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The New Westminster News Apr 1, 1914

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Volume 9, Numb*;* -4.
Spectacular Legislative Struggle Ends in Victory for
��� President Wilson When the Sims Bill Is Endorsed by
Majority of 86���Hay-Pauncefote Treaty Thus Interpreted���Speaker Champ Clark's Sensational Speech.
] vote is taken. When debate on the repeal   finally   ig  opened  on   the   floor
| they hope to uncover one trump card
j thai  will turn the tide of defeat.    It
' Ib to be Speaker Champ Clark.
! " 'Thug Mr. Clark hag carefully
avoided stating his pogition on the
question.    The  World  correspondent
| learned today that Mr. Clark is waver-
  ! ing against repeal.    He did not vote
j when the vote was passed originally,
Washington, March 31.���The house of representatives *��di therefore he has none or the
���, /., , , ,       ,      ���   ,   ..     ' ,       ���       fears of changing his vote    that    ap-
after one of the most spectacular legislative struggles in pear to be uppermost in the minds
the history of the nation voted tonight to repeal the clause !of ,��"������� Democratic politicians.
.    .,     -r, . x-        a 3 iu i Tlle  B,1*P  subsidy  interests  hope
in the Panama act exempting American vessels from canal .to get Mr. ciark to make a thunder-
tolls.   The vote was 247 in favor of the Sims bill and 161''"�����,s',eech, iieaiI1Bt wpeai,  ir he can
.   . .,        . o�� j. �� .  a ,v     i .,,       , ��� *t    be induced to come out anil announce
against, giving a majority of 86 in favor of the bill, which
was a personal plea from President Wilson.
Man Wanted for Many Crimea, Including Murder, Captured While
in Bed.
Speaker Champ Clark's stirring ail-]vot,.   their   conscientious   convictions.
ilre'se. in the house closing the argument for the opponents of the Panama
Canal tolls exemption bill was one of
the must dramatic features of this
extraordinary  contest    The speaker
"Mr. Speaker,  there is no personal
Issue between   tbe  president of the
With most of those who have assert
nl  that I  am seeking to disrupt the
patty the wbh is father to the thought.
"In  the  New  Vork  World  of Tuesday, .March 24, appeared a scurrilous !
and slanderous article with these headlines:  'Leaders Work to Split pemoc-j
racy over Canal Tolls.    As filibuster;
against  exemption   repeal  goes on  in:
that he Is in favor of 'nailing the
Stars and Stripes to the canal' as cue
anti-repeal man expressed it today,
some members believe many votes
may he changed.
" 'With Speaker Clark. Mr. Underwood, Fitzgerald and Kitchln urging
their followers to oppose the bill it is
conceded that a most remarkable
spectacle will bo staged on the floor
of the house.'
False Insinuation.
"That   is  another  base  and    false
I'nited State's and myself. I trust there
never will be.    I have at no time ut- j ll*e house it is understood that both  insinuation, lf any man here believes
trn-.l   one   word   of  criticism   of   the: Speakerl'lark and Mr. Underwood will   that   slander,  let him  Btand  up  now,
president.    At  no  time,  as  far  as  I   oppose the president's measure.'   That so that he may be *een by these hun-
know, has the president said one word | is one of the most preposterous state-   dreds of  witnesses,
rf criticism of me. j ments  made in any  newspaper since      "In another World article those of
"In the nature of things, a man who   Guttenberg invented  moveable types,   us who stand for American rights as
is  worthy to hold  a high public post ��� "if So, Stand up Now!" j against British domination are assail-
iu the service of the country must be-'     "Vou gentlemen know the Democra-: ed for 'bolting the president.'    Merci
tic leaders cf this house better than j fn' ttod ! NVllat an Idiotic phrase '.
any ether men on earth know us. . "I have heard of men belting plai-
Does any man in this house believe | forms and of bolting nominees, but
the   Democratic  house    leaders    are   whoever heard    before    of    anybody
bolting  a  man  in  office ?
Bellingham. March 31���Charles Hopkins, ithe "tattooed bandit," wanted
for killing Antone Olson and wounding John Freeman at MoMurray, Skagit county, Saturday night and for
murdering a man in Seattle about two
months ago, and wounding three persons in Kverett lagt Thursday night,
was arrested at 1 o'clock this morning
at Van Horn, on ithe Upper Skagit
river, by Marshal Joseph Glover of
Concrete and a posse of citizens.
Hopkins was asleep when caught.
Yesterday afternoon he stopped at the
farm house of Frank Yeager, near
Van Horn and asked for something to
eat. After he had gone Yeager notified the officers. Last night Hopkins
secured a room over the store at Van
Horn. At about 1 o'clook the marshal
of Concrete, after having the store
surrounded, entered the room alone
and placed the fugitive under arrest.
On Hopkins' person was found a
88-callbre revolver. This was taken
by the officer before he could make
a show of resistance. It was discovered that all the cartridge balls had
been split four ways, apparently in
order to render them more deadly.
Hopkins was taken to the jail at
Concrete and will be removed to the
country jail in Mount Vernon. The
prisoner fits the description of the
man wanted. Across the fingers of
his hand are tottooed the words "True
LeOYfe," He is described as being about
six feet tall and there is a depression in his chin.
The officers this   Homing declined
I to   divulge   the   infoi mation   of   Hop-
i kins'   arrest,   fearing   that  he   would
1   be mobbed before he could be lodgedi
; in  the county jail.
Irish Question Discussed in
Calmer Tones���Sir Edward Grey's Plea.
Asks for Resumption of Negotiations
Towards Adoption of Federal
National  Financial Return
Justifies Optimism of
Year Ago Anticipated Surplut But
Even Hia Expectations Are Exceeded by Increaae.
Have that other public servants are
actuated by the same high, courageous and patriotic motives by which
he believes himself to be moved.
"I have never entertained the onin- '��� working to split democracy? lf so, let
ion that President Wilson Is actuated him courageously stand up here and
by   other  than   IhP   highest   patriotic , now.
motive".    I do not believe that Presl-1     The Democratic leaders in the house
dent Wilson has ever entertained any
Other  opinion   as   to   the  conduct   of
"We are denounced by the pluto-
ciatic World as bolters because we
stand by  the platform, which  surely
I^ondon, March 31.���It is generally
recognized that Sir Kdward Grey's
speech in the house of commons this
afternoon has lifted the Irish question to a higher and calmer plane.
He was firm but conciliatory. His
plea for the resumption of negotiations on the basis of the establishment of a federal system within six
years was forcible, and there is
little doubt that the opposition may
adopt it if the time limit was withdrawn, it being felt that it would be
impossible to carry out so great a
change in so short a time. The fact!
that Sir Kdward Grey is leading the !
government with greater force than j
usual conies as a surprise, as he has
been in some quarters classed among
the lukewarm supporters of the home
rule bill. His speech tonight indicated that he is now in wholehearted
sympathy with the premier and his
All parliamentarians are drawing
hopeful inferences In the home rule
debate, The Morning Post I Conservative) states thut a meeting of fifty
Unionists held today decided to formulate a motion explaining their
views on the proposed system which
will be presented to the leaders of
both parties with a view of compromise. This, however, lacks official
It  is generally  conceded that    the
London, March 31.���A national financial return published today demonstrates both the phenomenal prosperity of Great Britain and Its remarkable fertility, both fully justifying the optimism of Chancellor Lloyd
George a year ago. Then the chancellor anticipated a surplus of ��185,000
after taking over a million pounds unspent on the navy. The result shows
that the realized surplus Ig ��750,000
without touching the naval million at
all. The natural growth of the tax
revenue has produced eight and a
quarter million pounds and gives a total of��l��;?,.000,000. The income tax
increased by ��1,250,000 and the cus-
i tonis and excise duties by one and a
! third millions, while the chancellor's
estimate of Income has been exceeded
by ��3,500.000 Ills estimate of the
expenditure was only ��1.820,000 below  the actual expenditure.
The financial return suggests that
the chancellor may possibly depend
upon the natural growth of the tax
revenue to enable him to face the coming budget of ��205,000,000 without
levying new taxation.
The Daily Citizen, the labor organ,
urges that the figures prove that the
unearned Increment tax may bo applied more drastically to the nation's
The Standard, Conservative, foreseeing the use of such an argument,
ill BBS of Dt  who  find  it  nece��gary to
dlflr-r wllh lilm on this (lufntitili.
Pr*:,Firtout    VTilaon    tioa.    not    ,l,���lr.-    a.
Iv each ln tho Democratic party I
elo not desire a breach in the Democratic party and there is no breach ln
th.- Democratic party, 1 would scorn
to believe' that President Wilson countenanced for one moment the efforts
if some of the jackal press to repn*-
Bent that we are seeking to disrupt
the Democratic party. The president
is ton big a man not to desire that this
gre*at question should be fought out
nn its merits, free from personalities.
Tin* president has too high an Idea
nf the duties of a public servant to
desire members to do other than to
led in the long, hitter and successful i l8 an astounding  way  to bolt.
fight in the 61st congress which elect-;     .,,   n.__e   ^   hayp   ffly   ���emocracv
measured by the  weather cock World.
I    lenv,.    ti**,.n    a    Democrat    all
and I
eel  a   Democratic  house   in   1910
1 Bet    In    motion    Ul*    force,   which
a   I ��,.���,,���.,i��t   In  thn   Wltltr*   Ilouan.
us a Democratic senate and a Democratic majority of 144 iu this house.
It is a proud record, and yet the New
Yeirfc Worlel has the gall to charge
that these same leaders are trying
to split the Democracy. I can point
out 50 or 60 men who never would
have sat in these historic walls had
not tiese Democrats and the Insurgents made that fight in the (list congress.'
"Further  along  in    the
World  article occurs    this
Sir   Robert   Parks,   Eminent   Engi
neer, Says  Would  Be Folly to
Daaaain   at.   t-aaeranaa.
air has been cleared somewhat by i saya that the cnancen0r'g choice lies
the announcement made by Sir Ed-! between a hum-drum budget and being
ward Grey and that a compromise ian equilibrium without the Imposition
wlll be affected before many days of new taxes or electioneering propoe-
have passed. UlB to reduce tbe duties on tea and
Viscount   Morley's  decision  not  to   sugar and transferring the burden to
resign as president of the council has Uhe direct taxpayers.
been  well   received  as  It    was    felt I  ,	
that owing to his advanced  age,    it I
would*mean his retirement altogether!
from politics while under a cloud.
ire.    I expect to die In that rami.   T
never   bolted   a   Democratic   nominee
or platform  in my life.    When  I  was j
a   boy   down   in   the   Kentucky   hills, j     Ottawa,     March     31.���Sir     Robert
there was prevalent a disease called ; Parks,  head of the great contracting
Intermittent    fever';     that     is,     the   and engineering firm which bears his
'The   ship
fpring    a
subsidists    are
great  surprise
\ fever came up every other day.    The
plutocratic    World      is    'Intermit ten
i democrat.'
"I  have  no  word of criticism     for
I my Democratic friends w.ho are going
aforesaid , to vote    for the    repeal.    We    have
passage: ��� worked  together  too  long;   we  have
trying  to!
when   the I
(Continued oji Page Four)
Application of New Company Shelved
for a Time���Hurting Canada's Credit.
Ottawa. March 31.-Strong opposition to another transcontinental railway scheme was voici'd in the railway
committee today when the hill to incorporate the All Ited Hallway company, came before It. The projected
line' is from Cape- St. Charles, Labrador, to the' Pacific coast north of the
V T. lt. line. The incorpotators are
Kdward Holland, agent, of Prescott,
K. H. Palme r and W. F. Stafford of
Buffalo, and G. K. Mope and 0. A.
White of Toronto
Amendment to    Curtail    Powers    of
Company Wlll Not Be Proceeded
with at Present.
Ottawa, March 31.-Some time ago
tlu* railway committee of the commons iu dealing v. 11li cue of ihe Canadian Northern hills inserted a clause
limiting the capital of the company
io $77 000,000, The amendment wus
moved by R, B, Dennett, Calgary, who
charged that in the past the company had increased its capital stock
hy the simple process of amalgamating other companies and adding the
slock of the latter.
The hill was sent to tlle house, it
"The whole financial world is over-1 was not, however, proceeded with
shadowed by Canadian railway pro, there, but was referred, back to the
lects," said w. K. Nickle i.f Kingston, standing orders committee to be dealt
"It is high time to call a halt.    To ul- j with.
low another transcontinental project j The bill came before that commit
to he placed on the market will be tee today and il was decided that the
most unfortunate to our credit. Tiny amendment was perfectly regular, tn
will simply be asking for subsidies."  that  it  did  not.   propose  to  Increase
"l have long believed in free trade
in railway charters," asserted K. W.
Nesbitt, North Oxford, "but we have
enough.    We should hav# a guarantee
Cupid Causes Girl to Spend Year
Jail���Stole for Man  She
ask 'for subsidies and  guarantees.
After It. A. Pringle, K.C. had made
an appeal Tor the company stating
that the company would he content
lor the* present with B charter from
Labrador tn Winnipeg, Hon. Dr. Held,
acting minister of railways, expressed
the view that before another tanscon-
tlnental scheme is put forward the
government should be advlseel as to
who is behind  It.
Finally the hill was allowed to stand
to enable the promoters to make a
show down.
Han   Passed   Away.
Ottawa, March 31. Mrs. D. A. Mac*
elnnald. wife of Major General Mac*
eionald of the Militia department, died ^ a ���,���, ���, w on
'""- JugtlceI fan**���- although several farmers were
the company's stock, but to limit Its
powers in thai respect. It was point-
ed out that notice would havo ueen
required had the former -been the In-
W. H. Sliarpe, of l.isgar, who has
charge of the bill, announced to tho
committee at this point that, it was
not the intention of the C, N. Ft. to
press tlle bill any further at present
Until ufier the passing of the consolidated railway act, which contains
provisions regarding the capltaliza-
tlen of companies. "There is an understanding," he declared, "that the
bill shall not be prooeeded with at
And Still They Come.
Toronto, March 31. -Two special
trains arrived in Toronto today with
about SOD Immigrants, and the greater
number went on to the west. Of
these who remained In the city not
here today after a
was a daughter of the late
Hugh Richardson, once chief justice
and administrator of the old northwest territories.
Mother of Member Dies.
Ottawa.. March  31.    Dr.   A.  Thonip-
;. n   M.  P.  for the Yukon,,baa been
���nailed   to  Windsor,  N.  S���  owing  to
ii:,' death  eif  his mother.
on hand ready to engage help. A
j.ood many more Immigrants are ex-
peeled this week, some of them having had farming experience.
Edmonton, March 31. Lulu Chamberlain, who pleaded guilty in the dis
trict court on Monday to Ihe charge
of stealing a cheque for $119, $51 of
which she gave to a missionary, and
the balance to a local mission, was
sentenced to one year in jail.
Before passing sentence the accused woman was asked by Judge
Taylor if she had anything to sav
and she replied; "I was led in'o it
by this man," She declared it was
her love for the missionary tha'
prompted her to make the theft and
referring to this counsel for the defence said: "Now, if the girl had
pleaded not guilty, her evidence and
otTTer evidence, wculd have been
taken and it would have been even
worse for other parties. Suffice to
say that this woman has taken on
herself the whole blame and she is i
willing to suffer und she had her j
reasons for so doing. Had she been
willing to lay the blame on others
she might possibly have stood in a
b'tter light before this court, but the
affection she bore for that man was
deep enough that she was prepared
to go to jail. The prisoner has asked my permission to uo in the box
and tell the whole story, but I do
not think it necessary. She is willing to accept the punishment ns lone
as the man she bore affection for and
for whom she did steal might not be
New Altitude Record.
Johanlsthal, Germany, March 31.���
The German aviator l.iunekngel, today established a new aeroplane
record for height, reaching an altitude
of 20,564 feet. The previous record
was held by I.e Gaiencux, who ascend-
��� il   20 205   feet   last   December  at   St.
Rnpheael, A few days aso Unnego-
gel made a new record with one pas-
si nger, reaching a height of 18,050
fot i.
name, whose name has been mentioned in connection with the Georgian
Bay canal, declared today that in his
estimation it would be folly and a
waste of public money to deepen the
St. Lawrence river just because the
We Hand canal is being deepened.
Sir Robert admits that he has not
loft one whit of his enthusiasm for
the Georgian Bay canal and he expressed pleasure at hearing that the
Dominion government had appointed
a commission to gather data on the
commercial feasibility of the project
and issue a report. The Georgian Bay
canal and the tunnel under the English
channel this eminent engineer regatds
as the two most pretentious engineering feats now under consideration in
the engineering world.
The Welland-St. Lawrence project.
Sir Robert says, would cost fully
$280,000,000, or more than double the
cost of the Georgian Bay scheme and
it would not be half as useful. Moreover the Welland-St. Lawrence scheme
would Involve international disputes,
something which the Georgian Bay
canal would not do.
Sir Robert says he is here to see
the government on some matters of
business of a more or less private nature.
May Not Recover.
.xindoii, March 31.���A Cairo de-
s,atch to the Central News says tha*.
., e.mes Gordon Bennett, the proprietor
(i Uie New York Herald, after showing considerable improvement in his
physical condition, has become worse
It adds that physicians were in attendance ou him throughout the
Silent Airship.
Berlin,   March     31.���Germans    are
delighted   ever     the   newest   achieve-
I ment of Count Zeppelin, in perfecting I '	
Ian   invention   which   makes     his  air-1
ships practically  noiseless in  the air . I Two   Cent   Pottage
Berllners  Ifctid  the  opportunity of ob- I
serving the   effect    of the    invention I
yesterday when the new army Zeppe- [
lln "25" cruised over    Berlin  without
hardly an evidence of    its proximity.
The     passenger     Zeppelin     "Hausa"
which  also flew  over    Berlin  during I    Ottawa,  March 31.
the day  gave  the  usual Sound  tf Its   time,   saiel   Hun.   L.
approach   miles   away    through    the j day,  the cheap  rate
rumbling of its motor and propellers.
All this is done away with in the newest army and navy Zeppelins, which,
as    newspapers    proudly      proclaim,
henceforth    will    be    able    to    sail
through misty and foggy skies with-
out themselves giving warning to the
enemy that dreadnoughts   of   the air
are coming.
Rat*   on   British
Magazines Coming to Canada
Will Be Increased.
Police Court Records.
A total of 106 cases were dealt with
by the local police during the month
of March according to the monthly report compiled by Chief Bradshaw. Of
this number 53 answered a charge of
drunkenness while 10 were haled before the magistrate on a disorderly
charge. Ten opium cases were tried,
the others on the list ranging from
theft and vagrancy to breaches of
various bylaws.
-Within a short
I1. Pelletler, toon magazines
from Great Britain to Canada will
be abolished. The' cheap two cents
on magazines has been in force for
three years.
When the cheap ra*e w-as instituted
it was thought that after a while
Great Britain would do her share toward popularizing British magazine
literature In Canada by assuming a
portion of the cost. At the time the
cheap rate was instituted there was
a general feeling in this country that
American magazines had the field too
much to themselves and the reading
of ihese by the Canadian generally
was not In the best Interests of the
counter. Bnt the British authorities
did nothing toward lowering the cosl.
Thc full two cents postage was collected by the British post office and
the whole ccst of transporting the
magazine was left to Canada to bear..
Italian Aviator Killed.
Turin, March 81.-  An Italian army
a\iator,  Lieutenant Grlffa, was killed
today  while ai tempting a somersault
w.ih an aeroplane,
Police officials give little, credence
to the report published yi'sterday that
Charles Hopkins, the tattooed bandit,
who ls alleged to have kille-d three
men at Seattle, Everett and McMur-
rny, Wash., was a side partner of Van
Horst, held for trial in the provincial
jail for the murder of a Jap.
Hopkins was making his way to the
Canadian side of the border when captured but it is not thought he had
anything to do with the case against
Van Horst. The latter was arrested
In Washington state several months
ago following a chase from Vancouver and Victoria and was remanded
on a murder charge in Vancouver.
A man named Lester, alleged to
have been Van Horst's partner, died
from pneumonia  in Jail after he had
Geerse    Ball,    Suspected    of    Triple
Murder, Taken to Bellingham
to Stand Trial.
