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The New Westminster News Apr 8, 1914

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 Volume 9, Number***^
Price Five Cents,
  I Full Text of Order of Court
Famous Western Freight Rates Case Finally Settled by       jn   Nulling   Freeman
Judgment of Dominion Railway Commission���Ques-
tion of Discrimination Between East and West Disposed of���Manitoba Standard Tariff Applies to B. C.
Lake Section���Decreased Standard on Coast.
Bottle License.
The    Defence    Has    Absolutely    No
Merits," Says Judge���"Flagrant
While* there still remains certain
le ual proceedure to no through before
the Thomas Freeman bottle license
Is revoked, it Is almost, a certain'}-
that the* order absolute made on Monday by the honorable Justice Gregory
in Vancouver will result in the can-
celling of tin- permission granted by
last year's board  under the Freeman
Ottawa, April 7,   Tbe Dominion rail- Manitoba standard tariff, will apply
way commission  banded down  their Ito the other two -prairie provirioes and
judgment in the western freight rates ' tho ��ritis-> Columbia lake section     A
, , ,, somewhat higher, but decreased stun-
case    tills    afternoon.     This  famous j dard   ,���  to applv   to  the  paciflc  8ec.
hearing was instigated at the urgent tion. By this readjustment Manitoba
request of the Winnipeg board of traiie ' retains her present standard tariff and
at the latter end of 1911, commenced I the other provinces benefit by a sub-
under  the  chairmanship  of  the   late   stantial reduction.
Judge Mabee, and concluded under j Special distributing tarift'B to ap-1 license to do a bottle business.
Chairman Drayton last autumn. The ply to all the cities of the west which I In handing down his written jndg-
commissioners In the judgment just ��� do a jobbing business are put Into | ment in the matter his lordship was
brought down deal with traffic west I force on a practical equality with those j very definite on the point that ihe ap*
of  the  great lakes  iu  a comparative   now   enjoyed   by    ..innipeg. | plicant  for the  licinse had  not coin-
manner and order a readjustment and i Through rates from eastern to west*; plied with the requirements of the
substantial reductions in many classes : ern Canada are to be based on the municipal act. As the honorable Jus
���of the rates. The question of discrlm I rates from the head of the lakes, lt
Ination as between eastern and west- j is estimated t'eiat this will moanSa re*
ern rates, whicli was the basis of the! duct ion of from ", to 12 per cent.
bearing,  is disposed of by the  board Local  Flcur Rates,
on the ground that the lower rate's In l��cal rates on grain and flour are
the east are; justified by water com tei be reduced by a direct reduction of
petition and by competitive rates | from 20 to 20 per cent and by a pro*
south of the border. -The general vision that the local rate shall not be
question of the reasonableness of the ! greater than the furtherance rate on
western rates is thus made the main , grain going to the head of the lakes.
>*-u<-. Irrespective of the rates In tbe There is no reduction in the through
east, and the order of tbe board con- rates on these commodities.
stitutes a readjustment involving n** The Judgment further provides for
ductlons. a reduction on coal rates from the Al*
Standard Scale. i berta   mines  and   from     the    Souris
The  main  readjustment deals   with   mines; on farm produce between prai
the fixing of a standard scale of max!-   rie points and on a number of other
mum freight rates for the prairie sec    commodities,
tion, the Hrltish Columbia lake section | No reduction is ordered on live
and the Pacific coast section, the low- i stock rates, on cement rates, or on
est   scale   In   the   west,   namely   the, sugar rates from  Vancouver
1 he appeal court unanimously who, after Investigating it, bought it
handed down a decision yesteroay in , tor a quarter of a million, the share
which, it Is believed by lawyers will *'lich is saUI '" -*** K01-** t0 Atkin
ha,- a far-reaching effect on ttfeBSBSlffiS
action.* m the future establishing, as | estate and going over his papers XV
lt does, the right or a debtor to pro-1 F. Hansford, of this citv, came across
peity given iii security for a debt ��� the copy of the agreement between
over and above the amount borrowed. ' Cleary and Atkin relative to the |600
1 he action was entitled Cleary vs. , loan and the transfer of the mining
At kin and liritaiinia l-and company, share. Action was Immediately Start-
IV. J, Whiteside. K.C.. and W. P. ed, W. F. Hansford and XV. J.'wiilte-
Hansford, of this city, appearing for ' side appearing for deary's heirs and
the plaintiff and Sir Charles Hlbbert: Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper acting
Tupper f���r the defendants. . for Atkin.    The  heirs  to the Cleary
Several years ago Frank Cleary, at'. estate sou;ht  to have Atkin held as
thai  lime resident In  Vancouver, bor-1 a mortgage trustee
rowed  from  Robert    Atkin    $500    to j ma
meet a note. He gave Atkin as secur*! the   $20,000   loaned   Cleary  over  and
ity an interest in a Vancouver island   above the $500 debt and the legal in-
mine- on the understanding that if the i icrest thereon,
debi  was not paid in  thirty days At- Cleary  Estate Wins,
kin could sell  the mining interest to      In  the  supreme  court   before    the
reimburse himself. | honorable Justice Morrison they won
Died in Asylum. ��� and an appeal was taken.    This was
Cleary never paid the debt, con-1 heard in January at Victoria and ves-
oernlng which nothing was heard for terday the five judges of the court
several years, and In the meantime ; of appeal decided unanimously in
be went out of his mind, was com- - favor of the Cleary heirs, deciding
mitted to the asylum and died there,   that  Atkin   must   account   for  every
Then came developments In the af-: cent, of the $20,000 above the $500
fair. The mining property was iand the interest to whicli he legally
brought under the eyes of capitalists,1 is entitled.
Friday, May 1, Date Set for
Children's Event This
Voting  for  Queen  of the  May   Next
Week���General Committee
Elects  Officers.
New   Westminster's   May   day
nortgage trustee of the estate and I geant to be held this year on Frldky.
d0.~'n,tabl(' JZ,th<} bala,lcfi ��i  Ma>' '��� '��� t0 be a grand affair and so
Four  Gunmen   Convicted   for   Slaying
Rosenthal,  New York Gambler,
Refused Reprieve.
Assies   Wil!   Continue   Until   Present ' Judge in Wett Virginia Says Tyranny
List of Cases   la  Disposed  of��� of the  Press  Is Greatest  Evil
Criminal Trials Follow. Threatening   People.
That the civil assizers which opened     Martin sburg, W.v., April
in this city yesterday, with the honor* ' Alston    C,.   Dayton,    of    the
able   Justice
tice  Gregory   pue   it,   there  had   been
"flagrant   non-compliance."     concluding with Ilie statement, "The defence
has absolutely no merits."
The Judgment.
Following is liis lordship's judgment in full:
The license herein was granted under Sub-Sec. 3 of Sec. 318 of the
-Municipal Act, Cap. 170 R. S. 1911.
There is no other authority for grant*
Inig a bottle license.
Si c. .'Mil provides that no license
shall be granted under that subsection until the provisions there prescribed shall be, complied with -and
no real attempt has been made to
comply with the same in fact there
is a flagrant non-compliance ll i.s
unnecessary to enumerate all that
has not been done, but is quite sufficient to stale that whereas this sec
tlon requires that petitions for the
council lie signed by at leaBt two-
thirds of the lot owners and also by
at least two-thirds of the wIvcb (If
iiivi of such loi owners. It appears
from the evidence before me tha*
net a single one of such lot owners
signed the petition.
o    ,,   ��^!r P'e'efT."^!^   ,hat I court of appeals.    In    denying    their
BecUontsa of  he ae pro ides  ha i f w       . tria, h   week
no    petition    .unlet    the    sub-sectiou ; time for their
shall be received, acted  upon or con- . ���?, Thp Pxact datp ��� |ix(,d _y
Appeal Court Judge Raps South Vancouver Prosecution���Bread Was
Sold on Sunday.
Albany,   N.   V.,   April   ".--Governor       Vancouver,   April
-"Selling   two
Glynn   refused   tonight   to     commute j loavts of brown bread; what a ground
the death sentence of the four gunmen convicted of slaying Herman
Rosenthal, the New York gambler, or
lo grant ihem a reprieve until after
the second trial of Former Police
Lieutenant     Charles     Becker,     They
for bringing proceedings. In my opinion this was a prosecution that ought
never to have been brought. Bread is
a necessity. In the greatest of all
prayers the Master has taught us to
must die by  electrocution  some  time e _\y   Give ub lain day our dally bread '
next   week,   probably   Monday.     Thelii <��� ���. a���i^.,^���% -��.,,_ .��� .  ���a \
Sldered   by   the   board   unless   it   shall
have*,   in   addition   to   each   signature j
thereon   a  statement  of  the approxi-
t'hat no time may be lost the general
committee last night met in the board
of trade rooms and made preliminary
arrangements. A chairman and committees were appointed and the secretary instructed to write the trustees of
schools in the Fraser valley, New
Westminster district and Vancouver
inviting them to participate in the
celebration. It was also decided to
meet each Tuesday evening when committees will report their week's work.
Voting among the school children
for the Queen of the May will be inaugurated on Monday and polls will
close on Saturday, April 18. The ballot boxes will be placed in the offices
of The News and The British Columbian.
The treasurer last night reported a
balance in hand after making a substantial-grant to the firemen's Christmas cheer fund.
J. J. Johnston is master of ceremonies, the other officers elected last
night being as follows: Robb Sutherland, chairman of the general committee; D. E. MacKenzie, secretary; F. P.
Maxwell, treasurer.
The following were appointed chairmen of committees: Parade, Fire Chief
Watson;  collecting, J. .1. Cambridge;
May  day ball, chairman, D.  E.   MacKenzie,   floor   manager,   A.   Beattie;
purchasing  and   finance.  D.   B.   MacKenzie, with Chief WatBon and J. J.
Johnston; music, C. I). Peele;  sports,
W, E. Maiden; May queen voting, R.
Sutherland, C. D. Peele and J. J. Cambridge;   decorations.   Chief   Watson;
publicity, A. G.  Baber;   folk  dances.
H.   H.  Johnston;   boy scouts,  W.   M.
i Uhssmtn;   May  <to*en  ���iand.  T.  K..
It 'ta an aniotnea dally request and 11-,, ,. r, *    -       --
am    convinced    the. legislature when\^*toS;   _*y ?�������cn committee, *D. K.
tt conferred  powers upon municipal!-   ~*cKeM!e* J- J- Cambridge and J. 3.
ties  to   pass   byalws   never  intended   J��h*uslon*
that   it   should   be   used   bv   them   to       The arrangements  for the   window
make it impossibe to obtain bread on : dressing   competition   for   The   News
the  warden of Sing Sing prison.  t ,,..��� ....
It   would   have  been   a  miscarriage | Sundays.     Daily   bread   means   more | cup and other prizes was left to the
...*,,.���   eeeset,,,-,*   ,,-,������   , ,���*   ��,,���,,,,-    ., , of Justice to have granted a reprieve,   than the bread  we eat;  it means the! vnbl.city  committee   to i report.     The
wheh   Zcl    net Hon   refers     o      the ! th* governor Bald in a statement. The I source of recreation for the body and M��00ratfon  committee  wil    report  on
res d nc    or t rZ> of each person I ca8p "' ��"> four *unmen do,>s "", de    for the soui' and tne Practice of inno-   <he �����"er of awarding prizes for the
In  no instate  i" ' !J��,lld ���>��� tne least on the result of the   cent sports and pastimes ou this one    be_st decorated autos in the auto pa-
siuning the sam<
Clement   presiding,   will, States court for the northern district   this  done-and   the   board     therefore I ?��^*J����*>  *�� '�����"��? �������������    ���  *�� * ^^^i*-**1"* th*
be    no I federal grand jury at the beginnlngl th
charging    the ' never had  any  authority   to consider
Bit   Straight   through   till   the   list   is 'of West Virginia,
wiped out;   that  there    will
Easter recess bevond the adjourn- : of the local terms today said In pan
ine nt from tlle eve of Good Friday "Next to the aloon. the tyranny of
t 11 the day after Kaster Monday, and the Prp8B Is the greatest evil threat
that there probably will be no more enlng the people of the country and
Civil cases taken up when the pres- , our civilization. For twenty years it
ent llit is exhausted till after the , was a common expression that 'it
regular spring criminal assizes, were must be so for I saw it in the news-
ihe main developments at the first f papers.' But today the press of the
ri-iv nf the neasion country is given over almost entirely
When coiTu opened yesterday his to the publication of ��� e-ws that is ! ed by granting Mr. Craig s request to
lordship had the full list called In unjust and its injustice and unfair-
order to see just what work was be- ! ness has caused millions ot readers
ton- him Many of the cases te; \ to misjudge and condemn men In all
down for hearing either have been : walks of life. Looking at what tne
settled or are in process of arrange-; newspapers said of the late Admiral
ment and there are about eight left ! Sampson shows the malicious tend-
io be heard. Some of these promise ��mcy and Influence of the press. . .
io be fairly short, so ihat the court i "The Associated Press is the larg-
should rise by the end of two weeks, est and most Influential news agency
when there wlll be B lapse till the ; in the world. This gigantic monopoly
criminal session for the spring opens. Is selling the news to thousands of
I newspapers and this service Instead
of being news in n fair and impartial
manner,   is  made   to   serve   personal
i and  selfish  purposes,
"I hope that the time will speedily
'come when conibinat'ons of rich men
videiice  lias   been  offered  him  tend-| common law of England.'
Thus spoke  Mr.  Justice McPhillips
The llrst case taken up yesterday
was one entitled Ditcham vs. Cub-
tanc-. and Involves a dispute over a
loan of $4iM)0 arranged through the |
medium of the defunct People's
Trust company, of    which    $2700    ls|
order, etc.,  in question
As to there being no copy of the
resolution of the board produced--
before me    I think that can be secur-
tile it now. whicli I do.
The other objec!ioii3 are answered
by the decision of the court of appeal
in Rex vs. Point Grey license commissioners 5 W. W. R. 572. which de
cides that certain proceedings are
applicable to the present case.
The defence has absolutely no
merits aud I think the applicants pro
oedure sufficient���the order will
therefore be made absolute
Ciretici (Dago Frank). Harry Haro- j passed by the municipality prohibiting
witz (Gyp the Blood). I-ouis Rosen- j Sunday trading was against the law.
burg i Lefty Ixrale) and Jacob Sejden- j and upholding Chief Justice Hunter of
timer (Whitey Lewis).
elid  not  he
claimed to have remalued on deposit I or employers of labor on the one
with that company when it assigned. ' h"'id ni'd the laboring men on the
,i R (irant of Corbould. Grant & other will be represented by a law
McColl is appearing for the plain- bac'e d by public opinion. . . . I hope
iff and J. 1). Kennedy, of MoBrldo to see the time when nobody or no
a.* Kennedy, for the defendant. organization  will  have the power to
Perhaps  the  most   interesting  case I prevent   non-members   i-om  oM.iimri''
e.n   tin*  list   is  that   of  the   Parish  of   employment because th
Holy  Trinity  vs.  the  Lord  Hishop of   lone;-to labor unions."
[lew Westminster and lhe Society for ���	
the* Propogatlon of the Qospel In
Foreign Parts, in which will be
threshed out the dispute over the proposed removal of the cathedral to
Vancouver and the sale of the see
house ln this city which was undertaken by Hishop de Pender and ob
Jected to by the- parish of Holy
Trinity. In this case (Ieorge E. Mar
tin appears for the parish, J. H. Grant
lor the society, and A. I). Taylor, K.
C��� for the bishop. This trial Is
lather far down the list and in all
probability will not be reached till
next week.
Rev.  Dr.  Price Convicted  by  Conference of Methodist Church.
New     York,  April     7.    "Guilty    of
prudent   and   uninitiisterlal   conduc
C'nolnnatl, <>.. April 7.���Professor
\V. 1). Bancroft, of Cornell, aiuiouncfd
the   discovery   of   a   light   known   as
Three--Bandits    Dead.  Two    Injured,
While One of Party  Escapes
with Loot from Bank.
Prince Rupert. April 7.���Three rob-
the supreme court in declaring the
bylaw ultra vires.
���Mr. Waldron who has a store near
the ccrner of 25th avenue and Main
street, had been fined $10 and costs
by the South Vancouver magistrate
last October on a charge of selling
two loaves of bread, valued at 16 cents
to a boy on Sunday, Oct. 5.
In his judgment which exhaustively
discussed the laws passed by Charles
II for Sunday observance and the practice of the early church councils which
had passed into the common law of
England, Mr. Justice McPhillips said
that a Pharasalcal observance of the
Sunday was never required by law.
He quoted from English judges to the
effect that a baker baking dinners for
his customers on a Sunday  was  tier
i he
electric firefly' in an addrc-s at, ,K,r8 wera 8hot dt,ad. two wounded.  rorn)|ng a work 0, ,u,cessltv and tnat
  ���""'���"",   not  fatally, and   one   escaped   with U^e Sabbafa would be much better ob-
$1100 after the party had held up the se;, efi by ��� bftker baking dinners for
Union Hank of Canada at New nazle- customers On Sunday ill order tbat
ton   this  morning.    As   the   robbers , nja CU8tomera might go to church.'
