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The New Westminster News Apr 30, 1913

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This evening at   8
ladies and    gentlemen
the May Day committee will
in the Board ot Trade
VOLUME  8,   NUMBER  -45.
Robert Smith, Hugh Ness
and   Howard   Walters
Sent up for Trial.
eiaie Last Night Ruins Furniture and
House of T. Weldemann���Cause
a Mystery.
Sensational    Evidence    Features   All
Day Session In  Police Court���
Well  Laid  Plot
Fire, which started about 9 o'clock
last evening, gutted the upper portion
of the old Gordon houBe located near
the corner of Fifth avenue and 20th
, Btreet, occupied by Mr. T. Weldemann
and family.
Mr. Weldemann and his five montha
old baby were ln the houBe at the
timo the flames broke out, the baby
Leing aeleep ln bed.
The arson cases against Howard The building Ib a five roomed one.
WalterB, Robert O. Smith and Hugh "'<> ��BPer rooms being vacant at the
Ness were furnished with an addl- time. Friends of the family came to
tional sensation yesterday when a i the rescue before the arr.val of the
man named Van Melden Swore that ^l'" <lopartm��nt and saved practically
Ness had told him the whole story of i all the furn ture tha was moveable.
how he and Walters had tired the , Ju8t ht',w, ���� fl�� **^*\*** *et ��*
bulldine at 16  MrlnneB street I known   although   it   is   believed   tbat
bUThi0s^*" Scan    opposed  ����*��� $* ^T?S1?Z
.^. ....    .. ,,,.,. j .......  __j idrv wood near tbe shed adjoining the
Yesterday Permits Were Issued   Totalling   Over
Executive   of   Progressive
Association Puts It up to
Between    Industrial    Bureau
Publicity Campaign���May
Take Moving Picture*.
Yesterday the building trade took
a decided move and showed what the
mere approach of settled weather can
effect In thlB branch ot Industry. The
following permits were Issued:
Nels NelBon,    Second    street    and      .,., ,, ,,    ���  ��,     ���
'      ' ,    The  executive council of the Pro-
Queens avenuo. 17    roomed    modern   KreSBlve aeBoclation met yesterday af-
residence, $18,000. i ternoon  with Dr. Smith, president in
llyard Abrams,  Moody and Blackie i the chair.
to the tales of Walters and Ness, and
adds still more perplexity to an already sufficiently complicated piece
of villany.
According to Meldem there is no
mystery about the fire. Ness and
Walters got Into the house by the
window, sprinkled it with gasoline
and set fire to lt.
Tho three men underwent their
preliminary Investigations separately
und another curious feature, of the
case is tbst the principal witness
against Walters Is Ness and the
principal witness against Ness is
Walters, while both combine to in-
citlpaie Smith, the owner of the building, as the Instigator of the crime.
While Ness and Walters are
charged with maliciously' setting Unto the store, a Hue legal distinction
Is drawn In Smith's case by tho addition of the words "with Intent to d^- ;
Another Item of interest was the
denial of John S. Smith that lie -was
any relation of liobert O, Smith, the
accused, who Btated that they were
half brothers.
Tho prisoners. Smith and Ness,
were represented by Mr. J. P, Hump
too Hole, Mr. Hamilton Head SMI
present on behalf of Walters and Mr.
W. G. McQuarrie conducted the prosecution.
The Gasoline.
Mr. McQuarrlo resuming his cross-
examination pressod Walters as to
where be purchased tho gasoline, bin
his memory was completely blank on
the point
Walters was ultimately committed
for trial.
Robert O. Smith, contractor, waB
then -planed In tbe dock.
Mr. Freeman (Bunting, court stenographer, read the evidence ot accused
lu the Investigation of the charge
again*! Walters.
Hugh Ness repeated his testimony
as to his acquaintance with Walters
and Smith.
i Mr.  llolo raised an objection    to
New fSriag evidence ai a eettta\nx\-
dry wood near the
The damage to tho furniture will
anyjunt to about $200 with greater
damage to the house itself.
The fire was a spectacular one and
attracted a large crowd during tho
tune the flames were making a ruddy
glow In the Bky.
Durnaby School Board Select Vancou-
ver Man to Lead Classes���Open
Contracts for New 8chools.
atreets, completion of laundry building,  $8000.
Chung Nye and Tom Hun, Thlr
teenth street and Fourth avenue,
stores and apartments, $8000.
W. Jennings, Princess street, three
roomed cottage, $1000.
Walsh Sash and Door factory, new
kiln,   $2000.
Gulchon estate, Victoria street, new
roof for block, $600.
Itobert Huckland, cement blocl:
garage.   Hobson  street,   $200.
Allan MoWHUam, Lelth street, new
veranda,   $175.
Free MethodiBt church, new ver
anda, for parsonage. $125.
Various small alterations to differ
ent householders, $120.
West llurnaby, April 29.- The inauguration of manual training classes
in the Ilurnabv schools was marked
by the appointment of Mr. (1. W.
Belvi rs, of Vancouver, sb manual
training Instructor, at a meeting of
the school board this evening. Mr.
Belvera Ib at present engugeil In the
capacity of a manual training instructor In the Vancouver city schools.
He will take over his new post dur
ing August, though previous to that
nn.nth he will act In an advisory
capacity to the board in the matter
of purchasing equipment.
Mr. fteivers will receive a salarV Oi
$1"0 a month for the first year with
un Increase ot $120 each year until
the maximum of $2040 is reached.
During a brief discussion om the
purchase" that would probably have
io be made on account of the Inauguration of tho manual training
rlaiseB. It was stated by Mr. V. T.
Cliff, chairman ot the board, that the
board would have to go lightly on expenditures, it was found, he -fited,
Mysterious Man Hovers Between Life
ard   Death  in   Hospital���Wrote
Remarkable   Letter.
Hovering between life und death
with little prospects of recovering,
CharlOS Donnelly Is lying in the
Itoyai f'oluinbiau hospital suffering
from either a bullet wound iu his
bead or from a severe hemorrhage of
the lungs.
Donnelly was found lying in a pool
of blood in Togo's pool parlors on
Columbia street on Monday afternoon, j
Dr. Mrtjuarrl*. flret stating- the oase .'"
to be lung trouble. The man was
taken to the hospital where he was
treated, no signs of a bullet wound
showing on his head
Among the communications was an
acceptance by Mr. C. Hill Tout to give
an address on some aspects of production and consumption of B. C. Product!! at the association's luncheon
on  May 23.
The Becretary reported that he had
received letters from Manitoba, Sas
katchewan, Prince Arthur, Ontario,
Lethbridge and other places asking
for information respecting the Fraser
valley. They were moBtly from farm-
lug communities.
A report by the Secretary and Mr.
J. Kennedy on the mall service in-
BiBted tbat there was no foundation
for the complaint, that there were
later deliveries of the mails than in
Vancouver. As a matter of fact New
Westminster mails were delivered
earlier than In Vancouver on account
of the shorter haul from the junction.
The mail box tests had been satis
j factory aud any specific cases of ne
| gleet or dolay would bo Investigated
. by the postmaster.
A high compliment was paid to Mr
Macdonald for his manner in handling
I the postal aervlce.
Industrial  Bureau.
The subject of the appointment of
an Induserlal commissioner and the
diversion of the association's energies
trom publicity work to that of an industrial bureau in conjunction with
the city council, whicb wa3 recom-
mended to the consideration of the as
soclation by the recent conference
among delegates from the city council, board of trade and the association
i was discussed at length.
The Resolution.
Ultimately after the weighing of
the proa and cons the executive did
mot feel justified in shouldering the
responsibility of deciding and on the
JjMJJjl Mr. iqcljardsqn, tl-jp. lajli*-"
ing . "resolution was unanimously
"That  the  committee appointed  to
attend  tbe joint  meeting of the city
Winnipeg Firm Will Erect
$650,000 Plant at New
Winnipeg, April 29.���Th local ele
vator and milling firm of Davidson &
Smith announced this afternoon that
they would build at Port Coqultlam.
the new western terminus of the
Canadian Pacific across the river
from Port Mann, a duplicate of the
cleaning elevator and flour mill that
they will construct ln Port Arthur.
Each elevator will have a cleaning
capacity of 60,000 bUBhels a day, and
a drying capacity of 10,000 bushels.
The mills will have a capacity of
2500 bcrrels of flour a day. Each
plant will cost $650,000.
When the company's Fort William
plant last year was unable to cope
with demands upon It a floating dryer
was brought from the United States.
With completion of new elevator all
grain can be treated by the local con
Rev. Albert M. Sanford, of Vancouver,
Succeeds   Professor  Hetherington
at Principal.
King  Nicholas  Replies  to-
Austrian   Minister's
No Official    Report   that Austria
Taking Separata Action Againat
London,   April 30.���A   Vienna   do-
Bpatch  to  the  Daily Telegraph  saya
In Order to Keep City Employees In
Work, Board of Works Make
In order to keep tho city employees
In work the board of works recommended and the city council have approved that the following work be
Cumberland Btreet be cleared full I
width of street from Sixth avenue to !
Tenth avenue.    Estimated cost $1250. i
Rev. Albert M. Sanford, B.A., B.D.
of Trinity Methodist church, Vancouver, was appointed the successor of
Professor A. E. Hetherington as principal of the Columbian college at a
meeting of the board of directors of
that institution laat  night.
Rev. Mr. Sanford's name waa
selected from those of several other
candidates for the post. The appointee has been a resident of BrltlBh Columbia for a number of years.
As Professor Hetherington's  reslg- the   Austrian   minister   at   Cettlnjo
nation docs not take effect until Jun��,  visited  King  Nicholas Monday  night
Rev. Mr. Sanford will not assume tbe and demanded thc immediate and uu-
principalship of the college until that  conditional evacuation of Scutari.
month, or after the summer recess,    i    The king    replied   that   he would:
  1 never surrender the town.
t i    The   Austrian   government,  accord
ing to the same despatch is now engaged In drafting a manifesto to the
| powers, explaining its policy and aims.
with regard to Balkan affairs.
May Issue Ultimatum.
London, April 29.���Up to a lata
hour tonight the British foreign oiT
cers had no news that Austria actually was taking separate action againat
Montenegro. It is understood that
1 Austria ls waiting the result of the
I ambassadorial conference on Thursday and employing the interval In an
endeavor to induce Italy to loin hi r
| in military action.
EdmondB, April 29.���Following the; The m6etinea 0f the arnoa sudors
passage of the B. C. E. R. franchise' in iMnaon bav. ahown almost cm-
bylaw, which took place last Satur-; clUB|veiy that a majority ���f the
day, announcement is made by the powerg are not prepared to adopt war-
traction company that work will start lil!e,mea8ures against Montanogro. lt
immediately on tbe erection of their;,, lhug practicaiiy certain mat wlth-
ncw car repairing barns on the com-'ln a (e d whether Italy consent*
panys site In II. L. 118, adjoining thc;or aot 'AuBtria wlu aeBpaUi. an uTO-
tracks of the Burnaby lake line ;matum ,Q Celt,nJe aeman(1ing the Im-
The statement that the B. C. E. R.       m        evacuatlon of Scutj.-i.
BI.fl Wlll START
Shops Wlll  Be Erected  In  0. L. 118,
Burnaby���Plans Being Prepared
In New York.
were planning to build these Bhops
was made during tbe election campaign of 1913 hy Reeve McGregor.
The shopB will be known as the
"Horne-Payne" shops and will be the
most modern of anything on the coat't.
The   engineering   firm   of   Westing
Fifth street be graded from Eighth I house, Church, Kerr & Co., of New-
avenue to liavtne. nnd macadamized. I York have been retained by the corn-
Estimated cost $3200. jpany to draw up the plans which are
Edinburgh street be macadamized expected to be completed within the
from   Eighth  street  to Tenth  Btreet
    next few weeks
Estimated cost $1200.
A five foot sidewalk witb railing
be constructed on the east side of
Third    avenue    from   Thirteenth   to
Not another word of Eaaal r.i-U.a'*
doings ln Albania has been receive!.
Ishmael Ktmai Bey, head of the pri-
visional Albanian governm"nt, has arrived in London to enlist Uri'ish support, lie and other Albanians du uot
regard Essad Pasha's coup very Beri-
ously, bul the opinion se;xs lo b<s
growing among diplomats here that
an administration under Es-sad Pashu
In Albania might not be such an Halt is stated by the officials of the possible  solution of a dlfficu t prob-
company that the new Bhops will not 'e,n-
ln any way interfere with tbe present
shops in New WeBtmlnster where the
shot hlm-milt In the ear while In ths
pool roofs with a .38 calibre revolver.
Dr. McQuarrie was again called to the
case -aad questioning the man, was in
formed that he shot himself because
he was sick.   This led the pollce to
council, hoard of trade and  Progres-   replaced.   Estimated cost $135
slve  association  he  ��   committee   to 1    A live
draw up a circular setting forth the ton Ute eaat * M�� ot    Blackie    street.
cam?\alk^vn^dlnsOtt^thatahe hti l*%lW��clattoa  he ��  committed ,*> 1    A live foot; sidewalk be. constructed
came talKSUve ana Statea that lie baa 1. civ-en-lkr ��nir.. fr��*ti  ih.lnn  tha tui'Mk -sf   niukii.    -mtraa-t.
lt is considered that Essad ��asha.
as an inflututial   Albanian    with   a
cog",   most of the important repair work is * ��'*-">ng  follow'ins and the yristlge or
<0"tc*rri*d.O��i....TJM,Bew Abens. howevg-^  ^^J^^��U^^^ -
fare intended to relieve the congestion ;be more tfcceptable �� MNutti.��� i-nut
in   .............,-...
where the barns on Main street have | to retain  his    Belt-chosen    post.    Be
been found to be entirely Inadequate. | might be inclined tp make territorial
Thc new thops take their name from i concessions which Would compensate
the chairman of the board of direc-1 Montenegro for the loss   of   Scutari
JEfurteenth streets.    Estimated
T135'      ""        '        "*-"** -"   ""*tf**
u.,..t nr t*h��� in innt   ��.iv   nn   thp I are intended to relieve the congestion! .,.,,,
Part of the 10 foot   walk   on   the present exists in Vancouver   a foreign prince and that lf allowed
south side cf Royal avenue, between   ^���__*i^"*T?S* .. u    ''    '��� --   - -
Sevei. h street and Eighth street, be
nea b^oth iiiiiKMjiKi ���� ����� wrmB.^u.r that on account   of   the   ���.i.~.~.v.. ������,,�����   ������,��   .ui.
^T^Tufe court overruled H. The bonds selling at 80 cents on the ent ^��f** *�� *^ *Trt*e *iat
wltsess was protected against hit lar the school* would secure a (ish J^1"**'.llTr\\r*T *J��h\h 22n
own answer K tt were etmmhtm io sum thau mU%t*U rwtawed in Jhe j*���* ��^2ft2 hJSrttWlATtte
incriminate him o9 it, bat tkat mm estimates. ^    ?5^B^E2ShSS?Kt^-'^^
noty��nh��U*hla wldence against The teachers et the vartotw sohool* i'0"0*'0" w^SS5���2r *������* *
Smith. ��*�� las charged with ��� ��- were authorised to elose early on the M ^l^tt.^-Y i
(���rest ��72bs. flrst Thur��<Ua*��f Mc* month, in order I    Now my dear Mends,   don t   get
WltnSt: said he saw Smith give that they might be able to attend ttel "2* ' ��"'',** ^"JL^l
Walters 12 or %3 on one oc-essto* and monthly meeting of the Burnaby J0 ���tuf�� .ou*��f "?'\ow? .*?��?'*������J
ml*** hits aay that wonld keep him  Teacher*' Association. l����ve ****** got tired of living toa
going for a time. He was tsxem Tenders for additions to school!
examined about the cheque Incident and new schools were opened and
lo tho Premier hotel when a man prepared for consideration. Three
mutied Buchanan tore up a cheque for tenders, that camo ki after the time
$15 which he said Smith was going allotted at which they should arrive,
(Oontinued on Page Four.) were rejected.
Washington, April 29. -Excited debate and healed wrangles marked the
beginning today Of the rending of tlle
Kemocnitlc tariff bill In the house
for amendment, Progress on the ptir-
fiictlon of the tneasiire was slow, but
tbo talk was loud and vociferous and
tfi one occasion brought Speaker
Clark on the floor with a vigorous
All (lay Iho Republicans offered
amendments to the various passages
in the chemical schedule and every
ameindinelit was calmly voted down
by thn big Democratic majority. Sev
eral minor amendments offered by
the ways and means committee to
correct the phraseology of tho hill
was adopted.
MoBt of the talk of tho day I timed
on the records of the Democratic side
of the house on the quostlon of creating a tariff commission. Tho Republicans, led by Representative Maun ol
Illinois, began their attacks on thn
various provisions of the llrst iii'lind-
uie of the bill, the chemical schedule,
by declaring that the weaknesses In
the rates showed Ihe need of Invest I
gnlIons of a tai-IIT board. Representative Underwood In reply declared
that the Democrats had provided the
bureau of foreign and domestic commerce In the department of commerce
nnd that the failure of tlle Taft nd-
ministration to vitalize that bureau
with sufficient appropriations had prevented its doing the work of tariff
Representative Oardner, of Miishh-
chUBOttB, said lhat Representative
Underwood nnd other Democrats had
voted for tho tariff commission In the
elxty-llrst congress when the    Repnb
dock,  lhe  Progressive leader, touched
i.rr the fireworks,    tie declared that
hntb     Republicans    and       Democrats
were opposed to the Un-iir commission schedule and recalled the last
day of ihe sixty-llrst congress. "Uncle
JOB" CaiUJOn'a llnnl ahn.nice at the
speaker's desk wben the tariff coin
mission bill was Withdrawn by tho
Republicans In the face of a llllbus-
ter led liv Representative I'llzRerald,
of  New  York.
"The Republicans In this chamb T
then,"   shouted     Mr.   Murdock,    "llko
the Republicans In tuiu ohnmbsr now,
wero only pretending to be for B
tarllf commission. They hud their
chance and failed,"
The Republicans grew excited nnd
Representative tlardner shouted that
there was no foundation for Murdoch's charge that thu Republloan
lenders were In a connplracy to defeat
the tnrlff commission bill.
(lestli'iilatlng wildly, Mr. Oardner
demanded the opinion of Representative Shirley, of Kentucky, as to tho
trulh of the charge, Mr. Sherley said
he believed many of the RnpubllcanB
opposed the bill. Then Representative Oardner, shaking a linger nt
Speaker Clark, demanded to know
Whether I / believed the ("barge. The
speaker strode to the centre of tho
house and shouted:
"My Judgment ls thut there wns
never it Republican leader In the
house really In favor of a tariff commission."
Mr. (iardner sat down and tho
I speaker went on. Ho declared that
he was against a tariff commission reporting to    aud    responsible    to  thu
need ��� good sleep, i bave hoard eo
much about this Nnw Jerusalem that
I hate decided to Investigate It ror
myself. Will tell you all abont It
when 1 come buck. I have seen a
little of the ups and downs of thla
life and 1 find it Is a pretty hard
road to travel, that is if you want lo
k-t-ftp straight. Anyway, I may be
painted a pretty bad uclor, but kindly
lallqw me lo tell you 1 am not so bad
i as 1 am palnled. I have had threw
Operations on my head and I know
that told pn me considerably.
I thank Mr. William Iirown and all
, the other people that have glvon ine
a job sloo��' I got out of the penlten
tlary. No doubt some people will sav
that I was a proper'bad actor. I
could pul H a bit stronger thnn that
but  1 don't  want  to dirty Ihls paper.
lt doesn't bother me one lota what
they say or think.    I got convicted of
an offence which to tell you the iruth
1 Ottn'l remember anything about It.
or course, thnt Is my fault for drink
lug whisky. Well, goodbye, niy
friends and thank you all for your ,
Yours truly,
(Signed)       CHAS. DONNELLY.
l'.S ��� Don't rnn away with tho |
idea that 1 was a gun man. I went j
over to Vancouver today for the ex-,
press purpose of buying thlB gun nnd
shells. I guess there Is enough to I
fix me.   Well, ta ta.
Early this morning he was still
alive although Dr. McQuarrie is con- ,
vinced that the man cannot live very ;
long owing to one side of his brain
being paralyzed and also the fact that
he has practically no blood left In
his body.
A Utile over a year ago Donnelly
was sentenced to two years' Imprisonment In the penitentiary for breaking
Into the office of nrackuian-Ker along
with another man, who recolved the
same Beiilenced. He was only released on probatlou n short lime ago
and since then had given the pollce
no  trouble.
the association to vote on, pter his
signature, and returned under senl by
a certain date."
Mr. Richardson said <he���� was po
question they -were responsible to the
contributors for the money they hfd
donated aad they must rentWf MB 2<k
count of tbelr stewardship, i He di-|
not think tho exeJcmtive '���oould . take
upon themselves tovecwe a*** way or
another. They were in *. similar position to the city when they wanted to
borrow money, tbey had to submit h
bylaw tn the people and get their
votes. Tkey^ were asked to embark
on a big responsibility.
All the a-peafror-e expressed themselves favorable to the appointment
of an Industrial commissioner.
Mr.   J.   W.   Cunningham   suggested
that the financial side of the qiieBtlmi
be  prepared  and   put on  the  minutes
. also and this was Agreed to.
Moving  Pictures.
Acting Secretary  Darling    was    in*
Btructed to write Mr. llenncssy Cook
ns to his terms  for taking films for
| moving   pictures     which     might     be
shown in Baetern Canada   and    i-i
The secretary Stated that Mr. Cook
was at present In Calgary The great
lvalue of such an advertisement ni*
'moving pictures of New Westminster
Ils  industries and surroundings were
Imu6h expatiated upon.
Mr.   Richardson   directed   r.tlepilon
Ito the hldeoiiBucsH of Die fence round
the penitentiary which depreciated
the surrounding beauty of the land
scape. He moved thnt. the Doml-Ujon
authorities be requested to substitute
:a brick wall for the fence
Tho  motion   was  unanimously   car
rled  although  tbe chairman consider
led the penitentiary should be moved
' as well as the fence.
j The Becretary will report nt tho
next meeting upon the subject of
planting trees along the stroetB.
toot sidewalk he. constructed
ee etreef, ttite Tenth street
stiraated cost $25.
tsldewalk he constructed
sldl of Queens avenue,
th to *Vti* streets.   Estl-
it lidewalk be constructed
sltfe ef Cariboo street
. ��.
foot Bidewslk be constructed
on west side of Ninth street, from
Queens to Third avenues.   Estimated
ooet WTf. ���
A four foot sidewalk be constructed
on north side of Fifth avenue, from
Twelfth street to 10O feet west of
Fourteenth street. Estimated cost
That Iti culverts and 4500 linear
feet of box drain be constructed on
Twentieth Btreet, from Sixth to Tenth
avenua-s.    Estimated cost $1125.
That Carnarvon street bridge be re-
decked.     Estimated   cost   $400.
That the tender of the Westminster
Woodworking company for llling cab-
lue! for engineer's office, to be placed
In the vault when nol ln use. be accepted.    Amount of tender $0"..
That Clarkson street be repaired.
Estimated  cost $200.
The cc:*it of these works will all be |
Charged against the l'J12 bylaw.
ot London capital into Canada.
Off the same site the distributing
power station tor the whole,ot the
lower mainland ls being erected.
Committee ef Conservation.
Ottawa, April S9.r-It Is understood
that..*��r. White tbe present secretary
of the commission ot conservation, will
be appointed assistant to the chair
man. Hon. Clifford Sifton. witb the
rank of deputy minister, as provided
for In a resolution of which notice
has been given by the government
Calgary, Aprrit �����.-*'
phesf-ra Is to be tlaameet
AH asfeoctatlon ��th this
has been formed VW 1-
���ho  natural* retenr-M*. *
he C:P.i*f���nt IU""" ~
exa pledged to
.he first year.    A
ocrts bas been
year and it is
short season at
Vancouver, Victoria awt
that might be Intereste*.
���m Calgary,
Take Fram Through Panama.
Washington, n.c, April 29.- Roald
Amundsen,   the   Arctic   explorer,   has
written  to    Secretary    Garrison    ex-1
pressing his purpoBn to avail himself
of   tho  privilege  of  passing  through .
the Panama cnnal this fall with    tho '
llcaiis were ln power and urged that I prealdent, j Fram,  the  vessel  ln    which    he ��� Is
they support the Republican proposl-1    "It  Is  Ihe house  that should hava j to mako his latest Arctic  trip.    Tho j
tlon now.   Then RcproBontatlvo Mur   the Information," he Bald. .Fram lu now at Iluonos Ayres.
Juneau, Alaska. Aprll 29.-
The liouse niili-nllen fishing
bill passed the territorial son-
ate by a unnnliiKiiis votn today
nnd is now In the hands of the
governor. After the bill wns
passed a message was sent to
Governor Johnson, of California Informing him of the
Alaska legislatures action.
The bill, which was fathered
by Representative N. J. Svlnd-
uuth, of Wrangell, was designed to bar Japanese fishermen
who have rapidly luereased
their otinriillotiB In Alaska
waters In rocent years, The ,
bill was passed by a unanimous voto by both houses a
month ago, but on April t the
senate receded the measuro to
uwalt legal advice,
ft -r- ft i�� ����� ���:;< ft ft -r* * * ft <t *
Sacramento. April 29.- The possibility of an amicable adjustment of
the alien land controversy by means
of a new hill drnwn In strict conformity wth the treaty between Japan and
the United states, confronted tonight
the third Becret conference of Secretary of stale iiryau with Governor
Johnspn and ths California legislature
which was called for 8:SO. ,
Attorney General I'. S. Webb drafted the measure at the suggestion of
Governor Johnson and a copy was Immediately placed in the hands of Secretary Ilryan. The term "Ineligible to
San Diego. Cal., April 30.-AHsert-* citizenship," which Ib declared by Seeing that $25,01:0.000 has been pledged j retary Bryan to bo odious to the Ja
for the purchase of Uiwer California I panele, Is not Included nnd the Pro-
from the Mexican government by ajgrc-jslve Republican leaders are con-'
group of American capitalists, W. J. j fldent that they have arrived at a so-
McGimpsey,  a  large  property  owner. hitlon  of  the  problem  that  will  re-
drafting the pet, worked upon lht"
theory that there could be no objection
lu writing Into the California aUifut-e
the specific limitations of tho JafMi."*-*'���
oe,i treaty of Ull. Under the terra*
of this treaty, Japanese subjects an-
pt rmitted to own "houses and lands
tor residential purposes, factories,
manufactories and shops," according
to Mr. Webb. Another clause permits
Japanese subjects to lease land for
"residential cud commercial purposes."