After three attempts made on the
Canadian side of the border to prove
that he was a long distance away
from the scene of the triple murder on
the Great Northern train from Seattle
on the night ol Feb. '20, George Ball,
arrested in Calgary last week, was
lodged In the Skagit county, Wash., J
jail last night and will probably face|paid
face but a search through the books
discovered the fact that two men had
occupied the room in Question on Peb.
20 and  neither tallied  with   Ball.
A visit was then taken to the Club
pool rooms where Bert Lowe, a C.P.R.
switchman and Charles Innings identified Ball as having been In the pool
room on or about Feb. 20. but they
were not sure about the date. It was
discovered that these two men had
relieved the regular attendants on the
evenings of Feb. 19, 20 and 27, and
both had to admit that it might have
been on the night of Feb. 19 that Ball
visit there  to try  and  sell  a
���x charge of murder in the first degree.
Ball, who had been held In Vancouver since Sunday, came to the conclusion on Tuesday that his attempt to
fight extradition would be futile and
thnt such an attempt might make his
punishment even stronger should be
he found guilty. He stated that he
was  willing  to  he  taken across  the
While held in the city jail "yesterday morning Ball adniitteel that he
had spent SO days in the provincial
jail this winter for attempting to jump*
ti freight train at Mission Junction.
He also admitted that he was in New
Westminster on Feb. IS, two nights
before the robbery.
Edmonton, Alta.,  Marcli 31.    Using
strychnine, a mnn named Abercrom-
hie committed suicide In a loom nt
375 Fourth streei this utterrtoon, as
he said he was tired of life and his
failure to obtain employment,
given  the  police    valuable    evidence
which will be used against the man j sons who he depended on to prove he
awaiting trial. was at the railway centre on the night
ji Japanese fisherman. It is alleged, tihe murder took place
undertook to take Van Horst and Les-j Ball failed to establish an alibi on
ter across the Gulf of Georgia to Van-lhia visit to Coquitlam yesterday, how-
couver island and later the boat was, ever, conflicting evidence being ob-
found abandoned on the island side tained as to the date on which he was
of the gulf,   lt is alleged that the .lap; seen there.
was thrown overboard. A visit to the landlady of a room-
Harry Matthews, the other man Mug house at Coiiuitlam scored a point
wanted for the*, c. N. I'. Hold-up. is, for the police. Ball raced the' woman
known to h ave been a friend of Van j and mentioned that she probably rec-
llorst and while travelling with the ognlzed him as having stayed to room
latter went, under the name of Mc-1 5 on the night of Feb. 20. The land-
Bvoy. 'lady thought sin' did recognise the
border lf he was given permission to I    The visit to Port Coquitlam yester-
visit Coiiuitlam In order to locate per-1 day  created some    little    excitement.
there.    Especially was this so with tin-
police force under Chii'f T. ll. Thomas.
The presence e��f special Q. N. R. officials and Sheriff Weils was sufficient
cause for the chief to tog out in his
| full dress uniform supplemented by
! various accoiirtements such as nickel-
| plated spurs which jangled like a life
guardsman on parade.
Throughout their stay iji this city
tiie Washington state and railway of-
\ ficials were given every consideration
, by Chief Bradshow which brought out
! a word of commendation from Sheriff
I Wells for the assistance.* -- i.  If
/ I
lumbia has deliberately decided upon
They do not want  I ��� do
An Independent morning pnper devoted t*tt*s4��t��r.
Ibe Fraser Valley.    _ ���_���_���_���_���_���_���,.. _
���nd Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 Mckenzie
rests of New Westminster nnd | which th
National P
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Published every morning except Sunuay Dy uw ���           o��i.i��h
_^^^^^^^^^^feet, New Westminsier
ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director
nnd not
Columbia. ..��� .
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sirable publicity  which  the Incidents
would un
The v
a mean
the  Doukhob
, tailing the  method o.  . _^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ey arrive at such an astound-1 "Pilate.
They  are as deeply j "hell."
earnest and sincere as a martyr walk-. Keep Own Statistics.
Ing to the block.   They arrive at this      The Question of the registration of
startling conclusion by a process    of J births,  marriage* and  deaths,  us  te
thought  that  is  entirely   based  upon i quired by law. is the less acute of the
���*-*���   drawn  from | two  to
puuiiiuj    "'���-;  ,���.rtorm*ng.    They no noi  �����""���  ���--���"'
andoubtedly bring. Peh�� stated  and consider it absolute-
visit to Brilliant wag useful as j t  Ik stated. ,. ^ to
s of estimating the sincerity of15as^a la ^^ ^ ^.^ ^
.ukhobor  people and  of ascer   *"Bu�� Mr   HoW8er as
the  method of reasoning    b>   to h m|aMW   ^      gov���nI1M!nl     __
^mmf.Si'K'Ynn -"WSSffl��� . sattm
Dev.'nney,  the  mining expert,    repre- |
sentlng   Jafet   Lindeberg,   is   now   in
religion,   not   a   religion
which   objections  aro  Chiefly
A  beiok  is  kept at  Brilliant,
religion,   noi   ��   "����"���   - ,      ,,h    r.,isl.d      A   beioK   is   Kepi   ae   mmieiui,
Buddha, CotttuclouB orMaliomat eUh- ���������,,*  ^own to the   writer, i.i
er. but from the faith that is contained , w m vita, atatistica,
in the book which begins with    Mat- WMOBlar From   this   book    Mr.
f.iew" and ends with "Revelation. Day   uy       - Doukhobor popula-
~.��--1t to Explain. , ShoukU IS       (.()lumbia a8 B(601 r* ""
acts to begin  with, i  I   "l1 ^ " ,    , irv. alld  three less
icable step to the point, end of       ��   - February. '
the  nakedness    which   that at  tne e o-iiitiu
San Francisco to purchase a stamp
mill and the necessary machinery to
place the Three in One property on
Slump bay on a milling basis.
After dozens of lives have been lost in the poorly-
charted, carelessly-surveyed waters of the Alaskan coast
it is reported that the American government has awakened to its responsibilities and is about to order a thorough
combing of the intricate northern passages to discover
the unmarked rock pinnacles which are at present a menace of the worst possible kind to the ships which make
that run.
To do the American authorities justice, it must be admitted that in making those waters comparatively safe
for navigation they have a problem of no mean proportions. The coast line appears to have been designed by
nature as a particularly difficult proposition for marine
surveyors, but on the other hand it also must be admitted
that the American government has not given the northern
route the attention which the traffic and the dangerous
conditions existing there demand.
Considered from a cold-blooded angle, the question is
one of vital importance to British Columbia because British Columbia ships and British Columbia people do considerable travelling through Alaskan waters. At present they do so at much risk as the loss in lives and craft
during the past few years amply testifies.
It is therefore with no small feeling of satisfaction
that those who now use the rougly-charted waters of the
Alaskan coast learn of the intention of the American
secretary of commerce to spend half a million dollars on
sun-ey work there and it is the earnest hope of all concerned that the United States congress will see fit to make! ?ffalE5 ,on. ,.h'
the grant that will reduce the future responsibility of that!' ���'''- -**.w
body for loss of life and property.
"Panama Shall Not Toll Tonight," seems to be a slogan upon which President Wilson will make good.
"Nobody loves a fat man," breathed a husky Spokane
housewife as she landed a wallop on a corpulent burglar's Is
eyebrow and tumbled him down staris |fi
A Spokane preacher is in jail for stealing horses.
Difficult to Explain. l """"".^.JthVh Columbia as 5,501 at tli���
With these facts to begin with, 1   tion oi U���T^ and three ,ees than
seems an Inexplicable step to the point, end or ^ Qf ^bruary   The8e
of uncovering  the  nakedness    whie    tli. i follows:   Brilliant,  2,-
the same scripture declares must be are dmaeu ^  ^^   gW).
kept hidden from sight.   But it is no . 800    orana ^^ ��� ^.
a. question of nakedness     The whpie  ���"^.     ��   ^ 200, and others scat
sum and  substance of the argument, Cha npion
hv  which  the  Doukhobors  have  con-  Und   thrOUgt __   j
v'inced themselves of the necessity of  S"kM^ book als0 snow,,d the fol-
this  conduct  is   the  scriptural  refer-      '������ tnly   tables:     December,
ence to "turning tbe ottercjeek."      g*��J ����ae_tU  4;   marriages,  16;
"Your government has robbed us o    irnh*     * h     7     mar.
all we possessed in Saskatchewan   It  '��J^ "S^ iarv. births. 1; deaths.
has done nothing but rob us. If the
British Columbia government puts
this new law into force and takes one
cent of money by fine it will mean that
they are going to rob us of all we
have in this province. We have protested by letter to Mr. Bowser. If this
Is not heeded, then the government
can have all that Is left, our clothes."
Leaders Are Clever.
These are the words of John Sher-1 the
blnin, business manager of the Ilouk
liobor community in British Columbia
the   chief  enter-i are
riages, ���       	
4;   marriages, 8.
The society has undoubtedly transformed the wilderness Into a garden.
Whatever its members do, they do
well. They unquestionably have the
brotherhood idea developed to the fine
point, and their custom of throwing
all the individual earnings together
Into the community treasury forces
members to be unselfish. They
have no police, and they are never
found in a court of law. Truly they
It is a mat-
Seattle,    March    i'.i. ��� Despondent
over her    troubles,    Miss    Kthelwyn
Kby, 32 years old. attempted to commit  suicide at 5 o'clock last evening
after leaving this note of explanation:
"I  don't  know   why a person  always
wants to leave an explanation," Miss
Kby wrote, "but they do."
I    That she did not succeed in ending
Action of Fluid In Combatting Diph- . her  life,  as  planned,    waa    due    ta
theria Described. prompt and efficient rescue work by-
How antitoxin works has been iSa>" S*^ " Ballo1r' "8 _'"ATS ��ld;
known in terms of scientists many | who div^ '�� ""er her and dragged
years, but lt has mnalned for a re- her out after a hard ���**HSto aKaUlBt*
cent writer to put It In common tm woman's determined efforts,
terms that the rest of us may under- , Miss F'��V nad ca'led at a confec-
stand. Before the discoveries of !' ��1'",r>' store conducted by Elijah
science yellow fever has lost Its ter- White, at 400 West Harrison street,
rors, smallpox Is disappearing and!at 4:4B* l-aytorg ber purse down on
the malignant diphtheria ls lessen- j th�� counter, she startled the proprie-
Ing Its power lor by demanding, "Can  you  re-Ad?'
Diphtheria, science now tells us, IMl* White replied that he could.
Is an Infection of the throat caused I whereupon she left the purse and de-
by a germ, a rod-shaped mlcroscopl- ' par.l,<'d.',
cal organism, lodging there. This! Within �� few moments a woman's
germ or bacillus grows rapidly, ! screams attracted him to the Seattle
forming a grayish white membrane ! l'um'��er company's wharf, at the Coot
covering the tonsils and throat ot j��' West Harrison street
the patient, accompanied by fever. ! San> Hewitt, th�� "jVPJf/ had already
etc.    However, the sore throat in it-  stripped his coat and dived in after
i remarkable people.    It is a
Mr.   Sherbinin   was   �������"�����  "��-- I ^r for wonderment that    .-,.
tainer of the writer at BrOtotJtoto j )J mM.tmnwreii ��� doveB| should
self does not cause the dangerous
effects of the disease. The patient is
poisoned!    But how?
In the growth of these bacilli tbey
produce a substance which ls as
deadly as snake venom, and this
substance is absorbed   by   the   indi
vidual, soon producing poisonous or : ���'��"�������-��   ��������������	
-   ���>-��   k~���.t    VMnavs I at West Harrison street;  fc
not an  inferior  man,  u.>   ,..,..   ..... ,
in physique, intellect, or knowledge of I toublesome to any person or any gov
Canadian   customs,   and   the   English
language.   The words were spoken Inl
the presence of J.  I'. Shoukin, secre-1
tary-treasurer of the commulty, another   intelligent,   shrewd   lieutenant   of!
refer   Verigin.     The   leader   himself I
was absent In Saskatchewan on busi- j
| ness.    The "king ef the Doukhobors." j
I however,  has capable assistants. His ';
I business manager, especially, is thor-1
oughly  versed in his leader's princl-;
,; pies,  and  combines a  less  suspicious
disposition   with  great  facility  of expression.    He  took  pains  to  caution
that his words were his own opinion
only, and not necessarily the opinion ���
of his people.
"The Doukhobor society conducts its
e   majority   basis,"  said
"The action mentioned   in  our  letter to  Mr.   Bowser was
decided   upon   In  a   general   meeting.
Many   were   opposed,     including    Mr.
Verigln himself.   The majority of the
pie voted to take off their clothes."
Are  Ignorant  People.
Anyone who knows the Doukhobor    -���,���________^^_
people' is aware t'.eat as a class they I without official prodding they  shou
are  ignorant, and  that three or four
leaders   are   the   guiding   forces.     In
pite of majority rule it is unquestioned  that the governing Is done by a
few.    If Mr.  Verigln  was opposed to, ������
Ithe proposed action, then it is natural   permitted to flaunt themselves In tlu
*    to infer that possibly the community . public
"���Inrnv contain a leader of strength who 11 up  week"  comes  around  in
"kingship" I May.    When  unclean
Sir,���Now is the season of civic
unattractlveness. With the passing
, f Lhe snows there conies io light In
public s'reees and private property
the accumulated litter and filth of
tin' winter months: Civic pride, and
mole than all else, civic health, de*
mand aci ion now, not :i0 days hence.
The- city authorities charged with
the responsibility of maintaining the
city's streets and alleys in a cleanly.
Blghtly and healthful condition unprepared to discharge their duties in
the* premises. Occupants of property
and owners of vacant lots must recog
toxic effects on the heart, kidneys
and other organs and death as a result. Oftentimes patients wbo overcome the disease at first later develop paralysis, usually of the throat
or limbs. ,
The human body defends itself
against this poison by producing in
tbe blood a substance, an antitoxin,
which actually will combine with
the toxin produced by the germs and
render this poison absolutely harmless. The patient's life depends upon the varying ability of the patient's
sufficient amount of
^  nd  before  the  toxin
becomes fatal.    Here is where a tremendous advance was made.
Why not obtain antitoxin already
made and give it io the patient'.' Kx
periments  upon  animals    were    carried  out, and  it  was foune,  that  by
giving  gradually   Increased   dopes  of
diphtheria   toxins  at   intervals   of   a
few  days  to  a  horse  that  its  blood
would  form  increasing   amounts   of
antitoxin    and    In    excess    of    the'
needed   to   neutralise   the
ted,    until    the   animal
doses  of   lhe
tlle gir��> who had Jumped off the
wharf. Miss Kby resisted bis efforts
at rescue and dragged Hewitt six
feet under water, but he succeedcel
iu tying around her a rope which was
thrown to him. He ��'�����*�� assisted Jn
her to shore by B. Gandy.
with bim
L, MoBe-s.
and    Mr.
bringing _^_^__
nuttier  sailor,   who   lives
and    Dr.
body to make
this antitoxin,
their responsibility  with respect
��� condition of their premises and
Immediately proceed to place
ii Ives  right  with    their    city
| neighbors and  themselves.
There is no valid reason why pres
| enl   unsightly  conditions    should     In
lpit orator mav purloin sermons with impunitv, but the! wiii he able to continue tiu*       ^^
mmwm*m        m__^_m������___^___^^H when the present "ruler" has passed. , time  to  clean-up
"lt is said we worship Mr. Ver-
igin." continued Mr. Sherbinin. "This
is false. ..Mr. Verigin we look upon
aa a superior man on/y because be
has done so much more for the community than any one else, especially
considering his sixteen years of exile
in  Siberia."
Troubles   Imaginary.
Interesting  sidelight  on   the
April   or
is    the
law draws the line at horses.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^_^__
Montreal union painters threaten to go on strike. Unfortunately that's'not the organization that tints a town
a brilliant crimson after sunset.
The* good citizen. Ihe clean neighbor, will not wait for "cieanup week."
Careless, dirty citizens are likely to
be so numerous, however, that a
hurrah clean-up campaign will be-
necessary in May. and now is the
be organizing  for thai   pur-
toxins    injer
could  stand   enormous
poison without any ill <*ffects.    Thi
of such an animal    was   then
under    strictly     clean
methods, allowed  to   clot   anel   thi
serum   or watery   portion  eontainiiif;
the antitoxin prepared and preserved
for human administration.
However, one   musl   not  consider
.diphtheria  liglitl>.   anel   precautions
against   acquiring   the    disease    and
1 vigorous   quarantine   must   nol   bo
neglected,   for    deaths    still    occur.
Some persons die when antitoxin
administered   loo    late��� for,    unfor
tunately, the later afte-r tin*
the  disease  the antitoxin   ie
Of   West.  Thomas    streei,
Patrolman C, o. Legato
Harrow took tne woman to the city
hospital, where It was said that,
though chilled and nervous, Bhe wai
in no danger. She refuses to discuss
her action. Hewitt, when questioned
by Patrolman Legate, B.iid it wao no
trouble at all. "That's Just a wee bit
of exercise for us."
In the note which Miss Kthelwyn
hud written and left in her purse*.
she requests that a cross and chain
he' returned to her sister, Mrs. lt. _.
Dalrymple, who resides al the Weno-
n.iii apartments, 1420 fourth avenue'
Following is a portion cf the note*
"I had decided to commit suicide,
I  have*  been  threatened  with the*
i-aiie*   asylum.     I   won't   go  there.
Is tiie* only   way out of the situation
for myself and relatives.
"There are different reasons which
it is not necessary to put down. My
folks have been good to me, especially my sister, so she Is in-no way.
shape or manner responsible for my
ac. 1 don't know why a persons always wants to leave an explanation,
they do."
I  .
Jude:ing from what the Grand Forks folk say about'
1 i   ""  "'"linm-s in   the ' Ooukhobor people
made possible
the Doukhobors, the latter are about as welcome in the IDoukhobor people were maoe posMm.
Boundary town as the tinkle of an alarm clock at 5 a.m. SX^&��� "rlUSe���e^o��5
I points of their existence*. To the av
After tonight the seat of war will shift from northern
Mexico to Winnipeg, where the government grain elevator campaign is due to open shortly.
The imperial government may be temporarily without a leader, but it's certainly not left lonesome for lack
of worries.
p'- --____
era.L'i* Canadian their troubles are 'altogether imaginary. Tie Doukhobors
give* as their objection to the schools
of the country, which they refuse to
allow their children tei attend, tha'. at
school, they will learn the arts of
war. This seems like* a stretch of Uie'
imagination, yet history, as taught In
the schools, is assuredly, a succesBli n
of bloody battles. Besides this, the
schools an* provided by the govi rr.
me nt, which at the same- time is s-up
porting armies ami navies.
On  this  point  the  Canadian  neigh
Canada may have some knockers in the field against
her. but thev don't seem to be able to knock hard enough jho.s of the brotherhood are' sleep!	
to drive the* bottom out of the immigration business.       | Ir^atfead of learning^ SSf���
time   to
It is pitiable to see a tew even in
authority In this city quarrelling over
health methods and trying to save' a
few dollars and trying to balance this
saving   against   the   e fflclency   of   ihe ,
health   department.     It   would   seem, |
tliej  say, that' we must have, or run
the danger of, an awful epidemic be-'
fere  these  men   will  realize  the    Importance  of  the   work  of  the  health
department. *
New Westminster, March 30, li'14.
blood.     They
believe* that Petei
istants know tha
onset ot
^ ^  admin
istered tbe less effective lt will be.
Antitoxin   ls   administered   by    Injection    under    the    skin,    the    skin
having been carefully cleansed.
Thpre often Is pain at the point.of
injection and later a skin rash eef a
red, itching character follows, though
this is harmless and soon completely disappears. The dose* is repeated
and increased every four to eix
hours until the disease appears to
be controlled by tbe membrane in the
throat becoming detached and
shriveling, and the patient's general
condition improves. Some of the
most desperate and apparently hopeless cases have often recovered after
large doses  of antitoxin.
When one considers that a disease
that once killed about SO per rent,
of the individuals infected, now,
when early treatment ia actively
begun, can claim but 1 or " per
rent., and a marked reduction in
later effects, one can realize ihat in
antitoxin we have a wonderful
remedy of which science and the men
who worked so diligently in its discovery and the perfecting of It can
well be proud.
