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The New Westminster News Sep 11, 1913

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�����-������-'������������ - _-'i;..'"���",' n     , ,.'.,,
In iiiinyi.ai,|illi_Matirtr'a'^iH*rta -
New* Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth br tb
results   they   produce.    They   '���'
large   or   small   wants   at   ���*���������'
 . --*
Tka Weather.
New WaaUsrinater and the hower
Mainland: Light ta moderate winds;
generally Hair   with   stationary   or
(higher temperature.
VOLUME 8, NUM.   .R  157.
Capt. A. 0. Powell Explains
Aims of City to Progress
Harbor to   Be   Paying   Investment-
Mayer Gray Coesks Also st
Mayor Gray Pardons Applicants Who Did Not Advertise.
Third   Man   Missing   for   Years   and
I    Search by R. N. W. M. P. Proves
Of Ssven Requests Only Ons Refused
���Little Discussion at Last
Night's Meetinr.
The license cuinuilssloneru sat last
Ottawa, Sept. 10.���The Kvenjng
Journal, In connection with the murder
[of the explorers, Radford and Street,
by Kskimos, says that a strange coincidence ls the belief that another man
named Street who belonga to Aylmer,
Que., has also perished or has been
murdered In the Arctic. He has not
been heard of for a considerable time
and the mounted police are now bunting for him.
It was at tirfl thought that this was
Comparison    of    New    Westminster _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
with  Oakland, Cal.,    and    VanwUVOT B,**��"  ����'��'    -n*f    ������n-mlti)*.     ��* .
with San Francisco, was made by Capt. ******* intUiOsrs ul tbo curl wer. i the Street connected with Had ford, but
A O Powell harbor engineer when --'d<-nijau Keliiugicn uiid U. uilcbr.ti. j it hns been ascertained that he is
speaking before the members'of the: ""r�� ��'a�� l'"i�� d._cus��io.,, toe [about GD years of age and has been
Vancouver Progress club at a luncheon licensed victuallers wtic there In full I1" 'ne Arctic prospecting for a number
In that city yesterday. force and  hev, J.  S.  rtftndorsou  wiujW years.
This wsb practically the first time i i/itaent.
that c!t!r.ens of  Vancouver have had '���    A  license   wus  granted   to  Sproule
the alms of the Royal City personally  brothii..    ier    t.ie    Dunsmulr    hole..
On September 10, 1C93, Most of West-
Held in New Hampshire Jail I     minster went up in smoke���
With Jerome Hot on
Prosperity Now.
Praises of   "Canadian   Justice"
Reversed When Ke Feels Jack
Canuck's Boot.
Fifteen years ago last evening, on
September 10, 1.98, New Westminster was swept by tbe greatest fire in
the history of the city when the entire business and a portion of the residential section was devastated by
Anyone taking a glance at the pres
ent business section would bave hard
ly believed last evening that practic-
Trades and Labor Council to
Ask Co-operation of Vancouver Union.
Letter from B. C. F?dersticn of Labor
Not Favored by Mott of the
__��,__�� ** *r��   =   * i    The **M    holiday bylaw, universal
��������������� ally every business house in the city ; working  card,   oriental   immigration,
Charlie fisher, a Postmaster
from Yukon, Sightseeing
Has Made Fsrtssi in the Klondike���
Owns Cenaiderable Lsntf ia thc
Fraser Valley.        ,
       Visiting this part of Ue country for
* [was reduced to ashes   fifteen   years i reports of the Labor day committee, jllle flr��t time In fifteen years, and at
''"'ago.    Since then  building operations [and    the    breaking  up  ot a  deeply . Jhe same tisne  breaking a vow  that
"������'���'��� ' have been carried cn to the extent of
tlon for the able address was made ap- * bedroon,��.
parent by the hearty applause which :    Joaepu    Tfavers    was    refused    a
greeted   thc   New   Westminster  engi- I wholesale lntuer license,
neer when he had finished. me tollo-aa.n^ Louises wcre grant;'
The explanation   that   the   captain' BUbject  lo cerium   fonoallbfca  lu    b
gave regarding the reasons why  the. c*_ini>lii d with
harbor roheme of New Westminster _ue ..Krehnnts hotel l.ctnse from
should Succeed, after the harbor com- Ip, ji^ot a,l(j ., A Malm to J. A. Ma.,:,
���mission  Is appointed,  is  because  thejaltme.
fundamental Idea at the bottom of th" j ������������it. Occidental hotel license Tro-.n
harbor Improvement Is not to spend | M. (i0wan to Justus Swanson ami
any money on the Improvements "n-; Adolph nanscn
less those Improvements ar self-sus- j     , ue   iMt.trAM\   Artn.   license   trom
Ulnlng. or, in other words, will Inline- 0,,,��� Cameron and H. B. Ca(t.e u
dlately upon their erection commence Gwjrfc<J Cameron,   and   from   Oeorg
iraklai money. The captain explained  CtmvTOU ,0 -[�����!,������, Campbell,
that   that   was   the   reason   why   the ���
waterway would not be completed for     __. -?ec*>ai  Permits,
some   time.     The   other   part   of   the,    The maya-r in  reality exerclicd hi.-,
srherre was to branch out their wharf- -Jurisdiction to grant special permit.
aeg along thc river from Klghth street  �� was a mailer of advertisement.
to the public market, some two hund- | Transfer Re.'usec.
red feet Into the stream and renl thla. An application by a llrm of lawyers
wharfage to smaller concerns. The, for a license to transfer the license
wharfage  front ls sll owned  by  the 'tj the Depot hotel was met with some
fifteen    to    twenty    million    dollars
���>* j with the end by no means in sight.
Paper Read Before American Health Association
Blames Doctors.
St.  Louis Physician  Announces    Discovery cf Cure for Hydrophobia
���Quinine the Best Way.
Sir Walter  Lodge  Makes
Startling Statements Before Scientists.
,Thaw    himself   Issued   this
:   statement tonight:
"What occurred   under   the
:���   English  flag  this  morning   is i'f j
.':���   something 1 can't discuss, but #
we believe good Canadians will frl
ii   do what is right.   Now I have '���:*
come  to New  Hampshire, but tt
i   only on my difficult way home *
:?   to Pennsylvania. *;'���
i.       "There Is no.  honest    legal, *���"���
i   charge against me and we trust ft
i.    New  Hampshire  won't accept *..
i.i   any   subterfuge   from   a   f_W 0
i'f   officials of a large state.      / *-'..
"We hope citizens   of   New *
:.    Hampshire who won't be MM- ���*>
::<   fed will write the governor. tt
(Signed)     "Harry K. Thaw." tt
a ���>     	
��� �� ���:��� �� *:��� -r- % fr fr tt -n ft * ���* tt ��I 	
Colebrook. N.H.,   Sept.   10.���Harry _.._.:   ..__,.
Kendall Thaw, furtive from Mattea- j Memory and Affection Not Limits to
wan, slept on American soil tonight,
barricaded ln an hotel room here, after I
one of the moat exciting days during
his career. jmmmmmmmmml^mmmmmmmmmmmmmlmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Thrust unexpectedly over the Can- -
adaln border early today despite the I    Birmingham,   England,  Sept.   10.-���
(writ of habeas corpus demanding his {Speaking on the subject of continuity
hatched plot formed one of the most
interesting sessions of the Trades and
Labor council held in a long time at
Their Earthly Manifestations
Discarnate Intelligence.
Colorado Springs. Colo, Sept. 10       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���,���������.- That hydrophobia Is curable   by   the I production before the court of Icing's I tonight before the British association
city   of   New   Westminster   and   win; thing that looked like s contemptuous , U80 uf yulnine was the siar.ling state, bench  ln "Montreal next Monday, he | for the Advancement of Science, Sir
pay the city  revenue,    whereaa    the  refusal. *%     _ j ment advanced by Dr. L. IX Harris, of | was a free man for three hours and | Oliver Iaodge, president of the associa*
waterway will be tartly owned by the
dtisene and partly hy private firms
Industrial Harbor.
I'he  chairman  aBked   Mr.   J.   Wise ] gt. I.ouis, before the American Health !during that time drove madly in sn itlon. touched upon the question of life
win tlier be was a consenting party lo
���      _ this proceeding, and Mr. Wise just as
rapt. Powell fully explained theiprompt!y rmn\ir. lhlt he was not.
elms nf the city ot New Westminster i Thcr(1 Bcelned t0 be some dUTculty
In Its harbor scheme He compared abPUt tll termination of the lease. At
Vancouver and New Westminster end at B,.nte Mf. WUo ���m wt b, dta.
their harbor schemes to those of Sun ,urb(.d ,��� hlg j^upMfc,, of ,h(. hott.i
Krancisco Bay. He said ihat San Fran-duri ,,,_ ���,nure
rlsoo. like Vancouver, was chosen be- I Chiefs Reoort
cause it was near deep wster.  where I    _.      ���_,_,,.,   ���,,.,_,   .;,(_,.' �����    m>ii_,_ii;"-""; 7-      ������"���--���   ���   	
ik> dredging would have to be done to ' n ���M rPpo,r,��� tTomA [^ ��f Pol'.ce ""5 ��I>1�� malady. He told of admlnis-
ret the sh o in -lose to land He said , nradllha* --'M**** ���** hli ahBence by terln* extravenous Injections of quln-
H.n Kranel'sco 1^^. (MM���] ^ ae^i, Sergrttn,t ,,ruce' ,*^?f, ? W* lo a patient a short time ago and
dal port as was Vancouver, whereas   ""���  capacity    of    l.cense      nspector.  8aid ,h8l wlthhl a week    ���le patiellt
....'..j ���. .._j���.,..i.1������ .������.   slated   that there  was one  bartender! ji.��i. .j  �� ��.i-  I
association todav I automobile  for 50 miles through the! after  death.     Published   forecasts  of
"Lr Har"ir��ugbm.tted tbe result, of \W of Vermont' hna'New Hamp.hlre j the addrew Intimated startling .Ute-
�����������torth.���^ summarized  hl  hU ad-
in accordance wl.h the theory of Dt J",*SK��E tKSSlle ret��li5 coun- dress and ln his own words his argu-
-Virgll H. Moon, recently announced, to <- ��*e*���?*' *^?7^ti^nre���u��� cuuu ��*"? ~JL . marked feature ol the
K^NrtS OpHUon ***** sxhansUv. Irt to t��W���*****? ��� ZSLl\ZaS*Sr\\f ��'SKK diC^J
research  that nwdical  science within i Jerome on iraii. k lnteregt of various kinds of
a short time will have been entirely!    William Travers    Jerome,   rushing [__^ ,������,,^__   .��� ,���,, ,>,_, mn��i���_i(_ai ��n.
he remain at hla post until 1935. New
Westminster waa visited yesterday by
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        Charlea  Ulabcr, postmaster of   OWas
a meeting ln the Labor Temple last {Boyle. Vakon district, and one of the
evening. .best known ma in tbe Klondike ter-
The egenda was bristling with fea-  rltoiy.
tures which ln due time were brought '    With hla   were   Mrs. Flshnr   and
up for discussion  and acted  upon,    i thetr three daaefcters, die 8, 10 and IX.
Flght Just Started. years, thia. tor the latt.r, being tbetr
That the fight on the proposed half: first gltnpae of tha outside world.
holiday for clerks has only Just start- having bean born and raiaed in Ute
ed, was made evident from the outset, i Klondike.
and together with keeping up Inter- |    Mr. Plaber, Charlie Fisher, aa he it
est in the city, a special committee bet.er  known  to  the  northern  men.
will Journey to Vancouver ln the near I brought taks nf the new strike in tha-
tuture where lt will explain the alms! Shushanna   district.   Informing   Thev
of the New Westminster clerks and , News that   there   ia absolutely   no-
seek aid from the Terminal City coun- i doubt as it being one of the richest
rli In order that the matter may be' strikes  that tha eoantry  has    ever
hrought up at the next session of the .seen sad w��t he even better ao when
legislature. the deeper placer gold is located.
The representatives ot the  clerks. Mot Hysterical Beam.
who are affiliated with the councll, He doea not want to boom tin-
will in the meantime seek an interview ���: country aad states that at tto asiia
with a commltte composed of mer- etlt tiram ******* MOO miners are ob
chants and seek some solution ln a! y,, soene no that nntll the enma _n
way to allow the store employees half well ���mtmmxmti aad supplies have beeu
a day each week as a rest day. ^j^ 0iltn ta ���, Qlttnttty. prcaaets
Oidn't Approve. i tan aad gold miners had better stay
The B. C. Federation of Labor ran i away for , time ualess they want to
up against a  snag wben they  asked  eitlure barashlpa which might he *****
the council, by means of a letter, to : much f0r them.
vote on   tbe   subject  of a   universal | Haw tt Waa Found.
working card which would allow any i Ab [ntereating account of tto dismember of a craft to interchange bis! ���>��,��� of the gol* U given oot by *r.
card for one of another union. ; p^,      ��� fellows:
A few supported the motion to adopt;    T        emfB u       a^mrm-ten.
same, but their addresses were more;        '- ^ * --���-*���   ���
than drowned by the number and able
speeches against suih a proposition.
Academic Questions.
A motion to h_.*/e the communication filed  started the tfohnle. ' Delegate Maiden  in speaking against en-
Jiefson, James aad Best, found gold
in the district Imt at that time not
In laree qaantitiea. Sluicing *
tn boxes whlpaawed by Y. Winkle, i
On March * ot thla year, while stilf
aa    naaaaa a    auaia;    nm    iaa a .     iara-i|    a-iuirria   I        William     ir����er��       JVrUUi*C,       IIIFUIU| :       '   . "__F__ ..     .   .a.-   ������.(-...!��-.   mn     :*���*-*���    ,aaa.auaraa    laa    ay^nntu-t,    .'_ft.,ia.    araa-j -
revclutionlied   with  aspect  to  treat-j hither on a special train, will assume j J���^*-^ �����
Oakland  was now undertaking exten-
fined I'.e for supplying an Indian with
^^^^^^^^^^^    week
i was discharged  from   his care
' Meantime Thaw Is detained, charg- L"_?_.���rf'T   '"   th*   VSgU'
she   Improvements  to   make   Its   side   ,      ^at^atataaaaaa^^matt......**....*****.^**^
of the bav an  Industrial harbor, anil ��� Intoxicating drink.    The explanaiion*. |
lhat was the object of New Westmin-   (;r.tl,c nian wfr6 ���cl' th��.t ,lu; {'nnch |J
charge of the  case  for    New    Vork I ***���* '" ���******-' ��� ******* ���""*-������"*-"  I tbat tne B. c. Federation of Uibor ap- / tCJaeHnsed oa Pare five i
sute tomorrow, seeking to have Thaw,      Another tendency    is    toward com- ^  to   fce  dj ^ academic 	
ward  of the  state,  returned to "",""" "f1" g,ener,i' *V|?" '���,��� I questions as to what socialism really   ___,__...   ���********.*
the patien, I Matteawan. ��� ]'mlu'f <)0lnt ot���vle!a *n0,,_���     If' meant in one dictionary and what It . IfFVIf All   fiiVfWf
-��� ��� ���'*���"*   rotunt-,   In   the   \aeue   forms   of  mc___   ln   ���-,nth<ir     T,���...   _,.������   ���������_   Ml| Mil MM   rlWWI ��� V
ster   In- their   harbor   Improvements.
did  not consider hlm R'lllty of know
"Westminster was to be an industrial, ���"* <'"" lle wilfully transgressed tha
harbor, and not a commercial harbor 'aw of half-breed or full blood. There
ns Vanoouver Is. 'fere forgiven,
Cap!    Powell   explained   the  differ- | 	
ence between a commercial and an Industrial harbor, ln his opinion a commercial harbor was one where the
ship eai'ie up, unloaded and reloaded
and the goods were immediately shipped away, there being no factory at
hand to ure them, whereas, In an Industrial harbor the factory was close
hy, and after being unloaded the Roods
were taken to the factory a short distance away and used for manufacture.
The eaptiin nlso stated, perhapn as a
hint to Vancouver, that aVew Westminster wbo the only city In British
Columbia that had n complete harbor
Mayor  (Iray   of   New   Westminster,
nlso spoke on the ssme subject, clos
Ing   his   ral
that  New   Westminster was ready to
go hand  In  hand with Vancouver In , ,  .       . -   .  ���   .
nny scheme that would tend towards ; Appointment oft ounclllor R.J.I'. Al
  Mmtt^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    means  In  another.    They were  con
Doctors to Blame. led with no crime, held on no warrant, j etat*nl*",r .    ..,..������ of! tinually     inundating    the    different
Dr. a K. Terry,    health    officer   of  Fearing   kidnapping  at  the hands of L-*ftta_r ��W^   makes^ no aoDeaf ��o 'unl0nB ,aDd   trades  Coanclls   with  H
nck.onvllle. Kla��� in a piper on dru~, officers from New Vork he asked t0rf��W*����* S^aSTtomfc^SSMtH??,^!!. ! vot\u t0 w��.etherA 8
habitues and their bearing on the pub-   a  special   guard  and  Chief of  PP��H^���� ^     a^TO r��dy   AwlSst   6pel ed, wlt* a" A or ?" E; Prob��bl->-
:11c health and welfare. laid the blame  Kelley swore in tt special Constables. *JSH^taJXTSSS coSs 'emula,ln8 **'? "^mortal Pickwick Pa-I
for drug fiends upon physicans    Hei a"  armed.    They are  patrolling the  ������������J"0*^[^ ummate conUnu ! Pers ?hlTe lhe lud���� "kedn?fm W^
stated that 60 per cenl. of drug (lend,  streets   *Mt   Thaw's   hotel   tonight. , H�� XBtU^riK Sta    " W-^er he USed ' V ��r W ln Spe"- j
'become so, through  using drugs pre | In Court Today.    _ _ ! scientific concentration as an  lnade- ! ln-= "ame' '
'���"""i ���'""- aa.baaaa*a.aaaa a-jntn*--! -,.-"~         *     " ".V    ~  '   .     | IttCCU,   HUVUC   [WiiilB uui  mm*,   aiaar  aaaaaa-
physiclans and druggists, inlnimix n? I Application for the writ was made i appearanCe 0f anything perfectly unfc
the practice of prescribing strong IflrBt *���*������* afternoon, but the Judge be- form a|ld omnipreBent is only what
dries to those addicted toHheir use. |,n-S occupied with another case, said ghould be expected and is no -argu-
Eugene C. Howe, of Welleslev col- he oould not then consider it. 8H meo, against Its real substantial ex-
lege.  read  a paper  on  "hv.iene andifu��ltlve lla9  telegraphed  lawyers lar tottllWi
,,_,.��� Leaa, A,.,on fo Prot.,. Nerth ^ Ph>,s!cBl   education."    which   was   a i��nd  near and  purposes  to fight the Life After Death.
Taking Legal Action to Protect North  ^ ^ ^ ,(>Rcl>ln(_ Qf hyg).u<i nnd , return to Matteawan to the bitter end]    ln  concluslon.   slr  0Uver   touched
the facilities of sanitarv inopee'lon In I    ,,    ,      _   ,*    .*W . i upon the questions of lite after death,
scboelj. He urKed that more attention! "e P ^\ of ,.\?^\, ho,wever" He declared his conviction that "oc-
be raid to these questions In the ami T.en hc heard, that .h,s /orrn^r, currences now regarded as occult can
public schools and colleges of he P^f^'tor was coming ssked tor theL examined and reduced ,0 order by
country. ",e  s;>ec'al guards.   I.. V. Vrrhans, of New | *JB methodB o{ 8clence carefully and
  \"""r-\ ci,,T' ��ho It Is Mid wM conduct j peritatentlj applied." and    that    "al-
| the battle against extradition, arrived ; rcad the factg go examined have con-
ten rl.t from Fabians. N.H T. R. fc.; villced me that memory and affection
Mclnnes. of Ottawa, one of the fram- |are ;not   ,|m|te<1   t0  that  association
-��tUy VeUZ the object j Maintains He Is on Private
Business But Officials
Think Different.
for delegates to
rainbows, mention-
^^^^^^^ cost the street rail-
(Cont.nued on Page Eight.)
Road���Nsw Justice of tho Peace
The Coqultlam council met yester-
irks   with   the   asserVl.,nilltt>;.ur,crnoon  and,,8eV,.r'  !j����,ortant
matters   wero   dealt   with.    The  con-
istltutlon of the licensing bonrd by the
thc welfare of the whole peninsula
Port   Coqultlam,   Sept.
hundred  Conservatives of
kins ns a J. P. by Attorney General
Howser, was received with approval
and the new Justice of the peace received congratulations Verging on hi-
10���Three I "ut l'10 nl0F' ""'rious subject that
ihi Lti -1 'he OOUnoIl had to deliberate upon
mis cm wn_ tl,tl|oul),ed|y t)u. threatened precipitation of the portion of the  North
and  district  gathered  in the ngrlcul
l"���.l-_'aiL_t_h.'"..e.V.*nJl!g *���e._an ._?_ ! rru.d".'"wne(r"by "the'~G.N.'lt."Tnto "tlie
cellent speechmaklng program was
gone thrnuRh with, the most Import.
ant of which was by Colonel J. D.
Taylor, who told how liritish Columbia had beep really placed On the map
since the flrst meeting of the Ottawa
house last fall.
Mayor Mars was in the chair and
llrst Introduced Colonel Taylor.
Oame of Freeis-Out.
Ottawa, Sept. 10.���J. A. Ruddy, cold
storage and dairy commissioner, left
tonight for New York, Washington and
Chicago to represent Canada as official delegate at the third international
congress of refrigeration.
Burnatiy abyss on the side contiguous
t;> thut municipality. A visit wns made
by the ivenibers of the council to the
��oene of excavating operations.
lr was pointed out that the steam
.hovel was actutilly undermining the
rosd nnd one of the workmen admitted
(hnt he hnd restrained his boss from
blowing up a venerable stump that
(would-have certainly  taken  down  a
rrtlon of tho roadway.
Broken fences, everything pointing
to danger to life manifestly alarmed
the reeve snd councillors and the matter was referred to the municipal solicitor to take Immediate steps to
(Continued on Page Four.)
Ottawa, Sept. 10.���Opinions differ ln
Ottawa as to the probable effect on
the Canadian producer and consumer
of the new United States tariff.
At the Mathows-1-alng head office,
tbe assistant manager ln the absence
of Hr. Gray, stated that the removal
of duty on Canadian goods moans an
increase of front one to two cents per
pound In the prloe of beef to the
Canadian consumer.
The view-was also expressed that
if the wholesale houses are forced to
raise beef prices a cent or two per
pound (there Is reslly no telling what
the. retailer may In turn charge tlie
consumer. It may mean even three
or four cents per pound more for beef
to the householder.
A. C. Boper, manager of the Ogllvle
flour mills, stated that the reduction
of the United States duty from 25
cunts to 10 cents per bushel on wheat
coming from Canada would have practically no effect here.
"Ab a matter of fact," said Mr,
Sopcr, "the United States bas been
free wheat for years. The 25 cents
duty was given as protection to the
miller. Now the American miller
uses Canadian wheat only to Improve
the quality of his export flour. None
In used for domestic purposes. And
in the export flour business the
Amerlcsn miller Is given a rebate of
almost 24 cents on bis original duty
of 2C cents. The rebate practically
means free wheat, ao that the new
regulation should mean no change In
! ers of the Canadian immigration laws
j under which Thaw was so unceremon-
' lously deported, aleo Is here.    He had
[ arrived at Coaticook. Que., to consult
j with Tlrnv us associate counsel only to
I learn   his  client   was  gone.    He  de-
nounced  the denortatlon SB contempt
phi,_�� i-,_;���...i _.����,__. ���     j      of court nnd snld that proceedings hnd
Chief Immigration Officer In London [be���  ,nallluted  tn  p���nlsh  those who
Advises People Without Homes
to Walt Until Spring.