Mayor Gray and Delegation at Winnipeg    Interview    Vice-president
Bury of C. P. R.
convention    of    the
Chemical association here today.
Tnis   light    resembles   the   phos-
phorescant glow of a flrefly, but   is
not yet commercially available.   Pr��-1 duslied  to the hills 2nd citizens anj,    chief Justice Macdonald in his writ-
feasor Bancroft  made the announce- the polire fo]lowed flr-ng as fast as  ten Judgment, said that the provincial
ment of his discovery  In a paper in * t|K,v cou]d work their guns.   Just be-
which he declared  that light wlthOUl j fore pu|ninK **-le shelter of the trees
Ileal   is a  near possibility, ! three of the bandits were killed.   The
Professor Arthur  I..  Day, professor | two wotlIlded struggled  on. but soon
gave  In.    None Of the pursuers were
The  ���.ling  .ire  believed   to  he  Rus
Rebel   Leaders   Disregard     Unofficial
Protest of U. S. and Determined
to Carry  Out  Order.
of the psycho-chemical library at
Washington, D.C., who has been making an extensive Investigation of volcano conditions, read a paper on the
chemical problem of an active volcano. He said he hud found water
vapor in volcanoes, u question which
has been in dispute by scientists. He
also said, that, contrary to popular
belief, he had found the temperature
at the mouth of B volcano higher
than in its interior.
legislature had no authority to confer upon municipalities power to make
bylaws which had the effect of criminal statutes, of which power parliament was the sole custodian.
"1 do not say that the province cannot regulate and control Sunday trad-
sians, one of tlieni being well known , jIlg Dut they cannot make criminal
in New Hazleton. About 1600 Shots laws to enforce Sunday observance,"
were  fired   in all  and   nearly al!    of [ sajd the chief Justice.
the   available   ammunition   was    ex- j ,
In a wire received by Acting
Mayor Jardine from Mayor Gray at
Winnipeg yesterday morning Intimation was given that plans are under
way for a revision of the C. P. R.
schedule between this city and Port
Coquitlam which will be considerable
convenience for passengers using the
branch line while the company will
also consider a proposition to give a
special rate between Port Coquitlam
and New Westminster on market days.
The New Westminster party, including Mayor Gray, Alderman Kellington
and t'ity Solicitor ... G. McQuarrie,
the latter also president of the board
of trade, visited Vice-president Bury
of the C, P. K. while at Winnipeg in
connection with the above matters.
The mayor stated In his wire that for
the present the C. P. R. had no intention  of electrifyin^-lke- liae.
The New Westmlnste? delegates in
attendance at the hearing of the grain
commission, left Winnipeg Monday
night and are expected here Thursday morning.
Former Slave Gets Freedom.
Mount Vernon, 111.. April 7���Samuel
, Bradtri, a  former slave who claimed
Despite   t0 bt, 123 vtars old, died here today.
Oscar   W.   Undervocd   Is   Choice   of
Alabama for the Cenate.
Birmingham, Ala.,  April 7.���Oscar
XV.   Dnderwood,  for nearly  20  years
Policing the Ocean.
Sin Francisco, April 7. Radio Inspector R. B. Wolverton, In charge of
government wireless In this city, today announced the adoption of a plan
for policing the oceans by wireless.
An operator is to be kept on duty
every  moment of the  day and  night
representative of tlle Ninth Alabama j a; the customs house, keeping in
district In the lower house of con-' touch with stations at Bremerton,
gress. swept the state in his fight i Point Loma and elsewhere as well as
with Congressman Richmond Pearson ! wltb ships at sea. It is expected
llobson tor nomination to the I'nited j that the system will prove of value
Stales  senate,  according  to  tonight's; ,0  tno  treasury    and    labor    depart
returns  from  yesterday's   Democratic , m,.nts   ������  checking  the  smuggling of | burg..    Rockford and Galva previously
orimarles.    Mr. llobson conceded vie j opium and  Chinese
Juarez,   Mexico.     April
expressions of Washington's unofficial
displeasure  at   the   expulsion   of    the
Spanish   colony   from   Torreon.     the
I purpose  of the  rebel   leaders  in  this I
the verdict  of the court of the'regard was unshaken today. St. Paul. April 7.   Prohibition forces
N w York conference of the Method* i    it is learned from an authoritative  scored  heavily  in   todtfy'8  municipal
1st   Episcopal   church   today   against rebel  source that   General  Carranza  Elections held by Minnesota cities of
Hv    Dr,  Jacob   B.   Price,  pastor    of j and  General  Villa  are    In     thorough ) th,- fourth class, according to returns   tory  to his opponent  today, although   be   installed   also  at   New   York
the Washington  Heights church,    dr    accord ofl  the subject, and  that    the   late  tonight.     Madison.  Marshall,  LU-  returns still were Incomplete lonight.   Boston,
tendant on charges made by members Spanish subjects throughout  the re- verne and Canby, for many years the:	
eef his congregation, public,  as  fast   ns  other states  may i leading saloon towns of southwestern! Stricken With  Parajysis.
Two other specifications, one acous- fan into constitutionalist hands, will Minneosta, today efttered the "dry | Greenville, s.c. April (.���-Bben s.
Ing Dr Price of "Immorality In con-lhe treated exactly as at Torreon and ! column by small majorities, and bhe Draper, former governor of Massa-
duct, In violation of the morn! law," |Chihuahua. anti-liquor forces pointed to this as chtrsetts, was stricken with paralysis
nnd  the other of "Indulgence of sin- . ��� a  great victory. I in   his  room  at  an   hotel  hers  today.
K'hicago, April 7.���Illinois women
swarmed to the polls today in nearly
300 townships and as a result it is estimated that at least 12 counties have
been added to the 30 which now bar
The country districts saw the greatest gains in anti-saloon territory, but
12 of the larger wet cities switched
to the dry column, two that were dry
remained anti-saloon territory and
eight remained wet. Of the larger
cities the following which wore wet
voted dry. Bloomingtou, Decatur.
Belvidere,  Canton,   Kreeport.    Gales-
Stations are to
n d
ful tempers and words" were nol bus
t.i in ed.
rt was the judgment of the select
committee, which reported to the
conference, that Dr. Price' "should be
Delay Tolls Bill.
Washington, April 7, -Confronted
by telegrams from gulf and Pacific
coast ports urgins public hearings ou
the bill proposing thev repeal of the
tolls    exemption     provision    of    t lie
Disappointed���Suicides. Litchfield,   for   20   years   ;i   saloon1 his   entire   left   side   being   affected
Dedhani Mass.. April 7. Disappoint- town, went dry by a majority of 43,, hate tonight it was saiel that the pa
ed In the'failure of the town to pur- and Mantorville, Trney and l.uverne' dent's condition was unchanged but Panama canal act, the senate Inter-
chase the home of his boyhood for a ! also entered the dry lists. Cannon that he was In n" t.."""eli;.t*' danger. | oceanic canals committee decided to-
high school site Charles II. Miller a Palls remains dry. The liquor forces | Mr. Dragcr, who Is 66 years of age. day io give 15 days, beginning next
nnd hereby is admonished" ns ,, re- dealer ln istatlonery, 68 years old.! won In Sauk Centre anel also were suffered a similar stroke two years Thursday, to hearing both proponents
-ult of his confession on the first killed himself today hv inhaling il- successful in l.esueui-. their majority ago, but since that time .as been and opponents of the measure which
���specification luminating gas. Iin the latter town being 13. I actively engaged In business. [ passed the house.
were dry. The following cities remained wet: Springfield, Quincy,
West Galena, Rock Island, Dixon,
Aurora, Waukegan, Alton and Moline.
Enter .Airship Race.
San Francisco, April 7. -Eleven aviators today filed their names with the
committee in charge of a 325 mile
race from San Francisco to Bakers-
field which ls to take place on April
20. The contestants already listed
are: Silas Chrlstofrerson, Hobert Fowler, Roy Francis, ll. \V. Hlakeley, 'Harry
Christofferson, Otto Hybitzkl, Harvey
Crawford. Gus Selgfried, Charles Roy-
ste ne. Frank Bryant ami Glenn Martin.
WEDNESDAY,  AFRIL  8.   1914.
An lie.i* p.'mie-nt niorninfi paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster snd
the Freeser Vaney. Published every morulas exoept Sunday by the- National Prlnttns
and I'liielishing Company, Limited, at G3 McKenzie Stri*et. New Westminster. British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
ah communications slioulei lee addressed t" TUs New WestmlnBter News, and not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
payutek- to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, utiu ; Bditorlai Rooms (all departments). '.*;���!.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, tl per year, $1 for three months. 40c per
month. By mail. $:��� per year. 26c per month.
ADVERTISING   RATES e,n  application.
ing out of the order from Washington prohibiting the use
of liquor on all vessels and in all shore stations of the
American navy.
Deep   Interest   Shown   at   Washington
in  Proportional  Emigration
Scheme of Dr. GuIic!<.
Washington, D. C, April 7.���Political circles in Washington are taking
deep interest in the plan of Kev. Dr.
Sidney I.. Qullck, of Japan, for tin'
settlement of t'.ie Immigration prob-
lam. Dr. Ouiick is a missionary of
the American board (the missionary
ml ., ,. ...   mmmm���______________m>  , societv ef the Congregational denomi-
Ine other nations will watch with interest the work- nation) and has been in Japan for
twenty-six years lie is dean of the
theological department of the Doshi-
sha, the leading Christian university
of Japan, and also lecturer In the lm-
mm^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^m^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_a_^_^_^_^_^_���_���__ perlal at Tokio.   lie is
Other things being equal, the modern employer of la- ���� furlough in this country.
bor prefers a man who does not touch intoxicants to one a?^to1ioffltS?on^Sfif��i���
who is not a total abstainer.   For some time the United tiona, ��������''ro -* waB Questioned dose-
States has barred intoxicants from the 'tween decks and | ft ��1topS^fMi%,Si7toCl!
settlement of our difficulties with Japan, but also to a law covering Vhe
entire alien problem. A bolder and
mere' original measure has rarely
come before congress.
President  Wilson became interested in the proposition and after an ex*
r,i, , i ���bb^hhb      i-i       i .tended  interview  with  Professor Gu-
L ne new order, ma democratic nation like that across j 110k aBked him to state the proposition in writing, promising to give iti
careful consideration, Secretary Bryan was equally cordial. A significant
feci is that tiie* Japanese ambassador,
Viscount Sttieini Chlnda, is advised of
the new proposals arising from tliis
unexpected source and is co-operating
Gulick's Propcsal.
Professor Qullck advocates the limitation of all immigration to 5 per
cent., annually of those already naturalized wltb their American-born children. This rate would allow to enter all   w'ho  might come  from   no*-'h
the experiment has proved an unqualified success. According to official reports, the prohibition of alcohol to
the men has rendered alcoholism among them almost a
negligible quantity, while at the same time the officers
have been allowed to have their wine messes.
which are handicapped in the marketing of their wares by
the government which permits them to exist and which
extracts an enoromus revenue from them.
Therefore, if the United States government believes
that liquor is injurious to the navy, it must at the same
time admit that liquor is a menace to the whole nation and,
if that be so, why make fish of the sailor and flesh of the
The bottle licenses may stop, but the bottles show
every symptom of going on for some time to come.
hard time to get themselves placed in the Irish home rule
the border, never should have been required. When liquor
was taken from the" seaman, the gunner and the stoker, it
should have been removed frcm the reach of the officer
on the quarter deck as well, but the failure to do so at least
has given Secretary of the Navy Daniels an opportunity
to exhibit the courage of his convictions and, in the matter of drinking, to place the entire personnel of the navy,
officers and men alike, on the same footing.
The whole question, however, has one curious phase.
Il leaves the o-overnment in the position of officially and
, i      ��_j   ���   .��� ��� x������#f'��� ������?,,�����,, ,..l-,;���K !f ta A,.,-,-,,. I Europe, would cut down immigration
strenuously condemning a traffic from which it is draw- from70'uth :im, east Europe and aiiow
in"* an immense revenue.   Technically, the new order with onlv n silent immigration from Asia. I]
respect to the navy is an injustice to the liquor interests, ^8JftTi?e^ror^CuUfadnd
which are permitted tf) carry on their business and which j so in- in equal harmony with the dig-
are taxed at a rate above the ordinary trade pursuit, but | Dl��h��f ����n<;lple oll wllI(!h be baBea
this rate is that we should admit no
more aliens from any people than we
Ion assimilate. Assimilation, how-
l ever, takes place largely by means of
those already naturalized, who know
the languages, customs and id-als of
both lands.
Professor (luliek also urges a bureau
| of registration, all aliens to be    and
to   remain   registered   until   they   income  citizens.     Tin*  annual   registra-
tlon fee should be. say $10,
He also proposes a bureau of education to set standards, prepare textbooks and hold examinations free of
charge. The registration fee should
be reduced with every examination'
i passed. Complementary to this, be fa-
1 vors  ei  bureau  nf  naturalization.  C^r-
TVie olive branch and the dove of peace are having a tmcates ot graduation from the bu#*u I
mmm***       �����*������*���     Sxexexei mmmmmmmmmmmmm ���"**" | of    Cel ellett ioll    1111(1    Of    good        bl'llliV    T|
from tie bureau of registration hie iii! '
be* essential to naturalization.
Day for Naturalization.
All new citizens, he believes, sho
take the oath of allegiance to the fl
on 'he Fourth of July, on which da
there should be processions with ban
tiers  and   badges,   welcome*    oratie
and responses.
Eligibility    to    American     cltli
ship s'.ioiild be based on personal qualification.     The   mere   fact    of     race
should be neither qualification nor a
Such a policy. Dr. Cluliek I intends,
would completely solve not only the
perplexing Japanese problem, bul also
the d eaded yellow peril, it wi uld put
America right with Asia, maintain and
tlpppen our international frle'f Ishlp
and help to promote the uplift of
China and secure our share ol the*
enormous commerce which Is t e ile*
velep between China and the wesl In
the near future.
Whatever may be judged ;is to tin*!
merits of Professor Gulick's bill, all
must recognize the measure as Intended to be highly constructive, a genuine
contribution to a most difficult problem. That it should arise* from :i mis
Isonary is only one among many evidences as to the high quality e.r tin*
men being sent to the ftyelgn lands by
the leveling mission boards
If there's any chance of hog cholera spreading to the
man who takes up twice his allotted room in a crowded
street car, don't let us fight it for a while.
Some healthy town, this New Westminster, with only
two cases of infectious diseases during the month of
Not to be outdone in political fashions, New Brunswick is to have a graft scandal and the gentleman accused
is no less a person than Premier Flemming.
An Italian convicted of murder in California tried to
stab the prosecuting attorney.   One would naturally sup
pose ihat he would have tried to work out his grudge or
the lawyer who failed to get him off.
Well, the evidence is all in in the matter of the Dominion grain elevator for the Pacific coast. If the evidence is
what counts that grain elevator is as good as located here
on the Fraser.
After Huerta's persistent denials of the capture of
Torreon by the Mexican rebels, one is constrained to recall the farmer who, when lie saw a camel for the first
time, took another chew of tobacco and remarked in disgust, ' Rats! There ain't no sich animal."
Put It Up to Wilson.
Terre Haute, Ind. April V.
gate ���*. representing 21,000 coal minors
of Southern Indiana In convention
vi bi rday adop i d .-i resolution calling upon President Wilson and con-
gt'cfs to "uphold the con t" r
tin- Unit d States" In behalf < ; the
s'r.kin;.'. miiieiK el Colorado,
Third Teeth Cominp.
St me rs,   Conn.,   April   .".    Mr
pin min !-. Loughlln  88 years old  wn
assured  by a dentist  today thai  ie*r
swollen gums, the Boreness of whicli
empted her to ge*e a teething ring,
presa red a new Bel of molars. Mrs.
Loughlln says her first teeth n vor
amounted to much, but -with her m*c-
ond she could masticate tough steaki
unt I 20 years ago. Already sin* has
���ir three lower teeth pud the upper .
set is due in a week or so.
Xi'Ifoii, April 7. -Announcement
that a small plant to demonstrate the
existence of platinum iu the dyki
rocks of the Nelson district will be
built here and In operation in a few
weeks has revived Interest 'in the
platinum question, which has for two
years been tbe subjeel of controve ey
among mining men.
During the coming summer tli" only
marble quarry in western Canada,
open which $300,000 has been evpend
' d in devolonmenl work by George
Car others, of Winnipeg, will become
a shipper, recent work hiving oik":. .!
a largo floor of fir:*:', class marble
P.O. Bt/x ����� Dally  Newi  Bldg
of nil  kluds,
Fvt4tS right.    Satisfaction guarantied
-ill McKsnalt St
Starting Tonight
Stock Co.
