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The New Westminster News Nov 6, 1913

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 -"   '       'Jill'! I.'J
Newa Clasalflsd Ads.
Have proven thalr worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   All
large   or   small   wanta   at   amall
The Weather.
New Westminster .and the lower
mainland: Wind nj-Wtly t-asterly aad
I southerly;  unsettled and mild with
Hm    'f
r ��� ���   i
.   . .     ^^*-���- -xZ'-l.
Site Will Be Selected for a
Large   Factory
Tells of His Efforts In the Paat Few
Mentha���Retaining  of  Present
Interest centred about the report ot
the Industrial commissioner at the general meeting of the Progressive asso^
elation last night In the board of trade
chambers. His statement dealt with
a number of phaseB of Industrial work.
Including Interesting new concerns,
securing lower freight rates, and not
by any means least, retaining the concerns already established here.
Of new Industries Mr. Darling mentioned the coming of American
shlucle   manufacturers   to   the   river
;*30,000 DREDGE
Was  Placed  in  Mud  But
Rested on Rock���Official Denial.
Disaster Will Be Serious Setback to
Harbor Work at Port Nalaon in
Hudson Bay.
Ottawa. Nov. 5.���Although the
otlicliila of tiie department of railways slate that the government
dredge Port Nelson, recently beached,
is in good shape and can be floated
In Ihe spring- the Evening Free Press
claims to bave learned that the back
of the dredge, which cost $250,000,
has ben broken and that It is almost
It seems that those In charge of
the work at Port Nelson had the
dredge hauled up on the beach at a
high tide, that the valuable piece of
apparatus might be placed beyO-M thc
chance of damage by Ice. The plan
was to get the dredge down on the
���Oft mud and take it off in the spring.
Unfortunately,      those     who    had
This  was because of  the  removal Oft charge of the work failed to pick out
the tariff on that article and because a Spol that was all soft.    The dredge
thc river was considered u cheaper
place to manufacture than Washington  stute.
Since taklns his position the Industrial   commissioner  hss  conducted   26
representatives of different firms over
the city. Two had located. Others
WOUld  iater.
Cheaper Freight Rates.
Of four railways serving Ihe city
Ihr-e now seemed about to give
cheaper freight rates, and the fourth
would llkly line up with the others
later. A lessening of freight rates had1
he*��n MOOred on many metal commodl-
The reason grain elevators favored
New Westminster was the splendid
two cent rale on grain.
It was Important to retain concerns
here The leaving of the St. Mungo
and (old Storage companies wss in
spile or thn Industrial commissioner's
utmost efforts; the breach between
UieM companies and the city council
wss too large. Nevertheless If proper pressure were brought to bear and
a Compromise made, Mr. Darling felt
sur-' the concerns could be retained
Mentioning. Incidentally, thc recent
provincial fair, be heped lo see next
year a building devoted to Industrial
affnlrs exclusively.
li vim noi ihe -commissioner's policy
to make announcements of Industries
to come here nnd h�� had refrained
froi" so doing, hut he said there are
four Industries now seriously eonsld-
erln? coming to the river, any one of'
which would make the largest plant
on the Fraser.
Sure of One.
One lie wai sure of Thl* firm had
Inspected cite* In Victoria, Knqulmalt.
Vancouver harbor and the Fraser and
the decision had bren all for the Fraser Trices had been secured here,
and en Friday a site would be selected
This concern would mean great
things for Industrial Westminster.
Dcillng with his work Mr. Darling
explained iho first four months of his
office had been almosl all pioneering.
A good connection had now been established, und results were coming
eventually. He thanked the press for
com'"tent co-operation.
The reception of thn report waa
inn.'-! enthusiastic, lt showed, said
Mr. Kennedy, chairman, cimscliDtioiis
and well directed effort.
D. S. Curtis made it plain thst matters of this kind needed to be handled
by an expert, such as the commissioner. At this very time the city
would not do without thn ciimmis
A hearty endorBiitlon of the Industrial commissioner's report was enr-
rled Moreover reveral speakers msde
It plain that esper'ully at this crucial
time hli efforts were all important.
They were worili more than even the
most sanguine Imagined.
lt was stuled that during the sum
mi- 6000 tourists had visited New
Westminster and seen the Fraser
The collection campaign was for-
vardrd lo the executive ror execution.
The attendance at the meeting was
was hauled out at high tide. When
the I Idi fell ii was found that tbe
dredge had been placed directly upon
a big rock. The result was the
wslgbl of the machinery and hull
broke the hack of the dredge.
The risult of this piece of management Is that a piece of opparatus
which cost a quarter of a million dollars Ilea on the shore of the Hudson
bay twisted out uf shape and probably
a I'-ial loss.
The dleastet will be a serious setback to lhe work of making Port Nelson    a place    where    ships    can    be
On the other hand. Captain Saunders, who was In charge of the dredge,
In his report to tbe department, says
the dredge Is lying on a mud bottom
and secure on both sides: that it is
held lo the shore by five hawsers and
that the bnrae can be floated without
any trouble In the spring.
The officials nay it would be Impossible for sny additional Information to reach the capital.
T ���
B. C. E. R. Also Charged with Neglect
In Case of Fatal Wreck.
Accidental death caimed by the neglect of tins crew of train No. 972 in
nol properly providing themsilves
with the existing time table, was the
verdict handed down by the coroner's
Jury In the Inquest respecting the
death of Motorman Hudson Flews,
which occurred In a train wreck on
the Fraser valley line of the B. 0,
E. It. on Sunday, September 7.
A rider waa added that the 11 C,
K. It. should not permit Inexperienced
men to run trains over the Interurban
line without  fully qualified pilots.
The inquest wss held In the Mur
chie undertaking parlors yesterday
morning and afternoon.
Hon. Robert Rogers Returns.
Ottawa, Nov. 5.���Hoon. Robert
Rogers returned from Winnipeg tonight. Next week he proposes to
take a trip to Ht. John and Halifax
ln connection with the department
work now being carried on by the
government in those cities.
Will Go to England.
Ottawa, Nov. 5.���Hon. Oeorge E.
Foster Intends to leave about Christmas time for England to attend the
further sittings of the imperial trade
commission. He wlll be absent a
mouth and will be back in Ottawa
soon after the session opens. Mr.
Foster does not purpose attending tlie
sittings of the imperial trade commission to bc held in South Africa.
C. P. R. Sold Land.
Saskntoon, Nov. 5.���Statements
ments from the Canadian Pacific railway land department for the year up
to October 31 show that land In the
Saskatoon district aggregating in thc
value of $7-4,9B0 has been sold. Each
sale has been made to a bona fide
Saskatchewan  Legislature Wlll  Commence Session This Afternoon.
Regina. Nov. 6.- The. session of
the Saskatchewan legislature will ba
opened tomorrow afternoon at 3
jo clock. A detachment of tlie H. N
W. M P. will escort his honor,
lieutenant governor, from his resi-
dune to lhe parliament buildings nnd
there will be In addition a guard of
honor composed of the members of
:i..th regiment.
All of the officers of the local garrison with lhelr wives will be on the
floor of the house, an innovation
which has never been mode before in
the history of the  legislature.
Want Art Museum.
Regina, Nov, 6.���An eflort Is being
made by local citizens to secure an
art museum for the city snd the city
council will probably be ssked to
donate something to*t s building to
Ife used for this purpose.
Riots Continue in Indianapolis���Nine Seriously
At present ihe restaurants of New Westminster are kept clean. This
was the verdict of city health officers after an inspection of the majority
of them in process of the clean-up campaign, and the assurance of the sanitary inspector that the others were as well kept as those Inspected. '
The improvement of the conditions of kitchens since one year ago is
remarkable, says the medical health officer. Managers of these places uuder-
itand the Importance of the immediate disposal of gsrbage, and use the metal
garbage can Invariably.
About the sinks hss been the main source of trouble, especially when
.*. ood was used. Now most of the sinks and draining shelves are meul; either
that or the wood is scrubbed often enough to preclude the collection of grease
and dirt. The places are waahed out and swept regularly and screens arc
used to keep out fllee. Altogether the eating places of New Westminster
aro In good condition.
Panama-Pacific Express Strikes Landslide���Engineer Hurt.
Sacramento, Cal., Nov. 5.���Plunging into a landslide wbicb had covered the tracks witb tons of rock and
earth, Western Pacific train No. 1, the
Panama-Pacific express, westbound,
was wrecked today 23 miles north of
Engineer John McGraw and Fireman R. A. Jones were injured seriously. McOraw may die. The engine
plunged into the Feather river. The
baggage car was smashed and the
train of six cars was derailed. None
of tbe passengers was Injured.
Mayor Mars of Coquitlam Will I
Civic Campaign in January.
Port Coqultlam, Nov. 5.���In order
to carry out tbe work inaugurated
during his present regime Mayor
James Mars will seek re-election to
tbe mayoralty in January next, according to an official announcement
made by him today. Tbe announcement it is expected, wlll not create
any great surprise as it was generally
anticipated that he would be in the
field again.
Mayor Mars has a great many
friends in the city and be bas been
hard pressed lately to offer himself
as a candidate and no doubt it is in
answer to those eager solicitations
that he has announced himself at this
early date.
No other name has been suggested
for the mayoralty so far and though
the election is a long way off as yet
it is possible that Mayor Mars may
be unopposed as was tbe cage at the
elections following incorporation this
Among those suggested as candidates for aldermanic honors is W. D.
F. Godwin, secretary-trustee of the
school board, who gained much popularity recently on account of his attitude wjth reference to the letting
of the first James Park school contract When approached today Mr.
Godwin stated that he hod been asked to stand, but had not definitely decided whether he would or not.
Picked up With AU Sails
Set���Not a  Soul
Hold Was Full of Flah���Sailed from
Sydney,   Nova   Scotia,   on
October 28.
The water is difficult to drain under this dwelling.   Gradually the pool
is being filled in.
Officials of Union Wait on
Hon. C. J. Doherty at
Monster Petition Asking Reduction In
Stnteaces May la tent to tho
Minister of Justice.
Has Occupied Many Important Positions In Fraser Mllla and Coqult.
lam���Goes to Vancouver.
At least two members of the present Coqultlam municipal council will
not seek re-election in January next.
They are Reeve Peter Barth and
Councillor Mounce, who representa
thc eaat end. Councillors Foster and
Walker are still undecided as to what
�� they will do, hut Councillor Martin,
ono of tbe North road representatives.
intimates that there Is a strong pos-
nihility of him being In the field
again. Councillor Atkins, It la expected, will seek re-election to the
The cause of Reeve Peter Berth's
retirement from nvinlclpal politics
Is that he la leaving the vicinity to
take np residence In the elty of Van-
(Contlnued oa Pago -flvo.)
Ottawa, Nov. ��,���J. C. Waters and
Fred Uancroft, prealdent and eecretary respectively of the Dominion
Trades and Labor congress, waited
on lion. C. J, Doherty, minister of
Justice, tbls afternoon and pleaded
for a reduction of tha heavy sentences Imposed on tbe Nanalmo, B.C.,
miners, who were eonvleted of being
leaders In the strike rlcte there laat
Thirty-eight men and two boya
were aent to Jail for terms ranging
from three montha to two yeara. The
two boya and two men wore given a
two year term, SS mon wore given
one year, and 11 men wore sentenced
to three months. Theso sentences,
Mossrs. Waters and Bancroft claim
were too aevere, especially ln the
cases of the two men and tho two
boys sentenced to two'yeara In the
Westminster penitentiary.
It la likely that every branch of
organised labor In Canada wlll algn
a petition" to be sent to Hon. llr.
Doherty supporting the plea made by
Messrs. Watera and Bancroft.
The minister haa promised to get a
copy of the testimony taken at the
trial ln Nanaimo, ao tbat he ean
quaint hlmaelf with tha facta of tho
ease. When lie hu dona that he wlll
mako known hla decisions.
Union  Pays Faroe of Strike-breakers
to Cnicsgo���Strikers Make Con.
cession to Company.
Indianapolis, lnd., Nov. 6.-An effort
to resume atreet traffic which had
been lied up since last Friday night
the j by a strike, resulted tonight in serious
injury to seven strike breakers and
two policemen. Several persons,
many armed with bricks, prevented
progress, while a downpour of missiles from the roofs and windows of
buildings along the route threatened
the lives of the strikebreakers snd tbe
It was Indicated tonight that the
mllltla would be called out tomorrow.
A committee from seven of the civic
and commercial organisations presented a request to Governor Ralston, asking for troops.
Governor Ralston would not state
what action he would take, but he Intimated his reason for not ordering
out tbe troops st once was because
they could not be mobilized before tomorrow morning. He said he feared
the announcement that the mllltla had
bren called for tomorrow would result
In n night of lawlessness.
The request for troops came after
thc governor had spent the morning
In conference wltb the brigadier general or the state militia and the city
and county authorities.
Deport Strlke-Breakere.
"There are many people here who
are uot working men." aald the governor, "and some of them are evidently desperate characters."
The six strlke-breakera Injured ln
to-day's rioting who were able to
travel, returned to Chicago tonight at
the expense ot the labor union. When
John Sullivan, motorman of the car.
and the most seriously hurt, was
knocked to the floor, the others abandoned the car and agreed to leave Indianapolis.
Strike sympathizers who went back
later In the day to remove the car
from the tracks and block further traffic on the line, wero dlapersed by 50
policemen. Many ot tho cara whloh
wars dererted on the atreets when
the atrlke waa called hare been removed (rom the ralla and will prevent
any traffic on the down team llnea until replaced.
Thomaa Carleton, who waa ahot In
the Louisiana barn rlota yeaterday,
dl-d today.
Offer Settlement
A new proposal from the striking
motormen and conductor* tn which
they waived recognition of tho newly
formed union, waa anbmitted tonight
to Oovernor Ralston by W. Q. Beatty
president of the Central Labor onion
representing the men. Recognition
of the union waa demanded moat rigorously and opposed by Uie traction
The men, however, atlll demand
higher wagea, shorter hoars and arbitration of all future dlffetencea. They
ask that ft commute ot three from the
arbitration board, one member to bo
appointed by tha company, one by tho
man and the third to bo selected by
theae two. The terme aubn.ftU-J tt
the governor demand that an 1itrlk
era be re-employed by tho company
and that the men ho given a yearly
Oovernor Ralston presented tiio now
demanda to Robert 1. Todd, prealdent
of tho company. Mr. Todd tofdud to
(comment on then.
Plumbing Conditions.
Another phase Ma given the city's cleanup S^^^^J^
Junes Craig, plumbing Inspector, ordered 24 lavatory and toile fixtures in
h, dings in Chmato,"n to be f-eplsced at once. The &��?����&_?!_*
_.:,���. of the buildings there are miasm* or tn such wretchod ������"��*����� g
be useless. The usual proaecutlon wlll follow failure to fulfill the orders of
Ibe health officials.
ln making his investigations Inapector Craig found condition-, of filth
almost unbelievable. To repair several aewage mains the planking in some
of the passageways that Intersect the district hsd to be lifted and the colle-v
tlon of refuse unearthed waa of the vilest sort. Refuse and sewage was found
several feet deep, rotting In the surface water, and charging the soil with
contamination, lt waa tho wo��at looking sight to be Imagined and one seem
ingly Impossible In thia a*y. Altogether the worst yet brought to light in the
crusade of health. Early yesterday afternoon two full cartloads hod been
taken out and carried to the dump and yet the greater part remains to be
removed. The cause was a broken drain pipe from the rear of one of the
housec. '
Serve Notices.
It was also found that a favorite spot for the habitants of the quarter
to dump refuse was under this planking. Above, all looked clean, but in a
search for the cause of a putrid odor, the planking was torn up and matter of
all sorts found. Telltale holes In the boards showed where the cause of the
trouble had heen dropped down, and about tbese kitchen refuse was plentiful. All this Is to be cleaned up snd proper drains Installed before the officials call the Job finished. Sanitary Inspector Walmsley served notices
on many of the tenants or owners of these places.
��� *     ��     ���     ���
Peculiar Answers.
Though of course not directly applicable to this city the following Is Interesting inasmuch aa Asiatics and,Orientals form a part of the city's foreign quarters.
Not long ago the French government undertook tbe collection of vital
statistics and general information as to the sanitary status of certain of the
European and Asiatic provinces. Blank forms���queationatres���accompanied by
thc usual police note requesting that tbe data be supplied thereon and returned to Paris. The Pasha of Damascua promptly replied to tbe questions
asked as follows:
Q.   What ia the death rate of your province?
A.   It Is the law of Allah that all should die. Some die young, aome die old.
Q.   What ls the annual number of births?
A.   Allah alone can aay.   I do not know, and hesitate to enquire.
Q.   Are the supplies of water sufficient and of good quality?
A. From the remotest period of time no one In Damascus has died
of thirst.
Q.   C.lve general remarks as to character of local sanitation.
A. A man thould not bother hlmaelf or hla brother with questions that
concerr Allah.
* ��     ���     ���     ��
New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 5.���Tbe
faded yellow pages of the log book*
of tbe New Bedford whaling fleet have
never recorded a mystery of th�� aea
more baffling than was presented today when the revenue cutter Gree-
ham towed Into port the Gloucester
fishing schooner Annie M. Parker,
picked up on Monday with all sails
set, her bold fnll of fish and without
a soul on board, 60 milea .east of the
Nantucket lightship. There ls no
trace of any of the 18 men composing
the schooner's crew.
In its details, the mystery recalls
the case of the Boston brig Marie
Celeste, which wae found abandoned
at sea aome 40 years ago. The fate
of her crew remains unknown.
The British steamer Astrakhan,
bound from New York for France,
sighted the Parker Monday, drifting
with all sails set. Boarding her officers found two of the dories missing.
Only a few pieces of bread were left
in the galley, indicating that before
leaving, the crew had gathered a sup- .
ply of provisions. The schooner was
not leaking and was in perfect condition except for the loss of the Jib. Salt
flsh, valued at about $8000 filled the
| hold.
A prize crew from the Astrakhan
took charge ot the Parker and turned
her over to the Gresham.
From the owners of the Parker, It
was learned she sailed from Sydney,
N.8. for her home port, Oct. 26, after
fishing trip to the Newfoundland
grand banks. She waa in command of
Captain Vincent Nelson, a veteran
Gloucester captain and waa manned
Announces Organization of j could ohm��� expiration of u-TX���
donment of the vessel.
There ls a possibility the Parker's
crew has been picked up by some sailing vessel. Hay they been taken on
board a steamer, the rescue probably
would hare been reported by wlreleea.
Volunteers to Protect
Works  Clever Stratagem and   Foola
Police, Who Fall to Arrest
MayOr antl AtaarmSn  Resign.
Rome, Nov. 5.���Mayor Nathan and
the aldermen of Rome, after a heated
discussion today   decided   to   resign
from office.    This action was due to
the defeat on November 2 In the see-
London, Nov. 5.���By a clever strata- ond ballot of the general elections of
gem,   which hoodwinked    the    large t^e two candidates in Rome support-
force  sf police  Bent  to prevent  her ed by the municipal "bloc."
from    speaking.    Miss   Sylvia Pan*-  r
hurst   was  enabled   to announce   to-1 Operate on Murderer.
night at the Bow Baths, io Ihe east     Genoa, Italy. Nov. 5.���Baron Pater
end of London, the formation of    a|n0l  the murderer of Princess Giulia
The rest cf the week's clean-up campaign will ba devoted to residential
districts. Todsy tbe medical health officers and sanitary Inspectors are
making unexpected visits to backyards of atreets away from the bualneaa dlatrlct. Also the waterfront may be Inspected In search tor placea whore
rats breed.
���     a     ���     o     ���
The sun waa shining whan tbe inspectors thrust open a door la Chinatown and peered Into the darkneaa Inside. Not until thoy had como to tho
doorway could tbe lone occupant bo discerned. Ha was a little old Chinaman. The placo waa without sunlight save tbat which etfted through a sbmH
window in ono corner, near tba cell-tag. "Why don't rov open window,
catchum fresh air?" ba waa asked. "Umm." came tbe reply, wtth a shudder,
fresh air make catch cold.". It ia people Ilka thoae tbo officials hava to
educate to koap healthy placea.
In another room on tho flrat floor, nearby, a room, aoao to largo, waa
found to have beda for li men. Thla waa none too maay, thought Its -tons
Takee French Leave with, It la Alleged. Ov��r 8100 mt Money Dm
collector occurred abont U
Ho had reported at tbo ao _
o��ceo In MaHIardville and haadod la
aome checks ba hai ooBoetad aa rant
and dog tans ts the anaUdpal ctai*.
He Informed tha stork at thai tMa
tbat be bad eoaaMorablo aoBsatluaa
In cash tn bla aaaasss-na which   be
volunteer corps, organised under command of Captain Sir Francis Vane, a
Boor war veteran, for the protection
of militant suffragettes and labor
Mias Zelle Emerson, ot Jackson,
Mich., presided over the gathering.
Ju_t before the meeting waa called
to crd-r It was announced that
George Lansbury, former Socialist
member of parliament, and a warm
supporter of the militant suffragettes,
was surrounded by police. The crowd
rushed trom the Baths and found' a
large number ot foot and mounted
police around Lanebury, wltb a taxi-
cab tn front of the entrance.
Fooled a-oHee.
Mr. Lansbury arrived on the scene
and waa uproariously greeted aa bo
entered hia home. Tbe report waa
spread tbat tbe preparations portended the arrest ot Sylvia Pankhurst.
The Itgbta In tbo houae ware ex-
tingulahed aad eoddaaly a woman
rushed from the doorway aad sprang
Into tho taxicab. wblcb. sanrounded by
mounted police, proceeded to Bothnal
Green. Than Mlaa Daley Lanebury.
daaghter ot tho ex-Soclallst Member,
stepped oat, much ta tha dtacomfltare
ot tbe police.
MaaawbUe Mlaa Paakharat eatarad
tha Baths praatleally aaehaarvod. tko
oaly disorder wsa ooaoad by an attack by tho woaaea on a tew tspoilois
whoaa ther aasnactad of beiac ******.
*****^s*^*-^*-^     ^^*****aj ��� W^*yww��wiw. ���***���***    **w*w**a*ay*a ��� a**********-*********
tlvas.   Mr. Ua_-_wjr aad 81a
Laao followed Mlaa Faahhotat ta Mm
ptatfana.   Tho Boor Vetera
ad tbat ha *********** to amealM   a
*******      *aa********m     ^a**m     ^*m *t****^t*it**x**********m      m**a    *****% ^m**-m\*tmt*m* ***m
labor yalabw norpa.  Whvrtg aloft a
mat* knotted dab. Sir Itas
bo was prepared to aee that weapon
wharovor ho saw ���******. tajarod -ar
whorsver the owreeaed aeodd aid.
di Tngona, a lady in waiting to Queen
Helena, waa operated on in prison today for tbe extraction of a bullet
which he fired Into hia head In an attempt to end his own life after the
murder occurred. The operation laat-
ed two hours, but waa not successful
Another attempt to recover the ballet wlll be made in a few daya.
Still Hopeful Mexican Situation   Caa   Be   Settled
Waahiagtoa. **��*��� a.-WaWag   tar
ord    *****   ***t*n*tt***m**X   naaldsns.
Hearts, waa lho wsy tho sttftaao st
caa attaattaa waa insarthii
���InMratkm afflatsto aaat
Tho Coqultlam Ua collector, PhOU��
Runaorea, haa stystartonaly (Haappaar^
ed with, tt la elated, over 9100 la cash
belonging to tho wuUolpaltty in hla
peeeeesloa and tha municipal polk*
suthorltlos aro endeavoring ta I
hla wboraahaata.
Tho auddan dlsspaosiaaoo of   tha
eonaeO yaatardsy sad ChHf *t W****
tat* waa taetraateC ta nasal aa la-
mMistlaa tola ttoaasaahj tt pas-jjaajs
aa-lMt IXTtmM   ********   UtTSmm. UllS
hava sbaoaaaod, ay aa
a____-_i -vfih *i**t**\% ^_a la -^*-*^*^a
!TSu mVm^\*Mi*a*** i
I���    PU*'^WmI    ^NRJa    wl'  aHV
Vm wm ha drawa tram)
W__.l_____>     **a*m*~***     a*XX*t****mata*a*\    <  "!_________-''
'   eligible for the   '
VHmii    ���
'V '���"-'.'
lalMlal wtth
bdi Moata
���' - . M*wta';-tfkj��<
���v "' ���''���'>'' ���������>'.',c^.-jy*''���
�����M**i;3e*v. PAGE TWO
An Independent morning paper devoted to the inter-sts ot New Westminster and
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The present administration at Victoria no doubt has
its faults, as every administration has had since time first
saw politics and Will have till cabinets are composed of
angels, but it has pulled off a splendid piece of advertising
for British Columbia in the exhibit which now is on its way
to Chicago for the United States land show.
