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The New Westminster News Jan 8, 1914

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���  .
VOLUME 8, NUMF.V     256.
Italian  Organizer for  the,
U.M.W. of A. Convicted   jSOUIH   AFRICAN
on All Six Counts.
''Court Sums up Against the
i'risoncr Who Protests
Walk Out of State Railway
of Industries.
J, ������  Angelo,  Italian  organizer  tor
the  United Mine Workers of America!  ���
in  district number  twenty-eight,  the      , , . _
Vancouver island district,  was found     Johannesburg, Jan.   r.-The    strike
guilty by the jury ai the special as-;cf 86,000 South African state railway!
size last night on all counts Of having | employees is fixed for 7 o'clock tomor-
be n engaged in rioting, etc., during
the    .rik,   troubles at Extension last
August when several houses were
burned and other serious damage was
Vngelo  was  pale    when    he    was
row morning and the situation has
;caused a feeling of panic. The country la faced with the possible suspension of ail industries. The only hopeful  feature  is  that the cape  railway
brought back Into the dock to hear men do not seem inclined to join in
the i suit of the four hours' dellbera-l tiie strike and are taking time to con-
lion by lhe twelve men in the Jury slder action, They may possibly call
box, lie had heard the strong charge for a ballot of the men. All the men
against him delivered by the Hon. Jus; in the Pretoria and Johannesburg dis-
ti'e Morrison and had remarked after trict, however, arc going out.
being taken below that if the jury! After a hurried cabinet meeting at
found him guilty, he expected a heavy Pretoria today, General  Sniutc.  min-
This Is Statement in Proceedings   to  Disqualify
Chief Magistrate.
Cork, Ireland, Jan. ".���Attempt was
made by court proceedings today to
disqualify the lord mayor of Cork,
Henry O'Shea, from sitting aa a
councilman on tbe ground that he is
an alien and a naturalized American
The prosecuting counsel promised
to produce evidence that tbe lord
mayor bad claimed to be an American citizen. For the defence a statement was put In evidence from tho
British consul at New York that no
such name as Henry O'Shea appeared
to be registered as an American citizen. The magistrates after an hour's
deliberation announced that the case
was dismissed, Permission was given
to appeal to a higher court.
Fusillade of Shots at Office Mackenzie and Mann Nego- McGregors,    Frasers    and
of Smelter Company in
tiate for Right of Way
Large Extensions.
Tacoma, Jan. 7.- In a fusillade of: Sydney, X.S., Jan. 7.-Another big
shots at lhe office of the Tacoma railway deal is to go through ln Cape
Smelter company, where a strike has li,eton. according to word received
been In progress for a week, one man j '"'.p.' lo!lu*v*
was badly wounded tonight.    Andrew information   was  to  the effect
llunco, a .striker, was shot in the ab- l-at.Mackenzie and  .Mann,  who own
doinen, presumably by a si ray bullet.
Officers ure investigating.
Sydney,    with    a  view  to    enlarging
their  already   extensive-   business    in
ister of defence, with the minister of
mines and railways, came here to arrange with the authorities for the
preservation of order aud fo.- railway
For several days the authorities
have been removing rifles and ammunition to places of safety, f,o as to
prevent their falling into unauthorized hands. It is reported that unless
a settlement is effected by Saturday
the Federation of Trades will call a
general strike throughout South
ssntei " from the bench. When the
foreman announced the finding
against the prisoner he heaved a
sigh and a moment later was protesting  his  innocence  to  his counsel.
.1 Rdward Bird, of counsel for the
defei .-. asked his lordship if the verdict meant guilty on all counts, to
which  the answer was yes.
The case for all sides, including his
lordship's charge to Ihe jury, was concluded about a quarter after four in
the afternoon and from then until ex-
actlv V o'clock the twelve men were
considering their verdict.
Charged   Against  Accused.
In bis address to th" jury tlr* Hon.
Justice Morrison charged strongly
against the prisoner.
"Wbo Ir the accused?" asked the
judge. "Where did he come from and
why did he come to Vancouver is*
land? He is an organizer of this
great union body, a brainy man, a
capable man, for you mav be surp
such an organization would not send
i ut a fori to do its work, lie is an
organizer sent to Vancouver Island,
.'list as (he labor troubles started tli re.
He Is a bralpy man himself nnd was
und,- the direction  of Mr.  Irving,  the
last witness 'beard for the defence.
Irvli -, on his own admissions In tho
��� *. box, is a travelling represen-
tatlv of th** union organization with
which he Is connected. We find that
he wan In Nova Scotia when there
was a Btrlke then* and now we find
him amid the strike troubles on Vancouver island. Wherever he goes he
seems to synchronize with trouble.
"lu Extension that morning wi
hear In evidence," continued the judgeI President !> S. Cameron. Archie i
"that Angelo was consorting with Hogg and Thomas A. Barnard all
boys; he a brainy, able man in the resurrected the question at their meet-
company of foolish youths who might i,,g. It was stated that since,coal at
not be fully aware of the seriousness the pithead on Vancouver could be
ot what they were doing. 'bought for $3.00 or $3.50, and towed
The Deluded Tcola. !here fcr an additional 50 cents a ton,
";>n occasions of this kind it is re-'there should not be the difference of
grettable that often we have brought several dollars a ion between that
before us for trial the poor deluded Lad the price to the consumer such
tools  of  tile  clever   men   behind   and
Chicago. Jan, 7.���Raphael Lopez, the
Mexican outlaw who escaped from the
Utah-Apex mine at Bingham, Utah.
af:,*r killing Six men, Is being sought
by the Chicago police. Lopez is said
to have lived here and to be well
known Lo a number of his countrymen in this city.
According to Mexicans who gave
information to the detective bureau
Lopi l was hers going from one acquaintance to another begging for
:li* =3
Candidates Say Scheme Would    Save
Purchasers Considerable Sum���
Buy at Wharf.
From utterances al the municipal
campaign meeting of the labor candidates Tuesday night ii would seem
thai advocates of a municipal coal
wharf is to I.,* renewed. Tins matter
was lirst broached by the Trades and
Labor council two years ago when a
! delegation appeared before the city
council to ask for it; establishment.
it Is for you to say whether or not
you have a chance in this instance to
deal with one of these latter. It is
unfortunate that so much time has
been wasted In this court with cases
such as some of those we have listened to before this one."
ln referring to the evidence his lord
whip  said:   "There   were  tiire^  witnesses  whose evidence  was  not contradicted. These three were witnesses
for the crown,  Paulito, Qlorlno and ���
Tor'oni.  the   men   who  testified   that I
they  had  met  Angelo at   the  Station j
in  Nanaimo on the day following tin*
rioting In Kxtenslon.    These, I  would
point out, wore not contradicted nor
was their evidence damaged in cross-
examination   by   counsel   for  tho  defence when they said that Angelo 'had
asked llicm how they liked what hid!
been done to their possessions in Ex-j
tension.   This, gentlemen, of the jury, I
is a point  you cannot get around.      j
"Moreover. 1 would say here that
if you so choose, you could convict'
the prisoner at the bar on the other,
evidence produced by the crown with-:
out taking into consideration at all
the damaging testimony against him"
which l have just mentioned."
Ills lordship further pointed out
that labor unions, In common with
otht r legally incorporated bodies often were the vicarious victims of
wrong headed adherents, but Lie jury
sb( Uld   not  excuse   a* nvui   fo
as now existed. If people could buv
the coal themselves at a municipal
wharf they would b<> saved much
money, the speakers thought,
:i**nrr    Chief    Justice    of    Manitoba
Parses Aw.iy at Age of 73���
Short  Illness.
Los Angeles, Jan. 7. Sir Joseph
Palme, 73 years old, former chief Justice of the province of Manitoba and
for years a leading figure in the official life of the province, died bore
tonight after a short illness. Ho arrived here about fix weeks ago with
his wife and youngest daughter to
spend the winter.
Sir Joseph was born In the province
of Quebec, and was admitted to the
bar in Montreal. In 1871 he moved
to Manitoba, making his home in Win-
nip* -1
For some  time he  was speaker of
The first meeting of the New
Westminster harbor commission was held yesterday when
F. J. Coulthard was elected
chairman, and Csmmissioner
A. E. White as acting secretary. Oeorge Hlakel��y Is the
other member of the board.
The commissioners wore
sworn in by J. R. Crant. who
was later appointed solicitor
for the commission.
Bank Clerk Sentenced.
Toronto, Jan. 7. Forbes Skene In
lie police court today on the charge
ci fraud was sent to jail for .in days.
Ile pleaded guilty of attempting to
steal from the Bank of Montreal $150
and defrauding Karl & Wright
pany of $.5. Skeno was a ledger- j
keeper in the Haul, of Montreal
branch al Lindsay.
The wounded man, who was removed to a hospital, denied any participation in the firing on tbe smelter
office. W. It. Rust, president of the
company, stated that his men had not
returned the lire, which he attributed
to the strikers. According to the
story of armed guards at the smelter,
the shots all fell short though close
enough for those in the office to see
them spatter up the mud.
The shooting followed a day of
activity at. the smelter, which was run
full blast, according to the management.
the  Inverness  railway,  will  negotiate
I for a right of way from St. Peters to
Macphersons Say Things
tc Each Other.
Burnaby Meeting Is Warm at Timet,
But on the Whole a Pleasant
Reeve McGregor describing Councillor Macpherson as a "joke" and the
latter gentleman    referring    to    tho
the provinces.   The plan includes the
taking over of the Vandervili-Webb ;reeVe a3 tlle P'vut man of the Marion-
line, Point Tupper to St. Peters, and ettea with Hugh M. Fraser exhuming
the extension of that line from St. j the now famous "Blue Book" were
Peters, to Sydney and St. Peters to some of the incidents at a spirited
Loukburg by way of the South Cape,hut enthusiastic meeting which took
Breton route. : place in Johnson's ball,    Alta    Vista,
It is understood that the C.  N.  R.  yesterday evening,
is willing to commence tbe work as j    It was the opening salute    in    the
soon as the right of way can be se- Burnaby political fight and it it is to
cured and construction financed. be taken as any    criterion    the    re-
For some time past it has been mainder of the schedule "will be
rumored that a deal to amalgamate somewhat warm before January 17,
tho Canadian Pacilic and the Cana-!when the electorate decides as to
dian Northern was under way and who's who in the council chamber
that the plans for the extension of the Tor 1914.
Halifax and Southern Western rail-1 Although personalities crept in at
way lo the strait and thenar* to Syd-1 times, the gathering might be term-
ney, making a complete loop of the ed a pleasant one. each faction, the
. P. It. line around the province McGregors, the Macphersons arid the
ith a transit line to the Mackenzie ! Frasers, having a goodly number ot
and  Mann  line at Inverness and the supporters on hand.
  | conduction of this and the Mackenzie) A  Few Firecrackers.
land Mann iron deposits    at    Nictaux I    Councillor Macpherson,    while    not
London, Jan. 7.--The British board I and  Annapolis  by  the    amalmagated  so fiery as is bis wont, let off a few
of trade returns  for  1913,  issued  to-1 corporation. firecrackers  which  raised some little
day, showed that the aggregate im- According to the information re-' racket. One was his emphatic denial
ports into ths United Kingdom totalled I ceived it is intention of the company! to the rumor going the rounds that
$3,84-^189,795, and the exports from to establish a junction at a point con- he was on the point of withdrawing
the United Kingdom $3,175,5S5,C70. | venlent to Sydney and Louisburg with [from the race ln favor of another per-
The respective  increases  were  $121,-  pier  terminals  at  both   places.    Syd-.json.
Dbt.t,49 and -1180,120,0.0 over 1912.       j ney -will be the summer terminal and I    "1 would not do so for Teddy Roose-
Ihe most notable decreases among  Louisburg the winter terminal of the ivelt or the governor general ot Can-
the  exports  were cotton,  $28,342,245; * Canadian  Northern, with  a transcon-  ada," said the Edmonds gentleman,
fcralp and flour. $14,841,730.    Imports | tlnental   branch    running    from   the 1 Ancient History.
Of    live    animals  and  foodstuffs   in-. Btrait lo  Monctou' along the Northm-1    Emulating the statement  made by
creased  $38,321,7/��B. berland  shore route to  Moncton and  King Harold II to Harold Hardrada,
_h.   largest Increases    ln    exports   thence west bv whatever route   avail-1 king of Norway, Councillor Macpher-
Iwcre  coal   and   fuel,   $55,370,910   and   able Sson stated that nothins but six feet
iron and steel 520,653.075. |   - lot Burnaby turt lay between him and
I retirement, while speaking of Reeve
'McGregor's proposed whirlwind cam-
jpaign he said that the effervescive
j spirits of "Glen Lyon." meaning Mr.
1 McGregor's home, would fafl to effervo
when the time came to count the
Councillor    Macpherson     describe,}
the     present    administration     as     a
, , , weak, helpless and bungling one, and
Kingston,   Ont���   Jan.   ,.���The   peni- ,,*, cJlief fi_ht ���hether to win or lose
tentlary probe took a lively turn this [ wag  to  0DUt8rate  everv one  of    the
morning   when   a   guard,   frank  Run-,    councillors.      Some    of    his
dan, formerly of Peterboro, confessed platform planks wera ,hp nboiition of
securing   money   for  a   convict   in  ,,1P   wa_d   ���,.stem.   dav   ,abor  and    -
fair  minimum   wage:   organization  of
Seeks Disarmament Order
Winnipeg,   Jan.   7.���A   general   disarmament order would mean the con-
itiseaticn  cf  every   revolver or lethal
I w  apon  in  the  possession  of citizens
of Winnipeg and which would prohibit  the  manufacture,  importation,  sale
or ownership of such   weapons in  the I
'city,   will   go  into  effect   ia   the  city
in   tlin  near  future   if  .Mayor Deacon
can  find a legal   wuy.    The board  of
control  is with the mayor In his pro-
posal   and   this   morning    after     the
mayor   had   explained   his   views   on
the  subject,   unanimously  adopted   a
resolution  with   this  end  in  view.
Heated Words Heard at Political Talk-
fett    Across    the    River���
Choice Words.
to securing money for a convict in
the penitentiary through a postoffice
money order which the chairman produced, and securing a "rake-off" for
He admitted having received a
money order for $20 and stated that
he gave the convict $16 and kept $5
for himself. This was last July. There',
wn*e other similar transactions. Ran-j
dall was the only guard called at this
session but others will follow.
Shareholders    Opposed    Increase    of
Capital���Decreased  Profits���Average Return 4''-, Per Cent.
a laborers' union: encouragement of
industries; completion of th*"* Barnet
road: completion of the North road
car line; the amalgamation of 'Burnaby with the Greater Vancouver
When He Tskes Off His Coat.
Asked a question by W. D. Willson,
of Central Park, that if being In favor
of a laborers' union, he did not pull
off his coat to a labor organizer In
Burnaby last summer, thp councillor
not.   When 1 take
Full reports of the annual meeting
of the B. C, Electric Railway company just received from ljondon indicate that on the part of both the
directors and shareholders there was
Istrongly expressed the necessity of
Practically unanimous endoraa-tlon |curtailing capital expenditure during
Of the Thrift platform of dividing road 1914. owing to the decrease of profits
expenditure in proportion to assess- noted in the annual report and the
men: was given last night at a meet-1 general condition of affairs reported
Ing of Surrey ratepayers In Marshall's as existing at the time of the meeting
hall. There were but two dissenting j throughout the company's territory.
votes, about 20 for and a dozen neu-1 In the chairman's address mention
tral,    Messrs. Miller, Waul and Thrift  was made of the fact that he had been
were among the speakers against the
present administration and Reeve
Sullivan and Councillor Murphy told
a hat they bad done to deserve reflection.
Heated passages were frequent and meeting when the proposal of
reached their climax when Mr. Mil- directors to Increase the comp;
ler said to Reeve Sullivan, "You're a  capital was considered.
advised by many shareholders to absolutely close down on additional can
ital expenditure and remarks of a
similar character were made in person by shareholders    at the    annual
Ncw General Manager.
Portland.   Ore..   Jan.   7.���President exclaimed. "Indeed
L, C. Oilman of the Spokane, Portland off my coat I mean business."
&. Seattle railway today officially an-:    Another one was that in  event of
nounced   the   appointment   of   W.   D,  being elected reeve and the laborers
Scott as general manager of all t'.ie af* struck,  he  would call out  the B. C.
filiated  Hill  properties  iu  the  North-|	
wes:. i Continued nn Paee Five.)
Preparing Policy of
Technical Education
Commission Will Present Report at Coming Session of
House���Three Million Dollars Annually.
Ottawa, Jan.
-One of the    most. while country conditions would be so
doing; the provincial legislature and for 21
wrong because he claimed connection ; years vice-chancellor of the University
with such a body. of Manitoba,    From  1901  to 1900 he
in closing 'his charge the judge was chief justice of the supreme court
pointed out most emphatically that 1ftnnd still holds tbe title, though he
the members of the jury believed the bad retired from the bench. Ho was
evidence of the crown they had nol knighted two years ago.
other course open tut to convict  tho * 	
��� Evidence Yesterday. clal   agent   in   paying   out   tin*
Tht   witnesses called  yesterday alt funds  to
made short stays In  the box  and by * "n
noon BBVoll had been disposed of
Of   these   olio   was   David
families of striking miners
Vancouve. island, lie Is a small
man. has a firm jaw and clear gray
Irving, 1 eyes and he gave his evidence in de-
wiiom his lordship referred to as'liberate tones as though weighing
Angelo. superior In the union coun* I every word before letting It out of his
gels. Irving Is international organizer ] possession. He described Angelo's
for the Hulled Mlno Workers of position as that of Italian interpreter
America and also is acting as Milan-! for  district  twenty-eight.
liar," and repeated the charge in
Spite of tlm reeve's "h-ee careful, sir,
be can fill." The meeting was called
by t'ae Thrift forces ami personalities
".en   frequent.
A reading of the accounts of the
meeting indicates that it was only
because of the confidence of the
shareholders    In    Mr.   H.  M.  Borne-
Important questions to which the at-
lentlon of the government, and parliament will be drawn this coming session will be that of the desirability
of embarking upon a policy cf technical education with the purpose of
placing Canada upon a level educa-
Payne  and   his  fellow  directors  that  tionally with the most progressive of
[the authorization of additional capital :thc industrial nations of Europ.
was approved. At one point in the
meeting a formal poll on the increased issue was demanded by a
prominent stockholder, an uuusal
condition of affairs, This, stockholder
was supported  by  others    who    con-
j sidercd that the    average
jonly  4*��  per cent, on  the
total   investment  was  entirely   inado-
The report of the commission
technical education which is new
improved that the problem of the depopulation of the rural districts would
be, to a considerable degree, solved.
What the commission proposes,
briefly stated, is that three million
dollars of federal money bo devoted
per annum to the technical education.
The idea is to divide two and a half
millions of this between the provinces
upon the basis of population and to
devote the other half million  per an-
linatly revised and printed at the num to the erection of a centra! tech-
government printing bureau will
shortly be ready for distribution, liy
the time it has become generally eir-
return of ciliated the parliamentary session will
company's be well under way and the recom*
mendations made will be urged upon
the government and discussed ln parliament, ln this connection the wish
is generally expressed in educational
nical institute where experts could be
developed who could be loaned to any
municipality making a start in the
technical training of the young for
any period considered necessary.
i Tin* commission also recommends
| that a portion of the money be devoted to the establishment of country
schools throughout the country' where
Centralia, Wash., Jan. 7.���The 17th|-URte and' did not warrant any In-
death from typhoid fever epidemic creased capital expenditure, while an-
here occurred today when James E. other shareholder said that, if the
Holland, aged 82, died.   N'o new cases  agitations which had been going on In
have been reported in the last three  British Columbia for some time were ....
days and  the city health commission  Continued the flow of capital from th"   partisan   spirit  and  that  the  govern-i the sons and daughters of the Cans
believes the epidemic is over. I old  country   to  this  province   would  ment and  opposition join  hands and dian farmers.
