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The New Westminster News Aug 28, 1913

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 News Clssslflsd Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   flu
targe   or   small   wants   st   small
The Weather.
New Westminster and tk* lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds,
continued (air ami warm.
t   ���
Summary Execution Now Common In
Michael   Gowan   Si"��  Out  to   Hansen
anj   Swanson���Blfl   Improve- B.   C.   E.   R.  Notifies   Union New R-njblic���Come Victims IMeetings Held Last Night HI
mentr   Planned.
United States Now Leaves
Mexico to Settle Trouble
Americans   Warned   by   President    to
Leave Trouble Zone���Mexicans
Not Disturbed by  News.
tt '-������
Washington, Aug. 27.���Presl-   ���'
deal Wilson tonighl warned all
Americans to leave Mexico at
i nee At the same time the
C American embuss) and all con-
0 sulur representatives tiirough-
��� mi the southern republic were ���
0 Instructed to "notify all offlc ��� tt
������.:��� uIr, civil and military, In
������:������    Mexico" lhat    they    would    be
held    strictly    responsible   fur    '
tt    harm ur injury dune to Amerl-
C.    cans or their property.
Secretary   Bcyan   As-iurca   Assistance
to Pcrtons Leaving Mexico���All
Contulf  Notified.
</ ft ft ft
o e t��
����������������** ���->��
Washington, Au��. 27, Congressional leaders said tonight that i'r- si-
dent Wilson's vigorous assertiiin of a
definite pulley toward Mexico would
havi the effect of staying in congress,
for a time at least, open crjtlclsm ol
the administration and demands fur
Information, Those who discussed
iiie message agreed ln the general
Ik lief that It presented a (rank and
lull statement as to the recent nego
nations with the Huerta government.
and at thc same time definitely out
lined the American policy for the future
Repul Minns joined with Democrats
In the endorsement of thu president's
utterances Thus far, however, there
has been little detailed discussion of
the plans outlined.
"Thi' president's message is an admirable document," said Senator Uacon. chairman of the senate foreign
relations committee, it set* forth the
t.icts without reservation and puts us
right   In Cure  the   world.     Mori-over.   I
believe ll  will have a calming effect
otl our own people, and a soothing influence upon public expression in the
United States The magnificent ova
tion given the president showed that
be baa behind him both branches ol
congress, without regard to party <1I-
Silence   It Golden.
HOtISS    leaders   likewise   g:ive   t'o-lr
strong endorsement to the president
������Il rei i n to ms that th Mexican
���Huation," said speaker Clark., "pre-
,, nti ,*i ,*,i������" where silence o* the part
of tu"-: fol^S Is golilen ll is ticklish
ami gr"' ������ The president's address to
congress on the subject is admirable
l ,ftv In conception, felioltlous In (Jlo-
tu :i In ti .- \ i-ry nature of things be
knows mors about a situation wblcb
changes even day, almost every hour.
thsn the ri l�� Of us and speaks with a
fuller knowledge. The moat practical
-suggestion   thai   he   made   was  that
..< mertc-nis   -Should   collie  OUl   if   MeXl-Cn
ns rapidly  and as soon as possible."
Washington, Aug. 27. Becretary
lii-ymi dispatched long telegrams to
the embassy and all consular repre-
sentatlves quoting extracts trom tbe
president's address to congress today,
in whicb he reviewed the futile peace
negotiations with the Huerta government and the policy the United States
would pursue hereafter toward Mexico.
In ihese messages the consuls were
Instructed to give every aid possible
to departing Americans, furnishing
transportation anil any other assistance I" tl"' needy. They wi re Informed tbat a sufficient number of Bhips
would he provided to carry away Ihose
In  the seaooast towns.
Foreign governments will be notified of the action of the l'nited States
so that they may give similar advice.
Imt the American consuls wlll help all
furei;.-:.ers In an emergency.
U. 8. Troopf at Border.
within a day or two an announcement ik expected of the mobilization of
a large number of American troops
;;long lhe Southern frontier to enforce
���geiitrality in the traffic of arms and
munitions of war.    President Wilson
1 was In touch with Assistant Secretary
of War Iteckenrldge tonight, but the
nviiure uf hls communication was not
vealsd, it is believed that the president Is not only preparing to strengthen  the order patrol.  Lul  desires the
[strictest vigilance hy troops already
watching  the  International  b&UUdary.
Importani real estate transfer
completed yesterday morning
when tbe business of the Occidental
hotel on Columbia street was sold by
Michael Gowan to a o. Hansen snd
luetics (Qus) Bwanson. Coupled with
this announcement is the further
Statement that tbe new owners bave
innd'- arrangi ments with ths owni r or
fie building to have alterations car-|
rlt d out costing over $20,000 In ur-
di r to make the hostel first class In
evi ry possible way.
The Occidental hotel v.as one of the,
bortelrlel  Which  came under the tuiii
of the new provincial liquor act In the
way of having lo provide sleeping accommodation   totalling  'in  rooms  and;
this arrangement is uow In the hands
of Oardner & Merer, the architects,.
who promise to have lhe plans ready
in a short time so that building operations may be completed before Janu-
ary, when  the act comes Into effect.;
Two   stories   will   he added   to   tho i
building and an elevator Installed, to- !
gether with new furnishings througli-
outi Messrs Hansen and Swanson hav- j
lng given Instructions to leave nothing undone to make the establishment
A  numlier one,
Mr. Hansen is comparatively a newcomer In N'ew Westminster, though he
was for a Short while at the Iloyal
City hotel, but afier careful investigation of conditions he decided to go
'nto lhe venture with Mr. Swans in
liilly convinced that busin'-'-s here;
showed n foundation firmer than any i
city on the B. ('. -oust.
Mr. Swanson is a brother of Alt red I
��*wanern, former proprietor of ihe I
Praser hotel, and is well knov n in the I
Mb-hael Gowan, who has turned over |
the  lease  l,    the  new  owner",   leaves:
next week fnr hlo old home in Dublin.'
[Ireland.       Twenty-two     years     have
���lapsed  Since  Mr.  Gowan  has  caught
Sight of his native soil and he Intends
i 'ei i.a"  (rom   Montreal    on    Seot.   18.
t "-irking a rtay  of several   months  In
That Majority Report Is
Memb'.rj cf Parlament.
Z*>*n*i   Parts   Considered   Unfavcrabl:.
Out to Avoid Trouble Corrpany
Wlll  Not Press Matter.
Verterday afternoon the award of
the commission which has been considering tho Question of th'- terms of
in agreement between the Ii. c. Electric and its employees on the tram-
I in I and in the carshops covering
wages und working conditions was re-
eel' i il  from Ottawa
General Manager Sperling stated
but evening that the full outline of
the award as pres'-nted had been considered tnd that tlie committee repre:*,-n ting   the   various   unions  of   the
Peking. Aug. 117���A cris s was i
reached here today owing to the arrest of nine more members of the'
Chinese parliament. Since the pre- .
clamatlon of martial law in the capi- !
tal, arrests and summary executions
have been of frequent occurence, sev-j
eral of the victims being m:"inbers ol |
Many of the deputies have departed !
fer the south in fear for their I've)
and lhe assembly of the parliamentary quorum haB been prevented on
numerous occasions, owing to rumors
that the police intended td make further arrests.
The senate today passed n motion
delegating the speaker and deputy
speaker to visit Provisional President
Yuan Shi Kai and ask him for an explanation of the arrest and also to Inquire whether he still desired to gov-
This City, Vancouver and
Review of Financial Transactions Brings Oot Big
Balloting  Continues Today���Ven  and   Reeve McGregor Drfends Hia Actions
Company Confer This Mcrninn
and Settlement Hold fer.
���Counsirior Macpherson, Leader
of the Opposition.
employees had been formally notified I ern China with the help of the parlia-
that the conssaay would accept the ment or not. At the same time the
award. ; senate   resolved   not   to  Bit   again   if
In   connectic     with   this announce-jthe reply of Yuan Shi Kai proved unon nt. General Manager Sperling said , satisfacory.
lhat the award was accepted although]    The lo-��*er house passed resolutions
It waa in many ways very unsatis- \ in
factory to the company, as it covered,
not only wage increases, but addl-!
tional working conditions, which will
add to"the difficultly under which
the company has been laboring for
some time past
"I \ vi( w. however," Bald Mr. Sper-
lint .'of the company's' desire to serve \
the 'convenience of the public and
math-tain harmonious relations with Its
employees, the company haB decided
not to press further the points to
which it is considered objection might
with justice be made, but to accept
|the award in its entirety."
The award in full is aa follows:
Tho Award.
BrltlBh   Columbia   Electric   Railway
Company, Limited vs. Its Employees,
Majority report.
To the Hunorable, the Minister of La-
bou-   Ottawa
Bimilar strain.
it is charged that the cartridges wire
consigned for the Juarez federal
forces Johnson attempted to swallow
the trunk key when Ihe agents stopped
tin.  wagon.
'ding   Inspector's  Table
Measure  Wettmlnati
���hows     in
Band at Trades and Labor Council.
Colombia   Klectric
Compan}, Limited,
M-xIco Qiutr Calm.
Mexico i'ltv. Aug. 2" lt wnn
until -night thai any great numbi
the Mexican people were aware of the
character o( President Wilson's message.
in no quarter did the message
arouse greal excitement, as the agents
of the government, as  well  as  the
press dispatches, had forewarned
Oeneral Huerta and his official family
as to what to expect.
Hurrta Not Troubled.
General lliurtn had gone to Popola,
a suburb, win-re he is superintending
I rcllon Of n dwelling     President
Wilson's announcement of his policy
apparently had not been of sufficient
Importance    to cause th
president to forego whnt
m-i't a dall.t  Iviliit   ���
f .1
,-n nl-
An iii cresting table Bhowlng the
number of water connections which
bave boen made prior to and later
ih.in i-.ni. lias been prepared by
l;u,Iding Inspector Turnbull basing
his bel,ef lhat water connections, un-
lesa a p-ii'iod of race suicide sets In,
."��� a barometer for population
Thi si- tlj;ur,'8 have been prepared
for an eastern agency who are Inti rested In the density of population,
as dialing with tlle housing problem
median cities.
i p to 190-4 there wi r ��� 11X2 eminep-
tlc-iis made and these are lucludtd in
tin-  following table:
Population Ti'.Su.
Pi pulatlon 11,063.
Total    services    to dwellings
Population i;,i	
Its Kmployees.
Thc  undersigned,   being a  majority
of the loc.rrt selected under the pro-
i visions of the Industrial AJlspntes Investigation   Act.   1907,   and   amending
licts.  to  investigate and  report upon
the  differences  existing  between   the
 ! above-named parties, beg leave to sub-
mi'  ns  follows::
Two Parties Talk to Beat ^\JXi7^*inX^l^^.
and in addition a controversy with re-
gird to working conditions. The employ, es submitted nn agreement covering -tr, pages of typewritten matter,
whilst tbe company offered an alternative proposition of very consider-
able length The result waa that a
vast amount of detail hed to be ex-
jamln-Sd Into, there having been i'i
[public sessions of the board.
A preliminary truest-ion arose owing
I to Ihe desire of the employees to embrace in the proposed agreement large
[numbers of men  in occupations not
A.'tcr Hot DJbat-s Matter
Settled Between This
o Be Finally
City a.-id
. 36
.    69
. 204
. I'll
.  214
. 396
Tbe local musicians' union ghost.
Wblcb for some lime has bio;, haul l
lng slreet corners and making nscll
heard, especially after dark, was hud
last night at the Trades and l.ab.ir
counc,I meeting, when arter much pro.
ductng of let.ers and various documents, and aome talk with Vancouver
union musicians that was all to the
poilll, it was decided to hold u meet
ing this Sunday between the men of
Uo- two cities, and try io at one"
form the long hoped for local union.
Messrs. Boyer and cox, of the Vancouver local union No. U", if
musicians, were al the meeting and
although some speakers wire prone
to heated words, an hour's discussion
saw the same committee of local men
which has been trying to make a
Westminster local a real!'. -, again
named to go on with that work, this
time with the full understanding and
promised co-operation of the Vancouver union.
Purely a Mistake.
The Vancouvi r delegates explained
that there had been a misunderstanding in Ihe mutter. Their district had
been defined It years ago rs includ
lug a'V places within a 12 m'le rnd'us
of their city, and New
within that
refused to allow counsel repres,iit'n*7
New York state to be party to thc
proceedings, that the court subsequently warned spectator? that a
repetition of the cheering, ch^.i-
climbing, handkerchief waving and
(general jtvaterla would mean jail sent
ence fftr the demonstrants.
Judge  Says  Disgraceful.
..red hv  ihe existing arrangement. |     Speaking from the bench at the af-
These  were.  In  particular, auto driv-" "noon session, lie said that never in
ers.  steam  electric  shovel   men,   fore- his   experience   as   a   member  of   the.
men. station agents, ooeratnrs.  tesm- bar and of the bench had  he been a
n suntvrl of their I witness  to such  a dlsgr.tcoful scene!
The  trouble-  betwe'r.  the   B.  C.   E.      Uurnaby's   hot   political campaigns
R. and its employees In the matter cf car0(J back to ���fc ^ evellin_  th
wages   and   working   cond.tions     w.ll  _.._��.    , .   .
probably reach the crisis on Friday Imont"8 ,n ���**��������� ��f ">e usual Un.o
or Saturday of this week, aithough it Perhaps, but the crowd that Oiled tho
Ib possible that a settlement will Bumaby public hall was bent on en-
have been  made by that time. joying   itself  ln   its  old   sweet  way.
I^ast evening the second  vote  wa3j.   ���, ���_   ���_..       _  .    ,     ..
commenced, which would ind cate jbent on m"kiB8 ��"����bod�� ">�� K=at.
that the first vote wa3 net altogether ��nd a few of the speakers, following
satisfactory. jthe clearance   of the    battle   sinoko.
The vote which was s'arted last were considering whether they had
evening will test the feeling of the | won a notable victory or whether
men. as to whether they desire a. they came in the also-ran class.
:strike in ev-.-nt of the company not j Right from the first there was soni,-
conceding any more points in the dls-jthing stirring and when Hugh Fraser.
pute. and will continue throughout to-;of West Bur-naby, was nominated tu
day and Friday. take the chair the fan began.
Last night's meeting, which v/si. The question at is-saic was the pro-
held in St. George's hall, was attend pojsed financial deal with Messrs.
led by 350 of the men, while an addi Boulton Broa., of London, Eng., of a
tlonal 100 gathered at 1 o'clock this loan of $1,500,000, Burnaby giving in
morning after they had finished their lien, tbe emald debentures amouutiin;
runs on the cars. -to $1,716,880.
Three Big Meetings. |    On  the one side was Reeve D. C.
Similar meetings were held in Van-l McGregor, aided by Councillors Mac-
couver and Victoria which were ad-j Donald, Stride and Paa Vel, while on
dressed by prominent members of the the other was the leader of the op-
union, explaining the points now in (position, as he was termed, Countfl-
dispute. lor Macpherson, assisted by    a    nu-
A ray of hope for settlement iB still I Jorlty of those preaent.
showing and this may become more | The issue was not aa entirely new-
apparent after 11*30 o'clock thlsione to the ratepayers, as the ma'ter
morning, when the delegation from has been published in the press front
ithe emnlovees again meet the com-'time to time, while a fair sprinkling
ipany officials in an effort to thresh (of the audience haled from the Cer>-
!out several points which the men tral Park district where the propo-wd
(claim they cannot accept under pres- loan Usue had been threshed out tlie
lent conditions. 'previous     evening,     with     ei-Reeve*-
Better   Feelinn. Weart    and    Conne'llor    Macphers-B
The Newa representaive last even- propounding their views a-rs'nst wbat
lng waB informed that during the they termed was sn unbusinesslike
consultations between the two parties transaction.
several   points   had   been  cleared   up j    After some   wrangling   as   to    the
which had left a better feeling among time limit on    the speakers.    Reevp
the men. and there is a  strong pos- McGregor outlined the prooos��d deal
Sherbrooke   Que    Aug   27���Harry  sibility  that hefore the week has ex- j��� his terse way mixed with Scottish
K   Thaw woii three' victories over the Ipired both  sides will make an effort jhumor and. although heckled at tim����.
New York state authorities today and1 to bridge the existing gnlf. which ac-j made a good Impression.
was locked tonight in the Sherbrooke tion will terminate all the strike talk (   The  fireworks started when foirn-
and allow the people of the lower cillor Macpherson brought several fn-
malnland. not connected wfth either ctdents leading to the financ'al trans-
party, a breathing sp-cll for wblch:action, the main point being the
they  will be thankful. '|500,000 paving bylaw which he char-
At   St.  George's  hall   last   evening jacteriied  as  an  unwise  move to  be
the clauses in the majority and m'n- attempted  at   this stage.    CoonciTir
So demonstrative was the scene in,ority  reocrts were explained to    the  Macpherson said he was against anv
ithe superior court when, at the morn-j men  before they .commenced to takel8uch pavlng at thisi Hme._ although at
iing  session. Judge Arthur Globensky ! a secret ballot.
'Fugitive Immune for Time;
j   Being from Immigration   '
Women Cry "Three Cheers for Harry" j
and Ply the 'Kerchief While
Judre  Frowns.
Jail, immune for the time being from
the Dominion immigration authorities,'
after having received an ovation from
the townspeople of Sherbrooke    that
would have done honor to a prince cf |
royal blood.
For days rumors have I n current I Lack of Evidence
that  Ceneral  Huerta  would  resign, or'
thai   he   WOUld   tit     least     nc le     to.        "'"!jf,sl':.1   Undlng,   Ala.   Aug.   2,.
,.���ough ���f Washington's demands to    John MoKeruIe, charged with shoot
lead tO �� continuation i    the nevotln-   t"K at < hlef of Police Davis last Krl-
Una of the  negotiations.    A    cabinet  day  night,  was dismissed  on account Just  came
minister said thl   *���' ernoon Hint (len- iof luck of evidence. ] (Continued on Page Eight.)
eral   Huerta   whs    .etermlned   not   to ... ���  .	
cult office and appears tO believe thst I
the pacification Of the country can yet ,
he accomplished by hlm.
As ii proof "f the progress alreadv
i-nde in NlS direction, the department
n" wnr ief"rs to the reports of federal
victories  In   various  purls of  the  re
public, and characterises the stories
of rebel successes as falsehoods.
!'�� n'lv i'i"i' the Mexican government
believes that It can get money In some
manner to carry Its campaign to ��
conclusion and Is Inclined to repsnl
President Wilson's polloy in s light
net altogether unfavorable, since It
wlll result In lhe cutting off of Blip-
plies to the rebels.
ster" nntl other*?
position thev cited a nr-'--!slr-i of the
existing agreement whccl'v the coni-
nany requested all Ifl employees tn
join the Amalsfttaatnd Asrocia'io'i ot
ptr,-. t and Kle.-tric Rial 1 way Bm.
plovees of America, that being the official designation nf the union whose
principal membership is mad" up of
motormen and conductors, and lu general employees connected with the H'"-
tti.-il maintenance and operation of
tramways. The companv positively refused to allow* any such extensions to
he embodied in the agreement, sluing  sensational escape from Matteawan.
with regard to th�� renuest that it had ��������	
been made when the company's onern.
tions  were  very  much less exteurlve | Reunite Christendom.
md when persoml Bglattonshlp BXisl | Winnipeg. Aug 21. "The reunion
ed between Ihe management and the (of Christendom Is, 1 believe, the chief
err-.plovees, whereas   at   the   present|Christian problem of today," wub the
' declaration of the Hight Kev. 1. O.
Stringer, lilt-hop of the Yukon, preaching In St. John's cathedral today at
the service which inaugurated that
proceedings of the Anglican provincial synod of Rupert's Land.
was   carried   out   in   the   presence
Inf   court   attendants  and   four  armed
Dominion police, who stood  immobile:
; while emotional women rushed toward;    The
Thaw crying "Three cheers for Thaw; iheld  i
! three cheers for the liritish flag;  we; noon.
I will  give you justice, Harry."
Looking for  Key.
Tonight, with Thaw's term of con-
jfinetnent   Indeterminate,  nnd   the  key
to the riddle unfoumi, there was a geti-
era!  exodus  of    those    who    rushed
i hither and thither after the fugitive's
Cocuitlam   Council   and   One   cf
Leading   Ratepayers���Special
Meeting   Yesterday.
Coquitlam municipal council
short session yesterday after-
,.,.,���. when representatives from the
legal firm of Williams. Walsh, Mackin
and company. Vancouver, appeared to
complain of the distressful Mr. Booth,
Pitt River road, who refused to consent to a subdivision plan to the east
ot the road. They were unable to get
the plan registered as Mr. Booth maintained that the Pitt River road encroached   upon    his    property.    The
First Sslture Made.
Rl Pit so. Tev., Aug. 27.���Fifty thou-
rnnd rounds of rifle cartridges, consigned to Mexican federals ln Juarez,
were held un here todny hy government officials. The shipment nrrl'ed
here Tuesday but the Mexicans delayed the exportation nnd were Of"i.
fronted with the snnullme'it Of the
permit. The cartridges are held hero
at the Union station.
Sergt. Kdwnrd Johnson, a Mexican
ettsch-��d tn the command of. General
Ines Salasar In Juarez, was arrested I:-;'
here today by government agents, ln|:'
the set of driving off with a trunk ��
containing 4000 rounds of ammunition. IW
Chief of Police Bradshaw received this letter yesterday:
New Haven, August 18, 1K13.
Chief of Police:
Dear Sir,--Can you give me any information In regards to Miss
Annie I.. Cassady that was on the vessel that went down In the
Alaska eoust last Sunday morning? I got a paper yesterday stating
thai she wns amongst those missing, but some were rescued and I
did not know but Bhe nny bt one of them. She wus a girl that was
left an orphan and 1 huvi taken it great Interesl ln her. She wns a
nurse nnd worked for a Dr, Walker, she said In one of her letters.
1 not a li Iter a week before she said Bhe was rolng to Alaska for a
trip aud so think Bhe must be the one. I am, 1 think, the only one
h< re In thn enBt that knew where she wna as Bhe has kept up a correspondence with me. She has a sister here In the east. 1 will try
and (lnd her.
When she left me at New llnven last spring she had between
one nnd two thousand dollara with her. lf sin? d'd not take It with
lu- |t must be In. one of the banks tut there, lf you can find out
anything I will be obliged,
Yonr3 very truly,
' 176 York Btreet. New Haven, Conn.  .
From another source comes the Information that Miss Cassady
was a graduate nurse of Mercy hOBpltsl, Springfield, Mass., qt ths
class of 1008.
The chief of police will reply to the above letter today.
<:������ �� �� # *y # * ft * ''if i'-i.'* ii ir # t, De Ht =�� -# fir # O -4J tt t* i'i
time the employees nnmberliut
'.'noo men. such personal iphitlotishlp
hns per force In the main dlsanneared.
The company expressed Its willingness
lo de"' wllh oth"*- unions if sti"h existed, whose sped",-' membership Included some nf the clnsses Fcueht by
Westminster I the '"en to I'" Included In the pro-
mlt. Before Iposed agreement It pointed ovt that
no nrecedent for nn agreement ein-
!,,.,���!.,,, n]\ (1,,-,-ip -t-Scr l-ndtes cf men
eou'd he "������cditced by the nesoclstion
It nhlectod further >v'th repnrd to
pertain classes that thev were In "f-
fcct officer* of the oomnaflv, and that
In ponspnnence Its fntoreris would he
nretufllclaUv effected hv their helong-
in-? to a union; s"d with regenl to the
pihere. ns nli-odv stated, thev r*-
oresred   n   -sdllinstMss to del w'th
"ni'Mi-n -r-iii'-'fil snoplftpn'lv to protect r"ch ii-ii|pq. Th'* heine a question of oollcv. the ind-^'-xIcned do not
feel   called   Upon   end*"-   the   ��*"-"-lB|npo
of th�� act to exprP--"-> nnv rnlnlon. but
met-elv   to   ftnte   the   contentions  of
pji^i, pt,ii.
It ch-^pht he p,tii^ thnl * Inrge num-
hrr  p*   men   trt#!tf'lpd   ���**   th'-'e   ctSe��PP
h-"-e (o'ned <hp nrrepl��tlon In cnestlo.n
nnd are nnw members thereof.
Working Conditions.
Ab to those elements of d'snnte
which were asltsted before the board
th�� fTSj considered were the working
p-ndltlnns. The undersigned sre
pleased to report that with regard to
there a nnnn'mnus decision has been
arrived st. though not without considers hie difficulty. Thn document embodying same Is enclosed herewith.
For your information, sir. aad for
that of the parties to this dispute, as
well as for the Information of the general publlc. it Is deemed advisable by
(Continued en Pag* Four.)
the first he was fully in Tavor cf iL
Hldo and Seek.
Fo described  to the  audience  how
he had  bee" appointed as a committee  to  purchase horses  In   the  interior,   and   how   the   councillors     were
wn'v-sr  for  him   to  get away  befort?
trvlr ���   to  shove   through   the   paving
"-ntrrcts.     He  never  made the  trip.
ir-'d   although   threatened   that   sotne-
rne elre wculd, told tho audience tliat
none in the conncn could purchase a
*���?��� good mule, let alcn�� a horse.
He  deprecated  the   junketing  trips
���ttfe  by some of  the councillors  to
|i'cr��Iand. Tacoma. arid Spokane early
I in the summer.
|    In answer to onestions. Reeve Mc-
'Oree-or   denied   that   ex-Reeve   Weart
|had   ever wired  him  offering to  buy
I $1,000,080 tn bonds at 87, but that thc
I former chief  magistrate    had    dealt
Ithrnngh the office of D. C. McGregor
*��� Cn.. f.ttf., and in hig orter made no
speeffie figures to back up his offer.
One point which the reeve appeared
to make a hit with, was his account
of a meeting held In Mr. Weart's office a few days ngo. when the present
reeve was told tbat he would see the
paring  proposition   was  dropped,  he
complainants were acting    for    Mrs. J ��-onij ie���d hia aid in seeing that Uki
Alice  Jackson. tftonlton Bros, proposition was placed
After some discussion, in which Mr. Urrore the people and ratified. Coun-
Booth was politely cussed, the mat-jeflioT. Macpherson. stated the reeve.
ter was referred to the solicitor and U.^ ,rre��pnt at the same meeting and
engineer  with  instructions  to act as tpppgred to be in sympathy with ex-
Ask LaFcllette, He Knows.
Washington. Aug. 27. -In a verbal
tilt, marked by bitterness on both
sides. Senator UtPollette today predicted the retirement of Senator Gal-
llnger of New Hampshire, the Republican leader, und others "of his type"
because of their alleged failure to adjust themselves to changing Industrial conditions.
soon as possible
E. J. Murphy, of the Maillardville
picture show theatre applied personally to the council to reduce his license from $75 to $40. similar to what
he paid In Port Coqultlam. He pointed
out that he only gnve exhibitions three
times a week, and bad spent $2500 on
the house.
It having been discovered that the
reduction could only be given by an
amendment to the bylaw, Councillor
Martin gave notice that he would
bring in such an amendment for the
approval of the councll.
The vacancy In the police magis-
(Contlnued nn Psse Five.)
tt tt *
tt Z-
Buffalo, N.Y., Aug. 27.���Scientists and educators of world-wide
fame at the fourth International congress on school hygiene, ln
special aesslon today, agreed with practical unanimity that tbe time
had come when the attitude of the world's educational lu-st tutioni
toward sex hygiene should be revolutionized. They saw in the s kace
of the past on the subject a growing and real menace to the future
of the race, that must be combstted by a system of education without exsggeratlon or morbid suggestion.