Saturday, April 11, has been set aside as clean-up dav. I v,;riK:!1,aml *'* T,1,?tan,u,-Hkn��w
t, , '. '    , j, ��   .,  .        ..' ... I when the- rank and file of the Unlike.
ror twenty-four hours the coat ot arms of this city will j bor people become educated tbey wii
be a broom and rake rampant and a cake of soap couchant   '   " **"' "���J--' ������--���- -���	
on a field of dirt, with the motto, "Go to it."
A titled Englishman has just published his memoirs
of the court of Edward VII. What we'd like to know is
whether his late majesty ate all the pickles and things with
which "royal purveyors" claim to have supplied him.
B. C. Has Serious Problem
In Doukhobor Question
show   the broadening effects eif educe
tlon In  ways that wlll take ilu in oul
side i f community life and speii the
doom  of  that system    eif    governing
them.     There  is   likely   something   of
that in this.
Religion All Pervading.
In conversing with these men it is
practically  an  Impossibility  to  leavi
| religion out of the conversation. Thee
accept t.he teachings of Christ as hand
ed down to them by their ancestors,
and as contained in the gospel histeir*.
of Christ.    They make no allowances
for modernism  In   worship, and there
are. undoubtedly lessons to be learned
from their strict adherence* to the letter as well as the spirit of the law.
"If I came to your door and asked i
a crust eif bread  in the name of tiie'
Christ you would not refuse me would
Militant Suffragette Outrages in London  Result in Closing of National
Kor this
Close Range View of Queer Religious
Sect  Which  Is Giving  Government  Much  Trouble.
Writing from Korsland to the Calgary Herald. H. B. (.'row gives tbe j
lollowlng Interesting article on ih-;
Doukhobor colony in B. C: A more
unrque problem in government can
scarcely be Imagined than that which
involves the control eif the Doukhobor
sect of British Columbia. These peo
pie are so mysteriously and wonderfully (^instructed that they combine
in their make-up the two extremes 'n
government. They are, in the first
place, so amenable* tei discipline that
they will suffer Imprisonment am:
even death Without a sign of resistance. They are. in the second place,
so self-assertive, in the way
pleases them, that they
lutely to observe
element   of   the
and   enmity  with  brother   man.    Yet |    That, is
'a question as to how he and his people
they are so flagrantly and shockingly .
irreligious that they will deliberately
remove every stitch of clothing from
their male and female bodies and
parade In violated sunlight before
the public gazo upon the public
This   is   their    method   of  -protest
the   law-
John Sherbinln's answer to
lie an
tbey   go on   th'
would   subsist   when
promised parade.
Don't Claim Perfection.
Principles, of course,  are*  of  little
value unless carried into conduct   Mr..
Sherbinin stated that the Doukhobors   ed
did not claim to be perfect. Thej were i
| at   least   trying  to   folow   the
London,   March   31.    "Closed
Is   the  notice  which   appears  on
gate    of    practically    every
museum   and  an   gallery  In
at   the    present    time.    The
museum alone remains open
closure London has to thank the militant      suffragettes.      The      national
treasures belonging to the people are
all hidden away behind Wicked doors.
a necessary precaution, but one'which
heavily penalizes not only Londoners,
but the thousands of visitors from aii
over the country and  from  all  parry1
of the world  who are expected during the coming season.
The more  important of the  places
closed   as  a  result  of  outrages
women    are:    National    gallery.
National Portrait   gallery.    National
Callery of British Art (Tate gallery),
Victoria and Albert museum, Wallace
collection,   The   Charterhouse,   Paint-
ball    (Greenwich    hospital),    St.
Paul's  icrypt and  galleries),    Oulld-
Not   the  Custom.
"No es costuinbre" (which, being
translated, means "It Is nol the custom") has been described as the national motto of Mexico. All Mexicans
are slaves of habit, and if a tiling is
"not the custom" then to them il
seems unworthy ot consideration. If
you ask the cook to sweep a floor,"
says W. K. Carson in his "Mexico,"
she politely replied, "No es coslum-
bre," or if you complain wben the
and chop ordered in a restau-
of  half  an
Seattle,   March   31.-   Declaring   that
protection  of  society demaudeei
limit sentence,  Judge  Neterer  in
���   United States district courl  yes-
day   sentenced   Albe-rt   Dahlstrom,
'. under of the alleged polygamous cull
i ��� a t'Tiii of five years at McNejl Is-
. md
Dahlblnim was eoinie ted a fortnight
ago of ei %Una th*. Munn met In tur-
nishing  tiansportatlon  to Kdn_  Kim
liim] of Tacoma from this city to Fresno Cal, during October, DU2.
Define imposing sentence Judge Neterer overruled motions both for new
trial and in arrest of judgment.
In imposing sentence Judge Neterer
sail that tbe case was the most flag
rant one, that It was just such a case
as the Mann act was iutended to protect the country against and that be
could listen neither to the plea for
leniency of the defendant's counsel
nm* the government's recommendation
that a sentence of two years and a
. half was enough.
"The jury's conviction in the case
was warranted by the evidonce," sai'l
Judge- Neterer. "The defendant 1%'
his own fireside and under the cloak
Of religion Imposed upon Innocent
young women and I am convinced
| that only the limit of sentence to ha:d
labor shall suffice both as proper pun
ishment feir the defendant and as a
warning to the community that such
conduct must be severely dealt with."
Before sentence was passed Dahl
stroni was hearel briefly In his own
D.-ihlstrom was arrested as a rtwuli
of an investigation conducted by W.
K. liryan, agent of the department of
justice*, whicli has reeiuested John S.
Smith, chief naturalization examiner.
to Institute proceedings to cam-ei
Dahlstrom's cltltenship.
TO become amoE
Fairbanks,    Alaska,     March    .11.
Miss Eva Montgomery of Belfast, Ireland, became the bride of Arthur Mc-
.   ,   .        ,      ,  .   ., Cowan  of  Fairbanks  last woek after
rant  arrive  at  intervals  ��^"a"   completing a  trip across oceans and
hour between and the clop preceding , contlnent8    wllk,u    aggr^t* 10.000
the soup the waiter wil   merely re-   mJ,flH    ���,     Montgomery and Mr. Mc-
I mark. "No es costuinbre      If you ask ��� Qo who ,   t_ r���,BUurjknt DU8|.
for hurry and find dawdling you must j ���,.������ h        Wwe old fr,enda ,n lre4_,1(1
be cheerful, for that is    costumbre.     yeara   ago      Mr    McOow��n's   fortune
-London Mall,  , hunting life led him to Interior Alaska
| but the malls kept him ln constant
touch with Miss 'Montgomery, ln
Fairbanks,   after   business   prospered
Mother's Carey's Chickens,
he said, While Canadians, in general, ] 'v"T",.���K'"7llj palace at Hampton court
ve.ry-plalnly were not.    Yet his people ,     jju��he ;,ale apartine.nts at Windsor
still remain open, but there is every
possibility that the public will be ex*
against  the  enforcement  or ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
recently passed by the British Colum- j very "plainly were not. Yet his peopie I
bia legislature whlc.h outlines the sys-L.,,,,,,.times sinned. Meat is forbidden
tern by which the Doukhobors must them, yet sometimes It Ib secretly con-
live up to the laws ot the country.', hllm(Mj ��� tobacco and alcoholic liquors
The thre-at was In the form of a letter |ar��� c���nsjd(.red evil, yet the writer;
to the* attorney general, stating that l ���aw Doukhobors purchasing cigarettes
they would pre-sent their clothing 10 and a nearby saloonkeeper told him
the members of parliament at Nelson ,.,,,*. )lis patrons included some Douk-
and Grand Forks if the law were put hobors. In none of these' directions,
into effect.     With   a  view  to  finding' however, <�����  t,1('  Doukhobors
Christ, I V  Art Ka"e,T'    Holy rood    palaces
 Kew palace, Kensington palace.
Mother Carey's chickens ������ ��.- . nR oab|ed -come,
name given by sailors to the stormy | Tho ceremoIly waB performed by
petrel, a Bmall seablrd, the appear-1 Rft_ y j patton at tbe residence or
ance of which ts an  unfailing sign ^    DrMegroo��.    Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mc-
cluded from these also. They have
otiy been reopened a short while
after being closed as a result of previous outbreaks of militancy. Discussing the question yesterday, the.
of the British museum said:
^^^    that
reruse abso-
laws that no other
i.  ~.       country's   population
finds Irksome and which Involve the
sacrifice of neither morals nor money.
Are Very Devout.
The Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood Doukhobors in
Canada, as they style themselves, is
forme-d of people who are so earnestly .nrl sincerely devout that they will
children!   to  attend
e,��   -nermU  thplr
out if they were fixed In their determination to parade in a naked condition, as stated, the writer paid a visit to the Doukhobor headquarters at
Brilliant.  I!   C.
Will   Do  as They  Say.
Tin' Doukhobors will  do ��'xactly as
they say.    They made this very plain. I present m
There an* nearly six thousand of them i
in   Uritish   i'olumbia.     It   is   for   the;
government to decide as to whether
they   will   invite  the-   six   thousand   to
appear in nature's garb and suffer the
hardships  consequent   upon   such   ae-
tlon. as  well  U subject   the ri sident.s
as far as other people, and there ih
consequently much justification for
the boast of John Sherbinin tiat his
are "the most moral people In the
whole   world."
Were Dismissed.
It is noteworthy that none of the
embers of the society have
over taken part in a nude parade.
Asked about t'.'.e' Doukhobors who a
few years ago went on a trip, minus
their clothing, in Saskatchewan
prior to that, In Kort William.
Sherbinin declared that they had heen
dismissed from membership in the so
��� ���*-    r,,r i*Hb vorv  'nlpdc
wan(ler I ��Thf museum and""reading room will
remain open aB usual, so far as we
know at present, but as to the extra
precautions we are taking, I prefei
to say nothing for obvious reasons.
We have had this matter under COD-
.Ideratlon for some time past, and
have' been In constant communication
with Scotland Yard as to the pro-
vision of the best possibl
guards." It was learned
official source that a large
number of   plain   clothes
of rough weather.
The expression, Mother Carey's Is
said to be a corruption of mater
cara, dear mother, a phrase useu by
Italian sailors In speaking or the
mother of Christ, patroness of seafaring men, lo Indicate their thankfulness to her for sending these, her
chickens, to warn them of bad
Gowan intend To make their home
eanor  that I for the  va
rrom    an
^^^^ men    had
been dramd for special duty In the
museum, and the supply of policemen
rious galleries Will be ang-
Mouse In Aeroplane.
While an army biplane was being
overhauled after a flight by Lieut.
Fletcher, of the Itoyai Flying Corps,
from Aldershot to Montrose (over
500 miles), a mechanic saw a mouse
lart across one of the .planes. On
investigation he discovered In the corner of the wing a "nest" made from
shreds ot the fabric, with a number
of young mire ln It.
Well Trained.
Miss Wilkiiis, the primary teacher,
was instructing her small charges.
"Name one thing of Importance
that did not exist 100 years ago,"
said the teacher.
Ilalph Franklin, an only child,1
who was seated In the front row,
promptly arose and answered:
"Me" I
Valdez Annexes Reservation.
Valdez. Alaska,    March   31. -Count
of the ballots shows the reservation
was annexed  to  the  town of Valdez.
by an overwhelming majority.
Austrian Coal Production.
Austria lasl year produced  nearly
49.OO0.00O short tons of coal, of whicli
about 18,000,000 tons were blturolnnux
and the rest brown coal.
accomplish their purpose
with maximum efficiency
and minimum discomfort.
Increasing  doses  ate not J
needed. *
25c.  a  box  at  your
Druggist's. nt
NalUiMl Drag ni 0_-__
JLmimfmmmm,mam~   ' WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  1,  1914.
Nothing But Leaves, Yes,  Fresh, Tender, HiH
Grown, Fragrant "SALADA" Tea Leaves���
i River   Forest   Has   General   Superintendent Who Looks After All
Its  Affairs.
The Self Satisfied Woman and Jolly Young Person Having a Glo-
Her Long Suffering Public. rious Slide.
Costs no more than common-place teas.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager..
Use The Mail For Banking
You need not make a special trip lo town to cash a cheque,
make a deposit or draw some money.    Use the malls instead.
You will lind our system of Banking By Mall a safe and
convenient way of transacting a!', your banking business.
Deposits may be made and cash withdrawn by mail without
delay or trouble.
Call or write the Manager for iuH information ln regard to
Banking By Mali.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURIN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Granby
Every Thursday, 12 Midnight���
To Prince Rupert
Every Saturday, 12 Midnight���
To   Victoria  and   Seattle.
Thursday, April 2nd���
At 12 midnight to Stewart.
Friday. April 3rd at 12 midnight
to Prince Kupert, Masset, Nation Harbor and Queen charlotte' Inland points.
Grand Trunk Pacific
EASTBOUND passenger trains leave
Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays at in a.ni. l'eer Tyee, Terrace, Pacific, ECttwanga, Hazelton,
New Haselton and Bmithers, Mixed
trains leeive* Smithers Thursdays and
Sundays at 8 .'���'���<> a.m. fur Barrett
Lake, i:os.. Lake anil Priestley
(mile :'.:;7.i    stage, te. Port  Fraser.
WESTBOUND passenger trains Leave
Edmonton daily al lfl:ir. p.m. lur
Ivls.en. Hawea, Jasper, Mnunt Rob-
1-..11. Tete Jaune nml McBride, nnel
leave McBride Mondays, Wednesdays
nndFrldays nt B;00 a.m. tor Willow
Rlv-r  and   I'liiii*..  George.
EASTBOUND���The Limited leaves Edmonton dally at !i :IJii a.m.. arrives
Winnipeg " :i:> p.m. I'-'m hours.)
We represent all Trans A tlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G.
S27  Granville  St.,  Vancouver.
Smith. C.P.  - T.A.
Phone  Sey. 8134.
Henry M. Hyde, writing in the Chicago Tribune, tells of the efforts to
solve the problem of municipal government. Until recently River For-
jest, like countless other towns, has
been governed in the usual way by
councilmen and trustees, and to get
anything done It was necessary to call
j a meeting of the council, which always means delay. After describing
these conditions, Mr. Hyde writes:
River Forest is the first suburban
I village -at  least  in    Illinois���to    at-
I tempt to solve the problem In a radical way.   Just a little more than three
months ago Karl M. Mitchell went to
! work    as    general superintendent of
i the village, empowered to settle, with-
i out reference to any committee or other higher quality, practically all .the
questions which arise dally for executive action wherever more than half
a dozen people arc gathered together.
Up lo a year ago Mr.  Mitchell had
been for sixteen years an employee of
the Chicago Telephone company.  He
had experience in the department devoted to the maintenance of the telephone plant, and also in the systematizing  of   the   complicated   organization of the company.   His present salary  as  village   manager  is  $1,800   a
year.    It is too early yet to pass any
final judgment as to the result of the
experiment.    Most of the village trustees seem to fuel that so far it has
been entirely successful.
Mr. Mitchell has put into force
economies in the hiring of village employees which -if carried out to the
end of the year���will save almost the
amount of his salary. He has also
been able to buy certain supplies for
public use at less than the old prices.
It is a perfectly natural thing that the
influence of a boss who is always on
the* job shoulel result in more and better work being done by all the employees of the village.
The contractor who is erecting some
large college buildings In the villas0
btars witness that the general superintendent helps him to get immediate
decisions in a multitude of little mat-
Seward. Alaska, March 31.���Forest
Rang. 1*    Alf.    Williams    arrived    in
. Seward last night from tbe lower
K'nai river, where he spent two
months with    Forest   Ranger   Keith
> McCullag estimating the standing
timber in the ljike Skllak, Chicka-
loon and Juneau Flats country.
While Williams was freighting in
supplies February 2 with a dog team
from  Skilak lake  to Swan lake, near
A Real Live Poet and a Word About | Advent of Winter  Brings Joy to the   ?1""*,au���M��"ow' n(1 uJaa, charged *>y a
His Charming Personality���The Fascination That Lies In a Low Pitched
Musical Speaking Voice.
Hear Elsa���1 have Just been talking
to emu of the most self satistied wo
Little Ones���An Amusing Guessing
Contest���About Animal Friendships.
A Flower Puzzle.
big bull moose, and barely escaped
with his life.
The   moose   was   feeding  on   some
willows near the trail, and when the
�����.*.--- *k__, ...�� .������..., ��k.��  -a- I <i��K ttam began to bark, the big ani-
lerbnps there are sports that pro-   mal charBwl.    Williams tried to un-
vide more fun than coasting down a   snap   tile gec line to turn the   team
men it has ever been my misfortune ! steep hill, but they are pretty bard to ! loose,   but  the  mooBe came   at  him.
to  meet.    Tills  visitor of  mine is  so    flnd at tUis tlme of year    WiU) ��� clear   driving him under the sled.   He made
a second attempt to "free the team,
but again the maddened animal drove
him   to  cover.    In   the  load,   lashed
perfectly   delighted   with   everything   road and  a  gw|ft  8|ed the dagn  lf
she docs and says and has und Is so
sure of herself that one feels like giving her 11 good shake to get some of
Ibe smugness out of ber system.
Always to feel contented with oneself must Indeed be a pleasant sensation for tbe person concerned, but lt
surely Is an affliction for the rest of
Now. dear, don't misunderstand me
and Jump to the conclusion that 1 consider nil self assured iieople to be suffering from un enlargement of the
cranium. But you will admit thnt this
exaggerated complacency Is 11 very
common form of the diseased ego.
Not long ago 1 read somewhere that
education would broaden it narrow
nilud. but there was no remedy for a
Swelled head. Certainly some philosopher snld that. It sounds like one of
I'udd'nlii'iid Wilson's sage remarks,
but possibly 1 read It on tbe calendar
ynu sent ine Christinas. How I do
love the calendar that doles out wisdom liy the day. Just enough for one to
digest well!
Tu come buck to my text, the man
whei makes himself heard, whether one
wiints to listen to lilm or not. may lie a
bore. Inn none the less one admires in
no Irritated way his very persistence
nnd his ability to gain one's attention.
Hut we women don't feel the same tol-
ersnee for one of our own sex who
"butts in" nu every occasion, in nnd
��*eiit eef season. We dull her just |lllllll I
rude or "nervy," and very often both |
epithets nre used.
But 1 do think a certain amount of
worldly assurance the l>est asset in
quickly over, but lt can be done over
and over, and one never gets tired.
With a big bobsled and a crowd to \ao_& wa�� a loaded nfle,
When the moose saw him slashing
I at the sled ropes to get the rifle, it
charged again, and Williams climbed
a tree. He stayed there until the
dogs again engaged the moose, when
he clambered down and ran to a
cabin  on the lake  shore,  where    he
I secured  a  gun   and    returned.    The
| moose  was  still  lighting    the    dogs.
I Williams terminated the battle with
one bullet.
One dog was trampled to death,
and another was so badly injured it
was necessary to shoot it. The sled
had been trampled Into the snow and^
was badly  broken.
@ by American  IVc-sa Association.
fill it the sped is apt to make tbe sport
Jnngerous. especially  for little people.
P.ut the
i any youngster when public streets are
i avoided.    The  best  place  is  an  open
State Monopoly on Liquor is Doomed
But Must Secure Revenue
Odessa, Russia, March 31.��� The
state monopoly of vodka is doomed.
