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The New Westminster News Aug 8, 1913

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News Classified Ads.    i?
Have proven their wortb <*��� the
results   they   produce.     *������>'     fill
large   or   small , wants  iS     small
cost. o>
WtatHer Todajn
New  Westminster and ttm tower
nalnland: Light lo mcj.���-%:<��� uiiiibt*.
generally fair with not maekx tiisai&i*.
In temperature.
'' ��i
S i'
VOLUME8,   I.    MBER   129.
'.   ���������.
bluffs to mm
Huerta Talks Big in an Endeavor to Pad His Popularity
on American-Mexican Situation���Washington Recog
James   Gould,   of   South   Vancouver,
Run  Down  by Train Yesterday
Steve    Madison.   Vancouver's    V'ater I
Htatcd That Visiting Auto-!    eunerintendtnt, to b= subject    [Japanese Press Agent Will Market Was Glutted With
lets Shun Them on Ac- c( Judcial Probe Tell Americans How Nice       Democrats,   But   There
Struck liy a C, P. tt. passenger train
leaving Vancouver eastbound at 2
o'clock   yesterday   afternoon.     James
coimt of Fines.
n        ���*       t C.c,~   U���l Rnfiicou to Wnvp Until Wil- 'Mrs    Gould,   170   27 th   avenue   west,
nizes Gravity of Case, But Keluses io .uovt unui nu |��^ VHnC01lV(,r ^ fatallv lnJured
son's Personal Representative Reaches Destination
Washington) Aug. 7��� The America
govorninent was confronted tonlgh
with what official Washington regard
ed as the musl delicate Bituation It,
its relatioius with Mexico that has
yot developed since armed revolution
iliBttirbed tbe peace of tbe southern
The threatened rebuff from the
Huerta administration to the mission
of John i.ind, personal representative
of President Wilson, en route to
Mexico t'lty, drew from Senator
Bacon, chairman of the foreign rein
tions committee, a declaration on tin
floor of the senate today that thc
present situation was "the gravest ii,
years, much graver than confronted
ub when the Cuban question wa.
Grave  Situation.
The president realizes the grav'.lv
cf the Bituation and manifested iuda>
ins displiasure at the attitude ol
some tnembers -of the minority part}
In congresB, telling callers that he be
li< veil certain Republicans would
make lt difficult for hlm to handle
the situation in a peaceful manner.
On this account, Mr. Wilson JuBtlfleil
tonight the strong and emphatic
language of Senator Bacon, who. In
a debate ln the senate on llie resolu
lion of Senator iTark, of Wyoming
Republican, dsgnanding  a -general   lu
ar lo his representations, recognl
tlon of the belligerency of the con
.titutlonalists should follow as I
natural consequence.    The  thing tha
hitherto  bus  blocked   any   movement |a  culvert and  climbed  up on  to
for  recognition of  the  constitutional-  tracks   where  h
Vancouver.   Aug.   7.���Al   the   meeting of  the   water  committee  of    the
o'clock   yesterday   aiiernoon,     jtunrn i city   council   this   afternoon.   It     was
Uould, the six year old son of Mr. and   Motor Owners Roast Municipality for decided  that a judge of the supreme
     "   -'���    ""   "*"������   *��**���'*   *���*���') I leourt should  be asked  to  investigate
Ithe charges preferred liy Alderman
McBeath against Steve Madison
water superintendent, The charges
Include drinking during business
hours, disregard of the orders of the
city engineer and the city council, in
efficient discharge of I1I3 duties and
conduct unbecoming a prominent
official of the city. It is Btated that
others may be brought againat him.
His People Are.
at a point near tlie Hamilton I'owder
Works In North llurnaby.
The child was one of a parly of pic
nickers who were enjoying them
selves on the bench, where the C.P.R
Manner in Which Act It Geinn
If the cars of Burnaby municipality's
tracks are in close proximity, and : police officers did not burn1 last n ght
wandering awav from his playmates, | they should have, for, at the meeting
It is believed that he walked through'of the New Wesiminster auto club, the
 nbed  up on  to  the  officers were the rubject of some dls-
ie  was struck by the j cutsion, moft of which was not com-
The Question   la Will   Thry   Believe
His Well Told Tales?���Another
Note Ocm Tckio.
Was No Cash.
istB haa been the realization that, the,train.    Medical aid was at once sum- pltmentary.
  .     ...    ..        ...  .    ,, 1   u-.i........... li   wno   In.
United StateB government by BUCl
action would forfeit ItB right to
claims for damages against tlie
Huerta   administration.    With   open
diplomatic    hostility       between
Huerta government and the    Hi
States    government    eventually,
they  believe,  by  lifting  the  emb
on   arms,
soon, would  triumph
President Wilson and Secretary
Bryan let ll be known tonight lhat
nettling further would be done until
Mr. Lind reached Mexico City and
oflicial eonllrmallon of the reported
attitude of the Huerta government
reached here.
moiied from Vancouver and Kdmonds, I    it was the wholesale fining of mo-
but on the arrival of Dr. Telford life ! toristB  that    was    protested  against.
was nearly extinct and  the little fel-  Speaking of thiB Ur. Holmes said: "In
low died about ll o'clock in the Van-!tny own mind, those people out there
lhe couver hospital. |liave   made  up   their   minds   10   raise
lted j    Chief  of  Police  Parkinson and  Dr.' revenue for the roads aud It's no use
a., Carswell,   of   New   Westminster,  ar- ! fighting.    Under the present act the
rived nbout 30 mlnutea after the ae-jway   they   are   interpreting   it   every
vi.    Iiv   I If 1 Ills'   till-   smDBru-u   rivou   nuuui   -ei   imuui��B  ���*,��;��   wn  *��-^- : ���.*     ���.    - . r ,     r,      ,
the "consti^lonaitst  ca,.;,-' Cldent. but the Uttert.m**m were 1 oar driven throng, there can be fined
not required.   An Inquest wni likely be
All Swelled Up.
Mexico City, Aug. 1.���President
Huerta's preallgc iiiuuiik Mexicans 111
the capital undoubtedly lias been victoria
strensthened by what la regarded as
lis dellance of the United Statea.
Kven those who hud been luke-warm
In their support of the admlnlBlra
tion, profess admiration for the
soidierpreBideut   who   dared   to
Motorists Fair Qame.
"It seems to me," Baid J. P. Hampton
Bole, "that motorists have been considered fair game for the municipality's  treasury  these  dull  times."
Another member thought the policy
of fining upon the least provocation
a short-sighted one, for he knew tourists to purpoBely avoid Burnaby roads
Francisco,  Aug.  7.���The
    Japanese   have  hired   a
1 agent. The orientals couch the
I matlon ln more suave language, ex
J plaining that they have "decided upon
a campaign of education ln this country and Japan."
Klyethi Kawakanl. a newspaperman
with training on both sides of the Pacific. Is the man selected. He learned his proftsslon In Japan and then
came to the United Stales and took
an  arts  course  at  the  University  of
  lowa, getting his degree of maBter of
 I arts at the  University of Wisconsin.
._... ... j Since completing his American college
If There's Any  Ctrincency  Mr.  Ketly Icourse- he has been engaged in ma-
1 gazlne   and   newspaper  work   In   this
Mulhall Did HiB Best with tfie Fund*
Available for  Running  Uncle
Cam's  Elections.
Washington.  Aug.
Ths IntacMf
press : workings of the  National A.t*odaXix*ci
nfor'  of   Manufacturers   were   exphiiued   ta
Can't See It���Hia Business
Heavier Than Last Year.
Want  Artistic  Liar.
What Kawaskami has been employed to do, it is stated, is to correct in
this  country  what  the Japanese  feel
is a growing misconception  of thetn-
the house lobby cotnrafttes today by
James 1.. Ewell, former manager sf a
'.rude publication issued in oonuectiata
with  the organization.
The witness went at -great length
Into several Internal dissension* that
disturbed the organization and attacked rather bitterly some tot ita officials, particularly J. H. iiyrd wbo Ise
I declared treated him unfairly io Aia-
charglng hlm frcm the employ of th-e-
Little of Ewell's testimony Imam tux
the legislative activities of ttie a*r��
elation, although he did deacribe tw.*
conversations between Mr. Uyrd -and
Col. Martin Mulhall, at which he was
Thought He Did Weft.
"On one occasion." he satd. "f biow
there  was a  tremendous fight 00  in
the district of Representative Hur.lie*
of New Jet-Fey.    I was talking to Mr.
Dyrd when Mr. MuITiall cane into tho
Will  Send a  Boatload, Van
couver  Is Boosting and Everything Is Going Well.
Winnipeg, Aug. 7.���"As to business i" ,** *** �����  ���: r~~z~ . " ���_,    .
���3 7 T,  Tv.V-.---Y- io-'"! "��P Prospects, 1  would say that  telYeB �� a, People and  Iheir objects
and to drive possible Investors away fl . bu8iue88 good aud ���,,,��� con.  and  methods  is  settling  in  America.1
like that was utterly foolish. slderablv   laracr  than  last   vear   Ccl-They ,eel that a clear" understand-
It  waB  pointed   out  that  owing  to  ,���,,,�������� r"fzL   ,*n,'���,.  ���'.t ' rim* lnS ��r the -Japanese from  the  Btand-1 "l'��� ������u��.. ... -��� ������- ---
: reflation, there was con-1 l<:cticnBJare good' ln ,acl- inlhe f,ace. | point ot their own alms, ambitiona and  mom.    In  Ws  eharactertetfc way ��c
will serve to overcome whatever  shouted: 'Veil. I conld have done ***-
Her if 1 had more money.   1 P"jg*
;alnst tnem.        ^^^ .have    encni?h     r.ieney.    Tliere    werr-
luge u-.  uus.     >ii^ ��n��u  limn ��-. ���,,   . ���-��� .     - .    *'ul    The work will bc financed by popu-  Plenty ot Democrats over theres"**!
mlleB an  hour  was called  ridiculous.  Andrew     Kelly,    president    of     the !,��� subscription among Japanese real-  <H<1  t��ot  navp  enough   rnoooy to toy
However, the majority of members  N%estern Canada Flour M.lia company.Id(.nlB of Ult , dMij, coaEl gtateg. jUBt\;hem.    1 think. I did damii ***at **mtf
thought   lf  proper  representations  of  this morning. lhow muct money tas "been auliacrlh-'. the money.'the witness do""-"*-
*���**- '-'    "We hear a lot on the street    and  ed could not be learned tonight, but1.    On another occasion, Swell fsam. **������
���the recent regulation, there was con- I ���*-*'*'*'"-'"" *      ��� ���" ---  *-������- -  -"ipolnio
fusion as to whether or not numbers  cf our doing more business than las'.  ,dea,8 ,.���, gerve to overcome WQ���evf. 	
on   side   lamps   were   necessary   and yeM'J am plea8e? to be ab'Ll,   ,Bay   prejurice may exist among Americans ter if 1 hnd more mtraer^
Burnab) officials were taking advan-  ��ur   book   accounts   are   (40.000   less;  Bgatatt them. I
tage of this.    The speed limit of 10  *��J  on  A1Jg1UBt  1 lasl_, year-      ******'    Thu ��nrk ,
Kepubllcan,  dejnanduig   a  general   in-1  ...esldeut   wbo   uarea   10     talk! imougni   11   proper   rt-pre.---maii.iini  u, 1  	
terventlon iu slexlean alfalrs   had re.|ha''k lu Washington, although nol alii    Bringing   back   word   that  Victoria ithe existing conditions were made to      "We hear a lot on the street    and Ucl could not be learned tonight, butl    On another occaalon, 1
-. ,i,...���  aKr,,u a8 t0 iile  wiBdom    of ]was  going strnng for the  l*bur day (the council ihat lhey would be recti-1[snme times through the preBa    about ht waa said tiiat enough money waa In iheard  Humau    demand
-������������-   ���' -'���1- ��������� �����~>'. "���������u nn Sj>nt   1   Ihe   fied  ��nd  a  committee  from  the New , the  shortage    of  money,"     aaid     Mr. (sight already to conduct the work of|Bvrd.  "for    work     In
..._-l-o���A   T.ro.-.'.e,!   -htm   th
Iho president,    wnne tne  iai-	
endeavoring to pul into effect *>< **���'��� offldally defined  Intentions
W'lwhi i, i-i. ,1
ferred to the resolution bb openly
"disrespectful" and "flouting In tin
face of the president."  while the lat
ter   WBB
I  peace  policy.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tin-   resolution   finally   was   forced
< IT the day'a calendar.
President Wilson was unmoved by
advices from .Mexico City depicting
lhe Huerta government us.iniinicul to
Mr. I.Iiuls inisflion. He let it be
known, too. that so far as he win
able to learn there was not the sliulit
eBl demand from llie American people for intervention, and declined to
rpsruss alternatives that might be
used in the event lhal the efforts ol
ihe (Jnlted States government to help
restore peace in Mexico were rejected.
While lhere  is little  disposition   to
doubt the veracity of the    news dis-1
patches, describing the attitude of the
mn rta    government    against     Und ;
of ihem
���,  ���....���   ���   ���_    ��� .   the council  lhat  they  would  be recti- |snme times through the preBa    about In wa�� said that enough money waa inineuni   numr-u     v.^..���...
ana   many   ui   uu>ui     tion-   picnic at Queen's park on SepL 1, the ' tied  and  a  committee  from  the New , the  shortage    of  money,"     aaid     Mr. jalght already to conduct the work oflBvrd,   "for    work     In
acted pri cipitalely in view   special  committee, consisting' of Aid-' """-������'������""���  ���*������*">  v***mea,xttu.  mmiftn. ; Kellv.    "I  have  covered  a  good   deal 1 thla bureau of publicity for some time IByrd   promised   Mra   tl
'his  course and  many   of  them
sidend In
'���;-  ���     ���   . rtage    of  money,"    aaid    Mr.jalght already to conduct  tne worn 01   ������������'	
^^^^ Westminster  and  Vancouver associa- i Kelly.    "I have  covered a good  deal Ithls bureau of publicity for some time IByrd  promised  Mra  the
erinan  Dodd.  It.  A.  Stoney and I). B. Itlon will Le called  by J.  W.  Kerr to 1 of ground In the    last    five    or    Blx I   (witness declared.
���iiiiutw... Cameron,  arrived   from    the    capital Ipresent the case. weeks and went to some trouble    tol Again a Not-. |    Kwell told the commfttce att*e ��*���-
Jusl   what course President   Huerta   yesterday  morning. The practice known to the motoring  make   Inquiry  regarding tight  money I    Tokio,  Aug. ".���The Japanese gov- | enmstancea of the resignation of Mar-
^^^^���^���^���     During  their  stay   In   Victoria   the . fraternity as "h igidng tlie road" was  and  I  failed    to    find    one    Instance  ernment has prepared a new note for 1 "hall Ciishin-r t<.s secretary of tbe Na-
"    '   "  ���'���  ���J   -"-��� "'  '���   where a  firm  or  individual  who was 'presentation to the United States gov- 1 Meiial   As-rciatfan   of   Man-obctoreni.
carrying on a legitimate commercial ernment in answer to Secretary of; He -nid Cuslnrg declined o> MI thf
business had any trouble in getting [State Bryan's last communication to officers and directors the details o��
all    the    accommodation      necessary 'Japun ccmcernfm- rhe California alien . the expenditure of money m a cuai*
will tuke in the event that John
Lind, President Wilson's persona!
rupreseiiTatlve. continues hia trip to
Mexico City, is a mutter for speculation No official declaration has been
mado yet as to what this course will
be. It is assumed thut Mr. I.ind
niigl.l enter the republic nt Vera Cruz
and come to lhe capital without
molestation, since Ihe question of his
credentials could not be expected 13
be answered until his arrival here,
but whether be shall be expelled or
nieridy Ignored remains undetermined.
Free-e out  for  Lind.
Keen   Interest  Is  being  evinced  as
to  what  the attitude of  Washington
speculation    Is
^^^^^^^^^    Mr.  Lind  will
be recalled, or permitted  to coiitliiu
as far a-< he can  and thus force the
issue  upon   l'n-Bldent   Huerta.
Mexicans,  generally,  of  the  confer
vu ive class, appear  to  believe    that
there  is hope  among    administration   will be    In    lhe    face
officials that, upon mature reflection   Huerta's defiance and
no aueh  Intimation  will  be  conveyed [divided  as  to  whether
formally to the Washington authorities.
Thinks It a Bluff.
The president Ib known to hold tin
opinion that the Huerta administration would make a vital mistake to
refuse at Ihls stage to receive sin en
voy from the chief executive of lh.-
llniled States, even though the em's
sary lacked diplomatic status. Mr
l.iud. it v.as pointed out. i.iir|i*:iselv
was sent without credentials, so lu*
might deal freely with persons of all
factions in Mexico, who miidit Inquire
ns to the views of the Washington
II   vis pointed    out    that. If
lluerla   government   refused   to
with a representative of the president
of the United States or lurned a deaf
above  tunned  three  all  spoke at   the   proten<-d against  and  efforts will  be
meeting  of  lbe   Victoria  Trades  and I made to punish  offenders.
Labor council on  Wednesday evening.*     Delegates tr, the Pacific -Coast High-
with the reriili that a strong commit-   -way   league   were   named   ns   follows
tee   wus   appointed   to   round   up   all   Messrs.     T"dd.     Warren.   Mole,   Kerr,
union men who will make the trip ami   Walter Gilley  anil   Dr.   Holmes.
also  to  charter a  special   Bteami r  to	
bring Ihem  up the f'raaer.
According to the heads of the special committees at the back of the affair, the picnic will he the largesi
ever held liy Unionists In British Columbia. Vancouver la pulling strong
for the event and 11 motion to assist
in everv way possible was passed at
a meeting nf ihe Vancouver Trades
and Labor council last evening, at
whloh Chairman Harry Gibb of the
picnic committee was present
One Vancouver union sent in its
donation last evening to Mr. Ililih
while several more 1 nromised thnt
theirs would be available before tbe
next meeting.
A meeting of "ll the oommltteea will
be heid In the Labor Temple on Sun-
from  the  bank  to  take care of  business."
THfTR!:'?   NO   LAW   FOR   IT
_     _ .^         i-.ni.  F,|ic..u..u.L   v.   ... j
land ownership legislation.    The new[nalgtt!to T****Uct RdjveaeuA<SlH��XiHB��
(note defends  the position  Japan  pre- Ifle/o.   if .Ma::i<".
Ivfously assumed    that  the land  own- 1     "Thev wanted to knots* Suat wlu-tt tv-
erslifn    bill    violates    the    JapaneEe- /^IcI   with   Ihe  money    he    litul"  MM
American treaty.
Sinator     Sherman      Prefers      Dollar
Diplomacy   When  There  Was
Come Business Done.
vu ive  class,  appear   tu   ...-m-.c     .......: .   ,,,...  t
lluerla wlll not drive Mr. Lind from day evening when lhe program will
Hu- country, but will be content with be gone over once more for final com-
inhering him.    except,    perhaps.    f;ir pie tlon.
subjecting hlm 10 surveillance In Commencing at 10 o'clock In the
order to see that he does nothing that morning of Labor Day. the committee
possibly could be construed ns mixing in charge promises there will be come-
in Iiie politics of the country. thing   doing   everv   minute   until   the
Unless a radical change Is effected "home" waits is played hy the orclu-s-
In the sentiment at the palace Mr tra In the agrlcullural building where
I.inti will not be given an opportunity I a big dance will he held.
i-i lalk with President Huerta,    even | ���	
though he 19 permitted to remain In
:lie capital, nor will he be anv more
successful In uniting any official of
the  government.
Dr. Harvey Cuching Puts up Vigorous
Argument for Torturing  Dumb
London, Aug. 7. -Professor Harvey
dishing of Harvard University, today .
addressed a gathering of "noo persons;
in   Albert    ball,    his    subject   being;
The   professor   Vigorously   defended
vivisection.     He   called   liltention   tol
the fact that the present day circuin-
stances wcre strangely similar to those
al the tlllle il London conference was]
held 110 years ago. tin both occasions.
l'rof. dishing suld, the profession faced threats of leglB' tlon bel.ig enaoted
"against axperims s upon animals
necessary to the pursuit of knowledge."
professor Jackson, of i'lllsburg, and ;
l'rof.   Leonard,  of   Philadelphia,   read
papers at Bectlonsl meetings.
Dr. I'm! Albee, or New York, demonstrated Ills new method, Been futile first time in Bngland, of traotlng
n disei'c of tlie spine, lie i-merateii
en 11 child nt the Orthopaedic h-n't'1
In the presence of n large gathering of
They Wish to Exhibit.
Ih rlin. Aug. 7.- A number of prominent Germans have Btarted a cain-
palgn in nn endeavor to Induce the
(ie-i-in government to participate in
11.e Panama-Pacific exposition, which
Is to be held in San l-'ranclico in 1915
Appeals will he made direct t'i Emperor Wllln lm and Chancellor von
bethmann-Hollweg and efforts will be
brought to bear to have the government reverse Its decision not to tulle
part in the exposition.
Ccrman Naval Critic Comments Favorably 0,1 Britain's Move to Scatter
Her Ships.
���att'o, ���
Lady     Dirrcd    from    Her
c   Recreation  at   Ceattle���
d Place to Talk.
Traced to New York.
New York. Aug. 7. Private Deteo-
lives working on Ihe case of the >1B0 -
f-on Jewelry robbery of Mrn. John i-'
Hunan, which occurred nt Narrg.inrett
Tier, H.I., July 25 lai.t. announced today Hint some of the Jewels had been ...
traced to New York.   An nllenipt wus; wise refused
Aiv;.  7.    The board cf    re
*:.��;i ii in- University of Washington to.luy refused to penult H'lnniu j
ii Idiuon, the anarchist, to deliver a
series if lectures cn the university
cnxipus in t'l.s city. Miss Goldman's
tdvancc agent, in request ng perm's
im f r it..- t-i speck nn c-e campus,
eald that she had bei 11 unable to renl
hull because owners feared ihe
1' renti of Spanish-American war
Th.  regents ulno declined to permit
1 further Sunday afternoon meetings of
'���" open forum for the discussion of
[economic subjects   on   the   campus.
The  ri'i|iiest of the  Soclnlista to    be
permitted   to present   their   drama,
'The   Colonel   nutl   llin   Friends,"   In
lhe  university  nudltorlum   win    llke-
The regents voted not
Berlin, Aug. 7. lu reviewing the decision of tlie BrltUh government 10
station several naval cruisers at Bermuda. Capt. I'ersius, thc naval expi it Of the Tagsblatt, says the firs!
breach In Lord Fisher's policy of con-
losntratlng every available ship of tlle
IHrilish navy in home waters ia an in -
jdlcallon Of the waning of thc tense
IAnglo-German rivalry, which has kept;
the two nations en thu verge of war
1 for a decade.
From lhis point of view CapL Per-
! sins finds tlle action of Uie British admiralty of mora Importance to fier-
many than to ih" United Btates, He
Isays Oermany nUo nmy take similar
action towards i.'e-concentration, lie
believes that, in s> nent, the decision
w:is   dictated   mors   by   the  desire   to
.-luw the British fl.-ig than by actual
Th- Taegllpcher publishes n story
referring to the possibility of Germany
modifying Its naval program, in view-
if ih.. acceleration of the construction
of   three   battleships   of   the   Hrltlsh
naw  recently announced by Winston ] Saskatoon
Churchill. , neglna
Halifsx  .
Bt. .lohn .
Washington, Aug. 7.- Democrats
made slow progress today in advancing the new tariff bill.   An opposing
spi ech by Senator Warren. Republican, a long and sharp debate between
Sena ors Stone and l.ippitt over the
making of the Payne-Aldrtch tariff
law end an atlacit by Senator Sherman upon provisions of the metal
Bcbedule took up much cf the day.
Senator Slieriuun opposed the IS
per cent, rate ou car wheels in the I
bill, saying it meant ruin to American manufacturers for the benefit cf '���
those in Bngland anil Oermany, He-
viewing exports of wheels from this
country ast yenr, he said: "Not a
dollar's worlh was exported to
China in 19U' and ill is reasonable to
suppose that not a dollar's worth will
be exported in 1913. Instead of dollar
diplomacy in ibe Far Bast, with
thousands of dollar's worth of goods
sold there, we now have grupe julci
diplomacy and the sale of nothing."
Senator Stone brought up the ques
I tion cf who furnished lhe facts for
ithe cotton schedule of the Payne-
Aldrich bill. Hi- gueled nt length
from a spu'oh In Mav. 1909, of the
date Senator Dolllver, in which it
! was charged that Senator Llppltt���
I not then In public life���had cinie to
Congress   representing  tlle   New   Kng
I land rotten men with the statement
that thev wanted   no Increase   and
|had gone awuy with material in
Sea'lle. Aug. 7.���Superior Jud-^e
*hn E, Humphries today issued an
irnatlve wrt of mandate, restraining the mayor and health commissioner from enforcing the Cltv ordinance providing that fiod offered for
sale In market stalls, or otherwise exposed on the street, shall be screened from dust and flies by glass or
netting. Hucksters, who asked for
the writ, alleged thai a nei would
not exclude dust: that a glass cover
would steam the food; that Seattle
had no flies anyhow, and. finally thai
the ordinance was unconstitutional.
fcwcl    "f'e i"Jo- ric he went rb" llxuit
[to secure Llttlaflelrf'e election "
nisru ir'ni.'   the   i?is:nisFaf  nf  7-7.   A.
"ciciey and the appolntm-rat of P*. '���".
IPi/fter   In charge of t,I--, a*at**e'*mt*t9ti*av
canip::.!L"! fnr membership l'iTti**1T aavt-
ed Cni ti *. "I .-'tiie -i.il Prirter ecntlei
' ~et th" n . uey but that Ite <lld not Bhe
Investigating        Committee        Prcbis
Cheques, etc.. and Man Ccncer.-ted
Refuses tc Taik.
"his tacflcsl
The - :, -.littie
1^ t.n i,, Copley
later   If frund.
ah ert   'ei'art
i-   nnvf-mrilv  fryfnR
and   will   call   hiitJ
r. for tlu" as-socUtKMi.
questioned EweB ot. Icng-lii icjcarJin?
!picnev   due
* charged.
him   nhPtt   he   w��J" *���*&-
New York. Aug. 7--\Vhile the Fraw-
ley  executive  committee's  Investlga-
Ehuts Them   Up.
