at 7:60 a.m
St. Paul train leaves at 1 25 p, m
Imperial Limited leaves al  8:10 i> m
For rate and reservations apply to
���   Agent,
Or H, W. BRODIE n  P   \ . Vancouver
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
ths undersigned, and endorsed
"T( nder Cor Construction of a 16-inch
Hydraulic Self-Propel ling Steel Suction Dredge," wlll be received at this
office until 4:00 p.m., on Tuesday,
March 3, 1914, ror the construction
of a lo-inch Hydraulic Self-Propelling
Ste 1 Suction Dredge.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be se n and forma of
tendi r obtained at this Departm ml
and at the offices of "!'. li. Schwitzcr,
E-sei., Mech, Superintendent, Hirks
Building, Ottawa. Ont.; J, I.. Nelson,
Esq., Supt. of Dre"dges, Vancouver, Ii.
C; J. S. MacLachlan, Esq., District
Engineer, Victoria, B.C.; C. C. Wors-
fold, Esq., District Engineer, New
Westminster, B.C.; J. G, Sing. Esq.,
District Engineer, Toronto, Ont ; Collectors ot Customs at Kingstqn and
Collingwood, Ont., and A. E. Dubuc,
Esq., District Engineer. Montreal,
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
lirniH, tlu. actual signature, the nature
of the occupation, and place of rosl
dence of each member of tho linn
must  be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable tho Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent. (lOp.c.l
of tin* amount of tin* tender, which
will be forfeited if the* perron tender
Ing decline to enter into a contract
" hi u calli d ii|iou to do so, e*r fall te
complete the work contracted for. If
the t, nder be nol ace pted the cheque
w iii be rt turned.
Tl*,.. Department does not bind Itself
to accept the low<**,t or anj tendor.
By ord  r,
D< partment of Public WorkB,
Ottawa, January 20, 1914.
Newspapers v. iti not be paid for
this advertisement it they insert it
without authority from the Department,   R1193. (2860)
land i," said th ���
;ia;.t ��� thi re are
so diffi ��� ��� nt  from  the other Polyne-
i...    '....  ua    s and  the pi npli   them-
Iv -��� an e d fl e* nt, that thi ;v is
al once n vi :tl*il a strange coxi ii&tur*s
t f bli * tl, In e. 'Ty v llage I & "M
Irac ��� the ml {ture i t lhe thi ��� e gi ��� tl
divlsh na of mankti tl io. Ni | roid,
the Mongolian and th ��� ( t icasit -i dl-
*- li ous F< r e,'..iie.it', in thi little Is
land of Cl al, In te" c ntre at the
t 'an line .'-roup, thi ;���,* tv< i e ������>;i1 poopl
. al .it rt tl to ri ci It i' the governor. I
ould see fact s a| n ��� i1:-; with the
mo il exacting i-i irope in Id i la of
b . utj std ��� by side \. Ith h i Is showing fuzzy hair, broad nostrils, thick
11] .-��� and outstanding Btature of the Ne-
giold hi re anel t.i ' C mid also b.
. :. th ��� Jai am se e '* . I'hls t; pe bac
also long, black, lank balr.
"The admixti n  ������ I Ihese tin ci  I  ������  ���
is quite mat Ifi      In  thi   stature, the
hair and  the  fi -,T'*:-1 s qt the pi op!
all   through   M let i n - la   i ad   :   havi
.   mi   i     .'��� !;     'n,   m t  mi i ���   ���
thioii, h my o n ��� i- iralIons but
from i her co ;! Lions and the -
eutll Ic * e; ���* . al Ions cl < ,;" : i Ihti
tin t* i. lapds h.a\ o been subsidii i
during all human time! Thi only ;-\-
��� ��� .';h i :- are the Islan !o of Ponape
Ruk and Yap, which are yolcanic Islands, antl fuerii the iminenst: ruins
ef the mi i gollthic city on ti:-* Bouth
as' Id ��� i f Pi na] e 1 have cone lud d
1 il a large pi rt of this subsistence
������as cecum el during the i ��� st 500 I or
6000 yi ars.
Capital of Empire,
"Thi.1 ancient city could have been
��� other than th capit il of an Insular empire .tt li it ten times as
large ts are the island's r. m il ab iu
it t da ���-. Th * ; : inn * al pi pulatlon was
:- * i rite, because they have cotisl itut*
���I Hn* i riiui val populal u n of thi
Philippln * the Mi lay art bJpe a .
Nt ������ Gulni ���
(iver them ii. ci t ; aral I -��� I) n cent
limei ; i ��� ha; a si veral thousand
��� t ars ago had c< me a Cat ��� islan qj
Eun ; an i opulation, ai i mon re-
ci ntly still lie re li id bei n ��n Infusion of Monj . 1 bloc.I. . hich b
n��t gone as uu* as M lam s!a or .N*v.
Guinea." .
The proofs of the comingling of the
three races were found In th: language and appearance of the differenl
i liand* rs. In every collection of na
tIves there could b seen the .'-; tall,
piggy round hi aded man (the '���������< ".���
roid) and the tall, mi dlum hi id d
man (the Caucasian.) In tie* west, in
Yap and Pellew, Prof, Brown belli i-ed
from the language thai tin* Mongol-
Ian infusion came from .Mala..-; bul to
the e:is* and north in the Caroline,
Marriane and Marshall islands ���the
Mongolian infusion cam" from Japan
The Japanese eye could be seen In
almost every island of these three
groups, and the Japanese *=tattire as
well, though this may have belonged to the aboriginal native.
Found  Ancient Venice.
Tho vocabularies of the islanders
will also afford further proof of the
origin of the people, but Prcf. Brown
has not as yet finished his anaylsis
of these, nor had he his chief Japanese assistant, Dr. Yoki, with him to
verify the Japanese element In the
language. The region, in* believed,
had in historic times been the resort
and refuge of all the peoples round
about. This hypothesis was the only
one that seemed to fully explain th.*
facts in the laneijiage and physique of
the people of this region.
A   further  proof  of  the  Caucasian
element that has influenced the Island
is found by Professor Brown    in    tb
ruins of the great megolltblc city on
the southeast coast of Ponape.
A fascinating description of this an
clariM thai Polynesia was il. ��� chief
source of the tall Caucasian element
in this i eglon, I Ie place ��� the age of
these ruins at 3000 years at least, Ho
bases this conclusion upon a ceri in
Japani se eleuu nt In t;'..* architi cttirc
of tile ruins aud the ah "tie of all
bronzi or othi r metal i en ainsiln the
*M ,! \. tions thai n ere made In the
tombs. What were found were usually bo.'ni-:, Implements of war and
Btone emblems, Prof. Brown concluded t!i refore that If Japaue te architi cts ��* re engagi <l In the buildings
the-;.- were com] leted b ofre the Jap*
they were completed '��� ��� fore the Jap-
3,000 yearo ago.
