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The New Westminster News Jul 21, 1913

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'.��'   s Classified Ads.
Hav ��"   jven their worth by the
result V   aey    produce.     They   Ull
iai*K'..        small   wants   at   small
Tlte W-**..��cr.
New   vVestmiasfer mod th- Uw��
Mainland: Light to moderate wiuite;
generally fair aad warm
Trainmen'i Threat to Strike Probably   Real   Mrs.  Pankhurst   Escapes  While
Will Secure Separate Arbitration of Demands.
List of Successful Writers on High School Entrance fiirind
Issued From Victoria
New  York, July  20.���An  agreement
| to arbitrate lirst the wane and oilier
Armstrong Ciirl Leads PfOV- demands of the trainmen aad conduo-
! torn against the eastern railroads and
ince, While F. W. Howay School Girl Heads Local Re-|*��n* ^^^tfKS
look of conferences to lie held lure tomorrow     between     members    of  the
turns���Boys Run Second Best in Medal Totals.
Bobbies Are  Arresting the
London, July 20,���Tbe woman who
was arrested as Mrs. ICmiiialine Pankhurst, the Kngllsli suffragette leader,
on Saturday by the police now turnt
out to be another militant, a supporter of the cause for which Mrs i'ank-
liurst is under sentence of three yeara
penal  servitude.    The affair,  when   it
Sofia Anxious for Peace and
Constantinople Plays
for War.
Lisbon  Thoroughfares About as Safe
as   Powder   Houae   During   an
Electric Storm.
Pedagogues Desert East to
Come Out to Pacific
mediation hoard created by the New-1 became known, waB thought to be
Miss Lillian Innes. of the V. W.
Howay srhool wins the bronze medal
presented by the governor general for
bavin); obtained the highest number
of marks at tbe entrance examination
for  New   Westminster  centre.
The highest honors, however, bo to
Miss Veta M. Steel, of Armstrong, who
obtained the top marks in the province, she was credited with 819
points oui of a possible 1100.
The results of the entrance examinations, as held on June 25, 20 and 27,
were announced by the department of
education ow Baturday, ami are as follows :
The total number of candidates for
the 30 centres at which examinations
wero held waB 2101, of whom 1214
were successful.
Medal   Winners.
The   following   are   the   winners   of
ihe len bronze medals presented by
the  governor  general  and  distributed
by the department of education among
the pupils of tho ton cities and muni
olpallttes having the greaieai number
of passes to their credit:    Veta    U,
Steel, Armstrong; Hilda M. Fox. Chilliwack; William Mordy, Cumberland;
Mary A Monro. Grand Forks; Jeanne I
M. Leather-dale, Kamloops; Luollla i".
StepheiiRuii. Nanalmo; Lillian Innes.
V*. W. Iloway school. Now Westmins-'
t"r; Hiidle Edwards, Vanoouver, Loiter Lelfaon, North Vanoouver; Audrey
v:   Kant. Victoria.
(if tin- ten medals awarded, seven
wore won by  girls
Passes and  Pluck*.
The following table gives the number of candidates who wrote al thej
iliffeieni odhtres and the munla r who
paBSi ii
passed 1.    Hazel BlBhop
Burnaby Municipality,
llurnaby   Fast  school,     number    of
Candidates s, passed 4.���Harriet A.
Bonner, 660; Gladys L. f'ale, 643; Ca-
Iherine B. Watson, 605; ('. Walton
Gordon, 567.
Hamilton Road B'-hool. number of
Candidates 4. passed 4. P>a M. KHz-
Patrick, 668; Dallas P. Embanks, 647;
lohn   A.   Fitzpatrick,   61X;   Gladys   A.
Chesterfield, 002.
Lakevlew school,
dans ���:, passed 3
Wm. J. Peers, 575;
ney  562,
Delta  Municipality.
lloitti'lary Hay sohool, number of
candidates 4, passed none.
Ladner, number of candidates 16.
passed 8 Roland J. Lanning. 595;
Arthur Dovereaux, 550.
Trenant school, number of oandi-
dates '���'.. passed 1. Francis II. Chlilell,
Westham Island, number of candidates 2, passed none.
number of eandi-
��� Guy  Flnlay, 596;
lar.ds act and representatives t.f lhe
employees and of the roads, according
to opinion tonight.
Judge William L. Chambers and O.
W. W. Hanger, the iwo members cf
Ithe board already confirmed bv the
senate, will arrive ht-vi tomorro*.*-,,
j when the conference will beg n. The
business at band will be to frame a
stipulation acceptable to both sides as
to questions to be arbitrated.
The employees claim that only their
demands,  which have been the sun
|jeet of negotiations for months, shaii
; be taken  before  the  mediation board
; i In-   railroads,   ou   (.the  other    banc
Wm.  It.  Mawhln-   have  presented   demands   for changes
In exUtlng agreement* with their employees in matters outside the sphere
f iin present controversy for arb'tra-
Lt/ii.   A. li. Qarretson and W. <;. Lee.
tho beads of the employees organizations,  declare  that   the men   will   not
agrte   to  Simultaneous  arbitration   of
ine roads' demands, announcing that,
should   tlie  roads  persist   in   their declared    intention    of    pressing    the.r
.:tii vances al this I ine, the strike recently authorized  by  vote of the em-
ill.ij i-os   would     be    called     at    short
notice.    In view if the attitude of the
i.i-ti. belief exists  that the mediators
will recommend an agii fluent to take
ui llrst the men's dtuiunds and afier
the <��� have been dec ded by the arbitrating body to    give    the    railroads
tie- r  day   in  court,   as   it   were,    and
-itt!,' ;.11m dispute 1*0 separate arbilra-
Sublime  Porte  Sitg    Up    and    Telle
Europe What She Wants���Balkan
Gky Is Clearing,
hoax, but it Is now discovered that it
was a well laid plot and that Mrs.i London, July 20.���The advent of a
1'ankhurst was making her escape new Bulgarian cabinet comprising a
!*.h"e.th!' P?."C^W.Vre takln!! tlle otl'Kr! coalition ot the Liberal groups, seems
to have brought a prospec
Ontario  Hard  Put to Secure  Instructors While British Columbia Haa
Enough and to Spare.
woman  to the police station.
Lisbon, July 20. An organized attempt to continue bomb throwing in
various parts of the city early today
following recent political rioting, was
frustrated by the police, who had been
warned and were on the lookout. They |
captured -several automobiles in which
they found baskets of bombs, and ar-
! rested many persons who had gathered  In  the streets.
While  the  police  were engaged   in      The lure of the golden west la prov -
these operations, shots were fired and   |llg too strong for a large number of
sveral persons were injur.!    One bomb      ,�����,  teach(,re  iu  ^  ^^
.thrown  from an  automobile, killed  al r
I that peace: policeman and injured others. A man ! vlnceB' more Particularly in Ontario*
negotiations soon will be entered into, j dressed aB a Bailor and carrying a and the school boards of the various.
After vain attempts to negotiat ��� jbonib was arrested while attempting cities and districts there are fiutitii-r
separately with    Rumania,    the    [Jul :to enter lhe barracks. difficulty  in  rilling the  many  vacan-
ganan  government accepted  tho    ad- i    Manv of those arrested are said to    ,      "  * *       ' '     ~~
vice of Austria and Russia and offered i belong to the advanced Radical party.  clt's  that occurred at the end of thr*-
Rumania an important territorial con I    Children playing In the streets later | term.
Bulgaria also sent dsli-gates | In the day found two bombs.    A boy |    In about one woefc a Toronto paper
hit one of the bombB with a hammer
antl it exploded, wounding him.
i and
a     ,   ,.  .    ... it  ci  xt        i      ���* *B confirmed from
Socialists Blame U. S. Naval s. ma, g.
Secretary for Row in
Canadian-American  Colony  in  Mexicc
May   Have  E��fi   Killed   by
to meet the Servian, (ireek and  pr-^
Bumably   the   Rumanian   rei resenta-
tives at Nish to negotiate an armistice
peace.   ^^^^^^_^^^
^^^^^^^^    AthenB    tliat |
ia,  Greece  and   Montenegro     are
ready to participate in these negotla
; tions.
Turkey Is Cocky.
Turkey, however, has  introduced a
I naw   complication   and   notified   the
\ European  powers of her intention to
make tbe River Maritza the new frontier,  giving  as  her  reasons  that  she I
always lias claimed th s frontier, but |
that  the  powers  set the  claim  aside
in crd'.r    to fac.litate    and    expedite
[peace;   that  the  porte would  be  pre-
  i pared to settle the question by diplo*
, , ., ..,,.,,. r    'malic measures, but that the    atruci-
Seattle. July B0,   1 esponzibl ,ty    or vandalism of the  Bulgarians
the rioting which did damage to P'o-, , jd   territories   make    it.
perty  of  the  Social 1st  party   and   tae^   ' for       a-  lulimtlc
1    W    W.   and  caused  such  a  Stit��� ta\    ��       ^       d    \       new     cc���ailto���,
Seattle    laat    Krlday    evening    was, ��� ar betwe6n the
placed   on   Secretary     of     the     Navy1"
i Daniels by a memorial sent to Presi
Memorial   to   President    and .
for Inv'stioation���All   Is
Quiet Once More.
In paying an eloquent tribute to Mount 	
till.,   raafce   It  doubly   necessary   t"r ff8?I��2^����5 ^^��*I, *��*��*���������
lent Wilson by 1  W. W. members heT��l^^,_to O^na frottUOT BUtW��t��* ia dayB trjp Jlo lh(;
es Passed
'     174
'J 4
.    265
ire   the
- and the
Armstrong ....
Bridgeport ......
���Cumlx'-iiund    ....
Bndt i-ii>  	
Qrand  Porks   .   ���
Westminster   .
l'eat hland	
Prince Rupert   . .
Salmon   Arm   . . .
N. Vancouver ...
s  Vancouver     .
The   following
students In ibis oi
ing  district.
Wcttminster Centre.
K. W Iloway school, number or candidates   22.   passed   i!7    Lillian   Innes
7'.->r, ('lira M   l.owls. 708; Dorothy M i
i.ee. 693;   Audrey  II.  Lewis. 688;   Lily
B, Dunenn, 672; C. Martha Abrams,
���nr.5; Ktlith M Innes. 668; Caroline D
Kennedy, 6f.O: Hazel .1 Dovle. 846;
Nina Munn. li'JS; Jean K. Whiteside,
623; Ruth M McAllister. 617; Kami e
G, Mercer. 617; Jennie S. Bryson. 615;
Jean E, Monteath, 811; lliuel 11 Gray,
fill'J: Irene T. Hudson. HM: Margarel
s MeAskiii. fio:t; liuih It. Hetherington, fiii"; Evelyn I. Cameron, 594;
Kathleen l Smith, 698; Mary I. Dean,
Ml; Elisabeth M Conrad, 678; Mary
K. Rogers, 572; Margaret A Matin
Mu. Mabel T. Hrown, 5H0; Dorothy
M  Salt, r.fiO.
Lord Kelvin school, number of candidates 21. passed fi Mary .1 McCullough, cr��7. Jeanette M, Carlyle, 661;
Frank 6, Marshall, 812; Doreen A
Thomas,    T,S4;     Thomas   McCullough,
r.5��; Howard A. McDonald, 558,
Riciiard McBrlde school, number of
candidates !', passed    1.   Violet    M.
Queensborough, numlier of candidates 8, passetl none
John Hobson school, number of can
ilidiitts 28, parsed is   Allan Peebles,
715; Slur Quong Law. 7(14; William B.'lw>n
i:i Paso, Tit.. July 20. Officials of
the Madera Lumb.-r company, a
t i't* di.:.-i American corporation, owning a forest of timber, several tmpor
t:*nl towns nnti mills and controls tiie
Mexican Northwestern railroad, ap
pealed lo (iineral Francisco Castro,
federal commander in Juarez; Amerl
om Consul Thomas li. Kdwards, snd
l pnetor of Mexican Consulates Mlg-
iii 1 E, Diebold, to send soldiers to pro-
tect the little liand of Americans at
lh" Madera lumber camp. 200 miles
southwest tif Ki Paso, who are reported to be threatened with massacre by  Mexican bandits, led by l-.'l
; Mocho Martinez.
Fear Massacre.
Tho    lumber    company's    officials
fear nms of wholesale killing of their
employees.   They say the American!
��� of thnt district are in worse peril
than over before during the three
years  of   revolution     in     Chihuahua
* Messengers wen' dispatched on hand
e*>rs  over   the  Northwestern   railroad
itntlay ti learn, if possible, some news
iof the besieged colonv. There is no
communication with the lumber town.
I railroad and telegraphic communlca-1
tlon having been abandoned    nearly
two no nibs ago.    No wortl has come
from  Madera -since the middle of last
| week.
: Announcement hns been made by
the American cowlioys on the Rabi-
corn ranch, easl of Madera, to Nortli-
���vf !������ 'rn railroad officers, thai they
would loin the lumbermen in the deft oco of the town.   About two weeks
���'!.* ' Hi" cowboys repulsed a Mexican
bund In a fiefit In Tenlente canyon,
killing nine or the bandits, The Amerl-
Cltns in Matlera hive armed thom-
���ntvpfl ni"1 are policing tlie ennui
Til re are six families if American
vvoi ien and children there besides b
t|n/"->  plnele men.
it is Intimated by the lumber "nr
i��t,iiv i ifO'iTi'. thnt t'o v may relv on
(tcne-*--*! Fr-'nciseo V'll-i's ConstltU*
"���"���iii:|..* in relii".-" 'li" -pltuatlon, if
���foil.���al Rid i" not forthcoming, A de
tachmcnl nf villa's mi n nndT command "f ('ol Porfirin Talsmantei is
oneral'ns nrnlnrt th" bandits In the
Barns Grand** district nt nresnnl.
v., innv "f federal or Constitution-
-bit movements along the border
were reported today.
Washington. Jul, ��.���-WHhln the
next tew days a seres of vigorous at*
tacks are to bo n.ndi on the general
principles of tbe Underwood-Simmont
b li. tollo�� in; i ui ihe lines of i'i-
speech by Senator Cummins Baturday
Si nal t* Burton's address tomorrow
will be the first of these general
jp 'iio s  by  regular  Republicans.
The general enusciatlons will bc
f Rowed by concerted attacks on certain schedules, where the Republicans
��� us st that th" nov. measure will mean
���*"i-i to Aniijican industries. Tin
Democrats will keep up tlie tire of
debate until the senate Is ready to
take the bin up section by section foi
wn, n the time arrives, it is understood the Republicans Will make their1
!*'iiii light (or amendment of the bill,
hoping  they can  break  up  the Demo j
cratlc     ranks,   particularly   on   the |
i no it- and  V ool schedules,
If  their efforts fail,   il   is   the  present understanding that   the   Republicans  will  uot  iuUsrpose any  final  op
poslt'on to a vote on the bill.    Senators Simmons  and    Kern und    other
Democrats   who    are    directing    the
.tariff  platform  are hopeful  that
. i 'nal ��� can e.'oip.e'o work ou th
ilate In August.    1 ktnoeratic senators
are not now prepared to sa:
| body  will consent  lo work
'currency problem at the present  ses
i sion.
aa.. ling safety  to ConB-.antlnople  and the j
Tlie   memorial   bitterly     denounced   Dardanelles. \
Secretary Daniels' speech before thel The >-orte Promises not to croas the
Rainier club ',m Thursday evening
1 whon he attacked the Socialists and
the waving of the red flag. The
I \v W deny there has boon any
desecration of the flag of the republic
and request 1'resident Wilson to at
once take up the matter ant] order an
carried no less than 2060 advertisements for teachers and this same paper has an average of 287 advertisements every day, announcing vacancies to be filled.
Plenty Out Here.
That the lure of the west is responsible for these conditions iu Ontario
Ib tome out to some extent by tht*-
fact that in British Columbia there is
an abundant supply of tuachers and
almost record numbers of applications
have been received by -some of the-
Verse mtc | EChool boards in tbe immediate vicinity of New  Westminster.
In fact, there ia such a large number of teachers In the province seeking positions  that the department, or
I education   haB   notified   the   dlfferent-
1 boards of tlte conditions, at the same
time   asking   that   no  applications  he-
made on behalf of any teacher neekine
a temporary certificate.
I    ln Ontario the  school officials art's
in  a quandry  what -to do to flU th-e
vacancies.    The situation    is    not    xtx
had lust returned from I untqUI!  one for them, however, since
"-- mountain and wac^for f|Ae  past  four  years, tt has  pre-
r.  Daniels Shoots  Blank
Tacoma Audience Over the Rainier  Hummock.
Tacoma, July 20,���"Conservation of
the Almighty," was the expressive
theme chosen by Secretary of the
Navy   .losephus  Daniels  this   morning
that thai
out   the
Fell eff Leg While Playing With Her
Crother���Chinaman   Drowned*���
Girl  Thrown  From  Auto.
Canion. 659: Charles V. C. Major, CliR;
John S. Mclntoph, 634; Daniel J. Birth-1
< Hand. (Vi:   Frank W. Sheppard, (i2(l; |
Thomas F. Scott. (110; Albert 10. Ban-
ton. 669: Henry P. Schwshn, Ml; ltn ,
fns W. (illley. r,S.r); Kviin L. Lewis, 5S4:
('. John w irsfold, r.Ho-, James C, Cameron. Ti7:t: Roy w. Qoranson, 672:
(Veil Mayes (%���>�����>: .1. Algr-rnnn Bunting
566: Howard J, Meredith, 560
Herbert  Snenoer school, nu-nli'"- of
candidates 14, passed :i   Hi"-" i i In
dab! 668: llrownl" Peebles, 593; Mary
0, Mathewson, B87,
City  Private  Schools.
hi. Aunt's academy, numlier of candidates 7, passed " Lilian McDonald.
(!(19; Ilitlli Murphy, fiSii; Laura Swell-
clsky. 569.
st. i .mils college, number of candidates 9, passed 6. Hugh 0 Howell,
870;Roderlch C. McDonald, 629: tlordon 11. Darling, 1122; John L. Farrell,
674; Henry P, Cunningham, 5iio.
Coqultlam   Municipality. |tue  .lumen
Hlue Mountain bcIiooI,   number   of Saturday.
Kootenav Ore.
NY'-en   July 2"'    Ore  nroduc'.'O"  In
Hit   K o'""iv  ni'd  Bnnndarv    d'-t-'et
last v .-"ii totalled 4S ' ���') ton nVing
���i i oil f r io.. year to da'e "* 1 4M 4 4
tons,   Smelter receipts for the wees
jt om ionB am|  f.ir the year to
Thev Hope He Live-.
Medicine Hnt, Alta., July 30, Andrew choslk, the nnllclin who vus
"nii-il roustv nssaulted Friday morning
li new expected to recover. Saturday five follow countrymen oopeared
'" ."'irt but wcr�� retnpndPd ncaln.
-ii,. -n ,--'ninte told the pr'wnfirB that
if fi'opllr died they would face a
charge of murder,
Lonnest  hy   Elcht  Feet,
l'ort Arthur. Out.. July 20    The keel
|was laid here Saturday for llle longest  freight   steamer  In   the  world   to
Hie  n   lake  currier.  625  feet   long, or
eight  fret  longer    than    the    Hclioon-
maker,   the   U.   S.   boat   now   holding
the   record.    The   new   boat   will   fly
the Canadian ensign for a Montreal
syndicate.    The  B0  foot   Ice breaking
Whalen ii was launched
Vancouver, July 20. Barly thli
morning the body of little Nellie
Whitworth, aged seven years, who wat-
drowned Saturday etonlng while
playing about the timbers ot the
Qreal Northern trestle at the bead ol
False creek, was recovered. Immediately following the accident the police wt re summoned and wllh drags
and nela searched for hours before
the little body was brought to the
The little girl had been playiii-t-
with her brother. Vernon, on some logs
Which projected Into the water at the
end of Second avenue. Sbe had ventured nenr the end of the log and
while turning to speak to ber brother,
wh" wns tw i years her senior. Bllppetl
nnd fell Into the water, Her brother
then ran homo screaming antl waa ro
excited  and  terrified  thai  ho could
give uo clear account    The girl's fa
Hit r.  li 'in Whitworth
'���lit,   hurried   lo   the
find  no trace  of his daughter.
Chinaman   Drowned.
Struggling   vainly   against   a  heavy
ebb-tide, In full view of the hundreds
crossing the Oranvllle slreet bridge at
2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Sun Tl
j Cluing, waa drowned while swimming \
opposite Messrs.* Robertson   &   Hae-1 i
��� kett's mill.   The mnn had been bathing
On Danielr' Shoulders.
Concluding,     the     memorial     says:
'��� "We therefore,  after due and  serious
deliberation, place responsibility upon
the secretary of the navy,    JosephUS
' Daniels,   who   is  alreadv   making  ef-;
i forts to explain.     Hut we submit.  Mr.;
President, that no amount of explaining   can   restore   to   ns  our   estate   in
both   moral   and   physical   particulars
held by us prior to disasters resulting
from  his  remarks."
Quiet Again.
With the exception of the armored
cruiser California, all the warships
which were in the harbor during the
potlatch celebration, returned to Hie
Bremerton navy yard and normal Sunday conditions prevailed on the streets!
with one exception, thut there were1
no street comer speakers. Mayor Cot-
terill's emergency order forbidding
street meetings today waa tbe only
one not over-ruled by Superior judge
Humphries yesterday and it was rigid-
ly enforced by the police.
Say  It  Was Plot.
charges that the riots were Hie result   of  "unofficial   orders   issued   to |
the men of the  I'acilic reserve fleet"!
were made by  speakers at a meeting
of  the  Seattle  "open  forum"  on   the;
campus of the University of Washington today.
Anna Lewis, tlie lecturer on w i-
men's rights, who was speaking on
Washington street Thursday night
when a fight occurred between soldiers and sailors and members of the
audience, was scheduled to give her
version of the occurrence at today's
meeting, but did nol appear Several
members of the Socialist party and of
'ho Industrial Workers were present,
how ever, and said tliey had been
warned of Uu* Friday night disturbance by members of tho I.W.W.. win,
were sailors on lhe cruiser Chattanooga. One speaker declared that he
saw an army officer in uniform stand
an   nutonii bile   and   shout,   "flood
It, boys, good work." to the sailors|anything ev
is they passed him at Fourth and
like strei t
Councillor Oliver T. Kriokson puts
the lilaine for (he trouble on  lhe i��i-
lice nnd charges thom witb Inefficiency for not having broken un the
mob   when   it   was   first   formed
: Maritza river and asks the powers' as.
Blstance in establishing it so as ,u
secure durable relations between Tur
!key and Bulgaria.
It is nut considered likely, howev -.
that Kurope will permit lhe decisions
of the Loudon conference thus to bo
thrust aside.
Fighting   of   no   great    Importance
continues  on   the  Greek and  Servian]
fronts.    In  an engagement noi i..i    of f
Novrokop.   ihe   Greeks ^capful ttl   nine!
Bulgarian guns.
The New Cabinet.
Sofia, July  80.���The    new  coalition
cabinet under the premiership of   M.
RadOftJavofT,  the Liberal  l.adir in tbe
Hulgarian   parliam* nt,   lias   been   constituted    as    follows:     Premier    and
minister  of the  interior,   M.   Hadosla-
voff; foreign affairs,    M.    Quenadieff;
finance,    M.   Tonobeff;    justice,    M,
I'echeff;   war.   General   Vazoff;     com- *
merce, M. Blatcoff;  public works. M,
DimchefT;   railways, M,  Morphoff.
Game of Grab.
Constantinople, July  20.���The    sub
lime porte has issued formal orders to
the    army    to    occupy    Thrace    and
ln a note acquainting the powers
with this decision, it is announced
that the new Turco-llulgarian frontier
will be tbe River Maritza. The porte
saddles Bulgaria with responsibility
for any fighting that may ensue.
being entertained at breakfast at the I valled.1
Tacoma     Country     club.     With   Mrs. 1     Every  year at this Ume there fa a.
Daniels  and  Lieut.  Commander  I..  Ct demand  for teachers in Ontario antf.
Palmer, naval aia��vhe toft btW.-iu to-1 wMle many cf the vacancies will  le
day for San Diego, Cal.   His new con- .filled  bv the  middle of August  i:  i-s
servation idea he spoke of as a great' expected that many schools will  stir
unfolding prut-ess of nature ami God      bare the sign on  tfie door "Teacher
a pr.icss  wiii.*',  would  unfold  to the Wanted" when the new term opens.
American people the things tbey need      Meanwhile  tba  Ontario    boar.t    o,
when they are needed.    The harness- j education scratcfaea its head arid />>���"!
ing of waters to make power and thf> I rfers txjiUe It (;aze�� with longing pito
discovery   of  Alaska   gold  at   a   time i Towards  Hie  west  to see srinc uf irs
when   free silver  was causing  econo- ' mo(?t     nighlv    qualified   fe.-icfip.-s  i.e
mlo troubles he cited as examples of!r���py),1K K,��� ,j positions on the  PtBitte
the unfolding process.    Coal and ttm-Jcoa-et,
I ber   may   go,   as   goltl   and   silver  but!
[when   gone,   said   the   st cretary.   nets'!
[fuel for heating will be found and pa-;
[per currency. Becured by adequate se-j
[crulty   existing   at   the   time,   will   be
"*i ou people who live in tbe shadow* [
of   this   great   mountain,"     he     said.
"Ought     to     gather  great   inspiration LV
and your uplift from its lofty heights j
and grandeur.    For what Is man with-
out the Creator?" i
Secretary Daniels today sent a telegram to Secretary of War Garrison
urging hlm to extend his Tacoma stay-
long enough to visit iin- mountain,
which he said ought to be included in
the seven wonders of the world.
LABOR DAY 1913   .
Forecasts   Promise   Largest   Demonstration Here Ever Held in
Critish  Columbia.
Willi all the members of the differ- ;
,'iit  committees  pulling  together,  the
big celebration to be held at tjueen's
l'ark on Labor day promises to eclipse1
er attempted    in     liritish
i ulumbla.    The  support   of  the  Van-j
cuver Trades and Labor council has I
already   been   secured   and   a   Bpecial I
di legation  was detailed  last  evening i
by the local council to make the trip
JI to Victoria iu order to explain th
*���������*] I tails of the whole affair and
Washington,    Jifly    -it ���Complloa-1
tions are predicted as certain to arise
over the installation of the direct elec-;
tion method for the selection of United States senators.    Most of the difficulty is expected to result from tbo;
failure  of  state   legislatures  to  pro-,
vide promptly appropriate methods of
carrying out the recent amendment to,
the constitution.
Leaders of the Benate majority are
i anxious about  the situation.    Should
| two ar more vacancies on the Demo-1
cratic side of the chamber occur the
i narrow   margin of power in the body
would bo gone.
There are ill' senatorial terms which
will expire on March 8, li'la. Some
if the states affected already have
provided a method of population cine-
tion of senators, but a groat number
Of Ihem have not, ami vacancies
caused by death or resignation may
call at any time for a popular selee
t'on from states which have not yet
(insisted of   'nlv a dozen sailors ami j large turn out from the (
hundnd civilians. 	
f.al---irv'-i     Ex"c'i-5ivo     Market,
Mere Thai a Year, Just Opened.
Calgary, Julv JO     Saturday was the
lil::t.'Rt  iliv  the  Calgary  market  has
yit experienced,   it is est'ma tad that
17415 Broadway I fnllv   in.OOO   people     passed     through
put but could i��he building and made purchases,
Farmers and truck gardeners from as
far away as 20 miles from Calgary
were In attendance and were very
���successful In disposing of their pro
(luce, and over 100 stulls were leased
to (balers
���cure a
^  '.apltal City.