Unfortunately for this province, it has received a lot
of advertising of a kind which could not be classed as
highly desirable, principally from land sharks, but a stroke
like the one which is now on the road to the big Windy
City fair goes a long way to offset the erroneous ideas
planted in outside minds with regard to British Columbia
and the wonderful resources it possesses.
A cheaply-prepared exhibit would have been worse
than useless and recognizing this, the government has had
prepared a display that is almost certain to lead all others
in the show. Thafs the place where B. C. belongs���at
the head of the parade���and that's where such advertising
is sure to land her.
Press despatches tell v** that revolution again threat
Girls   Admits   Bigamy   Charge���First
Husband Was N. W. Mounted
Police   Trooper.
Spokane, Nov. 6,���Two hours after
lii>r release from St. Luke's hospital,
where she hns been a patient for Vi
days, Mrs. W, R. Heitzel, W170 Third
avenue, was arrested on a charge of
bigamy, sworn by by James Payea, by
Detectives Chester Edwards and P. J.
BtlObOlz. Mrs. Heitzel Is 19 years old
and nilniits having been married three
According to l'ayea. husband No. 2,
and her own admission, she married
Ronald McGregor, a member of the
Canadian mounted police, at Kdmonton. Alberta, April 17, 1909, when she
was IS years old, but with the consent
of her parents.
On July 11, 191ft, at Calgary, under
her real name, Orace Meredith, she
married James Payen, a cook, she
says. Mare 4, 1913, In this city, she
married, under the name of Grace
Meredith, William R. Heitzel, captain
of waiters ot Davenport's restaurant.
Thev have resided at the Third avenue
address for five months, having furnished the place as a permanent home.
"I never expected this," said Mrs.
McGregor-Pay ea-Heltzel as she lay on
a cot in thn detention ward of the
women's jail last night. "I knew
Payea was in Spokane, as I saw blm
on the street, hut I did not think he
would plav such a trick on me. But
nnw that he has 1 am going to tell it
Deserted Month After Marriage.
"1 was only 15 when 1 married the
notice officer and a month later he
deperted me and the police service
ind has never been heard of since. I
ons China.   Didn't know it had stopped threatening till '���������������'��� know what be������? of him ami
+Vi._f  Pab-i^rr folo^.nm .-.ow... ���1���_ ���   P"pes  " the  Canadian   government
that Peking telegraip came along.
ess  If the  Canadian   government
knew where he was it  wouldn't take
lone to bring him back.
"The next spring after that I went
rp_.11,    U    .4. T m. 4.UH i 11 e n. ,0 Cal*ar'y ,lml WM slck at a hotel a'"1
talk about Lo the poor red man.   Here s one of them mv money ran ou. i sot acquainted
down in Spokane who Wants a divorce.   Isn't this civiliza- Yflfc��� ^^"ctoK Z W
tlOn fierce? .:-.-__ the pawnbroker's hands.    We became
,  _______ very friendly, but he knew I had been
married and had no divorce, but insisted We should pet married.   We did.
"With the power over me that he
had he mistreated me or tried to and
insisted I do things no woman would
do. 1 went to my mother and when
Payea came along she told him to get
out under penalty of prosecution and
he rot.
"Then I came to Spokane two years
ago and soon got acquainted with Mr.
Heitzel and we were married last
spring He doesnt' know about the
marriage to the policeman, but 1 will
tell him tonight."
Too Young to  Realize Actions.
When asked why she failed to secure a divorce from some of her husbands, the prisoner declared sh�� did
not know. "I guess 1 hnve always
hei n too young to realize ihat some
day there would be trouble about it."
she said. "Mr. Heitzel ig the finest
man in the world and I am more sorrv
for hlm than for myself.
"This Payen Is cooking in a cafe on
,        , .,-,,. . , , Howard   street   and   I   have  seen   him
naught, Dan Cupid, the international matchmaker, is busy *on ����������� alri'f l p-"fV '"'''���'���������'��� here.  He
lining things up for the wedding of President Woodrow !* alv,ay8 lDSUltlng
Wilson's gal.
Humor and
9y 9 VAC/*A M. Sftl Til
TT -seems ns though summer
���*���   Hud Blurted
Ami here we aro
Shooting down the decline
Wllh August.
Oh, my.
How summer does flyl
H's hero
To cheer
Us for a little while
With Its genlul smile,
To wrap us In a neat
Blanket ot heat.
To cling as n friend
Who would muke no end
To his tlay.
And then It must away.
It beats the well scrubbed Dutch
How time does tilt I
Never loafs around
Or tries iu be a steady boarder.
In order
To catch a fleeting moment
We must arise.
Rub our eyes
And take a quick glanre
Or It will dance
Into the vast
And well filled past.
That ts what summer
ls doing Just now.
lt Is on the roller coaster
And la going some.
Hear the hum
Of the wheels?
It comes.
And goodness knows
It goeB.
Hardly do we feel Its hot breath
On our necks
Than we have to clear the decks
For autumn.
Orangevllle, Idaho, Nov. fi. -Iii'la-
tives and friends of Clarence Sehma-
deka, a young man of Orangevllle, are
alarmed at clroumstancea which tend
to warrant belief that he has met with
serious misfortune at I'ortland. About
October 1 Sclumideka went there to
look I'or a location He wrote lo Ills
parents, Mr. and Mrs. c. ll. Bcbma-
deka, here and requested funds. 11 Is
said money was sent hlm, hut il waH
promptly returned accompanied by a
ietter, in whicb he said thai bis room
rent was paid for a few days later ami
that he did not know what he would
do after that.
Since then he has not been heard
from. Mrs. Schiiuuleka is now in I'ortland searching for hlm. Al lust report from her the search had heen
Srhmadeka Is married and has u
i'hll'1. As far hh Ih known his domes-
tie lire has been pleasant. Kor several
months Srhmadeka was employed at a
local bank, but he resigned some
weeks ago, leaving with the good will
of all offlcera of the institution.
He grew to manhood In Orangevllle
and Is well known throughout the adjacent country. In communications to
his rolks he did not give his street address In I'ortland.
Choked Hlg Mother.
Spokane, Nov. B.���When arraigned
in pollce court yesterday Nick Ter-
rian, 28 years, alleged to have choked
and struck his mother at their home,
at 1210 College avenue, Saturday
night, when she refused to give hlm
money, pleaded guilty to disorderly
conducted and was sentenced to jail
for ten days.
This isn't a prophecy, nor yet the effusion of the son
of a prophet, but just watch Tammany come back in New
York in a couple of year_..or so.
When Doctor McQuarrie gets through with this town
it will look as though a one thousand horse power vacuum
cleaner had been along the back alleys and rear yards.
Eh what?
A German court has decided that a husband must give
his wife an allowance. Most of .them do���allow 'em to
wash the dishes, sweep and indulge in other similar recreations. '!
Having safely married off Prince Arthur of Con-
it   ��
Not on Him.
"V onr f n c e
eee m s familiar,
but 1 cant recall
ever meeting you
"1 don't think
you ever met me."
"B u t I can't
get over thinking
1 have seeu you
before. Maybe I
have seen your
picture somewhere."
"Hut I assure
you I never have
beeu cured of anything."
Had   No   Business   There.
Walla   Walla,   Wash.,   Nov    5. -The
county   commissioners   today   refused
to pay  Ihe claim of William C   Hanger for $240 damages for Injuries received   when his  motorcycle struck  a
(pile  of  crushed   rock  on   the College
place road,    Hanger clalmB lhere wis
no warning light about the pile.    The
commissioners    deckled     Hanger had
no   business   on   the   road,   us  It   had
been closed to traffic.
Lease Extremely Moderate.   For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, vli.: the
the celebrated "VANCOU\ Wll" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americas and Canadian  Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer l'lpe from
4-ln. to 24-in. in diameter. This ls also made In tbla Province and wa
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock ot Crushed Bock, Washed Gravel. Sand,
Lime, l'lastor, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonea 18 and 16.
(02 Columbia Street W.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St
pianoforte, harmony ar,.! Hlnglntf. Pupils sucoeasfuly prepared f��>r examination in R. A M. snd It i' M. For terms
apply 101 Third avenue.
Pianoforte; 141 Kcury Bt., Naw Westminster,
Banks Break Records.
Dayton, Wash., Nov, 5. The hanks
hold more money here thnn ever hefore. ileposits of Ihe Columhla fin
tional are $787,2681 the Broughton Nation, $280,787; th" Bank or Starbuok,
reports $85,100. The three hankH give
total deposits of $1,083,146. Tills la a
per eaplta of $160,
and ihe last time
he told me he 'would put nie where 1
would worry for a while.'    I guess he
Detectives have heen searching for
A wise gentleman opines that wherever there is a man kleitsfbut ww/Snabte^ficite her"
to give a bribe there is one to take it. Working backwards as Kh" wns in ,he h0SP-tal yesterday
is there always a man to give a bribe wherever there's So1S^d^S*,S? 5^iP \Z
one to take it?
No matter where you find a crop, you find the same
ilione the office^ went at onee to the
They were met at th" door by
Qeorge E, Meredith, a hrother. who In-
sifted that his sister was not at home
Handing Him Ons.
"This Is leap year," suid the gay
bachelor tentatively.
"Ali!" responded the lieautlful girl,
without any Inflection.
"You know what lenp year Is fnr.
don't you?" pursued lie of the lat liberty nr.d flirtatious disposition.
"Certainly,"  was the res|ioiise.
"Well," he persisted, bound to have
It oome to him. "what is It for'i"
"To nlve the glrla u -i-hauee to show
their Independence," responded the
beautiful girl ns she turned on her
heel and pursued ber ho li tary wuy.
"The Vonoglovea certainly have nn
up to ihite hn liy."
"Have they."
"Ves. They can't put It to sleep by
reeking it."
"They Just lay It on n lied. give lt a
ropy of Ill-owning, and II rends itself
lo sleep, I suppose."
"li.v nn means, It refuses to slumber
nt nil unless ihey take It unto riding."
Escaped Lunatic Dangerous.
Knrlngdale,  Wash.,  Nov.  5.    (Ieorge
Williams,    constable,    was  wounded
h'Te Ihls afiernoon when he attempted   to  arrest  John   Verbanas.  an   Ann
' trlan. who was recently sent to Ja llin
In Colvllle to Serve 26 days I'or refus
'ing to send his son to school and w-as
there adjudged Insane and sent to the
, asylum   at   Medical   Lake
Larqe Grain Shipments.
Moos,. ,|.(w Nov | To date 14.-
663,000 bushels or grain have been
shipped from lhis district, whieh Is
approximately three times as much as
the entire amount shipped during the
same period last vear. I'or the year
ending Aug. 31, 1918, ihe total was
32,000,000 and officials of the C.l'.ll.
say that this year the total will run
over 50.mi0.00ii bushels.
Pear on  Thorn   Bush.
Spokane.   Nov.   :,.    A   fine  specimen
or a Flemish  Beauty p"ar. grown on
a thorn bush, was exhibited at the old
National hank yesterday by S. II   I'u!
hn.   of   Meadow   Lake    Mr, Pullen
grafted the twig of a pear tree on Ihe
ihom huth just two years ago.
W railway co.
Commencing  Oct.   2G.    Change    of I
time table, as follows.
S:00 am���for Toronto, Kamloops l.o-1
1:86  p.m   -For St.  i'aul.
6:25  p.m.-For Agasslz.
8:10 p.m.���For Imperial Limited. Mon
Ileal, etc.
For rates, reservations    and    other
particulars apply to
B. (10UI.BT. Agent.
New  Westmlnste
II. W. BttODIE, O. P.  A., Vancouver
ths lots Professor Allan Macbeth.
Plinolpal nt the uiasKou Colieaa >>r
MuhIi*. ami pror<-H��or Grassland num. of
ihe Glaaaow Athenaeum, i"*gi to intimate that she will accept a few pupils
In singing and volos production. Extensive lepertolre of high class sonic*.
Kor terms, cull or write to  I1US  Ha0*1.1 ���
ton street
Accountant.  Tel.   R.   12s.   IUiuim   I,
P. H. Smith. w. J. arove*,
work   uiiilertuk.n    In   cltjr   anl    out-Ida
points.   211-12   Ws-etmlnetor   Trust   Ulna.
Phone  S6S.    P.  o.  Boi  S07
COAI. MININO rlahts of the iJumlnlu
lu M.��'iti.,i.u, Saskatchewan snd Alberts
ihn YiSion Territory, lhe Northwest Tet
rltorles and In s portion of the ProvlQO
of Jtrltif.li Columbia, mny be leaaed for i
term of twenty-one yeu.-a at an annua
rental of 11 an acre. Not more than TU
acre,, wlll i,e leaaed to on* -applicant.
Application for a laaae must be mad
by the applicant In peraon to Iho As jd
or Hub-Agent of the district In which lb
rlKhui applied for Hro altuatod.
In surveyed territory the land must b
by  sections,   or   legal  aub-dlvi
atlng   Engineers,   lx>onl   tu    meets  In
l_il��,r   Temple   every   rii-i      .,���.|      ,,,],,-,
Thursday of the month n m,-r..,.,__i,ii,.
pieKUt.ni w. c. Saunders. _.,,,,'
P. O. Hoi CIS.
a * P. O. of Elks of the D, of O, maii
the first and third Thursday at 8 p m
K. of P. Hall. Eighth street. A WsIS
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P. H. Smith. Seo-
where Living Is Cheap.
"The cheapest lilnee In the world Is I ""S6^out by the a'p'pUe
Antloih,   In   Syria."   says  a   returned I uy^e'T^ 'feh wl
traveler   "Being On tbe Mediterranean
"emanpying the detective* sheslipi u
Into a hiavv winter coat of the lati   *
These geese lhat saved Rome have lost their johs as hT^'ad'set a Jaun,y blaek hat """'
the wiseacres of the quack family.   A flock of them in a
Missouri barnvard saw their owner fall down sick and
No Hops There.
"What   nre you    looking   over
fnshjon plates for. huliliy."
"I   was just noticing Hint It <lop��n'l
brunette and is very pretty. Before :"     'n't9 innrb to make u WOllllin'R Itrpwi
this Kpnsnn."
ns  io  material,   no.    Uut  tbt
raised such a rumpus that the doctor eame on the run.
And that happened in the "show me" state.
Seattle,   Nov.   5.���Due   to   tlie   tostl-      Davenport,   Wash.,   Nov.   5, Oreat
mony of Kdward  I.ooley, who swore boulders, some of them weighing near-
the electrio car that struck Jennie Da   '''   llJft   ions,   which   hav   prevented
vis, fracturing her skull, had no bead    !?fe "'V^1'1"" "i H)" upper Columhla
light at C:���o o'clock on the morning  blasU It����._& whl'n u  '."  h?il
���, ,. , ���   ���, , , i'i.i. is oi powder when Lieutenant   1
of December ,11 last, the woman oh .1 M linker, in chari,'" or river lm-
talned a verdict against lhe Pugel l"'')V',,ini'ii!:- bi gan drilling and shoot
Sound Traction, l.lKht and Power com- }n8 "" r'""k ir' the swin Bpokam
pany for $7.F>on. Dooley later ls alleg. i'1'"' nl ""' Junction or tilled to have told the attorneys for thei*nmi Columbia rlv��rs. near
Btreet car company that he committed ,tl'" latter part of the week,
perjury. His wife has sworn that hei Tl"'''" Bteam drills are kept constant-
was at home at the time of the acct- ly "' w"rli' ('a,'li drill being operated
dent and did not si e it. Now Dooley "J ��team rrom tho three barges an-
is in the county Jull on a charge f>r i *r':,'r>r��><l in the middle of the rapids
false swearing and conspiracy to de- T"8 blasting is so heavy that house-
fraud, owners at Lincoln, a half mile distant
lt was Dooley's failure to get the|llav'* loosened their windows to pre-
money he deeiares h" was promised vent breakage.
lhat led him to reveal his crime 'to1 w'"'l< at lh" Spokane rapids, prob-
nttorni-rys for lhe electric company ^,1)'-v ""' worst point at present for
Hla confession was heard by Deputy WdWlon, win be continued for three
Prosecutor l,ouis Silvaln and Deputy T"'"i<h��. when the government expects
Sheriff .lohn \\\ Roberts. He wns then:'0 1,;,v" ttlf* chanm-l clear,
arrested. The entire appropriation of
Albert D
Davis   wi
Martin ia attorney for the
'for  the
' whi!
upper Columbia river work
voman. who was a chamber-!W|1U,9 ""adequate lor completlnir tbe
maid employed in th" Palace hotel wor't *s river men have asked Is nev-
She was walking along a newly-grad- 8rthe,eB8' sufficient to Improve the
��d hank of earth bordering lhe trucks worel l"'lritB. and beginning with next
of the street cur company, near West "!,ri,u? heavy tonnage Is expected to
lak�� avenue and Fourth avenue north ''.'' n,)at'd downstream rrom Kettle
at ��:30 o'clock Dec-mber 111  last   The " !'"<l ll,wf,r points.    There are 40
bank Is steen and near the lake Btrlk- men '" lhe crew at Lincoln.
Ing across the track  to gain  a safer  "	
footing, the woman  crossed between v__-,, ���
two streets at n point where there Is      n u    ,   .    ,,     , no Ta*e**
no street crossing.    A northbound ear       ,' ,      ' lr,'ll;"-d. Nov.   I    Six thous-
struck  her.    it  was the evidence or .    , hl,,,"">:fi ""'" <i'"t ai St:  Peter's
Dooley.  and  that, of K. .1.  Reed,   an-    ',",   l:,lrv-  r,'��;"l*"'l   to pay no taxes
oth"r  witness,  thnt  made    the    cam '"'''  ��������� ""'  "p. The  meeting
against  the electric company etron:r   ":','' Primarily  intended to refute the
Peed nlso was arrested, hnt  was  re   aljewtlona  lhat  business  circles    or
leased on ball.   On direct examination   ' lster  '���'
hv   Martin he swore tbe headlight of
Mi ntreal, Nov. r, -j don't think il
is fair that the east should look to U
west to finance it. That pun of l in
���uia ihould nol finance the entire Do
minion," said Senator Perils II Popi
who has Just returned from a trip to
lhe W"3t.
"The whole country has fallen Into
the habit of relying on 'lie western
'���rop to buck up financial conditions
The western runners require their
money  ror the development   of    their
own country."
"What is your opinion regarding tbl
crops this year in the west?"
"I should say it was larger than
acreage  which   is  under cultivation
anv previous year, owing to the hirer
while the yield per acre is decidedly
up to nast records. I would nol saj
that this year's crop is a record, onlj :
In so far ns the acreage Is greater thli
Siirakl-iir   wiih   regard   to   the   ol' j
strike whicli has been made near Cal '
dry. the senator said:    "The  people I
In  Calgary  are getting excited  aboul
tho oll  prosnects In  that  part,  of thl
countrv,  and   experts  claim  that  thia
nart i't Alberta will eventually becomi
"ne of i1-" ic st productive oil areas Ir
the world.    The well which is In oi"*r
itlon at the tiri"-f-nt Ume Is one el the
best In the world, ns the oll is remark
ably pun- and requires little refining
I believe that this country will become
a great oil  producing country."
described   ._ _,,..   ,.��� ...
slons of sections, and  In  unsurveyed tei
ritory   the   tract   applied    for    ahall    b
I'l'llaint himself,
must bn accompanist
-     :h wlll be refunded I
the   rights  applied  for  are  not  avallabu
Hie oil unite Is lusl  rinlit  In Ibe collier   bu'   not  otherwise.    A  royalty  shall   b
11,1  ' ���"���*' '���" I*"*  ni-ut  '" ""- eo'oer   pai,]  on  the merchantable output of th
mouths     I once passed il winter there,   mine nt the rate of five cents per ton.
! nnd all  It es.  me was I.  n  meek. Ugt -^j>SF% ^*^r*8&
though I  leased a line liouse nnd kept   ueroiiniiiiK for the Cull quantity of mer
* ttm-.. servants.   Kor the bouse I pnlil '.l^^^r^-^^SS" ^.""hSS
shillings n montb rent, while llie serr
'��� nntH were sntislleil   wltll 'i shillings a i    Th,
week.   Million cost three halfpence a|rlj{;t
j snd
The  11 nest  of  fr
L O. O. 1*.. NO. 864��� MUSTS ON
llrst, second, third and fourth Wednesday In each month at S p m
In the Moose Home. ft. 3. Leamy,
dictator; F. R. Jones, secretary'
Headquarters of lodge in H,-.- Rous*,
oorner of Fourth and Carnarvon streets!
the eoal mining rlghl
are not being operated such returns sbouli
be  furnished at least  once a  year.
lease wlll Include tbs ceal inlnlni
only,  but the leasee  wlll  be pet
Waited Effort,
luck N p,*i na,, ihls. you see:
I'heni   -i  frnm _ watery grnve
��� r. fair snd young I tu\���*
i't ni '��� in hsve n family,
1 in the tsliinot marry nie.
II   it
with li
tie ,-��� i
>'ti] t..-11 T:, ���,
���llllil, '.1
Tl x
wi'iillicr in
charge ol
'  Inn  In In Ik jllmut llle nr
i -ut   Hutu   It   Is  to  live
Idnd      Kggs   were u   penny  ll  dozen ���'f-5e %-StTrnai* i^Z^Tn'   ��v��"��b'
,.,,,..                  I   ,.                  .. "urri"W  rianis may l>�� considered neces
id chickens twopence liulfpf uny each sary for ths working of the mine at tb
I,  fruit  nml  i*���i-..iii i ���mte ��' "l) *n acre.
b   fruit  und   uytn- Kor full Information application .houi.
hies (In  lelii'iiniy. too!) were ho ihenp be made to the Hecretar/ of the Depan
; tlmt ther   were  not sold   In qoanHty. ^Ir^a^^-^T^SSS^
You got ail you wanted for so mucb w. w. cort,
' per Week,   All I required for my house- N   ���_5ff5Kk!_$_-!_*�� ".'��� th" Interior
���. I   .**, o,���tmautnortsed publication of thl
hold   cost   me   1   shilling   weekly.     An advertisement will nol be paid for.
i American resident of Anttocb mid   __::-,_
' that tie and Ids family lived coniform-
I lily on ��3.. n yi-ur."���Westinluster l_u
t O. O. F\ AMITY U.IK1B NO. 17���Tb*
regular meeting of Amity lodge No.
IT. I. O. O. F.. Is h"lil every Monday
night at S o'clock In Odd I'eiinwa' Hull,
corner Carnarvon and Klghth street*,
visiting brethern sordidly Invited
K. A. Merrlthew. N O ; H IV Banastl r
V. Q.; W. c. Coatham, P, a. rei-,rr"
Ing secretary: J. w. MacDonald, financial secretary.
W. E. FAl.KH���Pioneer ('"uneral Illri-cloi
and Embaliner, * 12 ��l-, Agnes street.
opposite Carnegie Library.
ter A Hanna. i-td,)���Funeral directors
and embnlmers Parlors tur. Columbia
Street,    New   Westminster.    Phone 111.
ould nurse n grouch unless
ages for It.
use should lie trained tn
�� here It Is iiecdeil. It Is
* mil lo lind It when It I-
dve   humidity   keeps   Ihe
rrom suffering frotu the
ivlni; Joined the drys.
Rli"i Id   men   lie   permitted   tn
Criticise   Women *   dress   when   they
dout  know  liow   |n  attire theiuselvef
either lieiiullfully or comfortably?
lf   Hll
Pun Down by Train.
Kn'rt Lak". Idaho. Nov. B- A nvn
whose name Is thoughl to he PergUSOl
was ���'truck bv southbound Idaho ft
Vvashingtoti Northern passenger train
No, 4', at thr- lower end of th" Pan
handle Lumber companv vards lasl
eventng and instantly killed.
To.vn   Hill   Burns.
