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The New Westminster News Aug 11, 1913

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proven their worth by
they   produce.
or    small    wants
The Weather.
New Westminster and the Lower
Mainland: Light to moderate wind-s;
generally  fair and   warm.
mm m��    bbeaks neck in   on w iiii    jimm siaiio   happy burnabv
m ""'��'   fAll DOWN Will     �� m m ��      MII0S AMWf!    GHIIN6 MONEY
f-icramento  Cafe   Drinkers   Must   Ce!
In  All Their Orders Before
Two o'clock.
President Wilson's Mouthpiece in U. S. Senate Dwells
Heavily on Seriousness of Mexican Situation���John
Lind Arrives in Huerta's Capital and Nothing Will Be
Done Till He Reports Back to Washington.
Washington, Aug, 111 With the arrival tonight In Mexico (ity of John
Lind, personal representative of President Wilson, administration officials
declared that nu further steps would
;v be taken In carrying out the policy of
^ '�������� the United Slates toward Mexico un
til Mr. Lind had made a careful study
���Of the situation  there.
While the president has mapped out
a direct course of action about which
���"strict  secrecy   Is   maintained,    il     Is
known that the Instructions to be sent
s Mr.  Lind  from time to time wiU de
pend  largely on developments  In  the
,. -Mexican capital in the next fei.* days.
. jf Both Parties Behind Him.
Further enlightenment as to the
l*jl . plan of Mr. Lind and the policy he has
Ek* Tormi d  came tonight    from    Senator
���J,| Bacon, chairman of the senate com
mittee cn foreign relations, who declared that President Wilson was fining "a great responsibility" lu the
present situation and hail the hearty
support and co-operation, not only of
lbe foreign relations oommlttee, but
-of members of the Benate, regardless
of party lines.
To explain various Interpretaiions
of last night's ciinferenee between the
president and thc foreign relations
committee, Senator Bacon made Ihe
following statement: "The foreign relations commllte-e r-ecognires thai the
president Is acting in good faith in trying to solve this problem peacefully.
The president's undcrra'kltig Ib with
that view and in inst general purpose
the com mlttee are in accord and have
confidence In his sincerity aud Integrity. They recognize tliat he wishes
to settle the i)uestinn without Violence and for the besl Interests of the
i: S. atld Mexico (Af course, he can
nnt be expected to go Into details In
lhe first nlace. soiti" nr the details are
necessarily not worked nut ami depend
in a measure, oo developments atid In
formation which is tn be derived frnm
the methods tie is imw pursuing In
the second place. Mime matters of de
tall. If given nut in advance in lln
present delicate Bituation, would defeat ibe very ends sought tn be accomplished
A-jainit War.
"There is some divergence nf opinion in the committee. It could nol be
otherwise Some favor more drastic
measures than others Tbe committee
generally .-yinpnthizes wllh the president's desire to avoid Intervention, or
anything that will produce war Kven
those, howaxsr, who favor drastic
measures, have confidence in the
presldetll and an- supporting him in
Ills present efforts. 1 think, with a
lew exci pttons, there Is no disposition to draw parly lines. 1 think that
Is true of both Republicans and Homo
erats in the committee and iu the sen-
iate generally,
"ib" president manifested a strong
desire to have th�� co-operation of the
'committee and of the senate and
. frankly    said  he  would  be  very  glad
to have any suggestion from them,
'either as Individuals or as a body, and
i wou'd welcome their assistance.   The
senators seemed gratified by that
[frank statement on bis part.
1 "While there In a small element In
[this c.untry that would like to see
'war, the large majority of the people
'. depreciate it miff! earnestly and thoroughly Then; is no secrecy on th"
] part of the president as to the general
purposes be has in view and the gen*
,eral  methods he  Is trying tu employ.
It Sounds  Serious.
I    "There never was a greater responsibility on a man than now rests on
ithe president or the  United StateB to ,
glisrd this country against being In-
tvolved in war on account of Mexico.",
But It Looks Fishy.
]    Seattle.     Aug.     10.    tieiieral    Felix '
1DI117. and his attendants took a long
iride over the boulevards this morning ;
] and   were  so   -well   pleased   that   they
went out again  in the aflernnon. The
general declines to  discuss  the  main
crisis or his mission to .Japan, but says
no Importance need be attached lo Ihe
lap-tn-ese  consul   meeting  him  nl   the
train.    The consul,  when  asked  iest-
'nel< al the Btatlon before the arrival
ef the train lf  he  was down  to meet
Dla*. said he did not know Diaz was
nn the tTaln. and tliat he came to receive IV.  Rnypila  end    Mr.    IC-jmiya.
lapanese  men of affair*,    who    have
been Investigating the condition of the
Japanese in America
Bacramento, Cal., Aug. 10,���Patrons
of Sacramento cafes In which Intoxl-
CB lng liquor Ib sold will be asked
siortly before 2 a.m. tomorrow morning lf they desire to (.rder in advance
to keep their parties going, bo that
ihe 2 to 6 closing law wlll not annoy
It will not be necessary to close
Bilious or cafes to comply with the
provisions In the new law when it becomes effective, proprietors Bay. The
law inertly prohibits the sa'e. g'ft or
distribution ot intoxicating liquor, It
is asserted. If anyone decides to
n-maii In the place and drink what
has been ordered previous to 2 a.m.
there is DOthlng to  prevent it.
Harry Higham Killed in Peculiar   Accident   at
Reported  Government's Price to  Vancouver for Old Court House
Bits Is $750,000.
Rcpe Parted    and    Man Dropped
Feet to Bottom���Was Trying
to Get Bucket.
When the rope with which he was
being let down a 10S foot well at Jubilee,  Hurnaby,  broke  yesterday  after-
Vancouver, Aug.  10.���That the
vincial  government  will  not  sell
old   court   house   square   to  th'
for less than three quarters of a
lion  dollars is  stated  to  be  the
vincial  government's  reply  to  Mayor
Baxter,  who  will  probably  receive  it
Attorney    General    Bowser   passed
through the city  tonight  on  his  way
to Kamloops,    but    he    declined    to
state  the  exact   nature  of  the   reply ,
to the delegation which waited on the  ��a"y."s
Delegates to Pacific High
way   Convention   Pass
Through City.
Reeve McGregor Back from
London   With
Welcomed by Local  Motorists���Three  Municipality    Probably  Will Get    an,
Busy  Days at Cession���Tour of Advance from Old Country
Vancouver Island. Financial Circles.
Bearing signs of    fast    going    and
travel-stained,     twelve
noon, Harry Higham fell about 75 feet government some wtekB ago in refer-
Bellingham    and     Whatcom
Union   Men   Will   Be   Here
Ceotember 1.
Bellingham and Whatcom county,
Washington, are the two latest sections to join tu the big Label Day
celebrStlon to be held In this city
next month. Yesterday Chairman
Harry Uibb. of the ljibor Day com-
mlti'.-e,     returned     from    a    trip     tu
to the bottom, breaking his neck
Higham, who had bten living on the
Humble homestead and who had recently started a milk   run,    waB    in
[company with another man named Alfred Payllug, a neighbor. Tbey were
trying to get a bucket out of an old
i well and, alter fishing for it fjr some
time in vain, they decided that Pay-
illng should let Higham down to the
bottom by a rope.. Payling tiad paid
out about 25 or 30 feet of the rope
with his friend on the end, when the
! strands parted  suddenly and  Higham
was  dashed   the  remaining  75  or  80
County |feet to the bottom.
The man above immediately summoned help, rang up Dr, Duller and
notified the Burnaby police. Sergeant
Lyne responding.
As soon as another rope was procured, one of the party was lowered
into the well  and. after considerably
ence to this matter. However, there
is good reason for the belief that th'
price asked is as Btated above.
The linancial ttrlngency which has
automobiles :been    felt    in    Hurnaby  for several
delegates    to    the    Pacific  months  will   probably  be  lifted   to a
highways convention passed    through  certain  extent this evening,  when  a
New   Westminster   yesterday   on   the  financial  proposition.
Lets Uncle Sam Get Ahead of Him
Pullinc  Off  ET-ectacular
way   to  Vancouver  where    the    first
atssion  will be held  this morning.
All the cars were from Seattle.
First to arrive was that motor enthusiast. Judge Ronald, the man who
last year actually adjourned a case
in IiIb court for 36 hours to allow
him to motor from Sea tie to Pert-
land for the good roads convention.
He was met out on the Yale road
by W. J. Kerr, president of the local
motor club. The judge reported the
highways frcm Seattle to Blaine in
good condition, but the remainder of
the route rough, although without
dust, as it recently was oiled from
the border line to Vancouver,
Other delegates motored through
thi3 city during the day. These included  Mr.  Abrahams,  of  Seattle
e'.gn  office  yeaterday   poked  a
S.ui le and  Bellingham and    reports bad sustained minor Injuries.
difficulty Hlgham's body was brought'fun at America's generosity with
to the Burface. I China in the Boxer indemnity matter.
A glance told the doctor that life According to the government's view,
was extinct and a preliminary examl-1 John Bull waB juat as generouB as
nation showed that the dead man's I Uncle Sam. but not quite so theatrl
neck hsd heen broken, while he also  cal or spectacular In hl�� method.
ondon, Aug. 10^-The    British for- >, noted good road8 and'automobile en
as arranged by
Iteeve D. C. McGregor, who arrived
back from London, England, on Pri
day, will come up for ratification by
the council.
A special meeting or the finance
committee was held at KdmondB o:i
Saturday morning, when Keeve McGregor explained the details of hia
'.rip to London and wliite little van-
given cut far p-nbtieation. enough war
learned to give assurance that thp
chief magistrate's trip to the world's
money centre had been a successful
j Whether tbe outstanding bond issues, which total nearly 11,700,000.
.have been disposed of, or whether a
'financial deal has been. caunilelRil
, whereby Burnaby will be advanced a
sum   of   money  nearly  equalling  Ui��
(bond  Sseucs  is not definitely known.
although It Is understood that the Imt
Masson Under Fire.
N'lvules. Ariz.. Aug lit An unex
'lected bombardment of Ktiipaltne "as
cee .tinrti d eirly today by an accident
In liid'i r MaPBon's aeroplane The
murine Btifldeuly stopped while he was
flvlns over Guaymas harbor Masson
'Mlti'iineil to shore, landing In tbe
Mexican section of the American mil -
reiitl settlement The Krench aviator
was canitlit t,n land within reach of
the federal cannon for the first time
since he began dropping bombs around
the gunboats Guerrero ami Tamplco
' Por an hour and a half sharpnel shot
was scattered over Kmnaltne. the nun
boats being Joined by the federal shore
batteries The general offices of thr
Rruibern Paclflo of Mexico, other rail
J roinl property ami many private build -
��� thf" were damaged,
All non-combatants fled to tha hill?
V-.i.-*-.,,,| W;,s believed to have escaoed i
,ai"l nn Foreigners were reported Inlnr.
nl bi official advices received  in  Em-
l pi.ime tonight
that the labor men of the latter city
have taken kindly to the invitation
extended them by New Westminster,
with the result that a special train or
I boat will be chariered to bring the
Americans here. Kor several years
li- illlngUain and Seattle have beld the
unionist! together for Labor Day in
\\ hatcom county, but, with no cele
bration in the former cily and the
desire of a change from the sound
centre, it is expected that several
hundred will add in ihe throng ci.ni
Ing from Vancouver, Victoria and tin
Praser valley.
l'i.ster bills have been handed to
prominent labor officials in sectiens
of ihe county, while additional bund
lis wire dropped off at White Rock.
Crescent, and other points almig the
G. N. It
Reports from  Chllllwack,    Misstoi
uud  olher sections ef Ihe  Kraser val- i
ley   are   very   encouraging,   aeci rd ng ;
lo Iiie members of the committee, s
lhat   special  cars  will have  to   be  at
taibeil   in   tbe  regular  trains  on   the
li   C. E. U. September 1.
An the  instructions ot the coroner.
The following official uote is a re-
| ply to a recent antl-oplum trade depu
Dr. McQuarrie, the remains were re-   e^ion, the spokesman of wblch called J'���V
moved to  Murchie's undertaking par- | aUemlon to ,he "fine position won tor ,v,.u    *���
ter course will be taken.
Will Be Busy. Every one of the councillors refiis-
Although    the     New     Westminster   ed to give ont details of the financial
delegates  are  doing  all  possible    to' arrangement    untn    tlw    matter    i��
have  the   visitors  spend  halt  a  da/  brought up through the regular chan
here and at the Colony farm, they an- nels in the Cornell meeting thia eve
tlclpate some  difficulty, as today, to- ning.   but   every   one   appeared   well
morrow and Wednesday will be taken pleased at the efforts of -Ute reeve     soup   with  business   and   after   that   a that his negotiations are almost euro
lore ln thia city where they are being
held pending further orders. An Inquest will take place tomorrow morning. ���
i iiitlia.ni waa aboul Hi years of age
md came from England. He leaves a
widow and three children.
Kaisfer's   Hand   Appears in
Settlement of Balkan
attention to
the United States by the action of its  j���'
gcvemment    in regard    to the Boxer
indemnity,"    and    said    he    thought
Great Brlta'n ought   to   have    taken
similar action.
ln reply Sir Edward Grey, the British  foreign  minister.  Bays:
"The  British  government    was  not
. wise    in    its    generation.      It      had
drawn up large claims against  China.
| but   reduced   them   before   presenting
them.    The   United     States,     on     the
other   hand,    presented    very    large
claims,  waited  until  a  good  deal    of
them   had   been   paid   by   China    and
then waived the rest. This, c.f course
gave  the   t'nited   States a   good   dramatic position.    I think the real posi-
il<n of the two countries as to    the
Boxer Indemnity    should    be    better
ancouver island, including a
viBlt    to    Alberni, has been provided 1
A.  W.  Bith.    of    This    City.    Passes
Avvay with   Small   Fortune  Awaiting  Him  in  Ennland.
.lust a sbnit time before a large
legacy was due to reach him fol
Kngland, An hue William Bath, well
known hero, died yesterday afternoon
In ihe Royal Columbian hospital after
a lengthy  illness.
Tbe lata Mr Bath, who was 4..
years of age, and his brother, Ji seph
Hath, received word some time ago
thai a considerable amounl of money
bad   I n   lefl   thetn  by  a  relative  In
England and, although settlement of
the legacy was sllll pending, both
were assured nf receiving a good
share of (he total amount.
Kor many years Arthui W. Bath
had been employed iii 'iml around
New Westminster,
Arrangements for ihe funeral are
not oomph ted.
Paris, Aug lu A viscount, wrapped
iii a blanket, was found Bleeping on
tin Quay by the Seine river under lbe
Pni'.t de ln '���> 'irniile by two police officers, and was ordered away
"1 am u viscount." he protested,
���nilil have a rlghl to sleep here if 1
choose, ln my flat on the Boulevard
Sl,  Germain  sleep Is Impossible  from i
the mile of motor omnibuses and t.ixl
The viscount showed bis ci nl ond
t'i" officers apologized for their mistake.
Rain Is Welcome.
Moose   .law.   Aug.   Ut    Kor   Uie
hours ending ol ii o'clock ibis even
ing LOB Inches of rain fell
���VI inches It'll In less thnn an hour
this afternoon. This rainfall wns gen
crnl in lhe Moose .law district. II Will
do  much   good  where the  crops  were
ripening too fast nml will do damage
no  where.     II   wlll   prevent   the   con
tlnuation  Of  cutting  tomorrow.
Kicked to Denth.
Moose .Jaw, Aug. lu. While driving
wllh i' companion near Hoiinl" William A. Jewel fell over lbe il'isli!���nui'd
Of Ills buggy nnd was kicked to death
by   bis  horse,  death   being   Inslintnii
eons.    The accident  happened  nbout
two miles out of Conquest on Friday,
In Anion Trust.
Chicago. Aug 10 W, A. line's and
Max Covltf! have been round guilty of
arson, milking the second oonv'ct'on
of the alleged "arson trust" Investigation, They were accused of entering into n conspiracy to set lire t:>
their clothing store, the stock In
which had bean heavily  Insured.
Chinese  Uprising  Broken,  But  Country   Has   Not   Becn   Completely
Wniiilnuton,  Aug   ID.    Genera]  lm
provement in conditions in the rebel-
liens district of China wns reported lc
Uu* navy department today in a cablegram (mm Pen- Admiral Nicholson,
eT'liiuidi'ig the I'acific flict at  N.U1-
lili" .
"iiie    present    uprising," reported
\diii;:\il Nlehl Iron, "bus nut with fiil
n".' mi i very nolnt up to the prosenl
Mini   th"   northern   troops   have   I n
uniformly successful, but the country
i '���������' '��� in pnelfli <i
Ruling li* now within tb" northern
ii - ������'���!( the nond'ttons tiro Batlsfoo-
t',,-v there. Nankins hn* renounced
ndhe--'i"ii to Ihe minth, but disorders
nre threatened there on account of
large numbers of troops, formerly
wiii the southern army, bm not now
nt'-'i-ind to either side.   An American
jtinnmcr was fired on by the southerners nt Chcnglln,  Ample reparation has
I been   mnde."
To Cell Up Buffalo Bill,
lb nver, Colo., Aug. in. Judge ll.
'V.. Lewis 111 the United Stales district
court yeBterday ordered (he property
of the Buffalo IHU Wild West and Kar
East shows sold nt public auction In
Denver on AUStlll  81,
Calumet, Mich., Aug. 1".- Copper
line operators allege that 111" com
plete rout of the Western Kt deration
ir Miners lias been effected in Its
strike liere fnr InMier wages, nu
elghl hour day, aln lishnieiil ef the
i ii" man dti 1 and recognition uf the
one thou 'ami me" returnt d ti
work yesterday, while 1000 have
-il: ed lists asking that the company
resume   mining  operations   and     g'.VI |
them protection,
Friday 2000 men were at work.
No demands for changes iii work- i
ing conditions were made bv the men
reluming, bm li is said from a high
authority that mining companies will
la'se the wane scale and probably
give tlie men tile eight hour dav
Bhortly alter (he strike Anally is
i uled
I ute yesterday at ibe offices ef tlie1
mining companies many mini rs offer
. il t ��� K'i tn work They were given
positions iis last as tbey coultl bs in
V.'ant Them Yet Lo-- er,
I', lens, Moul, Aim. i�� aimultnne
ously wiib the (.'ning lulu effect of tin
���ic i��� un freight rates establlshi ii
early in July by the stale raireatl
commission for railroads opt
w ihi't lie sls'a, comes the news lbat
a further slash In tariffs o'i Montans
cereals to I'acilic const nnd eastern
points is now under consideration bv
the Btate commission,   The commls
bIoii bus ordered n hearing in lle'en-i
August lit when lh" railway com
panics   will   be   asked   lo   show   cause
why n further reduction should not
ti" made. Al the same lime Inter
state lumber rates on tb.8 Great
Northern will be considered.
Will     Be  Final.     Is     O-vinion
Rumanian  Kmr���Joy Bells Rutin  Bu;harest.
Bucharest, Rumania, Aug. 10.���The
peace treaty between the Balkan
states w-as signed at 10:80 this morning.
In honor of the occasion tlie city
was decorated with flags, guns were
fired, bells were rung and the bands
No  Suspicions.
Moose .law.    Aug.    10.���Accidental
death, while drunk, with no suspicion
Iof foul play, was the verdict of the
coroner's Jury Saturday night whicb
sat to determine how Kred Oleson, a
waiter, came ti his death. He was in
a I'f.it with Walter Stone, star witness
against Samuel Tadman. and Qui enie
Delarue, who came from Calgary re-
cenlly. Stone and the woman man- i
aged io reach shore.
to be ratified by his colleagues.
Statement Tonight.
The reeve wilt make hla statement
Dr. Holmes and Messrs. Todd. Kerr   at the meeting thia evening, when lt is
Bole, Warren and W   Gillev. the New  P���bable that many of the ratepayers
;Westminster   delegates    are   all     ex.-will be in attendance to learn the ef-
I pected to attend  today b  sessions.        r��rls   of  the  ����uncI1 to  relleve    ***
fir'Jl;'Ifl9aT,rn,wC0HnTCi:0r'  .    ,l\    Should'the deal go through it will
firs   class trunk road    from    as    far resumption  of  work   in  the
north aS>ipossible to as far south    as  rmm[,,-���anrv,  ���.��rk  whirh    has    ,,��..,
P".1S'D . . ,.     _, , closed down  rnr the past few  monf'i^
Ihis is the slogan of the delegates ^j   wWcB   R.frr nJPall  moIley  for  the
to  the   Pacific    Highway     convention  si.ttters
which starts In Vancouver this morn-/ The News was Informed tint m
ing. The convention will be opened rru, nf( ,j exp���rr ,i big boom in mnni-
at 10:30 o'clock by Ri-ebt Rev, Bishop (.jpal n-or!;. this yxsr at least. The
de Pencier in the Progress club situation in Burnaby is no better, ur r
rooms. n��� worse off than msny other ���-:mif-"-
Representatlves    from    automobie paiitles in the Dominion, but the coun
clubs  In  all   the   bit-    towns    of    the   ell.   it   Is  said.  Is tletrreUtf'1  to  keen
Pacilic  coast   from   Sun   Diego   north-  down   tl."   cvpenditure   (o   tlie   lowest
ward   will   be   present,   anion ,-   whom   possible limit.
;are many noubie speukers. Whether   the   council   wi'I   take   !i|J-
Mayor   Baxter,  of   Vancouver,   wll  th"  n��"porffion ct paving the Hiver.
give  ibe  address of  welcome,   to  b*  Barnei and Douglas roads in (he near
followed bv an address tf  ...1-ome bv   ' re  i.i  now  fn   the doiiillii!  stags.
the president cf the  Vancouver Auto-   Little bus  heen  heard of rtie  project
and   the
peace with
No High Flying.
Washington,, Aug 10.���President
Wilson yesterday took the lirst steps
to protect the Panama canal from unwelcome visitors by the aerial route,
lie signed an executive order prohibiting any aeronaut from flying over the
canal SI ne without written authority
from Washington, en penalty of $1000 of Ihe Vancouver Automobile club, S
mobile club, S. Gintzburger.
This afternoon W. J. Kerr, presl
dent of the Canadian Highway asjo
elation, will give an address on the
work cl tlmt association and its r*
lation to the Pacific highway body,
Three   Day   P roc ram.
Tlie following is tlie program as arranged  for  the  three  days,  Monday,
Tuesday  and  Wednesday:
Tcday,  August 11.
10:30 a.m.���Opening of the convention by Bight Rev, the Bishop of New
Wesiminster. Addres3 of welcome to
the delegates from his worship Mayor
Baxter, of the city of Vancouvi r. Address of  welcome  from the  president
[for some little time and' the oondi-
linii if the financial market hud Pii
to the Impression that, though (be
mfepayers authorised the spending of
half a million dollars on Ibis, the coun
cl], this year at leant, will lit tin
matter drop.
tine and  a  :
each offence.
���ar's  imprisonment    for
The Iron Glove.
Aup:, in.-- Emperor Wilhelm
king of Rumania today ex-
the following telegrams in
with the conclusion of
Ihe Balkan states:
1!�� barest. Aug. 9. iiie condushn
of peace is assured after grent difficulties have been overcome,    Thanks
to vou ii will be final    l thank you
With   my   whole  heart   for  yenr   loyal
friendship and warm good will. which 2000 (lectors with tbelr wives I Report of the executive officer of the
I Signed) CAROL, I had been Invited as Ibe guesls of Pacific Highway association. Major II
King Qeorge ami Queen Mnry. both |L. Ilowlby. if Portland. Address from
cf whom, however, were nt Cowi>s for I Alfred Buckley, M.A., Vancouver; sub
the regatta. Jeet, "The Broad Highway,"   Address
I from   lbe   president   nf   lbe   National
i Highway   association,   I..   P.   McCalla.
M.D., of  iii.ise.  Idaho;   subject. "Vl
Host Wa6 Absent.
London, Aim. 10.���Social festivities
yesterday occupied most of tlie dele
qaies in tbe International Medical
congress, iiie principal function was
a garden partv at Windsor castle, to
Gintzburger. Short replies to wel
come from visiting governors nf the
l'nited States of America, and presidents of automobile association. Ad
dress from  Ihe president nf the   Pad
tic Highway association, Judge .1. T,
Ronald,   supreme  court  of  Washing
:i p.m.   Appointment of committees.
Canada's Trade 10 Per Cent. Ahead of
Last Vear in Spite of European
War Demands.
rating |nav,
All  for  Auto-.
v, ,������-,, JnW, Aug. 1"     W    I
a real estate dealer from Re
* '���"������ ,- inipleitii ii  man frnm
litis bl
nnd ii
nui -i"
en committed
���I nf passing
til one is 111 e
"bile.    OlOUgh
eiun und
for trill on thi-"e
worthless checks
iniiivtUin with an
is now oitt cn bat'
Sayc Wilhelm.
Wltii-'H'iile. Aug 1" Vour telegram, which reached me tonight, la a
greal antl real loy In ine 1 offer i tv
my sinci rest end heartiest congratulations on your splendid success, for
whloh, i.ii only your people inn also
the belligerent states nud ail Europe
lo thank you for your wise and
statesmanlike policy At ihe
time your mentioning that I
have been ���'e to contribute tonie-
thlng to the result achieved Is i ureal
satisfaction to me. 1 rejoice that our
mutual co-operation was in the cause
of peace.
(Signoll   Wli.UK' M.
Emoeror William today created King
Constantlne of Qreece a general field
marshal .if tin' Germ: n army and conferred upon the Gr"el; crown prince
the Grand Cross of lhe Hed Kagle.
"'ant Cnite a  Lot.
.1 'ff f* u Cltv   Mi'.. Alls    I
Aud'tor Gcrdon hns recelvled
.1. Thed r k. i f Fresno, Call.,
fnr ��7il niiii.nilil from lbe
ef ih- state uf MIssour
from A.
a (inlm
so'iont fund
The claim
California's Blow Aimed at Jap Ownership  cf   Soil   Now   Is   In
from the
II. A., A. i:,
Address from
'anadiiin Hiith
Kerr, of New
trom Norman
hul  will appear at  lbe nexl  silling of
]the supreme court here.
Ouffrane In Nutmcn State.
Denver, Aug. 10.���"Connecticut   is
In lhe vim of lhe niovemeei for s"'
frago   in  the east,    The old   Nutmeg
1 state was really the pioneer fur equal
nolltlcal rights for women. The suffrage movement began in Connecticut
j before  tlie  civil  war,  and    we    have
never given up the struggle to achieve
Cur light   to the  ballot.    Within    live
years the women of Connecticut will
exercise tlte franchise ai the polls."
|So Bays Miss Kmlly liersim, of Cn m-
well, Coiin., now visiting this city.
wns mode nu behalf of the heirs of all property rights guaranteed to them
K T. Garner, on account of a lease Iby existing treaties between the I'nlt-
tnaile in SI. Louis In 1801, The|eil StateB and their native countries
lease   be  Sa'd.  rnn iei years nnd  thp and In no other wny, nnd muy, In ad-
monev was paid Into the escheat fund dition,   lease   lands for agricultural
ilu 1806.   The state auditor snvH tham purposes for a period of three years
Is $!���!!.'i'i'   In  the    escheat     fund,    of The   sama   provisions   are   made   Inr
which I1S00 is due the heirs of a c. companies In whloh the majority
tional   Highways,"    Address
Island  vice pres dent.   I
Todd, if Victoria, B.C.
the  president  of  the  C
way association, W, .1.
Westminster,   Ad In bs
P.    Abrams:    subject,
Highways as an Asset."
!i p.m. illustrated lnnli rn
bv the president of the .
Roittl   Builders'   association.   S.   Hill;
subject, "Roadways of Two Continents."    Illustrated  lantern  lecture bv
the commissioner of Rainier national
Sacramento,   Aug.   10.- California's park;   subject,   "Some   Recent   Road
alien land net, the BUbject of diploma-   Construction.     A   trip  le   Rainier  N:i
tic interchanges between  the  l'nited i ntiiil Park."    Address from tlle C:e
States and Japan, and (P-r> other bills
passed   by   tlle  legislature  become  ef-
fectlve at midnight tonight.
The alien  land  nct.  ns finally  ap- I
proved,  provides,   briefly,  that  aliens
not eligible to cltltensblp may hnve
(Continued on Page M.n'.it.i
. f
More Heat in Chicago.