President Cameron of the local
Trades and Labor council ami Alderman Dodd wero the committee appointed and both are confident ot securing the unanimous support of V
Zdrr.ontcn  LlnCTan  Shocked  by
Vcltr   cf   Electricity.
Edmonton, July 20. - Killed by 8800
v lis of electricity passing through his
I body  was the fate that yesterday af-
ternoon  befell  Pal   Nowell,    an    employee cf the city electric llghl department and living at the corner of
Grlesbach   and   Ottawa  streets.    The
iorla,'which will mean the oharterlng\la<*****x. occurred jusl a few minutes
���f a special steamer to bring the con-  0"��"- - oclock.
Ungent over to the Hoyal City, . ,'"' unfortunate man was working
���The dance committee reported that I w' �� two companions ,.   the top of a
everything  was  in  order  for  holding I "o1'' �� ">-? tcrnpf ��' First street and
n  dance  in  the agrlcullural  hall, the
band having already
^^^^^^   Low  Salaries.
Tv">   reasons  are  a-scigried   for  Ot**
paucity of le.iohers fn  the east.    Out:
as Ftst'V   t'.-.c   lure of llie  west,  und
'he ether  the small  remuneration   in
'he cat    TfN?    Tatter   difficulty   tbo
'"trtf 'ins cndea-nt;i-Rrf to wrestle tatt**
lot wftbotrt fuccey.i. meeting with op-
rition   from   rural   boards   when   attempting to Increase salaries.   A minimum wage ordinance was put in forop,
and although  tbis relieved the si'Ud-
lion for a time, it did not solve tht>.
Arrangements  have  been  made  its
| meet  this    difficulty     tentatively,   by
the very means which tbe British Col-
iumbia  authorities decided not to  use
thia   term.     That   is   to  issue  Interim
certificates, where a board can show
that it has advertised and endeavored
to procure a properly qualified teacher
This   means   that   British  Columbia
schools  will  be equipiwd    with    bigli
class  teachers,  while  the older  provinces such ub Ontario,  will have to
rest  satisfied   in   many    cases    with
I "near" teachers who havo never peas .
[ed tlieir final o'xarama-rtoutf-
Thts, however, ahhoOg// enabling
the boards in tfie more thickly settled
portions to man their schools, will
not assist materially . the boards in
hanf-i* of what ia known us the "frontier Bcbools," in the newly settled
districts where there is little Inducement and few opportunities.
As a sort of relief comes the announcement in tho east that 832
teachers have just paased their examinations and will be added to the list
of those available. Of thesi-, h-iwever..
only 21 will as-cure at this time permanent second class certificate-*.
while 717 will be given interim seoond
class certificates
These  teachers  will  now  be available, but this will not permanently relieve the situation uud It  is  believed
(he  Ontario  hoard   of education   will
[still  require  to  find some method or
I keeping   their  good   tnacherti.   by  re-
800 QUlrlng the local boards to pay hi-gher
orchestra   and       ^^^^^^^^
been secured.
The sports committee    hnve
given free hendwny to arrange a pro-1
gram  which  will test the prowess of
^_l_aBaBa_ .the three cltleB. while special events|
handsome public market build-1 will be arranged to allow all the out-
...... ..ected at a cost of |80.000, has|s|,ie organizations to compete.
Blood idle for more than a year, Ito- *prom now on the watchword of
with two companions from some logsloently the consumers league exploited every member of the local unions is
just 100 yards easl of the bridge, and   the  opening tf  the  market  and  sent'"Boost   the   Labor  Day   Celebration,"
nnnarently struck suddenly into the | representatives of the league through |and It Ib expected that  the largest
the country  t" present  the matter
the farmers, with this result.
j Vermillion uvenue. when he came Into
j ccnta'i with tbe high tension wires
, which held hlm
been i'"'1''"t'H  until
tlle electric light station to have the
P nver shut off. It was fully IS minutes before his companions succeeded
lu lowering him to the ground Ly
means of ropes.
Los A noe les t. W. W. Aaitators Are
Thrown Into the Cooler.
Los Angeles. July 20���An Industrial
Workers of the World Btreet meeting
!iee was brokui up today by the
pol'ce. Three men, two of them injured, were nrrcBted.
Two or three a'reetu fights had r&-
���nlted  in  dlffereaeee  of opinion  over
���Mm  remark'',    of    the    orators.    Two
..policemen failed to calm thc comUat-
uspended for several L,H| bm ��� wagOT Ica(, of patroIim,���,
word  could  be  Bent  ��> I without difficulty quieted the dlsturl.
ance, arrested two of the fighters a nit
M "iiui'I Seidel. alleged to be the ringleader.
full current or the creek. Ilia companions notified the police, but it Is
thought the body 1ms been swept far
Into ttm Gulf of Georgia,
Municipal Electric System.
At   a   meeting   of   the   Ratepayers'
(Continued on Page Four.)
Sixty  Rooms There.
Moose Jaw, July 80.���Owing to tho
ncarclty of accommodation for trnvei-
brs here, nil hotels In    Moose    Jaw
must have 60 rooms. This Is tho edict
Ameticanr.   Lose  This.
Toronto,   July   80,    In   an   Interna
tlonal  polo tnstoh  here Saturday To
ronto defeated Buffalo by li 1-2 to 1-4.'last evening.
tohabor gathering held In the Canadian
west  will  line up ut Queen's  Park
on Monday. Sept. 1. \��\ ����� license commissioners and six
Harry Gibb  chairman of tho Labor i of the local hotel men here have been
day committee   occupied the chulr at summoned to meet the commissioners
the meeting held In the Labor Temple I in Itegina on Thursday to receive this
Twine In Demand.
Moose Jaw. July 20. -Owing to th<t
rains making heavy utraw, rariuor .
here estimate that at least thre��-
pounds of twine per ncro will be required for the crops and in some
places In the south country the oatfl
nre four feet high. In addition, lewr
flax than nsuat has been grown
around here, which fact will also add
to th- larger supply of twine required. P-AGfc   TWO
MONDAV, JULY 21, 1918.
An imttftmrttdent morning paper devoted to the tnter-sts of New Wflntmbintttr and
S*m Warn***   Valley.    Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing j
****! ���*t***S**m\t*S) Company, Wmilod, at 63 UcKentie Street, New Wsstmlnstsr, liritish \
<**""��**��. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU emsmmmnioations ahould ���� addrestei lo The New Wcttmiiuter Newt, and not
** ***x*l**ataml **em*ers of the staff. Chei*ncs, draftt, aiid money orders should be made
t*x-rasls to Tke National  Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TBLB**UONBB���Business Office and Uanagcr, 999; Editorial Rooms (oil tii-part-
��� >. Ml.      .
SI1HBCRIPTION RATBB���Bv e-orrier, (4 per year, tl for three months, 40c per
Ba mail, -$3 per year, 25c par month.
AllVKRTWINl'   BATHS  on application.
W Kar
J'   Bt,     (
e living in    a
quick    Bervlce,
bIjoi-  cut    and   ncrve-
breaklng   age.    Everything  Is,  and  must be,
.in   the   move   If   it  is
to keep  pace  with  Ihe
ever    increasing    new
methods    and    events,
Today   we   cross   the
continent,  in  lees  thai
We go to office or work
In a few moments by the use of autoe
and stree!  car-.
i    Everything that is possible is being tried to shorten up methods eo as.
; to get the increased amount of work
done  in  the  shortest   possible  lime, i
| This means, perhaps, more efficiency,
but a weaker nation.    In Other words1
are  living   "the   pace  that   kills,"
five days
If you only knew how
nice it is, you would
not lose much time in
getting -a packet.
TEA is an everyday
Si-nIed  Ptuckels  Only.
Black,   Green and Mixed.
The prediction of Sir Richard McBride, K.C.M.G., ��
premier of liritish Columbia, that a few rears will see 0ur P&y*"*': ""'������'������l .���""���   ppwtuai
l  t -i .. �� . i        rt I   forces are being set aside and we are
unbroken   railway  connection   from   the   Panama   Canal fast becoming a weakened nation. We
through British Columbia to the Canadian Yukon andb>ave more nervous breakdowns in the
Abiska iii one, the realization of which, would mean to pr\?enmnyybe go\tfngrrich��and pow-
this province almost as much as the opening of the Pana- 8rtul- but we are ������,sin" lr-'nv B88an-
manian waterway itself.   While the canal will have a tre- ���� oHaifoV0 "",k" "" " ;"'""K
meodoUS affect on the B. C. Coast, such a railway as that!    " has been tried and proven to be
J'iaLLliailV  piClllLlta Dy ino premiei   WOUlU 111 Hlg uie ae- beBl when he is overworked, overfed como nsatlon,"    says     the   petition,
Velopment of the interior into pace with progress along underfed, underworked, in raci. a man whieh  Is addressed  to  Hon.    vv.    J,
thp --warii-i'iT-r) \*�� '���" "'"���' '"' ���'*s ���"';J' n'"s' '"-' l,,1-vs-- Roche, Tho Independents call Veregln
���.til  PrtfAUUdfU. ^ | rally, mentally and spiritually rli and a czar and say members of the com-
The Pacific Great Eastern railway, already building, ito he such he musl be temperate in munity wnnt  to break away, but aro
���     ��� held in bondage because they arepen-
N'ew Vork. is trying to porsuade the
government to wive four million dollars as compensation and asserl thai
if the requesl Is granted Evalenko and
Veregln  will  gel   the money.
"We, over 1,000 Independent l> u
hobors  who have escaped  from  the
ilnvery and misery under Peter Vere
li-  must continue to study to be fit
mentally and he must learn his spir- ,
is the logical north and south link for this section of SUch|^^i9tpehvX\tbodVl"   '"' "'
a connection, and to complete the chain Sir Richard hopes
to have the governments   of   Ottawa   and  Washington;, ,,���.,.,   ..., ::,
agree on a plan for financing the joining of the Peace naturo an opportunity ror   develop
river district with Yukon and Alaska. meAnn-0ld axlom readg; ,.A chaln ���
As in the case of the Panama canal, experts have no only ss sti mg as its weakest link."
means of estimating what an immense influence this rail- ���" H^^X'when we wfltroni
way project would have on trade and commerce. Thev, Bociniiy, mentally,' physically and
like the public, though probably more clearly, realize that k?'rv!tu.ally !'|;" lv" are men ln "'"
1 *��� i ii-        ���'   .i i '��� j; highest term.
il would mark a revolution in that great item of com-,
mercial life, the handling of freight.
The idea of a north and south international line is not
a new one, though its application to British Columbia is!
of recent date and has becn made possible only by the com-
Canada a fir
it :* iliwsy lino,
fr *'iu St.
prehensive railway policy of the provincial government. hT��hna to Laprhine, Quebec-was cpen-
!,,, ..,.���', r   .   **. i ���    /-, l ���     od oeventj Beven years ago today, July
ihe origin of the plan is found, not in Canada, nor vet in 21, 1836.  This crude little line, only
United States    tc    Excr-.i-.-
Similar   tD   That   Ove
Washington, July 20.    A new poll
towards Nicaragua, Involving the virtual control of the affair;- oi  that re
public by the I":<it<���>! States TruBl pro-
the United States/but in Mexico and Guatemala and came :1 f"�� ">"��" '" ���*����*������ *����>? ,^,i��; IS ov^'fcfi^'^s^umned^ve^ rds
.   ,     ,    . ,       ', ...... ��        T.       ., T^.       oslng of the vast network of steel that  ea qyei  uuoa, was ouuinea yesi  raaj
into being under the administration ot ex-1 resident Diaz|now covers thi
of the' southern republic now torn by revolution.
Dominion   from  the ���"���.-   Secretary  Bryan  at s conference
Thp Atlantic tn the Pacific, and which is "* '"'���  members  of  the Benate  foreign
, , , . ,       ,    being increased al a rate thai places relations committee.
Mexican dictators plan was tO expand hlS Country S trade Canada In tho rorefront in the matter     Mr.  Bryan's proposal, coming as a
railroad construction.    Por fifteen "irprlee to members of tho i immtt-
bulldlng of the first ' ���'   has I n  taken  by  maa:.   *-  nn
first   pronounci mi nt   of  .1
years afier  the
' ���::*.;
hy a coast line of railway which would link together the
Latin American countries and open their resources for >���. ��� --��-.-.-i cai igress
delivery tO the markets of the United States. Ultimately '" $��� development of transportation Mneral pallwon the:pnrt o[ the ad-
., , ���'. . .. , ,, �� ,, ,1 . . - facilities in 1851, however, an acl ministration to extend American con-
he hoped for Connections down the COaSt OI OOUtn America *,;,:; passed authorizing municipal!- trol over the countries surrounding
imil to this end the line Was Started 111 southern Mexico, ���''"* "' ''""���' '������''<���' municipal expend! the Panama canal and to assure the
...,-,. , , . j, ., ,, tures fsr railroad purposes, and the stability cl ( ent ral American repnb-
runnillg mtO (iUatamala Under tne name OI the rail- Blstance extended to rallwavs by the "os and tho domination of their rela-
American railroad. Eventually, if Premier McBride's government and city corporatimsush. tlons with other great powers,
, .1 . .,,  . ,.' 1 ,, ,.        end in a period of mushroom growth. ������	
plans mature, this will be a link in the transportation the legislature gave grants to oil sorts
���-chain connecting Panama and Alaska. "f projects and local bodies gave their'
backing to numerous short lines.    I'he;
flrst  real  railroad system, (he Grand
.     .       .... ���   ��� 1,     ,    e ,���     Trunk,  was commenced  in  1S52 audi
Tlie COal COmmiSSlOn IS bringing VlVldly before pUDllC completed   eight   years    later.     Thc|
gaze the rather hefty prices paid for fuel in this vicinity. ffi��r{in?,inVw,B?Sllw* K
Jt VfH bfi interesting to note if the C. C. can deduce the  Buffalo &   Lake Huron, the Montreal
���   ���,������(ll���,  KnttiiT" &  ���s;' w*   Vork, and  numerous smaller  _
important    why. roads were.built during this period.Ic *,.;,;*.���.       -,".:.-
  In 1S57 Capsdo had obout 2,000 miles
-��>       i-i-it ��� 11 r 1 *i    of linos.    At confederation  the  rail-
I he shingle mills are going to close down tor a wane ,.,,.,,, mneage was less than 3,000.   in
because there aren't enough people putting on new roofs. \ the mileage had increased to it,
rT1i ��� 1       .     .      j    1      ,, 1 , .      1    500, and  ii  is now consldersblj  over
this summer exodus to tents by tne seashore puts a tucK ���.>���-, ,,;i,,,  The nnnnciai difficuitios
in tbe shingle trade. " tllc Gpand Tni,,k caused a ''rird
of depression  for a time before and
after confederation, but in LS
Ontari-i   ti   P..-:   a   Stop   to
of     Lakes     itid
Anonier from Windsor forbids 1
approval to ride horseback astride
B  see   ,
. rlice u-liiwniiH' rrn-'il  ond  great   period  of expansion  com
idles v, iiocomt i oyai men(  culpmlnatlng a ,i;(.ar!o ,ater ,���
A   lew   more   SUCh the completion of the Canadian  Pa-
Recognizing the Importance of safe
guarding the came and ti-.ii resources
of Ontario, and the necessity of earlj
action to that end, tiie Ontario government will, ii is expected, take up in
the near future thc reorganization to
iome extent of the oulsitle name antl
fit-In ries service end the formation
of means to pul a slop to the depletion
nf the lakes and streams.
The subject  Is one to  which   Hon.
llr   Resume  lias lu en  uivina  a  sre.it
ileal of attention and it Is imderst lod
that within lhe next week or two he
[and twelfl     Karl of Kincardine in the i wi" actively take up the mailer     One
peerage   of   Scotland,   was   born   102' ��r t,,e reforms that will enme before
  years ago todav.    He was for several|,hn government for consideration has
w��� i/niAi Viuc llin como Irnuhloi! na nnv nthpr btyioII  years governor of Jamaica before hobeen   "rEf'{1   ;"   (liferent   times  ns  a
INOW   TOIK nas me same llOUOies as anj  Ointl   smaili*v,is ,���.������������,,,, ln lg46 t0 the more re. method of making the service more et.
town, the. which is exemplified in a recent city hall regula- sponsible posi ot governor-general 0f|ictent,
lion there to thc effect that civic employees must reside Canada,   under i
edicts arid the court of Ht. James will acquire a blue stocking, hoop skirt reputation.
A medical searcher after facts came out the other day
v/ith the announcement that the ordinary refrigerator is
ivnly ^0 per cent efficient. Nice time to tell us this right
in the middle of the hot spell.
cm ���
The iiirninp; of the lirft sod of the
Calgary   H   Edmonton   railway    toot
place  twenty-three  years ago today.
The road  is now a  pari  of lhe Cana- :
dian  I'acilic system.
.lames  Bruce, eiclith  Karl of Mlgin
To   Have   Authority   to   Put  Through
Investigations���Central   Gold
The first step to provide the machinery for the "shareholders' audit."
required by the new act respecting
banks and banking, which came into
operation on July 1. Is now being taken by the general managers of the
Chartered banks. The general mana-
gers will, nt a nieeilng to bo i-albd by
President D, It. Wilkie. of the Canadian Bankers' association, before September 30 next, select a panel of fortv
pari ins eligible to acl as auditors and
submit it for approval to Hon. W. T
White, the finance minister. Applications fm- consideration In the preparation of the lisl of nominees must ho
made on or before July 81.
The   Acditcrs'   Powers.
The audit irs of tho sban holder i
wlll hai '��� a rlghl of acoeBB to tbe I ool s
j and accounts, cash ami securities, documents ami vouchers of a bank, and
may requiro from the directors and
officers -ue',i information and explanation as ifl necessary for the performance of their duties, Thoy nmy at
their discretion visit any branch or
agenc] nnd examine its books, cash,
securities and vouchers. In addition
to such checking and verification ������'
accounts as may be needed in the
iii-e'i'ira'io'i of a fi* irt to tho shareholders, the audit rs must al least
once a yea ��� coi ipsre tie* cash ond
securities if the lank wltb the entries
in the hooks il the head office. \i the
same time they may a'.- i check and
* irlfy the cash and securities at any
branch or agency.
In addition to re;* ��rli i .* upon their
,,,-;,. itnation of acccu i!s and upon
tin- din ctors' Ftatemenl; the auditors
will also have ta Btate ���*. h ithf-r or o-n
they bi lured all nei * bi ary Information and explanations; whether transactions have been within the powers
of the bank; whetta ,*��� the din - * irs'
tatemi ni gives a corn ;���; view of th-?
bank's affairs *\n\ special statements
���"���ubmitted t.i lh * shnn b ilders by the
directors are also subject to scrutiny
by the shareholders' auditors These
officials msy also be called upt I I *
ennuire Into the affairs of noy business
of tho bank, and report to the minister
of final; ������
Central Gold  Reserve.
Another feature of the act for v.hi'-h
* *��� '.it-, will have to he provided
wlll lie iho eBtahlishme.nl if thp "central cold reserve," a fund which ls
'ntended to Create a greater elasticity of currency. Four trustees are to
be nm 1 'o have charge of the central gold reserves. Three of them
will be selected by the Canadian
Bankprs' association, with the appro
val of the minister of finance and the
fourth by the minister himself. With
there trustees a bink may deposit
current gold and Dominion notes, on
either, and obtain an equivalent count
iu currency. As long as ihe sum of
Ithe bank's notes In circulation In ex
cess if Its unimpaired capital is nol
greati r than the amount of the deposit, the difference between the I. i
amounts will belong to the bank and
may be withdrawn. Banks w li thus bi
able to Issue their own notea tn the
amount of thi ir unlmnaln d paid up
capital plus the sum which thoy hnve
on deposit in '.he central rei * **
They will 'till retain also the t* iwer
io issue during the crop moving sea
bi n from the fin I of Septi mber to the
elose of February, emergency currency to the amoun! nf 15 per cent nf
their unimpaired capital. On tbis
emergency capital they ��-ni pay Inti r-
est al the rule of 5 per cent to the
government. The remuneration of the
four trustees and the cost of establishing and maintaining the central reserves will be paid by the Canadian
Hankers' association, who will make
rules antl regulations regarding the
custody and management of the fund.
The central reserve will be" held, in
all  probability, at  .Montreal.
ll. A I'. O. of Klks .if the I), of C, mee
the fust ini'i iiiim Thursday al B p. m.
K. nf P. Hall, KlRluli straet A Well*
(iray. Kxalt.'d Ituler; P, H. Smith. Sec
ri oily.
I. n ti M��� NO. 8��4.- MEETS o>
llrst, second, thlnl ami fourth Woflnes
dny in each mmitii at 8 p. m.
In Hi. Moose I lunn'. li. J Leamy
dictator; !���'. B. Jon"*, secretary
I lend pi irters of lodge In See li.iuse
corner ot fonrUI ami Carnarvon nt reels
I. O. O. 1\ AMITY LODOH NO. 17���Th.
regular meeting nf Amity loilgt- Nt
2 7 I, O. O. I''., I" helil every Monda*
night iit 8 n'elock tn Odd FsUowb' H��1i
corner Cftrnnrvon umi Bhshtb streeti
Visiting I't'iiiern cordially invitee.
II. A Merrlthew, N. o.; J. Robertson
V ii.; W C. I'i'Htliiiiii. P, Q., reoorO
liia suoreUiry; id. \V. Hangster, limn
eial secretary.
t.r *  Hunna,  Ltd.)���-Funeral uii ior
.i*,.i pmbulmers     Psfflera 466 Cotumbl
street.   New   Weatminsttr.    Pbone   BSI
VV E. FALBS���Pioneer Funeral Dlrecto
and K���'jKliner. 012 ni * Axri'-s stree-
opposl .  i 'urn kii* Library.
II.   .1    a     BURNETT,   AUDITOR "ll
Al untilllt.     Tel.   it.   WS.   Boom   *.'.   Har
I ,.
p. H. Smith. W J. Orov-ei
Werk   undi-rtok n    in    city   and   nntsl.li
points.   211-1*2   Westminster  Trust   Hltig
Pli in     804,      P,   O.   Hox   :"iil7.
Sali. Deeds, Business l..*iti*rs. etc; circular work specialist All work utrlcUj
confidential. II Barry, room -lis West
minster Trust Hlk.    Phone 702.
COAL MININC) rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba. Saskatchewan nml Allierta,
ih" YiSoin Territory, the Northwest Territories ami in a portion of lie' I'rovlnoa
uf British Columbia, may bs leased for a
��� term of twenty-one years ut un  annual
rental of Si an acre. Not more than tttt
I acres will be leaned tn onw applicant.
Applii'lltliin fnr ft lease ftiiiisl In- tlliuia
by tlie applicant In person to ill" Agent
or Bub-Agent of the illstrlei In whloh th*
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must l��
i described  by  sectlnns,   or  legal  sub-dtYl-*
slotui uf seel Inns, unit In unsurveyed ht-
��� ritory   tin*   tract  applied    for   sliall    !>���
.-Unite,I  oitt   liy  the applicant   hlms'lf.
l-liu-h apnlloatlon must m- aocompanted
by a fee of jr. which win !����� refunded If
he rights applied for an- nnt nwitlttlile,
iinii ma otherwise. A royalty shall be
pal i mu tlie tti'-rcluintriMe output of the
mine *.' the rate of Ave cents imt tun
i he person operating tin* mine shall
I furnish tlm Ag' nt with swsrn returns
ie. .uitting for the full quantity of mer-
el,.moil,I,��� coal inlnet-l and paj the rny-
Oiy thereon, ir the coal mining rights
ire u"t lietiiw operated such returns should
he furnished at loaal ones a year.
The lense will include the i*",ii mining
liulil.s nnly, hut the leasee will he tf-
tnttted to purchase wlratcviT aval I utile
surface rlKlits maj be considered neoessary for the working of the mine at the
rati  "f *i'i nn acre.
For full Information application should
In*   made   to  tlv  Secretary  of the  Ilejiart-
"i'-iil   of   the   Interior.   Ottawa,   nr   tn   any
-iK'-nt or Sub-Ageht  of   Dominion  Land*
W   \V   PORT,
Deputy   MlnNW   Of   III"   Inlerlnr..
N   B.���Unauthorised publication of thla
���nivertls, nietii wlll nut  be paid for
Ti nders will b
prslgned for th
d by the un-
��� construction of por-
mer Board of Trade meets In th'-imHrf
room, i'ity Hall, n�� follows: Thlnl Frl
day at each nmnth; quarterly tni'-tini
tin tlie thlnl Friday of I't'hrimry. May
A'lKUFt   unit   November   at   fl   put.      An
nun! meetings on thn thlnl Friday o*
February. C. II. Stuart Wade, secre
rlsters, Solicitors, etc. 40 Lorne Street
New  Weatmlnster.    G,  E. Corbvold, K
('.    J   It. Urant.    A.  B.  MoColl.
ter-at-law, solicitor, eta Tlrfephon'
lll7tl. Cable addrt-HH ".lohnston.'
* Code, "Western l'nlon." Offices, Bib
Block. 662 Columbia street, New Went
minster, B. C.
slue ��� Biitristers and Solicitors. W^st
minster Trust Blk., Columbist street
New Wesiminster. II. C. Cithle addrsw
������Wlilleslile." Western Unlort I'. O
Drawer 200. Telephone ��9. W. J
Whit, side. K. C.; M. L. Ktimoods, I
��� i ��� , .- i ,s',' o    i,"    ,,,.     vvumi u,    ,,, i,   < u    ji, i, ���
tlons of ih" Canadian N'orthern Pacifla
Railway on Vancouver island. Province of liritish Columbia, as follows:
1. Kriun Hi" City of Victoria to a
point near Deadman's Kiver In the
District of Bsqutmault, a distance of
approximately Ave miles.
2. A line leaving the above at R*
|(,'ina  Avenue,  Victoria, and extending
to Union Hay, Saanich I'eninistila, a
distanca of approximately  Ki'i   milea.
Ti nders to include clearing. i;rab-
>b!nff, grading, bridges, trestles, cul-
rerto, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will he required to submit two tenders for that portion of
the work Included In the grading, one
being on tbe basis of the following
Solid rock.
Loose  rock,
Hard pun,
and the Other on the basis of a olassi-
lleation f"i- "solid rock" and "all other
Plans, profiles, specifications and
forms of contract may be seen, and
t forms of tender obtained at ihe offices
i if Mackenzie, Mann & Co., Ltd.,
Metropolitan building, x'M Hustings
itreet west, Vancouver. H.C.. nr at the
iffices of Mackenzie. M.mn A Co.,
Ltd.,  I'einberton  block,  Victoria,  B.C.
Tenders to include clearing,    grulv
flt-es of  Mackenzie.    Mann    ft    Co.,
Ltd.,  Metropolitan building. S,'!7  Ilasi-
J. 8TILWBLL CLUTK. Borittste-r-at-la*
solloltor. etc-; corner Colombia an<
McKenzie streets. New Westminster
B. C.   P. O.  Box  112.     Telephone   71C
u-ilhin the city limits or forfeit their jobs.