Of Twelve Talented Artists
Tonight and Thursday Night
George Barr McCutcheon's
Great Play
"Beverly of
AH Seats Reserved
Children, 10c, 15c
Phone 1068
ZANIA VAUGHN-Leading lady
M SNflGROVf--leading Man
fRAl (dcQUARRIE-Characters
S. M. GRIEEITH-Characters
CLAUDE BRENNAN-General Business
JULIA EEHR-Characters
and Last but not Least
LILLIAN GRiPEITH-The Best Character
Actress on the Coast
Nights Only-4
Accountant. Telephone 1U47. Ruuni
.'.���  Hart  Block.
P. H. .Smith.. W. J. Oro.ea.
A'ork unelertaken II city ami out��lde
point* 211-11 Weeu.ilnater Trust lib'a
Phone   364.     P.   O.   Hox   61)7.
NEW   WESTMINSTER   LODGE   *\*e>   -j
it. r. p. IS. nt l>  c. meet the first imrt
third  Friday at  8  p.m..  Laboi   Temi li
Seventh   .met   Ite.yiil   avenue,     A    We-ii-i
Gray, i*;.\*<iie*,i Ruler; P. 11. smith Bue.
n tary.
and third Tuesday in each month at *
tun. in tin. Labor Temple. David
Boyle,  Dictator;  \v. J. Qroves,  S'-cre-
regular meeting ot Amity louat, ,%..'
27, I. O. O. F.. Is held every Mond��
night at t o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hill
^HrV.*;r Ca"'*"on and ISIghth streeu!
rPtl?'-  ^'hern     cordially    !nvlte<L
il. w. Sangster, N.O.; j. i��� Watson.
V. O.; W. U. Coatbam. P. u., record?
lngs.-cr.tBry* J. W. MacDonald. &__.
clal secretary. '
XV.   K.   FALKS   ti   CO.,  ClL'-ClS   AKn.-s
street, opposite Carnegie library
Most up-to-date funeral parlors iii
tin- cay. .Specialism in shipping
l.ndy assistant in attendance Always open. Day phono i:��, night
plion.- 81,
,|     ter A   Hanna.   Ltd.)���Funeral  dlreciuu
and einbalmere.    Parlors 405 ColumOls
street.    New   Westminster.    Phone,   ��ll
j(e*r Huui'd ot liueju meets In me ox-xrn
room. City Hall, aa follows: Third Frl-
���I.iy of each month; quarterly muettna
on Ihe third Friday of February, May.
August und November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on the third Friday ol
February.   C.   H.   Stuart   Wade,   eecrs-
rimers, Solicitors, etc. 40 eUmie Street.
New Westminster. G. K. Corbould. m,
C.    J.  R. tJient.    A. E. McColl.
at-law.   Solicitor, etc.    Sollcl'.or  for  tlS>
Bank    of    Vancouver.      Offices:    Me*r-
cleunts Bunk Building, New Westmln
ter. B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cab
address     "Johnston."     Code     Westei
. F. HANSFORD. BARRISTER, solicitor, etc.. Collister Block, comer Columbia ana McKenxie slreets, New Westminster,   B.C.     P.   O.   Box   285.     T.*i.��-
tebone 344.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Weatmlnater Trust Blk., Columbia atreet.
New Weatralnster. B. C. Cable address)
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. Oa
Drawer 200. Telephone tt. W. 3.
Whiteside. K. C.; II. L. Edmonds, D.
I.  STILWELL CLUTE.  Barrlster-at-****.       <
aollcltor.   eto.;    corner    Columbia    *Mm
McKenxie    atreeta.    New    '"    lialnstsr.
B. C.    P.  O.   Box  111.     Telephons   Tit.
Solicitor and Notary. Office, Haf��
block, II  Lorne   street. New  u-etatmlw-
ater. B. C.
Rnrrlaters and Sollcltora. ��0B fr> ITS'
Weatmlnater Trust Block. Q. F). Martin,   v.".   G.   McQuarrie   and   Oeorr��   I.
������VNOP8IS   OF  COAL   MINING   Kg
COAL MININO rlghta of the  Dnenlnim.
n   Manlioba.   Saakntchewnn  anel   Ail"*na,.
he Yukon Territory, thc Northweet T��r-
-KorleM Hnd In s  tiortlon of the Province*
if British Columbia, may be lean<'el for ��
erm of twenty-one yeara at an snnnaJ
-ental of 11 an acre. Not more than 26II-
icres wlll be leased to on�� appilniint.
Application for a leas* must be isadr
'ey the applicant In |s>raon to the \g��n��
>r Sub-Agent of the district In which thr
-lghta applied for are situated.
In aurveyed territory the land muat bs
leacrlbed by sections, or legal seihdlvl-
dons of sections, and In unaurveved tav-
-Itory the tract applied for aball bs
.tiiked out by the applicant hlmeelf.
Each appHcatton muat be acoompanla#
���>y a fee of IS which wlll be refunded If
-he rlghta applied for are ne*t i.eallaiela,
mt not otherwise. A royeiliy shall l>��
mid on the merchantable* output of ths
nine nt the rate of five ccnta per too.
The person operating the mine shall
'uriilah the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full iiuuntlty of  mcr-
leantat'le    coal   mined   ami   pay   lhe   : jy-
ilty   thereon.   If   the  coal   mining    rlghta*
ere not being operated audi returnsohOOlS*
ee   furnlahed   at   leaat  once  a   ye*nr.
The lease will  Include the co el   inlnlns
Ighta only,  but  the  leasee  wlll   bis  i��*r-
l nitted to   purchase   whatever   available
uirfHce  rights  may  be considered   nec?��*
tary for tbe working of the mine at  ths
-ate of 110 an acre
For full Information application  ahonlA
ie made to the  Secretary of the   Depart-
nent  of  the  Interior,  Ottawa,  or   to  any
tgent  or Hub-Agent of  Dominion   Lnnds
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N.  B.���Unauthorised publication of tbli
idvertlaement wlll not be paid for.
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street.
Uasfeaiefl Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hading
Read The News BxaxSI
WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  8.   1914.
Being all pure tea leaves, you don't
have to submit to the annoyance of
dust and dirt floating in your tea
cup and injurious to your health.
Costs no more than common-place teas.
Sealed lead packets  only.���Never sold in bulk.
Mrs.  Florcice  West  K'llcd    as    Hus
band   Hastens to  Tell   Her cf
Ntw Heme.
ralln i d it was not unnatural that the
Pearson Hra sbonl-d get the job.
lt wag in 1902 that this work was
started iA limit ol fifty one yearn
eras ii ; feir tlu* tei.sk. Involving the
construction of ths railroad and ot
proper terminal ports al the Atlantic
SB i I'acifie .-nils, en as to cr.mpete
���.villi the I'ana ma canal (or continental
traffic and  the- trade to Uie far east.   Vancouver Council  Acts on  Agitation
Tin*   ailroad has been completed on
Seattle,    April    7.   Mrs.    Florence
West. ;;:; rears old. was instantly
killed yesterday af ernoon when she
fell six stories down an elevator
shall whil * at work in the Washington  apartmi nts,  Second  avenue    and
modern lines with st��el rails of eighty
pounds, although there was muob rock
cutting and other hard work to be
done. The more spectacular part of
the job" was at the terminal poets.
Built   Mcdel   Town.
Follow ng Murder of Mrs. Millard
by Chinese.
mitted at the meeting on W.eliKs-
It was penned out by Alderman
James that ihis was one of the proposal- made by the school board when
at Victoria last week, that provision
in* made In a separate school if the
ce-ntial building block was taken for
a city hall sits.
Alderman Cottrell said that it was
a milter for the provincial government to take up and no doubt It
would take the necessary steps, he
A protest was entered by Alderman
Enright against the practice of the
chool   board   in   providing   Orientals
Vancouver, April 7.���Antipathy   to j
At B'/ioa Cfts th.  work was an un-  Orientals, to Chinese in particular, as  with  school  books and stationery on
dertnklng   of   considerable   difficulty   a   result of the  murder of  Mrs.   Mil- j ^Quality   wiih     white children, al-
because that Pacific port was nothing lard, caused   the   city   council   last i t'1011"!1  Orientals  paid    nothing to-
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager,
On Your Trip Around The World
carry your funds In Travellers' Cheques, issued by the Dominion
Bank. Afloat or ashor- -at every port ol call���on all the side trips
���you can have these cheques cashed at their face value. You pay
no foreign exchange. You don't have to be Identified by any
person. You are safe from lose: because you -and you alone���can
cash these Travellers' Cheques. If they should be lost or stolen
they cannot be cashed by imeler or thief.
These cheques are  mote than a convenience���they ars a
positive necessity when you go abroad.
but an open roadstead. Without as- night to resolve* to give preference
sistance from nature the contractor to lumber mills employing only white-
evolved an outer and an inner harbor labor, while another resolution urg-
Vuginia stree:. Her death occurred by means of vast breakwaters of ma* Ing the school board to segregate
a   few   minutes   before   her   husband. ! sonry.    The  blocks    In    semie  cases  Oriental  from o'.hi r children in    the
weighed   from   thirty   to   forty     tons  schools, was laid over only to obtain
apiece.    The inner harbor is an arti-  a legal opinion on its validity,
ficial basin with perfectly (|uiet water.       Both  actions    were    proposed     by
Coatzacoaloos,   the   Atlantic   termi*   Alderman   McBeath.    The   lirst,   that
ll. it. Wen, an employee of the Wis
& Surrey merchant police, hut not a
relative of his employer, arrived at
tiie apartments to take his wife' to
wards the taxes of the city. Reference was also made to the fact that
the school board's maintenance estimates amounted to nearly 11,000,000
this year, pari of which went t;>
educating the Chinese.
sell. At either place- a niuile'l town as to whether or not 'it would con-
was built up, furtheting the best hy- Iravene the schools act. It will be
genlc conditions. dealt with at a special meeting of
In the oil business Sir William was the council to be held on estimate?
.arly   to   recognize   that   there-     was on  Wednesday.
plenty of crude oil to be got in Mexico Alderman    ' Meliea h's      resolution
and  there  have been  reports that he upon the first, seconded by Alderman
was for a  lone;  time a thorn  in  the Knright, read:
side.* of the Standard Oil company. **it  having come to the knowh-dge
Tunnels  Under  Rivers.
Pearsons  &   Sons.   Ltw
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited balf yearly.
Drafts snd Travellers' Cheques sold, payable lu all parts of ths
CHA8. G.  PENNOCK, General   Manager.
New   Wettmlnster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK. Mansger.
Pres. and G��ni. liar. viae-fr*seioea��. See. m*i Train
found  at   lhe  bottom  of  the    elevator
Khali     about     1    o'clock     by   Walter
Strand, an employee   of   the   house'.
I) puty Coroner Howard B.  McDonald
was summoned  and  upon  his  arrival j
Manager   C.    E. McKelvey,   of   the
Washington     apartments,     reque stfld
that the body be* taken to tin* Hutu r*
worth  parlors.
An   Investigation   by  Deputy   MacDonald and  Motorcycle-  Policeman  C.
(!. Stanley  revealed a  faulty door ODI contractors   who  put  Ihe  tunnels  un-;
the*  sixth   floor.    The*    e-levator     was   der the* East river. New York, for the
standing at  the seventh floor.    The  Pennsylvania Railroad company. This
door on  ihe sixth  floor was standing   enormous task tell to the Uritish firm
open about a foot.   It was closed and ; because it had tiie experience needed
op.-md  several time--,  from the out. ln Putting a tunnel under the Thames .
side of the elevator shaft by Deputy   ��"   Kngland,   th"    famous    Blackwell i����"  ta.the matter oi the purchases  \
MacDonald    and    Policeman    Leslie,   tub'.
The catch  failed to work. Lord Cowdray is    rat/.er a remark-
Between  the' elevator r. ii cl  the door   able personage.    He  is  in  the  neigh-
ort  the  seventh  floor  was  jammed  a I borbood of 57 years old now.    He is.
bundl"   of   soiled   linen.     Mrs.   West ! not   what  can  be  called   a  self-made
was employed as a domestic and it Is   man,  but   under him  the  firm  of  S.
believed that s!n> attempted 'o board I Pearson & Son, Ltd., has certainly not |
the  elevator  while  ii   was  ascending, j failed   to   make   great  strides   ahead.
with   the*   bundle   found   against   the   The   founder   of   the   firm   was   LeOrd
seventh  Dorr door,    and missed    her   Cowdray's grandfather, and the "son"*
footing. his father, George Pearson.   It was a
l-.'.i 5   in   the'afternoon   Mr.   West  big house when he succeeded to it as
weni em with W. W. Morris, a police- > bia Inheritance, but it. has been made
mail,   tee  si e a  house   the*   la'te-r  has   much   bigger   since  then,   with     eon-
tor sale-.    He was highly pleased with   tracts at a time running up  toward
it   and   told   Morris   it   would   be     a ��� $100,000,000.
happy   day   when   he  could   take   her'     Although  he  has sat in  parliament
te) her own home.    When   West  went I for Colchester, he has not had  much
Into the* Washington apartments and * time   toi   politics and legislation, his:
was 'old  his wife hail been  killed  be ' time being taken up with his business.
was     Stricken     with   grief    and   was   Among some of the great things his   ed" all'white  labor  just  because   the
government  contrae;   for  lumber   fori10 ihe coroner  Barnes said:
bor operation at Dover, the Malta dry   tlu> liew dock ha(, Hpfeciri*ed it and it      "'*V(' intended    to break    the    cells
of this council that the Anglo-Ameri-
were the ���can Lumber company has dispensed
with all Oriental labor in connection
with its business and replaced the
Orientals with white men. in the
opinion* of this council business men
and firms employing while labor exclusively should receive the prefer-
in the matter of the pur
cf the city.
"Be it therefore resolved that the
city purchasing agemt be Instructed
to purchase all lumber for city pur-
prse-s from the Anglo-American Lumber company and such other firms as
may adopi ihe policy of employing
wblte labor exclusively, provided they
are able to meet the prevailing prices
to the city."
City Would Gain.
Wounds of One  Prisoner Who  Made
Dash  for Liberty  Are  Not
Sacramenton. Cal., April 7���Percy
names, one of the five convicts who
succeeded in battering down his cell
door at the l-'olsom prison Saturday-
afternoon, when 13 prisoners made a
desperate attempt to gain freedom,
will recover from the bullet wound
through his lungs. Barnes was the
only convict who dashed from his
cell who will survive the accurate
shooting by prison guards.
The bodies of Earl XV. Siprell, Jose
Lucerica, Raymond Blade and Norman C. Hair, who were almost instantly killed as they rushed from
their cells, have been buried in the
prison grounds.
The attempt of the 13 to break Saturday afternoon rivals the big Folsom
break  of 1903  In  its desperate char-
In explanation of his motion. Alder-1acter a:-d not s��*ce that time haa
man McBeath said that the City waB uwre been such slaughter of convicts.
nol to be the loser if it did adopt! " ls believed by prison officials
this  practice,  and  it   would  be   good
business in the end. At the present
t'me. in particular, he' said, it was
the right and proper thing for the
council   to do.
Alderman  Rogers said  that he  had
heard that this company had employ*
aken to his apartments In the Derby   tlrm has done are the $'jn,(l00,0(io har-
botel, -ll   Pine street, by  Morris.
that John Rogers, a second termer
serving ten years for burglary from
Sacramento; Mike Ryan, a second
termer serving eight years for burglary In Tulare county, and Thomas
Murphy, serving 10 years from Los
Angeles for burglary, were real instigators  of  the  plot.    In  a .statement
Fir, Cedar   and   Spruce
Phomt  No. 7 and 177.
might go back to Oriental labor after j��Pen a��d wait for the guards to come
Improved Spring Schedule.
Effective  April   1st.  1914.
S.S.      "Prince      Rupert,"      S.S.
"Prince George," S.S. "Prince
Albert,"   S.S. "Prince  John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prince Rupert anil Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
To   Victoria   and   Seattle.
Every  Thursday,  12  midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Stewart.
Every  Friday,  12 midnight���
To    Queen    Charlotte'    Island
Every Saturday, 12 midnight���
To  Victoria and Seattle.
Grand   Trunk Railway
Special round trip rates iu connection with ocean tickets on sale
April 20th, -Tetli and 80th. Limit
October  .''Ist,   1014.
MONTRKAI $106.00
PORTLAND    110.00
Halifax       129.86
NKW    YORK    10S.50
QUEBEC     112.35
St. John      120.00
BOSTON    110.00
Lord   Cowdray.   Friend   of   Diaz.   Has
Enormous Interests In Southern
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. A. T.A.
627  Granville  St..  Vancouver. Phone  Sey.  8134.
It is a common opinion that Standard Oil interests are pushing the United States in the matter of Mexico, and
it is certain tiiat no love Is lost between th, great British (Pearson) oil
concern in Mexico, and the' huge
States   trust.