Chicago,  Aug.   10.    Chicago  was
the throes of another heal spell Snt
urday.     Many   prostrations   were   reported   and   thi    we-ithtT  lnire-iu  officials declared the list   would   hnve
belli   much  larger.
Stockholders   are   such   aliens   or   In
which  such  aliens  hold  the  majority l
of stock.  The Inheritance of land con- !
trary  to the  provisions of the  uct Is,
Iff|prohibited and It Is provided that real
property hereafter acquired In ctintro-
veiitlon of the act shnll revert  to the
Tiie  existing  holdings  of  land  are
not affected  by  the act.
Pueblo, Colo., Aug. 10,    1*\ nr
a devastating flood, which
is snld to have been formed
between Colored > Springs and
Pueblo by cloudbursts, has
canst d warnings to be Issued
tn ai residents of tlle lowlands
of the Fountain river, iii Blast
and South Pueblo, to move lm-
mediately to   higher   ground.
Word reached Pueblo from
lii'on, Colo . at 10 o'clock tonight that the wnler In the
Fountain river hnd reached beyond the danger point.
Ottawa, Aug. 10.   Government stii
titties show that, so far in the preset,,
fiscal  year,  total Canadian    trade    kit
about IU per cent, ahead of lust y<iai-
lhiring  the  mouth of June aggregdti-
.foreign  trade  was Js:i.ti00.sr>2, an  in
Crease over June. 19L'. of JT.OC.l.ZCT. OC
>S pt r cent. Kor the Ihree moiithn
ended June :;<). total trade of ail ucttr.
was 1268,130.779) an increase of $20,
I'.US.bTa. cr 8.* par rent. The principal
Increases arc in p*j��rUi. which in Un-
I three  months  wvrr  $I,J5;i.5l)0, or 9.5
pe:  cent ahtad of June. N12.
Cauae cf Strjiir.
in the finuiutiai circles of Europe it
I is common    knowledge    that    recent
'strain of capital and credit hive beem
Paclflo .largely brought about by demands in
|cldent to the cost of wars and urnia
lecture  ments.    It ia figured that the Italk-iir
\nierican  struggle  has cost appnixlinatelv    $1.
260.000,000 and it  Ib pointed out that
during the last nine months Rumania.
has   i vpended     about    $(10,000,000   on
mobilisation   tutA   armaments, whlto
A"'-tre IfnriBiiry and Russia havn provided   JiiUi.OOe.OWl  for  like  purposes.
e ;", h" war b:"s been  made a ground or
pretext for ix capital levy of $��G0J*)0n.-
]iiiio in Oermany, a (vipital eTMndlturn
.-j, tui or loans or, perhaps, $125,000,000
in Prance  and a large Iticreiiae In thn
..(.'ormy estimates of Germany, Pmniw
find   Russia,     The  kingdom   or   Italy..
wblch Ptsrtrd Hie trouhle hy Its atfu-k
: upon Trip- It. It"" also Buffered h"avifv
1 Slid It l( not difficult to ��ce why th-��
; banking resources or Kurope are Jn��C
;.;;  new undergoing a gevere strain, w'.il-b.
however, is being r-ellevcd mom Willi
������;  every passing week.
Thirty-cecond Death.
Ttiighuinton. N. Y., Aug. 10.       TIk?
th'rty Becond nnniR was aided venter
day to the list of those who peiisliert
In the fire which doetroyed the llini;
liamtoii CIothliiR company's plant two
i  weeks   ago.   when   Mrs.   May   I.M>tmi
I died   at   the  city   hospital   from     !�����-
:: Inrlt s rerefveri In jumping from    Iho
���  fourth floor cf the building. S>AGfc   TN-VO
MONDAY,   AUGUST   11,   1913.
In the calendar of the church today
ls the festival of St. Lawrence, the
martyr whose name was given by
Jacques Cartier to Canada's nighiest
river, lt was on the feast dny of St..
Lawrence that the Krench navigator
entered the buy, and to this circumstance the great waterway owes its
memorable name. On his first voyage
i:i 1534 Cartier's vessel arrived at the
very threshhold of the river, but the
explorer sailed home without becdm-
Ing aware of the existence of the noble stream. ' On his second voyage in
1535, with the ships La Grande Her-
mine, 12(1 tons. La Petite llermine, (10
tons, and L'Einerillon, even smaller,
Cartier again readied Anticosti, which
ho crlst-ned lie de I'Assumptlon, and,
dii the tenth of August, gave the name
of St. Lawrence to the bay he hnd entered. By the first of September he.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ reached  the mouth of the Saguenay,
i,   - ..       r , . ���   , ****^m *m*****m      , and on  the fourteenth of (bin  month
Bang me lar western boundary of the empire, where came to the entrance of   the  river,
the Orient and the Occident come together, has its draw- nnme!:.lnyAm����Vbe,f0W '-iT1"'*'' v,".k'h
i       i ii ������ i i mB   < '     m , lie cristined St, (roix.     lhe next  dav
. backs as well as its advantages and the least of the former *������> *���"���* visit, n bv Donnscona, an ai-
is not the Hindu.   As a matter of fact, this tall, lean, be-
whiskeivd, bcturbaned and none to clean individual in his
way presents to liritish Columbians a problem fully as difficult and pressing as the smaller sized, flatter featured
A* tSSSSSatsttSst morning paper devoted to the interests of New Westminster and
Caw Strnmrtr Vtt'x-ty. Published every morning except Sunday by the A'aHona' Pnntirif/
trntt e*mStttxm**tt Cetm-tang, Limited, at 63 UcKemie Street, Ken) Westminster, Ertti-tft
CoSninltin.. ROM!  SUTHERLAND,  Managing  Direetor.
Alt t*ttmmmt*mtmmttt**s should be addressed to The New Wsstmlnstsr Newt, and nol
to *s**9stk**mt members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be mads
mitilr Ct tlxe Xtttionsxl Printing and  Publishing Company, Limited.
I'Kl.tU'UOSHS --Business Office and ilanager, 993; liditorial Rooms (all depart-
SOUBCRirriON RATES���By carrier, tl per year, $1 fur Ihree months, 40,: per
.matUh..    Hy itxeul, (3 per year, tto per in,.nil'.
AOVBBTISISU  RAtHS on application.
MONDAY  MORNING,    AUGUST  11,  1913.
New Zealand is Given  Rousing Farewell As She Steams Out of
Rupert City,  Valued  at $00,000,
at  Auction  for $16,000���
A  Bargain.
bar  In  the ftronm,  he  look his boat ,
with three volunteers, and on October
2nd  arrived   at  the  Indian  vtllage of
Hochelega, which  he    called    Mount ,
Royal,  whence  the  present  name of
Montreal.    After a   few  days be re- j
turned  to his -ships at  the mouth of |
ii"  St.  Croix,  where   the  winter  was
spenl      The   severity   of   lhe   climate
and ilisi'iise. Imt above all the Ecurvy,
wi liietl   frightful   ravages,   and   with
t M* coming of spring Cartier and the
survivors  Ralleds  away   for    France,
taking with them Donnacona and nine I
other chiefs,  whom  tiny    had    lid-: in
lie was visit, d by Donnacona
gonnuin chief, wiih whom be was enabled to converse, the two Indians be
had kidnaped en a previous voyage,
acting as his Interpreters. Leaving his
two larger ships behind, cartier. with
^       ^^^^^^^^^  , .be Kmerillon.  sailed up tbe river ns
specimen of humanity who hails from the realm of the:!-,.^^^^^^'';,,^;;;;;,":8^1^
The main trouble with the Hindu is found in his over-!
weening egotism and the consequent exaggerated idea he!
has formed of his own importance.
Despite the misplaced sympathy of some easterners1
and their distorted application  of the doctrine of  the'
brotherhood of mankind, the whites of this province are
not yet prepared to receive the Hindu into their, homes as
an equui, or to tolerate him as a neighbor.   On the contrary, the prevailing attitude towards this person seems
to be thai he is here on suffrance and that his room would
be immeasurably preferable to his company,   it is not for
one mas bo say that he is the superior of another, but it is
for one man to determine whether or not he wishes to as-
tsociate with another and what position the outsider is to'
occupy in a country to which he has come uninvited. That,
briefly, is the stand the British Columbia white takes with
regard to the Hindu. He does not intend to argue the matter with the dark skinned one and if the latter doesn't like
his treatment here, well, the whole world's before him and j
he can choose a location elsewhere.
J       The statement that the man from India is a so-called
British subject carries no weight.   Britain conquered India and may do as she pleases there, but when she allowed ���
the natives of that coral strand a certain amount of latitude it wa.s not with the understanding that they were
free to expect the privileges accorded the white race in
whatever portion of the empire to which they chose to
migrate.   A Hong Kong Chinese is as much a British subject as the best Bengali Bachelor of Arts and the latter
would do well to remember that fact.
Nobody asked the East Indian to come to British Columbia and when he does come, if he is permitted to enter
the country, he must abide by its laws, otherwise he may
find the gates barred against him altogether.
Pre Coding and Packirg of Fruit Also
Receiving   Attention���   Meet
Victoria, 'i. i'., Auk. 10, ��� Tl.e last
Interchange of courtesies between the
province of British Columbia and tho
battle-cruiser New Zealand was performed yesterday afiernoon on board
the warship, and the historic scene
thus created will live long in the mem
ory of those who took part und wit
nessed il.
Tbere was little of ceremony llldlllg-
ed   in,  hut  tlie  occasion   was   in,irked j
by a series of notable speeches,  lirst j
by Sir Richard  McBrlde, in  handing
over the message senl by Premier it. |
L. llorden on behalf of Canada as a
whole; second by Lieutenant-Qovernoi I
Patterson In presenting a loving cup
to the ship in token of its visit i > these
waters; and third, by Captain L. Hal
soy in response.
Throughout the three addresses
there was n Strong vein of patriotic
sentiment and the party of gtie*-ts who
were privilege!) to l'e on board at tin1
time were not slow in their appreciation,
LesFcns to Be  Learned
Sir Richard opened the proceedings
on   behalf  of  the  province   by   reading the message of 'be Domini in ore-
mter, after  which he pave utterance
to a  few  pointed  remarks concerning
the lersonp to be learned from the visit of the New Zealand.
His Hoimr the lieutenant-governor,
performing thi   presentation cere-
i ninny, expressed  bis  great   appreciation of the act  of New Zealand,    In
making a {rift of such n  magnificent
Vancouver, Aug. 10,���The Rupert
City, the famous old freighter whose
history is closely joined to that of
British Columbia shipping, was sold
by auction yesterday to Norman C, ���
Hardy, representing Messrs. Dodwell
iii Co.
Libelled for debts at Seattle, the
steel Bteamshlp was sold at United
states Marshall's Bale on the federal
building steps at noon. Mr. Cook, of
the Murine Transportation company
of Vancouver, ber former owners,
asked for a stay of proceedings
week anil a stay until yesterday
allowed. Bidding for the vessel.
ii.*d in $60,000, started al $2000
r,is, flnaily to $16,010, when it.
knocki d down.
Messrs, MacKenzie Brothers, of this
c'ty, brought the Ruperl City from India Bl ven or i i'lit years ago, ami railed between tne old Country and the
Orient, They loaded ber wiii construction supplies and ran Inr bet .'.���en
Vancouver and Prince Ruperl at a
time win n the carrying of materials
tut- il*.* Qrand Trunk Pacific brougl
rich   returns.     With   a   fleet   nf   other
: is tb<  Ruperl City kept in ibis run
fer several years.
After laying un l'er ;��� few months
lh" vessel wan pie* ���' en the Alaska
run. This did n .t las' so long, and
aboul feur or five years years ago Bhe
was Inld mi in Vancouver harbor, She
i":.' d :, r.n' sire im In Burrard Intel
fm-  al,i,r.i   I".   months,  when  tiie  v
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
business directory_ Bank 0f Montreal
II. A I'. O. ef Klks n( tin- li. ft Ci nice
lha first acl third Thursday al �� p. m.
K.   of   P.    Mull,   Eighth   Mr-el.   A   Well
limy. Exalted llub-r: I'. II. Smith, Sur
lllll.    Set
day    in
i-i ih,*
M..    NO.    864.���MEETS Dl*
olid.   Ihlril  and  foiirlli   WednoS
��� ach    month   at    a    p. m.
Moose    Homo.    It. .1.    Leamy
I*'.      E.    Junes,     Becretary
rtors   ���(   lodge   In   Bee   House
nf Knurlh ami tlnn
ell  (Oli-'-U
bt ll. O. O. P. AMITY l.ODf.V! NO. 17���Tb
' regular meeting of Amity lo.lge Ni
27. I. O. (>. P., Ih held every Miiiifla*
night at i) o'clock la udd l-viluws' Hal
corner Carnarvon and Eighth Btrtetl
Vlsltlnc broth-am cordially inviter
It. A. M.-nohow. Nil ; II. \V. Sangster,
V. il.: W. C. t'omtiliiil, P. ll. rervtp
lng secretary ��� .1 w. MacDonald, financial  secretary.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches  throughout Canada    aud
Newfoundland, und in London, Eng*
laud, New Vork, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and   Mexico City.    A  general
banking business transacted,    Letters
i of  Crodlt issued,  available  with  cor-
\ respondents In nil parts of thu world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposits
received   In  minis  of  $1   and   upward
md Interest allowed at 3 per ceuL *-***
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over (186,000,000.00.
O.  I).  BRYMNER,  Manager.
-r.l0.!^ t^eTJilrf.:���wlilcLfl���cfti?n-���^ | purchased by liefMafit^own^r
-Redistribution is coming next session to be followed
immei-iiaitrJy by redisturbance.
If thc man who made the first wheel had patented his
invx'ntiyo.n wouldn't he and his heirs have made a clean-up?
A down east woman has paid for a farm by gathering
wi\t\ berries, which is further proof that business is picking up.
Spokane, Aug. 10, It is just as im
por tan I t > put fruit on the markel in
pocd Bound condition as to grow fine
fruit. Ni> matter how fine ihe fruit
hi i-i the orchard, if it is p.m handled
"nd packed properly so as in arrive
in Tie market In Bound, attractive
shnpo the money Invested in growing
the fruit is largely, if not wholly,
So spoke il. .1. Ramsay, of Washington. I) C. pomologlst in charge of
fruit storage and transportation Investigations of the bureau of plant industry of the United States department
of agriculture, who is in Spokane to
' meet tlie growers of the Spokane district, along with 11. II. Pratt, in charge
of the w irk of thc I'acific northwest
The government experts will discuss
problems of transport.itlon and refrigeration with the local growers and
fruit organization men.
"Our aim is to determine the factors governing the successful shipment of fruit and vegetables," said Mr.
* Ramsay.
"One of tlie most important Investigations of the northwest is tint of
apple and  pear storage.
Storage   Investigations
"Storage Investigations   are   being
j carried  on.    We  are    attempi ing    to
w'ork out the various storage problems
i of  the  different   commercial   varieties
I of apples and pear   in   these   districts.
believed, had created a greater and
more profound Impression throughout
the imperial domain than any e enl
of recent years.
In responding on behalf of bis ship.
Captain Halsey spoke feelingly of the
welcome accorded him in these waters antl made numerous references
of the imperial incidence of such a visit.
It was a remarkable farewell demonstration lhat was accorded the giant,
fomber hulled liattb-cruiser II. M S
New Zealand and its officers anil men
by th" citizens of Victoria when the
vssei terminated her visit to the first
and last Canadian port of call on the
I'acific and headed her prow in the direction of Ihe Raco Hoiks, and the
eiieti sea. bound for the Bhores of
Oreat Britain,
Fully 2000 persons displaying the
carnival spirit were aboard craft of
every conceivable size and shao" fol -
lowing in the wake of the New Zealand
as Hie warship Bhortlv after ii o'olock
Blowly anil majestically steered out of
Esquimau harbor to ihe , beers from
the massed ci-tWs *f the I*. S. U'^t
Virginia. II. M. ''. S. Rainbow, 11. M
S. Shearwater and the deafening
cheers from the hundreds of throats
of those who lined the waterfront.
iiie Rupert ('hy is now ,-i Port
Townrend, where Bin vas tied op l.y
ihe court several weoki ago, on completion of a voyage to Australia and
Members of the crew, officers and
firms furnishing repairs and provisions, filed libels against her. asserting that they had nnt been paid.
Th . vessel was built in Harrow in
1886, and ;s of 1640 tons register. She
is :',i" f- ,i long between perpendiculars, with 38 f'*e: beam, antl lias a
depth of m feet '," inches.
The sale by tb" government relieved ib" vessels of all obligations ex-
"cut a head tax of $8 Imposed by th"
CUSl tics  service.
t.r A Hanna, Ltd.) ��� Funeral director
and ��� ait'almers. Parlors 4Of. Columbl
street,    New   WentmlnsliT.     Plume   99,
w. E. PALES���Pioneer Funeral oirfcto
nnd E��*ibalmer, 61 It-(',18 Agios sirue
opposl.d Carnegie Library.
11     J.    A
Td.   K.
118,    Renin    11
Royai Bank
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,550,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A General Hanking
Business Transacted.
New  Westminster,  B.C.,  Branch.
P. II. Smith. W. 2. Orovei
Work   undertaken    in   city   and   outsld.
points.   211-1*9   Westminster   Trust   Bid!
I'hone   364.     P.   fl.   Box   607.
-Some of those reports of sea serpents and jewel rob-
beri-e.1- ut fashionable watering places might be classed as
Iml weather fiction.
France is trying one of her minor poets for murder.
There art a lot of them in this countrv who should be ini where they are produced
rtio o-u-i-vn Ytm i    "Extensive investigations have been
iml ^.iiui.  UUA. .���.,,!,,   ������   ltl<.   precoollng  and   storage
  of Bartlett  pears iii the  Rouge river
valley and it is hnpetl that the principles worked out there can he applied
to other pear sections.
"These apple and pear Btorage Investigations have boon tinder wai for-
years, and have shown and Important
results. These are being given now
to tbe people of these sections through
a series of meetings conducted by Mr
"The work includes demonstrations
of the best and proper methods ol pick
ing ii'itl handling, precoollng snd
prompt eroling before shipment, to determine tb" actual fruit temperature
"f ii.. fruit in transll in fully landed
refrigerator ears, from the shipping
point to the destination."
A farmer street car conductor of Hamilton has taken
to the ministry and now, thouph he still uses the "step for-
warcT he has substituted "the offering will now lie taken"
for "fares please."'
The way they're scrambling for that vacant chair on
the Vancouver council you'd think there was somethine; to
lie made by occupying a seat in the tonneau
if the civic
The man on the crossing and the man in lhe automobile have viewpoints entirely different, Now, if the Westminster Auto vlub would present Burnaby's magistrate
with a motor car, he'd be looking down at the sperd limit
instead of up.
Illiistratirur the way some towns spread themselves:
A Calgary realty man took a stranger out to see a subdivision he had for sale. They motored out, looked at the
land, maimed and the stranger bought a corner lot. A
few days later the stranger went to Edmonton and a real
estate dealer there took him out to look at a subdivision he
had nn his hands. "That's funny," mused the stranger
as he gazed at the landseane, "I bought a lot here in Cal
gary a couple of days ago."
tti. Bav. William Wllleox Per
rin, liiisl>'>p of Wlllesden, long the bl 111
of Kril'ish CoJiiinbln, and one ol thi
kno'mi -tit-raven   men   In   Canada
bciT.  >*ixty live  years  ago  today
AuKMrt   tt.   IMS, the  Hon   of
IVrrin r>f CUiiict'iUerihlre.    lie was oil-
mtsteii -jt jiiti-i'.'i, college, London, ami
TrrnttJ   CotcAno,  Oxford,  nail   was  tr
ilaim-d  in  l>T70.    Kor eleven  years he
served tvt -riirate tif St. Mary's In 9 iuil
nmpion, r.iui thi u became vli
l.ukeii   in    the   same   city    Twenty
yearn :n:i, ho came to ( a:  id:
l>i>iif;i .     British Ci luml : i   and during hi:** lon."  residence In Vleb
attain i *.* ermoBl   i"    ' *
T. e   li *.iii,  .���-*.   I  1    IP.    ' *  '��� ' i
mlnhn |  ���     i
Bishop ��� ���' ���
' ha
'.iiud'.i:   I
Quebec, Aug. 1" Mrs. Margaret
Nell, aged 1)6 years, arrived h re from
Ireland a fev weeks ago on her way to
Hamilton, Ont., to Iiv,* the balance of
her life with friends Mrs. Nell has
llvtd all her life in Ireland, hul having no HvIiik relatives or Mends In
thnt country, decided to come to Can-
i uia to paati tho remainder of her
(hi arriving In Quebec, she v is oall-
i>d upon to submit to the Immigration
; regulations, nnd thoimh sin* Is |'os-
lessed of means, told the Inspecting
ifllcer that she had no money, no
doubt thinking it wna none of bis bus-
ihit'sK. She wan then held for deportation, and  sent to the house of de-
'i<*ntlnn, which la Included inthe Little
I River immigration hospital.
In   Ihe   meantime     her     Hamilton
I friends heard of hor predicament and
I immediately took Bteps for her release antl sought tlle assistance nf Mr
I. T. Stewart. M. !'  for Hamilton, who
, at once communicated with th" department of the Interior and subniiHeil
Itegina. Auk 10.-���At an outlay of
$115,000, the provincial department of
agriculture have shipped into Si'skat
chewan since tie opening of the pre
sent seat-on, 40(1 head of cnttle for salo
to the farmers of the province. Pure
bred mahs antl pure bred and the
best grade females have made up the
consignments and the stock has been
disposed of ai eleven different centres.
The shipments have been made under
the direction of J. ('. Smith, livestock
in undertaking th i importing of
cattle from tb- eastern provinces the
department las hud in view the im
provement of the quality of Saskatchewan livestock in ail portions of the
province. The experience ami organization at the disposal of the officials
have placed Ihem in a position to secure thom a far better selection of
slock, and at much more reasonable
prices, than individual farmers could
have Becured.
No profit haR been made by the government on any transaction. The cattle have been Bold at actual cost or
less, and the '-- penBes Involved In the
work of selection ami uf the loading
and mil. pdlne of Hie snlmsts. have
been borne by the department of iigri-
The ' "if t   wV'il  "-title  were S.iltl
i to Ibe r-i-ite /    wh'ch were in no cape
j nu-, re ih'ti  lii*- actual  prices  oui,)  by
the  government, averaged  $S6.    iiu-
loWPSl   fig""" :*t   ivh'eh  ""������ lini'.i-i1   *.i;is
soli was $05 imd tbe highest $116
Nn further i hipmpntH v. ill be msde
'luring the preterit yesr, but il Is an-
' "iiiited   tbat   ti,.-   pollev   ��lil"''i   ba"
I ". ti ina'-fiiraied since lb m ne '���'
.'.'���iu', vir be continued in the spring
*.* :snn of  IHI I.
Clue   Funnel   Liner  Will     Take     1303
Barrels���200,000 Feet of  Doug.
lis   Fir
Sale, Deeds, lliirtliii'ss Letters, etc.: clr
culur wnrk BpecItUlBt All work strictly
c.inlld.iiti.il. Ht Ban v. room I If Went
minster Trust  I'.lk.    limne 702,
mer Board of Trade meets ln the lw��ar-f
room, City Hull, na follows: Third lrrl
tlay of ench month; (luartwly nierttn/
nn llie thlnl Krlday of Ki'tiruary, May
August ond November at H p.si. An
mini mr-etlngs on th? thlnl Friday o!
!>bruai*y. C. H. Stuart Wade, secre
if   next
r.    J.  It. (irnnt.
ti-r-.-it-law, solicitor, etc. Telephon1
1(1*11), Cnble address "Johnston.1
Coda, "Western Union." Offices, Kill
Block. r����*2 Columbia street. New West
minster,  B. C.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Wesl
minster Tnist Blk., Columbia street
N,-w Westminster, B. C Cable addresi
"Whiteside," Western Union, r. O
Drnwer !00. Telephone fill. W. .'
Whiteside. K. C.; if. I.. Edmonds, T
Vug  10.- Aboul the middle
ek  Uie  Hlue  liiniui   liner
Bellcrophon, Captain Bebb, will return
i, the outer docks tr. load cargo fm* C0RB0ULD  0RANT A
the i tilted Kingdom,    Space has been1     rii".,*:s, Boilcitora, tie.
reserved i ii the liig steamship for 1000      N'-w Wesiminster.    O,
barrels of whale ml and about 200,000
fi et  of  lioiiglns  fir.    It   is  expected
that several thousand cases of salmon l
will be assembled in th" warehouses
before the return  of the  Bellerophon,
and  the  longshoremen  will  have    ioi
stow this away in her great holds as
The steamer Oray, ('apt. Shadforth,
of the Canadian North I'acific Fisheries, limited, arrived in  port  from the
west coast whaling stations with near-'
go of whale oil, whicb will form parti
ihe Bhipment  to he taken  out by j
the   llellerophon.    The  Cray  has  left;
port   again   for  the  stations  and   will
bring in another consignment  before
the Hlue Funnel liner is ready tti load.
Very   Little  Whale   Oil
'i'he whale oil shipments this year
have In en much smaller than In previous years. "Iiie whaling steamers
have been unable to harpoon the great
mammals  in  Bitch  large  numbers as 	
marked  their operations In  lull  and  McQUARHl
IOU, iin* whales apear wilder, and  it       -     *
is  even   st:it**d   that   tbey   are   scarcer
Ihan ever before    In tenner years thc
Hlue   Funnel   liners   always   look   out
between 2600 nml 3000 barrels of oil
on their outward trips and BOmetlmna
th"  Harrison boats received  a share
of the  business     This vi nr, however.
things have gone lnd and 'be season's
catch   Is  expected   to  fail   far   below
that of 1012,
Hid weather bus Interferred to n
great evteni witli Lhe whalers this
year, especlnllj off iiu* Queen Charlotte Islands' station
40 Lorn,- Street
E. Corbould, h
E.   McCotl.
COAL MINING rlnhts of th,- liomlnio*
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami Alberta,
I ite- fukon Ti-rrlioiy, ihe Northwest Ter-
I ritiirli-s and In a portion of tlm I'roylnaa
i of British Columbia, nmy be teased mr o
j term ef twenty-one years at cn nimimj
( r.-Titnl nt $1 an acre. Not mor*. than Xbtt
I ocros will he leased to one applicant.
I     Application  for it  lease  must  be  niadt
by tin- applicant In person to tbe Agent
ior Bub-Agent of the district In which ths
i rlKlits applied for are sttualerl.
In surveyed territory the land must b#
��� described  by seotlons,  or  legal  sub-dlvt-
stiins of sections, and In unourveyed ter-
j iliory the tract applied for *hall bs
I staked out by the applicant  himself
Each  application   must   Ihi  a.-i-tmipanled
; by a fee of I.', which wlll he n funded 11
the riKhts applied for ar,- net available,
1 hut not Otherwise, A royally sliall bs
: paid on the merchantable output of tht
: inin." i.t the rate of five cuts per ton.
The   pt rson   oi��-raUnK   the   mine   shall
: furnish    thr-    Ajftnl   with    swnrn    returns
( aooountlng for the Cull quantity of mer-
ohantable   eonl   mined   nnd   pay   the   roy-
i alty   thereon.   If  the  coal   mining   rights
are nut being operated such returns shuuM
he  furnished  at   least   once  a   year.
The lease wlll Include the c#al mlntna
rights onty, but Iho leasee wlll be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered nce-e-s-
inry for Ihe working of the mine at ths
rats of $ia an acre.
For full Information application should
he  made  (o  the  Seoretar/  of  the  1-lepart.
men'   of  the  Interior,   Ottawa,   or   to  any
Agent  or  Sub-Agent  of   Dominion   Lamia
W.  W. COKT,
Deputy  Minister of the Inlerlnr..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
idvnrttsement will not be paid tor.
J. KTILWELL CLUTE. Barr!ster-at-Ia��
Snlli'ltor. etc. : comer Colombia an
MrKeniln streeta, New Westmlnstel
B. C.   P. O   Hox  112.    Telephone   711
Solicitor nnd Notary. Offices Hai
bloak, -H Ixirne street. New Westmlc
ster, li. C.
