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The New Westminster News Feb 28, 1913

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 Premier Lumber Port.
Estimated  exports  of  about $0,-
000,000 feet of lumber in 1913 will
make the Fraaer river the premier
lumber  port of  British  Columbia.
�����- �����
tl 9 F
Weather* TSday.
**e.:~\xltyan\inM.ir    and    rower
MainlanirNLfcl^-ttjtticderate wjpdu,
generally fa^K-^Bf
rate mijidu.
VOLUME 7, NU    ?   g   02.
i I (?'   ,N   Lamm
'   8    9
of Mmw
New Owners Take Over the
Cliff Can Company on
March 1.
Will    Make    Tentative Improvements
Pending Erection of New Plant
In Vancouver.
East Burnaby, Feb. 27.���Arrangements are being made by Messrs. F.
T. and It. L. Cliff to turn over the
Cliff Can foctory here which was
purchased by the American Can
Company a -short time ago, to Its new
owners on Saturday, March 1.
The American Can Company plan
only to operate the factory pending
tho construction of a large plant on
a site which has been purchased on
Burrard inlet. In the interim, however, the capacity of the East Burnaby plant will be trebled and a great
many more men employed.
Between tlie factory here and a
temporary one established at the cor
ner of Drake and Homer street, Vancouver, the company plans to turn out
:i5,000,0O0 packing cans and employ
some 126 to 130 men according to Mr.
F. P. Kendall, general manager of the
concern for northwest Canada and
the   United   States.
All varieties of can.i, Including sal
mon, fruit, coffee, spice, milk and
baking powder cans will be made by
tlie company. New machinery specially for the manufacture of these
varieties will be installed In the permanent Vancouver plant.
Mr. ft. Carter SUM* City Residents
War*, Refused Work Although
,      Thefe War* Vacancies.     *
��� <*'
Mr. Marmont Saya He Was Mlirepre-
sented at Mllliardvllle as to His
Opinion About the Site.
An electoral committee haa been
appointed by the voters of Mllliardvllle to nominate candidates for the
new Coqultlam council at the coming
The gentlemen selected were
Messrs. Ralph Booth, chairman, J.
Proulx, secretary, J. W. Phelps, A. E.
Boileau, Charland, Brunette and Pare.
The committee wlll probably arrange a meeting with the Burqultlam
Ratepayers'  association.
A petition requesting Messrs. Booth.
A. Brehant and P. Barth, accountant,
to become candidates, was considered
at the meeting on Monday, but Mr.
Booth, a former revoe of Coquitlam,
resolutely declined a proffered nomination for the reeveship.
The petition did not set forth in
what capacity, aB reeve or councillors,
these gentlemen were naked to enter
into the municipal lists.
Mr. Brehant promised to take the
request Into consideration. Mr. Barth
was not present. Although he has
not publicly announced his Intention
in the matter, it is generally understood that his objective is the reeveship.
A number of speakers addressed the
meeting on civic  topics generally.
Mr. I,. E. Marmont Is being pressed
to concent to his nomination for
A number of his friends complain
of a malignant attempt by his opponents to antagonize his supporters
in Mllliardvllle by faslely Insinuating.
If not openly asserting, that Mr. Marmont has been Intriguing to establish
the municipal hall in the Burqultlam
section of the  municipality.
Mr. Marmont's attitude on the subject Is well known. He is in favor
of the location of the ball being left
entirely in the hands of the electorate
and let the majority decide. He states
that he has never by word or deed signified a preference one way or another.
Committee  Discuss Action In  Discon
tlnulng Allowance to Mrs. Morrin
���Other Necessitous Cases.
day morning and asked for ���me**.. A
number of forelgnors were also on the
scene, lhe superintendent, without
asking questions as to whether any ot
us were residents of the city, married,
or single, or whether we had had an>
experience in the nature of thc wor��
for which we applied, engaged fifteen
foreigners in preference to thu real
dents   of   the  city."
Such wore the statements made by
<��eorgo tarter, a resident of tbe eit>
for nearly fifteen month, to the News
last nlgbi. and he ��dded thai the
Bltulithic Paving Company had violated their agreement with the city to
employ   locul   labor   on   civic   work.
Mr. Carter has left his address with
tbe News and states that ho can
produce witnesses to verily his state
"In accordance with the announce
ment In the papers," proceeded Mr
Carter, "a party of us visited the
office of the Hltulithlc Company on
Monday afternoon and asked for em
ployment. We were told to be at the
Job near the corner of Fourth avenue
and Sixth street next morning. Next
morning we were there on time, hut
the superintendent, Mr. Murdock, In
formed us that he had nothing for u��
to do Just then, but as work wns to
lie Btarted on the following Mnndat
nt tba corner of Sixth street and
Sixth avenue we might be engaged
then as tbe company would require
bci-�� additional men there.
"The announcement thai men win
required work should call at Ihe ILtu
Ilthlc office on Monday afternoon las'
between the hours of 4 and ti o'olool
I believe was done to mislead us"
���Btnted ,Mr. Carter In conclusion "I
understand, however, that one or twi
Jocal men have been engaged by the
Acting on complaints made by Mr.
Carter and other workmen of Ihe city
as to the Bltulithic Company employing outaide men. Mayor Gray has In-
atructed Mr. Furness, superintendent
of the bonrd of works, to conduct an
Investigation Into the conditions
under which the Bltulithic workmen
were employed.
If Mayor Oray finds that outside
men have been employed In preference to local workmen he slates that
he will Insist that thc Bltulithic Com
pany live up to Its agreement with the
ag HhimIAM^^' '���**���* ia*''��_r-,_^_fa.i-fr*'u iM-ii-
ever���Report* Say She It ft*rt"
ouely  HI.
Cries    of    ,<&iwn    With
Huerta" Now Heard
in Mexico.
Rebels and   Loyala  JBsttle���Madero's
Uncle Escaped���More Trouble
for Administration.
The city council finance committee
and the Ladies' Benevolent Society
met in conference yesterday and dis
cussed the case of Mrs. Morrin, whose
relief allowance had been cut off by
the Benevolent Society, a proceeding
which had evoked the criticism of Mr.
J. P. Hampton Bole.
Mr. Bole's caustic letter to the
council and indignant reflections upon
the benevolence of the society were Havana, Feb. n.-^iK mass meeting
considered quite uncalled for,' as hit in Protest against Ute death of Fran
object could have been attained with-'ciBC0 Madero, the Ute president of
out the outpourings of his virtuoui. I Mexico, Jose Pino Buarez and Gus-
wrath, had he simply drawn attention 'tavo Madero. was held this evening
to the case. i at the Campo de Matte, the once fit
Had Investigated. | mous reconcentrado-ajunp.
The society had considered the j After the meeting? a great crowd
case in all Its bearingB, thought that ��f Pt0P'e marched ** the palace
there were far more deserving cases I31"1 t,ie 8tate department and other
to be relieved in the city. Mrs. Hut- ��� Bovernment buildings Routing "down
rin had a husband and sou who ��hou.d iwith Huerta. l'��ng Uv<�� Mexico," and
be compelled to contribute to, her ; occasionally "Long lire -Castro."
maintenance. Another younger Boi, The Cubans are (HS-pulng to wel-
was doing so and she earned some 'come the widow and sister of Madero
revenue by teaching Chlneae boya.    iwho are expected to afrjiyfrhere on the
It was not, however, decided to iSuuboat Cuba from \%a Cruz tomor-
withdraw all aid from Mrs. Morrin,'row' Quarters in an Itotel have been
but the sum of $13 for rent would he I Prepared for the women; three auto-
curtailed (mobiles have been engaged at the ex-
A full report will be furnished later I ye,;,,s<; ot ">e city aid  all eourteaies
will be extended to the refugees.
New  Rebel Party.
South Vancouver Accepts Tenders Ag
gregatlng $251,000���Bltulithic
and Granitoid.
Government    Withdraws   Amendment
,to Forest Act Referring to
Timber Dues.
aud submitted to the city council.
The ladies. It must be remembered,
administered the city's charities with
out thought of remuneration.
The ladies present were Mrs. J.
Forrester, Mrs. C. A. Welsh. Mrs. A.
M. Andersou, Mrs. J. Cameron, Mrs.
El Paso, Texas., Feb. 27.���"Consti-
tuttonalistas" is the name adopted by
the latest revolutionary party in
Mexico. Reports reached here today
of  operations  by  tbei Constitutional-
N. R. Brown, Mrs. Dr. Manchester and i 'stas at various points in the state of
Mtss S. J. Armstrong. | Chihuahua.      Ranches    an-\   mining
  camps were raided in the diBtrict along
jthe Mexico Northwestern railway east
of Chihuahua City.
I Most of the new rebels are former
i federal volunteers who served as In-
Burrectos in Madero's revolution. They
; are ranchmen and mountaineers from
I the districts of Casas GrandeB and
i Guerrero, where the Maderista revolt
, w-as born. Now thelr^war cry is for
the constitution, which "they assert
Burquitlam Agricultural Society Hold ] lias been disregarded tn the national
��� i ^\, _. , , . _. (Oapltal They propose to.assist the
Session to Hear Complaints���Ea- j voltmtaw mutineers of^enora state
planationa In Order. |la ihvlT 'f^t _awhtat_the party tn
The contract tor the paving of the
South Vancouver section of Kingsway
waa awarded to the Columbia Bltulithic Company and the B. C. Granitoid Company, ty the council of that
municipality, on Wednesday evening.
The aggregate value of tbe tenders o.
the successful companies' was $261,-
The contracts have been awarded
provisionally. The provincial government approved the tenders : of the
Columbia Bltulithic Company and the I Act"fo'r
B. C. Granitoid Company subject to
the condition that ttye South Vancouver council retain 10 per cent, of the
contract price, that the contractors
guarantee the pavement fdr ten yeara
and keep It tn repair for that period.
The government has agreed to grant
$100,000 toward the cost of the paving.
The contracts provide that the
Bltulithic Company pave the sides of
the roadway and the B. C. Granitoid
Company  will   pave  between  the  B.
C. R. B. tracks.
The  South  Vancouver council  will
insert claiiBeB in the contracts embodying tbe terms set forth by the
Work on the Burnaby section of the
Kingsway will probably start shortly.
Already surveyors are at work and
by the end of the year It Is expected
that the paving will be ��� practically
Vancouver Journalist'Under the Namo
of Marine Editor, Has Seme
Ideas All His Own.
Victoria, Feb. 27.���Without any
warning non. \\. R. Hoss, minister of
lands, late yesterday afternoon broke
the news to the legislature that the
government had decided not to Incorporate in the bill to amend the Foreii
Act any clauses dealing with increased royalties on timber. As announced last week, following a conference between the minister and rep
reaentatives of the lumbering interests of the province, provision waa
made in tlie bill amending the Forest
an increase in royalties od
timber oh the coast and east Of the
Cascade on January 1, 1916.
In the former district the present
rate of 50 cents per thousanad feet
was to be doubled and in the mountains the present rate of 60 cents per
thousand feet was to be increased to
75 cents, and the Doyle scale was to
then give place to the British Columbia log scale on January 1, 1916.
Everything in connection with the
arrangement appeared to be perfectly
satisfactory to all concerned; knowledge than things were otherwise,
came with startling suddenness when
Hon. Mr. Ross rose with a request
that the amendment bill, which had
reached the report scale, be recommitted In order that sections 10 and
12���tbe former fixing the increased
royalties and the latter providing for
the use of the B. C.-log scale eaat ot
the Cascades after January 1, 1916���
could be struck out. The request of
the minister was agreed to.
ln explanation the minister stated
that tbe government had decided to
conduct a further enquiry into the
question of royalties on timber tn
order that every aspect of thi3 vitally
Important matter might be Investigated.
Five Hindus Killed When
Freight Train Crashes.
into Siding.
f * ���
Switch Left Open and Cara Telescoped
���Bodies of  Daad  Fearfully
Port Moody, Feb. 87.���Foar Hindus
were hurled to eternity asd another
received injuries from which he subsequently died, when a C.P.R. freight
extra, westbound, crashed into several
lumber cars which were being moved
preparatory to loading, in the Canadian Pacific Lumber company's siding
this morning.
Tbe accident waa dae to the fact
that tho switch connecting the siding
to the main line waa left open. The:
number pf the engine waa 3537.
The disaster occurred sbout 7
o'clock. Tt e freight train was partly
composed of cattle cara and waa passing Port Moody at the usual rate or:
speed ln the direction df Vancouver..
Without warning it headed into tike-
Elding of the lumber mill and plunged?
into the cars.
The freight cars were telescoped
and the unfortunate Hindus holed.
againat tbe lumber shed of the mill.
The engine and three can of the
train were derailed. One of tbe, cattle
cars was badly shaken and several of
tbe cattle Injured.
The noise of the crash was heard
for  a  considerable   distance  around
and in tbe apace pf a few minutes all
the employees of the Drill and a nam- .
ber of citizens were on hand.
Rescue Work.
Rescue  work  was ' ibmedlately  inaugurated, while word was dispatched
to New  Westminster and Vancouver
for medical assistance.   The mangled
bodies of the Hindus were soon taken
faom the wreckage and rammed tn a
-tulldlhg nearby.   A doctor was earty-
cn the scene and those injured had*
ihelr   wounds   attended to,  while   a.
special train waa being ordered trom,
Vancouver.. ��
association t _______
| the revision of the prize Mat, bat that |~7ae In
j opportunity was not taken advantage | WM degperatfe  but m BIJt g,ve   th6
number of men engaged or tell whether either of the forces had- gained
matter  was remitted
I the directors to deal with.
London, Feb. 27- Mra. Pankhurst \ suggestions and recommendations
will be tried in Old Bailey Instead of rrom ,���,, general bodv of members
at the Surrey assizes In June or July were however, invited and would be
as   would  have   been  the  ruse  under | welcomed by the directors If sent    in
ordinary circumstances.    The author!-1      i(,       ,���  th     9,.cri,tary,   Mr.   W.   A    G���rmttn   ruI.���a,   hK.  ,���, .   .___.���,._,    tn
ties Hindi! this concess on on promise I ,,-,������   N    ,h rf)ad /mtt,1. capital   nas  becn  rorced    to
of good behavior on ber p-.rt Holm>'   Fx ' ain, ComVal���i, subscribe toU0 to the cause of main-
v,-ir'v Min .lele-nton of the \'-itlonnl       ..     ,..v,.. i!       P       ,', n , t��in.ng constitutional government     n
N..n.\ ui ���!.'(. .in i- oi i.i.   .vi,iim.ii       iy|r   Whiting, who was    chiefly   re-; jig-d,.,.
Again te ha-Tlt'tb*MW***Mmm'*m
skysail "yarda" tha masts Were1 lowbred  18 feet
an advantage. I    Glory be to Neptune, how did they
A despatch  from  Cuatro Clenegas, I shrink*    The weight of  theEe  spars
near Monclova. reports that a rubber | being  removed,  the  inference   would
Union of Women'B Suffrage societies,
representing all parts of the country,,
.ism tnbled In I-ondon today to confer
OD tbe future policy of the non-mill-
taut party. The annual report states
tbat 12,000 new members had Joined I
thlr year.
Thc suffragette Journal  states that I
Sylvia   Pankhurst   Ib   Berlously   111   In
Holloway Jail aB a result of a hunger!
strike and forced feeding.
sponsible for ciilliiiit Hi" ��''"'������'��������. *(fe, Uncle of Madsro E��a����.
ing explained tbat bis reason fo
Ing so. was tbat a few individuals
hnd spoken to him complaining, amoniv
oilier manors, of his presence at tlio
Jud:.iiii of tbe exhibits a',the last
(Continued on Page Four.)
C. P. R. 8afety Committee.
Fort William,    Feb. 27���A    snf"��'
committee has boen appointed by 250
employees, of the C. P. It- here.   The
committee   wlll   obtain     anTrPstion-
from the city authorities for lessening
the number of   accidents   ln   the
Providential Deliverance of Local Edl
flee  From   Destruction by   Fire
���Chancel  Steps Burned.
A piwiullar fire which might havi
had serious conflciiuonces occurred In
St.  Paul's church yesterday morning,
It appears that when the rector
Rev. 0. B, Wincott, opened the chape!
In the morning he was nearly over
powered by an overwhelming and suf-
focatlng volume of smoke which burst
through the door. On InvcttlKiillon
he found that the bottom of nn oil
stove left burning over nlghL bad
burned through and set fire to the
carpet and woodwork of tho chancel
The fire wbb quite out when the
rector arrived but a portion of the
carpet and part of tho chancel steps
had been burned.
The servlro was abandoned owing
to the Bmoky condition of the building,
the congregation feeling profound!v
thnnkful thnt their church had hid
such a wonderful escape from de-
Ktriictlon by fire. Tho fact that the
church was not destroyed Is considered a providential deliverance.
Tho oil stove was only UBed temporarily owing to the furnace being
out of order.
Montreal. Feb, 27.--The Bale
of the Liverpool, Lot,don and
Olobe building ut sl James
street and  Place c'.'Aimes, was
announced, today,    The. pur-
chape price was $700.00(1 and
the purchaser .1. \V. McCon-
nell of the firm of Johnston,
McConnoll  &   Allison.
El Paso, Texas, Feb. 27.���While under arrest. Governor Abraham Gon-
taltfz of Chihuahua, bas issued * a proclamation calling on the people of
the state to accept the Huerta envern-
ment. Te is held by the military authorities at chihuahua City on
charges of sedition against the party
In power at the national capital.
Friends of the governor assert that
Ihe proclamation was forced.
Thla wns reported by passengers rr-
rivins here tonight from the state
Capital, where all was reported iiuiet.
It also was said that Alberto Madero,
uncle of the former president, had
escaped from the city. He first bad
taken refuge In Ibe American consulate. The trial of Governor Gonzalez
Is said to be delayed. Assurances are
giien that he wlll not bo killed If
(Continued cn Page Four!
Has the Dumfriesshire skysail must.-*
or skysail yards or any mast or yard
above the royals
These are the questions puzzling the
shellbacks   that  congregate    on    our
river front, writes a correspondent, I we haven't the nionev to accommodate
who has sailed the sea In a windjam- them. Everyone should be ready to
mer with her main mast 210 feet high, (defend  his country,  if .not,  then    hc
ought to pay a tax of live dollars    c
'.���ffl.*-*~t**Mt3m*\  -mxTp.
out some straUtt^.'
mUlUnaa at the aana*lV^** -**w aaattwwul tea*.
airttlng of the Canadian ArtU>��oLT!!! IJSfTa^T^*'^^:^*
Association today In the presence ol,w *M���'H?*~m "if"* wZ*f 7*7
Hla Royal Highness the Duke of Con !open Ml! not Been *mtttr*me* but if
Tbe people of Canada should be j
ready to defend i_Ueir country' if neces j
sary, he said.    They have a right to I,,   . . . .   ,   , ,
""We have applications from  ��0 00   \b>  the *��* ��nd after * �� tew,
when it wlll be held In the provincial
police office.
la expected that a strict in-Wry will
be beld Into the cause of tha veck.
Dr. A. L. McQuarrie of New   . eat-
minster,   who   is   coroner    for     Port.
St. Thomas, Ont., Feb. 27���
A cousin of the Ereat Papnl-
neau, died at tho house of Industry this morning. Joseph
PapplneaUi calkd after his
namesake, who fought for a
hopeless cause In the Iteil rebellion of 1885, was an Inmate
of the house for several years.
Ile was a cousin of the one
tlmo famous rebel and was
born In Toronto ln 1S28
It Is rumored that a new
hearing wlll be glvpn the an-
plication of Charles Ilean, the
nank of Montreal robbery suspect, who IB applying to the
supreme court of Canada for
relenae under lhe habeas corpus act. The case has been
adjourned until a full court of
thrco Judges can be secured,
��� Might Destroy Documents.
��� Seattle,  Feb. 27.���Before taking    a
��� , recess until  March 24,    the    federal
��� ' grand Jury which has been Invostlgat-
��� i Ing    the    telephone    and    telegraph
��� | merger directed the Impounding today
��� of a large mass   of   records   of   the
��� jWestern  Union Telegraph    Company.
��� I These records,  It was asserted,    are
��� j destroyed at regular IntorvalB by the
��� telegraph company nnd It waa (eared
��� i by the Inquisitors that Ibe documents
��� would not bo available when the   In
t' vea'.lgatlon was resumed   ucxt month.
Ottawa, Feb. 27.���The Turriff
amendment to the redistribution bill
which w-culd mean a general election,
was defeated In the house today by a
majority of 36. The Borden naval bill
pasted IU second ro.-idlrg by ,i mejer-
Ity of 30. Nationalists voted against
each bill. Col. H. H. McLean, Liberal,
voted with the government In each
Ottawa, Feb. 27.���At the opening of
the house Sir Wilfrid Lanrler Inquired If tbere were any truLli In the rumor
that Stefannson, the Arctic explorer,
waB  going  north   under the  auspices
of the Canadian government
'I ho premier k," d that, be was Loin): Felit SB Btated An expedition bns
bei ti planned to explore lands over
which Canada clrflnied BWiiy. Tills
expedition was to have gone north
under tho auspices of an institution
In the United States and the Canadian
government had been asked to assist
It hnd been deemed desirable tint the
expedition should go entirely uudci
Caui'dl'in auspices und the American
the Borden propi lal wi uld be to take
away Canada's nationhood and reduce the country to bping a Suppliant
and "tribute giver1! to .another nation. Sir John Macdonald, he declared, had had in n Ind the building "f a
Canadian navy. He hud wanteii Can
ada to have Its own navy iind io be
In power but loyal and attached to the
British throne.
Talk of Loyalty.
Mr. Knowlts or Mo-oso Jaw, wlo followed,   suld   that   the   Con��i!rvftlves
wore   ulwayi   talking   of  inyaly     It
was lime to shew their loyalty Ijf their
work.    For 18 years they hell? office
in this oounlry
nrochilm their loyait.
lected the last red cent In dOfM f���1'1
the  people cf Ureal   Britain ' Rut Rf
mon as the l.ltu rnls dime Up) power
i they   Introduced  th��   iintbh  preference,   thereby   khpwing  thijr  loyalty
by their work.
Mr.   Kftowles   devoted   considerable
year toward tbe upkeep of those who
will. This system is followed li.
Switzerland and advocated by Premier
Botha of South Africa."
Colcr.el 1 ughos maintained that toe ���
much money could not be spent ti ',
improve the militia. The feeling of |
the general public toward the military j
organization was not so encouraging j
as it Bhould bo. lt was improving
rapidly, however.
550,003 Euildlng to Eo Erected at Corner  of   Eighth, Carnarvon and
ElacHe 8treeta.
���'���fla., Feb. 27.
pmmiEe to submit his proposals to thc
people But ho bad forgotten the pro-
n ibo aa soon as he came Into power.
It was the solemn duty of every tneni
ber of the opposition to do everything^*';... damn    d bv a severe wlni
iu his power to make the prime w*':...:.   .::..::..   ..hlch     swept    Alabama
istcr   keep his promiee to siibiu'*        i Georgia and  Florida today,
question to the people. _,n|(]   tha( j     The only known fatalities occurred
continuing .Mr   K'ii.:;��..d tlmt we   ,lt    Omaha.    Georgia,    where    three
I remlcr Borden hadjg!p..mm._.t   na.._.. | negroeB  were  killed  when a building
Plaiui are bcinff prepared by Mr. J.
f, \fatson   anliitect. for a large five
storied bloc!, (Jf bulldfngB to be erected
in the  west end of the city and to
  Icon! 150,000.
|    The  block   will  face  thrco atreets.
Three   States   Swept   by   Hurrt��sne���   |.;ig|,th, Carnarvon and Blackie ulreeu
__.__,,.   Much I luA   ****   *"'  '""it  of reluforcod  con-
Four Persons Perish-Much | .^   ^ ^ ^j*   g**������   **
The  builders  are a Chinese  Hyndl-
iite, the manager of which is Mr. i���w
A. Soong.
.......^ ... n..,,,,   -,,,   injured and pro-    "^.y U'f,?'r L'J?;. Ihr*,��_?' ^'"y
Property (y.oaaed.
(or  a  lumbi_r  storage shed  at
an eternal excuse
vn  a   permanent
lnfitltutltns had  accordingly renounc-1 chip-trap    The desire et (hr. Bennett
ed their Interests. I thnt  Canada iliould be t*! dominant
Hon Mr. Lemleux wns Informed by i partner in nn Imperial fceyrntlon plan,
Hon. Frnnk Cochrane that he knew \ he said, might not be regjided ns loyal
nothing of a rumor that the govern-1 by the Calgary ruffians who tried to
ment was going to take over thu Quo
hoc and Snugeiiuy railway.
Naval Debate.