The czar's heart and conscience have
both been stirred by the appalling fig-
ineel,* sh-l is sufef.ir almost | !,rf ��,f intemperance in Russia Never
indeed,   was   the   effect   of   the   evil
ters which, under old conditions, might t,,ta  llfe-   lt  m,lkes B  t*noi>  tllore
take weeks to settle. agreeable, more sought nfter and more
1 There are, of course, objectors, as ��l>0rectuted. Any one who can net well
'.there always will be, no matter what I llis l'an '������ the give and take of social
; machinery of government is adopted, 1 minus is  bound to lie more  popular
For instance, last April before the I than the shy. self effacing person. The
j general superintendent was employed, I beautiful, flowerlike, modest type "born
the trustees passed an ordinance re-| to blush uuseen''���where is she nowa-
' quiring all residents to keep the weeds | days? Surely she's not iu evidence In
i cut about their places. Mr. Mitchell. (f,|8 ,,iost rushing of all rushing een-
I served notice on 18a property owners, I luries.
covering about six miles of street) But? talking of people, 1 saw a real
I frontage.    At  the  same time  it  was | perao0   Vt.steI*dav,  Alfred  Noves,  the
stated that the* village would be glad 1,,    ���������      t   M   Weajj of Ulc pnyglca,
; to do the work at a cost ot 3 cents
I a front foot.   So far about 30,000 feet |
of   frontage   has   been   clipped.   7.000
! than 30 people were taken to one hospital alone suffering from raging mad-
appenrance of n bard were nil knocked
ln tbe bead by this short haired, uuis
.feet by the village and 2T.0O0'bv'the   cu,ar-    wholesome,    outdoors    looking
Individual property owners.   But there  young man  wbo was as genuine und
PrM    ul   (Mil
W   *   H    HI'i'KI.It-
��� ���o.  Bn4 Trui
Pir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phonei  No. 7 and 177
is one���and only one���prope*. ty owner
who declares that he- will neither cut
his own weeds nor pay the city for
cutting them. He considers the general manager plan of Village govarh*
iiii-iii i�� rank failure.
I government  railways  has  a  4  ft
j in. gauge.
The Best Markets.
i    Uritish engineers find that the
markets for costly trucks and locomo
tlves are India. South America
i Africa    and    Australia.    Orders    fre*
I quently bulk large.    One for the In*
dian State railways numbered 1C0 en-
Emphasizes  Need  of    Discipline
Young Men.
Lcndon,  Mnrch 31.���The Btateinenl
made by Dean Hensley    Hanson    on
the  occasion of a deputation  to the
prime'   minister in    BUpport    of    the
principles  of  the     National     Serv;ce
league last week, to the effect    that
"universal training would go far    to
: remove the scandal of Knglish failure
Iin  the colonies and to prevent  social!
failure at home." has found keen   re- I
j spouse in cclonial circles in London. I
I It is felt that hick  of discipline    in I
,    tia*i classes of society is the cause of
'"'"���'a pood  deal of  the present  unrest.
Rnntii I England, colonials  say.  wns -in    the
' ef  her power  when  her  men1
true iu liis outlook upon life us in 1111
lieurance.   And this ls"one of the rea-"
sous   why   his   verse  and   personality
tire so popular In this country among
, joiihg Persons, especially men. . ' \vlll,t  k)1)d
Miirifiir,>t   II.'h hou.  o  senior tit   sale.  I     , .
' told ine when he was home ror the tioi  1 "','"'���"."',";,
'��� idays   thut   "Alfred   Noyes   nnd   bis
poetry"  wns the theme for the prize
! essuy in  Knglish this yeur ul the uni
I Verslty.
lie���Alfred .Noyes, I mean���reads ex-
I qulsltely.   und  ns   I   heard   blm   talk
ji lee.ut "Tennyson"  he had a  fine op
liottuuity   in  tbe  verse of this great
muster to exercise his talent.   After lie
bnd recited "Crossing tbe  Bar" there
wift hardly u dry eye lu the room.  Bul
1 must stop making such a noise about
Alfred,  otherwise  you'll  think   me 11
Speaking of voices, how seldom one
hears tbe sweet, low affair of Action!
The  other  day   several   women   and
myself  were talking about a  certain
debutante   who   despite   her   lack   of
more mai ked than at the present mo-
. ment. On the last day of the carnival
Held or a large park, where autos und * festivities in St. Petersburg no fewer
horse drawn vehicles are not allowed.
Then hop on nud let her go The smiling young ludy In the picture Is Miss ness brought on by vodka.
Antoinette I'rissell. daughter of a New * The czar has spoken. The full
York physicinn. She wns snapped in; weight of the imperial power and
Central park uot loug ngo. 1 prestige will be thrown into an effort
  I to redeem Russia from Its worst evil.
'< Even  the drinking of  loyal  and na-
A Guessing Game. , ti0nal toasts has been  formally dis-
Tbe guessing contest bere described  COuraged;   and  above  all the stigma
will furnish an amusing half hour at a' cast upon the government that it lives
party.    To each couple baud a iwper'and thrives hy the degradation of the
containing   tbe   following   questions,  people will he removed,
with spaces left for the answers; i    But If  the vodka    monopoly    goes
What kind of a cajte adds variety to,what will take its place?   It must not
...,���. . be forgotten that the monopoly means
nre.   Bpieecaae. ,_   net return of ��90,000.000 per annum.
What kind of cake should a pollU-, How u lWg enormouB SUTO to be -^^
���ian eat'!   Election cake. \ up?   0n6 answer which claims to have
Wbut kind of cuke are lovers fond originated  from an  absolutely trust-
on    Kisses. \ wotthy source.'a highly placed depart-
Whnt kind of cake does a pugilist en-  mental chief in the Russian ministry
Joy';   Pound cake. ! of finance, is that there will be sub-
of enke  do   bees   lore?  stitutod for the state vodka monopoly
1 the nationalization of the *graiu export
What kind or cake should  he given   '"t,"Rt?".      ���.e   *lh���|n*��'   bas   been
. ,    ,.    ,, .,  the subject of an official denial, but
the mnn who imposes on  his friends/   jt ^ ^^ nQ mUe senatjon among
Sponge inke. those engaged in Russia's staple indus-
Wlint kind  of enke should  the Jeiv-|trv   and   more  markedly   among  the
eler useV   (lold aod silver cake. -grain   shippers   in   south   Russia for
What kind ror the sculptor?   Marble they realize that there is nothing iii-
cake. herently  impossible or improbable ia
Whnt  two  cakes  are  most  suitable   the report.
for the minister?
angel food.
Scripture cake nud
Whet is now stated is that the erec-
comotives Shipped Out of Britain
to   Railroads  Abroad.
which 78 were of one type),
other  order  represent! d  ti**.
arc chiefly ginnt  loci motives
est made, capable ot the longest journeys   day   after   day,     month     after!
mouth. Prominent among the long list. |se,,��.,, ;
of tatlways in Argentina are the One*
n s Ayres On at Southern, the Cenrtal
Argentine, and the Buenos Ayres and
prime   ui   u.,    i.i��i.    ��.".'   "*-���    ,*,-.,, _..       ,   .
1 were those who as boys had passed ! good looks was carrying all before her
through  a  hard  school of discipline. ] In the social world.
lay  ease and  comfort j    "What I like about her." said a man
lt re
, nide.   Universal training for military | minds me of the purring of a cat'
Those  service, it is state'd, would bring the
the fin- ���ycunR men of the mllion under discipline which would prove beneficial
to   ihem   personally   and   the   nation
Heavy  Consignments  of   Railway   Lo-' glnes.    Another for the Or. at.Indian   ^ \ro\^ "of  diSCOeit **n t   and   iin-.n-,-   ,vh,��   loiu.'d  us.   "U  her  \ oic
; Peninsula was for Mi locomotives (ot *
London, March 81, Rritish made
rolling stock continues to be forward*
. d in heavy consignments to railways
abroad.    One gnat (llnsgow concern I pttc;f|0   aii ,-������-���ellciit buyers from the
last yi'ar completed their twenty thou-; rjn,ted Kingdom and workshops,
sandth locomotive.   This engine was     *,��� keeping with the demand for lo-
! coiiiotivs and rolling stuck, the
bridge's nre being enlarged or re-
j placed by heavier structures. Width
and weight arc essential on the line,
land Immense gaunt frameworks of
steel girders, struts, pillars, and liars
are being constructed.
Outstanding bridge contracts to he
settled this year Include the llowrah
This engine was
'hipped mil to South Africa to do good
work year by year on the Rhodesian
railways. For ten years past the
vain.* .'if th.. railway locomotives made
by tills one engineering company
alone gives the huge total of fil8,-
000,000 sterling, of which fully ��12e-
000,000 was exported to foreign countries. 	
Ttui draughtsman at private railway : ttn(1 Sydney bridges. In India, Siam,
engineering works has to possess an , Soutl, America and South Africa pon-
inqulring mind, He cannot be con- j ,|Proua engines and trucks have neces-
tent with old plans. New types of *, Kit;it*-ft weight-carrying sub-structures,
wagons are constantly being evolved, I 0m> uruB,. f0r the Indian State rail-
and a difinite change Is noticeable In way8i witj*, a vr,o foot span, was built
the materials used for Constructional ��������� Glasgow, and shipped out in large
purposes.    Steel is surely  displacing j Kt,ctioll8 iri the liner's holds.
we��''* e.      I      .1 I
Of eater   carrying    capacity   is   ai-
���wbvs wanted.   The more a wagon can j
safely convey the more economical is
tVie   rn��t   of   transit.     A     prominent
' _��A��fcuRecently supplied the     On beard the
SSSiSU Uanway company with  man ^   se ,���,   from SanUanc.co
^��JSS^%��rffltatS| -a-,, of the Canadian Arctic.explor-
steam  whaler   Her-
rake the case cf South Africa ns
it is today," said a well known merchant, "the absence of discipline is
showing there to a large extent in
Englishmen, and the presence of it to
an equal extent in the Boers. At the
moment Kngland is regarded as Unking backbone and firmness, while
those characteristics nre' Been to a
marked degree among the king's
Dutch subjects. As a result of British
weakness. South Africa has during
the past few years passed through a
scries of grave crises. The Knglish
- more particularly the Hrltish government���have failed to handle the
conditions as they have arisen, while
the Dutch subjects have shown resourcefulness and determination. The
recent strike, its settlement, and the
manner in which the strike leaders
were handled is evidence of this.''
At the. offices of the Commonwealth of Australia it was stated
that there ts a vast difference be-
twern the emigrants who go
nowadays and those who were
tlon of a network of grain  elevators
Ion the railroads traversing the south-
! em  "black earth  belt."  a  work just
Animal Friendships. taken in har.d. is really a first prellm-
The dog anil the horse often becometinary   step   in   thc  crown   project of
great friends and are very fond or ene*n . nationalizing the grain industry.   The
other.    A gentleman had 11 Newfound-  report   has  caused   no   little   dismay
land dog that always went to the sta- among the grain shippers in the Blnck
hie to get Ills horse'.    While the groom   Sea P��rta but lt win no doubt be be-
iddled the horse the dog lay with his
nose   between   his   paws.     When   ttie
leenc.l to lie
the latest type of goods wagon con
signed abroad holds thirty tons. It has
On Visit To Capital.
Ottawa,  March 81.- S,  H. Catenation ship Karluk. Is a complete mov-|ter,   cx-chtef  detective of  the    Moiling  picture   outfit   and   a   competent; treal police department, former chief
operator, for  the purpose of record-1' f police of Edmbnton, and now na-
^^nfg^^^SSSwIinVii." piclurc  lorni  .h> ire wastes of   .islan.   conunissinne,*     ..f
the west.
Ills   simile   wns   correct.     The   girl's
voice was very low pitched ��nd came
from the buck of her throat ln a soft, j |mr|;,.d loudly till he came.
husky sound, and Its fascination wns 1
1 am going to be very learned and
tell you what Rochefoucauld soys
about the voice! "There is more eloquence lu the tones of the voice than
In the choice of words." And I dn
think he proclaims a real truth.
A delightful stury of a speaking vol.*.*
vas told to me recently, a voice that
cniild not be bought for gold. It be
longed to a hardworking little servant,
ti chniiitiermnld In 11 great bouse, whose
speaking voice was so wonderfully
sweet ns to provoke comment by nil
who heard her talk.
Her mistress particularly admired
Its quality mid one dny sent for the
girl to come nnd speak to the teacher
who was giving her daughter elocution
"There." she snld. "1 want you to
tench my daughter to speak like thnt."
"Alas, mndum." the teacher responded
sadly, "that Is Impossible. No man
can tench that. Those ore neither
chest nor throat notes. Tbey come
from the heart."
Now, I am tiring you. Klsn. dear. In
the most henrtlesa manner with this
twaddle, so goodby. ma cherie. De*
���otedly, MABEL.
New York.
nevolently regarded by grain importers in western Europe, who for very
. manv vears past have had excellent
horse wns ready the dog took the reins reason; for complaining of the flag-
in his mouth and led the borse to nis ralU adulteration practices of the
master. Ile then followed him lu til 'southern Russia merchants and ship-
ride. On returning the reins were giv- per8i a. state monopoly would restore
en to the dog. and be led his friend the former and lost reputation cf the
back to the stable. If the groom hup* south Russia grain trade. Whether it
ut of ihe stable the dog would compensate finally for dropping
; the vodka monopoly is another matter.
Assuming that the official dental of
the statement is correct, or that the
story .is nothing more than an ingen-
H'dden Flowers.
was a ch'lc lover-in fact, quite a j ions  conjecture,    or    a  project  upon
1 which 110 decision has yet been made,
Tlte l-nns vou put the flowers In are   ^  'luestion still  remains:   "in  what
' -' 1 way is the deficit caused by the drop-
r'"'t*v . ping of the* vodka monopoly to be met?
ihedn. is yesterdays milk sour; Th|1 on]y ultenutive so far as one can
Mr lliidnor chilled his sou for telling' SL,ei [B tm. imposition of a special tax
nn untruth, on income or property, which is little
The sweet peasant child  wns  made   likely   to te  appreciated   by   the  pro-
tjneell Mtiry. Ipertied  classes In  Russia.
I always Inugh when .lethro sets th-a ,  ���
plcllic table
Answers.���Clover,  pansy,  dulsy.
hid. sweet pen. reise.
I    Over the American Flag.
Then' is but one occasion 11p.u1 which
another   emblem   Is  allowed  to   hlowl6(j  the daughters  of Oeneral  Llrr.an
Sequel to Attack en German General's
Daughters in Constantinople.
Constantinople, March 81.���Exemplary punishment has been meted out
to three Turkish soldiers who molese-
The Rain Goblins.
The rnln notillns tjo plt-H-pat.
Spitting nt Ihis. nplttinK at that.
They're out today dabbling In glee-
See!   They're washing Windows for nVt
Stole for  Minister.
Edmonton,   Mnrch  31,- I.ulu Cham*
29Mj   feet  long;  an      ..--.        -(   p may uave drifted to the eastward to-
CSK?J�� inns   line cwt i ward  Herschel Island, locked fast In
!'8*    i,,.^,,ut   -,. to note the dlter- the Icefields.   Cuptnln C. T. ledcrscn,' uerlain, charged with stealing a check
It is intere��""�� �� "   _���   ,*.10 0cn-l who Is In command of the search ex-1 fo? $11H and $5<J In cash, declared in
entgaugt B in ui >.  ��        ��� _   f|    s;po(lltion  a-nttclpktes that no great, dif-; court that It wns her love .for an un-
Amlv'il  traffic locomotive built   ficulty will he experienced in locating der paid minister of the gospel who
African  railways has the Karluk, ns the tec will have bro- was in need of money, that led her
A tank locomo-  ken up hy the time the Herman rounds | to commit    the    "'   "
A Delicious Omelet.
The secret of uu especially delicious
omelet served In n certain home came
to light the other day. More yolks
thnn whites nre used, and 11 little rich
evennygoes III when It Is to be plum ot
Is lo De e-i'iisemi'il with cheese.
over ours This Is during the time von Sanders, the head ot the German
when the church call Is being Sounded I military mission here. The ladies,
nt navy yards and upon vessels of ths Who had been on an expedition to
nilv.. ' Betcos,   were    walking     along     the
1 Asiatic banks of the llosphorus. accompanied by an officer in mufti,
when the soldiers, who were in uniform, ca.ne up und demanded money
with threatening gestures. The Indies,
unwilling to permit the escort to face
such heavy odds as a conflict would
offer .gave iilO to the men, who took
to flight.
As soon ns the general heard of the
affair he at once* went to the grand
vizir and demanded the condign punishment of the men. who were quickly Identified and arrested, Yesterday
the robbers were shot by a Hrins
The rnln itohllns go drip. cl. Ip. <hlp.
A-bouncing down with hop awl skip.
They're out today for gooil. I think,
For they nre giving my plants a dun*
gospel who
in.    i\  m	
lor tho Smith
only 8 ft 8 '"-B^e^ ^uwaV'of Bra-1 the most northern  point of Alaska. I guilty tb the charge and Judge:_Ta> lor | home
an(j a goods io* Nothing haa ben seen cf the Karluk j remanded   the   case
live Tor thr
/.il is ci *"' ft* gauge;
1    Octagenarian  Succumbs.
Cnehalis,   Marcv   31     '-'red    Dieck-
man, Ml years    old, resident   of this
theft.    She pleadedIcounty thirty years, is dead    at    his
A son,  Charles  Dleckman,  a
until  Tuesday   well known business man of Chehalis,
The rain nobllns. frolicsome elves.
Are having sport all to themselves.
But It's for othera they're nl nolle.
Kalmlrops I never knew to shirk.
O rnln goblins, we welcome you.
Kor you .-ume not to make 119 bluet
Aa a lilesaing you're hera nBaln.
We could nut live wlttio.it the ral_
oomotive for the
New  South  Wales since September.
i morning when sentence will be passed survives him.
P.O. Box ** Dally Newe Bld(
of all kinds.
"rleea right    Satisfaction guarantees
58  McKencle Si
Hudson Bay Railway
Ottawa. March 81. -J. D. McAithur
hits arrived in the capital to discuss
I with the minister of .railways plans in
i regard  to  the  construction   work  on
the Jludson  Bay   railway   next  sum-
'' mer.   The contractor he says expects
that good headway will be made with
! the work and thnt many miles of track
' ,vill  I.*,   laid  before  snow   files .next
uiiunui. PAGE POUR
WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  1,  1914.
We are clearing out odd lines
at special prices. Some or these
lines we aro discontinuing to
handle; in other cases labels
have become soiled although the
goods are all right. All go at
reduced prices.
Furniture Polish, regular 25c,
to clear, 2 bottles 25c.
Cloudy Ammonia, regular 25c.
to clear 2 bottles 25c.
The above IS fine for the bath.
Chow   Chow   Pickles,   regular
30c, to clear large bottle 20c.
See our assortment, displayed
on bargain counter, Tegular 25c,
to clear, 2 for 25c.'
Noel's Jams and*.Marmalades,
regular 25c, to clear 20c.
Cabaret Kippered Herring. 3
tins 25c.
Herring in Tomato Sauce, on
display on bargain counter. 3
large tins 25c.
Thistle Brand lladdies. 8 tins
for 25c.
Cane Syrup, regular 20c per
tin 10c.
Shoe and Stove Polish on bargain counter. 4 tins 25c.
Trainer's Marmalade, regular
25c, to clear 15c.
Tuckfield's Sauce, large bottles, 2 for 25c.
Many other lines at reduced
Model Grocery
��08 Sixth St. Phone  1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed-
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
Local News
Ratepayers Meet.
The  regular  meeting  of  the   Ward
One Ratepayers' association, Burnaby,
will be held  in Johnson's hall.  Highland Park on Friday evening.
BO-EY- The  funera*    -.f    the late
Mrs.   0,   Sol.y   will   take   place   thisj
ineiniing   from   the   Lutheran   church.
Vancouver to tiie Mountain View cent '
etery.    Mrs. Boley died last Saturday !
at the  family  residence,  41   Dufferin
Who is
Is he financially responsible?
Appointing a Trust
Company as Executors
is for many reasons rapidly meeting with popular favor.
Our facilities in this
regard are unexcelled
and may be proven by
our record.
Trusts under administration, 1912, $6,000,-
Trusts under administration 1913, $13,480,-
Dominion Trust
The  Perpetual Trustee.
Brown's Tested Seeds.
They are reliable; try them. Hrown
Bros, tc Co.. Ltd., 744 Columbia street.
Phone 222. 13095)
(���rand boxing and wrestling tourna
ment at tlu* drill hall Thursday evening. (3179)
On Their Way.
The delegation from the communities bordering the Fraser river to urge
the selection of the river as a site for
the Dominion elevator left last night
fo Winnipeg. They will arrive on Kriday night.
Try it. 'Tls good. Crystal dairy
pure pasteurized milk. Ten quarts
for one dollar delivered to any part
of the city.    Theme 1150. (3151)
Oon't miss the boxing tournament
at the drill  hall Thursday evening.