'1 lit sc ar" the only stipulations:
made, and lt Is the belief of the attorn, y gen..ral that tho rights of Japanese subjects to land in the United
Stan b stop at this point
Und^r his construction of the treaty
no land can bu owned or leased by b.
Japanese for agricultural purports, eaat Punta ilanda, across the bay from j celved   the  endorsatlou  of   President, eept that which Is already owned, or
Knscnada, Lower California, said to
day that the deal will be consummated' and annexation to tho United
StateB   advocated   Immediately   after-
Wilson   and  the   nutloual  administration..
Secretary   Ilryan   admitted   he  had
seen  the new  draft of the  proposed
wards.    He says the plan  wub favor-   law,  but  declined   to
ably considered by the tato President   ment  upon  It except
Madero but that some difficulty with i
the Huerta regime Ib feared  . He declined to state who the group of capl I
tallats are.
Discussing the report this morning |
Mexican   Consul   Leon   Gomez   slated
that before such a huge ileal could be I
any  com-
the con-
tor any other purposes except those
| net forth In tho agreement between
the nations. Kxplaining the wording
of the Bul-stltuto bill Mr. Webb said:
"Our theory Is that at the time tbe
| treaty   was   framed .Japan  asked  for
ferencc.   The prlucipal features ot the all the rights as to ownership of laud
new bill nre aB follows: lu California that that nation deal rod
1.    All aliens eligible to citizenship  tor her subjects, and that the treaty
as It now stands reprcsentn all that
Japan asked and all tint tho United
States waB willing to grant.
transacted the constitution of .Mexico (hold IhikI '
would have to be amended and B vote | extent and
of    the    people of  Lower California,
showing a majority in favor of annexation would have In bo obtained.
may acquire and hold land In the
tame manner as citizens cf the United
All other aliens may acquire and
In the manner
for the purpoo
and to the
ed by any treaty now existing between
the government ot the United  States
and   the  nation  or  country  nf  which
such alien Is a citizen or subject.
It.    Corporations composed of aliens
Natural Gas Exploded. other than those who are eligible L,
Calgary, April 39.���A nexpk.slon of' BltUenihlp may acquire and hold land
natural gau partially wrecked tho tern-! only according to the terms of existing
porary  postofflce this afternoon. The I treaties.
full force of tho explosion wub spent |     -L    Present   holdings  of   aliens,   re
on  tho  private  office  of   Postmaster , gardless of their rights to citizenship
King.    Miss G. M. McGarry, thn post-  are protect*,
master's private secretary was In the      B.   The  state   Bpcclflcally  reserv
"This aet does not draw the liner
upon aliens who are Ineligible to citi-
* en*-hip. Those words ure not used, it
gives not only to Japan, but to every
nation whose subjects are Ineligible
to ciilzensbip under the laws of tht��
United Slates, the full rlghta to ownership or land In California that the
treaties between the United State*:
u:d Buch nations give."
Several of the Progressive Republican lenders In the legislature who war
the bill this evening, expressed tho
hope thnt It would meet with the approval of the federal authorities. It la
generally believed that {he new act
office  at   the   time  and     was    badly I Its sovereign right to enact  any nnd  would accomplish the ends said to I	
[burned, The theory of the engineers ��� all laws relating to the acquisition or: desired by the peoplo of tho state.
lis that gaB leaking from a defective' holding of roal property by aliens. namely, the further acquisition by
| lateral,   formed   a   pocket   under   tho | Can Lease Land. | Japaucao  subjects  of  farming  landu.
���    ������      |
���i.  floor of the office.
Attorney  General   Webb,    who    Island ranchcB. PAGE TWO
WEONE8DAY, APRIL 30,  1913.
Burners seven thousand miles distant.      Hla great book. "The Pleasures ol
y.-.l which is purchased wholesale Life,' haa  bedn  Iseucd In over two
;,i Calgary at eight centa per pound Is scone foreign editions, and nearly halt
'    ' "a million ccpids ot  the  English  edi
tion have l.een p^lil.
An indt'tten-icnt morning paper devoted to the interests ot Sen Wettmintter find
the Fraser Voile*. Published every morning exoept Sunday bit tin' National Printing
and PubHakin* Companv, Limited, at 63 Mclicn-n street, New If. : i.ister. Brititli
Columbia. llnilli SUTHERLAND, ilanagint  Direotor.
All oommwakiaitons Should lie rtti4ressed to The Ifew Wartm-biiil ������ Hewt, oetl not
to individual members oi the stuff. Cheque*, drafts and iioiiro orders ahould be made
pai/oio   to   lln   National Printing  and   1'nhlisliino  Conyo
f'EI.FI'llUXi'.S���llusiness Oltlce and Munuiirr. iljli; /
mxentst, SOI.
SI'HNl HII'I10S HATES���llv carrier, fl per yaar, JI for thn c month!, ��0o p. r
month   Uu moil, $3 per vear, 25c per month. ^^LMmmmmMMmmmMMmmMMMmMMMmmMMm
ADVEItllttlNil  RATES on application. hive   gone   into   the
   - thi roughly and are c.
ii/, Limited
.dUoi-tol lloomt tall depart-
retailed  ;;t   thirty   cents  per  pound!
Beef   bought   at   from   Blx   tn   iivrn
..*. nl   |. r pound retails from twelvi to
fortj cents per pound.   Of course, In
the case of wholesale and reta 1 ci m-
parlsons allowance must I    m d   I r
the fact that the wh desalt fi) itr . are
bi e d   on   live   weight,    i' *.   ..1* ring
tho lor.s    between   live   and   dresred
weights there  Is a wide  marsln  between buying and Billing prlc  *
The ladles of lh*  Council of Wotni .i
situation    \. ��� ;��� y
nvinctd lhat the
II wil! ho pi-; -fsaiB 'on!;j;!-t since the
Rev. .!���". Ivncda Ci ' a, the Long
iBland Ehtscrpalj mlnlsl r, deserted
h **��� n''" :* id ��� Hrpod '.* '���'.! n retts
Whali; .    "i he ��� IX .. * in   hat e bet n n
iricd i f povi rty and disgrace for th*
1 ration by the recent publication of
Admiral Dewey's autobiography, In
which the true. Btory of the battle is
fully told tor the first time. No, not
tully [or the admiral only hlnta at
certain Incidents connected with tbe
blockade of Manila harbor, such as the
high-handed procedure of tho com-
m ml'i- of thc German ships, and the
Bplril i :' friendt hip of tii-* Drll i h
i mdi -
Reading bi tween ihe linos, mo haz-
I housekeeper is being very much over-
icharpiil for the food she buys. In fact
so  certain    arc    the   members   thai
prices are unfair they are planning a
| big campaign  against the high  coot
:' llvlni .
They propose to follow out th" plnu
, ,.        .   .      ,,        , ��� . i-    ���   i    -i ]��� i adopted   in   numerous    largo    cities
public opinion that, because Australia is building and man- where thousands of members were selling a navy of her own, therefore Canada should do like- ���ga^ta^{��$ 0��0Peratlve
wise.  The naval bill is still before the house but public in-; direct -i'ontactTith the producer, wfiiii
jdepored clergyman und hi;' partner In arils a guess thai  Dewey came nearj
Lhe unconventional romance. bavini   two foes at Manila, and that,
Tho recent decision of Mra. Cooke p   haps, only for the presence of war-
to  secure  :.   di crce  will   leave   the ships flying the li.": of England pre-
'..-,":��� minister  r  to marry  Miss vented eucb :. devel pment.
W'haley r.i-d iiivi* his name tn their     Since the Duited States' occupation
two chl'tlren,    Following   the    elope- of Manila went Into effect, Corregldor
incut. Cocke and Mips Whaloy went to i land, which commands the entrance
Over and over again we are told by certain organs of;
the 1'iciflc const where the ex-clerlc
'.vis employed as b con'.::";, laborer.
.Mri; n. yenr ago the couple returned
to N'ew Yorl-c.
consumer into ]*..
terest therein seems to have flagged during the long'��� ?ny effort tending tWard economical I april thirtieth
j     _ j_i._i ti.-i. j!__j- i .'j., Z." u��������..��"u��� ���i^,.,...7.' home   management  l��  commendable, |    ..
stacles to -surmount Bhould their intention be to carry the plan Into very-
full operation.
They should be successful fron the
outset in handling market garden and
dairy products. As these form but a
miner percentage of the necessities of
the table the ladies would hardly be
Striking a vital blow at high prices
by confining their efforts to the one
Icld. It will require a great deal of
careful  study before those Interested
drawn debates that featured its career before the closure
was put through.
Ls considering the various parts of our far flung empire and their relationship to any given subject it must be
borne.in mind that climate, environment, admixture of
blood, have all for many years been playing their silent
but eloquent part in the shaping of the new British nations. At the close of another hundred years the Canadian, the South African and the Australian, although
speaking the same tongue, and more or less of the same
blood, will be even more distinct types than they are at
present, in fact some authorities tell us that they will differ by as much as do the French from the English of the
present day.
However this may be, any one who has beenjn the
Antipodes will readily appreciate the difference in sentiment towards imperial problems to that evinced in Canada. Nearly a decade ago the problem of the naval policing of the Pacific, the competition of Germany, the yellow
menr.ee were all recognized subjects upon which the rank'
and file of the people of New Zealand and Australia could
speak intelligently.
Naval defence is a matter that has been attended to
throughout many years in the southern seas while thc''11'^'1',���'"      �����,,.,  , ,*
�� ���?       ... ���,        i       , i      ii    i ii       'he first F.nro]:el��i total abatinance
form m which we sec it todav has gradually been evolved. Bociety was founded at skibbereen,
As far back as 1902 Australia increased her contribution I1"*'"""'. '" ��"   ��' "M the .nnv.-
ment became national in extent, and
was scon .Mended to Canada, by the
formation of ihe American Society
f. r lhe Promotion of Temperance.
The first women's temperance socle-
ty, Ihe forerunner of the Women's
'hristlan Temperance I'tiion, was
launched in Ohio In 1S2S.
The liritish and Forelgp Temper-
��� noe 3oclety was formed in isni, and
the National Temperance Society of
England was incorporated in 1843,
The term teetotaler originated with
Richard Turner, an English artisan,
in  1833.
Turner stuttered In his Bpeech, and
in addressing a temperance pieetlhg
he said that "n-nothlng but t-t-t-total
will do, reetotal' was Immediately
adopted as the slogan of the temperance workers.
the ladles will, perhaps, nnd many ob-j,>L'P��nAPrl,1 ?.��' ?���87.9' MoOlll Univer
sity honored Itself by conferring on
Ihe American historian, Francis I'ark-
man, tha honorary degreo of L.L.D.
And never did a native son of Canada deserve at her hands more hon-,
or than tha American citizen Park-
man, fnr work In his particular field! !
Hampered hy ill-health and physical Infirmities which, for long years
made his pursuance of literary labor
something not short of heroism, Park
man   has   pictured   for   us   the   men
to Manila Bay, has been transformed
Into the Gibraltar of the Far Eaet
Corregldor is a great rock, 610 feet
In height, and to the spectator on u
passing vessel looks harmless- a
mountain iMand, with a peaceful li1
tie village on its shores, and not a
sign of a battery anywhere, i
Yet the guns aro there���great
twelve-Inch Instruments of destruction, six and threc-lnchers, mnrtars
nnd movable field artillery tthtterles,
all squatting under cover. There are
n o
Biifeis Canadian Securities, Ltd.
ly heavy breakage of crockery, the
syncopated strains have been barred.
The 11100 will Btiil have music with
their meals, but not of the ragtime variety.
"When that  music pounds, I  really
can't keep Still," has been the answi i*
photographs of Corregldor and the:of revcral colored waiters to requests
visitor with a
camera is strictly    ta*
are able to Introduce some plan that | who made New  France in such fash
will copp  with the prices of dressed
meats and groceries.
Still these ladies ?.rn determined
determined and tha fruits of their labors will be watched with interest
not only by Iheir husbands, but by the
general public and the wholesalers
antl retailers, ton, ���Calgary Herald.
Best  Offices   In   Church   Filled
Old Men Over 70.
London, April 28.���Tho lack of, curates,  produced  an outspoken declaration  recently  frnm  the  Itev.  Charles
Davis,  vicar of  St.  Thomas,  Nottlug-
lon that they live again on his can-1 ham.
vas. He teachs us to know, almost i "Curates are as rare as "dudos," said
as we know our neighbors, the true-'Mr Davis at a church meeting. He
hearted, generous Champlaln, the i had applied at every theological col-
fiery Frontcnac, the luckless La Salle'lege in the United Kingdom for a cur-
for explanation of broken dishes.
They have attempted to juggle their
| trays to ragtime, with smashing results. The students, too, have added
to the damage from this cause by rat-
Wlthjtling their knies and forks on the
! dishes in keeping time with the orchestra, and chipped crockery has
been the result.
Temperance  Societies.
The  first temperance society
unlzed at Moreau, Saratoga county. N. Y.. 105 years ago -today.   It was
followed In ISKl by the Massachuaot-
tes  Society   for  the   Suppression   cf
ate without a single reply.
lt may seem heresy, Mr. Davis went
on. but the funds entrusted to the
church are badly and wastefully
used. The highest and best o'lices
are choked up with eld men who have
done their life's work, but still hang
Grand Junction, Colo., April 28.���
To educate co-cdB at the stale university at Boulder in the art of mother
hood by tho use of babies from the
state home Is the hope and aim of the
Qrand Junction mothers' club.
The club has passed resolutions
binding members to exert every effort to aid In the care of babies and
young  children.     The  club   members
Montcalm,   lhe  gallant and   unfortunate;   Wolfe,   whose   fame   was   fixed
for all  time  by  his hour of victory
; and death.
���"��� �����>      Parkman gave his life to painstak-
j,   Ing   researches   In   Canadian   history.
but the story, as he tells it, has not, ^^^m^^^-^-^-m-^-^-^-^h i t,...i. -    ..   ,.���,...,  ���,...������  .,,   nnrtnn
**  ihe ntmnqnherp nf dot,,  rtlin   ton.,, t on to their positions, keeping young- declare a four-year cour;.- In caring
thi   atmospheie of close dim  rooms ' f     bab,eB would a(ld B0 per ,..,,���   ���
tiled  with    musty    documents    and '         -f          , .,,                 ,         ,ulv young woman'a chances of matri-
WM moulding volumes of manuscript         {     . ��"   ',    ,,;.,,  ���lx��.;           , ,,:   Jr/   am, Dot les than l00 ,���,* cent
It   breathes of the woods and  the: '���  , : ' ...    '   ,    ,          J . , h *  ���, ���,.,,,,,,������ ,., humanltv
wilderness;   the   tree  sweep  of the ^e Pwirhioners.    When    I    hear of | to her ueefulness to. humanity,
winds; the rush of mighty rivers, the  '.'"
deeds pf strong, hold men and high- , ,t         Nnw  Yorki Aprl,  28.���lt  was   an
hearted women,    Huts it hns nrnvnH I
a   y   "Thank
their  work, I
an Inspiration to many
and daughters of Canadt
is proved
the sous[
from $r>00,000 to .$1,000,000 per vear to the support of the
British navy, New Zealand doubled her quota of $100,000.
The story is the same elsewhere in the dominions oversea. Cape Colony with her gift of a cruiser years ago,
Natal, Newfoundland���all alike did their share until in
some instances definite policies were shaped as the outcome of the deliberations of the successive colonial and
imperial conferences.
And Canada? Well, we should not need reminding
that we have to date contributed not one cent, that we have
passed resolutions full of boastfulness in ourselves as true
whelps of the old lion, we have talked much, and now,
when we propose to suit our naval policy to our own particular case, a section of the press is calling out that we
should forget the years that the locust has eaten and'
jump at one bound to the place which Australia has now
reached after years of education of the masses, after
years of contribution in mere cash.
It is not surprising that we cannot build and man ������
fleet. Even Australia cannot do this yet without the aid
of Great Britain botli in ships, men and money. But we
can begin where she did and work out the best way i*1
which our ultimate Canadian navy can play the most efficient part in the world wide fleets of Britain.
The longer we delay the deeper is the blot that forever
will rest upon our attitude towards a subject of such vital
importance to our own well being as well as to that of our
kith and kin.
No British Columbian can view with self respect the
fact that in a few weeks the battleship New Zealand will
visit our ports, mute reminder of the foresight of a people
fully awakened to their need, and, turning from the sight
of her in our own waters, reflect that the Navy League
jjhip Egeria at Vancouver is being put up for sale and that
American interests may secure her for training the volunteer seamen of that country.
������ # V
# * ���-������ ���- it (I *:
if ���:,-
���;-.. ���-;:���
o # *::- ������:��� # * -,
Comedian Crane 63 Today.
Fifty years on the stage Is the record of William H. Crane, Ihe distin
fished comedian who will celebrate
'its sixty-eighth birthday today. Although Hearing tho three-Bcore-and-ten
mark, Mr. Crane lookB antl acts like
i. innn nf forty or    -iy. and haH late-
I ly been touring tht  west ln "The Sena
I tor Keeps House."
Canada's first Roman Catholic bishop, Francois de I.aval de Montmor-j
\!:be tie Montlgny, waa born
290 years ago today, and bis tencen-
tennary Will be celebrated ten years
lie was consecrated llishop cf Petri a and Vicar-Apostolic of New-
France in 16f,x, and In the following
year commenced hla work In the wilderness of thn New World, which!
continued, except for a short inter-:
val, until his doath in l'n*.. A man
cf urls'.orratie family, possessed of
wealth, a religious zeal that brooked
no obstacles, wide learning and tremendous energy, Mgr. de I.aval left
an Impress on the Canadian church
that v ill endure for all time.
In 1074 he was formally made PIs-
hop of Quebec, with a see that includ-
ed the larger pari of the North American continent. He spent his fortune
and his entire mature life to advance |
the Interests of his church in his
-plrltual dominion, nnd endured many
ation3 and risked gravy dangers
in travelling to lhe different sections
of his see. The Grand Seminary and
Uie Minor Seminary founded  by  him
old people d; Ing 1
d." They have done
nd In tin Ir old age are undoing it.
A s-.voi ping law is wanted to compel
".*. ry man', wh. ther bishop or curate.
to retire al 70, There are plenty tf
���bl.* i it ���: ready to stt p Into tht 11'. mm
���f these anclcnl men and do the work
Many  clergymen,  however,  are  In
the cruel position of having to be pr...
:.rt*d to walk straight to the workhouse if they n iir. ���'. and arrangements
���hould I" made fnr pensions nf  ��100
a year on reaching the retiring age.
Friedmann Sell-. Cure,
Sala, 1 .ct-ds. Business Letters, etc.; circular work Specialist All work strictly
oonfldsntlal.    H. Harry, room m W>!nt-
m,lister Trust Hlk.    Phone 702.
B. & P. O. t>r Klks of lh" 1). of C., meet
iti- first antl third Thursday itt X it. m.,
K or P, Hall. Eighth street. A Wella
Oray. Exalted Killer; 1'. II. Smith, Secretary.
h. O. O. M��� NO. 854,-MEETS ON
tlrst second and third Wednesday
in ea��h month In K. of P. hall at 8
p.m. 11. J. Leamy, dictator; F. E.
Jones, secretary. Headquarters of
lodge In See House, corner of
Fourth and Carnarvon streots.
I. l). O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Thi
i.-xul.tr iiit-t'llnK i.f Anttty lodKe No.
27, I. O. O T'.. Is llllil every Monday
nitht at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hull
comer Carnarvon  ami   Eighth  st reot-s.
VIsltillfT     breUli-rtl       rordiutlv      Invited.
R. a. Merrlthew, N. ti.; .i. Robertson,
V. tl.: W. C. Con tham. I*. i>.. i-.-ecu-j-
iiix Becretary; ll. \V. Sangster, finun
Clal   Hi-ervtury.
nottneed tonight at the apar'ments of
Dr. Frederlcll F. Friedmann lhat he
had signed a contract tor th * diaposl
tion of his  tuberculosis  vaccine  by  ;i
company through Institutes to be
established In every state. The contract, it is said, provides for tho free
treatment of the poor In all localities,
No details of the financial end of the
contract were  made public.
* Vlv
I ondon, April 28.���The Daily News
tnd  Leader  (Liberal)  editorially dis
Hissing the peace centenary celebration between Kngland and the L'nited
���kales, Bays:
������Next   year's   commemoration will
i bring this country Into complete sytn
j ...;..,. n I nnly with the United States
I   ut  with Canada.    Canada, it  is Important to remember, has as profound
Ian Interest  In  Anglo-American peace
as  we  tine     Her  borders  run  for
thousands of miles side by Bide with
those nf the United States and not a
I ftirt   or   gun   or   a   sentry   serves   to
mark the fact.
"Theie is no greater testimony to
Ithe triumph    ot    civilized  friendship
than this
ih. great, i
lat Quebec were but two among many
of the Institutions  he  planted  as the j .   '  -^ f ,)l(,
seeds of  Catholicism in a baren continent.
Ile waged an unceasing warfare i
agalnBt the sab of litpior to thc In- |
dlans. df a Btrong and dominent;
temperament, hu often clashed with j
tlitis,' in authority In the State, but*
history records that In his disputes
lie waa usually right and animated
by unselfish motives.
I v.. I\<
While everybody is complaining of
the high cost of living one need but
take a walk through any part of the
���Pity cud look in the windows of the
grocery stores In order to Hnd that
tthc food of the people gives one fond
idir Utey.ltt. .������
'7*e expeiisK'e fruit.H nntl vegetable
winch ten or fifteen yearn agn were
procurable only In, at most, three or
foil- shops in Toronto j-tatmnl-zcd
' nnly per
people Who were not compelled to their g
worry about the cost of living tin so |n bnl
imported. OUt-of-aeaiOn fruits and v.'g all the
stables are today expoied for Bale In     Tb':
grocer) v.indnws In every part of t'.it. ipenretl
r.lty. ! Btmuls
Hv cornt r grocerlt
j tnatnes, although our climate      . .  ,
mils their production for four months.
By the time they are abundant most
people have tired ol them for table
ui.'. although, we think, it is mill the
habit  of  peoplo  In  Toronto  to  make
catsup In  September  rather than  In
11', bruary
Qrapofrull    beglna  lo    become at
I much a family necessity as potatoes
were to t.ur simpler fathers.    Asp-irn
hy ��� pus. which people tired
>     -.  ���-.:��� ;:*
:'  |> ;: ������;; % #
��� �� ^ ���:��� #
'������':.   *   ,:
I It, la now sold
bundles  nearly
Tbis  means  that  these  luivr'-n cf
yitlt-rilii)  are Ihe staples of today   If
tx thousand groceries In huh city ��r"
exposing in their windows fruits and
vegetables Imported from nil over the
world, II minus that they are Belling
those goods   over   their   counters   to
tlieir customers,
If one may judgo from the grocery
Windows all about thn city Uie people
almost  na  a   whole  must  be  buying i
and  using hot house    und    Imported j
fruits nud vegetabltK BB nnly the lux!
urloja   few  did  ten   or   fifteen   years
Tlie grnriTB on every street In the
���rrity are nnt currying these goods fnr
fun. They are not exposing straw
berries ut "fi rents per box unless!
Olives aro nol an absolute necessity
people are buying Ihem nt that price
on Ihs tables of the poor aud any
mai is innr who has difficulty In
���paying his bills    yet nearly every gro-,
aniens prodUC
bul   cxp. HSU
year around. ^^^^^^^^^^^
sail barring l arrel h ta rtlsap
from the grocery: In its place
the porcelain lined vat from
which the succulent oyster Is dipper
ed. The cucumber, at ton cents
apiece, gratifies tbe appetite In i-vi.
ruary and Is despised at five centa n
dozen when nature thrusts them on ub
in abundance,  and  dealers bcII Ihem
by the basket
Hn it goen In everything. The rest
nf living haB gnne up. [lul If the enst
of living has advanced 40 per cent.
In twenty years, wo venture tn say
that the Bcnie of living musl have advanced about another sixty per cent.
Toronto Star.
lie keeps in cnndltlon by walking
t.n miles each morning, and flcek;j
recreation In an occasional game nt
billiards. Born In Massachusetts on
I April 30, 1S45, Mr. Crane was educated in a Boston school, and It wae said ,,, ~~ ,
..f him that he was "better at mlmlck-1 William Wainwright. Qrand Trunk
Ing his fellows and his teacher than j official, waj born seventy three years
Bt his lessnns."                                            I :'K��  ,l"l[l>'.
Hla first situation was in a music i On this date in 1896 Sir Charles
publlshlhg house, where he entertain- Rivors-Wllson became president of
ed fellow employees with Imitations tlle Grand Trunk, succeeding Sir
of Ihe famous actnrB of the day. The | Henry Tyl
bnss didn't appreciate "Willie's" ability 111 that line, and discharged him.    I * *
Mr.   Crane   was  eighteen   when   he
met   Mrs.   Ilarltl   llnlinan,   who   had    ��,..-���.. ., x. ,-��� .- ,, ��- -* *�� r �� aa
heen a  famnus actress, and  who  was '
'then organising a barnstorming company under the name of the Ilylmun
' opTa company.    She    liked    Crane'f
I voice, and he was apprenticed to ber
agreeing tn give his services In return
for training nnd hoard
It was In July Of 1803 that tie com
i pany opened nt Utica, N Y, with
Crane playing the notary iu "The
Daughter of  the  Regiment."    Other
members   Of   the   company    in<  ud"d
Charles Drew and Slgnor Pomglnl
both of whom, like Crane, were 'hen
.lust beginning succi ssful M ig'* i n
reors. After eight voars with the
Holmans, Mr. Crane joined thn Alio-
rates company, wllh whom tho idea
of musical comedy originated
Mr  Crane was thins two when he
turned to the dramatic stage and be
came a co-Mar wllh Stuart Robson
lln: subs' qusnl caret r may le summed
up In his own words "I'm not a
genius, but 1 kuow my buslnoBS."
Entarnce   Icto   Society   Dec-   Not   Dc
and cn Money and Birth.