J through  his  energy    and    diplomatic
Men nowadays are paid either for what they know or skin the reciprocity treaty with the
Tor what they do.   According to the scale of salaries for '
the newly formed Burrard peninsula sewerage commission, thc chairman must either do or know eighty-three
times aa much as the other commissioners.   Can he, or
does he?
md that is the permaneni ap-
udniinistrntion  polntmenl of experienced men as game
the doutrtry passed from the ferment ' nnd  flsh  protectors     At the  present
of recent  insurrection into a Btate of time, the departmer
tranquility   and   prosperity,    Largely
A newly married British M.P. anil hi.-- bride arc on
their way to this banner province to hunt big game. Kvi-
���dently the pair upon whom Cupid recently has operated
don't know that at present the most sought after and per-
^istently chased wild animal in these parts is the bashful dollar.
I'nlletl Slates was brought to a successful conclusion In (854, after which
he resigned the olllce and returned to
Bngland. His wise ami able administration of Canadian afTatrs led to his
lielng raised to th" peerage of thr
United Kingdom Lord Elgin's second
wife was a daughter Df the Barl i>'
Durham, also famous as n Canadian
governor-general,   lie riled in isin.
"f pa-Tie tfntl llsh-
,���-,,������ i,,,. . ., j,. -, M -, inrro ntimbiir
of rem who ijin-'te l*et a pnrtion nf
thrle tlm" to irove-ifrnt, work Thl
result Is ,li *t it !s Impnsalhle for them
��� ������ -"�����,,,���,,ot h tvjc purpose for which
they ai" appointed.
I.n i  v. sr this Hi t of Co *i and nui"
overseers comprised nt-nrly 250 men
 reel-.-   inert,   tn*.,   "pnlf   ���,    ,],,/, 't      .f
whom gsve anything like emir ������ ho]p
time to the work The gn it mil >rlts
,.i in,.,,. ������ ..re paid sums ranging trom
jsn to $2on
P*-~i.r*\f Suiqest-^d.
By iiiviiiin'; 'lie provlncp l^to dis
irlnta with 'i'" '*r rnnrn sn""ia'l\ nual-
Iflpd   uie'i  st ,to ���,.,!  in (inch rli��t.rlcl
I'ivlii" all th'ir t'-e to nrotoctlns tho
flsh t'loi game -"'ti ���' '��� to move thout
Mayor Cotterill, of Seattle, hooked a bigger fish than
he could land when, in consequence of the I, W. W. riots,
he ordered The Daily Times to either suspend publication
or issue under his censorship. The sound city's chief magistrate made the mistake of imagining he had been elected a czar and not a common or garden mayor.
Sir Francis llond Mend, who wart
Kovornor nf Upper Canada from 1836
to ix::7. died thirty-eight years ago
today, lie manifested great energy In
dealing with tho discontent from wh'oh
the country was then suffering, nnd if freely fr tn ptqrp tn nlqce Iteenine B
was In recognition of his Canadian ' close watch, tho d(��n'��t.lpn of thn fish
services that he was made a bnriinet.'' upplv ol the lake* snd streams by un.
In IX'iil be published a narrative of lawful means cuiil be chccl"'d to such
hiB administration In Opper Canada, a| an extent  that with  the adoption of
valuable  historical   work.
oluntbla   entpred   the   Do-
province forty-two yetri
British   (
I minion as
I ago today.
j marked   the    campaign   for   bringing
i about  the union With  Canada, as tio-
colony    included     many  people  from
Ithe  United  States  who sought   to no-
Clire  annexation   to   that   countrv.     A
pledge by  thi
to   construct
���road  turned  tbe tide In favor of Ca-
meth'ods  of  restocklnn    the    waters
! would toon show results.'
M-t-e  Efficiency. Let. C-.��t.
Ap*iri from tho increased efficiency
Hamilton,  July   20,   The   board   of
; control  held   a  special    meeting    al
i which the resolution which was passed
with reference to the T. H. �������� B. mat-
; ter,   was  discussed   again.    The  reso-
j liillon was attten d alter il was passed,
and  It. was decided to restore it to its
original i nrm, with slight alterations,
ii   was in  the form of a  request  to
tb"   railway  commission   to order  thP
company to ure a common  right-of-
way through the city with tbe C   N.
''.  and  c,   T.   It..  Iml   did   iml   support
the request or the Hunter Btreel residents iliar In the evenl of Oils move
iiiliiig the eity rupporl thqm In their
i 'frorts to compel the company to de-
press lis tracks through the city,
The board recommended that
t'i" the citv. support the real
di nts in this, and the rei ilutlon
will be scni on to the council The
board also dealt wiiii the gas fran-
thlse again, and decided to lei ll stand
18   it.     wns     regarding     a     minimum
amount of gas to be supplied, but the
company must hear the expense of
submitting ihe bylaw to thee iti/ens.
Solicitor and Notary. Offte-s liar
block. 2K Ixtrne Btreet New WentrnlD
hut, II. C.
:s street west, Vancouver, B.C., not
nter Ihan noon on Saturday. July 19,
11)13, and to be enclosed in a sealed
nvelope marked "Tenders for Oonstructlon," The lowest or any tender
not   necessarily  accepted.
,.,i     ,,'.. ronni uy     ,i,   ,  ���   g, i e.i.
uiy 5th, 1913. (1700)
Barristers and Bolla-Hm-vs. S05 to 61(
Westminster Trust Hlock. c II Mar
tin.   W.   Q.   Mc-QuarrM   and  George   L
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
SO  McKenne  St
Transfer Co.
)(flc��  Phone   IBS.      Barn  Phon*  117
Begble Street.
baggage Delivered Promptly to
any pert or the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
.Many heated debates ll id ; of filch a force of men there m'ev,'
possibly be a saving In cost. The present system, which hns bet n in form
for a great many years, has accomplished little, but the payment of such
i lari'e force of men, Bmall Bums al-
Hon ���') I). Hazeil is due for a One (lav COUrse of treat- pledRB by ""' Domlnlon government thoueh the most ���f them get. h's an
.      . ,       . ,      ,        i      \ ..     ,i.    ,       ,.,      to construct a transcontinental  rail-  nually required a hmvy appropriation
merit on harbor development When he hits this locality.; road turned the nde m favor of Ca- This sum w uld, ll '������ bellevedi ii.
The members of the board  of trade are  going  tO  bring nadlan confederation. ^ ���;,. tn msUe tho nntslde force one .
their information on the subieel right up to the scratch  peter verfhim /"���*"=. ""withMie reorganimion of'the stnrr
so that, when the minister of marine arrives there won't *f0R F0UR millions ot overseer* under was attention win,
bc an avenue of escape  for him from  the needs of the     Nelson, July 20   independent Doulc- lng the lakes and streams upon" con-
hobors of this distrlcl are petitioning slderably larger scale than has i i
the Dominion governmenl to give them i attempted In the past, while meannri s
consldoratlon   in   the  claim   for  four will be taken to put a stop to catching
nllllon  dollars  which  ibey  allege Is game  ilrh   In   tho  Inland   waters  ror
elng made by Peter Veregln for i im-  commercial use
Fraser river.   That's good medicine.
Bremerton,  July   20.-   Better  things   CITV or NEW WESTMINSTER. B.C
lion. Dr.  Roaume
When President Woodrow Wilson started the loboy 1
iarobe his intention Was to sweep the nuisance OUt of Wash- '"h ' '-��� *" for Improvements made 1 y (ie'terminpd to ou! an i" il to the c i',
*-_ ,t. ���    , .1 xUit,. ���fntiA*,lti i U��� .,.,e*'.,���-��� ,,f 1!,/, I am-Pf Kill   TVi,    " ''' *   ' orB '" Saskatchewan land ror Ing of flsh in large nm ititles thru igh
Sagton and thus expedite the passage 01 tne tai 111 Din. 1 he , ,,.lM .,,,, ,,. ,.���,, ,-,,, ,, ,,���. ;���,, ,,, ,i: .,,.   ���.,,,,, .,,,,,.,,
Ifjtv.  .     -,������'���'   worked Ollt that way and the investigation Of '      if their failure to become cltl llnol ������       *   11 ti krn In tin  '.
���r.fltuint.t.^   I,;,I-   r-Mo'ti,   ,,*-,,o.-h-i'l.,-,i-   l!-,,   rlni Independents  nre   Doukhobor warthn   '   ���* -    Itnl     I    md   I'-inon
'���'���'*'��� *     ' ,   ;    .;.,-, awaj trom     *  *     * here, who     ivi    n  I!     lasl   year or
* bei a l.i.r,' ,,;:'.*.   II ��� gn dual die-
on  thej        *     ���   ., pppi ai of ' io 'lung , v irmly com-
i* lor  Evi :*      ,  ol ti end thi  mot
Bcnatorial influences bids fair to overshadow the d
question, which all goes to show thai when you stai ��� ���
ret ferretine you can't tell how far he'll ferret.
for llm Puget Sound navy yard were
prophesied by Secretary of the Navy
losephus Daniels after he had critically Inspected the government holdings
lore.    Though he wou'd .make no do-
finite Btatement that, the Keyport ttor-
ini 1 Btatlon would be adopted, b"
���nent :i"'t-'y two hours on the site
studying th" blue prints end list' -*������*���������"
to ih" detailed plans as explained by
Rear-Admiral V. 1.. Cottmnn, commandant i.f the Puget Sound navy
After iiie inspection of the yard
had been half completed, Secretary
Daniels sub!: "Construction work Is
whal you need nnd must hue for the
: uci'i ss of the Bremerton yard. This
Is what 1 aim to give you Vou have
. vi rj facility here Tor such building,
With thc opening of the Panama can
ul. i'u* Pttgel Soiiiii! need ne1 er vvor-
,'  over ;i scarcity ������! work.    Your I"
it ioi   i   n *  ���  i * * ul.  ; mc betti r In
the   ii itlon"    This   *.'.. -*   lhi      **
i when i   ' ���'! If actual construe
i '��� *.      . *. *,      i*' atari hero soon
To Port Mann and  Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
. B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
As Per Following 8chedul��:
I.enves  New  Westminster  fur  Port
! Mnnn R: no o.m.
Leaves l'ort Mann for New Westminster dnn a.m.
Leaves New Weatmlnster for Port
I tliiiin and l'ort Coqultlam 10:00 a.m.
Leavea    Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
i Mann and New Weatmlnster l oo p m.
Leaves New Weatmlnster 'or Port
Mann ,r,.;;() p.m.
I.enves Port Mann for New West-
nlnster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New Weatmlnster (or Port
���lann and l'ort Coiiuitlam 4:30 p.m.
Leaves Port Coqultlam for Port
Innii and New WeBtmliiBter 6:110 p.m.
Schedule BUbject to changu without
For further Information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.   Office 903 Columbia 8t
B.C.Coast Service
Le&vei Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m..
I p. tn and 11:45.
Leaves Vanoouver for Rpattl�� 10 a. m,
nnd ll p. ni.
Leavea Vancouver fur Nanalmo io a.tn.
an il B :30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
nn<l Northern Pnlnt* ifl p tn. WedOM
ilays  and   Saturdays  at   11   p.m.
Ciiiiliwack Service
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday ;iti��l Baturday.
l,i hm- Westminster 8 a. m. Monday,
v. ��� llm sday ond  Friday,
BD. OOULET, Awnt, New Westminster.
II. W. BRODIBJ, *1. P. A., Vancouver.
We iiom* have rour tralna dully and
will Rli-e you Ihe cheapest rale going
not only m Eastern points, imt to
Kooteiiny nud oilier points, Wo nm
nlso agents r***'- nil BtcaniHhip linen,
for reservation mid other particulars
apply to
K. GOULET, Agent.
Now WualminBter
'Ii. W, BRODIB. G. P. A., Vancouver. MONDAY, JULY 21, 1913.
Comparison   of   Flrat   Six   Months   In
1913 and Same Period
In  1012.
Gratifying increases are shown in the
report prepared by Comptrolelr Griffiths of llurnaby of thn current receipts for the first half of the year.
It Is impossible to make a comparison of tbe receipts for Iho two years,
1912 and llllil, as thc rebate period
expired on the 30 of June luBt year.
Tho following figures, however, show
the comparison for the two periods on
miscellaneous receipts.
Plant   for   Spending   Two   and
Millions on T. t\ N. O.
Francis   L.  Thayer  Drowns   in  First
Leap in Parachute���Fell 600 Feet
Into Bay
Koiiil tax  	
%   13-4.20
$   782.00
Trades Licenses
1,454 60
Wiring  fees  	
Dog   licenses   ....
Hall rents   	
These  Increases
under tin
���  various
Toronto, July 20.��� While sugges-
tioiiB aro being made in various quarters for the expenditure of the two
aud a half million dollar subsidy to
the Tlmlskamtng and Northern Onta- I
rio  Hallway  granted   by  the    federal
government, the T. & N. o. commis-1
slon bas In Its possession practically j
oomplete planB for tlie Improvement of:
(he government line that when acted
upon will une up pruttlealy the while '
unuiinit of the sum voted by the Do- ;
minion  parliament. I
There plans have nothing to do witli
extensions either to .Iihiicb Huy or,
through the government right of-way.
to a future terminus at l'ort Nelson on
Hudson's Bay, both projects of the
more distant future Instead they call
for a reduction of the grade between
North Hay and New I.lBkeard that will
involve the construction of nearly fifty
milea of diversions through territory
thai the engineers who built the road
should have found, but In some way,
probably through the hnste of the then
   government, overlooked, and train 1111-
heading are very gratifying, and most |lng up fer another ten miles made up
of the decreases shown are also cause]0' small sections.
for congratulation, Tho decrease in | Tho government ami commission
searches and plan tees, go to show have been going quietly ahead for
that there is a decrease Iii real estate 8oma ,in"'* ,,,ul " |B understood that
speculation, whilst the reduction |p the right-of-way for thc diversions has
fines  would appear to ahow  that ile-   '"!"''1' secured,
spite the increase in population there       Tlli,t   Construction   will     be     com-
^^^ j nienced  st oik
have   bi en   leas   offenses   against   tlle ]
The onlv cause for regret iB the le
duel ion In wiring fees, which would
appear, on the face of it, to Bhow a
decrease in building operations.
I ut   of
I 'be question. The preBent truffle of
jthe government line is not at present
I heavy enough to warrant the expenditure of another two millions on capital account, but the completion uf tbe
transcontinental bringing with It the
tailing up by the Grand Trunk rallwav
of Its right to run trains over the T.
and N. o. will give the government
line a traffic and revenue that will
! lustlfy even such a large expenditure
on grade reduction. This running
.r'ghtu agreement means thai the
Grand Trunk must pay half lhe Interest charees upon  the grid" reffuc-
South Vancouver Ratepayers Also En
done $50,000 Park  Bylaw���
Small Ballot Cast
South Vancouver, July 2*. South
Vancouver ratepayers on Saturday endorsed by a majority of 23 In a total
vote of 603 a bylaw to enable the corporation to raise by loan thi' sum of
$00,000 for the purposo of acquiring
and Improving park altea within or
without tbo municipal limits and for
Joining wiib other municipalities for
such purposes
The voters nlso at the snme tlm.
by a majority of 1X0 vnto-s in a total Ol
610 cast approved the proposal of the
inunclpa! council to amend Sohool
Loan bylaw No "��� to raise $95,000 for
school purposes by increasing ibe rate
of inter* st thereon from 4 and one
half  per cent  in 6  imt cenl
Considerable opposition to the tomer    bylaw    was   nianifpst.      and       n
���wards i. 'i nnd :i II was defeated, but
the   majorities   In  other  wards   w	
such as to overcome the adverse ���'"������
end to carry the bylaw by a siiiall
| tlon expenditure, as part of the
tal cos;', of tbe line.
Seattle   Mayor  to  Be  Asked to   Point
Out   Economies���Cutting
Down   Expenoec
sage to h
July 20- Mayor O-corge F
who last week Bent a mes-
���ails ol departments and tin-
of the city ooandl, urging
Official   Climbed   Fence*   and   Forded
Streams���Left City Auto in Front
of  Hotel.
Toronto, July 20 One serious drawback to the eity in painting the words
"City of Toronto'' In large white letters on the sides of the cily automobiles was experienced by Sti-no-t Commissioner Wilson.
The   commissioner   bad   invited   nn
export on Incinerators from Chicago
to accompany him on s site-hunting
trip for a suitable location for the Incinerator for which the ratepayers
have provided money. The
of the commissioner and
economy In order to keep the 1914
tai budget t i the minimum, and who
Incldently asks the oooncll for $160
more for his department than was allowed tills year lu order to publish and :
circulate the executive maesago, will
be asked by the city council to attend
all meetings of the tax budget committee and point out jirsl wbe-e re- .
om ���nous may be made in the various
department  estimates.
This Invitation will be extended by
resolution, to be Introduced  Monday.
The   board   of   public   works   followed
the mayor's lead by adopting a resolu
tion  urging the various members to
practice tin* strictest economy in es-*
tlmating  for  nexl    year's    expenses
This resolution tends tu show that tho
people themselves ar   responsible for
numerous municipal undertakings tliat   Send  it
promise to maki   Ihe  1>14  tax  levj
the largest in tli     listor-*.  of the city. ���
In seconding the mayor's belated ,
[notion for economy after he had ap- I
proved nearly $76,000 deficiency ordinances, the board, made up of the
superintendents of the water, light,
streets and sewers, engineering, building and public utilities departments,
charges all the municipal undertakings
that go to make up the nnnsiii'l items
of the tax budget to the people.
In the preamble to its resolution the
bonrd  sets  forth  thnt  the cosi  of  tli"
city, county and    state   government
"hit liin greatly Increased by reason
Iof the action  of qualified electors,  at
Seattle, July 20.���Krancla L. Thayer,
aged 47 years, a parachute juniper
known ull over the west, was drowned
yesterday while making a parachute
legcent from an aeroplane as part
of the I'otla.eh air sports.
He went up in tbe areoplane with
lohn Bryant At a height of 760 feet
J lie dropped from tlie aeroplane and
his parachute Bpread above loin and
i tbe descent began. At a height of
1600 feet be bloke looBe from the para-
IChute and fell Into the water.
llryant, with Thayer bunging 'j hip
I parachute beneath the aeroplane, male
a pretty flight of ten minutes over
the bay, circling above the warships
until tlie areoplane had reached a
height of 760 feet, llryant then tig-
nailed that he was ready for Thayer
to Jump, but Thayer did not signal
that he was ready to go until the nia-
ihtne had settled fifty feet. Then he
Out loose from the areoplane.
The parachute, with Thayer banging to the iron ring at the end of tin
ropes, opened prettily, and for a minute It looked us though the drop wus
I i be u perfect exhibition.
Realized Danger
Then, to the horror of the grent
crowd of people wbo lined the waief'
fron*. and held points of vantage on
crafts about the harbor, Thayer was
seen lo fall, turning over aa iie lelt
the parachute. He was fully six hundnd feet above the water when Ik
fell. The man .seemed to realize the
danger, tor he rolled himself into a
compact ball as he approached tin
water, striking cn bis lace and left
Thayer did not rise to the surface
ifler going inlo tlie water. He had
I een giving parachute exhibitions :!o
Mrs. Thayer. Mrs. Krank Bennett,
wife of the manager of the aeroplane
exhibition, and Alys McKay, an avi-
trice, were iu a launch which which
was to pick Thayer up. and they made
with all speed toward the Bpot where
he went down, but were unable to
ttnd any trace of the body.
Hi* First Leap
Several small boats from the war
ships, near which Thayer disappeared, put oul to Bearch for the body, but
alter cruising about for half an hour
the search waa abandon-oil bv all bu'.
a police launch.
The women in the. launch Bald that
the breakaway from the areoplane appeared to be perfect, and Bryant held
to the same opinion. They attributed
I the accident to the too sudden opening
IOI the parachute.
Thayer rode the parachute with one
leg through glOOSC rop-e and one wrist
fastened with a Strong strap and Iron
snap to the parachute ring. Kxaroin
.itlon of the parachute showed tin!
Ihls snap had broken when the parachute  Jerked  as  it   opened.
Although Thayer had been a para
'hull Jumper for 26 years this -was
the first time he badiover made a leap
from an aeroplane. Ills Jump was
:ini booked as a part of the P itlnteli
aeronautio program, for iienneit.. Th.*
aeroplane mannger. let hlm mnke the
lump as an additional attraction after Thayer had pleaded with h.-m to
give  liiin  work.
of the previous marriage was made.
Mr. Chaffee Grant and Mb sisters ignored Invitations to be present.
Their refusal to attend Is taken to
corroborate the reports that Mr.
(.rant's family was much opposed to
his marriage. After the announcement an elaborate dinner waa served.
Hints Fer Fighting ths H eh Cost of
The problem ol how to lighten tlie
cost of high living is a vital one today, and especially is thla question
absorbiug to the poor (nan's wile.
Her household motto should surely be
to make the best of everything. Bus*
kin says, "Industry without art is
brutality."   And that  is justly so of
But Man Hs Bluffed Preferred Death
To Arrest and
Gait, July 20.���Had it not been for
the pluck and resource displayed by
Police Constable William Byran, when
he waB sent to a house on Selkirk
street to order out an undesirable, he
would have undoubtedly been murdered.    As lt Is,  tbe  man  he  was  sent
the homemaker. Her duty is to make to eject lies in the hospital with a
lier home just as attractive as pos- bullet In his brain, discharged by his
sible, and to do that she must keep ow" hand, and will not recover,
in mind that "a penny saved is a Tne suicide gave his name as Jos-!
pinny earned" and that every piece avh Magnan, and said he came from
0| food thrown out is money thrown Cnarlesbourg, Que. lie arrived re-
(Way. cenlly,  and   after  securing    employ- !
Here are four things that belp much' "lent at a local foundry, went to the,
in lowering the cost of high living*.     llome of A.  Cowan,    Selkirk    street,'
They are buy in as large quantities where he was accepted as a boarder.1
ss possible, thertby getting a reduc- during the evening lie acted Btrange- I
tion. Use things' In season, wben they W and lbe Police were requested to;
are cheapest. When egg prices soar compel him to leave. Constable By-
search vour cook book and household ra" went t0 "'e house about 8.80, and.'
magazines for "eggless recipes." finding the man half dressed in his!
Make a systematic collection ot econo- bedroom, informed him that he would I
lineal nutritiorsdisl.es. ihave  t0 *et out-    Magnan  proceeded;
When   eggs    are    high    in   making to dr*'ilB quietly, when, walking across,
doughnuts boll and mash a good-sized t,le  room'  he  suddenly  whipped  oiy
potato,  beat it in with the sugar audi11 ���'������* callbr<-' revolver aud threatened
make the doughnuts as usual'witbout110 ���>**>*' out the Policeman's brains if
anv eggs j "e   remained,     "rtilright,"     answered
In making pumpkin or squash pies ������ ���">'"">��� "lf >��u  are going to plug me!
in place of eggs roll crackers line and 8��  ahead'  but  thcre  iB  another  man
use as much of them in bulk as you waiii5B llow',' Bta'.8 fcr ym\'
would  of eggs.    You could  not tell     Although the officer was therejiln-
tbe difference if you did not know.    [Sle handed the bluff worked, and Mag-
When vou want pudding for dinner  ��a"  dropped  the  weapon and  agreed
ami  have no milk try adding another;;0   B<>-    Still   holding   the   revolver   in
- his  right hand,  Magnan  went down- |
egg and a few more raisins and
warm  water ill  place of  milk.
Ueef loaf is a iine dish in which the
cheaper cuts of meat ire never recognized. To make it take one and one-
half cupfuls of stale breadcrumbs or
cracker crumbs, two pounds of ground
beef, three teaspoonfuls of salt, seasoning to taste. Mix with water oi
water and milk, using as much as you
can, and have the meat hold together.
stairs and stopped at the bottom tc
pay Mrs. Cowan for his night's lodging. The policeman saw his chance,
and pulling his gun jrdered Magnan
to put up his hands. Magnan dfd so,
but the minute he raised his arms,
pulled the trigger of hiB own shooter
and dropped to the floor with a bullet lu his head.
He was removed to the hospital in
New Submarine
Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for:
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
(Above  rates are subject to change without notice)
Bake about one hour in a bread tin.1 the ambulance.   The police have been
Thicken the liquid left in the pan tor, unabl<" *'> ,,e,a,r�� anything of his past
v record, but it is supposed that he is
Pork in batter is another good way ��   ^^   "lminal   aud   Preferred
to employ  the cheap meat.   Make a.d<'ath rather than arrest.
batter   ol   one   egg   beaten   with   one-1
third cuplul of milk and enough Hour
to make the consistency oi pancake
batter. Fry some slices of salt pork
until they look clear and are beginning to crisp, then dip in the batter
until well covered.    Return to hot lat
done.     Serve  with  baked (j^n"^" Alaska'
Spokane,    July    'ill.���Approximately
$8,000,000 will be expended in the con- i
Btructlon of gold  reduction  plants at |
in    the    next    few
until   well
potatoes. I months by D. C. Jacklln of Salt Lake,
Lamb   a  la Creole.-Tlus   is  an   at-  Utah|   ^.j   Hayden-Stone     of     New-
tractive  way  to  serve  up  cold  lamb Yorkf who are erectlng a concentrator
and is tatty and economical.   Mince -'-----
���green  pepper   after  the  seeds  ar-e   I
moved  and  half
[of 12,000 tons daily capacity, and-the
.Alaska-Juneau    company,    wblch    is,
,   -"n*11   onion   and  planning  equally  extensive    develop-'
cook    them    together    in    two   tab.- '
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
mlllwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush Jobs. We Shalt be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone 473,  Queensborough.
Home  to Assist Orphans and
Widowr cf Slain
20. The Greek re-al-
Qreek    Macedonians
and those "at home"
to be pi-JUd of the
5dO.      Alt.ni.High   the
going  homo to  tight,
had to bo reached In one ot the olty
cars   with   the   big   display   of   white
letters on the side.    It  was down the
Kingston  road  nwir  lhe    Half    Way'
House that ll piece of laud had to be
seen, but  it  would have meant thin- .
samis of dollars out of the cily treas
ury If the owner of the property had J
learned  that the olty hud any designs
on   the   properly     TO  overcome  this
difficulty lhe motor oar had to be left
by  the  roadside, some  distance  from
Iho  property to lie Inspected   Fences
had to be climbed, ditches to be oross-
ed, and streams to be forded.
Commissioner Wllaon realized   for
lhe first time lhat tho position of
stroet commissioner was somewhat
different to that Of the mayor's secretary He came to a stream that
was both deep nnd wide, too deep to
cross with low-topped shoes or with
rut hiving the shoes lllled with water
nnd Ihe feet wet. Off came the shoos
and stockings of Ihe commissioner nntl
thc expert, tin went the pant legs to
Ihe knees, and through the stream tin*
dlgnlf'od conimiiilsonei- and expert
wad otl.
Tho commissioner    will    not    say-
where thn incinerator will be erected
but the fact thnt he crossed a stream I
without flioes and stockings on to I
view a site near the Half Way House
on the Kingston road, lends color to
the suspicion that the city's refuse
may be shipped by way of the Sonr-
bOTO Klectric railway to a point near
where the stream  was erorsed.
it is reported thai tha commissioner also committed a grievlous oversight in allowing the city motor car
lo stand by t'.ie roadside In front of the
Half Way House, a place where tired
travelers real their weary feet and
quencb their thirst. Members of the
board of control have learned that
there was a city motor car standing In
front of the hotel for upwards of
hour, and an Investigation is
destination|various times nnd nt vurious elections.
the export Iby initiating and directing the enrry-
ing ���
i of i-'-iny undertakings, ti  great
er of then' being of a nature not
;tiiy  carried ou  by  mnnlclpall-
^^^       '.III
C.retks of To-
.lohn     Maloney
the Jail doctor*
Toronlo. July l!fl.
will bo examined by
ns lo bis sanity.
v. lien he appeared In court he an-
f.wered   his   name   with       "Why    I'm
iobn   Mnloneyl"
"Are you a vagrant," said Magistrate KiliH.