Branche*  Throughout  ths   Province  of  Orltlsh   Columbia.
Savings Department at all BranchOB Deposits of Ono Dedlar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest cuxrent rate paid or
credited half yearly.
New    Vj
Draft* and  Travellers' Cheques ��e>!d, payable In all  parts
.    CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Mansgor.
ilmtnster   Branch! A.  W.  BLACK,  Muna-jer
ll    HUCKUN,
I it.3   tut U��tsl, Msr.
vie* President
U. lit ( t-.l.l.
. and '! i".*��j
irir. Cedar  and  Sort-see
5y!vc;tro, However, le.
and  r.'iust Se*rve
Already '
iix  '/cars
Phone*  No. 7 jr.e! 877.
; ��gE:n^;-'i-yj-*e^g-r.ge~r;^-.c.-*j/-.-^-gjTO^^
nri-jtwifljiri ���-i".-vr.e.ei-e.-:.ei--^Li��**e.*i.-.rsvj��^'.i*e :e^aatKS*ii2jKaeE��sirjDirj��Kiji��:-K!i
New York, Jan. 30. A verdict of
guiltj was reached in five minutes tonight by the jury which heard ti'."
ease of Angelo Cylvestro, a 23 year
old Italian, charged with having been
the leader1 of the Black Hand gang
v.i'i t '��� nvrized the oast side with
bomb outrages. Sylvestro was taken
to the Tombs. On leaving the court
room he was addressed by an Italian
���. lio said: "I had to get you.'' To this
the ' i.'. leted li.tlaek Hand leader
iifB ���*,!   with  an oath:   "I'll  gi t   you
ilia. ii- judge said thai !��������� regn tted
' i'tt * n ler tin* law the maximum si n
teri'ti he could Impose in the cas ������ wns
i ��� ��� ; and t be months In pi Ison
. ." a fin ' of J1000, to be worked out
'8ISS���'"!:r"!"^r^!l: flERBERTRVjpALacCO
IT-IB  p.m Daily vctRS />
rrom Vancouver for Seattle. <^          oPJ-- -^ ^           ^
10-no a.m    Dallj ft K>      ^/<*rf����?!SKttw'Np^      7*.
11:00 p.m Daily S ^   &A   YrninW   L\4     n
:-'���..-iin..r leaves al   11:45  p.m   on "�� �����'   <"/A    ti*fe4i*?!F   4. \_
From  Vancouver for Nanaimo,
?, 'jJ   p.m    Dallj
Excel I   Sunda; .
M .in a I mo,  Union  Ciy and Comox.
��:C0 a.in Wednesday and F'rldaj ���              ^."\     /'",
Vinccuver,   Union   B-iy,  Powftll   Rlvfr "~--i_..--*'
11.45 a.m Every other SaUirdnj '          CTrt O A Cl, JT
For Princ*   Rupert and  Alaska. '    '   *   v'   ' x ���*"*  -    *���
13:1.0 p.m I'eb. 11 and 28 .-���     ���                  _  __     _        __.
Trince Rupert and Gra.iby Bay.
il no p.m.    .   Wadnesdayi p,a box a4          '  Dally Newt Bldg
7:0i a.in   TuesdayB and  Fridays for J* T* BURNETT'S print shop
gm uVdsT* at polnt8 ln the JOB   PRIMTINO
Por Gulf Island Points. ol R"  kh"',,
r.T>. T;)tTt,ET. ^fpiu. Now Westminster ��� Prloea right.   Batlsfactlon guaranteed
11. \V. BRODIB, Q. r. A.. Vancouver. '                    '��� McKenale St.
The World's
Confidence in
any article intended to relieve
the sufferings of humanity is
not lightly v/on. There must
ho continued proof of value.
But for threo generations, and
througliout the world, enduring and growing fame and
favor   have    been    accorded
because they have proved to
bo the befit corrective and
preventive of disordered conditions of stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels. The lirst
dose give3 quick relief and permanent improvement follows
their systematic use. A trial
will show why, in all homes,
the  use  cf Beecham's   Tills
"oij rveryv.-hcrc    In boxd, 21 r^siti.
ttrneit tt'.le ,1 anr  rMfJiciat.    No oar   ,!,..oli
l.fsk.t. tu i-.-.i ''...J dircctioai r-ilk ever; bill.
at SI .i daj  if not paid
- , 	
Spattle, Jan. 30.- Falling to receive
ii 3truction from Phr< m h .-;e: umi
Physiognomist William II. Douglas,
Tims Nf. Holmer, a locomotive fire-
man, yesterday commi need suit i:i
���:��� ;pe,-ior court against Douglas for
Jl.tfOO, being $500 for fee paid and
! $500 damages.
The complaint charges that Dome-
las made a careful examination of Hoi
mer'K head and told him that he had
a great future before him if he could
get in touch with the infinite and lie
adjusted mentally and spiritually.
Douglas, it is charged, told him that
liis chemical temperament is magn��ti".
his light colored eyes showing alkali
In his make-up, and brown tnir Indicating acids, the two generatlng'much
magnetism. What Holmer needed, ?.-���
cording to Douglas, was newness of
spirit and unction, r-n that he eonlil
speak boldly on all occasions. It is
charged that Douglas undertook to im
liver al lthis for $500, and that ln
time Holmer paid it.
Immediately the money was paid,
says Holmer. the professor told him
that he was through thn course of instruction and gave him a diploma as
a doctor of phrenology and physiognomy.
Washington, Jan. 30.- Mrs. Medlll
! McCormick, as chairman of the congressional committee of the National
American Woman Suffrage assocla-
I tion, wrot** Pri sident Wilson tonight
; declaring that th�� organization of
which she is a inomber opposed no
political party and would not join In
an atiaek on tin* Democratic party,
"I nvii v. of the fact thai  tin* Congressional Union    for   Woman    Suffrage," wrote ItTrs.  McCormick, "has i
publicly  announced  a  policy con tern-
j plating an attack upon the Democra
tic party as a  wli-oie. and fearing lest
j this   small   group   of   E-uffraglsts   act-
| ing under no-American and  militant j
methods prejudice ear cause, will you!