MARTIN * cassadi
Barristers nntl So,tenors. d'iU to Sit
Westminster Trusl Blook. O. E Mat
lln. W. O, MCJunrrln and (Ieorge I
i' i-e-iidy.
f Canadians in London, in a dispatch
'ever;:!   !*'    Itlls  SgO  111" I isln  |)  W  IS  fc-
iorti .I i , ii i ..* urged the advertising oi
Ml"   i!:,' I V    press...     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.'     bl 'mt:" '*! British Columbia wiih j nil  the  facts,  and  ai   tie  same  lime
tl In :    -  Eoon iit r the be- made known that Mrs. Nell bad a large
.'"id   null,   with   Itev. rum of money  in her possession not -
���  II fir l bishop    The late withstanding  Hint   she had   Informed
!��� - * *     ett-i   nil     contributed the  immigration  Inspectors  thnt she  .
Thomas  $75,1 il  ror Iho midowmetil nf lie* new had none. |thein  Btated  lhat he thoughl  ibe far
bis),.,-    i      N   ,t   April  will  mark  tlie      Tbe case has not  yet  been decided   north would be rich with oilier miiier-
���������: ��� nnrj or tin* birth of ibe famous hy  the  department   of  the  Interior, als,
philanthropist,   and   the    church    In and .Mrs. Nell is siill detained in cine- I    They found a formation of nek, ex
Hrlli       f'oliiml       -iii   doubtless   ob bit-, nml  unless  Mr. Stewart succeeds
Cobalt, Aug 10. Sum Otlsse, Km
ie Holland, D Moure nnd "Dad" Tub
erner, well known northern prospectors, hnve Just returned from a trip
SOO miles north of Cochrrne. They
Btarted out on May 4 fnr Ungava in
search of placer gold and diamonds,
As lhey just reached llurrlcauanawal
at the lime the ice was going out of
the rivers and lakes they encountered almost unprecedented high waters
and currents.
They went liy the Nalniym river
and reached the N'ltchlfiuon, on the
oonti of the Hudson May. They blazed Ir.ills antl canoed hundreds of miles
where while men hnd never before set
fool Tbe irip from the original stand-
polnl of slrlklng placer gold and cl in -
monds, was not successful, il is suid,
but thej were, however, greatly impressed wltli the country, and one of
| Ihem  Btated   Hint  be  thoughl
Prices right
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bide
ol  nil   liliulii.
Satisfaction gun run teed
McKenzie  St.
ll ���
annh i*i	
bs  li'iief r'-  i'i  t '.Mining  lier
in-.  Chnr
i lerg) mu
nnd  ml    l:m
1,"    Bl '*'
*. *
liberty, Is
buck   tn   lr
will be friendl
i ��� "..I.
iuling marly all the route tliey tra-
likely  lo  versed going in, which  is said  in ba
whero she similar lo thnl  in other mining dls-
; tricts of ih.* greal north
���_ 1	
Victoria, Aug. lu. The Intention of
the  Canadian   Northern   Pacific  rail
way to proceed with tbe construction
of the line through lbe Saaiiltii penln-
uia lo Patricia  nay is indicated in
il number of applications and advertise
ments which are now  appearing.
Formal notice is now given of the
deposit at Ottawa of lhe pans for the
trestle, bridge and embankment across
Selkirk water to carry the line from
the reserve lo the Selkirk bridge "ll
florge road, and also Ihe plans for th"
railway terminal at tbo Patricia liny
end of tlie line.
The line, after leal lng lbe junction
nt Itegina avenue, will cross under t'n*
f'nrey road, preliminary plans for
wblcb   part   have  been   filed   with   the
Saanlch   municipality,  the  line     -.'ll
proceed liy way of Lout  l-ike t" Cor
dova  bay,  following  Hie shore  Iiii" to
Saanliiilon, where it will run 111 north
westerly  direction   to   Patricia   Huy,
crossing lhe tracks of Hie Victoria &
Sidney rallwaj and of the liritish Columbii! Electric railway, Hera n irniis-
fer  Blip  nntl   wharf  Is  to  bo   i meted.
Tbs  will   I'neiliiile  Hi"   I* milling    of
Transfer Co.
ifflcs  Phons   181.      Barn  Phon*  117
���sgbls Btrsat.
Baggage  H-ellverel Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed ������T"n-
der for Addition to Land Registry office.
Slew Westminster," will be received by
ih..   Honourable,   the   Minister   ef   Publto
iv.,rk*<  en t.i i ii  .if Tuesday,  Hi"   18th
Inv ef Aiignst. 1!M3, for erecllon nnd
completion nf nddltlon t" Land Registry
.iii*"". n.w Westminster
line", specifications, oontract nnd forms
>r tender may i>< seen "ti and after lbe
JKth dm nt July, I Sl 3 nt Um office "t
B A liit.-hir, I'civrrtimi-nt Anient, New
Westminster; .1. Mahony, Onvemment
\g-nt. Vanoouver; nnd th" Department
.r  Puhllc  Works,  Vtctorln    n   C
Int. n,ti-ig tenderers pan, In* ipptylng to
I,.- nndersivneri. obtain ������>!" oopy of ihe
IrawlnKs niul on,, com nf ihs iipi-elffni-
tlnns for the sum of twenty five (till)
K.e-h propose! musl be accompanied br
oi accepted bank nberpis ,ir certlflonte nf
leposlt en :i chartered bank *'f Cnnada,
,*,,I,, payable t,. tie- Honourable the Mincer ..r Publlo Works. f��r the sum .if m
'��t ".-ni nf tfie nm.umt .if tin- ".Mitriii-I,
which shall i��> forfeited if the pnrtv len-
l.i-iirr decline t" inter Into eontraat when
"lllled  upon l" dn se. er If he fall tn com-
���ibie tiie work contracted fur. Tne afooques
ir certificates ��,f deposits nf iiusiie-
"-"t-'ful tenderers will br- rflurn.'d to tbem
���ip'.n  tin- execution of the contract
Tenders will nnt h�� considered unless
made mil on thf. forms suppln'd. slim"!
���villi th" nctual slErmltur* nf the tr-ndcrer.
md enclosed In lhe envelopes furnish-*"**!.
The lowest or nnv tender nut necessarily
.1     B    filllliiTK.
Publlo  Works  Knulneer.
Oepnrtmcnl "f Public Works
Victoria, iif, n.'.tii July, inn.    (mn3)
B.C.tat Service
Vancouver for victoria io a. m.
id 11 :��6,
Vanoouver for Hen ttie io a, m.
aria!  iof const
Hon purposes.
I ."IH-
2 p. 111.
nn.I 11
I.'-nv ^^^^
nnd  ll .30  p.m.
I,inv--.i   Vim
and   Northern   Point
'1 r..'   nntl   Mill til tl,
for  Nniiniimi  10
for   Prince   Rt
in p
nt   11
Chllliwacfe toics
Wo nnv
will give
not   onlv
all  ,   :
bnve Tunr trains dally and
'il Hie cheapest rale going
to   Ri
* rn
��� ni
i nd is
W"  lire
ilp  linos,
i   ,  ,. :i tlcuWra
nry. was 11 rn
. . * * an   ..
evi    il y ei
*    .. ���
,-       *   N
V^ t* -* '
' i -I i
"The Playground cf B. C:
���"��� ite, Shiles & Co,
CMlIIWfi  ',    1
i ���, Batiiriinv.
A  ��� ..'..-,
���   ���    '.'.        ���..,,*.������   v
..,.,* ni *i Pilday.
r,n   noi : ���''     *.���' nt
.    BIP ll IB, 'I. P,
u. m. Tunsdny, i
ni. ]\l ii.l iy .
Weslml wtm
!���:   GOUI.KT,
^^^^^^^^^ Agent.
:���* -   v*. ,*��� i.ii,.i it-nr
;   IODIC. Q,  I'.  A ,  Vancouver.
Vancou*, ��� i*. smmMMM m
MONDAY,  AUGUST   11,  1913.
Canners on 8keena River   Only    Get  World's  Record  Recently  Established   So Says Reflina���Decides to Make Bid  Grocers,  Butchers and  Bakers Up
Half a Pack���Alert Bay
a Little Better
Victoria, Aug. 10. Salmon fishing
at Itlvers inlet is over und the packers announce that they have only secured about half a pack Ihis year. At
tlle Kkcena river canneries they have
about a two-thlrus pack and at Alert
Hay the only whole pack of the coast
(.���tinning houses has been secured. Al
thc Alltord bay and Nadt-n harbor cun
nerles, on tlie Queen Charlotte islands, lhe catch of sockeyes has been
very small.
Capt. Morhouie, master of the ii. t.
I', steamer I'rlnce Albert, which waa
in port Kriilay morning Irom northern
ports, says that tlie fishing season lias
been u poor one Ihls year. The fishermen are through at itlvers Inlet, ami
an exceptionally small catch of sockeyes was made. The canneries tliere
art- now packing the lish and it will
start to move south in large quantl-
ties by tlie end or tlle month. After
extensive figuring the best that the
packers cun figure the 1911! catch al i.i
half a pack.
Fishermen are still fishing on the
Skeenn but tbey are not getting many
Bockeyes. The Alert Hay fishermen
are still spreading tbelr nets and are
meeting with favorable success. The
sockeyes seem to he plentiful in the
waters n. ar there and the canneries
may be receiving fish for aome davs
Both the Allfortl bay and Naden harbor canneries took large catches of
springs. I nt the sockeye run lias been
poor and very little packing has beeu
Subject  of   Much   Discussion���
Route of Aerial Waves
For Typo Convention
Arms   Against   Proposed
New Bill.
Way Paved to Save 60,000 Men Who
Each Year Die of Lead
Kt. Louis, Aug. 10. A discovery of
great importance, promising to rob bichloride of mercury of lis terror, has
been made in St. Louis following recent
suicides and accidental deaths due to
this poison, und the almost total help
lessness of physicians Also the way
has been paved for the curing of 60,-
O00 men who each year in the l'nited
SLiles ure poisoned by lead.
Iir l-rank I. Horse, ol this city, assisted by (',. U. Wilhlte, has found thai
Hn- ,iel.on of bichloride of mercury
can be arrested alter its quick assimilation by tbe body; lhat ibe poison
probably can be dissembled ami then
eliminated, probably in a different
Starting on the theory opposite that
of catapboresls, In which galvanic el-
ectricity drives metal chemicals, such
as arsenic, in the way cancer is treat
ed, thn nub Ibe flesh Irom a positive
lo a negative pole, an attempi was
made to tone out the mercury In the
fame way ihai electro-plating was
A ent was obtained, its buck shaven
and bichloride of mercury forced im i
its stomach One ami one half grains
were given al a lime. 21 hours aparl.
until three grains were in its system.
This is estimated to he equal to fifty
grains in a human being, while len
grains Inevitably kills, iiie cat was
lid witli milk three or four times a
day. A bath wub arranged and Hie
cat put on a copper plate in tlie hot
tom of the tub and au electrode placed Ml Its hack. Six dry cells were used.
Firrt Experiment Failed
Physicians bnve declined, until their
experiments have progressed further,
With lead poisoning, which takes lon
ger to accomplish, to give out the
chemicals used In this bath iu Which
the cat   rt celved  electricity.
The first experlnienl wns a disappointment ami great surprise The copper was not "electroplated" with mercury, but the discovery physicians
have bt" n searching for In vain was
made. The mercury released ils hold
upon lhe kidnayB within five or six
boors. Prom eight to ten volts wort
mud, ollu'r cats were treated similarly, and the result was tiie same
' 11 was discovered lhat a second
shock ei electricity was fatal llm*
treatment cures, Morse suys. The pli.. -
tlclans now. are trying to determine
the action of the second shock.
A cat Uni was given three graitm
last week, ami received llle one shock,
Shows every sign of recovery. An
other thill was given two, died soon,
but was recovering after lbe llrsl
shock. Another cut now Is undergoing the lend poisoning
Experiments are being made to determine what the electricity does to
:h�� mercury, and what Is lhe Ultimate
��� ffeel of the elcotiolosis on llle kidney
,,f thee need subject, and the Ultimate
effect or tho temporary poisoning, l'n- j
ilcr other conditions, the mercury 1
Blowly destroys these organs.
Every Old Boat
Detroit, Aug. 10. Thai every obi
boat that Is possible lo be repaired is
being breirin out this year is emplia
si-/"il by Hi-- ini ihat the Bteamer Meet tn, which bus for the pint three
ye. rs been OUt of commission, is again
in    e
Berlin, Aug. 10. The world's record
in wireless lele^vaphy, established recently by the (loldKchmidt system, remains the principal topic of conversation in scientific uud technical circles
here. The record consists of the
transmission In daylight of messages
over a distance of 6,400 kilometers
labout 4000 miles) between Hanover
in Oermany, and Tucket-urn, near Atlantic city, in the United Stales. Curiosity bas been Intensified by the report tliat un entirely new- method Ior
receiving signals was adopted for this
Striking performance
The signals received in America
were not obtained by methods previously employed in wireless telegraphy, hut by an apparatus BO new tbat
'Us final form was not even t-hown to
the Marconi advisory committee during their Investigation In connection
wltli the BrltlBh Imperial scheme, having bei n perfected since that date.
l'rof. Qoldschmidt is particularly
gratified at his success, owing to the
adverse condition under which he was
working, the rummer season being
generally recognized us presenting difficult i'-s In long-distance wireless signalling. Vet in spite of this, the signals were not merely clearly distinguishable st Tuckerton. but were almost too loud. The route of the aerial
i waves, according to the configuration
of  the   earth,  wis    across    Oermany
, 'rom Hanover, via Northern Bcotland
io Canada, and down the cjast to At-
I lanlir city.
Departures from Routine
The success of the Coldschmidt sys-
'o'ii ls attributed by its inventor lo
two departures from Orthodox wir'ess
uractlce. These lie In the method nl
generating the electrical energy to be
discharged from the antannae, or aer-
I*al. und In the reception of the electric
waves at the distant station. I'rotes-
por Coldschmidt, Instead of converting bis electrical energy into waves
liy means of a spark or arc, produces
his energy in a machine known aa a
high frequency alternator, and allows
this en. rgy to stream olf the aerial
in the form of undamped waves.
a maritime antilogy between the
Coldschmidt and the spark methods
may be found ln tbe employment
the siren and bell for signalling ai
sea the continuous siren representing the Qoldschmidt continuous waves
ami the intermlttant beil the "damped" wav->
The Qoldsdvmldt continuous waves
are produced, however. In absolute silence; and. Curiously enough are nol
to be picked up by the wireless receivers generally in use. This makes it
possible for a high-powered Qoldschmidt station ti send out long-diB-
t'liice signals without ttie slightest
r'sk of interfering with small stations
at '.vork within the radius of action.
200 HcrseDo-Aer in Aerial
transmitting  station  at     11.in-
it-, iti- record-breaking achieve-
v :"-* nutting  into its  in rial   ]60
.'���s (2000 horsepower)- certain-
iv the higher!  power yet obtained at
high frequencies.   The actual frequency  of Hi" current  was 411.000  eyebs
���t   second,  and   (be   wave  length   7600
meters.    These  silent   waves   rem bed
Atlantic  "iy  without  disturbing  any
spnsratus in use elsewhere
To ns-ist in receiving these inaudible waves, Professor Qoldschmidt employed Ins special receiver known as
t.i" tene wheel. This device renders
1''- signal audible as a clear musical
note, and has the special character- !
latlc lhat Interference from stations1
.,.-��� im en oilier systems is entirely]
eliminated, iiie resull was that the
silt-'ii discharges in Germany were ac-
tnally received In America as musical
Professor Coldschmidt asserts lhat
ihis system of transforming aerial,
waves into musical miles, not onlv reduces ihe risk of atmospheric dlsturb-
nnci 10 a minimum, but permits of de-
llcnte tuning, u great advantage In
all wireless telegraphy from a strage-
tical point of view.
lt  is of Interest to state thai Or. Hu
dolp Qoldschmidt has worked for
sevi ral years in England, and Is a
member of Beveral learned   societies
���in r
Regina, Aug. 10.- Jack Norrls, of
Regina, in company with u large delegation of men from all over the west,
are on their wuy to attend the fifty-
ninth annual convention of the Typographical union -of America, which is
meeting this year at Nashville, Tenn.
Mr. Norrls is the only Id glnu representative, but lie is accompanied by
a lui-ge number of brethren front other
points; An exceptionally large deputation left Calgary, Including one or
two of iiie eity fathers. It la understood that Calgary has a good chance
of landing the convention for next
The convention openoa Monday and
will continue ita session throughout
the week. It ls one of the largest and
most important gatherings of the un-
London, Aug. 10. (irocers, butchers, and barbers are up in arms protesting against the bill now before
parliament, presented by Mr. Master-
man. to amend the induttriul and provident societies act of 1893. Many of
the societies which have taken advantage of registration under the aet
are huge trading concerns, sucii us
co-opt rati," societies. These societies have succeeded In persuading the
Labor party to Becure the introduction
of this, bill tj extend the many advantages which they now enjoy. Mr.
Mai termini, at the bidding of the Labor group, had the desired bill drafted, anil, having pass, d the lordB. it
wil shortly come up in the comment-.
The Federation of (irocers" Assocla-
Ion and In attended each year by from "on*,  representing upwards of 60,000
five to ten thousund delegab
Boost for Calgary
A deputation of labor men who wait- *
ed upen the board if trade council re-i
quested the local council to send a te-
legram to the convention uniting with
Hie Keglna union  and the unions of,
the wert in  general In extending an'
invitation  to  the  monster convention
10 assemble In 1M4 ln   Calgary,   iti
was explained that it would mean ai
big thing for the wist to have sueh a
large and Influential gathering of Americans and fasteners come to the west latlve societies.
shopkeepers, and supported by the National Association of Master Batchers
am! the National Association of Master Bakers, has issued a statement
(tronglv opposing the bill.
Shortly tbe bill proposes to Increase
the capital that may be held by members of a co-operative society by 50
per cent., it allows of two small societies combining, gives unusual fa-
cllltlea in the matter of registration,
DINING ROOM SET COMPLETE consisting of Extension Tab-
ble, Buffet and six Dining Room Chairs in Golden Oak finish.
Special Sale Price	
BEDROOM OUTFIT consisting of Dresser, good solid Bed,
Spring, Mattress, 1 pair Sheets, 1 pair Blankets, 1 pair Pillows
with Slips and 1 Comforter (outfit complete.)   Special sale Price
Davenports, quartered oak and genuine leather upholstering, worth $110
for $75
Oak Curtain Poles, 5 feet lengths 10c
White Cottage Rods, complete Tw��
for 25c
Tents   and   Camp   Furniture   at
heavy reductions.
Brass Beds from, up $13.75
The Big Furniture Store Sixth Street.
and   provides   that   no   stump   duties
need be paid on mortgages by co-oper-
next year, and as Calgary has already
gone In considerable trouble and ex-
tienre to lajuj the convention the un-
li.rs ef fhe entire west have united to
assTt thetn.
'-After giving the mutter careful consideration, the council decided that if
the convention was to come west next
year, Itegina could take care of it as
well as Calgary and. therefore, declined to assist in Inviting the Inter-
m-Ho'ial Typographical union to come
to Calgary, lt is quite probable that
an .-'ofrt will be made bv the local
hoard of trade to induce the big con-
tiop tn enme to Regina next vear; and
if not Fiiccerpfnl in landing it in 1014.
81 effort will be made to secure it
at some future date.
it Is pointed out that these privileges are extremely unfuir. The societies in question have an ordinary business turnover of over ��120,000,000
per annum, and there seems to be no
reupon why they should be differentiated from ordinary limited liability
companies. It is not generally known
that even at present these societies
are not subject to the payment of the
income tax. and if still more concessions are to be made to them thev
will compete with private Individuals
nnd limited liability com.nanies on unfuir conditions to the latter.
The chief contentions of the trade
organizations Interested are: That
the operations of societies registered
under the act should be confined to
the legitimate objects for which the
societies  were originally  constituted.
Once they have adopted marriage aB a
profession it should preclude any other. Of course, there are cases where
this is impossible, hut we teach it as a
general rule."
"And what do you teach the girls?"
"To be good wives und mothers���
and not to go courting too young! Not
before twenty. That applies to England; cf course, they may mature earlier in Canada.
"And we try to teach them that marriage is the ben profession for a girl,
though 1 don't mean In the least that
we wish to preach uny crusade against
the modern woman. Some women are
best suited to be bachelors."
Miss Kothwell said they found ln
England that work like hers did a
great deal to lessen infant mortality,
but, of course, its real effects would
best be felt in the next gene-   .iou.
She is looking forwuf. e much lo
Canada. She has -epei.i ihre mirths
investigating the social conditions
here and in the States, and thinks
Canada and the moral tone of her people infinitely -superior.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
Only  Quarter cf  it  Settled  in Saskatchewan���Large Inducement!
tj   Farmers
, and thut. the holdings of the Industrial
classes should Individually be restrict-,
ed rnther than increased; that the ac-   JEWS HAVE "A. O. 1913"
i counts should be compulsorlly and ln- I ON   NEW   SYNAGOGUE:
dependents audited: that the auditorsi 	
jenould be required to certify whether      Regina,  Aug.  10.���Are the  Jews of
Ithe,   societies   are   entitled   to  exemp-' Regina less Jewish than the Jews ot
tion from Income tax or not: and that!the rest of the world    The question
| moieties which carry on business with (is suggested by a peculiar fact noted
tbo public should not be exempt from 1 at the recent laying of the cornerstone
stamp duties or f'om any of the other
contributions to  the exchequer which
are made hy trading concerns.
rn nt.
'ilt ���
Well   Known   English   Lady  Offers
Organize Institution in Canada���
Liberal   Views.
Saskatoon, Aug. 1". Only sbout one
tn arter of the land available for settlement In Saskatchewan Is occupied,
declared Edward iievilie, surveyor-
general of Dominion lands. who was
In thee ity on liis way to Jaspar park
where  the   Dominion   government   are
laj ing i ut a reservaUon.
Probably during the next two years,IVVeil  * ���-'������"��  English  L.��dy oners to
the lands along  the railway  between
The Pas and l\.rl Nelson on Hudson
Hay will be thrown open by the government   for    settlement,     announced
Mr   H, ville     Land surveyors are now 	
ut  work  dividing  the  thousands    of     ,, ,   ,
acres tbat are suitable for settlement       Montreal,  Auk.     111.    The    question
along the railway. whether  schools     for    mothers    and
'���k.-d concerning the desirability of I young married women could be estab-
thls land, Mr. iievilie stated that while   ,,..,��� ,,  throughout Canada is engaging
the   anxious   attention     of     Dr.   I.a-
Thu question lo be decided is whetb-
er the wealthy women throughout the j
division  will take the matter up and
contribute part of tbe  funds for. although the ciiy would be responsible
for the officers In charge and for part I
of the expenses, they <io not feel thai j
lhey could successfully undertake the |
entire responsibility,
Miss Annie Ilothwell, a well known
lady t unitary inspector from England,
who lias been ten and a half yeurs In
lie stated thut while
seme of it was no doubt muskeg, much
ef it would probably be cultivated later on.    "Thirty years ngo they termed i
��� u tho maps the prairie provinces as ���
Hi" Canadian extension of the Amerl- j
can desert.    Today, it is deemed the
richest mil In the world, and the same
mav be true ot the country through
which the Hudson Hay rallwaj  will
past"." ho said.
Th'r territory nnd the Peace river
country  are receiving  practically all
i'he atti ntlon of the Dominion hind
purveyors  now.  as  the  government's
hands In the three prairie provinces
have already been divided Into ranges
townships, ructions and quarter section,*;.
The Immensity nt the work to he,
done by M-- Devllle'a department is,
ehnwn by his statements that there
wire Bome seventy parties nt fifteen
or twenty men each at work on the
west marking with the 1*40 emnlovees
Arrest und tine of at Ottiwa, well over 1000 men looking
n  woman    on     the   after the land--
of  the  new   Jewish  synagogue.
The cornerstone had engraved on lt
the  words:    "A.  D   191S."    This,
every  one knows, ls  interpreted, "in I
the year of our Lord, 191X."
i    Now   the   JewB,   as   everyone   also
knows, do not recognize Jesus Christ,
i considering him  as  an  imposter  and
for  official  purposes   connected   with
the  Jewish  church,  their  year  is  always reckoned  trom tlie  creation of
the  world.    The Christian  year  1918
therefore is, in their chronology, 5763.
Why   the   usual   custom   of  putting
the Jewish  year on  the  cornerstones
of synagogues was omitted in the case
! of the Itegina one has not  been explained.    A   visiting  Jew   stated  that
i be had peen synagogues in every part
Iof  the   world,   but   tbis   was   the   first
I time he  had  ever  seen   the  Christian
year used by Jews under such circumstance-?.
"li amounts to a recognition of Jesus Christ, which is impossible from
the standpoint of the Jewish religion"
he declared.
New Submarine
Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for-
DtU.CD citizenship for
Se"'l'.e. Aug.  10
Mo   for   Insulting
street cosi Petor Farmaaonls, tha proprietor id a candy store on the corner
' if  I'it-st  avenue  and  like  street,  his
1 ..itii't tishi-,1 In  the federal court  yesterday, Judg" Jeremiah Neterer   di-
rect i ;��� that the application bi dismissed with prejudice,   Qood moral character, lhe court held, war m essential
Ito eiti/i nsiiip us w:'s proper knowledge
uf the government
!���',., ii a- mils I'd mltted in response to
nu m'i ns by Chlet Examiner John
-in i ,i Smith, ihat h" had heen arrested red fined by I'ol'ce Judge John 11.
'��� nil n, bit declared ba bad not been
Edmonton, Aug.   10.   One   ot
im unted police officers   detalli d
Examiner Smith made n
ie in tttlon he denied.   While the
,'Vii ..vi"- satisfactory as to tttiir
,i,:,,!U.��� tn this country and us to]
,:.i,, v i, ,i���(, ,.f (ii,, povernment. the i
-. "-t hc'il   'mt he cot'ld not he admit- |
id "���,!,,. he could show moral quail- j
rvlce.     She  Is  being  used   as  :������
boat however, and went up yes-
iv in tow ot the Thomas Mathnm
Mecosta was formerly owned by
IllchrtSl interests.
Certainly Hard tuck
Tdei-to,  Ai'ir. in.    With tb
Ing i.   the exhibition but thr
nwn\   ihe management nt
great   national   fair is feci
with 'be problem of
nry sin
The pi
.,.   week'
to face
oonrliig temper-
��� n pens nml o poultry bulldlno
dirv building constructed bul
three years, was gutted In the recent
fire nml all the sheep pens totally de
Strayed ith a resulting lors of ubout
$30,000 llut I'or the strenuous efforts
of the lit-men, who fought the flames
for hour, ninny of the other buildings
would HI" Iv have been destroyed ami
lhe sure. 3 of tlio exhibition next
month endangered.
A  I erg Cru'se
Chicago, Aug, 10    The thren ropro-
in,. ',������������.���. | r C'lumbt's' snll bouts, the
' ���  Mtr'n, Hie Pints and the Nina
���r - .-,*:. d f.-r the world's Columbian
'  ��� ii" .fn in mil", have loft Jackson
,-ri: lagoon en i'"' fir I Ian of their
[..ir"'v to the Pannma-Paclf'c exposl
I iin In Sin l-i-inci-co In  1918,    The
Uhlp? it-it '\Ul be taken tn a dry dick
��� Rni''h Chicago nnd mado seaworthy
I \  bend or M0.0OI) was furnished by
Andrew Knul, of Horton. Minis., to In-
..iire "i" return of tho shins.    II Is expected the fleet will reach Boston before the beginning ot winter.   In the
spring they will be manned by crews
,of students from Harvard university
and begin Iheir long cruise. It Is planned to skirt the Atlantic coast, stop-
i ping at San Salvador, the first land
cun h for the body of Curl Mall. �� ho
was > in i by otto Rudolf m it Pears
lust  week, returned to town.    He re
ports thai a systematic search of the
neighborhood is being carried out by
a large hotly ol men, numbering nbout
50, 1 ul thai so far ihelr efforts have 1
been fruitless.    They  were successful
111 finding tiles pot where Maurer, the ;
,    j third member of the Rudolf pnrty, had i
'"' ''' In en woiindi d. and also discovered the
'^ i rabbits which Miiurer wub earring at
the time he was shot. Arrangements
are being made to tuke ltudolf under
"scort to l'eers In order that he may
bo able to assist the search parly.