Hon. II. It. lOmmerson reBumud the
niivnl debate. He argued that the Borden proposal formed a complete departure from Iho principles that had governed nnd hnd brought about confederation.   Ho thought tho tendoncy of
would not have ��� h a b        ,
"ivero'cr Anquitl, liad -aid that Fitch
n proposal was iinromiliie.    What Mr
They never "fled to I Borden wanted W* 	
Wll aivjtye ectl-'for uot  brtagiMfdi
' policy
Mr. KuowIob f'* ol the opinion th.it
a  policy  of  cJtrlbutlou  would   lead
Canada from jfc real i(onl oi nation-
luicd.    No n.upi bad ever livid which
had hired othr people to do .ti flchl
ing    Th-reJos a pressing necessity
"'d,   that  the  govern-
make Ub policy  permanent.    Audita was faithfully carry
Ing out / "Kri etttent entered into
with  tiic/inilralty thne yearB ago.
Was Ca/a Ito'ng to do the same In
���iddltlct/0   "1,M   contribution?   Mr.
KnOWlffContended   (hut  tin   ll   National/ v,ll�� h:i(l  vot*'d    with    the
govei/""1 "ro "ilsreprcsenting their
conB/cncieB.     Hay   they   voted   as
Instructed, the government's
y would be only six.    He em-
ed  the  necessity  of  passing  a
attention to it. B. Bonnet, jie member IMr,  Know
for Calgary, describing hi Bpeech as I ment  nun
collapsed and  In    Grenshaw    county.
Alabama,  where Rufus Sumerlln was
killed in a building which was blown I
down.    Greatest property damage    in
Georgia  was in  the  southern  section
of the state.    At Mllledgeville,    Ba��� |
many   buildings     were     demolished.
Twelve female prisoners Trcre injured I
when   a   state   prison   structure col-1
Many buildings were blown down
and lnr.-;e damage sustained In Central Alabama. The damage In Florida
according to late reports, wns not serious. A 65 mile an hour galo swept a
portion of thc state.
break up political meetings. The Liberals were trying to maintain the Dominion In some position of equality
nud  were accused of disloyalty.
Then Mr. Bennett had said that the
parliament of Westminster might well
legislate for Canada. This Mr.
Knowles objected  to ns a Canadian.
Mr.  Borden, ho said, had made a
Bank Teller Insane.
8a.ekiih.on.   Sask..   Feb. 27.���Oliver
Small, the bank teller against whom
n charge of theft was preferred In the
district court, Is, In the opinion of the
mounted    police    physician,    Dr.    D
Hosiers, mentally unbalanced and   It
has been doclded to remove him    to
Regina.    He will be kept under    ob
servation there by the police,   and If
rlbution bill nnd the settlement IhlB condition does not improve will be
<��� question by a general election,  taken to the Brandon asylum.
Another Strike.
Boston, Feb. 27.- A strike of SOW*
workers in the shirtwaist and dream
making trades will begin tomorrow
morning, according to an announcc-
mei't IsBued tonight About 125 shops
will be affected. The demands are for
shorter hours, a minim' m wa,-.i of *9
a week and an advanr s in waxes of
uot less than 15 per cent to all who
now receive above $6. Three thouannd
workers remain out hi the
clothing trade.
>**************> + ���
London, Feb. 37.��� A Conatnn-
tnople dlBpatch to' the Dadly
Mull says:
'The mystery of the wherw-
abouts ol Enver Bey has been
solved. He returned betv today from GalllpoH and paid a
lengthv visit to the grand rls-
ler He will start Saturday for
a tour of tbo European ea
In an endeavor to rats* ���
by the sate of
'idem innriMHjji paper dei-oted to the Intereat* ol Seic IVest minster and
the Prater Valley, published every morning ercept Suiotoii by the Salional rrintinii
*nd Publishing Company. Limited, at lis IfeKriuie Hirers, New H'e.it minster, British
Columbia. KOKB SUTHRItLASl). Managing Director.
AU communications should lie addressed to Thc Sen-. Westminster Sens, and not
to individual "" mhcrs of thc staff, chcuiics, droits and money orders should be made
payable  to   'J he Sntional Priming  antl PmbUthing Company;  Limited.
i i-.l.l.l'UnSKH���S-ieflaees Oinvc and Manager, 899; Editorial Rooms iall depart-
r ,< i,i -,   a:- ���>
��� ��� !..-���,-m" *.',iv RX7*s��- ���/(�� oarrier, St per i/ear, $1 for three months, 40o per
mo-nth   nil mail, $11 per year, i&c per mimth.
ADVERTISING RATRB on ap-pt-icatfvil.
TO CDRRESrONUKNTa- No letters will be published in  The. News creep! oner
I of  their  benefactor,   their  thanks  In
no small degree will be for the reindeer he caused    to    he    introduced
niiiing them.
Dr. Grenfcll was born near Cheater,
I England, Feb. 2S, 1S65, and after leav-
; ins Oxford and the London hospital
'enlisted as a medical mlsslonatir, His
work in Labrador commenced twenty-
one years ago, and.  bv bis hospitals,
man," damning him with faint praise.
The Socialist Congressman believer.
that worklngnien are better off today
than they have ever been before In
the world's history.
Socialism's "lamp duck" was born
In Austria-Hungary, of a wealthy
| family, on Feb. 28, 18GH. Financial re-
I verses caused the family to emigrate
I to America, and Victor was n Jack ct
schools, co-operative storas -tnd small'all trades before lie became editor of
Industrial enterprises, soon accotj-ithe Milwaukee-Daily Vorwacrls some
pllshed  v,i ndi rs in thai barren land, |twenty-one years
the u-ruer'.
mii,i,i!ui*-h. The editor reserves thc right  *o refuse the pulihcatlon  of any
Two weeks ago a proposal was made in the Trades and
Labor Council that concerts should be held and the picture
theatres should be kept open upon Sundays during the
winter and that adequate transportation for picnicking
should be arranged for the summer.
As a phystolan, Dr, Grenfell soon
; found that most of the diseases to
which the Labrador Eskimos were
Bubject, including the dread scurvy
rrom which Ihey were never free were
due to the lack of stiff dent fresh
jmn-.t and vegetables. To provide :���
bei ur sup] ly of fresh meat he Jtarl - '
pigeon lefts and hare furins. nnd experimented with cattle, but eventually
decided that the domesticated reindeer offered the only BOlutlon of thc
Then ho began preaching reindeer.
in season and out, but the hard-hearted Newfoundland government turned I Sir John Allsehrnok Simon, H-itiFh
a deaf ear. Eventually he succeeded i solicitor-general,, who is slated to sue-
in Interesting wealthy Individuals, and I coed Sir iiufus Isaacs as attorney-gen-
n fund  was raised with which some,oral, is still a young man, and   .will
pass  his  fortieth  milertone  today.
His rapid rite to position nntl influence has been truly remarkable. Ten
years ago Sir John was one of counsel for the British Covmimcnt in the
Alaska boundary arbitration. He is
the Eon of a Congregational minister.
liis wife, an ex-schoolma'am, has
been very popular in Washington, and
Ib said to have' made many converts
to the Marxian philosophy.
Another "lame duck" who is tie
recipient of birthday congratulations
I'day is Congressman Samuel Walkar
Met'nil of Massachusetts, who war
born tn Pennsylvania on Feb. 2S, 1851.
He has been a member of the House
for ten continuous terms. Mr. Mc-
Call was editor-in-chief of the Boston
Advertiser in  IS88.
j 300 Norwegian reindeer were purchased.    In the five years thai have pass
I ed since the animals were  unloaded
Objection was at that time raised to the opening OI at Cromellere, the herd has mora that)
*   j. *    * i__._i-._Lt_ j* ii a.        j* r\ 1.     n wlnuHpd   in   numbers.   ftUd   ttipre   arc
picture shows, but the motion passed by a vote oi 9 to 6.\~z���a!,ouJ Sl!o domestic reindeer in
There are in all some 30 delegates to the council. On Wed- thd various setuements of Labrador
nesday evening last the Trades and Labor Council by a;��{"��h*���JZf lave ten 2?��
majority vote decided to approach the council and ask that tor food. The reindeer have been
their desires be gratified. ��� I]HmE��22!! Kl?"' "^ "��
We feel sure that the general public will not only con-i   Their milk is declared by
gratulate Alderman Dodd upon his refusal to endorse this pnf1?hV��mXg��orTutteI'
request, but will also refuse to believe that the majority eheese.  as a draft animal the rein
cf the labor men in this city are desirous of such a change, j ^J^^^Sm ffiSlkftt?.
Leaving out all considerations of religious feeling upon jaokson, \ as responsible tor the in
tho matter, it is regrettable, to sav the least of it, to see K^0"013 fif'h'',rei"''T,,,;u":;i;r,'.'!'
i     i       j.*    -._��� ii i       ']       cr    t   i -u i   Eskimos ol  Alaska, and the animal
a body ot citizens who have already effected much good i,:,*. - ������ - 0( greai assistance in bet
in the general interests of their fellows, making so serious" *���*}�� <f' l1"'1 lot ��,r, l!l,i,11 ?,','��� u'"i'
.   .   , B Uncle Sains lar north.   In ibis case
a mistake. too, the government refused to appro
Surely the Trades and Labor Council does not wish to Pri^e *"*���**��� aml ',riv:'"' cr"liu'1 WM
obliterate in the minds of the people of New Westminster enAatherd was obtained  in   Siberia, i
the memory of its good deeds���such as its instrumentality shipped across Europe, the Atlantic
���        a     j.   - I ��� ���   ���      i ,        e.   land  tho  American   continent   to  Sea-
Ill securing the fair wage clause in municipal contracts|.,u,t aml tlu.nP(, transported to Alas
and in assisting in the reform of the land registryoffice ha.   This was in moi. ana the oro
v.- i  i      i i    i-i    Liti       ���     _ ���'        ii     i. Meet wns so successful that the I���nile-.I
conditions���and to have substituted the impression that,,-,...,.,, ,.nvor���m(-.nt appropriated $25,-
it is a body insisting on recognized hours for its members, ooo a year ror the purchase of rein
i i        ���''    *  i- _*~i_    i i _ i _.���!__���, ���     deer ror the Eskimos     'lhe domPStlc
but also insisting that workpeople outside of its orgam- ��|,,;,���,,;. ln AiMkJ now number about
zation .-hould slave overtime for the convenience of its is.ooo, and the breed has noticeabii
Improved, bo that tho animals are now
larger and stronger than their Siber
ian ancestors.
The  Canadian  government is now
eons'derlng  a   project   for  supplying
reindeer  to  Ibe Eskimos In  Ihe nor-
'hern sections of the Dominion.   The
... ... .    , ,. i   , i I, , I caribou and walrus, on which the Es-
iew upholders of the rights oi labor demand that the em- kim��s hsve loi-ig deeded for their
ployees of moving picture theatres should work seven*f!,cd1 ^ ���*>-'-j^m becoming ex-
������-    ������ ,    , v   :..,.,. 'Unci   and  Investigators declare    t|it
da.VS a Week for their gratification. the  northern  races  will  soon  vanish
The band concerts which took place last year may!f,"'m ��u !hp, 1racr,.of,,11,pi:?r,h un!esa
... ,    ,   . .. ', _    ,,J .   -v   speedy relief is afforded. The re'ndee'
reasonably be expected to continue through,the coming
sr.mmer.    The Trades and Labor Council earned the
Hear Admiral  French  EJ, Chadwick.
". P.  \'��� retired, will ha-.c 1,0 -doi'tli
day this year, as he was born ou Feu.
29, 1844, in Morgatttown, W. Va.   Ad-
many ti I nil re. 1 and Mrs. Chadwick have lately
and is j been traveling In Europe and wen
and oontly
I' ented
use in
badges for repository work; Corporal
Thomas   Wilson,   20   years'   service
i Sergeant-Major    Alfred
years' service (same badge
Wilson);   Gunner John   Wilson,   aix
years'  service;   Sergeant-Major   WUH
! Ham Wilson. 25 years' Bervice.
I Men    Versus   Women.
Lord Cheylesmore recently arranged
a "rifle match" between teams of men
i aud women, the former wtnniug by;
T81 to 776.    The captains of the rival
[sides were Mr. E. it. Roblnrou and
Miss Fenton.
Ian   Hamilton  Coming.
I Ottawa, Feb. 27. The announcement by the Minister of Militia to the
officers of the Cavalry Association
that Sir Ian Hamilton would Inspect
Ithe*   Canadian   milir.in    this   cummer
1 caused    genuine   satisfaction   among
I caviiljiy.
Sir Ian  Hamilton, now  inspector of
; Che  overseas   forces,   was   the   com-
(inandar In South Africa under whom
I tho  Canadian   cavalry,  artillery   and
[mounted infantry served, and conse-
nuently the men who wear South Af-
' rlcan medals will 1;
i inspect ehem.
Colonel  Hughes  said   flint   Sir   Ian
Hamilton would probably visit all tlie
I ("imps during' the summer training.
He* alao suinounced that Lord Dundonald would  probably visit some  of
' tlve camps.
I    Colonel  Hughes also made the an-
Inouncement that shortly militia regit-
jlations   wonld   be   issued   which   will
j allow men of the lowest grades in Canadian militia to try 'nialification ex-
aininutions   for   higher    ranks.     The
, door will be thrown open wide in
CanaSa, stated the minister; and   not
i only may privates quality for lieutenants and captains  but tliey may w
1 OS high as brigailii;-.
Ifl    WE HAVE
Istence tor hundreds of years,  proba
bly before the Norman Conquest, and
received  by  the German  Eir
Mrs.   Chadwick   has   just   in I ���
1 nc-w   type   of stretcher   for | OATES CF   THE
carrying the wounded  from : | 	
battlefield,  and
highly praised
device  has
���'!*:' men.
The theory thai the firrt child of
very young parcnis is likely to be below par, physically and mentally, may
be true, but ii brilliant exception to the
rule is Miss Beraldine Parrar. Thi
sweet-voiced mul beautiful prima
donna of tho Berlin1'and New Vorl;
operatic stage was born thirty-oni
pears ago today, when hi r mother wan
only seventeen ;;nd her father barelj
of age. *
MiiTS Farrar thinks she waa fortr.
nate in thia respect, as her parenti
.cere chums .and comrades, and, OS : he
says, "We were three young peopli
0 ti���;. i f the Innisldlliugs,
Ready at call to 1 Ide;
Oates of the InnlskllllngSi
The I'l-itisli worth and pride;
Wbnt though Britannia's weeping;
Tlie brighter gli ws hi r fume
That he held in liis keeping
lhe glory of her name,
There was some plausibility to the objection raised
against the closing of the banks on Saturday evenings.
That means a cessation of overtime work for a class of
labor whose organization is extremely difficult.   Now a
I whieh  suimlles  flesh
1 butter,  nnd  Is at  Ihe
ind.  milk and
same  time  an
The first Canadian fanner, Louis
Herbert, arrived in Quebec with In.
family in 1U17. Ile hud previously,
it is said, spent some time in Acadia,
where he "was the first to utilize tin
salt water marshes of the hay (
Fundy, by building dykes to keep ou
the tides."
At Quebec he continued to cultivate
the soil, and on February 28th, 1626
as  a  reward   to him and  an  encour
thanks of the citizens for their steady championing of this
welcome innovation. Along kindred lines of lyogress the
Trades and Labor Council are assured of the support of all
right thinking persons in New Westminster.
*   ���
���    nir.i i: 'ing on the deeds ol Captain    :o:t and his cornrad. h. and giv-
em high honor, tho  Woodstock
el-ltevii w says that  heroism is
common  than   many     imagine
g nl
nu r,
lie has to show, and the value lie ad
mil.i tu be due to the settlement of
the country, not to him. Those who
BO count their for.une would be great
ly dismayed if that solace were denied
The result  has  been  this parasite
First Naval Battle.
Thc first, naval bails recorded in
the world's history w is that between
the Corinthians and he Corcyrans,
fought Feb. 28, 664, 2:rl7 years ago to
day. Corcyra, an islni.1 off the coast
of I'.pirua, now calh I Corfu, and be
longing to Greece, had been settlet'
lament," it says, "the passing of i evil of speculation, by which so man> i,y Corinthians, and for centuries owed
the: ;e of chivalry and he-roisin. What I without turning a furrow have made allegiance to thc mother city.
v( oould lament ia our own Ignor-j fortunes far bigger than" the farmer ]n 664 IJ. C. the Corcyrans declared
unci and  blindness."    We are indif- j does with all liis toll. h���ir   independence,  and    the   Corln
fen nt to and unmoved by the hero-j This Is a great evil. The only way thians Immediately prepared a fleet
Ism and chivalry of everyday life. Ito remedy it is by laying the burdens t0 reclaim their colony. Corcyra did
To say that heroism is common dot>a j of government on the improved value not wait for the Invaders to land or.
i_jt cheapen it. Most good things arc of the land. It might seem hard that her shorps, but herself gathered r
common���lhe honest, industry by ' thc farmer, after all his labor and an- fleet and sent It out to meet the Cor
which a man or woman earns a llv-'xiety, should have to be taxed on his Inthians. Then ensued the first bat
ing, family affection, friendship. Tha! acquisition. Uut let him remember tie on the seas, a furiotiB contest be
this volume of good dec-dR remains that lie cannot be taxed more than i tween the crews of what -vere llttb
for the most part without record is his neighbor would pay on waste laud better than big rowhoats, f-om which
not surprising. It is on  the man  who has not Im-jthe Corcyrans emerged the victors.
nitoHl  of  transport, la the salvation I agement to others, the Due de Ventii
of the F.skimoB. | dour, viceroy of New France, issued a
   | patent grunting Herbert "in tlcf nobU
��� ������������������������^���������������������jto   him   and   liia   assign s  forever" a
����� FIRST  THINGS. ���  selgnorlal domain on the    river    St.
Charles nearfW'b'SC, and confirming
to blm a concession made by the pre
, ceding viceroy the Due de Montmor
lt v as expressly
Happily its mass iB Bo enoir'ius
tha' nn newspaper could give it Bpi.iSb.
ln fact, the Btory of family Uf" aid
���daily total, unless lold by a greal ur-
11st and genius, would be miller dull
The newspapers am obliged to select for prominence, those things that
lire played "pun a conspicuous stage.
But that 1�� ail the more reason why
we should give thought tn those who
loll (1 r humanity in obscure places.
Ih, bl hllng ot lhe ��ksrr-,i;ier exacts Ita toll of human Vile. The train
thai runs so smoothly on \ts Render
ribbons ol si eel must be guHed and
watched by skillful and vlgllani men.
The train wreck in which only iv.,
.engineer and fireman are killed at-,
jrao'H little notice.
When the thermometer ulnUs In
zero or thereabout, it Is only an in
convenience and topic of conversation
for a good many ol you. Bnt It means
nu re to those who deliver bread ami
milk at your doors, to those engaged
in occupations where the storm must
be faced, to those who must rise before daylight and make the first Hack
in the SHOW. These are the BcOttS
and Aroundsens of daily life, whom
you ought to keep In mind. Toronto
proved that this would fa.l)    He could
not hold  for profit.     He  would  have
to farm, or sell to someone who would
farm.    This  would  bring lhe land of
the country in some degree back to Its
rightful   position  of belonging  to  the
public   which  has  created   Its  value,
while  it   would   protect  every  owner [furies lal
in the value he had added, whether j
by   buildings,   fencing,    drainage    or 1* ****************
tillage.     The  selling   value of an   linj-*    THE   HUMAN   PROCESS   iN.    <
proved  farm would not grow Ii-hs ex- ^ (By  0   Terence.) *
rept   as  itB  waste  land   value  might   .  .   .       .    ''     ' . *.  .  . . . .~  .1
diminish    The speculator who Is tak   v*��������<��'*�����������������'t���'����,'
The battle waB waged off C
tiutn, a promontory in the
���\cariinnia. From that tinn
battles were frequent, and a
petty states of Greece built
The enmities engendered by 1
sea  struggle  resulted  over t
in the Peloponnot
orth   o'
on   sea
of tin
at first
* 0    cell
n war
stated In the deed
that these grants were made in consideration 01 Herbert's "long nnd pain
ful labors, pains and expenses, ineos-
inntly supported in thc discovery of
the lauds of Canada and that be 1
the head of the first family which
'as settled and dwelt there B.nce tin*
year 1600 till now . . . having lefi
lis relations and friends to go and
form this commencement of a colony
of Christian people In those lands .
. 1 -.' . which are deprived of the knowledge of God."
1 *��� 1 ��� f the InnlskilUngs,
Ne.-.- by the Southern Pole���
Oati s of the Inn);   lllings
\ hit0 :���> his dauntli 1 e bouI;
Dail.   th*.* dangers the ken;
Halted the homeward  ihish;
Sfrving and sorely stricken,
The cold falls like a lash,
-:itey of the InuiskilliugB--
Hark to the blizzard's scream!
lati e of the InnlskilUngs
Sees  [lope's faint final gleam;
Quickly the in, ssage heeded,
Some one musl   pay  Ihe price;
Duly a life is needed.
I Ihs he the sacrifice.
Oatea cf the InnlskilUngs,
with comrades face to face;
Oati a of the InnlskilUngs,
True to his blood and race;
Calmly his leave Is taken���
Only his deed may save!
"Outside!"   His soul unshaken,
Ile walks lo his deified grave.
Oates of the InnlsklUinps
Paying the debt of birth;
Oates of the InnlskilUngs,
Proclaim him, all of earth!
lie failed?   Hut a greater glory���
Ilritaln, exult in pride!
Ib yours;  immortal story ���
It was for you he died.
Richard     Ltnthicum,    in    New    York
glad that ha ia to0���iy demendanti of the original  Pur-  '
beck qunrryinen are admit ted as members,  no  other  person  being  allowed
to work tlio quarries.
As soon ns a quarry-man's; aon reaches the age of fourteen he is admitted
to the guiiH; beins apprenticed under
some member, usually his father���until he is of age. When lie reaches;
the age Of twenty-one be is entitled
to become a freeman of the guild.
Every Shrove Tuesday a meeting is
held in the town hall at Corfe castle
wnere those entitled to their freedom
pav the price, whieh consists of ft.SO, 1
a largo tankard of ale and a penny
When ence a man becomes free In
this manner lie has the right to take
marble or stone from anywhere he
wishes in the lule though, of course,
he has  to pav  a fixed royalty.
ir the quarrymen wish uv open a
"iiarry on any man's land. Ihey Isim-
:!v set to work, without both Bring to
���oik leave. Many a time the land owners have Iried to put an end lo this
st'ite nf aTfairs. hut have failed.
If a qnarryman wishes to construct
a private rond. so as to be a.hle to
carry bis stone through to the main
turnpike, ho dees it. Without quea-
th ���' he is 1'nti'leil to drive his road
i over any private estate.
Spiiclflcui.uua, uKreeiiM_nit< of Bale (h-eils,
Wu.-iiia-.iH letter-a*. eki.;  tdrculur wo,rk Bp,*-
CU-.11UI.    All   Work  Hlilelly   ei'lillili l.lkil     IL
Umi*,.  ui.iin  41R   Wi-Minhi-iu-r Truat  Blk.
, Ftioliu 702.
L. O O. li., NO, S64���MEETS OM first,
Hccuud und third WeAtesdays In each
month In K. of P. Hull at 8 p.m. H. J.
Leamy, Uicuitor; J. II. Price, secretary.
Ly    (Jo.
l. o. O. K.. is held every Slomiay
night ut S o'cloeli In Odd tallows' Hull,
corner Carnarvon and BJghth streets.
Visiting liri-ltiurii i.-ordlallv invited.
It. A. .Merrlthew, Nil.; J. Unbertwm,
V. Q. I W. C: Coiitliam. I". O . ne-ord-
Iiik secretary; 11. w. sangster, financial secretary.
i'i- & Hanna, tad i ���Funeral direotora
and i-HihiihniTi*. Parlors 40S Columiate
street,   New   W*tstimaater.    Phono  'j93.
ni,I Embalm
-;,|��islu- l 'am
v-kiiner Funeral Direct��*
r, 61-8-118 Ami-*-* Btreet,
���ale Library.
Watch'A-ord of a Campaign Being
Waged  in  Western  Canada.
Ottawa, Feb. 87.���Homesteads ter
woman Is the new* slogan in Western
Canada. It is the watchword In a
'��� w but vigorona campaign, the evidences Of which are found in li ttl rn.
���iiitions and resolutions which are
DOUrlng iu to the office of Hon. Iir.
Roche,   Minister of the  Interior.
The women ark that they be given
the t:aine homestead rights as the men
have, and In some cases their request
is backed up by boards of trade.
It Is unlikely that anything will
come of it  this session.
i, r-iit-liiw. untU'liur. i le. Telephone
1070, Catil.- iiiiitr.-s "Johnston."
Code, "Wiutert. I'nion" officii, Mllla
Block. .''.'.:- t'lHiuniun street, Now w.*��i-
mlnster, n. ��
J.  BTrt-WBLL CLUTB,  Barristi rm-liiw
solicitor,   etc.;   earner   Columbia    and
Mi-Ki-nzli- itroets, New YV .uiiln_-i|-i.r,
Il   C.   I'. O.  Flux  Ut,    Telephone   710.