'permit   US to make clear that our or* j
'��� ganlza-tlon, the National Woman Suf-'
|lrage association, being strictly non \
partisan, emphatically coudemna this
Spokane,   aTn,   '���''<     fi'dno   William
|s.   EJunke yesterday  hinded "lown  a
I ileclslon   -.vh'eii   t.-ikfs  from   the   peo-
| aie maintenace of Indigents whosi  n l
i u've�� l|t\e been shown to be capable
j >:" their support.   The test case *���- is
tn application for a mother's port Ion
1   v Mrs. I ���������'���':: Hud-son, W1838 Gordon
i ivoaue! vl;:;. according to the authi r-
Itips,   lian   two   brothers   In   Spokane
al le tn support Iter and her four chil-
| dren,
In deciding the case Judge Huneke
cites an almost forgotten statute providing that fathers, grandfathers,
....���th era, grandmothers, cb'ldren,
grandchildren, brothers or slht^rs of
j any-perosn unablo to earn a livelihood J
e,hail be compelled to support said I
pei son If, i i the opinion of the court,
| any cf r'ioh relatives have sufficient
>i ll'.ty co do so, l
N O T I Oz
Alteration of Schedule on Interurban Line between
New Westminster and Vancouver via Burnaby Lake
On and aftfr Monday, January 19, an alteration will be mad'' In
lhe schedule of the "Burnaby Lake" interurban line whereby the cars
will hereafter leave either terminus at "hai* past the hour" Instead
of on the even hour as formerly. The'new schedule will operate -m
yvi:i;k DAY SERVICE- Flrsl car leaves New Westminster at
5:30 a.m., with hourly service throughout day and last ear at 11:30
p.m. To accommodate the "rush hour" traffic special ears leave New
Westminster at 8 a.m. and E p.m., thes    specials . avlng Vancouver
for lhe. return trip one hour later.
SUNDAY SERVICE*-���First ear leaves New Westminster at 8:30
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until l!::;'i p.m.
Grand Trunk Pacific
:. ery Monday al 12 midnight
to   Princo   Rupert   and   Granby
Every Thursday   at    12   mid
night  to  Prince  IVj; t ���'
Every Saturday   at    12    midnight  to Victoria and Seattle.
Grand Trunk Pacific
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert, Wedni Bdays and      i .
daya at 10 n.m, t ir T* i. r- *.
Ha���'. Iton and Smithers, ,\l\.e,|
i "?,:���    ml Rose    Lake
',<:���-.'    to . . :.   ,':aser.
11 '. :.* trac, fast trains, modern
equipment, through service Chicago to Montreal, Boston and
New Vork.
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any fine to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
W. E. Duperow, G A.P.D.    H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
527  Granville  St.,   Vancouver. Phone   Sey. 8134.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat Grain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful aud no more expensive than  the old solid  raised panel dcors.
Get our prices before placing your orders
Local Sales Depart ment, Phone 890.
Phone* 15 and 11. 002 Columbia Street W.
Wholesale and retail dealers In the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton of this coal will, without doubt, boil more water
man any other coal on the market
We also have a limited supply ol Old Wellington (Ladysmith)
coa.1 for stove and grate.
We carry a good stock of buUd<ittg material, Including Vancouver
bcatiid of Portland Cement. TWa cement is being used by Ibo Do-
iiiiiuun and Provincial (ioveriianeiifs and all the large corporations
and contractors In the province. It Is ground very fine and is very
uniform. Hard wall plaster, liino, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
sewer pipe, drain tile, comiiaon and pressed brick, fire clay and flra
Transfer Co.
2��llet  J'hMi*   US.      P��rn   Pbon*  li,*
l��obl*a llrtet,
���BanRaKS :t*llvor*4 Promptly t��
any part of th* city.
light and Heavy Hauling
city o�� new westminstep, b.c
and Miss
1..R.A M���   A R.C.M
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing-
lug, Voice Production, Theory (In
iiluss or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations of ihe Associated Hoard of lhft
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Mimic. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 61 Dii'erla
-street.   Phono 411 ��. 4;--^, SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1914.
-a.il   seven.
t"on I G H T
and Matinee
"A Thief ei Hearts," Is tbo teaturi
' Im a*, ihe EMI ton '.i,day.- 'I he storj
Is of i'i iit* d. in.* nr,, a young man
iif wealth and refinement, becomes en-
Ig.ieeid to ;: beautiful and vi ."thy girl
lot his station i'i life, Martha Rozay.
I Pierre bar, one fault, weakness, and
it liis i.i tli<* cause '.I' becoming entoil-
i.d with a dancer, Ida Biauca, who has
determined to win blm,   in spite of
'his infatuation Pierre really
: l���*  true  lo  hia fiancee,  but  with arts
and wiles tii dancer Keeps him at her
! side.
One day he is persuaded to take
! Nil   to   dine   openly   in   the  Pavilion
esting even b  until  Ph rre  fuly  real
i,i. s lor I'm. first time, all In   bas 1;
i..- liis . nl mglemenl with tb- wfoman
.md the depth of his tolly.
given again tonighl and matinee was
"The .', rtberner," a rollicking musi-
���-. i drama, .. Ith little of plot, bul
tnu 'li cf :, rryin iking.
Appoint   King's  Printer.
Ottawa,   Jan. 80.   The appolntmenl
of a king's printer in ��� icei    a-h   t >
I I-- !:.o- I I:.:, 1- .;  Pal    *i!   I   is expect  ,1
it. bs made next week. J. DeL. Tache,
newspaper   publisher   of   Hyaclnthe,
.md ex-Mayoi Fred Cock and ('. S. 0.
;.-:.i   its   famous   dips, andIBoudreault, if Ottawa, are among th
and "drags."   The presents laiplranta tor the position,    it  Is un-
leratocd that tho seen tarj of suit
iie.il io vie., t:. ��� selei tii n of a Mont-
r< nl French newsj aper proi pe -tor,
but thai the i.,;t r does not aspire to
ihe' position.
and the real
|Ida Bols, iu tie' Hois de Boulogne. It.j
is a falal step, lor lie. is seen and his
enraged fiancee, wounded to the heart
11 breaks off the engagement in an in-
'it rview tin* next day, in which Martin*
shows herself more grieved than bit-
ti r.    So  Pierre is tighter in the  wiles
Iof Ida than ever.    Ida conscious tbat
she is ilu- aggressor in tin* love affair, endeavors to  make him jealous
by flirting ntih ..ovita, a famous ma-
tadot      No Vita   is  Ibe  one  to  become
jealous, for h* falls In love with her
v. ith sudden violence, and sin* delights
in tormenting him.
The lilm depicts a series of Inter-
G:x Tanjcieta Entertain at the Opc-a
I .euse.
\, ,!��� ���.:���. win ome girl a .is the me
Jiuni ti, ��� tango was Introduced lasl
, ';���'���' wil i all its tropical grace of
I'lll''. IS, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lieu was staged a*, tho opera hous
pari of tin* entertainment provided bj
:h" ''(,:,,*,i;-i Musical Comedy company
wishes to | in its prod ictlon of the musical com
edy, "The Northerner."