Publlc opinion, they maintained, already has reached the point
where this revolution Is demanded Dr. Charles W. Eliot, president
of the congress; Kev. Richard J. Tlerney, S.J., ot Woodstock college, Maryland, and other prominent delegates discussed the subject at a symposium attended by the entire congress this sfternoon.
"A remsrksble change in public opinion haa taken place in regard to sex hygiene," Dr, Bitot said, using the term In tts broadest
sense. "The policy of silence was almost universal Medical discoveries hsve contributed to tbe shift In public opinion, which also
bas been moved by the many signs of physical' deterioration consequent on the rush to city life.
tt tt tt >�� �� tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt �� tt ** tt *�� �� �� �� �� �� �������� * �� * 9 ��� 9
Reeve Weart's statements.
Criticises: Attacks.
CYnirniTlor MacDornM upheld the
negotiations made by Reeve McGregor snd criticised Conncillor Macpherson for making vetted attacks on th��-
Councillor Stride waa the test
speeker. and wkSe endorsing tke km*
nro/crt. mentioned the teet that white
Cotrocilfor Macpherson had apukns
agslnrl fhe enancillors iaspectfaj; '
pavements fn Ike states, ke <Mr. Macpherson) finding that he could aot na>
himself, had attempted to send a substitute, who was a ssember of that
P. B. Brown was secretary of the
New York, Aug. S7.���Ijort Stnrth-
eona. Canadian high oomnalssioaer to
England, who sailed for this country
on Saturday last has accepted an Invitation to a'tend the annual m��etfnt;
and banquet of tka American Bar association In Montreal 8*nt*raber 1.
The association made public wiir
T,ord Strsthcnna's cab'-ed Meeptauea
sent Just before he sailed. .  '   '
London Monev Harder.
I pMcn. Aug. tT.���Moaey waa hardier and discount ratea wars a
i'v.   The stock market was I
Trading u
shares which ars attnaMat
tor* Paris ��� " -^-^
but British
ease oft. while Mextea*
nulet aad sMsdy ta THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
S* *tSk*S\*X*m*mSt* itxtxrn*** ****** aelttsted to the inter'sts of Sew Westminster and
Ma Frmttrr Vttlle'j. l-*m**t*h*i every morning except Sunday by the national Printing
m*tt rt.ttli.lm** *a**S**Smst, Limited, at IS MeKmeie Btreet, New Westminster, liritish
0*Um**tx. ROBB BOTHBRLASl),  Managing  Director.
All commnnXoatumtt tthosld Se addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
** HttiietdtxtU .-.embers of tthe *t*1f. Checttee, drafts, and money order, should be made
able to  The Nat*io**l r*r**Xn%g   inti  PuSUthino Compan i/,  Limited.
THUSPHONKS���t'Mimii It* ce smi M*na*er, ������,- Editorial fiu."ii�� (all depart-
us,, ML
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���Hy carrier, 14 per year, $1 for three moilfllfl, 40c per
mto.ib.    Hv .tail. H per year, lie per month.
AIIVKRTISING HAT KB o* application.
An editorial sausage machine on one of the eastern
papers, not more than a Sabbath day's journey from the
Canadian clearing house for religion, oozes over three-
quarters of a column in a terrifying manner concerning
the way in which certain American settlers in the Peace
river district are waving the Stars and Stripes and declaring their nationality to all and sundry in that new field
of agricultural endeavor.
The squib purveyor in question wants to know if the
Americans up there intend to annex that portion of Canada to the United States, calls their gall sublime, intimates
tbat Japan can lick Uncle Sam, suggests that the U. S.
never had a war of anv consequence except a family row
back in '61, puts in a few "Godforbids," 'Great Wests,"
"as of yores" and winds up panting.
Altogether it's really some effort, yes sir, some effort,
but the weather's too hot for that kind of guff and, moreover, it doesn't draw any water with anybody except a few
faded relics of humanity who haven't anything left to do
but sit around and imagine the worst possible things' that
could happen and never will.
Just that sort of stuff which this editorial writer
peddles is what isn't needed nowadays. There is no chance
of annexation of Canada to the U. S. and the Americans
know it. They know it so well and they prize Canada so
highly as she is that they're investing millions here annually, which is sufficient guarantee in itself that there'll
never be any serious trouble between the two countries,
because modern diplomacy is based on dollars.
Nowadays you can learn anything by correspondence
except how to make a living.
Jinriksha owners in Japan are putting pneumatic
tires on their vehicles. This will not have any serious affect on the local manufacture of gin rickies.
Some of the states in the union just forninst our
southern border are paying pensions to widowed mothers.
It's a good system if the insurance men don't kick.
If the trustees want real, distinctive British Columbian names for any new schools, a label like Cultus Johnny
school, or Skookum Dan school would stand out prominently.
There's a proposal to the front to beautify the Panama
canal Avith statues, monuments, arches. It would look a
lot better if it were decorated with the tolls prescribed in
the Hay-Pauncefote treaty.
The longest fence in the world, twelve hundred miles
in extent, is in West Australia where it forms an effectual
barrier to rabbit raids, says an Antipodean paper. How
about the great wall of China?
A Regina man has come home from England with
���what he says is one of the shoes worn by Captain Scott in
his South Pole expedition. This paper's advice to him is
not to tell that story in Missouri.
The Minneapolis chief of police refuses to load himself
with the censorship of women's apparel. He doesn't mind
handling drunks, but he draws the line at trying to put an
���embargo on Dame Fashion's whims.
A lawyer got a drunken ex-Royal marine off in Toronto's police court the other day by quoting a chunk of
Kipling. Now it's up to some of the local habituals to try
n little Paradise Lost on Magistrate Edmonds.
In 1911 there were 8602 persons killed in Uncle Sam's
mines and quarries, which isn't bad for one line of activity.
There is no truth in the report that anv land discovered by Stefansson in the north will be included in Greater
flower of her manhcod for two, three
or even four years under the conscription laws. These men are drawn
from the soil and from the countries'
industries to waste their time in preparing for Hie coming of war."
"Let Glasgow Flourish."
The above terse sentence Is tho
j motto of the great city over which
Mr. Stevenson is for throe years the
head. He was selected in November,
1911, and in explaining Ihe system ol
i civic government, he says:
"The lord provost is elected fnr
jthr. o years just as the members of
the council are. Hut one-third of th-.'in
retire annually, so that there are always two-thirds left to insure a continuity of policy. We have found this
system to work very well Indeed."
"Let Glasgow flourish' is a motta
which Mr. Stevenson hus dine his
manful best to make good. It is his
great and vital Interest in the city
which has prompted his visit to
Canada, The ostensible motive might
��� a-ily be termed i|iiixot-e. It Is this:
During the pasi few months Btories
In various Scottish and Kngiish newspapers have gained the car of the
people to the effect thai the Immigration Into Canada is becoming greaUy
overcrowded and that there is a llkell-
hood of great distress prevailing
among those who leave for the west
this year. So wide a credence have
those reports gained among the canny
I citizens of Glasgow that the lord pro-
veil has received hundreds of letters
asking him for advice on the subject
and In many oasi s imploring him lo
disB"adf olTi.o.i.ilv emigration from
: the Clyde.
On the ether hand many Canadians
whom he knew and respected wrote
I him to the effect that people who
came to Canada in the same spirit as
the Americans came���with the intention of turning their hands to anything thut came up. even it il were
lilic to which they wer" unaccustomed, would in all probability I. do
wt ii.
Object of His Tour
Murk the thoroughness of the man.
Most mavors would have been content
to adjudge the situation from the com-
, friable depths of an arm chair in
the mayoral office. Not so the lord
Drovost of Glasgow. He immediately booked liis passage across Hie
pond, packed his grips ami came.
"What conclusion have yen arrived
at?" he was quest'oned this morning,
"I have con-.e to the conclusion that
my Canadian friends were JuSIftled
In their Btatement," he replied. "Although I can quite see thai it must
b" hard for those who go for the f rs:
time in'o tho reu-.ole districts to a
life to which they arc unaccustomed.
It must make tham feel that their
l'ving is very hardly earned Also
1 belive that those who come d"t'-r-
mined to live in the o lies anil n"t
face the hardships which are pu: up
to new settlers, run gnat risk of being I ft unemployed for long spells,
and consequently gnt'ns discsura; ,
Montreal, Aug. 27.- That the de-
predion in real estate circles was a
thing apart, and that it had nothing
whatever to do with the general trade
and prosperity of the Dominion was
the opinion expressed by M. 1,. Zuck-
raandel; a dir'-"^"r of tli" Herman hanking firm of Schlestnger-Trler & Co.,
of llerlin, who is a guest at the Hitz
Carh ton.
Mr. Zuckermandrl Is particularly optimistic ahout the future of Canada,
-nid savs Hint in the very near future
Qern-ut-Ti capital will (low into Canada,
Bnd that wiih the garnering in of the
harvest there will he a substantial,
"i Hern! all-round Improvement. Mr.
Zuckermandel is accompanied hy his
Fon. M. Walter Zuckermandel, who is
ly-t-'nc Vr. first visit to Canada,
The German financier states that
hi'-ge sums of German capital are al-
ready Invested in British Columbia,
and he predicts that when European
finances get into smoother water with
the settlement of the trouble in the
Halkans, Oerman money will flow to
Canada  in  even greaier quantity.
Mr. Zuckermandel has just returned
'rrm a trip through the west, going as
far north as Yukon and Alaska, and
states that everywhere he found the ]
Bame healthy condition of industry and
It Is fifteen years fi:i"o Mr. Zuckermandel''* Inst visit to Canada, and he
expressed himself last night as aeton-
Ished at the advancement made here,
especially in railriad and steamship
travel, and says thai tnvi.l has now
become a pleasure rather than the
fearsome thing it was at that time.
Victoria  Driver  Fined    for    Allowing  Thrse   Paris   Publications   Now   Havo
Friend to Ride on Seat Beside
Circulation of Million  Each
���Strong   on   Croons
Victoria, Aug. ^7.    Whether or not
(drivers of vehicles plying for hire are
generally aware of the prohibition
against carrying anyone on the box of
hack or wagon other Ihan the hirer,
the fact was forcibly impressed upon
William Klrby this morning by the
imposition of a heavy  line.
Inspector James Palmer Btated to
the court that on Thursday he saw
Kirbny passing along Belleville on tlie
i box of his express wagi��, on which
there was also riding another registered driver named Hanson, which was
contrary to the provisions of lhe hired
i vehicles by-law. Ile had previously
cautioned him on this point several
times, and lie was :i driver who gave
Uie departmenl a good deal of trouble.
Klrby insisted thai be bad a rlghl
to carry a man to belp with iruuks
and  heavy  packages, and  be told   Un'
'court that Hanson was given bill
what  the wagon made     He admitted
ithal  in*  had  been  cautioned  by    In
Opi eti :���   Palmer.
city Prosecutor Harrison drew attention to the middle figure on Kirhy's
badge, which tie obtained only a couple
of weeks ago, being obliterated. The
number Is 268, but tb,. black enamel
on tlle f> ls all rubbed off, however that
bas occurred, not a speck being left,
while Ibe other two figures are as
plain as ever and then is not a scratch
on them. The prosecutor was also very
curious ahout a consignment of goods
which Kirhy took from rli����� C. I' 11
wharf on Friday and which was not
delivered to the consignee until twin,
ty-five hours  later
"'roil and one or two oth"- drivers
seem to take a delight in tailing to
lohrerve the by-law." Bald Magistrate
.lay. "There are other men who have
been driving hacks or express wa irons
in this city for years and who bave
never given the least trouble. You
have been frequently warned about
your conduct and you will bnve to understand that this and every ether hy-
law is made to be observed and that it
must   be   observed."
A   flue  of  $16   was Imposed.
Paris,  Aug.
I low    many   daily
newspapers can boas' a circulation of
one million copies? Three uily. and
curiously enough all three are published iu i'aris. i'he Matin, n," Journal
,aud the Petit Journal, each numbers
its buyers in seven figures and its
development almost in a single generation from small uiiimpoi'taiu sheet
to leading placea among their contemporaries is at once an engrossing
record und a curious commentary upon the expansion of the French news-
papi r readers.
Tbe   Matin,    whicb   has   taken   the
lead   for   sume   y, ars,   Is   now    in   iti
thirtieth year of publication,   ii was
a two ci ii t paper inr fifteen yiars. In
1889 ii changed bands .md removed
io iis pn sent bome in the "Grand
Boulevardes," at the same time reducing iis prico in one oi nt.    it lm-!
i llately  began  to  grow   amazingly.
When it  was a  tw   '-'in  pap, riei-
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
but the reduction In price sent it up
to 76,000. Since then It lias gone up
li.,  leaps and bounds.
Averse lo Oig Pa-iers
The Frenchman does nol like voluminous papi rs. aud tin- six pages of
the Matin are quite enough for tiie
average business or professional man,
who makes nu llie greatest pan of its
readers, as ,i bas the reputation of
being tin- best informed paper on Urol"
continent. Ii is connected by prlvat ��� |
wire to London, New Vork and llerlin. and publishes all He- Important
newB simultaneously with the leading j
journals in these ihree capitals. Any |
Important news arriving during the
day is Immediately posted up outside
the building where il Is read by a
large crowd.
The   Offices   occupy   six   bloCkB   en
the Boulevard Polssonnlers, with a t.i-,
tal   area   of   4 mn   Bquare   yard-       Its
printing  machines,   which  are  of  the
largest type, print, fold and stick 100,- I
 ' copies an hour,   lis staff numbers
Hn' nn n and women, and Ils < xpendl
ture amounts to $6,000,000 a year   Fori
paper   alone   (812,600   is   spent,   and
{len,nui goes  fur  foreign   cables,     lis'
advertising   raies   are   high,   rang in*;
from on" dollar lo six  dollars a line !
according  to  position,    The   revenue
from   this  s-jiirc"   alone  amounts   to
inri/Fn   IM    IAU      The growing popularity of th" Mi
LUl/llLU    111    JAIL   tin **��� d'JC l0 lts "UWessful enterprise.!
|H  was the  firs;  French  daily  to use
_^____  llustrations and its reproductions now j
have reached  a high  stat'.1 ot  perfec
Montresl Has Prisoner cn Her Hands]tlon for a paper printing 100,000 cop j
, ies an hour.
Who  Picks  Prison   Locks Binges!   S;oons   on   Re;erd
With Ease, Thanks t"  its  brilliant staff of re I
porters, it l:as made some of the bg I
i gest   scoops   rm   record.    The   Matin
exposed  Madame    Humbert's    thirty |
years' fra . I,  ai d  was  the  mi ai -*  of
found unconscious in a lane ot Tecumseh streel, where he bad been put
by two women lie had been visiting
on Wellington street He died in ths
hospital a few days later and a coroner's Jury decided that deaiii was due
io uatrual causes.
The n latlves nf tbe unfortunate
man are dissatisfied with I'm* view
of tb" authorities thai be mei his
death iu a natural manner .md are
leaving no si.me unturned to discover
ih,- reason of bis presence al the bouse
mi Wellington street lhal afternoon,
when he sbould have been ai wnrk al
tiie Massey.Harris works, where be
was   *   foreman.
Th,' worm ii stated that he had been
taken 111 in tb" bouse and they bad
removed him to the lane at the r, ar
because tiny did nol want hlm to be
found on the premises.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) $16,000,000 OC
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Brunches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and lu London. Kng
land, N'ew York, Chicago aud Spokane
ISA, und Mexico City. A genera)
banking business traiiHacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Dank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cuuL **i
annum ipreseut rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.1)0.
O.  D.  BRYMNER, Manager.
MRS.    ���'    i'     I LSHER,    TEACHER    OF
ei in,.'.hi.    i .i -"i .**     iin'  singing     I'u- :
I'lls  Buccessfulv   prepared  lor examlna*
tlon In it   v   H   and It. C. M. For I
apply ':���'.*: Third avi nui
II.   .1    .V   BURNTOT,   AUDITOR     AM
���c,    inlanl    l.i   1:   I.-, l: i  -'.   II.hi
P. II   Smilh W   J. (Irnvee
Work   undertnk -n    in    city    and    outstd-l
points.   311-1*3   Westminster  Trust   Rids
Phone   SHI.     I>    O.   Bm   Gl>7.
Royal Bank
Incorporated  1869.
Capital   Paid Up    $11.550.00ft
Reserve  Funds    $13,000,000
A Qaneral Banking
Business Transacted.
New  Westminster, B.C.. Branch.
II * I' il. "f BBICS nf tli- n .if C . inee
the fn-i and ti.irii Thursday at * i>  m.
K.   of   I'    Hall.   KIKlitll   street.   A    Wall
Cray, Exalted Ruler; I'. II. Smith, See
L.    n.    O.    M..    St)     !64.- MEETS n>
tirsl, second, third arid fourth WsdDOS
day In <-ach month Ht H p. in
In the Moose Hem-. II. J 1,,-amy
dictator; K. I*;. Jones, secretary
Headquarters   "<   Indie.   In   S-.    House
corner of I'uurth and Carnarvon streeti
Montreal,  Aug.
Whit    is    ibe1
matter with th| bolts and bars of the bringing Ier'and her fellow Bwlnd
new  jail  at   rtordeau;. -the  jail   that, t0 jU(1gmeDt,    ���ui. tor ib,. leal of the
?��8t    '" ;u","'   th��   ?>   '"at was  to|Matin, tU��� r notorlou8 ..,,���,���. r.  , ���
I. n   O   F   AMtTT  LODOB NO   17���Th
regular  nr-etin*  ot   Amity   lodge   N-
27. I. O O P.. In held everv Monda
night at �� o'olock in Odd ���Tallows' Hal
comer Carnarvon and Klghth street,
vinitina brothem cordially invite/
n. A MiTnth-w. st;.. II. u*. gannter
V. O . W. C, rvixtham. P (! . r-.-n.-
In,; lecr-rUir-, J \V. Mart mnald. financial Horot&ry,
Ro  Uill < nnd  l.i nf Ull  '.'. and 1<U��  1. 2,
.    1.  L'I.  lii.  *.'i5. nf Ixil  I. miliifTVlslrina
(   Lol   *.   Buburban   Illnck   I.  In  th��
't,  i,f N.w W-'Mtmlnnti-r.
v, i.���-!-��� *,.-, proof "f th" loaa nf CartltloaM
nf're ��� Nui ber 9978F, Issued In the uams
I   I.' 'im   Mo-Quarrio  luu  I tl  filed In
il) . office
Nnl horeby Kiv,-n  thai I nhall, at
��� -I*.* itlon <*f "ii" month from ih" date
of il    fi-��i publication h"rc,r. in ii dally
lyiei-itwr puhllahed  In tho C'liv ,,f N'-w
tVcM-mlnnter, laaue a itijpiic���t" oi 'in. aald
''���" ft 'i-    union  ui tl:,- meantlm* valid
��� objection be made to ms in wriiiiu,-.
.1   c. OWYNN.
rn-lrp-t Re-Klntrar ������' Till""
Land  Registry  Office,  N'-w  Westmins-
iter,  n r,  ivth Annus!. 1913. (Ull)
have been finished two years ago; thel
supposed to be the
one  on   the   contl-
jail which is now
most formidable
One thint certain is that Ueorge
Thlbault, the desperate criminal who
alri ady escaped from the old jail, has
found a means of defying the strong-
l.enioine, the diamond maker, and Ro
chette, the company promoter, probably   would   still   be   nourishing   like
Ithe green bay tre��. Its liugi prizes
to flying men have dom i greal 'hai
for  aviation   in   France,    rhi    '.'
i was the f.rst  European  | api r to an-
est cell door in the new institution of
Holts and fare, in fact, form no barrier to Oeorge Thlbault After bis
original escape from the old jail, he
was isolated in one'of tho most formidable cells at Bordeaux, and yet a
week ago last Friday his cell was
found empty and the interpid Thlbault I with
was nowlit re  to  be  found. Tb
Kven after he was captured a second time yesterday, and placed in a
cell at police headquarters, be almost
succeed) d in escaping again, with  the j
nounce tlie conclusion <: peac be
iwen Japan and Ilussii and lo pub
lish tho full text cf tii.' trcatj Tl
was due to the energy of their prin-
cipal foreign correspondent, Jul,
iledeinan. whose name in well known
all over the world, lie h a remark
able Unguis! and speaks six lai     .
extraordinary fluency,
v editor-in chief,  Biephane  i.ii/
\\. E. kai.ks -Pioneer Funeral Dlrooto
nnd Blo-ibalmer, (M2-*i*i Anne* mtn.
oppoal.* Carnsgts Library,
s    bowell   (srrrwHsnH  vo   cp;.\*
lr-r ft Hiniift. Ltd )���Fure-ril dtraotor
"*"! ' ' ' !m��rn. Parlnrn 40S Celurnbt
Btrwl      Saw   Westmlnntor.     Phon"   %*���'
ami",  Is  a   brilliant  journalist.    Th'
brains at the  back of tlie  Matin  an
supplied, not by a Frenchman, Inn '
in   enormously   wealthy     Colombian
1".|',!'  "I*  TRADE���NEW   WEKTM1N   I
��� Board of Trade roasts In the besn
r ��*m. Cltj Hall, aa follows: Third Frl
day ������! ..-I'h month; fllmrterlv mo,4in-
thlrd I'rlday of Fiibninry. May
il .ii 1 Nnvf-mhor nt K p wi. An j
r,;.,i mooting* nn tho third Friday o i
I'l-.n-v r. II. Btuart Wade, eccr*
Round  trip tickets at    single    faro
:and one-third  Mill be on  sain August
: 29  to   September   1.    liood   to   return
until September .1.
E. COULET. Agent.
Nsw Weminiimier
II   W. BRODIE. O. P.  A.. Vancouver
 I   .
Maurice  Buena-Varllla   was   burn
help of William Bedard, another pris
loner at police headquarters, who as-1the   |itU(,   Soinh   American   ropublli
'suitedI the turnkey with an iron bar.jH-9 broth(,r  Phlll|ppo (a  w, M  kl,,.
Only the prompt amv��+-of deteelfve^^-^  rh|���r        ,������.���.   ���, ., ,.
frustrated the attempted escape just ] v ,
as Thlbault  had almost succeeded  ini
(picking the lock of Ills cell.
Mystery of Escape.
Hut how  did  Thihault  escape  from I
the new jail  at  Bordeaux?    That    Isi      ,,    ,      ,     , ���,      ,,
Montreal,   Aug.   i'.    Men.   women
children rushed to the Btreets in
heir  nlgbt  clothes,    escaping    iheir
���    ! "-"U,  Business Letters, etc.: clr  I
Clllar  w-^ik i-p-nltllnt.    All work ntrlcrly I
annfldential     II   Harrv. rnnm 41�� West   . HVNOPS18   OF   COAL   MININO   HE
rust Mix.    Phnno 702 QULATIONS.
The Doukhobors don't seem to havc tumbled to the
fart that there are a few laws to live up to in this country,
which lack of information or judgment on their part i.s
giving some of the people of the Boundary country an interesting time these days.
An Av.'ful D-naltv.
Oakland. Cal., Aug. 27.���Fourteen
years without an alcoholic drink is
the | rice ihat a. W. Hennings, of this
city, must pav for a riotous career.
Hennings Imbibed too much liquor in
Oakland cne day, pBBaed a bad
cheque for $38.50; went to las Angeles and wn' e up in Seattle, Thero he
appealed to a detective ag. ney ti
I', k over hls trail, and when ho disci v red bis delinquency, submitted to
arrest, nnd wis brought In Oakland,
lb* was granted probation ibis morning providing be does not drnk Intoxicants for fourteen years.
the  most   interesting  question,     The i      ,
fact that he already escaped from the I A"",
old jail did no' surprise anybody, be-
cause nobed*.  boasted thai \\ *,viv tb"
sir** n-"*i   jail   i-i   t'.e   wi rid      Hu:   the
nei   lall!
Although Siieff: lemleux could
sh' il i i iighl '.:i til" matl r l!i*s morn-
lii!', a id alth' ugh Deputy Oovernor
Landrlault, nf 'ne new jail, was most.
reticent, i' ���������:***,,-rs tbat the despera
COBBOUl.rj   nRANT *  MoCOLL,   BATi
llors   eto.    41 Lerno Slr-o'
New  Westminster.    i3   K   Corbould,  K
O.    J   H   OranL    A. [���:. MoColl.
premises just In time when lire broke
��� 'iit shortly before 11 o'clock lasl nighl
in the residence of ilinry Lavlnge, al
ITri Jacques Hertel street. Within
twenty minutes flames had eaten Into
three flimsy wooden dwellings ami i:
.was only with the greatest difficulty
t    that tho t'remen finally got them un |
Mr   Thlbau'i
pre. ntlng th
r::' locks of
I loth   ill   I
Iris  found   -i   means   or
closing of the new pat.
Ihr new jail.
,-,   ' use  of  Thl),anil's
\jari    Provost of    Glasgow,    VUlt'ng
Coast,   Gives   His   Vie���s���
Object ot  His Tour
Victoria, Aug. 21 "War," lie says
with energy, his grey head thrust forward sh he dogmatizes, "is the worst
pocsiblr? thing tor  a  nation "
And  p-erhapH   no  man   is  better  ac-
nunlnt'i] with war preparations than
the chief citizen of the greatest man-
of-war building city in the world.
Tbnmgli the open windows of hlH
home Daniel M. Btovenson, lord pro-
�����ost of ('.lasgow. can hear the rease-
tmmclamor of tho aledgea as the rivei-
ters work on the groat shells of Ilrlt-
���idl-i dreadnought*, lie can see ibe
tall ships rising like mushrooms froin
a w-emi.-'- mere waste of dibrls, anil
finally sliding grandly down the gwnr
Red ways tn tbelr homes ou lhe wave.
And yet be says with perfect sincerity:
"Much to my regret the greatest
part of tbe shipbuilding which is now
going on in Olasgow is fer war pur-
Iposes, it is profitable ior ihe Clyde
that it should be so. but ii Is Infinitely
poorer for Ibe nation "
A great pacifist this little greyheaded, grlzzlod-mcustached leader of
the second greatest of the empire's
cities. Keenness and shrewdness and
energy ure bis most obvious qualities,
His penetration Is never relaxed, and
every gesture of the bands, overy
glance of tbe eyes suggest the action
of a mind tbat 's forcing itt wav
through obstruetlon and definite op-
pugnancs. These qualities have no
doubt helped lo place blm in a pes'-
tii n of enviable power and influence
as the d'-stlny controller of wi II over
a million souls.
"I am hopeful next year that the
celebration of thf- centenary of peace
among Anglo-Saxon peoples will give
all nations cause lo think of tin greal
futility of squandering money in the
nine of $2,000,000,000 per atnutn f*ii
Kurope did lust yean on armaments,
not t�� mention the wilful waste if the
Ii is not only In this community that the interest In
newspaper advertising is grow- ,:������
lng so extensively, hul in every
city served by lirst class newspapers.
Local merchants niy upnn
Hi" newspaper lo carry their
messages to the public, because the newspaper is tlie
logical and natural medium to
carry news���and thai is what
advertising really  is,  news.
Many manufacturers seeking a nation-wide markel for
their produci choose the newspapers In the best localities
for the same sound reason.
Also we see both retailer and
manufacturer uniting in a
campaign of education and
publicity on behalf of some
meritorious product.
Thn public Is learning the
importance of advertising and
learning how to prolil from
careful ad-readlng,
TbUI everywhere Is this
widespread interest  manifest.
escape from lb" .id jail and bis pi laps
one week af:, 'nun the new building,
his cell doors v.ore found fasl Ioi ked
Immediately ,-ifier his escape. This
aroused tb" curiosity o* the authorities, and ih' re not sure how be
managed to deC  'be patent locks
II must be n'iirmho-ed lhat. there
is a paten' svs'* 'n ef Iv.ks in use at
th" new jail ���.'.!*. oh lr supposed to be
the best In tiie world.