Two Are Committed to Higher Court
on Serious Chargs and One Sentenced to Jail.
Council   Decides  to   Purchase   Equipment and Instal Alarm System
Chemical   Motor  Truck.
As the result of an airing in the po
lice court yesterday three separate,
cases developed out of the combined
stabbing and burglary affray which
occurred near the Sterling block on
Friday  night  last  and as a result  af
$72 in loose bills, the latter being tor  taken   to  perfection.    Kspeclally  can
Itolph to    purchase    clothes    for bim   this tie said in the singing of the trio
(Krafchenko). "Lift Thine Eyes," by Mrs. G. It. God
Rolph    had    bought    these clothes j frey  and  the  Misess  M.  Wilson and
conveyed them  to    Krafchenko    andjO-  Whillier which  well deserved the
had hidden the $740 in  his home.       |mcore it received.    II. J. Knight per-
At  (his point  Itolph  was  set aside ] formed   in   his   usual  style,   his  bass
for a moment  while-  Mrs. Thomas, of. voice blending with the solos he ren-
Winnipeg, took ine stand and told of' der.d.    John Graham, the tenor, was
the appearance ot Krafchenko at her  unavoidably  delayed    in    coming  up
; house on  William  avenue on  Decern- j from Seattle and did not make an ap-
��� bjr  4.    He  had   represented   himself jpearanee until late in the program.
! as a doctor and  had  rented  a  room !    Although   last   night's   performance
I of her, but atiad only occupied it one   was intended to be the last of the sea
i night. The next lime Itolph saw Kraf- . son it is probable thai the request tor
j chenko    was    in    a    College avenue   a   repetition  of  the program   wlll  be
| house,  the house  iu   which   later  on   answered within the next two weeks.
Krafchenko was captured by the city
police, Rolph and I'.ert Hell had discussed with Krafchenko ways and
means of getting Krafchenko out of
the city, but nothing came of the discussion,   though   he   offered   to   drive
Port Coquitlam, March 31
step towards equipping the city with
a first class fire protection system was
taken yesterday when the council appropriated $6500 for a combined ladder, hose and chemical motor truck.
$1000 for a telephone alarm system
and an additional $500 for the tranf-
formatlon of the old city hall Into " j outside
central fire station.
The action was taken on the recom
mendation of the fire committee which
I Krafchenko out of    lhe   city    if    he | and against  the application to quash
��� would take the risk. ithe resolution of the city council re.
I     Itolph did not see Krafchenko again   garding  the    establishment    of    th
I until he  was brought to the  central
which Walter Ross spent several days
in the hospital repairing a head badly
damaged   by   razor   wounds.     Harry
Beattie,  held  as  a   material   witness.
The first I pleaded guilty to the theft of a bicycle i     ,1(,0 BtatioI1     Koluh ha(t previously
and was given a month In the county b uken L hls cousill t() an office
! cooler. Alfred Stark, was charged ������ ,he Mototrr8 block (the office of
i direct with attempted robbery of Mike   Kx.clllef   Mcltae).   where  Chief    Mc
Mlsgeras shot-shop and was sent ���-������
Reserves   Decision.
Edmonton,  Alta.,  March  31.���Chief
Justice Harvey, of the supreme court,
of  Alberta,  heard  lhe arguments for
Fifth Annual Banquet.
The fifth annual banquet of the
members of the Baraca class of the
Olivet liaptlst church will be held In
the church parlors on Thursday even-1 naii sone thoroughly Into the cost of
ing, April 2. Included among the con- purchasing the equipment suggested,
tributors to the program will be Rev.] -[*ll(, t,ost js covered by the sum real-
Dr. Crosby, Mrs. A. E. Postill, H. W. | izf,d from tne recent sale of the fire
Sangster and Percy Porter. j protection bonds a total of $10,881 be
ing available.
F. Mott will sell by public auction
(under instructions from H. J. Russell) en the premises. 89 St. Mary's
street, back of hospital, on Wednesday next, April 1, the contents of
this house. Sale will include Brussels rugs, linoleum, dinin;; room
furniture, dressers, stands. beds,
springs, mattresses, lace curtains,
blankets, parlor suite, crockery,
kitchen utensils, etc., etc. Sale starts
at 2 p.m. sharp. (3170)
Insurance Rate.
Besides giving added protection to
the city it ia believed that the purchase eif the improved equipment and
the establishment of a modern alarm
system will be the means of bringing
about a reduction in the insurance
The council agree-d to join with the j
women's institute and the agricultural
association In the celebration of the ,
first anniversary of the city's incor- j
poratlon. T'ne celebration will take i
place on April 18. The main feature |
of the event will be the planting of ��� Cr0An
tree.s    in     front   of  the   agricultural!
for trial, while Nick himself was also
committed 'to a higher court on the
charge of stabbing.
It developed that Stark had entered
the fobbler's shop while Beattie stood
Missera fearing robbery,
chased Stark into the street, overtaking him and a scrimmage ensued.
Ross happened along at this time and
believing the struggling men to be
engaged in a free-for-all stepped in
with a view to bringing about peace.
In the mix-up Ross was struck by Mis-
sera's razor several times about the
neck and face. Nick also being cut
about tlle fingers. Ross' injuries did
not prove as serious as at first thought
aod he was In attendance at court
yesterday with his head sw tithed in
Municipal  Gazette.     Frank   Ford,   K.
('., and C. E. Newell, K. C, appeared
for Mark Tookey. the applicant, while
City   Solicitor  Hrown.  appeared    for
the city.    Ills lordBhip heard a   two
Pherson, of the Winnipeg police, had I hours argument and reserved his de
questioned   him   for  two  and   a   half  clsion.
hours.    The day of Krafchenko's ar-
I rest Rolph  was at the police station
and on  that occasion he had  turned
over  to tne chief of police the  bills
given him by  Krafchenko.    The wit-
I ness' Btory varied but little when hia
! cross-examination     was     undertaken
this afternoon by J. 1). Suffield. coun-
i sel for the defence.    Ile was still un-
| der cross-examination when the court
Too Late to Classify
First Spiritualists Society. New-
West minster, will hold their meeting
in  the Sterling  block,  Royal  avenue I
and Tenth street. Wednesday evening I uujkl*ng.   A pr0gram of outdoor sports
at    S    o'clock.    Conductor,    Mrs.    E. , wm a]sn be arranged,
Clarke.    All are welcome. (.1090) |    ()M t,u, reque3t 0j the women's in-
  ! *titutt>  the   council  decided   to   grade
St.   Andrew's  Club. | and level a triangular portion of land
A first-class program of musical, lit- adjoining the agricultural grounds
erary and vaudeville numbers hasibeen which tiie institute recently secured
arranged for the Inauguration concert j from the ('. P. R. on a yearly lease. It
of St. Andrew's club to be held in the j is the intention  to plant the  plot  in
Weaves     Net    of     Evidence
Around Krafchenko, on Charge
of Murder.
lecture hall of St.. Andrew's church on
Thursday evening. The evening will
be in the nature of a combined social
and concert.
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
ccal. Barry Davis & Co., Phones
SS0  and   411 U (3190)
Mortgages -Alfred  W
I grass  and   flowers.    The cost  or  the
i grading will amount to $75.   The work
; will not be undertaken until the lease
of the property is ratified by the railway company.
ii was decided to call for tenders
| for the widening of Dewdney road be-
I low the station to the English church
i to 66 feet. The cost will be assessed
j against property own. rs who will most
| benefit under the local improvement j arr'*st
Morden. Man., March 31. The
crown, by the calling of the many
witnesses having laid before the
court and jury dealing with the
charge' against John Krafchenko, the
story of the actual Blum Coulee rob
bery, the murder of the manager of  the* chief beneficiaries,
the bank and the flight of the bandit
in   trie,  automobile  of  William   Dyck.
(Continued from page ono)
fought shoulder to shoulder, heart to
heart, too often; we have mourned
together In defeat for sixteen years,
but never wenr disheartened; we
have rejoiced together in our victories during the lust four years and 1
hope we will have' cause to rejoice
in many more.
" With eleep affection,
" And  r> collection.'
"I often think of the 172 Democrats
and  30  odd     insurgent     Republicans
who  achieved  our  great   victory    on
March 19, 1909, which started a political revolution, i love those men too
well to quarrel  with them new.    Vou
and I, Mr. Speaker, happened to be !
Democratic   leaders   in   that   historic
parliamentary    contesl    and    among
house Democrats you and I have bee*!*.
You owe the '
leadership  of  the  house  and   1   owe i
the speakership to the fact, fortunate!
te> close in double corner at Cedar Coi-
ti.K" feu* eIwe*ll|iiK. .', eir S rneims nml
modern. For further particulars call
en phone.   TtiiM is n good property.
lol 68x182 fe*e*i. Royal Avenue and Dufferin streets.   Owner has dear tlo-ii nn.i
title*.      Wlll   exchange   l",,r   itemd   lie,uB.
nnel assume,    Price ttisuo.
oughly modern dwelling; lnt ���;c,xi;i^ r.-. i.
two sireet frontages. owne*r will i ,k--
lol  ns cash payment anel arrange tui
ai  tee snli purchaser.   What have you
to offer,
small chicken ranches, close In which
we-  can  offi-i   foi   suit*  at   re.e-k bottom
prices.       ll    Will    |e.e>*    ve��l    te.   He e-   our   lis!
befon you bu) elsewhere. Call *ir phone
Eastman and Co.
Phone tii*.'.
201   Westminster  Trust   Building.
today changed the scene by dealing to us, that we wen* ihe Democratic
with tin* arrival of Krafchenko In leaderB l n that memorable occasion.
Winnipeg and his subsequent move- bul 1 bave asserted a thousands
ments there which terminated In   his   times,   1   do   now   assert,  that   every
man of the 17J Democrats and 30 odd
Republicans  who  fought  with  us on
The star wi ness in this con
is Ben    Rolph,    a  Winnipeg
The  members  and   friends   of  the
I V. W. ('. A. in this city Will gather in
', the association building on Friday af-
I ternoon ae 2:30 when the annual meet-
tog wlll be called to order    For the
purpose  of  electing  about   l">   dlrec*
iters to fill the vacancies of directors
whose   terms  expire mi  thai day, a
meeting of the members will be held
I at 2 o'clock.
Rat. Rt    the   Royal   enfe.    pomtnfnn
Trust  building,    Good cooking;  good
service. (3189)
4    i
Insure in the Royal, the world's
largest fire company. Agent. Alfred
W,  McLeod,  the Insurance  Man.
Erings Back Prieoner.
Chief Parkinson of the Burnaby police force reached Kdmonds last night
having In custody John V, Cureil. who
is     charged     wltb     misappropriating
I funds   from  the   Burnaby   branch  of
Dow, Eraser and company,   Cureil will
be arraigned In police court tlvs morning although a remand will be asked
aud probably granted In order io colli ' evidence.
The People's Grocer
City Store   193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West  End  Branch    650
Per Cent on
New Westminster
SOB Columbia   Street.
;   8. KEITH. Ma-aner.
Wood!   Wood'.  Wood!  To Burr.
The best wood in th�� city delivered
; ;ii   your  i.e.use  55  minutes  after yon
tihone the   order.    Superior   Snsii    &
Door Co.    Pbone 503, (3191)
Social and   r
Mrs. McKercher, Royal avenue, Ims
gone to the Royal Columbian hospital
where she will undergo an operation
for appendicitis,
Mrs M IM. Matheson, 320 Third ave
uu.', will be at hum.' on Thursday,
Tomorrow will be the 1st ol
April  and   we  want to  remind
y< n nt a good place to buy your
gn rii'h from tomorrow on.
taxi-cab driver, tlu> man to whom
William Regie carried a message
from Krafchenko. asking Rolph to go
down to lJlum Coulee, Regie, a former
witness, has already tcld how Rolph
refused and Rolph today went Into
turth. r details of liis refusal and told
of his subsequent dealings with Krafchenko.
Rolph went on the stand at 10:30
this morning and W. H. Hastings,
crown   prosecutor,   elfclfee-f   from   hfm
the detailed story of his connection
that bloody held Is entitled to his full
shaii of honor. In the Immortal
weirds of Admiral Wlnfleld 8a c
Schley, 'There was glory enough for
all' With Buch men 1 will nol quar-
n I, Indeed, the dignity ot the high
position which 1 hold by tbe partiality
of the lions.* forbids t'.u.t I quarrel
with any member. I refus
ade  the  speakership  by
tee     dO
with   Krifchenko,   which   dated   back
to an alleged  shooting party  consist-   Orchestral   Society  Congratulated  for
ing  of  Krafchengo, Tom  Collins  and' Splendid Efforts.
U man    named    Larson.    Rolph    bad j     With   ev< ry   seat  taken   and   extra
taken  the  party down  to a  town  he I seating capacity  found  In  the aisles,
hite*r  found  was I'ltnn    Coulee,    but the New* Westminster Choral and (ir-
said  no  shooting   was dene. chestral society scored a brilliant sue-
one of the chief reasons why young
people stay contentedly there* Instead
ol   seeking  their amusements    else
i.. t ��� famish the piano lh it ��� ill
make      mr   home   attractive,   The
DOMIN  ON PIANOS nre here fur your
I selection.
New  Westminster.
419 Columbia St.,
Later When  Krafchenko asked him !
through William Regie to go down to
Plum Coulee Rolph refused,    telling i
Krufchenko he did not want  to have ;
anything to do with him.   On December   1, the day  after *,he  F'luui  Coulee
tragedv, Krafchenko stepped his car
ou William avenue, Krafchenko had
asked to be driven to the north end
of the city, and en route had handed
Rolph a parcel containing 74 ten dollar Bank of  Montreal bills, and also
eess last night in St. Andrew's Presbyterian church when it rendered se*
lections from Mendelssohn's "Elijah."
Th.* well balanced chorus of 50 voices,
an orchestra of 20 pieces, the excellent
tone of the soloist all under the able
leadership of .Herbert D, Meekness,
combined a musical effort which has
perhaps never been equalled by any
amateur organization in the city.
Of  thi'  soloists only    the    highest
praise can  be given, each  part being
121  Water St., Vancouver, B.C.
'have' started an auto freight service
between   Vancouver  and   New   Weat-
* minster  and   way   points.    A  reliable
Service guaranteed.    Charges reason
1 able.    Give  us  a trial.
Phones:   Seymour  1843 and 6651.
When in
this week come In our Etore and
.sample Ma.l.aren's Products. The
demonstratoi will 'be plran*d to tell
yon all  al ' Ul  their goods
MacLaren's Jelly J'n.vden*.. 3 tor.,25c
Peanut   Butter, per jar  ..15c and 20c
Pimento I iieese, per pkl 10c
Cream  Cheese,  p"r  pkt        10c
Aud  in Ja b    35c
[lu-lac tie   i heese, per pkt  15c
Prepared   Mustard, per jar   10c
Krlngl. Corn Flakes, :'. pkts ... .25c
Robin Hood Porridge Oats In i. as.
at     10c and 25c
Egg-O Baking Powder Iii25c. 50c, and
$1.00 tins.
wouldn't it be nice for a little snack.
Assorted Sandwiches, Toast and Te -a.
Phone 398
Residence.   Room  118  Mcl.eod  Block.
Phone 489 U
will  riml our  store on   'he  cor
ner ol 12th street nm! 6th  ave
nue B good  place to den!
have   an   up-to-date  grocery   In
our  store on  the  ci n. r  Ol   <    I
umbta and Hospital streets.
lisi Columbia street, is without
n doubt one of the [Inesl In B.C
Give us a call nnd be convinced
When you want, a quick lunch
and are going to serve soup ask
for CAMPBELL'S. They com ���
In many different kinds at 2 for
Money Saving Clearance Sale
. et; regular $(..e
regular $x..V),
Dean's Grocery
mnrr   3locW
Phone  386.
'"jluir.hU   Street.
Read - [he - News
Martin-Senour  Paint  100% JPurg
The Martin-Senour loo per cent run* Paint being made of pun*
materials covers 25 per cent more surface, wears lunger n ���' is there
fore more economical than adulterated paint or lead an . nil,
The Martin-Senour 100 per cent. Pure paint In point a, covering capacity  and  durability  is  unsurpassed by any painting material made,
Martin-Senour 100 per cent. I'.iint for exterior and interior dee
Miirtin-.Senoiir N'ew Tone for giving a soft flat finish on plaster
walls, etc,  *
Martin-Senour Floor Paint gives a hard, smooth surface, is hard
cratch or mar and  wears  "''-li.
New  Westminster.
Tn n in ii ���iMiim iihim iimiiaiii alia ii ���w
Phone 59.
Tapestry Squares
Scotch Wool Carpets
Seamless Velvet Squares
7.6x9 feet
9x9 feet; regular $11.25,
9xl0.fi;   regular  $15.00,
9x12 feet; regular (18.50
lO.fixl'^ feet; regular $^1
Ilxl0.fi feet; regular 15.00
��x9 feet; regular $13.00,
9x1:; feet; regular $17.50
regular $23.50,
iixio.fi feet
fixl:; feet;  regular $26.00,
9x9  feet;
9x12 feet
eet; regular $22.50
regular   $.10.00,
regular $45.00
Wilton Squares
Brussels Squares
Freight Paid to Out of Town
6,9x9 feet; regular $13..r,U,
9x9 t'oet; regular $21.75,
9xl0.fi feet;  regular $22.60
9x12 feet;  regular $25.0(1
Il.;lxl2 feet; regular $31.50,
11.3x13.0  feet,   regular   $32.25
for   ��	
11.3x15  feet;   regular  $45.75,
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588 WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  1,  1914.
Sixteen Game Schedule���Even Split on Gates���Joe Gorman Makes Last Attempt But in Vain���Referees Appointed���Will the Latter Act?
Con   Jones   Will    Re-enter    Lacrosse
Arena  Next  Summer-
Quinn Talks.
Toronto,    March    31.  -
\ Percy  Quinn, of the  1).  I
[Confirmed lhe reports from the coast
thn'   Con  Jones  was out of lacrosse
A.,  today
Sixteen games will be played by
the professional lacrosse clubs of
Vancouver and New Westminster, according to a schedule mapped out by
a special committee at a meeting held
in Vancouver last night. Eight of
these games will be played In Vancouver, while the other half will be
played on the Queens park oval unless arrangements can be made with
Victoria magnates io stage two of
the Royals' home* games in the Capital City.
Kinuncial arrangements were discussed,   the   two   clubs   agreeing    lo' for 1914
play on an even split, fifty-fifty. Asa; "' lK,v*' received a wire from Mr.
last spasm the Victoria club com- Jones,' said Mr. Quinn, "which state,
posed of Joe Gorman wired Dave Gil- that be wU1 nGl ������������' connected with the
christ yesterday to ihe effect t'hat|Same lhi-s *v,'ar* Jones H10's he will
Victoria would apply for a franchise jb" bu(k ln, lacrosse in 1915 stronger
under   a   split   gate   basis,   the home j "Kl" ever. '
club to take Od per cent, of the re- Tlle !)* '������ A* cl��bB wiU "ow so
ceipts. An Immediate reply by wire ahead and ta',,e what players they
was required by Joe Gorman, but la oan Bel f,om ,n(' Coilst league, as
the face ol conditions, Secretary Gil- tbc'r arrangements to co-operate ex-
ohriBt has delayed matters until to- P"e wlth C^1 Jones' severance of his
day -when a letter will be forwarded connection with lacrosse for this
to Victoria to the effect that the year,
club i?i must show cause immediate ] *   "
ly as to what players they expeci to
The schedule for the season gives
New Westminster the* opening game
;it Queens park on Victoria Day, May
25, while Vancouver l;'*ts the 1)*.:,
minion Day and Labor Day games.
The referees selected we're. Matt
IS.H-r and (leore;.* Tuck, Vancouver:
l*'ri*d .1 Lynch and Hob Cheyne. New
Wes' minster,
At San Francisco: it.   ll.   E.
Venice    9   14      1 ,
San Francisco    1    11     4]
BatK.ries:   White and  Elliott;   Kan-:
ning, Arlett and  Schmidt, Sepulveda. .
