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The New Westminster News Mar 14, 1913

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 New Westminster.
What attractions does New Westminster offer industries?   Trackage
and  waterfront sites, railways and
ocean tra
' ���*"** ttZ**s
m* it m
J^ .^JJBta-ftWr" Today.
New   "Weatmlnster    and    Lower
Mainland: Light to moderate winds;
generally  fair and mild during tbe
I day.
���v. I
VOLUME  8,   ,S%BER  7.
New Westminster narrowly escaped
losing its city ball and all the valuable recordB stored therein when fire
broke out In the quarters of the city
electrical department, located on the
third floor of tbe building immediately above the fire department's sleeping quarters. The first Intimation
that the boys under Chief Watson had
was whin a young man, who seeing
the flames breaking out In the roof
Immediately raised the alarm This
was at about 6:30 o'clock.
ThingB looked bad for the entire
building for a time but five stream*-,
of water with an excellent pressure
soon dampened the ardor of the flames
and shortly after 7 o'clock the fire
waa under control, although thc hose
was not taken down until nearly 8
New Aerial Truck.
This was tho firBt time that the new
aerial truck was seen In action and
the way the fire laddies swung the I
huge vehicle out of the building, backed up and ln a few seconds had the
ladder reaching over the building, demonstrated the fact that the new pur-j
chase was  a  wise  investment.
CallB were sent out to Nos   2 and 3 ;
stations  so  that  plenty  of hose  was
available, three reels being used from
the Columbia  street  side,  while two;
were brought Into play from Clarkson
Just how thc flames got started will
perhaps never be  known  although  It
was  sugeBted   tbat  crossed   wires   lu
the electrical room where experiments ,
and tests are made of different elec-:
trical  material, waa the cause.
The  glow  of  the    flames    coming
through the roof brought out several
hundred people who lined up on all
sldeB of the building outside the police cordon.
Saved Documents.
Real workers at the early stages of
the threatened conflagration were
Messrs. C A. Welsh, John A. Lee,
and J. W. Cunningham, who rushed Into the engineer's department and carried out bundles of maps, plans and
records, which If destroyed would
have meant an additional loss of thousands of dollars to the city.
An estimate of the damage done
was impossible to secure last evening
although the roof over the east wing
will doubtless have to be renewed
while several hundrer dollars damage
was caused by water which entered
the engineer's department and also
the general offices on the ground floor.
The car service on the City and Sapperton lines waa held up for Borne time
until a shuttle service was brought
into use, the passengers being transferred at the point where the hose
lincB croBed the Btreet.
Need  of Vault.
It is interesting to mention that
City Engineer Blackman In his annual
report, recommended that a fire proof
vault be constructed In order to accommodate the records and plans of
the  engineering department
Thc fire department will be put to
serious inconvenience during the next
few days as their quarters suffered
thc worst damage, the boys having
clothing und valuables soaked by the
streams of water which were poured
over thc  building.
Maintains Her Position Among Cana
dian Cities In Bank Clearings���
Total   $579,060.
Toronto. March 13 ���Thc following
are the Canadian bank clearings for
the week ending March 13, 1913 as
compared with the corresponding
period of  Ull:
City 1913 1912
Montreal    $51,143,243 $46,420,708
Toronto      4u.S67.971    86,844,359
Ottawa  .   .
Victoria   ..
Quebec    ..
Halifax        1,618,265
Ht.   John   ...
Moose Jaw   .
liethbrldge    .
Ft. William
8,706,078 :
2,290,0115 :
��� ���
I*                              ���
��� London, March 13.���Thc Brit ���
ji ish    naval    estimates,    1913-14 ���
��� which   were   announced   today ���
��� total $881,646,600 as oompared ���
i ��� with 1225.377,000 last year. The ���
��� new building program provides ���
��� for five battleships, eight light ���
��� cruisers,   sixteen   torpedo  boat ���
��� destroyers  and  a  number  of ���
��� submarines ���
��� The   personnel   of   tbe   navy ���
��� Is to be increased 146,000 offlc *
| ��� ers and men. ���
��� There will be under con- ���
\* gtructlon   on   April   1,   eleven ���
��� battleships,     three     battleship ���
��� Cruiii rs. thirteen light cruisers, ���
��� thirty-five torpedo boat destroy- ���
��� ��� rs and twenty-one submarines ���
��� Iiuring   the   year  now   closing ���
��� four   battleships,   three   battle- ���
��� ship destroyers, flvs light orals- ���
��� ers,     fifteen    destroyers,    und ���
��� three   submarines    were   com- ���
��� plcUd. ���
��� ���
Will   Be   Ready   for   Occupancy In a Few Days-
Insured for $25,000.
School   Board   Wlll   Call  for Tendert
for a Supply of Coal���Fuel
OH Discussed.
508,454 i
Alexandria,   La..   March   18.���The
town of Provencal, Ln., 60 miles west
of here, was practically wiped out by
a ovelone which struck there thiB
morning. A negro boy was killed and
16 11 rsons were Injured. Two
churches, it number of mercantile
houses and 25 buildings  were detnol
I shed.
A report reached here late today
that the town of Many. La., had alao
Buffered from the storm, but owing lo
the Interrupted wire communication
no details  weru obtainable.
Advantageous  Financially and Would
Lessen Smoke and Danger to
Ottawa. March 13. Canadian rail
ways generally may adopt the system
nf using crude oil for generation of
their locomotive power In place of
real. Mr. Civile Levltl, chief tiro
inspector for Iho railway commission
and forealry conservation, Is now pre
paring a statement, showing how the
Installation or Ihls system may prov.
more advantageous to railroads, rrom
a U'Miiielul standpoint.
The jC, I'. it- is nnw using oil hum
Ing eneflnSS ou Its main line between
Kamloops and l-Told, HC.
The tlratid Trunk Paolile and some
���of the Pacllie coast stnamshlpB also
burn oil, while the new system Is
now In use on many of the railroad
In the Unltod StatOB. The greatly de
OreSMd smoke have ilecreaBed the
number ef firemen required, the
���economy particularly In Intonnllteiil
service and tbo fact that three boilers
healed by oil wlll give the sntne
amount of steam na the same number
heated by coal, all tend lo make this
new system popular. The oil Is obtained from Dip oil Holds of Cnlirornln
and If future dlacoverlea In Alberta
and British Columbia mnke this nil
more plentiful lis use will he largely
extended on thn Cnundhiii railways.
Thn use of this now fuel would
greatly lessen tho necessity for foresl
protection from flying sparks and
Binders, II would also greatly decrease
the loss experienced by tlie country by
this cause.
Legalize 16 Round Bouts.
Bait l-ako Olty, Utah, March 18,���
Without a dissenting vote a bill legal
l/.lng 15 round bouts passed tho senate
today. It now goes lo the governor
The measure provides for a boxing
commission and is Copied after the
New York luw.
Department of  Marine and  Fisheries
Arrange for Space at Canadian
National   Exhibition.
The liniliilon department ot murine
and fisheries has prepared plans ror
au exhibit of fresh und cured fish
al lhe next Cnnudlnn National .exhibition at Toronto, according lo Mr. K.
II. Cunningham, Dominion fisheries
Inspector of this province.
This action by the government la being taken with a view to bringing to
the attention of the public tho desirability or using fresh and cured flit'
In vastly greater quantities than ut
Mr. Cunningham stated that ho received notice of thla contemplated
work on the part or tlie government
authorities and trusts that the fish
companies will assist In sending not
only exhibits but also suggeBtioiiB ns
to   arranging   details,   which   can   be
forwarded to the fishery officer in the
province and also to the department ut
Mr. Cunningham explained to The
News that several years ago the government by way of Introducing fresh
flsli caught In the Atlantic to the people residing in plncns such as
Montreal, Kingston or Toronto, made
an agreement with tho express companies so that If the latter had only
a small shipment of fish to make, the
deficit In handling only a part of a
carload was made up by the government. Ry this meana the people residing In Ontario and western Quebec
were brought Into touch with the
benefits of eating fresh fish so that in
a very short time the subsidy given to
the express companies was doue away
with as shipments Increased to targe
The value of coal as compared with
that of oil as fuel for UBe In the
heating plants of the city schools was
the subject of a discourse by Trustee
John Peck at thc regular school
board meeting last night. The trustee stated that from personal investigation he did not favor the use ol
oil In the schools as he did not
think It any more economical than
coal and the smoke nuisance was
not eliminated entirely by its use.
The greatest difficulty in the hand
ling1 of oil fuel, declared Mr. Peck
lay in tlie fact that It required men
with more experience to handle It,
experts who would cost $125 a month.
lie produced figures to show the re
lative |iower ot coal and oil ror pro
ducing slcani and declared that it au
lomatlc stokers were Installed in the
schools the present smoke nuisance
arising  in   the use ol coal  would   be
Call for Tenders.
The statements of Mr. Peck led up
to the board deciding to call for
tenders for supplies or coal for thc
schools. The oil idea was not aban
doned entirely, however, as Mr. Peck
agreed to go further Into the advantages of Its use end secure prices
as to Its cost.
Owing to come changes being contemplated by the eity in the improvement cf Hoyal avenue In front of
Tipperary park the architect wa3 Instructed not to proceed further witli
the retaining wall which it was pro-
Dl led to construct round the High
school grounds.
The plans cf the city engineer with
respect to Royal avenue wll) be explained to Mr. Peck at a meeting h-3- I
lai'i'ti the trustee and Mr. Blackman!
"hortly. The architect was instructed
to report on the sewer facilities for
the drainage of lhe new Duke cf Connaught High school.
New  School   Completed.
It was announced during the meet
.Ing that the new Lord Lister school
' wns practically completed Including
Ithe Installation of besting apparatus
' and would be ready for scholars in a
few days, lt wns decided to insure
I the new building ror $25,000, the
premiums to he divided amen": varl
ons companies with agencies In the
An offer from the provincial forest
branoh to semi an officer to New
Westminster to deliver illustrated lee
tyres on forestry to tho school chil
dren waa accepted.
The board decided to place an nrdei
for Judge lloway's "History of llrltis!
Columbia," which Is at present being
produced In several volumes. Tin
Vancouver school board it was stated
had also ordered a copy oi the work
The resignation or Mr. T. W, Wll
Hams, Janitor or the McBride school
was received and accepted. The board
will examine Mr. P. E. Douglas, u
former appllcnnt for a Jniiitorahlp, li
see If he is suitable for the position.
Robert Dollar in Tow.
Seattle, March til- The steamship
Robert Dollar, which lost her rudder
70 miles off the mouth ot the Colum
bin river, has been taken In tow by
the tug Oollah and Is on thu way to
Seat lie, uncording to a wireless uies
nice   received   tonight   bv   captain
\le\under (low. port captain et the
Hob'rt Dollar Steamship com puny
Captain (low said a diver would be
sent down to examine the Robert Dol
lar as soon us the vessel arrived here
Executive   Agent  of C.   N.   R.  States
that Company Will Bide Time
Until Market Improves.
Winnipeg, Murch 13.���That the
state of the world's money market
was never In a worse condition and
that the Canadian Northern railwa;.
would consider no development plans
until the situation eased off, Is thc
opinion of Hugh Sutherland, executive
agent cf the railroad.
Mr. Sutherland also denies that
there was any truth ln the recent re
port that the sale of the Winnipeg
Electric  was being negotiated.
"There never was anything in thoBe
renorts that we were contemplating
selling," said Mr. Sutherland. "The
report that myself and Mr. Mora had
gone to Toronto to cIobo the deal was
entirely false. No one ever heard any
of us say anything about selling. The
Winnipeg Electric Is not offered tor
In Honor of Late Hon. John
Haggart Members Adjourn
for a Few Hours.
Chicago Milwaukee and St.
Paul Secure Offices On
Columbia Street.
The    Etatement    made    in    these
columns several  weeks ago that  the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St.   Paul rail-
was  were  to  establish  a  branch  office in this city became a reality yesterday when a representative of the |
American   trunk   road   completed   ar-.
rangements  With   McQuarrie  llros. to I
use a portion of their ofrice on Colum-
bla street, it beius probable that busl-!
ness "will  demand  larger quarters  in!
time to come.
According to a report rrom Seattle
the Northern i'acific are about to expand tbe huge turn of 14,000,000 on
rebuilding a large part of the Seattle-
Sun,as line and contracts for this
work wlll be awarded within the next
tew days by the engineering department ot tbe company at St. Paul
ThiB latest work will bring thc
N. P lt. In direct touch with thc international boundary and will place
that part ot the system on a par with
the Ureal Northern's Seattle-Vancouver line in anticipation ot the entry
or the Milwaukee road into Belllng-
ham und most probably into New
Westminster and  Vancouver.
Premier   Promises  That  Charges  Affecting Secretary of State Will
Be Heard Friday.
Ottawa, March 13.���ln the house
today W F. German of Welland, followed Charles Wilson of Laval.
He quoted au article from the Montreal Gazette condemning the opposition for holding up the West Indian
trade agreement. Mr. German denied
that the Liberals were responsible for
the delay in giving thia bill up last
Monday or at any time during the continuance of the present debate.
There Ib no reason why he could
not do It at once. The Liberals would
be only too glad to proceed with the
consideration or the West Indian
agreement, the estimates or any other
business which the government may
desire to take up.
Reverting to the naval question. Mr.
German said that Mr. Churchill should
not be criticized ror having replied
to the letter addressed to him by the
premier. He had only complied with
the request made by the latter ror information. Mr. Churchill had gone
too far, however, In expressing his
opinion as to what Canada is capable
of doing In the matter of naval construction.
Tribute  to   Late   Mr.   Haggart.
Hon. Rodolphe Lemleux, who followed, made rererence to the death or
Hon. John  Haggart.    He desired, he
Nogales, Ariz., March 11. Oonstitu
tlonall8ts overthrew the lederal garri
son at NogaleB, Sonora, tonight and
now are in possession or the border
town after a fight which continued
with little abatement fer 12 hour...
Casualties are estimated at 100 dead
and twice as many wounded on both
Bides, though accurate count haa not
been made.
Private Allan A. Uinleet. trooper
from the Fifth cavalry, V. S. A., was
seriously wounditd by a rebetl bullet,
while doing police duty near the international Hue here. The shot passed through his face from nose to ear.
No other Americans were Injured.
The United States soldier was shot
shortly after 5 o'clock when  the    at-
the majority of buildings are of adobe.
General Obregon gave the order for
attack early this morning and the
rebels remained at some distances
from the town until nightfall. Three
desperate attacks upon the fcd-iral
soldiers were necessary to dislodge
them  from the defensive position.
The moat strenuous u .sault waa
made at 5 o'clock, when constitutionalists charged the federals' front, left
flank and rear. Hard fighting continued for a quarter of an hour, when
a sudden assault was mado by rebel
reserves upon the right flank of thc
enemy. For half an hour longer the
Tederal soldiers rested, but unable to
face the terrific slaughter from all
sides, they retreated to the shelter
or the  town, and  firing from    theirE
precencerted arrangement Lieutenant
General Tate called his bugler and
ordered him to sound the Mexican
"cease firing" order. The federal gar
rlson instantly obeyed, but desultory
firing continued to come rrom the besiegers.
Numbers  Wounded.
Colonel Obregon succeeded in holding back the fire irom his    men    so
that Colonels Kosterlitzky and Reyes
with their torces, were able to cross
to the United States, where   they surrendered to Colonel Wilbur E. Wilder
Fifth  cavalry,  who  arrived     late    to
said, to express the sincere regret of I take command of the American troops
the French Canadian members of the The Mexican federal soldiers stacked
tack  was  at  its height.    Lieutenant!practically ceased.
Colonel Tate, In charge of the  Fifth I Cease Fire.
vacalry patrol. Instantly sent word to |    It was at this time that Lieutenant
General Obregon, in command of the Colonel Tate gave his order "cease
rebel forces: j firing."   It is said that the Americai*
"You have shot one or my men. officer had been given orders to cro.su
Cease firing or I shall be after you into Mexico if the protection of Ameri-
at once." ] cans demanded such course, and   give
At the same moment the firing from battle to the rebels and federals alike?
the regulars under Generals Koster- In event they disobeyed his order to
lltiky and Reyes slackenrd.    By some | cease  firing.    Immediately afier    the
house irrespective of party, at the
death of a man so long identified with
the history of the Dominion
The 'prime  minister    entered    the
chamber    while     Mr.     Lemleux   wub
speaking.     When   the   ex-postmaster I N'ognles.
general had  finished, he said It had j hi?avily.
their    arms    before    the
troopers and disbanded.
first bugle call from the American
troop commander. Lieutenant ColoneT
Tate began assembling his men. Then
the second call was given and cbeyed.
A messenger from the American
officer to General Obregon at the
time of the first bugle call declared.
upon his return, that the rebel general Immediately gave orders to cease
firing, but that hiB jubilant men fire*
their rifles in the air. At once, it is
related by the messenger. General
Obregon shot down the leader of the
celebrate>rs. A conference has becn
arranged between Generil Obregon
and Colrncl Wilder tonight.
Red Cross Volunteers.
Red Cross volunteers from this aido
of the border constantly were in    at-
Morc than 30 wounded from  either, tendance  upon  the  wounded  cf f.ot_i
side rest ln hospitals here, while the  rebel  and  federal forces.
dead  dot  the  mesa    land    south    ofl    Automobiles    bearing      Red    Cross
The attackers suffered mostjria-.^ hurried back and forth between
ithe bes'eged ti>wn and this city, oarry-
Caracas, Vez��� March 18,���The offi
clal statement of President Wilson re
gardlng the policy of the Americai
government towards the Central anc
South American republics Is tuvorab!
commented upon In all circles. It 1
generally considered that  it will tend
to strengthen friendly relations win
the  United States.
No   Importance   Is  attuclnd  to   th*
presenoe In the united states or cip
rlano Castro or to re-pcrta as to his al
leged Intentions. So tar us can bl
ascertained, lie has few If any ad
heronla here.
Aviation in China.
Paris.  March  13.    Lieutenant    lion
Ot the Infantry aviation    corpB,    hai-
bssn given the organization   or svia
tion In the Chinese uriny ut tho ro
quell ot ths Chinese government. In
! tho Chinese military   esttmetss   pro
I vision Is made for tlie purchase ot NO
aeroplanes heroic the end of tha yeui
with further additions In the next
Member of the Old Guard Under Sir
John A. Macdonald Is no
Ottawa, March 13. Hon. John Hag
imrt, ono of the oldest members of
the Canadian house of commons, died
thin afternoon nt his residence III this
city. He has heen ill for the past two
months nnd owing to his age, 77 years
lie wna unable to recuperate. Iiuritii*
the last few duya II wns seen that he
was sinking very rapidly. Newa of
IiIh death was early carried to the
house of commons, where the keenest
regret was expressed by both Liberals
and Conservatives.
The body will bo taknn to Perth.
Ont., In a special car tonight where
rum nil arrangements will bo made.
Ills only relative, his sister, Mrs. 1.
N. Millar, lives In Perth.
Thn late John Haggart was bom In
Perth, where on Nov. 13, 1856 he married Caroline Douglas early In life
and she died some 13 yoars ago. John
Haggart was in tho milling business
before entering publlc life In 7861
ho became mayor of Perth which office he held for three years. Ile sat
for South Lanark In the house of
commons continuously since 1872.
been his Intention Inter in the after-i A rain of lead dropped over the ling wounded soldiers to the hospital**,
noon to express on the part of him | American town, many citizens nar-1 Many wounded remained on tbe
self and the Conservative party the! rowly escaping injury. Stray bullets ! field and It is declared it ��ill be im-
regret they felt at the death of one j fell Into the streets, some penetrating i possible to succor them until morning,
who had been so prominent in the I houses, narrowly missing Americans Several Mexican residents of this city
party. Mr. Haggart, he said, had been I in their homes. The destruction in were injured while watching the
a member of the houBe for 41 yearB i the   Sonora town   was  great,   though battle.
and had served under several admin 1 , s==^^ 	
istratlons.    He had  been  postmaster I
general tor four years, minister ot rail-1 * ������������������������������������������������
ways and canals for a like period anil*
in his opinion the deceased  member\*
adequately  expressed  the  true  spirit'*
of Canadianlsm  as he understood lt.\*
House   Adjourns. '���
F, B. Carvell. on behalf of the Eng-\*
lish   speaking   Liberals,   then   paid   a  ���
warm tribute to the late .Mr. Haggart.,*
He   described   him   as   a   fine   parlla- \*
mentarlan, and a man of many excel- [���
lent qualities.    He concluded with the  ���
suggestion  that  the house should  ad-  ���
Journ for at  li'ast a few hours out oil*
respect   to  the  memory of  the  de-ad
Premier   Borden  agreed   that   there
Bhould be an adjournment and subsequently went over to discuss the mat
(Continued on Page Four.)
* *
��� SUDDEN   DEATH  OF ���
��� MRS.   P.   BOWLER ���
���                              ���
��� The many friends    of    Mrs. ���
��� Patrick   Howler,   wife   of   lhe ���
��� eity electrician, win be shock- ���
�� id to learn of her sudden de- ���
��� wise    which    occurred    nt    10 ���
��� o'clock last evening. Mrs. How- ���
��� ier had boen down lu tho city ���
��� and  witnessed the fire at the ���
��� city hall.    She called on  MrB. ���
��� Lavery  on   Carnarvon   street, ���
�� and on returning lo her home ���
��� ut the corner of Merrlvale and ���
��� Carnarvon  streets,  complained ���
��� of the steepness of the grades ���
��� leading  from  Columbia  atreet ���
��� to her home and tin u suddenly ���
���> expired. ���
��� Dr   Rothwell was called and ���
��� found   that   dentil   had   been ���
��� caused by heart failure. ���
��� The deceased had been a res'- ���
��� dent   of   this   city   for   many ���
��� years, her husband  being one ���
��� of those who Installed lhe first ���
��� electliO   light   plant   In    New ���
��� Westminster ���
��� She is survived by her hus- ���
��� band and ono sister, Mrs. Kur- ���
��� foot, who has lived with them ���
��� for Bevcral years. ���
��� It  Is  understood     tho  body *
��� wlll be taken to Montreal for ���
��� interment, services tlrst being ���
��� held In St. Peter's church. ���
��� The    funeral    arrangements ���
��� aro In tho hands of Murchle ���
��� ft Bon. ���
��� ���
Westminster  Woodworking  Company
Is Latest Acquisition���Up-to-date
Plant In Operation.
The   Importance  ot  (jurenHborough
us the future Industrial centre of tlu
city Ib being more und more empliu
sized as tune pgSSSS, Several largi
manufacturing concerns have already
. Blabllsbed their headquarters on the
thriving Island district and a good
many more arc mooted for the near
One of the lutost and most Import
ant Industries QtlMnsbOrOOfh can luy
claim to lu Ihe plant or the Weximlu
ster Woodworking facte ry which wa.
put In operation a short time ago. Ii
'Couples a site oi about au acre and
a half iu the most developed portion
of the locality and Is well situated for
shipping Ik th by railroad and water
The plant Is one ot the most mod
ernly equipped on lhe lower mainland
if liritish Columbia and In it are
manufactured hardwood office and
bank fixtures, doors and sashes.
The plant consists of a Bash and
eloor factory, a cabinet, factory, dry
Kilns, lumber shed and a boiler liouse
The main factory building Is two
Btoreys high and Is equipped with 3;
up-to-date machines. In all about li1
men are employed,
The entire product ct Ilu* factory I.
sold locally.
Speaking about the business pros
pecta tho manager or the Woodwork
ing company yesterday Btntcd that
everything waa about right at the
present time und the prospects tor
tho future were exceedingly bright.
"Of course," ho said, "In our business we havo to meet all kinds of competition from Vancouver and Eastern
firms shipping Into New Westminster
and though we have nothing particular to complain ot ourselves I think
the people ot New Westminster should
know that they do not have to send
to Vancouver or the Bast for superior
hardwood office fixtures. The product
of woodworking concerns In this city
is Just ss substantial and quite as
cheap as thst from elsewhere and the
people should support home Industries.
Today is the fiftieth anniversary of tbe inauguration ot the
salmon canning industry on
this coast.
Although the industry was
not born on this side of the
line, eeveral Vance-uver and
Westminster people have been
Invited to bo guests of the
Transportation club, Seattle* at
Its annual salmon dlnm r at the
Arctic club this evening.
Salmon Dny will he observed
ln the Sound City, for arrangements have been made to huve
the finny tribe appear In 27
odd disguises at eight hotels
and four domestic classeB
tMOtt tra���
��� ' 	
��� Tea-n Driven by Mrs. Walter Enderby
��� .
cf Strawberry Hill Take Fri-jht
and   Run   Away.
One Murder Trial, Two of Manslaughter, Three of Attempted Murder
and Others Are on  List.
Intimation of the date of the spring
assizes ut New Wwetliillltte-r has not
yet been OfflclSllS received, although
they nre known to lie rixed   tor May.
So Tur the following Criminal cases
are down for trial;
Dominion Blolalno, Yale, attempted
William Brownlee, New Westminster, attempted murder.
Peter lluylo, Stave Luke, attempted
Budha Singh, Printer Mills, murder.
Chou  Men, llurnaby,  manslaughter.
Yoshlkawa,  Langley,  manslaughter.
Frank Llndberg, I'ort Haney, shooting Willi Intent.
T. WIlllaniB, Coqultlam, Indecent
F. Cunllffe, llurnaby, Indecent offence.
George Stoneland, New Westminster, Indecent assault.