>|.-itro*,|. Am
and selling .lohn
Alfn do Serro is
lted away his v.
and is thoughl
tbem on a boal
complained   In
Ruonnano's furniture,! Pnnhi
alleged to have "[fir-
'i and three chlldn ������
n have escaped with
foi Italy. Huonnatio
ho   police   today   thnl
The blaze began in a shed al the
rear of iv:: Jacques Hortel ami spread
to th" nd joining buildings in fron'.
causing lbe tenants to fbe for their
lives. So quickly did ibey pour forth
that several were injured by fills on
Hie stairs. None of these Injuries
proved eerlous, however
The property Is situated at great
distance from any firo station.
As the fire began  In a shed  In  the
centre of a congested block, tbo property of eight people was damage nt an j
estimate  of  $6,000.    Those   who   suf
ft red   most   were  Joseph   Legros  and I
Monrl   Lavlgne.   lfi!��  and   173  Jacques j
Hertel; Oliver Montpetlt. 150 de Hlin- j
"otirt   avenue.     The   others   were   M. (
''aieb. John  lirook and John Tealo at |
152: 152 1-2 and 158 de IMneourt, and
t   .. t-law     solicitor.    ,*tc.      Tslephon'
* iildroia      "Johnston
������' ������ "��� ��� Horn Union " Offices, BU1
R' 'Ck .: Columbia street, N"W Wesl
minster, I'.  C
Willi K.'ll'i:      BDMONDB    A    WllfTF
sld"       Barrister* mul Rolloltors, West
rolnsti r   *, - , ���    Blk.,    ''.iPimlila   strr."
'���' *'   " ' *'*  Inst, r   ii  c   Cable addres
'Win:,-", t        w, ......    un|on.    p.    r
Drawer    .' **���*>      Tcl��,phono   IS     W.    !
Wl i i'*. k   '���    ,i   i.   BSdmondt,   I
.1. 8TILWELL CLUTE, Barrlstsr-at-las
solicitor, "i- oornsr Columbia sn
McKoinle -rtrwia, N.w tVcstmtnste:
I'   C    i'u   ft'.i  ill'.    Tcli-phono   71'
Bolicitor and Notary, Otfloes liar
block, .:- Lome ���".-..i. New Wentmlr
nt,*r. I:   i'
Barrlrturs una Kollcflors 606 to SI'
Waatmlnstor rrtisl Block, n ll. Mat
lln.   v.-   i;    MoQuarrlc   ami  ip-nrge   I
i OOAL MININO rights of the Domtnlo*
In   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan  and   Albert*,
* ih.-  Vifcon Terr1t-��ry, ths NorthwWt Tar-
: rltortes and In a portion of the Prnvlnos
* nf British Columbia, may be leased fur ���
term of twenty-one years at an anjufj
rental of tl on aero. Nol roor-e than r5SI
acres wlll lie leased to oris applicant.
Application for a lease must lie made
iv the applicant In person to Hi" Ai%iil
or BUb-Agant of the district In which lh��
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must b��
described f,y sections, or leioil ��'ib-,ilvt
duns of sections, anil In unsuncyeiS ter
ritory the tract applied for -iu-ji bt
staked out by lhe applicant himself.
Bach applfcotl.-i muat be sooompsnlss
hv a fee of 15 vnlch wlll be refunded ll
ih" rights applied for are nnt available.
tint not otherwise. A royally shall n��
nald on tho merchantable output of ths
mine nt tho rate nf five cent* per ton
lho p-orson operating the mine shall
'ornlsh the Agent/with awsrn returns
.,.*.* iMijtiiig for tbe full quantity of mer-
i'ii.-ini.ihlo coat mlne-il' and pay the royalty thereon. If the cull mining rights
, re nol being operated such returns should
be  furnished  at  least oneo a  year.
The Isass wlll Include the conl nilnlns
rights only, but tho leasee wlll he xmr
mkied to purchase whatever avallaoM
mi rf uco rights may be considered nc,-��-
���mry for tho working of the inine at ths
nits of 110 an acrs.
t'or full Information application sh-suM
he mado to tho SArotar/ of the D*imrt-
"lent of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Bub-As��nt of Dominion  l.anda
Deputy Minister of ths Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication Ot this
advertisement wtll not be paid for.
only the four walls of his erstwhile
happy home remained, and demanded
that Herro be found, when he promis
ed be would mi "
Quonnnno did noi
wife. Slmonot, he
As h" i-clati d th
Buonnano said hi
work early in th"
lc returned a nod
����� ���> ���;���( >::���
out  justice to hi"
���are so mucb for his
said, but wauls the
��� itory to the police
had gone out to
morning, and. when
left, at the house of
a neighbor with tb" key, was the onlv
relic of hls home, The note was from
om- of the children, and simply said
good bye, Buonnano declared that If
ever be saw the wrecker of his home
he would administer primitive retrl-
, bu'Ion on the Hpol The children are
14, 7 and 13 yearn of age.
���I    Lnssanle anil  Robert Clark
it 175 and 177   Jacques Hertel streel.
Shock   nf   Newa   of   Her   Son's  Oeath
Hard  on  Arjcd  Woman.
Toronto, ^ug. 26. -Overwrought hy i
ih" it'' b n ib'-itb oT her son. Ihe moth-.
tr mi* '.Villain Sutton, who Is 90 years
"id. Is In a very precarious condition,
md ii Is not expected Hint she will
survive the shock, Tbe aged lady has
''"en confined lo her bed as a result
of an accident some weeks ago when
she fell off a street, car.    Sutton was
when you run get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, vis.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVMR" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Amsrlcan and Canadian Bnglneers' Association.
We would slso call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter, "bis is nlso made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Impurti'd article.
Wa also carry a ���itock if Crushed itock, Washed Oravel, Sand,
I.ime, I'lasicr, elc.
See us hefore ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
White Rock
"The Playground of B.C."
White, Shiles & Co., ����
gents HBHMBMt^i mm .
Where Is Willie,  Why
Doesn't He Write ?
Queer Qucriiei Advanced to Canadian
Immigration Officer in
Saskatoon,   Aug.   '21.��� In
dealing  with  the   methods
by   tbe   Canadian   emigration   depart
menl  in  attracting  settlers  from  the
liritish   Isles   and   Kurope,   J.   Obed
Smilh,   In,minion   emigration   official
with headquarters at charing cross.
London, gave ii most Interesting address to the Canadian club at the
luncheon In the King (Ieorge hotel.
There was a large attendance of uiem
bers present, who listened with attention to  Mr. Smith's description of
his work in London,
tears wlun the lime of partiiK came.
Still the picture bad Its bright side,
for thoBe leaving were coining to Lie
country of opportunity.
Queer Queries
Mr.   Smilh   said   lhat   his   morning
I mail   contained   many   -extraordinary
coininiiiilcutlons.    One   fond    mothei
U.   T'!,!  wrote   to  (By  lhat  Willie  taged   47),
���niployeil   had   not   written  home  for a  month
Would the department please look Into   the   mailer?    Tom   Knox   wanted
to know   If hls daughter could marry
iiinn-t dlately on landing In Canada, or
must   she   give   DCtloe   first?     Wuuld
arrangements be made for Charlie to
have a room and a hath to himself?
Mary  Jane  was reported  to be  mar
rled   to   Sam  Williams;   was Ibis   so
and    was   Sain   a   good sort?   These
were   only   a   few   letters   picked   al
had great difficulty In finding their
way to points aleng the lake. One plc-
! nie party In a large launch bound for
I Jackson's I'oint bud to stop and "lay
to" for nearly two hours, the smoke
i being so heavy that tbey lost all sense
| of direction. They were finally guided
'safety by an Indian whore eanae al
i mosl collided with the launch a mile
i from lbe shore.
city m care
Voung Man Jailed and Wife and Chile
Suffer���Foreigner Gets Two
Yeara for Bigamy.
Hamilton, Aug. 17.���In disposing ol
the Ihree charges of ba-.ing procured
money  by  false  pretenses    preferred
lagains!   Prances   K.   Hale,   the   young
{man whose wife and child are In destitute   Circumstances,   and   for   whom
random from the mall and were glvet]
Kmigration was us old as the world,  to  Illustrate the Bcope of the depart
commenced thi; speaker, und even lu   n,ent.
comparatively     recent     times     there J    fhe    speaker    then    dealt wltll the
were warnings lu the Merchants' ship   advertising   inetdids   of   llle     depart
ping   act   against   fraudulent   emigra-  mem.    It advertised  In lbe dally and   I-"1"'' Officer McMenemy bas opened
lion  agents.    However,  he  would  not   weekly   press and   in   the   magazines. I a  subscription   list,   Magistrate    Jeffs
go   into  tbe  history  of  the  subject, using probably l  perodlcals. I'ub laald:
but would describe Bhortly tbe scope Uoity was also gained through hook., |    "There Is no doubt but what  vou
of the department, its propaganda and giving  inscriptions of Canadan  life, could have earned money by honest
Ballantyne'l "The Kur Trad-rs" bid methods. Hale. I am sorry that a wife
been the volume which fired the iand child are dependent on you for
speaker's ambition to emigate more their living, but tliey will have to be
than thirty years ago, he stat'd. supported by the city until your term
Again, the department i.ei;t up u of imprisonment is up. There are too
press bureau, which sent out news many young men In this city who
Items to the British press, so articles think they can procure money fraud-
short and long, from the board if.ulently and get away with ll, and I
Irade of Saskatoon, were always wel- mean lo do al! In my power to have
come. What he might call the missionary service was another method
of advertising. Villages and hamlets
were visited in wagons and literature
was     distributed.     A     scliool    hous
methods ol advertising,
Large Stiff
The London office had a stjft of
over 40, It being found that Ottawa
wus too far away to reply lo the
many qui ries from all over Europe,
many cf which reuulred lo be answer
ed promptly. Hut In addition to the
central office, then- were many coun
try branches, and lu addition the
booking agents at the different railway stations formed au Invaluable
corps of assistants to the department.
These  agents  received  a  commission
tbe practice stopped. Therefore, I sen
tence you to Central prison  for one !
year on each charge, the sentences to j
run  concurrently."
Hale, who gave Ills age as 27 years, j
on certain emigrants, and from tbelr  would be reached and each child pre���   P'-^aded Ku111y to the three counts of
IHsitions   were   able  lo   get   in   touch
with  many  who had  thoughts of set
ning in Canada,
The department made no apology
for carrying otl its propaganda in
Kurope The average wage of tlie
farm laborer was from fifteen shillings to fifteen shillings and six penoe
per week, and when these wages were
compared with what might he earned
00 the land In the Dominion, Canada
seined with un atlas with the nine
provinces lu colors, but not a word
wan printed about emigration. Iac
Hirers also toured the country and
between six thuusand and seven thou
sand   were given each  year.
Mr   Smith  stated   that  the  de-part
having procured money by cashing a
check made payable to 8. II. Wilson
for $4; procuring $1<I from Charles Kllis In payment for the rent of a houBe
he represented to own: and tendering
an Invalid check for $75 to Thomas
Crompton In part payment on a house,
and  for  which   he  wag  given   $15  in
ment advertised In Europe as well as Unnge, ,he balance to go toward tbe
iu  ibe  British  isles,  and  his state-1payment ofthe noose.
Two   Years  for  Bigamy.
Nick  Veselowltch, who    last    week
; pleaded   guilty   to   having  committed
ment   that   tlie  authorltliB   had   such
faith   in   lhe  Canadian   laws  and   lhe
e-^uld feel that she was only giving  British Institutions thst tbey were not
these   men   the   chance   which   they   afraid   of   bringing   men   from   under (bigamy,  and  who  was  remanded  tor
could  not  get   ln  their  own  country,   oh ter flags, was warmlv applauded.       sentence asked,  through  his  counsel,
Mr. Smith  said that he thoroughly       -pile   speaker  concluded   by   paying  c. W. Bsll, to be allowed to change Mb
realized   the   responsibility   of   Indue    ;(   graceful   compliment   to   the   Cana-   plea, as he misundertood the charge
log emlgri'        to leave home.    He felt   dian   clubs   throughout   the   Dominion,
It  especia  y at  Elision  station, when
he saw ci ,��ds of people saying good
bye  to  friends  about  to  set  out   for
Canada, and it was brought very close
to  home  when  he  saw   relatives    in
xplalning that the colonial Institute
In London had followed with grea'
success the Canadian clubs' plan of
holding luncheons, and that these were
now   a feature of the Institute.
ths wind having changed ItB direction
Communication with    Boakvllle   has
been uncertain. p��"bahly owing to the
fact   that  everybody   is busy  fighting
he flames.    There ure rumors of sev-
ral settlers having heen burned oul.
Ul   nuthitic   definite   will   be   learned
  'or a few davs.    The special dispatch
from Blackrtons states that large fires
Thote   Interested   Organlie   to   Draw   an- raging io the south and u quantity
of   the   cord wood   of     the     Canadian
HIb worship said the   two-year    sentence would have to stand, and when
Mr.   Hell  asked  him  to  take  special j
note of his request, as the court Bten- i
ograpber Is on his vacation, the mag-
Istrste refused, explaining to the law- \
yer   ihat   if   that   was  done   and   the I
case   was  retried,  the  man   would   be
put  In   the   box   and   would  have  to
commit perjury  It he expected to secure  an  acquittal.    Notice  of  appeal
war. given.
Attention to Valuable Properties
in the North.
Chemical company Is burning fiercely.
It  is a grim tale that  is coming over
ithe wins, the towns being apparently : 	
surrounded with fires, although  thev
pre miles away at present.   The air Is   Why Mnay  Irr migrants Are Deported
A  prelim-   thick with pungent smoke, and falllna
pshes BPd -Inder* add to the fears of
lh,   residents.
Narrow   Escape,
One nf the most thrilling Incidents
of lhe fires that Is rr corded bv Frank
Mr'"ullum, of l'arry Sound, who. with
Neu   Hazelton. Aug   -
Inary meeting for the purpose of ron
siderlng organising a mine owners' association was held on Thursday even-
lug    Beveral of the local people In-
terested in the development   of   the
inlpes   throughout  this  district     were
present   and   Iber"   was  a   unanimous
"Pinion in im or of the movement
It was decided to cnll llle orgam/.a*   aiong with a load of lumber supplies
���Closer  Inspection  Said  to
Be Necessary.
Montreal, Aug.
An extra burden
Hon the New lla/.elton Disirict Mln
Owners' Association lt is the Intention to carry on B campaign of publicity in quarters where lt will do the
most good Every effort will be put
forth to bring mining capital and mining men Into this camp to help develop
ihe vsrloua mining properties of
promise, li is not the Intention to confine ihe efforts to ths Immediate New
Hazelton district, but to the whole
northern Interior mining district Including Hudson Hay mountain and surrounding hills, the nubtnes, the Clround
I log. the om'.ueca nnd the lower
Skei na.
Aviommittoe was appointed to draft
by-laws and plan the organization and
lo report t" a general meeting to he
held on  Monday evening next.
Another committee, composed of F
c McKlnnon, Duke Harris. Uco. T.
Stewari and P. J Jennings was appointed io look after the membership
started already
md   the
���i little daughter of Mr. Mci'.hle. or lis being placed upon the charitable
WbHestone. had a narrow escape, both * agent lea of the city owing to the laxity
sustaining burns The flames roared Iin the medical examination of iniuil-
around  'he two as  thev  were driving   grants.     Such   is  the allegation  made
by RufUB D, Smith, secretary of the
relief society of the city, who has
supported his statement by a number
in esses awaiting deportation in each
of Which it appeared tbat the person In
question had developed some ��"rious
disease within so short a period of arrival as to suggest that there must
b:i"e been some s'gns of the disease
only a few weeks before. As most of
these cases were Austrliins and Inhabitants of southern Kurope, Mr.
Smith was Inclined to the opinion tbnt
many Of these people who had lived
'in villages or in the country were unable to withstand tbe chance to a
large city where, unfortunately, many
'of them had to live in conditions unfavorable to health. Some of these
immigrants had been repatriated with-
In t> few weeks of their arrival in this
and  thev  have
If the organization is perfected next ; ( ,||(,
Monday night  It Ib the intention  to1
engage the services of a well known    ^	
mining and -newspaper man lo make a  ,jr"iti't-'VaVt" two* place's il1 was'report,
thorough   examination   of   the   mines
and to give publicity to his reports. In
this way a great Interest In the New
Hazelton    district    will    be    created
throughout  the  western    states    and
along the I'acilic coaBt and throughout
eastern Canada.
had finally lo leave lh
le-'in '." 'ake the little one to safety
win ii be retruned tbs team was
sli-reil wltb the heat, and It was with
difficulty that the man escaped w'th
the  hi imi--. lbe load being left  to the
Halibut-ton District.
The fir" conditions hi the oountry
north of Lindsay were reported worse.
M Qetert the tire is very near the
���village nnd  is  beyond  control.  (Irand
island. Uie largest island   In    Balsam
bike.  Is on   Are.     In  the  township  of
Apsb'y. In  llnliburton. settlers  are   in
a desperate way and have applied to
I Ihe government for aid, Wild animals
'nre being forced  into the settlements
for shelter, and many of tbem  hear
marks of the flames.    At Donald the,
chemical company  has lost    several I country,   'iiiere v.*,.* ���:.,.*ii more <*,.
thousand cords of wood. The districts
between Boboaygoon and Burletgb
have a number of fires, and extensive
|damage Is being done. All around
Fetieliin Kails and Boboay-
ni'i'ii the ulr Is filled with smoke, causing discomfort, while in the Btreets
ashes were fulling and adding to the
general anxiety.
Three farm houses    and    biiildlnus
wero burned to the southwest of Mln
den. In the Uphill dlstrlcl the huy was
all cut. but practically all the remain
ing crops In had bem burned, in some
sections as far us Viotorla road.
Settlers Responsible.
Reports continue to reach the de
lerlty now. sahl Mr  Smith, in dealing
1 Willi  those  cases   when  once  the  unfitness of the Immigrants had been de-
\ elded.
Those  Deported.
Fifty per cent, of the SO deportation
I casts since January last    were    Aus-
;trlan-H,  Pussluns or Italians,    though
|mostly Ihe former,   Thirty-three   per
1 cent,   were   liritish.     In   the   case  of
1 Austrian*, most of them had been only
two or three months In the   oountrv
Thirty-three per cent, of the cases In
hand have had to be deported within
���Ix months, and ti per cent,  within
two  months.    Tuberculosis  has .been
j the enure In  26 per cent, of the de-
Iportatlons,    it is not dear whether
they on mo through with the disease or
The Sale of the $140,000 Stock of
Lees Limited is Such a
Remarkable Success
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McAllisters limited
Successors to Lees Limited
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New Westminster
Psll of S-noke Is Suffocstlng���Nsrrow
Escapes Rscordsd���Bsttlsrs
Clamed for Trouble.
Toronto, Aim. 27.���Bush fires have
been sweeping unchecked through
msny parts of Ontario.
Parry Sound District.
A special dispatch staled that In the
l'arry Sound district the fires had nol
heon considered dangerouB at llrst,
but the continued drought aud the
hnavv wind have sdded a new danger,
nnd the whole of the country to the
north of Parry Sound Is In a perilous
condition. Around Deer lake and
Whltestone lake hslf s doien fires are
devouring their unmolested path, and
the little village of Ardbeig and Boak-
vlew on the 0. N. O. rsllway were
���for a time In grave danger. The saw
mills at these places sre being guard
ed ss much ss possible. The latest
dispatch from these places wss con
partment ��f lands, forests and mines contracted It among the slum condl-
at the parliament buildings, Of the ex- tlons In which tjjev llva, but some nre
tent Of Ihe fire In the north Many ���,, hnd that It If dimrult to believe that
of thf letters point out that the (Ires the disease hud shown no signs only
have been caused by farmers and Bet- ��� few weeks previously. Heart distil rs setting a match to lhelr marsh eft��e, -heiiiiatlsm. Imanitv and ner-
hay or berry  patches.    One    writer rents disorders are atn-nug the other
states thnt a settler, disappointed at
his huckleberry corp, rot fire to the
whole r'tch In the hope Of getting better fruit ti"\t yenr. and oth<-rs luve
Started a blase In the hope of obtaining other heneflts.
Suffering In Muskoka.
8. II. Armstrong, M. U A. for Muskoka. called at the department  and
was assured that the government was
auses of deportation. In the case of
Brltlrh immigrants the Ume Is pener-
nl'y Inneer between their arrival nnd
"The ehlcf trouble Is with the medics! examination." asserted Mr. Smith,
"for In nearly all these oases deportation Is necessary on account of chrnnlc
end organic disease. We as a society
dn not, of COUWe, touch the many oases
WITS  Says  Husband  Used  Dynsmite, j
Cun, Acid snd Other Meant to
E-jcome Widower.
doing everything possible to relievo which necessitate deportation on ac
the situation. Mr. Armstrong himself rennl of criminal rets rr character, as
suffered some loss by having a large these go through the police courts: the
Held of pasture destroyed by fire from -.ret we handle tire such as arise
i  passing locomotive.    He did    not {frnm the poverty and distress    Fhle
think much could be done until rain
fell over the entire territory. "The
nail of smoke Is so heavy " he said
"thnt vin cannot Fee more than a few
hundred feet. The n'r is hoi. suffocating and choking. We have had no
rain for two monlhs."
Oi Lake Couchichlng.
In a letter received from u slimmer
resort near Atherly, Ont., the writer
ststes thnt the smoke or  the  bush
fires was so dense on Lake Couch-
alderably more hopeful on account of|lchlng that launches and boat parties
Much of the distress which Is now
i-yimlng to the charity organisation so.
city. I can safely say, arises from Im-
inlrration of this sort. The strong
and able-bodied can find wnrk. but Immigrants who are sick or handicapped
hi any way fall to the ground. It wlll
be seen then that stricter medical examination at this time could create no
hardship for the labor msrket: yet at
the same time lt would -Undoubtedly
prevent such gratuitous misery and
distress of the sort we touch."
Mineapolls, Minn., Aug. 27.���If the
story of Mrs. Ktnily Bren, Hopkins, ls
true, her husband, George S. Bren, Is
the most peevish men in the world.
He tried soven dlfTereut methods in
his attempts to murder her, she declared In court today, using everything from dynamite to arson.
Here Is what he did, according to
hir- wife:
Put dynamite in the cook stove,
blowing It lo pieces.
Tried to force her to drink carbolic |
I Fired a revolver at her.
Choked her.
Set fire to the house.
Tried to brain her with a stick of
Tried to cut her throat with a razor.
Other Llttlt Outbreaks.
Outside of these outbreaks and a
few little things attacking tk* children with clubs and his Hats, throwing the baby about, cutting- the tele
phone wires with an ax so his wife
could not phone for help, chasing his
young son into the woods at the point
of a gun, breaking the furniture,
swearing at her and kicking, striking
and bitlhg her. Mrs. Bren says her life
was one of quiet and peace.
She applied to Judge Wilbur K.
Booth for a restraining order preventing her husband from annoying her
until after her suit for divorce Is
"Where Is he?" asked the Judge.
"In the workhouse." was the answer.
Order Is Granted
"I don't see how he can annoy you
from there." said Judge Booth. Then
11 was explained that Bren would soon
he released from the workhouse where
he Is serving thirty dsys for disorderly conduct, and the restraining* order
wss Issued.
The Brens hsve five children, ranging in age from fi to 1-8. Mrs Brtn
asks for tho csre of them all.
According to Mrs. Bren's complaint,
when her husband put the "��� namlte
In the rook dove the stove wsb blown
to bits when ehe lighted a fire, and
par'    ' fie kitchen was wrecked.
Thev have been married 17 years.
He is 42 and she ls 38.
have been waived, temporarily, by thel WANTS FREE SPEECH
department of agriculture In the case 1 ANO WANTS IT' BAD
of horses and cattle to be brought to j    _       .      .      "~    .,   _
the United States for the appose of\*t\��T^' ��*^��" "*""*
__.._, -~A ..... ..-,-..... ~   ��,  IX < ��� suss red tm the police -assail ***
Matthew Wayasaa. tka ssdsUM. wku
was charged with obsinic-tiag tke tanf-
exhibiting at the Ogdensburg. N. Y.
fair, to he held next month.
The order, empowering the chief of
the bureau of animal industry, of the
department of agriculture to walse lhe
test, contains the following provisions :
'The chief of the bureau of anl
tic at his last Sanaa? night meeting
Justice Cohen, who fined Way-asas
three weeks ago, and whose diilTi
is now being appealed, declined to try
the esse,  and  remanded it till the
msl industry may. by written order. I morning court. Mr. Ilaaaard didn't
waive the tuberculin test requirement * like that a little bit He wasted the
for cattle which are to be Imported * case remanded week to week until tbe
I temporal " y for exhibition purposes, 1 appeal had been heart.
Iprovided such cattle are accompanied! The Sodaliata claim"that they are
1 by a satisfactory certificate of tuber-1 being discriminated against, ail un-
I culln test by a veterinarian in the der by-law 4.3IJ. tbe prihlna oo the
i employ of. and receiving a salary from: streets ta per-mlaslMe. hot certain
the Canadian government, made not political intrigue* are aimfnc to ao
more than six months previously, and * persecute them that they sriD he eam-
U. S. Government Wlll Allow Canadian
Animals to Enter.
Washington, D. C   Aug.- IT.���The
tuberculin lest requirements covering
tha Importation ot eattle from Canada
an affidavit by the owner o. importer
stating that the said certificate of
tuberculin test refers to the cattle In
"Any such cattle which are not sold
to remain the United States shall be
returned immediately to Cansds at the
close nf the exhibition. Tbe department must be notified of any Cant-Han
cattle which still remain In the United
States, not tested, and the tuberculin
test will be applied to them tor an In
n wr
spector of this department bam
ment to destination.
"All cattle, sheep and swine Intended for exhibition purposes msot be
shipped directly   to   the   exhibition, tlactly
pelted to withdraw from the streets.
"Ill not pay. Ill not pay. T�� tight
to the last ditch." declared Mr. & M.
'ohnson, when nnsnred hy a constable
that he passed a street ear on the
wrong aide of the street nad by lho
magistrate that he most nay five dol-
larr Tor a.
"There la always the altomstfve.-
satrt tbe asatktant depntjr chief east,
stable, motioning to lha stain I
ht low. Tort bettor w* M*
oroaMv w>e terms with the **,-
-   Mr. Mtoasa *m.*st areoa'
iwt-    - ���   - -
grounds and must not be wilnaded to
any puhllc stock yarda.'
a ra-
��� _-,.
*;.,. PA<te tcu��
Fresh^Vater and Salt
Enterprising Oriental Fish Collector
Went to 27 Centa.
Tlw upper river fishermen havo done
well this BOCkejra season and would
han- done hitler if an enterprising
jsp collector or fi-"h had continued in
his bids for lhe fish. Opposite l'ort
Haney on Sunday evening appeared a
Jap buying tWk for thc l'ort Atkinson cannery. The current price at the
time was Ifi eents a fish. The representative of the Itising Sim stuck up
a placard on his boat 17 cents a fish.
Hit; opposition went three cents better
and noi if ed 2D cents 25 cents adveT-
tiaed 'he opposition "7 cents replied
the Jap. Collapse of opposition and
the Ja went down the rl'cr with
some 8000 fish.
fapl.  Rogers, of th" King Kdward,
came  up river yesterday.
The Samson v.as down river yesterday wltli Engineer Turner of the department of publlo works aboard.
The dredge and first big derrick being built at the foot of Eighth slreet
should he soon at work. Judging by the
progress now being made upon them.