T'.n*   city   physician  reported   that soon be stopped. I bring about a betterment cf the con-      The  commission
7000 persons bad  taken advantage of I    Tho  authorization    of the advance , ditions throughout the Dominion. | tlon  should  not  b
free vaccination against tvphoid. Vac-|in capital was finally carried after the !    Should the recommendations of the  longer and it Is supported in this vie'V
circles that the subject be approached   scientific   farming  and   higher   id* als
by   everybody   Interested   in  a    nou-  ot  cltizeushlp could  be   imparted   lo
believes   that  ac-
delaved  a    year
filiation will be discontinued on Jan.
16, The extent of tho epidemic is
shown by the health commissioner's
report for December wlv. n 305 typhoid cases were recorded.
directors had promised that the new committee be accepted it is believed by the Canadian Manufacturers' asao-
shares would not be Issued except in, that in the course of a few years I elation, many leading boards of trade,
caso of urgent need and that all capl- much would be done to Improve   the the Dominion Trades and t>abor roun-
| quality of Canada's industrial output cil  and the    farmers'    ergan'.-allor.H.
(Continued on Page ThreeL        .both from the factory and tho farm, throughout the country.
THURSDAY,   JANUARY  8,   1914.
An independent morning neper devoted to the inter st* of New Westminster and
tne .'rater 1 alien. Published every morning accept Sunday by the National Printing
taut Pa.M-.--M0 <���' mpany, Limited, at -S3 Itclienrie lltrcet. New Westminster, British
Ooltunbie. ROBB BUT1UCR LAND,  Managing  Director.
411 communications should be addressed to 7 ,'ie .Vent IV'estH.iitsler News, and not
tn individual members of the stuff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
nwyabU to The National Printing und Publishing Company, Limited.
THLEPIlONKf��� llusir.es* "fine and Manager, HI'S; Editorial Rooms {all departments), -DI.       ,-,
SUBSCRIPTION rtATF.fi���liy carrier, S*t per year, il for three months, 40c per
a\ontk     \;y  mml, ��:���< per year, i*f,r p*r month.
ADVUH I ISINu UAThA on application,
A London paper, the Daily Telegraph, has come out
flat-footed with the statement that the persistency and
.size of Canadian demands for loans have been solely re-
spdnsible for the raising of the price against Canada and
perpetuating of the tight money situation towards the
Dominion. To prove its statement the Daily Telegraph
estimates that during 1913 this country had British capital advanced totalling three hundred and ten millions oi
dollars, as compared with two hundred and thirtv millions in 1912.
If the London daily is correct in its estimates and
conclusions���and there is every reason for supposing tha*.
it knows what it is talking about���theh there are only two
courses open to the Dominion, to cut down the borrowing,
or to go elsewhere for loans.
To cut down the borrowing, that is to reduce the bids
as they stand at present, pruned by the past twelve
months or so of hard and fast money, looks to be the
next to an impossibility. The hysterical demand for cash
for the poorer brand of purposes has been knocked out of
the Dominion by its experiences of the past year and
there remains only those requests for loans which are
absolutely necessary to municipalities and bona fide corporations. Canada has gone so far in her development
that to withdraw would mean defeat and the loss of billions in capital for the present and future. Moreover Canada does not intend to halt on the road to her legitimate
goal. She has the strength and the solidity to warrant
her onward march and she has the security to offer for
every dollar she needs to aid her advance; therefore if
she cannot get money in the mother country it is a certainty that sooner or later Canadian requests for cash
will turn into other channels and the United Kingdom
will lose forever its most fruitful field of investment,
while at the same time there will be weakened one of the
bonds of empire.
The Dominion has listened patiently while the supposedly wise over the water have been criticizing her
mode of procedure without really knowing the truth of
conditions as they exist in this country. She has taken
all this criticism, some of it absolutely uncalled for, and
has maintained a dignified silence; but this will not last
forever and if the British capitalist wishes to retain the
confidence of the Canadian borrower he must show himself as willing to meet good securities as some other foreign financiers appear to be.
Ordeal Which Budding Actor* In Normandy Must Face.
It is not without fear that nn actot
makes his debut iu tho capital of Nor
uiutidy. A debut lu the French provinces is by no means an easy ordeal t��
pass through. An actor has a right U
choose three different parts, says Mme.
niiea, which must be played Inside of a
The tirst and second debuts have no
significance; he may be received coldly,
critically or enthusiastically���It has no
meaning; the third one decides bis
fate. That night after the play the
manager, very solemn In his dress suit,
appears before the audience and says:
"Monsieur or Mile. So-and-so has made
his or ber debut. The management
wishes to kuow the verdict of the public."
Then he produces a placard on
which Is printed in large letters the
word "Accepted." If the actor pleases
the audience applauds: If not, it hisses
uutll the manager produces another
placard with the word "Refused."
Then the applause starts again, without regard for tbe feelings of the poor,
broken hearted girl or boy who baa
been waiting ln the wings for tbe verdict of that Inhuman jury culled tbe
Want U. S. Vice Consul.
Kegina, Jan. il - Applicaiion has 1).
made by  business  men  hero  to  have
a  vice-consul  for  the  United   States
located  here.
where it Is replanted In Bpe-1est and most effective traffic service
,i  cial soil brought from the Sacramento m ve. given nt an exposition.    Tin- cars
river,  seventy  miles away. curry  their loads direct, to  the doors
A standard gauge railroad, with all
modern appointments, which has been
built by the Panama-Pacific Internationa] exposition through its groundi
will provide exhibitors with the quick-1ground
of the various exhibit palaces and in
some instances into the buildings.
Twelve miles nf track is laid, reach-
ins  i" nil quarters of th,* exposition
Heft   in   Window   Panes   for   'Frisco
Exhibition���Flowers of One
Million Plants.
Never Over Four Feet High, but May
Be Thirty Feet Broad.
Precisely how far a big kangaroo
can jump is a mailer of some dispute.
A writer In Caswell's Natural History says that they can leap "over ten,
if teen or more feet." Mr. II. It Francis
tells us that he has "known an 'old
man' to cover nineteen feet at each
bound for full half a mile.'' and be
believes that be does leap "an average
Df full twenty feet."
Mr. I.ydekker Is of opinion that the
treat kangaroo leaps "not far short of
thirty feet," and Mr. Thomas Ward
gives It as "at least thirty feet" I'rob*
sbly Mr. Rudyard Kipling's "twenty-
five feet to a bound" Is near enough
as a general rule
But with this more than Olympic
leaping power they seem commonly
either unable or unwilling to rise any
height from the ground Their specialty Is broad Jumping only. Mr.
Ward says that they "cannot clear on
obstacle greater than four feet." and a
five foot fence is commonly bigb
enough for any kangaroo paddock.���
Loudon 'Times.
Another inventor has come through with an unsink-
?ble ship, which in due time probably will sink and then
another inventor will do so again.
An American writer says it will take about a generation to drive out the professional politician. It'll take
more than one generation to do the job if the prof. pol.
is anything like as persistent as he used to be.
A Minneapolis woman has starved herself to death
with money in the bank, says a news dispatch. Now, how
do you starve yourself with money, whether it's in the
bank or anywhere else?
Memory In Old Age.
Ways of the memory In later life exercised tbe famous Dr. Jowett of Oxford when be reached it. but he fonhd
consolation. "At fifty tire you fall to
remember things���words, pictures, person*���after six months or a year's in
terval. Yet tbe circle or Objects wbicb
you recognize Is ever becoming wider,
and this power of recognition Is a
great gift If cultivated. There Is the
greatest value in 'forgotten knowledge' Instead of the stores of memory oppressing you, with a little trouble you can recall all that Is useful ot
necessary." And to I.ndy Wemyss, re
covering from illness, be wrote: "I.Ike
you, I read a book through und do not
remember a word of It. 1 think, How
ever, that tbe reading of tbe book lia.��
un effect, and if I rend It again I un
del-stand It better. I believe tb.it ns
ive lose our powers of memory we may
increase the power of reminiscence -
that Is. of recalling what we want Ir:
small quantities for a short time."
San Francisco, Jan. 7.���More than
a thousand tons of glass will be used
iu tlm construction of the buildings
a; the Panama-Pacific International
exposition, 650 tons having already
been contracted for to be used on
eight of the main exhibit palaces. In
;li,* machinery palace there are 28,000
panes of glass in the facades now installed am*, tin,(100 stiuar.i feet of glass
in the skylights, When it is considered that l.uiiO tons of glass In panes
of the average thickness would cover
an automobile road, eight feet wide,
from San Francisco to Los Angeles, a
distance of five hundred miles, antl
leave quite a bit over, some Idea of
the Immensity of these figures may
be gained.
Sixteen foreign nations���Russia,
Kngland, Germany, France, Italy,
Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Spain,
Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria-Hungary and Australia
have1 tentatively accepted an invitation to send troops to an international encampment at the Panama-Pacific international exposition in 1915.
A military tournament, in which boI-
dlers or these nations will vie with
the boys of Uncle Sam, is being arranged by the war depart inent.
By a special system nf rotation orig-.
inated by John McLaren, superintend-!
<5nt  of  San   Francisco's   parks,  every
fic.ver   of   the   million   plants   ol'  the!
tronirai garden at th * Panama-Pacific
exposition will be In full bloom during
the ten months the exposition will be
open lo the public.    A duplicate of every plant will be kept In the nurseries,
greenhouses   and   lathhouses   and   as
one  in   the  open   ceases  to  bloom  a |
forced plant will be substituted for It.
Tbe thousands of great trees Which
are being brought from every country
in the world to be transplanted at the
Panama-Pacific  International    exposition  are scientifically  treated   by  experts to prevent their dying. The side-
roots   are   first   cut   and   side-boards
placed   down   the   cuts.     Six   months
later,  when  the tree has  become accustomed  to    receiving    nourishment
only from its bottom roots, these are
cut and a bottom  board  attached  to
the  side  ones,   making  a   great   box.
The  tree  Is  then   hoisted  by  derrick
and  .shipped  by  land or sea  to San
Free, tad Q___  Mgr. Vice-President. ������-. and Trmt.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
An Indiana young man brought home a bride the
other day and his dad eloped with her. If the younger
man doesn't hurry and wake up he'll find that his wife
is really his stepmother.
mi   Ian      ���
There's a lady, or rather a Woinan burglar at work
in the eastern states. Woman's place certainly is in the
home, but then she should exercise some discrimination
as to whose home she gets into.
Did th. Romani Smoke?
"Why is It that smoking never crept
l%fo Human literature?" 1 have risked
To which a correspondent answers thai
It has crept. It is mentioned by I'linj
i.N. II. xxvi, O-lOi. lie records the use
of coltsfoot for smoking aud recoin
mends smoking the dried roots and
leaves of this plant as a remedy for obstinate colds and coughs. From this
tbe botanical name of the coltsfoot
(ttissilngo), which means "cough easer,"
has been derived, ilritlsh boys wbo
have rrblthef coughs nor folds still
jmoke coltsfoot surreptitiously and find
that it makes them satisfactorily sick
���London Spectator.
Zion City's head has decided that chewing gum  is
worse than gnawing tobacco.   You who like an occasional |
mastication'match'with the dark plug, cut this out and
show it to your wives.
Climbing on the water wagon at the first of the year
of your own accord is one thing, hut it's adding an insult
for the weather man to persist in dumping so much sky
juice at this season.
ran *
Water  Ppt   Brca'i-.s  on   Top   Floor of
Building Flooding Offices���
Serious Damane,
The carpets, wall decorations and
furnishings of tli*   offices of the mln-
*������',., i cf finance on the first floor, and
'those of the secretary ol state and
his private secretary on the second
floor, were water soaked this morning.    I'he resultant damage will    be
.considerable and but for ihe prompt
vork of th - policeman on duty In re-
imoving valuable bocks the loss would
ha-.-- b,'"ii much greater.
1 The cans" ,t the break In tho water
main Is attributed to a very ihin portion of an elbow of the pipe where
the plumbers stated there bad been a
flaw in the manufacture of the pipe.
Bad Calculation.
lohn. who was going to bed one
Dlght and having no light, was groping Ills way it he bed being one of tti��
old fasblooed kind, with high bed
P'Ht'n John, in reeling fur the bed
[lost, missed it with hi*' baud ainl
struck it with bis nose.
"Aeli! ' In* yelled. "Thai Is the (lr��t
time I knew my hm* wns longer that
ni) arm "���National  Monthly.
Guessing His  trouble.
"I sometimes teel as tt the world
n.-ul little use for me- tlinl tlntn.*s would
go mi j'i*>t .is well il I were out of it.'
"fume, cheer Up, old mun Hefiir,
this time tomorrow you may meet -,*>in,
girl "im will look Just as guild to you
us the other one ever did."���Cbicugi
Itrciild lleiuld.
Bad Form.
Brother���What did yun say to thai
old rhap Just in iw? Sister���I out)
tbunked blm for picking up my hag
Brother���My dear girl, you must learn
not to he so beastly grateful. It's not
dune, you know, nowadays.���Ivondoc
Ottawa, Jan. 0.���A veritable flood
ensued in the eastern block of the
parliament building- last night when
huge volumes cf water poured from a
break in a four inch water main on
the top floor of the building. Over
floors, through ceilings and f.ven out
froiri ventilators on the two office
floors and basement gushed the wattr.
Seek Lost Representation.
Chariot tetown, 1'. E. I��� Jan. 6.
Premier Matheson and Hon. W.
Stewart leave tomorrow for Ottawa
to Interview federal members of
other provinces with a view to securing their co-operation in an effort to
restore tbe island's lost representation in die house of commons.
Her Lift Long Passion.
A girl baby begins to dirt with met
when she Is about two years old. S<
far as we can determine she keeps 11
up until she Is about ninety.���Albanj
Knickerbocker Press.
He Is the truly coursgeous man whs
never desponds.
I    i
As children, our first demand is for nourishment; our
second for fads.
All through life we go about
searching for information.
We make a new acquaintance;
but before we will accept him
as a friend or invite him to our
home we ask for fads about him.
We visit a foreign land; and from
the moment we _tep across its
border we are asking questions���
searching for fads.
We are asked to try a new food produd; isn't it instindive
with us to ask at once:
"Who makes this new article ?"
" How is it made ? what goes into it ?
"Is it worth the price charged for it ?"
Facts���we are simply hungry for them.
Strange, isn't it, that we should so often have to search for
them ? Odd, that some manufadurers .till withhold the fads
about their produd. Not always because they are fads to be
ashamed of���for there are many worthy articles yet unadvertised.
But it will not be so much longer. The fad-hunger of the
human race is becoming keener and keener. The more fads
we get, the keener our relish for more of them.
Soon it will be impossible to sell a man or a woman anything
until everything has been told about the goods that can be tola
through Advertising.
The public has discovered that Advertising tells much-needed facta���
that, in fact, Advertising satisfies fact-hunger.
If you are doing a local butrineas talk over your a~rert��ing problem, with tha
Advertising Department of this new-paper.
If you are doing a provincial or national buiinest it would be well lor vou
to have the couniel and auittance ol a good advertuing agency. A li��t of then will be
f urniihed, without coil or obligation, by the Secretary of Canadian Preia Ano-k-i.".
Room 503, Lumidcn Building, Toronto.
(10) THURSDAY,   JANUARY   8,   1314.
(Continued from |>age one)
tal expenditure during the coming
year would be subject to the closest
The report of lhe annual meeting,
given in tho London press, stales that
ai'ur tbe gathering was formally
opened, Mr. T. liliindcll Brown n ad
the annual address as follows:
Mr. Brown's Address.
"We regret very much the delay
which has taken place in submitting
to you the annual reports and accounts, and In holding this meeting;
but year by year tlm work of prepar
ing and auditing tin- accounts and
of analyzing, considering, nud adjusting them (/rows heavier and heavier,
and this year, in spile of every effort,
ii has been impossible to submit them
in an earlier date. We also regret
that the report is not of a more satisfactory nature. I know that u number nf shareholders have been s	
what alarmed at the docre_.se which
Is occurring In our earnings, 1 think
they are needlessly alarm",I Op' ���������
Lunati ly, I can not tell you that   this
period Of bard limes is over. I do
not expect to si**- anv Imnrovp"1' '
until the end of the Canadian winter
thai is to s'.iy, until April or May
next; bnl I do think we shall then see
a gradual general improvement In,
commercial conditions, which will be
reflected in our earnings, and that
there will be n complete return of
proepi rlty and progress In 1915, l
give Ibis merely as my personal opinion,  but  my  considered  opinion,   for
that we are inclined to be unduly
alarmed by a comparatively unimportant decrease. We can not have all
sunshine and no shadow. There Is
nothing in the situation to justify the
very heavy full iii tile price of our
[securities and stocks, which has
I been brought about by the selling of
Stockholders whose fears have been
aroused by tiie general fall In Canadian and other securities, and by the
decrease In our earning'-, and specially by the newspaper reports of an
'agitation in British Columbia to In-
j duco parliament to enact certain
measures restricting our rights to li-:
I fare.* and charges. Again, 1 believe
; I can safely say that these fears arc
needless. Our rights are regulated by
the conditions contained in acts of
parliament and municipal agreements
which constitute a solemn and frequently reaffirmed bargain made by
the people Of British Columbia to induce you to Invest your money in
their country. They can only be
changed by an act of parliament.
which, whether it directly restricted
our rights to make certain maximum
charges, or empowered a public commission to do so, would constitute a
complete breach of faith, We rest
confidently in the bands of a responsible British government and a responsible British parliament, who are
nol In tin* least likely to b':;d themselves to m;cb dishonest proceedings,
which would destroy the good name
of the province throughout the financial world and stop the raising of
capital for any purpose in British Columbia for vears tr> crime..
Affect of Agitation.
As may be seen from the attitude
of the leading British Columbia newspapers, there is no body of responsible public opinion behind tills agitation, which   is    the work of   certain
; noisy    and    ill-informed    individuals,
who, by correspondence in  the press,
ami sometimes   by    public  speeches,
give  expression  lo  statements  which
are  misleading and generally    absolutely false and so make it difficult to
(raise    capital    tor    expenditure    In
I British  Columbia.    I   mention  this in
iorder to allay the fears that some of
! our shareholders may entertain en the
subject, and to point out to the public
in   British   Columbia   Uia:   these   irresponsible utterances do serious barm
to die provinoe, and particularly   to
lWorking men.   if the Introduction of
Capital for new works and enterprises
ceases, employment for the working
classes necessarily   diminishes.   The
publicity given  to this agitation  lias
bad  iis effect  in curtailing the inflow
of capital into the province, and ther.*
; is, in consequence,   less   demand for
labor.   The agitation referred to arose
dul   of a  slight  rise  in  certain   fares,
which   was  absolutely     necessary     in
order    to    maintain    the    financial
stability of the company, and mainly
supported by fatuous statements   to
the eiTect thai our company had been
COlulng untold wealth. Our critics
never tire of stating that we are paying K per cent. upon our share capital; but they omit to say that we are
only paying X per cent, on the par
value of our deferred share capital,
and that the deferred share capital
has been subscribed at a large premium, and amounts to little more
than one-seventh part, of our Investment, and that the deferred shareholders take, and have taken, all tho
risks of a pioneer enterprise, from
which the people of British Columbia
have benefitted enormously. Tbe
money actually expended on the enterprise amounts to $46,000,000, on
which the interest and dividends paid
out last year were equal to less than
4'i per cent. We have from time to
tiiin voluntarily reduced our charges,
and shall be only too pb.ascd to do
bo again when our profits justify it.
We are at present charging a very-
great deal less than the maximum we
nre. entitled to charge, and which, in
some cases, we could charge with rea
noil. For instance, we should, owing
to the high price of coal, have been
entirely justified in Increasing our
price for gas throughout this year;
but. we have not done so, as we hoped
the unfortunate strike by the coal
miners would end, and we have tried
to avoid increasing the , xpenael Of
our customi rs during the prevailing
bad times; but if the strike continues
we may be forced to adopt IIhf
Increased Capital.