"No I came here for my birth certificate."  replied   Maloney.
Constable White had a hot time ar
resting him at six o'clock one morn- |
;nr The constable's attention waa
callrd by a bottle bting thrown out
on the pavement In front of Osgoode
Hall. Ho sneaked up and round Ma
loney walking In and out. the fancy
���.:'ten In tlm Osgoode Hall fen-**o
hiirpnil'ir n tune. When M-iloney saw
the constable he ran. and war. caught
onlv at   MeOnul street.
"Why that's nothing!" snld be,
when told ho was under arrest for
' rcnlMng h-tiles on lhe street. "Tbat
Is what the pavement Is for -nice
���ind bin!    to smash bottles,"
At 'be police station Maloney waB
aslod If he was Insane.
"No," Baid he. "I'm a married man."
i It Is thought that Maloney has been
an Inmate of some asylum, and during
ilils remand inquiries will be mnde ns
I to his past.
Toronto. July
dents and tlte
have big lienrls
will have cause
little colony of
Cireeks ure not _
Ihey are doing the next bosl thing.
They are Binding money honae, und
liny expect to cable Queen Sofia ll
Sparta, 15000, The money is uol being gent home lo assist the govt ru
ment, but the orphans, widows
soldiora maimed in battle.
The cablegram  to the queen
���simply say, "From th.^^^^^^^^^^
ronto"     William   Kary,   one   of   the
' wealthiest  in  Toronto, and   proprietor
of a string of shoe shine parlors., ha"
started on a whirlwind campaign to
raise  tiiouey   for  his   fellow  countrymen.    Th* li reeks have great faith In
Mr   Karry,.    They even call him king
so lie is having great success In rals-
, lng  money.     Mr.   Karry  has succeeded   In  getting  nearly  $;ill00.     He dnos
{not  go ubout  in tbe  daytime getting
i the   cash,   but   works   at   night   from
[eight on till one in the morning, visiting the (ireek colonies     Althougb the
majority of Toronto Greeks have t-o
work hard for tlieir money  and  very
I few of them are wealthy, they are re-
jspoiullng  generously.     "Tho  majority
| if  them   give  ,2  and  some of  them
give as high aB $200," said Mr. Karry.
"If   they   haven't   got   the   cash   they
borrow  some.    When  I  talk  to them
'bout   the  (Ireek   victories,  ns   many
if   them   cannot    read   tin     Toronto
���]( -.vspapers, they seem to    go    clean
era?.)-  with  joy.
spoonful!  ol   butter  ior hve  minutes. I
Stir   in   four   tablespnonfuls   ol   flour.
When    it    is    well    blended    add    a
cupiul  oi  stewed  and  strained  toma
' to.s   and   a   cupful   of   the   liquor   iu
! which the  lamb  was cookell. or. il   it
happens   to   be   cold   roast   lamb,   use
wutii   -i.r  gi"Vi  irruvy  thinned  a little.
��� l'""k  till  tin- mixture is smooth  and
j thick,  season   to  taste  with  salt and
< pepper   ami   turn   in   two   cupfuls   ul
| cold iamb cut inti, .-n.iill  pieces.    Stir
and   cm.k   fur   nix   minutes.     Mak
bellow  io   a   tnoU!)d  of hot  boiled
and  turn the ragout into mud over  il
lieef   Liver   Lyonnaise.   ���   Procure
about a pound and a half of beef liver,
slice it thin and lay it in * wide frying
pan,   sprinkle   with   .-ail   and   pepper
and   trt"   tablespoonfttis  of  olive  oil
When  ready to cook, put the pan on
a brisk tire and brown the liver nicely  i -i both sides.    Take Uie liver out
anil  pot  on a dish to keep hot.    Add
tn I'Hii two onions cut into thin shreds.
Toss   them   over   the   tire   lill   tcmlei.
then add a tablespoonfuj uf Hour and
a  tal lespoonfui  of  chopped   parsley. ���
Stir  and  mix  well *iA  add  a  cuplul
of hot water.   When tbe--c aie smooth
and   boiling   return   Uie   liver   to  the
Iryn* ��� pan ami make it very hot.   Ar-
range   it   on   a hot  platter   anil   pour *
tin* sauce over it and semi to the table
Willi a ilisli *.| baked potatoes,
ment, according to Myron A. Folsom
chief counsel tor  the  Bunker  Hill  & i
Sullivan   Mining   company,   who   haBl
returned from the north. i
The  first  unit  of the Jacklin-Hay-
den-Stone concentrator wlll be ready-
to operate by   January 1, 1914. unless
unforeseen   delays   occur,     and     the
Alaska-Juneau    construction is being
rustled   as   rapidly   as   possible.   Roth
companies have extensive deposits of
low-grade ore in the vicinity of Juneau
and   the  engineers,   who heve  devised
aithe treatment mo-ifiodi* tn be employ- i
' led  In  Ibe   -plants,  apet-rt  that  material 1
carrying  value--  ns  low  as 75  cents a
ton cun be niiib ti at a prolit.
White Airicans.
Tlie Berbers, who, although African,
arc a*- white a* Kuropeans, are tlie
oldest ..bile rkce on record, says an
explorer. Tbey are supposed tu have
come from the south of Kurope in ancient 'lays. Tlie Dundee Advertiser
says, nml, alllmujli their language
anil customs arc entirely
trom ours niul their religi'
akin ly
hun ��re
thc llerl
ros'. el,-
^^^^^^^^ Muliain-
tliey are proliably cloielv
descent. Hlue eyes anil lair
imt ut all uncommon among
r-. uiul unit'; of them hawks umt features so like Eng
thut   were   they   dres-ed   ill
fashion they wonld easily (ias-
|     Toronto,     July    20.���The    "Missing
Friends" department of the Salvation
Army in Toronto has luul many interesting problems placed before it.
j but seldom one which can equal in interest that which recently was brought
to its attention und which Is no less
' than to try to Hnd Mrs. Harrit ('. Kllis'
missing daughter, a child of live years
of age. who was kidnapped by her father, John Kllis. on February 22nd last
from B iston. and whom the police
have so far been unable to find any
trace of.
The story of the circumstances
i which surround the kidnapping and
i the subsequent light which has been
(thrown upon the disappearance is as.
1 absorbing as a detective story, and the
j unceasing efforts of the mother to
! find the child, efforts which have
! known no slacking since the child wis
li st, reveal a mother love for her child
1 that has seldom been surpassed In its
i unselfishness.
No Come-back&
"YALE" Engines always    work    perfect
from the start
It is proof that   they
are made RIGHT,.
Made   In   New
Machine Works-
i.  H   BOCKLIN,
Pres and Genl. Mgr.
Bee. Kid Tratxtx.
Rr, Cedar  and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
as natives
,( tlie British bio
'Kor two years alter 1 was married
I was ashamed to meet tlie preacher
who intiM.1 luy wile ami me in Uie
tally bonds. Vyu sec, in my excited
Condition 1 made a blunder and gaVi-i
< une  u  live-dollar  bill instead  oi   >-2i
which  1   Intended to  band him.    i
suppose  be  thought   I  was  a  cheap
skate.   Imt  I   couldn't   very
|,linn  it  without making  my
culous or causing liiin to Sispect that
I  was lying about it
"Vou say you
"Yes.   Alt
1 hud givei
well   ex
tell ��iili-
lelt that way for twu
cr thut I began to be sorry
i him anything!"
Gets Four Years.
Charlottetown,   l'.K.l,  July   is.   In
the Georgetown supreme court today
Judge Fitzgerald sentenced James A.
Mclnnls to four years In  Dorchester
an | penitentiary     for    manslaughter    In
threat- * causing the death of Ills cousin, G. J.
'McIniilB, of l.akeville.
j. S. Grant Jr. Announced at "Wed-
cooij ' He Married a Week Ago
San lllego, Cul., July HO.-The wedding of Mr. II. S. tlrant, Jr., of this
city, and Mrs. American Workman
Will, of Kos Angeles, which wus to
take place at Beven o'clock lust evening In a local hotel, did not occur,
instead of a wedding, lt was announced to thoBe present lit tbe appointed
time that the marrluge ceremony had
been  performed one week ago today
liy Judge George Puttabaugh,
Only a few friends of tbe tlrant family assembled for the wedding that
bus been set for last evening. Mr.
V. S. Grant, fourth, was the only one
of the five children who was In the
hotel purlor when the announcement
The   Tides.
The liilcs are nothing but very long
waves, ami the manner in which they
run around the earth without tiie water   being   obliged   to   move   very   lar
bc illustrated by laying a piee^
ll tlle Hour ami making waves
along  it  from  end to end.    The
all  thc way,  but  tlie  rope
.,: rope
run  uloii
waves  g
ill thii same place all the time
lies       ^^^^^^^^^
Odor ol a Dtao Stymie.
Ueorge (who is putting at tli
hole   witli   tlie   score  "all   square
Great  Scott,  a dead  stymie'.
Aunt .lane  (an  interested spectator
of tlie game)���Thaw now!   1 thought
1 noticed  an unpleasant smell
don Bystander.
��� Lon-
South Africa's Papers.
The   247   newspapers   published   ir.
South Africa give- employment to 4,000
Kur"Licaiis and t'iiti colored ueople.
Guinnesses Foreign Extra Stout
Brewery, Dublin, find it necessary, from circumstances which have come to-
their notice, to direct the attention of the public to the following facts with
regard to their Foreign Extra Stout, which is supplied to the Canadian Market in bottle only. _���-,.., _A '**
1. Guinness's Foreign Extra Stout is manufactured of one quality only,
and is supplied in common to all Bottlers. Any difference noticeable in the Beer by the consumer must be attributed to the system
of bottling, and not to the manufacture.
2. Guiness's Foreign and Extra Stout is brewed only from Malt and
Hops; no substitutes or antiseptics have ever been used in connection with its manufacture.
3. Guiness's Foreign Extra Stout must bear Messrs.   Guiness's   well-
known label, on which appears their Trade Mark, the Harp.
4. Guiness's Foreign Extra Stout is brewed only at St.   James   Gate
Brewery, in the City of Dublin, Ireland.
(1762) nmi -t-etm
'    MONDAV, JUL/ 21, 19H.
Fresh Water and Salt -
1 and Persona]
In Greater
Small  Increases tn Fishing  Down the
Gulf���Bellingham Returns Show
14,000 Fish Caught Friday.
Saturday's report of the II. C, Can-
ru-rs' association Bhow aockeye lishing
unproved down thc gidf. The seiners
are tatting mm-r lish and in most
oases tishing boats ure doing better
than formerly. At Dellingham the
total catch has increased an oven
IhlM) -since, the last record on Krlday.
The report is aa follows;
ltellingham���Got 14,0011 yesterday.
Solnera about the same; doing little.
Anacortea -Got 40-00 from tlie traps
ind 4000 from seiners.
Imperial���Boats averaged 44. No
bqpta in this moraing.
Scottish Canadian I loafs averaged
*><). Two boats in this morning; one
rfith 100  wit* kev, s
Canadian I'acilic Uoals averaged
llrnnswick���Roats averaged 21. N'o
lb oats in this mornmB.
St. Mungo lioats averaged five. No
floats in  this morning.
I'hnrnix    floats averaged 40,
The Clansman, of Vancouver, wan
sit the (Iran drawers' wharf yesterday.
Bight days   and three   hours from
Nome,  with  $700,000 worth    of    gold
bullion���the lirst treasure shipment of
the year down  Ihe Yukon river from
camps of    the    Interior���the Senator
has arrived  here.    Ninety-eight    llrst',
cabin and 48 steerage passengers were '
brought  from   Nome ami  St.  Michael I
and. in addition    to    the    bullion,    a
valuable consignment of Alaska furs.
The Senator took gold and furs al
St. Michael, where she made connec
tions wllh tiie river a team ers J. P.
Light, Herman and the government
boat Jeff Davis, the tlrst craft down ;
the Yukon this season. Captain .lohn !
Scobey. master of the Senator, ro- (
ported ideal weather conditions on tlie
I .Mrs. A. Qravelle and family, of
j Kraser Mills, left on Saturday for a.
I trip to Ottawa.
j    J.  II.  Wilkinson  ia spending a    few
'davs in New Wesiminster and is reg-1
is'.ered at the ltussi 11. _.       Blue Mountain Picnic.
j    The Blue Mountain Sunday    school.
C. S.  Davles,    H.    Usher    and    P.  with friends, held a successful picnic
Froone wore among those who spent, (0    Second     beach,    Vancouver,    on
lhe week end at White Kock. Thursday, in delightful weather,   The
Hev v. Plaskctt. rector cf St. original date had been postponed on
Mary's, Sapperton, left last night ror account of the rain, but Thursday wns
Pontloton   on a fortnight's vacation.      a"  'deal  day.    Over SO persons, chil-
E. M. Taylor, of Seattle, and A. A.
Jamieson. of Vancouver, inspector ror
lhe A. 11. C. canneries, were in tlie
city on Saturday.
dren,  parents  and  friends,  in  special
cars made the journey.
First Flower Show.
The first horticultural show In Port !
Miss Jean  McEwen. of New West-, Coiiuitlam  will   be  held  on  Thursday I
minster,  lefl    on    Saturday    evening In   the city  agricultural  hall.    W.  J
from    Vancouver    on    the    Princess | Manson,  M.P.I'.,   will  open   the  show
and there will be outside sports   and '
games  to  vary   the  other  attractions
of the day.
SHIP movement:
San    Francisco.   July 20.    Arrived:
Steamers O. C. Lindauer, Orays
bor;   Merced,  Astoria;   Santa  Monica,
Wlllapa;  President, Seattle.
Sailed; Steamers Shoshone, Columbia river: Arctic, l'ort Ilrags; San
Ramon, Portland; Watson, Seattle;
Kannkiik (ex-Dakota) (British), Hong
Kong; 3hlp William T. Lewis (British I. Algoa Day via Port Townsend.
Seattle, July 20 Arrived; Steamers
Hllonlan, San Francisco; Prince
George   I British I.   Prince   Rupert.
Sailed: Steamers Senator, Nome:
State of California, Skagway; Prince
George i British). Prince Rupert;
Catania. Port Sun Luis.
Sophia for Skagway. Mlsa MoBwen Is
one of u party composed ot Mr. and
Mrs.  W.  A.  Rutherford, and Mr. and
Mrs. w. J. Robertson; of San Francisco.
I    J. tl. Scolt. formerly manager of tbo
Prfc'fic coast  Lumber   company,   of
tins city, nnd liner of Vancouver, was
,|ar. iu town on Saturday.    Mr. Scott has
'just returned from u two years 'trip
to Europe. He will be joined in a
couple cf weeks by Mrs. Scott, who
H Irav'ng the ens' for Vancouver,
where Ihey  will make tlieir homo.
The Helen M. Scanlon and the tugs
Isaac, Peerless and Linda were at tlio
market wharf yesterday.
Al S:4D o'clock last night the gauge
at the draw of thc Kraser river bridge
save a reading of 23 feel clearance.
The river ia now about normal.
The Kingsway docked nl lbe Columbia Cold Storage wharf at 7::',u p.m.
Saturday with 65,009 jnun-fh nf halibut aboard. The catch ia being unloaded today.
Los Allgeli
E. L. lirnl
I Continued from rage One I
... . Central executive Monday night at the
���city hall, consideration will be given
uiy 20. Sailed: Colonel to h campaign for the establishment
for San Francisco. I0f a municipal electric light and power
Almost Ready.
The Fraser Mills Sash and llaor
company, one of the subsidiary concerns of the Canadian Western Lumber company, nre busy Installing their
machinery und motors and expect to
be ready to atart work at the end of
this week.
Maillardville Motel.
The two corner lots at the junction
of the Marmont and Pitt River roads
have in en purchased by two residents
of Maillardville Tor $1700. Flans havo
been prepared for the erection cf a
fiO roomed hotel, and a petition is being signed by the ratepayers to be
presented to, the municipal council
for an hotel license. It is felt that
such an important centre of population as Maillardville warrants u fully
licensed hotel where strangers and
travellers can be properly entertained
with accommodation ns well as the
permanent residents.
**^   I   L*e / 7V-T I T* EQ~l
A Host of Economies
For Today at Smith's
plant    The  executive   have   found   a
WILL BE SMALL  "'illative organization for the purpose
investigating  the  matter.
Sealtle.   July    20,       Southeastern |aaie  Association  has asked  that the
Alaska's cannery pack this year win 8cbeme    be    enlarged  to include the
be 3UO.O0O cases short ol last seasons,      . .....
according to C. II. Buschmann, man- neighboring  mnuicipaliues, and  it  Is
ager of the  Northwestern   Fisheries probable that  a call will shortly be
company, who has just returned fnun j issued
bis annual InBpectl
canneries.   Markel
What was said to be a sturgeon was
���seen desporting itself yesterday evening in Ihe waler a short distance out
from Lhf. C. P. R. freight wharf. It
leaped partially above the surface
several times -and llie commotion it.
created attracted numbers of dock
The Point (tarry, steam tender to
fhe dredge King Kdward, nt present
working near Steveston, came to New
Wesiminster lale Saturday and returns this morning with supplies. The
���gov* iiiiiii'.nt dredge Fruhling was also
ml the department ol pnlilie works
dock here, on Saturday and Sunday.
Theft of Net.
The Brunswick cannery on Saturday reported tbe theft of a net, by
-rutting on the golf, outside Canoe
��>��?�� The. net is marketd .1. F. 4:),'!-
4>40 and is of 45 mesh with new* tan-
tied lilies and new tarred floats, the
lead lines new and tanned, and the
���cads  branded B. K.
I'lio pilot board may hold Its investigation Into the Herakles affair to-
flay and at it the report of the pilot
-vifj be submitted. J. C. Armstrong,
chairman of the board, lasl nighl said
be intended seeing Captain Mayers
this morning to arrange Tor the meeting.
The Samson ioa--.es the department
-.a public works wharf at 7 o'clock
this tnoruioK for lx-as island where
a couple ot snags will be removed,
after which she will go down to the
"Herkales bar" at BbOVCBTOn to take
���tmndlnga. If unable tu be at Steves
ton at high wal/'r, Capiiijii Menten
will lay to and will not come up river
���niiii Tuesday.
To Aaaist Herakle*.
Another consultation  between    Col.
-l   li   Tni lor, MP., W. II. (iilley and
II.   Schaake,   of  the  Jiavigniiott   com
i    It'i- ot  lne    board    of    trade,    and
Kngini er C. C. Worsfold, will be held
today  whin an attempt will lie made
U  working out a plan for deepening
���lo   channel nt sievcstmi.   The steps
i iken win be of a tumptwar) nature
id   will  aim  at  innvaaing  the  pres-
���o Iith of about 24 feet lo about 30
for   a  convention   of   th
soclations of Greater Vancouver.
Bounced From Auto.
Approaching  each   othi r  al   angles
across Homer street and Robson
automobilCB  collided   at   noon  Satur-
in tin* day and  the little daughter of (i, C.
���.*.'.!   after July I   Sutherland, Twenty-third avenue east,
consequence    had   driver of the smaller ear, was thrown
from   the   back   seal   to   the   asphalt
pavement  and   severely   injured.     Mr
and Mrs. Sutherland were in the front
of the machine, and  the child alone
in the back, when a  five Beated oar.
driven northward along Homer street
by James Pryce. of the  Windsor hotel,  crashed  into  il.    The  small  machine was damaged beyond repair,
Yukon  Pioneer  Dies.
The death took place las' Thursday
at a local  institution  of  Mrs.   Nellie
Hussell,  who  was  well  known by  all
old timers of the Yukon territory as
pari proprietor of the Gold Hill hotel.
Bonanza,    Her two sisters, Mrs. Cora
Kemp,  of  Stewart,   Neb.  and   Mrs.  .1
Slantoi . of Idaho, arrived here Saturday  tn 'ake charge of the bodv.  The
remains   will   probably   be   taken   to
Stewart, Neb., for burial.
Conservative   Picnic.
A  huge attendance  Is expectetl   fnr
'the second annual Conservative picnic
lal  Ganges  Harbor nexl  Saturday.  Af
drawing cards sueh promineiii sneakers as Hon. J, I). Hazen, minlBter of
'marine   and   fisheries:     Sir    Rich-*!���'
McBrlde and Messrs. W  J. Bowser. H.
II. Slovens. .1. D, Taylor, H   s   r\c.
Iments, and the five Vancouver mein-
Ibers of the provincial legislature have
been secured.   The Princess Patricia'
-     ~ das  boon  chartered   for the  journey
Millionaires    on     Way     to   North   on  and   aimost   lnno guests are expected
Auxiliary   Schooner   Yacht M en     [nvltatlons h��ve been sent all
San  Francisco,  July   -'>���    lne   ao  : conservative assorlnHons and the re-
venturess,  $60,  auxiliary  eehooner plfeg rncoivpl|  accor<j[nR tr, tbp Beere.
yacht, arrived In port last night on her | ,Rry of ,,,��� ,.,.���,ra*  ���renniZati0n, in
di'cate  that  thoso  Intending to mako
n lour of Alaskan
conditions have
caused packers to greatly reduce
operations for tho season and a number havo closed entirely.
Seine fishing did not  begin
Ketchikan disirict
No ashing of any
been done before that dale. By July
6. 7 and July 11 Bome traps caughl
considerable humpbacks. A southeas
gale, one of the strongest in years
swept over Southeastern Alaska, dam
aging a number of trans and Betting
back operations BOmewhat.
ln the ley Straits sceiioti ill" usual
quota  of   fish  has  been   packed
this amounted  to little and on
whole the pack promised to be
i The run of fish in Southwi
Masks waters was backward, ai
ing to Buschmann. Should the red
pack fall short ill this section, Busch
matin bi lieves tbe pnekers will hav,
empty cans at the end of the Beason,
its none are packing medium rods or
chums owing lo the present low
In Brlsti I bay the cannery ships
were generally late In arriving this
vein*, nol reaching their destinations
until around May 15. Little or no ic.
was found in the rivers and the latest
report was that the Bristol bay rttti
was well up to the average this early
in the season and weather conditions
were favorable.
to de-
Palina Bedard has now finished the
decoration part of his fine new residence at Maillardville. Mr. Bedard
has been successful in disposing of a
fair proportion of bis property anil.
with the feeling thai he deserveB a
holiday, will leave shortly for Ottawa.
Montreal and other points in Eastern
Canada to visit his old friends. In
his absence Mr. Colbert Seguin wlll
attend lo bis business.
Club   Feels Good.
Maillardville     Lacrosse
twoIwere delighted with the visit of the
Burqultlam team on Friday evening.
They are not in the least disheartened by their defeat and will put the
old adage in force. "Do not despise
learning from your adversaries."
C. O. F. Gro-'ers.
The acting c * mittee of the Catho
lie Order of Foresters have already
secured 37 chartered members of tie*
new Maillardville branch and as aoon
as the necessary number are obtained
will call a special meeting for the
regular organization and eloction of
office  bearers.
Cattle Wander Astray.
Elizabeth Ml nig. no ry was lined Si
by Police Magistrate Snii'h in the
Porl Coqultlam court Saturday tor
permitting cattle to stray on a publ.c
highway. This is the first conviction
of this nature secured in the local
police court for some time past.
Take Advantage of These
Great Savings
See Window Dis-
play of White
Wash Skirts
It  seems as  if ii   were ImpOSSi-
Many are taking advantage of
the great savings.
Today's list are unusually good
ones, and is prepared to start
business off with an 8.80 rush.
Half Price Items
for Today's
Rush Selling
Iiie to  have  too  many  Bummer
New  Home  Finished.
Mr. Joseph   Boileau  has  complete
his fine  bungalow  and    v
move Into it.
Pongee Silks,  Sale    Price,
yard       29c
:<ti and 38 inch Paillettes, Shol
Taffetas, Messallnes, Duchess
Satins, etc., regular values to
$2,25. Sale I'rioe, per yd .-73c
Heavy Feati de Sui. Paillettes,
Taffetas,   etc.,   In   black     only.
Regular $1.50, per yd 8gc
34 inrh colored Pongee Silks:
all colors Regular Hoc and 66o,
Sale price, per yard . . 48c
26-lnch colored Pongee Stlks, all
colors. Regular 61 c. and 65c,
Sale prico, per yard
Regular $3.00 and %
40 Inches wide; very
itios.     Sali    price,
wash   BkirtE
The  skirt  devi l-
opul in White Duck, Drill, Bed
[ord Cords, Pique, etc., is so
very ess,'tuial we have jusl received a new shipment of these
skirls In pretty styles and ma-
waist    lino;
st ipial-
r     yard
Summer Knit Vests
for Women
terlals with  high
some  plain   uiul   trimmed   with
buttons;   others   with   the   new
pleats.        Prices    rang"     from
S2.25 to $4.50
Remarkable Clearance
Beautiful Bummer Dresse
Voiles, Marquisettes, Reppi
que,   Bedford  Cords  at  a
i     in
.   I'i
of Waists
Muddy Aeain.
itlenee   that    Sluicing
\ iiwiiini ui offenders ag imsi the
lish ni regulations ol the Kraser river
wen ��� cul '! on Saturday beforo
.1 Bi Iwell Clute, dlstrlcl magistrate
The) "��� i. pi i i" Japanese fishermen nid the Infringements constated
��� . iccaaivu lengths ol nels. and lish-
mc In in channel.
Fines varying from $& to $10 and
coats were Inflicted and warnings
wire Issued lhal the lenient penalties
.Mn Imposed on account of it being
ithe beginning of the Btockoye seaaon
and as tost Infractions, but that sub-
rsequcnl breaches of the law would be
���even ly dealt with.
A   while   fisherman   was   lined   %2'>
.-"nd costa for fishing withotn a license.
Teutonic Due.
���hoc,   July    lii   Tin-   stoamahlp
lie is due al Ibin port nnly Ibis
*.io.'. anil at Montri al    late    this
Passengers aboard Ihe ves
,    at    Victoria    ant    New
on July 24.
way from Huston to the Arct
in.itisirati'  whaling de  luxe.
Millionaires, scientists and sportsmen will make the passage that will
penetrate the frigid waters on the
coasl of Wrangell Island, Port Harrow
niul beyond. In search of adventure,
data, pictures, and the elusive Uow-
head, least  known of the whale kind.
Mr John Borden, a N'ew York millionaire, owns the yacht and h**adi
tbe part} lie will be accompanied
bj Hav i' Andrews, representing tin
N.'w Vmk Notional History museum;
Wm Hrown. of (lie Chicago Oun CTub
and Harry Scott, son of Henry T
Scott, chairman of the directors ol
the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
Company Captain D F West, a vel
iTtii ol many whaling cruises, is navigating officer of the  vesBcl.
Mr Andrew s' chief aim
thc trip, is io got :. i"' isli
ton of the bow lie *'i wi*, il
"whale room" if the New
rum he represents
the trip had best  secure their ticket?
had be n resinned at Coqultlam dam.
the Vancouver Power company's work
about nine miles from Port Coqu Ham
was contained in the Coqultlam river
Saturday whon the water, which had
become quite clear, assumed its usual
muddy color of the pasl year. The
appearance of the muddy water aboul
I o'cl ek put an end io the BWiram
of a large crowd of kids and yoi
men who were enjoying life in th
hole under the Coqultlam bridge.
