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The New Westminster News Mar 11, 1914

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 Volume 9, Number 6
Price Five Cents,
Five Masked Men Hold Up!*tate ot.��*#**->*-*  <*���  ye:,,,,'!,,;,*
Royal Bank at Abbots-
ford���Get $2100.
Fired Several Shots at Tel
Icr and Clerk Bul no One
Is Injured.
ihen the news quickly spread that
| the bank had been held up and that
I five men heavily armed were hiding
I In the woods. Old timers, when tin'
| interest had died down somewhat,
I harped back to lhe day when Hill
I -Miner, the famous railroad stick-up
j man, made a successful get away
I from the police at MIbkIoti Junction,
which created mi little hullabaloo at
the iime, bui. yesterday's episode
I eclipsed Miner's escapade in every
j shape and form.
Take Up the Chase.
The  robbers  had   no  sooner  made
; their exit from the buildine; when the
j chase  was  taken  up by  several citi-
I zena armed with revolvers and    shot
i guns, and although a running fire was
; kept up for several minutes, the lack
I of a  rifle   in   the  hands of  the   pursuers  prevented any    damage    being
done in the shape of bringing a man
One of the boldest bank robberies *���� newa ,|u|r.k|y Bpread< howeyer;
ever known in tills nectlon of the and before mftny minute* had elapsed
country v.as pulled off a' Abbotsford
yesterday morning when five men, un
masked and roughly dressed, and un- !
doubtedly foreigners, held up the
Royal bank taking away loot amount-j
ing to $2100, In broad daylight, at
10:30 o'clock the nun waiked into!
the bank build'ng, which is located j
ni tho extreme business section of the
little village and adjoining the tracks i
Of the Great Northern railway, and ;
Martkd patrons and staff alike with [
loud    criw    of   "Monee!    Monee! i
Dan McCatkilt Who Disappeared Last
December Found Dead on Mat-
squi Prairie.
Citizens Out in Arms Assisting Provincial Police���
Hide in Woods.
Mon*->n !" Just to emphasize their demand revolver shots began to ring
out. bullets entering the ceiling, walls
and   floor   while one  pinged   tile edget
every man owning a firearm appeared to be making his way to the scene
of possible hostilities, a dense wood
ab-iut two miles from the bank build
ing. The alarm was given in Sumas.
Wash., and about a dozen automobiles
filled with men carrying rifles, crossed the boundary line, unaccosted by
the customs authorities, so intent was
everybody tbat a clean up be mad*0 of
the bandits. That f.'> one v.as killed
or wounded during the afternoon
search was a miracle, for as one
turned up cross roads and trails in
tiie vicinity of t'ne place where the
five disappeared, the glint of a rifle
barrel flashing in thp sun was plainly
The body of Dan McCaskill, well
known in this city and up the Fraser
river, who disappeared last December
and who was believed to have been
drowned in the Fraser, was discovered
yesterday close to the second pump
Station on Matsqul Prairie. The body
was found by a half breed named
Felix .McKay.
McCaskill, who was connected with
dyke work at Matsqul, suddenly
dropped from sight last year and it
was supposed at the time that he was
drowned while crossing the river at
night. A day or so after he disappeared his boat, with a lantern in it,
was found further down the river and
immediately a wide search was prosecuted for the body. All efforts to
find it. however, failed and in the end
the search wa�� abondoned and nothing was learned of his fate until yesterday when the decomposed remains
were located hy the half breed. The
dead man leaves a widow living at
An  inquest will  probably  be held.
Succeeds   George   Kennedy   as   Presi
dent of Local  Liberal Association���Annual Meeting,
Three Were Captured.
Three nun found in possession of
what is said to be stolen property-
were placed under arrest at North
liurnaby last night by Constables
Dcidge and Senior. They wlll come
'.in for a hearing before Magistrate
Bcatty at Edmonds this morning
Tiii: men, it is alleged, were in possession cf certain articles siolen from
the Walmsley residence in North
Hurnaby on February 18.
I.. B. Lusby was lant night elected
president of the New Westminster Liberal association at its annual meeting
in the Oddfellows' hall. He succeeds
Oeorge Kennedy who has held the post i
for two years.
Other  officers  elected   were:   First I
vice-president, E. J. Boughen;  second I
vicepresident,    Capt.    Fenton;    third!
vice-president, Dr. T. B. Green; secre-j
tarytrcasurer.  Alderman  Kd. (ioulet;
executive.  J.   P.  II.  Bole, J.  W.  Mac-;
Donald.  I).  Walker,  I).  K.   McDonald,]
It. Buoklin, A. Menzies and J. W. Irwin.    Sir  Wilfrid  i.aurier and  H. O. I
Brewster, the provincial leader, were
chosen honorary presidents amid much
The- speakers of the evening were
C. Ii. Sword. John Keid, Alderman J.
S. Bryson, A. Hardman. Alderman J.
B. Jardine. J. P. H. Bole and Mr. Cope-
land of Abbostford, all of whom attended  the provincial convention.
Tbe convention was a success and
the delegates spoke in optimistic vein
of the prospects of the party in the
The retiring president, George Kennedy, was accorded a hearty vote of
thanks for his work on behalf of the
association in the past.
Charge Against Winning Lawyer Heard Before Great
Crowd���Others May Also  Be  Implicated.
Winnipeg, March 10.���Today the
wheels of justice, after several
months necessary delay, began to
move in the easts of John Krafchenko, alleged murderer of H. M.
Arnold, a bank manager, and of Fercy
Hagel and John Westlake on trial for
complicity in a daring break for liberty, made by John Krafchenko from
the Winnipeg city police station.
Kranchenko's trial will take place
at Morden, Man., in which judicial
district is the town of Plum Coulee,
where is situated the branch of the
Bank of Montreal which was robbed,
and in defending which, H. M. Arnold,
its manager, was shot to death. The
Hagel-Westlake trial comes under
the venue of the Winnipeg courts, A
break in the scheduled arrangements
for the trials came when counsel engaged in the Hagel-Westlake trial declared for Krafchenko's appearance
ts a witness, so that the Morden case
Clubhouse Destroyed.
Cleveland, O.. March 10.���The new
clubhouse of the May-field Country
ciub. just outside the city, was destroyed by fire today with a loss of
$150,000. The flames are supposed to
have originated either from crossed
electric wires or from sparks from a
fireplace chimney.
of a desk  crashing  through  a plate  8hown "'"J' f:w -v:irds*
glass window in its flight.    No one i    Mail>' of ���������"'��- amateur
was shot, but several narrow escapes I *a?e "P tllp ('har'(' lat,'r ln  'he after'
were had by the Staff, especially    the ' "no:1* bu' ' !-';  '" ;;;;h dV. ibu-.'il  In-.
teller, a bullet travelling through hi3
Cage inches above his bead.
No Captures Yet,
No captures have as yet been made,
but Chief Constable Smith, of the provincial police, has a strong force on
the ground aided by a large body nf
deputies and citizens who are guarding  .very     possible    exit     from     the
| force of constables at vantage points,
I these being aid d by a considerable
I body of citizens well armed, who ap-
j peared to bu intent on making a night
I of ii in the hopes of locating their
The Bandits Enter.
Mannger   Morley   was   standing  on
the  veranda  of  the   bank   talking  to
Harbor Scheme Endorsed
By Water Lot Lessees
noon, the principle one being a
statement by Deputy Chief of Police
Newton, under cross-examination by
R. A. Bonnar, K.C, counsel for
Hagel, that J. H. Buxton, jr., had been
promised a "consideration" if he
would reveal the whereabouts of
Newton admitted further that
Deputy Crown Attorney Allen waa
present when this immunity was
promised, and that the attorney -general himself had also been consulted.
The admission of the deputy chief led
Mr. Bonnar to remark, "and Manitoba
has come to this, that a man can buy
bis liberty."
Mr. Anderson, K.C, crown prosecutor, remarked frankly that the crown
was prepared to admit that Buxton
had been promised immunity through
stress of circumstances, in order to
secure the apprehension of the man
who was shortly to be tried at Morden for the murder of H. M. Arnold.
will have to be postponed to allow'The deputy chief, in closing his evi-
Kranehenko to appeal in the Winni-1 dence also stated others were pres-
PeS trial, j ent besides Mr. Allen when the prom-
Al Morden today the grand jury \ ises were made to Buxton,
w-as sworn in and considered Kraf-1 Constable Flower, placed on the
chenko's case. No verdict has yet I Btand late in the afternoon, also im-
b.-en reached, the jury having ad- i parted a new fact under eross-exam-
journed until tomorrow. The petit j ination. Flower, the constable who
jury which is to deal w ith the actual had with ex-Constable Reid guarded
trial is already at hand at Morden ! Krafchenko, stated that as he left the
and will remain there pending Kraf-j station on the morning of Krafchenko's arrival trom Winnipeg, j cheuko's escape, Reid, who has
where he is being detained to appear I since been sentenced to seven years'
in the Hagel-Westlake trial. I imprisonment    for     complicity,    ran
Unexpected Features. after him and had said it must have
Before; Mr. Justice Currun this'seen Hagel who had given Krafchenko the revolver he had used to
hold them up. Mr. Bonnar suggested
that this effort to throw the blame
sreat crowd at the court house i on some on else at such at time was
struggling for admission, and the merely evidence of Reid's guilt. The
struggle outside the doors was continued long after the court room was
packed, and the trial had commenced.
afternoon the trial of Hagel and West-
lake opened, and several unexpected
features developed early. There was a
woods in  which  the
lie-red to be in hidl
likely  once   ihe   bandits  attempt
lirf>ak ceiv��r
The tracks of the Great Northern
railway running towards the American boundary Is supposed to be the
most likely route the robbers will
take and this route was patrolled
throughout the night by men armed
to the teeth with revolvers and
Were Nervous.
After obtaining a description of the
live men. Chief Constable Smith is
firm In tho belief that they are the
same who made a successful holdup
et the Tnie'ii hank at New Hazelton
last yi ar in which a bank official
uus badly wounded. Tiny are novices
at the work, however, and were
very nervous while In the bank building, according to Hie information
given out by the staff and people In-
slde the* bank at Ihe lime.
Two  Men  Held.
Two arrests were made yesterday
afternoon In Linden, Wash., following a tel'-phonic message received
from Sumas that two foreigners bad
hired a rig and were driving south.
When picked up, however, and look
e tl over by Manager Morley, of the
Royal bank, and F J. Boulter, C. IV
R, agent, one of the mon held up. il
v.as found that no resemblance was
shown, the pair being Russians. The>
were, however, wen* held In custody
by the American authorities for cross
Ins the border under false pretences
and will have a hearing today.
Abbolflford and the country for
ntiie-s around was never in a greater
��� robbers are be- 'wo ri"z<>ns whan the five men enter-
BR Jhid capture is i'"''* ^uo 80un'1 of shots told him something was going on, but before he
ce'Uld make a move a n��mber of the
gang had covered lilm with a murderous looking automatic. Inside was
a scene of confusion*. All the clerks
were plainly nervous with the excep-
Owners of Plants on Front Street Will Not Hinder Piling Operations���Amicable Settlement Reached.
(Continued on Page Four )
F.   T.   Crcmwell   Goe6  ta  Sonora   and
Has  Not Been  Heard of Since
Last Decerrber.
Douglas, Ariz.. March 10. F. T.
Cromwell, a mining man from Vancouver, disappeared In Sonora. Mexico,
last December according to a letter
received here today from Mrs. Crom-
I well, who asks that search te .made
for her husband.
Cromwell was las' seen in Tucson
'on Hoc. 26. He wrcte to h!s wife that
i he intended to go into Sonora and
! would return on Jan. 1. She has not
! hi ard from him since.
United States officials are reported
Ito have 'been working on the* case for
1 several weeks without BUCCeSB. Croni-
i well Ib said to be wealthy.
If lhe members of the harbor committee of the city council nt-ede^d i��ny
stimulant to encourage them in their
efforts 'o carry out the harbor improvements they received that stimulant yesterday when at a meeting with
���he holders of the waterfront leases���
nn n whose businesses were most
vitally affected by the improvements
���the scheme was endorsed and tho
committee told to go ahead with the
piling: work, these business men also
offi ring to do all in their power to
facilitate   the  work  of the  council.
At the meeting with the harbor
committee were G. Cassady, of the
Columbia Cold Storage company; W.
J. Mathers, of Brackman-Kor Milling
company, and Jos. Mayers, coal merchant.
In connection with the Cc-lumbia
Cold Storage company notice would
have to be given before piling operations could commence in front of its
water lots, but Mr. Cassady promised
to confer with General Manager Barker of the B. C. Packers association,
nnd It is expected that Mr. Cassady's
arrangement with the committee so
that piling operations can be gone on
with, will be confirmed.
Piling operations will not be started
��� at once in front of this property, but
i Alderman Annandale, chairman of tb��
; harbor committee,    points    out    that
I there is plenty of capping work and
! sheet piling to be done in the mean-
I time.    He. states, however,  that  this
is the  best time of the year to  proceed with  the piling as the water in
I the  river is low  and  the  weather  is
Alderman Annandale further points
out that no  further difficulty is    expected as all the business men whose
holdings     are    affected     are     most
i anxious to see the scheme carried out
and were only waiting to be approach-
; ed   in  a  friendly  spirit.    The   piling
operations   will   be    carried    out    in
; such a way as to cause as little    in
convenience  to lessees of water lore
as possible, while the matter of compensation   to   those   firms   entitled   to
consideration  will   be   settled   out   of
. the courts.
Alderman   Annandale  and   his confreres  on  the harbor committee  will
i wait on the officials of the B. C. E. R.
! today   to  discuss   the   scheme,   while
Mr. Cassady, of tho cold storage com-
i pany, will make a special trip to his
i head office in Vancouver on the proposition in order that no time may be
Oppose Appointment of
Senators from Province
Increase   for   Manitoba   Opposed   fcr ,
Same   Reasons  Is Granted,
Eir.tneline Pankhurst Taken off Train
at Way Station While Militants
Waited   in   London.
Ottawa, March 10.���Increased representation in the senate for Ihe west,
and  a  proposal by J.  J- CafricU  of
Thunder  Hay and Rainy River, that,
the government place a bonus on Iron |
ores   mined   and   smelted   in   Canada j
were   the   topics   which   engaged   the,
attention   of  the  commons   today.   It
was government day  with  the estl-j
mates of the minister of public works
awaiting consideration, but It was almost  11  o'clock    before    thev    were'
leached.    Alter a few items had been
discussed the house roBe,
Opposition to 13. C.
A long legal argument arose over
the bill to increase Manitoba's representation ui the senate by two. The
opposition contended that neither in
Ube case ot Manitoba nor British Col
ut, ii.i. has iii" government power to
add to the number of members In the
upper house without first amending
the British 'North America act The
government contended to the contrary
and the matter will be tha subject of
morn discussion later on. The resolution relating to the Increases of representation for Manitoba, Saskatchewan .ind Alberta, were passed, and the
bills  based   thereon   Introduced  and
read a first time.
Bounty on Ores.
Mr. Carriek on the motion to go
Into supuply, brought forward his proposal In itfiTi nee to a bounty on ores
which had previously been laid before the government by a deputation
representing the associated boards of
trade Of Ontario. He said that the
Iron and steel industry was in a languishing condition and that it. could be
revived by the giving of a bounty of
Jl per ton in "11 iron ore mined and
smelted In Canada.
Also Opposed.
The proposal was strongly opposed
by Ur. Michael Clark, Who contended
that nfter *IC yearn ol effort, the attempt to build up industries by protection hud failed. He suggested the
building up oi the fanning Industry
is the proper national policy. With
agriculture on a proper bns'.s both in
regard to the production and markets
all oilier lines of business would be
equally healthy.
Si", i pal members favored more spe-
I clfic tariff rather thnn a bounty. The
minister of finance ln dealing with the
matter, however, refrained from making any definite promises. He said
the facts laid hi'Toro the government
would be given serious consideration,
E. M. Macdonald of Plotou, who fol*
I iwed accused bhe 'government of incapacity  lu regard  to tariff  matters.
London, March 10,���Mrs. Emmeline
Pankhurst once more is a hunger
.striking prisoner in Holloway Jail, but
she is confident she will secure her
release in a te**' days under the "cat
and mouse" law.
By stopping the Scotch express, on
which Mrs. Pankhurst was brought
trom (llasgow after her arrest in that
city last night, and compelling the
militant leader to alight at a small
way station outside London, the police today succeeded In eluding the
swarms of militant suffragettes who
were awaiting her arrival in the city
railroad  stations.
From the suburban station Mrs.
Panlthurst was driven in a motor car
to Holloway Jail. A large crowd of
suffragettes was assembled about the
jail but as there was a strong detach*
men! of police also there was no attempt, made to rescue the militant
Driven by Hunger Three Youths Sur
render to Sheriff���Wounded Pursuer May Recover.
witness made no reply to this.
Another Sensation.
Still anctbtr sensation was sprung
Three witnesses were called.  Deputy j during  the cross-examination by   Mr.
Chief Newton, of lhe Winnipeg city  Bonnar. of Provincial Magistrate    A.
police;   Provincial   Magistrate   Bonny-1L.   Bonnycastle.    Mr.  Bonnar sought
castle,  who    committed    Krafchenko j to   show   that   the   commitment    of
for trial, and Constable Flower, who; Krafchenko who escaped, was irregu-
was    one    of    Krafchenko's    guards, j lar and that as he was unlawfully con-
Flower  was  still on  the stand   when 'fined he could not properly be termed
the  court  udjourned.    The jury   was I a prisoner; therefore a charge of oom-
iiot  locked  up, but allowed  their lib-1 pllcity  tn   bl*  escape  could  not     be
erty.    There are aereoteen more- wit- / brought    anatnnt    Itanyl.    Magiatrate,
ne?sses  to  be called,  and,    as    Kraf-i Bonnycastle  proved  himself to   be a
chenko will probably be the last, his i cautious  witness and steadfastly  re-
own trial at Morden will have to be i fused to give defence answers to Mr.
held over a week at least. i Bonnar as to what he had done or bad
"A Consideration." | not   done   when   he   presided   at   the
The trial opened this afternoon at. i preliminary hearing of Krafchenko,
the court house here before Mr. Jus-' but held out that his actions would be
tice Curran. Several new and im-1 shown iu the official records. He
porlant  points  were brought out     in I ���
cross-examination during    the    after- (Continued oa Page Four.)
Battle Against Liquor In- |Sam Mercer Falls 0ff Barge
terests   Commences
Court Today.
-Companion's   Heroic
Action to Set Aside License Held    by   Jack     McLean    Endeavors    to    Save
Thomas  Freeman  Is First Step���
Others to Follow.
Drowning Man, But Efforts
Are Fruitless.
The battle is on against the bottle ; Despite heroic attempts at rescue
license.*; which were grunted to ' by his companion, Jack McLean. Sam
Thomas Freeman, the Koyal City Mercer, a deck hand on the Great
W iu* con,,,any and B. G. McBride by |Northern  barge was drowned  in  the
Fraser river last night while returning
To Grow Sugar Beets.
Medicine Hat, Mnrch 10.���The large
puny of Irrigatldnists from near Denver, Colo., reached this cit) 'V;is
evening and were i ntertained by the
local board of trade and shown
through the Industries, Two sugar
beet factories will, they say, be erected as soon as they reach Bassam and
they Will devote about 10 per cent.