On the subject of further capital
expenditure, although the directors
are asking for power to create additional share capital, they have no in-
tentlon of issuing it at presi nt. nor do
they , xpeot to it-sue it during the next
y,*ar (bear, hear!), but it is necessary
that they should have power lo issue
additional shares as and when that
course becomes desirable, Meanwhile,
l can give the shareholders the most
d< finite assurance that capital expenditure lias for some time past been
ciii down to the very lowest possible
amount, and that we shall continue
to limit it to absolute necessities until
we receive greater encouragemi ni and
the pressure of genuine demand for
our various services proves that it. Is
what It is worth. If I am right, II
means that next year's report may be
even less satisfactory than th'.* present one, but that we shall have good
results to show in 1915. I believe that
tli is period of halt will in the end
prove good for the country and for
our company, and  that it will  result
In cheaper conditions of living and B
very sound economic positio.i in British Columbia. Meanwhile, we must
exercise patience and be thankful
that, owing to the prudent policy of
reinvesting portions of our profits In
the past we are now able to face one
or two slack years with equanimity.
We have, perhaps, been a little spoiled with too much prosperity. We have
enjoyed increase upon increase in
earnings month by month for sixteen
y-ais, and have become SO accustomed to this happy state of affairs
necessary and will be remunerative. 1
���aunt not bo understood to suggest
that any of our capital expenditure in
the past has been unwise or unnecessary. In looking back over the record
of tbe past ten years, I see very little
expenditure that has not been entirely
justified, and that will not prove remunerative. Our great water power
installations al 1-uke Bunt-en and
Lake Coquitlam, and at Jordan river,
on which sucli large sums of money
have been spent, are practically completed. They are asseta of great and
permanent value, and will. .*.<��� anticipate, meet any increase iu the power
requirements of the company for
some years. We have no new enterprises or railway extensions of an extensive character iu conti mplation. 1
have received a number of letters
from shareholders urging thai we
should not Invest any further mom y
at all In British Columbia This, of
course, is neither desirable in the interests of the company nor possible.
N'i w householders in our districts ar>*
entitled to be supplied with power,
and the travelling public ore entitled
to have their increasing needs provided for. All this requires a certain
amount of capital expenditure, but. as
(Continued on Page Seven.)
.. ���'*;���..'���
real Reductions to Effect a Quick Clearance
Everything in the Store Marked Down
Hardwood   K.tchen   Chairs,  double  sir et.-her,   high   backs,    solid    or    veneer
s'*'!s   $1.00   75e   60c
Kitchen   Tables   with   Drawers     S2.15    without   $1.90
Kitchen  Cabinet,  top and  Base,  wilh   two  bins  and  two drawers  complete :
Regular $14.00; sale  $10.50
Kitchen Cupbcard3 with glass doors; re;:   $16.60;  sale  $15_. 7*.
Kitchen Safes, large size;  sale J-3.00
Small size; sale  S2.25
Drop Leaf Tables;   reg.  $4.00, sale    $2,35
Gate Leg Tables;  reg. $0.50,'sale  ' S5.00
Set of six solid Oak  Diners, with  leather seats, fumed    oak;    reg.    $.4.80,
sale  $19.50
Sct of Oak Diners, leather Scats, Early English finish; reg $31; sale $24,75
Reg. $:;;.oo, sale  $28.25
Solid Oak Buffet; fumed oak finish; reg. $29.60; salo $23.50
Buffet. Early English; reg. $31,00; sale  $23.50
Hardwood 8-ft. Extension Table, golden finish; reg. $117,v. sale $10.25
6-ft. Extension Table, Early English finish; reg. $10.60; sale  $8.25
Solid Oak 6-ft. Extension  Table, round:   reg. $19 00;   sale    $15.50
Square design;  reg $lt'i,00;  sale    $12.75
Solid Oak. round pedestal table;  reg. $.5.00;  sale   $19.75
Regular $32.00;  sale   $22.50
Regular $29.50;   salo   $21.25
Regular $20.00;   salo    $19.75
Maa��_OTMHS__s_HW--a��--- >><sMa>nni>'M>-if*n��p<MSM^��sBM^nHasswaaMaaM>-->*--saMS
Regular $13.26; sale $10.23
RegUlaT $14.25;  sale   $10.75
Hegular $19.00;  sale   $14.50
Regular $0.75; sale   $5.25
Regular $8.0.: sale  SG.25
Regular $10.60;  sale   $8.50
Hegular $7.50;  sale    $6-00
Hegular $9.00; sale     $7.45
Hegular  $5.25;   Sale    $4.15
Regular $1.50; salo $3.50
Regular $7.50;  salo   $5.85
were never equalled before in this city
or any other city. You cannot equal
these prices.
$40.00 Solid Quarter Cut Oak Dresser S23.50
$32.00 Solid Quarter Cut Oak Dresser  17.50
$28.00 Solid Fumed Oak Dresser   16.50
All are fitted with best British Bevel Plate Mirrors.
$18.00 White Enamel Chiffonier $11.50
$32.50 Mahogany Chiffonier   19.50
$42.50 Solid Quarter Cut Oak Chiffonier  25.75
$14.00 Solid Oak Hall Racks  10.50
$14.00 Solid Oak Library Tables  10.75
9x9;  reg. $16.75;  sale      $13.25
9x10.6;  reg. $17.50;  sale   $14.00
9x12; reg. 118.60; sale $14.75
9x9;   reg $21.00;   sale    $17.00
0x10.6:  regular $24.00;  sale $19.25
9x12; reg. $29.00; sale  $23.00
Oriental     Lines     In
This New Costume.
9x9;  reg $30.00;  sale  ..
9x10.6; peg. $32.50; sale
OF -���*_*,��� DOTE-TO  AA'D CLOTH.
Chinese lines have been exploited In
evening wraps for several seasons, and
oriental effects both iu materials aud
trimmings bave received a perfect sartorial ovation from tbe feminine pub-
, lie, but this year tbe silhouette designed from Cbiuesc costumes is new
I ln tbe dress world.
Tbe chic  little three piece costume
pictured Is of such h g*?nre.   The tuate-
, rial used is tau wool for the skirt and
' the same shade In duvetyn for tbe lit-
. tie mandarin jacket, which has a sash
j of  silk   worked   with   metal   threads
finished with bunds of fur.   The costume Is original and smart in tbe ex-
: treine.
', Will Man Dispose and Woman ProposeT
i    Over lu  Stockholm a  dreadful discussion is raging because wouieu wish
to be given the right to propose.    A
statement  of  Or.   I'nnl   S.   Hunter  ot
tbe Wisconsin  beard of beiiltb  to the
effect that woman Is prior to man after
all   seems   to  give   tbe   much   sought
privilege to tbe woman.    If Dr. Hun-
ter's statement is scientifically correct,
as be says it is. womau existed on this
enrth ages before man.    Eve lived in
the garden of Eden a great many years
1 before Adam appeared, ami therefore
women can  reverse tbe Old situation,
for trouble only began wfceu man was
"Tbe female sex existed alone on
this earth for ages." says Dr. Hunter.
"When the male came he came as an
offshoot of tbe female, nnd, although
I for ages the great processes of life
bad gone on without him. be began to
claim priority for himself as soon as be
developed a physique strong enough to
force bis demand. Ile bus been telling these stories about himself nnd bis
great superiority until today, but now
science can disprove bis claim."
The average persou wonders about
the future stand of science toward
woman's right to propose. If woman
is man's superior (as sbe undoubtedly
is or is uoti she should certniuly manage her owu matrimonial ventures. A
great many women would propose
more gracefully and more discreetly
than some men, lint the sad things that
may happen to the impressionable
weaker sex (lu the light of the new
discovery I when they are unable to
forbid R lady to marry them cnu be
pictured. It Is consoling to think that
the poor abstracted scientists will he
least able to resist the danger that
they bave brought upon themselves.
High Collars.
Hish collars, if tight, do more to Induce it double chin than anything else,
and, moreover, by pressing the ticsh
underneath the chin back against the
(hront they cause the two front neck
cords to become nihility prominent unci
string; looking, which is quite as deplorable ns tbe double chin. This can
tie avoided by having the collar of a
flexible material, such as a good quality of net. and boning It so that tt
flares a little at the upper and lower
edges, wbli h is best accomplished by
running the net through tbe Augers to
sti-tch It.
Odds and Ends.
If yonr milkman brings you warm
milk make it hot for biim
A liy In the milk often means a mem-
h��r of the family In the grave.
Have nn expert examine the drains.
It will cost less than a case of typhoid.
When you see a child looking like
tn angel do not kiss It; you might
make a real angel out of It There ar*
ill sorts of germs lu a kiss.
If you let tiie ohlld have measles
when he Is young you may safe a
lector's bill later oo, but you may
Have to pay the undertaker now. . *a_kortHM*sMM
THURSDAY,   JANUARY   8.   1914.
. Dividends, coupons���income
in any form���should be collected promptly, Oversight may
lose what was easily collectable at the proper time.
Method - system ��� are necessary to make tiie return.from
Investments prompt and sure.
. These considerat ions cause
prudent people to deposit their
8-CUTitles with us. We enter
them mion the books of our
trns;t department. The dates
when company statements, dividends cr interest payments
should be forthcoming ate notes, and ujion those dates we collect the  money or  procure  the
statement. Both, together with
nay comment which prudence
ntey suggest, are transmitted to
tin Investor. Meanwhile his
securities He In our fire and
burglar proof vault, subject to
his order.
Tliis service is valuable. The
rest is nominal, Vou cannot
:.t_��..jij to be without It. We invite an Interview which shall be
ftrictly   confidential.
Local News
,\]'li* tlte sharp m< ,1 By U'*s
fine, invigorating morning air,
pleads for biscuits and smoking
pancakes, deluged b_ maple
direct from the east, at special
prices this week.
Quart Bottles, 50c value.. 45*
Quart  tins, BOc value 4SC
Half Gallon Tina. !��0c value.go*}
Oallon tins, $1.75 value.51.50
Maple S\rup Compound, quart
"    bottles     25*-
Olympie Self-rising Flour���prepared a!) ready for use; special -his week, package. 30*6
���Puro Self-rising Flour, pkg-20-t
Peaoook ls-md Self-rlaing Buckwheat Flour; special, package    30C
Met! Grocery
SOS Sixth St. Phone  1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch. Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave, Ed-
Monds Branch, Gray BlocV.
Phone 1111L.
scluslvely   for the
Will  Continue Sale. ��� P����>-    who are
���if,;- Victorian Order ot Nuraes, Bur- '
ii..i'.". branch has decided to continue
Ui rumage sale on Saturday next at
which useful articles will be placed
Ion Bale. The event will be held in
tlu* Burnaby public hall.
Ing classical BCholara In British  -.lol-jhim, but the man pulled
umbla and bis lectures will dot.o_.ess I and flred at ir's teet,
awaken much enthusiai m amo-_jj those I    The Incident eaused no
who attend.    Th se loot. re_ are not!m_nl  in the vicinity of t
be revolvei
little excite-
build ""
' On Friday evening Hugh M. Fraser.
one of the candidates tor the reeveship of Burnaby, v. ill address the electors at S o'clock in the Moreton hall,
Edmonds, other candidates will be
welcome and given an opportunity to
addnss the meeting. (-140)
Ratepayers' Meeting,
Ward   one   Ratepayers'   association
.will hold ltd regular meeting in John-
���shin';-, ball.  Highland Park, on  Friday
Fred Tunis will sell by public auction (uraler instructions from 11. J-
Perrin, the assignee) the bankrupt
stock oi ('. N. Bdmondson *K Co., at
the old Hunter store apposite the
Hank of Montreal, Columbia street, on
Friday next, January B, lf-13. at 10.MO
a.m. and 1:30 apd 7 p.m. Everything
must absolutely go regardless of pric*'
offered, Sale will Include the whole
of the remaining stock including dinner sets, toilet sets, tea Bets, cut
glass, grantteware, cutlery, tinware,
linoleum, brass beds, springs. Oster-
moor mattresses,    -iil'fetts.   dressers,
��� Btudeuta but for especially among the stei   graphcra
* Interested in cdu-, 	
���5.F   rCTAOFC   DfinfF expend  the amount'of money  that
(IL   l-jlAl Lj   lUUlL  is aeMssary.    A really smart society
vouv Bkates '/laipeiieil at Oeo.
-*, 626 CO.u_.bla street.    t_7C0)
Degree 'A'ith Hon.re.
Word has i .on received that A.
Key Evans, so_ of W, E. Evans or this
city, has received the degree ol M.A.
with honors, fro;\i tho University e.f
Chicago, ills degree was mken ln
th    department of general literature.
Wood. Wood. Wood
Superior Sash and Door
Phone 503.
to    burn.
Co.,    Ltd.
A Quantity of line clear cedar boat
lumber at Superior Sash and Door Co.,
of    1,1
Ouly  I bos,
high  Boclety
the manner
idons1   Klite   Are   Not
���  who  actually  move  iu
In  London can  realize
in   which   many   of   Its
most  prominent  Qgures are enabled
to   maintain   their   position   and    to
'Chief   of    Unemployed   Gang"   Who
Threatened Destruction in Rcgir.a
Ir Known.
Ltd.,   226
Fourteenth   street.
Een Dotninick Next.
The next case to be heard in the
special assize now in session here
will be that of Ben Dominlck, charged
with rioting, etc., at Extension, It
is iin, rstood that the next six accused nl' the total oT S7 will bo taken
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved citv and farm property 9
per cent.   Alfred W, McLeod.    (2705)
couches, etc., etc.
The Weather Today.
New Westminster   and    the    lower
mainland:   'Upht  to  moderate  winds,
mostly cloudy with showers.    Stationary or lower temperature.
College Literary Society.
The officers of the Literary society
of Columbian college havs been elected as follows: Hon. president. Rev, Dr.
Sanford; president, Allan Marwood;
vice-presidents, Miss Ruth Wilcox.
H.rbert Stafford; secretary, Miss Eva
May; treasurer, .T. Ilutkr; pianist,
Miss May Mitchell.
Regina, Jan, 7.- -The "chief of the
unemployed gang" who the other day
sent a letter threatening to demolish
Regina with fire and dynamite if tbe
"white unemployed" were not found
work Immediately, lias been identified as Jerry Miner. He revealed his
Identity in a rooming houso frequented by unemployed, but left before the
police were able to get there. Tin:
city Is being searched for him. Ile
comes from  North   Dakota.
Another lotti i' baa been received
setting Friday night for the time for
opening operations against the city.
This states that there are S:i in the
gang, all well armed. This letter is
also treated as a joke, except by the
police, who have made arrangements
to have the entire force on duty and
ready for action on that night.
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal \*.ork consult. Nlerrtthew & Kuni-
s-iv, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 5S6. (2708)
Should Be Interesting.
lieeye   McGregor   and   the   rest  of!
the Burnaby council will invade Cen-;
tra!   Park tonight  where an  interesting meet ing is expected to be held In
the Agricultural hall.   The chair will]
be taki n at 8 o'clock.
Vancouver vs. New Westminster at
the hockey rink Friday night. Seat
sale now on nt Hill's drug store.
Social and P
attack   of   influenza
Iwen  will  not  receive
Owing to an
Mrs. E. II. Mel-
| Howard M. Welsh of Sapperton, accompanied by liis father, Danle)
Welsh, left last evening for a trip to
California.    This is the first time in
'24 years that Howard Welsh has been
jout of  British Columbia  and  he  will
!return in a few weeks while his father
I will remain in California fcr the win-1
ler months.
.Mrs.  T.  B. Green, 240  Sixth  street, '
will not receive today.
The Woman's Educational club will
Mine:   at   the   home   of   Mrs.   Fugene
Brown, Fifth street on Thursday eve-:
miii-,*- at 8 o'clock instead of Thursday!
afternoon  as  previously  arranged.  A
banks very interesting t;;!k on education and
,.. ::,   en , ".,������ ,; - :��� h-tv- aow great- character will be given by Rev. A. E.
.iet.hen-iE-i n and a good musical program baa been arranged which will
include a harp solo by .Mrs,  Xjblutt.
For all building supplies and fuel
o:l apply to the Ii. C. Transport, Co.,
Ltd.. 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office  phone 826, wharf phone SS0.
Purrbase Plant Here.
Shelly    Bros,    of    Vancouver have
taken ever ("rant's bakery in this city,
possession  being  taken  on   Tuesday.
Insure with Alfred W. McLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Mrs.   Rennie  of   Sapperton,   Considering Request of Large Delegation
���Was School Teacher.
Sapperton will probably bave one
candidate for election to the school
board. This became known yesterday
following the visit of a prominent
delegation to the home of .Mrs. George
Rennie, Keary street, asking her to
stand for election. Mrs. Rennie has
yet to make the final decision but it
woman, however, contrives to add
to her income very considerably
year by year, even if she does not
draw her entire source of livelihood
from the moans at her disposal liy
reason of her position.
It is now quite a common thing
for a lady of birth to take one or two
girls year by year, and not only to
present them at Court, but to introduce them Into circles into which
they could not otherwise obtain entrance. Once a lady has herself appeared at Court, and her character
is above reproach, she is entitled to
present as many girls as she wishes,
not more than two, however, being
allowed for any one Court, save In
especial  circumstances.
A  lady well place'  In society  has
j likewise   many   other   means  al   her
I disposal to add to ber Income.   Thut
j these are not always legitimately em-
| ployed  .vas plainly proved sometime
; ago when a prosecution was lnstitut-
e I at  How  Street against one fal    f
I well  known  In society  for disposing
of the  "vouchers"   she   received    In
the ordinary course admitting ber to
tbe royal enclosure at   Ase  t.    It  is
laid down  that  these shall  be only
available for those who bave the entree  at  Court,  und  each   voucher  Is
plainly  marked   with   the  Intimation
that   it   Is   "not   transferable."     it
would, however, puzzle many   to   be
seen   there,  especially  on   the   "Cup
Day,"   lo  explain  exactly   bow    they
gained   admittance,    and    only    two
years ago an American lad.' paid for
1     self and her daughter tiie sum of
$1,250    for    two    of    these    coveted
This is to be explained by reason
of the fact that presence in tbe royal
enclosure, which is readily published
in all the society papers, Implies a
certain standing at Court, and brings
one in:o more or less intimate contact with both the King and Queen.
Therefore tho lists of those whom it
is proposed to invite . extremoly-
carefully drawn up by the Lord
Chamberlain, tb Steward of Ascot
(Viscount Churchill), and their sub-
ordinatea, and   is   subjected   to the
is expected that she will accede to the  closest   scrutiny   by   both   the   King
req lies,-.
Mrs. Rennie, while* never holding
office on the school board before
was for many yeara a school teacher,
and therefore has an insight in the
work of the organization.
Fl< od
Water  Receding.
��� ondltions   along
ly abated and a few people who left i
their homps on account of the water, i
have now returned. The overflow beyond the banks of the river is blamed
on the blocking < f the* main channel
by stumps and trees.
Dominion Trust
Ihe IVrpetual Trustee.
Offices ������ Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
flttlgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London,  KtiK.;  Autwerp,  Belgium.
New Westminster
60(1   Columbia   Street.
C,  S   KEITH, Manager.
M__HO_ir,__.***_yr 11 wa1,11 ���T_a^-g_ciES__ic'iia__-,'A..
are just  the   th'm;  for  this  weather.
We have them In Be. packets, contents
of enrh  packet  will  make one quart
cf delicious b, up.
Minced Clams, per tin   10c.
1'ork and ���:. ans, t tins  25c.
Canned Ccrn, Country  Gentleman
Brand, 2  tlllM 25c.
Canned Tomatoes, large tins. _ for 25c
Canned Peas, per tin  10c.
Waffie Brand  Maple Syrup  Mixture, per bottle   25c.
B.  C. Golden   Syrup,  per  tin   . . .. 15c.
ciioico Table Butter, 3 lbs $1.00
Choice Now Zealand Butter, '1 lbs. 75c.
Pill Pickles, per dozen   20c.
Sweet Gl:orkins, bulk, 2 doz  25c.
nean's Grocery
Phone 380.
Surr Slock ..lumb_i  Street.
J Doors, windows and frames made
while you wail at the Superior S'ish
nnd Doer Co., Ltd., 226 Fourteenth
street.    Phono 503. (2725)
- |
Course cf Lectures.
