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The New Westminster News Mar 12, 1914

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 Volume 9, Number rJj,
Price Five Cents,
Taken at Blaine in Possession of Royal  Bank
Lodged in Provincial Jail Pending Investigation���Both Englishmen-
Registered Here Tuesday.
Secretary Bryan Likes Australian and
New Zealand Methods.
Annapolis, Md., March 11.���Secretary of Stale William Jennings Bryan
said 'today he hoped that this country not only would borrow the initiative and referendum, as it had borrowed the Australian ballot, but that
In time it would adopt the postal
The postal vote of Ncw Zealand allows a citizen, though away from
home, to oust his vote on an election
and havo It counted.
The occasion of Mr. Bryan's statement was an address lie niadft on the
initiative- and referendum before the
Maryland legislature'. A bill providing for the measure is pending.
Transfer Application Shelved Pending Proceedings
in Court.
at Crescent Beach���Work to
Start Soon.
with iii" plans practically com-
plete, work Is expected lo be started
on a ing dyking project ai Crescent
Beach by tin* end of this month or the
lirst week in April, which will mean
the reclamation of some hundred
acres oi land intended for a recreation park and golf course. I-'. .1. Iltiri
fi Co, an* backing the scheme
Two men ware placed under arrest
and lodged in the provincial jail last
ni| I In connection ith the hank
robbery at Abbotsford, tin police tus-
peeiiitg them of being Implicated In
tin* daring even! of Tuesday morning.
Both an- Kiiglishmeu of short statute,
weather beaten and hearing a resets
blance to the two short men mentioned as being mixed up In tha hold-up
They were arrested at Blaine by Am-
erican Immigration authorities who
discovered bant hills of the itoyai
Bank of Canada in their possession,
turned them over to Immigration Officer Lawrence of the Dominion force
at White Rock, who in turn brought
them to this city.
Both Englishmen.
G( rge Miller, one* of the suspects,
hails from Liverpool, Kngland. He
has been in Canada several years and
claims he wintered in Calgary, ocoupy
ing a shack along with Smith, the*
Other  suspect   and   one  other  person.
Miller claims be stayed in Coquitlam
on Sunday and registered for the night,
of Tuesday at the Itoyai City hotel,
this  city,
John   .Smith,   the-     other     suspect,
���claims  London as  his  birthplace and
by  his  twang  hears  out  this  contention      Smith   had   In   his   possession ] ,Tal ��������
$37.70, while Miller was found to bBVe   district,   litis   b"Hi
$46.85,   both   rolls  being   mostly   bills!""'   ''���'!"   " '
of the itoyai hank in denominations of
lens and fives. When questioned both
maintained they hael obtained their
"stake" at the Columbia River Lumber company at Golden and after attempting to find work In this district j
made for the i'nited States.
Tin' clcae cropped hair of Smith
end tlii' time* tin- operation was per*
formed hardly tallied, for Smith claimed li** had Ihe temsorial work performed in Kamloops one week ago while
Miller c.iine* through with tin* Infor
mation thai *i New Westminster arti.it
el id the job.
Names on   Register.
One pie n* of evidence that did not
jltie* with th'* hank robbery stjry was
their contention that they stayed at a
local hotel on Tuesday night, leaving
tut* Ulai arly yesterday.   A scrutiny
of the hotel register discovered the
names of Join Smith and George Miller on tin* book so If the suspects wen-
mixed up with the bank robbery, they
must have made a hasty exit from the
district in order to reach this cit.. by
In  o'clock  Tuesday night
Ot,.* clue thai may lead to develop-
iniTits is the finding of NOB. 36 and *0i7
em two of tin* Itoyai hank $6 bills written in blue pencil on the face. Practically all the bills found on the two
men were new and bad nol been In
circulation very long.
Senior   Constable   Stevenson.   Chief
ol Police Bradanaw, Detective Burrows
and Immigration Officer Lawrence
worked on the cichc* in this city lasl
No new developments look place at
Abobtsford and Vicinity yesterday, the
provincial police and a body of citizens
keeping watch over the Great Northern railway tracks and the Colebreok
load in the hope of heading off the
five men from crossing the interna-;
tional boundary. Several more provincial constables were sent up the
valley yesterday to join in the hunt
while details'from chilliwack, Mission
and N'-w Westminster are being kept
on the ground.
A report reached Abbotsford last
nighl that five men had been captured
at Linden, Wash., but this proved to
be groundless according to chief Con*
stable Smith when Interviewed over
the* long distance telephone' at 1 1,30
last night. The steady watch being
kept up al the mads leading to the
American side has kept the five men
Action   Is  Taken  to  Avoid  Complicv
tions��� Argument on Freeman
Case  March  24.
The latest development In connection with the efforts to have the bottle
licenses Issued last year, set aside
broke lust evening when the licensing
board decided to lay over the applies*
 :  j tion of Leslie E, Haines, for a change
| in   the  location  of hiB  bottle  license
One Hundred Acres   to Be Reclaimed | until April 8, when it is expected that
the court proceedings, now being con*
Two Regiments Dispatched
to Eagle Pass and Laredo
by United States.
General Felix Diaz Goes to Washington with Another Plan to Solve
King Emmanuel and Emperor William
to Meet March 24.
Venice,v Italy, March 11.���King
Emmanuel and Emperor William will
meet here Marcli 24 when the emperor passes through Venice on the
way to his villa on the island of Corfu, it was announced today. If Empress Augusta Victoria accompanies
Emperor William, Queen Helena wlll
come to Venice to greet her.
Importance is being attached to
the meeting of the two sovereigns In
view of the activity of the triple
alliance In tbe Balkan Btates, especially Albania, and the belief that further concerted influence will be exercised by the triple alliance both In
the Balkans and the Mediterranean.
Star Witness in Hagel Trial
at Winnipeg Takes the
I will   prevent   the   lidnl   waters   from!
covering tin* property and will   nisei
separate property which is now doUde i
I with summer coitae*e*s from the oyster
, bi ds at Blackle Spit.
Surveyors have been at work on the !
; plan for several w ��� ��� e ��� k s while* Harvey,
J Brlce, who has been engineer for sev-1
dyking projects in the Delta | the
retained as engi-
The dyke will be
about WOO feet long and will be constructed by use of a dipper dredge.
Automatic tide gates will be coii-
structed at different points In eirder
to allow surface water to run off the
reclaimed bind.
ducted win have* been settled
W. l-\ Hansford, who has been retained to protest the licenses, appeared before the commission to oppose
the granting or the request while
Mr, llniites was legally represented by
G. K. Corbould.
Mr. Hansford contended that if the
commissioners granted the application
in so doing they would be corroborat*
Ing the actio,, of the 1918 beard while
Mr. Corbould maintained that the ques-
lion of tiie validity of the licenses
I was a question purely for the courts
which | ami be could see no reason, if pro-
ceedings were taken that the action
Of the commission in respect to Mr.
Haines' application should be affected
To Avoid Coirtplicaticns.
Commissioners Cross and Smith
thought it lhe wiser course to lay over
the application until the question of
validity of the licenses had been
determined chiefly with a view to
avoiding complications.
They introduced a motion according
ly which was curried. By the same
motion it was also decided to lay over
Washington, March ll Despatch
of two additioi.al regimen's of American Infantry to Eagle* Pass and Laredo, Texas, to allay tears of raids by
Mexicans, and the appearance iu
Washington of Oeneral Felix Diaz
anil friends with a new plan to solve
the Mexican problem were lhe chief
developments today in the Mexican
The troops, the Ninth and Seventeenth regim tens, wire ordered to the:
binder at the request of Senator
Slu-ppard and Representative Garner,
Tiie letter told the president there
was a j,'ood deal of cash in the border
bank:* ind Americans wanted to be
protected a^oinst any raid or Invasion
Which might lesult from sensational
overnight developments at any time
in ihe  MeX-Uin situation.
Mr. Garni*.* also said much cattle
had disappeared lately and residents
believed Mexicans were responsible.
The request foi additional troops was
discussed at the cabinet meeting and
decided upon today by the president, j
who communicated his approval to
the secretary of war.
General Diaz.
Oeneral Diaz awl liis friends here
saiA tbey would announce their pur-
opaes litre in a statement tomorrow.
Members of the party included Pedro
del Villar. who was before tbe senate
foreign relations committee last week
i and was reported to have aske*d sup-
Telli Dramatic Story of Krafchenko'*
Escape Coupling Lawyer as
Leading Conspirator.
Man   Meets   Death   While   Unloading
Legs at Bradford & Taylor's Mill
at  Burquitlam.
A fatal accident occurred at Bur-
rj n it la in yesterday noon when a man
named Johnson received injuries
which caused almost instant death.
The accident happened at the lumber
mill of Bradford and Taylor, several
men, including Johnson, being engaged
in unloading logs. Johnson was en
gaged in knocking away the blocks
which held the logs and one of the
blocks sticking, he went underneath
with a hammer to dislodge same' when
tbe logs fell on him.
Dr. A. L. McQuarrie, coroner for
this district, went to the scene of the
fatality immediately following the receipt of the news and the body was
removed to Murchie's undertaking
parlors where an inquest will be held
Johnson, who is a native of Sweden,
was unmarried and but little is known
of him.
Coquitlam Councl Discusses Proposed
Removal But no Action Taken���
School   Foard   Affairs.
No action  was taken on Councillor
Robertson's  motion to change the lo- j
cation of the municipal offices at Mail-  censi
lardville at the meeting of the muni-j
cipal  council  yesterday.    The  motion |
was discussed briefly and it was generally   agreed   to   leave     the     offices j
\e!i��*re  they  are*  for tin*  present.
The school estimates were passed
but in so doing the council decided
to write the superintendent of educa* i
tlon asking whether it would be possible for blm to appoint any of the
members of the council to the school
hoaed to work in eonjunctiii with
Trustees Martin and Walker, who compose the board at present. If the superintendent will not accede to such
action he will be asked to call another
If the latter request is granted the
assurance is given thai a sufficient
number of men,hers of the council
will place themselves up for nomination to bring the board up to its full
legal complement
Mr. Haines' application
of his wholesale license until April 8
Mr.  Haines desired to have both his
wholesale  and   bottle  business  transferred   from  Carnarvon  street  to 809
Columbia.    No opposition towards the
transfer of the wholesale business wag
I made by Mr. Hansford.    Mr. Corbould
j put up a strong argument in favor of
j the transfer of the wholesale license
I but  without success.
Court  Proceedings.
I    The next scene in connection  with
I the  bottle  license  question   will  open
| in the courts on Wednesday, March 18
when Mr. Hansford will make application for a writ of certiorari in respect
to Mr.  Haines'  lirense.    Later In the
month he will make a similar application "Tii  connection  with  the thiid  license.
Argument on the order of certiorari
in   respect   to  Thomas   Freeman's  li-
which was issued hy honorable
Justice   Morrison   yesterday   morning
will take place on March 24.
���The  license  of  the  Colonial   hote.'
was last night transferred from Loupe
land  McKenzie to A. J. McKenzie ani
Ithe Dunsmulr license was transferrer I
. from Sproule Bros., to Stun Thompson.
During the meeting Chairman A. W.
Gray informed the commission that in
I case of a tie vote on any question be-
i fere the board he wiuiid be compelled
j to vote against It.
Nominations for School Board Yester
day���Warm Campaign Expected
���Voting Saturday.
the*  day  and
under cover throughout
they are believed to be making their
way !o�� arils Westminster.
yesterday the Itoyai hank anuounc
id that a $600 reward had heen Offered for the capture of al least two
of the fiv men mixed up in the robbery.
Henry  Martin,
vlcted and
Nanaimo Striker, Con-
Remanded for Sentence.
On; Hundred Negro Families Homeless as Result of Fire.
New Vork. March 11, One hundred
negro families were made homeless
and several persons slight l> Injured
in ti lire which destroyed today four
tenement houses In the negro colony
In west LUili street and then spread
tn five other tenements In the rear.
Rumors that lives had been lost In
the blaze were disproved tonight when
.i search of tbe ruins was made,
The fire caused a properly loss of
$200,000. For a time the entire block
was threatened.
Willi eleven candidates In the field
for school trustees in Burnaby, the
election campaign begins to get near
he sizzling point, and much interest
being manifested In tonight's meeting
at the Burnaby public hall. A warm
session i.s expected, as Former Chairman Herbert Burnes, who is seeking
re-election, Inteuds to unfold the inner details of school board workings
to the electorate.
No women candidates were nominated yesterday, although under the
now amendment to the school act
such a move was permissable in rural
Those nominated were Herbert
Burnes, Vancouver Heights; C. E.
Campbell, Edmonds; John Church-
land.   McKay;    William   Coulter,   Mc-
The case of Henry Martin, heard
yesterday iu the special assize court.
Was another of those quick action affairs which have characterized the
trials arising out of what Is known as
the number three riot at Nanaimo
during the strike troubles there last
August.     Martin    was    convicted  on
both the usual counts In the indict-1 Kay; Otto F. Deckert. Fraser Arm;
ment returned against all the accused Walter Dingle. Edmonds; James
in the number three riot and was re* Herd, Vancouver Heights; Mark Lum-
tiKinded for sentence, the day's work | if,Vi Capitol Hill; C. A. McLano, Jubi-
in tiie coun being over by 3:30 in the ]ee; Edward Sollis, Itoyai Oak; B, E.
afternoon. | Winch. Jubilee.
Before proceedings got Well under, |t was expected that William New-
way yesterday morning J. W. deB. some would be In the Held, but he
Farris, who was acting with Arthur withdrew    his    name   at    the    hist
j moment   The voting will take place
a transfer I port for a counter revolutionary movement.
The Mexicans denied today that
they were seeking support or sane-
tlon for any revolutionary movement, |
saying their idea chiefly was a cam-1
paign of information about Mexico
and to acquaint Washington with the
personality of Oeneral Diaz so that
his part ln subsequent events in
Mexico might be judged from a close
Just   what   their plans  are  for the
restoration ot pence wan not divulged,
but it was learned that they are seeking the elimination of General Huerta
and  are  not allied  in  any  way  with
the.    constitutionalists.    Members    of
the party say Senator Hoot met General  Diaz on    the    tatter's    visit    to j
Washington last week and that  Diaz
came to Washington at the invitation
of Senator  Fall.    Whether  the  senators are fully   acquainted    with    the
plans of the Diaz group is not known.
Have  18.000 Troops.
Today's orders for the dispatch of
two more regiments to Texas will re-
su.'t in the assembly in that state of
nearly 18,000 troops,   more   by   3000
thai  the  entire force of the regular
army  which General  Shatter led into
Cuba.    Nearly 11,000 of these soldiers
are In camp at Texas City, under the
command of Brigadier General Frederick Funston. of Philippine fame. The
olhers are scattered along the border
from  Brownsville, Texas, to Nogales,
Arizona, under the command of General Tasker H. Bliss, the larger garrisons being maintained   at   El   Paso,
Nogales. Douglas, Laredo. Eagle Pass
and  Brownsville, where the railroads
froai the United States enter Mexico.
Although  the two    regiments    will
proceed to Eagle Pass   and   Laredo,
General Bliss will designate their exact location.   The present strength of
���ach regiment is 832 men.   At Laredo
and   Eagle   Pass,  the   two   regiments
will  relieve   six  troops    of    cavalry,
which will be distributed along other
tieiints on the western border at Bliss'
discretion.   This will place under that
general's command about 4200 cavalry
troops and 2100 infantry.
Though large in the aggregate thl3
force is regarded as small in many
quarters here for a rigid and efficient
patrol of the 1800 milts of ohreier be-
ween the I'nited States and Mexico.
Sec-:.ity Garrison, however, feels
that it will be sufficient and says
that be bus no present intention of
further strengthening it. He insists
that there is no proof that this border
patrol has broken down at any point
sine" its establishment three years
General Bliss telegraphed today he
was sending photographs of the body
of Vergara and beyond thut measure
tin re was no word from the border
Trades and  Labor Council   Will
test Elimination in Leases of
Civic Property.
A strong protest will be made by
the municipal committee of the
Trades and l^abor council against any
elimination of the Asiatic clause
when it comes to leasing civic property, according to action taken at a
meeting of that body held last night.
This is in connection with the proposed lease of city property to the
Westminster Woodworking   company.
It was also decided that a committee wait upon the hospital board at
the next meeting and ask that
oriental labor be done away with
when the new institution is occupied.
It was mentioned at the meeting that
ihe hospital beard had disposed of the
services of some of the Chinese help,
especially at the maternity cottage,
but this was not considered drastic
No notice of proposed amendments
to the constitution of the B. C. Federation was received, although the
members were expecting same. A
lively debate is likely to be staged
when the communication arrives. The.
reconstruction of the bylaws and constitution was completed.
Boundary Line Between Richmond and
Curniby  Readjusted by Special
J.   W.   deB.
was  acting  with  Arthur
Leighton on the defence, made' an effort    to    have    the Martin trial -adjourned on the same plea which worked so well in the Clerello case but his
lordBhip  wns  not inclined  to accede
to tit.* request so Mr. Farris then took
up the question of the payment of defence'   witnesses.     Mr.   Fan-is   wished
an assurance from  the hench that If
the defence brought  witnesses to account for all  the actions of the accused   on   the   day  mentioned   in  the
nded in the killing of Benja- j indictment on the off-chance th.it the
d asserted they quarreled j crown would not adhere to the specific
Shered and Benjamin Field. 19 Years
Old. Have First Quarrel.
Westfork, Ark.. March li. Shered
and Benjamin Field, twin brothers, 18
veers Old, had their first quarrel to*
clay.    II
min.    Shered asserted they
over a trivial circumstance, thai
brother attacked him with a knife
tind In self-defence he seized a
on Saturday,   the   polls
from 0 a.m. to 7 p.m.
being   open
Houghton, Mich.. March 11
litini Rickard; president of tin
met local of the Western Fedi
of Miners, received tonight I
gram   from  Charles   H.   Moyer.
-   Wll-
t   tele-
Winnlpeg,    March    11. -The    Kraf-
j chenko - Hagel-Westlake    proceedings
. today provided few out of    the    way
features.    At Morden the grand jury
j continued its heuring iu Krafchenko's
, case and  will probably bring In    the
1 finding tomorrow  morning. The petit
; jury was dismissed from further   attendance    until    2   o'clock    Monday.
Marcli  IG.    Refore the grand jury today,  W.  HooL  who saw the start of
ihe "murder car"  from Pluin Coulee,
was briefly examined, and was followed by Wm. Dyck, the liveryman who
drove the car.    Dyck's hearing took
up the rest of the day.
Star Witness for Crown.
The* court in Winnipeg was a storm
centre throughout the morning and
afternoon sessions. The excitement
occurred as a result of placing on the
witness stand John H. Buxton, jr., the
star witness for the crown in the case
Of Hagel and Westlake. charged jointly with complicity in the escape of
Buxton was on the stand the entire
day,  being  on  bis feet  continuously,
with   the  exception   of  a   brief time
| for the lunch period of five hours and
i a hair.
The entire morning session was
taken up by Buxton in a dramatic
recitation of his story, almost every
'detail of which coupled Percy Hagel
| with being one cf the leading conspirators in planning the escape of
Krafchenko. This morning's session
was tiie calm before the storm for
the moment that R. A. Bonnar, K.C
commenced his cross-examination big
red sparks began to fly.
Contrary Evidence.
Although    Buxton    withstood    the
gruelling  tire.   Mr.   Bonnar   managed
to  bring out  three discrepancies  in
the evidence as given today and that
Pro. Igiv*n at the preliminary hearing and
before  the  royal  commission  on pre-
I vious  occasions.    Buxton's  only    explanation  of this   contrary  evidence
was that he could not hilve fully understood the questions propounded to
him on the two occasions on which
he gave sworn evidence before.   Buxton was unbending    throughout   and
proved  himself a  stubborn    witness
and never wavered for a moment.   He
refused to commit himself definitely
as  to times or dates.    Buxton from
time to time insisted that he was trying to tell the truth, but on these occasions   his  protestations  were only
met with ridicule by Mr. Bonnar.