London, Apr;! il'.'. In discussing
Mr. White-law lieid's successor as
Americai; ambassador in London, and
his Worldly possessions, "Town and
Country." of Now York, says:
Poorer men hav.' been just as popular in London us Mr. Reid, and will
be again, if Ihey have tbe right kind
of personality, Tim ambassador is
nol expect) d to entertain; but the man
I-, lf he happens to be rich. Wealth
is a fortunate adjunct In London bo-
clety, but by no means an essential.
Society In London is built on thi
main condition that each person must
be a contributor either in money or
in kind to the general welfare and
amusement Neither money nor
bli-th ia essential; but you muBt tin
your part. London BOCtety Is Inclusive
and not exclusive.
Therein it differs frnm the society
nf every other capital In the world. In
I'aris you are either of the Faubourg
���r you are not. in Vienna you need
I sixteen quarterlngH on yonr coat, of
I inns If you  want  to be of the elect.
I in St. Petersburg a man    In    trade
might just as well try to swim across
the Ilalllc as al tempt to get through
the doors that guard society.
There Is always a hard and fast line
I between Ihe sheep and the goals. New
  York  In  Ihls  respect  used   to  follow
llerlin, April 28.- There Is much Paris and Vienna by establishing an
rejoicing among the Oermnn ship- I artlllclal barrier between fhe four htin-
buildera over the capture by KniPP'S dred antl the rest of humanity. The
German la dockyard al Kiel of an or-I word exclusive is still UBed in the Boiler  fnr  four  Argentine  torpedo  boat! clely columns.
destroyers, In competition with Hrlt-! London Is frankly and almost cynl-
ish antl French yardH. The COmpetl-1 oally different. It. only wants to be j
tion began three years ago, ending In amused antl Interested. Anil London |
a victory for the German boats, which I society will welcome brains and wit
developed a speed of four knots above Just as readily as wealth or pedigree.
that ot the flritlsh hoata. Tbe llrillflh j And so It does not require the American ambassador to be a rich man
There are millionaires In plenty tn
take bouses ln Park lane.
. BOWELL (SUCCESSOR TO ('KNOT a ii.limit. Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and nmbalmers, Parlors 40;. Columbia
street,   .v*w  Weatmlnster.    Phone  901.
Embalmor,   I
.site i laraegle
.',1S   Agn.
i   st reel.
-OHIiiifl.Ii. ORANT
rh o ik. Solicitors, et.
Ni *.v  Westminster.
C.    J.  R. -Tiri'tit.    A.
t,  McCOLU  ll AII-
II Lorne Street,
I   [���;. Corbould, K.
ES. MoColl.
t. r-at-law,    ho1|.-iu,i-.   i tc.
1070.     ('able     address     "J
Code, "Western i'nion."     nrn
Bl "I;.   662  Columbia street,   N,
minster, li. c.
1.     'ellS
solicitor, etc. ; corner
M.-K.tizl'- .streets, Nl
H   C.    P.  O.   Hoi   112.
Columbia    and
w W.si minuter,
Telephone   71*.
in this country, are
i enemies not ot peace only 1
Interests of Canada and of
tbo empire, who seek to promote artificial checks to the free commercial.
Intercourse of these neighboring peo |
plo,     We   have   nothing   to   lose   and j
���vervthing to gain by the continuance
���uvl development of the friendliest relations between the l'nited States and
.1    !'
���ttor    mid    Notary.    Offices     Hart
t.   2v   I,orne   street.   New   Westmln-
11. V..
Barristers nnd Solicitors. 60S ��> Sl*
Westminster Treat Hlock. tl. E. Martin, W, fl. McQuarrie and Qeon* U
u-itiTESinK, BDMONDB A W'liiTB-
side ��� Barristers and Solicitor*, West*
minster Trust Rlk.. Colombia street.
New Westminster, B. C.   Cable addraaa
"Wltllfstilf,"     Western     Union.     P.     O.
Drawer     2IW.       Telenlione    r,s>,     W.    J.
Whiteside,  K.  O.;   II.  W  Edmonds,
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room 142
Hart block.
P. H. Smith. W J. droves.
Work   undertaken    In    city   nnd   outside
points.   2M-12   Westminster   Trust    lllrif-.
Phone 36i.    p  o. nnx 607.
ster Hoard of Trade meets In thr board
room. City Hull, es follows: Third Frl-
iliiy of t-jtcb inonth; quarterly tnt-ctlna
on the third Friday of February. May,
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetlnKs on tho third Fridiiy of
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Dutch Centennial. j boats   were  eventually  rejected    and
Holland will cplebrate this year thn! su'd to the Greek navy, while the
ntennlal of tin establishment ol the Fronoli yards, which were Invited to
untry ns an Independent monarchy   compote, nenr made deliveries.
tb     ..   ml    anniversary      Ths Argentine navy has now order
urn until November, most ed tour additional destroyers from the
' Kiel   concern.     They   will   bear     the
same names as the quartette built In
Great  llrilain and  not accepted. They
will  have a    displacement    Of    about.
1250 tons and be equipped with Diesel
o.i engines.   The 19,000   ton   Greek
H ��� oi.i .iigiu,  now  building    In    tho
Vulcan yarda al Stettin, is bolns Hi
ti ti much   to   ths Indignation of ths
Herman armor makers, with guns antl
armor   finished   by   the   Bethlehem
steel company,
���rt r.,   i
Oil'. I
Toronto   coiifr.mla   ynu
n every shape and form
II you nckud for cheese th
grocer could aii'ich but
e or-
meaning to tbe word   ho would lead
yon tO ii huge cheese from Oxford
counlj and poise a knife over It. To
���lny he bads you to a glass cupboard
in v.hitii He shows you noi only native
choose, l "i Kngiish Stilton, Roquefort, Camembcrt, Hwisn nnd throe or
���tour cio.-,nnd cheeses,
Tor ten months of the year   or !u II
The bome rconomics committee of
jibe local Council of Women  haB Bel
itself to the 'ask of knocking the nrotm
i'rem beneath the high cost  of staple
''nods,   ai a meeting held In the i   vV,
c   a. Friday some rather ptirnrle'nff
* omparli i n  �� holesale and retail
ri tit ��� lal i" v. qulramenta '.'.ere presented by a member of the committee
who h.i'i procured her figures from s
largo Calgary house.
ii was stated thai bacon cured In
Calgary which was snld In England
for thlrti i n centa B pound wan retnlled
In local consumers Ior twenty-five
cents b pound if these figures are
correct ll would seein th;* vo are
taxed a hundred per cenl more nl Iho
source <f production  than aro con-
Prln.-.e5*j Juliana Is Four Today.
Little Princess .Iiillana, "the bub:.
lhat siv.d a kingdom," will celebrati
her fourth birthday today, and the an
ilvi rsary will be marked by general
rejoicing     throughout     Holland.     Th*
baby girl who may same day hecotn.
queen 0( the Netherlands, Is far from
lining   pretty,   but   she   Is   robust   mil
healthy, and baa n win of her own
Queen Wllbcltnlna his nbout aban
iloned hope of a mile heir tn the
throne and has contend all her hopes
as well ns her affection on tha prln
cons. Nol long agn the ipieen beld P
train for nearly two hours nn thai Iti'
lana. who was nol feeling quits right
could gol in sleep,
The young lady nlroady reall/ra her
power, if rt ti rules her toolbar and 11
and,   whll
.in a in t ���   ^^^^^^^^
of the proposed feleo and ��� (positions
will   i.e   h. nl   ile ing   uo   silting   and
N. t tin* li asl ,nU.i'' 11 ng "f the ex
hlhltit.n.i will 11 one c till ���'��� I Imp y
"The Worn in," v hich n ill he opont d
in Amsterdam tomorrow Tho objoci
of this i (position Is '" make a c im-
parlson of tho llfOi activities, occupations an i loolol position of Dutch
women in  1813 and  1913    An  inter
nstlng l-ature wll lln   OXBCl  ri proline
miiib 11 mini, h ii . cotiagi ii and huts,
ih they existed n oontury ngo The
washing ami cot King operations and
nther damcftlc Induatrues of 1818
liotisohi Ids v di i .��� ti produced.
During tin moii.'li o| May (he exposition win be ihe get ne of un International Convention nf women Amsterdam will nbi have a great navigation
exposition, -hich, ucrordlng to the
promoters, ��ill be the greatest of its
kind ever In Id.
After the downfall of I*- nm-iv!nn
republic, an outgrowth of tiio rcvnlu
tlonsry movement In Prance, Holland
a'.-s erected nto a kingdom with I/mis
Honaparte n ruler. Louis abdicated
���i 1810 nnd Holland wns annexed Ic
'ranee in Uovomber, 1813, the coun
stored to tin- house ol
l. is thla n-ioi-ption I'lil
iplc are c lubartlng i'Hb
' �� ���'<;���
if w --
try    wan   r
Orange, and
the tint-
yi a.
h p.
.lln I.
ther  kindly,  ye
Idol  of  the   Dul
In .. iheir only
tb peiiiit nee
i peopl
hops for
Bhe Is th"
i*,  for  In  In i*
continued In-
Baron Avebury, tht
English Imnker and
born   * !   i lOndotl   ���""'*
ngo ti di..     To read	
the a:1*'- tic ho Is heii'
John l.ul boi k,
iili:ill;.t,    wai'
ity nine   yi nr
i n Hlin Side
r known ni
|l   *w
wlll bi
I tgton hy th
i tiipli
il ivo
i.in i
in m
I r*t**i
M.iivli  D.iy.
iy," BB tin   mm' i rn.ir..
v   ���    ry hi:  col'" to he called
el' I inti tl lotflOl r:w   in  Wash
Bocii t\ or the il-.lll- ol
li iy.    Ever s nc i Dpv nj 's tr
lifted   yi nm ago olUn ,-s  ��hn
rl In the h itoi Ic i ng menl
. ml fd nl tlln "..   li ���
.1 rein lit t " i' ���;';.  ovi r again.
a la tho di. * tttrally eclo-
Init rt r.C It atldo I I   lh i yi ,*'.-'s ct h-
London, April 88. -MIbh lluinin |
Lane, of l.cictpier, a domestic Bor
yam, hns bet n In the Bervlce of the
same family for thn Inst 7n years.
and serves tbe last surviving mem
Ler nf It still
At  the ngn of 11  she went ns a dn-
mestlc help In the house nf Mr llnyor. i
of   Skofnngton   Vale,   Lelcerslershlrc. |
As time went on she  boCSUSS bouse
iald,    Mr. and Mrs.  Mnyer died.  Hut I
Hiss    Lane    remained    with    their po
daughter,   MIbr   Mary   Boyer,   und   In!
with her still,
Mi'.s Boyer Is HO yenrs old nnd bed-  **
ridden.    .Miss Lane   celebrated    her
''litv-lirnt   birthday   thn other  week..
She in a vlctm of chronic rhoumattsm
hill  on  the  days  when  she    Is    well ,
tough lo wort she Insists on attend
lag hor mli tn bs, though thcro are
other st rvantB In the hottsn
Her  i i.'llitr livi il  to Nl  nud one of
her sIstorB lo 81,
CnmbrltlRn,    Mass ,    April    28,    He
.������'ii ii Iii i." 'i tli iormlnod Utal the
i*i.i* Ing of ragtime music ;n Memorial
lin.ll, tin* principal Harvard university
iilnini, hall, lr.ui resulted In an unusual-1
only a few the life's stream's shore
wit)-, safe unwandoring (set explore;
I'tiiir'ti its movement bright attend
Knilnw Ita winding to the end.
Then  from  Its brimming waves their
iirinks up delighted ecstaoy,
And Its deep-toned, melodious volco
For ever makes Ihelr ears relolee.
They Bpesltl The happiness divine
I'hev ful, runs o'er lu every line;
Its spell Is round thoni like a shower
11   gives   them    pathos,    gives    them
pt win-
No painter yet  hath such n way,
Nor no musician made, as tlmy,
\nd gatber'd on Immortal knolls
Such lovely flowers for cheering souls
Beethoven,  Raphael,  cannot  reach
The chat-in which Homer, KhakeBpciiro
To these, to these, their thankful race
Olvca, then, lhe llrst, the fairest place;
And brightest In their glory'H sheen,
greatest hath their labor been.
-   Matthew Arnold.
Because they art ro pently (no
purging or griping) yet so
ie best Ior tht* eh'1 Irftrt aa well it
the grown uy\    25o> a tox at
your dri](;;;t',r%.
Nilionil D'uk ind Chirr.lcal Ct. of Cinitfi.llmlltif
OOAL MiyrNO riKhta of tha Dominion
in Manitoba, Baituitcnawan and  AlbortA,
���ho YukcMi TerrHory. QM NorthWPOl T��t-
ntt��rt<*8 uid In ii i��ortiofi of the Pravlnoa
lf HritiHh ColumblOi m��y tra leaaod fur a
it-rm of twenty -nm* yearn nt nu RJ1QUM
���"���iirnl of tl an anrc N"t mora than iM*
tiTiH win ba leaaod t" oqo appllcnnJ
Application fnr a |i-.<wa must ba tnarla
|'V   the applicant  In  p-crMnu  tu  the   .\k- nt
ir Bub'Agvnt of tha dlatrlol In whloh tha
iKtitH uppliHil for arc iTtUfrtM
In rorvoyw) territory tho land muol bo
'loaorlbod \>y aoouohfi <��r lafal ���ub'dlvt"
itana of aeotJonj, ami in unaurvt yod territory   tho   trurt   iiptfllfH    for    llioll    tm
tlilliT'l   OUt   I'V   lhi*   Hl'pllf'lillt   llllllHclf.
Daoh applrauilon muni oa ooooniniilod
hy a foa of |!i whloji will h��* i'IhiuM! If
lha rlfftUH upplt'-il far arc iml iiv-iilnhln,
hut not nttifTWlMu. A royalty HimII bo
[mid on tlio ncUThantAhlH out put of tb��
mine at thn rut** of ftv�� trntn par ton.
Th* ponon oifraUwi thf mlnn Rb&ll
Cut ntnh thn Afttil with hwhin rHurni
decoupling tor the full quantity nf iiwr-
chantahlc rnal mtmH nfld pav thn rny-
alty thcrr��m. If lht, ntnH tnlnlng rJchto
im not l>��|a�� opemt*^ mrnh rDturnaimould
li��  funjiahOa ot  fan** onto ft yt'ur.
Ih/- lcnitn will lnclU4^ th* r*al mining
rlKtitn only, but tbti Icancn will Im p��r*
mitt o<1   tn   purcnuav   whatevrr   avtillabla
auffaoa rigbtn may bn flofialdoran naooo*
wary for th�� wrirklnn of tho mJnO at tho
rate nf $10 nn iuiw>.
l*"nr full Infnrroiiraun Apptlratlnn should
hn  tnii'l"  to  tlie BoorotnT/ Of  tin1   I N'lmrt-
monl  nf the  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to any
Aip-nt  or  Snd AKi-ni  of  Tximlnton  lAntla
Deputy Mln later of the Intcrlnr..
H���tTnauthorlT!'1*! publlfintlon Of thla
rtlsomonl will not \m  pa.v for.
who tlo nol receive
I* ii in  iilitniiil
Tha Newa Imfora
nml mnlio complaint Only
may an olTlcloul delivery
n thla way
he   main- WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  30,   1913.
Nanalmo Lady Testifies to Spread of   Tor  First Time  in  Hi.tory  May  O-ty   Rc*-.rct;cntat;ve Calder'a Sherr.e Comes  Alter Sixteen Years cf Tenure  Pitts- i LAEOF
Folk  Dancing���Portland's Aims-
Is Coming for May  Day.
Will Be Celebrated Today in Famous  Okanagan   Valley.
Up Again���Building cf  Huge
Jetty Proposed.
burg Church Orgnnist Resigns
Hla Position.
Nanalmo, April 29. Tho Herald has | For years at tho coast the children j Washington, D. C, April 29.���Whan
thu following to Bay upon New West-[of Victoria, Vancouver and Mew West- Mr, Carroll Hiker, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
minster's May Day ami the growth or i minster havo met to celebrate May first madle knewn to congress hib
folk dancing upon the i'aclllc coast, a I Day at (jueeu's Park, New Westmin-j scheme to build a huge jetty i.i the
movement ln which the Hoyal City | ster. It Is a very old-fashioned cus- j Atlantic ocean, crOSSlr " ��� "���'���'���
bas takeu tho load: I turn   commemorated   hy   Tennyson   In
Brimming  over    with    enthuBlasm  his  "May  Queen"  and   coining  down
and   new ideas for the children's part i trom old  Kngllsli  tradition.
In thj�� 2-ith of May celebration In Na-      This   yearfPenticton   will   have   a
nalmo thia year.  Mrs. T.  W.  Martin-1 May    Day    -celebration   In  Steward's
| Steward's hall; but because of certain
circumstances lt will he held on Wednesday  next,  April  30th.    For weeks
dalols back from Portland, where she |
went last week lo take note of the
preparations being made in that city!
for affairs to be currkd out similar to I dozens of -children have becn carefui
ly trained and the occasion promises
to be unique ln the history of Pontic-
The program will consist of exercises peculiar to the day. Mrs. F. A.
Hanks who leaves the day following
for Toronto, will slug spring Bongs.
Prominent among the exercises will
be the  Maypole danco.
Then the climax of this May Day-
festivity will be reached lu the crown
Ing  of   Mrs.   J.   lt.   Mitchell   an   May
the Nanalmo one.
"Old folk dances," said Mrs. Mar
Undine last night, "Is the latest Idea
in children's celebrations. Portland
which takes a lead in this sort of
thing, will put on folk dances at their
festival this year. When properly executed these are very pretty and entirely new to a great many people on
this coast.
"The time will be too short for us
to  attempt  the old  folk dances  this
24th of May, but next year 1 think \^e
should  try  to Introduce some  of CM' J'
prettiest  of these dances.    However, }c
my  trip to  Portland was well  worth ��������
the  time,  for they are putting  many :
new original ideas into execution this: Al ICTDAII AM MFAT
year and I believe we will be able to \ HU-J I nrtUrtll If IL ft I
work out soino of thetn for Nanaimo.
"We  hope  to  make  the   parade  a
big feature this year with a change of
program   from  last  year.     Last  year I
the parade partook of a patriotic na- j
ture.   This year It will follow the novelty Idea."
Mrs MartindaJ-o has been invited to ;
New Westminster next week as the
gw*t of the eonnnlttm in charge ol
the famed May Day festivities wblch
haTe been observed in that city for
nearly   ilfty  consecutive  years.
While there Kbe win meet Miss Lena
Cotsworth, who bas taken a large
part in training the children for the
fostlvlties. Miss Cotsworth Is au Kngiish lady v. ith a large experience in
such matters and the Royal City cele-
bratlon, ii is said, Is going to be
jjonitjl-.i-ci: tbis year away ln advance
of any previous efforts.
It will be Interesting to Nanairnoltts
to learn that a Maypole dance ls to
I.e held In Nanalmo on the 24th. the
wert of lnctrn-rtlon being undertaken
by Miss Sharp, wbo has hat! consider
ale experience lu work of this kind
inKnglnnd. tbe home of the Maypole
dance festivities.
Ihe Banks ot
Newfoundland, In order to keep the
cold Labrador current from cooling off
and vitiating the warmth of the flulf
stream, he was laughed at In the capitol.
Today sixty   colleges, or   their rep
resentativts,   have   endorsed   the   bill
Pittsburg,    Pa.,    April    29.���Rather
than play what he terms "eccleslastl-1
cal ragtime," selected  by the  pastor,
the Uev.  K.  L,  Travers,  for services
In  fashionable  "Old  Trinity"  Kpisco-
pal church, Walter E. If all, the organ-,
1st for the last sixteen -years, has ro-1
In speakirnt'of his differences with ,
the Rev.  Mr. Travers, Mr.  Hall Baid:
"The   melodic  rock   upon   which   Mr. i
Travers  and   I  split  was  Whether    I
Simultaneously with the appearance
of a possiblo basis of agreement be-
Iweon Great Britain and Germany upon the Question of naval armaments,
1 there has heen a sudden outbreak of
military preparations in Hussia,
France and Germany, each involving
considerable advancis In expenditure
' and additional sacrifices from the taxpayers of each country
to upp-oprlate one hundred thousand should play 'eccle8lastic.nl ragtime' or
dollars to appoint a commission to i high church muBic during Bervlce. Mr.
study the currents and report ou the1 Travers' views upon the musical ques-
project; the United States war de-jtfon and mine aro diametrically op-
partment has heartily acquieBCed with'posed. I have never yet descended to
the Idea of a sclentlllc study of the i playing 'ecclesiastical ragtime,' and I
conditions  of   the   banks;   the   coast: am not ready to begin at this date.
and   geodetic   survey   is   anxious     to i    "The   rector  asked     mo    what    I   _  ^ _
have it started, and congressmen are thought of some of the hymns he had , labor parlv and thc significance of
beginning to believe that the bill has ; chosen fer recent services and I told ��� the organ|zed protc,,t lies In the fact
a chance of passing at the coming Bcs-' him in my opinion they were simply of wh!ch it l8 evluenC(1| that iabor |���
sion. 'ecclesiastical  ragtime.' i beginning to  realize that the burden
Representative ('aider, of New York,'      ' have been accustomed to play in  or  armaments   falls   almost   en'irely
Is the father of the bill, and will re-  the services those grand old compost-1up0D industry, while at the same time
In Great Britain a similar spirit his
evinced Itself ln the growth of the
demand for conscription and a highly
critical attitude toward* the military
defence forces. In view of the widespread and International character
of this movement, It Is significant that
a striking manifesto should have becn
launched by the Socialists of France
and Germany, acting In concert, protesting against the growth of armaments.
Socialism in France and Germany
represents in a very large degree what
In Great Britain Is represented by the
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queen.    The whole town is Invited to I introduce it at the coming session. It * Uons  in  which  the Episcopal  church i it <]!.aWB malnly upon the most effee-1
Join In this. Pentlcton's tlrst May Day j provides for a commission  to be ap-'reve|B.    I have been an organist and : t|ve class of labor for the men required I
elebratton.���Penticton   Herald, pointed by the president to investigate  choirmaster for 40 years and.need not -10 complete the warlike machinery     !
I and  report  as  to  the  feasibility  and ; speak of what I have done. j    Thl,  Hix  great    pmver3  of   Europe
cost of obstructing the Labrador cur ' "Mr. Travers comes here from the: gpetul annuaUy $1,586,000,000 upon1
I rent as it passes over the banks of military academy at West Point, i armaments, and require more than I
I Newfoundland; and to collect ail sorts whore everything is done by military
| of current cud fog data that will be rule, and not only attempt to but actually does choose the music for Old
Praa. aad G-eaL Mgr.
W. r. H. BUCKUN,
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Many  Converts  Are   Result   of   Wcrk
of Eighteen-Vear Old English
Girl From Bolton.
Despite    Workings    cf    Trusts    8an
Francisco People Will Now Get
Cheaper Food.
San Francisco, April U.��� All oppos-1
ltltn to the entry of Australian beef
and mutton to the port of San Trail-
Cisco haB been conquered and the
way Is now clear for the hundreds
of tons of meat from the Antipodes i
; already on the high seas shipped
from  Sydney.
The American meat tniRt Influen-
' ees for a time threatened to defeat
| the efforts of the Australian government representatives at San Pran-
cls"o, but when tbe Cnion Steamship
company threatened to boycott San
i Francisco and to remove their port
[of landing to 1-os Angefles, the retail
butchers' association took a hand antl
in consequence of their pressure and
the city attorney's legal opinion that
the Australian mei;f could not be ejt-
Cluded when lt hail been passed by
Inspectors at Sydney und was duly
stamped and branded as wholesome.
The trust had to give in. The re-
lall butchers' asoelatlon met In secret as they feared the meat barons
would cut off their preeent supply,
lt is understood from Commission*
t-r K. T. A. Trickle, the resident representative of Victoria in Canada
and the United States, lhat a chain
if markets is projected In California
for the exclusive handling of Ibe Australian   meata.
Obtaining tbelr supply direct from
the cheap markets uf tbe British
clonics the e-apttiil'ats projecting the
Trinity, which Is contrary to all precedent. His assumption of this privilege and the music I have been ordered to select are the causes which
led me to resign the position I have
held for sixteen years."
oi use.
One  hundred   thousand   dollars   for
this use iB proposed.    With the lead
ing  scientists of the    l'nited    States
hacking the  commission project, ant!
intensely  interested  inthe possibility
of gaining  hithi rto    unknown     facts
concerning   the   Canadian   and   North
Atlantic waters and currents, the bill
has a serious chance of enactment.
Juggling  With  Currents.
Mr.   Hiker's   original   idea  and   the
one which he hopes ultimately to bee
I practically vindicated Is that there is
I no need for a cold north country.    He
believed  that  by  Juggling  with   the]
| great ocean currents the gulf stream
eau  bo made  lo dodge the  I-abrador; ., . n i-i-..^t
i. ,,    C airr. Canadian Movement Originated
i current and carry st-mi-tropic warmth,    *      ��"�������������"��������     * ��
| to  upper  Canada  as  well   as   to  the
There���Cosmopolitan Throng to
Celebrate   May   Day.
l.-frndnn. April 2��.���Ono Ib uaed ti
hearing storlcU from WaleB of youth
fill and ilotpient revlvaliBta, but such
phenomena are rare in other
tho nnit-eti Kingdom.   A remarkableI the meat trust, ttnd, disposing of tbelr
case uf this kind, however, Is now j meats to the consumers upon a large
attraet'ng attention. Mlsa Belan CoultrI scale, the price ie to be slashed at
hard,  tm  eighteen year-old   girl   from j least  30 per cent
British Isles.
The scientific  explanations    as    to;
how  this would  be done aro  lengthy!
mud   involved,   but     several   hundred j
practical scientists and array and navy
men, i-i addition to legislators are In-'
tensely Interested at least in the proj-
ect tu create a hundred thousand dul-
lar commission to Etudy Mr.  Hiker's j
tin ory.
