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The New Westminster News Feb 6, 1913

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 The Canadian Northern, say. Sir
Donald-Mann, wlll be built   to    the|
limits of Vancouver ln 1914.   That
means Westminster will then be the
terminal of the road'.     I^j-Jeel.
*   & ��
generally __
higher temperature,
Weather Today.
i.ter    arid C��*
VOLUME 7, NU   c- �����   13.
__________   S  J   ,__.
Allies j  !  Determined
Sxr       ������ ,
to Capture Adrianople
London, Feb. 5.���The Bulgarian, are
devottag their * chief attention to the
bombardment ot Adrlanople and an
attempt to captun* the Ualllpoli penin
aula and ao tnk. the Turkish tort, ln
th. rear.
An official dispatch Issued at Con-
atantlnople Indicates that the Bulgarian, have been successful ln their
first operations In th. tetter quarter,
and .ccordterg to ��� Sofia dispatch, the
���capture of Oalllpoll Is the chief object
���of the Bulgarians for the time belnr
and no serious attempt will be made
to (ore. the Tchatalja Un...
Navy In Support.
Th. name dispatch say. that the
Bulgarian attack on Gallipoll I. .up
ported by the Greek navy In the
���Gulf *tff Sarca. Fifty thousand Bulgar
ians -were tended along the coast
last November and It may be nre-
��inaed that during th. armistice this
force waa strengthened by artillery.
8hould the Bulgarian, capture the
Turkish fort., there 1. nothing to pre
���Vstnt the Greek fleet from entering
the Dardanelles, where. In the opln
lion of naval officers, It easily could
���defeat the inferior Turkish fleet, in
whicb case Constantinople would be
���at the mercy of the allies.
The Constantinople oonapatxaettt ml
'the Standard .ends a strange story
reporting that the remanent of tbe
Turkish army of Monastir which hae
never been precisely accounted tor,
.till is operating tn that district am'
has captured the ta-qsataalt no-am of
Kerltza, less than BO miles from Mona
A Bit taw L.M..
Podgorttz, Montenegro, ~eb. 6.���
The comandant of Scutari, who pre
viously refused to recognise the armistice, recently s-gnt an emissary to
the " Montenegrin h Radii natters with
tbe request tbat a neutral zone be
established in acm-flanoe with tthe ar-
ml.tlce. The reply was returned that
the armistice wars -enilml
Tbls appare-sttby enplains -the rumor
recently current that Soutart was negotiating for Its capitulation.
There Is an unconfirmed rumor that
Hassan Pasha, commandant of Scu
tarl,  is  dead.
Premlsta *n Donfersncs.
Belgrade, Fkib. B. -The (Ireek premier, M. Venizeles, who had a long
conference today with the Kcrviati
premier, ls reported to have declared
at a private banquet that peace will
be concluded  within a weak.
M. Venlzelea -also was reotlved by
Kin..Peter   today,   and   atartud   for
Constantlnta-U., *ab. *-������(The grand
vlrler, who left the capital thla morning, visited Hademkeul and returned
here tonight. He reports that tbe
Bulgarian, have burned l-uentlcnkul,
and other villages, afterwards withdrawing from She That-tlJa-
which 1. defended only by a few
gendarme*. The .loop Zeaf haa Inflicted serious los.ee on a force of
the enemy advancing ln the direction
of Charkenl, to the south of Myrio-
pliyto. This force wa. unable today
to advance beyond Xamllo.
Killed Thr*. Hundred.
Vienna, Feb. 6.���A Constantinople
dispatch describing the fighting In
the Gallipoll peninsula, says the sloop
Zeaf bombarded tbe Bulgarian position
at Myriophyto, killing 20 Bulgarians.
Just a Subterfuge.
Sofia, Feb. 6.���General Savoff. commander of the Bulgarian forces, has
.dressed an order to the army, declaring that the Turkish object during
the negotiation, was merely to gain
time but that the Bulgarians utilized tbat time to tar greater advantage.
We are now tn a better .tat. of
preparedness than before the declaration of war, say. the general. "In
order to break the enemy', resistance
finally we will bave to overthrow
them once more and scatter bla hastily
mustered and untrained soldiers. We
must hurl him to the ground and
there on thc battlefield make terms
of peace. The Turks must be driven
beyond the sea.
Turkey In Bad Way.
London, Feb. 6.���The Dally Telegraph publishes a long despatch
from Its ecrrespondent. Kills Bartlett,
at Constantinople, ln which he saya
the Turkish people   are   lu   such   a
Miss Wylie Addresses Large
and Attentive Audience.
Women  Must Hav. Vote, to 8ecure
Sam. Financial and Moral
Mis. Barbara Wylie, the talented
E-n-llsh suffragette, addressed a
meeting teat night ln the Conservative
club rooms, under the auspices of the
Political Equality league. The hall
was packed witH an audience consisting about equally ot men and women.. She received an attentive and
appreciative hearing, tor whatever
one*, opinion on the women's euffrage
agitation mav be, it Is Impossible to
deny Miss Wylle's charm, eloquence
and humor.
At the close of the address a vote
of thanks wae unanimously passed to
Miss Wylie spoke about what may
with a congratulatory address by Mrs.
Watson, on bebalf of the Women's
Political  Equality leaf-tic.
Mr. O. Small presided and Introduced Miss Mylie ln complimentary
Miss Mylle .poke about what may
state of misery and destitution as   a I he described as thc legitimate aglta-
result of the war that tbey are com jtlon for extending the parliamentary
pletely indifferent as to the late   of
"Tbe cabinet Is in a quaudry," saya
the correspondent, "it know, that It
wlll be compelled to cede A-trtanqpls
and Is only seeking some means to
save its face. It Is .aid the coup
d'etat only was Intended to occur
after Kiamil Pasha surrendered
Adrianople, but was precipitated by
some mistake. Hence the difficulty
the ministry now ia In.
"There ls not a cent In the treasury and there are no means of getting
money until peace is concluded. Meanwhile the country is drifting do ruin
and bankruptcy.
"A great anti-war -demonstration occurred Sunday ln front of the war
office at which the Young Turks
were publicly deuotmcedas.murduri'ra
and thlevns. Ma-hmoud BChefket
Pasha appeared on the balcony and
tried to make a spesM-h. but -nnw .rested with emtwihriau* epithets.
issssiug,   ,,"��",   suss;    su.u.,m. .
The following dfftetal dispatch has Hfch��UIJa awse ^wen
.���� I.....,*- j 000. which te s-wnatflc
been Issued      ______________
"The enemy, -put -of --trluee forces,
are concentre*-��� lln tthe Vbttnlty of
Gallloplol, sent a reglmsnt Tuesday
from Kadlkeut (to IKa-trafc, -""There one
.of our detachssenta (te iteeabeU. An
. engagement ensued hutting until evening and terrakutttng tto -our advantage. When nlgM tell,: In accordance
with a previous .artaq���nwttt, the
bulk ot our ti mays Wltmi-rew -towards
Polalr, but the enemy wa. lumtblo to
pursue them.
"Another force -of tthe enemy advanced and oci sajtiili aVstttuPhyto, on
tthe coast of the ate.  .Of   -Marmora.
Jbe T-Jsklsl. .oa****
ts Indescribable. It has been bitten*
ccld, with a heavy -mow; the soldier3
are Ill-fed and ha-gly sheltered. Smallpox, enteric fever, dysentery and
pneumcaja have -replaced Asiatic
cholera. ^__^___
"It is uissJpTsttood -that the Ttrrces at
to 120,
-vote to women ln the United King
dom. Within the last seven years
result and was it a surprise that tbe
they had held 100.000 meetings without
women had got impatient. There
was a time when patience ceased to
be a virtue and became a vice. There
were 5,000,000 women earning their
own living in the old country, doing
men's work at half the men's pay
There must be political equality
and women must have the vote, declared Miss Wylie, before they could
efect the Bocinl and moral reform so
necessary tn the welfare of the nation, physically, mentally and morally.
Trust no Party.
The militant sufragettes trusted no
political-party, stated the fair speaker.
If a Labor government came into
power tomorrow It would pay no more
attention to tbe women's demand for
justice and freedom than the present
Liberal KDVcrument, tt worncm toad no
In order to put aa end to this damnable system ot cheap women labor,
stie could call It nothing else, whereby the white slaver was aMe to draw
his victim, from the cheap army ot
women tbey must have the vote, con
ttnued Mis. Wylie. Nothing would
be done if it were left solely In the
hands of men. The White Slave bill
(Continued on Page Four.)
s!flored ample to defend the Itaea. Large reinTtimnients
have becn sent to Calltpoll, where
there now a���* "TO'OOO -men. There Is
talk of In.ilisu. a luroe hi the neigh
borhood of laaSotit-q, to outflank the
Bulgarians, trat such at s-chome Is Im
practicable, ta the -pseaem Mate of
the Turkish organization 'the army
would .tara. tba -momeitt It ratt���nptea
to leave tha eoaat.
Prom a military -and 'economic
standpoint Tw*m*f* -padttton ta 'hopeless. Nothlax **tn iinweul even
worse mlsfostasas. except Inim-jUs-at*
acceptance ��t Dm tnewlBtble."
Chinese mm
President Discusses
With French
 .<���*���*.  B���Th.
Chinese republic, on tba
-Una -nf tbt. French military a
Matter Srl.m.ud de. Mallle.. 1
***** upon th. creation ot an
(laat, tthe organlntton to bo
0d m fl��-<wch officer*.
AS iOBin.ee -staff officer., accord^
mfmJm annon-acement made here today will be required to pa*, through
th* aWltotlon .chool, either aa pilot.
or Oaanr-aere and a series of competl-
***���*. *�� which all aeroplane constructor, wlll b. Invited to Mnd m.-
cfalne. -IN b. hald to P.kln ln 1U4.
Tha ChteeM government, It 1. .aid,
to aa-ttoa. (to bar. a .great fleet of
MTOptensa, which wis be u.ed tor
polio, wortk |n time, of -peace.
|       HAD ���MALI.rOX AND
DutoU., Minn., Feb. B.���Dntoth's an
nual" polleanua*. ball teat Monday
night wa. considered a succesa until
today whan tt wm dteoov.rsd that
���*- one of th. dan***, a young maa. Is
.offering from *****\*m*. Won. than
(bat, wb-ttt .jo dweed ��� nab wm noticed on bl. too. ud hand..
Tbo patient rsfrae. to toll blr
name and poUcm-m who later danced
with bl. .even parte..*. Were bu.y
with dtelnfectanU whn tbey huard ot
hi. allMtot
^Sto mm of tb. malady war. re
ported to Uto hsalth d��nart*twnt and
arch ot tbo MOO person, who attended tb. ball 1$ wondering It bo eicp-
f-fl contagion.
F-xtlvttl..   Usted  Jas* On may���
Used to Tak. a Waatfte iStelWay
In th. OMaa Tissaa.
i -nntl
Men  Now  Removing  Brush  West of
Present Tw.lfth  Street Building.���Enlarge   Shops,
Interesting developments are foreshadowed lu regard to ihe B. C. E. lt.
car shop, ln thi. city by the fact
that workmen .re engaged ln clearing the brush from the three acre,
owned by the oompany to the west of
the present building, on Twelfth
Tbl. site wa. purchased In July,
1912 by the B. C. E. B. for the sum
of $123,000 and te located on the corner of Twelfth .treet and Third avenue running back to Thirteenth
According to one of the B.C.E.R.
official, steps are expected to be
taken In the very near future for the
enlargement of the present shops and
car barns which will be made accessible not only to the Twelfth street
line but also to the Intense yards the
company is bulldln** at the rear of
the present barns.
At tbe present time a large gang ol
workmen are engaged in grading thr
freight yards between Fourteenth and
Sixteenth streets, a .donkey engint
being used to do the grading while
tracks are being laid that wlll accommodate enough freight trains at any
one time for tbe preeent and Immediate future business of tbe company
in this city.
One of the house., which has been
found te be ln the way of operations
Is being moved across the tracks to ;���
site on the north side of tbe freight
With the new addition to the rolling
stock ot tbe Interurban traffic it Is
thought that the present quarters for
making repairs are entirely inadequate antl for this reason lt Is understood that just as soon aa the clearing operations are completed, work
wlll be started on the new car barns.
Will   Place   Responsibility
for Sons Before Their
Plan to Hold Special Services One.
Each Ysar In AM th.
For the purpoee of bringing the
father, of the city to a full realization
of their responsibilities toward, their
son. . unique scheme has been evolved by the officers of the Young Men's
Christian association, which will, with
the co-operation of the clergy, be put
into practice on Sunday, Feb. 16,
"Fathers' Day" as It will be called on
thi. occaalon.
Briefly the scheme Is that on the
Sabbath mentioned the ministers of
the various churches throughout the
city shall devote their sermon, to
the "Boy Question" and the position
the father occupies with regard to
the same, that fathers who have sons
living away from home shall write to
them on that day and that all fathers
of boys observe tbe day by wearing
a red carnation in their button hole.
The crowning feature of "Fathers'
Day" will be a meeting ln the
Y.M.C.A. headquarter, ln the afternoon for the fathers and mothers ot
tbe city at which Rev. M. M. Moss
pastor of the First Christian church,
Vancouver will speak on "The Responsibility of the Father to the Boy."
At this meeting special music suitable for the occasion will be rendered.
Decker Responsible.
Mr. A. W. Decker, boys' secretary
of the Y. M. (\ A., Introduced the
plan and states that similar, schemes
have worked with great Buccess In the
United States and this year on Feb.
12, Washington's birthday, "Father's
Day" wlll be observed trom the Atlantic to the Pacific ln tbe country
south of ub. .
Of course the success of the plan r*_iv* *****&
depends  entirely  on  the  fathers  of1    rn"**'>�� ���-������''
boys  and  tbey  are  all  specially  requested  to give the movement  their
hearty support.
fathers    Mr.    Decker    states:
Columbia Street Row
Aired in Police Court
On Tuesday night the arrest of a
man named Fred Payne opposite the
Central hotel by Constable Bad. was
the cause of an Incipient riot, and or
Thomas Rennle, a well known young,
citizen, appearing before Magistrate
Edmonds yesterday ln the police court
to face the more serious charge of
obstructing the police In tbe execution
of their duty.
Constable Bat. bad arrested Payne
on a charge of breaking a tram car
window, wben Rennle, who had been
drinking with Payne during the day,
Interfered and from a forcible verbal
remonstrance proceeded to more extreme measures and endeavored to
rescue blm from tbe custody. Both
men were ultimately secured and
brought to the police station in tbe
patrol wagon.
Yesterday Payne wa. fined $10 and
costs for being drunk and disorderly
and Rennle, after promising the
magistrate to abstain from drink In
future, allowed out on suspended sentence. The trial of Rennie was made
the occasion of a salutary homily to
tbe public on tbe duty of citizens towards the police when called upon for
Plead. Not Guilty.
Fred     Payne,     electrical   worker,
was slightly under the influence- of
liquor, bnt not Incapable, ln saner
to further s-uestloni he admitted hs.
had been arraated before, but It waav
ln con.Brtsoa with labor troubles. Oaa
charge bad been Inciting, people to
Chief Bradshaw -You frequently/ address people at street corners.
Accused denied the soft Impeachment.
Mr. Johnston���1 am going to any
something about the police afterwards.
For the defence Tom Rennle state*
that he aaw no reason for PayneTe
arrest and questioned the con-rtaasa
about it with the ultimate result that
be waa grabbed by Constable Burrows
himself nnd taken to the station. Ha
would not call Payne drunk, nor did.
ba think tbere wa. any disturbance.
Examined by the magistrate the-
wltnaas gave a list of the saloon, he-
had visited and the number of drinks,
he bad riegot'-sted.
P.oy Pearaon *ave exculpatory evidence. According to him accused wae-
more capable of taking care cf hint-
self than either be or P.ennie.
P. C. Baas, recalK-d stated accnae-*
was nsiug very bad indecent language.
Fie also said "You can use the th!r4
pleaded not guilty to the charge of {degree methods, but I will never telt
being drunk and disorderly and was
defended by Mr. Adam S. Johnston.
P. C. Bass stated that from Information given him regarding tbo
smashing of a car window, he satisfied himself Payne was the offender
and questioned him as to the fact.
Payne refused Information and became abusive. He resisted arrest for
a time and then gave in. He was in
a state ot drunkenness.
Crofo-examlned, the constable said
he was not incapable, but was drunk.
Detective Burrows, who went to the
assistance of Bass, gave evidence as
to tbe   crowd   which   had   gathered
you where the Bank of Montreal
money Is. Ton will never get it from
Mr. Johnston���There is an   undercurrent under thi. arrest.
After some further evidence Iron*
Payne as to hia dress Mr. Johns-tonr
addreased the bench. He repeated hi*
statement about the undercurrent and
minimized the whole affair. He claimed the police had discriminated
against hte client ln arresting him.
Satisfied of Guilt
The magistrate said he wa. satisBed
accused waa guilty. If the police overlooked worse esse, tbat might be
around, shouting and making a noise. I reason for reproaching the police, tat
Payne wa. intoxicated.
Cross-examined, the detective knew
notblng of tbe conduct of the accused
which led up to his arrest. He was
uot connected with the Pinkerton de-
-S10    or    15
Pols Llns from Scott Ressl Has Bssn ("Don't .forget   tha   bo-ta^ away   trajp
Co-pl.ts*���Tat*(E ** st-UMMstna
Sp.nl��h Ambassador Present. Credentials to Pops���Hh Talk With
He.d of Church.
Ye.terday except tor a
-mental recognition the
aiding in China and ta aU
the world Including-BrUtah
broke down the barrier, of
two thousand year, oy allowing their
New Tear, day a. scheduled by thetr
ancient calendar to pass by wlthoart
��� *jjual great celebration.
It would, be wrong to say
day wm not observed In a
at least   by   tb.   New Westminster
Cbto...,, a. practically ail the nor*.
of Chinatown were closed, but   tb.
old wirit wu practically a negligible
qu-Mttty.   Instead, there   wm   Mutl-
inantal feeling abroad, tbe raaaan tor
whloh 1* contained In ta. .teiem.n*
by one local Chlneae   th.t   It   wm
"hard to forget tbe custom ot   MOO
year, to ���nob a short time.-
Th. Raa-sNt Why.
It th. Chines, monarchy bad not
been overthrown by th. Republican.
In tb. war of laat year yesterday
would have been observed In the
usual boisterous manner of 2000 year.
peat, but tto Republican, did over
throw th. monarchy and at th. same
tlm. tb. custom, ot ages were shat
tered. The pwslng of th. queue, or
"pigtail," on tb. bead, ot C-.te.tlaI.
was tb. Ant .biking evidence of thi.
chang., other, followed, thi. to Ike
latest and moat pronounced.
Th. holiday at OklneM New Tear,
tlm. In prevtou. -roar, e-ctondsd prao-
tlcatly over aa entire week, but m tb.
Chin*** thlr' year crt.bratM Naw
Ttor "AU tba Mme. white man*: to*
u.ual holldgy w.�� conflnad to one day.
there was noma Insipid ttotng off ot
cracker, yesterday by tb. Chinese,
but th. cl.br.tlon wu hot earried
Tory Wr.
Rome, Feb. 6.���Fermln Calheton y
Ptenchon, the newly appointed Spanish ambassador to the Vatican, presented hi. credential, to the Pope to
day. The ambassadorial post has
been vacant since the summer of
1010 when the Spanish ambasasdor to
the Holy See wm withdrawn as the
rmult of the .trained relation, which
arose between the Vatican and thc
government ot the late Premier Ca-
nalejaa. Senor C.lbeton y Ptenchon
and the member* ot the embassy staff,
ItUrove to the Vatican tn three state
coaches and tbe ambassador w-i. received by th. Pontiff In th. throne
The Spanish diplomat delivered a
Hong address to the Pop. and th. tetter,  after  th.  reply thereto retired
'l-t-t-tlh th. ambassador. to the Pope's
milv.��te apartment, where th. two
conversed together for some time. The
ambaarador later presented the mem-
bo��� of bl. staff. After having pre
Ma-tod hi. credential, to the Pope.
Scntir Calbeton y Planchon. eec-vK-fl
by She mooter ot ceremonies and th.
Swi.�� guards, paid a visit to th. pa
pat Maratery of state, Cardinal Merry
Del *ML Th. cardinal later In the
daf went to the Spanish .mbM.y and
returned th. vt.lt
Charles Pittendrlgh corroborated as
to accused being Intoxicated.
Mr.  Johnston  asked   for accused's
discharge.    The policeman could not
swear be was drunk at the time
..    The  Magistrate���lie
._-     ���.      ^.      \torart tKTt your eaiwsat -��<w--ttloe\.  CMrt Brafishaw���It I. jxox *,e*h*     *____=__.
T��- m* m h***m, '\*l*\?&X*?h*^^ *-*?$��*.* hUvy. - \teT��*
the age." -"���*��� - 1    Accused   then   took   the   -wUaeaal aelf.   Rei
The clergy of the cltr recognizing
Ita great value have freely extended
their hearty support to the scheme and
wlll do all ln their power to make lt
a success.
no  excuse for accused-
davs ,'iard labor. ^^^^^^^
Thomae   Rennle   tben   faced
charge ot obstructing the police.
The magistrate said it was an In-*-
d'ctable offence, but with the consent
cf accused be would try him
marily. He would, however,
some of the evidence first and decide
whether it was one he conld go on
. -st-sott-teiy"    " \    V. c. Baaa Oisisia ����
is not syeu* ot^c-s-Wsist Wsa *����� -���art -
I. Only Watting for Store, and Com
pl.tlon of Crew.
Victoria. Feb. ..���With about 1.250,-
00 feet of lumber .boart*. a greet deal
of which wu' lulled on deck, the
barkenttne Alta, Captain Scott, wm
towed away to the Royal "Yard, yesterday morning by the Lorne rrom
th. FrMcr Mill., where .he loaded.
Th. Alta will take on com. .tore, here
ud will alio complete her crew. It
I. expected that eh. will be taken out
to sea ln a few day. to .tort on bar
long voyage to Sydney, N.S.W.
The Alta lite. tk. American flag
and she hM been loaded to. Yankee
fuhton. Schooner, and B.rken-
tla-w with th. Star, and Strips at
their muthead. load enormou. oer-
goee for their .In and th.y lur. been
known to leave port with a frest-boerd
of .bout a toot. Dockload. are Mowed on ho high tbat It te lmpoulbls to
no th. toreotwU* bcU from to. noon,
After being without electric light
tor over one month caused by tne
collapse of the high wooden towers
near Woodward's slough In one of the
worst winds that hM visited this part
of tbe coast for some yean, the people of Ladner are now in a position
to again light their dwellings and
bu.iness houses with the necessary
electric current
Following the collapse of tha towers
ths engineer, of the Vaaeouvei
Power Company visited the Kane
near Woodward's sluugn and decided
that It would be too costly to erect a
tower line running to the Delta country across the Fraser river and at
once Issued instructions to tb. line
foremen to rush a pole line trom tn.
Scott road connections to Ladner, using something like 160 poles.
Thi. work wm completed several
day. ago, although the workmen were
hampered by the heavy tell, of now
that visited thi. section during the
pa..t month.
With the building of thi. Une attention ha. been drawn one. mor. to
the possibility of the B. C. B. R. running a tram Un. trom Kennedy .tattoo on the Fraser valley line to 1-vd-
ner snd thu. tapping th. rich and
fertile Delta farming country.
While little hu been heard of the
project during the past six month, li
Is believed that tbl. year at lea.t will
see some move made toward, thi.'
end by the company,
Th. building of . ferry service be
tween Ladner and tbe South Vancou
ver side of the river a. proposed by
the provincial government I. lielng
watched with Interest by tbo farmers
of the Delta and also by to. produce
man ot Vancouver, but a terry Mr**ie��,
according to experts, wlll not m.��t
th. need, of transportation such a.
an electric lln. wonld do, banc, tb-*
talk ot th. tram aarv.ee.
Locking tor Marshall.
Torcntii. Feb. K.���Richard Marshall,
a commercial traveller of *M Broadview avenue. hM besn tntealng .Inc.
th. nlgbt ot November 11, Wben a
friend tett blm at the railway .tatlon
in Winnipeg. Mrtw Marshall ha.
���-���.used advertlMmrate to b. It-sorted
te. m-marou. wester. b.eepaasMr. to
ui effort to find hint Th. Iteto of
the police ot Toronto nnd Wi-tolaeg
hav. been Invoked, hut without *no-
Or. Manual E. Aran's, tan Salvador,
t. Wounded by Assassins but
Not Fatally.
San Salvador, Feb. 5.���An attempt
wu made last night to Maasslnate
th. president ot San Salvador, Or.
Manuel E. Aranjo.
The president wm wounded In several place., but none of the wound.
1. considered serious.
Several persons war* Involved In
the attempt and th. leader ot the
prealdent'. asailanta te under arrest,
lie 1. . G.utemalan, who gave tb.
nam. ot Vlrglllo Mulattllo. lie arrived ln tbl. country only a tew day.
Mulatillo mad. confession ln which
[he declared th.t the plot had been
concocted In Oantamala City and that
h. had been sent directly to S.n Salvador to carry out hi. minion.
As many peoote are too bnsy
to read beyond.fb. beadUnn,
tt I. doMred to itetot ont heto
that the artlete tojrstrt.rtUv*.
^todVtH9W��ir 'mmm \taSm
tor Dye-ton   to   K.te. N.toon
*htgbh/ i-ssTpaetod elttoesi
Sapnerten.    ft. Mttoiad t|
H.h.rm.n of Mtr�� W,
tor, whose .ami wm -
tb. artlete m hete. O.
Worker. H.v. R.tunted���M.n
Ptttaburg. Feb. &.���Th�� *tr|k. nt
th. Rankin ud Braddoak plant, ot
Ih. American Steel and Wire co-Beany, a subsidiary of tba United
State. Steel corporation, ended today. Thorn.. Flynn, a national or-
gutud ot tb. American Federation
of Labor, In an addr-sea late today
advised the men >t!U on strike to
return to their job. It th.y oould ��c-
oum them.
Dw-trtlon. to th. ranks ot th* tow
hM toft ten thu S00 .trtk.ra ont
flynn condemned the dMarter. Mteg-
tog that tha .trite teH flat becaun ot
th. action of .klU-sd teboran, "wbo
vr.ro afraid of their pooltton had returned to work."