These Summer knit  Vests    are
of fine cotton and lisle;  In assorted styles; drawers
in some casts t.i match;  values to $1.00.    Today, p-r
AT $2.35 Beautiful high grades waist's, developed
In crepe voiles; also fancy muslins; with Robespierre
collars; long and short sleeves: daintily tucked nnd
trimmed  with lace embroidery and small    buttons;
regular values to |S,00.   Today $2,35
AT $1.33���Another grand showing of white waists.
with Dutch neck and high collar; short or long
sleeves; also fancy trimmed lawns; plain tailored
styles; pique cords. linen, etc.; all sizes Today at
each $i.38
in   inak'iii
.-. a BkOfe
Inr    thi
i ork oiii-s
-j'. ni
tni ���
wl .
The   "rish   National   Flag.
What   is   the   Irish   national
'The question is being much ilisi
,n Iceland iust now, ami thete i
ly   110   answer.     Most   F.nglish   pti
would *ay ofliiaml the golden harp
i  Lrc-ii  ground,   bul  students  know
| that  tbis  design  only   beLongs ti.  llie
province nl LeuiBter.    liven the green
a the Nationalists aod Uie orange ol
the 1' -tii  Unionists are comparative-
y reci ut adoptions.
\i the battle ol the Boyni . Kiiiy
William's army lought under a green
Hag,  while tne  l"i  ea  ul   Kii i-  Jaires
n.'lii under the ��in'  ks io "i t.u*
-luur:.     I In   liurp   in  a blue  cr lUud
. ii- the sti .,i* I o, l Irattaii - Partis
ni nt,  'ut Hi* l'i' fl') io ia les i**i - ol
, it.     ii -,irn*. Lion   "i    I. '-   di *    i'  i   t *
on    .   ���;..*   i.ai, mal  ci lm   tn   . i, ��� o.
til   nei ;ni-i* iin   banner ol the  great
Ju'-en   Scuta,   "I   thc   Mil  -in..-,   waa
i, -  , nnt in deference in Moore, who
ii   ,., \   Fun   Remember,   n...ii -   tin
la; -   when  the   lted   Branch  kin^ut-
ac'i t inrtii to battle "with  -t.iiui.iii-
if green  unfurled."
Tiny fixed on green i��r a quriousiy
-i u-iitilic  reason.    The   blend  ol   blue
aim   oranp"    which    produced   greei
mi accepted as slgnltying the union
nl north ami south.   So green is strictly the color ol united Ireland
was Been  to capsize    .1   P   SlcuWon     This decision of the unitod Irishmen,
and  VV.  Felling wuc  the nearest  to  cry��tallised In the immortal ver	
| the scene of the accident and they u,,. Wcarin' ol the Green, has hem
made all speed to the rescue Oihaon !aod ever since, outliving both tm
��;<s  seen   to  bc  struggling   In    the scholarly demand Ior a return to blu��
'���  and the outspoken dislike ol Mr. L'ui
mil,  who  abhorred  green  as  u  m ist
Probably Could Not "���
Ri [Inn, July  20,    Vrthur
bricklayer, was drowned In
lake this afternoon   while
with   n   friend      Tbo
body was abandoned
last night and will be
light.    The men were
Qlbsi ll. B
search  for tin
llin".'     'I     o'clock
resumed al day
well to the east
Burnaby Polb.o Busy.
While there may nol be very much
work g'ing  iu  Burnaby at the pres
| mt lone, ihe number of persona being called .nlo court fir contravenri in
Iof the different bylaw 3 .Iocs not ben.-
ui the Bame tale with the police.
Pines totalling $75 were taken i" over
the counter hy Magistrate Beatty on
-..in*'!, v morn'ne. peven persons uti-
II ii ��� : b( ' r ��� the I ' il.. Incl'J l:u*. a
In I en''"'- 16 y. ���'.*: i f ige. The latter
*. .. , '*i r. il i . n iy Hte costB nutl a
I'lflo, o'"cd ' v '.um, or,:���*������ d '* uii'i'*.-.i.
ill 'i !'e r-'a iority of th" cases wr.ro
to ll i .-t aiiioi.-ls
Mary Af'.r- Jcbs.
Lethbridge, Alta., July 20     IJIci Hon
'n  the  pfflcps  of  vice presld    snd
seert tary treasurer of lbe United
Mine Worki rs ��� f America, district IR,
will i ike plsce on Wednesd iy, lulv
*:', The candidates for vice president
���ire .1 I) lones, Lethbridge; Robert
I evltt, Bellevue: F s Wlieatb y,
Bankhead; II. Flour Michel: Wm
flraham, Coleman T fl Harris, Pass-
burg, Candidates fi r seer tary. treas-
nnr are A, ,1. Carrier, Fernle; I. A
Fraiicr', Coal Creek; D H llyslop,
Coleman;  a   W   Brown, Michel.
The Popular Shoe Store
The   Home  of  Low  Prices.
641   Front  Street.
'Z Specials for this Week
Barefoot   Sandals;   double   soles;   any
pair in store   75:
Fleet-Foot Running Shoes;  a clearing
line;   7  to 2   40;
end  ol  lhi'  lake   when
the  frail  craft
,i   P   Scullion
Ladies'  White Canvas  Shoes;   leather
BOles;   nil sizes   50;
Men's Fleet-Foot  Rubber    Soled    Oxfords   75o
Hoys'   Heavy   Leather   Soled     Canvas
Shoes;  sizes 1. 2, 2, 4, 5   95c
Men's Heavy    Leather   Soled    Hrown
Canvas Shoes;  all sizes     $1.25
Ladies' Snappy Tan Hotton (Ixfcrds;
every size.    Per pair   -. ..$1.9i
Ladies' $5 Boots: only  $3.95
Ladies' Dress Boots;    broken    lines;
every size;  value to $.">    $1.95
Hems' llox Kid Blucher Boots;   every
Bize    $1.9",
Gents'  Dress Boots;  stub toe;    glove
bather,    every   size
Gents'  Tan   Willow
Blucher   Boots;    %l
Slnier  Hoots,  F.  W ,
Hoots, etc.
Ihurs, July 24
2 and S p. m., Rain or Shine
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Hollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch; A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
Fct i        * *     i cling Sunday. July 27.
Wi Band   iieads,
nun. nigh.       ixiw.
till * : lino. llgt. Time. Hgt.
7 U0
i ���
'.11 10.1
2:hll 8.4
21 13.0
1.1:07 2,6
h 28
14   9.8
2:44 7.7
'.'1   '������
���  12.8
13:41 3.0
!i   "
��� *   9 r,
3:20 7.0
2    -
16   '1
14:16 4.0
:, i:,
ll  16 6 1
11 52 5.8
M   V.
*   ::o To
) '
.1  5.1
10:13 8.3
.   14 4.3
08  :��� !
Inn lu Bank for ilu* lasl tlim |u t he
ion the men n achi d h m, lite com-
panli ii ������������a* found In Iding to the
cam '* tl bson Is a v ini )'������������ llshtnan
ii l had !' i a In Canada throe ;.��� .its
Having Occd Time.
. Jul) 'i * Twelve nf the
tlirei tori of iIn- United Staloa cliam
bi i of commerce, who are on ihe last
lap "i the r tour ol eli ven ��esti rn
Btati b t" i 'i-i*. their resources and
presehl bi ite il d *. elopmi nl, arrived
here  tod ��� j    md   ipeni   iii'   nftei    ion
it'siing at ll uni >:>    t lub,    where
tbey were enl rtnlned this evening bj
Spokane bush nt nn Infi rtnnl
dinner. Tomi ri tors will bn
lhe  i '���* .->���-<  of tl
in, rce nl lunchi oi
the i vi nil '*.   'i in   *
l��� n| .;,,,* I
1 ���   Mont.
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is  eting witli the greatest favor wherever  laid.
Money Ran Out.
Medicine llat, July 20 Tin* Morn
Ing Call, a daily paper, starleil by thl
nai estate men of this city some
seven months ago to boom the city,
lias suspended publication, printing Its
lasi edition on Baturday, Financial
troubles were the cause of its downfall,
Turns Off the Heat.
\\'a* hlngton, Jul)  20    \'*   liol
���   ketl for this wcelt I.*.* the
in    Over the i mil
bnbl ���   will l��* '
��� high as i *
imuthnr   ii il
ii       ,        ��� .,    ||
|    A shipmi ui due to arr
we , -,;, ��������� the price to
orate,    Ordi r i ar!)  aa Fi
Wa are now receiving
I errli b fi r preserving dlr
growers,   Per crate Sl 75,
How is your supply ol
We have lhe Mason, !*:*���
[eel Seal, iiiiil E. '���'.. Jars.
We 11 lie't your patronage
A . rot to ideas".
Burr  Dlock.
ibia Street,
Otto Kline,  Lucille Mulhall
550 tndians,Cowboys, Cow-
Girls, Cossacks, Horses,
and the sensati mal thrill-
Bllullthlo is noiseless, non-slippery, praotiunli)
horses' foot, nutl. above all, particularly durable.
Illtullthlc is commended highly by owners of nun :
householders, and cny officials,   lt has been adopt
In Canada, and over two hundred In the United si
Boulevard  Dowr
listless, easy on
oi tiicHi reasons
tiib'H niul horses,
i by ioi,-en , ,
>wRvi'&iVli**a.iiA jwa-fcafflnasuuui'-v., f_j*
Phone Seymour 7130.        714717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
i*UX'J*S.*aX2Z ::. ���-������TJ<-**t^i-r*ir*^r.-Trr----^t^-*r*Tmm^--.tr.rsie-w. I ������T������j MONDAY, JULY 21, 19M.
PAtJI  �������������
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Five  to  Five Score  Between  Vancou
ver Old Proa, and V. A. C���Please
Pass the Perfume Bottle.
They Ware Disguised.
A  team, supposed to be the Blaine
! semi-pro  aggregation,  but  which     in
j reality consisted of four of tiie American players and five from Kraser Mills
defeated   an   all-star  Vancouver  nine
at Athletic l'ark Saturday evening, the
| final score being 8-4.   Jack Horne, of
the Westminster Moose and Circle V,
| twirled  for the visitors and  kept the
  I hits   scattered   throughout.     Nellson,
|Tenuey, I'apke and Mlsservey were
It isn't very often that a lacrosse I amongst tha mixture comprising tho
game of the professional kind creates j ' WOOUver outfit,
nn obnoxious effluvium, except In In- j
Olplent riotB, but Saturday's fixture at J
���Vancouver between tlle Oreen Shirts :
nnd the Vancouver Athletics flavored j
that way.   The people of thlB city who
were not attending the prize light, the '
horse  races  or summering at the re- j
���orta  around  Semlamo  bay  caught  a
whiff of a nor'-wester Saturday ufternoon,   with  lbe  result  that tliere  was!
,'t great commotion In the office of llr. ,
I'liderhll],   Vancouver's  beallb  officer,
taking down  the  many  complaints of
the smell.
When an amateur team, which can j
just nose out a win over a bunch of
l*i  year old    youngsters    from    New j
Weatmlnater can hold down tbe Vancouver professionals to a live-all score
there is something IIhIiv Iii that lacrosse and before tiie public can be
expected to give their support to the
national pastime a liouse cleaning Is
iii order.
With the Bcore standing 6 to 2 in
favor of the Oreen Shirts in Iiie
loiirtb quarter and the latter allowing their opponents to even up the
score without even considering the
proposition to play overtime, It do
se.eni funny.
Only a small crowd was on deck to
watch the i ncounter, as the general
belief was that the former Mann cuppers would not stand a show, but for
Ihe two teams to battle to a tie and
later refuse to play overtime for fear
one team might win. will not likely
improve financial conditions when the
next game Is staged.
Newsy l.alonde with four, and Nick
Carter with a single, were    the    tally-
mnkers   for the veterans,   while Pea
ook. Crookall. Gunn  and  Murray per
formed for the V. As on tin
Davie Gibbons nnd Georg
in Vancouver.
. making their llrst
Westminster's    Two    Cricket
Came Out Chert In Matches on
Two defeats were banded out to
Westminster cricket elevens on Saturday   afternoon,   the  first   eleven   being
licked by the Burrards
I while Central l'ark        ^^^^^^^^
lappearance In this city, managed   to
make a win over the "A" eleven.
In the Vancouver game poor fielding had a lot to do with the defeat
r the Hoy,ils, which, by the way, was
lirst league loss this season, Iver
mi'.y and Beecham, both members of
tbe all-B.C. eleven which played
igatnal the Australians a few weeke
igo, were drafted by the Burrards,
although Beecham's (ill should have
been reduced to 11 when he gave easy
chances. Throughout ihe whole
innings, the Westminster fielders were
Infected with an epidemic of loose
'ii'liing. The limne team compiled
Westminster were dismissed for an
even century. Cave, the cap'ain, ob
tabling 'J.i of these, while Hebron.
with 19 not out. was the otber high
SCI rer.
On  the  asylum  grounds    the    "A"
loam   oould   only   compile  69.   Yeadon
Ing  the only  player
Wins from O'Brien by Wide Marnin-
Affair Was Succession of
Off to Vancouver Island for Drill and
Recreation���-WHI   Be   Well
Looked After.
publicity promoter went to hia reward���and one hates to think what
the reward of a press agent might be
���the Trojans had to think up a new
stunt. They finally decided to organize a ball team, which they called the
Haymakers. Clad In overalls and
homespun shirts, and most of them
playing with their tootsies bare, they
looked like a bunch of rubes, hut
they played rings around some of the
big city clubs, and broke into the National league for a time.
Eventually the National league moguls  made  Troy  a   whistling  station. ^^^^^^^^
and   then  the  Trojans  pulled  the on" | 'land Saturday afternoon and thl
brightest publicity stunt of all.
They   had   John   J.   Kvers   born
Trjohn���y started his baseball OVMT luTxM'h^^'MlJISSSSi t\\*\iI"""" ? '.'T t'ade' InfiPector',C"'
as a manager, so he wasn't up against I" !��SJ, nil -*, \l1"" ,"' " ! .i ,"'���/',i^i ES^?*? ""*,' " ��"
a new proposition when Mister Mnr- | s,., ',, r,r ,h, * 1, ! TV "f"'s:ftaff ��/. '",' ^ KelTta school, toe
nhv   'irnioiiitotl   blm   mauairer   uf   the lhc   co"",r>.   in   fact,   for , boys of that school were gathered to-
tr'f v        , ,    'k'   p1,iral aggressiveness,    the    Bayley- gether last week, with Ihe result that
team In Troy and oald hfs men from V,aUe Hcri,p of J"?""*���" ta>' ha(l It thirty of them  found  it  possible to
��   nl     II  oof I tv cents   i  week ""  OV"'' "'*' <"��u'n""���� of Saturday,   make the trip, together with IE or 20
Su,', ,v   ,-,,,'/   lohn,  ���   a'lmisC*!     W"'8h' tlu'  *M^**"' ��** *-���* on   from  the  Richard   Mcliride  school  at
simit.n   games,    .lo.inny  admits  ">at t0p for ring generalship and clever in-  Sapperton
halT  ,���,, "money  tatty*   ���� a'"1 *���"  """^ tha '"-itti0" '    ^9 best  part of the whole deal is
Khancal1      r               sfiU   hound s   h a   ���*"��& ^"""^."^h' S '"" '^.'"'^ "in' "",' "," f���? "IV* K
        Ithe  fifteenth,  for.  with  the exception | travelling, tood, etc., are provided by
Although the largest crowd that has
yet filled the Hrighouse arena was on '
Thirty-five or more Westminster
lads will start a week's encampment
thlB morning which they are likely to
remember for many a day, perhaps
many a year. This is the annual cadet
gathering, which will open tomorrow
at Sidney,  Vancouver    island,    when
ft  hand Saturday afternoon and the fact I       "" .7'    ,     ,  ���,..j ,��� ����� jm���,���n,
"l several hundred  students of different
j that the liritish lightweight champion   BChools   of   the   province   will   gather
n j was stacked    up    against    a reputed   for one week.
Clever  fighter   from   Philadelphia,   tlle      Due to Lieut. Cadet Inspector, Cul-
_,   ....   to    run     Into
scoring  double figures
Central   l'ark  passed  the total  with
liavie   uiooona   "iiu   ...���.s,-   Mathe-jtwo wickets down, although after the
eon were noticed on the line-up of the   fourth  wicket  witli X9 the rest of the
voung pros. " '""" "  """ " ' "* ""
Manager   Jones'   Second   Raters
Down Flat.
The baseball fans at Fraser Mills
yesterday afternoon were treated to a
I'lce game when the Circle K aggregation ran away with North Vancouver In a league fixture to the tune ol
It   '.
Manager Jones, of the Ambitious
City, came over with a second rate
hunch, owing to many of his ''a:a
being away for the week end. and to
this can be attributed the appalling
score which the lumberahpvers sen;
iter-'ss   during   lln-   nine   innings.
.lack lliirne pitched his sixth game
in  eight   days,   five  of  which  he won.
While    the    oilier    was    losl    before    Ile
entered the box.   Some record has Mr
North Vancouver opened the scoring in the Becond when two errors
and a Single let In one run
The  mill  boys  evened  tbe  soon
the   same   stanza   and   from   then
could not be stopped by either Thurston or Sweeney, lbe visiting slaliini li
Jones, receiving for North Vancouver, was lhe bright star of llie aggro
gallon, his throwing to first and second   being   wortbv   ot. better   support
Score: li.    II.    B.
North  Vancouver      8     6      8
Kraser   Mills    IS    11      6
liatleries:   Thurston.   Sweeney   and
Jones. Horne and Huhnke;    umpire,
Tw limbic;,'.
. de were cheaply dismissed. Arnold
and peers, of the local team, were tho
chief  wicket  getters.
In the second Innings, Westminster
were batting hard and ran up 102 for
f oir wickets when stumps were
Here are the scores:
Yeadon. b Draper  	
Spooner.   b   White   	
Andrew,  b  Draper   	
Arnold,  b  Draper        0
'Curtis, c and b Draper      5
Law-Bon, c and b King       2
: Walton, c Draper, b King
��� Annandale, run out  	
; Peers,  Ii  Draper  	
jStngg. b  King  	
Birks, nol out 	
I Extras  	
Central Park.
Phillips, c siagg. b Tendon
11.11 ng, c Annandale, b Pel
l'e ille,  b  Andrew   	
K ��g, c  Andrew,  b  Peers   .
Track   Men  Show  up  Well   at  North
Jack lloult and K. C.  McDonald, of  Ext
tbis city, captured firsts In the annual |
Caledonian sports held al North Vancouver on Saturday afternoon,    llouit
made a fine run in th" hall mile, nosing  out   a  win   against   Topping,   the
Speedy  Vancouver    boy,    while    until
Close  to thl tape lv-  stood    a    good
chance In the milo race.
McDonald took first in the 50 pound
Khol. put
0. Gordon, running under local
V. M C. A colors, did well In the
aprtntS, but failed of a place, lloult
will eiiier in the Vancouver police
sport:-- al Hastings l'ark on Wednes-
<la> afternoon,
n I Nelson, b Peers
Jack, o cunts, b Peers	
While, b Arnold  	
Cbell. b  Peers   	
3 iiitb,  b  Arnold   	
\\ bile, not out   	
Draper,  b  Arnold   	
Second innings���
Yeadon,  b   Hilling   	
Spooner, c Draper, b Phillips
Andrew, e and b Hilling 	
Birks, run out 	
\rnold,   not   OUt   	
Curtis,  not   out   	
footprints, according to Mister Murphy, who says he made KverB manager because he is a poor man and
would  work  hard  for  his salary.
Kvers commenced his professional
career as shortstop on the Troy team
Of the New York State league ln 1902.
and in the fall of that year was called
to Chicago.
Mike  Gibbons.
That's an awful thing about Mike
Gibbons,  isn't   it?
Yon hadn't heard''
Well, ihey suy ln St. I'aul, where
the middleweight resides, that Mike Is
going ,o matriculate.
An I he seemed such a nice fellow,
too, and one would hardly have
thoughl  It of him.
H's like lhis: Mike is getting along
in years he celebrated his twenty-
fifth birthday Sunday���and, realizing
that he can't go on fighting forever,
he has decided, it is said, to matriculate at the Mlnnesnsta state university
next  fall  and study  law.
Hut cheer Up, Mike doesn't propose
to abandon the ring for some yean-
to come, and merely wants to have
tile legal profession to fall back upon
so that he may use verbal argument?
to cop the coin when his listB no long-
! er  servi
Mike "('.littering" Gibbons was born
i in St.  Paul, a suburb of Minneapolis.
July 20, 1KR9,    His parents were born
In  Ireland   After sopping up an education In the St   Paul ileeBtrlck school
i Mike    or Mickey, as everybody called
,111m then    learned the trade of a tinsmith, and went to work In the Great
Northern   shops.     During  this  period
when be was drawing about two-fifty
per day. he committed matrimony. He
began   boxing  at   the   Y.   M.  C.   A.   In
St    I'aul   and   afterward   became  box
lng Instructor at that institution. His
family  opposed  his  entrance into the
professional   arena,   but   Mickey   persisted
He foughi his first battle for money
in 1908, but ii was not until 191" that
he bad ii chance to light a really good
--.   man.   Jimmy   Clubby.     The   St.    Paul
6y   phantom lost a ten-round decision, but
in   lint   be  twice  outpointed  Clabby,
1 once   in   a   ten-round   bout   In   Mllwati-
2a   kee.  and  again   in  a   fifteen-round   gill   In   Winnipeg.     He  also  defeated   Hil-
r,:i linn!   Lang,  the  Canadian,  and  then
4 wenl to New* York antl became a pop-
4 ular  hero   by    defeating    "Goshouse"
2 Willie Lewis and Walter Coffey, the
il California middleweight, ln his so-
1 culled flcht with Eddie McGoorty In
l New York last December, Glhons re.
n .fused to fight, and his lack of aggres-
6 siveness and ginger on  that  occasion
 'put him In bad with the Gotham bugs
101   His  recent  bout   with   young   Ahearn
I was a soft snap for Mike.   The phan
I torn   phenom,  as  his    -admirers    call
8   Mike, nlso has a brother. Tom, in the
0   fight   game,   but   Tom   hasn't   ao   yet
16   shown a great deal of class.
fi '
.  47
.  21
who also supply the
_��� ...-.-essary.
trip of this kind to many Is the
ionly opportunity thoy have of getting
[away in the summer and by this time
fifteenth,  for,  with the exception j travelling, food, etc., are provided by
of the tenth, It was nearly all Welsh,  the government
tho  tenth  seeing  O'Brien  come  from,bedding nee
under the shadow and hammer Welsh |    A
at   will.
Until  the  tenth  the affair took  on ,   	
the scene of a wrestling match, which inext week there will be 40 boys feel
just  appealed   to  Welsh,  whose   best  ing in the  pink of health  as the dl-
work is got in  when  in the clinches ! reet result of such a week's training
Out   in   tlie  open   O'Brien   had   more!at the camp on the Island.
than an even break, h's footwork be ; Line Up Today.
ing a  marvel  io the  fans. At  So'clock   this  morning  the  lads
Neither    man    suffered    from    the ; will gather at their respective schools
scrap and  at  no  period    of    the    15 land     will    line    up    preparatory   to
marching to the Columbia street depot
of the B. C. E, II.. where special cars
will be hoarded to take them to Vancouver where they embark on the
10:30 steamer for Sidney.
Not possessing uniforms, which will
For Sale
Modern Seven-Roomed
close to 12th street carline.   Has basement' furnace,
fireplace, electric light fixtures, also cement walks.
Price $3,800
$200 cash, balance $40 per month, including interest.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streeta, New Westminster.
rounds   were   either   noticed   in   difficulty.
Meanwhile, all eyeB are turned to
the proposed Welsh-Ritchie light.
which the promoters are trying to arrange for  Labor Day    at    UrighcuiBe ,     , ���	
This will undoubtedly be the biggest lbe provided by this time next year
drawing card in the sporting line of Uhe boys have been advised not to
the year and the fans will be in a wear new suits or stiff white collars
position to know the result of the ior any other article of clothing which
negotiations before the next two ' may be easily damaged, but have been
weeks. advised to dress in old suits.
  ' Shoes are an important article required in a camping expedition. They
Bhould neither be too light nor too
heavy and. by all means, not new.
Soft collared shirts of a dark cloth.
Iin order not to show the soiling of
:the week are best while a felt hat will
Tecumtehs and Nationals Now Within  be better than a cap as a protection
I from the sun
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street,  New  Weatmlnater.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Muaical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
Back East
i Excursions
Striking Distance of Irish-Cana
dian6���Leaders Defeated.
Big Four Standing.
Each  cadet must bring knife, fork,
spoon,  cup  and   plate,  toilet  articles,',
towel  and  handkerchiefs.    Any  other j
article which  parents may  see tit
provide   for  the  boy's  comfort,  such I
as nightshirt, pillow, etc., may also bei
Coals    brought.   The above articles should be I
t*.     A.  done up in a Btrong package, prefer-1
62      BI   ably a bag and plainly marked  with
47      42  tbe owner's name, bo as to be identi-!
66      54  tied when camp is reached.
49     6? ',    Instructor Cullen has detailed two I
tl* ^^^^^^
��� 'lleiireux.  betWB".	
the Nationals, played a brilliant game
and was well backed up by his team
mates on the defence, while the home
could not be stopped.
Considerable rough work crept Into
tlie  contest,  several fines being  slap-
102   1819
Baseball Results.
icond contest, which  good ball.
Busy Moody Park.
The Moody l'ark baseball diamond
wiih worked overtime Saturday after-
noon, ihree games hand-running being
the features    In tho flrsl  the Cans
iitati iiali players defeated the Nifty
Nine 8-6     The  I'alnters vs.  IIiiiIsoiik'
team  was  llie  I ^^^^^^^^^^^
was more of a burlesque, all the players being clothed in spotless white
uniforms at the start. Hudson's team
won L't-IK Tlie third and last contest
was the lllooiner Oirls vs nn nil-star
Moody Turk aggregation, heavy hitting
being ihe feature fnr the nil-stars.
Next Baturday afternoon the Westminster girls play a game In aVnoou-
ver agalnsl a girls' team over there.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   I
Vancouver b9
Seattle   67
Portland    4S
V ctorla  43
riieoinii   4:1
.���A'.ii kane  :u
yesterday's tlames.
Seattle, July 20, Timely hitting, a
bus "ii balls and l'eters' error en-
iblod Seattle to beat I'ortland 1 to 2
iiilti. The visitors' three runs were
ill lh" result of drives over the
fence. Both Callahan and Dell pitched
. 593
. fi2'l
9eat le
...  4
' ""/  :i
Dell and Cadman
li.   i:
6     i
fi      2
;  Callll-
it.    II     l'~
, 8     8     i
2    9     J
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Finest equipment and
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
It. H. CORBETT, Manager.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
:i;in and Williams.
At Tacoma:
liatleries:        Kraft
Kaufman and Harris.
(By "Gravy.")
Greatest of nil the Trojans is .lohn
I. Kvers. Kven the famous Helen, who
tarled the llrst collar factory in Troy,
ir did something to break Into history,
,-nnks second to John J. in the affection of the Trojans.