(*f their land to the growing of beets.
Aurora. 111., March 10.-Three boy
fugitives from the state* home at St.
I'harles. 111., who eluded a posse of
farmers in the woods uei>r Big Hock.
111., all dny, surrendered to Sheriff
Charles MeBriarlty tonight. The boys,
William French, Chicago; Geo. Fair-
child, Jacksonville, and William Boork-
man, Jacksonville, had eaten nothing
they said, since leaving the home at
St. Charles last night, and were driven
out of the woods by hunger.
Elmer Dean, shot through the throat
when he tried to apprehend the boys
early today, is in a hospital, where,
it was said, he had a slight chance to
The sheriff, several deputies and a
score of farmers had surrounded the
woods when the hoys left their shelter. They threw down a revolver and
begged the sheriff for something to
eat. They refused to say who fired
the shot that bad injured  Dean.
Tidal Wave Kills Sixteen.
Paris. March 10. The minister of
the colonies tonight received a cablegram from the governor genera] of
Madasgar. saying that a cyclone and
tidal wave devastated the north-west
region of the Island on March 3, Si.'.-
teen people were killed and a number
Of vessels sunk at their moorings.
Hundreds of buildings were al***j destroyed or seriously damaged.
the lcene ��� commission of last  year.
and this morning In supreme court In |
Vancouver W. K. Hansford, acting for
citizens who are backing the proceed* >
ings, will make a motion for an order
nisi  to shove  cause  why a  write    of
certiorari should not issue to remove
iinto the  supreme court   all   proceed- il
ings  in  connection  with  the applica- ! -it>ul.v slipped and fell with a cry into
tion and granting of a bottle license ' the   water   and   disappeared   immedi-
lo Thomas Freeman, Front street, the   ately
trend of the proceedings being to set      ^mout a momenfs hesitation  Mc-
aside and  quash  the granting  ot   the I ,
license ln question, The names of the ! *���*",   wh��   �����   a   powerful   swimmer,
ratepayers  at   whose  direct  instance '< threw off his coat and plunged io tho
aboad the barge after a visit up town.
The accident occurred about 11
o'clock. McLean and Mercer were
walking across the ladder which led
on board the barge when Mercer sud-
he proceedings have been instituted
are Alderman .7. S. Bryson, James D.
Lores and  Peter Warren.
Include All Three.
While the motion to be made    this
morning  deals  only  with  the license
of   Mr, Freeman,   proceedings   also
rescue. Although he dived several
times in the vicinity of the spot
where Mercer disappeared McLean
was unable to locate him and when
well nigh overcome, caught hold of a
ladder leading up the side of the barge
have  been   started  in  the  matter  of   ana   scrambled   from   the   water   exile Itoyai City Wine company's bottle  haws ted,
license and it is the intention to
proceed likewise against the F. Q,
McBride license.
Last fall, when a largely signed
petition was presented to th" board
of license commissioners    protesting
Igainst  the granting of bottle licenses
n  New   Westminster,  Mr,  Hansford
Not resting for a moment McLean
rushed up town and Informed the police and Detective Burrows and a constable left Immediately for the scene,
with grappling irons.
No one except McLean was around
wh.ti the accident occurred
Mercer only joined  tin* barge as a
nlso appeared before the commission Meek hand two weeks ago. He has
to nr.." the legal Standpoints of the ; heen a resident of tin* city for 17 years
case, but the commissioners ruled ;11),i owna a ranob at White Rock. He
against him and the trio of bottle bas a brother, John Mercer, a grocer,
licenses were granted. It was an- residing on Tenth street He was
nounced then by those citizens who.jsbout 40 years old and a native of
were behind the movement opposed to ; Newfoundland.
the granting of the licenses that the i Jack Mectean, his companion, was
; matter would not be allowed to rest bo utterly exhausted wie'i liis lone at-
;and the application coming up this tempts at rescue that be was ix>m-
I morning is a direct outcome   of   this   pulled to retire to his bed shortly after
j announcement,
returning up town. f>AGE TWO
WEDNESDAY,  MARCH   11, 1914.
An Independent morning paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
the Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the* National Printing
���nd Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street. New Westminster. British
Oilumbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Dir��*ctor.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
payaMe* to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, 999; Editorial Rooms (all departments). 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, $1 for three months, 40c per
month   By mail. 13 per year, 20c per month.
ADVERTISING  RATES on  application.
"Oh, East is East and West is West and never the
twain shall meet," wrote Kipling in his Ballad of East and
West and he must have been right, but not exactly in the
way he imagined. The Anglo-Indian poet considered the
east too deeply steeped in its orientalism ever to conform
to the ideals and standards of the Occident and it is certain
that he never for a moment thought the people of Asia
would be setting a high water mark of civilization for the
Caucasians to look up to.
However that may be, two recent dispatches from two
national capitals, Berlin and Tokio, reveal an astonishing
comparison. The first, from the seat of German government, tells of a bill in preparation to authorize the appropriation of one hundred and twenty-five millions of dollars for the re-arming of the German artillery. The second dispatch from the foot of the throne reports a thirty-
one million dollar reduction in that country's naval esti-
The first of these represents the result of the deliberations of the parliamentary representatives of a supposedly Christian people and the second the voice of a nation called heathen.
Conditions in Germany and Japan today are singularly alike. In both countries there is being felt the pinch
of hard times and both countries worship the fetish of
militarism, yet the peculiar situation develops of a so-
called heathen people placing the demands of humanity
before the dictates of national pride, while the nation that
produced Luther turns its back on the "Thou shalt not
kill" of the decalogue and adds another enormous load to
the already staggering war burden being carried by its
poverty-stricken people.
Back in the dark ages war was the only court of appeal in the case of international differences. The march
of civilization has developed the arbitration system, but
it has laid on the nations a heavier burden than ever
sprung from the wars of the days gone by, the burden
of everlasting military preparedness. Japan estimated
her share of that load at a certain figure, but, influenced
by consideration for her starving people, she has repudiated the obligation and thirty-one millions will be saved
from the waste on guns and ships to help her men, women
and children tide over a time of national poverty. Germany estimated her portion of the war efficiency cost,
and, in spite of the thousands within her borders who are
Jean and hungry, she has not only appropriated every cent
called for, but is considering a further expenditure of one
hundred and twenty-five millions.
Certainly, as Kipling said, "East is East and West is
A good many "prairie schooners" have rumbled over
the old Cariboo trail, but last week saw the first steamei
drawn over the road.
cool skill, intrepid spirit, and calm !
soreness cf Judgment No: the least j
remarkable of liis achievements is the
manner in which be has kept his cab-
Inet together. It is a cabinet uncommonly rich in ability, containing some I
men of genius whoso bold originality
and aspirring spirit are not easily
schooled to discipline. Vet its unity
has amazed the world. Only a man
of large and spacious nature, fine temper and consumate tact could, through
so many crucial testing occasions,
have preserved harmony in a cabinet
containing such diverse and some not
very tractable elements.
A Greater Career.
.Mr.  Asijuith has had  ft  ministerial
career of the utmost distinction.    He
was  brilliantly  successful    both    as
home secretary and as chancellor of
the exchequer; and tha whole world
admires   the   power   and   the   dignity
with which be adorns the greal office
of prime minister    There stand to hia
creMit positive achievements in  legislation of the greatest value,    it will
suffice to mention two of them. The
distinction  which    tV��    drew  between
I'arned and unearned incomes brought
welcome relief to the grt*��t majority of
Income   tax   payers,   and   one  of  the
most beneficial measures ever passed
by the British parliament was due to
his  Inspiration and  initiative,  for he
was tN> author Of the old-age penson
hill, which OB lhe death of Sir Henry
Campbell Bannermas he   passed   on
into   the   sympathetic    hands of  Mr.
l.ipyd   George   to  carry   and   finance.
Mr. Asquith has spent a large part of
his life in sharp contention.    Hut he
is not naturally combative.   The fierce ]
conflicts   as   well  as   the   glare    and
blare of political life are not really i
congenial lo him.   Men like Mr. Olad-
stone, Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Lloyd
George, and Mr. ('huiT.liill love its color and  excitement    Mr.  Asquith  is
cast in a different mold.    The lust of
combat Is not in It is blood.    Vet when
f:>;liting has become inevitable there
!s   no   more   valorous   chieftain,     He
proved  his  mettle in  the  stiff battle
with the house of lords over the veto
and   In   the  extremely  anxious  times
'hat preceded the passage of the parliament  bill.    His path  in  November.
1910, was bestrewn with perils.    Had
there been  any wavering In  him  all
would have been lost.   He strode along
with   manful   resolution,    dexterously
avoiding  pitfalls and    stoutly    withstanding  powers    and    principalities.
The  following year with    matchless
parliamentary skill he piloted the parliamentary bill through  t.he inns" of
commons, and when the peers tried to I
prevent the passage of that  measure !
Into law he scattered them like chaff  mmmmmmm_____m^m���a���������������*���������������������������
before  the  wind.
The  Anti-Democrats. Today his personal prestige is incom-
The mortification of that signal de- Parably high. It was significant that
feat remains, Under cover of the at a non-party meeting a few days ago
home rule bill the peers are ncw seek- :lt the Mansion house he was greeted
ing somehow to recover their lost : with round after round of cheers. It
powers. Ulster's opposition to home was characteristic of him to lie aston-
tnie is to be utilized to the profit of Isbed at this spontaneous tribute of
the tory party and the house of lords, admiration. Ile was equally surprised
That, at any rate, is t'.ie calculation. ail(l disconcerted by the enthusiastic
The home rule bill has already been ovation which greeted him in Lanca-
passed twice by the house of com- shire on his visit to the County Pal-
nioiis, and it has been twice rejected atine in December, He has never
by the house* of lords. Ry the terms craved popularity, and it has come to
of the parliament act, after the bill '"������������'- not only unsought, but in his own
has been passed a third time by the despite. It is a piece of great good
house of commons, it becomes law j fortune that in this crisis of its des-
without reference to their lordships, tiny the Liberal party has for its lead-
It is Wis prospect that angers the tory er a man of Mr. Asquith's gifts, with
party, and makes them fill the heav- ������������* cool courage, proved sagacity, ripe?
ens with threats of Hie dreadful things ,' experience  and   fine,  resolute  cliarac-
they mean to do. We are face to face " >'��� 1'" P1**0* w***-�� weathered the
wilh a deliberate effort to thwart the fierce political storm of 1910 will not
operation of the parliament act. The be found wanting in the far less men*
"dlelhardB" are once more on the war-'acin<? crisis of 1B14.
path.   The trumpet has been sounded | 	
for a grand rally of the legions of tory
For Housekeepers
NUMEROUS corps of operatives from
an Alum Baking- Powder manufacturer are calling from house to house
in many sections, making so-called
foaming demonstrations of the raising power
of their baking powder. The demonstrations
have been denounced by the Pure Food
Commissioners of a number of States as
misleading, fraudulent and deceitful, the
effect being produced by the addition of albumen to their baking powder to make it
foam. The U. S. Government has interfered
toward their prohibition.
These demonstrators avoid any reference to the
fact that their baking powder is made of alum. In most
States it is required that all baking powders sold shall
be plainly labeled to show their ingredients, and the
term "Alum" or "Sulphate of Alumina" on the label
should be a sufficient notice of the true character of
such products.
It is not supposed that any one would knowingly
use an alum powder in the preparation of food.
ism in both houses of parliament
Could they but make the parliament
act Inoperative they would not only
destroy the home rule bill, but render
null and void the double victories won
by Liberalism in ihe two general elections of 1910 and set-back  the whole
The headliner in the South Vancouver municipal
vaudeville show is a glittering success. Gold is the leading
London, March 10. - The project for
an empire trade mar le received substantial   support at  a  public  meeting
democratic movement. It is the cause , held here recently under the auspices
nf British democracy that is really at   0f the British  Empire league, though
At the request of residents of the western section of the South
Fraser valley the experiment is being tried of the operation of a
Shoppers' Special from Jardine and way points between that station
and Xew Westminster on Saturday evenings. This special will rut;
direct through to Vancouver and make the return trip the same night.
The question as to the service on  future Saturdays depends on
the support of residents of the section.
Westbound--Leave Jardine, (I:o5 p.m., arrive New Westminster
7:00  p.m.;   arrive   Vancouver  7:4a p.m.
Kasthotind Leave Vancouver (Carrall St.) 11:26 p.m. Leave
New Westminster 12:16 a.m.; arrive Jardine 1 a.m.
Week-end rates Wlll be granted for the "Special" but such tickets are good only for the date of issue. Paasengers will also In*
carried on regular tickets on the usual arrangement for return passage.
i stake In the forthcoming session. Of
a number of Liberal and Labor pollti-
February must have been a lean month for doctors in
New Westminster. The only infectious disease on the
records was one lonely case of mumps.
"Politics make queer bedfellows," runs an old saw.
Wonder what John Place, M.P.P., thinks of that saying
In a Spokane church they are getting sermons by
phonograph and some of the back-seaters are hoping
thev'll take up the collection in the same mechanical way.
that cause the parliament act is the !
symbol. clans absented themselves, suspecting
Mr, Asquith did not waver or tem* that the  movement is  purely in  the
porlze   in   the   hard   battle   over  the Interests ol  tariff reform.   The Duke
veto:  and  he is not  likely  to be dis-' of Argyll, who presided, said:
concerted   In   the  much   less   arduous "The main objects of a trade mark
conflict  that confronts him now.    His are  to  provide a simple  and  definite
calm  steadfastness during the recess means   of   identification     of     British
when all  sorts of efforts were made manufactures and produce, to enable
to   stampede   him   completely   baffled tl"- public to support British labor, to
his opponents.    Threats of civil war, prevent the sale of foreign goods as
red ruin, and the breaking-up of laws British   and   to  develop   the  empire's
left him unmoved,   He ri*fusei| to be trade as the surest means of promot-
j hustled*, he would not lie cajoled into Ing   closer   union   of   the   motherland
|  onferences,    Not thai  he is indlffer* and  the  dominions."    The duke  em*
ent to the Ulster problem,   Far from phasized    the    fact that the meeting
it. Mr, Asquith has always recognized was non-political,    "it was arranged,"
thn dislike of home rule by the Pro- he said, "that representatives of each
lestantsof Ulster asa formidable fact, party should take part.    B. Q.  Hem-
of which statesmen are bound to take merdo,  Will  Crooks and Sir Croydon
account. Throughout ihe whole of the Marks should have spoken, but I have
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially select
ed for Flat Grain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better ln construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid raised panel doors.
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Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
If all the knockers would heave their hammers into
the harbor improvement fill and buy horns, what a band
we'd have.
Back east some holy rollers tried to beat the devil
out of an epileptic and now they're between the horned
gentleman and the deep sea with the coroner taking notes.
home  rule  controversy  not   a   single
harsh or unsympathetic word has fal-'
* *i E om :iis Hps In reference to Ulster
Proti stants,
Liberal Confidence.
On the eve* of the opening of the
fourth  Bession of the pri sent  parlia-
men!  there are .-'11 the signs of con-
to doubt  they will be with us in the
course  o,   time."
F. E, Smith, K.C, moved a resolution in favor of the proposal and admitted the opposition of many large
traders and certain chambers of commerce, but asserted that the overwhelming majority cf smaller people
Whenever the London police feel that they need exercise they set out to arrest Emmeline Pankhurst and they
invariably get the exercise.
A Victoria public school principal is going to teach
his pupils how to grow flowers.   That's starting the back-
r\ mnvemoni nt an nai'lv ttfeno-p
fusion ami bewilderment In the oppo-|'*were most of all entiled to consid
sltion ranks. Among the government oration." John Cooloburn seconded
supporters, on tin* other band, unity the resolution and Hon. Thomas Mac-
and cheerful confidence prevail. Usual- kenzle, high commissioner for Newly aftor n government has been a | Zealand, supported it.
long   time   in    power   the    Liberal
We hai,. received a consignment Of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER   which  is highly recommended.
I.iinc* Is almost as important for the successful growth of plan'.*
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and II.
���02 Columbia Street W.
IllO   UUJJilcS  IIUW   btl  glUH   11UWC1-3.       1.11CX
to-the-land movement at an early sta
"Too much Shakespeare," said a Washington state
hotel proprietor when he had a female guest arrested as a
nuisance. "Too much booze," said the desk sergeant when
he got a whiff of the lady's breath.
Asquith, the Pilot Who
Weathered the Storm
have been in office continuously since
Deci tniher, 19*06   it loses vitality, and '
Its supporters get weary and Indifferent.    Conversely,  the opposition   becomes vigorous in strength and buoyant in spirit.   At the present, time, by
an odd reversal of role-s, it is the op- !
position that -wears Uie. tired look, and i
the government that is buoyant.    Vet
few governments have been  exposed
to more perils.    Mr. Asquith's administration seems, however, to thrive on
;ts difficulties.    A devout Liberal M
Skin Soap
Al,.i���ln��(.*ly free���a 25 c-e-nt rnkc of D. D. D.
r. confided to me* last year his solemn   Skin Soap, with tli�� purchase of a full sin hot-
conviction that the government ,*,,is
Imme rttil till tlu* Irish quosti m was
���etreil. lie believes it is predestined
to bring about thai settlement, "it has
more lives than a cat," was the t trse
observation of a more secular Radical
- i.'ii i*be government triumphed slg
t: illy over one of the many difficulties which have confronted  it. Some
Me of D. D, U. Prreecriiitiini for Edema���for 15
1'rnrs the standard ��kin remedy. Relief Kunr-
1111 teed from tills first Imttle or your iieonev refund, 1. I). I). D. Skin Simp, purest mid lilund-
csl',( Skin Senilis, should alwaya be used in
connection with I) I). 1). Prescription, the
���ootliintfi beoline lotion. We have mado fn.it
friendi of more than one family hv recommending these fiimour. products unci we wunt you to
try Hi, en now on the wmtIuI offer. This is im.
mediate. You must bring Mils ud wilh yuu.
t'unr today.
Inherent power    In    the governinen-t Frederic T. Hill, Druggist, Columbia
lean   alone   explain   Its   surprising   vi strec*.   New Westminster.
tallty.   Mr. Asquith himsell is an asset '	
of Incalculable value,   His supremacy   --       ' ^^m~^mmi��� 	
In tho house! of commons  Is une tal
A DOLLAR Spent at home reacts in its
benefits with unceasing general profit. Sent out of town it's life is ended.
Kept with the home merchants it is a
messenger of continuous benefit. Business men should awake to the importance of keeping this dollar at home and
make a bid for it by judicious advertising.
Mr.  Asquith,  Ibe pilot  who weat'.i "��� '���'    which   he  leads,  and   to   the
rred the storm, is the. title of a vivid country of which he Is Un* first clti-
rharacter sketch by Henry Jones In iten, In fact, as weH as iti name,   The
the  London  Chronicle.    Mr.  Asquith, five years of Mr,  Asquith's premier*
t.iys the Writer:    lias re-ached a de ship have be nark*ed    by   critical
e'eiivo   point   in  h-'s career,    <'m   Vie events al home and abroad.    But he
psr'lamentary  Bession  that has just has been equal   to   every   occasion.