Orguteer riyan atotod thai all tbe
.trlk.r* who war. l-etond work will
be taken oar* ot until position, can
b* Moured elsewhere. H. retteraU*
that tb. American Federation o* Labor would continue an attempt to or*
MAIM all .moloyee. of the United
State*-Steal corporation.
j. ' ..-t*nii..ii��i.��iiUmsm   sm    ������eta���|i-
s> '       ...    ��rte*mt�� Sec.pa.
V  Portof* ���� Pmlrto eta.., Feb. ���.-
* Wwarth AlrUf. nrvtng tvttMk
* MAteno. for tn.lt st Gteo^totn. wtd
tfsstrlak MtQnlr*)
' t tef thru ****** <*Mlist___-___l
* ton* Mttotte .to. ****** *r***r m
* mtstm **** �� ����� tho��gbt  they  will
r*m*M    SWfSy.--    ,���' ,ss-T.sssji-��ss-     ii      i m-   -^^     ������    ���
Accused then took the witness. (self. Reeide waa drunk aad tried- ��-��<
stand and give his version of toe ar- \ null Payne away trom witnesa. B��s-
falr. He denied being drunk and Mid' nie shoved hte. np against a ahow
he was perfectly able to take care or. case in front of the Central hotel-
himself. He had seven glasses of i Witness called on Detective Burrows
sherry that day. He did not remem-1 to assist hint and take Rennie taber using any profane language. It j charge. Accused fought and resisted
was not his custom to do tbat There and struck witness three times,
wss a lot ot .wearing in the crowd Crca.examined by Mr. Johnston.,
that had gathered. , Bass saM he used no diecr'mlnattos*-
Payne Mid h. was not raising amy I in ai-ret-ttas; Payne and accused.
disturbance wben the policeman, ae- Detective Burrow, ta. answer ��a>
cused him of smashing the car wm-lf*hl��r Inxdetxaw. denied being co-s-
dow. He swore be had not smashed srsats-i with the Pinkerton agency. Hs*>
lt. He did not remember laying In spoke of ar meting Rennie who msde
the station that If he had not done it' a atrenuoa*. resistance. During th��
he knew wbo had. -He did not know I -ubruggie sosssbody kicked him In tfeo-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     'stomach and thigh.   It was not scene
ed.   He called on the people i-n���rt
ror assistance.
Mot Give Ai.-st.nce.
The Magistrate��� I don't know whev
ther ft te generally known, bnt It   to
(Conttaaed on P��ge Four.)
wbo did It.      sssssl
Could Not R.memosr.
Chief Bradshaw���You don't remember raying, I suppose, that you knew
where tbe Bank of Montreal's stolen
money was.
Accused���I don't remember thst   I
Local   Chinamen   E.g.riy   Awaiting
N.w. that StatMi-nan Will Vl.lt
N.w Westminster.
According to Information given yesterday to a New. repre.ent.tlve by n
prominent Chinese re.ldcnt ct the
city Sun Yat Sen, th. ftraf provisional
president of the new Chinese republic ud now minister of railway. In
the Yuan Shi Kl administration. I. expected to leave China ahortly for th.
United State, and Canada for th. purpose ot making a tour of inspection
ot th. railroad, on thla continent.
During th. coun. ot hte travel. It te
confidently expected by local Chln.w
thAt b. will nay a vteit to Now Wtot-
mln.t.r and Vanoouver.
Although th. CblMM here ar* not
certain of the date of Sun Yat Sen",
departure tor America, they have
been given to nnd.r.tand that h. may
taar* at nny tlm.. No notion wlll be
taken until definite Information thnt
thetr mlhteter Of railway, will pay a
vl.lt to tbo Royal City te roctdved,
bat It te underctood that to. local
inlne*. sir* planning a |W cete-
brntioa to owe h* .hot-Id come.
It l. only on wry mr* occMlon.
that they have th* pleasur. of ���nter-
talnlng' on. of their own prominent
ootmti-men aad if the opportunity 1.
il.tlm*th*y win oiSynty
e.moot of toe ooot.lon. Should
1 Son com. ttor* tt will proh
lata In th. y*ar.
~~~^fc���si**.���s.���������  ;;
.��� m*ti*n to fteteet,
FM. I.-A ata-USa'to reject
**t^^*AV*J*^. <������****
tto tolri. ���**,,. _,
liter tt tontottr
fcrior Brands to West-
Sank, Feb, 6.���Two I
ot butter wm condemned here i
are aoveral'tona mbr* to**��>
 F-Th.   sum   eg]]
wu wlt-toM.
Thf. ���antog a atart wa.
the .i.mtoatte. of mi two
more ��*sta* of butter.   "Raw
tet-tal tor mm." wm tbe way
altote-nr  Mtototer*   wpri-MBd
oplatea af oM ample thnt lay I
hlm.\ It to ea th* kWte of Ml
only It to M* half eo rteMt.-
~ ~"     ot affair*, the
: the west-tern
*t stuff I.
able to flood
etui** thtto*
the aeeenlt-yxot tootor
"    wnttened.   -Itksv
that Sgnrea
of vegetabtea i
from the totost w
te MM ** tt
ta tbe mdt
country around I...
ti product,-rimpty he>-
te   .tandard
ihteh   It
: II
iT,:*Vii.r."~\ .'M.^XJ^L^^'^vijJtttK'.i.ij*** e>AGt:  TWO
thursdaV, FfiSftlMRY *, 1111.
its Mtd<*-jot-tent moning paper 4evotcd to the interests of New Wsslmhutsr and
thc eraser Valley. Published ever-/ -usi-Mian except Sunday by (de Nntlonol PHtitltifl
���est Publishing Campanv. Limit cA, at ��3 .Wrlifi-.ir Street. New UV-.I minuter, ','n'tl.i*
Oolumhiii. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU oommuiiictiHose should be addressed to The New H'csliittii-to- News, and not
to itirftnXunJ membvrs of the stall. Cheques, drafts und l*VOH��-) orders should be made
pawli'o   to Thc A'ritional Priming and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHUNEB���Buelnee* Office and Manager, 993; Edftorl.il J'oom-i (all depart-
���k-i.-'m. .91.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���Bv carrier. %l per year. |1 for (luce months, lOo per
mnonth   Bv  mail,  %'l por year, lie per  month.
Aiii 1.1! i li-lNti RATE'S -m application.
10 CORRESPONDENTS���No letters will be published in The News except over
th* sor-uer'n ��i��nu��ure. Tike editor re.crves tlie rl0M to refuse the publication of an*/
The Native Sons' ball is now a thing of the past, but
in answer to many inquiries and anonymous communications as to why no report of this annual social event appeared either in The News or in any of the papers upon
.the lower mainland, we desire to set our position clearly
before our readers.
Many of them have doubtless guessed the reason
aright, but, for the sake of those who may be unacquainted
-with the ethics of the press, we would here state that the
usual courtesies extended to the papers of New Westminster and Vancouver were in this instance conspicuous by
their absence
When any event of public interest takes place it is
customary to invite the press to be represented thereat.
Invitations are sent to the paper itself and not to individual members of its staff. The man to whom the work of
reporting the event is assigned may or not have other assignments also which need his attention. In any event he
is there at work,
vci*b3 will not help an engineer to design a bridge or a doctor to prescrlbs,
for measles. Ilut the man who has
learned to apply these verb3 in unfamiliar sentences has been taughi
to think.
The boy in a Latin class who recognizes the oratlo obliciua only when
it appears In nn exercise tinder that
heading is not being educated. He 13
simply learning a few fact3. He la
net being'taught-to use his brain, antl
his success in after life is liable to
depend entirely en the number of
facts he does not forget.
Ile Is trained in a groove and the
probability ia that he will I've ln a
groove, Quickness at figures, ma.
make him n useful assistant to an accountant. His handwriting may bo
a joy to his employers.
Bill If he rise3 above the level of
���in ar.tomnton, lt la ln Bplte of his
training and not becauBe of it. 8omn
bnys wlll persist in using tbelr bralm
however enervating tho school currl
culum may be.
A series ot articles has appeared
in the London Standard lately on the
university man in business. Tbe university man here meana the graduate
In claaaics from Oxford or Cambridge.
It Is Bhown that he Ib particularly
suited to business life.
The flrat easentlal to success tn
business ls a faculty for Independent
thought. No man has made a fortune by following the rules found in
text books, lt would, however, be rldt
culous to contend on this account
that the study of Latin and Greek
forms the correct training for a business career.
Commercial and technical training
aro essential. But lt Is doubtful if
specialized Instruction should follow
on the heels of proficiency In the
three It'a. Lessons in "commercial
French" will enable a man to write
a business letter ln this language, and
nesail.'y raise his value-as a clerk by
$1 or $2 a week.
French taught as a language will
give him power to write the letter
to reed French literature, to think in
French antl appreciate the French at-
Where publicity is not desired those who have thc di- titude of itte, taMheretor. to trans-
..     �����   ��� " . ,1 ....       .. nei hits necs with r rt'iiclinien en equal
on nf o-f-fairo natnrnl v ntnit tn lnvtlP nrPSS rfinrPSen-  acl ���>"s'ne-s '���'lIIr*
rection of affairs naturally omit to invite press represen
tatives to be in attendance.   In the case of the recent ball
this seems to have been the policy pursued.
From the enquiries made at this office alone we
gather that this course is unusual. The press of New
Westminster is desirous of co-operating in all that affects
either the welfare of the city or the daily life of its people,
but when its co-operation is either ignored or refused
there remains only one course to pursue.
It would seem, then, that Instruction for particular callings can be of
maximum utility only when a pupil
has passed the elementary stage and
then learned to us-i his brain. If this
Is the case, technical and commercial
schools sliorld not he alternatives to
tb" college Institute, but should supplement It���Toronto News.
* *
* ���
kindness was not forgotten, and for
many years he has commemorated It
jn the sixth, day of February by a
distribution of .hoe. and stockings to
all the needy of the Bowery.
A year ago today, BOOO pairs of
shoes and bolscry wero distributed at
Ihe club rooms of the Timothy D. Sullivan Aaaoclation. The line of applicants for participation In "Big Tim's"
bounty .tro'tcbed for blocks. "Shoe
day" has become as much of an Institution In Now York as the "bread
Down and outs, the temporarily unemployed, professional "hobos" all the
derellct3 of society, profited by Sullivan's generosity, and no questions
wero asked. ' The annual distribution
cost Mr. Sullivan from $10,000 to $15,-
The political methctls of "Big Tim"
were viewed with suspicion by many
good people, but hls("shoe day" met
with the approbation of all. Thus it
is that sorrow reigns today along the
Bowery���sorrow for the sad fate of
"Big Tlm."
Today is the festival of St. Darothy,
Virgin and Martyr, and patron saint
Of all girls and women bearing her
name. St. Dorothy lived at Caesarla.
and, after terrible tortures, was put
to death because of her refusal to relinquish the faith.
* * * ****** *~* *****
* *
* THIS  DAY   IN ���
Ing dynasties trom entering the country. He was sentenced to six months
in prison. All France laughed at his
plight, and the Duke, realizing that
a man thus ridiculed could never become a king, shcok the dust of Franca
from hi. feet, In 189G he married
the Archduchess Marie Dorothea of
He offered his sword to Spain in
itB war 011 Morocco, to nuBsia against
Japan, and to Italy against Turkey*,
but was always rerused. He now resides at Lucerne, Switzerland, where
he spends ninch of hla time playing
gt.lf. I
Louis Philippe has been the head or |
tho French royal family since 1804,
when hla father, tlio Count of Paris,
passed away. The latter had become
head cf tho houBe In 1883, wben, by
the death of the Count of Cliamboid^
the elder line of the Bourbons of
France became extinct, and the right
of succession merged In the younger or Orleans lino. Tho Duke's mother was the Spanish- Infanta Ixmlse.
He has one brother and four sls'crs.
George Jay Gould, head of the railroad dvnasty founded by Jay Gould,
will celebrate hla forty-ninth Dlrtnnay
today. Mr. Gould la now tho proud
grandfather of four youngsters, three
of whom were born during
year. As he has two sons
daughters still unmarried It Is evident
thnt there will bo no lack of heira
to the Gould fortune.
Jesse B. Grant, son of the preside-!'
and civil war general, was born in
St Louis flfty-flve years ago today.
He deserted the Republican party
some vears ago. and last fall support
cd  Wilson for  the presidency.
bad four sonnj
married  In   1885,  and
aud three daughtera.
Arthur Humphrey-Owen, the young
soulre of Glaaevern, Mpntgonieryshlrc-
Is about to embark on an extensive
Housing scheme ou his Berrlew and
I Itngurlg estates, in place of old
thatched cottagea he wlll build modern dwelllnga. consisting of a living
room, n small parlor, scullery, and
three bedrooms and a washhouse.
ouuist.  All work wiWiSSneStal.-?
I,.  O. O.  M., NO. lit���UBBTg Oil fl~)
s. .ond nod tklrd W^'SuJ.n, .'"l'
mouth Is K. of P Hall itl n m lit
1-s.amy, dictator; J. H.' &��$����*&��.
Long   Distance  Telephone.
The first attempt to carry on
There are now three embryo towns or cities around
the junction of the Fraser and Nechaco rivers, Fort
George, South Fort George, and the latest addition to    	
(Jeord'an   nomenclature,   Prince  George.     Evidently  the I lephone conversation between persons I remainder o"f his life this may have
�� . i ,-,i_     ...   /-,___. j_   1    i    i���  Man, \"nrir i-nrl Chlcano was made  hf-en a red-letter dav ln his calendar.
a te-
Though la Salle was a Frenchman.
born In Itouen, nnd though the Mis-
s ssliipi (the course of which he was
the firft to trace from the outlet of
the   Illinois  to   the   Gulf   of   Mexico)
is not a Canadian river, tbe story of
the   explorer   and   his   achievements
forms one of the mest interesting and
tragic chapters in our history.
As  a  young  man   of  twenty-three |
he received a grant or land which he
called "la Chine"  in allusion  to I1I3
hope of finding the long-sought west
rn passage to China.    Later he be
came Seignior of    Catnraqul    (King
ton). -
tune from   the  fur trade  had he
becn  set  on  penetrating  the  wilderness beyond.
Misfortune tJODStantly pursued him.
Thrice he attempted to explore the
"father of waters." The first time he
never reached the river. The'second
t'ftie he just reached It and had to
turn back.
The third time, with a fleet of can-
res, he made his way down to the sea.  ������ , , ,
and   the  day   fof  this   successful   ���--staying at the lead ng hot. 1. and h>
pedit!on) on which he "Issued on thejdros   til. no  less than jU J*���-**
majestic  bosom  of  the  Mississippi." At the Imperial I j-dro. 5M P*��.t�� alt
was February 6th. 1862.    For thc brief  down to dinner at one time
% MANX   NEWS. ���
le t
The question of Improved accommodation Tor the Manx steamers al
the Liverpool landing .tag. in the season, Is creating Interest In Liverpool.
Tie death  took place of Mrs. Col
lister,   wife  or   II.   H.   Cullister.   UK
The Interment took place at Hradd-m
cemetery, ln the presence or a large
and might hive reaped a ror-       . representative lathering.
Leonard Broadbent, solicitor, whos-
recent le-ili't-tlcn as a director or th.
Palace and Derby Castle, Ltd.. created cousiderahle local interest, ia likely to be a candidate ior pariiamon
tary lienors.
Blackpool is, it would seem, becoming as popular M a winter resort, a.
it   is  In   summer.    A   list
��������*��������������������������������� ���
Mr. Carnegie has subscribed ��325
towards the repairs of tlie organ al
tit. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick.
Jumes Gait, of Powerscourt street,
lleirast, who hag died In his seventy-
second year, had been a member of
the Oddfellow, society for over fifty
years. He was a Scotsman, and a
jeweler by trade.
The Marquis of Claurlcarde wu
aerved with a number of summonses
under tlie insurance act, at his residence. Porluniiia C-fstle, Galway,
charging him with having failed to
��� lamp lhe Insurance cards of his employee.
A farmer named Garrett Dillon died
] at Tankardstown, co. Meath, as the
! result of a curious accident. He was
Holding a bullock belonging to a-neigh
j bor by the noBe, when he stumbled
j and fell, and the animal, In an effort
j to get away, slipped and fell on Dilloc
1 crushing him internally.
proposed suppression of titles in Canada has no terrors I {^J^^ 2fi^A?K
for the G. T. P. Or the Royal Line. words were heard,  when the connec-
                                                          tion  ceased,  and  could  not  be  re-es
His Majesty yesterday inspected the battleship which' on th. same day satisfactory mes-
New Zealand has given to the defensive forces of the^- -fi_X�� .'I'S��^ lofrX
pure. She is about to make a tour or the globe including (The first long distance telephone line
a call at Vancouver.   This is bringing the energy of our -n England was put in operation thir-
.   .       j       .   . 1 .,, 9        -nr ,,   r*       xt ty-threo years ago between Liverpool
sister dominions home with a vengeance.   Well done, New and Manchester, the mayors or those
-Zealand. cities talking with each other. Twen-
Wy years ago tomorrow, on Feb. 1 189*1
���        OUR    FOET'S   CORNER.
Seme Idea ot what can be done Is
.shown   by   a   recent   Incident   at   tbe
_ . 1 Ftushton Abbey Jam Works, liullasal
*lla.    Mr.  CUbbon,  the proprietor,    received an order Tor 8048  Ihs.  weight
- jot Jam, and it was all packed antl dea-
visitors ! At Galway, the dead body of Mrs.
O'Brien, the wife of Michael O'Brien,
formerly a Gaelic League organizer,
and now ��� shop keeper In Cross .tree)
was found washed ashore at Rent-
more Point. Mrs. O'Brien, who was
only married a few months, disappear
id suddenly from her home a few
weeks ago.
,   patched by the next days steamer.
My mind to me a kingdom Is;
Such* present joys therein I find.
That It excells all other bliss
That   earth   affords   or   grows
The Lord llishop promises to bi*
(bus.Iy occupied this month. At pres-
! ent he is engaged en the mission in
I Douglas. In addition to tins. Ills
I Lordship will speak at the Hible so-
byjelety'S centenary, at the Gaiety thetv
ltre; will indict the new vicar of ftra-
TX-^^-rv-r.*,^��� ��\���  �� ������_.   ;j ���   x     s-v. s.   1  v. ���   \* ���"0vi'm,>r'''t'l long distance tine vis  Though r.uich I want that most would   dan  and   preside  at a  conference  ol
VJTOppirig pitl lire Cartridges into  the  postal boxes lS\��Penetl between  New  York and Bos-\ ha,e> temperance societies.
-one of the latest little amusements of the suffragettes in\t0^
these parts there can be no doubt that many would -ip-jl'1,s
predate the impetus given to the mail delivery.   Rural!"'
carriers armed with suitable bores might find the unex-
I..oi,don Uavti.   Should the game become fashionable Slnw predicrthaf heto-Hhe00^"5!
year it will be possible to carry
L telephone conversation between
I New York and San  Francisco.    Lon-
Idon is now connected with telephone
Ploded ammunition useful on their daily rambJesThroVgh ^t^no^
lhe tall timber. | than any other city in the world, 441,
1-S; Chicago comes second with 278,-
401; London third with 219.264; Bos-
aeems to be that the western coun-!'on fourth with ldn.lK.'t: Berlin fifth
lies give a rural decrease for the first I wi'h 138,867, and Philadelphia sixth
decade, and a smaller decrease for with 13.1.398. Paris. St. Louis, Ham-
the lust. These counties are settled [ burg, Vienna and Buenos Ayres fol-
mostly  by  descendants  of  loyalists. I lowin the order given
With net profits of over $901,001
tor the year ended the 31st DecemDer,
1912, and total assets of over $79,000,-
OOO, the Dominion Bank ranks as one
of the strongest and most progressive
of Canadian financial institutions. The
net profits were at the rate of 18.38
p��r cent, on the paid-up capital, and
chow a gain of almoBt $200,00 over
the earnings for the previous year.
The bunk had $1,698,000 available
for distribution at the close ot their
year, and made up of a balance carried forward from 1911 of $500,000,
net profits of $901,000 and premium
on new stock of $297,000.
After paying the regular dividend
cf 12 per cent, and a bonus of 2 per
cent., the bank contributed $25,000 to
tho Officers' Pension Fund and transferred $297,000 to the Reserve fund.
leaving a balance carried forward
who have begun progressive methods
in agriculture, Instead of going to ur-j
ban centres to expend their energy.
The eastern counties, which are settled nearly altogether by Highland
Scolch. give a rural decrease for the
first decade and a larger decrease for
the last or a large and steady rural
decrease for the whole period. The
Scotch seem to be very conservative
in agriculture, though In their counties Industrie, flourish, and their peo-
��� ��� ���
* * * * *
Oldest Bell In America Gift of Queen
Anne, Queen of Great Britain    and
iIreland, who was born 249 years ago
1 today, was the giver or the first bell
PUTta F-re-y^* �����'*rS2- ^.t^^ndernlath" ^ reC<mtly
Ine I rench, both in east and west,
seem to  increase in numbers on the
Tet still my mind -forbids to crave
I see how plenly surfeits oft.
And hasty climbers soon do fall;
I see that these which  were aloft
Mishap doth threaten most of all;
They   ret   with  toll,   they   keep   with
Such   cares  my   mind   could   never
I laugh not at another's loss,
I grudge not at another's pain
No worldly waves my mind can toss,
My state at one doth still remain.
I fear no foe. I fawn no friend,
I loathe not life, nor dread my end.
temperance societies.
The Rev. J. M. Splcer, whose ag>
poinunt-nt as canon of Columbia is an-
nounoed, Logan his work In th. Man*
church in 11-S4. Ordained to tlio cur-
iacy of Kirk Michael by llishop Row-
;ly Hill, he has served under five d.1b-
;hopB, and has been chaplain In succes-
jslon to Bishops Straton, Drury and
Denton Thompson. As chaplln of Lax-
; ey, Canon Spicer did much to develo;
j that village as a residential placu for
! visitors.
��� ���
��� WELSH   NEWS. ���
Content to live, this ls my stay;
1 seek no more than may suffice,
I press to bear no haughty sway;
Look,  what  I  lack  my   mind   supplies;
Le, thus I triumph, like a king,
Content  with  that my  mind    doth
��� ���
A large portion of the Ruthin Castle
estate, Denhigshlre,, will BhorUy be
sold at auction by order of Colonel
Cornwallls West, father-in-law of cm-
Duke  of   Westminster,
Six small boy. were remanded In
Dublin charged with having put lighted matches and squibs through thi
letterbox of Mr. Doyle, K.C., In Flti-
wllllam street, causing damage to the
extent of ��3. The magistrate said
the house had a narrow escape from
being burnt down. It wns manifested
that sutrragette. hnd nothing to do
wltb lt.
I. O. O. P. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Ths
j-e-nilu   tmetbx,   of   Amity   lods. So!
Sigh.' a?n.��o-cIoik",���h04a WEwTSSit
corner Carnarvon and Etabtli Mrwts
Visiting    b-lhgrn     oorfiSty" ffv^J:
ciVsVcre'leS:  ��"  W- *W?er.rru_:!.
rWSSSff ttn* ���"balmers. Parlor. <S
Phon" its Mtml'    New    WwtiiUnsler.
W. E.
t A LE9��� Ploiwer Funeral Director
Embalm*--,   su-mii   A|n��   strwt.
opposlts C-trnn-lt Ubrary. ~"���
l<aw. Solicitor, Ste. 65J Columbia
strut. New Wratmlnstrr, B.C. Tfls.
PgWIg IM.. Caw* address- "Johnston. Ood��, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms �� aad 7 sans Olock.
J. STILWEliL CUm, Barrletcr-ttt-law,
Midler, etc.; eanw-r Columbia sad
McKenile street*; New Westminster,
B. C.   P. O.  Boa 112.    Telephone   71*.
J.   P   HAMPTON   "SOL*-;   BARR1ST-CR,
solicitor   and    notary.    .10    Columbia
street.    Over C. P. R. Telt-rrapb.
Barristers and BoU-rttot-s. Roonia 7 and
t. Oulchon block. Stew Wein^ninster.
O. B. Martin, W. O. Msguarrle sae
atom* L. Casssdy.
WHITESIDE * EDf-K-tWD-S��� B-irrtstsr.
nnd Solicitors, We-rtrataster Trust Blk.
Columbia ���treet, Nsw Wesinslnster. B.C.
Cable add���ss -vYuUtpUi," Westers
Union. P. O. Drawer Zr��. -"Masfe-DS
���S.   W. J.  Whiteside.  H.   _  Edmonds.
Accountant. Tele. R 1I��. Roma Trapp
1 guild
a stage In the
hall of Trinity church at New-
though unprogressive and prim [J^w aid ffilSflu!
11 It. in  their    agricultural    methods   have been the present of Queen Ann"
The   German,   of    Lunenburg    <""1  It bears the date of 1702   which was
��f Queens am thrifty and itoady, and. th, yenr ,��� whloh Annlp"'J���* w^
hough not increasing, still hold on to the throne, following tho death of Wil-
thc year the bank increased , the land. illam. "
Thc Rev. David  Daniel.  Calvinistle
................   Methodist   minister  at   Canrw��n,   An,
T*"*'**********, glesey, who was found dead, had held
.  tuk    uiih.u    ���*,,<,..:,.,.,���.,   *|lhree services the day before. He was
* THE    HUMAN    PROCESSION.   ���   60 years of and leave3      ���,���
* (By O. Tersnee.) ��� I
* * I    A serious outrage has been commit
���>���������������������������������������������   ted   at  Dlnas   1'owls.     A   ��>w   ni>-hts
1 ago the rartn ot tjouthra, occupied hy
Royal | William Harry, was raided, and sever
seems to be gradually lessening. In
many places the tide of emigration
seems to he at the turn. In others
there is a slight abatement. Karnest
effort, however, must be made to keep
it. paid-up capital to $5,000,0011 and
IU Reserve fund ia no v *S6,000,000. It
made large gains In circulation, in do
posits, and in total assets. The deposits now stand nt over $f)9.342,000 -
a gain of 16,800,000 during tlie year,
an indication that the bank Ib growing in favor and in tho confidence of the people on the land
the public. The extent to which thc The country can sutfer no greater
Dominion Hank is providing for the hiss than tlint of Its rural population,
business needs of the public, is shown for an intelligent, prosperous, and con-
by the fact that tho outstanding loans tented rural population Is Ihe life or
.--.mounted to $46,4115,000. ; any Btate.     The   tact  ls   this,   young
This indicates that the bank is do- men und women have been leaving
Ing an increasingly large business in the rural sections in large numbers
the communities where its branches every year. When the strong, vigor-
���re located, which Ib further evidenc- cus, enterprising, ambitious young peo
cd by the fact that the paid-up CO.pl-1pie continue to leave for twenty or
lal i.i being increased by $1,000,000, thirty years, thc human life or the
to be issued at $200 a share, thus giving the bank additional facilities of
An analysis of the report shnwB it
Ib particularly strong in specie, bullion, aud ether quickly available as-
���scts. Thede amount at the present
time to $70,'I22,100���a gain of $9,000.