A course of thn ��� lectures will be
given by the Rev, A. Ni. St. John Mild-
may, M.A., at Columbian college, beginning on Friday evening. The subject of the first lecture will be th'*
"Sophoclean Drama, with special reference to the Antigone." On Monday;
evening be will lecture on the "Or-
esteia of Aeschylus" and "Shakespeare's Hamlet." On Tuesday evening he will conclude the series with a
lecture on Latin literature, Mr. Mild-
may is recognized as one of the lead-
Want Curfew Law.
The curfew law, the signal for all
boys and girls to be within doors or
off the public streets, was urged at
the meeting of Brunette W. C. T. U.
held at the home of Mrs. (Dr.) Mc-
Swain on Tuesday. It is proposed,
that if the 'aw taffes effect, that the
c:ty blink the streets lights at a certain hour e.ch night. An auxiliary in
connection with the work of the Royal
Columbian hospital was formed, particular attention being paid as to
visiting people in the Institution who
are friendless. The next meeting will
be held at the home of .Mrs. .McKenzie,
Richmond street.
Unemployed  Man  Uses  Revolver Shot
as  Recommendation, But Is
Is Arrested.
Edmonton, Jan. ".���
and one appointment
secret meeting ol thi
Sioners,  with   Mayor
"Get The Habit"
i We* intend to clear out a lot of odd
[lines and when straightening out our
stock if we run acroaa anything we
iwlsh to clear, it Is <\ir Intention to
place it on our bargain tables and s il
it. fcr ci *' and less to clear the gooda
i ul 11. nt forget tn visit us and so
' ke advantage of the oh arances,
Vancouver, Jan, 7.���Martin Swift,
an applicant, for relief work from the
city, enforced his claim this morning
with the* aid of a revolver. He fired
at S. J. Montgomery, clerk o:' the
board of works, in his office at the
city hall, but nothing was emitted
from tiie pistol but noise. It ii believed that the shot waa a blank.
The man was immediately grappled
with and held until a police-man could
arrive, when he was taken to the
lock-up. lie is charged with carrying concealed weapons. The police
say thai the oiler chambers of the
revolver was loaded, not with Hanks,
but with r< al cartridges.
Swift, says Mr. Montgomery, pointed the gun downward when he fired,
but on looking for a bullet hole In
the floor or woodwork no trace could
be found The man. who is Irish by
nationality, applied for a job with tho
relief gangs yesterday, but objected
to taking hia ��� lace In the line up
which aboui '.i o'clock extend i aim, st
to the fronl door of the city hall, He
proleBti tl against taking bis plai e
among "Glasgow keelles and Dublin
larrikins" as he designated the men
ol the line. Ills applU il in for vork
al the b, ard i X wi i it i' v. Iclt, t waB re
tuaed m It sa be lake bis place in the
This morning at 0 o'clock he returned, bill entered the office through
the door, Mr. Montgomery says he
i"\, ii he was going to argue with
Two disrulssa 13
was made at a
* city commis-
McNamara   as
and Queen before the* vouchers are
permitted to be sent out. Tims the
annoyance that is caused when these
fall into hands for which they rero
not intended can be readily understood.
There are many women moving in
socii.-t/   to-day   who  earn   sums   that
are positlv'ly surprising by means of
"recommendations' to tradesmen, In
j other worJs, these ladles are merely
! agents  for certain  firms, and  In  rc-
| turn for a handsome commission ad-
I vertise  them  In every  way  possible.
| A fpw Court dressmakers, who charge
! high  pi Ices, owe almost their entire
I business to this system.   A lady takes
! a young girl���married or untnarrli ,1
I as tbe case may be���under ber wing,
and al once decides that the costumier she patronizes Is utterly out of the
question,  und   Insists   thai   she*  shall
! try ".lust one little frock" from some
! Urm in   which   she   has a gre:'.t   interest.
Nine times out of ten the ball Is
only too eagerly risen at, and tin fortunate dressmaker adds iinot hi - rus-
tomer to her list. Needless In say,
the commission paid to the Intermediary is added to tho bill of the customer.
chairman, C. L. Richardson, ex-city
auditor, has been appointed to the
position of deputy  commissioner   of
finance, which makes hiin
spector of departments and
to the mayor.
Oeorge C. Ruck and E, W.
have received notice of the
tion of their services.    Mr.
inspector   of    departments
Bowness was cost, engineer and superintendent of the efficiency bureau.
Waxing Floors.
Old floors can bo waxed unite successfully if a little time anil car*' aro
given over to the work.    The Uoors
should  lirst   be   washed   thoroughly
and   then,    when   dry,   coated    <*ith
some  floor  oil,  such  as   linseed  oil.
This should  be at once rubbed witb
Ruck was I sawdust, which removes all surplus
and    Mr.   oil and polishes tbe* floor.    After Ibis
also    in-
Appointed   to   Commission.
Ottawa, Jan.  7. -Dr,  Frank  Adams,
professor   of   MoGdll   university,   has
teen appointed a member of the Dominion commission on conservation,
any wax may be used, according to
Its directions, and then, after a
weighted brush Is used, the old
doors will be as Binooth as new oaken ones.
Ccme  to   Grew Celery.
Ottawa,   Jan.   7     The   government
has been advised that 400 Hollanders
who have been living in the Kalamazoo   district  of   Michigan,   tbe   great
celery raising country, aro migrating I
to the township of  Dunwlsh  i'i  Eaet
Elgin,    to    Btart  a   similar   Industry!
there.   Th"y have Becurod some 2000 ���'' '
acres of low an 1 i watnpy 1 md, suit
able  to  celery   cult tit >���   and   pi in   to
start  business on i i , -tensiv,   i cal,
-r_^-_-**-**ir-r..-a-**--ffg-'r-v,��ra^ 1
DREAD MIXER8���Eaaier, quicker and  better than  the old  way,
Made in  two sizes, 4-loaf and 8 li . '.
FOOD CHOPERS���Vou  will rind
day.    Made in one piece, they are eas;
different uses.
lireg  for thcRe choppers evi ry
��� to clean.   Different knives for
Our line of enamelled  war<  and
you will have your choice from a  lai
tinware Is of good Quality
ge and complete f.tock.
May   Primot:   Pre*.   Ercck.
( ttawa, Jan 7. .n appolntmonl
".ill be Immedlati*ly mi de to the posl
of d( puty minister of mini a mad,
made vacant by the retirement of Dr
A. P. Law, It Is understood that Prof.
R, W, Brock, director cf the geologl
cal survey will be promoted to th
position, There have been several aspirants for It, Prof, Brock has been
eight years In the department, and Is
considered to bo eminently qualified.
Mortality Decreases.
| Wlnnip g, Jan. 7. A decrease In In
fantlle mortality In Winnipeg from
196..5 per 1000 births in 1912 to 162,2
deaths per 1000 birtba In 1:11 n la the
outstanding and much the most satis
factory feature of the annual reporl
of vital statistics issue,l at the city
hall today. The total number of blrthi
j regis' red In 1913 was 5786 and the
I total number of deaths of the Infants
'.er cno year of age was 053.
And There You Have It.
"Suppoaing," said Mr. Mookton,
"that you were a voter."
"Well?" rejoined his wife.
"And suppose 1 were a candidate."
"Vou want to know wheher 1
would  \ote for you?"
"That was the question I had In
"Yes, Leonidas, I would   vote  for
But if I caiif-ht any other v.o-
��� on   voting  for  you   I  should  con-
rlder their action very forward and
imp rtlnent."
New   Westminster
Phone   69,
Terrible Injuries.
Ottawa, Jan. 6.���-G. Currifl, a steam
fitter, sustained terrible injuries today while testing a hot water boiler
at Westboroi near here, The boiler
exploded ,one plot-- of metal tearing
away hiH right arm, and another fracturing his jaw. He was taken to a
hospital and it Is said he will recover.
Sonne of His Information.
"I hi,: story of yours is all right,"
��� id tho editor, "but your description of the hero's automobile is sim-
I'iy impossible. If there was an
Automobile made aa perfect aa the
one .von describe I'd buy ono to-morrow. Where in the world did you
. ���'   yi.ur ideas?"
"That was easy," replied tbe
B.ulhor. "I got. my friend Rragley
to describe his new car."
Infantile Chicken  !��rt>th.
Customer���What on earth Is this
uoth made of, waiter? Surely it
isn't chicken  broth?
Waller--Well, sir, hit's chicken
roth bin bits binfancy. Hit's made
lout of the water that the heggs are
joiled  bin.���London Tit-Bits.
"Too many words are wearisome,"
laid Kwoter. "Brevity is tbe soul of
"Not always," replied tbe observer. "But In any event it Is always
Cierman Army Autos.
Tho German army has 825 subsided road trains.   These aro power-
1 automobiles pulling several can.
Postmaster   General   Returns   to   Ottawa���Difficulties    With    Ra.l-
ways Over Subsidies.
Ottawa, Jan. 7. Hon. L. P. Pelletier,
postmaster general, returned from
Quebec today and the final arrangements for Inaugurating the system of
parcel post are expected to be concluded in Short order.
The principal obstacle has been an
agreement with the railways by way
of determining the amount of subsidy
they nre to be paid. Their demands
have trebled. The indications, however, now point to a satisfactory adjustment and once this is done the
BChedule of rates  will  be prepared.
Correspondence to the department.
shows that the plans are being mude
to extensively utilize the pare, Is post
ii.".* handling, in addition to ordinary
parcels, all kinds of produce, while
In the west there are plans use it to
circulate books from city libraries to
rural parts of the province, tln> limit
of tin* weight of a parcel being i-
poundi'. ,
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices _ demanded for
land, your careful attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
Granville Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Now Is the Time
to buy Hot Water Bottles.    We
have them with a two and five
Thermos Botlles$1.50 up
Ratepayers' Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that a ratepayers' meeting will be held in the
Agricultural Hall, Hurqultlam, on
Friday, January 9, 1914, at 7 p.m., for
the purpose of receiving the annual
report of the counell and audited
statement of accounts.
January D, 1914.
(2734) A. HAI-IBUIiTON, Clerk. THURSDAY,   JANUARY   8,   1914.
_.   -   FAQE r��VK
Quebec   Defeat   Wanderers at   Mont-1 that featured   the games  of lust  sea-
real-Ottawa,   Shut  Out  Cana-       j80"' canadiens Shut Out.
diens���Torcntos Lead Ottawa, Jan. 7.���The Ottawas play
ed again  tonighl   in    the    form    that
  made the "Old  Silver  Seven" famous
.��� .        _ land upjiiied the. whitewash  brush    to
roronto,   Jan.   ..--Jack     MarshaH'S Oeorge    Kennedy's    Canadiens.    Tho
Torontos drew lirst blood in the clash   score was 0 to 0,
! dib', rent  tale   might   have   been   told
i bad Johnson not suffered bi vere    In
juries which   laid  him   low     in    the
i tu cond period.    The    big    Moi  *     I
travi lllng along at his old clip these
I days.   Oeorge Rochon has gained hi.
1 feet and  with Captain  Lehman  playing his usual  brilliant   game  between
lags,  the  Royals  have  a  dl fence
,i to none In tbe league,
Of the* forwards, if they only    ex-'
ihibii  the speed    shown    at    Victoria I
! there will be httle to it but    a sound
thrashing   for    Vancouver.     Mallen, j
Throop   and    McDonald    are    speed
artists, who given good fast  Ice can
outskate any other trie on the coast.'
: EJddle  Oatman,  while  not  so  speedy,
1 has the knack of backchecking   and
| his    name    with    Quebl c
(Continued from page one)
with ;he Ontarlos, the former winning
liy 9 goals to 3. The game was never
in doubt from the lirst face-elf, although both sextettes played a stellar
game before an enthusiastic and
large crowd.
In  Championship   Form.
Montreal,  Jan.  7.    In   one    of    the ,
closest fought games of the N. li. A.'
season the champion Quebec team de-  Torontos
feated the Wanderers here this even- Wanderers
Ing 4 goals to '���',.   Although playing Canadiens
on their own ice the Wanderers were Quebec
outplayed  at  the  finish,   the  Ancient  Ottawas . .
City aggregation playing with a dash Ontarlos   .
epllpsed by liis work with Westmtn
| stcr.
In  the first stage of the game the !     Skinner  Poulln  will
Canadiens   offered  a  strong  defence with Walter Small! as
and   held   the   Otlawas  to   two  goals i	
in the opening period.    They did  not i ���*������ '���'���':��� ���-.��� ������':��� O ���-,'.��� ������::��� -ii- -ii- =-:
seem to bo exerting themselves    and I1-*
many look  it   for granted they  would
come through  with a burst  of speed
toward the end.
Horse, of which tbe questioner und ir
Stood that the councillor was much in
sympathy  with.    The reply was lost
in tbe laughter that followed.
The Fr.ser Clan.
Hugh  M.  Fraser  received a    good
greeting  when he  took the platform
und at once cot down to figures show*
Ing the position the municipality was
in.    Mr.  Fraser criticized the present'
being j council tor not undertakng the sellln
N. H. A. Standing.
W.    I
Steveston  Fight  Promoters   Eliminate
Frenchy Vaise from Championship
Title on Flimsy Ground.
Some queer stunts are being pulh'd
oil' in tli, boxing circles In this neck
of the woods, but the best on tap at
the present moment is the decision of
the Steveston arena management to
bill the coining fight at the Fraser
mouth between Joe I lay Icy and
Johnny O'Leary as a Canadian lightweight championship battle, omitting
entirely Frenchy Vaise, of Reutou,
Wash.,  the  present   holder.
The promoters give as their reason
for pulling off such a stunt, the alleged refusal of Vaise to defend his
title against Joe Hayley at Rill
pounds. That in i'self if a small excuse. If the probable truth be known
there Is a nigger in the woodpile
somewhere in connection with linan-
clal arrangements Vaise is maKing
more money around Seattle* and iu
California to allow him to make the
trip to Steveston for a paltry guarantee or a few slmoleons promised
tli rn from the gate receipts,
The action Of the management ir,
having the Bayb-y-0'l> ary fight
staged as a championship battle really
emanated from Victoria, Bayley's
home town. Rnyley has been soundly
licked by Vaise on the llrst occasion
and earneel a draw on the second
meeting of the two lightweights. Ever
since MorriB Condon, Bayley's manager, has been finding tho sledding
pretty hard in the way of taking in
the 'dole vara" for himself and his
A few more stunts of the Steveston
brand a:ij the boxiiiK game will be
deposited back In the box with the
cover securely  battened on.
ask for an  Increase In  pay while op-1
crating In the French-Canadian town.
The  excuses  differ  In   the   Pelky-
Smith fight.    Pelky excused his defeat'
by saying that he didn't show his true
form.    Tommy   Burns,  his  manager, I
explained it by saying tiiat his protege failed to follow Instructions. The
way we figure* it is that I'elky is one
big dub after tho pattern of Bombardier   Wells. I
Melbourne, Auk., Jan. 7.���
Fight thousand spectators today saw the New York National league baseball team defeat
an Australian nine in a six
inning game. The locals were
outclassed, the score being IS
to 0.
In the second game of nine
innings, the New York team
beat the Chicago nine 1. to K.
The play of the Americans was
a revelation to Australian enthusiasts.
Asserting that the backstop behind
the catcher was too low to stop a
badly thrown ball, a Denver woman
Is BUlng the city, county and club for
{3000 fcr damages when she had her
I nose broken last summer. Such news
will make Herb Ryall first shher then
I feel thankful that the local city.
league   pasted    a   little   wire   netting
l buck of the Queen's Rark diamond.
Alleged Baseball Trust Story Not Con
sidered S-?riouE���Against Public
Next to the governor general's visit
two years ago the celebration at Fraser .Mills yesterday in honor of the
Circle F. victory over the Beavers
Just copped the cookie. The timber
cats intend to cut some swath for the
rest of the season.
Cincinnati. Jan. 7.���President John
K. Tener, of the National league,
after a meeting of the directors of his
organization today issued a statement in which he prophesied that
public opinion would be on the side
of organized baseball in case a war
is waged by the Federal league.
Pointing out that the Federal
league attacks upon organized baseball have been confined to two points,
one that the reserve clause was Invalid and the other that the parties
to the national agreement were mem-
Co.ct Hockey  Magnate* Likely to Arrange Tcur of Prairies for
Two Teams.
of bonds instead of embarking on tlm
work  of  spending  money.    The  1912
act as referee ��� council and ex-Reeve J. W, Weart did
first assistant. ,not   escape  criticism,   the  latter  get
������   ting   slated   for  his   connection   with
���ii- O ���;:��� ���;:��� ���:: =;:-��� the hospital bylaw of last year which
never came before the people.
He thought the people were paving
too much for their water as compared
i with ih*- rates of surrounding municipalities and   produced   figures   to
show that the operation of the pres
jent system during the past year showed a deficit,   Two new planks appeared In his platform, one being that he
was In favor of all the main highways
.bediig paved, but  that the provincial
government should  pay the cost  because the whole of the people*  would
benefit.     He   also   favored   the     sub-
j mitral  of  a  plebiscite   to  the  people
'asking for their opinion  ns to a uniform rule of the road throughout the
,whole   countrv.    Mr.   Fraser   had   no
election promises to make.
McGregor Next.
Reeve   McGregor, the last   speaker
Interested in the reeveship campaign,
although suffering from a cold, worked himself up to a high pitch in    the
opening  remarks,  defending  the    ad-
iministration for what it had done darling Ihe past year,   ln connection with
the annual  meeting the reeve stated
itiiat the staff at thr hall were working overtime Saturday's and Sundays
in  an effort  to get out the financial
statement  and  that  the yearly  affair
would be held could  it be gotten out
I In time.
"Criticism I invite, but it has cot
to be clean," said the reeve. "I chal-
| bnge Macpherson or any other man
iin the municipality to say that 1 mis-
[represent factH. I am a business
| man and a busy man, but 1 have de-
| voted my time during the past year
wi rking for Burnaby."
i The  Stormy  Petrel.
Reeve McGregor thou described
Councillor Macpherson as the stormy
; petrel who, he alleged, was playing to
; the gallery. In defending the financial administration of the council,
Reeve  McGrsgor  stated  that he  was
^-Xd.tloKES.MA^-DIR.        JA.Rennie. SEc/tRES
for ���
The Canada Life Assurance Co.
Head Office
Business in Force, over $154,000,00
Total Assets over $52,000,000
Established $1847
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
(Dy  tbe  Potter.)
Some special events are carded for
the arena next Monday evening which
should appt al to the skating public
and enthusiast:' of the winter upon in
tho city und district. The management has secured as the headliner F.
J. Burke of Montreal, at present instructor of the Connauglit skating
club of Vancouver, who will rive an
exhibition Of fancy and speed skating
together with a few jumping stunts
over barrels Then too, there will be
races between several of the professional hockiy players, an effort being
made to get Si Qrlffls, Ken Mallen,
Krnie Johnson, Han McDonald and
Cyclone Taylor hooked up for the
event. The amateurs will get their
show, bath ladies and gentlemen,
while a general free-for-all will wind
up the program. Prizes have been
pnomiBed from several of the directors of the company.
Every  time the Wisconsin  boxing
commission bars a pug from the ring
the same fellow comes buck and makes
a general  clean-up In  other sections
of  the  hemisphere,    The  commission;
first  tied  the can  to  1'ackey  McFar-
land.   Then Promoter Tom MoCarey
of 1.03 Angeles off red him a gliaran
too of $i5,ono to meet Jimmy Clabby
in a ..-round fight, and Billy Gibson
of New Yorfi city begged him to take,
a $7000 guarantee to engage in a lo-|
round  tilt   with   Mike Gibbons,    The
metal  was  also tied  to    Eddie    Mc-
Ooorly, who   treked to   far-off   Australia   where   1G.000   fight   fans   paid
their  good   money   to  see  lilm  knock'
out Dave* Smith In one round on New j
Year's eve.
During the time the chamoions cf
th? Pacific Coast hockey league are
wending their way to the east waere |
they will m**et the leaders of the
N. II. A. for possession ot the Stanley cup. It is very probable that an
a!l-:*liir eastern team will be brought
oul    to   Hrltish   Columbia.
Already Calgary, Moose Jaw, Medicine Hat and Regina are clamoritiK
for professional games while It la probable thai the coast, selection will I
Journey as far as Winnipeg where the
first clash with the cent-belt aggregation  will  take place.