Tho Iiie BBS-going tug l'eerless was
at Ike elty market wharL The Helen
H. Scan lon also docked there Tor some
tiim yesterday.
fl  All
For the
gust 31.
Sand Heads.
Date.   Time.
l-ow. '
Time. Ilgt. Time. Hgt.
25   14:40
5:12    3.7
16:3.', 10.1
26   16:10
15: OS
6:14    3.0
18:30 10.7
27   16:55
7:20    2.3
20:12 10.7
28     0:55
8:22    1.6
21:24 10.11
29     2:25
9:16    1.0
22:14    9.1
30     3:45
10:04    0.8
[ 17:19
22:37    7.9
31     4:50
.*'; fill
lu:19    1.0
23:38    6.6
���it in ued from Vage One I
year by year lo a maximum. The
length of liiiie required to attain this
maximum varies greatly in Canada
iid the United States. In the QSbb of
;hc liritish Columbia Klectric Railway
Company, Limited, it was four years,
j which   period  il  is  proposed   to  con-
   tlnue in the schedule approved of by
what"16 undersigned. This is a shorter
[period than the average obtaining on
roads in Canada .-mil the l'nited States,
The undersigned have endeavored, in
fixinR the schedule, lo make it. sn?h
that ever under present conditions
the     undersigned   to   state   on
principles they acteu in fixing both th"
working conditions and    the    wase
���sc.-ieiiuh .
In dealing with the former the ob
jecis aimed at were to Rive the enm-,-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pany absolute control or nil features i J0-'*-* m" entering the employ or the
that seemed vital to l.ie operation and
maintenance of their railway system.
The undersigned consider that the
people who furnish the capital to
carry on an enterprise such ;is this
must have a free hand in that which
vitally concerns its maintenance and
operation. l'er contra as far as could
consistently with the acceptance of
Ihis principle hc done where thn
-sati ty  und comfort of the men
i company at 21, shoflld, liy the time he
'is 26 or 27 years ol Sge, lie in a posi- ���
Itlon to marry and to face the responsibilities thereby Involved without fear
���of the fulnre. and for *his reason they
have r^'seil the minimum rate, which
I was 22 cents per hour, rising to 25
'cents after tli" first three months and
to 27 cents nt tlie end of tlie first six
! month? to 27 cents flat for th" first
They  have not  interfered   with
were 11 ar- ^mmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^
invoked, the undersigned have en.iea-! "ie rates tor subsequent years as 'hev
-       eomli-  believe anv lucre se -pould not be jus-
a_ |tified on the principles above outlined.
sored,  ln  fixing  the  working
tions.  to   make  those  features  para ^^^^^^      ^^^
mount and binding on the company.  I    Comparison ol the maximum rate of
Permanent Ocupation. the liritish Columbia Electric Railway
A further principle in favor of the Company, Limited, with that of other
men was to secure to them ponnan- electric railways in Canada anil the
<3-Bce or occupation and retention ofj Uniterl Slates -hows that their maxl-
M-niarity it was thought that men j mum rdte of 35 cents for "ity .mil su-
entering a service siuch as this should | hurban lines Ih in" highesi paid any-
have Ihe right to look forward to go- where except in sis eases Three of
���curity in their positions so long ss LtheSe are .municipal lines, Regina. Sns-
they were efficient -and so lons as the katoon and Calgary where the munid-
operations of the company required I pal treasury can be called upon to
the existence of such positions, arid make up anv deficit, and where oh-
farther that the men should subject Piously considerations other than
to said qualifications, he assured of |purely economic ones would operate In
���such seniority as they hud acquired by  riling: 'he rale schedule.
'length   or service.    This,   view    was
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Two of the other ev*.-eplions are
strongly combated by the company on j Untie, Montana, anil Missoula, Months ground that it was an Infringe-1 tana, These systems operate but few
ment of the principle of control on j miles of railway in mining towns anil
their part. The undersigned hive en- under conditions that would nnt make
���deavorod to provide against any dlf- any comparison, in lh" opinion of the
Ticulties arising on this scor" liy glv- lHlder-Mgred, fair as between them and
ing to the comp-ny an absolute right the liritish Columbia Klectric Rail-
�����r dismissal \ .iore inefficiency Is wnv Company, Limited
proven. On the other hand, to guard; The last, exception is thai of Oak-
against Improper dismissal b subor-Hand, California. This road does oper-
-dinatos, every employee has been {ate on a basis which would make com-
given the right of appeal, in case of * parison just, as hi tween il and the
dismlFSSit tor Inefficiency, to the gen-1 British Columbia Electric Railway
oral manager of the company, whose Company, Limited, hut it is pointed oo'
decision is made fin-sl. The conse-lthll th" higher maximum paid hy i>
qpence of the adoption ot this prln- was obtained at a time wben the rond
���riple is, that. ir through slack times was in a very precarious condition fi-
the permanent force of th-- company nanclally, bo much so that a labor
need, the members tnsreof will I strog-jle would in all probability have
m'eii ii i-i bankruptcy, and "nt since
have the right ot secnr ���-,-, again the'
occupation r,r the Bltnattons wblch
they had before such reductions, thej
last ran on being the rirst man orr.!
and the last man out orr being thej
first man put on.   The seniority ol the
men, which Is a principle admitted by  ...            	
tho   company   and   highly   valued   by position "here labour troubles of anv
the employees. Is thus preserved. TheimagnHndn    would    almost Inevitably
adoption or this view the undersigned I force if into Insolvency.
consider has an important bearing on Cost cf Livim Increase
the question of wages,  for a  man  is i     ,, ���.���. .,���������������
......        r���     .     , il was streiiuo
Obviously hotter  <>rf  who  hns  assur
liiut Lime ii has pissed Into the hands
,,r   .,    ^.,. natter,   of   6' 1 h"l'iers   who
hold it somewhat in the manner 'if a
reepiverrhlp for the protection ef those
owning its common sleek. Ii nt'v- no
livid"nds  mil  obvlcuslv  Is  r;till  I'i  a
ance  of  Dermanent   employment   .i"'l
���of wlhistlnn lor the whole period of his ���
���working life even at a lower Int. oon-
-atant  rate ol nay than his mate who
���alternates periods 01 timber psv with
others   of   non-employment   and   who i
can  never  count   absolutely   on   definite continuous    future    employment.;
The employees under the working conditions as approved can. if they po de-
wire,   make  definite commitments  to
purchase homes anil lay plans extending  over  years  without,  fear  of  dismissal Irom Iheir posts.
11 would ti" useless to burden this
report, with Ihe details ot how these
principles weri' applied, hut the fuel
that a unanimous decision has been
errived at gives i-iim*1 confidence to
Hie undersigned that such application
has in the main been Justly made.
Schedule of Wages.
Willi regard to the schedule of
wages, the undersigned have, with regret, to state that a unanimous dc-is-
ion could not he reached. For Ho- rea.
ions already given, the principles acted upon hy them in fixing lhe schedule will be herein outlined. A m:i
jor'tv ef the board conceive thai wages
uiili r the present nonrtltutinn if so.
���nietv nre governed in the last analysis
by the law ol' supply and demand. They
further believe that in adjusting Bame
that law rfl-iist be modified to lh" ex-
tent of  paying every  man    a    living
argiu d in beha f
oi the men thai, Inasmuch ss ti;e co.it
oi I vin), had undoubtedly Increased
i' nc? 1910, when lhis maximum cf :!������
cents was fixed hy agreement be-
tween them ;*.nd the llr,lish Columbia
Electric Railway Company Llm t d,
that therefore ii must lie raised,
Much evidence was given beforo ihe
hoard in tlie ques'ion cf this increased rest. The third member, Mr.
Cotsworth, an actuary of repute, calculated thai il amounted to IH pur
ei ni. on ai, average in tlie ihree cca3l
cities. The undersigned, whllsl noi
convinced that this percentage is aim-
lutely correct, because or the prem i -s
used iu deducting same, fie ly auui't
that a vi ry ci aslderable Increase ia
the cost i.i living has taki n place
within Hi" las- three years in Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster, ami thai possibly Hi" percentage
nami d is nol exci sslve, A Bome-
what, though possibly not an Ident cal
increas', has, however, taken pin*"
throughout Canada, the figures Turn
Ished by Mr Cotswcrtb showing an
average Incresse fir tin- whole
mini' n of 11.4 per cent.
II Is (rue thai, as a result of
raising the maximum lhe total
create in the eosl of living, wha ever
it amounts lo. falls entirely on the
shoulders of such men as were in
the 35 cent class three years ago.
Whilst   this  is   an   unfortunate,   it   Is
wape. particularly in the can      	
poratlons aueh as the liritish Colum- * w'thout doubt not an exceptional con-
Wa Klectric Railway Company. I,ini dition All people working on salaries
ited. wh'CH operates bv virtue ot rnin who have- nol had Ihelr wages In-
Chlecs received rrom the people. creased   In   tha  last  three  years   (and
iRy a livihg wage the undersigned do they Include, the undersigned believe,
not undcrsfeind an amount merely suf the great majority of salaried people
flclent to .enable employees to keep ������ the coasl no matter whal their
���body and mini together. In any busl- walk In life) have to face the same
nesB such as that of maintenance and problem On the other hand. It is to
operation of streel railways It is be- |,e remembered that it Is only those
lleved that the wages Should be such ^^^
an to justify a young man to make a
life eereer of it. tbat is that the wane
whedule should he BUCh an to enable
him, by the olrcrobe of that thrlp and
���economy, which ia compulsory on all
ner3"-ns not born with a silver stio-on
ii their mouth'--, to within a reasonsTile
tire" r-'-nd ,n bome and rear a ramlly.
This view mvolved the consideration
���of-the present high cost of living, as
to which more will tie said hereafter.
Motormen and Conductors.
Healing first with the wages of mo-
tormen and conductors on cily ami sn- ^^^^^^^^^^^
burban lines. It is almost a universal guides to be followed are two com
practise in the atreet railway business jl*H*on��! *nr*>i <��� comparison betweet
to fix the *i*i-* schedule bv a step -earnings at that ran- and .arnings al
rate. Men enter lhe service at a cum the cost In occupations thai may rea
paratively low' rale ot pay aad rise soaably be considered as being slmi
who were
years ago
pie', pule,
creased  ei
in the 35 cent class three
thai ean JuhIIv make this
All otlurs owing In the
1 ave had lhelr wages in-
"li   year   under   the   wages
schedule in an exten' which, in the
opinion of 'ip- undersigned, annals at.
; ������-. rnte t'-e increased percentage In
the cost  of  living.
As io whether 35 cents per hour
men of three years ago are gelling a
fs'r living wage under the proposed
schedule which grants them no In
crease, the malorlty believe the chief
lar careers in life, and second, a comparison between the liritish Columbia
Electric railway rale and that paid by
olher corporations operating street
ra.lway service.
A Comparison.
Comparing lhe average yearly
amount .that can be earned at Hns
maximum by motormen and oonduo-
U.rs working reasonable bonis each
week, with what ean be earned by,
say-est-penteis employed In the building trade in Vancouver, ihe evidence
adduced before the board convinces
the undersigned that the first named
ainuiini would be very considi rably
greafor than the second, lt is true
that carpenters get a higher rate of
pay whilst acl ually at work, but theli
average yearly earnings are kept
down partly through lack of continuous employment and mainly because
climatic conditions stop almosl entirely building operations during several months ill the year. The majority have not overlooked the argument of the men lhat when carpenters arc not Wl rking lhey are not co-
opera'tfng with their employers in the'
production of wealth and that their
share of sueh wealth is fixed bv th"
rate per lutur paid them which Is
higher 'than 35 eenls, but in the opinion of the undersigned  under present
economical conditions in the fixing of
the hourly wage for carpenters the
fact that hmg periods of enforced idle
p"ss is an unavoidable incident or
tlle trade, is allowed Inr. 1.1k' wise,
it appears certain that a large numlier of employees ill the civil service
ot liritish Columbia receive per annum a I * ss wage ihan ean be so
earned by motormen and conductors;
and lhat this Is also true or a com-
ivirison between their earnings and
those cf a large number or store mul
office mal" employees at the coast.
It is true that the city of Vancouvi i* pays i Miliary laborers 87H cents
per hour for municipal work, but the
great hedy or such laborers are not
g.ven continuous work the year r uud
and furiher ii will hardly be denied
that factors other than economic and
business laws influenced the fixing of
such rate. Nor, the undersigned
think, will It he controverted thai a
city with ils power of raising funds
by taxation al will within certain
limits is in a far different position '
rrom a company which has no such
unfailing reservoir to draw upon,
when, w,tii to boiince accounts.
Thc company further point out that
as shown by their wage schedule
sheets, men in receipt of this 35
cents per hour rate s nil able to lak"
time orf to a very considerable ex
ten'. The arrangement of wcrk'ng
the British Columbia Elec'ric ra Iway
is such as to make it lo a large extent optional with a man whether he
wcrk or net. Inasmuch as an extra
force of 20 per cenl. of the total payroll is maintained by the company;
"nd anyone desiring to take time off
has no rely to arrange with some >\
tra man to take his run.
Th" llntish Columbia Electr'c Railway company Limited being thc only
tramway system worthy of lhe nine
in liritish Columbia, it is necessary
to go afield to institute the second
proposed comparison. In so doing, of
course, the cost of living in the cities
compared, as contrasted with the cost
cf living in Vancouver, Victoria and
j New Westminster, must he taken into
The maximum raid on the systems
Closest to that of the British Columbia Railway Company Limited is yei-y
'considerably below theirs; notably, in
Everett, Seattle, Portland and Spokane, The hoard has no reliable data
, as to ihe presenl eost of living in
these cities. In Canada, the nearest
syst,m that can be compared with
the liritish Columbia Electric Rallwav
Company, Limited, Is thai of Winni-
pi ���,. The maximum thi re is 34 ci n -
per hour, which is the highest in
Canada except thai of the British C ���
lumbia Electric, so far as the tvi-
dence showed. It is argued thai lho
!cest of living in Winnipeg lai n i
Increased pn portl nately, and ii is
i not as high as it is in the cities of
Vancouver, Victoria and New We;t
minster. This contention is ma niy
based cn the calculations of Mr. Cot-i-
worth, which are* founded on the re
lal prices transmitted to lh" depart-
no ni of labor monthly, by representatives in lhe various cit.es in Canada.
To a certain extent, however, these
figures involve the personal equation;
inasmuch as the prices given are not
these of Identical standard articles,
;but are those of classes of articles,
*aiid obviously the judgment of different individuals will vary an ti
whether articles of a certain pric *
(ihould be included In a reri iin class,
tl not. An analysis or the Winnipeg
Olid coast ci y ligiires fail.; t*i con-
���i.iin ilu* undersigned thai such ex-
(as? in ihe cost of living really ex
isis; or if i' does, certainly not ta
such au extent us to absorb entirely
in" --tieiitlr.ilnl earning of coast employees because of tin- extra cent p i
hour paid tm ni.
If ability lo pay Is to I e taki n Into
consideration, ii nei d only he pointed
om that the British Columbia Electric
Railway Company Limited is paying
414 per cent on lis common si ek.
winch is Sun h u i un exi rli.t.ml re.
turn on (ht- Investment
Kor these reasons, the undersigned
feel compelled io refuse to Incresse
the  maximum
With the alteration made by them
in the minimum rate, they believe that the average wage paid to
motormen nnd conductors on city and
suburban lines will be higher than
the average rale on most, if nol all
other electric tramway systems, w,th
the six exceptions already enumerated. It will certainly be very considerably higher than the average
schedule of.Everett, Seattle. I'ortlunil
ami WlifhlpegS and. in consequently,
lln undersigned find themselves unable to alter the gradation, except as
above staled.
Interurban Men.
Wiih regard to Interurban conductors und motormen, it Is to be noted
that three or four such systems in
Uu- United States do pay a flat rat",
which, .ihen compared with the average ral, paid by the British Columbia
(Electric Railway Company Limited. It
higher These systems, however.
operate under conditions with which
tin- undersigned are not entirely conversant. A comparison of the aver-
age wage under the iintish Columbia
Electric Railway company Limited
schedule With the average paid on the
inlerurhan'systems generally In Canada and the United States shows thai
the runner    Is    considerably    higher, j
Under   the  old  wage schedule,  inter- ,
urban  service    was    valued    at    l'i j
cents tin hour higher  than city    and
suburban   service.   The   undersigned
can si e no just reason for interfering
wiih this percentage    Tliey hnve cou  !
sequently   raised     up     the    minimum
wage, which was again    too    low    in
their opinion, to that  basis, and propose to allow    the    balance   of   the
schedule to stand as it  was.
As lo the car barn and shop depart- \
ment, a comparison between what Is |
paid by the ISrilish Columbia Electric |
ttailway Company   Limited   and   the
Canadian  Pacific    Railway    company
which    operates    somewhat     similar I
shops and barns In Vancouver, shows
thai  the former    rate    is    materially
higher   than   the  latter;   and   in   tli is
connection   It is   to be remembered
that  the Canadian    Pacific    Railway
oompany is on a 7 per cent, common
stock dividend basis, excluding dlvld
ends obtained from  its land department
It was further shown by tha evidence iii lhe opinion ot the majority. I
thai the liritish Columbia Eleotrlc
shop schedule compan s favorablv
with ilu wages tor like works In
shops operated In Vancouver by pr. !
vato Individuals and companies,
in some Instances the underslgm l
have   raised   tlle   present   schedule   of
ihe liritish Columbia Electric R.i.I
way Company Limited, because it
seemed to them thai such schedule
WBB not a living wage. These remarks also apply io the malntenanc
of way  men.
On the Chilliwack line, tlie ware.
had been fixed by a board of arbltri
tion whieh sat iu December, 1911, and
the undersigned can see no valid rea
son for Interfering with Hie award
ihen made, if the principles herein
outlined are to ha acted upon. It v.as
contended cn 1. half of the men that
this v.as a railway Hue, and that the
schedule of wages should be the Bam ��� ,
as tbat which obtains on steam rail-
ways; but the majority cf the hard
are convinced that under presenl c i
ditlons. at any rale, this Lne is much
more akin to Interurban ira flic than ,
to steam railway traffic. The difference in degree was recognized ill the
arbitration aforesaid by ti' ��� granting
rf a somewhat higher wags Bcale; and
this, as Btated, il.c maji nty proposed
to continue Intact.
It may be noted, in cdnclusli n, th*,*
the evidence shows thai the British
Columbia Electric Ra'lway Company
Limited are Inundated wi h applica
tions to enter their service, even un
d'r the old wage schedule; and there
tore the operation of the law of supply and demand appears to be ent r. It
in tlieir favor. It is further to b-
noted that men can be, and actually
are. trained to perform the Bervlce
required In the operation of a Btreet
railway, In n comparatively slur*
length i ; lime. In fact a men Is put
In charge of a car within a fortn ghl
of his entering* the company's im
[ploy. He is, of course, not n- *l ��� a
thoroughly proUc'enl moton-an
conductor In so short a time, but he-
does become able to perform the
work, If necessity demand'.
The undersigned have recommended that the present wage sr-'lo le-
malp in existence for a tiered of two
years. 1'resinf Indies lens at t'i"
ico'isl point to a reduction In rents it
sny rae. which, if it i tlmifs, ou��ht
j to reselt In a general rednctli n In t'1 ���
cost of llvlns.   oi tli" eHor hand, It
is possible ihat this  may  be only    n
transit! r--* condition  ol    thli ���      ������������
that, t'o* cost of living maj resume it i
���upward  trend  In a  Bhorl   lime,    'f  M
dees,  and   if   it   cont'nuea   ItB   nnwirl
course for the period of the ""  '    "
'* -���   then   'n the * pinion of the undersigned,  it   will  be    neceasirv    i-
again consider tbls wsge scbednl0   i
ascertain whether there should uol b'
on Increase iu order lo make it a fa r
living wage sca'e
T'i" malorltj also consider thn ������
mu'ual arrangcmcnl should hi made
h tween thrt company and the tn""
������ hi reby a limit to tie- number rf
hiprs out ef the ?! any man may
wr r'\ would he Spt.
tJndar t'i" i r 'sen' c- ndlt1 ns m i
lare tempted to place an undu strain
I unon themselves, thereby endangering
Itho'r o-"-n health nnd likewise the
safety of the rnhllc.
The -proposed wage scale Is enclosed
her with.
Company's Representative on Hoard.
Vancouver. August 1*.  1913.
It Is slat'd that where the c m
pany's returns of A*'- per cent, on
common stock is noted In the awi-d
the lerm used ������' ��� n'd h" ">' ��� ">' '
cent re the total amount Invi id In
the ln:s n s-' "
Fashion now speaks with
an authoritative voice concerning the modes for
autumn and fully exemplifying these new styles in
our Ready-to-Wear section are the choicest collection of suits and coats
we have ever before
shown at this time of the
year. Especially notable
are thc two-tone esponges,
cords, jacquards and vel-
our de laines.
Bulgarian and Fancy New Rain Coats of Every
Dresden Silks Just
Protty, new fair.is thst are having .'-ach popular lavor, hen- for yenr selection. The range includes ahout nine different shadings and di signs
Blending with any .-had" tone See those In show
window with other new fabrics of special Intereal
to those who would be rigic to the moment in style
New Coatings You Should
Inspect, $1.75 to $5.50
An i lamination of these new fabrics would be
both a pleasure and revelation of what really beautiful rahrics can be produced in weights suitable tor
fall and winter coa:.- You **������ uld at once notice what
little v eight to such heavy coal d; . ods and the
abundance of warmth, making these the most
thought of coatings we have shown, cloths are
Esponges, Lambs c: th, Blanket Serges, Broadtail
ci**- i, Chlni lllas, 11
Make and Size
Oar presenl slock ol new Rain fonts Is double
anything i vr shi v.n In the city. Values and styles
were never In tier ( oals and capes to fil frmi
the little tots to 14 Inch bust.
A Notable Value $7.85.
Hought in a large quantity for special low price
telling i.s ihis coal thai wa mention. Heavy grade
green and fawn Parmatto, Raglan and coat ileere;
full cul and well msde In every respect sizes ;u
to 44  Inches  I.list     Bpeclal  priee $7,85.
Children's Rain Coats and
In  sizes  fitting 3
'   S8.50
18   yearn.
Prices %*f 25
Special Clearing Lines on Sale Every
Day.   Not Advertised.
Many or these Items will mnke II worth while
to visit the store i very day during the balance ef the
month Sun,tier gooda clearing In many cases at
ouethlrn in one-half former prices.
Is  Drawing   Near.
this year, especially fi r ; Ickllng,
.: ines'   ipplo ' Id ir  \ Inegai   In    hslf
gallon giuss bottl   i, i ��� i b ttie
One gallon glass bottle, per hctrli   ��� ������
White  JVine  Vlni gar   In   h ill   gallon
glass bottles, por bottle       50o
Pickling Spice,    per    part tl     I   *.
| for	
Whole   Cloves,   CInnaman,   Allspice,
Mace, etc
'Choice  Eastern   Townships  Hitter  ���",
lbs. for }��� ���"
! Fancy Creamery Butter 2 lbs  tor 7Gc
Local  Dairy   Untie-,   per  lb,     . . .     ".'"
Cooking Butter, p'r lb Zpc
Clothes Pins 5 dozen fir Hie
Old  Dutch Cleanser 3 fer ar,c
Liquid Ammonia, per bottle 1." ���  ������
Choice Table Peach's   .     .* lbs 25c
Malaga Cranes, per lh i:���* -
'Hot House Tomatoes, per lh nn*-
,OI;r.nagan Celery (vi ry fine) 2 lh *.. 25c .
If you  want  the  best  try B
Dean's Grocery
Phone  386.
Burr  Block. Columb'a   Stiset.
ank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout  the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department al all BranCh-SS Deposits of One Dollsr and
upwards received and Interest at ihe highest current rate paid or
Credited  half yearly.
Draftu and Travellers' Chequea told, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
Naw   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
House   Democrats  Carry  Mcarorc  Toward   Final   Approval���Several
Amcndmentr,  Lost.
Washington, Aug  :���"    Rejecting all
|amendments offered   without  the  ap-|
proval   of  the  Linking  and   currency j
committee,   th"   house   Democrats   in
caucus today carried  the admlnlstra- |
itlon  currency   hii!   further along  to-
ward final approval.
Representative Harrison of Missis-:
sippi Introduced ni amendment, to permit any shareholding bank In the ���
serve   system to   make   reasonable
charge     for  collecting  and  remltthi" J
(checks  and   drafts.    This   was   vet-e
down hut It  mav be reported later In
a committee amendment,
Representative Henry, of Texas, c;
fered n  substitute 'er the ent're pnln
Issue  section   of  the   ;-'hirfr'th     hi" ;
which    would    retire    nat'onM banV
notes, cold certificates ("nd outstanding United Stales notes and establish j
a  government   currency   with   a  fifty |
per  cent  gold   redemption   fund.     II"
said  his purpose was to keep the  re- <
serves of the country hnnks st home.
Tha proposition was rejected IS tn 13.
Ths  caucus adlonrned  until  tomor- i
row   without     acting     upon     another
Henry amendment, which would ellm-
|lnat"  altogether  tho  section  on   re-
I'fundlna bonds J
HARRY TIDY,  Manager.
presents himself In
A     Merry     Muslral     Stampede,
dibbling cvir with  Mirth
and   Melody.
An excellent cast of dnlnty
divinities who sing, dance and
delight the eye, Beautifully
costumed and properly presented.
PRICES: 50c. to $1.00.
Seats on sale now at Tidy, the
Florist's, Phone  L181.
Past Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest MeetinR in History of Northwest
5 50-rtiroughbred s in Action-550 THURSDAY, AUGUST 2?, 1913.
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE |. :���:   CRICKET   =���=   BASEBALL   ;-:   BOXING
V/ett min iter Cricketers Go Down Beforo Burrards���Score 419 to  127
Parson-. Good Stickers.
C A. Welsh Donates Challenge Trophy
to Local Gun Club���Last Night'*
Victoria,   Auk.   21.    Special   lo   The
News.   New  Westminster not  a bad
trimming lure this arternoon Winn the
Burrards, of Vanoouver, after compiling 419 fur three wickets, succeeded In
dismissing the Hoyals for 127.
H.   .1    lleeeham,  of  Vancouver  carried orf the hatting honors and  Incl-
dentally   knocked   up a  record  or  the
weak   villi   a   brilliant   249.      At    no
tags Of tht name wu In' not  master
il the Westminster bowlers, ins
itrokes and drives appealing to ths
crowd.     Twynnian   also   hatted   well.
��� on p ling 106 not out
Westminster, with nuch a fortnld-j<
able total to overoome, offered little
reslstancs to ths Vancouver trundlers
until Itev Bartlett and Canon d'Easum
be -'ine partners, when tha former by
careful   batting   mimaged   to  tolal   50
Shooting wiih the speed and th*
deadly accuracy that once won ror him
the championship or liritish Columbia, Clan nee McLean was tlle star at
Hie regular weekly contest over the
'raps or Ihe New Westminster Oun
| Club on the Lulu island grounds. Only
bird   out   of   the   1!5   managed   to
the   Pollce
h of
Robert  Mee
tion Case.