Ottawa. Sept. 10.���J. O. Smith, chief
Immigration officer for Canada In l-on-
don, is In Ottawa for a day or two,
after u trip through the Canadian west.
He pnlls from Montreal for England
or. Krlday.
Mr. Smith says that for the first
time In seven years it will be the policy of the department this autsmn
and winter to confine the Immigration
movement to Canada to people Ivho
propose to settle at once on the lind.
Artisans wl'l be advised not to tnke
passage unless thev are certalnl of
work on this side of the water snd
those who ere Inclined to seek positions of any kind will be advised to
watt until spring. Mr. Smith announced that It is the Intention of th*-department tn open a Canadian Irsiil
gratlon office in Copenhagen, Den
ihad  participated  In  Thaw's removal
How It Was Done.
i Thaw's removal from the Immlera-
Ition nuarlers at Coaticook was sudden
land dramatic. Three mysterious men
who Bald t>-ey represented C. J, Doherty. Oomlnlo't minister of Justice,
nnd acting mlnlrterof the Interior, appeared before 8 o'clock, while Thaw
was B��lreo. Thev woke him. com-
mlndrd him to ("ress sod after a
struggle In which he tried to brain one
nf them with a glass tumbler, took hlin
to the border.
Thaw screamed as they brought hlm
down tl'" stairs: "Don't let them kld-
m") ne," hc cried, "save me tor Ood
Ottawa, Sept 10.���Th* seed brasnh
of the department of agriculture in*
nounces thst the annual crop cerate-
tltlens conducted In all the provinces
of the Dominion hav* heen more tlnn
ordinarily rnccessful. l<ast seas>n
there were 315 competitions but lie
number will be considerably larfer
this year.
t Former M. P. P. Killed.
Kingston, Ont.. Sept. 10.���Jo'mjA.
K. Drummond, of the office* of J is,
Richardson �� Son, was killed I ils
morning when a C. P. R. freight tr n
struck him as he was giving ord rs
to bave some car* loaded with �� sl,
He was at one time a member of fie
Manitoba legislature.    ,        ga^
On* Killed and Five Hutt by Accident Off Gsorrla Coast���Vessel
Savannah, Oa.. Sept. 10.���Om man
waa killed and flva injured by an explosion today on the United States
torpedo boat Craven, it wu Tba
Craven rsacbed Scrlven, Tybee Wand,
late today In tow ot tha tag Cynthia.
Tha dead ahd wounded were removed to the Fort Bcriven hospital.
The revenue cutter Yamacraw want
to Tybaa Island to tow tha disabled
vessel tbi Bavannah. Tba Cravea left
Cberlea-Sn, 8. C. Mr thla port early
Details of tbe accident ban not yet
bean secured.
with matter by which alone they can
manifest themselves here and now,
and) that personality persists beyond
bodily death."
Sir Oliver further declared the "evidence to my mind goes to prove that
discarnate intelligence, under certain
conditions may in tract with us on the
material side," and that "we may hope
to attain some understanding of the
nature of a larger, perhaps ethereal
existence, and of the conditions regulating intercourse across the chasm."
Felipe  Suffragettes Say  Armed   Resistance is Leaf Out ef Their
London. Sept. 10.���The Women's Social and Political union is planning to
���take things uncomfortable tor Sir Edward Caraon and his colleagues it they
fall to make provision tor votes tor
women in the national constitution
Ihey are now drafting for Ulster.
In a letter to tbe Ulster leader, the
women put themselves on record as
"You and ycftir colleagues bad supporters are forming an Ulster government and preparing armed rebellion
ea a protest against being brought under a system of government to which
you do not give consent It la precisely on the same principle that the militant suffragist organisation refuses to
submit to a government without the
consent of women, either in Ulster or
In any otber part of tbe kingdom.	
Liberal Wine. '
The Pas, Man.. Sept. 10.���Dick Hall,
candidate tor election In Cumberland
{Liberal), baa a majority at Cumberland Houae. Five more polls to bear
tnm are expected t*. Inersea* hla
ajorlty. He and Senator Davis are
returning to Prince Albert May.
Understood  Mexico  I*
Negotiation*���May Aak far
Favorable    tw
Want Much Space to Exhibit Products
���Langley and Salmon Arm After
Dewar Trophy.
Definite assurance that Kamloops
will enter a district exhibit at the
provincial fair, which opens on September 30. was received ytaierday by
Manager MacKenzie ln the form of an
application for space.
Kamloops has successfully exhibited
at the provincial fair for the past
number of years, and although fa.ling
to capture the coveted Dewar trophy,
which is awarded for the beat d strict
agricultural exhibit, the display trom
the metropolis of central British Columbia has always been tbe centre of
much interest In the agricultural
Another exhibit was also assured
yesterday when the Cariboo Agricultural and Horticultural association applied for space in which to display
about 1000 pounds ot vegetables and
grains from Quesnel. - >
Competition for the Dewar tr.phy
this year will be keen. Langley, w n-
ner of the flrat prise tor two yea's,
snd Salmon Arm, ot second prise for
the past two years, will again b-> In
the Held and in addition an cxhlb't
will be entered from Chilliwack.
WaaMngton. Sept. 10���Cfcnor Maaael
ito Zamacooa. former Mexican ambassador to the United States, who te
supposed to be charged with the taak
of re-opening the negotiations between
the United Statea and tbe Huerta administration tor a peaceful solution of
the trouble* ln Mexico, remained Iss
seclusion tonight witb Senor Alger*.
charge d'affaires ot the Mexican **m -
Kamaoona did no{ rev ear the character of hia mission. He matata-bsee.
that be bad come to the United States
"on private bastaeea." From private
source* It la known that the Mexieea
government made It known reoeattjr
that If it wonld be agreeable to the
U. S. government to hive Senor Sa-
macona settle some ef the pnt-aje hs
dispute, it would be wining to do na.
Wanta Lamex.
Tt to endaiateed Senor de Zamaeoa
was In coamimilcation tonight with tb(h
Mexican a* thesi ties and prepare* tw>
be In New Tor* to talk to ApaiO-ti.'
bankers about the prospect of a kuu*
to Ibe Haerta government.
Nn Werf at Whit* Hwwsw.
Ahont the White Houae it n slated thet aa wort hnd been Beard -directly or Indirectly from fTSaiii fat*
macona. PreaJdaat Wilson, ia feet, is
planning tn leave here tomorrow afternoon tor Ooralah. N.H.. the mstnaser
capitol. tor a week's vacation. In thnt
time It In believed Xamaconfa statma
will ba tmf- ''"
H hi fi ���* ����� o ���::- e * * =:. o �� �� # so o o o ��� * * o t> ���� �� �� c e ->
* ���''���  T. ,*
* ALL   THIS   OOEC   TO    SHOW   WHAT ��
Washington, Sept 10.���The eaae ��r ah tiiHisn hon gnfct wt'sft ��
Is visiting to Panama with n party nf Bt MsS MHaanp aa4 ta now ��
wanting to re-enter bla native country at Msw Ot-taaaa. ekeged Hns *
wheels of the federal government today.   MM* hasdth oKMUftf rs- **k
fused admission to th* goat *s
"Why. this Is not a foreign tnft ar a aent without a eoaatrW. ��������
It Is an American goat   Admit hUn* ar*med Searatary MaASrh ���*�����
Tbe -secretary waa Informsd, however, thdg tha-naa.story mt mrt- ���***
culture must b* consulted to detertnlna whsthse  t*e asst   ha�� es*> tt
traded any dlseaae.  Tke goat now la as ���a'Saantanr TTniwIis   ' *��
O O �� O ��� ��� ��� O 0 o �� �� ��� ��� ��<
__^  Uw W*** Mt Thans
Sparta. Wis.. Sept. 10.���Marriage to   ______
country of 80.000 people.  Maay of theas an
can do ao legally, bat the law torlMs M.
Two weeha ago tha aoaaty etott
a' deadlock la tke etoettoS it hie
clerk haa beea siesta there eaa ba an
no we-aSH-i^^^^^^
M*W*'< P��-ti*i  TWO
��� if*
itmn fijj, ____��___. ���������*  meat,    lt  might  prove  more  or
'"!**, 1 _.  (?'5wBQ����^^iT-.-T?--5,'_r=i^f��     __ Lm. _________        le8s �� hardship to tli.' lover of mr:*,..
f a W1^ si^^i^rri.Sri'^'? <8fI __>iiTCS   'bu| u would hrins about the <ii's*r*''1
V_J.AIJt-   \N��*_J5!^^��UlBWp  i*/i 4^J-L. JLSf ZT1        result, and not b,' nearly so much of
^"^     *  ^ ���WfstfJsjsfi*"1    ww -w -w 1-w-       j a  hardghip aB  tl)  see  the la8t  I)(���ny
���*~~���'~w~l~-,~v,~v~v~w -a~N~>����~v~v*~v���^w>~��* j Kolng   cut   for   household   necess ties
********* mxtrrntnp paper devoted lo the interistt ol New Westminster and j at unreasonably  high  prices.    One of
Vallep.   PnSUehed every morning except Sunday by the National .'rinrtaj j the features of the  proposed a-s~c a-
��� compass*. Limited, a* 41 McKenzie Street, Sew  Westminster, British \ tint) is that women may become mm
ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.        : bers,   as   well   us   men.     If   the  asso-
stx **ma*smtssM**a thaald he addressed to TH. Nei* Wesiminster News, and nol I ciatfon  Is formed, as I  believe it w 11
,,nt\i**J*-tJ Ki-imltert i,f the tttxff.   CKetsue: draft; and money orders should Ite mode ibe,   every   last   man   and   woman   ln
<o rhe NiUxeaal PrlnUnp and I'ublithing Company, Limited. 'Hamilton should join il and th'n 'Ire'
VMLeruoNttB���aastmitms Ofjice and Manager, ������; Editorial Rooms lall depart- j -i pres'dent and officers, whose duties
tb 1. **n. dent  and other oflcers, whose duties
sutiMSll'TltlN RAT KB���By carrier. 14 per year, %l for three moat-Ha, 40c per   would   be  to  send  out   notices  ns  oc-
��� ull, 13 per pesn*, Ue per most*. I e\Hi.ps dems'ided, advising f'e m~m- I
AiiVKtcllsING RATES tm application. bers of the crening and clo.i'i;. due
of  any   boycott   they   wished   to  conduct.    Business men  have the'r c m-;
Kines   for   mutual   and   personal   pro- j
trctlon.    The  puWc  hnve  b-'oii  reid
up for high prices lens enough, and it I
j is  high  time  they   did  something  in j
i-cr-tost themselves.    The best wav 1
! know of to do this is to fo-111 t'-o ant'- ,
r   .   _ -_i      _.     _,i      tt   -.    1 oa   . i ! high price lengue. and If the Prrgri s-:
aelf, later a president of the United States and now a pro- siva or improvement osjooinuons^viii
jfessor and head of the American Bar association, with the! take the matter up and push it stent.
ii ja_ nit"     yi i- . ���     _.���_.     i__.  i.  1   think  there  would   be BUCh  a  wave.
insertion that, after all, the Canadian system is the best | of enthusiasm sweep ever Hamilton
people ns would swll th-*-- merpbar-
shlp of the new organ Issat'on ti it.irt-
ling numbers,"
Comes one William Howard Taft, once a judge him-
Smooth Confidence Man Gets to Real
Dealers for Cum of
;ina,   Sept.   10-
every   minute
There    is    one
ami something
and judges should be appointed for life and not elected for
Of course, since Professor Taft has been a judge him-
aeif and knows how it feels to sit up above the crowd and i ner ill i  pen TV
hand out justice, he is not to be contradicted lightly, but | KLUlllA HlAI. 11
in the matter of appointing judges for life or electing them
for short terms there is probably something to be said on
both sides.
While it may make a judge feel more secure and more
f nee to-say what he thinks when he knows that his position
is solid no matter what decision he hands down, still that
very sense of security, if he is not a strong man, may pos-
���tdhly make him less careful than he otherwise might be.
Once a judge is appointed in Canada it's a hard proportion to "un-appoint" him as it were. He is put in as a
solid fixture and his solidity is a fact, so that an occupant I ^h^on of the nu_tatinn lg th���
��_-f the bench would have an opportunity, should he so de- ,���,��� v.nich has i.-aked out of a Bupr-
sore, to do a whole lot of harm before he could be consigned j 1b0U8a^Jlc^J" SiiS^lfm "SS
to tbe discard. tnu_cted   bv  two   Bmooth  art!sts   to
Canada has had mighty little trouble with her judges, j the tune of *i3,ooo, or to be exact,
but this may be placed to the credit of the wisdom hrought j y^st' v.Tr;; a man claiming to be-a
to bear in appointing them and not to the system upon j resident or the city went into one ot
whieh they are chosen for office. However, since Canada j *9p!>* 0|%VrV" jSaoo!
has had so little trouble and the United States seems to \ Bhortly after the luting another
toehad so much under the electing plan, it might be just \lf^^*��^ny. S?i��i thai
as well to let our method run until somebody suggests a i he wanted it for n block,  to show
������     - * his good failb he handed in a cIikiii-
for five hundred dollars on a 1 cal
bank which after examiiiat'on proved
O.K. Al. and all other mark3. The
cheque. In  fan,   was  cashed.
This   buyer,  hiAvever, d mu-red  at
the   price   of   $13,000   and   ask d   >,')������
real estate firm to iry and secure the
property for a little les-, than the list-
I ed   priee.    The   firm     crnininn'cat'd
! with th? man who had listed the p-*>-
I perty only to find that he had received  r,n offer of  $1::.ono  from Ch'cago
iand was waiting for the money ti er-
, rive, having given  the buyers in  the
I American   city   twenty-four  hours   to
decide and wire the money.
Thn b<iv��r who wanted the prcper'i"
j for a little less than $13,000 then
staled that the delay would su't him
as he wanted a few hours to d'cide,
| but hc wanted it understood that
I every effort was to he made ti land
I this property as he wai'ted it.
Within  twenty foil"  hours  th��  man
I who  bad listed   In   the  f!rst Instance
j gave the information to '11�� real estate firm that the Chicago dnal  was
Government Tax May Have Effect of
Increasing   Sale  cf   Liquor
in Ontario.
Ottawa, Sept. in.- Cigars may be
banished from the bars in many hotels in Ottawa in the next few weeks,
following a similar movement wlilch*
wns >tarted a few days ago among
the Toronto hotel men.
Ily  ihe  "temperance"  legislation  of
the Ontario government it was decid- I
ed to tax all bar receipts over *G<> n|
day   five   por cent.    The  Ontario   Licensed   Victuallers'   association     pro- !
lestcd   in  vain  against  the  taxing  of
cigars, cigarettes and soft drinks, lion. ,
VV. J. Hanna made the decree that all
money   over   the    stipulated     amount
should   have   five   per  cent,   deducted
for  the  provincial  treasury.
"The matter of stopping the sale of
rlgars In the Ottawa bars will likely
come before the next meeting of the
Ottawa Licensed Victuallers' association for consideration," said Mr. .1.
K. Paisley, proprietor of the (irand
I'nion hotel ami president of the Hotel
Men's association for the whole of
Onlirio today. "It is obviously unfair
to levy a tax on the sale of smoking
mat'rial, buttermilk and soft drinks
In bars when airy corner grocer may i
sell them without a percentage' tax be
Ing charged. Besides it certainly does
not encourage the cause of temperance, l do not sell cigarettes In the
bar of my hotel at all because I have
an antinathy to cigarettes."
Other hotel men point out that if they
are forced hy the Bpeclal tax to discontinue the sale of such things as
Clears, the use of l!i|iior Is likely to
be increased, for many persons who
DOW are able to take a cigar when
sepie friends insists upon "treating"
will have no such alternative then
real improvement oh it.
It's just a question whether the man who has too many
friends is not worse off than the fellow who hasn't any.
If flying machines ever put the autos out of business
the horse certainly will have a laugh coming at the expense of the chug-chugs that spoiled their career.
Judging from Lord Haldane's remarks concerning
���war and peace, it is evident that the lord chancellor doesn't
���hclieve the millenium will come before the Fraser river
harbor work's completed.
Europe Ctill Worrying Over '.h; O'.to
rr.an���Interesting Balance r-icet
From Marconi
A Chicago judge wants to know if the black band be-
Intr worn by the fashionable ladies under their fashionable chins to keep on their fashionable hats is the dividing
tine between powder and complexion.
Now that Thaw has been put out of the country itlofTh(,n thf, Brm _.,.,,.. arranf._mr,���,=
might be a good thing to sprinkle some chloride of lime with him and'handed over $13,000
around Sherbrooke and Coaticook just to get rid of foe ��/^^��?p��^��J^���
#me.l of the last traces of the human limburger. , i-oked up the buver, but in a very
___________ j short   space of  tice  h"th  buver  and
__ , . , . ithe man who had listed had d'eamp
If a change is as good as a rest, then give your ed. i.->t,r investigation st^wd that
reTves a little respite  from the Thaw-Mexican-China-j,h'\listing man did not own tv pro-
-.,   ., 111 _i      1   .     .   e. tti  i ! perty and the firm  Is mil of several
Balkan pews hash by scanning the latest from Ulster m commissions, plus $12,500 which they
the mtti-home rule camp.   Under the principle of British ! Pa'd, ,ouf-      _      	
_p ���_.�� _-n    i a 1'j.j.i ..      _.��� Th's  smooth   confidence  trick   is   a
preference its entitled to a little more attention anyway. 1 ropptnion of the affair worked in
_________ j Winnipeg about a   month and  a  half
"Every now and again you hear a story abont a seaj"K0'	
-=err>ent having been seen ambling over the deep, but vou j women walk ten miles
��lon*t often see an authentic portrait of one.   Tt remained] 	
, Iirant'crd. Ont.. ��� Sept. in.���Robert
Davis, 20 Fair avenue, made a wager
with his wife 'hat she and her friend.
Mrs. Alexander Anderson, who resides
at 8 Webllng street, could not walk
the entire distance from Ilrantford to
Hnmitlon In ten hours. Ten dollars
"is 'he timonnt. of the stakes, to be
divided equally.
The lndi'-s loft the local IV and H
termlnnl nt 7:^o ye'terrtay. stoppins
only 011" hour for lunch by th�� way,
travelling since that September morn, when the>-e wasn'tl**}"   '"I?1"" arrived in the ambition*
-,  ,  _,.     _______i_    _��� ______  1 i__j ._.-.  1 i__ city at 5 n'clci< >n the afternoon, half
j an h"iir nh"-id of th.- noheduled time.
A"ked how- thev felt lil'�� (toInr; on to
I Blirllneton. te�� rl'"B further, the ladles Paid thev hart  iust heen IryInt? to
ilocld" whether or "ot thev should rotor   non   foot   or   by   the   radial.
far the mate of a shin docking at Montreal to draw the
rirst picture of one of these marine reptiles and, what's
more curious, the papers printed it.
Fifteen years ago this morninf New Westminster
Looked like a .iunk heap, the result of the most disastrous
fire in the historv of western Canada. Lookine back over
the trj-til shows the old town to have done, so all-fired fast
much left outside of ashes, busted wires and smoke.
JUm-iGH PRICE       j
For Cutting Down the Cost
ef Living
up every   time  he  v.'siti  the  market.
When  you  attend  a picnic, a circus
or   public,   demonstration   win re    re-
freahmi nt booths are located you always   notice   the   price  drops   to two
Ur  a   nickol   when   the  demand   less
: ens because of the crowd Leaving,    If
___________ diamonds were as plentiful as peanuis
: they would be just as cheap, and if
Hamilton Man Haa Novel  8uO<jeitlon I the demand on the local market waa
not so nearly equal to tha supply, the
prices would bo much lower. Under
present conditions the consumer gte-i
to tiie farmer, who is kinn on the
market, and Ihe kiiiK unite naturallv
Bitton. Sept. 1(1. Some talk Is: gets every last Cent he can, never
fiuarri vt a new association h'.'ti'r, lowering his price until the crowd
formed ia Kant Hamilton. Just who dwindles and the demand lessens. If
a-tt-igaia-ied the Irion, or when and this condition of affairs was reversed
��h��r�� it ��v���� conceived, is a mystery, and the producer was forcid to sink
feat jt was * matter of common t ilk the consumer, then the latter ciiH
om tbe streets jrosierday, and the ob- be king and prices would lie ace* rd
jett is to force price of market pro- Ingly lowered. How would 1 bring
���fe-L-ts to ��� u-nnnnahlr point It was this condition ubout? Will, It would
���suiid in Home quarters that the new be a very easy matter, and the plan
adenciation waa Mother limb to the proposed by the new association Is
PT-OTTTosive tree, bnt a number rf th. that every member will pledge him
aBfarn i>f thnt EMOClatlon who were S"lf or herself from, on a date to b !
Mr���te<rnd by a reporter last n'ght. agreed upon, not to visit the m-rk t
,*>nied taaTln-r- any knowledge of 't. for a period of two or thrc weeks er
HI, wto-a-ii however, that H wcu'd b. perhaps a month. The moment i
.* p,i*-A a>i'ng. and that they wou'd b
���tararffir in favor of such nn -or-ranlaa
till".   U''l
���tx-j.1   io-..
K-h-ether tt  wa* a branch of the Pro*
���jwwliii Maoclktlon or a separate or-
plan Is put into effect the supply will y
exceed   the   demand,   and  the   form  r :..*
M l<nd their sld In anv  will  be  forced  to seek an outlet  for ��
-la-  to  make   It  a  succ-ss,  his  products   by   house-to-house   p d- -I-
dllng.    This would prevent  the work-,"
lng of 'price  rings'  now  no much  In '���'.':���
evidence among  the  fanners on  the <i
market and bring present prices down >:.
to a reasonable basis.   The same p'an O
could  be adopted  In  conned ion  with ���:*
the  butchers,   when   meal,   pilc-s   go U
skyward.    The members of the ass". ,=..
elation could simply set a dpte, and tt
from thHt time up to a certain period tt
Vtartily in Sympathy
"Oawnll in <1 demand reenlate pr'ces
i-1 ahnosi v-.erything." said OP" prom-
���Kwr.t ra> a ed cltlren yesterday. "I
���have henrd the talk 'about the new
AMnrcmtiini and am henrt'ly in ��ym*
���v��_rt��y ��.*.th it because 1 honestly thln't
I **��_  COVtrrrll-rit
trtmt tox**y is being held pledge them����T��i to refrain from eat-
Sir Joseph Beecham, known
the norld over as the head of
the llrm making Ilecchatn's
Pills, says: "We are the
largest newspaper advertisers
In the world. Last year we
spent over $,.00,000, 98 per
cent, of which was invested In
newspaper and magazine advertising, almc/st all of this 9S
per cent, going Into nnws-
papers. In the last ten years
our drill has spent $",,000000,
practically ell In newipip��r
advertlslne. and the fact 'hat
we are selling anprov'mati Iv a
million pills a day f-r every
day of the yenr coniitine Hun-
days, Is the best proof lhal we
find newspaper ndvert'slng
pays us."
To tho   merchnnts   ef   New
WoKttfilllKter        this        ajl-'e-n^-t
should be full of itit'-r*-*-=>\
Ilere Is a pane Mdin hp* ni'd i
an Immense fortune through
newspaner advertising, voluntarily kIvIiii; credit to thin form
of advertising for the tr'men-
deus success which has accompanied his use of the da'lv
pr"ss Ile has found thnt Iti*
dally newspaper Is bv far the
most effect'vi"! advertising
medium that he   can   employ.
tt tt tt OJ tt tt tt tt tt # tt tt tt tt
London, Sept. 10.���The Turkey tangle has come to ataggir the cily again
and the situation is still cloudy, and
that too, just at a tune when v.e-
thcuglit that Turkey was not going
too far. Now it appears Inevitable
that Russia will move against Turk-
a>, und then no one knows what will
happen. Qood city opinion inclines
I to the belief that Turkey ft',11 press
on with all sails set until the laat
moment, when sle will give way. but
meanwhile everyone is holding hii
i hand. Germany is undoubtedly sympathetic to Turkey ani bo is Franco.