The  N.   II.  A.  schedule    closes    on
March 4 but with any prospect of a
trip to the coast the selection com- j
mittre would  have little difficulty  In
securing the  pick of the east  before
that time in order to guarantee natural
Ice in the prairie cities.    The closing
game of the  P. C,  H. A. takes place I
on   Kriday,   Feb.   -7,  thus   giving  the,
players   plenty   of  time   to   make   the |
trip to Winipeg.    The matter Is now
under consideration.
bcrs  of  a    trust,    President    Tener
voiced his opinion that neither charge |0ne of the largest taxpayers in Burn
could be considered seriously. Iaby and the increase in the rates had
---     -         - |hit him just as hard if not harder than
hundreds of  others.
The speaker stated that there was I
an agitation to tvduce the police
force. He for one was not ln favor
c�� It. In winding up, the reeve stated that anyone who had any charge
to make, any reports of private meetings that had not been made public
j should make It that evening or hold
his peace.
Three   More   Opponents.
746 Columbia St.      312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
; Rivers  in  Washington   Begin  to   Fall
Dancer   Mark   Is   Passed���
Storm   Ended.
St attic, Jan. 7.���The barometer
took an upward tendency tonight and
there were patches Of blue sky. The
weather bureau forecasts intermittent
rain for Western Washington tonight
and tomorrow, but the big storm is
probablj ended. The rivers of Western Washington began to fall today,
and should be below the danger point
The interruption of telegraph and
teh phone service north of Seattle today was more complete than for many
The T.hree candidates for ward one
Were the first to address the gath-
erin*-'. neither Councillor Stride, Otto
Deckert or William Sevan making any
promises In event of either one being
D. C. Patterson running in ward
two, stated he had plenty of time to
devote to the work. He believed in
proper retrenchment together with efficiency. Had no adverse criticism
to  make  of  the  pr-sent council.
Councillor Coldicutt produced figures showing the work of the police
force during the past year. How 67,-
000 miles had been patrolled and how
the Torce had collected $9000 in sundries  such  as dog taxes,  licenses and
Either for the Table, Salads or Medicinal purposes, use it PURE���buy it
here and there's no dcubt as to Its
Every  drop  ct Olive  Ol]  sold  here  .
is  pressed from SELECTED OLIVES
bv the bpst producers In Italy.
701  Columbia Street    (Druggist nnd Optician) Phone 57
years   previously,   large   numbers    of | fillpSi whl*le the cost of the force was
Big    Interest    Being    Shown    in    the
Approaching  Battle���Royals Confident of Victory.
The bumper crowd of the season
will greet Vancouver and Westminster hookey teams when they clash
on lb** Queens park rink en Priday
night in what will decided the leadership temporary perhaps of the
Coast league. This was indicated yesterday by the demand for pasteboards
at tile down town office, a large number of reservations being applied for
immediately the plan was placed on
And according to all indications it
will he seme game. Westminster by
reason of defeating Victoria on the
Willows ice last Friday*���-the first
time in tuo seasons���will be prime
The smarting defeat of Frank Patrick's Millionaires on Tuesday by the
Aristocrats has left an impression
among  Taylor,   Pitre    and    company
trees having  been  blown across    the
The only loss ef life reported as a
result of the five day storm, was that
eif the Booth baby, crushed in a falling house in West Seattle last night.
The railroads suffered only slight delay from mud slides except In the
Gray's Harbor country, where high
water also made trouble.    The finan-
$12,000. The East Burnaby representative advocated the completion of
the North road extension of the
B. C,  E.  K.
Charles Allen, an opponent of Councillor Coldicutt, while brief, expressed himself against the alleged extravagant methods employed. He thought
it was too much of a "family affair."
Councillor  .McDonald  of  ward   five,
cial lets  due to the
at any one point.
was  small j Councillor    Mayne    of Central   Park
and  John  Murray,    running    against
Councillor Mayne,  wound up th? pro-
F. A. Tadman occupied the chair.
Fifty-eight Hundred  Names on Registration  Bureau in 'Frisco���One
Thousand Women.
Winnipeg, Jan. 7.���Chief Justice
Mathers handed down judgment this
morning on the suit of W. T. and F.
il. Alexander against C, H. Enderton,
A. H. Oakes, Charles M, Simpson, W.
.1, Johnson and J. A. Dan, dismissing
the action  with costs.
The case arose out of the sab* of
certain property on the north side of
Portage avenue, between Kennedy and
Edmonton, about the time of the Hud-
sou's Bay purchase and the allegation of the plaintiffs was that they
had been induced to sell under mis-
They said if tho proposed purchase
of the Hudson's Hay company had
been disclosed they would have asked
much more for their property than
$1950 a foot frontage, or an aggregate
sum of $173,000.
"Bud" Anderson of Medford, Ore., 1 that something lias to be done to re-
re-rently stated thai when his fight-j pair what losses the team has BUS-
ing days were over he would -retire tallied if it ever hopes tto make the
to the'farm. After getting the K.O. great trek to the N. H. A. camping
administered   twice   within   t^e   past ' ground.
six months bv Leach Cress, there ap-!    For the  llrst time this season
pears   t;o  reason   just   why   Anderson Royals will have a spare man on tin*
Should not take up bis declaration and | Ice, Charlie Tobin
become a tiller of the goII.
"Montreal leads lhe basebail world
in the distinction of having the first
"wop" buttery to be seen in action in
the International league. Tony Calo
Is tho twlrler, while John Smith
whose real Italian name Is (lugllelmo
Peoll���will    do    the   receiving  part.
aving sufficiently
recovered from his Injuries while at
practice, to allow lilm to again don
Ibo blades. It Is probable that the
seven which defeated Victoria last
Fridav will start the game with Tobln
on the fence ready to break into the
contest if necessary.
It will bo remembered that In the
last contest  with  Vancouver  In  this
With Sam Dlchtenheln as the owner city   the  Terminals managed   to  get
oJ the club, the umpires are likely to I away with the odd goal, although a
San   Francisco,  Jan.   7.���Fifty-eight
hundred names were on the books of
registration   bureau   established   for'
tha     employed      by     the     citizens'!
committee of 100, at the close of business   tonight.     Of   this   number  4200 ���
were on  the original  application  list
started  some  days  ago.    More  than
BOO registered today.
'ihe  committee's   appeal   for   funds
and  fcr work has  resulted  so  far In!
tbe receipt of $1150.    A minimum of ���
J50.000    has    been   requested.    Five
hundred men will be put to work on j
Monday on city property.    They  will
be paid 20 cents an hour.    Because of
the rain no largo meetings were held'1"'"' '" ""
today by the unemployed.    Free food
and  free shelter will be supplied  until  the men obtain  work.    Two thou-, .,..,.
sand men were given tree breakfasts | during tho  last school  ten,,
today and the eating place was crowded  for hours tonight.    Clothing also
Is   being   distributed.
Of the r>5 men offered work yesterday on the Western Pacific railroad,
44 reported today.
The condition of the unemployed
women of the city, of whom, it Is estimated there are fully 1000 is being
looked after much In the same way
bb Is that of the men, although It Is
Discontinue   Sex   Lectures.
Chicago.  Jan.   7.���Sex   hygiene  lee-
public schools today were
ordered discontinued by the board of
education by a vote of 13 to S*.    The
lectures  had  been   a  spe>cial    course
It was
decided that no more should be given
pending a general expression from the
public. Mrs. Ella Flagg Young, superintendent of schools, took no part In
the discussion for and against the
Investigating   Land   Deals.
llegina, Jan. 7.���T. R. Ferguson of
WMnnlpeu, Is here continuing the investigation into the land deals ot the
more difficult to get work for them.'late Laurler government.
Seat Sale Now on at Hill's Drug Store.
Admission 50c. and $1.00
Chas. ��. Royal Players
Prices:   15c, 25c. and 35c.
Phone 961.    Box office opens every morning at
this week a new play  will be staged each evening.
Every Seat Reserved.
10 o'clock.   For
Grocers Say  Buyers Are   Responsible
for Increasing Cost of Living���
Chicago, Jan. 7.���Blame was fixed
today in the subject of the high C03t
of living. Despite his clamor at the
price of eggs and the price of meat
and the price of everything, It Is the
consumer himself who Is responsible
for the situation.
This      is    the   dictum    of the re
call grocers, the executive officers of of Individual thrift.
whose national association met in.
Chicago today.
"Did you ever hear a foreigner crying about the high cost of living ?"
demanded Scl Westertleld, solicitor of
the trade relation committee of the
national association. "You did not.
It is the American or the very much
Americanized foreigner who does the
shouting. Your real foreigner - antl
he Is to be found In practically all
neighborhoods--may be a great meat
eater; but when meat is high he cuts
down his supply."
S. W. Straus, a banker, asserted
that he would endeavor to bring about
a conference of the officers of tho
Grocers' association and representatives of the American Society for
Thrift, of which he is chairman of the
'organization committee. The idea of
organization is to raise the staad'irdl _.:.-*��� I *-*��������*���   ������-'"- teW*
ified Advertising
PLA88IFT-ID    ADS    WILL    BE    RB-
eelved for The News at the follow*
log places: F. T. Hill's drug Btore
��2S Columbia street; A. Bprice
Queensborough, Lulu island: Mrs
B. l arden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis.  Alta  V.sta.
house. $2275, small cash payment,
balance  as   rent.    Apply   Box   2736
Tbe* Newt
�� RATE.. ���
��� ���*������������������������������������������
Olasslfl.d���One cent per word pe
<Jny; 4c per word per ��eek: 16c b*
month; 6,000 words, to be used uh r>
���ttlred within one year from date o
���outracl,  $-5.00.
lun ber���Just the thing for drainage
��� v. ill bo sold very cheaa. Superior
Sash and   Door   Co.,    Ltd.
503, 226  Fourtecnta strei t.
Large Number of Indian Claims Heard
���Sittings to Be Resumed
Next  Summer.
Victoria, Jan.  7.���Mir. Justice
dette, who has been conducting
Phone  sealing commission's Inquiry into
through an ad.
in ibis column.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
weok,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges; "very one guaranteed. Mar-,
,   , ,*'-iiii i swer  elaborate  and   BearC-lng    cross*
kei square, i.iiui .     �����
   *,   ���'���*-"'" *-""���    and   once   their   identily
A lithe
Indian claims, has adjourned the court
until July, after completing the hear-
Ing of the while of the Indian claims,
some 850 i*i all. which wen* ready for
presentation, His lordship, at the beginning of I Ins,* cases, quickly came
to the conclusion thai these Indian
claimants musl be treated rather as
children than as witnesses able to an*
I for .several months, Dr. Corkery says
j the mild form of the malady was
, what caused the residents to think
i they had the grippe from eating too
much pork.
i Dr. Corkery reports the county is
; free of contagion in other sections at
Ibis time. No outbreaks of contagion
have occurred during the winter at
the state or county institutions. As-
lietant health officers have been select, d to guard tin* health in all ot
the towns of the county.
Burnaby Also Attended.
The Burnaby police force was represented al the funeral of Chief of
Police Mulliern In Vancouver yesterday. The force sent a floral wreath
as a mark of esteem for the late chief.
Alteration   of  Running  Schedule
Effective January 8, 1914.    Subject to Change Without Notice.
New West.
No. - .
..    9:110 a.m.
12:20 p.m
No. 4 .
.    2:00 p.m.
4:10 p.m.
No. 8 .
5:45 p.m.
S:_.r) p.m.
Exp.   .
.    9:110 a.m.
12:20 p.m.
Exp.   .
4:20 p.m.
7:25 p.m.
3 ... 8:00 a.m.
"> ... 1:20 p.m.
7 ...    5:46 p.m.
8:80 a.m.
1:20 p.m.
.   New  West.'
10:40 a.m.
4:20 p.m.
S:25 p.m.
1_:10 p.m.
4:20 p.m.
\\ A N .
Dei r
ED       THREE    BOYS    TO
trade ai Superior Sash   and
Co.,    Ltd.,    226    Fourteenth
.Bk tor W. l-.. Walsh. 12723)
and Door Co., Ltd., everything in
the line of wood work, 2.0 Fourteenth street.   Phone 503,       (2724)
house, with turuace and conveniences; April 1st. Apply i- -
News Office.
III; l
private   family,   by   young   married
couple.      Applv    Box      . * ���!.    'i '
pretty one-piece dresses for
Fit and work guaranteed,
Karri 11, Maiideville apartments, corner Sixth avenue' and Twelfth
Btreet, Bulte 2. (2739)
ture, or stocks In trade, In large or
small quantities, highest price paid,
eir Fred Davis will sell vour gi ods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
S ��� the exp, rt on furniture before
you give your goods a" ay. Address
Fred Davis. 548 Columbia street,
Now  Westminster. (2667)
and their catches had been substantiated by iin* shipping master's certificates and documents put in by the
owners of the vessels, a brief Inquiry
sufficed to find out what means they
employed of earning a living apart i
Ii, -,i  Ee lling off shore.
A.    I.   Patton's   task   was   rendered
���I** iparatlvely  lighl   In  court,  as  tha
commissioner and the counsel for the I
crown. W. J. Curran, assisted him in
every way to place the claims before
the court, and the Indians themselves'
were  well   pleased  and   contented  at'
the  treatment   they, one and  all,  received.    Capt.  Charles Spring, an old
sealing  man  himself, acted  as  Interpreter, as long as it was a matter of
��� ��� | Chinook,   and   when   the   strangeness:
DOW   FRASER   *��   CO.    LTD.,   321  of tho surroundings frightened  some,
Cambie ' street,    Vancouver,   have  klootchraan Into silence, c. A. Cox. the |
funds to purchase vendors' interests !
In agreements for sale.    Send  full;
particulars of agreements and offer;
will be submitted.    We  pay 4  per
cent,  Interest  on deposits, credited
monthly, subject    to    cheque.    De-
i,i alts r, c, i'.i 'I by mail. I
Indian   agent.   In   whom   the   Indians!
: evidently had the greatest confidence,
came to the rescue.
Capt. Spring states that his father'
'was   the   first   owner  to  go   into   the I
1 sealing business, in 1869,    Before that
. v j the few seals caught by the Indians
_i off slior,.* were sold to the Hudson's
=B I Bay company, and many of these were
J dried   skins.    The   Indians   agrcul   to
I-,, al lard the Bchconers in 1869, tak-
Pride of Ancestry.
His ancestor u piruto was,
Anil proudly be yuve tonffUS
L'nti) the fact that ills forbear
Had from a yardarm swung.
For If you take It In Hie days
When history was made
A pirate was, you are aware,       ,
A very decent trade.
He Oail bis picture on the wall
Where every one could looit;      #v
Ills history was written up
And printed In a book,
Ami he* was hist a trlllo proud
And thought that be was great
Because lie bad descended from
That tousb old ancient skate,
He had a sort of pity for
The person who came down
From ancestors who never robbei-
A coast or hurried a town.
They might be all right in a way.
But It was understood
They couldn't be so much, because
Their ancestors were tood.
Ilo wouldn't hurt a worm himself;
Ile wouldn't kill a (ly.
He was a modest man without      ,
A wicked, piercing eye.
I often wondered, could wo turn
Back to the ancient crowd.
If that old fiery ancestor
Of him would bave Leen proud.
m..   arriving  at   New
New   Westminster at
Exp,   ...
Exp.   ...
Milk   Train   loaves   Chilliwack   at   8:80   a.
Westminster at 12:10 p,  m���    Returning leaves
4:20 p. ni., arriving at Chilliwack at 7:25 p. m.
N. B.���On Fridays a Special Market Train will be operated, leaving Huntingdon at 7:00 a. m., and arriving at New Westminster at
9:15 a, m.
No change is made in the Dally Fast Freight Service, which leaves
New Westminster at 9:00 p. m, and arrives at Chilliwack at X:00 a. in.
th:> following morning. Returning this freight haves Chilliwack al
noon and arrives at New Westminster at 7:00 p. m.
Branche.  Throughout  the   Province  ot   British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of Ons Dollar ami
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Draft* and Travellers' Cheques eold, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. G.  P-NNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK,  Manager.
to R2N7
rem  $2 per   wei k;    i lose   in;
Fourth street. (273
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought lor cash. P. Ll. Ilrov.n. 17
Begble street, New Westminster.
grate* 615 Queens
with furnace; good location. Apply
Box 2727 News office. I 2727 I
In Probate.
in  in*'  Matter of  the  Estate of Thomas
Johnson, late of tbe City of New Westminster, Deceased.
NOTICE   IS   HERKBY   GIVEN   thai   all
creditors and otner persons having any
ilatms  *,r  demands against   too estate  of
the   above   named   Thomas   Johnson,   late
*f  the city of  New Westminster,  In  the
���hv .i  ,\". v Westminster, in the Pro-
,'liicc nf  British Columbia, dec-ased, who
lied nn II-.*- s-1* .ud day of September,  1913
ind whos,  will wis proved in the Supl-em,
 *  ,. ll|rt ,,,  |.,.i.jJ|l Columbia on the ihirti-ih
FOR   RF.NT-11*'  YOU   HAVE  KUOMS    inv ot October,   1913, and to whose  real
to rent try an ad. in Ibis column.        '" ; personal estate letters of admlnistra-
' ,iloii wl,|i tin* will annexed were granted to
 1   James Johnson of tho Cltv of New Westminster aforessld,  ar" hereby  required  to
send particulars In wrltltiK of their claim:
506 Agnes street. (27211
rooms and housekeeping rooms
St.  Oeorge  BtH et, (27021
keeping rooms.  Jio    and    _1K    r*_i
month at 224 Seventh street. (2711)
Ing their canoes with them, but the
fir.-; season did not prove a success.
However, they joined again the next
year, and things going well the Indus:
try was fairly on its feet and in addition to the Surprise, Favorite and
All rt, owned by Capt. Spring's father,
Mr. Boscowitz had also started sealing
vessels, which took Indians aboard.
In place of the bigger canoes, which
had been used to reach the sealing
grounds from ib shore, the Indians
now learned to build Binaller ones for
use on the Bchooners, which carried
as many as twenty and over.
T'orn'c-n Fell appeared before the
court yesterday and applied for permission, which was granted, to withdraw the two claims made by A. J.
Bechtel, as an individual owner, apart
from his interest In the Victoria Seal
iin, company.
Before   the   conclusion   Mr    Patton
Informed his lordship that he had st 11
130 cases to be heard, and asked for
| the right of way in July, as soon as the
sealing company's e'laiui should be die
ing to Please.
"I have a fortune In a name
that I "ill sell for
n bout $1,000,000,
and it is cheap nt
"Better keep it
rather than sacri-
Sce It."
"Say, you are a
shoe manufacturer?"
"This name Is
for new footwear.
1 would call it Ibe
president's shoe,
a n il everybody
would be noxious
to step into it."
tn the unde'rsiRiK-d, th,*"nd-i p0!led of-    Tna commissioner granted
with the will annexed, on or | him  his  request.
1914, at the I    The   number  of  Indian   claims   left
wilh telephone, vicinity Groat Northern depot.    BOX 2746 News office.
wbere.     No   collection,   no   charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
piicv  .'1116 Hastings street west. Van
���couver, (27121
before the 11 tb day of January
undermentioned address, after whlcn date i ., ���
the said administrator with the will an-  over from thls session are accounted
iiex.d will proc* ed to distribute the assets , for by the fact that one of the steam-
[amonVtho pEBS^.n-I^^W^I.K  ��* "mittcd; ?r waa "nab!e '" ca)l ilt
Ins regard only to the claims and demands   Esperanza   Inlet  on   her  last   voyage,
nf which he shall then have had notice nnd
the said administrator with  the will nn- I
nexed will  nnt  he llnble  for tbe assets of I
. the said Thomas Johnson, deceased, or any j
part thereof ho distributed  to any person
or persons of whose claims *,r demands he :
shall   not   then  have  had   notice,
Dated this llth dav of December, A.D.
Administrator with the win Annexed, 212 1
Eighth street.  New  Westminster,  B.C.
I 2581 i
?o that
! unable
a number of Indians have been
to arrive during this session.
in  New Westminster. B.C.
Ti dwelling houses, all modern, In
fine locations, close In on good streets.
Also one stove on Columbia St., and
rtwo on Sixth St.