Vancouver,   Aui-r.  2
death   trom   natural
'.-A  verdict
causes   was
I efi re being retired, leg before,
the Canon carried  his hal  for a
i arned SO.   Scores i
II -i   Beecham, b. Hayes 	
n   Moid, b  Cave	
Ri stson, '���   ! tobron, h   d'Kasum
ai -i
.   2H
.  i:;
1   a -'ay.  not  out   	
elude the cyclonic Clarence, while All
Turnir walked away with second honors with II. Ur Hurr, or Vancouver,
made a good score, breaking 110, but he
was not quite last enough ror tho
leaders, so had to be content with
third place
It was announced a' the shoot that
A Welsh had don., led a challenge
cup lo Iiie cluh and il will he shot for
'H the tournament to be held on next
Saturday afternoon, the winner to
in 1*' 1: until Ihe flrsl Bhool next year,
after which It will be up ror cbul-
I' nn*   and   competition     once     every
month.   This beautiful trophy Is valu-
ai $25 ami the club members are
turned   by
day In the
Mr.    and
The   child
New  Wcstmlnstei.
i lave,  b   Ivanmy   	
Rose,  h   '1 rj nman     	
Illler. i    iiulli ii.  I*   Stark   . . .
'. ���   Beatson, b. Ivanmy   ...
'��� ��� II     c   Klllick,  I.   Ivanmy   .
Rev. Bsr'.h tt   lh w ��� b. Q raves...
DunfOTd, C,   Klllick,  b, Twyninaii.
Cam n ���'. i'.a'iim, not out  	
i li b 'on, '*   iteatson, h. Craves  ...
c: ane, '���  Kiiiick, b  Beecham ....
1 . .     h   Beecham  	
���cry   grateful   to   Mr,   Welsh   for  the
CUP, as  they  believe that it will very
greatly stimulate th" interest in ths
���dioots next season, following are the
scorn;   made  at   the   (raps   last   evening
A'   "."i   t irr. Is    Turnhnll,   IK;   Dun-
���i:i. II; Dr. Hurr. 20; Turner, L'I; Mo-
Lean,    24;     Katies,    18;    I'rice,    17;
"���'"'������*    '���     McOUl.   17:   Maiden,
ilm*,-. ;;.. Flsber, 17; Dr imrr, 19
Baseball Results.
Standing  of  the
W.    L.
. 7!i    66
The Wesl Ends and an all-star aggregation mis on Uie Queens park
��� val this evening to decide the
supremacy or the eastern and western
p rl li us "f tha ciiv.
��� i ��� ni u bas gathered together its
t ��� ii i Is) cr?. Including the two
Patchells, ami oxpects to gel awaj
v :h th" contest, but wll' have to
11 i* some in order to hi aa off the
following si eiily players or lbs
.. ��� it Bnd line up Stodd irt, W, Mm
Bon ���.! Mortison, McDonald, Hurr
Allison, i Bangster, Q, Sangster
!*, en ������. Btorme, Pentland and Mnr-
ray    Face-oH at 6:15 o'clock,
Tacoma    f
Spokane   f,7
Yesterday'* Game*.
At Vancouver; it.
Vancouver    4
Portland   2
Hattern-s Ingersoll and Konnick;
Hynes and  Kli.g.
At Victoria It     11.    E.
Sookane   2    x     i
Victoria     l      6      1
Batteries Peters. Smith and Hannah;  Narveson and Shea.
Al   Tue.una: R.    II.    E.
Seattle      11      7      2
Tacoma      1      s      1
Batteries: Kelly and Cadman;
Kaufman and  Harris.
Stand nn or the Club*.
r itli *i ������*.��� the challenge froc i ie
i *   , ... f hi si i-all cluli. wb ������ i app ���
���. 'lie N"w j v sterd* . ,t is prob,
ul ������ thst ' e . hamplonsfi ,i of lha l iw-
- ��� --1 Ltnii i ��.ii i.i ��eu i i :.t Fraai i
M   's on Sundsy sfterno in,
Although oi finite word ha�� yel ��� ,
r ei*, ,1 from Manager l'n.- terald, -1
ti.,- Coqultlam nine, regar il ig tin date,
i i ��� gen official hut ies it Is ,.i.
Ji ii h ,���| t ,:.t Flu is *'it' i I I i in 'i
i ��� lumbershovera In i ��� 11 leu death
, ,ii', t .ii fhe Millside (l)amoti I, :lio
n Inner to take all recslj's.
i nrkln snd flay will probably be
th ��� batters for the Mills, while two of
th" ,-iar players on fie PliamatlUS
nil ��� ivho are now employ.-1 at Frtser
\ a-,- expected to pl��> In tie- outfield for the Circle I-' aggregillo-n
Ths final arrangement? a Hi pro'oaJb-
mado some time tod iy.
W. L.
New  York   82 "6
Philadelphia   . ,            67 4f,
Pittsburg  6;l r,4
Chicago   fir, 56
Hrooklyn    61 64
Boston 50 'iii
Cincinnati    4H 7a
Sl.  Louis    14 77
Yesterday's Games.
.M  Philadelphia:
81   Louis  	
Batteries: Oriner,
Hlldebrand; Brennan,
Hasllp and Killlfer.
Al Brooklyn;
iir-. klyn   	
Batteries: Vaughn
I; ulbsch, Rucker and
m   New   York: II     II     K
'"������e ���������irl  	
New  Yorlv   .	
Il'licres-       Iirown     and      Clark;
Frnmme, Schapp and McLean.
At Bostou���Pittsburg-Boston   game
postponed en account of rain.
coroner's  jury  yester-
case of the Infant child of
Mrs.    .lames    II.    Nalnoa,
residing on   Powell  street.
had   been   ill.     A   medical
I man  was called in and prescribed tor
It.   Shortly after that li died and the
parents called   in  a  policeman,  think
iiiK that  the medicine had caused the
death. The post mortem examination
showed that the hahv's death was In-
I evi table and human skill could have
'done no more than prolong llle tor B
little time.
By  Hook  or Crook,
if J. Collins could not git the pollci
ambulance ttti  take  him    to the    hots
pltal   tor treatment yesterday, he had
.other methods of Inducing the polio-
to lend him the emergency wagon, n
I summoned  P,  II. Crate's private   am
DUlance   and   was   doliifr  nicely   until
run Into at Heatley and Pender sir"et
by a Chinese "rubberneck" car.   The
private ambulance was badly liana-' ii
and the police ambulance had to    be
I called out to finish its work.
Old Timer Passe*.
Much regret Is expressed in the city
today, especially among old timers, at
the passinK Of Uf>b<rl Mee, one c.r the
pioneers ot the west, and or Vancouver, which took place al his late residence, 61S     Homer    slrfet,    at    K:.1U
o'clock  this  morning.    The deceased.
who was the oldest   passenger   <mik':-
1 neer on  this section or the C.  P.  II.
*''   came to the    west   on    construc'ien
and among railway men was regarded
as the commodore ot the stall ot engineers.
Elks to Gather.
Tbe llenevolent and Protective Order ot Klks or the Dominion or Canada, which will hold Its second annual grand lodge meeting here next
week, was organised here October 12
1912, with a charter membership ol
273 members
Arbitration Going On.
The  arbitrators in  the case of the
Vancouver Lumber company    against
the city  or  Vancouver.  Messrs. C. F.
.Olbson, .1   Buckley    and    his   honor
[judge crant met yesterday to hear
the argument of counsel.    E. P. Davis,
, K.C. argued fer tiie plaintiffs and con-
c'.iid'. il his aniumrnt In-chief, reserving the ilrht if reply. City Sollcltot
jllav commenced Ihe argument on b1
half ct tho cltv and comoleted it in
the afternoon. Decision waB reserved.
. ,r,20
A. 4  I.  BoolSty  Make  Change*
Building Arrangement* for Coming Exhibition.
Then? will be ample accommodation
tor all ih valuable horseu that will \
seen at the third annual horse j
show when it opens hen- on S.iptem- i
bl r 80, Realizing the Importance ol '
this feature of the exhibition, and ,
on tbs promise of several horse own-
era to exhibit If the proper accom-'
modatlon   was   afforded,   the   horse
show   committee  brought   the   matter i
to the attention Of ths executive and I
tlie mat ier has been  under consideration for some time,
Yesterday afur a visit to -Queens,
park, tbs executive of tha K. A. & I. j
society decided lhat the poultry build-'
Ing would make a line stable, and '
award' d the contract for the changes i
to John  t'albick ot this city.
A bitching and washing shed win j
be creeled and every convenience   installed.
The dairy building will be used as
a poultry building and the dairy exhibits will be shown In the manual
training school.
Mr. Calblck assured the executive
that he would have the work completed In ample lime for the opening
tlie show cn September 30.
Karl Karey
Clas:y   Singer  and   Musician.
The Fire Bun
A Two  Reel  Keystone
The House of
Three  Reel   Feature.
Watch Results in Front
of theatre. Picture* flashed
on icreen at every performance.
Chas. E. Royal
Stock Company
At tke Theatres
Trial  ii
Greaier    Committed    for
Police Court a* a Bad
H     II.
...If)    22
4    16
II     I-I
  ::    t     1
  n    ��     1
and    Archer;
They're All Gueitinq.
No 1 tiie discussion Is taking place
tas to lha line-up of the New Westminster hall team which wlll opposu Koith
Vancouver at Queen's par': on Labor
day morning. Various iuw���-s iu-o
running wild through the :lty a.ii
some definite announcement is due in
to wbst playora have been selected t i
represent die city against tho aggregation fram the Anil;!.Ious City across
the inlet
The following I'ne-up was suggesto.1
to The News yesterday by an ardenl
fan. who flguree that they would be
able to slip cue over the bunch under
Man r Jones:   Silver,  lb;   McCabe,
2b;-*Mhsputt s.s,; Welngartner, 3b;
l.arkin. p; Oentry, c; Mallen, I.f.;
Williams, C.f.:  Howe. r.f.
Standing of the Clubs.
W     l,.
Philadelphia  80   3l>
Cleveland    72   411
Washington   ��7   61
Chicago  fi"i   fin
Bostou   58   59
Detroit    52    71
SL  Louis   48    7S
New  York   40    7S
No names scheduled yesterday.
Sapperton Footballers.
Tlnn the Sapperton football club is
determined to win honors In the cltv
league this coming season ls cvld nt,
according to information Imparted yesterday, whi ll tho announcement was
made that lhe annual meeting of ths
club Is scheduled for Thursday evening The nut tiering Is to be held in
Johnston's hall and all members of
the team, together wllh newcomers
and supporters, arc urged to be In attendance, Thp proceedings wlll open
at S:P,n o'clock.
Nftinur. llelgliim, Aug. 27. -The Hcl
blan army bosun today to work out a
plan for tha protection of the frontier
of Belgium against a theoretical   of-
j fort of the Herman army to cross   n
I corner ot Belgium in order to luvari-v
The troops taking part In the
manoeuvres  number  22,776  men  and
' 1014 officers of all arms. A new feature Introduced Into thf exercises Is
a column of quick firing cannon
drawn by packs cf trained dm-.K
which am ab!" to penetrate forests
and rough country where horses may
be useless.
Four   military   aeroplanes   accom-
. pany   tho   troops   for  recolnnaisanc!
! work.
Winnipeg, Aug. 28, Hardly a year
passes hut tbo old story or gold mines
near Winnipeg is revived. There nre
ere.-.' deposits of gold-bearing ore
around 1 ike Winnipeg, and from there
up the WInnlpog river, and through"
lha I-ake of the Vi- is country. In
ipite or this preseno    I gold, many of
1 ithe attempts at gold mining have tall-
2 id. The reason Ior this Is that while
thero are some very rich pockets, the
great bulk or the ore is low grade,
and should thcrerore only be mined In
very large Quantities, and with trom
500 to 1,000 stamps. In almost every
case where nn attempt has been made
to mine Ihls quarts the outfits have
been romparalilvely small, and the
relative expenditrue has been too
great for the possible returns.
There Is a considerable revival of
Interest In the question at the present
time with reference to mining pros-
posts on Ihe Hole river and liice lake,
situated Just east or Lake Winnipeg.
There are about 800 miners and prospectors working In the distritc. and
within the yenr over $100,000 in cash
has been expended in Winnipeg   ror
mining equipment. The discovery ol
gold In this particular district was
made about a year ago, and this time
the finders were very quiet ahout It
until they were assured of the value
of their claims. The discovery was
tlrst made by an ex-member of the
Hoyal Northwest Mounted Police, and
It ts claimed lhat at the present time
sou tons ot very .rich quartz, ranging
from $15 to $50 per ton in free gold.
are lying on the dumps of the Independence mine on the shore* of Uice
lake. The opening operation In connection with these mines was carefully done, and It is quite possible
that thlp may be the start of real minim-' in this section of the Canadian
History tells us of the wanderings
of Christopher Columbus before he
located lhe West Indies,
Police court history yesterday
morning informed Magistrae Edmonds, the city pollce and a few onlookers of the wanderings of Chnsto-
bal Caaslo, a Mexican, although of
Spanish descent, who looked longingly
on the good limes to be had in British Columbia: how, alter two attempts
made al White Hock to pass the immigration officials, one of whom disarmed him of his artillery in the shape
of a small cannon, an unlimited supply of cartridges and two razors, he
finally landid in Westminster only to
be picked up as a sneak thief. In-,
cidentally Chris was committed for,
As already recorded in The N'ews. i
Christobal Is a Mexican
feet two inches in height. His face.
a deep swarthy one. was Just peeping
over the dock rail when he listened to
the etldence Dressed in a light suit,
his nonchalan'-e at the surroundings,
his style of In Iding his sombrero hat.
a bandana in place 0ra collar all fitted
him as a Central American and all it
needed was ?. cigarette, either back
c.f his ear or In his mouth, Io make
the spectator Imagine Governor .lohn
I.ind was holding a confab with President. Huerta.
But to get back to the Btory. Bert
Murray performed the star role. Bert
lost his walch. rob and a small sum
of money last Friday morning and
later identified Chris as the person Stefansson
who entered his room at an unearthly ; covery or
"iour and heat a hasty
It Was Good. "Believe Me."
Very Often the ability ot a company
ier some one member of that oompany
iis considerably over-estimated, but it
'��� can bo laken as an absolute fact that
;there is no possible way in which the
iwork ot Billy S. Clifford can be. I>asi
night's production at the opera house
| proved this. "Believe Me" is a light
1 comedy that is full of snap and ginger
and still retains a story through Its entirety which, for simplicity and beauty
Will not be equalled in a long while.
:This unusually clever piece was here
!last night and will be again produced
i tonight.
The staging of the piece required
untiring patience and with a wardrobe that is Feldom rivalled, it is no
wonder that the company firmly es-
t-ihlirhed itself in the hearts of Westminster comedy lovers.
The walls are built or solid reinforced concrete two feet
���The lining of the vault Is composed of three layers of
half Inch armor plate bolted together.
The main door weighs over five tons, Is eight Inches
thick and Is locked by 12 croesbolts of 1%  Inch steel.
Th* -inner door weighs two tons ai J is over three Inches
The grill protecting the approach to the door is made
of llj steel bars Imbedded In the floor aad ceiling.
The vault Is protected by the American Bank Protection
Company's electrical devices, by which no one can
touch thc vault, ontslde of office hours, without setting
off  the  alarm.        -^ta^tam-v-vr
J.  J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Columbia Street,  New Westminster, B.C.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire sbout our special stockes, they sre money savers. ~
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid?.
Karl Karey Sings.
A very high class singing and musical act was presented by Karl Karey
at the. Royal theatre last night. Mr.
Karey is an accomplished pianist and
he sings nothing but late popular
songs, and the audience was right
there with a whole lot of appreciation
at both performances. Mr. Karey will
present the same ae- at all performances today and will have a lot ot new
songs and music fer Friday and Saturday.
Everyone is very much interested
a the B.ity Contest and voting was
r ahout four very heavy yesterday for some or the
babies. The Leamy baby is still leading the contest with 57 more votes
than the McMillan baby. The contest has bren on tor three days now
and the miniature Leamy seems to
bave a c'.rar field sn far. It Is thought
that firai" of lhe contestants' friends
are holding bnck votes to make a
grand sweep at the finish of the contest. The prize for the contest will
be on exhibition at Chamberlin,
jeweler's,  starting  today.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
he door when discovered.
Thn r(,a] interesting pail or Ihe pro-
npedlngs occurred when Henry V
T "..-repee, an immigration orricer at
Wtvte Itock, Identified Chris as the individual he had turned hack on Aug.
15. nfter diverting him or several murderous looking weapons.
Just to make the case sll the more
interesting was the tact that a lady
Interpreter was required to translate
the Kngllsli language into a M8Jtic.ni
dialect, which is supposed to hold forth
somewhere In the mountains where
few  whit" men have  penetrated.
As    st'ted    p-eyiof'-'y.    Chi-'1 o
commit' d for trial and will probably
el��et fer a speedy one before his honor JudbB Howry.
Investigator Fails.
Athabasca. Alta.. Aug. 27.���Bey
Fry,  Anglican  missionary,    who
out    last    year    to    investigate
story    regarding    the dis-
tribe of blonde  Eskimos
retreat through i was compelled  to  return  to  Her.-chel
island rrom Parry sound owing f> the
shortage or provisions, thus railing in
the object cr his investigation.
"Freddie Welsh, thn   Ilrillsh   light I    Yesterday,  so  the  Btory  rnns,  the
weight champion, suffered tbe loss of b��lt disappeared from the window of
MA^CS!^ff!Si,1��s,orR-,h��� 'transe men be,n*
the report which ws? flashed over to jObarged with the deed, although they
Thu News early this morning. It hop. have yet to be located. Tho police
poned thusly. Freddie Is some blrll are said to bo Investigating, while
when it comes lo advertising himself
Ills ihlnktnix became Imbued with the
Wagner Dies Todsy.
Victoria. Aug. 27.---Tomorrow morning Harry Wagner, alias Ferguson,
known nlong the west coast of Vancouver Island as "The Flying Dutchman," and one cf the most notorious
criminals who have Infested the
waters ot Puget -sound and the Gulf
of Georgia ln many years, will be
-hanged ,)n the provlnc'al jail at
Nanalmo) Thn crime for which Wagner wlll say the extreme penalty was
thn -murder early In the -mornlnt of
March 4 tat IJn'on hnv of Special Pro-
v'nclal Constable Wese'away, whom
he shot, when the officer attempted to
arrest him.
idea that the championship-belt would
look fine In the window of a Vancouver store Just to give hh glovo work
a little prominence. It gavn promln-
��� nee to a confecllonary store at English bay, owned liy   a   man    named
Frnldle  Is  worrying a lot over the
disappearance of his prise article.
Three davs Is tho limit set for tho
trophy to be returned in tho Bame
mysterious way as It dropped out of
sight and the betting hns a high rating thnt there will be no arrests on
thc deal.
ifontlnned trim pace one)
First Grain Shipped.
Winnipeg, Aim. 27.���It was current-
lv reported on fhe groin erchango today thBt dell""-'-" of new wheel are
now b-dng made at siveral nolnts In
smith-j-rn Msnltoba. One milling company on thn Monnonlte reserve, received .1000 bushels yesterday.
tracy of 'he municipality brought tn
an application from one S. Alexander,
of Vancouver.
Evidently the Vancouver gentleman
thought there were some shekels tft be
gathered In from Ihe post, but councillors smiled grimly and directed the
clerk to inform hiB would-be worship
that there was no salary attached to
the Job. This communication Is calculated to damp his ardor for thc
position. On the side It was hinted
that Vancouver was not the only place
where maglserates could be procured.
The chief of police sent In on account for a now pair of pants, $10.
In the execution of his duty, certain
stalklngs In the buBh had to be done
and Chief Pare spoilt his pants In
th" Bcoutlni.-.
Councillor Martin aghast at $10 for
n pair of pants, declared he could get
three pair for thnt sum.
The pants wlll he deliberated on by
thn finance committee.
Other mstters of a routine nature
were deslt with and the council then
Application for a crossing on the
Rochester road by Msurlce Baker was
referred to the board of works, and a
"rouaer" from Otway Wilkie of the
Fraser Valley Development league for
exhibits emblematic of the district
were referred to the Agricultural society.
Change of
Hssr the
In their song today.
Bltulithic on Second Street, Nsw Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Bitulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feeL and, above all, particularly durable. For these reason*
Bitulithic ls commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Cansda, and over two hundred ln the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Matlneee Tuesday, Thursday and. ,
Henry W. Savage's Tremendous
Dramatic Spectacle,
150 People. Symphony Orchestra.
Nights and Saturday matinee BOc to
$2.00? Thursday matinee 60c to $1.60.
Tuesday matinee 26c, 60c, 75c aad
$1.00. Mall ordera filled now. THU
ls the original New York company. '���'
That is the inducement we are offering the prospect
tive purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.       ,
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
iw i
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c ^
Shades from 75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every Kind .of Electrical Work
nl r!   * .
The Playground of B.C^
WHITE, ��IiiLES & Co., Official Age :>
*.. *<AGE   SIX
Classified Advertising
(.-tivi-d lor Tlie News st the following places: i*\ T. HIU's drug store,
6^8 Columbls slreet; A. Sprlce,
ijueeimborough, 1-ulu Island.
, RATES. ���
,a ****>���> *>**���>*>**���*���*
Clssslfled���One cent per word per
iay; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required within one year from  date of
toutract, 125.00.
St ho .ie.    Apply box ti Edmonds.
housework, 323 Eighth street. 119541
ure in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
wlll Bell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarautee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block.
Columbia street. (1922)
front room, 74 First street.      (1947)
bedrooms, 420 St. George street.
home ? If so come io the Stetling
hotel. Suite $15.00, only one left.
Rooms $1.50 and upwards. Come
and see us; we aim to please you.
keeping rooms; every convenience;
$18 up monthly. Knights ot PythlsB
block, Agnes slreet. (1901)
one-half block Irom Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.        (1897)
repeating rifle, cheap. Apply 1119
Eighth avenue. 11950)
house on large cleared lot, elose In,
for $1500; on very easy terms. Apply box 512 city. (19291
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1826)
ers, 716 Queens avenue. (19271
Is better and we are not pessimists.
Tliere is no reason for anyone else to
Reglns's Buresu   of .Public   Welfare
Dealt With Average of Twelve
Cases Daily.
TAKE NOTICE, pursuant to section 18
of the "Companies Act." that the above
named company Intends one month alter
the date hereof, to apply lo the Registrar
of Joint-Stock Companies to change its
name to ''Standard Discount Company,
Dated nt  New Westminster,  B.C., this
thirtieth day of July.  1918. US10)
WANTKD-���Prairie f.-irms up to $60,000 t*
trade for revenue producing propertj
TOR EXCHANGE���7-r-pom Uioroughly
modern house In choice location, will
trade equity for Burnaby or South Vancouver lots and assume.
FOR SAI.K- A SNAP��� Owner will sacrifice ni a priee less than cost. 7-room
new and thoroughly modern houBe,
beamed ceilings and panelled walls.
,-ic. Large lot, Eighth ave and Twelfth
street. 11 you want a good liouse. Investigate tills.
WANTED Prairie farm to exchangi tor
7-room thoroughly modern new bouse,
well   located,     What   offers?
WANTED   Listings of City luid Burnaby
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
in the Labor Temple. Terms rea
sonable. Apply 1). S. Cameron, sec
retarv, Labor Temple building
Phone 403 R. (18761
keeping roomB, $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1821)
housekeeping rooms, i'i AgneB
Btreet.    Phone 638 L. (18361
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Van-
couver,  B.C. (1826)
Tilder nnd by Virtue or an order of Mr.
.liisiic- Murphy I" me dlreoted and delivered against the goods and chattels of the
Pacific Car render Company al the suii
��� ���r Roheri Henry I'ogue. I have seised
and will sell al my office. Courl Hous-.
Ww Westminster, on Thursday, lhe tniirth
������.iy of September, 1513, ai ten o'clock In
the forenoon the following:
Sole right, title and interest ill a streel
ear fender patented In Canada and num-
'���ered    131,105.   also   snle    i ight.    title   and
literest In a streel car fender patented In
Canada and numbered 142,187 and patent
implied for In United States under serial
number Tut.-*-:
Foul models, lot of blue prints and a lot
,,f tools, etc.
Term:, of sale ���    faith
T. 3. ARMSTRONG, sheriff.
Ri ci iver.
New WeBtmlnster
August ssth, 1913
i 1951 i
P.,- Lots 602, 60S, 804. 606, 606, 822, '28,
624, 620,  826, 627,  028,  629,  680, 631.
Of   Lot   278,   Group   I.   Map   III    In   the
!'t��!rl<-t   of   N'ew   Westminster,    l'"rt
Hammond  Junction
Whereas proof of the l"ss ,.f certificate
ot  nrle   Number   ��� .i,it,   K   issued   In  tie'
name  of   Kdwln   n   Slmmonds   his  been
filed   In   Ihls   offlc-
Noliee  |h  her'hv   glvin   Ihni   1   shall,  al
the   expiration    of   one    month    from   Ihe
��� l��tc    ef     lhe     fls>     pupil" itl"ll     ll-renf.     In
��� dally newspaper published In lhe City
of New We-stmlnftter, Issue n duplicate
<��f the said Certlftnate, unleee in tl,,* meantime valid objection be made lo ma in
i  ������  rjWYNN,
Plitrlcl   Registrar nf  Tilled,
],��nd  Registry  Office   n.w-  Wesimtnn
ier. H.e, 2nd August,  mi::. UJ46)
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Regina.  Aug.  27.���Citizens    of  Re-:
gina scarcely realized  until the work
of  the  the  bureau  of  public  welfare
was brought to their attention, that so
much actual want and sorrow existed j
In the citv
In   many  cakes the  pour,  trying to
Buatatn llie on a mere pittance, arc.
yet too proud lo ask for aid.
The other morning u man called at
the bureau who had had scarcely any-
thing to eat for three days. This man i
arrived In the city a week ago with j
aboul Iti in his pocket, and begun the
search (or work. He iiuule the round j
of the hotels and restaurants, as his
previous experience had been as a
waiter In Kngland. where he came
from. He could find no work, ulihough
he tried many other, and by Saturday
morning last he had spent all of Ills
money but a quarter, lie only had a'
breakfaBt "�� Saturday, and nothing at
all on Sunday. Monday lie purchased
ten cents' worth of doughnut?, on
which he got through the duy. On
Tuesday tie again went Into n restaurant In search ot work, but mere *ai>
nothing doing, and In desperation he
asked the proprietor for something to
eat. He was given a handful of crackers.
Hearing of the bureau of public welfare he visited tlie secretary and explained his position to him. He was
almost too wrak to walk, on account
of his long fast, and the secretary,
before talking to the man about his
future prospects, took him out and
bought him a siiuare meal.
After the meal the man reported at
the bureau offices, and was sent to a
lady's house lo cut some wood. During the day this lady phoned to the
bureau to thank the secretary for
Sending such a reliable man around,
saying that he had done the work very
nicely and seemed a very gentlemanly
sort  of  fellow.  Last  evening  he was
found a permanent position with a far- i Ma,iiun,, Coderre; bis slst
mer and left the city in hla Core,        'derre:   Madame  Falartl
{IERBERTP vidal aco.
London Correspondent Write* of Conditions and Refutes Several
On the Bubjeet of the supposed British decadence, a London correspond-
eni writes as follows:
Is the opinion general in Canada
thai Greal Britain is decadent or any
rate on the way to decay? One feels
a little more apprehensive because
when I met Archdeacon Perry who
is now over here for a year's holiday
from his work in Ontario he seemed
to me to be a little surprised to find
that the outlook wat, not quite so
gloomy as it waa depicted in the columns of a well-known Canadian paper some two or three years ago Does
the memory of that article written so
far as I recollect by a leading editor
atlll Ihiger in Ihe public mind���I
thought pessimistic views hail long
since been refuted Archdeacon Perry
is pleasantly disappointed. He does
not find any obvious signs of the race
in decay, he does not notice the physical deterioration, he does not observe
Ihe drunkenness In the streets, he
was told im would come across in lhe
east end nf London and which he apparently has been looking for.