,,;idlur     and     liiil
Over C >'.
tary.    G10    Columbia
R. Telegraph
* OUR    POET'S   CORNER. ���
I Tears,  idle  team,  I  know
they mean,
; Tears from  the depth of some divine
I Rise  In  the heart and  gather  to  the
! In looking on the happy autumn fields,
I And thinking of the days that are  no
Fresh as the first beam glittering on a
That brings our friends  up from the
under world:
,Sad as the last which reddenB over
[That sinks with all we love below the
i So sad, so fresh, the days that are no
Ing toll of our farmers would be driven  out.
As fi r the posl office business, il
lea natural monopoly, and more mon
'���������ville.. must submit more and more
to e-blic regulation. We Hunk that
tho pe_. rifiie,- nili_ht do a greal deal
mere foi .^j peopie than il 'lues. II
is hi causa ' is a public service own
ed by the poft., ���ia. ��� hlll) Hn ,,
succumbed in the .v.
in not taking up V���
business, and to the banl, , wi. (
ing a larger Interest on Bn\.
lint we have always said, thn; ,
communities, al all times, there
been a balance between public and In
dividual management. In no country
ts everything In private hands; In no
country is everything In public hand*.
Experience Bhows whieh works best.
The post office is an ancient royal
s companies
jarcels   post
"Au  Revolr, But Not Good-Bye '  Say
"Lame Duck" Bcrger. 53 Ti lay.
North  Atiierie:i'ti only Secln at nat
llanientarlaii.   Victor   I..  Berber   'th'
"I." Btands for l.nme Inek). v n bi  m
his fifty-third birthday today wri  nf
the  words  ami   musio  'or    is   t   at
song,    Next  wi ek  Mr. Berg'r, fn   ee'
as th" only protector of th'   prob   ir
lat In the United States Con* -ess,    II
return to private life and hi:  edit',   a'
doFk In lhe City ol Bei r an*   Skltl   s
He  wants  It distinctly   undaTBto   .
howevi r, thai he In saying  m revi r
and   not  good-bye,  and   that   h'*    i
War.hnigton.    /'���
Mr.   Ilergi
(e  mnny  ftJendB  among   hi
The Montreal witness comments on | monopoly    and    perquisite,
letter  from  an  advocate  of  public
ownership In Saskatchewan who
���signs "ROSOO," which rcfer�� to the
post i fflee as an example ot an ex-
C Hi nt service managed by government, and goes on to describe eloquently the mischief wrought lo our
newer country by land speculators
who   out  of  the  rise  of  laud,  make
else but the king mis allowed to car
ry a letter, li was for the king's
sake as much us for Ihe people tha'
tho  royal   malls   were  carried.
Out of that has grown an excellent
public Institution, Hut It bv no means
proves that thc king could manage
every buslnesR at well ns the one
which hns worked no long and fin In
creaslngly well.--Montreal Witness.
y its to go back to Wi
,.'.,��� "Soclalirt   minority
���        *    8ERVICES   NOTES. ���
A    Battlefield   Knight.
London,   Feb.    27���Much    valuable
Red Cross work performed on battle-
��� ields is called by the fact that the government  haB   conferred  on  Sir  John
Furley the brevet and commemorative
medal of the campaign of 1S70-1S71.
He wae nominated as officer of the
��� gien   of Honor  Immediately   after
that war.    Sir .lohn haB had many ex
citing  adventures.     He   was  arrested
is a iiuspected spy during the Franco
Prussian  war, and condemned to be
ei    Happily, h s captore discovered
'heir mistake jusl before tlm sentence
vi's t", be cnrrl' i! Out
Later i n R!r Ji hn, accepting a chal-
"'������     *'   thi    Cur 'ah  authorities,  got
Into Paris during the siege disguised
is the coachman   f a ���*-������ ll known dip-
'iie't M Hla llfl hat- 1-en devoted to
'cd Crors work, .-..id he haB been dec
rated I    most ol the European pow-
A  l;ree  Industry.
England,   according   to   authorities
who  profess to  know.  Is on  the eve
of another series of big strikes.    It I Ah, sad and strange as In dark Biim-
ls gratifying  to  know  that there  Is mer dawns
at least one Industry In the old coun-  The   earliest   pipe   of   half-awakened
try   which  can  claim   that  it  Is  free birds
from lock-outs, disputes and industrial To dying ears, when nnto dying eyes
warfare In  general. JTho  casement  Blowly  grows  a  glim-
This particular industry Is thn mar-1 tnering  square;
ble  fiiiarrylng carried  on  In  the  Isle   So sad, so Btrange, the days that are
f  Purbeek.  a  peninsula   district    of: no more.
Dorsetshire;  and the happy Immunity I
from   s'rlkes and  such  things  Is duo   Dear    fib   remembered    kisses    after
Barristers and Boilcltors, Rooms 1 and
s, Oulohon Mock, New WeatmaMter,
(1.   B.   Martin.   W.   el.   MoQuarria    und
Gvot-jn-   I..   1'ass.elv.
wHiTEsmn a KDMOWDB ��� Baiiialeia
Onlumbbi HlFe#-l, New VVeKU-rtlnsler, p.C
Cable aildr.MK "WhitSStde,'' Wmtt-rn
Union. P. O Druwir 200. TeWpbone
��� 9.    W.  1.   Whiteside.   H.    1.    E&BoOda.
A,ei,iir����nt. Tele. R 128. Ileum Trapp
Bter Board of Trude mi-elH In tht honrrf
room, Otty Ilftll. nn follows: Th*r4* Friday nf eurh month; quarterly im-etlna
on the third Friday nf FebrMl-y, May,
AtiKiiR* told NoVemtiiT at H p ui. Annual meetlngB on the ttili-u Friday oC
Fet)ro_��ry. S. H. Btunrt W��d<-. aerr*-
C!��rk-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St., now at
��07 Front Bt.    Phono R 1031.
New Westminster, B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  and  Choice  Fruit   Lands  a
t*^*x*rm. _ i . _    .!__.   _ .. .._  j
Unferiii'iat, ly,
1. a price h fb troph
'If 'i-i.f,. y,,r h'
'iigtcn by burglars
dace ilu ing Sir ,b
wltb ri greil
Mr   Merger . _,   .      , ...
a better oplnl����?,vWMh,n8*0? wl���*���
lakers than le  UadXMP'J.1""" ". 'aW, I
.��� ���3tpn he entered
crooks Ir
the House Th(
that bt ely, he say
few  of them.     M
but there
Taft   he   calh,
"well-meaning,      ood-h- artad
* **
monev they do nothing to earn.
It sayr, The land of the pralTles
should in our o'lioion, never have
,,.,        ���*������._,, ��� ���    ���>, ,.    hod]
��� .- i '-���(��� dcB re oi mop
H   ;   rotj   i ne   uhiinn    ef
..,   .,,   . ���  -  i i.illv deii'- lo ue " frotl
the Old world, where so many Iradl
tlonal privileges attach to property
In land fh"re would not bnve been
anvthlng  like  the   same   Immigration
{ft^ln^O^TS^ffifeTd  of the I'hak  Newfoundland coast, but
fit. man) ��no anvc mu   ^ begn   wrlU(,n  ,.,,,������  ,������, ���f
''mbiiv aTarmrr hi calculating the ro-  tho greatest of hla benefactions, When
-���  down  the  the people he him served so valorously
,    , i,,o ni bin land apart from'and so faithfully celebrate today the
.regent value of hla toM. Wg   ���* forty.elghth  .lIllliveraary of  the blrlh
********* *>****.***
to   I*
I*,      sretftp EOOK FOR TOPIAV.      ��
Clrlh:'-*' ft Crcn'ell, Whi Cr.ve r?cin-
df-r to Labrador TsVlmcs.
Everybody has rend of ihe missionary labors "t iir. Wilfred Thompson
(Ircnl II nmoiiij the fisklmos ot Labrador and  the  deep  sea fishermen
it (--hould  be-fa  ,���  be , n_
thualatlc nboiit b!i-.,K |
home city.   Try It. '
"Die    d illy    newfc,
rs   ence
in urs,
It rencha
��� tin
part  nf
tuibllc all of the i.i������ whlrh
Is  very  much  better t
ing to reach all of thi'
some of the time
.1  B. Ve ,
The  News reaches Ihe.
'h   try-
buIi of years of toil
hiB improvements.
perous homos of New
���    ster all of the. time.
-by tii
itt   year   many of
'8 nail medals wen
ise in South Kens-
who ransacki d the
.n'n holiday,
way, was thn In-
th" flret hospital train used
ith Afric   i war.
iln  Clotl-i for Jack,
test  cone BSlnn    granted   to
i'  r.f th    -n*".*v has not at-
uch  pubi ��� attention, but  It
ly nppre ititid by tho lower
is  the privilege of wearing
othi s, an  tho  navy  has   It,
airly easy to grant this con-
plain clothes on
fficern   and   men
badges, because
the  state.      The
xtri   expense
to Ihe pacifying fact that the men are
the masters and the masters nre the
men. The district was at one limn
i royal deer forest.
There are nearly inn quarries In It,
and  the   whole  of  this  Industry   is
managed I V a curious kind Of lrnde��
���mild, entitled "The Ancient Hulld of
I'urbeek Marblers."
ah  the  marble  is  held  to  belong
lo  the  guild,  which   has  been  In  ex-
And sweet as those by hopeleBB fancy
On  lips that are for others;   deep as
Deep aa  firnt love, and   wild  with  all
f),  Heath   ln  Life, the   dayB   are   no
Ry Alfred Tennyson, from "The Princess."
ie petty i
id cot due
bine t'j
not Incur
eed not A*ear plain clothes
inni'l, le therough In buy-
it   "e-r
i f any
the   regulations
Ic  !o   I e   Ltki n
rtlcle of uniform i
wi .ii-lng    plain '
A   Fimlly  of   Soldiers.
The Mvenool ExfcrsiB contains the.
picture of fiA- out of six Bona of a de-1
���3 'ii-eil    Uvtfcoo)    policeman,  all   of
whom have -isrved In the old Uth Liverpool  LA   V . and some of whom |
are still Te.rltcrlalH     The aggregate
Wtsl si rvlce of thn six brothers Is 134
years,    The five i'iovii  In the photograph are an fellows:    Sergeant, Major Minn Wllcon, 86 yearB' service, nml
on:  H'.ircourt
��� ��� i four ShoeburyMM and
You will ��nd it a great satisfaction to do
More Home Baking
You will make biscuit, cake and pastry
clean, fresh ani tasty���better every way
than thc ready made foods.
Dr. Price's Baking Powder is specially
devised for home, use, and makes home
baking easy and a delight. It will protect yop from the dread alum baking
powders, which are too frequently found
in the ready made articles, and insure
yoa food of the highest healthfulness.
COAL MINING rlcfets of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Kuuskatsaewiui anil Allien*.
*��� Yukon Territory, tb�� Northwot T-fcr-
���Mtoiirn and In u pnxtlun ot tl"* I'rovineo
at BrltiMh Columbia, nny be lnaae'el for a
imin of twwify-'ine year* at an luinual
ri-ntal of tl nn aora. Not more ituin IbtO
aoroti will In- liiii.il In one nppllennt.
Applleull'in   ror  u   Wn*t-   nuiKl   Im-   mail,,
hy  the  apnlVeanl   X*  twnwn   lo  tin-   Aunt
or Hub Ale'iil  of Ike illmrli-l  In  whliili
i-leht-n uppltiil for ar. huhhIiiI
In mirVfyi'il tinrtlory Uie innil niunt k��
d*9tf\tH-Ci by H-fHlon-5. or I, Kni suli-iilv*��
lleint of Heetliinn. utel iu linsurvevi-il \mr-
rllovy ths Inn* upiilli-M for Hhull ko
ilukori nut^iy  IW uppllennl   liliust-K.
Kiirl, iipi.ltrmliifi ihuhi Im* .ii*,*,���iii,ii-a_liil
iiy a tsa of %i which will !����� rofurifflH If
thr rlght-i apiillvU for aro not uviitliLbl��i,
init not olhvrwlBi'. A royalty nhmll bo
nalrl on tho rti.Ti-luintaPli- iMit|,iu of tti*
ilili' nt tin- rnMi of five cents p'*r torn.
Thn pernoo up. rulhii; Ilu- inlno nlin.ll
riimlnh the Airitit wllh SWoril p^ltirno
iccountlng for the fun quantlt-y n�� mer.
ehantabla nml inlned nml puy Ui�� roy.
ilty thin-on. If the colli ii-iiuIuk rll-lila
ire not lM-fng oiHiriiteil Kin-h returns nnniilit
bs  furnlshi-d  at   leaHl  once u  y*-nr.
Thn a-oni- wlll lueliiil,* the i-tml iiiliilnit
rlghtB only, but the leasee will bs ixir-
mltteil lo puic'hiiHe whatever available
nirfaoe righm nmy be oonstdered necea.
ian- for I hi- working of the mine at the
rut--* of tfO un iwve.
i''or full information applleatlon ahnuid
be made to the Beoretaiy of Ihe In pun.
���neiit of lhe Interior, Ottnwn. or- to nnr
iK'Bl or Hiih-Agint of  Dominion   Uuido.
w. w. conv,
���   _   f'epmy   Mlnlelrr  of the   Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publleatloS of thla
adVfrtlBement wlll not ho paid for.
For Rent
7-roomed house, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen rnnge,
linoleum and blinds. Leaiie If
required, $25.00 per month.
8-rdom house, one block from
car, $16.00 per month.
fi room   house,  modern,
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone  1024.
Coldicutt Blk.      East Burnaby. .,-.������^_,��� ._..
nderwear an
Is one every lady in this city will find of personal interest.   The low prices we are making prove
very attractive to all shoppers.   Now is a splendid opportunity to stock up in Household Supplies
in   Pretty  Assorted   Designs.
66 inchea wide, regular 76c.   Sale Price ���-    55c
68 inches wide, regular $1.00.   Sale Price ,'    75c
70 Inches wide Pure Linen, satin finish; regular $1.50.   Sale Price ,. $1.20
90-inch Heavy Double  Damask, equal to  hand-woven;   regular  $3.50.   Sale
Price, per yard ' $2.25
36-lnch Cream Table Cloth, ln two sizes only���the famous   Kerremln  cloth;
gives endlesB wear; size 64x84 inches, regular $4.60.    Sale Price $3.50
With open-work border; size 64x64; regular $3.50.    Sale Price $2.50
60 dozen Double Damask Napkins, slightly Imperfect ln weaving; worth from
$4.00 to $9.00.   Sale Price, per dozen        $2.25
60 dozen $1.26 Table Napkins.   Per dozen          95e
60 dozen pure linen $3.00 per dozen Hemmed Napkins.   Per dozen $2.00
20 fine White Damask Bedspreads; regular $3.50.    Sale Price $3.00
60 White Grecian Bedspreads; size 72x84, regular $2.50.   Sale Price $1.95
50 large size White Marcella Spreads, curiously   fine;   regular  $6.00.   Sale
Price  $4.oo
Stacks of Huck, Crape, Diaper and Damask Towels, hemstitched and Damask
borders; each        15c, W/Zc, 20c, 25c, 30e and 35e
Worth 33 1-3 more.
per yard 8.4c. 10c, 12/2c and 15c
H. C. Towels', regular 10c to 15c; each 5c, 8|/2c
and        12>/2;
Large size Hemstitched Bath Towels;  regular
50c; each ;       ..40s
20 dozen big size White Bath Towels; regular
30c; each    20c
Useful White Bath Towels;  each 17'/'zc
Special Large Size, each 15c
Massive Heavy Dice Towels (natural); rfcgular
35c; each  ....    25c
Taney Dice and Check Towels,   regular   30c;
each 20c
Strong Wearing Towels, reg. 25c; each 1?'/jC
Kveryday Towels, regular 20c; each ...15c
Children's Hand Towels;   regular li^c;   each
15 beautiful White Bath Mats; regular $4.00.
While they last ���. $2.00
Strong Reliable Cotton Sheets; 6ize 70x90. hemmed ready for URe, at ..$1.50
Heavy Twilled Cotton Sheets; regular $3.00,
at       $2.25
25 pairs Double Warp Cotton Sheets; thick and
velvety,  size  2'.'2   yards   wide   nnd   3   yards
long; regular $8.60 for        ...$2.50
See them!
6 pieces onlv very tempting Plain and Twilled
Cotton Sheeting; 90 Inches wide. Best production of English made goods at the absurd
price of, per yard 40c
Comment is needless.
Mill ends of fine English Long Cloths   to   be
clean d at, per yard 6'/jC
Cheaper than butter cloth.
H. S. and Plain Pillow Cases, full size; during
the sale        6 for 85c
10 pieces 45-lnch White Ayrshire Curtain Net;
regular 35c.    Sale Price 20c
12 pieces Pretty Colored Madras Muslin ln five
different colors at the ridiculous price of 20c
LesB than Manufacturer's price.
Ladles' I_cng White Cctton PrinceSB Slips trimmed with lace and embroidery, finished with
wide embro. flounce. Prices     $1.50 to $3.50
Ladles' Fine White Cotton Combination Suits
consisting, of corset covers and drawers, neatly trimmed with lace and embroidery. Prices
     $1.50 to $4.00
A beautiful range ot Ladies' MuBlln Nightgowns within the reach of every pu ae; high
neck and long sleeves, square and round
necks with butterfly and short close sleeves,
trimmed with embroidery, lace and beading.
Price    $1.00 to $3.50
A large assortment of Ladles' Fine White Cotton Petticoats from 30 to 42 Inches in length,
finished with narrow and knee flounces,
trimmed with torchon, mecklice and val. lace,
also Swiss or Hamburg embro. PriceB $1.50
to '- ��� $5.00
Ladles' Fine Cotton Drawers, trimmed with
lace and embroidery, umbrella and medium
width; all bi?es. Prices 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00,
$1.25, $1.50 and : $2.00
We have the largest line of Ccrsct Covets we
have ever shown, made of lawn, fine cotton
and wide embroidery, beautifully trimmed.
Prices 25e to $2.25
Horrops Of Balkan War
As Seen By English M.P.
"I hesitate to state what I saw truly
of the wounded ln the Balkan war."
writes  Mr   Noel  Burton,  MP., iu the
Contemporary  iteview.    "We dislike
horrors and we dislike tho people who
have a taste for thorn. Tbo ugly facta
In normal life we agree not to speait
But to Mr. Buxton the time has
come to tell Just what war means to
the human beings whom wo disguise
and forget under tho name of "soldier" or "army." With his own eyes
Mr. Buxton has Been the horror of
the Balkan war. and these are some
of the things ho Baw:
What War Means.
"Many who .fell where the Turns
afterwards advanced were mutillated,
almost nl"MVH. happily, in such a
way that life could only last two or
three hours," says Mr. Buxton." Often
the eyoB were gouged out. In other
cases men were blinded by shell explosions. Blinding scorned to stupefy
the mind, A man so injured said to
Iho doctor: 'The flour has got into
my eyes, and Ihe mice are eating It,'
"The majority of Infantrymen were
hit in the left arm or hand, as it was
lifted for firing. Shrapnel ball (com
ing from above the troops as they
knelt or lay) struck the shoulders.
hack and legs. We saw many mon
pierced through the lungs. An officer
rode Blx miles shot just below Ihe
"They are terrified of losing a
limb. I heard one man say to the
doctor who was preparing to take, of'
hla gangrenous arm: 'Please kill me
rather than take off my arm. If I
can't work on my farm, 1 woult] r~
ther bo dead.'
"Foreign military attaches picked
np Turkish dum-dum ammunition, and
nothing else would have expanded In
aoft flesh with the dreadful results
that came In a few cases to our sur
gcry. One, for instance, had, In tra
versing the upper arm, spread so a.
to make the exit wound quite five
Inchea long.
Another entering tho Inner side of
the thigh caused on the outer side
a hole quite fourteen Indies in length
the flesh protruding In separate oblong roasseB, mangled together, the
akin apparently all carried away.
"A much slighter dumdum wound
was ln the hand. In thn pnlm wan the
��������� ,��lny entranco holo; at the back of the
hand the core of the bullet had splin
tered Ibe inetacnrpel bone which cfni
n-ncta tho first finger with the wrl"l
hut round thn course tnken hy this
core the soft lead seemed to have
sprayed so quickly that In a flight of
ono inch 11 had spread to a circle
more than an Inch wide, carrying
away all this extent of bIiicw and
���flesh and leaving a cavernous hollow
across which the Jagged ends of bone
met unevenly. The tnsk was to cut
��ft theeo loose ends and clean thc
"I he more ruthlessly and quickly
we worked, the larger seemed the
crowd Still needing our services. The
air grow fouler, the heal more Intolerable, the crush more annoying, tho
smell of gangrenous and exposed
flesh more disgusting, fatigue made
one even more callous: but never *
could wn get through that ondless
Queue at  tlie door.
The Images of Cod.
"Here were human beings of a fine
typo, of pure blood, in the prime of1
life, remarkably free from Immoral
dtaeaie, of u courage and endurance
that makes them renounced as fighters throughout Europe, and with a
quality of mind and body unique
among the peasants of the world. As
one worked on. the mind recollected,
with liniiartlal coldness, the Immense
value of each of these creatures, beings to whom the expression 'made In
the image of G 'd' might quite philosophically   be  applied.
"And  here  at  closest quarters,  br
the Insistent Impact    of    Bight    and
smell and hearing and touch, we real! j
zed this image smashed;  Its capncltv j
for work, thought, fatherhood, hanoi
ness, destroyed by resultant Ill-health |
nol one alone, such as would In peace i
tlpi-   'u   n  cane nf mls'or'nne   move !
a whole nation to sympathy, but bv
scores and hundreds and tens of thou
iadv scon m
To   Her   Gallant   Husband���II   Distinguished Sculptor��� Peary's Medal and  Rolla'a Statue.
Ho was born at Cobourg, Ont.,    and
i received  his early  training    on    the
farm.    He entered the Ontario arri-
cultura.1 college in T!*04 and graduated
' in  lflOS.    Since taking up the district
representative work In Ontario Coun ;
ty   he  has devoted   much   time    and '
bas   been   very  successful   In   the  or-1
ganlEBtlon of co-operative egg circlet
Not only has he paid particular at  '
tent ion lo conditions of the egg trade
ns   they  exist in  the   rural   districts, i
but  he  has  ul.o  made  a  close  studv
Of poultry business ln general and hat
written     numerous    articles,    among '       a __
which  Is a bulletin now  In press! By I ���   .
virtue of his technical training and I London, Feb. 27.���Mr. Austin Cbam-
hls practical experience. Mr. Hare l��. | berlaln iu sending ten guineas to thc
therefore, well qualified as a specialist Lord Mayor's fund tor the erection
In  poultry  work. "' a memorial lo Captain Scott    and
Mr Hare will first bo concerned ! his companions, expresses tho hope
with the collection ot all data that IsiJ-bat the memorial will inehide a mon
avallablo on tbe grading of eggs asiument ln St. Paul's, and suggests, as
they have been received at wholesale ! a subject for consideration, whether
produce houses of Canada during the the design and execution of the work
past two years. The Information thns|itseir might not ba intrusted to Mrs
obtained will be used to form a basis ' Scott.
for Buch action ns mav be taken hv i Mrs. Scott is a sculptor of distinc-
the government In initiating a move- -tlon. As Miss Catherine Bruce, the
ment to improve and properly regn- daughter of Canon Lloyd Bruce, she
late the trade , waa known  as an  artist  before  her
Mr   Hare will be located at Ottawa, imarrlage.    She studied under Itoditi
but will travel extenslvelv throughout jand exhibited at the Royal Academy
the   Dominion,   first  In the  east  and   and the Paris Salon
later ln the west. *���*<* V<** she held an exhMt on of
   Iier   work   at   the   Grafton   Galleries
j She designed the memorial statue of
LONDON   EDITORS   S'GN c. S. Rolls, the airman, which stands
PETITION   FOR   PURCHASE, ������  the  seafront  of Dover.    She als<
  j designed the gold commemoration me
London. Feb. 27.    A remarkable de-j (j-ti   presented   to   Admiral   Peary   bv
crew off, tor the entire stock of food
had run out, "and the Glenmorven was
drifting to leeward, the Newcastle
tug's hawser having parted a fourth
time. The crew were transferred to
the Pcrdzee at great r.sk, for a heavy
sea was running.
The George V. stood by her charge, I
tnd after some hours' waiting four of
her crew succeeded In getting aboard
the  Glenmorven   and   fastening   their
hawser to  ner cable.     The   weather'
continued to be very   boisterous, and
the tug had a heavy task to attempt to j
tow her helpless charge to port.    The
mm imams   1
mm. m mis
amosi mi,
Tall    English    University   Man    With   Mile. Lya Calls on Countrywoirei
Varied   Record  Absconds   From Adept   English   Methcds���Fpu::.:
Police    Force. I Newspaper.
St.  Catharines, Ont,  Feb.  27.���The i
Paris.   Feb.   27.���Militant   methods
Mr. J. H. Hare Appointed to Under
take Investigation���Definite Pol-
��� ley Wlll Follow Report.
