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The New Westminster News Jul 12, 1913

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liajHe  proves their we...
resulf^.' they    produce.     T,
arge   V   fthatt A^Vni-'A't
"*-.-������      -- KEF
The Wsather. ,
New Westminster and I lie lo��'-r
mainland: Light to moderate winds,
generally fair with btatlonnry or
higher  temperature.
Rl II f ? Rl A PI AY^ ROI I,   MUSI HAVt D06S    nm T0 B[
: Stefanston   Expedition  Picking   Mala-   Procetsion   Will   Bo   Made   Promlnenl
mutes at Nome Eefore Headlnfl Part ol Prc-jram at  Merchantt'
Into North. Picnic:.
poweu will not     SCHOOL BOARD
Czar Ferdinand Anxious for I'eace and Balkan War Is I   Nome, Alaska, July n   viajaimar
Btafsnsson'l polar exporlng   yatieli
Virtually Over���Dispatches Give Greeks Credit fer wiu san for the Antic in about a
��� week.    Dogs are being purchased for
Decisive Rout of Ivanoff's Army���Lloyd C.eor?e Does "" expedition. Bcottjr Alien, the wen
" i known  trainer  and   driver  of  racing
Not Believe Powers Will Become Involved.
London, July 11.���Having failed in
her hazardous coup, Bulgaria Ib showing herself anxious for peace. No
formal armistice has yet been arranged, but it is believed hostilities
are virtually ended.   It is feared, how.
���ever, the settlement of peace conditions will prove a long task, many
new elements having entered lo complicate matters. Bulgaria's decision
not to oppose Rumania's occupation
of S'llstrla and the strip of territory
she desires removes one difficulty,
Other developments, however, such as
lhe Oreek occupation of Kavala. to
which Bulgaria is expected to offer
bitter resistance, are calculated to
lead to troublesome negotiation!
especially as both Servia and Greece.
on the outcome Ot their campaign,
will b" certain to demand possession
of the territory Ihey occupied previous
to the war.
Iliissla Is already '"king steps In
the Ilalkan capitals to arrange (or h
cessation t f hostilities.
Sees Light Ahead.
Lloyd (Ieorge, addressing the
bankers at a dinner at the Mangle
home tonight, referred to Ralkun at
fa'rs. l'e said the (imt trouble wnn
over and it was hopeful that the
powerB, which had started so well to
gether. would be able to effect a lasting settlement among these hapless
provinces. As long as the Balkan
states did nothing to upset the decisions already agreed to among the
powers, continued the chancellor, it
was lo be hoped that no power would
Tend it necessary to take nny action
likely to give rise to differences
among  the  great  powers  themselves.
a   strongly
force, aggregating I
made their last stand
��� entrenched position near Domlrhlssar
on the left bank nf the Hiver Srucia,
and on tlie adjacent heights of In
trlna, whloh were well defended with
siege artillery. Ab the Creek srtlllen
was outranged, the battle was undecided for a ronsidf rub!" time
Under cover of darkness, however
the attack was renewed, and. In a
brilliant charge, the Creeks dislodged
tin- Bulgarians and drove them across
the Struma.
Tin- Greeks then directed their
march along the right bark of 'he
river, supported bv mountain bat-
ti lies, and compelled tli" Bulgarians
hurriedly in abandon ther poslt'on.
leaving behind four heavy gur.s and a
quantity of ammunition.
While this battle was in progress
the Creeks attacked and drove the
Bulgarian forces from isiip, capturing
'in guns.
By these two victories, the Creeks
are considered to have vanquished
finally Oeneral lvanoff'B forces, whose
rout bas been complete. The Greeks
occupied Dlmlrhlssar on Thursday,
when the Iiulgars evacuated the town
known  trainer  and   driver
: dogs, acting In an advisory capacity.
The Karluk party must complete its
, teams before It turns north to the
Arctic to seek the polar continent for
if this land is found it Is a certainty
it will contain no human Inhabitants
ami therefore no dogs.
The southern branch of the expedition will be In contact nearly all the
time with Kskimo tribes that hive an
abundance of dogs.
-North Vancouver 	
Cedar Cottage  	
New Westminster and district.
Bacon's Reference to Hi�� Legs on
Floor of Upper House Is Not
Allowed to  Pass.
Buloan on the  Run.
Athens,  July  11.   General   Ivanoff's
army nnd three divisions of the Istlp
Tales of Murder.
Saloniki.    July    11.���A    deputation'
from Seres arrived here today and an- ,
pealed to King   Constantlne   to   die*
patch Cnek troops    to    occupy    thel
town.    The  deputation  asserted  that
before    evacuating    Seres    the    Bulgarians slaughtered a large n-imber of i
prominent Creeks  who hae!  been Im-;
prisoned     since     hostilities     b"gan
Among those killed    were    M.  Pap-;-
pavles.  director    of the  gymnasium:
M   Stamoulis. manager of the Orient
bank, and I>r. Charlssevls.
Washington, July 11.���A futile at-
t'-mpt was made here loday by Senator Owen to have the Benate- pass Ills
b'll for the creation of a bureau of
legislative experts to draft bills upon
the request of the president commit
tees of congress, eight senators or
25 representatives.
��I am so astonished at this sugges- I picnickers
ton   cf  having    a   schoolmaster    do |    The ladl
work  that senators are supposed    to
be a'.'e 'o perform that I    am    completely knocke'd off my pins," declared
Senator Hacon.
"D'd the senator say
Senator I-ewis.
Total    1U.UU0
These are  the numbers cf  persons
expected here ut the merchants' picnic on July 3u, ub given out yesterday
afternoon    by    the    Ittlail
Men's association
minor places on the lower mainland
to bear Irani, there setrns to be no
doubt that the prediction of an at
tendance of between S000 to 10,0-Jt
will be realized.
While no part of the preparations
for the event is being neglected, added Importance Is being placed on the
formation of a big parade. To assist
in this, the Vancouver Retail Business
Men'B association has appropriated
$100 from its funds to be used for
prizes for the heat entries in the procession.
To aid in securing awards for the
sporting events, a committee composed of Messrs. Blakeley, Welsh,
.lacobson, .MacDonald, has been appointed to visit all Hhe wholesale
houses and manufacturers, and the
larger retail establishments, to canvass for donations.
Reception Committee.
A reception committee of the local
executive, the committee of citizens
appointed this week, and representatives of the Progressive association,
las lie-en formed to aBsin the vis'ting
Attempt Will Be Made to
Build Common Ground
for Everybody.
Man  Extradited
End  of July-
in  Chicaeo  Has   Till
-Interest Centres
Assire  Jury.
Bank Serves Notice on Trustees  and  High   School
Work Will Stand.
Conference    of    Railroads   and    Men
with President Aims to Accomp.
lish This  Result.
ure, so that Powell w.ll noi be heading  Westminster way  until August 2
at the    white   house,    scheduled   for  ^^^tt" Cff:C''r wl11 b,i diHPlltch
Monday   between    Prealdent   Wilson
ll  developed yesterday that Martini
Powell, tlie alleged  bank robber whal
was  ordered   extradited   to   thin  city | ' 	
by  the  Called  States  supreme  court  New Building Will  Not Be  Ooon  tar-
on July -j, has the remainder ~* ���'���'* p
month to prepare himself for
across the continent.
This is the usual course of precud
sr of this
the trip
Fall Term and Domestic Science
Class Falls Through.
Washington, July ll.��� The meeting
Within the   last   two    weeks    the
Business I��ona��y   between   president   Wilson. U . Plnk3in ^J* ff^JS ""J*  *^0/*h��>��'trustees has   receive*
With  one    r two   ����**��   -Petals   and   representatives SbTSSSS ��S?te l!L��l^taf'��?" ^SSSST^S^S^"14   l��   CUt   <,�����
of   the   en-mlovees'   union    will   rike wanted man to Btand trial has  every  dispensable  expense,    and    to
0 ace as banned  accord! ,'E To an an   T y<'1 b��ea decided' though ��"e ����  Btrlctly  ��racUc��  economy   until    tb��
Iil.u-   .,., planned, according lo an ���"���'the bank officials intimated that sev-, bonds of the city for 1913 are Bold
eral   witnesses,   Including  tbe  officer |    This means that even  if the  Duke
who arrested Powell while following a  ��* Connaught high school Is finished
circus  crowd  at   Detroit,   might    bc  '�� Ume there will be no money speut
brought here to give testimony, which  on   -furnishings;     also    that    serious
would make a trip across the oonlin-  ""' ~
ent by one of Chief Bradshaw's men
The man named Flanagan, arrested
nouncement today  by  Secretary
son, of the department of labor.
"Both the representatives of the
railway managers and unions will be
present at the conference," Baid the
secretary. "I prefer not to say ut
this time who asked for a conference
with the president.
"I can say, however, that the re-
quest was not made on the Initiative
of this department."
The object of the conference, Secretary Wilson said, was not altogether
to aid in preventing the threatened
strike of trainmen on eastern roads,
but was to discuss and arrange a
common ground upon which the government, the railways and the employees' unions cun meet in the settlement of future wage troubles.
The ladles' aid of the Y. W, C, A.
has made Itself responsible for the
provision of eatables which will be
���sold In a large tent on the QueenB
park grounds. Messrs. Rashleigh, Mac
Donald and Phillips have b"en delegated to assist the ladies in arranging
The t.ooruia  senator rmrpnnd-rd be itur ,hl8
was so shocked he probably had used
Improper words.
S-rnator Owen  flnallv withdrew the
bill from further consideration.
Hydroaeroplane Racer Turnt Probable
Fatal   Accident  Into  Pretty
Muskegon, Mich.. July 11. Glenn
Marlins steady nerve and perfect
control of his hydro-aeroplane, In
Which lie Is making the Chicago to
Detroit cruise, probably saved his life-
late (liis afternoon when the machine
develop) d carburetor trouble and he
was forced to make a iiuick descent
in   Lake   Miijilgan.
Martin, with his passenger. Chas.
Dav, was flying about 700 feet above
the water when the air valve dropped
from th" carburetor. Martin volplaned
to the surface of ibe lake, making a
perfect landing about two and a hall
miles frcm t'.ie shore, In u few minutes he succeeded in starting ills en-
Cine again and reached the shore
under his own power.
Martin   declared   his
not  damaged  nnd thai
sume his  journey
at  7: Ub   tomorrow
Ten Thousand a Year for U. S. Bank-
| ing Commissioners.
Washington, July 11. The administration plan for a govcrnment-con-
n- Hid federal reserve board to ad-
ininii ier the entire banking system
provided for in the Class surrency bill
was endorsed today practically without amendment by the Democrat!"
members  of  the  house   hanking  and
currency committee.    After some dis- j 	
CUSSlon, they agreed on the proposed
salary of fio.000 a vear for each , Saskatoon. July 11 -As a resull of
member or the board. The bill was the visit of Mayor Harrison and Aid.
amended, however, to provide thntU'lare to Chicago and Cincinnati, ne-
tbe four members of the board to be | notia tions may be closed in a few
appointed by the president, should be]days, whereby the city will dispose of
it'��trlbuted geographically throughout | t918,000 worth of bonds. Both gentle-
*fi.��� nr-itntrv and to re "nl re that tl
Secretary Hashleigh, of the Retail
Business Men's association, has received Instructions to send s letter
formally thanking the c'tlzens for surrendering their annual picnic for this
Lines    Run   to    End   of    Queensbor',
and Electric Power Report Receives Another Boost.
Mayor   and   Alderman    Return    From
Chicago   and   Erring   Offers
for  Bonds.
Further strength is now  added  to
the statements which have frequently
been made tbat the C. N. R. -would
vear    In order    that    all    assistance eiectrsfy their   Lulu   Island   branch,
might be accorded the merchants.       The  officials of  the  company    deny
that any    arrangements   have    been
WH t. TAKE FIVE WEEK*.        !made towards tbls end as yet but it
_. ""*" 'is current that there have been nego-
i Allotted Time for Debate    on    Demo.  t|atl0ns with the B. C. E. R.
critic Tariff Bill. The   cauSe  0f   the   statement   this
Washington. July ll.~ Discussion of
jthe    t'nilerwood-Simnions    tariff    revision  bill,  with  Its
overcrowding will likely result iu
some of the public schools, whicb
were to have been relieved by th��-
- fvace to be vacated in the Central!
in Chicago for having stolen Bank of bit.*> school.
Montreal bills ln hiB possession, haF i The domestic science centre plan
been indicted by the grand jury of ncd for at I^ord Lister school will ner
Cook county, Illinois, and will prob he opened, and the manual train;nK
ably stand trial as Boon as vacation class at the same school will while
season is over. opened, be but partially equipped
The result of the argument as tc I Repairs and alterations unless ab-
the legality of the present jury panel solntely necessary, will not be madR
at the assize court, which will prob- The notice from the bank was first
ably be decided on Monday morning, received by Chairman Trapp and on��
is watched with interest by the bank other trustee ten days or two weelts.
officials, who informed The News yes- ago and, while mentioned that no un-
terdoy that, as far asuthey were con- needed expense Bhould be made, it
cerned, they were prepared to go on was -subsequent to this and not at a
with the case. public  board   meeting   that  the     de-
Should the court decide to traverse dsion to continue using the old hint*
the remainder of the cases yet un- school was made.
tried, the eiuestion arises whether I For a time the contractors at work.
counsel for Macnamara and Dean will on the Duke of Connaught school
make another fight to secure their were being hurried by the board, b:ir
clients' freedom under bail. Dean now, while work is still going on. no
carried his case as far as thc court of effort is being made by the school
appeals ln Victoria! but failed, board to have the building finished
.Whether he will make another try by September. Tenders about to be-
through his counsel is problematical, called tor school fittings have be��n
but it is Intimated that the crown abandoned, and the fall term of tb��^
would make a strenuous fight against high school will be held in the cla
such a move, if the question should building.
arise. I    The stringency, however, ia uot ex
pected to last and Chairman Trapp
thinks -Om* hy the first ot the new
year the Money needed will he
time is that the C. N. R.
Thursday   completed   the
USED TO Bt TAR,      ,
partus    on
 _   survey     cf
lengthy free list. , ,he Lulu iaiond ||ne as far as the
greatly reduced rates on all commodi- t8rmjnUg 0f the Queensboro branch
ties and its new system of ad valorum, ltae of (ne B t-. K r where they
instead cf specific rates, will actually atopped, providing no other line of
begn In the senate next Wednesday entrance to N>w Westminster.
it noon. On Monday, however, the The Lu,u jslaIul nne of the C. N.
pening assault   upon  the  Democratic   R    ,s   ccntu.ctcj   v,ith   tbe   Steveston
Peace  Disturber  Got  off  Easily
Aa evidence that the trustees are
paring their expenses to the last cent
was gives at Thursday night's meet-
fag where several apparently triviat
itemi, such as $10 for manila envelopes, were struck from the list St
supplies. ���
-V old   tlrvote  all  of   their    time     to
���J.*'* duties en the board.
W< 'i satisfied with their work of
i'i" conference during the last two
ti >T. cn lhe bill, the Democrats of
<i.r, '���e"im|ttee adjourned today until
machine was
he would re-
toward Charlevoix
Beekwltti Havens and Hoy Francis,
who reached l'entwater this afternoon
will remain there during the night, a
lowering barometer causing them to
defer iheir departure until tomorrow
Walter Johnson, whose machine
w-'P wveked near Huberts on Tuesday fulled to continue today. He de-
,-i-ired tonlrlit tbat If the weather is
favorable, he  will Btart  tomorrow
Nothlnq to Say.
Calgary, July 11 -Hugh Sulh"r!-"iil
executive agent of the Canadian
Northern, In an interview here today
declined to make any definite announcement as to the possibilities of
the drain! Trunk I'acific and Canadian Northern entering into a union
di-not agreement ns is the case at
Labor Gathers at Hat.
Medicine Hat. July 11. -The first
annual convention of the Alberta Federation if Labor opened in Medicine
Hat this morning, with .1 (). Jones,
vice-president, and Clem Btubbs, ex-
president of the l'nited Mine W-orkerci
Of America, pri rent.    At il o'clock the
j delegates, numbering 76, were officially welcomed by Mayor Bnenc.er Tlu
ered lal committee will be appointed and Iho remainder of the day wai
spent  In committee work.
American    Senate   and   Conoress
Washington, July   ll.���The   senate
and  house  lobby committee    conflict i
started last Thursday Ib still on.   The
Garrett   committee   had   asked   Sena
tor Overman yesterday for conies of
the Mulhnll correspondence. The sen*
ate committee decided not to surrender lt.
Balked in the effort to secure tlif
papers, the house committee di'c'de-
V do the next beat thing. Although *
both Colonel Mulhall and McMlciiaels
were under subpoena by the scant"
committee, the house committee ls
Hied sob'-e en-ieB for them forthwith,
commanding their appearances   at 9
o'clcck  toiiii rrow morning.
Within half an hour after the house
committee bad decided on this course
Senator Overman announced hla night
session. He said thai Colonel Mulhall
was to be examined as to "preliminary matters."
Mulhnll waited about the senate of
fire building nil day. He went Into
the hearing room early iii the morning, spent an hour there and then
went to Senator Heed's private office.
Mulhall is a man of little more than
medium build, with a Bandy complexion and thin gray hair. He wears
glasses and looks over them rather
than through them, He did not appear particularly nervous.
Land Titles Staff Discharged and the
Attorney General Asked to
Hold  Investigation.
ncn  have  returned  from  tlieir  business   trip   and   announce   that,   while
no arrangements have been definitely
completed,  two    deals    are  pending,
which  will probably  be brought to a
l satisfactory  conclusion  shortly.    The
1 concessions which the city will have
0 make are admittedly big, but it is
| considered that tbey are favorable, in
view of the state of the money mar-
Iket  and   the  quotations    being     re-
j solved cn  other  municipal  issues.
Immediately upen the return of the
I mayor a  special  meeting  was called
vhen the whole  situation  was    laid
before the aldermen,    In  the  private
leESlon   It  was  Bhown  how   the  de-
|-lred money might be obtained from
two different  sources, but beyond an
[expression as to which was tlie better
1   f   the   two   offers,   no     action     was
token. The negotiations it was stated
1 rid net yet reached  such a stage as
j I i permit the city to close a deal.
it Is quite possible that the 1918,000
worth of debentures Will be dlsn is' il
| if In two different  lots, one of ��B00,-
!'inn  and   one  ef   (418,000,     One   (Inn
of bankers, it Is understood, his mad"
an offer for a (500,000 11 nation und
ire willing tn tnke the remainder uuon
ertaln conditions. Another house has
ili-o made an offer for n half-million
dollar allotment, and. while their rate
:s more favorable, nther speolflcatiins
���ire mado. which  may offset this advantage.
The mayor and the council, however, are optimistic over the fact that
the money is practically available at
the present time. There has been
some proteBts against the rates, aud
'���i ppn-e ouarters It is being advocated
that the Issue be abandoned until the
monev market resumes a more normal
aspect, but there Is a general feeling
of security owing to Ihe fact that the
funds nre available and at rates,
which, though high, are not prohibitive.
measure Will be made by Senator Mc
Cumber, cf North Dakota, who will
speak on the agricultural aclu dule.
The llniince committee agreed that he
should be given the floor ahead of
formal opening, because he is obliged
to leave Washington Monday night.
Chairman Simmons, speaking for
'be Democrat! at the finance commit
tee meeting, said he thought debate
on the b'll could be. concluded in five
weeks, and Seuntor Smcut of the
minority agreed with him.
terminus of the It. C. E. R, and, with
the connection propoaed with the
Queensbiro, It may be taken that the
line will either be electrified or that
an arrangement will be made with
the B. C. E. R. for the use of the
If lhis were done it would insure a
direct service to Steveston, thus cut
ty. Writer Eacortm-f From
I...        Ortflon  Town.
.   >."      > 	
Bandon,  On?.,   July   11.���Dr.--B, K.
Leach.   Socialist   editor,   was   driven |
out of Bandon today, following notice
which had been served on hlm at a
mass meeting of 600 citizens held -last
night that hll presence would no
longer be tolerated.
Leach was escorted by a committee
to a boat early this afternoon, phicei.'
aboard, sent to Coquille and aorr-'E
ting out the half hour wait at Eburne Coos Bay, placed ashore and directtif
which New Westminster passengers 'never to return to Bandon.
to Steveston have to endure and j There were no sympathizers to ob-
would also give a direct service to jeet to the deportation of Leach
Woodward's  landing  when  the  ferry tPractically the entire citizenship was
service to Ladner is Inaugurated.
Oetroit Yarn of Steel Trust  Invading
Canada Branded at Ottawa as a
Yellow One.
New York. July 11.���Bradstreefs tomorrow will say: Seasonable quiet
prevails in the larger lines of trade
Brilliant weather and holiday de-
,mands, plus clearance sales, have
'generally stimulated retail distribution. Sentiment as to the future ap-
1 pears to be more encouraging. There
' is less timidity and the major note Is
one of conservative optimism Buyers are beginning to appear In the
various wheat Bale markets and it Is
apparent that more business has been
done, especially in dry goods and
shoes,   on   future   account  than   was
New Direct Line Between Prairie Cit-
ics   May   Be   Built   by
C. P. R.
BKakStooa, July 11 Saskatoon is
ibout to become a terminus for a di-
reet line from this city to Calgary via
Uildtu and Empress, lo be built by thp
0. P. K. This is the information received here from three ��� different
sources. J. R. Risqu, of Winnipeg, declares that he has the information
from a reliable source. In substantiation of his story, a d!sp-t':li IviS he...u
received to the effectt that this; OtmUei
has becn entered on the new C. Bi R .
maps, ]ust Issued at Ottawa andl Ifc,
1. Oerow, head of the C.  P.  H.  land
Ottawa, July ll   -A story  frcm Detroit that the Canadian Steel corporation,   the   subsidiary   Of   the     l'nited
States Siei I trust, locating at Ojibway.
neer   Windsor,   has     been     accorded
monopolistic privileges has uu (onnda 'earlier apparent,
tlon In fact, according to government 1    As  yet  the  west,    northwest
Officials here    The company wns net  BOUthwest rep irt  greatest  a.-.ivi.y
Incorporated bv    legislation,    but bv  future    operations
the ordinary proress of letters patent,   that   in   variout-
It wss given    authority    to buy
s'milar concerns.   A like clause
the    result being
lines  trade  exceeds-
out   that  of last  year.