The present peerless leader of the
Chicago Cubs was born in Troy, N. Y,,
thirty years ago today, July 21, 1SSI1.
ind. If the Trojans could do It, they
would have the date declared a legal
Troy was made famous by its collar
factories and by tha publicity given
lo the lown by a fellow named Homer,
who  used  to be employed  as  ll press
agenl by the commercial club. This
Homer had an Imagination like "Doc"
Cook's, ami the. yarns be uenl oul
. ere so Rood thai the city editors
'��� i had to pi'ini 'i in. As long as
Hi . ;* was on the job Troy got on the
\ fr ii pngo as regularly ns VVInsted,
Coun., does nov.*.  When  this  peerless
Dan Donnelly defeated Tom
Oliver in 2fi rounds, one hour
and ten minutes, at Crawley
Hurst. Kngland. This battle between Irishman and Englishman attracted tremendous at
lention, and the nobility and
gentry of both countries were
well represented at the ring
side, lt is said that over half
a million dollars wns wager,��� i
on the bout Donnelly wiib one
of the greatest lrlBh pugilists,
and the scene of his memorable
light with Qeofge Cooper, tin
Kngiish champion, is still point
ed out to all visitors to County
Sain Langford knocked oul .lohn
Wille  in  second  round  at   New
Ike Weir, the "Belfast Spider."
and .lack llavlln. of iloston
fought Ihelr famous "all night
In the woods" battle In Ithod"
Island bei ween Westerly nnd
Stonlnglon. The bout had to be
pulled off secretly, owing to the
opposition of the authorities
and the men fought by the light
of lanterns hung on trees, before n big crowd of Boston and
New York fans. The little featherweights scrapped throughout a large part of the night
ami the bout was called a draw
at the end of Ihe eightieth
round, when both men were on
.lack White defeated Owen Moran, who w-aa disqualified. In
nine rounds, at Los Angeles.
Joe Jeanette defeated Jim .lohnson in six rounds nt Philadelphia.
Tecumsehs   . . .
orontos 3     8      4��     o*      """^"^V   " "'\"ranBport contingent
Montreal. July 20.-The position oi  boys to act as      >��
the Irish-Canadians at tlle top of the  and these Wl      * �� ��" on a
Big  Four league  was again  placed in  ttlls ��"��Ml��*��*j��\t����Tthe walt-
jeopardy when the Nationals, playing   wagon v,hich will take
atelier iacrosse. defeated the Irish on  ing cars. ^^ ^^
the   latter's   grounds   yesterday   after di||.ing   ,h|,   canlp   ,he :
,llH ... tbe tlnal score being   ��� to a. **��   ���' fl       hf, oar(, of respon-
The  speed  of the  Frenchmen  was  boys ��u oe um^ spe  that
the great surprise to the bi�� crowd sible ta*���������*nu.) to s��f.��uard
who always turn out wben the '"'- | f, 'r> 'oral- health and comfort of
Montreal   teams are    In    action    aim       '    n^���r'���pf<
never at any  stage of the game were  th|'?.,^|riU   which  will take place
the Irishmen In the running, except in i    Basin ���   ' ��� aft8rn00n. a spe- I
e  fourth  quarter,  when they  scored K���*,���^ "��  ,���<.  samp  will  be  the
e'r live goals. , ,      ?,���.].,''"facilities, which are such as to
l.'llei.ri'.iN.  between the    flags    for   hath^ ��c��' a(.c|deIlts.     Fixed   hours
"          are to be established for this pastime
a���rt  good   swimmers  will  be on  hand
^fcoTmandanfwill be Lleut-CoL ,
LecMe .0      the    72nd   Highlanders
 _- , Vancouver,   With   Major  Snow, of  the
ped on to a few of the players. �������� nt  gukk.s. as his  general  staff
This  makes  the  second    defeat    of  CM-PS        B j
the Irish Canadians last week, ����� 0Ii~!* Jn the week. Colonel Roy.
Tecumsehs having trimmed them '"[.'f,. of the nth district will make
Toronto In a midweek game. '    ��� ���     tion, %vhi|P on Saturday, July
This On, Pcr.i:.onea. " "''p     ml   parade  will  take  place
r���V followed by athletic sporu.
Manv of the Westminster boys ore
i,,;    aching  to  mix  in  the  races and
ey Intend to follow in the footsteps
of the 104th  regiment, which cleaned   I
.  I r,p X Vltncouver and Victoria con,-1,
'     Not Stationary. tlngents at Sidney a few weeks ago.
A carpenter who had beeu engaged mtto^rt��ffi��lar Culler
yesterday    issued   the    following Ot-
Lord Kelvin Cadet Company, New
Westminster, B C.
The company will parade nt Lor.
Kelvin school under the command ol
Lieutenant Cl. Uiciu.nl Cullen on
Monday.   July   21,  at   8   p.m,   for  the
Five  Daya
SS. "Prince George" Sailing
every   Monday   (Midnight)
(Granby Bay)
(Five Day*)
SS. "Prince Rupert" tailing
every Thuriday   (Midnight)
Including Meals and Berts.
On Sale Daily to Sept. 30th.
Return Limit Oct. 31st.
Variable Routes.
Co Oue Way���Return Another.
Boston and return. -$110.00
Detroit and return     83.00
Halifax and return 129.35
Montreal and return .... 105.00
New York and return ... 108.50
Niagara Falls and return   92.00
Ottawa and return   103.00
Toronto and return  ....    92.00
Other polntB at same reductions
Illustrated  literature  on    request, showing views and equipment of trains.
H. C, SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.   DUPEROW.  G.  A.  P.  D.
l-hone Private Exchange 8134
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Toronto,   July 20.���fhe   scheduled
game between the Toronto! and   the
l'l'diinsehs was postponed yesterday
ufternoon and will be played ai a
date to be selected later In the season.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B. C. viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications ot American  and .Canadian  Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to "4-in. in diameter. This is also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and it. 90S Columbia Street VV.
to build a cabinet for paper, envelopes
and other office supplies in a local commission house was busy at his task
when one of the bookkeepers Inquired:
"Is that -���'oini; to be n stationery cabinet?"
"No 1 don't think so," replied the
worker.   "At least 1 have instructions
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     	
P. O.  BOX 442 TELEPHONE  324
worker.    "Al  lenst i iimc mnuui     onni.i.     .i.n.
to put ousters on lt"-Clevelund Plain  purpose'of proceeding t-i camp at Sid
Her Portrait.     ^^^^^
The   painstaking  artist,   anxious   to
please,  remarked  to  prospective  customer:
"1 can paint yon a portrait of your
wife which will be a speaking likeness.
' Cadet Half Company Lender Car-
field O'Connor. Cadet Half Company |
Lender Charles Turner. Quartermaster
Harold Laird, Sergeants C Connolly,
A. Hunter. .1. Lynn. Cadets J Crandell,
H Crandell, C Ross T, Whttlaw, I.
Walters, 0. Hyan, 1' EasthbrookS, T
McCullough, W Richardson, i Baric
It.   Earle,  C   Onrrlok.   A    llutcher,  1.
Couldn't you do It In what  O'Connor, W   Corbett, H.Jporb't'
they cull still llfe?"-Llpplncott's.
Crncey, A. Smith
Deans, N. Craig, W
it. Read, H Purvis,
I Cadfl Half Company Leader Car-
field O'Connor will nct us orderly officer. Hiirold Laird ns nuartermaster.
and  C.  Connolly ns orderly  sergeant.
II. Two cadets wlll be detailed to
act. as transport  fatigue,
III. A  guard will be stat'uied over
A Fellow Feeling.
Rector-I  bopo you didn't Snd my
lecture dry lust night?
Old tlargo���Well, sur, I wouldn't go
so far as to say tlmt, sur. but wben
you stops In the middle to'nve n swig, a
though It was only water, 1 sees to me-   the baggage while in transit
self, "'Ear, "earl"���London Tatler. IV. A wenn will transport baggage
  to It, C. E. R. station.    Article of WU
All 8t��n. ' required:    Knife,   fork,   spoon,   Plate.
WIscRiiy-I want a dramatic sketch ! <�����?��� "'"'eer, towel, soap, tooth brush
with forty heroines In IL   Sketch Writ- lh.alr. hrm'\'   I1"1"!8, . ,,f     ""���I"���''--"'
* ���*-   ^����i,.n�� a,,it  to ha out
er-1'orty heroines? WIseKiiy���Yes,
sir. We have forty young ladles In onr
dramatic club, and they all want to
play  the lend.��� New Orleans Times
Toronto   Boat  Wln��.
Put-ln-Bay, 0., July 20.   Thn Oar-
iioniu. the crack Canadian cutter of
Toronlo.    wifi    ''    ' ���!���"    Aonillin.i
Jarvis, of the noyal Canadian Ynch!
Cluh nt the wheel, won the free-for-nll
handicap race for lbe winton trophy
which Btarted from Rocky Hiver Harbor in Cleveland this morning, The
Gardenia finished shortly before i
i'i lurk and the reel of the Hoot, oi
suii boats trailed one by one Into the
hay this evening after on ideal npln
across Lain* r.i-ii*.
Patience Is the strongest of stront'
drink*, for It kills the giant despair.-
Ier cold.
He  Is Some  bhot.
Saskatoon, July 80.   Sergt. C.  W,
Thomas, of Saskatoon, made :is4 out of
i possible 420 at the annual revolver
hoo! of tho R N.W.Mr   in the Basil itoon il1*. tHcl I* 'imday.   ii \t thoughl
thai  this ��ill capture llie govt rum*
ueneral's nlivi r cup end prtso of f 60
v.iiii ii Is competed fi i- by the ?70 mora
bi tha foi ce. The prise was cap
lured ii'ii year by Borgt. Sinclair, ol
Maple c-.vt u, with a . bore of 87*4,
stockings, boots, bathing suit to be but
In neat parcel or has plainly marked
with  owner's name.
Friend Iin iTi-i'i-So next years cars
nre iiolni; to bc 50 feet wide?
Auto ARcnt���Yes. Yon see, we must
hare room for the number on the back.
You'll And while plodding down life's Plko
Thai happiness that's true
-LkiturB not rriiin dottiK What wo Ilka,
llut io in *. whut we. do
��� Deliver lli't>nliln-:in.
OrigiH-lt is -snlil thnt '-"ul left ��T
pllSufl to the cleliieotH Ium's IU pel ten
��r in weight
llrlgpi I left some et posed, nu
ibere wns u nitii'h greater loss llm
tbut     Boston '!.V'*.o'*;';r;i't.
Fast PassenKer Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-fhrougSibrcds in AdMO PAUI   Wl
MONDAY, JULY 21, 191J-
Classified Advertising
-----^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, BE R&
Ived for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
iit, Columbia street; A. Sprioe,
queensborough. Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
.lav: ic per word per week; 16c per
ii ruth; 6,iMiO words, to be used as re-
iuil red within one yaar from  date of
contract, $26.00.
v. ants position for washing and
cleaning by day. Apply 65
city. (1757)
house  ^^^
Tenth street,
i :r rent���furnished   house-
keeplng rooms;   convenient.    Apply
Iv. P. block.
dressers and bed at 206 Columbia
street east. (1766)
bacco. cigar, candy and fruit store:
good location; good lease. Have
other business to look after. Apply
716 Columbia street city.       (1756)
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oa* guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-
Article in  Eastern Paper Dealt With
Single Tax Ai in  Force in
Tbis City
The following article appeared in
a recent issue of the "Toronto Saturday Night" and deals with an article
from the Dally News on single tax
as it is operated in New Westminster:
An Item clipped from a liritish Columbia paper will be of considerable
Interest to tbose who have come td
the knowledge that in the one simple matter ar light taxation lies the
key to lbe greater portion of the econ-
jotnlc troubles "w'ilh which wc are constantly   struggling.
!    "It ls interesting to note the effect
upon building of the single lax rating
apology  would    be  accepted    in  the |
spirit it was given, and that Alderman
Kraus was not ofTended at the occur-
Alderman Peart asked if Alderman
Kraus had been ofTended. Alderman
Kraus seid he was ofTended only at
what the papers said, and wanted to
know what was meant by the papers.
"Why do they print it up?" he plaintively aBked. Alderman Peart did
not know. Mayor Martin and Deputy-
Mayor Kraus are good friends now.
Alderman Kraus will certainly be notified when his worship leaves the
place of honor next time.
Guardian ot the    Peace    Can't    Get
Trousers  to   Fit   Him���Finally
Finds Solution.
may be given. When about three
months old, the bucket feeding should
be discontinued, the breaking off being, of course, done gradually. When
several calves are reared together in
this way, each should have a Beparate
bucket to drink from, as when the
milk Ib placed in a trough there maybe one or twa fast drinkers that wlll
get more than their share, with bad
results to themselves and the others
as well.
Hurnaby Lake. Modem eight roomed bungalow, hot and cold water,
electric light, city water; standing
cn acre of ground, beautiful lookout; tennis court, garage, stable and
chicken house. Apply Capt. Thomas,
Port Coquitlam. (1755)
keeping rooms at 224
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.
week; also housekeeping rooms
208 Eleventh street.
Furaished three room suite, with
bath. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
couver3nr89tlng8 "treet WeBMR7aKn,'!ar'�� "for�� fn New WeBtmlnster.   As
couver, u.c. ul" ���"I opposed  to many Canadian cities, es
pecially in the east, there is little un-
i occupied property lying scattered   in
ithe older residential sections.    Vacant ,
_������ ;,..���    ..,.,,    _��� . .      .   lo.s near the centre of the  town are      Toronto, July  20.-The  police com
For Sale���White Rock summer home, ,f    ,0     u d   1(M      bu, pul |missloners have been  forced  to Hike
partly furnished, with two fine lots LQ  use  wherever  p0aaible.    Thus the ' strenuous action  by  complaints
right on the    sea    front,    tor   few ,   ,d      BecticI1B  are  uled first  be. IcltlMnB  regarding  misconduct  '
days only  will  sei   for $900  below | f ������   ,     ^/ ,���   publlc parkB
value and on easy terms. Ithla way glv,��g U]e cl(>, a m(jre cam.        -
than is to  be  found
Calgary, July 20���The thinnest man
In Calgary has been discovered, and
he >s Constable Brooker, one of the
squad of bluecoatB to whom the keep
ing ot law aud order in Crescent
Heights in entrusted. H	
Brooker has long been known as the j wayg ~aTaHabln and convenient
Serious Charges Lightly Made Againit
Regina Official���More to Bs
In rearing calves nice large roomy
pens should be provided, with plenty
of ventilation, as close stuffy places
are injurious to the animals.   Wheat i^bmb^b
or oat straw Is preferable for bedding Regina, July 20.���That Reelun'a
purposes; barley straw hns a great city asBcBSor be Instantaneously dis-
tendency to produce lice. Where POB- miBBed and disgraced because he lied
Bible  the calves  are  usually  kept  in   .     .. , , . ,_  .
a well sheltered or covered yard  for  t0 ,he court of revision and bad de-
lhe first summer, but this is not nl
'    '   and I!
Naughty Toronto  Is Not Improving-
Make    It    One    Hundred���
"Watch   Game"   Gang.
Celved the commissioners was the ra-
   ^^^^^^^^^^ |lu  ,   ther unusual demand  made  by  J.  A.
tallest  and thinnest  man on the Cal-lj,,^,'" B"���en rnlvea do exceedingly well'Goth at the last meeting of the city
^gary   force.    As  a  matter  of  fact   It w],en  turned  out   to  Brass  when  the! council   which   contented   Itself   with
Us  common   talk   s,mong   his   brother   W6ather is suitable  Thev should have 1 reminding   Mi.   (loth   that   his   slate-
i bluecoats that tlie2W��e coat and  brass  an ���nowance of cake and crushed oats j
bdttons of a CalgalT "cop' onjycamjj,,,,,,  bri)n  pm,e(,   011t  to  Ulpm  everyl
day. and  when kept nn In the yards I
they   should   have  vetches,  eabhaees. *
clover or praps mown and brought tol       ~ ^^^^ ^^^^
^^^ made so lightly was thut Mr. Lennox
while practically under oath bad
three tinieB repeated  to tho court of
in the
For Exchange���We have a big list of
city and Hurnaby vacant properties
to exchange for houses and
revenue producing properties. What
have you to offer ?
For Rent���Eight room fully rfiodern
liouse in first class condition, situate No. 609 Bent street, city. Cheap
rem and lease to right party.
"We are going  to
'clothes policemen
pact appearance than is to  be luuna  uiotucn imn��...i,.   -  ,
ln many  places  where  the growth  is  nounced Mayor Hocken, "and
even faster." aren't enough we will put in
put  fifty  plain-
the parks," uu-
'and if these
^^^^^^^^^ one hun
dred.    We are going to make it safe
for women to cross parks nnd public
spaces after dusk. I have been getting
letters  for  some  time  from  people-
so many that I took a drive through
High park myself and saw enough to
convince   me   that   the   action   being
over BUpply, as a  very  large  propor-  taken  is  necessary.     The  complaints
For Fire Insurance���This might mean   tion   cf   the   houses   are   being   built  refer   to   Itosedale     Ravine    partlcu-
sometthing to you this dry weather   by the owners for their own occupa- j larly."
|    The mayor said, too, that the resi-
so;dents  in  the  vicinity  of  High   park
recently held a  mass meeting,
The item goes on to say that a j
complete canvas of the city of New
Westminster shows that, on the average.' the value of the houses being
built is about $5000, these being largely of wood and many being of the
bungalow type.   There is a very little
to Brooker after appearing before for
mer Chief Mackie wearing five waistcoats underneath his ordinary vest
In order that he might come up to
tne required standard insofar as chest
measurements and general appearance
are concerned, but the real length
and slimness of Urooker were really
not known until Friday last, when he
tried to get a pair of pants in a hurry
and it was found that In all the clothing stores in Calgary lhere were none
ihat were long enough fur hlm. Every
store  in   the  city
avail, and It was ^^^^^^^^^^
shop that lirooker was given a hint
on how to solve the problem of getting lhe necessary garment in a hurry.
He had  tried on  pair after pair of
trousers   without   success   and   when
nonts.werc not in shape to place be-
foro council  and  asked  him   to  write
' them down for submission in tho ordinary way.
Tlle grievous charge that  Mr
them.    Fed wpII ln this w��v nnd rec- I
iilarlv attended to thev will be worth
considerably  more  than   those  which j
nre turned out to take their luck  In
the pastures.
One   man   can   look   after  a   lm-ce
number of animals of this description,
and nt the nrespnt prices there *���"i be i
no doubt  about  th�� business belne a j
paving one.    Let the    breeder    r-iise:
was   tried   without gooa fto.-fc 0,,iv an^ keep them going
In   Niinmo's  tailor !���n(1   tnev   w|j]   Bel|   at   morp   mnn,.v
thnn  some of tho  mongrel-bred  animals ihat we see today.
revision that a certain  piece of pro- (
perty  near  that  of  the   Itegina  Cold
Storage  Company   had   been   assessed
at $2700 per lot when  It was not.
Ills grievance was the city was assessing hlin $3000 for property, while
across the road they were selling equally valuable property for $1000. Ile
said the courts would adjust for him.
Aid. Rink took up the charges anil
while in the mldBt of an additional
arraignment of the assessment. Mr.
(loth relumed to the floor, declaring
lie had not finished. Por a few minutes both talked, but finally Mr. (loth
got   the   floor,   finished   up   and   the
Let   us place   your   policy.   Good   tion.
strong   companies   to   pay    loss"9. f    Although   it   is  only  a  year
Rates and full    information    gladly j since the east began to find out what
given    upon    request.    Ixisses paid  the West was doing In the matter of
promptly. j taxation, the story of what the exem-
ption of houses and other products
of industry from taxation is doing for
the new country is beginning to be
well known, and will no doubt, in the
course of time, exert it* influence on
the east.
The  east   never  needed   exemption
of taxation on industry  more  than it
does at present, and one would think
LOST-BETWEEN   THE.OLD   AND  that never before would  be  found so
the new high schools, on Tipperary   many  to take an interest  in  the dls-
a gold   watch   chain    with cussion.    From  cities and  towns all
Phone 312. Room 201
Weatmlnster Trust Buillding.
two charms nttached.
warded on returning
The News office.
Finder    re-
to   box   1769
they met members of the hoard of
control. Here the authorities were
convinced from the evidence advanced '
by respectable citizens that prompt
and powerful measures should be
Noted Visitors.
One of the most distinguished citl- I
zens of the United StateB, in the person  of  Andrew   D.   White,  of  Ithaca,
ex-president of Cornell  university,  is j
in Toronto.    His mission Is to inspect
the   organ   which   has     lately     been
placed in the Convocation hall of the
New  York
Mr. Niiiiino brought our the last pair , ^^^^
in   stock   and   found   that   they   were j    Chicago. July 20.���Mrs. Cora Deld- I council passed toother business
st.ll  a  few  inches  too  short  he  was enhaft Oliver, former manicure at the '
iu dispair.
"Can you get any to fit  me?" queried Brooker, who was getting worried, i
"It   doesn't   look   like   it,"   said   tlie
tailor,  und     then   as  a  bright     idea
struck  blm,   be  added,  "Say.   I'll   tell
you what to do;  you can't get a ,__ 	
cf pants in Calgary to fit a long slim I    The reason?   Well, you sec Mr. Oli
j hotel   Saratoga,   who   manicured   the
finger nails of W. H. Oliver. "Milllon-
jalre" of San  Francisco and  Los Angeles, Cal., on June 20, was woed by
him on June 21. won by hlm June 22.
and married to him June* 2.1. is again
pair i polishing nailB.
slim I    The reason?
man like you In a hurry, but go over!ver   Isn't
to Cappy  Smart and borrow two len-  even  In
gths of fire bose,  that's the  best  we
can  do  for you, and  1   think  at  that
they'd be a perfect fit."
over  the  provinces  of  Ontario    and university.    The  state  of
Quebec,  and   beyond,  comes  news  of has  arranged   for   the   erection   of   a
the troubles being experienced ln ob- similar auditorium at Cornell, Wltn a
tainiug a sufficient number of houses seating  capacity  of  about  2.500,  and
to accomodate the  population  of the the   university   '-  - ��� �����
^B 'country.
  Not only do these troubles occasion
For a License to Take and Use Water, the greatest inconvenience, and some
Notice iB hereby given that Dawson times misery, to those who are look-
and Grace, of SoutB' Westminster, ing for houses, but they are. of enor-
will apply for a license to take and mous disadvantage to the various in-
use one hundred inches of water out  dustries   which   are   springing  up  all
of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Under  and  by   virtue of  a writ of
b   fa   to   me   directed   and   delivered
against the goods and chattels of   C.
i-ihinobu at the suit of Tal  On Chan
Company, 1   have seized  and  will  sell
at Shinobu'a   office.   Northern-Crown
bank building, corner of Columbia and ii.---���*;--*;-   ���, ^
McKenzie streets, on  Wednesday, the f���10" "' tbe   <* ster tlecorder st New
.'Hrd dav of July. 1913, at ,1 o'clock In I Westminster.
ibe afternoon,  the following, or sufTi- I    Objections  may  be  filed  wiih    the
cieiit thereof lo satisfy the judgment   fia'd   Water  Recorder    or    with    the
i *..,,,,.,r.,n,.r r.r wnto-r ihfIiIr   Parlia-
of an unnamed creek, which flows in
a northerly direction through wild
land, owner unknown, and empties
into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
, road. Tbo water will be diverted at
' a point south of Ladner road nnd will
be used for stock and domestic purposes on the land described as a subdivision of fractional Bection 25, B. 5
N��� R. 3 W.
I This notice was posted on the
ground on the 8th dgy of July, 1913.
Thc application  will,be filed  fn    tbe
debt and costs herein: One Macey
cak letter cabinet, one electric heater,
one oak roller top desk, linoleum, one
oak double standing desk 6 feet, heat-
ng stove and pipe, three office specialty oak and walnut filling cabinets.
one fire proof safe, office stools,
chairs, maps, inkstands, letter scales,
etc., one Daw's duplicator, one Neo-
style, loWtypewrlter paper, etc
Terms of sale cash.
T, J. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff.
New Westminster. Julv  17, 1918.
I Westminster.
i    Objections  may  be
said   Water  Recorder
Comptroller of Water Rights,
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
(1718) Applicants.
fle  Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1. Except One Acre
Theretofore  Conveyed,  in  the  District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued   to
William  McBride on the 1Mb day    of
August, 19111. unless in tbe meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
me in writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate or Interest therein.
or in any part thereof.
.1  C. OWYNN,
District   Registrar of Titles.
i^ind Registry office,
New Westminster, B.C., 12th July.
Th" person or persons having In
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the mild
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
30th January. 1S.S9, grant from the
crown  to Charlotte  Allele  Itoiigue.
19th July, 1889, conveyance frnm
Charlotte Adele Itougue to Robert
Soott  Moncrleff
(1743)        District Registrar of Titles.
Province of British Columbia. County
of  Westminster.
Under and by virtue of warrants of
execution  and a warrant under chattel  mortgage, io me directed and delivered against the goods and chattels
of  the West  End   Hardware  company
at the  suit of Kelly,  Douglas  &  Co.,
Merrlthew  &  Ramsey    and  A. Ilardman,  1  have seized and  will  sell    at
the West  Knd    Hardware    company's
store, Eighlh    street,    New  Westminster, on Monday, the 2kth dny ef July.
1913, at 9:30 o'clock in tlie forenoon,
the following, or sufficient thereof to
satisfy   the  Judgment  di bt   and   costs
herein, etc.:     All    the    stuck of hard
ware,  tools,  plumbing  goods,  ranges,
heaters, granite and tinware, ammunition,  paints,  varnishes,  brushes,   etc..
amounting    as   per     inventory     to
Terms of sale cash.
T. J   ARMSTRONG, Sheriff.
New Westminster, July 16th, 1913.
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster,
By virtue of n warrant under conditional bill of sale nml a distress war-
rint issued in action by s ll Thomp-
(���on and to me directed against the
jseds end chattels of Kininnnds &
Diddle I have seized and taken 'he
following* Three I'ensylviinia auto
(Ires, four Duiilnp auto tires, lot blow
���out patches and protectors, four sets
weed chains, live Presto lulu tanks.
one 160 gallon mis tank, "in* gasoline
pump, two vulcanizing outfits, one
CVfc h.p. gasoline engine, one ht ciun-
j-ressor tank and (lxturi a, three cn ase
runs, three bronze shafts mid Ihree
���nropellor.'i. two disks, a lol of tools,
���park plugs, auto accesBorles, etc.
All of which I shall expose for sale
at No. 48 Eighth street New Westmin-
ster. on Monday, the L'I si da; of Jul-,
VD. lfll"' at "'e llmlr "f '���'��� o'clock in
the afternoon.
New Westminster, Julv 16th, 1913.
T. J. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff.
jD -111ft for  the   Mortgagee and  Landlord, (176"i
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ... .$16,000.000.(K
RESERVE    $16,000,000.01
Branches throughout Canada am
Newfoundland, and In l^indon, Erig
land, New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Lettert
of Credit issued, available with cor
respondents In all parts of the world
BavingB Bank Department���DepoBib
received in sums of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 2 per cent pel
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186,000,000.00.
O.  D.   BRYMNER.   Manager
over. It is known that in the cities
of Toronto and Montreal scores of
families are in a quandary to know
where to locate during the coming
winter and that employers of labor
are discussing means of relief because
of the influence the shortage of bouses
is having on the labor market. The
high rents necessitate high wages,
and are operating in a disadvantageous manner upon the industries of
, the country.