Indeed th" latter country bas alroad)
lent the Turks a million sterling, and
proposes further loan.', though city
.people who have been asked to take
'certain treasury bond., havi- declined
j to do so because they do nol like th
security, and have suggested thai it
should be modified so that it Bhould
be secured upon harbor dues. etc.
from the ports of Asia Minor.
Anxious Days
The nexl few 'lays must he anxious
ones for many, but though the papers
consistently report stock depression,
there is a very string undertone in
the market which suggests that the
big lonle are optimistic. Particularly
is this the case in respect to Mexican and American business, while all
things considered, Canadian 'ssnes
are doing nuite well, The present dn
pression, though si rious. Is certa'nly
not what would be expected If things
were ri-ally as bad as they are being
We oueht to le* grateful for Interesting thin'-:1; during these dull days
so It is to be presumed that we ought
to be grateful to the Marconi company for their kindness In providing
us with the very interesting balance
sheet    which   they   have   Just,   issued.
For three  days   we  have   been   study-
, ing it. .'nid even now we do not know
, how they p-akc the profit.   We should
wan-   the   ledgi '"-.  and   papers   of   tie*
oompni     to l "���   ��� hat is rnnllv tnd
Ing prof!   and  whal  is    really   the
term i.i nc mean, offensively���Manipulation   profll       'n*l   even   then   wc
mlghl   not   be  nt:*.   iiie  wiser.     A  eer
. tain   amount  of  profit can   be  traced
jas divid no's from niibsidlary companies, but fer tho rest, well, un account
I ant   would   be   lost      Meanwhile     the
Immediate  nffeel   o{  the   publication
.of the balance-sheet has been a Jump
j In   anything hearing  the  name   Marconi.     Someone   ha   making   pot i     i f
'������niii.y    [.-.a   ||    ,.,,t    ,.f       tlieSft       Clir'oilS
shares, and it is earnestly to he hoped that no ie-'.ci rs are buying for
keeps. Patents -iii Investors should
fight shy it imi may. 't Is trua, let
a good thing slip by through so doing, but you staud i fir better chance
of merely mlsslne. a stunner, and this
is particularly true of Marconi or
wireless  rn'ints
Peculiar Oeaeon
Underwriters hove hnd a. peculiar
season. They have had to tike up nn
unprecedented amount of stock, instead of, ns In usual, getting money
for nothing, but many of them are
now quietly placing the'r holdings ��l
n slight premium so thnt It Is preh
able they wlll finish the year well
up. Just at presettt, however, they
are not anxious to take on further
obligations unless they are absolutely of the hlKhest standing, If so-mono would assassinate Hinvar H��"   to
whose vanity the Inst Balkan embreg-
I llo tu due, we might start the world
���of finance n-^ain as pleinnntlv ns w
1 had hoped a  week ago   for tkere aro
all the necessary Ingredlnts ready for
a  prosperous autumn.
Charned with Murder.
Yorkton, Sask., Sept. '.����� Mike
S-Cft'eztik appeared before Inspector
llelcher. Of the It. N, W. M. P. this
morning charged 'villi lhe murder of
F. Holonskl Tuesdny night last, nnd
wns remanded until 10 o'clock Tburs'
day morning,
Such   is   Delief  of    O'ncr    of    Cold
Dred?e   Now   At   V.'crk   in
U.i.icr   Country
Kaslo, Sept. 10.���That platinum as
wen as go.it exists in the bottom of
tiie i.uruu river valley, is tha belief
cf C, ii. Hiisciiner. of Philadelphia,
l'a., owner of a guid dredge whloh
lias beon working successfully a.I Ue
ssimiiii r nt iioidliill, a polnl on tne
Lardo river, some tor y five north ol
In proof of his assertion. Mr. Hus-
chner, who was In Kaslo a few days
ago, en route east to purchase more
machinery, was exhibiting a small
glass phiul containing a colored dust,
with bright specks liberally sprinkled
through it. and said to contain platinum by some who have some knowledge of the appearance cf that metal.   Mr. Buschner has had no assays
made yet, but claims lhat lie has satisfied himself by a chemical test that
the strange looking material In the
little botile contained platinum
Mr. Buschner alsi exhlb'ted a number cf small bottles containing gold
dust and small gold nuggets, samples
cf the precious metal that his dridge
Is now saving from the "boulder strewn
bed of the turbulent Lardo river,
A New Problem
"We are non tak ug sand and din
frcm ten feet below the surface," he
s-id. "and us we hav ��� gone deeper
the values have been perceptibly increasing and now we are working Into
the hlack sand, which is very rich.
But   this   brinus  with  it   s   now   prob
loin, tor ii requires a slightly dft'r-
enl method of treatment from which
we have been following and Bpeclal
machinery will have to h- Installed
on tbe dredge to accomplish this. I
am now on my way oust to purchase
this additional machinery which will
be used In treating the black sands
and cur by-products. 1 expect to return early In October and ns toon as
the plant is In shape we will keep II
runnnlng day and night until the in d
die of December, when v.e expect to
close up for the winter. Next spring
we hope to make an early start and
will thereafter. If at all possible, oper
ate steadily right through the succeeding winters as well as ether s'*a
Dp to the present Mr Buschnor
sated, the dredge has done a llitl" better Ihan pay Its operating expi uses
and other Incidental experdlturrs and
has been working under a handicap
cn account cf short shifts, changes
surface dirt only and other thines of
a similar nature can nnly he export
ed a' the outset of a new enterprise
Of this nature
One handicap that is forcing �� temporary shutdown, is the cost of fuel,
wood having been used heretofore,
since the dredge was pul Ini i opi ra<
tlon in the spring. It Is pr< ring an
expensive Item, however, on account
of the cost of Ishor nnd as soon n��
the present quantity on hand is used
up the dredge will close down u"'l
the pro-^osod Improvements are m d--*
after which eoal will he if" d for f'l"'.
as It Is quite clear thi" this method
of securlnc power will be much m~r��
B'*} Drr-l-onr Lea-e
Vr Buschni r l-opio ;, riredg'ng l<asn
of three and h hn'f m:lf,s slong the
Lsrdo river, and th's ���rroM*nd carr'es
pold whenever test* '-nv been i-nde
Mos' ef it 'h verv fine, ir** reiicti <io
for handling by ordinary placer m'n
ine methods. Thai there are ml'es
aie' mips ef s"Ch c-'oi'id thst ci h"
profitably dr d-ed there can be p
drubt and if thn "xlst"'���"*���-' of plot)
num In com'-norc1"1 "I'.anti'ies Is i|��.
rnon��f-rated, 'he whcla river vsllev
should see the cnuii"enf.prnPpt rf nn
era of tr-��m' nd'ois sctlvltv w1t.b|�� i
ve*-;    short    Inii'    tha'    v'll    prohnh'v
ecilpse   tho   famous   Poplar   rush  of
S"veral   years  ago
Vi'tori. Sept. 10 - .1. P. ISiirKcsB. ii
li'inbr of the ever-thinning band of the
Victoria  pioneers of 'li'i, passed  nwny
Monday   at  the   Windsor  hotel,   Mon-
treal,     from     prostration,     following
acute   nausea   and   general     debility. |
wbir'i developod on the voyaco across I
the   Atlantic   on   n   return   trip   from I
Ker- pi
Tie news, which was received yes-1
tarda* by his relatives, came as n rein- I
ptripribln shell to the hundreds of I
trie: dn ��hn knew Mr. Burgess as n I
man Whose splendid hea'th negatived I
any importation of an early dinth
A'ttr comiiiK to the city Mr. Bur-
ires sp'nt several years prospecting In
the Cariboo nnd Omenlca districts.
evi',|uall/ settling down In Victoria
In ' fi'i as a general contractor, a pro-
foi iti,, v hic.i he icttvely folio-wed un-
. til tout a year ago.
,-Mf llurgess was nn active worker
for jthe   Conservative   party,   and   nl-
thi fch time and time again he refused 'f be a candidate for ofllce, or even
'to iicept any nomination on the never-
'al siportant committees of hls party,
jye'jhls services nud hls resources
wi + always at the dlsponnl of the
pari-*, which het actively supported
un'I the end.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, vis.: the
the celebrated "VAM'OUV Ell" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americas.,and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-iii. to 24-ln. In diameter. This ls also made In tbls Province and wo
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a Btock of Crushed Itock, Waahed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Hunter, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonei, 15 and 18.
902 Colombia Streot W.
Teacher     Terms modtrali .  It   Blackie
St .   I'li.mr*  -anti ( loot.
pianoforte, harmony and singing. Pupils - n < Bsfuly prepared for cxamln**,-
llon In II    A    M   nml It. C. HI. Kor lerm*
apply 601 Third avonu-s,
M188 lil.l.A c [LARDY, TEACHER OP
Pianoforte; S4S K-.iry BL, New West-
mlnsti r
Dancing und Calisthenics, will visit
New Westminster once ��� week
Classes for adults, Write or apply
fur particulars al Ocwer House.
Hi riihy street.  V'anci iver       i'J''l. i
II    J    A    QtJRNCrT,   AUlilTOR
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$18,000,000.00
RESERVE   $16,000,000.00
lirauches   throughout  Canada    and
New fiiiiudland, and  In  Londeu,  Kng
land, .New York, Chicago and Spokane
' I'S A., and  Mexico City.    A  general
banking business transacted.   Letters
Iof Credit Issued, available with  cor
respondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department-Deposits
received  in sums of $1 and  upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per ceoL *t*r
minim (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000.1)00.00.
0.  D.   URYMNEK.  Manager.
Call and inspect our fall
p. a smith. w .i dnvoa - lines and new fall stvles and
wnrk unii.-rtMk-n m diy and oumidi place vour order now.
points.   211-12   Wesitilnntir   Trust   Bldf    ' *
Phons   3����      r.   O.   Dos   607.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
11   A P, O. of F.lkn of the D. of C, meet    _lf�� *t       C~*Tat**mr*lm*       ***t
ihB rir��t and third Thiiraday at 8 p. m. IT UOIUHIUId      �����
K.  of   P.   (Ull.   Eighth   alraxit.   A   Welti I ^mm���**���.-,,���.���^^^���������i���^������~
Oray,  Kanlta-d Huler:  p. H. Llmlth. Hae    *===***= ��� I ��� ������������   '
���""��ry  I LAND   REGISTRY  ACT.
U O. fl M.. NO. NS4.���MEETS ON
flrat, a"aond. third and fourth Wednesday In each month at 8 p. rain the MooM Home. H. J. la-nniT
dictator; K. E. Jonea. sner-Mary
Headouartera of lodge in 8e*e Houae.
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon atr-Mita
1. O. O. K. AMITT LODUB NO. 17���Th-
r��irular mertlns of Amity lodse Nc
87 I. O. O. P.. I* held ev��rv Monda-
nlsht at 8 o'clock In Odd Faallowa' Hall
corner Can'.arvon and Elfrhih streeti
Vlaltlna brothem conllatlv Innliei
R. a Merrlthew. No., ll. w. Bongstor,
V. ll.; W O, Co-'ham. T> o r��-var
tnir secretary' J. W. MacDonald. financial  aa-rraatarv
Ite l.'.l.a 8 and 13 of \���t 2, unit Lstl I, 2.
I I, 24. ���-.'. if,, of Lot I, Hubillvialima
nt Lot 6. Sub ml' mh Illock I. In the
city of Na-w wsstmlnstsr,
Whi-ri-as proof of the loiaa of I't-atlflcalo
ier Tills Number 9H73F. 1MUS0 Iii tie' llama
Of l-a.-l'i.ni Mcquarrlo liuu I..*, n filed In
1 llii-a office
j Nolle- la hereby Riven that I nhall. at
I tin- '-X|ilriitlnii of one mouth from lhe diitfl
jof ih��. firm imlillentlon hsftof. In a dally
newspaper published In ths City of Na-w
! IVawlnilnHliT. Iia-aiti- rt duplicate of the aald
I'-rtific.-ate. unless In ths meantime valid
objection be mnde to me In wrlilii;;,
J.  6.  C.WVNN.
District Rsglstrar of Titles.
Land Registry office.  New Westminster,   111-'..  IMIl  August  1913. (ISI3)
I Only another month to get   summer
BOARD OP TRADB��� NEW  WEHTMIN   1 tr.m-t..t   ticketa  at  reduced  ratna     Ob-
ater Boartl Of Trade meet" In tha heart   *om l8t tickets at reoucea ratos.    UD-
w e. PALES���Pioneer Puneral Dlraets
and Bh-abatmar, 612-Sia Asnea atrre
oppoaLo Carnasle Library.
ter A Hanna. Ltd 1���Kim��r .1 dlr��caor
and .mhalma-r-*! Parlors 408 *rolumhl
atreet.    New   Waaptmlnater.    I'hone  SI*.
room, nty Hall, aa followa:   Third Frl   . ,
day of each month; ouartorly mei-'lni   nervation, tourist and dining cars on
on the third Friday of Fiibruary. Mav
Aumiat and Nov.amh��r at 8 pm    An   all  through trains.    Kor reservations
nual   meetings on  the third  Friday o' *
February.   U.   H.   Btuart   Wade,   aecr*
ull  through trains.
: nnd rates apply to
E. OOULET, Agent
SPBC1PJCATI0N8,   aoreementh  or N,w Wsstiulnster
Sale.  faei-rlH.  RiiHln'-aa t^itera, etc.;  etr     ..    ��.   nnrarviia   n   n    _     traaaau_M��_a_i
culnr work Hpcannllnt.     All work atrlcllj    "'   W-   BBODIB, O.   P.   A.,   \sneollver.
oonndsnti-u     It. Rarry. room 418 Went   !             	
mlnitcr Truat Blk     Phone 702 i **~*^m*~���*******^~~m^*********^m
rlatera. Solleltora, etc 4a lyorn'; Blrae*
New W��atnilnBier. o E. Corbould. K
O.    J.   II.  (.tent.     A.  E.  Mcf'oll.
U Aiit-ajsw, solicitor, ftc. Talcphon
l** raabla address "Johnston.'
goda, "Wastsrn tf-alnn " Offices, r,ni
Block. dS2 Columbia atreet. New Waal
mlnater. B. O
It ���tilns Jo/ou�� Affair But Leaves Vic
torla $10 000 In Debt,
victoria, Sept. 10. -What mav h" d ���
bod as the cnrnlvnl aftermath la
Bo-f engaging the attention of the V'c
i Cltliens' committee In the firm
he audited statement of the'r ae
eotl Its  by   MesBrs.   Ismay  nnd  Orlmi-
The  statement,   reveals   a  defl-
ey  of  $10,n00. *
ist what steps nre to be taken
b> the committee to meet their var-
Iou obllgntlons have not, bei n deotd-
ed   upon,   but   ll   Is  believed   thnt    a
vat levllle entertainment will he nr-
rnr ?'d for alxiul the "nd of the month
ti nke place at, probably, the Arena.
Tl   i entertainment will be of an os-
lally   public  nature,  everyone  he
Invited to take part, and the nd
nt i -ilmi   fee  wlll  he  In   nil   IlknlMinnH
In glxed at nol  more than Ihe ntatu
dollar, it is claimed that with
tie! publication of the audited ac-
ein| its of the committee In connects
with the cnrnlvnl. the public wlll
nduced to respond along the line
su,! ;e��tnd.
aide ��� Barrlatera and Bollettors, Weat
mlaater Tnial Blk., Columbia atreau
Mew Weatmlnater. R. C. Cable addrea
"WhltnaldK." Weatern Union. P. C
Drawar 20a. Telnphona SS. W. i
Wtiltealda, K. C.: H. h, Bdmonda. I
J. RTILWBLL 'LTJTB. Barrlater-at-lav
aolleltor, etc. oomar Columbia an
McKantl* at " ta, Naw Weatmlnsla'
B. C.   P. O   HX IIS.    Telephone   IV
Solicitor and ��� Notary. Offloea Har
block. 28 Lome street, Naw Wealmlr
star, B. C.
Hurrlit-ars nnd Soltcftora. IMS to ���!���
tVeatmlnatar Trust Block. O, B. Mat
tin. W. Q. McQuarrie and Oeorae I
Telephones: Office S3. Rssidsncs 429
JOHN  UEID, Proprietor.
Agents     I'nlmer     Dros.'   Qnsnllne
Engines,  Marine   Engines  and   Automobile Repairs.
Office snd Works: Tsnth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Wsstmlnstsr, B.C.
! COAL MININO rlshta of tha Dominion
In Manitoba, Haakatthewan and Alberts
tha Vigcon Tnrrltory, the Northwxn Tsr-
iitorlea and In a portion of the Proylnes
of Drltlah Columbia, may tw leased for a
lerm of twanty-ona years at an annual
rental of ft an acra. Not mon' than flit
acre* will be leaned to ona applloant.
Application for a leaaa muat  he n	
by tha applloant tn parson In tha Agent
or Sub-Agent of tha district In wlilch tbs
rlalita applied for are snuated.
In aurveved territory tha land must Ih
deacrltx-d by aectlona, or lscul mb-dtvl-
alona of aectlona, and In unaurveyod tar-
��� liory lha tract applied for shall bs
alaked out by the applicant hlmaolf.
Bach apnlloatl-in must be accompanied
by a fee of II ttuleh wlll ba refunded II
the righta applied for an not avail-Mat
bul not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the msrehantab|a output of the
mine nt the rata of flva centa por ton.
Tha person operating tha mine Shi
furnish the Agant with awarn ratnrne
aceouptlng for the tall quantity of mer*-
cbiiatahla eoal mined and pay the royally thereon. If the ooal mining rights
are not bains operated such returns ahoaM
tie furnished at  leaat one* a year.
The lease will Include the ceal mining
rlshla only, but the leaaaa wlll he permitted lo purchase whatever available
surface rights mny be considered nee
sary for the ��� "rkin�� of tha mine at
rata of IIS ai   acre.
For full Infm i'iatlon sppllcntlonsheaM
he made to tli" fleetretarr of the Depart-
ment of the Int, rlor, Oliaws, or to aay
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Imxno*
Deputy Mlnlelsr of the InSnov.
N. B  -Uqauthorl* I publication of this
advertlx' ment wlll mt be paid for.
P.O. Box 34 lally News Bldg.
of all  kl- Is.
t'rtrcs rlgli*    s-itiiinei'on guaranteed.
61 Ma.ia.nxia St ��: . .*��
New Health Regulations In Toronto���
Ctreet Noisss Also Are
Dealt  With
Toronto, Sept. 10. -Ordinances far
the prcvt ntlon of noise at night, and
for the sanitary handling of bread end
Blmllar food stuffs have been issii'd
by the health department. Unnecen
sary noise Is prohibited between the
hours cf lo p.m. and 7 a.m. Bikers
and bread wagon drivers will have la
wear whllp gloves when they handle
bread. Thc ordinances say:
The Ordinance
"Whrreas it has boon    repeatedly
���Inmonsirated that the human hand
is a common saurce of the spreading
of the g"rtns of communicable din.
ease. It la hereby ordained thst no
person, firm or corporation engaged
In the delivering of bread, bunH or
any other bakery product from a^y
woo-On or eti"T conveyance, push crt
or basket without first protecting the
bands from coning Int" contact ���t/'V*
the same by the wearing of a par
of white cotton or linen laundered
gloves, which must be uaed for n"
other purpose than that of the hand
ling of br*ad, buns and other b'.k"rv
products, and must be kept at all '1m--
in the bred basket, excepting when
In use. snd laundered at l��ast twlc
a week; provided, however, tha' c
pair of small plated tonrs. or oth-ri
InstriT-ent to be approved of by the
medical officer of health may be used
with which to handle the bread or
other bakery products; provided, how
ever, that this ordinance does not sp
ply to bread, buns or other bakerv
product* that are properly wrapped
In waxed paper. The handling <*f
bread or other bakery product, or any j
other food tbat is not going to be
cooked for human consumption, and
the testing Of butter, and cheese, excepting with individual testers, is
hereby   prohibited.
Ctreet Noises
"Inasmuch as there are manv unnecessary noises ln our city between
the hours of li) p.m. and 7 am., and
that aforesaid noises are prejud'cls'
to public health, in consequence of
Ihelr Interfering to a greater or lesi
degree with the necessary rest of
many of our citliens. It is hereby or
dalned that the producing or causing !
of any unnecessary noise or no'se��
between tbe hours of 10 p.m. and 7
a.m. in the city of Toronto Ib hereby
Victoria, Sept. 10 After completing
n somewhat extensive tour of the low-
i r mainland with a view to studying
the educational and other conditions
Of the people of the various communities, Hon. Dr. Young, provincial secretory and minlBter of education, has
returned to town and expresses himself as more than astonished at the
wonderful growth In population, as
manifested in the ever-Increasing demand for school accommodation, and
alao In the greatly enlarged area of
bind   brougbl   under  cultivation.
As a portion of the minister's tour
was made In a motor car, he was able
to take In a view of the surrounding
country that would not have been poB
slide for him by the regular train travel, and. In addition to what observs
tion taught hlm. he mnde a point of
meeting all (he official people of the
places he vlplted and learned from
them the more Intimate details of de-
One thing that struck the minister
was the remarkable growth of the
fruit Industry, and the increasing tendency towards co-operative methods In
the matter of shipment to market
Without suggesting thnt things wore
Ideal In this regard, the minister observed thnt there were Indications of
tremendous promise, and that the
next few years wonld in all probability
bring to fruition some system of cooperation in packing and shipping
whereby one of the greatest obstacles
to Ihe Industry as at present practised would be permanently removed.
Crookston. Minn., Sept. 10��� Weary
and worn, with torn clothing and faces
bleeding from scratches, the 300
searchers for the 3-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Canthern early
today renewed their search through
lh" word" ahout the town. No truce
of the child has been found.
Tho belief has grown steadily thnt
n leopard which escaped from a circus
a few weeks ago, and has since
wrought death among the cattle and
dogs In tho vicinity, has selxed the
child. When thc search was taken up
loday fifty-six hours had elapsed since
th" child disappeared.
All day yesterday th�� searchers
crashed through wood and brush,
meadows and swamps, and over hills.
The hest was terrific, and msny were
exhausted. Bloodhounds from Man-
knto are on the scene, ond there ore
hopes that they wlll discover the
An entire cheese and two boxes of
crackers formed all the dinner the
searchers hsd yesterday, and after
going deep Into the woods they were
vlthout water for hours. Rev. C.
Hodgson le leading the hunt, and
many women ore keeping ln line.
Vlctcr'a, Sent. 10���After nearly a
two hours' debste during which personalities were freely Indulged In,
motives attacked, ond the general air
of the discussion given a bear-garden
tint, the while alihrnu-n and mayor
vied with each other to express their
sole ond unadulterated desire to dn
their 'duty" as tholr cath required
they shall do, as '.represntatlve of
the people," Mlsa. Cameron, stenographer In the city'clerk's department
was dismissed by lhe city counc I nn
Monday evening. All the oomlo opera
effeeto. whloh have been featured on
previous occosstons ' In city council
proceedings, were present nnd there
woo not lockln go large audlenc��.
whooe repeated Infractions of the
rules of councll procedure passed un-
cheeked by hls worship, his mild rebukes seemingly being Ignored.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
Sept. Ilth,   12th  and    13th
The store has been closed for Two Days, and we have grouped together all lines of merchandise we are desirous
of closing out. These lines have been placed on the sales floors and sales tables, and we feel assured that
at the low prices we have marked them we will have a speedy clearance.
The goods offered are all in "A-l" condition. They can be classed as dependable and reliable merchandise.
The only reason for selling so low is: We wish to discontinue carrying them in stock, and place in stock new
and exclusive lines of our own.