Is |n      Business failures for the week end
every company charter. A restaurant
concern incorporated lasl week has
such powers, hut it Is not suggested
that this Is the beginning of a food
Should the l'nited States steel trust
wish to acquire all the steel concerns
, In Canada. Ibere Is nothine to prevent
I it doing so. assuming the latter wish
Ing July 10 were 210. which compares
favorably with 252 in the like week
of 1913.
Calgary, July 11- A, B, Dulmage,
W. K. Orledge, It. Burdelle. Fred
llerdtiiiin and Frank Wilson, deputy
registrar, all of whom were re-oentlv
relieved of their duties at the land
tltlBB office in this city, following upon the theft of $74 and certain cash
books, left the city last night for Edmonton to lay their grievances before
the attorney general's department.
They claim that they were unjustly
dismissed and nsk for a thorough Investigation, bo that they may have a
chance of clearing themselves,
In view of the dismissals, a large lhanging over the market, speculators
number of applications hnve been re- are n(lt lncHned to take on new lines
celved by Wllford rorhes. registrar, for either account, nn dns the dav was
but no more men will be taken on for barren of news upon which tt��' base
the present. There Is little change In 'operations, trading came almost to a
tbe situation. t halt.
Releases   Japanese   Held   for
Los  Angeles,    July    11.--An  order
No legislative  authority i from Secretary of Labor Wilson was
nor   are    letterB    patent   reversl(.d today by Judge Orlin Well-
in   the  improbable  event ,*i,orn  in  the  United    States    district
leased Naco
New York. July 11.- It is necessary |
to go back over a Icng s retch rf venr'-
to find another day as dull as today
in the stock market. There have
been many dull sessions recently, but
none of them approaohed today. The
total transactions was 0*1,400 shares
Jthe smallest traded lu on unv full dav
: since May 27, 1896.
With tariff and currency legislation, the possibility of a strike on the
leoBtern rallroadB and the Balkan war
to sell out
is required
in cessary.
of such  an  amalgamation,    however
there would be s liability cf prosecu-   _	
tlon if tlie combine operated in re- ;tjon had been ordered by the Wash-
Btralnt of trade. Tbo penalties run In jtngton official. He also vacated the
the thousands nnd already there has,order for denortatlon on the broad
been a prosecution under the com 'ground that the prisoner had not been
bines aot of the United Shoe Machin- j given a fair hearing,
ery company.
There is no Idea in Ottawa, how.
ever, that the United States steel
concern proposes to buy up Canadian
companies, or that the latter wish to
on hand to Bee him leave. Sixteen
automobile loads of business men
went from Marshfleld lo Coquille to
meet Lea-dh and see that he kept going
Leach was driven out because of
violent utterances printed in his na-
per He attacked the American flag
ind supported the l.W.W. propaganda.
Warnings that an invasion of l.W.W. da-partment. declares that he has re-
men was contemplated promoted <IieM*��d Infcrmatlon from (. PH. or-
-iti/ens to drive Leach out, they say. "cials rtating that this road Is pro-
is a measure of protection. *,5��ae<i and has been entered on tha
:;t maps.
The new line of the 0. P. R. wiir
mean the tapping of a large territory,
south and west of Saskatoon, both in
Saskatchewan and Alberta, and will
ncrease the distributing territory of
this city to a large extent. In addi-
iun to this It will mean that Saska-
tocn will become tlle grain centre for
i large territory of land which heretofore has been depending upon otfr-er-
Press  Probably  Cculd  Offer  Sugges-   cities on the main line of the C.   r*.
IR. and the C. N. It. lt is probable Uiat
V.he construction work on the new
.���oposed line will be started nejct
| -es ���
The new line will cross the Macklln
douse Jaw line at Milden. and this
will mean much to the district in the
neighborhood of Kerrobert, which at.
the present time, has access to the
outer world only by means of a
-oundabout route to Macklln or tbe
-ecently completed Wilkle-Kerrobert
'ine, upon -which trains are In opera-
only on  alternate    days.    This
tions to Minister Who Tries to
Criticize Newspaper".
sell out.
Los Angeles, July ll.���The question, should religion be taught In the
schools, was answered affirmatively
today by the conference of ministers
attending the 2(ith International convention of the Christian Endeavorao-
cietles.     So also was the question of
teachin'.' of  sex  hyg'ene.  bnt,  as  to^llne will also run almoBt parallel tr>
the  latter,  the   clergymen  registered >'hp C.   N.  R���  Goose  Lake  line  and
court here.    The judge released N:ico,lt  as the|r op.;ntoll    t|,;lt    knowledge! will furnish competition  for the ter-
Gennaro. a  Japanese Whoseidennrta- Uhnuld  be taught  by  physicians  spc-J ritory   south  ot   Klndersley   and   Al-
tion bad been ordered by the WUB- |dally appointed for that purpose.        j -asl,-.
TIT. Charles M, Sheldon, of Topeka, jl    But. most of all, it is of importance*
Kas.. leader of the conference, recom- j'
mended   the   compilation   of   a   Bible
.text book for use in the schools.  He
Incidentally, the local  iudge scored lalgQ Rpoko vigorously in favor of the
immigration   officials   who   appeared Uhollshment of all "(rats" as a mc-
ngalnst the .Tananese, arrested orig-  ua(> to democracy.
innllv on  a disorderly  charge.  Judge ]    Ur    Sheldon   declared     the    press
would he greatly improved If it eliminated   stories   of   crime,   gave   moro
Turned  Loose.
Oregon City, Ore., July  11. -Fourteen 1. W. W. agitators were released
from custody today by Circuit Judge
Kakln, following their acquittal by a
jury on a charge, of rioting. Tbe ] Morocco tribesmen by the Spaniards,
jury returned a sealed verdict early, Six native villages were razed and
this morning which waB read when 1 large quantities of arms and munl-
court dpened. tlona captured.
Wellborn said that BUCh methods ef
nr-icedure would not be tolerated.
Gennsro hnd not been given a chance I o^ui-on "aiiel reHgloiis news"and pub-
to defend himself, the judge held.
Here's a New War.
Teutnn.   Morocco.  July   11.���Heavy
losses   have   been inflicted   on   the
lished papers every other day. fi
that it would not have to pad and
play  up sensational matter.
Burquitlam Church,
Work haa  started on the Burqultlam Anglican    church-   on.   Cameron
tn Kmoren, the new C. P. R. town-
site. which is to be placed on the*
market this Tall. The new Swift
Current. Boasano branch, which is
tow under construction, will pas��
'hrough Empress and It Is probable
that (rains on this division will us"
this Iln-e from Empress to Bassano*,
'tnd use the Medicine-Hat-Calgary
line from Bassano to Calgary.
Woodrow Takes It Easy.
Cornish. N.H., July 11.���President
Wilson went exploring in his automobile today ln the hills. The trip
waa made without mishap and he
and Mra. Wilson saw the Green Moun -
tains trom unusual vantage points,
SATURDAY, JULY  12,  1911
At* itittependtmt miming paver <fei,-ofi-d ta (-He -Infer ���jui'* of .Vete We it (mlns frr and
th* Pr-tusr Valley. I'ubHshtsd every morning except Ruiuliiu bit the Sational i'rintoifii
a-mat P-abliaai-t* Company, Limited, at 83 tlcKentie Street, New Wettmintter, liritish
CVitamMa. ROUR BUTHBRLASI), Managing Ulrcct'ir.
AU communication* .haul** be addressed to The Sew Westminster Sews, anil nnt
<wt~ ***ts***mhr*\ member* of the ttaff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
m-MtmmttU lo the \<i<ion��iI Pnmtino and Publishing Companv, Limited.
TBUXPIIONRB���Basis*** Office and Jfonajcr, 9'JS.* fidlfurial Booms lall depart-
*m**:s1. ML
mVm*F****ll'TlON RATKB���By carrier, tt per year, f l for three months, IQc per
���hkM.    Rv mail, tt per year, 25a per month.
AtlVKRTISINO RATKB em application.
With the government and the railways issuing bulletins on crop conditions in the prairie provinces and so
much being said of banking arrangements to move the
huge yield of grain east of the Rockies, the average man
on the lower mainland is apt to pay considerable attention nowadays to the affairs of Alberta, Manitoba and
Saskatchewan while he overlooks at his very door evidences of ^agricultural results that possibly may be
i>quallefT, duV certainly cannot be surpassed on the continent
Time was when the comparatively small yield of the
Praser valley had little, if any influence on the market,
bat that day has gone by and, with each succeeding season, the produce of this fertile belt is registering a heavier
While it is only natural that a good or a bad harvest
i>n tht; prairies makes itself felt in this province generally,
if: is just as true that the regularity with which the Fraser
valley farms turn out their thousands of tons annually
has done a powerful share of pulling for the prosperity of
New Westminster.
Were the crops of the valley to fail, as those of the
prairies sometimes do, many who never stop to think just
how much depends on the agricultural area tributary to
this city would experience a rude shock.
Of course, no one wishes to see a bad .year in the valley, not even for the good it might do as an object lesson
to those who take the good things provided all as a matter of course, but the business men and the people generally of New Westminster cannot overrate the value of the
yearly crop from the fertile farms along the Fraser that
has done so much to make the city prosperous.
Transvall, SUOh measure of justice and
political recognition as may be found
necessary  tirrecnre Ihem  in  the ful
possession   of   equal   rights   and   liberties,"    Soon   after   the   passing   of
this  resolution,  concurred   In   by   Ihe
leaders   of  both   parlies,  Col.   Hughes
.sought lo raise a regiment for foreign
t service,   hut   In   this   project.   elat-hcd
| with the head of the militia.  Following   the   outbreak     ol   hostilities     in
South  Africa,  In  October,  Canadian
! imperialism  found  Its  first  Important
' military expression when a lirst con-
i tingenl   of   a   thousand     men     sailed
away from Quebec   These nnd subsequent Canadian  forces  played  a gallant and  heroic part in  the war, nnd
Ihelr victories wore greeted with (pa-
trlotlo enthusiasm nil over the country.
On the HIlli of July, 1759, u rocket
wus fired .from Wolfe's headquarters
il Quebec, as tbe signal for the liatleries ut Point. Levi to open on the
Olty. The first shots fell short, nnd
the Krench defenders on the battlements cheered In derision. Their
laughter soon changed to cries of rage
and screams of agony, when the gunners found lhelr range and began the
storm or Bh ot and shell that rained
for weeks upon tho city.
Daily Health Talks
The easiest way to commit suicide today is to drop
into Vancouver wearing a green necktie and a home-rule-
for-Ireland expression.
There doesn't seem to be any pressing need for a boxing arena at Edmonds since the Burnaby councillors have
^tt the precedent for pulling off bouts right in the council
One day of sunshine wipes out the memory of a week
of wet weather. The man who doesn't feel that way is
the same fellow who can look straight at a doughnut and
**e nothing but hole.
Nelson signalled at Trafalgar that England expected
evrry man that day to do his duty. Nelson is dead and
England seems to have lApsed in its desires, if thc suffragettes are any authority.
The sixteen year old youth in Berkeley, California.
who shot himself because the girl of his choice failed to
find him the boy of her selection, showed a lack of faith
���in the old belief concerning the sea and the quality of the
fish therein.
It has remained for Montreal to touch the low
water mark in the price of babies. Formerly thev fined
a man $40 for not registering the birth of a child, now
they're going to pay him two-bits for every new arrival
Y ���.* rei'ords.
The New Westminster News does
not hold Itself responsible for the
opinions expressed In correspondence.
Editor The News.
S'r, I huve noticed In most of Ihe
stores a card requesting the citizens
to buy home products and It sets me
wondering where It comes In and
how. I saw a notice ill one r.f the
I city papers warning lhe public to be
careful about peddling their produce
on the streets from house lo house
and stating that a Lulu inland farmer
was fined $Iu for telling on the
Mightv poor encouragement to sell
his produce In Westminster ! It
leaves him the option of taking his
produce lo the market,   or   to   the
grocery and when you go to the
grocer you nre at the grocer's mercy.
Vou can go to tho markel one flay in
seven Your smell fruit wlll be liable
to spoil before market day comes.
I  may own a lot, or rent one with '
small   trull   on   it,  or  I   may  have    a j
cow and  if I  have a  surplus of milk
I  am  prohibited   from   selling  to   my
neighbor or to any one else except tol
the grocer cr on  the  market.    I can-i
not  sell one   byx   of  berries   to  my
neighbor  without  being  liable    to    a
We   have   societies     to     encourage
farming     Let  us see how  they  do it.
I ship my  pork and  beef to the mar-!
fcel   and   am   told   that   the   butchers \
''ave  all  the  stalls  rented.and   I  am
f re, d to sell hy  the carcass or take
t home again.   If I sell on the street-;
I am compelled to take out a license.
Then  we    wonder    why    the    farmer
seeks  other  markets,   and   of  course ,
leaves hia money where he .leaves his ,
produi e.
No doubt our city council wants to
do its best for the public and when
the grocers and other unions present
their views and the producer is never
heard from, it is very natural that
the council thinks he is all right and
then Iroks after the fellow tbat docs
the  kicking.
Now, I feel tbnt there is a great Injustice done the producer and I believe that If I grow a box of berries
or hav-9 a quarl of milk extra I should
be allowed to sell without being taxed for it.
Thanking you In advance for this
���pace, and hoeing to hear from others
interested, I remain,
\'ew Westminster, July 11. 1913.
not be used mere-
1> for pleasure or gain,
but to pri'paro the
body for the stress of
work In the future. In
Other words ns Dr.
Ellpt has put it "Ihe
lawyer cannot argue
at his best, the sur
geon cannot bo his
straillesl, tlie teacher have the clearest   brain,   the   merchant   face   dally
problems, if bis body is not strong
enough  to carry  Ills brain."
In   answer   to   the   statement   that
atlilctos die young.    Dr.  It. Tall  Me-
Kenzle, of the University of Pennsyl-
| vault,   one   of   the   most   noted   men
In the world on  physical developmnt,
.sad:     "I   hav   statistics  of  Ihe  men
i who  have   won lhelr  Y  nt  Yale,  the
: oarsmen at  Harvard  for many years
the   track   and   Held   men   of  Oxford
land   Cambridge,   many   club   runners,
jumpers and vaulters. and they prove
j past  all doubt   that  the  athlete  lives
longer than  the average man."
Insurance companies assert that the
athlfitd outlives the average man. Now
I and then an athlete dies at thirty
j from heart trouble, but he would pro-
I bibly have died at 26 had he not
I taken up ntlrtlcs. I nm firmly In favor of nthletlcs as a prolonger of life.
j health and manhood and of general
benefit  to all communities.
An athlete to be sn athlete has to
obiorvb the moil strict rules In connection with h!s training, ealing and
sloep'tjg. He must, develop all his
musclPS, not just one set, if he is going to succeed. This t-iram an all
mind development and a better type
of  man.
Kxce?s In training does not produce
ll   well  shancil  nnr strong bodv     The
effect   is   weakening.     An   excess   of
j strain .In  &  game   Is  as   injv'ous  a?
| pxcp:i0  in   preparation   for    It.      The
body should  be exercised just up to
I a   polnl   of   fatigue   not   of  hro-ik'eg
iand then be allowed simple reed, rest
and change  of   form   of exercise.
What Is '''������-'��� for eve bodv Is not for
��nothcr. Find cut wb-n kind of rest
your body mosl prefers-1-sleep, set
t'ng down, music, etc.���and give il
As to sleep, f> to 8 hours (according
to nervous  temperament!   the  more
nervous, the mor" sleepl Is enoilgh
for any healthy body. The healthy
body recuperates wonderfully quickly
w'th  reasonably short   sleep.
Tra'n frr the love of a sound body;
let prizes, winning, remarkable tea's
be secondary considerations. l/>ve to
be Bound, alert, strong, enduring.
First Annual  Affair Next Thursday���
Sell Entire Bond'Issue���Other Doings  In the Valley
Colcrd Missionary Will Establish Novel Mission in Calgary��� Hii
Besides doing a lot of other things, war acts as a
spelling reformer.   The American difficulty with Spain]
trimmed an "1" out of Manila and now the Balkan affair j
has turned Salonika into Saloniki, while an "o" has heen
knocked out of Rumania.
If the sockeyes only knew the great preparations being made for their reception this year, they'd put off
iheir summer jaunt to the headwaters of the Fraser. Willi
about, three thousand net:** on the job there'll be a whole j
lot of them delayed in transmission.
Wonder what railway will get the old court house!
���site in Vancouver if that city succeeds in separating the
provincial irovernment from the title. With False Creek
aU disposed of, the Terminal Town is rather up against
it for tokens of esteem for anv new roads.
A Portland jud^e has put in a plea for the ubiquitous
bad boy and a recommendation for placing him on his
���honor instead of spanking him. While the laws har the
wire hair brush as an implement of castigation, there are;
still those who believe that the business end of a strap
helps to keep the youngster where the Portland juris!
would put him���on his honor.
A case of carrying coals to Newcastle is in the lasl
budget of news from St. Catherines. An eagle captured
alive at the Ontario town has been sold to a man in Niagara Fails, New York state. They haven't seen one in
that section for some time except now and again when
<omebn(ly happens to pet hold of those round silver things
that carry thc motto, "e pluribus onion."
Toronto, July 11.���Captain Armour
A. Miller, tycretary cf the Ontario
Rifle Association, has issued the pro-
uram for the annual matches to he
held at Long flrancli from August IS
to 22.
Several new matches are announced
and there Is a long list of prizes. An
idea of the growth of the association
mav be Rained from the fact that the
aggregate cf this year's prize list is
$7.",ii0. about $1000 ahead of any prov-
���ous year. A number of nubile splr
:t,-r citizens have contributed n,ew
Among llle  new  mn'ohes  is one  to
be known as de lieutenant-governor's match, There are 2<X) nrlzes
iin""iiting to ovor $1000 fa ndd'tlon
to the modal. The match will be a
permanent one.
New Alberta Auto Road
Rii-im   Alti    July   11    Tbe  provincial   automi bile   road    now    under
construction  between    Calgary    and
Medicine II-'* lias reached Hnssano.
Tlie construction gangs are at work
two mlleB north of Bassano. The
new road does not enter Bassano hut
hill goes easterly abo-it two miles
-,""ii , r the town until It meets the
bend Of tlie lted Deer r'ver, when it
will torn south into Bropks, thence
'oil ������> 'io,- llm telephone lines Into
Medlc'ne Hat. This means an Al
road between Hass-ino and the lted
Deer river, lt also means a good
automobile road and running parallel
' ��� -he 11" isatie.Kmprcss line for at
leasl thirtv miles, and as tbe new
ra'lrosd runs utmost straight east and
west 'bere will he little difficulty in
extending tbe auto road to the eastern
boundary  of the  province.
That   the   Dominion     should     send
troops to Ihe aid of the mother coun
fry   in  the event of a serious  war  i
rfouth A! net wus first urged ofriciallj
hy  l.ict.t   <n]
day Col. Hughes expressed the opinion thai not less than 5,000 Canadians
.'.ould volunteer for servlqe in case
',f need. No Immediate action was
taki ii bm ,,ii iii,. lasl of ihe month
war in iii" house "i commons expressed Bym
pathy  ' with  the efforts of her maj
H. Hughes, M.  V. who i   ty'a  Imperial  authorltlei   to  obtain
'    of her male
;'.;��� irs  abS le   in   thl
vumiliirHi   the subject in the ('a .a    tor the Bubjeots of her majesty, who
gte-a i*m,-!i.j:-'i-n) fjiulBen years n;;.. to    bave   taken   up
"Take oul lbat ad., we've
Bold lhe property." "Please
tiie cot that want ad��� we have
filled the position," Cancel that
last ad the article has b' , *n
returned." These are samples
of the telephone mossagoB re-
celved al The News business
Office daily. News classified
ads. do their work so quickly
thai many are cancelled daily
before the fnll number of Insertions   ordered     are   com-
pli ted.
I'I i
Calgary. July 11 -A t,-gf3icn of a
novel character Is to be established
in Calgary by Archbishop O. W.
Washington, high pri"St of St. Mark's
church of the First Horn, llutto. Mon'.,
and founder of similar missions in
Spokane, (ireat Falls. :'tid lastly in
Lethbridge, where iii" headquarters
Of the oQuref) in Canada have been
se' un.      ***** *  ~
Archbishop Washington Is a eolonvl
man, nn.dest aniK itouth'manly in de
meanor,. but Intensely earnest in pur
loll, of the werk to which he -proclaim"
that the Ixird haa especially called
I Mm. His mission he declares, is to
feed the poor and clothe the naked,
n",i ;is a w Itness to the lit-ftraln-OSS
to which this mission has been carried out. there are fifty thousand In
Spokane alone who have been fed until thev pulled themselves out of their
hard l"ck through the Instrumentality
of Archbishop Washington.
The   Lord   Does   It
"How  is It done?" he  was asked.
"It is the Lord who does it," replied Washington. "We do not solicit a cent from anyone. We s'mflv
pray and the Lord sends the pooplc
.to us with the money. We have never had to ask for a donation Bine*;
we began the work.'
��� The story of Washington's earner
is an Interesting ore. He **;vt for
merlv a taller by trade in Los An-
geles. Cal., wl'ere be was born n-'d
briii-*-'*! >���������, ard worked at his trade
for fifteen years un�� dav he at-
tee,1"' a/me*-'i,li"id"c'"dbv ore Odl
tended *a neetlng conducted hv Dr
Yoikum, th" evangelist preacher, who
recentlv paid a  visit  lo Calgary.
"li wis -',,-tl' '���"���- that that '
got the call," said Washington. "I
was lying in my bed at nlgbt. Mv
mind waa 'ii a quiet stale, snd I v��
th'nklng about the life I had been
lead'ng and the tli in-is I had beard
in tlie meeting. Suddenly sis I lav
tbere ihe voice of tbe Lord Bpoke to
me. just as I am speaking to ynu
now. and said 'I,want yen to go forth
nnd feed Hie poor and clothe the nak
ed for me.' "
"And did vou ol ev at once?"
"I did. The next morning I began and I have been following that
command ever since. I was five
years with Or. Yoakum, and then I
founded St. Mark's Church of the
First Born, In Butte, and ha"o established  branches in  various cities."
Object to   Early  Closing.