Frequent Clashes.
The afternoon session was rendered
all the more    exciting    by    frequent
clashes  by   Mr.   Bonnar,  counsel  for
the  defence,  and   Mr.   Anderson,   for
the crown.
Mr. Anderson objected frequently to
the manner in which Mr. Bonnar addressed his questions to the witness
aud much time was taken up by Mr.
Justice Curran in deciding legal disputes, especially as to whether Mr.
Bonnar should read the full text of a
subject in asking the witness with
regard to what he did or did not say
at the time of his previous examinations.
As stated. Buxton was shaken on
three points, in his statement today
be said 'hat when he first met Constable Reid in the Clarendon hotel
bar and Miked to him about Kraf-
cbenko, no plans of escape were discussed. Reid, simply relating that he
was sure Krafchenko bad a gun
which Reid said had been brought
into the cell strapped to his stomach
by a belt. Mr. Bonnar. by a few
searching questions revealed that
when Buxton gave his evidence on
former decisions he told how Reid at
the first meeting had discussed the
plans Of Krafchenko's escape. The
important point In this connection
v.eis that Hagel was not introduced to
Reid until after this conversation In
the bar took place. Again Buxton
made' statements on the stand this
morning that he had gone to visit
Krafchenko in the Burris block one
evening after the escape after he had
! first, held a conference with Hagel In
the hitter's private office aud was instructed by Hagel to go to the block
By the passage of an act by the provincial legislature to te.tiljust the
boundary between the municipalities
of Burnaby and Richmond, the form- J
er's rights along the North Arm of the
Fraser now extend to the centre of
the stream instead of ending at the i
northerly bank.    Hento^Bunrtr. ^ ���0 a plan oMt^wtuch Hagel
antl  shot  him.
im estlgallon.
He was held  pending :	
President of  Ecuador Dafeats Rebels
at Esmeraldas.
Guayaquil,   Ecuador,    Marcli    11.���
Dispatches tonight announce that General I'laza, president of the republic,
captured today the town of EsmeTaldas
on   the   northwest   coast,     from     the
net*- charged at the preliminary hear-1rebels,
'ing   the witness so produced, though      T'le refbels took  Esmeraldas in  De-
possibly not required, should receive cember after eight hours fighting In
' which a large number of men on both
(Continued on Pago Eight.) I sides were killed or wounded.
d"in of the federation, explaining
that the proposal made In Chicago for
ending the copper miners' strike did
not m< an an admission of defeat. The
telegram said:
"I simply repeated the proposition
to the congressional committee made
by Hilton and that is: The men on
strike themselves treat with the companies. The strike has not been declared off. lt will not be called off
unless by a referendum vote of the
men themselves "
President Rickard saiel that it was
unlikely a referendum vote would be
taken until further orders were received  from  President  Moyer.
has been at the mercy
ln event of an industry locating on
Burnaby's side of the Fraser from
the fact that Richmond could reach
over its arm and claim taxes on improvements.
Burnaby's rights are now to the
centre of the stream and with the Improvement of the North Arm now being planned by the ht'rbor commission
It is expected that much benefit will
accrue to the* municipality.
In settlement for the deal Richmond will receive from Burnaby the
sum of $T00(i. payable $3000 after the
passing of the act and $4000 on or
about Dec.  31,  1914.
Protest Appointment.
Chicago, March 11.���Resolutions
protesting the appointment of Ernest
In, Nathan, former mayor of Rome, as
the Italian envoy to the Panama-Pacific exposition were adopted here' to-
day by the executive of the Ann
Federation of Catholic societies.
resolution asked till Catholic societies
to protest, against bim to the president
of the Panama-Pacific exposition.
was to turn over to Krafchenko.
Mr. Bonnar brought out by cross-
examinaticn that when Buxton told
his story on the two previous occasions he said he first went to the
Burrls block and then returned to consult with Hagel.
Another Discrepancy.
The third    discrepancy    shown    In
Buxton's three   different   statements
Well that   he   stated   yesterday   that
I Hagel  had  given   hi in   the  money  to
j redeem  liis  (Buxton's)   two revolvers
at the pawnshop  while on the other
occasions Buxton said his own money
: was used  for this  purpose.
The crowd,    which    packed    every
'available inch of the court room was
; treated to a violent engagement between  Bonnar and  Buxton when the
1 former tried to force the witness to
aay  that  he  hud    received  from    the
: police  or from   the  attorney   general
i promise of Immunity as the* reward
lean i tor revealing the hiding place of Kraf-
Th". chenko.     The   climax   in   this   regard
came  as  the  result  of B  simple  qnes-
iContinued oei Page Four.) PAGE TWO
THURSDAY.  MARCH  12.  1914.
trl.���.s awaiting de-.c lopini-nt.  Whether !
Cobalt has pund its meridian of pro*
An Independent morning paper elrvnteil to tin* lute-rents of New We-Mmtnster anel
tha Kraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the National rrliitliiK
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Columbia. BOBB Sl'THI-lltLANP. ManaginK Director.
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advertising ratks on application.
taction or not  the yield of 'he north
ern fields is likely to keep on increasing,  ami   it  would  not   be  surprising
to   see-   tin-  output   almost  double   In ;
value   in   the   m-xt   ten   years.���Mail :
and Empire*.
Since the opening of the new year a fresh spirit has
shown itself along the waterfront and, in place of what
might be called passive resistance to the harbor improvement scheme, there is rapidly growing a strong sentiment
among those citizens interested in waterfront leases a desire to do all in their power to aid the harbor committee
of the city council in its work for the city's good.
Several months ago when the first obstructions to
the progress of the harbor improvement work were making themselves manifest, The News pointed out the almost
certain success which would result from friendly conferences between the city council and those ratepayers whose
waterfrontage will be most directly affected by the piling
and filling operations. Since the 1914 harbor committee
took up its duties under the chairmanship of Alderman
Annandale this policy has heen put into effect all along
the line and the results obtained to date must be exceedingly gratifying to every citizen interested in the development and progress of the city.
Acting on the assumption that there is not a waterfront leaseholder who is an enemy to New Westminster's
best interests, Alderman Annandale and his colleagues on
the harbor committee have inoculated the negotiations
relatives to harbor improvement with the serum of good-
fellowship and civic loyalty, and the spirit in which they
have been met so far by the leaseholders is a credit, not
only to the businesslike diplomacy of the harbor committee, but also to the public spiritedness of the leaseholders
It cannot be expected Ihat such a comprehensive
scheme as the harbor improvement plan and one involving such radical changes along the waterfront will be put
through to completion before many difficulties have been
met and surmounted, but, if the sentiment now existing
between the city hall and the waterfront is maintained, it
is certain that the harbor work ultimately will be crowned
with deserved success, backed by the good will of all concerned.
Lady Slashed About Face and Shoulders While Standing in Husband's Store.
Vancouver now is making another bid for notoriety
by having a former citizen reported as missing in Mexico.
' There's a swreet thought in that announcement from a
bunch of Colorado immigrants that they are going in
strong for sugar beet growing on the Canadian prairies.
Minneapolis, March ll.- That an intention to ruin her beauty was the
motive' for the tissuult upon .Mrs. C
E. MacKae in ber husb.ind's Btore
Saturday afternoon is the new theory
upon which the police are working today.
Detectives Irving and Ohninn worked on the case nearly all last night
and tifti-r snatching a few hours sleep
took up the search at an early hour
The police have abandoned the lunatic theory and today a thorough investigation of the history of the family uas being made' fur a trace ot a
possible enemy, it is believed in this
..-.-is detectives may find some one
who might wish to mar ihe appearance of Mrs. MacRae, who i* .1 line
looking woman of about 22,
Struck at Her Face.
The lac 1 that nearly all of the knifs
wounds were near her shoulders and
uii*': makes the police believe thai
the  men  ti*ie*il  to gash  liis  vie* in 9
It is thought that the man was lit
a f'-et. .)' v, lien he saw len ye*ir old
1 -----! 1 (��� BlmqUlst enter the store ;net
toolv the first means that entered Ills
mine! to ; Hence t'.ie boy while he got
The theory of robbery as a .1101 ive
-\.is' euiekiy abandoned when li;s.
MacKae found a diamond ring which
she thought at first had been stripped
from bor finger. The police Joubt
thai any cash was taken from the
Not a Clue Found.
Several persons who saw the man
rush from the store after the brutil
attack notified the police they would
he till,* to identify him. but none wus
able to give the slightest description
Of til" man or the direction he took
after   leaving  the  store.
Mrs. MacRae is at her home today
tinder care of Dr. ('. C Tyrrell. She
was stabbed six times about the neck
and body but the pliysicittti Bald sin*
would recover. 11 is believed her vocal organs may In* permanently injured as the result of a stove poker
being shoved down her throat.
The hoy is under tin* care of the
same physician at liis home. His
throat w-as terribly torn by the poker
and It is feared thai his speech will
01 impaired.
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Dr. Win. Sedgwick Saunders, Medical Officer of
Health of the City of London, Eng., was good
enough to say that a long and universal experience
has proved a cream of tartar powder the most efficient, safe and economical, making food which could
not be deleterious to the most delicate stomach.
In England the sale of baking powder
containing alum is absolutely prohibited.
A sure sign of a drop in the high cost of living: lie
ginning next Monday the London Times will sell for a
urn m mm
active In organizing the Toronto Housing company.
To the company's first annual report, Hon. W. .1. Hanna, Ontario's pro
vine-ial secretary, writes this foreword:
Canada Bhould do more than banish
the slums. The old countries are doing that. Society is responsible for
the slums and society must pay for
their removal, which will rec|uire
something in the nature of a surgical opeiatlon on the body politic. Hut
belter housing has a far wider application than tho slum problem. It
means better living conditions for the
greal masses of wage-earners, and will
bring with it a toning up of our whole
social and industrial system. Enabling legislation will be necessary in
every province, We, in Ontario, have
made a beginning, and the results set
out in this pamphlet, obtained under
an act passed this year, would indicate that we are on tiie right 'rack. I
agree with the statement that every
Canadian workman of steady habits
should he able to own his home. The
advantage is as much to the state as
to the Individual, for the home must
always be* the starting point for
strengthening and elevating the socbil
conscience and  the national life."
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURIN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BOX   442
A man wearing a plum colored suit passed a bogus
twenty dollar bill in a Vancouver store on Tuesday. Anybody who would take bad money from a man in a plum
colored raiment deserves to be stuck.
They are saying across the water that King George
influenced Asquith in the matter of the home rule settlement. Well, if the king influenced the premier, it's almost
certain the queen made a few suggestions to the king.
How easy it would have been to catch the G. N. R.
train bandits or the Abbotsford bank robbers if some oi
those chaps who hold down street corners had been on the
So far there has been no effort to interfere with the
old fashioned bottle license which permits you to drop
into the place around the corner and get a quart of heather
dew to take home.
Some members of the opposition in the Dominion house
don't want B. C. to have any more senators. Annexing a
few more seats in the old man's home at Ottawa may not
help this province to any considerable extent, but if the
plate's going round there doesn't seem to be any valid reason why we shouldn't take a piece of cake or two.
For clear and unvarnished truthfulness the following
"want ad." in the London Post annexes the coffee roll:
"Britisher, slightly bald and of no particular social standing, tired to death of the needy clamor of the young, the
well-born and the well-educated, desires to meet with some
charitably disposed person of more money than brains,
who will enable him to taste the unwonted and peculiar
joy of living in luxury on someone else's bounty."
in 1913 the total mineral production of Ontario reached the new record value of $63,000,000 of which $37,-
000,000 is to lie* credited to the metallic���mostly gold and silver- and $16,-
ooo.oon to the non-metallic minerals.
No other province or territory in Canada can point lo as good a record as
this in an\ year. In 1900 the Yukon
territory produced about $22,000,000
in gold -that being the zenith year
of the big rush. Yukon's production
of the yellow metal has fallen now
to about $6,000,000 yearly, a mark that
is likely to be passed in 1!U4 by the
mines of Ontario's Porcupine district.
British Columbia's vast mountain
ranges have great linworked mineral
resources that could be profitably
mined were there adc*c|uate railway facilities, but that province's mineral
yield is much below Ontario's. Uritish Columbia's mineral production is
about $32,000,000 or nol much more
than the value of Ontario's cold and
���silver output  alone.    If  Ontario  had
j coal deposits such as British Columbia,
1 Alberta and Nova Scotia, pur mineral
' product ion would probably be as much
las all  the other provinces  together.
It is exceedingly satisfactory to note
1 that men with large capital are being
I attracted to the Ontario mining fields.
I The making good of Cobalt and Porcupine has established Ontario's repula-
! tlcn,  but  the  development  work  In
the mines of both districts bas taught
the  lesson  that the deposits  can  be
profitably    worked   only on a large
scale, and by Mae use of large amounts
of capital.    In  Its earlier days Cobalt
was   a   "poor   man's   camp"   where   a
few thousand dollaits might return sev-
j eral hundred thousand, but ra'nlng f.io
lower grade ore is a rich man's enterprise.   Increasin ; Detention to the g del
bearing districts in particular is likely to come of the profitable handling
of the low grade ores of the Porcu-
pine   district  and   real   mining   work
will be encouraged.    This is important
because  not  only  around   Porcupine,
bul   far   and   near   through   northern
Ontario are splendid mineralized dis-
Ontario,     Quebec  and   Manitoba   Are
in  i:ad With New  Legislation.
Last year the Ontario government
passed a measure to provide for the
financing of improved housing undertakings, says the Monetary Times.
i'lie act empowers the councils of cities and towns to guarantee the bonds
of housing companies (organized to
Improve housing and not for profit).
Lo the extent of 86 per cent, of the
money required, that is, S5 per cent,
t tit" value of their land and buildings. The remaining 15 per cent, of
:i money required must be private
capital, represented by stock of the
company paid up in cash The act
limits the dividends the company may
pay upon this stock te> six per cent,
pi,- annum. This is In many reespects
an entirely new type of constructive
housing legislation, and its opetation
will be watched with Interest. A similar act has just been passed in the
province of Quebec, and one is being
considered by the government of Manitoba
Housing  Company's  Work.
The Toronto Housing Company,
Limited, was Incorporated under the
j Ontario act. Shortlj aftc the passing of tiiis legislation the city council of Toronto aul torized ths guarantee of bonds to the value of $860,000,
or the purpose of the company upon
the basin of $150,000 being provided
bj  the company.
A few days later this bylaw received the approval of the provincial
board of health. The vote of Toronto
ratepayers was therefore not required-
Shares to the value of $11111,000 only
have' as yet been subscribed for, so
that $60,000 additional must, be provided to entitle the company to the full
amount authorized by the council.
The company's first purchase of
land was from the city, some five
acres. From the neiture* of the land
a carefully planned development of
the whole area was necessary to prevent it becoming an eyesore to this
section of the city. The present plans
for this land have been approved by
the city council and $400,000 will be
openl on this development and house
200 families.
The company have* purchased 686
reet of land near St. Clair avenue, in
bhe northwest of the city, and plan
to sp"end there in all tiii.it! $100,000.
The lots are deep anil a bowling green
''or the* occupants of the houses will
'e,r*n one of the features of this de*
irelopmi nt H may he* found desirable in this locality to build self-contained houses, so thai If thought wise.
and if the demand arises, the company may sell them upon easy terms
of payment to those desiring and able
to  acquire   their  own   home's.
This completes the list, of work already entered upon within the city limits, the whole involving an outlay of
over $550,000, A suburban development iijmui co-partnership lines has
always been hoped for by those mpst
Operated for the convenience of residents of the western sec
tion of the South Fraser Valley who desire to visit New Westminster or Vancouver on Saturday c/enings for shopping trips, to attend
theatres, etc.
Westbound Eastbound.
Jardine  8:06 p.m. Vancouver, Carrall St 11:25 p.m.
New Westminster ....7:00 p.m. New Westminster ...U':15 a.m.
Vancouver   7:4ei p.m. Jardine     1:00 ant
This train runs through t3 Vancouver and will be in service
every Saturday evening.    (Subject    to    cancellation    or    change    of
schedule  without  notice.)
Week-end rate*s tire granted on the "Owl" special but such tic
kets are good only for return on the same evening. Passengers wi ii
also <be carried on regular ticket.-; under the usual arrangements for
return  passage.
A bite of this and a taste of that, all day
long, dulls the appetite and weakenj the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal���and cut out the "piecing*.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best  friends for  sufferers  from
Indigestion and  dyspepsia.    50c. a Bo*
at    your    Drugght's.       Made    by    the
National   Drug   and   Chemical    Co.   ol
Canada, Limited.
Our Interior Finish ls manufactured from timber specially select
ed for Flat Grain.
We are also specializing in Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more ex
pensive than the old solid raised panel doors.
Get our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m l>��lly
2:00  i��.m Dally
11:46  p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Dslly
11:00 p.m Daily
Steamer leaves* at 11:45 p.m. on
From Vancouver for Nanaimo.
*:00  pm Dally
Except Sunday.
Nanaimo,  Union  Day and Comox.
s>:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver, Union  Bay, Powell  River.
11:45 a.m Every other Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Feb. 14 and 28
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
11*00 p.m Wednesday 1
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays for
Victoria, calling at points in the.
Gulf Islands.
For Gulf Island Points.
UD. QOUiiKT. akhiu, n��w Westminster
*     W     tinulilm    (1     P     l     V.ocniv.r
YWf A co,u
I ��� l! .V.n.  new
Girls' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
Sewing  classes.  Thursday,  7:30   p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and Kcntlemnn
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30.
For particulars call phone 1324.
We have received a consignment Of HYDRATED LIME  FERTILIZER  which  is highly  recommended.'
I.ime is almost as Important for the successful growth of plant"
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phone* 15 and II.
���02 Columbia Street W.
A DOLLAR Spent at home reacts in its
benefits with unceasing general profit. Sent oui of town it's life is ended.
Kept with the home merchants it is a
messenger of continuous benefit. Business men should awake to the importance of keeping this dollar at home and
make a bid for it by judicious advertising.
K. H. BUCKUN, N. BKAKD8I.R1,        W. f\ H. BUCKUN,
I'rai  tan iraai   tigr. vnie* l'i��nlrte��Di Iw. and Traai.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phone* No. 7 snd S77. THURSDAY.  MARCH  12, 1914.
I,     i     ��      nritNKTT.    AUDITOR   AKD
KCC, ���i        T-.lc-I.lie.il.*    K4I..       It"""
:**��� ii.iri   Block.
V   H   Smith W* J* OrOTBt
Work   und.*nak*n    li    city    anil    outilili
<polnta.   211-12   We.tmln.ter   Tnurt   Bids
Vliuiie  Iti.     P.  O.  Hon  Ml.
Iiifu-.nl of l.mly scott to Take a
Itujal Kisiclenie lie culls Previous    Episode*    Connected    With
N'i:*Wn V.Kk'nfI*u���.V.-t>��.iKflr�� -...di widow of the hero of tbe South Pole,
hlrd Kriday at s p.m.. I.hIh.i- T.,n|.l.-.| b__ dl.c���nea* ,bv offer of u royal resi-
.vintli and  Royal avenue.
i   ttiry
riiy.' ExViited Kul'-r; P. H. Suiiili B< c- j ,jenCe, as a mark of ihe disapproval
lot the way lu which the fund raised
| in Honor of the Ill-fated British expedition has beeu handled.  It Is only in
! the  past year o." so  t' at  the great
I majority of us li.iv.* heard of a royal
residence as distinct from   the resl-
! uence of the reign'ng monarch, and
I probably few people knew what it is.
Koyal  residences  first  broke  into
' print in recent times,  when it was
J.elO.M.    NO    S.'.I     MIIETS   ON    I'lltST
eimi third Tuesday In saob month nt ���
p.m, in tin* Labor Temple. D.evld
Boyle,  Dictator;  W. J* Grovee, Beers-
1 iry.