Sweeping Reductions Throughout the Entire Stock
Every Article Selling at a Sensational Price Reduction
. i
Office Furniture
Carpets, Rugs
Dry Goods Hardware
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear stoves Ra
Gents' Furnishings -���*...
Trunks, Valises, Etc. Electric Lamps and
Crockery Fixtures
Extra Special Prices on Hotel
and Restaurant China. Beds,
Bedding, Dressers, Stoves,
Heaters, Ranges, etc. Suitable
for Hotels and Rooming Hout
$2.5.00 Ladies' Coats $5.00
$25.00 Ladies' Suits $5.00
$10.00 Indies' Linen Coats $1.75
$3.00 House Dresses       *Jgc
$1.50 Underskirts        *J^C
$2.50 Net Waists      95c
$1.75 Muslin Combinations       95c
$.35.00 values in Cream Serge Suits, Voile    ^Q ******
Dresses, Silk Dresses, pretty frocks Jpo.oU
25c Hose, 2 pairs for  35c
50c Golf Hose   25c
$1.00 Belts   95C
Handbags, values to $2.50, for  25c
$1.00 Brooches and Bar Pins  25c
50c Gent's Underwear         Cm*.
Any Hat in stock, values up to $4, for $1.50
15c Cotton Sox, 3 pairs for       25c
$1.50 Dress Shirts       30c
$2.00 Straw Hats ....       35c
$2.00 and $2.50 Wilton and . Axminster Car-Cf| 0
pets, good patterns, per yard OU ZC
50c Jute Mats        20c
$35.00 Brussels Rugs, 10-6x10-6     17.50
$1.10 Nairn's Inlaid Linoleum, per yard      65c
12'/2c Prints, yard  5C
15c Flannelette, yard    7V9C
$1.75 Flannelette Sheets, pair $1.00
.30c Cretons, yard       |C-
75c Madras Muslin, yard      25c
White Enamel Beds, each	
$17.00 Upholstered Chairs, each
$40.00 Morris Chairs, each	
$6.00 Veranda Chairs, each	
$9.00 Cane Chairs, each	
$25.00 Dresser and Stands	
$13.75 Dresser and Stand	
$2.00 Rocking Chairs, each 	
$44.75 BufTet 	
$28.00 China Cabinet	
$21.00 Heating Stoves	
$40.00 Heating Stove	
$73.00 St. Clair Reliance Range, with reservoir  1.
$15.00 Refrigerators, each	
31. oa
All regular lines marked down to prices that will save you from 30 to 60% on your purchases
FURNISH UP NOW! Thousands of customers have taken advantage of this great money-raising sale. WHY DONT YOU?
Thursday, Friday and Saturday-THE LAST THREE DAYS
������ ������  - ��� <        \ ���
Be on hand and secure your sl are of the wonderful bargain we are offering.   Goods sold fdr cash cnly.
Columbia Street
I* ���.,,:*r*v,*������.*���-, '*���*       ������' >.
������' ������������-��������-���*:������.
���< -t���������'���*��� r-afcw ���*>��� ������ . ���>,; ���
.l-?*Mfc__**,______ .'��"_ ������
inir f,;,
i#.Vw��j> -\x,'i>,*p ii;    :,'' ������ .;���*���������'
,���*" *-   :i"
, li**. 'i  .*,' .
,...���,. >;.���.,.
���������� ���*
.;,*- �����������
* ���"*
| V
IFresh Water and Salt
C. Trans-icrt tn Distribute Fuel to
Oil Burners in This Port���Tank
Finished This Week.
6. C. P.
World's Markets
This Fall    Che  Will    Brinq    Calmon
from Up Coast to This Port for
Cold Storage.
Winnipeg, Sept. 10.���Wheat markets
wore slightly -raster on lower Liverpool cables arid .expected heavy movements in the near future, firming at
the cioso.'-. There waa a pood cash
demand for all grades of wheat, hut
few offerings on the market, although
receipts txttn Increasing. Cash oata
were also In demand, while barley waa
quiet and prices declined. Flax was
alow  and', fluctuations  narrow.
Winnfnwg wheat opened unchanged to 1-4 tower and closed unchanged.
American markets were eaBy ln
sympathy'-frith coarat grains.
MlnnenMH* opened unchanged to
1-4 lower and closed IS to 1-2 lower.
Want British Columbians to Patrcnhe
Home Growers���Woman Suicides
With Acid.
Social and Personal
J. Haines, of Mill Creek, la rogisttr
ed at the Premier.
J. A. Hull, Kamloops, wus at the
liuaael! yesterday.
T. A. Kogers. Victoria, is staying at
the   Hums, 11   hotel.
Mr. Mclntyre, of London, Is a guest
at the Hussell hotel.
11. K. (ir.iss. of Winnipeg. Is registered at the Hussell.
C. E. Armstrong and J. Spence are
at the  Windaor hotel.
Mrs. Iv (iammon, of Hazelton, was
at the  Windsor hotel yesterday.
Mrs. W J, Scott, of 4-f Twelfth
, , street, returned Tuesday  from  a  trip
power to help out the British l olum   t0 c|,|cil���0
Vancouver,    Sept.  10.    Within
n"xt few days every member of
hoard  of  trade   will   receive  a  leiter
asking  thut  each  one  do all  in    hla
At the Star shipyards a  large oil]    Vntll next year tbe steamer It. C. P.,
tank ii being bull! for the R C. Trans- iCapL Drown, or the B. ('. Packers' will
.    ���,i ,..m iii,aaiu k_. nn.m ; be withdrawn from halibut fishing, in
port compan.,  and will likely bo com-1   ^ gh_ hu been t,nf_Bge(| fo_ ���omc
pteted before the end of the present | tlm(,  nnd from now untl| lBtp in 0c-
T1i<- tank is to have
ISO barrels and Is being built to sup-
play oil to the many oil burners vow
in ihi:*, port lt will be mountol on a
tspa-cia! scow and elevated aome eight
oi ten feet a hove the deck, thus oh-
vk.ting the necessity of pumping v. hen
ariij-charging oil.
This, it is expected will be used to
/'urn ish fuel for the city dredge John
A. Irfv and likely to other craft tiv, ncri
by tne eity and government. Ytaa-iro '
nam seems to be a decided tendency
toward installing oil burners in vea-
meSa und the city dredge, tug Hero, as i
urli as ethers are being thus filled.
At the Star shipyards the tug
Stnnn-r is also being overhauled. She
i�� now on the ways and her hull is be-
in;, inspected.
tober she will bring salmon to the cold
capacity of storage plant here from northern wa
I tore.
Yesterday the 13. t\ P. arrived in
port with 1100 cohoes and dog salmon, nnd theae are to be put in storage. The flsh were brought from Comox harbor and Tobte Inlet, aome 140
miles up the ccast.
It will be next year before the B.C.P.
resumes her trips to the halibut
grounds, according to a company offi
bla fruit growers  oy  using,Insofar as
possible, only fruit grown In the prov-'
nice.    The letter points out that  any ,TANGO
money  sent down to the fruit  grow--
ing districts In the United Staiea does
not   help   to develop    this   province,
whereas money spent here helps British Columbia and British Columbians,
By Carbolic Route.
Mrs.  Clara  Kaas,  20  years  of  age,
 committed suicide yesterday by dr.nk
ing carbolic acid.    She lived with lier
Stocks on Montreal Exchange on Up-   husband, a private detective, at  1156
Davie street, and apparently was In
good spirits when be left her yesterday morning. Later In the day Mrs.
..later, the landlady, on  going  to tin-
  I Kaas  apartments,  found    the    young
woman writhing in agonv on the bed.
Montreal, Sept. lo-Assisted hy the  whil(< an ,,���,,���> 1H;ison bottle was   nn
strong tone in New   York local stocks  tnp  [|00r nPar  i,v
grade���Forward  Movement Embraces Several  Isues.
were generally on the upgrade today
Hamilton. Sepi 10. Thi so are exciting times for the Royal Hamilton
Yacht club member* You know the
Jolly Jack Tar dearly loves a little
excitement, and this always applies
to tlie verandah sailors, wbo are *e.
prominent among rhe members i f tha
u. il v. C., especially if sad excitement gives them a chance for torn-
talk, for the verandah -type of A. B
ls strong on talk even If he is Short
on seamanship. Friday night aud Sat
urday these jolly chaps got t'loir
chance when a mild tempest was s'r
red up bv the announcement made tr-
Medical aid was the house committee to fhe effec' tint
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from 75c to $1.50���Now from ISc to 45c
Contractors for Every  Kind jof Electrical Work
eral issues which have been of
little prominence in the recent trading.
Among these were Toronto rails, which
rose nearly three points to 142 7-8 and
elOFed 142 bid or two points higher
[than the previous day. Dominion
! Hridge which scored a four point ad-
Holt Hill Wlll Not Take Lame Cargo *anced'�� 122���a"" "J"!* "'".f,. hi��i
**     Soo which rose two points to l-t> were
from   ths   Fraser   Mills  to
Gets Safely Out of Bad Predicament
in Summer Pack in Far
At prr-rent no vessel has been chartered by the Kraser Mills to take the
large cargo of lumber sold in Australia to that country, i-.nd officials of
the company say that they are unable
to give any definite announcement.
It was thought a short time ago that
the bark Holt 11:1! would come here for
thiR  cargo,  but,  this  ls  denied.    The
, Holt   Hill   lost   her   charter   outward
Seattle,   Sept.   10.    For   right   flayaWrom  Hastings  mills,  Vancouver, and
tbe United Slates revenue cutter B ar i although by some the captain is said
waa Imprisoned in the Arctic ice pack!t0 havc' intimated in Victoria that he
-__,_i   *_._, '     ..    _,   ,,._     .,        ,      ] would   take   lumber   nut   from   Fraser
and   driven   north   at  the   rate   of  a Mll,g< anr, ���lat ,mnl)pr ports werP bp.
mile an hour between grinding bergs fftig built in the vessel, he must have
that threatened her destruction.   Sheibeen off his reckoning, as far as this
sprung a leak nnd when the fury rfipo';t was concerned.
_. ._. ���  j     __ __  _ Some meu along the waterfront are
the northern  wind, increased tn    a;alRO counHng on ^ of thP Blue Fun.
sale, all hands thought that the last-nei liners coming to taie the cargo,
hour of the famous old cutter hid i hut the statements of the company's
rxmit*. sales manager sets  their opinions  at
Thc Senator, whice arrived yester-1 	
day from Nome brought thia news and
thc  further   Information   that  Po
Barrow was ice bound in the summ
for the first time in five years.   Twee
five miles south of Point Harrow lhe:
Bear  was  In  her  worst  predtenneut.
It waa here the ice descended upon
her and the ice pierced her hull toward below the waterline.
"All hands wcre on deck ready to'At
take tt the ice," said J. V. Gary, who
with M'-s. Gary, had for the last three
years conducted the government,
school at Ice Cape. To corns n-uis.d ���
they were compelled to board the;
Bear on her northern cruise. "The |
natives aboard were certain the ship
secured,   but     belp   arrived   too   late,
and the forward movement embrased  ��oroner jpff��� decided that an Inquest
was  unnecessary.
Accident Victim Buried,
The funeral of the late Isaac Dowd-
Ing, who was Injured when    hs   was
pinned   beneath  a   load   of   liitiibT   a
few weeks ago. and who Buccuinbed to  morning as
his injuries on September 6, was heldIpresslon nf
yesterday  from  the  family  residence,
mi:; Keeter Btreet.    He   left s wife
and six children.    The deceased  was
in  Grey  county,  Ontarl i,    and
came  to    liritish  Columbia  23  years
ago.    He was employed on the C. P.
lt. f >r 18 years, and (or the past five
years was employ-ad as :i t amster by
the Canadian   Pacific    l.-imber    company,   a large delegati n of Orangemen  and  members  of    the    llurrard
court of Independent Order of Tores
ters attended the funeral.
Ayrshires   Meet.
The  first  annual   mat-ting    of    the
Vancouver Ayrshire society was held
on  Monday    evening    in    tht
features.    Hank of  Commerce  shares
were also strong features rising three  JJjTjL'
points to 20S and closing at 2PS _.-��
New   York   Stocks   Moved   up
Pacific Goes up Four
aula .
temple.    About lon persons from    thn
land  of  Bobbie  Burns  were  present.
The following   officers*   wen elected
for the ensuing year:     President,    R
McKendrick;    vice-presidents,    T    0
New York, Sept. 10.���Stocks moved  Osborne and \V. Alexander: secretary
upward todav  with  Union  i'acific In  H. D. Simpson: treasurer. T. 1.  T-.v-
the foreground.    It was largely around  lor; executive committee, Ft. Paul, Dr
this leader that the market revolved.  .T.  M.  Robertson   .1    V.  Douglas,  M;ss
Although     several     Influences  eontri-   P.   Brisbane, .1.  White,  F.  Woods and
butcd to the strength of the list, the , H. J.  McEwen.    After the election ef
advance In l'nlon Pacific which for a  eff'cers a mo*n enjoyable eoiuv-rt  win
time was the chief agent of focusing  held, a fine procram  bein-T w��ll rmd
activity  cn   the  long  fide.    The   rise  ered bv Mrs. Paul. M ss M   Met,-1]*---
in thnt stock of four points, although   M'ss  Paul  nnd   Messrs   V   Tvre,  W
tango dance would n"t be nl' w
ed at any more of the club d-ircos
Notices were nested around the club
house to this effect, and tritii-.'l-.
caused a mild st-r in s-iri" quart rn
n laugh In ethers, n hitler de-'ni'c'a-
ton in ethers When ask' d t'-is
to tho reliscn fnr Che r.nfi
the tin-go. most !nr i*ticit
ine of dances, tti---' s-iv. Commi dee
Kennox stated: "Wa denfd��d to place
the ban on th�� tamo s'liply h-r-iisp
some  neople had  sn    '-tr    forgot'ei
themselves o- tr, turn the el*itioV> Into
n v-ilcar oxhlb't'cn. The tnng*v when
'!.ace,.f| corrpctl**'. la ������ h"--->Mfui Janca
wi*h im room  '-ir obi'-otfon, hul  von
Will   ��� -cieltv   fed   ene  rr   t��**>  Ip   evrv
c���ivit >arho have to - - -�� little fifth r
tt.-,.- the o'l'p-i rand It -a-- f*.i ifconni
er th- pa-nva'rh'al ene n* tv - r'**-' w -
hnd to f-"-b'd this nsrt'iular danc.
Our decision has caused some t-i'tt
of course, but we think we t"nk the
nroeer etuirsf-. in anv evaat-t <a'*a
Labor,have onlv a coun'e more dire.w tMs
season, and the tango won't be mi *>s-
1'ras and 0��al. Mgr.        Vlca-Praaldaot Bac. and Traaa
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and B77.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New  Wetitmln-staf.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.
Small   Musical  Gooda of all  Kinds. PHONE 6*4.
equalled hy some of the minor issues,
was much In excoss of the gains by
the other artive feeuritiep.
It was the direct outcome of the report that n cash bonus would be distributed to I'nion Pacific shareholders.
Since the fie bv rninn P->elfle of Its  trie* r.fberil
holdings  of Southern   Pacific  various  to   Dominion
Alexander, J. Procter v OMfrev and
C. faodfrey. The duties rf a-c m
nan'st for the evening ver* I;; the
hands ef M'ss K. Wt''np--i.
Liberal* Cccria  I. ove'-i'ti'.
At a meeting nf thn    ���-*��������� nnd    rf'q-
""it1"  I'fi'' veuterda-
���hsl1.     BKi-'.     -.-'fa.        OX.
House   Lobby   !nvcsti*-**--tion   Gompers Admits Efforts to Influence
Washington, Sept. 10���Samuel Gcm-
wcjujd   sink.     After   three   hours   ct  tiers,    president    cf    Ihe    American
reports hnve hern Hr"tilateel In the .MP., scored tbfl n-^m'n'en i-wl prov n
istrer-' ;is to the prebal-le disposition rial rovernmertq fr- the'r ,r"'If '���'
lot  the  reeeint=     The   rumor  that   a  P,ic"-">s in iwt'llna 'he miners,' strik *
rash   dlRtrJintlon   wonld   bo   ordered   0n Vant"--"-'r lsl*"--l
iwfis   rnfi^vTed   todav   and   nlthniich   It Lc-ks   A"er   Fore-r*.
(Iiei(er)   eafftrJfnl   r-oftr'^atlon   was  the]    Cnr,-,.n   ti   MoKav,    sup< r'-'-nd -���'
orinc'nal   cause   for   the   advanee   of ;rf ror""t Hft>* nrot et'nu serr e-.  lefl
th'   Ftnck. rhe  e'tv   "eotrrdpv   ean   i   v!s-t  rf    In
P   S.  I ovett, eveentfve he-id of the  s-���,,,t-��� fn t-ani-ti<-ll r've-.    He ts *T
read.  etecPned  either  to cenfirm
strain wc came through and dropped
anchor in the open sea five mis
north of Harrow.
Profitable Year for Natives
"From   this  location  the  visits  to
Harrow   were  made  by  whale    boxt.
The  natives   were  in  good   cond tion
and no more than  the usual amount
fl deration   of   Laruor,   appeared   late
todaj aa a witness  before the hous?
lobby   investigating  oomm tt-e  beginning an inquiry into organized lab.r's  0i,'an[,p*-
efi'oit.i  to    influence    legislation    by  751-1 flfllV
ctragre-ss. Uhfted   Pta'es ,two��   and   fours   and
Mr. Gompers, questioned by his at-   pHnama twos declined 1-4 on call,
torney, Jackson  H.  Italston, gave the
denv the chert.    Shorts    found    the
floating snpply of the stock scant and
therefore ran un the nrfep ranidlv.
Bonds wefq   irreenlar with  narrow
Total  sales, par value, |1,-
pee��pd hack in the elty again en Sit-
of sickness had been exeprrienced committee a detailed statement of the
during the summer, lt was a profit- aimt) and purposes tif the American
able year for them, as the ptlir bear rederation of Labor, frankly told of
were numerous.    We were obVg d to  its ,,aurls through an executive com-'
wail a week fir a northeast wind t-
tnfttee   to  influence   congress   toward
open the ice bo weeould procvd ,hc enactment of legislation favorable
���ontK We put into 8L Lawrence Bav, t0 Ul��� workerg and declared ,h,-u in
Liberia, for shelter,  while  we repair- tWg effrrt opp,ls���ion  of the National
Aaaoclation  Of  manufacturers  alwavs
��il the leak in the bow.   It wai smal
i'.nt enough to make one nervous.
"laying in behind Seahorse Island'.
the -schooner Transit, cfjmmanded by
��apt. John llackland, the well known
Arctic trada-r. was also held by the
see and had not reached Barrow when
Wo left. A favorable wind, howev r.
Bpraag up immediately nftrr. and I
think she must have made the. point
abrnit  August "tj.
���"The -steamer Karluk. of the Bte-
tainsson expedition got thrtmch he'tir--
the frec7e and passed Point TVirrr.w
August 8, Tin* whaler Belvidere,
t-oinnianded   by   ('apt.   Cottle,     which
wa.K chartered  by the torpe-flt'on  to
CBTry freight int'i the Arctic, got
through A-e-n-t IT. The lUM- st'tmn-
Alaska, with' Stefannson abcard. vtn*
toeked in the tee n����ir the Siahorst-
"The   Hear   on   her   Arctic   crnis"
'.-allnd   at   Kctiebtie,   Kivatinn.   P-  nt
Itim1-. Ice Tape, Wainwright atd Rvr
Tbe   latest   lumber   freights   nu't-rt
London. Sept. 10.���Money w-as plen-i WW! ef Cnrjlish Peer Contains  Pood
for Thouoht for Moulders of
Dominion's Destiny.
had been encountered.
"The only evidence that 1 atld my
Colleagues ever have hail as tc the
existence of the National AssociatOn
of manufacturers," be added, "was
vindicative antagonism to everything Iopened stpndy
we advocated, no matter how | parity
At the outset of testimony Mr. ciom-
Pits was asked to state the alms ofv
tha'   American   Federatien  of  Labor
"It aims," he said, "to relieve the
we rking people from burdensome
long hours of toll; to protect them in
t.reir work, protect their lives and
health; to Improve their mat rial.
moral, social and political vt-mding:
tti bring about a better oondltlon for
tha- toilers of our country 11-s a re-
ward they render to society."
ti Till and disenrnt rn tes were firm to
day,    The  stork   market developed  aj
more   eheerfnl   tendency   under   fresh 1
hnving and he-ir covering.    The ralTv |
which started in Amo'ican Bhares and j	
copper stocks exten-ded  to th" other |
sections,  even   home  rails  partlclpat- j     Ijondon, Sept. 10.     Truth, in its curing and closing higher     [Setter labor  rent   number,  alludes  to   the  will   of
news helped gold mines   but Japanese ; the late  Duke  of Cumberland wh ch.
bonds eaaed oft.    American securities fin  Its opinion, contains one  passage
with     prices  around that should seit com missions think ng.
"This as.utti nobleman," says Truth.
Pnlon   PBCtfTl   was   the   feature   of: "like   a   number   of   i.ther   ptom.nent
the  trading.    The  stoek advaneed  afpersons,  B-slocted   with  Extreme  care
point   dnring   th��   for��noon   nntl   l-ir""-  certa'n   ;re-<riis   i.i   the   Dem non.
lumped two mere points en New York  dctbtleti with a  vive  to  ther Incro*
iCnntinued frnm rice Ono i
prefect the Interests of tlie citizens.
Why Bttrnaby's engineer has not renl-
ired the situation la .1 cause of amazement to the Coiiuitlam council
Another matter wsb the very vexed
question of the city  hall and offices
Maillardville bus been dropped so
far as the Lamoureaux property ls
A committee consisting of Reeve
Mirth, Councillors Foster, Dfonnce.
Martin, and in the poasll^e absence of
the latter, P.. .1. c, Atkins, was appointed   to   go  In'o  the   whole  subject
Maillardville and Its advam-eK-***-*. accessibility h*-"! otherwise were tfwetl
on ""'th unction by sll the committee
with the exception of Councillor Mur-
f'n who -v*>s el-nuent unon th��- desir-
sbillty ef the p.n-n' tliit'i agricultural
hall. The BitrnnHkim B-ofPtj shentd
1 e apnroachad wi+h 1 view- of convrt
ine ope or two ef ttie side rooms into
the mun'e'pal clerk's offices.
Of Di"erent Opinion.
"ere Counc'lier Foster ran at
C'-*ine|t|er   Mir'n's   hows,   w-as   tlie,-,.
anv guarantee thst the socle'-,   would
-.-���-,.  M1e:..i��ni   nHvacv  to   Mr   Hall
bo-ton In his n'ficlnl r'uties?
Undaunted Councillor Martfn pild
he iv-is talking ahrnt what h" kne��
If-- was a director of the society
However, it wh -trv evident *hif
the ofrer of offices In MallTardvlIIe nt
the  re-,t  ef   >1B  n   monffi   wit'   '���'���  the
selection nf the committee which wlll
meet  nn  Saturday    afternoon    at    "
'lhere the  much dehSted  enie'-V-  of
where tiip civic centre of Cooultltm
shall he well threshed onf and BPttled
for the committee have heen granted
power to aet.
It was announced that 'he tele-p-ram
from Attorney Oeneral it- - Intimating that CoenclHor Af'lns had
heen made a .1. P. fi set "*':t'i Mnr
Mars of wirt Coqnttlam, the other ne
Chilliwack Fair
On account of the annual fair of the Chilliwack
Agricultural society which will be held in Chilliwack,
Sept. 15-17, round trip tickets at the rate of single
tare and a third will be offered from all points on
the Fraser Valley line to Chilliwack.
The special tickets made be secured from Monthly, Sept. 15 until Wednesday, Sept. 17. They are
good for return trip until and on Tuesday, Sept. 18.
Get our l*rices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Joh.