Fortunately there is evidence that
the boom in the price of leal estate
has been punctured. This means, if
il is true, that the menace to tlie In
dustry of the country will be removed for a while, at any rate. However it will be only a question of a
year or two or three years I ill tbe
boom will come on again, and once
more the speculator will get the re
ward and industry will have to pay for
it. >
Industry, being that upon which all
things rest, surely should have enough
intelligent   and   powerful   friends   In
tbis country to bring to an end a sys
tern of taxation  which  levies upon  it
such   constant   and   burdensome  loll
One   doeB   not   have   to   be   endowed i
witb  such  a  tremendous  faculty  for
reason  to  see  clearly   what   unearned
increment  is-  how  It arises alone because of the needs of the communit
and is in no sense produced nybya els
and   is   in   no  sense  produced   liy  an.,
indivdual, and  yet.  because  it of necessity attaches itself lo land, and land
only, il is absorbed  by  the owner of
The remedy is so simple that the
only wonder is that It bus not long '���
since been applied. lt is that the
system would be so adjusted thai thl4
; um urned Increment as produced by
the I'oniniiinity should no longi r be
gat hi rid by Individuals, but should
be diverted into the public treasury
fn the needs nf tlu community Its
creators, This would mean that spec
illation in land would be brought t"
an  end.  inasmuch  as  tiie only  ( bjecl
of the speculation is to get ibis unearned increment. Land would nol.
be held mil of use and idle, because
the future rise which came to i. would
not enrich llie owner but would be
taken  in  taxation.
This unearned Increment, be'n-r
vastly larger each year Uian the
amount of taxes now collected, would
permit of lbe entire cancellation of
taxation, thus relieving Industry of a
charge which nf necessity is now added to houses and goods, and contributes to the high cosi of Lving. This
would leave the public with an enhanced consuming and purchasing
power, and force an army of men
who now live off the pickings of ape"
illation io go lo work and make a
living. The advantages are so manifest thai in ibe years to come our sue
Is  planning  to  install
an   organ   suitable   for   large   gatherings.   Toward this organ Andrew Carnegie has made a gift ol some $80,000,
Accompanying  Mr.   White  were  Wm
Wm.   H.   Miller,   the   university  architect, and Mr. Johnston, university organist.   Here they were met by a representative of the builders of the Toronto organ.    Mr.  White said tnat it
was  quite  possible  that  Cornell  may-
buy its new organ in Canada.
The  "Watch  Game."
Another  "watch   game"  gang    was
broken up in the I'nion Btatlon by Detectives Charlie Taylor and Twigg, ane
two of the four members of the gang
were heavily fined.    Karl Phoenix, tin
moving spirit, was taxed $50 and costs
or   ninety   days.     John   W.   Mc-Niilty
was given $20 and costs or sixty days
James  Day and 'Kred  J.  Riddell  were
let off.
The game is a swindle practised nn
country folk and tourists. The swindler approaches his victim with a downcast    air.   says   he   is   a   railwayman
down on his luck, shows a false rail-   with her
way certificate, and  says that, whili (never be
he refuses to beg for money, he won
ders if the gentleman  would  buy  hi
watch fn  him
Treatment in Early Stages Has Much
to Do With Later
Tliere is no question as to the Importance of calf rearing, especially in
cattle-breeding districts, but there is
a great diversity of opinion as to its
profitableness or otherwise, says an
English writer. The natural method
of calf-rearing is to allow the calf to
run with its mother and feed when il
likes. But this method has been considerably altered and improved upon
iu recent years by the appearance of
calf foods upon the market, which
do away with tlie old fashioned idea
of rearing calves upon milk alone, and
nowadays, after the calf is about a
week or so old, the milk is stopped,
and it is reared entirely upon oalt
food. In the first-class pedigree herds
the cow is usually allowed to bring up
her own calf, which in the summer
time Is turned away in the pasture
Above all things, it should
forgotten nr overlooked that
new milk Is tlie natural and most suitable food that can be given in the
early  stages,  and  It  ls  almost   iiidis-
exactiy  a  millionaire���not;
���nts. aB he admitted  sadly
"Really, you see, my father left me!
'$40,000 to  be given  to  me  when  I'm j
32. and I'm only 25 now. nnd so dear,
Cora insisted on going back to work,"
he  explained.    "You  see.  old   man.  I
tried to cash a draft for $50, but my!
attorney in Lob Angeles wouldn't hon-',
or  lt, by Jove,  so  you see.  we  must
live somehow till I  get my money or
I can get a Job."
Spokane, July 18.���Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. I'aul trains will be running into Spokane about August 10,
and not later than August 15, according to authoritative Information Just
obtained. These wlll be stub trains
from Plummer to Spokane and temporary passenger facilities will be fixed up In tlie east end of the freight
house now in course of construction.
It is expected that part of the freight
house will be opened the same date to
i handle the freight busiiies of the com-
j pany until lhe entire structure Is com-
j nleted. Good progress is being inade
on the new freight ll nise and the steel
I work is being put up rapidly
Ballasting Is progressing nicely on
j the line frnm Plummer to Bell and the
i company will place its steam shovel
and hauling outfit at the ballast pit at
I Spokane bridge at once, in order to
|"omnlete lh" lart nf th" ballasting
i from Plummer to Bell bo the line will
When through old
age the bodily
functions become sluggish^
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give gentle, timely and
effective aid, without
discomfort or distress.
25c.   a   box   at   your
Druggist's. wa
Njtt-Mial Or-af sn* Ckcvleal
C*. M Cuwki. Llmatt.
completed by August
sold   for  anywhere pensable during the first few days of
cessors  will   find  it  difficult  to
lieve   that   il   should   have   taken
long   to  bring   the  change  about,
A   DAY;
Telephones:  Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN  ItEIli, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs,
Office and Worki:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.   New Westminster, B.C.
Itegina.   July
Is  now  deputy
elected  at  the
previous   u
days ago h
20.   Alderman  Kraus
mayor, having    been
last   couneil   meeting
last   night.     Some     few
worship was not in the
city, and it appears that Alderman
Kraus was not made aware of Unfile!, anil did not know that be was
mayor of Regina until he rend li in
the dally pullers when it was loo bite,
lie resented Hie slight, and asked
why It was that he was not notified ut
the tline. His worship stated be was
sorry that Alderman Kraus w-as not
notified, but he was gone for only a
short  time,     His   worship   hoped   the
Th ^__^^^^^_
from  six  to  fifteen  dollars  and  costs
the swindler $1.70.
It has a picture of a train engraved
on the case and Inks like a railway
man's watch.
The Reason Why.
"I   wanted   to   make   a   present   te
mother," said Percy Harmon, aged lii
tearfully,   when   asked   in  the  county
police    court    the    reason      of      his
stealing a suit and   two blouses frnm
a suitcase on a Toronto and York car
at Sellomburg. The owner of lhe gomli-
has not heen found. Magistrate Brun-
ton found the lad guilty of theft, bul 1 will only be
allowed him to go on suspended sen- |on.
Incendiary  Fires.
Three  times   In   the   last  six   weeks
have  ihe  firemen  of  Wilton  avenue
lire hull been  called  out   lo answ r ;���
fire In  tlieir own back  yard.    And  it
wasn't the firemen who discovered tl"
blaze which threatened to wreck tholr
plane of abode.   The protectors   i Tn
ronto's lionies had retlrid and were i:i
dulglng in Hie firstnaps of their beauty
Bleep when awakened by a policemur
'who Informed  them  that  tlm rear
th"  lirehiill  was burning.
There  Is a  slory  of a pitcher tin'
went  too often  to  the  well  and   wai
broken. If the pyromaniac who is de
terinlned   to   burn   down   tlle   Wilton
avenue   fin-   station   isn't   careful   hi
alBo   wlll   be   broken,   as   the   firemen
are becoming tired .if being forced  to
put out blazes In their own little shebang.    After tbe excitement had sub
sided  somewhat  Investigation  Bhowed
that an old mattress, which had bee
dragged  across  the  yard  against  th
rear of the building and Ign'ted. Thi
blaze Is recorded on the fire hall slate
as Incendiary
Municipal   Research.
Officials and citizens of Toronto can
without doubt, make Toronto n pacemaker  for ni her  cities,  if Toronto's
energy and Toronto's Intelligence are
directed consecutively in the only
Institution in Toronto wh ise efflcioncy
or inefficiency vltallv affects every
mnn. woman and child -Toronto's city
This is what Henry Bruero, DlroetT
nf tlie Municipal    Research    Hur"*'u
I which has   conducted    Investlgat'nns
I Into tin- civic administrations of New
! York and other American cities which
have resulted In the saving of millions
of   publlc   money   and   the   establish
ment of real  municipal offlclenoy In
[civic   enterprises,   had   to   say   about
the outlook  fir reform In Toronto.  A
committee  of  citizens  are  going   to
raise (6.000 lo enable a thorough survey uf Tiirnuio's municipal organization  t:i fl' made  by experts from  Hi"
municipal  research  bureau  before the
end of the present year, wltli a view
In  eradicating   faults  and  awakening
1 public interest in mi-nlcipai affairs.
the  calf's  life.
Now a few words about    the treatment of hand-reared calves.    As soon ,
as the calf is born, it is removed into
a   warm,   dry,   well-bedded   lc. ise-box. (
and after being well rubbed it should
be covered up with straw.    After get- |
ting the cow milked, tlie nex' thing Is
to feed the youngBter,    Before doing
this  many  people administer a table-
spoonful of castor oil as a preventative  of  scour.   In  giving  the  calf  Its
lirst drink it will naturally -ry tn suck,
but this should never be allowed, as it
worse to break  off  later
The thirst'Pincers,
Tin* lobster's claw is said tu be tl
original gaadtter'a pincers.   'I her
many other pincer carrying animal?
especially  the  scorpions,  b.id  anion;*
these   we ean  Und   nearly   ; 1   great   n
variety   *.��   in    tlie   hardwnie  i-lmp
Shears and scissors are icry  siinilui
in operation  t" the pincers, ami  we
liiul 11  number ol creatures carrying
such tools,   The earwigs, fm instance,
eurry  a  pair  ol  forceps li  skillfull}
constructed us nny a dentist uses. Thr
power nl the big pincer.- "I n crab's
or lobster's claw is well known, ami
auiue nl the modern instrument   used
Inr gasfitting  are  based  nn  principle* |julred
of construction
lomewhat similar
, 1
Take about one pint of the first mill'
diluted with a gill of Just warm water
in a large basin whieh should be held
under the Jaw.   Then place -he Hngeri
! of the right hand jusl  over Hie nosi
; nut  of reach of the ninuth, and  pre.il
Hie head  down  into Ihe  basin,  when
I tho calf.  In  attempting  i"  ruck   ���'"
'lingers, wlll  begin to drink  the milk.
A Utile help hy an assistant may be
' required just at first, but after one or
two feeds In this way It Will usually
oil take to drinking  without  th
at all. It Bhould never be allowed tn
uel Into the habit nf sucking lhe fin
eers. otherwise no end of trouble will
lie the result before It will drink properly,
Requires Patience.
Patience Is a great requisite In this
work, and the sooner the lesson Is
learned the sooner the trouble Is over
and the belter the calf will thrive I
believe much of the mortality is due
to starvation, or ailments oenseoitent
(hereon, simply because they have
never been taught to drink pr iperly
and waste their food and strength hi
trying It find something to suck at.
Hence an experienced man onlv should
be employed when calf-raising Is gone
In for. Some people prefer to let the
calf Flick Its dam for a week or *-' 1
and then put it on the bucket, Thlfl
way has no doubt Its advantA-pes, bu*
the lesson of learning to drink is
harder to learn,
For a few davs nt first the -""lf
should be fed four limes a day; then
the nimntltles mny im Increased and it
������������>v he fed three tim<��s ,1 dav. viz..
"i'--'ing, noon and nine o'clock at
Feeding the Calf.
Hy lhe beginning  if the second week
fhe quantity mav be still further Increased  nnd  n  little  calf  meal   gruel
may be added, and as soon as the meal
is taken freely and the milk Is required
fnr another calf, or other purposes. 111
mav be gradually stopped  altogether
and   the calf  will  thrive on  Ihe  calf
food   alone.     A   mixture   of   crushed ',
oats   and   bran   should   be   provided, j
only jusl as much being placed In the |
trough as Is cleaned up at once, and.
Knew  Only  One  Kind  of  Weight.
The young lather was ujoicing visibly over the advent of hit lir.-t sou.
Larly in tbe morning lie was pmuill)
111 evidence at the (runt gale wben
I the iceman appeared.
"Twenty-flve pounds!-" inquired tin.
"No," suid the excited parent;
"eight and three-quarters."
Natural   Query.
the   r, 1 si.11   we   give  tin*
iin,"   remarked   the  theatrical
Oger,   "Is   mi   account   uf   lbe
fingers I business
think   lie'i   tin
Ihe commercial centre nf Swltzer
land is Zurich, the present populatlou
cf winch 1= about !KX).(KJ0
Separate tenders Bupererlbed.
"Tender for Ilesldence of Head Gardener,"
"Tender for Residence for Kngi-
"Tender for Ilesldence of the Bursar,"
"Tender for Residence for Assistant Medical Superintendent,"
respectively, will be received by the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works up to noon of Monday, the 2St!i
day of July, 1913, for the erection
and completion of the following residences ai the Menial Hospital. Kssondale, B. 0.:
"Residence for the Head Gardener,"
"Kcsldenco for (be Engineer."
"Residence  for  the   Bursar."
"Residence  for the  Assistant  Median, I cal superintendent."
Plans, specifications, contract anil
forms of tender fur each building maybe seen on and after the 6th day of
July, 1913, at the ofices of J. Mahony,
Government  Agent.  Vancouver;   S.  A.
Fletcher, Government Agent. New
Westminster; and the Department of
Public Works. Victoria. B. C,
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of drawings and specifications
of each building for the sum of fifteen dollars ($16) for ench set re-
wiiich will be refunded on
their  return  in  good  order.
Each proposal must be accompanied by ill) necepted bank chequs or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honorable the Minister nf Public
Works, for the sum of fi per cent, of
the tender price, which shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline
to enter in'o contract when culled up
on lo do so. or if lie fail lo complete
the work contracted for. Tlie choques
cr certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them
upon   tlie   execution   of   the   contract.
Tenders will not bo considered unless made out on tha forms supplied,
signed with the act mil signature of
tlie tenderer, and enclosed In the envelopes furnished.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, II. C, July 4th, 1013, (1712)
um n
England's Oldett Port.
Fn'.inniitli   h   probably   the
port in Kiig.iind.
Itegina, July 20. As the result of
Judgment in connection with the appeal before the court en banc, W. .1.
lliitihins. who was convicted of big-
:uny before District (iourt Judge
lllmnirr last April, will walk out of
the Regina jail, where he Is at present
incarcerated, a free man, the sentence
of one year's imprisonment Imposed
upon nt thai trial having been quashed
Ilutchtns was married In February
last year In .Minneapolis, but afier hav
lng lived with his wife for some
months, they quarreled, and she began divorce proceedings against hlm.
which, however, were subsequently
dropped. In December of last yenr.
he went through ii form of marriage
wiih Anna I.   I'eyferl ul Kstevan.    ills
explanation for having done so, made
at tlie preliminary hearing, wns: "1
supposed that after thirty days from
the date of Iho papers served upnn
me the divorce would lie granted and
I would be free to marry again." lie
added: "I admit I married Irene In
Minneapolis and went through a form
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block,        657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
New  Bprlng  and   Summer  Suitings,
now on  display.    See them.    Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
when in season, a
little sliced 'turnip |of marriage with Anna I
.  Seyfert.
Tho International Harvester compauy, Hamilton's largest plant, has
closed down until the end of August.
Rev. John Gray, D. D��� pastor emeritus of Oriiia   Presbyterian   church,
passed nwny In his 89th year.
Dr. Jorrold Ball, of Toronto, who
practiced medicine there for the last
39 years, died after a week's illness.
The Kort Brie village council voted
an appropriatnm nt $5011 fur the pence
celebration to take place July so, ut
Kort Erie beach.
After lu years' work in the Indian
mission iiiilii of 'the Baptist uhurch
ol Canada, the Rev. II. Y. Corey and
bis wife will return home on furlough.
When Alex. Uainsbnw, Toronto, Hn-
Ishi d writing s letti r aboul midnight,
be was seized will) an attack of heart |
failure and dhd iii bis chair.
A campaign has bi en Btarti l in
Thorold in opposition to tho coming
submission of the Canada temperance
act   to  tl lectorate    of    Welland
The ferry steamer Pontiac was gutted by fire, said to have been of an
Incendiary origin, al the Grand Trunk
docks, Toronto, causing damage of
Attempts to arrangi- a Joint meeting
between Hon. w .1. Hanna and W.
ProudfooL K. c, M.L.A.. during the
by-election campaign in North Qrey,
lllll' il in a fizzle.
Excitement was caused in Blyth
when ii was learned that Herbert
Dexter, 83 years old, was under n
cave-in in a gravel pit, After a
strenuous hour and a half's work he
was !':������. d.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith, near
Wyoming, cell brated tlie 06th anniversary of their wedding which was performed in Lanark county in 1M7, the
bride and groom walking 80 miles to
be married.
Attempting to change her neat In
n rowboat while out In the lake off
Kew Beach, Mrs. George McDonald,
Ti'i-'i.to. fin into fifteen feel of water. She owes her life to the vigorous work of a physician.
_ And] Dublin, arrested with Charles
Crowley on a charge of pocket-picking, was sentenced at Loudon to six
months i'i the Central prison and t ���
be depi rted. Crowley wus fined ?7iJ
and will be di ported also.
���I isi ;i!i Wattle, oldest Mason in
Canada, now in his 104th year, arrived In London from his home in Toron-
i i, in attend the wedding of his niece,
Kathryn B. Colquhoun, tn Arthur
I��ssi i> . ti Vancouver.
Edward v. O'Sullivan, of the legal
firm o! Day, Ferguson & O'Sullivan,
Toronto,  died  of a  paralytic  stroke
\ti estate of $1,164,000 is disposed
of by the will of Wldmer Hawko, vice-
pn .*-blent ni the O'Keefe Brewerj
company, Toronto.
Thomas Heyes, or Thomas Heyes
t- Sons, Toronto, well known us a
chi mlcal and  mining expert, is dead
(", i < it---.��� ��� Howard, one of Ouelph's
oldest and mostly highly respected
n Bidents, former mayor and alderman fnr many years, passed away.
One of the most Interesting political
campaign ever conducted In Ontario
is iii progress In North Grey, over the
vacancy caused liy the resignation f
Hon. A. G. Mackay John McQuakor,
a commission merohant, of Owen
Sound, Is the Liberal candidate, and
Colin Cameron, an Owen Sound lawyer, the Conservative.
The fifth drowning In three weeks
occurred at Kingston, Tuesday, when
lii-zei Johnson, nged 12, returning
from Barriefleld, after driving cows
lo pasture, fell off Howard's wharf.
Two of the members of the Kingston penitentiary Investigation commission will be S. A. Armstrong, head of
the prison branch of the provincial
secretary's department, and Joseph
Downy, director of the Orlllla asylum.
Following the strain of las! session
Premier Borden, Finance Minister
White nnd Sir ltlchnrd McBride are
all Buff'ring ill health Messrs. Borden p-id White have become victims
of in -vous disorders and are taking
enforced rest
W. II. Moore, K. ('., laid the foundation stone fer the new gates at the
Little Lake cemetery, at Peterboro,
and was presented with a silver trowel. The new gates will cost about
The 4 pulp mills reporting at Ottawa in 1012 consumed a total of 868,-,
042 cords 01   raw   material valued    at
$6,216,582. The quantity consumed
���hows an Increase of 2S.S per cent.
over 1911.
Tbe app'iiiiinent of a Canadian pub-
lieity commissioner In London lit dl-
rei; the advertising propaganda of
the Dominion in the British Isles, is
bring considered by Or. Koche, nilnls-
ler of the Interior.
Work was commenced by Fallon
Bros., of Cornwall, on a new causeway
to ho constructed across Kingston
harbor ns a part of tt national scheme.
I- in hcneil to cdtaplete the causeway
in two years' time.
The new Canadian cruiser Acadia
arrived at Halifax.
Fifteen hundred miners at Sydney
mines went on Strike, but returned
to work soon, pending a settlement.
The case against J. P, McAndrews,
Carlton district fire chler, charged
with Incendiarism, was dismissed In
the St. John, N.  II., police court.
Climbing while half asleep on tn an
elevated window seat, the five-year-
old daughter of Martin Courntey. Montreal, fi 11 to b��r death)
The i; ii Hominy 6 Company's
lumber mills, located at Scott's Junction, thirty miles from Quebec, on the
Quebec Central Railway, were ile.
stroyed by Are.
'laving as- Its object opposition    tol
���be Immigration of members of th.
��� ���: llw ran*' into Canada, the A.ili-
i'(ilow Peril league was formally 'ti-
augurated at a meeting of prominent
Montreal residents,
The steamship Montreal, C. P, I:.
Atlantic line, which arrived ai Montreal Trom Antwerp, reported tho death
by accident on the voyage of Berl
Varney. 21, sixth engineer, who fell
Into ih" crank pit and was crushed to
morning there were two purchases or
he latter size. In former years, when
speculators were permitted to Bell
tickets at the gate of the exhibition
grounds, purchases of $5000 were not
unusual. Last year's first day sale
was slightly over $20,000.
Earthenware   Growing   In   Favor  Foe
Cooking Purpose*.
,A thorough overhauling of the kitchen
utensils should lie made once a year at
least, and those which are beyond redemption discarded nnd any which require attention seen to at once. Clean-
linen Is the first rule In a kitchen, but
It Is one that is too apt to be dlsre- j
gnrded.    For  tbls  reason,   unless one I
is very sure that tt|e "battery" Is go- j
lng to be well looked after, one should
hesitate before procuring many copper
pans, although with proper treatment
they are most satisfactory on account
of their durability.
Then. too. utensils of aluminium are :
to lie recommended by reason of their
llshtncss. while seamless steel Is prac- *
tlcally everlasting.   Enameled pans. If
tbey nre favored, must be of the very-
best Quality; otherwise tliey stain very
easily   and   have  a   trick   of   getting
Cracked   when   they   have   been   used I
very   little.    Copper,   aluminium  and j
seamless steel are nil rather expensive
Ht first but lhelr durability and their
other desirable qua lilies make tbem tlie
most economical utensils In the end.
A sign of the times is tlie growing i
r.ivor offered to tbe earthenware fire- ,
proof  utensils of nil   kinds, and  the
more Ibey nre used tbe better.    Being
paus seven
OKCAHGfciA l^af
city Clerk C. J,  Brown, nf Wlnnl
peg. celebrated  the 80th anniversary B'a!!e'a- tllcy nre easily kept clenn, snd
of his appointment '   with ordinary care they last very well.
Tenders for the new 53.000,000 pro-' "10ll!!l1 "- ls nr>{ impossible to break
vlncial legislature buildings were them. It should be horne In mind. When
opened at Winnipeg. j new tbey should be filled with water
Winnipeg's building permltH fnr!"'"1 l1|,u'<'d on a slow tire, gradually inthe nasi  six  months totnl  $9.63 10.  creasing  tbe  bent.     Thin,   too.  they
V   new  sixteen-storey  office  building should never be left on tbe fire or in
the nven empty,  Tbey should be given
Is announced
Hon, Arthur Meighen will bo re
turned by acclamation al Portage I ���
Prairie, the Liberals having decided
not to contest the seat.
Sir William McKenzie, president f
the Canadian Northern rallwav. after
i li-i-iieil trip through the wheal bell
to Winnipeg, stated that Indications
'his year pointed to a record-breaking
crop in western Canada.
Hev llr. Gardner, aged 84, formerly
a mlslsonary und chaplain for the
'liiilsnn Bay company. Is dead at Lon-
l.-in. He did remarkable w u-k among
the Manitoba ball breeds, being rap.
titred by rebels, but released by Kiel.
The sale of 5.000 acres of verv fertile land whieh adjoints the station at
On sse Isle and Canadian Northern
railway track to A. Lobb, of Winnipeg, is reported The former owner
was the late E, IV Gates, of Minneapolis,
At Winnipeg William Courtney, i-hot
and probably fatally injured William
VIoore In s dispute over the possession
of the form, i's children The tro ble
itarti d     - hi n   Courtnej   vlsiti d   his
Ife. who. it Is staled, was living with
ber pai amour.
something t"
dn tn keep tbem out of
It Is Clean, Tastetul and A-tiitically
The wnmnn v\ Ilu iu-ists on her rooms
always looking pretty will spend a Utile money each week oil Mowers or pot
ferns. _ Small laurels in pots look well
and liist well They iilsu make economical window plants.
Of course a window box should Bud
a pluce ou the ground floor sill, if nut
above, and be Qlled -with evergreens in
winter nml flowers In summer Hlue
tiles ur green liles look well lu Bower
Picture frames are often nllowed to
bang on the walls in n disgraceful condition���especially white painted frames,
and those can su easily be freshened
np with a cost uf enamel paint, wblcb
should not be stinted when required
Then, again, tbe material of uplm!
stored furniture is sometimes ss mucb
���oiled as tbe picture frames, and Us un
After being but a week In his new
charge nt Halleybury, Itev. J. S. J.
Wibon, B. A., B. D.. Buttered the loss
by death nf his wile.
I\ L. Burrltt. a tourist, who was
drowned in Luke Tenilgami by his canoe overturning, arrived the day before from Cleveland,
Jumping from n four-story window
in the WindBor hotel, Port Arthur,
Isaac .1. Moftoberts, registered from
Winnipeg, wan fatally hurt.
Seven freighters just sailed from
Porl William carrying grain cargoes
totalling 785,000 bushels. The elevators bnve about 12.000,000 still in
The Dominion    government    Bponi
if lii (-00.IHUI iii harbor Improvements
ilurinji Cn* last t'n years al Fori William: Ihls year's appropriation, was
$2,000,000, and contemplated Improvements still ;,i be made will cover life
*    : 'i-i* Mai's n��v  directory
a   population   nf   lr.,l*s-
Calgary business nun will tak1 a
trip through southern Alberta the mid
lib' i i next   inonth.
Forestalling an impending striki
if the electrical workers the Burn-
ham Forth Co.. Calgary', locked out
forty men. Other firms are following suit.
Harry Thompson, aged sixty, a well
known citizen of Macleod, who mys-
terlourly dlsapepared a few* days ago,
Is believed to have committed suicide.
.1   S,  Pope, one of the best  known
railway mail clerks of    western Ca:i-
i>dt. chief or the Medicine Hat-Crow's,
Nesl division, was committed (or trial ���
(barged with the theH or $1,345 worth!
of registered mail.
An Kngiish syndicate has bought a j
tract ot  coal  lands    near    Canmore.
amounting to 8.0(10 acres, at a cost o(
about   $2,000,000.   They   will   build   a I
spur, and expect to be marketing conl
in Calgary by October.
Striking testimony to value of irrigation is found in the fact that alfalfa planted on Alberta lands stand
38 inches high; that planted on tinir-S
rlgated land directly along side Is 18]
inches. Kxperts declare the crop as
fine as seen anywhere In Ihe States.
Work started on a $75,000 vaudeville theatre for. Saskato >n.
John T. Scott, a prominent contrao-
! tor of Itegina, was round dead In lib*
Regina, whloh celebrated its tent'..
anniversary as n city, has arisen rrom
a population or 6,000 to over 50,000.
C. A. Kirk, ol Frederieton, N. II..
poes to Itegina ns malinger of tin*
Bank of British North America.