Apply to Cunningham Hardware
���_r to Jas. Cunningham.
Hard on Her.
"Poor Mabel:    I  Hunk  ber father
so lai-in ti) her!"
��� \\ bat's the trouble?"
'Vou    know    bow    nicely    she   and
Charlie are* gelling on V"
" 'l _S."
"Well, now her father tells her thai
he can't afford In pay for a new guwn
as long as she* runs Ibe pallor lights
live nights in the week."
Grand Trunk Pacific
Monday Dec. 29 at 12 midnight,
to Prince Rupert and OranbN
bay with connections for Masset
Saturday,   Jan.   3,   at   12   midnight, to Victoria and Seattle.
Grand Trunk Pacific
Pi Bsenger trains leave Prince
Rupert, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 a.m. for Tern*:*,
ll.,Z"!ton and Smithers. Mixed
sorvlc" beyond to Rose Lake
(Mile 800.)
Fast modem trains connect at
Chicago with all lines from the
West for all  points  Fast.
Through   tickets  to  Europe*.
Your choice of rail and ocean
We  will   be  glad   to  submit
an   Itinerary for yo
W.  E.  Dupcrow,  G A.P.O.     H. G.
i>27   Granville   St.,   Vancouver.
Smith, C.P. &
Phone   Sey.
He Had Dib.overod.
do they cull tins the century
ruiiV" asked lhe Huffy y g 'bulletining far out to see what was going
Te.-nuso." replied the man who wis
fouling wilh the bulls and valves of
the bucking auto, "it takes a century
to make it."
Victoria Seismograph  Recorded Sixty-
six  Shocks  in  1913���Increase
Over 1912.
How He Would Cet Them.
"Willie,   if   your   brother   gave
two apple-: nud   vour sister gave
two    more,    bow    many    would
"I would have four."
"Correct. Willie."
"But I would bave two fights first.
Local Salt's Department. Phone S!K)
Crclcr   Your  Suit  at
Pioneer Honks on B.C. ami California hy
��� a pioneer. Canadian '"amp Life, 2ml edition; Among tin* Peoples uf n. C.; in the
Pathless West ; Nan, or Pioneer Women
���and Bna. The sets of five for $_.o
7r>c. per copy till .Ian. llth. Address R Pinna and specifications can he prn-
���R Herring, 11H Hamilton St., New jurori upon application from the Chief
Westminster, B.C, or any of the hook Inspector of Fisheries nt New Westmln-
���tores.    Discount lo the trade, l8tert   Inspector of  Fisheries  al   Nn
Tenders, addressed to tho undersigned,
at Ottawa, nud indorsed on the envelope
"Tender foi Gasoline Launch," will be
��� ���' Ived up to noon of the Twenty-sixth
Day ol January, 1914, for tho construction
of a Qtmollne Launch for th*- Fishery
Patrol Service, In the Province nr ftrii-
Ish Columbia, ot the following dimensions,
Length   ovci   all no ft.
Beam     12 ft,
Draft       :, ft
Boat   to  be equipped  with  a  three-cylinder, four-cycle,  8-ln.xl0-ln. Samson  Fn-
Kb," or any  other engine  satisfactory  to
l" pai tin, nt.
���h, i k
Depart nn
Estate of W. A. Gilley.
Ti . ��� - w 111 ii" rec Ived up to noon
ol ������''-. lanuary, li,U, for the purchasi
of the following assets of the above
estati ei ler n -��� | arate . ts or en
bloc: -
1, The pile driving plain, consisting ol i .vii pile drivi rs i oropli I ; om
5-ton derrick In knock down ,. II
tion completi : two over re ��� md
drlve/s; two scows In good cond li m
capai Ity   100  tons  ea, h
2, One up-to-date residence on full
el���ed lot, known and described as : 12
Eighth Btreet, New Westminster, and
at present occupied by Mr. W, \
3, Two  shares    In    the    Llllooet
Farmland Development Co., Ltd., ,
valu"  $1,000.00.
��� The highest or any tender nol
necessarily accepted.
further particulars may he obtain
ed   from
nnI   from   the
f   this   Departnu nl    tit   Victoria,
S   B. C
K.ieh   tender  must   be  accompanied   by
an   ii pted   cheque   on   ���>   chartered   <'.i-
ii.n1l.-in heiik equal to ten p* r cent. (10
P ������ i of lhe ii hole amoiinl of the i* nder,
���*���' Ich chequ, "ill I** forfeited If the sne-
issful tend rer d ctlni s to i nter Into a
mti ��� or falls to complete the boal
n    !���'���-: mce   with   the   tender.
' 'hi q   ��� ac    'I .i|,, III', in-; UtlSUCCI SBful
li ri will be  n turni d.
I *������! arl :** i *  doi a nol  bind  Itself tn
��� I*'   pi   t.i    lowi si  or any  li nder.
Newspaper!*  copying  this advertisement
������ tl     ���     ulli >:���::������-   from   the   I icpartme-nt
il   n il   i"   paid tor name.
I'l'l   '     Mlnlsti r nf Murine and  Fisheries,
irtiiieni   ot   Marino and   Fisheries,
O       ������.,.,): i
I *��� *��� nil,, i    31,   191"..
Civic Free Employment Bureau1
During the past year 66 earthquakes |
were recorded at Victoria, many of
these originated along the sea coasts j
of the vast Pacific ocean, including !
Alaska. California, Mexico, Panama, i
South America, Japan and the Indian j
arcbipellgo; also in Italy, Asia Minor, I
etc. This number 66 is below the
average for the last 15 years, which j
is 72 or at the rate of six per month. ]
In 1904 only 56 quakes were record- I
ed and in 1908, 57; while in 1006 the]
number was 85, and in lfluO over 100,
ll is an interesting fad that tbe
years of greatest seismic unrest are
usually years of abnormal atmos- !
pheric conditions, With the improved
facilities afforded, Mr. Denlson, In
connection with thr* new observatory.
be hopes to be able to throw more
light on  this Important subject,
.Number of earthquakes recorded on
the Victoria seismograph.
September    5
October      3
November     X
Dec< mber       !i
No Su.h Thing.
"She sain 1 was rather young"
"She did?"
"Yes. and that  friend of hers said
'Ob, well, she'll gel over if "
������Menu thing!"
More Fitting.
"Up fell in love with the teacher."
"Is he so young as that'/"
"You meal! to say. Is she so young?"
"Probably I meant to ask are both
so youtig."
Some Compensation.
The pies tin* mntliers used lo make
To pill mlghl nol lie in,
Hut If Hi >   killed the fathera oft
A  nleiisnnt  oe-iiih  was It.
- >.
6-tt  Clarkson   St.
We guarantee  satisfaction.
CoMister   Black.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially select
ed for Flat drain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better in construction, more beautiful and no more expensive  than  the old  solid  raised panel doors.
Get our prices  before placing  your orders
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURIN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BOX  442
City Hall,
I-'* pr* pari ��i, at
ply the citizen i
scrlptlon   for any
Telephone 852,
short   notloe,  to  sup*
with help of any de-
purpose,       (2666)
Hart. Block,
New   Westminster,   B,
Resd The News
flirts'   classfeB,   Tuesday   7:S0  p.m.;
AdfcU classes, Thursday,  10:30 a.m.;
Sewing  classes,  Thursday,  7:30   p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen,
Special dinner Fridays, 11:80 to 1:30.
For particulars call phone 1324.
Spokane, T.in. 7. ITnalarmed when
their bodies broke out because they
l tin uirht they bud the grippe, the r��
suit of ettiiiK too much sail pork,
STREET,: niere than twenty residents of Five
Mile prairie have been informed by
County Health Officer in*. John li.
corkery thev are suffering with the
smallpox nnd bave been placed under
The outbreak of smallpox on Five
Mile prairie, which made It necessary
to close the school, is the Mm serious
outbreak  of contagion   in  the  county
A bite of Ibis and a tarte of that, all day
Ion;;, dulls Ih- -ppetit-*-. and weakens (hs
Restore yout stomach to healthy vigor
by takinj a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal��� -andcutoiit tlie'Vie-un'. t
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the b-JSt friends for suflerers from
Indigestion and dystxp.-.ia. 50c. a Boi
st your Druggist's. Made by the
National Druf; ajid Chemical Co. of
Canada,  Limited,
902 Columbia 8treet W.
the famous Comox steam and
without doubt, boil more water
Phones 15 and 11.
Wholesale and retail dealers in
furnace coal. A ton of this coal will
than  any  other coal on  the market.
We also have % limited supply of Old Wellington (Ladysmith)
coal for stove aud grate. .,,,,_.      ,.
We carry a good stock of building material, Including Vancouver
brand of Portland Cement. This cement is being used by the Dominion and Provincial Governments and all the large corporations
and contractors in the province. It la ground very fine and is very
uniform Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
sewer pipe, drain tile, common and pressed brick, fire clay and fire
Transfer Co.
i)fllc.   Phi*.   185.       Hern   Phon#   11
i.^rn.   Ittf..t.
HsKK'.i-r*  Iipllvat***  I'lomplif  le
��ny part of th* rlty
Light and Heavy Hauling
and Miss^
L.R.A.M., A.K.C.M.
Lessons lu Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (in
class or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and  History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations of the Associated Board of the
Iloyal Academy of Music and Uoyal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc.. apply 61 Dtftferln.
Street.   Phone 411 R. ,-.. THURSDAY,   JANUARY  8,   1914.
ery   person   Is   hereby   re-
notlce and govern himself
In   the   matter   of   the   Municipal
Elections Act, Chapter 71, _ Ceo. 5.
Public Notice Is hereby given t<> the
Blectors of tiie Municipality of Burnaby
thai 1 require the presence uf the s-i'il
Blectors at the Municipal Hall at Edmonds  ell   lie*
12TH   DAY   OF  JANUARY,   1914,  AT
for tin* purpose ef electing persona to
represent tie in in tin* Municipal Council as Reeve nml Councillors; also for
tb,*  purpose  nf  electing  School  Trnsi.es.
The mode of nomination of Candidates
shall in- as  follows:
'rim I'.'inui.lilies -linn I,,* nominated In
writing. Tie- writing shall i���. Bub- '
scribed by two voters nf the Municipality as
Propoaor mill Seconder ami shall be delivered t., in,* Returning Officer al any
tlm*- I,en*, eeii Hie dale i.r this notice anil
2 p. in. nf th** day nf tha'nomination! the
said wrliin ; may be In Un* form numbered r, In the Schedule nf this Act, ami shall
state tn,. name, residence and occupation
or description ot each person proposed, in
such manner as sufficiently to Identify
such candidate; ami in the event of a
Poll being necessary such Poll will be
opened   on
SATURDAY,    THE    17TH    DAY   OF
JANUARY,   1914,   AT:
Burnaby   Public   Hall,   Edmonds.
Hamilton  Road School, Burquitlam.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Avenue,
East   Burnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Methodist Hall, Boundary and Pandora, North Burnaby.
Social   Club   Room,   Capitol   Hill.
Schou   Street  School,   Broadview.
Nelson   Avenue  School,  Alta   Vista.
Sperling Avenue School,  Lak.mere.
Of which ,
quired to ink
shall be lii.'i being a male Hrltish subject
and havliiy been for the tbreo months
next preceding tho day of ins nomination
the register il owner, in the Land Registry
offlc. "f land "r real property situate
within ti*,. municipality *if tin* assessed
value, i.'ti the last Municipal or Provincial
Assessment It ill ,,f fIv-<- hundred dollars or
more over ami above anv registered
jii'l'rrn* nt or charg * ami being otherwise
duly  qualified   as  a   Municipal   V*,ter.
COUNCILLOR shall be Ins being a male
British subject nml having i��* i n for the
Hire,* months next preceding tli*' day of
bis nomination tli*- registered owner, in
tin* Land Registry Office, of land or real
proper.) situate within the Municipality
*if lie- assessed value, en tie* butt Municipal or Provincial Assessment roll of two
hun_red ami fifty dollars nr more over
nn*t above any registered judgment or
chars, or being a homesteader, lessee
from the Crown, or pre-emptor, who has
resided within  the   Municipality  for    the
*��p<_* f   or.*-   year  **r   more   Immediately
preceding tie- day of nomination ami is
ass/wwd for five hundred dollar, or more
on tin* last Municipal or Pr_*_B___l As-
He��m>eni Hull, over and above any reg-
isier,*,! judgment nr charge, nr being a
ho_n_steaiier, lessee from the Crown, or
pre-emptor who has reBlded within the
Municipality for a pnrtiun ot am* year
preceding the nomination,
the remain,! *r of -aid year,
owner of said la-id, uf which
, was a h imo-teader, lessee
trtrm tin* Crown or pre-emptpr, und Is as-
8_f_e_ for five hundred dollars or more
on tin* last Municipal or Provincial As-
xn-uni nt Roll, ov.i and above any registered judgment or charge, and bi Ini;
otherwise duly qualUtled as a Municipal
SCHOOL iRUHTKH shull he his being a
inj-te British BUbJed ana having been for
the thr,*, months m*xt preeadixtg the day
��.r his nomination the registered owner, In
the Land Registry OWce, **! lai.d or real
propertj situate within tho Murdelpalliy
of Me- assessed value, on lie- last .M'.inl-
cir*���: oi Provincial Aaeessra-rrt Roll, of
t\xn hundred an,I fifty dollars or more
over ami above any registered Judgm, in
or -Charge *���: being a homestea-dpr, less,.,*
from lie Crown, or pre-emptor who has
re-HSod within tie* Munlelpa_l_. for U>e
hi**_>- of un,- year or more immediately
nr____ing th" day of nomtna-ion ami
is Bsacssed fir live hundred Hollars or
mors on tie- last MutilL-lial or Provincial
AJM-Bsmcnt Hull over and above any
regtatsred judgment nr dparge, u: being a
limr-ntt'-.oler, lessee from th- Crown, or
nre-emptoi who has resided within the
Municipality for a portion of one year Immediate! v preceding tin* nomination, and,
during the remainder of s-id yunr. has
been the owner of said hunt, uf which
be formerly was a hitim-Meader, lessee
from the crown nr pre-emptor, and is
assessed fur five hundred dollars or
iiv-<r" on the list Municipal .,' Provincial Assessment It ill, over and above any
registered judgment or change; and being
otherwise  duly  qualified   to  von**  at   an
e|e__e_ of si'huul lniBte**.*~ ir. the said
sclio-ul   -district.
Given under my hand at Edmonds, the
twenty--ninth   dav   uf   December,   i��l~.
(*.'7I-l) Returning  Offileer,
ment or Charge, aud le-lng otherwise
qualified to vote ut an Election of School
Trustees in the said School District, shall
he eligible lo be elected or to serve as a
School Trustee In such City .School District.
New   Wi
in,*:* r my ham! al the city of
-stmlnster, th, ::ist day of lull,,..
the same an that set mil ahuv,* fur ,'uti:i-
��� lllom,
Given  under mv hand at  Malllardvllle-,
British Columbia, this 19th day uf I n-
bi .-,   1 ;>l::. *.-. i.'i
.... ii \i.inri:rii\.
it* turning Offl,   .
City of New Westminster
Residence  Y. \V. 0. A.        Phone l-'.'l
(Continued from Page Three)
When going on a long Journey if
on our railway there will be* no annoyance of transfer nor delay.
Toronto Express leaves at. .7:50 a.m.
.St. Paul train leaves at 1:26 p. m.
Imperial  Limited  leaves at 8:10 p.m.
Kor rate and  reservations apply  to
Or 11. W. BRODIE, G. P. A.. Vancouver
"Municipal Elections Act."
Public Notice Ih hereby Riven tn the
Electors uf the Municipality uf the City
of New Westminster, that I require the
presence of said Blectors at  the
Council Chamber, City Hall, Columbia
Street, New Westminster on the 12th
day of January, 1914 at 12 o'clock noon
fur tie- purpose of electing persons to represent tin in in the Mun.i i;. i Council as
Mayor and  Aldermen.
The niuil*' of nomination of candidates
shall be ns follows: The candidates
shall be nominated in writing; the wrlt-
Ing shall I,*- subscribed tu by two voters of
the Municipality as proposer ami seconder,
ami shall he delivered to the KttuinliiK
Officer at any tlni" between th*- date of
the notice and J p. in. of tie- day of nomination; ihe said writing inav be In tie*
form numbered r> In the Schedule of this
Act, and shall slat,* tin* names: residence
and occupation or description of each person proposed in such manner as sufficient
to Identify such candidate; ami in tin*
even, of a poll being mc ssary, such poll
will hi   opened ***i th**
15th day of January. 1914, at:
St. George's Hall, Corner of Clark-
son and Church Streets.
No. 4 Fire Hall, Keary Street, Sapperton.
No. 5  Fire  Hall, Thirteenth Street.
Crane's Store, Ewen Avenue. Queens-
I'l'iin I) o'clock a. ni. to 7 o'clock p.
in., of which every person is hereby re-
inilreii tu take notice and govern himself accordingly.
A for tie- ,j,vt Municipal Election, the
peis,ins qualified lo le- nominated for ami
elected as tho Mayor of any City Bha'.l
be an-, person who Is a male British subject ot th* full age ot twenty-one years.
not disqualified under any law. and has
i'*,i- tie- six months next preceding the
day of nomination being the registered
own, i* ir, the Land Registry litre- ,,t
land or real property in the city of the
assessed value on the bust Municipal As-
sesBmenl Hull of Due Thousand liullars
or mule, over and above any registered
Judgm ii* or charge, ami who Is otherwise duly iiualiihu an a municipal voter     See   16   "Municipal   Act."
After Ha* first Municipal Election, the
pcrsonB qualified to he nominated for ami
'I'd,,i as Aldermen of a City shall be
Buch persons as are male British subjects of tin* full age of twenty-one years,  ,  ���	
ami  who are  not disqualified  under any    /ancouver,   Union  Bay,  Powell  River.
law,   and   have   been   fur   tie-   six   months   ii._tj   - ���, p.,.,.-.,,     o   .     j
next   preceding   th*,    day   ,,r   nomination  Z1,45 a,m E^'r> other Saturday
ihe registered owners in the Land Regis- For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska.
������������ ' effce of land or real   property in the j H;00 p.m Every other Saturday
-Vines Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
=>.0. Box 34 Dally News Bide
of all  kinds.
'rices right     .Satisfaction guaranteed
�����.   McKenzie  St.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
.o:U0 a.in Daily
2:00   p.m Daily
1:46   p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
i0:00 a.m Daily j
11:00 a.m Daily i
From   Vancouver  for  Nanaimo.
1 Lave already said, we shall limit our
I expenditure to    what    i.s   absolutely
in civs-,p.-  to  cany  on     our    business
efficiently,   in conclusion, 1 nay a^ain
'that I look to the future of the company v.nu confidence.   The future* of
the Hrltish Columbia Electric Railway
is bound up with and inseparable from
(In* prosperity    of    British    Columbia
ami of the* future of British Columbia,
with all her mineral, agricultural, antl
forest  wealth,  ami   her  rapidly    Increasing shipping trad**, I would urge
you, in your own interests, not to al-
; low  your confidence ln  the future of
British   Columbia   or   Canada,   or   lu
your Canadian  investments, to be  in
the  least  degree  shaken  by    present
I discouraging circumstances, which are
almost  exclusively  duo  to  disturbed
financial conditions,   Canada has this
year again amply justified every claim
that lias been made for hi r.   Her production of wealth    from    field    crops
and larin  produce, and  from  mineral
and oihi r natural resources, has been
greater than ever before, and the only
trouble  has  been  of a  monetary  nature,    a    recurrence of which    it    is
hoped will be prevented in the future.
|    The Chairman���I have, in  the first
instance, to call your attention to    a
slight mistake In the report. We have
'received  a  cable  that  the  figures  of
' the miles of single track In operation
'in 1913 are wrong:   they    should    be
334.02,  instead  of 357.82.    I  now  beg
; to propose:   "That  Un* balance sheet
las at June 30, 1913, and thp revenue
account for the year ended that date,
together with the reports of   the di-
! rectors and auditors thereon, be, and
^are hereby,  received  and  adopted."
Mr. E. L. Evan-Thomas seconded
the resolution.
Charcholders'  Views.