Enquire .ban* our tpeclal stocks*, they an mensy savsr*	
lainal Sales Department, Phone 890.
auction sale Columbian College
91 Eighth Street
fiuy-trr.    Tlie r*>rt of the IIU h.'irrli'nt'rf
In sympathy anrt closod firm.
Saleuf, Oro.. Sapt. 10.���Hobart O.
Craves, prominent attorney of Mar?h-
flr-Hl, has boen ordori-d to appear hn-
f' re the supreme oourt on OcL 17 antl
���show  cauae why he should nor he rlis-
't��v    Hl-r-tl.  Polph &  Co.    for    Ornish  harreri for alleged activity In ronneo-
'tToUnnbia followa: tlon  with  the  forcible  deportation  of
To Sydney. 41s lid; MeHvouraa orj.I. W. Edge worth and two other In-
'Adeiaide, 50b; Kreemantle. 62s r,fl; Idustrlal WorkerB of the World from
Pawn wrf-i. 4��s; Shanghni, 4'ts; ; Murnhfield on June 2i>. The complalat
TUtu, 40s.: t'a-nao, 42s 6d; Direct 1 against Graves waa made hy <". II
Nlt.-rst" ion, 42s 6rt: Valparaiso f-ir! McLaughlin, and alleges thnt flrnvea
orders, 45n; South African ports, 76s, was spokesman for and leader of the
M; Cot* for orders, R2s fart; na-w aea^ deportation squad.
-MOD Brain freights for I'nitrd Kingdom	
'fro��� Sa�� Ftanclsco,    SSs    -anil    40b: ' Would  Arbitrate.
"r��,Ti>��id or I'uget sound,  -tls Bd aj*l I    BL F_otlls, Sept. 10.���After an Inve-
���f**, 6d. ' tigation i-f the local strike of 1900 men
Toronto. Rep*-". If The hulls showed signs of eomlnc to life In the local
stork market today anil It developed
more activity as a result of their efforts. Toronto rails wero consplcii
ons wllh ix fair amount of buying, rtir-
celona traction sprang to sadden Iif**.
with sales around 84. II is a f'enrson
stork, listed !_<'rc! for yeara, hut not
hitherto dealt, in . Spanish River was
finite active, t,nt d!d not change in
price much and there was quite a lively ger' ral market.   ,
In the banks a sharp rise to 210 by
Commerce shares was the feature.
jcr-rsarv   F.l'. on  the Ito-PTe ca I-
.isio'i.   ah-ng  with   Cntincl'lors     ''
'���'"  a8ton,'",e2 and Msrt&), th- date or t .""   ��� ���.���
'    ,:i|the board would 1-- deflnlteiv ��dver
��� .       , . ,       <"'-i "' ��al with the Maillardville ap-
all tme freehold, cl - eir vacart ter^ ������,*,.���,.��������� fnr ��� nMnM,
thdreby roprrduclng (or fUturd     cottnclflnr Atktns, J P    haB to hn
'���-!   problemi  ���,,-���,, |n kvt��h l"eal formsl'iv     d h<>
mm'1   l|t hn�� not vc arrived but is
in*.n .    .  haa    ' I ������"
by   the  c.h<< rv   optirr
Taiiarilan RtaUfmi n sr
n   with
alienating fo
ri tor v
which are tha; t)u;;h- ai  of Europe
'expected In a  few daya,
When   He   Does   Paid  Chairman  Will
Be Appointed.
Ottawa.   S��pt.   In.���The  report that
Hon. Clifford Slfton will retire from ; without lights,
thc  chairmanship  of thc  commission I    Coroner  Wiugh
Liberty, Tanrk., S.pt 10*���About ������
\'e,loclt on Tuesday morning when .1.
W, Tripps, who 1!- es fsnr mil'-s east
-if PenzanCo, lo"Vfd out 'rom hl-i place
he caw a enr overtttrncd on the road,
and on Invest'nat'on '" found the body
of a man under it. Tha proved to be]
the body of B. C, Grant, a farmer who
resides about six miles weat of Penzance. Mr. Tr'.pps got asBlstnnc��, and
flonptable Wnnach, !:. N. W. M. P..
and Coroner VVjmjrh, of Imperial, were
summoned ****i,. deceased was op 1i!r
way to take t*>o four o'ektk tra'p tor
Rerinn.  aid   it  Is   known  he   Btarted
Metal   Markets.
New Vrrk, Sept. in    |r.in. (Irm and
unchang*     rieveland    warrants    In
I-ondon   tt.. ltd;  bar silver 5fl 3-4.
Thursday, Sept. 11,1913.    Excellent Courses in Housc-
at 2 p.m. sharp \,0\t\ Science.
I'r.a! Darta has been Instructed by Mian Florence. V. Glbbard, I1.H.8.C,
Mr Le Hi-en to sefl IiIb furnitiirr and a graduate of the Lillian MmsBcy-
s((ects of 8-reom house, without  re-   Treble School of Housobold Hcicnc".
Toronto, teacher Miss (ilbbard lias
sl'    "' also taken   ^.at graduate    studies    at
Sal.* inclodes flno Organ, Monarch   Meehanlea lnitltuta, Rooheitar, N.Y.
Range, Htds and Bedding. Sideboard,     .,.. ,  .,      . u _  .���..������,_,���
... |     The young ladles of New Westmin
ster and surrounding districts aro In-
Partltular,    of    salt    at     Ruosell'a  yited to iota Ul�� OlMieg,
Westminster   Auction   House,   Colum
bia Street.
cf    conservation     ls    not     generally
an   Investigation
att"-idc-'   nfld  h '
i     Deacon's     Hal
md   wotpiii   garment   workers,   C.   II.
���For Week  Endlnp Sunday,  St**
f,     i-i 45    nnt) I H:4S 12.0    fi:2��    2.4
VI tm l!l*S0 I 21:59 10.* lm:titl 10.5
9     16 Of)    ��:86 [ 15:02 12.0   ��:3n    2.(1
"_ 40 j 23:06 10.1 21:82 10.1
tins 10 :tr. |115:49 12.7   7:32    2.7
1-S Mi lt*.VB I 22:W
0:54    9.7   H:28
16:21  12.7 22:30
2:21    9 7    9:19
16:47 12.5 22:58
3:22    9.9 10:03
17:09 12.3 23:15
1*    r,:15   1     i I    4:14 10.2 10:39
credited  bere.    Members of the gov-1penM"2S: "' f""r "'^'���^ ���" the after-
ernment and officials of the depart-!n'*,n-   lh" "v''i' ���"'" ,'1"""   r" "    -'   '
I Dyzart." chairman "oTthe state boa"ra o(| rt��n' saV 'hnt If Mr. Slfton Intends,
(mediation   and   arbitration,   admitted  to drop cut he' has not yet Haid any-,-      ,   *,,.  hr���n
11.  that all efforts on the part of the hoard ', ""ng nbout It. It Is generally believed j       ' _f'        , _
end the strike had ceased because that he will continue In the post for
neither strikers nor employers were some time to onme. When Mr. S'fton
willing to arbitrate |does drop out, he lt soon or late, It Is
likely that a permanent paid chairman
judging from the appearjii'*' of 'hlngs
i�� '"i-nd tint Er��erv
trn"el!p^   r>t   a  h'-'h
-1 h-.d crlrlentlv ��tr..,.V
l-.E.r. 11 30 1
tl 'it) 2K:56
17 45
4-20    0: 2r, 1
i*:io 12 r.n
r.-15    1:00 I
18:30 13:23 I
C. P. R.  R'ducea Working  Hours.
Winnipeg. Sept. 10- llecaiise all the
2,9Jextra work ln preparation for putting
gj> rolling stock In  lirst class condition
B f-*one. wblct. broke tho ste-^rlnr v.rnr
and eassed the mechipe to swerve
around In the ploughed land and fnr->
over to the opposite way ln which It.
wlll bc appointed by the government. ��� hari   bpf>n  go|ttR     r,rant  WM    ,omA
Millionaire on Trial.
Los Angeles, Cal., Kept. in.���Oeorge
S.t'to handle the crop movement Is nowlH. nlxby. Ixmg I-Veach millionaire.
7,1 accomplished, the Canadian Pacific will be placed on trial tomorrow In
3.4 railway from today are reducing hours the superior court here on a charge o(
g 9 In Its western ahops (rom S am. to 7 contributing to the delinquency of
r g a.m. and working daya are (rom six to Cleo llck-u Darker and Marie Hrown
iro ��:M   U *" ""W a wee*
with the sent, of the machine across
hla body. He had his neck broken,
his arm broken in two places and hls
shoulder  broken.
Coroner SVaugh decided not to hold
an Inquest, and rave a certificate of
death  hy accident
Where the affair occurred waa
about (our mllcH  from  Penzance.
Finr fcuallty Fruit, per crate 90c.
Econany,    Mason, and    Easy    Seal i
Krult liis In all sizes,
Rubber Kings, per dozoj.     Be
Eoonod ���   I ops, per dozen  2.'ic
l-.risy   ii *1 Tops, per dozen  20c i
Kresh I **_s are Ketlin-. scarce, and I
higher ii price. We have a line oast-j
ern   bs! ici   Egg  that  we  can  ric m i
mend   ; er dozen  %;,<��� i
Cho.eel'nble M-ot r, S lbs Jl.oo
Dalton']   Lemonade, per bottle .. .  10c
Quaker [Irand Canned Peas 2 for 25n |
Mixed   'icklcs and Chow;  quart hot-!
ties fr�� h In.    Per bottle  25c
Onr i m Is to please our customers, I
Dc an's Grocery !
Burr B 3ck.
Phono 380.
Columbia Street
Provincial Exhibition
Queen's Park, Sept. .30, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4,1913.
$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions    $60,000
Largest and  most extensive truly agricultural exhibition In the weat.
In the best arcnu west of Toronto. Spoclal prizes tor Horses Cattle,  Sheep,  Swine and  Poultry.
High class Special Features and attractions.   Better Babies' Content.    Three Hands in attendance.
Special ratea on all railroads and steamship lines.   Entries close
Sept.   20,   1913.
C.  A.  WELSH,  President
Manager and Secretary.
* -��� ���:>. THURSDAY,   SEPTEMBER   11,   1813.
pass mt
News* Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :-:   CRICKET   ���..-.   BASEBALL   *.-.   BOXING
i'i ���.'; ������','! ���:,' i's *i't i'- C i'f tt # i,f *,'t >.f M
WINS A  FIGHT    ���-.':���
His  Flight from  Province and Welsh
Causes Fans to Lose ralth
In the Game.
Alter making the boast that hls
���share of the proceeds would be In the
neighborhood of 186,000, Willie
Ultchle. American lightweight champion, h.iH flunked his fight vtlth Freddie Welsh, liritish champion, and Ih
now on Ills way towards Han Francisco
wiih his manager nud sparring part!
ntrs, The announcement of the snd-
den termination of what would havel
undoubtedly been the greatest battle
i i the year or en led a sensation In tills!
dty and Vancouver yeBterday Doming
und unless Ultchle reverses hls duels-
Ion nnd agrees to meet Welsh, IiIb title
ns ohamplon of the world   win   bei
questioned   by  nil   fair-minded     flghl
Unauthentic Sport Gossip Has It That
His Flight Was Made Worth
Another side Of  the case was dls-
(iissi (I   by local  li:*,hi   fans last  night
i to the effect that Ultchle waB offered
a sum of money to hest It out of the
I province and that If Welsh Is to get a
' match wiih Uie American, he must fol-
lm   hlui   in   California   where  either
I 'Frisco or Los Angeles promoters can
       take a chance of putting up the guur-
For some little time a fear has ox jantecu for such a battle.
laondon, Sept. 10.���llombar-
dler Wells, heavyweight champion of Kngland, tonight retrieved bis previous defeat at
tiie hands of (junner Jim Moir,
the ex-champlon, by knocking
hlm out In the fifth round. The
light took place In Canterbury
music ball.
����� �� * tt 'if n:=
/�� ie �� 4 * # tt tt
Lady Golf Cham; ions.
London,   Sept.   in.- Three   of   Knu	
land's lady golf champions, Miss Hall- j *���.,.���<��� to
anacroft, Miss Dodd and Miss Harrison, who have accepted an Invitation
lo participate in the Canadian championship competitions, sailed tonight.
They wlll alBo represent Oreat Britain In the golf championships at
Baseball Results.
Isted among the fans that the battle
between the American and llrltlsher
would never take place nt Hrighouse,
although during thj past few days the
proli.i.'ers went so far as to poht forfeits     and     also   held   possession   on
guarantees from both aspirants to the
world's title nnd Monday It looked as
If ther,. wuuld be a scrap
Chet Rings True.
Ritchie, In giving hls reason tor quitting Hrtiish Columbia, makes the claim
I hat he was promised 50 per cent of
all concessions, which he claimed was
not forthcoming to the amounl of
11000, hut after such a despicable trick
lh" woid of Chet Mclntyre. lhe Vancouver promoter, will weigh twice as
much when the latter comes through
w;iii the statement thnt the company
more than came half way to Ultchle.
so anxIOUS were they lo show the
flghl fans of the northwest that such a
battle COUld he managed successfully
In any other place than San Francisco
Wss Surprised.
Mclntyre arrived In Seattle on Tues-
���lay evening with tickets and advertising mutter for the battle, and was Ihei
most surprised person In the world'
When he was shewn an Associated
Press dispatch from Vancouver, stating that Ultchle had left on the evening hi at for Seattle because the promoters hsd reftiped to give him 'ei per
cent of nil concessions
* Frigid Tootsies.
To the fans the general Impression
remains thst Ultchle was taken with a
sudden Infliction of "cold feet" nnd
thai tha prospect of securing a few
thousand dollars around the vaudville
circuit during the next few months was
in danger should he ever meet Freddie Welsh, who In a previous encounter, had gnlned the decision.
Just   Desertc.
Hiring w-iil never h�� rla-ed on the
vntne (-.finding as other organized
sonrts, due to lhe fact that in many
states and provinces long distance
events sre under the ban. but were It
���so. Ultchle wquld be deserving of expulsion fnr life for such a Contemptible
trick ns he pulled off In Vancouver on
Tuesdav when he left thc promoters In
th" lurch
Another  Plow.
Whal with the admission "f Arthur
Pelkey made In Portland ce Tuesday
evening thai his mutch with Tommy
Hums in Calgary last March was nothing mors thsn a fake, nntl th" oues-
tlonahle altitude of Ritchie, the fight
game in this country is getting In a
precarious posttlnn.
Th" death of Luther McCarthy on,
Victor's day, and the recent death of
Pull Yonng In California, were lust I
vkids in the toboggan which wlll eventually   kill   the  game   for all  time  tol
When that time (les come, one mnv.
expect   a   message   floating   over   the
wires     that    so-sn-so.    champion    of
Buch-sn-snch  n class has been forced
to go hack to real work.
I Defends Con Jones snd Says Players
Were Paid by the Week���
Sufficient Notice.
Ottawa,    Sept. 10.���Hobby    Pringle,
thc   tx-Capltal   player,   who   returned
from the coaat    a short    time    ago,
throws  some   Interesting   I ght   upon
the   recent   efforts   of the   lacrosse
players to collect their salaries frcm
Con Jones   through   the   courts.   "1
didn't sue for my money and I don't j
says    the   Capital    man.
"None of us had contracts     We were
paid by the week, and Con Jones gav>
us sufficient notice of his withdrawal I
from the game."    Pringle doubts very |
much  whether  the  players can  force
Con to pay up.
The former grtat little Ottawa de-J
fence mnn  will  spend the next three i
weeks In   the  hospital, thc   ligaments |
rf his leg being badly torn in a game
at the coast.
This was Just gossip on the street
and credence to the Btory cannot be
obtained nnd perhaps never will be un-
leSS either Ultchle or IiIb manager
Foley emulate the stunt of l'elkey
and " stricken with a guilty conscience" give It out to the press thut lt
was a frame-up.
Thirty-five thousand dollars to any
flghtf r Is s mighty big sum for a company to guarantee and during the con-
'-.!> on Columbia street laBt evening,
It wis mads out that ti:f pr ghouse
people were a Utile shaky of t.ie fl-
n-apctsl re��n|t I'tcr settling with both
Ultchle and Welsh.
Manoing  of the  Clubs.
W.    L.
wC*4t p2 iin
Portland   77    60
Seattle    77    71
Victoria   Ti    Vi
Taooma  66   84
Local  Season Opens This Saturday���
Rovers and   Burquitlsm  at
Moody Park.
The city soccer season will open
officially on Saturday afternoon at
Moody park when the Hovers and Bur-
(JUltlam will clash. This Is the first
meeting of the two teams. In fact It Is
the llrst time In several years that
the Hovers bave been mixed up In the
local I. ague, while it Ifl the tlrst time
in the history Of local soccer that the
rising village of lluniuitlam Iuib laid
Claim to a soccer eleven. The.season
of 191"14 was not due to open until
Baturday, September 20, but several
i f the Rovers were planning to get a
glimpse of the championship light at
Brighouse on that date, so th" suburbanites readily agreed to advance the
date one week.
Saturday s game will give the fans
a chance to estimate the Btrength of
the two teams nnd alBo figure out the
i dope whether .Scotty Grant Is to make
good In hls boasts of winning the
championship which will carry with
It the right lo Challenge fir    the  Mc-
Brtda trophy.
Bsavers Lose Aoain.
Portland, Sept. 10.���Two straight
from the Vancouver leaders is now
the boast of the I'ortland runnersup.
With Carl Mays twirling airtight ball
Portland bombarded Jimmy Clark off
the niouud in the seventh inning to-'
day and sewed up a t to 0 victory.
R.    H.    0.
Vancouver 0     7     2
Portland    6    10     2
Hatteries:       Clark    and    Konnick;
Mays and King.
Bees Get This One.
Tacoma, Sept. 10���-Oirot weakened
In the seventh and Kurfuss faltered
at the Baine time. Hefore Belford
could be warmed up three runs were
scored and the bases wcre filled with
one out, and Victoria won the garni
ln that Inning. Charley Swain toM;
one more step towards attaining tv.��
world's home run record when he
batted the ball to deep centre .IcU
for four bngs, making his thlrty-thlrl
home run since Joining the Vlctom
club this  season.
Victoria    8
Tacoma   4
Batteries:     Narveson    mind
���fiirot. Belford and Harris
First  Home Run.
Seattle, Sept.  10.���Coveleskle    out-
pitched C.ipe today and Spokane '.vo.i
from Seattle 8  to .",.    The game  wjs
close   until   the   ninth   inning     when
Spoknne  hit   Olpe  all over  the    field
and drove in five runs. The locals hit
Coveleskle ip their hall of the nln> I
but were unable to overtake the Visitors'   lead.    Gipe's   home   run  in   th
last   Inning   was   the   first   made    ou
Seattl"'B   new   grounds.     He   sent     .1
long drive over the rignt  field fence
K.    II.    K.
I Spokane  8   H     ::
Seattle   5    10      3
,     Batteries:    C'ovi lcskle and Hannah!
Gipe and Wally.
Young Crimnal  Gives Officers  Lively
Montreal, Sept. 10��� George Thlbault1
apepared in court this morning on a
charge of Jail breaking and the case
was continued till tomorrow to allow
the principal witnesses to appear. Assistant Governor Landrlault, of the j
Bordeau Jail, was on hand to prosecute
the charge, as 1' happened during his
term at  the Jail as an official.
Thlbault is the daring young fellow
who was first arrested In Westmount
for  stealing   plumbers'   supplies,   and:
who  aBBaultetl   a  constable  who    attempted  to arrest him.    For this of-!
fensp he was sentenced to nine months
ln Jail.    While  thc  last of the  prisoners were  being  removed   from  the |
old lall to the new one at Bordeau
Chas. I Royal
Stock Co'y
MATINEE:  10c and 20c.
NIGHT:  10c, 20c, 30c.
H.    I!
to the strike by Bteamer and trail, fol.
lowed by the big rusn.
Times Good.
Speaking   of    Dawson    City.    Mr.
Fisher  stated  that  under the  ruling
of Judge Hlack. the city had advanced
three years, and that nowhere on the
American  continent  could  there    be
found a cleaner and better governed
city.   Times were good.
While in Vancouver during the past
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ he; few days Mr. Fisher paid a visit   to
hid In an out ot the way place and for Judg   MclnniB,   the   latter,  he  states,
five hours eluded the guards.                 was universally   liked   in   the   Yukon
The  day   following  his  transfer  tn;anQ wag responsible for many noted
Bordeau he escaped from his cell and, improvements in the district,
for two days made good his getaway, 1                   b���_.ui_. n�����_ 1.
finally falling into the hands of lletec-'                   Sunshine Does It.
tlve Crowthcrs and Lepage.   The night
of his Incarceration at the central police station Thlbault and a fellow pris- _������_._      ,���,,., ��� _,___, ,_ ,,,��� v ,
 ,,. , _, .   _.  __._.    _ -* _���,    compare with some raised ,n the Yu-
oner, Albert Bebard, made a desperate.   _,.,,.   ,,,��� _,     1K,��� ������������_.,,������ ���, _.
..___. a   ��.._,- ai,   ,, ��,.. <���%-._a���_ :k��n with the possible exception of po-
attempt to free the twenty-five inmates; u      *        ,        *.   ������.,_,';,,
of theM cells, and came within an ace XJ^JtaJf'SShin*    mJ^MI
ot killing oJseph Iletllly the turnkey, ^continual   sunshine    during    the
Both Thlbault and Bedard will come;    ?j_  ��.h.�� ���.,,��� -���j ,_���i,.. i����� ....
up for trial for attempting to murder LI^/16*"'*1'! an?'am,1> left >es
the turnkey, they having been commit-  terda>     ��'ternoon      tor
ted to the September term of thc court
of king's bench.
For Rent
Arundel Mansion
This high class apartment block is now ready
for occupancy. Steam heated, gas range, bath and
toilet each suite. Built in kitchen cabinets and buffet. Electric automatic elevator and all other accommodations in connection with first class apartments.
-: APPLY :-
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street New Westminster, B.C.
Tho Klondlker stated that the vegetables he had seen In this district and
even   ln  the Fraser  valley  could  uot
M.  J.
Knight   Makes  Grand  Oho--
at All Rannes���Civilian Associa
tion Scores.
City   Hockey  League to  Vote  on  Decreasing Number of Teams This
Th��. s going '1 be a wild scramble
for places on the Westminster city
amateur iCS hockey league this winter according to all Indications.   The
annual meeting will probably be held
next Wednesday evening ln the city
hall when officers will be elected and
net ion taken on reducing the teamB In
tho Imgiie from six to four. The
Arena company bus come to the conclusion Hint four teamB In the league
this winter will provide the fans with
better hockey and will allow one evening ench week during th�� winter
when double-headers can be run off.
With four teams In thc organlza-
tlnn. this would mean that whereas the *?':,*"*�� ','
best players will sign up with either I"- Mnnahl
���one of the quartette It wlll allow commercial games to be staged following
the regular skating sessions.
Dark Horse Team.
Burnaby and the Y. M. C. A. are
said to have agreed not'to field teams
In the organization this season and
the resull will simmer down to a vote
between Fraser Mills. B��avers, Moose.
Sapperton nnd a dnrk horse agrega-
tlon, the name of which is likely to be
given out by th�� promoters before
lhe week has ended.
Enough Material.
Frcser Mills wss a little dubious n
few il'ivs ago as to whether enough
material was In sight to field a septette, but Inter developments Indicate
thnt tho Circle F wlll again be ln line.
lumbar, who was head and shoulders
river anv gosl tender In the league last
���"inter Is still available, together with
five at least of the French Canadians
who gave a scare to the other clubs.
Sapperton is also In line with a
���strong presentation and their supporters nre working overtime seeking material from the whole city so that tho
name of thn east end,, well known In
Tnntbalt and lacrosse, will be made
moro ao In Ice hockey.'   .