Portland, Ore., Aug. 7.���Aa a resal
of a riotous street meeting last night 1^   ~~{\b  campaign and contributions
when   Itudolph   Schwab  was  arrested ! _ ,
for the third time tor using abusive ot Governor Sulzer tonight was unconv
and profane language. Sheriff Word jpleted, It was learned that thc prob-
today announced that Schwab. Tom [able- course the committee will take
Hums and .1. J. Ramsay, all Industrial :ealls for submitting tc the legislature
Workers of lhe World leaders, would,., t       disclosures al-
not  be  permitted  In  future  to speak I
on  the streets or  in  the  parks here. [reail>'  made  at  ,he  ht-arlngs.
They have been speaking under what      The present plan is to select  from
they declared was special permission various  instances where it has been
from Mayor Albee, but the mayot- de-1 testified    contributions    were  -made
nes^this, saying  he merely  issued  a I that were never reported by the gov-
general  order  Hint
might be resumed.
Btreet    speaking
ernor, several that appear to show-
that Mr. Sulzer did not comply with
the law and place them before the
The committee hopes  that  the assembly  will  vote on  the  question  of
In  Harvest  Fields.
Walla  Walla,  Wash.   Aug,  7.���Sec
retarv of War Lindley    M.    Garrison I'"���/""/���'     ."-,-"  -,-  ���-   ���
and General  Leonard  Wood, chief of  whether   to   bring   Impeachment   pro
the army,  braved   tl.e  dust    of    the """",,""�� �����"�����"" ">��� governor.
harvest   fields   here   today   and   saw
their   first    combined    harvester     111
ceedings against the governor.
At a session, necessarily brief because several expected  witnesses did
, ,, , .     not   appear,   the   committee   resumed
work, secretary Harrison�� party today trac,ng tt ca���ipaign ch(,,,M Ben.
reached here at 7:46 OOlOCfc this ���om,d yesterday, one for tSOO made
morning to inspect the buildings nnd out bv jolm Lvnn U) --\ViHiam Sulzer,"
grounds of Old Fori Walla Walla. !������,, ,,,���]������;,.,������, by a stock exchange
now abandoned. Secretary Ourrison jf|nn, Boyer. Griswold & Co. Counsel
expressed surprise al tile good con- (0I ,llP committee sought to show that
dition ol the fort buildings, but made .Frederick 1.. Colwell, alleged finin-
110 statement regarding their disposal.-clal agent for the governor, used the
'check in part payment for one hiind-
2i��gs-Camir.ctti  Trials   Begin at  San
Francisco���Important  Ruling
Not General.
Wtllemstadt, Curacao, Aug.
red shares of liig Feur railroad stock
Phillip   Hover,   a   former   member   of
The   German   admiralty,   however,!
suy lhere is no question of such action
A*.   .-���    Jt.
  .    ���,.',', wlinl'ifl be-ito permit   nn address    by    Thorwald
^ed'io bo��^ "of .hf Hanan 'gem. I Siegfried, n statfe l�� leader, on the
to a downtown Jeweler. campus.
Salem, Ore., Aug. 7. -Three
Japanese, a man, n tvomM a-ul
a child, were killed in a street
riot hero tonight
'4 # >:> # 0 0 0 ft * ft ft ����� * ft �� '
Ti ronto. Aug. 7. The Canadian
bank clearings for the week ending
August 7, as compared with the corresponding period In IHlli, lire n:i
Am-.. 1913. Mm.. W12.
.$ 51.344,791 $ 67,826,618
. 87.862.S66 89.107.684
. 88041,899 24,602,076
. 11,419,208
���1 L'S4.-1<IS
3.x "IMG.".
revolution In Yenezuela under the;the firm, was directed to appear to-
leaderBlilp of Clpriano Castro, former niorriw with books covering trans
dictator. Is not genernl. but is notice* jactlcns of October and November
able only in widely separated portion:   1912
of the country.
Montroal ,
Toronto   , .
Wlnnlpt R .
Calgary  ..
Ottawa   ..
1 Edmonton
1 Victoria ..
; Hamilton
'Ollebec    ..
Bankers   Dance.
Bellingham,   Wash..  Aug.  7.���Closing the lirst of a three days' conven
tion with  a gronad  hall  ai   the state
armory.   800   bankers  of  Washington
uitli   annual
An unsuccessful attempt wa? made
today to secure the appearance of the
private  seeretury  of P.  Aug.  Htinre.
12,465,185 agsembled In the olghti
Not  Con-n-'-t'-g.
Albany, NY.. Aug. 7.���Governor
Izer  declined  tonight   to  coinnii":
'the testimony given before the F
London   ..
Mooso Jaw  ��� ���
.Fort William,
Bran'ford ....
Brandon ������
Westminster .
Medicine lint.
Lethbridge   ..
4 032.772
632,0641 #
gathering of the association tcday.
Sofia, Aug. 7 - The Hulgarian
government hns   notified   the
representatives of the powers
In Sofia of ItB Intention to
demobilize the army Immediately after the pence treaty ls
signed, lt declares it relies
upon the powers to take
measures to Induce Turkey to
withdraw within the Enos-
Midla line and respect the
London treaty.
i ley committee concerning his
ipalgn receipts nnd expenditure:
j secretary. Chester C. Piatt, gave noi
a Ftatement which snld: "The people
understand the motives which nct.i
juted the Frawley committee. They
jktiow who Is behind It and why the
'charges against the governor nre being mnde. Some of these charges pre
false, some are distorted truths, easily
[explained, nnd Bome of the dharg-rs
|are Insinuations, about which, nt ores-
lent. Ihe governor Ib wholly ignorant.
IA full and frank statement of all the
ifactB will be made just as soon as tho
governor can  learn  exactly  whnt
Snn Francisco, Aug. 7.--Taking of
testimony was begun today in line Krai
of the Diggs-Caminetti trials, that of
Maury 1, Dlggs, former state architect. The case waa called Taaaday
mornlng in the United States distrii-i
court on an Indictment clutrgiRR violation of the Mann act- populirly known
as the white slave law- and ten hours
later the case imd tliTlea tato Une fata
swing cf scrioue business*.
Jurt before court adjcumeJ. Jud?*'
Van Fleet gave a rnling that srra-rfc
at the vitals Of the matter: f. I. I'eck,
,1 real estate dettler of Heno. .\en ada.
where Diggs and P. Drew Caatlnfitti.
With Martha A. Warringt-io and l.**ia
Norris, were arretted, was �������� ttxt*
stand. Tho defenc- sought to show
that the bungalow they occupied dur
;ng their stay ln Reno, had teen Ttttt-
ed with no view to scouestHtSoa and
"I don't see." interp*.-*-d Judge V��a
Fleet, "how lt can matte sax* ditter-
fiice to this case If they vvtxt th-sre*
Hien'y or secretly and i*f��B*x**s*tinrtly.
Vnlefs the government ���tai* stow tbat
'hev went tht re for tho iiur-jtmrt ftn,
hiblted by the Man white slave traffic act. tlicn the cate of tJaa ttamxti-
mrpt falls. Kven If the woin��a wor-
PUbllc prcstitutes, if the dcCendantm
orccured ihtlr t ran spot UUkii and at*
coropahled them tlrero for ivKuxarai
purprses tho case of the Ea-remaie-jl
.would  !;t-liid."
Prl.-cncrs  Traitsportedl
Snn Diego,    Cal.,    Aug.    7.- Tfm**
>ve"e animated scenes at tke uosnn
���ine station tcday while the ��00 Mexi
"���������1 refugees nnd pri-poneni were���stttoq���
trnnsported   to  tho  naval  n-atirvaf-'un
adjoining the statler*. yutsf. tWfuw Kort
For Oregon's Exhibrt.
..  .-  . ,    Ran  Francisco,  Aor. 7.    The n��-jr;
Ihe  facti;.     Money   was  received  and.bers   of  the   O
Totals    |102,670i008 $l70.sor,.ir��o I ������:'.*
The Clearings are for live days only, ft *2- ft
ft ft
ipaid out to promote the governor's
i election, of which he had no knowl-
[cdRo. Ile necessarily must delav making any statement until the probe now-
'under way Is finlthed."
    ���.   ...^   ���-regiin   >-'xpuKitiou  ooni
mission went over the site of tf��r
Panama-Pacific exposition today with
fair officials and gathered data (nr
use In detcrn-iiilrg upon tho details nl
Oregon's 1916 exhibit*. >��AG*fc   TWO
An indmptmdtmt maenina paper denoted to the interistt nf Hew Westminster and
I agemenl of
! northwest
lands  acquired    in     llie
Today is the anniversary of the
birth of Henri S. llarwimd. statesman
st Vaniireuil, 1888; Hnlpli Sinit, state-
man, at New-castk'-on-Tyne, 1S5S. anil
.rs. Fnu" V*u*n. I*tt*lim*i.id .very morning crrept Sunday by the National 1'rinting prancis .lohn Deane, pioneer In Hrit-
*ri PmltUamt** Company. tAnxitod, at 63 UcKenxie, street. .Veto Westminster, flrllisA j |s]1 Columbia journalism, al Madras,
tCotumvux. ROllll 8VTHERI.ANI), Managing Director. India,   1SC8.
AU citttiMmnxt-atian* shmrxld he addressed to The Ketc Westminster Sews, and not \  	
tei individual membttrs of Ik* *t*xff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should bc made
tnuettile to The, Ntxtiansxl Printing and I'ublishino Company, Limited.
I fr KrilOKSa    Vuikh Office and Manager, 931); Editorial Rooms lall depart-
*.-���.���.). ML
BOBSCttlPTtOlf RATER���Ity carrier, tl per year, tl for three months, 10c per
matmtm),    Ay mail, S3 par -year, 'iiie per month.
advbrtihisg kathh on application.
Council   Gives    $200    Towards    New
Bu-ldinns���Nc-s   Notes   From
the  Valley
Chllllwack,  Auk.   7.   The    regular I
August session of the township coun- I
I cil was noticeable for its absence of
I road anil ditch petitioners. The busy]
Dr.   Young   Points   Out   Impor-  baying  season  aud  the   dry   suite ol j
the roads  and  lands are  of course
accountable for litis and the township
fathers heaved a ureal  sigh of relief!
'ill consequence.    The reading anil lei!
I ting of tenders for road  gravelling
Victoria.    Aim.     7. -"In      whatever   occupied lhi' longest period of llle at'-
manner tue    Dominion    government  ternoon  session.
tance ol Matter to This
Made  In   Smart
Styles, Suitable
For Every Outdoor
. You Miuhl Ai W.I1 Ct
canadian consoudatid
rubber,co.. limit-so.
* Montreal.
The month's bloody warfare in the Balkans is over1
and the allies who fell out over the division of the Turkish
Spoils have decided to turn their swords into ploughshares! ^'lie" Dominion government ternoon session. The only deputa-
and their spears into pruning hooks���that is the SWOrdS seeB fit to have Canada represented Hon before the board was one com-
���unt. arumm th-it are not -inv o-inifl fnr ���lnvthinir pkp   Mp��n- at the l'anama exposition to be held  posed  of  .1.  T.   Maynard,    president,
<ina spears mat aie noi anj goouioi anytmng eise. mean-l San Fl.anclBC0 ln -in.,x ibe lloar. Und o, n. w. Ashweii, director, of
while, it is Ollly to be expected that at the first OpportU-Lest co-operation of the province of the Chilliwack agricultural I-..I..I...
nitv one of them will flv at the other's throat and the ���'-���"'*������ *'i*i'��miiin win ne aocorded, bb They requested a gram oi $soo   to
tuiLyvuc ui   t-"^ly  win  iiv  at,  me  uuiei a  uiiucii emu   w,c believe  that  the exposition  is a aid  In  the  construction  ol   buildings
whole cruel affair Will be gone over again. : matter of considerable Importance to on the fair grounds.   This was grant- ������������������
' is here on the Pacific coast."   These ed the amounl having previously l a  an(j captain Cool
,  ., .- , , ���    -i.i,��� words,  coming from   the    Hon,    Dr. placed in  the estimates for thai pur
ceding a fall more perfectly demonstrated than in thciVollng ,:rovinciai secretary and mm
case of Bulgaria.   Flushed with his decided victory over
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ud.
NKW    WffiaTMINBTBR   LODQS1   NO   1
H.  *  P. i). nf Ink* i.f (lie  ll. nt C��� mec
tti.- rii-.it nn.l thlnl Thursday ni k p. m.
K. ..r P. Hall. Eighth street A Well.
Oray, Bxalled Ruler; P. il. Bmlth, A*
the Turk, King Ferdinand dreamed of a Bulgarian em-
"Little Czar."   Fearing the upsetting
��nce of power by the avaricious  Bulgax'S,   they  joined    "Durl,'?g the'
., ,   x  ,   -     ,   *i,       ,. ,, , i    . l        ,4.     nnii il tic mini
lorces to defeat Ferdinands schemes and, to make mat- situation regard
anil was comm i
t.il  for tr::il  at  ilu- nexl  asslzea    In
New   Westminster i ;i  the  charge of
rape,     l'e   wan   taken     to     th..     N'ew
line, 1 Westminster Jail bv Constable Carey.
I-iv 11  i	
C.  E.  -"icured   Route Throu-h   Re-
staves  on   the   North   lhere  of
Burrard  Inlet
Never was the old savinu'about a haughtv spirit pre .     ,        ,*,,,.
�� .  -.   ' * . ,.     ,,..     . n.     11,,       t j-   placed ln the es it mat
���  r of  education,  Indicated  tho nc-; Paid   License  anel  $ri0
tlve Interest of the government in re-1    G.  P.  Pox,    a  resident    cf  Blaine,
.. rd  to  the forthcoming celebration,  WaBh., and according    to    his
Dire, but the DanifelS in the neighboring States have inter-  tor the announcement  was made of-  statements a very wealthy man with
i   j   ii ���  ��� ��� i-   j*  ..    ���,..,   i,..   ii,���    .nnv the oilier dav that iiie Iioinin-  considerable political Influence in hla, |!|S\l I nr    Ttll    TA
proted  those  Visions  in  a  manner  not  foreseen  by the  {^^^^^^ the in   own country, answering a aummons,  INljiANS   I AIL   ID
of the Balkan bal-  vltatlon to have Canada represented, appeared before Magistrate Coote and |
paat few weeks," con-  P.  II. Wilson nnd paid a fine of J".*1
later of education, "ih.*  ami costs for neglecting to lake oul
gardlng what attitude was a  provincial   lie use  privileging  him
ters worse for the German who rules in Sofia. Charles of  to be adopted by  us and other pro-  to flah In Canadian watera.    Ile also
Cera worse IOI" UIB uermaa WllU ���*-i��>��ul ����"��i %"*���f��,T Llnces concerning the exposition ban paid   $5,   which   will   entitle  him   to
Kuniailia, COOl, Calculating monarcll tliat ne IS, altei  tlOia- , n    r,;,,.��iiai   clouded   owing   to  flBh on this side of the line for a year
inP aloof in the Sanguine Struggle against Turkey, slipped the action of Oreal  Britain, Germany .without dangor or paying heavy fines.
-    I      ii. l        :.u   Ul     iU,,��������Je  ���f ttsescr,  rnnnna  at!-'t'i   KUBSla, but  now that  the  Domln- Bio   Kay   Crcos
into the game and, With his thousands Ot tresn troops at ,on govcrnment haa BL,in fl,, aa preaal    Nearly   every   farmer  has  finished
���his back, dominated the situation. The result for Bulgaria despatches declare It  has.  to  follow  haying   by   this  time,   and   the  crop
���        v j-       i ���.-,������   ���.,] nt ,, -,,���.,* jA���l .�� ���.,,. to,,,,;    an  Independent course ami elect    In  this year lias been saved In excellent
has been disastrous. Stripped of a great deal ot new tern- ;!.;'1;;.",]��� representation, �� i�� up to shape. The crop is one of the best
tory tO which she laid claim by right of Conquest from the the  province of  British  Columbia  to  In the history of the place, and has
A/hlssmlmftn   ��hl-> Vims hr-en forced under threats of having do whatever li can to assist the fed   been saved at less expense than has
iVlUSSUirnan, Sne IMS Deeil lOlCCU  t.IiWLt   uuetiu   in  Iittvuigl  rg|   author|tJes  in   tlu,  organizing   cf   been   the  case   ill   the   average  years.
her Capital OCCUpied by hostile tl'OOpS tO accept What terillS   ,hp   ,,x|,*bit   to   do  duty   on   such     B   There  are  some  big  crops  recorded,
Rumania was pleased to dictate and she emerges from the neniorabie occasion. h. a. wuus having about 300 tons
r,   , . ,     , "     -, 1        ������,,.      "In   British   Columbia   we     realize  ami J. A. Evans has nearly 500 tons.
struggle,   Certainly   greater   111   extent,    OUt    wnn   armj   very keenly what the Panama expoal-1 Resigned Position
crippled  excheouer depleted and honor gone. tion nn .-ma to the coaBt, and our op-1   j, w. Derby, who lms been acting
Vi    i'u    j**  ���       i* ������  . tu��� 1-....I...   u.tirr.it.'.i wn,-, nn    Inion regarding it has been a matter chief   if   the   police   department   the
On the firing line against the lurks, bulgana wonun- ,f rpf,ord for BOme Um0 past   0ut past lhn.��� V(..,rs tBndered his resig-
Stinted praise for her daring Valor, but this has been for-, here on the coast the significance of  nation  to  the  police  commission  011   Declared  by   Mr.   D'Arcy  Tate
������lt���n in fVip hrirrnr omnspd hv hpr fltrrif'ious crimes dlir-  ""' exposition is more nearly appro-  Saturday, the same to take effect at      Mr   ���;-.���,. observed  thai  certain  in-
gotten in tne norroi causea dj nei atrocious crimeb uuj   dated |lian |t may 1)p in the east(,rn once   Derby ha8 been (if|Vn.(1 a p(isl i].v,(!ual |n(liaiiH nad oemanoed thal
ing fne past month, While her tactical blunder 111 tailing to  provinces, and tlie provincial govern-  tion on the Edmonton city detective   they   li"   remunerated   tor   the   lands
��� ���iV-o r-mint nf Rum-irii-i h-m <spt hpr hefore F'urooe in the  ,!,"" has lon-e been established In its police  force  at  a  salary of $116    a  before the rallwaj was allowed to en
lake count ot Rumania nas set ner peiore curope in .:: Vm tha) the ppopk, (if th)g gec. numlh and wU1 ,���avo to aocep( tht, ^ upon them ^ (   ;ii _ tWg q\
light OI  a beaten and disgraced nation. tion   should   take   a   prominent   part  position iii about a week. atlons had been Blightlj  delayed, Dut
In the cold-blooded business of international politics in the fair. N-=�� 5pp��mtIT'*nt,  ��� '"lli;i" Agent Byrne 1,:"1 ''"<"'IV,',�� i,! '
���    ,u         i    x\.*       ii    t     ������in ������J n��i-mM OM -fm. "Up till now it has been practically Ex-Reeve P. H. WllBbn, J. P., was structlons from the department at Ot-
success IS the only tnini; inat COUntS and Climes aie ioi- ,���.���, ,s *,*,,. for tie provincial govern- appointed  police magistrate for the tawa ���, ,,���, ,,f,*,,(.. thai this demand!
COtten when victory  marches at the  head  of  the  amiy, mem to take any action in regard to township at a meetliiB of the town-  WBa n,��� to prevail and thai the rail
v.-  u   r   ,v     ���,���..���r.  ;.,   .,   ^,.,,.-,1-   .-.-.nnci-i-n  f<M-   Ui il ,r-i i-i -Vc- :"*  exhibit,    either    individually    or ship  council.    This  is a  new  office ��.way wag at liberty to proceed at once
which tact accounts in a great measure ioi  ouiganas f),i���,...���. owing t0 the fact that the in the municipality, created through W)th occupation of the right of way-
present uncoveted position
.. O. II M- NO. 814.���MKK'i'S 0>
first, h. i-.in.l. tHir, 1 and fourth Wodnas
.1 iv In .mth niiinth in 8 p. in
lu lh.- Moose Hum,'. II. J l.i-.iiuv
dictator; l*'. K. .loni-H. secretary
Headquarters ..r Ih.Ik.* In Se�� House
comer of I'ourth and Carnarvon streets
1. O. O. T. AMITY LOnilR NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity In.lKt- Nt
27. I. o. is. !���'.. is liehi every Honda
nlKlu ut 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows' Il��l
corner Carnarvon and Kiniith Hireep
Visiting brothsm oordlally Invited
n. A Merrlthew, Nil.; 11. w. Sangster,
V. i).; W. C. roxihum, P. Q., n-i-or,
Ing s.���,-.-,-UI.-V* j. W, MacDonald, flnan-
clal Becretary.
a mnvm.i, (successor to cbn
tt-r ft Hanna, Ltd. i���Funeral director
and erobalmers. Parlors 40.". Columbl
street.    New   Westmlnsttir.    I-tintm   lllll
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  $16,000.000 00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and lu Loudon, Kngland, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City, A genera)
banking biiBlnees transacted. Letters
.if Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department-Deposits
received In sums of (1 and upward
mil interest allowed at 3 per cent per
iiiniim ipreHent rate).
Total Assets over $186,Onn,nmi.O0.
G. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
Norih Vancouver, Aug, 7. That the
obstructive tactics adopted by eer
tain members ot the Indian tribes 111
the Mission and Capilano Indian reserves on the north shore, hail signally failed to prevent the success of
the I'acific (ireat Eastern railway
company to obtain right of way tor
their lines througH those reserves, is
W. B. FALBS���Pioneer Funeral Dlrectc
and Bmbalmer, frl2-61M Agnes str-ne
opposl... Carnegie Library.
Accu-iliiiit.     T.'l.   R.   128.   Riii.iii   2
Royal Bank
Incorporated  1869.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,560,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A Oeneral Hanking
Business Transacted.
New  Westminster,  BC.   Branch.
govern-, BO/lRD OK xbadb���NBW wkhtmin
ment gives Ihe railway tin- rlsht to j Bter Board of Trade rneeis in the twin
not only a right of wav through Cap! |    room. City Kail as follows t  Third Frl
f   iu���,l        day  of ench   month;   miiirterly  m<-��*<tn.
*���'   '! I     on  Uie  llilr.l   Friday of  February.  Uttl
lano   reserve,   but   to  a   strip  of
411,1   feet  <it   wuterfroilt   along  Ibis  pro- j     August  and   Novuinbor  at   K   p.*ai.     Ad
nuitl   meetings   on   thp   third   Ft
'' mininn  had  not  yet  expressed   it-  the provincial laws which require all through  these  reserves,
self,    When  the    matter    was    first  municipalities  conducting   magistrate      The   agreement   wiih   th
broached I wrote to the Hon. Martin  courts  to  refund  tbe  fines and  f'
The citV has bOUjrht a gaS plant, but that's no eXCUSe Burrell,  point! g out the importance  to the province.
_       .,               J   -i ,     t                       ji*  j                j  ���   ^i   .     .i            ���       if the  occa          particularlv  to west-                      Hospital   Report
for the council to become puffed up and inflate the price ern laterests  )U, aB he was out of    The month or juiy was the law
���nf nilK'f] fuel town  at  the  tiie his  deputy  replied   since  the opening of  the  hospital  in (ls  wen,    This  strip  Immediately  ad-
'   ' 'saving  ihat  the matter would  be set so  far as  lhe number of patients  Is j0*n8  the  property  purchased   by  the,
l/pf^,.,,   the  min.ster  upon  his   return,   concerned.     According   to   the   report company in   D.  I.. 264, on  its western |
���ninth, as submitted by Miss boundary,    This  strip   does   nol   ei i
���id to the waterfronl at present, bul
ip fines Collected irom auiomoum��usicab|ne|   llTU| now ita decision to take charge, there were at the beginning it is the intention of tin- company to
tn hnv n rrrntnr fire hriiratlp in  active  Interest  in the matter has of the month 4 patients in charge of t:lk;. ,*i,   neceasar)  I"'"   ed nga under
...ii imUjf A iiiulim uie uijgouc been aniiouuci ii. nurses ami under treatment.    During the action  to  gel   possession  of  the
"Al that time we promised our best the month 13 were admitted, making 400 feel of waterfron tal ng thla pro-
.  co-operation in anything that was un- a total of it.     Thirteen   were   dis- perty.    This   will   give  the  company
, .l.itakeii   and now   we are ready  to  charged as cured, leaving at the be- :i   continuous   waterfrontage   cf   ai
Kansas Since  last JaiUiai'V.     Somebody  mUSt  nave  put  a  fo]low  up  ,llilt  pledge.    Our    action  ginning of the morith four in the nos- proximately 3200 feel In that location
v -ifU-  nn th-it* p-iirMTTTHl/irial chair                                                         really depended upon the course [ol-  pital. Mr.  Tate  was   In   conference   with
,:-.. .1  ��... 1.I1.H  t,lirK rn.ii.ui.iL u,tlii. i^.   ^1 ^ Dom7nlon   bllt  [ mU9t ordered to Move i,���iia���s  at   Mission   on   Sunday   bst
than  delighted     The timber company at Cultus lake wm,   reference  to  the desire of  the
P. H. Smith. W. .1. Grovel
Work   un.l.-i-tiik *n    in    city    and    oulsld
polms   211-12   Westminster   Trust   Bld��
Phone  3-fit.    P. o.   Box  Ml.
Sale, Deeds, liusln.-sa Letters, etc.; clr
cular w.irk specialist. All w..rk atrlctb
cnnttdentlal. 11 Barry, room 418 wm
minster Trusl Mtk    Phone 702.
Mtiiart    Wiule.   a.-crr
Thia TiuriPr- hafi  Jippti   aslfPfi   It)  flcnv   lhe   rumor  that   Since  then,  apparently,   the  question   for the month, as submitted bj   Miss   bou]
(ms  paper   nas OeeTl aSKea  to ULm   un   iumui   wimlaa   been   rMH(.���PRPc(   hv   ���1P   federal  Scott   Gray,   the   superintendent    In  tend
Bumaby IS Saving Up fines Collected irom  aUtOmODHlStS cab|net| antl now Its decision to take  charge,  there  were at  the beginning  it Ih
There nave been .(our different governors in
1.   GRANT  &
.   DAh
rlsters.  S
in  L
New Westminster
B. '"
irliould.   ^
1   c.   j. n.