I.n.v.n. N
e nened depend consequences of pro-
fcuud Imp: rt tc himrclf, to the groat
Through  external and   internal   perils
ite has navigated the ship of state with
"ite..i. lie has expanded and mellowed in a wonderful way In the pi i
five yens.   Gratefully recognizing the
strength  and  breadth and generosity Oirls'  classes, Tuesday  1:20  p.m.;
of his character, the whole nation, Ir- Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
respective  of  party,  is   proud  of   Mr. Sewing  classes,  Thursday,   7:110   p.m.
Apfiuith,   'Tried and tested as prime Boarding and room rates reasonable,
minister by every rarlety of prohli m Meals served to ladles and gentlemen,
and crisis, lie litis emerged scathless Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30.
and strengthened from all of   them.'    Tor particulars call pbone 1324.
E. FI. BOCKUN, N.  BKARDHl.EH,        W. f. II. BOOKL1N,
Pres  -aid Oeal  Mgr. Vlc��Praslde:it. Rao. aa* TrMi.
Rr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phone* No. 7 and 177. WEDNESDAY,  MARCH   11,  1914.
Page threes'
H    J.   A.   BUBWBTT,   AUDITOR   AND,
' ciri'ini.-iiit.     Telephone   Idle.     Houm
II   Hart   Hlock.
P. H. Smith. W. J. Grow i
Work   undertaken    il    city   and   outside ;
icolne*.   211-12   Wvatrnlnater   Trust   Bid*
Phono  S64.    P.  O.  Iloz  6U7.
Tenders Wanted.
Probability   of  Tcry   Rule   Deplored���
What Anti-Carsonite Has to Say
on Subject.
NKW   WB8TMIN8TER   LODOH   No   .    ���      ,   .��� ,    .   ,
r. i). B. of D. C, meet the first and ! March 17th, 1914
tlliel   Friday   ut   S   p.m,   Labor Temple*,
Seventh   and   Itnynl   avenue*.      A.    Wells
eiray, Kxalied Btder; p, ii. Smith Secretary.
LO.O.M..   NO   1(4���-HB8T8  ON   KIItrfT
anel third
p m
on the r-oitihv.es���ly boundary of the
: . s*,,n known as Milner tova
* e . which would give ��� more direct
b?0tn tiie Town line to tin* ue.v
Si .ui] at Milner. Referred to Councillor   Matthias.
Mrs. A McDonald regarding the
matter of bar cattle having been put
tn pound. Clerk to reply that In the
opinion of the council the act was ln
accordance with the law. |
Charles   Fisher    with    a copy of a
resolution passed by a meeting of the
ratepayers of ward 2 asking the coun-'.
cil   to   reconsider   the   matter of   the
appointment of an engineer. Received.
Acting Reeve  Hope  stated that he j
would  refer back  to  the council  for
,���  i,   ,     i-i    ��� ���      .     '    ,    ,,r,**,ni/ii,,. -.rini-.t   n     Tun., t'len* t n I reconsideration the motion which waa I
of  I)    L.   151    known   as   the   Airr'eii - * organizing  armea   resisiajice  uiere  io ..       ,     . .   . 1
,      i    tt        J, suiwwii  us  uie Agr.cui-       7   ,.. . T n, n -   Passed   at   the   last   meeting   turning I
Sealed tenders will  be received  by
the undersigned up to 8 p.m. Tuesday,
for   clearing   and
rough grading a portion of that part
All who have traveled much in Ire-!
land since Sir Edward Carson began
tural Grounds,
acres, more or
marked off Into  seven
bird  Tuesday  In each  month at  ��   _������i,,,.���j   ��,������   i   .��� -
in   in.    Labor   Tempi.-.     David numbered from 1 to 7.
containing     twelve   a Dublin parliament (a London Daily , ,,own ,he appo'lntment of an engineer.
ess,  which his been I News  representatives  writes)     know   Received.
and I too well that a danger much graver to i     Frank Olson addressed the council!
Dictator;   \v.  j.  droves,  Sacra*
mKuiar ineeilns ol Amity lodge ls.
27. 1. O. O. F.. Is held every Monds
night st I o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hal.
Torner Carnarvon and Eighth streeU
v lulling brethern cordially Invited
R. A. Merriihew, NO.; H. W. Bancstei
V. a.; W. C. Coaihsm, P. O.. n-esoreJ
Inic seMire-tary: J. W. MacDonald, flnan
��� inl secretary.
W   i*:   FAI.rcs���Pioneer (funeral  Director
i*i.i|   RmbnJmer,   A12-61A   Agnes   street,
pndslto Carnegie  Library.
8.    HOW FA.I.   (SUCCESSOR   TO   CBN-
tir A  Hanna.  Ltd. i���Funeral rtlrnctoi
atie! etnhalmara.    Parlors 406 Columblc
atreet.   New   Westminster.    Pbone  III
��ter Board of Trade meet* In the boar
room. City Hall, as follows:   Tblrd Fr;   i
day of each  month;  quarterly  mee*lm  I
on  ihe third  Friday of February,  Maj
August and  November at  8  p.m.    An
ntial   meeting!   on   the   third   Friday   o
February.   C.   H.   Stuart   Wads,   secret   !
the empire than making home rule -. regarding the drainage of Beedham
statutory would be another Tory ad- j street, Murrayville. Referred to
ministration of that country, from . Councillor Brydon to report at next
Dublin castle.    But, unfortunately, the i meeting.
Carsonlte campaigns have been adver-1 li. Matheson asking that a road be
area of each block, and contract tised with megaphones and melo- ��� opened to his property in D.L. 124 and
forms,  may  be seen  at   the office of   diama, while the  Nationalist bulk of! stating  that  he  had   good  gravel  on
Tenders may be for one or more, or
all, but separate price must be named
for each block.
Plan    showing    measurement   and
Mr. J. B. Todrick, Central F'ark.
(3065) Secretary.
Court of  Revision,  1914.
Ireland    has    remained    remarkably, | his property.    Referred to Councillor
even ominously, <iuiet.   Mr. John Red-1 Matthias to act.
inoncl, in his last speech, let drop a| Reports.
Ward   1.���Councillor   Matthias   reported   having   looked   into  the   Mac-
hint, the importance of which appears
to have been  overlooked.
Tory   Government   Impossible.
Sir   Roger   Casement   (whose   courageous work as British consul on the
Congo and I'utuinayo has earned him
great   distinction),   when   interviewed
NOTICE  is  hereby  given  that   the first
meeting eif the Court of Revision for
tlm AssMfment Roll"of ths City nl' New by the Daily News representative on
Westminster wlll li�� held In the City Hall,
Ni-w Westminster, B.C. on Thursday,
April m. lull, at 10 am. All appeals
;*~t,iin.*t tin* Assessment must In* In writing, and delivered to tin* Assessment Commissioner at least ten days previous to
the sitting nf-tlie- said Court of Revision.
Dated at  New  Westminster,  B.C., this
2nd day   of  Match.   IUU.
(3021 i City Clerk.
Kenzie station road matter and recom-
mended that 3.') feet be procured on
the eastern boundary of D.L. 123.
which with the existing road allow-1
ance would make a good road and
moved that the clerk prepare the ne-
cessary bylaw to gazette this new
road, providing that the land can be
got free. Councillor Brydon seconded
and the motion carried.
Ward 2.���Acting Reeve Hope report-
rt,iters, Solicitors, etc. 40 Lorne Sereei
New Westminster. O K. Corbould, h
C.    J. K. lirant.    A. 10. McColl.
i: law, Solicitor, e*tc. SJeillclor fur the
Bunk of Vancouver. Offices: Mnr
chants Bunk Bulldinx. New Westmlns
ti-r. B.C. Telephone No. liiTO. Cable
address "Johnston." Code Westerr
lloltor, etc., Colliater Block, c*,irrn*r Col
tumbla mm McKenzie Btreets, New West
���ntniMir. B.C. P. O. Vox 2Hi. Tub*
Phone 144.
s!d�� .��� UurrtxUra and Solicitors, Wesi
minster Trust Blk., Columbia strewn
Nt*.v Westminster, B. C. Cable artelres
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. C
1'rowiT 200. Telephone II. W. j
Wnit-slile. K. C.; H. L. Edmonds. I
Wliitmlde..   -
J STTLWELL CI.UTE. UarrlHtcr-at-la*>
solicitor, etc.; comer Columbia an
McKfiitie streets, New WestmlnstS
li. C.   P. O. Bos lis.    Telephons   11<
Solicitor    and     Notary. Offices      Har
block,  2*  Lome   aunt. New  Wesimlr
eiier. B. C
Barristers and Bullcliors. ��li6 to tl
Westminster Trust Block. (}. E. Unr
tin, W. G. McQuariio and ejt-orst 1
the   hint   in   Mr.   Redmond's   speech,
"1 do not know Mr. Redmond. But
I am an Irishman who knows his
country, and has traveled much. People  often   sav   hern  in   Kngland   that
Mr. Redmond" does not represent Irish ipd   gravelling  by   H.  Coghlan  and   .1.
feeling;   that   Irish  people  are  really Kidd;   repairs  to  approach  to bridge
j indifferent  to  home  rule     Irish  peo-;'"1 town ���*'*e and contract to construct
] pie care so much  for home rule that; Culvert on town line let to J. Mowat
MUNICIPAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OP   they  have   borne   with   patience,  and   fop ���*���*���"��� culvert to be ot 10 inch con-
rtttPMABV great  restraint,   insults,    taunts,  and , CMta PJP*-
burnaby open threaU or organized violence be-     WardJ.���Councillor Armstrong ro
Including District Lot 172, Group One. I jng  UK(,d   (o  prevent  satisfaction    of   Ported that no damage had been done
,.,*,,,,/-. .-,-,-e, .,~,   7~   .       , n.   ! their constitutional demands.
"SKftfKTBS      ""    "-ne  projects should  succeed
naby that  1   re ,i.ln* the  presence of  the | and   t.iat   constitutional   demand   fail.
Irish people will see that any revival
Id   Ki''-tots  at   the  Municipal
at 12 o'clock noon.
Hall   on
to the road by the Bc.aver River Lumber company, and that the ditch contract on the River road was in pro-
,r  electing   persons   to j Pr<*
for   (Ik*   purposi
serve on the Boi
Burnaby in t ursuance of an order of th
Honorable ilu* Council of Public Instruction, bearing date* of February 27th,  ltilt,
which order In part nr;t.*s as follows:
"The Honorable the Council of Public
Instruction Ilu declared Invalid the election eif the four trustees he Id in your
municipality In January lost The resignation of the fifth and (emalnlng member
of the board has also ls*'n accepted The.
Honorable the Council has nil *t that un- t   ::'
-f  unconstitutional  rule in  Ireland  is i , .',V;lrd   4.���Two   culverts   on   Town
made impossible.   Force has -been ap- -Une road repaired.
led to against thorn; and if that is I    A,,t'ne Re"ve  H��Pe reported  that
ni of School Trustee?* of | to be the last argument of their enemies, they will know bow to use force
to defend the-ir rights and liberties.
We are resolved that any further
criminal conspiracy of a tory government against Ireland shall  fail.
"If   Mr.   Balfour,   Mr.   Bonar   Law,
Lord  Lansdowno, and  the  rest think
are going  to resume occupation
pther election for the choice ol  tlve trus-1 of Dunlin castle on the old lines they
tee h in- lielil  iii   Burnaby  Municipality on
Saturday,   tho   nth  of   March  next,   and I
��� l, ,1 ..*  t: Is eii ction th'* three candidates
receiving the highest numbi r of votes shall j
be declared elected for two years or until
.1 it  :.,!������.-. r.'tr.. and thi  two candidates receiving the next highest number of votes
shall  l*e declared elected  for on,*  year or
until January, 1915."
The in nl'- *if nomination of Candidates
shall be us follows: The Candidates shall
li.* nominated in writing, the writing shall
be subscribed by two voters *,t' the School
Dlstrlci ns Proposer and Beoondcr, and
ahnli ' delivered to the Returning or-
II,.. r Bi any t!m,* bi twi en tin* date! oi
���I la notice and - o'clock p.m. on tbe day
..I nomination, and In the event of n poll
being noe      ary such  p"l!  will he opened
nfiU.ing had yet been done to repair
the Mackie gravel pit and recommended that Ilagnus Smith, the party responsible, be written to giving him
ten days In which to clean up the pit,
if not done in that time the municipality to dj the work and take action i
to recover.
The matter of the appointment of
an engineer was reconsidered and
,.;; ���,..* -hat the machine won't ComiclUors Vannetta and Matthias
work. Coercion, tempered by corrup- ���"(,;p<1 that, a" ^irieer be appointed
tion. will never have another lease ���f! and en a ballot being taken on ihe
Dnblin castle. To irishmen who ^"^5B:IB���W? ^Jft^Jw
know the inside of the last tory ad- n,,e ���'���-���rymplt' road crossing bylaw
ministration of Ireland that thing de-' revived its tirst reading
served to he called a criminal con-l The co,1,lrc" ^W ^-"IT at
spiracy, and we do not mean to sub- MurrayvlUe on March 14 at lu:.:o a.m.
mit   to   its   re-establishment   in   any ��� .   "*~���~~m*������������~���~"~~~~^
Shape or form. In this resistance,!
Bhould it be forced upon us. we shall I
have the support of Irishmen abroad,!
and we will see that the fight is not i
ARD TIMES! A prominent advertiser who spends a fortune every
year in publicity has established a
significant rule. Whenever he notices a slowing up of business he increases
his advertising. This is the reason: "When
business is booming it is unnecessary to
fight for it���it comes of itself; but when
business is slow I insist on having my share
of it, and the easiest way to get it is by calling attention to my goods. I do not wait for
hard times. I scent them in the distance,
and before anybody else gets busy I make
my contracts for advertising on a big scale
and get my orders in before my competitors
know what I am doing." The logic and common sense of the attitude of this gentleman
account in large part for the remarkable
success he has achieved
Advertise in
The New Westminster News
SATURDAY,   MARCH   14.   1914
at 9 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.
COAL MININO rights of the Dominie
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Albert*
tlm Yukon Territory, the Northwest Tet
rltorles und In a iiortion of the Provlnc
of British Columbia, may be lensed for e
term of twenty-ono years at an annuf
r**-.t!il of 11 an acre. Not more than 26i
acres v,lll be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must bo mad
bv the applicant In person to the Astir
or f-ub-AKcnt of the district In which tfc
rtKhts applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must t
described by sections, or legal sub-din
stcens of sections, and In unsurveyeel tei
rliorv the tract applied for e-ball r
stiikeei out bv the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanle
by n fee of 15 which will be refunded I
tie ii��lilH applied for are not available
hilt nut otherwise. A royalty shall b
ralet nn tho merchantable output of th
mine nt the rate of five cents per ton.
Tho person operating the mine sha
furnish ths Agent with sworn return
^cceninilns for the full quantity of mei
cha.nt.able coal mined and pay the ro<
Blty the icon. If the coal mlnliiK right
<ir�� not being operated such returns shoul*
t.o furnished nl  lesist once a year.
The lease will include the conl mlnln
rights   Only,   but   the   h'BSe>e   will   be   pel
mitted to purchase whatever avr.iiabi
surface* rights may be considered neoef
eary for tiie- working of the mine at tb
vatf  of 91U  an acre
Kor full Information application slum!
in* made to the Secretary of the Depar'
n,Hnt   of  tiie   Interior.  Ottawa,  or  to  an
Agi*ut or Bub-Agent of Dominion Lande
W. \v. CORY,
Deputy  Mlnlater of thn Interim
s. B.���Unauthorised publication of th'.
advertisement will not he paid for
urquitlam.   ���
H I of  it Kitimat
13th   Avenue.)
ei  sub-
time months
t  hli nomination
Municipal   Hall,   Edmonds,
Hamilton   Roal   School,   B
Barnet  Hall, Barnet.
Mr.   Topprg's   Store
E.  Burnaby.
Burr.aby Lake Store. Burnaby Lake.
Kinqsway  West School, McKay.
Metnodist Hall, Boundary and Pandora, North Burnaby.
Social Club Room, Capitol Hill.
Schou   Street   School,   Broadview.
Nelson Avenue School, Alta Vista.
Sperling Avenue School, Lakemere.
Rlverway   East  School,   South   Burnaby.
Anv  tlf*rsiin  Ih*Iiik  ,-i   male  Hi it
|i ct. and bavins bee n fnr th
next or, coding  th.* day
t fglstered owner, in the Uina  ��egis-
try Office, of l.mil or real property situate within the Municipality of thcassMWMl
value, on the Inst Municipal or Provtndal
���Vssegsment roll, of two hundred and flTO
rj ill irs or m ire over and above nny registered ludgment or charge; or Being a
homesteader less c from tho t rown, pr
nnmrmpwr, who has resided within the*
lHunlolpallty for the space of one year or
more Immediately preceding the day ��
nomination, nnd is assessed for flye hundred dollars or more on the lasl Municipal
or Provincial assessment mil over ana
above any registered Judgmenl or charge,
or being ,*i homesteader, lessee from the
Crown or pre-emptor who Ims resided
within the Municipality ror n period of one
year Immediately preceding the nomination,  and   during  th��  remiilnde-r  of  sun
year has been th vner of seild land, of
which lie fi-inii' rlv wus n liomosttMUier,
Inssee from the Crown, or pre-empt ir, ana
s assessed for five himdrod .;;*i1m--s or
more nn the- last Muni ' pal or Provincial
.,������.. ������ nt r ,11 nver id aliove nny reg-
Isi *. .' Judgmc-nl o- charg", nnd being
��� ,crwl��' qualified hy ibis Act to vote at
,,, ,.,,, . ,,,,  , [ Sc! ool trustees in the Bald
,',, ,    dis" ct, ������ all be eligible to be elec
.,1 ,.    t0   . |-\.      i :i nchool trustee in Bucn
llsti-'lct  muni Ipallty school district.
die* n ut icr mv hand at  Edmonds, this
-.nl day of March,   1911.
Hi turning Offloer,
conducted in a corner. We will let the
whole world look into the performance.
Nationalist Volunteers.
"The  Irish  volunteer movement    ia
not designed as a threat against any
section Of Irishmen, but as a defense
Irish   interests.     Yolun-
Spring Suitings just arrived. See
'hem. Perfect fit aud workmanship
eeuaranteed. Trices from $18.00 up.
701 Front Street.
many parts of Ireland, and are everywhere met ting with enthusiastic s jp-1
port.    From   Donegal   to  Cork    steps j
have been taken to lay before the peo- j
pie the aim in view, and the response
has been most gratifying.
"Ii-ish  intelligence,  with  Irish  man-
hood, Wll tie ready everywhere in Ire-1
land to support the constitutional lead-1
ers of the  Irish  people  In  any  form i
of conflict  the  enemies  of  Irish  na-1
tionality may force upon our country, j
\'.'c have already many thousands of
Irishmen   enrolled.    They   are  being!
trained and drilled, and we shall know
bow  to use them  if the demand    be
Many   Matters   Occupy   Attention   of
Administration���Improving   of
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
Phone 105.
P  O. Box 345.
Several important road matters were
attended tj at the hist meeting ol the
Langley municipal council at Murray-
villi?. Th*- following is the official
ei port ot the meetng:
Communication as follows weru reel reel:
I'l.yn! Columbian hospital submitting
statements of amounts due the hospital on account of services rendered
certain persons claimed by the hospital authorities to be residents of the
municipality. The clerk was Instructed to return this statement and refer
them to previous communications from
the council regarding this matter.