There  is  a  wide expanse  of  water
north uf Newfoundland which as yet,
has not given  up its geodetic secrets ;
to the surveyors, and it is In this vicinity  that  the   proposed  commission'
would   work.     Mr.   Hiker,  seeing  the:
Interest the scientists of the universities und of the United tSates government take lu the commission, is quiet I��roughOTjit these countries as the oue
ly stimulating action along that line, d     �� ,hp mr that tll0 WOrWngman
snd  keeping  his  vast jetty  project a..   - j ,,     .itnitlon
little in the background. le ,���f ����< ^ttlni v-,U be different  "ona   relationships.
He believes  the jetty can  be  built ,    Vl0n,Tt,cl    May Dav will be a holl-	
by placing obstructors on the Grand L       |ovt     dn. thcmgh u mnv a-po
Banks and allowing the Labrador cur-1 fap-   ��� w���. ,.p ;ho OCCRS|on of a huge
rent  gradually   to  pile  sand   against
tham until the
Montreal, April 29.--Few  people in
Montreal  arc  aware of the  fact that
May  1st,  though   recognized  as  moving day, Bhould be the very opposite
In its effect;  that It should be a labor holiday���a day wheu the working-
man Is at liberty to take his ease.
1    Tbat it Is not celebrated as Eiich is
1 probably  due  to  the  facl  that  thou-
i sands  of  people change    their    resl-
jdences upon this day;  in other coun*
* tries this  Ib  not so.    Moreover,  May
1 Day ln Kngland. France. -Germany and
other    big    countries    Is    reqegulsed
18V4 millions of men to man their navies and maintain their standing armies upon a war footing, or 4% millions
on a "peace" footing. The increase recently foreshadowed will mean an increase of close upon half a million
men on the "peace" basis and a large
i Increase In expenditure.
This enormous burden falls very i
\ largely upon the working claraes of,
I these countries who, by means of in-!
(direct taxation upon commodities, pro-!
: duce the major portion of tbe revenue I
I Of their respective governments. But
the cost to these nations does not end j
1 there.
I    Not  only   has   the  actual   cost  in
j money to be taken Into account, but
i also that cost arlBlng from the with
drawal   from   productive  pursuits et
five millions of men and vast Btores
of material.    It  Is  the  perception  of
i these facts, and that. In the event of
I war, it is upon the workers and their
; families that the miseries and d��1trU0-
i tlon  wlll  fall  with crushing  severity
that  is  leading the organized   labor
parties to a common platform of de-
; nunclatlon of the wa'te and extrava-
i gance of these vast preparations.
Nor are they without a suggestion
as to what should replace them. They
i advocate International treaties of ar-
; bitratlon for the settlement of dls- i
putes and the replacement of standing
armies "by a national militia, organized on democratic lines and having
no other object save defence."
Thus,  Blowly,  but  surely,   is  being j
fashioned it uew force which will F.s-
Btiredly   make   Its   Impression   felt   by '
the ruling classes of Europe, and exert a powerful Inflience upon interna
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From Those Who Advertise
,. . .. ,socialistic gathering, which will meet
-urrent ls.li has built    .  , , PrinCP Ar,hut. and St'
uJamtrVll       "IV   E.tOP U '^  CQ��;  Lawrence streets at seven  p.  m.
ing   off   the   gulf   stream.     The   pult i     The m< n will march down St  Law-
aris oflnew enter?*, will be independent Of j stream   Will   then,   according   to   Mr.   reT��e�� t^������ aKen to Champ 7e I
rs theory, shoot t,ff to tlle  Brit-'-- - ���������  ���     '������ I
Mars, where a meeting will be held.
sb Isles, while a smaller arm will get   a      ;uc��� ���,,, b    dellvarcd ln vario.JB   free Press
ri      ��� ,i -f ������*..., i *,     I n, i     1    'i    ii-'n     tr     . . 11 t- f. it- *     niil   *        r .    .
The recognition by the workers of
Oreat Dritaiu. France, Germany and
the other continental countrieB that
their Interests are Identical and that
perhaps the greatest of these interests in peace is gradually formulating
a -common demand ot such magnitude i
aB can no ""
those   who
They want your trade.   That's the reason why they
advertise.   They will treat you courteously and supply
lemanu oi sucn magnituue .        , , . ���
iduger be disregarded by \ your needs at reasonable prices.
govern    them.���Manitoba)
in between the Labrador current and
languages, after which    tho    parade
I'.nlti n, has been attracting immense
Recent'..' nhe spoke st Wimbledon
Swaying from side to Bide, one report
���ays. antl frequently raising her hands
to lay Btitsii on her words, she spoke
with amazing eloquence She spoke
Blowly. but her deep voice vibrateil
with feeling, and at limes men boweil
their heads In evident emotion. She
spnke for half an hour, antl afterward
askedlhe audience to pray. "When the
audience knelt she herself prayetl for
Then she asked thoae pn-Bent In
slnif. antl all at once Joined in the
Hinging With energy. Later a middle-
aged mnn In the audience stood oti nml
prayetl Hn wan followed by ;t woman,
nml afti rward a young man prayed
All thia time the girl was pacing ti it
nml down tho audience, occasionally
engaging s young man in earnest cun
venation,. Al the end of the meetlns
sbe took ths names of the numerous
converts ��*hu went into the room thai
served lhe purpose Of a vestry.
"I Ht a rt i il preaching win u I lefl
school,   ;il   the   age   of   thlrtix'ii,"   sh"
said.   "My tattler worked ai �� mill In
Bolton, but I left ny parents and lu-Tv-
���since hei n holding revival  meetings
nil ever the country
"The gifi ol speaking '-nmt> naturally
to iiie, and 1 felt It my duty to preach
to tlle people. At the present 1 am
liooketl  up  for two ytiars."
The "girl evangelist," as she Is
called, Is slim ami dark. Dark brown
rurls fall loosely down her buck, and
a white how it tied at the back uf her
head. Never once was Bhe al a Uus
for a word during the meeting, which
lasted   Iwo  biiurii.
Tbe independents contemplate a
probable fight with the trust from the
fact that arrangements are bein?
made   for   the   storing   of   -enormous
quantity of meats. A mammoth cold jtlve (.'alder, who Is serious In his pur
storage plant Ib to be etmirtnicled ' pose to have the bill enacted, will pre
close  to  San  hYanciBco's  waterfront, I sent a strong endorsement from Brig
the  shore    and   make  northern   Can-  wi|, mRrch tQ Colonjft, han t0 attcnd
ada a land of spring and sunshine,     j u prand i,a|i
Engineer  Approves. ThlU the jrrowt-jl    of   EoclalUm    In
To Reduce Prices.
At a recent meeting of the Trades
and Labor Council, held at the Labor
Wh.m the bill comes up inthe house I Can'adn "faring "the last fifteen" yeaS j Temple,  la   Torouto,   intimation   was
of  representatives again,  Represent* ; haa b(,en riT)ii lB cia[raed by Oeorge  given that " is Pr��P��Bed th.it a com-tlNeWS
Washington, April 28.���Wldowa nnd
other relatives of deceased bankrupts
won a victory today In the supreme
court which held that only the ensb
surrender value of Insurance policies
go tO the trusteo In bankruptcy for
creditors   and   the
ho  that  transferring  of    the    frozen
, meats  from  the  ateamers  to  storage
ciiti   be  accomplished  -quickly and  at
, slight  cost.
Low Rates.
Vn attempt by the trust to wage
: war against their new competitor will
i prove futile because the frozen ment
' will be sold to the consumer at a rate
( which will eliminate competition. If
* necessary,  a   number  of experts   will
'iif sent from Australia to S:m Fran-
I clseo   lo   install   ti   newly   discovered
'process of thawing frosen meat.
This   process  makes  it  possible  to
j bring   tlie  meal   lo   a   Donna)   temper-
! uture   without   destroying  Ithe   good
qualities ol tlie choicest cuts of either
lamb, mutton, bef or veal.    Owing
in the magnitude of the undertaking
jit is hinted that the sheep ami cattle
interests of NVw Zealand and Australia ars backing the local men who
are to have charge of lhe enterprise
al   San   l-'ianeihi'o.
When   lhe   liritish   colonies   began
I shipping  their    meats    to     England,
I many years ago, n hard battle resulted  wllh  llrilish  Interests and a spec-
! in niiii-  fiiilil  tO  a  finish   was  fought
before lbs markets of the mother
oountry  wore captured.
Largs cold storage warehouses
wars erected and operated throughput the British isles, and hundreds
of retail markets wero opened by the
Interests of the colonies.
When the English butchers organized nnd refused to handle the Imported product, the colonies sent their
own butchers to Kngland td operate
the shops. In San FrAr.elBco the situ-
ill Inn Is entirely different for tho re-
inil butchers' association lias been
the must determined to obtain large
supplies of the antipodean meat. In
a  few  weeks  the  Califerninn  market
remainder" to the will ���>" flooded wltb tbo Australian
adier-General W. ll.  Blxby
tbe corps of engineers, V. S. A
one  from   Robert  Shaw   Oliver,   who
was assistant secretr-iy of war at the j
time the bill was under discussion last '
i sei-slon.
Of  great   interest  to  the   Bcleniillci
world is iiie endorsement of the project by   Mr.  O,   H.  Tittman,  superintendent of the United St:iteB coast and |
geodetic survey, who believes lhat the
whole  north   Atlantic  i teds  n
vey.    The  bureau  of  fisheries
tensely Interested In the poesibl
nhangs of temperature of the water,
and the possible extermination of the
cod (Ish industry.   In addition to these
scientists  fiom  private and semi-public   institutions all over tbe country
have written endorsements of tbe bill
to provide u. commission of Inquiry,
E. Figg, of this city.    The    very    atmosphere iB charged with it, he says.
, "A man to be progressive must be. If
chief  "'j not a straight Socialist, In sympathy
"'"with  Socialistic ptr'.osophy," declares
! Mr. Figg.    The great trouble was lhat
many of those wbo profcsicd Social-
: Ism   were   practically   ignnrtnt  as  t"
i what tho term meant- -Hence fauactl-
Socialism Early Here.
Mr.   Fisrg credits  Montreal   witb  be-
Ing  the   blrtbplaco  of  Canadian  So- I
ctnllrm,   fer   it   w.ts   twenty-two  yearn;
'*"' | ago that a group of radlcally-mlnded
'' I men had met together here to discuss :
the formation of a m'\v party, they be-1
Ing of one mind In the;,- disagreement i
with the political parties th��n in evi-
dence.    The result  was the formation
of tbe Socialist    Labor    party.    This
grew to other Canadian cities, though
ihe Canadian executive remained   i.-i
Susanvillo, Cal., April 2V Six Indians, who were placed In the Lassen
county jail late yesterday. Charged
with the shooting of two offlcerB at
Tulle lake on Saturday, are In danger cf being lynched. A crowd sur-
rinindii Ihe    jail    nnd Sheriff    liunt-
In lsim a break occurred in the
ranks Of this new pnrtv, na a portion
of the Canadian members became ills*
satisfied with the .tactics of headquarters al New verk, und consequently
n Cnii'itlian party was formed. This
took the name of the Socialist Educa-
tlonil League of Canada, with head-
quarters In this city.
For sriw years thin ptrty hat had
���la executive hoard  In  Vancouver, as
singer and a  large  force of  deputies i the movement Is strong! st In the west
are on guard. ern provinces.    In'the ea��t. however.
Deputy tiame Warden Frank Cady | another party, named the Socialist
nntl l'nited Statea Deputy Marshal Democratic pnrty, In strongest, thin
Joseph Melllnger, the Indians' vie- being formed following a split tn the
tlms, have been brought here for | Canadian movement some years ago
treatment. Melllnger is shot and Though differing In name, the two par
probably fatally wcunded. The two! tl('�� really differ very little In prln-
offlcers hail arrested 11 Indians at the  Olplq,
Ink"   for   Illicit   llshlng.     Thev   were'       Branch of English  Party Here,
bending  for  the  town    of    Madeline '    T'",^,, '��� ���IfO MOthar Socialist body
wltli  their  prisoners when  several of | !>'?'"���  w!lil'h  hL.n. ,)ranch of tho ,:'lr
the  Indians  leaped from  tbelr ponies
pany be  formed of labor    unionist?
with  a floating capital  Btock of $1,-
000.C00, to  be Issued  in shares of io
each,  par  value,  the  company   to  be
! called "The Union Label Stores." with
i the object of reducing tbe  high  cost
! of living by enterlug into distribution
through retail stores throughout Canada of dairy products, furniture, coal,!
groceries, clothing, antl any other do-j
meetlo  necessity  which  the  board of
directors ceo fit from time to time to
It  is further understood  that these I
products, as  far as practicable, shall
be the production of union labor.
The company slial lhe governed by
a board of directors, who meet In To-i
ronto  at   periods  arranged   by   tbem-!
selves.    Each store Bhall have an ad-;
Vlsory   board,   made   up  of   memherii
who are dealing In this stock, and a
member for each local, who has taken
Hock, and  which  i.hall report  to the
general  management  upon  the gen-
tr.ll welfare of this store.
One member of ench advisory board
' be elected to act In conjunction with
< the general board. It |b further understood that the compnny shall undertake from time to time to manu
feature such  articles ns are  In  large
j demand, antl In doing so to use none
but  union  labor.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that yeu saw their ads in The
!t helps us.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 899.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hazsam Ccmprjssed Concrete (Patented)
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster 8. C.
���widows or other relatival    of bankrupts,
on the outcome depended Inauranoa
cn the life of Ihe late Thomas A. Me.
Intyre. New York, that on Alfred M.
Jtitison, nlso of New York, and on
Benjamin H. Andrews, of New Jersey.
Tlle decision    chunked    what    was
product and the cost of IIvIiir wlll be
greatly  reduced.
and attacked cady.   i!t> was dragged
from bis saddle and overpowered.
Melllnger fatally wounded ono of
lhe band before be. too, was hurled
from Ms horse. As the two white
men lay In tho road, the Indians
trampled them under the hoofs nf
their mounts. Four of the Indians,
who wero captured yesterday by pursuing posses, proved to be school
boys and wero released. The dying
Indian was left In their care,
lish society    This wns organized two
ynara into with a view to establishing
Socialism along eiiiicational nnd evolutionary lines,
Mr. KIpk claims that there are over
three thousand avow��d socialists   in
DawBon,   April   2K.--.Ico   Boyle  and
hlu son arrived In Dawson yesterday,
OOtnpletlng the  trip  by  the  overland
: trail from White Horse In seven days, i
i They traveled only by nlRht because J
during the day the snow melted and ]
was too soft for the wheels, while the '���
surface  was  frozen hard at nlgbt.
This Is the  fastest trip ever made |
from White Horse Inward with an au-
leinel.'le    and the second motor car
ever these trails.
An  automobile  went cut  laat  fall,
driven  by  Chester    Thomas.    In    36
Montreal, as well asuUtousands of sym-rou��� 10tuft'  "'"''Ing time, but was
Admit  Ruaalan  Refupee.
Washington,    April    28.- -Secretary
of labor,
Tampa, I'ln.. April 28. -K. F. Andrews, under sentence of dentil for
held tb be the law In New Jersey nml , murder, escaped todny and hla wlfo
Pennsylvania nnd removed doubt as . Is held In the Jail from which he find,
to the point In nil the Other States,    'charged with furnishing the saw with
   ���       - I which be released himself.
BRITISH   AIRMAN   KILLED. MrB. Andrews wuu admitted to   the j Wilson,  of  tho  depnrtmen
London April 28 -Ment. Koner liar Jail yesterday tO'Vlslt her husband [ approved .today the recommendation
risen Of the llrlUah nrmv uvlntlon during religious services. ijiBt night!of the Immigration burenu to permit
rorns wiih killed at Karnsbortiugh to- Andrews sawed out of the cell InlEllo Kogan, a Itussian refugee sent
diy lie wis attempting n descent "murderers' row" nntl then through1 to Siberia for a political ofTence, to
from a height Of MO feet when the eltv the barred outer window Into the Jail | land In this country. Ile linn been
vntor of his biplane collapned under yard. Ho scaled the prison wall with- jdutalnod for some time nt Kills la
thu strain. I��ul arousing iho guard. [land,
The following will participate In the
n.ir-itle: Socialist Party of Caundn;
������'hcIIhIi  local, Hebrew    local;    Social
Democratic    party   PJtranton    local,
Polish local, Russian local, Kini3h lo-
niuch slower coming back.
The accomplishments of these cars
demonstrate that automobiles can get
over tho winter roads.
Boyle Buys tho system of snow
plowing  after each    storm    between
cal.   French   local;   Young;    SocinMst'nnHt8 *'"' make It possible to run on
(ledf ration    (Inrment    Workers'    Tin-  Yukon  roads  In summer and  winter.
ion,  Panttnakers and   Pressors'  Un
ion,   WOrklngtnan'S    Union,    Arbiter
lling antl Socialist suffragettes.
Aftrr  being  stuck   fnBt   for    Bomo
Pass  Monster Iceber-gs.
London,  Aprll 28.���InformHtlen hn;i
been received that tho liner Virginian,
outward bound    to    Halifax,    passed
time near Sunderland Iho Oermnn i olght monster Icebergs, which nocos
Steamer Orion was pulled off by pow- sltated 14 hours ot alow traveling,
erful tugB. but In the operation the Tho incident occurred In the vicinity
Orion split In two, one part drifting of tha Titanic catastrophe of a year
north and tho other south. 'ago.
������*amm*amam���ammhWawmearn���t*~*,mmm 1 ������>������*-*-���-^m**���ww*^-aaawmm-^��
Comer of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
roaming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager Thc New Westminster News. ******. rov��
WEDNESDAY,  APRIL 30,  1913.
May Day Corner
Westminster   Chcral   and    Orchestral
Society Adds One Mors Spray to
Wreath of Laurel.
Liberals    Have    Majority    cf   Twenty
MemberB  in   New  Lerjislature���
Two  Deferred   Elections.
Morning's at seven
The hillside's dew pearled
The lark's on the wing
lhe snail's on the tham
flcd's In His heaven,
All's right with  the world.
merles this
Each school
he as well
and a good
The fifth concert of the Westminster f'horal and Orchestral society,
���which last evening pave delight to
two or three hundred people in the
���Queen's Avenue Methodist church, was
like its predecessors, in that it showed
forth what can be done by organised
optimism in musical circles. More,
last niRht's event showed also that
the society Is marching on to still fur-
thnr antl wider spheres of Influence
of Uie most welcome order.
Throughout the various pieces given
by the orcheetra there was evidenced
the most careful training on the one
part and sustained interest on the
other. Beethoven's symphony, No. ft
Ost movement) a very difficult
piece to make attractive���may be cited
oa an example of this.
Rossini's well known overture,
-William Tell," was splendidly executed Bave that the tempo was perhaps a trifle too slow. The stirring
'Passages were rendered with great
verve and vim, thrilling the listeners.
���Csibulka'a "Song d'Amour" was especially pleasing, the muted Btrlngs
.pinging aB one with delightful effect.
The concluding piece, Isenmann's
"tfoddess of Liberty." was given witb
-great precision. It flowed on like a
���river of melody, but here again the
'tt-nipo ihould havo been quicker in
���order t.i bring out the full thrilling
���cadence of the final march movement.
lt U; quite possible lhat the addition
of a tympanist (known in the vulgar
tongue as a drummer) would help the
���orchcUra greatly, and there should
be cue in Westminster.
The other selections of the orchestra were uniformly well played, the
reverie of L. It. O'Connor's bringing
-memories of other pieces from the
���works of the well known organist of
St. Leonard's, Kngland.
Too much praise cannol be given
to Mr. Herbert Meekness, who
wielded tho baton, to Miss Vass, wh ise
accompanying was perfect, and to the
Ibirty 1'itlies and gentlemen in the
orchectrs   iiself.
The vocal selections wire all marked by one fault, namely Imperfect en
���nidation, due to the singer nr to had
acouetlc properties of the church ii
Keir. Otherwise Mis*- L. Highton's ee
lections were well chosen and well
rendered. Mr. A. E, Alderdyco lacked
Uie fire or the dramatic declamation
needed in "The Trumpeter." his love
Bongs were very acceptable, end he
<iid himself much better Justice in Kip
line's "Mother o' Mine."
The quartette, Mr. Alderdyco and
the MacknesB"Freres" It.. H. and II.
was nicely modulated and drew forth
lTiuth appreciation.
Teachers   Welcome.
Teachers   are   reminded   that   tliey
wlll be welcomed tu the meetings of
the Mny Day committee this evening.
The collecting committee have begun tin Ir triumphal march and there
!s no doubt Unit rain or shine, Rood
,  i limes or bail, the purse strings will un
it only Friday wlll be os fair a day loosen at the call of May Day.
as  was  yesterday   May   Day   wi'.'   bei Numbers   Growing.
celebrated up to scheduled time, an I Between 'Ii and 100 cars will take
event which for two years now has; part in the Brand decorated automo-
beeu unknown in  Westminster.    Cap-]bile  parade  to  be  held  on   May  Day
tain Adclphus Peele, that cheery
friend of the clerk of the weather. In
not quite sure of the latter gentleman's behoviour this Week. When
seen last the captain was busy pojleh
ing   his  sword   in   readiness   for  an
! If all the cars nt present promised to
'the automobile committee turn out.
Edmonton, Alia., April 20.���According to the final counts In the various
constituencies, tbe Liberals as a result of tlie provincial elections have
a majority of 80 members over the
Conservatives In the new legislature.
Seals which are definitely given to
the Liberals now number 117, while 17
have been given to the Conservatives.
There are two deferred elections.
Athabasca  and   Peace   Hiver,    which
wlll  probably    return    Liberals,    lu-  announced tn due course. I brilliancy
creasing the Liberal majority in the j This evening the Mny Day com- At the present time the committee
new house to 22. fn Edson the Hon., mlttee will meet again at 8 o'clock in j reckons on at least 75. cars which ls
0. W, Cross wins hy a majority of 27, the Board of Trade rocms and, as Is i sliRhtly below half of those licensed
the final  figures    being    Hon. C.  W.  usual, there will be a big pile of busl-1 In the city of Westminster.   Individual
neaB to be debated, while storieB of! owners have been found anxious to
what has been done during the past', co-operate In making the parade a
week will no doubt enliven the pro-1 success and tho majority have gen-
ceedlngs. erously  authorized the loan of their
Firefighters Buay. cars.    Demonstrators, garage owners
The successors of the Hyacks do not' and firms holding automobile sale
Leavenworth, Kas., April 29.���Mrs. bear the May Queen to the grounds! agencies have also come forwards in a
Lester Ralph, known to the news-! upon their fire engine, but they still, most unstinted manned and Bome
paper world as Klsie lleasoner, war take a prominent If somewhat con-; concerns have agreed to loan as many
correspondent, died today at Lloyd, cealcd part in the proceedings. All | as three cars for the procossjon.
Florida,  according   to   word   received' those   little   long   ribbons,   to   which Everybody  Help.
tcday  In  Leavenworth,    her    former  tlie  kiddles  look  forward  throughout |     Mr.  Claytcn  A.  Bourne,  the  chairman     nf     the   committee,   wishes   t*-
nternoon   at   4   o'clock,   testimony In some incidents.
is naturally  striving  to:     John   Smith,   the  occupier  of    the".
represented   na   possible  second store, swore he left the btiilri-
Biuster  Ib  therefore  as-  |ng  locked up and  safe  In every re-;
���.peel   about  7:"u  on.  Monday    night.
March 17.    His stuck was Itisufed for'
$8f,0 nntl  was worth  $2100.    He had *
net  been compensated  by  the Insurance   pOlipl".
By  the Court���So far as he knew
accused was no relation of his.
Chief Watson.
Fire chief Wntson expressed the
opinion that the lire broke out In the
rear of the store. Upstairs It looketl
as if there bad been material piled
up to Btart n tire. The chief did not
admire gasoline ns an effective
method ef Incendiarism. He leaned
lowartl heavy oil. CnsOllne was ex- I
plosive and liable to burn the incendiary.
Howard   WalterB  repealed   bis  evi-I
denoe and confession.    The only new
print   wna  that be slated  that  Smith
Popular Shoe Store
Cross, 671;  II.  11. Verge, 644.
The members of the auto committee  have  met  with  a  moBt  generous
response to their appeal to car owners
fer  their  use  in  the   parade  and  nt
ether of the many events in which he   present  the  indications  are  that   the
Has always been a conspicuous and a ; parade this year will  far surpass all ��� Lindsay
Icome figure.    Ills forecast will be : those held  previously for length ^'beci,u80 there, was not  enough Insur-
ance oq It and he wanted to Increase
It. He wanted the second hand store
burned because It "was coddemned
nnd the French bakery because the
occupier would not pay hla rent.
Walters then practically repeated
hla evidence which he had given In
hla own  case.
Hugh  Ness.
Hugh Ness wsb the last of the trio
to   take  his  place  In   the  prisoner's
The evidence In the former trials
was taken as evidence against him.
During the hearing against Ness.
Van Melden was recalled to the
stand  and  gave  testimony  of  having
home.    Elsie lleasoner gained distlnc-   the year, first go through  the hands
tion as a newspaper correspondent in  of some member of the brigade, and
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock
Tlie   Home  of  Low  Prices.
641 Front St.
Out of the High Rent District.
Kiddies, White Canvas Shoes sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
13 and 1, reg. $1.00 value, today till 12 noon, 45c
Ladies' Dress Boots, all sizes $1.45
Men's Work Boots, all sizes  1.95
Depot for Leckie's Boots and Ahern's School Shoes.
���Conferscd     Dynamiter Will     Undergo
S.irgical   Operation   When     Released  from  Jail.
ths Spanish-American war In Cuba.
She was the only woman news
writer to attend the coronation of
Queen Willielmina in'1900. In May.
1904, she married Lester Ralph, who
was a war illustrator in the TurllO-
Krcek war in 1S07 and in the South
African hoslilii.es In 1000. She gained her earlier newspaper experience
on papers in Salt Lake City and other
western citll s.
Ottawa, April 29.���Hon. Q, II. Perley will Introduce a resolution providing for an amendment to the Canadian Grain aa, which stipulates that
where application is made to the
grain board for special inspection the
tees are to be paid by the applicant.
At tlie evening sitting the bill relating to radio-telegraphy was put
through the committee stage nnd new
stands for third reading, Hon, .1. 1).
Hazen explained that the bill as redrafted provides that passenger vessels of thn e clauses plying on tho
Ureal Lakes must be provided with
wireless telegraph equipment,
Those engaged in the white slave
traffic will In.' aimed at particularly
in amendments to the criminal code
on whieh the minister of justice gave
in tice last night.