���i-,r,���in, July  11.    The Independent
Barbers have commepeed n-ice, ,1 ���������
Pt Osgoode   Hall   for  the  quashing of
the hy-law passed by the city council
<"i  .Inn,'  Hi   nrovtdtng   for the  early-
closing of nil barber shops ln Toronto.
Tlie llrst  two by-laws pasred  bv  Ilu*
e u:i,'i|   were  oimshrd   by  the   courts.
The indi n "U'leMt ������ claim tbe tb'rd ' \*
law is quite as defective ns the p*""
vIoub ones.   The reasons given whv
II should be quashed are that It. Is a
movement, in restraint of trade, that
ii iH Improperly drawn, in that it in
eludes and does not exclude, as il.
should, barber shops in hotels, lhat It
is made applicable to owners, occupiers and other persons In charge of
barber Bhops, whereas 'be shops rec.
illation net provides that such a bylaw shall only apply lo occupiers of
shops. Objection la alBo taken to the
manner uf publishing tho by-law.
I Chilliwack. July 11. -July 17, that
Is the date of Chllllwack's first flower Bhow. Thc show wlll be held lu
St. Thomas' hall, entries for lt bnlng
��� received up lo 9,30 a.m. of the day
of lha show. There are a number of
good prizes offered, and while they
are not sufficient to make anyone
tlch, tbey will to a certain extent
compensate those showing for thelt
efforts 111 trying to make the al'fali
n success. The prizes for collections
of flowers presented as specials hy
lhe   city   council,   the   Merchants'   as
soclation, Mrs. j. Hainmar, Denmark
'and   Burton,   and   others,   show   that
la decided interest Is being taken In
the work of the ladles in encouragins
Sell  Bond   Issue
! The Sun Life Assurance Company
has taken thp whole Issue of the local
Improvement  debentures  offered    by
'the city. The deal was negotiated
thrriigh F. .1. Hart & Co., Ltd., and
relieves the financial worries of the
city council to a considerable extent.
Wldo Tyre Bylaw
II is the intention of thu city and
rural councils to enforce tiie wide
tyre bylaws on the municipal stat-
utes this year, and those wbo ban
not the required width of wagon
who,-Is should see that Ibey havi
thom before alio Wet weuthur of aul
umn sets In. The cry of the ratepayers from all over the municipality
is for better roads, and unless lhe re
.quired standard of wheel is used, good
roads  cannot  be  bad.
Get   Half   Holiday
Thursday afternoon of each week
is observed in the olty as a half holiday during the summer months, to allow lbe merchants .md their employ
������es to participate in the delightsome
recreations which are such a pleasanl
feature of the summer season al
Filling  a   Want
The establishment of a chicken fattening station by the Chilliwack Fruit
and Produce Co. seems to be filling
a felt want In this valley. The plant
is being run lo its utmost capacity
and already shipments of finished
chickens have been made. The plant
is unable to take all th" offering* to
it, and the management are thinking
seriously* of enlarging it.
Growing in Favor
The work of the Cow Testing Asso-
clat'on seems to be growing In favor
with tbe dairymen of this valley who
have accepted of its advantages and
il is thought next year double the
number of men will be required to
carry on the work. The government
has been very liberal In aiding everything that wlll advance the agricul
lural Interests of this country and
tho acecptance of their assistance by
the dairymen of this valley has been
gratifying to the department of dairy
Resigned Office
O. Mo'tillivray sent in his resignation to tbe city council aB police magistrate of the city, and the appointment of a new man for the position
came up for consideration on Monday.
Mr. McGlllivray has Inld the position
since the incorporation of tlle city,
five years ago, with satisfaction, and
it is owing to ill health lbat he has
deemed it advisable to retire.
Collect  Samples
11. H. Taylor, and C. B. Thornton
acting under (!. I. Thornton, are col
lecting and putting up a thousand
samples of local izrr-sses in bundles
fnr the C. P. It. Public Resources de
partment. This department Cf the
c. P. It., with headquarters al Cal
gary, is becoming a larger factor li
the publicity work of the company,
and annuallv samples of grains, fruit"
griiRses and other natural resources
of the country are collected for display. Mr. Allen, who has charge of
this department for tho c. p. it., is
expected   In   thc  valley  shortly.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
H. A P. O. uf KikM of tha i>. of C��� nwc
tii.' flrat iin<) third Thursday nt 8 p. m
K. of P, Hall, KiKlith Btreet, A WVI1
Uniy. Exalted Ruler; P, EL Smith. Ber
Is. O. O. M-. NO. KM.���MKKTH O!*
HrM. second third and fourth Wednes
day in eaoh month ut S p. m.
in th<> Moose Hom��>. H. J. I^amy
dictator; P, BJ, Jono*. secretary
Headquarters of lod^- in S**��- Houha
oorner of Fourth and Carnarvon streets
1. O. O. P, AMITY LODOB NO. 17��� Th
regular meeting of Amity lodge Nc
27, I. Q. O. P.i Ih held every Uonda;
night at 8 o'olOttk In Odd i-Wlows' Hal.
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streeti
VUHIng brethorn cordially inv iter.
R. A. Merrlthew, N. Q.; J. Robertsoi
V. G.; W. C, Coatham, P. O., noon
lm? secretary; H. W. Saiigntcr, flnai
ciai secretary*
IS.     ROW EM,    (SUCCESSOR    TO    CBK
ter & Hanna, Ltd.) ��� Puneral director
��� and embalmeESj Parlors 4i>i Columb)
I    stroet.   New Westminster,   Phons *n*
W. E. KALES���Pioneer Funeral Direct*
and HJmbalmer, 818*818 Agnes siree
opposite Carnegie Library,
If.   ,1,   A.   BURNETT,   AUDITOR     ANI
Accountant.    Tel.  R.   i-S.  Room 2,  Har
P. H. Smith. W. J. Qrovei
Work   undei t.ik in    In    city    and    OQtsId-
points.   J11-1^   Westminster   Trust   BldJ
Phone   3fi*.     P,   O.   box   607.
| Bale, Deeds, Baalnoss Letters, etc.; eir-
culur work speolal 1st ah work strict!]
confidential.    H. Barry, room -us West-
!    minster Trust nik.   Phone 702.
Ster Board of Trade meets In the bean!
room, City BelL M follows: Third Frl
day Of each QJOhtn; quarterly m<-<��tlm
on the third Friday of February, May
August and November at 8 p.wi. An
nual meetings on the third Friday o
February��� C. H. Stuart Wade, nocre
COAL MININO rights of the Dominion
' In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
, the Yiikon Territory, the Northwest Ter-
! ritones and In a itortlon of the ProVmoo
; of British Columbia, may be leased for *
' term of twenty-one yeara at c-n annual
1 rental of $1 an acre. Not more than WM
acres wlll be leased to one applicant.
Application for a teuao mm i be made
t by the applicant In person to the A Kent
\ or Sub-Agent of the district In which the
; tights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must bo
i described by bccUoiui. or legal sub-dlvV
: stuns of sections, and In unsurveyed \**r*
\ ritory   the   tract   applied    for    .-duill    b��
staked out by the applicant himself,
Each application  muat  be accompanied
| hy a fee of $5 which will Ik- refunded if
-li*1 tights applied for un: not available,
Mlt   not   Otherwise,     A   royalty   shall    be
paid  on  the  merchantable  output   of  the
mine :.t the rate of five cents per ton
The   poison   (iterating   the   mine   shall
furnish   the   Agent   with   swam   n't unit
acoountlng for the f^iii quantity of mer-
chantable ooal  mined and  pnv  the  royalty   thereon.   If  the  coal   mlultitf    rights
ire not being operated such returns shoura
be   furnished  at   least   one-  a  year.
The lease will Include the eeal raining
I rights  only,   but  tbe  lf>a*ee   will   l��'  per*
mltted   to   purchase   whatever   available
' VUrfaoe   rlk'Ms   may   bo  considered   hmvv
| sary  tor  the  working of  the   mine at   the
rate  of  $io  nn  o-cre.
For full Information application should
, he made to thf Secretary of the Department  of the  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  tn any
Agent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion   Land*.
W.  W. CORV.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
j     N, R.���Unauthorised publication of thle
I Kf1��*ert|ssment  will  not  rst* paid for
counorr o. grant & MoCOLL, rap
rlstera ^Jilcltorn, etc. 40 Lorne Btreel
N--w Westminster, O. B corbould, B
C.    J.   R.  Grant.    A.   E.  MeColl.
ler-ut-law, solicitor, etc. Telephon
1070. Cable addrcsa "Johnston.
Code. "Western Union." Offices, El'*
Block. 552 Columbia street. New Wegl
minuter.  B. C.
side ��� Barristers nnd Solicitors, W��i
minster Trust Blk.. Columbia street
New Westminster, R. C. Cable addrea
"Whiteside," Western Union, r. C
Drawer 200. Telephone 09 W. .*
Whiteside, K. C.; II. L. Edmonds, T
J. STILWELL CLUTE. Rarrlster-at-la��
solicitor, etc-; Oorner Columbia nn
McKenzie streets. New Westmtnstei
B. C.   P.  O.  Box  112.     Telephone   7 If
Solicitor    and     Notary.     Offices      Kai
blobk, 28 Lome  street. New Westmlr
ster, B. C.
HsirrtstfTH nnd Solicitors. B05 to 61��
Westminster Trust Block. (}. B, Mar
*'n. v (}. McQuarrla and George L
A   Number   of   rivic   rmn!oye--:s   and
Civic    Material    Missino���May
Implicate  Cit-riens.
Moose, Jaw, 8ask., July 11. I.'ttl'
fiirihcr Infortuatlou id frrthcorrilnn ir
conn-action with th-a urafl ehurta^ -i-
Moo-hc Jaw Cltv sintvs. Details ti
tuiiiil Indicate tlnn before the matter
is f'njiUy cleared up .-�� number of verv
prominent citizens "111 be Implicated
A Btory came to llcht wben Sylyester McClnnnan ��;is allowed t" go on
BusDended sentence after pleading
guilty to stealing automobile tvr��>s. it
is understood that ho gave Information to tho police which led thoni to
wlro to Chicago for the arrest of Sam
Tad man on the charge of having made
away with a carload 'if load pipe.
Copper and eight automobile tyres
Tadman, until last wenk. ran a second
hand store here, and Tuesday he left
on the Soo flier for Chicago nnd hat
not   since   been   heard   of.     It   was nl
leged  that he  was the receiver for
all the goods stolen from the city
stores during Ihe past two month,
oyer which thefts are supposed to
have  taken   place.
The onlv charge hi, far has bnpi
against Sidney fouracres, charged
wltli Bteallng lend pire valued Tar in
excess cf $lnii, but his on." was adjourned itnt.il Monday, he. being l"(
out on ball of jinnii. ti* ��� is a rumor Hint Beveral officials . also Implicated.
H. QOUld, City Storekeeper, whoso
ball for l-'oura.'res was refused on the
grounds thai ��� was noi n freeholder,
wns nrrosted on n charge of drunken.
ness. but was alowed out on ball on
his own recognizance! When the case
was called, he could not he found,
and  Ihfl  police WBre  helpless  to  pro-
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block,        657 Columbia, Street
New Westminster, B.C.
Bank of Montrea1
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.0'
RESERVE    $16,000,000.0'
Branches throughout Canada am
I .Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
Mand, New Vork, Chicago and Spokam
I U.S.A., nnd Mexico City. A genera
hanking business transacted. Letter
of Credit Issued, available wltb co?
respondents in nil parts of the world
Savings Hank Department���Deposit
received In sums of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per cent ��e>
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.(10.
O.  I).  nilYMNRU.   Mnnagnr
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldfl
of nil   kinds.
i'rices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
59  McKenzie  St.
li hereby given that the fecund
half yearly payment on trade licenses
for 1913 Is now duo uud payable ul
the office of the License Inspector.
City Hull.
(n20) s. j, Pearce.
Tenders will be received by the nn-
'. derslgned for the construction of portions of the Canadian Northern Pad fla
Railway  on   Vancouver   Island,   Province of liritish Columbia, as follows:
|     1.    Prom the City of Victoria to    a
I point   near   Headman's   Itlver   in   the
i District  of Bsqulmault, a  distance of
'approximately Ave miles.
I     2.    A line leaving tbe above at Ito-
jglna  Avenue,   Victoria,  and  extending
to Union  Hay, Saanlch  I'eninlsuln     a
Uistance of approximately   if.'i   miles.
Tinders  to   Include  clearing,   grabbing, grading, bridges,    trestles,    culverts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will bo required to submit   two  tenders  for  that  portion   of
the work Included in the grading, one
being   on   the   basis  of   the   following
Solid rock.
Loose rock,
Hard pan,
and the other on rhe basis of a classification for "solid rock" and "till other
Plans, profiles, specifications and
forms of contract may be seen, nnd
forms of tender obtained at the offices
of Mackenzie, Mann & Co., Ltd.
Metropolitan building. 837 Hastings
street wesl, Vancouver, B.C., or at the
offices of Mackenzie. Mann & Co..
Ltd.,  Pemberton  block,  Victoria,  B.C.
Tenders to Include clearing, grub-
nfTiooR of Mackenzie, Mann & Co.,
Ltd., Metropolitan building. 837 Hastings street west, Vancouver. IIV.. not
Inter than noon on Saturday, July 19,
1913, and to be enclosed In n sealed
envelope marked "Tenders for Construction." The lowest or any tender
not  necessarily accepted.
July nth, 1913. (1700)
To Port  Mann  and  Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sund.iv.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leuves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Manu  8:00 a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  West-
minster 9.no a.m.
Leavea  New  Westminster for  Port
Mann and  Port Coqultlam  10:0*6 a.m.
Leaves    Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
I .raves   New   Westminster   for   Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leavea  New   Westminster  for   Port
Mann nnd Port Coqultlam 4:30 pm
Leaves    Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann nnd New Westminster 6 30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information Inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
New  Spring  and  Summer  Suitings
now on  display.    See them.    Perfect
fit aud workmanship guaranteed.   7nl
Kront Street
Transfer Co.
Office  Phon,  ,85i      B,rn  phon#  ���7
Btpiiie Street.
Haggn.'o Helhora-4  Promptly to
any pert of the t.'ty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
:VV   V.'LOT.M.fliirCR. B.C, SATURDAY, JULY 12, 1913.
Liquidation Sale Prices
Dress Goods Department
Priestley's Fine Whipcords, Wool Sateens, Wool Taffetas
wide; regular Toe value; per yard 55c
Priestley's Mohairs   in   cream, navy, brown, cardinal and
black; 40 inches wide; regular 75c value; per yard 55c
Uriestley's   Fine Whipcords, Wool Sateens, Wool Taffetas
and Serges; regular $1.00 value; per yard 80c
Fine all wool Delaines and Challies; bordered   and   plain;
value 75c; per yard  5()c
Every yard of goods in this popular department marked
at prices which represent great savings.
Coating Serges
Suitable alike
For durability and appearance nothing
excels tbem
for all uses
Liquidation Sale Prices in our
Bedding Department
Housewives will find here many articles
at reductions very useful to household
Hemmed Pillow Cases; regular 50c; at per
pair ... :35c
White Bed Spreads; regular $1.50 at. .$1.00
Cotton Sheets; size 72x90; regular $2.25, at
Per pair  $1.75
White English Blankets; regular $3.75, at,
per pair  $2.95
White Honeycomb Towels; regular 15c; at
8 for  $1.00
White Flannelette Sheets; slightly soiled in
transit; full 12x4 size; regular $3.00, at,
per pair  $1.95
Liquidation Sale Prices on
Ladies' 'Kerchiefs; regular oc; now 3c
Ladies'   Cambric   'Kerchiefs; regular 10c;
now, each  8c
Ladies' 'Kerchiefs; fancy borders, fine cambric; regular 20c; now, each 15c
Ladies' Kerchiefs; fancy embroidered corners ; regular 35c; now, each 25c
Men's 'Kerchiefs; fine cambric; regular 15c;
now, each  l2'/ic
Men's 'Kerchiefs; Excelda, very soft; regular 20c; now, each  15c
Men's 'Kerchiefs; fine linen; regular 25c;
now, each  20c
Liquidation Sale Prices in our
Bargain Basement
China Tea Set; 40 pieces, in Oriental and
floral designs; regular $7.50; now. .$4.95
China Tea Set; 40 pieces, in neat patterns,
regular $8.00; now  $5.50
China Tea Set; 42 pieces, Imperial Crown
China in plain gold and white; regular
$15.00; now  $11.75
Combination Dinner and Tea Set; 98 pieces;
regular $21.85; now $18.75
Combination Dinner and Tea Set; 98 pieces;
regular $22.00; now  $19.00
Combination Dinner and Tea Set; 98 pieces;
regular $23.00; now $19.50
These Combination Dinner and Tea Sets
are all open stock patterns, prettily designed in Royal Crown Semi-Porcelain from the
potteries of Staffordshire, England.
Liquidation Sale Prices in our
Hosiery Department
Ladies' Silk Hose; double sole and heels;
deep garter top; regular $1.25; at per
pair J5,.
Ladies' Silk Hose; sliced heels and toes; regular $1.00; at per pair 75c
Ladies' Lisle Hose; highly mercerized; regular 65c; at, ppr pair 50c
Ladies'  Cotton Hose; special   value,   2
pairs 25c
Children's Cotton Hose; regular 20c; at, per
Pair 15c
We are showing extraordinary vafues in
fancy and plain ribbons, in a great variety
of colors and shades up to six inches wide,
priced in two lots for quick sale:
LOT 1���Values to 75c per yard.. 25c
LOT 2���Values to 35c; 2 yards 25c
674-678 Columbia Stieet,
New Westminster
No   Mole   Skimmed   Milk  for  Calgary
citizens���Stringent By-lnw
I'aignry. -luly 11.-City Solicitor
Ford has ubout completed his drall
oi the new by-law lo regulate the
tale of milk, one of the moBt stringent
I?. Canada. Mr. Kord has been collaborating with Medical Health Otlk-er
Mahood in drafting the by-law and
by meuitB of the new regulation it la
hoped to remedy many of the present
abuses existent In the sale of milk.
hn- one ming. Inspectors from the
health department are given the authority under the new by-law to take
B sample of milk offered for sale anywhere at any time In Calgary. More-
over, any person selling milk in the
citv, will be required to have a certificate from the Calgary medical health
i Boer ns well as a license from the
license Inspector.
Quality of  Milk.
Ai regards quality of tnllk. the following clause of the by-law is important:
"No person shall supply, sell, keep
or expose or offer for sale or for consumption In the city any milk or cream
vii'.ch is unwholesome or unlit   for
luiuum food, or any milk which has
been adulterated or reduced or cluing
rd hy the addition of water nr other
substances or by the removal of cream,
or from (trippings which huve been
held hack, or which contain less than
IS per cent of solida, three per cent,
of which must be butter fat. or the
temperature of which Is higher than
f." degrees fahrenhelt or specific gravity less than 1,027, solids (or full less
than nine per cent., nor milk known
as swill inllk nor milk from cows fed
upon distillery slop, garbage or hav-
lng  impure  drinking  water."
No More Skimmed Milk.
Under the new by-law it will he
Impossible legally to palm off skim-
med milk on the unsuspecting cus-
t��nurs ns pure milk, The by-law prc-
. !.|(*s thiit skimmed milk may be sold
only from cans marked "Skimmed"
milk in letters not less than two
inches Ions, or trom smaller meas-
mll'-irly nfarkiil and it shall
tfe sold  at   all  unless  asked   for
���,  tirullv  by  the customer.
It is only fair to say thai the new
by-law has Ihe support of all the re
putuhle dairymen In the city and they
have been usslBtlnK the citv department In drafting the new law.
The most rigid regulations are contained In the by-law for keeplwtolonn
dairies, animals and wagons, provld-
ing   Bpeelflcnlly   for     washing     these
places nnd vehicles, and bIso minute
regulations for the care nnd of r ip.
taclos In which milk Is sold und served
tn the customers. Hitch measures
shall all be of imperial standard end
samples of the measures to he us"d
must be left at the offices of the license inspector.
Several    Packages   of    Mall and Currency  Are  Among  "the
Regina, July 11���What has every
appearance of being a serious robbery
ot registered mail and packages of
currency from the Regina post olllce
has just come to light. Several thousand dollars is Involved.
The robbery, if robbery there was,
pCCUrred some time on Saturday
night or Sunday morning. The federal
post office authorities hsve the matter
in hand and an inspector arrived in
the city to Investigate. Seen hy a press
representative, he refused to be interview id.
The missing mail, which consisted
���ot registered letters and packages ot
money from rural offiecB In the neighborhood of Regina arrived in the local
post office too late on Saturday to be
sc tit out on the mail, which h aies for
the east late Saturday afternoon.
Placed  in  Vault,
As is the custom, the clerk In
Charge placed the registered packages
in the vault, to be scut out on the
train which  leaves at 5:66 o'clock cn
Sundaj morning.
Wben   'he   time  came   tn  send   the
pool  to  this  train  the clertf  removed
packages irom the vault, prepared
City 'Dumps"  Arc  Cerious  Menace te
City���Considering  New S:hemc
for  Disposal.
Montreal, July 11.-The city authorities are indignant at the suggestion that they are not fully alive to the
necessity of stopping the dumping cf
garbage in Montreal in the interests
of the lives of the people.
It ia stated that the matter is receiving special attention, and that before the end of the year dctlnlte action would be taken covering the
whole city and Its environs. I'robably
within a fortnight the first steps Wlll|JJ
hi  taken
The giving of the contract will metn
I i very heavy problem as fast as pus-
l sible, and really il is a little discouraging to hear the constant comments
[Of people who  won't  take tlie trouble
Ito   understand   the   difficulties   of  the
position." Dr. Lachapellc said
(it  is terrille to  have school  children
poisoned by the odor of that dump you
'-fefer to. but you may take it that tx*t-
j iuite steps.jire Wing taken now, Onlv
'yeu must give us some months, even
: w lien the contract is awarded, to get
the machinery, etc.. in order.    Hy lhe
i lirst of January,   1H14,  Montreal   will
'no longer be open to lier present re-*
Should the contract offered hy *\.r.
St. George or by the other parties he
accepted. Dr. Lachapelle stateB that It
will be in no wuy a new departur \
many great cities, such as New York,
hairing already adopted a similar practice.