Board of school trustees asking that
eps be taken to open the road lying
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.        Barn Phone 137.
Begbie  Street.
Daggage Delivered Promptly to
Any I'art of thu City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
TENDERS in duplicate, endorsed
"Hospital for the Insane," for the
supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's
fittings, boots nnd shoes, shoemakers
fittings, meat, fish, groceries, coal,
mattresses nnd bedding, fodder, drugs,
etc for use of the said institution,
and' the furnishing of funerals, from
the 1st Of April next to the 3l8t of
March, 1916, will be received by the
Honorable the Provincial Seoretar>
until   noon   on   Saturday,   the   Hth
Re the Northwest quarter of Section
14, Township 7, New Westminster
A Certificate or Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be Issued
to .lames K. (Juincl on the 21st day
of March. 101*4, unless In the -meantime a valid objection thereto be made
to me In writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or interest
tlu rein, or In any part thereof.
,1. C, OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
Lists of the articles requlr^oan be] Und ni,h^iry office,
Vestininster,  H.C
seen at the Hospital, at which place
samples can also be Inspected,
Read The News
16th. 1914.
All supplies to In- delivered at the
ho'liitnl  without extra charge.
Two sufficionl sureties for the duo
fulfilment of each contract will be required.
Tcnd'irs will not be considered unless   made  out  on   the  forms,   which
can be obtained from the Bursar of
the  Hospital or the  undersigned.
Deputy Provincial Secretary. 1 the 6th
Provincial  Secretary.s Office, 26th I
The person  or persons    having   in
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the said
j property are requested to deliver tho
same to the undersigned:
1, Crown   grant  to  Jason  Samuel
I.i wis,  dated  lhe*  16th June   1893,
2. Conveyance from Jason Samuel
Lewis   to   l.liinie  Jane   Lewis,   dated
Iv, 1901,
February, 1914,
(3008)   (2951)
District Registrar,
Have you ever noted how an audience
yawns in the face of an uninspired speaker?
On the other hand, have you noted how an audience
will lean forward and grasp the chair arms when
the speaker reveals enthusiasm ?
Enthusiasm is the buoyant expression of truth. To
impart belief in anything, a man must believe it
deeply himself.    We call such a man an enthusiast.
This applies to the written word also ��� particularly
to advertisements. When the manufacturer really
believes in his wares, his enthusiasm will almost
inevitably find expression in Advertising. And enthusiasm will be contagious��� his audience��� the
readers of the newspaper���will, figuratively speaking,
"lean forward and listen intently."
To be convincing an advertisement
must convey an unmistakable
impression of enthusiasm. This it
will only do when the article
advertised has inherent worth.
Thus we have:
Sincerity --Enthusiasm-- Advertising:
Three   mighty  forces,   close-linked.
// you are doint a heal business talk over your adverthisg problems with the Advertising Department
 ���y ,!,(, ���eWspaper.     1] If you are Joint a provincial or national bushttSS it would be welt fer
you to have the counsel a.ni assistance of a good advertising acru-v.     A list of these
will be furnished,  without cost or obligation,  hy the Secretary of Canadian
Press Association,  Room ,'0J,  I.umsdci liuildini;,   Toronto.
I fflreaHEBS flHBKlflBtfa PAGE  FOUR
WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   11,  1914.
Our stock includes many
things that the wife needs about
the house.
Brooms,   lijtht   30c.
And ranging in weight to 65c.
Scrub Brushes ..15c, 20c, 25c
Shoe  Brushes   ..25c,  30c,  35c
Baubers,   each    15c.
Stove Brushes 20c. and 25c
Black  Lead  Daubers    10c
Nail  Brushes, 3  for   10c
Dish   Washers 10c
Wire   Sink   Brushes    15c
Knife Cleaners   20c
Wash  Boards, Glass, Brass,
and Knamel   50c
Wash Boards, zinc   25c
Wash Tubs, Galvanized iron,
Fibre and Wooden; Tails, Galvanized Iron. Fibre* and Wooden,
Clothes Baskets. Clothes Lines,
Clothes Bins, .Mops, etc.
Model Grocery
808 Sixth  St. Phone 1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed-
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
We Have
to Loan
Property muat be well improved and worth at least double the
amount of the loan.
For full particulars call at our
office and  let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
flit- Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
li ranch.
fiOB   Columbia   Street.
C   8   KEITH, Manager.
Local News
Branch Opened Yesterday.
The branch cf tli.* Bank of Montreal at I'ort Coiiuitlam opened its
doors promptly at lo o'clock yesterday, j. k. i^esiie, formerly account*.
ant al Chilliwack, is in charge.
Bin bank's  Reeds.     Sole  agency  for
the  citv.  Hill's  Drug  Store-.      13007)
I ern states is tit** sane as that charged
\ to Eastern Canadian points. New
[ Westminster especially will benefit by
l this change.
Repairs to  Dredge.
The  government  dredge  King    Kd*
'ward tied up at    the    public    works
[wharf yesterday In order to have one
I of    her big hydraulic    pumps,  which
suffered an accident recently, repaired.    The vessel will be ready to continue operations at  the sandheads in
the course of a week.
School  Board Tomorrow.
The    usual    routine    business    will
come up for disposition at the regular meeting of the school board to do
he Id tomorrow evening.
First Spiritualists Society, New
Westminster, will hold their meeting
in the Sterling block, Hoyal avenue
and Tenth street, Wednesday evening
at S o'clock. Conductor, .Mrs. B.
Clarke.    All are welcome. (3064)
Leaves for Ottawa.
Resident Engineer C. C, Worsfold
is leaving today for Ottawa where he
will confer with the authorities in his
department In respect to work under
way and to be undertaken in this district.    He will return cm April 1.
Insure in the Royal, the world's
largest fire company, Agent, Alfred
W.   McLeod,  tiie Insurance  Man.
Want Hindu Deported.
The local council of women is urging the deportation  of Gean  Singh,
the Hindu who was lined Ji'on and
costs tn the police' court recently for
tin e ffence covered by the amended
criminal code.
Furniture Still to Arrive.
'    All tin* furnishings    for    the   completed wing of the new Itoyai Columbian   hospital   building  have  not    ar-
j irved  as yet and  the  date  for open-
: in.?  the   institution   i*   being   deferred
! accordingly,    it is expected that    the
building will be ready for occupation
I in    about    a    month.    George Small,
president of the directors' board, anticipates that the other wing of   the
jhospilal  will be started  in about five
l weeks.    The cost of this section will
i be *70,00(l.
are entitled  to wear same from  this
4.���Subscriptions  will   l>e>  taken   on
Friday evening and the secretary re-
I quests that all arrears be paid in full
I then.
5.���The troop wish to express tlit-ir
I hearty appreciation to Col. Sergt. F. J.
I Simpson, 104th regiment, for his kindness in making and drawing such a
Hue "scout Chart' 'and also to Mr.
Wilkie and the Sunset Blue Print
company for tin-ir kind assistance' and
co-operation in this connection. By
W. M. CHAPMAN, Adjutant.
New   Westminster,  March  10, 1��14.
Made Ride Yet.
I Information bas been received in
I the: city that the postmaster general
| will Introduce a bill in the house
i which will settle the dispute between
itho B. C, l". li. and the Dominion gov-
' eminent as to the fares for mail car-
i rlers. The latter in New Westmin-
1 ster Victoria and Vancouver have
I been carrying the mails on foot since
the rust of the year, The B. C. B. R.
j demand $60 per year for each carrier,
Ian Increase of ?lei over that previously paid.
For Week Endin
High.    Low.
6:80 11:10 !
lei. UO
10 6:60   0:r>0
16:30 12:00
11 ti:15    1:35
17:35 12:55
6:35    2:10
18:36 11:00
13    7:05
19:36 15:25
14 7:35 3:00
.'0:40 16: IS
15 S: 05 3:05
Ll   16 17:05
g Sunday.
Sand 11
Time. Ht
0:32 4.6
13:14 2.8 |
1:19 6.0 j
14:00 2.1
��� ocial and  Persona
Weather Today.
NOW  Westminster and  lower mainland:   Light to moderate winds; generally fair and mild.
Ice Carnival Wednesday, 8 o'clock.
Six fancy prizes.. Special music. Ad-
miss on 50c. (3063)
Trio of Drunks.
Wiih tli" exception of two drunks
who appeared and were allowed to go
and one who forfeited his bail there
was nothing doing In the police courL
ye sterday morning.
Try our tea. coffee and pastry.
Grant's Bakery, 737 Columbia St.
Fence Your Chickens.
The poundkeeper is planning his
annual snring raid on all loose and
unguarded chickens, but before commencing the campaign he has Issued
warning to poultry owners to get
their s'ock fenced, otherwise they
will have' to tnke the consequences,
Mis. .). w. Cunningham und daughj
ter, who have been residing in Seattle
for two years, have returned Io the
A special Lenten service will be
held In St. Mary's church, Sapperton,
this evening at 8 o'clock, with Rev.
A. riimlop in the pulpit.
The Daughters of England will
meet in the Odd Fellows' ball on
Thursday evening in  regular session.
I Continued from page one)
Money to hum on tirst mortgages.
Improved nitv and farm property 0
per crtit. Alfred W, McLeod.      (3009)
Cougars Abroad.
Two cougars have been reported
wandering aimlessly about the highly
civilized municipality cf Point Grey
and a well known hunter of those
parts has departed on their trail with
a gun and three dogs which are guaranteed to bring homo the bacon, or
the cougars, as the case may be.
Ice Carnival Wednesday, 8 o'clock.
Six fancv prizes.    Special  music.    Ae!
mission 5*^. (30S3)
Hoard cf Trade.
A  met tins tf the council    of   the
board of trade will be held on Thursday    afternoon    at    4    o'clock.    The* j
agenda shows the following    matters
coming up:    Discussion on annual re- j
ports;   completion  of committees fori
ensuing year;  delegates to Coast Ad!
Men's convention, and discussion on
operation   of   Steveston-Westminster j
C. N, It. branch line.
We serve l'ght   lunches,
Grant's Bakery, 7::;7 Columbia St,    ,
(2996) ,
Mo New Developments.
No new developments In the Hindu |
tnittii r mystery took place yesterday, the police in the various municipalities on the lower mainland continuing h s arch for the former part-
ti' r i f the mil i Ing man togi Liter v. Ith
n yeung man of Banish d * cont. Descriptions li: been spre eel broadcast in the* various pi lice offices t n 1
the apprehension of the two Biispecta
is looked for b fore tli" �� ee le ia out,
Bras.; bed, s| ring and Restmore
mattress, i very; iiing ne .-,. only '���'. 1.00
complete, Fi r tbn ������ daj s only at lhe
Westminster Furniture Store, corn r
F lurth and Columbia str�� ets.    (3049)
Reduce Freight Rater.
Manufacturers and Bhlpoe rs of
al ingli s In ihia proi Ince In tha terri
tory tapped bi ihe 13 C, E. If and
tha Rreal Northern railways, can now
take ad\ anta i of a lowi r rate which
:*i\ - British iv Innibln Industries a
better chance to competi with mills
In the Pacific ccasl states rm Bblp-
nieitts to Eastern American points, i
The rate as now applies to the east-
Orders for Week Ending March 17,
by Scoutmaster R. P. Day.
1.- -The troop will paratle tit the
armories on Friday nexl at 7:lhi p.m.
Dress, drill order.
2.7���The Kairview troop have signified thei,- Intention to he* on hand
next Friday evening for the purpose
of playing a game of basketball with
the 1st Westminsters!, and all members
of the troop are requested 10 be pres
ent. As it is tiie intention to serve
refreshments to the visiting team the
scoutmasters would be glad If each
by would bring a cake or other eatables for iliis purpose. Each bey has
permission  to bring a  friend.
3.���Patrol Leader C. Morrow and
Corporal W. Murison having passed
the examination feir Missipners' badge
The People's Grocer
City  Store    133  and  44T
Sapperton   Brandt       J73
West   End   Branch    6i3
mmmmmmmmmtm*���������S���������������IS��� !������!      I I���III    ���*��.,.
Evaporated Fruit
for making pie s or table   saue
Just now between se isoi      :  .-
very hard to know �� hat : *
the line of f uit.    Let thi
inn lis: assl I  i'ou:
ievatH'i-i!' d I runes ..   10c, and
15c. per Ib, 2 for 25c.
li     pi r  ted    V : ������'...   2
lbs. fei  25c.
Evaporate d Apt '.-'���'.
lbs. foi  35c.
Evaporate tl Peaches    ��� ��� ;     .
lb"   for 23c.
Evaporated   Pear    al   15c.,   2
lbs. for 20c.
Cookli - F      at10c . 3 Ibt  2  :
Hen of Ledgerkeeper Dillon, who
raised a window and began pumping
shots at the foreigners with a revolver. The robbers had made a clean
haul of what cash was lying on the
teller's desk, placing it in a cotton
sac'it. 11. Johnson, the teller, was
caught like a rat In his cage and bail
nothing else lo do but to hand over
ihe money, amounting to $2100.
Ever since the robbery at Central
Park two years ago instructions have
been issued to managers In the suburban districts not to take* out any
large amount of cash from the vault
other than actually necessary for the
transaction of business, Several
thousand dollars wire lying in the
sal'-, but this was protet ted by a combination lock  inside  the  vault,
Mr. Morley described the men, one
b ling very tall, probably over six
feet; two were Of heavy build, one
nit ilium, while the fifth was quite
small. All had a swarthy look about
them which suggested a Southern
European country, some claiming
them to he* Italians, although a Blight
clue suggested Greek or Galaclan. All
the live men were shabbily dressed.
Two wore overalls and appeared to
be construction camp laborers, while
their hick of the English vocabulary
strongly suggests a short stay In this
Some  Money  Recovered.
The  clue  as   mentioned   above  was
I the  finding of a coat  on  the railway
I tracks  by   the  C,   P.   It.  agent  which
I contained $140 In gold and a full cart-
i ridfie clip wrapped iu. a foreign newspaper,  which  should give  the police
an inkling tis to the nationality of tin*
mi n they arc dealing with.
The young girl stenographer, who
was near a window at the time of the
hold-up, made an attempt to open it.
but scon desisted when a bullet
glanced off a desk through the glass.
Banking operations were speedily
resumi d, T. Clarke, assistant Inspector of B. C, branches for the Royal
bank, arrived on Uie scene In the
afternoon and went over the books.
Late last night Provincial Chief
Smith informed The News that no
neve deve iopments had taken place,
but that lie and his force would be*
out In the woods throughout the
At the international bord'-r the
American authorities are working
hand in hand with the provincial officials and will lik. ly arrest any suspicious characters attempting to cross
the line, At the Praser river bridge
and at Mission Senior Constable
Stevenson, of this city, had nun posted, while the Chilliwack constable
brought down a valuable dog to the
Scene late In the evening In the hopes
of the canine Uklng up the sec*".:, li
���-. a. repprte I thai the two dogs owned by Warden Brown, of the penitentiary had bi en sent to .'��� bbo ford,
b-,:t 1 iiis pro.' d Incorrect.
unsuitable. Mr. Anderson, for the
010 wn,   challenged   but   four.
Constable Flower told much the
same s*-tory as he did at the royal
commission, but special slgniflcence
seemed to be placed by Mr. itonniir
on the fact thai lhe witness had seen
Id ill and Krafchenko talking closely
together, the latter having a plan on
his knees. Mr. Hi.nnur Inquired closely as to whether It would not have
been possible for Krafchenko to have
put Ihis plan In his pocket. Flower
wus still on the stand when the after
noon session closed and will likely hn
called again tho first thins in the
Legal Battle.
The trial promise.*, one of the keenest battlcB of legal minds ever held in
Western Canada. In all five lawyers
are taking part. Edward Anderson,
K.C, and lt. It. Graham are acting for
the crown, and It. A. Bonnar. K.C,
Ilu^h Cutler and .V P. Hagel for the
defence. At the outset of the trial
Mr. Justice Curran demanded an understanding as to the legal representation, whereupon Mr. Bonnar announced that N. F. Hagel was acting
jointly with him in the defence of his
son, Percy K. Hagel. The older Hagel,
he Bald, would act ns senior counsel,
Hugh Cutler was representing John
Westlake. During the afternoon
Hagel, sr., chatted at times with his
son in the prisoner's box directly be
hind the tables where counsel sat.
Hagel Confident.
Percy Hagel is showing marked
signs of tiie confinement to which he
has been subjected and has lost much
weight, but nevertheless seemed eon-
liden' and cheerful.    The usual rudely
glow cf his face bad changed to   a
slight pallor. John Westlake has alHO
Changed appreciably, but does not
appear greatly upset by the position
ln  which in* finds liitnsi If.
ing paper by Mrs.  W. T. iteid ou  the
subject of ".Sabbath Observance"
The  next  meeting  will   be  held  on
Monday, March  23, at St. Stephen's.
The special assizes Jolted to a tad-
den brief halt yesterday nioruiiie;
when eounsi'l for the defence iu the
Tony Clerello case asked for and se-
oured an adjournment on thn ground
that the crown showed symptom* of
putting iu evidence on matters which
were not brought to the notice of the
defence before the case opened.
Counsel for the defence claimed to
be handicapped by the course adopt
ed by the> prosecution and to allow the
prisoner every chance his lord��hi|>
granted the requested adjournment
till this morning.
The Clerello case is another of the
Nanaimo riot humber three affairs of
last August antl probably will be the
last of this batch taken up before; tbe
prosecution moves on to riot number
four known as the dock riot.
Ladies of W. C. T.  U. Will  Endeavor
to   Discourage   Late   Saturday
Night Shopping.
As one means of bringing about a
better observance of the Sabbath the
w. C. T. r. Initiated a movement to
discourage late Saturday night shopping at a meeting held yesterday at
St. Stephen's church, A motion placing bhe organization on record as be
ing opposed to late shopping was carried unanimously and arrangements
were made to interest the local council Of women and other societies in
the subject.
The reason the action was taken was
because of the oft repeated complaints
of young people that they were unable to attend church Sunday morning because they wi re compelled to
remain at the store until n late hour
the previous e*vc ning and wished to
rest. 'I in* W, C, T. 1'. will not ask the
storekeepers to close early but will
try to discourage ail shoppers from
leaving their shopping over until thi*
last minute on Saturday evening. If
they can discourage late shopping suf-
flcientlj they believe the Bhop keep-
era will have little Inducement to remain open atiii thus enable the clerks
to get in their rest during proper
The etc*;:.in followed a very Interest*
Almost Total  Eclipse Will Be Visible
About 10 O'clock This Evening
���Astronomers Busy.
Washington, March 10.- There will
be an eclipse1 of the moon, almost total, tomorrow night, visible from all
points in western Europe, North und
South   America  and   Western   Africa.
Astronomers at tint naval observatory prepared tonight to take ad van
tags of the opportunity for observations during the eclipse, for while the
moon is darkened, unusually accurate'
work may be accomplished. It was
pointed out that fainter stars than are
normally observed for purposes of occupation observations are more easily
seen during; an eclipse and that they
are of gre*at Importance in correcting
the lunar tables. The shadow oi' tbe
earth will not entirely cover the moon
but at the middle of the eclipse more
than five-tenths of tho moon's diameter will be in the shadow.