The wound received by Maurer is
more serious than wns ut first liellev-
-d. From the report of the doctor
who examined him, it appears that the
������liet. instead of striking him on the
���mv ns was at first Btated. wis fired
'rnn behind, end entering near the
'"lek t'f bla neck passed out again near
the point Of the Jawbone.
tiie  Kngiish  government  service, had
a long talk with the city authorities',
here on th" subject.    She states that
if Montreal takes up the scheme, Bhe*
will come out  to organize It.
Probably she will just go from prov- ',
int'e   to   province    speaking   and   ex
plaining snd  wlnntng support,    Her
opinion is thnt there should be committees     formed   of   public-spirited!
w uiieii   with   n   cltv   ortlo-ii!   nt   their
In ml.   who   would  huve  absolute  nu- I
iu- i.ubiree is keenlv Interested In
the Ides, nod gi-es it Irs cordial bup-
tiert    lul   h"   r il'"s     thst     there:
would be many difficulties before it In
c.** ���*..',.'
Miss  Rothwell  In rself wculd  come*
nv, r :,>��� a government emp'oyee; slu'I
��nvs phe ii mid not come In anv other
capo Cltv, and for tlie BUOCeSSftll working ef lb"  scheme .iie SBVS II  would
be absolutely necessary to have worn- :
en Inspectors appointed.
"It is work that men cannot possl-l
hly do,    My  idea  In that we should
'������' rk ilili'--*-- In C:ii"'d.i something on I
'������isis i"t wa do 'n Bngland
New York. Aug. 10.- -Fishermen of
Jamaica Hay und also tbose wfo go
from Sheepsbead Uny report small
catches of lish these duys. Nearly ev- i
cry boat's crew on return tell of encountering sharks. Owners of craft
who make a comfortable living taking
out fishing part'es huve formed what
Is known as the "Shark Trust."
This organization hus for its pur- !
pose the extermination of sharks in
these waters, and all boats nre fully
equipped with windlasses, axes, great (
hooks und clotheslines,
A circular letter has been sent to
owners and captains of all bouts urg-
ing them to join in the movement of
extermination, it is claimed that un-
less Uus Is done the sharks will soon I
drive out  all other  flsh     One of the
bay men    tells   of hooking numt rotis;
���eal ass, but he was unable to land
tin in for the reason that every  time
he  pulled   up  a   fish   a   shark   would
grub  lt.     All   Wet k   a   Heel   has   been
engaged in fishing for shark, with the
result that 8,640 pounds of shark are i
rt;.* rtcd to have been caught In Ja- |
malca Ray.
nn Wednesday tha power bout Rob
Hoy, Captain John Smith commander.
while cruising in Jamaica Huy, succeeded In booking a leu loot shurk.
���\s the shark Iny on the deck, seem
Ingly all In. Ihe crew and Pred Bicker,   the   captain's   guest,   gathered
round   to   Inspect   their   prize.     Sud-
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small  Muaical Goods of all KinoV  PHONE ��M
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
Th" is t i sav  wh,-, we discover Hint   ittliy the shark .nine to life and. open.
-i hcuue needs ranitirv repairs nn.l
.*,.-..,���., tnMiectc" w"l nbvavs find
���hat  (iiilci-"i- aid  i ifler than  men���
we e-reipnllv rail ip* ��� ttiBpt-.-torn in
���ind h""d t'-cii ii��� i" 'hit pari of the
���vork. The pio-fi "ml \v'*"ieti |n��neelor��
"i-k h
���vide -
di'  iv
in  ,,!,,..., w|th et��eh other
���   ii,nv " ""id in Canada, too."
". ili'.v. n'��  vorl-  !���> en a very
���-le in Oldham, Bngland, where
has ���'
n-enn't Intend to Lose Her
robonrg, Aus. 10. Hubert Anil, Jr.
ot St. Louis, Is firmly convinced that
h'tt romantic run-away marriage with
Miss lltirin Held, a well known Toronto society girl, wns perfectly leirnl In
every particular. Furthermore, he intends l" claim his Wife when he gets
OUt cf the present unfortunate predicament, and is determined to tight annulment proceedings, which his par-
fiits-in-law ure said to have threatened to institute, in addition, according Ui his father,  young Aul! la pus-
Ing its mouth, commenced to Hop.
Captain Smith hud the stem painter
Ued to tho Shark's tall a:;d orl':rcd
the big fish thrown overboard. In
���mother moment the Koy Hob was
fnpt making for sea propelled by tbe
Bliark. Captain Smilh suddenly decided to cut olT the shark's head, he hlm-
se'r nertorming the heroic deed with
the historic Smith hatchet which has!
been In the Smith family for many
li is reported thst the sharks, not
tnkinr kindly to (he treatment accorded th.-m in Jamaica Bay, are
���".vi'-lv moving to rriticess Bay, ofl
Staten island.
Telephone!:  Office 53, Residence 42$
JOHN  HEIll, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     tiros.'    (Insulin*
K-iKities,   Marine   Engine*   and   Auui
mobile  Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
disciiveieil by Columbus, They will; sl'itiutcly fund nf Ills wife and dues nut
pans through the l'auiiinu canal and1 mean In allow her to slip through his
;iip the Pacific to Snn Krunclrco. Iflngers without a protest
en separate organlza-
��� *. ...i n iuit-1 ��� l r-- iimthers. a school
������'.,.-. vcitna ai-i ��� at from etxte��n
vparp .-"ttl upwards are tnnaht the
'.-t----e duties cf wifehood nml motherhood, nnd n club for slum h-tys, where
tl.e IimIc in*. ti"i;bt the niialtles which
will make good English ell liens of
In tlie "tliocl fur mothers women nf
all ayes, who have or will hive In the
nenr future the cure nf children are
encouraged to come. They only pay a
penny a week, for which they get tea
nnd bread nnd butter, but It prevents
Ihem  from  feeling they    are pauper-1 agriculture.   The exhibitions will pro-
Ized. We tench them not only lhe care i vide excellent  opportunities  for stul-
und feeding "f children, hul wc try tol lion owners to brinu out their horses
teach the mothers al*o that they ought I in good condition and fully inured to
not to  work after they are married, travel.
Stallion Examinations
Regina, Aug. 10. At each of
fairs to be held in Saskatchewan during the fall, under the auspices of the
various town agricultural societies of
the province, a stallion examination
will he held nt the Instance or the livestock branch  uf the  department of
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Rei-orva Fund   -
Tt Ul  Attell   -
"In The Old Country
and In Ihe new, Dominion Bank Letters of Credit and Tr����
Cheques, are good as gold and saier to carry.
They may be cashed In any Banking Town in the wot Id. and
sre sell-ldenlllying.
Only the owner can cash them���and il last or stolen, they ui��
oi no value to tinder or thiel.
t*A(l*. fOU*.
MONDAY,   AUGUST   11,   1913.
Fresk Water and Salt!��� �� ����
WERE SIX O'CLOCK GUNS jGenuine New York Fashion Comes to
Fisn  Which  Gathered at    Mouth
River Struck  Into Fresh  Water
in Large Numbers.
Beating the gun" hns long been a j
favorite trick of    athletes,    but-   not j
until  last  night did  It become one of
the accomplishments of salmon fisher |
J men.    There  waa  three  minutes Hf-
j ference between    the    (i o'clock    gun j
��' down river and the one here.    .N'ot to
;lose at the siart,    many    New  West-1
minster fishermen dropped their nets
|at   the  sound  of  the
|  New Westminster With the Sockeye   Run.
i   ���       ���
The split skirt lias arrived in New
Westminster; not the little old last
vear affair, miniature and modest, but
' jjthe mature full grown split; the one
consequently, when the gun hero was ! whlch made Its first appearance on
lired,   most   uf   them   had   their   nets! Fifth   avenue,   new   York,  on   Easter
Although reliable informal inn was!
scare, it is said that lust night's
catch of sockeyes in the river waa
large. Saturday reports name that
dawn the Straits ami in the gulf at
lhe mouth ui' tint river tbere were lots
<if flsh gathering; which were expect-
od lo tiller Iresh water before last
11 Is not likely that last week's!
limit Of 2110 or B60 lish per hunt will I
lie mh loday, at least, for on Friday
ssiinpn were comparatively scarce
owing to wind on Hie gulf and there
w.ere no lish available to keep the
canneries running yesterday or Saturday.
Saturday's roport of the IS. ('.
Packers' aaaoclation told of fair.
catcttes at Helliiigbain, 10D.UIHI being
taken in all, but that number Included a large percentage of hump
bacaB. At Aiiaoortea the catch fell
off hudly and only 25.1KHI fish were
delivered, this number also being
made up of ninny humpbacks. Five
selnefb altogether brought In only
11(1(1 sockeyes.
The report adds that canneries are
accepting all lish offered.
C'g   Norwegian   Ship   Back   up   River
From  Drydock to  Load  Lumber
at Fraser Mills,
30 Satur-
Tlie Norwegian steamer
berthed al Fraser Mills at "i
day night after exactly one week spent
in the drydock at Esquimau. No damage had resulted from her grounding
at Steveston. The vessel wns taken
In and out of the river by Pilot Captain
('arter und commences today loading
several million feet of lumber for
Buenos Ayres. She will clear from
this port ul  the end of August.
10.    Arrived:
-usually    large    crowd    went  ers  Alki,   Southeastern  Ala-ka;
-aboard the Transfer yesterday to in.ike \ iniral   Farragut,  Virginian,  Snn   Fran-
the regular trip down river. .Cisco;  Prince George (British)^ Prince
���  Kupert.
Chiel Kngineer Bd. Caulfleld, of lhe
Samson, who, for some weeks lias been
on sick leave, has been advised hy his
physician lo take treatment In the h >s-
pital. 11 is expected that nfter several weeks' proper care and rest lie
wall cnine back in health to join his
friends along the waterfront.
Missed Cancelling Date.
"Vancouver, Aug. 10, Owing to her
long voyage of 82 days from the
Chilean coast, tbe British barque,
Holt Hill. Captain Bray, missed her
cancelling date, and has been re
leased. She is now on the charter
market, and will probably remain
here for fall wheat loading fur the
United Kingdom The Holt Hill has
lipished discharging nitrate, and will
proceed in tow from Victoria tt, De-
parture. bay, where she will unload
S(M> tons.
Sailed:    Steam
Prince Kupert.
r  Prince lieorge for
For Week  Ending Sunday, August 17.
Westminster,       Sand Heads.
Time. High. ho*'.
High. Low, Time. Hgt. Time. Hgt.
21:15 10:30
14:50 5:15
22:20 11:40
16:15    6:40
IS: 15
1: '25
2 5
IS: 50
20:10 1(1.7    11:12
13:51 6.0    2:27
21:18 10.7 10:30
15:16 7.0    3:36
22:IS 10.S 11:21
ii m
6.6 4:35
10.9 11:66
6.1 5:21
Ilu 12:24
5.5 5:55
12 51
4.0 6:26
11.(1 13:17
4.4    6:56
day and Which since that time lias
caused old gentlemen in cluh win-
lows all over tli" country to sii up
and  find life worth living nfter all,
Of course New Westminster nnd
New York nre u lung distance apart,
but styles and express trains travel
fast, and now folk here are being
In ated to the latest croatlons of the
moulders of female attire, and are
busy comparing notes lut ween what
lhey saw on Columbia strei t last week
md the photographs which have appeared in eastern newspapers and
What degree of difference tliere Is
between the much talked of skin worn
by women who saunter down the well-
lighted lane running through the hearl
of Father Knickerbocker's little village and the somewhat similar gnrb
���ren on Columbia street, is the sub-
led of discussion. Some people claim
the two Btyles are not very much alike,
while others maintain both were cut
from tlie snme pattern.
Anyway, both hn.l the same effect
upon the masculine passersby: Last
Thursday afternoon one of these advance agents of Dame Fashl >n
"oozed" up Columbia street and with-
Ing half n block left a trail of just 11
ogling men. all agog to noi lose sight
of the modish contrivance which al-
lowed about one dollar's worth of a
three dollar pair of silk hose to he displayed.
As yet no adverse crltlctsm of the
style has been heard from the eleven.
Of course,  there  are  lots  of tiny,
modes!  little spill  skirts being  worn i
riglii   olong,  bul   th."  one   which   at- I
traded   fo   much  attention   was   not
modest    far  frnm  it.    Whether  N'ew
Westminster  women   will   follow  the I
innovation  firs!  Introduced  here  last
week, naturally cannot lie stated:  but
mosl people feel sur*', and are almost
convinced, they won't,
If they do. things are Indeed
Ohanged since Mary Ann died.
Social and Personal
Ira Judson Coe is a visitor in the
city from Oakland, California.
Albert Smith u':d wife, of Kamloops, are guests at the Windsor.
Mr. and Mrs. Hobinson, of Cloverdale, spent the week end In the city.
Miss Mary Cuse. of New Westminster, has left on a visit to Eastern
Kev. A. S. Lewis hus returned with
his family after a shun holiday at
White Itock.
Sheriff and Mrs. Armstrong nud
Miss Armstrong left on Saturday
evening for a trip (�� Skagway.
MIbs B. Csssadv i.s visiting tin
Misses K. and F. Cunts at their sum
imer home on the north arm of Burrard Inlet,
A. .1. Robinson is In Tacoma attend
log a conference of V. M. C. A.
officers ot liniisii Columbia and
i Washington.
Captain nnd Mrs Andrew Jensen,
of Great Falls, Montana, yesterday
paid n visit tn Mr. and Mrs. .1 K Ily
at  the  Russell
Mr. and Mr3 R. F. Marquis and
j Mr, and Mrs. Walt, r l" Haker are
visitors in the city from Spokane and
are registered at thc Russell.
.1 ,i. Johnston, E Johnston and I.
Lake motored on Saturday to B irnel
and from there wenl by boat to theii
Bummer home on the north arm.
Mr nnd Mrs. .1. C. Brown and Mrs
Slevewright have returned to the
city, nfter spending a week al Bound
ary bay as the guests i i Mr. and Mrs.
C. O. Major.
Mrs, C. M. Nicholson and the
Misses A. nnd M. Nicholson lefl on
Sunday for Sent:!'- They will also
visit   Victoria  and   Porl   Albernl    be
fore  returning   to
Succeods   G.    E.   Graham   as   District
f-j-ierintendent of C.  P.  R.���
Gold   Teekers Leave.
Moose Jaw. Aug. 10.���Edith Riley
s caus'ng sume excitement here, she
s the three year old daughter of Mr.
tnd Mrs. William Riley, who have
Some three weeks ago Mrs. Riley
- I was supposed to have gone off with
inal court in the case of C. 11. Ronch. I William Dawson, a hired man. A
formerly clerk of works and superin-1 warrant was Issued tor their arrest,
teiident uf grounds at the Normal charging abduction. Then she re-
school. Roach wus found guiltv on turned with the child and went to
three counts in connection with   the|llve wlth  '"'���"  husband.    Wednesday
lust   they   B6parated   again,   but   Riley
took the child.    Then .Mrs. Riley took
forging of a cheque, In passing sent
ence his honor said he took Into consideration mitigating circumstances.
Bound for Shushanna.
With little unusual excitement the
Princess May left last night for Skagway, taking with her a full passenger
list and a capacltly cargo, Included
in the former were u number of gold
seekers   bound   for   the   new   diggings
Vancouver, Aug. 10   The announcement was mad(* yesterday hy Oeneral
Superintendent F. w. Peters, of the
Canadian   I'acilic  railway,  that C  A.
GottereU   would   succeed     (ieorge     E,
't'Jrahatn as district superintendent of
the   railway.     Mr.   Cot Ier ell   has  been
trainmaster In    charge   of terminals.
utr,   the  position  he    leaves    vacant
villi be lllled by VV. P. Martin, fur tlle
imsl  couple  of  )ears  wharf agenl  of
.the company at Vancourer.    The ap-
pt inlineiit of Mr. Cotterill to the posl-
���I'on of superintendent of the  No. 2
district,   which   Includes   the   Vancouver terminals, the main line ol iheir
railway from Vancouver to Kamloops
;"id    the Westminster,    Mission   and
Nicola branches, has Ix-eu anticipated
is  Mr. Cotterell  has been  lilleil  the
positloifeduring the time thai his pre-
deeeastn  has  been  acting    assistant
general superintendent
Moral Rcfo-rm Council,
'llie annual meeting   ol the provincial moral and reform council will bs |
tnld  la Vancouver on  Beptember  .".
when  representatives  will  be   present
iiiiiij all  parts of the province.    The
various  phases ol  lhe  work  v ill  be
presented  bj   .,   number ol  speakers.
In tlie evening a  public meeting will
it.- In Id    when    several    strong    addresses will be given on the work of
Hie  society      Further  notice  of    Hi"
different speakers and ths place and
hours of ���esslons will be   announced
Prenare for  r'hihition.
Practically since the 11 ise of the
last exhibition ths Vancouver exhibition association has   been   proparlng
Tor this, the fourth lo be held In this
<: ty. and a trip to Ihe grounds nt
Hastings pink reveals Biuiie astonishing changes. NO less Ihan live large
IbUildlnM have been .-reeled, three
miles of roads and paths have teen
laid, flower gardens, broad green
awards and extensive clearings have
teen made and altogether ih.* outlook and views combined with the
substantial effect of the bnlldlngs are
hardly   equalled   al    anj    exhibition
out a search warrant for some cloth
iug fald to have been stolen. The
police -did not find the clothing, but
during the search the child disappeared and later was geen In the
home of Mrs. Riley's fattier and
mother. Saturday night Riley secured
a search warrant for lhe child and
took it down himself, but hia wife de
Messrs. Peter Chlsholm and Mlcha 1
Morris, tf Lochiel, Glengarry, Onl
arr veil in the city from Victoria Sat
urday, en tour of the principal cities
tf Western Canada. While here Mr
Chlsholm is visiting liis son. Ales
Chishclm, and Mr. Morris will visit
his brother. Peter Minis, in Vancouver.
Another Batch of Contraband Japanese Arrested in Califfrnia
Porl Arena. Cal., Aug. 10. Following the report sent by wireless by the
Bteamer Henry T. Scott, that a Japanese junk had heen Righ'ed off the
coasl, near here, Constable William
Ketchem arrested fifteen Japanese
yesterday as they were making their
way through the woods.
This is the second capture made
within the last two weeks and it leads
Immigration officials to believe thai
venturesome Japanese have hit uoon
a new method nf evading Immigration
restrictions, a method thnl consist!
of crossing the Pacific ocean in flimsy
fishing boats.
One of these vessels is being hold
at Eureka now. a craft fifty feel long
by ten beam and held togethel by ancient wooden clamps. High! of tbe
Japanese that landed from the boat
are now lielng held at Angel Island
at Sun Francisco.
The group thnt ure held here have
been unwilling or unable to give an
account of themselves. No trace of
nny vessel from which Ihey may hnve
landed has been discovered and the
authorities here believe they landed in
al Shushanna, a party of the Royal j �������� ,,*���, .��� th,. frolll ll(lor wn���rp a
Northwest mounted police who are Vow started between Riley and his
bound for Dawson, where they wlll|fr|end8 on ���,���, sill(, anrt the hoils���.
join another detachment, a   purl   of; hold of los wife on tt
which will be iii charge of law    and
order in the Sliushanna district, and
II 11. Close, the chairman of the
While Pass and Yukon railway. Remounts ure stabled on the C. P. It.
wharf for tbe Red Coats, but lhey
will follow next week on the Princess
Sophia.   Among the gold seekers are
Messrs.     Morris    and   W.   M.   Iievilie,
who   kmw    the   Shushanna   disirict
from  previous  experience  und    have
great  faith  In  the present  strike.
Accidental  Death.
At the Inquest held yesterday morning Into the death   of .lames Oeorge
si'icsiin Gauld,   tho   little   hoy who
vas killed by    a   C.  P, It. train   at
Noble siding. Burnaby, on  Thursday
the  jury  returni d  a  verdict
dental death
Irtiirov-   P.oads.
Improvi ne nis  Involving    tlie    sub
miss! n of u bylaw to the Vancouvor
ratepayers,    and    changos    requiring
only the order of the park board are
I,* ing   considered   by   the   park   i dip
mlt   loin rs  for    Stanley    park     The
mosl   neccBsarj   und   expensive   Im
i ri ,-enienl  is  the  ro surfacing ol  Iho
park driveway     While    tho    road al
present,  kepi  well o I1 .1   md cIoBiied
standi traffic  ver)   well, li  has been
round thai  the top Is  wi arlng ofl  In
plai ������- Biid the rock bottom becoming
Fire Lona.
The  total    loss  li>   lire    Inside    tho
city limits for the month of July was
12743, with Insurance paid of $2025,
leaving the property  loss above Insur
Illlee    J7I*.
on   the   oilier.
still is unsettled.
Elk Organizer in Trouble.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug 10 Eighteen
charges wore filed yeBterday against
Ilarr) Kelly, of Denver Colo, supreme
organiser of Canadian Klks. In Winnipeg, charging him with receiving
thousand! of dollarB through misrepresentations from We tern Canadians
Kelly wuh arrested Thursday nighl and
Food and Drink May Become Dangerous Purveyors ef Disease.
Scrupulous  neatness should always j
he observed lu keeping, handling und
serving fond. If ever cleanliness Is desirable It must lie In the tilings we eat.
nnd every care should be taken to insure It for ihe sake of health um well
as of society.
Cleanliness In this connection mentis
nut only absence of risible dirt, but
freedom from undesirable bacteria uud
I accl otber minute organisms and from
] worms nnd other parasites, If food.
raw or cooked. I-, kept In dirty places
peddled from dirt) curls, prepared Id
dirty rooms and in dirty dishes or ex
posiil to foul an. dtseuse germs umi
oilier  offensive  uud  dungerous  .ui<
itllUCes eau e i-iiy get III
Food uud drink mny, lu fn, t. bs ver)
dungerous purveyors of dUeus-a    Tbs
t terlu  of   typhoid   fever  sumetliues
lind lhelr nny in:., drinking waler uud
Haw of typhoid mil Hcarlel fever* una
llplltllerlu Intu innk and bring Mckhewi
md death to large uilinbers uf pevple.
Oyster* Which .ire taken from tli'*
<ii 11 wnler where lhey grow and "flout
���il" for II shnrt lime In bracki-li w.itei
near ihe mouth of a stream have been
known tu he Infected by typhoid feit-t
terms broug'.t Into the stream liy the
iswaife from houses.
Celery or lettuce grown In soil eon
milling typhoid germs bus been ihougbt
io couve)1 this disease.
llerlin. Aug. 10, it wns announced
yesterday that $75,000 of the nutionui
aviation fund which is being raised
through popular subscription wlll be
distributed as prizes among German
aviators piloting German nempianes
for distance flights mnde between
Sept. 15 and October 31 of the present
At bast 10,000 kilometers f��21
rnilesi must be flown in one day. half
the distance In one direction, t.i make
a flyer eligible for a prize.
The sum of }r,o.onti will he divided
Into six prizes nntl ii special  prise of
$'j.',.oun is to be awarded to tha airman
who eye. ..is Moo kilometers (approximately 993.6 miles I in n single day
vi-oiinds anywhere on the continent.
Before ih'- exhibition s'artB on August Is out on ball Many complaints have
:m over|?ltiO.COD will have been ox been made by memberB of thc ' ins
ponded. dlan Llks who said they bellovi ; I ���
Fen ?000 Feet. were joining the Benevolent nnd Pro
'The body of Charles McRae   n t'n   'tectlvc Order of Llks, an organization
b*.Tman's    helrei   wbb    bn   *���'>:   Into  '*   nded In tho United Statea
Van.    -er .f.ierduv from    Rrltannlu "���      	
lunch   by  tha  provincial   pollce     The Ge"> -JH.OOO  Homestead.
man    was    Instantly    killed    through      Winnipeg,  Aug   10.   After Btandlng
jnimpini- rn no   ol    tie*    moving  ������*  ���"���' ll""' "f a l'""1 "nil'"    ���'"���     1T
dump cars ol tl pom   II nppeai    days and nights Harvey Davis, of Lln
the man  ves going oul huntlnt    and  coin, Neb., yesterdaj  filed on a home
ni order f snv.* himself a lon    clln h "'end near Winifred which Is valued
redo or   i ne uf  Ihe  dun p rai      u I  :'l  $14,000.
���no reaching the top ot thi   hill _���_��_���^_������_������-���������.
. *i  ill   while II    * ��� n
h     bala  ' ���   '��� "   ' ���*     i" *  '     ;
foot rf thi   hill       ���   Inqui  I   ���   '
li Id.
fiuner'ntendenl Centei
*. ,  moi ''   '    Impi li t'l'o
butea .. li   the count)       "j
Another Secretary on Teur.
Helton,   Mont .   Aug    in.   Secrolarj
if the interior Franklin K. Lane, Mrs.
Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Miller and n A
Myers, Mr. Lane's Becretary, arrived
hern today after completing ili.tr tour
ol Glacier park. Tho will arrive In Tu
como ttl lo o'clock l-'rldiv night, the
15th, and will reach Beattle Sunda) af
* moon, Aug   27, umi leave tot  I'orl
linn! late lhal night,
Hm Turn  Next
Spokane, Aug   10,   Frank    Bryant,
brother of Johnny Bryant, He* a\ lal n
klllod in flight at Victoria on Wi dm
da r, Ib in the cil) on Ills waj to Kel
logg, v. hen- ho i;  billed to fl) Auguat
Hampered by De-ertions.
Spokane, Aug 1" After holding a
conference todaj with army nfficon
nt Fori Wright, touching enlistments
nnd the remedy for tli" evil of desertions nnd after making an . ntomnhlle
toui* of the city and it- environs, Sec
retnrv if War flarrlron nnd his n-arty
left here tonight lor Missoula. Mont
That I",ni Wright would remain a permanent army posl and lhat onlv the
lack of -oldlers pn vented Hs uliiv *������*
enlnrgemenl wns Indicated b) Gen
eral Leonard SVood
Of Giant Ft.
Portland, Ore.  Vug   10     > I ���*   i"
in.el.   ul i lanl or.-run fir litol With He
hark   on,   modelled   after  the
forestr)   building   ,.f   the   Lew * i   and
Clarke exposition,  is  favored  by   the
Oregon    commission of the Pani-mn
Pacific  exposition  In  It-  flrut   reoorl
completed horn todaj    'l he plan is nol
yet  finally adopted     'I hn e un mission
proposes to lions.. Oregon's exhibit In
this building. It is proposed to have
Oregon's building completed ahead nf
nny ntlier, If possible, according to the
commission's report.
Lawyers Are  Useless.
Moose Jaw, Aug i" Dr Rn
coroner, has decided that lawvers
useless nnd ii hindrance nl Inou
and. although lie will allow "i"lr n
ence   bi   lli"   future,   he   will   nol
mil them tu queatlnn wltnnsse��
sintes thai many flBhlng e��i"'in
for evldi nee nre engaged In at Inou
nnd   thnl   lie   will   put   n  slop   to  :
To Loftier Helghti
Regina, in ��� 10 A i tidden dp '���
for loft'.t r heights hus heen klnd'e
in the hearts of the members of t'i
local hoard of trade nnd announce
mi to has I--*e-i made thai the offlcea
of iiie board nre soon tn bn removi d
rrom South Iti ���' - .-��� itn d to iho fifth
ii i '*.* In thn new McCallum nnd Hill
blm ;,���
^"^   1  Lm, I J^TT^T
These Offerings Will
Start This
Week Off
with a Rush
V-  t\l |W  Vv,  "$V >'
,      t0-l       *U*   m      C��     ���   *
Half Pr ice Sale Children's   The Special August
Dresses Continued All       Selling of
This   Week
We must make room for the in w goods which are
now arriving. Tins*, dresses were made for om- regular selling: styles all that could be desired; varietv. tco, is satisfactory, its an opportunity to buy
children's iin .-ses of regular quality at prices that
happen bul once in a year on nny great quantity of garments. So come often. Buy and put bv.
Children's Coats
At $1.98, Children's ('outs; developed In navy aad
red serges; plain und fancy sivles with prett) collars and cuffs tliat add ver) much to lln-ir style; to
fil ages up to B years Regular values to $4.75. Special  price       $1.98
Summer Coats Half Price
This is au opportunity to secure thirty summer weight touts; developed In Panamas, wool taffeta, wool
repps and pongee silk; in natural pongee shades; also fawn, gray and navy: large collars and cuffs; trimmed with satin. rHtine and luce; some with inrge frog fasteners, perfectly made We want to clear this
I n  ��t  actual   HALF   PRICE,    tee window.