Miss Agnes Hills asked  whether it
was wise to increase the capital when
the circumstances at present were not
very bright.
.Mr. Dyer Edwards suggested that
the board should consider the advisability of having an advisory committee In British Columbia.
Mr. Davenport said one was a little
too apt, when bad times came    to   a
I!_______ tall
and. during
lia* been the
he   formerly
City uf the assessed value oil the last
.Municipal Assessment Roll of Five Hun-
,lr, ,1 Dollars or more, over and above any
register! d Judgment or charge, and who
are otherwise duly qualified as municipal   voters.      S'-c.    17    ���'.Municipal   Act."
Oiven under my hnnd at the City of
New Westminster, the 31st day of December, A. Ie. 1913.
J.  Sill.WELL CLl.TE.
l-7-(i)) Returning Officer.
the electors of the Municipality of Coquitlam,   tbnt   I   require   the  presence  of
ih* mil,) ,*lectors at t>ie Council Chamber,
nt Malllardvllle, British Colombia, on the
12th dav of January. 1914, at 12 o'clook
noon for tin* P-rp_Hc of electing persons
I., represent them in th** Municipal Coun*
, 11,  as   Reeve  and  Councillors,
Th** mode of nomination of candldnte-
��ill he is follows: Tin* candidates shall
be nominated In writing. The writing
shall !*������ subscribed by two voters of the
municipality as proposer and seconder ami
shall be delivered tu the returning officer
at .mv time between the date of this nolle,* and - p.m. on th*- day of nomination,
ami "aid writing may be in the following  form :
w '������ hereby nominate (Name) lAd-
,i*-*ssi (OeUpation) as candidates for
(Reeve or Councillor*) at the election now
abuul to be held Tor Reeve and Councillors In Ha- -Municipality of Coquitlam.
��� (U*.   p ,��� Qaj]y 1 company,   to   turn   round   and   blame
Nanaimo,   Union  Bay and' Com ox.       the dlrect01's* H<> wouId be one of the
��:00 a.m Wednesday aud Friday i ver>'  luht  tu  do  that  with  r<-gard   t-q
this company, out of which they had
received substantial dividends in the
past, and in which he certainly had
the profoundest confidence for the
future. They were all suffering at
the present time by seeing their capi
River Points.
11:00 p.m Wednesdayi, tal    depleted.    He    himself    bought
For Gulf Island Points. stock in this company at 148V_,   and
':00 a.i> . Tuesdays for Victoria.   Call   it  now  stood  at  113.    The  company
in*? at points In the Gulf Islands.
���IV. OOU1.ET.  -gent.  New  Westmliwter
A W. BRODlm. Q. P   A- Vancouver
was suffering, like many other companies from a little bit cf reaction
after the boom in the western provinces of Canada during the last four
or five years. The same result was
experienced  In  the  nineties  with  re
world. Although there was a little
reactit n at present, he did not think
any of the stockholders need be at ai;
..l.niiii d.
Mr. Harvey al.^.i returned thanks for
his re-election and stated that be and
Mr. BI undi ill Brown had rec ntly
spent three months lo British Columbia aud d< ue a good deal of hard worn,
la connection with tha affairs of the
Mr. Blundell Brown next moved:
"That the bent thanks of the meeting
be given to th: general manager, officers and s;_ff In British Columbia
for their untiring and successful services in the performance of their very
arduous duties." He* stated that h<*
had spent three months In British Columbia along with Mr. Harvey, and li *
could personally testify to the zeal
and loyally of the general manager.
officers and staff there.
Mr. Harvey seconded the motion, ���
which   was unanimously adopted.
Messrs. Norton, Blade & Co. (London)  and  Messrs.  Helliwell, Moore A
Maclachlan   (Vancouver]   were  reap-j
pointed auditors.
The  chairman  next  moved:   "That I
th   capital of the company be* Increas*
ed   to   ��6,000,000  by  the  creation  of
400,000 new shares of ��1 each."    He
remarked that the directors had con-1
siticred the matter very carefully and j
they  asked  the  stockholders  to   pass
the resolution  because they felt that '
it was in their best interests.
Mr. Harvey aeconded the resolution.
Mr. Davenport pointed out that the:
directors   already   had   the  power  to
Issue    another     ��_SO,000    worth    or j
shares and he thought that that would
have   been   sufficient   for   any   emer-1
gency  that might arise.
After   considerable   discussion   ths
resolution was adopted, with a few dis-1
sentients.     Mr.   Davenport   then   de-1
manded a poll.
Mr. Richardson urged the* stock- j
holders to repose confidence In the di- |
Mr. Wllloughby said that if they did
not pass the resolution it would be
equivalent to a vote of want of confidence in the board���(cries of "No"
���besides a want of gratitude and
recognition of what they had done for
the  stock  holders  in  the  past.
A stockholder remarked that if they
could trust the board with ��4,600.000
hi thought they could afford to trust
them with another ��400,000. (Hear.
Another stockholder said he was one
of the oldest members of the company
and he had every confidence in the
chairman and his colleagues.
Mr. Evan-Thomas stated that the
company was a very large going concern and had obligations towards the i
municipalities under franchises, etc.,
and he felt as a man of business, that
it was not wise for them to go on with I
so small a margin of unissued capital
as   ��280,000.
Mr. Davenport said that in thi circumstances he would withdraw his demand for a poll. (Applause.) The
matter had been thoroughly ventilated and the board understood the feeling of the Btock holders, that capital
expenditure s'aould he cut down. He
had not the slightest Intention of casting any reflection upon the discretion
Accountant. fel. it. i-S. huuiu -, Hart
V. H. Bmltb. W. J. Grove*.
Worti   umiiiiak* a     in    City    and    oulsid.
poln's.   211-12    Sveatiiilii-ster   Trust   Hl<1*_.
Phono  364.    P.  O.  Box  607.
countatit, 826 Westminster Trust
building.   Phone .28. (26.-)
atlng Engineers, I-ical 543, meets Id
Labor Temple every first and third
Thursday of the month, ii. McLaughlin,
president: W. C. Saunders, secretary,
P. O. Box 628.
B. a\ P. O. ot Elks of the D. of C. rneii
the first and third Thursday at 8 p. r��.,
K. of P. Hall, Eighth street. A Well*
Oray. Exalted Ruler; P. H. Smith. Secretary.
L,  O.  O.  M���  NO.  854.���MEETS  ON
first and third Tuesday in each
month at 8 p.m. in the Labor
Temple. H. J. Leamy, dictator; W.
J. Oroves, secretary.
_. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Thi
regular meeting of Amity lodge No
27, I. O. O. P., Is held every Monday
night et 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets
visiting brethern cordially Invited
R. A. Merrlthew. N.O.; H. W. Sangster
V. O.; W. C. Coatbam. P. Q��� record
Ing secretary: J. W. MacDonald, financial  secretary.
W. B. FALES��� Pioneer Funeral Direct.!
and Embalmer, (12-118 Agnes street
opposite Carnegie Library.
ter * Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral director..
and embalmers. Parlors 406 Columblt
street   New  Westminster.    Phone  SSI.
s'.er Board of Trade meets ln the boar,
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday ot each month; quarterly meettas
on the third Friday oi February. May,
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Sale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly
confidential. H. Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.   Phone 702.
rimers, Solicitors,
New Westminster.
ft _IcCO___,   BA.-.-
rlnters. Solicitors, etc.    40 Lome Stress,
QL B. Corbould, K.
C.    JR. Grant.    A. E. MeColl.
JrlK.K,      C_��rll_JNC__    gard"--~A_str��-ta."He asked whether Iof  the  board  or  upon  the    way    in
��� w ��.  . -�����___.    ihjg was the Ume {Qr lncreagin_ the  which they had managed the affairs of
New Imported Kail Suitings now on
J is play. See the.n. Perfect fit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
518 00 ur.    Tol Fiont Strer*
Dated   tills    duy   of 191.
1 consent to the a_ove nomination.
And stinll state th** names, residences,
nnd occupation or description of each i��*r-
son proposed in surli manner as to sufficiently Idi-titlf)* such candidate. And ln
the event of a poll  holng necessary, such
Gty of New Westminster
Election *or School Trustee*.
Puiilli* Notlea is hereby given to 1-e
Blectors of ttis City of New West mis.-
cter. Hint l require the presenoe of toe
mild Blectors ret tho
Counoil Chamber, City Hall, Columbia
Btreet,   on   tbe   12th   day  of  January.
1914,   at  ��2  o'clock   noon
for tho purpose of electing persons to rop-
rrsi*iit tin-m as School Trustees,
The mod,' of nomination of Candidates
shrill In* as follows: The candidates ihall
h<: nominated In writing; the writing Himll
Im subscribed by two voters of the
Municipality ns proposer and seoonqer,
nn'l shall !��' delivered to tin* Returning
Officer nt nny Ume between tin* oats of
Hv, notice and the hoar of 2 p, in. of
Hi,* duv of nomination; nn** in the event
���t a poll being necessary, such poll will
_e orn mil  ml   th,*
15th day of January, 1914, at:
8t. George's Hall, Corner of Clark-
son and Church Streets.
No. 4 Fire Hall, Keary Street, Sapperton.
No. 5  Fire Hall, Thirteenth Street.
Crane's Store, Ewen Avenue, Queens-
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 42S
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Bros.'    Gaeullu*.
ifiugiiie-,   Marine   Engines   aud   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth St.
o.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C.
Public Meeting.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
The annual meeting of the electors
of the City of New Westminster will
be held ln the Opera House ou Holiday night next, the 12th Inst., at 8
o'clock sharp.
The retiring Mayor and Aldermen
will address you, giving an outline of
the work done during the past year.
After they have spoken, opportunity
will be given to all Mayoralty and
A-dermanic candidates to address the
electors. Members of School Board
and candidates for same also Invited.
(2745) A. W, GRAY, Mayor.   ,
Bailiff's Sale.
'oi-lt  ii.   in.   to   7   o'clook   p.
every person  Ih hereby  re-
noti,',* nnd govern himself
Prom i* ,*'
ns.. of wliloh
���jutro- to inl,
"in City Hohool Districts of the First,
Second or TMnl Class, any person being
ll    Hr-ltlsll   subject   of   Hi"   full      UK"     of
twenty -one >���,�����:����� nnd having boon for
the six months n**xt preceding the date
of noin'ua'.ioii. tin* registered owner, In
th" Lund Registry Office, of land or real
pritlierf In tliu City l-Vliool DlHtrlct. of the
nirtons, d valuo *m the lii��t Municipal As-
n-'HKincnt Roll of five hundred dollars, or
more, over and above any registered Judg-
poll will be opened on th,* 17th of January,
iyi4 at
Glnn   School,   Port   Moody   Road,
Municipal   Oftl-as,   Walllardvllle.
Agricultural Hall. Burquitlam, between
the hours of f a.m. and 7 p.m.
Of which every person Is hereby required t) take notice and govern hlmsolf accordingly  .
The following is the qualification required of every person nominated for th**
election as Reeve ��f the Municipality of
Coquitlam: He stiail be u male llritlsh
subject nnd have been fur three months
next preceding the day of his nomination
tho registered owner, in the Land Registry
Office of Innd or real property situate
within the Municipality of Coquitlam of
the  town,-*!   value  on   the last   municipal
or provincial assessment roll, of five
hundred dollars or itiore over ami above
any registered Jndirnvnt or rtiaru**, and be
otherwise duly qualified hh u municipal
The following Is the qualification required of every i��**rs,m nominated for and
elected as Councillor of the Municipality
of Coquitlam: fie eliall be a male British subject and have been for three
months n* si preceding the day nf bis nomination the registered owner In tin* I_md
Registry Offloa, of land or real property
situate within me municipality -f tho as-
eti'seil value, on the last municipal or
provincial assessment roil of two hundred and fifty dollars *>i more ever and
above any registered Judgment or charge;
or _������ a homesteader, lease- trom ttw crown
or pre-emptor who has resld *l within tin
municipality for the spaci of one year or
moro Immediately preceding the day of
nomination, und Is assessed for five hundred dollars oi mor, on tin* last municipal
or   provincial   iiswmniil    roll   over   and
I above any registered Judgment or charge,
or in* a homesteader, lessee from the
crown or pre-emptor who  resided within
th** municipality fur a portion of one year  1   .���._,���_���.,������ hnwllns nllevH cnmnlnte
Immediately preceding the nomination, and  l continuous do-iiui, .unvs ion,net
during  the   remainder  of  said  year has
bun the owner of said land, of whlr'i he
; formerly was a homesteader, lessee f*-om
the e-own or pre-emptor and Is assessed
fo*- five hundred dollars or more on the
I iupt   municipal   or  provincial   assessment
iroll over and above any registered Judgment   or   charge  and   ts*   otherwise  duly
1 qualified as a municipal voter.
I Given under my hand and seal al Malllardvllle, llritlsh Columbia, this 18th day
of December, 1913,
A. HAl-JBU-.-ON,
Ri turning   Officer.
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Hy virtue of a warrant under a conditional bill of sale in ail action by
the Brunswick Balko Collender Company and to me directed against the
goods aud chattels of M. K. Corbett
and A. B. <- hamberlin 1 have seized
and taken the following:
One 6x10 carrotn table, three 6x12
billiard    tables,    seven    pool    tables.
capital of the company.    Every time
capital   was  asked    for    it  naturally
meant that theie was to be a further
charge on the company, and he would
ask the directors seriously to consider
I whether   they   should   press  the   pro-
j posed  increase that  day.    The stockholders had been told that it was not
to be issued this year or next year:  in
that case, why did the    directors not
wait    until the next    annual  general
'melting    before   making   the   issue?
j ( Hear, hear.)    He would  not like  to
vote against the proposition, but    he
'hoped  the directors   would give    the
��� stockholders an    assurance    that    no
further capital would be isiued.
Mr. C, W. Butler asked if the chairman could give him some idea of the
extent and value of tiie company's land
holdings ln the Saanieh peninsula. He
thought Caere w-as some development
going on there which might materialize sooner or later.
The Chairman'* Reply.
The chairman, in reply, stated that
Mr. Home*Payne, in his address had
most emphatically told the stockholders that the directors had no present
intention of issuing the proposed new
capital. They were taking this opportunity of getting the power because
they must have some capital in hand
to issue if necessary. If they did not
take, the power now it would be necessary lo call the stockholders together
again and the time might be very inopportune. With regard to local advisers, they were tried for a number
of years, but the arrangement was discontinued. With regard to the land
in the Saanlch peninsula, it was acquired under very favorable conditions
and when times mendi��d he thought
there would be a chance of selling It
at a very considerable profit. A considerable quantity oT laud came to the
company as a bonus for taking the
railway through the peninsula.
The resolution was then put and carried unanimously.
Mr. Harold Brown next moved:
"That the payment of the interim dividends be approved and that the following dividend be now declared, viz:
On the deferred ordinary stock at the
rate cf S per cent per annum, for the
six months ended June 30, 1913, ��0040
to be paid out of premiums, making a
eleven self  billiard  bails,  seven seta  tota] dividend for  the year of 6  per
pool balls, eleven dozen cues, mark
ers, triangles, bridges, cue racks, four
flat  Irons,  table covers, etc.,  six  No.
the nominations for the Hoard of School
Trusteed for Coquitlam School District
will be held ill the sum** time and at the
mini" plane as the said nominations for
Reeve nnd Councillors, and that a poll
for tin* election of such Trustees, If nny
Is required, will be held at the same time
and pine* as mentioned above for that of
Reeve and Councillors,
I   The qualification for School Trustees is
cent on the preferred ordinary stock
and S per cent on the deferred ordinary
Mr. E. Maes Harvey secondexl the
with balls, pins, pit mats, etc. The motlon which was unanimously agreed
above are all ln  first class condition. I tc.
All of which I shall expose for sale |    The retiring directors, Mr. P. G. Nor-
at the Hub Billiard Hall, Dean block,   ton and Mr. 6, Maes Harvey, were re
the  company
The chairman thanked Mr. Davenport, and stated that the directors
were endeavoring to cut down capital
expenditure as much as possible but
that tiie company's engagements had
to be met.
A stockholder said he thought It I
should be brought home to the people j
In British Columbia that if the agita- I
ticiis which had been going on therp |
fcr some time materialized the flow
of capital from this country' would
soon be stopped. (Hear, hear.)
The  proceedings   then   terminated.
at-law. Solicitor, etc. Soiicl'.or for the
Bank of Vancouver. Offices*. Merchants Bank Building, New Westminster. B.C. Telephone No. 107��. Cable-
address "Johnston." Code Western*
W. P. HANSFORD, BARRISTER. Solicitor, etc.. Colllster Block, corner Columbia anu McKenzie streets, New Westminster. B.C. P. O. Box :'!>-. Telephone 344.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors. Westminster Trust Bile, Columbia street,
Ne"w Westminster, B. C. Cable address
"Whiteside." Western Union. P. a
Drawer 200. Telephone tS. W. J.
Whiteside, K. C.; H. I_ Edmonds, D
J. STILWELL CLUTE. Barrlster-at-law,
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia eat
McKenzie streets, New Westminster
B.  C.   P. O    Box  112.     Telephone   7-fc
Solicitor    and    Notary.    Offices     Hart
block,   '.H  Lorne
ster. B. C.
street.  New  Weatmin
Hamilton,   Ont..
Charles   Balrd  met
o    n1_--_t-.t    McQUARRIB,    MARTIN     *    CASSADT.
a   pleasant *     Barristers  and  Solicitors.    S0i   to   lit*
surprise  tbe other day.  when, am.ing |     Westminster Trust Block.    O.  E. Mar-
a number of belated Christmas greet- !    ��Jn*  yy O.  McQuarrte   and George Iw,
tags  he  found  a  letter containing a I    CaaaBlly*
$j bill, to apply on an account of $1U.
which  has been  standing on  his old
store   books   for  twenty   years.    Tne
sender explained that he had been recently converted at a Salvation Army
meeting, and 'he was trying to square
his  old     financial    obligations    and
would send the remaining |5 in the
near future.
"That was one of the most pleasant
Christmas presents I received this
season," said Mr. Baird, "not because
of Its great financial value, but because It gives me renewed confidence
���n mankind. I only hope the good
I,ord will touch the hearts of many
others, whose names still adorn my
books, and I will send the money so
received to Ireland to assist in the
good cause of home rule."
COAL MINING rights of the Domlnlat*��
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Aibert*v,
the Yukon Territory, tbe Northwest Twr
rltorles and In a portion of the Provtr>e>'��-
of British Columbia, may be leased for >*
term of twenty-one years at an a-inus*^
rental of II an acre. Not more tba-a _-fcV
acres will be leased to one applicant,
Application for a lease must be made'
by the applicant In person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district tn which lltt
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory tho land must bs
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, aind In unsurveyed ter
rltory   the   tract   applied    for   shall
for   shall    bs
Old Timer  Dies staked out by the applicant himself.
Mnnnlmn    tin   7      j���,,ii,'��� -ij ,,,���-       Each application  must be aeconu stile*?
Nanaimo, Jan.   i.~Another old time   hy a te# of ts wh-ch wlll be ninrl,.���A ,-*
risideut ot Nanaimo died on Saturday | the rights applied for are not available,
when   David  Jones,   who  has  been   albuJ-not  otherwise.    A  royalty  shall   b*
higbly respected citizen for the past
forty yoars, passed away at the age
of St! years and 4 months. In spite
of his advanced age the deceased had
enjoyed grtod health until about three
weeks ago, when his powers began to
fall, The funeral took place yesterday
corner Church and Columbia streets,
on Monday, th- 12th day of January,
A.D. 1814, at the hour of two o'clock
in the afternoon.
January 5th, 1914,
Bailiff for Brunswick Balko Collender
Company. (2731)
Read- The -News
elected on the motion of Mr. Rlundell
Brown, seconded by Mr. Evan-Thomas,
The chairman, In returning thanks
for hiB re-election, said that he had
been a director of the company since
it was formed; he had seen Its pro-
gross, and today he had as much confidence In Its future as he ever had.
During this time of stress British Columbia was giving evidence of a great
deal of stability. The present depression was not confined to British Col
umbla and Canada;  It was a depres
Give 'Em a Day Off.