Oak ������'���.  (mt.,  Nov.  4,   oakvlile'i
town  hall   was completely  destroyed
sogree  regarding  the aglta- hy  flre this  mnrnlng.    The liulldinr
inn against  home rule,    n
wns   In-   was .reeled In 1808,    The grounds of
car waa not burning. After the l,;"""'1 l0 demonstrate thai the com- "i" Oak villa Howling olub and the
rerdlcl he made on affidavit iUt'ngl-JJ"01"1' and mercantile Interests of Tennis club, which adjoins the (own
h< did not know whether the head- Be,laBt il'" !" ,"1" with the advanced hall, were damaged by the operations
Hgl.'. war burning. [propaganda of Sir Kdward Carson.      .of tlie Bremen
Roach and Rain.
There Is one sport which benefits by
lhe advent If not Isi- the actual arrival
of rain. This Is lisliing While tlie
rivers are still cliin of floods and tbere
Is light enough fur lhe lish to see the
halt, lint no sun to bei my the shining
hook, the fisherman hits a chance to
make n hlg catch, for (Ish rise am!
bite greedily before n rainstorm. The
rouch. known as the "weather flsh,"
len ves Ills muddy lied, soinetlipes us
lung as twelity-four hours before the
ii'tnnl storm breaks, uiul swims nround
coiitluiinlly. all the lime gasping fur
breath.- 11 a in burger Nm briehten.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  IM.      Barn  Phone  111
���egble ���treat.
Baggage Delivers* Promptly ta
any part of tha elty.
11 Light and Heavy Hauling j
ster Hoar.t of Trade mis-ts In the boart
rman. City Hall, aa follows: Third Friday of enrh month; quarterly me<<ln>
on lhe third Friday of February, May,
Auguat and November sl II nm, Annuo! meetings on lbe third l-'rldsy of
February, ti. H. Stuart Wade. seer*,
Aide, iiM-iis, Business Lettsrs, etc : etr-
I    culur work specialist.   All work strictly
1    eonfldentloJ.    H. Barry, room 411 Westminster Trust Blk.    Phon* 70S.
rlstera. Solicitors, ate.    40 Lome Htreet,
i of living would consent
to conic fioirn from Its pedfstnl the
mt would he popular and provocative
of great applause. ,
Implement houses will hnve lo gel
busy ff every political ring Is going
to neeii n steam roller.
Of course a roiling slone must nt nil
times have i | ica-t ii slight downward
It mnv In- that the unusual noise w��
hear is n Iniidsllde to one of the uiiiuer
uu�� priMldeiitldl i. udldaics.
Aerl    r--the-.
" """'  f'.rrv    \'-'-    R-��� While fl'u-
'r-i V���r,.,nn .(.,_ |,]|rillnl, vpfl|pr(|,)V ,),,,
���thnlvtti, he n   rnrrv\n-> wes neelilp-'l
-iiv d'scl">rffpd ��-id th" sl">i pissed
'hroitgh "... vr.,,-.. rr-in's left hand.
1 mputatlon  ucy  not be ncccrcary.
A Di&concerting Habit,
"Ves. Dlnnll Is n very good cook, but
������lie has one falling,   She's passionately
fond of Illy perfumes."
"You can lock them away from her.
can't your"
"Of course,    llut I enn't get used to
henr her snorting under  the dour,"���
Lluvc'luud I'laln Pen Ier.
Yste Wood.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all klnda.
Prices right.   Hatlafactlon guaranteed
Bl McKensle St.
SPENT $18,844,223  IN
Ottawa, Nov. 1���Expenditures by
the public works dennrtment last year
aggregated $18,844,218, according to
the annual report now being Issued.
Of thin amount $10,177,801  was spent
The ynte. one or Australia's nnmer |on harbors, including dredging, and
ons hard woods, seems to be lhe|$7,4i!U,HS5 on public buildings,
strongest known timber, wllh un aver Utrge buildings uow under con-
age tensile slrenglh of 24,000 pounds Btructlon Include a post Office nt. Ht.
In the square Inch nnd h ma*ili,iuin us John cost $8S1;800; Quebec post office,
high m ilo.nOO, about equal to caa) add 8-18M00; Montreal examining ware,
wrought Iron. Iioiibc, $!III9,000; lliaiill'oid post Offloe,
  $244,1100; Toronto custoniB warehouse
$4,000,000, und Ottawa custoniH  wuro
Imiihe. $1,500,000.
New Westminster.    O. II Corbould,
C.   J. R. Grant   A. fe MoCoU.
iit-luw. tjollcttor, etc. Bolicitor for tlm
Hank at Vancouver. Ofrics: Mer-
chnnis Hunk Hulldlng. New WiHtmlns-
ter. III". Telephone No. 1070. Cnble
address "Johnston." Cod" Western
W. I-'. HANSFORD, iiarimkteu, solicitor, eta, Cniiisier Hlock, eornar Columbia nun McKeii7.li- streets, K, w W.'Sl-
tnlnstor. HC. l>. O. Itux i!Hf>. Tele-
t'lloii"  lit4.
side ��� Barristers aad Solicitors, West.
mtnster   Trust   Blk..    Columbia   street
S',!_*.w*"11tfrt,--!r. B- C.   Cable address
"Whiteside,'*    Waster      " '
Drawer    200,
��� Ilei' ���     "
���stern   Union.    P.    O
.... ,i   ,. - .;    Telephone   I��.    W.   J.
J. BTII.W.BLL CLUTE. Barrister al-law,
solicitor, etc I oorner Cohimbln ant
McKensle stryBts. New Westmlnstsr,
B. C.   P. O. Boa 111.    Telephone   III
Well Worked Bell.
A hell In ii temple In north Cblnn hns
lieen kept ringing for n century. A
tax Is levied lu the district for paying
relays of ringers to work Incessautly
dny aud uight.
"Devil  Child"  Born.
Chicago,   Nov.   4.  -Stockyarda'   foreigners nre excited over the reported
birth of a "devil  child"  wllh  clover
hoofs and horns.
J �����ii-JfAMPT,iN���B0LB'   BARRISTER
Solictor    and    Notary.    Offices     Hart
I      B C     ""  ****** N��* Westmin-
��J_5H��'S an5_8olloltors.   so.  to tli
Weetmlnstsr frust Block.   O.  M   Mali
C__Mi_d>       **"*   ���* U**-*** ** THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1913.
News of Happenings
In Other Provinces
Prince Alexander of Teck, a brother
���of tiio queen, will command a Caiui-
ilian cavalry brigade.
Ottawa council   decided  to spend
$8,000,000   on   securing   a   pure   water
supply  from   Thirty-one   Mile  lake  In
ih" Oatinesu, Quebec, region.
The government Intends at an early
date to appoint a com ml salon to enquire into thi' economic possibilities
or the Georgian bay canal.
While nn nttlclal announcement has
yel been made hy the government, It
Is now practical)' certain that parlla
mint will not meet until January.
Formal notice Is given that CJueen's
university will apply at the next ses*
���slim ot parliament ror legislation to
change the name of "Queen's university at Kingston."
Alexander Ilanncrman, a former
real estate broker of Ottawa, who was
sentenced to three months In Jail on
August 13. for impersonating a doctor, was released from -custody by an
order from the JuBtice department.
The body of 17-yoar-old Kdward
Prank, an adopted boy, who was suspected nf having caused tho death of
Miss Minnie Prank, In Madoc town
ship last month, was found In an
abandoned mine near tha village of
A cooperative credit banking law
applicable to all provinces, providing
<ie��r. plain and simple machinery lor
the Incorporation of co-operative
banks In each and every province of
Canada will be embodied In a bill being drafted by Hon. Arthur Meighen,
Prof it. W. Brock, director of the
geological  survey,  who  has  Just    re-
a   depth   of   100   fi-i-t.     It   has   been
piped, and the town win Instal a mo-
to rlo furnish the water to citizens.
llr. .1 W. McCulloch, secretary of
the   provincial   board   of   health,   left
for Washington to lay before the international waterways commission
t'.ie report on tin- pollution of bound
ary waters, based on the Investigation
carried on during the summer.
When the track underneath them
gave way, an engine and ten cars of
a wnrk train sank a distance of forty
feet In a ravine near Ilossport. None
ol tlle crew was Injured.
Over two million bushels of grain
were shipped from the twin -ports on
Monday. Or this 1; 325,000 bushels
went to American ports, and the balance to eastern Canadian ports. All
but 179,000 bushels of oats of the
American shipments went to Huffalo.
There were 7Srt,ooo bushels of oats,
5fi,nrio bushels of barley und 70,000
bushels of flax.
At Montreal a permanent pension
rund Ih to be established for city employees.
The Roman Catholic church In the
parish nf fit. Antolne, was totally de-
strnyed by f're.
Quebec him decided to refuse to allow the establishment of a powder
factory at Chelsea.
Hon. Jean Provost, who has been
n nationalist for three or four years,
has become reconciled with the Liberals.
P. J. A. Cardln, M. P., was confirmed  ln  his  seat  for  Klchelleu  by
turned from a trln to the Yukon, has jthe supreme court's decision on    the
*""J ' '-"       '    " "~ -*���-      ' Parndls election  petition.
Taylor Presbyterian Sunday r.ehool.
Montreal, which was opened In 1863,
celebrated Its Jubilee by having special services five successive nights.
Kdouard Kabre. of the National A.
A. A., finished first In Montreal road
race, within one minute of last year's
record time for the event. This Is
the second time Pabre has captured
the event, his lime���57 minutes, 45
seconds     There  were Bixty-one start
bad word Indirectly from the Htefans
son expedition. Whalers returning
from llerschell Island report having
met the Stefansson party pressing
north on their expedition for discover*- and siatlnit that all were well.
Harry K Thaw, fighting at Concord. New Hampshire against extradition to New York, still cherishes the
bone of reaching Ranctuary by the Canadian route His counsel has addressed to the minister of the Interior a re-
i|iieH to be informed whether, in thejer ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
event ot his winning, he would be al-' Plans for the new Quebec bridge
lowed  to enter Canada as a  through   mer   which   the   National  Transcontl
pafsinger bound  for
On   Bunday  nlr'.it   flre  destroyed   a
seven roomed public school      In    Sar
A   B. Mllner. Brampton, was nomi
nated by the Peel Liberals for the pro
vincial house
I.ead'T   Unwell   at
a foreign coun-1 nental railway will cross the St. I_aw-
rence nrovide for what will be the
finest bridge structure In the world,
lt wil Imeasure .1.2:19 feet over all,
and the main span 1.800 feet.
cow, Ih al tracing scon's of people to
Tledale. This spring lhe caii was
noticed In a herd of cattle, and al-
thougb nn attempt was made to keep
it. It has remained with ItB roster
mother until now It Is nearly twice the
size of Ils guardian.
B,   M.   (latiii'il
Port  Dodd.  lowa.
general   agent     at)
of the Scandivaian |
Canadian Land company, arrived with j Mountain Trees Help Prairie Rainfall
x party nf nine American settlers who .
huve bought land  In  the Canora  district.     All   were   well   provided    with I
money,  stock    and     machinery.     Mr. {
llalclii'H   iias   been   instrumental     In 	
bringing hundreds of Iowa farmers to I
western Canada.       ,' It ;B commonly thought, says a eir-
ular isBued by the department of the
���21,030 Square Miles Under
Interior, tha. the maisture which
rorniH the clouds and tails as rain Is
almost entirely due to evaporation
rrom the ocean, but scientific Investigations show that seven-ninths of the
rain which falls over land areiiH Ib mip-
ment   to  enter  Into competition   with   plln(] ,jy evaporation ovcr Buch ar(,ail,
the ocean supplying only two-ninths
of such precipitation. Dr. Raphael
Zon, one or the foremost Investigators
in America, 3late*s that the "forest eva-
Calgary, Nov. 4- It is stated that it I
Is the inti ntlon of the Alberta govern
telegraph concerriB now doing busl
ness ln Alberta. In fact, it Is said
that there are the strongest Indica-
tlons that the Western Union Tele-
graph company of the United Statea j
and     the     Alberta   telephone   system
will Join hands In the project. , water BUrfaces ������    In fact_ *. ha8 been
Some months ago the news was pub- |eiit'mateo b>. I)r   fernow. of the uni-
verBlty of Toronto, faculty of forestry
porates more water than any vegetable cover and   much  more  than  free
llBhed to the efreot that the Western |
,,     , ,_   ,_.        ._   _,.        .       , ,.m.m.*t   wi    ,,-i-M.i.i,   tauUliy   Ol   lOrCBirV.
Union would invade Alberta by means   that 75 per cent of the ra|nfal| over
of a working agreement with the tele- j for,,stPfI area8 )8 rf.lurnPd to tbe at-
���ftlinn,,    _v .n.m        TH_,-_>    ��,__       ....ii. ���*.., , taaaaaaaaaa*..................-.........-....^
phone   syBtem.     There   was     nothing | mosph
more  said  about  the  matter at that '
ero as watery vapor, which does
^^mmmwmmmmm-m,mmmmmm���mmmmmmm%^mmmmmmmm,*******m , i much to Increase the amount of mols-
time. but recently reports from south |ture carrk.rt by a,r current8 paS8|ng
of the line have given color to a aim- over such forests
liar report and thbi time tbe Information added that the agreement will
eo Into efrect next spring, lt is further reported that the government and
the Western L'nlon are now negotlat-
'ng and by April of next year the
Western Union will be In Alberta.
Armand Lavergne   Cornea   Out Fiat-
Footed on Semitic Question
In  Big City.
In Canada, the prevailing winds
blow from the west and the provinces
or Alberta and Saskatchewan are
largely dependent for their rainfall on
air currents which come over the
Itocky mountains. It Ib a well known
fact that winds passing over high
mountains become cooled to such an
extent that they lose most of their
moisture, which falls In the form of
rain, and hence the land areas for
many miles to the leeward of such
mountains receive so little rainfall
that they are often arid. But if the
leeward slopes of these mountains are
covered with forests, as Is the case
in the Rocky mountains these foreBts
will evaporate and render again available a large amount of the rain fall
lover these mountains which might
otherwise pass off through underground channels, and by reloading
with moisture the winds blowing over
the prairies, such forests make possible a much greater rainfall than might
  . otherwise   occur.     Should   the    east
of   Montreal's  Jewish   population   has : slope of the Rocky mountains become
led   Armand Lavergne to make  some  denuded  of  tree   growth,  it  Is  likely
, ���,��� ,��� h,��� -,.������- ������! elthat much larger areas in Alberta and
outspoken comments In his paper, u, Saskat_h_wan would be arld tban ,_
Pranc   Parler"    In  twen'y  years,  ne   now (ho ca_e
says. Montreal will bc like New . ork j Th|_ ,_ but on_ of _nany rea50n8
In the hands of the Jews. He laments , why th_ Dominlon government Is pre-
tha the "CanayenB" do not snow tne , Ef,rving the forests on the east slope
endurance   and  esprit  de    corps    -"".of the Rockies by the  creation of  a
Quebec, Nov.
-The rapid growth
St.     Paul's     Presbyterian     church,
Winnipeg,   wil   Icnll   Rev.   I'      Druce
Thornton, of liarrle, (Int.
Henry Shaver Westbrook, mayor of
Dundas affirmed j Winnipeg In 1W6, and one of the old-
thatt he Liberals wll stand by "abol-jtlme merchnntB of the city, died sud-
Ish   the  bar"   platform jdenlv or heart disease.
The people of Kssex county will ] "How a Canadian Views Canada."
rota i.n January 1 on a scheme to; was the subject of an address by
spend J1.nilh.noo on good roads. I Mavor T.   K.   Deacon   before   a   large
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will address ��� audience at Knox church, Winnipeg
the voung men of Ontario at a ban- Thomas Young, 21, who says he
quel to be held at Hamilton on Novem-i was employed by 0, (!. Hayes, a Winter **, Inlneg grocer, gave himself up to
Justice  Clute  is   In   the   Wellesley | oleveland (Ohio) police Monday, and
reserve    now    nearly
j square miles In extent.
their Semitic neig'.iborB���"if they had   for(,_t
only a tenth of It." he asserts,   'they
would be a great people." I  ���_________���
He attacks those who recently Par-|,NDIAN policeman
tlclpatcd   in   the   pro-Semitic   demon- i,ND'*N P��V/lIS jSmaR SPOKANE
stratum at    Montreal In the following j KILLED NEAR SPOKANE
termR:._, ���nn   nt   rli nal murder1     Spokane, Nov. 5.���Billle Boyd of the
n this question   of J^1���1 """^  Spokane reservation, formerly an  In-
we sea ��hort-gowne,l then oglans sucn llc(.man there an(1 wef, known
a" "f^ &?*,���t'��l�����. ot pigskin to thoBe acquainted with the Spokane
polntlffa   wIth   trappIngs I����m murdered   late   Saturday
nuch as Q?fwl?^*-JJS25��5 night in Indian Canyon. Bulla's body.
IK'Vh'e '��ca uTnV?o1 rCmg ���> t was hauled on to tbe Spokane
&*���{, t known that JJ^-g | SSK ��SS SS
SwT5Swtodlt��rtl5f Purposes, j authorities of the murder. Word mas
hospital. Toronto. In a serious condi
tlon He waB operated on for Intestinal trouble,
Hon W T White, minister of fn-
nance, laid the corner stone st Ilrantford of a new post office and government building.
Angus    McGregor, aged  73 ."ars.
���who died In Kincardine, waa a pioneer
farmer of Bruce, having entered tin*
county 86 years ago.
li. *, T S Howard, one of Ihe oldest and bent known -Methodisl church
minister) In    Ontario, died    aged 90
declared  he  hail  forged   Hayes'  name
to a check for JOfc 7.V
Hev. R. 0. McBeth. M. A . LL. II.. a
��on of Robert  Mcneth. n Selkirk plo-
And yet our Catholic press seems to, telephoned   to   Captain   Webster.   In-
nrJfer the Interested  doctrines of    a j dian agent, who was in the city
��� le    or a La. glols to the teach-      Deputy Marshalla R. D. McCully and
^      t P cHuro*     What an idiotic i Max   Anderson   went   out   to   Indian
race  we  are  at   times:   Our  journals, canyon,  near    Greenwood    Cemetery,
neer of the  second  migration  to thej^.,, gwatl0a   anything    the    moment, where the deed was done, and found
Kildonan   district   In   1815.     preached \��� \\. ,,' a di�����teb of the Associated . that  Boyd   had  quarreled   with  Louis
anniversary sermons at Augustine
l'resbvtt-rlan church. Winnipeg, his
Old charge.
Samples of Manitoba-grown sugar
lei'- are en route to Ottawa at the
Instance of Industrial Commissioner
Charles tf, Roland, to be tested for
|thiir saccharine properties.   They are
lie  wasi  superannuated   U  years ago. [,,.,._   ���,,���   s    olmPnR  and   Rolmnd   ,:
Tne   farmers Of  Waterloo  township   .���,...,_._,, ,������ ������.,,,.���,��� w|, ,Hhow them
who supply milk in dealers In lli-rlln | rjcj, |��� Hugar
and  Waterloo,  bare decided  to ad-     -rlll, won(it,rflli progresB m winni-
vance the price to 18 cents a gallon.   p,g ,���lr,nK ,h��� ,HKt n0,(,���  yparg waM
t j commented on by Sir Walter Napier.
lol   London,   Kng..   who.   with    I.ady
Napier, arrived there   this week.   Sir
j Walter  last   visited  Winnipeg  twelve
ears ago, and expressed  amazement
The annual  report ot  the    Canada
Car and foundry comnanv is expected
to Show a groBs output valued at 180,-
Tno.noo, compared   with  118,600,000 a
yea I ;irr
IN"��� George A. Little, asslBtant pas-
1or Of Augustine Presbyterian church.
Winnipeg, leavea Winnipeg to become
pasior ol Chalmers Presbyterian
church. Guelph
0 H StUson, supervlBor of tie O.
T. H track, wan seriously Injured
near St Catherines. He fell from the
leveller on a gravel train and was
ilri-i-sced rour car length.*.
A by-law will shortly li" submitted
to the rtitepavers of Pet-olla to gri'itt
a loan of $Hfi0O0 to the pi-rolla Wagon Works to replace e->>itni withdrawn by outside parti s.
Ilarf SagT, a mn -rled man with
it family, -'id Pred Praser, a lad of
IR, ware killed. o"d three others Injured es the refit of a holler explo-
slon ut Mnnlev Chew's saw mill at
Pound unconscious in a rear room,
TMIsBes Grace and Kthel Aliening. bIs-
ter->. employed by the T. Kton company, Toronto, were taken to the general hospital, where Grace died. The
<-iibc Is baffling the pollen.
In borln* it test well on the canal
bank at. Welland. a day or eo ago, a
fine flow of spring water was struck
Bibbers ud
AH ta 0m.
Kwy to put on nnd
take off. Pit wrll���
Look welt-W����r well.
All ���!������ '"' woo"
ud children.
Buy Ihem snd protect
yourwlf and family
horn winter IIU.
All Doilm
at the tremendous alterations In thc
Rev. Archdeacon Fortln of Winnipeg came out In favor of compulsory
SducaUon everywhere. He said: "ls It
not Incomprehensible that In this
vear of grace Ifllll, there nre atlll In
Canada so-called statesmen so reactionary, so limited In their outlook,
so ignnrnnt of thc very fundamentals
or right government as to decry and
Oppose a law of compulsory education?"
William Rlchnrdson. British 1-abor
M P, Bipaklng In Zlon church, Winnipeg, Bald: "In one of your eastern
cities 1 learned from a responsible
"���'Pliiiil that the Infant mortality was
ful per cent, of thc children born. I
was Btiggnred. It seems, then, that
here, in this new country, you are
tainted with the same crime that we
ire irn'ltv if ln Kngland���the slaughter of the Innocents."
The legislature has Increased aal-
arlcs so that hereafter thejiremler wlll
net $10,000 per year, other ministers
18,000, and the leader of the opposition. $4,000.
I Count and Countess Jacques de
Lesseps, (the latter formerly Grace
Mackeusle)  have decided    to    spend
ithls winter In Canada.   They are now
J west of Edmonton on a shooting trip.
I The now rail route to be constructed at an early date from the Montana
I border Into the coal fields of southern Alberta .should prove a tremen
dous stimulus to business Interests' of
the district.
Arthur Perry of Chsrdston, Alta.,
won tho all-Canadian first prixe for
oats and aecond for barley at tho
Canada Land and Apple show. Want-
peg; and Nick Talttnger, of Clares-
holm, Alta., waa winner of the all-Canadian first prise for wheat.
Roland Johnson, ot Calgary, sailed
for Liverpool to claim a fortune ea-
tlmated at $2,000,000 lett by an uncle
In Australia, Johnson, who waa a
milk wagon driver, purchased a third-
class berth,
Press   often  maimed or smacking of ��� Joshua    when   last   Been    alive.    The
lr,   '       ., ; quarrel   had   continued   across   a   ra-
The voung Nationalist then says vine from the encampment to where
that Alderman Blumenthal announces the death blow had been struck with
h��t Th cltv or Montreal will not be i a Bharp rock, arter the face had been
Vv���,l In , five parts because the! beaten. The body had been dragged
V .���..! ��,,���i,i not have �� represen- a short dlstanco and hidden among
imTvc I th 1. were tSe ��~ "He Ismail pines Clots of blood that show-
in ends "snvs Lavergne, "to have their led the trail were covered with stones,
rlehfsrpected Their rights? To An empty whiskey bottle near the
tiln! or the Presumption! And In hods explained the trouble Deputy ,
will sueweed, for it appears that they Anderson said. There were dozens of
have eighteen thousand voters In Mon; liquor bottles lying about the camp.
treat W��h an equal number of Krench Two eye witnesses to the deed are
and English imbeciles, on the excuse , believed to be Identified and located.
5 breadth of mind, they will pass, although not yet under arrest. DIs-
J? ,    _,����������� covery of the body waa first made by
tneir  mon.       , ia 8riuaw     The, (leath wag j(ept 6eCret
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ at the Indian camp and the body sent
ALBERTA WILL RETIRE j    sheriff George 8tone. together wltll
| Deputy Iver Sorennon. Thomas Cookery and Bailiff William Nolan of
Judge Bruce Blake's court, visited the
Indian camp yesterday, but believe
the murderer Is on his way to Canada.
Sheriffs of all counties in this section,
is well aa the Canadian police, have
been warned to watch for the susnect,
Isiuls Joshua, known as Louie Jues-
wiiv tn Indians, who made a detailed
report to the sheriff yesterday.
Calgary. Nov. 4.--The News-Telegram, a Conservative newspaper, pub-
llBhed the following story tonight:
"That the lender of the opposition
party in the Alberta legislature, E.