During the past year tho live Btoc'i
branch of tlio department of ngrlrul
ture has been engaged In a prelim
inarv investigation of'the Canadian
egg tradi.. Certain fndts relating to
the enormous loss that Is charged
back agaluBt the farmer and the un
satisfactory status of tho trndo as a
whole havo heen collected and pre
sented In bulletin No. IB. entitled
"Tho Care of Market Kggs."
Realising, however, the necessity of
securing moro detailed Information,
before Inaugurating any policy bnvlng
for Its object the bringing about of
Improvement In the condition of the
business, (ho minister of agriculture
has authorized the appointment of J.
S. Hare. B.8.A., of Whitby, to undertake the necessary Investigation.
Mr. Hnre has held tho position of
district representative In Ontario
County, Ont, tor tho past four years.
pSrture has been made ln connection
with the campaign to force tho London County Council to purchase certain properly nt the corner of Trafalgar Square, near the new Admiralty
arch, so as to open up the Nohle avenue, which leads to the Vletorln
monument In front of BueVlngham
The appeal Is signed by thr editor!
of London newspapers, morning and
evening, with one notable exception
the Times. The editors signing are:
The Telegraph, Mail. Standard, Mirror, Daily News, Chronicle, Express
Citizen, Graphic, Sketch, F.venlne
News. Evening Standard, Pall Mall
Gazette, Westminster, Star and Globe.
Such unanimity among London edl-
torn Is unparalleled, and their appeal
to the public thrcugh their own news
papers ts unprecedented.
Birmingham Streets Littered With
Jewelry���Spectacular Chase.
I-ondon, Feb. 27���Arthur Morris.
fl'vlng an nddress In Birmingham, and
mincer man, who refused to give his
name, wero remanded nt Birmingham
on a charge of breaking Into the shop
of a Jewcli r on New street.
Fortunately, the thieves did not
booty, for they were caught red-handed. During tho chase by the police
the fugitives shed bracelets, rings and
other articles of Jewelry. MorrlB
throw a quantity of gold chains and
two gold watches lu a doorway of the
Theatre Royal, and just before they
wore captured they both threw a number of rings and bracelets before a
passing taxi-cab.
the Royal Geographical Society after
he discovered the North  Pole.
Tug George V.  Had   8eadcgs   of Old
School Aboard���Two  Daya Without   Food.
London. Feb. 27.���The steamer Glenmorven, of Lelth, was towed Into Falmouth by the tug Oeorge V., of Newcastle, after having been abandoned
off the coast of Portugal.
Captain Maddlson, of the Oeorge V���
stated thnt he was ordered to proceed
to Vigo to tow tho Glenmorven to
Newcastle with the assistance of the
Dutch tug Pcrdzee, the Glenmorven
bnvlng loBt her rudder. Four days
after the venrols left a terrible gale
was experienced, nnd the George V.'b
rope parted. They stood by for forty-
eight hours and managed to get another rope on board. The Glenmorven steered so badly that little progress could be made. The George V.'b
rope parted no fewer than three
Then the Glenmorven's provisions
began to give out, and matters assumed n very serious aspect. At
length the captain of the ateamer
signalled to the Pordiee to take bis
Glenmorven wa. Uke a he.plesslog ���.&*��*�� *��%%gg* *%i        ^ *, be lntroduced from across
! the most efficient chief of police   it  the channel   by French   suffragettes,
e.-niK  ,..,.,������  i,..,...*.  .��......,.,.,.   uu,   -!fver,had-.'' a>8�� d^otes an account-'   .ho deC|ara U.-U   they  are  tired   or
worse fate threatened the   Newcastle i ln*!, ��.f *16"5 ��f the corporation a funds ,eek(ng t0 obtain the vote by peaceful
men. for their food ran short.    Their j J���?* came lnt0 hiB hunds as ****}*>*��� | means.
only hope was that some vessel would I
appear and  supply  food.    For  forty-
the sea.
Slowly, but surely, the steamer was
being taken toward Falmouth,   but
ight hours they had not tasted a
At last the Australian steamer Izoor
appeared, and In answer to signals
sent a plentiful supply of food.
For 355 miles the George V. towed
the helpless Glenmorven, and when
off the Lizard the tug Dragon fell ln
with her. Some men from the Dragon
and pilot boat were placed on board
and the steamer was safely brought
into Falmouth harbor. The Gleumor-
ven's crew landed at Fcrrol.
lleci?r-     ,,.   ,,    .        '     ... .   ',     |   "Mlie.' Arria Lys. who. as was cabled
Thoc. \v. Macdonald, the missing at th(1 tlme c-ised a sensation Eev-
[ official, a college-bred Englishman, 6 j eral montbs aBO by challenging a Tou-
feet six inches ln height, and a Aod louse iouraaltst to a duel for making
fellow in every seme of the W-Jrd. ! djBreSpectful remarks nbcut tur In
had served the town for two ytfra. i pll[,iic haa juat founded a new wem-
had cleaned out the undesirable Bar. ett>, paper, called l_e Combat Femiu-
acters, and in addition found tlmd to : iatx^ a fighting organ, the object, er
attend to other duties, which included!
New York, Feb. 27.���Chester
I/onl, for 32 years managing edito:
the and for 41 years a member of
the Sun staff, has resigned, the resignation to take effect some time this
week. He will be succeeded by James
Luby. the managing editor of the
Evening Sun. George M. Smith, the
assistant managing editor of the Sun,
will succeed Mr. Luby.
Mr. Lord resigns beciuse, as he
tersely puts It, "the Job of managing
editor requires half of tho day and
most of the nlgbt, and I think 1 have
done my share of It."
Chester S. Lord Ib probably the hert
known managing editor In tho United
States. He was appointed to the
place by Charles A. Dana In 1880. Re-
fore that ho had been editorial writer
and editor.
I en s
which is to incite its supporters to do..
as much damage as possible until tbe-
baliot is salscd.
Kadfii i ii tae Chamber of Deputies
and the Ministerial offices, as well as
window smashing uffrays In the Rue
dltion to finding time to assist ln mer- iff ^���'Tl^iie^^0^ "" ^^
cantlle transactions which did not I" u, Comtat Kominlste decides that
conflict with his enforcement of the . force ,_, t|)e ���_.,_. way  f.,r ��mm   t(J
.    , ,,.. , obtain   their    duo    recognitions   and
,,r"'   ���-"'"'    "��-'lni'y    xi-vice     ll.   ���,1���lLu   ,,,   NanntMK    ft,     ,,���,���   "pltt0i
,, ,   ,       , -,.,,, ,        ""  *" ���-PleS of tho  world's   grente'Bt
w�� it "I ,      , ���   ES 0��twlo PO��ce  mln<u who were bte ���, g�� ..
have Instituted a search  for him.       'atmi.,,    arHj
���-       ��� j foIly ..
GERMANY GETS  FURTHER i Tho reforms demanded by the new
ATTACK OF  SPY   FEAR l ln,"lant  ^r0"? ar0   that   all  wldowB,
unmarried   or   divorced   women    of
the office   of   street   superintendent,
pound keeper, etc.
Macdonald waB also correspondent
for various newspapers, and was appointed a county constable for the
neighboring county of Lincoln, ln ad-
He   nan   seen   miliary   service    In     (linU| t���  NapoIeo^ St    ,,���,.,/
S'   �����  ',      1.'��� ""    ""' "��� il'U    m' aic"   Moliere. Schopenhauer and  Niet
rof  months   was  a  member of  the  Tor-  aa exampIca m ^0 world'B   gr,
pitiable    woman-hating
���  I
r.rioe  "hnuW  ha?��  the  vote,   while
Rrrltn, Fob 27.���The "sry ..
has BV!��ln gr'noeil lb nnsnv Three mil!T,8,l women shi.ojii be allowed to
arrests on charges of theft of army vote 5* tho *"*** on ���***������* husbands
and navy secrets have beeu made in i Slvin8 consent or when the latter are
connection with the discovery ot an | Incapacitated by Illness or other
"espionage agency," und othors are , ca"8e;
threatened. I    "  <s  ,l'1"" demanded   that   7fl  per
The Berlin press is greatly sgiiatcd   cenf' ,0!. Jh" ***** ln Parliament   be
and ls hinting thnt liritish"capital la,occupied by women deputies.
financing thc agency, the
Feb.    ?7.���A    London
New   York,
cable says:
According to an official report published yesterday. London's rateable
value has fallen In one year to the extent of Jl.600,000. and during the last
ten years there has been a net
gratlon of (150,801 persons
address of
which has been found bv the police.
The authorities nre reported to
hn\e found a representative of the
Naval llureaii of Foreign Power at
tha residence cf Dr. Segal, who was
COUNTRY'arrested lust week on charges ot soiling submarine plans to Kngland.
Mawson's Find In Southern Polar Re-
olons to Be Named After Kino.
Melbourne, Feb. 26���The new \t*.i-,\
eml-1 discovered  by  Dr.    Mawson    In    \he
| South   Polar  regions   will   be  named
This loss to the capital is attributed King George V. Land. The explorer
to tho building of modern houses In pent a message to tho king today
outer London, with better   accommo-  through  Lord Denman,   aBklns    HU
datlons and to the opportunities afforded by tramways and auto busses
for living In healthier surroundings on
the border of the country.
In a word, the central Idea of the
migration has been self-preservation
on the grounds of health.
Majesty's permission to so namo the
Tbo territory lies between Victoria
t Land and Adelie Land. A lato dispatch from Dr. Mawson to the father
of Lieut. Ninnis. says that Ninnis'
death occurred on Jan. 14, 191Z.
1509 Reward Offered for Source of
Unprecedented   Happening.
London, Keb. 27.���How a run on a
saving bank was stopped ls described
tn the annual report of the Inspection
tcn-mlttee of trustee- uuvings banks
Just issued.
Depositors of a Leicester bank wero
suddenly and unaccountably alirmed
on thc evo of the national coal strike,
and wlthdr.-w fco.nno. In order to restate confidence the officials sent the
last balance sheet and the government
voucher for the Investments to the
local newspapers (or publication, and
thn "nnnnger traveled to London that
night, bringing back a large aupply ot
gold ready for tke next day.
The run stopped at noon, after
about 1100.000 had been withdrawn.
The source et the trouble oould not
be traced, though a reward of 1509
waa offered.
I m-5* **3V*i
FRIDAY,  FEBRUARY 28,  1913.
AT mm RIVER    Wim EROM U.S.
> C. N. n. Engineer Explains to Delegation that Cor  may Ha:. Plans for
Cr_;w  r,ridge.
Complete saiisfaclion ��as expressed
i>y the delegation from the Progres-
���Hive Association uhich journeyed t
Langley yesterday afternoon where
they inspected the site of the proposed C. N. IL bridge ai the .Salmon
river. Through the courtesy of Ilesi-
-dent Engineer VV. C. Swan of the
Canadian Northern Railway, the depu
tation consisting of Messrs. \V. J.
Kerr, J. VV. Cunningham, Otway Wilkie and Kenneth Myers were taken
trom this city on a gasoline speeder
to Langley where they were joined
by Reeve Poppy and members of th
municipal council
of Tradn and
The l^anglcy Hoard of Trade asked
the Progressive Association lo support
them in an endeavor to prevent tin
C. N. R. from building a trestle
ncross lhe Salmon river which they
claimed would impede navigation. Mr
Swan, however, produced plans show
ing that the present
of   Education   States
Haa  Eeen  Adopted���
berta's Shortage.
Gang   That   Terrorised   Pari3   Found
Guilty���Four to  Bo  Executed���
Four Acquitted.
Edmonton, Feb, 27. -The report hy
cable today of fear in Eni land over
the Importation of United states
teachers Into Western Canada has
aroused much Inter-ant here.
The question of the Importation of
American teachers has been a live
Issue in Albrrta for some time aud the
charge has been made and not specifically denied that the Slfton government plans the wholesale impnria- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[tlon    of    instructors  from the other | Ing  three women,  were    found    not
i'aris, Keb. il.���.eighteen members
of Ihe gang of aulomohile bandits who
held I'aris and its environs in terror
for months, were found guilty this
morning. l-'our of tin in were sentenced to die by the guillotine, and
the others were given long terms of
imprisonment The four condemned
weie Dieudonne, Callemin, Soudy and
Monier.    Fcur of the accused  includ-
Important   Change;:   in   Came
tlon  Act���Three   Deer  Limit-
Hunting  With   Dogs
the Langley  Hoard
interested   property
  ! rue ture was cl
.rtily a temporary nature and thai
company had made arrangements !
a permanent  Ifl bridge which  would
sillcw navigni'on to pass up and 'I   ���'���;
ithe stream, allowing a SO fool Bpau, ol
.tho draw  binge  type, which   will     b
sufficient  for any   vessel  i [ tho Bizi
which can navigate the river to ] a.-e-
Mr. Swan explained to the delegation that lie had assured the municipal council that the company < aa
planning a more permanent structure
and thai he had never been approach
���ed by the Hoard of Trade, although
fthal body had taken it upon theni-
*.selves to make a protest.
This Reeve Popi ��� confirmed, bo
thai everyone present expressed satis-
faction in the new  turn til events,
Tlie gasoline speeder which carried
Iho party makes ahout thirty miles
hour on the clear track and I it
the dislodging ot one of the
member's headgear everything passed
off ��� insiaetorv during the trip. The
Canadian Northern lias taken up the
rails formerly used by the Great Noi
thorn in the vicinity of Port. Mann am
is laying a heavier type of rail to meet
the expected traffic which will lie carried over thin line.
The minister of education, however,
went the length of saying that no policy for the Importation of American
teachers had been adopted.
"The laws governing the department of education With regard to the
qualifications and appointment of
teachers," said the minister, "are the
same today as thev were when Mr,
Hault.iin was in charge Of the government of the .Northwest Territories.
"It is true that there has been a
demand for teachers that was more
than equal to the -supply. Last year
the province wan 414 teachers short.
it is a little early yet for me to gel
the figures for this yeaj.The province
has advertised Its needs In this re's met throughout eastern Canada and
the facts have becn placed before the
teachers of Great Britain with a view
Inwards  improving conditions."
"lias the province offered any Inducements to teachers to Come here
from the United States," the minister
was asked.
"The same inducements are offered
teachers from that country as from
any other. We have our statulanls of
qualifications and training and th si
must be complied with.
"in certain Instances where school
districts found it impossible to secure
certificated teachers, temporary permits were granted to applicants who
convinced the department that their
academic training was adequate."
! make a few necessary    explanations,
' l'lie lady  was present arranging    lilt
I ladies' exhibits.
Kickers   Fail   to   Show   Up.
Mr.    George    Alderson    considered
that the complaints were not serious
! and merely "joss."
Mr. Whiting:   "They threatened to '
j cease exhibiting, however."
Protec-i     Mr.  C.  .1.   Holme:     "None  e.f    the
kickers have turned out. anyway."
To obviate gossip of this    son    a
resolution   was  passed   that   all   com j
plaints  shall  bu  made   in   writing  to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the secretary when they would be con j
I sldered at the regular-meeting of the I
Victoria, Feb. "7.   Some Important! directors,
Changes to the Oame Protection act of      \ further motion was adopted thai
liritish Colombia are set forth in an  al] errors in connection with the    ox-
aniendlng measure  introduced  in theU biticn, judging, etc., must be report-
house  yesterday  afternoon  by   Hon.  ,,(1 ������ writing to the secretarv withii
W,  ,1.  Bowser, attorney  general und i fourteen days after the exhibition,
re,,,! a first time, j Financial  Statement.
This measure provides, among other
things  that  it  shall  be  unlawful  fori     A decided "kick"  came    from    the
any resident of the province to hunt ! meeting,  however, about the form ol
animals or birds or to carry firearms ' ')>'' annual statement of account  sub
or any description, or air guna or any 1 mitted to the annual meeting by    the
device  for   the   purpose  of  capturing | latl! secretary.
.   ���.    , , ...   .  .   . ,nnv animal or bird without first taking!     On a niotion by Mr. E. M. Wiltshire
ed  21  days, Was attended  by  many om a ilcen.ge j the matter was left In the hands of
In addition to taking out a license. I the directors with instructions to em
hunters will be required to wear a | P'oy a chartered accouutant to audit
badge showing the number of their the books and put tbe balance sheet
license.. Tbese licenses will not be|in proper form showing lhe assets si
transferable. Any breach of the act
Involves cancellation of tlie Hunter's
license. Licences will net be issued
to boys under 16 except at the writ-
I ten request of parents or guardians,
i who Ehall  undertake that such  boys
The trial of the bandits, which last- j
'.ended  by  i
dramatic incidents.    The jurors were
threatened  time  and  again  with  as-1
sassination by accomplices of the accused, ami many of the 304 witnesses I
were also menaced.
The  court  itself    was    surrounded
by a large force of guards, judges and j
jurors being provided with strong es-1
Expected Excitement.
When the evidence was brought to I when carrying firearms, will always
a close tnd the jury had retired, a I be under their supervision or that, ol
tremor of excitement passed over the I aome  responsible  license holder.
Ihe Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Several Strong Lines   $1.95
10-inch Hi-Cut  3.15
Leckie's Oil Tan Hi-Cut   4.15
Men's Samples at Bargain Prices.
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckie's  Boots and  Ahren's School Shoes.
A   $20,000   Stock to  Select  From
Glen H. Curtics and Others Prevented
From Manufacturing and Selling
Arr.b^Dcador Eryce Takes Active  Pa
An Preparing British Cacc���General   Arbitration  Treaty.
V lablngton, Keb. '.'7. Tlie aim of
���thi :ritis-h government in presenting
n rsK'tear to Secretary Knox's las!
note ;
pins ;
Ilu    ���
tni nt
slrci tu
��� ertiiii; the riuht of the United
to exempt  it.s  coastwise  Bhtp-
ra the payment of th" tolls in
���atna  canal  belore  tlie  retire
'. the present administration is
vodno be Influenced by a de-
escipe the intimation  that  il
te> deal  with    the    Incoming
ratic administration
Th .efore   the   next   note,   now   in
pre -, .ration, is likely to be delivered
in t ie course of a day or two and wlll
i�� in the line of development  in  ;���
topical way of the initial Ilriiish contentions regarding the accessibility ol
the canal to all nations, including th'
Uii'twl States, on even t< rnif, and 01
tho  arbitral  nature  of  the  Issue   be
tween tile two governments.
lt is understood in regard to the ! it
ter point that Ambassador Bryce. w1
is  now  taking an  active part   in   ���
preparation  of  the   liritish  case,  hi
not  indicated  his  purpose to support
the proposal of Mr.  Knox in his last
note to i xehaiigo ratifications in th'
pending general arbitration treaty i ���
tween America and Greal  Britain, In
<inier to permit nt :��� special commission therein  provided, to report  up Nl
the- fact* in tin   dispnti
i    Buffalo. Feb. 27.���Judge    John    II
j Hazel   in   the   Hulled   States   district
j court   today     granted*   the     Wright
Brothers' petition for a perm.mint Injunction   -"straining Glen   11   Curtlss
land  lithe,.-   Irnni   manufacturing  antl
; selling aeroplanes, important  parts ol
1 which wire alleged to have infringed':
]on the Wright  patents.    A stay was I
| granted by Judge Hazel pending fur
ther appeal on condition that the appeal le inlu-e  promptlj
The chief infringement alleged by
ihe Wrights was upon attachments for
maintaining equilibrium of tha ma
chine while In flight. On the Wright
machines that in accomplished by a
ivnrplng of the plains by the operator
and the use of horizontal and vertical
rudders, while on tlio Curtiss mn
chines the same result was secured
it was claimed, by small auxiliary
planes attached to the ends of the
main planes.
Judge Hazel In nis opinion, holds
that the testimony of Curtlss himself
that the ailerons of his machines are
intended to preserve lateral balance
without the use of any other elemi nl
or pnrts, supports Ihe claim Of in
fringenient made by the Wrights.
spectators in the court room, for
threats had been mysteriously put In-
. lo circulation that some thing terrible
would happen. Nothing, however, occurred.
The jury remained out from ?,
o'clock yi sterdny afternoon until nearly T o'clock this morning. They had'
to ci in- icii r a series of nearly 400 questions, which had been submitted to
When (hey returned to court, their
written verdict was so incoherent, con-;
tradictory and lengthy that  it had to j
be explained to the presiding judge by !
the  foreman.
At the conclusion of the reading the
spectators were startled  when coun-
sd for four of the bandits sprang to
tin ir feet and declared that it waa illegal  for the presiding Judge to risk
the jury oral explanations of a writ- j
i ten   verdict.    They  entered  a   strong
protest against such procedure. Their
i clients,   by   tho   verdict,   were   liable
j to the death penalty anil  this was a
J l.-.fit effort to overt or postpone their
True Friendship.
Another dramatic Incul* nt occurred
| after the court had deliberated on the
i protests by prisoners' counsel and decided   against  them.     The   presiding
judge turned to the accused and asked
i tlit in if they had anything to say before   sentence  was   pronounced   upon
them,    t'aller.iin, who had been found
I guilty of murder, shouted:   "My comrade I)h iidonne was nol the assailant
of Bank Messenger Caby.    It was I."
This   caused   a  tremendous   sensation In view of the fact that Caby had
repeatedly  asserted  that   Dieudonnp
shot him,
Numerous   Murders.
The crimes of the automobile bandits begun  in ,No\ emhi r,  "'11 and  In
ithe succeeding months tin    murdered,
' lt   is   allegrd,   chauffeurs.
i sengcrs, freight agents ui-i
no tie   number of 22.    '1
Steal   $200,000   from    th-
Prance.    Tliey fftl'd up .
suburban bankB, broke i
ilences of prominent peop
chief of the Pans dl lien,
fire  to  buildings,  and   l
their two leaders. Bonnet
were  in  danger of arret-
two sieges in the environ
In the course of these sj
found necessary to call ot
of  troops,  whole  squadrons  of  military,  mounted  police and  practically
the    entire    force of patrolmen, who
bombarded   the    bandits    for    many
hours and then found several of the
leaders lying dead,  riddled  with  bullets.
Carouya. the "Anarchist Bandit,"
when he heard that he was condemned
to imprisonment for life, committed
suicide in his cell by taking poison,
which presumably wns passed tn hlin
as he left the court room. Relnliault,
another of the gang, has been sent to
an asylum.
There are three classes of licenses:
An ordinary, to carry firearms and to
hunt birds and deer, ether than moose,
wapiti and cariboo, costing $2.50; a
general, to hunt game, birds and animals. ?*>; a special, to carry firearms
nml trap, $10. Holders of general or
i in clal licenses must within 14 days of
the date of expiration, return the license to the provincial mime warden
with a sworn statement of the number of each species of big game or
'l'uiiials trapped.
Prospectors having a free miner's
license may obtain ordinary licenses
during the open Beason, while actually
engaged in prospecting: so may farm-1 the'government
that it could be sent to the govern
ment and the municipalities of Burna
by and Coquitlam.
Expend $4030.
Mr. Wiltshire deprecated any idea
of impeaching the late secretary on
any head vhen he brought the subiee
un. Looking at this document It show
ed on the face that they had eapended
$1(1.10 and no assets.
The President: "There are no n��
sets shown except $4. It shows all
the liabilities and no assets."
Mr. Wiltshire: "Nothing about our
hall, grounds, furnishings, to show
that we have assets. We have te
iv der an account of t'.nt $4000."
Mr. C. J. Holme: "We should have j
a  valuation  pul   upon  our property."
The president said it -was all right I
to people who knew the eircuni |
stances, bul to a stranger looking at j
the .statement it was not.
Mr, Wiltshire satd a different and!
proper  statement  had  been sent    tc '
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
its and farmers' sons, hunting on the
land on which liny permanently reside. Any firearm found in the possession of any person not having a*
license may be Blezi il and confiscated.
Hunters Guide.
It. is provided that no person shall
act as hunters' guide without having
taken out a Itcensi Every guide so
licensed must require every person
whom he serves ns guide to produce
for inspection that p-. rson's firearms'
license and failure to do bo constitutes
a breach of the act All licensed guidi s
shall, within 14 e.iys of the expiration of their license, furnish the pro
vinclal game warden with a statement
showing the number of persons whom
they have served, the number of days
they were engaged In hunting and the
number of different species of big
game killed.
The area of the harbor waters of
Vancouver and Victoria in which firearms may not be discharged Is greatly extended. In the former port Unprohibited area includes the whole of
Burrard Inlet, False creels and Kng
| lish Bay, from a point drawn from
i Point Grey to  Point  AtklnBon.
Any resident, of the province who
mnk met- w' npli **�� ��,,tain a permit to export
nolieeiiieii animals or birds shall make a written
v tried to aPPlloatlon to the game warden, en-
Bank    of  closing the sum of $1, this being the
he i
lumber of
i the  re-si-
killed the
force, set
ally when
nl Gamier,
of Paris,
ges it was
Ordf-9  Removal  cf  Superintendent  cf
Msueawan  State  Hospital   Where
Thaw Is Confined.