The amendments nre not finally
revised as yet, but the general intent
is to adopt in Canada the law of Britain. The penally of penitentiary Imprisonment will be increased and the
act otherwise changed to facilita!'.'
li is nlso probable that offenders
will be given the lash cr made liable
to It Other proposed amendments
will stiffen the law In regard lo obtaining goods under false pretences
and ihe carrying of firearms,
for this May Day the affixing of the
ribbons that will be used by the dancers In the Maypole competition hag
already Ijeen completed In the workshop on Columbia streot.
There Is generally lots of color
about a fire station but Just now all
the rainbows of the coast and a few
hues borrowed from the prairie iiin-
sets appear to have spilled themselves
in one little corni r of the fire station.
Tliere will lo a rehearsal of as
p-itnv  ohlldrrn   up  oosslhle  :it   tb *  ;ir-
urge every owner to decorate his car been Informed by Ness of the whole
'or the parade and competition. Some I proceedings previous and^ during the
have already arranged to do BO i
-elves while others have secured th
ervlces  of  expfrt  decorators  to  gc
���heir machines into proper shape fo
May Day.
Of the cars loaned one car will bt
lEed by the May Ilav committee: on'
by thc press, one by the mayor and
Idermeii. a fourth by the school tn:
��es and one by the judges,   The ba
-ice will be used In transporting th
* ' ��� ���       '"��� V   |>-1.-1-.
l.cs Angeles, Cal., April 29.���In
preparation for bis expected release
from the county Jail, Ortle F.. Mc-
Manigal. the confessed dynamitet
whose story resulted in sending the
McNamara brothers to the San IJuen
tin penitentiary and nearly two score
labor union officials to Ihe federal
prison at leaven worth, is planning
to have his face altered by surgery
���so that be will be ablato escape de
tcc.tloii   by  possible enemies.
MrManigal, when a mere child, fell
/tui of a moving wagon, landing on
tii ground in such a position that
���a "Wheel passed over his head. leav
ins a de<'p scar upon his forehead.
That scar, according to detectives
a.i.i'il them in tracking him in his
operations before he finally was ar-
jrosted In Detroit more than two years
it has been stated by officers hero
that "one of these days" McManlgal,
who has been in I^ob AngeleB the
-greater part of two years, and who
lias nol been prosecuted for Ills confessed Crimes, will be given his lib
��rty, bul the date Ib to be kept secret
BO that be will bu free to try to efface
himself  without   being  followed.
'Loudon, April 22 Interest has been
revived In the disposal of the estate
left ii> the late 8ir John Backvtlle by
a suit over the probate and adverse
doclaion of the high oourt Of justice.
When Sir John died bis will lefl his
���Utate. amounting to $5,000,000 and his
aplentliil art collection to Lady .Sack
*.j*llt'. Shortly after his tlerilh a reward
of tGOiOOO was orferetl for the production Of an alleged codicil to the will
in Whicb the bulk of the estate was
Ittoqueathed to Sir John's next of kin
-iu<t Lady Sackvlllo's bequest was re-
<Jmy<<i to Ihe income from a legacy of
(15t*|fJO0. The reward was ofleretl by
r>.  M   Scott, a brother of Sir John.
At yeirtertlay's hearing Jesse Short,
a former valet of sir John, was examined. He told of a mysterious envelope whloh his employer always
��� ran-ictl with him when he was travel-
ling abroad and kept locked Up While
.he   waa   at   home.    Short   said   be   Iltl-
���deratood thai this envelope contained
the codicil referred' !���>. lie Mention-
��� 'id un iiulniniihile trip which Sir John
ami Lady Backvtlle tooU in January,
1912, prior to whieh the envelope d
appeared. It Is thought to have been
found by one of Sir ilohn'u relatives
after his death.
The Judge ordered Uie evidence placed on record, but did uot proceed with
the- hearing of the caao.
Ottawa, April 29.���Mr, Fred Pardee, chief Liberal whip, posed us
critic when during committee of supply yesterday when the lion. .1. 1>.
field's customs estimates were up. be
maintained that the customs staff
thrcughout the country waa seriously
overmanned for political purposes.
He said that at Niagara Kails 13 additional men had been appointed although there was but a slight increase at tbat point in the customs
revenue. Mr. Hugh Qutbrle and Mr.
J. H. Sinclair also complained along
the same lineB.
The minister declared thai there
was no truth in the assertion made by
the opposition members, There had
been a large increase In the revenue,
which necessitated the appointment
of many additional officials. In no
case was a man appointed to the service unless the Inspector fur the district thought it necessary and desirable.
The estimates fer customs salaries,
etc., aggregating (3,126,000, were
passed later.
Purled   Alive   But   Escapes.
St.  (loud.   Mian .  April  29.    Burled
alive under several ions of dirt, with
onto     a    slight    opening   to   breath
Qfrough, Robert Noack, a farmer, re-
i(l4)nJi icum i-1' thin ' Itj  i id a miraculous i :capr from death    Noack de
. icendi d Into a weii 30 feet n\eep to
jlix the pump when the s dos caved in
nnd  displaced   Beveral   tons  of  band
over him.
Appoint Medical Health Oflicer.
', Ottawa, April 29. Dr. O, A T.
Lornor, M.n, of Montreal,   was   ap-
'pointed medical officer ol health yesterday afternoon by the civic hoard
Uf health with an Initial salary of
$4000. Dr. 1/omer Is at present in
I'aris taking a special course nf study,
but be has notified lhe authorities he
will accept the appointment.
line  the  building was set on  fire
Melden awore that Ness described
the details as to how he, Ness, and
' Walters had gone to Vancouver
where they purchased the gasoline
land how they had crawled through a
j window and sprinkled the inside of
| the building with the gasoline later
l throwing a burning    match    through
��� the window and setting fire to    the
��� place.
Alter the building was on fire
N-ss and Walters, said witness, hid
behind a pile of lumber. Nes.-, leaving
Walters asleep and making for his
rcomlng  house.
Cross examined I y Mr. Dole, Melden Btated that be had talked over
the story on two different ocoasii ns
with frit nds of Wallers. On being
asked just what was the reason Nest
and lie changed their clothes the day
following the fire, witness stated that
Ness was afraid of being caught and
had told him that men were looking
[or him.
Magistrate Edmonds asked the witness several questions winding up
With saying "A man who knows thai
t prin '��� h ul been eommittt d should
certainly have not suppressed his
knowledge of the affair. It puts a
��� ol doubl on your testimony.
5unpi n lht ������" men, Smith and
Ness, had gol away."
in committing Ness for trial Max
Istrate Edmonds further stated: "1
Iiai ������ no hi sltatlon In stating that
this ease Bhould go up for trial notwithstanding the nature of tii- lasl
witness' testimony There might
have been a miscarriage of Justice
and If that Information, as Just st-tt -.i
by Melden. had been brought to me
immediately following the lire I
would ci rtainly have issued v.arrant:-
for the arrest of Smith and Ness.
See Bickell About It
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man.
Agencies :
Established      Assets
Railway Pnssenger Assurance Co. of London ...    1840
I    S.OUIl.ilOO
Quaranteed by the North British      Mercantile
Insurance Co. of London     isoo
105.nun 000
Palatine Insurance Co. of London     1886
Guaranteed by the Commercial Insurance Com
pany of London      1861
1    Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of New  York        1880
1    Svea Fire and  Life Insurance Go. Of Sweden  ..    I860
1     Westminster  Trust   Block
Phone 52.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Hldjj.
Cor. fith Ave. and 12th St.
Headquarters for all kinds of Furniture, Furnishings, Stoves, Ranges, Washing Machines, Wringers, Dishes, Glassware, etc., etc.
Headquarters for the famous "Sunset Sewing
Will   Ee
Queen, of the May, 1910-11. She Is the youngest daughter of Mr. W. H.
Keary and waa the third of the family to occupy the royal position, lier
Bister Winnie was Queen In 1903, and her mother was Queen in iST'.l, and
in addition Mrs. Keary's cousin, Mrs. Letshman, then Miss .losie Elckhoff,
was crowned in 1882. Miss Mary Keary was 11 wheu the above was
taken.    She is studying at St. Ann's academy.
'Continued trom pace one)
In   Riv,.
llle man
Three   Doctors  Removed  from   Roll.
Vancouver, April no. -Drs. h. B,
Ford, w. C. Whittaker and s. Blum-
bergor have been removed from the
roll of practicing physicians In British Columbia Cor alleged unprofessional conduct. The three physicians
were examined before a committee of
doctors, assisted by Ihh honor Judge
(Irani, and the decision to scratch
their names mi tho roll of practlolng and about a short
physicians wag reached on the report blng Walters and
of th" committee. Tho three doctors
havi* appealed agalnsl the action in
the supri mo court. home,
Wal i rt.    lie did  not  know
Everything  Fixed  Up.
lie r imembered Smith taking Walters down to Chinatown on Saturdaj
befors the lire. Win n thoy came
back wltnesi heard Smith Bay "Everything i�� iivd up nov "
The next unu' he heard anything
about the burned building was on
Monday, March 17, in tho Central
hotel. Smith gave Waltera $S and
said that was enough to buy gasoline
wiih, ir the material with; be did
nm remember the exact words, but
that it musl be bought In Vancouver,
nol in New Westminster. Smith also
said lie would have the hack door
open and wns going to try to get the
key of the door.
Mr McQuarrie Was Hure anything said about burning thin build
Witness That was 111" idea nil tho
way through.
Mr. McQuarrie nid Smith say anything  ttboUl   insurance ?
Witness   Not lhal I n member,
Nest then  related  his movements
tliii .i fellow grab*
asking him   what
the h   i be was doing there, where
upon   wltnesB   precipitately   retreated
Feature of Big Celebration
at   Reed  College.
PorUand, April 2\i. -Rolaxotlon will
be afforded the delegates to the Reed
College conference on the conserva
tlon of human life, held hen' May 9
in and 11, by several pleasing ft a
tures of entertainment which entei
inii) the program.
On May 9 there will be a track meet
and olher outdoor games
At the same time .Maypole danct i
will be given by the young women
of the freshman and sophomore classes of Heed College. Al sunset on the
same day, the students of the oollegi
will gather al the lake and sing college songs.
On the evening of May l>, rPesidenl
and Mrs. Foster, of Heed College, will
tenth r a reception to the presiding
officers, speakers and accredited dele
gates Of the various slates.
Scandal  in  Calgary.
Calgary, April 211   -The city commie-
���toners are Investigating charges made
.-���wai,isl  city  employees  who  are  al-
;. gi il to have used ell.} teams and men
.to do private work.
Guatemala's Debt to Britain.
London, April 29. The liritish
governmeni today denied the report
that It had sent tin ultimatum to
Guatemala. Al tho foreign office it
was said thai all thai had been dona
so far was in make a renewed presentation <f Greal Brltalns demands for
the payment of Guatemala's Indebtedness, the bulk of which bad been owing for 25 years.
Must   Have  Truth.
The Courl We want to get tho
truth in this case and nol lo bear
concocted Bluff. I give you fair warning   wo must have nothing iiiii    the
truth.     Vour  story   does    nol     agree
very well with   what,   you   said   the
other day.
Witness   1 am telling lhe truth,
The  Courl   Then  yun    could    nol
have been   telling  llle truth  llle  t.'tln r
Witness���1 weni straight home in
bed nnd did not Bee any one. I did
not see Van Midlein that night nnr
go back t'i the building. I did nol
hear of the Are u;.iil  nexl morning.
Mr. McQuarrie Whal were you go
Ing tn do -.. Ith the .-ist 1 ne
Wltnt i ��� Sei lire to tl ������ building
That waa whal I ������ n*-* boughl tor. The
two of us wero lo do It, The agree
n,i nl was ��� '* wi re to gel $''"" and
i was to g' i i all Ten per oent, wai
On i: ������ ��� If li wore only partialis
b ii ,' ii. 'i i.e afternoon of the flrn
Smith told blm Waltera wa�� arresti '.
Sn ith told him also thai ho would
llx it all up with Waitt 11,
Dr, Manchi Bti i di posed that ne
i wiie,| property on which Smith aad
two others had built houses, Hi
leased the land for live years to theui
at MUD for the first and Increasing i *
(1200 for the fiflb year. On March
20 last Smith was behind In his re it
1237.50, There uus $7600 insurance
nn lhe buildings.
Lit  Up  5'iy.
Van Melden. a structural Iron
worker, Bpcke to one occasion when
Smith and he wire going home una
"killing" a bottle nf whisky, lhat
ihn I th asked him If he wanted to
make some money without workln;-;
hard and a big sum too. lie aBked I
what it was. Smith then propounded
a scheme whereby he was to set llio|
to the secondhand store and llie
I'r' ��� di bakery f r $1000. Witness
thi lined and said he did not want to
make money thai way.
Witness   contradicted   Ness   when
he .--iial  thai In* had not Bpoken    lo
; ,* i on the nighl  it  the fire,    N'-ss
..i ko  him up nnd  look  him  to  th
;. , eh   win re  lie   saw   the  sky   111   uy i
wllh s gnu ol i'u-   in Chinatown,
Ab* nt 9:30 thai day Ness chang id
clothes with hlm,
Two daj.- afti r tho fire he heard u
ii an, Dodson, say to Ness "You mad *
;, . oor Job of that lire." Sess turn-1
and Bald "There is an*
who : iiowb we burin d
"    and    Smith
Comfortable   Family   Hotel
Forty minutes run from New Westminster on Q, N, Ity. All trains
stop  at   While  Hock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Hay and 'lulf,
only live minutes from Hallway Depot; Hot aad Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connection, also a store containing full line of groceries.    For terms and rates apply
White  Rock. B.C. P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Lillooet, B.C , April 29. -Several Interesting finds of Indian relics bave
het n made during the past few dayB
iiii I'r.day lasl Mr. li. Ferguson I urn
ill up a flue epeclmen of Jade chisel
aboul 1- :.;"!,��� s long an Inch and a
half wide ,-md an Inch thick. Tho In
Btrumcni was In good condition wuh
i well ground sharp edge. At Hi"
nie* time Mr Ferguson found an old
,i, Btle     B ith   Instruments  wt ru  d'v
���nil red while plo��Ing through  st	
pt e bull s mi the i'u ranch at Sen
��� -i  lake, .';.!!' mini-, an old raneherle
. hit li  haa  long  l eon oul  of occupa
A tew dais previous workmen en
��� agi d  in trading the P. ti.  E   al Sea
mi 1 i'.'.o came upon an ancient Hud
ton   Bay  musket.    Numerous    other
finds have been made at various times.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor  wherever  laid.
Seattle, Aprll 29,���The tug Tyee of
the Paget Sound Tugboat company,
which arrived in Seattle yesterday
morning from off Cape Flattery, reported  that an she was near the bow
of the barquentlne Thomas P, Emlgh
on Saturday, casting off her hawser,
one pf  the    barquer,tlne's  seamen,
whose  name   was    not    learned,    fill
overboard and was drowned,
Tin- master of the Tyoo Haiti thai a
boat was lowered In less than three
minutes, bul thai Beamen from Iho
Emlgh wero unable lo reach the man
before he Bank rrom view. Struggling
despi rately, li" drifted pasl ill i
barnitSnttne and tug, which wi r<* oul
in tho open ocean, and was able to
catch Iml I of the vessel's lug lino
milling astern. However, chilled by
thi' Icy water off the cape. In was
Boon oxhauBtetl and losl  his life.
. smith
Die    butldln
H   up."
*, i tur Dod
Clyde Wins Last Game.
Glasgow,  Aprll  29,   Clyde I sal  Hit*
1,1,1, ,i  Hibernians by  two goals to nothing
in ,*i Scottish league football game in-
e   iroliDiative   day.
Bltulithic on Second Street. N   \, Westminster with Boulevard  Down
Hie  Centre.
iiiiuliiiiii- is noiseless, non-slippery, practically duatlesB, easy   on
horses' toet, and. above all, particularly durable,   Fur these reasons
Bltulithic is inn ndi'ii highly bj owners of automobiles and horses
householders, aim olty officials,   li has been adopted by dfteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United Siaim.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-71/ Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
lO�� WEDNESDAY,   APRIL  30,   1913.
page mm
���'::��� i
(By "Gravy.")
* 9
Are Now in Second Place In League-
Sur.dcrlr.nd Occupies Premier
("liy the Potter.)
defeating  Sheffield  United  yes-
nnd   although   terday  In  a First  Division game, As-
An April fool joke that was pulled
off 80 days late was the bout between
Hob Fitzslmmtins and Kd Dunkhorst,
which took place In Hrooklyn 131
years ago today, Willi the Hrooklyn!
fans cast for the role of suckers.
Dunkhorst had never taken part ln a
real  battle, when he met Fitz.
He  was  a  giant  in    stature,    and
weighed   something    less    than
pounds-but not a whole lot less.
a   very   powerful   one
Cheshire opened well they were, after | ton Villa crept up to Becond place In
the llrst  ten  mlnuteB,  a  beaten  Bide
The  associations   are   none   too   well   .,      ��� ,  .    ..     .,    , ,     ,.     ���
supported by their clubs, with tho re- Ithat r,Kured ln the tln*' ,or the hn-*
suit   that   the   county . sides   are   not
the strongest the counties could pro-
Unrivaled   in   all   stage   history   la
"The  Merry  Widow."    America   England,  France,  Germany.   Italy.  Japan
300  and a score mora countries have   ac-
Jim, claimed     joyously      Franz      ltehar's
Jeffries,   who  waB   then   training  for melodic masterpiece Queen of Operet-
1'is  fign;  wllh  Jim  Corbett,  engaged , taa.   Three hundred world cities have
I'd  as a human- punching  bag.    One: crowned her the daintiest, most allur-
the league, thus making the two learns ISunday the reporters at Jeff'B training j Ing and  fascinating of  her  footllght
Question   of   Amateurs   and   Professionals Mixing With Each Other
Referred  to Commutes.
The baseball situation as It affects
this city ana district was thoroughly
discussed at a meeting of the B. C. A.
A. U. held In the Y. M. C. A. last evening. Mr. Milton Oppenheimer, secretary of the provincial board of the
union, came over from Vancouver and
talked the matter over with Ihe local
delegates so that everyone would know
just where the amateur union stood
in the baseball world.
It was only natural that several of
the delegates entered the debate with
regard to an amateur and professional
playing with or against each oilier
so that Mr, Oppenheimer found a hotbed of discontent among the local
sport enthusiasts who are determined
in make a hmg fight fur recognition
ot whnt they claim are rights.
The discussion finally simmered
di -.Mi lo the appointment of a committee composed of Messrs. Leamy,
Smilh and Brown who will endeavor
to have the baseball players attend
a mooting on Thursday evening at
thn Moose club rooms and find out
where the city and Inter-city league
Btand as t'i affiliating with the amateur union.
Johnny Dundee Came    Back    in    the
Twentieth  Round���Unpopular
lish cup, Sunderland and the Villa,
first and second place respectively In
the league.
Although they havo never yet won
the Kngiish  cup  the  Sunderland  ag
camp lelng short of news for the
Monday morning papers interviewed
Jeff's trainers, and Bent out a report
| to the effect that Dunkhorst was the
coming champion of the world. It was
a Joke but the sport public enamored
I sex.    ^^^^^^^^^^
In New York alone seven hundred
thousand persons welcomed with
great enthusiasm, Henry W. Savage's
brtlllan presentation, the total takings
exceeding a million dollars.    Colncld-
gregation "are a'great team'and have 10( Kd'B 8lze *������*>���*��� it seriously and dim- j entiy    Mr. Savage's "other    spUndTd
demonstrated the fact that they have!��rld.,.l��_B?��.J)u.nAho���l.ln ^ac!l��V..A    " '      '
Saya The London Standard* Reference has been made in these columns
on Beveral occasli no to lhe wonderful
growth in popularity made this season by lacrosse. That this growth
will continue and the sudden popular i of the gam.* not decrease with
equal suddenness is shown by its
marked popularity as a school game.
The number of girls' si hools which
now plaj Hi" game and are known
tn the Ladies' Lacrosse association ii
considerably over ti". Tho numb r if
I' iys' Bchooia which play the game
��� ��� iid i"* i unted on tho Angers t <
' ���     hand.
Willi   the   international   over,   there
Ii an opportunlt) t'i refer to the re-
i nl play of tbe counties during the
past few weeks, Lancashire havi'
had an unbeaten season. Their latest
victory was over Cheshire, wbom they
di feated by nine goals to one. The
Lancashire sitle on this occasion was
Main   Store    193-443
Sapperton   Store    373
West   End   Store       650
Are *
nt  lasl  111 tair new store, 681
Columbia   st    (Trapp's   old
Bland)  ami we want  you all
to come  In  and  look an.uud.
A new shipmenl   just   to
hand In sizes that n'll from
;n for 260. to 45c. per dozen
Theso are all first clasa fruit
umi guaranteed free from
The nicest dessert, fruit put
up In tins.    Comes In  Tears,
Peaches,   Apricots,   Cherries,
Pineapple, and sells for 35c.
and 40c.  per tin.
Main   Store  681   Columbia.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St.
West   End  Store.  Sixth   Ave.
and  12th Street.
Los Angeles, April 29.���Johnny
Dundee, of New York, wsb given a
draw at the end of his 20 round light
tonight with Johnny Kllbane, the
featherweight champion at the Vernon arena. Kllbane apparently outpointed the challenger In every
round,  but    the    Italian's    desperate
a splendid organization by thus win
ning the league championship and also
entering In the cup finals.
The Vlllans are entirely composed
of Englishmen and have on their lineup several Internationalists. The
Sunderland team by way of contrast
Ib largely recruited from the Scottish
league, Charlie Thompson, their centre half being about the best man ln
tho game today.
Brooklyn club offered Kd a match with
Kits and Dunkhoret, who waB crazy
like a fox, expressed his willingness to
companies  have   won   like  honors  ln
the great cities outside of the metropolis.
Now    Mr.   Savage   has   combined
mop the ring witb the lanky one for I thme    famous    original    productions
the sum of $1000.   Kd knew he would j that   thlg  tunefu|leBL  merriest   '
Baseball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
stand no show with Bob, so he wisely
demanded that the coin be paid over
before the bout.
Fitz let the human mountain go one
round and then ln the second Inning
sent over a punch to the Jaw that aent
Kd down with a crash that broke windows a block away, and sent the people out In the streets to avoid being
burled in the ruins when the next
quake came. Kd got his thousand and
afterwards took part In a number of
minor  boutB.
^_^_^^^_ mm^^^^^^^^ ******
maddest of all operettas may carry
Its glad tidings of mirth and melody
throughout the land.
The original staging, new costumes
fresh from Paris and a cast of rare
brilliancy assure a treat of the flrst
order. Thla Ib the production that
will be seen at the WeBtmlnster opera
house on Saturday evening.
Vancouver      8
Seattle      9
twentieth round effort in the opinion Spokane ...-��� 8
of the referee, earned him a draw.       ', Portland ., 6
The decision was decidedly unpopu-  Tacoma ...,....  6
lar  and   the  crowd   voiced   its  dlsap-  Victoria   .', 6
prova]  nf    the    termination    of    the  ,
���j"'1" Yesterday's
Throughout   the   light   Kilbane   out- j     Tacoma,   April
bi Md Dundee and at many stages of running made po
the light matle the New Yorker look
like a novice.    The  letter's method
Of jumping in the air and trying to
land on his adversary provoked only
the derisive laugh of the champion,
and solid blows to the body which
met nearly every effort of the challenger tn land In this fashion, At the
end of the light Kllbane bore only a
slight bruised mouth, while the
ita!   n'B foaturea were badly battered. |and Orindell.
Kilbane waa far mo clover for the
New Yorker, both at long rang" boxing ami at  In-lighting, although    at
^^^^^^ Baltimore witnessed  Its  first  KaBt-
W.    L.    P'-'  | ern league game ten years ago today.
4      .606   The  Maryland   metropolis  broke  Into
6     .600 organised ball In 1892 with a club In
...  8     7     .541! I the  American   Association,  organized i
...  6     6     .5ua i as a rival to the National league.    In
. . .   6      9      .400   1894   the   I'nion   association   also   or-
... 6     9     .4001ganized to fight the old major league.;
| placed  a team  in  Baltimore,  but the
Games. I circuit  did  not  last  through  the Bea-j
29.    Effective  baBe j son.
sible by Martinoni'sj    After llie Players' league battle. Cal-|
wlldness gave the locals a 4-3 victory   tlmore was admitted to the National;
over the Portland club today, although league,    which    was  enlarged  ta 12.
tbey  wero  outhll   more  than  two  to clubs.    In  1894,  1896 and    1896    the
one.    The winning run  came as the world famous Orioles   of   Baltimore,
result of a double steal. considered among the greatest base-j
It.   h.   E. ball  machines  In the history of the I
Portland 3    9     2 game, captured   the   National league
Tacoma       -1     4     1  pennant,   In 1899 Baltimore, and three
Batteries:  Martinonl    and    Murray,    ither clubs wire dropped by the Na-
Bliss; McGinnity, Concannon, Kurfess | tlonal league and In 1901 Han Johnson
placed   an   American   league  club  In I
times ih" Italian was mure than
clever In eluding the swings of the
iWilli apologies to Pickering and
Mickey  Inn.I
Tin* magnate  pointed    with    glowing
To his wondrous lacrosse star;
He swore the
And published his deeds afar.
Giants Trounce  Indians.
Spokane,  April  2ii.    Seattle had  no
trouble   winning   today's   game   from
Spokane.   Johnston weakened In Un
fifth and the champions began scoring. Risberg, v.hii relieved .luhii
stun ill the sixth was easy for the visitors. Olpe fur Seattle, was effective
throughout   Score:
it.   ii    !���:
Seattle         12   10     l
Spokane    1     4     2
Batteries: Glpe and t'adman; John
.-ton, Risberg and Osldiek.
Real   Swatfest.
Victoria,  April  29.    In a game fea-
youth was a wondrous | tured  by heavy hitting. Victoria and
' Vancouver  wt nt   ten   innings before
Vitti ria wen out  10-8.
It. IL    E.
Vanct mer       .8 19      2
Victoria    io n
Halleries:       Ingersoll.       Mct'rearv.