4900 during the year. Altogether, the
showing   is  a  highly  creditable  one.
Looking   over   the   whole   province. I     Kxpf,rt8 rtnr*ar(, tllat u  ������ undoubt.
the depopulation   in     rural     sections j ed*y thf. oldest bell in America, or at
Irast, in the northern continent.   It In
aud'reflects favorably on the management of the hank.
it Is apparent that the bank', bus!
rosi, i'.. ;,' .'. '3 -'rowing in 't  ."
tance, as two new directors were ;���
pointed- ...���<- a luside.ut of Wiiii'.ipi -
.and one of Vancouver.
Sere In New- W c-tminster, Ita acM
���rity lias lately been signalized by thc
��aUtblishnient t.r a branch under the
���management ot Mr. C. H. Mathewson.
locality is greatly weakened. The
wellborn, well-bred and well-educated
youth are the nation's best asset. It
lhe education ot the schools beguiles
them lo leave the land In larger numbers than is meet, the education
should be changed. It the west lures
them, they should be given correct
Inrormation about the west���and also
sound inrormation, Interpreted with
i-sight. about the east.���Rudoll A.
Clemen,   in   Industrial  Canada.
halt a century older than Vhiladel-
I phla's ramous "liberty bell," which
j was cast in 1758, This was not the
only bell given to the Newport church
j by Queen Anne, but the other was
melted years ago and with other material was cast Into the large bell that
Is now in the tower ot the church.
The 2,r>0th anniversary or Anne's
birth will he celebrated a year from
today, while the bl-centenary of her
death will fall on August 1 of next
year. She was tho second daughter
of James II. While her father and
mother Joined the Church cf Rome,
Anne was rearefl as a Prostestant.
In her twentieth year she married
Prince George, brother of the King
of Denmark. Anne wns thirty-eight
when she became queen. Her reign
of a dozen years waB crowded w'th
events of vast Imnortance for the
British empire and all Europe, and
her name is associated with one of
the greatest epochs in the history of
KngliBh literature.
From a ������������rvey of the rural decline
3a Nova    Scotia, the    general    rule
Throughout the world terhnicjil and
��������� mi.'iercial training are acquiring
preatlge, ard pure education cf the
classical school is losing ground. Kv-
en at Oxford and Cambridge ths mova
ment to strike the dead languages
from the compultory list Is growing
In strength. The tendency is to train
for particular trades and professions
nnd to make each student specialise
from an early age.   Is this education?
Knowledge of the Greek Irregular
For years the sixth rr February has
h*-en "shoe day" on the flowery, New
York's ramr.us ea��t side Ihoroughfsro.
(hanks tc IVe generosity of "H'g Tlm"
S'.'H'"'a"h. former state scn-uor. con-
-"���.���ossmnn, nid political boss. Today
the east, side statesman and philanthropist Is a iopeless maniac, and
there Is sadness along the Bowery.
The history or "Big Tim's" Bhoe day
observance Is given as follows:
In the days when the picturetKiue
Tammany leader was down at the
heels, with no thought of ever becoming & wealthy, theatrical magnate and
political power, his teacher made him
a present ot a pair of .hop.,   The
"Tla-Can"    Head    cf    French
House Is 41 Today.
"Tin-Can" 1. in t a d'gnified nick-
name r-r 've head of a roval house.
but ft Is ��� ��� a;ipellation bestowed by
tie Fr;nch r*t-rio upen Duke Louis
Philippe. Ri liert de Oilcans, chief ot
the, Benrbo-i-Orleans clan, who ls today crlehratlng his forty-fourth birth
day. LouIb Philippe's rival pretender
Victor Napoleon, Is popularly known
as Cainembert the First, owing to the
tact that a dealer In cheese named
a brand after the Imperial descendant
r.f the house of Bonaparte.
The Duke rt Orleans was duhbed
Trtn la Garrelle wben he applied for
admission to thn French army as a
rrlvate, "garrellp." being the name ol
the tins in whl-h -"Hon-- of sold'ers
are packed. Nothing so thoroughly
proves Ihe triumph of republicanism
In France as the nlmcst universal ap
plication of such ficetltious nickname
to would-be  monarchs.
It Is to the nred.lt of the duke thai
he realises lhe utter hnpelesenesi of
his cause, and In this he s"io*--n greater lnt9l''-ce.nce than Prince "Ca--eni
hTt". -hose frequent proclamation*
to "his people" v-n-ld be nltlf i It
thev vere not so Indlerous. The Dult-
of Orleans was born at York House.
Twickenham, England, on February
6. 1W, and was the eldest son of the
late Comte de Paris.
t'e vn* educated nt the municipal
-llet-e In RmlaM and the College
Stun'Matt in France. Com���ir-s,'*-"**t
ir the fattions English regiment, th.
Sixteenth Rifles, he spent two yean-
In India. Upon returning to Europe
he entered the Swiss army school of
musketry. On the day be became of
age he set out for Paris and went to
a recruiting office, where he asked
to be permitted to enlist in the annv.
At that time the republicans still
feared the bngaboo ef royalty, and
the duke was arres-cd under a law
prohibiting the heads ot former rul.
al  sheep  were shockingly  malmtxt
For the third time within; two. wtj-ik.
IniyBterioiiB  farm  rires  have occurred
I in   the   Prestatyn   district.   Involving
.great loss.    The first wo�� at Dysm-tb
Hall and  ��1000 damage was done.
Frederick 0. Williams, Joiner, tor
! merly secretary of the Amalgamated
j Society <,t Joiners, was at Swansea
i committee for trial, eharged with fal-
, sieving a cheque book and the cash
The mayor or Aberystwyth. Oeorge
F. Roberts, received a cheque for J"3
3s, trom 0. B. Bennetts, of India tor
the bonenta ct the inmates of the
workhouse on New Years bay.
In consequence of charges made
against the Monmouthshire police of
having unnecessarily charged a crowd
at ('-vintillery In July and uBed their
staves with undue severity, an inquiry
was conducted at Newport -
Rain has caused a further landslido
in tho neighborhood cf Llancorfon,
near Cardiff, a large wood having
roved such a distance as to main
traffic between Lydmoor and Abet-*-
nant Impossible. The roadway has
consequently been dosed to traffic.
A Cambrian railway platelayer il!~
covered the hotly ot a tnaS.Vashod
asrorc c,-n thi beach wttxT Tonfanna**
railway station, Merionethshire. The
b'dv has since been Identified as that
of Morris James, builder and contractor, towyn, who had been mlssmg
since Christmas Eve.
The sudden death took place at the
Palace, St. Asaph, of the wife of the
Bifhop ef St. Asaph. The deceased
lady was Bl year, of age, and the
youngest daughter ct Watts John Garland, of Lisbon and Dorset, She was
th. bishop', second wife,   They were
The Mavo assembly committee at
'heir last meeting received a letter
fronr the Rev. Mr. Kenm-dy, late Presbyterian Chaplin, thanking than and
their officiate Tor thetr IWriree. toward him whtTat-n-e tiad! the privilege of .ervlng under them. The Rev.
Father O'Haherty i-e^-narked **mt the
letter w.s a credit to the writer. "It
is something for Blr Edward <���**-.*>���������,"-
said" Br. Hf*r*rfn��        ""
German   Prince..   VTf.he.   le   Wtnf
Wealthy   Bafrti****  ��on.
Berlin, Feb. S.���Society ctrele. **���
stirred over the report of the enspa-ns
ment of- Princem   Sophia  or Snae
Weimar to Htme *vn "Belcteoeder, the
eldest eon or the -reirtor mesrJbtv *t
one of tbe richest and oldest banking
houses ln Germany.
A number of dlMi-utle. .re ..Id to
����.' stall In the way., ft f. wportetl that
'he princess is unwilling te leuenace
all her rights end title., .ml .he )��
said to he working to seenre the etnt-
rerment of the title of baron on her
Intended husband.
Prince fr-srma-n ef Saae-Wehnar,
who renounced his title, and took the
name of Count Osthelm In order to
marry the actress Lottero, from whom
he was tfl-Aort-etf two week. ago. Is ��
hrother of Princoss Sophia. It I. aald
thnt the engagement cannot be of
riolally announced until the Grand
Duke of Sax-e-Wefmar consent, to It
s^,-,"?}.? ,_.T^t��K=%IBftRf
dsr of e**h month: aputnetir wsels-se
on ths third Frianv atVeanary, Mar.
Auf-usi. and NOTstnBsr sag hm_ **-.
sual oieefii.-n- on the -ass-* Traasr or
Fubrusry. 8. IL SMert Waste, sect-stair.
Oark-Fraur ReaJty Co.
ronnsrly at 610 ColumWa St, new at
107 Front SL   Phe-se ftlttl.
Naw W.ttmtiwtsr, sXC.
R..I Cuts and
Acreage and Choice
London, Frh. fi - Mr. C. A. Seyler,
the Swansea borough analylst. ha.
analyzed the paint with which the
' ten horizontal bandB of vivid red"
were marked on the walls of Bacon'.
Mole, a cave near the Mumbleu, Swansea.
The markings, which were discov-
Ted a few months ago, have been at-
Tlhi-ted variously to prehistoric man,
to one Johnny Bale, a Mumbles boatman, who ls said to have gone to the
cave to rub some red paint on a brush
and'to a Swansea tradesman who
wished to advertise his wares.
In Mr. Scyler's opinion "the chem-
Icnl evidence so far obtained, though
not conclusive. Is ln favor of the view
(that the paint Is not modern but made
'with a native ochre such as Is nburnt,
ant In the cave and surrounding districts."
avNOPt�� or cS^La**mmm **
vitor.ee . _
���I lrrlttsb Columl
tsrsti stf
>st by
sf sect!
    ths   t
staked -rut hi
Ttiew-cm ^__L*__rSS,
of Si as aam. *<* *mn__*h** It**
alllha Usoest����� em *mU>***      ,_
*Um�� at sections, satt.ss. ""g-"-^ "J
el-one sf sections,
rHory   Ois   trae*,
!,r.nttr,n. Feb. B.���The road l-vi-lim-
frri BenvJIsUiu to Llancarfan Village
In the Vale of Glamorgan, ..Id a Cardiff telegram received last night, ls
again on the move after the recent
heavy rains.
The surveyor, reporting to a meeting of the local district council, said
tbe present movement was much
quicker than formerly, and the position was very serious.
He had ',ieen obliged to fix notice,
stopping traffic over, the j-o.ll." A
special commute, was appointed to
deal with the matter,
but ....
paid oa the 	
mine al the rat* of
The  person
not  etherem*.^    hj***^^ #. ������
 4vseMrts per Is**"---
ml   with   ssWO���.   -ws-iisf
'"msTs-r-a hm******* -
rate of fit aa _-- - ���    .,__
For tail .-tJ-Nrssatton .t*-*"^t___��:
he mnde to Mw *et**l*ry of the Wt*J*J*_
own of ths sate-Hor, Ottawa, or ���- ���,"w
Ajretil   or
io  ees��  ���vssiisssr   ��
the sate-rlor, Otta-S
Sub-Aasiit of Dor
Deputy ".miller of
N. B.���ITnaiuUvoiiaed nubU.
tttlvertlse-nes* wlll not bs pel. *os.
For Rent
7-roomed house, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
linoleum and blind.. Lease if
required, 1)26.00 par month.
8-room house, one block from
car, $10.00 per month.
5-room house, modern, with
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phon. it����.
Coldicutt Blk.     East Bumaby.
'"**---- i
m THURSDAY,  FEBRUARY  0,  1913.
Memento of Fitzgerald and Comp-n
Ions at Regina Serve. .. Inspiration to R. N. W. M. P.
Regina, Feb. 6.���Carefully guarded
In the vault at the headquarters of
the Northwest Mounted 1'olice hero,
the will ot the late Inspector Fitzgerald, of thu Northwest Mounted Police,
written lu letters of blood on a scrap
of bark, remains tho moat striking
memento of that fateful trip from Fort
Mcl'herson to Dawson lust about two
yeara ago, when four brave men laid
down their lives to'malntaln tbe proud
record ot the force and carry on it'n
splendid work of rolling up the map
of Anglo-Saxon conquest and civilization a thousand .miles northward.
The last to die of that fated band,
the gallant Inspector, as hi. life was
ebbing away, thought ot his aged
mother and his last wlll and testa
ment scratched with a twig dipped ln
hi. own life fluid, bequeathing her bit
worldly goods, was found by his Bide.
Many men have given up their lives
In tho service of Canada's great force,
but none more herocially than inspector Fitzgerald and his party. Tbe
memory of their exploit will ever be
green to those whose hearts thrill at
the doing of brave deeds, and the
name, of Inspector Fitzgerald and
Constables Kenny, Taylor and Carter
will be enrolled high up ln the list
of tbose wbo have sacrificed themselves In the building up of a new empire in the farthest Northwest.
Uncomplainingly and wltb a full realization of the dangers tbey faced
they started on the thousand-mile Journey ln the depth of winter, suffering
tho greatest tortures from cold, exposure and starvation, until death
came to their relief. For theee reasons they need no other memorial, but
quite fittingly their comrades decided
on some recognition which should
serve to keep fresh the inspiration
from tbe undying heroism of these
Only a few days ago a large brass
tablet recording the fate of the otricer
and constables waB unveiled by Lieut.
Governor Brown, of Saskatchewan, ln
the commissioner's office at Iteglua,
where It will be pointed out to new
members of the force bb an evidence
of the spirit which pervades thc organization.
There waa a large attendance when
the tablet was unveiled wltb appropriate ceremony, and Into tbe eyes of
hard men of tbe plains, who bad
known Inspector Fitzgerald' and hiB
comrades for what they were worth,
there came a suspicious moisture, of
whicb they seemed not ashamed.
Fighting In Wars Against Britain Was
Pitiable���Children  Brought Up
Under Fade Impressions
Suffragists on  Horseback Will   Scatter Button, and Arguments Aero*.
American States.
New York, Feb. 6.���It was said on
good authority today that women suffragists of this city are to undertake
a horseback ride to San Francisco,
that two women are already pledged
to go, that other, will Join them and
that the party wlll .et forth in the
early spring a. soon a. the highway.
of the East are fit for steady traveling.
It wlll be the tint equestrian Journey aero., tho continent that has
been made ln the Intereat ot the equal
franchise. The purpose of the riders
wlll be to scatter their buttons and
arguments through a fruitful lln. ot
states east ot tbe Rockies and to Join
the women voters of Western Suffrage States ln celebrating their early
Th. plan waa pdt forth by a well-
known suffragists ot this city today. It
wu. accepter1 eagerly by two women
.. tn whom she confided lt, and the three
immediately set-about organising a
real expedition and plotting IU route
on a map of the United State.. Thu.
far the originator, of the .tat.rn.nt
are .worn to .ecrecy. In a few day.
they w||l tell the public about lt and
give the names of women who will
make the trip.
These women realize they have got
to do wme fighting ln Hew York
Btate before the ballot I. obtained,
but they believe that a transcontinental hike can only help them by
calling attention to their pluck, and
that at this time tt may be the means
��f helping th. cause nationally. At
any rate tbey are determined, to
mount and gallop off when the
weather ...tie...     .
Windfall for Ag.d Couple Through
Death of Son. ���
London, Feb. 6.���A .tory of an aged
couple of inmatea of Ladywell workhouse who unexpectedly cam. tn for a
Uttl. fortune from th. estate ot a
dead son come, from Mermondsey.
About five week, ago the two old
people���husband and wife are each
about 78 year, of age���took their dl.-
charge, considerably to th. .urpri.e of
the officials.   When the matter came
fore the next meeting ot the Guar-
as. the cause wa. ofloclally report-
to be that the two had come ln for
��� legacy of $0600.
The money wa. .tated to be coming
from the estate of their wn who died
In America.
The couple cam. from BermQnd��ey
and had been Inmate, at Lady-ell
.Inc. 1001. They are believed to have
no relative, living and to have re-
turned to live ln the Bermondeey die
They .re described aa being two of
the most reepectable* penons who ever
entered the workhouse, the husband
having been a restaurant keeper or
oonfectloner.    .
Tbelr whereabout, in Engl.nd wer.
traced by a socUltor engaged for tha
purpose'by a N.w York lawyer.
The guardian, hare decided to accept fSIO In full aettlement Of their
tor maintenance.
Washington, Feb. 5.���Brlgadler-Oen-
eral Clarence R. Edwards, U.S.A., has
a new answer to the ancient arithmetical problem of American schoolboys
hiHrd on the premise that one: American could lick from three to stx redcoats. According to General Kdwards
the promise Is all wrong and "Tommy rot" is the real answer.
General ICd wards I. ib command of
the brigade post at Fort D. A. Ilus-
ucll, Wyoming.
"School histories are to blame fo.
i false Idea about military affairs lu
this country," said Oeneral Edwards
"This accounts for the unprepared
ness of the army to meet a sudden
111. remarks were addressed to a
group ot army officers and newspapermen who were discussing the need
of a consistent military policy for
the United State.. It was pointed cut
tbat tbe army was scattered in such
x way that no tactical unit existed
for drills and manoeuvres and tbere
waa uo trained reserve to quickly expand the regular military or.-anUa
tion in case of an emergency.
Taught Falsehoods.
"Thc children of the land have been
aught that our revolutionary soldiers
without experience or training won
groat victories over the seasoned British troops; they are taught that the
came class of troops whipped the English soldiers in tho war of 1812.
And so on- through all the wars.
There never was bucIi rot put Into
tlie form of history. Our fighting In
those wars was pitiable, and the con
duct of the raw and untrained troops !
with one or two exceptions, was dls
"We were beaten ln every battb:
of 1M2 with two exceptions, one ot
them fought after thc war closed, and
our capital and public buildings were
burned. .The same thing came nea.
Imp; i ning again after Bull Run and
bad It not been tbat one unorganized
mt. b was defeated by nnotber, the Con
federates would have captured the
Both wero demoralized, one by de
teat, the other by victory. And yet
we are going un blindly in, tbe sain 3
We are without a mobile army that
could bo Tnred tn-case of a sudden war
Wc could not train the soldiery, which
would have to be reatulted, Bhort ot
a pear. No one doubts the abll'ty to
make soldiers out of the citlzcnB of
this country, but It cannot be done ln
a month or Blx months.
Need Di.clpiine.
They have to learn to be soldiers*,
they have to be trained to discipline
and a soldier's life; they have to leari
to shoot and they have to match and
take care of themselves. In short It
take, a long time and constant work
.o make new troops effective soldiers.
At the beginning of all our wars
the untrained troops have always pro;
Ineffective and inefficient, and yet our
school histories haye becn Issued year
after year, teaching the youth of the
land the falsehood that we can lick
all creation; that one American Is
equal to half a dozen men, and so on.
until our people are imbued* with the
idea that all tbey ueed to do In case
of war I. to send for the men In uniform with guns In their hands and
our toes will crumble before them.
It 1. time that thi* false Impression
wa. corrected, and that' the people
became Informed of the true state of
our unpreparedness for war or an emergency requiring any extended use
of troops."
Lady Nam.. First of "Th. Nine" Who
; Will  Administer Fund for Ad-
vane, of Literature.
Stockholm. Feb. 5.���Ml.. Loieen
von Kramer, who haa Just died ln
Stockholm, has bequeathed $200,000 to
a literary fund, of which Prince Bu
gen of Sweden I. to be the president,
in memory of ler studeiU Kte �����. th<
''���mala Unlve**��<ty, and vl h.r own
Kerary work. She ha. directed tin
tit. money ln question hiii.II form a
fund to be known a. "Th. N,ne."
This fund I. to eneovrign Swedish
literature (bejle. lettr..) by awarding grant, or price to authors of
work, of merit, and by publishing a
Journal -which ahall deal mainly with
literary .ubJecU, the peace movement, and woman', causa, and which
must b. I11u��trated with genplne artistic .Wll.
Th. n.me of "The Nine" 1. derived
from the fact that th. fund- U to be
under th. management ot nine persons���four ladles and four gentlemen
chosen for life���and a president, al
ternately a woman or a man.
Ml*, von Kramer herself chose the
first "Nine," all of whom are well
known tn Swedish literature and .rt
Th. ladle, selected Include Sweden',
two most famous women writer., Dr.
Selma Lagerlof and Mi.. Ellen Key.
When vaeancle. ln th. council
arts, the remaining member, are to
apportion the vacant seat.. One-fourth
of the revenue Is every year to be
added to the fund until the .am. ha.
reached 2,000,000 kr.
Cobalt, Feb. 5..���Consternation has
been caused ln town by the Issuing ot
70 garnishee notice, by the town attaching the wage, of the miner, at
Conlagas and City of Cobalt mine, tor
the payment of an Income tax..
The men Intend to fight the matter,
claiming that daily wage In th. rain..,
liable to fluctuate owing to uncertainty ot continuous work, 1. non-aa-
! W. Peterson, David Kldd (Hamilton), Kylvct-ter C. Halllgan, IL S. Osier, K.C..
W. K. Pearce, L. S. Hamilton, Harold W. A. Foster, Dudley Hill ((Jraven-
hurst), John M. Baldwin, C. A. Ross (Hamilton), Col. Sir H. M. Pellatt,
Thomas Meredith. W. C. Lee, R. M. Cray, C. H. Kdwards, T. W. Forwood.
T. O. Anderson, A. H. Black (Oshawa). W. C. Armstrong (Chatham), D. T. Hepburn (Uxbrldge), N. F. Davidson, K. C, E. H. Osier (Cotourg).
It waa moved by A. W. Austin, seconded by K. W. Hambor, that Sir Edmund B. Osier, If. P., do take thc chair, "and that C. A. Bogert do act a. Secretary.
Meerrs. A. R. Boswell and W. Gibson Cassels were appointed Scrutineers.
The Secretary read thc Report of tbe Directors to the Shareholder., and
submitted the Annual Statement of the affairs or the Bank, which 1. aa follows :
The Directors beg to submit the Forty-Second Annual Report of the affairs of the Bank, and the result of Its operations for the twelve month, ended 31et December, 1912, which they feel will be received with satisfaction bjr
the Shareholders:���
Balance of Profit and Lors Account 30th December, 1011 $   500,110.10
Net profits for the year, after deducting all charge,  .nd   making full provision tor bad and doubtful debt.      901,529.44
Premium received on new Capital Stock  ,      297,-*00.C*t
Jack Golden, who with \ company of sixteen will be the attraction at the  Royal theatre next Monday, Feb. 10
Making a total of $1,098,840.17
Which has been disposed of as follows: ���
Dividends quarterly at 12 per cent, per annum $ 088,536.53
Bonus, 2 per cent     100,000.00
Hon* James Young Dead:
A Servant of Canada
Gait. Feb. 6.���At
picturesque family-
James Young passed peacefully away
early on tbo afternoon of Wednesday
last. Death came not unexpectedly,
as he had been in IH-hcalth for some
months, gradually growing weaker.
On May 24 last, he celebrated his
77th birthd-r*.
Full of year, and honors as a forceful parliamentarian, publicist, gifted
man of letter, and kindly cultured
gentleman, his passing I. deeply regretted In the community In which he
"Thornhlll,"    the I In 1879, he was returned to the legla
residence.   Hon.: lature for North Brant.   Re-elected a,
the general election. In 1883, he en
tered Sir Oliver Mowat'a cabinet as
provincial treasurer on June 2 and
was re-elected after accepting office.
Owing to sudden Illness he resigned
tbe trea.urer.hip and retired from the
government in October following, but
remained a member cf the house until
the close of the fifth legislature tn
18SS. when he declined re-nomination.
He waa all his life a Contributor
to leading magazine,   and Journals.
wa. born and lived all his life. The and was the author of much literature
county of Waterloo and the sister dealing with trade question, and inter
county of Brant, whose able and de-  national relationships, always taking
voted parliamentary representative he
wa. for long years, mouru him sincere
ly and deeply.
He will be remembered gratefully
as one of the maker, of Canada.
Jame. Young died veritably In harness. He has Just wltneued the fruition ot one ot the great literary la
bora of hi. life���publication of the final volume cf hla work, "Public Life
and Public Men In Canada." an historical review, comprehensive In its
scope* Interesting tn details, refreshing In tone and a model of plain,
terse diction becoming the ripe achol
ar and trained JotrrnallsL
Self made  Man.
Hon. James Young rose from the
rank, and was essentially a self-maoa
man. From printer's apprenticeship
to editorship aad ownership of the
newspaper on which he worked was
hi. flrat achievement. He Made no
secret ot cherished ambition to ba
a publlo man, and -through varlou-
munlelpal office, he won ht. w.y to
At the tint general election, after
confederation ln 1807, he waa elected
to represent South Waterloo In the
commons, and In the general elections
of 1873 and 1874 wa. re-elected by ae
Defeated at the general election of
1878 by a nnall majority he was presented by Reformer, ot the riding
with a service of plat, ln recognition
of hi. .elf-denying effort.. While tn
the common, he took an active part
In the conduct of buslneas, more ee
pectally during the five year, ot the
Mackenzie administration. He was
chairman of two important committee
of public work, and committee ot the
whole house in supply. "
F.th.r sf R.forma,
Among his legislative measure*
wer. the abolition ot the old system
of queen's printer and letting all publlo and departmental printing by public tender, a bill confirming naturalization of all alien, who had taken an
oath of allegiance and naturalisation'
before confederation, a bill ln f.vor
of the ballot, the government, however, taking the question up, the passage of addresses to h.r majesty In
1873 and 1878, praying that the Imperial government would confer ou:
Germans and other aliens naturalised
ta Canada the Mm. right, in all part,
of th. world a* British .abject, enjoy. -Appointment of a apeclal committee wh|eh resulted in publication
of "Hansard"1 and renolatlon. In favor
of th. e��tabH��hment of th. government bureau ot statistics war. also
among hi. achievements.
At tht provincial gen.nl election.,
the Canadian view. For 07 year, he
waa prealdent ot the Gore District
Fir. insurance Co.