We could all have told hirn in nd-
ince but we did not know that
Canadians generally entertali ' the
view that it existed. Of cou: there
is a great deal of poverty, but ar"
there any cities where it is not to be
found? H ^ certainly less now than
t used to i.e and it is purely local dun
to the collapse as B rule of some In- I
d us try which has been the mainstay
of a district   Wages have been stead- I
Ily  rising  In recent  years and  while!
the cost Of living has gone up so lias. [
too. the demand for a higher standard i
Of comfort anil If. as is quite possible.;
thousands only just manage to maki l
both eni|s meet, it ls due In great part I
the facl tbat tbelr requirements sre
more comprehensive than say five or
ten yiars ago   Much or our poverty Is
due to om- Bystem of education whlon
permits thousands ami  thousands of
boys io tnke up for monetary advantage of n wage a "blind alley" career
which  leads in nothing and    which
throws tin-in sooner or inter into thf-1
rinks of  Ill-paid  caaual   labor.   When \
can   check   thai   Bupply   we   shall'
undoubtedly have leas cheap labor
cheap because there Is so much competition to secure work.
No Sign of Decay.
There is not nny actual sign of the
race In decay     We iniiy nol  shine BS
we once diii in point of absolute su
premacy In athleticism, bul there Is an
all-round Improvement in the general
physical Btand ard due to tbe fact that
ipen-alr pastimes are now  common.'
not to ihe exclusive feV, but to every]
one. and thai the rule of payment ofl
III"   average   individual   even   of   ihe
purely artisan class is such as to en-1
able hlm and IiIh family to take a res
iilnr siimmer holiday    Only ihia wick
came across the cuse of an engine I
driv r on the Midland railway who |b
lending bis family for a  fortnight   to
Oorleston near Varmouth on the eastern seacoast, whip, he himself is going to 'ixford for a sitIob of sumtiier
classes in connection with the unlver
ailv extension movement    Kven te ���
children who are taken away from the
town  for brief holidays often express
boredom with the seaside and searih
for   greater  Variety   In   the   choice   of
their resort.
There is certainly lesB squalor, due
' . a very greal extent to the better
housing facilities in nearly all the
large towns the problem ia only acme
In thn essentially rural districts -
end also to the much greater aupervl-
i-i-'i ,.f the public authorities and th��
diffuaioii ot elucatlon  notably among
the young
On the whole, therefore, the outlook i
A visitor to the bureau offices during the afternoon was a woman in
search of work. Her husband, she
said, was a rough carpenter, and was
usualy able to work steadily, but had
now been out of employment for several weeks. They have four small
children, and have lived In Regina
about four yeara. The husband ha*
tried every place in the city for work
which he could do, but without sue
cess, anil growing discouraged, hla
wife iB now seeking employement of
Bome kind to help pay expenses, "lf
my husband canot get work. I must,"
she said to the secretary yesterday.
Work has been found for the wife
and It is probable that the husband
will also be put in touch with work of
a temporary nature at least, aa he can
run a binder and make a valuable harvester.
Twelve Cases Dally.
These two cases are mentioned simply because the circumstances are a
little more extenuating than a number
of others which bave come to the attention of the bureau within the last
couple of day. The bureau deals with
an average of twelve cases every day
and nork Is found or material aid
granted only after ihey have been
! found worthy. Kvery case is Inves-
i tlgated.
Hon. Louis Coderre Tells Nelson What
Government is Willing to Do
for Mining.
KeUon, B.C., Aug. 27.���The Dominion government Is doing all that is
wlihln its power lo encourage the tine
mining Industry in Kootenay and It
is with that idea In view lhat It is.
with the cooperation of the British
Columbia government, about to commence experiments with a new electrical method Of obtaining zinc spelter.
said Hon. Louis Coderre. minister of
mines, during his visit to this city,
with the party of aboul 100 members
of the international Geological congress-.
During the last session of the house
it.  !���'.  Green, member for Kootenay,
had kept the matter very much to the
fore and had spoken at every opportunity to It  W   Brock, director of the
; geological branch of the mines department, and leader of tlie present extent slon, and to himself on tlie possibilities of the zinc mining Industry of
Kootenay, stated Mr. Coderre.
Not satisfied with tbe small experi-
i ments alone. I��r. Eugene Haanel and
| Mr. lngalis had succeeded in obtain
lng permission to conduct large ex
; periments at tlu* Nelson smelter, the
luse of which lbe British Columbia gov-
ernment had offered gratis.
Expects Royal CommiBBion.
'in hi* return tn Ottawa early next
1 nionin  .vir   Coderre said be expected
ito see the royal commission to investigate mining conditions in the west
appointed, as had  been nsked.
On the trip through the Crow's N'cst
i pass the party visited the coal mines
at Bull river. Maple Creek. Hlllcreat.
! Corbin, Coleman, Coal Creek and Pernio and had found that tbose mines
'were full of promise, said Mr Coderre.
I especially the mine er Corbin, where
I a seam was open ISO feet deep, lt
! proved a unique sight to the geologists, he said, similar to which they
i claimed to hnve see., -.tithing elae-
, where In the world.
Speaking of hla trip on Kootenay
Make lie was struck with the large cul-
illvated areas along the lake shore and
��� with   the evident  signB of prosperous
Mr.   Coderre    is    accompanied    by
Miss Co-
enu,    his    two
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
benturea authorised by said  Hy-luw  No.
1S8    by    special    rute    Nilltlelent    therefor
' rn,,,n nil llie rateable lnml wlihln the limits
of iin- *Hiit  Municipality   i iiiciudinii  in-
[trlct l^'i one Hundred und Seventy-two
I17J)   Ctroup   One   (II   SS   mentioned   In,
.-.iid   By-law   No.   ISI)   In   .i,l.litem   to  11"
M.iniiuni  Bums  required  by  the huiu  liv-
���law No.  ks ihe sum of Seventy-Ova Dol-
.il   In
BYLAW NO. 170.
A Bylaw to Amend Bylaws Nos. 120a, 121a, 122,128,129,
142,143,144 and 145.
raised    for    tin-
tloned,  tl
Dollara (I2.-Hl7.06) having beer
ttie tirsl  year's sliikuiK fond.
ANli   WHKUKAS   It   will   I"
under said  By-law   No,  111  u
Bpeclal   rute the sn
Thousand  six   Hundred umi
um  Dollars   (12,680.1"
ur I
I 05-100 I
Blsod for i
i mine ntlon "t TWO
I'hlrt-   nnd
i   form
sons. Ia:
dis,  his
ills and Charles, and 1".
private secretary.
I 'a ra
Fernie  Chink  Can't   Afford  to     ��to?
Work  To Be   Properly  Attended  To
International    Commission    to    Take
Hold���Congress Likely to Meet
in Canada.
The August issue of the Canadian
Forestry Journal says:
Probably the most important result
of the Internationa! Forestry congress
held in I'aris lasl June was the creation of an International forestry com.
nil Baton, having for its object the fur
thering of forestry principles and the
convoking, when necessary, of inter-
national forestry congresses at which
legislative and administrative ques-1
tions pertaining to the forest shall be
brought up for discussion.
The temporary oflfcials, consisting
of b president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer and executive committee, were chosen largely from the
French foresters and legislators w-ho
wen- present at the convention, while
forty two of the representatives of
foreign countries, who were presenl at
the convention, made up the body of
tlle commission The Touring cluh of
Franco, one of the mosl Influential
bodies of private Citizens In Kurope,
offers Ita hotel In I'aria aa a temporary
headquarters for the commission.
it is likely that tbis commission will
��� ike over the publication Of Interna-!
tlonal forestry statistics now being oc- j
'Hslonaly issued In the bulletins of the \
international  Institute of agriculture,!
which   wns   established   at   Home   In
1910.   This latter institute, publishing
monthly statiatlca of th" world's agrl-
As late as last week wa remarked
i that the Chinee was peculiar. Here
is another case in point. The regular
thing for a man to do when be gets
a builet iu his brain iB lo creak, lie
may take hls own time about it. but
it is thi; usual tbing to die within a
reasonable nine, say instantaneously,
or a short time prior. Hut one particular Chinaman, last Saturday nlgbt,
i violated all the canyons of good taste
In the matter of conforming to established precedent in this matter, and
not only does he refuse to die, but
he refuaes to quit work, over a Inf
ling matter ol a revolver bullet in his
I.ee something or other ia his name.
He is a stomach destroyer In a kitchen in a southern suburb of the city.
Lee was dangling townward on Saturday night and bad just climbed the
bill on this side ol the brewery when
he was commanded to hoist his dough
mixers. Instead of stringing up he
commenced to run, ll b.s own ver
son of the tab may be credited, he
made '"<tra good time, as he Btates
that   be "Ian  like  hell."
Speedy a�� he was, be was no mulch
for ii bullet, which bumped through
his Bkull and ruffled the cilm of h's
convoluted grav matter. The ball
may have accel rated his gait; it
couldn't stop blm, He cm to town
and his friends pet'eed the blood on
the bink of hii head     ile was rushed
whkhkas tbe Municipal Council of the
CorporaUon of  the  Dlstrlot of  Burnaby
did with the assent ot tbs sleotors on the
fourth dav of November, Iltl-. finally imhs
By-laW No, 120A, beluK u by-luw lo eu-
iable the Corporation to raise by wuy of
'loan tbe Bum of Two Hundred und Fifty
Thousand Dollars 11850,000.00) for street
purposes, the nald by-luw bolus known um
"Burnaby   Road  Improvement  Debenture
: By-law Ull."
;    ANP WHEREAS ihe Corporation by the
sold Hv-lnw authorised the issue of debentures 10 the umoiml  of Two lb/idled and
fifty Thousand Hollurs (1268,1)00.00) lo
I be nnyuhle on ihe Thirty Mini d.iy of l.n-
[oember, 1951, umi to bear interest at the
l rute   of   four   nnd    one-half   per   cvutinn
I 141-.   per cent.!   |mt unnum payable hulf-
1 yenrly.
I ANI) whkhkas iin- Municipal Counoil
of the Corporatl' I tin- District "i Burn- .
hibv did with tb.- uss.ni ���r the eleotors on  nually
! the Fourth duy of November, isl-. Anally
push  By-law   No    UIA,  being  a  By-law
! io enable ihe Corporation io ruls., by sinking fund for the paymenl of the prln-
wny of loan  ib- sum of  fifty Thousand   deal  und   Uo-   sum   of  Twelve  Thousund
Dollars   ijr.ii. noi   lor  the purpose  "f   Five Hundred Dollars ($12,800.00) for In-
providing umi building additional side- torest making together a total amount an-
wilks wltliln lhe limits of lhe Munlelp.il- nilnllv nf Fifteen Thousand mi" iiundi'd
ii*. iii�� suld By-Ian being known aalnnd Thirtv nnd v7.m11 Dollars (��16.-
-Hurnuby   Sidewalks   Bxtenslon    liy.low   Kiu.sTi for the term "' thlrty-eleht  III)
i.iji'," yenrs for ibe repayment "t tne said loan
AND WHKRBAS tho Corporation by th�� ��'��������� Lnt*tf"* ,,!"'!';;7t !? hm2}*n*vht...n!!t\
���mi\,t  nv ka  ,ull|,,,rivni  ii,.'  imsih- nr tif- ttoned,  lne  amount  <���'    rive    iiimis.iv!
ItaMunS fe*U��"imSu5t of FUtTTh&ud Tw<j Hundred and Blxtv-on. and    4-100
i.,.ii..ru  run nm i  in )..��� rftvnhle nn tlttt Dolmtl    iI8.861.74)    bavlWC   botn   hi'ti!
ThlrtJ nr'i  dnv   of  tnocm.'ft  isitr.uid '"' ��"' ���� two    years' .Inking fund.
't��� bear Interest al the rule of Four and      ASH WHtiREAS  it  will  ix- neaesssry
.,,,.. Imp   j^.r   centum   M'i   per  nent.)   1*>t under  suld   Hv-lnw   No.   Ill   to   ruls,-   uo
annum payable  uulr->earh nually  nv   sneclal   rule  the  <��n  of Om
,..,, uhil'IU'W ,i���. \l,i,il,.|i,-.l i-.uiocll Hundred  nnd   Flft\-seven  imd   sii-' <"i li"i
AHPr^rSSS.?0^ o^^ita?Dtaufit ofBuS '���*�� <��1��7.H) to form ,. sinking fund for
,",1    .11,       i       ���  .slent ol-ie electors ""' paymsnl of tb- principal and the sum
1       ,1,2 tI������,iiv s cond  da?  . f  JwvSniy of Seven   Hundred    and    Fifty    Hollurs
"  ^I'^J^li'tu^^rTr^ KffJEw mHESm &���� riMMi)
raise   t��v   wav   or   iooji   tt"*  Bum  oi    rwa f       .     ,ar.���-,     *  tt,i.tu nivkt   inwi   ��M��
Hundred  un.l  fifty    Thousnnd    Hollurs \<a the term nf thl'ty-elght  tilHi years
, ,���-,, ..on on-,    tt.**   tin    nnnviM   nf   aon* T,,r '"*'  "p*vm*'n(  <-r tne wiw  loan  una
l^c0Un0g����U��orn !!f theU&.��wa?eDr. [ntersst   Uierjvin   as    hendnnfter nnn,
,         V      li   ,        ivnex-l      t���������n    11-" "o-   b'.n   reined   for   tbe   fl���   two   years'
""r,i".,.. VV,""r         '     hx"""1""   Bs Unking fund.
law   IHI. A_si>   *-,-,,.,:itl-.AS   It   will   l.e   necessary I
,    AND WHBREAS lha CorporaUon by the umlrt Kllll  lly.1;lw  No.   lJB  ,��� ru,���,. ���n.
said  By-law  authorised lbe issue uf oe- ,ulillly   ,,v   ���,,,.,.,,,���   rulr  ,|���.  ������,���   ���(  m* I
���Denture* to the amount of   rwo Munaieo ,,UIldr,.a nnd Thirty-one and tu-i"o Dol-
und Fifty Thousand Dollars I l..'.o. 0011.00) hirll   ,|,ni,���,   ,���   fnr,n  K  ,ink.ln��   fund
In. be payable ,,n  tin*   fhlrtj -flrsl d.iy  ol . . Un, t>ilvlll. n, ,,t lh, prlnolpal und lhe
Deoember, Ull, and to bear Interest at the   Kum   ,lf   .,.,,,.,.,.   Thousand    Ian   Ul,-
j rat"   of   Four   und   on-bnlf   l��-r   c-nuiin u-jo.001     for    Interest  inuklnK    together S
���i4i., per ccntii  |h-i- nnniiin pavabie hair- tolu, ���,���,������, annually of Three Thousand I
yearly, KU   Hundred   ohd  Tlilrty-one  and  K'-loo
;    AND WHBRBAS the Municipal Counoil Dollars (11,011 4u> for the term ol thirty-
of   the   Corporation   of   He-   Dlstrlot   of ,.iKiit cn> years for the repayment of the
1 Bumaby did with the assent of the elec- naM loan and Interest thereon n. herein-
tors on the Twenty-sUlh day of February. Hft,.r mentioned, tha amount "f im*- Thou-
lsu   Anally  pass  By-law No.  lil  being Km\  ���\-v,���   Hundred  and  8fxty-twp  und'
'.1   By-law   to  enable  the  Corporation   10 si-moo   Hollurs   ($1,1-51.10)   bavlng   been
raise bv  wuy  of loan  the sum nf   Fifteen n,|w.|]   Iur   the   first    two   years*   slnkliiK
Thousand  liollars I��15,001   f"r school fun,|
purpoaea,   the   suld   By-law  being   kn..wn ANI1  wiikukas  It  wlll   be  necessary I
,-.  "Burnaby   School  Board  Uian  no.   1 1]Tul,.r ���.���,,  i,v.p,w  ,N'���   u: ,��� ,,,^��� ,,,,.
Dy-law.   IIU, nually by sin-cml  rule ihe ��uin "f Three*
ANH   wiikukas  the  Corporation   by Thousand One   ilundred and  flftv-aaven
'ihe  snld   By-law  authorised  He-   Issue  of n)H|   04-K10   Hollurs   (18,157.04)   10   form
debentures to the amount of Fifteen Thou- ;l  Hiukliis  fond  for the payment   of  the
sand  Hollurs  (111,000.00)   10 be payable principal and the sum of fifteen Thousand
Ion  the  First  dav  of   .March.   USI,  und   to l>o|h,rs   (116.000.00)   for   Interest   making
iiiiir Interesl at the rule of Four and one- together   n   total   amount     annually     ol
half per centum   'H-,  per cent.)   per an- KiKlit.-iTi   Thousand   One     Hundred    nnd1
num payable half-yearly. fifty-seven   and   04-100   Huiiurs   iii---
ANH wiikukas the Municipal Councll 1 f,7.0��>  for n���- term nf ibiny-niue (ll)
of   the   Corporation   of   the   Dlstrlcl   "f yenrs for the repayment "f the sold loan
: llurnuby old with the assent of tb" ebc- und Interest  thereon us hereinafter men-1
tow on the Twenty-sixth day of february, tloned.   the   amount   "f  Three   Thousand
IOU   dually  pass' By-law No.  Ill  being One Hundred und fifty-seven and 04-100
a by-law to enable the Corporation to raise Hollurs   113,1 tl 041   having   been   raised
by wav of loan the sum of Sixty Thou- for the tirsi year's sinking rund,
sand   liollars     (100,000.00)     for    School ANI) WHEREAS  |{   will  be  necessary!
Purpose",  tb��  snld   By-law  b'-int;  known under sold  By-law  No   113  to  raise anas "Burnaby    School  Hoard Loan  No.  Blnually  lo   specla    rnte  the sum  of One
By-law, uu.' Thousand and  Fifty-two and 15-100 Dol-1
1    AND WHEREAS the Corporation by the I lars  111,061.16)   to form it slnkliiK fond
said   By-law   authorised  the  isso.- of  de- for the paymenl  "f th" prlndpaj and tt
I benturea to Uie amount of Sixty Thousand |sum "f five T:
110 1    lo   pay   111.    .opinion.1
authorised by this By-law, the *um��
In   addition  In all   reUS  to  be lev!, ,1
ini.d in iiu- aald Municipality
c. There shnii be raised umt Isvlsd annually dnriiiK tin- currency or the said de
benturea authorised by sun! Hy-luw No..
Ull bv speolal rule sufficient th.-refor
ui'oii uti the rateable land within the limits,
of the Hold Municipality iim-ludlnii District Hot nm* Hundred and Beventy-two*
(171) Group Hue 111 us nu-ntloiu'd 10
said Hy-luw No. Ill) In addition to the
I'lmiiul sums required bv the said Bv-law
No. n-s the sum of Three Hundred Dollars
Ililull.OOl    lo    pay    the   nddlllnuill    inten-sl
authorised bv this llv-luw. lbe sum" to be
lu  addition  to nil  rules  to  bc  levied  audi
created in tha said Municipality.
7. Tbere shull be rulwsl and levied annually durliiK ihe currency of the suld debenture* authorised by *.*i'i Hy-luw No.
14-.' by k|h-i-IiiI rute sufficient therefor
upon ull tie* rateable land wiibin u>" limit*
of tin- said Municipality in addltlfn to the
luinoiii coins required by the snld By-law
<n.  141:  the sum of Ono Thousand  Five
lundred  Dollars  ill fu   to pay the
 Idltlnnal hii.-r.si authorlaod by this By.
114,'JUT ur, 1 for th,- lerm of fourteen nn  taw ,*,���. B;|������. ��� i,��� ,��� addition t.. all ratea
years  fur  lhe  repayment  of lhe suld  lean   ln  ,,..  ,, ,.,,.,,  ������,, ,.,,.���,,,!   |���   ,h,  Bnlj   M>1.
nud   interesl   thereon   us  heieinnfter   nnii- ' utclpnllly
unount of Two Thouaand foA"'
nd    Nlnety-seve
(11,110.17)   having   been
llrst vein's slnklni; fund.
AND   WIIKUKAS   ll   will   blunder suid Hy-luw  No.  l.'lA lo    ralM un- ;
101.illy   by   special   rats  the  sum  of  Two '
Thousund four Hundred und Ninety-seven
und   06-100   Hollurs   ($2,497.06)   to   form
a sinking fund  for  tho payment  "f tin*
principal and the stun of Two Thousand 1
Five Hundred Dollars (11,600.00)  for Interest niiikiiiii together d total amount an- 1
nuuiiv of four Thousand Nine Hundred
'und   Ninety-seven   and    06-100     Dollarsl
leillurs   1 160,000.00)   b
First   dnv   of   Murch.
inn-rest  at   the  ru f
per   c"iilui��   14 1...   i��-r
imyiibln half-yearly.
Council of the Corporatl
District of Burnaby did
uss.ni   of   the  electors on   1!
f th
I  "um nf Fhe Tl sand Dollara ($6,000.0
ydbl  the! for   Intereal    making   together     u     total
uud   to   bear 1 amount   annually   nf   Slv   Thousand    and
mr nnd one-half Fifty-two and 15-100 Dollars  ($6,062.36)
nt.i   per  annumIfor  the  term   of   thirty-nine   <3:i     yeurs
for ilu-  repayment  of the snld  loun  und
be  p
,,f     the
wiib     the
Twentli m
duy of January. UU
No   141 b-iiiK u by-la
poratlon to ruls.- l.y 1
of   Tbre"    Hundred
1 $300,000 00 1     fnr    Sir
suld   Uv.law   being   Un
llv |Miss It,  law
to enable the Corny of loan the sum
Thousand     DolUirs
eel     PurpOS '8.
wn  us   "Bum
Interest Hi
the  n tm- inr 11   of
two und 36-100
Ina hei a raised
lng rund
under suld llv-luw N
nually   bv   Sptclal
hereinafter mentioned,
lne Thuusand und fifty.
Dollars  1 ll 053 :irn  hav-
fur ihe lirst  years sink-
Debenture     Bj -lave.   f,,r the pa
���mm "f 1-   1
lars   ($4.20
,f   it, ther  a   1
I!;.:,    Thi 11 iand
of  I
io the hospital, where I
1 red lhat his bead v.as ,
linn  ti 1 n small chunk
try  to extract  it  might
fatal     in  spite cf the
tesis. lie refused to lay
but marched buck to bis
low iio* brewerv     He said thai if 1
got sic. he could come back lo thi
was disc*,v
1 private asv
if b*ad. To
bave proved
tloetor's pro-
iip   II a ward
luarters bi-
Road   Improvi
ANH   wiikukas  lhe  Corporation   by
the said  By-law authorised  ths  Issuj
debentures i" ths amount of Thn
dred  Thousand   Hollars   ($300,	
Be payable on the Thlrty-flrsl dav
ember. 10JJ. ami to bear Interest at the
rut.-   of   Four   und   one-half   t�� r   1   *
14 V, per cent 1  per annum payabl
AND wiikukas Hi" Municipal
Councll of in- Corporation of the
District "f Burnnby did wnn the
uss.nt or ib.- Wi 1 iiirn on the Twentieth
day "f January. UU, flnallv pass Bylaw
No 143 being n by-law to enable the Corporation to raise by wav of loan Ih" sum
of One Hundred Thousand Hollars ($|O0,-
000.00) for lhe purpose of constructing
further extensl-ins of the seneral watel
works system Ibrnughonl lhe Municipal-
llv. the snld By-lnw being known BS
"Uurnabv Wuter Works Extension Bylaw, UU "
AND WHEREAS the Corporation hv the
said By-lnw authorised the issue of d bentures t" Hn- amounl nl 111 n llm dri d 1 housand Dollnrs ' 1100.000 "il I" I." pav ihls
on lhe Thlrty-'lrsl day of Dec-mber 1061,
nnd to ben- Inierest ul tb" rm.- of four
and ono-hnlf per centutn (4U, per cent 1
l^-r annum payable half-venrlv.
sKD wiikukas ih" Mnnlolnnl f ctl
,.t the Oorpnratl f '*��������� M-'ii f Rurn-
nhv did with i'"  assenl ..r lb" elecmra
ih" Twentieth dai of Junuarv, 1013, fl
By-law  No   1' '���  bi Ing -i  by-taw
Will   be   1 s-..irv
141   ti>   ruts'-   .���uiili'*  sum   ,,f   Klslil
and     '.'~  IO0
spiking f  ml
in, ni  of the principal und the
1 Thousand Tw,. Hundred Dob
���"i'i    for   Interesl    inuklmt   toll ii  amount  annuall)   of   fite
Eighty-three   and   S7-l"0
���Oe   Hundred   and   Eighty-three
iby   Dollara 1 IIII Bt 1  in form .
There shnll be nils, d nnd levied nn-
iiuitly duriiiK tin- current >   "f tbe snld .!���
b, mures uutiiiirtied i,j   s.,1,1  By-law  N".
!m^ by His-ciul rate sufllclent therefor
Upon nil lln- rateable land within the Ilu,It-
of tin- sum Munlclpalltv In addition 10 the
annual sums required bv the suld H> law
No. 14:1 the sum of Five Hundred Dollars   1*600.00)  to pnv  ih,- additional  in-
I terest authorised by tbls Hy law. thi
same tu be in uddition tu nil ratea to bi
levied and created in the aald Municipality.
;    ��     Then- shall b- raised and levied annually durliiK ih" currency <>f the said ,t.
benturea  nutnortsed  by   s.,1.1   By-law  No.
1 144 b\ special rule sufflclent therefor
no.ui all the rateable land wlihln tha limits
of Uu- snld Municipality flncludlng Dls
Irlcl    Lol   Une   Hundred   and   Se.   utv-twii
, > 1 72 1  Group On'- i 1 1 a��� mention, d In sunt
I Hv-lnw No. I44i in addition to th" annual   sums  r Ired  bv   the  aald   By-law
w.    m   the  sum of  four  Hundred  and
.Twenty   Hollars   ($410,00)   t"  pay   the  nd-
,iiit,..oin   Interesl   authorised   by   this   llv-
law   il.- same t" I" In addition t" all rat-*��
1.1 be levied and created in ths said Mu
nli ipnlltv
10. There sliull be ritis'd and levied 101-
tiu.-illv durliiK lbe currency of the snld debentures authorised by sas.i By-law No.
14:. bv ��i��i*lal rule sufllclent therefor
nisin ull iin- rateable land within th" limits
of ih.- said Municipality (Including IM��-
trlci   Is't   one   Hundred  and   8eventy-twi��
I 172 I tlroup One 111 as mentioned in sul'l
By-law No 14.'.! In inlillttc.il to the unioial
nnn, reoulred bv the said By-law No.
ur. ilu- sum of Or Hundred and forty
Dollars itiei""! i" i��iy the additional
Interest uuthorlte-t bv tbis By-laW, the
same   to  U*  In  aildltlun  to  all   ratee  to be
i��vi"<i nnd ereated in ihe sni.l Munldpallty.
It,   This By-law shall come Into effect
on its reeelvfna the i-ons-ent of th.- Lieutenant-Governor in Couneil
11, This Ilv-law mnv be cited fur all
purposes as "Hi'liNAliY DBBENTUne
uoNl'J ANH PASSED In open Councll
the dny  of 1913.
RECEIVED the assent of the Blectora
tbe day    of 151".
PASSED lhe day of UU.
C   0. C. Reeve.
RECEIVED no* aaaent of tha Lleuten-
int--Oovenior In Councll  the day
uf isn.
TAK'*: NOTICE! that the ubove is n true
oopy of lhe propoaed Hv-lnw upon which
ilu, vote of tne Municipality wlll >����� taken
rn, Saturday, the 10th day of August, UU,
between P o'clock n   in   until 7 o'olock p.
in .   at   tbt-   tNillltiK   pluc, a
Municipal  Hall.  Bdmonda
w.Ht  Horn.Ho* School. Wesl Burnaby
Mr Topping's Btore, nib Avenue. Bast
Hamilton Road School, iiurquitlnm.