The report that Lord Cowdray. head
of tiie* Pearson syndicate, bus supplied
Oeneral  Huerta with sufficient funds I
to  run  the  provincial  government  of |
Mexico-   a   report   later  denied     altogether   by   Lord   Cowdray���serves   to;
Illustrate   the   extent   of   this   nobleman's interests in the republic to the I
south    which    is   giving   the     United \
Slate's a great deal of worry just now.
dock, the Halifax dry dock, the construction of the Oreat Northern rail- ft"ttadPinched'* tte city's contracts. Iln aml take "s out* v>'e did not in
way of the Northern City and City rail-1 Alderman Bnright, however, said that I<end to Put* "P a hsht or try to
i way (the "tupenny tube") in building he w(mld Qrop Wl suppon to patron-Useape. None oi us had much longer
1 whic l the experience was gained that age svitll tjmt lirm i{ u (liu* an(1 0fhet Ito stay in. Some of us wanted to
afterwards insuied the getting of the mil,s mjj,nt gel *m jjne wU\, the same back out just before the thing started,
contract for the Pennsylvania railroad po,ic>. ,, the city gave i;s preference 1 hut the others told us we had cold
work. t0 m*lls employing ouiy white labor.      feet, so we stayed with them. We did
  "Everv dollar earned bv Chinese as|����t come out of our cells. The guards
compared  with    the    earnings of    a I shot us as we broke down the doors.
white  man  is lost  to  this  province,"  '  *vas  shot  while  1  stood  near    the
said  Alderman  Hamilton    in  support* 1 window  and  the other    fellow    with
ing the  proposal.     "It  might  uoi   be ,>��e was shot while he was in the cell.
absolutely legal, but could be the un-\l dld uot see who shot me."
written law of the council." he added.      That  the convicts expected to find
The question of the economics of the  only   two  guards,  one  unarmed,    incumber business  wen'  then  discussed  Stead  of three  armed  guards,  seem*
bv Alderman Woodside. certain.     The   shooting   of   tlle   first
"The fact tha: mills employing "**e�� to break their doors, however.
Chinese are losing money." he said, warned the other eight that the regu-
"should prove that that labor is noe Iar guards had been reinforced. They
so good as white. The manufactur-J stopped immediately and left the
ers have come to the conclusion that I younger and more eager of their fel-
Chinamen  are   the  only  men   to   em-1low* convicts to their fate.
Arctic     Expedition     Will     Sail     from
Seattle This Week���Special
Cameras  and  Outfit.
S saltia,   April   7.���Representatives
e*l the Sunset Motion Picture com*
p.iny. of San Francisco, will join the
Hlbbard-Swenson siberian-Alaska-Arctic expeditlc , which will leave Seattle    ihis  week    on    the    big    power
Invite  the  ladles of this city  to   Inspect   their   spring   stork   of  the
latest  fabrics  and  styles.    Special price- for two weeks only $'!5 and
$40.    We guarantee pet feet  fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
schooner  King and  Winge,  with the
Lord 'Cowdray -better known as Sir I most elaborate outfit for the  record-
Weetman   Pearson,   >as  interests    so j ing of Arctic life that has ever been the States.
vast in Mexico that it  might be well! taken   into   the   far   north.     Negotia- "I take it from what has been said."
Worth his while to further the affairs, tions   with   the   moving   picture   con- remarked Alderman Kirkpatrick. him-
of  any   government   in   that   country:cern were completed last week. self a shingle manufacturer, "that we
Which seemed to have a good chance '     The outfit to be taken on the King '��� millmen   are   a   lot   of   chumps,   and
of survival.                                                | and   Winge  will   include  one  camera don't know what kind of help to em*
When Diaz was president and  Lord [especially  constructed  for the    pecti* ploy  to get the  best  kind  of work."
Cowdray   was  Sir Weetman   Pearson, '��� liar conditions attendant upon Arctic He said that the proposition  was all
they worked together mightily to im j picture work at a cost of $11(*(*.    It Is right  if the prices were equal,
prove Mexico. Both made muoh money gatd to he the most expensive ma- Mention  was also made
The  alderman  added  'hat  mills on I TWO  PROVINCES  UNITE
���the   other   side  of   the   line   were   ob I TO CENSOR  MOVIE   FILMS
taining their timber on this sidi.
manufacturing it and shipping it back Regina, April 7.���Abolition of the
to this side to compete with mills present Saskatchewan board of mov-
here althoush on the American side ing picture censors and the establish-
they did not employ any but white | ment of a joint board in Winnipeg
men; -Men frcm the east, ha seeid I
who could not get jobs on this side
Of the line could always get them  in
out of it. but it is not to be denied : chine in the west
that this extraordinary contractor and; ond camera, valued at $60(1, will be
engineer helped to change the face of, taken along for emergency use and
nature In Mexico and did some mar-] the expedition is confident that it
vols of building work. More than that, j wm overcome the difficulties which
his interests take in oil wells of un-1 have resulted In many failures In
usual capacity, so that he is a rich | Arctic moving picture work.
man indeed from the works h" hasi Kinal work on the King and Winge
done in Mexico alone. And his Mex��� -n preparation for the start is being
lean achievements are not the coin rushed to completion. She was taken
plete tale of his activities. \ on  a  lr|ai  run   Friday  and  her  coni-
U was some years ago the firm. S. , pas8t,8  w-<*re adjusted    on    Saturday.
of    the
In addition a ses* I practice cf the employment of Chin
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
P.  O.  BOX  44?
Easter Holiday Excursions
Special Rates Over
Fraser Valley Line
During the Kaster Holidays the II. C. Klectric will offer reduced
rates of fare and a third for th e- round trip to all points on the Kraser
Valley Line.
Tickets may be purchased from Priday, April 10 until Monday,
April 13, providing for return passage   on   following  Tuesday.
Trains I'm- Chilliwack and way points leave 11. C. Klectric depot at
9:80 a.m., 2 and li p.m. Local for Jardine and intervening points at
7 a.m.
Nil On account of the Market Day for tiis week being a holiday the early morning local will take Its regular Kriday trip to Mt.
Lehman on Thursday and  make tha run to Jardine only on  Priday.
Pearson .-i Son, Ltd., took and completed R $6,000,000 contract for extensive harbor works in Vera Cruz.
Later earn.' the gigantic task of drain
Ing the valley eif Mexico with a canal
which cost 116,000,000. These tasks
were done and well iloiie*. so that later
when President Diaz contemplated the l t(l ,|le Helvedcrt
reconstruction   of   the     Tehauntepee
The    Seattle    firm    of    llibbard     &
ese as servants in houses am! it was
stated   by   Alderman  Wocdsid ���     tha
there was "no question but that peo
pie could  get  girls    If they    Heated
them  half as  well    as  they
Schools and Orientals.
The resolution laid over for an-
iher nu. ting regarding the schools
u >s mov d by Aldermen McBeath
and Jam(S and rend:
"That     this     council     views   with
Stewart, owners of the whaling  anil   grave-  apprehension     the    prevailing
practice of the Bcbool board In per
mlitlns children aud young  men  of
trading     steamship     Belvedere,     Is
financing the sending of the King and
Winge into the Arctic and one of the Oriental races to attend our pub
the prime objects of the expedition lit* schools and to associate wilh our
will be the carrying of fresh stores children of tender years on terms of
which was caught equality. In the opinion of this
in the ice pack near Herschel island council such association of the (wo
and wns unable to como south last races must result In a condition detrl
Route of Expedition.
Henry C, llibbard. of the firm of either mentally or morally by daily
llibbard & Stewart, and Captain Olaf association with Orientals.
Swinson. who has spent nuost of hia; "By being indiscriminately thrown
life in trading in Arctic Siberia and I into contact with Orientals many
Alaska, will be in personal charge of years their senior, our children are
he expedition. The moving picture * wantonly exposed to Oriental vices
men are expected to arrive in Seattle : at an age when revolting Incidents
on the liner Congress. The start will I may be indelibly stamped upon their
he  made as    soon after    arrival    as ! minds.
possible. The route will lake the . "The lamentable antl fiendish crime
King and Winge first to Dutch har-' committed by n Chinese' youth who
bor at the Bering sea entrance or' had associated with children from
UUlmak puss, to Pttropovolosk, Knin, seven to twelve years of age. at
chatka; Bast Cape, back to Anadir. Lord Roberts school for a period of
across the Bering to Nome, north to i four years is a striking example.
Point Harrow and east to Herschel "He it. therefore, resolved that
island and the Belvedere. ihls council respectfully    suggest   to
It is estimated that the puny 60 the school beard that Immediate steps
tons or so of trading materials and be taken to remove tliis menace
other freight which will be carried from our public schools, that the
| under decks by the King and Winge ; Orientals be segregated in one or
is one of lhe chier reasons why young wij| 1)(, worth approximately $100,00.0. more schools and ihat all while Chll-
people stay contentedly there instead Tlu, (ril) ,���, ami rj���wn ,ne Siberian ! dren be excluded therefrom."
of seeking their amusements else*, C0Ilt, ,m,r t0 Alaska and back will; Doubt was expressed as to whether
where. j stretch  the schooner's journey   to    a ' the school board bad power to do so.
Let us furnish the piano that Will total of more than 14,000 miles. The ' and Alderman ilanisiiy. when appeal-
make your home attractive. The gUppij*a8 fnr the Belvedere will be led to, believed thai the city was
dominion PIANOS are here for your j t.,kl,n lTom s .,.,*,, ,,., t|���, (irg* Nome divided Into dlstrlots Irrespective of
selection. | steamship   and   picked   up   there   by   race  or creed  and  children   In   these
ihe Kins und Winge in crossing rrom   districts had to go to certain schools.
Anadir.     Threaders  or   Ihe  expedl-       Acting Mayor Hepburn then agreed
in hope do return    to Seattle    next   thai   the   mutter   be   referred   10   the
New  Westminster.' fall. 1 city  solicitor I'eir a  report  to be  sub*
for the provinces of Manitoba and
Saskatchewan will be the outcome of
negotiations now completed between
the two provinces. It is anticipated
that the agreement under which the
change is to be effected will be signed in the course of a few days and
that the joint board will commence
the censorship of films en May 1.
Which of (he Saskatchewan censors
will be appointed to the new authority is nol yet decided. The new arrangement will eliminate the duplication of labor which has been involves] under the system now prevailing. In boeli provinces the same
films are exhibited, and once these
have been passed on by a competent
trea;ed | beard a s.'cond examination oeases to
be' necessary.
Alberta authorities were appointed
recently with a view to ihe union of
the censors of the threv provinces In
one central body, but for the present
Alberta will not be re'piesented at
Winnipeg, The government of that
province have decided to maintain
their own board of censors, accepting In lhe future, as they have in the
past, all films which have been passed by any other province of the Dominion and censoring only such as
are brought Into Alberta direct from
the United Siates. Most of the films
which  are  exhibited  In  the  province!
im ntal  to  the fiitur*.  welfare  of our I to the west are brought in from tho
children   who  have  nothing   to     gain   western  States.
ln Saskatchewan the present regulations concerning the cost of censoring   films  will   remain   as   before.
419 Columbia St.,
North Yakima, April 7���David Rankin, attorney of this city, and P. R.
Gordon, an a'torney of Zillnh, are defendants in i wo suits tiled here yesterday by John C. Mcl.achlan and P.
O. Monroe, cf Zlllah, to recover $600
and $1200 claimed to have been procured through fraud. (Jordon has
been arrested on a criminal charge
or obtaining money by false pretences.
McLnchlan nud Monroe allege that
they were made to believe that Itev.
A. L. Taxis, Presbyterian minister at
Zlllah, was about to bring suit for
damage's against them for slander.
Rankin was attorney tor Taxis and
Gordon, acting as attorney for Mc-
Lachlnn and Monroe, arranged a
settlement  for the amounts stated.
Exploit Philippine  Invention.
A  quarter  million  dollar company
has  been  formed   to manufacture    a
hemp  Stripping  machine  recently  invented  in the Philippines.
Your food cost can be reduced
by growing your own fresh fruits
and vegetables. Besides the
saving how nice it is to be able
to go out into the garden and
gather some of your own vegetables as required.
To get best results it is necessary to have best seeds. We
handle D. If, Ferry's and Ren-
nie's 1914 Seeds. Both firms
enjoy a' good reputation from
coast  to  coast.
Vegetable Seeds, pkg 5c, 10c, 15c
Flower Seeds pkg. 5c. and 10c.
Bulk  Nasturtium Seeds,  tall
per oz   5C
Bulk Nasturtium Seeds, dwarf
per oz  5C
Sweet Pea Seed, bulk .1 oz 25c
ha��n Crass Seed, per package
25c. and 40c.
Lawn Grass Seed, bulk, lb. 30c
Garden    Peas,    Early    Telephone, 2  lbs 25c
Burbank Karly Seedling. 75c. lb.
sack, $1.00.
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 1001 2
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and   Fifteenth  Ave.     Ed-
Monds   Branch,  Gray   Block.
Phone 1111L.
Local News
the Vancouve-r police  patrol  boat  un
de r Captain   Anderson.  Chi. f  Parkin
son made a search of practically all
the lumber camps along the inlet  as
far up as  Indian  river.    Part of tin-
Meet This Afternoon. ���*> ���'���'ig  *vas  found   cached   near    tii.*
Th,* Coquitlam council    will    meet   Barnet '"i'i*   The* work, according tee
tliis   afternoon   at    Maillardville.     In I the   police,   was   carried   out   by     an
the absence of Reeve Marmont Councillor Robertson will preside.
Insure in the Royal, the world's
largest tire company. Agent, Alfred
XV. McLeod, tiie Insurance  Man.
organized  band,    with    headquarter*;
presumably  in   Vancouver.
Alfred W. McLeod.
Davies  &  Son  have 2000    pots    of
Easter   Lillies.   in   perfect   condition
Secretary   Resigns. for   Easter   sale  at    very   reasonable
I).   I*. Godwin  has  resigned  his ! Pr*ces  at   their  store,  corner  Coluin
position as secretary to Uie Port Coquitlam school board. Pressure of
private business is given as his reason.
bia and  Lorne streets, or phone  ilu
nurseries  Kil. (3220)
Site for Factory.
The Imperial oil factory which has
Briquettes,   Briquettes, cheaper than   decided to locate an establishment on
the north shore of Port Moody has
about 50 men at work on their site
Cookhouses and bunkhouses are complete for the reception of workmi n
for the main  building and  the C.  P
coal.     Harry    Davis   &  Co.,    Phones
8su  and  411 L. (3190)
Re-elected Treasurer.
Gordon  E. Corbould,  K.C, of    this
city, has been re-elected treasurer of i R*  is  busy  ballasting  the new  track
the newly elected  benchers    of    the j on lhe norlh side of the inilet*
Uritish  Columbia  la%vi  society. 	
 . New   Flower   Store.
We  have  made  arrangements  with
West's 5, Id. 15 and 25 cent store for
the  use  of  one  of  the   windows  on
Columbia    street, at    the   corner   of
Sixth  street,   for  the  display  of our
Oolichana Arrive I plants and flowers.    This branch will
The lirst  catch    of oolic'hans    was \ "P1'"  ����  Thursday  morning and  will
taken  yesterday morning  by a  South I b.e  kept  open  for the convenl. nee- fit
m.i* P. W. Hardy, M.A.. II.D., and V.
Dolmage, B.A.. visited the B. C. brass
works and the We Btminster foundry
at    Sapperton    yesterday   afternoon.
Tin- brass works' motor van afford-d
an  excellent  means of locomotion  to
a number of the* students who did not |
fail   to  Impress   (he  college  yell  on
���;*'!   pass, r-by.    Through the courtesy1
of   Missis.   Dobson.   Hartley,   Howies
and Gri gb a careful examination was
mad* of tiie' machine, polishing, pla;
Ing, casting and  welding  rooms,  the ;
OX) ace tj hn**  welding  process  in  the!
* last   named  room calling  for  particu- j
lar attention. The s:udents  were also:
fortunate in seeing the casting of    aj
pn p, Her. Messrs. Uruce, Hrogren and
their   helpers    in   the   Westminster I
Foundry company seemed  pleased  to
have' the young ladies and young men
inspect   the   moulds  and   watch     the
pouring of the molten liquid into the
moulds.    The general feeling    among
those who  participated   in   the  afternoon's  enjoyment  was  that   it   might
be  but  the  precessor  of  many    like
practical outings.
valley bianch of the B. C. E. R. now
arrive at   11  a.m.  and  7  p.m.
Friday of this we 'k being a holiday
tlle registration, general delivery and
stamp wickels only will be open be
tween  the*  hours of 12 and  1.
iocial and Personal
At the Theatres
"Revere ly of Graustark" will be the
opening bill of the Griffith stock com
pany at the Royal theatre today. This
company hus been engaged for four
nights and carries with it special
scenery for every play to be staged.
The Griffith stock company is composed of some of the best talent on
the coast carrying twelve people, a
carload of special scenery, wardrobe
and mechanical effects. S. M. Griffith. Rex Snelgrove, Miss Zania
Vaughn, Miss Herna Craven, Miss
Inez Gruybell and Miss Lillian Griffith take the leading parts. Capacity
houses are expected to greet these
players when they open here today at
the Royal.