A well-filled house greeted tbe inauguration of the tango, and the ap
plu'use which repeatedly encored the
dancers testified  to    tbe    enjoyment
with which the dance was received. I
As [.resented by '.lie young women
".ho stepped the graceful motions of
the South American dance, there Is
little to criticise In the proper inter-!
pretatlon if the tango which, after j
all, Is int. a tropical, Latin Interpretation of the (lance-romance of the
senors and senorltas of tiie plazas
and patios of the southlands, Combin
tig all the shreds of beauty which
attach to the Texas Tommy, the tur
key trot, and other dance monstrosl
ties, the tango offers a terpischoreon
iharm distinctly its oven. The com
edy  presenti tl   last night  ami  to  lie
Clever Dell.
"Bell is learning dressmaking."
"Is she'.-"
"In order to make ber own clothes, I
"Not lit all. In order to earn money
enough to hire a modiste to make them
for ber."
Nothing to It.
"This hot weather is intolerable."
"Rut think bow much we need It!"
"Need it!    Hulii"
"Sure, man!    For the corn crop."
"What do 1 care about the com crop!
I inn a coal dealer."
Matinee, Saturday
at 3 p.m.
15c, 25c, 35c
Seat Sale at Box
Office, Phone 961
S~-   v.'-'^X
>v/ ^Kri*r
An   Intensely   dramatic   story   of   the   fiery
love of the Spaniard, beautifully enacted among
some oi  Spain's finest scenery.    A feature of
the story Is the very thrilling bull fight.
The Lost Switch
Comedy Drama.
Western  Drama.
The   Leading   Weekly   British   News.
Dy special request Saturday afternoon Vit-
agraph  featuring  Helen CoutelU)  In
The Price of Thoughtlessness
Teaches us to avoid the dangers that beset us
on every hand. We should look before we
leap and think before we act. This film is run
by special request for the benefit of the school
children and  railroad  employees.
Perils of the "White Lights"
Presenting Miss Anna Nllsson iu a powerful two-part drama of today.
Every business man should keep this statement in mind continually, for it contains
the whole gospel of advertising in a few
Remember it when you are asked to invest in any of the advertising schemes that
crop up periodically, with the chief end in
view of separating the unwary from their
The newspaper is the only advertising
medium that will pay you in actual returns
for the money invested.
Advertising in The News
Will Pay You
Tho Test.
"Has she a gopd husband?"
"You bet."
"How good Is beV"
"For any reasonable amount at the
Some Difference.
& drink your health In water.
The best drink 111 tile shop,
Though If ynu pay fe.r It yourself
1 might drink soda pop.
It is easy enough to be good when
the devil has nothing really Interesting
in sight.
Tbe trouble Is the politicians don't
lust understand what would happen
to the graft Industry If women were
permitted to amuse themselves with
the little white ballot.
Occasionally we meet n man whose
Idea of getting even with a fellow he
doesn't like consists in kicking bis pet
Jug on tbe sly.
You can't always see through a man
who has a clear conscience.
A woman may nut he afraid of a
| mouse nud^still not be able to bear all
tbe  burdens  the  opposite  sex  insist
upon relieving her weakmiuded sister
Men are not vnln. Stilt, if yon want
to make a hit don't Intimate that any
particular man is developing a bald
Some persons want what belongs to
them. Others spend their time want-
Ing what belongs to the other fellow.
Wonderful what a difference good
fortune makes to a man. It often en-
Sbles people who haven't-known hitn
for years to recognize blm ou tbe
"Work for the night Is coming," sings
the soug, but most of us work for the
check that's coming.
It takes a bead to get ahead iu tbe
Measure   Prepared   by   Last   Victoria
Council   Meets  Opposition  in   Recently Elected  Body.
  ���  |
Vie oria, Jan. 30. -Exception to
..*. f provisions of the private bill
which th i lust council prepari d for
submission to tbe legislature hare
been taken by tbe legislative committee  ot   ilie   newly   elected   council.
Section li, of the liiil empowers the
t ity to pay for local Improvements . x-
propriations In respi et of street extensions and widening by Instalments
instead ol a lump Hum, and further
provided that the Interests shall I) ,
paid out of ie.moral revenue. The
committee considered Hint this inter-
��� est charge should b? borne by the1
property owners a:id urged that an
amendment to the bill be Introd ici d
at once.
Section   t  of  the  bill  aims  at  sim- '
plifylng the legislative machinery for
procuring Easements for underground
condull work which the city is under
obligation to supply und< r tin* terms
of its agreement with the B. C. Tel**,
phone  company,  dated   Aug.  9,   1B10. ;
Vs  the  matter  now   stands  it   Is   ne- .
cesssry   thai   the   title    should    be
searched to many hundreds ef lots and
notices  bi nt out to all  parties  interested  before  compensation    can    be
igreed  upon or arbitration proceedings taken.    The sections aim at tiie ,
registration  of   a   plan   covering   the!
district,   and   the   advertising  of  no- j
tlce to the property owners.    It also ;
does away with the reeiuirement tbat j
the easement should be registered in
the   land  registry  office  in  order  to
render it  binding  upon  the land.
The committee pointed out that
ihis statutory enactment would create;
m easement which would exist forever and would create a very wide
franchise in favor of the B. C. Telephone company. The committee urged that the whole question be taken
before tbe private bills committee of
the legislature with a view to putting
In tame reasonable limitations to the
;cncession and that section 4 be omit-1
ted from this year's bill and the matter be left over until next year, in
view of a reconstruction meanwhile!
of the clauses of the Municipal act;
touching upon this matter.
In regard to sections 6 and 7 of the'
private  bill,  the    committee  recom- j
mended that there be a two-year term
for aldermen, Instead of three  years |
is asked for, five of the aldermen to
retire    each    year.    Section 14, deal-
ng with the preparation of the bud
volunteered tin* Information that sha
had in en at church, Sunday night
she was taken ill, and. though a doctor a'a.i summoned, be declared this
case was not serious, and the woman
    not  ���'' 'it to th**  hospital.      Her
i. ', was biscovered by an employee?
i :' Mrs. Cobbi t,, who was bringing tbe
sick woman lur breakfast.
While European Monarch* Hurry te��
linglnn���'. When They Lose Their
Thrones the lniperi.it Authorities
Have often Been Forced to i^n-
s<*ut a Savage Roler���Oolonlet
lluvc Several of Them.
The lot of a dethroned king must
be dreadful, said the first Napoleon,
when he had had but a brief tenure-
of liis imperial throne, little dreaming, we may be sure, that the fate
be thus described would one day hi;
bis own. And it needs but a slight
acquaintance with history to prove,
that, few men are more to be pitied
than those who are Hung Into obscurity and poverty from tho splendours of palaces and the homage of
lbs world.