Receipts of  Dominion  Land and  Mining Offices for  Fiscal Year
Ending  Yesterday.
At Loa Angeles: it.
Oakland    12
Los Angeles    2
Batteries: (ieyer and Alexander;
Chech, 1'erritt, Lore and Roles, Huff
At Sacramento: II.    H.
Portland       8    11
Sacramento      1      8
Battel ies:   Higginbotham   and   Fra
ser;  Klawltter aud  Hannah.
1 1    An  increase  of over 93  per cent.,
3   one.   of   the   best   showings  made   by
thi'   Dominion  land  and  mining  land
offices  here,  was  made  during    tin.
liscal   year   whicli   closed   yesterday.
; Although     trade      conditions      wen*
j,-; . directly the opposite as to expecting
ei . a  record,    the     returns    month    by
2 * month k.pt piling up and a smile of
saiisfaction was upon the face of
I~.nd Agent Magee yesterday when
the figures were compiled.
The returns for both departments
and the aggregate total are as follows:
Dominion Lands.
Marcli, 1 y 14. $161.1f>; March, 1913.
Fiscal year ending March 31, 1913,
$11,931.18; fiscal year ending March
31, 1914, $27,534.37.
Mining   Lands.
March, 1914, $2108.43;   March, 1913.
a.   ., ~n'.i     ..       ..... Fiscal year ending March 31, 1913,
At   Hous on.- Ihe   New . % ork   Na-   |$sl666; ,*8ca, vear end|      March 31
tional  regulars made it four straight   11,14   $4452.22.
Grand total  for departmeni office's
At Baltimore���The Philadelphia Nationals defeated Baltimore Internationals today 3-0.
At Chattanooga-The Detroit Americans won a brilliantly fielded game
from Chattanooga of tie Southern
league today.
from the Texas League champions by
defeating Houston today 4-1.
for  the  past  year,   $31,986.59,  or an
Increase of 93 per cent.
.     .        ,       .     ,,, . ..-   .       , ,      An increase is noted in the   crown
��W\ T./tr      ,-n'^0 Nationals and   t|IIlb(.r 0l*tlCf.,   _���nou-h   not  to   BUcn
shut out rerre Haute today, while the | iar
At Terre Haute���Slack pitched nine
Cubs made  15 hits lor 14  run
Hams made four hits.
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.
Money to Loan
Inside City Property
FROM $500 UP
Agreements for sale purchased at reasonable
rates and terms.
Safe deposit boxes to rent from $2.50 per year
proportions. Receipts for the j
fiscal year ending March, 1914, were j
$89,601.47,  as  compared    with    $58,- j mm~
896.83 for the corresponding year of j	
1912-13. ___**,
Result of Mail Vote ef A. A. U. of C.
Appears to  Favor the   Plea of
Soccer  Men.
The' following letter was received
j by Secretary 11. W. Gilchrist of the
I New Weetmineter Lacrosse club yes-
I ter day  from   Lady  Minto responding
to  the  action  of  the  Salmon   Bellies
in having a wreath placeel on the
I grave of the late    Lord    Mintu.    who
died  In  London  recently:
|     "Lady   Minto  begs  to  express
|h"d!tfe*)t   thanks  to  the   members  of
[the New Westminster li. c. Lacrosse
club for the magnificent wreath se
I kindly sent In memory of Lord Minto
I The token of svmoathv and respect
I has deeply  touched  Lady  Minto and
her family who greatly values this
| recognition   of  the  former   governor
general, who was
to the Dominion."
Ottawa, March 3L���Thousands   of;
letter* are lying in the dead letter
office* in Ottawa. They contain
money, This ia the reason why they
are in the dead letter office, lt Is
contrary to a regulation recently put
UCT | ln force to send money through the
mail, unless by postal order, cheque \
or in ii registered envelope.
The order  was  issued  to  stop the
sending of money  through  the  mails
with the idea oi removing the temptation  as  far as  possible  from   postal
employees.    But  many  retail   hcusej
do a good  deal of business In    this
ineer.lv   attached I wa>*     Many   of   their  customers  en- j
', close  coins   in   envelopes   and    send |
_ them  through
; hous. s.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received aud Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts ot ths
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
the    post    to    retail
The  Schedule.
Vancouver at Westminster.
Westminster  at   Vancouver.
Vancouver  at   Westminster,
Vancouver at Westminster
Westminster  at  Vancouver.
Westminster   at    Vancouver.
1 1
Vaiiceiilvi.r    iti    \V,*HtliilliHte*r.
Westminster ai   Vancouver,
Vancouver ut   Westminster.
Westminster   at   Vancouvi r.
Vancouver   at   Westminster
- Westminster at  Vancouver.
Vancouver  ut   Westminster.
-Westminster  a>   Vancouver.
-Vancouver   .it   Westminster.
-Westminster at  Vancouver.
Matinee and Night
Montreal, Marcb 81.���It begins to
look now as if tbe Amateur Athb*tic
Union of Canada will take the pointer
thrown out by the Canadian soccer
people last autumn, aed will adopt
the principle of allowing amateurs to
play with and against professionals
in all team games.
A mail vo.e has been in progress
for some time on this question, and
from what can be ascertained from
men high in the union here, the preponderance of tlee replies Is In favor
of tin.** new movement, ��nel ��*v��'ii the
Pacific coast, which at first seemed
io be somewhat opposed to the idea,
is fulling Into line.
Whether '.he result will come up
in tin* form of a new measure or
amendment to the> present rules this
summer is doubtful, but it begins to
look as lf ii would become a law at
the next annual meeting.
In this way it would do much towards making the way smooth for
the visit of tiie two professional old
country soccer teams, which Con
Jones la bringing here In 1915.
Scottish   Leaaue  Games.
Glasgow, March SI.���The followlns
are the results of the pos'ocned Sco'-
tish  league  games played  todav  on
ihe gnui'ds of the first named clubs:
Ouccns Park 3,   Dumbarton
Mirren  1,  Patrick Thistle 0.
There is no penalty attached to
the sending of money through the
mails, but sending it is contrary to
tiie regulations, and unregistered
letters which are found to conain
money have been sent to the dead
letter office.
I Annual
Meeting   Attended
Lady Members.
by   Many
invite the ladies of this city  to  inspect  their  spring  stock of  the
latest fabrics and styles.    Special price tor two weeks only $35 and
$40.   We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
Vancouver, March 81,���Thrown
from their precarious hold on the |
At a general meeting of the New j bM,>k 1)eams of _ height car by the |
Westminster Lawn Tennis club held 1 sluinen application of the emergency j yorit woman, who was a guest at the i lar, and a. napkin tucked under hia
On Monday evening officers were elect- brakes, ewo unidentified men who Jtpya] Palm hotel, missed a diamond jowls would occupy the host's seat at
<*.l for the coming season while plans wele K<,,ailiiK a rliiw. were klllc-d this brooch on Sunday morning. At about the bead or the table. All the courses
w.*r.* i.ei.i r���r .... .*...!��  op-nit,* of the i nionilug at 3:35 o'clock em the C. P.   the same time a steamship sailed for [ especially  the cakes and sweetmeats
It.  four  miles  east    of    Hope.    The | Nassau.     Detective  Schads   got   evi-j would be laid before him as punctili-
JSP0RT chatter
(By the Potter.)
courts on First street.    The gathering
was characterized by the presence of',
20  lady  members  of  the  club.    This
has never happened before in the his- j
tory   of   the   club   and   the   result   is j
shown  by  the  formation  of a  ladies'
committee in  connection    with    the
Officers   were   elected   as   follows:
Hon. president. A. K. Hand; president. :
L.   A. .Lewis;   secretary-treasurer,   D.
H.  J.   ShildTlck;   assistant  secretary.!
('.   C.  Teale;   executive.   A.  C.   Eddy, |
W.  K. Swan, K. C. Macgowan, 11. 0.
Stacey and L. B. Haines; ladles' committee. Mrs. E. N. Sutherland and the
Misses    J.    Martin.  M.  Shildrick,  A.
Corbould and H. Hand.
A meeting of the executive' will be
held today when the date for the opening matches will probably be set.
bodies of the men were terribly ; dence that the thief was a West In
mangled, one of them being dragged ' jian negro, who had just left the ho-
t'or  several  car  lengths  and  crushed . tel's employ and was supposed to have
almost  beyond recognition
The trainmen discovered the dead
bodies when they went to Investigate
the reason for the train being suddenly stopped. A hese counting on
one of the cars became st verod..thus
automatically jamming on the emergency brakes. The men had evident .Oeorge llallett, as his seSond p.issen
liy been "riding the rods" beneath the ger, Witmer guided his machine
I car, and had been unable to retain I through a drizzling rain and found the
their hold when the train pulled up j steamship detained iiiBide the bar off
with a jerk. The bodies were taken ; Cape Florida by a high wind. The de-
to Yale and turned over to the pro- I tectlve boarded the ship, arrested Jean
vincial police. An inquest will be j Qullford, and held unto to him while
held this afternoon, when the identity :the flying boat sailed back to Miami.
usly as before his little human guests.
boarded the steamship
Ascertaining  by  wireless  that  the
negro, Jean Qullford,  was aboard the
ship,   t'.ie   detective  gut     Charles     C. ,
Mitmer. Mr. (McCormlCk'S professional:
aviator,   to   go  thief  hunting   In   the  30
Curtiss flying boat, the Edith M. With I
For Week Ending Sunday April 5.
Matinee Today
10c and 20c
Curtain at 3:00
Moving Pictures 2:00 to 3:00
After  reading   how   Miss    Kranc.es
Jackllng, a co-ed at the University of I
California,  threw  the  8-lb.    shot    34 |
Let 1V4 Inches, it  makes us shudder
lu  think what she ould  do wilh    a
flat iron.
The  tango stuff has entered baseball. Qermany Schaefer and Nick Alt-
| rock, the Washington American comedians, are  practicing the stunt fur a
side line attraction.
Here's a qulel tip. The British lacrosse team is not going to tour Can
ada this Bummer, A story is due to
break from London within the next
few days announcing this fact.
Not content with cleaning up all
the rugby teams from Calgary to
Montreal the Hamilton Tigers are
planning to invade Kngland after the.
Canadian schedule is over tills fall.
Bobble Kerr, (he famous sprinter,
has been Instructed to make arrangements for the trip.
II must have been painful to the
fans at a baseball game played in
Virginia last week when the University blanked the Jefferson school 50
to nil. The winners made 42 hits
and no erroru.
After reading the above' Bill Graham ta likely to apply for special tele-
grnph rates in order lo sign up a few
of the Bluggers,
Connie Mack is reportod to be a
great pedestrian. After reading about
his doings during the past few seasons one would believe he can pull
off the  walkover  stunt.
At tke Theatres!
The   Hoyal   theatre   offers  a   complete  change    of    program    starting
with the matinee   today    when    the
Kenworthy   players   will present    a
western play In three ads. "The Cowboy."    The action of the  play  take's
place in  California and    is    entirely
Tree from blood and thunder.   It tells
a very    interesting    story    centering
around  three cousins,  one  a  doctoi
seeking to end the life or another by
means of slow poison In order to inherit a large sum.   ln this lie is prevented by the cowboy who    not only
save  his life and wins his gnitiiude.
1 but also the hand of his sweetheart.
j Elllce, played  by    Miss    Huffy.    Mr.
I Kenworthy vvill play the cowboy and
I an   Interesting   story   well   told   and
(sure to please Is offered.  Miss O'Con
nor will also effer a change of songs
and music.
jf the men may be revealed.
Nfw York, March 31. -A story of
how a detective in Harold Mcl'or-
mick's flying boat chased a vessel at
sea, arrested a thief on the vessel
and took him buck to land and to
jail, reached the Aero club today, by
wire from Miami, Florida.
According  to  the  dispatch,  a  New
The distance to the ship and back was i 4
about twenty-one niilee.
10c, 20c, 30c
Curtain at 8:30.
Moving Pictures 7:30 to 8:30
All Seats Reserved
Phone 1068
Hurry Oodfrey, one or the> cleanest
defence players ever turned out by a
coast lucres ee team, makes the
gloomy prediction in Vancouver that
the professional game is In for a poor
Yesterday's return of the good weather made the baseball and lacrosse
players sit   up and  take notice.
The death rate among grandmothers took a big boost in Call-
fornlan cities yesterday. Incidentally the I'acllic Coast baseball schedule W03 got under way.
Special Feature
Sel.g Drama in Three Parts.
Edison Photoplay
The Mystery of the
Ladder of Light
Being the fourth In "The
chronlcLs of ci.ek," featuring
Ben Wilson,
September Morn
Roaring Comedy.
Appearing at  the  Edison theatre
the fourth of "The Chronicles of
Coming Thursday and  Friday
"The Adventures of
Being   Fourth   of   Series.
Difturbed by Hymns of Victims Sister
Who Tried to Save His Scul.
Geneva,   March 31. A  young man
named Hieder. who was lately sentenced at Thun to penal servitude for
life for the murder ol a girl named
Emily Danzer, complained the other
day that he wus disturbed at night by
a woman singing hymns under his prison window.
Inquiries were made and tho singer
proved 10 be the murdered girl's sister, she explained to the police that
she considered it her Christian duty
to save the soul of the prisoner. The
girl has been handed over to the care
of her parents, who have promised not
to allow her to approach the prison
again and disturb the convicts' repose.
High.    Low.
7:25    2:30
21:50 16:Mj
7:40    3:06,
22:50 17:25
S: 00 3:35
0:05 4:20
8:26 10:05
1:25 5:50
9:00 20:00
2:30    7:40
10:00 21:10
3:15    9:06
12:20 22:15
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Hr.
0:25 11.5    1:10    8.0
20:4S 11.1 13:42    3.0
8:42 11.4    1:40    8.8
21:51 11.0 14:22    2.S
7:01 11.3   2:27   OS.
23: u�� 10.9 15:07 2.7
7:24 11.1 3:22 10.1
15:58 2.7
0:'M 110 4:48 10.4
7:5��,10.S 16:57 2.7
1;31 11.3 6:41 10.1
9:01 10.2 1S:04 Z.X
2: id 11.6    7:54    9.2
11:22    9.7 19:12 ��� 2.S
Boston, March 31.-The luckiest of
lucky dogs would stem to be Pete
Crafts, the will of whose late master,
John Chancellor Crafts of Brighton, ts
contested by four cousins. He didn't
leave them a cent, but he left Pete,
his famous dog, un Income of $1200
a year.
Crafts thought so much of the dog,
it was testified before Judge (ieorge
today, that he always gave the animal a big birthday anniversary party.
A dozen or more children between the
ages of 5 and 12 years would he the
Pete,  with a new  gulii-inount. il col-
Photo Supplies
D. D. V.'ILSON, Manager.
An Evening In the
Peace River Country
An  Educational and  Instructive
Will be delivered by
a pioneer of the Peace River
Country on the wonderful possibilities and development of the
great northern hinterland, "The
Last 'Vreat West." on
Friday, April 3rd, at 8:30
p.m. at St Patrick's Hall
He vvill be assisted by
Contralto Singer, an  Australian
songstress, so that the evening
will not only be Instructive but
The iiifeinh'itiion imparted hy
Mr. Haby to'his hearers on the
Peace Uiver Country has been
gained   by  personal  experience.
I Classified Advertising
ceived for The News at the following places: V. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
���Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
E. Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lew is. Alta Vista.
��� RATES. ���
��� ��������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
���day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,, $25.00.
and $20 a month buys a modern
s'.x roomed house. Apply box 317:1
The   News   office. (3173)
Apply    641
Front    street,
buy a home en easy payment. A
new live roomed modern house, full
plumbing and good cement base-
niiiit. lot 10x122, fire-place, electric
light, panelled living and dining
room, one. buffet, dining table and
chairs, one davenport, bed and
dresser, kitchen table and chairs.
kitchen cabinet and range; one-half
block from Sixth street, car on
Fifteenth avenue; price $2500;
terms, pay down what ycu can and
$25 per month. 6 per cent, interest.
See this at once if you are looking
for a bargain. Mrs. Minnie Wolf
East Hurnaby. (3174)
French  Police  Have Baffling  Murder
Case en Their Hands���Victim Thrice Killed.
and  hous,.'  cleaning.    161   Bru-
n.'tle  street.
i :U75)
Paris, March 31���As it proceeds, the
story of the inquiry into the strange
mui-df r of il. Cadiou, the manager of a
gunpowder factory, reads more and
more like an ingeniously composed detective tale. The place where the
body was hidden was revealed by a
clairvoyante, and that after medical
examinations it was successively declared that the man had been killed
by having his throat cut. by strangulation, and by a revolver bullet���the
last discovery being made owing to au
anonymous letter, whose author is
still "unidentified.
The authorities arrested the head
engineer of the works, a man named
 , Pierre,  not because of any' proof of
. nTo ' his guilt, but because, prima facie, it
might be imagined that he would have
profited by tho daath of Gadlpn, am!
for nobody  else could  the  query   be
:r,,.��� ,.i������,., rS -Iwa 1 answered, "Cul prodest?''   The accu
TWO CIRCULAR SAWS | BaUon re]lod p.lrUy ()n ,he **.���<, tn.lt
Richards, 327 Third street.
C.  M.
at Maple  Beach    I'ark.    Boundary I
Bay.   Apply Box 999 News offiec.    |
i manry in South Africa, w'.'.ere he got
I the  D.S.O.   He  has  a  curious hobby.
lit is liking part in lifeboat work, and,
i his father's home being situate in the
j Isle of Wight, he has had  numerous
< opportunities of taking part in it. Once
I when a French ship was on the point
of  foundering  just  eff   the  coast  of
the  Isle  of  Wight,  he  bound  a line
arouni himself and swam out to the
ship with it in a heavy sea. By so do*
; ing  he   saved  half  a  score  of  lives.
I The French government presented him
j wilh  a  gold medal  in  recognition  of
I the achievement
I    It cannot be said that "Jack" Seely
Is a very exhilarating speaker on a
platform.    He is genial, and just a j
trifle "superior," but his speeches are i
rather ponderous both in matter and
In delivery.   In tiie house of commons j
he is incisive in manner and is a very
fair debater.   His manner towards Mb
opponents is characterized by an elaborate, and rather old-fashioned court->.
esy.   As under   secretary for the col- j
oiiies.  he was said to be one of the j
best hands in the house at answering I
questions without saying much. As to';
whether or not he haa been a success
at the war office, opinions differ. But
most people think that he has sterl-j
ing stuff in him.    Last year he suf-
fered a greivous bereavement In the i
death of his wife, to whom he was de-1
voted.   She left him with seven young
children, / .
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured trom timber specially select
ed for Flat Grain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better in construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid raised panel doors.
Get our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER  which ls highly recommended.
Lime is almost as importantjor the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phonea 16 and II. MS Columbia ttraat W.
and saw table complete
The News office.
Apply at
second hand automobile. Apply
box 3178 The News. (3178)
this town to sell townsite lots,
Smithers. B.C. Cast-iron money-
back guarantee to purchasers; easy*
terms; good commission. Apply
today. Bturgess & Co., Victoria.
B. C. (3165)
erty through an ad.
In this column.
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN. 11.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square.
ture In large or small quantities;
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted. II. J. Russell, King's
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone
SHI. (3164)
f.ire, or slocks in trade, in large or
small quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged,
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis, ,re4S Columbia stree!.
New Westminster, (3183)
where.     No  collection,   no  charge I
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings Btreet west Van
couver. (3185)
two room suits, nicely furnished.
$10; s'ngh' rooms |1.76 up,   (3168)
rooms, furnished completed, at 224
Si venth street. (3160)
keeping and bedrooms. Mrs, .1.
Johns,  420  St.   George   street.
(3182) i
luniishe'il housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes street.    Telephone 6:18 I..
room house, 122 Seventh
Apply 728 Seventh avenue..
furnished suites and single rooms; i
modern, convenient, light and sani-;
tary. Apply on premises. Twelfth j
street and Sixth avenue, Mrs. Man-j
d��vllle, floor 2, suite 1, or Gray & j
Gilchrist. (3181)
to rent trv su sd. In this column.
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. 1'. B. Hrown, 17
Begble streei, eNew  Westminster
Round trip tickets at single fan* and
one-third wll) be on sale April D tei 12.