] ture on the program at the Fdison today. The film is describid as a powerful and gripping story of intrigu.. ,,],
land and sea and is elaborately hand
colored.   The Introduction of the play
; follows:
The   will   of  Jack   Rcedney'H   uncle
! leaves the bulk of his estate to Helen
[ Hlanchet, a niece whose whereabouts
| are   unknown.     If  she   Is   not   found
.within six months, Jack becomes sole
: heir,    live    months    pass    but    the
j heiress is not  located.    Jack gives a
j celebration in anticipation of Inheriting the  fortune.     Hut Helen  chances
to read an advertisement which asks
' Information   concerning   herself     and
j telegraphs to Jack  that  she and  her
i son  are coming  io claim  the estate'.
This   unwelcomem   news   Infuriates
him as it dispels all his hopes of getting the entire fortune for himself.
Boyg Jail Their Jailer.
Tulsa, Okla., April 7.���After forcing their jailer into their cell with a
pistol, two 19 year old youths held
for burglary, and Harry Wells, a
i notorious Oklahoma gunman, fled
from jail here yesterday and escaped
in a waitinig automobile.
If you want your carpets properly-
cleaned phone 588. Our big vacuum
machine does the work well. Denny
& Ross. (3222)
We Have
Money to
for Sale.
Westminster fisherman, it is expected that the run will be general
'next week.
the public- during Kaster week. Watch
this  winidow.    Tidy,  the  Florist,
Confirmation veils and wreaths
Mrs. Agret'S, 69 Sixth streei
Burnaby Conservatives.
The adoption of a constitution will
be take n up at a meeting of the newly organized Edmonds and East Bur
naby Conservative' association which
meets in Moreton hall, Edmonds, tonight.
Seat  sale  for  the opera,  "Yeomen
,::->,;*, ; of the Guard," wlll be open  at  Hill's
I drug  store  on   Thursday   morning  at
19 o'clccli.    Price's  from  50c  to  $1.50.
Mayor Roe, of Port Moody, is ex
pected back from Winnipeg at the
end of the week.
Ewen Martin, chairman of the Co-
qultlam school board, left for Victoria yesterday to discuss educational
matters with the department.
Mrs. John Li. Jardine will not re-
re ive formally  again this season.
Mrs. Robert P. Walker, 512 Third
street, will not receive again this
se *a son.
Mrs. .1. A. Cunningham. 307 Fifth
street, will not receive today.
The Doom of the Ocean." a photo
drama in three parts, staged by the
Electric   Film   company,   is   the   fea-
Too Late to Classify
thoroughly    modern    re*iit��*,l    bungalow
slllietle*  e.iee*  eeeiel ee   half  leleee-ks llfl   KillKS-
wuy (car line) and femr bleee ks from
I'eeluj* Ccett.-iKi'. Mortgage only encumbrance.     Will   lieiele*  l,*r  leet   eeliel  pay  Cash
fur any difference.    What have you (*,
ofi'.i '.'
Withdraw Charqe,
A   charge' of  theft  against   a   Vancouver chauffeur named Weston, who
while driving a car owned by G. Gill,
ol Vancouver, a few weeks ago, came
Every siiuare in our immense stock ' to grief at Royal Oak, was withdrawn
market!  down   for   the   Kaster   trade, i in the Burnaby police' court yesterday
Denny &  Ross. 132221   morning.     The*   Motor  Transfer  com*
  j pany of Vancouver, was fined $5 and
costs for failure to have a  tail  light
Bring in your
Agreements and
let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
To Elect Officers.
Officers will be elected for the com- * on  a  motor
ing year at a meeting of the directors : Kingsway.
of the V. W. C. A.  to he held in  the* |
asscciation building at 3 o'clock this
truck    traveling    along
Easter Lillies.
Don't  fail  to  see    our    display    of
Raster Lillies and appropriate flower?
First    Spiritualists    Society,    New ; for Easter season.    Prices to suit all
Westminster, will hold their meeting Icustomers.  Hrown  Hros. ii Co., Ltd..
in  the Sterling block.  Royal  avenue
and Tenth street, Wednesday evening
714  Columbia  street.
Phone  222.
at    8
o'clock.    Conductor,
All are welcome.
Mrs.    E.
Market on Thursday.
--    - On account of the Good Friday holi- I
One  Hindu  Drunk. j day. the  weekly  market   will  be held I
large  Hindu    labelled    Bouga   on   Thursday  this  week.    The   II.  C. j
saved    Magistrate    Edmonds , B,   R.   market   special   leaving   New i
from having a clear day In police Westminster at 6 a.m. and returning
court yesterday by assimilating quite j from Mt. Lehman at 7:25 will be run
a good sized jag the evening before. : this week on Thursday, while the
He was asked for the usual two-fifty ' Jardine local will be dropped on
and costs. that day, running instead on the Frl-
  day, leaving at 7 a.m.
Easter  Millinery���Special   showing' -
or the* latest hats  ror  Easter at  Mrs. '     Eat   at   the   Royal   cafe*.   Dominion !
Agret'S, 59 Sixth street. i3217)   Trust building.    Good cooking;   good
  service. (3189)
Thieves  Are  Oraanired.
After a seare*h  which  reached  from ��� Confirmation Service.
Vancouver to Indian river on Burrard j     St,   Mary's   Anglican   church,   Sup-
inlet, the  Burnaby   police, assisted  byiperton,  was    flUni    to  capacity     last
the*   Vancouver   authorities,   failed   to \ nighl,  the occasion  being  the*  annual]
locate the gang which took away    <i ] confirmation    service    held    by    tin*
bishe'p    of    tin*    New    Westminster \
diocese.    Special   music  was   render
ed by tin   choir,  Reginald Moore* pre
it t!ie> organ.
A change has been    made    in    the ]
hours of closing of the Vancouver and j
Fraser   valley   mails.    Taking   effect!
tin' lirst of this week the No. 2 Van!
ci uver mail  that   formerly  closed   at
9 30 has been changed to 10:30, mak* !
ing   possible   closer   connection   with
tin*   Vancouver   and   Nanaimo   boats,
and benefitting the Westminster   despatch to these places.
chilliwack now has three direct
mails at 9:00, 10:45 and 6:30; Miirrayville, Sardis and Cloverdale two,
at 10:45 and 5:30.
The change of all valley poiics
frcm 9:00 to 10:45 a.m. has been
made necessary by the alteration of
the B. C. E. R, schedule.
To coincide with these changes an
advance has  been  made  in  the  col- I
lection of certain  letter boxes which
have been advanced in some cases 30
Tile  incoming   mails  of  the   Eraser
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It will be occupied daily by the
of the
Wesiern Supply
Completes   Series  of   Lectures.
Rev.  K.  Crummy,  M.A.,  completed
ihis series ol lectures on the history
| of religion  at  Columbian college   yes
i terday     afterfloon.      The      lectures
throughout have been of a ver;.  high
order   ami   tin*   vote   of   thanks   pre*-
posed by .1. G. Gibson and seconded
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Visited   Brass  Works.
Some 2.re students of ('��� lumb an ci I
lege under tb" supervision ol Proi
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Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588 WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  8,  1914.
eree was required for the occasion so
tie commission selected an Irishman
iu the person of Tim Mahoney.
I Sox second team today, shutting out
| I!e*!icville    li-le.
At     Mew     Orleans    Fri el   .\le*rk!i*'s
j heme    run     netted  the Giants  their
, fourth consecutive victory today over
l :*��� New Orleans Southern association
team.   Tin* score was 1-0.    Merkle hit
I for three* bases and also made a single*.
Three Clubs Strengthen up Ready for
Opening���Moose Will Have Opposition.
City and district baseball gets undeT
way on Good Kriday and to all appearances the fans can expect a brand of
ball superior to anything that has 'be-en
dished up in former years "(live the
people a good class of ball and there
will be no trouble in getting the
crowds." Is the slogan of the magnates this year and towards this end
tiie entire staff from the outfield to
the battery is being strengthened by
tbe three teams comprising the Ncw
Westminster league. The actual opening of league ball will not take place
until the evening of May ir, but several garni s will be played before then
in order to give* the fans an idea as
to how the respective teams will line'
up in the race for the pennant
Belli (Iraham's Moose, after winning
the Championship two ye ars iu succession will 'live a hard tight before
tlie-in this year. The Columbias are expected to cut some figure, while the
Electrics have grabbed several me n
who are expected to fill the weak
speets of  the'   1913 aggregation.
Witb baseball practically a dead in
sin- in Coquitlam tiiis suinmi-r several
<>f the railway centre players an* planning to migrate' to the Koyal City.
Moose lluyle and Charlie lmrning being the vanguard. The latter arrived
in file city yesterday morrFrig and
signeel conditional contracts wit'i
Tomim Walsh, manager of the Columbias, providing that the boys can se*
cure a position remunerative enough
to [my for their board and room and
the purchase of an occasional sack of
With Ruyle and Immlng on the slab
the Westminster team would have a
battery second tei none in the* district
and would provide- enough excitement
to warrant the signing up of such
teams as Bellingham ami other red hot
centres in Washing;.in state". The fans
demand real ball and by all accounts
they are  going  to get   it.
Tbe senior league will probably be
tin- only base ball organization using
Queen's park this season, ami the
BCTvedule anil practice nights wlll not
bon flic I with the professional, senior
amateur and Intermediate lacrosse
This rule ha.- been followed ror
many years witb much success, although application for the use of the
park ha;f been nude* to the parks committee by the church league it is probable thai the Moody Park diamond
will he* brought Into use for the junior
Next Monday the fi.'st Bnnual thea-
t' r night for the baseball clubs wlll b'
lie-lei in the Royal theatre
cially   prepared   card
elude local and outsiil
will  be placed  befon   ���  ������
Fred .1. Lynch was approached yesterday and gave his consent to act as
chairman <>n that evening. The Fraser
Mills club Is working in conjunction
wltb the local organization ln connection with the baseball night idea,
a gooel sized crowd being promised
from the lumbering centre.
Good   Frtday'r. Game.
Several new players will be trotted
out tn tin- public gaze on Friday afternoon at Queen's Park when the
Moose open the- season against the
South Vancouver Chlnooks, Manager
Graham has picked up several promising youngsters. Including a first baseman named Summers, who not only
covers the initial sack favorably bul
shows a tendency to hit the pill. The
Chinook line-up will he*: .lames, Taylor, E. Ross, McLayinont. Bell, Mill-'
li'tt, Irvine, Hawthorne, s. Ross and
Wood. '
Unexpected Hikdh Has Arisen in Proposed English Lacrosse Team
Ottawa, April 7. -Word was received here yesterday to the effect that
the trip of t'ne Knglish lacrosBe team
which Con Janes thought he had arranged had been called off. The Knglish twelve was to have toured Canada
opening at Montreal on May 23 against
thi' M.A.A.A., and playing in Ottawa
tin- following Thursday, but .lones iias
wire-d his local representative- that a
hitch has occurred because the Knglish association iias demanded that he
secure tile* sanction of the Amateur
Athletic union of Canada for each
game* before they would consent to
the tour, lie- is now trying to get the
Consent of the A.A.l'. as suggested,
but has wired President liawe-s of the
English association that, the t: ip Is off
until July. It Is believed that the pro-
posed tour will have to be cancelled.
Rallied in Ninth.
Sacramento, April 7.���Five singles
ln a row in the ninth, ofr Stroud gave
Oakland two runs, breaking up a two-
all tie, and leaving Sacramento on the
short end or a 4-2 Bcore for tiie opening
game of the series.
Seejre: ��� It.    H.    E.
Oakland      4    11      1
Sacramento      2      4      0
Batteries: Premgh and Arbogast;
Stroud and Ilohrer.
ill     At    Washington-The    Washington
Americans   swamped  the  Alexandria,
[ Va , Cardinals today  l'J-3.
Lacrosre  Clubs  Meet  Tonight.
Sapperton     lacrosse     players     will I
��� meet  in  Tyler's  barber  shop tonigiit
I for the purpose of electing officers for
the season.    The West Knd club will
! meet in No. 2 fire hall  for the same i
| purpose.   Uoth meetings are called for
[ 7:45 o'clock.
A Slugging Bee.
San Francisco. April 7.- Two home
runs were the feature of the opening
game of the series here between the
Portland and San Francisco teams
here today. The game was fast and
kept the fans excited  throughout.
Score:��� R.    H.    E.
Portland      4    11     3
San Francisco    5     8     1
Batteries: West aud Haworlb: Toz-
er, Pernoll and Schmidt,
Landed  on  Harkins.
Los Angeles, April 7.���The Venice
Tigers signalized the opening of the
firBt series of 1914 against their ancient rivals, Los Angeles, today by
knocking I'at Harkins, an Angel recruit from San Jose, out of the box
before the end of the first inning.
Score:��� K.    H.    K.
Vi nice      5    10      2
Lob Angeles   2      7      1
Batteries: Hittand Elliott; Harkins,
Crabb and Boles.
At Lynchburg In a game today between Baltimore and Pittsburg of the
Federal   league.   Pittsburg   made   six
I runs off Quinn  in the Initial  inning.
I and won out.
Killing  the   Ponies.
Jamestown,   Va���  April  6.���A  death
blow  was dealt to racing in Virgina
I by  Attorney  General   Pollard   at   the
j Jamestown track this afternoon when
he visited the track  with a force of
i deputies and arrested 12 bookmakers
laying  odds   on   the   horses   running
here,  shortly after they had  marked
up the prices in the second race.
(By tbe Potter.i
The li. C. K. It. baseball te-iam leaves
for Port Moody at 2 o'clock flood Fi I-
| day afternoon  where it will stack up
' against    a    nine    representing    Port
| Moody and district.
A  rast game is to be expected  on I
Sunday when the Circle F and Arnold
| and Qulgley teams clash for the open- '
J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR. J.A.Rennie. SECY-TRES
At a Sacrifice to Close an Estate
1 Anderson Computing Sale.
1 Coffee Grinder.
1 Keith Bookkeeping System.
1 Counter Scale.
1 Hygienic Refrigerator.
1 Small Safe.
1 Patent Cheese Cutter.
3 Grill Cashier Cages.
1 Contractor's level.
1 Contractor's Concrete Mixer.
Fine large store at Jubilee Station on the B. C.
Electric.   A good stand.   Rent $35.00 per month.
I ing game or the season. The Vancou-]
i ver aggregation debated Blaine last
| week and 'is reckoned as the leading
| amateur team In the Terminal City.
Meeting    at    Maillardville    Tonight���
Port Coquitlam Anxious for Lacrosse   Franchise.
At Brooklyn - The Brooklyn Nationals evened tile spring practice series
with New Vork Americans today, winning *,-���!. Reulbach and McHale
pitched the full game anel were about
equally effective, but the Brooklyn
twirl-er got  the  better support.
A young featherweight boxer at San I
< Francisco  has  to  thank a  street carl
gong for saving him from a knockout
I the   other   night.     Hanging   helpless '
j over the ropes, the sound of the gong j
* three stories down, was plainly heard,
wblcb was taken as ending that par-
ttcular round.
time, but never could expect to make
a   trip   outside   of   Uncle   Sam's   do-1
Although the ledger account showed
a balance of $100,000 the While Sox I
and Giant globe trotters only received
$200 each art.er all expenses had been
paid. The next time MeOiaw and Co-
rniskey gather together a world's
louring bunch, the latter will request
a larger dip into the kale barrel.
The Tort Coiiuitlam lacrosse club
has intimated a desire to enter the
district lacrosse* league ami present a
fourth competitor for the Koe challenge e-up. Owing to their delay the
other three clubs composing the league
ha<l agreed on a schedule of game-*
and tliis entry at the eleventh hour
somewhat upse*ts the arrangements.
A meeting of the league will lie helel
at Maillardville tonight to discuss the
matter.    It   is  understood  that  Port
Moody   is   averse   to   permitting   Port
Coqultlaan to shatter tiie arrangements
already   made*.   Maillardville  la  agreeable and  Burquitlam is Indifferent.
At Boise���Mel ter outpitcht.-d Cove-
leskie today and the Boise Union association team defeated the Spokane
Indians 1-0.
At Belleville. Kas.    I.athrop pitched
a one bit game for the Chicago White
But then, each fellow had a great j
! chance of seeing tiie world anyway, j
; Touring Australia, Japan, and the con- I
tinent, not forgetting the honor of
' playing the game before King George,
'��� is something not to be despised by any
ball player. Many of them come
\ through with a request fcr transpor-
; tatlon   around   about   spring  training
Alter all the attempts made by the
amateur officials in this neck of the
woods to segregate the sinion pures
from the professional element, the
election of the two head figures with
the Vancouver Athletics professional
lacrosse club, as president and vice-
president of the V.A.C. Mann cup team
appears to be piling on the agony too
strong. Whether the local branch of
the B. C. A. A. V. will take action or
not, it does seeim rather peculiar to
read of the election of Billy Clark as
president and Milton Oppenhelmer as
vice-president of the amateur champions of the world, while these two
are so closely connected with the professional club as to take charge of
the finances and arrange all details in
connection with the B. C L. A. with
the New Westminster lacrosse club.