Not that poverty ls. by any means,
the lot of all dethroned monarchs.1
There have been few more pitiful objects than Louis Philippe of Francm
and his queen when, on that bleak
March morning In 1848, they landed
at Newhaven in the guise of "Mr.
and -Mrs. Smith" to spend their days
in exile. Hut although Louis
Philippe never saw again the throne
from which he had been driven with
tbe threats and execrations of the
mob in his ears, he lived to his last
day a king, in the almost regal luxury cf Claremont.
When King Manuel's crown waa
snatched from his head he found a
refuge and a welcome in the sumptuous home of bis uncle, the Due
d'Orleans, at Wood Norton, where
he had an environment uo less
splendid than that he had left behind in Lisbon, with the proud symbols of majesty around him and
royal chamberlains to do his bidding. And to-day he has no lack ot
means to play the king in exile with
his private fortune and a pension of
��8,000 a year.
The Empress Eugenie   has  spent
many lonely   and   sorrowful    years
since that September day, In  1870,
when   as   an  exile   she  set   foot  on
', English soil at  Dover;   but   at   her
\ palatial   English    home    she    lacks
nothing   of    splendour   and   luxury
that money can buy.    And similarly
| fortunate   in   disaster   were   Queen
I Isabella of Spain and other dethron-
-, . ��� .. ;    j .,     ,       , , i ed sovereigns,   whose   exile   has   at
get by  the outgoing council   also did. leMt nol Ucked ,u gHdlng.
e.Tm u?1 * % v.the apP.r��,Va.l ��f ^e I Within the last score of year*
^^1h w*'b!C^rUKe^ithat U-be B'ltain has had In her custody at
S th.t Lli ���   ��B th? r'qulr,e-i l^st as many minor potentates who-
M,r�� h .Hi ii\l,-\rovement ��Pe"d'- bave been stripped of their regal
"Z hmn !fU ��� in con"ECt,on wlt* j robes. In India she has found
*��� KS"8.*. .The ^mittee Pointed   lnodest homes for Yakoob Khan an���
Quick Pace.
"1 suppose that your sou is developing apace."
"Ye*, and a pnee thst Is intifh too
fast for one of bis years."��� ltuffato Bs>
emt that, in its opinion, only revenue
expenditure should be dealt with in
he budget and that what local improvement work should or should not
he done by the incoming council was
i matter of which the new council
wculd be in the best position to say.
Section 13. calling for the submission of all money bylaws, except In
mergency cases at the annual elections, was also, on suggestion of the
committee,  struck out.
Alderman Bell, chairman of the leg-
Islative  committee, submitted  the report and  explained  its provisions.  In
referring   to   the   agreement   between
the city and  the Telephone company
Alderman Lie 11 declared that It was an
"Iniquitous  piece of  business."    Why-
he  c.ty  should  be  forced   to  find  a
right of way for the cempany was beyond   his   comprehension.    The   com-
pany so far had not had any trouble i
getting into all the premises of busl- .
ness  without  expropriation  rights   cf!
way and he did not see why the city
should  have  to  pay  for such.
Continuous from 2 to 11 p.m.
10c Admission 10c
Port Au Prince. Haiti, Jan. 30.���
The forces of the revolution have be-
| guu their march to the capital.    Sen-
1 atcr Davllmar Tin adore, In command
' of  the   rebels,    is     proceeding   from
Cape Haltien.
Members of the cabinet have followed the example of President Ores-
te and have fled from the capital, several of them taking refuge aboard
Patrols from the United States armored cruiser, Montana, and the German cruiser Vineta still guard the legations and keep order in the streets.
It has ne.t been necessary to land any
men from the battleship, South ('aro-  the   puffing
j Ayoub Khan, of Afghanistan, and
tbe ex-King of Manipur. The Kings
of Benin and Uganda; Prempeh, ruler of Aslianti; Zebeher, a chieftain
of the Sudan; Lobengula's three
sons���these and many more minor
royalties have been placed out of
barm's way and provided with small
incomes on which to ruminate on
life's vanities.
Prempeh. who once lorded it over
Aslianti, was turned out of his kingdom in 18 96, and w-as carriedFoff to
Sierra Leone to spend his days in
unwnrlike leisure. He lives, we
were told not long ago, In a mud-
hut ni Freetown, with a "Civil List"
allowance of fifty shillings a week,
and a retinue of a police superintend":',! nud seven soldiers to keen*
vatoh and ward over him.
While Englishmen are playing
golf amid the ruins of his palace.
Prempeh still clings tenaciously to>
his royal state under conditions
which would surely disheareen any
other man. His chief pleasure is to
parade the streets dressed in bis
state robes and ornaments, with his
wives and attendants in his wake;
and whenever he worships at the
local Presbyterian church he never
appears without bis umbrella-bearer
ami his stool-bearer as in the days
when he made his regal progresses
to his devotions in his capital. i
For some years Prempeh has had
a rival In discrowned dignity in*.
Samory, once a great potentate of'
West Africa, whom the French sent
to languish at Kayes. His ex-majesty, who began his adventurous
life as a slave, and won his kingitom,-.
by an indomitable will and brute
strength, now sits on a mat instead
of a throne, and spends his days In
of    interminable    cigar-
Montreal. Jan. 30.���Found dead in
ber l oil in a lodging hcuso at -47
Dorchester Street, East, at an early
hour this morning, the body of Louisa
Dagenais, 40 years old, ami of whom oatche
little is known, was removed  to the  hazzln
morgue.    An inquest will be held
The woman, according to tho story
of her landlady, Mrs. Mary Cossett,
rented a room three weeks ago, stating at the time she was employed at
the Patronage Ycuvtlje. Much of her
time, however, she remained in the
Last Saturday night she went out
Debazzin, Dahomey's fallen ruler.
plays the king, like Samory. on the-
lowly throne of a mat in the Martinique home, smoking pipe or cigar,
with his three wives obsequiously
in attendance. One holds his majesty's umbrella, another attends to
tbo spittoou, while number three
the ashes as they fall. Bo-
varies    his     smoking     and
I for
| meditating  by  frequent changes   of
' attire, now decked in his royal trap-
plngs, now in a suit of linen, cut in
I the latest colonial fashion.
i Mwnnpa, one-time King of I'gan-
!du, fled to German territory when
jthe fortunes of war went against
I him, and there he settled down quite
happily   on   an   allowance    of    four
by which classic or popular music
can be played in an artistic manner
by anyone.
This in few words tells the story of
the Dominion Player Piano for a demonstration, price and terms, visit
419 Columbia  St. New  Westminster.
ome  time  and   upon  her  return | j��JJ��u  a""we7k;  and  Kahba  Regga,
ex-Emperor of Kitwara, was left, to
sustain his royalty on a pound a
week more.
The King of Benin, when he was
run to earth in the bu3h, sixteen
years ago, after his hideous massacre of a peaceable British mission,
was sent to Old Calabar to repent of
his enormities on a pittance of ten
shillings a day. And with thhr
change, curiously enough, he professes himself quite satisfied. "Sometimes," he once admitted to a visitor, "I miss the dally sacriiicei ��C
forty men and women to the great
Ju-Ju. But really the sight got
monotonous; most of the victims die
bo tamely. Now I am not troubleel,
and 1 live in peace."