SELIS fOR $1,25P
CoMains    Comment    on    Insanity
George   III.���Has   Never-   Been
t<cndrm, Fib. 27.    At a Bale oi Si I
eii-,*.i   oi   autograph   letters   and   hif
toi-ieai documents a li Iter from Gi org(
Waahginton,   firs!    president   of   th
tiniteil States to Bamuel Powell dated
February IB, 1789, brought $1250.
This la said to be the mosl Interest
ing lottei thai Washington ever wroti
ami has never boen published, Twi
month: after n was written he win
elected ihe Brsi president of thi
United Slate... in the letter Wash
ingti.n refers io George ill's first at
tack of tnadneaa.
It will I"- recalled Hi it In tii" an
tiimn of nxx the -Kim: returned to
Windsor after taking  the  waters   al
ap|    ���
is of thi
01 '*:*ll ' r
i liington
Cheltenham, nnd on October
wet whih out ilm ���:! :i . lorn
next, day lie wai i
���ober Z2 MignH uf derangement
������cd. HiB mind dwelt i n the l
American colonies and on N
�� he became delirious. Ws
tn his letter Buys:
"Be the cause of the flritlBh King's
Insanity what it. may, Ills aituatlon
<if alive) merits commiseration. Belter perhaps would it have been for hiB
(italicsi nstion though not for ours
fitalictt) under the. present proupect If ance conmillt
tbe event bad happened at the time." of New York
'The time referred  to in not  spec!
Albany.   Feb.   27. Without   Waltln;
\ for a report from nis committee ol
inquiry which has boen investigating
the Thaw rcandal, Govi faor Sulzer
rent a letter today in Co. nol .leu "pi,
!���'. Sei.it, superintendent of state pris
in;::, directing lhe removal of Dr. John
W. Russell, supt rlntendent of the Mat-
tewan State hospital, win re Harry K
Thaw Is confined.    Colonel Scott said |
tonight he had not  >et. received the
lett. r.
Action by Colonel Scott was made j
unncc p.r.ary, however, by tin  reslgna i
Hon   Of   ' "    Km sell,   which   was   ti ll
phoned   mis  afternoon   from  Mattea-I
van     Tii"  resignation  was accepted
at once and  Colonel  Scott .designated
Dr, Roy I.. Leak, first assistant physl
clan at the hospital to take charge ol
the  institution  temporarily.
The  governor  sent   a  second   letter
io Charles s. Whitman, district at
tor in y of New 'rfork, together with s
copy of Ihe testimony taken by the
committee concerning the off"r of
(20,000, which Iir. I'ussill says was!
made to him by John N. Anhut, a New
York lawyer. If he would aid In releasing Harry k Thaw, Tii'* testimony
aim Includes Anlnit's dental mid his
counter charge thai Hr Russell wanted   In   ItnolV   wlnre  he  ("line   ill  on   lhe
$? '' ��� *.i .* h Aii'iut admits he receli���
' il from ; ti n fiit of Thaw, as a "con-1
i ee, ni n taintr" lo free :;i in'nr'l
White's Blayi r, This confession, the
i iverni r says, be expects the district
attorney to lay before the grand Jury.;
A third letter, With a copy of the testimony "relating to the acts and pro
ceedlngs of John N Anhut, counsellor rn law, iu relation to one Harry
K. Thaw," was directed to the grlev-
if the Par association
^^^^^^^^^^ inly, "for meh action
in the premises, under the clrcirm-
Btances as you may deem proper."
"Ce-.eral" Roiiallc Jcnc*3 and Party of
Hikers Are Neiring Washington
After  V.'cary   March
Washington,    Feb.    21.   "General"
Rosalllo    Jonea    and    lur    army    of
'"Hikers" from New York are   expect
ed to he within strikin:- distance ol
the capital nt noon tomorrow,   Thej       ^^^^
j will be me: by a large del   .Tien from Inrlsonmcnt
Ithe suffrage headquarters here, headed hi  iii ss All ee Pin.I, executive ln'iil
of ih" BUffrSgB movement,  and  e'hei
bailers  who    will  rib-    out    touard
Ryattsvllle    nnd    oacorl    thorn    int
A troop composed "f twenty cavalr
women who arc to take part In the
. ���' 'i.i March "'. will form lhe official
escort. There also wlll be a battalion
if young women marchers who arc
members of a local tramping club.
Arriving In Washington, Ih" hikers
will march to the suffrage Washi gtoi
headquarters, A slier: linn* sftei
reaoblng the headquarters n larg
nen all 'ill be held nt which
"General Jones will make th" chli
A   final  effort  will  h I  it *  I I  toner
row* to obtain thi consent of nen'ator
���mil   r presentatlves   fn m      inffrai
stati s i" take i nn hi ''"    ,,      . ���.-
day.    A"  ���]���" dl  Ins h* ��� ii n liln bsi i
to ail s i' li membi rs ef em   n   i an
several replies already have been re
reived.    A reply from Senator Robert
M.   I.iifi.lletle  staled   that   while     In
was not able lo be In the pageai ' per
sunnily,  he  had  delegated  Iwo  of his
Sons    lo    take    part.    Senator    Iteed
Rmoot, of Utah, wrbte he was unable
lo take a place In the procesBlon, but
would send a substitute along,    s mi-
lar letters were  received  today  fn in
other members of congress.
fee for such  permit.
Any person found between cne hour
afier sunset anil one hour before sunrise with a headlight of any descrip
lion and firearms in his possession
commits a breach of the act and shall
be liable to be arrested without warrant by any game warden or police
The privilege heretofore accorded
storekeepers of keeping game for sale
for a period of five days after the ex
plration of the close season for such
game is withdrawn, as is also the
privilege heretofore accorded-the private owners of game killed during
the open season of keeping such game
for a period of ten days after the expiration of the open season.
Dogs and  Deer
It is provided that It shall be unlawful for any person lo run deer at
uny time with dogs or allow dogs to
run after deer. The old act allowed
hunting of deer with dogs by permission of the game warden. The hunt
ing of birds with dogs between April
lfi and August 1, both inclusive, 1:.!
Various penalties of severe character are provldi I fer nny aud all in
fractions of the net. Any fine Imposed
midir tha net musi ho paid forthwith
and, in default of payment, tho of
fender Fhall hi Ihhb to Imprisonment,
wiih i r ���.'��� th' ut hard labcr for a pi r
ltd of nit ���- ��� . :.. ..ia months, un-
j ii. -  * r"   Idcd  i:i  the act,
The i 'el  .-.rt   provld d  for Imprison-
nn nt not tni Kceed '���fl days.
l-'very tr.tdi r in furs Is required In
make n ritiirn to Lha game warden
not later than Atigucl 1 In each year
stating the number and variety of
pelts bought I y him in the provinc'
during the p.! months preceding Pail
ere to  make Blich  nnim  Involves  n
nalty up to $ino and in default to im-
From Mr. Manson.
A  communication   frcm   .Mr.   W.  .1
Manson,    M P.P.   f* r   Dewdney,   was
read    promising    to    do his best    ta,
secure an adequate grant, for prizes a
ihe exhibition.
A  discussion  followed in  which    it
was revealed  that owing to a  misap-
prehension  Mr.  Manson  imd been  led i
to understand that it was prize money [
he bad been asked tn secure, whereas i
it was a grant in aid to complete the ]
hall   and   lay   out   the   grounds,   erect i
poultry  shed  aad stock accommodation.
The secretary    was    instructed
write the agricultural department fi
ing a erant nf Sinnn and the presid
uiuhrtook to write Mr   Mn"���"���"������ n
Tin* Coqultlam council will also
ait-cd  to implement  their promis,
a grant to the funds of the rrsi cla I
tion as Mr   It. Newman nut it "as    a
parting   gift"   before  their  inenroora-1
tlon as the cltv of Port Coqultlam.
It was resolved tto grant ""��� u--
of the hall free to the meetings o(
!the Farmers' Institute and to the]
1 i ..i.,.H' i.i.-tituto in conneetion there
���with, as theBo societies were equalli
j engaged In the promotion of agricul
' turn as the Agricultural Society
M-s. Alderson snld that n' the
opening of the hall the local ladles
had entertained their parlian, ntirv
representatives and visitors from Co
quitlam and elsewhere to lea. Thev
thought it would be a nice thing to
have their guests' autographs In 0
hook and then got them to sign their
She had a little request to make and
that was that the society accept a
g'ft of the book and place It among
the records of the society for 1912 In
honor of their guests.
On the motion of Mr. Freeman
Bunting the gift was accepted with
The   services   of   Mr.   Whiting   and
Mr.  H.  B. Baker  In  collecting
$200 for prl-es for the last exhibition
were cordially acknowledged by a rote
of thanks.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints.   Paper Hanging our
to | Specialty.   Work guaranteed.
���"<  'ChaS.   Mannering       34 Begbie Street.        Phone 393.      Ed.   Allcock.
ent , ...  -	
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At SOO and 5:4fi a.m., and every
IB  minutes  until  !> p.m.    From  9 I
p.m. until .iiiiiii;i*,hi half hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00, 7:30,
SOO aud i.30 a.m., week day service prevaillug thereafter.
For Vanceuver via Burnaby -At
5:45, fi:4f-_ and 8:00 a.m. with hourly Bervie* thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7 na a.m. und hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service ihei.-nr
(Connection with cars te Sieves-
ton and other points on l.ulu 1b-
laml is made at Kburiio.
For Chilliwack and Points in
South Fraser Valley���At S.30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:05 p.m.
Protest Derth
of lale Madero
���Tnatlntied from race onei
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.      Suit 19, B. C. E. R.  Depot, New Westminiter B. C.
nder be
able to
. |
months and  If the off
I" ration   It   fll-lU   I e   1
m' exceeding Jiioo
fori ons iin rn -'::���_��� with the gam<
" * rdens or ct nrtitbl' p in the dischargi
of lutles under tin ; .*��� stii.ll he liable
i" i fine not exceeding $100, or U
Imprisonment ':p to two months
The number of coasl deer which It
Shall be lnwful fer a hunter to t ilu
In nnv one Season la reduced from
flvi' to throe and tha number of bull
elk wh'ih may be taken In any one
season Ib cut from two to one, and ll
Ib provided tlvt no buffalo may lr
killi d at nny time
These are some of the more impm*
tant of the provlBloiiH of the amend
111);  bill
convicted by the military court martial
. bearing the case.
Laredo, Texas, Feb. 27.���Direct tele
graphic communication between l,are
do and  Mexico City  wua resumed lo-
Hold   Investigations.
Mexico City,    Feb.    27.���That    the
Investigations now being conducted li
determine  the  responsibility  for  the
'death of Madero and l'lno Suarez are
I tending to aiiiipori   the official Btate
Iments relative to an attacking partv
'a  Indicated by the arrest today    of
,T0Z6  /.ainaroona and  five  others    nl
lcgcd to have been members nf    tin*
iiarty which attempted to rescue    tin
former president and vice-president.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,   New   Westmlns ter.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods  of  all  Kinds.   PHONE  694.
Come to the Bankrupt Sale Today at
The Peopfle's Friend
708 Columbia St. Opp. Westminster Trust Blk,
ui* i
"Pop    ���
Attend Meetings
(Continue!! trom i age onei
and thai of a lady iiIbo.
As a mailer of personal explanation
he might say that he was there in the
humble capacity nf sweeper out, iiJ
they had no Janllor at, the time ainj
Dover spoke to  the Judges except tc
������:���: 5s what
ryone said
mght about
the new show
at tie ROYAL
Oenuine Sale, as we must have the room.
Complete Bedroom Suite, consisting of Red, Spring
and Mattress, nice G. 0. Dresser, 3 drawers, British
Bevel-plate Mirror and   six-piece Toilet Set   for
only j $17.90
Princess Dresser, large oval glass $12.75
Other Dressers equally low.
Chiffoniers from ....   $6.00 up
Sideboards for $15.00
Couches $3.75 and up
Bed Lounges, 1'arlor Tables, Easy Chairs, Kitchen
Cabinets, Tables, etc., etc., all going regardless of
This sale is cash only.
inn amwur*wm m��mi*>tt*m***'*'t " ���'
, ������*-.*---.
Fcur Rounds  En.ugh for McHenry at   Stanford     and     U.  of  C.     Unable    to
Coquitlam  Latt Night���Lee Defeats   Murphy.
Agree���Former Threatens to
Pull Out.
No   little   interest
Terminals Out of the Running If They
Lose to the Royals at the Arena
This Evening.
Press reports emanating from Van-
���couver Indicate that the Terminals
are prepared to make a great effort
in tonight's game at Queen's Park
when they meet New Westminster ln
the  third  home  gnme of  ihe  season.
The defeat of Vietoria on Tuesday
evening     StUl     gives     Vancouver     a
chance for the championship and with
that old saying "there's many a slip
twixt cup and lip," Frank Patrick ami
bis high priced aggregation of atars
will endeavor to take a fall out of the
Royals so tint Victoria will have to
win their next game In Hie Capital
eiineh the championship,
shown in local amaKJii
circles over the rwJult
is   being
nr hockey
of the
telegraph vote taken by the
provincial hoard of the 13. C.
A. A, U. In the MeLeod rein-
Statement case. Taking It for
granted that all the members of
the board would accede to the
recommendation of the Westminster branch for the lifting
of the player's suspension, MeLeod was allowed to play In
the Moose-Beaver game on
Wednesday  night
One of the Victoria delegates
now knocks the scheme on the
head by refusing to allow the
suspension to be lifted although
a legal affidavit was sworu to
by MeLeod
The members of thi' hockey
league are a Utile wroth over
the turn of affairs and the fact
that the Victoria local branch
is seeking lo reinstate the Vietoria pro iiiccer team, may had
to    interesting    developments.
Saved from a knockout through the
Intervention of the referee, Jack McHenry, who Is touted as the champion of the South, met his defeat at
Stanford University, Cal., Fel
The extraordinary success of May
Hobson In depicting the humor and
characteristics of eccentric old women,
for which she is Unequalled, asked
several writers to submit their plays,
... I but those received were not adaptable
h. tel     i     i    I      : ',?   'WW IP "" requirements, therefore she de-
between the University ol California termtoed to write down her views and
and  Stanford  University over the in- Idefts   or   lhe  acllon   aml   eXboretel
terpretation of a minor clause in their! wm, an
Coqultlam last evening by Frank Har- athletic   agreement,    the   executive
who made his debut aB a pro-! committee of   the    Sianford   student
experienced  dramatist.    The1
result  was entitled  "A  Night Oul "
hia debut aa a pro-1 committee ��   the   sianford   student;   The character enacted by Miss Rob-
The V. A. C, boy, who until. b10ard  PMse^ ��� r,'8"llllio1'  last  night json *. that of a UjveabS old lady, with
held   the   amateur   welter- j abr''Batll'Kll'e agreement in full as It a droll humor, who is supposed" to be
'1"     '���""��� U. r ,���,,���,������,   ���,   Inter-eollee-lme  fonlh.ll  ..nH ^ jn , , ^ ;
City in
yesterday   neiu   me   amaieur   welter-18ppHe8 to Inter-OpHegUte football and
weight championship of the Dominion,Ibringing an end to tbe series of an-
went  at  it  hannner  and    tongs    forinual  California-Stanford  games    that
��� I nearly four rounds and had McHenry I began  with  the founding of the nnl-
* groggy   15   -.econds   from   time,   with | versity here In 1892.
��� (only one good blow to slam in to make j     Only the briefest explanation    was
it  a knockout.    It  never came,  how- j made of the action, news of which was
ever, as the official in charge took It j greeted with amazement on the cam-
upon himself to stop the battle right  pu8 today,
there nnd then, Stanford Shows Little Fear.
While the short duration of the mill! Berkeley, Cal., Feb. 21.���Little ap*
was a disappointment to the crowded ; pr( hension is felt in the University of
house, ther" being something like 400 California here that the action of the
present, the fighting was clean cut .Stanford University executive commit
��� |throughout and the light fans appeared satisfied at the result.
Nothing But a Name.
Unless McHenry can show better
form than be displayed last evening
hiB caret r in tills province will be
short and sweet. The former Sapperton boy had him going from the
81 und of the first gong and made such
en impression that Frank will find
many supporters during his professional carei r.
Tho   fight   was   scheduled   to  go   10
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale  of   Real   Estate.
s     WANTED
Listings of city property and municipalities of Snrrey and langley
acreage. We also wlBh to havo the exclusive handling of a subdivision of five and ten acre blocks.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
*    i
sons, types of young men up to date,
who visit a fashionable resort in New
York, and in order to convince "Gran-
mum" that it is more or less respectable, they take her with them. They I
pass the evening quite merrily, but
on returning home rather late, they j
climb up the vines of ivy and enter!
the window to avoid disturbing the'
The  incident  leads   to  an  explana-
tion,   which   Graumum   is   willing   to;
sustain to avoid a lecture, no matter
tee will result in a permanent branch 'how absurd or impossible.    The esca-
In   the   football  relations  of  the  twolpade  forms  the  narrative developing
colleges,  alihough  the officers of the I many very funny situations In which!
student body admit    they   are   in    a.Miss Hobson is the principal feature.'
quandry as to what steps to take.   In ,.Miss Hobson will appear at the opera.
Vancouver vs. Westminster.
Admission $1.00 and 50c.
Seat sale at Hill's Drug Store.
Some serious doubt was expri bi ed
in inner circles ilnrlnn Ihe pri sent
wei I. us to Hn inj.nil s rocelvi d by.
Ernie Johnson In his last two games
and to make matters worss Han Mc-
Di nald waa taken sick on Wednei in..
with stum,ub trouble bul according to
Manager Gardner a turn for the betti
has been noticed in both (*;:���_., h and
the Royal line-up will so* little change
from thai t.f their lasl two games
it will be remembered thai Vancouver n..1 ii chance for the ohamplon-
t-ln;> last season until the Hoyals came
through   with   a   flying   finish and
copped   the  silverware  themselves   sn '
that there can be no doubt aa to the
feeling thai exists among the Terminals.
A Bteady demand for p&atehoards
was noticed at the Mill pharmacy all
Emblematic      of      Amateur      Hockey
Ciiampionshlto, It Will Be on Exhibition in a Few Days.
That  the    Colonel    McRae    trophy.
which will be kept in perpetuity and
yesterday and there will be few seats  presented year by year to the winners
of the Westminster Amateur Hookey
League, will be one of the handsomest
of Its kind ever dona'ed around these
parts was intimated to the News by
President Fred Lynch yesterday, fol
lowing a conversation
president and Colonel McRae.
Some figure nassiug the hundred
dollar mark will be necessary te
equal such a gift and the fans and
followers of tho amateur game ln
this cily will have a chance to take
a peek nt the silverware durinig the
next few days as It will he placed on
exhibition in one of ttie Columbia
street stores.
President Lynch has Instructed the
secretary to call a meeting of the
executive within the next few days so
that a set of roles can be drawn up it*
Connection  with the trophy.
A beard of trustees such ns i��
organized in eotinectlen v Ith the Stn'i
ley or Allan ceps will probably be ap
pointed and these will have the dutv
of peiilinn any disputes which might
DOBllbly arise from time to time as lo
tbe possession  of lhe trophy.
left when Skinner Poulin starts the
hall rolling at K:30 tonight The illness of Waller Smaill will not permit
him to assist Poulin as all official
���so that Goldle Prodgers, the star
point player of the Victoria team, will
be Judge of play.
Special cur service has been arranged with the I! C. xv, H. for city
travel while several Interurban cars
have been chartered by the Vancouver crowd, many of whom are anxious In take a peek at the best rink'
���on  the  coast  circuit.
rounds, a toss oi the coin deciding
-ui clean breaks which was favorable
to Barrleau The former V. A. ('. hoy
took hii time In the first and second
rounds, although having the belter of
the deal bid in ilu- third, seeing his
opponent had only one style of defence, he let himself loose. It was
all  Barrleau
Saved  From  K. O. Route.
The crowd was hoping to see the
Ohio hoy show some class but these
s:im.- hopes were dashed when Bar-
rieau with a few short jabs sent h..^
man over the ropes He did not take
the count, however, but it was the
beginning of the end and a few seconds later Barrleau was being heralded   as   the   winner.
Kid Lee Wins Again.
The preliminary between Kid Lee
of the llastinns A.( .. Vancouver, and
Kiddie Murphy \.as even shorter than
Ihe main event for after repeated
warnings, which Murphy saw fit to
ignore, the decision was given to the
Vancouver boy on a foul in tho third
The Coquitlam
; spite of the tradition of years, which
i ls quite as dear to Stanford as to
California, lhe situation is regarded as
delicate,  although  the  final  outcomi
lis not deeply questioned.
Barnum  P. Griffiths,  secretary    to
l'n siil: et   Wheeler  and  chairman  of
ithe California arbitration    committee
house Friday evening, March
orders now.
that met with a like body from Stanford in an effort to settle the controversy amicably, said tonight he could
not foretell whal the result of Stan
ford's action would be until he was
aorirlaed of the full Intent of the Stanford authorities.
* *
->                          ANNALS.                        ���
* ���
Digger Stanley, Briti-jh  Bantanweight,
30   Today.
Digger Stanley, the British bantanweight, will be 30 years old today,
having been born in Norwich, Kngland, Keb. 28, 1*83. At one time Digger was making a noise like a world's
champion, but the last year has not
treated him kindly. He started orr
1012  by  fighting Jean  Poesy, a little
bov would probably I Krencher. ln London, and lost the de-
between   the''iave '���"'" bad straight rules been In
 vogue   but  his  continual   fouling   lett|     Je:lr   ���"���'     '      ">   ' '��� *  :'
nothing else Tor the referee to do but
to decide against him
Barney Loss acted as announcer
his usua' able style.
���Quebec. Ottawas and Wanderers  Will
Clash   on   St.   Nicholas   Rink���
May   Affect  Coast  Trip.
Famous   Cub   Twirler   Will   Not   Piay
for Murphy���Saseball Correspondence  School.
Montreal. Keb. 27. Arrangements
wm ompleted today by Mr. Cornelius Fellows of New York city, and
the managi rs of Quebec, Wanderers
and Ottawa hockey teams for a series
���of games at the St. Nicholas rink In
New York during the no*;!  month.
it was agreed that Wanderers of
Montreal and Ottawa should play two
games.   March   8   and   10,   the   winner
-declared by th�� greatest number of
.goals secured In the two games, to
play two games, March 13 and 16
with Quebec, Champions or the N II A
for the paft two years.
The Canadian referees, Perclval,
Brennan nnd Howie will act as the
principal  ofricials  oi  the  series.
cision in fifteen rounds.
the  French  bantamweight  champion,:
in  London,  and    the   f roe-cater   out-1
pointed him In twenty rounds.
Still hugging the delusion that he
could lick Ledoux, Digger went over
to Krance for a return match. The
battle pulled off at Dieppe last June,
and the Digger was Bt.'etched out for
the count in the seventh.
Stanley was not particularly dls-
graced by his defeat at the hands of
Ledoux, for M. Charl^v Is one good
little fighter, lie is not only clever I
and game, but he has a remarkable
punch for a little fellow. The blow
that nearly killed Digger was a left-
hook to the jaw that stretched the
Englishman cold.
M. 1-cdcux has a real prince as his
manager, Prince Paul Lwoof of Kus-
sla, His Nibs Is said to have nothing
but in the way of coin, and the Paris
papers allege that his fortune is over |
the thirty million mark. In dollars, not
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable in aU parts of the world. Savings bauk department at
all branches,
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WILSON, Manager.
E. H. BUCKUN, N. BEARDSI.EB,       W. F. H. BUCKUN,       I
Pres. and Genl. Mgr. Vlce-Prealdsot Bee. aid Treaa.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Roxie. of Roxie and Wayne, as he
appears In "The Cowboy and the
Lady" at the Royal theatre. Mr.
Roxie is an expert with the lariat.
Rovers   Meet   Weitham   Island
Celtics   and   Thistles   Clash
Overall expressed a dislike for re
entering the game In Chicago, fear
ing that if be did not pitch in the
form which characterized his work
when he was compelled to quit the
game two years ago, lie would be
After a rest covering several weeks, dubbed a "has been" by the Chicago
the teiiiio forming the Vancouvar and fans.
District Soeeer league, will nei down It is no secret that Ihe big pitcher
*********** tx ***** In busln, ss once again on Saturday, j wanted to be traded to Cincinnati,
***** ***>***>���*-* ->->*-r.-r vi{wn ,-���,-.,_...,.., g,mel being scheduled I hut he was apprehensive that Murph.
*> BOWLING. *lfor tflsl  afternoon. [would    send him    to    Louisville,   the
��� ������������������������������������������������      At Westham Island ihe Hovers wlll I "Cub farm."
meet Ibe Islanders In B replay for Overall said that he would continue
possession of ihe National cup while jas city salesman for a local brewery
the Thistles and CeltlOS will Iry and and devote his spare time to a pro
decide the league championship on the | posed correspondence school, through
Powell strssl grounds. Vancouver
Should the Celtics win or even make
a draw,  the  Hovers  will   gain   posses
sion oi the championship, bul s win
ror the Thistles will place tin in on
equal footing with New Westminster,
a play-off in Vancouver being necessary,
Malinger (Irani or the Hoyals is con
riilent thai Ills team Will bent West
ham Island, nt the sniiin tlllle being
willing 'o set em-lip to Ihe C.eltlCI
Should the latter trounce the Thistles.