A.   K
...   that   I   am   mort
Judging from the pairs who went aboard the citizens  that the invitation ha
-picnic boat, on Wednesday morning, the craft might have ��- thai t^;'-"f Xn,��.X
iheen Noah's ark instctaa of the Princess Royal
ter-at-law. solicitor, etc. Telephon
in*!*!. r*nh]e addr��-ea "Johnston
Code, "Weatern Union."      Offices. Ell-
niock. 552 Columbia street. Now Wes<
mlimler,   B.  C.
been accepted  have  taken  the  final  steps 10 clear
co 111 pa
nv to obtain I ossession of eer-
and  alas ar-
their limits in  ihat vicinity    of   all tain portion of ih<- Indian reserve
buildings.    A number of the Bquatters Newport.    There  were presenl  abou
., great cuiintry, in the great  who have made considerable Improve- thirty  members of��the trlb
  iggregatlon of interests' that are sure  ments are compelled to go along with though no definite agreement was ar
to be gathered together during    the  those  who  have  erected    temporary riVed   at,  matters are
President Wilson has sent a personal representative ,,v���,sm,,��� shacks for trading purposes.   Albert gradually to
to ffiarieo. lf Woodrow doesn't: look out Huerta will be ^^ tf*"^���*���*, ^ C^J^i W"ZTZ
. sending a persona] representative to Washington with a carmot Bay but i expect that we shaii lunches tor holiday parties ha3 been
rmachete and a 552 calibre automatic as. credentials. ibe advised' on the poini at an early compelled topuii "down
date     Whether it shall   be one  great t Extended   a  Call
  c,���liective  exhibit   typical  of  the  var-1    At  a  congregational   meeting   Mon-
It is reliably  reported  that the   Balkatl  States  are  at. ious  interests of the  Dominion, or a  day  evening     the    congregation    of
,    /        '        .1      �� n-      .i        ���      ,-n i     i  series of smaller am' more individual  Cooke s  Presbyterian  church  extend-
peace again, but among the former allies there S still bad exhlblts re���resenteUve of the essen- ed a unanimous call to the Uev. II.
iblood that's likely to break OUt in another throat Cutting  tlal   characteristics   of   the   different C Kraser,  of  Vancouver,  to fill the
eruption before the jrate white dove has had time to do *"�������* %* ^'^ 5 S&tJ ^fooTg^'The^tctt S
m\:Ch COOing. and that is that the exhibit, in what-  il  a salary of S1500 and four weeks
  ever form, will be as truly represent-  holidays,   annually.     lhe   Rev.    Mr,
_ ,   ,. ,     TT   ��� atlve so tar as this part of the coun- Fraser ls a native of Nova Scotia ana
Nobodv seems prepared to believe the i . S. senator trv iB concr.rned -and i have no rea- a gradual.- ci Dainousie college.
Who, the Other day, m e future the son  tc, .��pj����.that W^^jl    A   QOUbte T^ wa^celebrated
human  pfforl  cil"' make  lt    8o  f"r \% *** M,"U" l'i' tt��� PloTanS
u��� bave bad no communication with  Wednesday, July 30   when. Fto�� and
in v of the other provinces regard ng   Mary,  the dat J ol  Mr,   ....   -,
this matter, and I presume that thoy
have been doing the same as we have
namely, patiently waiting for the announcement of the Dominion government.
"To  ub, vin  mn--   sav.  th"  decision
Is n verv happy one, and llr 'Ish Col-
the bunghole of the rain barrel for tl ant    picnic ���mabia BhoUid be especially pleased
here and the citizen's picnic to Victoria,   Pit I thai banana with it, inasmuch as no other partot ^;;'--r;ir';'v,;'i,,()1:--v;.fcirt0 ihaifworu ""nearly two hundred mili.'
peel off the rioud or he's likely til^iVii^^'-", *ffi&X'&*^^ '   winsted. ConnTIu^g
���    I..  It >hh. a dentin of Canaan, left
people and not the trusts would make American laws.
What's the good of that declaration of indepi i anyway if it won't aHuw the \ pie to hi aed the
way they please.
Have you seen the weather man lati
-around with Ixis chesl oul because he hc !       tl imh in
Date   of   Departure  for   England   Now
I Set  as  August   12.
Victoria, Aug. 7. - The date upon
which Premier sir Richard McBrldi
proposes to leave the capital for his
trip to Kngland has been pushed for-
ward a few days, Augusl IS being now
fiveil as the time nf departure.
Speaking of his trip, the premier
mated that he did not expect to he
gone more than fix weeks or two
months at the outside "There an- a
number of important linancial matters which I propose to attend to, but
I think I can dispose of them In a few
weeks' time."
Perhaps the biggest question that
will be discussed by the premier ami
the linancial magnates In the old land
will relate to railways, it being generally qndersl lod that the province Is
seriously Interesting Itself In a proleel
of an International character which
has fur Its object the linking up of
the entire province with Alaska In the
necessary for those in north and Mexico in the south.
preparation of tbe f'hil
Sloe ���   BurrlHlers und  BOliOltorS,   W*SI
minster Trust Hlk., Columbia streel
New- Westminster, !��. O. ''nhle nrt.ln-*
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. C
Drawer inn. Telephone na. w. i
Whiteside, K. C.; H. L. HMmonds. I
COAL MININO righta of the Domlnloe
In Aluuilotiu. Sm-ikulchewiin anil Alberta,
the Y-Jkt.n Territory, the Nortliweirt Ter-
rltorl,'n and In a portion of the Proylnoe
of Ilrillsh r,.luinlilii, may be leaned for ���
term Of twenty-one years at an annu^
rental of $1 an acre. Not moi* than *���"��������
acn-H will be leu.-e-il lo on�� applicant.
Application for a leaae rnuat !*��� "~f
by the applicant In person lo lln **2
or Hub-AK-rnt of the dintrlct In whloa ��"��
rlulita applied tor are ���Huated b,
In eurveyed territory the laiel n"'*l,j7
deHCrlbed by aectlona. or leaul ���*���<':""'
.toil, of aeotlona. and In unaurvey'io i"
ritory the tract applied for snail t>*
BtHked out  by  Ihe applicant hlm*-"'"
Each   application   inuet   be  aee��'ni|��inlea
by a  fee of ti which will  be refunded lf
I ihe   right"  applied   for  are   not  available,
. hut   not   other-wine.     A   royally   ahull    be
1 pah!   on   the   merchantable   output   of   Um
. mine ut the rate of five cents per ton.
The   (H-rson    operating   the   mine   shall
furnish    the    Agent    with    ���wen)    returns
J accounting  for  the  tull   quantity  of  mor-
chantable  eoal   mined  and   pity  the  royalty   thereon.   If   the   coal   mining    rljchta
are not lielng operated such returns MhnuM
be   furnished   at   leant  once  a  year
The lease will Include the caul niliilua
rlgbts only, but the leasee will he permitted to purchase whatever avallitblf
siirfac-- rlgtils may be Oonsldered n��*<-ea*
sary for lhe working of the mine at the
rnte  of  $10  an acre.
For full  Information application should
be  made  to  the  Beerctar/  of the   Ih'.part
ment   of  Ihe  Interior.  Ottawa,  or  to any
AKent or Hub-Agent of Dominion  tjxnd*
W. W. -TORT.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N.  II.���Unauthorised publication of thla
nrtvarttaarnent will not be paid for.
J. STII.WEI.L CI.UTE. Barrlst-r-at-la��
solicitor, etc.*. oorner Colombia an
McKenzie streets, New Westinknte.
B.  C.    P.  O    Box   112.     Telephone   71'
Solleltic- >m*l Notarv. riff|P,.u Hat
block. 2K Ixirne strtMit. Nk'W WestmlB
ster, B. C.
Barrlstera and Boltcftors. r.->5 to Sl'
Weatmlnster Trust Block, il. K. Mar
tin, W. '}. McQuarrie and (ieorge L
.1 K. Ryder, were married to Mcssrn
Fred D. C. QUlandt r ami Hector v.'
Crawford, respectlvelj The ceremony was performed by the Hev. Mr.
Out   fer   Honors
|     It   will   I
charge of th
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newt Bldg
of all  kinds.
''rices right    Satisfaction guaranteed
���18 McKenzie  St.
liwnck  district  exhibit  for the provln-   HOMESICK  CIT WALKS
'J. imp.
From now on a Grocer's life in St. Paul will hardly gangster arrested     ���..��.
I nun   ""��   ""��h'"vk   .        , AT FR|END'S GRAVE   war(|s  this  end  Nicholas  Dan.  whos.
"be worth livipjr. A hotisewives' league in I town with
the apostolic label has decided to boycott i 1 di * irs who
smoke cigarettes whfle cutting cheese or h itter, ,vho wear
���d'niv aurons, or wbo sweep the store wbil ��� ��� iod are un-
icovered. Now arcn') .some people too pari . ��� for anything?
M     I.     li   run:.      1 1,1
���    *   I  ���������:.,.  I-   .        ���    ���
i    *     ..*.  . I    I   l : ���
N'ew Vork, Aug. 7. -While .lohn
l.inv Morse wan scattering a handful
Df dirt over a grave of a friend, a
:anster whom a policeman shot and |n charge of th
tilled in a street fight, five detectives
ti pped    from   among thc    mourners
i Calvary cemetery and arrested hlm
I a murder indictment found against
In 1911.   A dozen gangsters dasli
!    vi r the grave and attempted to rc-
When  Or
ln natural  products.    The farmers of H
Richmond municipality are making a there n hls^automoblle for lb* Chat!*
big hid for the honor, this year. . To. ^VchatUma^Vthe AdZuS'
, ��� ,,,,,   ���.,,,.   tb,,   North early   in   the   month,  he  took  along  n
nd who "s acknowledged Mtlt��M cat which  It. T. Parnum, a
j ririiinrtfit   n Canaan, had Riven nit'i.
to be one of the most expert garden- drugg I .
ers ..ii   l.ulu  Island,  lias  been  placed      JUH
gardi ns  ar
Arm briilgi
e  Mi ore     The detectlveB drew re
BChetne to secure material  for such  an  exhibit.
Dedicate  Sunday   School
The n.w Sunday sehnol hall at At-
chelitz  was   formerly   dedicated    on
Sunday  afternoon  last,  when  special
services   were   held   at   which   there
Transfer Co.
Ifflce   Phons   IBS.      Barn   Phont   IS'
Begble Strast.
Haggaue ['-sll-.ere.-l Promptly to
anv pert of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
"MTV  or   MEW   WFSTMINfiTER.  Bf
,.i r's and, holding the mourners
;)l   w.-ie large congregations.
B.C. Coast Service
Dm* i '
-war  !' ii
vas   Sit
ward! i
dii-d   in
tcxla.     I
in ITMi'.
* ���
��� -
..   '
*.  *
t ;. -a 1 tan  heroe.a .1 .1.
was   r iglng   a   i ��� ���' ���'���
Alan   Na|ii- i    lil* 1.   li     iflci
nndiaii  prime  mln Btfi    v/ln
rn-oiiKi  fifty-one  yeai ���  ago ��� ''��� :'':l1 "''"':'* ":'!  I '
,   wu born i*. Niagara, Ot I     visited   El ;*!*  d
till talber w a the pri  c pal   ;''*''  :: :'!" ;'";' '
aid*-  nn   th'-  , i-��� Vf  e,   0< m ral  '.'��� :  !  '
(luring On- A-m r.i in  i   rrtlutlon   Alan
hecaim- a  rnidsliicit, ...     i   V 1"    .vhi n      Jaim     Co
mjrily fifteen   yeara  . ���������:  and  st rved       i   unt     r,     ci
���**n(ir*i   i ..   ��� '
Lake Ont
for- 'I.    ami)
,a\ engngi t
���of Plattsb
i,-d law  ni *'.   ������...
tario bar.    I
and  l.cwer ' ar.ail .  In
��� 1
In ated  to  the line  or  funeral
wh re they entered a cab,
lng Modre with them, nnd ordered
driver to whip up his horses. Jo-
ph  l.ilkiii  was shot nnd stabbed to
bj   thc so-called  Gopher gang
*.   ;*   'i ndt rloln   dance    hall     twenty
ago     doore, who Is 22 years
necusi .1   In   the   Indictment   0!
* ne of l.alkin's assailants.
was locking up Ills store at night, tin*
same cat. thin nnd starved  almosl  to
death, uni red at  the door.    It  had ;
walked Is" miles,
Mrs. Ross wrote to her hut-'.and ]
telling him <>r tbe cat's ri turn ami ask !
Ing him If li" succeeded in petting ll
to the mountain resort or wh< "ier it
At - |i m eBcapcd on thc way. Yesterday she
llie regular session of the Sunday ,.,���.,.iv,.,i ;i letter In which Dr rosi
Bchool a;is held and after the ususl s.,|,| |le had the cal when ho reached
exercises, conducted by -l McLieod, t*,,,. chaili-inac club, bul thai on the
superintendent,  an  address  was  Elv- second   day   it.
on   In   John   Robinson,  chairman  of  trace of it had been found    It  was I    Loav��.
the   Chllllwack   and   district   Sunday [feared al the club thai the animal hid     'i.-hv  Vancouver r.n* Naimimo io a.m.
school  association. been caught by a wildcat or a  young   and 0;80 p.m.
eert0U5 offence I bear, which abound In the mountalni       Leavci Vancnuver   for   Prlnoe   ftupert
n   ���;    MotMl  a  barber,  was  tried  ,,,- fallen  prej   to Bome    other    ivlld|ana Morthen. Point"   ion  n    '*-���*'*"�����
by   I*  I        Ma ��� strates   P.   H.   Wilson   beast
SK.M.KIi TBNDBRB, superaorlbod 'Tender tor Addition t" Land Registry Offlco,
N.w -Westminster," whl i��- received i>v
the Honourable, the Minister Df Publlo
Works up to noon "f Tuesday, the 19th
day uf AuKiisi. 191.1, fur en-ctlon and
completion of addition to Land Renisiry
Office.  New Westminster.
I'lan.'. Specifications, cunt rnit and furinl
.if tender may bo seen on nnd awer ihe
���;sili dav i.f July. 19U iit th" office ef
^ \ Fletcher, Government Agent, New
iv.-Himinster. J. Mabony, Oovernment
y���nt Vancouver; and the Department
if  Public  Works.  Victoria,   ll   C.
Intending tenderers can, by applying to
ih,- undersigned, obtain un- e..|.y of iho
Irswlncs and ono copy of the epeclfloa.-
timiH for the sum ��f twenty-five  (��-n>
I..liars. , ,   ,
I'a.-li proposal must he accompanied vt
hi accepted bank cheque er certificate "f
1.1,..hii en a chartered hank of Canada,
mide pavnhle to the Honourable the MinlBter Of PUbllO Works, fnr 111- sum ..f ID
...*i* cent, "f Ihe nmnuni uf the contract,
which shall be forfeited If th- nnrty t-n-
i-'inn decline m enter Into oontraol wnen
.-all.-il ul'Oti tn dn nn, nr If he full tn ct,m-
..i.te the work contracted fnr. The chi-niic*
.r nortlflcntei of deposits of unsuo-
n."e,rui tenderers wlll he returned in them
upon the execution nf the onntrnpt.
Tenders wlll imt be eonslderen uniesa
in.le out nn th- fnrtns supplied, signed
���vitb th- nctiiul signature nf the tenderer.
,r.|  nii.-li.Bed   in  the envelopes furnish'"!.
The lowest ��r any Irnd-r nut necessarily
xccepted, 3   H   r.Rii-TlTif.
Public  Works V.nKlnetir.
nenertmeni of Public Wnrks.
Vlcterla, B.C., 86th July, 19U.    (1R09)
l.eii,v.-M V louver fur Vlcterla 10 a. m.
was.   missing  and   no | i P. '"��� and u Mi.
,.,,   fnuiir]     it   was      Leaves Vancouver fur HeniHe 10 a.
nl  Balurdays  at
Cliilliwank Service
i r Inland  revel       ami
ernor  ���     M
.   ..   : II   111     i
*    ,
' '
1     "The Playground of B. C/'iWu-sss ^xai -m-Tu
j<rT\ fl   &> Wei        iHt*.-r   s   ii.   nt.   M<
*;    K Wliite, Shiles A "
L0., Ag.fita
nt. Monday
We now have four trains daily and
will give you the clnapest rale going
not only to fflastern points, but io
Kootenay and u her points. Wo are
also t'gcnis for all steamship linos.
Tor renervnlioi. mid other particulars
;.;.; 1.   10
E, COHI.KT, Agent.
IIHI. i*    X
h.cuUay at I     t-ldaj
:,i.  nol 'I..'   ' rent, New Wostml
.   r. ; i. ;     .;   .'. A.. \ onoouvi
; II. W. DIIOD1E, '1
Now Westtnluster
P. A , Vancouver.
t Friday, August 8, 1913.
ike Playground oi British Columbia
(Tne  Semiahmoo Gaze#e is incorporated in tkis page)
Sumir.cr Reacrt Close to City a Be;
tlful    Spot���Handy    Week-end
Home for Busy Men.
Sumli-htnoo Hay, oltm favorably
compared with the famous Mediterranean Hay ot Naples, Is situated
ln the Surrey municipality or New
Westminster district. 11. C, about
twenty miles south rrom that city by
mil ami road
The bay extends trom the 49th parallel und lias a magnificent northwesterly sweep ol ten iniies, wiih a panoramic beauty ot island-dotted mountain
The port of While Hock, already
tar-famed as a summer and winter
resort, commands the central position
or Semiahmoo Hay, with Ocean park
and Crescent camping grounds along
the extreme northwest shore, the latter bathing beach being practically
within the confines or Boundary bay.i
The southeasterly portion, below
Ihe International boundary, Ib known
as Drayton harbor, the shore or which
ia occupied by the American city of
lllaine, Wash.
At low tide Semiahmoo bay, wllh its
large area ot firm, Bandy beach and
shingle, provides a splendid arena ror
all manners of out-door sports, etc.; .
automobiles, motorcycles Snd horses i
have all tried their Bpeed upon thla'
natural course, and last season one i
motorcyclist pronounced the bench ol!
Semiahmoo bay to be the finest rac-
lng track In Canada. The beach, too,
by nature of lta formation and gentle
���slope to deeper water, affords an absolutely safe playground fur children
and those who are beginners In aqua
tie  exercise.
Kittle tots can revel four hours In
Warm water left by Ihe outgoing tide
in the swells, and spend many happy |
days hunt Inr, thu smaller fishes, crabs
starfish, etc., in theae -shallow pools;
whilst   the  older  children   and   adults
sitting,  as   the  matter   comes   within
their Jurisdiction.
Road Work.
The following extract from a local
contemporary us regards the roads
and road work now In operation for
the motor and general vehicular traf-
lie leading to und from White Hock
Is worthy of reprinting, as it ex
pret-Bes the general opinion of the
"man ubout town," both locally and
in  the city:
White  itock, Aug. 4.   Upwards or
100  automobiles,     motor    cycles  anil
Mr. and Mrs. K. II. Murphy, Mr.
and Mrs. J. B, Bennett and numbers
Of olher Vancouver people are also
ln camp on the II. H. Stevens pro-
Mrs, !'.. Robb, Lorne Robb and Miss
Grace iti.bb. Vancouver, un- visll irs
to Mr. ami Mrs. J. M. Kennedy.
Mr. and Mrs. It. Buckland and family are enjoying the sea breezes of
Seiulahmoo bay aud have as nuesi I
MIb.i Beatrice Knowdell, of .New
Westminster and Miss olive Alexan*
Vashon,  and  Mr.  HickB haa erected
a  temporary  one  fur  thia  season.
Mt*. Jas. M. .Smith, and Miss 0. .1
Portor, of Murayvllle, are guests ol
Mr. and Mrs. A. Porter.
Mr. Mortimer Gernacy, or Vic! ir! *
WB* the gues; of Mrs. I.avery thli
White Rock News Notes
A unique and most enjoyable afiernoon reception was tendered recently
by Dr. and Mrs. Chester. The Invited
guests were asked to come In costumes    representing    musical    vocal
of the latest and most up to itate style
; which fact together with tlie half
mile railway trackage within the mill
yards and the splendid water front po- T
sition ol tlie site will enable the com- var
pany to manufacture and ship their i<'"���
lumber to any markel on either side of N
the International boundary at the lowest eost both to themselves and to the
Great Northern te Table
,i   12:16
Wllite   li.ck
ii.ul..   I'I   11.111
lilive.   Yn-m-triil -
,  IS:IS pjiu. *
t*   ll III .
Mathesi n, of N'ew W��
Isitlng Iir. and Mrj. VV
buggies made While Hock their ub-ldor, ol Vancouver.
ji-itlve   point   Saturday   and   Sunday'    Captain and Mrs. Fenton are enter
and the (i. N. it. trains brought   an|talnlng m.ss Gray or New   Westmin
ovi rflbwing compl
and day visitors
A largs number of the inot.irlslt
came from Vancouver, Everett, Hell
Ingham  and   New   Westminster,  and
i Hie  rigs  mainly from  outlying  points'
In Burn y and Langley,
la this connection It might be nol
id that the road work completed ami i
��� now In progress hen' by the provincial ;
government and the municipal coun-l
Ic'l Is somewhat nullified l.y the fact
thai the authorities have not com- j
li'lid Hi" opening up of the sui front
end of the .lohiiat-in road, but have
graded, and are now regradlng, the
Holm IVsta connection thereto, which!
is  only  a   half  roail   allowance,  with |
, an  Impossible all  the    year    grade
whilst  the Johnston road is lhe main
section  line thoroughfare,    and    the I
small   portion  now   left  untouched  at'
. the sea front end is of a much easier
! grade  than   that  of  the   Bona   Vista
The majority or the autoists com-
Inz In at the present time are obliged
Up Branch "ff the lahnrton   and M"na
Vista Junct'mi and made the sea Trout
| by way ot P street, a wagon road put
Ihe White Kock Tcwnslte coni-
through   their   own   property.
<n by
White Rock Personals
Mias Stark, wbo bas been spending
the  summer  al   White   V.oclt,   left  on .
-Saturday fer the oast on a short visit.
Miss     Marjorie     Harley,     who     Ib
spenduiK  thea   uininer   here   wllh   the
MtsaeB   llutti.n,   Ib   awuy   on   u     two
can'prueticc"b7eWt-stroke, aide - irt r olie I *"�����*��   trip   to   Alaska,
und overhand without fear. Mr.  and  Mrs. Jasper of Vancouver,
At the end of the float aud at high I Mr. and Mrs. Sid l'lerce, Mr. l!has.
tide, those proficient ln the art of I fierce and Mr Hunter of Victoria
diving nnd swimming can enjoy thi-j were recent and week end Ku-uata to
denp  water  to the  full. Mrs.  Pierce and daughter. Mrs. C'ltrk
fact, Semiahmoo bay is an accessible bathing apace and aeas'di
"gareen city" to the bualnea cities of
Vancouver and New Weatmlnster;
not only so, but residents in the in
land town of Chllllwack, and the adjacent district can board the moraine electric cur, be on the beach nt
Wliite Rock belore 1! p m , spend several hotirn b) the sea and be home
attain before bed time.
A special business men's train Is
run both morning and nlgbt by the
<!. N it during the summer and au
t um n seaaon,
Handy to City.
There is abundant evidence thnl In
Ihe near future the Semiahmoo bay
district win be the objective point for
two ch" trc railway lines, with While
Kick as Hi nlre of business.
ii la Btated on good authority that
the B. (' i*i R. have recently surveyed
out a route and obtained certain
rii-lits In order lo run a branch of
their Fraser valley Hue Into White
Hock and Crescent, possibly to a point
near the new White Hock school house
site and thence to connect with
lllaine and  Bellingham
lt is furthered rumored that the International Railway and Development
company will almost Immedltely commence operatli ns on the electric line
which they propose to build from the minster
vicinity of Ladner up the Fraser river
to New Westminster and from there to
White Rock and on to Sumas or Huntingdon.
The tl. N. '.'������ In currying out their
usual policy ol looking out for thiough
business have more or less neglected
ihe needs of tlie passenger truffle lo
local point:, therefore the advent ol
one or both of these electric lines will
be welccnnd by the thousands, of visitors to White Hock und the other
seaside n sorts on Semiahmoo bay.
Sea Front Road.
\ movement ia on rool to have tha
sei front road, White Hock, matter
taken up by the authorities> and finally settled t�� general satisfaction.
This question lias now been fif""-"*
for nbout seven years and it Is likely
to   cause   expensive   litigation   to   the
Surrey   municipality   if   ''���""*'
ence much  longer.    Thc petition
be duplicated and a copy i
railway commissioners "t n��''r
brought   an
iit  of week-end I (l( ,.   ant| among tlieir recent visitors
might   be   named   Mrs.   Feeney.
Fire   Chief   and   Mrs.   Watson,   of
Had Tidings cottage havi- aa guests
'dr.  and   Mrs.  Jim   Watson   und   Mias
iiblia.  of  New   Westminster,  and   re-
���ently  were  visited  by un auto party
consisting  or  Mr, and  Mrs.   Fulton,
with   Mr.  Jim   McNey   at   the   wheel.
Mrs. Jas,  Feeney was u recent visitor to Qlad Tidings cottage.
Mr.   and   Mrs.   (lco.   Simpson.   Mr.
j ind   Mrs.  C.   Henderson.   Miss   Miller
! md   Messrs.   J.   and   T.   Miller  came
j :n   from   Vancouver   on   Sunday   last
: .n u flying  visit to  Mrs.  J.  A.  Ilen-
' krson of "Rocklands."
Mr, and Mrs. John Wise were down
I i'or a few days at their cottage here.
Mrs. Pel lam and child, wir.- t.r the
station  agent  ut  Agasslz,  Miss  Irene
Iiikinun and Karl Inkmun came in on
Monday   last   and   a:e   Btaylng   with
..Mrs. lnkman c:.d  Mi3. Montgomery,
Mr.   liiiimau   ii  expeoted   down   Irom
Agassis   In   u  few   days   for   a  short
vis t'.
, Mr. and Mrs. 11. T. Kirk and family
entertained guests as follows: Mr.
and Mrs. Hyan. of Vancouver, Mr.
Norman White, uf Vancouver, Mr,
Wame and Mr. Jameson, of New-
Alderman and Mrs. Henley have
as giU'BtB MIbb Hilda Van Corbach.
of Shanghai und Misa Iluncle, of
MIbb   Florence   Mcl.eod   and   "drs.,
St-aton   are   victors  every   wee'.i   end I
to the C.  S.  Davles residence.
Mr. and MrB. Jaa. Montgomery and
child were week end vlaltora to Mra.
John   Montgomery.
Mra.   Alexander   McWillie,   ot   Vancouver,  returued  this  week  with  her
Infant   daughter   to   Fernbank
aummer home on the Bea front road.