A  Rm!  Law  Simulation
A ���traiKhtforwwd genertmi
offer from rn egt��bll*h��td
firm We sre trWmit eway
Witches  to   thouuuuti    o(
p*�� i'i�� sil over the
wotld ������ s> h.'xa
ftUvti t*.*rarnt. Now
it y.nir chanM to
m-t;nn one. Writ*
now, (���ttL-losirt* aft
���rent* for on? ul our
l<vtt>! <niib1o Lad lei'
l*oiiK iiiif.r.K nr m
Qen-i' Alberta, gent ���
fqtrfftifo r-ud to ��ver
T.-iih tltewetrh. which
*'il be given Free
(thme    WtUfbeJ    mo
I'KilAlltf'J ll vi' <] llmlta),
>>jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjggggggggggg^gg^gg^ga. t.iku
VfcntM* ul our uifirvt.l-
lori offer. W* expect ran to tail vmir IiU'iidi
abo.it us utt'l tVw them the bcAtitilul wei.-li
IMi t funk thin i (Tor too vkkI to ho true, tut hmd
95   cent*   tu dav   "tul   ���""n   a,   t\m   U'ttfh.     Yon
w.ii he trotier1 -Wl&UAftfH *  LT0TT>, WhoVule
,tf.v. ��� <���-�� ii'-tm l<- ).'-���*.'. Coi^wu'ln 11..*,I,  Ixm.uni, N,,
Itlay's Birth Kate.
The birth rate in Italy is 31.52 pel
1.000  inhabitants. PAGE  EIGHT
6ATURDAY, JANUARY 31,  1914.
 ������  -- ���    �������� i     s	
(Continued from |.a*,e onei
Those ���������'��� Bcnee agreed that  from the
time the Monroe was struck until she
settled  ittiioatli the waves not  more
than ten minutes elapsed.
In Night Clothes.
Baggage, clothing, valuables, were
all forgotten In the flight from the
staterooms of the sinking ship. Pajamas, nigh: gowns and bathrobes and
"blankets were the common apparel of
those who made the slippery upend-
ed dick before the water trapped
them blow. Ard most of them wore
that garn when they left the damaged Nantucket at her dock here this
As the halfelad. excited throng of
passengers reached the deck they
were herded toward tho lifeboats by
the officers and the crew. Three lifeboats from one" aide of the crippled
vessel were unshipped and got away
Trom that side, freighted With fright*
��ned humanity, mostly women, shivering in tho west and clothed in their
flimsy night  clothing.
By the tim�� t.iese were away the
Monrce was rolling o'er on her side,
and it was Impossible to launch the
othet   boats.
With a sudden lurch, th '.i-.-.-r, now
fast filling with the water that rushed through the rent In her plates, rolled over, t'irowliig up her uninjured
side, thru submerging cabins and si*|
Human  Freight in  Icy  Waters.
With a chorus of shrieks the unfortunates left on the sinking vessel turn- j
<>d, and crawling like rats, made their'
way over the superstructure, through j
port holes, windows and companion-1
ways,  until   they   rested,  just   out of I
reach of the waves on the upper side i
ol t'-e half-capsized vessel.    But even ;
this  slippery   security  was   not   long j
available.   With a rumbling sound the
big   vessel  shivered  and   shook, and
then plunged beneath the waves, leav-j
ing her human  freight  afloat  on  the
Icy  bOSC-m  Of  the ocean.
Llfeboatr  to  Rescue.
Meanwhile   the   Nantucket,   herself I
badly   damaged,   had   stood   by    and
Captain Berry hud aroused liis sleeping crew.    As the ineffectual rays of'
the  searchlight  failed  to  pierce    the
blanket of fog, Captain Berry ordered !
out. his lifeboats, and one by one they I
Flipped  away   into  the  fog  to  search j
for the Monroe.   They found only the I
draggling survivors afloat in the icy j
sea, crying frantically for help.
Many of those picked up were ex- I
hauBted, unable to help themselves. I
Several had to be hauled over the
.-ide of the Nantucket With ropes.
Thomas R. Harrington kept his wife
nfioat by almost superhuman efforts,
swimming with her hair in his teeth,
only to have her die in a few minutes after she was hauled aboard the
Nantucket. Lieutenant Le Q, B, Cur-
.is, U.S.A., kept him sell afloat until
rescued, but die*d after reaching the
Captain   Saved.
captain Johnson of the Monroe and
all of his officers got away from tho
sinking vessel and were rescued. All
- r.f the officers nnd the crew of both
mc Monroe and the Nantucket were
held here tonight to await an investigation of the catastrophe, which will
be begun immediately by the federal
steamboat inspection service.
Right  of  the   .Monroe's   passengers,
kvhom wireless reports bad put In the|
list cf lost, turned out to be safe.
| tation dance in Cdmonds was oa hand,
dancing being kept up until 2 o'clock
i Friday morning, when special B. C.
K. It ears took the Central Park and
New Westmlnsti r visitors to their respective   homes.     Reeve     and     Mrs.
. Fraser, together with ex-Reeve Wear!
. and Miss Weart, and prominent bus-
j Iness and professional men of the dis*
I trict were present at the gathering.
The patronesses wire:   Mesdames i'.
i li. Brown, B. Wedge, B. H. Hill. ll.
i <!.  Kirby and. II. L, McFarland.
The ladies of the Jubilee memorial
Methodist church on Thursday evening gave a splendid concert in aid of
the work being carried on by them.
The large church was crowded to capacity and .many were unable to obtain admittance. A splendid program of recitations, songs, choruses
and a laughing chorus was arranged.
A quiet wedding was solemnized at
the manse of the Jubilee Methodist
church, Burnaby, on Thursday, when
Mrs. Frances Jean Stewart Of Everett, became the bride of Thomas 11.
Miller, postmaster at Tynehead. The
ceremony was performed by Itev. T.
II. Wright.
Amateur Teams of Vancouver Normal
Wiil  Clash   With   High
Vancouver normal students will invade this city this afternoon for the
purpose of engaging in a series of athletic engagements with teams selected from the high school.
Commencing at 2:30 the girls' field
hockey clubs of both schools will,
clash on one of the city parks which
will be followed at 5:3U with a banquet tendered the visitors at the
V M, C, A. At 7 o'clock In the
Y. M. ti. A. a basketball game between Normal students and ex-Normal students will be staged. An hour
later the Normal second team will
tac.kh the "B" team of the li. ('. high
The main basketball encounter will
fake ; lace at il o'clock between the
first teams of  both  institutions.