The moon is due to enter tho shadow, according to precise reckoning al
8:41 tomorrow night, eastern standard
time, should reach the middle of tbe
eclipse at 11:12 and leave the shadow
at 12:44 a.m. Thursday,
FREE   ���   -
Three Cakes of Palm Olive
Soap with each purchase cf
Olive  Cream.
All for 50c
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Do Your Banking By Mail
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Deposits may be made���cash withdrawn���or any other Banking
Business may be treer.sacted by mail, just as easily as though one
made a special trip to town for the purpose.
A Savings Account may be opened in the name of two persons
���man and wife, or two members of a family���so that either one
can depo:;it and withdraw money Irom the same account.
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(Continued fr-nn *,>aiee ono)
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New  Westminster.
Phone 69.
promised that tins'- would In* produced and the matter rests for the
time at that, The points at issue
were* as to whether Magistrate Bonny
castle had read to tho prisoner, Kr:if
chonlen, the regular notice after the
prosecution had concluded Its case
at the preliminary hearing, Again, as
to whether he had given Krafchenko
allege of calling witnesses, and
. that as Krafchenko was firsl
don a charge of unlawfully
a revolver to another person,
own had no right to re-arrest
hun c ij the charge of murder and
without first giving him his
Jury Ic Freed.
Om or the mosi striking features
of the scsslcn cam;* at Its close, when
Mr. .1 tstice Curran decided to allow
tin* jury its freedom, to come and no
us ii .iked, although at the same
time varning them thai they were
not to discuss any matters affecting
ie :: al. with any person. Tills de-
clsii n was arrived at after discussion
between both counsel for the crown
and for the dt fence.
The proceedings In this case wen*
opi lull at 2 o'clock with the selection
of the jury, practically all young men.
of tin* farm, i- type, being selected.
li. A. iioiiniir, representing Hagel, and
Hugh Cutler, representing Westlake,
who is being tried with Hagel, used
extreme care in the selection of the
jury challenging no lesS than 24 as
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout tha Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at ail Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of tb*
CHA8. G. PEN NOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westmlmtor   Branch: A. W.  BLACK, Manager.
Every Monday at 1- midnight
to Prince liupert and Cranny
Every Thursday at 12 midnight to Prince liupert.
Every Saturday nt lei midnight to  Victoria and  Seattle.
Thursday, March 19, at 12
midnight To Skidegate, Pacofl,
Ixickport, Ilu da, Queen Charlotte City, etc.
Monday,   March   B,  at   12  mid-
to Massett and Stewart.
Grand Trunk Pacific
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 a.m. for Terra'ie,
Hazelton and Smithers. Mixed
service beyond to Hoso Lake
Stage to Port Preiser.
Dally passenger trains leave
Edmonton 10:45 p.m., arrive Mo-
Bride 1:55 p.m. Mixed trains
ni    Prince    George    Mondays,
Wednesdays and  Fridays,
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
W.  E.  Duperow, G.A.P.D.     H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
527  Granville   St.,   Vancouver. Phone   Sey.  8134. WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   11,   1914.
Defeat Columbias  in  First  Came  8-51 as   effective   as   he   has   been   press-
I agented,
���Chances Look Bright for the
Timber Wolves.
l'laylng a more polished brand of
hockey, tie Kraser Mills septette got
flrHt bluod In the home and home
games against the* Columbias, for the | ltuvt-
Five penalties were handed out, all
being for three minutes with the exception of Dunbar, who after taking a
���wipe at Christie's dome, was benched
for one minute.
Krnie   Johnson   as   referee   and   Si
(Iriffis   as  Judge  of  play  gave  every
satisfaction, and these two   officials
b<*e*n selected for Friday night's
the  rink  last  night and  will  journey
to Vancouver Friday night with a lead
of three coals dangling to their belts.
Bight to five was the final score nnel I
this just about  represents the play, j
the millmen having tin- edge when it
<:une  to  shooting  and   combination,',
aitliuuieh   the   defence'  of   both   teams'
was about equal.   Bhould tbe circle i*\
bunch display the* same classy hockey
as   hist  night,   local   fans  are   firmly
of the opinion  that the Savage cup,
representing  the  provincial  amateur
championship,   will   soon   lie  headed
New Wesl.tiinsterwaid.
i>ue* penbaps to the short space' of
time in which to advertise the game,
only  a fair  crowd  attended   the  con-i
t��� ������*-1 but they were* tr- at��-e 1 to some of
the best hockey  that  litis  been dished
out Iii the amateur line this  winter,
it waa a close affair from the start
fur although  FVaser Mills Bent In  a
three goal  lead  In the first quarter,
Jimmy Dunbar, the Circle* F. eustodlati
evas kc-.pt busy repelling tbe attacks.1
Dunbar earned his place as the star
ing the amateur ii>*t guardians last
ght   His previous scintillations had
vned the* thought of horse Bhoe luck
but smne of the sh"ts levelled  at  ii'ti,
-.: o Columbias held the crowd for
stilling along with    Dunbar   was
���-en. the* left winger who scored
goals   and   back-checked   to  a
nicetj    Ramsay, as may be expected,
le ,t ,|  ���.. ii :'.���   honors for the Colutn-
al *'* ilii  the goal tender, Mac*
laren.    Ramsay worked hare) and was
given * ..      .tit ice to move around on
but he ���-'��� is too closely watched to be
Sanderson was unlucky with cme
i'.ioI. the disc bouncing off om; poHt
tu tin- other and then back In front
of the goal.    It did not count. i^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Doc Scott gave an example of sports] lacrosse at a inectin
was extended the* heartiest approval
of ibe meeting.
In outlining his position in connection with Ilie schools movement, Mr.
Lally pointed out that it must not be
considered that it was purely for
benevolent purposes that be was tak
ing these steps. It was as much bus!
ness as love for lhe* game tha*. lead
decided him on the course- he was
following. He was looking towards
the Interests of his own business foi
the future.
Dominion-wide Movement.
Although be believed his efforts
would bring the best results by en
OOUraging schools lacrosse he was
willing and ready to offer medals to
different organizations such as industrial and churches if it meant that
lhe national pastime would be placd
ou a sound basis. It was principally
the youngsters game he was out to
boost and in this connection he was
working in conjunction with the C.
A. I.. A., and the C. A. I.. U.
After Mr. I.ally had concluded an
Interesting discussion ensued as to
Whether the formation of a church la
crosse league would damage the pub
lie schools lacrosse cause. It was
finally agreed that lt would not und
the motion endorsing the church
movement wns carried.
Among those who greeted Mr. Lally
were C. A. Welsh, Matt Knight, Tim
Mahony. Rev. A. K. Vert, represents
tivees of the different schools and
Others, Malt Harr, of Vancouver, was
an Interested listener to the dlscuB-
Mr. Lallv has airamteei to address
bervlHea," with Mrs   Mflka In the lead*
i'i': r"'": "���'"���'>' ������'-������ Dixey ln "Chelsea
"5T'; i.iiy Langtry in "His Neighbor's   Wife',   Jaine-s   O'Neill     in     the
"Count ot .Monte- Cristo"; "Caprice,"
with   Mrry   I'ickford.  and  "Checkers"
with Thomas \V. Hoss In the le*adiiig
rob* "Jo t:,,. Bishop's Carriage" is iu
four acts ami Mary I'ie-kford is t. ei
ture-d. Performances will be continuous from 2 to 11 daily.
"A   Question  of  Hight," a  thrilling
drama  in  whle-.li   is  also contained  a
romance,   and   "His   Grandchild."     a|
melodrama,  are   the   features  at   the;
Kdiso,,   theatre   today   and   with   th";
regular   comedy   pictures   patrons   of
this theatre will be treated to a fine
program.    The  story  of   'His Grand-j
child'' in  part ls as follows:
When Robert Blair decided that his:
son. Hobby, should marry Grace Allison, ':e neither begged nor threaten-j
ed.    He simply told  his sou  what he
wished  and  Hobby, who had  learned
the Impossibility of defying his father
Consented ta order to avoid u hopeless !
quarrel.    Hut Bobby had  weak lungs
���tnd   before  the  engagement  was  announced,  the  doctor ordered   him   to
the mountains.    In the mountains he !
met Joan.   In a short time Joan meant
more to blm than all the rest of the
world   So they were married.   When
Bobby brought his bride bank to the
city  Robert  Blair  was almost  insane ;
with rage.    For the first time in his
life be  had  been  successfully defied.
In the white heat of his anger he for* 1
thi' school children on tin* subject of | bade Hobby and his wife ever to speak
manship when  in the last  period one j
of  the   Columbias  broke    his    skate. I
Under an agreement entered Into bi
tween the two teams no extra player]
was   to   be   permitted   to   ge.-t   in   the
game  in  the  last period, but Scott I
passed it up, thus allowing the visitors j
to be at  lull strength throughout.
The   Line-up.
Fraser Mills. Columbias.
Dunbar   Goal  Maclaren
Knighl    Point   Grisdale
Lett   Cover   Ramsay
Jefford   Rover   Cede
llox   Centre   Christie*
Scott   Left   Derrick
Banderson .... Right   Mcintosh
Substitutes McKay for Code i**e*l-
lowes lor Derrick.
Goal   Summary.
First   period    Mcintosh   (Ci   2:25;
Hox   (F.M.)   11:42;   Box   (F.M.)   :16;
Scott  (F.M.)   :5'.��;  Sanderson  (F.M.) I
6:31. |
Second period Christie (Cl :47;
Sanderson (F.M.) 8:63; Christie (C.)
7:l!5; Sanderson (F.M.) 4:5(1: Christie km  2:15;  Box  (F.M.)   :2\.
Third    period   -Crisdale    IC.)    2:46;
Hox (F.M.) 7:68,
Fir.-t   period   -Fellows   (C.I
Second period    Mcintosh  (Cl:  Dun-
bar (F.M.)
Third period   Grisdale. (C.);  Mcln*
.tosh.   (Cl
1:110 o'clock at  some
oi* Thursday at
central point.
or write to him again.    Hobby obeyed
his father implicitly.    He- died.
Joan, left alone with a young baby, j
I was at her wits' end.   Dr. Merrill, her;
i husband's physician, came to her as-
- distance nobly in the attempt to find
employment   for   her,   hut   without  aj
groat deal of success.   Joan would not t
accept charity and there -vere few po-j
sitions open to her which would give |
her enough  money to support herself]
and  the child.    Finally she  resolved |
on    a    great  sacrifice,    l'lacing  her!
chilel   in   a   basket   she   left  her  on!
Blair's doorstep, with a little note dis-j
closing her Identity and telling of her
Much interest is being taken in the) husband's death. It was as Impossible
Ice carnival  which  will  be staged at i tor Blair to turn away from his little
the rink tonight  by the Fraser Mills   grand-daughter as it would have been'
Hockey club     Besides local Skaters a ; to   forgive   the   woman   he   felt   had
large  number  are  coming  over  from | '������������'������'���J   '-Is   son's   'if''*     Bo   the   little
Vancouver  to  participate  in   the  fun I sprl  was  reared  in  her grand-father's
Last   Big   Event  of  Season   at   Arena
Tonight���Promise  of  Good
J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR. J.A.Rennie. SECY-TR^S
Inside City Property
FROM $500 UP
Agreements for sale purchased at reasonable
rates and terms.
Safe deposit boxes to rent from $2.50 per year
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BOX  44?
so thai the competition for the six
handsome prizes promises to be keen.
Costumed skaters will be allowed
the sole* use of tin* ice until 9:30
o'clock, when the gates -w.Ill be opened
for those in mufti. The carnival will
enc 11 with a grand march at 8:3d
Should Havt Won.
Paul Rosewarne of the 104th A.o.
was given a poor deal lust night at
ilie Commercial A C. smoker i-i Van-
j couver when after getting the be'..er of
I.en Holllday, the judges awarded the
decision to the  Vancouver boy.  Rose-
splendid home, while the mother
worked in a hospital where she had
Obtained a position through Dr. Merrill's kindness.
One day. three years later tho little ji
girl fell ill. The nurse summoned |
from the hospital was Joan. Al! un* ]
known to Robert Blair, the mother j
nursed her child back to health and
strength. Taken with the nurse's cap-;
able ways he aske*d her to become the
child's governess. Then Joan disclosed !
herself. All iilair's former rage came j
over him. He coulel uot foreive her I
and he would not give up the child.'
1 So  affairs stood at a  deadlock  until j
-       ,|l>r.  Merrill came in and suggested a!
wna-ne  broke  his  thumb  in  the)   .irsti,,      )romU(
round   but   r'ns   did   not  daunt  him,|
ecorlng  a  knockdown   in   the  third
Union House.
1 White Help.
We use Local produce only.   First Class Cafe.
Reasonable Rates.
Cor. Front and Begbie Sts.
Mavius lost to Atchison cf the C.A.C.
tin* Royal being withdrawn from-the
ring in the* second.
Blair  should   keep  the
child and he. t'ne doctor, would take
i Joan.    It ended  by Robert Blair tak-
| ing all  three.
Cornwall Enthusiast Principal Speaker i for competition between the different
public schools and in addition g< ner-
usly   agreed   to   award    li;   other
at   Ye;
erday'i  Meeting���Hand-
Oder by Mr. Gifford.
At the Theatres
my '
An ��� nthusla ri ceptlon   was    ex-
'" ld d J ��� [.ally, the pr* mler lacrosse
��� ' " ��� ' of the Dominion n id the*
i ' *��� ' I sponsor ol Bchools lacrosse
'��� '*��� o I irrived tn the clt) yesterday
! i outliuo Ills plans for the rejuvcnA*
1 ' * *  'he  national  pastime in    the*
'    ���t     Mr.  1-eill;.   arrived em ati  after
noon  train and  by *l o'clock  be  was
' md i;l   slee vi a  rolled  up  in  a pri-
��� ���'" room e f the Russell hotel  rorcl-
i xpoundlng   bia   method   or   put-
ng Uie i ame on a solid foundation
'��� fore a gathering of leading en-
ihuslasts of tin* city, Including repre-
in cl.ils for competition among tiie
churches if a church league was organized.
Thomas Cili'irtl, M. I.. A., offered a
cup emblematic of tho provincial
Bchools lacrosse championship to be
competed for between teams representing New Westminster, Vancouver
and   Victoria.
Tin* visitor Imbued ih*' gathering
with his own snirit of enthusiasm
over ih: re-establishment of tin* game
on ilu- ooast and at 'In* conclusion iif
Un* meeting a motion was passed
heartily endorsing the formation of
lacrosse clubs both In connection with
ti'** schools and churches of New
Tito voluntary offer of Mr. Qlfford
The hig feature at the Royal thentr"
I for two days starting with this after*
i noon's matinee* will be* 'in the Bishop's
The'DeToling* sisters and compa
gave a successful performance at the !
*. j opera house last night as the headlin-!
, ers cf tiie vaudeville program that has
* the boards this week.   The* other acts*
were also well received and it is anticipated   thai   if  the  venture  proves  a|
success   this   week   the   opera   house
will be kept ope'ii with vaudeville for]
the balance of the season.
This afternoon there will be a ma- -
tiuee  and   tomorrow   the   entire   pro-
invite the ladies of this city to   inspect  their  spring Stock  of  the
latest  fabrics  and   styles.    Special price for two weeks only $35 and
$40.    We guarantee  perfect fit.
I Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
Carriage." This wonderful story of
criminal life was produced under the
personal direction of Daniel  Froiiinan
who  is the managing director of thel""^ "in be changed.
Famous    Players     Film company of  ,	
it is the aim of the Famous Players ! CANNOT COLLECT SUCCESSION
to present one well known play every
week. Among ilu* ones they have
filmed BO rat' arc* "Tess of  the d'Ur-
entatlves of tlu* different schools.     Ito furnish a cup Eymbollc eif the pro-
What  Was Done. vincial   schools   title   should   prove   a
The*  meeting   was    productive    of   great aid to Mr,  Lally  In his efforts
i ore tliiin one tangible result, which ; 10 put the game on the same footing
briefly w<r"- I in the* schools of Vancouver and New
Mr. i.tiiy again offered gold medals   Westminster and the member's action
Fancy Dress Carnival
Auspices of Fraser Mills Hockey Club,
mdsome Prizes Regular Skating from 9:30.
Admission 50c.
Full liand.
Grand Openirg of Class *'A" Vaudeville
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday.    Complete change of program on
Mondays and Thursdays.
The Diving De Youn? Sisters & Co.
A  Spsctacular Aquatic  Novelty.
Comedy and Novelty Musical
Comedy singing and Talking act,
entitled "The Actress and
the Reporter."
in    Pleasing    Singing,    Talking
and  Dancing Act.
Concert by Rushton'G Orchestra.
Male   Impersonations.
Evening  Prices:   13;.. 25c, 35c.
All   Scats   Reserved.
ffl    Reels of up to date Mo-    ft
ta             tion Pictures.              M
Matinee Prices:  10c. and 25c.
The    Famous    Players    wit'i
Mary    Pickford   Present
in   Four   Parts.
Under the direction of Daniel
ContinucuG from 2 to 11  p.m.
Toronto.  March   in.   The appellate I
i division   at   Osgoode   Hall   yesterday!
sustained  the ruling of the judge of
the    Vetrk    surrogate court that the I
crown was not entitled to collect sue- i
cession  duty on   $20,000 deposited   In
a joint hank account some three years I
a;eo   by   the  late   Mrs.   Annie  Gibson, t
Mrs. C.ibson and her son each deposit-1
ed  $20,000  in  a  joint account   in  tin*
'hank and an arrangement was made'
that it  was lo remain there until one *
or other died when the survivor was
; io have the whole. The reason for thisu
somewhat unusual procedure was that
.Mrs. Gibson desieed to make her son j
a  present of the money at the time
and he did not care to accept it then.1
The crown contended that consequently   the   $20,000   formed   part   of   the \
: estate    of the deceased lady,  as she :
| had  not  made  an  absolute  gift  of  it ;
' to he*r son.    The courts held the gift
was absolute, but  if the arrangement
had  heen   made   within   12  months  of
her death it might be otherwise.
Program Today���Special Feature
Paris, March 10. Tuberculosis has
it Ultle more than doubled In ("Vance
sine* 1SS7. according to figures sup- j
plied to the Temps by Hinri Schmidt. !
the Republican Radical deputy, who:
is one of the letting figures in the!
temperance movement in Prance*.
Deputy  Schmidt  also traces  atatis- |
tlcally tiie effects of drunki tuiess on
births and upon the lives of children '
whose parents have been Intemperate ,
Infantile mortality    In    Normandy,
where   women  drink   excessively,    is !
just double what is In the temperate
department of the Qero, where   the I
people are sober, although much wine i
and brandy are produced in that district.    Infantile mortality    is at    Its !
highest   In  these  districts  where  absinthe drinking is prevalent
The writer assembles figures showing  that  after    the    ad* of 60  sober j
men  have one-third  greater expects*
tlon of life thnn  intemperate men.
Lubin���Two   Reels.
Believing him  to be an honorable man, a beautiful woman marries a mayor anly to learn later that he is a grafter and ei scoundrel.
llox ofrlce at theatre open from 10:30 a.m.
phone 881,
Vou can reserve' seats
MATINEE - - 10c
EVENING - - 15c
CHILDREN- -   5c
Positively    never   shown    at
these pricet before.