In 1908 New York taog the Haiti-
more franchise In the American
league, antl the Maryland city had to
be content with minor league gall as
a member of the Eastern, now the International league. Once since then,
In 19C-8 Baltimore captured the pen
Oh,   he   was  a  star  of the  brightest
The while he consented to play;
Uut hanging was (ar too good for blm
When he asked for a raise lu pay.
Dawson and  Lewis;   Kantlthne
veson, Wilson and  Shea.
Another Vancouver Team.
Although not generally known in
this City and Vancouver Con Jones,
the Terminal City lacrosse magnate,
has good cause to bo thankful for the
n-.ove of New Westminster, In joining
bands with the other elubs of the
il C. L. A. and also the Big Four for
;. commission,
If there ever waa a time when the
name Jones was In danger of being
Bhuffled off the lacrosse map, it was
Monday, tur preparations were practically completed In Vancouver thai
in riling to organize another team In
Vancouver at the head of which would
be found Matt Barr and Harry Pick
Malt Ilarr la well known in this city
as being at t.ne time Jones' closest
friend In matters pertaining to In-
crosse, but a coldness sprung up lasl
fall and Mr. Ilarr made the statement
lhat  h" wan through  with lacrosse.
And why Bhould Harry Pickering be
dickering for the formation of another Club. Harry put 11 up to Con
Jones a few days ago in the matter of
salary.    He  demanded  $1600  for  the
season  which  was promptly  turned
down by Jones who rav, virions of
either  N'ew   Westminster  fulling  int"
lln" with the commission Idea, which
WOUld protocl his players Of 1912 or
else tlrnp the Hoyals overlioaril and
start n team In Victoria. It was a
Cleverly drawn up plot and everything
wns primed to tench off the fuse at
the met ling held on Monday The hit
est plans of Messrs. Ilarr and Pick
��� ring, however, threw a furore Into
the  ranks of Jones and  tho Victoria
crowd that compelled a halt.
Tvvo Holdouts.
Con has never been too populnr
wllh the Vancouver public nor with
the New Westminster fans. He was
up against It Ul the matter of players
for several of tbem refused to sign
for any reduced salaries anil with two
stars like Mickey lon nnd Harry Pickering holding out for the long green
it waa soon apparent that a commission was the only solution lo the difficulty.
Con can  now  say to his  players:
"Now   you'll   take  my   proposition  or
[you'll not  play wllh  Vancouver���and
j you can't  play anywhere else."
Things mny possibly go nil rlghl
in Vancouver this season. There Is
j no reason to suppose that they won't
'but just the anme Mr. Conrad Jones
will always bo seeing thai mirage
of a second Vanoouver team in the
horizon and just as soon an he begins In pull off stunts not ut all to
the   liking     of     the   sporting   public
there is plenty of capital lu Vancouver to step in the breach ami arrange a
Schedule  with   New   Westminster.
Meanwhile everyone hopes (bat Con
Will hiseii up lo the extent of securing
a bunch Of all stars COpable of giving
Hie Salman liellles a good battle for
the Minto trophy, No one In this city
haa any Idea that the mug wlll he
transferred to Vancouver
llnil Ihey hope the green
he In the running.
Standing  cf the Clubs
Chicago   ll
New   York    8
Philadelphia    r>
Pittsburg    8
St. Louis  7
Huston      2
Cincinnati    2
1882 -Rob   Fitzslmmons   knocked   oul
Jim Parrel in the second round j
at  Newark. N..1.
1906���Jim  Harry knocked out Charlie
Mock in the first round at Milwaukee.
1907- -Hilly Papke knocked out Jimmy
Carroll  in  the  fourth  round  at
".ins    Johnny   Summers   knocked   out
Kill  Sullivan in  ninth round at
1910--Jchany Kiltane dented Hobby
Tickle In Un rounds at Boston.
1912���Bob Mcha defeated Hill McKIn-1
non in ten rounds at Boston.
1812���TItek   Hyland    defeated    Matty
Baldwin  In  ten  rounds at Salt
Lake City.
Doctors say
Laugh and
Grow Fat
I say that
will hand you the biggest  laugh  in   their
clever act entitled
Last time tonight
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   8ale   of   Real   Estate.
No. 132���Size 52x118 feet. Price $300 each, $50 cash, balance $15
per month.
No. 15- Two large lota on Fifth street, all cleared, ready for
building. Size 105.6x148.6 feet. Price $3300; one-third cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 month.
No. 16���One lot facing on Second street, between Seventh and
Eighth avenues. All cleared. I'rice $650; one-third cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 months.
141���Ono lot corner Eighth avenue and Second street All cleared.    Size 59x132 feet.    Price $1600;  terms.
No. 143���Corner on Hamilton Btreet. All cleared. Size 49x100
feet.    Price $1200;  one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
No. 144���Corner on Royal avenue. All cleared. Size 66x132 feet.
Price $4500; one-third basb, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches    Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New  Westminster  Branch: D. D. WILSON, Manager.
For a light, refreshing stimulant
nothing better than a glass of our
Hygienically Brewed
It will pull you together.   For
sale at all hotels and liquor stores
or crder direct from
Phone L75.
ONE xi\
BOILERS   RWeted Steel Pipes       TANKS
P.  O.  BOX  442
Yesterday'6 Games.
A Pitcher's Duel.
Brooklyn, April 29. -New York tlr
feated Hrooklyn 6-0 today after Hat
liewsion, tbe great right hamter, and
Ruoker, the star among the south
paws, had fought the battle of theii
lives for 111 rimless Innings. Th-
(Hants made a whirlwind finish In thl
13th and won by u batting rally that
yielded six runs.
II.    H.    F.
New   York    -6      9      ."!
Hrooklyn      0     8      1
Batteries: aMthewson and Myers:
Rucker, Stuck and Miller.
Purlistic Annals Yesterday.
Johnny Coulon defeated Tommy 1
Scully  in  five  rounds  at  Wau
- Jim    Smith    defeated    Dummy
Maxon   in  two  rounds  at  New-
-Young Dyson and  Benny  Kauf
man fought a 15 round draw* at
New Bedford.
-Johnny Dundee outpointed
Charlie White In 10 rounds at
Mike (Twinl Sullivan defeated
Harry West in 10 rounds at Cln-
London, April 89.���Walter s. Buck j
Chicago 7���Cincinnati 2. master bas resigned the captaincy of
Chicago, Aprll 29.���The Cincinnati the Kngiish polo team which is to
National league team, appearing on compete wiih Hie American team for
the Held for the first time In history I ti���. International polo cup on Long!
without red stockings, was defeated | **]*&* ������, .|���n(,. Buckmimter was Injured sevi rely In a practice game on
, April 1.1, which has resulted In partial *
ObrJquet of "Iteds." Manager Tinker's | diBaMcmeut  of his  right  arm and  it |
'S in t  likely  that  he will accompany
' the team  to llle  l'nited  Stales.
|    Captain Lockeit. of the Baton Hall
by the Cubs today 7--.    Instead of the
famous hose which  gave the club its
The Home of th
Entire Change of Program Dally
The entire production  made  in
Song by Miss Frances Hamilton
"The Quaker Girl."
Comedy Drama.
Pathe Play
when you ean get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American  and Canadian  Engineers'  Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-in. In diameter. This iB alBo made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock ef Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
I.ime. Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Through tltkets, all classes, to the East and to Europe.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert.
41 hours to Hazelton.
"Prince George" runs through
"Prince Rupert" runs through
Granby Bay.
���MONDAYS���Prince Rupert. Stewart,  Massett.
TUESDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
THURSDAYS���Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
FRIDAYS���Alert Bay,   Hardy   Bay,   Rivera   Inlet,   Ocean
Kails.  IJueen  Charlotte Islands (direct service, fast time)
SATURDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
���Close   connection at Prince  Rupert  with Grand  Trunk
Pacific Railway trains for points East of Hazelton.
H. G. SMITH. C   P. &
Phone  Seymour 8134.
T. A. W. E. DUPEHOW, Q. A. P. D
VANCOUVER. B.C.     S27 Granville Street
Round trip excursions commence May 28   -Go one way, return another.
men wore the pale stockings of the
Chicago While Snx, lent by Owner
Com I sit ey of the White Sox owing to
the Cincinnati  team  having accldimt
ally left their uniforms in st. Louis.
It.    II.    E.
Cincinnati     2      7      3
Chicago   7      8      2
Batteries:    Krnnime    and     Clarke;
Cheney   and   Archer.
Standing of the Clubs.
Philadelphia      9
Cleveland  10
Washington   7
Chicago           9
St.  Louis   7
Itiston      5
Detroit      5
New  York    .2
Yesterday's Games.
White  Sox   Defeat  Tigers.
Detroit. April 29.���Chicago defeated
Detroit fi 5 today in a hard fought  1-
Inning game that  was full of thrills
from start lo finish.   Ty Cobb, playing
his  first  game  of  the  year,  received
an  ovnllon   when   he  stepped   to  the
plate In the first inning, but failod to
produce the hit lhat would have scored Crawford, who singled liefore him.
II.    II.
Chicago      6    12
Del roil       5      8      1
Batteries: White, Russell, lien/, and
Kaulerley, Schalli; Hull l.nko nnd
S tana-re.
Boston-New  Vork game postponed;
this    year j wet grounds.
shirts will     Philadelphia-Washington game post-
| poned; wet grounds.
team,   has   been
invited     lo   become
Aranya Loses Championship.
Vancouver. April 89.- ~M. J. I). Kar-
pell, of Portland, has been given the
Duke of Connaiight's cup for championship harness horses by the directors of the Vancouver horse show.
The cup was previously awarded to
the Colony Farm, Coqultlam, but Mr
Karrell protested that the horse
Aranya, which represented the farm,
was unsound. The directors of the
Vancouver horse show had Aranya
examined by Beveral veterlnarles nnd
it was on their advice ihat the cup
wns given Mr. Karrell.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
unlimited engagement, commencing Monday evening next, the
Vin Moore Stock Compay
Rowing   Shells  Sink.
Adelaide; s. A., April 29.���The In
terstate   eight-oar  rowing   champion
ship  of  Australia  was  rowed  yester- j
day   in   terrific   weather.   South   Aus-
Irnlia    won.   Tasmania   was   second I
The feature of tbe race wub thc sink-
Ing   if   the   olher     competitors,     the i      ^^^_^^^_^^^^_^^^_^^^_
shells    manned    by    the New    South 1
Wales,   Victorian   und     Queensland i a-tvct P-mWsTTVnPC 1K11
crews   being   flooded   by   the    h��U|LATJ!ibJ   LUMMMkb AINU
E. I seas,
with orchestra and band
Presenting all the
be   an-
Fear Cement  Shortage.
Saskatoon.,  April  29.    A  serious  ce-,      1>..nort ni l't>     Will
ment shortage is feared In Saskatoon,      Kt-pu UMI L     Wlll
and the matter was before the board ' IlOUllCed    kltef.      One
of trade yesterday.     It   Is likely  that I u   ���:���!,,     H''VU()'4ri   11 tn
the board will ask the government to  BBOl   niglll,   O.OU-iU .-4.)   p.m.
again abolish tbe duty.   Such action Is     ...  . , ���       ���_ , _~
bdag urged by members. |   PriCeS I  lOC, 25c, and 5lk\
Owing to the heavy demand for seats for the
production next Saturday evening of Henry W.
Savage's big musical production
The Merry Widow
it has been deemed advisable to hold a matinee on
Saturday afternoon at 2:30.
Seats are going on sale this morni ig at Tidy, the
Florist's, 739 Columbia St.   Phone L184.       t
C *' PAtiE   SIX
WEDNESDAY,  APRIL 30,  1913.
Philosophy in Papers iRUSSlAN fANATICS
Produced in Prisons]    FOLLOW ODD MONK
�� HATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word por
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5.000 words, to be used ns re-
lulred within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 60o or with Funeral Notice U-00. Card of Thanks 50c per
bake shop. Grant Bakery, Begble
street.' ��"94)
preferred. References required.
Apply Box 1180 News office.   (1180)
housework; sleep out. Apply mornings, 512 Seventh Btreet.       (1190)
by sn English lady; 25 years' experience. Apply 118 Eighth avenue,
city. ("86)
vant at once;  three in family.   Apply Mrs. Watson. 406 Third avenue.
vassers. Good money proposition.
Apply today Room 319 WeBtmlnster
Trust Building. ((1152)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136   News  office. (1136)
Uge.    Apply 607 Fifth Ave.    (1192)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes Btreet.    Telephone 1, 638.
ed rooms; use of telephone; on car
Hue.    Apply  433 Twelfth  street.
small funilBhed cottage on Durham
street.    I'hone 331 11. (1171)
ished bouse, wiih hall, living room,
three bedrooms, or two bedrooms,
giving extra room, bath and
kitchen; In nice location, being
close to town aud on tram line.
Apply  English  &  Hrown.        (1174)
cosy and well built bungalow on a
largo lot. Just off Twelfth street
car line. $100 cash and the balance
monthly. Call and go with us to
see this. It's worth investigating.
Eastman & Wamsley, I'hone 312,
Room 2(H Westminster Trust building. City. (1195)
ofr;  JS00;  $150 caBh.    Apply A, Mc-
Fee, Kdmonds, B. C. Phone L 1038.
In splendid position on Eighth
avenue, facing Moody park, must
be sold. Price $1500, on terms to
suit.    Box  1153  NewB. (1153)
to purohaser, 17 H4 acres, high and
low land,'adjoining Nlcomen station
on C. P. R. Rich loam, about -40
acres cleared, mostly in timothy,
the rest easily cleared; barn 60x80
feet; good live roomed homse;
plenty well water. Price $10,000;
half cash, balance In 12 months.
Reduction for whole cash. Apply
F. Turner, De Roche P. O., B.C.
Stove,   Canada's    Pride     Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week
Canada Range  Co.,  Market Bquare.
Few persons know of the field into
which I have been making a little excursion���the realm of prison journalism, Back of the grey walls and
the barred windows of prisons and
reformatories the thoughts of prison-
era often find expression  In print.
There at* weekly newspapers, print
ed. ed'ted, wrttlen, by prison Inmates
piter." (A continued story, written
by a woman inmate at Auburn) "Why
1 Learned to Cook." "How 1 Worked
For a Living." "German and Russian Trains."
Conceptions Jolted.
When  we turn  to  the Items  from
Great  Meadow prison, our conception
of  what  prison   severity   means    receive a rude Jolt.    Great Meadows Is
Believe   That   Innocentlus   Is   Divine
and Seek Zlon With Him���Frostbitten  Pilgrims.
and they contain flashes of remorse. I the prison that Is seriously undennin
Furnished   three   room   suite,
bath.    Hot and  cold  water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Five-room cottage; good location;
Seventh avenue. Modern, well
built. $3,000. Terms: $600 cash;
$30 per month. No. 100.
On Seventh aveuue, 5-room modern
cottage. $3,30��. Terms: $500 cash;
balance 6, 12, 18 months.       No. 93.
Near 12th Street, 6-room fully modern house; price, $3,300; one-third
cash, balance to arrange.      No. 87.
On Seventh avenue west, 6-room modern house, good lot. I'rice, $3,300.
$500 cash, balance 6, 12, 18 month.
No. 94.
ished   housekeeping   suite;     phone.
Apply 326 Fourth street. (1160)
and   board,   706   Gloucester   Btreet,
keeping rooms.    224 Seventh street.
email rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light mannfac
turitig purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
On London street, wel
house, lot 50 by 132
f sorrow, of grim wit, even of bright
ness and Joy. They show that the
man behind the bars is a most human  creature.
Prison Ib a sad place. There's plenty of time for reflection and remorse:
I sometimes think I'd rather bo forgot
Than be remembered by the things
I've done;
I've often wished my name were but
a blot
* On   mortal   scrolls  of  battles   lost
or won.
Or, rather, still, I'd like to bo a child
Ab Innocent as In those other days
When  from   stern  duty's  path  I  was
Ere  I  had  reached  the parting of
the ways.
But, Btiil, i see the foly of my fears.
For something seems to say:  '"Tis
not too late;
For to whatever pert the pilot Bteers,
* He  may   return.     It  iB  not  left  to
Are you surprised that verse grows
n e-iso"? Remember the days and
weeks of cell life, the long nights,
-.he age-long Sundays, tho memories
of other days. No. there's even good
prison verse.   -John Carter wrote- poe
rv in (he Minnesota State prison,
and the Century published some of It
There's much philosophizing upon the
reason   for  things:
He made us all of fle'sh and bloou
And  we.   In  truth,  are  kin;
You In your plaoe as ruler stood,
I  in  my  place of sin.
Brother*-!   In   spirit  and   brothers     in
Only a step apart;
One life waB lost In a raging storm,
One saved by a fairer start.
Remorse  is  Undertone.
Prison papers c.ary the deep undertone  of  remorse,   but   not  all   prison
verse   is   gloomy.     Some   Is  cheerful,
reminiscent of fairer days:
De ol' norf wind again de cabin door
Possum's In de pot, an' de sweet yam
'in de ashes;
Flitch   o'   bacon   in   de   pan ���bawdy,
bear it fryln';
Hain't no sort o' music dat's near so
Corn pone am hot an' brown���pickaninnies  sighln'���
Whoo-whoo, how de wind do blow!
Ing the old theories as to the best
methods of running prisons. It Ib
really a thousand acre farm, with n
prison building in the centre, in
which the prison farrnerB sleep.
The honor system prevails.    Several hundred picked prisoners work all
over  the  big farm  everv  dav.  often
without any guards at all.   The war-
jden,   William   J.   Homer,   is   makln?
tthe very radical experiment of treat-
ling prisoners Just as he would  normal men on the outside, giving them
as many privileges as possible,  and
seeing   first   whether   Ihey   respond
honorably, and secondly, lf when thev
go  out  on  parole  whether  they eon
tlnue to prove as trustworthy aa they
did In prison.
So we find thst at Great Meadow
prison, according to the Star of Hope
a duck pin bowling tournament wa--
held in the great cell block hall on
December 29 and on January 6. The
match was attended by the greater
part of the population of that InBtitu
tion. Three teams contested, named
after the principle, officers of the In
stitution��� F. O. Lewis, in New York
���built    "room
extra  choice. |
No. 88,
At    Quednaboro ���Eight-room    house;
lot 50 by 130.    I'rice, $2,250.   Terms
to arrange. No. S6.
East end. near Royal avenue, 5-room
cottage,    modern    except    furnace. I including  himself.     Here  Is  on
$2,600;     one-third    caBh;   6,   12,  18
months. No. 82.1
But all the philosophy is not confined to poetry. Prose has its share
Of contributors. Bear in mind that
the   prisoner   has   plenty   of  time   to |
*4'f # * * # # # * * * * * * :": *
* * ft * # * # * # * * * * :": * *
John      Thomson    Nicholson    wae
brought before Linlithgrow court as
a deserter from the 3rd Battalion
Royal Scots at Glencorse.
Many horses in Irvine P' jufe-
ing from deafness as -et. It   c
the   recent    terrible     explosion
MeBsrs.    Nobel's    dynamite    factory.
A character wel lknown to Aber
deen police in the person of Samuel
Stephen, pedlar, had another conviction added to his already formidable
lint fe>r drunkenness.
In Dunoon sheriff court, Dennis Mc
Coll, who hail six previous convictions,
pleaded guilty to an asBault on his father in their house in Carolina Uow,
and was lined 20b.
The evening continuation cookery
classes which havi- been conducted in
the Burgh school, Kirkwall, by Mrs.
Anderson, during the past winter,
have been large and  well attended.
The Uev. Andrew Robertson, M.
A., assistant at Daimarnock Parish
church. Glasgow, has been appointed
assistant in Alexandria parish church,
under the Kev. James Wederapoon,
B, D.
Robert Smellie, Langholm
prisoner   has   plenty   OI   time   to I ,  "j dlfjd_ waa om. Q, ,,,��� ������,���, n0,,.(1
bear on the frailties of human beings, 1 mpn ,n Ulp boraer land.    He had en-
prl" I tc-red on hiB 95th  year, and  waB  re-
son  philosophers view ot men: garded as the oldest church treasurer
Men   are   like   cigars.     Often   you j (n (lu, cmmtrv wilh a r-tcord of over 70
West end liouse. 6 room house;  lot 60  cannot  tell  by the wrapper what the
by 160.   $2,800; ti-rms to suit. No. 7S I filler is. Sometimes a good eld stogie
Real Etate and Inaurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
where. . No collection, no charge.
American-Vancou ver Mercantile Agency, 3.,6 Hastings street west, Van-
couver, B, C. (976)
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)   $18,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Breaches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, Eng
land, New York. Chicago anil Spokane
USA, und Mexico City. A general
bunking business transacted. Letters
of  Credit  Issued,  available  with  cor-
respondents In all parts of the world.
Savlngu Hunk Department -Deposits
received In sums of $1 . and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rata),
Total AbscIs over $lS6.0nO,000.00.
Q. D.  BRYMNKH.  Manager
New Westminster District.
The following applies only to the
New Westminster Dominion Lands
Squatters on Dominion Lands In
tho New Westminster Agency who
are not located in Timber Berths will
be given until Monday, the 19th day
of May, 1913, within which to appear
nnd make application for entry.
Squatters   whose  claims  have  been
allowed,   who   havo  not   yet  secured i
homestead   entries,  will   be   notified I'B
by the Dominion Land Agent at tlieir! we are
last  known address.    In  the event of i     One
! is more popular Shan an Imported
| celebrity. Some men are all right
in the show case on display, but are
great disappointments when you get
I them home. No matter how fine a
man is eventually he meets his match.
I A "two-fer" often puts en as. many
airs as ix fifty-center. Some mon nev
er get to the front at all except In
campaigns. Some are very fancy outside and are selected for presents
Others have a rough exterior, bul
spread cheer and comfort all aboul
them beoause of what Is .nsldn. But
all men, as all cigars, good or bad.
:wo-fera. singles, rich or poor, come
to ashes at last.
t^arks  of  Wisdom.
Contributors   to   the   prison   papers
have   a   habit  of   sending    In     little
(parks  of wisdom.    Let  me pick  the
folowlng from a column of comments
entitled "pen points":
Many  a  rolling  stone stops here.
S"iiie men who jump at conclusions
land  in  here.
One satisfaction our folks now have
the facl thai, they now know where
vay  to make money following
: years.
An  Interesting  character  has    just
I passed away in the person of Mrs.
Lucy Blyth, Moffat, who celebrated
her lOtOh birthday lust May. She was
a native of Le-udhills, but went u> live-
in Moffat 71 years ago, and was the
Oldest inhabitant in the town.
While Ada Raley, 19, a cardroom
hand of New-church, Itossendale, was
dozing In a chair before the lire at her
uncle's house ln 11,-icup, a newspaper
Which lay on the fender, and on which
her feet rested, caught fire and set her
clothes in flames. She was fatally
The death occurred a few days ago
of MrB. Lucy Blyth. Moffat, who on
May 10 next would have celebrated
here 101st birthday. She had resided
In Moffat for 07 years. She was predeceased by her husband twenty-four
yoars ago, and had a family of eight IgJJ"
St. Petersburg, April 29,
angel correspondent sends a moving
description of the sufferings of the
Moldavian peasants who in mid-winter followed the fanatical monk Innocentlus over 1,000 miles from the
Podolla government to tho Muromsky
monastery, on the Onega river, where
he was banished.
Ragged, starving, and frost-bitten,
death threatened them all on the
snowy waBtes when the Archangel authorities sent a force of rural guards
to stop their march and arrest their
leader, and telegraphed to the Red
Cross Boclcty urgently asking for medical aid. Some of the pilgrims had
money in comparative plenty, for before starting northwards t hey had
sold their belongings, but lt was of no
avail to them iu the frozen wilderness.
Their number was underestimated
in the first accounts; It was well over
1,000, including a greal proportion of
women aud children. They were sent
back to their homes by train In warmed vans. The correspondent witnessed the departure of one party from
the station of N'ianiloma. Frostbitten
cheeks, ears, lingers, and toes were
the rule rather than the exception.
Nearly all the pilgrims were begrimed with dirst. Many women and children wero in hysterics. The occupants of one van were squatted on
the floor, praying with open Hililcs
before them,
Belief In Hia Divinity.
Tho correspondent questioned the
pilgrims as to the hold which Iniio-
ceiitius had over them, incredible ub
It may sound in tho twentieth century, In a civilized country, the following Is the gist cf the replies he
The followers of InnocentiUB knew
that Jesus Christ bad appeared in the
Onega region, and not in Palestine.
He was si'ized there, but was taken
elsewhere for crucifixion. "Alpha and
Omega" In the Revelation of St John
designated Our Lord and Innocentlus.
Otherwise, why wns there housing
room for 1.00(1 persons In the Murom-
Sky monastery when the monks only-
numbered 100? This was the work of
the Lord. They had been Bhown a
picture of Innocentlus portrayed as
Jesus Christ with u nimbus encircling his head and a cross und chalice
in his hands.
The   arrest   of   Innocentlus   only
served to confirm their belief in bis divinity, and they recounted how, when
lha rural guards came to arrest him,
and one of the guards tried to lire a
blank cartridge In order to Intimidate
(hem, his rille misfired three times.
A similar miracle hud occurred pre-
| viously at llalta, in  Podolla, when an
who has | Ispruvnik   (polle   officer)   insulted   in-
|micenllus and advanced  towards him
threateningly.      Innocentlus      looked
i straight Into his eyes, ami said quietly,   "Neither  thy   hand   nor  thy   fool
i shall ptlr," and the ispruvnik stopped
dead, as though paralyzed.
Seeking a  New Zion.
On   being  confronted   by   the  rural
guards   the   pilgrims   gathered   round
I Innocentlus. and had    to    be dragged
! away before the monk could be arrest-
| ed.     The   vice-governor  of   Archangel j In
approached Innocentlus.    "Where ure
yen   going?"  he  asked   him.     "1   am
going to Beek a new  Zlon,"  was the
answer, nnd the crowd of pilgrims re*
ipeateii In song, "We are going to seek
iho new Zlon."