Dundonald Bchool, fraaer Ann
Barnet Hall. Barnei
Mr     llralees   Slur.     North   llurnuby
Tin- Social Club Building, Capitol  11111.
H iniubv Kilo- store. Burnaby t-ik".
Lakemere School. Lakemere.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hi r.i.y given Ihni
the vote ol Hie Blecturs ,,f the Dlstrlcl ol
Burnabv wlll l��- luk.n on the above nun
tloned By-law nt tho Ume und plaoe above
mentioned, and that A   ���'.   Moors has been
apoolnli '   Ueiiiridint    r   to   take   thi
yot.     '.   .uon 1 lecoirs yv.iii the usual po*a
ers  in  that  behalf.
l>   i-   M 'OnBOOl     it.-������.,
��   1',.   van   ;:. Clerk
Bdmonda, B. C   Auguat Mili. Ul '
Hollars  itr..us:i 'JT 1  for tbe t'-rm
uni"  i :t!i 1   y .-a rs for the i-'-pa
said loan ami  Interest there,
after mentt m' d, the imount ���
half- idr'd and KUbi /-three und
f thl-l
IIIH lit    "f   tl
n ru b, r, 11
f KlKbt Hm
Urn  Holla
I l%*��?.
1 tlrst 1
raised   for
enable  Hu
,.f  loun  the
hospital, and In the meantime b
nol wa. t to lose ids Job or anv
able time. All of which recalls
previously recorded  Judgment  of Ihs
late Inn., nted .Mr. liarte.    Free l'r��H3,
sum  nf   Right!
I . .liar"    . .s ,. a '    r.c    -
iiu- said By-law Isdns kno'
Scliool   Bonrd   Isinn   N"    1
the   suld   Hv-lnw   aulliiill/..
.lell.'lllores    1..    Hi nOUnl
Thousand   Hollars   $��4.0
-honl   Hnrt-'.s'*.
���1 ns "Burnnb,
Br-lnw   UU
lorporutlon   by
I   the   Issu *
..r Rlghtv-foflr
Foretonjrs   Go   Choctinrj   Within   City
Ti ronto,   Aug.   20.���Leon   Delmara,
n foreigner, living Bl 4 Walton street,
was arrested yesterday north of Earls-
court  b*.   a
ble,  a ft' r 11
; who   III
I Btcallni
county constable consta-
hnt  chase t.f three  men
iiltttra! crops. h-tH more than justified : trio of I
Its eitlstpnce, and the International for- , Into  thi
es(ry  commission   will  prove  Justlfl- obtaining
able  for  similar  reasons.     Moreover, ��� meal.    'I
it   wlll   innkp   possible   the   spreading
snd co-ordinating of soientlflc forestry
knowledge which is at present largely
restricted  to and  put  to  most  practical application In Kurope
The commission will also facilitate
tlio assembling of forestry congretfReBi
International in tlieir scope, at which
���lueatlons of present concern tn nil'
foresters may be discussed, such as j
the right of the government to expropriate misused private lailds when
their reforesting is necessary for tho
protection of the watersheds of navigable Streams, Buch u congress might
profitably be held In Canada, and
would be justified by the Impetus they
would give to forestry In Canada and
by the great Importance of the foreBt
resources of this country.
apples  in   the
I yearly.
stray 1
after lb.
At tin*
men floe]
lo   urn-*
.       . , ipuvabl"   i"i    III"   Tl
been   Bhooting     birds    and  ember.  I0B2, and 1
listrlct.     The  ra'e   of   four   and
oiKners bad apparently gone I "      M '   ""' '   ���" '
oi'iintre   fur  the  purpose  of
something to mak" a good
,10 of them  had  rifles und
ibe    afternoon    slaughtering
ids.    The const-able was   at
by the Blicotlng, snd fearing
stray   shots   might   Injun
the  neighborhood,  wenl
able on the Thlrtv-flrsl day ..f Hec-niier
H��fi2. and tn bear Interesl al the rnt" of
F'.ur und one-half per centum it'- por
rent)   per  annum  pavable  half-yearly
ANH wiikukas ill" Mimi. Ipul Council
of ih" Corporation >.f the Dlstrlcl of
rtnriiuhv did wllh the aasenl of Hi" electors on t'"- Twentieth day of Janunry,
1611   finally  pass  By-law  No   148  lu-bur
a  by-law   m  enable  ti orporatlon   t,.
raise bv way <.f l"uu the sum of Twenty-
eight   Thousund   Hollurs   1 I'.'K.um 1    fo-
Scllool  P-brp-nses,  the sold  Hy law     behiK
known us "Itiirnulo Setiool Hoard l.onn
No.   2   Itv-law*    IIU "
AND WIIKUKAS ih�� Corporation by
the aald llv-lnw authorised lhe lasue nf
debenturea to the amount of Twentv-'elght
Thousand    Dollars     f$l��.000.00)     lo    hr
ed foi
��� 1   dav   Of    D*
, hear Interesl
  hull   '" -   '���
nullum   pavable
it   Hi
night of tbe constable the
but the constable wns nblo
D.'ilinai'u.    The    forelgnnr
bad n choice meal hidden   In n bit
Tb-ere were no lens than sixteen rob
Ins and woodpeckers, lie was taken
to a city police Btatlon and will ap
pear In county court today. Hfl ro
fused to state what he and Ills friends
were koIhk to do with the birds, but
the county oonstablfl thinks that thev
I11te1nl.1i making u meal out uf their
day's sport,
.4Nli wiikhk's ib- debentures Authorised bv the said Uylaws have iml been
snld and owlntu to an advance In ilu- rate
i.t  inti'reet   foe  money  sine-  tti-  pussina
"' lbe snld If layvs Ihe Snld d'-l" nlo'"S
ftar'-bv  authorised  cannot   t... sotd  nr r)ln.
nosed of exceni ai 11 disc "mi Involving
:, substantial rertticHnn in tl..* aryjunt r*--
oulr.d t'i be provided for and II Is n-c.
essnev t" eu��H 11,is, n---liiw authorising
ii��. ,i"i.nrii"r,�� to iiu. .'-i.i -imounts '. nr
Jeteri'Ht el Mi" ���*:,'" '"" Flv- per c-lltlim
1'.. per cent I  p.'r iinn'.ini.
ANH whkhkas 11 wlll li" necessary
under suid it*, law No, ivifi to ralso an-
nuallv le- snec'il 1*1" the num i.f Two
Thousand su Ilundred and 'I'ldity and
V7.li.ri liollars ($1,080,117) lo form a slnll-
triLi fund for Hie pavmenl of lhe principal and the sum of Twelve Thousand flvo
Hundred Dollars 1112,600.00) f..r Interest making togetiier n total amounl nti-
nuallv of fifteen Thousand nn" Hundred
snd    Thirty   nnd    *47 1<'0    Hollars    Itlf..-
no.117) for (he lerm of thirty-nine <vm
yi.-,. for tbe repayment of the suld loan
sod Interest thereon u" hereinafter men-
Honed, the amount of Two Thousand His
Hundred  and Thirty  uud  S7-100   Dollars
I11X      t"
iking rund
ANH  wiikukas 11  will  I..-  neceiaary
under said  By-law  No.  M'.  tu rats-- annually   lo*    s|.�� i ,il    'ule   lie-   sum   "I   TWO
Hundred and Nl  ��� IJ   r * and 86 100 H*-i-
lurs ($294.05) t" form u sinking imd
fur th-* iiuvmenl "f t'i" principal and the
sum of One Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($1,400.00) for Inierest maklnii 10-
Bether 1 t"t.il amount annually "f One
Thousand fcii-, Ilundred und Nlneti font
end o'. i"" t',,iii.-s 1 $1,894 ',:��� 1 for it .-
1.-nu uf thirty-nine voir, for the  repni
menl  ,.f  lie   suld  lu.in and  1111.1."'   thereon
as hereinafter  mentioned,   the  nmounl   nl
TWn  Hundred  nod   Nm* l>   f*" I   and
Ii'illars  1 $:S4 ��,%.  I avp     Is en  ral
the tlrst vi.it's sinking fund
ANH WHEREAS Hi- mi value of thn
whole   rateable   land  In   1  ������   Municipality
uceiudlnK   t"   lb"   lasl   revised   asses	
roll umoiiiiis I.. Twenly-two Million One
Hundred and Rltthleen Th lusnnd Three
Hundred and Bcventv-flve Dollars ($21,-
118,375.00) for general purposes nnd Including Dlstrlcl Lol One ilundred . -. '
Beventv-two (172) for school purposes to
TwentV-tWO Millions Sit Hundred an'
Twentv-nlne Thousnnd '���'���*���" Hundred and
Five Uullars  ($22,619,205 ""1
Corporation of tho Dlstrlcl of Burnaby
enacts us follows- -
1. Thai tb" debentures authorised by
said Ill-laws No, U0A, UIA, 111, IIS,
120, 142. 143, 111 ami 146 sliull bear Interesl at   tlm   li te of  five per ceiitom   I '.   per
cent) |s*i annum computed from thi  flrsl ,
day of July.   UU, nn.l such Interesl   shall
be   payable   Ian If yenrly   on   lhe   Thirtieth
dav   of   June   and   the  Thirty  llrst   day   "'
December   In   ench   year   during   the   cur-1
ri-nev  ther, .,r  nml  ttie    said    debentures
���ihull   have   uttuolicd   to   them   coulHiiiH   for ',
ihe  payment   or  tin-  suld  interest   which .
"ball bear  lhe  Signature uf th"   Reeve nnd I
Clerk and such signature mav I,,, either ',
written, stamped, printed or llthogrnphed |
���i. There shnll be raised nml levied an- |
nually during tb" currency ef the suid debentures authorised hv said Bv-law N" I
120A l.v special rat,- siiiiici'iii therefor
upon all Ho- rateable land wlihln Hu- bin I
iis of iiu- said Municipality in addition to
the uu,uiaI   sums  reoulred  bv  Ilu, said   Bv
law  No.   U'SA   Ihe sum of One Thous 1
Two    Hundred    and    Fiftv    Dollars    (II.-
250.00) in pnv tin- additional Interest authorised by this llv law th" won" to hs
iu  addition   to  ull   lutes  to  be  levied  und
oreated In the suld Municipality.
:i. There sluill be raised and ley I'd annually durmg U urrency nt the suld debenturca authorised by suid Hy-luyv N"
121A bv speclul rule Mull'cleiit therefor
iiih.'i all the run -ilil. land wlihln the limit" I
uf the suld Munlclpalltv In addition lo ilu* |
annual sums reoulred bv th" said llv-luw
No.   lii A   Hi" .iiiiu 0' Two  Ilundred and
fifty   Hollars   ($260 00)   tn   nay   '1 1
dltlonnl Interest authorised hy ii.pi Bvlaw tb" sii' " ' ' b" In 11.Idlll*.11 lo nil rates
io I.,, levied nnd created In Iho said MtP
I Then* s' ������'! he raised 1.-1 1 levied no-
nuuiiv during th" currency i.f the snld m -
i���iiurcs  n"!horlS"d  hv wild   Bv law   N .
Ill bv special nil" sultli o  therefor  11
nil lhe n.l. nbI.��� bind" within Ih" llm'ts
of lh" snld Municipality In addltl'.ii to Hie
il'llnull  sinus   reoulred hv lh" snld   lei'-law
Vo.  122  tlu- 1  0' One Thousnnd Two
Hundred nml isiftv Hollars (11,260.00) to
nnv the ndill'loiml Interest initl,,"Ir.eil hv
Ihls Hv-lnw the ��:���".. |o b" In addition to
all rates t" be levied and created In the
suid Municipality
f,. There shall tie rslseu and levied nn-
nually durlnie the currency of the sahl de-
B.C.Coasl Service
f-.,-i.wn Vnncouver for Victoria 1* a. tn,
[>   in. and 11 lit,
I 'ini-* VftnootlVtr for Hf��ttl�� !��� ��. m
Hnd  ll  p. tn
Lmtm VHncnivtfr fur Nunalmo 10 ��.nx.
and  6 .3" p.m.
.A-nvrn VRnoonr^r for Prlnr* Kup rl
and NVirthfTi Pnlntl to p, m WtvJm'a
duyH   and   BftturdAyi   nt   11   p.m.
Cliilliwack Service
l.**t,vf*  fhUllwack    7    i
TUuradoy and Saturiiny.
l^eavea   w*-��truinBt*T   8
U . iii.i-Hihiy   Hint   Ktliiay.
tn.    Tu**i��d*jT.
a.   iw    M'.ndHjT.
BD   QOULBT, >����-nt.
H    W.  BltODIK   Q.  F
Si w  Wi-mmlnatttr.
A..   Van(Mmvt*r
New Imported Kali Suit inns now on
display.     See   Ibem      Perfect   ntThnl
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
$1S nil up.    701  Front Slreet.
P.O. Bos 34 Dally Newi Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction Ruarantsed.
19  McKanile  St
Transfer Co*
Office  Phone   115.      Barn  Phone  U'
Begble Street
Ha Kress lielhete< Promptly to
any part of tbe city
light arid Heavy Hauling-
Telephones: Office S3, Residence 42ft.
JOHN IIEIP. Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     tiros,'   Qnaolln*
Knglnea. Marine Engines and  Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth Bl.
P.O. Bex 474.   New Westminster, B.C. THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 1913.
moi iivta
Neice of  Duke of    Argyle,    Husband \ Labor Men of    Saskatoon    Save    Up
and Hla Men Take Up Land in
Their Grievances Against the
Next Election.
Montreal, Ann. 27. The Hon Ar
iinii- Broderlok and Mrs. Broderlck, u
niece of ' ��� Duke of Argyll, were vial
mrs to I In. olty for ix few hours, stay-
in,;  ai   the  Rlti-Carlton   b 1     Mr.
Broderlck is tho offloer commanding
the Mb HaltalKiu of lbe Queen's Royal
Weal Surrey Reglmont of Territorials,
and ii is come over practically s tra Ighi
from the cummer military camp at
Patcham, bringing with blm the nrih
detachment of strong, capable Britain's mei ili'irs of bis own Initial on
who are entering upnn agricultural life
;ii .'��� -.-.ei! and sim'.utaneously Joining the B9th Manitoba Rangers at
l;    -'I'll
said "di* Broderlck, "������ bib' our
i ountrj at home Is weaki ned by the
in-., it mi n of ilils two-fold oDarai li r
i nplra   overseas i�� strengthened,
t ir they make admirable colonist., and
i i   oldiers,
Many   Opportunities.
'*;   hh  greatly  Interested    In    tbls
work and h is a real pleasure to planl
these  men  where   opportunities    for
bettering their positions are real mn
taut lal, and the linancial help ei
i'ml' d io enable ihem to gel over and
inaki a Mart Ih Invariably repaid within ��� i elva months The men wlll go
straight Into tbe bnrvest fields around
Brandon, wio-p- pa) i.- good Pertua
iH'in places have been found for
them "
Turning to affairs al home, Mr Bro-
df-trlok, who is a brother of Viscount
Mlddleton, who occupied various sec-
i*.ii��������� ���.si.ips in the former Unionist administration, Including that of secre
i tr-.* "i state for war, and secretary
Btate for India, spoke hopefully of
Unionist prospects st the next general
.   .*���   in,   though,   he   said,   election   Is
rather remote, for thd Liberals are
firmly Heated in the saddle, and are
suppi rti d by the Nationalists and La-
boi  members.
Might  Bo   Returned.
"If."   said   .Mr    llroderlck.  'file  gov
ernment consulted the electorate to     be by-law for consideration at a meet
morrow, there Is little doubt that the I lng of the irades and  labor council.!
Amendments were suggested and the
by-law i'i   ly passed In November and
. was ocsnldered a great victory for thej
; lahoi  men.
The election was over and the labor
men   satisfied   when  on   April   20  and I
1 again June,  thc council  passed  some
I amendments to the by-law.
Saskatoon, Aug, 21. Ar ---irrfinK ti
K Chicken, perhaps Hie most promt-
ii' nt labor man In the cily, u stormy
time is in store at the next election
tor the members of the city council !
who were Instrumental In having ths
fa..* wane by-law passed and then permitted   it   to   In-  amended  so  that  Its i
conditions wen. rendered   practically
The original by-luw stipulates thai
workmen employed  by the city or Its
contractors mual be paid acoordlng to
,i minimum wage scale, As amended.
Hi wages are determined not by ibe
unions, i.ui by Die prevailing wanes
being paid In the city.
Mr  Chicken stated thai tin- i ibor
I men  had  always opposed  the am I
inn i.i t'i" by-lav, but ..liteil that they
were powerless as the) had no repre-
; sentatioti oh  th" ct uncll.
"What   are   yen   going   l'i   do  about
j It?"   he  wss   a- lid     "They,  and   par
ilcularlj   Alderman  MacOougall, who
mi  aavious  I"  have  tbe  bylaw
pai  * .1.  will sec  when  olectlon  time
���������onu s ami we will endeavor to
some   representatives   elected,
j will -stand up for our Interests,
i :ih well as before an election."
in&tancc of Unfairness.
Mr  Chicken added that, as an Instance of lh'* chance  in  the  by-law,
earpenters at  tbe  exhibition  had  in
ibis   opinion   received   less   than  fair
wages,    The commissioners    bad reported  n. no   council Hint  the  wages
wen   reasonable,  bm  Hu-  labor men
iv r" nut satisfied and as a result will
j Vive a conference with ibe commissioners nn the matter
'll.i     , ii'iuliiii nt- have bei n dope In
committee and   the changed  bylaw
���is  Dually  passed  by  the council on
Jui r. 80
1'y.law   number f'Tl   was passed  by
[the council on November 12 las' year
j The   aidtallon   for   It   was   conducted
bj   tbe  members  ol  the  trades    and
labor   council,   and.   as   election   time i
.ippio.i died.   B   number  of  Ibe  alder-
nen   submitted   a   proposed   draft  of
Today Is
HAVE made six lots of waists and blouses and put such reductions
on them them that you can't resist the temptation of buying at least
e. 1 have put the price in a place that all can reach. Come early,
as crowds will be here to take advantage of this golden opportunity.
The confidence that the buying public has in this store-its methods
and merchandise-has been exemplified by the enormous crowds that
have thronged every department of the store in response to our great
closing-out sale.
��ill not
is not in
city.   Mr
Unionists would bo returned to power.
imi  th-.  government  -which  lias Just
soi   '* r .1 linn; recssa ane
i.e-'   again  until  February
the I, sat like)) to resign."
\ft"r a  short stay  In  th
ai i  Mra   Broderlok, accompanied by
Mi   Tudor, who is returning to his
t   I.* '.* al   Kamloops, Joined the train to
resume their journey to Winnipeg and
B   indi Q     On  Wednesday they Intend
to hold s re-unlon Of all the men wbo
:,.-   Iii   llrandon   in   their   par-
LOT NO. 1.
White and    Colored     Waists
and Blouses;  ail of the latest
styles  and   models;   low  and
high   neck,   long     and    short
sleeves; values   to   S1.50
Thursday only
LOT NO. 2.
Whin*   and   f'olorcd    Waists
and blouses; all of ihe latest
styles ami   models;   low  and
hlfch   neck;    long   and   short
sleeves;  values  to S2.50
Thursday only
LOT NO. 3.
While   and   Colored    Waists
and blouses; all of the latest
ftyles and   models;   low  and
high  neck;    loaf*   and   short
sleeves;   values   to  $3.50
Thursday only
LOT NO. 4.
White   and   Colored    Waists
and blouses; all of the latest
styles  and  models;   low  and
high   neck;    long   and   short
sleeves;   values  to  S4.50
Thursday only
LOT NO. 5.
White   and   Colored    Waists
and blouses; all of the latest
styles and  models;   low  and
high  neck;    long   and   short
sleeves:   valeus  to  S5.00i
Thursday only
LOT NO. 6.
White   and   Colored   Waists
and blouses; all of the latest
styles and  models;  low and
high  neck;    long   and  short
sleeves:  value   to   S6.00
Thursday only
A Few Prices From Other Departments���Can You Beat Them?
Son   Bee    ht   Mcdicme
Fither Tcok
Father Died and She Took Over Man-!
Lincoln. Neb.. Aug. 27     Miss Helen!
I.ynch   is  sole   owner  of  a   ten-thOU-l
��� .'itid-acre ranch  nt  HyannlS,  Neb., on |
which   ��re  thousands of cattle  and  a
hundred horses and cow panics.    Thej
���ranch Is known as "O   II." and cattle |
bearing that brand can be seen In thel
live "lock markets of Omaha, KaiiBUf \
citv and Chlcngo.
Ten  yeari  ago  Mis  I.ynch     -was    a
j "Indent <n the Omaha high Bchool  Her i
j father   died   suddenly.     leaving     the!
Winnipeg, | wid0W and four children little exoept
a small ranch In th.' sand bills   Ml"
' vneb   at   once   left   SCbool     to    tnke*
lharge of thc  ranch.    Aided  by  the |
manv Mends of her 'itV-r. "be pros   j
I "ered.   and   thn   r-itich   steadily   grew
j r-om ihe amatl nfTnir lefl bv htm to |
7.    AI th" Inquest nl , ,hp  ten-tliournnd acre  domain  or  tola d     lh of   lohnston ; ,,.lv     |nul   v���nr ���hp r���,  , ,nd tons of
hav    vorth  in   the city about  111". 000
Miss   I.ynch   Is   her   own   manager,
buys her own  c-jttle. and  takes  them
���ri market    Bhe Is an c-tnert  horsewoman:   fhe Is  In  the raddle almosl
innstantly,   carrying   a   lariat   at   the
-e-immcl  and  a   revolver  In   a  holster.
In rounding up and lassoing cattle she
is   almost   ns   skillful   ns  anv  of   the
 v'"V! ci tlie ranch, and she lo an
excellent shot.
i for some time.    ,	
t  in  Toronto
Died In Fev   Minutes.
A special lot of boys' and girlB'
hats ill white lace and plain mod-
elB. ValueH to $2.50. Sale Cn
price   UO
l"p-to-date ladles' Neckwear, including Jabots, side ruffles and
collars Values to $1.50. To- l-flp
day only    lUu
$1.75 renin Gloves: all col- OC���
ors and s;7es. Sale price Uuu
Art Cushions,  unworked:  Just the
thing  to start  for Christmas presents; values up to $1.50. Sale
Moreen I'nderskirts; all colors.
There arc about 15 of these skirts
and values run as high as
$9.00.     Sale   price   	
15c.    Ribbons:      all      colors   and
styles and widths.    On sale
$2.50 House Dresses and Wrappers;
all   styles   and   colors;   about   two
dozen  in  this  lot  to  go  to
day  at   	
Ladies' and Children's Hosiery, In
all the colors and good assortment
of sizes; values to 40c.   Sale
White Wash Skirts���One    of
greatest bargains   ever   heard
Values  to $5.00.    Sale
FROM 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday nijjht till 10
P. M.
Ladles' Handk-rchiefs of good
white and colored linenette; 01/���
regular 10c. Sale price 0'3t
Ladies' Undervests; long, short and
no sleeves; values to 45c. IE-
Sale price   Idi
50c Cushion Cords; all colors IE a
and styles.   Sale price 'wl*
MRS. A. J.
617 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B. C.
FROM 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday night till 10
T ronto, Aug.
i ,.i* morgue on t
I', r::*,. r. who died ol I ridav morning,
n few minutes aft' .* he had taken a
do--,, of salts, ihe Jury brought in a
verdict of death by accidental poison-
lng and atrathod �� rider recommend
Ing a rigid Investigation by lb'' crown
ns to the More In Winnipeg at which
���V* aaltl a ��� alleged to bale been pur-
- based by ihe deceased's son. Jonas.
The case Is one or Ihe most peculiar
thi'       s been  brought  before tbe no-|
tice "' ih" i. ithorll
(In Friday morning Mr   Cornier com
plained of fei ling unwell and on ml
vies of his  wife lo.'k a dose of sails
Shortly after be became critically I'd.
a'. I  died   v. it li in half an hour
Tin- sails Which ware In a boUlu
were hrougbl fr mi Winnipeg by liis
s.n When he purchased them they
wer- In bulk, but thinking thai he
would only require a small amount ho
transferred sum" of the r tdle'ne to a
bottle which formerly contained Florida watnr. nnd threw the remainder of
the pad; I go im-li
He f. und no need for ''.iem. and upon
arriving In Toronto pave the bottle to
his r.oth' *, al the same Ume telling
her thnl ,i contain d u dose of ��nlls. I'
was rrom thia l-nttle that Mr. Fortner
took tha 'atal dose.
An analysis of the medicine showed
that It contained 80 per cent strychnine, and, estimating the quantity the
man took, ha musl have swallowed
from ."-ven in ten grains of the poison
One   grain   Of   Strychnine   is     always
III' ll,
'1 he son Jonas said he bought the
medicine el ihe llrst drug store north
Of the Mi-ami Iheatre on Main Btreet.
Winnipeg The name of the store,
however, lie was unable to remember.
The bottle Into which be put the medicine, as far im he know, had never
t mtalned poison, Imt had only been
used bv him tor perfume. Hefore
transferring the sal's be had made
utre Hint thn bottle was thoroughly
Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 27.���Minneapolis women need have no fear of
arrest If tbey appear on the streets in
the new X-ray gowns.
chief Martinson disagrees with
Mayor Albo" of Portland. Ore., who
hns ordered h's policemen to arrest all
women appearing on Portland streets
in tbe dlatilvii'., us costumes,
"It's not up to the police to tell
women what to wear and what net to
"car." ihe chief said today. "They
in go ns far us thev like with the
new fashions here as far ns I nm concerned.
"Imagine nie trying to dictate to
Minneapolis women what they shall
lie smiled out nf Ihe corner of his
moulli. "II couldn't be done. I mav
bave to regulate truffle, cafes and the
sule of Honor, bul I don't sre bow
women's clothes can come under mv
supervision. I'll hnve none of H In
j 84 years old.
I The men were In charge of a 8wed-
] 'Fit foreman, who, while well behaved
I himself, was unable to keep the otber
I'orclgners in check. Mr. Morris found
himself in a predicament. His daugh
I 'ers implored him not to leave them
I alone In camp, so that he was unable
to take a boat across the arm of the
j lake to notHy the Ontario local po-
! lice.
Eventually   a   neighboring   farmer
came  to the assistance of the party,!
and placid two rooms In his house et
lhe disposal oi' the girls, while their.
father broke up camp j
At Ihree o'clock lii tlie morning Mr.
Morris, with a loaded revolver in etch
band,  escorted  his  girls    two    miles
across   the  bush   to   the  farm  house, j
where they remained until the family;
returned to Kenora and took the train.
Mr  Morris says lhat the only proper Iasked him to show him a bank where
course to bave pursued under the eir-! he   might   deposit   the   sum   of   $300,
rums-tinces would  rave becn to have'which he had in his possession,
shot at the men who were molesting'    The story told by the Russian is as
j      OfflCc fOR BANK
Regina Policeman Charged With Duping  Ignorant Russian Immigrant.
After other business
Regina, Aug. 27.���Constable Cook, of I transacted at the meeting of the police
tbe local police force, will appear be-; commission yesterday afternoon, and
fore the pollce commissioners to an- i the matter tiad not been referred to
twer to a most serious and exiraordi- ; hy Chief Zeats, he was asked about it
nary   charge   which   has   been     pre-, j,y Mayor Martin, and at the latter's
ferred against him���that Of directing   request produced the letter which the  not satisfied with the progress made
a non-English-speaking Itussian to a ; mayor hnd received in connection with  jn the matter, and decided to summon
| real  estate  office after  the  man  had | the case. | Constable Cook before them in order
Conitable Admits Some Facta.       . that he might be given an opportunity
The '��tter stating the Russian's side of explaining his actions.
ing the money which he had worked
so hard and long to possess. In company with a Canadian gentleman who
is interested iu the case, he came to
Regina some weeks ngo and went to
the office of Stubbs & Walker to re-
gah his money, but was refused. He
and his friend also interviewed Constable Cook, but claim that they got
but little satisfaction from that source.