Los   Angeles,   Cal.,   Keb.   27.���Orval
| Overall,  who was recently reinstated
by  the national  baseball commission,
announced definitely tonight his retire
ment from professional baseball.
The      former      Chicago #   National i perform, took him under hla wing and
I pitcher coonceded that President Mur-lhas   given   him   every    advantage    In
! phy. of the Chicago club, was right ii  j completing his education.    M. Ledoux
refusing to trade him to another club i has a hunch that  he will soon   wear
unless he reported first lo the Chlcage I the   bantamweight    crown   upon    ills
team.    lie had  been ignorant of that I dome.
rule, he said
Stenographer Beauty.
Paris. Feb. 21.���German E. Bregnat.
queen of this year's mid-Lenten carni-xt
val. a typewriter  in    a    city    office ']
chosen  for  the   honor  by  her  fellow |J
working  girls,  owing  to  her  beauty, i ���
was received  In company    with    her j _
maids of honor,    at    the    Palace    of   ~"
The prince Is an enthusiastic patron I Elysee today by Mme. Polncare, wife ,
of  boxing, and.  after   seeing   Ledoux | of President  Polncare, who presented
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
Contrary to expectations tha bowl
Ing aggregation traveling under    tin'
���common name of Smith, which also j
oarrli s a H. "W on lis jlbboom, came j
a cropper last evening. Wallace's team i
���taking two out Of three games.
Wegley was ln a scoring mood, tak-
ing  high   single  and   h
gn oggregaiu,
The esllmati s follow
ii    'I'll
llattsnn    125
154    43.1
Wegley  15-'
195    49.1
A. N. Other  95
11)6    890
154    475
609 1B9S
3    Ttl.
Collier    127
128    409
Sinclair    95
106    290
Qalbralth  m
106    410
Smith .... 160
124    4-13
464  1552
Nest game -Whitlam
vs. Ingrain on
whieh  be    purposes    to tench    vonn
Virerleaus how to become big league
Monday, March 3.
A live pin knockout tournament will
be Blurted next Mondnv. March 3, for
a new inlncriillto ball, five games
total |i!ns to count.
An Important meeting of the can-
talns of tho house league will he
held In the reading room et th" club
jillev.i on Monday, March 8 nt 7:30.
A . ���
New York, Keb. 27. Alfred
Do Oro retained his title of
pocket billiard champion of
lhe world tonight at the end of
n three nights' match with
Thornns Houston, hy defeat lug
the challenger 600 to 3S6. To.
night's score was Do Oro 200,
Houston i r>7.
* (Hy "firnvy.") ���
* ���
1883- Tommy Warren defeated John
Smith In Tlve rounds al Port
land, Ore.
11883- Digger Stanley, British ban-
tamwelght, born In Norwich
Kngland. He began fighting in
1801, nml defeated Owen Moran.
Jimmy Wiilsh. Qeorge Dixon and
liUIV-Abe Attell knocked out Harry
I-'orhrs In sixth round at Naw
Vi Pit.
��    '     -Tommy     l?t,urpu/     tiuipt inted
��� owrn Moran, English boxer, in
���C 2(1 rounds nt San I'ranelsco.
��� 1312    ('barley     While     nnd     Tl mniy
��� Dixon  fought eight-round   draw
��� nl  Windsor, (hit.
��� 1012���(Feb,   29),  (leorges  Cinpenller,
��� French middleweight champion,
��� knocked out Jim Sullivan, Eng-
��� gllsh, In the second   round   nt
��� Monte Carlo.
��� 1912 --(Fol).   29),   l'nckey   McFiirliuid
<> stopped Tommy Devlin In four
rounds at Cleveland,
The selection so far for the Australian cricket, team which will tour Canada and the United States is:
\ ietoi rrnmper, C. MacCartney, W,
Bradsley, J- Crawford, K. Mayne,
Whltty, Collins. Arnott. Campbell nnd
M alloy.
The   Australians  will  sail   for  this
��� I country in April.
* I  ���	
Another Itritith boxer who has been
playing In bard luck is Owen Moran.
Owen hit the down-grade three years
���io today, Feb. 2S, lfllO, when lie was
defeated by Tommy Murphy in San
Francisco. Last year he lost to Joi
Mandot. Jack White and Charley
Moran, by the way, was Digger
Stanley's opponent in his first real
battle, back In 1901, aud Digger won
the decision In twenty rounds. Digger
repeated the trick in 1903, hut twi
years later Moran had become too
good for him.
Ottawa. Keb. 27. -At. a meeting of (he council of the Dominion or Canada Rifle association, this afternoon, it was
decided thnt the annual
matches would be held from
Aug. 25 to Aug. 30, Inclusive.
It was decided that. It finances
permitted Canada would semi
n leaiii to compete at Camp
Kerry Ohio, next September
for the Palma trophy. LaBt
yonr the American team r.amo
to Canada  to compete for the
trophy with the hope that Canada would send a team to the
big meet at Camp Perry thlB
This mutch would bo Bhot on
Sept.   8 and It Is expected that
several nations will have representative! there.
New York, Feb. 27���Threatened sab
ef tho properly of General Daniel
S'ckles civil war veteran, to satisfy
Judgments was forestalled tonigh
when a sheriff's jury beld that the
general's wife, who came to her bus
band's aid in liis financial difficulties
has rightful claim upon the content!
of the soldier's Fifth avenue mansion
Mrs. Sickles' clniin is on a chattel
mortgage for $16,000, The jury's ne
tlon nullifies the sale scheduled for
March 7 under outside judgments. The
property includes a collection ot
curios, art objects and articles
historical Interest, which has been
the general's possession for years.
her with a diamond bracelet.
Program   for  Today.
The Third
By James Oppenlielm.
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122. O. E. GILLEY, Phone 2��t
Phones, OfTlcg 15 ana If.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Philadelphia, Feb. 27.���A campaign
to raise an endowment fund of Ji.non.
000, the interest of which Is to be
used in financing "experiments in tin
educational   Held."   was  discussed   al
today's session (>f the convention o
the department of superintendents ot
���he Ne' ���: ,1 educational Association
L. It. Alderdaiff, slat" sliperlnt^d.i
of public Instructions,   Balein,   On
maa *���* ������ *:.*.*i' sohool credits for
home work.
"If we could get our boys and girl*
to stay at home nights we might g"
better results." he said.
J. H. Francis. ot Los Angeles, urge'
that the public make USB of schoo'
"Wbv not." he asked, "bring the
moving pictures Into the Behools In
stead of the scholars g"lng to 0"
inovti"- picture Bhows and dance
hulls ?"
SS. "Prince Rupert"
3,500 tons, 7,000 Horse-power.
Sailing Every Monday, (-12 midnight)
For Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Paclflo Railway for polnta east of
Prince Hupert.
Connecting with 8. 8. "PRINCE JOHN" on certain dateTforite-
wart. Qranby Bay, Uassett and other Queeu Charlotte Island points.
SS. "PRINCB ALBERT" for Prince Hupert and way ports, 3rd, 13th
and  2:ird  of each  mouth.
Through  tickets to all Eastern destinations und to Europe. Your
choice of rail and ocean lines.  >^*tuH,xx..tjt-aMttflHMAMMlhi������-     ��C
H. 0. SMITH. C   P. ft T. A, W. E. DUPEROW, Q. A. P. U.
Phone Seymour 8134.        VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville 8tre��t.
' I
Pi .     M-        ' ho   llt'ii* 8
.... ��� .  :l     l.e'lll   .'
���I. Carth)
' armony   Blnglpg,   Eccentric
Dancing, piuiioiogue,
Matinee   10e, 20c
Nlpht 10c, 25c
Do You Want To Build?
We specialize in steel an.l reinforced fireproof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phone*: Office, 624; Res., 755
... .
��iw.��;:joci:-c��3acsiKtr.^_arii-_io> T
Classified Advertising
- a****************
* B��TES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
���lay; 4c per word per week; l&c per
oemth; 5,00(1 words, to be used as re-
���eared witLin one year Irom date of
e uitracL $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.60. Card of Thanks 50c per
ern cottage in Kast Burnaby. Can
pay $150 spot cash. Balance $25 per
month. Will buy at once. Apply
P. O. Box 349. (738)
gage; private party preferred; will
pay 8 per cent. Federal Invest
ments, Ltd., 305-6 Westminster
Trust block. (718)
ers; one large front room downstairs; terms reasonable. 233 Slrth
streeL (70s)
Langley and Matsqui acreage. We
also wish to have the exclusive
handling of a subdivision of 5 and
10 aero blocks, in the neighborhood
of Sllvercule. Nono but owners
need apply. Scandla Investment
Company, 315 V4 Cordova street west,
Vancouver, B.C. (704)
ished   room,    220
No More Exchanges of Chewing Gum
Between    Partners���"Moonlight"
Waltzes Tabooed.
ed house, furnished; $60 per month,
Corner Fifth avenue and Twelfth
street. Gray & Gilchrist, 675 Coliini
bia street. (735)
Going To Church Habit
Grows Less In England
Your Guarantee of Goodness
The name "SALADA" on the sealed lead packages is your strongest guarantee of all that it*
best and most fragrant in tea
day or week, 654 Columbia street,
over Royal Bank of Canada.     (725)
ed rooms, furnace heated, U8e    of
telephone, on car line.    Apply  433
Twelfth street.   Terms moderate.
$16 per month.   Apply after 6 p.m.
P. J. O'Connor 317 Princess street.
lng rooms. $15 per month, at 224
Seventh street. (690)
keeplng rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room
hall,    corner
Agnes Btreet.
Knights of Pjrthlas
Eighth    street    and
Spokane, Feb. 27.���No person, boy
or girl, under the age of LS years, nmy
attend a public or semi-public dance
in Spokane hereafter. An ordinance to
this affect has been passed by the city
council. It provides jail sentences for
The passage of the ordinance marks
the crisis of a long fight against "rag"
dancing. Mayor W. .1. llirulley has led | throughout
the battle against the "Bunny Hug."
the "Spokane Dig." the "Gaby Glide,"
and kindred terpsichorean eccentric!-
The mayor appointed a commission
of dancing masters to frame an anti-
rag ordinance. This body submitted
a measure going into the minutest details of their art. It provided that no
couple should take more than 12 steps
without reversing, or dance more than
three steps to a bar of music, and
that "the lady" should not rest her
head on her partner's chest, permit
him to put both arms around her, or
exchange "chaws" of chewing gum
with him
out any regard whatever to the church
services tvhich formerly it was u strie: j
duty  to attend.    Motoring, week-end i
v.sits, golfing, ihe rest-cure In  bed i
the  bridge  parties  In   had  wOather j
have almost entirely superseded thai
once  almost  universal   visit  to  suinc
place   of   worship,   at   least   once     on
Sunday,   Amongst (he middle and the \
working classes tlie  entire  failure  of
the Episcopal church to h-eak down
the class distinction between minister
and congregation    has alienated    lhe
sympathy and interest of a body of
church     attendance I people which is now so busy earning
London area. [a  precarious  living  as  to  have  little |
London/Feb. 27.���Tear by year Kngland observes religion less. No change
so marked as tbis lias come over the
character of ths country. It is especially true of Lohdon. It is, in fact,
so pronounced and so critical that Ibe
Bishop or London, on behalf of the
Episcopal church of England, and the
Rev. F. It. Meyer, secretary 'of the
Free Church Council, which represents the Methodists, Baptists, etc..
have written to the London Daily
News and Leader begging that newspaper not to proceed wllh Its propos
ed census of
The census has been dropped. The . time to bother with theological dog-
Bishop   of   London   and   ths   famous  ma.
Baptist minister, quote n resolution, j It would probably bo wrong to say
widely signed by ministers, declaring that infidelity was rampant. There
that such a census would only tend ; is not a thinking bishop in England
lo "revive and accentuate those di- who does not admit, however, that
visions and that denominational tern- nine out of ten of the entire popula-
per which, ln recent vears. have hap; Hon are entirely apathetic as regards
pily been greatly modified." 'religion.    Agnosticism, If this apathy
But the Bishop nnd the famous Bap-! can be thus glorified, Is almost unt-
tist minister let the cat out of the bag versa! amongst the younger genera-
In this sentence: tlon.
"We need hardlv remind you that |    Those  few  energetic  parsons  who
the   davs   when   the   churches   have  are trying to cure this desperate dls-
been thronced with worshippers, have  ease with  desperate    remedies    find
not been those In which religion has  themselves up against the brick wall
I been really most influential.   The in-   of  English  prejudice
���clean, whole leaves���with the delightful flavor
of the fresh leaves brought to your table by the
sealed lead packages.
The  members   of the   city council | fluence of Ihe church Is often in in-1
small rooms over the Newa office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turtng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc
Apply to Manager the News.
seller and buyer together.
laughed ut the measure, for its substituted the ordinance just passed.
This provides that no dance may be
given without a city permit. It forbids turning down of light for "moonlight waltzes." It declares no dance
may begin before 8 a.m., and that all
must leave the floor at 11:45 p.m.
white body, black head, four months
old. Notify Mrs. G. Wolfenden, 502
Fifth avenue.   Phone 24S. (740)
$100 on Montelius Piano, cheap. Box
146 News office, (746)
modern cottage, close in, only $1600,
with $400 cash, balance $25 per
month. Room 4 lit Westminster
block, Tliomas Rut ledge Brokerage
Company. (742)
Three Roomed Suite with bat, hot
or cold water, heated, $25 per month.
Phone 750. 1218 Fifth Avenue.
Bradley Apartments,
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
J. S. B. Bensie, 638 Clarkson street,
Livo Stock and Oeneral Auctioneer.
House Furniture, Real Estate, Marine.
Fruit or Farm Sales conducted anywhere. Consult me; my experience at
your disposal. (677)
Sweeping  Plans of Army  Reorganization���Re-Arm  All   Branches���$14,-
000,000   as   Beginning.
monthly turnover. Cray & Gilchrist,
675 Columbia street. |736)
line forty acre farm, three miles
from transportation; rich deep Boll;
one-half or the laud is cleared; only
$50 cash and $15 por month. Call
for onr tree booklet. National
Finance Co., Ltd. . 521 Columbia
street. (720)
Engineering  Department.
Tenders for Sidewalk   Lumber.
Tenders are invited and will he
ceived by the undersigned up to
noon on Saturday. March Sth, 1813,
Copy of specitiealiona and form of
lender may be hail on application to
the Engineer's Office.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied
IB THF. EVOLUTION OF A COOK iaml muBt 1,e" accompanied by a mark
Stove, Canada's Bride Malleable 1 **��� ehaque tor Two Hundred and Fif ty
Ranges $1.00 down.
Canada Range Co.,
$1,110 per week.   Dollars  ($250.00)
Market square.
Notice is hereby given that the
!'. 'mi-Annual General Meeting of the
t-!iaroliolders of tho (Vkiinagan Telephone Company will be held in the
i oard Room of tlio Westminster
7 rust, Ltd., Columbia Strest, ��� New
Westminster1, B.C., on February 2$,
1918, at 8 p.m.
Business,  to  receive  Directors'  Report and any other business that may
rngularly come before tho meeting.
By order of tho Board.
Pari? Feb. 27.���The French Government has in preparation extensive
plans for Increasing the strength of
the army. These are to be submitted
to the Chamber or Deupties next week.
It is understood that the scheme is
designed to counterbalance the new
German military measures now pending belore the German Imperial Parliament
It is gathered that the government
intends to ask for a first credit of
$14,(ino,ooo, or $16,000,000 for an Immediate supply for munitions and
munition wagons, and that this is to
be followed by a second appropriation of $1110,1100,000 for the rearmament of all branches of the service,
including  the heavy  artillery.
The effective strength of the army
is to be increased and the govern- I
ment lias decided to ask for authorization to extend tbe term Served by
I the soldiers in some arms lo two
years and n half, Increasing the pence
I fooling of the army by a combination
ior the systems.
QRlFFlTliS Tn��   Pr0-iect  haB   ll<"'��    thoroughly
rn-mntr^ior   disouaaed  during six  conferences   of
"mnr,jmr*   Cabinet,   at   which   the   Bperifft   pro-
Municipal  Hall, Edmonds, B.C., ! poaals worked out by the M   istry of
February 27th, 1913.                 (747)   War have been considered.   The min-
I is'.ors  have also called  into   onsulta-
iiunihi'r of   financial   experts
verse proportion to its numerical
strength, as In the early days, under
the Roman Emperors."
The fact of the mal ter Is ihat anv
such census would reveal that, de-
snlte London's hugely increasing population, the attendance at places of
worship ls steadily and alarmingly de-
In reluctantly complvlnc with tbr
request of two such powerful factor*-'
in the religious world, thp Daily News
declines to believe that lhe revival
of the census���which it instituted ten
years ago���would accentuate denominational differences, and maintains
that "the demonstration tor the need
for greater efrort would have led to
a concentration of attention upon
snirliiuil and pastoral work, with less
regard to sectarian difrerenrcs "
Sunday Regarded ss s Holidav
Amongst the well-to-do classes. Sun-
dav in T.ondo.-i has become an almost
universally   recognized   holiday   with-
The Itev. G. M. Whittlngham, vicar
ln a well known parish in the poorer
part of the North of London, recently
arranged for the performance by mem
bcrs of his congregation of a reverent "Mys'ery Play" in the parish
church. Everything was arranged,
but at the last moment, the Bishop
of London stopped It with an edict
that "Mystery Plays" must not be performed in churches.
"lt was only an, old-time mystery
play In honor of the manifestation of
Christ to the Gentiles." said the Rev.
Mr. Whittlngham, "commonly called
the 'Mystery of the Epiphany.' The
Bishop of Southampton said the other
day that nk'iorial and dramatic Incidents in the life of Christ should only be made iu churches. The Bishop
of London was evidently not aware
tt tlie strong feeling existing among
his clergv on the subject."
Protests By Various Public Bodies
Another Indication of tho difficulties   which  religious   bodies  have   to
I encounter  is  the outspoken  protests
j by various democratic  public  bodies
i against the use of certain hymns In
government controlled  schools.    For
Instance, the Nottingham county coun
ell  has  centred  attention   upon   this
verse ln frequent use by the Episcopal
"The rich man in his castle,
The poor man at his gate,
God made them high and lowly
And ordered their estate."
A prominent member of tho council has pointed out that the Almighty
did nothing of the kind.    It was on a
par, he declared, with the line:
"May we to our betters bow."
Only a few years ago such protest
would have brought down a storm ot
abuse  and   persecution   rrom   the  religious observing public.    Today,    1 t
I meets    with    approval    even      rrom
| churchmen,  at  any   rate   from   those
who can read the handwriting on tlie
1 wall of progress.    The Vicar of Brixton, a well known London clergyman.
"I quite agree iVith the No" Ingham
I councillor. Personally. I slHhild go
much firther. 1 want to see a censor
not only of hymns for children, but of
'the whole hymnology of the churches.
' Some of our hymns, especially thos"
associated with favorite tunes, are ub-
! solute balderdash. I do not think
���God made men rich or poor. Many
of these hymns are bad theology, bad
I economics, and bad everything."
Bank of Montreal
Branches throughout Canada and
| Newfoundland, and ln London, ling-
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
j U.S.A., and Mexico City. A genu-ral
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available wllh oar-
respandents In all parts of tbe world.
Savings Bank Department-   Deposes
reoelved  tn  sums  of  $1   and  upwatfl
and interest allowed at 3 per cent, par
I annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. D, BRYMNER,  Manager.
B.C. Coast Service
I.ow Westminster. B.
February 12, 1913.
Notice Is hereby given that the
Court of Revision of tho Asse'ssment
Roll of this Municipality will be held
ln the Municipal Hall. Edmonds, B.C.,
on Tuesday, March 2r>, 1913, at 10
o'clock In tho forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must    be
given  to the assessor in  writing    at
I least ten   110)   days  previous  to  the
Secretary-Treasurer.   Bitting of the Court.
O. H. STEFFEhfS. Assessor
I Dated at Edmonds, this 25th day   of
February. 1913. (731)
Phone RS24 619 Hamilton SL
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning.
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools.  8'D'lc Tinki   Etc
urtii  Blo'k, New
Trier-one 29b.
Westminster,  B.C.
P. O. Box 777.
S3800 ea.h bu>s two full sized lots,
eaeli 66x1:12, two house; one four
rooms, one eight rooms; semi-mod-
tun. $4001' ou terms, This is one
of Uie biggest snaps in the city.
52800 bu>"B 8ix roomed house In
West End ' ot r.oxir.o. all cleared,
Quo-quarter cash,   Terms,    No, 73.
Highest authority (25 years ex-
perlence) on tho treatment of the
scalp fur the prevention of Dandruff
and stimulation of tho hail by VIDRO
MA38AQE. My assistants are ex-
periencbd in every branch of the barber business.    35 EIGHTH BTREET.
Phone 1277.
413 Westminster Trust Building.
Estimates given on application,
from  the senate and the Chamber of
It  Is asserted that the Minister  of
War favors three years s-ervlce
throughout the army. The publlc Is
greatly impressed by the German project of increasing the peace footing
of the German army to 850,000 men.
Premier Briand tonight said that
the proposed changes in the army
scheme had already been decided on
in principle, although certain details,
principally those In connection with
the lengthening of the term of service, still remained to be worked out.
Do you believe in New Westminster
A whole city is influenced by the vices or virtues of
its prominent men.
It is likewise influenced by the loyalty or disloyalty
of its citizens.
Do you believe in building up a city here of which we
may all be proud?
If you do you will patronize your own stores and industries.
Every dollar you spend away from home has its effect
on tbe resources of your own people.
If you must spend your money in another town, go and
earn it where you spend it, and don't take from the pocket
of your fellow citizens that which ought to circulate
amongst our own people.
' Loyalty to ourselves, and consequent loyalty to our
city is a most vital factor in our city's growth.
Be fair���be honest. This applies to both seller and
You will find the following establishments both
capable and fair in their dealings. Patronize them and
give the Royal City a chance.
British Whaling Steamer Will Patrol
Steamer Lanes.
London. Feb. 27. The hoard of
trade announces that the whaling ship
Scotia, formerly employed in the Scottish Antarctic expedition, has been engaged to patrol the ice regions 111 the
North Atlantic for the purpose of
notifying wireless stations on the \m
rrican coast and steamers of the location of Icebergs and of similar dangers.
This is in accordance with the
negotiations recently entered into by
the British government and the North
Attantlc steamship lines. Tlie Bcotla
W 11 be eipi ieppdwtlh shril hrilliiiiiiini
will be equipped with a powerful wireless installation. She will leave Dun-
ilne at an early date.
Leases Vanoouver for Viotorla 10 a. m._.
i p. tn. and 11 :4S.
Leaves VuncouveT for Sennit* II) a. m.
Hnd 11 p. in. ���*
l-etivi-H \ ancouver for Nannlmo 3 p. m.
Le lives Viincniver for Prince Rupert
ami   Northern   Points    10   p.   nl.    Weilnei*
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p. m ��
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 u. m. Monday*
Wodhesday and  Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack   7   a.  m.   Tuesday��
Thursday and Saturday.
BO. QOULBT. Agent. New Westminster.
tt. W. IIIIODIK. 0. P. A..  Vancouver.
SI 250    ,)Uys    smali.
house, large cleared
plastered j
Hast |
Brave Clerk Gives Skin for Little Girl
���Marries Nurse.
New York, Keb. 27.���When five-year-
old Bertha Wachler came home from
St. Mark's Hospital today with burns,
which  six  weeks ago seemed  certain
to cause   her   death, well   healed, a
pretty romance became known.
Charles Kaplow, swimming instruc.
tor of the V. M. c. A., while temp ir
arily employed as a clerk at Roosevelt
hospital, overheard a nurse say that
Bertha Wachler was dying because
no one could be found who would give
up enough skin to be grafted on to the
i girl to save Ivr life,
Kaplow  said  nothing of his   tnten-
j tlons.   but   gave  up  his   job.   quietly
sought, oul  the strange little sufferer
I nnd  insisted  he part with enough   of
i h's skin to pave her.   His modert sac-
I ririee made Mm such a hero that It Is
said  several  nurses  wrote  notes  pre-
! posing marriage, but  Kaplow scorned
| tbelr proposals and made one for himself to Miss Edith Lee, the mure who
attended  him.    It was   accepted   and
they will In- niarri. d *-������' n
* *
* WELSH   NEWS. ���
* *
Imperial Limited leaves at 7:66 pm.
The death Is announced of Mrs. Toronto Express leaves at 7:05 a.m.
; Jones, widow, Llwyncoedwr, Resolvent St, Paul Express leaves at....l! p.m.
' a member of ouo of the oldest fain-1 Instead of sending money for your
lilies in Glamorganshire, which traces friend's passage from the Old Coun-
Its descent in the Yale of Neath to try yon will And it to your advantage
the  fifteenth  century., ito purchase tickets from
Burnaby, on Eleventh avenue.   $3.r,i
cash.    IL'i) per month.
per month.    No. 37.