Miss Mary
minster, is v
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. W. Leeson had
numerous wei i; end rlsltors fr::m
Vancouver. Mrs. Wm. Dean and Mrs.
J. Hawks with their families, from
Vancouver, are tenting on the Leeson
������rs.   Oeo,   Wade   is
for a few days.
i  \v< su-ni-iister art 1
12 :47  p.m., 4 :'lh  ji.m.
r...'*..v.M und midday IraltiH sou.
.,  nL
songs, anil a pleasant guessing contest   purchasers. The most active members:    in, tralna leave White Reek al * a.m..
t IDS  p.lu..  -:.:<���"  |im.  invi  K:4U p.in.
'flu   r, a,m.. t-i.e und '.. :07  p.m. sto-p Bt
Mr. ond Mrs. .1. Price. Mrs. Edward
Chapman and Miss Chapman were recent guests or Mrs. li. (' Chapman,
Master Klngsley Hart and Miss Florence Hart, id Bumaby Lake, are expected as visitors this week.
Miss Annie Mitchell, of New Westminster, and former school teacher
of White Itock. Is visiting with Mrs.
II. T. Thr'ft. Recent gu"sts to the
same house wore Miss Alice Pope,
New Westminster, Mrs. and Miss
Hardy, Hazelriere, Mr. H. Hav, Van-
c.uver. and Mrs. Mitchell and child.
New WeBtmlnster and Mrs. Rennle,
or Vancouver.
M'ss Ninon Itoltih. daughter ol Mr:
i.i connection was thoroughly enjoyed
Mrs F. *W. Leeson carried off tlie llrst
prize and Mrs. George Wade gained
the booby. The guest list Included
Mr. and Mrs. eLeson, Mr. und Mrs.
Frank MacKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Qeo.
Wade,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   A    Smith,   Miss
Livingstone, .Mr. and Mrs. W, K. Johnson and  llr. and  Mrs.  Muchonaehie of
llaiiinuKiks in cosy nooks, antl on the
various verandahs or the White Rock
hotel are having a strenuous time or
it  these days.
flam hunting and crab catching
parties are all the go with both grown
ups and youngsters along the sand
and beaches of Semiahmoo bay.
The Saturday evening dance ut the
White Itock hotel is increasing In
popularity, a most enjoyable time being spent on the last occasion and the
hail was taatefuly dicorated and
lighted by several dozens of colored
The hall of the White Rock hotel
haa been rented for Friday night by
Messrs. Best and Thrift who have arranged a special dance for that even-
of  the  Campbell   Hiver   Lumber  company are the Messrs. Hunter, who are
favorably  known  ln  connection   with,
shingle and  lumber business  both  in
B,  C.  and   In   Washington   state.
Golden   August.
August is tin* month for outings for
picnics In the park and tea on ths
beaches, tor cruises and little Jaunts;
a well-behaved, gracious inonth, one
of the mosl dependable of the twelve,,
mellow and beautiful, ilk" a matron
in lur prime. The gold of Auguat Ib
Still to be spent. "Take a vacation."
advises the almanac, "take a vacation,!
and when you lock up the house, don't
forget the cal."
I in
7 *.-.u
v S3,
...il  bOSlnMBI men** train ******* -Tstmr-
i  .lally al r. p. in.. New WiatnlmW
It      Arrivlui;  sir    White   Rock   ��:����
It. lunaiiK   fatttvea   Wlilie   itxmJ-t.   nf
ii.in.,  iirrivmu  New     W.*sttiiin.**iler at
VUIHIHIVIT   ill    9.110.
Hlgb-ctfUM   Cai at irs.     I'ity   l-rlci"**-*.
Hul,lie Telephone. Toll irfflo-. ImiK-ui.^mnc-c-
and   IikihI  culls.
Opposite uld O.  N.   R.   Hepul.
J. ll. Vidal. left this week for an ex-lmeffl and Hall's Prairie are expected,
���ended visit to California. j   Not only ,.|le chtldren> but number3
Capt. and Mra. Wllberg wcre visit- or adults who are staying here lor the
ed on Sunday last by tlieir nephew season will return to town with a col-
from California. 'or -somewhat resembling that of a na-
...      , ��� ,,.        , tlve son.   Copper colored complexions
Miss   lloss.   of   New-   Westminster.  wm be popular, for the time being,
la In camp with Mrs. Joseph Travers I
and Miss Mclntyre.
Dairymen's Report
The seventh annual report of lhe
B, C. Dairymen's association Is out ot
thep rinter's hands, and circulated
among the members. Their report is
a very exhaustive one, containing in
full the addresses of the leading dairy
experts at the annual meeting. There
iB also contained therein several very
clear cuts of the members attending
the annual meeting and the cham-
Visitors from Cloverdale, Hazel-'pton milk producers of the province.
The most "drawing" shows in town
during the theatre seaaon are those of]
Among  the   well   kept   Hower   gar-  "limbs,  lace and  lingerie."    In  sum- ]
dens or White Rock. Mr. II. T. Thrtt  mer at While Hock, as well aa at oth-
may   well  be  proud of the  profusion  er places,  the lace and  lingerie  are
of   floral   coloring   which   surrounds  replaced   by   bathing   suits,    but  the
Bella  Vista,   and   Mr,   F.  W,   LeeBon  limbs are still In evidence.
haB  a  rose  garden  which  would  put j    The  illumination  from    the    forty
to shame  many  an older  community  mlleB  of  American  Bah  traps  at  the
than  White   Rock.
Minister Accepts Invitation '
Victoria, Aug. 7.-In a telegram received by the secretary of tbe board
of trade, Hon. H. Rogers, minister
of public worka, accepted the invitation or that body to be its guest al
a "banquet which it Is proposed tc
arranse In hia honor on the occasion
ot his rortheoming visit to the coast.
to tin-
at     Iheir    annual     residence    "Cosy-
Mr Qeo. I'arker has had friends
vlttiting him from Winnipeg, anion;,st
whom were Mr. and Mrs Mcllrdy and
MiBi llelli  I'arker.
Mr and Mrs. J .1. Ford Mr. and
Mrs S. M. Ford. Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
r.-nl wllb their respective families
all from Vancouver, an- enjoying tin-
i-mi-il.- beauties ol White Itock iu
"Comp Omemee." Mm Coin and her
son, aud Mr. John Howard, of New
Westminster, were vfbttort to thia
camp   on   Sunday   ImmL
Mrs. Ceo Newman and children,
together with Mrs. Newman's father,
'it* John Strang, are living in their
Bummer cottage "Aldervllle" ami recently have had as cuests Mr. Wll-
-.on cf Ash street, New Wesftlnstpr
Mr. H. Dean, Mr. C Fraser. Mr. Nil
son Newman, and Miss Alice Knout-
son, all from New  Westminster.
Mr and Mrs. Clark Ellis are In re
s .Liu., at their "Rustic Co'tage" mil
have frequent house panics. Among
ih ir n'lests mights be mentioned
Mis-< Ethel and Miss Holly hrnnks
rf S :itt!*.. Mr. and Mis McCollum,
Rburne, Mr, ami Mrs. Welland, Van-
C ever, and Mr. Spencer. New Wesl
Mr. Oeo. Kills is now a
permanent   resident   of   White  Rock.
Mr. and Mrs. ('.. ll. Holland of Van
couver are settled for tlle summer in
'Semiahmoo Cottage." and Mrs. Kenny, or North Vancouver, together
with Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Ryder
and families nre tenting In the same
Mr. anil Mrs. McLaren of Cal-nrv
have just returned to that citv from
a month's slay nt Mrs, Buchanan's
ci italic ami have expressed themselves m nuch delighted with White
Reck ;:: d lis various charms. Th"
s'lme cottage Ib now occupied by the
M'sses Campbell anil I'arUo:', also
from Calgary.
"Rufnek Camp" on the H. H. Ste
vena addition, is occupied by a hunch
of Vancouver boya, Foley, Morgan
Buchanan and Robertson Rouort
s.v- Hml their iiniue is worse llun
their  bite.
Mr. and Mra. A. A. Matheson. of
New Westminster, and MIbs Miriam
Lane, of Vancouver are guests of Col.
and  Mrs. J. II. Taylor.
Mr. W. E. Mcl.eod. of New West
minster, was a visitor to White Rock
this week and la expected tu return
again in B few days.
Indian Agent Feter Byrne was
down  on   official   businesa during  tin-
Mr. H. Irving Ualtuff and family,
of liellinnliam, friends cf Mr. and
Mrs. Hamm, are expected tor a few
weeks stay. They have rented a cottage  on  Columbia  avenue.
1    Mr.
her  has a  party  of  friends  staying with -house on the Pacific highway on the
"    him  In  bis  summer house,  Johnston old  Douglas  townslte,  has    removed
entrance to Semiahmoo bay, off White
Rock, is most brilliant these eveninga
and ls very noticeable owing to the
fact that the traps are working night
and day during the heavy run of salmon,
Repairing,   Jobbing,   etc.
D. B. GRANT, White Rock.!
Beats, Dressing
Rooms, Swimming
Costumes for hire.
UlipowiH-   White   Hnck   Uute'
tc - Cream I-'urtar In itonncv-iiori.
Every Saturday evwiiiuc Ht S:30 lo 1M.:1U
in   the   lXicrt*alk��n   Hull.
Thn-r-T'W'rv  Orrhwtra.     Adminsiiuit,  2'mc
11. \V. MORiUR. Upiwne.
Charlea McConkey, recently appoint-1
T. Ovens, of New Westminster. 'ea customs officer at the new customs
road and Victoria avenue. with hla family trom White Rock to
A meeting of the White Rock \va- 0uf,tera more convenient to his ap
ter Supply company which has recent -POtotment
ly been organized to supply the aub-
diviaioiiB of White Rock, near the
old G N. depot was held this week
and the following officers were elected: K J. MacKenzie, president: H.
T. Thrift, vice president; W. B. John-
aton. secretary and treasurer; A.
Smith   and   A.   W.   Leeson,   directors.
Miss  Mycraliray. of  New  Westmin-      The  regulur  meeting of the Ladies
ater.   la a  guest  nf  Mr.  and   Mrs.   W.   Aid   of   White   Rock,   took   place   on
J. Mathers, nml  Misa  Whi-lun. uf  Vie-   Wednesday   last,
loria.   sister  of  Mra.   Muibers,   is  ex-
pected   back
camp   where
from   thf
she   hns
Alpine   Club
been   for   lhe
Quest*   recently
While   Rock   hotel:
registered   ut    thc
of   New   West-
end   visitor   to
past   two  weeks,   with   Mt.   Hobaiin  us
objective  point.
Mr. K. A. Oreame,
minster, wus it week
Aliii-i wyld
Mrs. Ireland, Mrs McNeil and Mrs.
Swuffer, or Vancouver, together with
their respective families, are camping on the .1   H.  Vidal subdivision.
w. H. Somervllle und family, and
M ss Pugh, of Vancouver, are residing in "Traumerel" oottage on llust, vena property. They hud as visitor this week Miss lllngslebell, of
N'ew*  Westminster.
Mr nnd Mrs. Marshall, or New
WeBtmlnster, are occupying their
In use .;n Cie s"ii fruit road and had
Miss Hi Bk< r tuiii M'ss Jennie M>.r-
.hvll  :is  week 11"!  visitors.
A number i.i the Y. M. C. A. boys
have rented u four n omed tent on
the hill and lune n good time each
week end.
Mrs. Butterf.old, cf N'ew Westminster, is preparing to erect n residence
in In r Lh o:i Vict' nu avenue,
Mr. H. llicklin. i f ILit.ic. has !",:r
chased property Irom the White Roc'l
Townslte company and will proceed
tn liuild a house thereon in a few
Mrs. Jos. Travers is making arrangements in build a collage on her
lot cn iiie townslte,
Mr. I Bvery bus been busy putting
finishing touches tn his new
adjacent  tu  thai   d  Mr.  a.
Mrs.    Lillian
Prancisco;  Mr.
F.   Fltzpatrick.
ami  Mrs. Q.  K.
Mr. Rummell, superintendent of
light and power for the B. C. E. R. in
Vancouver, made an Inspection trip i
this week over the work being car-!
ried out and in contemplation at
White Rock.
"Lord  Kitchener," formerly of New |
Westminster,     popularly     known     as j
"Kitch," is the pet of all the children
on the beach  at  Wliite Hock and  the |
"boss"  of  all   the  canine  kingdom   of
Ihe district.
Among the B. C. E. H. officials who
were down on business this week
might be mentioned Mr. Fraser, electrical     superintendent;   Mr.   Ogalvie,
_AT  I -New  Wf-ntmlinrM-r. B. C.
11 so. do r.n lull io g-*i  my estimate. \ -nti**M t-.tM-rn
My   work   apmlu   for   Itself.     Ixxilc   ever! I-umc rmNra.
Bome of the houpea 1 hftVe bulH here. Good 1  .
work   Kuaran-leed   on   Summer     Collagea. \
BunnriViwn or larger reaWenoej. i Rubber-aid
I1RS1GNS  AND  ESTIMATES  FREE.      \ r"��'B-��roi-o
B.   C \
Building   Contractor,   While   Rock.
Rocflng From cma-txaM ta*
W Kite Rock Express
We   Sixclall-Bn  -on  Bo��*-rrf   SotpHi-w.
ship yenr Goods  in  care >.f
Willi,-   Rock,
will  dellVCT  I.,  your  houae or camp
.......iiiii,].- ratea n-ithoul  further iron-
The  Pioneer   fc-n,t-.I Wiser Km
office  :*i   ���tc.cn'i'kss sn:
HI Hi.
Otnr iri-.-.-n-.vf.vjn-r;.'!.
:;tir1.��i> -
ss.  ���notAS.'si muBtsr, ********
overhead   superintendent,   and
ami  family.  Vancouver;   MrB.   Wooley.   Haillon   of   the   civil   engineering   de-
New   Westminster;    Mrs.   and     Miss1
F.   J.   Gavin.
Dalzeli,   Toronto;    F.   J.   Gavin,   wife
and daughter.  Vancouver;   J.   P.  Napier,   Victoria:   R.     H.     Bensor.     New-
Westminster;   Mr.   and   Mrs.   W.   N.
Draper:   W. ('.  Miller,  New  Wesiminster; Mr. and Mrs. Turbaine and family.   Vancouver;   Mr.   Hurr    and    Mr.
Cordevon,   Vancouver;      Miss     Annie
McDowell,  Miss  Kdna  Burniston, umi
Mr,  Jack   Burniston,   New   Westmin-
ster;   Mr. Kellar, Snn  Francisco;   Mr
Whiteside.   New   Westminster;      Mr.
Bias n. of  I'.  1'. Vi'.h 1   '-   t'n :   A.  H
McAllister,  New Westminster;   A. As
selton,  S.  Swanson, J.  A.  Hrown   !..
M.   Ilanhurv   Bnd  .1    McMillan.   Van
couver;  1>. J. McCorm'ck. A. R, Flynn
Praser  Mills;   Mr.  Scally  and  party.
Vancouver;    Mrs.   ('has.     M��cKenzie
and  daughter;   Mrs.  ('..  S.  Kellaway
and  family,  Calgary.
Mr and Mrs. U. B. Purdy and family have visitors to their residence
on the sea front each week. Messrs.
A and P. Sangster wcre down this
week end.
Mrs. L. Thornber has been hostess
io n large number of friends, both
local and rcroign, for tlie past month
at her summer home at Wliite Hock
atiiiiii-- -aIiiiiii were Miss Janet Hid
iii.. .f Kelowna, H.C.: Miss Hilda
Smalles, if Seattle; Mrs. Clark, of
Weslbank,   Okanagan, and iit  present
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hume of Nen
Westminster were visiting Mrs. Geo
Humble and Mrs. J. Dee and baby of
Sapperton were down for a few days
wiih Mrs. A. Lomas and Mrs. Kum- !
3STIWATES      i'i.AP'.V      S.  3MITTH1D. I  ^^ ^^
;���;""-V''A,!'OT"   .THE BEST
Electric  Light.
Tlie   H.  ('.   I-I.   R.   pole  line  to  carry
power and light to White Hock is now
completed  from  thc  Pacific highway
to  the  Campbell  Itlver  Lumber  company's mill at the mouth of the Campbell river. White Hock, and the work
or connecting up is in progress.    As
Boon as tin* work Tor the mill Is tin-!
ished  it  is  anticipated  that  the  pole j
line will be continued up Victoria ave-
nue through the White Hock townslte
property and on to the Hunter shin- |
gle mili. thus providing electric light
for Ihe Q. N. R. depot, the White Hock
hotel and the large number ol private
residences or which about 100 are already wired or preparing to be wired
in readiness for the "juice."
ll. ���:-������ and SUP   !' iml. r.
s. I, ,-r-,i*    fur   trmmmer Tfcmic   ntle*   i*   inv
ralMnvM-m.   MrecUr   m-npn-lle Uk-  railn >y
.: iti*.ll   .11     U7irte    Cfe��IC      BlVWHIpf   "���-
"ore ��tr ii.ir /fw-m-beti-.
��-iii.t .vent
Plumbing and Heating
Gutter  Work.  Pumps, etc.    Septic Tanks!
n/HITE  P.OCK,  B. C.
pom    i--RKi=ri    MUJi    ih--.i.ivki;ki��
emily ix ivrrrri-; hock. BBOxt
E. E.   BOWERS,   Dairyman
Industrial Growth.
The new Campbell river lumber mill
mill   will   be   in   operation   about   the;      Coh
15th of this month and has a capacity I Oood-w
or SO.OOu  or 90,000  reet  per day, the |
pny  roll  locally  will amount  to over
Old Country
Boot Store
-nl.iii su. -1. New Wi sir
urlr.K   Hints   and   Sll.��i
r. ason ible piles.
The  Northampton   Boots  fr.iin.
The Deck Boot  tl.:
other $6,000 Ior the logging camps in   h, st  Canadian  fine Btrong   H-
$5,000 per month at the start, and an -
ll     IIK'Sl
... ,$*i.5n
ii to 15.00
ots.   ti.'*"
eii the
Miss Mabel Clarke, nf Kelowna, who connection on the Nlcomekle and oth-
will remain for aome weeks. er adjacent points.   Tbe machinery is,
1|.|:    FOOTWEAR
For n R<*xetriiirip. thvlgcn-tlng Driub..
fTWW fllrmtirittn    fffcllft from Mult arid Hqp��
Your Va
Ths Beach, Surroundings, Water Supply and Train Service Are Unexcelled by any Resort in B. C.
��� - *>
Then1 are summer cottages, while canvas camps or the 50-room White Rock
hotel to choose from. Water is piped from artesian wells and springs, milk deliverer! fresh from the ranch, stores, restaurant, telephone, dailv mail, etc., are all
(here to provide for your wants and the bathing, boating and miles of sandy beach
cannot be surpassed anywhere in British Columbia.
t.L:. ���
White,Shiles & Co.
New Westminster.
E. It Sands
Resident Manager.
' t.r*r> v**!'  ,- ���'
'������**.    fc -l-'^'^^P^'y
��� ^.,"      * ���'.r \vi.7it ���iisj
< PAGft  f-CU*
Fresk Water and Salt
0. F. Watson and family, of Victoria,
Dead     Fish     Thrown     Overboard���
Thrir Souls Haven't Gone on High
Their Smell  Has.
draw at the Fraser river bridge
Heavei* upward
water   in   the   river   lias
i feet lately a
there is ih; feet clearance at
���he bridge.    Al high tide there is 23
pet   clearance.
Kin~   smrki-ye   is   "in   Hutch"
mi"  mni  with offices al.mg lh
ii.l waterfront.    More than that In            ,^^^^^_ ^mMMMm
-r��i-n ;i*ka��l ��ii move and  if he doesn't   the hands of a skilled crew, can work
��� I i it ol ftus a* n BOCOrd, the waterfront   OUl a bid Faving.
���i-aai-ts **tWk bob to lt that he Is rorced ���    li  is expected the dredge will ro
; *.. l.*aif ibrir premises. ] down  river the first of next  week.
The fMfl   is. BOTneone    has    thrown
str��it II* cil lhe regal personages just :     T ^^^^^^^
nanac*. in ihe slip at the foot of Sixth  was opened yesterday for the Trans
-Ure-rt. aivd alihough the flies may be  fer and the tint Coultl, up and down-]
.-.iji.yinA  the VUftt,  persons  with  of-1 ward bound, and th
ucrs nearby are nol.    When  the tide   bcund      The
.-i.nn-ii in it rarties the fish away ha-i;   .--coded  some  feet lately anil  now at
into   tb*   Kiip   and   under   the   wharf |l-"-w ti
_-4a*gitis   niul   when   fhe   tide  rocs  out
it do-ami invite the fish  lo po along.
OildUimiilTlj   the   odor   which   arises
e/\d  pr*rw**9Jt***i the   warehouse  floor-
xnii ix rwir a bti tflea   Since a pe
worfcioi:  a typewriter  or wheeling  a
itrad cswboi spare s th-.inib and fin-
s,-r. hn is forced In grin  and bear It.
The   fttw-Vicyes   -were   thrown   over-
txiaril  by   H&hormcn   last   night   who
ceriU ty.a svll or ev.-n give their catch  ���'���"��� ,!"' halibut grounds
���*���������� ay.     At   pro-sent  they  are  strewn
ihviut the shorv and are floating sur-
r-inradr-d ht  the crude oil, which,  by t***************
the was, rfthtragh  protested  against,j��een  ���'���!> ��ver for two da>'s
is bUD baCher-fag wharf and boat own-
FAILED TO SIGNAL. j C ���    1 J    Ti
FAIL"U  | Social and   Persona
Vessels Collige  Near    Three    Rivers.v
and  Inquiry  Follows.
Quebec.    Mis-     i.    The    Lady    "f i are guests at the Russell.
fSasDO was struck and crushed by the!
  nrown of Cordova near Three Rivers. '    W. 0. Swann, divisional engineer ol
������=���== Crown of i owcrw u ed a|olior   ,he c  N  R   , ,, yeBtefday for Vale
COMPLETE BIG REPAIRS ,ng 0f the former boat without s'gnal-  on a short business trip.
IN RECORD TIME jln_ |���.r intention, is the theory of | t. Victor Case, of San Krancisco.
Captain Campbell, of tbe latter boat, Is a recent arrival in the city and
as explained by him before lhe court will take up his residence here.
Inquiry   which  convened  hero  to-'    (   RM  q. ^ Westminster. Ls in
day. .     chilliwack  where be  lias accepted a
Captain   Campbell   Bam   mat position "on the Chllllwaok Progress.
iCr-nvn of Cordova   had   followed    lhe .
Lady Of Oaspe rrom Montreal. When. Dr. Sanford. the new principal of
the accident occurred the weather Columbian college, has taken up his
was thick, Iiiii a pond sailor coul'l quarters with his family at the college,
easily sc;' ahead. When ihe Lady of Elmer Warwick and F. L. Murphy
Caspe came to anchor she was hut BO have returned to the city after Bpand-
vat.ls ahead Ot the Crown of Tor- |nB an enjoyable two weeks at Alert
Hup work dova, according to Um captain. jBay.
a black-1  "
The King Kdward g< es to her wharf
in Sapperton today alter about a week
spoil!  at  Un- n.l'.W. wharf here. Dur-!"
ing that time Chief Engineer Rogers
iand  his  men  hive  removed  the old
| runner In  the  pump and  Installed a
If  new   one:   the   cutter   blades   on   the
agitator have been replaced, ami betides these, many other necessary repairs have been made,
Because   of   lis   comp!'!"   repair
equipment, the King Edward can save
Itlme and  money  when  ne
Willi   done,     Aboard   her  there
��� lo-  smilh and carpenter   shop,   machine
has  lathes, and other appliances, which In
Mrs. John Louden, of Calgary, and
.Mrs. C, Tlmleck, of Stettlar, Alta.. are
lhe guests of Mr. anil .Mrs. T. Tinileck.  Eighth  street.
A. Vashon, formerly of New Westminster, Inn now of Vancouver, was
ii the city today and left to Bpend a
short holiday with friends at White
Th" lugs Wifeless and Coultl wort
erson at "ie ���"''>'  market  wharf yesterday.
The former is undergoing repairs to
her machinery.
The ll   C. P. cleared from the Col-
lumbia  fold  Storage  wharf yesterday
Fcrmcr American Consul. Well Knowr
on  Coast.   Passes  Away���Nut
Cracker Cold.
Some artkm may be taken to re-
TMiwe the objectionable fish and in-
mtistJEatSaa may follow.
Vancouver, Aug. 7.���Colonel I,. II.
Dudley, tor many years American
consul In  Vancouver, and a veteran
of both the civil an.l .Mexican wars,
died at tli" general hospital this
mcrnlug after a brief illness. He was
71 years of age.
The late Colonel Dudley v.as highly
n garded In Vani mver and had a
host of friends here, lie was American consul in this cltj for some 15
years, retiring from office about five
years  ago,     So   well   did   lhe   former
  consul think of Vancouver that upon
Although contrary to governmentIleaving office he concluded to retain
regulations, some sturgeqn ar" being his residence bere. When he retired
caught by drop nets let down fromlhe from his consulate position he waa
wharves along the waterfront. If Is j preaented with a Memorial by the
i-ild that the offenders, mostly China-;citizens, an lienor which is regarded
somewhat unusual  In  such cases.
The   snagboat   Samson
| down from Chilliwack today
She has
men. are taking pome sturgeon not a
fool lonir. Only two weeks ago the
fisheries department here i.--sued a
warning against this.
Miss Allan and Miss Monteith were
members of a parly that spent Tucs-
i day at Bowen island. They were accompanied by Mr. anil Mrs. H. .1. Robinson, of Grandvlew, and Mr. and Mrs.
fleorge Loud, of Ihis city.
On Wednesday evening Alan Workman and Miss II. Lit lewood, both of
this cily. were married by Kev. E. It.
[Bartlett, M.A. The wedding took
place at the home of the bride's par-
ents, special dispensation of the
iiishop, nt the request of the rector
being granted.
The bride, who was the recipient
of nuiiurous gifts, was attended by
Mlsa .''!. Foy. The best man was C.
.1. Llttlewood.
After the ceremony the weddln?
supper was served, the happy couple
leaving for Victoria and neighboring
cities immediately after. On their re
turn they will reside nt SIS Edinbur.-T
Ci-mrerici Have More Fish Than They
Caa Handle -snd Fishermen Find
no   Market  for  Catches.
Colliers Through  Straits.