Hon. Mr. Young leave, a widow,
Margaret, aecond daughter of the late
John McNaught, Brantford, to whom
he was married In 1858. He waa an
active member of the Central Presbyterian church.
Total distribution to Shareholders of
Fourteen per cent, for the year S  888,636.53
Contribution to Officers' Pension Fund        25,000.00
Transferred to Reserve    Fund���Premium   on    New
Stock       297,200.63 ��1,010.737.1*
Balance of Profit and Loss carried forward   0  688,10941
Balance at credit of account, 30th December, 1911  $,r,,702,799.S7
Transferred from Profit and Lose Account      297,200.03
Tbere has been a further gratifying increase In the business of the Bank
a. evidenced by the figures ln the Statement presented. The prosperity
of the country, and the consequent demand for banking accommodation, permitted the employment of its funds to unusual advantage throughout tho
year, resulting ln earnings sufficient to enable the Directors to distribute-
a bonus cf 2 per cent, in addition to the usual dividend of 12 per cent
To meet the general expansion of business in Canada, lu which Una
Bank continues to participate, your Directors decided to Issue to the Shareholders of record of the 15th February, 1913, a further 11,000,000 of new Capital Stock at a premium of 100.
This issue ls a part of the 05,000,000 of new Stock authorized by the
Shareholders at tbe Annual Meeting of the 26th January, 1910, and duly approved by the Treasury Board at Ottawa. Particulars of this allotment
will be given forthwith to the Shareholders by circular. When payment of
this Issue has been made in full, the uald-tip Capital of the Bank will amount
to 16,000,000. and of the total Authorized Capital of 010,000,000 there remain
unissued 04,000,000.
Owing to the growing importance of the Bank', business, the Directors-
considered it advisable to recommend an Increase In their number from nine
to eleven, and a By-Law -will be submitted to you covering thlB change.
You wlll also be asked to give your Function to a By-Law Increasing:
th�� remuneration of the Directors, made necessary.by these addition, to the-
In connection with Bank Premier., the year-Jest do**A wga one of unusual Importance, several traiik. cL'ons of great nut���ant baring been trouasrt
to completion. *****      ~^
You were Informed at the Annual Meeting In 1M1 of the purchase of
the property on the Northeast Corner of King and Yonge Ste., Toronto, for
purposes of Head C-Mlt-e premises, as your Director, were at that time unable
to acquire sufficient land immediately adjoining the present Bite. Last year
however, tliey succeeded ln purchasing the property directly south of th��t
now coupled aad extending to Mellnda BtrceL A sale of tho Northeast Corner was subsequently effected at a satisfactory price.,
Etana have been prepared, and it Ib the Intention to begin active opera
tlons at an early date for the erection of a building that should meet the>
Bank's requirements for many years to come.
Necessary outlays have been made tor Improvement, to several Offices
\ already esUtolUb-Xl, -tor nsw Branches openea. *nh tor Uie vuve���Use' o* Ub-sy
t���  ���    ��� \ Premises -which the Bank has tor many years -M-suets-A  **.   Um   Quia..   ��C .
I tstwa; D. I,. White. Midland. Ont. j J.J. \ Queen and 8herbou-rn�� atreets, Toronto, and at Ot-J-ts���a. On)-.
McFaddeu.    Renfrew;    D.   S.   allies. 1        Sites veto also st-ruTed at West Toronto, Kd-o-aum   -south   (formers;/
Braealde, Ontario; J. Hendry, Vancou-\ atrathcona). Klmwood (WI-aI-ms), and additional property "Was' acquired adjoining our Windsor. Ont. Branch.
Branches ot the Bank were opened ln 1910 a. follows: In Ontario���
Dupont and Christie St... RoncesvaHes and High Park Avenues, Dufferin St.
and Lapptn Avenue, Dufferin St. and SL Clair Avenne, Toronto; By-Wani
Market Branch, Ottawa, and Port Arthur.
In   the   Western   Provinces���Swift   Current, Moose   Jaw   (South   Hilt
Branch), Saskatchewan; Edmonton  (First St  Branch), Calgary   (Riverside
Branch), Alberta; North Vancouver, British Colvmbia. -,,
New Dundee and Malton, Ont, and Wawota, Seek.; Branch,6 were closed?
in 1912.
Every Branch of the Bank has been Inspected during the year by He-sir
Office officials, specially qualified for such duties, and, aa Is customary, the
Balance Sheet of the 31st December, 1912, Including the Cash Assets and Investment, of tbe Institution, ha. been verified by a Committee of yonr Directors.
E. B. OSLER, Prealdent.
Toronto, 29th January, 1913.
The Report wa. adopted.
A By-Law was passed, authorizing an Increase In the number of Directors from nine to eleven.
The thanks of th. Shareholder, were tendered to the Prealdent, Vice-
Presldent and Director, for their services during the year and to the Oeneral
Manager and other Officer, of the Bank for the efficient performance of their
respective duties.
The following gentlemen were duly elected Director, for the ensnlna-.
year:���Messrs. A. W. Austin. W. R. Brock, Jame. Carruthera, R. J. Christie.
J. C. Eaton, J. J. Foy, K.C., M.L.A., E. W. Hambor, H. W. Hutchinson. W. Dl
Matthew*. A. M. Nanton and Sir Edmund B O.ler. M\P.
At a subsequent meeting of the Director.. Sir Edmund  B. Osier.  M.P..
wu elected Pre.ld.nt, and Mr. W. D. Matthews, Vice-President, for the en-v
suing term.
ver; A. H. Campbell, Montreal; Hla
Honor, Lieutenant-Governor D. C.
Cameron, Winnipeg; G C. Edwards,
Ottawa; A. D. McRae, Fraser Mill.,
B. C; W C McNeil, Vancouver, and
J Hat-bury, Wyckliffe, B. C.
Ottawa, Feb. 8��� At yesterday', ae.-
.Ion of the Canadan Lumbermen'. Association a number of resolutions were
idopted, the mo.t vital one. protesting against any chapge being made
with regard to the allowance from
track .cal. weights, the preeent allowance being deemed fatr and Ju.t
-tnd without tbem the .hip-pen wonld
cutter severe loss.
It w.. alio decided, on resolution,
to work ln conjunction with the Canadian Manufacture-*.' Aa��ocl��tlon In
th. m.tter of demurrage.
On the recommendation ef the nomination oommlttee the following director, were elected: Ales. Mri-ren,
Montreal; Wm. Power, M.P., Quebec;
E. H. LeMay Montreal; W. C. Lald-
law, G. I. Cane, c. A. Lerkln and W. A.
Firstbrook, Toronto; J, C. Brown, Ot-
90-Year-Old Peer Still   Bitter Apslnst
Progress In Ireland.
Dublin, Feb. -��.--The picturesque
old Earl of Clanrlcarde, now over 90
years of age, le one of the Irreconcilable Irish landlord, who haa made up
hla mind to fight all the force, of the
Irish Government, and, If necessary,
die itt the last ditch.
All the cajoling of government official., .nxlou. to put th. Land Act Into operation on ht. estate In the
County Galway in tbe hope of termtn-
attng the feud that ha. existed between himself and hi. tenant, tor 3'-
year, or more, wlll not moye the old
warrior from hi. determination to
spend the laat cartridge in his armory
aa a protest against men he call. th.
minion, of home rule.  -
For clo*. on five yeara he bas beea
fighting the Land Act commissioners and the proepecta are that the battle wlll go on until the co��t* of litigation will reduce himself and the estate to vanishing point.
Vienna, Feb. 6.���The army author*-
tie. recently have been puttied lur
many radio telegram. ..nt to ad-
dresses that were illegible, or to no
.ddr.su. at all..
Clone Investigation proved th. existence of a secret radio station which
waa discovered yesterday on the roof
ot a church In Gras, belonging to recently settled French Jesuits, who are
ln dally wireless Intercourse with
equally new Jesuit settlement, at
Modeling, near Vienna, and on the
Adriatic Coast.
.Thla .lgnlfle. an   Infringement ot ��.���-,
the gerernment'.  wireless munopoty    ete
and th. Jeeutt settlement, have  received order,   to destroy  all  their
wireless .tailor, within three day..
DOMINION BANK was held at the Banking Hou*. ot th. Institution, Tor
onto, on Wednesday, Mth January. MM.
Among thos. present were noticed;
J. J. Maciennan, 0. N. Reynolds, J. A Finale, Thomas Crawford, M. P. P.,
Richard Brown, J. 1. Dixnn, D*. Thotnaa As-strong (Deer Park), W. C.
Orowther, W. Olbcon Cwtt, Dr. Gt-Mntt, Allan McPherr-on (Ungford), J. D.
Warde, Wallace Jones, H. G. MacKAfMle, ��. Cbarle. B.^Salltr. 3. Harry
Paterson, M. 8. Bogert (Montreal)* Wwart B��l*no, R. WilMtaafln, N. Hockl*.
(Lindsay), W. McAdle, Andrew Bwwpss, T. J. Hnrri.. P. Leedlay, Jame.
Matthew., Peter MacDonaM, William Crocker. H. Crewe. Charts.7 B. Lee,
R. R Morley. C. Walker, m, B. mtwans.wnilam toce..*>, E. Dingle, Sir E. B,
0.1.r, M, P., A. W, Aturttei M, 8. Mar*��d, Bohert Rom (Lindsay), B. W.
Hamb*r, H. W. willow (Whltbyr, W. B. Caraw.ll. & Jeffrey (Port Perry), B.
J. Chri*tte, Jame. Cwrtrthera (Montreal). 1. J. Itaranagh (Hamilton). B.
W. Langley, W. D. Matthew.. A. B. BtMW.lt. & C, C. B. Van Norman. A.mUI**a
B-Udwtu. James P. BradL H. ���. McCoy. *. 0. 9*At*t,,'��. Gordon Jones. W. T.
K.mahan. F. H. Gooah. t, D. Bret-m. Jnd���� Mel^yra (Whitby). C. % Pirn,
J. O. Ramsey. J. T. Small, K. C. Atetaader C. Morrla. H. B. Hodgtns, 8. Samuel,
C. McCollam. W. R. Brock. J. C- Baton. Joaafh Wata-uky. C. A. Bogert, W.
C. McTarlan. (Fort William). G. B. GrosA Captain Dudley JsMopp, Bav. T.
Note. In Circulation
Deposit, not bearing intereat  % 0,504,509.01
Deposits  bearing intereat   (including  Intereet accrued to date)  49,777,006.86
* 5.250.SS0.W '
a due to other Banks
Deposit, made by and
In Canada	
Balance due to Bank, la foreign countrle. ..
Total Liabilities to tha Publlo	
Capital Stock paid up	
Reserve Fund 	
Balance of Profits carried forward  	
Dividend No. 101, payable tnd January, 1013	
Bonus, Two per cenL, payable Ond January, MIS.
Former Dividends unclaimed   	
Reserved for Rebate on BUI. Discounted, I
I 0,000.000.00
ia th.maa tha
$>*** ������������������   -��� ���    ��� - 9l.MS.eu.i-8
Domlnioe QDveraat-snt Demand Note.    TJ14.g7i.50
Note, ot and Chequs. on other Bank.      .   4,401,620.88
Balanoea due from other Bank, ln Canada        449,011.20
Balance* du to Agent, in th.   United   Klntettaot
and Bank. In foreign countries T    S,O4*Lt90.S>
Provincial Government Secnritlse 	
Canadian Munl_ael SecuriUM and Britiah or For-
elga or {"-okmlal Public Securities other than
Railway and othrn* Bonds, Debenture, and Stoeka .;
Loan, on nail, atKtnred hy Stoeka and
Btlla Dlacounted and Advance. Current	
Depciu with Dominion Government tot Seearitj-
of Not. Ct-renlatls-sa . ... ,,-,
Orardu. Dtibt. .ertlmated los. provided tor) .'.'.'.'.
flnnlPi^finitm .......... .���	
Aoceptaace under Commt-rclal Utter.
HA CMdlt against M-nehaadtM.... ��174,718 Ma, U.
Toronto, SHt D-soember, MM. <*���������**.
^VtKzrr*^*nfi**"���*���* ���"���AGS FOUR
Columbia Street Row
Aired in Police Court
(Continued from page one)
a fact th.it any citizen called upon by
an officer to render assistance, and
docs not do ay, is liable to punishment
under the criminal code.
Lco S. Iirown corroborated as to the
row and the obstruction of tbe police
���by accused.    Le was rather surprised ,    _
the people did uot assist the officers.
the time honored joke of it being
necessary to perform a surgical operation before a Scotsman could understand a joke, the speaker said it
was necessary to do the same thing to
an Englishman before he could understand seme, only the suffragette** use
hammers and stones instead of a
In conclusion MIsb Wylie apealed to
the Canadian women to come out and
join in the fight for freedom and jus-
were not enough protection to the legs
ln the drafty corridors of the workhouse.
The lady argued that they ought to
be made longer and the guardians decided to add six Inches to ths length
of the garments.
Come to the Bankrupt Sale Today at
Her   Majesty   Has   Dispensed   With
Her Maid of Honor.
Some surprise has been [elt because
the Queen has dispensed with the attendance  of a  maid of  honor  while
.. �����,>>!��� di,! inn -i-isiM me omrer.t i    Referring  to  what  the  called  the     .,.,., ,
e people am not assist, ute oHicera. | ��� t   Sandnngham,   contenting   herself
R.-i.n,e sa:d he had requested Bass : misrepresentations and distortions of   with ,- , att|ndunce 0, a singte woman
to take Paynes name and he would tl3e  British  press, she acknowledged   0f the bedchamber
appear instead of arresting him, Bass j ft       h    Canadlan   preBB   had   been
had made two or three cracks at him ~~f     ��� ",
and also In the station.   He had   no | very fair to her, except ln one or two
case, where the editors had been behind the age.
Justifies Actions.
Miss Wylie was asked by a gentleman ln the audience bow she justified tbe destruction of letters In the
pillar boxes. She replied that it was
only by making themselves exceedingly unpleasant they could hope to
get what they wanted. In war the Innocent must suffer with the guilty.
Their methods were mild ln comparison with the agitation of men who
had burned dr**vr. ���*, city (Bristol) ln
their fight for the vote. She Instanced also the Irish agitation In the
eifhiies when life had been taken for
Home Rule.
Motion la Adopted.
A mcticn that the meeting request
fine. Ile instanced the custom In the Dominion and provincial govern-
Vancouver where it had taken three ments to grant the franchise to worn- Tour policemen to get n man into, men on the same terms as men ,was
the patrol wagon. | adopted unanimously the male portion
The Maj-istrate���That is a different of the audience being evidently Intiml-
i-hin*- altOf-ether. This man tried to dated from expressing their real sentl-
get Payne away ments,     thereby      justifying     MiBS
Mr. Johnston said these boy. were'Wylie'8  reflection  on    their    valor.
well known   in   town.   The   charge Perhaps it was politeness.
should not have been under thi. ��ec-1    At the termination of the meetinf*
tion    They were just out having   a Mrs- Sma11 Intimated that Sir Richard
.,���, ���������,��� , McBrlde would  receive a deputation, ���,*,,,
The  magistrate  said he waa very '��-' w��m<---- ��" the franchise question | great liking for Paris and knows little
to see  llennle In this position  ��** Friday, Feb. 14 at 5 p.m.
should allow liquor   to
spite at the police and did not intend to obstruct them. Me, accused,
was not sober and had hia temper np.
Christopher Uphatn gave evidence
in a flippant manner.
Chief Bradshaw���Ton thought it
great fun no doubt. '
Witness���Well it waa funny to
-watch. !
Chief Bradshaw���And yoa hadj tha
jrall to apply for a police olflcership.
Witness���I was not called upon and
tied nothing to do with it-
Roy Pearton took the stand, all
grins, and said he saw Rennle arrested.
The Magistrate���I don't think that
this matter Is a joke at all. Accused
Is liable to ten year. Imprisonment
and there is nothing to joke about.
Mr. Johnston contended that the
charge should have heen one or
drunk and accused discharged with a
But Queen Mary is not particularly
fond of a crowd about her and at
York Cottage' always has as few peo-|
pie in residence as possible. Then,
too, owing to the illnea-s oi Muss Mab.l
Gye, the other two maids ol honor
have had to take longer periods ot
waiting than usual, and Her Majesty
is exceedingly considerate on these
Lady Berths Dawkins, who was at
Sandringham with the Queen, is .
widow who has had rather a sad life.
She married when she was thirty-
seven, Major Arthur Dawkins, various
things having kept them apart lor
many years, and he lived to enjoy the
fulfilment uf his early romance only
two years. Lady Lathom, who is to
marry Gen, Lawson, is her sister-in-
law, and the present Karl Latliom,
who is now seventeen, is her nephew.
The King and Queen, when they
visit Pari* next Maroh, will maka
their headquarters in the British
Embassy, which is one of tbe most
stately buildings along the whole of
the Rue ot St. Honore. Sir Francis
Bert* is one of the most popular
ambassadors Paris has known since
the day of Ix,rd Lyons. Tlio house is
filled with treasures of every description, including many relics of past
ambassadors. The King is, of course,
no stranger there, but, curiously enough, the Queen has never stayed
there.    Indeed, Her  Majesty   lias  DO
and  that he
overcome him.   The police had a duty
to perform which at best was not   a
pleasant duty
_.. riis Re; oiling Days.
During the U-iys of his apprentiM
When they were doing I ship in the field of literature Arthur
this duty they would have hia entire! stringer wns a reporter oti 1 lie l.ili-
-support ( don Free Press.    His faculty tor dia-
Chief  Bradshaw- The  police could   niatic effect was already liejinning tu
have taken   their batons and  beaten | show itself, anil lie sometimes handed
their heads off.    That they refrained, in copy mure vigorous than discreet.
is very creditable to them.^ Upon   one   occasion   he   wua sent   lo
A Good Citij-en.* j write up an entertainment in  winch
The Magistrate���Rennie had alway."' several outof-towti singers t-x.k part,
*���**;!��� a i-a-im citizen, but It was plain i Mi':   Stringer's   article  criticized   ons
lie bad been led away by drink.   He  of tliein as "rendering Tnsti's 'G.toiI
"���rented people to understand tbey
toeat not obstruct thc police in the
discharge of their duty. Certain citizens made those duties harder to endure, y
Addressing lhe accused his worship
said he rftpognized that lt was liquor
that had placed him In that position.
tie was disposed to be very lenient
-with him. but he wanted him first t'i
promise the court to leave drink alone
Tor the future. -Will you promise.''
eald the -ru-Kiistrate.
Accuse*!���Yes. sir, a promise.
The MaaMral-*---! lis^e got tb pro
By. with the expressive cadences id
a phonograph' out of breath." Very
naturally the e-ilt'ir made an objection to such utinetes.-ai-y compliments.
"li we let that go in, !"*r hu'lia-il
would dynamite the building," -stringer  was told. * '
"Then we'll compromise," .preed
the reporter. "We sliall say ishe rendered Tosti's 'Gootl-uyeVTiidesciiU-
ably'." X ���
"That won't do, either."
"Then, 'she rencisfed Tosti�� Qood-
Much better." said the editor.
tret the police and sup-sort them a.i     "In any event," concluded Stringer.
'I had the satisfaction ot getting my
sentiments down on paper for hall an
hour. 1 don't care now whether you
f.riiit them or not."���Star Weekly.
Edmonton Looks Ahead.
Pl.ns for fifty years aluad that
mean an ultimate aggregate outlay
sal twenty million dollars, hsve been
| ordered, by Edmonton from a land-
_or. .cape Architectural linn.
--hip. did not appear to a-rpreclate The pl.h covers a proposed cxten.
that until tnev needed the police tor ��>on of the city into rural districts.
their own personal purposes. In con-! locating residence district-, land to
-riUeratlon of arc..Md*B promie-e which *>��� .cqulred for park and parkway
tm hoped ard believed he would keep   purposes,   so-called   tones    restricted
long as I am satisfied they are performing their duties in si proper man
ner. If he found them over off ir inns
they need not look for his -rapport
Tlie police should have the support
-of all true citizens and their
���will as well. They were paid b
tect tlie citizens themselves.
���H any citltren had trouble
>.htn*! he did was to call
-pal cc.
tBsstnr citizens, continued
f the city.
Princess Mary is, it appears, to go
to Florence to pursue her studies in
art and languages. It will be remembered that Queen Mary spent a year
of her girlhood in the City of Flowers,
and ber constant attendance at thi
Pitli and other galleries gave her that
rare insight into paintings which she
possesses, 'ihe princess, when she
goes, will, of course, be accompanied
by a governess and a maid of honor.
Mrs. Adair will be missed from
England this winter, although it is
foine years since she was much in
London during the closing months of
the year. This time she has really-
sold her house in Curzon street and
has gone to Cplifornia, where she ha-
a ranch, anl delights in entertaining
those of her friends, who are enterprising enough to journey out there
However, she ia not to be lost as a
hostess to London, as she has already
practically taken a house in Porlnian
Square, for next season, and nifans to
acquire new and original ideas for
dances white she is in America. No
one who -was there will ever forget
her tancy dress ball in Cur-ton street.
given before the craze lor these entertainments had revived.
English Militant Suffragette Who Has
Been Visiting In Canada on a
Mission Connected With the Suffrage Agitation Likes Canada, But
Suggests That We Have Much to
Miss Wylie, the English militant
suffragette, who has been touring Canada addressing suffragette meeting*!
and endeavoring to place the causo
before the women ot this country, is
a very able and eloquent speaker. She
has visited Toronto, Ottawa and
Montreal and the principal cities of
the east before returning to England.
Miss Wylie is a handsome type of
an intellectual woman, keen and
bright snd good-looking and quite sty!
ish- in appearance. She is the-very
opposite from the Amazonian individual that one would naturally expect
to see when her record is taken into
account. She has served two terms
in English prisons and has several
limes beep, foremost in riotous attacks
on English Cabinet Ministers and vigorously defends the methods of the
militant suffragettes of Fngland. Few
people in this country felt disposed
to sympathize with those women in
their ngaressive methods but after
listening to the explanations of Miss
Wylie and her eloquent defence of
them almost every reasonable person
now admit that there is certainly
much to be said in favor of the mili-
t.i-t methods.
Miss Wy'.ie's style of speaking is
most winning. She possesses a beau-
li.'ul, well modulated voice, a fluent
delivery and is evidently deeply read
and I'horoujh conversant with public
mutters in F.nglish political life. Her
delivery is of tlie pleasing, natural
extempore style and no heckling r.r
rr'-ss-que-tioriin*; has the least effect
In disturbing her.   To every comment
the  court   v. o,;ld  allow  him  out
-.su-ip- rnli tl sentence.
Militant Tactics
(Continued from Page One )
and not restricted as to occupation
'and sites lor workmen's houses and
for housing municipal empnlyes. Land
to be acquired lor a civic centre will
cost $1,500,000, according to estimate,
and tor an approach to Parliament
Houses, $"-00,000.
"Nobody is worried nowadays by
the (net that the twelfth month of the
yctlT 13 called the tenth, December,'
says a writer, "and no doubt even
the nncient Romans soon go", use to
the anomaly when the now year was
shifted back from Mnroh to January,
though the old names of the months
were retai .ed. But there was one of
them who made ingenious use of it���
I.ieinius, a rascally procurator at
Lyons under Augustus. He insisted
on having certain monthly payments
made fourteen times a year, arguing,
when December came round, that as
it was thc tenth monUi of Ihe year
and there ought to be twelve there
must be two more to bo accounted
tfead been blocked 105 times In the
Uritish house of common**. There
no time for such a bill a. that.
Minn Wylie condemned in no uncer-
i term, the double standard of mor
alily, as will as payment for labor
made lor men and women. Mr. As-
s-iiiitti had bustled the Miners' Wit,*-,--
bill through the house of common*'
in four duys. simply because the
-miners had tlie vote and the scats fif
-seven cabinet ministers depended on
that vote, 'lhe uUliUuiU Uiroad ilesl
- nars to exhortations to be patient
..TVtH* Wvlie then scarified the torn
for grumliliiii: at buying their wive:-
-a new bonnet or a new dreea and bei
{tumorous sullies were hugely enjoyed
If men were compelled to pay their
-erIvce wages for what they did they
would have precious little wages li ft
Referring to the militant tactics ol
her- organisation, MIbb Wylla asked
���why wae It wrong for women to tight!
.Zr.ntibia, lloadicea and Joan of Arc
were rev-wod as heroine, for coming
to the n-i-s u<- of their country and it
wae not wrong for thc tiutfra*-- tl��� s to
Th. L.st Course.
"Paw, when there's . big banquet,
why do   they   always   have spoiled
cheese to wind it up with'r"
.  "Becsuse, my son, it makes you forget the earlier oouraci."
She Saw.
"Why I. Mrs. Wombat wearing snch
dowdy clothe, lately} She spends half
her liiislmnd'. Income on dress. Hut
why Is she wearing such mean looking
clot lies Just now?"
"Her husband's mother I. visiting
her Just now.   Kef?"
The other woman snw.-Pltlsbiirgh
Pout [	
This Is Erlglish���Oo You Qst It?
Little .lohnit-' film, running tu to his
fattier nntl will:
"t)h. fiilher, I have Jtint gained . sov*
.reign mid threepence."
"How's Hint'" snld Ills father.
"Well," kiiuI Cjoliiiny, "I have Jusl
bought n guinea pig for iilnepent-e,"
Very Thorough.
Clnrlcp-Weli. mint, how do yon Ilk*
yonr new doctor?  Autil-Oh, immense
ly,   lie's su thorough.   He never comes
come lo the rescue of their "country I to ��" ����� wlthou! lindlng some little
Tliey talked about the bravery of man | thing the matter with ine.-.liidge.
iMaa was not always brave.   Isook ul
their cabinet minister*, they scntih .
..way like rabbits from a deputation
of women.
Hits at Gov- rnment.
Mlsa Wylie then dwelt upon the in
iqulty of tin- present Liberal go.i.ru
roent'ii methodB of rupprcrsing lhe
t*nffragrtt e movement, the ill-treat
��� nl by the police and the hunger
Tho speaker ridiculed the Idea that
Mr. Aequith. Mr. Lloyd George antl
Sir Edward Qrey did uot know what
the Hpcalu r's ruling ou lhe recent
. ssiuIfra-.-i' hill was to be and its con-
(-sequent nhaiidonmc nt- It was a tr.cl,
.to deceive the ladylike peaceable wo
men'-* anion. Why did not Mr. Lloyd
���s*,-.or*,< and Sir Edward Grey resign
If tt wire nut Lloyd George was
-worse lhan Mr. Asqulth. Poor, stupid.