I t 	
Toronto. March io A bureau ot mu*
nicipal research for Toronto was organised yesterday ami Incorporation
will follow Immediately. Br. w. H.
Allen of the New Vork bureau, came
to Toronto and was entertained at a
luncheon at the National club by the
members of the committee financing
the local bureau.
Dr, Allen states that the idea had
sprung in New Vork from tho need of
a iiou-politiea'i organization that would
be responsible for collecting the facts
without which no useful reforms can
Edison   Photoplay���Mary   Fuller   in
Vitagraph  Presents Dorothy Kelly in
Coming���Thursday and Friday
Thor, Lord of the Jungle
Sells. Three reels. The most (hiring animal picture ever attempted. A story of adventure* In an American circus and In the
wilds of Africa.   Expensively mounted and Intelligently produced.
te Introduced into municipal government Tin y found that the mayor and
comptroller were often given misinformation, not cleiiiie rately   but   be-
in a great city, lf he did his work
conscientiously, he outran public opin
ion and was as likely as not to be
blamed for good service as for bad.
cause  correct   Information     was    not I     Such anomulies would not obtain lf
available. the facts were collected by a disinter*
Thev had assumed that there would e8ted D0,1-V of citizens anel placed at
be attempts at good government and toe service of thojnnbllc
they realized that good government In New York they have found their
might be discredited as easily as bad task much easier thnn they had antl*
If the actual facts were not known tolcipated. More* had been done them
the public. An efficient and zealous they had hoped for or had had the In*
official was one of the loneliest of men | telligence to desire. PACE  SIX
WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   11,   1914.
ceived for The News at the follow
ing places: F. T. Hill's drug store
��2S Columbia street; A. Sprice
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs
E. Larden, Highland Tark; Mrs. V
Lewis, Alta Vista.
ress incubator, almost   new.    Suite
D sterling block. c^059)
��� RATE'S, ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract., $25.00.
eiegs $1.50  per retting of  15  eggs.
Apply 1119 Eighth avenue.      (3053)
Screamed.   They    Ran. Left Re
volver as Clue  and  Arrest
Spokane,   March   10.   -Mrs.     A.     J.
Lamb, a guest at  the Olympia hotel.
plv Box 3039. News Office      (3038)   WM   Riverside   avenue,   was   o-eaten
hy robbers at 6 o'clock Sunday ir.orn-
FOK     BALE���POOL     ROOM     AND ; |I)K  until   she  fell   exhausted   to   the
baths;  cheap.    Sickness the cause. | floor.    Reviving,  she   screamed  until
Evers, Edmonds,  B.C. (3305) jthe men ceased thplr efforts to open
a trunk in which s-he had secreted several   hundred   dollars.     Fleeing  from
at Maple Eleach Park, Boundary
Bay.   Apply Box 999 News office.
in eight minutes walk of Edmonds,
$3000. Half acre cleared, sidewalk,
light and water to place. Suite D.
Sterling block. 13059)
tion at bookkeeper or other clerical I KOR    SALE-FOOT   POWER   MOP
work.    1". O. Box 487 City.    (3060)       Using  machine.  For particulars ap
the   room   they   left   a   revolver,    by
which  the police obtained a clue. T.
A. Bennett, a laborer, aged 21, and
| A. O. Welch, a sawyer, aged 23, cbarg-
I ed with the crime, were arrested by
! Maurice Dogger and Chester Edwards,
'city detectives, in the E2700 block on I Then
i Indiana avenue shortly afternoon yes-1 genariaus.
terday.   Welch lives at E2019 Indiana I twenty-one
ing oonilitory, it is plain that the
Italians would be in a minority. To
maintain the proportion it would be
necessary to create* at least twelve
Italau cardMials, and there is Objection
io creatine, so many at the same' tinu\
although a report from Rome is to the
effect ihat tin* Cardinals de Curia
might welcome some assistance in
the discharge of iheir numerous du-
Cardinals Mostly Old Men.
Of the twenty-eight Italian cardinals, twenty are Cardinals de Curia,
and reside in Rome, tho other eight
being archbishops scattered about
Italy. Of the foreign cardinals, only
four are Cardinals de Curia, namely,
Faleouio, Billot. Van Rossum and
del Val. Among these twenty, four
Cardinals de Curia must preside over
twelve important congregations, and
each one is composed of a certain
number of cardinals. Moreover, the
Apostolic Chamber, the Chancery, the
Datary, the Penitentiary, the Segiia-
tura, the Secretariat of State and
ither offices, departments, commissions and protectorates aro held by
cardinals who reside In Rome. It Is
to be home in mind, too, that for the
most part the cardinals are old men.
ire in tho college eight octo-
sixteen septuagenarians,
sexagenarians, only  four
Being all. pure tea leaves, you don't
have to submit to the annoyance of
dust and dirt floating in your tea
cup and injurious to your health.
Costs no more than common-place teas.
Sealed lead packets only.���-Never sold in bulk.
caused by the death of the Bishop of
llreslau, ho may be forced to exceed
this number to keep a safe Italian majority in the Sacred College.
_      ply at The News office.
three door patchers. two sash machine men and four boys. Superior
Sath and Door Co., 220 Fourteenth
street. (30801
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
erty through an nd. in this column
FOR SALE���Jl P0 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges: every one guaranteed Mar
kit square. (3010)
general office to commence work
at once. Salary to commence $0"
per month. Applications in writing to be addressed to the Municipal clerk, Edmonds, li. O, and to
be in his hands on or before noon
on Friday, March 13th inst.
WANTED��� HOUSEHOLD FURNI-; where. Nu collection, no charge
ture in large or small quantities; j American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
highest  prices  paid.    Auction  sales      encv, 336 Hastings street west. Van
avenue. j cardinals being less than sixty years
Awakened by B noise in her room. old. A consideration of this fact
Mrs. Bennett saw two men engaged i points to a continued high death r te,
in pryins; a staple off her trunk, In and the possibility fiat for the first
which was part of the proceeds from I time in centuries the Italians may
lhe sale of a homi'stead. She scream-i prove lo be In the minority at the next
eel for help as she bounded from the I election of a Pope, unless the lacan-
D6d and one* of the men knocked her Cles are soon filled,
down   with   a  gun   anel   continued     to
beat her.
Gun Left It Clue.
conducted.     II.  .1.   Russell,    King's      couver.
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone
881. (3012)
ture, or stocks in trade, In large or
small quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public, auction with guaranteed I
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Dav's. 548 Columbia street.
New Westminster. (3014)
Spokane,   March   10.-  Spokane   and
vicinity will have to pay for the mild
weatihor with almost complete loss of I
the peaob anil sweet cherry crops tlii��|
No Fixed Number. I spring   in   the  belief  of   It.   A.  .loins.:
Of Ihe 40 cardinals who have died   nurseryman, who is in touch with con-
In the ten years that  Puis X. has oc-   dlOona   in   the   Spokane   valley.     Mr.'
Detective   Dagger,   assigned   to   the   cupled the throne of St, Peter and St. ( 'ones   predicts   in   most   other   crops i
case at  10 o'clock,  found  that the re-, Paul   only   five   we're   created   by   the Un average good yield, so far as pre*
volver left by the robbers had at one*   present Pope, all the others but Car*   ent   conditions   Indicate,   referring   to
time   been   owned   by   a   man   in   the  dlnal Oreglla having heen elevated by j small fruits, apples, pears, plums and
house.  Tracing  the * transfer of  the   Leo.   The dean of the Sacred College sour cherries,
weapon from person to person he was I received  the  red hat frtJm  Plus IX. i    "Last winter remained    cold    and
led back to room  No.  ,r> of the hotel,
which   had   been   rented   by  a  young
mnn late the night  before.   There Ilie
officer found 8 coat, a  pair of shoes,
Stockings and a necktie.    Mrs. Lamb
recalled that one of the men wore no
stockings   or     shoes.     The     register
showed that room No. fi had been occupied by a man who registered as A.
C.   Welch,   whose   place  of   residence
STORE STOCKS AX!) was near Hlllyard,
conducted.     Furniture i     Welch and  Bennett, who were leav-
' Ing a house near Indian avenue when
Dugger and  Edwards  appeared, gave   consistory. The Pope may create more \    "So far as I can see, there are now
the names of Kelly and Murphy. To'"1"" "ft lf lH' desires to do so, and If good prospects fur a large apple crop
Detective Captain G. Q. Miles at pp-\^G Intends to create four new foreign  in this vicinity, and the same holds
lice headquarters they confessed their cardinala besides filling the vacancy  true of plums, pi
identity.    Welch   admitted   his  occu- '���     ��� .. _ _.  eg
pancy of a room at the Olympia the
Windsor, Ont., March 10. A. Pillon,
proprietor of the Michigan Central hotel, his wife and daughter and three
boarders were* awakened at an early
hour this mottling by the exclteel
barking of a dog and found the hoti'l
in flames. All were forced to flee to
the   street   clad   only   in   their   night
Tbe proprietor and Inmates consider
that  they  owe  llielr lives  to the dog,
which was a homeless one that had
strayed In and sought the warmth of
the hotel on a hitter cold day about.
two weeks ago. The fire destroyed the
entire building and contents. i<os.s,
about $20,000.
Since Pius X. has appointed only :i7 I steady and there was very little sap
cardinals, then* remains nine vacan-1action," he said. "This winter has
cles to fill if ho is to raise the number I been so mild that the sap action laj
of cardinals to that which elected him. more than it Bhould have been in this!
As remarked earlier, there Is no def-1 Vicinity, anil then about three weeks]
Inite number required by law. Toward ago there came zero weather that snd-.
llte end of the  sixteenth  century  the I denly checked it.    The fruit hulls had I
lanu    sales
bought   lor cash.    P.  li.   Brown,   1
Begbie street, New Westminster.
number was limited to 70, but since
then there have been as many as 76
cardinals, In the fourteenth century
: ther,. were but 20 cardinals holding
[office at once time, but in 1616 Leo
X. appointed *H cardinals at a Blngle
been swelled too much and were* nipped. Two or three nights were suf-
fit-i<-nt to do the damage, I eio not
know about conditions along tiie Columbia river, but refer to Spokane*
and   vicinity.
.rn and  berrie.
front    bedroom.    Apply    (iti    Sixth
Btreet, (3066)
Tenders will be received by the undersigned, marked "Tenders for Sup-
lilies." up to 0 p.m. Tuesday, March
17, 1914, for supplying this hospital
from April 1. 1914, io March 31, 1915,
with the following articles:
Bread (white and brown).
Milk (per gallon) and cream (per
plnl i.
Samples to
ranch, two acres In cultivation,
two roomed house, small orchard
(raspberries     and     strawberries),
three  dozen  good  laving hens  for I pint), in sealed bottles
s-il".   Apply to   M.   Huntley   one-   |)e submitted,
quarter   mile   south   cf   KennedW    Drugs,
t-iation on Scott road. (3052) i    Groceries.
Wood, slabs,  (per cord).
Coal   (lump and  washed  nut),    an-
flump   and   nut,   in   carload
nighl   before,   bul   both   denied   that
they   had   entered   the   room   of   Mrs.
Lamb.   Bennett said be had nol been
In the hotel, but guests said they had
seen  him  there early  in  the    night.
Welch  said  two  men   told  him   that i
Mrs. Lamb had money ami asked him j
to assist them In robbing her.   When
he refused they ordered him out of
the house*,   lie li a tl gone to his home
bareheaded nnd barefooted and without a coat.   T'ne men are brothers-in-1
ished  housekeeping rooms,   420  St. J thracite
George street. (3032) | !ots)i at p,,. ton
to rent try au ad. In this column.
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
log, Voice Production, Theory (in
class or privately), Harmony, Counter
point, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examtna
tions of the Associated Hoard of the
Hoyal Academy of Music and Royal
ColU-ge of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
Fnr terms, etc., apply 51 Dufferii
Street.    Phone 411 K
Detailed    lists  of  drugs,  groceries,
meats and  fish  may  be obtained    at
the    hospital.    The    lowest    or    einy
tender not necessarily accepted.
Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster,   B.C.     ��� (.10461
Most   Wearers  of   Red   Hat   Are   Old
Men���No Fixed Number of Members  of College.
When going on a long journey if
on our railway there will be no annoyance of transfer nor delay.
Toronto ExpreBB leaves at..7:50 a.m.
St Paul train leaves at 1:26 p. m.
imperial Limited leaves at S:io p.m.
For  rate and  reservations apply  to
Or 11   W
BRODIB, 0, P, A., Vancouver. Quired.
Re part  of Lot   167, Croup 2, and  of
ihe northeast portion of the north* i
eats  quarter of Section 2, Township 2, in    the    District    of    New !
Westminster. |
Whereas proof of the loss Of Certificate of Title Number 4311F, issued
in Ihe name of John Allen Wilson, has
been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New* Westminster, Issue
R duplicate of the said Cert ilicat?, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
.1. C. GWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., January 28.
1914. C';i,S6)
Recent   dispatches,   says   the   Mail
and  Empire, Toronto, announced  the
death   of   Cardinal   Kopp.     the   close
friend   of   the   kaiser,   and   the   only
German   cardinal.     The     Bishop     of
Breaslau was the forty-sixth cardinal
to die In the regime of Pope Pius X.,
and the number is probably unprece-
. dented, although since it is only when
, a   man   has   readied   advanced   years
j Ihat he is given  the*  red hat, a very
i high  mortality among cardinals is to
| be expected. However .the death rate
under  Pius has been  unusually great
iand recalls the prophecy made by St. J
Malachy to the effect that, the motto
Iof the successor of Pius X.    will    be
"Religio depopulata."    There can  be
| no doubt that if t'.ie present death rate
is continued for any considerable number of years the phrase "depopulated
religion"  will  apply   with   some force
to tbe cardlnalate.    Some time   ago,
j however,   it   was   reported   that   the
polntlff   would   hold   ;i   consistory   in
the iitar future, probably before Easter,  and   that  several   new   cardinals
would then be created.
Only 5* Cardinals.
At present there an* onlj  "il  mem-!
he's of the Sacred College, 28 of t.hent
being Italians.   The foreign cardinals
ire divided as follows:    Six  French,
tivc*   Austrian,    four    Spanish,    four!
Americans,   including   Pali mlo,    iwoi
Portuguese, one Dutch, one Irish, one;
English, one Belgian, and one Brazilian.   There is neither any fixed num-i
��� Iji��� r of cardinals, nor is there any law
concerning their    nationality, though
.efforts   have   been   in#le   at   various
, times to limit the membership of any
! given   race.     The   Councils   of   Con-
| stance  and   Basle   provided   that  not
more than one-third of the cardinals
should he of the same nationality, but
the Council of Trent removed this restriction, being more concerned  that
only men of great holiness and ability
that  the    Becred   college    Invariably
should  he  chosen  than   thai  any  par-
From Vancouver for Victoria. I ticular nationality should be checked.
10:00 a.m Dally  Since   then   there   have   heen   always
2:00   p.m Daily   "lOro Kalian cardinals  than cardinals
il:45  p.m .Daily Iof ,IM>' ohter nationality, and usually
TENDERS    in    duplicate,    endorsed
"Hospital   for  the  Insane,"  for  the
| supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's
ittingi-, boots and shoes, shoemaker's
fittings,    meat,    fish, groceries, coal,
mattresses and bedding, fodder, drugs,
etc.,  for  use of  the  said  institution.
and  the  turnishing of  funerals,  from
the  1st of  April  next   to the  31st   of
March, 1916, will be received by the
Honorable  the  Provincial    Secretary
I until   noon   on   Saturday,   the   14th
i proximo.
Lists of the articles required can lie
seen at the Hospital, at which place
] Samples can also he Inspected.
All supplies to be delivered at tho
; hospital  without extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the due
j fulfilment of each contract will be re*
"See! The captain is
smoking PLAYER'S
cigar tastes better afterward."
England prefers PLAYER'S
exceptional leaf quality and manufacturing skill gives them an
unusual  richness  of flavor.
Tenders will  not. be considered unless made out  on  the forms,  which
i can be obtained  from the Bursar of
the  Hospital  or the undersigned.
Deputy   Provincial   Secretary.
Provincial   Secretary,s  Office,   26th
February, 1914. (3(107)
From Vancouver for Seattle.
'0:00 a.m Daily
11:00 p.m Daily
Steamer  leaves at  11:45  p.m.  on
From   Vancouver   for   Nanaimo.
there are more Italian cardinala than
those of all other nationalities combined. It is pro!,ably on this account
rather than through any unwritten law
elects tin   Italian   Pope.
Italians  in   Majority.
House  Numbering.
To facilitate prompt d* livery of
mail mntter, all houses In tin* City
Bhould be numbered
Upr-n application al  the Assessor's'
Office In  the City Hall,    the    proper j
numbers can be ascertained, and the
fi rures should be procured and affix- j
ed  to. tho  houne-J  by  the owners or,
W   A.  DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Cily Hall, March 7, 1914. 13048; j
:00  pm Dally      ,:*  ""' ''vent ef an   election  being
Except Sunday
Nanaimo,   Union   Lay  and   Comox.
i*:CO a.m.  ...   Wednesday and Fridtn
Vancouver,   Union   Bay,   Powell   River
11:45 a.m Every other Saturday
For  Prince   Rupert and  Alaska.
11:00 p.m     Pel
, Held before sonic* of tin* existing VII
cancies are filled,  there  would  be a
; bare mu lorlty of Italian cardinals,
ii Is true that it is within the power
; of the  i'ope to fill all  the vacancies
whenevr he chooses, but. the policy of
14 and 28 Papacy Is to leave several hats with*
Prince Rupert an'   Granby Bay.        out wearers.    By Concordat lie* Pope
il'OO p.m.     Wednesdays I Is obliged to ere,ite the following for-
7:00 n.m. Tuesdays and Fridays for elgn  cardinals:    The   Archbishop of
Victoria, calling at points in  t'.n*  Cologne,  the Archbishop of  Vienna,
Gulf Islands. tin  Primate of Hungary and the Arch
for Gulf Island Points. bishop of Toledo,    Four more foreign
ed. noui,ET. A*ent, New Wentniimiter   cardinals are practically assured, and
ii. W. bitoDlK, u. p, a.. Vancouver.      ' if these were created at the approach*
��:<w***; ^'i-v-h'-w-K***'' W- ��s ��� ���i:s^''?-^M^,!?v5K!Sf^i��;------'- -z -*/-*wKwl
%_Z_1M sErH^T^ WEDNESDAY,  MARCH   11,  1914.
Orders lu Stocks, Bonds, Grain aud Cotton executed for cash or
on margin in  Montreal, New York and  Chicago.
Direct private wire to Montreal  and  New  York.
Stock Brokers.
Telephone 817. 316-317 Westminster Trust Building.
 ��� MARKETS ���
High    Prices    Made    During    Closing
Minute* at New York After
Quiet Session.
New Vo*-k, March 10. The- market
opened fair with fractions up over
night Influenced by higher prices
I rom ijuidon anil throughout the* entire day the active Standard  list  lias
exhibited good tendency. There has
been constant pressure on Lettish and
C. <t o. which forced these Blocks
down lo about their low priee*s of the
>ear and this pressure lias at all
times been exerted whenever tin* general li*-*t showed tendency to rally.