Belated reports of the regular week
ly shoot of the Civilian Rifle association held on the Brownsville ranges
lu-t Saturday brini? lo light Bome remarkable shooting performed by local
sharpshooters, topped by a century
mark by M. J. Knight. This Is the
first ion sccred by Knight, who felt
well pleased lit the result, this being
! hls last s-asoii wltb the association,
ins next year he will figure with the
1114th regiment as 11 lieutenant.
This Is thc second time In a week
that Mr. Knight has been top of the
list, his score of 97 on l_abor Day
being  the best  out  of six.
The following are thc sco.cb of both
September 6 and 1:
September 6���    200   500
M. .1. Knight   30     H5
J. II. Vidal   33     32
(Ieorge Hurr  32     31
F. Simpson   33     34
N. II. Oliver  31     32
A. P. I'oel  31     30
11.  Harrison    24     27
II.  C.  Chamberlln..30     31
11.  I.indahl    26     26
C. McCue 20
September 1���
M. J. Knight   33
xv. J. Sloan 34
George Burr 31
H. 0, Chamberlin .32
Hill    28
.   ...28
Standing of the Clubs.
New Vork  88
Philadelphia 77
Chicago    76
Pittsburg   71
Boston  56
Hrooklyn    37
rincitnftti 57
St. Louis   47
I terday afternoon for Aldergrove,
! where he owns several hundred acres
! of land purchased years ago and which
he has never yet seen. He also owns
property at l'ort Mann xvhlch he will
' 'ook over for the first time during the
I next   few  days.
Can't Stay Away.
I    lt   Is   possible,  so  he  informed   the
representative of The News, that  he
1 will  dispoBe of his large holdings in
Ithe north and  lake  up farming as a
! pastime.    He had  made a vow when
! up north that he would not take a trip
outside until 1886 but after changing
his  mind  ond getting    a    glimpse of
British Columbia, he admits he is wav-
betwecn   the   frozen   north   and
the mceli m'lder climate of this section.    His chidren, he states, are moving  picture crazy  and   spend  several
hours each day at the various theatres. I
Charlie Fisher was formerly a valet
and  cook  to Sir Henry  Barnard,  ac-1
companying him  from   Mandalay, India,    during    IiIb  exploration   trip  of
1S95-6  to the  Mackenzie  river.    The
.     ... "Iparty joined the Edmonton trailers to
igniting j I,.,.,.,
who had
Mondays 112 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Stewart, Masset.
Tuesdays 112 midnight) for Vic torla. Seattle.
Thursdays (12 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Ocean
Falls. Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service and fast time).
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert   with   Grand   Trunk   Pacific
Railway trains for Terrace, Cedarvale, Hazelton, Moricetown.
Through tickets to all points Bast via Chicago and the Grand Trunk.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
Montreal, Sept. 10.���Fatal results attended ;i ten-minute fire this morning
when -Itillete Boucher, eight months
old. of 10 Urnmhy street, perished In
(lames that destroyed the back part
of her parent's home, Mr. and Mrs.
Francois Boucher.
The  child's  death  occurred  In tha
kitchen.    Mrs. Boucher, who had gone
outside for a moment, heard her baby's I "n*"
cries, hut was beaten hack by a pillar I fj^*
of Bmoke and flame nfter several attempts   to   rescue   the   dying   Infant
When finally restrained from her desperate  attempts  the  stricken   woman
was overcome by her grief and fainted
In the arms of neighbors.
The origin of the fire Is unknown,
but ns the kitchen stove was burning
brightly at the time it is thought that
a spark must have flown out, ignltlna, Foft Mc,,h���rson   along
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
the woodwork-Mrs. Boucher, who bad W(, aiJWU lhM porcupltm river to Fort
heen working In the kitchen while lit-,-.lll;on sir Henrv ha8tened home
tie Julette sat nearby, had gone out|wtien the ,,,.���_ war broke om and Mr
DO 1 OU?
Don't trfflo with your eyesight Delays,
ehJep fflaasea and unskillful tnt&tment of
ih** eves nrt* sure forerunm-rn of the time
when earlooe trouble will oocur.
..e are ready to render you expert aid
in examining th^ eyes, In furnishing
glaaees or spectacles, tn fitting Uiem to
your eyes.
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
73 1
70 1
Yesterday's Games.
At Vlttsburg: R
New York    5
Batteries:   Tesreau and .Meyer; McQuillan, l.uhrsen and Simon.
t    At Cincinnati; R.   H.   E.
Iloston    4     6     2
Cincinnati   7   13     2
Batteries:     l'urdue,    Rudolph    and
Whaling; Johnson, Ames and Kllng.
'    At Chicago: R.    H.    E
Brooklyn   3     8     1
Chicago  1     5     0
Batteries:       Rucker    and    Fisher;
Cheney and Archer.
At St. Iaouls: R.    11.    K
Philadelphia   1     6     2
St. Louis   2     9      2
Batteries:  Rixey and Killifer; Doak
and Wingo.
to the woodshed to replenish her sup
ply of fuel.
At 9:30 o'clock Mrs. Burlier returning from the shed, saw smoke
coming In a dense cloud through the
back door. Dropping her bundle of
sticks she rushed forward only to be
beaten hack.
N'elchhors who had nlso noticed thn
(Ire. rushed to the scene and retrained
the frantic womsn from sacrificing
her life to save that of the baby. An
alarm was pulled and District Chief
Brlere and his force were soon on the
Apart from the death of the child the
Are did little damage, and the flames
were extinguished after eating through
the walla at the back of the house.
Fisher gave up his contract with the
party, afterwards locating at Dawson
City. Since then he has become one
of the district's richest men. for besides owning a large hotel at Glen
Ooyle and a homestead, Mr. Fisher has
Interests tn several big mining companies operating in the Treadgold dlatrlct.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURIN OIL    ���
Reblin Now Colonel. j
Ottawa, Sept. 10.���Mllltla orders issued this afternoon announce that Sir'
Pndm-ond Robllh, premier of Manitoba','
has been named as honorary lieuten-
-"t-colonel   "f    the 106th regiment,
Winnipeg light  Infantry.    Col.  Ti. T.'
Standing of the Clubs.
W.      Ia.
Philadelphia 85   47
Cleveland    80
Washington    76
Chicago   70
Boston   67
Detroit  67
St. Louis  52
New York  46
(Continued trom page one)
Bonanza, a tributary of Johnston I
creek. Leaving Nelson and James to
Pet. | guard their claim, Best travelled to
.643 I Andy Taylor, head packer of the Cana-
.592 dian-American boundary survey, Tay-
.5711 lor baying charge of about 150 head
.514 of hor��s at the head of White river.
.5_4 I Over the Bar.
.428 I Beat, after waiting awhile, proceed
.377 ed to Daweon on March 22, where he
.356  Informed Tommy Doyle, prop! let or of
  ; ithe Bonanza saloon, of the discovery.
Yesterday's Qame*. I Doyle and Beat Immediately made tor
At New York:                  R.   H.   E. the   new strike, taking   with   them
SL Lu..X .10   14     3 hydroscluicing hose and Urals. Travel-
New York  7   11     4  ling on the steamer Vlddeta, they ar
Batteries:    Taylor,    Wellman    and  rived at the mouth of Dunaick creek
���a. r-m ������=---    .        -     ,       ...       Agnew, McAllister, Alexander;  Ford,;about 6�� miles from the strike, and
smith rf the 106th regiment Fusiliers Schlllu and Sweeney. 'proceeded thence by means of horses
���"-.* been transferred to tne reserve     At Boiton. R    H    j.   gecurej from Andy   Taylor   by   the
Detroit   I     *    2,third man, James.
At the point where they had located
the rim rock, they came across the
camp where on the door of the cabin
New Bulldlifis Opened.
Hoi"* Jaw. 8ept. The Saekatche.
wnn Presbyterian college under "the
���ariaaeip-a.'i-hin of Rev. Angus Graham,
opens tomorrow. The several new
buildings preaent a handsome groifp
and are now completed.
___ ,   **   .'���
Murdered Wife at Fernle.
Fernle, B.C.. 8ept. 10.���In a quarrel
ever the division of the property following a separation Nichols Rahol. a
Syrian, brutally assaulted hls wltn
yesterday. Bhe died In the hospital
this morning. Rahol has been arrested
charged with murder. Ah Inquest
hM been ordered by Coronor Wilkes.
      ��     2
Boston  4   12     0
Batteries:   Wlllett and Olbson; Collins and Carrigan,
At Philadelphia: R.   H.
Chicago   5     8
Philadelphia   3     8    0
Batteries:     Clcotte   and   Schalk;
Brown and Lapp.
At Washington: R.   H.   E.
Cleveland  1    S    t
Washington 1    6    1
Batteries:      Gregg,    Mitchell   Md
O'Neill; Groome and Henry.
InHrM-*"*!""' ��-e����Me.
Montreal 7-5, Toronto 0-0.
Baltimore 6, Newark S.
Providence 8, Jersey city t
Rochester 0, Buffalo 4.
E. i they discovered a note reading. "Come
2 up four miles   further;   I   struck   It
rich.    (Signed)    Nelson."
Second Bonanza.
Arriving there they found the lone
prospector had sluiced a space 18x11
teet and had taken out 306 ounces ot
gold ln four days.
Mr. Usher vouches tor this, tor ln
tha presence of bis wife, Tommy
Doyle 4ad Andy Taylor, the gold was
weighed nnd turned over to Mr. Morris, mw ager of the Bank of Commerce i;' Dawson. This wm on July
Fr^m that time until Auguat 10
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Propram Tcday.
Kalem Presents
"The Invaders"
A Story of the Wyoming Rustler
Essanay  Presents
Lubln Comedy
P. O. BOX 442
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
small b4>ds ot miner* made their way
Rooms nnd Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six   Standard   Continuous
Regulation  Alleys.    First-
class reading ana committee J
rooms T<
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
Fast Passenger Train Service hy B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
> w_....,,^..,^,.a^v,a��,,*4'(^_$a1 at*a**\*asamm
celved for Tne News at the foHow-
nix* places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
ti it Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queehsborough, Lulu Island.	
, RATES. ���
Clsselflsd���One cent per word par
,iay 4c per word per week; 1*0 per
month; 6.000 words, to be used ae rehired within one year front data of
������outract, $25.00.
makcr wants work by the day. Apply box 2049 The News. (20411 >
_*oys want an instructor in reading
and writing the English langu ">���;
live hours per week. Slate, snlary
wanted. Apply box 198 New Westminster, B.C. 12048)
roomed house, Sixth sin at, -Grand-
view, for residence In \\ estmlnster.
Apply bos 203_ News. (2032)
to sell casualty insurance. Salary
and commission. References required. Apply at 1303 Eighth avenue
between 7 and 8 p.m. (2029)
acres of improved land in the I.adner district. Apply to Orr & Ebbage.
Limited, 508 Dunsmuir street, Vancouver, B.C. (2033)
ture In large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
wlll sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realise value or no commission
charged. II. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction liouse, Kings hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride
on B. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
(150 an acre und remainder just
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
Calgary Man Back from Europe Takes
Optimistic View of the
Calgary, Sept. 10.���That the responsible  investors of the    old    country
World's Medical Men Move to Stamp
Out Disease���Dr. Adami Speaks
of Gathering.
Montreal 8ept. 10,���Dr. J- 0, Adaml,
I professor of pathology at McGill university, has returned from Europe and
He  Laughed   at  Opportunity  Twenty
Yeara Ago and Now He is a
Common Tramp
Calgary,  Sept.   10.���To  come  back
to the city which he lett twenty years
Ever Held In Canada.
balance.   This is a sacrifice; estate!look    upon    Canada    with    increas-
to be    cleaned    up at once.    Solejingly great  favor  and  upon  Alberta _.	
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, Now West; and British Columbia as the two pro-1 kinds,  which has  been  accumulating
Congress to Meet    in    Montreal This   ed Secretary I'. M. Draper aa the llrst
I Canadian   fraternal   delegate  to    the
Month  Expected to Be Largest       ��� British Trades Congress.
j     These exchanges will be of advan-
i tuge to the genernl movement In tbe
___^^H | better   understanding  of  each  other's
Toronto Sept. 10.--The Trades and problems. In fact, the attention which
Labor Congress of Canada wlll be Is being paid lo Canada by the mon-
held this year In Montreal, beginning   eyed class of Uritaln and their close
when he reached his office found    lt|aK0 when lt was nothing but a patch IJJJj' September 22.    Mr. W. E. Trotter. I connection    with    every    emigration
Pl!"Lhl?Il,*ltv.?,0"!f?0"^I;I!���,,|0_f.if.1i:on the prairie,  realize the opportiml-1Canadian organiser for It, was In the  scheme on the market, together with
minster.   Phone 466.
No trades.      jvlnces of  the  Dominion  which  offer
(2040)   opportunities for the most  profitable
jlnvstments was the opinion expressed
FOR    SALE���30    VOLUMES   ENCY-;to a reporter  last  night  by  Malcolm
clopaedla Brltlannica. complete    in |E.  Davits,  managing director of the
oak case, $15, cost $42.    Bo)t 2027 j Alliance lnvstment company, 711 First
News. (2027) |Btreet west, who has returned to Cal-
��������������������������������������� gary   ufter   a   business   trip  through
FOR SALE���FIRST GROWTH KIR,Britain, France. Germany and Bel-
wood; cord wood $6 per cord, stove ;g|um *,��� t|���, interests of his firm. As
wood $2.5 0 per rick. Telephone (the result of his visit large invest-
1005. (20261 j ments  will  be made  by  British and
during hisTwo'7,omhs' rt2rtnS5?|*��hc.!�������� m""*d by.!eav",B.wlm.1
iand. ^is now tho most flourishing centre of
Dr. Adaml hns been attending the: the middle west, and to suffer the
liXae^,����S5wi5h^ I"-"-* or heing "vngged"
a record one of 7.500 members, repre-1 hy the police in a town where he
Bcntative of every country in the might have made millions, had he the
World, | steadiness  of   purpose  und   seize   thc
"It was r,n.m,!rkabTnas��yJ,nbly,'' !c������lle8�� opportunities which present-
said  the doctor, "with all the leaders j ed   themselves   to   him,   was   the   ex-
        __       _.   _ _  of medicine from every country, head-jperlence of Hugh Corley, a wanderer
���������[continental capitalists In Alberta pro-jed by l'rofessor Ehrlich. who is prob- j from  ,he  COMl   who  was  I)lckot|
..... iperties and bonds. 1 ably the most notable figure in modern i by tho (.lty ,)0|*c,. u��� Thursday after-
inoon.   lie wus taken to headquarters
FOR      SALE ��� HOUSE   ^^^^^^^^^^
finished, and large cleared lot,   Ed-     ��*��* trip was encouragingly success-  medicine at the present day.
monds.     Clear    deed.    Cheap    for ful," said  Mr.  DaV.es,  'and although      "A very Striking figure, both Of the
cash.    Apply Owner. George Warne, the   financial   market   in   London     is I British   Medical   Association  congress.
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. igreatlv  depressed, I   found  that  the|a' Brighton and the International con��1
(196S)   leading  financial 'men  of  the  metro- grbss in London, was the absolute oon-
I polls were opc�� to good  Investment* 8en8UB of ��Plnlon that the tlmfi hame|
I come for the government to make eer-
I tain sex irregularities notifiable dis- ���
eases in order to stamp them out. The
British government Is already prepar-
ed to take action and has appointed a
committee to discuss the lest course
to adopt.
"That  wlll  stand  out.  In  rears    to |
and after he   had   promised  to  leave
City recently! and supplied the follow-  their constant attempts to cuntrol and
lng Information. direct   the   departments     responsible
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER in   this   province.     The   irresponsible
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable j statements  of  irresponsible    persons
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-: who  were  opposed to  Britishers  Im-
ket square.                                (19S3) j migrating  to  Canada  in  such    large
���,      , |       T   """���'""'   and   who  viciously  and   unjustly criticized Canadian investment.
(have had absolutely no effect on the
| minds of the big capitalists, who look
Taking place as thc convention does , for emigration expenditures is of it-'
tills year ln the largest City of the self a sufflclent reason for a much
Dominion there is .very prospect that closer connection between the work-
last year's record attendance of ovei era of the old laud and those of tlm
260 delegates at Guelph.  will be ex-   new, ��� . .,      _,
c.,eded I Brlt,,h  "���'���tlonshlp.
Bach succeeding year has witnessed I There belli* a more or less constant
tha   steady   growth   of   the   congress,   business relationship through  the In-
numerically und financially.   This has , teruatlm.al union* between   the   two
been accomplished  In spite of obsta- ; recognized   legislative  heads oi.    this
des   the  peculiarities of which  have , continent, tl stablishment and main-
bean   little   understood   and   therefore ;tenance of  liritish  fraternal  relation-
not-fullv appreciated by  the average ! ships would appear to be the most Intrudes unionist; although these might I portanl of the two. Especially so Blnoa
well  be pardoned,  seeing  that  II  has   the   British   congress   has   Invited   an
.. a. i a a.,   , ,.���_  .,   ,.   .,������ai,..r  or   vi-ars   to   render i exchange between themselves anil the
the city as soon as he could possibly ��*������* ������b_i; 'fu,! Interna- recognised trades union combinations
make the   grade,   he   wus  allowed  to UUMBJWjgk*.gently   famlfiai'iof moral  European countries, which
���It   Is   twentv   ve-ti-s   since   I   left  with the old  work status and objects I nre  at     present    favorite    recruiting
It   IS   twentj    years   since   i   ""-|    "-        ���,���,_���.�����-but uartlcularly the  grounds for cheap labor.    The chance
here," said the weary knightof the. of the ~n^^X-^ffiVe,r b thus afforded ot meettag responsible
road whose appearance suggested that  Btai��t('^���c    meni io pa epresentattye* of  those  nations     by
he had seen his sixtieth summer-or organisations  In  proper  ruauonsmp j ^^ nw,CB8ary ,���<.,��� may b��� conwt-
ln his case  winter would  perhaps be |10 It _, , _, ____ \gA   to  thplr  rMp^ctiVe  constituencies
i wlfli a much bettor understanding and
|appreciation Of nny subject dealt with
FOR SALE - BAKERY. FANCY I "c^'nadl as the'Si Of�� Great I T "' *l *? "���l a ^T"' ^
grocery and variety store located in ! BHUin's colonies,Tay tha'this cSSn-' "j,"1 ,to,ok P'aCP a' ,he T SST^Mh*
an ideal country spot, close to fry will keen on develoolns��� raotdlv absolute unanimoua opinion of the
v���.n. riv��r    will  h��r*KinBA    in. I "I __"..   ."".���.���.._..:   g  rupaly i medical men of the world on this eub-
     case  winter       ^^^^^^^^^^
better-some time since. "I had the
same chance to be riding around In
mv automobile as these other fellows
who havemade fortunes by staying
with the town, but I could not see It
and Jnst blew "
vestigation. Inquire C. Constan-
tlneau, 524 Westminster Trust building. (203G)
j Jeet.
Need of Agent General r  .., spoke t0 a B-cat number of for
One  thing I   find  lacking  In  I,on- |eipners. and thev all  admit that    no, _    _      , _
don is au agent general for Alberta. other city could have done as London ho ****** '��> v.'1"1 ,b" "�����<���'' ">��' de-
British Columbia and Quebec have|(j|(_ in entertaining the congress and velopod from a collection of huts tn
jan agent general and the wisdom <jf. making It such a siicccsb. This Is a large city, passed out Into the world
the appointmems by  both these pro-latent my thirtieth trip across; and inj'n  resume the   weary  mirch    which
This Period Past.
This   period,  however,  ls  now   past
movement of the North American continent   recognizes   for  industrial   purposes   their   respective     International
^^^^^^^^^^^^ North of the boundary line, the Trades
And without a single dollar nnd and Labor Congress of Canada, and to
without a Btnsrle friend the old timer'the South the American Federation of
confronted with the painful fact that j Labor. These two bodies issuing in
he might have been a millionaire bad I their respective Jurisdictions charters
to provincial and state federations of
labor to carry on local legislative work
In the workers' Interests.
era, 716 Queens avenue.
no  Inspiration  or hope of reward
the weary  plodder.
w.MTvru-nnnMUka AND BOARD-1vinceB has lonK B"'ce bei'n prove:':- M!��ny oplnionT"London"is always getting ' leads  to  nowhere  and   which  Offered
WANTED���ROOMERS ANU BUAKU A,berta offlclal ot thl8 kjnd were Ia finer and finer city.    I had not been   ���  ���-��������"���   - �����>���
"     ; stationed in London intending settlers i in Paris for twenty years, but It looked
ssBSsasand investors would be able to obtain;very much the same to me. whereas
jrellable Information about conditions I London has absolutely altered In the
/N^s^.lln this province which they now f,nd|last few years.
"������.���_,.���_,..���,-   very hard to get. Saw No  Riotinp.
LOST ��� ONE ^PARTLY    FINISHED j    ..[   tpund    *m    ���        ���������������
Apply 420 St. G<*orge streeL   (2046)
raft house.    Party who   moved    it j _
ta_,e; convenient; close in; not for
sale. Apply to owner, T. Stoddart,
..09 Liverpool street, city.      (2045)
ter months, a nicely furnished two
storey bouse, nice grounds, etc.. at
Crescent Apply Box 2028, The
Westminster News. (2028)
housekeeping rooms, 1020 Third
avenue. (2009)
rooms furnished, $30 per month;
and a 10 roomed house $25 p-r
month. Also a general store with
post office, fixtures only to be
taken; immediate possession given.
Apply A. G. Marshall, South Westminster. (1999)
keeplng rooms, $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1986i
where. No collection, no charge.
Americaa-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,  B.C. (1DS2)
Tenders are Invited up to and Including
Sopt. *i0ih for sulu of grocery business
consisting of siock. furniture, l"i!Miii>; uni
property situated In South Westminster
and lately oiM-rata-d by Simon Svendsen.
'���_or_* N,-w' Westminster.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be mad" t-> the Hoard of
License Commissioners Ior the City of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
be held on the 10th day of December,
1913, or at any meeting prior thereto
that the application can be heard, for
a transfer of the license to sell liquor
by retail Issued in respect of the
Occidental hotel premises, Columbia
slreet, New Westminster. B.C., from
the holder, Michael Gowan, to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this 26th day of Augiisi, A.D.
(197S) License Holder.
the   Belgians   were I    Dr. Adami did not witness any    of
"Ivery much  Interested  in  Canada and   the suffragette riots, but he saw the
from Port Mann wharf notify me at | were  favoral)ly  inclined to Canad an  women  on  several  occasions,
ouce or prosecution will result.    J.  investments.    The Belgians are  very,    "The suffragettes were very much In
Lafliche, Pitt River Ferry I. O.        enterprising but at tbe same time are   evidence at the congress," be said   "I
  t��0S6> [very  careful aud  the  fact that they   think the Hon. John Burns, who gave
 ~~~       ���...���.��� think so highly of the better class of an address on hygiene, was interrupt-
LOST���SETTER DOG, MONDAY ;Canadlan s<,cul.iUes speaks well for ed eleven times in the court of it- At
morning, color black and browni. ithe abllity of investmeuta iu Cana ithe special services at St. Paul's ca-
Tag No. 303.   Return to 230 Second d(an  foldings." ithedral   and   Westminster   Abbey   the
street and receive reward.      (2022)      Speaking  of  the effect  that a eer-   suffragettes interrupted the Litany by
 ,    .���_,__ ���-,.,��� c���,,-,   tain   amount   of   wlldcattlng   through   chanting   "O,  Lord,   save   Mrs^   I'ank-
.OST���WENT ADRH-T FROM SCOT-  wh,ch   _ome   1Jrltiim   lnvtgJ���ra   were  hurst" or something to that effect    as
tish Canadian cannery wharf, scow [fieeced    Mr   Davis   said   that   it   un-',he   responses     Mrs    Pankhurst  ad-
'"���'-  "��� """'""   **"""" '"* "'" doubtedly  had  not the efect of mak-Pressed a meeting one afternoon   and
ing the Britisher wary of real estate  sent invitations to the members of the
investments.     Even   though   who  had   ingress.    A large number of foreign
loaded with engine, boiler and sawmill machinery. Information wire
of Its whereabouts will be rewarded. Vancouver Junk Co., Dun-
levy and Railway streets, Vancouver. (2019)
Newark Youth Gets Health and $1000
by Odd San Francisco
New   York.   Sept.   10. -Herbert   W,
The growth of the congress is shown
in figures from the last report of the
Summary   of   the   receipts  aud   expenditures for the past twelve years:
Mem- Kxpcndl-    Bat
her-    Receipts      lures        ance
Year   ship.    Dollars    Dollars    Dollars i
1S12 66.128   15.tii'9.79 10,219.82 5,479.97
1901,   8,3*1     1.009.88       91IH.0O     101.SK '
1902.1...465     2.342.41
903 16.108     3.858.34
11904.22,010     3.747.96
1905.22.004     4.700 29
11906.27,676     5.747 40
i 1907.32.295     7,747.79
1908.40,728     8.906 44
1909.36.071     7.899.47
1910.51.000    9,482,34
1911.57,259   12,49660
1912.66.128   15.69979
.   The affiliation of International unions Is also a growing roll, pnrtlr*. lar'v
546.84 !