Dr. Lachapelle says that  it  is useless  tor citizens  to  think  that   child
mortality or illness will be decreased
the removal of the dumps alone
Church Notices
Cathedral    of   the   holy
TRINITY���Rov. Canon O. C. d'Easum,
I know i MA-, rector. Kev. Oeorge A. Ray, M
A., assistant curate. H a.m.. Holy Com
muniou; 11 a.m., .Matins. Holy Communion and sermon; 7 p.m.. Evensong
aud sermoti. ���    ������
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue une
Seventh street. Rev. M. Gordon Mel
vin pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
Pras. and G��nl. Mgr.
N.  LEAKD3LEJS. ���*   F  H. BUClvlJJ*.        'h
Vlc��Pr*��Jd*aI Umi. s*d Tra**r
Fir, Cedar  afhtf  Spruce
P'lonet No  1 s*n 977.
CHURCH, Corner Carnarvon and
Ulackwood. Rev. Jas. S. Henderson,
minister.���Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m.: Sabbath school and llible class
2:30 p.m.
that will only be done by a campaign
,     of education among the mothers which Christ";
good  deal of -Atra expenditure  for  fhctt)d be una>rtakpn j,y tha churches | j���sus."
the city for the moment, but Control
Ier Ainey points out. there will event- j
ually be a return for the garbage under the new regulations will be made I
to produce steam which will gener- i
ate electricity to work the reduction I
plant At the present moment the
clt} spends nbout $200 000 on a mod
Inefficient and unsatisfactory method
and gi ts no return at ull.
It  is stated  by  prominent city hall,
mithorities^tlint   n.iuch  of  the   work,
ire i
aud tho press.
Rev, A. S. Lewis, 13.1)., pastor. Services Sunday 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Morning subject, "The Cross of
evening subject, "Crowning
Primary Sunday school 11
a.m. Other departments of the Sunday school, including llaraca class for
young men (church auditorium).
Kidells class'for young women 2:30.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and*
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
the list which is placed in the bag
with the registered mall, and gave
the whole in charge of the carrier to
take to the depot.
K t so'-.e uiv xplRlned reason tin
carrier miFsed the 5:56 train and. for
a rearon also Unexplained, left the
bags Ivlug on the station platform,
Here they remained unprotected until
Winnipeg.    July     11.    Plans    have
beeu prepared and a permit is being
issued  (or a  new   vaudeville  theatre
Which  is to  be  i rected  at  a  cost ot
��l��e,uoo for the Pontages circuit, an
organization which has its headquarters in Seattle, and  which has a  big
Id haveUtring   of   theatres   in     llie
been  done  many  years  ago  by  ttieiclstates.     The   site   chosen   is
predecessors.    Their excuse    for   thP|south side of east  Market street. Just
:  xistence of   dumps   and unsanitary least of the Iroquois liutel. Work upon
houff-s is that  they are   acting   as ithe excavations has already been com-
ntllokly ns possible, but cannot do if meuced.
quthoritieg-fctftai  much ot tue
which  they present    authorities
Named fo^rleuving undone should
time on Sunday, win
back to the post otTI''".
this  time  a new  "lerk  was o
He,   It  Is  said,  glanced  at  th
ill at ^nce, The only Incinerator in
Montreal at present is 86 years old,
and unite useless, Mr. Ainey says, for
present purposes.
Dr.  Lachapelle  made an  Important
' tab"'-
I'st of mall contained In the bag.but
,d'd   not   look   into  th"   bag  to   nscer-
jt'iin thst it was all there, merely
phnnuliis the number of the train on
ill,, Vut from No. A to No. 62, Wh*Ch
wii- the nexl train fr>r the east, leaving
:>t  '. .'.'.fi Pundtxy afternoon.
T^r  I.C3-^ Discovered.
The theatre will be one of the most
up to dale in Canada and fully equal
to any house whieh the syndicate
owns on the other side of the line, its
frontage on Market streel will be "H
n tliey were | point
"It Is only very recently," he said,
"that, the city revenues began to increase  at  all,  and  just at the  same jpearance.   The main floor will be
tii".. severs 1 of the outlying districts. I ranged  for a  large  seating  capacity,
such  as Vlllos  Emard,, Mount  Royal [but the chairs will not be cramped in
:'iid Roseinoiint came cider our juris-I ar)y  Wlly, aB  the  convenience  of the
diction tit a preat nddltlonnl expense \ natrons is one of the chief features  of
for us.   They brought us uothing. antii||le ,!esin     In  the gallery  will be a
we  had  to  tlve  them  everything   Of, promenade, n new features in theatres
cottrsp, in the. fjiturc .they will be it s0 tgr as Winnipeg ia concerned. The
UP I promenade wlll have a mexdnlne lloor
Toronto,    .Inly     11.���Some     rather
strong allegations of graft in i inneo-
western I Uon with contracts for painting va-
on the rions public buildings in the city, particularly schools, were made by delegates at the district labor council.
The speakers, members of the painters' union, said it was common knowledge that few contractors executed
work according to specification. They
cltd several instances where only-
two coats of paint had been put on
buildings when three had been called
Bitulithic, Paving
The Most Scientific! of all Pavings
Is meeting wllb the greatest favor wherever laid.
lhe citv. bnt
���I'll,, t-,..\\ .'ph- went not on 'Irs train.
Tlie ncv! the locftl author1'1 a h*nrd
if it vs'- when thev roi-olvui -i inn:*.
sas * to Hip pItppI th">t the rr\**i\ eWk ""(iv -i-- ������>���-��� >
on the train had reported that he was sewer at nil, ami
unnblc to find several of the registered
iv>ci*:r." m noted tn the list which ac-
ro'e'vinlrd tlie Regina consignment.
When, where nnd how the mull hid
disappeared wns, nnd still is, nn ab-
s-biie mystery. Tbe Pnmlnton post
niHce lT'-aeh at Moose Jew was notified and Inqn'rlcB Immediately *r\ onl thoHtle
tool iii an effort to trace the missing eouldi  Dr.
feet 8 inches and Ils depth will Uo 160 I for.   It was proposed that Judge Win-
feet.   The front will he of terra cotta , Chester's  attention   be  called   to   thej
laud  will  present  a  most artistic  np- | matter, so that  he  might  extend  thej
school investigation to embrace these.
Several of the    delegates    thought
they    were    treading  on    dangerous j
ground, and that unless those making ;
the charges could substantiate them it
would be usi less to take action. After
a   sonu-what   prolonged   and     heated i
discussion   the   matter   was   referred j
to the painters' district council tor In- i
to now they are only an expense, and in���d   there   will   be   ioges   or   private
there <".. you know,, some    limit    to boxes, Jutt behind the rr.ll of the bal
'cony.   The whole Interior will be (In-j
ished in Krench renaissance stvle, and i
,.  nrltled.  Ir-il   tv
had no water c
laid  on.    lt   Is  iuo'-iure'v'ihlv  hof-'lile
thp <ir,..tor snld. dramntinallv, to think
tin' human belnrs and specially vou""
children bad to, live round a.ceiPO'Jil
''i n 'yard. Hut wben streets had r>
d-n'n'-t nnd nn water, the people had
to go on llvlnp there until the i ti -
v 'rking as fast ns t'vv
Laohnpello said,  hud  time
the total
wilt be I
renting capacity of the
ito muke the streets sanitary hy  de-
pat kiip
No  ble*",*  has yet  been  placed  on I gv ���*
nny one. lint as is usually the unplcns- |    Which ever one. If nny, of th* "nu
���*'������ features of such cases, suspicion tracts they accepted, they would have I manner than the officers thought to
rests on every one who was connected i to   tint   In   the   necesBary   machinery, [be  either   necessary   or    permissible
Suppress Useless Noiccs.
Victoria, July ll ���   In order to mitigate the noises of the streets by pre-
I venting those which are unnecessary,
I the police are getting after the perpe-
, trators of some of them.    Five cases
called nf tsllyho drivers or solicitors
who called out the merits of their re-
respectlve vehicles In a more strident
vith the matter until some solution of and that was a very big work. 'ware
the mystery Is found. -        "We are doing our host to deu'. win week.
heard   In   the  police  court
Fines were Imposed.
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of the system oi
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
Nitlanl Dni ��a4 CK.mie-J Co.
*t Can***, Lx*xU*i.    175
w Westminster with  Boulevard  Owr Bltulithic on Second Street, tt*
* the Centre.
Bltulithic ls noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless. e����T ea
SSjaJf* aml' *bore��"; PWUoutertBr durable. For these rasrsxtn*
Rltullthlc is commended highly by owner, ol automobiles und hots**.
householders nnu city officials. It has been .dopted by fifteen tilxr*
in C anada, and over two hundred In the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phono Seymour 7130.      T14-717 Dominion Truat Building, Vasc-amor. ***,<**. toun
SATURDAY, JULY  12,   1913.
Fresh ^iVater and Salt
land P
The Samson   t ed  up  for  the  week
end  yesterday  afternoon.
The Fearless brought a scow cf
md and gravel up river yesterday
Fed  Li*,ht*i Sft Out to 8how Outside ' Sunday  night.
Limit cf Wcrks at Ogden Point
-Other Places Marked.
The halibut boat Roman is expected
| in nt the Columbia cold storage wharf
j    The Heaver and  Helen  M.  Scanlon
went through the draw at the Prater
[river bridge yesterday.
|    The gasoline schooner Ikon, of San
Without  farther notice,   two    red Francisco, docked late yesterday   at
lights, placed vertically six feet apart the C. P. P., freight wharf.
iW1|l be pho'i'l approximately 1000 feet; '       '"
, <   i ..   i,���i���,   ,���  .vi��>.   ,-ho1    A   scow  load of  Seattle  coal   was
tint   trom  Ogden   l olnt   to  snow   tne _        ..        .     _ ,     ..       ,.    ,
"" brought to iho Columbia cold storage
outside limits of the works in proRrcaa . whRrf yMterday to be used by that
on the construction of the breakwater, firm.
lighls will be moved out as the1 	
proceeds,  always   locating   thel    ���}*<"������ h,'llr  '���>" capping  has    been
,   ., _. .��� .    ,built on the piles driven at  Ihe  loot
extremity of the work.    They will be  of K,ghlh B(r(,(,t gl,P) am, 1<no���1Pr twr>
elevated 20 feet above high water and idays will Bee that work ahout finished.
vessels are warned not to go between' 	
the lights and the Shore, These lights A number of fishermen drifted
will be unwatched, though every pre-| down rast the city waterfront with
caution will be taken by the contrac- their nets yesterday, hut watchers
tors to keep them maintained until the  fr m   the  shore   ami   passing   vessels
I ����* but very  few  lish being taken.
breakwater is completed.
Also Die beacons marking the chan-
���, Is of th/.' IVig Slue, the Serpentine,
and NlcomeW rivers at Mud bay which
bad nol been systematically kept in
pocltKnl have/*been put in order and
the channels  marked.
The Serpentine is marked by six
single pile Mack beat-inns, two double
pile blnck beacons and seven, single
pile red beacons.
The Big Slue is marked   by   five
pile blnck beacons.    The Nicomekl ls      ()I1 M0natty the Flspa will leave for
marked by two single pile black bea-   Vancouver for a few davs and on lier
conn and one single pile red beacon., r,,���lrn K;\] RO f,.om the slip at  Daw's
Tb- junction of the Serpentine and  g-hlpyOT&i   win ro  she  has  boon   since
A telegram stating that the Nor-
'-eg'an vessel llerakles had just docked at Victoria was received by .1.
Miyer's & Co. yesterday .ufternoon.
The wire said that the llerakles
���w-miia sail at 2 p.m. for Port Mnnn.
She will deliver a cargo of steel rails
nnd load outward with lumber from
Fraser Mills for the Argentine.
ths N'.rrtnekl is marked by a beacon
comnoFed of three -vie? bound t:-gci.her
til Ihchead and painted black.
The Ihree beacons that formerly
marked the edgo of the spit extending ututhwestward from Blackie spit
hnve been replaced by three beacons
placed on the west side of. the channel southw est ward of Blackie spit.
Each beacon is composed of three
piles bound together at the head,
painted black, and surmounted h*j a
���slalwork  drum  painted  white.
lier launching, to permaneni moorings
down the north nrm In what is known
as "the boneynrd," where a number
of seized American fishing boats are
j A Trifling Start Made This week. Bu'
Run  Net   rmcctcd  There  Until
Captain  of Tramp    Steamship    Ikala
Serves Papers on Commander of
U. S. Cruiser Chatanoc-a.
South Bend, Julv ll Captain
Caruthera, of the liritish tramp steamship Ik-.it-i. has served paper3 on the
-cora-ma-nder of the v,. 8. cruiser Chat-
tanooga, asking for $*.'<iil Aennimuce
tor oecupvtng lhe wharf ol the Wil
lap) dumber company at Raymond,
where Captain Caruthers was dun   to
The  South   Bend    Commcreinl  club
tnd   nrra-naert   w'lli   the   secretary   of
war for the ChattaifOfiga, the tug Fortune and   a submarine   to   come   to
8001(1   Bend   after   the  Moquiam   cele-,
tiraVlcm.    Extensive arrangements had
been   made   Tor   tlieir     entertainment.
inlclndlng  a   bannuet. dance    and    a
smoker.      Considerable    money    had
meen   Bpenl    In getting   a   baseball
rrorrna   ready   for  a  game  with  the
blue jackets    The citizens of    South
Bend   wire   sorely   disappointed   when
the warships  went to liaymond    and
stayed there.
The lkala is a ship of about 4F>l)fl
ions and was al Raymond when tho
Chattanooga arrived, The river is bd
narrow there that the Ikala could not
pass iiv- Chattanooga and get  out to
Tin* captain nol only ser\,d the
-pn| ���*' t ������'��� demurrage on the com
Biander of the Chattanooga, hut he
also wired lhe claim to the Dollar
Sit-.imship company, who had his ves
��el chartered, and they took up the
matter with Secretary Daniels, -who
wired Admiral Reynolds at Bremerton
f< r an explanation as to why his
orders to uo to South llend had beei
d st beyed.
Blaine,  .luly   11. -The  first   salmon
of the'season  found their way  to the
cans  here this  week     Alnsworth   &
Dunn   and   the A.  P. A   made    tholr
formal, though trifling start on  Monday morning with the newly installed
sanitary   system   machinery   perform
ing Iheir first duty.    The Seele firm, |
which discontinued canning crabs on
the  laBt  of June,  Is  rushing  the  repair and building work to a finish and
will start canning In a few daya   The
other canneries will also be in operation   then.    The  big  schools  will   not
be   running,   however,   until   nt   least
the   -JUlh   of   th's   inonth;    this   is   an
estimate of a pioneer cannery-man of
this city, .rrom  llie 29th  lo ihe 25th,
the   sockeye   have   heretofore   put     in
Iheir hostful appearance, although t'i"
lasl   bit-  BOCkeye season  in   Itldi)  did
not  really s'arl  until  August  t
(In lhe whole, the local cann* ries
and fishermen nre prepared for a
moment's notice. The (raps are in
readiness, us are the gill nei 'ind seine
net fishermen. A small fleet of Individual fishermen is anchored near
the Smiley cannery and among them
are a number of aliens who lure the1'
own boats and gasoline lie--* for -r']\
netting. Almost all of the [oral lu;;
will lu- used for lishing purposes cl ir
ing the season. With a full moon tli"
catches In the traps ami nets will begin lo increase
lt is almost Impossible lo estimate
the inoi ber oj people Ihai will le- em
ployed in lllaine during lhe I islesl
part of tin* season Willi tin- big
catches in. each of ilu* canneries will
Increase lhelr (ore,, by 100, 150 and
-j,in people -iii, new sanitary machln-
t ry and method i f canning decreases
lhe niuiilier , f orientals employed to a
fra:tl'i degree.
Frank DeCrny. of New Westmin-
setr, Is  visiting  in  Kamloops.
Mr. Bernard Corbould left on Monday night for Hazelton, B.C.
Mr. F. W. Anderson, cf Kamloops,
was a visitor in town on Tuesday.
Mrs. (Dr.) Mackay and family lefl
by motor on Tuesday to spend the
summer at Boundary bay.
M'.ss Hilda Coote, of Chilliwack,
was the guest of Miss DeWolf Smith
for a few days this week.
Mrs. Campbell Davidson, of Bel-
coino, ll.C, Is the guest of her brother,
J. A. Motherwell, and MrB. Motherwell.
Thomas Olfford, M.P.P.. left yostor
day for Viotorla, where he will take
up a number of matters affecting his
Mr. Douglas Wright arrived on Sat
urday from Saskatoon and Is spending the summer with his mother, Mrs.
0. E. Corbould.
Miss C.  P.  Wright  returned  from
Crescent on Monday, where she has
snent a couple of weeks holiday as
the guest  of  Mrs. .1.  R.  Grant.
Mrs. A. F. Cottrn and Master Frank
Cotton left on Saturday for Balmoral
where they will be the guests of Mrs.
Cotton's daughter, Mrs. Frank Bills.
Mr. and Mrs. .lames Walker and
family moved over to Vancouver on
Thursday, where thev have taken a
house at Kilsilano, 17115 Colllngwood
Mrs A. c. Biddy and family and
Mrs. V. C. Ilrimaeombor and family
of Armstrong, B.C., went down to
Boundary bav on Saturday and will
occupy Mr. 0. E. Corhould's cottage
for tlie summer months.
Mr T. A. Chlsholm, manager of
'he Canadian Hank of Commerce,
Ti ronto, and his daughter, Miss Jean
Chlsholm, arrived on \\'ednesda>
morning nnd wlll spend n couple ol
Months as tlio guests of Mrs, Cor
Rev. C. E. and Mrs. Wincott will
leave with their family today for Victoria, where they will spmd a few
days. Rev. Mr. Wincott will preacli
i n Sunday al the Church of Our Uird
in Victoria, and Hi v. A. E. Vert will
occupy  liis  pulpit  in  this city.
Mrs. Charleson entertained at an
informal work tea on Wednesday
afternoon In honor of Mrs. Davidson,
of Beloomo, Among those invited
i,ere Mrs. Davidson. Mrs. Motherwell.
Mrs. (I. B. Corbould, Mrs. Halloch,
Mrs. Corbould. Mrs. James Walker
and Miss Corbould.
(lien Campbell, formerly member In
tiie Dominion legislature for Dauphin.
Man., was ill the c'ty yesterday and
: called on his former colleague, Col.
.1. D. Taylor. M.P. Mr Campbell, who
is now chief inspector of Indian
Ogonc'es from Lake Superior to Hie
liritish Columbia boundaries, is on
the coasl  on private business and
Port Moody Citizens Detire Municipal
and Recreation Buildings���News
from Young City.
Tbe petition of the ratepayers of
Port Moody to spur on Ihe city council to conclude Ihe purchase of the
sites and build the city hall haa now-
been extensively signed both in the
city and In Vancouver. It wlll be
presented to the council at their meet
ling on Tuesday evening, when several
other important matters will also be
| Besides the city hall, the council
will be urged to erect a public recrea |
Hon hall on the civic grounds. Sincv
jthe conversation of Bennett's hall to
other purposes, there is no nccommo
datlon for public meetings, dances, or
social assembles of any size, and for
such a sociable centre as Port Moody
tills is a distinct Bet back.
; The nine lots whloh will form the
municipal grounds, for no doubt is
entertained now that the option will
be followed up, are conveniently
situated at the corners of John and
Douglas streets.
i The pc rtlon cf the Dewdney trunk
road between Port Moody and Port
Coqultlam a little over three miles In
length is expected shortly to be put
In first class order for traffic. It Is |
ut present rocked at the Port Moody
end and only requires the roller. At
the other end rocking and rolling go
on simultaneously.
Mayor Roe is at present on a voyage up the coast on a business and
pleasure trip or a pleasure and business one. The worthv mayor is a
whale on tlle combination. lie is accompanied by Mr. Crosby, supervisor
of the II. C. branches of the Royal
stiiviiiR  In   Vancouver.
Miss Gertrude Beatrice Christian
was united in marriage to Kdward
Archibald Riddell in St. Haul's motors
on Thursday. Rev. C. E Wincott officiated. .1 F. Riddell and Miss Barbara Riddell, brother and sister of the
bridegroom, were among those present at  the  ceremonies.
The handicap shoot for the silver
spoon now a recognized Institution in
the Port Moody Civilian Rifle association lakes place tcday. S. Lewie
is scratch and last week's winner.
Archie Noble, handicap has boen reduced to 15.
The immortal memory, etc.. celebra
tion today In Vancouver will receive
a strong contingent of the Orange
boys from Port Moody. They will do
the trip by sea on board the Thorletta.
On Wednesday the Sunday school
children of St. John's (Anglican i
church to the number of 40, accom
panied by 26 adults including Rev F.
V. Venabies and Mrs. Venabies, held
a delightful picnic at Sunnyslde,
They were conveyed across the bay
on Mr. Lloyd's launch which lhat
gentleman kindly placed at the dis
posal of the party. Sports of all descriptions with prizes ensured young
and grown ups a good time and the
outing was thoroughly enjoyed. Miss
Bunoe was warmly congratulated upon
the success of the fete f ir which she
was chiefly responsible.
\**r        I���jr : r r-wr w T
L-m1   I I***!   I    rTyE*���rm>
Calgary   Not   Ready   Yet   to   Go   Into
Produce   Business���Market   Not
Success  Yet
took diamond ring from
finger of dead son
I 'a:'.:"o*i    Jl
v:ly   ship   will
xhriuieh   the
Through Canal.
11    A  Panama
.   the  first  to
: ii. ac lording  tc
Spokane, Juli   il    S.  A.  Esllck,  a
ical conli ai tor, proved an unw Mine
wltnt  ���������  in  the court  ol  Judge  E   II
Sullivan  hern  when  Attornej   w   W
'/' nt *; ; led   to  secure   testimony
from I in n iating the dlsp isll lon m ide
'   ��� -  ii el bi en In the pos
i ol : n, Berl Esl ck   a tor
       h -��� hoi l athlete, who d ed re
n Can   la while undei 50 ng an
'    Ksllck was clti tl to : bow  w hat
:   ;*    tin  hi   had made of j dlai
��� - *      *. :   ol ht r   leweln     w hich     is
French,   principal   ,.;., ,. . .. 1 , ��� .,   ��� ���, ,,     He ;,,,*  nor(li,
"   ''  Words' res     .,,.   ,..   between   Atti mc)   Zenl     and
later of  sl  pping     New    York.     Mr,   Mr   B, , ,, u!l,.,, ,*,,,. *,.,,... waa ;l.*, d
' ten nuking a tour nl the   *r ���,,. ot take a d imond ring from
 '   th*. lineer of nis dead son.