Punta   Arenas.  Straits  of  Magellan. |
Ails',    e  -Twelve    American    colliers |
...ll .1  ;;   Punta   Arenas  in  July  and)
all i for the Pacific.    Several other
' tillers passed through the Straits of
M *.* lit a   during   the   month   without
His wife died here some eight, yenrj
ago Colonel Dudley had property
interests both In Vancouver and
North Vancouver and v.as considered
a man of fairly substantial means.
The funeral will bo held from
Christ church tomorrow, llurlal will
take plaee in the Old Si Idlers' ceme
tery, Seattle.
Arran-lng   Program. 	
The organizing committee, having ham, Kngland, waa united in matrl-
in hand the local arrangements in'in my to Charles Norris, of New West-
connection with the visit of the inter- minster. The ceremony was performed
national geological congress on by Itev. Mr. Melville, of St. Stephen's
August '.'7 and 28, held Its lirst meet- church, in the presence of a numlier
ing yesterday under the chairmanship of friends. Tlie bride, who was given
were^cf Robert   Et,   Hedley,   who  has  been  aw'ay   by   Mr.   Smith,   of   Vancouver
A wedding w-as quietly solemnized
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Matheson. 819 Queen's avenue, this city,
Iwhen Miss Marion Klklns, of BIrmlng-
M       All  Lost Save One.
  Valparaiso,    Aug     '    The Chilean
'  timer  Isadora   wan   wrecked   today
e are wffflclenl Bockeyes at the   *���'  Cape Caranze and all the mem
nn river canneries to keep all hands  bers  ">'  her  crew,  except   one,   ..���.���,- ������---���   --  ------ --  ----  .        ,
:. ���....   .....   , , flays and, although  drowned.   The steamer is a total loss,  appointed the local representative for  |����*e? yer3L?.1e.tt.y ~\ ? Bult. of. nu>
tlte (Jah are I  Ick, com- ""'' ' Isadora was a coasting vessel ol  the congress.    Owing to the extreme
,-,-j-.-.- vi i"   I -,.   * in  "'-'' tons and �� is       ed In Valpariaso. ly short time which the two sections
.--,. -, i  s  ., ���-,,-  *:'*." was buill   *   Dundee In 1S79. of the congress will spend in this city,
i-handle mon   hefore proceeding on their respective
Sato-ton al -present T'-v0 NEW CUNARO ships journeys, the committee tell  that all
A  scow   v .- i   ..   -  3 " - F0R  CANADIAN   TRADE   that  could be  done   would   be   to    ar
* ikra *.ran river and     :> - range  for  the  members  to  be  taken
ill refiners  ><'-:     '���-       No pi - ot  the  f'unard    line  on  an automobile    drive
nahed; Orey  were to bi   a gifL   Bul ladlan passenger and car-  city, but it is hoped when the    com-1 	
to rnr surprise o cners, the re- years ago was welcom-  plete Itinerary  is received  from    the
iin.-, afDcl&la re;*.-* . th m, .vj.'i ���    ed as ai       nt if Imperial importance   general secretary a!  Ottawa,  it  may Women Lock Herns,
tag Utat they "had contracted to handle T s due to the unique position  *.���,  f0Und possible    to entertain    the      Portland, on*    Vug. 7.���When pro
Um oflWfflWh the cannei es and ���pany and to the <-'x-1 congress  for  a  more  extended    time  posed      constitutional      amendment!
���^~ material than was Pectaticnth.,-there would be dlspl��v-1here came up    tor consideration    by    the
A  Nut Cracker. grand circle of Women of the Wood
Knox Walkem, of the firm of Piinis  craft,  representing   nine    sta'i-s.     in
blue anil a white hat trimmed with 0
tiiih feathers. She was assisted by
Miss Jessie -McLure, wearing a costume of navy blue. The groom was
alien.l.il by A. Cusick, of N'ew West
minster After the ceretnony luncht in
was si ;i  .1. after which the couple lefl
'"L"  to spend a short honeymoon on Van-
round    the couver ,aland
imt  tit.e a*> ami'-i- iraiUerial than was  P^ "e��� would be dlsplnv.
���nnw betas Bent thi m '" that enterprise
tt   in   s\id   thai   Beveral   cannei gement   which lias,
���rlV be forced to throw oot somi ������"' position among &   walkem.  has Just  returned    from
i ���      '       li beforo the .���-���;. Is end roadi I the nation  The   Vnn An,j., Bnd reports a very remark-
*   ,t.�� .'.*.* ;..-������ -nrm on the verge of expectation has already heen realized; |aDle  . |)d  Btr|ke    mad *    bv    Messrs.
.John   McConvllle  and  .lack  Danaber,
city.    The  strike    has    been
Van  Anda.    This claim  waa formerly
iboul   $14,000  worth    of
gold taken i m of a small shaft. The
work   was  abandoned  owing  to    the
(death of the owner, and In some way
prilling. Ithe cimpany has had built specially
,a-   seem a    sllghtli     better '  ���   service   tv .    teamers  of  an    .. tnU
hnva the Btralts yesterdaj   althou-a pe.   Thej do nol carry any   ,.1 ,a..'���,,������  an old claim  known    as
���naa   mo targe as several days ago    Ki lassepgers;     th    nd   ... (-ril.k,,r   ;li,.,,lt  ;|,r,.,, miles from
it, i-iitf.ham, 'in- I!  C   Canners' report    1    -  passengers  occupy   'ln.se   parts'
-.:.   i-sphacxs are doing better and that lip  usually  given  up  to the ,,    .       ,
rrom ���.���ii. .-.nirces 70,1  fish were re    Irsl i   *  -   and, although  the decora- '
celved Ri -Vnacortes"50,00li were taken  tions nol  be quite so elaborate,!
.nd ihe i-vemvrs an   doing better the dation Is as spacious, as
A  fr.14. note  In   tlie  official   repori 'anged and as well ventl-, ... ,.        ,   ,,   ,������������  ������,,
x.Mirdav ami 'Ail canneries  ie    Ued  and   lighted ""��� c flm   ��".'" "*'''  ' '  ^C-se      will be discussed
���Kra-rer rfveT were worKlns to capaclt;       The   new   vt    ....    named   the   An   recently    restaKea    n>    me    pn .nm _____
\em nijy, hui ihis morning, owlnfi to   lanla and Alaunla, were built by the owners. - - -'-	
Scotts' Shipbuilding and  Engineering A3a"1 Adiourn'd*.
limited, Oreenock. The ves-      Adjournment     was    again    rouna
540 feel  long, 64  feel beam, necessary    in    the ease    of ..Iildntl
ind 16 f -*    eep moulded, with a gross I Hill, charged  with a violation of tho
i eglt tered   tt * nag *   of    in,300    tons,
''here an* nine ile. ks. and the flying-
bridge is BO fei I above the load line.
Taking i.-n- fourth  regular   sailing  There Is accommodation for r.20 sec-
* ��� Rnropean pt rts In the Bervlce of ond  class  passengers,  besides    1,620
��� Royal Mail line, the British steam-  third fins?, ror whom  specially well
-!..-(.  Otto       Glamie,   captain    l.nw.  fitted  quarters  are arranged   all  be-
.-���s-'Ai'ti fn * *    *,*- ���   ���;.    *   Sunday  last  lng in staterooms,
session here today, unexpected ep
position develop.,; and lengthy dls
cusslon resulted. Kor this reason i'
is anticipated adjournment cah not
be taken until some time next week.
���tb-e tttvnr. m the gulf which causi 1 a
I-..K T,..rixf:- r .! fishermen to put bai k,
-.---.. .- are smaller."
I c DUHTH  ftOVAL  f.1 AIL
���ii mitln of "North Pacific coasl  ports
\  ���  I .i.".iiun:       Mer    flep irtt re    from
��� ��� pei ted to be report-
Mt'ioagh no defi-
���  oAvioee m*-.   been recelvi *l fn m
tl ���    and * il the big British
.-;���;.������*,*      . ���   ts Findlay,
Ui ��� loi   ;  agents ������;
the line. 1        ������        -. u-.m to bellevo
the the Teal firs   "I the reg-
.*- * |j  tnaugu ���
I Victoria on
Lei*   ;. ���  ������
tv   .���* ��� . ���       Patl '*, *s due
v*i r*   ���*.-*. ��� **-*  the I irlenl
,v��   *    >. e       >        -.,,.    |ef|   London
*i?.\   ts    -* In      18,  Singapore
. lu',-.  11 i
The  V��vt��|i;'.   i-   ni'i'ig  t -Uow I'd   hy |
motor act, when sh*- was arraigned
before Magistrate South in the police
court this morning. William Wright,
who was crushed by being jammed
agalnBt the wall of the North V.-in
couver firry boat No. - by the auto
driven b) tho accusod some three
weeks a.*!., and who will be the chief
Prenarir*!" for Fa-.-.
The monthly meeting of the Con
tral Park Agricultural society w il be
Inld in ih.* agricultural hall mi Monday evening. Business In connect'on
with the annual    lair    in    Septembei
Dean's Grocery for
Special Values
Clothes   l'lns         5  doz. for   10c
Old  Dutch Cleanser, It tins  for        25c
Liquid  Ammonia,  p��r bottle
i'ov il *n d Ammonia, 2 pitts.
LIqu'd  Hlue. per bottle  .
Washing Roda, 2 lbs. for  . .
witness  for   the   prosecution,   has  so|N*aptha Soap,  per bar
.  5c
Holt Hill Now at Victoria Has Missed
Cancelling   Date
for Cargo.
v.**- irla
Captain    lira-.
the British neamiT Tien of Puth<-en |ma8ter of t1"' i,riu"]* barque llolt
-i-ap; -. : ���,'��� ��� ,..��� h leti London ""'��� '""��� discharging a nitrate car
.Jut,.**,.:.. ,.., reported loadliit]  '���"  llt  thla   l",rl'  ha*  been   worrying
���al Or t-n; ; ��� rrls The next In line, considerably of late as to whether
the  i. ���     ..,*, p.   captain   larvis,  ' r not  ho  will lose his lumber char-
msslint V--. i  i. and m  July 4. and  waa Iter to load at Hastings mills, Vancou-
yaid reported pa islw Qthraltar July 8.|ver, The cancelling date of the charter was set  al  July  31   and  the Holt
Halibut teats Take Salmon. Hill   Is   some   daya   behind.     Captain
���S��-ntt\- V i 7- Wiih 60,000 pounds Bray has gone across to the Terminal
of hniil ni ... ntntH-laiT power schoon- city to confer with the charterers
<t S<"--v*r.   . *.*��:J Irom the northern  and  a  satisfactory   arrangement   may
��� bantt-    ��� .-.      Iti ports   from   the  be effected.
. eap-c r*'- ��� the Bockeye salmon   -|),,,  t,iR  four-master  was  taken  for
-ran if i i ��� in iti) and n number of this cargo when rates wero high, and
���fcaHhnt ���-.;��� ���*!-,:ui;,i; the Atlantic, there is a probability, now that the
Vomira'. (' i Haify and Mary, havo rates havo dropped considerably thai
Jo*ip��"  L--I- i       ��� seine fleet    or    are ,,,,, charterers mny desire to release
far recovered from his injuries an to
l"ave   the   general   hospital,   and   he
will give evidence a; the trial tomi r
row afternoon nt 2 o'clock.
Novel Picnic
Under the auspices <;' tbe Children
of Mary    Sodality    of  Holy    Rosary
I parish,  there  will  be a novel  excur
| sion on   Baturday   afternoon   to    thi
1 Ni rth     Arm.     Two     BCOWS,    sultalll)
fitted up, have been placed al the die
posal of the excursionists by a Catho
lie citizen, who la also to furnish the '
towinx bt tit
Rate? More Steady.
I   tiiloti. Aug  T.    Money was In bettor demand and discount rates were
steady  today.    As  usual  at  this  sea-
sun    ot    the   year.   buslneBB  on   the
Are n-*.v nlrr.-r-.t over, We expect
a L- *��� chlpmQnt of ,-hoicc b.irries
On Tuc-.day.   SPECIAL PRICE, per
....  $1.50
i-tock exchange was light.
i,   per   1
II s,   *.'   11*
��.  for
11  Ihs.
R,  per
t        (
s \
arrj'n?   uUat
tibe 7 -ni rs
n the canneries.
Umt*-   Tti
tlie;U.  * ���'**���   " it
��:4&    ���' ���"
20;*0 1',
?:&�����    ������' '* '
r, 01     ��   * ���"���
Sl:���� lt; :''
M:l��    r.
��t:15 IV."-"
\ 1:3��   ��
���n-m '���"'���
tl-.mm   1*
**    *%*..*     ���*'������'
" StrMrW^
ei -3 Sunday, Ami";
���iter.       Sand Heads.
High. 1    ���'
*. Hgt. Time. Hut
[4 11.8 " ' ' v "
11 13.6 12 33 0,7
Vl ll.fi    1    ���
: ��� .  I '  17    1"
.*���  1' ���
I 4 14:02
:. 1 ������ 17
l 14:40 :. ���
1    4:01    2
thi !il]. Tl e Holl Hill can handli
:."'*.' * teet cl lumber, and ii is un-
il 1 llood tl ll Bhe * ;n to load foi
th Africa.
If llie I* 11 , 11 had not bothen *l .*. Ith
hi r cargo Bhe would have 1 idi
the date all right. Unfortunately, tin
llghl airs In bo ithi n. ..: re and the
head wlnda ofl Ihls coaal .* ��� . *i thi
Holl Hill to make ont of * I i> longi st
I .. 1 fi m Inulque thai h linen
made In recei I an
1, p ...   the nil rate  cai      *   *
. I pn :"!   ivei ;���  e rii
  ; nd ii he had In en
he would lu *'
New Show Tonight
- Present
(i   i',,;      |ira>     ��� 1
30 to1
I Lots ��� f Fun
id C'.' . '* eat
JL*    IJ^mf   I     T'mxEJmEml*
Magnificent Assortments and Values that
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Specials   Today
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nil Bl/es. These styles Include smart tailored, (lain
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FRIDAY, AUGU8T 8,  1913.
PKxtt nv��
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Westminster delegates to tlie pro- Vancouver clubs In the so-called provincial board of Ihe liritish Columbia fesslon&l league, have been taken
Amateur Athlelic union    will be    put under the  wing of  David  Lelth,  who
comeB out with the statement that if
these Bame  players sign  a document
lo the teat In the very near fulurn
when soccer foul ball matters wlll
come up lor discussion. Their actions
nl ths coming meeting will be followed by hundreds of fans In this
City, who look for u Btiuare deal, not
only   ior   local   players,   but   for    the
whole   of   the   football   contingent
playing the gnme ill  tlle  province.
Vancouver  has decided   lo  play    a
little game in its own buck yard. The
to be drawn up by a special commit
tee, to the effect that they have not!
received   money   for   playing   soccer, I
then they will be reinstated,   All this
is with the sanction of Milton Oppenheimer,  secretary  of the    provincial
board of the union, and nlso connected wllh the Vancouver Athletic cluh. |
Where Ib Westminster going to get
Vancouver and District Soccer league   off  In   this   move ?     Hefore   tlle  local
is to be    OOmposed of a name    only,  delegates cast their votes in favor of
following a meeting held In llie Terminal City on Tuesday evening last,
when it was decided to exclude all
district clubs, such as Wesiminster
and North  Vancouver.
That may be nil right and Dave
Lelth, who thinks he is some pumpkins in Boccer in Vancouver, is
within his rights when he whips the
other delegates into line and excludes
Uie Royals and also the ambitious
Hut how aboul the proposed whole-
Bale reinstatement of players win
have     been     | laying     in     an    outlay
reinstating these outlaws, the general
feeling exists that they Bhould first
ascertain the feeling of the Vancouver and Victoria delegates towards
the Rovers and whether the latter
players will receive the same treatment as accorded lhe Celtics and
Wltli all the players carrying an
amateur card, the local city league
will be the strongest In the history
of the game here. Six clubs at least
could be fielded and two or more
games could be played every Saturday afternoon of a brand far superior
organization,   to   wit,   the   Vancouver  to that displayed last season,
and District Senior Soccer league ''
There Is an ulterior motive somewhere and II Is not hard to locale il.
Lelth haa stated openly at different
limes his antagonism to the Westminster Rovers. Ills cards were
stacked to keep oui the Rovers from'
the amateur league Bhould thev decide to seek reinstatement In a body.
The Celtics and the Thistles, the two
One disBiiiiting vote, if Ihe writer Is
correct, is enough to delay the wholesale reinstatement of players. If
that i-.i so, a Westminster delegate
c-iii hold up the meeting and play a
fair end legitimate "time for the benefit or Westminster soccer.    Truly the
Bituation Is an Interesting one   and
will be closely followed at the annual
meeting of the B. C. A. A. U.
vu. Mrs. RuSSell; court 2, Kddy vs.
11 a.m. Cour! 1, Miss Marlin and
Mlns  Rand.
ii p.m. -Court. 1, MIsb Payne vs.
Mhis Annandale: court t. Swan vs.
Macgowan:   courl   li,   vacant.
8:30 p.m. -Court 1, Mrs. Bison and
Wright vb. Miss Peele and Haines,
court 2, Miss Homer and Canon
d'Kasum vs. Miss II. Wilson and Tuck-
well; court 3, ('ampin II vs. Ttyer.
4:30 p.m. Court 1, Misa Rand vs
MIbb Shildrick; court 2, winner of
Swan vs. Macgowan plays winner of
Haines vs. Eddy; court No. 2, Pelly
and Scolt vs.  Wright und Gardiner.
6:80 p.m.���Court 1, MIbb Corbould
vb. winner of match between Miss
Payne vb. MIbs Annandale; court 2.
Mrs. Russell vs. Miss Rickman; court
3, Miss d'Easum and A. L. Lewis vs.
Mlsa Payne and Teale.
for alleged insulting language to the
chief magistrate. The mayor alBo alleged that Robltalile waa not giving
satisfaction in his office.
"We will hold a meeting and have
those statements retracted," said the
"Are they true?' 'he was asked.
"They are not,"  was  the  reply.
American Boxing Federation  Requests
French   Authorities  to   Prohibit
Johnson  fron  Fiehtin"
V. A. ��. COMING
Mann Cup  Holders, as Reconstructed,
Will  Meet Locals on O-jeent
Amateur lacrosBe will be the feature
ol  Saturday's sport In this city. Whan   (\
the  Vancouver  Athletic club,  present |bl,
holders   of   the   Mann   cup.   Will   visit
QuCen's  park  and  receive, according
to local critics, the first trimming ofl
two seasons at the hands of Westmin-
mint   before   the   locals,   final   score
15 tn ?..
Weather conditions were anything
but favorable, a strong wind deflecting the ball from the fielders, while a
rain storm broke up the game In the
trixtli and forced the playerB to cover.
Many errors on both sides featured
the six Innings, although the managers of the locals believes he carried a
lucky charm when mlsplays made by
lils buncli broke at opportune times.
The two tennis play a second game
Friday evening and the brand
hall dished out Indicates another
If Jack Horne, the Moose twirler,
can gel away with his game this even-
ins between the herd and the city
league all-stars, he will be able to lay
claim to the blue ribbon In local base-
Nell Silver is in charge of the all-
stars In the absence of I.en Chaput, |
who Is barnstorming with Porl Coquitlam, and Silver relys on hia own twirling to keep the hits scattered while
his bunch of so-called heavy hitters
will be asked to produce the runs
Manager Oraham, of the Moose, will
field his usual line-up and. as can be
Imagined, taker, ihe opposite view to
The all-stars line-up wlll look something like this: Silver, p; Hansen or
Munn, c; IC. Sinclair, lh: Wirt, 2b; McCabe, s.b; Decker. :',b: Newby I.f.; Art
Sinclair, cf.; Riley, rf.: Howe, C.
I'eck,  and  Walsh,  kpares.
I'aris, Aug. ".. The newspapers
here say that the American boxing
federation has requested the French
federation to prohibit Jack Johnson,
the American negro pugilist, from
lighting In  France.
Says Its Unofficial.
New York, Aug. 7. If the French
boxing federation have been requested to prohibit Jack Johnson from engaging in contests In Prance the re
queBt must have originated from
some unofficial source, probably In
the west, according to .lan.i a R.
Price, a member of the New* York
state athletic commission.
Mr. Price said that bo far as he
knew there was no such organization
SB  ilu- "American  boxing  federation."
Individual  Records Only Way to Find
Out What Each Cow it
railway ace!-
trend of the
the cause, so
la ken  lo pre-
Toronto, Aug. 7.���The Introduction
r.f wblskey into the forbidden districts
f northern Ontario in pieces of beef
has been discovered by Chief Rogers
of the provincial pollce, and several
prosecutions have been undertaken ag
the result.
It was known that a woman in the
Porcupine district was gelling whiskey, and after the authorities had been
pii'/zli d for some time an examination
of beef going in was matle and deep
cuts were noticed.
Exploration developed the fact that
cunningly hidden away under each of
the cuts was a hot water bottle filled
with   whiskey,  each  bottle  containing  a  profit.
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
W.    1..
Vancouver    68    46
Seattle    OS    49
Portland    5!)    49
Victoria SS    62
Tacoma   52    04
Spokane    41    72
about two quarts of the liquid, which
Ihe woman mixed with water and sold
at fancy prices.
When   a   disastrous
dent  occurs  the   whole
enquiry  Ib  lo ascertain
that  measures  may  be
vent a recurrence cf the wreck
If a fault is noticed In any workshop, is not the particular delinquent
sought out?
Kvery passenger on a steamer pays
passage money; the several branches
in a department store are all expected lo show a profit on the years business.
So the dairy farmer will do well
to enquire if he has any delinquents
in his present herd of cows, perhaps
one or two are in a fair way to wreck
his fortunes, their passage money
; may be paid by some better producers, for often two or three out of
twenty cows show no profit at all on
ihe year's production of fat.
Plenty cf cows in June and July
gave over one thousand pound-i of
,milk and over thirty-five pounds of
fat. What dairyman would voluntarily keep the kind of a cow that yield
ed only twenty-four pounds of fat or
those who gave only four hundred
pounds of milk during last month?
Yet some m-fen got only that much
from a great many cows.
This is the point:    Kach dairy cow
has  a  certain   responsibility,   that  of
producing plenty of  milk  and  fat at
So, also, has the dairyman
Do you not find your duties as executor Interfere with your own
busliiesB and   that   ynu  really cannot  give  the estate  the  constant
attention It should have ?
Westminster Trust, Limited, Is especially organized to handle
trusteeships of all kinds and will be glad to relieve you of your
onerous duties as executor.
Our strong Hoard of Directors of the leading business men of this
city ls a guarantee that your affairs will receive a proper business
T   J. TRAPP. President.
A. J.  HOLMES.  D.D.8.,
First Vice-President.
Second Vice-president.
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Head  Office:   New  Westminster,  B.C.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Everything points to a home victory,
1 ui the locals are taking no chances
of being caught napping and will field
I'.eir strongest aggregation.
This wlll be the first visit nf the
Man cuppers an at present constituted ami their showing Bhould be the
means of drawing a big crowd to the
park that afternoon
Closed  Season  Last  Night  by  Defeating  Sapperton���Won  Every  Lacrosse  Game.
Playing a in.re aggressive and scientific brand of lacrosse, the West
Ends, by defeating Sapperton 11-5 last
p.m   wnn the championship of the In-
Yeeterday's Games.
At   Tacoma: H.    H-    E.
Vancouver       3      "      I
Tacoma      7      7      1
Batteries: Schultz. Doty and Konnick, Lewis:  McQInnlty and Harris.
Ottawa, Auk. 7.���"1 have nothing to
p,.t say about the matter Just nm-, but
596 IWH! inter on," was the answer given
573 Iby O. Kobitalle, secretary-treasurer of
r,4t; IGatlneuu Point, when asked It he could
46r>lthrow any further light on the reBig-
.458 (nation of Mayor lafontalne.
.361 ( Mayor Lafontalne handed his resignation to the ouncil becauae the
t members refused to fire the treasurer
his responsibility, that of knowing I
hiB cows do not shirk iheirs. His
business is to know what each cow !
does; Bhe won't tell, he has to keep
individual records to find out. They
coat little, thev do much.���Department of agriculture.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Small   Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 894
Singer  Sewing  Machines.
White Rock
"The Playground of B.Ca'9
WHITE, SHILES & Co.. Of tidal Agents
At Victoria:
Seal lie   	
Datterlea    Kelly,  Mclvor
:��� tn :   ll.irham and Shi a.
1. II.
2 6 0
8 10 ft
and  Cad
At the early part, of the season the
local amateurs were faced  with :i deficit  of over $-'W"  .-.ml   by  trimming
down the absolute necessities to a fine t rmediate league,
point,  they  expect  to  finish   with  a     There was nothing to It last evening
clean slate. at Queen's park but  West  Knds, the
The action of the  Victoria   team  In   n<)mP      being     mostly     composed   or
failing to make the trip two weeks ago r,,,,.,. amateurs, was practically un-
the  financial  aBpect  of | stoppable,   while   Hugh   Stoddart   wa?
sticks  and
one defence
At  Portland:
1 Portland 	
Ilallerles:      Peti
Hannah;  Stanley,
and   King.
II,    E
11     :
. 4     8     ������
r...     Douglass     anil
Martlnoni,  Eastley
that, unless
the mark on
has  put   back
the case  considerably
the attendance is up in
Saturday,  It  will  require  figuring  to
balance  llie  books.
victoria, by losing Brynlolfsen ana
Dakers. two of their best players, appears  to  be In  o  bad  way
tis  far -is
Is concerned, as the
tender.   Itoss   John-
amataur lacrosse
capital city goal
son, rnrller
the  proa.    Prnaenl   Indication
to  Manager Sam  Lorlmer  defaulting
the   jame   arranged   for   Aug.   '-'������   al
queen's  park.
Baturday'B  game  should  Fhow   t.ie
fans of Westminster junt whal chance
the newly created V.  A   C   team lias
in   refill-ing   the   Main   cup   agnlnt
the Winnipeg and Ontar' i tv
unless Vancouver can hold tl
Royal youngsters, the ch-ices of
amateV "hamplonshlp tQlng buck east
appear likely.
it his besl between til
made up for more than
So far this season, the champions
have let to taste defeat, which ia go-
itii., somo In local lacrosse, while Iheir
goal scoring abilities indicate the superior home.