.*iu- of Ontario's (tana Hints Nearly
Sixty or seventy years ago, In the
Niagara Peninsula and all up along
Lake Krle'a shore-, wild turkeyH wera
very plentiful, says C.M.C. In Toronto
Star Weekly. What happened to
them? Shot out���trapped out���deel-,
, nialeel; caning Ilia t-iie and rare flavor
(lie Guests of llritain���Hampton ; lnt0 CODBlderatlon��� ouce the King of
Court ContiHini Twenty Kamllle* , Canadian game blids! A Government
o>  UtotitHliOV  M ��l Indigence.        , report of 1892  remarks:  "It Is now
| 'jecomlng very rare,   and   ls found
It Is announced that   Lady   Scott,    pr0Dabiy oaly ln the counties ot Es-,
srx and Kent, and even there it Is
only a matter of a sho
must become extinct."   From Ml wo
ever hear of Its   	
bas happened.    As far as this pro-
C. Lawyer Goes to Washington tc
Handle  Cases for  Sealing
Schooner Owners.
Victoria,    March    11.���Oscar    Pass I
.   _..._,      .      _   left yesterday on his jou-ney to Wash*1
only a matter of a short time when it, j,,,.**...,,,  i,   ,*,  wtl(.re  ne  vvill appear
....... ,    .       ._  . j b>-fore the commission at present sit* |
ever hear of Its thli is precisely what | linK t() arbl,,.ale on all outstanding pe-
m       ...  .    _     I cunlary claims between Great Britain
vlnce ls concerned tbe wild turkey , illl(1 lhe l;nited sttttf,8.    j|e wl|, uke
has apparently flown to Join the Great. ci,arK,, of tne oiafans made on behalf-
Auk aud our storied Passenger Pig- \ot ������. S(.a|i���g Hchooners Jessie, Thorn-1
eon "sun-screens." | aa  y   Bayard  and  Pescawha.    These!
I remember meeting several peo- hreaaula, it Is claimed, were unlawful-
pie who bad been familiar with the Jy interfered with on the high seas bv
wild turkey aroend St. Catharines��� \ tho. 1j1)H,.(j Slatl,s revenue cuttttra iii
those magniflcent creatures of three j Li1(, vt,.lr j<(U;t
_    _         _       ,  ,_.._. .    ���    - ... i and n half feet long and live feet In i     The   li-auie*    fnr   u*hlch   ��   claim   nt
ik    brethern    cordially    Invito    ..nno,ln(.f.(- th t the prlvete solicitors i _.���_ SDroad   often welehlne over 20 fiv-nn .     ,       V. *.   I     x.
Merrlthew  NO.; H. W. Sanntei    jniiounccc i"  i ���>"��= F ...,v    wing sproaa, otten weigaing over nvifZt.lOO is maele, Is a British schooner
M_tPV^.^:^ilmt-.~J.mt>^~~ i ..e K|ni; George were about to apply   poUnds���and a most tbe exact coun-
I ce ci |- AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Till*:
retfulur meetlnf ot Amity lodge ts,
27. I. O. O. F.. I. beld every Monds
iiikIu at a o'clock In Odd KVllows Hal
earner Ournarvon and Eighth .treett
EL A. Me......*��-, ....... ...   ...    .
y. O.:  W.  C. Costbam. P. Q.. record    c
ll()\VI*;].l. (HL'CCESBOH TO CEN-
mr a llietma, Ltd. i--Knrii-r��l illr��*e*ioi
and embalm.rs. Parlor. 405 Columbli
utree*i.    New   Wfintrnlniter.    Phone  tit
:��� i,\l;l> nl- TRADE NEW WEBTMIN-
eitir Bon ul of Trad. maett In U>. Dome
rmun. C'lly I In II. n.�� follows: Tblrd Krl
elay of inch inontli; quarterly mi"��lto
on lh" third Friday of February. M��;
August and November at H pm. An
nunl ine*e'lln��?B on the third Kriday o
Fotiruary. C. H. Stuart Wade, .ecr��
has   been
listers, Keille Itors, etc. 40 Lorne** P'reet
N..-W We ��tTi*HiiHter. O. B. Corbould, K
C.    J.  li,  orant.    A. K. McColl.
at-law, S'lliclteir, eto. Solicitor fijr thi
Rink    of     Vancouver,      Offices:    Iter
chants Bank Building, New v7estmlni
tar,  it C.    Telephons No.   l��7ei.    Cmbli       -. . ,    .
sifdwss     "J'llinston."    Code     westsro ! ciullv after the comlnu ol tin;
Edward, which means that she had
been given apartments nrnt free.  Af-
ti'i- the Kind's death It was suggested
thai win* should vacate in order that
���ome other recipient of the royal
benevoli nee might move in, King
George ituvinn friends of liis own
tlitel be Wished to provide lor. lt appears. However, tbat tbe occupant >f
a royal residence is there for life, and
liint the widow of this clans of tenant
can also stay as long as s
unless specific provision
made lei t In* contrary.
No doubt e-.e.rsln i the Norman
Conquest tbe Kings of Kngland have
b"*n providing certain of their
trlends witti free lodging for tbe re-
malnder of their days in recognition
t' some service renusred. Dp to tbe
time of responsible government It
was ilie fashion of royally to present
its favorites with a fe*w thousand
ni*re*e; of land and ii grant from the
public treasury, but after these prc-
rogatlves had been abolished, espe-
Itear .who found no seal skins on
hoard, but < Ight otter skins. He*
firearms were sealed up and she was
forbidden tei break the seals while she
N. lat, and east
llcitier. etc., Colllster Block, crner Col
ejmlilii and Mc*Ke*n/.le* slreeta. New Wssl
minster, B.C. P. O. Box M. Tele
phone 34 4.
niit*- ��� Barristers and Solicitor*. West
minuter Trust Blk.. Columbia Btroei
New Westminster, B. C. Cable ad'lres
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. 0
ier.mrer 200. Telephone ����. W. .1
���WMtiHlele,   K.   C,;   II.   L.   Edmonds.    E
J HTlt.WF.l.L CLUTE. Barrlster-at-lsn
solicitor, etc.; corner Colon,I,U an*
McKenzie* streets, Ncw Westmlnstni
B   C.   P.  C).  Box  111.     Telephone   714
ones following close as she crept
stealthily about a.uoni! the densest t
available growth, where the grasses,
plants, and fruits that they fed on j remained north of
moBt abounded. Seeds and buds, too, I 0f ]),(. y\- [Q_m
they loved, an-' ould never resist i The sam��� diiy ,,,��� Hanl0 ���,,,,������
such delicacies as beetles, tadpoles, tllKfM1 , v ,h(. ,���..���. ������ lh(. Thom,ls K
and Rinall lizards. The only audible Bayard, owned by Mr. Thomas Stock-
sign of the advance would be the mo- I i1;utli Mr James" Maynard and Mr
ther's low, tender piping. Any elan- I T;i���,li;is i.nnisdee. all Englishmen, tor
ger ahead, ant' ��� at her Instant W4iich a claim of $61,688 ls made;iand
change of tone, ��� every toddler of alao on the Peecawka, owned bv Jo-I
them disappeared, only to emerge at I Beph W. Peppltt, a Nova Scotiaii and
the cautious parent's soft cluck. a  British  subject.    For this last  ves-
They were very rarely caught sight lel a rlaim a j-,-.i;e;i Is made. In all
of on the ground, tut a dog could al- | three cases no seal skins were found,
ways flush them into the lower ! y,.t al] nrearmfl were sealed and the
brancbes of. the neareit trees, which crew forbidden to remove them. The
was where tbe gum could flame tnelr vessels, but ror this interference,
deaeily work. Oftener, however, would have remained on the otter
"trapping" wa�� resorted to, for the hunting ground till August 10. It. Is
wild turkey was swift in addition to Uubmittf��1 that, under the then exist-
its wariness, and like as not ended : |j,g i*,*as and regulations following
Its flight In thr. lallost tree Instead. \ubotl the I'nris award and Its result-
The ways and means of trapjlng ant legislation, no color of authority
j wild tu-keys were as varied as the j |s t0 ])e fo���n(1 ror l;U. acti0n of the
strategy of the farmer's hoy was cup-' united States naval or revenue offi-
ovenans,   certain   royai   resioBnc���   (.r,i(.ia,   or   profoun<.   Jenerally   alcers in boarding a  British schooner
wee reserved, and the reigning mon-   ,IU,a3,.re of corn, bagred from dad's  add sealing up her   hunting   lnvple-
arch was permitted to install in tnera i cr)b]   lin(J   a   hatchet   were tiie ouly ! mente.
bis needy friends and  relatives. j accessories  ask d   for���or   purloined j 	
Strictly   speaking,   to-day    I'arlia-   w|t|10ui the asking.    An hour or two j
ln the bush  wa3   sufficient   for   tbe | Farmers ih the Fields,
patherlnc together oi enough poles | Lethbridge, Alta., March 11. -Farm-
and '..rush to erect a small "stockade
fort," built square, and cont-adlug
towards the top, vhere a rough
thatching completed the death chamber. Again the hrntl-axe was called
into requisition; this time to faci'.(-
tate the construction of a "sally
port" or ditch-like entrance, of size
ample to admit of the entrance of a
single turkey. The trap w:*s complete.    To  bait  it was simplicity  A
certain    royal    residences
ARD TIMES! A prominent advertiser who spends a fortune every
year in publicity has established a
significant rule. Whenever he notices a slowing up of business he increases
his advertising. This is the reason: "When
business is booming it is unnecessary to
fight for it���it comes of itself; but when
business is slow I insist on having my share
of it, and the easiest way to get it is by calling attention to my goods. I do not wait for
hard times. I scent them in the distance,
and before anybody else gets busy I make
my contracts for advertising on a big scale
and get my orders in before my competitors
know what I am doing." The logic and common sense of the attitude of this gentleman
account in large part for the remarkable
success he has achieved
men! might assert its right to say that
the tenants should not be tbe particular friends of tbe reigning sovereign, but that the royal residence
I Should be reserved for those whom
Parliament might designate. As a
matter of fact, the o'fe r of a royal
residence to Lady Seott is a recognition of the fact .tint tin* royal resl-
dences are not exclusively intended
for the personal favorites of the
Hampton   Court   which   is  one   of
ers are already out on the land. Many '
hav.*  been   seen  along  the  Maci.eod-
Calgary line of the C, P. R. working
With their harrows.
Advertise in
The New Westminster News
Spring   Suitings  just  arrived.
See l"=
Solicitor cin'l Notary. Offices Har
1'liick. V!K Lorne street, New Weslmlo
SOT.  B.  C
Barristers nnd .solicitors. Sn( to ti
Westnritwter Trust Block. G. K. Mai
Uu. V . a. McQuarrie euiJ George 1
the- ehow places of London, and was   8),|f   for the turkey-trapper'only la'i 'them.    Terfect fit    and workmanship
once the home of royalty, Is a palace |g ftfW teruptirie trains from hia corn
t habited chiefly by Indigent person! btgi starting at some distance awav.
of rank or distinction tbat the King aml |,,adin>. through the bush 'rom
has a right  to nominate aa free ten- j opposi,e directions to the entrance of
the pen, which also was strewn witb
the yellow grains that wer    so liter-
cuaranteed.    Trices
701 Front Street.
from  $18.00  up.
lints. Some twenty families occupy
tbe premises. Their accommodation
ranges from five to twelve rooms, and
jlf the? King were to rent the apartments, he would recelv? some $20,000
j or f SO,(100 a year, and the money
would go Into his private purse.   Incl-
! dentally II might be remarked that
the nation pays JT.'i.OOO a year for
the maintenance of Hampton Court.
ally "a delusion and a tnare." Once
in the dark interior whither his love
for maize hai led him, all reason
seemed to leave the big, wary bird
at once, and he fiew round like one
possessed, wounding himself agilnst
the sides and narrowed top .111 Incapable of  remembering, or finding,
The present tenants are. for the mc-^ jtbe    shadowed     aperture     through,
which he had entered.    In such man- I
-re often  an entire (lock of turkeys |
COM. MINING rights of the Dominic
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alheiti
(he Yukon 'lU-rrltory, tiie Northwest Tei
rltoriea and In a portion of the Provlnc
of British Columbia, may be leused for .
term nf twenty-one years at an anniif
rents I of Si an acre. Not more than 2(1
��cre.i will he leased lo one ai>|>llcan*.
Ai'tiUcntloti for a lease must be mad
by '.In* applicant In person to the Ag-i
or Sub-Agent of the district In which tl*
rlKhts applied for are situated.
ln surveyed territory the land must b
described by sections, or legal ��ub-dl��
sions of sections, snd in unsurveyed tei
rltory the tract applied for shall t
staked nut   by the applicant himself.
Eiich tii'i'llciitloii must be ftccomiisnle
by a fee of $6 which will be refunded I
tin* rlKhts applied for are not available
ebut not otherwise. A royalty shall t
���(���nld on tbe merchantable output of tb
���oilne* ut tha rate of five cents per ton.
The perHon operating the mine si.a
rurnl'ih ibe Anent with sworn return
accounting for the full quantity of met
Chantabte ooal mined and pay tht realty thereon. If the coal mining rlghi
ore nol being operated such returns shoul
be  furnished  at  least  once  a  year.
The letise will include the coal rnlnli.
rlshes only, but the leasee wlll he pel
milted to purchase whatever avsttabl
surface rlghla reny he considered necet
sary for tbe working of the mine at th
ratee of  110 an acre
For full Information application shoul*
be made to the Secretary of the Depart
nienl  of  the  Interior.  Ottawa,  or  to  an
Amiii  or  Huh Agent of Dominion  Uiim
Dejmty Minister of the Interior
N. B. - Utuiuthorlied publication of thl.
������Jveritnement will not be paid for.
New Wellington
Office, S54 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begbie Street.
I part, widows and daughters of army
I anil navy officers r men who held
jriil'Or offices In the royal household.
Before being eligible as tenants It
ils necessary Ihat the aprlieant  make
rn affidavit to the effict  ihat Ills or
! her income Is not more than $1,000
!a year     In the other royal residences
I no such rule applies, ami al the pres-
ient lime many apartments ar    occupied by persons well able to pay for
their accommodation.
A case in point is Ihat of the Countess Kedora Olelchen, a cousin of the
Kinc. wbo was granted apartments by
I King Kdward, or rather her father
was given the privtl ige of living rent
free by Queen Victoria, and King Kdward continued th: daughter in the
premises at st. James' P'lace.
It was this cci'intes" w> o was requested by the agents of King C.eorge
to pay rent, but site declined upon
the score of poverty, it Is notorious
that the counties, who is a sculptor,
nf note, and is also in receipt of a
pension, is earning some $20,000 or
?l:r..0'io a year, and can well afford
to pay good rent. Nevertheless, the
COlirtesB bas refused to move or pay
rent, and has left it to the King to
decide upon any further steps.
The gift residences around Windsor are also said lo be a source of con-
Blderabte annoyance to King fioorge,
who (inds them occupied by persons
who have no particular claim upon
him eir upon the nation. The tenants have Ihe advantage of the owners In tliis respect, that King Oeorge
Is very loath to appear In a court of
There are nine of these residences
at. Windsor, and of the tenants six
bad no special arrangement with
King Kdward, who installed them, as
to their vacation upon demand. It
Is held that unless there was a legal
agreement to this effect the tenants
can continue to occupy during their
lifetime, and most of them will no
doubt insist upon their legal right In
the matter.
Sir Dighton Probyn, King Edward's
Keeper of the Privy Purse, has not
only a (ine suite at Windsor, but has
some exclusive rights In a park. He
seems to have regarded the park as
used   frequentl/   to   be   doluded  and
lelcli Ven Kisliinjg Grounds.
That a rich uew fishing ground is
afforded by the waters of Hudson
Strait is set forth in a report to the
Marine und Flshei.es Department by
Dominion Fishery Officer Th'ioas
Tanner. Its salmon catc! particularly may yet rival that of Brit sh Columbia. Tlu area is practically a
virgin one an 1 li>rge supplies of \alu-
able lisb could be taken. The difficulties are the spars.1 population and
lack of lisjerme-.i and the very s'l rt
season. Witb i'ort Burwell as a centre trawling coulc. be done during
eti_ht or twelve weeks. There is no
limit ti 'he quantity of codtisb, a few
loa Is of which are garnered by Ne -
foundland vessels winch come up
every y:ar. The weather is perfect
for lis li i ig, but not so "avor. ble for
drying the. on ,'ue spot. The catches,
howtrer, en be salted and taken
home to the curing piaces, just as is
the practiced of i.linen u rg fleet. As
this is deep-sea tishing, no doubt a
bounty coul-J be authorized cltiri.ig
the lust lew years when the indus.ry
is in ih. tirst "tagis of ief development. The sum of $lti0,00o per annum is available,
lliimar's First Venture.
The Urst time llamar Greenwood,
M.l'. In tbe British C mmons, displayed his propvnrity for doliifc tbe
un��xi icted thing was while he was
an undtig.aduate of the Toronto Uui-
verBliy. Wben the long \. cation came [
ulong be went on a St miner tour playing ihe heavy villain in a barnstorm-
liu theatrical company vho were pre-
bo itlng "Down the Slope, or tbe Slippery Uoad to Kuiu." Tie company
went down the slope and llamar was
stranded up at Goderlrh until a Toronto friend sent him $j.
They're Kai��y In (juelpli.
A  Guelph  newspaper  reporter,   In
looking for materia! for a story, start-
Utiggnge Delivered  Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Read The News
his own'to"such an extent that he has Iff t0 Pa6S a bogus 25-cent piece on
���."."" j. .. ,i_n���__ i��� Ithe stores  around  town,  afterwards
spent several thousands of dollars in
beautifying it. He bjvs he will move
when he Is reimbursed for his Improvements, but as his expenditure
does not Improve the premises, except
for his own occupancy, his terms
hive been refused. Probably Sir
Dighton will be buried from Windsor.
Informing the dealer that he had done
E.O. and getting the coin back. Before he was th-ough he passed the
bogus coin In no less than eighteen j
places, always sliding it across the
rounter to avoH letting is sound be
Discuss Military Camps. Report of $1,000,000 Fire
Ottawa, March 11.���A deputation of      ., , .   ,      _        , .   ,
officials of the C. P. R., the Grand N,>w 0rteaas' M"rch 10-Despatchea
Trunk and the 1. C, R., met the tnln- today from Gelba. Honduras, stated
ister of militia today with regard to that the city of liciba had been swept
transport ing trot.ps to damps Ihis j by a tire that had caused a loss esti-
summer. Arrangement will be made j mated at $1,000,000. It was said
to have the transportation carried out that "*i city blocks had been destroy-
as Boon as possible, led anil ethers were in dan;;?r.
Have you ever noted how an audience
yawns in the face of an uninspired speaker?
On the other hand, have you noted how an audience
will lean forward and grasp the chair arms when
the speaker reveals enthusiasm ?
Enthusiasm is lhe buoyant expression of truth. To
impart belief in anything, a man must believe it
deeply himself.    We call such a man an enthusiast.
This applies to the written word also ��� particularly
to advertisements. When the manufacturer really
believes in his wares, his enthusiasm will almost
inevitably find expression in Advertising. And enthusiasm will be contagious ��� his audience ��� the
readers of the newspaper���will, figuratively speaking,
"lean forward and listen intently."
To be convincing an advertisement
must   convey   an   unmistakable
impression of enthusiasm.    This it
* will   only   do   when   the   article
advertised has inherent worth.
Thus we have:
Sincerity --Enthusiasm -- Advertising:
Three   mighty  forces,   close-linked.