Mr. Esllck testlfli d thai he did nol
rail ���
latest plans ol  Col   Oeorge W   Doc
ithals. lie Bald 1 rta} thai water w 11
.-ni-el*. bl i ' ti ,;i I'uleliri Col 1 1
���nc bei I that mn ed lately afti r
wards drvdgi Id enter it nnd  I e
Kin the final      rk
Lloyds' Enqinerr VH'��-<.
A  si        n| r to V -'icon- er re
r, . nllv     V   u
- ur- eyo
I'acific  e ,, 1
fv-nni --M- Po and Tacoma and Re.
-.Uie before going to Vancouver He
ih now on hll wa) to New York via
Pont Arthui at ! Toronto.
tak" the rine in the manner Ind  rated
.by the question of tho attorn��v     l'e
si'd  that  it  was a  diamond  which   in*
'had  purchased  for his wife '-" vein-:
-"-lali Troublesome. :,.,���    a���r]   ,lvi,   *,,,.   j,aa*   permitted   his
St'ves'Mi.   hnlu   Klar.d.  Julv   11.      eon to wear It
'The flshermei   on the Fraser nre   ot      Attorney Zent   aaked  the  |udge  to
the    onlnion    lhal    the    government  order the��,wltnesa  to  testify  to q"es
���Hhonld   take  roup    steps to have    the
hi'r peals whh     ire ro numerous just
new destroyed as tin    are doing *\*x\v
with a large nut I   r ot salmon,   The
M-ealr, eat  the fish afier Ho   become
���ciugbt  in   lh"  '������!���   and   when   fisher
lions relating to h's various properties, but Judge Sullivan declared thai
the points were covered in pipers
wh'ch had been filed, and refns, it
The    attorney    then    attempted    ' *
urove thai   Mr   Esllck  had  tn li d   I
thet generally   1,1  h's Ron'*  *��� Idow
tr*f*r\ t*)itn v* Hu ir 1 i
li-e-fl a lar.-o nm ber of salmon ii'- nl -
-iind two er three fish Whal * iid
���-c'hoTw'-FO be ��������� profitable catch
����������' tr tie -wrr'h e-lv aboul 75c or Sl.
ThiB em'-���' Is "'1 that soin- reee'-ve
for ajtnlght's labrr. The flahermen
vav   tl*;  government   should   levy    a
bonnty  for all   soils  that  are  caugh: Auto Killed Prortor
t Veo rla  July 11     Cot fn n
Montreal,    July    11     The    steamer the  fact  thai  the  nolle      aware
Megaitflc was sighted 1t>5 miles east; that  hi   wn    the driver of the motor
Tlnce al   1 o'clock this murn-1 ear  wh       ran  down  and  fatnll-j    in
enter   hi0   lil'li"
Mr,  >���'��� lick declared  thai  he h * t nf
f,-- 'I  her  the  key  to enti -   l*o*   h id
l'1*1    hi *'     ���������    Sl"   'kl.l    -M      'Hw
:, -ii,,, ndvlsi d  the p'torm vs to 1   tt.ii
'  IO   ���    ' -,���.. I ' !���,,.,.,I    llyj
I     c ivi * Ihe properl >
Calgary, July 11. The question of
whether or nol the city should tak-1
up ili�� Bugaestinn of Market Master
Oeorge   Wills  that   he   be  permitted
lo receive farm produce, fruits eiga
butter, etc., on consignment was considered hv the city commissioners
but no action was taken.
"We   must   be   verv   careful   In   t;,k
Ing such a step." said Commissioner
A. n   Craves,    "it   is  a  very  grave
responsibility for the city to take nnd
1   number of quest'ons  ar,-  involved
For n,,.. thing we should wa'l  lusl p
j tittle   longer   to   see   lust   -hat   kind
of a Biiccess the mar: et will make.
Not a ? iccess Yet
"I (lo not  fei I  thai  the public  mar
ket  hes  proved  altogether :,  success
as  yel     For 1 ne  thing   thi re is too
"i"**h i* * ill bus noss be'ng done H	
and  1 ��� ���  e-io- **h  a< *l   market   b*isl
ne is    What 1 ���* * an   ���   1 rial H * re  ir
I 0 main  ret I'lers 1 I" ��� ly s lllng Jos'
is am butch r ' r 1 *  ci n ��� an would
u 'i  li 'i   tin ���������  '**n ,   th,   a I*, antage of
* * .   rhi an   n ��� t     Thi ���*  ai     -������ 111 i������ -
��� 1   t. 1 ������ in,,,, fi  B"d  ������:���'. -i ���   i| "vprlei
u '   I ' ���    ���"   *   ( the'   b o-e      The   r<
��� '*   ��� 'II  1 ��� thai  v hen f*-v i--v* not
��� ' * * ���  thi *���* st ������������- I -r ihe di- they
I :*l: ll up :������ ���) s"'l :t the pexl  day.
Sell  Ou!  Dnllv
"Mt    di 1   of   the  ad\ 1 age   1 f  b
"hi'" irket   is thai    the    prod"c.e
hi uld be soi,1 out eve,--, ii-.v 1*1,,
fanners who have snythlmr 1 ft ever
II 11   it   :1-   In- ,.r   prices    ,, ��� ,|   ,',.,s  n,r
hi '   is en' '.', d to pel  b*i-ea:-s. Hul
If the r"i:ii'eri i'i*" sle-*lv prdriff te
hold   produce   over   fr*r  t1'"   tif-t   dav
11 * nn ;id--i,*t'i"e :n i,hp m'lrkfi*"
Mr   'lr:i- ������   eer'" d   f'al   **a  htr<l-
������,-, iho pel,lie .,,.,-v. 1  ������ rn.l-f**/ b"'
��� from  is  thai  "-ere  '-���  a le- ri"
-*",!   in   C:i'--.--v   for   -much   ,���.,.,)..,���������
'< -i's   etc. tint ""o rm  -lis'-il In the
.* Ci ti it v of the ellv, e-nkio"  M  neces
:���-. for them to be shln��>ea '"���    Kow
Ver,    be    - ;is    llOl    er r'e'i,    I1--1    , ������   -
..,,),."   thesn   ct iBtaiic.es   Hi-   ei,-
hi -iid go  Into the commlss'on  bus'
Joseph Tays, a Port Moody pi ni pr
was residing In Vancouver waB a
visitor in the city yesterday, p ni wins
old  friendships  and  acquaintances.
The Church of Kngland con ;rega-
tlon will hold a garden party on Captain Clarke's (.'rounds nexl Friday
evening, the 18th, under the ausp ees
cf the ladies' guild. Excellent mus'c
will be provided, including a quartette
furnished by the choir. Solos will be
sung by A. Dakin, J. I.vie end K. T.
An illustration of the useful training given to tlle girl's guides and its
beneficial application was afforded on
Thursday. Miss Bagnell, of Vancouver, an enthusiastic girl guide, Is at
present on a visit to Mrs. A. Nobles.
Iu the afternoon the two ladies witnessed a young lad named llerkrand
hurrying up to the doctor from the
C. P. It mill with his hand roughly
wrapped up In a handkerchief soaked
with blood. Tbo rii ctor happened to
be out on a visit so Miss Bagnell
hastily improvised a tourniquet, stopped the gushing flow of blood by pressure on the artery of the upper arm,
and bandaged the injured hand which
was severely gashed by a band saw
When the doctor arrived later and
saw to the wound professionally he
complimented Miss Bagnell highly on
lor skill The lad wai faint with
loss 1 I  blot d at the time.
Jack " ������ It an, nl " lb >py Castle,"
the q   full'   nan   dat I 1 harmina b'ln
gab      * *��� ������ king .lohn street. Is the
revers il what mlghl be inferred us
an ;: irlbii'e n( his domlc'le. Nothing
Bopoi n * aboul Mr and Mrs, Maclean.
Hailed with d ligl ��� by all the ohll-
dr, n 1 1  the little e:i\. they are liter
ally a Godsend  to tired   titers, for
their new auto s,',*u,. to be dedicated
lo iree rides for the % mng iters It is
cvldentlj  a mutual pleasure,
Saturday  Values in
the Mid-Summer
Clearance  Sale
In supplying the t^ily needs of the
home and family���an occasion such as
the gresjt Mid-Summer Clearance Sale
becomes of the greatest importance,
for it affords unusual opportunities for
big savings on every requisite���wearing apparel, needs for the home and
daily necessities.
A few items mentioned for Saturday
give an idea of the splendid values,
many of which call for early buying.
The Rush Is on for
Hosiery Today
Read Over This List.
We have added another lot to this remarkable clearance  of   Hose   for   women;   -summer   shad, s,.   also
black and tan; sizes 8 \-2 to 10 inches;  regular
values  to  B5c  pair.  Sale   Price,  pair....-   .  33C
Heavy ribbed cotton Hose; fine nnd double ribbed,
with 1 last:,- double knee, also single knit: In shades
of tan and black; sizes 5 1-2 to 8 1-2.   Sale I'rice,
per pair     180
All sizi ?, X 111 to 10 1--'; women's pure Silk Hose;
with lisle rarter top: double and triple sole, heel
and toe; In black, navy, white, champagne, pink,
red. sky, canary, gray; regular $1.76 per pair  Sale
Price, per pair $9.28
Hose Supporters, with band and straight clasp; in
white   and   black;   lific   values.     Sale   Price,   per
pair    **3C
Hand Hose Supporters; made of best silk elastic
straps; satin faced band: C. M. C clasp; In pink,
sky, white and black; 7",c values. Sale I'rice,
per   pair    43$
Gigantic Clearance of Summer Coats
at Half Price.
Sixty-five beautiful new Summer Coats to be
cleared at this remarkable low price Developed
in light summer fabrics, suoh as repps. Panamas,
pongee, etc.; in fawn, graw, tan and tiatur.il
Bhades; to fit IG misses' to women's 411 bust; just.
suoh garment at would add comfort for present
wear. Come today; only Half Price.
The Greatest Suit Bargains Ever
Offered, $7.85.
Twenty-two Women's Suits to clear today; t::i" materials and perfect fitting garments; developed
in tweeds, serges, worsteds; In black, gray, tan,
fawn and brown shadings; regular values up to
$2S.0O.     Sale   I'rice    S7.35
Exceptional   Bargains in
Neckwear and Notion
Women's mercerized Lisle (lloves; wrist length: two
dome fasteners; shades of gray, mode, tan, white,
biscuit and black; regular 50o und 6uc values. Sale
Price    38e
Women's and children's cambrlce Hankerchlets,
with colon ,1 and hemstitched border. Sale Price.
eIx  for        25*
Women's rine sheer all linen Handkerchiefs; embroidered with sniail design in one corner. Sale
I'rice,   two   for 23C
(ireat Rush Clearance of Women's
Sweaters, $1.68.
Elegant Sweaters for camp use; made of good quality
wool; with open or close fitltng necks: in cardinal,
gray or navy.   Today, each S1.68
Heavy Knit Coat Sweaters,
Today. $4.58.
Excellent values In these heavy knit Coat Sweaters;
made of heavy wool, with large roll collar that fits
close to the throat if desired; colors are fawn, cardinal, navy, gray.    Sale Price at S4.S8
Oil had voted $1,500,000 for a technical high school and that before thl
site was cleared $200,000 was being
sought for branch schools, lie mov
id that the estimates be referred back
to the board of control in order that
a further meeting with the school
trustees  might take place.
Information  too  Vague
Mayor llocken said that the Infor
matlon so far given was entirely too
vague. More than $400,000 was asked
for the purpose of tearing down eld
schools and erecting new ones. There
wcre also sums apparently to make
up amounts expended In excess of thl
appropriations for buildings. These
should be explained. The mayor pointed out the difficulty of dlsnoslng ot
debentures at the present time, He
said that the board of education
should confer with the board of con
trol. or  a   committee  of council.
Cha'rmah Hlltz was given an opportunity of explaining the Hems of
the budget, l'e dd not see wh ire b
dollar could be cut < rf the estimates
He said that two y, ars ago il had
been decided thai a large t'-elmcal
central school should bo provided and
that two branch schools should be
built, and should do flrsl aud second
year work. The board wished tt lm
silos before houses, which would have
to be bought, were built upon Ihem
Mr. Hlltz answered a number of tjuea
tions. but finally the motion to refer
the estimates back In the Controlled
was adopted.
!���'   �����'���-���.   rr|,i   -
"If   fSe
fit-     .-'-"ell    ��*     t
,,     r    ,.,,lv   -
���'e*'ds  on
cr n-ti-zo-'io'it."
s-ori     Mr
Gravi s. "i
t means thai we
would hav,
to   have
.-i   cold   s'orage
of Cape
Otherwise we shorld soon find our-
sVvcs with grent quantlltes of good"
down and fatnll-j In- on hand spoiled, and there would
in--, She is due nt Quebec Saturday ,Jiirnd Thoi r Proctbr a I v\ mln- certain to be trouble over damages
��^��eulng and al Montr- al Sunday after ' utes befop t idni.-l.i on w. rinesday It *, n Berlous question in nv m'.nd
���noon     Passeog is aboard the Megan- 'night, Seynn   i  C   Mat lonalri 11 lhe cltj should go that far."
���tv w'll reach New   Westminster    am |TB"ted last    niehl    and    will  I *    *,-      Tho mmter was laid over for furlli
Ju\y j-fc. ^raiffttcd on a oliarce of manslaughter   cr co Bldcritlon.
Asked   fer   Nearly Three  Million  Dollars���Council    C'rhtly
Toronlo, July ll     i"bc b I of edn
cation will not get the $2.9SS.O00 '���
desired to spend on Bchool sites and
permanent improvements unt I it confers with the board of control and
gives n definite explanation of thc
vsrli ns items i r the budget. A f"0
tlon to thai (ffi cl was pass, d by lhe
ei*   council.
The    estimates    were;     For    h'sh
school of commerce and finance, $2,r>(i
i ;  technical hich schools, $200,000;
high school sites and new administration building, $396,000; public
BChools, $2,113,000. Members of the
counc'l were bv no menus pleased at
their magnitude. Aid Hubbard as-
: i rl *l that they included such itenr-
���i- grad ���'.:; and fencing, which should
��� ��� ��� I.,- considered s t er-nanent lm-
pn v"-    .:'���.:.    He said that the coun
VIon.. Wed., Fri.
All Seats 10c
Children 5c.
Matinee, 2 to 5 p.m.
Night, G.30 tj 11 p.m
Morning ��� Organization of Seton Indian Camp.
Lecture, "Some Tendencies in American Life!"
Mr. Stanton.
Afternoon���Recital, The Artists' Trio. Lecture,
"Old Days in Dixie Land," Miss Belie Kearney.'
Eyening���Concert, The Artists' Trio. Lecture Oration, "The New Woman and the Young Man "
Senator Elmer J. Burkett, of Nebraska.'
Afternoon���Sacred Concert by Carter's Georgians
"Ben Hur���A Tale of the Christ," Delia Crowder
Miller.   C.L.S.C. Vesper Service, 4:15.
Evening ��� Sacred Concert, The Georgia Jubilee
Singers. Lecture, "The Crescent and the Cross,"
Julius Caesar Nayphe, of Athens.
Branches  Throughout  the   Province  of   British  Columbia.
Savings Department ol nil Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received nnd Interest at the highest current rate uuiil or
credited half yenrly.
Drafts and Travellers' Chequei sold, payable In  all  purls of the
CHAS. G. PF.NNOCK, General  Manager
New   Westminster   Branch
A.  W. ULACK,  Manager.
**^ssm3ivtatr^czxa2jxi^*t*i^uijLia.. W.'URDAY, JULY  12, 1913.
s'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
leat Electrics In Spite of a Long
��lumn of Mlatakea to Their
inn through  wllh  four runs In
mb and another In the -seventh,
licet rios threw  a  scare  Into the
|rals  last  evening und  kept  the
on edge until the lust man wus
Hals noting out a win. 8-7.
he peculiar plays were pulled off' pitcher
figures in baseball while playing the
Initial pillow for tbe Chicago Americans. He waa at his beat In 1906,
when he established a  record by ac-
'ceptlng 1,908 chanccB at firBt bane,
a  record  that  Is  likely  to  stand  for
[many years. ComiBkey, of the White
Box, always declared that "Jlgga" waa
| the greatest of all first Backers.  He
, was the hero of the world'B aeries of
1906 between the two Chicago clubs.
DoOOhUB was one of nine brothers, all
of whom were ball players, although
"Jlggs" wub easily the greatest of the
Donohue started his baseball career
as a pitcher, and occasionally played
rlghl field. Ile was Dotting wonderful
as a twlrler, eVen In the minors, and
It Is said that "In Nashville he was
kept only because of his Btick work.
which Ib something unusual for a
Donohue was one of the very
the   game   and.   although   thej lasl  of  the  baseball   player!  to  have
[more  ihan  doubled  the number Ihia whiskers amputated, and for some
they alBo doubled llie number
fors, no less Ihun    eight    being
againat  the credit  of tiie vlc-
ifter a smooth face became thi
among  the  diamond   paatlmera
he continued to t-port a full facial rt
galla.    Publlo  opinion  dually  forced
Hals assumed   the  lead   In  the hlm   to  visit   a   barber  and   part  with
I when I'eck and Chaput scored hll beloved adornment   It is said that
hits.   Another tally waa-sent an accident',  in  which  his  whiskers
n the fourth, which was follow- became entangled in a mass of thorns
a couple by  the  Klertrics. whle be  was going after the ball  in
lager Robinson then yanked Cor- the outtieui  or a pibthern  baseball
n   place  of Silver,  but   the  Hals I held,  also  had something   to do  with
on  the warpath  and  hammered lhis  decision   to  part   wltli   hiB   whls
ix   clean   bits,   bringing   lu   five  Uers.
at   the  expense of   Mr.  Silver.
Electrics   came   back   in   the
with four counters, which  wcre
of   a   gift   than   anything  else,
s in the inner garden and lit the
being responsible for the runfl st
th the score standing 8-8 Silver
iff with a single In tiie last of
nth, stealing Becond, third
ionic on Jameson's out
ire: U     11     E.
orala   8   in     x
rlcs      7      I      I
tter'.es:    Pecll   an,I   liec'ier;   Cor-
siiver and Fisher, Walker; um-
McCabe and Huhnke.
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
Portland ,
Victoria .
'i'.e oma
Spokane .
Spokane   Wins   Another.
Vancouver, July 11, Mike Lynch
Pet. land li ih Indians nosed oul thejr third
.750 Istraight victory over the Ueavera tbis
.6861 afternoon, splendid support being
.200 given Coveloskle throughout. The
I league standing still remains unchanged   ns   Seattle   lost   lo   Victoria
  !    Score: 11.    II.    E.
s off to Victoria With Their Hopes ��� Vancouver .261
League Standinn.
AMS.   SURE   OF   A   WIN.
undent lhat they will r< tnin their
���nt stamHng iu  tiie amateur la-
16 league at tlle expense of Sam
tner'a outfit, the local senior atna-
1.   in   charge   of   Alex    Turnbull,
last evening for the Capital City,
1-e     they     will   play   tlieir   second
���Jo   of the aeasoh on tlie island.
Tactically    the    same    line-up    as
le   Buch   a   goofl   showing   against
VAC.  was taken along, the run
Spokane       .   :'.      8      1
Batteries:   Smut/..   Doty   and   Konnick;   Coveleskie nnd   Hannah
They   Fattlcd   Overtime.
Tacoma, July 11 Tacoma and
Portland played sensational ball to-
'li\. th" game going to the Tigera in
tlle 1Kb bv a score of 3-2 The open
in:: of the ninth found the score 1-f1
in favor of I'ortland The locals tied
the score and in the Ilth a wild pitch
,.yn of Princeton fame being atlll Iallowed Bancrotl to score from third
out in the coll, jln  the looals' half ot  the inning two
vera! changes will be made in the I runs   were     shoved     across   and   the
:torla  formation,   Ok,11.   their  star I gamp  taken   by   the  Tigers.
et. bavlng lefl  for the east!     Score: li.     II      i:
ii ii
% tt #
B.  C.   L.   A.���Vancouver
Queens park ?
Big Four���Nationals at Toronto; Tecum sobs at Irish-
Amateur ��� WeBtmlnster   at
North   Vancouver   vs.   Westminster, at Queens park, 3:30.
Horse    racing    ut    Minoru
track, Lulu Island.
Cedar Cottage  vs.   Westminster,   asylum   ground  groundB,
2:30    p.m.;     Westminster    at
Point (Irny, 2:31) p.m.
Sunday   Baseball.
Port   Coquitlam    at   Fraser
S -.1   on  the    municipal    grounds,    Austin
���'������   road,   to   take   place   In   about   two
tt  weeks.    At    u    meeting    In  McKeea
ti   store Thursday  night the drafting of
tt  a  program   was  referred  to  the  atb
letlc     c -nmittoe,     Frank     Stanley,
Oeorge    Marlin    and    Frank    Bishop
which  will be submitted to a Bpeclal
meeting on Tuesday  evening In    Mr.
McKee's Btore.   One of the Items will
be a Marathon race from the agricultural hall down AuBtin road to North
road  thence along that  highway    to
Clarke road. Smith road.  Hlue  Moun
tain road, back to the hall.    An  Ice
cream social will wind up the gathering.
Vancouver Council   Not at One  With
Park Board���City and Phone Co.
In Tangle.
His Protest of Victoria Game Thrown
Out���Royals Will Line Up This
me playi
I'ortland      2     8     I
Tacoma       3      11     1
BatterleBi Callahan   and   Murray
McQInnlty and Harris. Crlndel.
il .lohnson will aim be an absentee.
1 he has made the Jump to the pro
The  News has  made arrangements
(have the result  posted in the win-j
1   ot   the   downtown     Office,     lllll' Harry Meek Won the Game.