1 asl evening's encounter showed up
���ves for
own the ]
V. A
the season Jumped tn I tw0 piayera who will be heard from
point I (n t|lp future. Storme, of the West,
l-'nds. and Mitchell, the midget player
��� f the Sappertons, Storme this season
hss played the beat game Of his carol ������ and he excelled himself last cve-
-ling when he added five or the eleven
tallls. four of which wre scored ln a
row In the third quarter. Mitchell's
weight places him at a disadvantage,
but the diminutive home star was responsible for four or the five goals
scored by Sapperton ,-:id caught the
eyes of the funs by his headwork when
wlihln range,
West Knds scerril two goals In the
first quarter, but Sapperton enme hack
in the next with a brace by J. -Chambers and (!. Atkinson, that left the
trams on  an even  basis.
Afier that there wna nothing to It.
Onlv one penalty caught the eye ol
Referee Tlm Mahoney, that when Mor-
tlson  fouled   .Mitchell.
Intermediate  League  Standing.
W.    I.     I).    K.    A.
West   Knds      6      0      1    81!    32
Standing of lne Clubs.
W.    L.
New York   69    Sl
Philadelphia 10    36
Chicago    64   "is
Pittsburg 6��
Hrooklyn   43
Iloston   -11
Cincinnati 41
St.   LoulB    i-39
'���15 2
Yesterday's Games.
At Pittsburg! "
Huston    J
Pittsburg   ���*
Batteries:   Hess nnd Brown;
son, Camnlts and Gibson,
At Cincinnati:
New York  	
Cincinnati    ���
Hatteries: Maruuartl. Iromrnc and
Wilson, Hartley; Johnson, Rrown and
Kllng. '
At Chicago:
Hatterles:   Seaton
of Annex-
C. Pros. Have Visions
lng Silverware Held by Salmon
A challenge for the Minto cup by **��, Burnaby
the V A C team, former mann cup-
holders, Is the latest in Const lacrosse*
circles, which, during the pant taw
we, ks. hnve heen subject to Change
without notice, not even wltb the
knowledge of those owning tickets on
the exchange. ,
Th- V. A. C. aggregation believes I
has a chance for the professional
Championship and puts the damper on
a proposed three team league, bo that
it can  heat out Vancouver and  lay
claim   to  a   challenge  against  West-
"unless the RoyMs rapidly deteriorate the chances of Vancouver taking
��way the cup are none to nrlgtlt,.lor
Westminster has achieved the distinction of playing better lacrosse when
the cup Is -.1 Hike, especially dur in
fair lime, when nn eastern team makes
lhe trip. ,
However, the Bhowlng mticie
former amateurs lorl Saturday
I ���> e. -i rlocl-.eil niul should they
Tom Gilford will be called
drill Ma outfit In tho best ol dEnsiin^
another!    I*d
II 2
8 3
R,    11. K
5      9 (i
2      4 1
R.    II.    K
2      4      1
    5      8      2
Mayer and Killi-
R.    H.    K
2      6      1
5      0
hy the
make a
ch: lh nt.
UP! *1   In
shone for the occasion,
Vancouver and V, A. C, piny
game   fer  the city championship on (m
:,-!,r,i.,v afternoon, with the odds ra-
vorlnR thn latter, if condition counts
for aaught,
The results of yesterday's games in
the local tennis tournament were as
Ladles' open Blngles MIbb ( or-
boilld  beat   Mrs,  Hussell, 6-0, 6-2.
Men's alnglcs Wright beat Sutherland, 6 2, 6-1: A. L. Lewis beat Mnc-
gowan, 11-0, 6-2; Teale beat d'Easum,
6-2. B-2.
Mixed doubles Miss Peele and
Haines beat Miss Hand and Lloyd,
7-6 6-4; Miss Shildrick and Shildrick
lee: Miss Martin nnd Pelly. 7-5. 4-6,
7 6; MISS Payne and Teale bent Mlaa
Hickman nnd Stacey; Miss Wilson and
i'ucVwell beat Mrs. Russell and L. A.
i rwls; Mhs Homer und d'Kasum beat
Mrs Sutherland and Sutherland; Miss
nd A. L. Lewis bent Miss
and Soutar.
doubles    Mrs.   ItuBael   and
";,.*.  Rickman  beat  Miss  Homer and
I... Wilson.
fer;  Howley and Archer.
At St. Louis:
St. Louis  	
Hatterles:   Allen and
and llildebrand.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   L.
Philadelphia Tl    31
Cleveland    ��4    "
Washington   ���'<    Jb
Chicago   g   ��-
Hoston    ��    ���
Detroit    ��   fist. 1-ouls 42    ��7
| New York ���"   66
Yesterday's Games.
At New York: R     "���      ���
Oetroit       I      I      '
New York     B    10      *
nntteries:   Lake, Hall and Stanage;
Sohults nnd Gossett.
At  Roaton:
St.  Louis  	
Hif ton    	
Hilterles:    Mitchell
><l OOP8 WEARfl H0RRE3H0
Kami "<!���������   Ar*. 7    spei.  .  to
i   ��� ,*,. the largri I I
���  di, nded ���' h'"*"-'" * >   ���       *
Porl ���' ��� luttlam, champion i ol tl
��� ��� [Inland, wore tor I to tal e i n
Mi n i doubles Dunford ami Blols
i���*it rarmlch isl nnd Goldsmith, 8-4,
.: : Macgowan nnd Lloyd beat. Slyer
and Chestnut, 2-6, nr,. 9-7.
Cynics   fer   Today.
Tho  r 11 wing  are  the games  for
*....   . day:
'.' ��� Col rl   Mo.   1,   l-'ord  and
.   , kwell snd Campbell.
  *    ������ url  i. Miss Peele vu.
* .    ,..,*���:*:  2,  Miss  lticliitif.ti
R.    H
... 8   10    r.
.... 9 12 2
Hamilton and
McAllister, Alexander: AnderBon.
Hall.  Leonard  and  Carrigan.
At Philadelphia: R-   "���   B
Cleveland     3     9     1
Philadelphia     7     9    0
Batteries: Mitchell, l-'alkrnhcrg nnd
O'Neill. Carlscli:  Render and Seining.
At Washington:        '     R.   H.   K
Chlcairn     U    11      1
Washington     4     9     7
Hatteries: Clcotte, Hell'/, and Kuhn.
Schalk: Engel. llnrper, Gallia nnd
Henry, Alnsinilli.
International  League.
Toronlo (>���".  Bfllttmorn 3-1.
Montreal 2    '   '"-':' 0-
Buffalo  2,   Ni - ,:rk  3.
Hoi In ster !'. Providence 4.
Regular $20, $22 and $25 Values
��� ',}>
To Clect Offlcera.
Tho ainiii l election of officers wlll
be tho principal business at the meet-
lne nf the ward ono ral ipai ers, I'm-
naby, ui Johnson hall, Highland Park,
this < ' I 'iiu:'.
sjggggES - -       .HfT
:. ....-��*���'' PALI   BIX
Classified Advertising
ccived for The News nt the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
tills Columbia street; A. Splice,
queensboroug:., bull!  iBland,
��� ���*��������������������������������������������������
��� RATES. ���
classified���One cent per word per
���luy; 4c per word per week; 16c per
n.iinth; 6,000 words, to be UBed aa required wlttln one year from date of
contract, $26.oo.
houBe on easy terms, between First
and Sixth streets, below Ninth
nvenue. Apply .ri35 Helmcken street.
Vancouver, or box 1S67 News office,
iectlng;   muBt  have    neat    appear-
Canada  Range Co.,    Market
seven roomed modern house on
Sixth street. Apply box 1X4X News
on Sixlh street.
News office.
Apply    box
KOR SALE���ll.mi DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canadn'B Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square, (1828)
getting on  car  at   corner  of  Sixth
street     and     Fourth     avenue,   a I
satchell  containing money,    a  pair
of gold rimmed glasses, small pack- j
age of dry    goods.    Finder    please
leave Bame at Oeorge Cunningham's
blacksmith shop, Eighth street.
���DISO'N w
Spectacular Career of    Well    Known
Financier Comes to An Fnd
in Jail
Every ten cent packet will
kill more flies than JS.00 worth
of any sticky fly killer. Refuse
substitutes, which are most
Hire and effects in large or small
quantities for cash, or will aeli by-
auction or private sale on commission. I am the only man in Canada who will guarantee your goods
will fetch their value or no commission charged. P. B. Hrown.
Merchants bank building, or P. O,
box 556 New  Westminster.    (18441
board, private family preferred, In
vicinity of Queens park. Address
box 1860 News office,
at 70S (ilouchester .Btreel.       (1866)
Bock for rent. Apply at 513 Third
avenue, or phone R224. <IS iT >
~~~ BED-
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 8H6 Hastings Btreet weBt, Vancouver,   B.C. (1825)
Notice is hereby given that
partnership heretofor existing
tween (ieorge Cunningham
Thomas Cunningham, jr., under
bean d
A deputy from the humane society re-
firm name of George Cunningham ftjsponded to the call, when the animal
Son. has this day been dissolved. 'chased spectators from n bark room
Dated. August tith, HilH. Ut   the  .-tore.     The  deputy   waB  also
GEORGE  CUNNINGHAM. obliged   to   flee   before     the     animal.
THOMAS   CUNNINGHAM,   JR.   which rushed  at  him  in an effort to
FOR   BENT���$30   r'*r   month;
thoroughly modem  new houae,
nciu Mh Ave.    will lease.
WANTED��� Sales-mi
contract to right party
Will     give    good
llrldgewuter, Mass., Aug. 7.���A
spectacular oareer was ended under
pathetic circumstances last week,
when   Cardt'iilo   F.   King,   once   well
known as a financier ami newspaper
publisher of  Boston,  died a convict
on the state rarm here on the very
hour that his friends, aware of the
approach of death, were making ilea
perate efforts lc obtain a pardon for
Only  a  legal  technicality stood  in
Uu.   way   of   making   liis   lust   hours
those of a free man     Word that his
condition  was hopeless  was sent  to
Governor  Foss  at   Iloston,  and   soon
afterwards Mrs. King and their four
sons,   who   had   I" -n   culled   to   the
bedside  of  the  dying   man,   received
the welcome message that the 0X60U-
_________ ^'ve woll'd intervene.
���    ,        ���' i     A   telephone   call   from   the    state
The End of the Dog. house reported thnt the governor had
Spokane, Aug. 7.    Snapping and bit-1 canvassed the members of the conn-
. , . , ,,,   .���._   cil  by telephone and  thai  seven  of
ign at boxes and fixtures as he over-    h(,   J '^   (.onst���lt(,(]   ,o   [mmed.
turned medicine receptacles, a stray ,aU, Biemen0o The-attorney-geu. r:u,
dog. which was apparently suffering having heen consulted by the govern-
from ptomaine poisoning, but showed | or, gave the opinion Unit a pardon
every symptom of being In agony due could not be legally granted by tele-
to rabies, caused tl.e clerks al the ���* ,��tn*M as8umea, however, that a
Kruin drug store, Sprague and Wall, j |mr(ion WOuld be given al 10 o'clock
to vacate until the humane officials j a. in., at which hour the coun-
cotild take  possession of the  animal. | cil had been ordered to convene.    Dr.
Emerson, medical head of tlte state
farm, hurried with the news to the
hospital. When he returned to his
offices a few minutes later be announced that King  was dead.
King   waa   convicted   of   obtaining
$22,000  under  false    prelenses    from
Officer | persons who had entrusted liim  with
funds   for  investment   and   was   sen-
bite his way to liberty
Thomas Heddle then responded to th
second call for reinforcements. Ills
hands protected by a pair of heavy
gloves he succeeded in driving the
animal into a corner and over-powering it. The dog was removed lo the
humane barns, where it was treated.
After all efforts were made to reliev
its sufferings it waa ordered chloroformed in order to end Its misery.
rooms; apply 7ol AgneB
near librar;
FOR     EXHANQE���7-room     thoroughly I
modern limisi*. hardwood polished floors, I
facing    Moody    l'ark.      Encumberance  STANDARD
only, mortgage $2700, 8 p-r cent to run  ��� ��� exrixuxnu
three  and  hull  yiars.     Will  trade  for
property. |
W A NT F.I i
for r.-nl
modem hi
io wlll leas
.. j.
t>2H Ro-jal avenue.
'.    half
'.   $10fi
��.    SNA!1���r.
bloc*    fr.ur
;iish,   Iml.inr,
sn t ;
roomed bungalow, furnished or unfurnished, close to Sixth avenue
car line; good location. Apply Mr.
Taylor, Nineteenth avenue,
I    i"
rty or Bell n
illtlllil   Sillll.*
mange  vour  oro-
We have clt. nts
mu pn.p.-rly wltll
ITAKE NOTICE, pursuant lo section li
i nf the "Companies Act," thai lhe above
named company Intends, one inonth ufn-r
| th.* dale hereof, lo apply to the Registrar
ul Jotnt-Btock Companies to change its
name to "Standard Discount Company,
Dated  at   N.w  Westminster,   Hi'.,  this
iliirti-ih day of Julv. 1��13. i is
in the Royal apartments, close to
Columbia street; everything is new
and clean; furnished $14.00 per
month: unfurnished, including wial
stove. $10.00 per month. Light and
water free. This is probably the
best value in town. White, Shiles
& Co agents. 746 Columbia slreet.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bulllding.
(Successors to Eastman & Walmsley)
keeping rooms, $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1821)
housekeeping rooms, 31 Agnes
street.   Phone 638 L. (1836)
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date iii the city.   Private
bats, electric stoves.
Furnished and  Unfurnished Suites.
i'2H per inonth and upwards
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
He Lot "B',' of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed,  In the  District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued    to
William McBride on the lSth day   of
August, 1H13, unless in the meantime
a valid objection  thereto be made to
me in writing by a person or persons
claiming an esta'e or interest therein,
cr in anv part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land llegistry Ofllce,
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   12th   July,
South   Westminster  School.
SEALED TENDRILS, subsc-lbed "Tender
for South Westminster School." will be
received up to noon of Mondav. the 1st
day of September, 1913, hy t1..- Honourable
the Minister ol Public Works, foi the erection and completion >.f n two-room aehool
and conveniences, etc.
Plans, specifications, contract and forms
nf tender may t..* seen on and after t1 *
Ilth duy of August, 11113, at the offlc *
of Mr. A. G. Marshall, Secretary, School
Board. South Westminster; Mi 8 A
Fletcher. Oovernmenl Agent, New West
mlnstei m t he * I ���* i tn tmi m "I l-nblli*
Works, Victoria. B.C
Int. ndhiM   tenderci b   r in,   by   npplyinR
lhe      iders  rued,   obtain   one   copy
The   person   or   persons   having    in   plain    mil    It ir   the  sum
It.-  Lots I'.i'j. 6t :*.. tn
t'H, 625, 620.  ���;*:;
i.f   Uil  178,  Group
Wgtrlcl    ..'���    N.w
60;* 61 622. 623
!,_-.. 629, '������.*'. 631,
I, Map 114, In the
W.stii'.:..*. r,    Fori
Hammond   Jul	
Whereas i r .ol nl  ���  ���   I        ���' ric ������������
Of   ti lo   Numbi I    12346   !���',   Issued
name   of   Edwin   O,   Simnionds   lias   been
filed   in  lhis  office
Notice Is In n bj given that 1 shall, at
the , xplration ������: one month from the
<Ut.- of it,,- firm publication hereof, in
., .l.i,'*. ... w��| ,.-,.. i pubtl ihi il 111 lhe nty
,,r   New   Vie tmli Issue   ,i   il ipl * Hi
,,r tli, guld Certificate, ut mean-
lime   valid   "t'i- cl ..i*.   bc   ni...I-    lo   me   In
.1   C   GWYNN
l,,... i.i   IP glati ir ol   Titles
Land   K.gi.-nv   ' Iffli *     Ni ��   *\ estl! Ins
. Ier.   B.C.,   :'nrt   Aim. s'.   1913 I 1MB)
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the said
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
30th January, 1889, grant Lorn the
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue.
Huh July. 1889, conveyance from
Charlotte Adele Rougue to Roberl
Scott Moncrlcff.
.1   C, OWYNN.
(174"!)      District Registrar of Titles
In thc Matter ol the I', late nf Wllllan
Sharp ���<"'! Henry I*: Sharp, both ol
lh. i'ltv of New Westminster, Province
,,f British Columbia, carrying on business under llie firm name aii-i style
of the WeBtmlnster Garagi, lu tin said
.Anil in tli" Matter ot thi  "Crcdllois' Trusl
iv,.is Act."
NOTICE is hereby given lhal the above-
named William J. Sharp and Henry 1-1.
Sharp former!;* carrying <.ti t"is.n.*ss under ilu- rirm. nam. anil Btyle of the Wi '
minster Garage on fnrnarvon street, in
the City of New Wi * m  md Province of Hrlilsli ' * dun i, (ltd li. Instr .
ment In writing, ilnteil the 22nd dav nf
.lul-- A D. 1913, assign t * Ueorge ll Mlbi".
,-f the City "f New Westminster, B.C., for
��� ',,. general benefit "I lhelr credllors, of
their estate, credits nml effects, which
in.iv ba seised "t* sold under execution,
And notice Is further given lhal n
meeting nf credll in nf the flillll Willi nn
t sham '""I Henry I". Sharp carrying on
i nsi-i's.s under lhe firm, name md Rtvl<
,.r it,., ti-. ntinlnal. * Uni ���*;��� will he beld
et the offlc- of Oeorge  n   Mlln ���   Broker,
T*��.M,m 307,  W*esl ister Trust   Blnck,  New
"Westminster. B.C., on Thumdnv lhe 14th
<ln- of ni-iist    i ''   1913 ul  tl." hour of
* :;ii' o'clock In the aft. n oon.
Am! n-.tc   i- t   rthei given Ihni   ill -   -
=.ins   hn     * g   ��� **  lid   Wll-
Vam J. Sharp anil ll-.**.  It  Sharp  in   rn
rmlri'il  "11  or  bi'fnri    11       10!l    lln' \ 11 *
i-*t    tun    1. I  th"l       mil    id
,,r,.u. ...   partlcul i'     ,.*'*���*���
verl'l. d   l.v   stntlltn- '      '*.'*���* mil   *   ���
-���it,in- and value * ' ' tl *   *   * unvl
|...|,l  1.*    i ,.*ni    i"   'I       ll del ' i   ...
. .,-tin.. biiv creditor ���
������- i ii ,!*.*. -I  li   ni d   In <������-.
tbe date i.f lln*  n ���*���"��� ft
/lnd   nnllce    Is   '���������It., r   in     ���     '     ���    the
M.Bxl*mee wlll.   "ii  i.nd   ���'*'''   tl il-iy
���f   Mnr II"    i--i'i I   In illsl '     *
.Wl<   e'   tl"'   BMld   Willi      .   .1     Sll *   I
e.n-i   i*.    P*l"' '��� '    "       I" '   "'
r"-H��<1   |i In.    I * **  '      nl'.    *  i   '
..'llm-  ivbleh   I "   ���' had   'in-
,i~���    -.nd   he   wlll   in ���   In    In Id   *     *	
ill. i-i uf
Under Instructions I wlll offi
sal" bv public auction In a sti re al
the Kings Hotel, Columbia Street,
New Westminster, (removed for convenience Of sabi on Tuesday ane'
Wednesday. August 12 and 13, 1913.
at 1:30 each day. a larn.- assortment
of first class furniture and househoiQ
effects consisting of oak din;;., room
Bulte, oak buffet, Morris, arm. :m-k"r.
grass and kitchen chairs, kitchen
tables and culinery utensils, brass
and iron bedsteads, mattresses and
bedding, carpels, rugs, picture
tables, portieres, dressing tnl.!<\s and
waBhstands, two valuable flramo
i hi ;i* and records, silver, glass nnd
milt r>. gas Btoves and nun,. - out
i ther > ITectB, Including a nearly new
range Terms cash; no reserve
Sab- each day a! l 30 p.m. on view
nu rniiig ot sale. Particulars of P.
H Brown, ir. Begble Btreet,
(1859) FRED DAVIS, Auctioneer.
inn dollnrs ($101, which i\.'l be refunded
..ti  n >���* Ipl   ol   plans   in good  order.
Kadi proposal prist be ac.-.-n*,.,il-d by
mi ;i.*.***t I..!  hank ..������;������   ���     ���     : fleate ..f
depoall    harti red   hank   ol   Canada,
made | livable In tin Hon lurabl I ���
Minister <>f 1-nt.li.   fl   rks. i Bum . -mil
lo  '**  p, i    ���      *   *      iv'ili       hall 1
forf. It-tl If  tin   pat dei  Ini   *
enter  Into  * ml * ���"   '   upon   to
,1., ...   ,,;   If  be  ! ill     In plet.   111     "   irk
eoi t- icteil t it Tin is ... . ��� tlfic it- s
of depoall of unsuei ��� t .; tenilerers will
t.. rei irned lo tbem upon '��� i.< ��� *. cutlon of
it," , iiiiirai '
Tendern   ��ill   nol   hi   ���   ���     I* - * ���'
il   uie   ..i.i    on   111"     '��� * * ''tilled *     ll
v ���    ....     clutil sis in.- t. nderer,
';,...!   eni lofled   I     ��� * *     ���     lied
Thi   low. st or in      .'iiiii . ���
Ily accepted
.1     E.   llllIKI       t|
i-   . ..
11. p,.'".. ��� ���   ��� '   1-     I      Wnrl * .-   ���
IP'     Allgusl    lib.    ; ���' * IM!.",)
'enced to a term of from ten to fourteen years, ln January, lmiS, he be- *
gan 10 serve his sentence In the
state prison at Charleston. In September, 1911, he became seriously nl I
and was removed to the state farm
hire. An intestional trouble, frotii
which he had suffered for years, still
pursued hlm aud on Sunday night Ins
condition suddenly became critical.
Ran   Newsoaper
A   native  of   North   Carolina.   King
began his financial operations In  Huston  in   1111)4.    Through extensive  and
unique advertising be attracted many
investors lo his offices In  New   Ynrk.
and  early  In  1907   he  began   publica
tlon of the Hoston Daily Tribune. The
i New  York olfice  proved unprofitable,
and   the   paper   was   discontinued   af-
, ter It had been  published  for several
1 i months  at   an  expense  estimated  at
si half a  million  dollars.
Early In 19ns King's customers be-
I gan to complain that stocks for which
(they had sent him money had not
; been delivered. A little later It was
announced that he placed all his property and affairs in the hands of two
trustees. A meeting of creditors followed, the broker was declared a
bankrupt, and an investigation by the
trust e in bankruptcy showed liulilli-
Les of nearly $300,000 and assets les3
than   J14.IW0.
A warrant for King's arrest was
issued, bul the financier had disappeared. He was traced lo New York.
London and I'aris. and finally to Colombo, Ceylon. Ile returned to Hoston and surrendered himself at police headquarters June 12. 1908. On
December 29 he was convicted on 27
of :il counts, charging lacency and
embezzlement. The sentence of tin-
court followed a dramatic recital, In
which King reviewed hla life, hi*
flight from Huston and his travels In
Europe and Asia II" declared that
he was Innocent < f any wrong Inti n-
' ���������ii in ;i ti v of Irs a.ts. and he closed
by accusing Tliomas W l.awson. the
Boston financier, of sect* Uy fighting
hlm and brining him to financial ruin.
Lati ���* In ;. ade rept au ���! attempts to
i li'a n a  pardon.
Relatives  Did   Not   Hold   Up   riopln"
Couple   With   Revolver���Bride-
rroom in Jail
Cobourg, Ont, Aug. 7.   One of th
very  sensational  details of thi' elope- I
ment which caused tlie flutter among
the society people who summer bere
has proved to be untrue after an Investigation in' the police court. It.
Ault, tlie son of a wealthy United
stiites army officer, eloped with ;>ns.i
Doris Reid, a young Toronto woman,
whom lu- had only known for a te*
According lo the story circulated,
Daniel Hell, a friend of the girl's fain
Ily held up the couple ut the point of
a revolver with the threat, "Stop or
I'll fire." The young woman was taken back to her family, which is a
prominent one In Toronto, and they
intend to take slips for the annulment of the marriage. Ault is In jail
on a charge of ol.taining money under false pretences, though he has
communicated  with his  wealthy   re
latives   in   St.   Louis.
The publication Ol a very startling
account of the elopement and the
saving ol the young woman resulted
in tlle crown taking action against
Daniel Hell rm- carrying a revolver.
After hearing the story of all those
concerned. Magistrate Hoggs pronounced the accused not guilty
Ernest Hell, a brother, and Clarenoe
Doheny, a young man who aided Ihu
newly married pair to go to Port
Hope after the ceremony. Robert
Ault and "Dannie" himself, all denied  that a  revolver  was produced,
Magistrate Hoggs expressed regret
that Buch a charge should have been
laid against Mr. Hell. County Crown
Attorney Ken also remarked thai
such stories were Injurious to the
administration of justice, because of
leading outsiders to think that in this
country people could carry and flour
Ish revolvers without anything being
When Run Down
in physical condition it is usually because the action of the
organs of digestion has become irregular or defective.
Then there is need for a safe and speedy medicine to relieve
the ills which occasionally depress even thc brightest and
strongest. The one remedy you may take and feel safe with is
(Tho L��rrc��t Soli .! Any M -.1.. im- In t'it> World)
The first dose give. Bpeedy relief i'i sick-luadache, biliousness, constipation, luck of appetite, heartburn, dyspepsia,
itiul lasting improvement follows tho timely use of this favorite and reliable home remedy. You will become healthier
and stronger, and more cheerful if you let Beecham's Filta
Pick You Up
Direction! with i-vcrv \vn point the wav (O health nn.l nrr capeciillv vdoibll <<�� wm��.
PripMvd nnly I      I htinua BwoblRI, Si, HlltDI, LiMUMn, Koftllfld.
Sold everywhere in Caudi ���������! U. B, Anient*.     In bOKMi 25 0��U.
Telephones:  OfTice S3. Retidence 429
JOHN  ItEID, Proprietor.
Agents     1'aliner     Broa.'   Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Worke: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Wettmintter. B.C..
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
Gardener Claims  He  ia the  Fifth  Son
of the  Fifth  Marchioness ct
Aliened   That   Trainers   and   Jockeys
Form  Rings lor Bettinn
THE MATTER "I the l.i*. -..'.'.
Waters Protootlon Aet. belnn
Chap, iir, ol Revised Statulea i f
Canada 190*8 and
IN THE MATTER of un \m llcAt<nn
l.v Hi.. British Columbia r�� 1--
phone Company, Limited, t f Brll
Ish Columbia.