Hunting $1S
$4000 buys good eight roomed
house near Sixth streei car line
and Fourth avenue, excellent condition,      '"r.ns  io  suit.    No, 7J.
... !0.:n>"  -"J taOOO respectively
111  buy  I*...  of  tlio choicest   mod
��� tn houses nn Th'rd avenue.    Fine
bus  and   generous   terms.     No.   6t>
and No   73,
who do not receive
8 a.m. should
Tha News before
I snd make complaint. Only ln this way
may an efficient delivery be main
11   CO.
Accident.  Plato
lile.   Burglar*
'our Phone
hZt, Clar:-..cn Street. Phone 490.
SUITS for Ladies and men
receive best attention NOW.
46  Lorne Street.  Maw  Westminster.
DqpS    NEXT, ao,,
  Dry Goods and Ladies' Wear
Culge in Middle to B* Used   for That ^ ������_,,.,..,   s74 Co,���mh)R.
London.    Feb    M^   For   decorative A' ''   "lrtch' *17 COlUn^*'
and  protective   purposes woman   has Electrlclins
worn   furs   through    the   apes.       The Weber, 63 Sixth  Street,
wi niler is that for decorative and pro- W. Day, 28 Sixth Street.
tectlve purposes she bo long railed to Groceries
discover the uses ot a muff. ���              ,     ._,,         ,,  ���,,%,,,,  a,
nut the simple evni'illcn. of miking l n"ic *"*>*>U, Bt?f?,r,^     w.
a continuity ot two fur cufrs had eug- A,llnff * 3w'lln' 447 ( "lumbl*-
geated Itselr to no woman till one coul House Furnishings
night  a  thirteenth   century   Venetian Denny & Ross, Sixth Street,
lover  warmed  the cold  hands   0r his Lees Limited, ��7t Columbia,
mistress In the furred extremities   of C.  N.  Kdmanson & Co,' Sixth Ava.
w* sleeves and 12th Street,
She   was   uiilek   In   profit    by    Ibis Insurance
 want   experience,   and   thus   the _       .        ,       ,   "   ,,���     ,-���_.���_,
muff  has  perhaps  a   more   romantic Investors    investment   (0.,    Curtis
origin than is commonly supposed illock.
And the muff of today?   II Is a sort British   Canadian   Securities,   Ltd.,
silky    contraption,   commodious    but 805  rnluInt>la'
uot  bulky.    11  tapers   gently al   the White, Shiles & Co., 312 Westmin
ends.     In the middle n sort  of bulge -US'   Trust  Hlock.
Is indicated.    What Is that tor?    For ^ ���'��� H,rt * Co" 70:! Columbia.
tin  doc. of course.                                 |    Warner, Hangs ft Co., East Uurna
So nt present a woman   keeps   her I by*
j cigarette case and n few other useful Motherwell &  Darling, WbbL Trust
D. McAulay, 6th St. and Columbia
T. J. Trapp & Co., 681 Columbia.
Banks and Trust Companies
Dominion Trust Co., 602 Columbia.
Hank ef Vancouver, 771 Columbia.
Bank of Montreal,  fill Columbia.
Dominion  Hank. Columbia.
Union   Hank,  611   Columbia.
Weatmlnster  Trust,  Limited,
Excelsior   Barber   Shop,  35   Eighth
Boots and  Shoos
Popular Shoe Store. 641  Front.
W,  K.  Sinclair, 711  Columbia.
Old Country Hoot Store, 6C1 Colum
Krasor Cafe, Begble and Front.
Coal  and   Wood
Oilley  Bros.. 902 Columbia.
Sloane ft Harrison, 650 Colombia.
II. Itysll, 701 Columbia,
M. J. KnlRht W Co., 55 Sixth Street.
Trapp & Co.,  618 Columbia.
Iron and Machine Shops
Heaps Engineering Co., Front. 9L
Vulcan Iron  Work')   Front St.
Small-BucUiln   Lumbar Co.,  Colum-
t. mil, 628 Columbia.
D, 8. Curtis, 659 Columbia.
Dyers and Cleaners
Method   Cleaners,   628   Clark
things in the bulge Still the bulge Is
there. And who Is to sny that, the
muff a la mode Is going to bo con,-
plcto without thc muff dog?
Clark,  Prater Realty Co., 610 Columbia.
T, H. McCormick, B.C.E.R. Bldg.
Canadian Western Lumber Co., Ltd..
Col! Fraaer Mllla. B. C.
1    Weatmlnster     Woodworking     Co.,
I Beach street, Lulu Island.
Men's   Clothing
A. S. Mills ft Co., 517 Columbia..
Richardson &  Humphries, 709  Columbia.
Redd & McDonald, 601  Columbia.
M. J, Phillips, 671 Columbia.
J. K. Brown. 618 Columbia.
The People'a Friend. 708 Columbia.
Musical Instruments
J.  II. Todd, 419 Columbia.
Columbia Piano  House, 445  Columbia.
Merchant Tailors
J. T. Calvin, 46 Lorne Street
Hee Chung,  701   Front Street.
Heaps Engineering Co., Front SI rent
Vulcan Iron Worki, Front S'r��� :���'
Pacific Chocolate Co., Fron:. St-roc!.
J. Henley, Mineral Waters, i'midia**
H. Hatt Cook, 527  Front street.
Painting and Decorating
Royal City Decorating Co., 34  Beg
ble Street.
J. T. Hiirnott.  Newa Block,  McKen-
etc Si reel.
Real   Eatate
British    Canadian    Securities,  Lid
606 Columbia.
Investors   Investment Co..   Curtis
Warner. Hangi & Co., East Bumaby,
Clark Fraser Realty Co., 610 Columbia.
White, Shiles ft Co., .112 West. Trim; '
Motherwell & Darling, West Trim'
F. .7. liart �� 0,0., Columbia.
T.  II. McCOritjicit, B.C.E.R. Bldg.
S'-ationery and Fancy Goods
The Fair, 6tr, Colombia.
Second Hand Store
J. O. Smith, 60 Mclnnls Streot.
Tobaccos and Cigars
Kins'.', Hotel  Pool  Room, Columbia.
J. L. Uuncan, 609 Culumbla.
When playing  a football  match at
Swansea.   Albert   Jones,   23,   of   Flas-
mail Excelsior team, which was play-
I ing Morriston. struck his head against
I another player and died from concus
[ slon of brain.
i A thatched cottage, known at
I Spring Gardens, Newcastle-Emlyn, occupied by M1S3 Mary Thomas, sud
Idenly collapsed. About a dozen fowbi
wero buried alive, and Miss Thomas
narrowly escaped a similar late.
I_ate for her train at Cefn. Denbig
1 shire. Miss Elizabeth Stockton, who
'though only  sixteen  was  well  known
In the district for her rine voice,
j Jumped   from   the   platform   to  outer
from tlie wrong side, when un express
I canio up and  killed  her.
The revival services at the Cwmtwrch mission hall were continued.
and the number of people attending
was so largo that open-air services
had to be held on the mountain side.
It Is expected thai, the revival will
spread, as did the great revival or
The Rev. T. J. Williams, pastor of
Station road church, Treorchy, has ac
copied a call from Sydney, Australia,
and will sail iu the course of 11 month.
Slnco Mr. Williams went to Treorchy
four years ago, he has been able to
double the number of worshippers at
his church..
I Thomas Whitely, 64, of New
Brougham, near Wrexham, a well
known and highly esteemed local preacher, was announced to bfflolate at
the Blaenau Wesleyan chapel at Uw-
chymynydd, Llanfynydd. Whitely was
accomplishing the Journey on foot,
and on hia way called at the Talwrn
Glas farm. He there complained of
feeling unwell and expired almost immediately, je,
A service of special Interest to footballers was held at Stanwcll rood
Baptist church, I'enarth. J. Tliomas,
J. P., president ot the I'enarth football club, presided, and W, P Jonea,
tho secretary of tho club, rendered
solos. Tho address on "Kicking
Coals" was given by the Rev. Albert
Law, who sa'd that kicking goals was
Identical with the religious life. They
had to use combination and help one
another. The llevil was Iheir deadly
goalkeeper, but they must, work ami
live with the object of boating him.
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodle. O.P.A . Vancouver
D. McAulay
I Tel. 724.        Cor. Sixth and Columbia
Only Three More Days of Low Prices
on Suits to Order.
Get your order In early.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Water*-
Manufacture* by
Talaahena B 111. Oltlm    Prlncaet at.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisites.-
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
601  Columbia   St.
-!-���      aa    1 . i',.'.. 1,1 i��i 1..     1
'Second Hand Store
J. Q. 8MITH.
Buy and sell new and    aecond    hand-
goods of all klinls.   Tools espeelally.
' SA Molnats, Street Phone Iftfta
1 P.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldg.
of all kinds.
I'rloas right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenzle St.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
807 Front St., New Weatmlnster, B.C.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Pine
line of Cigars and Tob-ioco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
1 FRIDAY,  FEBRUARY 28,  1913.
Genu�� Sta{��tan=
���oi'llll  II   UlO.Mll
"Thill's what he said, sir���a dozen
Ho *niil Ihey couldn't tell how the
train of nil of Ihom would work up. of
'���iiur-M*. bill tbey were nil worth Inking
Hit, anil live or six were real gold
nines This makes iluve they've tried.
o ihere iniisl be nine more inarki'il.
mil   several   of   tbem   for   belug   Jus'
"Well.   I   wish   I   knew   whloh   Ihev
ivcre." snld  McLean, "so that I could
gel them out llrst."
ZE2J !��f
Suppose |
les. with ifl
i bis eyes!
McLean strained 111 id to his breast
"Hull  Me** you.  l-'rei lues."  be suld.
"I   do   know'    We're   golhg   to   have
some good old times out of this world
Itogetlier, add we can't begin too soou.
I Would you rather sleep lirst. or get a
bite of lunch and have the drive wllb
me. and then rest'/ I don't, know but
sleep wlll come sooner und deeper to
lake lhe ride nnd bnve your mlud set
nt ease before you tie down. Suppose
you go "
"Suppose 1 do." said Freckles,
glimmer of the old light in bit
null newly found strength to shoulder
lhe otter. Together they turned Into
the swale.
McLean noticed nnd spoke of the bin
'iihick chickens
"They've noon hanging rounil out
there tor several days past." xnld
Freckles.    'Til tell ynu what  1 think
II means     I  think  Ihe old rattier h:i>
l.illell   N tilling   I""   big   for   min   in
swallow, nfid iipi keeping guard nnd
won't let me chickens have It. I'm
Ju-t mire, lrni'i the wii.y the birds have
iii-ieil out ihere nil summer, tbat u i-
the minor's' (lei,, Vi,u uati-li Ibi'Iii
now Sec the uny tbey dip and then
rise, frightened like!"
Suddenly   Mi-l,e::n   turned   on   iilui
���Willi I'lninhliig  tin e.
"l-'lvUli'S"*   he itletl
"Yuu tliink It's Jack"' shuddered
I reckles
j (le dropped the otter, raughl no his
pub. nml plunged Into the swale
Reaching fnr tils revolver. McLean
followed The chickens circled higher
at Iheir coming, nud tbe big snake
llfled bis hend nnd rattled angrily. It
���sank' In sinuous colls at the report of
'McLean's revolver, and together be
nnd Freckles stood beside Black Jack.
Ills fate wus evident aud most horrible.
"Come," said the boss at lust. "We
-don't dare touch blm. We will get a
sheet from Mrs. Duncan and tuck over
him. to keep these swarms of Insects
away, und set Hull ou guard, while
we go for the officers."
Freckles' lips closed resolutely. De
deliberately thrust his club under
Black Jack's body nnd. raising blm.
resled It on his knee. Ile pulled a
long silver pin from tbe front of the
dead man's shirt nnd sent lt spinning
out Into the swale. Then he gathered
tip a few crumpled bright flowers and
dropped them Into the pool fnr away.
"My soul is sick with the horror of
this thing." snld McLean as be snd
Freckles drove toward town. "1 enn't
���understand how Jnck dared risk creep-
HAVK been thinking." snld
Freckles. "I believe If you
will leave one of the guard!
on lhe line���sny Hall -that I
will begin on the swamp at the north
"lid nnd lay It off In sections' nnd try
to hunt out the marked trees. I sup-
pose Ihey are all marked something I hls ,1|W
Ike that first maple on ihe line was
Wessner mentioned another good one
not so fnr from thnt fie said It wus
best of all, I'd lie having the swelled
in-iid If I could lind Ibnl Of course 1
don't know n thing about ihe trees, hut
I cnitid hunt Tor the marks.. .luck wns
���:o good at It he could tell some of
tbem by lhe murk, but nil he wanted to
Hike that we've got on t
lust hnd a deep chip cut out rather low
down nnd where the bushes were thick
'\er it. I believe-1 could he finding
-oun' or llieui "
"lioiKl bend!" suld McLean. "We wlll
do ihat. You may begin ns soon as
vou lire rested. And about things you
came across in Ihe so-amp. Freckles
ihe most trilling little thing Unit you
think tlio Bird Woman would want.
Hike your  wheel  and  go nrier  her nt
iiiiv'tinie i'i! leave two men on the
Hno. so licit you ivlll have oue on
either side, nnd ynu cun i-nine and go
���is you please. Have you stopped to
think of ni: we owe her. my boy?"
"Vis; nud the nngel ���we owe her a
lot. loo." said Freckles. "1 owe her me
II.o and honor. It's lying awake nights
I'.l have to be trying io think how
I'm ever to pay her up "
"Well, begin willi the mulT," suggested McLean.   "Thai should lie due."
Freckles told McLean of Mi's. Dun-
rnn's desire for a hat like the an-
cel's. IK- hesitated a little Inithe telling uud kept sharp watcb on McLean's face. When he saw tbe boss'
ryes were full of sympathy he loved
him anew, for. ns ever. McLean was
quick to understand. Instead or
laughing he said: "I guess you'll have j
to let mu In on tbnt loo. You niiislii
be sellish, you know. I'll tell
what we'll do. Get It for Christinas.
I'll be home thin, and we can send n
bog. You gel tlie hut. I'll add u dress
und wrap. You get Duncan a but
and gloves. I'll send hlin a big overcoat, and we'll put In a lot of little
stuff for the babies."
"That would be nway too serious
for fun." said Kreckles. "That would
tie  heavenly."
A week later everything at tbe Llm-
berlost was precisely as It bud been
before tbe tragedy, except Ibe eusa
In Freckles' room now rested on the
slump    of    the    newly    felled    tree.
Among Ibe birds II'really seemed ns
'f lue little yellow fellows were In ibe
preponderance, At least ihey wie
until tbe red winged blackbirds and
bobolinks that had nested on Hie upland came swarming by hundreds fur
these last few weeks before migration.
Never was there n liner feast spread
for the birds. The grasses were UllMd
with seeds; so, *00, were weeds of
every variety. Fall berries were ripe.
Wild grapes and black linws were
They seemed to feel the new reign of
peace and fullness most of nil. As for
hunting. Ihey didn't even have to hunt
for themselves these days, for the
bounty now being spread before Little
Chicken every day was more Ih'iu he
could muster, and he was glad to have
his parents come down nnd feast wltb
lie was n flue, overgrown fellow, and
with <|iillls of Jetty black,
gleaming with bronze, were so strong
Ihey ulmost lifted bla body. The funny
little hops, springs und sldewlse
bounds be gave set Freckles and Hie
nngel. hidden out In the swamp watching him. iuto smothered chuckles of
Sometimes he fell to coquetting with
himself, and thnt was the funniest
fnr hnvt- i thing of all.'for he turned his bead up,
down, from side to side, and drew lu
his chin with prinl'.y little Jerks nnd
lilts. Ile would stretch his neck,
throw up bis head, turn it In one side
and smirk���actually smirk, the most
complacent  nnd   self   satisfied   smirk
I hnt nny one ever saw on the fnce of a
bird. It was so comical that Freckles
nud the angel told the Bird Woman of
II one day.
When she finished her work on Little
thicken she left tbem tbe camera all
: ready for use, telling them they might
hide buck In tbe bushes and watch.
; U Little Chicken came out nnd truly
; smirked and they could squeeze tbe
| bulb nt Just tbe proper moment to
i snap him sbe would be more than de-
; ligutea
Freckles and tbe nn-,,1! quietly curl-
! ed dowu beside a log and wltb eager
j eyes   and   softest   breathing   patiently
waited. Tbey were becoming anxious.
] for the light would soon be gone und
I they had so wanted to try for tlie
, picture. At last Little Chicken lifted
I his bend, opened his beak uud gaped
] widely, tie dozed il minute or two
I nmre. The nngel said Hint was Ills
i beauty   sleep.     Then   be  lazily   gnped
���niriiiii   nud   stood   urt   f*^**, i��U-... .mjl
yawning, lie ambied iV-TKielJ tlown
toward the gateway, and the ungel
said. ">,'ow. we uuiy have a chance,
nt Inst."
"I do hope so." shivered Freckles.
With oue accord they rose to tbelr
knees nml trained their eyes on the
mouth of lhe log. Tbe light was full
uud strong. Little Chicken prospected
again with no results. lie dressed his
pin mil ge. polished his henk. and when
he felt tine and In full toilet be begun
tu flirt with himself. Freckles' eyes
snapped and Ills breath sucked between ids clenched teeth.
"He's going to do lt," whispered the
i.i ttie Chicken nodded daintily and
rullled his feathers, lie gave bis bead
sundry III Ile sldewlse Jerks aud rap-
Idly shlfieel his point of vision. Once
there was the fleeting little ghost of a
"Now:   No!" snapped the angel.
Kreckles leaned toward the bird.
Tense ns a steel trap be waited. Un
consciously the Hand of the nngel
clasped his. He scarcely knew lt was
there. Suddenly Little Chicken sprang
straight up In the ulr and landed wltb
u tbud. Tbe angel started slightly,
but Freckles was Immovable. Then,
as ir lo approval of his Inst perform
am e. the overgrown baby wheeled until he was more Ihan three-quarters,
almost full side, toward the camera.
straightened on his legs, squnred his
shoulders, stretched bis neck full
height, drew In his chin nnd smirked
his most pronounced smirk directly in
the tme ot the lens.
Freckles' tlnger* closed on the bulb
convulsively, mid -the nngel's oiused
on ins nt the insinni. Then tbe ungel
heaved u greal sigh of roller and lifted ner hands to push buck lhe damp.
Clustering Hair rrom her race.
Iliifni In hand Ihey run for tbe
north end ot the swamp, veiling. "We
gut it:"
The Bird woman plunged into the
swale ut the nioiuli ot Sleepy Snake
ereeli mid enme wailing out with n
couple ot lauiiTii- una dripping trl
Moved by nn Impulse she never aft
erward regretted, she bent and laid
her lips on Freckles' forehead, kissing
bun gently and thanking him for his
iniiny kindnesses to ber lu her loved
w.rk Freckles sturted off walking
uu nir. and he felt Inclined to keep
watching behind to see lt lhe trail
were uot curling up and rolling dowu
Ibe line after him
(To Be Continued.1
Europe's   Oldest   Hospital.
The Hotel Dieu in Paris is believed
, to be the oldest hospital in Europe.
It  is  said to  have  been founded iu
j titlO. Not only the sick, 1-ut also pilgrims and mendicant?, regardless ol
age, sex, condition, creed or nationality were admitted at all hours oi ths
day and night; no regulations controlled their admission or departure. It
was the most important of the forty-
eight hospitals which existed in Pan-,
ui 1786 and rn which during that year
35,000 sick and poeir were cared lor.
The Mikado.
The "mikado" is really an obsolete
title. The Japanese never use thai
appellation themselves, and tbey di
not like others to do so. Educated
Japanese speak ol their sovereign aa
"iShnojo-sauia, and the ordinary folk
term him "Tenshi-sarna." "Tauno"
is the title used in all official documents, and for the foreigner the most
correct form is "Kotei" ��� that is,
Women's commonest ailment
���Ihe root of so much of ihelr
Ill-health���promptly yields lo
the gentle but certain action
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25e. a box at your druggist's.
Transfer Co.
I Office Phons  185.      Barn Phone %V
Begble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
An   Inch  or So   Below.
"It's tunny," began tlie long-winded
bore, "but nobody ever seems glad to
see  me."
"Well, and have you never lound
oul the cause of your unpopularity?''
"No; I can't discover it."
"That's strange, because it's right
under your very nose."
Every Woman
la interested and ehouM know
\ about the wonderful
Marvel *Krl,n�� ?w
It.  If be can-nut supply
the MARVKU accept no
other, but send Ptnmp for nitis*
(rated book-����Palod.   It dvca fal.
particulars antl dfrqetfani Invlaable
(ieuerai A^.ui. fur Caiiatiu.
Comer of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Sltoou  Wain's Views Of
Manners In New York
Enough of the vines were left to cover
London, Keb. 27.--London Truth's Ipresent, was evidently Impressed
"Vagabond in New York," who is Writing in the Pall Mall Gazette, hi
Louis Wain,  the cat fancier, devotes
"Thev   are   certainly   a species    ol
his   entire   article   this  week   to   the: super-shopmen    over    there.      Every
manners   of   New   York   elevator   or  thing is set forth with a senso of cun
lift"   men.   who.   he   Bays,  have   the| hitxg   artistrv   and   a   notable   degree
of historic fitness.    As to the window
dressing. It was a revelation.
You could see a technically admlr
able  Jacobean   interior  with  a sales
worst   behavior   to   be  found   In   the
city of New  York.    He declares thai
no  other  trade  or   profess'on  in   the
world   could   seriously   challengo   the
It  p!-"!'lly,  nnd every   vestige of  the  supremacy of the New York elevator
baVoc of a few days before was cone,   men  in  this  particular.
The  new  f.-u:irds   were  patrolling   lhe,     Among  other  rude   people  in   New
trail.    Freckles waa roughly laying off I York he mentions the "young  dueh-
iiib rira-WAS rvmasT *xd most boh-
Ing through the swale even In des
Iteration.   No one knew its dangers
U'ller llian he. And why did he
choose the rankest, miloklest place lo
cross Ihe swamp?"
"Don't vou ihluk. sir. It was because
It was on n line with the Uinlierlosi
woutb of ihe corduroy? The m** '*<>*
tallest there, and he counted on those
villous to screen him. Once lie got
among tbem lie would have been sure
to walk by stooping. If he'd made ll
l���iKi that place he'd been sure to get
out." ,    , .
"Well.  I'm ns sorry  for Jack ns I
know now lo he." snld McLean, "but t
ciinl Help feeling relieved that our
troubles are over with tbls dreadful
punishment for Jack. Wessner snfe lu
lull mul warrants iml f��r II Huts
Iii.-U line* Ibe swamp better Ihllll
anyone  llhmit   here.     When   lie  found
(here  were  Iw uniiunles   Irylng   tn
mine lie wanted u> stand lu with Ibe
.me  from  wlit. li  tie <��nlii  realize Hie
 st     liven then he hud trees marked
Here thnt lie wus frying ��" dispose "f
I think Ul- sole intention III furring
me io ill--'imi'K" m��> <*"*������ "���>' l-*:"u;
wns tiM-iit'ic un here and try to steal
timber. We hud no ld-a when we tool!
the leuse whin ii noid mine It wus."
������That's e-iMli* what Wessner snld
tbat flrat day." said WwltliU eagerly.
-Thnt 'twas n 'gold mine.' He snld
He didn't know where Ibe marked
trees were, but he knew a man that
d'll and If I would bold off and let
theiu eel the marked ones there were
a doxen ""'v '"nld ,,,Ue out ,n " f,'W
the swamp in sections nnd searching
for marked trees. In thut lime lie hud
found one deeply chipped nnd the chip
cunningly replaced and lacked In. It
promised to be quite rare, so he wns
jubilant, ne also found so ninny sub
Jccts for tbe Bird Woman Hint her
coming wns of almost dully occurrence, and the hours be spent wtth
her and Ihe angel were nothing less
than  golden.
Tbe l.lmberlost now was arrayed
like tbe queen of Slieliu In nil her
glory, The tlrst rrosts of autumn bad
bejeweleil her crown In flushing lopna.
ruby nnd emerald. About her feet
trolled the purple of her garments, and
In ber hand was her golden scepter.
Everything wns nt full tide. It seem
ed iis If nothing could grow lovelier,
nnd It wns all stnndlng still a tew
weeks,  waiting coming destruction
The swamp wns palpitant wltb lire.
Erer? pnlr "r I'hds Ihnt bnil Hocked to
it in the wring wus now multiplied by
from two lo len. The young Were
mme from freckles' trlpiir.'iitliood.
lind so plump nnd sleek that tliey were
quite ns lienutlful ns llielr elders, even
If In many enses Ihey lucked their
brilliant plumage. There were chubby
little groundhogs scudding nlong Hie
trail. There were cunning liuliy coons
nnd opossums peeping Irom Hollow
logs and trees. Young muskrats followed their parents across the Ingoqn*.