'Hrmacy, Immediately following the     Seattle.   July   11    With   tho  score
tied and the hares full in the seve ith
[ere  is the 'cam  which  will  play Meek hit for two bates snd won to
[ternoon   Coutts, Patchell, Greg- day's game for Victoria 4-2.    Mclvor
���,���; nson,   Cooper,   Battson,    L   was wild and was hll turd al oppor-
1. NeUon Johnston. 8tarme,  tune times while Toner was more for.
pares,  Adams  and   tunate   and   kopl   Seattle's   hits   well
will of-!    Score; "���    ���������   K
Seattle        '-'      8      (;
; Victoria     4     n     *
Batteries: Mclvor and Cadman; To-
! ner  aid   Brotten
iti r,
ay, Feenej.
���srs Jeff,* and Dlnamore
Should Give Good  Account of
Westminster     cricket      team
little difficulty in disposing of
'ottage on tha asylum grounds
1:10011, Secretary Hose having
d one of the strongest elevens
season  to battle in  a  league
Both   Cave   and   Miller   are
.   m top form ns far ns bat-
mcerned,  while   Hose  and
mid add to their fine av-
iwllng, if only given good
Standing  of  tlie  Clubs
New York    .
Chicago   . ..
Hrooklyn  ��� .
sn   Louis  ��'
Cincinnati    "������
Yesterday's Games.
At  Brooklyn ���'
1 'inclnnatl   |
Hrooklvn     ,
Hat 'or:  R��ntnn and 'Turk:  \ ,ng
Bl .go
first eleven is playing in
"A"   team   will   stage  a
Westminster  and,    At Boston.
Here  are Pt.  Louis     "
i Hoston     *
Batteries. Burke, 8allee and Wingo,
Tyler nnd Rarlden.
At  Pittsburg: "���    ��������    **���'
pi|<s>-nre       '    '.      *
Philadelphia  ;'"���,'     '.
Batterl s:     Hendrlx    and    Simons.
Marshall. Rixey and Howley.
At New Vork; lx
New   York   	
Hatterles* Lavender
K   11   Bartlett,
1.    11. Miller. Canon
\   Veils. I'J  T  Dunford,
,    I     M    Spooiur,  T.   Y.
��� *  ik  and  V   A-  Roae,
���   Cvul.im. T. H   Curtis.
I-   Q   SUgg, ���'    W.  An-
! d'Easum, V B Andrew,
ll  Bweetlanil, VV, Batter-
*   Defeated In Canoe Race and
Also   Disqualified.
N v.. July U    Ralph B
��� inoflue canoe and motor
b, hut the firBt International
11  historic International ca-
|ihy  lure   this  afternoon.
s 11 it only bent en by the firBt
Uie  contest.  Leo  Oroide,  06-
Ihe cun. but he was also dis
il lor fouling nt the first wind-
inrk.   Tiie disqualification was
nounced by the regatta com-
until   after   the  contest   hnd
elded.    Brltton, however, re-
Iho foul at the end of the first
(By "Gravy."!
* ii   to  pick   the    greatest    drat
In the htitorv of baseball, many
iilil ;iward the nlobe In the ball
woulh    award    the    niche    In
"���'11    of    fnme    to    the    mighty
1"     of     the     Chicago       White
Ily ended bis daya In  nn Ohio
use,   was   born   In   Springfield,
thirty-four  years  ngo  come  to-
iw,   July   13,   1870.     "Jlggs,"   so
il because of bis ability us a clog
'. played with Nashville, Tenn.,
tveral Other minor league teams
n be was admitted to the big
aa n member of Connie Mack's
lllkee dull In the infant   Amerl -
loague,    liis  wonderful  fielding
':���  made hlm one of the greatest
It     F.
14    23      1
l'lerce. Hitchie
Vii'nre'sii'ihiin: Tosreau, l-'rnmme and
Wilton,   Myers.   Hartle)
Standing of the Clubs.
. .43
Cleveland , ���
Chicago ...
Hoston ..������
St. Louis ..
Detroit   ���
New  York   ... ��� ��� ������ ���'*���**
Yesterday's Games.
At  Pet roll:
Hatterles:    Haehlliig
Wlllett, House. Lake und Stnnage.
At   Cleveland:
Hatterles.     Bender
There wlll be plenty of sport for
the fans at Qui "lis park thiB after
noon in event of the Vancouver lacrosse club uot. putting in nn appear-
iiice. The Weatmlnater baseball nine
will clash with North Vancouver in
the B. c. leauge schedule, this contest
laving been arranged, conditional on
;he lacrosse game being called off.
Manager Olfford, ol the Salmon
Bellies is taking no chances of Vancouver nol coming over and will have
his twelve playi rs lined up all readv
to commence the engagement at 3 1009-
o'clock  sharp. 1
The two referees appointed by the 1
president, Messrs, Dewar and Stanley
Peele. have also notified the local club
lhat they will be on deck so lhat a
face off will take place anyway.
should Con Jones remain in his home
town and attempt to fight hiB battles
through  his lawyer.
The protest mad,- by Vancouver
over the Victoria game of June 28
was thrown out by the special com-
tnit'ee appointed by the president, 1
which met In the St. Regis hotel
Vancouver, yesterday afternoon. No
Vancouver delegates appeared at the
meeting and Blnce the protest was
not accompanied by the required fid
the committee, consisting of H. L.
Kdmonds, Hurry Hurr and Hert Hai
-lead, awarded the decision to the
Secretary Gilchrist Jim McMurphy
ind Tom Giflord were in attendance
to give evidence, but    this    was    uu-
necessary  under  the clricumatancea,
Pile Westminster club was also rep
���e-i-n-eil li.. VV. O. McQuarrie and J
0. Agar.
After  Newsy.
Rumors  were    watted    over    from
Vancouver yesterday that the Nation
us  were after the services of Newsy
all ode   to   assist   them   in   finishing
vit   the   Hig   Kour  season.
While the Pri neb-Canadian would
no doubt be of service to the Mont
n alers, lhere is little prospect of
[ones allowing tile home player to
slip from bis fingers at the present
moment, especially as he is so anxious
to resume operations against the Sal
mon Bellies,
Apparently the crux of the whole
Situation lies in the fact that Manager
Ion, s iB unable to find an excuse fm
backing down from his lofly perch,
specially follow,ng his statements
-arlier in the week about the Salmon
The ball will be faced off at the
nark nt 3 o'clock this afternoon Van
couver or uo Vancouver and -rain 01
(By the Potter.)
The Bals are improving their stand
ing In the city league nud Bhould givi
the Moose a great run before the seu
ion ends.
I Sapperton lacrosse supporters havi
���mt yet got over the severe licking
administered by the West Muds ot
rburaday night
North Vancouver and Westmlnstel
will be the baseball fixture this after
noon at Queens purk, with proBpecti
il a great battle.
Con Jonea might or mlghl not 1��
iver this afternoon. The Salmon
Hollies will be out In uniform anyway.
Vancouver. J uiy ll.���The finance
committee of the city council last
night demurred al handing over the
control of the bed of Coal Harbor to
the park commissioners to be improved by them under the Mawson Bcheme
until a conference with them could be
held and their plans made known.
When a letter from the board aBklng
that the bed of the harbor which was
recently conveyed to the city by the
department of militia at Ottawa, be
handed to it, there was Immediate
opposition by Alderman Hepburn,
Alderman Cameron and others on the
committee. Alderman Hepburn Bald
e did not believe in handing over the
harbor yet since the city council had
not passed upon tbe plan for ItB Improvement. Tho city engineer had
been aBked for plans, he said because
Mr. Mawson has been asked for a
cross section of his BCheme and had
never given it.
Think  They're  Stung.
On   the  expressed  opinion  of  City
Electrician  Fletcher  that  morn  conduits were being laid  than would  be
needed for the fire and police signal
systems,  the civic committee on fire
and    police    mattera yeBterday withheld passing the Ii. C. Telephone com- |
pany for ubout $4000 until it could be
investigated.   The electrician told thej
ISVi  -Blllv   Murn'iv,   the     Australian  committee that $1000 might have been
featherweight,   foughi   his   fim  saved     in     laying  the   conduits,   for
American bout  before the Call-   many of them had been laid  for the
fornia  A.  C,  of San  Francisco,  telephone company's own aooommnda-
knoeklng ont. Jojinny Qrlffen of tion, such as stubs for future exten-:
Hraintree,   Mass..   in   the   third -Fiona and the city might  never have
r-mnd    Qrlffen had all the besl  any ���use for them.    Under a contract
of the battle until he connected  between the city and company  made
With   Murphy's   famous   "Mary  several years ago, the city nfter a stiff
Ann." In his next scrap the Aus-   fight    ibtalned  tlie concession of  one
tralian    met    another    Murphy,  conduit   in   every   nest   for   which  lt
Frank,    the    Kngiish    feather-   would pay the cost.    Under this con-
weight  champion,  and   went  37 , tract it appears tbat the city has no
rounds tn a draw.    Soon after-  Jurisdiction ln defining what conduits
wards    Billy    won   the   world's  are  to  be  laid,    although    Alderman
featherweight, title by knocking  Kirkpatrick.    chairman  of  the  com-
out Ike Weir. | mlttee.  Bays this  point  was  raised a
North Vancouver and Royals Meet
This Afternoon.
In an effort to improve his standing In the B. ('. league before h's team II"
again meets Port Coqultlam, Manager
Jones of the North Vancouver ball
club, Is cpmlng over this afternoon
full of vim and confident of taking the
Hoyals  into  camp.
t   Jones (dor'1 confuse him with Con) 1
is Faid to have a twirler by the name
of Mcl.eod who is heaving them over.;
In great style, having defeated Hastings   A.C.   two   weekB  ago   with   runs
to spare, so that the offerings of Bill
Sayce. the local twirler. will be put to*
the  test   this   afternoon.     The   game
i will start at 3:30 sharp.
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, subject to cheque wil&drawals   Handsome Metai Home -
Banks for children supplied to depositors.  .,
for the safe-keeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per annum
and upwards. \
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX 442
.Tn eph
Welsh defeitod   ViiinE  year ago.
n   11   rounds,   foul,   in Day of Casulatiea.
Two deatha and three serious acci- |
������  dents    iccurred   yesterday   afternoon
John Jensen, mate of the power boat
Jinks, was drowned in the whirling
waters of the Tlrst Narrows and Bedford J. Rushton, a resident of Port
Moody, dropped dead ln the Bi]ou
theatre. Carrall street. The Injured nre
A. Jones, a seaman on the Comedian,
who fell off Johnson's wharf, fracturing hia skull; J. Callo, a laborer, residing at Cambie street, wbo was injured by the caving in of the trench
Working Up a Joke.
A regular amateur Jester broke pnst
the guurds nnd gol Ititu nur nttice yes
terday. He came for the purpose ot
making us bite on some of bis prepnr
ed catches. We bate to discourage
genius, and also we weren't extremely
clever, so we took the card be forced
Here's the way tie did It;
"Of course vou hate adulteration     I   .
have found  tliat  nuiny  of tbe  wines   In   which   he   was  working;   Thomas
are watered.    Now. what do you think   ���dwell. Keeler street. who WM the j
ot watering wine?"
'It's a gross swindle."'
"Yee. And whnt do yon think ot
putting sand Into sugarV
"It's a grocer swindle. Ha. ha! Hn.
ha, ba. h-aal" ��� Cleveland I'laui
An Artitt'i Record Rapidity.
As nn Instance of the amazing rti[ildi-
ty nnd ease witb wblcb u Japanese url
Ut works .Mr. M. B, Huish. lu "Japan
nnd Ita Art." nuotes the marvelous
achievement nt Kuwil Kntel, Who wns
selected t<> exhibit his prowess before
I'rlnce Arthur of Connaught when tm
prince wus in Japan on the Garter ini-
slon. In une summer day. worklug
from suorlte to sunset, lie painted n
picture for eaeb or 1,224 guests to be
entertained that evening! Hotel worked wltb iwo brushes.
John  G.  Ecan  Dead,
r- island.   B.C..  Jul!   11,���John    0.
11    known    Pacific    coast
victim of an automobile collision and 11
I Wing Sang, a Chinaman, who fell from i
a street car at the corner of Woodland
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meala and- Berth for Round Trip.      . " *  ,
Permitting side trip over scenic route ot Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
ay at small additional cost. ,
H   C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
d'it Granville Street, Vancouver.
drive and Hastings Btreet.
Like a Regular One.
The  lady  chauffeur has arrived  in
the city and to remain. Since the fl
nance   committee   granted   a   cbauf-1
feur's license to her last night. Mias   ��
Elsie Grimm,  Davie  streel. may  now
be seen driving a car. with a shining-
badge on her arm    The automobile If.
owned by Stevenson &  Mc.Mahon and
durinc tlie day It has n tag on It "Kor I
Hire."    City   License  Insn.-ctor Jones /-�����|.,_.k:..  Cf
being a gallant man when ladies are* /09 Columbia -St.
concerned recommended Miss Grinuu ,
f^r a HcenBo. but asked the flnanOoj
committee to ratify his actioni in c-tte
it -should prove to be a precedent. He
savs that Miss Grimm drove an auto-,
mobile in the busy streets of Lon- ;
don before coming to this country |
When in uniform, according to the |
license inspector, she is attired in a.
neat reefer coat with lame brass buttons down the front, "like a regular:
Of   international   Scope.
The fifth annual banquet of the Pa-
held lasl
W.  E.  DUPEROW, Q.  tx. P. D.
I'hone Private Exchange 813-1
Westminster Trust Bids'.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street,  New  Westminster.
inger  Sewlnfl   Machine*.    Small   Muaical  Gooda of all  Klnda. PHONE 694.
ewapaoer man, who during the past cifjr coas, claim agents was
25 or nn years, has written copy for even*���s |��� the Hotel Klysium.    About
pricticallv  every  paper on  the coast 5n  persons  were  preBent  including  a
trom Mexico to Hrics'n Columbia, die! minli)er of ladies,    ln view of the in-.
ye.V.crdnv  morning  as a result of an ternational  scope  of  the  Agents   as-
-   .���, on   for   an   Internal   ailment. SOciation the decorations of the taoie
Egah W88 62 yeara old.   Egan. who Is consister chiefly    of    Canadian    ami
V'ther  of  the  well  known  writer, fnited  States  flags.    A.   B.  BeCK  01
Martin Egan, went to Roaaland about the rs. c. E. R. occupied the chair. |
two   yeara   ago   from   San   Francs*-- fhe program was of the free and eas>
.,,,1  became  editor  of  the  Roaaland type nnd there was no set toasts or
Miner, a newspaper owned by W. K, speeches        ________
F.-liuk.    in   waa  laKeu   ul  aboui    . -  "
month ago.    The body will be taken
to Boattle for burial.
, __- ��� waDiiiufituu,     .'��...      ...
Ilryan  has  called   upon    ���'������ ���!"���<"'���     '���
Elks  Scatter. Montague,   American
Montaaue Asked Why.
Washington.     July     11. - Secretary |.
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet the Times.
Weekly Rates:
All outside rooms $4.00
Court rooms  3.00
Dailv rate 75c. and $1.00
Newly   furnished.     Hot   and  cold  running  water and  telephone
In all rooms. ���_,-.--..,
conaular  agent
mob sltr   N V    Julv  l'i.   The llilh  at Cananea. to answer charges trans-
re nnl,  ,    "'  t>'"   grand  lodge  Ot  Elks  mltted to the slate department through
Closed t-n-ighi will, a ball in the state  Senators  Fall   and   Smith     that
armory attended by several thousand meddled With the parliamentary
members of  the order.    Uefure de- atlon m Mexico,
Seattle, the  I'acific coasl   Consul  BlmplCh,
Montaguea Buperior.
has alao been  ivi'lcd
nnrtlno  for  Seattle,  tne   racuic  coubi   lunniu  .^.,Mi.e,..  na* ���ii." "
e p,.eaenTed to Rochester lodge an upon to report on the case   New. dla-
ISMO  .vo,,,. of elk.  mounted.    The patches have_ stated that Montague
Ik with  Incurred the dlapleaaure   i.   ->'
���JSiliin   group
group consists of
mammoth antlers,
a  big  bull el
a cow  and calf.
��      2
6      4
R. It
...ll 15 n
....   5 8 3
and    Schang;
Kahlcr. lUanding and  O'Neill.
At  Chicago:                        * H. B.
i r. 4
New York
Batterl ea;    Keating    ami    Smith;
O'Brien, White and Schalk, Kuhn.
At. St. Louis: *\    H-    ''-
Boston     1   ,,,    i
St    1 on in   	
Bi'ltories:  licdlent. l.eonnrd, Malloy
and Cnrrlgan; Hamilton and Agnew.
International League.
Montreal ". Toronto B,
Buffalo 6, Rochester 2. .
Newark  2. Providence 1.
Jerscv Cltv 8. Baltimore 12.
The funds must be getting low will
he Vancouver lacrosse magnate whei
he fails to come through with tlu
necessary $'-T> to back up a protest.
Jack Home will give way to Bl
Sayce on Monday night when tin
Vloose meet Coqultlam. The ranch
>rs are coming over with enough
noney to sink a small sized vessel.
A baseball player in Delaware hi'
t girl in the grandstand with a foif
tip from his bat. Latest news gives
an account of their marriage. Then
ure some players in the local city
league who would hit fouls all night
just for the chance to get   hooked up
Good weather ls all that Ib neces
sary fer a big crowd at Fraaor Mills
tomorrow ufternoon. That's the placi
where   the  skeeters  sting.
Peru  Starts Build'mn.
San  Francisco. July   11.    Thl
upon which will stand Fern's building
at the Panama-Pacific exposition wai
dedicated today. Frederico Alphonsi
Pazet, envoy extraordinary of Peru
planted hia country's flag on the spei
and bis wife. Senora Pazet. raised it
as the Presidio band played tlu
national air of Peru.
, m state officials of Cananea by r<
fusing to cash drafts  in liis capacity
as  cashier of  an   American   banking
Thirty-two  Millions?  Phew!
Calgary, July 11.���That the city ha* I
applied for rights to build an impound
lng darf and reservoir, lf the citizen
vote lt. to take 32,400,000 imperial gil
Ions of wuter per day out of the Bl
bow river nt a point about four miles I
above Canyon creek,  were  facts    de
veloping  from  a conversation  at  thl |
meeting of    the    city commissioners
this morning.
The Pirates,   n
downed   the   Nifty
at Moody park.
last evening
Burqultlam Cluo Arranges for Athletic
The Burqultlam Social and Allilei'-i
'club are organizing a spuria meilini
York County Loan.
Toronto, July 11. - The York County
Loan and Savings company since it
went into liquidation In 1MB, hns-
paid two dividends, each of 2d cents
An effort will be made to clear up
the loose ends of the business uffici-
ently to declare dividends s.nne time
townrd the end of the year. An authority declares that the final dividend will be in lhe neighborhood ol
five or six cents, making the total
dividend ?>r, cents on the dollar.
Queen's Park, 6:30 Sharp
Moose, City Champions, vs.
Special feature's: Ruell'sj
dazzling speed; Gentry's'
winning smile; Home's*
heady delivery and two ofj
the fastest minor teams onl
the mainland.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throii��hbreds in Action-550
(1738) , \
SATURDAY,  JULY  12,  1913.
Classified Advertising
calved for Tbe News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug Btore,
628 Columbia street; A. Splice,
Queensborough, Lulu laiand.
f RATES. ���
��� �����������������������������������������
CliMlfled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 worda, to be used aa re-
>iuir��l within oue year from date of
contract, $26.00.
C.IRL      WANTED,       APPLY
Seventh avenue.   Phone 755 L,
eight roomed modern house, nearly
new, $30 a month. Lease. Phone
i:i2. (1733)
bungalow, 317 Fifth avenue.    (1734)
lleaaanl front rooms. Apply Mrs.
���tJookaley, 422 Eighth street.  (1731)
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
street. (1722)
rooma, all conveniences. Apply on
premises, 434 Seventh street. (1708)
mints I will for a short lime clear
lots or acreage ut a very low figure.
Walter Neal, .'3 Slxtli avenue.
Phone at  meal  times to It 1.147.
One four room bungalow, two three
room houses, and one four room
house at Edmonds with basemen I
fnll bIzo, plastered, electric light,
pantry, china cupboard, clothes
closet, veranda front and back,
neatly finished, new. Will take
Btnu.ll cash payment or deeded lot
for/first payment, balance as rent,
fleorge R. Love, Cumberland road,
East Burnaby. (1737)
boat.    Apply 1321 Third avenue.
ers, oak dining table; 206 Columbia
atreet. (1724)
$1000. with 300 records, $500 buys
the lot. Also other furniture for
sale. Neukerchln, Sixth street, East
Burnabv. (1714)
goods in good condition. Apply
549 Columbia Btreet east.       (171;!)
timber land. If you want to learn
particulars of this I can tell you.
and help you file application to buy
at $2.50 per acre. Box 1707 News
office. (1707)
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.     (1692)
furnished housekeeping rooms at 37
Agnes  street.    Telephone 638 L.
neck ruff, on Fourth avenue, at
Columbia street (ram Btatlon or on
Sixth street car. Finder phone MrB.
Charles Cliff,  phone  1170.      (1730)
lei, black-and white. Reward. Address F. Ray, 815 Tenth street.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1677) j
���     i
cleared for liouse In city. Curtis &
Dorgan. (1732)
where. No Collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (16781
Hcuses to Trade
No. 708 Seventh avenue, city, five
room, fully modern, new house.
Owner will take lot as cash payment. A good deal for few days
Interstate  Road  Will  Enter  Washing
and Pass Through Spokane���Engineer  investigates.
Spokane, July 11.��� Spokane will be
on the interstate highway from northern Idaho to Boise, if plans contemplated hy the Idaho highway commission nre consummated, according to
F. P. King of Boise, Iduho, Btate engi-
Ineer, who arrived in the city from
Lewiston. on route to Homier county
to investigate the aituatlon there. .
Tho present proposed route runs
from Bylse through New Meadows.
Whiteblrd, Grangeville, Cottonwood,
I Weatlake, Morrow, ForreBt and the
j Craig mountain region to lx'wlston,
I where it will connect with the Washington state highway through the Pa-
louse country to Spokane. The Apple
Way will become a link between the
city and the state line, from which
point the thoroughfare will be continued into Bonner county.
"Idaho    has    heen  considering for
some time the construction of a modern north and south trunk road, but
financial  difficulties have arisen  that
will prevent immediate development,"
said   Mr.   King.    "If the  $40,000  now
available in Btate funds can be devoted to this purpose, a question the at-
| torney-general,  Joseph   H.   Peterson,
j will render an opinion on soon, I believe lhe Btate will take over the $200,-
i 000  issue  of  highway   bonds  authorized  by  the  last   legislature.   Within
the next two years 1 believe there will
|be   not   less   than   $1,000,000   in   the
j state highway fund.