Good to return up to April 14. If you I
are se*iiding fcr friends from the East
take advantage of cheap rate up to
April 14.   For particulars apply
j Agent.
Or H. W. BRODIB, G. P. A., Vancouver
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 am fail)
2:00   p.m Daily
11:45   p.m Daily
Frcm Vancouver for 3eattle.
10:0.1 a.m Dally
11:00 p.m Dally
Steamer leaves at 11:45 p.m.  on
From Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
?:00   p.m Dally
Except  Sunday.
the bullet was said to be of a size fitting a revolver bought by Pierre
months before although it was of the
most common calibre*��� and that nobody could find this revolver, which
Pierre stated he had sold to a commercial traveler whom he had never
seen before, because the safety-bolt
was defective. Again the fact that
no such traveler has yet revealed
himself was considered suspicious.
Suddenly during the last few days!
a quantity of evidence ln favor of
Pierre's innocence has been forthcoui
Ing. In the first place four credible
witnesses at least swear that they
saw Cadiou at Morlalx the day after
the prosecution believes him 11 have
been murdered at (Iriind Palud by
Pierre, because he was then seen near
the place where the body was found
in the engineer's company. Now the
witness who swore that he saw tl e
two men that day confesses that he
bas mixed up the dales. The latest
development reported is that several
witnesses insist that the bullet found
In Cadiou's head is a size too lar^e
for the pistol whicli Pierre purchased.
The bullet, is of nickel with a copper
nose, and said to be of a slightly larger calibre than Pierre's pistol, consequently it would be impossible to
fire; it from such a weapon. If this
is really so the prosecution loses i'.i
principal foundation, which was never
very solid, as anybody might possess
a similar pistol.
But more curious still, the gunrr.ak-
er who sold Pierre. h!s  weapon  now
comes forward stating that he recollects a customer lulling and asking
his opinion of the worth Of a revolver
which li" had bought casually. When
be valued it at 25s, the customer *-a:d
that it weis a good bargain, as he had
only  peeid half that sum because th'*
. safety  bolt  wus slightly out of order
And  this customer is a  commercial
; traveler in the soap and oil busini -s
' who   now   happens   to   be   in   South
j America,  which explains why h
not     come     forward.        Consequ.
Pierre's version appears to be tru
every particular.
On the other hand, the witnesses In
all directions r.re declaring that they
saw   Cadiou   In   various  places  where
his  own   family   never  knew   he*  had
gone, and it  is evident that the deceased  was in the habit of traveling
about mysteriously on his private affairs,    But if  Pierre's inocence is es-j
tabliahed,   cr   the   case   against   him
breaks   down,   the   police   are   yet   no
nearer   a   solution   of   the     problem, |
which is one of the most extraordinary '
puzzles ever set them.
Spokane, March 31.���Mrs. Coco
Thomas, age 34, formerly of Mexico
and the Philippines, new of Hlllyard
can make hair grow on the head of
a man whose pate ts as bald as a
"skating rink." according to her attorney, S. L. Americus, who represent,
ed her in the court of Judge William
Huneke, where she was examined by
a lunacy commission.
Mrs. Coco, the Indian hair wizard,
who Is said to have sprouted a fine
crop of hair on the head cf J, T. Hoffman, a ear inspector, was haled into
court win n Hoffman swore out a war-
ran' charging her with insanity. It
developed at the hearing, in which
Mrs. Coco was found to be> mentally
sound, that she had sued her patient
for $89 for the growth of hair.
Mrs. Cocc testified that Mr. and
Mrs. Hoffman lost their hair and that
Bhe was employed as a hair doctor to
restore it. sin* explained that after
she had been successful In bringing
ou' an inch of tiair they refused to I
T'ne hair suit was set fur hearing
last Friday morning before Justice
A. J, Carey, of Hlllyard. Mr. Hoffman, however, secured an Insanity
Warrant Thursday and had Mrs. Coco
thrown into jail. She even, rated herself Saturday and waa released, The
Bull she has brought for $99 damages
i will be beard In two weeks al Hlllyard.
Operated for the convenience of residents of the western section of the South Fraser Valley who desire to visit New Westminster or Vancouver on Saturday evenings for shopping trips, to attend
theatres, etc.
New Westminster ...
6:05 p.m. Vancouver, Carrall St 11:25 p.m.
7:no p.m. New Westminster ...12:15 a.m.
7:45 p in. Jardine   1:00 a.m.
Vancouver and will  be  In service
to   cancellation   or   change    of
This train   runs  through  to
every Saturday evening.    (Subject
schedule without notice.)
Weekend rates are granted on the "Owl" special hut such tickets are good only for return on the same evening. Passengers will
also be carried on regular tickets under the usual arrangements for
return  passage.
Venice, Marcli 31, A great land-
slide* threatens she* villages of Clau-
zetto and Vltodaslo, In the province
Of I'diiii*. Parts of the villages,
which ap' Inhabited by about three
thousand persons each, have already
b", n evacuated, In the te&x of mure.
extensive slides caused bj' the i ver-
:1 iwing   Ot  the   rivers.
A DOLLAR Spent at home reacts in its
benefits with unceasing general profit. Sent out of town it's life is ended.
Kept with the home merchants it is a
messenger of continuous benefit. Business men should awake to the importance of keeping this dollar at home and
make a bid for it by judicious advertising.
ie  lias j
lientI.v I
Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.
1:00 am Wednesday aud Kriday
(.101   acre s  ol   Uit    1   of   .-' ���
wi *t ','���'���";. r Seel Ion  VI, Ton iishlp 16,
Mi :    **'*".   as   shew n   and   colored   n *i
,,...   ^t'e                  "   the  Vancouver, Union  Bay, Powell  River
WH re r* prool ..: th.*    -* ol C rtlflcnti   11:45 a.m Every other Saturday
nl   Title     N linlli I    ee;..;:.|.     issue .1   111   Hue I
'  '    ' Alexander   Johnston,   has   lieun -���.  d.|_.��  _,.,,��..��  .-a   ii=ce.
For  Prince  Kupert ana  Alaska.
utn  glvei   unit   i  sh ill   to   11:00 p.m.
the    expiration   ol   nni    month   from   lhe |
rtaie   . *   en.   ! li   ���   publl   ition   In re ..*.   !���    ���
.1 i   *...,. p< r publish. .1 ii.   i ������   City ol
Ne w We   tmli Hte i.i   iu."   . duplicate nf ll .-
unlit   Ccrtifiei '* .   unless   In   the   nieinil
,'nli.J ejli.1 '. ������   m di   tn i.e   ii. ��eitiiii:.
,1   .'   GWYNN,
1,.. ��� ���        i
1.,.:.' Ke gls* i ��� i Ifflee   Ne iv Wei    ilnsle
I*..' , :���   ������   M irch,  1914. 131771 ,
.Keb. 14 and 28
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
U:u0  p.m Wednesday.
Por Gulf Island Points.
1:00  a in   Tuesdays  and  Kridays  for
Victoria, calling  at points  in  the
(inif Islands.
Centre   of   Recent   Imperial   Cabinet
Storm Is Young, Typical Saxon and
Able   Parliamentarian.
ED.   QOULET,   Anent.
h. w   ptdirnv.  i)  p
r  Westmlnitei
"S!"'1   V W f A C0LU
of Certif-   '���''���^���rt- NEW
lie*   Lol   1,   SubdllvBlon   of   Lol
Group I. Map 830, In tie* Distrl
Ni vv  \\ i Btminster,
IVbere a   prool of the lost
Icate of Title Number 6524F, Issued In Girls'   classes,   Tuesday  7:.h>   p.m.;
the name of John A,   Campbell   has Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
heen  filed  In  this office, Sewing   classes,  Thursday,  7:HO  p.m
Notice is hereby Riven thai I Bhall, Boarding and room rates reasonable. I ed to an
nl the expiration of one month fromJMeals Berved to ladies and gentlemen   ness.     Cheerlness     would,   perhaps
Colonel   John   Seely.   the   secretary
| for war, says the Toronto Stat,  Is a
; young man as cabinet ministers ^u ���
he   is  only   forty-five  years   old    Imtj
'he looks far younger than he is. Debonair  in  appearance, invariably    Immaculate In attire, tall in stature*. and|
I with a carriage as upright as a dart,
he  looks ten  years  younger  than   he*
is.    ".lack" Seely, as he is very generally  called,   is   a   regular  Saxon   to
look at, with his high, fresh cole.:, liis
hluo eyes and his chestnut hair, brush-
almost unbelievable smooth-
Ihe* date of the first publication ll
uf. in a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue
fi duplicate, of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
in  made to me in writing,
District Registrar of Titles.
Rand Registry office.
New  Westminster B. C,
12th March, 1!I01. C.0R2)
Special dinner Fridays,
Kor particulars call
11:30 to l:
.hone 1324.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned for supply of lumber to the
Corporation during the year 1914.
Specifications and conditions of
the requirements can be obtained at
thc City   Kneed.< it's office.
1 i i,i|.        will   be   received   ill)   tO   12
o'clock ol   \prll 3rd., l'.tli, and should
be mark, tl    L aders for Lumber."
City Clerk.
Citv Hall, March 27,  1914.        (3156)
Boring Suitings just   arrived.    See
tben    Perfect fit   and workmanship
���guaranteed.    Trices    from  $18.00 up.
Jdi Front Street.
seem to the superficial observer to
be h\y most noticeable characteristic.
That same cheerlness has often proved a very valuable parliamentary asset for him, having often been useful in pouring oil on the troubled waters of debate. But those who are always in dread of an invasion of Great
Britain frequently take this Belf-same
Cheerlness 111.    Kor ".lack" Seely will
Court  of   Revision,   1914.
NOT1CK   la   le. r.'by   Riven   th it   th.
inertlng  ol   "...  Courl   of   Kevlsl.
tho  Aih.ssiii. i,i   It,n of the City  of  New
Westminster will bu held ... the City iii.II ,     ,       ...    ,
New Westminster, B.C. on Thuradov ��� not let people make Ins flesh creel
April 10. 1014, eel 10 a in AU nppeiiiii
against the Assessment must !��'��� In writing, anil delivered to the Assessment Com
mlsSioner at Iciial ten .lay*, previous i.
He.- sitting of the said Courl of  Revision
Dated  nt   New   Westminster,   B.C.,   this
end ilay uf March,  1911.
W   A.   DUNCAN,
CIO'Jll City Clerk
and Miss'
L.H.A.M.,  A.R.C.M.
LcBsoiis In l'lanoforte, Violin, Sing
ug, Voice Production, Theory (In
.Mass or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examlna
tions of the Associated Hoard of the
Itoyai Academy of Music and Itoyai
College of Music. Also Professional
Dlplomae, Teacher or Performer.
Kor terms, etc., npply &1 Dufferli
I -Hreet.   Pboue 411 IL _,^
But  Colonel   Seely   is   a   gooel   deal
more  than  a spruce,  well-Bet-up  embodiment of geniality.    Thnt    hatch-
shaped face of his ctin take on an expression  of  great,  determination    at
'inns,    lt is the face of a thinker as
well as of a man of atcion.    And. in*
deed the secretary for war some years
ne.. thought sufficiently hard on  the
fiscal question to "shake, the yoke of
Inauspicious  stars"    which    chained
lim ie, the  Unionist party.    Kor, at j
one  time,  Colonel  Seely,    like     Mr.
Churchill, th< head of tbe other greal ;
fighting  department,   wus  a   unionist
member of parliament.    IJ.* left that I
party at the same tlm.  as Mr church-1,
ill,  arid for the same reason,    Like
him,  again, ht   has  touched   life  at
many points,
Educated al Harrow* and Cambri Ige,
he lias been called to the bar. Bul
soldiering has always hail mnn* at-
tractlon for him than ih<- life of tin-
law courts. He has comamnded the
Hampshire Carbineers, and he has
Bei n service with the Imperial  Veo-
The Straight Line
in Creating Demand
"A Straight Line is the
Shortest Distance between Two Points''
Whatever troubles old Euclid gave us in our schooldays
his axioms were simple enough. In our business life
to-day we show a lively appreciation of the truth of this
axiom in cutting out superfluous efforts���in the saving of
time and labor.
In making goods the straight line is "efficiency." It is
the shortest distance between raw material and finished
In Selling Goods, the straight line is
Newspaper Advertising.
It is the shortest distance between the seller and the buyer.
Some manufacturers are applying the straight line in the
making of their goods, but neglecting it in tho telling of
them. Some have no line of communication with the consumer at all���many let their message meander along bypaths of "chance acquaintanceship" instead of telegraphing it along the straight line of Newspaper Advertising.
Newspaper Advertising is the Shortest Distance between
thc two points of "Supply" and "Demand."
if you are doing a local businets talk ovrr your advertising
problems wiih lhe Advertising Department of ihii Newspaper
If you are doing a provincial or national buaineaa il would
be well for you io have the counic I and assistance of t good advertising agency. A list of these will be furnished, without cost or
obliRaiion. by the Secreiary of the Canadian Presl A5��oci��llon,
Room 503, Lumsden Building Toronto.
dm WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 1914.
Cis?m Baking Pbwder
Its superiority is unquestioned
Its fame world-wide
io    he.     transferred   soon   io  another
capital,   it   was   said   litre   yesterday
on excellent authority.    The name of
��� ha probable successor is said to have
I been submitted to the ITnlted States
I government some weeks ago.    it was
I said that the ambassador was slated
for a European post.
Rsjze,   Mexico's   Minister   of   Foreign
Affairs, an Educated Man With
Strong Opinions.
Accountant-      Telephone    lt-,47.      Koo>���
12  Hart Block.
1 P. H. Smith. W. J. Uro'ea.
! Work   undertaken    II    city    and    ouealde
i point*.   211-12   Wesualnater   Trust   Bid*.
| Pbone   Ui.     P.   O.   Ilos  607.
How a Nation Was Conquered With
a Magnet and Little Black Box.
In these times ot machine guns
Mexico City. March 81.--JoM ^^5^^
f'ortillo y llojas that's the name of |2___��_t��__i were dreamed of an en-
the man whom Huerta has selected to m . * waa conquered with a
he his successor, if anything happens l're nal d mUe blach box "
to Huerta. The letter "y" means | magnei ana
���ami" in Spanish, bo Huerta's choice
11. F. O. E. of U. p., ine*i*t the first and
Ihlrd Kriday at 8 p.m., Labor Temple,
Seventh and Royal avenue. A. Wella
Gray, Exalted Rul.r; P, H. Smith Secretary.
Its use a protection and a guarantee
against alum food
The low-grade powders are made from "alum," or "sodium aluminum
sulphate," which is also alum, a mineral acid, which does not make the
food healthful.
One pound of the low cost powders contains three ounces of alum, a
mineral acid.   Is it safe to nut that on your pantry shelf along with cans
of food ingredients?
Food baked with alum baking powders is found to contain a portion
of the alum unchanged.
Read the ingredient clause of label on the can.    Unless it
shows cream of tartar don't use the powder.
Buddhist Khutukhta Takes Unto Him
self Better Half and Is Accused
of Backsliding.
worldly  possession  incompatible with I
monastic life.
The charge is really serious.   As one
of the heads of the Buddhist church
the Khutukhta has no right to marry;
! yet  not  sooner did he become,  with
1 Itussian help, independent than he not
I only took to himself a wife who shared with him the throne at the coronation  ceremonies    in   December, 1911,
I but he actually proclaimed her to be
j the reincarnation of the goddess Cha-
gandra.    Kor  three  years   he   was  al-
\ lowed to maintain this standing scandal at his monastery at Crga, but now
! it seems he is about to be put to the
_i _______������___
t  St.  Petersburg,  March 31.���Advices  question bv the Dalai Lama.
1 " I   llllllll'll .. r..      ......             __
Bom UTga to the Russian .press would Reincarnations of  Buddha. entirely  in  the hands  of  the  Lamas
Beem to foreshadow considerable trou-1     The Khutukhta would richly deserve \ ]e,inu,(i ,��� nie mysteries of reincarna-
Jle to the Monogoiiaii Khutukhta, who, lit. He is certainly a most unworthy j yon, but experience having Shown that I
bvIiir offended the Russian diplo- i representative of the Iluddhist church. \ l*h(1 selection always fell on some- scion I
Batlc representative on N'ew Year's1 It must he borne In mind that the ; of ln(> nouge of Tushetu Khan! the
ay, has now obviously been left alone Khutukhtas of Urga are reputed to I Peking emperors transferred this sa-
, defend his position as a vassal he the third living reincarnation of j crt.t\ ^_^y to themselves, with the re-
eatnst China, lt is stated that he has Buddha, t'ne first two being the Dalai (,u]t tna{ tnt, present Khutukhta was
Boelved a message from Yuan-shi-Kui Lama and the l'anchen Lama. They j selected from the familv of a poor
Informing him that in the opinion of   orginat.d at the beginning of the sev-! Tibetan customs official.
rthe Tibetan clergy his manner of Hv-   enteenth  century,    when    the    Dalai j  '
���*���-*���--    ~ "-    Lama, afte- a long "Babylonian    cap-1
tivity" at the capital of Mongolia, had i Japanese   Ministry.
t returned to Lhasa.    The .mention then i      fokio.     March     81.���The     emperor
; oromi.   How   would   th��   Mongols   con-   ,   .        ,,rnrr,,,i    viscount      Keliro     Kl-
tlnue to live without a living Buddha   ,oaa>   trd,rf(1   N**��0unt     k<*'K��    *���
in their midst?   The Dalai Lama then   VOUra, to form a ministry to replace
[discovered that the son Just born intoi that  headed    by    Count     Yamamoto.
the house of Tushetu Khan, the most. which   resigned   on   March   24.
has two last names    	
l'ortillo y Rojas isn't a Huertiata.
Instead, he belongs to the Catholic
party. Hu> rtu has long nursed a plan
to go to the front himself to fight
rebels, leaving, in the provisional
presidency some man who didn't belong to his "gang" and who would
be acceptable to the United States ,n Peace
government. * That's why he made there cai
Portillo y llojas his minister of foreign affairs.
Huerta's constant boast is: "I am
only an Indian," but the boast doesn't
extend to Portillo y ltojas, who ls a
highly cultured man of rich family,
with an education obtained in America and Europe. By profession he's a
lawyer. He has lived in New York,
Rome, Paris and several towns in
Besides, he has been in jail on a
charge of stealing property from a
woman, but that, they say, was politics. His political enemies, lt is said,
got the woman to prefer a charge
against him, and he went to Belem
jail for several months. There was no
particular disgrace about It, for almost every political leader in Mexico
has  been  in jail at least  once.
Portillo y Rojas is (14 years old and
a widower. Mis children number two
girls and four boys, one of the latter
^m^~^~mmmmm___^^^^^^^^ being a captain in Huerta's army,
powerful of tho Mongolian prines, a President Wilson has been asked
direct descendent of Genghis Khan, repeatedly whether he would agree to
was himself an incarnation of Buddha.! recognize Portillo y Rojas as provi-
The marvellous boy was then taken to sional president of Mexico, lt is said
Lhasa,   there  brought  up,  and  after-, in Mexico.
wards sent home as the first Khutuk-      President  Wilson  doesn't  like  him
bta (grand abbot) of Urga. because the first day he was in office
It  is  from   this  great  appointment   l'.'rtill��   * **?"  &,* ��ul ,an   ln.t,er-
that the presentTChutukhta, tbe eighth  view in which he said, in fire-eating
In order of succession, has descended   fash'"";      Thfi U-ited States govern-
though not In the flesh.    Kor the Iment l8 responsible for all thetfaugh
Keiutuleiilas have no business to marry and to establish a dynasty, but are
selected   each   tinn>  on   the   death   of | --
the   lasl   holder   of   the   office   from I Publication
among the babies born at that very I
moment.     At   first   the   selection   lay
. ter in Mexico." lt wasn't a bit like
| anything Huerta wanted him to say,
I and   since then  he hasn't  talked   for
ing Is open to grave objection on account of nrofaiiity, and that unless he
oomlPel   hiH   ways   promptly   ho  might
repudiated   by   the'   lleeetelleiHt   church.
||e   message   goes   on   to   < numerate
line  of the  Irregularities committed
Chutukhta, und makes special men-
of   his  wife  and  children   as    a
War Veteran   Buried  Gold
Fearing   Banks   Wculd
Proves Ownership
You Can Say 25 Words for 25 Cents in
2500 New Westminster Homes and Business
Offices Any Morning in The New Westminster News.