Herman Singh, Port Haney, assault.
I.i iv,citing runaway took place on
Ci I imbia street yesterday ufternoon
when a team driven by Mrs. Walter
h'nderby. of Strawberry Hill, took
fright at a passing street car, swung;
are und tho cur and crashed into an
automobile driven by Arthur Brunt,
of Vancouver.
[trunt displayed considerable nerve
for, when seeing the racing steeds
coming up from the rear, he clapped
on his brakes and brought one of the
horses to a full stop when It crashed
Into the car.
Mrs. Knderby waa thrown out iu
the mix-up. but was not seriously hurt'.,
and appeared to worry more about
the team than herself. The other-
Bleed ran past the 11. C. I'.. It. depot.
before  lt waa captured. ���>
Balkan Alike Willing to Accept   it*
Powers Mediation���Aegean Islanda
Must Be Ceded to Greece.
New  York,  March 18,    The Inquiry
hv the federal (rand jury into   the
nffulrs or lhe New York, New Haver
und Hartford railroad nnd the Grand
Trunk Hull companies ether than
those relating to the traffic agreement
which resulted In thn stoppage of the
work on Ihe Providence extentlon
which has been dragging along for
two months or more, waa resumed ta
day. Nicholas K. Uugan, secretary to
Charles S. Mellon, president of tho
New Haven, was further questioned.
The matter wlll be taken up again
March 26, and In the meantime Attorney Oeneral Mclleynolda wlll be consulted and Informed as to Ihe scope
of the inquiry.
Belgrade, March 1.1. -A government
newspaper publishes the condition! on
which the Balkan allies nre willing to
accept thn powers mediation. HontlH-
*ies are to continue until tho peace
treaty is signed. The basis of the
negotiations will be the same as laid
before the Ottoman government af
London December 8. The frontier
lines aro to extend from Mldta to
Itodesto. The Gallipoll peninsula ia to
remain In Turkey's possession, but all
territory to the west, with the cxwip-
tion of Albania, must be surrendered
to tho alloys.
Adrlanople and Ccutarl must be
surrendered before the negotiations
The Aegean Islanda are to bo ceded
to (Ireeco and Turkey must pav an
Indemnity, the amount of which wlll
bo determined later.
Turkey inurt guarantee tbo fall
rights of . inlkan subjects residing In
Turklah territory.
Submarine Refloated.
Seattle. Wash., March 13. The
United States submarine F-4. whl*
went aground at Weat t'olng imt
outside the entrance to Seattle harbor, was floated at high tide tonight
anri proceeded, apparently undawaaed
to Port Townsend where she ertat
undergo her builder's trial
H*t ���
FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1913.
^aaam*,^. jt&flBffi2&*^^~lrn7     aaWjS* ican  render service to his  fellowmen who was  bono  In   Silesia   fifty-eight
*!gl \*,   * Q .^gtSj?^^'1^-   '--^    (rf_H     ����� (x^ov_*_, ' aiifli as is lo bo found in no other  years apo today, came to America with
*\J    II P H^^^<J^Mar^ ��flrl POT Hi profession. .   j his widowed mother when four years
^L-l-JV* JV   \NliJ~-'   - ���*MmMt'aalS-   -vJ7 ^>'V-v'V's '���*& Agriculture   developmenl  lias mado , , , '    ,
^"���"T ,*r     < ���   jpi  *e^*tyi**s*amaae**-*** ^^^^ '*" 'gigantic strides within the lust quor-\m*   I!c was ^nc^ed at the Unlvei-
���~��~~~ ** ��� ' v *** ��� ���**���*~* ter of a century, but it is yet  in iii  nty or MI.--UU *,-. attd 'res u drtlggtst
Am ta**aw*at*aat morni-np paper devoted to llie Interests of A'cui Westminster and infancy.    The old  methods  of  tilling   In   Denver,    Colo.,    before    ho    com-
the rnuer Valley. Published ei-cry monunr) escospt Suiuinv tin the Sational Crintln;/ ,f(le s0'n bave been revolutionized, and   menccd his career as an educator.
and I'ablishiijj Company, Limited, at 63 Mc-Ttn��i�� Strsst, .Vein lV9��ltnl*r����r, Ilrltislt  there is a great deal yet to be learn
Columbia. ROBB BUTnBRLAND, ttauaplnp Dirsotor.        ; cd.���I'rederlcton, N.U.,  Daily Qleoner,
All camm.u*ico.tioiis fitieuld be o-ddrsesed to The New IVestmbiafrr Newt, and mi? j
to Individual Members et tlie staff. Cheque**, draft* and money ordortt should lie mode \
artioit.''  to The Uoticsui I'rinti'ia and PabM-Wiiuu Company, Limited.
IHLKI'llOKHk���Uvsintss Ofl ice uud Jtai.uyir, 989; J.ilifniml Kuoiiis  (nil depart.
���mniilM.  ��1H.
eiinetrltll'TION RAT US���By carrier, M per year, tt fur three months, 40o per
mouth   Kv wait. $:t  per near, 2&C per month.
AtrVBMIIBlNU RATKH on apnlieatian.
TII dlHRKNI'liVllKSTB���No letters will he tlubKahed In The .Votes e.rrept over
.*.-  uni****** tiynature. The editor ressf-ues the rinht to refuse lhe publication ol an.v
*********���!>*���>***** <>^lt Entangles One  Even  In Gottinp thn
.> FIRST  THiNGo. ���.
Gas Turned on In a Flat.
France Is ut nine the  luirndise und
tbe Inferno uf hurenticriicy,    tor ex
nniple. I  wauled Uie gas to lie turned
Oil 111 niy Hut.    A simple nlTiiirl    Drop
FRIDAY  MORNING,   MARCH   14,   1913.
Postage  Stamp  Manufacture.
The first machine   Ier manufacturing stomps was the Invention of James ,       ���,...., t   ,���   von te���,     tu
Pccardus, who was born at CatBKlll,      ���          ,                 , .       ,.
NY.  118 years ago   today.    When | ~��upnny to *�����������* ��nd turni It on
���. the   British   Government   advertised
From Presence of Chinese in Province
���Government  Likely to Adopt
New   Measure.
Toronto, March 13.���An attempt to
wipe cut the evll3 that have heen us
goalated with tho employment oi.
white  women  by  Chinese  in  all thi
for-a postage stamp machine In 1839,   hotter to call upon the compauy.    So
Ilogardus  was  ono  of  8,600   eompii-   I culled.
tors for the prize, which  was award-      "What do you desire, monsieur?'
at nil:    I   was tnld  that It  would  be  larger  towns,  and  olllea of  tlio  pro
Last night's conflagration in the city hall will but cdB^e ttl:i,: he had invented a new
lo him for his device.
for cotton
notes.   In 1SS47 ho constructed In New
York, for hie own use, a building entirely of cast-iron, the first of Ub kind
i In America.
lie completed  many other success
serve to accentuate the fact that the policy pursued of kite, kind of clock, a "ring-tn
in Westminster has come not before it was needed.   It ?0p^^nngXureB�� ^ffSuE!
has long been realized by the few and the realization island a machine tor printing bank
now widening to the many that if we are to be a city we
must put on all the appurtenances of a city.
But these appurtenances, be they aerial ladders,'new
police stations, or harbor schemes, involve the expenditure I tui inventions and was at work on bov.
of money and connot be effected at short notice. a?MffiSS��S? SKiuiS
There is no vault at the city hall for the storage and!press was iin-t used in i84o, when
safe keeping of valuable documents but the need of one ^ndpos^f p0weSgetaKa8tCwew
has long been recognized, and, in common with many other tlrst used
needs?, was waiting its turn to he attended to.
Therefore as little blame attaches to the council for
its absence as would attach to them if a dreadnought sailed &40*,********-,*****
up the river tomorrow seeking a dry  dock.   All these
things will come to pass in due course.
"1 am the new tenant of a lint, and 1
wnnt the gas turned on."
"Ah! Yon nre the new tenant of a
Hat, and you want the gaa turned on.
vlnoe, Is being made in the Oniaru
legislature tills session by Dr. l-'erbe.
The f.ght to put a damper upon till
operation of the Orientals has spread
from liritish Columbia right across,
the continent to Ontario and from pr
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
I1A.J���.J J���-Ul'
M. Chose, Ilere Is n new tenant of a .sent indications it is probably that the
(Int. and he wants the gas turned on. provincial government will accept the
Where Bhould lie lie led to?" West  York member's bill.
Ahout a quarter of an hour of this,      n*- Godfrey is one if the Indepen*
and then nt last I am led by n munlcl-1 !"m  numbers  of  the  house, and In
The  s-yilem  was Eoon   adopted   ii
other countries.
> ���*.**********<*>***���*>
The first fly in Westminster has already appeared and
the time has now arrived to be on guard against him or
her and their myriad of progeny.   In some cities in the
in Qarch, 1756, the Mar itils do '���'��� ml
��� ���ii-.i was preparing to h av e Pr i ici
io taki command of the troops i:- Canada, and on the fourteenth of the
month a memorandum of the king was;
drawn up to serve as his orders.
Dominion, notably in Hamilton,  Ontario,  a campaign ,yB^^jS"h^^^
against the fly is waged throughout the summer and erai of Canada.  He was directed in
urizes are erven to those brincini? in certain number"? of every caBe t0 obey the Bovemor's com- nmiued with ti
pi ure jirt. given lu must uiuigmg in cti tain liuniu^i., ui maW}Bi and if torced tn emergencies to   wuich It deserv
the Stain. act without instructions,  was Inline-  Metropolitan
There has been a very excellent objection raisedm$^ wal^fa^ew "thing.1"'"The "
against this latter practice, for boys and girls have been governor had always been supreme in
exposed to more danger of contracting disease through S"^,S&tob wS^^�����
pal employee sure of Ills Job and bis
pension to the far distant room of the
higher employee appointed by lhe city
of Paris to deal with such as me This
room Is furnished somewhat like that
of a solicitor's managing clerk.
"(lood morning, sir."
"Good morning, sir."
"It appears, sir���M. Rennay. fourth
floor. No. 4 line de Calais, sixth arron
dissenieiit. is It not?���that you want
the gas turned on. Will you put yourself to the trouble of silting down, M
1 sit duwn.    lie situ down,
"Ab! So you want the gas turned
on!    Let us see. let us see "   *   *   *
Hundreds of snob applications must
be inude every duy. But the altitude
of tiiis ceremonious official might be
put into words thus: "A strange nnd
interesting application of yours, to have
the gas turned on! Very remarkable!
It attracts me. The case must bo en-
he euro and the respect
"���Arnold Bennett In
hat the Chinese operating
I !��� ni  nn
j is satisfied
restaurants ind similar ulaces In thi
] cities are    not    fit    persons lo havo
| white  women   in   their employ.    The
I 'iisis that have cropped up In the po
lice court from time to timt are stiff!
ent evidence of  ihis.
in  Introducing  his  bill,  the  West
York man  will  have  tho strong sup-
irt  of  the    labor    unions,    which
through   tho executive  of  the   trades
���nu!   Inhoi   cei.cress    sunn    tlnu    ami,
presented  a  request   to  the  government asking for the prohibition.
And Then Bo Sure That You Aro Satisfied With Yourself.
II Is not what people say about you
��� it's what you nre that counts. The
one pei'Min in nil ihls world whom you
slniiild aim lu sulisly is yourself. Voil
alone   know   yourself.    Other  people
Six  Famous  Stories  In  the   English
Language Have No Ending.
There are ah'Uit six famous novels
in tlio l'lngli-h language which only
hnve a beginning, Like the grandfather') olocb, "they stop short never
to go again," because the Author,
when lie had got so tar, laid down hi
pun and died before b
up again.
The most famous of these
course, "Tho Mystery of Edwlu
Drood," which some critics think
would hnve been Pioken's masterpiece
had lie lived to finish it. Hut tliere
it stands, unfinished, and the brain
that conceived it carried to the graye
the Bolutlon of the mystery, and 'i
mystery it remains to this day, in
spite "f countless efforts to solve it.
Hubert Louis Stevenson also lett an
unfinished novel noon which he was
engaged when dentil interrupted h-s
labors, The novel was entitled "St.
Ives." but, happily, there wns more to
go upon than in the case ol "Edwin
Dm d," and it >- generally admitted
that 8ir Quiller Couch made one ol
the best attempts on record to finish
another man's novel He proved quite
the ideal man tor tlio ji b.
Whilst everybody knows that nick-
a revolution at the Russian court. The
girl Is (iriind Duchess Olgu.
When the doctors announced Olga's
birth, her parents, the Czar nnd
Czarina, did not trouble to hide their
their disappointment that tho bauy
was not a boy. But she never has
been denied anything she Bet her
heart upon.
It is said now that she has triumphed ln her struggle to be the
could lake it promised bride of her cousin. Grand
i Duke Dmitri l'avlovltch, against ihe
0f prolonged and bitter opposition cf her
kuow'yoiir outward iippeaniiiee. your  ena wt ��� novc| unfinished, few kn
chasing flies over garbage and foul places than they other
wise would have been. The agitation against the fly is a
worthy one, and we trust that every housewife in the city
will declare unceasing war against the pests.
Recent experiments by medical boards and institutions reveal the fact that infantile paralysis is carried by
the common house or stable fly. It has also been clearly
demonstrated that flies seldom, if ever, travel farther
from the place of breeding than 500 feet,
Nice Lofty  Rooms  With  Sealed Windows and Smoke Laden Air.
Writing of the great Itussian city of
Odessa In  Harper's.  Sydney  Adainson
tells  of   the  somewhat   primitive   arrangements of even the modern hotels
"Kor our Ignorance of Russlnu we bud
i Ibe privilege of paving ever twice the
To  make  matters  worse,  the   Mar-   -PK���|  fllre for olir drive to the hotel
quis   de   Vaudreuil    (then    governor) , T|le   -_ortef||   obHglng|y   nrr������ged   ,he
putes when harmonious   action   wae
(i-sinlial to success, and neither governor nor Oeneral had a fair chance.
The few troops from France were
the only forces directly under Mont-
������alm's command, while "the colony
regulars" and the militia were under
the control of the governor.
was a Canadian hy birth, and one who |
chanced to be jealous of the natives j
of old France.
matter and quite cheerfully  kept  lhe
difference.    How  like  the rest of Ibe
Flies lay eggs.# A single female fly lays an average of|fo��ut �� """""��� ,!'":' :'     Besnied��� wor,d' We fe,t flt l?����itone��._TiM
,.,,, , . ,, , . _ ,       *        ,       eieilooineil  to defeat,  at  least,   made
120 eggs at one time,  r our deposits of eggs may be made glorious the last chapter of the Btrug.
by one fly.   Under favorable conditions the eggs become ,^rt^'t^inrjc''arancc! aml Kn��la'"1 for
flies in about ten days.  In about ten days more these flies   "r ' ' m-~	
also lay eggs.   A single fly may carry more than 6,000 *****************
germs on its body, most of which are banging to its legs ���  the human procession.  ���
and feet. ��� (By  O.  Terence.) ���
Suppose that on April 15 a female fly lays 120 eggs, ���������������������������������������������������
that these all become fltes, that half are female, which inSc-o^y. ��joday, Lauds a Mother of
turn breed at the same rate about every 20 days, that none
are killed.   Then there would be this remarkable table:
large, lofty bedchambers and corridors
of lhe hotels muke lt Just possible W
live In  rooms Unit  have double   windows   sealed   with   putty,   which   are ,              ,     ,                             , ,
.,���..���.���.. ���_... ����������, ,k�� i ��� i-.ni  �� -,�� >k_.   "�� much ii hunt you ns you know about
never opened from the beginning of the | ,,    ...u   ai   ,	
winter till  the spring thaw is lu  the
iictiuiis, yuur deeds. Yuu. and you
nliiue. know your motives, your ambitions, yuur thoughts.
Are you satisfied wllb yourself? It
Is your own fault If you arc not Are
you satisfied that you are dolus tlie
best you can In your work, that you
are making the most of your lime?
Are you confident thnt your conduct
toward your family, your friends, your
neighbors, your employer, cannot lie
hook yourself straight ln the face
this morning in your mind's looking
glass. Ask yourself whether 'It is
what people Ray ulsiut you or what
you are thai hurts. Analyze your owu
conduct In all matters.
I'llt yourself in Hie other fellow's
place and try to Bee your uctlons
through his eyes. Imagine that you
are your employer Instead of yourself.
Answer honestly  Whether If be knew
May 1	
May 28	
June 20	
July 10 	
rust 18      93,312,000,000
tember 10 5,598,720,000,000
This shows that when you swat one adult female fly
you destroy five trillion of her possible offspring. Isn't
it worth while.
A hi-gh n. hurl society of a novel
���chariu-Wr, and one which Is not like
ly to i'iiiii under Iiie ban laid on fra-
ternltii'S. hns lii-in growing up quietly
ill IkiH'.on und mm bas a membership
Of over  10-iMl.
it was ii voluntary organization,
utartid ami promoted by the students
themwln'n, and conmini'd Its present
1'onHidcrable   iiiemhorshlp   before   any
of   th-e   eehool   authorities   become
uwi it He Bxlsti i	
'nie Tirsi  publicity came as a ii*
milt if an investigation made by a
gin li iran  who ii.nl been acting   as
Teti'Tee   In   a   hanl.i*: ball   contest     be
tween   hams   from   different   h"*,h
Slut :���!,,:   ir, nn   the   implc-mum   duty
Villi   HI IIIH     ri'llll laiice,    he   WOS   illll.l/.
<d to find th#' game progressing with-
out dirty play, wlthoul wrangling ami
with a nun t and gl .iiliinanly act|U i *
rule In every rieelsinu of the rcfereo
���hy the t-eani agjiiiHt iilileli lhe deels
loll  wan  made.
Natiiraii), tlie unusual oxhlbttton
exotlcd hiB curiosity and be probed
Into the nuttier, IV fo I tha members ol thr rival teams all belonged
to ihe mil Moiety, which was called
-Thi' fli-nn Athletes Club.'' It Was
dm rciMih  nl ii  iiuivi'iiieiii   Hlurleil   bv
the. hudinjt athletes themselves, and
ii has Kj'TPiid rapidly,
The motto of iiie socloty Is, "Play
The   (iii-m-."   red   ll   lias   for   ilS   pur
ikis" the , ii hi rag' ntei i of thn e
kind.i "i di snllm ��� cl an athli tics.
clean ;-, ���-�� eh and eh an living H Is
a ii use oi gnn al oi '   i r Utile more than * signing i I i ph dge
card and the nrcarli a pin, and
mei tines ..���*   i* ���������  and  li regular, but
is    nlre.Hl..     I'll       ��� i    ���   I    ll I'lil-
eie ������ i.--. i tlv . '    11  the cltj
high 1- ' ������ 11 '.
It la an oi ii
pOSG   ��ii<>   It    e
,     ji ,  r own I
clievtlcm I     ''In'.
Twenty    Chldren
"I knew a woman In Italy who was
lhe mother of twenty children. That
seemed to me more noble than if she
had voted."
The words are thoae of Alicksci
Maximoviteh I'icshkov, known to
fame as florky, "the ftltter One." Thc
great Itussian novelist and revolutionist was born In Nijnl Novgorod
forty-five years ago today, March 14,
1 His. Ills youth was spent in grind
ing loll and bitter poverty.
At five years of age au apprentice
to a cobbler, afterward a gardener,
painter of icons, boat hoy on the
Volga, f'lcrk, wood-sawyer, baker,
apple-seller, railway porter, associate
of tramps and vagrants, he learned
the hard lesson of life in the stern
school of experience. Ills masterly
pen pictures of the Itussian underdog
Btartled the world.
1.nulling the mother of many elill
dreti, Indifferent to the suffragist j
cause. Oorky yet entertains a vast re I
spoet fnr woman \ id her abilities, The
tnatriarchebate far mor" than thi i
patriarchate, be thinks, was the found
iitinu of civilization, and could well bl
made that of the society or today
This man who places the mothi r on
financier as the presoni a Pedestal visited the United Btatei
Mr, H&rmood Banner, Is !"'V|'" ���"'���"���" '���*" wi,tl   n woman   nol
"As there are no open fires the only
ventilation Is from tbe slightly better
I air of the corridors A framed notice on
j the wall Informs the visitor of all the
privileges he la graciously (lermltted to
pay extra for, among them the Joy of
I being clean at the rate of IU kopecks
for a Jug of hot water or r>0 kopecks for
a hath But the grcalest mystery of
nil was a samovar nt '-.'.". kopecks. In
time It wns discovered that your true
Itussian, having n tnste for much ten
or other warm refreshment, rings fors
lighted samovar nnd prepares his own
beverage If he Is not fortunate enough
to possess a wife to do It for him.
"With the Indy innnnglng n flery.
fuming samovar and her lord smoking
Innumerable cigarettes, with perhaps a
visitor to help, one enn enslly Imagine
-not forgetting the hermetically sealed
Windows���the atmosphere ln which
some worthy Itussians go to bed."
yourself be would discharge you or
would raise your wages. If you do
this conscientiously there nre tunny
things yuu will do differently.
Uemeuilier this, too���otber people's
up in inn of you U based on your own
opinion of yourself. Are you self respecting? other people will respect
you.     Are  you   truthful?    Tlie   world
that liis great rival, Thackeray, did
the same thing. The novelist had
just started The Cornhill Magazine,
o! which the most prominent feature
wns a novel from the editor's pen,
entitled "Denis Duval." which he was
writing month by month as the instalment fell due. Suddenly he died,
ami tii" serial wns but hall finished,
Happily, however, the careful Thackeray had left full notes of the development of Uk story, which was finished
by Frederick Greenwood.
Who has not read "Pri.le nml Pre-
judice" and "Sense and Sensibility,"
the productions of a quiet, consumptive little woman named .lane Austen? The white Boourge carried lier
ofl when she was in the niiilst ol an- |
"ther masterpiece, entitled "The WaU j
sons," which was fninsl in her desk
after her death.
What the world lost when Charlotte
Bronte iliiii. after a brief year of married life, who can say? It certainly
missed a rvameless novel which the |
gifted author of ".lane Eyre" had |
..Urt-ed. Hut so littlo hod she done ol
it that i.oui. of her successors in lio-
tU^i has hnd the temerity to attempt
even to finish it. and it is likely ever
to remain an interesting fragment.
In this respect it may be compared
ts. another unfinished work ��� Edgar
Allan I'ne's weird story. "The Narrative of  Arthur Gordon  l'ym "   Who
How Autocracy Deals With Parliamentary Obstructionists.
Budapest, March 13, ��� ln order to
ileal more effectively with obstructionists, the Hungarian Government
has introduced in the lower liouse
mw standing orders whereby refractory members will be subjected to various fines.
if officially reprimanded ihey will
lie fined one hundred kronen, if suspended kronen for each day of the
suspension, and if they enter the par-
liamenl building during the term of
;: ir suspension it Will cost them a
.ce of five hundred kront ii.
BpectflcatiQns, Agreements of suit- deeds,
business luitern. etc.; clrciilur work spe-
���i.r.ii.i. au work strictly oonftdsnllal IL
Barry, ruum us Westminster Trust nut.
Phone 102.
U O. O. M., NO. 164���MBBT8 ON first.
n,4niul nnd third Wedni'Sdiiys In tneli
month 111 K. of P. II..li at 8 p.m. H. J.
l^-iimy. dictator; J. H. Prtoe, secretary.
I O O P. AMITY l-OIKlK NO 17���Th*
regular uwUng of Amliy lodjn No.
27. I. O. O. !���*. Is hetfl every Monday
rilsht ut S o'clock In Odd BWlowr Unit.
earner Carnarvon umi iiiKhtn streets.
MsltlnK liretUvrn cordlnlly luviod.
K. A. Merrlthew. N.C.; .1. Ilnlwrtson,
V. Jl.: W. c. Coalliam, P. t>.. r.-ctird-
InK secretary 1 H, r7. KunKno-r, financial secretary.
I.i St H:,nn.i. 1.1(1. I- -l',iiii,rnl 'lli.-,-i,,,M
and ���umlntliners. 1'arlorH tub i 'oluml.la
street.   NVw  Wsstmlnstsr,    i'ii,,u,. ���**.