'. 12 50 values marked to   $6.25
J13.60 values  marked to  $6.75
116.00 values marked to   S7.SO
MT.50 values marked to   S8.7S
?:'���''"' values  marked to  SIO.QO
$25.00 viiues marked to   $12.50
At $4.38, Children's
Women's Linen
Dusters $3.68
Pitting ages to  16 years, in tweeds, serges,  velour This is positively your last chance to secure one of
cloths; all well made and a good stylo.   An offering these  Holland  linen dust  coats;   made  up In good
that  should  not  be overlooked.    Regular values  to styles;  In the lot are Blzes :t4 lo lu bust     Regular
$10.00.    Special       S4.38 values nre Vi ..10 and  $8.50.    Special  today.  $3.63
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout  the  Province  of   Brltlth  Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches Deposits nf One Hollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate puid or
credited half yearly.
Draftt  and  Travellers' Cheques  sold,  payable  In  all  parts  of  the
CHAS.  G.  PENNOCK, General   Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
[If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.
3BBBB JBggggggggBBHCgg^"^^TTT
If You Are  Particular
with regards   to tbe quality   of   tho
groceries you buy and the Bervlce you
got, we would like you to give us an
opportunity to please you.
Choice Eastern   Township Butter,   :t
lbs, for       $1,00
Fangy   Creamery   Butter   (our   own
brand), 2 ihs. ror  7.1c
1.1 cal Dairy Butter, per lh H5o
Cooking  Ilutler,  per  Ih 30c
Honey Cakes In packages 10c, 2(lc
and   .' 30c
Almond Wafers, per packet  ...2l)c
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
"The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, SHILFS & Co., Official Agents
Bltulithic on  becond Street,  New  Westmlnctei   with  Boulevard   Dowr
BHWfc ���*���<* Centre.
Illttillihlc is noiseless. non-Bllppery, practically dustless, assy   on
horses' feet, and, ubove *iii. particularly durable.    Por these reasons
liltullthh   Is ������ tended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
i nu eboldi rs, ann cl y uftlcials,   it ims I n adapted pj union emeu
In Canada, and over iwo hundred in the United States,
Columbi a Bitulithic, Ltd.
lable Peaches, i lha   fot ,26o
!  Chnlcn  Plums, 2    lbs   for    86c,    per
baskol         r.iH:
.New  Cooking  Apples,  l  lbs ,26a
Choice    Okanagan    Celerj    (this    Is
r moy stock nnd nlci ly bleached),   3
llii    for   . 2!ie.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr  Block. Coti/mhIa  Street.
The Popular Shoe Store
641   Front Street.
75c worth of Packard's Ladles' Spncln'
Shoe Dressing for  ', .25
75c worth of Box Cnlf Speolal Sh.
Polish  for    1 25
Men's iieeirooi Running Shoos . .5:
Oonts' Dress Oxfords, all klndB; val   *
'*'    ��5.00     j;     j
<;"'its' I'"    Kip Blucher Boots,   1- ���  v
style -  ;-,   ,5
Cents' ( '-,.., late 'run   lilnthei*    It,,*   ���
"v"-y ;'.''  v )5
Doj *.' Dim her Boots fi r   dress   t*   ,:.
II   I .' I'
111    *        I'll,
: ' ir 71
.   _��-- *   aim ...
".i'i 71? Dominion Trust Hulldiny, Vancouver.
.*. _-u -..-<-.    . 1 ,  .-        -. .
' 'nn      1-
' ,11   IIIIHI -nl
ts, Ca ���������   'i w 1 c     i   k
f; Booto, t    .   at  tl -  I lomo
,. 1 t.O'rt Prlsos, gMHHMMHWMWH
MONDAY,  AUGUST   11,   1913.
Ptxiitt   *****
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Place Jack  lloult  in  the hands ofj
a competent coach   and  there   would
be few  runners able to touch him in
the half milo.
Delcourt.  one  of  the  leading  amateur   pitchers  lu   Vancouver,   will   be
  on  the mound against the  Moose  to-
- morrow evening when the all-stars
strong team to be fielded during the will make their third attempt to d6w!i
season.    All members who turned out the  herd.
with  the team    last    year,    together 	
with any new material and supporters     With  Columbian    college students, |
of the hln.-llsh game are requested to  former high school  boys and a score j
North   Vancouvers   Were   Victims   pf|attend   the   meeting   tomorrow   even   of players  who  have    mixed    in  the
Playing an aggressive game in the
opening quarter, the New Westminster amateurs administered a severe
setback to the ambitions of the V.A.C.
Mnnn ('upholders at. Queen's park Saturday afl.eru.ion, the final score being
At no period of the game were the
local boys headed or even pressed nnd
after the half way mark had b'en
passed althougb they slowed up c.iti
Biderably, owing to the heat, ihey had!CouttB
everything beaten in the way of playing lacrosse for this season. Patcbi ll
The    contest, whloh  unfortunately '
wns witnessed by only a small crowd, Gregory  .
was  of  tin'  amateur   brand   that  de- I
lights  the  hearts of  the old  timers,   Vtklnson
boili  teams going at   It   lull  till  ��� <-
<ept  in  the third quarter, nnd  there Batl i .
was an entire absence of rag dlsplaj ,,
while at frequent  intervals the  flald  Adams
work  found  warm applause.
A Likely Bunch. Sangster
The prediction Is made by several
of tho fans In the city thai if the pres    .Nelson
int   V.A.C  bunch  cun  only  hang  on
to the Mann cup this fall ?galnsl   ill Johnson
challengers,   the   trophy,   emblematic
of the amateur championship or thn
world, will be resting In Westminster
next  year     The hoys In the present  Murray
hunch have tlie speed nnd youth wltb
them nnd  an* rapidly taking hold  of  Feeney
the Instructions handed them by Man       Flefdri
agcr Turnbull,
Although the score stood six to nil v.
ii  the first and second quarters, Un
bent Davis.    Thirty seconds  later he I
ri peat. .1  the  trick,     i.ouis  Sangster
finished up the scoring in the fourth
period by going through on his lonesome.
( liapinun.   hlg   and   rangy,     though
im king expeiienc
the V. A. C,
Ji The Teams.
Yesterday's  Sacrifice at  Fraser
Another victory was added  to the
was prominent on'already  long    list    secured    by the
Moose   this   Beason,   yesterday's victims   being   North   Vancouver. The
First Defence
Third Defence
Second Defence
Cenl re
Third Ho	
Second Home
llnul  score was  18 to 6.
North Vancouver Btarted   off   this
Beason like u house on lire, but fell
by the wayside, until two weeks ago
when Manager Ji nes picked up soms
good material from the remnants of
the Hustings A. C. Yesterday he ar
rived wiih his contingent at Fraser
M lis, confident of putting a dent In
the Moose and be expressed himself
in no uncertain terms as to the ag
gregatlon he bad dolled out in uni
Thai  13 to (i  score just  about indl
eutes   the   play.     There   were     some
Chapman   good and some punk  plays pulled oil'
by  both    teams,    though    thc
Westminster   and   Port   Moody   Have
Touch-and-Co   Day   at   Bro-ns-
ville Ranges.
rugby game here and elsewhere, there
appears no reason why New West
minster should not be able to Held a
team in tlie Vancouver league thla
i winter. Rugby in this eity wlll never
thrive without everybody pulling together.
A win for Tecumsehs and a defeat
for tin- Irish-Canadians will place the
Toronto and Montreal teams on au
equal footing in tlie Hlg Four race,
with Nationals and Torontos out of it.
First Home
Outside Home
J.   Painter
.  Julian
play waa by no means one-aided and i
r(.*  visitors  gave  plenty  of  work  to
Hill Patchell, l.eo Gregory and Coutts  ri
in goal. All of the seven counters
compiled by Westminster were well
.uriiid,   practically   everv   one   being
lhe   -
inside Hume
Pai Feeney nnd Jack Bry- |]
Iroekeepcrs, 0.  McMurphy and
lames; penaltj timekeepers, E.
���'  I ��� and T. Paul; goal umpires,
ii:-.'.son nml T. Alexander.
Goal Summary.
r��( quarter:
Nelson, Westminster, 11:30; Storme.
Vi'esiinii iiter, 1:00; Nelson. Westminster, 7:.'In
Lat-ct Rumor
Lacrosse Calls for a
Sttries of Salmon  Belly-Vancouver
Games at Victoria.
errors chalked against ihe herd were
caused more or less by tbe hard
bumpy ground at the Mills, which
gave the inlielders little chance of
stabbing them cn first chance.
Of the good plays. Kenny Mallen
pulled off one which had everything
stopped in city league stuff this season. Mallen made a difficult catch
in the left garden with a runner on
third and hefore this same runner
could scamper across the plate tiie
pill was in Huhnke'B mitt and the
runner tagged.
Another waa a three base hit by
Williams, with the bases filled. There
was more of this stuff, such as three
double  plays.
Art   Sinclair   beld  his  own   at   batting   until   forced   to   retire   with     8
sprained ankle, giving way to Newby.
who slammed for two hits.
Chapman,    V.A.C,    2:00;     Wright,!     Mallen   also   was  there     with    the
V.A.C, 3:00;   Sangster,  Westminster, hat,  while  silv. r's  record  of    three
11:1 "��� runs, two hits and two walks was not
Penalties- Johnston and  Patterson,  so dusty
f play and j 5 minutes each ln last quarter. I   The largest crowd   of the   season
 ������ 'was out at the game, a special double
���2.02.    This was a second better than header  s"rvice   being placed  on  the
,,     ,. ..... ..    .      i run  by the  B.  ( .   Iv  H.
tin- time made at Victoria on Friday      Hprv-a ,he score:
last when Clyed, of the Seattle A. C.. It.    11.    B
crossed   the   tape   lirst.     I'.dmiiiidson.   Moose    13    12      *>
also of the  Seattle  A.  ('.. was given  North  Vancouver     6    10      E
liatleries:       Horne    and     Huhnke;
Mcl.eod. Scotl     and    Campbell.     Cm
in ideal weather
jthe New Westminster Civilian association defeated Port Moody on the
Brownsville ranges Saturday afiernoon
by  the small  margin of 26 points.
Interest was at fever height during
the afternoon, the Inlet sharpshooters
being only one point ln arrears on
the I'dd yard range, IS on the 500 yard
and  again  close  in  the -BOO  range.
W. Robertson, with    98,    won    the
weekly   spoon,   the  score    of     M.   .1.
eight Knight, 98, not being high enough to
Ernie Cotton has hung up his stick
the rifle team of for the season.   He lefl lust night to
join   his   father  on   a   surveying   trip
in   the   Chilcotin   district,   taking   the
stage  from  Ashcroft.
U should lie an interesting meeting
of the II. C. A. A. I", to be held next
Friday evening. Soccer will lie the
main topic. An effort is being mnde
to secure the Moose rooms for the
meeting place.
ri -nit of some finessing in front  Second quarter'
of the net, In whl h  tho West  End     S'ortue, Westminst
home    boys.    Murray,    storme    and Westminster  -30
l eeiiey. were prominent    Lowry NYI   Third quarter-
Bon, of tho Sappertons, was also ln the     3   painter   VAC
limelight,  scoring  two  of   the  three Fourth quart'e-
goals In i lie opening quarter.
In th.. second quarter Storme and
Feeney were shown sl their best, the
former taking a .|iii.-li pass from
��!*"c. ney, after five inlnut
;  Storme,
pass his handicap.    The
the scores:
M. J. Knight   33
9S .
vv.  Robertson   .... 2\
W. Oliver  :il
Chamberlain   ?.s
Jewhurst   22
H.  Perkins      30
87 ,
Harrison    28
H. McNeil    21)
84 i
T. Davles  25
Totals 292
Port Moody
A.   Flavelle      29
H.  Jones       28
A.   Schofleld       31
W. D, McKay   32
A.  Noble      29
D. A. Geddes   29
F,   Lewis       31
A. McKnight   28
Dr. Cartwiight .... 28
D.  Curr     20
New Bishop Apointed
Montreal, Aug. 10.���The Kev. Father
Joseph Quillaume Forbes, parish priest j
Of St. Jean Baptists church. Montreal, j
hns been appointed bishop of Juliette i
In succession Io the late Bishop Ar- i
94 I chambault. '
Do you not And your duties as executor interfere with your own
business and that you really cannot give the estate the conatant
attention lt should have ?
Westminster Trust, Limited, is especially organized to handle
trusteeships of all kinds and will be glad to relieve you of your
onerous duties as executor. :
Our strong Hoard of Directors of the loading business men of this
city ls a guarantee that your affairs will receive a proper business
T. J. TRAPP, President.
First Vice-President. Second Vice-preBldent.
J. J. JONES,  Managing   Director.
Head  Office:   New Westminster, B.C.
wus given
second pluce, although it was even
break   between   hlm   and   Hoult.    The   pjr,.Si  Mel.aclilan antl Sayce,
Westminster boy would probably have ������
taken  tirsl in the  Victoria event  had
nol team wnrk by the American nth-
Th.- lacrosse situation in the west ,,.,,., s;���1,hv.;(.,.l.,l ,,;,��� on the last lap.
which has t n playing the coasters,      ll. C.  McDonald at    the Vancouver
I oping  the  loop and  doing all  kinds  Caledonian sports on Saturday gained i
of Hunts unmentloned    in   the   rult
Baseball Results.
booh during the past few weeks. Is
llkl ly 4" lake another turn durum llie
next few days, this time Dam Rumor
g.iing oul an Interview  to t! Reel
lhat tie Vancouver team wlll he
transferred to Victoria und finish oul
the season In a series of games witli
the Salmon Bellies
Tie* report comes trom Victoria
and, although early In the season the
telegraphic dispatches from ths provincial sent wire on a pur wltll un*.
Mexican and Bulgar news in the way
of credence, there   might   be   seme
thing   to   tile  latest   yarn,     ll   is   li 1
less to inform the readers that vie-
torla yearns for a professional la
cross.' team. The scraps and battles
ut the past few weeks, instead of un-:
del-mining interest In Victoria, have
acted as a stimulant and, with the
necessary collateral to finance s teom
nexl summer In a league inking In
Vancouver, Victoria and Westminster.
the proposed move of Pickering tululit
net as a stepping stone. Harry will
likely be OUl Of the game several
weeks, follow ing tlie shoulder dislocation sustained on Saturday, hut with
any prospects of gules at Victoria, the
players are likely to fall for the proposition Four Victorli-i players.
Brynjolfsen, Dakers, Johnson and
Qorman, ure working witli tiie green
shirts, so that the remainder of the
twelve ct'i probably be picked up in
The negotiations are likely to com;'
to a head thi'   week.
second   place   in   tossing   the   caber,
while William  McKay  took  down sev
ecul   Prizes   in   the   Highland   dancing   Vancyuver
competition. . Seattle   . .
Vii torla
Spokane   .
Standing  ot the  Clubs.
. 7o
, .67
. til
. fin
Former Green Ehirt Scored Five Gcils   Spokane
| Portland
fer   Nationals���Tecumsehs   De-
Yesterdny's Games.
At   Portland: R
feat  Torontos.
Bui  Four Standing.
. S
. 7
.  (i
Irish   Cunndiuns
TeownsetiB  ....
Toroutoa    T,     8     76     84
Montreal.  Aug.  10.- Showing a llnul
burst  of  speed.   Iiie  Irish   Canadians
made the "Flying Frenchmen" drive j
at the linlsli to beat them by a score
of 7 to fi In a Dig Four fixture played '
on the  Nationals' grounds on Satur-1
dav afternoon,
llatteries:   McCorry    and     Hannah;
Mays anil King.
At   Tacoma: R-    H.    E.
Vancouver   ���     ���*
Tacoma    H    "      ]    ,
Batteries:   Ingersoll.   Doty.   Harstad   dock
ami Lewis; Qrlndell, Oirol and Harris. |
At    Seattle: R-     H       '':
Vlcterla       '      *���      \
Seattle       2      ��      1
Batteries:      Narveson     und     Shea.
Kelly ami Cadman, Wally; to Innings.
The games in the local tennis tour
n-unent Saturday brought out the best
play of the season.
lu the ladies' doubles Miss Peel"
and Miss Corbould defeated Miss
Rickman and Mrs. Russell in the finals
after a hard fought three set match
thereby winning Ihe tournament ia
this event.
In the semi-finals, men's singles L.
A. Lewis defeated A. C. Eddy. This
puts Mr. Lewis In the finals whero he
Pet Iwill meet C. C. Teale.
.598 Teale surprised llie fans by his easv
.667 defeat of D. Shildrick in two straight
.r.r.l sits in the seml-finnls. 6-1, 6-3.
.4titi ; The tournament could not be fin-
,446 |ished last week owing to the large
.378 ; number of entries although over I do
matches were played during the week.
The final matches in ail events except the ladies' doubles will be played
on Saturday, Aug. in
'1 he games for Monday are as tol -
4:.'{d p.m Court 1. Stacey vs,
I'Mipps: court 2, Miss Shildrick v \
Miss Rickman: court No. 3, Whiteside
nnd   Pltoalrn  vs.   Hamilton  and   Rtul-
Saturday's Game*.
Vancouver  7.  Tacoma 4.
Victoria 1-'. Seattle fi.
Spokane s.  Portland  0.
Standing of tne Clubs.
. .44
. .42
Hreutly strengthened   by   tlie   services    ef  Newsy    Lalonde    on    their \'ow York .
hottte,  the Nationals  started  out    to Philadelphia
make  a   runaway   race   of   it   and   not Chicago   ...
iml 1 the Frenchmen had scored seven Pittsburg   . ���
goals did Ihe Irishmen seem to strike Brooklyn   ���
their  stride.    The    Irish    Canadians Boston  ....
we.ie played io u standstill in the first Cincinnati
two  periods,    while    the    Nationals St
scored  almost  at will.
pete muldoon featured Many  changes  were made  durlng| ctaclntl,,, i,    n
IN LACR088B SATURDAY the afternoon, the Frenchmen inking      A] Cincinnati, tx. fl
  advantage of the rule permitting of ���\''".,"r'|   4     9     6
Tl.e Block   of   the \    \  ���'  profoa   changes to give their men ,. rest at < '"JJ���*,1^.' Mar,,,mr,i/ ������d  McLean;
gfonal lacrosse   team   took   another tunus. Johnson and Kllng.
lump   on Saturday   after in   when     Although three penalties wer,. hand   ���" """j��� �����,�� u
thai  aggregation  got awa>   with  Its ed om. there was less rough piny in- _    .. ���        -*,
,   successive game,    the    green iluige.l in than In any previous gnme  S)   |miU   0
shirts this time   being   ths   victims., playad ln Montreal this season, Batteries    Ruelbach   and
Yesterday's Games.
At   Cincinnati: li
441 | by
Tin* ��core, six lo four, just ub "it rii
resents  the  play
careless checklni
M'i red   no  less   than   llv
tallies, th
players   checked   bard   and
although,   but   for  eltj^e.  bill   did   llOl   resort   to  fool  tic-
of  Crookall,   who tics with one or iwo exceptions, The
layers  were  kepi  well  In  control  at
championship ol Vanoou  all times by the officials.
Tecumsehs  In  Ccoring  Mood.
Toronto,   Aug.   10. -The   Tecumsehs
came back    to    life   here    yesterday
defeated  the  Torontos
11 V.
12 "
2       1
been   decided   there
was  the
ver   might   havi
nnd then,
Tiie features Ot the game
BhOOtlng  of Crookall.  the accident   to  afternoon   nnd ,     ,     -.
Harry Pickering, who dislocated his by the heavy score of 9 goals to .1.
shoulder and was forced to retire, the The enforced absence of Buck \ni
work Dl lloss Johnson In the nets, mun (f the Teeunisehs owing to Mnn*
,,���, the flrsl appearance of Pete Mill   agar   Fleming   having   refused   to   let   Detroit
d0on as ��� lacrosse player. him play against the street railway St Louis
Tit' wi's pressed int > service after tenn, created no little Ill-feeling which
Cyclone Fred Taylor had complained
Fls-lier:   Harmon and Wingo.
Chicago-Philadelphia    game postponed: rain.
Standing  of  the  Culm
W.    Ti, Pet
Philadelphia 71   33 .683
Clevellllld    <iS    43 ,801
Washington  59   46 ,861
Chicago  Sf   l>2 .82*1
llostoti    50    53 .485
 .45    6't .417
 43    68 ,887
New   York   34    66 ,340
Playing Central l'urk. a team with
which Westminster second eleven
broke even ill tlie series, the loca;
first cricket aggregation was forced
to take the count on Saturday afternoon, although the defeat was made
by a matter of but four runs.
Draper, the star trundler for tin
Parkltes, was absent, but his partner
Vi. White, more than made up for lt
taking no less than seven wickets for
16 runs, which Included four wicket
In four successive hulls.
With the exception of n stand made
Cavi and Rose, the first two bats
men, v ho netted 40 together and
three extras, the remaining eight
members cor! 1 compile onlv nine
runs which ust about constitutes a
r rd  f r local  cricket.
The bci re i n i:
r C. it Cave, h Radford  23
P. A. Rose, c Jack, ii White  17
I..   II.   Miller,  b  While      0
w   A. Wells, lhw. h Radforth  ... 6
T n. Hebron, b Whits   o
Rev. E, n. Bartlett, b white   o
I!   M   Clark, b White     0
K  w. Money, b white   1
a. B Tlgar, b wirt"   o
.1   w  Annandale o Walker, b Radforth    I
T.  H.  Cuttin. mil  OUt      J1
Ex'ras    '
of the heal nnd. although this wns an
Innovation to the former scrapper,
bis perfect oondltlon kept many �� V,
A. ('   lliccr on lhe move.
get  the better of several of Ihe players  ul   times
This was the heaviest score yet
pled up against tlie chuiuplons by
the Indians.
Yesterday's Games.
At. Cleveland! R.   H.   F���
Washington    8   11     '.:
Cleveland       1     B     0
Batteries: Groom nnd Henry: Oregg,
Benton nnd Carlsch.
Tolnl    r>-
('���   While. 7  v iekels Tor 16 runs. In-
eluding  4   wickets  in  four  successive
Radford �� for 36 mus.
Central Park.
.1   ll'Hing, blw, b Rose   14
Padford  <��� Miller, b Hebron ... 3
Kins, c Miller, b Rose   6
Bhnw   b  Pose    H
Jack, sl  Wells. 1. Rose     8
.luck, lhw, b Hebron   -5
wirt", c Money, b Rose   "
Penle, h Rose   *
,11. Nelson, not out   Jj
i ii  White, c Bartlett, h Hebron
Ycung    Conservatives    of    Winnipeg
Likely to Visit Coast.
W ntilieg    Aug.   10     As   the   result
the C, N. it. defeating   the   Norwoods bj  the score of 10 to 3 here  league  this couilnj
gaturday afternoon after n fnlrly In- will be determl i
Whether   New   Westminster  will  he
represented   In the Vancouver Rugbv
full   and   winter
��� '���' ' ven-
Hoult,   McDonald   and    McKiy   Take
Down Pri-cs In Vancouver.
one  llrsl   ami    009    third    Is    the
I-,., ,i,i ,.r .luck Hoult, the Columbian of
college speed  artist, during the posl
w'oee��� ,- i,i ii early In the summer i restlrg gnmo of lacrosse, II looks n *���- |nB, when Hip i    i al meeting of the
slewed    awav    hli if  the  youug  Conservatives   will  be ,i:,i, will he held in the offico ��fT.
I,,,, hi.   perform   (ho i  '" go wesl nfter Iho Mum  n,  shcrrlff, 405  Westminster    Trusl
few    week*, cun tit's fall.
.vin,   mi,,therI    Tic   fi i'.-��� rvntlvcs   have   n
leave   ii"
think cnmln
ii   Walker, c and b Hebron
I n;il    lloult   bad
''""". flurln��llC,the   post ""few   weeks cun this tall. | building,
.,,;.,,,   W|(i,   another     Tha   Conservatives   have   a    two      vilhoiigh onrlj  In the soason,   Hn
i ,.���.   |, ni  nei  musl  Ioobo the  two fnct thnl  tl'��� annual meeting of thi
���    ,,,,,,.,������,���  .,;���:.  ennt   * maliilits conlesti lo make n Hnve league tnkos place on Thuradaj even
..,,   ,���,.   .. v, ,   ,   .,   rd He, but II tl   * keep up their ing In Vancouver makes II  noe   -r,   afternoon   nud
. H   ciip  ih,*v  Bhould  huve  little I,, nnd otll  whether enough  mat  Hal  easti   nl  ns tho brand ol    In ers
,,.,  in landing tho honors lore, ,.,., i,.. ���: ., i. ,i in the city to onable   :. the game out h ri on u    ���
������ ued Copping, of the
I ,,-, i-i.  to take n hack   * al  In the  pi
half milo, making   tho   dlslanca   In dill
(By the Potter.)
Five gi ���!.. ' ut of sev in ������ soro 1
againat the D. L. v 1* adi rs I i onu
rei md i i* Ni ��� . I londe, Fhe wily
r ��� i ci, Canadian mu I hai ��� made nn
i, esslon al Mi ntreal S ilurday
del rated  to    tho
Musical Comedy Company
Engagement Extended All This Week
They Have a Good Clean Show
They Have Special Scenery for Every
They Cater to Ladies and Children
They Give the Public Double Their
Money's Worth
"Snow Bound"
A Wonderful Scenic Production
WEDNESDAY ��Hey fafe
THURSDAY    Nothing but Laughs! Laughs! Laughs!
friday "College Days
SATURDAY    Will make you Sit Up and Take Notice
2 Shows 9.io  I Prices SSL - iie
B;aKirgar��xiiavgrja!33��ic. ��� msaaaa 1 PAUE   SIX
MONDAY,   AUGUST   11,   1913.
ju '
Classified Advertising
ceived for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
tiliS Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queeusborough, Lulu Island.
Clssslfled���One cent per -word per
buy, 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as required wlttin one year from date of
c-eutract,  $26.0(1.
ture and effects in large or small
quantities for cash, or will sell by
auction or private sale on commission. 1 am tbe only man in Canada wbo will guarantee your goods
will fetch their value or no commission charged. P. B. Iirown.
Merchants bank building, or P. 0,
box  6.r>6  New  Westminster.    11844)
at 706 Gloucester street. (1S66)
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary, Labor Temple building.
Phone  R280. '18761
rooms; apply (01 Agnes street,
near library. (ls61>
828 Royal avenue. ilh63)
roomed bungalow, furnished or unfurnished, close to Sixth avenue
car line; good location. Apply Mr.
Taylor,   Nineteenth   avenue.   H��r
keeping rooms, $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh slreet. |1S21|
housekeeping rooma, 3', Agnes
street.    Phone B3S L. 11S36)
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the cily.   Private
baths, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per month and upwards,
1218 Fifth Ave. Office  Phone 750.
in good condition. Apply Providence
orphanage. (18721
seven roomed modern liouse on
Sixth street. Apply box 1848 News
Leaves Toronto to Work in Port Nei-
���on  In  Hudson's  Bay���Mammoth Structure.
Australia's  Trade   For   Six   Monthi-
N. S. W. Speaker of Assembly
on Sixth street. Apply box 1849
News office.
Melbourne, Aus., July 23.���(By Mail)
���Tho half-yearly returns show that
the commonwealth's Imports amounted to ��37,123,669, und exports to ��31,-
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1826)
Toronto, Aug. 10.���From Toronto
Ithrough the Gulf or St. Lawrence,
! around the shores of Labrador.
I through, the Hudson's straits and
Hudson's llav to work at Port Nelson,
'is the journey that the big dredge i 732.234. Wool exports showed a de-
just completed in Toronto will Btart dina of ��2,000,000 and gold of Ala,-
tout on In the next few days I 000.0(10.  but  it   must  be  remembered
"The   swiflest     construction     worK ; 	
ever done in America, is what the that the quantity of gold exported was
J works manager and designer of the considerably less than the amount act-
bit; dredge claims for tlie Poison Iron {ually produced.