Mr. Ai-tiuitli was an open enemy and
-Lloyd George was a falsi* friend. Miss
OurtvtAbel 1-aukbur.t saw through
from tbe beginning.
I -reform was t>vcr won by resper-
people, asserted MhsB Wylie;
Uu-y only became respectable alter
tthcr/ had got the reform.   AllmUnj- to
nrnrell-Dlfl yon ever do nny deed of
daring*1 Powell- Tes: I once snld what
I  thought  when guessing a  woman'--
..��.- New   . ork Press.
Accused  Banker   Released.
Winnipeg, I'tb. 6.   C. A. liond.i, ol
Memphis, Tenn., president cf a chain
o> Bight and day banks in Memphis,
Jersey   City,   Little   Kock   and   ukla
noma cities, convicted !** Memphis o
fraud, and who tied to Uauada ivhlls
in isn bail, win .'I'ted-id i,y older u!
".I'.iice MacOonald late yesterday,
The Original Fruit Canners.
We are indebted to Pompeii for the
great industry of canned fruit. Year-
ago, when the excavations were just
beginning, a party of Cincinnatians
found in what had becn the pantry nl
a house many jars of preserved figs
One was opened and they were found
lo be lresh end good. Investigation
showed that the figs had been put iuU
jars in a heated state, an aperture
left for the steam to escape and then
sealed wjth wax. The hint was taken,
an 1 the next year fruit canning wa.-
inlicduoed into this country, the proof* s being identical with thnt in vogu,
at Pompeii twenty centuries ago.
Boiled Glass.
Brittle**-*!! of Kltus is due to tin
quick cooling nl the hot substance.
It is known that cons'.ant motion
lends to r.arrang* the molecule Irj
any substance, and o similar effect is
olwrvod when ghifs is boiled in s
weak solution rf snlt in water an
allowed to cool gradually, Th i toughness of Ute gln.-s is Increased very
much, and Ihe effect of nuiclt heating
is less disastrous to t. This U easily
applied to articles used in the laboratory and to glUi'-�� glob*, for lighting
purpos :s  and  prevents  liTuch  break
London, Feb. 5.���A woman member
of the Winchester Board of Guardians
has been- advocating better treatment for tramps, and thc board has
succumbed lo her eloquence.
Bhe lias complained that the short
nightshirts fuppllud   to   the   tramps
Not So Bad.
A young lawyer who has rerently
hung out his Bhingle here was retain,
ed by a criminal with $5 and a very
���xier defense.
"Well, you got a esse, son?" said
his proud father.
"Yes, dad."
"And what advico did you give your
"After listening to his Rtory I coi-
looted what money he had and advised him to retain a more experienced
An Unlucky Sneeie.
Tom���'Ave yer 'curd Bill's landed
[or three years  'nrd?
IInny���- Wot for?
Tom - Kiiecy.in'.
Harry- Stloeiln'l Wot yer givin' us?
Tom. Well, 'e was crnckln' a crib,
sn' woke the bloke up.���London
or t-uestion she at once h:uj a sharp,
pointed reply that almost invariably
wins the sympathy and applause Df
her audience and even her most bitter
opponents can not fail to admire the
skill and ability with which she argues the suffragette cause. She wears
as ornaments two silver decorations
which indicate her suffering for the
militant cause. One is a gate of prison bars with chains symbolic of
imprisonment and martyrdom aid the
other is a small brass tag with the
word "Holloway." the English jail in
which she was twice imprisoned, and
on these tags are the numbers of
the cells she occupied while ill prison.
Mis�� Wylie has eapressed herself as
well pleased on the whole with her
reception in Canada and has found
consderable interest taken in the
English suffragette crusade, but she
considers that there is yet much educative work to be done in this country. In England site says women Bee
on every hand conditions that should
be remedied and feel that they nre
helpless to improve- conditions without votes as there arc laws standing
in thc way of reform and theso have
to be removed or new laws are required where none.- exists ot present.
The militant suffragette movement
has mode decided progress she cloims
in the last five years and many ol
the English Cabinet Ministers are
favorohle to the change, hut Premier
Asquilh stands, she says, as a barrier
in the way as he is stubbornly opposed to the ilei. Miss Wylie contend- thnt the o'lj-jct of the F,i gllsh
suffr.iuetlei is rot to ll-'ht men hut
lo co-opernl" with them in bringing
sb"*ut go-d yro'rr-ssive le islation.
particularly thai sort in which wooi-n
��ro especially iiitcrostol ss nfferting
them as a c!ii?s. She oontendl the--
or" belter able to judtre of gs*d low*
lot women thin the men and would
bt mosl helpful In fraining such useful legislation.
Dogs' Ibst Established.
A haven of re.'uj-e for the dog which
is- weary of t'o much attention fr���m
his master and mistress, or is tired of
lhe fulsome adulation of the crowd,
is being nrovidrd hy the United Trav-
r'crs ena Oountie. Club in Picc.dil-
lv, London, whieh was opened officially recently. Of course, the premises
with their fine view ot the Green Park
provide pleasant surroundings and
numerous conveniences for the mere
human l>ein*r, but It Is in the annex
in Down street that dog! will bs kept
while their masters and mistresses
ars busy.
End of ths Honeymoon.
As a general thing a bride can always tell when the honeymoon is over
by the way her husband begins to
take nn Interest in what is going on
downtown in thc evening after supper.
"On Sat.n'. Knss��."
A little girl of Ave or so was much
puzzled on hearing the linei cl the
old hymn:
And Satan tromb'.os when he sees
The weal-.est saint upon his knees.
"WliuUvi't," she  askod, "did they
want to sit on Satin's knees for?  I'm
��ur�� l should net like to sit on Satan''-
knees at all, ami why should he treat
ble II they were so little?"
Revelstoke, Feb. 5.���Word has Come
from Beaton that Gordon Nellls, one
of the proprietors of the Boaton hotel
there, was found dead lu his room
last night. Tho case has the appearance ot suicide. Coroner Hamilton,
assisted by Dr. Mossman of Naksup,
will hold an Investigation.
Thursday, Friday
and Saturday
The Bartelmes
and Mack
The People's Friend
708 Columbia St.
Opp. Westminster Trust Blk.
Feb. 10
Jack Golden
Hi a Repertoire of
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Ladies' Storm Rubber Footholds.   Reg. 75c
All Sizes 35��C.
GenU' Neverslip Rubbers. Reg. $1.25. AU Sizes 45c.
Ladies' City Gum Boots   .$2.45
Men's Gum Boots $2.85
6ole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boats.   Depot for
Leckle'a Boots and Ahren's School Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to  Select Frbm
The Management
Fraser Cafe
has been taken over by the proprietors of the Fraser
Hotel and will be run in connection with the hotel.
Both American and European plan of the first class.
Meals very reasonable.
HIS   OWN   TO   BE   8HOD
Detroit, Feb. 5.���John McCarthy,
the sturdy smithy who, with his large
and sinewy hands shoes horses at his
forge at John R. street and Hiiltiinore
avenue, has a high opinion ot the sagacity of the black horse owned by
E. W. Putnam, 1466 Woodward avenue.
John was busy Friday morning
squeezing the wind out a large bellows and singing as he squeezed, when
he was startled out of hie song and
his composure by a pawing and loud
noise that came from the direction of
the front door. Dropping his work
he went to the door to investigate.
A beautiful black horse, his satiny
coat glistening In the fog of the early
morning, stood at lhe threshold begging admittance. When invited In he
walked calmly to the shoeing stall,
beld up his left hind foot and patiently
McCarthy, curious to know the reason of the action, examined the hoof,
lie found tbe shoe badly loosened and
about to fall off. The smithy fixed
tlie shoe, but failing to recognize the
horse he I * k him to the Bethune
street station, where a few hours afterwards Mr. Putnam, ln search of his
steed, found him.
Canadian Cadets In England.
London, Feb. 5.-���A detachment of
the Canadian naval cadets, in command of Lieut. Law and Instructor
Robblns arrived at Liverpool on board
the Tunisian to receive a further
years' training on H.M.S. Berwick.
Thn cadets will Join tho cruiser at
For Vancouver, via Central Park
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For Vancouver via Burnaby���At
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p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:(Mi a.m. and hourly uatll 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and other points on Lulu Island Is made at Eburne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
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Suburbanites Win the First Amateur
Hockey Game 4-2���Investigate
Status of Several Players.
"The Moose team are all right, but
Oh You Burnaby," was the expressiou
used at the Arena last evening when
the suburbanites handed out a licking
to the herd In the first amateur
hockey game of the season. The
-word suburbanites ls used with reserve, however, for It is whispered
among the fans that the west enders
bruugut ln three ringers from Vancou-
ver wbo have been starring in the
amateur league In tbe Terminal City.
This, however, haB yet to" be corroborated by tbe league executive, for
before the game bad started a protest
was made by tbe Moose captain to
President Lynch, of the amateur
league, who has called a meeting to
tlirisli out the matter.
Whether the protest Is sustained or
not the tact remains that the two
teams disbed out to the tans an excellent brand of hockey considering
that this was the flrst game played
In the local arena, and what cared
the crowd whether tbere were ringer*
cr urn so long as an exciting game
was staged.
The showing made by the Bur-
n a by (?) team was a surprise to all
tlm.,' who have been following the
progress of tlie hockey practices, as
It was considered on all sides that
lt waB just a question of how many
foals tlm Moose would really score
.against their diBpised rivals.
On the Aggressive,
Right from tbe drop of the puck
the green EhirttB took tho aggreaslve
and before the gong ended the flrst
period tliey were two goals to the
��ood while their own net waB Intact.
Bill Graham, wbo ls certainly a
second Lehman, was between thn
Moose flaga, stopping shots at all
angles and the four goals that did
get by him gave blm absolutely no
The contest was a little rought at
times and Ken Mallen and Ran McDonald, wbo handled the game, had to
lie right on tha Job.
i.,.ii chaput was the bright star on
Moon-I       -������       **���'s-ssSlHs
A meeting of the executive
and delegates from all the
teams comprising the Westminster Amateur Hockey league,
has been called by President
Lynch to take place In the
City Hall at 4:30 o'clock this
afternoon. Several matters of
importance including the protested game of last evening
between the Moose and Burn
aby will be taken up. ,
Hands  Racine  Fighter Awful  Milling
In Ten Round Battle���Bell Saved
��� Racine, Wis., Keb. 5.���Battling Nei
aon, erstwhile champion lightweight
pugilist, recently man-led and wear
-Ag his wedding diamond inside his
glove, did bis utmost for ten rounds
to knock out Jack Sorenson, local
lightweight. Nelson walloped, upper-
cut and slashed his opponent ceaselessly the entire distance, scoring
three knockdowns, but could not put
out his man.
Sorenson waa floored In the third
and twice ln the fourth rounds for
the count of nine. He came back
strong ln the seventh, however, and
waded Into Nelson ln a manner that
brought the bouse to its feet
In the Anal round Nelson extended
himself to tbe limit, but the bell
saved Sorenson.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
(By "Gravy.")
Torontos   Shut  Out  Ottawa,  Quebec
Trims Wanderers and
Tecumsehs Win.
Thursday, Friday and  Saturday,
Feb. 6, 7, 8--Matinee Saturday
The Wonderful Motion Pictures of the Greatest of all Entertainments
Ihe 1912 Pendleton Round-Up
Hundreds ot real Cowpunchera, Cowgirls and Full-Blooded Indians,
Wild and Ferocious Outlaw Horses and Cattle, Showing the Work of
th'e Brave and Fearless Cowboys and Cowgirls on the Range.
See the Many Thrilling and Dangerous Phases of Frontier Life. Wild
Horses and Vicious Cattle Conquered by these Qulck-as-Llghtning,
Cool-Headed Cowpunchera. Skill and Daring Against Brute Strength
and Cunnlnig. .,
Is the Yell of the Cowboys and Crowds at the Round-up.
PRICESt'-Lcwer Floor 25c, 50c-Balcony 25c, 50c
N. H. A. Standing.
Nordlska Spelen,    Beginning   Tomor
row, Ban a Great Event.
Ay ban In receipt df an Invitation
to run over to Stockholm, Sweden,
and take a look-In at the Nordisaa
Spelen which beglnB tomorrow in the
Scandiboovian city. The crown prince
of Sweden, It seems, ls at the head of
tbe aihletic organization which ls
hankering for my presence, and I hate
to disappoint the old top. Nordiska
Spelen is Swede for northern sports,
and is a sort of Olympiad, since lt Is
held every fourth year, as it has been
since 1891.
Experts ln the various winter
sports from all over Europe, with a
sprinkling ot Americans, will compete ln the games which, beginning
tomorrow, will continue to February
16. International championships will
be decided ln speed and figure skating, horse racing on enow, ice yachting and skiing competitions. A novelty
wlll be tbe band-in-hand skating championship for lady and gentlman pairs,
and there will also be an internatlon
I lieuie skating championship for the
Quebec   8
Wanderers   7
Canad ens  7
Tecuniaehs   6
Ottawa   5
Torontos " 4     ..     ���     v
Montreal, Feb. 5.���In a game whicn
started under the N. H. A. rules and
finished under tbe Marquis of Queens-
berry code, the Tecumseha cT Toronu-
fought their way through great odds
this evening and defeated the Canadiens to the tune of five goals to four.
Unnecessary roughness featured the
battle throughout   and    In the    last. u ,
period the aid of all the officials to-  |a(j*eB
gether  with a Squad of  police were j    Tlle'3wedlBh association for the pro-
necessary to quell    the   disturbance.1 ---���-���s..���.j
Lavlolette started the mix-up by hitting   Valr of the   Indians   over   the
London, Feb. 5.���Steps are being
taken for the formation of a cinematograph company, which is to deal exclusively ln films lllustratng the resources of the empire.
Behind the scheme, It Is stated, is
the imperial wing of the Unionist
party, and It ls proposed that tbe film**
-hull be used not only ln the ordinary
way of business, but for election purposes, to illustrate the advantages
which the Unionist party believe will
follow the extension of Imperial preference.
has been circulated that this Company ls giving up Its Safety Deposit
Box business. This is false, as we are increasing the number of
baxes for rent and bave spared no expense ln equipping the
Absolutely Burglar and Fireproof Safe Depoalt Vault in New Westminster.   Rentals 2.50 per annum and up.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Admission $1.00 and 50c.
Seat sale at Hill's Drug Store.
A wonderful record of western
range life, wild bucking bronchos,
plunging steers and daring riders are
the moti.*n pictures of the 1912 Pen-
which will be seen
���wtxvBi idleton Round-Up,     _  _
The representative In charge of the for tne flrgt - -.me here at the operil
arrangements for Canada has just re-, houge tonight und on Friday and
turned from the Dominion, and states ; Saturday. There is a matinee also on
that  he  expects    pictures    covering  Saturday.
There Is not a feature of the   big
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints.  Paper Hanging our
Specialty.  Work guaranteed.
Chas. Mannering    34 Begble street     Phone 393.    Ed. Allcock.
t. h. Mccormick
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head with his stick, the former getting a major One slapped on to him
besides being ruled off for the rest
of the game.
A few minutes later Donald Smith
and Valr came together and this time-
both were sent off. Smith was not
satisfied with the result and continued
the   Until outside  the   boards.    Then
kks "������������ *m^i*m*tiX'h*r*lx!SnZ I tsii-i?,!!^ ^^^mi^5i^7-*ssr*~,i^^i
earning the applause for bis ettorts on' gS****,.?** u" o******* ***. P01""*'
'the attacking division.   Quite a good
-crowd stayed after tbe skating session and gave vent to their feelingB
when either team were making the
Tbe following ls the   line-up   and
Burnaby. Moose.
Standlsh    Goal   Graham
T. Mutch
Torke ..
Hall ....
J. Mutch
.. j Point
 Cover .
.R. Wing .
... .Centre
.1.. Wing.
Referee���Ken Mallen.
Judge of play���R. McDonald.
Goal upiplrea-H. Sinclair and Doc
Timekeeper*���Fred fcynch and C. H.
B Flra!" parlod-M-ulIll (Buraeby). ��
min.; Madlll (Burnaby), *������������-��� .
Second pertod-Chaput (MooeeK I
m'n.* Ross (Moose), 8 mln.. HsB
<Burnaby). 11 minutes; J. Mutch
(Uurnaby), 3 mln.	
Royalea*. *******
Should tha Royals win tour out   ot
live games from the   ��****  *"*���***
team of Vancouver thlrf ********   **
wlll mean the locals going lata fourth
PlThe games will be played In tka
Royal pool emporium, commencing at
8 o'clock, tbe fallowing P����i*',W �������������
resenting Naw Wo-rtmlnstar: Cnldl-
��utt, Grant, Held. Douglas and Mans
�����>���*. &
Cup Haider* Wfj^^^^
Quebec. Fab. 4.���The Stanley cup
holders defeated tha Wanderers this
evening, the Anal score being 4-3.
Both teams hit up a great pace ln the
first period with the odds favoring tho
visitors, hut In th* second aad laat
periods the champion* came hack into
their own and nosed but with one
goal to spare.     ^^^^^^^^^**"
"New  York  Swsdlsh   Soetetlss   Make
: Presentation.
New York, Feb. t.���A brons miniature of tha entraneo to th* stadium la
Stockholm, where the Olympic games
of 1913 were held, wa* presented tonight to Brneat HJo-rtetrg, who want
from the United States to train tha
Swedish team tor tka game*. Tha
presentation wa* mad* at a. dinner
given In his honor hr the United
'Swedish societies ot Naw York.
Mr. Hj. 'berg,-who la in tk* Unit-
** Statea on a visit, said he would
-Shortly return to Sweden, where he 1*
-engaged by the Swedish goverament
a* a trainer tor tha nation** team
which will compete la ths lilt Olympic !�����>**��� 4 . '
had a hard time tn quelling the
graceful proceedings.
lt was a strenuous contest throughout with Canadlena having the better
of the play until Lavlolette commenced to fight when the team appeared to go all to placea.
The penalty bench was kept continually occupied and the N. H. A.
treasury will be enriched considerably
by tbe fines handed out to the players. Suspensions are likely to be laid
down by the officials of the association.
Torontos Blank Ottawa.    .
Toronto, Feb. 5���The Torontos have
come back Into their own, for thla
evening the blue shirts handed out a
decisive licking to the Ottawas, scoring two goals while registering a
shutout against tha Bytown aggregation. It waa tha flrat home fixture
under tbe seven man rule and' the
crowd waa not at all pleased with
the showing made. Seven men hockey
with the amateurs la all right, but not
so with the professionals, the thrilling
rushes which featured the six men
games lielng conspicuous by their absence.
��� ���
��� TODAY IN PUGILISTIC        ���
��� ANNALS. ���
��� ���
1903���Tommy Felts and Jimmy Brlggs
fought tan round* to a draw tt
1��0��-Joe Jeanette, Afro-America*
heavyweight, stopped Croxton
In second round at Paris.
1911���Dav* Smith, sinatralian middleweight champion, defeated
Johnny Thompson, American, In
20 rounds at Sydney, N. S. W.
1911���Sammy Kellar, English, * outpointed Tommy Houck, American, In ton rounds at New YorV.
1*11���Packey MoFarland defeated
Bert Keyes In alx round* at
Wia-Peekey Mefrarlaiid" defeated Kid
Burns In ten rounds at New
1913���Joe Coaler outpointed Louis de
Pontl��to-u, French, tn ten rounds
at Brooklyn.
1919-Otorge Klrkwood - outpointed
Benny Kaufman in tan rounds
at Oakland, Cal.~
���v.-*. i ���   ." ''
| tion nf athletic sports must have hired
a minor poet to write the invitation,
for lt is a marvel of entrancing
language. Here Ib a passage calculated to make everybody long for a
few days in that dear old Stockholm:
'A real winter day in Stockholm
Is not less beautiful than the glory
of the summertime, when the Olympic
games were held.
"Tbs*r*un shines over Uto snow-
covcred landscape and the many Ice-
bo-i'nrl streams; on mountain slopes
and along the few rossts In the. neighborhood of the city there move crowdk
of ski-runners, young and old, rosy-
cheeked young ladles by no means ln
the minority; here we see horsemen
enjoying a winter bunt; there, a
merry sleighing party. The Ice-covered lakes and bays are dotted with
skaters and with those who are en-
Joying sailing on skates, ice yachting
or bandy."
Yes. the last word la bandy, and
the Merg-man will kindly leave the
"r" key alone.
As an added Inducement to visitors, the program adds tbat there
will be many "fashionable gatherings," at which "members of the
royal family are often present"
every phase of industry ln Canada,
both ln winter and Bummer, will be
taken this year. In London a warm
response has been made by those who
realize the Immense value of such a
Apart, however, from anything else
there Is urgent need that the cinematograph should be more fully utilized
to illustrate life in Canada. In no better way could tbe misconception concerning the Dominion be removed, or
the daily life on tbe farm and tn the
city be more attractively presented.
festival that has not been caught by
the moving picture man at this last
round up. Frequently In the pictures
themselves one will catch a glimpse
ot tbe operator of another machine
calmly working under the very feet
of the rearing horses.
There will be three big feature
acts at the Royal theatre today. They
are all on entirely different lines so
wlll not conflict ln the least with one
Scranton's Marionettes is a great
act and wlll please the kiddies as well
as the grown-ups. This is a prominent
lOiif-lish  feature and Is sure to take
  well.   They have a circus upon    the
some butter snd squeeze tba water ouL [stage without being seen themselves
Make tba pieces* uf butter Into rolls \*1 the audience, tt la one of tne most
with  (toured bands, brnsh aver with \ ���*���*���������-* ���**-*��� that haa ever visited ���West-
beaten egg, toss lu Oue brrsderumbs. Immatev- ��� ���
doing each pteoe twice, put them Into      a����t��*s<iue dancing    under   object-,
smoking hot fat and drain.   Blend two  ^�� J"!R8Un���KRPan*��*����JVo"���
. ���_._ ��� ,     . ���   ..     _,.,. .__ ..    Bartelmes oner.   They are a German
tablea-x-onfula of butter with two la  [^p,, and tnetr 8ct ,, new to   thls
Recipes ths Cook Can Add to Hsr Lis.
ef Winter Edibles.
To make crotistudes of butter souk
lONTRAUORS r-OR prices on
Lumber Lath and Shingles
London, Feb. I.���Replayed
games In tha aecond round of
the Association football cap
aerie* resulted a* follow*:
Newcastle Unite* 3, Hull City
r Tm Commlwtoa Rut** -Unit
Blsok and Whit* Keep Apart.
N*w York. Feb: S.----A new rule prohibiting In future boots between
white person* and negroes, otherwteo
known as "mixed hoot*," wns adopted
today by tb* Naw York state athletic
commission, whloh controls boxing In
thi* *tet*.
The oommlsslon today axoiiArateO
the officials of tha Washington A. C.
of Brooklyn from Mama for the accidental death of "Chtek" Rom, ,.�����.
pugilist, after a boat there two week's
ago. mT^^^^^^
Curious Frsnch Market.
( There ia a curious old market near
Paris in which everything Is sold at
secondhand. Working girls ean fit
themselves out there from head to
loot. As a writer says: Mimi ean sell
her old talt hat and buy a straw one,
exchange her old dress for a new one
and, it she likes, bay a steak and a
salad tor her dinner, a paper bag ol
tried potatoes, sweets and some flower* for her window. Democracy ls
king here, and no mora attention is
paid to the millionaire who is looking
ior something marvelous which ha
may pick up cheap than to tha mau
with a wooden leg who wants a new
boot in exchange lor a. doaen sardine
tins. fi��a gloves and a stocking.
That He-nay Feeling.
A little girl want to spend the afternoon with her aunt, and lor soma
time' she enjoyed herself hugely, but
then she became silent and reflective
A d sh of applea wat on tba tnble.
toward which her eyes wandered frequently, but she had been taught
never to ask for anything not freely
offered to her,
Finally she said slowly, "1 with I
wss at noma."
Natoi*��JV th* anht imjuitod "Whyf
To which the little girl replied, tott-
ly, " 'O-ruee if I was at home 1*<I cat
an apple,"      ���    ���'������',
Ol course the apple waa immediately
" Mixed.      ';i
Mia. Yonngwedd (to cat-w-tboy)���
Oh, this it (he 'chicken salad my h��*.
band ordered. Here'a th* money tot.
it.and now you must tell nohow row
make it '
Boy (puttied)���! .can't tell yoa mm
it's made, mum.
Mrs, Young-redd���But   you   mutt;
blespooufuls ot flour la a aaurepan
over tbe Are. then add gradually one
cupful of milk and stir tilt boiling, add
seasoning of salt pepper and red pep-
l��-r. a little lemon Juke, yolk of uae
egg. nod half a ean uf chopped lobster
meat, allow to beat thoroughly. Clip
top off tbe croustads-ar and pour tba
melted butter uut and drain on a plate,
then Sll with the mixture*.    Chopped
oaooBiaoM or id-Tan.
resaoa ***** reoDixa.
cooked real or chirks* may b* used la
ttead or tbo lobster,    Istcorsts with
sprigs of pan-ley. sayt Table Talk,
���rstieh Data Pudding,
Separata tho yolks trots tbo whites
Of three ergs, add tn tbe yolks two j
'slilex-i Hinfuts of melted butter, one
cupful of milk, pinch of salt, four
tiibsswiHHiiifuU of sugar and two cup
fills ut Kitted tluiir. Beat until aianuth.
then silil tlii-t-er level teesponufiils of
baking isowdt-r, on* teaapoouful ol
vanilla extract aad fold In tha atlffly
beaten whites of th* egga. I'uiir lute
a wall greased baking dlab, eurtr wltb
whole stoned datea and bah* In ��� hot
oven for half au boar. Servo Dot wltb
sweet saiico Barurrd with vanilla at
trait or wltb meat.
Sate af Olita.
Drinking gtaaere ami tustblere art an
otvlless netf-tslty   a aay home, and
country. Mile. Bartelmes ts said to
be one of the cleverest toot jugglers
In vaudeville.
Webster and Mack are a song and
dance pair who present an act that
Is aa different as night from day, from
the usual King and dance turn.
This will be the last vaudeville
show to be seen at the Royal for two
weeks. The Jack Golden Musical
Comedy and Light Opera Company
will hold the boards for two weeks,
starting Monday matinee February 10.
All Trains Hours Late.