B. fai.ks-Pltmssr Funeral liirector
and   KmbiLliiMT,   612-f"0    ' *���*
o-ppiistte t-arniicl'
018   Akiii'��   street,
will believe you.   Are you honest?   Uv- j could finish that story?   It is doubtful
ery one will trust you. i whotiier   Poe   himself   could,   for   he
itut weigh yourself rreipieutly. Weigh   lived eleven  years   alter it  wss  lir-t
yourself   carefully,     lie   certain   that   published   In   its   fragmentary   comli
your own opinion of yourself Is Justified.    Be sailslied with yourself-William Johnston In American Magazine.
tion, leaving the hero steering ever
southward Into the then mysterioii'
region which Shackleton, Scott, snd
\mur.-dsen have lately reveal-oil to the
every ihree miles and il Is a onc-min-
uie service on niosl lines during till
busy part of the dny,
iivoieiovMiiiiK  Ol   curs    and    sirup
banging   are   absent   features,   writei.
our correspondent The courier says
"Sir Charles Petrle is to be con
gratulated on hla first budget state
nu ni. whieh, as the local ohoncelloi
of the exchequer, ho made to ihe clt'
COUnCil    thlS    week.      TO    IIIH'' ll    KIII'll
un i minont
lord mayor,
b>   no menus oasyi  but  Su- Charles
has risen  in the occasion,
1 I hi ugh s iini   nervous he came
through ihe i>i.l' u.1 triumphantly, nml
was deservedly compliment' o bj  his
ci lleaguna on Ihe clear and c mpn
hensl.'   pn mnl i  thu accounts,
"Although there ����� re one * r twi
in e.* Buch .is tbe ni Im ��� -1 markel
profits. .������. hlch im re lo bo n gri ited
ihe outstanding P aturo of les u -
ment, irom  tho ratepayi rs  i�� Ini  ol
view, ��us thai the ir waj b and lln
��� lectr o Buppb umi- rtaklng ;, hav
been so admlrabl) managed thai llmj
have conirll uti tl lhe i normouf sum
of ��07 nun iml ��30,0 io rei pcctlvolj '
io Uie ri lief ef Ho* ro os, oud ns ,
consequence, sir i iharh a was i nabl
i 'I u announce a reduction In Ilu
i * m i-.il iii" ' i ::d i n the E. This
lo certainly good news."
The day Is nol many yeara 'I il tn
when evi ry olty In the civllli'il * * rl
will follow tho exam] le boi by 011
gow.  I.inr; i.n! mil o i" '* centre i o
legally his wife, and tor ins vlolatloi
of the eiinveiilliiiis was cost   Into lie    'I"1"''1 '"' '
outer ilnrkniss by the pure nml iiun-1    sllontlna  gl
Rivsr Bsd Patterns.
Ideas for the colors In the best Scotch
iwecds arc found In the tied of the
rlrer (lurry, In Ibe I'nss of Killleernn
kle, snld Tliomas Welsh In a paper
read before the textile congress nl
liawiek, Scotland, recently.   Granite.
porphyry nnd |ss|��'r nre found (here In
rh li reds, gniyi nnd greens, beiiiitlfiilly
mottled und mixed In finely cnulrusted
colors "Hen I hei oilxtuies." he suld
������weie nskeil lor io  "imrlsinen. wliu lu
N   'Villi l|   l-esellll.lell   ! llelr
soalety of New Vcrk    Gorky   is thi
father of a buy of uventeen  who hai
au iimhllliiii lo be ;m avl Itor
ill    |	
llllidv in
������nl   in   I
s      III      bill'
Peebles '
I he
brsl   onlei*  ol
l,i   liiilli   wns
I    Wl    ell
1st, DclcnJ
Millionaire Boel
Syndicalism hu ni I mi i ��������� Ith nun I
favor among the rank nnd file nl A in
i rlenn Soolallsta, ns Bbov n I .-* Lh ��� n
'���em Haywood vote, bul th ��� move
un ni his defenders even in I'm "kid
glove" si eiion of ill" pari y,
Willi.'in Kngiish Walling, somrtlmi
called  "the  millionaire  son! iilsi "   li
ono of those who thinks Byn lie illsin
Curious Result ol a Tan.
A eiiiiniis I lung happened �� I  the
Kllgllsh uil.-lloiieei's weie liite'l Al
lli-i [A n lent ihe duty was raised In
11" io   Pi'ei   Put  I Ilevetl iin-in ni
lhe   UI'I'I'ssllJ    of   lllklllg   mil   n     I'.'ii'-e
"ir  I r.  spirits,  Ptc .  when  Ihey  sold
lirtll'll'S ll nuelniii Tlie eollse
iiieine wn- lii il ni ei \ w bere lhe nue
t|ni'..|.|s enri'leil ..ii lhe wile of beer unit
A Post Whom Byron Called Nsturs's
Bsst and Sternest Painter.
Dnnte was a great traveler nnd the
greatest |hmi Impressionist who ever
wrote. He describes a landscape In a
line so that It stays wllh you forever.
lie uses the fewest possible number of
words, linrdly nny adjectives, and tho
picture leaps up Is-fore you. Immortal
and   II11 forgets ble.     Who can  do  Ihls
among   the   moderns?   Keats  could,
Tennyson gives you I'.ngllsh landscape.
If yon read "In Meiinirlnui" you have
lived a year In tho English coiiiiiry
and seen the march of lhe Rnglleh
seasons, (5rnt.be can do It, Who rends
Orobbe.    Nobody,    And yet be is a
wonderful |Kiet. n�� realistic as Tolstoy
nnd    Arnold    llenuelt.     Il.rron   culled
blm the best painter of mi tu re���"Nature's sternest painter, yet her best."
He   writes  il limit  thc  poor  ns  Ihey
ii I nre, without senllmenliillly  nml  without exiiggernllnn. und ils n milliter of .
| Kngllsli landscape he sllll remains iho
best   Ile mny Iml lie rend by IhemiMl'
i ern generation, but lie I* nol forgotten,
a frenchman wrote a long and excellent Isiok about blm mil bum ago.   Ile
Is safe In  Hie temple of fnme.   willed
pluce ymi hnve entered and can't leave,
State Lines Paid.
A lnr/e proportion ol the puhllc debt
of South Australia is represented hy
tlie capital expenditure mi.the st-ste-
owned   railways.     At   the eml   of   the
la.-t financial year this amounted, on
the lines open ior trnflic, lo nlxuit
What a valuable asset the railway*
Hre to tlw state is shown by the inr.'e
profit resulting on their working each
twelve ns.i ths, Last year Hie |ier
eentsge ol net revenue to enp.lal cost
was niti. Hii-I the lurplun of revenue
ever   ex;i'i'f!,tiiie    nml    inti Ti -I    was
niiMit $1,600,000 \ gratifying feature,
in view of the oetive railway exten
sK.ii policy ol the Government, wa>
the highly sueoessful result < btslned
frcm the working ol the lines nper.eil
(or trnfTie during recent yonr*
Ther" is at present every Indies
t on that the resuit "f this ynr's op
erntn.ns will also he very satisfactory
Daring the fmir months whloh have
expired traffic has been well maintained, uii'l tlie im.w almost certain
prosped ol another bountllul harvest
mnl.sa the outlook lor tho railway-,
sni oti.ct irailiii'.' deportmenli "I Hie
fioveriiiiieiit Vorj   favorable.
propi rly  unden tood. Is nol  bo   b id   *"i'*'"
Mr  Walling Ib a native ol l-ioulsvllli    ������"������ ���
Is v.,   �� Ii, :*e    he   wns    born    thirl ��� I i
yours ago today, and a graduate ol
ih" University of Chlcauo and otlu r
In I llullona of learning.
He is one of Hi" l ind' r�� In the In
ti i*i 'iii glate     Boolall I      movnmeni
fill    I lllllHHl VI'
Lipped in I vi'. I
until   lhe  iibn-.e
And  Ibis  temple Is   like n   wheel.     It 	
goes   round   nnd   round,  nnd  Mime  ot Grand     Duchess    Olga    TriumphB  li
Its Innintes nre In llie glare uf Iho sun. Struggle to Be Enoaged.
und sometimes lliey nre in the simile. Bt, Petersburg, March 13.    Pelulan
Iml tliey are I here, nml Ihey never lull demands   Of  a   high   spirited   girl,   17
mil.   Maurice  lilirlllg  In   Metropolitan, yours of  age, seem   likely  to  produce
Intelligence,   The surprise li  tl   I h   which now has local chapters In mnri
. ur '��� uniry ��   ���  11   tn hav  b on li   , r   n���   leading  universities   11   thi
'."  *'
' *'
iv.   I
the dark bo Ions i n th
public i �� ncrshlp,
The people of Cann 11 ha i   i ��� ��� ���
blip .|        frnnchlH       land
.I  ,ii.i   *' 'i in 11**..'������ ind ,'idiiiii
ihan   i  ... .'.I.,   . i;   i     ntri
.1*       . * * '      *   *  i
Uut our |    . !" bi a
nii't'i    'i ������ ii. ne,
Cutting Him Short.
"Little one '  lie begun,   'ynu lire too
pretty   tn  be slusiilug   blsi'iilts  In  a
hennery     "��� night   tn   be   un   the
���l,*i:'c "
"Heen lh,""," snnpped lhe waitress
In lellv * \\ I.mil ion Iiiii e'J (lllnllie
lhe parlli iilnix nl  mill  leu 'i'lil iiiilei "
Louisville Courier .loiirnal.
a Hi.ViM-i H to the Trlbin *
un o\lr'. '   .'      I tho 1       i',   i 1  Weelil..
Courli -. ��� Its inii'le by
tlie   L'n ���*.' ' I   i i i I ��� ...  .on   elll   t.f   IIH llllt
1 i I States antl i ano ! i    Mr Wall
li * hus lieeluri ii ii. ,i in   sytnpal iii ���
h any  im ans for socl il and   i *
in inr i. ttcrmi ui thai hi nea n  nil
and  thai   the   Indm trial   ' 'orlti
Hn* World in among tho rei ultfti!   i i
1   * .* i    i ���. is
i       .' Ill ii  'i  he nfflll 'i **   vJL'i Hi.   In
'   i ��� *    Is. Mr   Wi lllni   h
: (|  thai  : n "   ii ���    *���   i
'   and r .* ���*     ;i     r      i'
ft r tho ������ iui *���    Mr  \v all f,i   ,
tory Inspector In Illinois, In 11)00, bul   '"I ' innmy all aloug tbe lino.'-
I    for over I a yearn has lived  tu New   VVashlhglon Herald,
h Is tin n foro 11.ilu Hi il   . ni'it 	
��� Iml rei   in ins  ih"  farmer  benefits     With hin tylfo, who was Annn Strun- introiij^rd Himself.
it'   und tunds to tho uplifting Bky, o working girl, he in promlnonl     ph,   i |  vnllr pnrdon  bnt I can't
1 '   tbe  em.i  I,,   BOttloment   work   among   the   pom    .���' ,.iln, huilnu mo  vou before    n>
Bclontiflc "Mi proclh il farming Is ol New fork,   ,        "',   ,
 i���,   ,:.:      on tor tlm v���ni,_.i I   "b. yes   l.n��l uluhl ttl Iho balls *
Indusl i,
"I   would   suggi'sl   giving  onr   new
niiiiiir   iIir iiei'is."   announced   si
WnfUi'tri'i' ni ihe llrsl meeting ol the
iie�� low n i n ii
'Muke ii iwo cheers," suggested Mi
mm Uullle   "Keiiieiuliei, we art pludg
I   ' of   nil
eleatrts llijhi  and Bin  I car ..nice,  men of Canada,    Bclontlflo  farmlns     Prof,  Paul Henry  iiauuii, il
<'ar fin
Uie 11 ml nil  1 nil   lo
Tll.ll ��as mo.
A pure, wholesome, reliable Grape
Cream ot Tartar Baking Powder.
Improves the flavor and adds to
the healthiulness ot the tood.
two i. nts for I la u field "i ��� ndeavor In whli h d man |nenl Harvard professor of pedagogics, i ''i"^""1' Hliilti'i
ter-Ht-luw. solicitor, etc. Teleplions
1S70. Cabin nddrn-ss "Johnston."
Code, "Wsstsrn Unlun." Ottioss, Bins
Blsck, bl-2 Columbia stnei. New Wiil-
miiistiT, U. C.
J. BTILWEI.I. CI.UTK, Bnrrlster-at-law.
ssnettor, ptc.; c-smer ColumlSn ana
MsKsnzle    slrr��ts.    New    WestnunneT,
i��. e,  P. o. bos in.   Tslsphens  'ie.
sallgltor nnd notary, 810 Columbia
slrerl.    Over C. Y.  R. Telrirraph.
Barristers ami Bollolturs. Rooms 7 una
I, Otdchon block. New Wetrtmltoster.
r, X. Martin, W. G. McQiwrris and
tf.rorme l,. Ctuuttvay.
VTIHTEKItiK * EDMONDS ��� Barristers
and S��llcliors. WtwUnlnsier Trust Blk.
Oilumlilii ntrtst. New WcsJiiilustgr. B.O,
CMila attdress "Whlleslilo." ���sstern
Union. B. O. Drawer 200. Dalsflhons
S9.   W. J.  Wlilt.Hl,!,',  II.   I.   Itldiiiond*.
Acoountant. Tel. II 12S. Room 22
Hart block.
ster Honrd of Trude uns"Sl hi 111" tiniivii
room, I'lly Hull, ils follows Third Pri-
day of wii-li nn.nili. niini-tirly me.-iius
on llie tillrO l-'iiihiy of t'elsiinir. Mny,
AiiHunt nml November st I p.in. Annual   m-M-tlnKs  on   lite   tliho   I:'ili1iiy   ot
Fraruary,   s. ii. smart   wads,  Esere*
.(I-   1
COAL MINING rlKlils of ths Dominion
In Miltilliilin, Huskiltcbowilli lind Alls-Hit.
Ill��   VllUmi   Territory,   llie   Northwest   T"f-
pttorlDB mul in a portion of the Provincs
-if llrlilMli Colninblii, may be lesSM for h
term of twenty-one yeuiH nl nn inllllitii
rental "t 'l\ un nr.ro. Not tiini-" Ihsn Eftse
lores will be lesaed to one siipilssst.
Aprlleiitluii   for   ii   losee   linist   hi*  miuls
,v ine applioanl In nersen ta tiie Aitent
ir Buh-ABJnl of lhe rHslrli��'l In wlilnti the
iKlits ninjlleil for ar* sltiiiiled.
in nirveysa territory the ltm-4 mimt lis
lesorlhed by seetlcmSi or laval snb-illvl-
loiiii of icotlonSi nntl in unsurveyM ter-
Itory   111"   irncl    lipplletl     fnr    nlinll     bs
���tnloil mil   by  the upplleHlil   liliniinlf.
I'incli   niiplieiiilon   iiiiiMt   lie  nis'iiiiiiiiinled
iy u  f il Sf, wblch  will  he i.tuinl'il  If
he iinhiH applied for are noi available,
,nt noi otherwise. A royalty Shall, bs
*;il'l on llie ilu'reliniilnlil" niuimt of llie
nili.* ni the mi" of rive mills per ton,
'iii" person operating the mlno n'mil
furnish iiie A-ront wnn sworn returns
icoountlng fm* th" full nuatitlt* or niei-
ihantablo ooal mined and pay ibe royalty thereon, if the ooal mining rJKhta
inn hi-itiK operated suoh returnssnovlo
furnished nt  leusi pnol n  yes
Will   hfl'lllil"   llie   e��,ll
Tlie lease will hH'lliil" llie c��nl nib.In*
.iKhis only, Iml ibe leasee wlll be i��y-
mitiiii in puteiuise whatever available
surface rlKlils mny he oonsideroa noces-
���ssry fm* llie ivnrklna of the inhin lit llie
rule of $10 nn luire.
I'^nr full Information uppiieuiinn shoula
be made to tha Beorotary nr ths Depart-
ment   nf  the  Inlerlnr,  Ottawa, or  to snv
,\K< nl or Hul.  \r,�� ni  of Iiomiiiliiii  l.oi'W.
W.   W.  CORY.
Deputy Minister of the Inlerlnr..
N. 11. Itnuiilhiirl&.tl piililleullsn or |li|l
advertisement will not be pud for,
Tut FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1913.
pa6c Tumwm
Dainty and Chic Zephyr* and Ginghams In Bewildering Variety.
Pretty Plaid Ginghams, per yard 12 1-2 and 15c Useful Domestic Prints, per yard 9c
:.6-lnch Check and-Striped Olnghams; the lateBt creation; Pretty Shirting Prints in broken stripes, hair cordB  and
per yard 20o Bpots; per yard ������    "9 '������"
27-lneh Striped und Spot Ducks; what is wanted   tor (Till- Crum'B famous beBt woven prints, In choice selections, all
dron'B Waists, Rompers and Overalls; per yard ..17 12c at, per yard 15c
80-lnch Heavy Twilled Cotton Sheeting; per yard ..  . .40c
00 pair 72x90 Twilled Cotton Sheets, hemmed;   per   pair
27   pairs   Hemstitched   Cotton   Sheets;   size   72x90;   per
pair   ..$2.53
100 dozen Hemstitched Cotton Pillow Cases   .. --.. ..2k
10 dozen Pretty Embroidered Shams; per pair 5Bc
75 large size White Grecian Bed Spreads; each $1.50
10 pieces Cruith Holler Towelling; per yard   ��� 1-Ste
50 white (washed) Huck Towels; each 15a
Ladies' Suits
We have Just received our second
large shipment et Culture Suits,
which embody the very newest ideas
lu style and fabrics; all beautifully
lined -with   Peerle-BB    Satin.      Pr.cns
trom   $10. $20- $25  $33   to
Ladies wishing coats this season
should surely see our line Of coats,
consisting ct rail lengths and Johnnie
Coats, built ot Cheviot, fine and heavy Serges and Chiffon, broadcloth in
all the new shades. Prices $1S.
$20- $25 ��nd $30-
Also a new line tr long black Panama Ccats ror elderly ladies.
Ladies' Dresses
In this department we are better
equipped than ever belore to cater
to the tas'.e3 of the ladies or our city.
We have a larger line or "Culture
Dresses" in silk and wool suitable
for all occasions.    Prices $��0, $15>
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Style Service Satisfaction
This season's models of American
Lady corsets reflect every exacting
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75*  nnd  $1.00
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You will note by the above that
we have a complete line of up-to-Aite
We have just opened up a tr?aut_-
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674-678 Columbia Street
Education and the Law
Whatever else the Rhodes Scholar- , Socittlifts to begin a general strike I
1 ships may accomplish, they must evi-' throughout the country as a protest
Idently  lead   to   a   lively   interchange  against the uonlntroduction   of   uni-
  *'***)* "f bought a"d experience iu the uni- veraal suffrage.
Jh $.��.****.*.%.     t? Ii,. l, j 1.x ax        V/ihnlnve   vorsily.    lf  home  students    do    not      No   disturbances   occurred    during
/l[��raCl    _f\ IIO CI CS       OCfsOICIf O   draw some broadening Influence from.the early part ot the day, the   popu-
the intercourse as well as the echol-  lace being overawed by the great dis-
oid m. ��s   wis mmm   mm imkime
Ore of the moBt Interesting feature! In ihe- annual report of the-
Rhodes' Scholarship TruBt, for the
academic year 1911-12 is tne list given at Ihe end of the report which Indicates the lines of work taken up
by scholars who have completed their
Oxford course and returned to their
own countries during the last six
The outstanding feature or this list
Is the very large proportion ot ex-
BCholari who enter upon educational
pod legal enreera. or the former
there are 123, and ot the latter St.
Next In order, numerically, are those
who have entered lhe civil, diploma
tie or consular aervlces In various
parts or Iho empire, lu the United
States nnd In (Jerniniiy, or whom,
grouped  together,  there  lire  88,
or the others Included In the list.
2(1 have given themselves to rellg-
loua work. IS to medicine, 14 to biisl
ness, k io mining and   engineering
and li carli to Journalism, agriculture
and forestry.
The Question naturally occurs whether, t ti ii h distributed lit their own
'I'mihWIes, Hie returned lonolgri are
likely to have a talr field ror BXeroll
ing the Inrium  which Rhodes wish
rd Ihem to have.    An affirmative an
awer to this question will probably
be given by anyone who understand.-;
colonial  and   American  conditions.
IthndeH was probably thinking of
Ms men being fitted by Ills scholarships for a public or definitely political career. In all the colonies aud
in the United Statea the law Is one
of the readiest paths to both. To any
ono wllh  only  Kngiish  experience  It
mav seem strange to aay thai the
same la true of educational work. Hut
it wlll not seem Btrange to those who
remember that the late president of
Princeton university will In n tew
days be president or the llnltoel Stales
or who knows the Influence on puhllc
life and political thought wielded In
America by men like Kllot or Lowell
ot Harvard. Alderman or Virginia
Van IIIbc or Wisconsin, the late Prln
clpal flrant In Canada, and by many
Other university men In Ihe American
Union or In the colonies,
Nor can there be any doubt about
those who lake civil, diplomatic or
consular appointments, The other oc
Olipatlons enumerated also easily lend
themselves to tho usual public service which Rhodes wished Ills scholars to aoqulre breadth or view. The
men mav therefore be said to be well
placed for fulfilling the objeeta of
the founder.
Onlv the lapse of considerable time
wlll enable anything like a fnlr judgment to Iv formed about the extent
to which they realize hla hopns. This
will depend on tho Individual capacity
of lhe men.
How fur that capaclly Is to be Judged by tho tests applied at Oxford may
be a matter of doubt. Many men
who hate not distinguished them-
nelves greatly at tho university ac.
compllsh much In later life.   On the
oilier   hand,   university   success     has
paved  the  way  to a lurg.- career for
many of our foremost public men. and
It will probably be the wisdom of the
i Rhodes   scholar,   even   though   some
times handicapped In competition with
the best  i-.iigllsh student by the lack
of early   training,  to  do his   best  In
i the struggle  for university  honors.
I    or these the report before US shows
j a fair but   not   remarkable    record.
Three   scholars   (one   American,   onei
Canadian and one Australian)  gained
a first class and ten a second in the!
* Honor   School   of   Jurisprudence      :i
large proportion or all those awarded
The decided Inclination towards legal
'study Ib shown by the tact that fifty
! scholars   were   during  the   past   venr
'reading   tor  Ihn  Final   Honor  School
lln  Jurisprudence  and  seven   for  the
: B.C I., degree.
j    The  iaet  thnt 'our Americans fail
led in the last li.c.i.. examination ���
considered  one of the stifles!  in  the
university���ls offset  by  the  further
fact that two Americans gained Col
Intra K.vhlhltlons In law" ' From Aim
trnlia Oxford appears to attract mod
cal und science students, several of
when have gained distinctions or 11.
So. degrees,   The present report show
that German scholars devote Ihem
selVI s as hitherto chiefly to economies, and one has done so this past
year "with distinction."
ll U In iii'cordance with Ihn rtness
of things that the winner of ihe New
dlgnle Prize for Kngllsli Ver'" should
roiiw.   from   MsRSSnhUSOtta,   thn  honi-*
nf the American literature best known
In   Kngland.
While HhodeB doubtless wished his
men to get trem Oxford othe- 'hlngs
than rewords of scholarship. II Is satisfactory to find them gaining a share
of distinction In the Intellectual field.
That they pet Intellectual stimuli's Is
shown  bv  lhe long list,  appended to
the report, of publications by ex-
scholars, most of whom i-�� nnnoern-
ed with literary and scientific ro-
Bonrch or the discussion of social and
educational problems.
Turning lo the athletic aide of the
university life, the chler contribution
I made by the scholars seem lo be bv
I South Arr'e.ans and Australians In
football ami cricket, bv Canadians in
1 lacrosse and by Americans in goner
'nl athletics,    One Australian rowed
for  Oxford  against  Cambridge.    The
l absence of Americans nnd Canadians
from the football and cricket reoords
I Is innrked.   German scholars do not
seem to attain to athletic distinction.
The Btatlsilcs given  Illustrate the
wide scope of the Rhodes heipiest. Al-
itogether  IDS scholars  were  In    residence during thn academic year, v-hlle
six had temporary leave ot absence.
Among  these  188  scholars  ware  representatives of all the provlncoa or
states  of  thn  dominions,   of  several
smaller  colonies,  of   every   state   In
Iho American union, and of different
sections of the (lerinan empire. They
sre distributed pretty  euiinllv among
all the colleges.
lt is probal ly their own fault.-
The'  Times.
100,000 BY 1915
Directory Shows Greater City Pccseo-
es 6.',875 People���Increase of 21
Per Cent. In Year.
play of forces.    On several  occasions
during the past year, riotous   scenes' .
have occurred   In the   Lower   House ', Dusty Atmospheres Account for Many * Elaborate Precautions Taken to Guard   Turkish   Officials   Not Above   Being
culminating    several   times   ln    free
, fifchts.
On September 17 police were culled
into the chamber to expel members of
the opposition led by Count Anponyl
'and Count -.icliy, und a desperate
struggle ensued before they were
finally ejected
-Liquor Trade Heads List in Nervous Discrdcrs
Police   Prefect  Leplne���He   Does
Nct  Fear Them.
Squared   by  Those  Anxious to
Depart for America.
Paris. March 13���Few people die' of i Paris, March 13.���For tiie fir*! time
old age. Dr. Jacques Bertlllon, hen,' in many years Police Prefeet Lepiui-
On October .10 further riots occur) of the Paris Municipal Statistical De- today consenttd to be escorted by a
red when the members of the oppo- partment, points out this regrettable guard on account of death threats
r.ition,  led by Count   Appoiiyi. Count  fact  In   an  interesting  sheet   of  sta-1 made against hlin by Anarchists.
Haifa,   Syria,   March.   13-    Emigration from this port to America baa inert used of lute in a reoMufca-ble man
ner.    Kvery steamer bound Car .North
Victoria.  March   13.   That  Ureatcr
Victoria lias now a population of 67,-
| 875  souls Ib  the  statement   made  by
'the  new  edition   of   the   well   known
: Henderson's   directory.     The   sixteen
annual volume or this useful compendium of Information Ib now being de-
' livered to subscribers,    The  Vlcioriu
1 directory  contained  lu  It shows 26,-
* 873 names.