"In the last few days I have inspected the tentative route from Boise to
Lewiston, approximately 300 miles,
and found but one difficult place, coming out of the Salmon river vallev
near Whiteblrd. Tomorrow 1 will
leave for Bonner county, to confer
with good road advocates and county
officials. Tbe outlook for a permanent
Btate road in northern Idaho is good,
for there is an abundance of material
available and no difficult engineering
the Wenatchee Fruit alliance meets
thnt duty without flinching. "You have
stock hen-.'' it n-lls its members, "thai
is superior to that of California produces, especially cherries and apricots, but you allow California to beat
you 60 cents to $1 per box on cherrle,,
simply because of mishandling after
the fruit is grown. With such fancy
cherries ns are grown in the Wenatchee valb y it seems a crime that
It Is necessity to sacrifice it In the
eastern markets to pedler trade when
every box of these fancy cherries
would be purchased by the highest
priced trade In the world If they
could get an attractive nackagc and
the fruit in good condition."
Wn are making some progress in the
tremendously  important  task of lifting the soft fruit Industry out of tbe
slough of despond, bnt  much remains I
to be done in the way of improvement..,
ln   the  past    growers'    organizations   lentiary
have concentrated  un  the apple, .....
our choice summer fruits, represent- | >"C ��r person with a mania to set
Ing milli ms of dollars of invested i ������'���* rlr,' 'o buildings, appeared In
capital, lmve been neglected or entire-I'in' plvil court case of Navarro vs
lv Ignored, This year, however, the i Had ford Wright Ltd.
North Pacific Fruit distributors ia '��� Tile action Is a sequel to the fire
wisely handling the summer fruits of and oxplos'on that occurred at the
its members, and at Wenatchee where . Radford Wright premises on Main
the distrihultors have but recently of7 street north, March It. 1912, when six
gaiilaed, a subcentral, growers oflfteople lost their lives and several
summer fruits have formed their own : were  injured, cue of them  being the
Man   Responsible  for  Heavy   Loss
Life   on   Witness   Ctand   In
Civil   Action
Winnipeg, July 11.���James Dodds
tho self-confessed originator of numerous fires In the city of Winnipeg,
who was sentenced to lf> years' im
prlsouinent at Stony Mountain penl
and waa recently transfer-
anfl I t��d to Brandon asylum as ii pyroiuan-
liidenrnd, nt association. The southern Idaho subcentral of the fruit distributors lias a strong organization
for the marketing of prunes nnd otber
soft fruit*-, and has put the prune industry on a bit; and profitable footing.
Regina   Stores  and   Cigar r.tand
Doing   Eusinesr  on
Wenatchee   Fruit   Alliance   Tells   itt
Membera How to Handle 'Soft"
or Summer Fruits.
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster,
Hy virtue ol a distress warrant
I *sued in an action bj Daniel E. Mc-
I'cnald and to me directed against the
foods and chattels of Thomaa I-cniheii
J have seized und taken the following:
AH of the furniture, bedding, carpels, blinds, linoleums, kitchen furni-
��� ire, etc.. in the "Sterling Hotel."
situate corner Royal avenue and
'''nth Btreet. New Westminster, consisting of the contents of 52 bed
i oms. 7 kitchens and cafe and a
"antitv of oilier goods and chattels
The above wlll he sold as a going
Terms of sale cash.
All of which 1 shall expose for sale
D the Sterling Hotel, corner Royal
."venue and Tenth streel. on Thurs
<'*iy. the 17th day of July. AH. IM?.,
n' the hour of 10 o'clock in llie fore-
1 oon.
New Weatmlnster, julv 11, 1913.
T. J. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff.
(1739) iiailifr lor ibe Landlord.
Theatre Building Columbia  Street.
Sealed tenders, supi rscribed Tender
for general work, plumbing, heating
nnd electric light as the case may be.
und addressed to tbe undersigned will
be received up to noun of Wednesday.
16th July, for the erection ami completion of Theatre Building to be
erected on Columbia street, New-
West minster. B.C.
Plans and specifications can be obtained by responsible contractors on
application (o lhe architects.
The compauy do not bind them-
selves to accept the lowest or any
U702) Architects,
Spokane. July 11.-The Wenatchee
Fruit alliance, a co-operative organization of growers of "soft," or summer
fruitB, is .giving widespread publicity
throughout the valley to a recent article on lhe handling of the peach crop
of the inland empire.
"('.rowers,"  adds the  alliance irsn-
ageraent, "should take care not to givi.
Iheir peach trees any water for at least
j seven   days,   or   more   ir   practicable,
Six room modern house at the corner  before picking, as tliey will not carry
Of  Tenth   and     Belleville    streets;   jf water is given too freely just before
lot   66x120.     Owner's  equity   $2500. | picking  time."
Balance payments small and easy, I The urticle dealt with the right
being only $2j0 every six months. J handling of lhe peaches from the tree
., -"-~^-C���*^?*^C*~*^-~���~n^~\~-^-\ 110 tiip packing abed. Professor C. I.
Not. 207 and 208 Seyenth .. avenue, i j,ewls, head of the department of hor-
city, two fine new houses for ox- tloultuTe at the Oregon Agricultural
change. Owner will take reasonably college,  has just    issued  a  valuable
No.  1030  Fifth  avenue,    city,    seven I
room, fully modern house, large lot
to lane.    Owner's equity $1300, balance easy payments, will take a lot
for equity.    See us about it.
Regina, July 11.���In n defiance of
threatened prosecution cigar stands
in practically all the Regina hotels
were doing business last Sunday, a
number of ice cream parlors were
open and restaurants were selling cigars, cigarettes and other luxuries to
all who could produce the necessary
coin, whether customers fur meals or
not. The Palace Sweets store was
doing a flourishing business in ice
cream and soft drinks. The candy
store of A. Dumas was open for business. Permission to proceed against
both of these stores was received from
the attorney-generals department
last week.
"This week prosecutions will be instituted." said Acting Chief Oleadow
last evening," and we intend to bring
a separate charge against all the establishments which have been warned
for each Sunday during which they
have continued to carry on their business." ���
Actions Against Hotels.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Truat Buiilding.
tenders supercribed.
lor Residence of Head (lar.
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs,
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C.
"Tender for Residence for Engineer,"
"Tender for Residence of the Bursar,"
" Tender for Residence for Assis
tunt Medical Superintendent,"
respectively, will be received by the
Honorable ihe Minister of Public
Works up to noon nf Monday, the 28th
day of July. 1918, for the erection
and Completion of the following residences al the Menial Hospital, Kssondale, ll  C:
'Rtsidcnoe for lh
"llesidenee for tlle
"llesidi nee  for the
"Residence fur the
cal superintendent "
Plans, specifications, contract and
forma of lender for each building may
be seen on and nfter the 5th day of
July, 1913, at the oflces of J. Muhony,
Government Agent, Vancouver; s, A.
Fletcher,    Government     Agent.     New
Head Gardener,"
��� Engineer.'.'
Assistant  Mcdi-
'in your packing shed three packing boxes, a cull box and a basket
which contains the fruit should be
provide for every packer, as tbere will
probably be about three grades of
peaches to be packed, and the packing
should be done directly from the picking receptacles.
"Do not dump out and pour out the
peaches  onto  tables  and   into  boxes,!
for you can't dn much of this without  moisture and  wlll  allow   you  to j
make your park  Arm.
"Peach    Hacking   is   something    In j
which you will easily become skillful,
with   little   experience.     Tlie     points
whicb   you    win  need   to  emphasize
most, however, are to grade carefully.'
throw   not   ail   culls,   leave   tlie   small
peaches at home and lie sure your pick
is firm."
By no means are these trivialities.
They are details nf tremendous Importance, close regard for them has
enabled California to build up a peach
industry that brines In annually mil
lions ol dollars Neglecting them last
year cost many growers of the inland
empire a total loss on their peach
crop,    ll  is bu'  another application of
the old proverb;
"Por want of a nail the shoe is lost,
fur want of a sine (he horse ii down;
Ihs rider is thrown and  the battle is,
lo-��t. and a kingdom falls."
II  is a  time for plain speaking and
The deputy chief went on
I that proceedings would be
I only against lhe Ice cream purlors,
! but against all who had defied the
j law. and that the restaurants and
I hotel cigar stands wbo had tailed to
comply with police instruction would
be brought into c mrt. While only two
leases can lie brought to trial this
week, a general clean-up will be undertaken at a later date, and the detectives of lhe local force are gathering information from Sunday to Sunday upon which the cases will be
based. Acting Chief (lleadow declined
to give the names of the business men
who will be affected by the charges,
but intimated that no st"ne was being
left unturned to obtain the fullest evi-
The icing's hotel, the (Irand, tlie
Metropole, and in fact ;;11 of the larger
hotels wore open for cigar business
Sunday as they have been hitherto.
The only parties who have acted ill
accordance with police instructions
are owners of ice cream parlors,
which with the exceptions mentioned
above and a few others, were all
closed down,
(Ieorge Hemes ef the Palace Sweets
store complained bitterly against
what he alleges to be police discrimination in favor of the restaurants
and againat himself. "The only kind
of husines which I carried "ti Sun-
dav was Ihe sale of ice cream and
soft drinks." he said last evening. "I
pnld no fruit and no cigars, while in
other places cigars and fruit could
be purchased as upon any week day."
He added that the police had visited his store and taken aome notes
there,   but    that   they   bad   net   again
mentioned the subject of Sunday c< is-
plaintiff, who ns a consequence asks
for substantial damageB. This is one
of tiie f!res Dodds said lie originated
andtw'th the composed manner of a
perfectly rational man be gave the
court a long account of his extraordinary behavior on the night in ques
tlon. We wa�� cross examined at some
length, but the questions did not ap
pear to disturb him and hiB every
remark was made deliberately. Dodda
had the appearance of a thorough]--,
respectable citizen, looking well and
b"'ug neatly dressed iu a dark tweed
Oodds on Stand
Dodds   in   reply   to  questions,  said
1 he had been sent to the Brandon asy-
lum  as  a  result  of a   medical  examination.    So  far  us  lie knew  he  hnd
jbren ill the nsvlum for six weeks.   He
I was transferred from  that institution
from the Stony Mountain penitentiarv.
���to   which   he   had   born  sent   for   15
years by Macla'rate Macdonald. Prnr
to  belne  sentenced  he had  been  living  In  Winnipeg,  and before that  he
| was on a farm.
I'.e lived in Winnipeg for ahout two
I nnd  n  half  vears.     He  rame  to  the
city from Welland. Ont,    He had been
��� 'n Canada for five and a half years
and   was  a   native   of   Scotland.     He
was in Winnipeg on the night of Mar
9.  1912. on  the occasion of the  Radford-Wright   fire.     After   leaving   hiB
work,   which   was   that  of  a  painter,
he bad supper.    Then he went to the
Queens hotel, on Portage avenue and
purchased some  cigars and a box of
matches.    This   vus  about  seven   o'clock.     He  then   went    along     Main
a'reet to the C.  P.  It   depot and proceeded  to  the rear of  the  immigration   hall.     Here   there   was   a   shed
with a quantity of hay  in it, and he
! took a match and Bet fire to tbe hay.
' He judged the time to be about S.4G.
distance.    He remained until lhe firs
had been put out.    After it had been
extinguished,    he    proceeded   to    lllg-
iglns avenue across the C. P. R. tracks
in"d  went nton?  Sutherland    avenue.
Near   the   Vulcan   Iron   Works   there
taken  not | was   a   miantltv   of   hav   nnd   he   set
fro  to  that.     He  stood   close  by   the
fire  until   it   was  put  out.    Then  he
proceeded west to Sutherland uvenuc
cross'd   Main  street  and   went   to the
rear of the  Radford-Wright  building
He  judged  the   lime to   b  nbout   -.Id
Up naw a  small  shed leading to the
Radford-Wright building.    Some straw
-.���id   wooden   boxes  nttr-rded  bis  nt
tention.    They   were  inside  tlie  shed
j He too'; a piece of paper and put it
nmrngst the straw in one of tin  boxes
with rue end sticking out.    Then  he
lit the end of tlw pap<;r.    As Soon n��
the  paper   was  in   a   blaze   he   went
away,   going   to   Sutherland   avenue  \
| Bv  Die   time  he  got   there  the  shed '
and building were on fire. He saw two j
men near the building and he believ  j
led   they   gave  the  alarm.    When   he
i saw it, the fire In the stud was reach-
Ins  un  to  nbout   two  storeys  of thr |
Radford-Wright   building.     lie   went i
forward ard watched the fire brigade |
doing   its   work,   and   heard   the   ex
plosion.     Asked   what   he   saw   when
the  explosion  occurred.   Dodda  said*
' "I saw  so many  things at  once that
11   could   hardly   describe   the   sight."
After the explosion be ran away with
the   crowd.     Dodds     later    admitted i
that he was continually dreaming ot j
evi r.
He says he Is Improving, how
Well    Known
For a License to Take and Use Water.
Notice is hereby given that Dawson
and   Grace,   of   South    Westminster.
will apply for a license to lake and
Wesiminster; and thc Department of use one hundred Inches of water out
Public Works. Victoria, I). C. of an unnamed creek, which flows In
Intending lendererB ran, by npply- a northerly direction through wild
ing to the undersigned, obtain one land, owner unknown, nnd ertipties
copy of drawings and specifications into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
of eacli building for the sum of fif- road. The water will be diverted at
teen dollars ($151 for each set re- a point south of Ladner road and will
luired. which will bc refunded on be used for stock and domestic pur-
thelr return  In  good order. poses on the land described ns. a sub-
Each proposal must bs accompanied by an accepted bunk cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honorable Ihe Minister of Public
Works, tor the sum of 5 per cent, of
division of fractional section 25,  II   5
,\\, u. :: w.
This notice was posted on tlie
ground on the Slh day of July, 1913,
The application will be filed In tho
office (,f the Water Recorder at New
iiie tender price, which shall lie for- Weslminst
felted if the party tendering decline Objections may be filed wi'li the
lo enter Into contract when called up- said Water Recorder or with the
on to do so. or il  he fail to complete .Comptroller  of   Water  Rights,   Purlia-
tlie woj-k contracted for.   'I'he cheques
or eerth'ieates Of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will le* returned to them
upon   the   execution  of   the  contract.
Tenders wlll nol be considered un-
. less made out on the forms supplied,
.signed   with   the   actual   signal ure   of
Ithe tondeWer, and enclosed In  the envelopes furnished.
Public Works Engineer.
Department -<>i Public Works,
Victoria, B. C, July 1th, 1913. (1712)
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
(1718) Applicants.
Furnished throe room suite, with
bath. Hot und cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave.
Phone 750
Captain    Was   Once   a
Cabin  Boy.
Montreal, July 11. A half century
at sea. the years crow did witb thrill-
Ing experiences, lias just been completed by Captain Frank Carey, of ihe
C 1'. II liner Tyrolla. which plys between Montreal am] Trieste -md Nn.
pies. Captain Carey came into port
here this morning with his liig ship,
and on the deck of his vessel today,
he told a reporter tlu* story of his
long career at sea.
From deck boy to commodore of the
Atlantic fleet of the Canadian Pacific
Hallway is a big rise, but lhat is tlle
one that Captain Carey has taken
since lie Balled from his llrsl porl as a;
deck hoy in 1863. Tha; was in the
days of sailing vessels, the big
steamers of this centurj being then
but vague dreams. I
lie was thn first of the Cirey fimlly
to choose tiie sea ps n life calling
nnd so, when he cleared on tiie old
palling barque Catherine fnr Queh��c
bis parents feared fir bis future. But
for half a century Blnce Ihen hi V"-*
sailed (lie sens of lhe "',',. world
with honor to Himself and deep satisfaction to his employers.
From deck hoy ho rope ranldly until he bacame male (,r tb,. ���-���ailing ves-
Be!8. Then he transferred to the steam
ships, sailing for a time In Hi" tramp
vessels. Then lie served two yenrs
and a half with the Allans, then ll"
entered the service of the old Beaver
line, and wltb it he was transferred to
the ('. P. II. fleet. He has been with
the Heaver and the C. P. It. company
since 1XMI, being commodore of the
Atlantic fleet, now, and the oldest captain in yeara of service witb thi; com
:     Regina, July 11     Lying on his back
In a  bed  In room 24 of Hi-  I'aris ho-
tei, .lohn T. Scolt. a well known build- [
ini* contractor of this city, was  found i
dead by ii man named J  F McDonald,
who has been an occasional  guest  al '
ihe botel,  nnd   with   whom  Scolt   bad
been  Intimately associated  tor some
time past.
Lying about lbe room were a  bottle
containing  cocaine,  a  butlie  labelled j
in  pencil  "ether," and  a  hypodermic ;
syringe.    A  considerable quantity ofj
I   th  liquids had  been  removed  from I
the bottles.    There were no marks of i
violence on  the body, which was clad
in a light suit of underwear, and there I
was nothing  in  the circumstances ofj
llie finding of Ihe body to suggest foul |
nlay.     Scolt,   who  had   been  addicted
to the drug habit, spent the previous
i night  in  hiB  room  with  a  couple  of
other men, smoking, drinking, and ac-
, cording to the slory since related by
'ills Companions, he also took  several
I drug Mp lections during the course of
the night.
McLaughlin Service Covera
the Country.
'ITALLY important in buying n air b service���a feature sought by manv but obtained by few. Consider then tbat which
pics with every McLaughlin car. Through its (repots located
all over the country over SlO-0,000 worth cf patt-, sre carried
���for the purpose of giving quick, adequate and economical service to the McLaughlin motorist. You may never need lhis
fcrvicc, it i-i t.u-r. Ail the ���funic it's mighty comforting lo La.iw that it
ii ready when and where you want it.
No other company In Canada lias an tiling like the *:une amount invested
for tii s purpose. This in what we mean by McLaughlin Mrvicc, lt lj
all embracing, speedy, convenient.    It coven thc country
Call and see these new models at our
show rooms or phone 691 and allow us to demonstrate.
We have the largest stock of tires and
accessories in the city.
Gasoline and Free Air Station.
Storage Batteries of all kinds recharged
and repaired.
T.J. TRAPP & Co, Ud.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
when you enn get as good, or better, manufactured lu II. ('., vi7.: the
the celebrated "VANCOU! KK" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
Wc would also call attention lo our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter. Thia is also mnde in thiB Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock 11 Crushed Kock, WnBhed Gravel, Sand,
I.lnie, Piaster, etc.
See un before ordering elsewhere.
Phonei 15 and 18. 802 Columbia Street W.
Fuc-'nns   A'-qu'tted   rf
Charqe  in  Spokane
S-'< l-:ane    .Washington.    July     11
Prrter and   Charles Fueston,   ch.it*:
id with the murder of Alliort .1. Wll
Pains, a business college student, on
the night of April 16, wire found not
[guilty bv n Jury In Judge Huneke'n
i(I'-i>��r!'"ont of the superior court nf
j tor deliberating for thirty mlnuteB
j led Inking but one ballot.
Manv of the friends and Immediate
i-'iMivs iim were in tho courtroom
to hear the concluding arguments of
Attorney V. C. Robertson nnd County
Prosecutor (leorc,' Crandell bad  re-1
mniiied  anticipating  an  early  verdict I
and   were  silenced  by  the  bailiffs.  K    "I'P'y to
: P, Walker and Joe Maurer, when they
applauded as the verdict was read.
Tlie   FueStona   thanked   tlle   judge
jnnd. jury, nfter which tliey shook the
.hands of friends und relatives.
Wa now have four trains daily ami
will give you the cheapest rute going
not only to Eastern points, but to
Kootenay and olher points, We up
also agents for all steamship linus,
Kor reservation and olher particulars
B.i;.Co;ftt Service
<*iwi'8 Viintimm-
* l>. in. nnd II ;4B,
Leaves Vuncuv,
and 11 p. m.
.md i; :hi p.m.
Leaves Vanoouver
'iml   Northern   r,,lnt��
days  nnd  Baturdnys
for Viotorla iji ii. i
for Soatile io a,
for NnnnliiH
1".  m
< HI a.in
). OOULET, Agent.
Now Westmlustet
O. P. A., Vancouver.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Chllllwack   7   n   i
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves Westminster 8 a.
wadnesday omi Friday,
ED. OOULKT. Agent, New W-MrtrnlnaUi.
II. W. BRODtB, O. P. A.. Vunrouver.
Monday. SATURDAY,  JULY  12,  1913.
SUMMER Cash Clearance SALE
Men's Genuine
Panama Hats
Reduced One-Third.
$15.00 Panamas for $10.00
$12.00 Panamas for $8.00
$10.00 Panamas for $6.65
$5.00 Panamas for $3.35
Six Pairs
Regular 25c.   Special price, six
pairs for
Regular 35c. and 40c; a worsted
Hose, also a line of Cotton Hose,
summer weights. Sale Price, the
pair 25c
Special Summer Weights.
$2.25 Crepe Pajamas for..$1.75
$4 Chamhray Pajamas for $3.00
$7 Pongee Silk Pajamas for $5.00
Special Value.
$1.75 Flannelette Pajamas.$1.25
$1.25 Boys' Pajamas  95c
Fine lot of Summer Neckwear
in pure silks; newest patterns;
50c to 75c values. Summer Sale
3 for $1.00
For boys from 4 to 10 years of
age, just the play suit for camping purposes; sold regularly at
$1.50. Summer Sale Price, the
ItHts TODAY, JULY 12 & ^
Over $35,000 Worth of Clothing, Hats, Shirts
Underwear, Sox, Trunks, Suit Cases, Bathing Suits
Boys' Suits
Men's Suits
$30.00 Suits.   Summer Sale Price $22.50
$25.00 Suits.   Summer Sale Price $18.75
$20.00 Suits.   Summer Sale Price/ $15.00
$18.00 Suits.   Summer Sale Price $13.50
$15.00 Suits.   Summer Sale Price $11.25
$12.00 Suits.   Summer Sale Price $9.00
One lot Suits; odd lines, that sold regularly at $20.00,
$22.50 to $25.00.   Summer Sale Price $14.00
The best value ever offered in New Westminster at
$25.00 Clearing price on 50 of these fine suits,
$18.00.. These will interest you.