Winnipeg, Jan. 6.���At the organization meeting this morning the new
city council decided practically unanimously In favor of a day off a week
for members of the city police force
aud a formal resolution to the effect
which It Is Intended shall be taken
by the newly appointed police commissioners as instructions as to the
wishes of the council, was passed.
paid on the merchantable output of _.��
mine at the rate of five cents per toa.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal rained and pay the royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining right*
ire not being operated such returns shou!**
be  furnished at  least once a  year.
The lease wlll Include the coal mining,
fights only, hut the leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever avallab).
jurfucu rights may be considered n?ce*��.
jury for the working of the mine at the
rate of 110 an acre.
For full Information application  should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart
! ment of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any
Agent  or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  L-ind-,
Deputy  Minister of the Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
sdvertlsement wlll not be paid for.
And He Only Has One Arm.
Edmonton,  Jan.   6.���Eleven   shacks
on  the Hudson's  Buy  reserve and a j
man ln a buirgy were held up at the j
point of a rifle and the man alleged
to bo guilty of these crimes was ar-
rested   by Constable  Gould  after an |
hour's chase through the brush of the
big strip  of land  north  of  the  cltv.
Charles l^wls, a one armed man, Is
s!on which was praetically affecting facing a temporary charge of carry-
the Industrial Int-.-ests of the whole  lug firearms.
New Wellington
Office,  554   Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. 0. Box 345. Phone 103. PAGE   EIGHT
THURSDAY,   JANUARY 8,   1914.
At the Theatres
The first practice of "The Yeoman
ol thi Guard," the open being taken
up by the Westminster Operatic club.
*.* . ��� . ' \i' n.'iay night in the t'onsi-r-
vattvi club rooms, Mr. Taggart conduct ng, Thi re was a good turnout
t:f musl ���:! enthusiasts,
Ti: ��� officers of the dub are as follows :
lion president, c. D. Brymner;
pr at, \. E. white; hon. vlce-presl
del U, Mayor Cray. Ueut-Col. J. D.
Tayl, -. M.l' T. Glfford, M.P.P., W. H.
Keairy, J. .1. Jones, T. rt. Pearson;
vice-president, F. T. Hill; executive,
J. Graham, J. Reid Duncan, !���'. M. Pil-
giano, W, J. Groves, Dr, Matthison,
A. A. Matthison, -Mrs. VV. H ��� Beck, Mrs.
A. S. Bennett, Miss Birtch; treasurer,
i,. I'. Lusby; assistant treasurer, P.
\\ < hilver; secretary and business
ii-. A. E, Alderdlce; assistant
secretary, A. J, Leamy; musical dlr*"e-
tro. Geo, Taggart; stage manager, Dr.
Matthison; accompanist, i*\ Major.
Mrs. ii. B, Corbould, Mrs. T. K.
i earson and Mrs. Pyne of ihe ladles'
committee attended the meeting on
Mon la; night, Practii es will continue, being in '1 every Monday evening at '��� o'clock sharp i.i the Conser-
, vative committee rooms.
drunk the day before and for having
In en found in that state he was fined
(2.60 and costs, or live days in tin*
Herbert Train'or said be wasn't ::
vag, He was picked up about _
o'clock yesterday morning at the
tin-ill Northern depot, after having
ridden on the toe of the conductor's
boot from the cars 10 the platform. He
and another youth, Frank Raymond,
of the same Btamp, were given one
, belli* In Which to put a whole lot Of
I distance between their backs and the
CitS   limits of this hamlet.
Paris   in   Darkness.
Paris, Jan.  ,1.    At the busiest  hour
this evening the centre of I'aris waa
plunged in darkness by the breaking
of a cable at  the electric light  plant.
Restaurants and  cafes were crowded
at  the  time and candles were lighted
and  stuck into bottles and other receptacles.    Street traffic became dangerous and there was a bad tangle of
vehicles in many of the streets and
'avenues.    Owing to the failure of the
current  the subway suspended opera-
tions for a considerable time.
Tor! Coquitlam, Jan. i. I R. McKenzie, candidate for the mayoralty,
a ill he heard In his firs! campaign
speech at the Agricultural ball next
Tuesday evening. The electors are
looking forward with interest to the
announcement of Mr. McKenzie's
ilatfi rm, which it Is expected, will bo
a very progressive and energetic one,
although tempt red by a strong cons' rvatlve element, necessitated by the
prevalent financial stringency.
The meeting Is also being held in
il* Interests of Alderman Ga*ler, A.
W. Keith and 11. O'Hanley who are
In the race for aldermanlc seats on
?*lr. McKenzie's ticket. Mayor Mars
and other candidates for civic honors are Invited to attend.
The supporters of Mayor Mars are
planning to hold a grand rally on
Wednesday evening next, the night
preceding the election. The deposition In this case will probably also be
invited  to attend.
Of Libbey and Trayer who open a:.
engagement at the Royal theatre today, it was Mr. Liibbey who discover*
ed "After the Ball" and made it tin*
most popular song ever written. This
was -inie twenty years ago. Felix
McGlennon, th*-* greal English com- j
poser, wrote "The ship 1 Love," which,
Mr. Libbey later Bang Into popularltj
in America, During the three days
engagement of Libbey and Trayer al
the Royal theatre Mr. Libbey will
e ng one of thes, old time songs al
every performance.
The Royal players at the opera
house were greeted by another
bumper bouse last evening when
".-Jumluy," a play at once full of in-
teresl and comedy scenes, waa taged.
This (veiling a dramatization of the
famous novel "Trilby'' will be staged
ansd 11 is expected (hat another
capacity house will be record* d.
On Saturday afternoon 'a micci;!!
matinee of some gnat (day will be
staged specially for the children. Mr
Royal last , veiling announced thai
any families who could not afford U
take their children to this matinee
will be gladly given tickets if applied
for at the opera house before-* Friday.
They will have their choice of any
seals In the house and it is hoped
that many will take advantage and
bring their children t<> the afternoon
p< rfdrmance.
Program for Today
A  wonderfuly beautiful Kleine-
Cines  film  in two  parts.
A Vitagraph Comedy
Selig���A   Romance   of  the   Sea.
Song by Pete
No  7.
Resigns, Gets  Increase  In Salary and
13 Thrown Out. as Is Also Case
in Court.
I 'ni ,'.a> < f going af;, r a man who I
is working for ynu and -.* bom you be- [
lieve has I n destroying .vour property ir. to rinse Ins salary from on,*
hundn d boi ��� ������ pi r month to one hun-'
dred and Ilftj I hat i-ae the plan '
adopti i :... Jan ��� Cunni igl am, i �� n r'
ol thi   v*. ter Ga i ci mi anj. ai   '���
cording to his o an t, stimotiy in tin
useau ��� *,, ��� laid agalnsi ,li ,-������ i * u ;
ijs- i ��� i i i in a \\ addi il. ��� deb ������ as
heard nud dismiBsi tl in li * police
couri   yesterday  morning
Mr.  Waddell, a;   far as   could    b i
learned from  the ei  i u,
Mr.  Cunningham's  ti a id * i   ... d
. enl  in his r< Blgnati i take oil
ii the i ml of iltt i res i I nu nth   ifi
receiving which   documi nl    M r  i u
nlugham  bad    raised    Mr,   ..   ,    n's
salary   and   bad   Instl UCti d   u   ���   rta
Mr.   Douglas   at   the   ga3   works     lo
heave Waddell out of the plai
if    he   came   cavorting    around     li
Bounds ii L> i i contradictory, bui
the way Mr. Cunningham's evld
lined   It   up  and   that's   the   way     ll
worked out.    Mr. Waddell did resign,
in* bad his salary raised and  I.* did
go   cavorting   arouiid   the   gas   works
and  Mr.   Douglas  did  heave  him  out,
hence   the   charge   of  assault.     Alter
hearing  the  evidence   Magistrate  I*1rl-
noiids decided  that  Mr.  Douglas  bail
tint used more forced than was neces
*arj to execute Mr. Cunningham's orders and the case was dismissed.
Some 0ther3.
John OleBon admitted under   prca*,
jHire that he might have been a Utile
The Great Scottish Comedian
No. 6.
High Cl_r.- 5'nging and
Ccmedy Travesty,
Ml.- That is tin* way the
Pulton Theatre, Brooklyn,
VY. Program it, a,Is.
Au'bentic program in front
Libbey and Thayer will ap-
oesr for three aays starting
Other   Attractions.
Mcz.o   Soprano.
5       REELS  PICTURES      5
Arii.lts   15c;       Children   10c.
Our Electrical
We carry a  full  ]Jje    || Westminster '"    ,    , 2 ��� r,
line   of    the    new * Department, 2nd Floor
Utility House
Dresses   for
Department   Store
Pocket Flashlight a on
Thursday only  	
Buy one to see the time by these
dark mornings and get to work
January Clearance Sale Prices in All Departments
Main Floor
Merchandise at
Special Sole Prices
We have still a very choice
assortment o�� all kinds in Neckwear, Gloves, Hoisery, Ribbons,
Art Needle work, Fancy Goods,
etc.. Is ft over from the first few
days of our January Sale, which
we again wish to draw to your
aitcntion. Now is your time to
purchase first-class goods of
maximum value at a minimum
cost. Head carefully over tin*
following items and be convinced of their genuineness:
Ladiec' Black and Grey Suede
Glover, also quantity of tliace
Kid Gloves, all sizes. Reg. sold
nt $2.00,    Sale price rwae
per pair     ��� OC
Ladies and Children's Wool
Gloves; ail sizes. Regular value
to ;i5c.   Special, *5A
per pair tmWJC
Silk and Satin Ribbons in all
shades; splendid quality; all our
regular 25c, values. *| *\
Sale price, per yard JLOC
Ladies' Silk Mufflers: good variety of colors; silk fringe. Reg.
values to $1.25.    Sale*        tlf\
per yard   DUC
Ladies' Veilings In black, blue,
mauve and white. Regular 50c.
yard.    Sale   price, "l f\ ���
per  yanl    1UC
Ladies H.S. Handkerchiefs, in
a goo.l quality cotton. Regular
6c. each.    Sale prico Q(J
ten   for    -SOC
Ladies   Neckwear,   offered   In
four special lots:
LOT  1   -Hegular  values  to 35o.
Sals* price OC
3 for _iOC
LOT 2.���Regular values to
75   cents. rtj-
Sale price __i*JV.
LOT     3    Regular      values      to
Sale  price -J-/*-***
LOT     4.   -Regular     values     to
*_.5o qe
Sale price    ���/_#���_-
Ladies' Handbags In assorted
leathers; strong mounts and
clasps. Regular values  to $3.50
Price    ��J)1.4_)
Ladies' and Children's Hosiery,
comprising cashmere, ribbed,
cotton, etc..  In  all  sizcs.    Reg.
price, per pair   OC/-
values to 50c.   Sale -5DC
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose in Mack
and tan. A regular fiae. value.
Sale price, AKf*
rer pair     "�����_�����*_��
Ladies' Pure Silk Hose in all
shades; good quality and in all
hi*,-. Regular $150 and $1.75
values.    Sale price, QC/��
pT pair   _/_!--
Eack and Side Bands; plain and
fancy. Regular value to 75c.
Sale price "I Cf*,
per set    * _���#-*��
Ladies' Combs, with _, 3, and 4
rows of Brilliants, In shades of
grav brown and black. Hegular'values to $1.50.       oe
Sale   price    OOC
Hat Pins, with massive brilliant
heads, in variety of shapes.
Regular value to $1,00     1 /\
Sale price,  each    -LV-.
Souvenir Hat Pins of New
Westminster in flag shape head
Regular 25c value. *| r\
Bale  i'riee. <*aeh    IV-V-
Novclty Hat Pins and black
string Beads.    Iteg. 25c,  values.
*;;;;|,ri,r      5c
Leather Wallets, Russet Purses,
in vbtIous fshapes and sizes, at
i xactly ball  pric**.
Regular $1.50 7Kn
^v'uf%v-:' 60c
;;;;""; >r- 25c
Packet Blotting Paper, 12
BheetS,     Hegular   15c,        1 (\
Special       *UC
Lead Pencils, regular 25c, por
dozen,    Sale   pric. 1 C
per  dozen    *\*JV��
Pen Holdcrc, with P1 n, variety
Of   stvl'*s.     Hegular   5c,        J?
Sale   price.   2   for    OC
Marginal Note Books; good
duallt, paper, size 6x9 inches.
Regular  10c.  value. C
Special,   eae'a     tJ _���������
Drawing Pins. 12 i:i box. Hegular 5c.    Sp cial C _
2  Tor   OC
Pen Nibs, in boxes containing 6,
Regular 5c.    Special (?
2 for   0t
Extraordinary Values on All Our
Ladies' Ready-tc-Wear Stock
Waists Never Were Cheaper.
Fancy   Net  Waists:   cream  and  black,  with   '.ilk   lining;   d��0  7C
latest styles; reg. Values to $6.00.   Sab* price, each  ��P__i./D
Fancy Striped Silk Waists in navy, black, gray, white and <fcO QC
brown:  ri'gular values to $7.50.    Sale prico, each   �����P-)*'-_/0
Evening Dresses at Startling Prices.
$20.00 Dresses for $3.95, In materials of Ninon, Silk, Voile and All-
over embroidery; shades of pale pink, blue, tan and cream.   ���fl��Q  t\ff
Regular $20.00 valueB.    Sale price, each    ��pO.*/J_>
$5.00 Kimona? for $2.95, of Eiderdown, In colors, gray, blue, n;se
in all white, and black and white, tan and cream, ninon and
Messallne drop skirt.    Regular $35.00 values. (hi a  QC.
Sale Price  splU.OD
$5.00 Wimonas for $2.95 of Eiderdown, in colors, gray, blue, rose
and cardinal.    Regular $3.7". and $5.00 values. *��q QC
S.1S  price    $_S.y*D
Ladies' Coats at Ridiculously Low Prices.
Our  regular  values  to  $18.50. d��o q��
Sale I'riee. each    ���vpO.UO
Our regular values to $21.00. <J��-I f\ QC
Sale Price, each    *P * "������'*���*
Our regular values to $26.50. d��'| O QC
Sale Price, each    ipLOeUtJ
Our regular values to $40.00. ^17 ft\t*.
Sale Price, each    S> * ��� ���0*J
All are up to date coats and these genuine values must be seen
tt* \v believed.
Satin Underskirts.
Our regular $1.25 and  $1.95  Satin  1'nderskirts at 75c. and  $1.00
Our Entire Stock of Furs Must Be Cleared.
All our regular $7.50 values. (DO QE-C
sale pric  q>z.yo
All our regular $14.00 values. ���*�����������������%  QEC
Sale  i'riee    -PO.-FO
All  oar  regular  $22.00   values d��Q QC
Sale  Price    ��p*t/. _/*_��
Children's Coats for Less Than Cost.
$4.95 Coats for $2.95;  variety of cloth:;:  sizes from 3 to <S
v ars;  regular $4.95,    Sale Price  	
Children's Serge Coat3 in sizes from 5 to  1_  years.    All   <J��0 QC
the latest styles.    Hegular $fi.7r,  values.    Sale  Price ���}>���->.U*J
$8.50 Children's Coats, $4.95; sizes from 6 to 13 years.   All   d��j|   QC
are good  warm winter coats:   reg. $8 values.    Sale Price   *t/^etV%J
Ladies' Part Wool Vests and Drawers.
In natural and white.    These are odd lines and their regu- ftft-n
lar values are 75c. and Sac.    Sale Price -_*���_?���--
Ladies' Cotton Fleece-Lined Drawer-.
Also vests to match.   Regular 40c. value.
Sale Price   	
Dress Bargains That
Mean Big Savings
We are at present showing Drees Goods values that we don't think
you couhl duplicate anywhere. The variety includes practically all
the wauted weaves and the assortment of colors Is so varied that you
will be sure to find what you want.
Our 4ftc. per yard Special are values that usually sell up as high
as $1.26 per yard.
These are Bedford Cords, Serges, Whipcords, Plain < lotns, i��ag-
i nals, Panamas, Figured Voiles and a variety of Tweeds ln 4Qc
ull colors.    Vour choice, per yard    ���*���_/���_��
This is a "'ilondid chanci   to get new dresses for little cost.
Three Specials in Bedding
Dors It pay you to be cold when
for ?".!*."i we offer you a full
8\?e 66x72 Quilt, tilled with real
yoft, light and clean cotton,
covered either with good ejiial*
Ity Bilkaline or heavy art sat-
ie n. Hegular price $3.'""
January Sale
Price  'r
Don't ipoil a good night's rest
by ur-'iiri a poor hard pillow. We
have ���: line of pillows, size If'
1 ���, 27, fiHi tl to just the right
��� ip ic!ty,  with  purified chicken
leat.':ers, covered with strung
fancy art licking. Keg. price.
$1 66. January Salo
Price   . .'	
The mild weather accounts for
the price on this Blanket. We
have heavier and higher priced
ones, but for ordinary home use
where washing qualities, combined with wear, warmth and
appearance are considered we
can show yon nothing better
tliiin   this   line,     Regular   $6,B0,
;:r;::;:ry.Kiu'' $4.95
Good Carpet Specials
"K ine'i  vide  Reversible Carpet.
Regular 75e. per yard      ng
Sale price, per yard   . .. __��*_'V��
We ba/e only one piece of this
carpet left and have marked
it at this price to clear it:
I only    Wilton    Rug.    Regular
Sale   price    JpO-J'.UU
ComeB In Pawn shades in neat.
conventional pattern. This is
an English Wilton of the best
quality; the Bize Is a large one,
II feet :i inches by 13 feet *>
Inches. One of the best values
ever offered  in  Rugs.
Japanese .Mats. Regular .ac.
Made from good quality Japanese straw, neatly stencilled;
comes iii tin* latest Oriental design.*.:.
ooc. Cocoa Mats.    Sale
Price,   each    	
One of these mats at each of
the doors is just the thing for
these Vet days. This is a good
heavj mat that will not shake
Aluminum Cooking
Utensils at
Unbeatable Prices
8-ln   Pry   Pans    40c.
10-tech  fry Pans   50c.
l quart  30c.
1 1-2 quart   35c.
- quart  45c.
���'! ,;uart      60c.
I   quart     50c.
. quart   75c.
3 quart     $1.25
4 quart.     $1.75
1 qi.arl     .....$1.75
2 quart     $2.25
1 1-:J quart    $1.75
2 quart.    $2.25
4   quart     $3.00
16-lnch     Long     handled     Hair
Brooms.    Regular QC
$1.50 for   *_/DC
Bannister Brushes, or"'
�� *"��� *r*
Hi gular 36c, for      ^*~"-
.'lag;,*   Ku���i-'.ur"   Polish.     Regular I.",-, bottle, OC
2 tor   *__iOC
Wizard   OH   Mops,       *jh |   f^fh
each    Jpl.DU
-Siring Whisks. Regu       *| f*
lar  _,ric.  each      IDC
4-string Corn  Brooms.       Cl".
Reg.   60c.   each    DUC
Shaded   Fibre   Scrubs.     *| 4\
Regular lac. each  1 "C
Spring Mop Handles. ���*! fp
Regular  -5c.   each      IOC
Mrs.  Potts' Sad  Irons.     Qg
Reg.   $1.26   per  set    J/OC
6-qt, Lipped Preserving Kettles.
4 and ii qt. Lipped Saucepans.
2 and 3 qt. Coffee and Tea Pots
10-quart   DiSh   pnns.
Bargains in Men's
Wear for Thursday
35c. CASHMERE  SOX, 23c.
Black, all  wool Cashmere Sox,
Llama   brand.     Good   value   ai
35c. pair.   Special for
Thursday,  pair   	
FOR  $4.75.
Thi se are all heavy weight
mostly shaker knit coals in
soft, spongy wools. Just the
coat for out-of-doors, All tin*-*
popular shades to clioose from,
All sizes
Sale   Price   ....
$3.50 SWEATER COATS, $1.75.
These are lour short, lines
grouped together. Medium
weigh!; all wool wilh V neck
antl stand collars, plain stand
collars er plain V neck. In
plain colors and trimmed effects, In all sizes.
Sale Price    	


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