Works,   wblch  built   It.     It  has  been
Stringent Laws Required to See That  St.    Louis    Doctor   Declares   Against
It Is Made  Under Sanitary
Sandwiches���Urgei Supervision
of Picnics.
marked A. MacKenzie,    1912,    near
Great    Northern    station.    Sunday
morning.    Reward,  llox  1877  News.
getting on car at comer of Sixth
slreet and Fourth avenue, a
satchell containing money, a pair
of gold rimmed glasses, small pack
age of dry goodB. Finder please
leave same at George Cunningham's
blacksmith shop, Eighth street.
completed In 100 working days, is
180 feet long, 14 feet wide, with the
iniost modern equipment, and there are
lover 2,00 (Itons of steel In tlle bin boat.
The last day of July terminated the
|contract time, the boat is complete,
and it is now being loaded for the
j journey.
W. Newman. M. I. M. A., who superintended the const ruction, designed the boat in oned ay.
A Floating Machine Shop.
TAKK NOTICE, pursuant tu .section IS
of the "Companies Act," that ihe above
named compnny Intends, one month after
Uie date hereof, to upply to the Registrar
of Joint-Stock Companl-tt to change Us
name lo "Standard Discount Company,
I lilted   Ilt   New   Westminster,   HC.   this
tlilrll-th dav of July.   19111. I1S70)
The Hon. Joseph Cook, the prime
minister, has attempted to secure the
consent of the premier of N'ew South
Wales, tlle lion. W. A. Ilolniau, to a
reopening of the Sydney government j
house question, but Mr. ilolnian lias |
declined to accede to this request,
Tlie cabled list of members of the
British parliament who are on their
way to Australia as the guests of the
commonwealth branch of the Empire
The  a^ Is 'or ^e purpose ���., association, has    been
clearing out the harbor at I ort Nei-
son in Hudson's Bay, and is named
tbe Port Nelson. When it arrives at
the future terminal of the trnnseonti-
FOR RENT���Sno per month-i 7-room
thoroughly modern new house, Uth St..
near  nth Ave.     Will lease.
WANTED���Salesman.     Will   give   good
contract to right party.
FOR BXHANGE���7-room thoroughly
modern house, hardwood polished floor-*,
facing    Moody    l'ark.     Eheumberonce
onlv. mortaaKe $27oo. 8 per cent to run
three und half years. Wlll trade for
WANTED -6. 7  nr S-ronm modem house
fer rent.     Have client who will  lease.
wbere. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van-
couver,  B.C. (1825)
FOR   SALS���A   SNAr���5-rootii   modern
house,    half   lilnek    from    12th   slr-.*t;
12400,  $10(i cash, balance $'-(> a month.
lm you WANT i" exebnnge your property or sell a snap? We have clients
wanting same.    List yenr property with
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bullldlng.
(Successors to Eastman & Walmsley)
Notice is hereby given tliat the
partnership heretofor existing between George Cunningham nnd
Thomas Cunningham, jr., under tlle
firm name of Goorge Cunningham &
Son. has this day been dissolved.
Dated. August 6th, 1913.
lie  Lots 602,  003,  004,  ter..  01 B,  022,  '������.:3,
624,   02S,   026,   627,   628,   62 I,   ���    '������: I.
of   I.,,t   378,  m*..up   1,   Map   114,   in   Uie
District    of    New    VVesiminster,    Porl
Hammond  Junction.
Whereaa proof of thc loss of certificate
of uu.. Number  u:.i.;  i.  e.-n"i  in in-
rain"   of   Edwin   tv   Blmmonds   has   been
filed   111   tills,   office.
Notice is hereby Blvcn lhat 1 Bhall, al
the expiration ..r ons month from thc
���lao* of the first publication hereof, In
a dally newspaper published In (he City
of New Westminster, Issue a duplicate
,<! the s.,1.1 i'.-ni't.ai. , unless In the in aii-
tinv v.iii,I objection I..* ninth '��������� me In
m ttllK.
.1. f OWYNN,
District   It- Rlsl    ,     *
Land Rcfftstry Offtce, s. w Westmins.
ter,  I-. i'.  2nd  August,   1913 I 1*45)
fle Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed, in the District of New Westminster.
���\ Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued to
William McBride on the 18th day of
August, 131.1. unless in the meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
me in writing uy a person or persons
claiming an estate or interest therein,
er ill any part thereof.
.1. ('. GWYNN,
District  Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
\..\v Wesiminster, B.C., 12th Juh.
in 1:1.
The  person  or  persons  having    in
Iheir custody or possession th" follow I
ing Title  Deeds  relating  to  the    said
property are requested to deliver the
same to tiie undersigned.
until January, 1889, Brant from the
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue.
IDth July, 1889, conveyance from
Charlotte Adele Rougue to Robert
Scott Moncrleff,
(174*11        District Registrar of Titles.
nental railway it will he about 1.S00
miles from a machine shop. So on th*
boot Hure Is a modern machine shop
and blacksmith shop, with lathe, planer, drill and forge, all complete. Electric light is available on the boat: hot
and co'ld water as well. It is fireproof.
Triple expansion engines of 700
horse power are installed, and the
pumping capacity ofthe dredge is 20
cubic yards a minute. There is an
auxiliary steam plant on deck so that
if the engine room is flooded the electric and machine shop would still be
in full commission while repairs are
being mnde.
The Control Tower.
The whole equipment on the dredge
is controlled by one man inthe tower
at the front of the boat, lt looks like
a switch cabin on the railway. Eighteen levers, all In a row, controlling
the engine room, electric lighting
plant and all dredging equipment.
On the top deck arc two life rafts
made of steel pontooons. each capable
of carrying thirty men, and two lifeboats equipped always with provisions, each capable of carrying thirty
of a crew. As the crew of the dredge
will be 2S. every provision has been
made for their safety in case of acci-
[dent. There are 3,000 feet of steel
! pontoon pipe for dredging, whieh
j means that the distance from the in-
1 tako pipe of the dredge to the spot
! where the slude is deposited may be
'over 3,000 feet.
In Ihe 10(1 days the firm has also
.buill a sternwheel, shallow draft boat.
1117 feet lo.-ig, 20 feet wide, with a
' drart of three teet. This Shallow steel
I boat  will  he used  for navigating the
shallow waters where the dredge can-
uut in the hold and put together at
lis done. The stern-wheeler will he
(put inthe hold and put together at
, Port Nelson.
At Montreal tiie whole thing will
he taken over bythe government, and
the crew of the government will lake
The dredge has cost the government
$270,1100 and the sternwheel boat $32,-
well received here.
The  smallpox  epidemic    continues,
but the limits of Its spread seems to
have   been  reached     in     New   South
Wales.    There has been a great rush
Of people wishing to be vaccinated in ���
all   the  states.     Victoria   is  the  only
state in which  vaccination  lias been I
compulsory hitherto, but it is expected |
that  the first  measure that the New-
South Wales parliament   which    has
Just been opened-   will deal with will
be a compulsory vaccination bill.
Mr. Willis, the speaker of the legislative assembly In the mother state,
whose occupancy of this post has been
marked by several stormy scenes, has
resigned. H. D. Morton, nn independent Liberal, was elected in his place,
so that the ministry retains its one-
man majority. An early dissolution Is
The New South Wales treasury is
raising a loan of  ��3.000.000 locally.
In th,- Mutter of u .* Estate ..! William J
Sharp and Henry Is. Shun, both i :
ttie i-iiv of New weatmlnster, Province
of British Columbia, carrying en liusi
ie as under th.- fit in, iinmr ind ; - *. lo
of Ihe Westtnlast, r itan.i;-* i*. i :,������ --.,1,1
And in llv Mutter of tie* "Creditors' Trusl
Reeds Ail -
NOTICE is hereby given that  in.- above-
nam..I  Wiiii.mii J. Kliarp and  Henry  E
Sharp formerly carrying ..a business under the firm, nam.' and Btyle ..!  l'i-   WeHl
ininHt'-r  Oarage  nn   Carnarvon   sir-.t    in
the  citv  of   N'< \v   Westminster  nnd   Province .,r liritish Columbia, did hv Instru
ment   in  wrttlns.  dated   lhe   !2nd  .lav  nf
.lul--   A.I). 191-3. assign to Oeorso B. Milne.
..f the City i.r Now Westminster, Hi', for
fie general benefit   "I  their  creditors,  "f
t'.plr   entitle,   oredlls   and   effects,   which
inaV  t��" Seized   ef  Sold   I'ltder OXCGtltlon
1..I  notice  is  further  given   Unit  a
meeilui! ef creditors nf Ihe said   William
1 Rhnrp an.l ll.-iiry ES. Sharp carrying "li
t iisln.sy under (he firm, nnme and style
-,t* tin- u*.-���iniiiist-1- oarage, will l>-> held
rl the offlc" ..f Oeorge It. Milne. Broker,
-"ooiu .11'*. Westminster Trust Block, New
"���.���Hiiniii'i.r. B.C., ..n Thin-H-la", tho lltli
d: f t    IL   "'tl nt  the hour of
2 ;jtQ ..yineic in tiie a''* moon.
An.! ti'.t'r' is fut-tlier given lhal  all per-
���.ns ha*  "it  '���' '���'���!   tl'*'  sold   Wll-
t'-im .1 Sharp and ll* ���:��������� X, sharp are re-
'���nlrcd on or  bofiv-"  t'.     lath  i'i'*  "f  Atn:-
��� ,-t    191J    to   s-nd   t1     ���   ii i:.'-��   an I   nd-
.........-���    tiartleli!..* *    nt   -'���   '���*   i-iil-ns.   ttu'v
Verified   hv   Still  ItC ......     ,,     .,M,|   ||,..
��� ture and value * ' '   *   *���  '��� ane)
I *lrt 1.-- i ,. in,  t.i i!i    nni-l'trs  .1   sun In
. -tit''- any creditor t ��� i< :������ ��� ���-��� t-i���t -
r *" ��� *> clshu must hi   mi..- en or before
��� he   ,'nte   ef   lh"   ll il"!--
.-",..I nolle ��� lii !��������������� her ui * '' l il"-
".���( rnee wll1 ..n in ' 'tot it,, i Hit .1 iy
," .��e,.,.-t   |(i1i i n, ii|ntrl    ��������� ti
-��� t-   . ���   r ���    - iid   ������    "        .1    Html     *. ������!
*'   "--v    1*1     *-'' a'"     ll      li ���    ���'        p. ���    	
.".   -     ,..-'.,       I     , ���     .     -     -       ..... .,]>      ,   ,     ,1,,.
. ������,.,,,- which I '��� "<��� .ii I nv,   ll   'it .*i ������-���
*""-\  ���'*<*,  ie*  will  nol   I-*  I * Id   ���      -.ii*.   le
' ir   t'i"   avsetS.    "t"   ail'*    p.*>' t    (hereof,
a<./t.-'!,"t,.,1   |,i   anv   I..-I    nf   ivh Illl-n
t ,. Bhnit T],a  then  >  ive  I   notl'li .1
Hat",t   at   N    Westmlnstel   ihls   :: t st
<*������.-  of JiiJ.v.  A P    ". ���
atjD) Assignee
Next   week
)e   oll     its
tlle   whole   business
way     to     Hudson's
Municipalities Would Benefit if There
Was a Good  Supply of Trained
Road   Euilderc.
The municipalities around Montreal
would benefit, as indeed would the
whole country, in the matter of getting away from antiquated methods of
road construction, if there were anything like an adequate supply of
trained  roadways  engineers.
The municipalities need expert advice, not only on the actual construction of the roads, but also in deciding
j what sort of construction is requierd
j in each caste. Money is thrown away
on pavements that an- not strong
enough for Cue traffic tliey must hear.
and it is also thrown awny, lo some
extent on pavements that are ol' a
more expensive type than is required.
The advice of a real export  is, therefore, of the greatest value lo tile municipalities.
Say Youths Robbed  P. O. '" the l'nited States the engineering
Lewiston, Idaho, Aug, lu. Ward schools give fairly thorough courses
mul Delbert Kifinle imd Charles Pern- ,n r',a(l construction. In Prance, where
i��� non,  young  men   ranging  between I i"e government does the greater part
Hi and 21 years of age, all of well-
known Kendrick families, must face
federal charges of robbing the Dent
post office early this week, when M0
in money and olher postal matter wus
taken from the safe.
'I'he young men are now lodged in
iio- No/. Perce
on  ctste ."tui  f
eoii'ity will brin.K a charge of burglary *
against the three men.   Winn arrested
they were wearing apparel recognised i
by owners of stores at Southwlck and '
Orofi-io as clothing taken  early  this
South Westminster School.
S1-.A1.I*'.!. TENHEUH,   tubscrlbed  "Tender
for   ������.it,.  Wei in lm ter Uct I."  will bo
!* ci i* od up i ��� ...:, ,.r Monday. He- 1st
,1 iy ..I* .*>. pi. nil,, r. r.i ��� i". in,- Honourable
in, Mlnlsiet ..i i* ib v.v.iis. f,,r in.* erection .mil completion ..t a two-room school
and  venlt nces, ,*t".
!-l ii,.. ��� p. rlfi, ii ions, contract and forms
"( tendt r may be s.. n on .-nl arp-r t'*..*
-t August, tin;:, at lhe office
ol Mv .-, .; Marshall, Kecr tnry, School
Board. South Westminster; Mr. S. A
Kleleher, aovernmeni Agent, New West-
minster: ..r the Department "I Publlo
.V..rl<s. VI. torla, 11 C
rmendlnu   imulerors   can,   t.\   applying
p,   tl,.*   undersigned,   tihi tin   om .*   ..'
ttl"," ii .I specifications for ih" sum of
ti a dollnra i tin i. which will I,.* refunded
mi  receipt  of plans  in gnmi order,
I."i. propositi must lie accompanied hy
an accepted bun's cheque <,i certificate of
depoall on . . harleri *i bn * .a .... In
mudi pnvnhtn to th" Honnurabli tie*
Mhii.it* i .il Public WorUs, for i sum equal
iii I" per cent ..r t. n.i, r, wl leh shall be
forfeited 11 lh" , nrt) .,,,,1, rlim decline tn
enter mi., contracl when called up..a to
do sn, nr If I     fall    tn enn ph i.   the work
ennlniei, .1 f.a*    The ��� In    ;. i ... ,.   ..
"f  dep n I-   ol   M    ��� ��� ���      .. nderers   wlll
ho n turned Iq them upon iho ��� xi cutlon ..f
tl,.. contract
Tenders   wlll   nol   hi i   unless
nnd,.  ..ut   oh   ' I-   forms  supplied,   signed
with tin* actual signs r in., tenderer,
and enclosed  i \. lap,��  <. rnlshi .1
The lev ��� -t .a any lentlet nol in cessnr-
Ily accepted.
,i   i:  t-.fii <t ��� ii
Pubi ,* '���*...;,., Engineer
Deportment of p..t.i," Works, Yi.-t,..|*i.
B.C.,  August 6th,  liin i isr.r.i
of ihe road building and tbe highways
are the besl In the world. Bpeclal palps
are taken to train up a body of skilled
engineers for road construction.
Students graduating from the technical schools are given sev, ral years'
free training in actual road building,
iiiity jail to be tried Iand ""':- ������r'' employed in the govern-
leral    charges,    The Sm,,,,t service
I lie in i u oi something of litis kind
lias been itriti il in Canada.    Those ad
VOCStlng   a   national     highway     from ;
const  to const   declare  that  nn   incl-1
denial   result   would   lie   in  create     u \
large training field, and the skill and
experience obtained  if.   the men  en-
Igaded   on   this   national   undertaking
would  be available  for work  all over ,
tin* country.
Ai M.'CIll university, where the engineering  department   has   helped   to
give the   university    its   continental
reputation no claim is made to giving
1 cxiix tittup bui  a little preliminary  Instruction   ,f  the  main   principles    of
nad construction    There is a course
lln municipal engineering    whieh    in.
.eludes tiie laying of sev age and  wat
t r syt.it ms. roads, etc.
During tlie past  term about  ninety
Irtiulcnis heard these lectures, but only-
la small number of die nun have any
Intention   et   devoting  themselves   to
municipal engineering or road    ton
structlon. Tin- municipal  field  is nm
always as Inviting an It mlghl be. and
with the absence of thorough courses
tif  Instruction  preparing  men  for tlie
work,  tin*  supply   of  trained   men   is
For a License to Take and Use Water. , likely  to  continue  to  be  Inadequate.
Notice Is hereby given that Dawson .The qualified  rond  engineers  in Can-
and   Crace,   of   South    Westminster,  nda now i re largely those who scctir-
liceiise to lake and ! '''1 their training in the old country or
Montreal, Aug. 10.- Those of the city
health authorities who deal with the
question of the purity of the food supply stated in a recent interview that
it was neoessary in the interest of
Moiilrealers to have a new and far
more stringent by-law dealing with ice
Dr. Hood says that his inspectors
at present devote their chief energy
to sec tbat the cream is made under
sanitary conditions, and that lhe number of bacteria does not exceed a
couple of millions without bringing
punishment on the makers. Hut they
want extended powers and more strin-
genl penalties, They can't do anymore to give pure Ice cream to Montreal until they get them.
Discussing a by-law Which came into
operation in Springfield on the 6th
inst., and which gave the board of
health verv definite power in that
city, Dr. Hood said that he thought
ll wns scarcely necessary to compel
Montrealers by law to make Is cream
of not less than 7 per cent, cream, for
in the majority of cases tbey did bet- j
ter than tliat themselves. As a rule j
lhe standard In Montreal was eight or j
nine per cent, of cream. But there j
were ether points on which Montreal sellers could well do with a little interference from a by-law. lie
would like to see Springfield's example followed in thc enaction tliat the
cream, "if flavored with fruit shall he
flavored only, with sound, clean, matured fruits, and if containing nuts
shall contain only sound, matured,
non-rancid nuts."
The doctor says (hat the condition of the fruit used is often very
bad, and .there is not sufficient In-
tpectlon. neither lire the sellers sufficiently afraid of the light penalties inflicted.
"Yes. it will,, of course, mean a greal ;
deal of extra work and more inspec-!
tors. Hut In view of the enormous '
amount of Ice cream consumed in the |
city such a by-law ought to be pass- j
ed." he added
There are something over a hundred
regular    establishment      where    Ice j
cream is sold and about two hundred
specimens of the commodity  at  the
city   ball;   true,  there  are   not     very j
many  convictions,  bin  that does  not
always mean that there Is not ground
for them, it simply means that the Inspectors do not derive very detailed j
power from the law
In Montreal many of the makers
used flavorings instead of fresh fruit,
and these need again careful Inspection.
Homogerized cream is, curiously
enough, not very much used in Montreal; In fact, there ia only one establishment of any importance where
!t is used. It ought not, of course, to
he used at all. but there is no law
against it so far. It is just a sort of
cream, the use of which makes Ice
creain a good deal less healthy than
t   might he.
There's another law Dr. Hood wants
badly made namely, that all cold
storage eggs should he labelled in
French and In Enllsh, in plain black
two-inch^letti'i-s that tliey are "cold
storage eggs."
Other cities are bringing in this way
and it is one of the reforms lhat Dr,
Hood and his colleagues are demanding for Montreal.
He was asked if the BUgegsted law*
would not mean that for tin- ordinary
citi/rn ice creain and eggs would be
much dearer.
"No." he sahl, "oleanlioss costs nothing. The only extra expense will he
tliat they will have lo throw oul a little more bad fruit than they do."
St Louis, Aug. 10. Dr. E. W. Saunders, a specialist in children's diseases,
last night told im members of the St.
LoulB. Medical society thnt he bad
proved Infantile paralysis to be a fly-
borne disease, originating with bun-
ens and transmitted to otber animals,
and he believes, to children, in the
larvae of files, lie gave tlle llrst demonstration of liis theory.
As a vivid object lesson to prove
this theory, a monkey, to which infected larvae had been fed. died from respiratory paralysis in the physicians'
presence, ofter having exhibited the
sufferings which a child afflicted In
the same manner would undergo. AI
the same time guinea pigs and chickens, still living, lint disabled liy the
effects or the disease, were displayed
ill their screened cages.
Heating of all food which flies may
have touched was urged by Dr. Saunders as a preventative of infection
from the larvae.
He declared sandwiches lo lie the
worsl kind of food, often swarming
with larvae, and said picnics should
be put under the supervision of the
board of health. Children, he Bald,
should be taught to hate nnd fear flies.
Dr. Saunders gnve credit to Dr. W
E. Wisdom, of DoQueen, Ark., who
was present, for lhe working out of
the demonstration which, he believes,
bas convicted the fly of responsibility
for one of the most dreaded diseases
of childhood, a question thai has puzzled the medical fraternity for 200
He called the attention of the audience first to the monkey which was
even then in a dying condition. He
told his hearers that lie had caused
tbe monkey to swallow forty of the
larvae of tlie files that had been
brought from Arkansas, where many
cases of infantile paralysis bad been
A chicken, a vigorous Plymouth
Rick spring cockerel, had not been
made to swallow thc larvae, but they
were Injected into its wing in a solution of glycerine. The symptoms of
the disease wire plainly apparent a
few  hours afterward.
First National Affair of Its Kind Will
De Held in Winnipeg
October 10-',8.
Toronto. Aug. lo. The Ontario hydro-electric /.one is experiencing an
expansion that will mean millions in
outlay, wltli, it is said, corresponding
Tlie capacity of the transformer stations all over the system is being enlarged      Tlie  Toronto   equipment,   for
instance .has been transferred to Dun-
das, and from Duudas paraphernalia
has been taken to the lirant station
between Brantford and aPris
The provincial hydro's existing contract with tlie Ontario Power company at Niagara Falls calls for 100,000
horse power. The hydro's customers
are  using  intiuo antl  before  the  year
���ends Ihe contracts may require 70,000
h irse power.    Ail lhis means that the
���provincial commission will need  more
[than 100,000 horse power before long,
and. as n  matter of facl. negotiations
j ne in progress looking towartls additional power Four companies are
generating power at the falls on lln*
Canadian  side,  ami  the    agreements
I under which they operate ensure one-
half of the power developed for Canadian use. The hydro act enables the
hydro  commission   to   look   I.no   the
I cost of power, and now that prices
wlll be obtained from other companies,
this act c;:ti he called into requisition
lf  necessary.
Instead of 100,000 horse power tin'
Ontario hydro will have 200,000 or
'i'i'i non in the near future.
The transmission lines will be ltn
proved in every way possible duplicated if in "tl be and Hi's lime next
year will see a larger use of Hydro
tower tliiin is the case today, although
he gr wth  of two year has been  en-
I tlrelv sat'sfactnry.
While the hydro has gone ahead, experiments have been in-'il" from lime
to lime. Aluminum ruble is mod on
���he transmission wire hues, tut the
eommtpflloo Is testing ""poor cable
ni'd    steel-reinforced    aluminum    as
Looks Like Warm Fight���Several Announce Intentions���Opposition
for Mayor Hocken.
Toronto. Aug. 10. "I wlll nut be a
candidate for Ihe board of control any
more." ,.       .,
in this brief Sentence Acting Mayor
Church announced himself as a cau-
dldate for tlif mayoralty at the coming munloipal elections, Tlie announcement Hint Controller Foster would boll candidate for the Ohiel magistrate's
position wan more than than the president  of the council could  Stand.
Acting Mayor Church recalled a
Btatement he says was made by Mayor
llocken at the last election, tliat if be
were elected he would not seek reelection In  1��14.
"Oi course, Mr. llocken has a right
to change his mind," said tho acting
mavor. "but that was the statement li"
made last year before the municipal
Controller Church wlll begin an aggressive campaign in the Interests of
his candidature early and will arrange
for a number of meetings of citizens,
win re lhe slreet railway and electric
light purchase will he th" chief subject for discussion. The controller is
lock, stock and barrel opposed to (he
negotiations that have been carried
on hy the mayor and two other members of the board of control, and slated today that October lfi was no time-
to submit the by law for the purchase
of the Toronto Railway and LighL
company's assets to the citizens.
"Sir William Mackenzie and Mr.
Wood have no authority to sell these
properties." he said. "There has been
to resolution passed by their boards
Of directors authorizing them to make
the sale. Tbe whole matter Is illegal,
and lhe citizens wlll kill the scheme
when they have a chance to vote on
"The more this matter is gone Into
jthe worse It looks, lt Is nothing but
'a scheme to destroy and ruin the
Hydro-Electric   company."
The controller then turned his at-
ition to the radial railway companies
and slatetl that lilt he United States
such mergers as exist In ''nnada, ami
particularly around Toronto, would
not be tolerated.
Controller Church predicted a one
and a half cent fare on the civic lines
and said he would work towards that
end as a controller and a candidate
'for the mayoralty.
Controller Foster is not In the city
and the report thai he will be n candidate for the mayoralty could not be
denied or confirmed. Those in close
touch wltn the controller state that he
will be n car>ldate without doubt, nml
that he will conduct a lively campaign
will apply for
iiso one hundred  Inches of water out, the  Culled  States
of an unnamed creek,
a northerly    direction
land, owned by    Mr.
empties into   a ditcli
New   Spring  anil   Summer  Saltings I
nnw on  display,    See them.    Perfect i
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
which flows in
through    wlbl
Patterson,   ami
on subdivision
near Scolt road. Thc water will be
diverted at a point soulh of I.adner
road and will be used for Btocll und
domestic purposes on the land de
scribed ns n  subdivision of fractional
section :���:,, ii. r, N��� it. 2 w.
ThlB notice was posted on tbe
ground on the Sth day of July, 1913,
The application wlll be tiled In tho
ofTice of the Water Recorder at New
Objections may bo filed with lh"
said   Water  Recorder    nr    with    tlio
Comptroller of water Rights, Parliament Buildings, victoria, lie.
(171S) Applicants.
The Increased attention given to
good roiuls nowadays all over Hie
Real Etate and Insurance,
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbii Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
simply due io a realization
of the .vast.* ami damage ami loss from
trying to get along wlih-tii them. Bad
roads are recognized as, a huge economic mistake.
Atlii' .1 to this awakening, came t'n-
Invention of tho automobile, antl Its
application to a large variety of transportation un* llghl and heavy ma.
chinos for carrying passengers. 11 id
motor trucks which, with their loads
now Bometlmefl weigh ns much us ������ n
tons. The passenger automobiles do-
stroyed the surface of th" macadam .
roads no matter how well Huy were!
built and llie heavy motcr trucks
pound any but tho most strongly btilll
roads to pieces If Ibe traffic is nl nili
steady or frequent.
All present-day road building musl
therefore reckon on this new traffic,]
anil roads which lire to have any cou- 1
slderahle  motor  traffic  musl  have  a 1
lar macadam,     bituminous macadam, j
or other special surfacing, for the old '
style   water-hound   macadam   surface
will   not.  s'and   tho     wear.    Montreal
Secretary ('. p. Roland of the t'an-
ado Land nnd Apple Show, which Is to
be held ihls year. October 10-18, at
Winnipeg, lias already received some
hundreds of levers irom easterners,
fruit growers ami secretaries of fruit
growing associations, Indicating the
interest that Is being taken in lhis
���how, It is the first national land and
apple show to lie iit-lil iu Canada.
ll will provide opportunity for com -
;iltt" displays of the products of the
irchards, the land, the forest and wat.
'is of Canada. As far as il affects
eastern Canada this land and apple
show is unique iu that it offers ihe
east an excellent chance to Increase
its market in the wesl for its fruit. At
present the prairies are importing tremendous quantities of apples and other fruits from the Pacific coasl on
both sides of the boundary.
The prnirle will always lie a largo
Importer of fruit.