London, Aug 7. Tho fair name uf
the i.i , ah i irf received a blow In
the decisloi rendered in a libel action broughl l.y ll. Wootton, a train-
. r agalnsl Robert S. Slever, editor
of the sporting paper, the "Winning
I'osl ' Wootton, ��liu is an Austral-
Ian, Is ..ii" of the most protninenl
Tako notice thnl an application will trainers In England, Ills two suns
in- made to  the (iovernoi��Oeneral-ln   are jockeys nnl in llie constant em-
For a License to Take and Use Watrr.
Notice is hereby given tlmt Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster,
wlll apply for ;t license in lake mul
use one hundred IncheB of water oul
of an unnamed creek, which flows In
a northerly direction through wild
land, owned by Mr Patterson, ai d
empties Into ;i ditch on subdivision
near Scotl road. Tho water will be
diverted al a pt Int south of Ladner
run! uiul will be used f.>r stock and
domestic purposes on Hi" land de
Bcrlbed ns a subdivision nf fractional
Bectlon '.:'.. li. r. N . It  :: W
Tills notice was posted on t'i"
i-r.iiiiui rn tlm v,it day of .lul*. 1913,
The application will be (lied In thn
i.fl ce "f tli" Water Recorder tit New
Westmlnstt r.
Objections may li" filed wllh Hi"
said  Water  !(��� cordi r    nr    with    the
/or   the   iiHflelH    ',-      .      purl
-�����t-M" "���' '���*      * ' wli.     .:    ulcomptrollei  of Water Rlghl
i-e h!ki"  n"l   "   '    '���'"  been  liol     ��� ���! '  ,,   .... ...   ,     .      ,,,
lin-it ei  N--  "* *i   imiei   *���     3i.si i ment BulldlngB, Victoria, B.i
t*;v of Julr.  A I
P lllliiltui-:   II.   MILNE,
(t8io) Assign
Ci nt." I one month from the dnl
the publication ol thla notice for ai
order approving Hi" plans deposited
villi Hi.. Honorable, tli" Minister ol
Public Works, nnd In the Land
Registry Office ui New Westminster
for Ihe laying of ti telephone cabb
acroi FraBer Hiver at Mission, B.C
which cable is more particularly de
Bcrlbed and shown on the plans reg
Istered ��Ith Hi" Bald, tli" Honorabb
tli.* Mln'ster ol Public Works, tir.l it
ih" Land   Registry   Offlc?,   at   New
We  '*"iiist"r.
I er McPhllllps fi Wood,
��� i~'i\i Tholr Solicitors
Real  Etate .ind Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street
New Westminster. B.C.
Applicants, | Front street.
Tallin-      New   ,S|iniiK  and  Summer  fultiiiKt'
| nnw on display,   See them,    Perfeet
nt ami workmanship guaranteed,   701
i in.    beBi   stables.    Slever  ii
ix well known  racing man.
i .. .. Ill , 1,.;    i ,    i      i*.iar""il    lhi'
Wootton and other tralnerB and jock-
"*��� b In .. nged lo a ring which inaue
enormous Bums nf betting, first entering Into an agreement as to wblcb
i" i at-H siii.ulti \, In iu* lose, and I".
other methods.
The trial  occui led i Ighi  days and
��� * ral ii.i n conspicuous on Hi" turf
lockeys ami sialil" hoys testified for
. Itber Klde, 'i h" jui . gave Won, tun
"i"   farthing  damagcB,
(in iii" witness Btand Wooton ad
mltted  thai   he had  mado a  fortune
bv   I" tm nd   thai   I .*   had   i ften
���von ':*:. (I u a race, His son Frank
nmaa * il more Uian USd 000 In u ' *
yeara i I riding In England
1  .- afti ������ tlie dlBnunllfeolli n o'
Craganour lu  the  Derby,  by  ri .
1 i lln   niul  t Iding i f ilu- Jockey, the
ha    created  widespread  feeling
*, that radii al   turf reforms  are  m	
t       Justice   Darling,  before  " hom
������ 'lu* anil ni    waa    brought,    declared
li  I glj  lhal ilu- si\l" nf riding wltb
horl    lln ips,  Introduced   by   Amei .*
can   |m ...   r    gave   the   jn< keys  li n
ct al *  i  of  their horses    und    much
bumping nml liuil riding was due to
thl      Ho recommended that the Jockey iluli  take  action  on  ihis  matter,
The Jurj endorsed lhe Judge's re-
couinn n lation.
London, Aug. 7.- The courts may
have to decide whether Ueorge Tooth
a London jobbing gardener, is the
son of a cook or the fifth Marchioness of Waterford.
The first slep In what may prove
to be a Bensalional fight was taken
lu the chancery court. It concerned
the technical point of procedure re
ferring to tbe perpetuation of evi
deuce taken before an examiner,
which would be uninteresting to the
general reader, bm behind these tech
iiicnl preliminaries lies a romantic
Btury. the truth of which will requlri
much entangling,
Tooth's claim ni the Marqulsate oi
Waterford and tli" big family estatei
of the bead nf the well known Beres
lord family is briefly this.
The fifth Marchioness of Watertord: who died on April 4, n-,?:!. was
first married to Capt., the Hon, John
Vivian, but sh" i loped with the fifth
Marquis of Watorford, who married
her after Capt. Vivian had Becured
a divorci at tbe registrar's office
S*. Qeorges, Hanover Square, un Au
gust li,  1872.
(hi March 29, 1873, the Marchioness
at Chesham Place, bore a child, it
was reporti il lo be still born, but;
Tooth declares the child waa Iran
Blive and ii himself. lie sugi esl -
that the existence cr the child was
concealed because the Waterford fam
Ily objected to the Marchioness.
The  Other   -rtory
Tliere is another side to the story,
or course. Oeorglno Tooth, a Blngle
woman, who was a coo'', in tin service "f the Mar -hii ness. when sin-
was Mrs. Vivian, became the mother
of a cbilil in the Holborn workhouai
Infirmary on January 25, 1872.    She
died there on February 3 of tin- bi	
year. Mrs. Vivian caused the ch Id
who was named John Tooth, lo bt
taken to the Franciscan monaster
ai Portobetlo fer a few days. Then
a maid placed hlm In lhe care of i-
Mrs. ,ioii"s. whose address is un
It wuh asserted thai the child was
afti rwards placed In the ear" or thi
Duncans, and Is the present claimant,
John Tooth.
The sixth Marquis of Waterford
wbb the aon or the fifth MarqulB by
liis second marriage. He was drowned In 1911. His son, a boy of twelve,
is  the   present  Marquis.
Ahout a year ago Tooth created a
sensation liy appearing on Fleet
street in a frock coat and silk hut
carrying sandwich board on wblch
were inscribed:
������I am the sixth Maquis of Water
ford. I do this to forward my case
and obtain justice."
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separately or en suit", with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost.   Staterooms en anile without extra coBt.
II. C, SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
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W, B,  DUPEROW, ci. A. P, D.
I hone  Private  Exchange 81.14
If you lead THE NEWS you get all the news.
Fifty   Had   Appendicitis.
Spokane. Aug. 7.   Records   al   the
Sacrea Hearl hospital show that 343
"in rations wer" performed lust month
th"   majority  of  which   were   major
operations of u serious nature.    Tin
work  lasl   month  was much  heavier
���ban   in  .Tunc,  when   u   total  of  :'.I7
,   derations wnrn performed.    The so-
; ii i oiiert't'i ns Inst  month included
������.--" than rirty operations rm- appendicitis.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work    perfect,
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Wetimlneter.
Schaake   Machine Works.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
1914 Prices
rffectivc Aug. 1, 1013.
Cuts Off Eldest Sen.
London, Auk. 7 The late Baron
Ashbourne, the noted UnlonlBi leader,
whin" death occurred on Mnv 22, has
lefl a fortune or $460,000 to his second
son. l-ldwaril Olbson, and only $4,000
to his eldest Bon, William ilihs in, The
later Is an enthusiastic    Nationalist,
wears the ancient Irish dress ami
speaks the Irish language und was
converted to Cutiioiicisin.
Model T Runabout -
Model T Touring Car
Model T Town Car
Walkerville, Ontario. FRIDAY, AUGUST 8,  1913.
.Described as Grave Diplomatic Blun- i Visions of Wonderful Prcflts Dim the  Government Asks if North Vancouver
der at  Enquiry Bring Held Cyee of CitUenc���Making Will Compensate B. C. E. R
in   Victoria.
���-Vir11'rla, Auk. 7. Sir Charles llili-
'"fcert Tupper. K ( ., was heard at lenm.li
ijy Ilu* n'aliiiK ciiiuiulssiiiii nu Mnttilay
as I ���' li" k up pnilil aili'i' pulnl in th"
Oltl) tn.nl.- hv Hie Victoria Si-aliu*.-,
,-GOiniiatiV. ami pul in iliicuini'lll lifter
<16cti!,. i*t I,earing on lln* nub.i.it. ns
���Well as fnri-i-aslliiK llie llin-h along
Wblch li" wonld later bring i*i 1,1.��� 11<-.���
'Ttii -In: li- " \iuli I.* paid llm 1.-uracil
OOttDS'I a compliment on ln-inu i-xii p
ilOMll.v wi il posled "ti III" mall'-r in
hand, nml Sir I'lnirh-s raised a laniili
BJT Hll ij.ilci ri'ipoiiM- thai a few* yean.
A(0 he would have ?.wl hi- was better
���Cflualnt. !   wiih  it  llinn   m .si   | ph*
.but now in- v, .ia "iii.*!
The ���tni'-iui-iii of tin- claim of Um
oompany lor ?!.''��� I l.'.n. nfii-r r-I.ttin���-
that prolil in tin- Canadian seal;ng in
dustry brought as much as Juu per
.cent 00 the capilnl Invcsti'd, goes on
to affirm In clause 2 thai th" I'aili'd
-States had lnnugiii.iieil a noli") in destroy tbe Ipttrisis oi pciugic seai"i*s,
and that "by llugrant  violinlou .if in
ternatlonal law tin. l'i l states iiu
ally succeeded  In inducing C.r. at   llr.t
���ilk to enter into a treaty whi'-h re
��Ulted ln tin- no.called regulations
under the I'aris award, which were
designed to le ami which ultimal.pl>
proved effective In carrying out ilu
studied and persistent aim of the
United Stnti : **
, 'Clause 2 nlllrius that  thn ucllon of
the British government resulted In the
transfer of the Industry from Canadian
l.to Japanese sealers, and tills was ilm-
^Jn a large measure lo Hi" fact   that
,-Oreat Britain had succeeded lu asserting the riitht if all nations to seal in
waters outside of the three-mile limit.
Glaus.* 7 reads as follows:  "The In-
JSts of Canadian sealers were sue-
feed for the sake of peace between
(feat Britain nnd the United Stat'-s."
.   A grave diplomatic blunder,"   was
llr Charles' description of the trans
.ctlon. ami he supported his opinion
hy  questions  from  bluo    and    White
fbooks   Issued   by   the  three    govern*
incuts      Lord   Salisbury  had   foreseen
tho ultimate effirt of any treaty    to
which ii'l nailiins would not agree, but
Mr Blaine, though warned, had insisi
i .I on going on with it.
F .1 Currnn, K. C, counsel for the
crown desired his objection lo hn reg-
Istered to all evidence relating to
events before 1894, and this was
Then, addressing himself to the p"-
, lunlary details of the claim. Sir
Charles laid great str
Siimaa City, Wash., Auk. 7. The
people of .Sumas Cily to he In keeping with the other prosperous and up
lo date ('ties of tills coast havo worked
themselves in a munli state of excitement over the prospects of finding oll
near Hie town.
Already many of lis citizens have
visions of derricks nud pumping rigs
dotting th" landscape nml trains of
nil lank cars hi.tiling the crude extract or the earth tn ths refineries to
be converted Into gatollne wblcb will
pay hundreds per cent, dividends to
the shareholders. May their hopeful
dreams conie true.
In  speaking of tha oil exclti nl
al Humus City, the Sumas City News
has thl" to sav :
Whether or nol the oil In any quantity is found at Enterprise, the development of the local field Is fairly
certain. Mr Lockwood states that
ther"  is "very  prospect  of obtaining
.a lease mt the required 1,000 acres
and that tests on Ilils land will he
made within a reasonable time. Thn
theory  advanced  by experts  is thai
I Sumas Is lu the hearl of an oil and
mineral district nml tbe discovery of
i.II  at  Knli rprlse wuuld hasten rather
than delay work at Mils point
Will Be Flret TcBt.
If Mr. Foley and his associates carry
cut their present Intention of drilling
tpst wells In this Immediate vicinity,
il will l'e the first thorough trial over
Riven   this   Bcctlon   which,   for   many
years, has I n declared to he in the
heart of lhe oil district. The prospective developers are experienced and
successful men In this line of work,
'and arc expending lhelr own money
and are nol selling stock. All lha'
Is asked Is a lease of 1,000 acres ami
It  Is  very   prohahle  that  this  will  be
obtained for them.   Pending tli" leasing   of   land   near   here     no     further
statements regarding the work can be
for Car Line.
North Vancouver. Aug. 7. At the
lat l nu .tlnn of Ilu-city council a letter
was read from the Hon. IL B, Voung,
provincial secretary, in respect to tbe
adjustment of the Rice Lake lands
which are In an unsettled Btate nf
.ownership between the B. C. Klectric
Railway company and the   city    of
North   Vancouver, with  the district of
Norih Vancouver a puny to the trans-
' action.
The provincial secretary wrote that
the general manager of the l>- C. Klectric Hallway company had applied to
the executive* council for some action
being taken regarding I'.'r.n lands or
compensation tor the at/iount expended on tbe construction of the street
cur line Into Lynn Valley.
The writer elated that the govern-
ment was desirous Of knowing If the
olty of North Vancouver and the municipality would be prepared to enn.
-ent to an arrangement whereby tbe
I municipalities would contribute Jointly lo an am,nutl necessary to pay the
Interosl upon the investment of the B,
Your Last Chance
Today and Tomorrow, Saturday, will be absolutely your last chance to
Claimed   Hc   Waa  Bound  and   Gagne-i
Then   Admitted   Having   Ctolen
Thc  Money
C. Electric Railway company in the
matter until such ttmi s hh it, is shown
' that  the Investment  clears itself.
Mayor llanos said be hud been ap-
poached while he was in Victoria by ;
[the   premier  respecting  this   and   his
! answer bad been In the in-native,    ills
worship said that the district representatives hail recognized a responsibility upon themselves In  respect .to j
ithe deal Inasmuch as It was a former j
council of the district  who had en-
tered Into tin- negotiations with tbe n. |
C   Klectric Railway company for the |
railway   In   consideration     of    which I
1 they  nave over the  It ire  Lake  lands
I which   ll   was  thought  by  them  they ,
had a right to do.
i    Owing to the fact, however, that the
'right   to   purchase  these     lands     was
vested   In   the  city   by   the *ct of   incorporation   and   had     been     further
confirmed by the government's letter
[of  practically  recent date  giving  Ihn
i city tin1 right  to ownership wben the
i money was paid over, 11 waB clear that
this right did  not  cylpt.    Thn  mayor
said  tliat as a result  of this  rec.ognl
,tlon by the district that it waB possl
Etilf- that some move would be made by
|tbem shortly with a view to adjusting
] the matter.
In regard lo th" renuest of Mr,
Young thp council took exactly the
same view as did the mayor and
\ resolution w-as passed moved by Aid.
Wheeler that the council did not feel
disposed to take any action whatever.
You have not seen the tremendous bargains we are offering in Pianos, Organs and Player Pianos. Really you are missing the opportunity of a lifetime if you do not take advantage of the closing out sale and secure an instrument^ your own terms. Remember Friday and Saturday will be absolutely the last two days
of this sale.
Columbia Piano House
down  and  confessed  the other
uon  that   the  sensational  story
Hamilton,   Aug.  7.   Confused    and
worried   under   a   severe   cross exam-
,���    inatlon,   Fred   t'leiBch,  night   watch-
:s on Hie fart  man  of the  r.iatu  bouse, Burlington
lhal the United States to far hark as   hroki
ISM were actually offering $450,000 to I after: _,  _.._      ^^^^^^^^^
the sealers of Victoria over and above   of   his   having   been   black-jacked  and
Hie value i r their ships and gear, but n bb-ed of 11450 belonging to a guest
thai   this   compenaatd n    was   never ol  the botel,  was false, and  that  he
ngreed to by the Liberal government himself, had si.i��� the money.
i ..cause they   would   not   Bettle that Ingenious In  tbe Oitremo  v.as the
i, lestlon by itself. story and the manner in which Clelsc'.i
The company had never ceased to carried oul  the theft,    inflicting    a
urge  their  claim  both  by  direct   let- slight   out   upon   himself,   lie   feigned
i       .,���.i u]l(.(,nitc.jinineflS     |.nti,, Hii.-ipicion  was
attached  to hlm until  the  provincial
Sale at 61 Sixth Street
New Westminster, B. C.
its  to  the  minister  of  marine ami
fisheries at Ottawa, tn   sir   Wilfrid
Laurier and through the member'tor
Victoria,   ll.iti    W.   Tcmplotnan,     but
I they hnd  met with the coldest recep-
..on.    They  had. however,  kept  tbelr
���fleet  together and their company In-
Inct to the present day, and this It was
I that   enabled   Canada   to   make    this
laim for compensation from the V'nli-
.1  Stales.
Arthur Robertson Langley, account-,
mil and secretary to the Victoria Seal. |
lng company, was In the witness box
during the whole of yesterday, prov-:
Ing the individual values ot the ships
when   taken   over   by   tho     company.
Th"So   were   bought   on   a    basis    ol  C
ton, less an amount f
sift    the
detectives commenced
I heft to the bottom.
ii was then learned that the watchman had received the money in ample time to put It Into the safe, h it
had failed to do bo. I!" usually came
in duty al eight o'clock at night, and
'������ft at six-thirty in the morning. Had
he cared to do bo, he conlii have plac
ed the money in the safe at any time
before  t"ii  o'clock  at night.
That he was bound and gagged, as
was  at   first   reported,   was  found   to
b" ut,'rue.    He wiib found in a dazed
million   on   the  lawn  of  the  hotel.
m t   far  from  tho front  door  by  Vir-
llollwell. a cook at    the    Ilrant
Also Spent the Money cf Residents cf
Gloucester "Vhich They Fre.
quently   Ctcle
Ottawa, Aug. V.- As the result of
an Investigation being carried on by
Chief Hamilton of the county polic".
It has become evident tbat the recent
robberies reported at Billings' Bridge
are but the lall end of a serii-B which
has been going on through the township ot Ulouscester lor about one
On July 11, the farm house of Rob
Hopkins on the Montreal road was
entered at night and $64 stolen, operations were carried on to the west
and on July 12, S. t'habot's heme ai
Cyrvllle was broken into early in the
morning and relieved of $8.1.
lt  was thought  that the same mar
Once   Society   Favorite
Lives   on   Charity-
n   Paris   Now
Recent   Scandal   Ends   in   Decision
Famous  Scientist to   Leave
$246 -IT   per   iou,   non  ��..    ,	
each  year In age. anil, where repairs  tor  Hollvell,  u  cook  ui.    m.-  w(uj
were necessary, deductions were also house, at about five o'clock in the hil(! commlttetTboth."robberies and
i lade tor these, bul such costs would ; ti orn nit -     -     -.-i    ���
be refunded by an Issue of "\tra stock! When questioned, Cleisch Bald lhat
later on In cares wbere the owner hn had been making his rounds at
lad done Ihem himself 'nbout  2 o'clock  In  the  morning,  nnd
"'r   Charles was walking across the lawn  in the
msented to direction of another cottage when he
was struck from behind b-y someone
with   a  blunt  Instrument.    He sank
im the application of
Tupper, l1"1 renunlsplonr
this c��"e of the Victor! i Sealing companv  stand'ng    nlon-' na a complete
eif   noi   Ithstandlng   any
prov Iou"   arrnngei
umt  that  nil    ev[.| Jufheremerobered
II     H     Dili,,i     ,���.,.     .
tseleBs to the ground, and that waa ^'���.in���
close watch was kept. There was
nothing further reported until be
tween July 114 and L'6. when the home
of Ueorge McCartney, east of Hawthorne, was robbed of about $30.
The chief continued his InveBtlgV
tions and found that on .lnne US Wm
Lewis'  farm  house  on  the  Carlsbad
was in h"   treated as common
* relevant, to nil other cases
Cv.o California  Coys Say They  Have
Ca-Jhed   150  Worthiest
Oakland, Cal, Aug. 7.    Tw    ,o..Ihs.
who boast that they have ewhed over
160 worthless checks In CjWornW
within n r.-w months, are lai JaH here
-,-hev are Melvin Seymour a. d Kvere.t
Brann and, according to their
admleelons, they have cleared
fi.nnn by their dishonesty.
Seymour, who U is. stus ����� ��"��"
,,,,, Hie.-kH m Los Angeles. San Frnn
cipco. Portland, BakersfleId.   1 re
,���)H Banas  Pomon ; O^Vrne'd
ward  and  NilBS.    "'   '" onlter
Iho   forger's  art   from   Bob  Baker
notorious rnstern crlmlna     8 ymou
admits Wither having wrod t mem
thi reformatory at ''''iV.   V ^b ">
detention bome In Snn Francipcu.
C'eisch Confessed
Tliere  were   no   visible   murks
v'olence upi n the man. and Mr. Coleman,  manager of tha hotel, immediately   got  Into  touch   with  the  provincial authorities, as the local polio *
hed  no Jurisdiction  over "Burlington,
itectlve Keyburn was given tbe cas *
(I  shortly  after hiB arrival  In  Ilu,"
I llng'on.  proceeded  to pul   the  watch
man   through   Ihe   third   degree
("Iclscb after n  time  wra'.ciied  un
der the severe cr09?tr itiminntlon   hnd
ih"  steady   hall  ef Questions, niad-'
full confBillon and gave up the $ 14r..'
to the detective, and the money
returned  to  Hb right fill  owner,
lowing   his   confession   Cleisch     wis
placed under arrest and taken to the
County .lall at  Milton.
The hotel peoplo declined to give
'he  name  of the guest  who  figured
In lhe unfortunate experience, but be
'b snld to bo an out-of-town man who
nwn i is here for the racea.
road was entered about midnight Twelve dollars wiib Ihe sum
the robber obtained for hiB trouble
here, still moving in a westerly direction the robber was next traced
to the farm of David Oreen. Here
he stole a razor and Bome ollur ar
r.irls,  Aug.   7.  -Living   in  a   stable      Paris. Aug. 7. Mme. Curie, the fa-
cannot be disgraceful. Such seems to mous woman scientist, has decided to
be the moral to be drawn from the!rPturn ,t0 hor natiV(' Poland. She will
, . , . leave Paris early in the autumn to
Btory of a very aristocratic lady whose * Ulk(, rharRP of a nen. radioluKk,a, lab.
drawing room Is next the manger of oratory at Warsaw, and engage main-
two horses, and who does her cooking ly in the preparation of radium, the
on a stand where the stable-boys put discovery of which she and her hus-
.. , , ~. v , , hand made together. Since l'rof. Cu-
ihell lanterns. She was torn in lux- r,p���s (lp,uh jn ,,������. ^ nM b(,en man_
ury, and for a great part of her youth ag|nR tne Radiological Institute of
lived in comfort and ease. Not so Paris, which her husband founded,
manv years ago her name appeared MmP- r��rie wa8 Obliged to leave
,. ,. .i,./i Poland many years ago on account of
often among those mentioned at fash- ������,-,-.<..,, j,,,,.,..,,,, P.nli shl> la g,art to
lonable balls, when she danced the co- ,.pturn there. If for no other reason
ttllion with young comi"s and vis- than that in Paris she has suffered
cotntes considerably from the gossip and
, , ��� ., ... court proceedings in which her name
| Judging from the accounts wblcb WM e��nnected with that of ProtegBOr
appeared in tlle bulling society pa- | .angevln, of 111" College of France,
pers she made quite an impression In -jhe two were closely associated in
those d-ys, and the young bloods of w-nrk. and when Mme. Langevln
the  Faubourg    Saint    Germain  were brought suit for separation  from her
The Bdnk of Mmm
Branches Throughout tho Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pasB Standard
Spe-cjtlcations of American  and Canadian  Engineers'  ABBOciatlon.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. ln diameter. This is also made ln thiB Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsrwbere.
Phones 15 and 16.
802 Columbia 8treet W.
the  Katibourg    t-aint    iieruiuiu   ��..v   ,,,,,,,,,,,
proud to be her partner.   Some of the  husband   she 'preseiued  a  numbei
i*:"i-i     names in the Qotha^of jaris letters  written  by   Mme.  curie
" *   * -    i ........vin   liming     him
to be    inscribed  on  h
were eager
There  wove  three  children--a  boy
Who died quite young, and two sisters
number of
  ������^^^_���1      tol
Professor   Langevln  urging    him    to
leave his wife. The scandal aroused all
  I-'rance, and enlisted a number of par-,
,    . ,      .... , .,., i"        -   ..   -       *���-,--. ,tlsans on both sides, with  the result
Ibe last localities viBlted were Bil- One of tbe sisters married, and is well mat several duels were fought
Hugs' Hridge and the Hussell rond. nettled In life. The other, tor strange, shortly nfter this affair Count .lo-
About $:! and a diamond riiiR were reasons which she has given to inter-', seph Potockl. a wealthy Polander,
taken from Moses Subnurin last week, viewers, waa reduced to living on a founded a new laboratory al Warsaw
The bonie of Henry KvaiiB, Hillings' pension of about $210 a year. The for Mine. Curie. She agreed how-
Brldge, was the olhur attraction the popular beauty of the fashionable ball>Ver. to Rpriul only part of her time
same day and here $14 repaid the rob- rooms, against whom there was not; ti,Pre, bnt she has now elected to re-
ber or robbers  for their work. the slightest charge, and  whose con-lmove' permanently to Warsaw.
      The robberies lasted just one month   duct was Irreproachable, had to retire1 	
JC,"  and worked In a southwesterly dlrec-  into obscurity out of sheer poverty,
tlon In the township of Gloucester un-���    Por  twelve  years    Bhe    struggled
til thev got .'.round to Hillings' Bridge,  against   fate and  experienced  all  the
The police are now  hot cn  the frail hardships of  rent in  arrears  for her
,of the offenders. !���'���**���<' lodgings   ���
Euildings More Costly.
Ottawa. Aug  7.    Permits for buildings,   the  estimated  cost     of    which
to  $429,675. were  Issued  by
the city
than   Se}
' ..III nt Iheir fees without ap-
"e wh- brought suit 118,400 in fees
.,,,,1 -il.i.ut $13B In Interest.