.1. S. llenniB. assistant to the president nf the C. P. It., who was the guest
of North Battleford. expressed astonishment at increase of mixed farming
in the district.
Pollce and postal authorities are at
work Investigating the mysterious
disappearance of four packages ol
money rrom the Heglna postolTlce.
The liuinrst into the death of Major
Manners, son or Lord and Lady Manners, of London, who died suddenly
nn his return to Moosomln, from Se-
well Camp, resulted in a verdict of
death from nrterlo srelrosis.
Tbe Laurentla Milk and Cream fac
tory, started at North Battleford, cost
$400,000, most of the stock being held
locally.    It will handle the product of
5,000 cows.
Toronto, July 20. More than $26,-
ono flowed into the coffers of the I0x-
lilbitlon Association today, the first
day of the sale of the slx-for-n-dolbir
tickets. At nine o'clock in the morning more thnn a dozen were waiting
Outside Hie door of llle exhibition office Iii ihe city hall, eager to get their
supply of the tickets..
All day long tliey passed through
Hie office iii a steady stream, parting
wii'n w:nls of bills, and departing with
wiuls nf tickets. The purchases ranged all the way frnm $26, Hie smallest
sale alii wed,  in $10110.    During  ihe
fit condition ls a great offense to tbe
eye. lt may not be couveiilent to re
npbolter, but nt any rate cbluli or ere
toutie loose covers could be provided
Let all draperies used In tbe home be
clean, otherwise there will be 11 luck ol
freshness nbout tbe bouse. Send elm It
and sofa covers and curtains to the
wash before their soiled condition in
over aggressive, nnd bear the same rule
lu mind wltb regard to muslin cushion
The pretty home Is the one Hint Is
clean and tasteful. The I'renib dress
lug table pictured of walnut and enue
ts a ebnruilug uddltiuii to milady's fur
Bamboo and Fillet Muffin Standi.
Daltllllj fragile looking, yet |H��rfeell.i
reliable, lire Hie new muffin stands ul
hn111l1.11> and Bllel Ini-e. Tlle three leg-
w niiii emend upward form a frame ol
sin h estretne slenilerne-ss thnt ll seein-
1 thereiil for ordinary use.    Never
ill-elms ll Is stout enough 10 sil|i|Hirl
fmir shelves of graduated slr.e mnde "'
Mainly drawn nnd closely woven linen
cords covered with 111111s of Ptlthmlil
"red fillet net edged with Hllet lint-
These milts, heitlg three i-oriiered und
lleil to Hie legs of Ibe slniiibiril liy nnr
row wblte rillllOUS, are readily ileinehed
und cleiined. Ami. although Ihe uei
work uf cording under tbeni looks dell
'-ate, It Is strong enough to support 11
linmi plate plied high wllh ten rakes
I'he stand has. the usual high iin-hed
bundle nlso of bninboo, nnd the wli.ih*
nlTiilr is the lightest tiling of Its kind
Moreover. It Is not illlih-uU to make,
as any carpenter can cut lhe bambini
sticks so Hint tbey will stand evenly
sml llnnly, while lingers deft enough
tn embroider fi""t 'tints nipmid l*. able
tn weave aim adjust ibu cording
Decision   of   Indian   Government   Far
From  Solved Question  In
To Remove a Stamp.
To remove a stamp from 1111 envelope
reverse the natural process nnd press
the paper gently awny frum the stump
i enn be done easily and successfully
due limes oul of leu.
Tlie opium difficulty in China is ly
no means ended with the decision tc
export no more opium from India, and
the gr* at problem lefcre the ntw
Chinese republic, a problem which is
(ar vaster than that of the liquor
question in western countries, ls
Strikingly fct forth in a recent letter
by Hev, Dr. Dimald McOllllvray, thc
���ui'.ii translator of English re'.igiou.i
.vorks into Chinese, and cne o. Iho
Presbyterinn missionaries.
in his letter Dr. McGlllivray point:
-mt thtlt t'.ie evil is not stopped wit:
the determination ot the Indian gov-
���rnment to prohibit tho exportation
if opium, as smuggling on a very ex-
ensive scale is sure to lie carried m
by way ot the western frontier Just
is long us there are n sufficient number of Chinese addicted to the habit
mil able and willing to pay high
iriees fnr the article. He also sta'es
hat there are probably burled stocks
���f opium in the country sufficient to
'list for several years, in the posses-
ilcn of those addicted teethe habit.
The difficulties experienced by wert-
srn countries in regard to the liquor
ti-alTIc show what may be expected In
China on the part ot those interested
In Focial reform, as the desire for gain
and pleasure are always powerful motives for secret indulgence In such
habits, and. besides, It Is practically
impossible to secure universal conscientiousness and vigilance on the
part of officials, particularly In a country such as China.
By way of suggestions as to how
the evil may be fought. Dr. McCillivray proposes that an attempt be
made lo educate the official and employer classes so ns to penalise the
smoker of opium so that nn opium
smoker would be unable to gain employment. H the industrial world, the
railroads ami   officialdom   generally
wem united agalnsl  the habit,  much
could be done.
A second suggestion Is thut textbooks Bhowlng tlie evil effects of llle
drug br published nml lhelr use enforced in uli schools as was tlie elision! in western countries to a greal
extent about twenty years ago with
reference to the liquor question. By
Hum uniting science lo Hie cause of
morality in showing the injurious effect of the drug on the body children
would grow- up with a strong prejudice
againft tho habit.
The need of bringing religion bo the
aid of morality in this regard is also
pointed out, and also the need of educating against all forms of stimulants
so that there will not be the substitution of one for the other.
That the question is a tar-reaching
one. involving racial, economic, domestic and psychological questions. Is
pointed ont, and the need for far-
reaching changes in society if the
habit is" to be eradicated. The smokers' present environment must be improved so that his harr.e will be filled
witli Innocent pleasures to take the
place of the fictitious antidote to
misery that he now indulges In. The
number of idle rich must be decreased, as these live largely only to indulge their passions, and the condi-
*'.r.s cf toilers must be itv.jircy-ed so
that they will not seek this relief.
Medicine and hygleni must also Improve the general health of the peo-
, pie who now find reller rrom pain In
this temporary ami unsatisfying
From Those Wko Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reasen why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use pur advertis'.nfj
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
Women In 1400 A. C.
. In Its treatment of women the Egypt
cf 1400 B. C. was far shcad of its
neighbors. There women suffered under none of the rigorous laws or customs that msde life s burden to those
who lived ln thc countries to the east
Tbe Egyptian woman of the lower and
middle classes was more Independent
thnn nny other woman ln the world.
She went about thc streets unwstched
and talked with whom she pleased.
Her husband bad no right to control
ber actions so long as she remained a
faithful wife nnd kept tbe house In order. Within the bome the Egyptian
wife had supreme authority. On��
writer even speaks of the huBband'i
position ns that of a mere privileged
A Ne-w Embroidsry Apron.
So absolutely simple that the wonder Is that some woman did not design
It years ago Is 11 little embroidery apron
of half ovjil shape slightly curved nt
the wnlst line to fit smoothly into n
bund nnd directly In Its center equipped with a half oval pocket about n
third ef the size of the pinafore propel
nml affording ample shelter for 11 siniill
piece of fnncy work. Thc apron li
dainty in white batiste, edged nil roun-fl
With n scalloping in a pule color nm'
with Its pocket similarly edged, bm
currying ln Its center an cmbrolilercc
floral design.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of vein-
will be given. Apply to Manager, Tlie New Westminster News. TJXQl EIGHT
MONDAY, JULY ff, ftlf.
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Laurentla Homeogenized Milk
und Cream. Bottled In Alberta
and guaranteed fresh. Cream,
pt. 25c; Milk, pt. 20c, 2 for 35c.
5c. for empty bottles.
Carnations, per dozen, all colors, 20c
I. X. L. Tamales and Chill
Con Came, 2 cans 25c
Snlder's, the Pork and Beans
of quality.   You must try them,
2 cant 25c
Comb Honey, freBh today,
comb 25c
Try a tin of Water Biscuit,
once tried always used, per tin
"Our Special" Tea���This tea
is growu and blended for ourselves only and ls really delicious.
Kaspberrles, 2  baskets   ...,25c
Per crate, $2.35.
Strawberries, per basket ..15c
Watermelons from 50c to 85c
Canteloupes, large, each ...15c
Teaches and l'ears, 2 lbs...25c
I'lums and Apricots, basket 50c
Apples, new in, 3 lbs 25c
Tomatoes, per lb 20c.
Basket 90c
Cabbage,   per  lb Vic
Lettuce, 3 heads    5c
Radishes, Carrots. Turnips.
Oreen   Onions,  and   new   Beets,
3 bunches 10c
Four deliveries daily to both
ends of the city, 9:30, 10:30, 2:30
and 4:30.
Public Supply Stores
L. L.
ADAMS       9. K. BI11GGS
All  notices  of  meetings,  entertain-  councll were in receipt of a communl-1
ments, sales of work,    etc.,    In    this | cation  from  the  company's  represen
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask member* of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
The city council will gather for
their usual session in the council
chambers this evening.
Mosquito insurance.
Hill's drug store.
Anti-Buzz.  25c.
The Hurnaby council meet this
evening in the municipal hall at Edmonds.
Get it at the Uoyal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 125$. (1673)
The. postponed meetirtg of the board
of managers of the Hoyal Columbian
hospital will probably be, held on
Wednesday afternoon
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone. 281. A. Hardman.
proprietor. (1670)
The cool shade of the court house
lawn found popularity in yesterday's
heat and all day long some one was
seeking relief from the sun's rays
For everything electrical see W,
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
There was heavy traffic on the
Fraser valley line of the B. C. E. It.
Saturday and yesterday, special
coaches being added to the regular
evening train which arrived about 9
o'clock last evening.
tative, stating tliat- plans for an improvement were under way, but these
had been referred to the headquarters
at St. Paul. ���
The B. C Shingle   Manufacturers'
Au conseil municipal dernier le by
lois de l'eau pour Maillardville et
Coquitlam en general a eu encore uno
autre discussion, nussi Men que le by
association, at a meeting held in Vancouver  last  week,    decided    to  shut  UH ]'eall on Maillardville
van-1 i0)s quant a )e construction de projet
Shut   lie  lVmi   nn   M :, ill-n-.l i j 11,.
first mortgages.
farm    property,
. MeLeod. (1671)
Money to loan on
improved city and
9 per cent.   Alfred W
The excursion to Pitt lake run by
the Fraser Hiver Kerry company yes
terday was well attended, the ferry
being' loaded with New Westminster
people seeking relief from tlle heat
by a trip on the water.
. Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The Carnegie library here will be
closed for two weeks, from July 28 to
August 9. while the stacking room is
being renovated, Tin- librarian has
asked thai nil bonks now out be returned before .luly 20.
down their mills for a 30 day period,
owing to tlie accumulation of stock,
which it is feared might cause a
slump In prices. The lack of construction work on tbe prairleB nnd
also in B. C, is said to be the cause
of the temporary shut down. Tho decision affects the local mills.
Le contrat pour retabllssement de
l'eau it Maillardville a cte accorder a
Messieurs Moon et Sllverton, Vancouver, u la somme de ses offer $11,669.
Un plau pour le bStlment d'un
"moving picture shoe" a ete subinis-
sis au conseil muilicipal.'par Messieurs
O'Brien et Murphy de Port Coquitlam.
Ils etaient donnas a, M. Vernet pour
en rapporter.
74-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
The new track on the asylum hill
has been switched into the old single
track, near tlle intersection of Columbia and. Front streets. When the
new track has been fixed up properly
the double line will be used,
waiting for the extension
double track to the Brunette street
switch,'which the Dominion government has undertaken to do, but for
which' a widening of the road opposite
the penitentiary guards' quarters is
ne-essarv. The widening of the road
will entail the straightening out of
the curve on the hill and it may be
some   time   before   these     operations'ganisstlon  requliere  et   pour   l.-eiuui
M. S. Lamoreaux a slgne le contrat
regardant sa propriete qu'il a vendu
'without iau Coquitlam. et le cliangement de la
of   tli�� i malson  ii l'Hot '  de   Ville  aura  bleu
, bientot.
Le committee actif de I'ordre des
Forestiers Catholiques out deja enrole
37 membres pour la nouvelle branche
!de Maillardville et aussitot que le
nombre necessalre sera obtenu ils
auront  un  meeting special  pour  l'or-
des officiers.
Big Basket Event Will  Be Staged at
Central  Park.
The Liberals of Vancouver, New
Westminster and Westminster district
are going to mix politics wit
and social intercourse on Saturday
next, tlie 20th Inst., when a Liberal
basket picnic will be held at Central
Madame Cravelle et famille sont
parties pour Ottawa Samedi au regret
���de leur vuislns et de leurs nombreux
M. Joseph Bollleau a fini   sa   belle
pleasure Imalson "bungalow"   et bientot il   va
Les deux lots de coin ii la junction
Park. Ail Liberals and their families des routes Marmont et Pitt river out
within reach of the call are invited to * etc achetes par deux residents ds
attend   the  merrymaking,   which  will! Maillardville pour $1700.
The Storllng hoi
I new   management;
1    is    now    under
rooms from $1.60
and upwards; married nm! single men
���ir*   welcome to come  nnd enjoy  nil
comforts of home. 117741
Westminster was deserted yesterday by hundreds ol people win- sought
ii,, summei ri Borta of White Itock
On scent und Boundary liny A large
part) lift mi Saturday, while tin*:
I morning trains yesterday were well
Des plans cut etc prepares pour
Terectlon dim hotel a 59 cbambres a
une petition circuit' pour el re Blgn-Ss
par les citoyens ttflp etre presentee
Iau conseil municipal pour une license
de I'hotel.
On sent quim centre si Important
que Maillardville a obtenu le droit a
une hotel nvec licence pour recevolr
et accoinmoder les voyogeurs et les
etrangers aussi bien que pour l'utllltd
des residents perniancnts.
to til
brick,    i
1,   SIlUil.   r
��� 11. C, Tr
brick, Are clay, com-
einent, lime, plaster.
ick nnd fuel oil, apply
msport Co., Ltd. office
phone si'ii, wharf phone 880.
has no terrors for the
man wlm is regularly
saving money.
He realizes that he
has money working for
him. When deposited
with our savings depart
ment it is earning Four
Per Cent., which interest is being compounded quarterly, but best of
all, he has developed the
best of habits, that of
saving. He has that
contented, self-satisfied,
self-reliant feeling
necessary to success
this world.
If you are not already
a depositor, call today
and open an account.
$1.00 is enough to start.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital  and  Surplus
Trusteeships   under   Administration, over $lj,ntl0.n00.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
A niiin named Ben Bryan was
broughl io the Royal Columbian hospital Saturday sud irlng from a broken
leg, an Injury sustained al tbe Balmon
Kiver Logging company's plant nenr
Langley. He was broughl in on the
evi iiiiik Chllllwack train,
Mr    Edward   .limes   has  taken  over
ihe  management  of the  Royal cafe
and    lbe   Dominion    hotel,    where   hc
a ill be pleased to meet his old friends
nui  assures the  Westminster public
that ih" lo-st in tbe catering line wlli
��� * served there, ��1770)
Some complain!  was heard agalnBt
he n  C   K   it   yesterday for failure
in provide a double header train to
l-'rnsbr Mills in tli" afternoon. It Is
held  that  enough  people use tlie line
when ii ball game is being Btaged
tlltUS ���" ''" " ���'������'" car train.
iin- DIk furniture store, corner
���^Kth and Carnarvon Btreets, is run-
. iu- ,i genuine clearance sale. Sub*
stantlal reductions on all lines for
--.i ii Denny a Ross, the people
who treat you right ull the time.
occupy the afternoon and evening of
that day.
The festivities, including outdoor
singing* by the Welsh choir of 40
voices, playing by Highland pipers,
music by an orchestra, dancing and
races and other sports for the young
people, will be interspersed With
speeches by C. H. Brewster, liberal
leader. Ralph Smith, M. A. Macdonald and others. Connection with Central Park from this city may be made
every 15  minutes by interurban tram
line, while those having autos can j M. Palnia Bedard a fini Ie decora
make the run ln a few minutes at their tion de sn nouvelle residence. M
own convenience, by way of the River Bedard a reussl a disposer avei
road and Boundary road, right to Cen- success dime bonne proportion di
tral l'ark. Families will bring their sa propriety et sentient le beBoln d'un
lunch baskets in the good old fash- repos merit.'' il va partir sous peu
loned way and thus be prepared to [pour Ottawa. Montreal, et autreB
spend the afternoon and evening. As places dans 1'Esl pour visiter de-S
tlie picnic docs not begin until after- amis. Pendant si n absence M. Glib rt
noon, those not finding it convenient  Sequin pern Bea affaires.
to spend  more than a few hours on 	
the grounds would, of course, not re-      Le lacrosse   club   de    Maillardville
quire to bring lunch, and light refresh-j pom   contents il"  la   vlsite  du   team I
ments will probably be obtainable in de Burqultlam, Vendredi soir.    lis ue '
!sont pus du tout ili'eourag.'-s par leur
defaite et  pratlqueront  l-  vleux  die-
ton,  Ne    negliges    pus    d'apprendre
ni-f'nie de vos adversaires.   M. Eugene
Beaulleu, le president du club, nyanl
observe le point falble de ses jouours
va les renforcer   pour   ia prochaine j
fois et quelques cbongements pourront i
[se  faire  duns  le  "line  up."     lis  soul I
onohantes des remorques du Docteur I
Scott,  qui   disait  que    jamais     il   nil j
etc referee dans un plu.i "clean ' ji-u
II est digue de mentionner que aucun i
punltton a ete InfllgSe pendant le jeti |
d'un cote ni de 1'autre.
Cold Facts
Sussex Refrigerators
Are amongst the finest Refrigerators the world produces. Made
of best grade kiln dried ash, golden oak finish; has six walls-
first the outside wood, then comes a lining of asbestos, a layer
of mineral wood, two layers of parchment paper (one of the best
non-conductors of heat known), a dead air space, another lining
of asbestos and then the inside wood. They are lined in white
enamel with removable provision shelves, removable waste pipe
and self-closing locks.
lhe vicinity.
To See the West.
M-ntreal, July 20.���The weBt will
be visited in August by one of the
-���"St distinguished parties Of Britishers that have yet como to Canada.
Arrangements for their trip across
Canada on tlieir way to Australia have
been completed by the Canadian Paci.
fie  railway.
$U.50 instead of $17.50 $13.50
$17.50 mstead of $21.50 $17.50
$18.25 i-tead of $23.50 $18.25
$21.50 instt'ad ����S2S-">��
$22.25i,istead ��f $3o.oo
$24.75 instead of $32.50
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Payroll Paddinri.
Moose Jaw, July 20.���Padding or the
Canadian Pacilic railway payrolls
around Mortlach Is proving far more
extensive than was at first supposed.
Already three arrests have been niadi
and others are to follow. Five charges
will be laid against each of the men
now in custody.
Bobby Waugh Wine B*-ut.
St. Joseph, Mo., July 211. Hobby
Waugh of Fort Worth. Tex., won from
Jack Redmond, of Milwaukee, lien
this aftern* on In ih" tenth round of
a scheduled IB round bout.
thin i:
In :
The executive of tbe
tOClfttlon    will   enliven,
Tuesday afternoon Bl I
discuss arrangements
t:i'"iii'lil of  llun   .1. 11
iifTiri is   umi   inw    of
New Zealand.
Progressive as-
as  usual    mi
O'clock to furfur  the  enter-
1 lii/i'ii and lhe
the  battleship
The Rexall
always the leading store in
every city. We can save you
money on your next pair of
Glasses.  Try
Curtis Drug Store
The rti Peter's parish church will
hobi iis annual picnic in Bowen island
ii tiie i.".'ih insi Bpeclal cars have
been engaged and Rev, father Heck
ind a committee are bus) with ar-
rangements to mak" thi fete as buc-
cessful us possible.
An I \V VV speaker standing on a
soap box provided entertainment ier
.i small throng on Begble street be-
"ATi ii Columbia and Kront slreets Saturday evening until ordered to vacate
lii- was beard to remark that he preferred freedom to spending tbe evening in the local bastilo.
Three drunks were all that rewarded the vigilance of the police on
Saturda)   evening,  despite  the  warm
i weather, when it was expected that
! more would fall off thai famous
vehicle, tin* wnler wagon, Tlle bttCK-
sliders are now sleeping off the    ef-
| fects III the city lockup.
We make awnings, tents and  sails, I
renovate  carpi ts  and  draperies,     re
j make and repollsh furniture, manu
facture  cedar dress and  waist  boxes
| window seals and do all kinds ol
upholstery work In leather or tapes
try. We are the largest makers ol
window shades, draperies and in
terlor hangings. Estimates given,
Lees Limited, (16C9)
iin' failure of the Greal Northern
Ra Iwny company to Improve the sani*
tary arrangements m the depot near
the bridge tins led to summons being
-���-mil against them, the particulars
ur which win be aired in poilce courl
ibis morning,   Lasl week Sanitary in
PreservHig  Dry  Batteries.
Tlie life of dry batteries, which are
to be  used in   wet   or damp   places, j
may  be  considerably   lengthened by ;
I being treated in the following manner* j
The   llatteries   are   placed   in   glass i
'jars  n  little  wi'Jer  nntl.higher,  than
i themselves.    A layer of dry Bawdust I
I U  t'.la.cdjn  the bottom  Ior the bat- I
1 tery   to  resl on,  and  the  sides  are \
' packed   with  sawdust  to  within  half ;
1 an inch oi the top.   Waterproof wires '
are  connected  U->  Uie  binding  post- .
i.iul melted paraffin poured ovi* the
buttery   to   the   top   ol   the   jar.    The
carbon ami sine terminals Bhould be ;
iniirk'il   to  avoid  trouble   when  con-
necting Beveral   c-ils   together.   Unt-!
teries  treated   in   this   manner   are |
waterproof and can be submerged in
water ii necessary.
A Rin" Island.
Many coral reel islands in the I'aci-
ln are in the forin ol more "r li-.-..-
pertect ring-i or ovals, inclosing la
goons. The ring island ol Ninalou,
halfway between 1-iji and Samoa, i-
ii't a coral reef, but a volcanic nn.
Inclosing a crater containing a ink
Uu miles in diameter. Toward tb*
sea the ring is bordered with wall
>if black luva, and mi the inner sid*
these break down in ehfls 200 to 30l
feet in height. Aii eruption In Idei
lormed a |>eiiiiisula on the ilasten
sule "f the lake. While the uceai
outside ia trembling and tiiunderin*.
under a heavy wind tlu luke remain
smooth nt is simply wrinkled will
To   Rencrt   on   Cunad-Vs   Oro
One of the most interesting
In connection   witli* the   manner
which  Canada is forcing itself upon |
ihe attention of far-sighted and world !
wide commercial enterprises, ev dence '
i.f  which  Is becoming more frequent I
every  day.  is  found  in  the fact  that
he  world famous Guinness1   Brewery
bas sent    its   special    representative. j
Mr, Arthur T. Sliand.    to    make    the !
most careful investigation and exhaustive   report   of  trade  conditions    and
general development   and   prosperity |
of the people, particularly as relates ���
to  the ultimate effect and  bearing  it
,-ill h?"? in all cf ils varied ramiflca
tions   and     aspects,     commercially, j
socially, and intrinsically     Mr. Sliand. i
who  is now at  the  Hotel  Vancouver i
is particularly   well  equipped   for  tbe I
present task, having    been    here   on !
three   different   occasions,   covering   a',
period of fifteen years, and having, hv j
Ills experience in circling    the  world I
upon  these  missions of trade enllght-
ment, acquired special knowledge    of
commercial  conditions and their    relative bearing.   His special report    In
this  case   will   be of  much    interest,
both  to  bis  principals and  to (.'ana
dians everywhere,
White Rock Hotel
Under   new   management,
day.     Special   weekly   and
tariff on application. W. H.
$2.00 per
Residence Y. \V. ('. A.        I'hone 1P.LM
���ir ium-j-id ��� ,OSlSR| M P , PncsiorNT.           V��. O  MATrHEWS, vioc-P
C. A. EOGERT, Cencr.il Manager.
Capital paid up    ���       -       -      -         $5,000,000
Fti-vi ���<! FunJ $0.OOO,OCO
Total AlMtl           ....       $70,000,000
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,  1201,   1202.
,____^_^______________    Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
*~"~- ~"~ Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
 ,   ���     _ _ __      ____ _ m mm.      Edmonds  Market.  Phone   L883.
TAKE THIS ������������
AUTO TRIP Suits to  your
! order and satisfaction.
Financial Headway
of th*. sur- and permaneni kind la rarrly made without the assistance
c( a livings Hank Account. It stimulates Saving, keeps the money
in absolute safely, increases it with interest, and provides the ready
cash to take advantage ot llie bustuess opportunities which ooml
ores way.
NEW WZ3TMIN3TER BRANCH .    G.  H.  MA7HCWS0N,  Manager.
After   It Closed.
Calgary, July 20. Thirty minutes
after the closing of tbe Dan Cashman
clothing store i', turdiiy hIrIii fin
broke out. The damage is estimated
ut aboui $25,000 nnd is confined to the
stock in the upper stories. Tlie stock
is fully covered by insurance. Thi
origin of the first Is unknown.
I'uck in your bathing suits and
well lllled hamper and spend a day al
Maple Beach, Boundary Hay. Plentj
of free picnic placea on the saiei
beach or under the wonderful spread
ing maples. Lovely spring water.
Take the Itlver road to I.adner and
the tiuudv road soulh.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
High   Clasa
Ladies   and
401   Columbia   SI.
and  SEEDS,
Phone 43:  L. D. 71;
New Westminster,
Res.  72.
B. C.
spector liarii' visited the scene Of
the mans complaints whieh havo
been made to the city council, with
il.'* resull thai alii ged violation of tlie
bylaw was discovered and the coin
pany will be asked to explain matters
before Maglctrate Bdmonda in court.
It  was only lu.,l   week  tbat  the city
Red Currants  2 lbs. rm- 26c
Plums, Pears and Peaches 2 lbs. 26c
Tomatoes, per lb 2ii<-
Muskinellons  2 for 26c
Lime and drape .lulces, per bottle 2-,c
to 86c
Bannanas, per dozen    80c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. ' Phone 98.
Take advantage of the Ilus;ness  Man's Trnin    and    make
home at Crescent Ileach  (Blackie Spit)  for the summer months,
Train leaves at 5:110 p.m. dally, on and utter June 16, returning in
the  morning  in  time  for  business.    Crescent    Beach    affords    Ideal
conditions tor summer homes, Combining tbe  best  of  bathing,  bunt
Ing nt all stages of the tide together with line bench.    Artesian well
water to ull residents.    Let us show you this propertv.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established  1891.
We write Fire. Life, Accident, Employers'
Marino Insurance.
Liability,  AutemeUle  and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
nml   every   1 Fi   minutes   until   B
p.m.    Half  hourly  service  until
11   p.m.   with  late  cur  ut  midnight.
SA111HIUYS���16    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WBBKDAYB���6 and 6.46 am.
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS *0. 7, 7.80 8 and
8.1(0 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late cur ut midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 u in. nnd hourly until 10 p.
m., wllh  Into car at 11.80,
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
BUNDAYS���8 a.m. and
until  10  p.m.  with  lute
car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS    8 n.m.    and    every
liuro until 11 p.m.
Connection  is  mnde at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
nnd other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 and
C 15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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