Social and P
Members and friends of the Burquitlam Athletic club held a successful dance In the Burquitlam Agricultural hall last evening .
The animal dance* of the Burnaby
Field Hockey club became a fixture
on Thursday evening, when tbe second
��V6nt of its kind was held In Gray's
��� hall. Edmonds; The largest attendance  that  has  yet attended  an  Invi*
SRAI.ED TENDERS addressd lo the
undersigned, and endorsed " Tendei for
addition ami alterations to the Public
Building, Victoria, B, C.," wlll In* received at this office until 4.00 P. M., on Monday, February 16, 1914, for the construction ni' Hit aforesaid addition and alteration.
Plans, specification ami form of contract ean li* s'.-'ii and forms ol t,-n.l.-i <��!>-
tatned.nl the office ot Mr. Win. Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B. C.;
on application to the Postmaster, Vancouver,  It.  i-.. and at this  Department,
Persona tendorlng ar.. notified that tellers wilt not lit* considered unless made on
I the printed forms supplied, and sign,*.!
with their actual signatures, stating their
ocupatlons and places ot resldenoe. In
the ease nf I'inns, tht actual signature,
the nature of Ilie occupation, ant* place
,.(' residence of each member of the firm
muBl  In   given.
Each tender must h,- accompanted by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
naval.It* t . the order t.i the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
urn per cent, (l't p.c.) of the amount ofH
1 tin tender, which will b< forfeited If Un*
person tendering dt cltne to enter Into a
contract when called upon to do so, or
fall to complete the work contracted tor.
If thi tender In not accepted the cheque
will in   returned.
The   Depart inent   does  nol   bind  Itself  to
aor.'pi the lowest or any tc-udur,
By order,
It.    C     DESROCHERS,
Department  of   Public  Works,
Ottawa,   January   16,   191 I.
Newspapers  will   not  l��-  paid  for   ihis
advertisement If they lns.*rt It without au-
thorlty from the Department.���52933.
Kriday and Saturday of this week we are giving special values
in Clothes and Market Baskets. Strong, light und made of the best
material they are extra good value.
CLOTHES BASKETS���$2 .00 size, $1.60; $1.35 size. $1.00; $1.00
size, SOc.;  nOc. size, 70c; Toe. size, 60c.
OVAL AND SQUARE MARKET BASKETS���$1.26 size for 06c;
$1.W size, 75c; 75c. size, r.flc.
New  Westminster.        Phone  5!t.
,1 IIIM.I      II I  II    !!������ ���!!�����������
New Retail Liquor Store
Now Open at 37 Eighth Street
Phone 395
E. G.McBril3
Shop in New
and Shop at
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Shop in New
and Shop at
This day is the final clean-up of the January Sale, and all odd lines will
be cleared out at still greater reductions.
If a Saving of About 50% Appeals to
You, Visit the Men's Furnishing
Section Today
Don't take the price to be a fair indication of the quality, but of
our eagerness to clear out all winter lines. Everything greatly reduced,
Men's Sanitary Fleece Lined Underwear; sold regularly at C5c a garment,.   Special, per ARt*,
garment *��V
"Penangle" Heavy Ribbed Wool Underwear; in all sizes up to 46; regular values to $1.50 a garment.    To clear at, 71%**
per garment      I WW
Heavy Ribbed Pure Wool Underwear; in all 3tzes from 34 to 46; Regular $1.75.    Sale I'riee, fl��4   Iff
per garment ^ I ��� I 51
.Medium Weight Natural Wool Underwear; regular $1.75 per garment.
To clear at, per ft 4   AA
garment   ��*i ���CU
"Dr. Shield's" Natural Cashmere Underwear*! sizes 34 to 46; regular
$2.50 for, pe. C-1   *JR
garment   ����jP I ��� I W
"Wolsey's" Unshringable Underwear. The finest Underwear on the
market today, and at prices that cannot he duplicated anywhere. Shirts
and Drawers; regular value to $4.00 per garment, *A AA
for, per garment    V"��"W
Combinations of the same Underwear;  regular price *C�����. flft
$0.00, for, garment ^t.UU
Doys' Sweater Coats; in sizes from 22 to 32; colors of navy, fawn, red
and gray; regulai $2.25 Qa\\\   9K
for, each    *�� ��� ��aw
Men's All Wool Sweater Coats, with plain V neck, In fawn and gray;
regular $2.50 and $3.00, for ft 4   AR
Sweater Coats, in a good assortment of eolors and contrasting effects;
with V shaped neck and high roll collars; all sizes; Gt\i\   Qf%
regular to $3.75;  to clear at ^ I .WW
Men's Sweater Coats, unfile of fine, soft wool yarn; in all the good,
plain colors and combination of colors These come \-jith plain roll
collars or with V shaped neck and roll collar; all sizes: CO AR
regular $5.00 values.   To clear at ^0.��ffV
Men's gray and blue all-wool Shirts; *t>4   TfR
regular $2.50, for       ^ I ��� I �����)
Men's Brown and Gray anel Blue Fiajm. 1 and Khaki Twill Shirts;
regular $1.75 values, ��������*.   OR
for, each  *�� I itv
Heavy Cray Shirts and a few Brown and Navy Flannel Shirts; regular
values to $1.60; to Oft ft
clear at * -iJUU
Blue Chambray and Blue and BI tek Striped Cotton Shrits;       Efl*f%
reg. 75c; to clear at, each    wUC
Men's Negligee Shirts;  to clear at, AF.
each     OOC
Fine Shirts, in good striped and plain colors, regular $2.00, QC*%
To clear at   OwC
Mens Cashmere Socks;  regular 25c per pair. *fl*4   fifl
Special, five pairs for ^ I ���UU
Men's All- Wool Socks;  regular 35c.    Special FOUR 6*4   AA
pairs for *�� ' MM
Men's Black, Heavy Ribbed, All Wool and medium weight *��   AA
50c pair.   Special, THHBB pairs for ^ I .UU
Men's Heavy Cray, All Wool Socks; regular 35c G4   AA
Special FOUR pairs for  *9 . ��UU
Men's Winter Caps in a big assortment of colors and sizes; ORft
regular values to $1.25.    To clear at  fcUC
Any hat tn the store, including* velours, fine fur felts and black der*
bys; regular values to $5.00.    Your choice at, Q*4   7K
each  9lilv
In Cape, Mocha and Kid; with or without Silk lining; in colors of Tan
and Suede; all sizes in stock This assortment includes values to $2.00
To clear at, per IRaa
pair     I OC
Towers' Oilskin Coats; in half, three-quarter and lull lengths; sold
regularly at $3.25 to $4.25,   To char at. ttO  OR
Curies' Double Texture Paramatta; regular $13.00. tf"7 AA
To clear at 9'iVW
Regular $17.50 Raincoats,   To clear at, ���19 flfl
Regular $25.00 Raincoats.   To clear at, ���17  flO
Men's Umbrellas, with good, strong handles; wither without 7Ra
self-opener; regular $1.00 values.   Clearance Price     I 3C
Clean-up Prices in Dress Goods
For the last day of this successful sale we are offering further advantages to clean out odd lines.   To do this we have made lines at very
special prices.