Uut more and more' as ihe day wore
on stocks in ^i tier.ii she,well tendency
io cut loose from these stocks and to
advance, Trading "as at all times
(lull, but liquidation seemed io be entirely absent and a steady tone' was
maintained up to the close with about
the hi;--li price*s being made in tin*
last few minutes of trading, The steel
tonnage report was much better than
��� tpeoted, but this wus explained on
ihe ground that the weather bad delayed shipments,   Total sa',e*s 299,000.
President believes interlocking directors bill goes too far.
London settlement began today.
Greek government to issue loan of
Subscriptions to bu received In this
couutry by J. P. Morgan & Co.
General Electric secures big contract from C, V. R.
Chairman   Clough, of the Northern
Pacific, urges the hot.se committee to
i frame   laws  for careful    government
supervision of    railroad    stocks    aud
$25,000.oci'j is denied by a director.
Western tlBion may iucrtuse Its
dividend tomorrow.
Canada's trade with ihe L'nit<*i
states   Increased   $00,000,000   In   1913.
tl.  S.   BxpTSeS  will  appoint  special
committee of stockholders to consider
The cnistimplii n of copper increases.
Connecticut will fight New Haven
Metropolitan Tobacco evidence will
be received loday by the attorney
gi neral.
Ithode Island textile mills report
great rush of orders.
The Siegei stores will be sold by
auction. Irregularity may again be
seen today, bul on a diminishing
scale with better market and prob
ably rullleB. Speculative opportunities!
of great worth are in the best Steel.
copper and equipment stocks of the
Industrial list.
The vulnerable Issues like C. O., H.
O.. New York Central, Northern Pacific aud Gould slocks will continue
to be sold on rallies for long aud
short account.
Tribune���The idle freight cars decrease would be highly favorable
news if the railroads wero receiving
adequate  pay  for their services.
Commercial���The market's tone is
nut tood.
The short interest has
been very largely In-
this give's an  undertone
The bnslness depression will be ir-
regulur and reactionary' for the firBt
half year, says high authority which
expects improvement in the latter
part of this year. A majority of large
industrial concerns in the west outside uf the steel business are now a'
about 60 per cent, of the capacity, according to information in the street.
The railroad scandals are the chief
topic of discussion  in  offices now.
(Quotations furnished over the private   wire; of  Sutherland  4:   Ardagh.)
The  following are  yesterday's  quotations.
Am.   Can   29%
Amal.  Copper      73%
Am. Car Foundry ex div. 5U>4
American   locomotive   . .  34
Ame rietan  Smelting      C7'/j
Am. Tel. & Tei 121 %
Anaconda      35%
Atchison  Com   96%
Halt. & Ohio Com   SS%
B. 11. T   92%
dies. &  Ohio      62%
Chi.  Great  West   12%
Canadian Pacific   208%
Chlno   40%
Erie Com   28%
Great Northern Pfd 126%
Int.  Met   Pfd   14%
Iiou. &  Nash 135%
Mex.   Petroleum      66%
Mo.   Pacific      24%
M.  K. &  T. Com   17%
N. Y. Ontral    89%
Nor.  &   West 102%
Northern  Pacific    110%
Penn no%
Reading Com 163%
Rock   Island        4%
1st. Paul  ....-  98%
[ So.  Pacific     93%
| Southern  Ry   25
! Soo  Com 129
j t'n.  Puc. Com li>7%
| I.'.   S.   Steel   Com 64%
j U.  S.  Steel  Pfd 109%
T. S. Rubber Com.   61%
I l.'iah   53%
52 Vi
208 Vi
Something About the <*lre*ut Dispenser
of Tele  rrpliii   News.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     What writer has tbe biggest circi-
i latton?   You w  uld probably answer
 i by giving the name of some popular
��,���.��� ���, _,*--..a aa_,__a       t    ... ' n^'elist.     i*ou would be wrong.   Th��
Rumor, of Proposed Change lo Tariff   men w..oge wordg reach �� b,Kgeg|.
Responsible for Move���Other
Trading Quiet.
Montreal, March W���Dominion Iron
was the most active stock in Montreal today. It opened at 30% and advanced easily to 32%. The buying
mos good and was on rumors that the
government would do something immediately in regard to tariff on the
products. Cables on brazil and C. P.
it. from ixindoii were higher and they
botli closed wiih good gains on the
day. The balance of the list closed
showing advances al the high for the
Trading was small with offerings of
stock light. The Investment stocks
such as bonds and bank Blocks were
more active than they have been for
some time. In tho unlisted department Tramway was fractionally better at 40. Western Canada Power
sold at 42. Coal und Coke sold at
Ameri can-
creased  and
of i-.tri���ngth. 	
Sun Sentimental effect of the C.
k 0. financing, the heavy Ruck Island
e...eh requirements In the near future
and the criticism of the St. Paul road
by :he Interstate commerce commission  linger In the market.
Secretary   of   Commerce   Redfli Id
iys  I'.  _,  in   few  years  will  lead in
ciid's   commerce   and    industry.
Anti-trust   bills     to     be*     rewritten.
Chairman Thome, of the Iowa state
rsilroad commission,   Intimates   that ���
the   Pennsylvania   and   other   eastern i
roads have manipulated books.
Chairman  Henry purposes to   ex-'
lend  the je'rain  inquiry  to  the cotton
Twenty-live trusts and insurance
companies may tile suit against the
1,'nion Pacific distribution.
Right western states fight the rate
That Beth Steel    will    lend    China I
Phone 826 or 880
For Prices on
Sand,    Brick,        Plaster,
Lime,   Cement,     Crushed Rock,
Sand and Gravel
Prompt Service to any Part of the
B.C. Transport Co.
are small and inexpensive,
but they bring big returns
when they are printed in
used Want Ads. in The News, you do
not need to be told how well they do
the work.
used  them, you should  immediately
try them, and see for yourself.
putllc are tbe men wbo write i oa-��
| paragraphs you find in your dnlly piper signed simply���"Reuter."
An Important Reuter message la
probably read by at least twenty million people the day M appears. The
reason is tbat lt is appearing at the
same moment ir practically eTery
newspaper in the wr.d.
Reuter's recent little trouble witb
the London press has brought it very
much into tbe public eye ot late, but
few people outside jou- lallatic circles know what tbe famous name
stands for.
In a tew words, it is a news shop
which collects news from the innumerable representative lt has all over
tb* world and s<* An it out to tht
newepapers who eMscrtbe for the
Heater Lews service.
Tbe name, by tbe way, Is pronounced botb "Rolter" and "Rooter."
Reuter's has bad an Interesting
rise. It really began when a German
named Reuter, In 1849, bridged a
gap In the then new telegraph line
between Paris and Berlin by stationing himself at one ena of the gap and
his wife at the other, and transmitted the messages by pigeon post.
Soon after, he went to London and
started a small news supply service
from a few representatives on the
Continent, chiefly for commercial pur-
'llie dominating factor in the Canadian situation is what steps the government will take to help the Canadian Northern out of their present
difficulty. While there seems to be
only one solution it has developed an t poses. He soon hit on the great Idea
uncertain position nevertheless. The i ihat newspapers might be glad of hie
market has good undertone and ap- I messages. So, for months, be went
pears to be a better buv than sale, j round badgering all tbe big news-
    ' i papers.     For   'ong    he    was    pooh-
Twin    City    gress    earnings     for I poohed and  reg rded  as a tarm.ess
I crank.
 Kress    earnings]	
February  increased $48,481,
City of Montreal treasury bills manning March 8 subjtc: to consent, of
the city Will be renewed on % per
cent, basis.
Canadian Coal and Coke shareholders ask to deposit stock to form vot-
Ing trust.
Tbe annual meeting of Uritish Canadian ('aimers called for March 25.
You try my little messages," he
used to say. "It not matter to me, I
make you them a present ��� lf you
take my name, too."
And gradually the newrpapere
tried, and found they could not do
without the little messages. He won
The Times over, and a huge scoop ia
the matte- of tbt war between
France  and  Austria  made the  firm
Annual   meeting of Canadian   Kair- i ______________________
banks adjourned. \ fam.��us- _ _, ...
Fortnightly   report   of   idle   freight     , Though Renter's is in many ways
cars shows net  surplus of 153.907 as   the  news  centre    of   the  world,  its
headquarters is one room, in a small,
old-fashioned house in London.
It never shuts, of course,  day or
for March 1.    This was   a    decrease j
of 4:1,145 ears from February 14.
London prices % lo % above parity.
(Quotations furnished over  private
wire of Sutherland &. Ardagb.)
Ruling quotations on the Montreal
stock market yesterday were:
Open. Close.
B. C. Packers    139       139
Bell Telephone   160%    151
Brazil     84%
Canada  Cement      30%
Canadian   Pacific    208%
Canadian Cotton Com.  . .  .��,4
Canadian  Converters   ... 39
I Detroit  United     12
I Dominion Canners     66
j Dom. Iron & Steel Corp..  30%
I 111. Traction     68
I Lake of Woods dun.  ...132
Laurenlido 1ST
A.   McDonald  Co    IS***
Mackay  Com   84V6
Montreal  Power   226
Nova Scotia Steel      75
Ogilvie Flour Com 120%
Ottawa Power   150
Pi nmau  Ltd   54
Quebec  Ry   15
R. & O. Nav. Co 105 Vi
Shawinigan    139
Steel Co. of Can. Com. .. 18
Spanish River    14
Textile      83%
Toronto   Ky 142
Tuckett's Tobacco   100
Twin City 105%
Winnipeg  Electric    20G
night,    Sunday    or    week-day.     As
quickly as the   -ews come in it is delivered simultaneously In every London newspaper o(Hc<; by an ingenious
device   known   as  the  "plaao  transmitter." which   spells   the messages
out   simultaneously   en   an   endless
white ribbon of tape at all the hundreds of places where these tape machines are installed.
|     Cables  and  vires are mostly,  for
ec nomy,  sent   "skeletonized,"    that
is, without   punctuation   or prepositions.    Only the essential words ar��
sent, the messages having to be expanded before appearing in print.
Reuter's. like all newspapers, h .<*
made some mls'akes in its time.    On
on? occasion it rublished a message
I trom ite: Australian representative to
the effect that the Hon. Graham Ber-
B(      I ry,   tbe    unmarried    Premier of   Vic-
18U- I torla, bas Just  been made the  father
site. I of  twins,  the  first   being a  son.     It
'��� turned out later that "twins first son"
1 should really have been "turns first
; sod."     Th�� Premier had only been
starting a new rallwuy.
30 Vi
84 Vi
Minneapolis. March 10.���Judge
Steele wrote a school excuse today
for one cf the 23 persons ordered to
report for grand jury service.
Robert Thompson, 14 years old,
was drawn for service on the jury
which no one under 21 may be a member oi.
"Where is that young juror?'' inquired Judge Steele, who had been
forewarned before the jury was sworn
A little boy made his appearance
from the rear rank of jurors aud stood
before the bar, conscious of unusual
"My boy, you are too young." said
the court, "but 1 hope sometime you
will have the chance to serve on the
grand jury."
Robert did not leave Immediately
when the Judge excused him.
"Will you write me an excuse for
���school?" the lad asked the court.
Certainly," said Judge Steel and
gave Robert a copy of a summons
endorsed  as   follows:
"Robert was drawn on the grand
jury by mistake and Is excused. Signed, Judge John II. Steele."
Operate Full Force.
Granite City, 111., March 10.���Sixteen hundred men who had been work-
lug half time today resumed a full
day schedule and 400 men were reemployed when the Granite City Stetil
company opened with a full force.
Oeneral Manager Niedringhaus said
he wus pleased with the business out-
Historic Medical Museum. I
An Historical Medical Museum, officially connected with ihe forthcoming International Medic 1 Congress,
has been organized in London.
All epochs and most countries are*
represented in the series of exhibits*
which illustrate not only the iae.ii",-
stream of medical culture and learning from the sages of antiquity--
Hippocraes, Galen, Avicenna and th***
rest���but also the curious and often
weird medical customs and beliefs of
half-civilized tribes. Paintings of the
great masters of medical art, relics
of ''amous surgeons, masks, fetishes
and charms of medicine men from
savage lands, Babylonia and Egyptian*
sculptures, and the most up-to-date
results of pathological investigation.-
are exhibited. There are tbe reproductions in pictures and actual 3cenes
of the apothecaries' shops from Roman times down to the eighteenth
century, and the quaint illustrations
of hospital work in the middle ages.
The collection will form the nucleus
of a permanent Historical Medical
Museum In London. '
A  Hare  Breadth  Escape.
Wlnstead, Conn., March 10.--A rabbit   pursued   by   Buck  Skinner's   dog
escaped   capture   by   rolling   himself j j
up   In   a   snowball  and   throwing   the
j dog off the scent.
Errors of Diet
can be eiuii kly and naWy
ciinevtnl liv tlie prompt
u-e of Eno'a "Fruit Salt,"
tlee* natural remedy tor
piwontlni ami relieving
nil functional disorders of
tlu* liver.
W.tki. LONDON. Eulaael
Aftati for Caaida:
H.te>IJF.Ritckit��Co.. Itel.
Hitying Browning Letters.
Browning lovers have succeeded in
raising $15,000 toward th- purchase
i tbe Browning love letters, which
It is hoped will bo acq-ilreel for lhe-
British nation.
There was a great outcry last May
when tbe letters were sold at public-
auction and fell ihto the hands of a
London dealer for abtut $32,000. He
waB finally moved to propose ceding:
ther- to a public institution at a tenx
pe * cent advance on the price he paid..
It Ib an attempt to meet his terms:
v hich bas brought thus far the subscription of about half if the needed
The case recalls the recent outcry
of the sale of tho Burns manuscripts,,
which are now being returned to :. *ot-
lund as a gift from tbe purchaser.      :
Rabies In India.
Although a number of Pasteur Institutes have been opened each year
In India, rabies is still on the increase.
The Coonoor Institute bas now
heen in existence for six .,ears anil
last year tbe cas-ri reached 1.240,
the largest number ever treated, being an increase or three' hundred over
the previous year.
The ii crease is stated to bave been
| due to  the  special  prevalence of  tallies in Quilon and adjacent parts of
Travancore In the autumn.    Of tbe
1,240 tatients wbo nude-went treat-
I ment   1.207   were  treated   fo,   being
' bltlen,  scratched   >r  licked  by  dogs,
! eighteen  by jackals, seven    by  men.
| threu by horses, two by monkeys, mo
I hv cats and one by an ass.
��0. Bon �����
Daily Newt Bldg.
of all kinds.
"rices right    Satisfaction guaranteed.
19 McKemU St PAGE  EIGH'
WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   11,   1914.
At a meeting In the Y. II. C A. last
night   of  tho   various   t'hrisiian   En- j     St.
de.te   r sc.:c;i.s a tally was arrangeei I bodies
i'i  h.   li; Id    ill    St.  Paul's    Reformed I from
Episcopal church on Monday evening.
March 23; win n  three addresses will
be  made.    Tln*se  will  be:     Christian
Endeavor, "Work of Christ,"  Presbyterian    churches.;    Kpwotth    League,
-ixx)k     Up,    Lift     Ip,"      Methodist
churches;  llaptist  Y.  P. U., "Loyally
to Christ,"  Uaptist churches.
A meeting was also held of the provincial union when plans were furtliiT
arranged for the holding of the annual convention which will take place
on June 4. 5 and 0, iu the Queens
Avenue Methodist church. Promin
ent speakers from various points in
the province will be present on that
occasion. Those attending last night's
nn eting were President Rankin, Vancouver; Miss (jinn, provincial treasurer. Vancouver*; Mr. Kindlay. provin
clal secretary, Vancouver, and W. L.
He>gg, of Vancouver, laical delegates
who attended wire K. Phillips, K. C.
Rrown and F. C. T. Lever.
in   St.   Louis   Fire  TotalG
Over  Thirty.
Louis,   Mo..   Starch    i"    Ten
had  bei-n   recovered    tonigiit
the ruins    of the    s.*ve n story j
Ibuilding occupied    by    the    Missouri I
| Athletic club, which was destroyed by i
tile fire.
Twenty bodies are' thought  to be in i
the  ruins. making  tbe death total 30.
official*' c f the* ei,ih. after entering
the      ruins     and     recovering     office
records tonight, Increased their estimates of the eleaei to 4"i parsons
Tbey could add no new names to the
list of nisalng, however.
Mayor Kie'l has ordered tin- build
ing commissioner to hire 100 men to
clear away the wreckage that bodies
might be recovered as soon as possible. The men will begin digging out
tbe  ruins tomorrow.
The city council tonight ordered a
full Investigation of ihe fire wiih a
view- of fixing the responsibility, Tiie
Investigation may be extended to nil
hotels, clubs and theatres in the* city
to safeguard them Bgalnsl similar
Mueeh to Be Gained by  Primitive  Life
Says Master Naturer���"September   Morn"   School.
Sarnia, March l'> The Reid Wreck
itig*- company lias purchased the
steamer Ma ton from the Pittsburg
Steamship company. The* highest biei
offered for the boat was $3000. and
this the lie ids refused to accept, as
lliey salvaged the vessel from the
rdeks at Point Aux Barques on the
half-and-half plan. The Raids offered
a bid much higher for the boat, and
this was accepted by tha owners.
The steamer Nicholas was also sold
to Ihe Holds for $0000. They received
in addition $36,000 for salvaging lhe
vesse I from tin* North Point reef.
Adam Mackay, of Hamilton, will, according to reports, purchase both
lirnts from the lietds. The vessels
will he made suitable for use in the
Welland canal.
Minneapolis, March 10. When you
take your vacation next summer, perhaps you can have your mail forwarded "care College of Nature, Cook
county,   Minnesota."
And. maybe, if you're an enthusiastic naturer   a    regular    Tarzan���you
can   enter as   a   "freshman   regular."
with  tho* complete freshman  uniform
and outfit consisting of the following;
One full and complete skin.
One  pair of  hands.
One lively imagination that can see
j shoes In cedar bark and meals in the
1 running brooks.
One firm determination to find food.
I clothing, shelter, fire and health in
  J the  forest and  to make friends with
Ranch of British Subject Will Not Now | {_  ,ionize ns.
_s Confiscated  by  Rebels. Simply   that   and   nothing  else    no
Kl   Paso,  Tex.,   March   10.    The or-  clothing, no food, no shoes, uo tools,
der of confiscation against  the ranch J n0 matches, no blankets, nothing but
what   you  can   find   or   make   lu   the
Too Late to Classify
minster property*���Oil.-ut has rented
dwelling it C'*il.ii* l'*iti:i',''*; mortgage
only encumbrance, will eucoh&nae nnd
pay cash for nny difference. Investl*
gate at once.
beautiful new lienin . *l*< rooms, thoroughly   modern)   lot   50*182   to   lane,
garage at  hm,    situate Dublin sh t.
mar  Twelfth.     Wlll  sacrifice  for  less
than cost.   Ensy terms,
.ili'w, 7 renins, thoroughly modern;
hardwood "0:ik" floors; lot r.tixisn feci
to lane; garage at rear. IStleicite Reglnn
sireet at Second. Price $4700. Small
eiish payment, balance! e;isy.
chicken ranch, .1 miles from town. Mas
."i-rnoni dwelling. Kernel we*ll eif wnter.
chicken runs nnd other but buildings.