If our memory does not fall, Mr. Op-
penheimer is the one and same person
who held down the office of secretary
or the provincial B. C. A. A. U. no less
than a year ago. To the Vancouver
j branch or the union the question might
1 be aske-d "Why this inconsistency?"
when a s;ee
I'hlch    will    in-
tnustcal talent
the footllght
International   Game   for   Friday���Sapperton vs. Burquitlam for Saturday  Afternoon.
Although last Saturday's game between the- city ami Sapperton was
thought to be- the- finish of local soccer, a ruling was made by the commission with Aide rniun Annandale in tin*
chair, at a meeting last night which
means two inure weeks at least before
the season  Is over.
On Saturday afternoon at Sapperton
park Burquitlam and Sappi -ton will
fight it oul for supremacy with 1/ong-
ley officiating, The kick-off will take*
place at ii o'clock sharp. The* winners
of this game' will clash with the> City
eleven on the following- Saturday at
Moi dy park
On Cood Friday afternoon an International match between teams representing Kngland and Scotland will be
stageel at Sapperton. This should be
a feature' of the sporting card for the
holiday, .luck McMillan of the Hover:! will captain the Scottish eleven
while Bert Lambden will have* charge
Of the  Knglish  stars.    A neutral  ref-
PROGRAM  FOR  TODAY       Special Feature
Kalem  Dama in Two Parts.
The Doom of the Ocean
A Thrilling Colored  Drama of the Sea  in Three Parts.
Biograph. ) Melies.
For Auld Lang        Batty Billy's Honey-
Syne moon
Drama, /     A Screamingly Funny Comedy.
Authoritative Showing of correct "Easter
Clothes." "Society Brand Clothes" have
just the right swing and dash. You'll
qppreciate the difference from the "ordinary" when you see them, if you have not
already got one.    See them, anyway.
$18.00 and More
A. S. MILLS & Co.
g>orirtjj Sranb flIUrtljra
OP ',������'--"  _}
CowncM 1��11     Alfrnl [Mcto, it, Cot** PAGE  SIX
I Classified Advertising
ceived for The News at the following places:    K. T. Hill's drug store, j
���828   Columbia   street;   A.   Splice,!
Queensborough, Lulu   Island;    Mrs.
*E. I.arden, Highland Park;  Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
# RATES ��
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week: 15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as re-
quired within one year from date of
contract,, $25.00.
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with water front, for sale. 1057
Lelth street. (3210)
plete  furnishings of small  modern
bungalow for sale,   Option e f lease
Of house to suitable party. Everything up-to-date, good t's new.
Cheap for cash. Apply Immedlati Ij
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nt Maple Beach Park, Boundary
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erty through an ad. in this column
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Consignment to Embarrass Hated
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housework. Must be able to cook. I'eek' CBna,la' Prlde (Ma'lp��hIe
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kitchen work, Mecca cafe, Collister;
block. (3221,
care of  children.     Apply   Box  3214 I
News office. (3214) j
anese boy, 123 Columbia street.
(3208) :
Front St.   Phone 213.   Cash paid for
all leinels of junk, bottles, sacks, bar* \
rels, cast iron, old rags, old rubber
boots and shoes. till'.ij)
WANTED by a Toronto Wholesale
House iu Fancy Goods, Sporting
Goods and Notions, for 'British Columbia and ns far east as Calgary,
alsei Edmonton branch. Must have
good connection, good reference, and
able to finance himself on commission basis, also give security for sample's to thc amount of $1500, Permanent and good opening for live salesman. Apply confidentially, giving
full information as to line's carried,
business done', expenses, etc. Box I
3194, News Office.
tore In large or small eiuantities; :
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted. H. J. Russell, King's
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone
881. C11S4)
where.     No   collection,   DO   charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency. Sliti Hastings street west. Van
couver. (3185)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought lor cash. P. 1). Brown, 17
Begbie street, New  Westminster.
Round (rip tickets at single fare and
one-third will be on salo April 9 to 12,
Good to return up to April 14. If you
are sending fcr friends from the East
take advantage of cheap rate up to
April 14.    For particulars apply
Or H. XV. BRODIE, G. P. A.. Vancouver
Toronto. April 7. Keen buslm SB rivalry between two Elizabeth street
fish merchants resulted last night in
t'.ie arrest of Samuel Warnolinsky and
his 12-year-old son. Solomon, of 104
Elizabeth srteet. The man is in the
ceils at Agnes street station on n
e-.'arge' of conspiring to defraud. A
Becond charge* of forgery will be laid
against him this morning. A third
charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor may also be laid
against him. The boy, who is being
held as a male-rial witness, was placed
in the care if the Children's Aid Bociety, The complainant is Jacob I'ob-
insky. 93%   Elizabeth  street
Warnollnsky ami Robinsky conduct
fish Stores opposite each either on
Elizabeth street The rivalry existing between the two is so keen that,,
according to Itobiusky anel the police
Warnolinsky negotiated a "fishy"
deal with the intention of gaining the
control of tin* "Ward" trade,
Willi the assistance' of his son ha
sent a forgi <l telegram, last week, to
ii fish firm in Belleville, ordering six
boxes, or $60 worth of Hah, In Robin-
si;*.'s name. The g:x*iis wen* shipped,
bul wiie ;i they arlrved Che mystified
Robinsky ri fust d to accept them or
to pay the charge's. The Belleville
firm then threatened to commence
proceedings. Robinsky appealed to
the detective department, and voiced
his suspicions of Warnollnsky to De-
tective Twigg. Twlgg commenced
work and unraveled the mystery,
which resulted In the arrests last
nig*' t,
Aetcr a long interview at headquarters lasl night, Warnollnsky's nun admitted that his father had told him
t.i w.ii. and send the telegram, but
al the Bame time gave* him strict Instructions nit in say anything about
tiu* transaction.
.      ...   nnteU  it  la deflniti ly deter-
the part-  la under the
j, ,,* ine democracy that tn-
I   ,,,   b itimi re  i r  under   the
of the d< mooracy that was
I,   :, ���    ai    Baltimore.    Now  let  ua
1:-''!  It out" .    ,      .
gore,    sore   everybody    is
reports the experienced eorre-
,-, alien  ol the N< m Yerk li< raid, an
utter ardent administration supporter.
��-*.';,;!. |ej, everybody who calls hlm-
w [f a l;, m, crat Many a man who
,   ., | ujt'. tin* administration today
,'..,.*, ��� ;,.,i he may have committed political BUlclde and be Is sore, lie has
.,. ,i tee the 'White House dicta
De | i bitterly assailed when
i n was a Republican in the White
*. .. be bas repudiated his party
,,;. .* !,,. which he swore before high
beavi n he never would do; he has put
,i ent Df touch with the Demo*
I ��� ,; his district, or at least a large-
ami agresslve element of them in
many Instances lie has abandoned his
well known personal convictions on
,.., ,1 ml!;., and In* has laid himself
open lo criticism for having 'surren-
,|.  . i) ne Great Britain.' "
;.. desperation the president goes
fret i on, excess to the otiier, his cri-
tv- (*::.'irge*. Repudiation of the party
platform on canal lulls leads to repudiation of the' platform plank against
Cannonism anil the throttling of free
ipe. i ii in congress, tlu- repudiation of
th,* president's own utterance's on the
stump, in his nomination of Winthrop
M Daniels of New Jersey, La Follelte
and a grotrp of progressives fear a
purpose to pack the interstate com*
merci commission tor the benefit ot
the railroads. While tin* senate con*
firmed that nomination by a close
vol", it precipitated another bitter
fight leel by the very group of senators that fought t'ie reactionary forces
under Cannon and Taft.
Anil now grave' concern is felt lest
the' president, having used the organ*
Izal mi committee to further his political ends, may not scruple to carry liis
el, Bperati game of politics into the* appointment of members of tin* fei!e*ral
:< bi eve* boa i el.
er heirs of Captain  William Crooks,
master eei a .-ailing vessel w.-i.-'i  wai
seized  and   destroyed   two  weeks  be-,
tore   war   was  declared.    The*  ressi 1
was seized on June 5, 1812.   The case j
is one of those on the* list now being]
argued at Washington before an ln-|
t, rnatlonal court.
Borne years ago the  I'nited State's [
government agreed to pay to the heirs
ihe value of the boat, but they refused
to accept a settlement on any other ;
basis than that of tbe original claim j
plus compound   Inti rest  for  the  past
10'' years.
Cobourg,  Ont.,     April    7.    William'
Bamford had his preliminary bearing
this morning before Police Magistrate
Boggs, and was remanded until Thursday,   He was charged with shooting
at Dr. Elliott on Saturday, March 28,1
with   intent   to   do   grievious     bodily i
harm.    The evidence  of  Dr.   Elliott, I
Frank Mark, y, employed at the Albion
hotel,  und  Chief Jchn  C.   Ruse   was
Dr.  Elliott told of returning to his
WEDNESDAY.   APRIL  8.   1914.
office after lunch on Saturday and-
finding ii"- panel "i the doc- rfnd
glass alive* the ilour broken. Ha informed thief Ituse, who made- an in-
ve stlgatlon. A few minutes later,
while Dr. Elliott v. as out, the prisoner entered the office. Returning, Dr.
Elliott thought it was some one to
consult bim professionally, until Barn-
ford lold biin that be hail broken tbe
door in.
On the Btreet ;> little later Bamford
pointed B gun at thi' doctor's head
and accused Dr. Elliott of annoying
and abusing him. The doctor stated
that the prisoner was a stranger to
him, Bamford was placed under arrest.
Chiel' Ruse stated tiiat at the police
station the' prisoner tolel him tiiat be
Wanted to shoot the doctor, anil
charged tii" latter with annoying him
and having the X-rays on 'him.
No Diseased  Sheep  in  Forests.
The stringent requirement of the
forest service Ihat all sheep be dipped before i'i>t< ring the national
foresis has practically eradicated
scabies on those' areas.
Our Interior Finish ls manufactured from timber specially select*
ed for Flat drain.
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: - en, April 7. The war of 1812 Is
I**: ; * -I by a claim which is being
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Fred Davis. ",4S Columbia street,
New Westminster. (3183)
President   Accused   of    Using   Steam
Roller. Swinging  Big  Stick and
Otlecr  Political  Dcdges.
Showing the bitterness which Is
characterizing the Panama canal tolls
fight across the border, the following
from the Spokane Spokesman-Review
is a gooel sample:
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' historic  old   metropolis  eif  tl'.e  lower
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000, ami tlu* awarding of reserve' bank
prizes to two minor cities in the same
zone���Dallas, Texas, with 92,000 population, and Atlanta. Qa., with 156,000
��� the administration serves a sinister
warning on Democratic senators who
contemplate voting against the presi-
elent's canal bill. Itansdell and Thorn-
ten, the Louisiana senators, anel a
number of the Louisiana representatives opposed the administration's tariff bill. In the expressive language of
the  street,  they  have "gotten  theirs."
Hitchcock, another Democratic senator who broke away from presidential dictation    on    the currency bill
finds Omaha, his home city, passed
up by Kansas City, in Missouri, home
11:00 p.m. ." V. ...Feb. 14 and 28   state of Secretary Houston of the or*
; ganlzatlon committee.
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
U:U0  p.m Wednesday)
For Gulf Island Points.
Cannon Must Feel Abashed.
The narty whip   is erackinn sharply at Washington.  Kven  "Uncle .Toe"
Cannon   must   stand   abashed   before
:00 a.m. Tuesdays and  Fridays  for   the superior work of the present day
Victoria, calling at points
Gulf Islands.
in  the
(ED   QOULET.  A sent.  N��w  Westminster
M. W.  BRODIB.  Q.  P.  A.. V��nnouv��r
I ��� ?? ��v��n. ne
Girls'   classes,  Tuesday  7:30  p.m.;
Part  t.KM acres of Lol   1  of South-
tt'est Quarter Section --. Township 16,
Map   see.".,   as  shewn  unci  colored   red
en   skr-icle   deposited   N'".   351,   iii   lh"
District   e>[   New   Westminster.
Whereas proof of Un* loss of Certificate
��ef   Title   Number   ji'..'. I'.el'-,   issueel   in   the I .."���",���"     .   *  ���      m.���-^Aam'  in-30   a m ���
name  of   Alexander  Johnston,   has   boon  Adult  classes,  Thursday.  10.30  a.m.,
filed In this offle*e Sewing   classes,   Thursday,   7:30   p.m
Notice Is hereby Riven thai  I shall, at      Boarding and room rates reasonable
the   expiration   oi   one   month   from   lhe' ^^^^
date ot the fiese publication hereof, In n
dally newspaper published In Hie* <"ilv of
New Westminster, Issue ;e ,t<>i,1 i,-.��� t���* of the
*-.*"! Ce rtlflcate, unie ���*.*. in the meantime
v.ih'l obje cl Ion i * madi I * me In writing. I
.1   C. OWYNN,
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
occupant  of   the   White   House.     II
championship was mighty in his day,
but. pales before the superb and supi--
rior achievements of Mr. Wilson.
"The president planned the fight
and directed its operation," reports
the Washington correspondent of the
N'r*\v Vork World, most bitter and rabid of all the metropolitan supporters
of the Wilson administration, commenting on the canal bill fight, "When
he learned that the fight was to develop into a test of leadership, he
took command and never relinquished it. Tin* remainder of the right
will be conducted  in  tbe same* way
t.-irnl Reffii ' ���    Office
r, <'. 31sl  Mare li,  ll'lt
District  RP-glstrar.
New Westminster,
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30   F|.om    QQW    ,,���,..    the final vote   is I
Kor particulars call phone 1324.        taken in the senate tbe president per
sonally  will  supervise the campaign
^^ m.l
In the Matter of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds  Act."
L.R.A.M., A.ll.C.M.
Lessons ln Pianoforte, violin, Sing
'log, Voice Production, Theory tiu
rlass or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examine
tions of the Associated Board of tbi*
Hoyal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Piplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc., apply BI Dufferlt.
Sireet.    Phone 411 R.
NOTtCrc I- HBRBBY CIVI'.N thai John
William Robson. carrying on business
ni -III Sixth street, in the City "i New
Westminster, Province ol British Columbia,  under the name of "J. W.  Robson,"
es   Kfeecen.   e-te*.   lens,   lev   il   ele-eel   eliilnel   Hie*
*.!*l!i eleev of March, A.D. 1914, iisslniee-el nil
I his   re'iil   and   porsonal   property,   credits
nnel  e*ffe*e*ls w-hlcb  niiey  he* seized
eer attached uiie|i*r execution
e*e*lllie,n    Ae't"    eel*   at t;ie*hine*llt.       lee      Jje 1I|,*H
Alexander Rennie, accountant, e.f ihe* e*iiy
jeiut province aforesaid, f"i the* purpose
of satisfying ratenbly nnel proportionately
and without preference or priority, nl! his
.\ii,l neeiiri* is hereby given thnl ei ni'e*i-
.f the* creditors <>r tin* sni'i .li-lni Wll
This wlll be done hy conference
councils  at   the   White-   lli*use*.
Wilson will not go to the r-;>|>itf)1
will  lie   issue'  any  statemi nts "
A Fight to a Finish.
Apparently undaunted by the fate of
Cleveland and the crushing overthrow
of Cannon, the president Beems deter
mined to make a finish fight of this
deep silt in the Democratic party, and
!iis e'lige-r journalistic supporters are
spurring him on.
or seel-l       "The   issue   is  again   .i��� >iri��� *rI   anil   II
the "V.x-1 must be fought to a finish." exclaims
the editorial leader In the New York
World. "There can bo no Democratic
111!,'   eel_
JRe   Lot   1,   Subdilvslon   of   Lot   306
Group 1, Map 830, In the District of J
New Westminster,
whereas prool of the lost of Certificate of Title Number 6B24F, issued in j
ilie name of John A.    Campbell    has!
been filed  in  Hits office.
Notice is hereby given tbat 1 shall.
al the expiration of one month from *
the dale of the first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published In
the City of N'ew Westminster, Issue |
u duplicate of ihe said Certificate, unless in the* meantime valid objection
n* made to me In writing.
I  ('. OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
J..*-el Reals Iry Office,
Ni 'v Westminster 11. c,
12tb Marcli, 1904, (3082)
I iiamxRobson "ill he* held at  tha nffle*   of
I the* assignee, Westminster Trust building,
Coiumhln street, Now Westminster, preee--
e Ine*. of llritlsh Columbia, on Wednesday,
ithe    lBtll  dny   e>l   April.  A.l>.   1914,  ill   tin
limn   ..I  '1 :'Mi r,viiee*l< In tho afternoon.