All sizes from 4 to 16 years. We handle only the
Lion Brand and W. R. Johnston's Boys' Clothing,
the most reliable Boys' Clothing obtainable.   Note
these remarkable reductions and   seek   to   profit
Boys' Regular $15 Suits. Summer Sale Price. .$11.25
Boys' Regular $12 Suits. Summer Sale Price.. .$9.00
Boys' Regular $10.50 Suits. Summer Sale Price.$7.85
Boys' Regular $8 Suits. Summer Sale Price. .$6.00
Boys' Regular $5 Suits.   Summer Sale Price. .$3.75
One Lot Mens* Suits One Lot Boys' Suits
Thirty only; values from $15.00, $20.00 to $-2.50; to
clear at
Odd lines; values from $7.00, $7.50, $8.00 to $10.00;
to clear at, the suit
To encourage the patronage of out-of-town customers, and to place them on the same basis as those
residing in New Westminster, we will during this sale refund your return fare from any point within a
radius of 100 miles from New Westminster on each purchase of $25.00 and upwards.
Sale Opens This Morning at 9 O'clock
reid & Mcdonald
Straw Hats
Cut one-third, owing to the
backward summer. We have on
hand a splendid assortment of
Sennet Straws and Pressed Boaters which we must sacrafice.
Note these savings:
$6.50 Pressed Straws for. .$4.35
$6.00 Pressed Straws for. .$4.00
$5.00 Pressed Straws for. .$3.35
���$2.25 Sennett Straws for. .$1.50
Two Big Specials to Clear.
Two-piece Balbriggan 35c
Three for  $1.00
Regular $1.25Combination; full
length or knee length,, the
suit 95c
Trunks and
I Grips
19   . I
..il, I
. Reduced 20 Per Cent.
AU goods marked m plain figures and Summer Sale prices attached. Figure out the savings
for yourself���space will not permit price quotations. A carload
to choose from.
One Lot
Men's Fine Felt Hats
All new goods and excellent
shapes; values from $2.50 to
$4.00.   Your choice
The kind you like and the kind
the boys like. You have been paying 75c for these. Get them at our
Summer Sale for
This is a money saving opportunity for each and every man,
woman and child in this city. Remember we are noted for the
quality of our merchandise. We
only ask your inspection of our
No goods charged at sale
prices; the prices quoted are for
cash only. ' -"' ^
SATURDAY,  JULY   12,  1913.
Remember  the  Place ���
33 Eighth Street,
ard the telephone No. 2
Carnations, new shipment,
per dozen 20c.
"('���lass Jar" brand Asparagus,
large cans, regular 35e. Today
each 25c.
Sutton's Worcester Sauce and
Urncknell'B Club Sauce, new
goods and regular ailc. articles.
on  sale today 20c. bottle.
1. X. L,. brand Enchiladas,
Chill Con Came and Tamales,
2 cans 25c.
French Beans, large cans, 2
for 35c.
French Teas, large cans, 2 for
French Mushrooms, large cans
2 for 35c.
We will sell Jacobs No. 1 extra fancy Sweet Biscuits, regular 2 for 35c. at 2 pkgs for 25c.
Other lines of Sweet Biscuits,
very excellent goods, 2 Ibt. 25c.
Charlotte Jlusse and Hasp-
berry Trifle, regular 2 for 25c,
today 3 for 25c.
Snlder's Pork and Beans, excellent goods 'at bargain price
per can 10c.
I Get a Soap Baby with a box
of Mother's Favorite Soap, for
I   Get a crate of Kaspherries for
$2.65, 2 boxes 25c.
Watermelons from 55c. to 90c.
,.  Gooseberries,      extra      large,
12I/2C. lb., 9 for $1.00.
1    Canteloupes,   large,  eacli   15c.
I    Peaches,  Pears and  Plums, 2
lbs, 25c. and 50c. per basket.
Apples,  No.   1   Eating,  3   lbs.
for 25c.
Bananas, Oranges and Cherries.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS        S. K. BRIGGS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertain- We make awnings, tents anil sails,
merits, sales of work, etc., In this renovate carpets and draperies, re-
column are charged for at the rate ' make and repolish furniture, manu*
of   10 cents  per line.    Please do  not I facture cedar dress and  waist  boxes.
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
The building permits issued for the
last five days aggregated $11,380, as
against $5^^5 for the preceding week.
Leslie Pearson has purchased a 40
h.p. McLaughlin automobile from T.
J. Trapp & Co., the agents here for
tliat make of ear.
window seats and do all kinds of
upholstery work In leather or tapestry. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and interior hangings. Estimates given.
Lees Limited. (1668)
Attendance Yesterday Touched    High
Water  Mark  for Six  Months���
Little  Pi-gs Plentiful.
Eagle   engine
Begble slreet.
Boundary Line Customs Office on Pa-
station,   13 i clflc Highway.
(1694)       ���*   change   In   the   location   of   the
customs station for autOS and vehlcu-
What's the use of wasting time and   lar   traffic   crossing   between   Canada
energy   looking   for  help?     A   News'and  the  l'nited  States    near    White
want   ad.   will   do   tlle   work   quickly ! Kock has gone Intj efrect, which will
and effectively. !b" welcome news to autoUtB.    This Is
lat a point on the Pacific highway and
Following  the order  making  trams [means doing away with the wide de-
stop on the near side of the street, the | tour  along   the  Coast   Meredlan   road
B. C. E. It. placed a pay-as-you-enter  In  order  to  pass the government of-
car on tbe Sapperton  run  yesterday, j fioials.
Both governments have stations located at the boundary, the Americans
Get it at the   Royal   Pharmacy,   47
Sixth street.    Tel.  1268, (1673)
The Surest
to affluence is by regular savings; 999 out of
1000 wealthy men, excepting only those who
inherited w-Salth, got
their start by regular
Without doubt you
have often realized this
fact and intended to
start a savings account.
Why not do it today?
One dollar is sufficient.
You can get along just
as well with just a little
less than you now spend
and you will some day
be very glad you made
the small regular sacrifice.
We allow 4 per cent.
on savings accounts and
add the interest quarterly.
We make no charge
for advice about investments. Our interests
arc intimately connected with...the success of
our depositors.
Call in and lot us tell
vou Tiow.
The first pay cheques for the staff
of the penitentiary here bearing the
increases recently granted have been
received. These not only are for the
past month, but are for arrears in increases granted  since April,  1912,
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman.
proprietor. (1670)
The Fraser river ferry will make
an excursion trip from New Westminster to Pitt lake and return Sunday, allowing visitors to spend nearly
the whole day amid the scenery of
the mountains and lake.
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
Are. life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.    Phone 515.      11675)
A meeting of the committee of the
different retail business men's associations in charge of the big picnic
here on July 30, which was called for
Thursday night in Vancouver, has
been postponed to be held in thai
city on Thursday, July 17, at 8 o'clock.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
To aesist the farmers in securing
berry boxes Market Clerk MacKenzie
yesterday had large numbers of these
delivered at the city market where
they were distributed. Ordinarily on
market day growers are forced to go
out of their way to the box factories.
but Mr. Mackenzie's forethought
saved  them  this  trouble.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
0 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1671)
In   the  current   issue  of  the  Canadian   Gazette  the  promotion   of Lieutenant I. W. Dowding.   of   the   104th j
regiment,   to   be  captain,   is   gazetted. |
It   was   rumored   in   military   circles |
last     week     that    Captain    Dowding
would  be  one of  the  officers  of  the
Irish  regiment to be formed  In  Vancouver In the near future.
Eagle engines are built by the
Standard Company and are known
for reliability, durability and economy.
Fifty people, delegates and their
wives, now attending the Pacific Coast
Claims Agents' convention In Van:
"ouver. made a successful "Seeing
New Westminster"" trip through this
city yesterday afternoon. Eight cars
took the visitors to the many points
of interest. After leaving here the
party journeyed down the river on (he
steamer Transfer and returned to Vancouver by the Lulu Island line.
Save time, trouble and money when
buying gas engines. Si*e Jack Insley.
of the Standard Supply and Engine
Company, Ll Begble str, et.       (1694)
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
using a house on their side of the
line, while a tent bus been erected
i for the Canadian officers until a shelter is constructed. This will mean
| thnt no obstacle will be In the way
|of autoists travelling between this
city,  Blaine and Bellingham.
Over $200 was raised by the Ladies'
aid of White Rock at a garden party
and bazaar held on Thursday. The
proceeds will go towards the building fund of the new church, the lumber for which Is already on the ground.
A flag raising ceremony was held
at White Rock last week when .' rs.
F. Johnson, wife of the popular customs official, performed the honors
by raising a Union Jack on the new
SO-foot flag pole planted near tlie
customs office.
Young Girl Lest.
Brooks, Alta., July 11. Janet Robertson, a young lady of 21 yeara, who
was on her way from Edinburgh,
Scotland, to her uncle, George Coults,
of Pandora. Ins heen delayed over
three weeks between Montreal and
Brooks, and fears are entertained concerning her welfare. She arrived in
Montreal on June 14. according to information received from the shipping
agent, and not a trace can le discovered of her. The police at Montreal and Winnipeg have been notified and a cable sent to her parents
who are  in  the old  country.
Between 40 and 50 little pigs were
sold at yesterday's city market here,
and the prices, according to size and
age. were from $4 to $7 each, ranglr*"
from the lirst quotation for stock 10
weeks old to the lal tei* lor pigs three
months old.
The atendantv was tiie largest ln
half a year, according to official reports, and both the cars of thfi.B. C.
E. It. and the boats from up and
down  the river  were crowded.     Prod
ucc  was  plentiful,  hut   the  demand
was equally good and offerings at all
marketable were readily disposed of
Prices and variety were as published
yesterday   morning.
The list of quotations is here tabulated :
Vegetables. Retail.
Ripe Tomatoes, per dozen    25c
Heets. per bunch 5c
Onions, per lb 5c.
(.'arrets, per bunch  5c
Cabbage, per lb 4c.
Turnips, each  5c
Rhubarb, per bunch  10c
Strawberries,  per crate    $2.25
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per doz....32c to 35c
Eggs, retail, dozen    35c.  to 37c.
Butter retail  per lb   35c.
Butter,  wholesale, per  Ib 30o
Flsh,  Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15c
White Spring Salmon, per lb llle
Flounders, per lb 10c
Sturgeon, per lb 15c
Halibut, per Ib 10c
Smelts, per lb 10c
Herring     3 lbs. 25c
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts 15c to 1ec
Beef, loin   ISc.  to 27c.
Beef, round  steaks  ......23c.  to 25c.
Boiling beef Mc.
Veal  ....    15c.  to  17c.
Pork  12c. to 13c.
.Mutton 12c to 20c
Hens, small, per dcz   J6 to $7
Hens, large, per doz   $S to $10
Chickens, per dozen   $4  to id
I Broilers,  per doz ��� ��� J3  to  !5
liens,   live,  per  lb 23c.
I Chickens, live, per lb 23c. to 24c
i Ducks, per dozen    f!2 to $15
Ducks, live, per lb 20c to 23c
Ducklings, per lb 2Sc to 3uc
Live Stock.
i Young pigs, each    $4 to $7
See Our Ad. on Page 3
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
The Ideal   Holiday Resort
Good bathing, magnificent sandy beach, boating, fishing, driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five trains daily each wav, stop at White
White Rock combines all the pleasures of seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel, restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the townsite.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
Aid. Wicket urged that the whole
qnest'on of civic salaries Bhould be
taken up.
A motion by Aid. Robbing, calling
for Increases rf salaries for all men
in tho general service of the water
works department was similarly dis-
i i sea ul. .10 also was Aid. Meredith's proposition that all persons
who had been at least two years In
the civic service should be given two
weeks' holidays with  pay.
Toronto.     Julv     11.���Th"     census
branch  of  Iho donartment  ef agricul-1
ture   today   issued   a   bulletin   giving | Chicaqo Gets  It.
tho results of the agricultural census; ],os Angeles, July 11. -Chicago was
for Ontario, taken nn June 1. 1911, chosen for the next biennial session
The bulletin states that nt .the date of of ,hP session of the international
the census the area of the province christian Endeavor in July. 1916. To-
was 166.951,636 acres. Since then ronto was at first a strong eontend-
the area has been increased by the er, while Winnipeg also made Btren-
extenslons of the boundaries aet, 1912, Uous efforts to secure the next con-
by 93.696.0011 acres, or 146.4'HI square   vention. ,
miles, making the present area of the '  ���
province  260.647,636  acres, or  353.262 Boy  Suicides,
square  miles,  which  Is nearly    three '    Saskatoon.    Sask.,    July
times  the  area of the  L'nited    Kingdom.
The area of occupied land in    1911
was  25.933.700 acres, as against    21,-
349,524 acres in 1901 and of 21,091,698
���"ores in 1891, being   an    increase
2.73 per cent, in the last  decade,
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $6,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Tin* chief incidents in th" police
court yesterday morning grouped
round a squabble in a Chinese restaurant, in which a white man and a
couple of Chinks had a mix-up lie
-ult* The white man anil one nf tlie
Chinks wire fined ?', and costs. The
third Chink gave the offlcerB trouble
In bringing liis fellow celestial to the
station and lie was snak,d $5 extra
\ Japanese pool room proprietor was
fined $lu and coots t ir keeping his
establishment open after prohibited
Por pressed brick, lire clay, common brick, cement, lime, pin.*', r
gravid, sand, ruck and fuel oil, apply
t,, the ll c Transport Co. Ltd. Office
phone S.ti.  wharf pi  880,       116741
mounted police received the report
this morning of the suicide of Hubert
Kertz, a young farm hand, aged 16,
last Tuesday on a farm two miles
west of Perdue. Tlie body had been
of out shooting in the afternqon and
as seemed in good spirits. When he ro
against 1.22 per cent. In the previous turned home he walked into the
one. The land area of tho province, granary, tied the .22 rifle to a beam
exclusive of the district of Patricia, with a cord on the trigger, stepped In
Is 111.125.330 acres. Of this only front of the muz/le and pulled the
td.m per Cent, was occupied for agri- cord.   Death waa instantaneous.
cultural purposes. ���  r-
Portland Strikers and Officials Will Tr ronto. July 11. -At the meeting
Hold Conference. (f the citv council a suggestion that
Portland, Ore.. July 11. Strikers. Toronto Bhould provide sw'mmlng
pickets and their supporters retired tanks for children in public parks waa
from the cannery of the Oregon Pack- brought forward bv Aid. McBride. and
ing company today under agreement ;i motion calling inr an estimate of
not to make further demonstration the ro��t was passed wlUiout d'scts-
ahout the place, pending a conference B|cn Es,;,nateK of the cost i.f equip-
to     bo     held     tomorrow   among   the ,������  .,  (pi,v  ,���K  gq  R  ,,,.���  ,, ,���,   ,���,.
The Popular Shoe Store
The  Home of  Low  Prices.
641  Front Street.
Specials for this Week
Barefoot Sandals;   double  soles;   any'
pair In store   75;
Fleet-Foot Running Shoes;  a clearing
line;   7 to  2    40;
soles;  all sizes   50;
Ladles' White Canvas Shoes; leather
Men's Fleet-Foot Itubber Soled Oxfords  75;
Hoys'   Heavy   Leather   Soled     Canvas
Shoes:  sizes 1, 2, 3. 4, 5    95c
Men's Heavy    Leather    So'led    Hrown
Canvas Shoes;  all  sizes   $1.25
Ladies' Snappy Tan Botton Oxfords;
every size.    Per pair  $1.93
Ladles' $5 Boots;   only    $3.95
Ladies' Oress  Boots;    broken    lines;
every size; value to $5   $1.95
dents' Box Kid Blucher Hoots;    every
site $t,93
Gents' Dress Boots; stub toe;    glove
leather;   every  size    $2.95
dents'  Tan   Willow Calf   Botton  and
Blucher   Boots;    $5 up    town.    Our
Price $39:
Slater Boots, F. W , K. Boots, Leckio
Hoots, etc.
We will offer a few specials
to our customers for Saturday, July 12th.
Sirloin Steak, per lb 21c.
Legs Fall Lamb, per lb 24c. ���]
Mutton Chops, loin or rib, per lb 25c.
Local Spring Chickens, per lb 35c.
Local Fowl, per lb 3(jc
Plate Corned Beef, per 11) lZVjc.
Homemade Sausage, per lb 15c.
Phone your orders early and get the best selection.
B. C Market Co., Ltd.
677 Columbia St.
Phone l.!l
strikers' committee, the cannery owners and state, county and icty officials. This proposed conference waa
arranged by Oovernor West.
The governor intervened in tlie
situation today. Coming from Salem.
he visited the cannery and from there
went to a lm nearby where tin* striker.-' pickets were making Bpeeches In
the crowd. The governor listened till
he heard Tom Burns, an 1 W W lead
er. declare to the crowd that he would
force tlie cannery  tn close.
Oovernor WeBt made Ms way tn
Burns and challenged his Btatement,
declaring tliat he would nol permit
tlie (losing of tlie plant and would
take what steps lie might de.m neces
sary to prevent it \ heated colloquy
I ensued nnd it ended in ihe governor's
I proposal   tor a  conference  tomorrow
price ,,<  n   new   iir*   lug   will   also   b   j
provided for Aid. Burges3.
Sev, ral   motions   d  :ili!.'    with   the j
sa'artes nnd conditions of service of
civic employees  wen-  referred  to the,
board   of  control      Among   them   was;
the proposal of Aid. McDrlen that the
sa'nrles i f flrsl si ���*���,,; ,i and third cla ��� i
pi lice constables be Increased in >'i *
same   standard   as   those   'I'   tie*   fire,
lirlgadi      Controller   church   unices.'
ted  a  conference l,v   ihe  controller')
with   tlie   pollce   commissioners,  and
oi lt,rn I*:   i;   .-'   on i, ick
|!''i*l:i<   call phom   1331 I.. Ml!
Stevi :,-;!l
Kind *t
i IVIli
being accept,i|, mid in ll
agitators agreeing  to Btop
ling  meanwhile.
ttrl ken
all   pi,
Residence Y, VV,
C. A.      Phone 1.124.
fresh Plums     2 lbs. for 26c
Kreih Peaches 2 lbs. for 25c
Ripe Tomatoi a, per lb 26c
Ripe Bananas, per dozen  ii",*
Kresh Strawberries .. .2 boxen fm* 2>
Kresh Cod and Halibut..2 lbs. for 25c
I led  Spring Salmon,  per  lb 15c
iluioked  Halibut    2  lbB. for IIDc
(Successor to Ayling & Swim
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
Popular Entertainment Ooencd Here
In the liig tent on Sixth streel the
New Westminster Chautauqua open
ed yesterday afternoon and then, as
in the evening, a goodly numlier cf
people attended
The  opening concert   was  given  by
the Wlnoma ladies of Indiana, a splendidly selected quartette, whose songs
froni   the   catchy,  sprightly   lines   of
the   Mikado     to    the    more    difficult
selections,      were      uniformly      well
Ichosen and  rendered in a manner In
capable   of   improvement.     At     night
[these gave another concert. Including
j several solos and a trio.    Mr. Harrell
l of   Boston,   provided  a   pleasing   half
��� hour of entertainment  witli his man;
magician irioks.
This morning the Indian eamn wlll
be organized nnd a lecture, "Some
Tendencies iu American Life," will be
given l>\ Mr Stanton, In the after
noon the offerings include tho Trtists
Trio, "Old Days in Dixie Land," a lecture  by   Miss   Belle  Kearney,  and    at
night Senator Elmer .1.  Burkott,   of
Nebraska, will give a lecture oration.
������'I'he N'ew Woman und the Young
This Figure Is Sworn to.
Weyburn. Sask.. Jul;. II OffMnl
steps are now being taken with a view
to having the town of Weyburn Incorporated as a city. The final returns
in connection with the recent census
give  a   sworn   population  of 6346.
Fell into the Cellar.
Winnipeg, duly 11 While removing concrete forms at a new building
under construction, a laborer named
George Wile lost his balance and, falling Into the cellar, was almost In-
stantly  killed.
Sunday, July 13
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry Wharf
10 a.m.   Sunday.
Further   information   inquire
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd
Boundary Bay
Maple  Ileach   Park,    being    a  sub
division of the historic i Id Whalen
estate ou Boundary Bav. Is at
last on the markei in 60x100 feel lots
trontlng broad Btreets ami wih per
petual beach privileges. This has
Ij-cen Ihe camp ground for scores of
local people for year" '''le* lots are
selling Tast, many people procuring
the locations they had occupied as
tenants for years, l'rices $330 and
upwards, easy terms. Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phoner
1200,  1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Ei-ghth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market,   Phone   L883.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Suits to your
order and satisfaction.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines all
ways   work    perfect
from the start.
High   Class
Ladles   and
401   Columbia   St.
Phone 164 L.
903 Columbia St.
"���oof that  tliey
are made RIGHT.
Made   In  New   Westminster,
Schaake   Machine Works.
Take advantage of tbe Business Man's Train and make yoi/r
bome nl Crescent Beach  (Blackie Spit)  for tbe summer montha.
Train leaves at 6:30 p.m. dally, on nnd after .Mine 16, returning in
tbe morning In time for business,   Crescent   Beach   niTnrd-i   Ideal
conditions for Hummer homes, combining the  best  of  bathing,  boat
Ing at all mages of the tide together With line beaeb.    Artesian t/ell
water to all residents.    Let ub show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1M1.
L.    We write Fire, Life, Ac-'Hent. E***\ove*'   Liability,  Automobile  and
 . j,   Marine Insurant*, _im _
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   16   minutes   until   fl
p.m.    Half hourly  serviee  until
11   p.m.   with   late  car  al   midnight
RA'IUnDAYS-16    minute   ht
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS - r,  and    ,r, ���(,-,  n tn.
vice is continued until n p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
N JIO and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late ear ut midnight.
For Vancouver via
���8.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m., with late ear at 11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m,
p.m.  with
car  at
11 ,10
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS   7 n m   and
hour  until   11  p tn,
SUNDAYS   8 a.m,   and
litini until  11  |> in
Connection  in made at    Eb-
hour uuiil li p m, u
and other polnta on Lulu Inland.
Eraser Valley Line
STATION'S    ��. 15 a.m.,  1.10 and
6,16 p.m.
POINTS- 4.05 p.m.


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