Tlio Canada land and apple   Bhow
will let the east exhibit its fruit, and
will prove of enormous value in nd
ertlslng tlm cast's fruit to Hie entire
pralrio area, 11 Is to he borne lu mind
that Ibis Is a show if the products of
the land, not of the laud Itself. The
show is not a private enterprise, nor
wlll any Individual organization make
���ii-olll by it. If a surplus is earned il
-.-i'i he di f It-il to Hie eslalillshiiicnl of
scholarships In provincial agricultural
���1 'leges.
f-'itiie of Hie big cat ll prizes wlll In-
elude a t'MO prize ror (he host two
bushels of wheat, with a second prize
or fltil) and a third Of S100; for oats
$100 as a first prize, $7Tj for second,
.'ind $50 for third; and for barley the
same prises will be given. In the apple competition there will be awnrd-
"d $200 for the lust two boxen, $10(1 for
the second, and Jfid for the third. A
cash prize of $100 Is also offered for
the besl ahenf of alfalfa. Later, announcement will be made of the rates
lo apply both for passengers and exhibits for the show, the date of course,
ulnady being fixed for October 10 IK.
w as
Ih >
'1 or into, Aug. 10 A slick artist
nt. work In Toronto lasl week
some of ihe principal banks in
e iv were mulcted in Bums of
neighborhood  of $1011 each,
The alleged swindler opened small
accounts at a number of banks lor
the purpose, 11 Boems, of lending an
appearance   of   honesty   to   bis   work,
by   some  means  or  other  lie  had   oh
mined   possession   of  an   acceptai	
J stamp  of one of  the cily   banks,  and
bavlng, it  is alleged, forged n  num-
[ ber   of    cheques    I'or    BIII11M    uf    about
.$100 each and marked them  with the
'acceptance stamp, be presented  thetn
for payment at Ilu.* banks at which lie
had   previously  opened  accounts.
j    The officials, of course, seeing  the
cheques marked  with Ihe stanm cash
|i(l them without question, and It  was
I (Uily after the cheques bad le 1 n  for-
j warded  lo  the  bank  from  which  the
acceptance stamp bad been purloined
thai the swindle was discovered,
I    The  methods  of  the culprit   show
I a close  acquaintance wiih    banking
methods,  and   it   is  probable  that   he
I may be 11 l'i run r bank employee, pus-
s'bly  one   who  bail   bean   discharged
from nnd had a grelvance 'against lhe
hank   which   lost   tlio  stamp,
Timber Wolves   Kililng  Off Buffalc ���
Government   May   Increase
Investigations carried by the fores-
11-y lu aueh of the Dominion govern
mint have proven conclusively lha'
several largo herds of wild buffalo
are siill to be found In the hilly couti
try in the northern boundary of Alberni, in Die neighborhood of the
Slave river.
A party working under tip- dlrec
tion of .v. .1. loll, the government
agent at  Fort Smith, made a study of
Hie habits and obtained photographs
if tin se buffalo, which are Identical
In appearance witb the former hull
nl 1 of tin- plains, the remnants of
which '..in* forced to seek Bhcltcr in
lip- timber fastnesses of ibe north.
These wood buffalo when fully
grown, are able to defend themselves
agalnsl their natural enemies, but in
the winter before the young yearlings
have ol.talned full growth, Huy in*
quently fall victims of the timber-
wolves. Hands of Ihese wolves hover
around lite flanks of the buffalo herd
as Ibey pass In single file from one
feeding ground to another, waiting
for Hn* opportunity to cm off a young
animal and drive ii from the beaten
trail   into   lip-  tleep  snow   wbere  It  's
unable either to esca| r defend  i<
Partly eaten carcasses were found
by Hie Investigating party which Indl
caii'd clear that the wolves were ihe
cause. These gray timber wr/lves
are ol large size and are very 11111111"-
011s in this region, where the) menace, not. only the wood buffalo, bul
of oilier game as well The Dem in
ion government already offers a
bounty of twenty dollars apiece for
ihelr destruction, but so sparsely Inhabited is the region and so clevi i*
are the wolves iu avoiding traps tbat
the present bounty has had little er
feet in reducing their numbers, lf
la possible lhal Ihe Dominion government will raise llie bounty hei" to
i forty dollars In (he hope of ridding
(he   regions   of   these   pesls.   and   of
preventing the extinction of the lasl
wild bison  in existence,
Ice Cream���Firh���Funeral
Spokane, Aug. 10, I'lomalne poison
lng, caused by a mixture of lco creain.
buttermilk ami canned Balmon, eaten
ion the farm of a relative whom she
, wna visiting, lasl week caused the
death of Mrs. l.lllie Meisncr, 67 years.
! al  Ilu- home of her daughter, Mrs. (1
Martin, Hartson avenue.
Broke Law-making Record
Toronto,  Aug.        Ontario  has  established   a   record   for     law-making
during the present year.   Lud ('ameron.  Uie  provincial   king's pi-Inter,  has
j just   received   a   few   advance  conies
of tbo sessional Htaiutcs of 1913 from
libit government printers, and examination  shews  thai  In  multiplicity    oi
legislation   lhey are the greatest   thai
j has been.    Thc volume Contains  1772
j pages,   by   far   llle   greatest   ever   Is-
I sued by the Ontario government,    it
will   be  a   few-   weeks  yet   before   the
public can  be supplied with copies.
Terminate   Litigation
Spokane, Aug. ID.    fly the terms'
a   Compromise   Just   reached   between
jthe   attorneys   for   the   city   and     tbe
Spokane Has company, and sanctioned
iby Commissioner of Publlo Utilities,
C, M. Fusso't, all litigation between
.the cily and lhe gas company is to
terminate, 'i'he gas company will not
appeal from thi' reduced rates put Into
effect duly 1 nml wlll In addition pay
to Hie cily  lhe iimoiml   due  for hack
j fn hise  lav  and  2  per cent on  ltn
future gross earnings.
��*��� MONDAY,   AUGUST   11,   1913.
Hon. Dr. Roche, minister of the Interior, will leave the capital for a tour
of the west, on Auguat 15.
Qeorge Clark, employed at. Doyle's
hotel, Niilgara-on-the-l.awe, and
Sergeant Hums of the It. C, it. have
Mrs. Hilton storms of Belleville was
the victim of a stabbing af'air, her
assailant being her father, .lohn
Until" .
Four hundred employees of the
printing bureau have been granted
wage Increases by U.m Louis Cod-
it rro, ci cn tary of stale.
Edward Tlnsley, superintendent of
game and  flBheries, ami one of the
veterans  t.f  Ihe Ontario civil  uervlce,
t   lei rati d his 80th birthday.
The Canadian teachers now visiting
in Britain, -pent a lew hours at Eton.
Th.* headmnster, Dr Warro, welcomed
them i:i a happy Bpeech.
W, Manly, formerly of the Whig
Ihe  Peterboro Review, has taken
j man  at  Ihe  factory  of  the  Welland-
I vale Manufacturing Co.,  waB notified
that   he   has   fallen   sole   heir   to     a
large estate by  the death in  Paisley,
Scotland,   of  a   bachelor   cousin.
Six hundred dollars for Private
Hawkins to iiBsim. him in hulldlng a
house wlll bo Toronto's contribution
to the fund in recognition of the dls- I
tinction which he Iuib brought upon
the city hy winning the King's Prize'
at Ilisley.
Once a  teacher  in  a      university
versed  iii seven different  languages,
John Cruickshank, a well known tig-!
ure about tba streets of Toronto, ���*���*��
ad Into a police station and asked
be I - ... d up, as he had no home and
no place to spend the nigh'.
nght-of-way between the C. P. R. and
C. N. W. R. is proving one of the longest legal battles ever brought before
the supreme court of Alberta.
Tho  1!)!.'!  summer  fair  Is going  to
be  the  greatest exhibition  ever  held I
In Edmonton, if the number of entries
be  t-iki n  as  the  criterion.    Close  to !
1.400 have been received, and others
I are coming in,
The raising of funds by local subscription is now being urged as the
most feasible solution of Wainwright's
natural  gas  problem;   local    properly!
j owners contribute to exploit nearby
j gas. fields.
Figures Jusl compiled Indicate prac-
tlcally the doubling of Lacombe's pop- I
illation within four years; while the;
aggregate of building permits for 1912
Is expected to reu'h something like
live limes the figure of three year;
ago;  this year it is $100,000.
Further Investigations Into Mysterious
Winnipeg   Murder���Gave  Satisfactory  Account.
Winnipeg, Aug. 10. After having
been in custody for four days in con-
aectlon with the murder of Mrs. David
Felnsteln, .Magnus avenue, Mary Mo-
|nastaka lins been allowed her freedom.
No charge had been preferred agalnBt
her as she was only held pending the  conductor of an Eighth avenue surface
Kharge of the Canadian  Freeman
avinusl.in   Roman  Catholic  weekly,  as
I Clayton Vanallen, of Philllpston,
Hmployed In Belleville, caused a cora-
Hnciion in lhe southeast section by a
Bnaiiiifiieturcd Btory be told of having
���been  held  up, gagged and  robhed.'
I Joseph, seven year-old son .if Jo-
K-gei'ii Vork, a I Indsay laborer, met
���flca'h In the Scugog river, liis father
���ve alone  with  the son,  ten other
Bxi.vs being dead and  Mrs.  Vork  miss-
in t
;   That a subsidised line or steamers
���rem i'u.*! Nelson has already bet n
Mrrangei] for as wheat carriers win a
���he Hudson Hay railway is completed,
���a i lal rep irt. A member of a well
���known Colllngwood shipping firm has
rl.. en i-.-. <Ittawa.
Jor .lohn  Leigh  died   at Toronto.
A   big   $3,000,000   merger  of  casket
manufacturers ls announced.
Lake tnfflc this yenr will exceed
that of last year by 36 per cent.
Application has been made by a
London man for the release of Private
Mulr  from   prison.
Tliere will be no general Increase
In the price of shaves in Toronto for
al  lea ���' another mouth.
Dl Id lh 11. postmaster at Rockton.
and widely known throughout Bever-
I)  township, is dead, aged 62.
Rev T H Howard. B, A., of W lod-
toi . has been appointed rector of
Sl    John's   church,  Tlllsonburg.
The il' i'i nigs arrived at Sarnia
with the fourth ran t.f logs of the
*. for the Cleveland-Sarnia sawmills.
li i; Ben field, farmer and Btock-
���ia' who fell off a load of hay on his
lunn ;n East Zorra, died shortly af-
ieorge Clark, employed at Doyle's
hotel, Niagara-on-the-Lake. ami
Sergeant Burns of the li. ('. It., have
disappi arcd.
Harry Hrown, a voung English
f-ir:n heitd confessed to having set
fire to the house of Billiard Anderson
in Mono
The first of two bucket, dredges under construction for the Dominion
government was launched at Col-
The congregation of Knox Presbyterian   church.   Listowel,   extended   a
unanimous call to Rev. J. M. Nlcol,
H, I). Wiarton.
John Conley, a well-known one-armed pencil vendor ill western Ontario,
was killed on lhe M. C. K. track near
Captain E. ll. Keloey, postmaster at
I nrning. for 27 years, has received no-
lice of his dismissal and E. Forsyth,
Sr.,  is appointed In his place.
Kdna Horton, tho six-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horton, of
Lancing, died of burns ns the Hospital
for Sick Children, Toronto.
A party of English cadets, constituting whal Is known as a cttdet tire ur.'.t.
are en route to Canada ni"l will be
the guests of the govt rnp-cnt
Work on tlie Niagara. St. Catherines
A.* Tor nto railway, which ceased for
sei a-  i   w  .-ks.   la   now   lielng   rushed
with all i .ssiiie speed.
Rev .lohn Harris, who entered the
ministry ol the Methodist church In
IM'i.l. on August 18 will celebrate the
.jubilee   at    bis   home In Percy town-
i hip
Mrs Emma A. Currie of St. Catherines, a pioneer VV. ('. T.  C.  worker
in Canada, and a-ctlve In literary and
historical efforts, died In her Stth
\ ear
Mr' Pirrla of Colliorne wns instantly   killed   and   two  olher  women
st rlously injured ln a level crossing
collision of n motor car and a light
i nglne.
The coroner's jury In the Annie
|��-"-,vn case recom mended that the attention of the minister of Justice he
MllBd    to   the    misuse   of   drugs on
Ci-vcd with Jealousy Horace Rolph,
n Stratford machinist, atlteniptcd to
��� ���ui the throat of Mrs. Bray, his landlady. r>nd then take his own life.
Carrin Llley, a good-looking young
woman  nf p-reheBler   ten rilles eR--t
of tonden. wr"t nrre��ted bv th�� county
police charged with murdering her
male infant.
Ilirry Hni-lw-s. of Toronto, saved
the life of his len-vear-oltl sister al
Klngsl'-i Mills, The little girl was
roil"- iln'i'-i for the third time when
h"  jumped In    and    brought   her    to
The new 8,000,000 bushel elevator
at Fort William will be ready to help
- tore pari of ihls yi ar's crop.
While descending Mount McKay.
Felix Latour losl his footing and
rolled one hundred feet down the Bide.
He was caught In the branches of a
ti  and escaped with bruises.
Bi hap A. E. Latulippe, head of the
Timiskamlng diocese of the Roman
Catholic church, returned to Halleybury trom a 2.000-mile pastora) trip
to mission fields In northern Quebec.
Ii<.a. .1. S. Duff, of Jamieson, M
P. P., .1. Hir'. M. P. P., ami a partv
of Guelph colli ge profi ssors and heads
���if the ii'earl ment of agriculture are
In northern Ontario to attend a tarm-
��� rs' picnic and conference at Monteith.
Conductor   Greets    Woman    Relative
and  Enraged Husband  Hits
New  York,  Aug.  10.-Title-"When
Ueorge   Kisses   Hia   Cousin."
Place    West side police -"tourC
Time    YiFterday  morning.
Skitters in the Skit���Qeorge Alexius
Vaults Now Being Installed in Parliament Fundings Will  Defy Modern   Rafiles.
��� ��� ������ i. .pt*('oli,:n*l JosepluP. Cooke,
���������-*M. P. P. for brummbndi died sud-
le.-'ly in a  street  car in  Montreal.
Montreal's now directory shows the
total p ipulatli ti aboul 664,000, an Increase of 60,000 in a year.
The main exchange of the telephone
system In  Montreal  v.as disabled  byi
fire, affecting  9,000  instruments,  anil
nrnc'ically the entire    business    dis- I
An  effective means    of   collecting
tolls developed  at Cascades. Gatlneau
district, where two parties of Ottawa i
motorists were compelled to hand over I
the tariff at   the    polii'    of   a shit-
Mrs. Charles Morrison, 28, and Mrs. |
I.   Cheyne,   26,   wcre. drowned   it
St.  Lawrence  river, opposite  Malson-
neuve,  when  an  automobile in  which
Should any modern Raffles desire to
shock the people of Canada, throw the
government i: to tits and put to scorn
the sklil of modern vault-makers, he
would find ample scope for bis ingenuity in endeavoring to lay bare the
secrets of the high vaults that are now-
being installed in the new wing of
the eastern block of the parliament
building ut Ottawa. II, is here that the
finance departmi :.t will take up its
quarters as soon, as ths work of Installing the vaults is completed, fer
the interior linings are practically ah
ready now.
'Iin- resources of tlie department will
be stortd iii lour huge vaults that are
remarkable, not bo much for their siz,
but rather for the fact that they are.
so far as is known, impenetrable.
There are six ot these vaults, two 35
feet by IG and four IC feet square.
Two are in the basement of the building, while the third is on the first floor.
All are imbedded in solid masonry,
and lined with steel walls, one and
one-half inches thick.
Guarded Always.
The first move of any  prospective
thief  would be to pass the Dominion
���e | policemen who stand behind the grilled gates leading to the vaults. Day or
night they keep their vigil, so the. time
',h!'yrT,'.rn ^"im: ��" Ti'' ,!",' "I"'11 ��' ���� effecting the entrance would matter
the ferry steamer South and plunged HtUe, Th|re are few who wiU knmv
una ine mer. ,lhe   c()mbluatlon   of   the   vaults,   and
Many citizens of Quebec favor the these few will he trusted ones. To
suggestion made io the English them the opening of the vaults would
speaking people of Montreal, to I ue an easy matter, for once the proper
abandon their turn  for the mayoralty  combination is turned the huge doors.
levelopments of the case and the re
lease of Stefan Ostadchuk the night
before after be had proved an alibi and
lier ability to also prove that she was
.t in r home on that night made it Impossible for the police to hold her any
longer. Victoria Komanowska, the
hired girl who discovered the body, is
still beld, however, and will give evidence at the inquest.
According to Alderman Skaletar,
who conferred with Dtputy Attorney
General Allen the province will put up
Ct t tin amount to offer as a reward
for Ihe capture of the perpetrator of
the h ill us crime, Thc city has pom-
ised ' i give an amount equal to that
liver by the province. The question
low lielng discussed is what this
itnoun! shall be. Individuals among
'he Hebrew population of Winnipeg
\��- ������ expressed themselves as ready
to contribute if they decide that the
ill ring is not enough to prove suffi-
ii( nt inducement t.i the greatest effort to bring abou- the arrest of the
criminal. In all likelihood the amount
put up will be $1,000 in all.
An ..her possible clue has been fir
reti d out.   Two months ago a girl who
��� '���* *   * " tti the neighbors in the vicinity, of 520 Magnus avenue as "Mary"
was given her conge by Mrs. Fcinstein
car. Mrs. Albert Waskum. cousin of
Qeorge Mr. Albert Waskum, Indignant  husband.    Abraham  Jacovlsky,
, "lhe Innocent by-sitter." Magistrate,
court attendants, policemen, lawyers,
rowdies nml newspaper meu.
Mrs. Waskum We got otl the car
at Eighth avenue and Thirty-seventh
street to g;i to our apartment in Central Park west.
Her Lawyer -Was the car crowded'
A.      Y"S.
Q. When did you first realize that
the conductor was your cousin?
A.    Not until he kissed me.
Q. -When had you previously seen
A Three years hefore at our home
in Kansas.
Q.���When he kissed you what happened?
A. Things happened so fast that I
can scarcely describe them. Mr. Waskum, Bitting next, to nie, suddenly
turned and saw the conductor kissing
Q.���What did he do?
A.- He rose from his seat, drew
back his fist and struck.
Q.���Did he hit your cousin?
A.���No. Oeorge saw him draw hack
ind  when  the blow came he dodged.
It got Mr Visky there on tiie eye ivirli
her promiscuous love af-\ the mourning band around lt.
young men whose reputa-      Mr. Jacosvisky (in whisper to court
attendant)���Don't let her call be Vis-
kv.    Don't  let  addition  of  insult  be
added to injury.
Court  Attendant���Silence and  shut
hecauae of
fairs  with
���;on  wan  in  doubt.    It  was  Ihis  girl
vowed vengeance on the victim
if the murder.
It was she instead of the Manastaka
Url, who really worked for the family I up,
���nil who became mixed with the latter      Her Lawyer���Proceed    with     your
n the first accounts of possible clues i story.
lUblished. This girl is now working Mrs. Waskum ��� You see, Albert
-i a restaurant the exact whereabouts'didn't know Oeorge and George didn't
if which the neighbors are unable to ! know Allien. He hadn't seen us get
itate. The police say they have found ' on together, and not knowing Albert
the   girl   and   have   interviewed   her. I as my husband, Oeorge struck back at
They refuse to give out her las* name I
ir  her   whereabouts.    They  also  refuse to tell what they may have learn- j
ed from her.
Residents in the vicinity of the
house in which the crime was enm-1
���nitted claim that the girl was seen in
Ibe vicinity and some of tbem started
to question her. They state that ehe
appeii*ed to become very frightened
and immediately left.
Owing to the popularity of the Rich company  their  engagement has becn
extended another week.
next year, to givo n French Canadian
a chance to receive Ihe Prince of
Wales and assist at the grand fete ln
honor of the Cartier centenary
Richard   Hebert,   well   known   turfman, passed awav in the city hospital,
Moncton, N. H . following an operation ! in Its work
a week ago for appendicitis. .i.unions.
W   A   Henry,  a  Halifax  barrister.     According
hss been appointed to revise and con-   Police  cour
soltdate   the  Canadian   shipping  act I '���'���
\'"r<> effective steamboat    inspection
will lm provided for.
The steamer St. Oeorge, which thc
'un Blackcock wna towing across the
Atlantic for service between St. John.
N H. ami Dglby, N. S.. arrived at st
John's, Nfld . short of coal, convoyed
by the Bteamer Kyle.
each of which weighs nearly six tons,
swing open as readily as a curtain is
unshed aside. The "com." is worked
by turning a win el. This, in turn.
operates four four-wheel combinations. Before the combinations can
:e pm into effect by those who hold
Lhe secret the time lock must also get
mother of the many pre
to the  story books and
annals the safe-blowtr's
,-crite weap.ui is nitro glycerin.', bul
Cuelpb has been In holiday n't Ire for
iin- oh! home week. Th�� miln Btreets
rrn ".-ofiiHolv decorated with bunting (lars nnd mottoes, and with ex
"pilonally good electric effects nl
'��� ihi.
Norma  Robertson, daughter or T,
I*      tied eri'-oii,    of    Ply-'iiilon      while
driving cows across Ihe H. T   R. track
nlnn   on   her   father'n   farm   wsa
M  k I--,  a train and Instantly killed
v   w. Gammago, a member of the
i   ndon bi nrd of oducatlon, and Harry
<   ,|,   . ��� -, .   :    ��� ���������������. iv  lnh"*."i  v '     i
*, :��� . ar in which lhi y wen- rid-
h -   ������ Iss ('rale turned ovor In
loose gravel.
* k,   Thompson,   o   night watch-
D, R, Dingwall, founder and president of the D. R. Dingwall coniipany.
limited, one of the prominent busl-
noi-s men of Winnipeg, is dead.
A new automatic train stop Invented by A. E. Hudson. Domlnlona rail
way commission inspector, underwent
a satisfactory test  at  Ogden.
While diving Into water three feet
deep from a pier at Whytwold beach
near Winnipeg. J. K. McArton. aged
23, sustained concussion of the brain
and died.
George M. Hall, publicity commissioner for Edmonton, at the Ileal Estate convention, Winnipeg, said; "We
<as* 800 miles of the ln-sl crops that
this country has ever becn blessed
with, and thai is saying a go*-d deal
In all tha districts between here and
Edmonton we saw thousands of acres
of the most perfect crop that has
ever been grown in western Canada.
Mar], from five to ten teet In depth,
has been discovered in the bed of Willow Bunch lake. In the south country;
this district is rich In coal.
The Moose Jaw market committee,
encouraged by reports from Winnipeg,
Brandon and Calgary, has reopened.
After a ten-day vigil. In which he
braved many different temperatures, a
homesteader reaped hia reward at Ihe
land titles office, Siukaloon, when
he filed on a quarter section worth
about $'-'.500. He figures that he made
���51150 a day for the time he waited.
The Hudson Bay company's handsome new store at Calgary opens August IS.
Special Commissioner C, T, Wll-
Ingmyre, estimates Alberta's wool clip
this year at   1,800,000 pounds.
Thirteen local companies wero organised In Calgary last month with
a combined  capital  or $1,000,000.
Alberta's hog output this fail wlll he
large.     Lethbridge   alone   will     have
aboul. 16,000 ready for the market.
A party of homeseckors comprising
thirty fnmlllo. ar-'"."! nt '"''"if"'"'1
week from New York and Massachusetts.
.lohn ll. White, bookkeeper al tho
Hank nf Montreal, Calgary, mi I an
untimely death  at  Chostermere lako
while canocine.
Neiglil irs found (ieorge Ittiliinsnn,
prospi '*"u: farmer of Dumpsey dis-
trlct, his wife and two children, murdered In their beds.
The site for the Tirsl Mormon tcm-
be built outside   the   United
n this case he would be "up agalnsl
it." A system of lurking apd Interlocking and rubber linings would not allow
the fluid to flow be-ween the door ami
the sill of the vestibule, and without
this there can be no effective explosion.
The Other Door*.
Once the large door is open one enters the vestibule, and another door is
encountered   which   must   be  opened
I This  of course, is of lighter construction, but Is none the less substantial
I Then comes the vault proper, where
the  millions that  it  takes to run the
ship of state are kept, as well as tht
'Ilundred and one valuable documents
that  must he kept   Inviolate.
The erection of the vaults is bein-:
done by ten expert workmen of a Gall
llrm, which has the contract���the larg-
lest individual one ever handled in
Canada, No definite time has been
! fixed for the completion of the work as
the firm refused to be bound by any
time limit In view of the size of the
Architecturally the new wing is In
harmony with the balance of the building, making a handsome addition. It
was built by Doran & Devlin. Ottawa, and reflects high credit upon
them. With one exception, everything
used In the construction was of the
"home brew" variety, the mosaics being the only Importation. The balance
���if the fittings are all products of Canadian labor.
New Councll Chamber.
Another of the features of the new
wing   Is   Ihe   privy   council   ehu mln
ster Puts Ean on Church Tazaar
Doesn't Like Grab-bag
!.   ra.,   Aug.    10.���"Tho   Lord
need  of calling  ln  the  fools,
..nd loafers of the city to dicker
...er rag dolls and India rubber babies
to raise money for the church."
'Uus is the reply Of Hev. S. A. Hon-
i icks,   pastor  of  the   Karrell     Haptist
church, to a request that he give his
| consent to a church bazaar.
"The church is not a house of merchandise," he told the congregation.
I -The church is not a bureau of amusement or a social club wherein to hold
suppers, entertainments, fairs, festi-
vals. concerts or theatricals. These
! methods of raising money are all con-
trary to the precepts of the Word, and
therefore, cannot please Him. They
are counterfeit methods of giving,
and therefore cultivate and encourage
bogus benevolence.
-How  would  it  sound  to read  that
Moses Instituted a greet carnival to
draw the heathen to camp to get
means to build the tahcrnacle to the
Lord? What would we 'bink of Paul
giving Brggestlons to the good saints
of Corinth thai 'hey get up some aim-
to raise money for the
Q.���Did he hit him
A.���No. Mr. Visky. having been hit
once, naturally got up. He stood up
in time to get George's blow there on
the other eye wtth the mourning band
around it.
I     Mr.  Jacosvisky���Indeed    I    did.    1
I couldn't get out nohow.
Cour".   Attendant���Shut  up and  si
Mrs. Waskum���There was quite a
fight. Reminded me of a suffrage elec-
tion in Kansas. Women stood up and
screamed, and I tried to separate
(Ieorge and Albert so I could properly
introduce them.
Mr. Waskum���Judge, you can readily Imagine my surprise when I turned
and saw a street car conductor kissing
my wife.    You see George Alexius, my
j wife's  cousin   from   Kansas,  came   tc
j New   York   three  or   four  week*  ago. I
i My  wife's  f-dks  wrote  to us  he  was
j coming, but he didn'- show un around
pur apartment    He's a proud sort of
boy,  and  rather  than  put  up on  his
I relatives he took the only Job he could
| find,  that  of a street  car conductor.
'. I had never seen him until I saw him
'kissing  my   Wife.    Naturally   I   struck
out at him and Mr. Abrahamvisky got!
in the way.
George Alexius���I always haled oer-
sons who would "sponge" on their
wealthy relatives, so when I came here
1 didn't go out to see them. Naturally
when I saw my favorite cousin I kissed her. I shouldn't have done it. but
I was always impulsive that way. so
I leaned down and smacked her just
to surprise her.
The Magistrate���Call the complainant
Mr. Jacosvisky���I'm the complainant. 1-ook at my eyes. 1 had 'em
irrestpd while they was getting introduced. I was the innocent bysi'ter.
I get all the blows.
Mr. Waskum���We apologized to him
after it wis all over.
The Magistrate���Case dismissed.
i S>,s-ttM
Five     Days
Meals   and
Special Excursions
Sails Mondays (Midnight), Aug
4th, Ilth, ISth, lioth and Sept. 1
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain  and  Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
7th.  14th,   21st  and   28th.
Boats remain at PRINCE RL'PERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an aa additional cost.    Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
II   C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street,  Vancouver.
W    E.   DCPEROW,  G.   A.   P.   D.
.Phone Private Exchange 8134
^K'oMe^llmrwhL-wouldl    Montreal,  Aug   10,  After  a  three
we tbt"k rr thn whorters of Lydia tn| menus' search  extending al  over the
he g-idlv women  al Phillippi | country. Detective Lajoie. of the* city
'    baby show?   What i force, has heen successful in (racing
Matthew !
st.r vp
to get uii a
-mrt nf the Bible tells of St
letting up grabbags, fish ponds, ring
cakes, raffles, erg socials, apron parties or a milk maid's drill to replenish
the church treasury,
Some of   mr modern evangelists are
studs, but  there was a  cros*
Master    and    Imprisonment
Paul in every cit>."
Spokane as Militay Base
Spokane,  Aug.  10.  -if the    Pacific
coast Ib ever attacked  by a foreign
army of Invasion, Spokane is the only | means  learned  that
point where the defending forces could
upon  which no Idle eyes are allowed i    ��� ���     ,     11.,.,,,,..a
to glance of lhe presence of "mere j wearing diamond rings ajidjliamond
���noi-iftl" defile. This is the holy of
holies where all questions of moment
will be decided. Kven the charwoman who scrubs the floor Is paid higher
wages Ihan are the rest of her fellow
workers, she being  hound lo secrecy.