The growth and industrial devil
lopmont represented In the volume an
I relatively fur In excess of the pro-
I gross Indicated In uny previous Issue
I    The  directory  cotitaliiB    as    usual.
names of streets, alphabetical list ol
names, gazetteer and classified hit
tlon. Tha Kim-tleer division nontstns
names of all towns and posl office--
on Vancouver Island loulslde of Vic
torla und suburbs.)
There Ib nn Increase of 4 188 namea
over  the  number  In  the   1.112  directory   which  has  a  roster  of  citizen
to the number of 110,849,   l-ast year'
population was estimated at f.r,...oi*
therefore this year's figures show ar
advance In eleven months or 11,916
or about 21 per cent.
I Provided the present Inflow or pop
illation continues, and everything In
dlcatos an even greater growth, Victoria Is destined to renh the 100,001)
In 1915.
Karolyi and Francis Kossuth, unsuc- tlstics compile-d trom the study or a I A special detail of gendarmes and u"d South America haa beea crowded,
cessriilly attempted to torev their way : man's diseases In relation to his oc- soldiers will guard the prefecture mostly with Christiana anxmua to
through a military guard  surrounding' cupatlon. , building to prevent it being blown up   evade military service.^
the parliament. Consumption, as Dr, Rertillon shows ��� with dynamite.
!    Count  Tisza,   tho  Speaker   of   the! Ib most frequent In the liquor   trade j    "Vour days are numbered," read a
Lower House, is the special object of  and among those whose   occupations letter to Prefect Leplne.    "We   have
the hatred of the opposition owing tol expose them to le>ad {meaning.   Next   pledged    ourselves    to    avenge    our j
his strong objection to universal gut- on the list under the same head come ' brother   Anarchists   who   were    con,-'
frage. On June 7 last Deputy Julius the occupations which entail the
Kovacs attempted to assassinate him breathing of a dusty at biosphere. On
while hc occupied the chair. Ithe other hand, consumptlem   Is very
rare among shopkeepers and all   the
liberal professions.
Very few farm laborers die of con-
sumption.      Cancer Is  rarest   among  Ists, and Apaches.
demned tu death last week
The Anarchists re-ternd to are automobile bandits. The letter Is regarded as another evidence that there
Is a powerful organization in the citv
made  up  ot  Anarchists
The pretext Is that tbe tear they
will be budly treated by their Mohammedan superior otfl-cera; bat what ie
or more account really ia their complaint or the recent heavy Increase In
taxation for special war purposes.
which mjjj.ei It difficult for them to
earn a living".
The Turkish authorities are anxious
to put a stop to the outflow of useful
Keel  Social-  citizens, but there are ways and means
here by which officials may be squar-
farmers,   railroad   men   and    miners
Cab and wagon drivers are frequently
'I do not fear them," snld Leplne.
My   lite   has   been    threatened   too
ADI)FCT   (iir    A f^ TOR I attacked by cancer.    Tins disease   is often   for   me   to   worry    about    this
nlttlLJ I    VII     ftvlUll extraordinarily frequent among chlin-  threat   My colleagues, however, Were
ney sweeps, brewers and Bailors In the  greatly   alarmed,  and   to  meet   Hnlr
merchant marine, but only the average  wishes  1  consented   to   a  bodyguard  sailing boats.
eel. Steamers have been in the habit
or stopping ut certain well-known
points outside the harbor for the express purpose of taking on board emigrants who join the ship from small
; number of  fishermen  die of It.     Dm    and precuutleniB to guard   the I'retee
If  in  His  Opinion Performance  Is of  |���.lt.H  especially  abounds  among   the  ture."
liberal    professions.     Lawyers,    doe-1	
tors, druggists and clergymen ure the I
greatest   sufterers.   and   after   them        D��G8  IN   WAR   OR   POLICE
come  In order butchers, printers, dy-<
erB and commercial travelers. ;r.erm��n�� Find .hst Thev Are Not Al-
The liquor trade Is at the top of the; ways to Be Relied Upon
Ills! In the affections of the nervous
Isystem.    It uny moral can be drawn
Obscene  Nature-
Down  on
-Toronto Shuts
Toronto, Mareh 18,    Win. Hanks sv
veteran journalist, recently  nppolulid
theatrical   censor,  has   handed   a   report  to the police commissioners
The government tried tu atop this
practice  hy    Inflicting heavy  punish
ment ou "careless" officials who permitted   intending   emigrant*    to    slip
Hi rough their fingers In this manner,
* und it also punished many other people who used to tuak,. a very   good
1 living by assn ting army deserters out
llerlin, March lil.    Police dogs have ! uf the Country    As a hut resort the
not  justified   the  extravagant  claims  authorities seized upou Use plan of ar
from the above BtatlBtlcs It Is that dla- that were made for them when the-y   rei Hug the nearest relatives of desert-
betes  in   Purls   is  the   only   disease | Were  introduced  Into  Herman  police   era, but all HiIb did not sSvp tke flow
Among   a number   of    suggestions; which has any pretence to rcBpectu- wvlna,    Thev  form  a   valuable    ad   of emigration.
Socialists   Responsible   for   Change-
Capital Crowded  With Troops to
Prevent Riots.
Iludnppst, Hungary, March 13,
The Lower IIoiibo of the Hungarian
Parliament haa adopted tho Suffrage
l'nform mil, Introduced by Ihe govern-
men', by which a large number ot
woinm are enfranchised
Thi Hungarian capital was crowded
with troops during tlio debate In consequence of threats uttered   by the
that he makes Is that uny citizen at
lending a performance al any Toronto theatre may upply tor the arrest
or anv actor or actress It, In his opinion, their performance Is obscene.
The burlesque companies, says Mr
Hanks, play here twenty-seven weeks
having come from seventeen weeks
on circuits where there Is no censor
and where they play twice on Sundays  as on other days.
Accustomed to saying nil kinds of
things the Imagine they can Intro
duce what they like Into their per
formanoos when they ootne here. What
|j often the OaUBB Of trouble la the
extra encore.
This encore may not lip given at
the performance al which the censor
Is present and when It Is given It
may be flltliv but the censor does uo^
henr of It till afterwards.
tn future no encore's are to be given
Ihat arc not heord at a previous performance and passed by the conaor.
Those encores, are not in the original
plav nnd must be cut out.
"WltBt should bo quite clear Is this,
that although the censor may have
passed the performance this does not
prevent any citizen hearing or seeing anything Indecent from Immediate
ly getting an officer to have thc actor
than anyone else.
blllty and that the safest profession' Junct to the service of detection of] The only result haa l>e��n that loot all Is that or a clergyman, ror, no- nrlmlnals, but thev have distinct iml I stead ol single individuals whole rami
cording to Dr. Ilertilllon, clergymen Rations, and their mule testimony can��� lies have been leaving tbs country;
have fewer diseases and live   longer! not be Implicitly credited. ; greatly to the profit of the  shipping
These    limitations    have    recently I companies, tlrst amonr; which  Is the
been admitted by  police officers    lu ' Austrian Lloyd.
charge of training of the dogs. The | Local bankers are keen Judges of
sentence of un allegexl murderer was the situation, ub Syrians In America
reduced from lite to ten years' Im- \ regularly remit money Inane. As a
prlsonment at a recent trinl in Prank- rule, Syrians seem to *m well lu the
lort-ontlie-Oder, owing to the testl: United States. Although they never
mony or a Ileiiln police lieutenant make good soldiers, tbey are keen
discredit Inn online dogs which had traders und generally command a
followed the.inun from the scene or wide variety or languages    They work
Young Clrl Graduate Also Has Eye on
Main Chance.
New York, March 13     MrB. Ida Tarr,
ot Jersey City, whose daughter   Salome  took  down   the   notes   of   the
Bpeech which tlovernor Woodrow Wll- the murder, and now cemies l.ieuten- hard for little money aad thetr por-
soti made when he ace-ppteel the Demo- ant MoBt, In charge ot the police dig 'sonnl needs are very nal.
crallc Presidential nomination, has! training Institute tor Berlin, with j They spread themselves all over tho
sued lhe Drake HuslnesB College tor the slutemeni that Ihe unliuiils were country and may be found aa far
$25,000 because that concern was so:absolutely dependable only as dsten- lawny ub Alaska, where they work In
pleased over the work or Its graduatejders ol the ofllcer with whom they the mines. Their Idea la to acquire,
Ihat  without her   permission   It  dls-,are working. American citizenship*, then to return
played  her  photograph  on  billboards      The beBt ot doga, declares Llenteii    home, and wllh Oielr savings build a
and ln street cara, newspapers, uiaga- ant Most, Is likely to abandon n crim | little house with a garden.   There ern
zincs and circulars In advertising Its
Bystein ot Instruction.
Tho complaint saya that not only
has the business college usurped a
privilege that would have had a large
commercial value, but also thnt Miss
Tarr haB heen subjected to scoffs and
Jeers, that she haa been held up to
scorn, that her right of privacy has
been violated and that she baa beeu
greatly distressed,
e dot
hull's  trail  for  the   fresher  trail    or   thousands of such Utile
Bonie  third  person  croBBlng  It.    The ing  gond-sizi d  villages,
animal's scent depends    also    In  no ' ted all over the Lebanon I
small degree on his mood and condl- I    At nations on the Mr-catch railway
tlon of health. .from Damascus to Beirut ��M may tte~
The Uklihood of police dogs failing quently see simple MM��� meeting
when put to the most important tests I well-dressed, westerrMoakhw relatives
ls, of course, a serious limitation or who have returned from America. The
their usefulness. Despite this, how-j latter very soon drop their modern
ever, they wlll continue to form aiolothlng and fall back m*e tho easy
valuable arm of tho criminal service. Oriental garb and habits f��AOI  FOUR
FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 14.1
Mr.   F.  C.  Gamble,  Chief  of   Department Looks Over Proposed C.N.R.
Work at Bridge.
As Result cf New Position in Mediter
ranean Government Feci  It
Their Duty.
(Continued from page one)
Wthin the next few days the loca
tion of  the  wharf  of the
Northern Pacific railway near Steves ,
ton. will be announced according  to
Home, March 18.���Admiral Pascuale
Cattolica,    the    Italian    minister    ot
.marine, made an impressive speech In
Canadian : iho chamber of deputies em  the sub
jeot of Italy's naval policy.
Replying to criticisms regarding the
Keaident Knglneer Swan of the com- (1,,lHy |��� the execution of Italy's nava
nanv who in company with Mr. T. H. program, the minister of marine e*
White chief engineer of the C.N.lMt pia|ned that this delay wns due parti
visited the scene or operations on LuluiU) llle Intermittent character ot the
Island yesterday and also looked over program entrusted to the Italian nava-
���several sites which could be used for|VHI-da aIul ais0 to the long time taker
wharfage purposes and which also are  for the execution  of  the orders    en
ter with Mr. Carvell. It was decided
lhal the house should rise from 4
until s o'olock,
Later on. Lenin Gauthler, Liberal,
ro��e In his place to refer to charges
affect ing the secretary of state which
he had proposed to lay before the
houRe on Monday last, lie deplored
the delay which had occurred in
bringing the matter to th
Of the house
on the company's property
Although tlie particulars are not yet
available this wharf will dembtless be
of considerable size as it will have
to accommodate the steamers of the
company operating between the main
land and Vancouver as a ferry service.
Kvery pari of Ihe work em Lulu Is-
Und will be in full blast at the beginning of next week more men being
added to the force now on the ground
which numbers over 100.
Another feature or the progress
made by the C, N. It. In thia vicinity
iliiring the past few months, was thi
visit of Mr. F. c. Gamble, chief Inspector of Uu' department of railway;
of British Columbia who arrived in
the cily yesterday morning and looked over Ui" proposed work at the
south i ml of the Kraser river bridge
at the point where the old tracks of
the Great Northern, known as the
Gulchon  road,  are located.
The C. V H have arranged with
the government to fill in the .trestli
���work al Hiis point with dirt brought
from a cut,east of Port Mann, which
work will probably be started during
the next fi w weeks at the same time
us Iiie grading Of the freight yards
at Port Mann is commenced.
The pile driver of the Canadian
Construction oompany whieii is being
built al Porl Mann is said to be com-
pleted and will lie towed down river
Borne day Ihls week to Annacis slough
where pill driving operations will be
started on the big trestle, two and a
half miles long.
A greater part of the right of jft'ay
between this city and Steveston has
already been cleared and actual grading operations have commencrd in the
Vicinity of Steveston, the work being
poshed eastward
trusted  to  fi reign  ship yards,  conse
queM on strikes.
The admiral asserted that it was the
government's intention to organize i
regular methodical cycle ln naval con
structlon, the government recognizing
that the conquest cf Llbaya and Italy'?
new position In ihe Mediterranean impose a duty on the government to pro
ide in the future for naval power on
a larger scale.
Paul and  Spiritism Are Charged with
Murder cf Officer Kindness Near
Clinton Last May.
Stringency in  Market Shows no Sign
of Abatement and Conditions are
Crowing  Worse.
Kamloops, March 13.���After many
remands lo allow the police time to
prepare the case, the preliminary
trial of the Indians, Paul    Splntlam
and Moses Paul, charged with the
shooting of Constable Kindness near
Clinton in May last, opened yesterday
afternoon before Magistrate Pearse.
The prisoners are defende-d by Stuart
lendi rson.
In accordance with the promise
made by the provincial authorities tc
the Indian chiefs who were Instrumental in netting the prisoners to
surrender counsel was provided by thi
government for their defence, but at
the last moment, for reasons knowr
���"iv lo the nrisopers and against the
advice of the chiefs, this was refused
The accused mon took keen Interest
in the proceedings, but did not seem
much concerned. Dr. Uoss testified
that tlm death of Kindness was cause,.
by a bullet wound through the ches}
from left front, emerging back of lh*
right shoulder.
Charles Trunin, a rancher, told o!
having come across the accused whip
he was looking for horses. Whet
they saw him tliey ran for their rifle*
and were decidedly hostile, especially
The Chase.
After enquiring from    the    Indians
whether they hael seen his horses, and
offering them a reward of live dollars
Berlin, March lit. The stringency in if they would bring him the animals.
tho money market shows no signs of Trunin rode to Pollard's ranch, where
abatement despite a number of favor a posse consisting of himself. Con-
able outside influences.' Conditions stable Kindness. Charles Pollard,
Instead of becoming easier are sharp- George Carson, Jim Iloyd. Ritchie and
iming from day to day. Predictions are Forest L/Oring was formed and started
that borrowerers would be forced to in pursuit, returning first to the
pay S to X'/j por cent, for monthly spot wbere his interview had taken
settlement and the exaggerated re- place. Prom there they followed the
porta of the high rales that Germany track nf the fugitives' horses for about
was  offering   for   gold   in   New   York  three miles.
more than discounted yesterday's nn-1 They met another of the Pollards
nouncement of Austro-Russian de- who told them if an Indian camt
mobilization accelerated an unloading about a mile farther on and wh
movement    under    which    everything | turned and rode with the posse, at the
The illness ot the sicrelary or slate
he said, had delayed the investigation
for some time and the impending adjournment would again interfere with
It. It had been stated in some newspapers that he waB responsible for
the delay. This was contrary to the
facts and he did not wish the Impression to become general. In spite of
the f ie.kuesB at home he had remained
in Ottawa to prosecute this matter
and he was anxious to have an opportunity to do so.
Proceed Friday.
Premier Borden said that Mr. Clan
thier was to be commended for hit
reasonable attitude and made the definite promise that the matter would be
proceeded with either Fridoy or Monday. Mr. Borden said he bad iu his
possession a doctor's certificate to
the effect that Mr. Coderre was unite
unal.le to appear in the house. While-
he thought it well that the secretary
it state thculd te present i�� defend
hUnself when the matter came up, he
promised Mr. Gauthler that even if
Mr. Coderre was not in the house
the matter would not be delayed any
longer th in Monday. To this Mr. C.ati-
! tliler agreed.
Too  III  to Appear.
Hon.  1.    P.  Pelletler also gave his
assurance  to the house that  Mr.  Coderre wns too ill to appead.   The secretary  of  state,  like  the  mi ml.i r  for
iSt. Hyacinths, had suffered from untrue statements in the press because
lit had been alleged that he was not
, ill, but. in hiding.   This statement Wat
not  true.
i When 4 o'clock came. W. P. Maclean
South York, got the floor wtth the purpose of making the plea that the
death of Mr. Haggart afforded a euit-
able opportunity for the two sides of
the liouse to get together and arrive
at some agreement as to the question
ot naval  defence.
He made the suggestion that an
agreement be reached to vote $25,000,-
ooo for the construction of two dreadnoughts to be aded to the imperial
navy and that another $10,1)00,000 be
voted to aid in the creating of a fleet
unit on the Pacific under the control
of Canada, Australia and New 7ea-
i land, ln this way both the ideas now
j being urged before the house would
[be carried out. Action iu regard to a
! fleet unit could be based upon the
j naval act passed by the late government.
Mr. Maclean said he believed in
(complete autonomy for the Dominion.
but that he considered that complete
autonomy will not interfere with soli
darity of the empire in the matter oi
early in October and was in the hands
of the minister duriifg the consider a I
tion of the Question of policy.
As to the occurrences ef last week
- Borden said that his last message'
Mr. Churchill was sent early last
week find the reply authorizing the.
production of the documents came on
Sunday. Ile gave orders to have the
matter prepared for presentation to
the house on Monday. When Sir Wilfrid  Laurier asked  for the additional,
correspondence on Monday It was not | What Ib regard"d as the world's
ready but later on when he came Into | greatest motion films, John Hunyan'r,
the house with it, V. II. Carvell was ��� "Pilgrim's Progress," will bo shown ii*
speaking and ho did not care to in- this city, commencing on Monday next
terrupt him. for three days,  Manager Cillis, of the
���.urrea   in i    The member of RouvlHe would bear I Royal theatre,   completing   the   deal
attention ihim cut in saying that when the elocu-' yesterday.
I ments were submitted at night he had I    Pour thousand feet of motion pic
furnished him with a copy which at* ture art, geographically describing ln
the request or Mr. Lemleux had been one hour the story or the most won
sent  to the  leader of the opposition, idcrful book ever written, with the ex
.. . ....._.. ,_.  ..i_. i i   ....,.*;,,��� ���r ���!,.. ni
Mr. Lemleux had the copy In hiB hand
when the prime minister was reading
the document.
Mr.   Lemleux   endorsed   this   statement and the incident closed.
Former President Rocsevelt Addrscseo
Meeting at Close of Two Days'
ception of the Bible, Is use-d up in the
work and during Its showing In Van
couver all of this week large crowd-
have attended Iho theatre, till* bciinr
the first time the film has ever been
Bhown In Western Canada.
Manager Glllls was over In Vancouver yesterday and after watching the
photo play declares It will be the
best treat of Its kind ever flashed on
a Westminster canvas.
Philadelphia, March IS.���Charging
| the ."-ed of thorough organization for
studying and securing the ideas or
'which the platform of the Progressive
party was based, former President
Theodore Roosevelt addressed at
audience tonight which crowded the
Metropolitan opera house.
li-..  meeting marked  the  close cf
i the first day of a two days' suasion-
|   (  i!f  lirst  annual  Progressive  conference of the stale of Pennslyvania.
��� i b ra of the electoral college of
i this state who voted for Rocsevelt
frr nresldent and the loaders if t1'.-
Washington party who conducted the
campaign for him are the leaders in
Ithe conference, which has as an aim
j the perpetuation of the party.
Colonel Roosevelt, Dean Draper W,
! Lewis, of the University ot Pennsylvania law school, and the Rev. George
l1. I'ei-rn. of Massachusetts, in their
1 addresses tonight laid stress on the
educational side of the work to be
\ accomplished.
London, March 13.���-The exploration
of inside of sphinx lias had interest
ing results. Professor Retainer sue
ceeding In removing the accumulated
sand t.f centuries from the Interior
of the head and gained entrance
through the neck of the temple that
runs the whole length of the gigantic
body, measuring  120 feet.
In lhe temple is a pyramid forming
the tomb of Menes I, king id' Egypt
;lt is supposed to contain his mummified body. Sloping passages from tin
.temple lead to other chambers yet un
explored and also, ii is believed, to ;
| subterranean city.
Chief   Contractor   of   National   Transcontinental Railway Makes
imperial defence.    He did not believe I    ...  .,   -,,-,������i,  m     A��� _.-ii������ ,
that the proposed contribution would l,��~ *<*��> gnSTS^Sttn.
lead o a form of Imperial fedora tion ch,(lf contractor (J tlle con.truoUon
objectionable to the Dominion. There- N Transcontinental rail-
ore he would be quite ready.to vote Winnipeg,    this
he  money.    In  some  way,  however, 1 ^^   ,      , fa   completed bv
the house ought to be big enough  to    . nnthtn_.   hu.
get together on the matter of Imperial\^*l.'- J    T '    nothi"S  '**'^
defence and let the world see that the ' interview  with
parliament of Canada can be ot one        Cftnadlan preM todav Mr ().nri,,n
"" ��* ,3?S��S/3  ^!-ated that he expects to have an army
Tripp & Linton
Two    Rube.,    and    a   Trick
Chas. Horvath
Hungarian Cyinbolum Soloist
Johnson & Bonnell
Eccentric   Dancers,   Comedy
Cowls* Ban ^t^i*" * Ma'1
���dropped   a  point   or  more.     Canadian
I'aeific shares fell threw points.
The market closed weak. The re
port of tlie engagement of five million
in gold from New York was not oon-
firmed. The (ieruiun Imperial bank
issued an Interim statement todaj
showing a Blight Improvement on
lilarch II over lhe statement of March
7, including a $5,000,000 increase In
the stock of gold and silver, bnt lhe
-bettor showing is attributed largely t(
the accumulation for the subscriptions
for the nev. loan payable March 26.
suid il proved unavailing against the
prevailing weakness,
Hoarding of money by the German
public and a difficulty In making com
niereiul collections arc generally
At;rd Man Receives Injury and Charg-:
cf Drunkenness is Laid and He Is
Placed  in  Cell.
Toronto, March lil- Picked up un
vonecloui al Colloge and Vongo sti-i i
th,' reeul of i fall, and taken tu tin
Agcrx Mr. et police station when
lie lay for lii hours Without any at
lentil n, David C. March, L'.'ill Mut.uii
: iiv. i Is now lying al the si. Mlohai
boepltal critically ill with eryslpelln
March, who Is on years old, with i
nunil'i t ot others, Btarted to board a
Carol ten car, Pushing about In ilu
crowd iii" aged man wai thrown t
the p.:.i ii io, lis head lirikiiiK lip
om-b and i Dieting a nasty gash, fi
policeman i is nut for and, i pon hi
���nival, ii nl for a police von.
When  ii in ii arrlvi d al the Bl Lloi
he won tiio n t i one of thi  celli   iftci
n   charge   , (  drunknnni Be   had   l�� i i*
lab) ag tint i ii ui    'I In   noxl  i
In.- wi.k iii B high ti   er i nl p i
llrious.    Infl ��� ti. ii  fun i    in   ��� ul
head  bas  rei ulti d  end    ver;
hope Is hi Id ort  fer his n i
Cona'.or Defies Senate,
i��, iito'i, Mar oh 18.   Benatoi John .1
McDi'vill, i I Qulnoy, -defied thi
i.mi'i*. by flatly refilling to apoiogl/.i
Co thai body for having made Qbn
that n member of the legislature bud
tried to bribe hlin. Arter lioarln;.
himself reprimanded ho UCt ihe
���chamber under suspension Ulilll May
1, <ir tint 11 he makes tho demanded
same time advising everybody to bi
careful. Another half mile and the:
came upon two horses and while the-
I balled out rang a shot and Klpdnest
'said. "Oh. you beggars I" and Ml
Trunin swore positively that thi
horses at  the place where the sluo
jWhb  (ired   wire   tlie  same   as   two   ol
those wiih the Indians when he cami
upon them In the morning.
Took to Cover.
After the lirst shots all the pOB3i
took to cover and afier Constabb
Kindness' body had been Btrappei
upon his horse to ba taken back, the;
I were again Bred upon, on returnlni
borne, und a poese went In pursuit.
All the members of the posse gavi
evidence relating to the general sior>
of tracking the fugitives from thelt
camp where Trnran had Been them, l
the ambush when the shi I i Ihat K 11
ed Kinini sa and v ounded Lortn;
were On *1
James fioyd ������ :i ���   Hu    only one 1t
the posse  *.. ho    pa Itlvi ly    Idonl '
Splntlam as tin .- Iio w is h1i da
in tii** anil * * Ho i i nap abovi
I -i I"k and part i a rifle barrel show
I Ing,   The i an i  -    up, i   i ��� ��� ng In*
head  and  cht Iloyd  th)    ll   wa-*
rn ntlorn     i     n . ���     ral fu
lade, bul no one was hll
lid tli Hiik i In iped
Boyd I up i I th
log ntubui v    i' .*     were cf the t im<
,ili:.,*i    ib tin        i d on     	
lam . i il  Mosi :*. Paul    In N-*   Is    la ���
Di   * 'ii1" r
,HER5' c/.:.;
Bismarck,    \ !>. ... in h    IS,    ri
jury In the caso ini Cla
Han in* ���  i '.������ -   ard, piibl   hi rs i (
nonihlj   mm ulni *  ined   I er *.    *���
���iulii   ��io   ii*. "'i,'*. ���!      fivi    havln
baen oul  "I  boui ��� '.ill du!  n   "i   Ini
jpon n vi rdlct,
*. i
i laws h    tip
i ���    Hun   bj    o
i r    It  iidn ' *
The ptibl Bill *���������
I   ', I   I "ID     III      *       11
tcrstalo '  ���
Mils nl
������re is,    The i
di ah rn  lln  u Ui
md thn   - . ii   -  '
ng tl
nd       tlio oul
i    ,   .   . h
n ddl
ltd for
i   ��� i
cf   l'i ���   li
i   illfax,
r the lal
Truro   "i*i
ri thai  ii ���
/ to Churches,
,*! treh   I *     i'"
uleiii'in   I   ���
, . Kill, d   si   ernl
,     M       I    "    II
provides foi    10,1
��� *
.1   e
h   *
(T In
voice    ^^^
fully  preser  	
Short  Respite.