Although Chancellor   Boyd ���   Judg;
Bnt made "�� mentim "' ? ��r**t*'
"' ���      ||  nl  llie rut" ot
lodgings, and  want of funds to ,
pay the grocer and baker. Finally her I amounts  --   ... ^^^^^
small pension was also lost, and she i Building Inspector Fnthcnngham dur-
Wantcd Poor Eurlal. |had nothing but character to depend   |ng July, Last year permits to the ex-
i    Spokane,   Aug.   7.- Leaving   only   a upon.   She wrote to the prefecture of I tr.nt of -(353,860  were Issued    during
Ifew lines which will answer as n will.; police, and  wiib treated  as n lunatic. I the  corresponding   month.     For    the
| .lohn Shanmibiin, creature of mystery.; She was taken to an asylum at Kplnay, -      *-���--
died nt the St. Luke hospltnl here wllh , where lhe doctors soon  realized that
the request thnt he be given an inex- her  mind   was  completely  Bane,  and
(pensive burial and that the few dollars  sbe had to bo released.
| he possessed which may he left after      Her troubles were not yet over, and
all debts are paid may go to the char-   she  went about  trom  place  to  place
Ity  fiinil  at  the  hospital.    Little    's without a roof to He under. Her  >nly	
I kin wn of Shannahan, who wan lal   p I support was a few gold pieces that she . m,t up this year,
���to the emergency hospital two monuislreceived now and then from two char-  her, are larger at
suffirlng  wllh  a complication  ot  Itable ladles, one of them a baroness!
He Is said to have been BBlwho  hud  known, hor  in  her  hapiper
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with tbe greatest favor wherever laid.
first seven months of the present, yenr
340 permits were issued, the estimated
cost of the buildings being $3,07(1,280,
while for lhe flrst seven months ot
1912 permits were issued for 417 buildings, the estimated cost of which was
{2.47S,:;.rifl. Thus the buildings being
. while fewer ill num-
nd more costly.
i go
years of ate, a rat	
man, and  a native of Ireland.
a Hroad section fore-
Family Interests and family dissensions seem to have been at thn bottom
of It all. The bare fact Is that a lady
once high In society, whose partner af
Brann gave hla home as Ks
,.,,    ,,,,,|   soymour  Bald  his  mm"1-,
lived ill Lindsav. Cul
���rh,- Intti r car
bo  paid  ffeBltles thl
fees ' I the courts cost*.
I ,..; ������ * i * (���������kni. none i
prior io the Jmlgn
lived in Lindsay. Cal,    ine       ".,',,. ,,,,,��� prtor to tho Judgment,
rled probation papers signed hy Judge     , i      ^  wimr ���
m :,,��������� ,,r Los Angeles andI tint.*Jin�� sM��� WBS ������ t broughl
,,:    llc, Baia he met Brann in i"'1 |jwvo nol .,, ,.,,.��� paid.
Iiuilil n big store here, um maun  .......  in,
inn* tm In- situ.* ih.* arrangements were complete the BaronosB de Serlay, tho Marqulsesl
ilne tor tie- there was no reason, to his mind, wh)  d.   Balllcul nud de Perlgord, is now
enl. there Bhould  be any delay.    Ho ex   living nlone and destitute In a wretch-
amounln pected to hen- something to this ef   od Btable In  Passy, sleeps on Blraw,|
which feci while in tho city, as ho Intends tojand eatB and drinks what is given to
Irenwln here tur Eeveral days. Ihor in charity.
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer tlie important advantage that Ibey do not distufb
the rest of the system or
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
Notion*,1 Drin: and Clti-ieic-ftl Cn.
ot I .-.,.,.!... 1 .,,..,, J.      175
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Ilitiillthic Is noiseless, non-allppery, practically dtistless, easy on
horses' feet and, above all. particularly durable. For theBe reasons
Bltulithic la commended highly by owners of automobiles and borse*.
householders, anil olty officials. It lias been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred In the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd
Phone Seymour 7130.       T14-717 Comlnion Trust Building, Vancou rA.it. eight
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street.
and the telephone No. 2
We want you to try Knchlln-
des, ('hill Con Came nnd Chic-
kbn Tamales and for a few days
we will lower the price from 2
tor 26K, to 3 tins for 25c.
Jacob's   Hlscults,   2   packages
,ffor 25c.
Kmpress Baking Powder, per
16 oz.. tin, one tin to each customer for 20c.
Maple Flavor Syrup, regular
35c, per bottle  today 25c.
"Our Special Tea," the tea par
excellence, per lb. 50c.
"Royal City" Blend Tea, per
lb. 35c, 3 lbs. $1.00.
Musk-melons, each   15c.
Watermelons from    36c.
Plums, per basket   50c.
Apricots, per crate  $1.20
l'eaches, 2 lbs for  25c.
Fr_-sh Tomatoes, basket ... 80c.
Small fresh Tomatoes, 2 lbs. 25c.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIOGS
while you can afford to
put a little mone> asi''��
regularly. There will
never be a time when
you can do with less inconvenience to yourself,
and it i.s an excellent
habit to acquire.
One Dollar is sufficient to make a start in
our savings department
You will be allowed 4
per -cent, interest which
will be added quarterly.
You will be extended
every courtesy consistent with sound business methods.
Hut do not delay. Call
today and make that
start you have so long
intended to make.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Paid-I'p  Capital  and  Surplus
TruBteeahlps   under   Administration, over $6,000,000.
.  Trustee for Honilholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertain
ments, sales of work, etc, In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents pt-'r line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Numbers of fanners on tbe hills
above South Weetmlneter ure setting
fire to piles of slumps and brush this
Justice  -Morrison  at  tin-
before   Hon
last assizes.
Nol content with setting nwny wllh
the $il0, Nagar SUlgh tried to palm
off a cheque on M. J. Phillips,
clothier, signed  "Kupoor Singh,"  but
made to have Uiem buck within what1 thin  time  it  lulled.    HIb urrest  soon
CommlBBloner Qllleupiel thinks
"reasonable"    lime.      Evidently
four witnesses who   figured   In
MiK'iianiara trial Mere lu no hurry to
return lo the Michigan city, following
the ending Of the first bank case.
Tbey wlll be required tO give evidence In the Charles Dean and Martin  Powell trials here in tbe fall-
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES&Co.,Official Agtnts
Restaurant tor rent; good location,
Apply box  lS-Ll  .News office.      (1S4.I
Tiie rumor is cutrent thnt the regular full assize court for criminal ciiscb
will follow immediately after the
traversed civil assize set for September 28, but tbis has not been confirmed,
Get It nt tho ltoynl Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1263, ilSlil!)
Decorators working in the main
court room -it the court house have
about completed their work and workmen were engaged In cleaning up the
debris yesterday afternoon,
First attraction of the season,
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," at the opera
house Saturda... Itesor e >oiir seats
now at Tidy's. 11850)
Applicalion * for mail uoxea along
the rural delivery route, recently Inaugurated at tlle New Westminster
post office, are being received constantly. Tliere are now 115 boxes and
the postmaster expects spoil to have
200 in use.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved city and farm property
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (18HMI
A verdict of accidental death was
brought In by a coroner's jury las'
evening which enquired into the end
of Michael Downing, who was struck
by a C. P. It. train In Coqultlam
municipality on July 29. Little evi
deuce was brought in. except tbat
given by the crew of the train that
Btruck the deceased.
Millinery bargains. Hats worth to
$12.00 clearing nt $2.50; ready to
wearr at $1.00. Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth
street. (1868)
Pudding permits for the erection
of a bungalow costing $1500 for J. I.
Jamieson, Hamilton Btreet, and a
small addition costing $250 for It. C.
Mercer, London street, were taken
out  yeb '-rda;*.
Tendera for the South Westminster
.school are now being called and will
j be received by the minister of public
| works up to Monday,    September 1.
Plans and gpectflcatlons may be seen
on and after tbe Ilth  of  tho present
month at the    offices   of    A. Q. Marsh-ill.     South     Westminster.     S.     A.
Fletcher,    government    agent,    New
WeBtmlnster, or at the department
public workB, Victoria.
Following the success of the 1913
citizens' picnic, it is probable tbat
one of the larger C, P. ft. boats will
be chartered tor the occasion next
Special matinee at the opera house [
Saturday    afiernoon,    "Uncle    Tom's j
.llun.'     Children 10 cents, adults 2ii
cents. (1850) !
A report was current in the (Sly
last evening that a serious collision j
had taken place on I lie (ireat North
ern in or near Vancouver, but enquiries made lhere elicited lhe in
formation that a trivial bump had oc-
.uni d. but tbut it was not serloin*.
nnii nobody was hurl.
A lawn    social will   be held on the
grounds of  Mrs.  R.i Chapman's residence,   "Oltchie   Qoomle,"   corner   ol
the    Seafronl     road     und     Subway I
avenue,   on   the   evening   Of  Tuesday, i
tlle 19th.    A small admission fee will
Mr. T. Victor Cage,    late    Of    San  h{. charged and various booths of at-
Francisco, has arrived In   the   city traoUons,    ice   cream,    Indian    and
Hiking over the    ladies'    department  (-vp8,.v   fortun9   telling,   etc.,   will  be
opened up by J. N. Allclilson, the well  ,llt(.mi,.u to by (i,e Ladies' Aid society
known merchant tailor.    ThlB is    an Q* white Itock, under wliosi
Important step towards bavlng in om- th(. nf,*.,!,. wu] *[���. organized,
midst a first  class ladies' tailor and
should help to keep business ill town
I tlmt otherwise finds iis way to Vancouver and elsewhere. Mr. Ouse
comes highly recommended   and   is
prepared   Io  give   tile  sumo     Satisfaction us ihai which hus characterized ,
11 ST.41 1    "Lady  Van" and Mrs. Stewart from
Vancouver    arrived    on     Wednesday
Liquor selling  lo  llie Indian  fisher-  evening's  train.    Lady   Van   has
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
I Tlle (iiie time table as published
[elsewhere in The News for the Sand
heads, Fraser river, will be found
Correct for the most part for the tlde|
table   of   Wliite   itock   (Semiahmoo
his work in tlie past.
Mr. Parmntler and family of New
WeBtmliiBter spent Sunday ul Maple
I llench.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Patterson and
family have established their summer
camp in the park just south of the
| boundary  line.
Mr. und Mrs. .Bd W'llliBlon are
spending a week's vacation at Maple
Mr. I'\ N. Sinclulr and friends spent
Sunday plcnlclng at  Maple Beaoh.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.   II.   Diamond    and
and cannery   workers Ib  said  lo'cenlly "returned from a trip round the  friends  formed   an  auto  party   wlin b
be  worked by  white men    on    Lulu
island,  despite   the   vigilance  of    the
provincial police.    Several cases are
heard   every   day     in   the   Richmond
court,  but theae  are mostly against
the Indiana themselves, charged with ;
being   Intoxicated.     Yesterday   Senior I
Constable  Mcl.eod    appointed    Cave-j
Browne-Cave as a special deputy    ti;
watch  the  north  arm  district,  where:
the  traffic  is  said  to  be on   the    in-
world in connection  with
ver (lafly.
Mr. and Mrs. Swain are down for
this week al "Ardgowan," lhe sum
mer residence of Mrs. Swain's parents,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Stewart.
The population of White Itock thl t
month exceeds 1500 men, women and
children. On week ends and Sundays
2000 is a low estimate.
Postmaster Phelps states that the
volume of letters and  business  pass-
For  pressed   brick,   fire  clay,   com-1 lng   through   the   local   offlci
mon    brick,    cement,    lime,    plaster.! exceeds that of last season
grave], sand, rock and fuel oil, apply j .	
lo the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office BLAINE  NEWS.
phone 826, wharf phone 880,      iTS2!l) 1 	
I    The Hlaine    division of thi
TAXES  1913.
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been issued and as the rebate period will expire on August 25,
owners who have not received their
notices wlll oblige by communicating
with the undersigned immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W.  H. GRIFFIN, Collector,
(1840) Kdmonds.
lllaine division of the Democratic organization .if the county came
In for a piece and tlieir first portion
of the political pie last week, when
James F. Latham was upointed traveling guard for Ihe slate reformatory
at Monroe.
Vancou '��pe��t  Sunday   at   Maple   llench
Mr.   and   Mrs.   T.   II.     Smith     were
among   the  many  autoists  who  took
in  Boundary  Bay and  Its surround-1
IngB Sunday last.
Mr. Charles and Fred Arthur and
friends of Ladner were the guests of
their mother at Camp Oso-COBe during
i the week end.
Mis   Marjory   Whiteside     of     New
lWestminster   was   the   guest   or   ber.
aunt,   Mrs.   I).   Whiteside,    at     "Sea-j
hulme," Maple Beach
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Harrle   Pollard   and j
family   are   cozlly   encamped   on   the
waterfront south of the boundary
A orivately financed road gang.
working under the direction of J. M.
Mooney, has done considerable im-
. provement to the sand Btretch approaching the bay, by the putting'in
Of clam shells. About fifty loads of
the material have been applied to the
troublesome places and a turn-out
has been made.
Mr. and  Mrs.  Hiirnslde. of Vancou
The attention of patrons of the Company travelling over lhe Sup-
perton-l-Jdinoiids line Is called to llle adoption of lbe PAY AS YOU
ENTER system'of collecting fares on this branch of the New Wcb*-
minster system.
The payasyoii enter system is now accepted by ull electric railways an the most satisfactory method Of collecting fares. II has
been giving perfect satisfaction in Vancouver for several years and
Is now being Introduced by the It. C. Electric In Victoria and New
Westminster. ... ��..
The fish season Is now at its height, ver. together with their rHiully and
The A. P. A. are beading the heaviest friends, are .Hiking great pleasure ou'
daily records now,'canning between of their beach front lodge and cuiilp
50,0(10 and 150,000 of the silver variety  fire on the south side of the bound-
daily.    All of the other canneries are
running   full  Capacity,   and   fishermen
are  catching  the  coveted   species   in
"��� bountiful quantities,
G.  N.  R.  AT   LAST   HAVE
PLANS  FOR   STATION.      In  the case of Davidson &   Masked
  versus  Oiled,  which  was  held  before
Plans for the erection of a new'Judge Pemherton a number of weeks
depot to take the place of the existing "go. a decision was rendered on Mon-
om- of the Ureal Northern were laid day in favor of Odell, the defendant
before Mayor Gray yesterday morn-I The rase was a disputed contract over
ing by Alexander'Stewart, assistant i what Is now the lvan-L building,
engineer of the Great Northern, who j Th(, trusU.es of the Hlaine chamber
arrived yesterday  from Seattle. j0f  commerce  met  one day  last  week
The  structure  is  estimated  to  cost   aml put up a jub on i)r   ���,���   x   Hutch-
about $rPii(io and is Intended to take the
place of the out of date building until
an agreement can be reached with the
I Canadian   Northern   railway     for     n
[union  depot  on   the  latter's   property.
lor.  if these  plans  fall  through,  then
the G.  N.  R.   will  erect  a  permanent
station on  the same property  as  the
old depot.
The  plans   as   laid     before
Gray, were only of a temporary nature,
although within a week the full plans
will be completed  ., id  submitted  to
the   city   council   for   approval.     The
building win Include a woman's res!
room, wailing room, tirket office, express office .-iuil a basement to housi
n steam beating plant.
Mr. and Mrs Johnston of Ladner
nre BUmmerlng in their cottage at
Mnnlp Bench
. The remarkable increase in autn
traffic to the bay was demonstrated
Sunday last, when probably 150 ears
passed through Ladner on Ihe way to
the bay.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson of New Westminster were visitors at tlie Mack
cottage during the week.
The recent favorable stretch or good
1 weather   has   heen   excellent   for   the
Delta  crops.    Probably   not   in   ninny
Pres and Oval. ligr.
W. r. H. BUCKUN,
8*0. and Treat.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonet Ne. 7 and 877.
inson,  making him  president  of thatlvears  past have such  glorious fields
august   body.   Their  only   excuse   for  heen harvest! d.
doing ii was that lie was the mist en- * =
ergetlc  lazy  man  that  there    is    ln!~
Hlaine,     The  selection   was   made  tol
till the vacancy made by President S.
R. Tlinrp. who resigned.
Fuck   In your  batblng suits ami  u !
i well filled hamper und spend a day at 1
j Manic Peach. Boundary Hay.    Plenty |
of free   picnic    places   on   the Band
beach or under the wonderful spri ad 1
Ing  maples.    Lovely    spring    water ]
extreme to present tbelr claims as to Take the River road   to   Ladner   audi
.1, I,.....,.,....,.     ..t     ,1...       1)1..! Un-.  ..... . ..
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our special ttockes. they are  money savers.
Local Sahs Department, Phone 890.
A   welcome  rumor    among
.Mayor  busines circles Is that there is
'nihility of inducing a large Bbingli
mill to locate in Blaine. The mill
which would be a six or eigtit-inachini
mill, is now preparing to move it'
equipment from Ballard to some advantageous point, and local enthusiasts   are  exerting  themselves   to   tin
advantages of the Hlaine harbor.
Dr. l-\ P. Smith, dentist, has re
moved from the Dominion Trust
block to the Mcl.eod block. Sixth
slreet. (18511
The Inquest over the body of
Oregorlo Laverla, a Spaniard fisher
man, who was found floating in the
ri vi r on Tuesday evening by the
police, will lie held in police court
this evening al 7:30 o'clock Identl-
lii-M:.!. -.-.us complete yesterday, following the deciphering of documents
found on the body by Laverla's partner, uiii'th'-r Spaniard, named Jose
Legos Laverla lost hi* life last
November while pursuing bis calling
above the Praser river bridge.
P H Hrown. of New Westminster
win sell by auction on Saturday, the
6th, at White Rock, near the post
office, ui .', o'clock, several lols of
���,'onil household furniture, tl con
tents of a summer home, beds,
-1 rlni - mattn Bses, . n ckerj i . rs
units, rugs, tent, rowboal and office
building  12x18,    Terms cash      1857)
Look   at   Locality   Where   Crick-
son   Wae   Killed.
The Inquest us to the circumstances
I connected  with   the death  of  Edwin
M. Erlckson, who was killed at I 'it rl
I lake   on   Wednesday,   was   adjourned
yesterday afternoon until such time as
tlio jury  have  had  time to  visit  the
'scene of the fatality.   The trip will be
| made to Pitt   bike at S o'clock Tues-
���iiiiy morning by bout.
Erlckson was of Swedish-American
birth, 23 years of age and unmarried.
'lie had been In the employ of Small
j &  Bucklln for the past eight months
mul  was counted  as an experienced
logger. From the evidence given yes-
I terday  ii  appears  thai  the deceased
w-as assisting In yarding a log down a
|hill towards tlie water when  the log
truck a stump and tho Impact threw
Ithe nur end  to one    side,    striking
Erlckson such a blow that he died a
few mlnutea later.
lb-  has a   sister,    Hrs,    Theodore
Moore, residing in Edmonds,
New ljws Wanted.
is. .ul.. Aug. ;. Addresses by Gov-
. rnor lln,est Lister and President II
ri. Grosscup, i i the association, nnd
tr'butus lo lhe late l Ihli f Justice
Ralph O. Dunbar, of the stut" suprem ���
court, were the failures of the first
day's Besslon of the twenty-fifth annual convention ��.f the Washington
Slat" Bor iissociuiicii. which convened here today. Governor Lister
in liis address made careful compilation cf data of needed legislation by
hinds in state departments, so that
suggestions to the legislature concerning new laws would be ready for
presentation to the lawmakers the
day tbe legislature convened.
Sunday, Aug. 10
The Popular Shoe Store  fraser ferry no. r
The  Home  of  Low Prices.
641  Front Street.
Specials for this Week
the Qoudy road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New  Westminster.
Will Leave
The Rexall
always, the pleading store in
every city. We can save you
money on your next pair of
Glasses.  Try
Curtis Drug Store
���nd SEEDS,
Phene 43;  L. D. 71;  Res. 72.
��� New Westminster. B. C.       w
Hear Hassell, tli" .-x . onvlct, with
jhis ureal moving pleturea al the Edl-
i son today. 11853 ,
Because ol hli courage and pn-s
ence Of mind, Hurry Monk \.'.i. nl i.
was savi i ii. ii. posslbli accident and
people on  Fronl  Btreel    esoaped    In-
| Jury.     He   was    druinn    u  team    .
Brackman Ker s  when,  near  Schaak
fi  co's    foundry,    the    horses   took
fright,   and   in   galloping   down   Kront
street, narrowly missed colliding with I
other  riKs,    Wtth  considerable  skill.
Monk  turned  the  runaways up    the
sleep  sixth  Btreet  lull  and  stopped
them   before  Columbia   Btreel    was
! reached.
Insure With Alfred \V. Mcl.eod, the I
.insurance man. All kinds written.'
; Hundreds of millions to pay losseB
Prank ll. Stapleford, M v. of Van
couver, 1ms been appointed vlce-prln
clpal of Columbian college to assist
nr Sanford. Mr. Stapleford is n
brother of Kev. k  \v. Stapleford and
jis at present sup-plying In the Orand
view and    Si.xih    Avenue    Methodist
i churches,    lie graduated In 1912 with
Merchant n all lines of trade and
citizens generally are invited to bear
Sepri in. ; -.i .m rn. of the Retail
Mi n hants' association oi the Dominion, Bpeak ti nlgbt lu the board ol
irade room Mr. Robinson, Becretary
' i the Saskatchewan branch of the
a*���elation, wlll alao give an address.
These men wen- the speakers at a
Bpeclal meeting of the Vancouver Ra
ia i Busim ss Men's aBBOciatlon ou
Wednesdaj night und the ball In
which thej spoke was crowded to the
'   'I  ' i-      While   whal   they  have to Bay
1 espei lall) Interests business men
and merchants, it ia also worth hear-
in*-' foi nil citizens,
Mr Trow ern will t"ll of Ihe benefits derived from u Dominion association ui all the retail trades. He will
urge ibe appointment of five men to
represent liritish Columbia, who.
along with five others from each ol
ilu province, will be empowered to
pel tlon tie- Dominion government
for ih" adjustment of Beveral laws
which merchants think are In need
ol atti ntlon.
i lie ini etlng tonight Ib culled foi
H I.', oil. ck
At Ibis momlng'B city mar-
k��-t it is probable that;
The retail pi ice of -i-gas will
jump from 37 to in cents a
dozen, and Instead of 30 cents,
us fi rmerly, the whole price
will be 35 cent*. This le due
in n detnand wblcb for several
weeka bas grown stronger.
Raspberries wlll be ralrly
plentiful, but cherries wlll be
scarce, except perhaps a few
of the latest varieties.
New poi,rn es will attain be
i tt. red in quantity for $1,60
per bag.
Turnips, beela, carrots and
such garden truck will be excellent In size and quality und
will  sell ill   the  usual  prices.
l-'ish ��ill be add for ti'"
usual  prices, but  Buckeyes will
be cheaper than they bave
been In years.
Butter will sell at 35 cents a
pound retail.
Fowl and meat initita'lons
will  be us    lit     recent     former
7f,c worth of Pai kard's    Shoe    Polish
for   25:
Barefoot  Sandals;   double  soles;   any
pair in store   75;
Fleet-Foot Running Shoes;  a clearing
line;  7 to 2   40;
I.adieB' White Canvas  Shoes;   leather
soles;  all sizes    50:
Men'B  Fleet-Foot  Rubber    Soled    Oxfords   75c
Hoys'   Heavy   Leather   Soled     Canvas
Shoes;  sizes 1. 2. 3, 4, 5  95:
Men's Heavy   Leather   Soled    Brown
Canvas Shoes;  all  sizes   $1.25
Ladies' Snappy Tan Botton Oxfords;
every size.    Per pair   $1.93
Ladies' $5 Hoots;  only   $3.9j
Ladles'   DreBS   Hoots;     broken     lines;
every size;  value to $ii   $1.93
Centa' llox Kid Blucher Hoots;    every
size  $1.93
Cents'  Dress Hoots;   attib loe;    glove
leather;   every  Bize   1 $2.93
OentS'   Tan   Willow   Call   Mutton   and
B. C. Electric Ry Wharf
10 a.m.  Sunday.
Further   information   inquire
Eraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Lid.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace   Market,  Columbia   St.,  Phonet
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market,  Phone   L883.
Phone 164 L.
903 Columbia St.
Residence Y. W, C. A. Phone 1324.
Black Currants, per lb I'.e
Pears,  I'lpum nnd  Peaches. 2  lbs.  20c
Watermelons from, each  .. 4'><* to S"c
Muskjnelon, each   15c
Tomatoes, per lb 20c
ltip�� Banana*, per dozen    30c
Apriiiils J 1.20 per crate, 11 lbs for 25c.
(Successor to Ayling & Swain. 1
��47 Columbia  St. Phone 98.
ia    up    town.
Hlueher    Hoots;
Slater Hoots, l-\ VV., K. Uoota,
Hoots, etc.
Leek It-
���":��� ���'.$ i'? i'i
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Anothi i*
��� "iini i,
*,*. hen
case camo In
Nagar   Singh
lirnt class honors In phllosoph)    and committed for trial by Magistrate Ed
after a year ol Bpeclal study took ins nionds on a charge of forgery.   This
masters degree with bonois, ii.. also morning the  Hindu r.-ues    a    second
took   up    Bpeclal    theological    work charge, lhal  of  obtaining money un-
During his college   career,    he    waa ''"''' false pretences,
ipeclall)   Interested   i
il'"  boys,  particularly  d
siir in the Fred  Victor
work   among
ivotlng  hlin *'"
Hoih the charges   Intertwine   und
According to a Detroit paper, tin-
crown authorltle In the Dank of
Montreal cases will have some difficulty in securing the Detroit witnesses unless si,ua* arrangement    is
h olfencoa, according to the police
were 'coiiiiintted by Nagar Singh us
Ing the mimes of oilier Hindus on
cheques presented al local stores.
Blngh i. i aw'ay with the llrst ut-
tempt, cashing o cheque for $no on
T. ll. Sui ih \- Co., purporting to be
signed bj Hardll Singh, This latter
H ndu uus mixed up iu a court case
Take advantage of the  Business  Man's  Train    and    make    your
home ui Crescent Beach (Hinckie Spit) for the summer months,
Train leaves al 5:110 p.m. dally, on and after June 15, returning in
Die  morning in  time  for buaineBB.    Crescent    Beach    affords    Ideal
ciindilioiiB for Bummer homes, combining  the  best  of   batblng,   bunt
Ihr at all stages of the tide together With line beach.    ArleBlan well
wnler lo all residents,    Let ua ahow yuu thia property.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550


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