AT 49c A YARD.
This Includes some very smart materials;  In  very useful shades and
moEt appropriate Tor early spring dresses or coats; popular weaves as
Serges, broadcloths, Bedford cords, whipcords, mixed    tweeds   and
some with the Cravenette rainproof finish. ACkfs
To clear at, per yard    "HJC
In ths Next Line, We Are Including Goods Wcrth  Up To $2.95 Per '
Yard. Clearing for 79c Ped Yard.
These are of superior quality, including some very usoful cloths for
spring ��"its and dresses, or extra skirts. This line is the cheapest
we have known, and the goods arc all dependable merchandise. Some
exceptionally good colors, and a great variety of cloths Vi ur 7Qa
choice of a fine selection for, per yard    I -91*
Pic .rial
The Following Lines Should all be
Cleared out Today at These Prices
All our remaining stock of neckwear, comprising Dutch, Robertspiere.
Stock and Fancy Collars, Jabots, Ties, Bows, Girdles, etc., in materials
of lace, lawn, muslin and fancy cottons.   This stock is assorted into
TWO Bid LOTS, as follows:
HOT 1���All Neckwear regularly sold to $1.25.   Clearing CAA
Price at  9UC
LOT 2- All Neckwear regularly sold to $2.50.    Clearing QPA
Price at  99C
These Clearing Specials await your inspection, so come early and
secure first choice.
In silk, muslin, crepe-de-chlne and fancy cotton materials; daintily figured and nice colored effects. These are all marked down to half the
original price to effect a speedy clearance.
In good variety cf colors and silk fringe; regular values to       CftA
$1.25.   Clearing Price at, each     wUC
In linen and fine lawn; also a quantity with dainty embroidered corners; regular values to 35c each. Clearance ORsn
Price TWO fcr     CPC
Silk and Satin Ribbons; regular values to 25c.   Clearing Price 10c Yard
In all shades; splendid quality Taffeta, Messallne and Satin;  various
widths from 1 1-2 to 5 inches; very suitable for hat trimmings and for
children's hair bows.   These ribbons are regularly sold 4 f\g%
at 25c a yard.   Special Clearance Price, j ard     I UC
Silk and Satin Ribbons; regular to 65c Yard.   Clearing Price 15c Yard.
In this lot there are Plains, Spots. Fancies, etc., extra good quality;
widths from 8 to 9 inches; also make a suitable ribbon for milliney
purposes and fancy work; regularly sold as high as 65c. 1 Ca
Clearing Price, per yard     I WW
Ladies' leather Handbags;  in Rood variety of shapes and styles;   in
goat, seal, calf and other skin leathers; good mounts and strong clasps;
regular values to $3.50.   Clearance price t&4   OR
each 9 i ��fc*3
Ladies', Misses' and   Children's Tan Cape Gloves.
A splendid quality and neatly finished Clove that Is well worth $1.25.
Special for, per QCa
Ladies' and Misses' Extra Quality Kid Gloves;  Regular $1.50. Special
for $1.25.
In extra line skin;  very pliable;  neatly stitched backs;  in black and
tan shades, and in all sizes; regularly sold at $1.50 p-*r #�� 4   OR
pair.    Special for, per pair   *\t I .C.D
Curtcins, Draperies and Hangings
For Today's Selling
Our whole stock of Scrim;-.; in white, cream or ecru; with OCa
floral borders; regular : 5c yard.   Special per yard at    sCwC
Regular 40c per yard,   Spocial per yard Oflf*
Voiles  and  Marquisettes, with dainty hemstitched  borders; with or
without floral patterns; in cream or ecru; regular 45c OC|%
Special per yard, at  Www
Regular 50c.   Special, per yard At\f*
A Complete Clearance of Our Ladies'Ready
to Wear Stock at These Prices is Assured
..The   entire   stock    must   be LOT   4.    Fifteen   coats   in   this
cleared out to make accommoda- rot   The materials are diagonal
tlon   for    new   Spring    Goods. curl  cloth,  slbellnes,  asu-achan
Every garment still further re- ��n<l tweed cloths; some are full
dJ   i  " satin lined;  all the latest mod-
. .'   ���....,,. ���rrmcn im ''ls;  reP*-**ar values   to    $40.00.
ALL SUITS OFFERED IN Special Clearing     AS* g*>AA
TWO  LOTS. ,.ricc                           910.00
I.OT 1���Strictly Tailored Serge
Suits;   regular values to $25.00. LADIES'     PLAIN    TAILORED
Clearing                    $1Q  flfl SKIRTS.
Price ...         .       *9 I **���*'? Of fine serge; In colors of naw,
LOT    2, -Twenty    only,    plan ,,rown   Un   and        ���            J
tailored;    n navy    and    brown a��� s,        a���          Bea80n-8 mod.
Serge;    lined    with    SWnner s e,           u
satin;    regular    $86^00    values. Special  Clearing        * A   Cf\
See *        $15.00     ''rlco ��W-OU
LOT 1  -Serge and Cloth coats. A ,  aEsortmnnt    of    f,,oth
All   this   seasons   models,   col- Dr08B6B;  ,��� g
ors  navy   Brown,  gray;.green Cords; In shades of cream, navy,
and black;  some three-quarter Uown     d b| >
length   others MUwgttj WJ* and   white.    To  clear    out    at
lar   values   to   $18.50      Special ONE-THIRD    OFF    REGULAR
Clearing   Price ffy  CQ PRICE.
LOT  2���About  twenty  coats in EVENING AND LINGERIE
this  lot;   in   materials    of    re- DRESSES FOR LESS
ve.rsible   blanket  clo*'.h,   tweeds,
and curl cloths; a good assort* Offered In Three Lots.
ment of shades and  sizes;  reg- LOT   1. - All   regular  values  to
ular values to   $2)00.   Special $11.00.   Clearing       *��j|  g��*\
Clearing Price        ����� 4 A  AA Price   $4.UU
Tnr  s''^weivn''c?ats  In this ''OT 2'   A"  r"Kular value9 t0
LOT   8.-  ivu'1-.e   (oats   in   mis $2(| on     c earing        e��-   -ft
lot;  all  up  io date  models;   in ,                        s       JKT  KfJ
three-quart, r  length    and    full rct  *" ��� "ww
length;    r<^.   values   to   $26.50. LOT   8.���All   regular  values  to
Special Clearing     CIO f%ft $85.00.    Clearing       ��A ff?


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