I'remier llorden then moved that
[out of respect to the memory or Mr.
Haggart that the house rise until it
lion w. t. White took advantage of
the oportunity to table some supplementary estimates for the current I
year. The speaker then left the chair!
and the members quietly dispersed.
J. W, Robb Huntingdon, Que., con-|
tinned the debate when the bouse resumed, at S o'clock.    He broke  new |
ground  by  Inking up the question  of
the  representation of the  Protestant
minority of Quebec In the cabinet. He
..aid   that   the   present   minority   had
never been without, a minister holding I
.. portfolio from  the time Hon.  A.  T
Gait  was  minister of  finance.
Protestant  Minority.
When   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier   formed
his first cabinet ii Included iwo Quebec Protestants with portfolios and
one without. He could not help wondering What the prime minister of today really thought of the position of
the Protestant minority in Quebec. Mr.
ubb   said   that   lie   would     not     hav.
brought up the resolution, but thai he
had noticed thai certain papers In
Ontario had started a campaign
agalnsl what they described as French
lomlnattou,      ll"    wi uld    ask    the
1 ir ,n ���!��� scntlmi nl whal it thought ol
tie* pri si ni     ' ui i ion.
The n itlonal al pti d ra nance In the
��� ,i ini i   said   'ii*   Robb, w is n   pi
II ii* for iio* naval polli j u ������*��� bi fori
ih ��� house, ii woi .1 havi been i'i
" r had tii" prln e mli ster i ndeavor
i d r> ti ���" ll ti" pi ipli ��� i Qui I . c whal
Ihi Ir   fluty   was   In   n gar I   to   naval
laid      i" t* ul ol  t'ikim   . ilvani ��� e
i i.i" ':..i.* nalli ��� ag tittlon
"...    ������!*:���   I r  : * , .    ;, ���"
Led  a i fli ;��� **- '��� '���������   bei I
poi slbl   * oi ipromli e, Mi   Ri kb *;* olar
i ii   ..,*! ii  I e for p ni:   nu 111   I ' liii'i'l*
to   i* i    L:'ii. io tii" fir :  prln ilpli
un        oi   '.,  agn i i up n In  1900.
New  Wants Cables,
r. B  C ii" ' ll H4.nl i n i ������ and called
it.tci . ion i ' the t'i"! lh i all <���, rres
pi.-iii .-\i- i * ������������ ��� 11: i'i   :        ii .i n   and
��� ������:���  :������ ii     hn i   I'er.n  l ibli ii   �� II
��� i ��� * * ��� i ��� i : I: i - ��� ' i   I    i   .  *   . *
��� ,i  11 * -,  i n  I' ���   !'*'���': nd   M t
Chun hill  1    '   ���-. el      Ile thru
... uld     I o    oili :*'!'     :     have   tbnpi
* ill:-1 i*. in lit  il   v. i  In  . rdi r to I
���iii to tin correspond* ���" * and * * ���   d 11
':     i li rdi -i  would d    lit
Pre-niei- ��"*._,' ,    -.
Pri trier 13    I* *.. I ���  ��� r| ��� .i   * ���  '
till l "    Wl re    I.W0    li   iti    *:     v il." i     .
III H ciiudi .1 i" in t'i-   h ut ������   ��� "1  i"
���lie |    ���.     ll hud 1 1 th ������ ���'.
.*��� *   ���   tit's  ii* i    ���   i.   '   I * *  .   *   '
* i.i   or- I ll ":������   In   I ��� ���   r ol
:   ii m    i *   Monk, i n Oct, 18, bin th il
��� i  ilu- Metier :n hi :o*oviii" tlm admiralty
inetii irl j dum  �� is (1 llvl n i Oct,  1 0
'i lie   it  i*. ni".   wan   thai   thn   got * r i
njint's policy had luin decided on I
__ 4000 men at work on the 750 mil
yet  to  be  constructed,  that  is  it  he
can  get  that  many  men.    He  anticipates some difficulty in this respect.
If the Haikan war is settled v��ry
soon It will help him considerably,
because many men who worked for
him  last  year  will  likely  return.
in om- v.i-i'K lasl fall soon after the
war broke out, 000 men. natives of the
Balkan states, left him to return home
and light against the Turks.
There are stretches of the line between Qnebe'c and Winnipeg that are
already in operation. Some are east
oT Cttchrani! and some are west ot
that town. II Is going to be a big
task to finish the road and put It in
shape ready for operations by the end
of this year, says Mr. O'Brien, but he
Is going to make a big effort to ac
compllsh it.
Norfolk Or
Regular Sack
English Model or the full BOX BACK;
made of English, Scotland and American
weaves.  They're all here.
Hart, ScKaffner &? Marx
Make  them  right:  and  we  sell  them  right;   and  ir you
buy  them  you'll look right, and feel right.
Suits $15.00 and Upward.
J. E. BROWN y Co.
618 Columbia.
Another Official  Execution.
Laredo, Texas, March 13.    It Is   re
ported that VenuBtlano Carranza, gov
oritur of Coahuila, who revolted
against the llu"r!a provlsloftal government, was captured and shot ihls
afternoon by federal troops under
Oeneral True) Aubert al a polnl b"
Iwei n Rajana at I Mon i iva, OH * al
condrmatb n t r iho ��������� ��� citlon bad nol
in "ii ii;''iiri' d up, ti n late hour.
This Store is the House-, of Hart, Hchaffner & Marx.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
       BURN OIL     	
P.  O.  BOX  442
^ai!��i'! BSS^JBS Lamps, etc
ewemsamaaw**" ***** m
63 Sixth Street
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Our assortment or Iloyal Victoria China consisting of Chocolate,
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Layers of Hassam Comp.essed Concrete (Patented)
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qui :il i lo i     n     bnardB of tlio Ctiuii'li I fofo thu nianidnuidiim wnn received   A    i^
uf Bn i n *i In iii.   iii,..*.,* .,f    :,'n*, i The tactls tn lhe eaeb were thai  ilu* ri       '
Sgoliu. Mu' i     rn   i' mc,. i|i,ii'i*- ir,  i*:i.,i Itiforitiilion <'iuui' to the eaHltrtd  M
lift; Ui in' huh, I'nptuln Mbert i'..i;il  iff mbre bflmolOto   but   confidential |
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Lumber Lath and Shingles
I *si*S3*t*tr;jrx.*Trcx
For Van;ouver, via Central Park
- At 5:0u uud 5:45 u.m., mul every
15 mlnulos until 9 p,ni,   Prora 0
pin. until Blldnlghl hair limirly hit-
Sundayn���At     B;00,    7:0(1,    7:30,
8.(iii and B:80 a.m., imk dny ior-
viu'i prevailing Iberotrfter,
r<ir Vnncouvir vl�� Burnaby ai
B:4B, fi:-ir, nml B:00 a in, with hour
ly service thereafter un,i.il 10:00
p.m., und lull' oar ut 111-30 p.m,
Bundeyi���First onr ai BtOO a.m.,
wiih wi'ik duy lerVleo thereafter,
For Vancouver via Eburne -At
7:00 u.m. uud hourly until 11:00
Sunday���I'M rut  cur al   S;00  ii.m.,
rognlar wcrk day lorvl-de Ihoreai-
(Connootlon with oan to Btevee-
Inn  and  ullicr  pnlnlH on  1.1)1 u   In
land in made ut Kiiurno.
For Chllllwack nnd Points In
8outh Fraser Valley���At ihUO n in.,
l!20 p ni. und (1:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Pointe
���   At   1:05  p.m.
.   . ].' 	
certainly    has    the
O'Keefe.    Matty
draw habit.
AOxford Comes from Behind    in
Quarter Mile and Finish Quarter
Length in Lead
PHtney, March 13. -The dark blues
.of Oxford flashed first pant the finish line of the annual Oxford-Cam-
bridge eluht oared boat race ou the
Thames today. The winner's time was
'_!() minutes 53 seconds for the 4 11
mili. course on which the Inter university races have beer, rowed for 70
Tho Cambridge crow appeared to |
have tlie race at its mercy until the
lasi Quarter mile, uud tlio finish was
In doubt until tho lust few strokes,
when Oxford, by a desperate spurt.*
piishi d the prow o their shell a
iiuartir of a length In front of their
light blue rivals., Cambridge was unable to stall off the Ian desperate
rush of the heavier and better conditioned oxford oarsmen.
Cambridge won the tons and chose
lln-   Surrey   side   of   the   river   where J
Hi,' water was almost without a ripple.
Lead  Half a  Length.
At th" Mul Cambridge caught the
water lint and maintaining a stroke
i I 38 I" lhe minute, jumped half a
h Into lhe lead In (be first half
m The Oxford stroke was kepi at
'.i tin* first mile, when stroke Hers-
ailed for a spurt that reduced
light blue lead for a time.
sanding Chlswick Mall, however,
Cambridge, having the shorter turn,
dropped their stroke lo 34 and put daylight between the stern of their shell
and  the Oxford  bow.
At Barnes Corner, Iobs than a half
mile from the finish, Stroke Horsfall
moved the Oxford stroke up tn 86 and
gi Mini; a tremendous pace on the boat
(Ixford wore down the Cambridge lead
Toot by foot and with a last final effort forced their prow in front The
light blues, who had heen compelled
to carry two half-trained men In the
bout hi cause cf the illness of members
of the crew, were unetiual to tho last
spurt which would have meant vie-
i iry The official times of the race
were: one mile, 4:12; Hammersmith
Bridge, 7:40: Chlswlok Mall, 12:31;
Barnes Bridge, 17:21; finish 20:53.
Thousands of Spectators.
The battle of the Blues for aquatic
1 * nors of Ihe year between eight-oared
crews representing Oxford and Cambridge���-dark and light    blue    respec
i .ly -attracted its usual thousands
oi spectators. At dawn citizens of
London began to surge over the dif-
' nm' bridges crossing the ThamoR
��� I'veen   Putney  and   Mortlake.  wait-
Vancouver to assist us with the rest
1 In order to make the Bcheme a sue
This Ib not the flrst time that Mr.
Yorke    has      managed      a    Victoria
lacrosse club, having been mixed up
i tn the game several years ago before
! the professional clubs secured a foot
I Ing.
Last |    Mr. Yorke discussed the matter with
Mayor    Gray    and    Alderman    Fred
I.ynch, hut the nature of this confab
Is not yet given out.   However, thinga
are  beginning  to liven  up  somewhat
and  during the  next few days,  now
that   the   annual   meeting   has   been
called   for * Thursday  evening.   March
20, all kinds of minora are likely to
bo handed around.
Yesterday Secretary Fred I.ynch of
the B, C. L, A. received a communication from President Harry Cowan of
Vancouver asking that a meeting be
(tailed on Tuesday evinir" of next
As the annual meeting of the local
club however. Is not to be held until
Thursday evening, the B. C. I.. A.
gathering will probably he called for
Saturday, March 22. According lo
Secretary Lynch nothing will be done
with the Victoria proposition until
the officers fir the ensuing year are
Becent talk of a match between
Jack Johnson and Joe Jeanette recalls
, that today Is the seventh anniversary
of the only one of the seven bouts,
between the two blacks that was at
i ull decisive. On March 14, 1900 they
boxed 15 rounds in Baltimore and
Johnson won uud was clearly entitled
to tho decision.
Four short bouts In which they engaged showed little or no choice between them. Another decision bout
j waB called a draw, and on one ooca-
\ bIoii Jeanette won on a foul. Since
i Johnson won thc title he has manifest-
i cd a great deal of anxiety to keep
away from Joe, and would much rath-1
er fight a white man 'Btead of a coon
coon, coon.
Final Arguments Finished in Famous
Murder Case,  When Colonel
Swope was Poisoned.
Montreal Doctor States Dr. F. F. Freld-
mann's Discovery Is Nothing
Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and
Duluth have entered the lists for the
1913 regatta of the National ABeocIa
tion of Amateur OarBmen, and the
choice will be made when the annual
meeting la convened in New York next
Kansas City, Mo., March 13.���The
final argument ln the Hyde murder
trial was finished at 10 o'clock tonight and the jurora, to whom the'
case then was given, began their deliberations at once. After considering
the case for an hour they retired for
the night.
During the argument of Senator
JamcB A. Heed, special prosecutor, ten
marshals were appointed to control
the crowd that thronged the court
room and corridors. Senator Reed's
speech was a severe, but dramatic,
three  hours arraignment of  the  de-
Ottawa, March 13.���Dr V. F Friedmann already has a rival. The German physician who claims to have
found a serum which cores tuberculosis, and who demonstrated his method
in Ottawa yesterday, has had hiB pretentions overshadowed by those of another, though anonymous investigator
to quote the statement made by Dr. A.
J. Hltchie of Montreal, who Is attached
to the sanitarium at Ste. Agathe, Que.,
in an address delivered at a public
meeting held in the Y. M. C. A. hall
by the Canadian Association for the
Prevention of Tuberculosis, last evening.
Dr. Ritchie stated that In justice to
a medical man of 20 years' experience
and  undoubted  repute;   a  man,  who
^ I fendant, Dr. B. Olarke Hyde, but the two years ago embarked on this parti
Toronto     Amateur    Team  Will     Play
Alan Cuphpldcrs Nrxt  Week.
Ton nto, March 13, -Manager I.lv
Ingstl ne, Of Toronto R. and R. A..
received a wire this morning from
the Wlnnlpegs, the. Allan cupholders
thai their season would be over nexl
Monday nlgbt. They will leave for
Toronto immediately and expected ti
he here Thursday of next week bo as
to have a work out cr two before the
lirst of the two games Saturday night
Total goals ill the games Saturday
and Monday will count for the new
trophy. Tbe Torontoa are keeping in
fine shape. One game will be under
O. II. A. and the other under Western
1906���Jack Johnson outpointed Joe
Jeanette lu 15 rounds at Baltimore.
1908- Johnny Thompson knocked out
Johnny Murphy ln the eighth
round at San Francisco.
1910-Matty Baldwin and Dick Hyland fought a ten round draw
at  Kansas City.
1911���Packey McFarland outpoints d
Owen Moran, Kngiish, in ten
rounds at Kansas City.
mil���Kid Wiliams and Charley Harvey fought a IS round draw at
1911 -Jack Dillon knocked out. Jimmy
Harmon in the second round
at   Brazil,   Ind.
��� OVER  THE   FOUL  LINE.        ���
Garret's House league team defeated Ingram's quintette on the Club
alleys last evening, two out of three
games.    The score:
Bill GRAHAM Will
latter apparently was unmoved hy it.
He chewed gum ctnstanlly and closely watched the prosecutor and the
At the conclusion of Senator Reed's
speech and after the jury had retired
I Dr, Hyde quietly conversed with his
j wife and attorneys and smiled as
i though not oppressed by a single
| worry. Mr. Hyde's tace wore an anxi-
j cits expression and during the argu
i men's she kept he,r eyes nvitcd on
' the jurors.
Died in Twenty Minutes.
"Colonel"   Tliomas   H.   Sv.ope   was
i not a sick man on    the day   of   his
death.    Twenty   minutes    after    Dr.
lllyde administered a certain capsule.
he was dead.    Twenty minutes iB the
I exact  time  required  for  cyanide    oi
I potassium to act
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase and  Sale of  Real  Estate.
Agreements of Sale purchased at reasonable
rates and terms.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
cular phase of tuberculosis work and
who had discovered a serum which
had shown results on animals much
more favorable than those cf Dr. F.
F. Friedman's alleged cure and preliminary effects on the treatment of
the disease in human being which
were most encouraging, he could not
refrain from making these results
public, though he was not in a position to disclose the name of the man
who had made them possible
Furthermore he maintained Dr.
Friedmann's treatment was uo new
thing. Papers embracing all of its
claims had been delivered last year
at an international medical congress
and hud not aroused any furore amoag
the medical men in attendance. In
proof of his statements as to the superiority of the serum originated by
his anonymous friend Dr. Ritchie produced two guinea pigs which had
been treated; one formerly tubercular
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letterB of credit
sold payable ln all parts of the world.   Savings bank department at
all branches.
.. ._r
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Champions   of   City   Baseball   League
Organize for  Season of 1913���
Shurtliff   Elected Coach.
These were the declarations of .which had been cured as lhe result
Prosecutor Jacobs in his argument ti ;of an injection, antl another into which
the jury today, in the third Hyde nun |an injection of 400 times the ordinary
der trial. The court had allowed each [strength had been made to demon-
side four antl a half hour3 for argu strate the harmlessness of the treatment and the court room was crowded, j ment.    Interviewed later he said the
R. li. Hrowster in the opening argument for the defence charged that thr-
Swope family would bring every | "In August of last year, the man 1
means to send Dr. Hyde to lhe gai- speak of." Dr. Hitchie said, "handed
lows or to the penitentiary. Parts ol |me some vaccine trom live bacilli that
hia remarks were   ordered    stricken | he had been working on and Baid he
j man of whom he spoke was uot a Canadian.
Ing along the banks for the one fleeting glimpse of the contestants
The <Ixford crew, half veterans,
was the favorite and was heavier than
any that had occupied a dark blue
tli'il In many years. The Cambridge
m. ti. lighter and less experienced than
their opponents, nevertheless showed
themselves fighters while training and
���vers Haiti loday to he in top form
Tin y were pronounced by experts the
I ��� st . lew from Cambridge In a decade.
Centre  Seated  Boat.
For tlie first time In the annual
race between the two varsity crews,
Cambridge rowed in a centre-seated
'"in Ab In the past, the majority
of Hie oarsmen on both crews learned
to handle an onr nt Kton, hut the colo-1
nlal Ithodes echnlnrs nre beginning
to break Into the last Stronghold Of
Kngiish sport. Last year 0, W. II '
Idttlejohn of Melbourne rowed seven
nod two Australians, II. K. Ward and
< 1. BallleOU, ocupled seals in the
Oxford   Shell.
Oreat precaution was taken to pre-1
vein any outrage by mint mt suffragettes vii iii might mar the race   The
li'iiiih"cn s  were  watched  wtth great
vIriipi ,. throughout the nighl (nd
v oi n ���*. .��� torblddt n to stand on the
I r'dges i .itler Which the racing crews
V isn il.
Haggman ....
148��� 451
Kosenegale   ..
170..  449
154��� 469
A   N. Other . .
.. .���
112��� 211
172��� 433
193��� 522
179��� 437
112��� 400
.., .���-
140��� 296
141��� 364
Next game.
vs Whilliam on
Monday night
The Moose baseball team got down
to business last evening when at a
meeting held in the club rooms it
was decided to again enter a team
in the city league, of which they were
champions last season.
The one and only Bill Graham was
elected manager, and will have
mpreme charr e of the bunch, al-
hough a now departure was made in I
the election of "Mansen" Shurtliff as
"The. human megaphone," as Short
US    was    termed    last   summer    al !
Queens park, promised to be right on |
deck   when   the  season  opens,   while |
practically all of last year's team to
from the record.
Frank P. Walsh made the final argument for the defence.
Comes Parasite Which Will Effectually
Remove Fruit Pest.
Honolulu,  March 13.���Dr. Silvester
���an entomologist sent by the Hawaiian
I territorial  board    of    agriculture    to
' make a search ln different parts   of
I the  world   for  a  parasite  to  destroy
i the fruit pest known as the Mediter
I ranean    fly. cabled    yesterday    from
Capetown, South Africa, that he had
i found it in the  West African jungle
and that he would return with a sup
ply at once via Australia.
For years the Mediterranean fly
has been a curse upen the fruit in
dustry of Hawaii. All shipments oi
fresh fruits to American porta an
prohibited by strict quarantine laws
for tear the pest will be commune
cated  to  the  mainland.    The  search
gether with a number of promising
youngsters are ready to sign contracts.
An offer from Mr. George Speck to
present a bat to the flrst Moose making a three bagger was accepted,
while Mr.  Speck indicated his doBiro   ^
to present watch fobs to the players  for an efTective parasite has beeu go
the  champion  team of the    city
wished to have experiments conduct
ed on animals.
"They were not Btarted until late in
the fall and only recently have I been
ready to do anything with them. So
far as experiments go all that can be
shown on this Bide at present are
animal experiments. Work has been
done on human beings with very en-
couarging results and these will likely
be published in the course of time.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
��� BASEBALL. ���
White Sox Again Win.
1,03 Angeles, March 13. -In but twr
Innings were the Los Angeles Cnas1
league players able to hit Scott eftec
lively today, and the second Btpin���'.
of the Chicago Americans won their
fourth  game  from the local team.
President Charles Comislt.ey, of thi
Chicago club, who arrived yesterday
was an interested spectator of today's
gama I is team "111 bn pitted tumor
row against the Venlco C'cast league
Thn score
Whit" Box .
Uis Angeles
In   lhe
I,-,.-.' il
Tt  111'.
6 15   1
5    9    1
Scott and Oossett; Ryan
nd  Hoffman. Brooks.
Eighth Inning Rally-
Oakland  Cal.,   March 13.   i.c'iirn"
nili irinin.';. the Oakland
���n siin"".i| at the finish
todav and the Chicago White So-,
took two runs In each of ths lasl twi
innings, winning bv a SOOM Of E to 7
Il waa good, snapny ball, however
, I  lhe  seesaw  brand  nntl   the    21)11.'
fins who witnessed the contest were
edge to the finish.
It. H.R.
... r, 11   1
'; ,,,   2    6    3
Douglas, Ben-' end Kuhni
kepi on
V       I     .'���   .
league for the season of 1913.
ing on for years.
African Ivory Smuggler*.
Ivory smugnline is looked upon
as a very serious crime ill British
Best Africa, and this is only as it
bhould 1>". for ill Order to secure the
ivory the traders have to kill great
numbers Ol elephants. Th" game
preservation laws, particularly hs
regards elephants, are most severe,
and  woo  betide    the   man    who    is . march toward Danflous
���aking the game regulation, jdurmg a marcn   o^i  ^^   ^
Ihelr  guard  of  six  men, disappeared
and nothing .has since been heard of
nrr  SS   tmugging  ferns  and  c
United States, illicit 'liiiinon.l
t  -   nlU.r   fnrnl ���  I _
the column to abandon all the wound
Paris, March 13.���General LoUts
Frachet d'Kspcrcy, commander of one
of the French columns In Morocco, lias
been ordered under 30 days' arrest
by General I.yxautey, governor general of Morocco, according to a dispatch today to Mie Socialist paper,
Humanate. for Having abandoned o
number  of  wounded  French  soldiers
eaug' i lin _. r .
or in possession ol illicit spoils "'
Ihe chase. The smuggling of ivory
therefore is treated in the same man- , --^  ^^ ,,......,,,._,, .,.Egperey ,,|
,     i-        .....   iiiui ,iiiininn,l  accused by the newspaper of first or-
i^^giSli^S.'IroHmriormiwicring  the  chief  army  surgeon  with
Auckland, N.7... March 13.���That the
Hon. George E. Foster's mission and
chief object is to look around the Pacific dominions in which he himself
and the Dominion of Canada are very
keenly interested was that gentleman's
announcement today on arrival at this
port. I
He refused absolutely to discuss onl'.
what basis he was going to talk with'/
the Australian prime minister on reciprocity between Canada and Australia.
Asked   whether his   proposed   reci-11
procity   would   possibly   affect  Canst-:,
da'B   trade   with   New   Zealand,   Mr. It
Foster replied that it would be hard'"
to say.    Canada, he Baid, at present
enjoyed   plenty  of  trade  with  New
| Zealand and Australia's slight advantage In geographical position over New
Zealand   would  not  amount  to  much
In  the long ocean freight rate.
In answer to further questions the
Canadian minister stated that it was
utterly Impossible for him to say
what lines his reciprocity discussion ;
with the Australian government would
make or whether it would be similar
to the New Zealand negotiations. Hitherto, preliminaries with the Common-
wealth had been discussed at bo long a
range that they had been debarred
from a discussion of the details.
= Y. W. C. A. =
Approve the World'g Greatest Motion Picture
The story of the most wonderful hook ever written*
with the exception of the Bihle
50 Scenes ��� Over 100 Actors \
  In 4 Parts   "**ri "rm""
nl sum:
laws,   how
Aral's ami
an   illegal
cling in  England.   The  nenl
owevir.   do   DO!   prevent   tin.'
Indian) Irom indulging in
trade in  ivory on a large
scale.���Wld i World.
When Tea Was Not Popular.
description  <���(   n  model   country
in   a   journal   ol
drinking was then
is ton,
���r I/oii-
hrlstlan. I'ernoll and Mltz. Ilohrer.
Lionel   Vcrks,   Pror-itctlvo   M*nS?er
rf Victorls Pro Team, In ths
Cily Yesterdiy.