Moose Jaw, Feb. 5.���By fir the
worst snowstorm of the winter has
bean raging in the Rockies since Monday and all trains from the weat are
from three to ten hours late arriving
on tha prairies. At an early hour thla
morning Not. 3 and 4 were delayed
tome houra by derailments, one tn
the yards here and tbe other at Rush
Let Vis DeVwet
Tickets to Bring Your Relations
And Friends From the Old Country
sty   -Newcastle uniwo ���, ...... -~.    -   "--,���   ~..k
m  0;   Sheffield   WodnaWay   ������ ,t ��f2L ��S,
* ^-a>^*.*4*>#iH^-4 ��� ���
Women's Court A   	
Toronto, Fab. B.���Acting upon suggestions advanced by a deputation
trom the Local Counoil ot Woman,
A tow weak* oca, tha police ooaapta,
..TV^ ,- wo*|sei!--Ag
potntment of two w<
data-.  '   '
tars, xs-uiia-sssssss���vw. f���. ���.-.,
my husband told mo whal. I paid lot
it to be sure to get tha i-ecaipi
������'���.���. .
A Record Colliery.
Tha Mansfield, Eng., eoWeiy, which
holda the world's record for tha great,
est amount of coal raised in one day, I
one week, one month and one year.-'
hat an output ot l.lmjtlt ton* to it*
credit for 1911, an Incraaa* oi-tD.ni
ton* on tho prevtotw Tear. :
Te* Many Ottf Father*.
wife a p-tlti.
.jie* and the
li**,,  some  ol
wben thty bar* to J* -**srt*h*Md lb a
fairly largo duaotKy fc la -pod to know
wile-******* mwim*aalaatpMsir*
���Matters) wblch at tba saM Mat* t*���.***>
wttmty mm***mtmm '****** wbo yast
at this awsisw* ar* furalebta-( ibek new
homes god ibla partlt-alariy true. A
very ottoilew **t of .gtsee. wbk-h may
be bad la every (-Mr* from goblets te
natter bowls, it In opIVsi eff-a-t. whk-h
la ��o vary dttlaty. 1-a* rot ta named for
a fanu-Ms Naw York betel, and tbe toss-
blere cuat but gtJto a duteb. Tb* otber
piece* uf th* mi aro In iifiwiurtlswssta
m-*t< ft lx hy tnr lhe best bargain Ib
gists wblcb ba* bss-* shown thst tea-
Program   fer   Wadntaday   and
By Bannister Mtrwln.    -
Tblt bringa up   tho  elephant's
help vary materially, especially
wben they rescue   the   be'"*"
trom th* burning building.
Edison, Boonlo
At Bingham. Utah.
Edison .
By Baanleter Herwln.
Thi* Blm taken tn England by
tha Kdlaon $tock QootpMy,     ,
H. O. SMITH. C. P. -ft T.
Phono Seymour yiOft
Praa. aad Goal Mgr.
A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
VANCOUVER, B.C.     B37 Granvllla Street.
Sae. a*td -rr��tta.
��� ��� ?':  . x    ���  ���
rir, Gedar and Spruce
Phones No. T and 177.
W. R. ttlLLEY, Fba*M ttt. ��. E. OILLEY, FImm
Fnoaaa, Offloo II and If.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX C0A||4
whieh we can recommend for Steam antf *
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash oply
A Story of s Central Ofloe
'   S        , IISIM, SI*     -   -'-���---���'-     SS.
*\ <ob"F*sisit>--o ior m*
to which for soaa* rttwia.. r���
bl* te attach a aoap bracbafc 1*���* mm
bracket of ntcM which kste a ��tog that
Ste over tb* !.��:,*# il**f**��*' '.TM*,
tm* brack** ***��� b* lt����tit*t f*r ��
Cormtif Tha. Fri. *\tet\ Sat
ssssstssstSBV mi  - -- --'r-^-M*mm
te aU parte ot tha wod4V
^jtte ��M **********mm\
���i-'^-^*^***^*mm*mmmmmw**am*m*a^ **^^***m****�� listji  tjn *  . & ***h****^
BtmuK Got. mtmaXthi Cmm**mm Stroot.
O. D. WILSON. Maaag
of DuriBd"
t\t i***wmwwfL ���-
,rfH    '
W��rt��httt��r Tittai
Classified Advertising
�� RATPS. ���
��� ���'������'���'������������ ���'������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; ic. per word per week; 16c per
month: 5,000 words, to be used as re-
.(.,ired within one year trom date of
i ..ntract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
I'oath Notloe 60c or with Funeral Nonce $1.80. Card of Thanks 60o per
Oucens Meat Market, Sixth avenue.
tor housework. Apply 318 First
street. *m>
first class shoemaker and cobbler.
Beet of references. H. R. Palmer,
2125 Seventh avenue, Seattle. (617)
Stove,   Canada's   Pride   Malleable
Ranges tl.00 down. $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
on cleared lot on Alberta Btreet.
Sapperton; $950, $100 down, balance
$20 a month. Phone L 616, or call
at 1317 Eighth avenue. (58a*
pearls and emerald, either at opera
bouse or on car, liberal reward. Box
596, News Office. (596)
Three and four roomed suites with
bath, steam heat, $25 and $30 per
month unfurnished. One house to
Bradley Apartments,
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
Royal avenue. (619)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of PythlaB
hall, corner Eighth street aud
Agnes Btreet. (603)
Three rooms, pantry, closet, bath,
etc. Close to Central school. Enquire at 224 Seventh street.     (602)
Bult, ground floor ;bath, phone, etc.,
at 224 Seventh street. (601)
and also with an amendment tbat the
provincial government Bhall collect
the taxes ln the area which ls to form
the proposed city for the present year
and hand over to the new council IU
proportion of such taxes.
The Situation In Europe Where Falsa
Stones Are So Good as To Da Mistaken by Fxperts Is Growing Ser-
lous and Dealers Are Insisting on
Legal Steps���Any Stone Can Now
Be Counterfeited.
The deep flasih of a blood-red ruby
Bares behind the plate glass of the
jeweler's window. Fire burns in every
lacet. The lurid glow fascinates you.
What is the figure?
The amount depends ei.tirely upon
the honesty of the dealer. H he knows
you' and yon know him, he will be
frank  and tell you whether you are
The Bulgarian General Savoff Is ths
Military Hero of the Hour.
The man of the hour is undoubtedly
General Michael Snvoff. who hns been
well d<*scribed as the Vim Moltke ol
Bulgaria. To him belongs the credit
of turning a email nation into a
magnificent fightinf- machine. Thu
effiVency of the Bulgarian armies,
ard the brilliant generalship displayed have astounded not only the
Turks but the rest of thc civilixed
world, and General Savoff is assured
ot a high place in the military annals
of the world.
General Savofl received his military
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manutac
turtng purposes. Will lease for tw,*>
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
B Company, 104th Regiment will
parade ln the Drill Hall on Thursday,
February 6th, at 8 p.m., and every
Thursday until further orders. Dress
drill order.
(620) Capt. B Co., 104th Regt.
A Company, 104th Regiment will
parade in the Drill Hall on Thursday,
February 6th, at 8 p.m., and every
Thursday until further orders. Dress
drill order.
(621) Capt. A Co., 104thjtegt.
buying a real, nature-made gem, the | training in Russia, whereas the ma-
product-of-untold centuries, the value ���    ���������
of which is hundreds ol pounds, or
one of laboratory manufacture, which
was made in an hour and which is
valued at about two shillings a carat.
You are at his mercy. Therefore, if
you are a buyer of precious stones,
make a friend of your jeweler and
assure yourself of his honesty. For
this is tho hour of tlie unscrupulous
dealer in man-made gems.
Ttie sapphire and the ruby of human manufacture are everywhere.
They are being "created" in the laboratories of the Paris chemists at tlie
rate of about seven million carats a
year. So nearly do they resemble the
gems which nature requires centuries
to produce that the expert alone can
distinguish the real stone Irom that
of laboratory origin. The average
jeweler who ha.-* himself had little experience in handling these gems cannot tell tlie difference-. He must take
Uie expert's word that the stones he
buys ure genuine.
The troab.e grows seri'ius, especially in Europf. The buyer ol a synthetic rubyir sapphire may go through
lite b:licv:ng that he possess"-*, a
stone formed in tne mighty workshop
oi nature, unless he happens to receive Uie opinion of an expert. In
[Germany and Prance, selling manu-
Proposal to Send   London Youths  to
New Ontario���Would Work Under
Supervision on Land.
Applications for the position cl
Engineer will be received at the Sec
retary's Office not later than noon on :lactured sapphires and rubies as gen-
Applications for the position of
Jjuitor at the Lord Lister School will
b i received at tlie Secretary's Office
not later than noon on Thursday,
February 13th. Applicant must state
nr;e and salary required and must
send testimonials.
Socretary  Board ot  School Trustees,
New .Westminster, B.C.
Thursday, February 6th. The appli
cant must be competent to exercise
general supervision over the school
heating and ventilating plants ana
general care of buildings and be able
to make repairs on Bame. Applicant
must possess at least a third class
B. C. certificate and must state age
and send testimonials showing previous experience. Salary $110 per
nine is sn general that tlie Jeweler'* !
association of Paris and Berlin have i
apked   their  respective  countries   for ]
stringent laws compelling the manu- I
lecturer.-* to laV-1 their goods, and
there are nmre thnn live thousand cutters employed in turning out millions
of carats of these scientifically made
stones annually, there is a considerable output to he labelled.
There is no stone that cannot be*
imitated.   By hardening glass to ex-
jority of Turkish generals are German
trained. In 1885, when little more
than a youth, he undertook the responsibilities of a general, for he
commanded the left wing ol the Bul-
garian army at 'he battle of Slivnit-
ta. He issued from this stringent
test with flying colors, and it naturally followed that whin a few years
later Stambouloff required a man tj
rcorganizD the Bulgarian army the
choice should fall on* Savoff. As a
reformer Savofl met with the greatest
success, and in a few years he brought
into being a military force that fulfilled all modern requirements. Further confidence was shown in him
when he was made h"ad of the Military Academy in Sofia, where the
duty devolved on him ot training
future leaders. The officers who have
lotetly been leading tluir men from
victory to victory have for the most
part been trained under thc eye of
For a time General Savoff dropped
out of public life, but in 1902 he resumed his former post of war minister, and entered on five years of brilliant administration, lha r.sulls of
which have been evident during the
past few weeks. It was due to Savofl
that the military aet of 1904 was
poss-d. whereby every man capable
ol bearing arms should be pr ssed
into the lighting niaehln*. Gen-r-ral
Savoff is naturally idolized by his
countrymen, ami he is wi-'l-d.'s"rving
of the success that has lal'.on to him.
Gen.ral Savofl's .success   has   not
London, Feb. 6.���During the last
two years there has becn outlined possibly a dozen schemes to colonize New
Ontario originating tn this country.
Most of them have come to nothing
probably for the reason that those
who advanced them failed to grasp
the, difficulties to be overcome.
The latest scheme put forward la to
acquire a tract of land in that district, get all tho rough work done by
contract, and settle a colony of young
men of 18 or so under superintendents thoroughly familiar with conditions there, lt is proposed to form at
one step a complete township, with
church, doctor and all the requirements of a new settlement.
Prominent educationalists are taking the matter ln hand���men who believe that we have ln our "blind-alley"
workers, a problem of first importance. It le said that In London alone
there are 100,000 youths working as
golf caddies, messengers and at similar work which doeB not offer a future.
Secretary Board  of School Trustees, traordinary strength, by studying out
New Westminster, B.C.      (593)  Botering schemes, and by chemistry it
  it poss.ble to imitate every stone" al-
  I most perfectly.
Of course, an exam-
INSPECTOR hnation of the glass product by a jeweler  would  show  the  difference,   but
.   ������      ,   I there are lew microscopes at the so-
,r,,��\��,^?Vc'i^Sn?    ,��I   the   l)oa't-on   ����I1-'-*- gatherings where these genu are
(*>��"���> 1 Municipal Bchool Inspector will be re-lworri.
' only given gr?n\ satisfaction to Ru
j sia. but also to France, for th-? Allies
I have been using French guns, whereas the Turks were armed by Krupp.
1 Military experts have maintained lot
i some  time  that the big guns of lha
i French are the best in the world, and
! General Savoff was   evidently of   Ibis
j opinion.     Recent   events   have, "confirmed    the    theory,   Ior   the    heavy
artil'ery  of the   Allies   lias   given  a
brilliant account of itself
Notice Is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Elk Creek Waterworks
Co., Ltd., will be held in the Board
Room of the Westminster Trust, Ltd.,
Columbia street. New Westminster,
on February 19, 1913, at 8 p.m.
- Business���
Tn v-5��c'".e Dlrectofs's Report.
To elect Directors and Auditor.
^celvod at the Secretary's Office not
later than Thursday, February 13th.
The applicant must state a��e and eau
cational qualifications and must enclose testimonials showing experience
Secretary Hoard of School Trustees.
New Westminster, B.C.     1691)
To sanction
Pursuant to Section 7, of the Brit
...    r..., *..-..     ,.���i, ...      ��� -..
It is a costly business in a way.
Sometimes as much as $5,000 is expended in experiments before the
right coloring is obtained for some
particular form of jewel whioh has
become a tad. However, once the col-
nring is found the manufacture of the
���tones becomes cheaper and cheaper
ss the output grow. Sometimes glass
jewels are turned out at a cost of lc&-
than sixpence a ci-rat.
The instant a real gem of any par-
lieular charm appears in the market
the chemists of all the artificial jewci
the raising of the sum   Ish Columbia Railway Act, 1911, no- makers begin to study it    And before
Ot $50,000.00 by way of debentures or
mortgage, and any other business that
may regularly come before the meeting.
By order of the Board.
(618) Secretary
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
S380O cash buys two full sized lots,
each 66x132, two house*, one four
rooms, one eight rooms; semi-mod-
orn. $4000 on terms. This is one
of the biggest snaps ln the city.
$2800 buys six roomed house In
West End. Lot 50x150; all cleared.
One-quarter cash.    TcrmB.    No. 76.
$1250 buys smalt, all plastered
house, large cleared lot In East
Burnaby, on Eleventh avenue. $350
cash. $20 per month. Renting $10
per month.   No. 37.
S400O buys good eight roomed
house near Hlxth street car line
ami Fourth avenue; excellent condition.   Terms to Buit.   No. 72.
SI0.000 snd $9000 respectively
will buy two of the choicest modern houses on Third avenue. Fine
lota and generous turn-is. No. 66
and No. 73.
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
HKoalence  In   Shaving,
nnd Bbampoolng i-lvr
35   Eighth   St.    David  Boyle, Prop.
j, trial,    "-'our Hktlleil workmen.   Our sys-
lurn   of  treating   Hi,.   hc-H,,  fur   ilaii-lrTirr
and falling hair cannot I*, luiprovtd upon.
Face ManHiiKiiu: a speciality,
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
f-07 Front 8t., New Westminster, B.C.
tlce Ib hereby given that there has
been deposited with the Registrar in
New Westminster, plan, pro ile and
book of Reference of the location oi
the Canadian Northern Pacific Rail
way, mileage 6 to 16, Lulu Island, approved by the Minister of RallwaVs of
British  Columbia,        .     . (469)
Chief Engineer.
Advertise in the Daily News
Phone RS24       ' ��J.y619 Hamilton St
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, septle Tank* Etc
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone
628 Clarkson Street. Phone 490
for Ladies and Men
��6  Lorne  Street,  New  Westminster.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Beat Pool Tables In the city. Fine
of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
Is bulletined.
BEATON, Proprietor.
Cl 1Z W
T    T    suits
Ladles' and   OontB' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 75e
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
346 Columbia St.     Phone WI*
lhe real jewel has approacheil the
lenith of its popularity the artificial
itine has been brought forth and i*
[eUing like the proverbial wiidfire���
it about one-fiftieth of the price of
lhe ro-t" product.
But it is not in the really artificial
itones that the jewelers see trouble.
They know they can detect these
���������"ere they cannot detect the synthetic genu, And in these synthetic
[cms lurk the danger. It would be
posiib'.e. w,me jewelers say, to flood
Ihe market with scientifically made
rubies and sapphires.
The cuuso o( it ail began about ten
rears ajo in a crystal of purified alum,
lor Iron* this material tlie synthetic
Itones are made. Tlie inventnr was
M. Veriieuil, of Perls, who followed
lhe work of chemists whose combined
iflorta had extended over centuries.
Ill of tlie experiments had been on
Hie principle that since nature's gem-
���ere produced hy heat the man-made
Itotie could be produced in the same
���ay. Crystals had been formed In
���his maimer, but the proaesi ot col-
>rin-�� had formed the "-tumbling block.
Verneuil solved the question hy mixing Q-ridei with tho purified alum.
After this the alum and oxides were
>!aced in an OKyhydrOgen lumaee lo
MVlsed that the gem-making material
vou'id drop throu-fh an intense (lame.
Thus a baaa waa formed ol the hslf-
W-lted powder aa it fell before the
ttti'o of the ltamo and piled steadily
lp. Higher-and hij-her it went until
lhe top wai at the exact point of the
lame. There it remained, und tlie
lathering heat slowly causeil it lo
hrui into crystals. Other powder was
Iroppinf- from al-ove. This, too, was
lormed into crystals, and M. Verncuil,
liter hundreds of experiments, open-
id his furnace to hririg forth the lirst
"boule ' or rough hit of manufactured
This was sent to the cutters, and
rhen their work wae done it was an-
WUnoetj to the world that the manu-
arlured ruliy was a reality. Work
vas then begun on the manufacture
i sapphires. However, the coloring
d tins stone was mire dillieult, and
t was two years before the work was
M. Veriieuil is now endoavoring to
hive tlie coloring schemes of other
itones in order to nriniifarturo them
ilso, hut so far the sapphire, which
S mnde in every color of the real
!cms, ami tho ruby, are the only
���tones that can lie manufactured by
he synthetic method.
Long Lived Lions.
Lions arc comparatively long lived,
m-tunees having been recorded where
h.-y reached the age of seventy years.
Lost Secrets.
"We   are  losin*-  all   our   secrets in
this th-il.by a"-e," an ar Ju'.ect s&:d. "II
we keep on, the time w-jll come when
we'll be able to do' nottiing well.
"Take, for instance, steel. We claim
to make good steel, yet the h'.ades the
Saracens turned out hundreds of yeara
ago would cut one of our own blades
in two l.ke butter.  '
"Take ink. Our modern ink fade-
in five or ten years to rust color, yet
the ink of mediaeval manuscript.- is
as black and bright to-day as it wa-
700 years ago.
"Take dyce. The beautiful blues
and reds and greens of antique Oriental rujs have all been lost, while in
Egyptian tombs we find fabrics dyc.l
thousands of years^ ago that remain
to-day brighter andipunr in hue than
���any of our modern, fabrics.
"Take my specialty, building?. We
can't build as the "ancient did. Tht
secret of their mortar and. cement ia
lost to u��. Their mortar and cement
,-,ae actually harder ami more durable than the etonce they hound to
gether, whereas (jure���horrors!"
Port Moody Incorporation.
Victoria, Feb. 6.���The bill to Incorporate the City of Port Moody was
passed yesterday with a provision
that the city shall not Include the Indian reserve to the north of the inlet
Harpooning' a Whale.
The method of catching whale" in
routhern seas ia vividly described by
our consul-general at Buenos Ayres.
He says: "The harpoon used in whaling is a deadly weapon ot marvelous
intricacy. It is slwltrom a caiihoii,
which can be focused with great rapidity at any angle trom its pedestal
on tiio specially constructed ship. On
penetrating the body ol the whale thi
l>oint of tlie harpoon explodes, and itH
four hooks spread- out into lhe IIcbIi,
securely holding the shaft of the har-
(���iiii, which ends in a ring carrying
a stroii** cable. Held by this cable,
the strug-liui- whale tows the beat
lifter it at u terrific speed until forced by its wounds to succumb."
Five Veterans ol I8I-* Alive.
The centennial uf the battle of Borodino has been celebrated with much
ceremony by Russia, most of thc roy��
fam.ly taking part, including the Otut
and Czarina. It seems almost in
credible that there can be any i>ur-
vivors of a battle fought 100 years ago;
but iii the Soldiers' Home at Moscow
there are live survivors of the Niipo
leonic invasion, of whom one, wh,
is now 122 years old, took part ss ���
subaltern in this very battle. Th.- [
Czar and his staff paid a call up
these veterans at thc close of the
Rope-making 2,0M Years B.C.
The name of the first roprmaker
and that of the land in which he
practiced his art have both been lost
to hUtory. Belore the .beginning >i
the historical period considerable sk;ll
had been acquired in thst time.
Egyptian sculptures prove that the art
was practiced at leaet 2,000 years be
fore the time of Christ.
An Anxious Expsrisncs Off the Roek
Bound Coast of Korss.
Tbe perils of tbe small boat at sea
are told by Jack London tn nn article
on "Siniill Boat Sailing" Id tbe Yacht
Ing Monthly:
"About the liveliest eight days of my
lire were .-petit In a small boat on tbs
west coast or Korea," tie writes. "I
was iu an o|ieii bout, a snuipim, on a
rocky roast where there were no lighthouses mid where the tides ran rrom
thirty lo sixty feet. My crew were
Japanese tlslierinen. We did not speak
each other's language. Yet there was
nothing monotonous about that trip
Never shall I forget one particular cold.
bitter dawn, when In the thick of driving snow we took In sail and
our Kinnll iiticlinr.
"The .lapniiese rrnwled under a communal rice mat nnd went to sleep. I
Joined Ibem. and for several hours we
dozed fitfully. Then a sea deluged us
with Icy water and we found several
Inches of snow on top of Ibe mat.
"It soon became ii case of swamping
at our anchor. Sens were splashing ou
board In growing volume, and we balled
constantly. And still my fisherman
crew eyed the surf buttered shore and
did nothing
"At last, after many narrow escapes
rrom complete ewsuiptng. tbe Usher-
men got Into action. All bunds tailed
on lo tbe anchor and hove It up.
Por"nrd. us the bout's bead paid ob*, we
set ii patch ol sail about the size of a
flour ssck. And we headed straight for
the rocky shore. I unlaced my shoes,
unbuttoned my grenti-ont ilnd coat und
wns ready lo make �� quick partial strip
a minute or so before we struck. But
we didn't strike, nnd as we rushed In 1
saw the beauty nf (he situation. Before ns opened a narrow channel,
rrtllt-d nt Its mouth wllb breaking sens
Yet long before, wben I hnd ncniiiir-d
the shore closely, there Imd been no
such channel I bud forgotten Ibe thlr
.ty foot tide. And it wan for this time
thst tbe Japanese had so precariously
the   Toothsome   Little   Fish   Is
Taken In Fund,*.
The sardine is a frequent article of
diet upon Canadian table., and"-h >w-
ever much its llavor and handino-s
are appreciated but little is generally
known ot the processes through which
it passes belore ita appearance in the
The true sardine (Clupca sardina) i��
a small fish of the Mediterranean
and derives its name from the island
'of Sardinia. This is the sardine put
up in France. The sardine peeked in
Canada, the United States and Norway ara the young of the herring
(Clupea harengus), from live t) seven
inches in length.
These young herring come in on the
coast ot the Bay of Eundy in immense
schools from June to October. Tliey
are caught in weirs (pr-uounced
"ware" among the fishermen of New
Brunswick). The weir is a large, hoop-
shaped enclosure of stakes, bruih and
net, far enough out from shore si
that at low tide (and the tide in the
Bay of Fundy rises and falls some
twenty-eight feet) there will be Irom
four to ten feet of water in it. A Icnoe
of stakes and brush known as tha
"lead" runs out Irom the shore to
the gate of the weir.
The young herring coming in from
the sea keep close to the shore. Striking the lead they will not swim between the brush, of which it is composed, but swim along it into ths
mouth of the weir. The man who is
running a weir lives close to it during the season, and as the fish till
into a weir on the high tide he inspects his weir each high tide, nud if
he finds fish in it he dree, the net
over the gate. Usually the fish come
in it he drops the net over the gale.
Usually tbe fish come in ou a night
high tide. At low tide thc weir is
seined. A sein is a long net deep
enough to reach the bottom of the
weir, with weights at the bottom iud
floats at the top. This net is stretched
round the circumference of the inside
of the weir by a man in s boat, then
gradually drawn in until the tl-tli are
gathered into a practically solid masj.
Then tho fish are dipped cut by a
huge dip-net with a long hag. Tba
hoop of the net is placed in the host
and the hag pulled in hand over
hand, loading the lish into the boat.
Some idea of the immense numbers
of sardine which sometime, run int:
a weir may hs obtained tropi the (act
drinii'ii' t'1*lt ai ',i(!'' "*s *'lree hundred hogs-
'' heads, each holding four barrels, have
been taken out at one time. From
litleen t.> thirty hogsheads is consid
ered a fair catch, and anything over
two hog.heada as wortli -H-ining lor.
The price paid to the i.wier i f Lhe
weir varies from J.'l to I'M per h'-gi-
head, according to the abundance or
scarcity of .--inline.
On arrival at the factory the lish ara
i hoisted trom the hold to the d K-k and
| are sent down a s'jiice. Here they sr��
deposited in brine tanks. From tin's.'
tanks they go through the fluking ma
chine, which raises them to the next
floor and arranges them in a Isyci
oyer large tr��y�� known nn "flakes. '
These llnk-s are placed in s large
rack on wheels, which is wheeled into the steam-chest, where .Ihey are
steamed for ten minutes. From the
steam-chest they ore wheeled into the
drying-room, where they are dried in
a hot air blast. When dry tliey are
removed from the rack and the lluke-
are carried to the packing tables, at
which girls arc at work packinj thf
fish into tins. The tins and covers
are stamped out of sheet tin by ma
chines on the premises. Considerin,;
the immense number of young herring
which nre caught in the weirs it is
no wonder that many have predicted
that the supply ol herring would soon
give out, but thc tact remains Ibst
the seas..n il 11)11 was one tl Ihs
be-t, if not tlie very best, iu the Im-
tc.ry of the sardine industry iu Can-
tiibi. the owner of one weir uisking
15,000 in two weeks.���Catiadiau
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ... ,$18,000,000.0ft
RESERVE   $16,000,000,001
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and ln London, England, New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., ahd Mexico City. A guneral
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issuod, available with correspondents In all parts of tho world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received in sums or $1 and upward,
and Interest allowed at I per cunt, per ���
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
!l��� -JL ���
B.C. Coast Service
Lctu-as Vancouver for Victoria IS a. m��
I p. m. and 11:46.
Leavoa Vanoouver for Seattle 10
and 11 p. in.