Mayor Martin was ihen communicated'with and the latter put the matter into the hands of the police de-
had    been |
of the affair was read to the commissioners present. The police department had. judging from Cbief Zeats'
remarks, made but little headway in J
the matter. The latter said that the
firm of Stubbs & Walker had dissolved, and that both gentlemen were!
out of the city, and tlieir return was |
beiug awaited. Chief Zeats said that
he bad spoken to Constable Cook on
the matter, and that the latter ad-
milted sending the Russian to rhe real
estate office of Stubbs & Walker instead of to the bank, but denied accompanying him there He also states
that he did not receive any commis-
.-lon on the sale from Stubbs &
The commissioners were apparently
She   Married   Sixteen   Men,   So   They
Exiled Her to Save the Rest of
the Poor Males.
bis daughters, and that he would have ;
done so. If the girls had not begged
htm tn leave the men alone. He says
that it is nn outrage that in a supposed civilized country, ln close proximity to a popular summer camping
ground, well bred women should be
subjected to such Indlginltles, Ho asserts that then* is prncticallv speak-
'ng no effective pollce patrol in the
neighborhood, and that In such circumstances the only course for canip-
���rs is to take the iaw Into their own
hands nnd shoot Intruders at sight.
came to
three ye
$80D.   H
In the month of June he
Itegina with the savings of
irs' work en a railroad gang.
��� arrived In Regina at night,
Polack     MeeU     Death     In     Conduit
Montreal, Aug. IT,.--N'lcola Kit-duck.
;. Polack emploved In a conduit tunnel running 'mder Ouy ctreet nl the
southern corner of St. Catherine, �����
pin'i'ri to the c-mind bv the fall of a
*i\ir lon rock nnd met with almost in-
���slant death  late yesterday afternoon.
KnclUOll wns working alone towards
the centre Ot the street. He either
dug around the large rock Imbedded
In lbe ride of the tunnel, or tlie latter
vis dlstbtirhed hv tie vibrations of
���street cars. Knclue-k was wedged
:��� ������r.-ilust the southern waif of the pit,
th" muss of stone pressing on hi*
left side nnd Ills head and one Shoulder protruding, Ho lived for a few minuter. Dr. I'helnn from the Western
hnpait.nl came with an ambnlnnce, but
v hen he arrived tho man wns dead.
A large rescue gang worked half an
hour to extricate the body.
Kaoltiok lived ��t 2814 Notro Dame
Klroet weBt and was unmarried.
and being fearful (hat he would have j
his "poke" Bto'.en .'rom him if he went
to a h tei   spttt the night In the unon station.   In the morning be set out
lo  look  for  a  hank,  and  arriving  at
tbe corner of Scarth    and    Eleventh,
avenue, caught sight of the figure ofj
Constable < ook, who was doing point'
duty at  that  intersection.    After  thej
manner of   liis   race,  he  beld   a  uni-1
! formed Individual in great respect, nnd j
jinade known hls desires to    put    his
DESERTED SHOW GIRL  money In the bank to the officer. Con-
stable Cook, he alleges, then aeom-
Spokane, Aug. 21. -Miriam I.ee. act- j panted him to the office of Stubbs &
rcss. said to have heen deserted at Walker, on South Railway street.
Calgary by members of a theatrical j where he handed over his money and
Company presenting a show at a lo- received In return a slip of paper
ral vaudeville house last week, lett j which he thought was a receipt for
penniless at Calgary, Alta., is now on | money he had placed In a bank, but
Winnipeg Man Had Uncomfortable Experience With Msn of Read
Winnipeg, Aug. 8t>. To set out on
i unlet botanizing expedition nnd to
be compelli d to mount guard for two
���lavs and nights over his camp near
KorvMIn wltfl a 'n'ided Smlth-Wes-
ron wns the experlrnce of Frank Mor-
���Is, nn employee cf ihe 0. P. R. telegraphs, who lives with hls two daughters nt 800 Warwick Court.
According to the story tnld by Mr.
Morris, he leased n camping ground
at the Lake of the Woods about ohe
and one-half miles north of Keewatln.
and some two weeks ago went down
from Winnipeg to Kenora, Intending
to spend a month nt his camp collecting specimens' of the flora of that district. At first all went well, but after
a few davs a gBng of Oallclan laborers working on the government road
near to h's ennin msde themselves ob
her way to Snn Francisco, her home,
the fare being put up by Mrs. May
Arkwrlght Hutton, who had been In-
'eeested In the case by friends at Cal-
r-nrv. Mrs. I.ee left Spokane at C.4F.
y'dock Friday night nfter she had
een taken from the home of Mrs.
ITrtUro to tho O.-W. H. & N. depot III
tho  police greyhound.
According to her story she v 13 de-
teiicd by her manager at Calgary Sr
"ilrty women of Calgary raised money
io pay her fare to Sp-iknne so tliat she
���nl^ht Join the show. When Sll.! ar
r.ved nt Spokane with two traveling
men who had befrieulei her. purchased her meals and c.ire.l for her on th '
train, she was penniless. Th�� police
were appenled lo and she waa taken
ti the Spokane hotel by the two traveling men.
At 1 o'clock Friday morning ti,* girl
i-ecnmc hyBterlciil antl desopndent and
attempted to lenp Tiom the third
story window. The two 'raveling men
nt the time le" the hotel because of
fei,-.' that thc girl wns losing her mind
Her case wns called to the attention
of House Detective William Shannon,
which In reality was an agreement of
sale for lots in Factorla, a subdivision
of Medicine Hat.
Learned of Error.
The Russian then left the city and
returned to the railroad work, satls-
(leii that his money was In a safe place
and that he could at any time draw It
nut. Some time after returning to his
work he was boasting of his wealth
to a fellow countryman and exhibited
what he thought was the bank's receipt for hla money. Hls companion
was evidently more worldly-wise, for
he apprised him of the fa-jt that he
had heen duped, and Instead of holding a receipt from the bank had an
'greoment of sale on some lots in
Medicine Hst, on which he had paid
three hundred dollars and on which
two more payments of a Blmllar
amount were soon due. The agreement nlso contained a clause to the
effect that if the other payments were
not mado the lots andt he money already paid In would be forfeited.
Refused to Return Money.
The Russian, realising that it was
absolutely Impossible tor him to make
noxious to his daughtors, aged 22 nnd ton was notified.
and the following morning Mrs. Hut- any further payments on the property.
became frantic at the thought ot los-
Bllly "Single" Clifford and Hae Collins in "Believe Me,"
bouse tonight.
St. Petersburg. Aug. 27���After caui
ing Innumerable men to fall in love
with her���and actually marrying 16 of
the more impressionable and richer
ones���a wonderful woman, Tatiana
Betcheriak, has just been exiled for
life to Siberia.
The woman, who Is now over 40
years of age, retains her remarkable
beauty to a surprising degree. She
married at the age of 16. and lived
with her husband for about three
Becoming a widow, she soon wedded
a rich landowner, and succeeded in
compelling him to spend large sums
upon her. When he was nearly ruin-
she left him, but remembered to take
all his valuables with her.
The next husband was a stock broker, who quickly fell captive to the
fair Tetania. Having induced him lo
tarnsfer all his property to her. the
adventurous beauty sold It and en-aped abroad with a lieutenant, whnni.
however she quickly deserted tn order
to wed a fascinated Oriental consul.
I Seizing all the consul's realizable
possessions his "wife" left him post
haste and returned to Russia by mo-ms
of a stolen passport. Here she was
wooed and won by an Important official. Again she left her latest "husband," after abstracting -all portable
valuables, but this time she waa
caught and exiled to Siberia.
It now seemed as though her career
had received an effective check, bnt
the chief Jailer ln the far eas'-"��
wastes soon fell under the spell ��� ' '.be
beautiful Tetania and fled with her to
Here, however, the woman ch"i',e(|
to encounter her former husband, the
Oriental consul, and, with a Just'fled
dread ot complication-., she sudd-nlv
'eft the chief jailer and returned to
For two yea-e-. she lived peacefully
In Russia and enjoyed a considerable
private Income, having realized excellently unon ��he various "husbands'"
valuable-. Also she made a rrrnt
numV* --t other ellglbles temporarily
hi--,-��� ,��� y."marrying1' them.
Tn 'his varied path of life sh" con-
'ipus-d until her sixteenth victim, m.
'twyer, became wedded to her. Tb*
union proved peaceful* and h-^ptiy>'-
there was a child. But at a ball tax*
small tows ahe came face to face with
��� former."husband," who, d��M��'l�� *****
entreaties, informed the MB whoa*
ahe geaulnely IotsC ��AflB EIGHT
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procuring it. Delightful for
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Fruit Salad and a dozen other
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Dominion Trust
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New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Admlnls-
trailon, over $8,000,000,
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Greater Westminster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 centa p��r line. Please do not
ask membera of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Miss I.. Hoe will meet her pupils for
piano and theory this week.      il!i4li|
A breakdown on one of tbe Supper-
ton cars near the Brunette switch iIIf-
located traffic on the local system last
evening for half an hour.
Building permits totalling $.170(1
were taken out yesterday at the building inspector's office. The mimes of
the parties nre J. S. Dodds, Holland
and Wolfenden. McNemery. I.. \V.
Kmbree and James 1). Warnock.
laugh producer into New Westminster
six hours behind schedule time. Tlie
company last evening look the experience as u big joke and delighted in
telling of the incidents thut happened
in their journey  from  the  interior.
PREBCE���The death occurred yesterday of William Michael l'reece,
aged HI. The remains are lying at
Bowell'B undertaking parlors, The
funeral arrangements will bo made
Burnaby Storekeeper Also Pays Costs
and Injured Man's Medical
.lohn ;
BUCKLEY���The   funeral   i
Sylvester  Buckley  took  place
day   afternoon   from   Bowell's   under
taking    parlors.    Rev.    Father    Ut��c-k Ipulli.i;
I rfficlatlng.   A number of friends   of
alterations have started I th-*, deceased   from Pon   lluney   at-
Ross'  tlle   Big   Furniture   tended
at Denny &
store. To make room for this work
they art making heavy reductions on
all'lines. Oet their prices, lt will
pay you. (1966)
Iteeve Barth. of Coiiuitlam retbrned
home from Victoria on Monday night.
As clerk of Praser Mills municipality,
he was successful In persuading the
financial department of the government to disgorge $^:1H4 in taxes, or, as
it will be culled now, taxes refunded.
lf your corns hurt use Georges
Corn Shields. Hill's drug store. (19-lM
After undergoing several operations
In Victoria, W. S. Rogers, superintendent of the Canadian Western Lumber company, is rapidly approaching
his normal health. Mr. Rogers is expected to return to Millside some time
this week and is assured of a hearty
A and II. companies of the 104th
regiment will hold tlieir annual class
firing on tho Brownsville ranges on
Saturday, commencing at 9 o'clock in
the morning. The efficiency pay depends on the scores made, lt is expected that the members of Company
C. of Cloverdale will participate.
Money to loan on first mortgages, j
improved city and farm property |
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1828)
Warnings have been issued by
Health Inspector Pearce to certain
residents that further dumping of
waste material and refuse into the
slips at the street ends, especially at
the foot of Sixth. Begbie and Eighth
streets, will be taken up by the pro-
5 per authorities and dealt with tn tbe
police court.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Three Indians were corralled by the
police last evening when under '.he influence of liiiuor, and will hive a
hearing before Magistrate Edmonds
in court this morning. The conviction
of seven men found supplying Indians
wiib firewater early in the fishing season had a deterring effect on the work,
but now the sockeye run is peterint
out. the police are keeping a stric-
watch on the law breakers.
Yesterday the body of a Chinaman
was found hanging by the neck in a
shack about 200 yards back of the
lumber company's general offices at
Praser Mills. At first it was thought
thnt foul play might have had something to do with lhe death, but Investigation by the police shows it to be
almost certainly a clear case of suicide. A post mortem examination will
be made and an Inquest will be held.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil. apply
lo the P.. C, Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
Man   Held   For   Debt   Must   ttay     in I
Jail���Wae   in   Business   in
Canoe rton
On Monday ills lienor Judge Iloway
beard and application oll behalf Of Wil
(ieorge Leaf, storekeeper, Blast Bur
naby. wus lined $100, wllh the alternative ot two montha' Imprisonment, by
his lienor Judge Howay in the county
court yesterday for running over W,il-
ester-1ter v--ntt with an automobile on May
17. The Injuries inflicted were ap-
Aftcr Walt was struck he
was carried from 70 lo SO feet by the
uulo. He hud boih legs broken, one
arm broken, nuif a dozen r.bi smashed and collar bone broken in several
I.,, pleaded guilty to having ex
ceeded tlle speed limit of lour miles
au hour pusBing u street car.
Win In Ills   evidence   waa   mosl]
lgeiiiir.ua In bis acknowledgement o, I
'l.e.ifh kindness and consideration i*
Ihlin since the accident   He had b en
in the Iiospiial 12  weeks    and    three
duys and
lhe  bill,
In answer to Judge Iloway witness
said Leuf had been very good to him
since the accident.
The question really Involved in the
case was the punishment and whether
code   the   ends   of   justice
See Advt. on Page 3
McmAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES& Co., Official Agents
Leafs assignees  had  paid
S75U,   lo   bis  entire   sutisfuc
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Ham Ecton, Sapperton, tu be released  under  the
from   custody   Ior  debt.     Kcton   was j might be met by tine
arrested for a debt of $101.12. at the '    I" fact prosecuting
suit of T. II. Grant, baker, who alleg- Injured   man,   as well as prisoner's
ed tbat tlio defendanl was leaving the  own    counsel.    Adam    8.    Johnston.
of  de-  directed all their knowledge  towards
counsel and the
Intention of leaving theltowever, tbat Leaf was on the wron
|ild( of the road and it behoved lum
to be extra careful, lie took chances
ol   being able  to  pass tbis  man  and
phone S20, wharf phone SS0.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Hoyal
Columbian hospital has decided to
give a barn dance on Friday evening.
Sept. 5 In the horticultural building,
Queen's park. This dance promises
lo be the event of the season. The
ladies hope for a large attendance of
old and young. Novel invitations are
being issued and any one wishing one
may phone the honorary secretary,
Mrs. Homer Adams, 101 Agnes street.
I Despite negotiations, municipal dissensions, votes and recriminations,
tbe Maillardville municipal hall deal
for Coquitlam bas fallen through.
Something In the conditions or restrictions in the title make it absolutely
Impossible for tlie council to go
; through with the matter bo far as the
Lamoreux property is concerned.
Tbere sei ms no alternative If the
council adhere to tlieir resolution to
fi\ oii Maillardville as the centre nf
the municipality, to renting premises.
province  with   the  Intention
fraudlng his creditors.   The application waa refused With costs.
Mr. and Mrs. Kcton carried on an
ice cream business In Sapperton, got
into financial difficulties, and assigned to Mr. Perrin, Vancouver, for the
benefit of their creditors. Some of
the creditors were not salislied with
the action and believe that he wast Circuit is tan ees
about lo leave the country, instructed W. K. Hansford, barrister, to take
out a capias. Under this process Bcton was arrested on au order from
Judge Howay last Friday and incarcerated.
Affidavits Submitted
Q.  E.   Martin  appeared   for  his  release,  submitting affidavits from   Mr.
and Mrs. Kcton to the effect that Kcton  bad  no
Mr. Hansford submitted counter affidavits from a Mr. Hodge, wbo swore
that an expressman had told him thai
he was engaged lo drive Ecton's bag
gage to the U. N it. depot, and from
the deputy sheriff, who deposed that
Kcton told him lie was going to Ever
Counsel argued at length on the
subject and quoted divers authorities
The debt of $164.12 was made up of
Grant's personal claim of $62.HI and
an assigned debt of the Crystal Hairy i
company of $1111.25.
Mr. Martin contended in the affidavit upon  which  the order of tlie ar-
rest  was  grunted,  the  assigned  debt
was not verified.    There was nothing j
10 show any debt really existed to the |
Crystal  Dairy company, only the as-
Blgnment.    The debt might be ficticious.    The  debtors  bad   made  a   full
assignment   to  enable   a  distribution'
of liis assets to be made.
Mr.  Hansford bavin? replied an ad- ;
journment  was maui   *., enable counsel to supply additional authorities.
Quote Authorities
On reassembling Mr. Martin  relied
lupon liis authority already quoted and
separation had ever reached Ibem,
and the discussion promised to con
Untie all nighl, until the carrying if
the motion concluded it Among
those who took part in the debate
were Messrs. Stoney. Peck, Olbb,
Maiden and Cameron.
All Ready.
Por the Labor Day committee. Mr.
Clbb reported everything In readiness.
A tlnal meeting will be held in the
Labor temple Sunday night.
Practically the whole council Intends being present at the city coun
cil meeting next Tuesday when the
weekly half holiday and early closing
Inlaws will receive iheir second read
tempering nurey with justice.
YV*. G. McQuarrie pointed out that
It was the first time Mr. Leaf had up
peered In a criminal court and lm- j
pressed upon the court the desirability
of leniency and the imposition of a
fine rather than  imprisonment.
Tlie court stated that taking all the
Into      consideration.'
lements by   counsel    for   prisoner
a, d for the   crown,    the    subsequent j
conduct  of  Leaf to the  injured  man !
and the evidence of Watt himself, he
thought  a  tine   would   be   the   proper
punishment     Apparently   Leaf   had
done everything a man could do after I
lbe accident and he thought tbe ends | pack |n yQUr bathlnB 9uit3 ���,���, n
(f justice might be met bv a nne, 1,, flHed htmper alld 8pend a d.iy ���,
$100.    He could not help pointing OU   | Maple  Ueiach   noundary  Day.    Plenty
of free picnic places oa tbe sand
beach or under the wonderful spread
ing maples. lively spring water
Take the itlver road to I.adner and
ihe Goudy road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet (Granby Bay.)
and Return.
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain  and   Forest
Balls Thursdays (Midnight) Aug
21st and 18th.
Five     Days     including
Meals  and   Berth.
Sails Mondays (Midnight). Aug.
20tb und  Sept.  1.
Iloats remain'at PRINCE Kl'PEHT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing tbe new Grand Trunk Paolfic cltv. Parlor rooma
separately or en suite, wiib or without private bath, etc . an an ad-
dltlonaffcost. Staterooms en suite without exlra cost, All outside
Through tickets lo all Eastern points via the popular Grand Trunk
II. O, SMITH, C. P, & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW,  G.  A.  P.   D.
i'hone Private Eicbange 8134
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 6*4.
Magistrate   Edmonds  Sends  One   Man
to Provincial Jail and Gives Two
Others Another Chance.
A special meeting of the C( luillaui
council will tie held on Kept. !i to constitute the licensing board. One justice of the peace requires to be Created by ihe attorney general und llie
appointment  is expected before that
date.   The licensing commissioners re-
ntiire   to   he   appointed   before   tlieir
| first   meeting on  Sept.   1"    when  they
will adjudicate on an application for
Ian   hotel   license   In   Maillardville.   Ro i |
far   the   licensing   hoard     consists   of | s
I Peeve   liartb,  James   Mars,  J.P.,   Port
Coquitlam, and Councillors Alkins and
(1829) 1 vi,-,   Hansford   furnished   several   au
thorities I'or liis argument that the ar
rest was In order and tht
f:>r defendants' discharge  refused
The court Bald on considering the
matter: 1 have no doubt of Iwo main
propositions. I have no doubt thut
there is a debt established due to the
plaintiff und 1 have no doubt that the
*.\r<.i lant Intended to leave the province.
The   case   that   Mr.   Hansford   Iin -   yious
quoted, bears out my own impressions |
lhat  il   requires   more  than   Ills  own j
bald statement that be did not !n*.8nd
to leave the country to overturn the
order for liis arrest.
1 have ihe affidavit of Hodge, who!
says   the   expi*essman   Informed   hlm
that  lu-   was  taking  this   man's   bag i
.;ag" to the  train Sunday.    Tin-re  is
also the deputy sheriffs affidavit that
lhe man told him he was going to
Everet.t, These make it very plain
that the man did Intend to leave the
country. The main doubt I had in
this matter wns whether the atfldavil
upon which the eider was originally
grunt'd. sufficiently disclosed the ex
istence of a debt between defendanl
and llie Crystal Dairy company, Tin
plalnttfl swears thai the debt was us
sinned 10 him ainl lhat In- gave nctloe
to the defendant.   Th
"This mnn Is not lit to be at large,"
was the comment passed by Magis
trate Edmonds In police court yester
day wben he committed William
Reeves 10 a six months' stay In tbe
provincial jail ii.r an indecent offence.
Two previous convictions were
brought up against the prisoni r. who
is a tall big burly looking fellow, and
who sobs when placid in the di.ck.
Two drunks of the garden variety
wen- on the roster. Une of Ibem
application bailed from Vale and his previous
clean record stood him in good stead
He was told to be good. Another, a
sailor, who informed lhe cadi that his
last chance to sign on as 0 member
of the Herakles crew expired yen r-
day afternoon, wan given anoth;r
chance, although h" appeared In cuun
iin ii sni'lar capacity six  weeks pr;
What with tlie harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coming to
lier own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Truet  Block.
Pre*, and Genl. Mgr.
N.  HI-:/. HUB LEE,
Bee. and Treas.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877,
(Continued Irom page oue)
URNS      ,
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented*
Columbian College
Commercial   Department
opens Sept. (Jth.
A. E. Ethcriiiffton,
Commercial Master.
,Miss A. Loree,
Teacher in Stenography and
For further Information apply to
Iteeve Harth was Bt Victoria at tin-
end of last week and had a long eon*
sulfation with the puhllc workB department on the desirability of connecting the Austin road through the
asylum property, with the road lead
lng 10 Port Coqultlam or Westminster
Function. Dr. Doherty will be communicated with, and after the plans of
the asylum buildings are examined
ond renortcd upon in relation to the
road, Coqultlam municipality will be
given either the yen or nay. Reeve
Il'irtb does not anticipate a refusal
of the municipal request,
Travelling by fast frolcht was ihe
experience of the Billy "Single" Clifford company which appeared in the
opera house last evening In "Believe
Mp." Clifford ii strom; on the special
���^enr stuff, lie has made a name for
himself throughout the continent
which entitles hlm and his company
to travel In the best of style but records were broken yesterday morning,
when after the crew of lln- passengor
train, pulling out. of Kamloops, had
forgotten to bitch on the special car,
t freight carrying live stock and
lhal lu- cannot very well swear t-> tha
existence of that debt and ut tho time
thought then- mlghl i"- something
It. On looking at ( liittv. which is
relevant to tbe particular Statute applicable Iipi-p. 1 find ii laid down thai
plaintiff v.ill be allowed to swear i'i
ihe  matter of  thc  adjustment  of n
bond to the best of his knowledge and
belief. That is the only point really
involved  in  the matter.
In this case he swears positively
to the existence of the debt h( wever
improbable his personal knowledge nf
If might, be. and he swears the debl
was assigned  to  hlin.
The debt, with costs, Rmounted lc
$200, which Is the amount necessary
fir such  an  arrest.
a local could be organized here lhi
permission ot their union musl b-
gamed 1 ins they claimed had 11
been done properly. Once ii wai,
their every eiurt would go In spn ..,1
ing unionism here, and ���"'' Cox even
promised to "bring iver g band und
give Hu   boys a send-off."
Vancouver   Objects.
The arguments ol    New   Wejjmln
suggestion Is ster men,  Wanting  to  found  a  hei.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
1 Palace Market, Columbia St.,  Phones
j       1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1234.
[Eighth  St.  Market,  Phone   120S.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone   L883.
Residence Y. VV, C. A,        i'hone 1324.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Cen-
tral Park.
WHSEKDAY8--6 and 6.45 am.
and every 16 minutes until !��
p.m. Half hourly service- until
11 p.m. with late cur ut midnight
SATURDAYS���16    minute  ser
vice  is continued  until   11   pin.
SUNDAYS���6,  7.    7.80  8    and
8,80 and every 1T> minutes uuiil
11 p.m. with laie car ut midnight
For Vancouver via
REOULAH  8BKVICE -6.46  nnd
6.45 a.m. and hourly until lu p.
111..  with   late rnr at   11,30.
a in. and 4.30 pm.
SUNDAYS -8 am. and    hourly
until   IU  pin.   with   lute  car  at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 am. and every
hour until 11  p.m.
SUNDAYS- l> a m.    nnd    every
lm 10 until 11 p.m.
Connection   Is   made  ut    Eb-
hour until 11  p.m.
uud olher points ou l.ulu island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.1J a.m., 1.10 and
c.iB p.m.
POINTS -4.05 p.m.
Capital to Have a Regiment of
Victoria, Aug. 37. Formal permission for the formation of a Highland regiment In Victoria haa been
received from the depart menl of militia 'and defence and recruiting for
the corps  wlll go on  vigorously.
Tho project has been received en
thuslastically by the Scotsmen of 1 In-
city and disirict and It is believed that
the   -O-ordim    Highlanders     can      be
brought     up    to    strength     in    a
short .time.
The temporary   headquarters for
..tlilhlls for the Vancouver exhibition   the new regiment are In the office of
|fr.*ii"   Calgary,  and   near  points,   was  llr.   MM110  at   the  corner  of   Douglas
re, were the same as have
ral times given. Sixteen ol
d Interpreted Instructions,
head of the Federation ol
, to mean thai the request
��� direct to Owen Milli r. th<
iu St. Louis, md Uus they
understanding lhal unlesj
Vancouver objected the churter would
be granted, Vuncouver did objeel
and iheir charter never came.
In reply to this last    the    visiting
delegates  .^aid no official  request  for 447 Columbia St.
been hi-\
them hi
from the
should (."
bad   dm
0 rapes,  per  lh	
Bananas, per dozen
Cantaloupe, each .
Peaches, per lb,
Watermelon, each  ..
Oranges, per dozen
. .2 lbs. 86c
. 4Uc to ��0c
. .3 lbs. ggc
.30c to 4f,<
BOILERS  Bjvetggj ������S! EiBSl
       BURN OIL     ���
r... I
(Succeitor to Ayling & Swain.)
Phone 88.
���pressed     into    service,  bringing  the  and Broughton streeta.
Tnke advantage of the Ftus'ness Man's Train and mak" your
home at Crescent Ileach (Illackle Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves nt 6:30 p.m. dally, on nnd after .lune le, returning In
the morning in time for business.    Crescent   Ileach    affords    Ideul
conditions for summer homes, combining the best uf bathing,  bout
lng at all Btages of the tide together with line beach.    Artesian well
wuter to all residents.    Let us show you this property,
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We writ* Fir*, Ufa, Accident. EmplsyerV  Liability. AuUmoWIe  and
Marina Inauranca.
SCHOOL BOOTS-Finest Variety in City
Strong Hox Kip, sizes 7,6, 9,10 $1.25
V|JP Strong Box Kip, sizes 11, 12, and 18  1.45
Strong Hox Kip, sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  1.75
Ladie-3' boots what you want for now and winter 1.95
Gents' light and heavy boots, from  1.95
Slater Shoes (F. W.), Leckie's Boots, K. Boots, etc.
A 25c. bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish
to each purchaser of 1 dozen laces at 10c. a dozen.
Huy the laces, the Polish will be given you.
Open Evenings Till 9 p.m.; Saturdays 11 p.m.


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