,v iiiy "Gravy."! ���
 Itlon t r Victoria   b?oH
��� mime' ii' i to starl n rn" fo I on '
le in* se ii am In the Capital Olty Is
bv on en mi i hul papi r Inllt, nccoi il
Ing in I louol Vi rko, who Is slated to
manage ihe twi Ivo should ihey he i"l
iiilttt il Into I'm it C. I*, v, nnd win
i* m n       tor In this city yesterday,
"Wo have the hues in of nil thi
I'..', , , i , i* vjctorla Including
Sir Ith h.i* i MoUrldo, Atlornoy Clan
. i.i! w Hm i i. ivsi;. .li hn Virtue
i: * rh inr oi Hie Oak B >'���' hot' I. snd
i tin ri," iitnlod ihe prospective mam
,u. i in iho News when asked "r ,,|('
ii  .   r ih-ln n [gro'gatlbn,
"I in i ovo," hs contlnui i, "thai both
ii,, v, pih * :��� and Vancouver mag
ii,ii.*.*. realise thai the llmo has oome
when  lhe public, ere Jusl  nbyul  Urefl
of. thin iw am  league, uud both
the players and the public generally
will reap the benefit should we I"'
nblo In not Itigelhcr n buiHi of silclt-
luiiullerii finable nf giving belli lh"
Orften Whirls nnd the Hnlincui Hollies
u hard run for tlm Mlnto cup.
"We have -file money tn run a cull
nud also n iiumlitir of players and It
Is now up lo Now Westminster
i-.'etui*'., lioiiseho.il
I7fi.'l shows thai tea
fnr  (nun   general:
"His only article ot luxury
but tlie ilo'clur  bSyi he  wnti'd
tlmt, if his wile oould lorgel her
don education. However, tliey ��>
offer it but lo the Im'sI oompany
1 ... ttii>ii n pound will lost ih
A few years prior t" this the I'em
B| ��� ctator depleted Hint lhe t
"cost more lo support than would
maintain two children nt nurse, n ���*
ih. utter destruction ol nt! eoonomy,
lhe bane "f (."'"I housewifery, and lh"
inure of Idicnsss."���London Chronicle,
ed in the desert without medical care
or guard. The surceon, It Is declared,
refused  to  obey the order.
Frenchmen To Tea;h Chinese.
I'aris, Murch 18.���Dent, Ikm, of b.
infantry aviation ccrps. has been giv
en the organization ot aviation in the
Chinese army at the request of thr
Chinese Eovemment, In the chine,:
���i'i'1 ry est mu'es provision Is mad-
for lie pu ������������hafi-P of 270 ii'Tonlaui'i
before lhe'end of ihe year, with fur
titer additions 'n lini-ir-lfi.
To be exhibited in Westminster for Three Days Only
Men.,   Tues.,   Wed*
March   17,   18,   19
to oc exniuucu  in
Matty Paldvvln Has Fought More
Draws Than Any Other S.r.ippcr
Matty  Baldwin, the clever Boston
lightweight, hns probably fought more
draw bullies Ihan any oilier boxer He
bus held his own with ment of the
best nun of his division, bul never
K,,(.,���s to he able to pui over the little hil  more" Mint would make him n
r, :.| championship oontonder,
Throe years ago today Matty fought
:. ten round draw with Hick Hyland,
... k msas City, and snortly afti rward
Hod wltb "wen Moimii.    Before thai
lie   had   fought     draws     with     Willie
Moody, Tommy Murphy, ,lom Drlscoll,
Wolgasl  and Ray  Bronson,   lu
half of his decision bout:'
wiih Young Baylor, Johnny
l-'runUlc   Burns    und    Joe
1 v. ere  lies
Mmil'il. ,  _,      ,    I
In Hint  vear by the way. Matty tie-1
IVuleil   Wl'llle   Illlcl-Je   in   a   20-rouiul j
affair in Han Francisco, and was defeated In the Biimti number of rounds
by Freddie Welsh, the English claim
aiil of Iho world's lightweight title.
I.usl year Matty Started OUl by go-
Jng to a draw -with Jack Redmond In
Voiingslown nnd n little later went to
I Huston and fought three draws In a
jriiw    with    Kddlo    Murphy,  Tommy
Matter of Fart Lovsmsklng,
For downright '.rose. Dr. Johnson's
off r ol liiiiul nnd henrt to hi- seoond
v.ife would !i" hatd to h"'il. "My tlen'
woman," ssld Johnson, "1 om a hardworking mnn nml wilhii! Something ol
i. philosopher, 1 am, ns you know,
v,ry poor. 1 have alwnys been ''���-
spretiilil.' inys'lf, but 1 grieve to lei!
yotl til nt one of my une'.ea wns liiini;-
ed," "I hnve 1"*-,-' money than you,
doclor," demurely answered th? lily,
"bill  I  shall try lo be philosophical
loo,   N  "f my relatives has ' v r
I ii hanged, bul I have several who
i,unlit   In le'."   "Providence nml pliil-
tijophy Inn vnl'iit.y nint'il us.  my
v ii 1   woman,"  .-niil   the doclor  n**   he
pre i il a chaste salut" upon the lady's
Lord Bacon's Dream.
I,nnl lliieon, Hi" wisest of mankind,
An- superstitious nnd had linn faith
in "signs nnd tokens." When in I'aris
lie ilreiini".! lhal lie saw the family
home in England covered with liiack
mortar, and he Insisted that it was n
-litii ol death, It. rtun time be received
ihe announcement ol the death of liis
latin", who hnd passed awny the nighl
nl lh" 'lrntn,
A  tln-i-l  New Chow This Year,
The Dig Laughing Musical
Trod action
The Children Want to Geo
Funny Fellow.
The  Place to Buy Furniture, Linoleums,
Carpets, Draperies, Etc.
The Big
Furniture Stoie
Seats nn sale
the rlorlnl's, 7M
Phone mm.
now   at   Tidy,
Columbia    Bt,
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Streets
Phone 5'8 PAGE   SIX
friday, March 14,1913
Classified Advertising
Classifled���One cent por word por
d.iy; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; S.OBO words, to be used as required witLIn one year from date ol
r. ntract,  $25.00.
Hlrth or Marriage Notices 60c.
death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.90. Card ot Thanks 50c per
Answers   to   advertisements  are at
the  News  office  for  boxes   831,  (143,
774   796, 801, 792, 821, 835.
furnished housekeeping rooniB, furnace heated. Apply 37 Agnes street,
or phone 1.638. (852)
ished   bedrooms.    Terms  moderate.
Cliff block.    Apply 32 Sixth street.
How Australia Makes
Good Men of Her Boys
Apply 624 Thirteenth street. Phone
1.886.      (881)
clearing. Property located at city
limits, close to car. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia
atreet. (851)
terably in insurance office, hy experienced man. H. W. Tasker,
Tynehead, B.C. (864)
house. Send particulars to Box
117, City. (842)
day.    Aply Box 843, Daily News.
fourth class papers. Apply West
minster Woodworking Co.., Lulu
Island. (849)
as domestic servant.   Box 831.
338 Twelfth street, corner Fourth
avenue; bath and toilet separate;
done up to suite tenant. Kent $30.
Dadds & Blanc, 714 Columbia street.
or two gentlemen. Albert Crescent.
Apply Box 835, News.
room, modern conveniences, suitable for two gentlemen or two
ladies.    220 Seventh Btreet.      (812)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth Btreet aud Agnes street. (763)
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, News office
good lota close in on front block.
Sell cheap. Reply Box 860 News
office. (860)
amount of cash will take established
buBinesa paying $175 a month profit.
Owner must leave this week only
leason for this opportunity. Call iu
person today. Room 3111 Westminster Trust building. IS63)
large corner lot, one block from
12th street and close to city. Price
$2500; cash $250, balance as rent.
Room 419 Westminster Trust Building. Thomas Kutledge Brokerage
Co (846)
ing town.   908 St. Andrew's St. (830)
The Australian correspondent of
the Standard of Empire, supplies the
following interesting notes upon cadet
training In hiB part of the Empire:
When Ihe universal training movement first commenced there waB a
good deal of doubt on the part of
those who were responsible for carrying it out oa to whether owing to
the nature of the conditions, such a
system could be worked to advantage.
lt is true that the bulk of the population welcomed such a movement,
and saw In the classes which formed
part of the scheme a good opportunity
of keeping the lads off the streets, and
furnishing them with u training that
would very largely help to develop the
characteristics of discipline and good
Consequently, with the public In
favor of the scheme, those responsible
for carrying it out were considerably
helped in their endeavors.
From the trainees' point of view,
there are many who saw that their
spare time and their half holidays
would be largely' absorbed in the
movement, and it was not without a
good deal of tact on the part of the
instructors that these little difficulties were successfully removed.
The chief obstacle, of course, was
in the case of interference with the
usual pastimes and sport, but when
the lads saw that the ratepayers and
the public generally were on their
side, and willing to help in the matter of furnishing the necessary equipment and material for their games,
the matter took on quite another complexion, so that now we find every
strong, healthy Bport being carried
out in the various military units���
and sport of a more efficient and
healthier type than ever existed In
former days, when the lads of a small
club had to draw largely on their
pocket money to keep It out of bankruptcy.
Games  and   Character.
With regard to the training, from a
I military point of view, it is questionable whether a period of sixteen days
I spread over a whole year is sufficient
to produce an efficient soldier. This
however, Is a matter which can usually
be rectified, and even with this small
amount of training It is reasonable to
expect that under Its Influence the
character of the trainee will be improved
It may be mentioned that In all
countries which rely on their citizens
to provide the means of defence, the
general standard of efficiency In military training Ib considerably below
$390���$75 cash, balance $15 per month, itllat obtained -by  the  regular soldier
| At the same time., It must not bo forgotten that every hour's training given
ito the  citizen  soldier  must  naturally
| improve the general standard.
As far as the training of the Austral-
small rooms over the News offlc-g.
Suitable tor club or light manufacturing purposes. Will lease tor two
or three year term, singly or en bloo.
Apply to Manager the News.
like to own a business paying $17r,
a month profit ? Been established
over a year; small cash will handle;
present owner suddenly called fron I
city. I_ook this up quick. Room i
319 Westminster TruBt block.    (86lli !
house, modern in every particular.
Extra toilet in basement; furnace,
stationery tubs; lot 66x132, One of
the finest comers in the city. Price
and terms Apply to owner, E. S.
Bangs,  Phone  1.1024. (886)
three   room
attached;   lot    ull
cleared;     large
���woodshed In
$100 cash
See     Ashworlh,    Twelfth
East Htirnab.
Stove,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Kange  Co.,  Market  square.
will buy a line lot, right at the city
limits aud only two blocks to car.
Every lot has a splendid view and
faces on a full 66 foot street and extends to lane. City water and light
adjoins property. We can recommend these lols to the man looking
for a homeslte cr a good investment. The owner has instructed us
to sell off the few that are left. Call
for full particulars today. A pleasure to show the property aa.it will
stand inspection.
521  Columbia Street.
Ian youth Is concerned, many Instructors are of opinion that the objects of
the government may be satisfactorily
carried out by not inflicting too much
barrack square drill on the trainee,
and by using the periods allotted for
drill in such a way that it haB been
found possible in many centres to introduce forms of exercise and recreation which might be considered quite
Five roomed house In centre of city,
near car. $1800; $260 caBh, $25 a
month.    No. 85.
where. No collection, no charge.
Amerioan-Vartcouver Mercantile Agency, 330 Hastings Btreet, woat,
Vancouver, B. C. (76��l
Beoause they act so  fjently (no
purging or griping) yet so
, thoroughly
f are best for the children as well
the grown-ups. 25c. a box
yeur druggist's.
Nll-M* t��| ul di-nncil c. tl tuUxti.il,.
quite apart from the training of the
average soldier. But the instruction
of theBe youths may safely be left in
the hands of their own people, who
are fully alive to the peculiarities and
temperaments of these intelligent
lads, and it would be absurd or almost
Impossible In some cases to drill lads
for two or three hours at a stretch.
It has been found wise to vary their
actual work with exercises that are
carried out under proper and careful
Bupervision���bucIi as running, jumping and swimming, boxing competitions, marching exercises with an object in view, and not merely for the
sake of marching.
In this connection the great advantage that numbers have given these
lads may be mentioned. When the
drill hall is visited on other than drill
nights, it is surprising to Bee the extent and quality of their social gatherings. My personal experience amongst
the trainees of all classes has been
that thc movement lifts the lads up
rather than drags them down, finds
healthy, interesting and intelligent
work for them to do with willing
hands, and stops them from hanging
about the streets.
The   Boy   Who Said "Sir."
Not the least difficulty was that of
the employer, but after personal Interviews had been held and the law
explained, no further objections were
raised, and In most factories and
workshops the bulletin board, showing
the dates of drills, ls prominently displayed.
To Illustrate better the good that
this training has done, I may mention a case that came under my personal observation. While sitting in
my office, a messenger came to me
and said: "There Is a lad here with a
parcel for you, sir."
1 replied: "All right. Send him
in," and a very dirty youth took off
his hat at the door, and marched up to
my desk very briskly, stood at attention, and handed me the parcel,
saying: "A parcel for you, sir." The
word "sir" in Australia cannot be considered to be a term in general use,
and it is with a certain amount of difficulty that persons, especially luds,
can be Induced to make use of it.
ln older countries, of course, it is
a common form of civility between all
classes, bubt for Bome reason which
I am unable to explain it is largely
omitted from the vocabulary of the
average Australian youth, so that
when this lad said "sir," I was more
than interested, and took special pains
to find out who the boy was, and
where he came from.
1 traced his locality to a very poor
suburb, where he was employed in a
factory, and I also ascertained that the
officer in charge of thia district was
In such close touch with the hoys,
and so much respected by them, that
he had been successful even with the
most difficult material in producing a
highly satisfactory reEUlt.
Quick Action
on a Cold .
HU       mmTt
One of the most important points
In treating a cold is to act quickly,
at the first sign of trouble, before the cold
has a chance to get "lettlcd"
The other point of vital importance is to take
���Ccrimn Cun'f' ft
Coughs Cotos] |5
Bioicsiu .; J
Syrup of Linseed,
Licorice and Chlorodyne
This safe and reliable household remedy nels very
quickly. It relieves the irritatiou anil "stuff il up"
Ice.ing in tlie air passages, loosens the phlegm,
promotes expectoration, soothes the tickling which
makes you cough, and drivea out the cold belore it
gels troublesome.
Hut even if tha cough or cold lias become deep-
seated ami -persistent, Na-Dui-Co Syrup of Linsctil,
Licorice and Clilurodyne will break It up.
Ill 25c. tnd 50c. bottles, at your druggist's.
Spindrift and Foam
From the Seven Seas
The Domlnion'B Royal commission,
which Ib inquiring Into the trade and
resources of the empire, Is due to arrive in Sydney, from New Zealand
about March 29, and will remain In
Australia for about ten weeks.
The government is taking steps to
throw open a further area of the Cashmere heath land for selection. Surveyors are now laying down a drain
age scheme and subdividing the area
to be reclaimed into allotments. An
engineer is also engaged planning
roads and bridges
Among the immigrants who arrived
by the S.S. Demosthenes were 32
landseekers. These, with their wives
and families, represent 152 persons,
and possess a capital of ��12,915. They
were welcomed to the State by the
Minister in charge of immigration
(Mr. Ilageelthorn), who gave advice
and Information In respect of lam!
settlement in Victoria
Considerable doubt haB been ex
pressed, both In parliament ami out
side, as to whether sufficient irriga
tion water is stored for even present
requirements should a dry spell eventuate. The Minister for Water Sup
ply (George Graham), refers to the
fears us groundless, and states em
pluitically there Is water and to spare
mr all users, and that the supply will
be adequate even il laud settlement
proceeds at the  present rate  for the j
  next live years.     When all the land I
mi.    m-.i-.-i    .    m.i.ui. I concern*d  has   been  allotted   water
13th    Marked     a     Notable   riKh,H, the state will be committed to
Anniversary. ! supply one acre foot to about 170,000
January 18 was the centenary of the j acres.    A regulated diversion or 60,000'
hlrth   of   Sir  Henry   lle-semer,   com- 'acre feet of water per month, or 4'.'n,
A political Impasse has resulted
from the recent Cabinet crisis, which
las caused the exclusion of Mr. liert-
��)g from the Ministry. The government appears to be Impotent, and
parliament Ib paralysed by the electa of the Nationalist split The ses
slon Is likely to be very short. The
quidnuncs are prophesying that Mr
Hertzog will he Prime Minister within two years, and that his cabinet will
include Messrs.  Merrlman and Saner.
Strong objections have been raised
in Natal to any proposal tending towards the abolition of the I'roviucial
The Cape "Argus" says that the
Hon. A. Fischer, Minister of Lands,
regards  the  Oversea  settlers   clause
Tenders, In duplicate, endorsed1
"Hospital for the Insane," for the supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's fittings, boots and shoes, shoemakers"
fittings, meat, fish, milk, vegetables,
groceries, feed, drugs, etc., for tha
use of the said Institution, and the
turnlshlngB of funerals, from the 1st
day of April next to the 31st of Marclt
1914, will b eceredelvshrdl hrdlhrdl
1914, wll] be received by the lion, the
Provincial Secretary until noou on
Saturday, the 15th proximo.
Lists of the articles required can
ba seen at the Hospital, at which
Mace samples can  also bo Inspected.
All supplies to te delivered at the
Hospital  without extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the due
fulfillment of each contract will be
"readers wlll not be considered unless  mads out  on  tho  forms,   which
oan  ba ���btained  from the  Bursar of
tha Hospital ��r the undersigned.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Previncial Secretary's Office, 27tlr
February,   1913. (758)
Notice is horeby given thut the
Court of Revision of the Assessment
Roll fcf this Municipality will be held;
ia lh* Municipal Hall. Edmonds, B.C..
on Tuesday, March 25, 1913, at 19
���'clock In the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must
gives to the assessor in writing
least ten (19) days previous to
sitting of the Court.
(i.  H. 8TKFFEN3, Assessor.
Dated at Edmonds, this 25lh day    of
February, 1913, (731)
Phone 1277
Westminster Trust Block.
Why don't you own a pool
room.  Clear profit $200 per
in"tiio Land Settlement Act as a dead I month. Located Centtei" Col-
lotu'r I umbia street. ,
An "All South African" week   Is to
be held  in   May, with  the   object   of j
The Oriental Contract Co.
House and Large
avenue. $1350;
on  Eleventh
cash,  (25     a
House and corner lot, Sapperton.
$1900; one-third cash. Lot 05x120.
No. 34.
Comfortable cottage, Sapperton, near
car.    $1600;  easy terms. No. Tt,
Two good houses on lot 132 feet
square. I'rice $4000. WobI end.
No. 81.
Six roomed house, lot 50x150, west
end.    Price $2800.   No. 82.
Well built five roomed cottage for
$2500; good terms. Kast end. No.
We sell fire insurance. Strong British
hoard companies.
Curtis Block, New Weatmlnster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Three roomed furnished suite with
hath, hot und cold water; heated.
Vacant March 17.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750
Tenders  for   Furnishings.
Saaled tenders marked "Tendera for
Furnishings" tor furnishings and
equipment for the new hospital building   will   be   received   by   ibe   under
signed. Detailed lists may be obtained ut hospital. Tendera either In
whole or 111 part must be lu the hands
of the secretary not later than 12
o'clock, noon, Wednesday, March Hi,
E. B, WITHERS. Secretary,
Royal Columbian Hospital
New Westminster, B.C 1S411)
He Lot 4, of Illock 19, of part of Section 8,    Illock 3 North,    Kange    7
West, District of New Westminster,
A certlllcuto of Indefensible title to
above property win bo Issued to .crank
N.  Trltes, on  the  12th day  of April, ito  March 31st
1913, unless In thn meantime u valid   lag
objection thereto bo mnde to mo    In
writing by ii person or persons claim
Ing an estate or interest therein, or
In any pari thereof.
J. C, (1WVNN,
District lteglalrar of Titles
Land   Iteglstry  Officii,
New Westminster, B.C., February
2��th. 1918,
Tendera   will   he   received   by     llin
undersigned,   marked   "Tenders   for
Supplies," up to 12 o'clock noon, Wed
nesday,  March   19th,  1918, for supply
Ing this Hospital from April 1st, 1918,
1914, with the follow
llread  t while  and   brown I.
Milk    iper gallon)    and cream  Iper
niy referred to as the inventor of
t'..e Bessemer process ol making steel,
by which process steel is plmluoetl
so cheaply thnt it can be used fir
rails, bridges1, skyscrapers, warship-,
cars and many other purposes.
IT-nry Bessemer was English horn.
tin* s.in of a French artist, ami he receive.1 his mechanical instruction in
the type foundry of his fnther. At Vi
lie wei.t up to London, a raw country
youth, to make his fortune. His first
invention was an Improved method :>t
stamping deeds, or a process for copying bas-reliefs on cardboard, by which
lie could produce embossed copies of
such works in then-am!.-, at a small
expense. "The process was s: simple
that in ten minutes a person without
skill could produce a die from an em-
bossed stamp nt n cost of one penny."
lt wns a process by which any office
boy with average intelligence could
forge almost nil the expensive stamps
affiled to documents, ami it wns from
the sale nf these stamps that the
English Qovemment obtained an im-
portanl part ol iti revenue, the stamps
000   acre   feet  in   seven   months,   cam
be provided by the present scheme
The new butter-box factory erect, il
at. South Warranainbool, by Western
; Districts Co-operative Company, which
Iwasopened has been equipped with;
the most modern machinery for
manufacturing boxes, either by nailing cr hy wiring. It has cost X.W.-
000, and is regarded as the rinest In
the Commonwealth. At a luncheon
the chairman stated that the company started eight years ago with a
capital of ���450, had paid in bonuses
��-10,000, had addei] ��17,000 to thc
capital, and the butter-box factory had
cost shareholders not a penny extra.
It is announced that rowing men in
Sydney are making efforts to send another crew to Henley thiB year, it
will be recalled that the Sydney Olympic crew last year defeated Leander on
the up-river course.
Hetty Green eayi lt la a credit to die
Miss Helen Cbeever has been clerk
In the postofflce at Sioux City, la., for
thirty-four years.
Mrs. John C. Iiessler of Decatur, III.,
wants the government to make laws
forbidding the manufacture of flimsy,
wort-Jess or deleterious garments.
Miss Susan D. Huntington ls the
principal of tho International Institute
For Girls l���n Madrid, where Alice Gordon Giillck Memorial hull has just
been opened. Mlsa Uuntlngtou ls a
Wellesley graduate.
Mrs. Albert Slgel or Philadelphia tins
turned over to the Tabor Home For
I Children In thut city fSOO Obtained
from the sale of fancy goods and
household articles, every oue of which
she bus made herself iu ber spare time
during thy past year.
Mrs Cuinline JI. Severance, first j
president of the .New England Women's club, the pioneer woman's club
of this couutry. cast her first vote for l
a president of the United States at the
recent election. She was a coadjutor
of Mrs. Julia Ward Howe In tbe ear-
ly days of the suffrage movement. She
Is now ninety three years old and bas
lived Tor a uuiuber of yours ut Los
Augelee, Cul.
Sank of Montreal
B8TABL18HBD 1817.
CAPITAL (Paid Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
branches throughout Canada anil
Nowfoiiidland. and in London, Eng
laud, New Voik, Chicago and Spokane
I' HA.,  and   Mexico  City.     A   general
banking business transacted,   I-otters
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Havings Uank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
ind interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total AaBets over $188,000,000.00.
G.   D.  UIlYMNKIt.   Manager.
Flippant Flings.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Frew-pl attention given to orderB.
607 Frent St.. New Westminster, B.C.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.       Cor. Sixth and Columbia.
Telegraphic advices  from  Adelaide I    WeRt Virginia has declared the open
report that splendid rains have fallen I grate to be dangerous because of the
��� ���x 34 Dally News Bldg.
ill  the  agricultural  and   pastoral  ills-
selling   fnr   $'25.     A   large  liusi- Itriets of South Australia, and the out
wns then being carried nn in tho I !?0,t    .|B    in    every     way     excellent
.f second liniiil st-mps, by whieh
nt wu
throughout the stale.
Mr Davis, a solicitor, of Bouldei
City, has been chosen as the third Liberal candidate for the Federal Sen
ate. (Three of the six Senators representing Western Australia retire
this year).
In reply to a deputation, Senator the
lion. ti. v. Pearoe, Commonwealth
Minister of Defence, stated that work
on tho   Transauslrallan   Hallway   and
ithe naval bases would be hastened as
i much ub possible.
Piano   Reduced   $10   Each
day until Sold.  Today
Frank Major Music and
Piano House.
I ...... .   61 Sixth St. V
pint), in sealed bottles,   Bam pi as to
t>e submitted,
Wood,   slabs   1 jut  cnrili
coal (lump and washed null,   an
tbraolta  (lump and  nut,  In  carload
The person or persons    having    In loisi. at  per ton,
their ciiBtody or possession the follow- Klsli
Ing Title   Deeds  relating   to  the  said 1'uneriils.
properly are requested to deliver the Detailed   lists   of   drugs    groceries
sauiii In the undersigned                         | meats  and  lish   may   hn obtained    at
(u)     Deed    dated    the 2Sth  day of the   Hospital,    The     lowest    or    any
November, 1898, from l-'runk N, Triton tinder  not   neceimarily  accepted,
to Thomaa Bennett of tba above   a*\ B, s with Kits,
scribed  properly. Secretary,
lh)    Deed dated thn    11th    day   of  Hoyal  Columbian   Hospital
the Qovemment was losing about half
a million dollara a year. Alter severs!
months' experiments Bessemer pri-
ducad a stamp which could neither bo
torged imr removed limn the document. IL' liiul an interview witii tlio
duet nf the stamp office, and, owing
t'> tin. perforation feature <>[ Besse-
mor'i stamp, which did nwny with
forgery and removal, the commissioner agreed t<> adopt it. offering the
yiium,' man a sum of money, or nn
Office Inr life nt $4.0**1 a year.