Ami notice Is hereby further give-n thai
nil   personi    hiivlni;   claims   agalnsl    tiv
i sntd  John   William   Roi
j te,  forward particular
tlll'le*el   lev    Stnlllt'
H.ii.l  James  Alexander
ison, are retimred
e.i iin* same duly
declaration  i" tin-
R.-llllii-.    nelehvsse'd
to him nt \Ve*siiiilnsi.-i Trust, Llmit-al, In
lie* City of Now Westminster aforesaid, on
ee, before the 80th dny ol April A.l I 19M
und tie it nil persons Indi bt"d to tin- snlii
John William Robson are required to pay
ll**-   nine.ine!   dlio   by   t!ie*m   to   the   snl I   ns.
signe'   forthwith,
Ami notice Is hereby further Rlve-n thai
after the said 30th dav ol April. A.D. 1014,
Hi, **iiie| assignee will proceed t" distribute the assets of the estate* tinmiie.' those
parties who nro entitled thereto, len\iein
regard only i" lhe claims, duly verified, of
which In* shell! then have received notice,
and wlll nol bo responsible fe.r thc us-
sets en iinv purl thereof, so distributed to
mv person or persons "i whose debt nr
��� '..in, in shall inn thi n have n c -Ived no-
iie ', eieiii which has !�����' n duly verified.
Agent  for .1. A. Rennie, A ��fl <ne i
Dati el the   1st  tin;   e.r April,  Ah   I9H.
D.  D.  WILSON,  Manager.
Spring Suitings just arrived. Hoi
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YOU'VE met at least one of (hose few good old
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When he bought his first watch he was beguiled into
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missed trains, and for frequent repairs. Yet he paid
the price of a good watch.
It is the same story with regard to his underwear,
his shoes, and his fountain pen.
This good old soul's case is not unique. Many of us, if
thc truth be confessed, resemble him; we allow ourselves to be sold merchandise with an unknown brand
or trade mark instead of buying merchandise which ia
well known to us through the medium of advertising.
In slang language, we get "stung" pretty often.
In most of these cases we have ourselves to blame, for
"the road to the right" thing to buy has been made
plain by advertising.
There is no good reason for passing by the known
thing, soundly guaranteed, to buy a dubious article,
which, quality for quality, cannot be cheaper than the
known, branded article.
"// is better
to be sure
than sorry.
If you are doing a local business talk over your advertising problems with the Advertising Department ol this newspaper.
If you are doing a provincial or national business it would be well
for you to have the counsel and Resistance of a duieel advertising
n��ency. A list of these will be furnished,without cost or obligation,
by the Secretary of flnnadian Press Association, Room 503,
l.umsdcn l'i;ilehn|>, Toronto.
���   (11)
���nu�� WEDNESDAY. APRIL  8.  1914.
n mil ii
w, ll,
'.Vy hav nothing to lose. I r0w, they said. slthou] .1 In* bad n D< :
-t-   o.   J.,11 ,E'*!tc;Iier'ie��*   , ed a blow on the face ivhil,   standing
'������  !*���     li told Mlla that tb.   *-*,,���- on  the  rear  platform.    The  Morrovs
>      y ot ��� -a united States would be were subsequently rei. 1   id on
at enated rum bun because of stories  - .	
to the effect, t.iat be ruthlsssl)  butch
erod hia enemies. Villa asserted that
those in- had shot were renegades or
: to a one incident In particular
Powell related. After the rebel victory in Northern -Chthutiuna, Uiere
were some su odd federal prisoners.
Villa line-ii these tip before bim and,
walking down in front of them shout-
Wenatcnee,   Wash,   April   7.    Manager Robinson, of the Oregon Packing
company, of Portland and San Francisco is holding conferences with offl-
i.  "Viva  Villal'Tii"  doomed   prison- I nlals "'  t "' u'''' "' '"'���' Produce cotn-
l   t oaughl  up the cry, and Villa's lip I I'a"-V aml ""' V\'e*nai(-liee Valley Fruit
curled.    "You dogs,' 'he said,  "It is  ��rowers' association, relative to con-
Villa' because I am on top to-   tra(l-nK f(;' tbe unmarketable cheerie,
If   I   went   under   It   would   be I ��'  ""'   valil���*���*'���     He  ��ttvrn   3  cents
i*8ra Co Laxatives
especially good for
children because tbey are
pleasant to take, gentle in
action, do not irritate the
bowels nor develop a need
for continual or iucreased
dose*. 25c. a box, at your
National Drug and Chemical Ce.
of Canada, (-in-.il.ad.       177
Medal and Diploma for Superiority
over all competitors at the great
World's Fair and at all fairs and
expositions wherever exhibited.
POWDER is the one great baking powder, for over half a century
known and celebrated for its purity, strength, and keeping quality.
Its use assures the food against
alum and all forms of unwholesome adulterations that go with
imitation, low grade brands.
, .vs
Viva Huerta.'" Then he gave orders j P��und or $t;o the ton and desires the
that  all the prisoners should be she*., i Kreater part of the crop. | company and has accepted  the iiigli-
Idding:  "Mind t.iat yen waste no am-i     The Oregon   Packing company  will' eBt  tender.
'munition."   lie turned away, and his con1rert the cherries into maraschinos.
soldiers trussed the prisoners up in I " tiliK company comes bere the cber-i
groups of five.    Thus one bullet, with
tin-   rifle  pressed  against  the  breast I
Of the first man, penetrate d the file,
anil fewer than twenty cartridges ac-1
counted  for the  lives  of four  score.   B'ti(m   for   tn,!   r'*uit   growers,"    said
Murdering Messengers. | Harry t'rowl. of the Wenatchee  Pro-;
Villa declared  that at one time  in I tiuco company.   "We never have made
his  campaign  it  was  necessary  thusiany m<iIlf,y ��n Koyal Anns and do not!
to strike terror to t'.ie hearts of his i care  t0 han,1|t  them  if  there  is  an-
enemies, but said  that One time hadlolller way PrfjV*'1' d.    Should the Ore-
passed,   and   subsequent     executions ��� gon  Packing company  come  in  here ! v*ru"Knl-
should be according to militaey eti-' 1,"'-v wi" Wangs for a warehouse on' ��ne of tht unsuccessful tenderers,
'luetic. The day following, Mr. Cow-1 ('oluinbla sireet. and may possibly ar- Herman Monk, of Elwood. Ontario,
cll says, a messenger from Felix Hiaz I raIlge  t0  handle   some   varieties    of   was s0 disgusted with the acceptance
'wus taken out and   shot in  the gar-' Pe:lrs' as 'VP" as ((berries, and possl- ] o!'   the   International   company's  ten-
den overlooked by the window of the i nl>' Home ot,"'r Unas cf fruit." i der that he wrote to trie postmaster-
room in which the interview had taken place.    He says thai on one occa-!
Slon   recently   when   a   t ain   was  delayed by some accident to the engine,
j Villa drew up liis revolver, leveled  it
A condition of the contract is that
*.'i  will   be  barreled   witl   a  liquid I -*e *P*e��ent ����al delivery boass. pur-
preservative and shipped to Portland   <**���*<> by farmers at $2 apiece, may
| or San Francisco - "e exchanged for the new boxes, pro-
"1 consider this a first class oropo* I vid<id the I,ost office department returns to contractors the patent automatic self-locking signal device attached to the old boxes. Farmers
having the present boxes can exchange tbem for the new boxes on
payment of $1.30 to the post office de
al, tfhe head of *i:is chief of transport.
| and threatened to blow out his brains
If the train did not start In five min- j
: utes. Though hopelessly out of repair, I
it  started.    The   rebel  chieftain ,said
to   Powell   that  he  had   no  ambition
to be  preisdent of  Mexico.    Ile said
that   he  had  not  the  education,  tiiat:
lie had taught himself   to    read and '���
I write only two years ago when serv-!
Ing a term of imprisonment. "1 am !
fighting to avenge tbe death of Ma-j
'bro," he said. "I am no politician.!
I am a fighting man."    He denounces
Uncuccctsful Tenderer Gives Postmas
ter-General   Hir Views on
ting cf Contract.
O'tawa,   April   7.���Details   of    the
Huerta as a despot, but no more ab- contract entered into by the postmas-
solute* despot ever led a revolt than t ter-geneeal, Hon. L. P. Pelletier, for
Villa. The truth seems to he that he ; a supply of 100,000 rura! mail delivery
loves war, and that as long as there ' combined letter and parcel post boxes
is plunder and murder to be done he , from the Internationa! Mail Equip-
is satisfied. The future can look after i ment company, at $4.25 apiece, are
'���tsel,'. contained  in a return  tabled  ln  the
 ��� ' commons.    Thp  contract  was signed
SOMEEODY SAID " SPAGHETTI,"      j or   February 28 last.
der that he
1 general   a   letter   containing  the   fol-
; lowing:
"It was what I expected frcm the in-
I formation which was asked from
| some headquarters of the Conservative's as to my standing in the party.
i . . . . Since the contract is let you
I had better collect in all those tin pots
i stuck up through the country and
. lake mine with it*, then throw them
in the Ottawa river, and stick up wash
boilers on the sides of the roads."
New,  Spare-time Profession for   Men
and Women���One Man Makes
$3500 in Six Months.
Owing to the large number of new-
motion picture theatres which are being opened    throughout    the country.
So  Says  American  Who   Knows  Him
���Mexican Rebel Leader It Ruthless  Murderer.
In the Mexican drama, ta borrow a
weird from Bhe theatre, Villa plays "opposite'" Huerta. only a sentimental-
lit   would   have a  very  high   i��l��*.t of
Huerta The' bent thfil e*aei he said
nf him is that In* Is the strongest man,
as fee as we know, iu Mexico's political life today. There is in Villa, too,
some strength of character, a certain
ruthlessneaB that explains Che fact
of his leadership, shuulei he he* successful ami establish himself eventually  as  the  greatest   single  force'  in
the country, there will be a tendency
to forget his real (pialitie's and attribute t.i bim heroic characteristics. It
it, well to be reminded by B. Alcxan-
der Powell, a well known author, and
tie latest correspondent to interview
the dhleftain, that Villa is what he
is. Mr. Powell has written his most
recent impression of the man's char-
acter for a BjrnIdeate of American
newspapers. He seems to want to be
fair to Villa. His verdict is that Villa
Is what, he looks to be. a highwayman.
Mr. Powell says that he la the sort of
man you would not want to meet in
the dark.
Villa Holds Audience.
His prepossessions ougiit to   bave
been   rather  in   favor  of  Villa,  for
Powell was a friend of Madero's, and
Villa  pretends  to  be carrying  on his
present operations primarily because
lliurtie assassinated bis friend. It
was because Powell was known to
have beAl Madero's friend that he se-
cureei un interview with General Francisco Villa���whose name, he reminds
us,  is to be pronoune'ed as  though  it
that turn out rifles, ammunition and
rapid-fire guns. There were bankers
summoned to reply to a demand that
they Bhould raise money for him.
There were aide-de-camps, emissaries,
men of property hastening to pledge
their allegiance in The hope that he
would not rob them.
AND THE ROW STARTED'     It provides for the delivery of the; there is offered    to    the    men    and
���  j whole hundred thousand boxes within ] women  of  today,   a   new   professiou.
Spokane, April 7.���The casual men- i three years, the first delivery of ten j namely, that of writing moving plc-
tion of "spaghetti" in bhe presence of. thousand boxes to be made by June \ ture plays. Producers are paying:
a party of young Italians acted like a 115th next. The original price demand-1 trom $25 to $150 for each scenario ac-
spark to a bomb on a Union I'ark car j ed by the company was $4.50 per box,! cepted, upon which they can build a
of the Traction company at Wall I but in consideration of the larger or- j photo play.
street and Riverside avenue at 12:30 I der and the assurance that the whole $3500 in Six Months.
j yesterday morning. The crowded ve- i number would be taken within three As it only requires a few hours'
| hiele, tranquil up to that time, be-' years the price was cut down to $4.25. time to construct a complete play,
I came  a  mass of  disorder and  many] Seven tenders In all were submitted,   you  can  readily   see    the    immense
Mail   possibilities in this work.    One man.
the number of a dozen or more. Ther'
was   no   finger   without   a   ring.   She,
like the orderlies and others, seemed
to  be  in  terror of the generalissimo,
it  is  fear of  Villa  mingled   with  an
we're   spelled     "Veeyah,"     The   meet- I increasing  respect for his abilities as
Ing   took   place   in   Juares   after   the I a leader that binds to him the nonde-
flghtlng was over.   Tbe dead lay thick   script staff that hastens to obey hisiag
In tiie Btreets, and the outskirts of
tin' town we're silent as a tomb. Villa
was in a house that he had commandeered, and In and out went a long
file of persons seeking his favor or
carrying out liis Instructions, There
were agents of half a dozen factories
Covers Wife  With Gems.
The general himself has just under-1 peaceably   disposed   persons   stopped   but although the International
gone a painful operation fcr some na-1 blows  because  they  could  not  avoid   Equipment company's tender was the   who   gave  the idea  a  tryout, writes
sal trouble, and when Powell entered i them.    One of the car windows  was I highest, it was recommended for ac-  that he earned $3500 in six months,
the room he was sitting on the edge ' broken.   A street car inspector pluck- j ceptance  by  the  officials of  the  de-) it is  possible for an Intelligent per-
, of a  bed,  his  hair hanging over  his ! ed out the belligerents like weeds from ��� partment as being the most satisfac-j son to meet with equal success,
bloodshot  eyes.    In   the  hack  of  the1 a   garden  and   dropped   them   to   tfhe   tory in every way, !    One feature   of the business which
I room sat his wife, a timid creature, i street. Inspector W. H. Ujwis of the. Three years ago. under the late gov- should appeal to everyone, is the tlu-
���who can neither read nor write, but! police department laid hold of two 1 ernment. a contract tor one hundred \ work, may be done at home in spare
'whose   fingers   carry   costlv   gems  to 1 young men as they were dropped from (thousand  rural   mall  delivery    boxes l time.    No literary ability  is require*
the car. corralled a third between the' was entered into with the company at! and women have as great as opuor-
two and would have grasped more $3.00 per box. The company is an | tunity aB men. Ideas for plots are
>ad he had more hands. In the sta- American concern, but when the first; constantly turning up, and may boy
tion the prisoners described them- contract was made it was stipulated , put in sceneano form and sold tor a.
selves as t'harles Morrow, an Italian,, that the boxes would have to be man-  good price.
aged   26;    Mike   Morrow,   an   Italian. | ufactured   in   Canada,   and   a   branch Particulars Sent FREE,
age 19. and  H. French   an American, | factory was established    in    Toronto.:     Complete   particulars  of  this   most
19 | The same stipulation  applies for the j Interesting and  profitable    profession
present contract.    It may  be remem- i may  be  had  FREE OF CHARGE  by
bered   that   when   Hon.   Rodolphe  Ee-' sending a post card to
miens made Tiis contract for the rural ���
mail delivery boxes there was considerable  criticism   from   the  Conservatives.    Hon. Mr. Pelletier has entered'Bnv ,,��� IVII VCC DIDDr   PI
into  a  still  larger  contract  with  the  DUA 138 *TlLI\tO-D/1llllc, TA.
nod. Among tiie' staffs are graduates
from Oxford and Harvard and the
Sorbonne. Adventurers from all corners of the earth a.a in his train.
They are waifs who are making their
last hazard for fortune. If Villa wine"
tbey  may   become  rich.    If he  loses. ;
'What time do you close here?" asked French of Desk Sergeant Pearson.
When the laughter subsided, he dispatched two young men to I'nion
I'ark In search of a bond. They returned, perspiring, within an hou:*.
French   hael   nol'hing  to do with   the j
Piioto-Play* Association
nm * mi
These cigarettes  have   <xi\
immense sale all over the world
due entirely to their high quality
and excellence of manufacture
WEDNESDAY,   AP.'.IL  8.   1914.
istcrs Great Easter Sale
New Easter Suits, Coats and Hats at Lowest Sale Prices
Get Your Easter Hose  Now.
Ladies'  Fine Silk  Boot Hose;   Regular 75c.  Special
at 50c.
The "Onyx." Utility and other special makes are offered in this stock at the very special price of 50c.
Come in double soles, spliced heel and toe, with good
lisle tops; colors liiack. tan. blue, pink and White;
regularly sold at 75c.
Special for 	
Ladies' Fine Cashmere Hose; Reg. 75c. Special. 50c.
\n excellent wearing .Stocking; in a light weight;
with spliced heel and toe and full 1'ashionod Jog,:
conies in black only; a regular 750 value. ""*���
Special for. per pair 	
Ladies' Mercerized Handkerchiefs.
Of fine lawn, with embroidered comers;
wearer;   regular 20c each.    Spe-cial at
two for  	
"Perrin" Gloves at Reduced Prices.
A glove which is very much wanted lie cause of its
high standard of quality. You will need a pair for
Easter, (let them now at a better price than ordinary. A perfect fit aud finish and very pliable*
in all sizes and colors.    Three special
price s. per pair. 95c, $1.25 and	
Ladies'  Mesh  Bags and   Vanity   Cases   at   Special
Easter Sale Prices.