Michener, will retire from active political life, because of delicate health,
thnt he will be succeeded In thla onerous and Important position by T. M.
Tweedle, member for Centre Calgary,
and thnt he will  be appointed  lleu-l_	
tenant   governor at  the expiration of H^HH
the term of Hon. Mr. Bulyea. la the Many Homesteaders.
latest report  In political clrciea." Toror'o.  Nov.  4.���During  the  paat
Recently Mr. Michener underwent |Ro,._on '1,18 h-uesteads have been
an operation for appendicitis and It taken ��� ut In Northern Ontario, runts feared, that If he continues to as-! resentlug a settlement of 140,789
snme the responsibilities of head or acres. 8ettler. with their families
his party In Alberta, his health will have added to the Northern Ontario
break  down.    He has done splendid population   cbout  4000  people.    The
T.'10*". for,-.,h_- c��n��en,��tlv�� ���**��}' rich agricultural dlstrlot around
ration In Alberta, It ia argued, and Is; Matheson ,*,���,��� ,��� haVe attracted the
therefore ln line for reward in  th. ,        t nun,Uer..37g Mltleri ���,,���, ,D
shape of the lieutenant governorship.
Shot Qlrt In the Neck.
Calgary, Nov. 4.���Ben Benjek, a
Cal I clan, forced his waa into the bedroom of Paranke. Phillips, a Gallclan
girl of whom he waa enamored, made
an Indecent proposal to Iter, and on
her refusal drew a revolver and fired
four times at her, one bullet taking
effect In the neck. Benjek escaped
tn the hills and ia atlll at large. The
girl was In a very serious condition
tonight. Benjek who Is married, has
heen annoying tha girl with Ills attentions tor some time.
Seven Ceuntlaa of California Overlook
In just les af Pair Commlaaionera.
1*). Angeles, Nov. 4.���A decision to
exhibit at   tho   Panama-Pacific    exposition at Ban Kranclaco tnsptte of
what they termed tbe Injustice of the
He'saTs'"helntrods"to '���,r commissioners In demanding pay
return to Canada and start a gigantic
ranch ln the west.
A civic thanksgiving took plaoe In
tor apace In the atate building, waa
reached here today at a meeting ot
representatives   ot   seven   Southern
California counties.
m Thai decision to exhibit wan con-
Zlon "ch'uVh7Mw"se'jaw7with Mgfttr *,nfw,i i"*"1 0M ��m��Uon-4hat the
pascoe ln the chair. It was undenom- desired floor space, not leas than 10.-
Inatlonal, and all publlo bodies at- ��<��> nor more fui 80,001 square feat,
tended. W. E. Knowlos, M. P., ud could be obtained.
W. B. Wllloughby, M. I, A��� were The counties affected are t��a Ante
among the speakers. ilea. San Diego, Orange, Riverside, tkw
A moose calf, foster-mothered by a Dornardlno, Imperial and Ventura.
on 60,780 acres.
Montreal. Nov. �����.���"You have got a
revolver on you now, I suppose," aald
Mr. Delorlmler, advocate, addressing
Paoquale Caruso, when the latter atood
In the court of special sessions yesterday afternoon. "Sure, I got a gun."
snd with a movement of hla hand to
the hip. the court waa held breathless,
and pollce leaned forward, but Caruso
merely produced a dirty pocket handkerchief, a teat which, aftar the court
had taken breath, convulsed It with
Caruso appeared -charging a maa
named Nicola Palma wltb attempt to
murder by slashing hla face with a
rasor. Acused nleaded not guilty. Caruso appeared inthe witness bog wtth
his fsca covered with court plaster,
whloh tha surgeon from tha general
hospital told the court had no right to
be there, aa tha cute warp healed.
It waa gathered that Caruso want to
the lodgings of Palma ta collect a
debt ot M from the landlord. Canto
being vary boisterous In his demand*,
wu thrown out ot the hous* hy tko
landlady, with the aid ot Palma. hot
thla was aot before Caruso had **-*'
ad Mrs. Morrison. Her son want I .
the police, and ao did Caruso, hot*
coming serosa Constable O'Orady. Tjae
accused was found guilty aad remanded tor sentence. *-________-_H
Tlie Beginning of the End
Further Price Cutting Marks the
Close of This Big Furniture Sale
If you never before had a chance to buy High Grade
Furniture at less than cost of manufacture, you have it
now, as a visit to our store will show. The instructions
of Mr. Fales to the Iver Smith Sales Co. have been
simple, but explicit: "Get rid of it all quickly,"and the
prices we have made for the final sale will break ���all
records for Furniture selling in New Westminster. All
odds and ends that have accumulated have been
grouped together and marked at quick selling prices.
Among them are dozens of useful pieces that will be
snapped up the first day for little or nothing.
You Can Save One-Half on Your Furniture Bill With
Price Bars Again  Down  for  Today's  Buyers
This is a Furniture opportunity worth taking advantage of. Buying at this sale means much to the
family exchequer.
W. E. FALES' Furniture Store, opp. Carnegie library
I A B. SMITH has a dry goods store in a cer-
A\ tain Canadian City. He does �� <ood business, but wants
to do more. He believes that Advertisiu| in his local newspaper is the
way to get more business. So he advertises���every now and then.
This is where our friend Smith is wroni���in advertising every now and
then. He should advertise regularly���as frequently as hit local newspaper
is published.
Smith says he wants to advertise regularly, but be can't alwaya find the time
to prepare advertisements, which is true, ior he is hia own buyer, sales-
manager, director of atore service, credit man and half ���a-doaen other I* *
What Smith should do is this: If he is located in one of the smaller cities, in
which there are no advertising agencies giving a local copy service, and he
has no one among his own staff qualified by instinct or experience lo
write the daily announcements, he should go to the publisher ot the new
���� * * .. ____���______ - _____ _. ���___��.___.  ���__ ______________
paper in which he meana to advertise, requesting htt help,  la nine i
out of ten, the publisher, through hia advertising manager, will-be only too
glad to give Smith the assistance deaorjpd.
If Smith is located in one of the larger cities he should secure die services
of a recognized advertising agency whldt will take over the work oi pre*
paring his advertisements.
In thia way Smith ean be aure of having Ua advertisements prepared te#>
ularty and intelligently, with no more troohla to him dun the supplying ef
the in-braiet-oo required by the writer of the advertiaemanta.
So Smith can do more business, and mon buiinnsa meana a tartar ineoma
for himaeli, to say nothing of other irisa that go hand in hand with Aa
doing of bigger business.
This man Smith���do you know htttTf |_
Bring 3 Ccrap(msaii
mr:' v-r-���-���-���' ���  '' ���������'���-���
Aid Receive a Bto
���i.*:M H.
,���"���,,���,��..,: ������.' ,*mm :**���
Fresh^Water and Salt
Lowest   Tender   $70,000  and   Highest
$174,500 on  New Steveston
That thc new plant of the Columbia
Cold Storage company at Steveston
will be one of the most expensive
and elaborately equipped on the Pacific coast is evident from the price
of the tenders for the building which
���were opened yesterday at the headquarters of the 11. C. Packers in Vancouver. The bidB submitted ranged
ail the way from $1.4,500 down to
The highest tender was submitted
by Messrs. Bailey, Mlcsuer and
Waugh, the contractors for the harbor work on the river here, while
Hoskin3 & Co., of Vancouver, submitted the lowest figure, $70,000.
Archie Hogg, the local contractor,
was among those who placed bids on
the .building. His figure was $113,000.
The contract for the plant was not
awarded yesterday, the tenders being
merely opened and the bids announced and laid over for further
lt Is expected that the successful
tenderer will be announced before
the end of this week.
r the Week E
nding Sunday, Nov. 9.
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht.
11:10    5:40
10:10 13.8
U0.00 17:15
111:02 10.6
12:05    6:15
11:05 13.5
20:40 IH'15
19:41   8.7
12:55    6:55
11:56 13.3
22:35 20:50
21:36   8.7
13:45    8:00
12:43 13.0
23:42    8.2
0:40    8:00
13:21 12.7
14:20 22:25
2:20   8:30
1:21    8.6
14:55 23:15
13:53 12.4
3:45    9:30
2:45    9.2
15:20 23:53
14:21 12.2
ma. and a number of years ago was!
on an Alaska run as mate of the |
steamship St. Paul.
G. Callus, mate of the Hubbard, was ���
with tbe vessel during her Mexican ex-
perlence, and swears by her also as a |
sea boat.   He was mate for some time I
on   the   steamship   Humboldt  In   the |
Alaskan trade.    Walter Kennedy, for-1
merly "on   the   steamship   Necanium,
running from Humboldt to San Pedro,
Ib chief engineer of the Hubbard. Capt.
John Johnson and Capt. R. W. Red-
fern, local mariners, will serve as pilots.
Jack Dalton, the well known pioneer
of Alaska, founder of the Dalton trail,
wll lbe commander-in-chief of the
government coal expedition and it Ib
conceded that if anyone can bring the [dered
Matanuska fuel out this year, he can.
Sledges, twenty-eight horses, . hay
and general merchandise are now being loaded by the General Hubbard at
Pier 7. She has been scheduled to sail
at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.
tory showing. With the money received $24,000 ol the loan secured
from the Bank of Vancouver some
time ngo was paid back. In addition
to this there was a cash balance of
about $3000 to the municipality's
credit in the bank.
A number of applications received
for minor improvements were refer- j
red lo Councillor It. J. C. Atkins. |
chairman of the board of works.
| Councillors Walker. Martin and At-
ikins were appointed to interview Engineer MacPherson, of Burnnby, with
respect to the location cf a sidewalk
which it is planned to lay on the
east side of the North road.
A letter was received from the.
Port Coquitlam council acknowledging the debt of $10,000 to the municipality and stating that Mayor Mars
bad,been appointed to negotiate with
Reeve Barth for a settlement This
is the first official step taken by the
city towards a settlement and
cillor Foster moved that they be ten
u vote of thanks.
Additional Locals
Citizen     Suggests     Placing    'Grade"
Cards in Kitchens���Promoted by
Clean-up Campaign.
Prompted by the cleanup campaign
a prominent citizen has propoaed a
plan tor keeping the restaurants and
bote)  kitchens up to the mark of ub-!
her   husband   lias   been   trun_-
from MIshIou City.
I     Friends of J.  II.  Kennedy  will    ba
jglad  to  learn  thai  he  ls  uhle  to git
around again after his recent illness.
Mayor  P.   I).   Hoc.  of   Porl  Moody,
wus  u   visitor  In   the  city   yesterday
Seattle's War on Rats.
Seattle, Nov. 5.���At a conference today between 75 business men and the
representatives of the city and federal
health boards, a committee of ten
business men haying interests along
the waterfront, wsb appointed to assist the health officers ln the war on
rats. Tie committee will confer regularly with the health officers and obtain the co-operation of all the business men along the waterfront in enforcing regulations designed to prevent [of dentl
rats from coming ashore from oriental
solute cleanliness.
His idea is to have the city council pass a bylaw empowering the
medical health officer or sanitary In-
Coun-1 spector to post in every cafe, restaurant or hotel placards which will indicate the condition of the kitchen, a
part of the establishment that tbe
average customer never sees.
These  cards  would   bear  a  notice
telling if the kitchen  was absolutely
clean, If It was fairly clean, dirty and
so on.   Esch grade could have a dif-
ThuB if a kitchen
Mrs. Eva Willis Not Guilty of Killing
Her Child.
Winnipeg, Nov. 5.���Mrs. Kva Willis iferent colored card
was acquitted of the charge of mur- j after inspection were pronounced per
deling her infant daughter this after-; feet, a white card would bo posted
noon after the jury had been out an i jf fairly clean, a blue card, or if un
hour und a half
Mrs. Willis took the verdict very
calmly, but looked greatly relieved of
the strain she has been under for the
past 18 months. She was immediately discharged. The afternoon was
taken up with the Judge's charge and
addresses of counsel to the jury.
Victor Pople Is now under sentence
for the murder of the infant.
clean a red card.
In this way he claims proprietors
would vie with euch other to have
their places clean, fer a notice not
favorable would hurt trade.
This plan, this man says. Is carried
out in Washington, D.C, with absolute success.
Important Questions.
A meeting of the Central Ratepayers' association of Burnaby wlll be
held in the committee rooms of Ihe
municipal hall this evening at 8:15. It
Is probable that some mention will be
made of the present financial situation that exists In Burnaby and also
the possibility of supporting candidates at the coming election.
The Queen of Bonbon Land, the
newest "Kvans" musical show, which
is being ataged hy a large and select
number of New Westminster amateur
players nnd singers In aid of the Iloyal
Columbian hospital, is progressing In
top-notch style. The two rehearsals
which have been held were extremely
satisfactory to Mr. Kvans and the
committee in charge of the show.,
Many of the parts and musical num-1 hotel
hers have been assigned preparatory
to getting down to the routine work
of choruses and speaking parts on al
teriittte evenings. Some new, as well
as some old amateur favorites are participating and many Burprlscs are in
store for the audience when this big
extravaganza Ib revealed for Inspection on Nov. 20 and 21.
j   Mrs.
Hotel Changes Hands. I av0I1U(,
Bv ix deal whicb was completed .vos-' vembii'
Urday morning, the proprietorship of1
the Colonial hotel, situated at the cor-
* ner of McKenzie and Clarkson streeta j Professor and Mrs. 11. T. Rober'
was changed from Charles Schwahn to I son mili their two small children were
John  K.  MacKenzie and  Bruce Uiop j the guests this week of Mr. and Mrs
1 and Per.onal!COQ|)ITlAM TAX
Mrs.    Lister,    wife    of    Constable
Lister, wan In town yesterday paying I
a visit  to  her friends  before  depart
lng  for  the  Powell  Itlver  district,  tol
(Continued trom rage One >
Amoun the new arrivals at the Uus
Bell hotel yesterday were James lllll,
Brandon; C S. and A. W. Baker, or
Winnipeg;   tl.  Bedllngton,  Toronto.
M. S. Peterson, of Jones Creek, and
S.  P. liiiawald and J.   II.
St.   Klnm,   all   prominent
lumbermen! are guests at the Premier
clpal authorities, however, that -some
effort should be mude to prevent any
loss to the Insurance company by
locating the missing uian and, if possible, secure the return of lho money
due the municipality.
While working on  the case yesterday   afternoon   Chlel   Para   learned
from relatives that Ilunaeres had lett
Tor the ettBt about two weeks ago, but
for what point they did not know.
HtinaeroB' home on Alderson avenue.
Burqultlam,  Is empty, furniture    and
Forrest, of everything  having  been   removed.
up-cuuntry ! ,___-_________________-_____------���-���--���
L. II Arthur, of Abbotsford. was
among lhe Praser volley visitors to
the city yesterday.
Mrs. D. S. Ilsshlelgh. 1101 Hamilton
|street, will receive tomorrow and on
I the first Friday of each month during
> the season.
T.  W.  Murray,     1110    Sixth
wlll   reculve  c;n   Frldav.   No-
7, and ou the lirst  Friday of
every month.
Both members of the new  firm have
been   residents  in   the  city  for  some
._ 'little   time.     Manv   needed   improve
, ,      , Regina to Saskatoon. .ments to the building will he gol  un-
but the execution was deferred by the j     Regina,    Nov.   5.���The     baskatrhe- Lj^ wa).  immediately
minister of justice until December to  wan   Gazette,   issued   today,   contains i _____
allow for the trial of Mrs. Willis.        an  insert to the effect  that an appli- | Burnaby Victorian Order.
!cation will be made to the legislative!    Tm. annua| general  meeting of the
Many   Towns   Climb   on   While   Two
Fall Off and Vote "Wet"���
Plan "Dry" Campaign.
Ovation for Mayor-elect.
New York, Nov. 5.���The national
conference of United States custom
hruse collectors, deputy collectors
a.'d surveyors which conveyed here
Mcnday was addressed today by John
Purroy Mltehel, collector of the port
oi New fork and now mayor-elect of
ihe city. Mr. Mltehel wis given an
ration". He outlined brieriy his plans
ror bringing about increased efficiency in the local customs service as
contained in his recent recommendations to the treasury department.
that an appli-
to the legislative
assembly of the session  opening    to-1 Vlstorlan   Order  of   Burnaby   will   be
morrow for a charter to build,  main-.held  In  Moreton  hall,   Kdmonds, at  :',
tain  and  operate  a   railway  between ! o'clock on Friday, November 7 when a
W. J. Armstrong. They sail on the
Kmprcss of Asia from Vancouver for
Chlnlu, Western China, where they
will resume their university  work.
Rev. W. W. Abbott returned to New
Westminster last night after spending several days at  White  Rock.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 5.���Eleven Ore-
gon towns and six Portland pfecincts
wherein liquor is now sold voted yesterday to prohibit its sale hereafter.
Two towns which already were "dry"
voted to remain so. Two towns wherein prohibition was in force voted to
permit the sale of liquor hereafter,
and twelve towns already in tb *
"wet" column voted to remain thero,
Among the towns declaring for pro-1
blbltion  are  Salem,   the capital, an l!
I largest   town   in   Oregon   other   than I
Portland, and Oregon    City,    also    a i
| large town. The prohibitioniRts claim !
 ^_^ i considerable gains In the result as   i|
' ~ whole    and    already    ure    discussing
Heavy Odds Offered Ship Is Too Late I Plans for a statewide "dry" campaign
the  cities  o(   Itegina   and   Saskatuon.
Hero Promoted.
New York. Nov. 5. Maurice Span-
genberg, first officer of the Steamer
Grosser Kurfurst was promoted today
to a captaincy in recognition of the
rescue by himself and crew of 125
passengers of the steamer Volturno
which burned at sea. Bpangenberg
waa In command of the Grosser Kurfurst when she aided the burning vessel.
full report of work done during the
year and a Mnanoial statement will
be submitted, after which the members of the board of management for
the ensuing year will  be  elected.
Will of Late Lady Clark.
Toronto, Nov. B-- The will of the
late Lady Clarke, wife of Sir Mortimer
Clark, former lieutenant governor of
Ontario, was filed for probate today.
She lett property amounting to $361,
4S. to her Immediate family.
A   pretty   wedding   was   solemnized
at Langley Fort on Monday last when
Russell   Coulter,  of    tbe     Vancouver ,
Milling   company.   New   Westminster. I
son   Of   K.   N.   Coulter.   Langley   Fort, '
was married to Miss  Ethel  Yeoman .. j
youngest daughter of John  Yeomans. '
also   of   Langley   Fort.     Kev    \V.   ll
Oeorge,  rector of  St.  George's Angli
can    church,    performed    the    ceremony.     Th"   Couple   will   reside     In
New  Westminster.
Heated   Wrangle   in   Senate   Commit
tee���Equivalent to a  Central
to Get Cargo of Sample Coal
From  North.
Seattle. Nov. 5.���Ninety to one that
the steamship General  Hubbard  does
not reach Knlk, were odds offered Q.
Callus, mate or the vessel  which will
leave ror the north tomorrow morning
with   the   government' expedition   to
bring out the coal mined in the .Matanuska fields for test as a naval fuel.
Local shipping men are or the opinion
that   it  Is  one  chance  ln  a  hundred
that the Hubbard Wll Ipierce Cook In
let to Knik at tills time of the year.
'    Still the men who will compose the I
expedition are  undaunted  and  deter-1
mined to win that one chance.   Young I -wtimated
ice la probably forming in Cook Inlet j
now.    In a few weeks this northern
arm of the sea will be entirely frozen
over and Knik. the destination of the
expedition, at tho head of the Inlet, almost impossible or access.    In  past
years It has been noted, however, that
a southeaster has  sometimes  opened
up   the   Inlet   once   belore   the     .solid
freeze-up of the winter,
That a soil-ouster will open the way
for   the  General   Hubbard   Is   the  on
chance that it is believed will enable
the expedition to succeed. If the Hubbard should win her wav Into Knlk
there is much doubt In ihe minds "f
local shipping men that  she Will ever:
gel .mi before spring, it is said sev-
eral large wagers bave been placed
around town that the Hubbard will
nevr gat mil until soring.
Officers Not Worrying.
"We should worry." Is the wav the
Officers of tbe vessel express them
BOlvi s ever llie prospect. The Oeneral
Hubbard is a Bteel vessel of verv respectable size and power. Her officers
are confident they can go with her
snv place that a vessel possibly can
Capt Fred Dellegar, master, and his
associate officers have already had.
several thrilling experiences with the:
vessel. Three months ago they were
held two weeks In Mazatlan. Mexico,
while rebel and federal fought in the
Mexican lown. Captain Dellegar was
-formerly chief officer on the steamship Fenwlck, operating rrom the Columbia river to San Pedro and  I'ana-
next year.
'Wet' 'towns which adopted prohibition yesterday are: Salem, Or ..*i.r,
City, Springfield, Hillsboro, Wood-
burn, Hutur, Rainier. Stayton, Sherwood, liarrisbnrg and Gresliam. Pro
hibilion towns which voted "wet"
are: Newport and Sweet Home.
"Wet" towns wlllch voted to remain
so are: The Dalles, Joseph, Lostine,
Bandon. Haines, Metolius, Eagle
Pplnt, Milwaukie, Falls City, Wasco,
S'lthcrlin and Waldport. Dry towns
which voted to remain so are Wallows ami Florence.
or the measures voted on under the
| referendum all have carried except
the bill providing Tor sterilizatlcn of
habitual criminals and insane persons. This has been defeated by an
majority of 6O00.
Washington, Nov. B. An entirely
new feature was tentatively written
Into the administration currency bill
today by tiie senate committee alter a
full day of heated wrangle. The new-
plan'was characterized by Chairman
Owen, chief administration supporter
in the committee as "equivalent to a
central bank." Ile said the committee adjourned with the matter up In
the air.
Tin- new scheme would provide for
the centralization of one-half of the
reserves to be held by thc regional
hanks in the proposed new system.
This proportion would be placed under the complete control or the rcdera!
reserve hoard and would be located in
Washington to be administered lor
the aid and convenience of the entire
hanking system. As finally voted upon, the proposal was a modification
ol a plan proposed by Senator Reed
__ of Missouri, who suggested it. as a
means of composing the wide ilirrer-
ences among the members of the committee. Senator Heed and Hitchcock
joined with the Republicans in voting
for the plan, which was opposed by
Senators Owen, Pomerehe, Mollis,
O'Qpi'man and Bbafroth,
German Ship Leaves Vers Cruz.
Vera Crus, Mex., Nov. 5.���Tbe Ger
: man ship Bertha    sailed    trom    here
; this afternoon.   The only foreign ve_-
; sc'.-   now   In   port     are     tlve     United
j States battleships and    two    United
Ctoraoe  Capacity   Ample.
Ottawa, Nov.  _,.   it   is  improbable
that the coastal regulations will be
suspended this year to permit or
American vessels taking rn cargoes
a', the head or the lakes and remaining there during tbe winter with a
view or delivering them to Canadian
ports In Ihe spring. This was done
last year owing to a grain blockade,
but this season the storag" capacity
promises to be ample.
Sordid Case in Ccurt.
After a recital of doings of the most
repulsive stamp In the Hindu boarding house on Lulu Island In the police
court yesterday morning. Gean Singh,
keeper of the house, was ordered to
pay a fine of $100 or go to jail for six
mouths. Frank Wilson, alius Lew
Scott, was convicted of living ofr the
avails or prostitution and remanded
ror sentence and Ihe woman, Frances
Wilson, was turned over to Ihe care I
or Kev  J. S. Henderson, by whom shej Successful Dance.
has  been   placed  in   the  Presbyterian      Sapperton White Hock  Hqcke]
rescue home in  Vancouver. Jgave   a   successful  dance   in   St.
  rick's hall  last evening.
Debating and  Its Valuet. |
Ability to debate and its values
were told of by Rev. O. A. Hay. M.A.,
before the Debating club at the Y. M.
C. A. last nlglu. These gatherings
are becoming ever more popular
Next Wednesday evening officers for
the coining year will be elected. Tbe
subject at that meeting will be
"Ulster's Justification for its stand in
the home rule question."
To the  Thrifty
We wish to reduce our stock
for stocktaking purposes and
are offering the whole at a reduction of from 10 to 20 per cent
For Seven Days
invito you to conre
We  will  save  you
for cash
and Bee
Goods delivered to any part uf
the city.
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
Police Make Another Raid.
Sergeant  llruce and  his night roroe
were busy last evening in the Chinese
quarter and as a result  It Is expected
that ten or a dozen will answer the
charge or gambling and opium smok
ing  or  forfeit  the bail   money.