Icnocenr'us' followers to Ihs far
north included his mother and 11 -j
sisters. When he was ni Balta, he ul
traded thousands of pilgrims to the
monastery by the power with which ,
he was credited Of casting out devils, j Stealing
Sailing very low, the airship Gam- Love of notoriety and  the amount
ma  passed  over  Windsor  Castle  the of public  sympathy  displayed  for of-
ollier  day. fenders are declared by W. J. Pringle
The king's birthday will be celobrn- chief  constable  of  Blackpool.  In  his
it,   .������-,,   ted  on Tuesday, June 3, the  London annual  report to  bo  factors  that  in-
A" Arch"' Gazette announces. �����** crime     A   man.  he  says,  has
.,.,        , ���      ���i...... only to bo put on his trla   on a grave
in a golf cimipe itlon at ( av*r*ham p
Oxfordshir,   F.     Mannings    killed    a      w,0 B,,ntlmont a)most mnLnmlml. ,a
greenfinch in the air with Ills ball.      op(,n  oppoalUon   t0  lhe  ,.xecut|on   0f
For    the    forty-fourth    coiiBecutlvo
year Alderman Joseph Mnlins, of Birmingham,  was elected    grand    chief
I    Sixteen   prize  canaries,  a  pet  cat,
tho law.
The vicar of Lancaster, at the annual veBlry meeting, called attention
to sceneB of desecration In the church
Being a place of historic Interest, the
and a hundred-year-old  picture  were church must be kept open, but many
destroyed by fire at a Dudley restaur- trippers did not know how to behave
ant. and   the   verger   again   found   people
Private William Boon, who has Just eating  luncheon    ln    church.    They
died  at  nt  Dlnnlngton  colliery,   aged miiBt   protect   the  church   from   such
78,   served   with   the   28th   regiment desecration as eating In It, men wear-
st' the  siege of Sebastapool. Ing  their hats and  even  Btnoklng  in
lloslemere, Surrey, has secured  an ���������
order granting the town urban powers, and the election of the first urban council took place on Aprll 7.
The Whip, a mare by Ard Patrick,
belonging to Arthur Collins, died after appearing hundreds of tlmeB In
the Drury Lnne drama of the same
Colonel Harrington Broom was elected mayor of Wlnchelsea, Sussex,
which has an unreformed municipal
corporation without municipal powers
Colonel William Chester Master, an
Indian Mutiny veteran, who command
ed the Northumberland Fusiliers at
the relief of Lucknow, Is dead, aged
This summer season no palmists
will be allowed on the bench at Mar-
blethorpe, Lincolnshire. In previous
years palmists havo done good bUBl-
nesB among visitors.
By its recent self denial week, the
Salvation raiBed ��67.062, an Increase
of ��9.229 on 1912. when, however,
the collection was taken during the
coal strike.
Fines paid by Cambridge undergraduates to the proctors during the
academic year 191112 amounted to
��239 4s. 8d. This shows an Increase
of nearly  fifty  pounds  ln two years.
During Easter drills by the King
Edward's Horse (Yeomanry), which
were completed at Colchester. Essex,
Trooper J. W, Taylor had his leg
broken by a kick from a comrad's
The Orimsby steam trawler Caulon-
ia, after having been on Hie fishing
grounds fur a period ot about forty-
eight   hours,   landed   about   sixty-five
tons of fish which   reallxed    nearly
Four lakes, bi longing to the Enton
Fly Pishing olub, which have been
made for fishing at Milford, Surrey,
at a cost of ��6000, have been stock-
led with nearly 10,000 brown und rain-
j bow trout.
It was stated at an Inquest nt A��-
j cot, Berkshire, on a child named Robert Huipin, who died of pneumonia
that, the mother hnd nursed the child
for two hours and put It to bed, not
knowing   It   was  dead.
Tho   mayor    of     Wullsond on Tyne
stales that the grants received  from
the   board   or   education   are    nearly
I  B2000   below   what   might   be   earned
that   dlstriet   owing   solely   lo   the
non-attendance of children at school.
Kitty,   the   trace-horse   which   Our
Dumb   Friends'   League   has   placed-
on   Putney   lllll   in  order    to    assist
bonvlly-loden  horses up the steep Incline, Is to have the benefit of a fund
made   up  of   street   collections   by   a
number of Wadsworih ladies.
In a case at Yarmouth police court
In  which  a   man   was charged   wiih
broccoli  from  a  garden,  the
The tramways committee of tho
Middlesex county council propose to
allow dogs to be carried on their
tramcurs. Dogs, or other animals,
which In the opinion of the conductor
are not too large or likely to be offensive or an annoyance to any passenger shall, lf carried on a leash, be
slowed on the upper deck of any
tram at the conductor's discreatlon,
but must be carried up the staircase.
How Sydney James Turner, a clerk
made an heroic effort to save a
drowning mnn In one of the most
dangerous Bpots In the swift-flowing
Kennel, was described at the Inquest
at Reading on Frederick William
Newman, a groom. Turner saw Newman being rapidly borne down the
stream, and fully clothed as be was,
he jumped In to the resue, a drop of
ii.-arly 16 feet. Swimming strongly,
be caught Newman when the latter
was In the act of sinking, but he failed   to  retain  his  grasp.
A remarkable story was told al a
naval court-martial which ocoupled
the whole day aboard the flagship
Victory at Portsmouth, and resulted
in a chief sick berth steward, named
Charles Stanley Bennett, being sentenced to one year's Imprisonment
and dismissal from the Bervlce. He
made a false requisition for his own
admission to the Hoyal Naval Hospital. Haslur, and also forged lhe signatured of naval medical offlcera to
various documents, certifying him to
be under treatment in the hospital
fer un injured knee.
Denver, April 29 A kiss squaro
and smack on the lips was the reword Mary Harden gave to John
Harry, head porter uf llie Bro WO Palace botel, when Barry returned to her
i. $10,000 brooch, which the diva dropped when she alighted al  Hn- hotel
door after singing "Thais," ami which
was in I lound till Several hours Inter.
Barry Is sure proud of that kiss, ami
Is now hunting fur a $3,000 emerald
ring lost at the same time. If hn
finds lt he may  get another kiss.
any  such
nml make
squatters failing  t
application before
i appear
the date
both hands on the
intloned,   tjhelr  clali
and the land i will h-
posed  of on   and  after
however, good reasoo
failing to appear and
uie'iils mi   the  land are
ns will lapse
otherwise dis-
that date If.
is shown for
the imprcve-
uf substantial
the ponies is wit
plough  handles.
The   prison    paper   Is   one   mean.'
used bv tho prison authorities to qi i
*,,".* notlci a to ih- inmati s.   The summary,  for  Instance,  published  every
reform itory,  si
The star of i
it Sine. Sim
r,f contrlbu
, reason of Innocentlus' banishment
rhen after Ross there S8Veral ,rapartial investigators main
wbo    was   associated t;lln llmt th(.r��� wa| n���th|I|(, |Mmi(ir;i|
In bis teaching or his life.
al   Elm rs
Ra  "
nf l"i
r*M   -o
v r"
value  a  further  period  of  protection  published twice u moiill
mav be allowed by the Agent in oases is the composition effor
Of  merit.    Claims  tint yet  dealt  with   tors   al   Sing   Sing,   Auburn,   < llnti i
must be filed Immediately, 'and  Oreat   Meadow   prisons  In
Squalling on  Dominion Lands with-   -state
out the authority of the Department
will not heiioefiirth be allowed and
wlll result In loss of claim and forfeiture  of  Improvements.
Supt..  B,  C.  Lands
Ottawa. ��th April, 1913. 11089)
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined
A. G.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
Week Ktid tickets on snle to local
points ut Single Fare for Hound Trip
on   Fridays.   Saturduys  and   Sundays
For rales uiul reservation apply   to
New Weattntnste
Or H.  W.   Hrodle, Ci.P.A ,  Vancouvei
PO   Box 34 O.iHy Newa Bldg
of all kind*.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
69 McKenxie 8t.
Specially-Treatment of the scalp
hy Vibro-MiiBSiigii und Olover'B Fain
oust Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
'Die   Mentor   Is   s   carious   publicp
tion of tho Charleston,:i. Mass., stall
prison,     ll   Is  entirely  the  product ol
Inmates, and Is mimeographed from
bond written, or rather, hand-printed
Let us skim hastily ilnniigli a copy
of Good Words, published by tho In
mates of the federal prison at Atlanta
Oa., dated Feb. 1913. There are tw.
leading articles on tho flrat page, en
titled   "Gymnasiums     for     Prisoners"
and   "Moving   Pictures   Installed."
On   "Moving   Picture*."
"Moving  pictures." says the writer,
"will  doubtless  become,  iu  time, jusl
as valuable an adjunct to prison work
as they have already Income to the
work   of     colleges,     churches     uu*(
A   local   Item   says:     "probably  thi
large pennants will not b" dollveret
lo the winners of the spring and fill
! pennant oonteat until the opening ol
tba spring season Of 1913, ns in tl"
case of the nig leagues." For you
Smiist know that there's a prison lea
gue ol baseball clubs In this federal
prison, and  if tho prisoners en in  thl
right through good conduct, und Industry tbey may attend the games
on Saturday afternoons.
Let us lake now ojie of tin- most
recent Issues of the Slur of Hope, the
slate prison paper published at Sing
Sing.     Here   are   some  of   the   titles
in the issue   of   February   1, mill
sons, seven of whom are alive
In a lecture on the part played by
Scotsmen In polar exploration, delivered In Glasgow, by Or. W. S. Bruce,
the well-known Scottish explorer, the
lecturer said
was  McCturi
with Hue and others In the exploration
of the Canadian archipelago right
along between Davis Btralta wesl
v/ardB. Hue was* an Orcadian who was
medical officer to the HudBon Bay
Company. He conducted two expedl-l
lions to tie northwesl of America In
IvM and 1847, and was second in (oil)-'
VCS   mand with  llichiirili-on  In  the  l-'ra'ik
pi    lln search expedition    in 1863 he dls ,
covered King William's Land to be an
inland   und   nol   a   peninsula,   as   Sir
John Boss had supposed II to I"*.  ami
tiiii I altogether Rae explored no lens than
|l.siin miles of coasl    line   ,\    fairly
goed record,
There In an appalling amount of lu-|P��1,M "'"K UP ll1"' stumps left In the
nacy in that part of Russia, generallyIground, and showed that ih">- fitted
ascribed to the peasantry eating of exactly the broccoli heads found In
paste of unripe maize instead ot leiiv-  the man's possession.
I bread. While   fishing   in   the   river   Nene
The B-ilta dii'lrict became un ellBO-1 between Peterborough and Cantor,
lute Inffltno ot the mad, numbers oil (Ieorge Ward, of New Fletton, caught
whom were brought then' in lioiids. a 12 pound pike Iwiee. The flsh
This seems to have been the principal   broke uwuy  with the hook and tack-
Boston.   April   2K.  Curfew   for   pie, I
cake, pudding and charlotte russe has I
sounded lor the 1"0U Harvard students
who dine In Memorial hall.    Breakfast
food will be served hereafter for des |
Hert.    Cereals are being served In the I
place of partry to build  up bruins of
Harvard men to a higher degree of of I
The placing of thn breakfast   foods
on the luncheon and dinner menus Is *
the result of suggestions submitted lol
the management of the college dining '
hull  by the diner:-.
In   several   of   the   COltrset   In   liar
vard, undergraduates study the brain ���
value of foodstuffs,    Wheat products
are Invaluable. Ihey decided.   The din
ing hall management acceded to tho i
conl lulled demand for cereals.
le 111 ils gills, wber they were found
when it was caught a second time.
P. T. Mills, M. P., heir to Lord Hll-
Ifngdon, has been appointed an alder
man of the Middlesex County Council in succession to the Karl of Jersey, who did nol neck reelect ion on
the ground of Ill-health, Ha Is one
of tiie youngest aldermen, being Just
.. York "401 soe'ei. people to thai A" engiiie-d.-ivi-r on the deal Nor-
old  Faubourg St   Germain, thorn   railway  named    William     Fox,
The word "iiriHl'i'T.-i������>-,' he ituid, hail' left his home lit COlwIck, Notts, for
a very real significance lu American!a ride on a motor-cycle. Five mln-
society to which money could nol le-lut-M afterward, when lie was riding
cure ad iii I uni on. There was nothing rup a lllll at Cnrlton, he suddenly col-
which resembled the French arlstoc lapsed and fell from his machine,
racy more Ihan New Turk's "400,"        | When picked up he wns dead.
Frequent     visits    to    Kurope    hud |     Returning   from     a  holiday,     John
Fenwlck,  of   St.   James  street,     New-
Paris,   April   "!i     Aiidn
uiiiros in a lecture al b flv
in ih" Theatre   Marlgny
lie    Fou-i
o'clock ten i
i om pared
in tba
���IN PILLS Uni Tben
Lacliutt Mill��, U'.ie, March  nth, 1911.
"I nut trouMe-', f-M nmny rf��r�� ivilh
Knlnev IUunse, ind * Irieml ti>bi uie to
lake C1M PILLS, Afte* taking a few
Ini-n-i-*!, I *ir*t greatly relieved, and cLcr
Blushing   the   tvreiltii   box,   tbe   paiu
completely left int.
Mv wife i�� �������� using CIN PILLS
��nd'i.-id�� Umt ��be lui been greatly
rslieved of lhe p��iii over her kidneys.
I caa HdrlvreeiH-imiend anyone suiTrr-
ing from Kidney Troui-le to give a (air
..la! to GIN i'i U.S."
We n'ilo-.T you lo mnke this trial
absolutely free of cc��t. Simply write
National Drug n'id Chemical Co. of
Can��da, Limited,Toronto,and they wi',1
seinl you a free sample of Gin Tills.
Try them. They will da you so much
gwxl that you will gladlv g-1 Ihe regular
6i;e ixixi-n at vour locnl dealer's. 50c.
t lot, <i Ier f:.50. I"
B. C. Coast Service
London. April 29,    With the end of
the  London   taxicab  strike  thn   pros- I
poets Of Of the business seem  to bo
darker than  ever
For the 3,500 cabs thai were nol
withdrawn when the strike began have
now tn compete not only with the
5,000 which were temporarily laid up. j
but also the newer cubs (estimated nt
Something  like  l,00O|   licensed  during
visits     I
brought them so frequently In contact
I with   French   society   that   they   have
' been very much Influenced by French
Kioliislvoiicss wllh New York's
"400," says M Fouqulres, la almost
truculent, especlaly towards the Noil-
veaux riches. The latter have spent
money lavishly, but Iheir manners are
In total contrast With the best society.
Ile mentioned two groups which furnished almost the only distinction
caste which exists In American ho-
eieiy. At society functions in America the same set of people always assembled. Tho possessor of great art
railleries might, perhaps, edge Ihelr
wuy close to the hedged circle, hut
the urllst, the writer and thinker, unless he had a special social plane,
never really formed purl of this
M. Foiuiuleres snld he Was struck
during his visit  to New  York  by the
I complete domination of tha American
I woman and the secondary place held
by her husband,   The latter, however,
biemid 10 be satisfied,
Castle hud jusl opened the front door
of his house when there was a violent  explosion  of gns.    lt   Is  thought
U'iiai'm Vniu-nie
t   p.   111.   HI-nl   11    4li
Leavts Vancou
und  II  |>   ei
LeftVM Vsi'i-oti'
I       lA'.ien   Viinriuivi'r
and  Noribeni  Points
fur Viotorla in a, in..
fur Seattle to a. m.
fnr Nanalmo 11 P  tn.
for   Prlnos   Rupert
p,    111.     Weilhctt-
Taft Coaches Debating Team.
New   Haven,   Conn.,   April     28,    It
was announced  here  last  night    that
Professor William Howard Tuft would
coach tho Yule   freshmen   debating
that he win niiioklng. The house
wns practically wrecked, and be was
round lying badly hun among the
During   the    weekend     ci mpliilnls I
were   mad"   to   the   London   police   of |
tho theft  of thirty-four cycles which i
���fjhiul  been  left inonnientiirily  iinatteu
io.  ded outside hotel! In the suburbs or
nn  thu kerb  outside  private  houses
The theft! Included ordinary bicycles
motorcycles,   and   two     motorcycles
with side curs.
Mm.  Hamilton, the eighty-year-old
wlfo of a Crimean veteran, al Portland, died us a result of burns. She
was standing In front of the fire In
her bedroom,  when  a candle set   fire
to the upper pari of her flannelette
nightdress. In her fright she turned
round rapidly, and the hem of tho
nightdress alio caught fire.    She was
insiiiiitly enveloped in flames.
Scantily uUlrcd, a man holding a
llible In one hand anil a fancy table
cloth In the other, stnrlleil a Burton-
mil-Trent  .Klgnnlimit   on   night   duly,
[Thn  Intruder said  he  had  1 11  lo a
! reception beld by the Chinese Kniper-
Chilliwack Service
Chllllwack   7
nml Saturday.
a. m.   Tuesday*
"Kmaiion. a Modern Journalist."  (Th
story of a plot between a banker and! the strike.
a gill, In  which  the reporter nnd C.u-'      lt   Is   generally   agreed  that   with
pld won)    "From Day 10 Day."  (Cur-', 10,00  Otaxls   Ixmdon    la    enormously
runt events.)   "Christmas Kvo on  Ju-  overcabbod.
loam for the annual debute with
Princeton and Harvard. This Is the
llrst time ex President Tuft hns taken
an acllve part In undergraduate activities since comliiR to New  Iluven.
and oilier microbes. When lhe
signalman nsked what he was doing
with tbe llible, the man Indignantly retorted thai it was not 11 pineapple.
Leaves  wastmlnster s n.  tn,  Mnmiuy,
Wodno-Mluy ini'l  l-'ilitay.
UD, 110ULKT, Agent, New Westminster,
11. w. UHODim. 11. v. a, Vanoouver,
Transfer Co.
Offlc*  Phon*  185.      E)��rn  Phone  137
Begble itr-t.t
l'.��Hi:agn  D-atlveted Promptly to
any purl of the city
Light and Heavy Hauling
n r.
New Spring anil Summer Suitings
now on dliiplny. See them. Perfect
fit ami workmanship guaranteed. 701
Front Street.
i WEDNESDAY,  APRIL 30,  1913.
The Emerging Chinaman:
Freedom May Undo Him
The alleged ungrammatical word
Chinaman' In the headline to thia article   Is   risked   because  the   phrase
used seems lypiciilly to state the condition of the Cliini se race at Hi" present moment, From whichever an-
gla one views China���China in her
gov run.onl <-r China in any avenue
,.i lie in her wonderful people,���one
sees change.
Yet Ii is precisely ihe nature of
that change upon which E/UropcanJ
writers in the country fail to agree.
The consequence is that the subject
i f China cannot yel be fully or accurately understood by tlio white
Sec lhe Chinese far away down In
Java, in the tin mines of the Federated Malay States, In thu BhaftB of
lln- rickshaw of the S'raits Settlements cr Indo-Chlna, and one finds
them Die same as he has always
known them; yet they are for the
uu st  pari   changed  irrevocably.
The Chinese Is found in many
places outside Ills own country; yet
here he would be tiie same Chinese
as you would find In his own wonderful middle kingdom. He Is the
world's hewer of wood and drawer of
water. A new country opens up. John
Is first brought along under a signed
Indenture to do a certain thing, and,
lf he lives, he does It faltfully and
iiiiinuruiuringly, and returns home at
llle end of his agreement.
Hul later on he comes again of his
own free will, and sets lo work in
another line, piles up money, and
makes the- place, prosperous. In
course of time he may, in dally life,
become somewhat alleniated frcm
his own  country,    No  man  quicker
than Uie Chinese absorbs the life of
another  nation.
Vi i 'o a remarkable extent his own
Chinese characteristics remain with
blm untarnished because be looks
forward to Hie time when be will go
bomo to die.
This is the kind cf Chinese In
whom on- finds today iho least
Passing tl.e  Manchu,
* 'he lapsing of the Manchu. whilst
thoroughly understood by hlm and
appreciated to the full makes very
little difference to him outside china;
and, tin n fore, be has not been called
upi *, io chang * very much, His life
Is mucb th" same daj after day.
II Is lhe same today under the
British or the Dutch government as
!��� was when the Manchus were going
strong us the alien governors in his
i ,-n land. Therefore, If one finds no
Mini change in the Chinese, it Is
ami ng this class.   As matter of fact,
they i:lill wear Ihe queue, many of
them. In British Malaya, in .lava, in
Rangoon, and other eaatern places tar
ri moved from his old home, the Chin-
t se unconsciously retains this kind
of subservience to the Mancbruo.
llin he has changed in outlook if
not In manner, He talks to you about
the change in his great country, he
tells you of many strange innovations
thai are coming that fill you with *
amazement as you listen. Hut you
realize that he is far from the scene
���of activity, nnd does not follow Chins
emerging  soul   very  closely.
Uut you come nearer to China. You
arrive at. Hong Kong. Here there
nre not the same people as there use-d
to be, Burely. They are t-neriretc ;
and hard working -yea. ns energetic
and hard working ns any race lu the
world - but they have changed terii- j
You miss the black hairy appendage and the black, greasy mark that
It made down the man'B bnck; you
miss the peculiar baggy clothing, the
l"iig loose sleeves, the silk trousers
tied in at the bottom. The brilliant
coli rs of the ordinary Chinese In his
ordinary dresB. You see this terrible
<!ian*.:e on the face of the country,
but you hardly know what It Is. If
you have been out of China for many
yearn you  are  bewildered  utterly.
Yon   wnteh   lhe  people  around  ynu.
wiih close-cropped, briBiiy black hair,
und high Mongolian features, yellow
ns a guinea, all of them could puss
probably for Japanese.
They are verl-hatted and verl-coiit-
���ed and varicolored. They ape foreign milliners and foreign clothes.
"Tailors who Beem to have sprung Up
i ut of the earth have oldthed this
Btrange people In clothing often
strange nnd wonderful to behold,
Trousers of the alleged foreign cut,
almost n i wide as the legs are long,
swing nw-kaidly ground them as they
try  lo   hurry.
Coats i-f OStrOClOUSly evil fll have
been swung on to the hacks of them;
they have Btuek n cheap Japanese
r.'lt or a cheap cloih cap on their un-
kempt bends -and tlmn they have
turned their bacisj on the clothing
��'f tlieir ancestors.
People's Awakened Interest.
Thank heaven, however, this Is not
universal I
Now nml again one ran rest his
���eyiiB upon the more pleasing object
of a Chinese-dressed Chlneae. Hut sa
common haB thlB alleged European
clothing become among the common
people that ones boob plainly enough
thai u fairly Btout end of the wedge
In  already   In.
If you have noticed change so far
on your Journey to China, your arrival st Shanghai will astound you.
Chinese? -these peoplo you say, are
not the ChlnoBe that you left some
years ago. The changes thst have
oorae to them ure too numerous lo
try  to  detail.
In addition to lhe changed clothing
nnd Ihn discarding of the queue and
the silk trousers and the little round
rap,  you   will   find   that  the   man   In
tho street   Interests  himself in the
government, In lhe military, In tho
BChools, In the press, In publlc matters   that   hi   one   Ume   hnd   not   the
slightest concern for the common pen
Among the people there Is a iienin
<f freedom whloh Is noi always not.
abused, Tin' proletariat says lhal.
the ManchUS have gone; they will
polnl you io their Yuan Shlh K'nl,
Cell- own I.I Yuan llun;;, their own
linn Yat ;-'' n real Chinese who have
row  lhe  power lo rule.
in ihe Chinese atmosphere there is
ii sense i.f elation ui tin' change Hint
IthC cnlalt'lshiiieiil of the Republic-^
Ii.-IB   brought,     Hill   whilst   the   people
cull out loudly aboul tbis or tlmt feature of lhe new rule, il is not for a
moment meanl that they understand
whal Ihey are culling out about. Uut
still, they are encouraged to do It���
and it may he that they will learn In
this  way.
Mere striplings, who have had a
year or two in America or Kurope
or Japan, are oflen sent out as officials into interior places. They have
no idea of ruling jusl ly - because
s' tne uf them should themselves be
still lit school. And bo lt Is rightly
suid that such new rule in China
means lhat the Republic serves the
people worse than the old regime did.
In some provinces right through to
Kansu and Tibet, right through to
Szechuen ami Yunnan, there Is anarchy and misrule and bloodshed and
robbery, and all the evlla that could
have been sent to the people as a
chastisement by the gods whom the
Chinese have worshiped for 40 cen-
turioB. In other provinces there is
How   Will   China   Emerge?
In some parts there is lawlessness.
In others absolute order reigns, and
progress runs apace. There iB real
advance in some areas; terrible retrogression In others. Reform and
genuine desire to go ahead, stagnation and utter official hopelessness.
In such conditions It is easy to see,
when one takes Into consideration
the size of the country and the widely
varying conditions of life among the
people, thai writers find It Impossible to agree. In one area one writer
declares that China Is now on her
last legs; another, looking at life
frcm another angle, In another area,
sees nought but progression and national  uplifting.
But, however much thoy disagree
upon lis effects, one and all are
agreed about the change for the bet-
l i ' r worse, the next year or two
ah ie can probably determine.
What I have written deals only
with tin- common millions of Chinese
al home and in different pails of
the '.ii. It does nct touch the gov-
i mun ":i:il outlook, of course; it does
not deal with the wabbly condition
<f finance, which afier all, is the very
life ef a nation in this age.
't. will merely show that the estab-
llshmcnt of China has worked a tremendous change on tho face of the
ppople, ami the man who knows his
China besUrtiiua'. admit that, no matter how mucb there may be In the
change that we do nol admire, and
".hich we feel Is making for national
destruction, the Chinese as a people
:i uo part if their history have
shown such independence of thought
and action as characterizes tlieir national life at  its present juncture.
Hut this very freedom and in large
measure act as they please may even
yet  be  their  undoing.
Noted  Physician Attributeo Meat  Eat
Ing  as Chief  Caute  cf
Dread  Dlceate.
London. April 2'.e- "The calculation
is made that at the present time 25,-
000,000 cl the world's population art'
destined to die of cancer," is Dr. Rob
ert Hell's summing up ot an ortlch
on "The Therapeutics of Ciincer," in
the  Medical Times.
lie bun no -specific cure to offer, although he believes that lleih eating
Is the chief cause of the trouble. Pre
volition Is better than cure, so he de
sires a campaign of preventive work
but In the cuse of the 25,000,000 of
whom he speaks It Is too lute for men
prevention. They have the disease,
bo he asks for other measures,
Use of the Knife Fails.
The use of the knife he oonaiders
lo have fulled, though he still believes
there ure cases where operation Is
necessary, He quotes sir Benjamtu
llrodle, Professor McFarlune, Professor Wuinh. Dr. Weedon Cooke, Pro-
[essor Byrne and Sir .lames Paget as
supporting his belief that operation Ib
si idom necessary.