If you could come upon n family pi
foxes thin imd nol yet disbanded and
see the young playing with n wild
duck's enrenss that Ihelr mother linil
bronchi nud note the pride nnd snt-
Isfncilon In her ejes ns sbe lay Ul one
side guarding tbt-in It would lie a
picture not' to lie forgotten,   freckle*
never llred of studying the devol'no
of n fos mother lo her bullies
The nngel wns wild about the hnjty
rnlilills imd squirrels.    Earlier In  Hie
season,    when   Ihe   young   Were   still
very small,  ll  had so happened tlmt
, ut limes Freckles oould give Into tier
hiiuils one of these little ones     Tben
I It  was pure Joy  io stand  back  anil
��� wnlcb    her    heaving    brenst,    flushed
esses" who are employerd at lunch establishments., which correspond to
ihe English t".i shops, They nre very
rude anil haughty Indeed, he assorts
but tliey can be put to shame, which
���anroi be said r.f the elevator men
anyb-here in  the United  States.
"The Vagabond" tells how he saw
��� Eirl cashier In a Child's restaurant
throw a Frenchman a nickel In change
man in the costume ot the perior
waltins: on a grand dame. At anothei
window you were in Venice with Ti
tianpsque fluures chattpriiif; and bar
gaining in the old way that is oterna
and yet is ever new."
The writer marvels at the palatla'
scaie on which everything is done
"They do nothing In a common oi
mean way." s.ivs the writer. "Yor
see aisles that for length and general
dimensions would not disgrace a me
dlaeval theatre. On toe other hand
show cases and pillars are dp.rtlv con
Gales and Snow Cause Heavy Agricultural    Losses.
Paris. Feb. 26.���France Is in the grip
of an exceptionally cold snap which.
coming on top of the recent warm
spell, has caUBed widespread agricultural disaster.
Only a so short a time ago as Fel
cheek   nnd  shining eyes.     Hers   "W l _-,,���  elevators   In  big  buildings  are
such 'ovelv eyes.    They were forever   ruu(,r thnn  otbers.
changing.     Now  sparkling  nnd  dark- Window Dressing.
ling  wllb wit. now humid with sym-       To people who know both countries
imlliy.  now  burning  with tlie lire of   it is not necessnrv lo sav that the art
.'Otinioe   now   hiking on  strength  of   of window  dressing and the dlsplay-
, ,,,,,,    trlved   for   displaying   the   merchan-
In such a manner that It rolled back L,,      , a��� coxul.Ties ce, t0 batch the
almost under her elbow    The French-I and ,        ��� the purse strlngB."
man waited, but the girl with the air
of an   offended   empress   waved   him
to reach  ror  it.    The Frenchman  re
moved his hat and said to the cashier
"You  may   keep   It   as  a  reward   for
your   politeness."     The   girl   blushed
to thc ears and took the nickel with
out a word.
The elevator man, Mr. Wain sayB.
w*.uld not have been confused. He
would have pocketed the nickel and
sworn at the Frenchman because ll
wasn't  more.
Those  Elevator Men. U    tbe   warm   weather    brought    the
Mr. Wain proceeds to describe what I bloom plants In the suburbs of I'aris
he  calls another class of Americans ]wni|e buds were bursting on the fruit |i
who  are  supposed   lo  know  a  thing j trees  In  the orchards   of   Normandy
or   two   about   rudeness.     The   hotel j and Brittany,
clerk is Insolent only Intermlttedly. \ *r^c South of France ts now fuf-
Bcfore a loud talking wealthy guest ;ferlng heavy gales and snowstorms
be will grovel with subservience, bin i The steamer Oleon has been wrecked
to others this attitude is unknown.     |0ff    d tte,     eight      persons      being
The elevator man is insolent to rich j drown, d,
and poor alike, to the millionaire as
well |B to the clerk, to the prettv
girl as to thp drunken loafer. There
is something admirable, as seen a few
thousand miles away, In this fidility
to the slminn type, says "Thc Vaga
bond."    lie goeij on to say:
"Even bo there nre traitors.    Four
times   1   canie   across   lift   men   who
approximated closely to tho manner
of civilized   human  beings.    All  foul
of them were negroes."
Mr. Wain says he is unable to sug
gest the reason for the New Yorl
1 fi man's rudeness, lie savs a po>
Iceman has aB much power as an elevator man, yet he is always amiable
A bartender is equally respected, yc
ho Is tho essence of politeness.
"The Vagabond" sneculates as ti
whether the continual rushing up am'
down buildings at great speed and thi
consequent rush of blood to the head
may not ha the cause. Ho says hc
noticed that tho conductors of the ex
i led McLean, "you don't
!!���- with nmbltlon. now Hushing in-
I 11v   ii i'i > f'.o-.so of nnv eronli'i'e
���I carried several of the squirrel
iii.l  iiiiniiv  Inilucs home und bud thn
iioiiscrvntory Uttered with them     Her
care ot them wns perfect.
Hrown butterfly time hnd come. The
oilier edge of the swale was tilled wllb
uillkwecd nnd other plnuts hploved of
ihem. und the ale wns golden wtth lhe
UHMhtng sntln wings of the inonnreh.
| viceroy and nrgyunls.    Tbey oiitnum-
I tiered those of any olber color threa
i to one.
Ing or good's generally In Americni
stores Is far bpyond anything thnt
can be found here. Realizing this, Sol
fridge, thn departmental store mnn
from Chicago, has Invoked the aid of
a cinematograph to put before the
eyes of his Kngllsli staff the latest
tricks of his American brethren.
He gave them n show this week In
which ho portrayed the great stores
of Ne** York. Chicago, Iloston and
other American pHIps. Whpther It Is
possible to ii- ��� r,���������-! thp mind of the
conscrvatf,i London shopman wltb
these Ideas remains to ho seen, but
a London newspaper man who   waa
Often Want
quick relief from biliousness���from
its headaches, its sour stomach,
hiccoughs, flatulence, unpleasant
breath nnd thc general feeling of
gnod-for-nothingncss it causes.
Thousands���through three generations and thc wide world ovci���
bave found, as you will (ind, that
give the necessary relief quickly,
safely, gently, naturally. Tbis
harmless family remedy is justly
famous for its power to put the
bowels, liver, kidneys and stomach
in regular active working order.
In every way���in feelings, looks,
actions and in powers���you will
find yourself altogether better after
you  have  used   Beecham's   I'illa
Quick Relief
You out ht to Ik rare to ri ml tbe Uirectlons
with every box.
Sold ���vvfTwh.ru,     -     Z5c
We Will Show You Hew!
If you have ideas-if you can think���we will show you the secrets of thiB fascinating new profession.
Positively  no experience or literary  excellence  necessary.    No   flowery language" Is wanted. i
Tht* demand ror photoplays is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers are [Imovlng heaven
and earth'' in their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand. They are of-
ferrii*_s $100 and more, for single scenarios, or written ideas.
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH, EDISON, ES3A-
photoplays  to  then).    We  want moree writers and we'll gladly teachh you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplays writen by people who "never before wrote a line for publication.
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think of only one good idea every week, and will
write it out aB directed by us, and it sells for only $25, a low figure,
Dcn't hesitate.   Don't argue. 'Write now and learn Just what thla new  proteaalon may  mean for yoa
and your future.
1543 Broadway
All Telephones
Lead to
That's the number of the phone in the business office of
When you need help in your home, want to find anything lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News. Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
costs little. iv3tii
We k"ow that News classified ads. do the work, be;
ci use doziT.s cf satisllcii users leil us so���but you can find
out for yourself by testing their power.
;H    IT   WILL
Remember-the Place
~3 Eighth {%     Phone 2
Butter, No. I Cooking, fresh
from  the  ranch,  sold   for  30c,
Today 25c
Springbank Creamery, 31bs. for
Maple Creamery, fit for a kings
household, 3 lbs $1.10
Shortbread! Peek-Freans Scotch
shortbread, regular BOc per lb.,
Today, per lb 35c
Have you tried the new Golden
Puffs, plain and unsweatened,
but so delicious, large tins 50c
Huntley and Palmer's Watfcr
Biscuits, just fine, per tin 50c
Tamales, Llbby's, something
new and taBty. per tin 20c, or
2 for 35c.
Apples, Rome Beauty, Ben Davis, Rambo, etc., per hox ..$1.65
No. 1  Oranges,  sizes  216  and
250   18 for 25c
Absolutely guaranteed.
Callflower, head 20c
Lettuce, 3 heads for   25c
Green Onions, bunch   5c
Radish, bunch  5c
Parsley, bunch   5c
Cabbage, lb   3|/2
Celery, head .... 15c, 2 for 25e
Davles Eggs, guaranteed new
laid, per dozen 50c
Public Supply Stores
��� ���
��� 1 *
To the disgust of the students lhe
quarantine on the Columbian college
was not lilted yesterday as was generally    anticipated.     Dr.    McQuarrie
. stales that a young lady stiuli i t   at
lhe college lias symptoms that   may
[develop  into scarlet  fever ai
has ordered a    continuation
Tenders for the hull of the dredge  quarantine.
to bo used in the excavation work of      ^ alinomicpnlpnt ,���... ,������
tine had  not been  lirii-d   Which   was
made to the students yesterday morn
i be
the new harbor will be called for immediately.
Expert skate sharpening and riveting. Oscar Swanson, 13 Begble street.
SeMng Machines cleaned and repaired. Seo C. N. Edmondaou & Co.,
corner Sixth avenue and Twelfth
street. <733>
Engineer Fred I... Macpherson and
D. C, Patterson, of Burnaby, have returned from a visit to I'itt lake where
they examined some rock quarries.
A.   HarSssaa. the   cake man.   Get
see*  bread.    BH-fbth  Street
Telophase HI.
A chance for the workingman.
Three roomed house near Edmonds,
$75 cash and $15 per month. Apply
Patterson A Fisher, Edmonds,
I.. L.
ADAMS       S. K. BRIGG8
We Have
to purchase
of Sale
If you wish to
Discount an
Call at our
office for
Mrs Ed. Williams, formerly Miss
Annie Williams of this city, and now
of Los Angeles, is the guest of Mrs.
J. A. Lee, 615 Third avenue.
"Sunset" Sewing Machines warranted for ton years. Cash or terms. See
them at C. N. Edmondson & Co., cor
ner Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
W. Day, electriolan, agent for Hot
Point Irene; fixtures and wiring of
sll kinds. Phone 1269. 28 Sixth
street, opposite  PoBtoffice. (652)
Business on the Fraser valley line
of the B. C. E. K. is improving according to Superintendent Sterling. The
Huntingdon local, leaving this city at
4 o'clock every afternoon is now composed of three coaches instead of the
two used  during  the  winter  months.
Thoroughly modern In every way is
the Dominion hotel. Elevator service
flrst class. Osfe in connection. Convenient location. itateB 75c per day
snd up. Corner of Sixth and Columbia
streets. (670)
Mr. It, Mounce, Coqultlam, returned
on Wednesday from a three months
holiday In California with his wife and
family. Mr. Mounce thoroughly en-
Joyed his vacation In the sunny south
Ich he says was educative as well
as pleasant.
A branch of the Union Rank of Con-
I ada    was    opened    fur    business   on
Saturday, January 4, li thn premises
recently  vacated   hy  W.   E.   Sinclair
1611 Columbia street (6051
Work on the ('. P, H. spur track
I leading to the wharf shed at the toot
lor Eighth street has been halted darling the past few days owing to the
1 non-arrival of certain supplies. The
[timbers are all In position nnd it Ib
expected that once the material ar-
Irlvi', the work will lie completed ln a
Ifew days' time.
"Sunset" SowiiiR Machines havo all
ihe very latest Improvements and are
I warranted to contain nothing bul the
1 very best material put up in handsome
quarter cut oak cases; vibrating shut
���lea, rotary and cabinets.   Kor sale by
I C. N. Ednujiidson & Co., comer Sixth
1 ivenno and Twelfth street. (733)
'I'.nran |
Mrs. Margaret l.uskins, wife of Jas.
Henry Buskins, blacksmith, Twelfth
street, Kast llurnaby, was charged before Judge Howay yesterday in the
coutily court with concealment of
Her husband was charged with aiding and abetting in connection with
the charge,    lioth elected for speedy
Ing after prayer was greeted with a
very audible and prolonged groan.
��� ���
Chllllwack, Feb. 27.���A movement is
on foot in Chllllwack aud district to
have all stores: closed one half day
per week during the summer months.
The clothing and dry goods merchants have already come to an agreement and it is understood that the
merchants of Ilosedale and Sardis are
willing to join in the movement. :
His honor Judge Howay will hold
a sitting of the county court in this
city on Friday morning, February 28.
commencing at 10 o'clock. Judge
Howay will stay over until Sunday
afternoon when he will address thc
members of Ihe P. S. A. in the Lyric
theatre on "A Ramble Through the
History of the Northwest Coast ot
B.C."    Lantern slides will  be used.
Orange lodges through the Chilli
wack are preparing for a great celebration In tlie city on July 12. They
claim to have the support of several
of the New Westminster lodges in
the movement
Thirty ton.; of hops were shipped to
Australia on the Makura sailing from
Vancouver last week. These were
grown   in   the   Sardii   district.
The residents are preparing to welcome tho river steamer Beaver which
was taken off lhe run during the
wintery weather and has since been
overhauled at the  Esquimau  ways.
She will probably make Chilliwack
on her tlrst trip of the season some
time on Friday evening.
The members of tlie fire department are making arrangements for
the holding of their annual ball which I
which  was  fixed   for   March  7.
arc colored people.
London, Feb. 27.���A noval wedding
present to Lady Edwlna Roberts, who
became the wife of Major Henry I.e-
wln at Ascot yesterday, is 100 Northern Pacific shares.
The bride wore a beautiful dress of
soft bold aud white brocade draped
with lace and a long train of the same
material, while beneath her veil she
wore a wreath of natural orange blossoms and carried a large bouquet of
white exotics, presented by the Pilgrim club of England and America.
Her attendants  were    three    little
boys and two little girls.    The latter
were Lady Kathryn Beresford. daughter of the Marchioness of Waterford, |
and Miss Diana Fuse.
Five hundred guests attended the
wedding, which took place at Engle-
more, Lord Roberts' country home
near Ascot.
Wellington, N.Z-.,- Feb. 27.���Lady
Scott, widow of the Antarctic explorer, arrived here today on board tho
Aorangi. Lady Scott heard of the
Tate of her husband when Fhe#was in
mid-ocean, off Fiji. As soon as she
had recovered from the first shock
she Baid:
"1 must be brave, as my husband
would have wished me to be.'
Her brother, Bruce, and Commander
Edward Evans of the British navy,
who brought back the sad news, trom
ithe Antarctic, met Lady Scott on the
All this week by the manufacturer's representative
If you are in pain a treatment gives you instant
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Empire Day Wedding.
Berlin. Feb. 27.���It is announced un-
orricially that the marriage of Princess
Louise, daughter of the German Emperor, to Prince Ernest August, son
of the Duke of Cumberland, will take
,.,.. ta^'pl^e'lntt^'operahoiis^oniP1^0"   Ma^  24'  the  ei"n0  (la-v  on
Easter Monday.
REV.   H.
which the court will celebrate the
silver anniversary of the wedding of
Prince Henry or Prussia.
Coquitlam, Feb. 27- Uev H. Fane
Page, vicar or the English church
here, has been given the post of Immigration chaplain at Vanoouver, a
position also entailing ilu chaplaincy
to hospitals and jails. The appointment was ui.i'le by llishop DePoncler.
itov Mr. Edge will retain the title
of prlest-in-chargo or c.i-iuiilam, there
not being a sufficient number of Eug !
lish church people in the district to
oonatltute a vicarage. The vicar wlll
reside in ('n<iuit.lu.u. us in the past but
wi" maintain his official headquarters  at   tlio Archdeacon's office,   Van
('.  Wicket, 610    l-'irth    avenue,    on |
February 20, a son. t74iil i
Dr. Ernest Hall will give an illustrated lecture upon "Some Unpublished Reasons Why Women Should
Vote," Friday, February 28, at 8 p.m..
in the Conservative Club Rooms. 634
Columbia street, under auspices of the
Political Equality League. No children  admitted.    All  ar*;  invited.  (727)
It Will Pay You
to bring your prescription to us; does
not matter what doctor writes it we
can fill and you may be sure
of getting exactly what your doctor
orders at prices based on services
rendered. Thirty years in business.
Biggest and best drug store in city.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phono 43;   L.  D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best in the Market.
85c. per sack 100 lbs.
W.Hatt Cook
=To Rent=
ll-room house, close to 3rd and Queen's Avenue.
Modern throughout.   Rent, $40.
Furnished   7-room   house,   modern,   just   off
Queen's Avenue, near the High School.   Rent $40.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 70S Co'umbia St.
527  Front  St.
New Westminster.
n Re-
The firemen from hulls two ami
hree responded to an alarm from
'.Irs. Anderson's house at the corner
'f Queens avenue and  Second  street.!
| at   10:",fl   o'clock   yesterday   morning.
me hay and  straw in a stable lofl
| had caught  fire In some manner, but
he blaze was extinguished before any
I damage of consequence  was done.
ulth after
mny fail
���'urned lo
isy year
nets  mat
Dominion Trust
ompany, Ltd.
Kor the first time In the history of
the city a local firm has been honored
by being appointed general agents for I
the  entire   province  or  a   prominent
Insurance  concern
Tills honor falls to Messrs.  McRae
J. McRae who have opened offices in
rooms  IS-]!*   Hart  building  and  rrom;
iow on win mt as general agents for
the American  Union  Klre  Insurance I
TnftMleal was put through yester-
lay and aotlve preparations are be*
ing made tor the appointment or an
Inspector   who   will   in   turn   appoint ,
agents throughout the different cities'
British   Columbia,     Tins   Inspi'i'liu
!  ac*( HH  general supervisor of the I
re f\i
any nin
ranee   business   of   lliis   enni
roughoul the province,     (748 I
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Have Just    been    opened.    Kor
stylo nml quality   "The   Party
Hox" and '-'ChOOOlStSS He* Arls-
tooratei" will appeal In Iho
most marling candy lover Pre*
samples  for   tii<���    ladles    every
(Successor to F. J. MacKenxlt.)
62S Columbia Street.
The store wllh the green lights,
Officers Elected nt Meeting Last Night
In  the  Y.  M..C.   A.
Th" Naw Weatmlnater Bookkeepers'
Association which has been receiving
finlHliijiK touches tor tint past three
���'.I'lki was successfully launched at
an enthusiastic meeting or bookkee|,
art of tlio city in lhe V. M. ('. A. last
evening,   There were ten bookkeepers
present at (lie meeting who have ill
signed their names to the member
ship roll
The objects of the association an1
l. To assist bookkeepers of th
to bsooma   better   aoQusinted
each oilier;   2, to   help   unemployed
bookkeepers obtain   position;   3,   u**
help    bookkeepers    seour i    liBslsliinls
when required! 4, to be a mi
'vr'-iuiu ng   Ideas   on   different
of bookkeeping.
After nn  Extended  Trip to
New Westininster Cit"
sumes   Business
Looking the picture of h
a two inonlhs sojourn in .
rornia. Mr. A. VV. MeLeod I
this olty yesterday mornlni
to dig ruin in fur another
Mr. MeLeod returned
earlier than expected, bus
Mors  necessitating  him'cutting    liis
visit brier, but  for all  thai   he    enjoyed   his   stay   unions   iho   orange   and
'palm groves of the sunny south.
During his stay around San Francisco the New Westminster citizen
nut no end of local and Vancouver
people who have begun to make the
trip un annual affair in order to ge
away from the brier spasm of winter
which this province enjoys during the
months of January and February.
Speaking to a News representative
latir In tho day Mr. MeLeod thought
the reports of great   damage done tO
ih" orange and lemon groves in
January by reason of frosts, wore
much over estimated,
S"vi ml people ho ��� I ilted bad already harvested their crops and while
the damage, be thought was serious
it*- effect will only be or a temporary
nature ns the trees on Uie whole were
nol damaged, bul only ihis season's
Bpeaklng about preparing rnr the
opi ulng of the Panama canal, Mr, Mc
i."oil slated that In his opinion San
PranolSCO was ahead Of all  the otliei
cltli ���-ind ns tor the Panama exposition, it. will ii" ihe greatest ever Been
on this continent. Workmen are now
engaged on several or the buildings
and the fnet tlmt pearly every Btate
In the union has declcaled a site for
Its own particular building, the im
manse grounds set apart for the greal
affair  will   lie  the     uird.i    of    travel
during the year 1915.
Mr. MeLeod differs somewhat fron:
the reports of ' 'her New Westminster
people wiii) ii:&"    visited   California
during  ilu- prOSetil   winter ns to  the
extreme could, tolling tlie News ihat
part or the tints the temperature war |
similar to that experienced In 11. 0
clly jduriiii! the month of Maroh, warm nun
w|lJ,   shinny days with th" evi nin;.H a llttli
Asked iihoiij    ilia    plum    for   tlit
riiiuri'.  Mr.   MeLeod  Btated   thai   he
Of I was  sllll   in  the   Insurant'"   business
styles although lie sold the agencies former
1 ly held by blm,    II" Will at one" onei:
There   are   different   kinds  ol   "ggs
Now  we know the ep-ga wo sell    are]
guaranteed new hid. and why *   lie
cause we got then: from our owu liens
every day tor the store.
Fresh Salmon ror everyone today.
Phene 93.
Fisli and Produce.
447 Columbia Street.
Annual Meeting
or the
New   Westminster
Revised and complete lo date, show
,ing  public  buildings,  principal  Indus-
' trios,   railway  tracks  and  number  ut
lots.    Every atrcot plainly marked.
Every  business man needs ono.
Large  slzn,  9x:i  root;   also  pockot
Room 20 Hart Bulldlnn.
Are you one of the many,
whose livelihood depends
upon the fishing industry?
If so consult us before
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engines cannot be beat-
in. Economy and re-
The SchaakeMachlne Works
Heaps  En-glneerlng   Co.,  Ltd., Nsw Westminster.
Will   II"   Held   In   the
Tuesday, March 4
al S p.m.
Ail Conservatives or the city am in
vltitd to attend.
President Secretary,
(739)    GOD 3AVE THE  KING.
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg,
under now management.   Quick Service, Good Meals,
Reasonable Prices.
646 Columbia  Street
Phone  45;
KiveticcJ Steel Pip<��.s
-      BURN OIL     ���
Mr. 3.   McKlroy. of the  HlalT Of T
I Trapp ���& l'n, waa elected ohalr
mnn and Mr. Price acting secretary
until suoh lini" un organisation i�� com
I pleti'd.     It   wnH  derided   lo  bold     Hi"
nasi  meeting on  March  lil In Hi" Y
M. ('   A
it wuh announced at  tho meeting
ihat msny bookkeepers Interested  In
itlin forming of iii" association were
unable to i>e present) but would renin
iir na members at a later data,
an office on Columbia strocl until Ilu
I new Mi'l.i'oil  block  al   the corner oi
Carnarvon and sixth street*, in com
pli'ti'd, when lu will probably use one
j or tin- ground floor stores   In   thai
P.   0.   BOX  442
Home For Sale
Oval Antiseptic Tablets
For Throat Troubles���Just in at
701 Columbia Street Phohe 57
Mr. ri. v iioit and family wish to
thank iio'ir many friends, especially
the Salvation Army officers aud iiicin-
beri for their  kindly help anil iiym-
pathy In their Borrow.
for   Reduced   F.ire
and   White   Rock.
The general passenger agent of the
fi. N. It. wuh In the city yesterday and
called iiiiuii those Interested in the
reduced fares between New Westminster, Cresoent and While Rook during
the summer montha.
ii ih expected that some arrange-
ments will bs made whereby reasonable return fares from lhe eity to llm
(745) [seaside rcHorts can be obtained .
Nn.   1    Here   la  a  splendid borne for sale chenp.    In a r.nnil  locality near Quo-tin's Park and new school.
It  has  seven   largo comfortable  roonia  wllh every  modern  con
vonienie; full basemsnti <m n largo lot, fiGxna fast,
This place is be(ow value nnd  thn  terms aro such  that nlimiHt
anyone cun handle It
PRICE,  |W,  $760  CASH, balance monthly.   If ynu want to buy
a home let us therw you thla iilaoo.
Agents  for   Pacific   Coast   Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life,
Established 1891.
Accident, Employers'   Liability,
Marine Insurance,
Automobile and
Simunl.ii.IMI  OIH.I"   M.c , fill MIXMt. W. O  MATTHtWS, VIOI-MIISIDSNT.
C. A. BOGERT, General Marager.
Capital paid lip   - $8,000,000
Raaerve Fuml $0,000,000
Total A..-I. -      - $70,000,000
A Modern Banking Institution
F-very description of Banking la transacted by The
Dominion Bank, The Collection Department Is completely
equipped to handle the business oi Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Large Corporations.
NEW wr DTMtnstrn iiiianch : a H. MATHEWSON, Managar.


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