You can say a lot in twenty-five words about the
property you want to sell, the man you want for that vacant position, the kind of work you want or any of the
hundred and one daily needs that arise in business or
home affairs.   Try it out.
Bremerton. Wash., March BI.���
John K. Doollttle, war veteran, who
at times is em inmate of the Union
Veterans' home a: Port Orchard, is
the owner of the can of buried treasure found on the beach near Bremerton by some small boys several
weeks ago. The mystery was finally
cleared up yesterday in Judge
French's court ut Port Orchard.
A number of claimants appeared,
among whom were Paymaster Ed
ward R. Wilson, of South Dakota, who
based his claim to the money found,
amount unknown, ou the theft of
���IJOOO from the safe of the Philadelphia two years ago. Mr. Doolittle
made the strongest plea aud produced
letters in evidence which so substantiated his statements that Judge
Krench awarded him the package,
which, after all parties were heard,
was opened by the court and found
to contain but $850.
Tin Can   His  Bank.
!     In  stating  his    case    Doolittle  explained   that  on  November  22,  1911,
he drew out of a Seattle bank 41 $20
gold pieces and three gold eagles. He
bought  a  brand  new.coffee can and
waiting until nightfall he dug a hole
in the ground under the roots of an
old tree which Is marked and used as
a  government survey  landmark.    He
placed a piece of glass over the can
and covered it with dirt. When asked
why   he   did   so,   he   replied   that he
had been told    by    political    friends
that owing  to the change  in  admin
Istration   all  the  banks  were  due tc
fall the next spring.    He said that on
hiding the  money, he then  wrote    a
letter addressed to a son in   the east
telling what he had done and of the
exact   sum    buried     with  direction!
how  to find  It In case of his death.
This letter he gave    into    the    safe
keeping of Mr. Mclaughlin,   council
man   of this   city,    Mr. McLoughlin
appeared on the stand and corroborated the old man and produced   the
letter;  the money was   counted   and
found to be the sum stated,1 so that
there was nothing else for the judge
to do but to award the money to Mr.
Doollttle, who had to stand the costs
of the case.    However, the old  man
gave the lads who found the money
|25, and went on his way with    his
ceffee can bank  tightly    clasped    In
both arms.
Albany, N.Y., Mnrch 31.���-Chances
thut the four gunmen who are await
Ing the death sentence during tht
week of April  13 for the murder of
luaguri    auu    a    .... .._
was one of the marvelous Inventions ,
of Robert Houdln, the great French
conjurer, who applied electricity to
many  of   his   magical   experiments
and   delighted   the   Parisian   public
for  years.     After    accumulating    a
competence, Houdln   retired   to   his
family estate on the banks of   tbe
1 Loire river, hoping to end hia days
in  peace.     But  after  a year or so
there came to blm, through a military   friend,   a   request   from   the
French Government   that   he go   to
Algiers.    In his memoirs, translated
Into  English some years before his
death, he says tbat the Marabouts of
that country, a sort of medicine men
and   wonder-working    priests,   controlled the masses and incited them
to intermittent   revolts   against   the
French by their tricks.   These tricks,
he assures us, were of the simplest
and most primitive type.   It was the
hope of the Government that Houdln,
by his mysteries, could demonstrate
that the white conqueror's magic was
superior, and Houdin did it.
His recital of his performance   In
Algiers    is   exceedingly   interesting.
Some of the most distinguished natives   were   there.     Houdin   showed
them   all  sorts   of   things;   allowed
himself   io   be  shot  at, and -caught
the bullet unharmed, and many other
such feats.    But his piece de resistance undoubtedly  was his box.    He
called for a strong man to come on
the   stage,   and   a   giant  responded.
Houdin   toyed with  him  a  moment,
bantered wilh him about his strength
and  asked him  if he could lift   his
little   black   box.    Disdainfully   the
Arab lifted it and smiled.    But Houdin   warned   him.    "Wait.     But   a.
I moment and you shall be as a little
child!"     He placed  the box on   tbe
stage  and  dared  his  huge  guest  to
raise it.    The Arab tried   with   one
finger;   grasped   it    with    his   great
muscular   hand;  tugged   at   it witb
all the strength of his massive arms,
bracing   his    legs    like    two    huge
bronze columns, so Houdin says, to
no avail.    Try as he would, this son
of tbe desert could not stir that little
box from Its place.    For a breathing
spell he released his grip for a moment,  then went at  it again.     And \
while     the     awe-stricken    audience
panted  in  amazement, he   suddenly
writhed in acutest agony and   sank
groveling to the stage.   The current
a  Can I coursing   through   him had   galvan-
t Ized him into misery.    Then Houdin
Fail���       I gave a signal;  the current from the
electric magnet   beneath   the   stage
was turned off   and   the   Arab   fell
back groaning*.     He lifted  himself Ul
las  feet and, hiding his face  In  his
cloak, crept away to   blush   unseen.
The little black box hud conquered.
Houdin was trlu.i'iphant. The
country had seen him shot at by a
man who said he wished to kill; had
seen him rob a giant of his strength.
No Marabout had ever done that
No Marabout with primitive trie' i
could convinced them that any revolt of theirs could prevail against
tbe white man and his magic���his
electricity. ��� The conqueror's conquest was complete.
and third Tuesday In each in..nth at I
p.m. in tho Labor Temple*. David
Boyle, Dictator; W. J. (jruve-a, Secretary.
regular mooting of Amity loo*., C*~-
27, 1. O. O. F., I* held every Mondey
night at I o'clock In Odd Fellows' HaU.
comer Carnarvon and Eighth street*.
Vlaltlng brethern cordially Invited
11. W. Sangster, N.G.; J. L. Watson.
Y. Q.; W. C. Coatham. P. Q., recording secretary: J. W. MacDonald, financial secretary*.
W. E. FALES & CO., 612-C18 Agnes
street, opposite Carnegie library.
Most up-to-date funeral parlors ln
the city. Specialists in shipping.
Lady assistant in attendance. Always open. Day phone 116, night
phone 81.
���������I. HOWELL (80COBB8OR TO CEN-
ter a Hanna, Ltd. I���htineral director*
and embalmers. Parlor* 405 Columbia
Btreet.    New   Westminster.    Phone HI.
ster Hoard ot 'i'raae uiw-tu lu tne Dotera
room, City Hall, ae folio we: Tblrd Friday uf each month; quarterly meat-tag
on the third Friday of February, May,
August .and November at 8 p.m. Annual meeting* on tbe third Friday
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, ���~
riatera, Solicitors, etc. 40 Lorne .Street,
New Weatmlnater. O. _. Corbould, ���-
C.    J. R. Grant.    A. E. McColl.
at-law. Solicitor, etc. SoUcl.or for tbe
Bank of Vancouver. offices: Merchants Bank Building. New Weatmlnater, B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Code Weatena
! W. F. HANSFORD. BARRISTER. Solicitor, etc.. ColllBter Block, corner Columbia anu McKenzie streets, New Westminster. B.C. P. O. Box 286. Telephone 344.
alde ��� Barrlatera and Solicitors, Weatmlnater Truat Blk., Columbia street,
N,'w Weatmlnater, B. C. Cable addreaa
'Whitealde." Weatern Union. P. Ok
Drawer 200. Telephone (I. W. X.
Whlteelde, K. C; A. _. Edmonds, tX
I. STILWELL CLOTH. BaniaUr-at-law,
aollctior, etc.; corner Columbia aa#
McKenile streets. Now Weatmlnater.
B. C.   P. O. Bos Ul.    Telephone   Tl*
I.   P>.   HAMPTON    BOX.���.     BARRISTBR
Solicitor and Notary. Offlcea Har*
block. 28 Lorn* street. New Weetmuv
eter, B, C
Barrlatera and Solicitors. SOt to t\tf
Wcatmlnsfer Tmet Blnck. O. E. Martin. W. a. McQuarrie and Oeorge _.
How To  Restore t'ni|>e.
It costs from $2.00 to 15 to restore
a widow's veil, the price depending
upon the size of it, hut the work can
be done at home for nothing at all,
even by an unskilled person. You lay
a folded sheet upon a table and pin
down the veil to it very carefully.
The hems must be straight and all
edges laid Hat. Then you take a
clean white cloth wrung out of hot
\       0ULAT1ON8.
COAL MININQ right* of tbe Do!BU_MC<
in M*'..".niin. Saakatcbewan and Alberta.
the Yiiknn Tflrrltory, the Northwest Tar-
-Itort. -i nnd In a portion of the Provlnoa*
if British Columbia, may be leaaed for aw
term of twenty-one year* at an annual
rental of fl an acre. Not more than IIH'
icrea wlll he leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a lease muat be matt*
Dy the applicant In person to tbe Ages*'
>r Sub-Agent ot the district tn wblcb tha.**.
rights applied for are situated.
In aurveyed territory the land must be*
clean white clotn wrung ��*" *���- -" l ieaoribed 'by"eectiona".'' or legal ��ub-dl_l-
water and lay over a portion of the ���on., ���f auction*, and In u**""''^;* **S_
waler uuu     J I rltory   tbe   tract  applied    for   anal*   Ml
When the veil Is smooth hold a
very hot iron over the wet cloth and
about two inches away from lt. It
must never for a moment touch the
wet rag. Go all over the crape as directed and do not take from the sheet
until perfectly dry. The crape wlll
then be crisp and, ln fact, exactly like
No matter how wrinkled it may
have been before, lt will be perfectly
smooth now. Smaller pieces of crape
may be renovated in the same way.
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be aceoiapanfe* '
by a fee of tl which will be refunded M
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty ahall tie
paid on the merchantable output of t���a
���nine at the rate ot five cent* per too.
The   person  operating   the  mine  eh	
Curalah the Agent wltb sworn return*
j accounting for the full quantity of mei*
i chantable coal mined and pay the roy-
e ilty thereon. If the coal mining rights
ire not being operated auch return* should
I tie furnished at least  once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining
I rights only, but the leasee wlll be permitted to purchase whatever available
1 nirface right* may be oonaldered nece**
| tary for the working of the mine at tbe
i -ate of 111 an acre.
For full Information application ahouM
ie made to the Secretary ot the Depart
B_^^^^^_       W\ W. CORT..
Deputy Minister of tha Interior- -
.... B.���Unauthorised publication of t_te~
idvertlaement wlll not be paid tat.
Islands In a Volcano.
The crater   of   Halemaumau,  Ha     M toaae
wail, presents a particularly Impres- j -nent of the1fnte^r?,o'ttawa."or "to
sive sight, for the surface of the boll- I tgent or Sub-Agent of Dominion U
Ing lava supports several floating ls- ~"
lands. According to Frank A. Perret,
most of the larger Islands seem to be
caused by the fall of masses from
the crater wall, and some of them
last for a year or more before they
are finally melted. The phenomenon
bears a certain resemblance to the
formation and melting of Icebergs.
When the Islands anally sink the
lava surface oscillates like boiling
molasses. When one island disappeared lt caused a huge sausage-shaped gas-Inflated bubble of black lava
glass no less than 170 feet long.
How to Clean Light Cloth Suit.
Buy two large blocks of magnesia
Lay suit or white felt hat on sheet on
flat surfuce and rub into the garment
as much magnesia as it will hold. Do
both sides. Lay article away in shet'l
for a week or more;  then take up,
New Wellington
Office, 554 Front 8treet,
Foot of Sixth Street
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
WtH'K    OI    AIHU    13    U'T    U1U    mutual    ��-n     iui    t_    H*o����    -"     -��� ...   .
Herman Rosenthal, the-gambler. will   shake and brush, and thOBUl   Will o
be granted a respite until after the
second trial ot former Police Lieu
tenant Charles Becker seemed bright
II. Lionel Kiltiglo, their attorney
tiled today their petition for a com
mutation or a respite of their death
sentence with Owen L. Potter, execu
live pardon clerk. Governor Glynn
Indicated h
much cleaner and fresher. It Is very
good for white felt hats and baby
Transfer Co.
Office Phone '85.        Bsrn Phons 137.
Begble  Street.
Soon Got Over It.
"What ls the honeymoon, pa?"
���Well   the honeymoon Is the only
period in a man's lire during which >       ^^^^^^^_^^^^
5> _S:*!~��a %*^^IfZl*��� \ light and Heavy Haulin*
Baggage Delivered Promptly to-
Any Part of the City.
the  request  for  a   respite.    He  said iu>t a*nnt.r ready in time."
that  a  commutation  of sentence   was
Turkish Diplomat to Leave.
Poor Angel.
"I wonder," said the sweet young
ave .thing,   "why   a   man   ls   always   so
Washington,    March   81.-Yon880nf frightened Mto ff^
Zia Pasha, the Turkish ambassador       ���i,1atB'U8,rdian angel trying to hold
who has represented his government I    ��� ���� Ruaraian angei
in Washington since June 14, 1910, is blm ���-""'������'���
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$50,00 Six-hole steel Ranges; 16-lnch   C9"7 Kfl
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large 16-inch oven; for   *w ��� ��� "'"
$12.00 Eclipse  Washing  Machine,
;r,c  Tinted  Table Tumblers;
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$1.50 Nickel Plated Tea or Coffee Pots;      Of* A
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$6.50 Thin China  40-piece Tea Sets,
$25.00 97-piece Semi-Porcelain Dinner
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Big Bargains in the
Carpet Rcom
75c Tapestry Carpet; 21 inches wide;  In all    t_f_f*
colors;  per yard   *wW
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match;;   in all colors;  per yard VVW
$15.00 <i7-piece Porcelain Dinner Sets; in    CQ Cft
$2.25 Aluminum Tea Kettles;
$8,00 34-inch Linen Lined Canvas Gov-   CC ^JR
ereel  Trunks',   for    3>0. I U
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Big Furniture Values
Regular $17.50 Solid Oak 6-foot Extension Table; any finish.   Sale Price..,
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Keg $22.50 Dining Room chairs; solid i>40 TR
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Regular $32.50 Dining Chairs;  quarter ''iu oak; set of six. for 	
Regular   $51.OO   Three-piece   Parlor
Suite; Quarter oak; leather seats; for
Reg. $37.50 Three-piece Parlor Suite*,   ttOC ftft
mahogany frame; silk upholstered, for ^CwiUU
Regular $14.00 Couch; roll-edge; imitation Spanish leather, foi   	
Regular   $10.00   Hocking   Chttlr;   solid       AQ  A|?
oak;  roll seat,;  for   ^O.faO
Regular  $3.25   Barge  Rocking Chair;
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tin finish; all sizes; for  ����� * I **mm!
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Regular $2.00 Cane Seat Bedroom Chair;
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Chairs; Spanish leather seat and back. .
Regular $36.00 Brass Beds;  In bright
and satin finish; all sizes; for	
Regular $22.00 Brass Beds;  in bright
and satin finish; all sizes; for	
Regular $18.*7B Brass Beds; In bright
and satin finish; all sizes; for	
$2.15 Axminster Carpet, with border to     A4   AR
match;   per yard    ^ I ef 9
$2.25 Wilton Carpet;   with border to        *4   ""P
match; rich coloring; per yard *w I e I W
40c 18-inch Stair Carpet; a hard wearing     ��� ORat
carpet;   per yard    (COG
12VaC China Matting;     a    useful    and    economical
floor  ocvering;   on.,  yard  wide;   per A) .
yard       OjC
$1.10   Inlaid   Linoleum;   two   yards   wide;       QC��%
per  square'  yard " OwC
50c  Linoleum;  heavy quality;  two yards      Af\i*
wide;   per square yard   4UC
35c Floor Cloth; the best grade of Oilcloth;
two yards wide;  per square yard	
5oc Window Shades; dark green and cream   ORat,
cloth; 36 Inches wide; 6 feet long; each.,    OwC
Big Inducements in
Electrical Goods
Regular $4.5.1  Electric  Irons,
Regular $8.50 Electric Saucepans;
Regular $11.00  Electric (lie,be.
Regular  $15.on   Electric  Dome,
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Regular $15.00  Art Class Domes,
Regular $6.50 Two-light  Chandeliers,
Regular $6.60 Three-light Chandeliers,
Hegular $10.00  Four-light Chandeliers.
Regular $2.00 Electr    Shades; _���*#%
each   OUC
Regular  $1.H0   Electric  Shades;
. ach   	
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Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
$20.00   Ladies'   Suits;   new   spring      <    #4 J   7IS
models;   ror    .*.,# IM9
$15.00 New Spring Coats, CIO.  7R
$16.50 New Sports, C19   _\f\
$12.OO  New  Spring  Dresses, AA 7R
$15.00  New  Dresses, A^   AA
for    $ I -DU
$18.60   New   Dresses, C1H  m\R
$2.00 New Waists; in big variety; 7Ca
$3.50 New  Waists;   in  big  variety; Qf%A
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$4.25 Ncw  Waists;   In big variety; ��_4   OC
$4.95 Wool Vlwella and Delaine Waists,    A 4   Qg
Big Cuts in the Household
Linen and Staple Depts.
|��.7B pair Hemstitched Cotton Sheets;      A<|   QA
heavy quality;  per pair   ^ I eOO
$1.75  Heavy Cotton  Bed Sheets;  size
68x90; plain or twilled; per pair	
25c  Bleached  Cotton  Sheeting;   heavy OCa
grade;   fix   inches   wide;   per yard COC
$1.75 White Grecian Bedspreads; pure*.   A 4   QC
soft   finish;   for    91 .CO
$1.50 Comforters;
full  size;   for   .
$1.95 Oray  Blankets;   heavy quality; A��i  7R
per pair for  9wi I 9
:'.5c Cotton Pillow Cases;
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$15 00
50c Corset Covers;  ribbon and  lace trimmed;   for   	
SOc Ladies'  White Cotton  Drawers, OC*%
for    faVW
$1.25 Ladies' Cotton Night Gowns;  ribbon     ^g_
and lace trimmed;   for     (ww
$3.50 New Underskirts,
Big Main Floor Bargains
75c Children's Stamped Dress;  all ready
for  working;   each   	
25c  Stamped   Tea  Aprons;   lace  edged; IF.
each    r    I OC
25c Infanta' Feeding Bibs,
75c Ladles' Sil'.e  Bool  Hose;  all colors;
per  pair   	
75c  All Wool  Ribbed Cashmere Hose;
per  pair   	
25c  Ladies'  and  Children's Cotton   Hose
all sizes;  pi r pair 	
60c 6-lnch Tarton and Flora! Ribbons;
per yard   	
15c Initial and Plain l.inen Handkerchiefs;
hand embroidered; each 	
SOc New Wide Neck Fallings; in black and
white;   per  yard   	
Big Specials for Men
Regular $1   Men's Overalls;   standard 7Rf*
makes;   for    IwC
Regular 75c Men's Work Shirts;  black and    Cfta*
navy; for OUC
Regular $1.50 Men's Flannel Shirts;  drab     QCa
and brown; for  OOC
Regular 15c Men's Linen Collars;  three       OCa
Regular $2.00 Men's Fine Kid Cloves; 7Rf*
Hegular $1.00 Children's Knit Jerseys;
12Uc  Class  Towelling;   16  inches  wide;        A 1 -
per yard    O \ C
20c Cambric and Nainsooks; 36 inches
wide; per yard    I km 2
75c pair White and Colored Bath Towels,
per pair  	
65c  Irish   Unbleached   Table   Damask;   60
Inches wide;  per yard   	
12V.c Roller Towelling;  lfi inches wide; Ol a
per yard    O 5 C
$1.60  Damask Table  cloth;   size 60x80;
15c Wash Goods; a big variety,
per yard 	
26c Wash Goods;   all new designs;
per yard	
Big Values in Dress Goods
and Silks
50c Dress floods;  all kinds;  for, per
!)5c Dress Goods; newest. Spring weaves;
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$1.15 Novelty Suitings and  Dress Goods;
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45c Natural Pongee;
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R5c  Silk:-;   in   a  big  variety;
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05c New  Plain  and   Fancy Silks;
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Weaves and Shades; per yard	
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i J


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