Abandon Wrecked Barge.
Ogdenburg, \. V., Nov. u. -Wreckers today abandoned the Montreal
Transportation company's barge Cornwall, which sank with its cargo of
4u,end bushels of No. 1 hard wheat
in tin1 St. Lawrence canal while en
route to Montreal. The grain expanded and the wreckers were unable
to do anything with the vessi 1 All
the ii oveahle equipment was taken
from the deck. The bar;;.' broke
loose from  tew.
School  Attendance.
Attendances at  tbe high and
schools of the city, with the   ,i
number  of  pupils   to   each  roam
October  were:
Solicitors Threaten to Sue Councillors
to Recover Money Lost Through
Extension of   Rebate.
We Have for Sale
A   choice   shipment   of   Jonathan
Apples at $2.00 Per Box.
We   advise    buying   early   as   cur
stock is limited.
Fancy White
Split Teas  	
English Lentils 	
New Pigs, per lb. ..
New Dates, per lb.
Choice Grapes ��...
Chryslallzed Ginger
dainty delicacy, per
Fancy New Zealand
Kastern flutter  	
Fine Bastcrn Select Eggs, per do/. 40j
yeu well and solicit
Did the Coquitlam municipal council do right when It i xtendi i the date
ot rebate on taxes oue montb '.' i'h:s
is a question on whicb Municipal
Solicitor P. .1. Mclntyre and McQuar
lie, Marlin ft Cassady, or New -Westminster, ire at odds. The latter claim
that the municipality had no authority |Kn
to extend tbe rebate dale, while the
former takes the   entirely   opposite
view and by I1I3 advice the council is
being guided.
Another letter protesting against
tbe extension of tbe rebate was re-
celved from the New Westminster
solicitors at the meeting of the muni
clpal council held at Maillardville yesterday. They asked on what authority the rebate had been extended and
threatened action against the Individual   council   members   to   recover   the
money lost through the extension ifl
Needed Legislation.
Quebec, Nov. B.���Annand Lavergne,
i M I'.p. tur Montraagny, will propose
a hill wben the legislature meets uex'i
session u> amend the law in connection wltb libel to provide that in
future no action can be taken against
any paper whim gives bonafldo reports or what is said and done al a
public meeting, lie win propose another bill enabling militiamen to   at
[tend camp  In   summer   Without   losiig
the holidays ihey    would    otherwise
Raid tor Opium.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 6.���Customs inspectors impressed a gang of stevedores a:; an attacking party in a raid
for opium on the liritish tramp
steamer Kendal Castle, today. The
steamer's Chinese crew had resisted
th. Inspectors' entrance, but surrendered when the stevedores joined
in the iHack. The officials seized a
liirL-e quantity of the drug, charging
that It was being smuggled Into this
port from Montreal. No ai rests wer..
Ave. I
Nighl   school         I'I
High  school   	
John   Hulls,m   ....
F. W. Iloway  ....
Herbert Spenoor .
l-ords  Kelvin and
.ister. 638
Richard McBrlde
tjiieensborough   ..
641 Front Street.    Out of the High  Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Open   Evenings  Till   9  o'clock.
(Ittawa,    Nov.
in   the  malls  just
Far North Inform
vi-y that the flral
mens acquired by
tic  expedition   arc
i,   Communications
received  from   the
the geological aur-
collectton of sp. lithe Canadian Arc-
being shipped   to
tided to
a  board
long dra
couver i
Exhibits  Starving to  Death.
Ghent, Belgium, Nov   5    A body of
Filipinos who wen- brought here
'as one of the attractions al the   exposition, appear i" be m'.lally starving uud liiin' ol them have died from
exposure.   Thej alleged   today   that 1 circlet
they bad received no wages ror eight j    At th
months, owing t.i the failure nt   the
amusement enterprise by which they
were  engaged.     The     Filipinos    have
petitioned the American consul general at Antwerp io he seni home, declaring that otherwise they mu.,(
starve or be sent t'i Jail as vagabonds.
Ottawa, Nov. !>.-
the dispatch from
that  i'i
The accuracy  ,,!
the west slating
Nanalmo strikers hav,* de-
ipply rnr the appointment of
nr conciliation to settle the
��� ;i out labor battle on Van-
land,  ta doubtt d   In  official
in.awa, being delayed In transit by
ice. The collection was on board the
trading schooner Transit, which left
Harrow   for   Beattlo,   August   211.   and
���truck Ice Jusl after having Barrow
and had to be beached.
The specimens ara being cared for i
by Charles Brower, ot Barrow.
The   geological   survey   Is  also     in-
formed ihat  the three boats of    the ;
Arcilc expedition,    Hie    Karluk.   the '
Mary  Sachs anil     the     Alaska,    have i
been successful In getting throagh the
(Subject to change without notice)
Bunday schedule Trains leave New Westminster at 6, 7, 7:30. 8,
8:30 and 9 a.m., and every 21) minutes thereafter until 8:30 p m.
After 8:30 service every 30 minutes with laBt car leaving at midnight.
Week day schedule Trains leave New Westminster nt 5. r.:4S, 0,
6:15, B:311, Ii:-t5. 7, 7.15, 7:30, 1 ti, and 8 a.m., and every 20 minutes
until 4 p.m.. From 4 p.m, to 8:HO p.m a 15 minute servico will he
given.   After 8:30 p.m. a 80 minute service with last car at midnight
Saturday service Early morning schedule the same as on Weekdays, but after 8 am, a 16 minute Bervlce will be given until midnight.
Through trains ror Chllllwack leave New Westminster da.l.v at
9:30 a.m. and 1:10. 8:86 and 5:45 p m.. Trains leave Chllllwack daily
ror return trip at 6 10 a m. and 9:80 a in and 1:10 and 5:45 p m.
Ually Express service lo Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:50
a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
cpnrtnient of labor no word
nf the ini ntlon ot the miners t., ask
tor a board has been received. It Is
thought II this step had been decided
upon, the department would have
bei n  notified before this.
i the council did not rescind Its former
action, li was maintained in the let
ter that the council had no authority
rn extend the dale as n municipality.
iKuili  rights  were only  permitted    to
! cities.
"We have ns much rlghl to extend
Beans, new stock, 4 Ibs.
 4 Ibs. 25c
 4 lbs. 25c
   4 Ibs. 25c
 3 Ibs. 25c
 2  lbs. 25-;
In   t._ lb.  Him.  a
tin   25=
Ilutter 2 Ibs. 75c
 3  Ibs. $1.03
Wo serve
trial order.
Dean's Grocery
Burr Block
Phene 388.
Columbia Street.
the date or rebate as Burnaby, South
Vancouver anil Richmond have; I
don't doubt whatever cur authority,"
said ihe solicitor when turned to ror
an opinion, and his remarks met the
general approval nf llle council. It
iwas slated thai the Kiiiimond
Soulh Vancouver and llurnahy conn-
jells had at times extended tbe rebate
dntf on tax collections iii their municipalities, and the reason why Co-
qulllam oould nol do ths nam" greatly puzzled tin' councillors.
ll was 111,ally arranged that Solicitor Mclntyre should confer with .Mc
Qtiarrie, Martin  &  Cassady    on    the
subject ami report back In the cum
ell.   On whose authority they had up
preached the council in the matter
i.-as not mentioned by the Westminster solicitors.
Municipal tClerk HallbOrton report
ed the ccllciloim to dale Bl helm.'
$37,000. or 01   per cent, or the whol".
Thli was considered u viry eatisfac-
London, Nov. 5. The London morning papers congratulate the American
people un the defeat of Tammany
which they consider given tbe hope
of a new birth of Democracy In
America and a higher standard of
civic responsibility,
They think also that It is proof cf
renewed confidence In President Wilson's administration. The Graphic re
andjgardi the result of the elections as
a manifestation .r the nation's up
proval of I'residi ut Wilson's spirited
Mexican policy, which lluerla would
du wi ll lo ia:(c lo heart,
Sooial   Reform   Council.
Itegina,   Nov.   5,   The   social   mul ,
moral  reform  council   of  Saskatchewan ��re arranging a conference to be
I held lu Regina, Nnv. 25 which is ex-1
pected to set nn foot nbns looking toward tlm extinction nr the liquor traf- j
flc  In  the province.
Canadian Christmas Malls,
Kdmonton, Alia., Nov. 6. I'. V. 0
Mitchell, paseeoger manager cf tie
while star Dominion line, who li ii
the oiy today, has reeelv-ed word
that thi' sailing of thi' Royal Edward
on December 2 haa been OBDoellrd
ami that  tha Canada or the White
Star line  will  take her place, leaving
Portland ai io a.m. December 2. und
Hall fa* Bt midnight December 3. She
will abio carry Canadian Christmas
mails io the old wuntry.
New Judge on Bench.
Moose  Jaw,   Nov      5.    Ills     lienor |
Judge Smyth made his maiden appear >
mice  on  the  district   court   bench  today and received tbe ���congratulations ifl
or the local har association from J. .'.12
Hare, barrister, president, j
and Mi
L.H.A.M., AR.C.M.
Lessons In  Pianoforte, Violin, Sing ;
ing. Voice   Production.   Theory    (lul
class or privately), iiaruinnv. Counter
point, Musical I'nrni and History,
Pupils prepared    for   tho   cxamlna-
tlons of the Associated Hoard of   the j
Koyal Academy of MimIc and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
Por terms, etc .  apply  61   Dufferin
Struct.   I'hone 411 It,
Note These Prices
We can give you heller prides ami more genuine bargains than anyone In Ihe business. Our stock
Is clean, new and up to date. Wo are not offering old shop worn stock, but tin; beBt in all lines we
White Enamel Beds, wllh spring and  sanitary cotton  top mattresses complete  fur   $7.25
Brass Bed, spring and all wool mattress ror $21.00
Chiffonier In Qolden o��k  S14.00
Chiffonier In Solid Qolden Oak    S17.50
I 'blffonler   In   Solid   Fumed   Oak    S16.S0
Bxtenslon Tables in Qolden oalt           **9,2S
Breakfast Tables, with Gate Leg   11.25
Kitchen Tables    S2.S0
Set or Solid Oak Diners  S19.75
Solid   Oak   Extension  Table S12.7S
Thc Biff Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1913.
aa  *   **�����  CIV!
TEUS Of SOCIAL       |
0 #
���-:.#*# # ti 41
Lack of Interest Among Promising Players Is Responsible
for Poor Showing Made by the Royals���Need for a
Closer Co-operation.
With the Vancouver Y. M. C. A. fifteen as the visitors on Baturday after
noon, the time baa tome for a general awakening among the rugby playera
and supporters of the city lf New Westminster Is going to make any showing
with this fine English game and hold her own among the various cities in
British Columbia.
It has been proved thla winter that enough material Is available in the
elty to turn out a team capable of holding Its own with the best aggregation in Vancouver but an apathetic spirit appears to exist among a certain
few from which It has been found difficult to dlBlodge.
Kver since the Beason commenced, the attendance at the park has been
Increasing and lf this could be duplicated In the nature ol material there
would be no reason why the Koyals should not Improve tlieir league standing.
An Impression appears to exist that the English game, as played out on
the eoatit Is as dangerous as the Canadian or American game. This Idea is
dispelled when a count is made of the players who have been laid up with
Injuries so far this winter. True lt is that Westminster was unlucky to lnne
the service of Savage, Hlggs, Smith and Davis lacking at a time when they
could be Ill-spared. All of these players are about ln shape aKaln, however,
so that the team which will oppose the Vs on Saturday should be a representative one.
In the city there appears to be no dearth of material, though raw, who. i
however, could be shaped and groomed to hold their own with the mor" ex- j
perienced players.    Several of theBe have promised  to come out from time
to time but have so far failed to make an appearance. I
Once thiB apathy Is overcome New Westminster will be placed on the I
map in amateur rugby.   The club assessment la practically nil. no e-'.te money
is charged, the present players are turning out simply to uphold the boiic!
of the city and enjoy themselves.    Let someone make a move.
Olivet, Nov. 5.���"No college
gitl ls thoroughly trained, or
Ilt to teach school in America,
If Bhe doesn't know the game
of baseball," said President
Lancaster, in a lecture yesterday morning. He further held
tbat boys should be taught
cooking In the colleges, and
expressed a hope that a
manual training and domestic
science department could be
added lo Olivet ln tbe near
President Lancaster maintains that college Ih the place
to teach people to live happily,
and that people's homes are
happier where they understand
cne another's Interests. Therefore, he said lhat a boy should
know how to cook and appreciate good cooking, and that a
girl should know baseball.
Rovers and West Vancouver Clash on
Nov. 15���Moody Park Mecca for
Rev.  J.   S.   Henderson    Takes    First
Case from  New Westminster���
Already Getting Results.
t %������ 4 0 0 �� 0 =": fl= -ft
While In the city yesterday In his
capacity   of   secretary   of   social   ser-1
vice  for  the  Presbyterian  church  in i
B. C��� and attending the Gean Singh-!
Wilson trial at the police court, Kev. |
J. S. Henderson, formerly minister cfj
SL  Andrew's church  here,  told  The !
News a little about the work which
has Just been taken up In this province by bis church.
In company with Miss Wark, one
of the matrons of the church'B rescue home in Vancouver, Rev. Mr.
Henderson took charge of the Wilson
woman when she was released by the
magistrate yesterday and she has
been placed in the institution ln Vancouver. This iu the first case which
has been taken hold of in New Westminster by Mr. Henderson, though
four others already have been dealt
with in Vancouver since the work
was started on September 1 last.
The Presbyterian secretary of social
service stated that all the diuretic.
and charitable bodies engaged among
these HneB w-erc working together
and he believed that excellent results
were being obtained. There are at
preseut in Vancouver, some of them
available for cases outside of the city
as well, seven institutions, including
three city missions, one conducted by
the Salvation Army, one conducted
by the Presbyterians and one about
to be opened by the Methodists.
It  was the  intention  of those  engaged in the work that one or more
couver.    Me will sever his connection of these shall be fitted up as a deten-
with  the  Canadian   Western   Lumber  tlon home to which delinquent- may
company at Praser Mills some   time |be   committed   by   the   courts   and
ihis month in order, it is understood, \ where the more incorrigible may be
and    Charlie Tobin j to  take  up  something of  more per-j closely guarded, while at the    same
have reported to he.scnal  advantage    than    his    present. Itlme  receiving  instruction  and   kind
ub.  No   post. 'attention. At the present all are more
e I    Asked  yesterday  bj   The News    lf j In the nature of rescue homes and the
his removal meant tbat he would be  Inmates can  hardly be kept against
of  municipal  politics  next year,'their will.
Satisfactory arrangements were
made at the meeting of the Mainland
Football association laBt evening for
the postponement of the Rovers-West
Vancouver Iroquois cup game to Saturday, Nov. 15, which will thus allow the
City and Vancouver City United to
have full sway in the city for Sa'ur-
day afternoon of this week.
Here Is the team to be selected from
by tho City's manager. Gosdlck, McAllister, Ferguson, Cough, Dickinson,
Lewis, Petrie, Davis, Andrew, Craig.
Barnes, Mcl-aren, Baj-clay and Paul.
The kick-off is scheduled for 2:30.
# *> *
(Continued fron page one)
Capital  Subscribed $500,000.00   Capital  Paid tap ��44S,��07.73
Reserve Fund $200,000.00.
To every one making a wlll and appointing an executor to manage their estate, the above figures bave a deep meaning.
They prove that in addition to careful mmnagenent, -experience
and knowledge of values, this Company offers a financial standing
and responsibility that private executors cannot give.
Our charges for handling Estates are never nsore and are often
less than those allowed to a private executor. When you can secure
so many advantages without additional coat by appointing thia Company to act as your executor, you should gtve the matter careful
consideration and consult with us.
Full Particulars oa Application
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Sccretary-Trea
Kenny  Mallen
are the latest it
-ignid  by  the  Westminster
word has been received from Geor;
Rochon   during  the  past  two   weeks,
although  a  month  ago  Georne  in    a lout
leiter   to   Ran   McDonald,   intimated'the
' tat he  would again be seen wearing
the orange and black.
reeve  replied it  would.    His de- j    In    the    Presbyterian    Institution.
(By the Potter.l
parture from the district will also'with which Rev. Mr. Henderson Is
necessitate his retirement from the closely in touch, there arte- three
Coquillam school hoard, of which he i matrons, one for inBide duties and
Is both secretary and trustee. He Is > two for outside work, one of the
at present chairman of the Coqult- j latter being Miss Wark, who came l
lam license commission by virtue of lover yesterday to    take    charge    of!
Tbe National Baseball commission
are getting ufter big league players
who perform OK sand lots after the
regular season Ib ended. Chief Bender atid Connie Mack's famous $100,-
000 Intti'ld. composed of Mclnnls, Col
llns, Barry and Baker, were criticised
for playing for a semi-pro aggregation In New- York. One never hears
lllll Graham kicking If any of his
���stars play for a suburban nine.
MoQill'S Quintette Nosed Out of First
Place  in  Low Scoring
The St. Michaels Toronto club will
stick together In the O. II. A. this
winter, thus refuting the rumors that
Jimmy Murphy was going to grab all I his office as reeve, but this office Willi Frances Wilson
the star amateur players for his On-  be automatically vacated    when    his I 	
term  as  reeve  ls  up.    Just  recently |WARD SYSTEM SUBJECT OF
Prse. sad Genl. Mgr.      Vlee-Preeldoat aaa. sa
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 177.
tarlo club in the N. H. A.
There fliould be a hlg bunch nt
rooters up at Moody park on Saturday when the City and City Fnlled
clash ln Oka third round of the Iro-
quoll cup. The locals will turn out
thi' bent team thai has ever worn the
red aud black.
The R C H. S. should have little
difficulty In taking the Vancouver H.
C. K. It. Junior Alliance team Into
camp on Saturday.
MrGMl's team of ten pin artists were
forced to take Becond place to Sloan's
. aggregation on the Club alleys last
.evening and incidentally were ousted
j from the premier poalllon on the
Ileague table, Buck Marshall's quln
telle taking Ihe lead.
With  Ihe  exception  of  McClll  hlm-
Isblf, none of the five were In any form
M< Hill's 'iOi Individual being the highest scored.    Here aie the figures:
!     Sloan:
S-.'le   m    1S7    179��� 547
iHaggman l.io   hi   ibs��� 4.0
[Clarke    109    Via    170-404
Mills    118    111     144-   MS
Sloan 168    -00    157-525
Not even a whisper of anything be-
lug blown up yesterday pm. It was
Guy Fawkes Day.
If the different bowling teams In
the House league don't quit losing out
every so otten the public will begin
to suspect a syndicate Is operating
tbe organisation.
Carl Morris shows a forgiving nature at times. The Big Oklahoma
Giant recently met Jim Flynn In
Chicago. Morris failed to recognise
ihe Pueblo flretnan. and after turning down n clgsr and a drink, was
made known Jnst who his wonld be
benefactor really was. Carl claimed
he did not know Flynn In his street
clothes, although he well remembers
the sleep punch administered by Jim
ut Madlsua Square Garden, New York.
De Oro In Perm.
New York. Nov. 5,-Alfred PeOro.
the champion, won tonight the first
block of 5< points from Joseph Carney
of Denver, challenger, for the three-
cushion billiard tlUe. The matcbls
for 'SO points, played In three blocks
of 60 points each.
Clothiers Tske Two.
In th" Commercial league, Reid &
McDonald defeated the American Can
company's team from East Burnaby
two games out of three. Held A McDonald, 2140; Can company. 2062.
At the Y. M. C. A.
Thn Westminster Trust bowling
team went down to defeat In the
Y. M. C. A. House league contest
against the Sixth Avenue Methodists,
losing three straight games. Huff,
with 477. was high total winner and
nlso high Individual wltli 191. The
Philadelphia, Nov. ��.-That
the New York Btate BaeketbaH
league managers Intend raiding the *���>*��� >������*"�����'��"
star players became *****
hen whenW "hs learned that
one ofthe pilots olIthe MM
State league le sftofObartay
O'DoomH ������* ��5** x?
$450 a month for tha repels-
der of the sesson.
ern league's rival o����*'l"uo":
but said the star forwnrd of
last year's needing ������� �� BM
considering tbe ���*�������._   .���.-��
this salary he \��W he ������
ont a doubt the ftlshejtll����*
basketball player In tha >uW
���ea, today.   Tha   Maw   T0��
jrr.fl for every <����*J'<5 **���
cents for WttrtftAf'
tual plavlBt.   *hltj��<����!1'*-
TotalB 706 764 819-.289
Max  155 121 159  435
Hobinson IM 1G& 123  450
Hurr  ...191 129 147- 467
Pierce 176 167 134��� 477
Mctllll 185 146 203-534
.869    728    766-2363
Westminster Trust:
Moryson    107 107
Shaw !...�� ����
Rising   .M 1J��
Brown ��M -**
12����� SS6
131��� 321
87��� 30.1
106��� 365
Totals '422 461 440���1325
Methodists:' _,      -m
MacDonald 143 156 14��- 446
Oatnlln   ��3 130 118-378
Huff. IM _S? 1M-477
.100   181   100��� 321
Totala .... .U.5W   8��B   4SS���1622
*ii�� i  -
n   '���
(Term New Weatmlnater Association
���Oeorge Smedley la President
���Tourney In January.
The Westminster Bcwllng association came Into being last evening at a
well attended meeting held In the
Club alleys when It 'was decided to affiliate the organisation with the Northwestern Rowling congress. By such
an afflllotlon New Westminster, wtll
be recognised lu the proposed tourney
which Is being arranged to take place
In this city some time In January and
whloh Is expected to draw together the
prack trundters of the North' Pacific
George Smedley was elected president of the organisation with Q. McOill as vice-president and Willis Bur-
nstt as secretary-treasurer.
The memberS will meet In the King's
hotel parlor next Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock for the purpoae of pesfect-
ilng all arrangements.
I    At the civic elections to be held on [1
'January  15  next the ratepayers    otim
Port Moody will vote on the retention I
of the ward system.    By a provision !|
in  the  municipal    clauses  act    the
councll was required in the first year j
ol the clty'B incorporation to pass a
���bylaw dividing    the   city    into    two1.
Mr. Harth resigned from the position!
of magistrate of Fraser Mills and the
municipal clerkship of the Bame municipality.
General regret is expressed at the
proposed departure of Peter Barth
and his family from the district. As
reeve of Coquitlam he has administered the affairs of the municipality in
a progressive, but none the less conservative, manner, and his policy has wards.
met with popular favor. I    This was done just recently, but as
Mr.  Barth  at  present occupies    a'the ward system Ig not   favored   by-
wide sphere in the    public    life    of jmany it waa decided at a meeting cf
Fraser   Mills  and  CcqWtlam   munici-the council  on  Tuesday  evening    to
pallties and il will be difficult to find submit the question of retaining thc
a man to take his place.    He Is    at  system in a referendum.
This  brings  up   the  question  that-present  also assistant  secretary   fori    The council for next year will be
it's about tim��> another N. H. A. club  the Canadian  Western Lumber com-! elected   from   the   two   wards   into
won the famous    trophv    Instead   ofj pany at Fraser Mills. which the city haB been divided, but
���yuebec who have held It for the past The cause of Councillor Mounce's jif the ratepayers through tbe referen-
iwo seasons With the Ancient City'retirement from municipal politics is'dum quash the ward system the al-
plnyiti" on their new rink, the Stan- that be expects to be absent from the dermen will retain their seats as rep-
ley cuppers will not have such an district for a considerable time npvt |resentotivc_-_af the city -- - �����������*">���*
���a��v time as they did in the "cigar year,
box" rink. I *
George Kennedy, of the Canadler.s,
Is trying out a new Blunt In hockey
this winter. George is making an at
tempt to gain control of a franchise
in the Montreal City league for the
purpose of using It as a farm for the
big club.
Jimmy Gardner, according to latest
reports, has signed up as bench manager for the Canadiens. The former
Westminster manager will feel at
eat"* in his old home, although he
trill have to get hia bunch travelling
if they  hope to cop the Stanley cup.
That  for Cold Weather  there Is
Nothing Quite so Good as Our
Special Hot-Water Bottle
701 Columbia Street   (Dragfut *%* 0|&sn) Phone 57
Chuck Clark and Allan Parr will
have to fight It out for the position
of goaltender In Vancouver.
Jack McDonald, cne of the three
players captured from Quebec last
winter, will play with the Toronto
Oiitarlos this winter.