Then young Boeseme-r went on hi-1
way rejoicing.   He whs engaged to be |    T,,H employers of the Perth tram-
married, ana  gleefully   hc  told   hii ways, which become the property of
fiancee bis good fortune, and explain-   the state in May, Intend to demand :n|-
i��l to het the merita ol his invention, dltlonal  privileges as soon   ub   the
how  it wa-s impossihl.. with it to use   transfer lias taken place.
�� stamp a second time. 	
"Yes, I understand thai; but. sure-| NEW   ZEALAND.
iv, If all stamps had a date put upon [   one of the most Important   or re-
... they eotlld not at a future tune |eent evenU ,��� thl, ,)omjn,(m ,,.... ,.,,,,..
the union of the Wesleyan and Moth-
,,     ,   ,   , ,1     ,        ,      . iodlsl Bec,B ln N��w Zealand      This
lhe Chief of the stamp;.l"I��.it-] decision was arrived at unanimously
- accepted, and Bessemer as a conference of delegates repr*
and aoeordlng to James Bentlng both hodlea. The signatures
Parton, he never received oompensa. to the agreement were witnessed by
ii..-, f.-r tha service, an Injustice t^ Liverpool, the governor, and the
which embittered hla who e life, ar.d Hon. W. v. Massey, the Prime Minis-
caused hun to be henceforth most ag. ter, In the presence of 8000 person8
greMlvo In protecting hia rights. Australian representatives present In
Parton   classifies   Boasemer  among |<jioated that the 0
i'leii t
ment, it wu
i'1-.t hi-- lob
I aj;iiiu without detection."
he   communicated    the   new j
November, 1884, frnm Thomaa Bennetl
to Arnold Bennett  or ihn   above   da
Bcrlbi'd properly.
(c) Deed dated Hm 12th dny of
October, 1900, from Arnold Bennett to
Oeorgo W. Shay of the nlwivii i|e-
scribed property.
J, 0, OWTNN,
(754) District  IteglBlriir of Titles
Billiards and Pool
Illggent and best lino of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisite*
Wholesale and retail.
J, L. Duncan, Ltd.
��0�� Columbia St.
New weatmlnster, B.C.        (hok)
Engineering   Department.
Vehicular Traffic���Kingsway.
Owing to paving operations thn
tbOVI highway will be closed lo
through truffle until further notice,
Intercity vehicles will please lake
Douglas Hoiid or River Road,
Municipal Engineer.
I'.nglni'er'ii  office,   Municipal   Hull,
Kdmonda, II C . March 4tb  1910,
(S06) ' 1
in- "oaptalne ol Industry"; Sarah K
IlolUin,   alumni   "poor   boys   who   lie-
cams famous"; Andrew Carnegie, as
one ..I Uie '21 "world movers," who
have done thing- that have Improved
the conditions ol inai.kiiul. There i'
no doubt that he was one of the greatest inventive geniuses Hint the world
Iiii* ever known, having WO pnlenl-
to his   oredlt,   among   tlu-ui   a   velvet
ma-chine, a bronxe powder process, n
Kiii'ur making process, h gla--�� |Kilish.
er, a ventilator, ��� telephone Improvement,   Improvement   In   type-caatlng
miwhinery,   n  revolving   projectile,   a
method "i oompreaalng Into a solid i v*'*y ��** purchased ibe Westmeath
.    . . .'.- . >     .      . ��� 1. hum ilu > tint, I     ��� .i,. I.  I Ml    _
Every Woman
Knows That
instead of sallow skin and face
blemishes she ought to possess
the clear complexion and tho
beauty of nature and pood
health. Any woman afflicted
or sufferinjr at timea from
headache, backache, nervousness, languor and depression
of  opiritG���ought   to   try
the siafest, surest, most convenient and most economical
remedy known. Beecham's
Pills remove impurities, insure
bought the lands he originally" leased I K' diF^tion' refreshing
In the southland district i�� now teat- fllcep' ,and hav0���an excellent
Ing his right to c.eriuin coal-bearing f*Tenfir��il tonic effect upon thc
areas.   The state la  oouteBtlng  his  whole bodily system. They havo
a wonderful power to improve
the general health, while by
purifying thc blood, Beechain'!!
Pills   clear    tho    skin    and
"omniotiweiillh would
speedily follow the example sol hy
the sister Dominion.
I Ab a sequel lo Mr. Massey's policy
with regard to the freehold queatlon,
an ex-tenant of the   state   who   has
danger of falling luto thu Ore. Rut
why not reform futher'f���Philadelphia
Professor Roott of the Northwestern
university advises women to use psychology In buying tints. Most women
use their husbands' pocketbuolts.���
Milwaukee Sentinel.
Some one has suggested that Iho
government  take In  huud  Iho  matter
of regulating woman's dresses. What
Is Iiie use when women nro trying to
regulate    the    government!-Memphis
Commercial Appeal^
���1     J-S-f
of all  kinds.
Prices rljiht.    Satisfaction Rim run teed.
59  McKentle  St.
Transfer Co.
9fflca  Phona   186.      Barn   Phone   137
B��Bbl�� Street.
Baggage Dellveied Promptly to
aay part of the city
-igki and Heavy Hauling
Now  Spring  and   Summer  HultliiRB
bow on display.    Hen them.    Perfect
'ii ana workmanship guaranteed,   701
i.'roul Streot.
The Union Steamship Company le
Increasing Its capital.    It Is Issulni; a
million  Preference shares.    The coin-
Mock llin graphite from which lead
rs'iK-ilri are inaile, A system oi rnller-i
tor emboaslng   and   printing paper.
* id a ship with stationary cahin.
which latter is the only imtalile tail-
ore in Ins l"tig list oi achievement'.
itoscoiiimoii.   Limerick,
trom lhe Moulder Hue.
und    Tyrone
Hush fires aro raglm?   In Iho   (lls-
borno    and    llnwkea    Ilay districts.
Many   scttlera   havo   been rendered
homeless. .,
The Complexion
Snld everywhere.    Id boivi, 23 emu.
o   wurutn   ihouM   fill lo rcsd ths  vilaibU
dircaioui with sv��ry hoi.
Seoond Hand Store
���luy aad ���ell new and    aecond    hand
-.���"ilu of ull kinds.   Tools especially.
"���O Molnue* Hinvi. Phone 1001
-u ill asm
'!'��� the Work.
Use Your Phone.
.28 Clarkion Street. Phone 490.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 010 Columbia St., now at
697 1' runt Ht.    Phono II1031.
New  Weatmlnater,  B.C.
Real Estati and Buslneai Chances.
Acreage and   Choice   Krult   Iannis   a
' Speelatty.
-t^jj*M FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1913.
Dishes For Convalescents.
Orange Eggnog.-^-Two tablespoonfiiis
.sirup stock, Juice of an orange, one
teaspoonful lemon Juice, half a cupful
.cold water, nn egg, Mix together sirup
stock, orange anl lemon Juice. Separate
egg, heat yolk light, comblue. adding
���wntcr. Pour ou to stiffly beaten egg
white, bent well aud serve at ouce in
a tall glass.
To muke sirup stock for sweetening
acid drinks, boll together two cupfula
sugar and a cupful of water for five
minutes, using as needed.
tirupe Juice und Egg.-One egg, hall
a cupful rich milk, a tablespoouful
sirup stock, a quarter cupful grape
Juice. Boparate egg. Beat yolk light
iind add milk, sirup stock, a quarter
cupful grape Juice and pour Into glass.
To the beaten while add a little powdered sugar and a taste of grape juice.
Serve ou yolk mixture. Chill all Ingredients before using.
Oyster Stew.-Three-fuiirths cupful
rich milk, six oysters, a quttrted cupful
hot water, a teaspoonful butter, suit
and pepper. Wash oysters, discard
liquor und steam over hot water till
edges are curled, Scald milk, add to
It the butter, pour in steamed oysters
and liquor, and season and serve with
hot toasted crackers,
Coddled Egg.���One egg. half a cupful
milk, a teiiKpnonfttl butter, one eighth
teaspoonful suit, speck of pepper. I lost
eggs and si'iisniiings together slightly.
Have milk BcalUed Pour Into egg
mixture, return to double boiler nud
cook until set. Serve ou buttered toast
ur wheat crackers.
Amateur Cooke Will Have No Trouble
Making These Sweets.
Any girl unversed In candy making
may turn out the following sweets of
tlie recipes are followed exactly:
Danish Nougat.- Ituiiat three ouuees
of Spanish uut kernels, remove the
skins, then chop tliem up finely with
Ave ounces of blanched Sweet uimouds
and one and u half ounces of cuu-
died lemon peel. Mil wltb thia three-
fourths of a pound of sifted sugar uud
mix to a paste wltb lhe stiltly whipped
whites of two eggs. Spread on a sheet
of wafer paper In a layer about half
an Inch thick, cover witb a second
sheet of wafer paper, press well between two sheets of tin to a solid piece
nnd place in the oven for one and a
half hours. The oven ahould be a very
slow one (HiO degrees). When cold cut
Into bars.
Glazed Caramel Walnuta. ��� Have
ready some shelled and halved walnuts. Take n piece of fondant or
marzipan paste and pluce a walnut on
either side; leave them to bardeu.
Meanwhile put half a pound of granulated sugar, half a gill of water and it
tiny pinch of cream of tartar Into a
pan nnd boil It nil to the "caramel;''
then dip the walnuts Into this, covering tbem thoroughly and leave till set
un an oiled slab.
Orange Creuin Cherries-Souk roiiiii
dried cherries In strained orange Juice
for twelve hours and drain them at the
end of this time un n sieve. Stand a
cupful of Illinium lu a saucepan of
boiling water and stir the fondant over
the lire till creamy: then add u few
drops of orange Juire Put the pan
containing the cup of fondant on tlie
table nntl dip Ihe cherries la this one
nt n timt'. routing tbein well nud lifting tbem OUI With n spoon Place tbem
to dry "ii an ullPt] dish or paper. When
set place each cbirry In a small pa pel
The Old Time Quilting Bee Has
Returned to Favor.
Unusual Ways ot Serving Celery snd
Winter Apples,
Among the appetising relishes so
milch used Is stuffed celery. As a
change from celery stuffed with cheese.
try lhe following:    Select four tender
tor and builder of a successful aeroplane, hut he has been forbidden by
both his father and the emperor
from going aloft in the product cf
his Ingenuity.
When bin machine fliea the princr
stands on the ground and watches
his paid assistant reap the sensations
stalks  of  celery   ot   Ibe   same   length P' success  that  rightfully  Bhould  b
and ligs. Arrange tbem In star shapes
on a round plate and garnish with eel
ery tips.
A dniiity luncheon or supper dessert,
says tlood Housekeeping. Is apple cup.
Here ls the recipe:
Select medium sized firm apples:
scoop out tbe centers from the stem
NEW KIND OF THIMBLE PARTY,   uud cut in halves; stuff with a mixture
_ of equal parts of chop|ied raisins, dates
Clever Way In Which This Affair May
Be Carried Out With Small Expenditure ot Time or Trouble���Deciding
For Onesolt.
Denr ICIsn-lf yon want an Idea for
on afternoon entertainment why don't
you lie up tu date aud give a modern
version or the old Ume quilting party)
This Is the Intest way to entertain
one's married women friends tbis winter aud nt the same time make a quilt
for bnby. either for your own Infant
or as a gift for one of your friends.
This function Is like and still unlike
the old fashlont I party ot tbe same
name. Vou muke a quilt, to be sure,
tint It'a only a small alfuir for baby's
crib, or it may be merely n creeping
quilt to lay upon the Boor wbeu Ills
highness is learning to "navigate."
When sending out the Invitations to
the party be sure to tell each guest to
bring her thimble nnd scissors. Then
when they arrive give each oue tl lend
pencil, a piece of unbleached muslin
six Inches square, a needle and a smalt
s|muiI of black embroidery cotton.
On each of the muslin squares Is
written the name of some wild or do
inestlc iiiiimnl. nnd It Is tbe guest's
duty to sketch the animal named on
llie muslin and out tine It wltb the
bliick cotton.
When all the squares nre finished
and put together by bund tills patchwork Is used for the lop covering for
a oul tun quilt.
You have no Idea the sport created
bj  the funny attempts ut drawing the
Piloted by Aeronaut Krleger, former chief chauffeur of the emperor,
the princely flying machine this week
was put through its paces in the air
for the first time. Krioger made several rounds of the Uornstedter flying
field and then proceeded overland to
Potsdam and return.
"Cheek" in the tense of impudence
te an old term. The earliest quotation in Sir James Murray's dictionary
is fr'.m Captain Marryst (1S10). Bul
it l.as lately been found in the fix-
teent'.i century records of Galway, in
the west of Ireland. Tlie municipal
rulers of that fighting city���the "man
Irom Galway" has beooms proverbial
Ior pluck and readiness to defend the
hottest of corners���decreed that any
person giving "cheke" to the mayor
should "iorfeit 100 shillings and have
iiis body put into prison."
Stuffed Cookies.
Stuffed cookies are somewhat of a
novelty, and a very pleasing one. Tliey
ure quite dainty enough to occupy an
honorable place on the afternoon lea
table, and they are guaranteed great
popularity, particularly among tbe
young folks and tlie masculine contingent The Ingredients for the cookies
ure a cupful of white sugar, half n cupful uf butter, un egg, half a cupful of
milk, one teaspoonful vanilla ami three
und one hall cupfuls of flour wllb
which two teaspoonfuls of baking powder have been sifted Make a filling of
liulf a cupful white sugar, half a cupful water, a cupful of chopped raisins,
the Juice of a lemon and u teaspoonful
flour. Cook this until It becomes thick,
i.nd It will bear much watching during
lhe process. Hull the cookie dough
very thin, as usual, uud cut Intu small
rounds; place these ln puns, put a
teaspoonful of the tilling lu the center
of each and place another cookie gently ou top. Bake In n moderately but
Housewives to Have Publication Containing "Inside  Information."
The Housewives' league of New York
city will publish a magazine to be devoted to solving the cost of high living
and tlie proper way to buy supplies aud
their current price.
Young Mrs. Housewife will be educated to discriminate, us her grandmother could, between shoddy and all
wool blankets, pure taffeta silk und
"filled" silk which cuts after a few
wearing*. She will not only learn
what not to buy. but what manufacturers and producers she can trust
One of the aims of the magazine Is to
bring producer and consumer into com
mon knowledge for thetr uiutuul bcutk
Moreover she will have a chance to
exchange Ideas with other housewives
lu the "cleurlng house." If she ts an
expert In some branch of household
art she nmy contribute her knowledge
In a speclul article.
a l apples are tbe most attractive.
Ginger Snaps.
Ginger snaps demand n prominent
place upon nny cooky roster, and tbelr
claims are not to be denied. A "tiled
and true" recipe bids one put Into a
mixing bowl a cupful of brown sugar.
two tablespoonftlla of ginger, n generous pinch of salt, one lablespoonful
vinegar ami a scant cupful of drippings. (If you have no beef drippings
try lard.I Mix these Ingredients well
together and add n cupful of niohisses.
New Orleans preferred, which is ladling and Into whieh has been stirred
two rounding tnhlesiiooiifula of soda
Mix wllh enough Hour to make a stiff
���dough, Hull as Hlin ns possible and
���bake In a moderate oven.
Negligee de Luxe.
The negligee pictured is a luxurious
affair that ts suitable to lie included In
the trousseau of the spring bride.
Embroideries done ln sbades of pink
Lsmb Kidneys a l�� Terrapin.
Cut six lamb kidneys iu halt. Ihrow
Into cold water and let boll about fifteen minutes Muke a while suuee Of
two level tablespoon fill* of Hour nnd
the sumo of butter and half a pint uf
milk Slir the lull Ier over llie fire 10
melt, add flour and slir until amuolh,
and then ndd the milk uud slir nml
cook until smooth and creamy, cut
the kldueys Into sin.illi'i piece* and
mid to tin- Iml same wl'h a haul bulled
���egg chopped flue, suit and pepper <"
-tiisle uud :i teu-.pooi.lul of minced pars-
le.i Ci,.,k ii rc-i minutes and serve.
A IK tlu Sherry w luu may he lidded It'le
shed jii��i before sending to the table.
Tripe snd Oyiters.
Tills  Is n  dell, ale dish  Hint   Is  well
liked rm- luncheon or len Sunday night
Slew until perfectly lender one puund
or huneycoiiih irlpe nnd cut it Into nnr
row   strips.      I'llt   a   liililcspooiiful   nf
iiuiier Into ii saucepan, with a small
���onion chopped line. Cover nml cook
until soil mill nol brown. Gradually
Jiild a tllhlOMpOOUftll of Hour and tben
liair a cupful of in il U. ami when It he
glus lo boil put In the tripe anil I wen
I) live nisters As soon ns the gills of
14 he ojslei's curl, seiison Willi half a
!li'us|iiniiilul ol salt uud ii'ilash of pu*
(ill 1(11 uud serve.
nnd green on a ground of buff sutln
give Ihls simply cut lioudolr gowu au
iirleuiiil suggestion. The braid trim
uilng and colli ut the wnlsl are of dull
silver '"i'i Dainty lioudolr slippers
uf  tut IT   hu t tti   huve  pink  crystal   but
iuiis uud embroidered loee.
4ri'i.tc rrps and stuffed celehy.
end. leaving about one-fourth of the
core nt lhe blossom end. Cook in n
��� sirup made With e'liiul parts sugar and
j water until the apples may be pierced
'villi a lurk Inn me nut iu danger of
; !,leaking, itemove to the serving dish
figures, nml limn} really good looking 1 nml nn each apple with a mixture ol
squares are turi.ed out wben fauvy I i-hoppcd raisins, dates and figs, four a
atllches are nsiil I" outline tbe aid- ; little ol Ibe sirup over theiu and gar-
nials. At ui.v quilting party I gave ��� .,j_.|, with whipped cream. If desired
prises for the three best squares | uncooked apples may be used, In which
Another  Clever  Idea   to   lie  used  at j ,.���se the skin should he left on.    Ited
these   ufteruouil   thimble   affairs  Is
"Mother (loose' suggestion. The guests
nre asked to rut out of the squares ot
muslin nny figure that COU lie found In
this well loved old nuiiseiise bouk.
This selection leads to a w 'de variety of  figures, all  interesting and all
pictures  lbat   will   be  a   delight  lo  a
'child, no matter huw crudely tbey are
The "Goose" figures nre of white
muslin, mounted on squares of red or
dark blue. They should be sewed on
With buttonhole stltcb wltb either
wblte or colored thread, and If uny
outlining Is necessary this can tie done
with plain or stem stltcb In black.
As for refreshments,  any kind of
afternoon  ten dainties are the thing,
but do not attempt anything elaborate
j by way of "eats."
I had to stop my chatter witb you
Just   now   to   answer   tbe   telephone.
' Helen I> culled up to ask me tu decide
! a   perfectly   unimportant  questiuii   for
I her.
Have you ever been harassed beyond
endurance by some one afflicted with
n chronic Inability to make up lier
mind7 Helen D. drives every friend
she iwssesses to desperation hy per
slstent Inquiries���"If you were In uiy
place would you do this or Hint'"'
U lien yuu give your candid opinion
I should do such or such a thing It
the problem confronted me she comes
back wllh the reply, "Yes, dear, that's
all very well for you to sny. but"���
I really think It Is better to mnke
your own decisions even should you occasionally decide unwisely. And as a
reward of merit you may take heart by
knowing thnt the ofteuer you face
your own crises squarely the eusler
yuu And It to rely noon your own Judgment You wlll ntTMst get over the
Billy and weak minded habit af asking
another, "Now, Just what would you
do In my cnseT" and you will eud by
preferring your own opinion to any
haphazard advice of another.
friends mny through sympathy nnd
exiierlenre be able to suggest ond ad
vise, but nu friend, however grout his
sympathy, ran transform himself Intu
another's personality. Tbe linnl settlement In tho nature ot things must
Ile wllb onself.
Before my wisdom descends Into
something frivolous let me wish you
nil kinds of luck for tbe new year.
An Appropriate Hymn.
The annals of unconscious pulpit
humor will be enriched by un instance
furnished some little time ago at St.
John's Church, Keswick, England. A
lady's watch hail been found in the
churchyard, and the vicar, in making
hia usual weekly announcements
irom the pu'.pit, referring to the (ind,
stated that thf watch could he claimed in the vestry. Thc next announce-
in. nt was: "We will now sing hymn
383: Trl, her watch Thy Church is
Mothor'a Johnny Cake Recipe.
Tills Is slmpli I good ami nmy be
(inked In iiuillins. small oaken or III il
|long shallow pan mid when dune cut
.hi sqiiiU'OM mul served smoking hot.
take two .ii|.l nis of  while Hour-pus-"
try Iri besl     I one oil-pl'iil nt eornnieill
ami sin together Add bull' II cupful of
sugar, two li��ns|monfnlB of baking powder nml a teaspoonful "f sort Mix all
well together. Add two cupfuls of
milk, i .ul I" n suiiioth batter nnd then
nihl a HCIIIll half cupful of boiling wilier   item in well mul bnkont ana* In a
guoil hot uvi'lL
Injured In Air Collision.
A L-wgerie Help.
When tile ribbons have to he re
placed In lingerie take a very small
hook nnd eye, sew lhe eye on lhe garment where you commence to run the
ribbon III and sew the book on ulie end
of the ribbon. Then when you want tu
run It III you bnve only ta hook Hie rib
lion In Ihe eye and run It through tbe
holes It Is quite n time saver when
one Is busy and doesn't have time to
sew the ribbon In every lime Ihe gnr
ment Is washed, and If left ill It Is soon
Te* In Thermos Bottles.
Something very now lu Ibe way of a
ten parly Is to give ll Willi thermos
buttles litsli'iiil of Ihe usual kettle nud
teapot iitfiiiigeinctii. One hostess lllld
two tliermoa bottles wreathed In flow
ers, Iii one nf which wns ten iilfetidv
mnde anil In the other hot water. The
convenience will he evident, hut what
about the opportunity Hint pouring tea
Kites for Ihe display of u dainty wrist
aud bund?
The  Hand Woven  Sort  Are  Again  In
The hand woven rug or tlie colonial
squares  have come  back  to fnvor In
I the   general   return   to   the   colonial
styles of Interior decoriittou thut have
I swept over o.ir homes.
There are many forms of hand wov-
I en rugs, the braided form being the
! easiest A single braid of three strands
I is made of strips of cotton materials
I of many colors, sewed ln long strauds
I und collected In large balls before the
| braiding is begun.
I    The plaited rug can bo in a round
i form or a long oval rug.   Some women
| are emphasizing one color, and therefore the long strips are dyed by any of
the directions that come wltb rellsble
dyes on the market.
A booked rug may be made of pieces
of linen, silk, gingham, etc., and a
piece of burlap or bagging.
Tlie small pieces are pulled np
through the weave of the burlap by
means of a rug hook. Tbe strands nre
drawn tightly on tbe under surface,
nnd when finished the wrong side re
setiihles a series of plain stitches. On
thc upper side tliere are loops one Inch
deep. The whole material is filled Id
with loops In single patterns Squares,
circles, borders, etc. nre mnrked off
and then filled In. When finished
these loops should be cut about a
quarter of nn Inch off the top. The
result wlll be a soft, solid pile.
Grimy St. Paul's.
A blackish incrustation, in some
places f ur inches thick, on th*1 un-
der ride ol the cornice ol St. Paul's
Cathedral, due to the action of sulphuric acid upon the stone, te&tiflei
to the effects of the smoke evil in
Make The Teapot Test
Put "SALADA" TEA in a warm teapot���pour
on freshly boiled water��� let stand for five
minutes���and you will have the most delicious
cup of tea you ever tasted.
that makes Ceylon Tea the beverage of tlelight-
In sealed lead packages ONLY.
Single fare and one-third for round
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. nw
2 p. m. and 11:46,
leaven Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 ;>. m.
I^-av^a Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 10 p. m. Wedneaday a.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p. rn
L ip, on  sale  March  20 to  24.
to  return up to March 26.
Week End tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for .found Trip |    ^       Werttatoster I
on   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Sundays. I Wodneaday and Friday,
irn   run-I ict    ��_.���.,-     I    Leaveg  Chllllwack   7
HjU. aoi.L.fc.'I, Agent      Thursday and Saturday. -
New Westmlnstei | ed. OOULET. Agi-nt. New Westminster.
Or H.  W.  Brodle. G.P.A , Vancouver i it. w. BHODIE, g. p. a., Vancouver.
Chilliwack Service
n.   Monday.
i.   Tuesday,
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables in the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined,
A. G. BEATON. Proprietor.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by Yibro-Massage and Glover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St
Sold   Baby   For   a Coffin.