If you art doing a local busi*ess talk over your advertising problems with th* Advertising Department
of this newspaper.     <} // you are doing a provincial or national business it would be well for
yon Is have tht counsel and assistance of a good advertising agency.     A list of these
will be furnished,   without cost or obligation,  by the Secretary of Canadian
Prtss Association,  Room S03,  Lumsden Huilding,   Toronto.
|   ���
Our stock includes many
things that the wife needs about
t'ne house.
llronnis.  light    30c.
And ranging ln weight to 65c.
Scrub Brushes . 15c, 20c, 25c.
Shoe  Ilruslies   .  25c,  30c,  35c
Daubers, each   ......: 15c.
Stove finishes, .   ..20c. and 25c
Black  Lend  Daubers   10c.
Nail  Brushes, 3  fpr    10c.
Dish   Washers    10c.
Wire   Sink   Brushes   e 15c.
Knife rieaners   20c.
Wash  Boards, (".lass.  Brass.
and Enamel  50c.
Wash Boards, zinc    25c
Wash Tubs, Galvanized Iron.
Fibre and Wooden; Pails, Galvanized Iron, Fibre and Wooden.
Clothes Baskets, Clothes Lines,
Clothes Pins, Mops, etc.
Model Grocery
808 SUth St. Phone  1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed
Monds Branch,c Cray Block.
Phone 1111L.
Who is
Is he financially responsible?
Appointing' a Trust
Company as Executors
is for many reasons rapidly meeting with popular favor.
Our facilities in this
regard are unexcelled
and may be proven by
our record.
Trusts under administration* - 1912, $6,000,-
Trusts under administration 1913. $13,480,-
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminister
806  Columbia  Street.
C.  8. KEITH, Manager.
Local News
Benevolent Society Meets.
The   regular   monthly   meeting     of
the Benevolent society will be held
in  the  board of  trade  room  at   2:30
o'clock ihis afternoon.
Btirbank's  Seeds.    Sole agency   for
the city.  Hill's   Drug  Store*.     ,(3067)
' lo those who SS��l*te<J In the recent
' pennant sale. This afternoon at 2:3n
' i(e v. l). .\I. Sanford will give his sec-
i one! lecture on "Iteligiotis Pedagogy,"
Wblcb will h.* followed atf::20 o'clock
j by ten address on tha history of religious by Kev. in. Crummy. On Fri-
Iday evening the students at the col-
:lcge* will give a musical recital.
Nothing Doing.
The  Burnaby  licensing board     1110/
yesterday  morning at  Kilmonds.    No
applications for new licenses wen* received and no complaints made.
Met Yesterday.
The Port Coquitlam license   communion met yesterday and conducted
the usual quarterly business.
Weather Today.
Ne a Westminster and lower mainland- Light to moderate winds, mostly
cloudy and mild  with  rain tonight or
financial diiUion when John S. Williams ljcctiiue eomntroUer ol the troaa
.Mr. Malburn, a native of Free*port.
Ill , a lawyer and former banker, was
selected by Secretary .McAdoo alter
conferences lie had at tht department
mien the currency bill was pending.
(Continued from page onei
Insure  in  the    Itoyai,  the   world's
largest  ilre company.    Agent, Alfred j
W.  Mcl.eod.  the Insurance Man.
(3000) j
Annual  Meeting.
The' annual meeting of the Central |
I'ark  Poultry and Co-operative asso-
elation will be helel in the agricultural
hall at Central I'ark this evening at 8
o'clock.   Election of officers for the'
ensuing year and the receiving of re* |
ports  will  be   the  principal  business.
Will Come Here.
.1. YV. Cunningham,  W.  U Darling*
and Hobb Sutherland represented the'
hoard of trade al  B  meeting in  Van-1
I couver last night to make the preliminary arrangements for the reception
of the Pacific Coast Aci clubs' conven- j
tion in June.    Joseph  lilethen of the
Seattle Times, addressed a representative meeting of delegates from different civic bodies after which a ways
and  means committee  was appointed
to secure funds and  strike standing
committees.   The delegates to the convention   will   visit  New   Westminster
during their stay in Uritish Columbia.
Very Optimistic.
Calgary, March 11.���J. S. Dennis,
vice-president of the Canadian I'acille*
aud the head of the railroad's land
department, in an optimistic address
before tha Calgary Ad club today said
the land department sold over 14,500,-
000 worth of good land to actual settlers last year, and staled that the
reports of the company's agents,   of
which  there  are  some  8000   in    the,. . . ,    .
I'nited States alone, Indicated a much   bl'e" V���*-~+* Immunity ">J
larger influx of immigrants this year
1 ban last.
iocial ana  Personal
tion.    Mr.   Bonnar  had  asked   BuxtOfl
if he was in the Clarendon hotel on a
certain  date.    Huston  replied  in  the
affirmative and adde-d, c I his own in
Itialivi'.   that   Hagel   was  there   with
him   at   the   time.     .Mr.   liimnar   wus
terribly annoyed at this and roared a ,,, ,
question at the witness aa to why he , hi,��"" ,l "' "'"'
Insisted on bringing Hagel in to it .
He asked  bim  point   blank if lie  had!
the crown
and tiie light was on.
That "Consideration."
Buxton held his ground (irmly and
refused to get excited although vigor*
THURSDAY.   MARCH   12,  19i*.
-aid he thought at the time Ihat tin-
promise of "consideration" waa aui
Delta! because II came- from tin* de
part mem of Justice 10 put himself into
their hands. He took their word like
a g. nth man.
He stated that lie had bi'cn line), r
steady confinement and was still inking- "tea ami bread." He denied thai
in* had bean allowed to tea any pe-r-
aon at the time that Percy Hagel waa
denied Io see liis counsel, and ntut.il
that all his mail had been opened In*
fori it reached him. He admitted
that he was being bald as a material
witness and stated in conclusion in*
did not know yet what was going lo
Try our lea. coffee* and pastry.
Grant's Bakery, 737 Columbia St.
H. Boycc Is Missing.
The Burnaby police are investigating 'he disappearance of ll. Boyce, a
j resident on Silver ave nue, South liur-
naby, who dropped out of si!*iit cm
Monday last. Mr, Boyce i.s a man 80
jears old, married, and was in the
habit of taking long walks. He is of
.striking appearance, bavins while
hair and hi ard.
.Money to loan ou Ifrsl mortgages,
Improved city and farm property. 9
per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod.      (3009)
St. Patrick's Day.
March IT, tin* day set apart for
|commemorating Inland's paircn saint.
Si. Patrick, will in* well celebrated in
New Westminster, according to plans
being laid hy the local lodge of the
Knights of Columbus, As has been
tiie custom in years past a lilg concert will lie held in St. Patrick's hall
when tlte best local. Vancouver and
Bellingham talent will take pint in
a   musical  program.
We serve  light  lunches,
(irant's Bakery, 737 Columbia St.
The Educational club of Columbian
college will meet at the home of Mrs.
A. U". Cray, 21li Second street, this
evening when an address, "Canadian
Poetry," will be given by Mrs. Iiabelle
Keel' stone McKay, lhe well known
Vancouver writer. Miss V. Hull will
render a pianoforte solo while Miss i
Drew will assist in the program with j
a  vocal solo.
The ladies' aid of the Sixth Avenue
Methodist church will hold an informal social evening in lhe church on St.
I'a I rick's day.
Tiie ladies of the Maccabees will beat home this afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Nels Nelson.
Mrs. (Captain) .1. C. Kmbre-e. 72S
floyiil avenue, left for San Francisco
yesterday where she will stay two
weeks the guest of her mother.
Dr. and Mrs. A. I.. McQuarrie are
rejoicing over tiie arrival yesterday
morning of a baby daughter.
MAJOR STEPHENS DECIDES ously assailed.    A battle of wits l.ist-
TO CONTEST FOR MAYORALTY ilnR for P��haps three -quarters of an
hour took place in which Mr. Bonnar
Montreal, March 11. -Major G. W.
Stephens has decided now that he will
run for mayor and take a chance of his
tiling disqualified under the residen-
lii stipulation. There Is little doubt
that if his opponent, Mederic Martin,
one of the notorious "23" aldermen of
the old corruption regime loses the
fight, Stephen's election will be contested In the courts. The English
speaking ex-harbor board chairman
litis decided to run tills risk.
New York. March 11.���The American Express company today declared
a quarterly dividend of l1*** per cent,
which is a reduction of half of 1 per
ci nt. from the last quarterly dividend
declared December :',. The dividend
declared today is payable out of investments held by the company. The
previous dividend of 2 per cent, was
payable out of transportation proceeds,
President Nominates  Him for Assistant Secretary of Treasury.
Washington, March n William
Peabody Malburn of Denver, was nominated hy President Wilson today to
lie assistant secretary of tin* treasury.
He will be assigned to the customs ,
Burnaby Conservatives. [division,   succeeding  Assistant   Secre
A meeting of Conservatives In East ! tary Hamlin,who took charge of tiie
Burnaby, Edmonds and district bn< I
been called for Friday evening in
Moreton hall, Edmonds, when speakers from New Westminster unci Vancouver will lie present, while an invitation lias been forwarded to the
Richmond member, Carter Cotton, of
Vancouvi r. lt is planned to organize
an association, The chair will be
taki n at s o'clock.
Merchants Elect Officers.
Ai   a   meeting     held     on    Tuesday
night  the following were elected officers of the New Westminster Retail
Merchants'   association:      President
io er..  Blakt 1 y; vie '-president, <;. li. i
Jacobson, of Matheson  & Jacobson;
Becrctary-treasurer,   .1.    P,    Phillips; ���
d rectors, D. E. MacKenzie, R, J. Mc* !
Menemy,  Howard   Welsh,  A.  Sprice. i
E. Oilley, E. C, Traves, and A. P. Mc-j
Donald.    There   was  a   good  attend- j
ance    S. ti. Rashle igh was retained as
official secretary,
Me(H'Ai:mi*;  to dr, and MRS. A.
L, McQuarrie, 407 Third avenue, on
Wednesday, March  11, a daughter,
Quaker Brand, 1  lb, tins at 4 tins for
25c;   large 3 Ib. tins, 2 for 25c.
Herring In Tomato Sauce, 3 tins 23c.
Worcester Sauce, Button's' Brand, reg.
20c.   bottle,     Special   2* for  25c.
II. P. Sauce, Special per bottle ..23c.
Canned I 'iti' apple, 3 tins for 25c.
Minced Clams, per tin   I0c.
Freeh Gasden Seedg now   In stock.
Onion   Sets,   per   lb 20c.
Shailott.s,   per  lh 20c.
Completes Industrial Board.
With the appointment of George E.
! Graham,   mauB^er of  the  Coquitlam
I Terminal  company,  tn represent the
jruii estate Interests, the* Pert Coquitlam  industrial committee formed    at
I the  Instance of Mayor  Mackenzie is
I now complete,   The committee   now
| consists    of   the    mayor,    Aldermen
Galer and    Keith    representing   the
council, I*', ll. Seabrook, representing
the board ot trade, and Mr. .Graham.
Conference Postponed.
Owing    lo    lh"    tills, tier    of 1-'.    It.
t Clover, ol the f:  C. 13. R., who is at
j lire:-, tu In Vic oria, Alderman Annandale was unable  to arrange for tt conference on the harbor scheme yesterday.    This  will   be   he Id   at  Ihe  lirst
cf the week, however.   G. Cassady, of
the Columbia Cold storage, will meet
i Aid' nti.-in Annandale tt da> to discus i
| further the   arraugementa      I li   his
I company.
Doings at the Colleqe.
Misa I Sudson, of Port Simpson, la s
I night  addressed  the*   V. W, C,  A   t r
: the Columbian college on the work i f
the Itid tui sitls in her district, while
' GI   Haley,  also  of   I'crt   Simpson,  was
addressins the V. M. C. A, of the college on the work ameng Uu* Indians
then*. At the V. W, C. A. meeting
I Miss Ij, Munsen was in the chair end
j Miss Winters, A. T. C. I... rendered a
j solo. "The Bird with the Broken
I Pinion." A vote of thanks was passed
The People's Grocer
City Store   193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West  End  Branch    650
Residence:   Room  111  McLeod Block.
Phone 489 I..
From now em Salads are in
e-iie;-. Get your salad Ingredients from ue*>.
Le mice, local hothouse, pi t-
bunch   5c.
Lettuce, California, per head,
Celery, white bleached, per
head VJc. and 15c.
Radishes, local hothouse, pi r
bunch 5c.
Green Onions, per bunch  5c.
Lobster,     Shrimp.     Ch i ; *��� i.
Crab; Peanut, Buttle,-. Olive I ill,
in the best hiands; Salad On
Ing,  including   'Durkee's,    Mrs
Porter's and Libby'S.
Slle c il   Lunch   Tongue,   iii..   50c.
Liver Sausage,  each   .   .      20c.
Bologna,  per  lh 20c.
Pork   Pies,  each    25:.
Dill   Pickles,  dozen     25c.
Olives,   per   pint         25c.
Sour Mix  Pickles, pint. .   . 25c.
Picturesque   Spot   Where   the   Noted
Author Lies at Rett.
Pew people perhaps know anything
about tiie picturesque English rillny*
of Bosbury, lying almost beneath tb��
.shadow of the lengthy rampart of hills
which divides the valley of the Severn from undulating, orchard clad
Herefordshire. It was to tills garden
of England, a veritable glory of apple*
blossom in tho springtime, that Edna
Lynll delighted to go for a few weeks
in eacli year of her short life, ami ll
was Bosbury churchyard that sh��
chose for her last resting place.
Her grave beneath the shadow ol
nn old churchyard cross is a very slm*
pie ono���merely a plot of grass bor
tiered by her favorite rose trees. Cpor
It stands a small I unit cross wltb tb��
(Edna l.yall),
February 8th, iso.l.
"My trust ll In the tender
mercy of God for ever and ever."
"Won by Waiting" was Edna Ly*
nil's first book. "The Autobiography
of a Slander" reached Its twenty-four
thousandth edition soon after publication and wns translated Into several
languages.���Great Thoughts.
At the age of twenty-one Raphael
hail dune work that litid well surpassed bis master, who was then a umu of
By the time he was twenty-five
Raphael's fame bad so spread that
Pope Julius il. summoned him to
Itome to decorate certain chambers iu
the papal palace. Prom this time to
hi* death, a period of twelve years, he
remained the greater part of the time
In Rome. Though most famous as a
painter, he was sufficiently great in
architecture also to be appointed at
the age of thirty to succeed Bnimante
ns tbe architect of the new St. Peter's
But his greatest commission remained
still, that e.r decorating the walls of
the Vatican. Thr remaining years ol
his life were crowded with an amazing amount <>t* work���numbers of large
and smaller paintings and numerous
frescoes.���Woninu's Home Companion,
Washington. March 11.���Dense
clouds which hung over Washington
tonight prevented astronomers at the
naval observatory from making accurate observations of moon's eclipse
for which thi'.v had been preparing for
weekB. Only at Intervals we're the as-
attacked the witness from every angle j trononiers able to train instruments
iu   an   effort   to  get   him   to  commit   directly    on     the  partially  obscured
himself on this question. Buxton re- I
sorted lo quibbling. At times he professed not to understand. He insisted
repeatedly that Mr. Bonnar Hliould get
his Information from the crown, lie
could not be driven to s-ty thai he
had been promised his freedom, either
in writing or otherwise, and rhe matter ended by the half admission thai
he had been promised "consideration"
and that Deputy Attorney General
Allen had told him: "To go to the
front  and   tell     the    truth,"    Buxton
planet. Hope was expressed, however
that the photographs made after the
moon had entered the shadow would
reveal some points relating to the-
phenomenon that would lie of assist
ance* to the astronomers In correcting
the lunar tables.
While "close" observations were Impossible, the great telescopes showeil
that the moon entered the earth's shadow at 9:41 8-10 and was more than
nine-tenths ODSCUred before- it. lit.ally
emerged about three hours later
ost of living high?
rWhy should I care when I
can make more use of my oven? Who ever
heard anybody complain that home made
biscuits, muffins and things appeared on the
table too often? Hob���he's a chemist���
says that ten cents worth of wheat supplies
far more food value and real energy than a
round steak. No indeed, I don't buy much
meat, and we're all the better for it. But
don't imagine that ordinary biscuits or
cakes will do. Look to the flour they're
made from! Make it ROYAL STANDARD
(your grocer sells it) and then your oven
will be a veritable treasurechest for goodies
litrht and feathery, wholesome and digestible.
city   to   inspect   their   spring   stock   of
Special price for two weeks only $:15
We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
the ladies of thl
fabrics  and   style
Used to Her Yells.
The story of the Ind who cried
"Wolf!" to fool his neighbors had a
modern version the other night in an
uptown apartment house. Miss ri. began taking music lessons. Everybody
heard bet* and got more or less used to
It. But the cither night Miss II. start-
eel to yell���as usual, every one thought
-and the neighbors went right ou trying to pay uo attention to it. As a matter of fact, Miss ll hud found a burglar In her apartment, and he got away
with Miss Q.'s jewels just because every one did go right on paying no attention to ber.-'-New Vork Trlbuue.
If not
a policy in the NORTH   AMERICAN   LIFE   will   do  it.
AS  THE  CONTINENT. The policyholders'company.
WHITE, SHILES & CO. (Agents)
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Hard  Luck.
"I always have tough luck."
"What's the matter?"
"I paid Brown .$5 that I borrowed
from him several weeks ago."
"Where's the tough  luck?"
"He said afterward that he'd for
gotten all about It! "���Detroit Free
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of Oue Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of tb*
CHA8. O. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager
Often the Case.
"It was a fair fight, wasn't it?"
"Sure it was. The under dog got
"Call that a tnlr tight?'
"Walt, now, let me explain. Ths
nnder dog provoked lt"-8t. Louis Republic.
Dean's Groc
Phone  388.
���iurr  Biock ...mhla   Utrant.
Read - Ik - News
This is the Brighten Op time ot the year when you wanl everything
looking new and clean. Are you going to freshen up the walls ami
floors of your homi ?    if vou an*, see us.
ALABASTINE���A cold water paint that comes In over 20 different shades.    Easy to put on and Jtift. plaster walls  li IE  no  equal.
NEW TONE���This is a flat finish oi! paint for plaster or nvood
walls New Tone conies in a number of beautiful tints, ce'-e;s
well anel can he wash eel.
Stain, Varnish and  Wax for the floors.   Ask for a color card.
New Westminster.
Phone 69.
London. Ont, March 11.���A charge
of forgery haa been laid against -.Villi.nn Whitney, whose present whereabouts is unknown, as tbe result of
an alleged trick, it is a lo.-tg while
since the police deall with one ho
In artless.
The evidence given In Uie police
court when the ('. N, VV. Shoe com-
pnoy was denfending a charge of
non-payment of wag h was that while
Thomas Gallagher lay In tho hospital
sick Whitney forged an order on ihe |
company and secured 'he wages of
the sick boy.
Every Monday at 12 midnight
to Prince Rupert and Qranby
Every Thursday at 1- midnight to Prince Rupert.
Every Saturday at 12 midnight to Victoria and Seattle.
Thursday. March 19, at 12
midnight- To Skidegate, Paoofi,
l.oekj.'ort, Ikeda, Queen Charlotte City,  etc,
.Monday, March 23, at 12 midnight  to   Massett and   Stewart,
Grand Trunk Pacific
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 a.m. for Terr.it.-i,
Smithers. Mixed trains to
Wordsworth (Mile 337.) Stage
to Priestley and Port Eraser
Dally passenger trains leave
Edmonton 10:46 p.m., arrive Mc*
lirlde 1:56 p.m, Mixed trains
i" Prince Oeorge Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jcnney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
527  Granville  St.,  Vancouver. Phone  Sey. 8134. THURSDAY.  MARCH  12,  19,4.
Canadiens   Never   in   Running���FirM
Game ot World's Series Against
Victoria  Saturday.