���Wl.o's going to manage the
Rcvals 7" ib the question on every
fan's lips these days. Walt until Friday or Saturday morning.
Lalonde mny be allowed In the east
In favor of Didier Pltre, who is said
to be even better thBn Newsy when
it comes to sending in wicked shots
from tlie boards. Pltre sustained a
cut Of $2200 this season. George Kennedy offering him only $800. and for
lhat reason lhere ls doubt whether
Frank Patrick will accept this latest
All-Blacks Run Away From M. Mary's
'Varsity Team In a Sea of Mud���
Oreat Record.
San Francisco. Nov. 5.���The New
Zealand All-Blacks defeated the rugby
team of St Marys college of Oakland
today 2IM>. ..,.,���
The game was a poor exhibition on
acoouat of the muddy condition of the
grounds and the drizzling rain which
fell during the game. The All-Blacks
forwards completely outclassed their
spponcnts. Only one the eight tries
were converted. The score at the end
of the first half was U*Q.
1-awrence. Mass., Nov. 8.���Injuries
received In a football game oauaed the
dieath today of William McCarty, aged
15. a high eehool student Hla skull
was fractured ln three places tn a
;;amo loat Saturday.
KI Paso, Nov. 6.���The Chicago
Whlto Box defeated the New York
Giants by a ecore of 10-7 In the world
tour game at Washington park today.
Tho game waa Interrupted ln the third
I Queens street Is the dividing line be- j
tween the two wards Into which Port
Moody haa been portioned
In the West End. Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St     312-315 Westnunter Trust Bld%
DS-___-__, BKI '*
Phone 85R.
Whole   Story  of  Impending  Appointments Given Absolute Denial in
Ottawa, Nov. 6��� The Evening
Journal says: "The story sent out
regarding impending changes In the
cabinet, involving tbe appointment ot
Hon. C. J. Doherty to the chief justiceship of tbe supreme court, to be succeeded as minister of Justice by Hon.
Arthur Meighen, with other shuffles
in the cabinet is wholly without
The whole story waa given an absolute denial at the office of the acting premier, Hon. George E. Poster,
this morning. No cabinet changea are
under contemplation. The atory la
not a new one and Is based upon the
rumor circulated some time ago that
Sir Charles Fitzpatrick. chief Justice
of the supreme court, would he f l*W
a permanent aeat upon the Judicial
committee of the Imperial privy council and would be succeeded on the
supreme court bench by Hon. C. J.
Doherty. __________
Portland Foreea ���tract Car Co. ta tall
���Ix Ticketa far IB Centa.
Portland, Ore., Nov. ��.���By a rota of
3-2 tha council passed the Daly ordinance requiring all street railway companies operating In Urts city to sail
six tickets tor 26 centa.
By passing the ordinance the coatr
ell haa thrown dotes the gauntlet to
the state railroad commission, which
threatened yesterday to aet aside thc
ordinance at least temporarily should
tt ba passed at this time. Tha irsll-
road commission contend that the
regulation of streot car fares waa properly its own function snd thst It sl*
ready had placed ondar-way an Investigation ot the Portland tares sltM-tHp.
Hava Nat Paid Internet
Montreal, Nov. ti���Tho half |*arty
Interest due Oct 1 on tUt.MS ttrm
The gama was imerrupiea in me mini per cent bond Issue ot tho Interoolo-
Inning when Avlstor Karl Wagner ot ��� nial Coal Mining company, has BOt
Milwaukee, alighted on the diamond, been paid aad the facta oonaeetad
\,���i\.*..,.nn   nlinnoA   tha   nno(iln>   -In.   wllh  lhl�� 4___M*dtln> villi h* laM  ****���
Royal Intelligence Bureau j
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA. Mgr.
Exclusive  agent for  H.  Ohashl  &
Co.,   New   York,   manufacturers   of
Typewriter Backing Sheets,    Carbon
Papers, Ribbons, etc.    Mall address,!
Drawer 110  New  Westminster,   i, |l
What with the harbor Improvamenta, the further
tha fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Taller te Ladle* and Gentleman.
��� Weatmlnater Treat ~"   '
���peslal Feature.
Being the fourth ot tha aeries
"Who Wtll Mary Msny."
Go to yaw ���near now. Buy a
sack *t ROYAl. STANDARD. Try cne
bakiag ijlth tt U results don't stamp
ROYAI. frTANDAKD ae the one best
bread maker-your money hack without a wast. AH grocers sett ROTAL
STANDARD aw tMa awderatandlag Ot
"wa OUARANTRR haktag ri-
il-imlm haha aataol bread
i ovary sample at wheat wa're- .
o*lMl'""Na******* ROYAL BTAND-
������^���^R^^. ""N t��m^^s}**^^m^n* ;   W-^^^^^M   0^ ^^*^m*i    ***^**^
******) mm>m m�� m�� ta* imw *
______uMMfti_t ktete.   tot   -
���������^���^������^���^���g**^u(|^-^^.*t'l!-*l*^-l*^.,i*'W^��    mmmw'.m
VfllnawW.vMiB*. > BHUHflV
Matihewson  pitched the opening in
ning and waa succeeded hy Hearne.
The players encountered    the   best
weather ot the It; at El Paso.
Score: It.   H.   13.
with thla defaulting wlll ba law bo'
tore the shsrehoMsts st a special
meeting oaUed IBS Thursday, Not. 10.
There haa baaa so tntflag U the com-
.. pany*a eharea cn the local market MP
Chicago ,w,,..10   U    3 > long lima- Tha laat tranaaoOae was
New York     ... .   10    7'record* te 1S11 at M.   Slaaa INI
Batteries:  Scott and Schalk;  Ma- the highest has beea sj.   The hshds
thewson, Hearse and Mayers. are halt principally Is Caaads.   ,
' nBHra-rvv* .tv.,-i~*t*Mmtmmi*tw><*)i'i'
������AnIIMnAV ______IM1J  11W
y   WW  ^FMi ������������ ���*WL-Wm\w%wmm1*Wr\\\m��W    ^^^_��
'l'-W^    ft^V'*"
_ '���   '���    ��"'*!..
'  : *���*,
fWBS r��A��G ttm
I Classified Advertising
CR-Assiincr.   ads  wiii.  bs  kk
��etved for Toe Nnws at the follow
lng placea: P. T. HUI'a drug store,
US Columbia street; A. Sprice,
QneeBsborouKh, Lulu Island; Mra.
K. I-orden, Highland l'ark; Mrs. V.
Lewis, Alta Va��.
a, RATES. ���
OaseMled-Oue cent per word per
_���_.. 4c per word per week; 15c per
���sor'tb; 6.9W word*, to be used as re-
��arired wltfctn one year trom date ot
���antract. 125.00.
FOB SAI.K -$40
belt ti). Apply
KI.EC'TKO -VltlOll
llox   _:;.5i   News
cm house, Sixth street car line,
close in. Apply llox 2346 News
office*. (2:146)
used bhort lime;
ferin street.
bargain.   55   Dnf-
��� ranch; a goinK concern near
city. Must have J300 to fiOO. Apply llox 234S News office.      (2345)
position; used to lumber office. Apply Box 2351 News office.       (2351)
rrawral servant. Uessie Hox, Co-
-lultla-Ti, H.C. <��������**>
tare la large or small -qeaatltiee for
-spot cash. Will give full value or
��� ill eell your household goods and
effects by auction. WIN guarantee
to realise valae or no commission
���charged. H. J. Uossetl, Westminster
Auction House. Kings hotel Mock.
Columbia street. (2334)
auto   In   lirst   class  running   order,
Young Delinquent Escapes and Foots I Threatens Trade Crown cf  King Sal-
It Overland  in Night mon���How Ireland Is Overlook-
Colfax, Wash.. Nov. ...--An escape
In which two Whitman county girls
figured, and  which caused the arrest
ing  Big  Opportunity.
Seattle, Nov. 5.���King Salmon must
look well to his crown In I'acific county  or he  will  find   lis  transferred   to
of a Vniontown man who was charged , the   rubicund     brow     of  the  humble
with assisting one of the glrla to es-1cranberry, declares Charles a. Payne,
cape from a traveling guard from the
stale training school at Chehalls, was
reported here today when Sheriff Cole
and   Deputy   William   Maker   relumed
ment on small house, modern. Box
234S News office. (234S)
extra tires, etc.   Trade as flrst pay-1 from   the   scene  of   the  escape.   The
girls  who   figured  in   the  escape  are
Delia McLaughlin and Winifred Winn.
whose homes arc in Vniontown.
.-enn      ��,vi tr        ai-innm      paptivI    The officials at the training school
r  . ������/;^,���,.L/w   p     sent Miss Roller, a traveling guard, to
finished   and large cleared lot, Ed-  ,,nfontown to m,irn ,he girl8 to the
monls. dear deed    Cheap fer cash. I _ her    ^
Apply owner, Oeorge Warne,  Eigh-  i;nlontovvn tlie gUard foUnd ono of the
teenth avenue, Edmonds. 12.24)   _.,_.,_ .lpparRntl}r U1 wlth appendicitis.
���**���-���**���***���*****���******~**���**************"***"-**~~*-*****     The   girl    had    a    statement from
FOR   SALE ��� SAW    TABLE    AND ���   ('niontown   phvslclan,   who  alleged
eawe, foot power mortising machine, that she was too sick to be moved.
grindstone.   Box 2222 News ofllce. The traveling guard thereupon made
(2222)   arrangements to remain in Vniontown
| until the girl became stronger.   In or-
ACREAGE NEAR NEWTON, JUST Sjder  that ehe  might  rest  each  night.
tag-e, furnished, at 220 Scventll
street. Inquire at 224 Seventh
���street. <t23��D)
housekeeping and bedrooms, 420 St.
George street. i_!347)
furnished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes street.    Telephone 638 L.
Miss Roller employed a Vniontown
man to watch the girls at night. On
Thursday evening the guard from Chehalls required the girls to undress and
allow her to take their clothing while
she slept.
During the night the McLaughlin
girl escaped from her room clad only'
in a night dress and started across
country to Lewiston. According to
Sheriff Cole, the girl arrived in Lewis-
ton at 1 o'clock Friday morning, wear-
only her night dress, but an hour later
���_~_ n...*.    *. _-.-.,_.   ..nn __.._, i when  she was  arrested  by  Mr.  Cole,
TOR BALE-S1.00 DOWN. $L00 PER  _he had    ,������,      , ciothlnRand con3kl.
week.   Canada's   Pride    Malleable, P1.able money
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-     T)lP ^T-Ulj,an cnunty Fherlff return.
ket square. 1.335) j pd   tho   p|rl   t0   the   training   school
miles out, less than 30 minutes' rids
on B. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
|15�� an acre and remainder Just
back of frontage lots (100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis __ Dorgan, New Westminster.   Phone 466.   No trades.
rnoms in private family, close in.
Apply to 30 Fourth Btreet.      .3318)
apartments to rent, right on ear line,
steam heated, hot and cold water,
Kas ranges, electric light, separate
bath to every suite, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary and rent
ia very reasonable including gas snd
���lights. Also single rooms, both
furnished and unfurnished. Apply
Mrs. Mandville. suite 1, second
floor, Mandville apartments, corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
! guard at Vniontown. but in the meantime the man who had been employed
to watch the girls had been arrested
__________________________________________________      and  charged  with  assisting the    Mc-
Tenders, sealed and marked "Tend-1 Laughlin girl to escape. Sheriff Cole
ers for Property," are invited for the I made arrangements to bring the man
purchase of Lots 3, 4 and 17, Block 6.] to Colfax to the county jail, but was
-Suburban Block 4, New Westminster: advised later that the case would be
City,    and    will    be received by the |dismissed.
���nndersigned not later than 6 p.m.. The sheriff then summoned a phv-
Saturday, November 8th. 1913. These jsician from Colfax to examine the girl
lots are splendidly situated on the who was alleged to have appendicitis,
hill above Richmond street at Sapper-jnut the physician reported that the
tom 1 eir! could be moved .afelv.    Miss Kol-
The directors are desirous of reallz- i'fr accordingly left Vniontown yester-
ing this property in order to provide��� dBJ��?..nV Tetn��� t0 the s,at" sch00>
funds towards equipping the new hos- i with  ,ne tw�� Kirls
Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, B.C. (23401
keeping rooms. SIS and $15 -per
���ttxoslh at 224 Seventh street. (2333)
night, a brown hunting dog, with
chain. Finder return to 1009 SL
Andrews street for reward.     (2316)
wher-n.    No  collection,  no charge.
Ameriean-Vancouvr.r Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west Van-
��� conver. B.C. (2332)
(mn sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. 11. Brown, 17
iSi ;;!>��! slreet. New Westminster.
lit   I tal 5, uf Blacks  148 and  149, of
"t Bt, Group 1, Map 17S7. In the
_>__trici of New Weatsninsfcer.
Whereas proof of th�� Lias of Ortiii
-ate nf T'I" NM-Bfeer 2132.:, i-HHiK'-l in
Die same of Harry Cline, lias Uc��n
'.iled in this ofrice.
Notice  is h- ii-by i-,iv��ui thai  I shall,
at lbe expiration of aae, math from
Ska iiiilr of Ihe lirwt p��!o!k-.aSi<iii hereof,
n a. daily llfnsnpapflF psMUaftSd in UM
���Ctty of   New Weatarisa&ar,   issue   a
dap-icate  of th<'  ���.Bid Certificate, ttu
ii tke masatkaa valid obj-bttioii
be oi-..!'  c ">��� if witting.
J   a GWYNN.
Dlstrlcl It'-gistrar Ut TRIGS.
(and  Il^gislrv  Officii,
\'>w Westminster. ll.C. October 9.
NOTICE  TS   HEREBY   QIVEN   that   till
iM-rwHis having any clalma against  tlie
estate of the  late James  Henry  Sharpe,
(lec-'RBcd.   Who   <li",l   'HI   'T   abOUl   til''   l"th
flay of Jctober. A.U.. 1918, at New Wost-
mltiMt.r. Itc. n" required on nr before
the -Stn il.iv ol November, \i' 191!, to
send by pns-i prepaid tn the undersigned
solicitor for r.ie ecxeeutrtx of said estate,
their nam.'." and addresses and full particulars of their i-lniins In writing and a
statement of thiir accounts and the nn-
lure of their security, If any. held by them,
��wh statement to be verified by Statutory
And further take notice that after the
ISth day of November, A.D. 1��1J, Margaret Ann Sharpe. executrix of the estate
or snid late James Henry Sharpe, decease^ will proceed to distribute the ns-
seta "f said decedenl bavins regard only
to the clalma of which she .shall th<-:i have
h.nl notlco nnd will not be liable to anv
mtsoii of whose claims she shall not then
have   h_id   nolle,'.
CollMsr  Block,   New   Weatmlnster,   B.C.,
Solicitor for saiil Executrix.
Hated  toe  Mb  ,|av  ,,f  Novi mbei
Want More Pay.
Ottawa, Nov. 4.���Over 6000 maintenance of way employees of the Canadian Pacific, railway from coast to
coast want an increase in pay with
better workinc: conditions than now
prevall. Through their representatives they have made application to
the labor department for a hoard of
conciliation to look Into the pros and
cons of the dispute with the company
and Hon. T. W. Crothers, minister of
labor, has consented to the appointment of a hoard.
|editor of the Chinook Observer, who is
In Seattle on a business trip.
"The cranberry industry is increasing by leaps and bounds in Pacific
county." said Mr. Payne last night,
"and promises to crowd salmon fishing closely for first honors, although
for a long time to come thc fishing
business Is bound to be the leader, The
area devoted to cranberries has increased at least 200 per cent, within
the last five years, and as a consequence bog land once of little value
Is now held at enormous prices, from
1200 to J500, and sometimes even
"Considerable speculation is being
done ln cranberry lands and although
good marsh Is undoubtedly valuable
it would be well for persons thinking
of investing to make certain that the
land offered is what it Is represented
to be.
"The son of one of the Cape Cod
cranberry kings has twenty or thirty-
acres alone on the Oregon-Washington
tracts set out in cranberries and his
place is one of the sights of the county. He is trying experiments with several new varieties of the berry and
one of them Is said to promise exceedingly well. Prices rule high and $8
and $10 a barrel is obtained for the
Ireland  Overlooks Opportunity.
"And all this reminds me that they
are entirely overlooking a golden opportunity to make immense fortunes
in the cranberry industry in Ireland
and Scotland. I was lit Ireland last
about six years ago anil at that time
I saw thousands of acres lying Idle
that could be converted into fine cranberry fields nt a mere fraction of the
expense that must be incurred in preparing our Pacific county bogs. The
soil is just as good, but instead of being covered with wild crabapple and
other brush that must be grubbed out
at great expense, there grows on It
only bullrushtes and broom, which
can he raked off at a trifling cost. Tlie
Wild blackberries and other marsh berries grow on these bogs. Indicating
that, the soil is suitable.
"Now. when one takes into consideration that instead of paving from $1
to $3 a day for labor, as we do In Pacific countv. one can get plenty of
voung people clad to work for hirn in
Ireland for half a crow-ti or R2 cents a
day, while he is only five days from
the New York market, doesn't that
look like a bonanza. Honest. I lie
awake nichts dreaming about that opportunity."
Would Prcrecutc Those Who Damage
Highways���Liquor  License  By-
Law, 1913, Finally Passed.
Hir  Last  Drink.
Stratford, Out.. Nov. 4,���J, .T. Ren-
shnw.   Grand   Trunk   agent   at   niair.
Our., committer; suicide today by taking carbolic acid.
Notice of Application for the Approval
cf Work3.
Take notice that John William Wise
and  Edtnond Thompson will apply to
the  Comptroller of  Water Hights  for
A.p. Ithe approval of Ihe plans of the works
'���'''���'���'i  io be constructed for the utilization of
���.the waler from Allen or Osprey creek
'which the applicant Is. by Water Per
mit No. 153, authorized to take, store.
--^--^^^^^B ~~~ jand use for industrial purport
""Sg^^Sttnieuii^ tto'aLrd     The plana and particulars required
pply for ii by subsection ll) of section 70 of the
"Water Act" as amended have been
filed with the Comptroller if Water
H'glits at Victoria and with the Water
I,   corder at   New   Westminster        ^L
Objections to the application mav be
Bled   with   tlie  Comptroller  of   Water!
Canal Traffic Increases.
Ottawa. Nov. 4.���Canal statistics
up to October show a total traffic of
30.077,309 tonB, an increase of 4 Slrt.-
103 Ions. aB compared with the same
period last year. The big Item in
the increase was at the Soo nnd
totalled 3,467,889 tons. The Welland
Increased by 673,369 and the Bt
Lawrence by 744,836. The figures indicate that a great proportion of the
traffic bv the Canadian Soo finds its
outlet through the l'nited Slates
of License Commissioner
transfer   trom   myself,   Charlen   yohwuhn
to John K Mi'-K'iK- "lfi Bmt-e I..,;, ol
tlie retail llquoi license of thi Colonial
hotel In ibis <*iiv.
tni**.) Appllcat *
New Wostmlnster   B.C.,  Nov. T,th,  1918
Mcntre.il  Boys ard  GirlB Still   Figure
Prominently on Court Recordo
of  City.
Jtte the Snml-i"*!. I  tluarte-r of Section
Township K. ia the DUitriot   off
Nev,    'AV-_tj.<il'?t'T-.
W-uyaaa proof of tk, loss <if Oer
<!.itio(i��r* of Title Number :.'.!S4K, la-
itiuetl in the nana* ol lames C. Koriong
auii Charles Raa ;��� S bas becn filed In
������this oriice.
Noffrs" is hereby given tliat 1 hhall
tat the captation of une month from
the date of the Brat publication here
of, in a daily newspai.*,' r published in
tbfl City of New Westminster, isroie
as du|dleate of the said certificate, tm
tram In the meantime valid obietttu.ru
lie made to aie la writing
District ncntattar ol Titles.
��.and Hflatotry Office.
New Westminster, BiO. October 1 s
***2 -  <����!��!
New Imported PaU Sattlnw ��ew on
display See t*��ae- ******* ******
Workmanship anarantoad. Prleae from
jlfi.OO up.   701 rnmt StraaL
Vancouver,  Union  Bay,   Powell   River.
11:0  a.m Hvery   Saturday!
For Prinoe Rupert and Alaska.
Montreal,   Nov.   5     The   number  of
_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^icases of youthful immorality and crlm-
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria   inallty which come befure ihe juvenile
luted   at    New Westminster, B.C., Icourt continues to climb.   This mom
thl    .* in day of September, 11)13. ing fourteen hoys and fnur girls were
JOHN WILLIAM UTSK.     on the list    Severn! of these were re-
KDMOND THOMPSON.     mand cases, but even al that the nam-
llur Is high.
  "Why,   liello,   Charlei.''     said     Mr
Dawsi n      I rlghl '���   i 'I  little chap
From Vancouver for Victoria.                              v����         *tsm**s "Well     said Charlie,  who is a 'Iril*
tGrOO a.m  Daily1    BEALED TENDERS   addressed   t'i flntown product, "t rtole a dollar trom
2-.00  pm     Dally  the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten* Mr,   O'Klaherty yesterday, sod    I'm
11:45 p.m Dally der for Flrsl Class Detention Building scan I to go home 'cause my old man
From Vancouver for Seattle. William   Head,  B.C.,"  will be received   wtju'.d   I "k   me.     I   come   down   here
W.oo a.m Dally at this office until 4:00 p.m., on Mon- lasl   night,  i ut  thev  told    me    .vou
11:00 a_m Dally j day, November 17. 1918, for tbe con wouldn't be here until thin morning, bo
From Vancouver for Nanaimo.       atruction  ol a  First Class  Detention I stayed here."         ,,.,.,_���������, ,.,,.,-
vmi  ,,,���         Dally Building, William Head, B.C. It later developed that one of Char.
ii��.i��n  union Bt,. ,��������� Cnmmt ' ''���    Plans, specification and form ef con. ll"'" complaints was thai hla mother
Nanaimo,  Union  way  and  t^otnox.       , '    ' .  . . .      ,       ���._,i,.  i ',,   nr,  nut   In  buy  luuir   and
'i*n(i h n, Wsdnesdav and I'rliliv   trad can be eeen and forma of tender   n ail"  1 Im   RO  out   to pnj   i  Iu ��.  "'  '
j.00 a-m. .  ..wednesdaj at.d Friday   b   ,   fl     ,       ol||i���.   ���. ,,..  Wm ,,ls f,th,.r beat hlm II he lid It   So
Henderson,   resident   architect,   Vlo- a complaint  was laid against Charlie
inria. LC and a, this Department to' theft, an   a """; ","",,','
_____   ���         i-i-"*         Persons tendering are notified that !,;i'" V s"rt ""' ' '^ ,?, ,,,1,1    n
��:���� *������" Kvi'r>' Bat""��ay tenders wlll nol be considered unless �� ��  ! ���Z%!T*j��   "%2 get a
Prince Rupert. Graeby Bay and Skeena',���.���,.���  on  the  printed   forms  supplied, "��   Aa \''T ,  J , *         '..il,
River Points. U���.i_ i .......   ,u....    ���    ..-��� Isnuare deal down here,   said ne.
11:00 p.m.
made on the printed   forms h
land signed with    their   actual    signa
Wednesdays turns, stating th"ir occupation,   and
F.r Gulf  Island  Points. places ol   residence,     ill   the  cane    ul
7 .<>0 an. Tuesdays for Victoria.   Call j ftrma, the actual signature, the nature
lag. at points Inthe Ciulf lilaqda,     l0f tlio occupation, and place of real
Bl��. iioiti.KT, Ain-nt. New We��tmit��tet : denco of each   member   of   the   tirm
H. W. BflODrn, o. P.  A.. Vancouver.       , must be given,
���   ��� i    Had) tender must, be accompanied
by nn accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honorable   the   Minister   of    Publlc
Telephone*:   Office 53,  Residence 4__V
JOHN  KEID.  Proprietor.
Af/tats     Palmer     Bros,'   Qnsollm
Kukkikh.   Marine   EBnglUUS   ami
a.'titile   lte|_aii-s.
Ofttce  and  Workt:   Tenth  5t.