One chamber is reserved for the
burning of money not hy the spendthrift system, but In reiilltv Here
tolled money, anil discarded bills, will
v'��� cremated 'n a special furnace of
new design. This operation Is carried
"-I with due formality at Btated periods.
Tbo remainder of the building, whllh
Is fireproof throughout, wlll he devoted to the offices of those officials
���lost Intimately connected with the
finance detinrtment. Just when the
iclual moving day ceremony from the
old quarters to tho new will take place
1. Indpflnlta as vet. hnt certain It ls
thf the handsomo new wing will provide every convenience for the workers and elaborate protection for the
country's finances.
p|o   to   bo   bllllt   OUtSiae     llie     lumen
Btates was dedicated al Cardston, by
some of the leading men ot tho ohurch
of  l'tnh.
Tho r iit  ovi r the   Battle    river
Provincial Tile Factory
Toronto, Aug. 1 -Construction work
is going on rapidly at the new brick
and tlle factory which the provincial
government is IniH'ltng at Mlmlco,
Completion will mark the advent or
the government into a new Industrial
field. The gr.at amount of building
work bolng carried on by the anthorl-
ties in connection with provincial
rarms and the new ooylum at Whitby lias been the prime factor In convincing   the   1 1 *��� Ini i*ii   secret     of
the advisability  of  tho new departure.
iie reasonably sure of checking the enemy's advnnces. With the coast, from
California north, once occupied by
hostile forces, it would he necessary
to concentrate practically the entire
land forces of the United States near
th's citv.
This Btatement made by army officers who have served at Kort George
Wright in recent years, nnd supported
hv the writings of military authorities,
Is broughl forward In connection with
the corning visit of secretary of war
Lind'.cy M. Garrison and Ills staff. The
Importance of the army post here as
a strategic point ill case of war Will
be emphasised when the request is
made that Port Wright he made a regimental or divisional headquarters instead of a two-battalion post.
Mi-trlcp Wan Found Dead
Saskatoon, Aug. 10.���Lying bene
clump rn' bushes 011 Fourteenth
Niilana, east of lhe government
and arresting a Syrian named Salah
Maroon, who ls wanted here on the
charge of swindling Mrs. Eva Pierre
Ganalles, of Notre Dame street east,
out of $l(i23 in Aprll last.
It Is alleged that Maroon obtained
the money from Mrs. Ganalles, who is
a widow, by promisin : to infest It
business for her. and that in receiving
a cheque for the amount, he drew the
money and fled from the city.
Detective Lajoie, who is a Syrian,
got into touch with a number of hla
Countrymen In various parts of Canada atid the States, and through this
the fugitive was
In Ilnffalo. ln company with Detective Rums, he Bet out for that city,
and locating the man, he tried to Induce him 'o accompany him to Niagara
Palls, so that he could arrest him on
Canadian territory, but. falling to accomplish this. Delective Lajoie swore
out a warrant In Ilnffalo. In which he
charged Maroon with being a fugitive
from Justice In Montreal, and he is
uow being held nn that warrant there.
It Is expected that in a short time
Maroon will arrive in the city, and be
confronted In the court wltll the woman he Is Filrt to have swindled and
left practically penniless.
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supplj
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
He Admits It.
Winnipeg. Aug. 10.��� With a smile
on his lace and sundry giggles, whloh
made it appear that to him the proceedings were a huge joke, John William Stott, aged :'4 years, at the city
police courl pleaded guilts to Rve burglaries committed between July 23
and Augusl '.' end Involving n   large
the body of T. D. Newell, one of Sask- lainount.   Thc ac ui   .1 v, *   arri      l.t
atoon's prominent citizens, was found tho rear of .1   A. McKorchar's stora ;"
ia.--.   ueik  by  one   it  the num a BOO '.;,';', sit at In the early morning
Boarchlng parties who hi I bei 1 'non ....   1,   Hlo othi * ofl noes were
lng   tor the  mlt ������ Ing  man,    :;*    Des Invi           i and b 1 >-   * I une to hit 1
Rosters, coroner, declai       I    th  was by Detective Syd Voungji   He was re-
,lue to api pi xy and 1   elded I 1 -i an 1 11 ndi d in 1 rdi r thai I     1    or I n ! hi
Inquest would be unnecessary. be investigated,
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  New  Wsstmlnstsr.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
when you can get as Rood, cr better, manufactured ln B. C, vis.: the
tlio celebrated "VANOOU\ Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
SiiccJflcatloiiB of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
Wo would also cnll attention to our Vltrlflod Sewer Pipe trom
4-ln, to iM-ln In dlain- ier. This In nlso made lu this Province and we
Consider superior to any Imported article.
Wc nlsii 1 ..-ry a Btock ct Crushed Hock, WaBhcd (Travel, Band,
Lime, 1'1't- .-, etc.
Kej us before ordering elnt where.
Phontt 18 and 16.
902 Columbia Streel W
���. PA3B  EIGHT
MONDAY,   AUGU8T   11,   1913.
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
We want you to try Enchila-
des, Chili Con Came and Chicken Tamales and for a few days
we will lower the price from 2
for 25c, to 3 tins for 25c.
Jacob's Biscuits, 2 packages
for 25c.
Empress Baking Powder, per
16 oz. tin, one tin to each customer for 20c.
Maple Flavor Syrup, regular
,15c, per bottle today 25c.
"Our Special Tea," the tea par
excellence,  per  lb.  50c.
"Royal City" Blend Tea, per
Ib. 35c, 3 lbs. $1.00.
Mnskme.lons, each  15c.
Watermelons from   35c.
Pinms, per basket  50c.
Apricots, per crate $1.20
Peaches, 2 lbs for  25c.
Fr.-sh Tomatoes, baBket BOc.
Small fresh Tomatoes, 2 lbs. 25c.
Public Supply Stores
Is. L. ADAMS      S. K. BRIQGS
HE MOI 111
the less you huve to set aside for
Illness, old age, adversity of any
Regular savings is the only
way to affluence open to the
man     who    docs    not     inherit
The history of all self-made
men is the same in principle.
They saved by samll amounts
to begin wltli. Tliey saved regularly until they hnd sufficient
for a safe invesment.
Tliey are most concerned
aboul the safety of their Investment.
The Dominion Trust Company
fills every requirement nf the
man who desires comfort ln old
Savings accepted and *1 per
cent. Interest is aKiwcd and
added quarterly.
When sufficient is '-ived for
nn investment tlnn Bound sate
sr-cui-iti.s are leeonnuHided,
jusl exactly llie saint- ones
us tii - company holds tor
Itself, Just iin* Bame tuns as
the directors id the company
hold for themselves, You will
make nn mistake bj owning this
kind ui security.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Wesiminster
fi06 Columbia St.
Paid rn Capital mul surplus
Trusteeships  under  Administration, "Ver }li I'll 10.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open  baturday  Cvenings 7 to 9.
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Pleaee do not
ask members of the staff to break this
ruls, as their Instructions are positive.
The executive of the Progressive association will meet tomorrow afternoon in the association headquarters
at 5 o'clock.
Oct it at the Roval Pharmacy. 4"
Sixth street.   Tel. 1253. (1832)
A large flag staff is being fitted together at the Duke of Connaught
high school grounds and will be erected soon.
Saturday night's crowds netted the
police a total of three Inebriates. All
are on bail, so that a short court session is due for this morning,
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (182S)
More people than ever visited White
Rock and other summer resorts yeBterday from this city. The evening
train coming in from Seattle was
crowded when It arrived here.
Traffic on the Fraser valley line
yesterday was only moderate, the people apparently favoring the beaches
more than the farming lands. Five
coaches came in on the evening train.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The cement work on lhe down grade
track of the B. C. E. R. on the asylum
hill will probably be completed this
week, which will do away with the delay In the Sapperton-Edmonds service.
The W. C. T. U. will meet tomorrow.
Tuesday, afternoon at ,'i o'clock at the
home of Mrs. W. E. Evans, 129 Seventh
avenue. The program will take the
form of a mothers' meeting.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
'o the B. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phone 82G, wharf phone 880.      (18291
The adjourned inquest in connection
with the death of Edwin Erickson,
who was killed al 1'ltt lake last week
and which was to have been held at
the scene of the accident tomorrow
morning, has been postponed until
Shortly hefore 7 o'clock last evening a fire auto from No. \ hull had a
run to Sapperton. A fuse blew out on
ine of the Sapperton cars antl started a small blaze but it was extinguished hefore the firemen arrived. There
was practically no damage done.
On Tuesday and Wednesday,
August 12 and 13, I'. I). Hrown and
Fred Davis will sell by auction at a
store under Kings hotel. Columbia
street, a large quantity of household
furniture and effects, without reserve.
Good bnrgains. Terms cash. Snle
starts 1:30 each day. (1858)
Senior   Constable   Dunwoody, who
'ef, here for Fort George last week,
has apparently started work in real
lamest, for according to a communi-
���atlon from the seoretary of the Fort
'Ieorge women's mass meeting to Mrs.
l'eter McXaughton, president of the
Vancouver Council of Women, it appears that a restricted district in the
northern city will not lie tolerated,
A verdict .if accidental death was
brought in liy the coroner's jury in
he case of .lames Gould, the six year
iid South Vancouver hoy who was
'-tilled in North Hurnuby on Thursday
tfternoon. Tlie inquest was held in
Vancouver Saturday morning and the
wording if tlie verdict brought forth
irittcisms from Coroner Diplock.
Important, announcements are expected ni tlie meeting of the llurnahy
council this evening when Iteeve McGregor, who lias just returned from
Bngland, will give an account of his
'IbII at*,.! if his efforts to dispose of
the bonds of the municipality. H is nm
linown   yet   whether  the   bonds   h
Senator l'eter Jansen. of Minnesota,
a large stockholder in the Canadian
Western Lumber company, left for the
east on Saturday after visiting the
plant at Fraser Mills and also the timber lands of the company on Vancouver island. . A colonization scheme
is being planned, according to the
senator, in order that the logged-off
lands in the Comox valley may be
taken up and it is expected that large
numbers of new settlers from Norway,
Sweden and Denmark will be brought
out Immediately the Panama canal Is
opened for passenger traffic.
TAXES  1913.
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for tho current year
having all been issued and as the re
bate period will expire on August 25.
owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undersigned Immediately
giving full description of their property.
W.   II.  GRIFFIN.  Collector,
11840) Edmonds
PRETTY���The death occurred at
Ueaconslield yesterday morning of
Mrs. Annie Pretty, aged Sl yeurs. Deceased, who for many years had been
widowed, was well known in this dis
trlct. The body will be brought to
New Westminster for burial on Tuesday at 2 p.m. The service will be
heid in St. Barnabas church and interment wlll be made in the Church
of England cemetery.
WEATIIEHLY ��� Yesterday afternoon the death took place nt 411
Seventh street of Eliza Weatherly,
aged 54 years. The late Mrs. Weatherly came to New Westminster from
Vernon three months ago and Is sur- \
vived by her husband, it Is likely
that the remains will be sent tn On
tario for burial.
N. R. Tracklaying Gangs Now Have
Clear Stretch Ahead���Work on
Lulu  Island.
Tracklaying will re-commence on
tiie Canadian Northern line this morning, following the completion of the
bridge over Anderson creek, which has
been the largest job yet since the rails
were started from Port Mann to join
the eastern section near Kamloops.
Tliere will be a long stretch before
the  next  watercourse Is reached
WLlln   DsissL  "The Playground  of B.C."
VV niie IVOCK Wmif, SHIIES& Co., Official Agents
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
The  Frank  Rich    musical    comedy i-
company  came  to  this    town    total!
strangers and undoubtedly, when they
Saturday  morning  Divisional  En-*;!-j]eBve  after  this   week's  engagement,
Still They Come.
Two more autoists, W, 11 Geary
and It. Clapp. both of Vancouver, left
$ii and costs each witli Magistrate
Beatty in the llurnaby court on Saturday morning for failure lo observe
the provincial motor act.
neer Swan returned from an Inspec
lion trip over the line as far us Anderson creek and expressed himself
well pleased at the progress made during the past few weeks. The tracks
have been ballasted and everything
pul In shape to allow a passenger and
freight service to be operated immediately, .lust as long as the line is In
the contractors' hands, however, there
will be no passenger service, although
lt would be possible to operate a
rreiglil service for goods carried at
owners'  risk.
First  Pile  Driven.
Saturday morning witnessed the
driving of the first pile for the new
round house and storage sheds of lhe
C. N. K. at Port Mnnn and from now
on a large force will be constantly
employed In the work of provldbm
freight terminals for the transcontinental.
James Montgomery, superintendent
of construction, has taken up his position at Port Mann and from now in
the work at the port city will be In
the hands of the construction depart
ment nnd out of the Jurisdiction of
the divisional engineer
A large boarding house to accommodate the employees Is well under way.
while a smaller one has been completed to liouse ihe present staff jf
employees ou the Job.
The lumber tor the round house ami
other buildings contemplated is being
ferrletl over ill scows from the plan'
of ihe Canadian Western Lumber
company across the river.
on l.ulu island the company har
been doing fust work ami II is expected tlmt another week will see the raili
iiu tn ihe tnd of Uie Queensboro electric lii"
they will always lie welcome to ro-1
turn, as tliey certainly have made goo 1 i
nut only as talented artists, but tlieir j
productions have been staged as well!
as some of the two dollar shows which
have visited this eity.
Monday and Tuesday nights the offering   will   be   "Snowbound."     whieh
Manager  Rich   considers  one  of  the
prettiest bills of his repertorie.    The!
scenery  alone  used  in  this  performance  runs into  the  hundn tls.    As  in.
all of Mr. Rich's plays, the costumes, |
musical numbers antl entire stage set-i
tings are different  from his previous
Wednesday   and    Thursday   nights
"Hey Rube," a side-splitting comedy,
lias been selected and for Friday and I'
Saturda-  nights  "College   Days"  will  *
give the entire company a chance to ! '
show  the  extent  of  their  versatility. I"
Friday night will be chorus girls' night
as was last Friday night.
Trains From Interiirban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 6.45 a.m.
aud every IB minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly Bervlce until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight
SATURDAYS���IB minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 pin.
SUNDAYS���6, 7. 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every IB minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REGULAR  SERVICE���6.45  and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,  with   late  car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS-8 a.m. aud    hourly
mull  10  p.m.  with lato cur at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS��� 7 a.m. and every
hour until  11  p.m.
SUNDAYS- 8 a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Ib  made at    Eb-
lioui* until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.IB a.m., 1.10 and
fi.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
Facid wiih iiie serious chsrge    ol
Obtaining   %'iil   under   false   pretences
i.ouis Prentiss was remanded In
police court Baturday morning until
Wednesday, when chief of Pule.
Bradshaw win have witnesses on
hand to go forward witli the case
Prentiss was arrested lasl l-'r.da*.
evening, following the complaint ol I
Norman Cameron, of the Lytton hotel
I who alleged thai Prentiss had caused*
Ja cheque made out in tavor et tbe
accused, bearing the signature uf .1
.1. Fraser. to be paid against ii Labor j
Day celebration account. The paper :
was made out for $45, hut Prentiss!
secured  only  fin of  this amount.
He chose summary trial when he
iippcared before Magistrate Edmonds
and the date set for the lu-urlng is
Wednesday   at   9:80  o'clock.
Harry tlibb. chairman ut' lhe Labor
Dav celebration committee, will
one of the witnesses and will explain
ihe linancial system employed by the
committee, as to how all cheques
drawn on the Trades antl Labor council must  bear tlie signature of    the
president, I). S. Cameron, before lie
ing valid.
Fairly Steady.
London Aug It The BtOCk market
was fairly st. inly today Imt the trad-
Ing was Inactive as dealers were prln
cipally occupied for the mining carryover Monde) Consols Based off n
fraction, home rails were Irregular
foreign rails steady niul Kaffirs had b
firm undertone Rubber and ml Btocki
wer*- neglected and American rails
closed weak Money was fairly nhiin
ditiii  ami discount  rates  were firmer
ell  sold, although the reeve
A firmer riding around in an auto
mobile is nothing new, Thai mn
heen a familiar sight fur tlie past several years and only demonstrates the
|fact thai ihe farmer is the mosl Independent person in the country.
However, when the tiller uf tin- soil
starts out in the evening and rounds
up liis cattle by auto an.l afterwards
drives them lo the barn seated In Ins
machine, ihen, by nil accounts and
h;is'"ii - I precedents, it is time to dofl the hat
A  Mode-it  Politician.
Robert   John   McCormick.   M.P.P.
for  West  Lambton, ii  all   Irish,  and j
consequently  tells  a good   story   and
likes   to   hear   oue,   although   he   is
slightly handicapped by deafness. Rut ���
this is one on himself which lias been
Boating   about   the   corridors   oi   the
i,,,' Parliament Buildings.
When Robert John was first elected
a few years Sgo and come to Toronto j
to attend the session of the Legisla- J
turc,t it is said Hint it waa bis tirst
appearance in this city. After alighting from the triim at Union Station
lie necessarily passed by a squad ol
porters win, were shouting the namei
i,I the hoU'ls  lor which  they  worked
"King Edward," croaked the por
ter representing that Intel.
"No, Robert J"im McCormick, Liberal member lot West Lambton," r-
plied the politician.���Toronlo Satur
day Might
Slavery  In Canada.
Canadians are inclined to associate I
slavery with the Southern Stages. Ths
following extract Irom llie York (To-;
ronto)  Oracle of  Feb.   10,  li-OC.  is a
reminder   that   Canada   v aa   once-   a
ilave-hoiding  country:
"Pejlttv." the colored servant of Pet- i
cr Russell, ran away some years pre-]
vious to 1?0G. Plie returned and with j
her son was nfleretl tor sale, 'llie ad-j
vertisement reads:
"\   Hlack   Woman,   named   Pegcy,
���igeil   about  forty   years,   and  a  blucK i
liny,   her   son.   named   Jupiter,   aged '���
about tiiU'cn yeurs, both ���' thom thej
propetty of the subscriber.   The wo- j
���nan  is a tolerable  cook  and  washer
woman    and    perfectly    understands
making soap and candles.
"The boy  is tall  ami strum; of  hi* ;
a-^e ami has been employed in country
business, but biought up principally]
as a liouse servant; they are each of
them servants tur Iiie.    The price lor
the   woman  is one  hundred  and  fifty
dollars. '- r the boy two hundred dol-
lar--. payable in three yetra with in- I
terest Irom the day oi sale, ami to be  I
properly .secured by bund. etc.    But |
one-fourth less will be taken in ready \*t*
PETER RUSSELL."    ��� ���
Pres. and Qtmi. Mgr. Vics-Presldsut. Bee. and Trass.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 md 877.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our special ttockes.  they  are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Fewer   Fatal   AccidnntJ.
l)utiii|!   February   485  indujlrtsl
The Rexall
always the leading store in
every city. We can save you
money on your next pair of
Glasses.   Try
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Pbone 431   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
tlmatcd tlmt bis mission was bucccbs-
Alderman Jardine, chairmen of the
nas committee, will report at the meet'
Ing df the City COUnCll tills evening oil
the option obtained on the plant nnd
mains of the Westminster tins com-
oany.   It is expected that the council
will order ,*i  bylaw to be Introd A
ind Btibmltted to the ratepayers to ratify the deal, whereby ilu* city will
take over the company nt a cost of
N.*w Westminster win be visited
in e ' me this week liy n Ewnrt, Dominion architect, who is now touring
���he coast und prairie cities This will
be his firBt visit tu Westminster in
live :":irs nntl Mr Ewart is likely to
i.e Impressed with its altered appear-
nice The archlti ct win inspect the
lifferenl Dominion bulldlngB in the
iu wiih a view tu determining their
utility fur the work tu he dune in them.
Because in one way tu- another they
broke Un- Hi.minion fisheries regulations, over :'" fishermen tame up for
'i- ;tl In fen* Magistrate Clute Saturday
norntng The offences consisted of
'In* use ..' mis over 160 fathoms, fish-
Ing during the close Beason antl flsh-
��� .!��� iti the ' hannel Pines varied from
{IB according to the offence, In
each case ?*.' 50 was the i osts.
r the city council nur the Prove assoclatl in    has   done any-
'   - .'li  the pilot  hoard's find-
* il e\ Ide     ie    the    Herakles
Sl itements tu this eft-sot
��� '     ���   uie I      Vd. i 'i   While of the
itimlttee and  hy chairman
���   '   *���    nt l'rogresi Ive association
Ipplnp Itti .*     uliiii  said  tlieir'
lid .leal  with lhe mat-
ti r iti dui  .  ui -.* of >". enis, probably
.'.*'��� K
1  *    Last ra,   lhe   Italian  arresled   In
|\   nt .ir. it un Priday last for contempt
Of ct                    irdered  tu  pay  $:;.'.  by
'���'������������ ������ trati   IM: ids Saturday  morning    Jt     i roft   -, d tu know little ur
i ihe li,.-in.    dI  the  English  language,
i but  when tlio * idi mentioned twenty
* simolet ns,  ihe bank    mil    suddenly
emerged from his pocket    After paying n .In''* ul 38 or r.e per cenl  on Unit
New Vork linen, Joe wondera whe
Such    ii   slulit    was   noticed by
Westminster mnn touring Lulu Islam
Saturday  afternoon  and  ihe  Ins:   ol
it was. the cows took It as a  matte
uf course.
Steal  from C. P. R. Cars
Moose Jaw, Aug, l"    Alleging lhat
extensive thefts have intu imlii'i on
from C P  It  freight cars in the Swlfl
Current yards secret service men wen I
sent   dOWn   then-.      LaSt    Week   tWO   Wll*.    I
arrested and later committed for trial '
Engineer   Hak,r,   Fireman    Meckllng
and Switchman Cunningham were also committed.    It  is    probable    tha'
other  arrests   wlll  be  made  at
Current in the Immediate futur
cidents were recorded In Canada.   Ol
these BA were latiil and 4'ki non-fatal
11,is is 16 (ewer (alal snd nine mort
non-tstal tlmn were recorded In Jan
uury The record lur February, 191*2
wa- 66 lalal and 381 non-fatal act-i
.lent*. Th* greatest number ol fata
aocidenU occurred in steam railwaj
tervice and in the mining and lum
I bertng industries, the figures res-pec
I lively being 17. 12 ami 11. The creat,
1 e��t number of noo-fstal accident* oc
j nirr.d in the metal trade*, there i.e
i itig 141 workmen injured, followed hi
,   .team rail.vav" with S3 injured.
A Horrible Libelt
Homer nods, and even Hansard oc-
asionally   takes   forty   winks.    The
lother day Major John A. Currie. ��� fli-
'. er ul the 48th Highlanders and Car-
; liaiuentarv representative for tlie rid-
, ing of North Siitii-.ic, entertained tha
| House  with  an  analytical  anil  well-
reasoned exposition on the much-debated Hank A-.   The major defended
! the Finance Depart ment. and, in sup-
i port id his contentions, reviewed considerable financial   legislation  in  the
old   world.    "1   dint'   attention."  lie
said, "to the system recently promul-
' gated in Milan, Ituiy."
,     Whether the mayoi'i  pronunciation
was all that it u.-ually i* must remain
i a matter ol do-iiu'*.* an.l uncertainty.
| Be  that  ns  it   may.    The  lollowing
'��� morning Hansard gravely quoted him
as   drawing   attention   to  the  system
���"recently  promulgated   in   my   land.
\ Italy."
There wcre wigs on the ^r.-en when
| the gallant Set subsequently sought
out the  Hansard  room.
"Do   you   want   my   g*"ind   Scottish
friends."   be   demanded,   "to   think   I
am a Dagof���Canadian Courier.
Mars Is Barred.
I'aris, Aim. Id. A prize which will
perhaps never be awarded is antone
those offered by the French academy
of sciences for the ncotiragement of
research, Twenty thousand dollars
lie in the coffers ol the academy and
will   be   paid   to   til-    lirst  astronomer
who puts the earth in communication
witli any planet of the solar system
lOther than Mars. This curious prize
was instilnled by a woman nuuifld
Ousman, who died In ISOll and left tile
money for founding tn her win.   The
reason why  Mrs.    Guzman    excepted I
Mars is not explained.   She may have
thought this lask too easy of accomplishment to be awarded with {20,000.
purk   Saturday   afternoon   Uurlng
lacrosse gnme.     Finder rewarded  if
returned to box lsvii News office.
Uesidonce V. \V. C. A.        Phone 1.124.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonda  Market,  Phone   L883.
ts, lit r crate $1,80
Call and inspect our fall
1'inr.c    nnrl    yi..,.,   f..U     ,|,,|���.    ��t,��l     MllSk    Mell'lllS     Oilfh
lines and new fall styles and Water Mellon8i ���.,,.,,
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
2 lbs.
:> lbs. for 2."tc
llle   lo   BOC
:i lbs. for 2r><-
per bottle 26c
(Succesior to Ayling & Swain.)
447  Columbia  St Phone  98.
l.lme and (irape Juice,
to   '	
-' v. i::
and Mrs 1) 11 llt.uikt1
a sou.
In, TO  Mlt
Lulu Island
(Continued from imtte one)
Kon   vlcle-prestdenl   of the P. il. A
Frank  B.   Riley,    of    Portland.    Tin
evening -session will lake place I'
the Kinemacolor theatre on Qranvllle
street, and the lantern siides are ol
tbo best In the world, Admlssloi
free by ticket ohi ilnable oii applies
Hon to ilu* bi i retary,
Tuesday.   August   12.
10:30 a.m    l,. porl  from th" Becre
tary  of  (he   I'.   I!    A .   I'.   M    I'ntw, 11
oi' Seattle,    New ami unfinished busl
ness.   Short   talks   from   Vlce-presl
dents III  Un-  l-   11   ,\.
2:!}0 p.m, Automobile drive around
Vsifcouver, Stanley park ami to the
residence of s Ointzburger, who .
i ntertainlng a garden party. Can
will assemble on tleorglo street, wesl
of Howe . .tei. ai j :*,n p ni. Owncri
please deoorate it possible,
8 p.in. Open awaiting reply from
the deputy minister ol public works
W. W.  l-'ostt r.
Wednesday. August  13.
10:30 a in. Reports from the committees, election t.i* on'ieers and nn
finished  business.
2 pin.   Excursion to Wigwam Inn.
liether Indian liver, by SS Alluvia; ten to
lit was worth while trylun to make a be served in the grounds, Free lo
Jtale in Westminster streets. imembers also; apply for tickets.
it's Optimistic.
Si ��* Vork, Auk. 1"     l he twn h m
bi ->���:. a of iiie slick market yesterdaj
was devi id of develi-pni' tils or    Incidents ot any  kind    other    than    th
week i nd grist of routine new b.    it"
pur's submitted bj tho Irade author
iis Indicated continued Irregularities
in    the    virions    linet    ��� > t"    business
varied here and there by an underly
mn feeling of optimism.
Birth Records Froken.
Winnipeg, Am.-. 10.    All records for
Winnipeg   births   were   broken     lasl
months, when Hie natural increase in Maple Beach, Boundary Hay.   Plenty |
lhe   population   "f   tlie   city   was   648. of free    picnic    placea   on    lhe Band
The previous record  was set In April beach or undor the wonderful spread
this year, when lhe number of birlhs lng   maples.     Lovely     spring     water
was  523.    Tlie  number  tif  births  for Take the Hiver road   to   Ladner   antl
July,  1912, was -UU.    Of lasl  month's the Qoudy road south
births ihe number of males registered CURTIS 4 DORGAN.
'was  L'HO   and   the   number   Of   females Agents for Whalen Estate.
: was 2tl'h New  Westminster.
I'ack   in  your  bathing  Buits  and  a j
well filled hamper und Hpi'iid a day ut l
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train    and    make   your
bome at Crescent Beach tiiiackie Spit) for the summer months,
Train leaves at 0:30 p.m. daily, on and after June 15, returning In
the  morning  in  time  for business.    Crescent    Ileach    affords    ideal
conditions for Bummer homes, combining tho  best of bathing,  bout
lng iit all stages of the tide together wllh line beach.    Arteuiati  veil
water to all residents.    Let us show you this property,
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
���   Ws write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*'   Liability,   Automobile   snd
Marino  Insurance,
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550


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