1 were outdated from the first to last
acooir. Torontos has the edgo by
the  lone  goal  In  ,he  first  period, *iii*
      |",'��>,-��K !t I 2-�� in thf> ""^n-l while
1 me team broke loose in the third, run-
' nm* ��P f<J*-r tallies In succession   La-
Toronto. March U-Playing Hk��� do ��� ^t anTof mt^ ��f 6amU  bUl  Wa8
mona against a demoralized team the      Th,.   ������      llttl0 "?*
Torontos cinched the Utle of N 11 a   in-     *    n>"l0ii  Wl11  me,nt  Victoria,
* tampions and  Stanley  cuppers here  flr 1   '''���"i'",""n,i, ��n   lot'al   '<��   in   the
��� night when they defeated the Cana   <���'. ��� wortda series games   n
Th. IP. * hf." 'l:ly D,ght    l'e8t,'r  Pi'flck  and
iiiiic.ii-  mis players were Interested
running and | at tonight's game
ing ilie ten round bout might do much
to switch over lh<* championship.
Ritchie as usual gels his pile, $lnu.i
a round.
Over 03,000 fans packed the Tor
onto un-iia during the two uiiitinii
0. II. A. mines hitwee 11 the T. it. and
A A. vs. St. Michaels. Something
like llo.imi) was taken in at the gate.
Donald Smith calls the N. H. A.
champions to defeat Victoria in the
world's series. Smith was with Victoria tha first year of hockey on tiie
"Victoria players surprise Vancouver leum" runs a big headline In a
Capital City paper. Nothing else than
a chess contest
Evers Gets Fat Cheque or (25,000 for
Signing With Boston Nationals
���A Bsnuc.
ns  of   Montreal   6-0.
te   were never in  ihe
Amateur   H'jr.key > ,,..,... ,.    ,   ,       Ij-sH
��    ��ave   or popular   l^ieren,   hs .  EK? ' * :'"" "fr-"
l.reael   lltrough   tin*  dty  and  district
local     rink     would
to capacity on    ac*
!ic-e*utnc u   iihiiut   tbem   and
.,  -   finished   *he*  geries  earlier  Instead  of
tin* result of tin* Oral of tM holding protesl meetings In the com
y-off fames between Kraser Mills mltteie room, thi
1 the Columbias for the provincial have been lilhtcl
implonshlp and keen Interesi is in*- count 1 1 an Increased time for pub
takm as to Priday nights contest I,city. A big crowd, however, is 110th-
en the* Circle I-' team travels to met to a provincial championship and
acouver. if the* hoes ,*���, <j 1.1 > main- everybody appears to be* pulling for
n the pace aud system as displayed  the latter,    A special car has heen
chartered by the Fraser Mills club
for Priday night to take over the supporters of the team from tin* lumber
; ce lony. Neve Westminst
, could do tin
Macon. Oa., Marcli 11.���John EverS,
deposed  manager of the Chicago National  league  ''asehall  team,  received!
tonight a Check for (26,000 as a bonus,
for Signing a contract with the Boston
Nationals.    The    check    was    given
Evers by James E, Oaffney, owner of j
the Boston club, shortly after his ar-1
rival here. (
"It   'tas   heen   reported   that   Evers'
was to receive 120.000," said Oaffney.!
as lie  banded a slip of paper to  the |
second   baseman,  "but  here    is    the
___\ I check.    Evers mav, if  he wishes' tell
shown anylthe amoullf -
Evers smilingly handed the check to
seine* oi   his ft tends.
" and canted it to Mrs. Brown   bat]
without  rousing   ihat   lad>   from   best
Kh-tin.    At lasl tin- prodigal lump p-
turned of his own accord.    The grata
ful inotiier ���niched bin up with load
cries of delight and departed hastily.
Oe-tavius  was left on the bench  with |
Ian assorted variety of white* sweater*
led children.    He was not  left   long.
: An outraged   army   of nurse   maids
(and  u others desce*ncled  upon   him  in
, wrath and claimed their    own    with
i many threats of vengeance.    After all
I the furore waa   over,   Octavlus   pro-
j Par* I tc take hig leave when he sud
I Oenlj   discovered   thai   one   baby   re-
mailed on the    ijenclt    heside    him
jOctt'vius was in a fix.   It was getting
��� latt.    He  could  not  very   well   leave
: ine child on the bench and his pride
torbade him  to inform the police   So
| he took the haby home.
j    1 he* next morning, after a  strenu-
j cms  ifternoon and evening witli    the ,
I baby, the delighted Octavlus discover |
I ed an advertisement in the newspaper j
ottering a large reward fcr the return
of the Van Alleui baby.   Octaviu3 took
the child to the address, gently called
the Van Alle-n's attention to his marvelous   detective  ability  and   refused
the  reward.     Out   of  gratitude    Mrs
van Allen'e beautiful   sister   invited!
the detective to dinner the following I
n-ght.   Octavlus thought be had made.
tfuitea hit, bm bisd light  /as nipped
��� ti tne hud when, j���st before dinner
the girl introduced him to Mr Doug
���sis, her fiance.
���  Queens   park   enclosure,   the
1      ������'���'��� lead will be sufficient   to
them through, although the dan-
* -  in ing over confident is some-
��� to be watched.    Had the Van-
^^^^^^^ enthusiasts
-lull a good  turn  hy elo-
a little organizing themselves and
taring  in   Vancouver  In  sufficient
Swamp  Kenora Thistles 6-2���Visitors
Quit Before Time Was Called���
Regina Next on List.
wi ti
Four   Parts.
strength to show the Terminal City
fans thai amateur hockey is very
much alive along the Eraser's hanks.
Timekeepers' Union.
According to reports from the east,
an athletic timekeepers' class has
li en started in Montreal, the Instructors lieiiig men well known in amateur sports who have handled cthron*
e meters at all the big athletic meets
In eastern Canada. The idea is not
to allow anyone to officiate in future as an official Bt Amateur Athletic i'nion games unless tbey have ti
proper certificate showing Ihat they
nre fully quail fled for tin* position.
Sucb a step is In the righl dlrec
tli n. It will eliminate' incidents that
have occurred where a sprinter Is re-
1 porti c] as doing tho hundred In cer
[tain time ch'.-i another second tack-:
eel on would be nearer the* mark.*
. ��� Tin* B. C, A. A. LT. In the three large
cities cm the eaiHHt might Well take
su.-li ti Btep as instances of some rank
fining are contlually cropping up.
Lightweight Jimmy Diffy.
Eastern ficht fans are '-iking a serious view of the doings Of one. James
(Jimmy) Duffy, the L-ockport, NY.
lightweight, and many predictions
are heard thai the Irishman will de.
liver the goods. Standing five feet
ten Inches and being 23 years old,
Duffy has been making quite a name
for himself In eastern citie*s that fol-
f. Hi wing his lacing of Freddie Welsh
tit Si. Louis two weeks ago, critics
are willing io wager that he can whip
Willie* Ritchie, Duffy jabbed Welsh
tell over the ring thai night, and al-
lliou'tli a decision could not In* reticle red   iti   the   Brewt ry   town,   everv
Winnipeg, March 11.���The Winnipeg Monarchs successfully defended
the Allen cup against the Kenora
Thistles on the sudden death game
here tonight The score waa ��i-J and
just about represents the merits ;,f
ihe teams.    Slow  ice made fust work
|Impossible but the contest was always of such a close nature that the
play-off was exciting and  the  speeta
| tors   were  thrilled   with   many   sensa-
', tlonal plays.
'i ne Monarchs had the punch and
the finish and t!iis was the* real cat**'*
of their victory. The challengers
orced the play In the first half principally on account of the Monarchs
playing sho-t handed -nearly all the
time, but Inlliant work in goal l.y
Stuart and wonderful checking by l, l
Blld V' X Irvln, stopped any seri ms
Willi three minutes to pla> tie bell
u.is rung to bring Maxwell hack from
the penalty bench ami thinking the
it. :.'���* was ended, the crowd rus'n-'l on
tii" ice*. The players were brought
back but Kenora refused to play and
:: I they nad had e. ough. li'-tier defence and u more finished attaca w*.s
tl.c* downfall of th" Kenoras, wli i *
hackers dropped hundreds of dollars
on Ho   result.
I     Manager     Wells     is     very     much |
i pleased  wiih  the  way  In   which    his ]
'. It'gh class vaudeville policy has turn* '
I cd out, and as a result lie has decided
| to change his bill twice* a week. Ow-;
j Ing to tiie hit made by the Diving De j
1 Young sisters anil company, however.
be   Will   retain   the    diving    act    and
change the other four acts and pic-
ture a.
Tonight Miss Adelaide De Young
will present the famous "Monte
Ohriato" sack diving, allowing herself
to be tied and bound In a sack, diving
into the water and releasing herself
while beneath the surface.
����n Friday night there will be an
amateur diving contest open to all
com*-*rs. two cash prizes to be awarded. Tie* amateur contest is said te
be the limit as a laugh provoker and
will no doubt draw a packed house.
Several names have already been en-
t* red.
The other acts are Cook and Hamilton, the actress and the reporter;
I'irel. y and Edwards, featuring the
little girl with the big voice; George
Broom, the ups'de down man; Marion
Calhoun, artistic- singing and entering, and two reels of first class pictures.
J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR. J.A.Rlnnh. SECY-TRE5
Inside City Property
FROM $500 UP
Agreements for sale purchased at reasonable
rates and terms. <* '
Safe deposit boxes to rent from $2.50 per year
Union House.
White Help.
We use Local produce only.   First Class Cafe.
Reasonable Rates.
Cor. Front and Begbie Sts.
Three Hundred Delegates.
Calgary,   March   11 -Three   hundred clc legates an* in attendance at the
annual convention of the Alberta association   nf   local   improvement   dis-
j tricts and  rural   municipalities  which
! convened   here    this    morning.    The
: morning   session   was  devoted   to  organization purposes.
JavLtX        Lawn Grass, Onion Setts
���TJjJj       NOW IN STOCK
(Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
701 Columbia Streeet
Under the direction of Daniel
Continuous from  2 to 11  p.m.
MATINEE - - 10c
EVENING - - 15c
CHILDREN- -   5c
ono bf the sport writers came out |
. ;n the papers thai Duffy was the Eng.
Ilshman's master, i.e-aeh Cross received a walloping from Duffy last
|iyiar. nnd rather than take the count
Leach fouled his opponent and Ins-
ithe deciaion thai way. Jack Britton,
Willie* Di' iter ami Young Shugrue
suffered defeat at the hands of the
Lcckporl pride, while lie- held Packey
McFarland even in a ten-round node
clslon contest, ('ciast promoters are
af er I mfl'v to ce me we st, bill tbe
boy is making his pile by the short
route al the present time. He will
be heard from again before th
spring  t.- in f
Successful Ice Carnival.
An excellent crowd greeted the efforts of the Kraser .Mills Hockey club
to stage a carnival at tbe rink last
night, costumed skaters being present to tin* number of 200, while the
rink was crowded when the gates
were opened for non-costumed
skaters. Keen competition existed
among those seeking prize honors and
a difficult task was set to the judges
In selecting the winners. This is the
last biie event at the rink this season,
although skating sessions will be held
there on Kriday night.
noon and evening.
Saturday after*
Postponed One Week.
At a meeting of the 104th Regiment
Athletic club held last night  it   was
decided to postpone the smoker scheduled for March    19   until   Thursday,
Man-It   26.     This  came   about   on   account of injuries received    by    local
boxers  in  the mills at   Vancouver on
Tuesday    night.      Boxing    Instructor
"Young" Sharkey has the local squad
, well ill liand anil will hold a work-out
|at the drill shed at 7:30 o'clock    tonight.
Positively    never    shown
these pricer before.
.Alter  tonighl   light   fans  will   know
whether Willie Ritchie is the "cheese !
champion" Ad  Wolgast    stiles    him.
Wolgast is reported to be in the best
shape of years,
against   hint
and although the
a  healthy  swiu;.
Grand Opening of Class ''A" Vaudeville
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday.    Complete change of program on
Mondays and Thursdays.
The Diving De Young Sisters & Co.
A Spectacular Aquatic Novelty.
Comedy and Novelty Musical
Comedy singing and Talking act,
entitled '-The Actress and
In    Pleasing    Singing,    Talking
and Dancing Act.
the Reporter."
Concert by Rushton's Orchestra.
Male  Impersonations.
Evening  Prices:   15c, 25c,  35c.
All   Seats   Reserved.
��    Reels of up to date Mo-   ft
C             tion  Pictures.              mm
Matinee Prices:   10c and 25c
Reginar Victrrious.
Itcglna, March 11.   The Reginas
ti t led   Edmonton  in :i sudden  del
gum   here tonight '-'.. and  will  n
meet  the  Monarchs of  Winnipeg
thn Allan cup.
.Coa���� Team  Swamped.
Montreal. March 11���Outplaying the
Wanderers   at   the   western   style   of!
play in the first half anil shoving up
a  score  of   7-!!,   the*   Vancouver-West- ;
minster combination fell to pieces In j
the   six-man   style   here   tonight,   the
game*  ending  14*7  in  favor  of the lo- |
cals.    A  big crowd  was on  hand but i
the Ice was slow for any spectacular I
stick work. I
Hox office at theatre open from 10:30 a.m.   You can reserve setats
by phone 801.
At trie Theatres
"The Adventures of the Extra
Haby." a detective story, is the feature al the Edison theatre today. The
story  Is as  follows:
Due morning while on his customary walk in the park, Octavlus was
confronted by the tragic spectacle of
a mother who had lost her child The
mother,  Mrs,  Brown, explained  that
her lilt'e* darling had waililc ri d off
while her back was turned for a
moment's gossip, ills sympathies
ami detective instincts alike aroused,
Octavlus immediately si forth on the
search. The only data with which the
bereaved parent was able to furnish
him was tiie fact that her precious
pel was clothed iii a white sweater
j and leggings.
Odd!)   enough, there were a good
1 many children in the park that morn-
i ing who were clad in white sweaters
|and leggings,   Each time* Octavlus i'n-
countered  om* he slyly appropriated
Big Special Thursday and Friday
Featuring   Miss   Kathlyn  Williams   in
Selig - Three reels. The most daring animal picture ever attempted. A story of adventure in an American circus and in the
wihls of Africa.    Expensively in muted and  intelligently  produced.
9   _
Edison  Photoplay
The Adventure of the
Extra Baby
The second story of Octavius, Amateur Detective,    t'nmedy Drama.
Vitagraph   Presents a Comedy.
Fatty on the Job
Featuring   Hughie   Mack.
Vitagraph    Educational.
Lumbering in Sweden PAGE   SIX
THURSDAY.   MARCH   12.   1914.
Classified Advertising
ceived  for The News at the follow- : FOR  SALE  CHEAP���240   EGG
ing places:    K. T. Hill's drug store,]     ross incubator, almost   new.
c628 Columbia street; A. Sprice.
Qnoenalwlrouth. Lulu island; Mrs.
E. Ijirden. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis, Alta Vista.
I> Sterling  hlock.
(.105!) I
eggs 11.50 per netting of 15 eggs.
Apply 111!' Eighth avenue.      (IJ05:!)
I .      	
ply Hox ,1039, News Office      I.IOISS)
Each   Views   Other  With   Sutpicion���
Understanding   Would   Settle
Balkan  Question.
Classified���One cent per word    per
eday;  4c per word per week;  15c peri
month;  5000 words, to be used as required within one year from date   of
contract,, $25.00.
at Maple Beach Park, Boundary
Bay.   Apply Hox 999 News office.
bungalow from owner, close in. Give
fall particulars. Box .!nt>9 News
office. 18089)
in eight minutes walk of Edmonds.
18000. Half acre cleared, sidewalk,
light and water to place. Suite D,
Sterling block. (2059)
Using machine. For particulars apply at Tiie News office.
j    and saw table complete.    Apply at
The  News office.
WANTED BY MARRIED MAN, Position aa bookkeeper or other clerical
work.    P, 0.  Box 487 City.    (3060)
ture in large or small quantities;
high' .-t 1.1 .i- ���:, paid.' Auction sale-;
conducted, H. J. Iiiiss**ll, King's
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone I
8X1. (8012) |
erty through an ad.
in this column.
IFOR SALE���$1 nil DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
lianges: every one guaranteed Mar
le. i square. (,'iehn
ture. or stocks in trade, in law or
���mall quantities, highest price paid,j
or Fr* d Davis will sill your goods
hy public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged, j
See* the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away.   Address i
Fred   Davis,   548   Columbia   Btreet. I
New Westminster. (301 n |
Vienna, Austria. March li. -The
lationa between Austria-Hungary and j jJUfS '" J
Russia do not seem to Lee improving.
The irritation Shown some short time
ago is apparently increasing, although
no definite reason for this can be put
forward. Russia is not satisfied at the
great increase of military strength on
the part of the powers of the triple
alliance and Austria strongly suspects
that Russia means to pursue a progressive programme because of her
immense  preparations.
While Russia has no very definite
grounds for her supposition that the
triple alliance is increasing troops unduly, at present. Austria lias just
learned that Russia is spending 75.*
000,000 sterling on new railways and
llift these railways are for the most
part of great strategical value on the
western side of the empire.
Russia Must Arm.
It is clear to the unprejudiced on-1
looker that Russia nni>-t arm, if sho|
is to keep her strength up to that of
har neighbors, who greatly Increased
the strength of their armies last year.
Austria-Hungary, however, looks upon
How 1'iiiiimis War CeiiTcspnitalent ll��v
came '������> Inmate of Toronto Jail.
A Canadian Associated Press calile
announcing tbe retirement of Dennett Burleigh, the famous Knglisti
war correspondent, recalls the fact
thai be was once an inmate of Toronto jail. This is bow it came
Burleigh, a Scotchman, was an
officer in the Confederate army in
tbe i'nited Slates civil war and was
lieutenant In tbe seizure of the
steamers I'liilo Parsons and Island
tbe attempt to capture the
Has No Use For Peddlers Selling
Worthless Medicines
Coming    of    Welsh    Mining    Magnate I
Creates  Widespread   Interest
in  B. C. Prospects.
chance for
i ngapo in|
antl good prominent trade established. Also a livery business that
Will bear inspection. See C. Con
Btantlneau, 524 Westminster Trust.
to Ri-:nt
hens, kei ping   roi nts
Agnes street.    Phone
for rent, :ir
638 U  (3071)
furnished suites and Bingle rooms;
modern, convenient, light and sanitary. Apply on premises, Twelfth
Street and Sixth avenue, Mrs. Man
deville, floor 2. suite 1. or Cray &
Gilchrist. (0000)
AX   EXTRAORDINARY I all her neighiien's a**ls with suspicion,
a butcher desiring   to and believes that the movement la uot
business    Fine location unconnected      with    Russia's    plats
in   the   Balkans.     It   Is     clear     that
Russian Influence Ib to the fore tlie-e*
again.    Russia  wishes  the new   Balkan alliance to be formed, an:1 is giving  encoruagement    to    Servia   and
Ci'ic" to stand firm against Austria
The Immediate outcome of this haa
ati ly been seen in tbe behav'i r ot
Servia in connection With tie question
ef the Orient railway.    Serm   mi.I*
many  specious  promises  to   Austria-
Hungary OB regards tariffs on tie* new
rail.vay.   and   the   collections   of   CUB-
I to*iis clues on Austrian goods, in spite
,0" these promises, however, Austria
_^^_^_^__^^_^_^__^_^_    ! Hungary   has   been   I'ot'td   to   r'-ii'l   ,1
bad DEBTS COLLECTED EVERY- Protef to Servia pointing out that she
where. No collection, no charge 8 not enjoying the position of most
American Vancouver Mercantile Ag ^ored country as regards her com-
encv. 336 Hastings street west. Van I mer.oe* '""  tnat' ��" the contrary, l.ei-
in-: small sum of money. Apply at
The News office. (:!070)
FOB       KENT-  .NIC
front    bedroom.
ipply    liO    Sixth
ranch, two
two roomed
i raspberries
acres In cultivation,
house,   small   orchard
and      stra wherries l,
(arm sales conducted. Furniture
bought lur cash. P, b. Drown, IT
Begble streei, New Westminster.
three dozen good laying liens for
sale. Apply to M. Huntley one-
quarter mile south cf Kennedy
t-tation on Scott road. (.1052)
ished housekeeping rooms, 420 St.