Lssaves Vancouver for Nanalmo S p. m.
LeavM Vancouver fer Prince Rupert-
mid Northern Points IS p. m. Wednesdays.
..Leaves Vanoouver  every Wednesday at
IS p. m
ChHIiwack Service
Ls-svm Westminster I a.
Wednesday and Friday.
Iseaves Chllllwack   7   a.  I
Thursday and Saturday.
ED. rjOULBT. A-rent, New Westminster.
H. W. BRODIB, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
16.850 Tons Register
32620 Tons Displacement
16.350 Tons Register.
32620 Tons Displacement
These new palatial liners will
Liverpool on April 1st and
18th respectively ror Vancouver via
the Suez Canal, calling at Uibraltar.
Monaco or Ville Krunche, Port Said.
Colombo, Singapore, Hong Kong.
Shanghai, Majl Nagasaki, Kobe and
Around the World Tickets From Van-
couver, $839.10.
Cholcs or Atlantic steamships Irom St.
John, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Portland, Boston or New York.
Passengers will have the opportunity er taklug many aids trips during
ths n-Bpreaaea' stay at lhe priuc.ns-1
ports. Time ot voyage trom Sorrr*-
atnston to Vancouver about two-
sioaths. Pull particulars, rates, etc.,
on application lo
New Westmlnatar
Or R. W. Brddle, Q.P.A, Vancouver
Tho lady was making some remarks
about Uie kind ol cloth<-a home other
ladies at Church had on.
"The finest garment a woman can
w-riar," Rinid her husband, "is the
mantle of charity."
"Yes," she ���mapps-d, "and it'-, about
the only one some husbands want,
their wives to wear."
Success In Business.
The path of success in bumn-w-s
is invariably the path of common
senae. Notwithstanding all that is
said about "lucky hits," tho beet kind
of success in every man's life is not
that which come by accident.���S
They   Msrk   ths   Courts   ol   Glaciers
'    Adown Our Csntimnt.
Throughout the northern United
States, from the Atlantic ocean to tbe
far northwest and as far soutb ss Ken
tnrky, huge bowlders are, found scut
tared at haphazard. The rocks and
ledges are smoothed and marked with
scratches varying from taint Hues lo
brood grooves two feet deep. Some ot
these bowlders, weighing many tuns,
sre ho balanced on a ledge lbat a slight
touch wlll rock tbem. The Indian, used
them as '.'alarm Ik-Hs.**
The grooves or srrutches on these
rorks nre as a rule parallel and exicnd
north and sunlit. South of the above
mentioned area neither l-owulrrs nor
scratched rorks run be found.
How t-siue the bowlder* In llielr position!  What w-riili-lied the roik.'l
AkhnhIz. familiar wltb the --lacier-* ol
tbe Alps, probably gave the true nn
swer. Ue showed thai a aliullur mute
ot tilings la p-THlinccl today hy the glu
i-lerH or Switzerland Tliei-e Mn-inin ot
l'-e creep slowly down from ibe lurty
���summits ot the Alps through the rat
leys lo Ihe plsina. They hear nil tlielr
surface huge rocks Allien from stir
rounding cliffs. The atones tn-zeu In
lhe bottom of the glacier. preaatHt down
ny the eiinrinoiiH weight ot Ice above
them, scratch and groove the rockn beneath, ss the tool of a carpcntei gouges
nut a piece of wood.
What was the condition of America
when similar eftei-ts were prndmed)
Instead of limit glni-ler* scattered In
tbe valley*, tbe whole surface now car
ered with Isiwldcis munt have iieeii
ridden by an Immense sheet nt Ice
Judging from the marks un the rocks,
the sheet moved rrom the north inward
the south, carrying with It uutaaea ol
rock.-Harper's Weekly.
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 6.���Freddie
Ttippe, otlice boy and general assistant In a local chemist's office, had
his knickerbockers burned off when a
bottle ot sulphuric add exploded ln
his hands.
Luckily for the boy, the bottom of
the bottle simply blew out and the
acid did not scatter. It ran down the
garment's legs, burning them through
aa it ran, but absorbing Itself ln the
cloth at tbe same time and leaving
the boy's body unharmed.  '
To the great scandal of two or three
*?lrl stenographers the young man's
netber garments fell completely off.
and his plight was the occasion ror
much'merriment after it had heen ascertained that he had escaped all In-
A messenger was hastily gent out
to a clothing store and a new pair
provided, atter which the victim went
back to bla work.
The freak of the acid  was  almost
as unusual as those which are some-1
times attributed to lightning.
Sole agent for   **
Hire's Rott Beer
Miural Water*,   Aerated W*ler��
Manufactuf-tfJ fey
reh-t-i-ione R It*. OnTes: Prlncsts St
Transfer Co*
Office Phone 188.     Barn Phene tl?
���egble Mreat
Baccage Dallvetat Promptly to
any part ot tba city.
-J^si and Heavy Hauling
sssssssssssssssMMM ��� ���        ������
D. McAufay
Tel. 724.
Cor. Sixth and Columbia,
Enpeclsncy of Life.
All Insurance In cnlculated upon the
probable length of time a person mis
In live. This Is called the nvi-race es
pectnncy. Many elaborate tables have
be*Mi made up hy the Insurance com
p-inle-*, some bused upon one set of
data, some upon another, and ninae
���liii'iitly tbey vary allgbtly. Tbe Brit
lab life annuity tables, a fair cnlcula
tlon. show thnt a man ot fifty has a
natural expectancy of living 21.2 years,
a woman of tha same age 23.B years;
nt sixty bis expectancy Is 14.8 yeara.
her* Is 17 years; st seventy hla Is tf.ft
yeara, hers 10.9 yeara.
wha do not receive  The Newa beforer
I a.m. should
aad make complaint. Only tn thla way
nay an efficient   delivery   ba   malh-
Are you one of those to whom
every meal Is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co DyspepsiaTableta
will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never feel tbat ypu
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by tha NaUonal
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. IS0
Second Hand Store
J. a. SMITH.
Buy and sell new and   second   hea4*
foods of all kinds.   ToOla especially.
18 Mcloi-cs Street. ^Phone lMt
701  Front Street,  New Westminster*.
I THURSDAY,   FEBRUARY  6,   1913.
G��m SuTTcfitKt��!!-
"XJf��YRlGHT. 1904. BY DOUBLED*. Y  PACi
a ca
TIIK  lllllli WOMAN.
KCKI.EH was amazed to heat
himself exi-indui*. "It was so
Uoi In tbere. You couldn't bs
expected to bear It for boars
and not be moving. I ran take yon
back aruiiud Ibe trail almost to where
you were. Tben you can get ap la
the carriage. And I will go find the
Dlrd Woman."
"You'll get killed if yon dol Wbea
abe stays tills long, It means that sbs
hus n focus oo something. Yoo see,
when sbe gets a focus, aud lies In ths
weeds and water for hours, and tbs
aim bakes ber, and things crawl ovet
ber, and then some one comes along
aud scares ber bird a way-just as she
boa II coaxed up-why, sbe kills them.
If I melt, you won't gu after ber.
Nile's probably blistered and ball
euten up, but she will uever quit until
abe Is s��tlsfl��L"
Then It will lie safer to be taking
care of you," suggested Frecklea.
"Now you're talking sense:" said tbe
May I try to belp your arm?* he
lave you any Ides bow It hurts?"
*he parried
"A little." snld Freckles.
"Well. Mr. McLean said we'd probably Hud bis son here"-
"Ill�� son!" cried Frecklee*.
"That's wbnt be said. And tbst yoa
would do anything yoo could for ua
and that we could trust you with out
lives. Hut 1 would hsve trusted yon
anyway. If 1 budn't known a thins
about you. Bay. your rather ls ram
paging proud of you. Isn't be?"
"I don't know," answered tbe dared
"He's so proud of you he Is all
swelled up like the toad In Aesop's fn
blea. If you have ever bad an arm
hurt like tbla and can do anything.
Why. tor pity sake do HI"
She turned bark ber sleeve, holding
oat to Freckles an arm of palest cameo
Frecklea unlocked bis rase aad band
aged tbe ugly, ragged wound. H��
-worked with trembling fingers and s
fsce len.e wltb earnestness.
"Is It feeling nn.< better?" he asked.
"Oh. It's well now!" cried tbe angel
"It doesn't hurt at all sny more."
Tba velvety touch of her warm ana
was tingling In Freckles' linger tip*,
���painty lacs-a and tine whit.- stums
peeped through ber term &****. 'Char*
ware beautiful rings on her Angers
Ever* article about ber waa of tba
finest material and In excellent taste.
There waa tbe trembling l.lmberlost
guard la his coarse clothing, wltb bla
cotton rags and bis old pall of swamp
water. Frecklea waa sufficiently accustomed to contrasts to notice them
and sufficiently fine ta ba hurt by than
Ba lifted bla eyea to here wltb a
shadowy pain In tbem and found tbem
af serene, unconscious purity.
-We muat go and Had ibe cart-lag*."
aald the angel, rising.
Frecklea led tba way, sharply watching every etep. Ba want aa near tba
log aa ha felt tbat be dared aad wltb
��� little aearchlng found tba carriages
"Tbla is a shamer aald Frecklea.
-"-You'll aerer ba coming here again."
"Ob. yea, I shslir aald tb* aagel
The Bird Woman says that tbra* birds
���tay over a month ln tha neat aad she
wonld Ilk* ta make a picture every
law days for seven or eight weeks
Frecklea barely eacspod crying out
for Joy.
"Then don't yoo ever be torturing
yourself and yaar bora* to b* coming
In ber* again." be aald. "I'll abow
you a way to drive almost to th* neat
on tbe east trail, and'than you aaa
coma around te my room and slay
while tba Bird Woman works.    Ifa
���me angei was on ner knees reaching lor the bucket as be cnuie up.
"Ile drinking slow." lie ,-iiiitlimed
freckle* mood blinking In tlie daz-
zliiiK glory of her smile.
"Merry;--  ���,������������  -.xwuiined.    "I  tlilnk
must ue kfiOtftng tent, Slr.-
"I'm afraid it'a true. Frecklea." said
M��-1.ean "And I've decided to double
Hie guard until we get here. It wlll
only be u few weeks now. snd I'm so
snsliiiia tor you Hint yon must not be
left alone further.   If anything should
I bud best be naming yuu *lbe angel'- | happen to you, l-'rerklr-s. It would apoll
one of Hie very dciuest plans of mv
Freckles beard wltb dismay tbe
proposition to place a second guard
"Oh! no. no. Mr. Mclean." he cried
���Not f<ir tbe world: I wouldn't be having a ,-trnnger around. Bearing me
birds nnd tramping up me study anil
disturbing nil me nny* ror auy money
I am nil the guard you need: I wlll be
fHlihriii: I wlll turn over the Iiiih��-
��vltli no tree missing���ou me life. I
will: Oh. dou't lie sending another
mini to aet them saying I turued cow
ard and naked for bclp. It wlll Jam
kill Ibe honor of me heart If yon do
U. The only thing I want Is anotbei
Mil.cnn banded a shining big revol
ver down to Freckles, wbo slipped It
beside Ihe one already in tits belt.
"Krerkles," be said at last, "w* aever
know the timber nf a man's soul until
���something ruts Into blm deeply and
brings the grain out strong. You've
ihe "making of s mighty fine piece of
furniture, my boy. nnd yon ahall nave
your own way these rew week* yet.
Then If von wlll go I am going in take
von jo ihe city snd educate you, snd
ynu uri-.tii he my aon. my. lad -my own
Frefkles- twlated hla fingers In Nei
He's mane to steady himself.
"I'.ut wby should yoa be doing that
���dr'r'he faltered.
M' U-rin slid his arm down abont the
hoy's shoulder* and gathered him doss-
to him
���Because f-lore you. Freckles." h>-
sald simply.
McLean tightened bl* clasp a aeeonc]
longer, (hen be rode awav down the
(To Be Continued.)
my guardian angel."
"Via," suld l-'reckles. "1 look the
character every day, but today most
"Angels don't go by looks.'' laughed
tbe girl "Your father told us you bad
been.scrapping. Rut be told ua why
I'd gladly wear all your nils and
bruises If I could do anything that
would make my fatber look as pea
rocky aa yours did He strutted about
proper. 1 never saw any on* look
"Hid be say be waa proud of mer'
marveled Freckles.
"He didn't need to." answered the
sngel. "Ile wss radiating pride from
every pore."
The angel spread tbe lunch eo the
rorrliige sent The daintiest part* sbs
could select sbe run-fully put bark Into
the basket. Tbe rest she ate. As tie
watched ber wlih famished eyes
Freckles tnld ber uf bis birds. Dowen
snd book*.
Suddenly the angel cried. *Tbere
comes the Bird Wi-maof"'
Bhe whs stsggerlng under a load of
camera* and paraphernalia. Freckles
look all he could carry .and helped Ber
Into the carriage.
Boon tbey were ont of'the swamp
Tben he -.bowed them how to reach
tbe chicken tree from ttie outside. In
dhated a cooler place ror the borne
nnd told them bow the next time they
came the angel could find bis room
while *he waited
"Were yon forgetting Little Chicken'* picture?" Freckles asked the Bird
"Why do ynn call the baby vulture
'Little Chicken?'." she asked
" Twa*    Duncan    begnn   It."   said
Frcrl-i.-s    "You see through the fierce
cold of winter the birds of tbe swamp
were almost starving      It  I*  mighty
lonely here, and they were all the com
psny I wo* having.   I got to carrying
scrap* nud grain down to them.   Dun
can wa* that gins-runt he wa* giving
roe of bl* wheat nnd eoru  from his
chicken*' reed, and be called the bird*
j me   swamp   chicken*.     Then    when
the*e big hlack fellows enroe. Mr. Mc
Lean said ihey were our nearest kind
to some  ln tbe old  world  thai  they
' called   Tharoah's   Chickens.'   and   br
! called mine -Freckle*- Chicken*.' ���
|    "Coud enough!" cried tbe Bird Wo
man    "You must shoot something for
tbem ocenslonolly. and I'll bring mor*
. food wben I come.    If yon wlll belp
me keep them until I get my series. I'll
give yon a ropy of each study I make.
mounted In s book."
"I'll be doing me very best,*- prom
while you ara
nearly alwaya cool there, and tbare'a
isomfortabl* aeata and water!"
"Ob! Did yon have drinking water
tbereT** abe cried. "1 was never *o
thirsty or ao buugry ta my Ufa, but
(thought I wouldn't mention It"
"And 1 had not tb* wit to be seeing!" walled Freckles.   "I can ba getting you a good drink tn no tlm*,"
Ba turned to tbe trail
"Pleas* wait a minute," called tha
���angel.   "What's your unmet   1 want
���to think abont yen
Freckle* smiled qulxxk-ally.
���Frecklear aha gut-seed, wltb apaal
���of laughter.   "hm*' mine le-*-
"I'm knowing youcs," Interrupted
"I don't believe you do. What Is
It r asked th* girl, ','.
"You won't be getting angry T"
"Nat until  rv* bad the water at
i waa Freckles' tun. ta laugh.   Be         .._
whipped off hi* big. Soppy straw bat, I aald tbe bom.   "I stopped at the cabin
stood uncovered before ber and aald ! (��� ������ TM R minute before I turned In.
In tbe sweetest of all tb* aweet tone*   M(j uj,, said you  hnd come down
of  hi*   voice,  "There's  nothing  Jou i ���?*.   You muni oot do lt. Freckle*,"   N
could be but tbe Hwatap Ansel.'' j   Freckle* stood combing hi* finger*
Tba girl laughed happily. | through Nellie's mane, and the dainty
Ultra out of ber eight Kr*��M*B_ ran j rrM,tare W��a twistttag bat head aiwaad
to bl* rarsases.   He pushed bark bla
bat and' looked ap lata McLean's face,
i^lt-a cobs* to the *al**P wlrt ��a* aye
" open.' air.   I'm .m looking tor any
thing to be happening far * week or
aed ibe boy, ana trom tba
oeant lt
"1 wonder If tbat other egg Is going
1 batch?" mused tbe Bird Woman.
'I am afraid not   lt ahould bave been
ut today. Isn't it a beauty? 1 never
aw eliber an egg or the young before.
They are rare tbls far north."
"Bo Mr. McLean aald," answered
The Bird Woman gave him her hand
*t parting, and Itttkle* Joytolly realized tbat here waa going to be another
person for blm to love. Frecklea
wouldn't remember, after tbey had
, driven awsy. that they bad even noticed bla missing band, and for tba
first tlm* in hla Ufa be bad forgot
ten it
Wben tbe Bird Woman and the angel wer* well on tb* borne road tba
angel told of the Uttl* corner of para-
llse Into wblcb she bad strayed and
jf ber new name.
"Did you know Mr. McLean bad a
Ion 7" asked tbe angel. "Isn't tbe little
accent be haa and tha way be twists
a sentence too dear! And Isn't It too
aid fashioned and fanny, u near blm
call his father Bolster l**
"It sounds too --nod to be true." aald
tbe Bird Woman, answering tbe laat
question first. "1 am ao tired wltb
than preseot day young men tbat
patronlslngly call tbatr fathers -dad.
���governor.' "old man* aad 'old chap'
tbat tbe boy's attitude of respect and
deference struck me ae brine a* fine
aa silk. Tbere moat be something rar*
about tbat young man."
Bnt sbe did not Sad It necimsry ta
toll tba angel that, tor several yeara
sbe had known tbe man, wbo *e pro**-
ly proclaimed blm-wlf Freckles' fatber
to be a bacbatwr and a ffrotchman
Tha Bird Woman bed a fin* way "of
attending strictly to bar awn bostoess
Freckles turned hark to the trail, but
stopped at every wild briar and looked
nt tbe pink satin nt tba -"rials. Bhe
was not of bla world, and better than
any other be knew It: bat she might be
tit* angel, and he waa dreaming nf
naught but blind, silent worship. He
finished tbe happiest day of hi* life,
and tbst nlgbt be went back to the
swnmp as If drawn by a magnet That.
Wessner would try for bla revenge he
knew. That be wonld ba abetted by
Black Jack was almost certain, but
fear had fled tb* happy heart ot Fret-k
lea. He bad kept bla trust. He had
wen the respecl of th* boat Nobody
could evef wipe frW bla heart the
flood of boly adoration that bsd welled
np wltb tht coming of bis angel.
At the edge of the clearing be came
out Into tbe bright moonlight, and
tbere sat McLean an nl* ttiar*. Frark
les hurried up to Dim..
"la (bei* trouble?" ba asked anxlons-
fthat-a what 1 wanted to ask you,'"
Mm-*.   Is    Mods   Decrees This Fsce Vtil.
| statue waa cleaned ot moss by a won.
j an, Is drawing great crowds of invalids
| and cripples.
It Is said that the blind have reuov-
| ered their sight and the lame have
i walked at tbls new Lourdea, iu addiction to the child of the woman who
cleaned the statue. There m no
trustworthy evidence, howevr, cf
these reports.
The authorities have found 'he original woman wbo was quoted aa say
Ing that the etatue of thc Virgin spoke,
and she eald that the story lg untrue.
8he declares that: "My mother und
myself prayed for 20 years at tne
Finally our prayers wert neavd, and
wait* TBit, wit* black aror.
Tbe latest whim of Mme. la Mode la
tbe white veil with a black beauty
spot wli'ch comes wherever the ordinary beniity spot of court plsster
would lie cblc, becoming or daring.
This velvet hat and beauty spot veil
iiccouipatiy a blouse of orange velvet
and white machine embroidery veiled
wltb chiffon.
Held 'n Respect and So-netlmei Dread
by Deep Sea'Fiihermen.
The deep sea fisliermen of the old
choo", the m'*n who still have a
scornful contempt for steam, posses-
a deep dread, no! immersed with respect, for nil gulls. "Gulls ain't
ord'ny birds," they will tell you, "for
ain't yee heard tell where the souls o'
wicked sai'.ormen go? Ay? When
they  have  to  work out the years of
sorrow for their sinin' They
���itill follow the sea. but not as "tends
uli ,iird a drifter or belore thc mast.
. . . No, b'ys; their souls go into
gulls till they're kinder fleased o'
sin. Alius treat gulls kindly; ye
dunno, mebbe 'tis an oV watchmste,
or a hand ye've pulled double wi',
times past countin'."
The r stless curlews have a bad
nam: everywhere. They are seldom
seen but on the ving, ond their eternal flight lips given rise to a belief in
their possible cinn:ction with the
Evil One. On th? northeast coast
they n.e called Wandering Jews, as.
according to tradition, they carry the
sou!s of th.* Jews who connived at the
Crucifixion and are doomed always to
wander. In Wa'.es they have a much
pre-tl* r explanation of thc curlew's
restlessness. Bt. liucno. who lived at
Clynnog, was in the habit ot walking
acrc-ss to the Isle ot Anglesey' to
preach every Sunday. One day in a
tcmp.-*t he was unfortunate enough to
lose his book ol sermons, but a curlew
noting his distress went back in
search and was able to restore them
to '.I.e saint. In his gratitude St.
Bueno took the little long-billed bird
under his especial care for erer, and,
look as ybtt will, you can never find
tho nest of a curlew pr see it except
in feeding or flight, for it is under the
protection of the saint and is preserved from harm. It ia only along
the Welsh coast, though, that they
are welcome; in the old ballads.tbey
are called the Seven Whistlers end
their pasting foreboded disaster, and
now the women folk along the seaboard villages look-Anxiously seaward
as the flights go over with their eerie
The sober-colored cormorants. thoSt
quaint, greedy little birds thst sit like
wooden images in long rows along the
outlying rocks, do not come under the
general ban of sea birds. The average
gull is a stupid bird, but the eorraor
ant has an uncanny intelligence, and
the longshoremen spinning tor mackerel or pollock, or laying his long
lines st the ebb, likes to see them
feeding amongst the weeds or swimming with their heads just above the
water like the periscope' oi a submarine. He carefully avoids Bearing
them,* tor where -they feed is "brit,"
and "brit" is good feeding for large
fish as well as cormorants.- With this
exception, there is only one other bird
that is treated with any real regard,
and that is the diver. Amongst northern fishermen, especially Norwegians,
the diver is welcomed  with   almost
?iious respect owing to its reputation
or being a most excellent weather
prophet. When the skies are big with
rain and wind the bird* fly wildly
around making a horrible, hoars.)
noise in fright lest the rising waters
should destroy their nests; on the
contrary, it fine weather is likely to
ensue, they arc quieter and their note
is different, seemingly in an exultant
strain. Aa is well known, gulht flying
inland are a sign ol bad weather
blowing up outside, and the longshoreman palls, his bast higher *xn
the beach when tha birds are-feeding
sVsm ii
What Helen Keller Hss to 8sy About
I am not disposed tu praise tbe edit
rated wuuuin, ua wecouiuiunly use the
term. 1 Und ber narrow nud lacking
ln vision, l-'ew women whom I meet
take u deep. Interest lu tbe Important
i-uestluus of the duy. They are bored
by any problem not Immediately related to tbelr desires and ambitions
Tbelr conversation Is trivial and erratic. Tbey do not consider a subject
long enough tu find out that tbey know
nothing about It How seldom dues s
college girl wbo bas tasted philosophy
and studied history relate philosophy
and tbe cUrorjIclea ur the past tu the
terrific processes uf life wblch are
making history every day? Her reputed practical Judgment and swift
sympathy seem tu become luu|ierntive
In the presence of any question tbat
reaches tu a wide horizon. Her mind
wurks quickly so long as tt follows a
traditional groove. Lift her out uf it
and sbe becomes Inert and without re
source. Such a woman comes tu tbe
gravest respunsihtlltles like the foolish virgins wbo hastened to Ibe marriage with no oil In tbelr lamps. She
Is nut prepared fur tbe battle uf life.
Uefure she knuws it sfte may be In tbe
midst uf the fight, undisciplined and
disorganized, struggling fur alt that
Is precious tu ber against an enemy
whose position she tins nut reconuulter
ed. libs sends ner suns and dnugh
ters Into me streets uf life without tbe
knnwledgs thst protects. Ignorance
gives ber coiiAdence, and sbe Is tear
less rrom want uf understanding
Heleu Keller In Uetrupulltan.
Thousands of Russian
Troops Still in Persia
London, Feb. 6.���Mr. M. H. Price,
who Is Liberal candidate tor Gloucester city, returned to London after an
adventurous journey across Turkish
Armenia, Kurdistan, and Northwest
Ferula, where he had opportunities of
observing how Russian IntrigueB   are
there is to lt."
working ln Persia.   He was la Tabriz
, , Just over a month ago, and Is the last
my daughter and   my  mother   -ftere European to bring news direct from
cured of serious maladies.   Tha*. ia ail Northwest Persia ���=*�����������""��
In an interview, Mr. Price said:
"When I crossed the frontier Into
Persia I visited a Khurdlsh chief, and
found that he had stolen 50,000 sheep
from the Turkish side in the spring
of 1911. Since then he had been via
lted by Russian agents and presented
with a Russian military decoration.
It waa evident to me tbat these
Khurdlsh chiefs, who have been giving aueh annoyance to tbe Turkish
authorities, had in many cases beea
taken directly under the wing of Russian agents.
Then  Arrested.
"I waa more than Justified in this
Idea when I arrived at the Persian
town of Khol. As I waa walking ln
the bazaar, accompanied by two Persian gendarmes, lent to me by the
governor, I was suddenly arrested by
four Cossacks.
i My gendarme guard fled, so I was
at the mercy of the Russians. They
told me that Russian martial law had
been declared ln that part of Persia,
and tbat they had orders to arrest
"I was marched two miles out of
the town, and noticed a camp of at
least 2000 Russian troops. There I
had a long argument with a Russian
diplomatic agent.
Troeps" Still There.
"I was released after several hourj
detention, and returned to Khol. On
my way to Tabriz I paced some 1600
Tha Black Fox.
In no way except in or lor does the
black fox differ from the red fox,
whose pelt sells for about $2, or from
the gray fox, whose winter cost is
valued at Irom $150 to (400, but when.
ever a hunter can secure a black fox
and remove its skin without marring
the fur he is sure ot receiving from
$800 to 1.600 for his trophy. Not only
it every black lox pelt bought as soon
ss taken, but * doz-n Russian noblemen have pai I agents traveling in
North America all through the winter
seeking out remote hillside farms
and abandoned logging camps where
it is possible that a shy and elusive
black fox may have been seen.
Forbearance of Pericles.