PjO. Box 474.    Now Weetmlmler, B.C
Subscribe for
The Daily News
I Works, ci|iial lo ten per cent. (10 p.c.)
of the amounl of the tend' r, which
Iwill be forfeited If the person lender
ling decline lo enter Into a contract
I when ctillc'l  upon to flo so, or fail to
complete the work contracted for.   li
the tender bt not accepted the cheque
Auto i *'"' ,,,; returned,
The Department does nct bind Iteelt
'lo accept the lowest or any tender,
llv order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 17, 1918,
Newspaper! will not bn paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
jaiitiiority   from   tbe   Department.-���
I 4S_3S.
A llttlo Italian hoy sobbed out his
entire's ion of ttiefl of brass and dinner rrom 1'ie c. I' H. He was remanded It was ivlileiil that lie had
beon stealing for some time.
'i'"- I,* v who knew the "tough guys"
ib Toronto, and with three chums
started out In a potato car to firm
Uiem was U|i again. This time, with
a companion, lie was charged with tha
fear-nine charge of highway robbery.
They had snatched the tollectlon away
from a girl was wan selling tags about
a week ngo. The hoy gets one more
chance.    The other bul    who  was the
lender, goes to the reformatory al
A bright boy who was caught break
l'n- Into .���' hous" with lii'i'iit to steal
goes   to   the   oountry   where   hls   bad
companions  will  not  Influence    him
Bursting Into wild sobs the bov who
fnrtri 'I a oouple of oheques pleaded for
another ahance, He has a. narrow fore-
head ��'"i a cunning, shifty way with
h'm. H ���! ten leiic'es c'innol be doubted. Kllll he got his chance. Ills last
and his mother t'tn w her arms about.
|hlm ii'i'l nrom neil Judge Choqust that
Surrey municipality Is out for good
reads and. as one means to obtain that
end, it has made application to the
minister of public works at Victoria
for permission to prosecute persons
hauling excessively heavy loads over
lhe highways there. The matter came
up for discusBlon at the laat meeting
of the reeve and councillors end tho
clerk was instructed to write Victoria
for  the  necessary  permission.
The Surrey liquor license by-law,
1913, also was reconsidered and finally
passed, tht seal of the corporation being ordered on It to make it law.
Communications were received as
From F. Moss, clerk to the Inspector
of legal offices. Victoria, re special
survey of the Johnston road, Btating
that this would be laid before the inspector on his return to Victoria. Received.
From T. (!. Owen complaining lhat
Mr. Endersby was blocking skid roads
at the corner of tho Scott and Mcl.ellan roads. Received. As this is
on private property the council cannot
have anything to do wltb it.
From It. Ker Houlgate. manager Columbia Kstate Company, Ltd., asking
that the road be opened for a short
distance from the Newton road along
the northwest quarter of section 17.
township 2. in order that persons residing there might have access to their
property Received. A representative
of the company also appeared before
the council in suport of the application, but owing to the lateness of the
season, no funds are now available for
this work, and the matter was laid
o,er until the first of the year.
From Oscar S. Rrown, resident engineer fi N. it.. Seattle, stating that
he did not agree with the municipal
engineer that a concrete floor should
he placed in the subway at White
"ock and maintaining that a gravel
floor vas sufficient. Received. The
matter was submitted to the railway
commission at Vancouver for settlement and they hnve since Issued an
order for a six-inch concrete floor to
be nlaced ln the subway.
From K. B, Collins, asking lhat a
subdivision road leading lo his house
it South Westminster be opened up, as
he contemplated residing on the prop-
erty. Received. Council cannot see
'heir way clear to spend money on
subdivision   streets.
From Cecil H, Barrett, a further
Communication claiming that the council had unlawfully removed survey
stakes along the Sandell road and entered unon the property of his client,
'���ud unless this was remedied at once
or his client recompensed for the
riamaee done he would take action
against the couticl. Received. Inasmuch as the stakes removed were
within ahout live feet of the centre
line of the road, and should have been
SS feet from said centre line, the council assumes no liability in the matte '.
From A. If. MacNeil, K.C. asking
for approval of a plan showing a spur
track to the Crescent Shingle company
at. Crescent.
From Harmon & Burwell, re 'u-opoa-
ed plan of subdivision of part of northwest quarter of section 9, township ft
Received, Clerk to ask that conditions of by-law be compiled with.
From K. Maine], complaining thai
the council had not yet done lu portion of the work re the ditch along
tbe North Hluff road, as required by
the award of the engineer under the
ditches and water courses act. I(e-
celved, Work started several days
From Robert Kelly, asking that the
road be repaired from the Mcl.ell.in
road to his property. Received. Council bag no fnnds available for this pur-
pose bo late tn the season.
From F. Wilkinson, collector, reporting collections for October
amounting to $4n.L'!lii 18.    Received.
Prom A. I). Cartwrlght, secretary
board of railway "ommlssloners. wishing to know If the (1. N, had yet re-
n'lired the .Milton road culverts at
Cloverdale, Received Clerk to reply  that the  work  has  been done.
Tbe clerk was Instructed to write
the minister nf public works. Victoria.
and ask permission to prosecute per
f.'ius hauling excessive loads over lhe
nubile highways of the municipality
made: ?'r.>i on the Davis road. Wanl
t; ?-ri on the llorgstrom road, Wanl
'I: ami Jir.n for the Coast Meridian
-"ad   south   of   the   Serpentine   river,
Word ..
Messrs. James Johnston and others
��� "ne:ir"ii  before the council with re-
-ard to the special survey of the
lohnston road, submitting a plan of
"""��� made hv A. J. nm in iswi, and
'"���kimi thai the annllcatlon for �� ��ne-
ii"l survav be withdrawn. Laid over
for Investigation.
Spokane, Nov. 6.���While taldng a
quiit stroll yesterday afiernoon along
the (Ireat Northern track, about half
way between Qreenwood cemetery and
Fort Wright, Joe Hacker, a carpenter.
Arlington hotel, was held up and robbed of $83.76 and his watch.
I     Acoordlng t)  Hacker's report  marie
to the police ai 1:30 yesterday afternoon, an hour after It happened. Buckler had become slightly acquainted
with two men at the hotel, and when
Ihe younger one fnvlti d him to go for
a walk he gladly accepted,
When the two bad reached a lonely
spot an accomplice, recognized by
Bncker as the elder of hls two acquaintances, stepped out of Ihe brush,
and without the use or weapons they
seized him and rifled his pockets lie
got back fn town ns soon ns he could
on a Washington Water 1'ower car,
but officers who went on motorcycles
were unabli" to find tho men.
Titanic Survivor Killed.
| Sh.-iuokin, l'a,, Nov. 4.���Martin Mo-
Iran, a survivor of the Titanic disaster,
WOS killed by n rush of coal at the
'Natalie colliery. Ilu hud been um-
* ployed as a sailor on the bit*, liner.
! When she went down be jurnped Into
ithe ocean, swam to a boal ami was
1 saved.
Lost His Foot.
Heglna, Not. 4- Mike Peturn lost
hls left foot this morning when he
got In thc way of the big concrete
pile driver. Hie core of which descended on him before the engineer
could shut off the power, He was
rushed to the hospital and may not
recover from  tfro  accident.
Fear She Is Drowned.
St. Catherines. Out., Nov. 4.-Mrs.
Wn. Huck. of Westchester avenue,
has been missing since this afternoon.
The finding of some food she purchased for the evening meal on the hanks
of the hydraulic raceway, leads to the
fear she has been drowned.
Cleveland. O., Nov. 4.-To show
that he was not too proud lo speak
to a man who had been his gardener,
I John IJ. Rockefeller at the Euclid
Avenue Haptist church personally
sought Ebenezer Itoberts, S7 years
old. among the congregation Hfur
service on Sunday last. "I never was
too proud to Bpeak  to you," said  Mr.
Three weeks ago Mr. Rockefeller unintentionally overlooked  Mr.  Roberts.
Since I Got a Boiol Gin Pills
Church St., Cornwau.is, If.9.
January -.jid,
"About a year sgo, I was sullering so
Mucb with s dresdful Lame Hack sml
Hips, that I could not stand up straight.
I was informed by a friend about GIN
TILLS. I got a box. It helped ma
immediately. I
havi taken about
twelve boxes snd
the pains in my
back and hips are
all gosic. 1 cannot
apeak too highly
of tiie wonderful
e f! e c t s of your
Liniments snd
plaster* won't cure
Lame Back ��� because they never
reach the part that
i�� causing tbe pain.
Tlie whole trouble
is with the Kidneys
and you taust cure
the Kidneys in
order to stop the
cure weak, sick,
strained Kidneys
u nothing else will.
awsy the paiwev��ry ^^^^^^^^^^^
time���or your money promptly refunded.
50c, a lm*, (��� for ia.50. Sample free if
you write National Drag 8t Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Toronto.
NRRVS TABLETS belp pale, nervous
women to get wtll.   50c s box.       199
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
MONDAYS -112 midnight lor l'rinee  Hupert,  Stewart.
TUESDAYS ���18 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���li  midnight for I'rlnce Rupert. Granby Hay.
SATi:ilDAYS--l-   midnight  for Victoria and  Seattle.
FRIDAYS l'i midnight, Oct. 31at, Nov. U'iS, tor Queen Charlotte
Iilauds (Direct Service I
MONDAYS���12 midnight) Nov. It lit for Masset, via I'rlnce RuperL
Mondays and Thursdays i-teameri make close connection at Prince
Hupert with (Irand Trunk Pacific trains for Terrace, New Hazelton and Smithers; mixed servios from Sniilhers to Itose Lake
(Mile 300.)
Tickets to all polntB east and to Kurope. Any rail and steamship
H. O. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  K.  DltPKROW,  G.   A   P.  D.
Ibone Private Exchange 8134
Our Interior Finish ls manufactured from timber specially selected for Klat Grain.
We are also specializing ln Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are hotter In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than  the old solid  raised panel doors.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
(2.81!) |he would be K')Od.
A bite ol thli and a last-- ol that, all day
longt '*''"���' tbe appetite and weakens ths
Restore your itemaoh to healthy vl-rar
by taking! Ma-Dru-Co D>'rp--p'.la Tablet
after each meal -andcut out lite ���piecing-.
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Indigestion and dyspepsia. SOo. s Boi
st your Druc-jlst's. Made by Ihs
national Drug and Chemical Co. ol
Canada, Limited.
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Christmas at Home
Permit us to Tell You About Our
Personally Conducted All-Expense Tour
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York, there connecting with the various steamship lines. All railroad
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For complete information, call on nr atldn-si
City Ticket Agent
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
622 Columbia Street, New \Vt'ntmii!_trr, B. C.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout ths Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits ot One Dollar nnd
upwarda received and interest at tbe lilnhest current rats paid or
credited halt yearly,
Drafts snd Travellers' Chequee sold, payable lu all parts ot tha
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch; A. W. BLACK, Msnagar.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
      BURN OIL    ���
Burnaby F.nglneur Takes Up Judgment
of Railway Commissioners.
Engineer Macpherson of llurnahy
haa made the following report to the
council on the order of the railway
commission with regard to tho V. V. &
E,   Hallway North   road   proposals:
1. Generally speaking the order is
not sufficiently specific and comprehensive.
2. Th" plans of the proposed bridge
to he submitted by the railway company are to be approved only by the
chief cnglucer of the commission,
whereas It Is desirable that the engineers of the joint nfunlclpalltles
should be consulted In this all-Important matter, as recommended In their
memorandum dated December 10th,
3. In my opinion It Is extremely
desirable that tho bridge be built sufficiently wide aud strong In tho first
Instance In take care of Btreet car traffic. It Is not practicable to widen
and strengthen a narrow bridge and
yet accommodate the traffic unlnter
ruptedly Uurlng the reconstruction
4. No mention Is made of tho grade
OD  which  the bridge  Is to be built	
the plans filed by the railway company show a grade of BJ per cent.,
whereas the profile approved by the
Joint engineers recommends the more
desirable grade of 2 per cent.
5. No mention l�� made of the times
of commencement of and completion
Of bridge construction���a tlnie limit
should be imposed. Perhaps thiB may
be mentioned when plans are approv
fl.    There Is no reference as to who
Is to bear Ooet of the maintenance of
the bridge���the periodical painting of
Ihe steel work will In itself be an Item
of  Considerable   expense.    The   engi-1
neers adhere to their recommndatlon
that  with  the exception of the  road j
way the bridge bo maintained by the i
railway company,
7.    No   mention   made  of  construe-1
tlon of temporary road diversion and I
the maintenance and lighting of same
during construction of bridge.
fl No indemnification claoo men-'
9. Nothing said about taking care
of pnblic utilities, during construction
of bridge- the exlBtlng right sof power and telephone companies should be
Regarding tho proposed diversion of
the Ounn road, and the proposed cancellation of the 33-foot road allowance
In blocks 6 and 7, D I.. 4, no mention
Is made of any requirements or works
Id be undertaken by thc company re
The reeomm"ndatlons submitted  In
the    memorandum    approved    by the j
Joint municlpMltles on May 8tb. 1911,
should be observed.
ln connection With the above matter
I beg to respectfully submit the fol- j
lowing   recommendations:
1     That  a  meeting    of    deleratesi
fn   )    the    Interested    municipalities!
should be h"UI et an early date to dis-1
cu. s   this   order   and   to  Immediately
submit    nnv    further    objections and
recommendations to the railway com-;
mlssionera    A protest should be lodg���
ed as to the municipalities not having;
bean advised as to the nature and con-
louts nf thu order. In time to considerI
sanM and further present lhelr race st
ill recent meeting of the commission.!
In having a ropy of the order since Iti
wss  issu'il  lhe  railway company  has
hsd unfair advantage of lhe Interested
'_. That the ouestlon of th" exten
Flon of the ear llne on the North road
Irom the exlBtlng terminus at Sapperton be taken up forthwith with the
II. C. K. R. compnny Now that Ihe
plans of the V. V & E Railway com
pany provide for thc elimination of the
dangerous crnm'.ng at the Nort' rond,
there Is In my opinion no Immediate
necessity fer lhe construction of a
high level bridge over the Brunette
river nnd this crossing to accomodate
car truffle, ns specified in caluse 3 of
the 1913 Burnatiy electric tramway
by-law. Hy constructing a single
span bridge over the Hrunette river
nl an elevation of about eight feet
above the level of the existing bridge,
and filling to the approaches thereto (a
HI Iof 400 feet long on thn New West-
mlnater tide would be amnle) to correspond to Ihe bridge grade, the maximum grade of the hill south of the
bridge could be reduced to about 8.6
per cent. In this way at comparatively smal lexpensc to the Joint munlcl-
pnlltles a roadway suitable for street
and car traffic could be easily and
conveniently constructed. Tbe U. C.
K. R. company could then extend
their car line from the Sapperton terminus to the fotith side of the Q. N.
railway crossing--a distance of one-
half mile, snd continue same the remaning one-half mile specified In the
hy-law as oon as the bridge was built
over the railway cut
At the vsrinus sessions of the rallwuy commission some doubt seemed
to exist In the minds of the commie-
Hioners ss to the near possibility of
the extension of the car llne. to that
It ls Imperative that this matter ahould
be represented to the oommlaalon In
the most forcible manner ao aa to urge
tho claims for a bridge adeouate for
combined street and car traffic
Hera Drowae.
lVrtage la Pralrla, Nov, 4.���Charle*
Hhenrtone, an old country man, ageo
2H, who has bee�� In Canada about
eoven years, lost hla Ufa yeaterday af-
ternoon by drowning. In trying to save
two men who bad fallen overboard out
or their canoe, while duck shooting on
cram creek near l*ke Manitoba.
Hifih Prices of Meats Wlll Drive Cana-
dlane to Fell Back On
Finned Food.
Montreal, Nov. 6���A local wholesale
lish dealer, who has had twenty-live
years of experience in that business,
expressed hls belief this morning that
the near future would witness a far
larger consumption of flsh in Cunada,
and that the export business would
nlso swell to record proportions. He
bases this belief upon personal observations and upon the very Important
faot that practically all varieties of
Msh form an economical article of diet
In an nge of soaring prices.
"During the past ten years," said
this authority, "the Increase In tbe
price of flsh has been trivial, averaging, probably, not over 16 per cent.,
while all other foods of dally consumption  have  risen  enormously."
"But," Interposed tho Interviewer,
"ir the demand for flsh Bhould extend
at the rate of which you speak, would
It not likewise cause an appreciable
rise in the price?"
"That is very unlikely," replied the
dealer, "as the large and small fisheries ean easily extend their capacities when the demand calls for such
action. The Bea fishing Industry Is Improving upon Its old methods all the
time, and the system for packing and
handling all kinds of fresh, frozen and
smoked fish Is also Improving. More
big people are getting Into the business, and It Is being non-ducted upon
more effective lines Ihan formerly."
This authority stated that the price
of rish fliietuiited a good deal throughout the vear on account of the changing conditions under which fishing
operations had to be carried on. which
caused a scarcity one week and a plen-
titude the next. He Stated that when
an average was slrur''. however, prices
were i xcedlngly reasonable, and he
v.as unite sure that they would remain
so for some years to come, except in
the case of very fancy stock, which
the ordinary consumer did not require
to consider.
Spokane, Nov. 5���-Prostrate wllh
grief and temporarily robbed ol reason
Mrs. Miittlo Ridley, the mother or
Mrs Crace Heal, said to have been
the victim of white slavers' vengeance
In Eureka. Mont., lay helpless under
a physician's care yesterday afternoon while the funeral of her daughter
was In progress. Unable to witness
the services or speak Intelligibly of
the tragedy, unable to remember the
circumstances or her bereavement,
bereavement, she could only munner
repeatedly: "Surely Crace wlll come
on the next car."
T'te mother or the murdered girl
arrived Trom Seattle on Saturday, accompanied by her son, I'earley. She
was In a Btate or great agitation when
she nrrived at the home of another
daughter In the elty, Mr3. \v. p.
Smith. 2402 Boone avenue, and apparently suffered a complete mental
imd physical collapse, as she became
liter he-rent, helpless and a doctor WM
Victor Ridley, the father, nrrived
from Scuttle yesterday, but too late
to be present at the funeral, which
wns held from the chapel of the Turn-
bull Undertaking company at 2 o'clock
and wan compelled to devote himself
to the stricken mother, whose condition was ;or some time a source of
considerable alarm to her ramlly.
The relatives of the dead girl are
convinced that her death was the result or deliberately planned revenge
by the white slavers, as she had been
Instrumental In securing the conviction In Montana or violators ol the
Minn white slave act. Special agents
or the rederal government attended
t'.ie runeral  services yesterday.
-tor ��!�����-* _
The sunt* ��*���*���*
Frederic T. HIM, OriH��W. Columbia
street, New Wnetmlnatar.
Spokane. Nov. 5.���On the witness
stand In the court ol Judge William
A. Huneke yesterday; Mrs. Beryl Hatt
testified that W. K. Schlrmer, wealthy
grain denier, who Is being Bued for
divorce, had asked her to accompany
him to the theatre on various occasion-!.
"Mrs. Schlrmer took me on his lap
when I was a tiny girl and when I
met him on the street here he Insisted I should accompany him to the theatre," testified Mrs. Hstt. Tho witness
said Bhe refused, saying sbe was a
married woman. 8he said he declared "thst makes no difference."
Tho hubsand said he saw Mrs
Schlrmer "messaging" a man In their
home. Mrs. Ida Cox said her stepson
had held Mrs. Schlrmer on his lap.
Bhe said at one time Mra. Schlrmer
told Mrs. Cox's stepson ln German she
wanted him o kiss her. Bhe said the
stepson thought she said "cuss" Instead of kiss. Bhe declared the boy
accompanied the woman home and remained until lata at ntghL
Testimony waa Introduced to show
thst men had been entertained by the
wife at the Schlrmer home, N. 2316
Jefferson streeL Mr. Schlrmer said he
often watched the performances
through windows when tbe blinds were
not drawn. ^^^^
Montreal. Nov, B.-The missing 14-
year-old Ml���� Jessie Guthrie, of 161
Stanley street, was located yaatarday
In the convent of the Good Shepherd,
Sherbrooke street, whore she had gone
after leaving her home. Miss Guthrie
left a note, for her mother, In which
she told her plana and went st once
to the Oood Shepherd convent. The
mother superior, as soon as It became
known that the girl waa seeking to become a nun without the consent of her
parents, notified Mrs. Guthrie that she
bad applied for admission to the order.
Tba mother oame at once to the Institution and Instated that Jessie be returned to her home. She ls a convent
brad girl, and lately expressed a dealt** to become a nun. With the mother superior advlalng her to obey the
wlsbea of her parenta, and the mother
Instating tbat ahe bad plenty of time
yet to decide on her career, the girl
consented to return home.
Curioue Examples In the Dome of the
National Capitol.
In the dome of the capitol at Washington Ibere nre eight great paintings
carefully designed .-md executed by tbs
artists for tbe adornment of  the ua- j
tiou's greatest  building.    Vet  live of
them ure either defective ln technique
or iu error us to natural or bUt-wrical
One of tbe best known pictures Is
tbnt In wblcb Washington ls shown
resigning bis commission to tbe Conn-
Dental congress. Tbere are two young
girls, almost life size, standing In the
foreground. They are very pretty !
young girls, but one of tbem bas three
hands. Oue left bsnd rests on tbe
shoulder of ber compan.n, another
left bund Is round ber companions
walsL Doubtless tbe srtlst Trumbull
paluted both bunds to S"e wblcb pose
be preferred and then forgot to paint
out tbe superfluous bsnd.
Diagonally across tbe rotunda Is tbe
painting of tbe baptism of Pocahontas.
Sitting ln the foreground Is Opecun-
canough, the uncle ot Pocahontas. Ue
Is barefooted, and tbe artist has given blm six toes on bis left foot.
In tbe painting of the lending of Columbus, wblcb used to be reproduced
00 the Ave dollar banknote, the artist
has painted three flags. Tbey are very
well drawn, but one ts blowing easL
one west and one sooth, which indicates a very variable condition of tbe
wind on thst famous day.
in tbe picture or tbe surrender or
Cornwa'lls General Washington Is con
splcuoiiH seated upon s white horse.
But General Washington was not pres-
eut nt the surrender. Cornwallts did
nut surrender bis army In person, but
sent a subordinate officer to do so. Accordingly Washington detailed an officer of corresponding rank to receive
tbe surrender. It would hare been a
breach of military etiquette for Wash
lugtou to be present
The firth picture, "Signing of tbe
Declaration of Independence at Philadelphia on July 4. 1770," Is wrong only
In tbe title.   The Declaration of I nde
1 nm de uce was adopted on July 4, but
it was uot signed by tbe members or
the congress until Aug. 2, 1770.���
Youth's Cu-upauiuu.
Ne Use Fer Fresh Air.
Old time doctors bsd no fsllb In tbe
virtues of fresh air. Andrew Doorde
In bla "Compendyous llegyment or
Dietary ot Heltb," publisbed 1542,
writes: "To bcdwsrd and also In tbe
morning use to bave a lire In your
chamber, to waste and consume evil
rsponrs within tbe chamber, for tbe
breath of man may putrlfy the eir
within tbe chamber. In tbe nlgbt let
tbe windows of your bouse, specially
of yonr chamber, be closed, let yonr
nightcap be of scarlet and tbls. I do
advertise you. to cause to be msde a
good thick guilt of cotton, or else of
pure flocks or of clean wool, and let
tbe covering of it be of white fustian,
cud luy It on tbe feather bed tbat you
do Ile ou "-London Chronicle.
Oesd Eesy.
Two guest* missed the flrst courses
of a dinner at a suburban bome. whicb
bad   been   arranged   partly   in   tbelr j
honor    Hand bags bad been searched
distant homes called on tbe telephone;
for  information,  much  nerve energy
had  been  cxpendtV. nil   because tbe
key to the trunk eoi .'..lining tbe necessary   dinner   raiment   (ould   not   be
found.    I'I nal l.v u locksmith from tbe
town four miles away cume by auto
mobile, was led to tbe trunk, and In
lc** than a minute the lid was turned
"Good work." snid the maid.
"Dead eaay." said the locksmith: "tbe
thing wasn't lucked at all."���New York
Up to Date Milkmen.
"What are you giving your cows now
tn tbe wuy of gnlactagognee?" asked
tbe Irvingtou professor of tbe milk
"Oh." said Ihe milkman, wbo hns
just been graduated from Purdue nnd
Is not to be stumped by sny Butler
college iiedngogue. "their sustenance Is
wholly of vegetable origin, rich In
cblorophyl and opulent tn butyraceous
"A plut. If you please." said tbe pro
"Git up." aald the milkman.���Indian
spoils Newa
The Speaker.