Oeorge street. i .1(132)
to rent try
an ad. in this column.
and Miss    ���_mmm_^_^_^_^_^m
L.R.A.M., A R.C.M.
Lessons iu Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
fng, Voice Production, Theory (n
class or privately), Harmony, Counter
���point. Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepa ed for the examine
<i"us of dtp Associated Board of the
3'tnyal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professiona
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 61 Dufferii
���Street      PhonP 411 R.
When going on a long journey if
on our railway there will be no annoyance of transfer nor delay.
Toronto Express leaves at..7:50 a.m.
St. Paul train leaves at 1:25 p. in.
mperial  Limited   leaves at 8:10  p.m..
For rate and reservations apply to!
Tenders will he received by the un-
I dersigned, marked "-fenders for Sup-
' piles," up lo 6 p.m. Tuesday, March
17, 1914, for supplying this hospital
from April 1, 1914, to March 81, 1015, j
with the following articles:
Bread  (white and brown).
Milk (per gallon) and cream (per
pint),  in  sealed  bottles.    Samples  to
be submitted.
Wood, slabs,  fper cord).
Coal Mump and washed nut), anthracite dump and nut, in carload
lots), at per ton. 1
Detailed lists of drugs, groceries,
meals and fish  may be obtained    at | ing
(lie    hospital.    The    lowest    or
tender not necessarily accepted.
Royal Columbian Hospital, New- Westminster,  B.C. (.'|048i
trade  in  Servia, and,  Indeed,  in  the
Balkans,   is   Buffering     considerably,
primarily as a result of the war, bu
now because of petty annoyances on
the part of Servian officials.
Servia, conscious of the support of
Russia, remembers tbe former struggle with Austria-Hungary which gave
her so much trouble, and goes o.i hoi
way  unaffected  by  protests.
Agreement   Would   Help.
If Russia and Austria-Hungary
cculd come to some* kind of agreement
cm the question of the Balkans, the
small statc*s would no long* r have the i
power to behave as if they were jrreati
independent powers, and both countries are aware of this and attribute
the bad behavior of the Balkan -.tates
each to 1'ielr enemy. Austria-Hungary
to Russia and Russia to Austria-Hungary, Meanwhile, Germany and Italy
are watching the quarrels anel differences between the two great states
who claim predominance in the Balkans.
The Balkans are regarded by Germany as an outlet for trade: hy Italy
not merely as an outlet for trade, but
also for surplus population. It is quite
probable that while Austria and Russia disagree, tiieir rivals will establish themselves in the Balkans so securely tiiat merely nominal rights will
not prevail against the right of possession.
It is Impossible at the time of writ-
to ascertain what  foundation  the
Lake Erie. The lilihusiers, alter the
failure of the expedition, scattered to
various parts of Ontario* and Burleigh went to Guelph, where Alex.
W. Wright, now of Toronto, was a
young lad in The Herald office. Previously Burleigh had stayed In
Guelpli, and rumor has it tbat he
had secretly induced friends be made
there and at Preston to cast a cannon for him for belligerent uses.
Tbe I'nited States Government.
through a spy, had learned of liis
whereabouts, and Canadian officers
were detailed to arrest him for piracy and for breach of the neutrality
laws. Iturlelgh had been warned
from Toronto that officers were on
his trail, and lie encountered young
Wright and suggested that they go
fishing down at Puslinch lake. The
pair took a horse and rig and Htarted
out, and ere long reached a point
near Preston commanding a wide
outlook over the country.
A mile back in the direction of
Quelph was seen a horse and buggy
being driven furiously. From Ihis
point of vantage the road took a dip
into a clee>p ravine with a small
stream and bridge. Driving hurried*
ly clown the incline, Burleigh jumped out of the buggy and hid under
the bridge. Wright drove on leisurely up lhe next hill, anel was overtaken by the officers. Wright professed ignorance of any companion,
and the men drove furiously ahead
to Preaton, where they expected m
Und Burleigh in hiding. The latter
had, In the meantime, walked across
country back to Guelph, By some
mischance, however, bis presence)
hack in town was l.etra\ed. and io
was seized and taken to Toronto,
where Chief Justice Diaper ordered
his extradition. His defence wa?
tbat. he was a Confederate officer
acting in the service of his country
and that he had been guilty of no
belligerent acts on Canadian soil.
The British Government, on representations being made in London,
investigated and ordered that lie be
set   free.
Burleigh has served as war correspondent in Egypt, Madagasct r, In
the Ashanti, South Africa, Japan
and in the Balkans.
Victoria,   March   11. ���That   lhe    a.l*!
vent of D. A. Thomas, the* prominent
Welsh mining magnate, into this couu-t
try  has  aroused  w idesprcaei   Interest,
was   amply   testified     yesterday     by I
Franklin   Denton,  a  mining  engineer!
of  Pennsylvania,   who  has just   com���
pleted   a   brief  tour  of   the   northern
Section of British Columbia In the in-1
terests of his  connections.
Mr.   Denton,  who lias been  in   the
country   carrying  on   a  quiet   inspection  for several weeks, declares that
from his observation of actual mining
conditions  iu  the Groundhog country
there   is   every   possible   justification
for the faith of Mr. Thomas, which
has found recent expression In his application for a railway charter to run
[from the mining zone to tidewater.
Significant Fact.
"The fact of Mr. Thomas Interesting
j himself in t li is section of the country
| is very significant," saiel  Mr.  Denton.
j "anil you must not be at all surprised
j If you find ii creating as great an lm-
' pression in the United States as elsewhere.    Coal  is one of the most universal necessities at the present time,
ami  lhe country that has more  than
the usual supply of il is bound In Hie
nature of things to earn a little passing attention.   From all quarters there
is uason to believe thai In the north-
c rn districts of British Columbia there
i is  coal  in  large quantities,  and  of  a
natiire peculiarly suited to commercial
j use em B large scale. What 1 mean Is
that then* is anthracite, and to anyone  who  knows anything about, the
rumors of coming troubles in the Balkans may have, hut they are heard
everywhere in Austria, while the differences witli Russia render them
more probable. Tnat there can only
be peace on the Balkans, when the
two great nations agree, has been
proved frequently enough. At present they an* very far from agreeing
and seem prepared for anything and
this augurs badly for the tranquility
���A the Balkans.
Why He Lost the Sale.
Many stories are related of the
characteristics of Sir William C,
Macdonald. the noted millionaire
manufacturer and generous benefactor of McOill University, Montreal,
L'ntil a few years ago Sir William
never ba>! a telephone In his office,
and never made use of an elevator.
Pome time ago a young saleman for
a financial house secured an audience witb Sir William and was anxious to sell him some bonds. lie
presented the proposition so cleverly
and so effectively ihat the millionaire said he would take a couple,
Going to a vault, he drew out a steel
drawer that was crowded to Its utmost capacity with bonds. Sir William examined it carefully and trieel
(o get in the two or three papers
which the young man hai handed
him. But he could nol. make room
for them, and passing the documents
back to thn salesman, remark'd
quietly that he had changed h*s
mind, aa he bad uot since for any j
more bonds. The caller was so completely surprised at the unexpecteel
turn that events bad taken thai be
had not a single argument to pros-1
ent, and thus he lost the sal"1
through Sir William not possessing]
a steel drawer capacious enough
accommodate the securities.
Improving O. A. <'.
Excellent progress is peine niacin
with the new buildings at the Ontario
Agricultural College. The building
that is nearest completion. I nth inside and out, is the poultry building.
The pow field husbandry. vkii2 ii
practically r^ady also. Is a ver> hand-1 any
coal Industry, nothing mure:* need be
said on the Bubje ���:."
Touching upon the proposal or Mr.
Thomas to construct a railway from
the mining centre to the coast, Mr.
Denton expressed the opinion that lt
would do much toward the speedy de-
velopmenl of the properties. He also
thought that It would prove a means
to further discoveries of profitable deposits niii yet charted at all. The necessity for rail connection appeali d
to him strongly, and he paid a high
tribute to the provincial government
for Its faith In prosecuting this undertaking in the manner that has i n
"Railways an* a necessity for lhe
development cf practically any Industry nowadays," proceeded Mi*. Denton,
"and this is doubly inn* In the case
of coal mines, with direct rail connection to the coast, the whole northern country could be opened up in a
remarkably Bhrot space of time. Of
course. 1 am not overlooking the fact
that much is being done even now in
this line*. T'ic* (Iranil Trunk Pacific
and the Pacific Great Eastern railways will naturally contribute largely
to the development of this country,
but at the same time there is no gainsaying the extreme value to the Industry of a specially designed road,
such as thai which appears to occupy
the mind and attention of Mr.
Always  on   Lookout.
Speaking on the subject of coal generally, Mr. Denton said that the large
interests were always on the lookout
for promising coal deposits. No country could get along wlt'iout coal. Ile
cited the tremendous use of coal in
war vessels, as well as in the ordinary Industrial development, anil remarked, in regard to the former, that
nothing represented so powerful an
asset In time of trouble aa coal. This
factor, he thought, made* il important
tiiat British Interests Bhould see to it
that the coal of British Columbia was
exploited properly, anel that it was
subjected  to necessary protection.
"What, the development of another
great coal industry would achieve for
British Columbia it is Impossible to
suggest," said Mi. Denton. "As things
are now there is no question but that
Crooicstairs, On?.
I w���� pestered last wick with a travelling agent who said he had heard
that I was troubled with Rheumatism.
I told him I had been and he wanted to
sell nicsomeothermeclicine. Fanswered
that I was taking OIN TILLS, the
only medicine that did me any good.
I told him that I hail tried various
other medicines but none had done me
any good but OIN PILLS and that f
always kept a Imx in the house. GIN
I'I I,I.S have done me more gooel than
auy other medicine I have ever taken.
Josinui Sti:vensov.
Don't beimpost-cl upon. Don't accept
substitutes, 1 f your dealer won't supply
you with GIN PILLS, at the regular
retail price of 50c, a liox, 6 lor S2.50,
send direct to us. Sample Imx free If you
write National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Toronto. 205
Manga-Tone Blood and Nerve Tablets
arc the best all round tonic for pale, thin
bloodless people^    50c. a box.
Court of  Revision,  1914,      ^M
NOTICE Is hereby given thai the first
iiieitinc; m the Courl of Revision for
tho A ��� i.*'.vsiii' ir. It'll of the City nt New
Westminster wlll be held In tho City Hull.
New Westminster, B.C. on Thursday,
April 16, 1914, .-it l" a m. All appeals
njjalnst tin Assessment must bo In writing, and delivered to the Assessment Commissioner al hast ten days previous to
the slitliu: or the said Courl of Revision.
Dated al New Westminster, B.C., this
2nd cine  uf March,  1814.
W.  A.   DUNCAN,
(3CJ1) City Clerk.
Re the Northwest quarter of Section
14. Township 7, New Westminster
A Certificate or Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be issued
to James E. Quln i cm the -1st day
of March, 1H14, unli ss in tin* meantime a valid objection thereto be made
to me in writing by a person or persons claiming an estate eir interest
therein, en- In any pan thereof,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New   iVestmlnster, B.C.. February
lijili, 1814.
The person or persons having in
tluir custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the said
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned:
1, Crown grant to Jason Samuel
Lewis, dated  the 16th  Juno,  1S9T
2. Conveyance from Jason Samuel
Lewis to I.innie Jane Lewis, dated
the 6th July, 1901.
(2951) District  Registrar.
Tenders Wanted.
a very considerable' ef*
large, for in a
it. would have
feet upon the world at,
very short time ii _
ship quite cheaply from the coalfields
2j_t|jg ggrteieri) interior to practically
part of the  globe.    The opening
Or If  W   BRODIE, 0
P. A., Vancouver
He  part  of Lot   161, Croup 2,  and  of
(hi  northeast portion of the north-
eat- quarter of Section 3, Township 2  in   the   District   of   New
Whereas  proof  of the  loss  of  Cer-
ate of Title Number 4311F, issued
��� n the* name of John Allen Wilson, has
Jkii-ti filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
ar ilie* expiration of one month from
the date of tbe first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, unit at In tin* nn antime valid objection I
be made to me in ��riting.
District  Registrar of Titles, j
l-��nd Registry Office,
New Westminster  B.C., January 28
1934. (29S6) ;
TENDERS    in    duplicate,    endorsed
"Hospital   for  the  Insane,"  for  tl
supply of clothing, dry good
I fittings, hoots and shoes, shoemaker's
fittings, meat, fish, groceries, coal.
��� mattresses and bedding, fodder, drugs.
j etc., for use of the said institution,
laud the furnishing of funerals, from
jthe 1st. of April next 10 the 31st of
* March, 1915, will he receives!
I Honorable the  Provincial    Secretary
Seattle*,  March   11.*   Because of circumstances   which   brought   11 fni   Into
the  federal   rather  than    the    state
courts,   Harry   C.   Hainmand   escaped
a  life  sentence   in   the   penitentiary,
'"..""," 1 recc ivlng instead a term of three years
tauors   in   the*  federal   prison  at  McNeil's  Island,    Had  Hammond  been  before   a
Mat"  court   he  would  have  been  up
against  the*  habitual  criminal   statute
and ciaihi have been given a life te nn.
Before Judge Jeremiah Neterer this
; of the Panama canal will tend to cen-
j traiize this section of the country as
I nothing c!s-p could no, and. in addition
to  bringing  it appreciably  nearer  to
some one. It is finished outside, and
tbe contractors are bpsy installing
tin? heating apparatus.
Rapid progress is being made on
the new dining hall   although it will (Great  Britain, it  wil] bring it  within
no. be completed before May-next.   1    easy focus of places that n% at pres
buildings of j ent oul of sight, so to speak."
Mr. Denton also referred briefly to
.    j morning  Hammond  pleaded  guilty
J        'an Indictment charging him  with
on    Saturday,    the
until    noon ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Lists of the articles required can be
seen at the* Hospital, at which place
samples can also he inspected.
All supplies to be delivered at the
hospital  without extra charge*.
Two sufficient sureties for the due
fulfilment of each contract will be re-
Tenders will not be considered unless  made  out  on  the forma,   which
can he  obtained  from  the  Bursar of
the   Hospital  or  the  undersigned.
Deputy   Provincial   Secretary.
Provincial Socretary.s Office, 2'Hh |
February, 1914
.... . personating a govern ment. secret    er-
1 i vice  officer  and   thereby  defrauding
the Oregon-Washington
��� Navigation company
mating  $400.     Upon
I of Assistant District
IS.  Martin  the  maximum  1
three  years   was   Imposed
Hammond   admitted
crime beginning when '1
old  with  a sentence* in
elate reformatory,    He
four sentences   in   prison
states.   Under tbe state* 1
who  have   served   three
tences  may  be charged
of sums aptproxl-
Attorney Winter
titi'itce of
by  Judge
career  of
a 12 years
bis    served
In   various
IWS persons
prison .Senas   habitual
will he one of the line=st
its kind  in tin* coi ntry.
The building that is at trad in*; Hid
attention of tbe students jusl now,
however, is the collejr skating rink.
It Is a subslantial one In every way,
has a very large ire area, with plenty
of stating accommodation, an 1
should be a po-.ila resort for many
of the young people* of lhe city,
Windfall For Christmas.
One of Ihe first letters opened by
Customs Collector Fred Journeaux,
of Ottawa, the dav after Christmas.
contained ten $10 hills, around whlcti
was fastened by an elastic band, a
small piece of paper bearing the
words: "Please add this to
customs receipts." No name
given The envelope in which
conscience money was mailed
Niagara Falls, Ont., postmark.
significance of such natural assets from the national point of view,
and SUggl *;c*d that the development of
the coal industry In the province
might carry some weight with the admiralty in the consideration of establishing a fleet unil on the Pacific
Scaled tenders  will  be I'ec'. ived  by
^^^^^^^^     the undersigned up to 8 p.m, Tuesday,
will be possible laUlaroh 171 h, 1U14.    for   clear-ii:   and
t..r.,��� ii,.       em rough grading a portion of that  part,
of D. L. 161, known as the Agricultural Grounds, containing twelve
acres, more or less, which has been
marked off Into seven blocks, and
numbered  from   1  to 7.
Tenders may be for one or more, or
all, but separate price muat be named
for each block.
t    Plan   show-Jng   measurement   and
. area   Of   each    block,    and    contract
forms, may be seen at  the office of
Mr. J. fl. Toelrick. Central Park.
(.'106.0) Secretary.
on   conviction   give!
Housd  Numbering.
To facilita .    prompt    de livery    of
mail  matter,  all  houses  In   tin*  City-
should be numbered.
| disease,   was   planned   tonight   for
] benefit  of science.
Upon application  at   the Assessor's i ,,���'?'!"'",',:'" ,"''"','{|y' iui ;i'��������������� *<*�����<
Office in the C.<>   Hall,   the   proper ' ""' witb
ncimli'Ts can be ascertained, and the
figrrroe should be procured utiti affixed to the houses bj the owners or
W. A.  DHNCAN, City Clerk
'dly Hall, March 7, 1914. (3048)
(.10(17) I ''I'iniinals  and 	
 i    Evidently    Hammond      considered
himself  lucky  to get off with   three
' years.    When  asked  if  he  had   any-
  I thing to say in his own In-half he de-
Angeles   March  10.���A  grand  ollned to make a  statement   and  ac-
estlgation of the recent deaths! quiesced In the suggestion of the court
that  the  maximum  penally   was   t ti
trely just.    Hammond lefl  the court
room smiling and  seemingly  pleased
Oift of Relics to O.A.O.
L. D. Brown, of F.ast Nlssourl
presented    the   Guelph
College at Guelph with a
! tion of Interesting relics of old-time
! implements, some  of  which are one
1 hundred years old.
jury in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Of seven county hospital patients following  injection    into    their    spinal
I cords of arsenical treatment for blood
medicine import
ed from Germany, is in general use.
Percy V. Hammond, deputy district
attorney. In -barge of the proposed
Investigation by the county grand
inry. saiel the Inquiry would be more
in aid of science than to attach a criminal charge to any person Involved.
th,.,at having escaped the rigid penalty of
a  life  sentence.
Hammond was arrested three* weeks
ago at Omaha while on his way to
Chicago from Seattle, -lie obtained
tickets to Chicago for himself an I a
family named boring by representing
himself to be a government seci ;
officer In charge of a gang of counterfeiters, persaudlng the* ticket agent
to cash  a bogus  check,
Wool fines To iii il nir
Great Britain vas the chief market
fo:- Canadian wool last year. During
October Great i ritain took 12:t,0ft(i
pounds, value-* at $29,000. Great R'I"
U.n also took fib 000 pounds ,f hops
valued at $11,001.
Calgary,   March   11,- The merit    of
Canadian   wheat   is   going  io  receive
.-.ome* valuable publicity In the I'nited
the I States  within   the  next  few  months,
waa i The  bushel of wheat grown  by   Paul
the I Gerlack    at     Allen.   Saskatchewan,
bore I which  won the world's championship
at the International dry farming congress last year, has been divided into
ill pinis, and is being auctioned off
from   the  headquarters of the  con*
Agricultural I sr?as "'  Wichita, Kansas.
,*,���., r.r,iior,  I     Fitformaticn  ti)  this effect was    re-
IllieiUie��e-| ,,,.,
I ceived     recently     al    the   publicity
' branch of the C. P. R. department of
natural resources,   The auction is be |
ing conducted by mall, and bids will I
be received until April  I, when    the
I allotments will  he turned over to tbe   proximo
64 highest bidders.    The auction  hasj
created widespread Interest, and it Is i
i believed   lltnl   the  wheat   Will   he  distributed   all  over  111"   reDllblic,     Each:
j pint will become a Canadian advertising medium.