494.96 i
3.346 'JO
401.67 i
698 93 j
904.63 1
1.464.35 j
6.667 74
1.231.73 !
2.378 78
8,816 96 '
10.219 82
5.479.97 ,
i Hoover,  a   Newark  youth,   who  told j la this noticeable when it Is remem- j Jjbartilred
than when correspondence has to ba
relit>d upon with a lapse of month between query and reply.
Although there has been no formal
exchange of delegates between the!
British labor party and the congress.
Britain's labor representatives have
shown considerable Interest lu the Canadian movement. M. J Keir Hardie,
M. P., attended thr 1908 convention In
Halifax, N. 8., and again last year at
Guelph, Out, as fraternal delegate
from the British Labor party, and at
Quebec In 1909, Mr Wlll Crouks. M. P..
waa a wilrome visitor from the same
' party. While acting as agent of the
| Canadian Trades Congress In Britain.
W. R. Trotter was seated at the Hull
(1908) and the Portsmouth (1909)
conventions of the British l.abor Party ns Canadian fraternal delegate.
The emigre. 8 elects at each
ventlon n strong committee to
keep a watchful eye. In the workers'
Interests, on all federal legislation,
and press for the adoption of whatever measures each convention has
decided upon The organization and
maintenance of the congress rests
upon them Committees are also
elected who have charge of provincial
measures in those provinces where no
provincial federation has as yet been
been fortunate to buy good property
on the advice of reliable firms would (��,.     ���
be lncllnd to go verv slow  in  future' ,,        ;    ,.
in   making  real   estate  purchases. '" of  apiculture
Mostly English Wildcatters
"It  can   be  said  with  considerable
ers    went,   out    of    curiosity,    to see
Martin Hurrel, the minis-
Mr   Justice   Dun-
lop and the Hev. Dr.  Hanson, or Krs-
klne church, also came back on  the
A   BOMB  BARGAIN���5    room
luingulow,   close   to   Sixth   street
cash, balance 125 a month.
credit to the businessmen of Canad:
moJ?J5| i that a  very small  proportion of th
���1      ���1,t iwllHrallln-      hoo      \innn      Annn      I...      C-r.
i wlldcattlng  has  been  done  by  Cana-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dians."   Mr.   Davis   stated.    "A   great
REAL ESTATE SALESMAN WANTSO���I (lea*) of it has  been   done  by   British-1
Exclusive property and good contract to j erg  w'ho  came  to Canada   to   investl-
rlght party. ^^^"
suffering from tuberculosis, was told
by hls physician a year ago that a walk
to San Francisco and h-iek again would
either "cure or kill' 'him.
He put the proposition np to his
doctor because the Carey Crest Athletic association had offered hlm $1,000
If he could cover the distance on foot
in one year and  seventeen  days.
On October  14 last  Hoover started j had' ,���.,���. Bpppal(.d ,��� for affiliations
op  the jaunt,   reached  San   Francisco :an(1 ,,���. ,���,���1PnB(, territory to be cover-
bered that III 191 6 only nine of ihese
unions were paying tax on their Canadian membership direct from headquarters, nnd now almost every International  union  Is In line.
"Spade Work"  Required.
The "spade work" and constant application   necessary   to  build  up    the
coper"*',   when   the   individual   unions
Future  Conventions.
While it Is true that  each convention decides where the next has lo be
i held   It   Is  also  true   thnt   there   Is   a
! fairly general idea as to the geographical  disposition  of  the  next  meeting
place. Last year at Cuelph the city Of
I Montreal defeated St. John N   B..  by
! the narrow margin of two votes. Tbere
| were no other contestants and It is almost certain that the 1914 convention
.gate  conditions,  and   afte
Regina, Sept. 10.��� The hand of the!'ar"'1
law last night reached out and touched  home
March  27,  rested  ten days, and _^��n|ed In doing It. is a piece of history and > will be held in the far east.
.-...,. ,   ?r,    iUI_?   ,ff the  youngest  prisoner  In  the history
FOUR WELL LOCATED LOTS ln   Uur-1 to   the   old   country   victimized   their ;of
naby to trade for house.   Wlll assume.Ifellow   countrymen.     Several   Ameri
can agents also sold property to Brit
the   police   department,   when   De
tective Toop  brought a  five-year-old
hack    for   the   cast,   arriving
No.   '_'2S   Mulliery  slreet,  New-
When   Hoover   reached   New     Vork
yesterday on his way homi
1 policeman, attracted by hls strange appear
directed   hlm   to   pollce    head-
all heavily on the youthful miscreant, I r'��"'"rs.   Ills hair was long and hang-
in.-iRn   van-u   wavtfi.    non.   Rei i,",.���""'HIZ ,,.-.K-...-   �� -n ; boy to the station.   As may be surmis
Pnfflf%tJ^t��Sl*lB?SWSS^tbor- I81*"1  which   ����������� anything bu.   what ^V (lreadf.u  haml  dld not rest  at]ano<
muchly modern house. It was represented to be."
I    Mr.   Davles   said   ihat   two     weeks
WB HAVE $10,000 for good agreements [prior   to  his   departure   from   London
the tone of the money market hnd im-
EOR RHNT���CHEAP���7-room thoroughlyIPWved considerably and easier monev
modern house, close In. wiii lease or i for legitimate purposes Is assurred
s-ll; M00 cash, balance MO a inonih.      this fall  provided no fresh  llostDtios
 _.,.,,   ....    . , I break   out   in   the
ATE THIS���$3,5���u-acre ranch I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Vancon-
hard work   th�� success of which" is a j ver delegates last year mnde lt known
testimonj  to the earnestness and tin-   thai  they  would  place  this city    In
tiring   efforts   of   tha   officers  of   the , nomination for the  1916 convention
period I ""' -v''ar "' ""' l'anama exposition al
'  Todav there are 44 trades and labor   San   Krancisco.   when   eastern     dele-
councils   in   us   manv  cities,  reaching ! ^tes would probably be able, to avail
from  Victoria   British Columbia,   to themselves of excursion rates and so
Bydney, Cape Breton, all holding char-   Provide for a larger gathering on the
cleared  and clo
Balkans.     While
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
money will be freer It will not be
plentiful, however. British underwriters are loaded down with securities to such an extent that it wlll tike
rh'e'VrTn"to Thl.''st-ition'beini."'t"o'someIlnl' ,1on'n hl" bllck-   "" waH Ur,'s8H<l ln ��� U?ii"troinrVnd" msJittainTng""flnanclni I P-*otJlc coast than wouid be otherwls
the trip to the station belnj, to Dome,.   ...^.j..   ^   .vh|_h   w(l_   W(,n   wn_��� I    ^^^  nj|)|   ,||(, TnvUllt ���_.,,   ,,Bb,ir ! possible.     Sarkatoon    delegates    dls-
Hoover's method of raising monev, r��� .,.,�� ,,f Canada   while the unions tribnted literature last year announe.
'in said, was to reach a town, put hls |n the provlnci I of Alberta anil Bril- lng tbelr city would be out for the IKlti
hnt on the sidewalk and then expia n ... Columbia have organised and es- convention. All of which lu a measure
to the gathered crowd what be wsb tabllshed provincial federations of la- Illustrates the Interest which Is being
doing. Hls appeal generally hrought i.���r un(jer charter Irom the same 'aken In congress deliberations from
enough money to move on. During his |���.i. I one end of the Dominion to the other
trip he wore out 220 pairs of socks i Every delegate on the floor at the H' there is any truth In the doctrine
He sa'd storekeepers for the most part |eonventinn Is n n-ember of some Cana-     ' "" '       "       * "	
extent for the purpose of showing
him what awful things would happen
to him If lie was again discovered
swindling the public of this city.
Last night between eight and eight-
thirty o'clock Detective Toop saw the
ragged youngster sitting on the steps
of the post ofllce weeping, not bitterly
but loudly. And every now and then
a person coming out or going Into the
them six months to dispose of them post office would stop and after ques
after the money market has becom? i tloning the boy as to the cause of his
gave these to hlm.
He mnde the trip to Kan Francisco
the survival of the fittest, there is
!distress  wouid  dig down and  with a
BEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tenders for NVIkoii Avenue, (Aim Vista i,
concrete wnrk," addressed to the undersigned, will tie received up to the hour o:
7:3n p. m.. Thursday, Sepi. nth.
Plana and specifications can h,. seen ai
the office of th" architect, 116 Crown
Building, Pender Ht. \V., Vancouver, or al
the School Hoard Office, Kingsway West,
Each tPnder must he accompanied by
a duly certified cheque fnr a sum enual
t.. :. jut cent, of tie- tender, which will I..*
forfeited if the party tendering declines to
������ut. r Into the contract  If i.ilh-d  upam  lo
dll     411
Tbe cheques of unsuccessful tenderers
will be returned to them on signing of contract,
Th" Board do not hind themselves to accept the lowest, or any tender
A   J,  HAIlllAM.
Box 207. McKay  P   O (2(WK)
mmmm���nm-..........m      rude or labor union
He trir.df   the trip to Kan  Francisco Cha-qe-   Rldiculeut.
lover the  southern  route  and    came When this latter fscl Is fully under-
back over the midland route    ll" was Btood i- ��ni be seen that those charges
sympathising remark slip a coin into  ^��� ^ ta Cr��63l"R "* *M U* Mi^'  SlflhlTt! 'c'"   iT
' inererr. Ho time been made thai  the Canadian
Hoover had a bundle of newspaper congress Is under the domination of
cllnnings and signatures of chiefs of i|,e American section of the move-
police and mayors of various towns He menl Thai there Is agreement on
had r side bet of ��r,no which caused fundamental principles Is .perfectly
him to let his hair grow. jir������. :l���,|  -, r,,,M ���ot well be other-
seeing thai  the same Industrial
the dirty but outstretched paw.
Suspecting that the youngster was
"slipping over" some kind of a -on
game, the officer himself approached
and Inquired the reason for the Bobs.
'T'vs  lost  fifty  cents  nnd  can't   go J
home   without   It."   was   the   plaintive |
Ho wss given a good scare and let
B.C. Coast Service
The police department will keep a
harp lci.knut for the lad and If ns
���; caught at his tricks again his lather
,ill I o the one to suffer.
Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Hoard
of License Commissioners for the City
of New Westminster at their sitting,
to be held on tbe 10th day of December, 1913, or at any meeting prior
thereto that tbe application can be
heard, for a transfer of the license to
s��ll liquor by retail issued In respect
of the Merchants Hotel, in the City
< f New Westminster. B.C., from the
1 olders. Paul Hoot and .1. A. Malm, to
the said J. A. Malm.
Dated this 20th day or August, A.D.
.1.  A.  MALM.
C��7<C| License  iir-lrt-ro.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone n"5      K*rn Phone i''
Begbie ntraet.
 Bnggsge Dell ;ersd promptly tn
nny part of tb* cltr
Light and Heavy h**'J'mg
Learet Vanoouver for Victoria IS a. tn.
2 p. m. and 11:46.
I/eaves Vancouver for Seattle IS *��� m
and 11 p. m.
Ixiaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 *.m
and 6 ;3S p.m.
T-eaves Vancouver for Prtnos Rupeii
and Northern Points 19 n- in. WeOnes
days  and   Saturdays  st   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Lravefl  Chllllwack    7
Thursday and {Saturday.
Leaves Westminster  S  i
Wednesday and Friday.
ED. OOULKT. Agent, Ntiw Weetmlneter.
H. W. BltODIK. O. P. A- Vanoouver.
Y.'hat with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster ls coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Weetmlneter Trust Block.
Are you one cf those to whom
every meal is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you iSON,.l,.?5EJL'?.,5.F*I��!i:R,
have a stomach. * Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. iso
tesponsc.   That was enough to brand!
the Btory as a fake and Detective Toop
took the hoy to the station where with
a few blue coats In sight he "confessed" without aid of tha "third degree."
Il(*  admitted   thut  he  had  not  lost,
any money but whs trying to iiet n
little (iiriime by th>' ruse unil Judging	
by the handful of nickels and dimes
; which he produced he had succeeded   Man Keeps His Family
i pretty well    He also told the officers
thnt hls faiher had  Instructed hlin in | Terror Over Hi��  Many
the game
some pleasure In recording thst as the
mouthpiece of Canadian organised labor, the Trades nnd l.abor Congress Of
Canada Is something more than R
survival today.
a "late of
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display. 9e�� them. Perfect lit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
$18.00 up.    701  Kront Street.
\     Montreal, Kept.  10.- Kdward  .lones,
of Darlaston, Wolverhampton, who ar-
, rlvil  at Quebec on   the S.S.  Canada
land la supposed to have come to Mon
Ureal on Monday morning to meet his
; son. an engineer living at 2001 Charle-
mat'ne street, l_ongue Pointe, has ills-
Transportation was arranged by
: Howe fr Rlvett, fl St. Lawrence bottle-
'������ard, who. communicating with J. P.
! Stafford, Dominion Immigration agent
at Quebec, arranged matters to facilitate reception on this side, Jones was
properly passed through, but he seems
to hnve  lo��t  right  of  tlie  Interpreier
handling the crowds of ImmlgfBits,
I'iriil It is not de'lnl'ely known wlmtlier
I he ia still In Quebec or has renlhed
I Montreal. Jones' eon went to the
Grand Trunk station on Mondav mum-
| Ing to meet the Immigrant train, bnly
to Ilmi that It reached .Montreal ai'iue
hours lata,
lones. Sr, Is about CO yenrs of|t'"e.
Hi  gray  hair.    He  Is about
4  inches In height.    He Is unabft
rend or write, and does not killing
son's nddress.    Howe &  Rlvett
communicated with all the city IS
lotions likely to hear of stranded
pie and finally to the pollce, who
t the newspapers ss the most I
ly media for establishing conunuijica
tlon between father and son. 1
Passaic, .'a'. V.. Sept, 10, -After praying for four days ami four nights.
Samuel Howard, thirtv two years old,
of Halstead avenue, Walllngton, wus
arrested today,   lie f.,unlit Policeman
Joseph llarl field for twen'y minutes
In fore submitting. Howard was plac
��� d In-tt cell iu the county Jail pending an examination Into his sanity.
Howard had kept his wife ami two
small children In a state of terror
since Tuesday,    lie slept  only B  few
minutes at   a  time  and  continually
raved about the llible and religion.
He made long speeches nbout his s'ns
"nd the corrupt condition of the world
Mrs. Howard summoned up courage
loday to tell the police of conditions
In her home.
When Recorder Beery finished rend
lng the charge today Howard told hlm
ihat an angel was waiting for hlm
on the other Hide of the Crtssalc river.
1'" then leaned from h's chair to the
recorder's desk nnd ba'forc nnv one
could reach him began to preach.   "1
will die nt 11.10 o'clock." he shouted
Ile then ciiied attention to the clock
on the wall. He counted off the m'n
n'(s Jnst na the t'tiie arrived hi
shot Ills mon nm] n��ld lie wus "rnndy.
feel'"" ������**"��� i'tmped down, picked Up a
pe'i nml  wrote        ^^^^^^^^^^^
"I was shot once!    1 was shot twice.
I   hnve   committed   every   crime   but
Many of Howard's friends were In
court and Ihey were stunned bv his
actions. Howard was a respected citizen of Wnlllngton. He Is well educated und held a responsible position.
���  ____________________________________
organisations from the component
par's of both the Canadian congress
���nil the American Federation of Labor   The oxistenee of the famous Bu-
Irnpean Trlnle Alliance does not Imply
the subjection of nny one of the nn-'.to some
" ns to tli" < tin rs. ner would the
Rrltlsh consider thev were In any wny
dominated b.v 'heir Jainnrse ally.
Rlgnatnrlna to (here ulilnnces nre
recognized as on terms of eniiallty,
The "Nationale" Opposition
1 i  opposed  to    the    Internattdnsl
V"*ncic-   of   the   affiliations   of     the
'I'-i'eM Congress of Canada, there has
"������''������ed  for   litre time S "purely" Cn-
"������ llsn nggreRatlnn. now known n" the
I Canadian Federation of l.abor. which
I undertakes tn issue charters to trn',ns
leotini'ls   imd   local   unions.     Nntw'tli-
jiU'iid'oi-   tint   this   organization   hns
hul the |ile����lng of the nssocisfed employers   (who nre  swift tn recognise
I ihe value, to. them, of a posslh'e dls-
Intogratlng element) this organization
has made nn headway.
tn contrast, to the trades congress.
with I's 1,06(1 unions and a direct dues-
nriv'n;- n'omhershlp of 68.J28, the Canadian Federation of Labor enn only
boast of 48 unions and S.IM0 membership- nnd seeing that the Nova Scntln
Provlnc1"! Workmen's association
claims 23 of the 48 unions, nnd n
membership of MOO, and that It Is the
latest recruit of the "Nntlonales." tho
'liter bodv enn scarcely be said to
hn'd nn effective scpiirnto existence.
This Is further cnnhaslzeil when we
rote that of th" 48 locals 23 nre those
cf the Nova Scethi P. W. A,i and of
lhe rx-na'nder 17 are In Quebec and
eight in Ontario.
International Connections.
The trade congress provides for n
reciilnr evci'inge of fraternal dele-
piifes with the American Federation
"f l.nhor. nnd St 'he lfl'l convention
nt. Calgftrv. decided to Invito an ct-
change with the liritish congrers. The
succeeding convention of the Hrltlsh
Trades Congress heartily endorsed tlie
proposition, and elected ns their first
(legate, Mr. Will Thorno, M. P., who
wlll be present at the Montreal convention In September of thla year.
The (liielph convention last yenr confirmed tho Calgary decision ond elect-
Montreal   Officers   Rescue   Glrle.   But
Mits Hlgheruns
Montreal, Sept. 1'. -A ttur of tlie
down town section of one part of the
city by James Lambkin, spec a! Dominion offloer Investigating tho white
���slave truffle, and DstaOtlVSS Tlerney
and   Forgd.  lasl   Saturday   night,   led
ntcrawtltiK discoveries. A
young woman, named Marie Louise
Iti.chais. wus taken away from a
bOUSS   on    HI.    Lawrence   street,    and
sent to a detention home of Immigration offices on St. Antolne street. She
had arrived from France on the Km
press of llritain only recently. She
Informed the officers that n young
mnn she met on the street bad direct
ed to the place where she had been
found. She hud been looking for
work in a millinery store, she hjiM.
Inspector O'Keefe and his meu sre
looking fur an elusive young man who
they think knows quite a lot about
Pearlle (lllbert, n fourteen year old
girl who they discovered at a house
of unsavory reputation after the g'rl'S
father had complained to the pollce
that bis daughter was missing. The
girl was quietly sent home, tills being the usual procedure In this oise,
but four women were taken before
Judge Laneiot ln-��t Sanirdnv morning
charged with harboring her. Thev
were allowed out on bill and w'l! appear In court nent  Frldny.
In cases of this kind when young
Mrls gone astray are being sought
for by the pollce, It often happens
that tliey will be passed from oiw
house to another, nnd often out of th"
city so Hint they mnv not he located,
In the present, case the OlIbBrt g'rl
Is believed to Jinve been guld"d b"
a young ten who Is known to th" poi
ice. but who bus so far succeeded In
keeping OUt of sight.
Want to Know.
I'rlnce Albert. Kept. fl. Ureal Mln-
ernl wealth Is generally lltuPOSPd M
he embedded In the earth throughput
the northwest provinces nnd with the
view of getting reliable (lata on this
matter the board of trade nt a meeting this afternoon decided to nsk the
government to Institute a thorough
geological survey of the northern half
of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. IMIiMMfHMMHMwtew
THURSDAY,  SEPTEMBER   11,   1913.
Man of
I landed here 2 weeks ago and took charge of the entire stock of Mrs. A. J.
Birtch and conducted one of the most sensational sales this part of the country-
has ever seen.
The Royal Bank of Canada, owners of the premises has ordered Mrs. A. J. Birtch to vacate on
October 1st. without Delay���
Now you know what that means-it means that every dollars' worth of this high grade stock of women's and children's
wear must be sold by that time.
Now For The Final Clean-Up
I am known as the world's greatest price-cutter, and when I took charge of this stock it was with the understanding
that I make the prices. Every city in the world knows me as the friend of the people and the man that holds the high price of
living down. I have gone through this stock like a cyclone through a Kansas corn-field���cutting slashing and ripping prices to the
merest nothing, and when I say you can't beat these prices, I don't ask you to take my word for it. LOOK OVER TBE PRICES AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.
Ladies' Street and House Dresses; very
pretty patterns; values to $5; sale price..
Ladies' Bedroom Slippers. They make Rood
Christmas presents; regular values to
$3.60.  Sale price	
Cushion Tops���.Just the thing for Xmas
presents; regular values to .$1.50. Sale
Children's Colored Bonnets; regular price,
$2.00.   Sale price 	
Children's Hats, Caps and Bonnets; values
to .$2.50; .slightly soiled.  Sale price, 2 for.
Boys' and Girls' Buster Suits; all colors;
regular $1.50.   Sale price	
Children's Nighties of good muslin; regular $1.00.   Salo price	
Ch'ldren's Wool Dresses. Just the thing
for this time of the year; regular $3.00.
Sale price 	
Baby's Muslin Dresses; sizes from y�� to 2
years; regular $2.00 values. Sale price..
Children's good warm  Coats,  of blanket'
cloth and cashmere; regular $6.50.   Sale
Children's Hosiery; all colors, both long and
short; regular 35c. Sale price	
Ladies' Silk and Lisle Hosiery; all  colors;
regular 75c.  Sale price  	
Ladies' Muslin Combinations of very good
make; regular $3.50.  Sale price	
Ladies' Muslin Nightgowns; regular price
to $2.50.  Sale price	
Ladies' all wool Underwear; values to $2.00.
Sale price   	
I've Got a
Treat For =
You Ladies!
and it's
/ will give, absolutely free of charge,
to the first 25 ladies to enter the store
Thursday morning when the doors open
at 9 a.m., very pretty short kimonas,
values to $3.00. All you have to do is
���he one one of the first 25 to enter the
The World's Greatest Price Cutter
Thursday Morning
9 o'clock Sharp
Ladies' and girls' White Dresses; values to
$15.00.  Sale price	
Ladies' House Dresses and Wrappers; regular price $2.50.  Saje price...	
Ladies' Undervests; regular price to 50c.