A very choice selection now in stock awaiting your
choosing. German silver Mesh Bags. Purses, Metal
Chain Purses, Oxidised Metal Vanity Cases; all
sizes, and Nickel Plated Vanity Case's in va-rious
sizes. Specially priced
Save on Your New Garments
a   gooel
Big Easter Bargains From Our Ready-to-Wear Dept.
Now is Uie time' to purchase your Easter. Spring
Coat, Suit oi Dress, at a price far away below the
regular selling figure. We cordially invite you to
look over these' Cteat Easti'r Special Suit. Coat and
Dress Values.
Regular $20.00 values: Ladies' Navy and Cray Suits:
all   new   Spring   Models.     Special Cl ,4   75
Bastor Sale Price  *9 *-*��� * *��
Ladies' and Misses' New Spring Coats at $12.50.
We have now a very choice selection of these Coats
awaiting your inspection, in good cloth, serge and
other materials; latest colors of tan. green. Copenhagen, tango, black and white check, etc.: all are in
the very newest styje models, some' with belt and girdle effects, others finished with fancy jdlk j-iash^ of
Persian  and  Dresde n shades.
Specially   Priced at  	
$15.(HI New Spring Coats; a good variety of styles
and colors.    Special Easter Sale ��� - ���
Regular  $is..r>"i  Values;   New  Spring   Dresses;   fine
cloths,  cords  and   silk.     Special
Easter Sale Price' 	
riety of styles
Dresses;   fine
35c o $15.00
We have only a limited number of hats in this lot now-
left.   All arp new Spring models; various styles and
shapes to choose from;   $8.50 values
Special Easier Sale*  Price  	
Cet your "Sailor" or "Middy" Waist during our
K.ister Sale, thereby saving about one-half the regular cost. All styles and colors are represented; some
lace fastened, others fastened with buttons and finished with silk tie. Also a big quantity of Lawns,
Linens, Piques, Delaines, etc, in plain and embroidered styles. All this stock of waists is offered In
Four Special Lots:
I.i IT   1    Hegular values  to  $2.00. TRt*
B.reclal  Easter Sale Price    I mtml
LOT  -    Hegular values  to  $2.95.
Special  Easter Sale Priee  	
I.OT 2  -Itegular values to $3.50.
Spe*cial  Easter Sale Price  	
LOT 4-   Ri'gular values to  $4.5n.
Bpeclal Easter Sale Price 	
All Styles are represented at each price.
Ribbon and Lace Trimmed Corset Covers;
regular BOc values.   Special for 	
Ladies'  White    Cotton Night    Downs;  also ribbon
ami  lace  trimmed;   a regular $1.25 value.
Special  Easter Sale Price  	
He eriilar  50c White  Cotton  Drawers;   in
splendid  quality  cotton.     Special   for	
Regular $3.50 Values Silk Moire and
Satin  Underskirts.    Special  for  	
Take advantage of these Special Blaster Sale offerings by purchasing as soon as possible.
) ribbon
Neckwear, Gloves, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Ribbons,
Handbags, Etc., at Lowest Sale Prices.
There is no time like the present, as we are sell
ing all the goods that are generally wanted for
Easter wear at Specially Reduced Prices during our
Hig Easter Sale. Read carefully over these Items,
then look at the goods, and you will be assured of
prices which canont be equalled.
New Novelty Neckwear; all kinds of it: Dutch,
Robespierre and Stock and Eancy Collars. Jabots.
Ties, Side Frills, Dress and Hlouse Fichus, Tango
Hows, etc. All new stock and priced at Its very
The New "Lily" Collar.
Of fine white silk mull, also edged with black; has
collar supports on sides and back, with drooping
corners, giving'd,ily" effect and fancy fichu fronts;
also comes in crepe and crepe de chene.
Special Prices
Dress Collar and Cuff Sets.
In   fine   white   mull,   with   pique  edge;   all
shapes in stock.   Specially-
Priced at 	
The "Medici" Collar.
Is  ve-ry pretty  and effective;
de chene; double fichu effect;
ed   centre's;   others  centred   with   Paddy   green  and
violet   velvet   ribbon   bands;   very  suitable   for  suit
95c to $2.50
In mull, crepe,    crepe
with fancy crepe frill-
$1.50 to $2.50
Plain and Novelty
$1.50 to $8.50
or   dress.
Priced at
Also a Nice Collection of Ladies'
A   good   variety   of   leathers   and   styles   to   choose
from;   also  a  quantity     In  silk  and   satin   linings;
fitteil  with  change purse and  small  mirror;   all are
specially       priced       for       the       Easter       Selling,
from    *B, I a*s!V  TO
Malleable Garden Rakes;  12-tOOth
Malleable Garden  Hakes;  14-tocth.
Malleable Carden   Hakes;   16-tOOth,
Prepare for Good Friday's Gardening
and Home Fixing
Garden Toole, Screen  Doors. Tents, Shades, Camp Stoves, Refrigerators, Etc., all at Easter Sale Prices.
Still More Carpet Bargains at This
Big Easter Sale
75c to $2.00
Garden or Field  Hoes.
Potato  Hooks;   5 tine.
Five  Tine   Spading   Forks.
Long or "D" Handle Spades.
Seven-inch  Hedge  Shears;   polished  handles.
Grass Shears.
Patting Trowels.
Sprinkling Cans.
Spray  Pumps,
25c, 40c, 50c, 75c
High-Wheel I.awn  .Mowers
four knife.    Prices  	
$6.50, $7.00, $7.50
Ou;   Tents  are  all   made  from  heavy  canvas;   double  sewn  and
roped,  wilh guy  ropes and clips, complete:
Size  Kxln  feet.  Wall  Tent,
Sixr  10x12, Wall Te*nt.
Size 12x14, Wail Tent.
Piles  lor Ti'tiis.
$4.50, $6.25, $8.50
We* make tints ol any size or style on short notice.
Buy Your Screen Doors Now, at Tbese Special Prices.
Oak   Finished   Screen   Door,  single*   style.
oak Grained and Varnished Screen Door, finished with double *-:\v
and corner brackets.
oak Grained and Varnished Screen  Door;   with  18-lnch deep bottom
panel;  a very finely  Finished door.
Spt cial	
I'l-p bottom
Hardwood Adjustable Window Screens; all Is Inches il��-��-p.
We have a large number of sample pieces of the finest Brussels and
Wilton Carpet, from one yatd to two yards in length;  worth  at the
ordinary yardage rates $1.13 to. $:'..0O.
Sale   Price     	
7",c. Tapestry Carpet; 21 inches wide;
in  tans,  reds and  green.     Per yard	
$1.50 Brussels Carpet;   with border to match;  in all the
best colors and  patterns.    Pot yard   	
$2.15 Axminster Carpet;   with border to match; G4   AC
lor dining room or parlor.    Per yard    ^ I ���������#
%'2.2b   WUlon  Carpet;   with   bonier  to   match;   rich   in ������*    IR
coloring and  in  all the latest designs.     Per yard    J lil v
40c.   18-inch   Hair  Carpet;   a hard   -earing  carpet. OCa
Pet*   yard    COC
$1.15  27-inch   Hair  Carpet;   reversible;   all   wool. OCa
Pt r  yard    OOC
12%c. China Matting; a useful and economical floor <IA.
covering; one yard wide.    I'er yard      I UC
$1.10 Inlaid Linoleum;  two yards wide. QC**
Per square yard   OwC
50c. Linoleum;  heavy quality;  two yards wide
Per square yanl   	
"5c.  Floor Cloth;   the best grade of oil cloth: ORft
two  yards  wide.     IV.r square  yard    fatfv
50c. Window Shades: dark green and cream cloth; 30 ORft
inches wide; 6 feet long.    Each     wOC
Bargains in Tapestry Squares
To thrjse who want a serviceable, cheerful floor covering this is
a great opportunity to secure one for the least possible cost:
Size 4.6x6.6 feet; regular $5.1:5. _* A   ftft
Sale Price  ��p4.bU
Size  6.9x9  feet;   regular  $7.25, e*����S"  AM
S.'lee   I'riee*    <PO.OU
Size' 7.6x9 feet;  regular $8.75  _*f  ftft
Sale Price $ ��� .UU
Size 9x9 fe-et;  regular $8.45. a a TtR
Sale  i'riee*   $0. I 5
Size 9x10.6 feet;  regular $9.50. *-^  ftft
Sale Price  $ f ���OU
Size 9x12 feet;  regular $11.35, a a  AA,
Sale Price      ��P**J.UU
We   have  just  received  another large consignment of all the latest
patterns of  Floor Oil  Clofi;   two yards   Wide
regular 35c. per square yard. Sale price	
Nicely  Stencilled  Mats.  In  Oriental  colors and designs:
Si/.e 27x54  inches, regular 25c aa
Sab*   price    CUC
Si/.e  36x72  Inches;   regular 35c ap
Sale'   prioe      hOC
Size   6x9 teet;   regular $1.50. '  am at    as*
*al" Price    $1-30
Size  9x9  feet;   regular  $2.25 _n A    ftsm
Sale    Price'      Sl.SjD
Size* 9x12 fee*t;   regular $2 23
Sale   Price   	
Open from 18 to 28 Inohl s.
Open  from 20  to 32V4   inches.
Open from 22 to 36Mi  inches.
22' -,  Inches  We-jej,  75c a  Yard,
rnis is the best quality Hrussel f   i arpet,   regularly  sold   at   $1.60  a
yard.    W.* have* tie, body carp.-  ;,, ,natch and have* decided to clear
them oul  under est.    The patterns are good and  suitable for halls
mul Htairs;  regular $l.r,ei a  ,*,,*,|
Sale' Price ....
Beautiful New Curtain Goods Just Received
Open  from 24  to  41!  inches.
The Ideal Camper's Stove is the Bon-Ami Blue Flame Oil Stove
Because it is economical, costing l'4c per hour.
Because it is impossible* to explode.
Because it is does not smoke or smell.
Beoause it Is simple to operate.
(Because it cannot get out of order
Because it is both ligiit and strong.
Plain Color Scrims; cream
��hit" and ecru: hemstitched
bonier; 38 inches wide: regular 45c and 50c. am
Kaster  Sale,   per  yard.. OOC
White Se*rlm; fancy floral lie,,
ders on eine or both sides: bor
ders of fnilt designs; blue*
lawn 'i,,,] Ki-,.,.���. regular *���-���.
'������astiT Sale
per yard  ....
Cotlon Casements In ecru and
Arab; 45 inches wide; fruit and
floral holders; in green,, red
and blue: (regular 35c. value.
Faster Sale, OCa
per yard   COC
Two Burners.
Three Burners.
Glass Front ovens;  om* burner,
Class Front Ovens:  two burners.
Our Refrigerators are all hardwood, find:-  finished and perfectly
oak Finished Refrigerator;  27x40;  lined  with galvan-     CIO  Kfl
i-zed  Iron: all  parts removable*.   Price    *�� I biWW
Oak  BHnianed  Refrigerator;  87x40;  whit- enamelled     CIA   CQ
finish  Inside,    Price    *���*�� ��� -**+>+*
oak   Finished   Refrige.ator;   29x46:   white eaamel M-A 7C
lined;   fitted  with  two shelves    sr^-w. a ��#
1  ;"��   White  anel   Ecru  Scrims
fancy     marked     stripes
quality;    ri'gular    $1.00
taster Sale,
!>' r  yarel
Use our Vacuum Carpet Cleaner. We do
all the work for a
very nominal cost.
I'hone 73 for prices.
Furniture Dept. Demands Your Attention���Tremendous Reductions
fcr This Big Easter Sale
$14.00 Value for $9.00.
Roll-edge Couch, in brown Imitation Spanish;  well con       ��Q  flfl
Bt meted;   strong  springs;   neatly  finished.    Special ^O.UU
$45.00 Unifold Bed Davenport for $33.00.
A perfect bed. which opens or closes with one motion     During day
time a handsome parlor Davenport; at night a full- COO flfl
sized,  sanitary,   comfortable  bed.     Special    *\tOO.\J\J
We still offer our Special "Good Night" All  Felt d��^   QC
Mattress;   tegular   $6.60.     Special    ^"I.WW
$11.50 Bed Spring and Mattress for $7.50.
lied, white enamel, with brass knobs on   posts,  a double*    C.^ Cfl
weave spring and a good  mattress.    Special    ^ I .OU
$29.75 Extension Table, $25.00.
Solid  Quarter Cut Golden  Oak, (i-foot  pedestal  base;    COC flfl
with glass  feet;   a  beauty.    Special    9CO.UU
$30.00 Set of Dining Chairs, $25.00.
A set of six quarter cut Golden Oak Diners;  with C9f% flfl
genuine leather pad s-eeits.    Special  9saO.UU
$45.00 China Cabinet, $31.75.
A   beautiful design  In Golden, Quarter Cut;   panel back;   bent glass
in door and ends;   French  bevel  mirror on top, COI   7C
and two in back.    Kxtra Special   *\9**f I ��� I 9
$63.00 Dining Room Suite for $49.75.
Including a Buffet in fumed oak, a six-foot Extension. Pedestal Hase'
Fumed Oak Table, and a set of  six  Dining Room (JQ "7C
Chairs with  leather  pad  seats.    Special       ^151. I O
Ladies' Writing Desks, In several different designs, just arrived;
in fumed or golden finish; tpiarter sawed; G4 j?  *7C
regular $19.75.    Special    *9 I 9. I O
Globe-Wernlcke Sectional  Bookcases,  In early  Knglish  finish;  solid
quarter cut oak; to clear out at almost manufacturer's cost:
8'/2 Section; regular "54.30, -J*Q  J?|%
tO'.i  Section;   regular  $4.75, CO *7C
for    *99a I 9
12*4 Section;  regular $5.00, j����*i Q-fl
If you need a Bookcase now Is the time.
.Magazine Stands, in fumed and early Knglish finish;  solid oak;  four
and  five shelves;   regular $7.50 J'or $5.75..   Regluar CO  715
$5.25  for    *\99. I O
Folding Runabout Haby Carriages: in many designs; finished in
brown, black and green; latest things out and biggest variety to
choose from in the city. Regular $5.75 for $3.90; regular $fi.5U for
$5.25;  regular $8.75 for $7.00;  regular $13.50 for Cl 9  Cfl
$11.25;  regular $15.25 for   91 COU
Folding Sulky; regular $8.50 for $6.50; regular $7.00 for     GA   f*g\
$5.75;  regular $5.50 for   9*t.OU
Regular $9.75 Restweil Baby Crib; In blue, white and        G^ 7R
Veris Martin  finish.    Speelal     .    *\f I a 19
A beautiful massive quarter cut golden oak lluffet; with two silver
drawers; two large Clipboards and large linen drawer;    COQ 7C
regular   $45X0.     Special    *P99a I O
A very massive quarter cut China Cabinet to match; bent glass in
ends and door, and large British bevel mirror In hack:    COC  Cfl
regular $45.00.    Special    93D.OU
Heavy quarter oul golden oak 8-ft Extension Table; fancy pedestal
base;   regular $48.50. COO. 7C
Special    *\999* I O
A set of six golden oak Dining Chairs; with genuine leather pail
seats;   regular $29.75. COC  "7C
Special   4>CO. f 9
Three odd Settees; upholstered in deinln covering; spring back anil
seat.    Extara Special C1C Cfl
Three-piece     Mahogany     Parlor     Suite;    upholstered    'in   tapestrv:
s|^$":"- $24.75
Don't forget the largest assortment of Crass Chairs In tlle city to
choose from at the lowest prices. We buy in large quantities, whicli
enables us to give you the best possible prices.
Two Unifold Davenports, in imitation brown and green. These are
perfect, sanitary, comfortable beds and handsome parlor nieces for
day time;  regular $45.00. COQ flfl
Men's Overalls and Work Shirts for
Good Friday at Easter Sale Prices
MEN'S $1.00    OVERALLS.    75c 50c SUSPENDERS, 25c.
Men,  Thursday   is    your    last Men's Heavy,    Medium Weight
chance    0   secure   good,   strong __A   K|]|(l     u h(     s,       IulP
..nd  well  made Overalls at Re- wi(h  Hp���.n(||(1  webblng.   regu,ar
duced  Prices.    They    como    m BOc values. Easter Sale   *__���}_.
plain  black or  blue  striped.  In pr|ep ��Ofi
all sizes; regularly sold at $1.00.  ���w^j
Easter Salo *7Ca
prl0e        IOC MENS   $2.00   DRILL    SHIRTS,
75c     MEN'S     WORK     SHIRTS AT $1 45
AT 50c.
A    large   assortment   Of     Men's Men's   Khaki   Shirts:   inaele     of
Work Shirts;  in blue* and black heavy   drill   shirting;   jusl   the
stripes  and     plain   bine    chain- shirts   for   hard   outside   wear;
bray;   first class   washers;   reg. in all sizes;    regular   $2.00 val-
75c value's. Kaster Sale    CAa U68,    Kaster Sale       _* A    Af*
Price     OUC Price    $1.45


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