A clean lower bowel, In his idea, is
the  one  desirable   thing,  and   In   his
attempt t" vet this ami thus to cure
even lute cases of cancer he beliOVBB
In lhe uneTif utoxyl. He Concludes hia
paper by saving:
Diet Cure Only Success.,.
"There la no doubt, 1 think, thill <>r
nil the remedies that have heen employed by the hypodermic method at
oxyl Is to he preferred befOM any oth
er, nnd I have hnd ample experience
of the most of tbein, for I have not
hesitated to give n fair and honest
trial to nny agent which bun been suld
to have proved UBeful In other hands.
"Among these I may mention Dr
Schmidt's antl-mereitam ctiprase urn!
ruprion which are both colloids of
copper and wcre largely extolled by
certain French surgeons; also sole
nlol, which Is a colloid of selenium,
every one of which have proved ubh
Iobb In my hands as remedial agentr
In rancor, and I have employed them
In nil formn of the disease.
"From un extensive experience I
have heen forced to tbe conclusion
that the only succeBBful method of
treating enncer connlsts of a reformed
diet, unremitting attention to the
sanitary condition of the colon ahd
the strict observance or hygienic law,
together with tlle various local mens
urcs I have enumerated,"
Dresden to Copenhagen.
Diohdeii. April 2K. ()f seven Bpheri
cul balloons, which started lust evening, hi tween 0:10 and Of49 o'clock
from this ciiy in the elimination race
to determine the choice of the tier*
mun  representative in   ths   Bordon
Rennet I   International  race,   which   Is
Iii lake plaoe next lall In France, four
* were reported nt  4 o'clock Ihlu morn
ing In the vicinity of Copenhagen, Denmark, All were proceeding in a
northwesterly     direction     over     thu
North  Sea.
Pioneer Rules tor Good
Conduct���Sage Precepts
Lansing, Mioh., April 29. -Superm- If a stranger speak to you In school
tindent Wright, of the etate public In- stand up and answer him with the
itructlcn department, recently came same respect aud ceremony, both In
Into ownership, through tbe death of a j word and goBture, as you would speak
relative In the east, of an interesting  to your teacher.
little vest pocket volume which was,      Blow  not on your meat when It ls
according to the preface, compiled in   too hot, but wait with patience till lt
1830.    The title of the    volume    Is: ibe cool.
"The   Polite   Preeent.   or   Manual   of      Smell not your meat, nor put It to
Qood Manners and Rules for Children." The publishers were Monroe
H Francis, Boston. Some of the rul(B
ire    worth    reproduction.
some selected at random from the volume:
Vaugh not at your own story, wit or
Repent not the words of a superior
who asks you a question or talks
wiih you.
If vour superior be relating a story,
Bays nOt, "! have heard lt before," but
attend to It as It it was altogether
new to you.
Stare not In the face of anyone,
especially your elders at thc table.
Look not earnestly at any one who
your nose; turn not the other Bide ot
It upward to view It on your plaie.
Piny not wantonly, like a mimic,
are j with  your fingers or feet.
Onaw not your nails, pick them, nor
bite them with your teeth.
If   your  superior  speaks    r.nythlng
his   work,   preten-i   -t   to   help   hlm
lit   nor to prompt him. t.'*
Hoast not In niscuurss of your own
wit or doings.
If your teacher sneak to ye" .<*.
un and bow, making your answor
It your teacher be dlscuBBing the
school with a stranger, stare not confidently at them, or hearken to their
Some perBonB have a trick of hold-
Is eating. ling   on   persons   to   whom   they    are
Never grumble nor Bhow discontent speaking by the button or the hand I"
at anything your parents appoint, order to he heard out, coubcIoub, I
speak or do. | suppose,  that  th'-lr  tale  Is  tiresome.
Fix not your eye on the plate of an- ]>ray ���,��� er <'.o this. If the person yen
other, nor on the meat on the table.      ppeftk I ��� If net willing to hear your
Never pick your teeth at the table; ' f ,,,rv y u hnd much better break It
neither pick your nose nor Bcratrh (pff ln i*.t -,,|,idle; for If you tire hlm
your head. once he will le afraid to lifiteii to you
Filter not Into company without a  1( b,.cond time.
Never enter the house with your
hst on; nnd always bow to any strati
gers you may meet  nt home.
If you pass your parents nt any
place, where you see them, either hy
themselves or with oompany, nlwayB
bow to them
Never take another's chair If lt be
vacant for a short lime. It Is impolite.
Fating very quick or very slow Is a
' ohurncti rlstic of Ihe vulgar. The tlrst
Infers that yeu have not hnd u good
meal for rome time; the Inst, If
I abroad, thut you dislike your enter
talnment; If at home that you are rude
enough to set before yonr friends what
you cannot eat yourself.
Jehu  H. Anhut on Trial.
,.,..,, New  York, April 18,   John II. An-
Coma  not to    abe  without having *n       onp t| ���   ,  ,���    ��� K
���imr        Itnnila        n twi fnrn        urnahiwl        rli lit   ' ._ ,
Thaw, wlll be tried May II on nn In-
washed   and
your   hands   and    face
your own hnlr combed, \
I-oan not your elbow on tho table, ]
nor on the bnck of your chair.
Take not salt with your greasy
l,ook not boldly or wishfully In tho
tare of your superior.
Stand not before your superiors
with your hands in your pockets;
scratch not your head, wink not your
eye, but modestly look straight before
Whisper not ln romp-any.
Anewi r not Ota thai Ib speaking to
yon until he Is done. ���
Ixill nol when you lire speaking tn
u superior, or spoken to by hlm.
Strive not with sirperlorB In arguments or dltaourse, but easily Biibmlt
your opinion to ihelr assertions,
If yonr superior speaks nntyhlng
wherein you know he is mistaken,
correct not nor contrudlcl him, nor
grin nl the hearing of It, but puss over
Ihe error without police or Interruption,
Bawl not ni- ��� ' in making complaints ut school. A boy's tongue
Should  never  be  hoard   In  school but
in answering a question or saying nis
dlctment charging him with bribery
ln connection with an attempt to
liberate Thaw from Matteawaa asylum.
Japanese Envoy ts United States.
San Francisco, Aprll 2S. According
to advices received here today by the
Japanese-American Sorokti Fhnru. n
member of the upper house of parliament will leave Tokio on May 10 for
the United StateB where he will endeavor to Btrengthen tlle friendship
between the two countries and act as
pence promoter.
Every, Woman
In Infrt-nU'il nml (tiould know
I lliniit tbe <s uii'liirlul
Marvel fjgfg*
Ask {onr dmnrlst tor
It. Ir nt emmot inpH
tlm   MMtV)'.!.,  ���Ctcpt DO
oiiior. but himhI Mump f"r 111a��> .
trM.'il book - pptilfrt, Tt ilvi*�� full
MltlttUtfl ftnil dir-tvtlnnnlnT'iloHbla
<������  iiuitl Ag��uU for Culliulu.
The Morning
is thc only effective medium for advertising your goods to
Ret returns on the same day.
The busy housewife, intent on buying in the best market, reads the morning paper and immediately decides to
purchase some of the bargains advertised .
Advertise in the morning and sales are immediately
made. Thc first thought of the thrifty buyer is to learn
the latest prices; the latest prices arc published in the
morning paper.
Wideawake merchants who want quick results from
their advertising use
Let us talk it over with you.   Call 999 and make an
appointment. f     PACHB BIGHT
WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  30,  1913.
Remember ihe Pi��or��e
Remember  lhe  Place
33 Eighth Street.
Tomorrow is the day of the great pioney to be expended on waterworks
'100 In oue day" Y. M. C. A. member- ' '
Noel'B Orange, Lemon or Ginger Marmalade, regular 26c.
value.    Today 2 for 35e.
Coffee���Mocha and Java fresh
ground,  3  lbs.  $1.00.
Sunshine Canned Peaches,
regular 20c. value. Today, 2
for 25c.
Mooney's Extra Cream Sodas,
per tin 25c.
Pette'S Pure Dutch Cocoa, V2
Ib tin 30c,; 1 Ib. tin 60c.
Cowan's Unsweetened Chocolate. yz Ib. tin 25c; 1 lb. 45c.
Westham Creamery Butten,
3 lbs. for $1.00.
18 lbs. Granulated Sugar,
Veal Loaf, regular 20c. Today 2 for 25c.
Robin Hood flour, per 49 lb.
sack, $1.70.
Worcester Sauce, good quality, per bottle. 10c.
Radish and Green Onions per
bunch    \c*
Rhubarb, local. 4  lbs w.
New Potatoes, 3 lbs 26:.
Fresh Celery, head   10c.
Cauliflower,  head    20c.
Ben Davis, In 4-t!er, excellent
value, per box $1.25.
3 dozen Davles, Eggs, $1.00.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
Mr. D. B. MacKenzie will return todav from a business trip to the Capital City.
Pretty May Day hats for girls and
children at MrB. Agret's, 69 Sixth
street. <U��8)
The birth of a daughter to Mr. and
Mrs. Archie Hogg, 361 Hospital street,
Sapperton, haB caiiBed great rejoicing
ln that Household.
Dance In Jolfhston's   hall,   Sapperton, 'Wednesday, April 30.    Rushton's
orchestra    In
Bowell, M. C.
ship campaign and the teams which
will enter into the contest for the
honor of bringing In the greatest number of new members are busy getting
into trim ".loin the worldwide brotherhood Of the Y. M. C. A." will be the
slogan borne by all canvassers for
new members.
Pertab Singh, who was committed
for trial by Magistrate Edmonds in
police court a few days at;o appeared
before his honor Judge Iloway yesterday and elected for trial before
the assizes. The accused was represented by Mr. J. P. Hampton Bole,
ball being set nt $2000 personal bail
with two sureties of $1000 each. Bail
was forthcoming, i
Ladles free.
W.    P.
Are You
that your executor will
keep your securities
earmarked and separate
from those belonging to
It is only by this
method that you can be
sure that no loss will
occur to your heirs
through the failure of
that executor.
This is one of the
many points about executorships regarding
which we are able to advise you.
A talk on the subject
costs you nothing���
does not even entail an
The Retail Clerks'  Protective association  held  Its  first  meeting  In  the j
Labor Temple last evening when temporary  offlcerB   were   elected  and   a
general  discussion  took  place as  to,
the benefits to be secured by such an
nili be placed before the electors at
a not far distant date. The matter
was brought up before the council on
Monday evening when Councillor
Mayne Btated lhat it the council
wanted to grunt all the requests for
service a bylaw would have to be introduced for more money. Nothing
definite was done, however.
Eton street, between (iilmoro
avenue and Carlton avenue, will
shortly be opened by the municipality
at the estimated cost of $250.
Edmonds street will be continued
four chains east of Sixth street In
order to accommodate the settlers iu
that locality. The cost is placed at
A road between blocks 34 and 35,
D.L. 34, will be opened up four chains
east of Barker avenue at au estimated
cost of $100.
An expenditure of $276 wlll be
made ln opening up Humphreys
avenue to Fulton  avenue,  10  chains.
On   the   recommendation    of   the
You Have Two D
organization. Another meeting will (municipal engineer the council has
bo called during the next two weeks authorized the clearing and grading
when It is expected that the charter of Mary avenue, between fourteenth
Call  in  and
over today.
talk  it
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
���The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
The halibut steamer B. C. P. arrived In port yesterday morning with
a catch of 40,000 pounds. She will
leave again for the btMa tomorrow
Miss Davey has removed her millinery buBineSB from 204 Agnes street
to the Carnarvon block, nearly opposite the Russell. .       (IT66)
The BrltlBh Balling vessel Bay of
Biscay is expected to arrive at the
Fraser Mills within the next few-
weeks where she will load lumber
for the United Kingdom.
For everything electrical see W.
Dav. House wiring and conduit work
* specialty. (1078)
Mr. C. H. Stuart Wade, publicity
commissioner and Mr. H. B. Leash,
photographer, left yesterday for Lake
Coquitlam to take photographs of the
city's waterworks and surrounding
Plans have been prepared by Gardi
ner & Mercer for a fine bungalow on
Sixth avenue for Mr. 0. P. Milne. Thi-?
will bo of the California style and
will cost about $5000 when completed.
The charge of keeping an opium
Joint laid against Charles Deuble,
butcher, was dismissed yesterday by
Magistrate Kdmonds, on the ground of
Insufficient evidence.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Oet
good bread. Hlghth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (968)
The court of revision which Bat yesterday morning for the purpose of
hearing appeals against the Sapperton
Sewer assessment, had no duty to perform. There was not a single appeal
to be adjudicated upon.
Construction work was started on a
new apartment block at the corner
of Tenth and Agnes streets yesterday.
The block Is being erected for Mr.
11. Jones of Victoria by the Smith Contracting Co.
(let your lawn mower ground al
Swiinson's, Begble street. We hnve
special machinery for doing this work.
The lladden lumber mills at Cloverdale which has been closed down for
lhe  past  two  years,  has  been  taken
over  by  the Campbell   River  Lumber |
Company of Blaine.  Wash., and  new |
machinery is being installed.
Second hand sewing machines for
sale from $10 up. C. N. Edmondson &
Co corner Sixth avenue and Twelfth
atreet. (1074)'
The board or directors of the Uoyal
Columbian hospital will meet in the
board of Irade rooms this ufternoon
to award  the  contract   for  funilsliing
thu new  hospital.   The meeting will
be called  at  I  o'clock.
Our bread in full weight, pressed
down und running over with goodness
and dellclousneHs; try lt. Home
Bakery, Sapperton. (1187)
A social nnd dance will be held this
evening in the Hunitiitlam agricultural
hull under tbe auspices of the West
Coqultlam Conservative association.
Dancing wlll begin at 8 o'clock to the
BlraiiiB of Peck's orchestra.
The New Westminster and Vancouver Automobile clubs are working together  on    it  scheme    to  mark    the
! loads leading out of both cities which
| are the most favorable for motorists.
I    Mr   1.   Avory White, secretary of
[the school board, and Mrs. White have
left for a brief visit  to Calgary     Mrs
While has been Indisposed for Bome
tune and il Is believed that n brief
sojourn In higher altitudes will havi
a beneficial effect ou her health.
will have at-rived from the International headquarters. Some 26 namea
bave been entered as charter members, ^.ry.
The bridging of Cultus creek by
the construction gangs of the Canadian Northern railway will probably
be completed on Saturday evening and
will allow the track laying to be pushed forward another 15 mlleB until Anderson creek Is reached. The bridge
over the latter creek will be one of
the larrest of the small sized structures and will take about six weeks to
complete. It Is expected that the structural steel for this bridge, which will
be about 1100 feet long, will arrive at
the banks of the creek within three
weeks' time.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Gardiner have
returned from a visit ln California
and have taken up their residence In
their new home at 328 Third street.
CANNING���Tbe funeral of the late
Corporal William Canning, of the
Manchester regiment, a veteran of
the Afghanistan and Egyptian campaigns, takes place this afternoon
from St. Mary'a church, Sapperton,
at 3 o'clock.
Corporal Canning is the first
National Reserve man in the city to
pass away and he was one of the llrst
to join.
It Ib hoped all old service men,
naval and military, will attend the
obsequies and National Reserve men
are specially appealed to to roll up
and pay their last tribute of respect
! to their gallant old comrade.
GLADWIN���The funeral of the lato
John Ernest Gladwin, who died in
the Royal Columbian hospital ou Saturday, will take place this morning at
10 o'clock from Howell's undertaking
parlors. The body will be shipped on
a H. C. E. 11. car to Langley Prairie
where interment will be made. Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Gladwin, the parents
of the deceased, arrived yesterday
from Idaho to attend the funeral.
SHEPPARD���The funeral    of   the
late Ethel Margaret Sheppard, the
ten year old daughlwr of Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Sheppard, 216 Ninth
street, who died at the Royal Colum
lunn hospital on Monday, wlll take
place this afternoon at H o'clock from
Murchie's undertaking parlors.
avenue and Richmond street, will be
done at the coat ot $850. Thia street
is well settled and forms the'principal
access to a portion of the residential
section of Edmonds.
Dow Road.
The council has practically decided
not to authorize the opening ot Dow
road from Irlvlng street through the
West Burnaby school grounds as the
cost of the purchase of the land
necessary from the Bchool board for
the Btreet would be too great. A petition that the road be opened was received from Mr. J. I). Johnston and
45 others. The following is the municipal engineer's report on the matter
which was presented to the council
and passed on Monday night. "Tho
proposed extension of Dow road
would separate the Bchool grounds
(into two portions leaving a triangular
portion containing 0.93 acres, which
: was recently purchased by the school
board, completely Isolated. Figuring
the purchase price of the proposed
extension at the Bame price per acre,
$7142, which the Bchool board paid
for this property, the cost of the
road would be $5192. Even though
the school board would be willing to
allow of the proposed road thus intersecting the school ground which Is
unlikely the cost of purchase would
be too heavy for the funds at our disposal."
The Coquitlam municipal council
have applied to lhe Burnaby council
for water service on their side of the
North road and adjacent thoroughfares which are well Bettled. The request will probably be granted us
soon as the new water servloe arranged for between the city of Vancouver and Burnaby la turned on. At
| the council meeting on Monday night
a committee was appointed to interview the Vancouver water officials as
1 to the date on which the new- service
to Burnaby would be Inaugurated.
lt   Is   expected   thai   the   laying  of
box  drains  on   the  North  road   rrom
the   creek    near   Government street
north for 25 chains will greatly eliminate the annual    expenditures    that
have been  made on  the  road  heretofore repairing damage done by washouts,    The  municipal  engineer  in    a
; report     to  the    council    on     Monday
improvement to the
for  itself  in   a   few
of  laying the    box
To Take Advantage of Our Unparalleled
Offer of
20 Per Cent Discount
Sale Continues up to Evening of
April 30th
$20.00 saved on every $100.00
You Can Buy Now and We Will Store for Future Delivery.
Agents for
"Try New
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
reckoned that the
road  would  pay
years.    The  cost
drains will he $*
Still Creek  Bridge.
Edmonds.  April   29,-���The   proposed
new   bridge   over   Still   creek   lit   the
point where    it Intersects    the    I'ole
Line   road   will'be  of   the   King   Bolt
typo according to Municipal Knglneer
Muoiiliersoti's    specifications.      About
850 linear feet  of timber will be used
in the construction.    The cost of tho
bridge Ib estimated at $11,850,
Overseas Club.
Al   a meeting of the Overseas club
land registry office have been i |n the Moreton hall here last evening
d    by    the  provincial  govern, the   following   officers   were   elected
the ensuing year:     P,  11.  Brown,
Provincial   Government   Accept   Plans
for  Additions.
Word was received by  Messrs. Gardiner   &   Mercer   yesterday   morning
ili.it the sketch plans for the additions
to the
ineui and that with the completion ot i for
the final plans which will lako about
a month's time, tenders lor tne con*
Btruction work will be called for.
It Ib the Intention of tint government
according to Mr. Gardiner, to have the
work ull completed before the winter
| season BetB iu so thai little time will
be loat when once the contract Is let
The num of $30,000 was appropriat
ed ut the last session of the legislature
but it is understood that should this
Paid up Capital ai
Assets    ....
Trusts und
d  Surplus
r Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
president; Mr. 1,. Thornber, vico-
president; Mr. j, n. Duncan, secretary-treasurer, A commltltee of 11,
consisting of six men and five ladles,
wore also appointed, Messrs. J. A.
Dadds. K, Godwin. Hunter Stride, J.
A. Lewis. A. McKee, Iff. F. Haines,
and Mesdames Dadds. Haines, P. B.
Iirown. Whltelaw and MIbs Whltelaw.
The membership fee wns placed at $1.
.The club  will  hold  a  whist  drive on
figure nol be enough to complete thi j Mllv u   , KtUlmmU
work  the government   will  make  up;
the deficit at the next schbIuh of tin i .  . .     . .	
liouse at.  Victoria.
from our newest department All the latest and
popular magazines and
weeklies kept in stock. Will
deliver if you prefer.
BIR lUMUmj U   OSIER, M P , I'RiaililllT,
i o. Matthews, vice presisent,
A. BOGERT, General Manager.
C-aplUI p��nl up   - $5,000,000
Rtioi-ve Fund $6,000,000
TeUI Alllll $70,000,000
148 Columbia  Street
Phone 453
Making A Banking Connection
Directors of corporations and business firms In the process ol
lormation, are Invited to consult with the Dominion Bank on all
financial matters.
The policy of thl-i Bank Is to extend (idlest b inking facilities
to progressive firms and corporations.
.* *
,-   -,.-   \f   -,<-   -if  W   -.:    ���������
Hiiildliig   material,     cement,     lime,
hard plaster, gravel,   hand,   crushed
rock, fuel oil anil all kinds of lowing. I
Apply, the li  C   Transport Co., Ltd
'phone 826.    Wharf 'phone, 880.   1173) 1
Edmonds,   April    HU     Asking    that
Important Items   of newB   regarding I
ithe municipality bs forwarded to Mr.;
I J. li   Turner, agenl gem ml for Urn-High
Ish Columbia >n London, England, tin !
provincial bureau of Information, Vic- i
torla, inn* written   to   tho   Burnaby
Call now and inspect our!
complete    line    of    Sprint/
OFFICES:���Vancouver. Victoria
New     Westminster,     Nanaimo,
Calgary,     Regina,     Winnipeg,
Montreal,   London,   Kug.,     and
Antwerp, Belgium.
council. The Idea of such correspond'
ence was favored by tbe counoil, be
fore whom Hi��' letter was read on
.Monday, ami Reeve McOregor wan
Class   Ladlen   and   Gentlemen's
l.orne   Slreet.   Now   Westminster
nno Main street, Vancouver
Because they are from
own ranch.
3 dozen for $1.00.
Phone  98.
h  and   Produce.
447  Columbia
Work waB started on the new block
al   lhe  corner of  Fourth   avenue  aad  authorized to nirange for th
Thirteenth   street   hy   Messrs.   Ilyslop; "f the news Items.
and i.ighiiioiiy    This will be a frame,    Onder some amendments made by
Structure   nnd   Will   consist  of  stores   the  municipal  council  on   Monday   to *
and apartments, costing oboul $8000.|the trades' license bylaw, dealers In
The silo is owned by a t'liliiaman. explosives  Will   in   future be taxed  $6
i every six months,    Junk deal, rs will:
The  City Treasurer wishes    to    re- j be assessed   $6   for every  six   months
mind     water    consumers     not    using i and  when UBlng u vehicle will  be  re-
meters  that  the  date  for  saving the | quired   to  have   their  names  and   nd
dress printed on the left band side ot
Developing  and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
rebate on the present quarter year's
advance payment of water rates expires on the 30th  inst. at 5 p.m.
Not siillsfled  with catering to local
i und district  trade the firm of Denny
���*.*   lloss  are feeling  well  pleased   Ihls
! week  at  shipping  a carload  of furniture to Quesnel In the upper country.
The   shipment   will   be   unloaded   at
Ashcroft   where   It   will   be   taken   by
I wagon to Quesnel.
Mr. Edward King of the Hcott road
Btatlon on the H C, F. li. hns arranged tor the erection of a frame resi
deuce io cobI iii the neighborhood of
$3000, Mr, .1 I*' Willson Is preparing
the plans which Will be Of a half timbered design,
Curtis Drug; Store j
I'liins bave been prepared for the
I erection  of  tt  handsome   residence  to
he  erected   el.   Fraser   Mills  tor   Mr.
Ilalplf Booth.    It will be a stone struc
For   PHOTO   GOOD^   9PECTACLE8   tur(,  costing  In   thu  neighborhood  of
$6000 and will be erected on a natural
torrncp  overlooking  llie   Fraser  river
and    the    towuslte of  the Canadian
I W intern Lumber Co.
and  SEEDS.
Phone 43:   L.  D.  71;   Re*.  72.
New Westminster. 8. C.
the same In letters not less than two
inches In length. Hawkers or peddlers
when resident    in   the   municipality
will pay a license    or    %U    every    six
months Instead or $10, as was assessed  Ihem  previously.
The opening of Eighteenth avenue,
seven chains cuhI of first street, hus
been authorized, The estimated cost
is $175.
Oxford street will be opened up
three chains west or Gamma avenue
at an estimated cost of $nu.
Tin-   Hlllll   or   $'Jiill   will   be   expended
by the municipality In widening uud
Improving   Marlborough     aVOnue,     12
chains north or Imperial street, This
Street  was  temporarily  opened  lust
year, but as several good houses have
been constructed lately it is considered that the Improvements are warranted.
Water Extensions.
On account ol the ever Increasing
demands from all parts or the municipality ror water service extensions
It Is very probable tbnt u bylaw authorizing ihe  borrowlnu of u Bum of
Columbii Street
Phone 57
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines al-
ways    work    perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Machine Works.
Home For Sale
re  Is  h  splendid  home for sale cheap.    In a good  lo
lion's l'ark nud new school,
even  large comfortable rooms  wllh
basement!  on a large lot, 68x132
No.   1���ll<
callly  nenr Un
It  tins  seven   large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modern  convenience;  full basement!  on a large lot, f>nxl:i2 r-c.et.
This place Is below value uiul   tho   terms   are  nuch   that  nlmost
anyone ean handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $753  CA3H, balance monthly.   If you wnnt to buy
n home let us show you Ihls place.
Agents for  Pacific  Coast  Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employsrs'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Fraser Valley Division B. C. Electric Lines.
Effective April 20, 1913.
(Subject to Change Without Notice.)
Train No.
BA8TBOtmt>, 8 4 6     "  8    Hxpreen
Lve   Vancouver     8:16    12:16    15:15    17:15    12:30
l,ve NKW WESTMINSTER   B'.IB   18:10   16:08   1H:15   16:00
Arr Huntingdon    \H.tin
Arr (Ihllllwtrck    11:65    15:50 20:55   1!1:U0
Train No.
WESTBOUND, 1 8 5 7    Mv     ss
l.vo Chllllwack   8:80   18:10   1H:00    - lo
l.vo  Huntingdon        7 10
Arr NKW WESTMINSTER    !>:30     11:1��    15:50    20:40     ll 30
Arr Vancouver   10:20   12.06  10:35   21:30   1050   :
D: 66


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