Sale price	
Ladies' Hosiery, both in black and white;
regular 50c.  Sale price	
Ladies' Cashmere Hosiery; regular price
75c.   Sale price	
Berlin and Eiderdown Wools; all shades and
colors; regular price 15c.  Sale price	
White Muslin Waists. All the latest styles;,
regular $1.50.  Sale price	
Perrins' Gloves; all colors; regular price
$1.75.   Sale price 	
All Wool Toques and Caps; regular 75c. Sale
price :	
Ladies' Neckwear Jabots and Muffles; values to $1.50.  Sale price ..:,.*.	
White Linenette Handkerchiefs regular 15c.
Sale, price	
Children's Gingham Dresses; regular $3.00
Sale price	
Children's Bearskin.Muffs; regular price
$1.50. Sale price ���	
Children's Straw Hats; values to $2.50. Sale
price ���	
Pure Silk Cushion Cords; regular price
$1.00. Saleprice...	
1 , '    I'������������ ...i'V;"
�����'    1
i ���'';���  ,-���>  *
t t
THUMDAY,  SEPTEMBER   11,  1|13.
Supply Co.
Phone* 1 and 67.
641 Columbia St.
Are you competing
for the Big Bread
Prizes at the Provincial Fair.
We carry all the lines
of flour for which the
prizes are offered.
Five Roses.
Royal Household.
Brackman & Ker's.
Royal Standard.
We keep our flour
stock under ideal conditions, in a dry, well ventilated and well lighted
It will give the Very
best results. Buy it for
your exhibition bread.
Supply Co.
Greater Westminster
to lay aside money for
future investment or at
least provide against
poverty due to adversity or old age.
We invite you to open
an account with our savings department, which
allows 4 per cent, interest on all accounts of $1
and over.
You will have every
courtesy extended that
is consistent with sound
business methods.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $6,000,00-8.
Trust-?* for Bondholders over
Open 8aturdsy Evenings 7 to 9.
All notices of meetings, entertainment., ssles of work, ate, In this
column are charged for at the rats
of 10 cents per Hns. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break thla
rule, aa their instructions are positlvs.
A meeting of Ward One Ratepayers-
association In Burnaby will be held
Friday evening in Johnson's hall.
Highland Park.
Thistle Social club. A general meeting of the club will be held ln the
lodge room. Labor Temple, on Friday.
September 12, at 8 p.m. (2031)
A man and woman were thrown
from a buggy on Carnarvon street
yesterday as a result of one wheel of
the rig coming off. Neither of the
occupants were hurt beyond a few-
Miss Eileen Gilley has returned
from Boston where she has been taking up the Fletcher music method.
Next week Miss Gilley will open
classes, teaching this method.    (2044)
The flrst meeting of the Women's
Educational club will be held today at
the residence of Mrs. C. A. Welsh,
228 Sixth street. All members are
requested to be present and those interested In the club are Invited to attend.
A meeting of the shareholders of
the British Pacific Coal Company
will be held in the Conservative Club
rooms, Columbia street, on Thursday.
September 11. at 8 p.m. All shareholders are urgently requested to attend. (2043)
The school glee club was started
yesterday with an attendance of 60.
Mr. Wickett, as leader and instructor,
expects to hold a concert later in the I
year in which the high schoolo glee
club and orchestra will take prominent parts.
Miss Davey takes pleasure in announcing that the fall and winter
millinery opening will take place on I
Thursday and Friday. September 11
and 12. An invitation extended to all.
A most up-to-date stock to select
from at moderate prices. Note the
address: Carnarvon Block, nearly opposite Hotel Russell. (2051)
Building permits were taken out
yeBterday morning by George Blakeley for a new concrete basement and
repairs to his residence on Eleventh
street to cost $1500, and another one
by Mrs. Sarah Huntley, Keary street,
for a two roomed addition to her cottage costing $700.
Try the B. C. Manufacturing compauy for fruit boxes if in a hurry.
Phone 304. (1993)
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C, Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826,  wharf phone 880.
A grand rally of the Women's Missionary society of the Queens Avenue
Methodist church was held yesterday
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. F. C.
MacDonald presided. The Quiz contest was started which will last
through the year, the Idea being to
secure more members. After the meet
Ing a social hour was held and refreshments were served.
This evening an open meeting of
the Central Park Poultry and Cooperative association will be held in
the agricultural, hall, Central Park,
when H. E. Upton, provincial poultry-
inspector, will deliver an address. Refreshments will be served by the
members of the association.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
improved city aud farm property,
9 per cent. Alfred Vi. MeLeod.  (108'J)
Why not get your boxes and crates
at the B, 0. Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Others are doing it.    I'hone 304.
Look out for silver dollars of the
vintage of 1-81. Two men were taken
Into custody in Seattle yesterday fur
| circulating counterfeit Biker and who.
the police claim, left Vancouver on
Tuesday, it is altogether probable
that some of the coins have been put
into circulation In this
of tickets to thc Old .New England
dinner on September 20, which Is designed to raise funds for the furnishing of the boys' division of the Y. M.
C. A. Each member of the above
executive will captain a team, already
chosen, and has started a competition
which laBts until Friday, September
19. The captains will repcrt at the
end of each day of the campaign, the
number of tickets sold by each team.
A score board In the Y. M. C. A. will
show the standing of the teams and
C. Boss Knew When Chinese Swore
at Him and Lster Paid for Privilege In Court.
Pool at $22.60 a game ls expensive
sport, fit only for such persons as John
the team that  has sold  tha greatwt ����*?��� Jr- '��,il"illlf_'"*   ,^L**����  ,
number of tickets by    September    W  ������*". Proprietor o   a pool emporium
will he the  winner at Sapperton was led to this Impres-
will  b,   tin.   wlnmr. ^  ^ ^^ y(,.tcrjay whe|I ordered
by Magistrate Edmonds to come across
with tlie above amount. The offense
was keeping open during prohibited
For a Chinaman to use abusive language to a constable on duty was practically  unheard  of  In   the  city   until
Tuesday evening whes Lum Ting es-1
sayed   to  fling  a   mixture  of  Anglo- j
Chinese  language,  same  unprintable, |
in the face of P. C.  Bass.    Mr.  llass
has travelled some for his age.    His I
knowledge of Mexican and Spanish en
Like Bad Egg Pollce Can't Sink Him
and Again This Morning He Explains All.
See Advt. on Pa&e 3
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
Dcyam  is  his  name.    A  Hindu  by
birth   and   appearances,   and   hailing I Mpenmto  ,���������-  handcd  out  by   Lmn
from Colebrook where he goes under Ting.    It cost the latter just $10 and
enugh to deal with the situation, so
It would uot be surprising to And
other action taken. Under the British
constitution it Is, of course, penal for
any British subject on liritish soil to
aid or abet the slave trade, or practise
slavery.    There  Is, however,  no  pen-
abled him to converse with a subject I altv If a British subject trading per- !
nf Hnerta two weeks ago, accused of ��� ,     company law  prac-!
pinching sundrv clothing apparel from I, _      ,     , . .
a lodging house     Mr.  Bass has also; "se8 wha:  i9 slavery    or   something!
seen service in Hong Kong which ac- > very like It on foreign soil. The Putu-
counts  for hint  laving  hold    of    the [mayo inquiry  showed this,    and     the'
committee   of     investigation     recom- i
and $10.00 per Month.
Size 45x113 to lane.  Near City car line, Beautiful
746 Columbia St.     312-31.5 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
the name of a rancher.
After spending the summer months
in lonely dwelling in his shack up the
FraBer valley, the sights of the city
appealed to Deyam with the result that
he fell foul of the city police Tuesday
evening through being too full of
various liquors. Deyam was armed
with a roll fit to choke any good Bl-zed
bovine and parted with a V-spot which
called for hls appearance in court
yesterday morning. Said V-spot was
ordered forfeited by Magistrate Edmonds when the Hindu failed to appear. But that Is not all. The liquor
of the previous evening so appealed
to Deyam that it was only natural for
costs yesterday morning for his conversational indescritlons.
The Coqultlam City Lands. Limited,
was granted a cancellation of a subdivision plan yesterday by the council
there. Mr. Small complained that the
B. C. E. R. had "put one over on them."
The B. C. K. .It. people, with iniquitous
3martneBS had filed plans in the land
registry office a week in front of Mr.
Small's company. There were other
complications, but (he upBhot of it
was the right of way procured by the
\1*       1    I       O      1 1 '   VICT0R,AN ORDER OP NURSES.
Wight aehooli miss e. downham
*x* Residence Y   W   t*   A Phon* 110,
B. C. E. R 'rnn Coquitlam lake was
him to again load up and to call under I not to he a passenger service or a
the glances of J. C. Lundl. j scenic tourist railway, but a log tOW-
The wanderings of the dusky | lng concern. Therefore the project of
skinned individual compelled the day] Mr. Small's company meant financial
patrolman   to   call   the   assistance   of' ruin.
Bill Guttrldge with the result that he      The matter was referred to Solicitor
was again  placed  In the city baBtile. 1 P. J.  Mclntyre, although evidences of ,_
Deyam wlH have the opportunity of I sympathy  with   Mr,  Small's  company   woujj
explaining his caperB before the beak     '  '   '
! mended that action of a remedial nature should be taken.    The opponents
i of  slaver;   Will   therefore  In   the  autumn  endeavor to persuade the gov-
j ernment to bring this result about by
: legislation -a course which  there    Is
1 reason to anticipate very few people
except guinea-pig company directors,
will object to. Such a policy will, of
course, make the company promoter
very careful of the conditions of labor
on which he bases his prospecttiR anticipations, but this will be an advantage to the Investor as well as a distinct joy to the humanitarian.
Some Revelations.
Meantime there Is to a further revelation with respect to the Putu-
mayo afTair, and there Is talk of some
light being thrown on the exact meas- j
ure of participation of a member of Shorthand, Typewriting by
Starting   next   MONDAY,
at 7:30 p.m. at
Individual Instruction
in   Bookkeeping,   Spelling,
!, Arithmetic,      Penmanship,
this morning together with disturbing
the tranquility of the city pollce office with his maniclal remarks and
partiality  to  disrupt  the  furniture.
(Continued from page one)
was hy no means concealed
The Burqtiitlam Agricultural society
was granted the use of the Coqultlam
municipal grounds for their exhibition
on  September 27 by the council  ves-
! terday,
One of  the   most   useful   orders  of
A.  L.
Phone 853.
BOUCK. Principal.
610 Columbia St.
the  Coquitlam  council  yesterday  waB '
[the royal family wbo was apparently
Interested flnanclaly In the venture.
As to the new Hebrides, there    are
to   he   some  disclosures,    and     there
1 have heen some long since had |
not the colonial secretary, louls Har- i EaagaBaMMBBMHWMBBHmw������
court, begged the critics to keep quiet.
as he Is trying to arrange a new deal Iff .,_.,, _____ J npTTT_-�� XTmifOi
with France so as to modify the exist- II yOU TGilil 1 H_t__ JN Hi W C
Ing joint government under which the
most terrible scandalB prevail  In  the! ,        ��     ,*        ___._
islands owing  to the lax admlnlstra-   yOU    gGZ    all     Llie    FieWS.
tlon of the law  by French officials on
the spot. ______________________________________________
Altogether matters seem likely to
hum a bit this autumn In the world of
the  antl-slaveryltes.
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 132..
the adoption of the BUgg��stion of
Iteeve Barth to entrust the taking of a
census of the population of rural Coquitlam to Chief Constable Tare at
The services of J. H. Kilmer, C. E.,
l'ort Coqlullam. to see after the water OBITUARY,
service  of   Rochester   road   residents
was   requisitioned   by   the   Coqultlam ,     TUUNKIl- The death of Wrathman
council vesterday. Turner, the six weeks old son of Mr
Burqultlam poultry fanciers ure ex-1 Turner, Douglas road. Burnabv   occur-
������*** ���r'x'm
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market Columbia St, Phone*
1200, 1201, 1202.
Sapperton   Market.  Phone  1204.
Eighth  St Market Phone 1208.
Edmonda Market Phone L8S3.
waymen's  union  $45 in  taking a  referendum  vote on Industrial  unionism
and another such sum on Socialism,    jtremel'y gratified with the success of I
The   amendment  to  have    a    vote ; the district exhibitors. Councillor Wai
taken on the matter was buried and
that for having it placed away in the
urchives  of   the  secretary,   carried.
Made Money.
The report of the Labor day committee uppeared as a surprise to the
delegates, when it was mentioned that
tbe sum of $417 had been left over
after the tables were cleared. Such a
sum was voted to pay off the indebtedness of the trades council.
No  Orientals.
Unanimous (indorsation of the protest against any further Influx of orientals In British Columbia, as passed
at a recent meeting of the Westminster Presbytery, was passed while at
the same time a vote of thankB was
passed to Hev. J. S. Henderson for |
bringing up at a recent meeting of the
Moral, Social and Reform council of
H. C, the half holiday movement, that
organization having gone on record in
favor of  the  scheme.
One  Surprise.
The report of President Cameron.
representing the Teamsters' union,
that that organization had passed the
���tape whereby It would continue to be
affiliated with tho council came as a
ectlon of the I surprise to certain members who dur*
I log h past few days were known to
have hatched ���_ plot whereby they
could unseal the present head, and
elect nne favorable to Socialism. Delegate Cameron mentioned thai his organization, while nol In the moBt pros-
neroim condition bi regard! members
was fully able to meel Its obligations.
Thai ended the plot
It  was decided  thai  the labor bal
P    C, Dadds, one or   the    partv. I I*0"'!'.|��''''���'���<'���'-'<l ���la a "hall of fame'
ched for tbe man. hut  was himself !.";���. ^"'"T      V\i'rilr';""1 R'"'l,r1"1
tne passage ol a motion to nave por
ker and Messrs Chesterfield and Wilson.
The Burqultlam Agricultural society
grounds on Austin road are looking
well and promise to provide the verdure desired for the exhibition on
Sept. 27 (Ieorge Alderson ls making
the approaches to th�� hall as credit- *
able as possible. Everything points ]
to " most successful show.
The appointments of a nollce magls- j
trate .tnd a police constable of similar j
names ��ea��med yesterday to concern j
th" councillors of Coqultlam. 1�� wna I
nfHclallv declared that John Smith, |
J.P., would preside over the police!
courts of Coqultlam, despite that;
gentleman's wris-gles to resign. The
more humble John Smith, special con-!
stable, was appointed chiefly In con-:
���i"ctlon with a colony of nauehtv ladles
who hover on the borders of l'ort and i
rural Coqultlam.
red  yesterday.    The  funeral  arrange-1
I mints are In the hands of S.  Howell, j
in wblch in,-
���hawing He- Real  Property Immediately benefited and the proportion
Assessment is mode on per foot frontage.
Members of No. 1283, Knights of
Columbus, are requested to meet at
St. Patrick's Hall, Thursday, at 8:30
a.m., to attend the funeral of the late
Bro. Thos. C, Bateman.
(irand  Knight.
J. P. (iAl.VIN.
(2060) Financial Secretary.
Kama of Owner
Sun    l.if*-    ...hKurutice   i'o
Hunk.-v, ii  Alers
Society    tur    thu
ration   >��i   the
r  i-   	
Boclet)     foi     Hi.-
"ntlon   of   the
I-   p     	
Society    for    the
gallon   ut   the
Pagan   1 ituxa   .1	
Annandale, t & ��� 1 al
Pagen, Chan J
Order of 1 ibbui .1 M t
Orrl.-r of 11 .hit��� M I
Ht. Patrick's Mult Co,
Walker    lelen N ......
Plillll|.��.  M   J    	
Hurt.    |*     J 	
Meli.inialil. J   M	
Rulllvnn. r   .1	
Order ..r Oblate* M I   in HC.
Mel.-*"!    John    11	
Davis,   l.**'i|:i     	
Gi-orK", Minnie S	
Oospel  in
laOHi���-I     in
<-,<ini*��i  In
In  IH-
lii  IU-
Hub-illvlHlun       1-ot
8.   1-:
N 1--
S.   pt.   l'i
SI. pt
It 00
til -.>.!
61.1 3
6 5 ta
.IJ 90
it '.��.*!
a j to
ji 00
itfi 9t
i.C 1111
��1 a'l
fif, kit
49 III
I. 0.
O. F.
Better  than  buying  agreements     of
sale.     Pa/  your  taxes  in  the  city  be-
I fore the evening of the  15th  inst. and
save  10 per cent.    City Treasurer.
Three local young men while walk
I lng on  the  Pltl   river  dyke  recently
heard �� man In the  waler calling for
Worldwide   Movement   Being   Undertaken to  Stamp Out  the
Mum. Bac.
Clnglng,  Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011  Hamilton Ctreet.    Phone
1310 R. (1!��77)
liartlet Peara a lbs. for 25c
Plums   S lbs. fer 2Bo
Teaches   3 lbs. for 25c
I 'anti-loupe, CBCl)    ���.. ,10c
Watermelon, each  BOc
Malaga Grapes, per Ib ISc
Oranges, Lemons, Bananas, etc,
{Successor to Ayling t% Swain.)
447 Columbia 8t. Phont ti. t
dragged into the waler, which wiih
aboul eight feel deep, Afier a short
time under water Dadds succeeded In
catching the other by lhe feet and
pushing hlin up on the hank win-re h<*
waB assisted by the others. Nelthi r
of them were any the worse from the
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance mini. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay Iobsob.
'In Adam's Peak, In Ceylon, at
about 7000 feet above sea level, there
Ib a large flat stone on which Is the
Imprint of the human foot. Mahom-
nii dans believe this to be the place
that Adam first stepped, on being ex
pilled from the Garden of ..den. In
close proximity to tbls are the tea
guldens of the world-famed Nuwara
Kliya dlitrlot, where "Salada" Tea is
Kred Davl* will sell by public auction at 91 Klghth street on Thursday,
September 11. at 2 p.m., the furniture
and effects of an eight roomed house,
absolutely without reserve. Sale Includes a very fine nearly new organ.
Monarch range, dressers and standi,
sideboard, beds and bedding, etc., etc
Particulars   of   sale at W-asttnlnkter
Auction   House,     Kings   hotel     block.
Columbia street. <_024.i
i A meeting was held In the parlors
of the Y. H. C. A. Tuesday afternoon
for the organization of a Y. M. C. A.
high school club. The meeting w-as
well attended and the following officers elected: President, Douglas Rob-
son; secretary-treasurer, J. McKer
cher; executive committee, li. McAllister and F. B. Cunningham. It
was unanimously decided to run a
ticket silling campaign (or the sale
traits or all past president? framed
nud adorning the falls of tbe hull.
Delegates Maiden, Dodd and Wardrope
were apiioint.ed a special committee,
described by a wag the "framing and
hanging" committee,
Real Big Time.
The musician-* promised the delegates a real celebration on Sept. 30
when by that time the organization
would be duly Installed, thanks to the
withdrawal of opposition from Vancouver artists.
Thanks The News.
Votes of thanks were passed to Aldermen Dodd and l.vnch for their support of the half holiday bylaw; Mavor
'iray and the city couneil, to the different organizations, merchants and
others who assisted in the Labor dav
celebration and one to The News for
Its Impartial stand and equitable reports of the happenings during the
nast few weeks In connection with the
half holiday bylaw.
A special committee was named to
take up the question of Issuing n
weekly paper In the city favorable to
the Interests of labor.
London, Sept. in. in the coming autumn there will be a great crusade
waged in this country agalnsl I bo existence of slavery lu various parts of
the world, not, of course, In the British empire, but very puaiibly In several lands where British capital Is directly interested. To be perfectly
candid there huve been very many
disquieting disclosures recently, not
merely In respect of the Piitumayo,
though this was bad enough, but alio
In the Portuguese colonies where cocoa is grown, as well as In the New
Hebrides, where there is it Franco-
British condominium. Nor will ihis ox-
hflUSt the list, because the labor con
dltons In ohter countries are also under consideration, and though, for In-
Tbe members of Amity Lodge No
_7, I. O. O, P.. are hi reby requested
to assemble at the i O. <) P. bail
Eighth street, on Thursday, September II. al - o'clock, for ihe |iui-|ios"
Of attending the funeral of our late
brother, ll. ,1 Plews, a in- mber of
'min Lodge   No    !T.   Members   of
Iloyal  (ity   laOdge  No   II and   vis In;
brethren are invited lo attend
It.   ...   MICItlllTIIKW.
Noble Qrand
(2063) Recording Becretary,
Notice i�� hereby given thai the <'oir��
ta-nil-a t"  i .oa-'  ,i   J _..--.11  Inertia i'Nlt-1,1   Assess H
the ��chpuule above mentioned the sums o!
tiiiHii.- each lot, and a Courl ��f wavlslon f-n
against "�������� ossessmeni mm propoasd to u ���
day nt Heptember, isu. oommenolng ut 10
I'li-unii,     in iii,  Cltv Ball, New Westmlnil
.to fears
It.: ;-,
.;; ;,i
*.:{ ;i
6J .',ii
sa 14
ti ;t
it nit
5-a it
a? 'I
0? till
01 :,(>
01 ;.,-
61 S7
'17 57
���n 7 . i
��.0 .'iS
I lt6 :i4
aster in*
an-peal f  sueh Intended aaaeasmenl  m i*t be
nlclpol Couneil at least flghl duys prior t i such
Dated this Mh day of September,  IMI.
itlon 'if fhe City "f New Woslm
ent living assessing Hn* properties in
money annually fan thiny years hh op-
r the trial of ciint'inim* and uppeats
mnde will !����� held on Mond*) tlw ttth
��iV1",*i< in th* forenoon, al the Councll
British Columbia, nn-l nnv nnllcs ef
.1 i Km the i-'.ik of tin
COUrt    nf    ft'-' l��l"ll
Vi'   A   DUNCAN, (ity
Pack  In your  bathing stilts  and  a
well lllled hamper and spend n day ut
���Maple Beach, Boundary Bay.   Plenty
I of free   picnic   pluceo   on   the sand
stance,   things  are   now   much   better  beaoh or under the wonderful spread
on the Congo, It Is not so certain tharll'K   maples.     Lovely    Bprlng     water
The Bank of Vancouver
���������     *>**jm*~*m?mm~'
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest ourrent rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellere' Cheque* aold, 'payable In all parts of the
CHAS. 0. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
New   Weetmlneter  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
End of Calumet Copper Miners' Difficulty  In Sight.
Calumet, Mich., Sept. 10. There was
a prospect tonight for a settlement of
Ihe copper miners' strike, now ontcr-
Ing upon  Its eighth  week.
Claude I) Taylor, of Oram! Itaplds,
president of the .Michigan Federation
of Labor, who has been In the copper strike district fur several days
conferring with Officials of Ihe Western Federation of Miners, wlll Bcek
an Interview tomorrow with (ieneral
Manager .lames MrN'aughton, of the
Calumet ii Hecla Mining company.
they  are as satisfactory   In   the  Kat
anga district as they ought  to he.
8hould Take Action.
Mere newspaper Campaigns, though
of great value, are not thought to be
Take the Itlver rond    to   Ladner   and
Ihe (ioudy road soulh.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Weetmlneter.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Eetsbllehed 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*   Liability,   AuUmoblle   and
Marine Insurano*.
Ladles' Oxfords, black and tan, value to $6.00; your pick 95c
Oetits' Oxfords, black and tan, value to 16.00; your pick   $1.95
Kiddles' 'hjn Boots, $2.00 valuoa; aires U> 10 95c
laudles' Dress Boots; best makes;  all slsos;  your pick of $11.00 pairs
for  $L95
Kiddles' School Boots; strong Box Kip  $1.25
Youths' Hchcol Boots; strong Box Kip  $1.45
Big Hoys' Bchool Boots;  various makes $1.75
dents' Box Kip Boots; all sites $1.93
dents' Tan Boots; all sixes  ( $1.95
Saturday Only, Your Pick of any Slater Boot in thc
Store, F. W. Make, for $4.95.
l.eckle Boots, K. Boots, Ames-llolden, etc.   $30,000 atock to solect
from at the liouse of low prices.    Out of the high rent district.
The famous Maple Leaf Hubbers;   we stock (hem.


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