It was hls power of protesting tbnt
In ibe llrst place gave tba speaker of
lbe British bouse of common* bis
name. Kor tbe early members were
uot great nt oratory and aoon realised
Ihe desirability of choosing a spokesman wltb a read/ tongue and tbe cour
age to argue with the king. Henre
came the title of "speaker." which wa*
flrnt given to Sir Thomas Bungerford
In 18T6.
Bow many kind* of fairy were
there* A good many. Por an elf dtf
fan from a troll, wbo muat not be
confounded wltb a ptiy. Than ta ad
dition there waa tba kelpie, tha gnome,
tbe brownie, the kobold. tba nla and
tba uriak <a hairy Scotch aplriw.-Cbi
cago Newa.
Clean metaneee.
Ton mlgbt a* well expect one wav*
of tbe aea to be precisely tba aam* **
tb* next ware of tba aaa aa ta aspect
that there wonld ba ao change ot rir
TMa world ha* been led more hy
footprint* than goUeboarda - a A
Murder Trial Opens.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Nov. 8,���The
case of C. M. Anderson, charged with
murder tn the flrst degree and alao ot
burglary, atarted today ln tha dlatrtot
court, Judge John M. Flynn praaMlng.
The eaaa la being prosecuted by
County Attorney D. N. Wernett*.
And 25c to the News Office
A Handsome
IS by 36
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of these coupons tnd twenty-five cents to His,. New*
and receive one of the beautiful Westminster Pennanta In case yon i
a subscriber bring 40 cents for one month's subscription and �� centa ffr
nant Address sll mail orders to,The News, l^:i9^taiMMr>'BjdL:^"'
6c. extra for mailing.
i H��i nail'
w&iWfa'''*Wf" >AOE EIGHT.
Inspect   the
And you will find a neat and
well kept grocer}', with a stock
that wlll supply any and all ol
your wants.
"Delicious" Apples- about tbo
latest in apple line     3 Ibs. 25;
GrapeB   2 "������� ���**
Florida Grapefruit 2 Inr 25c
Jacob's Biscts high grade imported bi-cuit* -U varieties, all
at, per lb z$-
Clark's Soups, per tin   13=
l/ocal Pure Honey, per jar..25c
Corn Flakes, 3 packages for 25c
Strictly Fresh Kggs, doz. . .80*;
Imported Macaroni, thc highest
quality, per package   15c
Helns Vinegar, liaeirt. table
vinegar on the market, malt,
white wine and cidar, bottle 40;
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St and 15th Ave.
Local News
Teachers  Will  Debate.
Members of ths  Hurnaby Teachers'
association will hold a debate in the
West llurnaby school this arternoon.
Enormous Increase.
Subscribers to The Family Herald
and Weekly Star, of Montreal, are renewing earlier than ever this season.
Tlie subscription receipts for October
were over 80 per cent ahead of Octo- I
ber, 1912. The Family Herald grows
in popularity year after year. It Is
the big dollara worth beyond doubt,
and deserves its immense circulation.
Any home that does not receive The
Family Herald should give it a trial
for 11)13.
You will enjoy your skate Thursday if you buy your skating shoes at
Sinclair's.   Skatea attached free.
C A. Welsh
Tried to Escape.
A futile attempt to escape from the
mental hospital was made on Tuesday
evening by Lucy DeBlanc, The girl
was making her way towards Burnaby, when captured near the Orphanage.   She was returned to the hospital.
8kating���Two instructors will be in
attendance at the rink Thursday
night, paying special attention to beginner*.   Admisiion 40 cents.    (2358)
Call at our office with your
agreements and
let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid  Up Capital and
Surplus f 2.800,000
Assets 4,973,983.95
Trus teesbips Under
Administration over 6,000,000
Trustee     for     Uond-
bolders over 25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster. Nanalmo,
Calgary, Itegina. Winnipeg,
Montreal. Charlottetown, lsondon, Eng.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606 Columbia Street
Get your skates sharpened at Geo.
Speck's, 626 Columbia Btreet. ��� (2353)
Many Recruits.
Recruiting is proceeding fast for the
Burnaby troop of B. C. Horse.    Only
three members are necessary to bring
the troop up to full strength.
The skating shoes sold by us are
same as worn by our hockey team.
Sinclair, the shoe man. (2361)
Local Council of Women.
Nominations tor. ofricers will take
place at a meeting ot the Local Council of Women to be held in St.
Stephen's church on Saturday afternoon. The election will take place in
The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew 8
church wlll hold Ihftlr annual Scotch
supper and concert on Thursday, No
vember 6.   Dcn't n.iss it. (231
There will be a big crowd in attendance at the Arena on Thursday
night, the opening of the winter season. Full band with the latest musical hits. (2358)
The People's Grocer
City Store   193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch  650
Now mincemeat making is an
awful job. isn't it? Then with
apples and meat so high why
not buy your mincemeat already made, and when you say
Heinz you are saying the last
word. We get it in large tubs
to retail out at 20c per lb., or
you can buy lt in large jars at
36-in. Silks, Regular $1.25,
Sale Price 95c.
If you have an Bvenlng Dfes* to
get. take advantage of this sale. We
have a silk measuring :;6 inches wide
in good evening shades of rose, sky,
mauve, pink, cream, orange, apricot,
brown, cerise, emerald, cardinal, gray,
etc. This is a silk of bright finish
and splendid wearing qualities; makes
soft, clinging gowns; value at $1.25,
Sale price, per yard   93s
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Great Values in Unbleached
Table Damask.
The  Right Kind for Restaurants and
58 and 60-Inch; values to 65c. Special
price       50c
Tu-iuch   classy   designs;   regular   95c.
Special  price     80:
Fire   Destroye Auto.
An auto owned hy Charles N. Red-
mond of Vancouver, was totally destroyed by fire on Kingsway early
yesterday morning. Mr. Redmond was
the onlj occupant of the car and abandoned same after he saw that it was
futile to save the machine.
Saturday   Evenings
7 to 9.
Ladner Ferry Service.
It is expected that the ferry' service crossing from I.adner to Woodward's Landing will he started on or
about Nov. 15. A ferry boat has been
chartered, a seow built and the ap
proaches ou each side of tho
New Langley Hotel.
The Hotel Langley situated at Langley Kort was opened for business on
Saturday last, thus filling :: much
needed want in this thriving section of
the Kraser valley. The new hostel
which is in charge of Mrs. J. O, Webster, Is a two storey frame building
with a first class dining room and bar
on the ground floor. Accommodation
for 16 guests is found on the second
Fred Davis will sell by public auc
tion (absolutely without reserve) on
the premises of Mrs. Johnson at 317
Fifth avenue, the contents of her well
appointed residence, on Tuesday next.
November 11, 1918, at 1:30 p.m. sharp.
This will be a sale of great importance as Mrs. Johnson is leaving New
Westminster for the Old Country, and
every article must be sold regardless
of price offered. The furniture is all
of the highest class and nearly new.
and will be on view Monday. November 10, 191-1, and morning of sale.
Skating  shoos,
Ihe    Best
Kor plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ramsay, Eighlh and Carnarvon streets.
Phone  ES6. 111363)
Sale of Work by Children.
Satisfactory success met the sale of
work, held under the auspices of the
river I Sunshine club ln aid of the Royal Col-
I umblan hospital, In  St. George's hall
I yesterday.     The  attendance   was  not
at  Sin-1 quite up to expectations but those who
12361) .did  attend   were  well  repaid   for  the
itrouble.     Much credit is due  the juvenile vendors for the varied  line of
fancy work articles, candies, etc., that
were put up for sale and the tasteful
decorations.    Tea was served  to tha
visitors   during   the   afternoon.     The
sale was held under the direction of
Miss Corbould.
Dance Next Thursday.
Tho Girls' club of St. Alban's Angll- j ___-___,
can church, Kast llurnaby, will hold j Money to loan on first mortgages
their first dance of the season In, Improved city and rarm property
Gray's hall, Edmonds, on Thursday g por tseot. Alfred W. MeLeod. (2337)
evening of next week.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
For all building supplies and fuel
oll apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
(2338) | Burnaby Police Court.
Twenty-five  dollars  and   costs  was
School  Delegate  Reports. I the sentence handed out by Magistrate
At a meeting of the Coqultlam school I Beatty in the Burnaby court yester-
board held yesterday In the municipal day morning against W. GL Mayne of
offle.oB, Maillardville, chairman Mar-! Vancouver. The accused answered a
tin presented a thorough and compre- j charge of speeding on Kingsway. J.
hensive report on the recent COnven-ID. Campbell, also of the Terminal
tlon or the B. C. School Trustees' as-j Ctty, contributed $5 and costs for fa'.i-
sociation. its objects and accomplish-j ing to have a tail light, in working or-
rncnts. Mr. Martin attended the con-1 der. Roy King was let off on sus-
vention aa a delegate frnm Coquitlam. pended sentence, on a charge of obtain-
  ling money by fasle pretences,
Skating ��� The    Arena    opens    at I 	
Queens park Thursday evening at 8 ' Skating boots and Bkat"s for ladies
o'clock. Full band in attendance. Two and gentlemen at Geo. II. Speck's, 626
hours enjoyment for 40 cents.    (2358)   Columbia slreet. (2352)
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint   -----    50c
Per Quart   -   -   -   - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    -    -   -   -   35c
(Successor to Ayling A Swils.)
�����"���.  Columbia St. Phone 9Z.
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Pbone 1324
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
If you are, and desire to save money on your fuel bill this Winter,
don't buy until you have seen what we have to offer.
Using a "Howard Overdraft Heater," burning wood or coal menus
a saving to you of 20 per cent, of the cost of your fuel bill
We have also a large range of Oak. Airtight and Fireplace Stoves
at prices whicb mean money In your pocket by buying from ul,
New Westminster,       Phone 50.
Short Term Loans
Mat. Bac.
Singing, Piano, Theory.
Fot Terma and Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011 Hamilton Btreet.   Phene
I3UR. (2263,) J
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Estsbllshed 1181.
Wa write Flre, Lire, Accident, Employ ere'   Debility,  Automobile  and
Marine Insurance.
More emphatically than ever we wish to invite you to our store during this Two Weeks' Opening Sale.   We
K  "IcAllister Store to know the McAllister way of doing business.  We .
want you to get acquainted with the McAllister   ......
offering extraordinary values in every department. All goods are marked in plain figures and we want every
body in New Westminster to come and walk around our store during this big sale and see our prices. Our aim
is to make this business the Department Store for New Westminster and the surrounding country, offering
you the best merchandise in every department, at prices that cannot be beaten either in New Westminster
or Vancouver.���McALLISTERS, ^TD.
Reg. 75c. Cord Velvets for 59c. yd.
This material is now extensively used tor suits, child's coats, dresses,
etc., and an opportunity awaits you to buy at aale prices early in
the season. We have both the rine and heavy cord, in colors or
cream, black, ruby, navy and taupe; twenty-seven Inches wide, reg-
ular  value 75c.    Sale price, per  yard   58c
Blankets, Sheets and Bed Spreads, all at Sale Prices.
in  pairs only, white  Wool  Blankets;  size 60x80;   regular $4.25;   sale
price  S3.75
25 pairs White Wool Blankets; size 60x80; pink or blue border; regular $5.00; sale price  S4.25
SO pairs Whlto Wool Blankets; size 61x84; pink or blue border; regular $6.50; sale price S5.95
Flannelette. Blankets at special prices, in white and gray
10-4;   regular $1.50.    Sale price S1.25
11-4;   regular $1.75.    Sale price Sl.SO
12-4;   regular $2.25.    Sale price S1.85
Large stock or Gray Wool Blankets, suitable ror hunters, loggers,
etc., at lowest prices.
100 dozen White Sheets, large double  bed  size;   the  kind   that  stand
hard  wear.    Kcgular $2.00;  sale price, per pair Sl.SO
100 dozen hemmed and   hemstitched i'lllow Cases; size 40x42; regular
40c.  pair.    Sale Price   3Sc.
50  dozen  White Grecian  Bedspreads;   large size;   regular $2.00.  Sale
Prlce    S1.2S
25 dozen  White Grecian  Bedspreads;    70x80;    regular   $2.25.     Sale
Price     S1.8S
10 dozen White  Marseilles  Bedspreads, size 11-4;   regular $.'1.50. Sale
P"ce     S2.7S
10 dozen White Marseilles Bedspreads, size 12-4;  regular $4 00. Sale
Great Bargains in Our Soft Furnishing Department.
In the Men's Wear
Our men's furnishings department Is
now complete with the best values
to be had on the market. Kor our
opening sale we are offering some
splendid values at reduced prices as
We have decided to reduce this stock by half, hence these prices.
Every yard of our Piece Tapestry Is reduced. Now is the time
to recover old furniture or make a pair of curtains, etc., lor a nominal cost.
Pie c Tapestries, regular $1.00; sale price, per yard 75*
Piece Tapestries, regular $1.25 to $1.75; sale price, per yard.Sl.OO
Piece Tapestries, regular $1.75 to $2.00; salo price, per yard..$1,28
Piece Tapestries, regular $2.50 to $3.00; sale price, per yard   $1.75
Piece Tapestries;  regular $3.50;   sale price, per yard $2.50
Piece Tapestries, regular $3.75 to $6.00; sale price, per yard. $2.85
50-inch Double Paced Velour, regular $3.50;  sale price $2.88
50-inch Single Paced Velour, regular $2.50;  sale pilcc $1.75
Casement Cloths, Bungalow Nets and Madras all reduced lo price.
Itegular $1.25 and $1.50 values, fur. per yard Sl.OO
Regular $1.00 values, per yard    786
Itegular 75c. values, per yard   50���
Odd Lace Curtains at Nominal Prices.
Reg. Prices Range from 75c. to $5.00.  These Sample
Curtains will be Cleared Out at from 25c.
to $1.45 each.
Novelty Muslin Curtains;  regular $.'25 a pair.    Sale price.    Sl.OO
Big  clearance  of  Lace  Curtains,  many  lines  have  only   one  or
two pairs of its kind, hence these big cuts  ln  price;   some slightly
Itegular $2.75;   Bale  price,  pair S1.35
Regular $3.75;  sale price, pair Sl.OS
Regular $4.25;  sale price,  pair Sl.OS
Regular $4.00 to $7.00; sale price per pair $2.45 to 53.45
Waists, Underwear and Sweater Coats, all at Bar-
gain Prices During this Sale
In our Ladies' Ready to-Wear Department will be found special
es of bargains In silk, net. flannel and white waists of all kiud<.
Sweater Coats in every size for  Misses and Children all at spe
cial bargain prices.
Our  Ladles'  Underwear  Department
will be full of bargains in
and children's wear.
rst   floor at  bargain
"PEN-ANGLE" pure
ribbed, in all sizes, _4
$1.25 and $1.50 values at.
wool,    heavy
to 44;  regular
per garment
"ST. GEORGE" soft elastic ribbed,
pure wool; a splendid garment; regular $1.75; per garment  $1.45
Sweater Coats.
Several styles and all colors and
combination of colors from our regular values up to $.1.25.   All sizes. .$2.45
Also a splendid $3.00 coat in varied
styles and colors; all sizes, special at
50 dozen new ties in fancy silk and
silk crochet; good value at 50c and
75c.    Your choice   40;
A fine cashmere of 35c quality; per
pair       25c
"I.lama" fine pure wool cashmere;
price 35c; 3 pairs for $1.00
Heavy wool ribbed In hlack heather
and gray   3 pairs for $1.00
Splendid values in heavy gray and
natural wool Books ranging in price
ffom,  per pair   20c to  50:
A good block Kid Glove; well worth
tiie regular i ric cf $1.26,   Special 75c
Cape Kid and Mocha Gloves; regular $1.60 llne fnr  $1.15
Bilk-lined Caps Kid and Mocha
Cloves;   reg. $2.00  for, pair  ....$1.53
Orr regular 60C values. Special nt
per y.nir ���   ���      35c
I'or the Boy.
Pull-over and Coat Sweaters In gray
only, with fancy trimmings; reg. 75c.
Special sale price,      55-
Heavy Duck Coats.
Kor hard work In all kinds of weather;   reg. $4.60 and  $5.00 Tor  ..  $3.50
Our oiled clothing Is also greatly
reduced In price.
We are clearing out our "Success"
line of cellars; all sizes and shapes
at sporial prices   3 ror 25;
All New Wool
Coatings at
Sale Prices
as Tweeds, Blanket Cloths, Chinchillas, etc., In reversible or plain shades,
and two-lone, effects, all offered al.
special prices from $1.75 per yard.
Varied colors, as graya, Iirown, mix-
turea, tans, cardinal! and some smart
two-tone shades, Some lengths Comprise one coat length only. See thvso
V/Ul      l-(*u>..~       ._.._.��� ���      _.
every kind or fall and winter garments for ladles' ai
Theae will be put on special tables on thc first
prices for your selection during thla opening sale
16 odd Bed Springs; different sizes, regular values up to $7.50.   Some
of these an- slightly damaged.    They will cleared  out  regardless of
original  prices  at    , $2.80
Ono dozen slightly soiled Mattresses, ranging from our cheapest makes
These will bc Bold at exactly 33 1-3 per cent.
damaged.    These   used   to  sell
at  $10.00
to our best qualities.
discount off our regular prices.
Two  Wood   Beds,  slightly
apiece.   Saleprice  _   __
White Enamel Beds; brass trimmings, oomplete with spring and cotton top mattresses; regular price $11.50.   Complete for 57.50
A number of odd White Knamel Beds In different sires and patterns.
Regular prices from $3.00 to $10.00. Sale price $J 75 to 56.50
Special prices on Babv Carriages and do-Carts; all kinds, shapes and
sizes.    On sale for  , S2.50 "P
Very special prices on all Brass Beds In bright or satin finish.
Regular $35.00;  Bale price 522"52
Regular  Mr."";   sale  price ZrS'ZS
Regular  $25.00;   Bale  price _?12"Z5
Regular  $48.75;   sale  prlc     ,...-...*.. $38.50
Office Desks, Typewriter Desks, piling Cabinets, Holl Top Desks,
Office Tables, etc., during the two weeks opening sale Icsb 33 1-3 per
cent, ofr regular prices,
chiffoniers with  rive large drawers, brass handles and bevel  plate
mirror;   regular  $12.50,   for    SO.75
Without,  mirror;   regular $P'.95,  for    58.50
Qolden Oak Dresser and Stand, with large bevel plate mirror; regular  $18.00.  for    $12.75
Duchess Dressing Table with twn deep drawers, In golden onk finish.
laige bevel plate mirror, regular $-0.00 for 514.SO
Oolden Oak Hall Hack, with brass hangerB, box seat; regular $2��,00,
for    S24-7S
Kitchen Queen Tables, with four drawers and Hour bins; regular $6.60.
Special   price    S3.75
Seven-foot Kit oh en Cupboard with glass doors; reg. $16 ror.-Sll.7S
Kitchen Cabinet In maple riniph, complete with every requisite: res-
price  $89.50.    Sale  price    528.75
A   number of  odd   Kitchen   Chairs  to  clean  out
at   75*.. Sl.OO and $1.23 apiece
Silk   I'pholsiered   Parlor  Chairs.  In  different  design*,  some  slightlv
soiled, to b'' cleared ut   each   S5.AO. S7.S0 nnd $10.00
Three-piece Mahogany I'nrior 8uiu, upholstered with green velvet:
regular  price $60.00,  for S32.50
Five piece Parlor Suite, mahogany finish, upholstered ln gfreon velvet:
regular  price $?.r,.oo,  rm-    $21.50
Three-piece Parlor Suite, upholstered In green Bilk tapestry: regular
price   $37.50,   for    $92.80
Morris Chairs, with green velvet cushions; regular $11.25 lor..$9.50
One Mahogany  Morris Chair;  green velour loose cushions;  regular
$40.00, for   $21-00
Solid Oak, leather seated Bedroom Rockers, in an assortment of designs;   regular $3.75 for    S0.9S
Special p rices on Dining Tables for this Bale.
Ono very handsome Bquare Table;  fancy carved legs, extending to
P! feet:   regular price $40.00, for   &S2.81
Early Kugllsh Pedestal Dining Tabic; regular $36.60 for... ,$��H,75
Early English Pedestal Dlnln. Tcble. regular $'17.50, ror... .$22. 7*1
Extra  lar." Oolden Oak Dining Table;  very nicely turned pedestal;
regular $100. for  -JMI7.S0
Bufret In oak. with copper finished trimmings, bevel plate mirror! exceedingly  pretty  design,  regular  $66.00:   for    *^7 50
Buffet In golden oak finish, w'.'.h 2 small drawers and 1 larg.i linen
drawer and two cupboards, bevel plato mirror, regular $10.00.
'"!���  ��tlji ,��to
A very handsome solid oak Sliiehoard, beautifully carved top rront,
with curved drawers and goo I bevel plate shaped mirror. Regular
prlcn   $75.00.    Sale   price $45.00
We on Bnoplv you with any size or rinlsh In Sectional Book Cobos
during this sale for 20 per cent, ofr regular pvlcrs.
Steel  folding   Davenport  Courhes,  fully  upholstered;   regu'r-  ���"* *"
ror       515.00
Bar gains inNot ions
and Neckwear
Bar and Veil Pins; values up to 75c
for, each     25c.
Black. Dul) and Bright Jet Strings of
Beads, regular 25r string, to clear
out  selling  at    10c.
Hat Pine, New Westminster souvenir
flag top, pin In colorud enamel, reg.
25c, now    2 for 25c.
Odd lines of Neckwear; white stock
collar with Jabots in pique and lawn,
trimmed with Valenciennes and torchon lace., also a tew Robespierre
collars in tan, black and navy; silk
with white lace and net jabot eirect.
A row children's odd lawn and lace
embroidery trimmed sailor collars;
the Dickie front in blue trimmed
with white braid. The lot clearing
out at a splendid bargain; each 25c
Ladies' White Linen Laundered Collars; a splendid assortment to
choose from; all clean, neat Block;
odd lines and patterns with embroidered edges and corners; sizes
12 1-2 to 14 1-2; values to 36c., now
selling   2 tor 25c.
Veiling In black, brown and saxe
shades; some with fancy border,
e.henlle spots and cobweb meshes:
values to 50c. a yard, lor  25c.
Fancy Department.
Tinted Centre CushlonB und Scarfs
for working;   values    to    $1.25.  Sain
price   25c
Kmbroldered Centres In round anrt
square worked in colors; fringe and
lace trimmed;  values $2.75 and $3.75
each; sale price  $1.50
Kmbroldered Cushion Tops with back
In good designs and good coloring:
a  nice  assortment;   values  $2.00  and
$3 00 ench;  sale prico   $1.00
Bear Skin Caps;  regular up to $3 75;
sale price   $1.00
Mohair flnlBh Caps In red and while
and blue and white; regular 65c; aale
price  25s
White  Tonqual  with   tassel;   regular
60c each; sale price  25c
Allover Nels In croam and white; values  116c,  75c  and   85c  a   yard;   sale
price    35e
l.aces and Insertions in white and
cream; regular $1.60 and $1.25 values; sale price   50c
Wide Cream  Insertion;     regular    to
$2.25 value; sale prico $1.00
Daces and  Insertions;   values  15c to
25c a yard; sale price 10c
Paces and Insertions; values 7',4 to
PiV4c yard; sale price 5c
Saxony Wool Flannel at
Reduced Prices.
20,4 inch; reg. 40c. Sale price, yd. 35c
25-Inch; reg. 46c. Sale price, yd. 40c
26-Inch; reg. 50. Sale prlcn, yd. 45c
211-Inch; reg. 65c. Sale price, yd 60c
30-Inch; reg. 85c. Sole price, yd. 75c
24V4-lnch; reg. 40c. Sale price, yd. 35c
25-Inch; r��g. 45c. Salo prlcn, yd. 40c
28-Inch;  reg. 60c, Sale price, yd. 45c
26-Inch; this line comes In what is
termed u union. That is to sny, hair
wool and half cotton, which makes It
even wear better;   regular 20c. Sain
price, per yard    17'/ic
25-Inch; reg. 25c. Sale price, yd. 22)<_,c
28-Inch; reg. 5flc. Sale price, yd. 45c
27-Inch; one bolt only, dark gray Ar-
         _   _.��������**��   my Flannel.   Tho everwear kind; reg.
THE HOME OF THE UTILITY   HOUSE   DRESSES. ��c. yard    Sale price, per yard..35c


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