Tan Teong, a Chinaman residing in]
Malay states, wa.s recently lined $100,'
with the alternative of three weeki'
imprisonment, toi selling his adopted
baby E-rl lor $50 to buy a eollin in
which to bury his wife.
The New Delhi.
Britain has sent a special committee of town planning exports to examine the grounds and submit plan!
for the now city to he constructed al
Delhi. The area expropriated ior thif
Durpose is 125 square miles.
Every Woman
i U Intcrcitcd ud .houM know
i about tut woadtrfnl
MarVel ���BS8T
Atk yonr Afugctat for
11.   If be earmot supp'..
lb*  MARVi.U accept ao
o41kft, bat Mrtd stamp ft* tnd     ,
tnitiMl boofc-MOlO-d.    It fAmaxex t*l\\
nartVxlur* stmT <^i*rtlan* t-nvntaM-blt
Hta&es.'W HUMOR SUPPLY CO..WI��4m*. Ob* I
<s��n*ml a ******** tor OWMMiti
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
A New Negligee.
Few articles or the wardrobe are
iii.no alluring lo llie girt wlin likes
(liilnty Ihings tliiin thc "ten guwn" a-
Ihey are unfortunately called Minn
ol these gowns are really simple little
dreuses nnd nre quits appropriate fol
Sunday night supper ur nn lu formal
dinner. A fetching III Ile ireallou wblcll
Won lhe heart nf il pretty deliuianle In
et blue taffeta, a blue us deep ils the
heavens. It Is given il one plivc off cot
li.v ii wide shirring Ut the wnlsl, Which
iliiule It possible lo forego the cursels.
as I hu wearer wished In lie Ideally com
To Destroy Pests.
There Is s simple remedy for destroy
Ing Insects that are sometimes found
on household pets-dogs, cats, birds,
etc.-which Is not generally known, but
which is said to be absolutely sure In
|(s results, it is simply tu wash the
animal wllb the wuter In which jsita
toes have been boiled. When prepar
lug the vegetable* for dinner pul pletitj
of wuter In the vessel In which tbej
nre boiled; then, when the potatoes are
thoroughly cooked, pour this water ull
Into a bucket or pan When It Is al
most cold apply It to the skin of the
animal with a sponge or cloth. Inking
care that It souks well Into llie skin
If the animal lias long hair or thick
fur: then with n soft scrubbing brush
a iniilbnish will dot scnib lhe sklu.
separating Hie tin 11 us yuu work.
I lii, iml rinse lids uff with clear
i wuter.     I.i I   It   dry   thoroughly   tirsl;
H  wash Ilia animal with clear water
nnd n g I strong soap.    The llrst up
plliaii.in Is generally effectual, but II
(lie i use is n Stubborn one It had bet
Ier lie repented a few times III order
io destroy lbs eggs.
Tllll I" also a cure for lhe pnraslte
lu which iniiuge originates and Is snld
to destroy plant lice also.
All Telephones
Lead to
Cream of Mushroom Soup.
I'eel   and   cut   one  pound   of   fresh
niiislirnoins.  put them  In  a  porcelain
furliilile.    The skirt  Is slushed on oue I Mneil   kettle,   cover   with   a   quint   ol
side and outlined wllh a piping of yellow taffeta silk. The dealest lingerie
skirt, all Iney rulllo* wllh mysterious
bine ribbons and pink rosebuds, enn lie
s  iis llle Wearer moves ber feet, null
tile result Is cnlniinliig
The wnlsl fastens ut one side nnd Is
Outlined with piping, The frock Is nl*
| IliOMl luiMi In Ils severity, hut It Is
1 mini becoming to the owner wlin bus
III pretty Meek, A new fentnre of Ihls
j InuiM' gliWII Is Hie long Bleats iiltili'lied
iu ii low shoulder seam nml Dnlslied ut
Ilia wrlal with lime.    A denr llltlc cap
ol   llli'tf   .villi  blue  and yellow  (towers
| linked Intu the (limy luce at the sides
completed ths picture.
The abundant harvest   In  Western
minima,   H-iuco,   March   n.   Two   Au|trftlla ,,,,��� ,.���������,,,���, very heavy ahlp-
llgllt stork (chicken or Willi and cook
until lender. I'ress through a sieve
and. returning to tho kettle, add three
or fniir lalilcsponiifiils of ango and
cook twenty minutes longer, when you
nui\ leason It and add oue quart oi
scalded milk. Tuke one cupful ot llle
soup and mlt wltb lhe liealni yolks ol
four eggs and slowly pour llie tnUPire
back Into (he soup.   Serve at once.
Right W��y to Slew Prunes.
Wash   die   lu'iiiies   nnd   sunk   thetn
overnight In eold water   in (he morn
lint iimk them slowly In the water In
Which Hie> were snaked, adding sugar
;n lasts imd Hie or sii lllcai of lemon.
z?*T*ti Kyw''"':''''-""' '������ '"���"""'"rrom B,pen,ftnti��"
HhIoii in iw. in two iniichiiicH in mid-' is prophesied that at the prosonl rati
,,.,.  yi,,. ;,,.,.,,|,.���| imppi uud In n coiira,,   or growth   Premnntle  will  hnve over
of miuioeuvroo by a "flotilla" of Hva taken sydneyln respect of "the tonnage
aeroplanes, handled in 1648.
Melbourne, March  18.���A new judiciary  acl was  passed  hy  the  ti'ilrral
parliament to enlarge the high court
iiiuii'ii.    in tl ������''.  Instance  three
judges wore appointed and llion  Iwti
more   were   lidded.      Now   the   labor
Prince  Frederick  8lgismund, of Prussia, Builder ot  Aeroplanes,
llerlin,   March   18,    I'rlnce   Kredcr
rniiu'iit ib'Hlri'B to Increase ll by  lek  KlKlsmund   of   Prussia, cousin  of
l two more.
thc German   Kmpcror,  Is thi  Inven
That's the number of the phone in the business office of
When you need help in your home, want to find anything; lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News. Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
costs little.
We know that News classified ads. do the work, bc-
cause dozens oi* satisfied users tell us so���but you can find
OUt for yourself by testing their power. PAQB MQHT
FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1913.
Remember lhe Place
33 Eighth St.     Phone 2
Still a full line of Easter Novelties at very low pricei. Come
in and see our display.
No. 1 Hairy Butter, good for
cooking, per lb. 25c.
Apples, No. 1 Table, In a great
many varieties, per box $1.75.
Extraordinary Cooking Apples,
all wrapped and good quality,
per box $1.35.
The following were the prize winners:
Plpwlng, first class, high cut plows
���First prize and silver cup, J.
Mowatt, Kort Langley; second price,
George Wilson. Kort Langley. * -
Best furrowing���James Mowatt.
Best finish   -James Mowatt.
Neatest ends���James Mowatt.
StralgbttSt furrows���J. Mowatt.
Plowing, class No. a���First prize,
George ltawlinson; second, II. Meede;
third, J. Scott; fourth, A. Ferguson;
fifth, F. Ralph; sixth. A. Hunter;
seventh, 0. Wright; eighth, F. Falconer.
Beat furrowing���First, George ltawlinson; second, lt. Mcede,
Best finish���First,    Qeorgi
on; aecond, J. Scott
As Result of Recent Resolution Official
of Burqultlam Agricultural
Society Steps Down.
Neatest ends���First. It. Meede; aecond, J. Ccott.
Straightest  furrows ���P. Ralph.
The judges were Messrs. W. Mc-
Comb and J. R. Adams.
18 Oranges for 	
Nice, large, juicy fruit.
Cross & Blackwell'B Pickles per
bottle, 35c, 3 for $1.00.
Celery, per bunch   10c.
Cauliflower,  head    20c.
Cabbage, lb Wt*-
Onions,  bunch    5c-
Radish,  bunch    5c.
Fresh Tomatoes, lb   15c.
Sausage Rolls, each   5c.
Meat Plea, each  35c.
Sliced  Tongue,  lb 60c.
Davies'   Eggs,   3   do*,  for  $1.00
Public Supply Stores
L. L.
If you were to be taken away
now, would It be easy for somo
one else to adminster your business and estate?
Probably not. and that Is a
very good reason why you
should immediately make a Will
and appoint this Company Executor.
When thc time comes to adminster an estate, tho average
man without experience hardly
knowB where to start.
He Bpenta time and money
learning, and even then regrets
the Mme taken from hia own
personal affairs.
Maybe the estate, may require
a little money to finance for a
short period, and the average
man needs all his capital and
credit in his own business.
How long would it take until
your business and investments
were badly disorganized or Involved If not carefully looked
after, or In the hands of ono
without the proper facilities.
It la Just these very troubles
experienced   In so   many cases
that led  tbo  requirement and
formation of TruBt   Companies.
The Dominion Trmst Company
has paid up capital and surplus
of $2,500,000.00.
Its business Is to act as executor, and uny oilier business it
does in quite as much a side line
to it ub the handling of estates
Is to the private executor.
lt has the "knowledge, ability,
reliability, capital, energy, experience, to handle estates 111
the ablest possible manner.
That is the kind of exeoutor you
Bhould have.
It will be Well worth your
while to call In today and have
a talk about this matter us It
concerns you.
Our Directors and Officers
wlll be glad to answer any questions pertaining to your problems without cost or obligation
to you.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
SCHUYLER.���Word was received
by Mrs. Coutts, 205 Carnarvon street,
this city, of the sudden death of her
brother-in-law, Mr. W. A. Schuyler,
which occurred at Port Albernl yesterday  morning.
Deceased was at the time he
dropped dead, looking over his property in Port Albernl. His home was
at 10G0 Davie street, Vancouver
Mr. Jack Inaley, jr., left for the
sound cities laat night on a business
A $450 piano reduced $10 each day
until sold Watch the clock See
Frank Major Music and Piano House
ad. (��64)
Mr. I. Mu Lindsay, of this city, left
last night for NelBon to resume his
law studies.
The branch of the Bank of Montreal at Sapperton will be closed for
business on and after March 29. (845)
Only two more weeks and the skat-
ing rink will close down for the summer months. Two sessions dally, afternoon and evening. (855)
The next meeting of the Burnaby
Board of Trade will be held on Wednesday, March 19, at 8 p.m.
W. Dav, oloctrlclan, agent for Hot
Point Irons; fixtures and wiring of
all kinds. Phone 1269, 28 Slsth street,
opposito Poatoffica. (760)
We sell, rent and exchange sewing
machines. All our machines warranted. C. N. Edmondson & Co., corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth Btreet. (752)
The regular montWy meeting of the
Women's Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian bosoita] wlll be held 1n St.
George's hall Monday afternoon at 3
Your last chance to learn to skate
expiree at the end of March. Two
sessions at the Queens park rink
daily. (855)
Sond your spare table, chair, refrigerator, Bewlng machine or anything else you wish to dispose of to
Henzle'B Auction Mart, 638 Clarkson
stroet.    Prompt returnB. (786)
The quarters of the local police
force are undergoing an agree.ible
change in the nature of a new coat of
paint. Constable Ed. Johnston and
two trusties were a busy trio yesterday spilling the lead in great fashion.
Now Ib the time to build your fence.
We have a few more of those fancy
topped pickets which we are closing
out at one-half price. Walsh Sash &
Door Factory. (SH8)
The Grain Growers' association unloaded 219 bales of timothy hay from
tho Transfer yesterday morning, thc
consignor being Mr. John Macdonald,
Delta. The hay is being stored for
local uBe.
The latest popular music is played
by the Westminster band In attendance at the skating rink every evening
and Saturday afternoons. Admissions
15 and 25 cents, afternoons; 40 cents
evenings. (855)
The annual meeting of the Central
Conservative association of Delta rid- (
ing lakes place on Monday, March 17
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at Clov-
erdale.    Mr. V   J, MacKen'/.ie, M. P. P.
I for Delta will address the meeting.
The work of voter registration Is being actively attended to by  the usso
cla,ion' Paris,  March 13.���The attention of
Money to loan from $50 to $f,00 at I Prince   Nicholas   of   Greece,   military
111 per cent,   No delay.   Loans granted   governor of Salonika,    having    been
in rotation.   Strictest privacy.    Repay-; drawn to a passage In a book of Pierre
ment arranged lo suit, your own con-   I.oli's in   Which  the author says  thai
James Ward, PO
At a meeting of the directors of the
Burqultlam  Agricultural  Society  held
Uawlin-|iast n|Kht the resignation of Mr. V. W.
Collin    from    the    vice-presidentship
was received.
Regret waa expressed at tho intimation and an endeavor will he made
to get Mr. Collin to reconsider his
The resignation is the outcome of
the resolution to appoint a chartered
accountant to present au official balance sheet to the society.
Tho directors were emphatic in
their reiteration ihat the resolution
was in noways intended to caBt reflections upon the late secretary or auditors, the books and vouchers being all
in order, but the balance sheet had
not beeu presented in a professional
Complaint Received.
A complaint was received from Mr
J. D. Robertson, that a special prize
given by Mr. Edwards, of New West
minster, at the last exhibition had
not reached its proper destination.
The secretary was instructed to in
tervlew Mr. Edwards and endeavor t.
"Try New
Life," Just
the Thing for
That "Spring
See Our Advt. on Page Three
Our New
Hats for
Men are
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
SL Patrick's
Nominal ion  day  for  tha mayoralty
and  aldermanic candidate*    for  Port
Moody city council U n��w authorita-1 trace to whom the prize had beer,
tively stated to be March    81,    and .sent.
polling day. if necessary. April 7 i in this connection the secretary
later dates' than what were announced ! thought that these belated complaint?
a week ago. j could  be obviated  by  the passing oil  v/-^~^~v~~--
It    might    be  misleading    to givela by-law  making  it compulsory'   that lOCOOOOOOCCCCOOCCO! ���~~--~-~-.
names  of  aspirants  to  civic  honors I they should lie communicated to the |
whilst the gentlemen themselves   are   secretary within 14 days or tlie award
timid of definite announcement Now|BO that they could be brought up   ai
that the election day is officially given j the   following   meeting  of   the   direc-
out the clouds may disperse and    the   tors.
shadow;  hosis of    denotations    thai Somebody Told Mc So.
have been pressing reluctant citizens VariouB objections were, however,
to come forth into the open may take ma<ie to this mode of keeping thing-3
more material shape and state yea, ! straight and the suggestion was laid
or nay, whether they intend to place lover for further consideration,
their services ct the disposal of their | it w'as resolved, however, that gen
fellow citizens. | eral  complaints  against the  associa
Mr. P. D. Roe is a certain candidate tion or its members must be sent to
for the mayorship and Messrs. A ' the secretary In writing to be dealt
Latta, M. R. Ossley and J. li. McNiece wlth |,y the board in due course,
have also openly intimated their will- j \i waB expressed strongly that the
Ingness to stand for election. Others J usefulness of the society was being
are nebulous and probably await fur- . niilitated against by vague grumblings
ther developments. |0f the "somebody told me SO order."
A number of accounts were submit
ted and passed.
i    A good program will    be    rendered ,
I (under the auspices of the Knights of
Columbus) on the evening of
Monday, March 17, in
SL Patrick's Hall
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122. G. C. OILLEY, Phene 291.
Phones, Offlcw IB and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of C0M0X COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Pre. Mid deal. Mgr. Vice-President. Sac. .-id Trees.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 end 877.
Knights of St. Stephen    Greeted    by
Bumper  Crowd.
A    bumper    house     greeted    the
Knights of St. Stephen in their offering of the well known play, "The Old
District    School."    In    St,
church last evening.
About 20 boys, whoso ages ranged
from la to 16 years, took part in the
production and each and every one
acquitted themselves In a distinguished manner. An enjoyable feature cf
the evening was a program of singing
Intermingled with the acting which
was much appreciated by the large
The evening was a thorough success and for Its being so groat credit
Is due to Mr. 11. O. I.amb, the "stage
manager" for the boys. Mr. Alex
Lamb, who led the music, nnd Miss
Lily   Duncan, the accompanist.
Stockholm. March 13.���The temperance movement is making strides in
Stephens Jsweden, Both houses of the riksdag
here have passed the bill forbidding
the sale of wine, beer or liquors at
the riksdag restaurant after January,
In spite of the fact that the major-
ity of the riksdag has not yet declared In favor of prohibition, this decision is considered significant of the
great progress of the temperance
movement und a forecast of the Introduction of full prohibition In the near
The crown prince and princess are
temperance advocates.
Admission for Adults 50;, Children
25c. (S5S)
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best In the Market.
85c. per sick 100 lbs.
TURNIPS, per sack    50t
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front St. New Westminster.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
In  The Courts
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
box 666
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
The new lightship at Ihe Sandheads
at the mouth of the Kraser river, is expected to be in position within ten
days. The delay Is explained by the
Importance of filling the ship with two
engines, so that in case of a possible
break down In one, the other will be
available to supply the air necessary
for the automatic fog horn.
Bops your carpet need cleaning?
is it full of dirt and germs? We
have a powerful vacuum cleaner.
I'hone 088. Benny &. Uobs, the lllg
���Furniture Store. (8_!6)
A .lap named Kawasikl was taken
lo lhe Iloyal Columbian hospital yesterday ufternoon Buffering from injuries received In falling down the
elevator shaft al Qalbralth Hros.' planing mill on Tenth Btreet. Tho man
was attended to ly Dr. Rothwell and
found to bnve a badly sprained ankle,
while one of his legs und  back were
To   Contractor  and   Builders.     We
are now prepared to furnish you with
Hand,   gravel,  crushed     rock,    cement
land lime.    Office phone 826,    Wharf
phone HSU.    B. C. Transport Co., Ltd.
In (he Odd KelloWS' hall on Saturday afternoon, March 16, at 2 o'clock,
the V. W. ('. A. oommlttee will serve
afternoon tea to all the ladles who
are assisting In collecting  money  for
the prospective  v.  w. C.  A. home.
Mrs. Rothwell, of Calgary, niollier of
Dr. Rothwell, will speak on Y. W.
0, A. work. It Is hoped that every
collector will be present.
The seat Bale for the big laughing
musical   comedy   "Mutt   and   Jeff."
which wlll be seen at the opera house
next Tuesday evening, opened nt the
box office yesterday ufternoon. Thc
musical comedy was aeen ut the opera
houie last year and created such a
hit that It, is expected that the house
will be full on Its next appearance
here. (862)
Mr. 1). Matheson, n Vancouver contractor, wlll bo tuki'ti from the provincial jail this morning, buck to the
Terminal City where he Is scheduled
to appear before Commissioner Alexander who is enquiring Into the af-
rulra of the Vancouver school board.
Mr. Matheson was held under police
supervision on Wednesday morning
beoause he Attended a bubhIoh of the
Commission In an Inloxlcuted condition nnd was Incapable of answering
officers of the French warship Brulx
could testify to having seen Greek
and Servian soldiers gouge out the
eyes of Turkish  prisoners, the prince
Police Court.
Three Chinamen were lined $iii. and
i costs by Magistrate Bdmon-ds yester
I day In tlie police court, as frequenters
of a couple of    opium    dins    in    the
Chinese quarter, raided by the police.
Seven others forfeited t20 each,
lent his chief stafr officer, on board | preferring to forfeit thai amount In
the Urulx with a copy of the book to | |)ai| money rather than put the con-
show Captain Belage. . stabulary   to   the   trouble  of  formally
The   captain  haB  now     written    to'prov|nR thH ,,;,.,,
prince Nicholas to say that he submltt-1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ed the statement in l.oti's book to his'  . ... 	
officers.    All were unanimous in char-; g�� j Hum
aoterlztng It as a gratuitous and de-!oounuary oay
clared emphatically that nothing that | ��� p, fi h p&rl- ,..,, fl But).
they had said or written could poa- aiTU&n 0, the hlgtor,'c ,,��, W1wlen
B.bly be taken as authorising LoO to WMb   lg a,
cite their testimony  for facts ot such U    ,        .,.,, fc , ,,, ,,,...,������ ,.,���, ,���,..
a nature, which bail never come With-  ,     ���      ,.,._...,,  Htrl.���ta Bnd  willl  p,r
In their experience petual    beach    privileges.    This    ha
Captain  Deluge  added thai   he  had   '
drawn   the  attention   of the  minister
of marine to the way in whloh his
officers'   names    had     been     invoked
without their consent  or knowledge, I
and   asked   him   to   request   Uitl     to
suppress the statement In question.
Guaranteed new laid eggu from our
own ranch, per dozen .'15c
Oranges 20 for 25c.
Red Spring Salmon, Fresh Halibut,
lOollchans, Crescent Oysters.
Groceriks, Fish and Produce.
Phene 93. 447 Columbia Street.
been the camp ground for scorea of
local people for years. The lots are
selling fast, many people procuring
the locations tbey hud occupied us
tenants for years. Prices (380 nnd up
wardii. easy tonus. Sob1 agents,
70". Columbia Cfreet, City.
f.lb Columbia Street
Event   Held   Laat  Wednesday
Wat Success.
J.anglev annual plowing match was
held on Wednesday in a Held belong-
Phone 461'lug to Mr. U. Wark, Langley ITulrle.
Vancouver,  March  18.   Captain Q.
B, Robertson, Captain Charles Diddle,
and Mr K. F, I'lekard, who constituted the murine court, of Inquiry Into
the sinking of the steamer Cheslakee
at Van Anda wharf wllb the losa of
seven lives, have made Ihelr report
public and this exonerates the officers of the steamer and finds that the
Vessel was originally well designed
and built, but raps Mr. Q, T. I.egg, who
was manaber of the I'nion Steamship
Company when the Cheslakee arrived
here from Dublin for making certain
alterations to the vessel without expert advice-and without notifying the
surveyor of the llrilbli Corporation
Tbat the actual sinking was canned
by unclosed apertures is also u conclusion arrived at and the court Is
of the Opinion that bail all the doors
and ports been closed the ship could
have heeled to the angle she did and
huve  recovered  safely.
Edmonds  Whist  Drive
Edmonds,    March    18,   The    last
whist drive of the season of Ihn Kd-
moods Whist circle, took place ut
the home of MrB A McKee on Tuesday evening. The lady's prize was
won   by   Mrs.   I'    II.   Iirown   and   the
gentleman's by Mr. J, Appleby.   Mrs.
II. Sworder took the consolation prize.
and Mrs  il. Disney the secret prize.
Following the games a general social
evening wub held.
Prince to Visit Africa.
Windiiii, March CI. It Is under
slood that frinee Arthur of Connaught will represent the King nt the
formal opening of lhe new homo of
thn federal parliament In Pretoria
next spring. 1Mb Hoyal Highness will
bn attended by distinguished repre,-
BontntlveB of both tbo navy and the
army, and wlll deliver the speech
from tbo throne.
It Will Pay You
Revised and complete to date, show
Ing public buildings, principal Industries, rallwuy tracks and number of
lots.    Kvery street plainly marked.
Kvery  business man needs one.
I.argu alzc, 3x1! feet) also pocket
Room 21 Hart Building.
to briug yuur prescription to us; does
not matter what doctor writes It we
can    fill    aud    you    may    bo    sure
of gutting exactly what your doctor I
orders at prices based on   services SUITS for Ladies and men
rendered.    Thirty  years   In   Wuslncss. J
Biggest aud best drug store lu city.   ! receive best attention NOW.
Curtis Drug StorelQALVIN
c*.*,   duoth    *ri/\r*r*Q     eDEr.TAri cc I   ^**^* ���    ^�� ������        w        **% A   ^
SS. "Prince George"
3,500 tons, 7,000 Horse-power.
Sailing Every Monday (12 midnight)
For Prince Rupert.
Connecting wltb Crand Trunk Paolflc Rallwuy for points eaat of
Prince Rupert.
Connecting wltb 8. 8. "PRINCE JOHN" ou certain dates for Stewart. Uranby Bay, Massett and other Queen Charlotte Island points.
8ATURDAY8   (12   Midnight)   for VICTORIA AND SEATTLE.
"PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and way ports, 3rd,
23rd of each month.
Through tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe. Your
choice of rail and ocean lines.
H. Q. SMITH. C   P. *. T. A. W. E. DUPBROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 8134.       VAN IOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street.
and SEEDS,
Phone 43;   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
��B   Lorne   Street,   New   Wettmlnitsr,
Home For Sale
No.   1    Ilere   Ib  a  splendid home for Bale cheap.    In a good locality near Queen's Park nnd new Bchool.
lt htiB hovcii  largo  comfortable  rooms  with  every   modern r.on-
venlance; full basement; on a largo lot, Mxm feat
This pluce Ib below value nnd   tho   terms  aro  iiuch   that  almost
unyotin can bundle It.
PRICE, $4400, 1750  CA8H, balance monthly.   If >ou want to buy
a homo let us show you thla plncc.
Agents for  Pacific Coast Stesmehlp Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Estsbllshed 1801.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers*   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine Insurance.
Have you never heard
about the "YALE"
Gasoline Engines?
Let us send you a
circular describing
Mads In New  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Work*
Heaps   Engineering  Co.,  Ltd., New Westminster,
em idmumo a. oii.su, n p., pbmioiht.       w. d. ��attmiws, wo��-pm��ioint.
O. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
C.pll.l paid up
li.Mirv. Fund ���
ToUl A..M. ���
$1 Gives You A Bank Book
You do not need to w��lt until you have a large nim ol money.
In order to open an account with this Bank. You can open an
account with $1.���on which Interest will be compounded twice a
year.   Thus, your savings are always earning money (or you


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