A snnp at (2100. Easy terms. It will
pay yon to see this beforo you buj
1,-irge cleared lot between 2nd nnd "nl
streets. JJ60II, ijnhi tfttHU e-nsili. balance
easy. .
oughly modern dwelling; large lot, 7th
Avenue, near uth street. Mortgage only
encumbrance. Will excJiniiKu reiuity for
mnall ranch or Jfood building lot. What
have you to offer?
of Oeneral W. B, Snyiiiiin. a Uritish
subject In the state of Chihuahua,
waa revoked today by Oeneral villa.
The news was received in a telegram
from Calvert Q. Scobeil, British vice-
consul at Chihuahua, to a son of Oeneral Bnyman in this city.
The commission appointed by (len-
era! Carranza to investigate tbe kill*
ng ot William S. Benton still is in
Juarez and has -never been away. At
Chlhuhua tnid at the Constitutionalist
consulate' here last Saturday, it was
stated that tin' commission had gone
to Chihuahua, where Benton's body is
said to he buried.
When  Oeneral   Francisco   Frausto,
head Of the commission, was iisked if]
in*  could  explain   why the  misleading j
information    was    given out, be re-1
sponded; "Who knows?"
Railway Official Under Charge
of Manslaughter, Still Held.
Bridgeport, Conn., March 10.���Al-
th( ugh Stan* Attorney Stiles Judson
declined to discuss the case tonight, it
is generally believed he will file an
amended complaint next week against
Charles S. Melon, former president of
the New Vork, New Haven and Hartford railroad, charging him with manslaughter in connection with the
Westport wreck in 19U'. In the superior court today Judge Turtle sustained the demurrer of Mr. Mellen'fi
counsel, that there was an insufficiency of information in the original
complaint. Mr. Mellon still is technically tinder arrest, as the indictment
him has not been vacated.
bungalows and dwi
and   see   our   lint   b.
lliiiKs  for
���fori*  you
Eastman and Co.
is one of the chief reasons why young
poople stay contentedly there instead
Of seeking their amusements elsewhere
Let us furnish the piano that will
make your home attractive*. The
DOMINION PIANOS are hero for your
���119 Columbia  St..   New  Westminster.
Ixmdon.  March  10. -The hoiiRe    of
commons   tonight   by   a   vote  of  ."04
to 210, refused to pass what virtually
was a vote of censure of David Lloyd
Oeorge, chancellor of the  exchequer.
Tha   resolution   was   proposed   by  Sir
John  S.  Randalls,  Unionist    member
for     Manchester    Northwest,     who
moved that "The house contemplates
with   regret  the   repeated   inaccuracy
of   the   chancellor  of  the   exchequer
and liis gross unfounded attacks upon
As brought  out  in  the debate tho
individuals  chiefly   concerned   in   tiie I
resolution are titled land owners with !
whom  Lloyd Oeorge got into oontro- i
versy  in his land campaign speeches, j
May Be a Reality.
This college of nature is not a joke
and  nol  wholly ;i dream.    It is speci-
tically  proposeel  by Joseph   Knowles.;
of Boston, artist  and  master naturer.
Men   who have  the  means  to realize'
the plan are seriously considering it
and Knowles has designated the Lake
Superior shore district   cf Minnesota*
as a suitable place for the institution.
Knowles Is the man who went into
the Maine woods last August without
a stitch of clothing or any article or l
implement of any kind whatever and j
lived  for two  full  months.     He came j
out  clothed   in   bear and  deer skins.!
armed   with   bow   and   arrows,   shod
with raw hide and a stronger, health;)
ier man than when he went in.
Forest   Life   Beneficial.
Small, Maynard and company have i
DOW  published   Knowles'  book "Alone!
;n   the   Feres'."   in   which   he  tells  of
his experiences in the wilderness. Ho
argues that such a life as he led would
be of tremendous hygienic and educa- ���
tional advantages and  proposes  the |
college of nature as a means of popularizing the study of nature at close
Knowles would maintain his college
not alone for those in search of health
but also encourage young men to take
a brief course* in order to train them
in tin* full significance of nature as
well as in self reliance. The colonists
would find their own shelters and get
acquainted with trees and the forest
folk. There would lie. no luxuries or
amusements of civilization, hut he believes the forest itself would supply
ample comforts and entertainment as
it did lo him.
Suggested Site Suitable.
Minnesota's Superior shore country
is rough, rocky and. in Cook county,
practically unsettled. It abounds in
wild life both large and small, has
trout iu every stream, an abundance
of berries In the burnt land and lots
of birch and cedar bark and spruce
and balsam woods, which are quickly
j convertible    Into     utensils,   clothing,
| shoes and  shelter.
Mrs. Edith A.
Toronto, March 10,-j
Skeaff has entered an action to recover from her husband ��20,000, which
she claims is due her in consideration
of a pre-nuptlal arrangement made
some years ago.
The  plaintiff,  who is  the daughter
of Prof. Murray of McfJill university,
was  married to the defendant some
j years ago in Montreal.    According to
sick I her statement of clai��i, their married
life was not always agreeable and on
a* I occasions Bhe has left him.   They liv-
 _���_,       ^^m -    I 0d fnr some years in Co-burg, but now
nance   forbidding   smoking   in   public1      --������-
buildings. Miss Wilson said today that
many women are refusing to register
for the  primaries  because  they  have
to stand In Hue* at the court house ami i --.-<-
Would  Pchibit Smoking.
Portland, Ore.,  March  10.--Because
they say cigar and cigarette smoke in
the, city .hall and  court house  where ���
they go to register makes many
Portland women led by Stella Wilson |
of  the   W.  C.  T.   V���  have  started
movement to have passed a city ordi-1
reside  in Toronto.   ^^^^^^^^^
she says the arrangement previous
to the marriage was that each would
have separate pecuniary rights, would
 ���   ... ,���.,,.,,-   u*.AA,oiAI ��    Mollis,   wouia
to stand iu line at the court house and i separately own any property they had
that the tobacco ifumes make them ill,  at  the time,  that   the*  household   ef-
gets   in   Iheir   hair   and   clothes   and   fects   would   be   hers,   she  -would   lay
otherwise   is  offensive. I .*�� ���i..i~. ���- - -���	
For one week only this offer stands.
!l you have only enough combings to
make a 2-Btem switch bring them
<lown to us and we will add enough
hair to make the extra stem free, or if
your hair is short we will add some*
long hair free. By this offer you can
get e beautiful Astern switch for $3.00
Bellefontaine, Wis., March 10.-
Qodwin, an Insane* man, was shot and
Instantly killed today by a posse after Is* bad shot and probably fatally
wounded Sheriff Robert Cook of Lo-
ga n county and barricaded himself in
his shanty in the woods near tbe city.
The sheriff had gone tei Godwin's
home to arrest him on a lunacy-
charge. When the officer approached
Goodwin  fired with a rifle.
Police front this city were sum
n med tei lead a posse of citizens
v. hob bad assembled. On arrival ol
thi officers, tho posse surrounded
the house and began firing, Godwin
was 60 years old. He returned the
fire* soil ral times before In- was fin
ally killed,
no claim to a dowry, and in return defendant was to make her a gift of $20,-
000 and hear all household expenses.
A number of allegations are made
as to the habits of Un* defendant and
��� i the action Is to obtain the $20,000 gift.
promised in the pre-nupti
Jailed fot* Living.
New Vork, March 10,    Wearing widow's  weeds since* June, thinking her
husband was dead, Mrs. Ira .'lowland,
16,    had    tier spouse arrested
she found he was alive.
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Light Wash Curtain Goods
Wben buying Draperies it pays to consider the
washing qualities as well as the apperance.
Scrims, Voiles and Nets are some of the best wash
fabrices on the market. Our Btock of these is very
Kancy Nets; squares or scroll designs; colors white,
cream or Arab.   Per    OCa    OCa ARft
yard COC' OOC   ANo40G
Plain Cream or Ecru Voiles.    Per Al\ft
yard IUU
Bordered and Hemstitched Voiles; floral and leaf
designs;  some very dainty        OCm Afift
patterns,     Per  yard      OUU AND ���IUU
A splendid showing of llordered and Shadow Srims.
The range of colorings in Hub lot gives a choice for
anv room.    Dither white or cream ground.     Cft/*
Per   yard    OUU
Brail Kxtension Rods; 54 inches. 4 ftft,
Each      IUU
Carpet Cleaning
Carpets. Furniture, etc., cleaned perfectly by the
Vacuum Cleaner. No necessity to lift your carpets.
Vacuum Clean *s them where they lie, removing
every particle of dust. Phone us and we will give
you a price for cleaning one or all of your carpets.
Carpet Sweepers
A Carpet Sweeper once used is always used, it
sweeps thoroughly, makes no noise and raise's no
dust. A Missel's Ball-Bearing Sweeper will last ten
or fifteen years and outlast fifty eflJO ^IR
brooms..    I'riee,  each    Wilw
Crockery and Glassware
White Earthenware   Chambers;   regular      ARft
65c, tor  1 ww
Printed Toilet Basins;  regular TJc, Rftaa
for OUC
White Earthenware Pitchers; values up to 76c;
four  sizes.     Special   at   10c,  20c,  35c fft,
and    OUC
White and Gold-Edge, Line and Sprig Cups and Saucers; regular $1.75 a dozen. 4A.
Each      1UC
White and Gold Edge Dinner Plates; regu-   4 A.
lar $1.76 a dozen.    Each    I Uw
White   and   Gold-Edge   Dread   and    llutter       Rat,
Plates;   regular ft.(>0  a dozen.   Each WW
White and Gold-Edge Oval Pla Dishes;  reg*    Otift
ular 35c,    Each    bUC
White and (iold-Edge Fruit Dishes;  regular   Rft go.
75c a dozen.    Per dozen   WWW
Irridescent Glass Berry Bowls; Flower Vasesj Fruit
Plates, etc.;   regultir 26c, ig_
Each     I OC
Glass  Double  Egg Cups:   regular  10c. ORft
Three   for    COC
Three-pint.  Glass  Water   Pitchers;   regular    JJA-
75c.     Each    OUC
37-piece Dinner Sets; in blue or green floral decoration; regular $10.50, m*ft mtm
for        90.00
Items in Season from
the Staple Dept.
Strong Duck; in shades of blue: figured and spot
designs;   fcr  house dresses, children's      4mf\at
suits, rompers, etc.    Per yard       I I  2 C
Swiss Dotted  Muslin.    Special  per A 0% 1  _
yard       lC-jC
Fine Victoria Lawn;  ;!8  inches wide. ���* 01*����
Special, per yard     . I C i C
Mercerized White Vestings; In fancy figured designs; re-gular 25c and 30e values. Special. AAA
per   yard     bUC
Greatest Mattress
Bargain Ever Offered
Guaranteed All Cot- tyf QC
ton Felt Mattress    HhLJJ
The best Cotton Felt Mattress ever
offered to the public at this price.
It is manufactured out of the best
sanitary felt on the latest hygienic
principles; will not lump or pack,
and is built in a way to insure
greater comfort and longer life
than san be found in any other mattress. Sun frequently and it will retain its elasticity. All sizes for the
one price, regular $8.50. Special
until Saturday, March,i
This mattress is manufactured
especially for us by the B.C. Alaska
Bedding & Down Company at their
new factory in Vancouver.
Pongee Silks in Natural
and Colors
Our Pongees are ol a fine, even weave, and
hades.    Now  i.e  the  bent  time  to  buy, as the
best value*.
shipment is the* most reliable* and
26 inche a wide.
Natural shade*
Per  >ard   ...
Natural shale
Per   yard   ....
M Inches wide.
Natural shade
Per   yard
inches wide.
Tlte colors are perfectly fast and in splendid shades,
black, pink, sky, leather, seal, brown, reseda, champagne, wine, heiio, cream', navy, gray, etc.
26 inches wide.   Per yard 	
TI1N new arrival consists of fine, very neat designs,
suitable for waists. The very latest Silk for Spring
wear; serviceable and durable*, and in the
useful colors;  20 in.  wide.  I'riee. per yard.
Demand for this weave was never so stremg as at
present. We are shewing the newest in a very
neat, dainty colored design, on white ground, and
eitliers with jacquard designs, in shades of pale blue,
pink, black, cream, rose, gray and ne-w blue; all 41
inches   wide,     Price.       G4   ftR CO  Cft
pe r   yard    *9 I aOO TO yCiVU
Electrical Department
Owing to the increasing popularity of the "Wotan
Guaranteed Tungsten Lamp, anel to satisfy the demand for Binall sizes as well as large, we have just
received a shipment of 6 and 16 watt lamps. These
are especially useful for electric signs, which are
now burning carbon lamps, or anywhere whore a
larg'- quantity of lamps are required.
'���^���'.Dliii    in-
McLeod    Block
Ottawa,   March   10.    The*  redistrihu-
i tion   committee   convened   today   for
I the second time since Its creation and
utmost   immediately  adjourned   again.
1 it ei is decided that tiie committee
ihould dip *t the Prince Kdward Island
men. ��� i ������ and consider their claims
!qi   the retention of four seats.    The
| matter of settling the I'rince Edward
Island representation question, it, will
i be remembered, was left by 1'remier
Borden to the committee to decide.
So fat- the committee has been proceeding along the lines of formal conference among themselves, By thi*
means at least one of the new maps
iin-., it is said, been practically
proved,  namely   Manitoba.
Mc re difficulty is being experienced  in conn' ctlon with the othe r pro-
j   Inces, more particularly Alberta and
[ Quebec.
H   was  the  New   York  police  force
of an  earlier day  thai  Inspired    the
words "the line.si." which ,\n- now In-
discrlmlhately applied    to all    police
! forces.    Hut Ne w   York's right  to the
' nroise has long since depart! d,   The
(title has passed to London, and this
i.s admitted by a  writer on  the New
York Sun, who    compares    t.he    two
forces  in  the    hope,    probably, that
the New York force* may be improved
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Report of $1,000,000 Fire.
New Orleans, March 10   Despatches
ti day   from  Oelba,   Honduras,   slated
I that the city of Gelba had been swept,
b) n lir" that had caused a loss estimated    at     $1,1111.1,(100.    It    was    Bald
that 23 city blocks had been destroy-
I ed and others were In danger.
hy studying the system thai  prevails
i*i  London.
At   the  very  root  of the Immi
able superiority of the London
i in* writer contends, is the fact
ih-- city of London has   hon
i ondpn's  excise  law a are  mad
London, and  the  moral  code
city Is nothing li ss thnn Its om
lice  wen t i mi in   enacted   Into
tii n.     Ll -isl.-iturs     in     Poughl
Syrncusi   and Schenectady nm
laws for New York City,   Most
ii   the
i pub
��� ��� the
of the
of Ncw York ever had. estimated thai
police graft and blackmail amounted
l* $1110,000,000 a year.
Mere  Protection at  Less Cost.
London protects    Its    7,25
habitants   for   $4,7.'i0.00i)   per
less than It costs New York to   inadequately  protect     nearly    2,000.000
fuwer   people.    The     London   police
1 atrol   twice   tbe   area   of   the     New
York  police   at    less    than    three-
quarters of the cost to New York. In
11)11 there were 22 murders    In    Lon
don.    The  London    police    convicted
78.94  per cent, of  the  homicides.    Ill
the same year there,  were  14S    nitir-
deVs in New  York and 9  por cent, of
lie murderers were convicted,    It Is
eif' to say that as regards the con-Ith
fictions in London practically all the!
ondeininil murderers paid the    death i
f r-tfpet   fatull-
one in 17,000,
was one to
In !eti27    last
jieeualty, and  that there  was no oneIarrested in
hlithcr up" t.i intervene.   It is equal-1 having per
men were
the city that the ratio o
ties tei population wns
while in New York it
13,200 In 1911, anel one
year. While no dgun .*. are* available
to show the extent of protection accorded to lawbroakors in Now York,
it is Interesting to contrast the procedure with regard to gamblers arrested in the two cities. When a
gambler is not convicted in New
York, it i.s the custom to restore to
him the gambling paraphernalia that
was Hiii-.ed in the raid. .Metre than
$10,000 of this sort of property was
returned to accused gamblers In a
little more than a year. In London
such   property  la  destroyed   whether
e owner is convicted or not.
Gamblers and the Courts.
Last  year not  a single  person  whs
laws are not  Intended to be strictly
observed, and ther fore the opportunity Is created tor ihe police to levy
toll upon merchants and other reputable citizi ns, ��ho    desire   to Ignore
vexatious  and   Impracticable   bylaws,
Inn  can  do it  only  if the  pollen    are
' willing.    Oeneral   Bingham,   one  cf
Ithe best police commissioners the city
ly probable thai in New York not half
of   the   0   per   ecu',   expiated     their
'crimes in tho electric chair.
Stolen Property and Accidents.
In the same year there was something !<*ss than $1,000,000 worth of
property reported to Ihe London
police as having heen stolen. Twenty-
:hre:e per cent, of tills wtis recovered.
���The Now York police Inst year recovered less thnn 1 per cent, of tin*
etolen property, whose total value is
! unknown, the department declining to
���.live OUl  Hi" Bguros,  bul  ll   is said n
i have exceeded $6,000,000 in jewelry
and sllverplal-e    alone,    So    well do
i London polic* control Hie traffic of
New York on a
lilted gambling
In I
i-liat-gi. of
^^^^^^ upon his
11 no fewer than 1 lir,
to jail  in   London  fur
i this    offence.     In     London     when    a
gambler is arrested he usually pleads
I guilty    and    goes    to   jail,    in    New
York he almost Invariably pleads nci
;i*,iiilty  and depends upon  his lawyer
iand some judge to secure liis liberty,
jllere we come to another cause   of
graft and corruption on tbe New York
police force,   General  Bingham once*
.said thai "a crooked, Buplne and   In-
I competent judiciary is at the root of
New  York's police problem."    On one
occasion   when   the   New   York   police
raided  ti  barricaded  room,  and  found
men   ,-inii    women    and    a   complete
gambling layout, tin* judge refused to
i convict  because no one  -votiltl     swetur
that  gambling' was actually going on.
Again, an   arrested gambler   secured
, his  liberty    because    no one  would
j swear that, the wagered money found
I upon  his  pi rson was not. counterfeit.
j On    another    occasion    a prosecution
; failed because the evidence" had been
| secured by looking through a window.
No Politics in London.
The question Of polities, of course.
< ntci'.c into the New York police problem.  As far as the  London police* are
concerned it does not enter at all. Sir
Edward Richard Henry, commissioner
of police,   is as absolutely in control
of Ins men as is a general In action.
He holds office for life, and his functions    are    wholly    executive, trusted
suburdlnates looking after all administrative* details.    The  London   policeman has nothing to do bul  to do his
duty.     Should   be  meddle  in  tiny    affair  that is  not his  particular  business, he is nl once dismissed.   In 1911
16  London policemen were d Btnlssed
for Irregularities,    in the same time
4405 charges we're made agalnsl  New-
York policemen, and    Is'"'   were   discharged.   In 1007 a London police   in
spector clieel after serving 10 \-i*,*ii*h.
llin estate' was less than $4000, In
London there are   no   who). ��� ale   ar
reels   c n   Blisplcloil,   no   forcible   ' ntry
Into houses, no violence except In
the strictest self-defence There la no
"third degree," no graft, no pull.
That Is why the* title or the "finest"
has passed to London.


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