TENDERS in duplicate, endorsed
"Hospital for the Insane," for tho
supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's
fittings, hoots and shoes, shoemaker's
fittings, meat, fish, groceries, c-oal.
mattresses and bedding, fodder, drugs,
etc., for use of the said Institution,
and the furnishing of funerals, from
the 1st of April next to the .'list of
Marcli, 1915, will be received by the
Honorable the Provincial Secretary
until   noon   on   Saturday,   the   llth
Expelled from  Residence.
Toronto,  March   11.- Nine  students
Of the  University    of    Toronto    have
been    expelled from    the    university
residence for gambling In    the  residence.    This  means    that    they   will
have to reside outside, but  does
affect their acadi mic standing.
Killed by Block of Ice.
Saskatoon,       Marcli       11.    Wilbert
iDrawson, manager for the Atlas Elevator company at Balcarres, wns   instantly killed yesterday at thai place
J while  unloading    a    car    of  ice.     A
large block slipped  frcm the car and
not j knock* cl him to Hn
' id him to death.
ground and ertish-
Lists of the articles required can be
I seen at. the  Hospital, al   which  place
samples can also be inspected.
All Bupplies to he delivered at bhe
hospital without extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the duo
i fulfilment of each contract will be re-
Tenders will not be considered unless   made  out  on   the forms,   which
can  be obtained  from  the  Bur.",it* of
the*   Hospital  or  the   undersigned,
Deputy  Provincial Secretary.
Provincial  Secretary,s Office,  20th
February, 1914. CI008) THURSDAY,  MARCH  12,  1914.
ou .SKtolSESF' v���" a"d 555 executed for cash or
���5SK MRS Jfta-LTSTt.,,
Telephone 817.
Stock Brokers.
316-317 Westminster Trust Building.
from New Haven. Offering! are said
by Special inle rests 10 be limited. The*
statistical condition of the steel and
copper trade as shown by the* lates,
developments are regarded nn highly
eiicouraulnc in conservative quarti rs
fiFNFRAI     AHl/ANf F ! hoiir<i of ''ere Marquette.   Alaska rail-
ULIlLnHL   HUTANIL Wily  bi" authorizing construction    of
not more than 1000 miles of road   to
��� ai    I CTCnilAALI' '"8t *88,000,<MW awalts tha president's
111 /ll ILllltUUn Niplsslng miue official says earn-
| ingg at presoiu  show  small decrease,
���  j but no discussion among the dlreotors
liuB taki'n place regarding a cut in
dividend.      ��
Results of investigation cf the Metropolitan Tobacco company laid before the attorney general. It is reported he has decided to die suit under  the Sherman  antitrust law.
Union Switch Signal Increased capital stock from $6,000,000 to $10,000,-
000 and declare stock dividend of
88 1-8 per cent.
Tiie*   i::iite*d  States circuit  court  of
appeals upholds Goodwin patent on
01ms manufactured by the Eastman
Kodak company Involving many millions, The company will appeal to
tin* supreme coun for writ of cer-
tlorl. London settlement concludes
Americans In London quiet and
Bryan    orders    O'Shauglinessy    to
press  for swift   justice  on   Vergara's
murderers.    Senator Hitchcock assails
liiterine yer'.s promoting record.    Tillman accuses the; Southern railway of
blocking  the free  movement  or coal.
The successful sale of Third avenue
bonds direct to the public saves $45,-
000.    The*  acreage gain  for cotton Is i
2.1 per cent, for 1914, says the Coin-1
me-rcial. Retinoid says Europe's cheap
products, are not  flooding the United
States.    Wilson will not commit liitn- 1
self  in   favor of redrafting  the antitrust bills.    Tborne criticizes B. & O. I
anel  New   York  Central  bookkeeping. I
The  Beige]   settlement offer  is   withdrawn.    Mellen may not be tried for '
manslaughter,   a. p. Walker says the
public  baa  been   robbed  of  $600,u00,- I
000 In anthracite coal rates.
Atchison Com   M H6
Bait ft Ohio Com  ss^ MVt
II*   It.  T   ;c'U, ���������j.^
< ''as.  cV   Ohio       .-.U'.s 61%
Canadian   Pacilic-    L'OX -JUT
('***uo      4 I'm 41*V4
Brie Com  tt% 2S%
Oreat Northern Pfd 121 127
Mex. Petroleum  6n es
Mc   Pacific       241i 24
If. K. ft T. Coin   ll\i. 17**i
-V V. Central    89% 89%
Northern Pacilic  111% 111%
Penn 111 111
Reading Com 164 162%
Rock Island        4%        4%
St. Paul    99% 98%
So.  Pacilic    Ii4 *4 t.%
1'n.  Pacilic Com 157% 157
U. 8. Steel Com   64% 64%
I'. S. Seel Pfd. 109% 109%
i'. s. Rubber   til'/., 62
Utah  53% 53%
der consideration,  although   the  ultimate* trend is toward batter prices.
New  Ycrk   Market   Dull  at  Opening,
But Improvement Later in Session���Bonds Quiet.
(Quotations furnished over the pri
vate  wire of Sutherland  &  Ardagh.)
The following are yesterday's quo
Am. Can.
Montreal. March 11. -The minister
Of finance promises to consider the
duty on pig iron when bringing down
tiie budget. Dominion Iron and Steel
declared a dividend on preferred
stock as usual. Beaver interests now
In control of TemlBkaming mine.
Public lis', for the city of Vancouver loan of $425,000 4% per cent, debentures at  % opened at London.
United States bankers loaning
Open. Close | money In Winnipeg at 6 per cent
(Quotations  furnished  over
wire of Sutherland & Ardagh.)
Ituling quotations on  the M
i stock market yesterday  were:
i Bell  Telephone'    152
j Brazil      84
Canada Cement   2u%
11 anaelia.-i   Pacific    208
I Dom. Iron & Steel Corp..  32%
; 111. Traction   66
Laurentide  ikh
Mackay  Com   17%
Montreal  Power   226%
Nova  Scotia   Steel      7<5'4
Ogilvle Elour Com 120%
Ottawa Power  151
Penman   Ltd 54%
Quebec Hy   16%
R. & O. Nav. Co 105
Shawinigan    139%
Steel Co. of Can. Com.  . .   18
Spanish   Hlver      14
Textile    8:514
Toronto Ky 141%
Twin City   I06
Winnipeg Electric:   205
New York, March il
dull     at    the   opening
changes wen* Inslgnli
20 w
Trading was
and     price
nt with   the
c.nly moves of Importance in special
Sugar was Meal,, selling oil sharply
in the early dealings on the Idea that
the annual report dm* today would
make unfavorable showing. This supposition was borne* out by the report
when 11 appeared which showed thai
tbe company ims bad to dip Into Iti
accumulated surplus to 'in* extent of
over $800,000, New Vork Central de-
clared regular dividend which hud
been generally expected and had only
temporary effeel on the stock. Shortly af'.e-r aooO the market turned
strong and advanced all along the line
with Beth Bteel especlall) prominent.
The bond markcl  is quiet, although
Amal.  Copper      74%
American   Locomotive   .. 34%
American  Smelting     68
Am. Tel. &  Tel 121%
Anaconda    36%
Prices rallied from one to two
points yesterday en limited turnover.
It would seem policy to take- advantage of rallies while such Important
decisions as the C, N. It. loan are un
. Close
the tone
is  very quiet,    Total  stales
eel al
New York Central directors tie
l 1 o'clc ck to act on dividend.
New England shippi rs adopt ri so
lotion favoring request of railroads
for rate Increases. Western Union
directors met al 12:3'0 today. Vice-
President Garrett, of Chicago Oreat
Western, elected cbairmau of the new
Herald    The  market    displays
proving tendency,
Commercial   The selling of c. &
lias been overdone,
Ann r.can "1 lie main current
B< nt intent in the* financial district
parcntly favors higher prices.
Sun   While maintaining strong
dertone the general market moves
The hnying now on all declines is
the best class of buying. This statement is nieuie ufter careful Inquiries
cf competent authorities. Some, large
shorts are reported  trying to  retire
Phone 826 or 880
For Prices on
Sand,    Brick,        Plaster,
Lime,    Cement,     Crushed Rock,
Sand and Gravel
Prompt Service to any Part of the
B. C. Transport Co.
are small and inexpensive,
but they bring big returns
when they are printed in
used Want Ads. in The News, you do
not need to be told how well they do
the work.
used  them, you should immediately
try them, and see for yourself.
Washington, March 11.���"To reduce
the cost of living, eat more salmon,
���i specially of ihe cheaper grades, and
less meat."
This is the advice of Or. Hugh ML
Smith, federal commissioner cf fisheries, in a statement yesterday
enumerating the important factors in
favor of salmon as an article of food
as compared with meats. Ile asserts
that not only Is salmon cheaper than
meats, but will keep Indefinitely If un-
opened, while the latter spoils quick
ly in tile home.
One pound of canned red salmon of
the best ciuality will cost about 16
cents, he says, while the same quantity of bene, muscle, blood and brain-
building ma:trial and body fuel in
Other foods would cost:
Eggs, strictly fresh tat 2A cents per
dozen), 36 cents; steak, sirloin cat
21% cents per pound). I"! cents; mutton, leg (at 19 cents per pound l, 32
In 1!)13 there were canned en the
Pacific coast the equivalent of 387,-
046,456 one-pound cans, valued at
Hcrgkcng   Merchant  Tells   of   March
of Progress in Great Oriental
How    Premier    liorden    Helped   (be
Chairman Oul of a Hu't.
Sborti. after Premier Borden was
elected to ottii-e he was visiting one
of tbe rural constituencies of bis native Province of No-a Scotia. Tbw
president of the township Coasurva-
tlve Association was authorized ioei-
tend a welcome on behalf of the association to tbe First Minister. He
d.cided tbat things should be dose
differently than usual, anl instead of
reading a formal and stereotyped address of congratulation, he propose?
that a few appreciative words, spoken orally, would serve the purpose
much better and appear as if they
came straight from tbe heart.    Mr.
T  Intended to commit what be*
bad to say to memory, but memory
plays queer pranks at times wben we
desire to place most reliance upon It.
President T got on very well, bat
the ringing applause and the size of
tbe crowd somewhat shattered his
equilibrium. YMnking tbe people
were anxious to bear M:\ Hordes, It*
hastily concluded his "few ,-emarka/"
after paying a high tribute to tbe
Conservative staterman and tbe signal success which be had attained at
the polls.
"But why go on,'' he added. "Vou.
sir! bave heard of much of lat-; of
your fine qualifications, dignity.
sound judgment and splendid ability
for the oSce to which yoi have just
been elected by th- people of Canada.
that If 1 continue with such a recital
you will actually begin to think there
la really so: ething n what I ant
saying. '
The audience caught the point and
laughed uproariously, but the chairman could se�� no joke in this reference, and nervously began to look
around, wondering whether his collar had come loose, somebody bad
stolen away bis seal or pinned a comic
picture on tbe back o* bis coat.
Mr. Borden quickly came to the
rescue and warmly thanked the gathering for the hearty greetings extend-
e' by the chairman, and then to relieve tbj tense situation an', place
that Individual somewhat at ease.
told of a distinguished resident of a
certain Western city who was returning to the scenes of his boyhood.
The people had decided to get up a
demonstration in his honoj. The former citizen was plainly touched by
the tribute of respect, and being desirous of showing that be still felt
thoroughly at borne anu not above the
common folk, started his reply: "For
Ibis splendid an>\ whole-hearted welcome 1 am grateful to you from the
bottom of my heart, ladies and gentlemen���but no! I *vlll not call you
that, for 1 know you ail too well here
to greet you by such a title."
This little story broke the ice and
made the chairman, who committed
the previous -'bull," feel more at
home for the rest of the evening, but
tie declares that next time he w II
read an address of welcome to any
political  magnates.
Victoria, March 11.���China is slow-
j ly but steadily working towards eman-
1 cipation from t'.ie thialdom of hier-
| archy and is assuming every day and
| every year a little more of the aspects of the western world, in the
opinion of George Fansel, a young
merchant of Hongkong, who arrived
the other day on the Empress of
.Mr. Fansel, who has spent eleven
years in the Orient, is of the opinion
that while the turmoil and excitement
attending the advent of the new movement sometime ago has subsided, the
movement is still making headway in
every direction. He believes that the
day is not far distant when the inauguration of the new Ideas will have a
permanent effect, not only upon t'.ie
life of China itstlf. but also upon its
relations with the other countries oil
the wcrlei.
"There  are  changes  and    developments taking place in China now that |
are on a par with   those of western I
countries,   the   only  difference  being;
that the metamorphosis is not in re-
gard   to  the   same  order  of  things,"
said   Mr.   Fansel.     "The   wheels    of j
progress are moving in China as els,*
where,   and   it   remains   to   be   seen
Whither they are tending.    There are j
many conflicting  issues,  and   it  can- j
not be denied  that  there  are  many j
troubles ahead. Over here 1 find there '
is an objection to the incoming of the
Chinamen in large numbers, and when :
I see how that difficulty is being met j
In this country 1 begin to wonder what
China, the composite brain of China, I
thinks of  it   all.  and   what  steps  she
may take with regard to it when the
time comes.    Of course, the time is
not   yet   and   the   margin   may   bring
about the remedy of its own accord
in the peculiar way  that  time bas of
mellowing     influences     and     experiences"
Mr. Fansel is making his first trip
lo Canada. He proposes to see as
much of it as he possibly can during
the next month, lie proposes sailing
for Croat ilritaln at the end of that
period, where he intends to spend the
remaindei of his holiday.
Held Court In Auto.
Judge Taylor, of the Ed n lton
District Court, recently put his large
touring; car to one of '.he oddest uses
which the west has yet experienced.
, Operating printing p esses and driving farm machinery are by this eioie
quite common emergency services for
tne modern motor car Jul. e Taylor
now establishes it as a le^al and very
convenient device for criminal bearings. Recently the Koyal Mounted
Poilce arrested a man, whj pleaded
guilty and askel a summary trial.
Anxiou to clear tbel. c.'ocket of the
case tbe police communicated wit a
t udge Taylor, who in turn found tbat
_e would be unable to reach Port.
Saskatchewan in time for tb * trial.
However, he compromise-^ by offering
to meet the police and their prisoner on the highway bordering the district. Tiie prisoner was taken to thu
scene, and when the judge chugg ei
up in 1ns motor tie I'orms of a tri -
inal proceeding were enrried out ia
proper detail. Judge Taylor decided
tbe case, sitting In the toiineau. registering his sentence in a picket diary-
tor transference to tne court record-
Then the police salute.', mounted
their horses, and dashed off lo the
nearest jail, while tbe judge calmly
cranked up and bustled back to Edmonton, where ie arrived in time u>
open tbe fall session of the court.
Montreal. 11.���In spite of the news
from Europe that the people over
there are still pinning their faith to
the Friedmann cure���two patients In
Berlin having died because the tubes
containing the serum also contained
deadly foreign baccllli.���all interest
and faith in the cure in Montreal
seems to be lacking. Local doctors
are of tiu* opinion thai no one here
is using the cure or considers it
worth while.
"As soon as they found that the
Friedmann cure was a failure," saici
Dr. B. Orenler, of the Bruchesi Institute, "the people returned lo Ihe old
treat tne nt they held been taking before the arrival of the German doc
tor, I do not believe thai any one
is using the cure in Montreal now.
Those who are alive of th.* patients
whom Dr. Friedmann treated are all
taking  the  old  cure."
"The Friedmann cure was just simply ii failure." said Dr. Harding, of
the Itoyai Edward Institute. "The
cure was never on tlte market here,
but in the Slates a depot was opened. Those who wisii to be treated
with the cure must go to the States.
1 do not think, however, thai any
Montrealers are using the treatment."
When Greek Met Greek-
Martin and Tucker Phillips, of tiiv
Colilngood Gravil, each had a borrowed ram recently Tucker's rata
saw the other fellow across the fence
and decided that be would go ovtr
and make lamb chowder "outsat*"
him. He jumped the fence aud witu
head lowered went alter Mania's ram.
like a torpedo from a battleship.
There was a ^rasb that could be
heard across a ten-acre field, and
tue invading force crumpled up dead
as a door nai , and was carted home
on a stone boat. Martin �� ram at
time of writing wus still living, but
paralyzed from stem to stern, aud ia
ordinary phraseology, slight hopes are
euteriaiued for his recovery. Later -
He is dead.���Wingham Advance.
To Bloom and Drop..
To have been In existence for ovex-
hali a century to bloom once and then.
wither away is likely to be the fate
ot the Agave Attenuate, now in Bower in the Government greenhouse ia
Ottawa. The Agave is one of the
rarest dowers known and this one
ls the only one In Canada.
About forty . ears ago when 'he
present greenhouses were erected c a
Parliament Hill tbe plant was moved
there. The plant has at last assumed
lu maturity and this is likely ��-���*���
cause Its death.
Montreal's Growth.
Montreal  baa   an   ^rea   of 40.23
square miles, or 25,747 acres, whereas  In   18S3    the   acreage   was  only
Fenian Raid Veterans Numerous.
The number of warrants issued by
the Department of Militia for Fenian
raid bounties of {100 each now totals
-VO. Box M Daily News BIO**.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarantee**
59 McKenxie St THURSDAY.   MARCH   12,   1914.
Instead Ol the Hurnaby council un-
eii rtak ng the reclamation of land
���trOttnd Hurnaby lake*, which work has
lie. :i petitioned for by residents there
for the past two years, n seems prob
able that the \'aiioeui\i*r and district
si werage ami drainage board will ac*
Oontpllah the project according to the
plans unfolded by Chairman liowser of
the board in  Vancouver yesterday.
An appropriation of $100,000 has
been laid aside for the work and if
the sale of bonds is accomplished early
this y.-ar actual work will be coin-
iiionced this summer. Tint present
size of the lake is about (80 acres but
this would be reduced to about 2011
acres, this being the size of the depression in the centre of the lake. This
reduction can be accomplished by the
deepening of Brunette river which has
its siitt-ee* at Burnaby lake and also
facilitating the flow of water through
snii creek which runs Into the lake.
During the past two years delegations bave appeared before the liurnaby council asking that obstructions
be removed from the Brunette river
but owing to the lack of the necessary i
finances nothing of this nature could ���
In     done.
iif  the  -"in  acres  reclaimed,    the;
board's engineer is authority for the;
.-tate-trn nt   that  same  could   be   made*
Into a   park     A considerable amount
of  ptoperty  on   Which   there  is  much !
settlement  Mould he benefitted by tiie !
new order of Clings as the deepening !
of   the   river   would   mean   a  greater!
drainage power and would relieve conditions that exist during lhe rainy season.
(Continued from page ono)
Henry Siegei and F. E. Vogel Accused
of Grand Larceny���Angry Depositors Throng Court.
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many iti&mfactur-
ing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention is invited to the
following: ,
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city waiter, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
fee, and travelling expenses tin* same*
as bearers of material testimony.
"1 am not going to make any liar
gain with you." replied tbe court. "As
to the payment ol witness fees. I
am of the opinion that the crown has
been very liberal in that regard. 1.
myself, have' made orders for the payment of witnesses wluni I felt should
never have been brought by the defence. The crown has heen willing
in the past to pay all witnesses at all
material to the defence of the accused, ami I see no indications of any
departure   from   that   system."
"But, my lord.'' pursued Mr. Karris.
"We have no way of knowing what
sort of evidence the crown is going
to produce. We are not mind readers."
"Vou do nol ri poire to be a mind
reader, Mr. Karris." came the retort
from the bench, "only a reader of
Not  in  Listening  Mood.