Once, alter bein-* reviled ond ill
spoken of all day long in his own
hearing by some vile and abandoned
fellow in the open market place,
where he was engaged in the dispatch
of some ut-gent affair, he continued
his business in perfect silence and in
Ihe evening returned home composedly, the man still dog-ring him at the
heels and pelting him all the way with
abuse and foul language; and, stepping into his house, it being by this
time dark, he ordered one oi his ser-
vants to take a light and to go along
with the man and see him safe home.
At That.
To illustrate that the word "that"
could properly appear in a sentence
six consecutive times and still make
correct English, this instance is related:
A boy wrote on the blackboard,
"The man  that lies doe* wrong."
The teacher objecting to the word
"that," tlie word "who" was substituted. Alter school one of the older
scholars slyly wrote this sentence underneath the first:
"And yet it must appear to the
reader for all that, that that 'that'
'hit that teacher objected to was all
right, at that,"
Her Gift.
A Lancashire vicar was asked by
the choir to tfall upon old Betty, who
was deaf, but who insisted in joining
in thc solo of the anthem, an' to oek
her only to sing in the hymns. He
shouted into her ear, "Betty, I've been
requ.-stcd to speak to you about your
singing." At last she caught the word
"singing" and replied: "Not to mo
be the praise, sir.   It's a 'gift'."
A Boest for Nero.
"Now a scientist, says that musical
s-tbTatlo-M will extinguish Ure."
"Science ls a muvelCut thing. At
last we know wtiy Nero Qddled while
Home burned-
Edward Grey last October as havinj
been withdrawn to the Caucasus. Tho
thruth ls tbat they have been sent to
the Turkish frontier, and are still in
Persian territory. Nor ls there any
sign that the Russian military occupation will ceaae. I estimated about
10,000 Russian troops In the Azerbljan
and KhaBvin provinces ot Persia.
"The effort of this occupation on
the Turko-Perslan frontier, Is to reduce tbe Persian governors to mere
puppets In the hands of the Russian
military authorities, and. If lt continues, lt will not be too much to Bay
that the Russian frontier haa been
shifted 100 miles south ot Mount
"Tbe situation In Tabriz showed the
Influence of Russia upon the Internal
politics of Persia," continued Mr.
Price. "Last summer the Tlpadar
was appointed governor-general of tba
province by the Persian government.
On bis arrival at Tabriz he found the
government bouse occupied bt" Rua-
slan troops, wbo refused to move out,
and they were -occupying lt while- I
was there. For all matters of btt-aV'
ness the Russian consul ln Tabriz systematically Ignores the governor.
Hit the Belgians.
"The Russian authorities are interfering to prevent the Belgian customs
officials from putting tbe provincial
finances shipshape. In order to realize the land taxes and revenue'for the
purpose of maintaining the gendarmerie, a loan has been required. Tbo
Russians have stopped the Belgian*
from raising thla loan, and have commandeered half the transport for their
"In this way the Persian government is being strangled, and there ap-
Russian troops marching towards the' pears to be a total disregard of the
Turkish frontier. I have Information j Anglo-Russian convention by the selt-
which leads me to believe tbat these appointed Russian autocrats ln this
were the very troops stated by Sir part of Persia."
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The "Newr WealtaVittter "News.
When Shopping Far Christmas.
Wben looking about for Cbrtsrma*.
presents, and It Is uut a bit tun earl,
lo begin tbls wvrk, wby nut buy tor a
mast'iiline relative or friend on* or
Ibe new sclssurs esses, equipped will;
���every step of the way to th* cabin.
Mm. Duncan gave blm a small bucket
���of water, cool from tb* writ.- J?* car
���rled it In tb* crook af bla rlgit arm
and a basket tilled wit* bread and
���tibtter. wld Wee* ***** \m aad pic Waa
-"to. Ilia Mft Mmff\ ���" ���'."--,.'.���
- "--fc-klea. are kind f!:**#***." *****
Mrs. D-opcaa.
If 1*4 to *���p ***. trot* as r*t pram
ised yon And tkhimtt, rt* to ��** bew
moatlr *sBlll Uto ***** CWaaa.   Yoa
So Saya Webster���Young Mrfn Wins
Casta In Court..
Hagei-atown, Md., Feb. '*.���Blalnt
Sterner, a young man visiting here
waa brought ljefojrA ih��. poll<��- magistrate at headquarters on complaint of
i young woman who complained-that
he had called ber a ������chicken."
After be h"d !?*�������*���> eeolded severely
and he was asked what ho h-id to aay
tor himself.
"Well,  -row honor," he  aald,  "I,
think that 1 waa entirely wlthla my
righto whan I called bar a chicken.
Isooktn Webster-a dictionary, tnd   1
think you will find Tm right,"
The inagMtrata looked, aad thla waa
What he found:    "Chicken���a young
.rn^'sin. m.h*n*JI ,*.���*����*. aeA soon    ���-��--*-�����.''�����. *******   **n***ml*t * ITtWitt
two. bui ifa bound to. mans, and a***^ -wilajut*;-* mai^e*-!.
Confronted by thla eridae-c* tka
Magistrate granted aai  ��aoharaad
tba prlaogar.
aois-aoi-a rasa aao tia aobnaa.   ..
several pencils ami a good fountain
im--.. or a sporty ti* holder" wblch
i-uim-e tbl* swh-miu In tbe guise uf a stirrup. Ilutb oi tUsVw very ii-tImI gifts
are to b* as*n lu tb* llliustrailun.
Th* Kitchen Tabic.
When tba kllibeu - taW* becomes
spotted and disrvtwred. tt may be
bleat-bed wltb waoa. Cat a h-inon le
bait and rub It ater tlto *nMM Surlaiv
of tb* wood.
Ilia* >toti with^ ftoatt watjar. Tb��
result wlll ba a aimtutb. show while
***h.     ... - -    -
Pastry beards may b* treated la tba
aapta luaaaar. ���/
Newspapers vs. Circulars
Which Is Best ?
Have you, Mr. Business Man, thoroughly studied out
the relative values of the two advertising mediums-
newspapers and circulars?
If you have tried both you know that one lot of circulars will cost you far more for printing and distributing
than an advertisement of equal size published in a daily
The extra cost of circulars, however, would not matter if proportionate results were secured from their use.
But thaf s the question.
How many copies of The News distributed to the
houses in New Westminster and district are not taken in
and read by everyone in the household? Not one-quarter
of one per cent
How many circulars are taken into the homes and
read by the members of the family who are buyers? Not
10 percent
If you doubt this statement go around some morning
after a bunch of circulars have been distributed and Me
bow many are left lying in the yard, lacked into the gutter or blown about the street f->.
People wdnme the daily paper. The circular is
looked upon as a nuisance by many, particularly those
who have to dean up the litter they make on the lawns.
P****** *mr*L*** "��**&)*
orgaatalng a ruiey-MS wl-trt^-tit* tor
Its OS-dart tba romptote equality at Ib*
aeiea and th* aii|-pi��aalun ul pvlyirauiy.
slsveey and prostitution. Tbe National
Council of Cblasaa Wossaa la to be ar-
���antaad ta at* *��t*stoBMVAad:bralit*bBS
.wUI  h* eagass*n"sts**-B - wi ***%*���
thl-sMt-ghout UM sMSa-ll-a.
P-Witt-h Olrf T��1I* Haw, Prayer '****
-suited In Mar Curs,
��� l*rW**J^J(fif9m. I**** of Ue*
.Virgin at Beaters, which, aceerdlng ttf
report, spoke and'' libtztorfad ssiracsv
lons powers wb��s  ths tm* ot tha
Tour advertishiix should fin* of all ci-**tea good mi-
presslon in order to draw people ti your store.    Which,
do you think the householder prs-fers reading, ��� circular,
or your advertisement in the newi^paperf
��� And the newspaper foBowsupite wo A dny after dt��y.
The circular goes to the waste basket and is forgotten in
a few hour*.
The New;
advertisers.   Uie
mary aQitotiBttmettii.
���News brings 1
to its
;" I
jt: .
....      .���. i-~^^Ul^x,*ohm
Have   you   tried   Eggo
Powder,    absolutely
teed,, per 16 or, tin .
Once more we emphasize the
fact that"you Bhould try Chateau Soups, per can  10c.
Uiscnlts, very choice mixed, 4
Ihs. for 25c.
regular   20c.
2 for 25c.
for  J5c  to-
for ...
Ono pound, tall cans of Salmon,
exceptional value..2 for 25c.
Asparagus, regular 25c. per can
today          ** **�������� *���"*-
Starch,  regular 2
day, per pkg.  .
Cowan's Chocolate, regular 50c.
per lb., today, per lb ���40c.
Pickles in gallon bottles, regular 1.25, today  11.00
The apples we have been selling at $1.65 to $1.75 per box we
have decided to unload at $1.50
per box. We have only 40
boxes left at   this   exceptional
Spitenberg Apples, box $2.00
Oranges, 40c, 35c, 25c. dozen.
Head  Lettuce, head    10c
3   heads   for    25c.
Cauliflower,  head    20c.
Cabbage,  per  lb 4c
Celery, 2 headB for  25c
Green Onions and Parsley, per
bunch     5c.
Beets, per lb 3c
Public Supply'Stores
**, U AI'AMS       S. K. BIUGOS
a  Presented with Traveling  Bay
Fellow Workers on  Retiring
from Public Works Office.
A meeting of the committee on
plans for the Young Women's Chris
tian Association wlll be held at the
home of Mrs. Lamb, Third avenue, tomorrow morning.
Dick J. Lawrence, teacher of banjo,
mandolin and guitar.   Telephone 694.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Oat
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery
Telephone 281. (6��4)
Expert skate sharpening and riveting.-Oscar Swankon, 13 Begble Btreet.
The supper served at the Native
Sons' ball was not supplied by the
Dunsmulr Cafe    as    many  thought
A meeting of the school board will
be held this afternoon for the purpose of considering the applications
for the position of supervising school
Miss Hughes has well earned the
name which has been given her ol
"New Zealand's Temperance Queen.'
The regular monthly meeting of the
Westminster Business Hen's Association will be held tn tbe Conservative
Club rooms on Tuesday evening,
February 11, at 8 o'clock.
A branch of the Union Bank of Oan
ada was opened for business oo
Saturday, January 4, in the premise,
recently vacated by W. E. Slnclaii
611 Columbia street. (605)
Miss Barbara Wylie, the celebrated
English suffragette, concluded hei
Canadian campaign last night, and
leaves New Westminster for England
The light committee of the council
have under consideration a Bample of
a new street lamp known as the
"I'"lamlng Arc." This light, it is understood, is a very efficient article
and does not consume as much cm-
rent as the ones at present In vise.
Tho Hotel Dominion, a fire-proof
building, is thoroughly equipped with
modern Improvements, including elt��
vator. Rates "3 cents and up per day.
First class cafe in connection. Corner
;f Columbia and Sixth streets.     (538)
With tha retirement of Mr. D. C.
Tuck aa chief clerk at the office of
the department of public works ln
this city a pleasing ceremony took
place at the office on Tuesday afternoon when the present staff under
District Engineer C. C. Worsfold presented him with a fine traveling bag
aa a token of the esteem ln which he
waa held by hla fellow employees.
Mr. Tuck decided to study law and
has entered the office of Mr. J. Stil-
well Clute,
Mr. Tuck's aaaoclation with the Dominion department of ' public wo-***s
dates back twenty yeara, flrat entering on his work under the present
chief engineer of the department of
railways, F. C. Gamble, who was then
resident engineer at Victoria. When
���he offices were moved over to New
Westminster Mr. Tuck took up hi*
residence In this city and has seen
piervice under Resident Engineers J.
R. Roy, the late O. A. Keefer and the
nresent Incumbent, Mr. C. C. Worsfold.
Mr. Worsfold tn making the presentation, mentioned the fact.of the long
service of Mr. Tuck In the depart
ment, and while regretting his decision to seek other fields, wished
him on behalf of himself and the staff
the best of success In his new venture.
Mr. Tuck, wbo was taken somewhat
by surprise, responded in a few words,
stating that while he would no longer
be associated with the office, he would
always remember the co-operative
spirit tbat existed and still exists
among the public works staff.
Mr. D. E. MacKenzie, manager of
the Royal Agricultural and Industrial
society, will be ln attendance at the
innual convention of the North Pacific Fair Circuit of the International
Fairs' association which wlll be
held today at Salem, Ore. Mr. MacKenzie travelled over>-to Victoria on
Tuesday with Mr. C. A. Welsh and
Alderman Jardine, who were appointed by the R. A. ft I. society to interview the government on matters relative to this year's exhibition, and from
li'-ri- journeyed down  to Salem.
In  The Courts
A horse warranty case occupied
Judge Howay's attention yesterday in
the county court. The circumstances
were that Willam Green, farmer, Agassis-, bought a horse from H. H. Nal-
smith, another farmer, for $260, on
the terms of $160 cash and $100 by
promissory note. The horse was guaranteed docile, whereas Green alleged
that he found later on she was a
kicker. Whereupon he sued for a
return of the note and damages for
breach of warranty. Alternatively he
claimed a rescission of the contract
of purchase and sale and a return of
the purchase money and promissory
One of the* features of the procedure was that the plaintiff got judgment by default against the defendant but having failed to give due legal
notice of the move, the Judgment was
afterwards set aside. Yesterday tlio [
plaintiff thought it advisable to discontinue the action and Judgment was
entered for the defendants with costs,
���both on the setting aside of the first
Judgment by default, and yesterday's
Counsel tor plaintiff, Mr. Lucas of
Vancouver; counsel for the defendant,
Mr. D. Whiteside of Whiteside ft Edmonds, New Westminster.
I    Principal Hetlierlngton,   ef   Qo\m
|blan college will deliver fin Illustrated j Vancouver men
lecture in the Kpworth League rooms,
of   the   Queens   Avenue    Methodisl
church on Monday evening, February
10,  his  subject  being "The   Strange;
Within Our Gates."
Maplo 'loach, the old Whulen p^op
erty at Point Roberts, the Bummer
home of scores of New Westminster
people, has been cut Into building lots
for Immediate sale. Price* ana particular* from Curtis -i Dorgan, 706
Columbia street. (622;
/ J
It is estimated that
65 p.c. of the value of
estates left to private
executors is either lost
through dishonesty or
through lack of financial knowledge.
Trust Company literature frequently asserts that not one dollar of estates in the
hands of trust companies has ever been lost.
The assertion has never
been contradicted.
If this Company has
not already been named
in your Will as executor, the omission should
be remedied without
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
One of the pro-Lenten events ln
the city waB thai held in St George'B
hall ou Tuesday evening when the
choir of" Holy Trinity cathedral were
entertained by .Mrs. A. S. Bennett and
Miss L. M. Tiirney, both members of
lhe choir. Singing, cards and danc
iug was indulged ln, dainty refresh
menta being served near midnight.
Permits to the aggregate value of
J3U50 were issued at the building Inspector 's office yesterday. The largest
was taken out by R. W. Smith for
the erection of a six roomed buiiga
low on Kiver drive. Tne others were:
It. H. Beharrel, $600, for moving a
house ou Third street; Dr. Agnew,
$1110, for extensions to house on Sec
ond street and Queens avenue; H. C.
S. Vincent, $250, for a three roomed
cottage ou London street
Beeton and Hobbs, two
have purchased the
Junction hotel at Coqultlam, for a
sum in the neighborhood of $50,000.
M. T. W. Quilty, who has been proprietor of the iuildlng for a considerable period was the vendor. The
price given is understood to get a
fairly high mark for Coqultlam property. Although the deal has been
put through it is not probable the
new proprietors will take over the
premises before March 1.
Now in Victoria.
Mayor Gray, Aldermen Kellington,
Henley, and .lardlrio, Messrs. John A.
Lee, J. R. Agar. C. A. Welsh, D. E.
MacKenzie, C. H. Stuart Wade, aad
City Engineer J. W. B. Blackman are
the members of the deputation at present ln Victoria interviewing the government authorities on matters affecting New Westminster. The City
Council, Board of Trade, Progressive
Association and the It, A, t I- Society afe aI1 repre,ented In the delegation.
Boya Ara Sentenced.
E. Q. Cairns and Victor Cairns, two
young men of the city, who pleaded
guilty to charges of embezzlement
some time ago, in the police court and
upon whom sentence was deferred,
came up before Magistrate Edmonds
yesterday morning, to hear their punishment.
Mr. J. R. Grant of Corbould, Grant
& MeColl, who conducted the private
prosecution ot accused, at the instance
of their employers, a real estate firm
in town, stated that restitution had
been made and that his instructions
were not to press for sentence, bo far
as his clients were concerned. Up to
about October or November last the
conduct ot the prisoners had been
good . After tbat time it was supposed they engaged lu a gambling
transaction. They were not confirmed
criminals and he hoped tbey might
be given a chance to turn out decent
men in future.
Mr. A. 8. Johnston for the defence,
called a couple of witnesses who testified, generally, to tbe previous good
character of the accused.
Mr. Johnston asked for a penalty
that would be a corrective rather than
the imposition of a term of imprisonment.   *
The magistrate said that the law-
did not empower him to Impose a fine
In lieu of Imprisonment, but only to
tmpope a fine lo addition to imprisonment. How long had these men
been In Jail, be asked.
Chief Bradshaw���Eleven days.
The magistrate eald tbe accused
Were fortunate in having been detected before the matter got beyond their
power and the power of their friends
to straighten out They were still
more fortunate in the prosecution taking such a lenient view of the case,
lit It had not becn for that position,
1 he would not for a moment think of
dealing as leniently aa be Intended to do. He agreed lt was their duty
to save men from becoming criminals. In the circumstances his worship said he would Inflict a penalty
of five days' Imprisonment and a $50
rinu swill
 . ��	
On account of the negligence or
some auto proprietors in the ally as
regards procuring the 1913 number
signs for their carB the provincial
police department aro being caused
considerable inconvenience.
Several dayB ago a whole shipment
��� if signs arrived from the police headquarters at Victoria, but the greater
bulk ot them still remain in the local
office awaiting their claimants.
On account of the lack of sufficient
room for the combined buildings on
the Twelfth street site the jail and
storehouse committee of the council
have under consideration the erection
of a storehouse and lockup on two
different locations. The proposition
Ib to erect the storehouse on- Uie
Twelfth street site and the lock-up on
the property at present ocupied by
the civic board of works department
on Quebec street
The committee Ib also endeavoring
to secure a site trom the provincial
government on Seventh avenue between Sixth and Eighth streets for
the board of works Btables und wagon
shedB. The committee of the council
which left for Victoria Tuesday evening to interview the government authorities on various matters affecting
this city will make a request for the
Seventh  street  property.
Letters from Suffragettes to Premier
Burst Into Flames.
Dundee, Scotland, JFeb. 5...���.Five
postmen were burned*; this evening
several of them quits- seriously, by
the combustion of chemicals contained In letters.
One of the postffletl, on returning
from his evening collection of mall
from the public letter boxes, emptied
hla bag on the sorting'table at the
poetoffice. The contents Instantly
burst into flames.
A large number of the envelopes
contained tubes of phosphorus and
other highly inflammable chemicals.
They were adressed -'to Premier Asqulth and the sheetaf of paper were
instrlbcd: "Justice for Women."
Hundreds of Short Lengths at a Tithe of
Their Former Value
Short lengths of White Goods, suitable for Children's Dresses, Waists and Skirts
at one-third less than usual prices.
55c.  8-4  Linoleum,  to
close at  35c.
80c. 16-4 Linoleum, to
close at- 40c.
$1.50 Inlaid Remnants,
per yard  .75c.
Ladies' Kid Gloves; all
sizes in soft grey
suede; 75c. grade, to
close at 50c.
Ladies' Kid Gloves in
tans; 75c. grade; to
close a 50c.
Ladies' Embroidered Collars; 25c. grade, nearly
all sizes; to close at 10c.
Ladies' Hockey Caps, 75c.
grade; to close at. .50c.
Ladies' Neck Mufflers;
25c. and 35c. grades, to
close at  15c.
100 dozen Ladies' Handkerchiefs; per doz. 50c.
Small Lots to Close.
$1.25 Stanfield Underwear  85c.
65c. Feece Underwear,
at  39c.
$3.00 Hats at $1.50
You Will find considerable profit to your self in looking  over this Remnant
Stock.  They represent the end of the best selling lines this season.
Our Unrivalled Success
in Prescription work is
proof of our careful attention to every detail.
All Ingredients used are of
the highest purity, and compounded by capable graduates
In pharmacy. We give you "just
what the doctor orders."
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
Chemist and Druggist Phone 66.
Tha store with the green lights.
Tlie Buagboat Samson returned tu
the government wharf on Tuesday
night after two clayu surveying on tha
Kraser river to the westward of Cm
rie and Mc Williams cannery alon*- tin���
j shore line.
Mr. I'lilsholm of the  Dominion en-
I Klneering department, conducted the
survey. The object was primarily to
supply Information to the public urks
supply Infor-malion to the public
works department aud, lt ia under
stood, has also sonic connection with
the New Westminster harbor scheme,
A number of hubs were driven into
ihe bed of the river und soundings for
j the channel  taken at various points.
I Mr. Chiaholm  was subsequently land
ed at the Steveston extension pier.
Yesterday  the Samson had a most
successful  snag pulling expedition in
tho neighborhot-d of Kwen's    Blough.
���,Somo    very    large   un*i*-a were extrl-
II cated.
Stranger Busy.
The tugboat Stranger camo down
river yesterday aficrnoon from Pitt
lake where ahe had gone to tow a
boom of logs for tha Small & Bucklln lumber mills. The boom had been
moored to a snag by the gasoline boat
Skipper, but on the arrival of the
Stranger It was found the boom had
carried away the una-- and was stranded on the l'i it lake flats and unapproachable.
Captain Campbell reports the Pitt
river tree of Ice.
A Mighty email Blaze.
The fire department were called out
at 3 o'clock this morning to a small
(Ire which had started In the machine
shop adjoining the Dunsmulr cafe. It
was found that tlie motor in the establishment had become heated. Nn
damage whatever was reported by the
Thla ls the first day ot Lent. Fish
today . Salmon, Halibut, Cod.- Herring*!, Soles, Oolichans and all kinds
cf Smoked Fish at
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phene 98. 447 Columbia Street.
It Will Pay You
to bring your prescription to us; does
not matter what doctor writes lt we
can supply lt and you may be sure
of getting exactly what your doctor
orders at prlcea baaed on aervlces
rendered. Thirty yeara ln business.
Biggest' and best drug store in city.
Curtis Drug Store
Passes Suffrage Bill.
Harrlsburg, Pa., Fab. 5.���The reso
button proposing an amendment to the
state constitution ter permit women
to vote was adopted finally by the
house of representatives today by a
vote for 131 to 70.,' The resolution
if adopted this session must be adopted by the legislature of 1915 before
it can be sent to tlie people fo rap-
 -   I 'SSSBBSSBSSSSS--------*---
and SEEDS.
Phone 43: L. O. 7*; Haa. 71
Naw    Westminster,    b   C.
Chance off for New York.
Los Angeles, Feb. 6. ��� Frank
Chance announced tonight that he
will leave tomorrow morning to assume his duties as manager of the
New York team. He wlll atop over a
day in Chicago.
Ottawa, Feb. 5.���-The telegraph statistics of the department of railways
and canals dealing with the telegraph
luiHinesB of tlie Dominion, which have
just been issued, Indicate that foreign companies do a large share of
the  telegraph   bunlnes   oof   Canada.
The Western Union Telegraph Company, for Instance, earned 354,888.19
from Canadian business last year and
this is thought to be a conservative
Of the six cable companies having
a terminus in Canada' all are more
or less controlled hy foreign Interests, while they are under the control
of  the Western   Union.
G. T. P. Makes Admio6lon.
Montreal, Feb. 5. An official statement Issued today at the offices of the
Crand Trunk Hallway, declares that
there never has been a traffic agreement between the Grand Trunk and
New Haven Railroad, but admits that
there waB a "proposed agreement."
Tbe statement Hays that the proposed
extensions in New England have not
been finally abandoned, but may be
taken up if "financial arrangements
can be made."
Workmen in Every
feel the need of Glasses today whsr
EYESTRAIN Is the rule and not the
Wcrkmen who would have  reliable
help for their eyes should call on
Druggist and Optician
Columbia  Streak Phone 57
How good it sounds. It has a sting
though if the rent is too high. Why
and buy a home of us. Apply tha
rent you now pay to help buy tha
home. We can make the payments
eaay and you will be saving money instead of helping the other fellow to do
so.   Call and talk It over with ua.
312-15  Westminster Trust Mack,
and 749 Columbia  SL
Naw Westminster, B.C.
BOILERS Riveted Steel Ptrxsaj
���OX 442
Reduction on all lines.
(except Gramophones aad Records)
during the remainder of this
This is a bona fide offer
and it will pay you to investigate.
546 Columbia Street
Phone 455
These are art In (jaod locations and  ara  good  Investments  at
thay ean ba bought for now.
135a���FIFTH  STREET    near  Btgfith**"���
avenue; 60x138 l* lana; a good buy
at "-1,00ft* one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH   AVENUE  near 4th
street''r'tw*> Iota: *-raner stylet 60x480
all cleared aad graded; prfee 11275
1387���a�� FOOT LOT corner af Sixth
avenue and Ash atreet; price *��00o
oa -eaay terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Wa writ. Fire, Life, Accident E mployere* Liability, AuUsstvoklls
Marina IneuMMs-cew
ths  priest,
68 tot*. UA In good location; Just of
Columbia Btreet; price $1200 on
eaay terms.
near Sixth atreet car line; 50x150
j eaoh; aome are cleared; Btreet is
graded; price 83000 ea good tanas
The" YALE" Marine
This Engine will ham
"Cheap Fuer
These Rnglnea ara hhllt to
suit the requirements of the
Pacific Coaat Flahlng trade.
Place your orders early.
Made In Naw Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps  Engineering Co., Ltd, Naw Westminster-
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone tSS-6 6*3 Sixth Street
Sir Edmund II. Osier, M.I*., President W. D. Matthews, Vice-President.
0. A. Bogert, General Manager.
Head Office Toronto, Ont.
CAPITAL PAID-UP $5,000,000
RESERVK FUND     8,000,000
TOTAL ASSETS      78,000,000
A branch of thla Bank has been eetabllshed ln New Weetmluster
at the corner ot Columbia and Sixth Streets, opposite the Post Office.
A Oeneral Banking Business transacted.
O. H. MATHEW80N, Manager.
18 bu,


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