At this stage of the game. Arthur
I Leighton. junior counsel for the de-
I fence,   undertook   to  take   a   band   in
the argument, but with rather scanty
I success.
".My   lord        " be>gan M..  Leighton.
QllOth   tlte   court:   "I already  have
i heard  one counsel and I  d.i not  care
to listen to another."
"Hut.    my   lord."   persisted   junior
counsel   for  the accused,"   i   merely
wish to aay
l have no desire to know what you
wish   to   say.   Mr.   Leighton,"   firmly
responded the honorable Justice Wot
-Whnt I
ileal* "
''Mr. Leighton, I have said I do nol
wish to hear you at all tin that
point." announced  the bench.
Once more Mr. Leighton returned
to the charge with, "my lord. I was
not going to speak on that point."
"Mr.   Leighton   I   do  not   wish   to
hear yen on any point," came* Un* rejoinder,   and   junior  counst I   for  the
defence, having a rived al tbe conclusion that tin* presiding Judge was not
In tt listening mood, resumed his seat.
The* evidence produced In ihe Martin  trial   wag similar to that  brought
out iii  the  other number three riot
cases   am!   was  .1  repetition  of the
Siegei testified on the stand at tin*' -t'cord of happenings of Die afternoon
bankruptcy   proceedings   that   he  did jof A"K"*st  twelfth last,
not invest capital in the nrivate bank!     '��� is understood that the crown will
start next week with the number four
riot when :i new jurist of testimony
will be unfolded in tin* special assize
-New Vork, March 11. While Henry
siegei. head of large department si ires
in Xew York. Chicago and Boston,
was testifying today in a riotous bankruptcy bearing in the federal building,
t'c grand jury that has been Investigating the failure of the Siege] stores
in N'eu Vork ami the savings hank.
1'eturned three Indictments against
blm and his partner, Frank K. Vogel,
in tin* banking enterprise,
Siegei and Vogel were taken to the
criminal   court  building   where  they
were arraigned and tin* latter released
on $26,000 hail.
Three hundred angry depositors who
had  been  ejected from the bankruptcy
bearing   hunted   around   the   fetierall
building for Siegei in vain. At the timet
they were seeking to question him In* |
and his banking partner were before
Judge Rosalsky pleading not guilty. 1
One cl the Indictments charges ;
Siegei ami Vogel with grand larceny
in that they made false statements to i
the   Hank  rn' Commerce in  order toj
borrow $25.     The other indictment 1
alleges that the two bankers accepted
deposits when they knew the bank of
Henry Siegei and company to be inapl-
would like* your lordship ti
again ei sa) ed  counsel, nn
Granville Street,
Vancouver. RC.
!-or one week only this offer stands
II you have only enough combings to
make a 2-stem switch bring them
down to us and we will add enough
hair to tnak" the extra stem fre<>, or if
your hair is short we will add 'some
long hair free. By this offer you can
get a beautiful 3-stem switch for $3.00
t capital in tiie private bank t
thai bore liis name.    Miss Jessie Martin Interrupted his testimony and said |
that she had a right to represent the
depositors at the hearing.    She  was:
urged to remain quiet.    When she re-J
fused  sin*  was  led   from  the  court]
Three hundred depositors who were
standing  around  tbe  corridors  were
also  put  out  for  shouting threats  of
violence against Siegei.
Siegei testified he and Vogel had
filed a bond and purchased fixtures fori
the bank. Then he admitted they accepted deposits and made them act
as a floating capital for the bank. 'He
declared he bad no money to pay
when he owed and he declined to answer questions as to whether an entry
was made on the books of the store's
when they borrowed from the bank,
on the ground that it might inerimin
ate him.
Siegei said that he had life insurance policies made in favor of his
daughter to the amount of $50,000. He
once owned some paintings which he
said liis wife took four years ago. He
had no jewelry.   In regard to his part
April   18  May  De  Set Aside
Prevention  Day."
San  Francisco, Marcli    11 11.   L,
Simpson, chairman of the lire prevention committee of the world's insur
ance congress, has requested that
Governor Johnson issue a proclamation designating April is, the date of
the San Francisco disaster in 1906,
as fire prevention uay for the state
of California. In reply Governor
Johnson has suggested that an entire
week be ne; aside as "clean up week."
Tlte various civic organizations and
women's clubs throughout the state
are said to be giving their hearty
support  to  the  movement.
nershlp with Vogel in the private bank j Senator    1
be  said   he  and  his  partner  had   an I *    Int
Tetls   of  Thousands
be  said  he and  liis  partner had  an I        *    Into Stock Exchanges.
greement to divide the profits at the j    Washington,   March   II.���Hundreds
year.    He said his salary   of thousands of people tire being lur? 1
Into the  stock    exchanges    of    New-
York and other commercial ct ntres to
McLeod   Block
Too Late to Classify
w ' PAV   CASH    leu;    SF.W   WEST
property -' -1 �����-ret     has    rented
Hns   ul   1 Yehir   Cottage:   ninnr-n.-.*
i.l'i.inc   .     Will   e.xi.haime  anel
I i>'  * i*b   tor any  difference,    fnveati-
e  t>nce,
end of each
from the Simpson and Crawford store
in Xew York was $1000 a month, the
14th street store, also in New York
$760 a month and from the store in
Chicago $1200 a month. His wife, he
said, spent most of the $46,000 a year
for living expenses. This amount reep-
resented  his total  income.
When one of District Attorney-
Whitman's detectives, who had been
sent to tlte* federal building to '���vt'tch
Siegei am) his partner, told Siegel's
attorney that the indictments 'nad
bei 11 returned, Siegei turned pale and
from then on stammered out his answers 10 questions put to him.
Siegei and Vogel were taken to the
ground flour of the building in a private elevator so they might dodge the
mob of depositors waiting for them.
When the pair arrived before Judge
Icosalsky both of them appeared to
be da/.e tl.
A representative <r the law firm of
Stanohfleld and l.< vy, the personal attorneys for Siegei and Vogel, enter* d
a plea of not guilty fill- the two nun.
They wen then given une week in
which to withdraw the* pleas if they
so desire d or to make such motions
as mich! be deemed necessary. After
having their bail accented both nun
left the court.   They declined to talk.
be robbed of iheir money, the Common Council club was told by Senator Owen, of Oklahoma.
The senator spoke on his bill Lo
regulate* stock mark ts, explaining
that he proposed to regulate the exchanges as meeting houses where
those \\ho have something to sell au 1
buy may meet by mutual consent anel
transact  their  business.
I" ��� nil al i""A homo, six rooms, thoi
modern; lot 60x132 to lane,
enrage al rear, ftltunti Iniiilm street,
nen-r Twelfth. Will sacrifice for le-ss
lhan cost,    Eaay terms.
7     rooms    thoroughly   modem
-.   ��� ���*. I "Oak" floors; lol 52x126 feet
ne   ���-; irag    il re ar,   Bttuate Iteirlnn
��� ii  Second,     Price,   $J7<m.    .Small
cash payment, balance easy.
chicken ranch, 3 inllee from town Has
F.-ri".ii] dwelling, good well of water,
nhinken mnn nnd otliew oul buildings
A snai al t!1<Mi t: .-*.��� ii rms. It will
pay you to hoc this tn fore you buy
elsi v. hi i .
B-  Kil
;-���>.- \f
1 .A 1
C'tirecl   !
a net   .'-tret
Bt rr
. lit"
���fi .-.'���-.
*f JlHl
, balance
No More Bodies Found.
St, Louis. Mo.. March 11 No more
boiiies were found tenlay in the ruins
of the Missouri Athletic club bulld-
Ing, which was destroyed Monday by
flte, A conservative estimate places
the number of dead al 30, although
sotne offlct rs nl the club think it may
reach 45. Kour large insurance companies are liable to claims aggregating $102,000 on the lives of persons
who perished in the fire. A joint
committee of the municipal assembly
wil] begin an investigation eif the
lire tomorrow.
Clean up Police Force.
Regina, March 11.- The cleaning up
process continues in the Regina police departmi tit. Today three detec-
tives were dismissed, as well as a
third   sergeant.    Chief   Zeats'    term
does  nol   expire  until   May  21   bul   he*
ha been given leave of absence till
that time an'd Serjeant Roach will be
acting chief pending the appointment
of a successor to Zeats.
imirely  modern   Im
Avenue, neai  ci::
. neutnbrance.   Will
small  ranch er goei
have you to offer?
-IX    RO'l.M    TIlOl:
lllng;  large lot,  ,"i'i
i'it.    Mortgage e,niv
exchange equity fur
I  building lol.   What
FOR     RENT   -WE     HAVE
bungalows and dwellings fc
and  see our Hat  before yot
rent. Call
Eastman and Co.
Test Case.
Montreal.  March   11,     A  test  c tse  I
b"ing made by the Royal Victoria col*
'lege for women founded by Lord
Sti ithcona,  of   the application  of a
London, March 11, St. Petersburg
dispatches referring to the czar's de-
cision io abolish Ihe time honored
custom of the army commanders
"raising the cup" to thi health ol the
czar and the imperial famil) In front
of the troops in. the parades and .'
manoeuvres slate thai th.* campaign
ti centlj initiati d against the drink
habit, of '*��� hich the ne w ord r Is a
part, lias not come a niomi :���'��� too
soon, for If the ravages cau ed by-
excessive drinking ami me the masses
of the Russian people are frightful
enough they are doublv dangei ��� in
: he case oi  the .-'rmy.
The physique of the Russian yi uths '
from  whom  lhe ai mj   Is i ei ruitc tl  is !
untie too pood in a number   of   lot ill
t les, espi c.'ally In Sibi ria, w hen    the j
perci; tag ���   of  rejectle ns   reached   ae
much as 70  per c tii. and the  | t I i-tal
recruiting   standards  are   lower  than
in Austria. France or Ot rmanj
Gene ral Rodiger former miniate i ji
war, says thai the adoption bj Rus i.i
of lhe Austrian standard would result in a loss of over 12 per cent to j
the army A physique bo unsatlsfac
tory ae this, he adds, is Incapablt nf
n slHtlng the influe nee of any ct n-
siderabli   quantity . f alcohol
fief   and   Mutton   Prices   Force   Citizens to Eat Dead Cart Pullers���
No  law Against  it.
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Linens at Special Prices
for Today's Selling
Traveller's sample lot ol Fancy Linens; slightly soiled, comprising Round Centrepieces,
Sideboard and Bureau x-urfs, Pillow Shams,
Cushion Covers, Tea Cosey Covers and laundry Hags, in linen and union lineni regular
values to 85c.    Special
Beautiful Irish Damask; with hemstitched
border; in choice floral and dot designs; 18
Inches wide; for runners, sideboard and bureau
scarfs,   dresser   covers,   etc.
Special, pei   yard   	
Another line in Royal Crass Bleached Dam-
a.-k: IS inches vide: in effective elesigns at
flour de lis. Qreclan key and dot;  suitable for
sideboard  scans,  runners,  etc.       O.^ 1 ft
Special, per yard   Of J V
Pine t'iiicn  Waist  Linen;   26 iiic-hes
wide.   Special, per yard   	
Iriah All Linen Dress Crash; close, heavy
weave; 88 Inches wide; natural linen
shade     Pi t  yard at  	
Cream   Irish   Apron   Dowlas;   86   inche
good and strong.    Special, per
Ml   l.inen   Washed  ('rasa  Towelling;   of  Irisil
gns;  18
I bureau
le I
i'. boa* v
s   wide;
roller towels,
l�� inches wide;  for
etc.   Special, per y.l.
Inlaid Linoleum
tested materials
colors are clean and clear.
other kinds, for Its last longer
ll.lil scpiare ynrel, for  	
Bxtra heavy quality;   regular
square yard, for  	
$1.10 SQUARE  YARD FOR 90c
h.-avy quality of Inlaid  Linoleum that  will stand
��� strain of constant service because it is made' of
The patterns are artistic and the
It costs no more than
A heavy grade of Linoleum, which  will wear well
a jrood and cheap floor covering for kitchen, dining
'������'���������   '������������    hall and bathroom; regular
room, bedroom.
noc square yard, for
selection   of   new   pattern!,
A   good
kitchen, bedroom
Two yards wide;
Two  yards   wide;
���tular 85c
suitable,    for
square yard,
IOC s(|iiare yard,
Serviceable Toilet Fittings
at the Price You Want
to Pay
18-inch Nickel Towel Rods,
24-inch  NiCke] Towel  Kotls
Nickel Tumbler Holders;
$1.25  YARD.
This assortment includes a ne.v delivery Just lo
hand, amongst which are black and white cheeks of
various sizes. New nine Brocades, Navy Brocade,
Gray Fancies and Stripes. Another novelty is a Velvet In grounds of navys, browns, dark red and wedge-
wood, witli diagonal pin si ripe. These make lovely
dresses,  suits  or  skirt.-;   guaranteed   fast
eg.  2,,e.
pile.   All
per yard
l oilet I apir Holders; aim
Fancy and Brocade Velvets %*   a, ,,, r j jjC
New Spring Coatings
in w
the correel  weight an dstyle; 54 to fio inches
: in plain Bhade or the new checks In gray and
graj and tango, gray and red, gray anil dark
etc., plain shades in  navy, cream, brown, re-d,
blue, cardinal, and
Price, per yard *\M I .fasts! TO
$1.25 to $2.25
Underwear for Men
With the fine Spring weatiier comes the increasing
demand for lighter Underwear, Having received our
lirst shipment we are* prepared lo meet the demand.
Penman's Merino; natural wool finish;
eacli   .   	
Coppered Coat Hooks;
Nail  Bruabes;
Enamel   Steel   .Match   Holders;   r
for    _	
Bathroom Tumblers;
spray Pumps, regular $1.00, for,
Garden   Trowels;
Handled Hatchets;
Handled   Axes;
Oil  Can.  filled   With
each   . .'	
nine*  Black  Writing  ink   ;large  bottles;
Photo   Paste;    per   bottle
Le Page's Liquid  tilu
sizes;    eacliat    	
Wellington Knife*  Polish;
Mack's No-Rub  Laundry   Tablets;  six
Machine oil
Fine Cashmere,  in   ��
finish, soft quality;
Penman's Comblnatioi
closed   crotch;   perfect
garment.    I'er suit  	
Balbriggans;  per garment
65c   and    	
bite,   flesh   and   natural   wool
of  high  grade
comfort   in  this
at  35c,  50c,
For the Boys Who Care
e of Bo;
t   teleset)
$1.25 Greatest Mattress Bargains
Baibriggan; Ever Offered
TRESS. $4.95.
1 '**
We  have    now  in   stock  a  brand  new  lint
Hats.    These hats, blocked   in  the latest,
shape, come in three shades, brown,
gray and black. Splendid value at. . . .
In Caps we have a fine assortment of
plain  navy,  also  gray  and   brown   twei
tiling foi  school wear.
Sktilly Capt-;
���ds;   jusl   the
e lest Cotton Felt Mattress ever offered to tilO
' !!c at this priee. It i.s manufactured out of lho
a .-.-; titrry felt on the latest hygienic principles;
will not lump or pack, and Is built in a way lo in*
.������uie* greater comfort and longer life than cri be
found In anj other mattress. Sun frequently and
ii will retain its elasticity. All sizes for the one
p* ice*. Regular $8.50, Special for eitth, days only.
Saturday Marcli 7. to Saturday, March
14, inclusive, at 	
Tills mattress is manufactured especially for us
by the R. c. Alaska Bedding and Down company,
at their new factory in Vancouver.
ing that his department believed some
of the meat was coming to Montreal
and being sold as beef or as sausages.
The* worst feature of the affair is
that, there Is no law to prevent horseflesh being sold, even as other meat,
for such meat does nol enter Into the
text of the federal law, and although
Dr. Lonelier is pressing Ottawa to
bring in a law regulating the sale of
horseflesh and asking that, the city
Inspectors shall have tin power to
inspect animals of which the meat
will In- sold in the city, before, during
and after killing, the law cannot be
made until next year. At present the
inspectors can only inspect, the meal
afite    Its arrival In the city.
"Yea horses are being killed in ihree
tbattoris," admitted lir. Boucher to-
day, "and wo have approached the authorities. Tbey pretend they are killing to export to Sweden anel some of
he meat is exported there, but we be-
lieve a!so thai some comes to Montreal. Up to th ��� pn sent. Or, Hood,
'.-,, d inspector, is pretty sure thai lhi*.
meat Is being eaten in two Swedish
Hood on the whole affair which I nm I given to the matron and she appeared
sending io Ottawa and 1 am pressingI before the recorder on Saturday morn-
the minister for a law which will give Iing. As sin1 appeared normal, her
the city Inspectors the power to go plea to be allowed her child was grant-
into an abattoir and Inspect anmials ed and mother and babe went to prison
dining .iipl after killing. Some lime together,
ago   when   we   found   that   the dlatri-|     |���*tst night one
lintiou of horseflesh was bard to control . suggested to the eity attorney
thai a bylaw be made regulating the
sale or this flesh, but he said that, the
city charter did not permit, of it and
thai ii would be useless to make a
bylaw that could not be administered,
There would be no harm In good horse
flesh being sold, provided that it wore
sold as such; we can only be sure of
the sale of good meat being controlled
when the inspectors can go into the
abattoirs and follow ihe flesh to the
of the sisters beard
a strange noise in one of the cells and
discovered the baby black in the face
and almost strangled, from bhe effects
of, a feeding bottle which it is alleged
the mother was endeavoring to force
tlown Its throat. The baby was rescued hut the mother appeared unable
lo realize what she was doing. The
baby's life was saved although ii had a
close call. The woman wlll he examined as to her sanity.
woman graduate
faculty of medic
sity. The filial
rests   practicilly
for admission to e)he
in* of McGill unlver-
decision,     however,
with   the*   hospitals.
if the application is successful, a num*
her of women under-grraduates intend
to take a degree In medicine after obtaining their B,A. or B.S.C,
Montreal.   March   11     The   prici     I
. beef and mutton hat in*/ risen     i
Montreal  is  now  eating    hoi ��� -
Tin re are three abattoirs in the ip���::���
borhood of Longueuil that are
borses; they have stated to i  ���   .
authorities thai  the meat is exported
to Sweden, Bul lit-. S. Boucher, nn I
I cal offh ' r of health said  this  mo
restaurants, unci
has an   idea  thai   il
goes  further,  bu
that  we have not
yet been able to
Hemmed in.
"The  trouble'  it
that the inspectors
of V e city aro
i restricted  by  the
lav They can only inspect meat when
II arrives In ll"- ' '> and horseflesh is
practically indistinguishable from
beef.    We also think that horseflesh
i"*ing sold In the form of Bausages.
"I have a special report from  Or.
Montreal, March 11. Crooning
quietly ami smilingly to her baby
daughter, while she held the dimpled
child In her arms In a cell in the worn n'l prison lasl night, a mother believed i'i be insane, was caught in
whal the police iliink was tin attempt
to kill her offspring.
Mrs. Con id era was arrested last
Friday -while wandering along Craig
streei with her child In her arms, und
charged with vagrancy when it was ascertained that she was unable to give
a satisfactory account of herself. She
was semi to a cell, the child then was
1    TIME
For Wee
k  Endi
ng Sunday, March
West ml
Sand Heads.
High.           Low
Time. III. Time.
n     r.::i(i
4:110 12.3    9:49
)        Va. 20
14:22 11.0 21:86
10    6:50
0: BO
4:52 12.5 10:20
|      16:30
16:81 11,3 22:21
11     15:15
1:36 ,
5:14 12.0 11:10
12:55 '
](i::i:i 11.7 22: 05
12    6:85
2:10 1
5:27 12.S 11:60
17:24 12.0 23:48
f13     7:05
2* 35
0:04 12.11 12:21
18:88 12.2
14    7:36
6:36 12.11   0:32
16:18 |
19:39 12.2 18:14
15    8:05
3:06 !
7:07 12.9    1:19
17:05 j
20:45 12.1 14:00


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